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not AMJL : 4 aemi, i J? d( w( i C zZ!ihr 1 Ccc z - - ?u CUSS f I ' fSf JZS -7?u MSSo{ 1W - ?u CUSS f im fr ' 7?i CUSS f m2 € U i :: tailn ,a :u ci p Ja . ZUo i; j ; X fO U0 a?T£ Lexington, Vol. 59 P.O. Drawer M Gonzales, Texas 73629 Fashion At Its Best Why ore clothes so impor- tant? Did it matter what type of clothes Albert Ein- stein, Abraham Lincoln, or Martin Luther King, Jr. wore? Regardless of what they wore, these men would have probably still been key figures in history. Can someone answer the question why fashion is so important in high school life? It can detetmine such things as one ' s group of friends, what people think of others, and who one dates. In high school, clothes seem to be as important as grades to many. Clothes are more impor- tant to OHS students than to their parents. Is it simply the age gap that causes this or is there more to it? Will stu- Girls modeling the styles of 66-89 ore Holly Browne, Nicole Sompleton. Kristy dents hold the same views on fashion as they become older? Will students always have the same priorities? Trends change overnight. Trends of today are: leather outfits. Guess? watches, Dass shoes, ripped jeans, and var- ious designer purses. What will be in next year? We know this: IT WON ' T DE ALL BLACK AND WHITE! Perez, Bonnie Hojovsky, and Melissa Martinez. ' ' k . ■ , Wmv o major port in one s overall appearance. Seen here ore Just a few of the popular shoe styles this year. Picking on fish has not been quire as popular OS it used to be but Derrick Wallace just couldn ' t resist picking up freshman icott Ftiederich before their picture was taken. Apparently. Bryan Robinson forgot about his appointment with the year- book staff to be in this fashion page! Guys modeling the styles of 86-69 are (front tow) Mark Yackel. Scott Frieder- ich, and Joe Henderson, (back row) Cory Mathis, Chris Nesbilt. and Derrick Wallace. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE " Thank you very much. Please, hold your applause, " is what Peter Rodri- guez seems to be thinking. He s Pow- der Puff Homecoming Queen, Senior Class Favorite, Cross Country Star, Varsity Football Player . . . what next? Maybe Hollywood. " For he ' s a Jolly good fellow, he ' s a Jolly good fellow, for he ' s a Jolly good fellow — which nobody can deny, " Bryan Garden, Chance Freeman and John O ' Higgins carry mascott Trey King down the gym floor during a pep rally. STUDENT LIFE Kristlan Jenson struts his stuff ot a GH5 pep rally and proves that almost anyone, even someone from Den- mark, can learn to be a cheerleader. Being a fish isn ' t all that bad. At least it doesn ' t seem to be to freshman Chad Denman. Judging from their faces, Ms. Crazier ' s English I class seems to find something amusing; however, Donald Flowers tries to keep a straight face as he reads his favorite book. sparkling Yes, that glamorous evening came again! Every hometown football game gives you a spe- cial feeling inside, but none so special as the sparkling night of Homecoming. It is a night packed full of nostalgia and tra- dition that the student body shares with the whole town. Nothing ever changes but the shining faces and maybe that is what makes it so special. It all begins with the student body electing freshman, sopho- more, junior, and senior class duchesses, senior princesses, and the 1968-89 Homecoming Queen. After all that, there are escorts to be chosen, tuxedos to be rented, and dresses to be bought. Next is the practice a few days before that sparkling night. This, at first, seems like a good excuse to miss a few classes, but when you ore standing in the rain at 8:20 a.m. and you hear the words " do it again " , a classroom be- comes much more inviting. Out at halftime on Friday night, when you are in front of every- one in Gonzales, it all seems to be worth it. r ie 1988-39 Homecoming Queen Lesli Morgan is escorted off tfie field by Dry- an Gordon with ttie members of tier royal court in ptocession behind her. Junior Duchess Julie Salazar and es- cort Lynn Selzer enjoy theii mo- ment of gloty as they walk up the fifty yard line. STUDENT LIFE Ladies of the 1988-09 Homecoming Court, with their escorts, (l-r) ore Fresh- man Duchess Christie Pena with Chris Perez. Senior Duchess Heorher Browne wirh Bradley Slaughter. Seniot Princess Dolly Bond with Matt Wolff, Homecom- ing Queen Lesli Morgan with Btyan Gotden. Senior Princess Lori Janoto with Tommy Botnick. Senior Duchess Anne Kappmeyer with Alex Hemschel. Sen- ior Duchess Becky Breitschopf with Trey King. Junior Duchess Julie Salozor (not pictuted) with Lynn Selzet. and Fresh- man Duchess Holly Browne with Mi- chael Bailey. Lori Janata netvously listens to the last minute instructions as she prepares ro rake the field on this glamorous night. Senior ladies of the 1983-89 Homecom- ing Coutt. pictuted wirh their escorts standing behind them, are (l-r)Senior Duchess Heorher Browne escorted by Bradley Slaughter. Senior Princess Dolly Bond escorred by Mart Wolff. Home- coming Queen Lesli Morgan escotted by Btyan Gotden, Senior Princess Lori Janoto escorted by Tommy Bornick, Senior Duchess Anne Kappmeyer es- corted by Alex Remschel. and Senior Duchess Becky Breitschopf escorted by Trey King. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Fireman Shane Neuse puts out an- other fire at GHS. tml t III HI ■Mill II I Pom Leazer flashes a big smile for a Lexington photographer during one of the Apache football games. Orange Jacket members Kathleen Dunn, Virginia Kelley, and Olivia Arellano model their hand-made uniforms at one of the Apache foot- bal l games. Gloria Garcia joins in the festivities of dress - up day on Halloween. Shantell Shoemoke and Crissy Cod- dell are thrilled to have their picture taken with Modom Leann May. The Senior class shows its spirit during the traditional Dottle Cry at the pep rallies. ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE These senior guys. Kyle Towns. Keith Glass, Do Ehrig, Bryan Garden, Scott Dierlam. Lance Behlen. and Gene Henderson have a blast in the Senior Car " Pure Energy! ' in the Come b Take It Parade. ' 2 STUDENT LIFE Bond Director. Joel Whittington. proudly walks along- Wade Hill would rather " tide " in the Come Take It side the Mighty Apache Band as it ptoceeds through Parade, town in the Come Take It Parade. i Tradition Come Take It began Friday night with the Homecoming football gome at Apache Field. Afterwards, students rushed to the street dance to hear the music of Johnny Dee O The Rocket 83 ' s. Saturday morning, the festivities began with the Come Run It I0k Run. The high- light of the day was the big parade which included many entries. Hungry crowds then descended upon the various food booths run by local organizations. There followed the Road Rally, a gymnastics The senior members of the Homecoming Court include Decky Dreitschopf. Dolly Bond. Heather Browne. Lesli Morgan. Lori Jonota. and Anne Kappmeyer. Each has an expression of her own. show, and the Tractor Pull. That night stu- dents returned to the street once again to dance to the sounds of Asleep At The Wheel. Sunday was Family Day. Groups of all ages took part in fun games like an egg toss, a water balloon toss, and the magic carpet contest. The celebration provided a great time for GHS students. Many were well aware of it being their last Come G Take It as students of GHS. Krisren Quinney. Miss Gonzales. Amy Drzozowski. Ju- nior Miss Gonzales, and Greg Carlile, Little Mister Gonzales, represent Gonzales on the Chamber of Commerce float in the parade. Michele Mills g Ves her famous smile atop the cheer- leader ' s car. ITS NOT ALL BLACK WHITE ' • Nicky Hoffman and Tommy Molnoskey do not seem to be getting along well Cory Mathis and Derrick Wallace " style " for a picrure. STUDENT LIFE Did Darrell Kifer win firsr place in the car decoraring conresr wirfi a roller on rap of his car? " You mean it was my mother who Just kissed me! " , soys Brandon Mar- rou. Stephanie Freidrich shows her senior spirit at the last pep rally of the 1 986-69 season. Steve Gonzales, Kenneth Kluting, Steve Molina, and Chance Freeman prepare the team and school for a victory. ■ " t s Have you seen this face? Gordon Acting cheerleaders Alex Remschel Lynn Selzer, Gene Henderson, and Bryan Gordon are a big attraction at a roaring Mock, official program seller, at the pep rally, football game. IT ' S NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE " Livewire " team members Sherri Tumlinson, Stephanie Friedtich, Christine Liguez, and Charlotte Parsley seem to be upset by a call made by referee Kevin Knesek. DOWN. . . SET!! Members of the 8d-69 Pow- der Puff Homecoming Court are (escorts are not pictured) Ronde h Torres escorted by Shantell Shoemoke; Motino Wolff escorted by Lorl Janota; Chancello Freeman escorted by KImberly Wiley; Queen Re- tro Rodriguez escorted by Chelisa Eleby; Darnella Mitch- ell escorted by Leann May; and Thomaslna Dornick es- corted by Lesli Morgan. It ' s a bird. It ' s a plane, it ' s Junior Dull Dabe cheerleader Dane Needham. ' The thrill of victory and the agony of de- feat " would be an ap- propriate description of the first annual Powder Puff Football Game which featured the Sen- ior " Livewires " against the Junior " Dull Dabes " . The Dull Dabes were de- feated by Livewire; however, the Dull Dabes put up a good fight. Homecoming activi- ties were held during halffime with Queen " Petro " Rodriguez high- light the evening. Other members of the Home- coming Court were " Matina " Wolff, " Tho- maslna " Darnick, " Dar- nella " Mitchell, " Chan- cello " Freeman, and " Randella " Torres. Dy the end of the night, both Powder Puff teams were exhausted. Rematch? Very doubt- ful. A new 6HS tradition? Very likely. We can look back and say " Hey, we were the first to do it " . What a great feeling! IT ' S NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE In the other sections of this yearbook there are lots of pictures of students having a good time and generally goofing around, (with the emphasis on " goof " ). This section is dedicated to THE FACULTY, whose job it is to take the emphasis off " goof " and put it on " learn " . The well oiled mo- chine of the GHS Faculty has provided constant guidance, if not amusement, to the stu- dent body. Like some ma- chines, although a few parts have been changed, for the most part it has remained unchanged. These people could have chosen a career which would hove given them more respect (and better pay), such as a sanitation engineer or perhaps a ca- reer criminal. Instead, they chose one of the most diffi- cult, low paying jobs in the state. Not only do they work during the day, but grade papers at times of night when only students are out. Why do they do it? Could it be for the satisfaction of see- ing a student leave the classroom with a new bit of information every day? Or could it be for the praise of a former student who comes back to thank his or her teacher? Noh! It isn ' t that simple, maybe; it ' s DEDICA- TION. ADMINISTRA TION FACUL TY Sommie Hovel, ossisioni superinten- dent of the Gonzales Independent Scttool District. The Board of Trustees for tfie 1988-39 school year are David McQIomery. Glo- ria Torres (Vice-President). Charles Rich- ardson (Secretory Treasurer), John Bar- field (President). Jimmy Dorrer. Terry Ruddocli and Gerald Bazan. Erwin Ckodre. superintendent of the Gonzales High School Independent School Disttict. does not have an easy job but he seems to handle it well as he ptovides his knowledge, hard work, and caring personality to the GHS School District. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Mr. William D. Gloss, Principal of Gonzales High School Mr. Jack Morgan, Vice- Principal of Gonzales High School. Sandra Atkinson-Library Aide Mike Dond-Science Dinah Draune-Aide Cynthia Crazier-English 1, Yearbook, Paw Wow Anita Dement-Serretory Receptionist Susie Denman-English 2 Mildred DuDose-English 4 Sandra DuDose-Mathematics Robert Fikac-Coach Science Ella Mae Finch-Special Education Priscillo Finch-Mathemarics John Floyd-Vocotionol Karen Fougerot-Mothemotics Clara Fryer-Special Education Al Garrett-Vocational Supervisor Dana Homilton-Drama Cheerleader Sponsor Carolyn Horrell-Dusiness Frank Hinds-Science Jayne lley-English 1 Kenneth Malatek-Vocational Maria Malatek-Registrar ADMINISTRA TION FACULTY Joel Whittington-Dond Director Barbara Woolsey-Social Studies Cioria Maples-Dusiness, Typir)g Colieen Marel -Englisfi 1, Typing Karen Marrou-Reoding, Journaiism I Yvonne Marrou-Special Education Jo Deth McElrath-English 2 Hichord McGehee-Coach Sociai Studies Diil McGuire-Dand Director Nicify McKinney-Coach Phiysicol Education Susan McMat)on-Mathematics Melonie Mills-Matttemotics Reginald Morgan-Coach Sociol Studies Arvo Nell Needham-Vocational Irene Oakes-Secretary Clarence Opiela-Vocational Jean Peterek-English, Mathematics Marilyn Pierpont-Mathematics Sherry Poe-Special Education Jeanette Pruett-Social Studies Imogene Roiney-English 3 Rose Rodriguez-Spanish Anne Rubac-Vacational Vic Salazar-CoQch Science Genoro Soldana-Spanish Lupe Soldana-Mathematics Carolyn Severson-Librorian Clara Nell Snyder-Coach Drill Team Sponsor Jim Spencer-Coach Health Education Jan Van Zandt-Art Jean Webster-Vocational Martha Jo Whitt-English 3 and 4 Mrs. DuDose celebrates the big " 4-0 " in the library after hours. She ' s holding a gift of Rolaids. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Business manager. Kreis Alyea. demonstrates the use of one computet to several printers. Mrs. Rita Hendetshot. Secondary Administrative Assis- tant, and Mrs. Sue Gottwald. Elementary Administra- tive Assistant. Mr. and Mrs. McMahon find time between classes to discuss who will cook dinner tonight. Mr. Bond is oil wrapped up " in his Biology II class as guest speoket. David Garza, demonstrates a first-aid technique to the class. ADMINISTKA TION FACUL Anita Dement (office secretary). Dinah Draune (work- room aid). Maria Molotek (regisrrar). and Nancy Col- tins (counselor secretary) deserve much recognirion for all the help they give during the school yeat. Ms. Crazier gives some helpful advice to her year- Mr. Baker rakes time out for a sr ack. j, , „ . Pot WHIett- Director of Cafeterias Mr. Moreno takes a break form his maintenance du- ties to pose for a picture. The Gonzales High School Cafeteria Staff. W IT ' S NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE Real Teachers Who said teachers aren ' t real peo- ple? With hobbies like riding motorcy- cles for Mr. Daker. running in 10K ' s for Ms. Crazier, and watching T.V. for Mr. Bond, how could they not be real peo- ple? Like real people, teachers have dreams, too. When asked what these teachers would be if they weren ' t teachers, some very interesting an- swers were given. Mrs. Mildred DuDose would have been a psychologist. A me- chanical engineer is what Mr. Bond would have become. Mrs. Maria Mala- Mrs. Demenr. one of thie most famili ar faces in the office, does one of her many jobs. tek would have been a truck driver. And Mr. Baker has always wonted to be a teacher. Just as each year is different for the students, the same is true for the teach- ers. " have enjoyed my new Biology II classes, they ' re fun, " said Mr Bond. Mrs. Malatek said the ' 39 school year has been " wild but fun! " As the 1968-89 school year draws to a close and new group of seniors prepare to head out in the world, Mrs. Mildred DuBose summed it up in one word — " Super! " Now push the " START " button. Mrs. Fougerot. ADMINISTRATION FACULTY Mrs. Woolsey makes sure everyone is in their proper place and ready to go before the Homecoming activi- ties. Mr. Daker begins. ?fully looks over the roll before the class Ml. Vyvjola explains an auto mechanic technique to student James Perkins. Mr. Glass presents a bouquet of red roses to Powder Puff Queen " Petio " Rodriguez while Homecoming Court members " Darnella " Mitchell and es- cort Leann May look on. Coach Fikac gives a few pointers to some Apache football players at prac- tice. Mrs. Pruett, Mrs. Mills, and Mrs. Maples try to escape ftom school by disguising themselves as football players. Mrs. Maples realizes they have been caught. IT ' S NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE feU ff0 ' f Remember how every- one used to write " doss of gg- everywhere? Remem- ber when it seemed a long, long way off? Not anymore. Eighty-nine has arrived. Now (GULP!) FREEDOM!? So, what ' s next? Many seniors are always so sure of their next step: to leave Gonzales. Up until May, that ' s always the plan, but when the time comes to leave, these seniors wake up and realize that this is it. No more Mom or Dad to tell them what time to be home or that they can ' t go out. Out now ' s the time to show their maturity and responsibility by making big decisions and setting good examples. It is time they grow up, whether they want to or not. Even though some felt that seniors were expected to do so much, the fact re- mained that they were the head honchos. It was evi- dent that the seniors were looked up to by the under- classmen. No matter how re- luctant they were to admit it, the seniors had their choice of seats in the gym. Well, hopefully, all of the members of the mighty class of ' 69 will look back on the year and see that it wasn ' t all black and white. It was pretty colorful! • ««» »• ' 26 THE CLASS OF 69 Senior doss favorites for the 1933-69 school year are Lori Janota and Peter Rodri. guez I Senior class officers for rfi school year are President Anne Kopp- meyer. Vice-Presidenr LeAnn May. Sec- ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Who ' s What has been your most memorable experie uch I love them " - this year? " Spending 5 hours a night at play practic - Ira Schurig Who ' s Who of GHS is a group of seniors chosen by a special Honors Committee on the basis of leadersffip, academic achieve- ment, and all-around involvement. This year, to be different, the pictures are in color along with some quotes from each Who ' s Who member. The quotes sum up different aspects of the ' 69 school year. ' hat has been your most ■ memorable experience is year? " When we beat Robert Strait (Cuero) 10 to 0. " - Peter Rodriguez THE CLASS OF 09 I would like to be? " A psychologist physical the pist " - Chorlorte Parsley What has been yout most memorable experienc this year? " Homecoming " - Heather Dtowne (Middle) I would like to be? " Kirk Cameron ' s girl- friend. " - Kristen Ouinney (Top) One thing I will ne " " ' ' " " •■=» ' " said " D " for Delta " - C (Middle) What has been your most perience this year? " The senior bonfire and when we beat Cuero in football. " - Kimberly Wiley .. ajor " - Alice Drosfield What has been your most i this year? " How close all of the this year " — Denise Morek ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE 29 Jeanette Alvarodo George Alvarez Cloy Baker James Baker Ronald Barborak Tommy Barnick Scoff Barfa Lance Behlen Valerie Dehring Bub DIundell Dolly Bond Timothy Bonds Freddy Camarilla does his good deed for fhe day during fhe Future Scienfisfs Blood Drive. Alice Brasfield Becky Breitschopf Heafher Browne Defrice Buirsf M ? THE CLASS OF 69 " Those hair pills are supposed to put hair on your chest not your head. Chance. " Crissy Caddell Lawrence Cagle Elena Camarillo Freddy Camarillo Gabriel Camarillo Dolores Compa Rene Cantu Domingo Carrizales Karina Castro Sharon Clark Ulysses Clark Kevin DeDerry Dale DeColo Scott Dieriam Do Ehrig irS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Dubba Ehrig Chelisa Eleby Domon Flores Carrie Fogle Chance Freeman Stephanie Friedrich Cynthia Garcia Giorio Garcia Keith Giass Jerry Gomez Debbie Gonzales Steven Gonzales Dryon Garden Pamela Green Jacqueline Luna Is intent as she helps Airs. Whitt pass back the English homework. 02 TH£ CLASS OF 69 Kevin Knesek, a.k.o. He-Mon, demonstrates his immense sfrengtti in the weightroom downstairs. Jessie Guardiola Mitchell Hardcastle Darren Harding Hope Harris S Erika Harrison Shirley Hastings Michael Helns Robin Hendershot Ross Hendershot Gene Henderson Robert Henry Mike Hull Lori Jonota Kristian Jensen Michael Johnson Jacqueline Jones ITS HOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE A Renewed Tradition " Ait right, iei ' s grab these bundles and run whiie those hen-pecking women aren ' t looking! " says Bo Ehrig to Greg Webb. Kristian Jensen, and Brandon Morrou concerning Leann May. I Kristen Ouinney. and Charlotte Paisley. The doss of 1989 renewed frodifion from long post this yeor with o sparkling performonce. This year ' s seniors revived the practice of putting on a senior ploy, ond it was a great showing. The title of the play was The Teahouse of the August Moon and it dealt with the rebuilding of Japon after the end of World War II by the Americon Occupation Forces. The characters were as follows: Sokini Bryan Gordon Copt. Fisby . . . .Scott Ward Col. PurdyDradley Slaughter Capt. McCleon . Ira Schurig Sgt. Gregovich Scott Dierlom Lotus Blossum .Carrie Fogle Mr. Hokaida Kristian Jensen Mr. Omuro . .Kevin Knesek Mr. Sumata Brandon Marrou Mr. Seiko Bo Ehrig Mr. Oshira . . . Greg Webb Miss Higo Jigo Chorlotte Pars- ley Old Woman . . .Leann May Doughter Heather Browne Ladles League Kristen Quin- ney, Hope Harris, Dolly Bond The crew for the play; Director Mrs. Dana Hamilton Asst. Director . . .Hope Harris Sound Alice Brasfield Lights Mitchell Hordcastle, John O ' Higgins Costumes Dolly Bond, Tommy Molnoskey Publicity Becky Woods " I ' m so scored I can ' t move! " says Scotr Ward. Okay Carrie Fogle. i like you. but is this a proper thing ro do on srage? " asks Scott Ward from under his shirt. THE CLASS OF 89 Bryan Gordon puts on his makeup opening night. Scott Vard. Bradley Slaughter, and Ira Schurig return to the stage for a curtain coll. " I love you Carrie Fogle! " says Bo Ehrig. Bui Carrie replies, " I m Scott Ward s geisha girl now mister! " God ' s finger touched him and he slept. Alfred Lord Tennyson ITS NOT ALL BL CK AND WHITE 35 Anne Kappmeyer Darrell Kifer Trey King Kenneth Kluting Kevin Kneself Kimberiy Knowles David Kunfschi Kevin Lehnert Christine Liguez Rhonda Lowe Jacqueline Luna Rebecca Maldonado Denise Marel Brandon Marrou Kristi Martinez Shelley Mason Andrea Mauldin Leonn May Christopher McGuire Frank Mendez Vickie Miller M Darnell Mitchell Steve Molina Tammy Molnoskey MOST STUDIOUS — Kristen Quinney and Ira Schurig THE CLASS OF 09 M05TLIKEL Y TO SUCCEED — Bradley Slaughter and Dolly Bond Alma Moreno Carol Moreno Weymon Moreno Veronica Moreno Lesll Morgan Jeffery Moseley Eddie Navejar Tonya Nelson Christopher Nesbitt Shane Neuse Ten Noil John O ' HIggins James Padgett Tollle Palfebush Charlotte Parsley Edward Perez Krisry Perez Mark Porter Julio Proa Dwoyne Quinney Krisren Quinney Carol Ralney Gregory Ramirez Alex Remschel ITS NOT AU BLACK AND WHITE MOST TALENTED Becky Dreitschopf and Mark Porter. Cynthia Rodriguez James Rodriguez Linda Rodriguez Peter Rodriguez Rene Rodriguez Adam Salinas Mark San Miguel Ira Schurig Reginald Scott Michael Shorrow Amy Shoemoke Shantell Shoemoke Cassandra Silvas Bradley Slaughter Sherrell Steemer Komi Taylor Sheila Taylor Michael Tealer Tyree Tharp Moisy Thomas Keith Thomas Joe Torres Randy Torres Kyle Towns THE CLASS OF 69 Greg Vona SherrI Tumhnson David Vego Scon Word Eugene Woshingron Greg Webb Ken Wesr Dub Whitehead Kimberly Wiley Fernanda Williams Seniors Speok Seniors were asked lo fill in Ihe blank to the following questions: I hate it when . . . " my parents say, when I was your age ... " said Dolly Bond. " people tease me about my hair, cause I just don t care. " said Christine Liguez. " people don ' t turn right on red lights. " said Carrie Fogle. " get put in jail. " said Scott Ward. " I study and it doesn ' t help. " said Kim Wiley. " my cat gives me dirty looks, " said Kristy Perez. " I have to play taxi cab to my family. " said Tyree Tharp. " my truck goes sideways when I punch in the four-barrel. " said Ron- ald Darborak. " I have bad hair days. " said Peter Rodriguez. My most memorable experience this year was " the Mighty Apache Band making it to state marching competition. " said Mark Porter. " playing powder puff football, " said Carol Moreno. " the Senior Play, " said Tammy Molnoskey. " being elected Homecoming Queen. " said Lesli Morgan. " when Lance, Bo, Bryan, Gene, Kyle and I made a road trip to Luling to paint the town white, " said Scott Die r lam. " beating the Cuero Gobblers in football. " said Ross Hendershot. " getting called into Mr. Morgan ' s office for speeding, " said Lori Janata. " making $2.50 on a bus ride on a dare, " said Kristen Quinney. " my first fender bender in the sen- ior parking lot, " " said Valerie Behring. " passing my English class, " said Maisy Thomas. MOST ATHLETIC Shelley Mason and Lance Behlen ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE FRIENDLIEST — Kim Knowles and Dryon Garden AIR. AND MS. GHS — Lesli Morgan and Peter Rodriguez GIRL AND BOYS STATE — Bradley Slaughter, Trey King, Ira Schurig, and Lori Janota BEST ALL-AROUND — Kimberly Wiley and Peter Rodriguez THE CLASS OF 09 Good-Dyer Kristion During his first few days at GHS, Kristion Jenson seemed a bit on the shy side, but after a few weeks Kristion fit right in with the crowd. Kristion was football and baseball manager for the Apaches. He was also a member of the yearbook staff. When asked how he felt about his year at GHS, he said, " I enjoyed it. Ev- eryone was nice to me. " We will miss you, Kris- tion, and we wish you much luck in your future endeavors. SENIOR CLASS OF 69 Okay, guys, turn toward your right. Now let ' s see that big Senior Smile, (front row) LoriJanota, Carol Roiney, James Daker, Lance Dehlen, Gene Henderson, Chance Freeman, Scott Dierlam, Detrice Duirst, Erika Harrison, Vicki Miller, Cynthia Rodriguez, Glo- ria Garcia, and Jaqueline Luna, (sec- ond row) Denise Marek, Kimberley Wiley, Anne Kappmeyer, Lesli Mor- gan. Trey King, Decky Dreitschopf, Kimberley Knowles, Tollie Pakebush, Maisy Thomas, Elena Camarilla, Cheliso Eleby, Sherrel Steemer, and Tonya Nelson, (third row) Kevin Leh- nert. Tommy Darnick, Do Ehrig, Keith Glass, Greg Webb, Chris McGuire, Alice Drasfieid, Dolores Campa, Fer- nanda Williams, Sharon Clark, Carol Moreno. Komi Taylor, and Shirley Hastings, (fourth row) Ross Hender- shot, Shelley Mason, Matt Wolff, Alex Remsche l, Greg Vano, Hryon Garden, Dolly Bond, Hope Harris, Eugene Washington, Robert Henry, Mark Por- ter, and Ira Schurig. (fifth row) Char- lotte Parsley, Kevin Knesek, Darren Harding, Leann May, Scott Darta, Da- vid Kuntschik, Clay Oaker, John O ' Hig- gins, Darryl Kifer, Shane Neuse, Kyle Towns, Heather Browne, and Drad Bartholomew, (sixth row) Robin Hen- dershot, Jesse Guardiolo, Bradley Slaughter, Ken West, Brandon Mar- rou, Kristen Quinney, Sherry Tumlin- son, Teri Noll, Tammy Molnoskey, Mike Hull Mitchell Hardcastle, Kevin DeDerry, and Freddy Camarillo. (sev- enth row) Mike Hines, Weyman Moreno, Kenneth Kluting, Rebecca Maldonado, Steven Gonzales, Domi- ngo Carrizales, Eddie Novejor, Scott Ward, Mark San Miguel, Rene Rodri- guez, Adam Salinas, and Ulysses Clark, (eighth row) Reginald Scott, Timothy Bonds, James Rodriguez, Steve Molina, Edward Perez, Jerry Gomez, Cassandra Sllvas, Kristi Mar- tinez, and Christine Liguez. (ninth row) Michael Johnson, James Pad- gett , and Peter Rodriguez. HIGH HObL STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Kristi Martinez MOTTO: JUST DO IT SONG: " FOREVER YOUNG fr GOAL THE MEN WHO TR Y TO DO SOMETHING AND FAIL ARE INFINITELY BETTER THAN THOSE WHO TRY TO DO NOTHING AND SUCCEED — Lloyd Jones FLOWER: ORCHID ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE More Than A Night 000 One To Remember Lisa Gomez and Griselda Compa con flash wonderful smiles. Do Ehrig, Prom King, and Kris Perez, Prom Queen, prepare for the royal slow dance they are about to share. Freedom!! Graduation. What does it mean? For many, graduation symbolizes a form of relief. For others, it is the freedom to de- termine the future. For every- one it has elements of joy and exhilaration that accompany the completion of a task and the release from duty. The re- lease is short-lived though. It is too soon replaced with other tasks and duties. High school cores are replaced by new cares. Before embracing the new it is important to review the past. Many years are spent in the public school system before a diploma is placed in one ' s hand. What did one learn over the past twelve years? In ele- mentary school one learned to SHARE and be kind. In junior high one learned to make deci- sions and choices and be held RESPONSIBLE for them. In high school one learned of the many opportunities available if one stayed in school and made the grade. The class of ' 89 ex- perienced those twelve years and is ready for the next years that make up its future. Graduation has come. Adult cares wait and will be met. Look out world, here comes the great class of 1969! ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE mi !u f p Juniors at GHS had a full year. Between clubs, classes, sports and jobs, ju- niors kept busy. During this year, juniors had many no- table occurances. Kathy Per- son, for instance, remembers driving from New Draunfels to San Marcos with her emergency brake on. Dever- ly Woodson remembers making an A on her Chemis- try test, while Michele Mills remembers flunking all of her English tests. Then there is Wayne Low who remem- bers absolutely nothing. Extra-curricular activities played a big part in the ju- niors ' doily routine. Juniors were included on the varsity football, basketball and baseball teams and in golf and track. The varsity cheer- leading squad consisted of juniors who competed at na- tionals for the second year in a row. Also, the band fought its way to state with the help of juniors. Band mem- bers Kyle Miller, Tim Clark and Jerry Gallardo felt that participating in Austin was the most memorable occur- rence of their junior year. Ju- niors were also active in or- ganizations such as the drill team. Future Scientists, An- chor Club, DECA, and FFA. Academics were also a priority with the juniors. Sev- enteen were inducted into the National Honor Society. After school jobs took up the rest of the time. These jobs provided spending- money and helped pay for transportation. Now, the juniors have stepped into another year of maturity as they take on new responsibilities and look forward to their senior year. 44 THE CLASS Of 90 Junior dan favoriies ate Jennifer Sras- ney and Moriin Yackel. Junior class officers are Susan Desr. Car- rie Kapovik. Jennifer Stosney and Mary Elisaberh Rather. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Maty Allen Maria Almaguer Gregory Aschenbeck Melinda Delsher Natalie Denes Susan Best Terri Dissette Jason Dreitschopf Todd Bright Shone Brzozowski Richard Caka Abraham Camarillo John Camarillo Joseph Camarillo Kathy Carrizales Jason Chapman Tim Clark Lona Cleveland Paulo Collie Jennifer Colwell Kelli Condel Nicole Copper Anthony Davis V es Davis Kyle Miller practices his after school Job-lock-picking. Junior class duchess Julie Salazar is all smiles at the Come and Take it parade. THE CLASS OF VO Shone Drozozowski and Drian " Yankee " Wells show the junior spirit links at the Cuero Pep Ralley. Lawrence Garner Todd Qorretr Gay ran Julie Gibson Reynoldo Gomez Jorrell Grantham Michelle Green Sheila Green Veronica Guevara Bonnie Hojovsky Johnnie Hall Regino Hamilton Kimberly Hammond Charles Hastings Robbie Helderson Roland Hernandez ITS NOT ALL BLACK WHITE Bonnie Hajovsky seems serious os she demonstrates something scientific for the fifth graders. Dannie Kincaid Kristi Kirchmon Sarah Lesrer Patricio Le Keith Longoria V oyne Low Carol Marek Francisco Martinez Cory Marhis George Marhis Cara McGill Cheryl McKee Travis McKee Julie Meiserschleager Kyle Miller Michelle Mills Reyes Molina Rudy Molina Joel Molonosky Miranda Montgomery Susan Moore Martha Morris Kristen Murray Estelio Navarro THE CLASS OF 90 Royce and Rhonda Farrar show " rwinly " love towards one another. ? ;s Double Vision The Yocki brothers! • twins. Mark and Martin, indulge in a moment of horseplay, like typical Twins - according to Web- ster, are " two very closely matched or identical as- pects. " The junior class is lucky enough to have two pair of these " aspects. " These twins are Rhonda and Royce Farrar and Mark and Martin Yackel. Being a twin is a unique experience shared by only one out of every 90 babies born. These two sets of twins have been with the class of ' 90 since first grade. Rhonda said " Being a twin has its good and bad points. We can get each other out of trouble or, " she said with a grin " into trouble. " The biggest trouble comes when there is a vehicle in- volved. To Mark the worst thing about being a twin is always having Martin want- ing to take the truck. Rhonda agreed saying that having to ride with Royce was the worst. Other trou- bles are also included in be- ing a twosome. The worst part of being a twin for Mar- tin is having to get Mark out of debt. Royce complained, " If Rhonda was not here, I would get more expensive Christmas gifts. " Good points also exist in being a twin. For Mark it is the fact that many girls come up and ask if they are twins. For his brother, the good point is that there is always someone around to do something with. Royce elaborated, " I am glad that Rhonda now has a boyfriend. This way when my friends and I ore driving around and see a car load of girls we no longer hove to shove her on the floor- board. " Rhonda probably best ex- presses the feelings they all have for their siblings, " am glad I have got him even if he is sometimes hard to get along with. I would not trade him for anything. " ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Stephanie Hernandez and Susan Moore attend Future Scientists Lunctieon. Brandon Zello exhibits his dental worif proudly. Stephanie Perez Cynthia Peritins James Perkins Haina Peschl e Tracy Pick Renea Polk Joy Pruett James Pullln Anno Ramirez Antonio Ramirez Frank Ramos Mary Elisabeth Rather 50 TH£ CLASS OF 90 ' Cora McGIII, don ' t try to act shy — we know better. " ElEBif John Reaves Dole Rhoades John Riley Juan RIojQs Mario Rios Angela Robinson Bryan Robinson Chris Rodriguez Julie Solazar Walter Sampleton Nicole Scort Lynn Selzer Katherine Smith Stephanie Smith Jennifer Squyres Jennifer Stasney Steven Steen Cody Stowers Donna Strait Kothy Stulting Ella Taylor Danya Tieken Martin Tolley Maria Torres Ryan Towns Tiffany Towns Sterling Tucker Greg Tucy Tricia Tucy Carol Walker Kelly Wallace Rebecca Wolleck Chris Marrou, accompanied by the GHS Student Council, speaks to the student body. IT ' S NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE 51 Floshbock 52 THE CLASS OF 90 When Wes Davis puts on his intellectual act, Rebecca Walleck and Lona Cleveland see right through him. What ate you up to, Beverly? I Beverly Woodson Alan Wright Mark Yackel Martin Yackel Brandon Zella Jason Breitschopf takes a bite at a Future Scientists luncheon. ITS NOT ALL BLACK O WHITE M fff The doss of ' 91 exploded on the scene this year. Beginning with sports, sophomores played on the varsity football, tennis, and track teams. Also, the QHS organizations were flooded with sophomores among their memberships. From Fu- ture Scientists to the Anchor Club, the sophomores were there. Sophomores also made up a sizeable part of the GHS Apache band when they attended state march- ing contest. hiew classes and teachers were also a part of being a sophomore. They had to cope with classes like biol- ogy with Mr. Bond and Span- ish II with Mr. Saldona. The pressure of class rank also became a factor. Many sophomores had their lives changed this year when they turned sixteen years old - the age at which many of them became li- censed to drive. As they took to the road, they took their first steps in becoming independent from their par- ents, or cutting Mom ' s apron strings. The class of ' 91 has worked its way to new posi- tions of responsibility and has learned to see the world in a new way - that IT ' S NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE. CLASS OF 91 Sophomore class favorites for the 1938-69 year are Jesse Hernandez and Lisa Gomez. After o hard practice, sophomores still show o ttemer)dous amount of spirit. Sophomore class represenrarives for rhe I9dd-d9 school year ore: Nicole Davis. Jes- se Hernandez, and Robin Robinson. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Joyce Alley shows Dridgetr Smith just who they call Rap-MastetD. Michael Dolley Noelle Dolley Sharon Dorthels Katie Denes Slaci DIackmon Nolan DIundell Krisltie Drasfleld Stocey Dright Tinker Drown Holly Drowne Aurora Camarlllo Denlto Camarlllo Griselda Campa Rachel Colzado Steven Carroll Jose Castro Mike Castro Pedro Castillo Sherri Castillo Sonia Cerda Alton zo Chavez Casey Chrismon Chad Connolly David Corrales Mike Cosper Shanny Culpepper Nicole Davis Sarah Davis Krisii Dees David Deleon JoAnn Diaz Jon Dickinson THE CLASS OF 91 John Everett Eric Forogo Joson Filla Rebecca Fishbeck Neddie Folres Hobby Ford Angela Franklin Juan Qorzo Sherry Gerold Kelly Gibson Lisa Gomez Pamela Gonzales Roy Gonzales Lisa Goss Glen Grantham Lynne Grant Christ! Grouke Guadalupe Gonzales Brice Hand Krisren Hamilton Hope Guevara Joe Gregory Kim Honford Danny Hanson Donna Harding Vicki Hascke Daniel Hernandez Felix Hernandez Ida Hernandez Jessie Hernandez Kenny Hernandez Lupe Hernandez Anna McConnell lets her fingers do the walking in typing class. Jesse Hernandez stares info space and thinks of how he s going to ttick the teacher today. IT ' S NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Casey Chrismon and Noe Je Dalley while Renee LIndemonn keeps a practice their signstealing techniques lookout for cops. The sad remains of a cor show new drivers the place where they don ' f want to wind up. 56 t CLASS OF 91 Sophomore drivers show the results of their expertise behind the wheel. Learning to Drive Starters whined, engines revved, transmissions shifted into gear, and the class of ' 91 hit the road. (Literally, in some coses!) Acquiring a drivers ' li- cense is a procedure that seems to take forever. The first step is signing up for drivers ' education, which basically involves giving a strange man a lot of money to teach you stuff you knew already. The next step is drivers ' ed. This involves sitting long hours in a classroom watching such classic films as Blood on the Highways, and Death on Route ' 0 .lt also consists of drawing signs, answering questions out of the drivers ' hand- book, and throwing paper airplanes at your neighbor. After three weeks of this monotony, the fun really starts. The students hit the road. It ' s always an interesting sight to see cars swerve off the road and little old la- dies climbing trees trying to escape the big car with the " Student Driver " sign on the root The effect of being behind the wheel for the first time, shocks some students into driving like zombies, others sprout horns, breathe fire, and burn rubber. It ' s always easy to spot the drivers ' ed. teacher In a car full of stu- dent drivers. He ' s the guy tied up on the floorboard. Shortly after graduating drivers ' ed., (assuming any students live to do so!) the fledgling student driver goes to the DPS office to take a driving test. If one were to take a close look at the student ' s fingernails, one would notice that they ' re chewed halfway down to his elbows. This is because the student has been worrying about the test for the past three days. The students ' nerves are by no means soothed when the DPS officers and his pet .44 magnum get into the car to pass judg- ment on the student and his driving. To fail means death, socially, and per- haps literally, if the officer gets angry. For the most port, the test usually comes out with no more than two or three fatalities. Finally, after peeling the DPS officer off the dashboard, yet an- other licensed driver strikes out on his own. Stay off the sidewalks! Sheriff Drzozowski finds fault In Mi- chael Thiele ' s driving. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Kim Jenkins Paul Kenning Keno Kluting Kevin Kresta Pom Leazer Renee Lindemonn Henry Longoho Margaret Longoria Decliy Lowe Byron Ludv ig Anita Luno Kenny L Dubbo Molaer Tomra Morrou Kirk Mathis David Mason Tt}e fine art of spinning a notebook is demonstrated by Michael Salazar and Lashone Tfiomas. Ctiuck Povliska Margie Perales Richard Perez Bryan Petras Geoffery Philippus Pam Pullin Kevin Pirkle Samontha Powers Jeannie Ramirez Jacob Ramos Ruben Reyes Robin Robinson Chrisri Rochester Morcy Rodela Chris Rodriguez Conrad Rodrigi THE CLASS OF 91 Kristen Mikesh and Debbie Webb observe carefully while Staci Drighr examines rhe evidence. George Tealer Michael Thiele Lance Thompson Jaime Torres Corey VonZandr Joe Vega John Vega Karherine Veto Derricl Wallace Shov na Walley Debbie Webb Kevin Wesrmoreland Jane Wilson Monica Winegearr Amanda Wirhers Beverly Wolff ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Getordo Rodriguez Frank Rosoles Having a bad day. Sharor? Sophomores usually have a tendency to jusr ' HANG AROUND. " The Best Of The Best What was your most embar- rassing moment this year? " When I went to my first peri- od class and I found my moth- er ' s fabric softener in my left pants leg. It fell out in front of the whole class! " - Kenny Her- nandez " Getting left at the mall in Aus- tin by the band. " - Monica Winegart " Dropping my instrument down the stairs. " ■ Danny Han- What would you ask George Bush if you met him on the street? " Can you surf? " - Mike Thiele " Why did you choose Dan Quayle as a running mate? " - Kristi Dees " Why did you want to be president? " - Heidie Flores What excuse would you use if stopped by the Highway Patrol and you didn ' t have a license? " Don ' t worry. Be happy. " - Christy Rochestor " It flew out the window. " - John Everett " I left it at home. " - Jevon Ev- And The Winners Are . Actor Eddie Murphy Kirk Cameron Dill Cosby Tom Cruise Actress Jasmine Guy Alyssa Milano Jennifer Grey Male Vocalist George Strait Dabby Drown Jon Don Javi Sammy Hagar Female Vocalist Debbie Gibson Samantha Fox Reba McEntire Uta Ford Perfume Coloane Deautiful Polo Obsession Stetson Lady Stetson Obsession Giorgio Adidas College A M U.T. Daylor Food Pizza Hamburger Chicken Fried steak French fries Hangout Whataburger the town square Home San Marcos Movie Raw Less Than Zero For Keeps Lost Days OSJ ir ' Show Growing Pains Rosonne Aif A Different World M f Each year, the new Fresh- men class has to go through the humiliation of being called a " fish " . As freshmen, they go through the year being looked upon as being slightly above seaweed. " Where do I go? " " The teachers are too strict " , " The upper classmen pick on us too much! " Those are just a few of the words that came from the mouths of freshmen this year. Although being a fresh- men can have its tough and scary times, freshmen can enjoy themselves. They are able to join the many orga- nizations and meet new people. John Keck said, " It ' s al- right, open campus is great, but there is too much work. " Angle McGlamery com- mented, ' ' It ' s pretty cool, al- though it has its moments of not being cool. " Joeseph Kr idler said " It ' s a life-time experience. " Angle Wundt summed it up by saying, " Well it ' s dif- ferent! " Freshman will agree that high school is dif- ferent than jr. high, but don ' t worry, it will all be over in three years. ' i t A 64 THE CLASS OF 92 n« H W r If pjiiii Freshman doss favorites for the 1988-89 school year are Melissa Martinez and Joe Henderson. , Focusing on Freshman Honors doss. The 19d6 ' d9 Freshmon represenrorives ore Angle McGlomery. Wesley Rodri- guez, and Melissa Marrinez. The 1988-89 Freshman Officers ore sronding): Korhy Martinez (President) esley Burns (Vice-President) (sitting): Jill Knudson (Treasurer) Lisa Guevara (Secre- rory). ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Gabriel Aguero Sylvia Alford Melvin Allen Sergio Almaguer Tiburcio Arizpe Michael Arriola Tangela Dolden Spencer Breirschopf Michael Brown Becky Buchhollz Chris Buchhollz Lesley Burns Daniel Camarillo Par Camarillo Linda Campos Robert Campos Mauricio Canales Eric Canrrell Adam Cantu Johnny Canru Ricordo Cordono Shauna Carroll Dill Carter Gilbert Cosares Michael Cassares Teresa Castillo Juona Castro Cossondia Clock Goiy Clack Kendia Clack Petei Claik Tina Comslock Tamela Condel Jessica Conley Kimbeily Copeland Brian Coimiei Jeff Daniel Martin Dawe Angelique De La Cruz Bo Dees ' I A student in Freshman English class really gels into his book, while the others liy to do the some. THE CLASS OF 92 Patiick Hodges gets caught in the act of stealing the bells to gel some needed money for the weekend. Druce Moulding shows on example of o traded by the fascinoting things o col- perfect smile while Peter Clark is dis- culotor con do. Chad Denmon Jennifer Dierlom Shanno Downey Kathleen Dunn Michael Durrett Elizabeth Esko Ronald Folany Riley Fielder Elise Floch Donald Flowers Jesse Fonseca James Friedrich Scott Friedrich Amanda Garcia Patrick Garcia Fred Garza Laura Garza Juan Gaytan Lupe Gomez Stephanie Gonzales Carolyn Gtouke Scherrell Gray Jonorhan Griffin Anthony Guerra Frank Guerra Lisa Guevara Sarah Gumpet Jeremy Halliburton Kimberly Hardin Haywood Harper Tricia Hart Joe Hendetson ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Carhy Hernandez Mario Hernandez Marsha Hernandez Johnny Herrero Olivia Hidalgo Sandra Hidalgo Wade Hill Helen Hinojosa Mary Alice Hinojosa Patrick Hodges Glenn Holcomb Shane Howell Andre Hum Andy Hyati Lance Irle Chris Isaac Debbie Jalufka Linda Jefferson Joel Johnson Lisa Johnson Nicholas Johnson Nicole Johnson Diane Jones Keirh Jones Melissa Martinez shows her strength as she carries he bells with ease before a Friday football game. These Freshman show different facial expressions as they see the camera man focusing on them. 66 mf CLASS OF 92 Micho l Durrert looks tike he needs the instructions one more time. Marvin Lambert Sonia Lermo Grade Liguez Larry Liguez V endy Lindemann Robert Lindsey Mary Longorio Christina Luna Gordon Mack Jano Malotek Hectot Maldonado Katherine Martinez Margaret Martinez Melissa Martinez Imelda Malamoros Bruce Moulding Beverly Mayberry Charles McCaskill Leonard McCoy Angle McGlomery Melanie Miles Rodney Miller Angela Molina Arthur Molina Rebecca Molina Alan Molnoskey Rachel Montgomery Griselda Moreno Laura Moreno Joe Navejar Joe Olivores James Oliver Brian Padgett Lisa Padllla Christie Pena ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Barbara Perez Chris Perez Cathy Pierponr Michael Pirkle Monica Powell £ric Pringle Lisa Pullin Joseph Quintero Adriano Ramos Albert Ramos Alelheo Ramos Margie Ramos Druce Reininger David Reyes Katrina Robins Tammy Robinson Dina Rodelo Angela Rodriguez Oliver Rodriguez Stacy Rodriguez Wesley Rodriguez Cynthia Rosales Abel Rosas Magdalena Ruiz Loy Schieberle Curtis Schramm Ion Schurig Carrie Schwausch Shannon Schwiening Joe Sepulvedo Joe Serna Wendy Sherrod Michelle Sloren Frederick Smith Yssa Solansky Angela Soils Antonio Soliz Jeneen Steward Stephen Tate Lance Talsch Sara Thorp Jose Torres David Vosquez Lisa Vega Kim Watts Jeonnie Westmoreland John Wilkins Rick Willett Charlie Williams Angle Wundr David Ybarbo Sara Zamoro Randy Zella i«-»0.vV»»»m2.VU! THE CLASS OF 92 A Year In Review The 196d-89 school year was memorable for Freshman who found out that life as GHS was not all block and white, for most it was rather colorful. As the year began, it seemed like the school year was going to last forever, but once it started, it moved quickly. Some freshman found their classes going easily while others were struggling with the work, and a few began dropping courses after the first semester, while others decided to hang in there. Freshman spirit proved strong at GHS, especially during the Friday pep ralleys for which they showed their spirit for their class and for the Apaches. Freshman showed they knew what they were doing at the different UIL meets whether it was Band, Academ- ics, Drama, or Sports, they helped bring home the first place District plaque for the school A questionnaire sent to the fresh- man asked: What was your most ( barrassing moment? A few responses were: tripping on the mat in front of the door and falling down the stairs. For Patrick Hodges it was being called ' Monty Jr. " Christie Pena ' s most em- barrassing moment was during the Homecoming ceremony when her es- cort forgot to let her curtsy and every- one laughed. Now on to a serious question: What is your favorite kind of music? It was pretty much a tie between Rock, Rap, and Heavy Metal Next, the question everyone has been waiting for: Who is your favorite teacher? Coach Vicars was the winner then came Mrs. Mills, and a tie between Mrs. Harrell and Mrs. Fougerat. As the 1968-89 school year came to a close, it seemed like most fresh- man hod a year to remember. In the future they will look back and remem- ber all the good times shared with friends within the halls of G.H.S. Michael Pirkle fries not to ool too thrilled while holding the pig for the Kiss the Pig Contest. Becky Ducholtz does not look too excited even after she found out she was a lucky winner in the Jr. koffle. IT S NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE 7f ■ii Yreshmon I loshbocks JT ! i ! ! ! lllfkLki Lj i i i Athletes. They are every- where on campus. G.H.5. of- fers football, basketball, cross country, and golf just to name a few of the sports. Much is expected from these individuals. They must be tough mentally and physically. Athletes are re- quired to pass all their courses and then they must have the discipline to learn the different plays and strat- egies. They must put in the miles and attend the prac- tices. Finally, they must have determination to win the game. Chance Freeman, running back and corner back, had this to say about the 1986-69 G.H.S. football season, " Our record for the season was 4 and 5, and district was 3 and 2. Our team had a lot of fire and pride about them. When the chips were down and everything looked bad, the team always came back and showed that it had the desire to win. This season the Apaches finally got the fans out of the woodwork and back into the stands. " Athletes not only have to work hard during the games, but they also put hours of time into practice. Practice is where it all be- gins. G.H.S. Is proud of its athletes. Denise Morek, Eriko Harrison, and Shel- ley Mason rake rime our. Cross country runners. Bruce Moulding and James Rodriguez, ore olwoys on course. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND VHITE 75 Cross Country Sherri Castillo anxiously awaits the beginning of her race. The 1986-69 Cross Country team had a very positive and productive season. The top five this year were James Rodri- guez, Peter Rodriguez, Bruce Moulding, Tim Clark, and Chris Hyman. The season started out great with a second place finish at the Medina Valley Invitational. The year continued to be a positive one with two second place finishes at Yoa- kum and Schulenburg. The team placed second in the Gonzales Invitational, too. The Cross Country runners brought the District Championship home for the sec- ond time in a row. The team this year ran under the guidance of Zeke Hernandez. One team member, James Rodriguez says, " He really did a great job as a coach and as a friend. The future looks very promising for the Cross Country teams under coach Hernendez. This year the team has had its ups and downs, but we all stuck together and ran our hearts out and that ' s why we always win in our hearts. " Dy the look on Freddy Camarillo ' s face, the finish line is in sight. The Cross Country runners Refer Rodriguez, Roy Gon- zales. Druce Moulding and Chris Hyman ore always satisfied as the 1966 District Champs. Lisa Guevara uses her last ounce of energy to pass the finish line. j j l ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Lance Dehlen runs with the ball leaving everyone behind. Varsity FootboH This years football season has been really great. This year all the guys came together and played as a team instead of everyone trying to play alone and carry the team. The players ' attitudes had a lot to do with the way this year turned out. " The guys played with emotion and leader- ship. Possibly this will rub off on the underclassmen and show in a district championship next year, " said varsity player Kyle Towns. Most people don ' t realize that the Apaches were only eight points away from becoming district chomps. The Apache defense held their opponents on an average of less than five points per game in district. All in all, the Apaches played great varsity football this year, they went out and did the very best they could possi- bly do. ifcJ-;«««- «,Wi« ■■3 -f1ti f ' ' ' i . Kenneth Kluiing kicks off and the vatsity players tush into the 66-89 football season. 78 y A THLETICS Do Ehrig, Kyle Towns, and Adorn Sali- nas rush to gel the kick off boll ftom San Antonio Cole. I « « «! „ !f „ o _ « « n Gonzales Varsity, (fitst tow) Geotge Marhis. Eddie Novejot Steve Molina. Adam Salinas, fiodney Tealet, Chance Freeman. Scott Dietlam. John O ' Higgins. Edwatd Petez and Dtandon Mattou. (second tow) Dettick Wallace. Datnell Mitchell. Law- rence Garner Michael Johnson. Freddy Camarilla. Steven Steen. Kevin Knesek. Ross Hendetshot. Todd Gatrett. Kyle Towns and Lance Behlen. (thitd tow) Eugene Washington. David Vega, Jetty Gomez. Mike Hull, Do Ehtig. Gteg Vana. Rene Rodtiguez. Steven Gonzales and Kenneth Kluting. (not picluted. Kevin DeDetty and Ryan Towns.) The mighty fighting Apaches ptepate fot a taste of victoty. ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE KK 79 All-Area Team. Steven Sreen, Kyle Towns. Ryon Towns, and Lance Behlen. Varsity Football Gonzales 6 Robert Cole 13 Gonzales 14 Lockhart 21 Gonzales No Game Refugio Gonzales 30 Randolph 7 Gonzales 7 York town 14 Gonzales 3 Edna 12 Gonzales 13 Luling 7 Gonzales 10 Cuero Gonzales Yoakum 7 Gonzales 33 Goliad Football coaches. Head coach. (2nd fiom R.). Calvin Tucket: assistant coaches. (L to R). Jim Spencer. Reggie Motgan. and Quarteiback, Lance Behlen. was al- Stephen Vicats. ways teady to lead the Apaches. 80 y A THLETICS The football players ore being " pecked on " by a Cuero Gobbler. Chance Freeman takes his victory speech seriously, A,.MA WA1ER .: «Ati.S OF CHS , «fn.l €K ABiOE n --i. ftS IHE AGES PASS -4S a££N OUB GUIDE 25, Derrick Wallace, scores another touchdown. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Raul Hidalgo believes teamwork is The only way Jr. Varsity A majority of the Warriors on They ' ve spent a lot of time pre- the team started this year out paring for the seven games in Junior High with all their they played this year. This sea- friends and have stayed to- son has given them experience gether through the years. They on the field that will help them are a dedicated group, in the future. No first down for the Gobblers. Michael Thiele has 22 by the ankle ond more Warriors are on the way. kV| i.«i iMvfi The Gonzales Warriors (Fronr row) Kenny Hernandez Michael Dailey Conrad Rodriguez. Brandon Zella. Mark Martinez. Lucas Sierra, and Richard Perez (Middle row) David Corrales. Raul Hidalgo Brian Robinson Juan Garza. Joe Vega. Manuel Aguero. and Mike Cosper. (Back row). Brice Hand, Michael Thiele. Kevin Pirkle. Charles Pavliska. Lance Thompson, and Kevin Ookes. Kenneth Erskin scores o touchdown and lakes a few Yoakum Bulldogs with him. WA Freshmen The Gonzales Droves, (Front row) Do Dees, Chris Isaac, Chris Perez, Melvin Allen, Spencer Dreitschopf, Gilbert Casares, and Gabriel Aguero. (Mid die row) James Oliver, Juan Gayton, Charlie Willloms, Joseph Kridler, Ro- bert Lindsey, Robert Rodriguez, and Hector Maldonado. (Dock row) Mauricio Canoles, Lance Irle, Fred Garza, Chad Denman, Garden Mock, and Eric Pringle. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE The Apache Dasketboll Team poses for a picture with their parents on Parent ' s Night. Sharp Shooters " Coach Sa azor got on us a lot but it paid off in the end, " said Alex Remschel, a senior on the Apache Dasiietboll Team. It certainly did pay off. This year ' s Apaches proved their skills as they ad- vanced all the way to the Bi-District Play-offs against Hitchcock. Tommy Darnick, who ployed post and wing positions for the Apaches said that this year has been " Funner than the past years I ' ve played. " Mark Porter, who also played post and wing, said, " I saw a lot more playing time when Alex got in foul trouble, usually I sow a lot of bench. " Michael John- son summed up the year with " I had a great year. " The Apaches did have a great season. Their hard work, effort, and coaching of Coach Salazar gave them the incentive. Congratulations, Apaches, on a job well done! Alex Remschel out-jumps the opposing team t " shoot for two " . The 1989 Apache Basketball Co-Sweerhearts, Senior members of the Apache Daskerball Team thy Bonds, Trey King, Damon Flares, MichaelJahn- were Sara Tharp and Lay Schieberle, and runner- are (clockwise) Alex Remschel, Mark Porter, Timo- son, and Tammy Darnick. up was Kesho Flowers. The 1989 Apache Basketball Team (front row) Loy Tommy Bornick, Mark Porter, Alex Remschel, Louis Schieberle, manager; Coach McGehee, Coach Johnson, Cory Mathis, Michael Johnson, (jreg Tucy, Salazar, Chad Conally, manager: and Sara Tharp, and Timothy Bonds, manager, (back row) Damon Flores, Trey King, Trey King wants the ball to make a free throw. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITS Eriko Harrison gets a boost from fellow teammates Deni ' se Morek and Shelly Mason. Keepin ' Up Senior member of the ApQchettes, Eriko Harri- son, said, " This season was a big challenge be- cause we were second in district last year and we lost four of our key play- ers. It was difficult starting off with a whole new set of girls. " The Apachettes started the 1933-39 season off with a bang as they beat Lockhart 53 to 27. Once district started, the Apachettes had a nine and nine record. The first game of the district was a loss 44 to 76. The next game was tight against Luling, but they pulled out an exciting two point vic- tory. Dy the end of the season, th Apachettes has defeated both Goliad and Luling twice. The final season record was 13 and 15 with district end- ing at four and six. Us Varsity Dosl etboll Girls 44 Edna 76 46 35 Luling Cuero 46 61 55 Yoakum 59 67 Goliad 52 31 Edna 65 56 36 Luling Cuero 34 55 51 Yoakum 53 53 Goliad 32 Denise Morek mokes 2 points against Luling. A THLETICS The girls varsity boslferball ream stands proudly with their parents. rnn ' -O 8 t : The Gonzales Apacherte Dosketboll Flowers, Donna Strait, Marilyn Hunt, Team, (Top to bottom), Denise Shelly Mason, Coach Nicky McKinney, Marek, Erika Harrison, Ella Taylor, and Nicole Scott. Not pictured. Sheila Green, Eulene Johnson, Kesha Chelisa Eleby. UV1 I. J n Mr t I Erika Harrison grabs the rim. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Charles Hosting goes up for the ball. Detrick Wo lace " boils " Rice with one of his moves. Gonzales Junior Varsity Boys ■ Us THEM 87 Cuero 43 67 Yoakum 38 82 Goliad 53 68 Edna 48 43 Luling 28 79 Cuero 35 81 Goliad 39 52 Edna 55 87 Luling 46 The Gonzales Junior Varsity Dasltetball team: Con- rod Rodriguez, Lamon Smith. David Corrales, George Mathis, Detrick Wallace, Tim Clark. Charles Hastings. Jevon Evans. Matthew Aguirre. and Kirk Mathis Manager Lay Schieberle. Coach Richard McGeehee, Manager Chad Connolly, and Manager Sara Thorp. 6S ATHLETICS The Gonzales J. V. tries to earn a position in the championship game of their annual tournament. g Gonzales Junior Varsity Girls US THEM 23 Edna-47 13 Cuero-27 17 Yoal um-55 32 Goliad-54 12 Edna-23 17 Cuero-34 16 Goliad-57 54 Gonzales Junior Varsity Basketball girls: (top to bottom). Krisri Drasfield. Dridgette Smith. Joyce Alley. Nicole Davis, Rebecca Fishbeck. Tammy West and Kena Kluting. Dridgette Smith penetrates toward the basket while Joyce Alley defends it. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE 89 Garden Mack has the boll. Fred Garza and Chad Denmon ore ready to rebound. I g Gonzales Freshman Days | Basketball US THEM 66 Cuero-32 62 Yoakum-54 95 Goliad-46 54 Edna-66 77 Luling-31 45 Cuero-47 76 Goliad-31 70 Edna-56 (Standing) Joseph Kridler. Eric Pringle, Fred Garza, Curtis Scrhamm, John Keck, Chad Denmon, Garden Mock, Peter Clark, and Jesse Fonseca. (kneeling) Coach Zeke Hernandez, Gory Clock, Ion Schurig, Andre Hunt. Do Dees, Adam Cantu. Melvin Allen, and Tammy Marrau. 90 y ATHLETICS Rachel Monrgomery blocks as Angle McGlamery makes the shot. Lisa Johnson waits for the ball to be thrown before making her move. GONZALES FRESH mN GIRLS BASKETBALL US THEM 17 Edno 28 27 Luling 32 23 Cuero 46 28 Yoakum 29 33 Goliad 18 23 Edna 49 15 Cuero 20 23 Goliad 12 rhe Gonzales team awaits the outcome of their opponents shot. ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE State Chomps Nicole Cooper said " This year was tiie year to do it. Tlie third year ' s a charm! " Coaching the team this year was Grady Montgomery. Two seniors, Stephanie Friedrich and Kristi Perez, helped guide the team to state after getting a taste of com- petition in the two previous years. Two juniors, Nicole Cooper and Tiffany Towns, also played in the state meet the two previous years. The girls along with Anna McCon- nell made up the state team. Other team members who were on the Junior Varsity Team were Jane Wil- son, Jill Knudson, and Jennifer Dier- lam. • ' » • jj ' ' k A ' " X » ■: -J- 4A C -v . i Anno McConnell concentrates as she hits a prac shot. The 1989 Girls Golf Team State Champions with Coach Grady Montgomery. JL ' ?i V k Mt ,U: The 1939 Gonzales Girls Golf Team: (1st row), Jane Wilson, Kristi Perez, Tiffany Towns, Anno McCon- nell, and Nicole Cooper. (2nd row), Jill Knudson, Jennifer Dierlom, and Stephanie Friedrich. Stephanie Friedrich carefully practices her chip- ping. The girls take time out for o break during their practice for state. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE « Matt Wolff gets into the swing of things. Up To Par The boy s golf team had a busy season playing in mote than ten tournaments. The golf team was undet the leadetship of a new coach, Richatd McGeehee. The team played well, winning the Goliod tourna- ment and coming in second at thitd in sevetal other tournaments. Next yeat the golf team will have to cope with losing five seniors. This year ' s team consisted of Tom- my Datnick. Matt Wolff. Scott Dierlom, Ross Hender- shot. Kevin Lehnett, Kyle Millet, Chatles McCoskill, Scott Fiiedtich, and Shane Brzozowski. The boys ended their season on Aptil 11th ot the disttict tournament in Victotia. They came in fourth overall with a total scote of 362. Datnick and McKas- kill tied for tenth place, qualifying them fat the All- Disttict team. . ' J The Gonzales Boys Golf Team: Chorla McCaikill Scott Dierlam Tommy Barnick. Kyle Miller. Scott Ftie- drich. Coach Richard McGeehee. and Matt Wolff, (not pictured) Ross Hendershol. Kevin Lehnett. and Shone Brzozowski. Mott Wolff tries to " tee off " fellow team member Tommy Dornick Scott Ftiedtich concenttates as he attempts to putt. Tommy soys " Just Do It " to Mott and Scoir as he walls for them to hit the ball. Scott Dierlom gives it his oil. ITS NOT ALL BLACK. WHITE They The GHS tennis team: Trey King. Ira Schurig, Jeannie Westmoreland, Kim Keith, Leslie Burns, Kristi Kir- chman. Wendy Lindemann. Kristi Martinez, Lay Schieberle, Jaime Torres, and Tim Clark. In re love rr GHS boys tennis ream brought home Top honors in district tennis ploy. The team of Trey King, Tim Clark, Jaime Torres, Anthony Guerra ion Schurig and Anthony Gomez, bro fe Yoakum ' s seven year winning streak. Three of the players on the team, Tim, Trey and Jaime, advanced to regional play. The girls varsity also had a good year. The varsity team included Shelly Mason, Kristi Martinez, Kim Keith, and Lay Schieberle. The Ju- nior varsity was comprised of Heather Browne, Holly Browne, Wendy Lindeman, Jeannie West- moreland, Leslie Burns and Kristi Kirchman. Trey King waits for the ball while Jaime Torres ' ■ mokes a return. " Tennis is a sport that is be- coming more organized and more recognized. The GHS tennis team competed well in district as in regionals. Shelley Mason. Kristi Martinez and Jamie Torres take a rest during practice session at GHS courts 96 ATHLETICS Regional tennis qualifiers Trey King. Jaime Torres Jr., and Tim Clark. o first year p oyer, I had more to learn than everyone else. I feel that I become o better player because I learned to play as a team member as well as an indi- viduaL Tennis is a valuable sport at GHS. " - Heather Browne. Anthony Gomez charges then uses his baclthand. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Running Strong " Running strong " appeared to be the theme of this year ' s boy ' s tracts team as Gonzales finished third overall at the district track meet in Yoakum. The team missed placing first by only twelve points. Helping keep the team in such a high position was the sprint relay team consist- ing of Greg Tucy, Darnell Mitchell, Lawrence Garner and Detrick Wallace, who finished fourth. Also helping was the mile relay of Mitchell, Tucy, James Rodriguez, and Chance Freeman, who finished third. Individually placing where Mitchell, second in the 400 meter dash, Tucy, third in the 400 meter dash, and Garner; third in the 800 meter run. Freeman received fourth in the 100 meter hurdles and third in the 300 meter hurdles, James Rodriguez placed second in the 800 and 1600 meter runs; Bruce Moulding, second in the 3200 meter run; Rene Rodriguez, fourth in the shot put; and Mark Mar- tinez, fourth in pole vaulting. Peter Rodriguez finished first in both the 3200 and 1600 meter runs. The top two contestants in each of these events ad- vanced to the regional event held at Kingsville. Then, the top two finished at regional advanced to state. This year James Rodriguez represented Gonzales at Austin in the state meet. Before Rodriguez left he said, ' Running in the state track meet is a dream come true. All I have to do now is run a smart and aggressive race and if God wills it, I will win. If not, well, that is fine as long as my dream came true. " Rodriguez finished number 7 in the state. t»- James Rodriguez strives for fiis goal of competing at state. ATHLETICS Chance Freeman leaps over the hurdles for a fast finish. i M - ' jU- Lawrence Garner attempts to prove the old saying " practice makes perfect. ' Derrick Wallace, Greg Tucy and MichaelJohnson rake a break from rheir long hours of pracrice. The Gonzales boys track team: row) Mark Martinez, Peter Rodriguez, Coach Sieve Vicars, MichealJohnson, Chris Hyman, (fourrh row) Rene Ro- Druce Moulding, Chance Freeman, driguez, and Sreven Gonzales. Coach Jim Spencer, (second row) Greg Tucy, Darnell Milchell, James jj j Moulding jogs toward next Rodriguez. Detrick Wallace, (third year ' s stare meet ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE " W Trackin ' Monica Jones skillfully executes o brood Jump. Kotrino Robbins jumps for joy while her teammates. Tammy Marrou an Nicole Davis just relax. Nicole Davis keeps her smile even through long hours of practice. The Gonzales girls track team: Monica Jones, (2nd row) Nicole Davis, Tammy Marrou and Katrina Robbins (3rd row) Coach Clara Nell Snyder. 100 ATHLETICS Dane Needham holds up the dug-out while Diyan Garden takes a quick nop. Having A Doll Cory Mathis and Jerry Gomez find tirn? to horse around before the game. Steven Steen readies for the ball. " Lei ' s talk it over. " Grand Slom For Varsity The 1986-69 Gonzales Days Daseboll team left big shoes to fill fot next yeat as they came off a winning season. The boys advanced to the playoffs be- coming bi-district champs. The boys advanced to district with a 13-0 record. In district they defeated Luling, Cuero, Yoakum, and Edna each twice and Goliad once completing the district seasons with only one loss and a 9-1 record. Coach Nicky McKinney con- tributes the winning season to the seniors, " The reason we have had such a successful year is because of the senior leadership. " The seven senior members include Kevin De- berry, Dryan Garden, Shane Neuse, Gabriel Camarillo. Joe Torres, Lance Dehlen and Jerry Gomez. Kevin Deberry said " I feel great about the team advanc- ing! Ever since I have been in high school we have not made the playoffs. It was good to make it my senior year. " Pitcher Ryan Towns also felt great. " This year is the first year I have been to the play- offs and it is a different exper- ience. It has been a fun sea- son. " The Gonzales Varsity boys baseball team: Joe Torres, Travis McKee. Dane Needhom. Martin Yackel. Cody Slowers, Gabe Camarillo. Mark Yackel, Kirk Mathis. and Dryan Garden, (stand- ing) Coach Nicky McKinney. Jerry Go- mez. Todd Garrett, Lance Dehlen, Shane Neuse. Drice Hand. Ryan Tov ns. George Mathis, Kevin Deberry, Steven Steen, Alan Molnoskey, and Coach Reggie Morgan. US 4 7 10 9 4 7 3 7 4 12 3 Coiy Mathis fires one over the plate during Bi-dis trict playoffs. Bryan Gordon concentrates before stepping up to bat. Coach Reggie Morgan gives Kevin DeDerry a few pointers. ITS NOT ALL BLACK 6 WHITE The J. V. baseball team huddles before a big game. Ifs A Hit Conrad Rodriguez, Kirk Mathis, Patrick Garcia, and Gary Clack take a break from practice. The J.V. guys sir in the dugout and wait for the game to begin. Daniel Camarillo hits the boll hoping for a home run. v.-..- ..,... ,.-.. -. 104 y ATHLETICS Denise Morek is excited about receiving on award. A Sporting Feost Mrs. Glass presents an award to Kevin Deberry, Kevin Knesek and Do Ehrig. The 1 936-69 awards banquet. Many organizations exist- ed within the halls of GHS. It was not just something to do, it was something to be. Whether it was band mem- ber, cheerleader or member ofFFA, the members lived it. The many group dances, parties, performances, fun- draisers, and community ser- vice work helped to pro- mote a better organization. The 1966-69 Mighty Apache Marching Band and the Flames spatkled when they performed during half- time. While the band and drill team performed, the FFA was busy selling drinks to the spectators who had dry throats from cheering on the football team with the cheerleaders. Those are just some of the things that made GHS such a terrific school. The organiza- tions were always ready to strut their stuff and show their " Apache Pride " . ORGANIZATIONS " Kick " ! and that s just what Mary Rolher, Noelle Doiley. Krisren Homilron, and Nicole Sompelton did. Royce Fan parade. Kim Wiley, and Denise Moiek show off their proud Future Farmers of America emblem or the Come Take It ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Honor Societies Members of the 1938-89 National Honor Society are (first row) Do Etirig, Jennifer Srasney, Nicole Cooper, Sara Lester, Jason Dreitschopt Mitchell Hordcostle, Michelle Mills, (second row) James Daker, Ira Schurig, Carol Rainey, Shelley Mason, Stephanie Hernandez, Ramona Gayton, Jen- nifer Squyres, Heather Browne, (third row) Kim Wiley, Denise Marek, Kevin Knesek, Charlotte Parsley, Carrie Fo- gle. Ten ' Noll, Susan Moore, Bradley Bartholomew, (fourth row) Tiffany Towns, Mary Allen, Dolly Bond, Brad- ley Slaughter, Lesli Morgan, Krisren Quinney, Becky Woods, Alan Wright, Julie Gibson, and Carol Marek. Members of the 1988-89 Science Honor Society are (first row) Mithcell Hordcostle, Nicole Cooper, Michelle Mills, Shelley Mason, Heather Browne, Karina Castro, (second row) Sponsor Mike Bond, Denise Marek, Ira Schurig, Charlotte Parsley, Teh Noll, Susan Moore, (third row) Mary Allen, Dolly Bond, Bradley Slaughter, Kristen Quinney, Becky Woods, and Sponsor Frank Hinds. Members of the 1988-89 Spanish Honor Society are (front orw) Stephanie Hernandez, Lisa Gomez, Tony Ruiz, (back row) Sponsor Genaro Saldana, Krisri Martiniez, Margie Perales, and Griselda Campa. OHOANIZATtONS Mitchell Hordcostle, Science Honor Society Member, asks a question dur- ing his Biology II class. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Congrorulorions to our 196669 U.I.L. Lit- erary Porriciponts and their sponsors!!! Tl e participants in the U.I.L. Roosevelt Practice Meet show their trophy. " " ORGANIZATIONS Kyle Towns, sports writer Krister) Quinney, EDITOR; Kyle Miller and Paul Dubose, staff writers of POW WOW. Yearbook and Paw Wow The 1968-69 Yearbook and POW WOW photographers are Chance Freeman. Dryan Garden, Anne Kappmeyer and Lynn Selzer. The 1988-69 LEXINGTON (Yearbook) Staff: (bat. row) Bryan Garden, Lesli Morgan, Kristi Martinez, Kristian Jensen, Anne Kappmeyer and Bradley Slaughter (sec. row) Lynn Selzer. Kyle Miller, Fer- nando Williams, Marilyn Hunt, Paula Collie, Candy Washicek and ADVISOR, Ms. Cynthia Crazier (third row) Kris ten Quinney. Rebecca Walleck. Kothy Person, Jason Breitschopf, Michelle Green and John Camarilla ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE The 1966-89 Hog Corp members stand at atten- tion during a pre-gome ceremony at a fiome game. Ray mono Goyton caught laughing at their simulta- neous mistol e. Feature twirler Hope Harris looks emborrased as she walks into the stands. 112 ORGANIZATIONS The 1966-69 Apache Twirlers (front row) feature twirler) Hope Harris, Heather Browne, (back row) Raymona Gayton, and Holly Browne. The 1988-69 Hog Corp members (front row) (Asst. Copt) Delverly Woodson, Paulo Collie, Julie Gibson, Sandro Karnau, (middle) Natalie Denes, Tommy Morrou, Shannon Culpepepr, (back row) Dolly Bond - (Capt.) Kristen Quinney and Jackie Luna. Rifle Corp members Rachel Montgomery and Monica Powell appear to be in deep concentration during a pep roily. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE 113 The drill ream showered the bond hall with signs to get the band ' s spirit pumped up before state competiton. Domination In a word, the Mighty Apache Dand showed complete " domination " in all competitions this year. In matching, they advanced from district to regional and then onto state competition. Not only did they advance to state. The Mighty Apache Dand placed thirteenth in the State of Texas among OA Bands. What an accomplishment! Their ability did not stop on the field either. The band attended UIL Concert Contest and received a superior rating. With a superior rating in both marching and concert contests, the band was honored with a sweepstakes trophy. Only one other band in the district received this trophy and only very few received it across the state. For all the band ' s hard work, they are honored with an awards banquet at the end of the year. This included a meal and dance afterwards put on by the band boosters. In regard to the banquet, Jeonette Pruett, Apache Dand Booster President, said, " The booster club always enjoys putting on the banquet in appreciation of the hard work and long hours put in by our band students. The Apache Dand Is exciting the field after another one of the mighty performances which charged the hometown fans with excitement and pride. 1U ORGANIZATIONS The 1988-89 Award Winning Mighty Apache Band % nwf!i ' m ' " ' " im ' iigTrnr?iiT ' r Dand Member Tricia Hart took Greg Webb to the Annual Apache Band Banquet. Bradley Slaughter and Kristen Quinney were elected band beau and sweetheart. ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE i15 State " Going with the band to state was one of the most exciting events of my senior year. It is something I will never forget, " said Kristen Quinney, flag captain of the Mighty Apache Bond. " It ' s so amazing that small town bands can compete with larger bands and win. " said senior twirler Heather Browne. Dolly Bond said, " Going to state was a rewarding, thrilling, and excit- ing experience I ' ll always remem- ber. " " The feeling I felt on the field that day is one that I can only dream of attaining again. " said Feature Twirl- er Hope Harris. The last time a Gonzales Band went to state was six long years ago. Even with all that time gone by, the goal of qualifying for state never left any band member ' s mind. In the end. The Mighty Apache Band of G.H.S., placed eleventh among all the AAA bands in the state of Texas. The 1986-89 Mighty apache Bond performs at regional competirion in Koty, Texas. U %|MMn (Top rov left to right) Julie Gibson. Pau- lo Collie. Sandra Karnau. Kristen Quin- ney. (bottom row left to right) Shannon Culpepper Natalie Denes, and Tommy Marrou sir still to take a picture in Kafy during regionols competition. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Vx ' 7 Flames Donee The 1968-Q9 Apache Flames drill team journeyed to Texas Lutheran College for their summer camp. While there they competed against several other drill teams. At camp, this year ' s drill team not only learned jazz routines but also mili- tary routines. An officer ' s dance was also held and Casandra Sil- vas was chosen as one of the outstanding dancers. She received a pink ribbon and a trip to New York to perform in the Macy ' s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The sponsor, Clara Nell Snyder, points out that the drill team has done well and is doing very well. " They ' ve received lots of honors and have been asked to be in national competition. " said Snyder. Lisa Gomez is caught day dreaming about something very pleasant. The members of rhe 1986.69 Apache Flames are (firsr tow) Ktisien Hamilton. (5oph.Lt.) Sarah Lestet (Capt.). Becky Dteitschopf (Majot). Casandra Silas (Senior Lt.). and Susan Best (Junior Lr.). (middle) Tracy Pick. Raina Peschke, Lisa Gomez. Griselda Campa. Casey Chrismon. Robin Robinson (third row) Jeonnie Sepedo. Karherine Vela, Anna McConnell. Nicole Sampleton. Kelli Condel. Chrisri Grauke. Mary Rather Noelle Bailey and Shaion Barrheis. ORGANIZATIONS Si Michelle Mills. Carrie Kopovik. and Jennifer Stosney dance together during a roaring Apache pep rally. Alrighr that s berter! Members of rhe 1988-69 varsity cheerleoding team are (firsr row) Julie Solazar. Michelle Mills (head cheerleader). Karhy Carrizales. (second row) Bonnie Hajovsky. Trey King (mascot) and Jennifer Stosney. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE VxX ' " The 1966-69 Oronge jacket members (front row) Deverly Maybery, Monica Jones, Kim Copeland (bocif row) Pom Leozer, Virginia Kelley. Domingo Corrizoles, Yvette De Lo Garza and Olivia Arellano. 111 I Spirit The 1986-89 Freshman Cheerleaders (front row) Jennifer Dierlam. Lay Schieberle (bock row) Jill Knudson, Lisa Guevara, Cathy Hernandez and Sara Thorp. I i 1 ii i fA AW Sara Tharp, Jill Knudson and Lay Schieberle watch- ing a GHS pep rally. ORGANIZATIONS The 1966-89 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are Jeannie Ramirez, Renee Linde- mann and Sheila Noack. Anchor Club The 1988-39 Anchor Club members are (front row) Sherry Poe. Sponsor; Kris fen Quinney, Presi- dent: Declty Woods, Sherri Tumlinson (second row) Heather Browne, Valerie Dehring, Tammy Molnos- key. Holly Browne (third row) Stacey Bright, Kristen Mikesh, Sandra Kornou (fourth row) Debbie Webb, Paula Collie, Teri Noll (bock row) Nicole Davis and Mandy Withers. Anchor Club members Valerie Behring, Mandy Withers Denesso Nelson, and Becky Woods rake rime to Could Denessa Nelson be the first Anchor Club pose for the camera at the District Convention in Houston. member to become " Miss Teen USA " ? S ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Future Scientists Future Scientists is proud to be one of the largest and most active of the aca- demic clubs at GHS. To be eligible to join, a student must be enrolled in biology, chemistry, physics, biology II or English I Honors. To remain in good standing, one must actively participate in the club ' s activities. Each year they elect four offi- cers who also serve as an executive committee. This year they are: president — Shelly Mason, program chairperson — Heather Browne, finance chairperson — Kristen Quinney, and community ser- vice chairperson — Bradley Slaughter. The Future Scientists have many regu- lar activities and continually search for new activities that would benefit them- selves or the community. The regular activities include: 1) catered luncheons with local business professionals to speak about their line of work. 2) taking care of their adopted highway. 3) spon- soring blood drives. 4) taking a week- end field trip. This year they attended the Museum of Natural History and Science as well as Astroworld in Houston. Future Scientists Chris McGuire, Ross Hendershot, and Shelly Mason listen to what is being said. The 1986-89 Future Scientist are (first row) Sandra Kornau, Paula Collie. Shelly Mason, Scott Dierlom. Todd Dright, and Donna Harding (second row) Kristen Mikesh. Tommy Holub, Carol Marek, Dolly Bond, Hope Harris, Jason Dreirschopf, Mary Rather, Elizabeth Eska, Lesley Burns, (third row) Stacey Bright, Debbie Webb. Charlotte Parsley, Carol Rainey, Lesli Morgan, Anne Kappmeyer Kim Wiley, and Denise Marek, (fourth row) Denessa Nelson, RandyTorres, Kevin Knesek, Micheal Thiele, Ross Hendershot Sara (jumper. Angle Wundt Sarah Lester, (fifth row) Frank Hinds, Nicole Davis, Robin Robinson. Paul Dubose, Beverly Woodson, Julie Gibson, Stephanie Hernandez, (sixth row) Holly Browne, Mary Allen, Jackie Luna, Susan Moore, and Brian Padgett. ORGANIZATIONS Robin Hendershor and Kyle Towns give blood during the onnuol blood drive. Chris McGuire is filling tea cups during o luncheon. Looks like Kristen Mikesh wolfs on Stocey Bright to finish eofing her veggies. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE 123 Jon Von Zondt. Dono Homilron. and Regina Ryan discuss how to film the Art Club ' s Renaissonce Festival with K5AT 12 Camerawomon Sue Caiberg. PorticipQtion Clubs ore an im portant part of school life for all students. The dubs provide, through participation, a means for stu- dents to have fun while doing a service to the school or community. DECA, DPA, Art Club, and FDL are just some of the shining clubs at G.H.S. DECA ' s activities included a student snack bar, a senior barbecue, and an employer-employee banquet for all the students participating in a work pro- gram. Carol Rainey, Todd Garrett, and Mike Heins competed in state competi- tion in Houston, after advancing from area competition. Todd Garrett ad- vanced on to nation competition in Or- lando, Florida. DPA held a fund raising auction and sold pizza in the student center every day at lunch. Members of DPA also com- peted at the regional level in San An- tonio and attended a state leadership conference in Corpus Christi. At the end of the year, the club took an overnight trip to Austin just for fun. The Art Club organized a wonderful Renaissance Festival for the community. It was very educational and interesting. Jan Van Zandt said, " It was a lot of work, but you can bet on one next year. " Members of the 1988-69 Spanish Club are (front row) Robin Hendershot, Jaime Torres. Jose Ruiz, (back row) Genara So Ida no (sponsor), Kristi Mar- tinez, Jackie Luna, Yvette de la Garza, Casandro SilvQs, and Margie Perales. Members of the 1988-89 FDL Club are (front row) Amanda Withers, Beverly Woodson, Leslie Burns, Sandra Karnou, Paula Collie. Carol Marek, Susan Moore, Sara Gumper. Gloria Maples (sponsor). Holly Browne, (second row) Jennifer Stasney, Sherri Tumlinson, Leann May, Kristi Martinez, Shantell Shoemake. Becky Dreitschopf. Anne Kappmeyer, Denessa Nelson, Dolly Bond. Hope Harris, Jennifer Squires, and Robin Robinson. ORGANIZATIONS Members of the 1968-69 DPA Club ore (first row) Frank Martinez, Jennifer Squyres, Kim Knowles, Sonio Arzola, Denise Marek (second row) Kristi Dees, Miranda Montgomery, Amy Sfioemaite, Crissy Caddell, Darren Neigtibors, (third row) Shan- tell Shoemake, and Tyree Thorp. Members of the 1966-69 Art Club ore (first row) Jon Van Zandt (sponsor), Kristy Perez. Carol Roiney, Lori Janata, Stephanie Friedrich, Jennifer Stasney, (second row) Chad Denmon. Weyman Moreno, Corey Van Zandt. Miranda Montgomery, Denise Marek, (third row) Danny Hanson, John Keck. Stephen McGuire, Charles McKoskiil, Hick Willett, and Do Dees. Mike Heins, Chris McGuire, Robert Henry, and Keith Thomas take a break to cool down at Astroworld. HECE The members of the HECE club raised money oil year long and used it to purchase these rosters for the basket- boll teams. They will hang in the gym and each team member will have his or her name, number and grade posted on it. Alma Moreno, Stephanie Smith, and Patricia Lewis give full attention to their work in HECE class. Mr. Gloss proudly delivers a five pound flour baby to Tonya Nelson. The 1988-89 HECE club members were (front) Alma Moreno. Coral Moreno, Carrie Fogle, Sharon Clark, and (bock) Jackie Jones, Patricio Lewis. Maria Almaguer, Stephanie Smith, and sponsor, Ms. Arvo Nell Needham. The 1988-89 FHA members were (top) Beverly Woodson, Carolyn Grouke, Tommy Marrou. and (bot- tom) Jennifer Squyers, and Maisy Thomas. ORGANIZATIONS Peter Rodriguez ond Drandon Dennis rehearse a scene from the one-act play that advanced to regional, ' Livin ' de Life. " The Thespians for the 1988-89 school year were (front) Drandon Drown, Margie Perales, Tammy Ro- binson, Lesley Durns, Mil Knudso, Jen- nifer Dierlam, and (bock) Scott Ward, Joel Farrow, Paul Dubose, Carol Marek, Anna McConnell. Michael Pir- kie, Sarah Gumper, and sponsor, Mrs. Dana Hamilton. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND V HITE FFA The Gonzales FFA and Greenhands are two of the most well known organiza- tions in GHS. These two groups ore well known to all because the members of these groups are very active. The FFA sponsors o livestock show every year so the members can raise animals for a profit, as well as a grade. Some activities of FFA members include animal and land judging and there are other activities a student can look forward to if they join the group. As for Greenhands, they can look forward to being a slave for the day. As anyone can tell, FFA is not all work, the members always find a little time to have fun and enjoy life a little with their sponsors John Floyd and Mi- chael McMohon. The 1988-S9FFA members (front row) John O ' Hig- gins, Mitchell Hordcasrie, Rhonda Farrar, Royce Forrar, Kim Wiley, Denise Marek (second row) Dovid Kunrschik, Kevin DeDerry, Dorrell Kifer, Ryan Towns, Trovis McKee. Jarrert Grantham, Gregory Aschenbeck, Dane Needham, Todd Bright, Tammy Holub (third row) Carrie Kopavik, Sobrena Ediing, John Reeves, James Pullin, Jeff Moseley, Chuck Pavliska, Kevin Pirkle, Kelly Wallace, Alan Wright, Julie Gibson, Jason Dreitschopf (back row) Reggie Scott, Cody Sfowers, Ronald Barborak, Jimmy Zella, Kevin Knesek, Bubba Ehrig, Raul Hidalgo, Alvin West and Wayne Low. Rhonda Farrar exhibits her horse as Renee Lindemann leads the children through the barn yard that the Future Farmers pur on for East Avenue. 128 ORGANIZATIONS The 1986-89 Greenhand Officers are Imelda Matamoros, Melartie Miles, James Pullin. Charlie Williams, Randy Zella and Katie Denes. Joe Sepulvodo shows his animal at the annual Stock Show. The 1988-89 Greenhands are (front row) Johnny Joe Herrero, Jano Malatek, Melanie Miles, Katrina Robins, Kim Hansford, Charlie Willioms, Joe Sepul- vodo, Michael Drown (bock row) Joe Navejar, Wade Hill, Michael Gonzales, Randy Zella, Alan Molnoskey, Joe Henderson, Joel Johnson and Ter- rence Miller. ITS HOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Vocational Education Members of the 1 988-89 Auto Mechanics are (first row) Miiie Vyvjola (sponsor), Kara McGill, June Rochester, Kenny Hernandez, Joseph Camarillo. (second row) Jimmy Zella, Todd Bright, Dale De- Cola, Alfonso Chavez, Brian Petras, Chris Rodri- guez, (third row) Richard Chaka, Ronald Barborak, Kami Taylor, Yvette Russell, Kelly Wallace, and Frank Rosales. Members of the 1 988-89 Building Trades are (first row) Clarence Opiela (sponsor), Maria Moreno, Raul Hidalgo, Chad Connolly, Mark Martinez, Con- rod Rodriguez, Joseph Camarillo, Ulysses Clark, (second row) Kirk Mothis, Charles Hastings, Timo- thy Bonds, Michael Salazar, Gabriel Camarillo, Joe Torres, David Ybarbo, Corey Mothis, (third row) Stephen Carroll, Rene Cantu, Danny Gonzales, Elena Camarillo, Walter Sampleton, Martin Tollie, Michael Johnson, and Keith Longoria. The 1988-89 Building Trades House 4 OO ORGANIZATIONS Greg Webb brushes up or) his lines before going on stage in the senior play. Michelle Greene sells yearbooks at a football game. t Stacy Bright, Kris ten M I esh, and Deb- bie Webb enjoy the catered food of one of the many Future Scientists ' Luncheons. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Junior High hod a new principal and counselor. Charles Robert Hall, the new principal, comes from Wich- ita Falls and has taught for 10 years. He came to Gon- zales because: " The town is pretty, there are lots of trees, and it ' s in the Central parr of Texas. " He also said, " The people are nice! " Mr. Hall ' s hobbies are hunting, fishing and reading. The new counselor is Eloy Chapa. He comes from Heb- bronville. There he was head band leader and has been a band director for 8 years. He graduated from Texas A l and has a masters degree in guidance and counseling. Mr. Chapa has enjoyed working with the junior high students the past year. He did, however, have an embarrassing mo- ment. He believed in a stu- dent ' s heart break story about her birthday. Mr. Chapa made an effort to get the student a cupcake into the main building. When he gave her the cupcake she said, " It ' s not my birthday. I was just kidding! " The dth Grade Class Officers ore Gena Garrert (Reporter). Shanna Tfiorp (Sec- relory). Linda Gonzales (Vice-Presi- denr). Terri Zello (Treasurer). Brandon Keiso (Sergeonr-oi-Arms). Dereli Car- denas (President). Sixrh grade doss officers (front ro v) Os- car Moldonado. President: Jennifer Doetim. Sgt.-ot-Arms: (second row) Re- becca Lester. Vice-President- Amy White Sec : Rebecca Rattier. Treos.: and Alicen Boorhe. Rep. Seventh: grade class officers President; Anna Storey. Sec: Missy Dootfte. Treos.: Rtionda Win- egeorr. Rep.: and Michael Moreno, Sgt.-at-Arms. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE 6th Grade The members of rhe Bth grade girls track team for th. 1968-69 school year. Jaime Aguero Carmen Almaguer Cynthia Almaguer Solomon Almaguer Isaac Anzaldua Wilma Arizpe Danny Aschenbeck John Darfield Claudia Dazan Brian Dell John Denes Justin DIockmon Tasha Dolden Kimberly Bond Samoniha Doutte DIoke Dowden Darren Brandt Tommy Drooks Terrie Drown Lorry Browne Aimee Brzozowski Kevin Caad Philip Calzodo Ralph Camarilla Robert Camarilla Mary Canales Kurt Cantrell Derrick Cardenas Octoviano Cardenas Mario Cordono Chris Carrizales Angel Casares Cynthia Casares Monica Castillo Diocelva Chavez Aundrea Clark Christie Cleveland Lisa Cockcroft Frances Colungo Rudy Contreras Mario Cordova Tracy Corroles Laronda Cray Patsy Cubit Jenise Darley Vickie Davis David De La Garza Ray DeColo JUNIOR HIGH t i Christina D leon Andria Dement Christine DuDose Gilbert Duke Kenneth Erskin Juon Esquedo Michael Esquedo Laura Estes Ktisrina Falany Chris Farrow Kristina Fesperman Michelle Fishbeck Chris Flores Debbie Flores Lisa Flores Misti Fotiune Neely Friedrich Frances Gollardo Alisha Garcia Michael Garcia Nieves Garcia hJoel Garcia Gena Garrett Melissa Garza Laura Gescheidle Alicia Gomez Ramon Gomez Detty Gonzales Robin Gonzales Linda Gonzalez Jose Guordiola Patricia Guordiola Robin Hamilton James Hedspeth Nichelle Henty Pedro Hernandez Roland Herrero Rosenda Hidalgo Vernene Hilbrich Key a Hodges David Huber Chris Hunr LoChrista Hunt John Inosensio Tiffany Irle Julie Jackson August Jalufka Tina James Casey Johnson Dettick Johnson Kim Johnson Lou Ann Johnson Alyssa Jurek Layne Keeler Joe Kelley Brandon Kelso The members of the 8th grade boys track team for the 198339 school year. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Drion Klein Florenrino Laredo Dwayne Lehnerr Sarah Liguez Angeliro Lopez Michael Luna Billy Malaer Gory Malotek Cindy Maldonado Tammy Malik Chandler Marrou Ariel MorTinez Laura Marrinez Veronica Maramoros Erica Mauldin Dryan Moyfield Jeanne Mclnrosh Ernest Mendez Henry Mendez Jennifer Miller David Mills Mandy Mitchell Eginio Molina Maria Moreno Ricordo Moreno Dernice Navarro Daniel Navejar Kimberly Navejar Daniel Neighbors Christ! Ochs Stacy Oliver Dandy Opiela Wayland Pelletier Lisa Perales Jennifer Perez Jose C. Perez Jose J. Perez Theresa Perez Blake Peterek David Pineda Jr. Paul Pirkle Randy Pirkle Sally Pirkle Lori Polasek Stephanie Powers Joke Pringle Jay Ouinney Alberr Ramos Richard Reed Christopher Reiner Billy Rhoades Jennifer Riggs Rebecca Rios Eric Robinson Angela Rodriguez James Rodriguez Darrell Rother James Sanders Laurie Seidel Allen Shellon Down Sims America Sirilo Bonnie Smith Kimberly Smith Renoto Soils Chrisrte Soliz Amy Squyres Donno Steen Ceason Stowers Carrie Svobodo Shoronda Taylor Motrhew Tenberg JUNIOR HIGH Shonno Tharp Rhondo Tieken John Torres Tracy Tromel Jaime Trevino Laura Vera Chelsea Vickers Jessie Vigil Linda Walker Jimi Whire Sroney Whire aiake Wiley 7th Grade Papooses Walker Adams Dyanno Aguero Troy Allen Areceli Almaguer Javier Almozon Becky Alvarez Sylvia Arellano Lucio Arocho James Arwood Sracy Arwood Michelle Bailey Dorryl Baker Jason Baker Kimberlee Baker Eric Bozon Roger Beene Leigh Bivins Krisrin Blackmon ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITS Pictured is the 7ih grade Papoose football team for the 1966-69 scfiool year. Leslie DIundell Crystal Bolton Jennifer Doothe Michelle Camacho Teresa Camorillo Sylvia Conales Melinda Cantu Bobby Cantu Wendy Corlock Alice Carrizoles Potty Carroll Kristal Carter Margarita Cosores Louis Cosares Jr. Kimmy Cerda David Cheorham Rebecca Chumchol Lajuane Clark Nancy Clark Amparo Cordova Erick Crumley Dtyon Dariiek Dry an Davis Adam DeLoCruz Q Eb Melissa Dubose M ■K|| BH|Ha H Jack Ehrig H i H Latorie Erskin ■? SUl i Chris Eska ' . -| f- f Andrea Esparza Maria Esqueda , B • Scott Farrow . 3? - r Janine Fielder iHA ) Katy Finch Randy Flores Steven Flowers Jennifer Floyd Freddie Fonseco Joey Fullilove Mario Callordo Sam Gollegos Jackie Garcia Elouise Garner Mark Garza David Gosr David Gay fan Micoela Gomez Sylvia Gomez Sunny Garden JUNIOR HIGH Tinmf fNfS ' P w«2 ■5 2 ' P , W Lori Gray Michelle Gray Christopher Green Ella Green Angelina Guerrero William Hall Jermaine Hansford James Hastings Deana Heinrich Terry Henderson Juan Hernandez Steven Herrero Leon Hershberger Susan Hidalgo Kenneth Hodges Erica Huisoche April Hey Stacy James Roy Johnson Cheri Jones Evel Jones Jr. Sean Kelly Shano KIdd George Kirchman Jay Kniffen Daniel Leal Demetrius Leal Orion LeDoeuf Brian Lehnert Sergio Leon llda Lerma Martha Lerma Adrian Lopez Darrell Malateh Kimberly Malatek Bryan Martinez Sanjuona Martinez Claudia Malamoros Lori Moulding Lyndi May Joseph McCaskill Edward Mendez Ruben Mendez Brian Menking Kristy Molonoskey Wade Molonoskey Dorian Montgomery Darren Morehead The Gonzales Junior High choir for the 1968-89 school year. ITS NOT ALL BLACK O WHITE VVV ' ■ Michael Moreno Gilbert Newman Somantho Newman Joonn Olivores Rodrigo Onriveros Charles D. Pogel Julie Perales Mary Perales Paul Plonk Jason Pullin Mary Ouinrero Eric Quintan John Ramos Johnny Ramos Luis Reyno Roger Reyno Kara Robinson Lori Robinson Robin Rochester Adam Rodriguez John Rodriguez Hector Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez Rita Rodriguez Roberta Rodriguez Vincent Rodriguez Dolbino Rosas Patricia Russell Andtes Soldana James Schnitz Scott Schwausch David Sepulveda Rhonda Sepulveda Benjamin Siegel Jennifer Simper Stephanie Sirilo Franklin Smith Sarah Sommerlatte Rita Soto Johanna Staggs Shown Stampott Shelby Stamport Pamela Stasney Anna Storey Rachel Such Lakishia Taylor Ryan Tharp Elaine Thurmond The members of rhe 7th grade girls Papoose track team for the 1986-89 school year JUNIOR HIGH Elizabeth Torres Dhhe Towns Julie Voile Jason Vara Dominic Vega Marian Vega Steve Vega Kimberly Vickers Matthew Villoreal Brandon Voigt Fred Washicheh Pamela Washichek Allen Watts Britney Wharton Retired Is the 7tn grade Papoose band for the 1 988-89 school year. 6th Grade Bruno Almaguer Melinda Almaguer Andres Almazan Sotero Amador III Alfredo Arlzpe Brian Baker Shane Baker Jose Dalderas ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND VHIT£ Pictured is the 6th grade Papoose band for the 1988- 39 school year. Daldwir) Cynthia Dondo Undo Bashaw Monica Deeson Randy Dehrendt Michelle Derger Tonya Blankenship Jennifer Doehm Shrondo Dolden Allison Doothe James Dorrer Joquelin Brasher Melissa Brister Alvin Brisrer III Joann Broz Augustine Comorillo Chris Camarillo Manuel Canales Jr. Steve Carrizales Margarita Castillo Maria Castillo Doshia Chaison Florentina Chavez Kevin Chumchal Eric Cleveland John Cloer Billy Colwell Toni Cosper D ' Loine Culok Jenny Parley Louis Decker Willie Dixon Jr. Mark Douglass David Eh fig Nekehi Ellison Lydia Esqueda Marvin Filip Brandon Filla Steven Fillo Bernard Flercher JUNIOR HIGH 1 a o " W " Myro Flore s Angela Fougeror Aliisha French Angel Garcia Juan Garcia Lori Garcia Jennifer Garza Oscar Garza Vickie Garza Alfred GayTon Juan Gloria Larry Gomez Decky Gonzales Claudia Gonzales Sheila Goode Jeffery Gronado Dyron Green Mario Guerrero Tameca Harper Gary Hastings Jennifer Hendershot Jon Henderson Ann Hernandez Michael Hernandez Joe Herrera Jr. Eloisa Hidalgo Patricio Hodges Jill Jackson Julie Jalufka Natalie Johnson only Jones Zone Kerr Clara Lampkin Lisa Lerma Rebekah Lester Jeremy Lewis Michael Lewis Misty Lindsey Thomas Lowe Joshua Lucas Jason Macias Kara Malarek Lucy Moldonado Oscar Maldonado Trenr Marrou Matt Marshall David Martinez Nick Martinez Helen McConnell Lindsay McGlamery Juan Mendez Irma Mendoza Jack Metzlet Angel Molina Alma Moreno Luz Moreno Carlos Navarro Roxanne Newman Grey son Oliver Jennifer Ornelas Joann Padillo Tanya Potteson Manuel Pena Jr. Linda Perez Jeffery Pergrem Janie Pineda Julie Polasek Richard Powers Domingo Proa Robyn Ramirez Noel Ramos Stephanie Ramos ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE Rebecca Rarher Heather Rawls Edwoido Reyes Jr. James f. Rickman Jr. Joe A. Rios Chrisrino Rivera Griselda Rodriguez Michael Rodriguez Dororeo Rodriguez III Tiro Resales Alvaro Ruiz Johr) Salinas Brian Sample Misty Schieberle Joshua Shellon Kimberly Shelron Denjomin Shields Michelle Siegel Michael Sims James Soils Shalon Spring Chad Stornes William Sreemet Lattice Steen Brock Stewart Anisso Stovall Sato Stroub Martin Thomas Casey Torres Jamie Torres Maria C. Torres Wayne Torres Allison Trent Reyes Valdez Jt. Isabel Valle Btandy Vega Louis Vega Ray Veia Paul Villareal Lone Webster Jill Weston Amy White Whir Whittington Mandy Wilcoxson Kimberly Wilke Mandy Winegeari Timothy Wolff Barry Woodson r f fv j , iff Kyle Wundt Wade Zella 1 . 0 He o The 1966-69 school year wos one that incurred many changes from previous years. This year, the sixth graders not only had to adjust to the newness of changing classes and seeing different people each time, but they also had to get used to having a separate lunch period all to themselves. The seventh graders had the opportuni- ty to join many new activities for the first time. Cheerleading, track, basketball, and football were some of the sports and orga- nizations available for them. Eighth graders were the " big guys " on campus again this year. As always, the sixth and seventh graders looked up to the eighth graders since they were more ex- perienced in everything. Many times, the sixth and seventh graders found them- selves asking for advice and help from the eighth graders. In the end, the year went smoothly, de- spite the many changes that occurred. The end result was a very successful 1966-69 school year. JUNIOR HIGH Pictured is riie 6th grade Mighty Papoose football team for the 1900-89 school year. US NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE oHfaMMBdhasnoBBett: The 7th grade Papoose cheerleading squad included (front) Leigh Bivins and Jennifer Simper (bacli) Shanna Kidd, Anno Storey, and LoKeisha Tay- lor Pictured is the Gonzales Junior High tennis team for the 1968-89 school year. The 8th grade Papoose cheerleading squad consisted of (front) Christie Cleveland, (middle) Amy Drzo- zowski, and Teri Zella, and (back) Carol Cantu, Stephanie Powers, and Bernice Navarro. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE U7 Mrs. Menking, fomiliar to most, replaces Mr. Hall. Christina Menliing Emmet Dalter Gien Deiclfer Susan Derger Sue Doofhe Julie Doscamp Debbie Crazier Connie Davis Trudy Dierlam Nancy Douglass June Everton Julie Fairchild Meg Freeland Fronts Fryer Mozelle Fullilove Linda Grauke Robert Hall Dona Hamilton Herman Harris Zeke Hernandez Gwen Hodges Jane lley JoAnn Keck Mary Keith William McGuire Jackie Mikesh Sandra Miller Iris Ann Mohrmann Coylene Oliver Ron Pekar Arline Pettus Shirley Pirkle Joe Post fi JoAnn Richardson Mary Rose Sanders Dee Schieberle Diane Slaughter Larry Stornes Nancy Weyrens John Zovadil " " ' In us JUNIOR HIGH Vice-PrlncipQi-Jaime Torres Martha Turk Kathy Connolly Clarice Hood Kevin Chumchal and Den Sheilds have found reading a great way to pass time. ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE d Lmericaii Member FDIC 1606 N. Sarah DeWitt Dr, 672-8585 The First Notional Donl of Gonzoles Member: Victoria Dankshares Incorporated FDIC P.O. Drawer 567 Gonzales, Texas 78629 (512) 672-2351 FDii Gonzoles Donk 672-7551 508 St. Louis Gonzales, Texas 76629 X ' ILLIAM S BI LL MAY yooRi MnOeplfidtnt ] _ ktiurance § lAOKHT MAY INSURANCE AGENCY ' ■Servini» Gonzales Since 19 ' 58 " P O Box 8 11 Hareood RoaJ Ph. 512 672-3816 Gonzales. TX 8629 Home Office GONZALES. TEXAS 78629 427 St George P DRAWER 1889 (512) 672-7541 A TNDEPENDENCr Is AVI NC .S .j I 9 A N I j Branch Offices •MOULTON 596 4616 •LULING 875-3156 •HALLETTSVILLE 798 4381 •LOCKHART 398-7165 fl lember FSUC mntr t m i I I I ITS NOT ALL OLACK AND WHITE HOLIDAY FINANCE CORP 506 St. Poul-Dox 696 Gonzales, Texas 76629 (512) 672-6556 Mgr. David Wegener Debbie Drzozowski Rosa Almaguer Loans $50.004330.00 Personal Or Auto Title JOANN SCHROEDER Dkkp. And Tax Service P.O. Box 765-513 St. George Gonzales, Texas Phone: (512) 672-2565 JoAnn Schroeder, Owner DUDOSE INSURANCE AGENCY Sarah Dewitt Dr. 672-6575 Good Luck In The Future Seniors ' 69 LEWIS INSURANCE AGENCY INCORPORATED Freeman Lewis Samuel Lewis 501 St. Josepfi (W) 672-2739 (Home) 672-2931 Or 672-6666 Home Auto Commercial Life Health MCMILLAN INSURANCE John McMillan 1712 Soroh DeWirr Dr. Gonzales, Texas 672-7110 Life Individual Health Group Electric Service For Your Lifestyle GVEC Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, Incorporated Headquarters 825 E. Sarah DeWitt Dr. Gonzales, Texas 78629 (512) 672-2871 WE HAVE A BETTER SOLUTION Lindemonn Fertilizer Service, Inc. f1 I i n f f Sfor Route, Cost, TX 78614 437-2955 or 437-2269 Ui Nor All DIock And White VVX ' -5 Margo (Steelman) Davis Sales STEELMAN OFFICE PRODUCTS ' YES WE CAN " Congratulations Seniors ' 69 We Deliver! (512) 672-9535 602 St. Paul Gonzales, Texas 78629 ne APACHE CHEMICAL CO. Gonzales. Texas 78629 Dob Or Helen Erickson Bus: 512 672-6651 Or 672-6621 3303 Johnson Res: 512 437-5526 Gonzales. Texas 78629 Auto Painting Glass Installed Aim f odr PAINT BODY SHOP, INC. SPECIALIZING IN FRAME STRAIGHTENING AND MAJOR WRECK RE-BUILDING Phone (512) 672-6715 or 672- 6716 P.O. Box 810 Andrew Rodriguez 1839 St. Lawrence St. President Gonzales, Texas 78629 FARMERS AND RANCHERS PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION We Offer Almost Every Kind of Farm Credit: EQUIPMENT, LIVESTOCK, CROPS Specializing In Ag Financing Since 1933 GONZALES 672-2863 1-800-PCA-1933 Sale Every Saturday Gonzales, Texas Zane and Lavo Brisco Phone S72-2845 154 Ads lllstate INSURANCE 1314- A Sara DeWitt Dr. 672-2619 Joe Remschel Robert Remschel • W 603 St. Andrew ■ 512-672-2115 P.O. Box 137-Gonzoles, TX. 76629 leONZALES t ouAiiTT ]i 302 Hwy. 90A I Gonzales, Texas 73629 LUMBER I companyIi 672-3611 i " n ! " ' : ' 672-9531 ' " " oLaurcl fKiclgc nlifiticS iicl ZJlie ClirhtinaS C oriicr S-J7 Si. j o r . . 672-24S4 • WEDDING INVITATIONS ' NAPKINS AND ACCESSORIES Commercial Job Printing CLARENCE AND MARIAN VVVJj PHONE 672 3919 1310 ST. LOUIS GONZALES. ' TEXAS Miller, Miller Robinson ATTORNEYS AT LAW 417 St. George Gonzales, Texas 78629 R. L. Miller — 672-2312 W. T. Miller — 672-7020 Thomas K. Robinson 672-6731 Its Nor All Black And White ORVILLE DIERLAM INSURANCE AGENCY 920 St. Joseph 672-9661 Congratulations To All Seniors Anderson Box Company, Inc. A Subsidiary of Inland Container Corp Progressive Packaging for Agriculture Distribution Center 1012 College St. P.O. Box 322 Gonzales, Texas 78629 Phone: 512 672-3725 DAN DOLEZAL Sales Representative RADIATOR REPAIR GENERAL WELDING WORK AND SUPPLY Winch Truck Service Mike Walshak Office (512) 672-3417 Home (512) 540-4806 604 St. Andrew Gonzales. TX. 76629 TRAVIS ARNOLD JEWELERS 409 St. George Gonzales. TX. 76629 672-6067 lINf OlAMONDt SINCI t 0) ( U r jmdM 607 St. Joseph P.O. Box 204 Gonzales, Texas 76629 (512) 672-2402 Roy L Logan AiaArchitect Planner Ray L. Logan Ala And Co. 1000 Sr. Paul Gonzales, Texas 76629 512-672-7051 MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL CLINIC 313 St. Peter Dox 699 672-6543 Dr. Walter A. Sievers, M.D. 672-2532 Dr. James C. Price, M.D. 672-2116 Cfaiieru 618 St odepli 672-3611 for household items and gift ideas for all occasions WELKIMC 605 Seydler St. 672-6136 L Dairii Queen HWY 90 A 672-2805 103 St. Joseph 672-7533 William Drosfield DRASFIELD ' S GARAGE 24 Hour Wrecker Service 230 Carroll St. Ph. 672-6529 P.O Dox 10 U Gor zoles. TX. 76629 Phone: 512 672-9136 512 672-3736 iM ' M J en i Jruch S tc P.O. Dox 337 Gonzales. Texas 78629 " One Stop Movie Rentals ' 730 Seydler St. 672-7277 Dugman Of Texas Division Of TIPCO, INC. V vcKxn ScientiHc Pest and Termite Control Victoria P.O. Dox 4611 401 Stephenson (512) 576-6301 Mike Cole Vice President Gonzales P.O. Dox 765 530 Seydler (512) 672-3823 Irs Nor All DIack And While THE ICE HOUSE 205 St. John 672-2021 KOTZEDUE DRUG STORE 525 Sr. Joseph 672-2023 VTRY OiiK, xVA N , Specializing In Bar-B-Que Sausage iCXOujL GROCERIES- BEER - ICE K onzateA ood t V larrzel 311 ST. LAWRENCE GONZALES, TEXAS 78629 PHONE 512 672-3156 LOPEZ AND LOPEZ Owners Congratulations Seniors 89 fe 413 St. George Gonzales, Texas Phone: 672-2317 KING PONTIAC OLD5MODILE CO. 1031 St. Joseph Gonzales, TX. 76629 MARROU AND COMPANY 405 St. James Gonzales, TX 672-2869 EiNDLI Seven Locations To Serve You In South Central Texas Weimar - Hallettsville Gonzales - Columbus LaGronge ■ Yoakum Smithville la ke i kiiti (Oashet All Occasion Gifts Bridal Registry and Antiques 617 St. Joseph Gonzales, Texas 78629 Tammy Hillman 512 672-8013 CITY GLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 510 St. Andrew l IMIITY FLNR Bei UTY SMOM 219 St. Lawrence 672-2017 Gonzales, Texas 78629 Dardenella Davis — owner D W FEED BROKERS, INC Buyers Sellers Of Grain 512-672-3120 512-672-6879 512-437-5720 Howard Whiteside P.O. Box 206 Gonzales, Texas 76629 620 St. Joseph Gonzales, Texas (512) 672-2201 3AHCH S jCUTIOW - P.O. BOX 573 GONZALES, TEXAS 78629 KCTI 1450 Ffn fim i06.3 KPJN 428 St. Andrew 672-3631 sladies 611 St. Joseph 672-9393 9:30-5:30 PM We Accept Master Cord. Visa And Discover Cord lis Nol All Black And While Ofiice Res. 1 ■ EJ ON 1 (512) 672-2889 (512) 437-2220 GREGORY EXKOH HARDING PUMP SUPPLY Service Is Our Business Oil Field Supplies • Trico Call For All Aulomorive hieeds Down Hole Pumps • Float Equip. Sucker Rods • Fluid Levels ' Nev Ronnie Gregory Used Equip. (512) 672-3632 805 St. Joseph Larry G. Harding Gonzales. TX. 76629 1811 E. Sarah Dewirt Gonzales TX. 78629 OILFIELD ENGINE SER VICE 672-6672 Oil patch Ln. Gonzales, Texas jn GUARANTY Ww FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK proudly salutes the The Graduating Class of 1989 We support all of the young men and women of our community who have taken it upon themselves to better their education. Because of your commitment to the completion of your goal, our community will soon benefit from your endeavors. ■ Gonzales Branch Office 1711 N. Sarah DeWitt Gonzales, TX 78629 672-8656 Randoll E. Fromberg AIA FROMDERG ASSOCIATES Architecture • Planning PO Box 1725 Gonzales. TX. 76629 512 672-7656 n Edward D. Jones Co. Vicki King Investment Rep. 417 St. George P.O. Box 113 Gonzales, TX. 76629 Bus. (512) 672-6606 CITY APPLIANCE SER VICE P.O. Box 115 512-672-9490 Gonzales. TX. 76629 GONZALES AUTO SUPPLY 516 St. Paul 672-6415 or 672-7264 Automotive Parts, Supplies and Equipment ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE ( ( 161 AUTO BODY " WE REPAIR ALL MAKES MODELS " • PAINTING • • EXPERT COLLISION WORK • — INSURANCE WORK — OIL PATCH LANE {■ ' " ! .. f ' yi C- " - Q,i. ' ,% ' -ci. Cc-uac;of l.-.c. COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION PETERSON TEXACO Full Service 226 St. Joseph Gonzales, Texas 672-3646 GONZALES TEXAS %taf r %t rtt 1U Titbit Ck r- ' Bnitt4 SttMk4 And iestood Reservations 672-7618 Hwy 133-S Gonzales, TX. __ % I-OOD STORIZS JOHNSON OIL CO. 1113 Sarah DeWitt Dr. Gonzales. Texas 672-9574 Exxon Specialty Products SEARS Catalog Sales Merchant Dob Moore, Owner 617 St. Paul Gonzales, Texas 672-2656 ERWIN ' S PHARMACY 301 St. Lawrence St. Gonzales. TX. 76629 512-672.2313 New Location With Convenient Drive-Up Window To Serve You Better - 15% Off Cash Sales PURINA MILLS. INC 1402 £ Soroh Dewitt Drive GonzoleSr Texas Serving Delicious Mexican Food J AYES TACO HUT 201 St. Joseph Gonzales. Texas 78629 512.672-6615 Jesse And Gloria Hidalgo Owners ITEXACOI BRAD JONES TEXACO 1817 St. Joseph Dox 17 Ph. 672-2355 Gonzales. Texas 76629 Compliments Of ROBERT A. WILLIAMSON, M.D. And JACKIE L WILLIAMSON ATTORNEY AT LAW ITS NOT ALL DLACK AND WHITE EDV ARD ' 5 FURNITURE CO. Free Delivery- In Store Financing 703 St. Paul 672-2911 W.D. Sanders District Manager WELL SOLUTIONS INC Post Office Box 1637 Gonzales, Texas 78629 Office: (512) 672-2336 Home: (512) 672-2290 512 672-9639 Independence DLDG. Suite 300 LARR Y D. FINCH CO. Certified Public Accountants P.O. Box 200 Gonzales, Texas 76629 DELTA ARMATURE 6- MOTOR WORKS AC DC ELECTRIC MOTORS, GENERATORS. WELDERS. TRANSFORMERS. OIL PUMP MOTORS. REWINDING AND REMANUFACTURING 722 Sr. Paul Gonzales. TX. 70629 512-672.2235 512-293.2213 Yoakum. TX. 77995 ' i)V ' Congratulations And Best Wishes To Ttie Seniors Of 19d9!- TERRY AND PAT ESKA MOBIL Schmidt And Sons Oil. Inc. Post Office Box 232 Telephone (512) 672-2016 Mrs. Henry Schmidt Bobbo Schmidt Keith Schmidt Home Phone (512) 672-3647 (512) 540-4606 (512) 6723715 ?5i3=55sssr-a COW PALACE Restaurant 314 Hwy 90A West Bypass GONZALES Sp CHIROPRACTIC CENTER (512) 672-6424 » » Res. (512) 672-6336 Clinic Hours Mon-Fri. 9-12 2-6 Thurs. 912 " 5 Dr. G T. Kappmeyer 1307 St. Lawrence Gonzales. TX. 76629 ..-... ' 1 1 The best pizM in town. Jfft ! 672-7961 Downtown Gonzales C- ( rO MART 515 St. Lawrence Salvage Yard Rt. 5 Box 37 512-672-7641 Owner Keith Miller GOLDEN FRIED CHICKEN 2 1626 Sara Dewitt 1 223 1 2 St. Joseph Towing Service Shortly 512-672-7169 GOODfYEAR Goodyear Auto Service The Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. 313 St. Joseph Gonzales, Texas 76629 672-2675 Murray Montgomery Manager The Camera Dept. Gonzales Office Supplies 613 St. Joseph • Gonzales, Tx. 78629 Camera Repair (Most Ma|0r Brands) ' horized Dealer Canon Came 512 672-9869 512 672-2430 512—672-9869 613 ST. JOSEPH ST. GONZALES, TEXAS 78629 PLUNKETT ' 5 GROCER Y 1430 St. Paul Gonzales, Texas ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE JOHN ' S FLOWER SHOP John Tabera 672-6123 Owner 2317 St. Andrew Gonzales. TX Person s Flower Shop 1030 E. ST. LOUIS GONZALES, TEXAS 76629 PHONE 672.2883 Balloons. Flowers Lamme ' s Candies For All Occasions Jim Nancy Logan, Owners OTelefloia ' HALAMICEK AUTO SUPPLY Ask Us For Anything We May Have It (512) 672-3017 626 St. Joseph Gonzales BUSINESS 512 672-2527 HOME 512 672-6047 GONZALES MARBLE AND GRANITE Joe, Carol, YSSA And Joseph Solansky 820 ST. PETER P.O. BOX 845 GONZALES, TEXAS 78629 (512) 672-2836 THE OLD MADE NEW 512-672-3950 GONZALES UPHOLSTERY REFINISHING CO. Route 4 Box 150 Willie Marge Simper Gonzales, TX 78629 Owners Toni ' s Food Store BARBECUE AND HOT SAUSAGE DAILY PLATE LUNCHES CUSTOM CATERING MR MHi DAVID (TONIl CiPlNOSA 20 ! ST LAWHENCi OWNERS OONZALEi TCXAi 7B62 } (512) 672-3912 ° ' ' ' " SUE ' S SOUND SHOP Your Complete Music Store Sue Herman Harris Owners 1308 St. Louis Gonzales. Texas 76629 166 ADS STEPHEN O. PIRKLE JR. REGISTERED PUBLIC SURVEYOR 4227 512 - 437-2370 TEXAS SUR VEYING COMPANY. . INC DOUNDAR Y PIPE LINES PLANNING OIL FIELD REGISTERED PUBLIC UTILITY CONST. SURVEYORS TOPOGRAPHIC 512.672-6565 P.O. BOX 639 GONZALES. TEXAS 76629 512-396-3405 112 EAST MARKET LOCK HART TX. 76644 p H GONZALES COUNTY TITLE CO. Ronald L. Burns Owner 315 St. Lawrence Gonzales, Texas 76629 (512) 672-6536 The Gonzoles Inquirer Inquirer Publishing Co., Inc. Daily and Weekly ESTABLISHED JUNE. 1653 GONZALES, TEXAS 76629 OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE EQUIPMENT Commercial Printing EUGENE LAURAINE D.D.S. TELEPHONE 616 ST LAURENCE 672-3636 GONZALES, TEXAS 76625 I I 1 Radio haek I The Technology Store " ! 407 St. George Gonzales, Texas 672-6031 Good-Luck Class Of 69 Kyle And Debbie Crazier ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE V ' ' ! VhiT » .«: 9 ' i » i , ' i 7! ' »v.A , I ' ' farms- ) CHICKEN I V ■ ' -■ " HOLLY FA 9 DOZERS MOTOR GRADERS E rON PIRKLE EXXON 723 ST. LAWRENCE GONZALES. TX 78629 THOMAS PIRKLE OWNER. PHONE 672-3011 LOADERS TRUCKS VERNON PERSON TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE Construction Division BOX 496 GONZALES, TEXAS 78629 OFFICE 672-2325 HOME 672.3976 JOHN WHITT Chevrolet — Dodge Chrysler — Plymouth ■Geo- Highway 90- A Bypass Gonzales, Texas 78629 672-9628 1800 Cartwheel Dr. P.O. Drawer 659 Gonzales. TX 78629 512 672-2887 512 672-2686 ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE SEYDLER - HILL FUNERAL HOME 906 St. Paul Gonzales, TX. 672-3232 CARAWAY FORD-MERCURY, INC • Sales • Parts • Services • Rentals 672-9646 1405 Sarah Dewitt Drive Gonzales, Texas KVC Kyle V Crozier General Contractor Inc COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION Gonzales, Texas 78629 • Ferrellgos Highway 90-A Bypass P.O. Drawer L 672-3247 E P FerrellgQS GUADALUPE VAILEY TELEPHONE COOPERAIIVE, INC. Gilbert I ' hilippus I ' l.inl Sn|)iTvi-.r]r (,(in .ilcs Arci Olliic (312) U71-MS } P.O. I{(» KK. Cost, Tcx.is 70014 170 ADS " " ¥= LARRY £. DROV NE. MD - " :•■■ 1 v " i -==: MEDICAL DIRECTOR WARM SPRINGS REHABILITATION w HOSPITAL GONZALES 1 y P.O. Box 56 Gonzales, Texas 76629 512 672-6592 DARNH LL Poultry Supply-Texas, Inc. Distributors Of P.O. Box 191 Highway 90A Gonzales, Texas 76629 PH: (512) 672-7013 .i-4 L U P E , »i T! El R I N n OFFICE AND EMERGENCY 512-672-6676 GUADALUPE VALLEY VETERINARY CLINIC 2004 Church St. P.O. Box 160 Gonzales, TX 76629 Bryan Glass, DVM Kenneth Gottwald. DVM t SOUTH TEXAS POULTRY SUPPLY 622 ST. PAUL ST. GONZALES, TEXAS 76629 TOMMY WILSON DEWEY HOWARD OFFICE: 512-672.7045 RES.: 512-672-3614 ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Ljorden i -Mulo f- arli, J nc. ii WHOLESALE JERRY GORDEN. OWNER 715 ST PAUL P O BOX K GONZALES. TX 76629 PHONE 512-672 2854 Sonny Dolezol Owner SONNY ' S BAR • D • Q Catering Parries Large Or Small 603 Hwy 90A Gonzales. TX 78629 512-672-3542 PAT WALKERS FIGURE PERFECTION SALON AND TANNING Linda Grauke-Owner Karen Grauke-Manager Hi-Way 90-A Gonzales. TX 78629 672-7577 ( 1 je J ma JM INTERNATIONAL Soys Good Luck! Seniors 69 WEST MOTORS Trucks - Cars — Suburbans Vans — Blazers — Duallys 4x4 s - 3x3 ' s Feid West 672-3055 Mark West 398-7325 Ferd West Jr. 672-3157 P.O. Box 267 Hwy 90A Gonzales, TX 73629 672-7323 672-6264 DREITSCHOPF COOPER REALTY 1331 St. Joseph 672-2522 LK. CATTLE COMPANY, INC Office: (512) 540-4111 Dryons Denman: (512) 672-3479 Perry L. Smith: (512) 594-4129 W. R. LOW TRUCKING CO. LIVESTOCK MAULING W. R. LOW HUNTING RANCH SUPPLY Complete Line Of Veterinary Suppli Kcii A Csnl Guns - llunlinn A W.R. LOW, OWNER 312 HWY. 90A WEST PO, BOX 1617 GONZALES, TEXAS 78629 PHONE (6121672 6471 (5121672 6109 HOME (5121 437 5265 ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE ®ECC E International E.CC AmericQ Inc. SOUTHERN CLAY PRODUCTS SUDSIDIAR Y P.O. Box 44 Telephone: 512-672-2691 TWX 510-601-1949 Gonzales, Texas 78629 ESYLNK 62924144 (STHRN CLAY PRD) BOOTHE HRTCHERY e d 1924 1025 Oakland Avenue 672-2233 Congratulations To The Class Of ' 89! (Good Luck! You ' ll Need It!) II ! 1 Druce M. McKee. D. V.M. 3 Miles South Hwy. 163 P.O. Box 701 Gonzales, TX 76629 McKee Veterinory Service Office: 672.2329 Res.: 594-2531 ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE As Aguero. Manuel 56. 82 Aguero. Gabriel 66. 63 Aguirre. Matthew 56. 88 Allen. Mary 46. 108. 122 Allen. Melvin 66. 63. 90 Alley. Joyce 56, 69 Almaguer. Maria 46. 126 Almaguer, Veronica 56 Almaguer. Sergio 66 Alvardo. Jeonette 30 Alvarez. George 30 Alvarez. John 56 Anzaldua, Cheryl 56 Arrellano. Olivia 11. 56 Arizpe. Jose Arizpe. Tiburcio 66 Arriolo. Michael 66 Arzolo. Sonia 55, 56 Aschenbeck. Greg 46. 128 Ashe, Rachelle B ' s Dailey. Cynthia 36. 56, 106, 118 Bailey. Michael 9, 56, 82 Baker. Clayton 30 Baker. James 30. 106 Baker. Kenneth W. 36 Borborak. Ronald 30. 128. 130 Darnick. Thomas 9. 17, 30, 65, 94, 95 Dorto. Scott 30 Barthels. Sharon 56, 62, 118 Behlen. Lance 12. 30. 39. 78. 79, 80, 102 Behring, Valerie 30, 121 Belsher. Melinda 46 Benes. Natalie 46. 113. 116 Benes. Kotherine 56. 129 Best. Susan 45. 46. 118 Bissette. Terri 46 Blackmon. Srocy DIundell. Fred 30 Blundell. Nolan Bolden. Tangela 66 Bond. Dolly 9. 13. 30. 34. 37. 108. 113. 122. 124 Bonds. Timothy 30. 85. 130 Bros field. Alice 27. 29. 30. 34 Brasfield. Kristi 56. 69 Breitschopf. Becky 9. 13, 27. 30. 38. 118. 124 Breitschopf. Jason 46. 53. 108. 111. 122. 128 Bieitschopf. Spencer 66. 63 Bright. Kenneth 46, 122, 126. 130 Blight. Stacey 55. 56. 61. 121. 122. 123. 131 Brown. Brandon 127 Brown. Richard Brown. Tinker 56 Brown. Michael 66. 129 Browne, Heather 6, 9, 13, 26. 30. 34. 97. 106 Index 112, 121 Browne, Holly 4. 9. 56. 112, 121, 122. 124 Brzozowski, Shone 46. 47 Buchholtz. Becky 66. 71 Buchholtz. Chris 66 Buirst. Detrice 30 Burns. Lesley 65. 66. 96. 122, 124. 127 Cs Caddell. Crissy 11. 3l Caddell, Justin 46 Cagel. Lawrence 31 Caka. Richard 46, 130 Calzado. Rachel 56 Camarilla. Elena 31. 130 Camarilla. Freddy 29. 30. 31. 76. 77. 79 Camarillo, Gabriel 31. 102. 130 Camarilla. Abraham 46 Camarillo. John 46. Ill Camarillo, Joseph 46, 130 Camarillo. Aurora 56 Camarillo. Daniel 66. 104 Camarillo. Pot 66 Dampa. Dolores 31 Campa. Griselda 42. 56. 106. 118 Campos. Hermeleindo 66 Campos, Robert 66 Conales. Mauricio 66. 83 Contrell. Eric 66 Cantu. Rene 31. 130 Cantu, Alcardo Cantu, Daniel Cantu. Eva Cantu. Johnny 66 Cardona. Ricardo 66 Corrizales. Domingo 31. 120 Carrizales. Kathy 46, 119 Carroll, Steven 56. 130 Carroll. Shawna 66 Carter. William 66 Casares. Richard Casares. Gilbert 66. 83 Casares, Michael 66 Castillo. Pedro 56. 76 Castillo. Teresa 61. 66 Castro. Karina 31, 108 Castro. Michael 56 Castro. Juana 66 Cerda. Sonia 56 Chapman, Jason 46 Chavez. Alfonso 56. 130 Chrismon. Casey 56, 58, 118 Clock. Cassandra 66 Clock. Clarence Clack, Gary 66. 90. 104 Clack. Kendra 66 Clack. Sharon 31. 126 Clark. Ulysses 31. 130 Clark. Tim 46. 77. 66. 96. 97 Clark. Peter 66. 67. 90 Cleveland. Lona 46. 53 Collie. Paulo 46. 111. 113. 116. 121, 122, 124 Colwell. Jennifer 46 Comstock. Tina 66 Condel, Kelli 46, 116 Condel. Tamela 66 Connolly. Chad 56. 65. 68, 130 Con ley, Jessica 66 Cooper, Nicole 44, 46, 93. 106 Copelond. Kimberly 66. 120 Cormier. Brian 66 Car rales. David 56, 66 Casper, Michael 56. 82 Cray. Kevin Culpepper. Shanandoah 56. 113. 116 D ' s Daniel. Jeff 66 Davis Anthony 46 Davis. John 46. 53 Davis. Nicole 55. 56. 77. 89. 100. 121. 122 Davis, Satah 56 Da we, Martin 66 De La Cruz. Angelique 66 De La Cruz, Yverte 46. 124 DeBerry, Kevin 31, 102, 103, 105. 128 DeCola. Vincent 31. 130 Dees, Kristi 56 Dees. Jack 66. 63. 90 DeLeon. David 56 Denman. Chad 7. 67. 63. 90 Dickinson. Jonathan 56 Dierlom. Scott 12. 27. 31. 34. 94. 95. 122 Dierlom. Jennifer 67. 93. 127 Diaz. Jo Ann 56 Downey. Shonna 67 DuBose. Preston 46. 111. 122, 127 Dunn. Kathleen 11, 67 Durrett, Michael 67, 69 E ' s Ediing. Sabrena 46. 128 Ehrig. Ernest Fred 32. 126 Ehrig. Lawrence 12. 31. 34, 42. 79. 105, 106. 128 Eleby, Chelisa 32 Escobedo, Abel Eska. Elizabeth 27. 67. 122 Evans. Jevon 86 Everett. John 57 Fs Falany. Ronald 67 Farrar. Rhonda 46. 49. 126 Farrar. Royce 46. 49. 107. 128 Farrow. Joel 46. 127 Fielder. Riley 67 Filla. Jason 57 Fishbeck. Rebecca 57. 9 Flach. Elise 67 Flores. Damon 32. 65 Flares. Heddie 57 Flores. Michael Flowers. Donald 7, 67 Fogle. Carrie 32. 34. 106. 126 Fonseco, Jesse 67, 90 Ford. Robby 57 Franklin. Angela 57 Freeman. Chance 6. 15. 17. 29. 31, 32. 79. 61. 109. 111, 164 Friedrich. Srephanie 15. 17. 32. 77. 93 Friedrich. James 67 Friedrich. Scott 4, 5, 67. 77. 94, 95 H ' s Irle, Lance 66. 63 Isaac. Christopher 66. 63 G ' s Gallardo. Jerry 46 Garcia, Cynthia 32 Garcia. Gloria 10, 32 Garcia, Amanda 67 Garcia. Patrick 67, 104 Garnet. Lawrence 47, 74, 75, 79, 98 Gattett. Todd 47, 79, 102 Gotzo, Juan 57. 62 Gatza, Fted 67, 63, 90 Garza. Laura 67 Gaytan. Ramona 47, 108, 112 Gaytan, Juan 67. 77, 83 Gerold. Sherty 57 Gibson. Julie 47. 106, 113, 116, 122, 126 Glass. Keith 12, 32 Gomez, Jetty 32, 79. 101. 102 Gomez, Reynaldo 47 Gomez, Lisa 42, 54. 57, 106. 116 Gomez. Anthony 97 Gomez. Guadalupe 67 Gonzales. Debbie 32 Gonzales. Steve 15, 32, 79. 99 Gonzales. Danny Gonzales, Guadalupe 57 Gonzales. Roy 57, 77 Gonzales, Mike 129 Gonzales. Stephanie 67 Gonzales, Pamela Gotden. Dtyan 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 32, 34. 40. 101. 102, 103. Ill, 164 Gosnell. Susan Goss, Lisa 57 Gtanr, Lynne 57 Gtantham. Joitett 47. 128 Gtantham. Glen 57 Gtouke. Chtisti 57. 116 Grouke. Carolyn 67, 126 Gtay, Schetrell 67. 69 Green. Pamela 32 Green. Michelle 47. 111, 131 Green, Sheila 47, 87 Gregory, Joe 57 Griffin, Johnathan 67 Guatdiolo, Jessie 33 Guerra, Esteban Guetto, Anthony 67. 97 Guetta. Ftonsisco 27. 67 Guevata, Hope 57 Guevata. Lisa 65, 67, 77 Gumpet, Satah 67. 122. 124, 127 Hajovsky. Bonnie 4. 47. 48. 119 Hall. Johnnie 47 Hallibutton, Jetemy 67 Hamilton, Regina 47 Hamilton. Ktisien 57. 106, 116 Hammond. Kimbetly 47 Hand. Btice 57. 62. 102 Hansford, Kim 57. 129 Hanson, Danny 57 Hatdcastle, Mitchell 33. 34, 106, 109. 128 Hardin, Kimbetly 67 Hatding. Datten 33 Hotding, Donna 57. 122 Harper. Haywood 67 Harris, Hope 33, 34, 112, 122, 124 Harrison, Erika 33. 74. 86, 67 Hart. Tticia 67. 115 Hastings, Shitley 33 Hastings, Chatles 47. 86. 130 Heins. Michael 33 Heldetson. Robett 47 Hendetshot, Robin 33. 123, 124 Hendetshot. Ross 33. 79. 122 Hendetson. Gene 12. 15, 33 Henderson, Joe 5. 64, 67. 69. 129 Henry. Robert 33 Hetnandez. Roland 47 Hetnandez, Stephanie 46, 50, 108, 122 Hernandez. Daniel 57 Hernandez. Felix 57 Hernandez, Ida 57 Hernandez, Jesse 54, 55, 57 Hernandez. Kenneth 57. 82, 130 Hetnandez. Lupe 57 Hetnandez. Matcus 57 Hetnandez, Cathy 66 Hetnandez. Matia 68 Hernandez. Marsha 66 Herteta, Johnny 68. 129 Hidalgo. Raul 57. 82. 126. 130 Hidalgo. Olivia 68 Hidalgo, Sandta 63 Hili Wade 12, 68, 129 Hinojosa. Helen 66 Hinojosa. Maty Alice 66 Hodges. David Hodges, Pattick 66, 66 Hoffman, Nicky 14, 57 Holcombe, Ronnie Holcombe, Glenn 66 Holdman, Cattle Holub. Tommy 46. 122, 126 Howell, David 66 Hull, Michael 33, 79 Hulsey, Michelle Hunt. Marylin 48, 67. 111 Hunt, Anthony Hunt. Andre 66. 90 Hyatt. Andy 66 Hyman. Chtis 57. 77, 99 ' s rs Jalufka, Ftank Jalufka. Debra 68 Janata. Loti 9. 13. 26, 33. 40 Jeffetson, Linda 68 Jenkins. Kim Jensen. Ktistian 7. 33. 34, 40. Ill Johnson. Michael 33. 79. 65. 99. 130 Johnson. Euliene 46, 67 Johnson, Louis 65 Johnson. Joel 66. 129 Johnson. Lisa 66. 91 Johnson, Nicholas 68 Johnson. Nicole 27. 66 Jones. Jacqueline 33, 126 Jones, Maty 46 Jones. Monica 46. 100. 120 Jones. Diane 66 Jones, Keith 66 K ' s Kapavik. Carrie 45, 48, 119, 128 Kappmeyer. Anne 2, 9, 13. 27, 36, 122, 109, 111. 124, 164 Karnau, Sandra 46. 113. 116. 121. 122. 124 Keck, John 66, 90 Keith, Kim 68. 96 Kelly. Virginia 11. 68. 120 Kenning. Paul 60 Kenning. Jonathan 68 Kett, Joseph 68 Kifet, Dattell 36. 126 Kincaid. Dannie 46 Kincaid. Lyndon 66 King, Ttey 6, 9, 29, 36, 40, 65. 96, 97, 119 Kitchman, Kristi 46. 96 Klein. Shane Kluting. Kenneth 15, 36. 78. 79 Kluting, Kena 60, 69 Knesek, Maurice K. 17. 26, 33, 34, 36, 79, 105. 106. 122, 128 Kniffen, Jennifei Knowles. Kimbetly 36. 40 Knudson. Jill 65. 68. 93. 127 K testa. Kevin 60 Kridler. Joseph 66. 83. 90 Kuntschik. David 36. 126 Ls lley, George Itle, Catina Lombett, Marvin 69 Laredo, Patrick Leozet. Pom 10, 120 Leboeuf, John Lehnett, Kevin 36 Letma, Enrique Lerma. Sonia 69 Lester Satah 45. 46. 106. Lewis. Patricio 46. 126 Liguez. Chtistine 17. 36 ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Liguez. Grade 69 Liguez. Lorry 69 Lindemann. Renee 55. 58. 60, 128 Lindemar n. Wendy 69. 96 Lindsey. Robert 69. 83 Longorio. Keith 48. 130 Longoria. Henry 60 Longorio. Margaret 60 Longorio. Mary 69 LookabiU. Jeffery Lookobill. Tara Lopez. Sylvia Low. Robert 48. 128 Lowe. Rhonda 36 Lowe. Rebecca 60 Ludwig. Dyron 60 Luna. Jackie 3. 32. 36. 113. 122. 124 Luna, Anita 60 Luna. Kenny 60 Luna. Christina 69 M ' s Mocias. Steven Mock. Gordon 15. 69. 83. 90 Malaer. Vernon 60 Malotek. Jana 69. 129 Maldonado. Rebecca 27. 28, 36 Maldonado. Cynthia Maldonado. Hector 69. 83 Marek. Denise 2. 29. 36, 74, 85, 86, 105, 107, 108, 122, 128 Marek, Linda 48, 122. 108, 124, 127 Marrou, Tamra 60, 90, 100, 113, 116, 126 Marrou, Brandon 15. 34, 36, 79 Martinez, Kristi 26. 36, 41, 96. 108, 111. 124. 184 Martinez. Lucy Martinez, Francisco 48 Martinez. Motk 82. 130 Martinez. Kathetine 65. 69 Martinez. Margaret 69 Martinez. Melissa 2. 4. 27. 64. 65, 68, 69, 77 Martinez. Susie Mason, Shelley 36, 39, 74. 86. 87. 96, 108, 122 Mason, David 60 Motomoros, Imeldo 69, 129 Mothis, Cory 5. 14. 48, 75, 69. 42. 101. 102. 103, 130 Mathis. George 42. 46, 79, 66 Mothis, Kirk 60. 88. 102. 104. 130 Mauldin. Andrea 36 Moulding. Bruce 67. 69, 75. 77. 99 May. Leann 11. 27. 34. 36. 124 May berry. Beverly 69. 120 McCaskill. Charles 69. 94 McConnell. Anna 57. 60, 92. 93. 118. 127 McCoy. Larry McCoy. Leonard 69 McGill. Caro 48. 50. 130 McGlamary, Angela 65, 69, 91 McGuire, Christopher 36, 123, 122 McGuire, Stephen 60 McKee, Chetyl 46 McKee. Travis 46. 102. 126 Meisetschleager. Julie 46 Mendez. Frank 36 Mikesh. Krisren 60. 61. 121. 122. 123. 131 Miles, Melanie 69. 129 Miller Rodney 69 Miller. Vickie 36 Miller Kyle 46. 46, 94, 111 Miller, Larrice 60 Mills. Michelle 45, 13, 46, 106, 119 Moeller, Scott 60 Molina. Steve 15, 36. 79 Molina, Angela 69 Molina, Arthur 69 Molina. Rebecca 69 Molnosky. Tammy 14. 34. 36. 121 Molnosky. Joel 48 Molnosky. Alan 69. 102. 129 Montgomery. Miranda 46 Montgomery, Rachel 69, 91, 113 Moore. Susan 46, 50. 106. 122. 124 Moreno. Alma 37, 126 Moreno, Carol 37, 126 Moreno, Richard 37 Moreno, Veronica 37 Moreno. Maria 130 Moreno. Jose Moreno, Olga 60 Moreno, Griselda 69 Moreno, Laura 69 Morgan, Lesli 6, 9. 13. 29. 37, 40. 108. Ill, 122. 184 Morris. Martha 46 Moseley. Jeffery 37. 126 Murray, Kristen 46 N ' s Navarro. Estella 46 hJavejar. Eddie 37, 79 Navejar, Mary Navejar, Joe 69, 129 Needham, Dane 17, 50, I0l, 102, 128 Neighbors. Michael 50 Nelson. Tonya 37. 126 Nelson, Denesso 50, 121, 122, 124 Nesbitt. Christopher 5, 37, 77 Neuse. Shane 10, 37, 102 Noack. Sheila 60 Noll, Teri 37, 106, 121 Nowotny, Alan 50 O ' s OHiggins, John 6, 34, 37, 79. 126 Oakes. Kevin 50. 62 Olivares. Joe 69 Oliver. James 69. 83 Ornelas. Regina P ' s Padgett. James 37 Padgett. Brian 69. 122 Podilla. Lisa 69 Pakebusch. Tollie 37 Parsley. Charlotte 17. 28, 34. 37, 108, 122 Pavliska. Charles 60. 82. 126 Pekar. Jeanette 50 Pena, Christie 69, 9 Peroles, Margie 60, 106, 124, 127 Perez, Edward 37, 79 Perez, Kristy 4, 37, 42. 92, 93 Perez. Stephanie 50 Perez, Barbara 70 Perez, Christopher 9, 70, 63 Perez, Richard 62 Perkins, Cynthia 50 Perksin, James 50 Perkins, Tara Person. Kathy 111 Peschke. Raina 44. 50. 116 Petros. Bryan 130. 60 Philippus, Geoffery 60 Pick, Tracy 50, 118 Pierpont, Catherine 70 Pirkle, Kevin 60, 82, 126 Pirkle, Michael 27, 70, 71, 127 Polk. Renee 50 Polk, Melissa Porter, Mark 37, 38, 65 Powell. Monica 70, 113 Powers, Samantha 60 Pringle. Eric 70. 63, 90 Proa, Julio 37 Proa, Marsha Pruett, Jay 50 Pullin, James 50. 128, 129 Pullin, Pamela 60 Pullin, Lisa 70 Q ' s Quinney, Dwayne 37 Quinney. Kristen 13. 29. 34, 36, 37, 113. 111, 115. 116. 108. 109. 121. 164 Quintero. Joseph 70 R ' s Rainey. Carol 2. 37. 106. 122 Ramirez. Greg 37 Ramirez, Anna 50 Ramirez. Antonio 50 Ramitez. Jeannie 60 Ramos. Frank 50 Ramos, Jacob 60 Ramos, Adriana 70 Ramos, .Albert 70 Ramos. Alethea 70 Ramos, Margie 70 Rather, Mary 44, 45, 50, 106, 118, 122 Reaves, John 51, 126 Reininger, Bruce 70 Remschel, Alex 9, 15, 37, 75, 34, 65 Reyes, Amy Reyes. Ruben 60 Reyes, David 70 Rhoades. Dale 51 Riley. John 51 Riojas, Juan 51 Riojos. Randy Rios, Mario 51 Robins, Kotrina 70, 100, 129 Robinson, Angela 51 Robinson, Bryan 5, 51, 82 I Robinson. Robin 55. 60, 118. 122 Robinson. Tammy 70. 127 Rochester. June 130 Rochester. Christy 60 Rodelo. Morcy 60 Rodelo. Dino 70 Rodriguez. Gerardo 62 Rodriguez. Cynthia 3d Rodriguez, Linda 33 Rodriguez. Peter 6. 16. 17. 26. 23. 33. 40, 77. 99. 127 Rodriguez. Rene 38. 79. 99 Rodriguez. Chris 51 Rodriguez. Chris 60. 130 Rodriguez. Conrad 60. 32. 88, 104, 130 Rodriguez. Louis Rodriguez, Angela 70 Rodriguez. James 38. 75. 77. 42, 98. 99 Rodriguez. Maria Rodriguez. Oliverio 70 Rodriguez. Robert 33 Rodriguez. Stacy 70 Rodriguez. Wesley 65. 70 Rosales, Frank 62. 130 Rosales. Cynthia 70 Rosas. Abel 70 Ruddock. Johnathan 61 Ruiz, Jose 61, 124 Ruiz, Magdalena 70 Russell, Jesse S ' s Salazar, Julie 8. 46. 51, 119 Solazar, Michael 130 Salinas. Adam 38, 77, 79 Sampleton. Walter 51 Sompleron, Nicole 4. 61. 106. 118 San Miguel. Mark 38. 77 Schieberle. Lay 70. 85. 96 Schramm, Curtis 70. 90 Schurig. Ira 34. 36, 33, 40, 96. 108 Schurig. Ian 70. 90 Schwausch. Carrie 70 Schwiening, Shannon 70 Scott, Reginald 38. 128 Scott. Nicole 51. 87 Selzet. Lynn 8. 9. 15, 51, 111 Sepeda, Jeannie 61, 118 Sepulveda, Brian Sepulveda, Joe 70, 129 Serno, Joe 70 Sharrow, Michael 33 Sherrod, Wendy 70 Shoemake, Amy 33 Shoemake, Shanrell 11, 38. 124 Shoemake. Trina 61 Silvos. Cassandra 38. 118. 124 Silvas. Stacy 61 Sloten. Michelle 70 Slaughter. Bradley 8. 9. 34. 37. 38. 40. 103. 109. 111. 115. 184 Smii, Mark Smith, Kathy 51 Smith, Drigett 56, 61, 89 Smith, David Smith. Frederick 70 Smith. Paul Solansky. Yssa 70 Soils, Angela 70 Solis, Anronia 70 Squyres, Jennifer 51, 108. 124. 126 Stasney. Jennifer 5, 44. 45, 51, 106. 119. 124 Steemer. Sherrel 38 Steen. Steven 51. 79. 80, I0l, 102 Steward. Jeneen 70 Storey. Eric 61 Srowers. Cody 51. 102, 128 Strait, Donna 51. 87 Stulting. Kathy 51 Ws Ts Tate. Stephen 70 Tatsch. Lance 70 Taylor. Kami 38. 130 Taylor. Sheila 38 Taylor. Ella 51. 87 Tealer. Michael 38. 122 Tealer. Rodney 79 Tealer. George 61 Tharp. Tyree 38 Thorp, Sorolyn 70, 85. 38 Thiele. Michael 59, 61. 32 Thomas. Maisy 33, 126 Thomas, William 33 Thomas, Lashone Thompson, Lance 61. 82 Tieken, Danya 51 Tieken, Donald Tolley. Morrin 51. 130 Torres. Alvin Torres. Joe 38. 102, 130 Torres, Randolph 17. 38. 122 Torres. Mario 51 Torres. Jaime 61. 96. 97. 124 Torres. Jose 70 Towns. Kyle 12. 38. 79. 30. 109. 123, 111 Towns, Ryan 51. 80. 102 Towns. Tiffany 44, 45. 51, 92. 93, 103. 123 Tucker, Sterling 51 Tucy, Greg 51, 35, 99 Tucy, Latricia 42, 51 Tumlinson. Terri Tumlinson, Sherri 17. 39. 121. 124 V ' s Vono. Greg 39. 79 Von Zondt, Corey 61 Vasquez, David 70 Vega. David 39. 79 Vega. John 61 Vega, Joe 61, 82 Vega, Jerry Vega. Lisa 70 Vega. Suzanne Vela. Korherine 61. 118 Venegas. Fran Walker, Carol 51 Wallace. Michael 51. 128. 130 Wallace, Derrick 4. 5. 14. 61. 79. 61. 88. 99 Walleck. Rebecca 53. Ill Walley. Shawna 61 Ward. Scott 34. 39. 127 Washichek, Candy 53. 111 Washingron. Eugene 39. 79 Watts. Kimberly 70 Webb. Greg 34. 39. 115. 131 Webb. Debbie 55. 61. 121, 122, 131 Welch, Kendra 53 Wells, Brian 47. 53 Wesr. Kennerh Ray 39 West. Alvin 53. 128 West. Tammy 53, 39 Westmoreland, Kevin 61 Westmoreland, Jeannie 70, 96 White, Chris 53 Whitehead. Dub 39 Wiley. Kimberly 2, 27. 29. 39. 40. 107. 108. 122. 123 Wiikins. John 70 Willett. Rick 70 Williams. Charlie 70. 83, 129 Williams, Ferranda 39. 111 Wilson. Jane 61. 93 Winegeart. Monica 61 Withers. Mondy 61. 121. 124 Wolff. Beverly 61 Wolff. Matt 9, 17, 39. 94. 95 Woods, Rebecca 34, 39. 108. 121 Woodson. Beverly 53. 113. 122. 124. 126 Wright. Alan 53. 108. 128 Wright. James 62 Wundt. Angela 70. 122 Y ' s Yackei Mark 59. 5. 53. 102 Yackel. Martin 44. 49, 153, 102 Ybarbo. Juanita 62 Ybarbo. David 70. 130 rs Zamora. Julie Zamoro. Sara 70 Zella. Jimmy 39. 128. 130 Zella. Brandon 50. 53. 32 Zella. Randy 70. 129 Zepeda. Molly 39 ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Class Of ' 39 Wills I, CLAY DAKER, will my expert abilities on stereo sound to Scott Muehler. I, TOMM Y DARNICK, will my height to Scott Friedrich. I. SCOTT DARTA, will promise to make it through college for my parents. I, LANCE DEHLEN, will my locker to Sara Thorp. I, VALERIE DEHRING, will my conceit to any underclassman who thinks they are into conceited. I, DOLLY BOND, will my red ' 67 Mustang to anyone who won ' t ask me what size engine it has. I, ALICE DRASFIELD, will my potential and will to succeed to all of the homegirls who think an education is a " play-thang " . I, BECKY DREITSCHOPF. will Mr. Malatek a bigger shack bar. I, HEATHER BROWNE, will my memories of before school to the Ottine Express. I, DETRICE BUIRSL will Nicole Sampleton, Tricia Tucy, and Stephanie Smith my vision. I will Nicole Sampleton my brain to graduate. I will Stephanie Smith my cafeteria lunch card. To all, I will them to have faith in God and to be the best they can be. I, CRISSY CADDELL, will my childish behavior and my " I don ' t care " attitude to Ms. Webster. I, ELENA CAMARILLO, will give my secretarial knowledge to my sophomore sister Aurora. I, FREDDY CAMARILLO, will my ability to stay out of the office to my brother John because he was there the other day. I, RENE CANTU, will my locker to whoever gets it next year. I, KARINA CASTRO, will my good grades to my sister Juana. I, SHARON CLARK, will all my love to Robert Caraway. I, ULYSSES CLARK, will give my track shoes to Lawrence Garner and Greg Tucy. I, SCOTT DIERLAM, will my last bottle of white shoe polish to Shane Brzozowski. I, CARRIE FOGLE, will my many absences to anyone with perfect attendance. I, BUBBA EHRIG, will my good looks to any freshman who needs them. I, CHELISA ELEBY, will promise to graduate and leave Gonzales June 3, 1989, after my name is spoken. I, CHANCE FREEMAN, will my awesome speed and talent to Derrick Wallace — he is going to need it. I, BR YAN GORDEN, will my ability to skip school and go to Luling and shoe polish cars and not get caught to Brian Wells. I, JESSIE GUARDIOLA, will away Gonzales High School to whoever believes they want it. " Enjoy " . I, DARREN HARDING, will my smartness to Brandon Marrou because he will probably be back next year. I, HOPE HARRIS, will my long hours of twirling practice to Ramona Gaytan. I, ERIKA HARRISON, will my so-called athletic skills, party life, and sense of humor to Nicole Scott and Sheila Green. t I, SHIRLEY HASTINGS, will graduate and go to college to become a nurse. ' I, MIKE HEINS, will a new a car to Robert Henry because his mother wrecked his old one. I, ROBIN HENDERSHOT, will my musical ability and great sense of humor to bill Carter, Shawna Carroll, and Tina Comstock. I. ROSS HENDERSHOT, will my black football shoes to Kevin Pirkle to help him push the sled next year. I, GENE HENDERSON, will my great academic record to Little Maldo. I, ROBERT HENRY, will a new truck to Mike Heins. I. RON HOLCOMBE, will leave all my earthly possessions to my father and mother. I, LORI JANOTA, will the ability to sleep with my eyes open to all the seniors of ' 90 who want to pass government to graduate. I, JACQUELINE JONES, will leave all my graded work to him whenever he becomes a senior so he can graduate. I, ANNE KAPPMEYER, will my sense of humor to Ms. Pierpont. I, TREY KING, will my share of Coach Salazar ' s yelling to Eric Pringle and Peter Clark, believe me, there ' s enough for both. I oughta know. I, KENNETH KLUTING, will wish all the students still in school the best of luck especially my sister and my cousin Pom. I, KEVIN KNESEK, will my ability to withstand Mrs. Saldana to next year ' s Trig class. I, DA VID KUNT5CHIK, will my heart (car stereo system) to Donna Kocian. I, KEVIN LEHNERT, will my car to Loy Schieberle. I, JACQUELINE LUNA, will all my studies and problems and books to my beloved brother Kenny Luna. I, REBECCA MALDONADO, will my love and trust to my boyfriend Donnie Kincaid. I, DENISE MAREKill my hair to Mr. Floyd so everyone will quit teasing him about being bald! I, KRISTI MARTINEZ, will my common sense to my sister Missy Martinez. I, SHELLEY MASON, will all my fouls to Kristen, Nicole, and Kristi Dees because there are definitely enough to go around. I, LEANN MAY, will all of my chewing gum to Ms. Jean Webster. I, CHRIS MCGUIRE, will my musical ability to Eric Pringle. I, VICKIE MILLER, will start telling the truth to my parents and friends. I, DARNELL MITCHELL, will my diploma to Gregory Tucy for he will never receive his. I, TAMMY MOLNOSKEY, will my good grades to my cousin Alan. I, CAROL MORENO, will my " ain ' t " to Mrs. Barbara Woolsey. I, WEYMAN MORENO, will leave all my valuables to my cats. I, LESLI MORGAN, will my " fuzzy rear-view mirror dice " to Mark Yackel to go with his " brite-lite " license plate. I, JEFF MOSELEY, will like to graduate this year. I, TONYA NELSON, will my thoughtfulness to Renea Polk (penny for your thoughts.) I, CHRIS NESBITT, will all the miles I run in training to the future cross-country teams of Gonzales High School. I, JOHN O ' HIGGINS, will Ryan Towns to keep my Jimmy so he can go to lunch. I, CHARLOTTE PARSLEY, will the ability to make their dreams come true to anyone who needs it. I, KRISTY PEREZ, will my ability to stick with the " Kloesel Klan " to Martin Yackel (a.k.a. Ronnie Jr.)! I, MARK PORTER, will my sleeping ability in Mr. Baker ' s class to the class of ' 90. I, KRISTEN QUINNEY, will my chewing gum to Mr. Baker. I, CAROL RAINEY, will the last bite of my candy bar to Bo Ehrig. I, ALEX REMSCHEL, will my ability to not do homework and still make good grades to the class of ' 90. I, JUNE ROCHESTER, will all of my good grades to my little sister Christy. I, CYNTHIA RODRIGUEZ, will my smart brain and intelligence to my brother Chris Rodriguez and hope he succeeds in everything he does. I, JAMES RODRIGUEZ, will my ability to get in to trouble to my sister Angela. I, PETER RODRIGUEZ, will my stylish black shoes to Scott (Sky) Ward. I, TYREE THARP, will my red cadillac to my sister Sara Tharp. I, MAISY THOMAS, will my craziness and my mind to Candi Washichek, Kathy Smith, Angela Soils, Laura Molina, and Patricia Lewis. I, ADAM SALINAS, will my starting position as a tackle to Brandon Zella or Kevin Oakes. I, IRA SCHURIG, will my car to Ian Schurig (for one year). I, AM Y SHOEMAKE, will the way I drive to anyone who feels reckless. I, SHANTELL SHOEMAKE, will my Wrangler jeans to John Reaves. I, BRADLEY SLAUGHTER, will my ability to pick up good looking chics (especially in Belmont) to Mr. Mike Wayne Bond. I, KAMI TA YLOR, will go in to the military to study computer technology. I, RANDY TORRES, will all my clean underwear to Will Ruddock. I, KYLE TOWNS, will nothing to nobody because I have a feeling I will need it all next year. I, GREG VANA, will my rock-n-roll tapes and albums to Mr. Baker. I, SCOTT WARD, will Peter Rodriguez ' s black shoes to anyone who will take them. I, EUGENE WASHINGTON, will my socks to Greg Tucy since he likes them so much. I, GREG WEBB, will all my old physics tests to anyone who wants to fall physics. I, KEN WEST, will my car and half my money to Natalie Benes and Lisa Goss (they ' re such " good " friends!). I, DUB WHITEHEAD, will my great common sense to James Perkins because he obviously hasn ' t got any. I, KIMBERLY WILEY, will my laugh to Mr. Bond to help him through those quiet classes! I, FERNANDA WILLIAMS, will leave my great looks and outgoing and also hilarious attitude to Kristi Brasfield. I, MA TT WOLFF, will boots. Wranglers, and Spanish grades to any underclassman who needs them. I, JIMMY ZELLA, will to anyone who could have, would have, and may have to anyone who might have, shall have, and would have done this. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE The d 9 6HS Girl ' s Golf Team with State winners Nicole Cooper. Kristy Perez. Tiffany Towns. Stephanie Frledrlch. and Anna McConnell. Memories One day when you ' re old and grey, you 11 pick up your dusty GHS 8d-d9 year- book, turn to this page and WOV H All those important events will come flood- ing back into your memory. That ' s exactly what this page is for — to remind you of all the many things the students of GHS made happen. Of course, we couldn t possibly fit everything on this one page but here ' s a few pictures of those special times which made the 63-89 school year NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE. Apache Baseball Pitchet Ryan Towns lead the Apaches all the way to Stole Semi-Flnals this yeai. The 1966-89 Apache Bond went all the way to State The seniot Livewite " girls celebrate theii victory this year. over the Junior " Bullbabes " duiing the first Powder Puff Game at GHS. Seniors displayed their talent and their humor during the senior play this year. ' il i LEXINGTON and POV WOW photographers Chor ce freeman. Bryan Garden. Lynn Selzer and Anne Kopp- Staff I would like to express my sincere grati- tude to the business people of this commu- nity for their support in purchasing ads in the yearbook, the LEXINGTON. I can proud- ly soy, the yearbook has been paid for leaving no debt. The 127 ads totaled $6,965.00 as compared to the previous year of 63 ads which totaled $1,450.00. It has been through your support that the yearbook has been possible. I want to say " thank you " Gonzales, for all your help in making the LEXINGTON a success. Paula Collie Business Manager Junior Section Kristen Quinney And Joson Dreitschopf Sophonnore Section Lynn Selzer And Kyle Miller Freshmon Section John Comorillo Athletic Section Rebecca Wolleck And Kristian Jenson Orgonizotions Section Marilyn Hunt Fernando Willioms, And Michelle Green Junior High Section Kristi Martinez And Candy Wdshichek ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE Done An obstacle course was what it seemed like this year ' s yearbook staff had to over- come, but just like any challenge, we faced it and in the end we came out on top. Unless someone has experienced it, they will never know all the hard work that goes into making a book full of memo- ries that the student body won ' t forget. This year many memories were made such as the Powder Puff Football Game, Gonzales ' victory over our rival Cuero, drill team winning nationals, senior play, girl ' s golf team winning state, baseball ' s win- ning season, outstanding Gonzales U.I.L participants and the list goes on. These special events were part of what has made this yearbook unique. However, the memories aren ' t the only thing that helped create this " one of a kind " yearbook. People did, too. I would like to give a very special thanks to our yearbook advisor, Ms. Cynthia Crazier, for all her dedication and leadership. It ' s not easy to just step in and take over such a large project, but Ms. Crazier set us in the right direction, and without her this year- book could not have been possible. An- other special thanks goes out to my assis- tant editor, Bradley Slaughter; layout edi- tor, Kristi Martinez; photogtaphers Chance Freeman, Anne Kappmeyer, Bryan Gar- den, and Lynn Selzer; and Pow Wow Editor Kristen Quinney, for all their time and ef- fort to make this yearbook a success. I would also like to thank the yearbook staff for a job well done. We did it guys! And, last, but not least, a special thanks to the entire G.H.S. student body for making this year something to remember. It seems like only yesterday when we were young and never thought there would come a time when we would say " good-bye " . Well, that time is here, but let ' s not think of it as " good-bye " . Let ' s think of it as a new beginning in ourselves — something to look forward to. And let ' s remember the year ' 69 as " not all black and white " but exttemely vivid. C : Wl;f A Senior members of the 1969 Lexington Staff are (first row) Dryan Garden, photographer: Anne Kapp- meyer. photographer: Bradley Slaughter, asst. editors (back row) Kristi Martinez, layout editor: Kristen Quin- ney. Pow Vow Editor Chance Freeman, photogra- pher: and Leslie Morgan, editor. Kristi. Lesli. and Bradley say thanks to everybody, including our hard working staff, and we hope yoo enjoy the book we all worked hard on. L

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