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-- .--.,,.,, .RW 3 bmwhwmmx Ww- . k ,wg 5, .V N' is Q, KR r F - V QQ!! .. x' ff"W, '- N 5. - , 5: 5, W W 'Ml 'Q Y'-5. ' ,wer 35:6 , W im K P s i I F r L 5 Y i " 'YF Mffrrs' ..,..' wi ws.-V w ,,. ,wi Q00 X1 sx Q N05 ' Q00 The doors of GHS are a popular meeting place of the TABLE Title Page --- Foreword -- Dedication - - students. OF CONTENTS Personality ---- Classes ---- Sports- - - Organizations - - -- Activities ---- Faculty -- - Advertising - -- ---1 -Z ---3 --- 4 l4 54 76 loo ---112 -iis Foreword When the leaves begin to fall, and the air tells you that fallis here, GHS awakens from its long summer nap. Suddenly the oldschool is humming withactivities. The story ofthe Lexington of Texas is told anew in the Texas History classes and strong feelings of loyalty to GHS prevail as the crowds rise from the bleachers at the football games and cries of "Fight, Team, Fight" are heard from the cheerleaders and the yelling section. 'The never-to-be-forgotten night of Homecoming, the Senior parties, the Mardi Gras Dance and the night of graduation are many of the memories that remain with the student. But long after these memories fade, there are the sweet rnemories of a school day, the way a hand touched yours, the warm friendliness of your gang at their lockers, the excitement of a tied score, and the big lump in your throatwhen you sang the school Alma Mater. These are the things that make a year unforgettable. Working ... playing , .. learning . .. growing .... This is the brief, yet won- derful life of GHS. THIS IS YOUR LIFE as the l956 Lexington pictures it for you. Three GHS students enjoy shady comfort under the trees. X 9 ' K 2149.-a ,Mi 4 vn- 5-eff' if . ' 1 .r , -Q 6 5 . 1? 3. Q if fl-" Jin'- MISS LOLA BEACH Miss Lola, shown here look- ing at the placque given in memory of the boys who lost their lives in World War I, has an abiding inter- est in our country and our boys who defend her in time of war. The first teacher to receive a Master's degree, she wrote her thesis on the contributions of Gon- zales men in World War l, In her 40 years as a member of the G,l-1, S. faculty, she has instilledpatriotism into hundreds of students and has seen them go to the battlefields to fight for the American wayof life. Dedication In deep appreciation for her teaching ability, willingness to serve, and interest in her pupils, we, the Lexington staff of 1956, dedicate this, Volume Z6 of the Lexington, to one who isa familiar figure in the halls of G,H,S, and has served the students for many years, Miss Lola Beach. 2' -Ps .QSLL A L Q quaint X'h1Ch1 ts an 1r'd1v1dua.1 V ' ses him to be narned class Oqi 3 11. OI'd1I'13I"'. . . .xx ICR Cam fl. :Cix1D1'1Ic4'1I tvps in somn CL: tjificatio EL A J 'Q 1' " "fl to worm 4... the dependabihty and 5.11 Q.: -,I para .1 - ,. 2. e-nu also are uc cessary. Being 71 ' 1. t..c gzxo :z-'1 Q11 .., fum an qualztmes whirh goin O f"C L .'A. P if f 'Q A ' 531111 ff. 4 . '1 fi' 13 Sf0a aw X XX NK XXX tit Senior Favofitesf if e-P ,S S A RUBY BAUER was eleCtf:d favorite by her cglassmatl-s because of her friendly and willing personality. She served on the motto L-oxrimittee of the Senior Class and is active in many school organizations. CHARLES RONSHAUSEN, better known as "Chuck" to his friends, has lettered two years in football, playing tackle and serving as cap- tain. 1 .,,, A 'E"Iiv,,' , 1-ffki " My l L 'Q 'Ol qtgvf 9 4 4 g v ' F5 1 1 I ' 9 fi aff .,.,. M.-4 . H 5 " 4 5.4 1 f' 'Z154-5 5 EV' T M .wx ai. .1 wiv 6539 ff' mn" 33' ,Las 12 v. D.: . A 'uf- . -i n u . U s n ca .Q A Whur K ' if 1 X 5 . 4 , vw :Q 19' I M335 4 QB In , S 9, 5,- 'V 7 i 1? -4,W J, L, fy . H "if, ? ff? 'Q QM Freshman Favorites 5 i 3 S JEAN ZAPPE, one of many students to enjoy horseback riding and hunting, has proven her versatility by her rriany ag- tiviticfs, She served as a class officer and 21 member ofthe Apache band. 9 Eighth Grade Favorites 3 2 if ...Win gk CATHERINE LLOYD, cheered the Papoose team as cheerleader this year, among many other interests. Her friendly smile endears her to all her classmates. 10 CARROLL DAVID WILEY, was a member of the Papoose team, playing halfhack. Ihis past year, in addition to being a good student he has proven himself outstanding in many' respects. 15 5 1. Seventh Grade Favorites I"' 1 M1 .,.......,u-..,--0. vN.....,-ww-. sr f 1 'ION1 CEORCE sh41'1110 the horer B.-XRBJXH,-X PQLLISON, known to all by her YL pri taxomtm She ci 195 off1cer xwth Bdrbira IS an Faux Qo111f LU vnth a br1r1 m111f1 u-r11lQ rnswlnrto 15 Q 4 dm P c-1' ol the Pai uc so :q11ac't 15 'net 'c' r . " ' IU 5 1 -'rc5L1't'1t'v' LO the Student COLUICI1. Q 'f 1 Icffgrson 141W C1t1ZC '5t11c'sr1 11 f to Succeed Who's Lois Pearl Perkins, with steadfast ef- ficiency, has shown her outstanding ability to perform by breaking into Who's Who. Lois can always be found adding her work with the collection of activities which dot her life. She has been outstanding in Patricians, Band, and other club Work. Cilen lley, vice president of the Hi- Y Club, climaxes one of his best years with his appearance in Who's Who. He has shown his versatility with his ability to serve in execu- tive positions as well as in training in excel- A ready smile and a cheery hello are only part of Hazel English's Winning way. Her wonder ful personality has helped her to be elected to many honors. Among them are cheerleader, football sweetheart, Lexington Editor and a member of the Student Council. Voted the most athletic girl in the Senior Class, Jeanne Meneley has been a member of the Girls' Athletic Association for three years and lettered two years in basketball. She is serving as president of the club this year. Bobby Matocha has shown his athletic pow- ers by winning four letters in football and track and three in baseball. As a senior he was elec- ted by his team-mates as an Apache tri-captain. In l954, he won the 440 yard dash at the state In - terscholastic League meet. He will also play on the North and South All Star Team. lent performances at tackle position on the Apache football squad. S Roy Wright's quiet smile and friendliness have won him the honor of the Friendliest boy in the Senior Class. He is vice president of the Senior class, captain of the Apache Band and is a member of the Hi-Y Club, serving as treas- urer. .c sl L. Who Betty Reese was chosen by the Senior Class as the Best all Around girl. Her activities in- clude band, drama, sports, and she is an able leader in the Spotlight and Patricians Clubs. She also served as editor of The Pow Wow. Named Best All Around Boy, Dickie Streety, a busy senior, is an honor student, and a patient and understanding friend. He served as presi- dent of the Commercial Club and vice -president of his junior class. 2-ysrggg ig M ' EM ' A Q, flair S Viz' Betty Marie Land- beck was elected Most ' Musical because of her -' many talents in this field. She has playedin the Apache Band for four , years and served as organist in the First Methodist Church for a number of years. Not - 5 Musical Don Gustafson, also elected Most Mus ical, is well-deserving of the honor because oi his ability and versati lity in the field of mu- sic. He has been a member of the Apache Band for four years, and he can play almost any instrument in the only does she play the Cornet and organ, but she sings as well. band. 'Nancy Traeger was chosen by the Senior Class as the 'xlost Literary girl She has been a member of both the dramatic and forensic clubs of G,H,S, the Spotlight Club where he serves as president and Patricians Club Nancy has taken part in several college speech tournaments as a Doetrv reader. The title of lwiost Literary boy in the Senior Class goes to Warren Hornung, who also has the record for being president. He fills the offices of president of the FFA and was chosen president during his junior year. He also represented his class at Boys' All-State. 13 Mi tis., -..,,-W. M,-f" 1 1-.- -ui X 1 A seventh grader looks at the stac books lymg ahead for the hlgh school years and fmds lt almost staggermg u 41 kof those books and note books 'P s thmks "It can be do mes or nas Cor' Q IH st 01 Inf md, - JI -..M l -I K' .. "Will I ever wade thro gh 'll ." 'he ' 1lc,"rca5sL. I i 1 11- 6' ' 1 fl Classes X x N X xxws '- X 6' 0 23 1 C 42036 4' ,g Q f '29 1'1"'f +2' nogfff Pb vwxvxx X Q X Y X ,il X X M X 'W X Q X X .1 x X X X 1 X X X X X X 1 I K N v X I 1, I i Ar X . 7 fa: f "ex 0 . X s f E" ' se s 'W' ' 1 , gig , s x 15 M- Our Senlor Year at Last' asgym ali -u-.gf SENIOR CLASS off1cers gather around the desk 1n Room 20 to check 1mportant dates on Traeger secretary Glen Iley sgt at arms Roy Wr1ght v1ce pres1dent S1dneyBrown pres1dent Dorothy Scherlen treasurer and L1ll1an Van Beveren reporter PONSORS COLORS Scarlet and Wh1te FLOWER Red and Wh1te Glad1olus MOTTO Bu1ld for character not for fame GOALS To meet w1l11ngly and capably our dut1es m the school comrnumty and home M155 Dot Lea and Leg B Muenzler ad To co operate 1n outlawmg allforms m1re the bullet1n board m the Sen1or Of VaHda11Sm Room To set h1gh standards of moral con duct honesty courtesy and de pendab1l1ty at all t1mes 4 To developa wholesome pe rsonal1ty that w1ll f1nd us modest 1n v1ctory or ach1eve ment and cheerful but determmed m defeat so that we may leave 1n the halls of G H S the pleasant and well earned memory of the Class of '56 16 O O I O . I A . Y. i i 5 9, 1 - frm I 1, Ear, QE " " - ml , y U Q A V - 5 fu Q , P , L' L N I , if a gb W W Vx 1 Kg 3 Q tl :Q 4+ 5 nf- ' i : . . pf v 5. I if , the calendar. They are from left to right: Charles Ronshausen, sgt. -at-armsg Nancy ' : 5 1 -' ' Q ' 1 . I 9 G J S . L S W S V I' V' 74 . 1. - n ' . I rl' i K' V : M A 1. ' ' l l - 2. - . 0 . . 3- ' - --- , , - , . . , . mv- Nbr ,zan- N' YIM- SIDNEY BROWN Class Presi- dent l,45 Who's Who 45 Favorite 15 senioi Play 45 Basketball 49 Spotlight Club 45 Commercial C,1ub 3. Track 2,3,45 Class favorite 35 Football l, 2, 45 All district 45 Class officer 1,25 Band l, Z, 3, 45 President 45 Lettermen's Club TOMMY BROWN Z' 3' 4' Football 3, 45 Gun and Rod 15 F, F,A, 1, Z, 3, 45 Officer 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Basketball 3, 4 Track 4. Charles Ronshausen and Julia Havel con- sider it serious business to have Cap and Gown pictures taken. ALLEN BRZOZOWSKI Football l, 2, 3, 45 Captain 45 All Q 'YP-1' BILL CHRISTIAN BOBBIE NELL CHRISTIAN F,H,A, 152, 3,45 Orange Jackets l, Z, 3, Lexington Staff 45 Library Club 15 Spotlight Club Z, 3, 45 POW WOW Staff 45 Senior Play 4. District 45 WhO,S Who 4: Letter, JOYCE CLUTTER EDWARD mems Club 1, 2, 3' 45 Homecoming Maid Football 1, 2,4 Vice President 45 wlreerl 35 Basketball 19 TraCk1,Z,3:BaSebaH Girls' Sports Track 45 F,F,A l, 214, Club fFreerJ 35 1, Z, 3, 45 Baseball Pep Squad lFreerJ 45 Cap and Gown 39 F.H. A. 45 Committee 45 Invitation Senior Play 4. Committee 45 Senior Play 4 ROBERT BUSH F, F,A, 1,25 3, 45 Secretary 45 Sr. 4-H vice- President 35 Hi-Y President 45 Boys' State 35 Track 4, Baseball 4. 18 "9 ng. ROBERT COX Football 1, 2, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Gun and Rod l. DONALD CROW Football 3, 43 Track 3, 4, Baseball 4g Senior Play 4. ,fx ' L. 4 Vt. ROGER E BE RLE Football 3, De- bate Club 23 Sports Manager 2, Spotlight Club Z, 3, 43 Library Club 45 General Science Club l. MARGARE T EGGERT F, H,A, 35 Lexing ton Staff 4g Commercial Club 4, Library Club 35 Flowe r Committee 4, Senior Play 4. Miss Dot Lea and Mr. Havel give helpful advice to Seniors as they make out their schedules. HAZEL ENGLISH EMILY DARILEK F, H, A, Z, 3g Commercial Club fOfficerj 4, Library Club QOfficerJ Z, 3, Flower Committee 4, Senior Play 4 ull-s :Is-1, LAWRENCE DuBOSE General Science Club fPresidentj 1, Camera Club Z, Senior Band Manager 3, 4, Bulletin Board Committee 4, Senior Play 4. V-Y Cheerleader 3, 4, Football Sweet- heart 4, Lexing- ton Editor 45 Who's Who 4, Duchess to Hallettsville 4, Class officer 3, Student Council 4 DON GUSTAFSON Football 1, Z, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, State Meet 3, Band 1, Z, 3, 43 All District Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, Officer 2, Patricians 3, 4 ul fir- ff' 12,5 -A 'XJ 'B RAY HANCOCK Library Science 3, 43 Football Z3 F, F,A, 13 Senior Play 4. JULIA HAVEL Senior Play 43 Commercial Club 43 Pow Wow Staff 3, Library Club 33 Spotlight Club 23 Debate Club 13 Lexington Staff 4. JO ANN HANSON Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Spotlight Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Spotlight Play 33 Senior Play 43 Swing Band 33 Bulletin BO3.I'd CO1'I'11'1'1itt66 4. BEVERLY HERMANN All State Choir 4g Choir 1, Z, 3, 43 Officer 3, 43 Spot- light Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Senior Play 4g Patricians 3, 43 Lexington Staff 43 POW WOW Staff Mrs. Crews shows 4' students of the Trig- onometry Class how to use a slide rule, an essential to all who study higher PEGGY HINTON mathematics. F,H,A, l,Z,3,43 Senior Choir l,2, 3,43 C1.A.A. 3,43 Orange Jackets 3, 43 Senior Play 4. CAROLYN 1-IARDCASTLE SHIRLEY HARRIS Miss F.H.A. 43 Orange Jackets 1, 2, 3, 43 Presi- dent 43 l, Z, 3,43 Officer 2, 3,43 Spotlight Club 43 Christmas Play 4 ve! Choir Z, 3, 43 F,H,A, l, Z, 3, 43 Spotlight Club l, Z, 3, 43 Orange Jackets Z, 33 Lexing- ton Staff 43 Motto Committee 43 Senior ALBINA HOPKINS Play 4' Pep Squad QCueroj 1,23 F,H.A, 2, 3,43 Library Science 33 Commercial Club 43 Senior Play 43 Flower Committee 4. 'Quant 'TT WARREN HORNUNG F.F.A.1,2,3,4, Officer 2, 3, 45 President 45 Junior Class Pres - ident 35 Who's Who 45 Boy's State 35 F,H,A, Sweetheart 4. GLEN ILEY Football Z, 45 F.F.A.1,2,3,4, Officer 1, 35 Class Officer l, Z, 3, 45 Who's Who 45 Track Z, 3, 45 Orange Jackets Sweet- heart 4. CLIFTON JANOTA Band l, Z, 3, 45 F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Science Club 1 4-H Club 1, 2,35 Senior Play 4. GRAY JUREK Spotlight Club F. F. A. 15 Library 15 Senior Play 4. GLENN KLOSS F.F.A.1,2,3,4 Officer 45 Spot- light Club l, 2,3 45 Senior Play 4. if A G W 5 -Q 1135 KARL KUNTSCHIK F.F.A.1,Z,3,4 Band 1,25 Christmas Play 4 Spotlight Club 2, 4 Football 3, 45 Basketball 45 Track 3. Learning some points in theme writing from Miss Dot Lea are the students in English lV. BETTY MARIE LANDBECK Homecoming Queen 4 Who's Who 45 Band 1, 3 45 F,H,A. 1, Z, 3 5 Spotlight Club 1, Z, , 45 A Cappella Choir , 35 Senior Play 4. in-3 WAYNE LEPORI Baseball Z, 3, 45 Track 3,45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 49 4-H l, 2, 35 President 35 Hi-Y Officer 45 Boy's State 35 Senior Play 4. 1177 vs H. T. LITTLEFIELD F,F.A. l,2,3,4g Officer 33 General Science Club lg Senior Play 4. NANCY MCGILL Orange Jackets 1, Z, 3, 4g Cheerleader 4, Spotlight Club 1, 3,43 F,H,A, 1,2, 3, 43 POW WOW Staff 3, 45 Lexington Staff 4, Basketball 1, Z, 3. CHARLES MCVEA Spotlight Club 4g Library Science 45 Senior Play 43 POW WOW Staff 4. BOBBY MATOCHA Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track l, Z, 3, 4, Baseball Z, 3, 4g F,F.A,1,Z,3,4g Lettermen's Club l, Z, 3, 43 Student Council Z, 3, 43 Senior Play 4, 22 ml- V7 MARTHA MAYFIELD JEANNE MENELEY F,H,A, l,Z,3,4g Spotlight Z, 33 Science Club 15 Senior Play 4. Every morning this group of boys can be seen waiting for the bell to ring to call them to their classes. , HORACE MERCER Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Majorette 45 G,A,A. 2, 3, 45 President 43 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4g Home- coming Duchess 3 W'ho's Who 4. BOBBY MILLER F F A 1 Z 3,43 Football 2,33 Spotlight 4, Gun and Rod 1 'CJ' Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track Zg F, F, A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Letter- men's Club 3, 4g Lexington Staff 4s Senior Play 4. BILLY MITCHELL F,F,A, l,Z,3,45 4-H Club Congress Z5 Band 1,25 Spot- light Club 1, 2, 45 POW WOW Staff 45 Lexington Staff 45 Senior Play 4 KENNETH NELM5 F A Spotlight Club 3 4 Gun and Rod l Library Club 3 JOHN MOHRMANN Debate 35 Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Patri- cians 3,45 Pres- ident 45 Spotlight Club Vice President 45 Boys' State 35 Camera Club officer Z, 35 All South Texas Band 3 pre sent the "Our Miss Brooks and Carol." JULIA ONCKEN H A Z 3 4 Tre urer 4 Spotlight ubl 2 3 G A 1 Color Committee 4 E' The Seniors Christmas play MARGARET PAVELKA Library Club 1,25 Of- ficer Z5 POW WOW Staff 35 Quill and Scrol 35 Commercial Club officer 45 Senior Play 45 Spotlight Club 1,2 LOIS PEARL PERKINS Who's Who 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Patricians Club Z, 3, 45 Officer 3, 45 Spotlight Club Z, 3, 45 District debate Z, Dis- trict poetry reading 3 the Christmas MARILYN PIERPONT Cvirls' State 3, F. H. A Z, 3, 45 Orange Jackets 2, 3, 45 Cf,A.A. Z, 3, 45 Spotlight Play 15 Dis- trict declamation l5 District Typing Z BARBARA PIRKLE Basketball 152, 35 Lib- rary Science 45 G.A.A l, 2, 35 Senior Play 45 Bulletin Board Com- mittee 4 ROBERT ROSE F,F,A, l,Z,3,45 Spotlight Club 45 Senior Play 45 Cheer Committee 4 ORENE POPPS BETTY REESE F.H.A. l,Z,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Spotlight Club l, 2, 45 Spotlight l, Z, 3, 45 Orange Jackets 2, 3, Patricians Z, 3, 45 4, Officer 45 Basket- Who's Who 45 Co- ball 2, 3 editor of POW WOW 45 Outstand- ing Underclass- man Band mem- ber 39 Regional DoRoTHY SCHERLEN TONY RIVERA Color Committee 45 Library Club 45 Com mercial Club Officer 4 i Band 3 muda shorts for one of the broad casts. CHARLES RONSHAUSEN F, F, A, l, Z, 3, 45 Letter men's Club 3, 4, Officer 45 Football l, Z, 3, 4, Cap- tain 45 Class officer 45 Class favorite 45 Student The up and corn- ing student announ- cers Don Gustafson, Sarah Short, Nancy Traeger, and John Mohrmann don Ber Orange Jackets l, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 Class off- icer 3, 45 POW WOW Staff 3, 45 Lexington Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Officer 4 - MARILYN SCHIEBERLE F, H,A, l, Z, 3, 4, Pres- ident 45 Bancl l, Z5 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 POW WOW Staff 3, 45 Lexing- ton Staff 4 Council 15 Gun and Rod l, Z MARY BEN SCHRADER 'ri' Who's Who 45 Student Council 45 G. A. A. 45 Spotlight Club Z5 F. H. A. l, Z, 3, 45 Orange Jackets l,2,3,4 ag Y:-f-gr f"n . 5 1 'X 'Sui ka 'I'--of ASQ ANN SCHULTZ Band l, Z, 3, 4, Officer 4, Spot- light Club l, 2, 3, 4, Lexington Staff 4, F. H. A. Z, POW WOW Staff 4, Senior Play 4 SARAH LINDA SHORT Homecoming Prin- cess 4, Class favor- ite 2, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4,F. H. A. l, Z, 3, 4, President 3 Who's Who 4 BOYD SHOWS F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Officer 4, Senior Play 4, Library Club 4, LEITA ST, CLAIR Drum Majorette 4, Head Majorette 3, Majorette Z, POW WOW Staff 4, Lexington Staff 4, F. H, A, Officer Z, Senior Play 4 DICKY STREETY Class vice pres ident 3, Who's Who 4, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, President 3, 1 Baseball Z, Motto Com- mittee 4, Senior Play 4 Decorating the auditorium for the Senior Christmas Play are Donald Crow, Sidney Brown, Wayne LePori, and Bobby Bright. fl NANCY TRAEGER Who's Who 4, Ten Pretty Girls l Music Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, ClaSS Secretary 4, Spot- light Club l, 2, 3, 43 President 4, Stu- dent Announcer 4 LILLIAN VAN JAN VICKERS BEVEREN F. F. A. Sweetheart Majorette 4, Band l, Z, 3, 4, Favorite l, 3, Cvirl 's State 3, Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4 F.H.A. l,Z,3,49 Orange Jackets Z, Spotlight Z, Comrner cial Club 4, Senior Play 4, Lexington Staff 4, POW WOW Staff 4 NOLAN VICKERS Football 1, Z, 3, 43 Basketball Z, 43 Baseball Z, 3, 43 Track Z,"3, 43 F, F, A, l, Z, 3, 43 Officer 3, 43 Class favorite Z3 Lettermen's Club Z, 3, 4. CHRISTINE WHITE Band l, Z, 3, 43 Officer 3, 43 District Band Z, 33 Spotlight Club , 1, 2, 3, 4, Spotlight Play 2, 33 Senior Play 4g Choir l, Z. BILLY RAY WILLEFORD Football Z, 3, 4g Gun and Rod 13 Christmas Play 4g Senior Play 4, Visual Aid Club 23 Lettermen's Club 4. ROY WRIGHT Band l, Z, 3, 43 Captain 43 Class Vice President 43 Who's Who 43 Hi-Y Officer 43 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4 SAM WYATT Junior Athletic S Club P re sident 23 Spotlight Club 43 Library Clubs l and ll officer 33 Football 4. BRE VARD BROTHERS Post Graduate Riding on the Senior Homecoming float are the Homecoming Queen, Betty Marie Landbeck, and the Princesses, Sarah Linda Short and Dorothy Breitschopf. 3 I N,,,,,,w1M'ff" ' NEIDH alfa' L.,-..f-"7-""'f' me DW Angels From Heaven, The Class of '57! 'B'-vu-. Guldlng the JLHIIOTS through a year of extens1ve f1r1anc1al cam pa1gn1ng were Allen Wmters Mrs VV L Crews Mrs Wm ston Logan and Clarence Peter son They played a major par 1n helpmg make the ,Tumor Sen 1or Prom a success t Jam Leadmg the1r class 1n a very suc cessful year were Harold Haschke pres1dent Kenneth Malatek v1ce presldent Sh1rley Froehner sec retary Roger W1lke treasurer and Mary Ann Allen reporter The offmers decorate for the Jr M1ss Dance one of the1r ma1n money 'nakmg proJcCts The class had a talent show to ra1se money for the Junlor Sen1or Prom the blggest event of the year -. A f 1, 1 . Q . A , ' y u f , 3 , . . 9 1 - . 9 . Y , - f T 9 " , Q f f - 1' . . ,Q . E n ' y . . V l ,t , 1 I l . 0 l . K . ' 3 ' y . ' ' Y A ' rev , A 'M V i f T ,,...,,. 9' -1' . , My ? , , ' ' - - yi ' i, 4 ' ' v- I ,Typ V. ' T W 1' X L T, Y , Q-.Q , M . . . , . - f , ' ' . - . . O A I ' - - ' ai f f ,'. . , if . 5 , 27 Nancy Alex Mary Ann Allen Amely Alvarez Jimmy Atkison James Avant Wanda Barber Odell Barnett Barbara Beale Betty Ann Bell Ima Gene Bouldin Marilyn Briggs Bethel Busch TF 'U'- A vi, ir-7-v' X..-I . .ff 'YNY X, ., ,.,,.? - ., wif! Opal Lee Clark Virginia Ruth Clark Cordelia Cuvelier Janice Dickinson W G-1 ' ' - Nancy Alex and A. C. Lacy examine the bones of Joe Frank, They count to be sure he has 26 bone in his foot and 27 bones in his hand, as theylearni in Health Ed. Q1-QV S1 tk-Y 45. fi TM' sq X '-.ab-Y M M V11 C? r 'M QI I il K7 2 lx 'Q f 1 3 x i, ' H 14 sf ...ds Q I ' , I , I x 7 .X4 2 Daniel Dolezal David Dubose Lillian Eggert Abel Escobedo Edna Filip Joyce Fogle Charles Fosselman Maple Friedrich Shirley Froehner Amado Garcia Earl Gerloff Allie Sue Gottwald Linda Greer Denna Fay Hahn Harold Haschke David Heil Robert Higgins Minnie Mae Hill Mattie Jane Hinton Durwood Kelso Barbara Ann Knezek A. C. Lacy Richard Lester Samuel Lester Patricia McMeans Kenneth Malatek Walter Marek Arminta Meier Richard Meneley Bettie Mae Menking Geraldine Mercer Terry Miller Virgie Mae Nance Curtis Parsley Virginia Pettus Charlotte Pirkle Verdon Higgins, Bethel Busch, and Betty Bell take a break for candy between classes. 'xr-1 45137 lv. X as-aff-H -.iff 'E f 1 fl' 1 -4 Swv f"N 'tn 1U'fN J W YT '7' 'wr X 'JN its-" Carlos Portales Robert Ramos T. J. Reid Minnie Roeber Blanche Rosales Jerry Rutledge Mary Ann Sala Philip Silvas Elizabeth Ann Siepmann Shirley Smith Kenan Wayne Smith Clifton St. Clair Mary Ann Sofka Gerry States Kaye Staton Peggy White Roger Wilke Johnny Zavadil Pete Cantu Sophs Are A Carefree Lot no I-'wt QE -41 ,M Relaxing for a moment from the responsibilities of being class officers are Clyde Lee Hinton vice president Bob Caskey secretary Bradley Farmer reporter Paul Schurig president Molly Totz sgt at arms and Julian Marrou treasurer Mx as Photos Not Available Homer Barrera Donald Harden Lucinda Robinson S D Bw -on f '49 59 ,T Sophomore sponsors, Miss Lola Beach, Mrs, William Boothe, and H. E. Niebuhr, guide the carefree 10th graders. 32 Sponsors Praise Enthusiasm of Sophomores anico Baker Richard Baker Barbara Barnick obby Barta reddie Beeson Charles Benes Margaret Benes Bill Billings argaret Boehm Dorothy Bond arnes Brisco oss Boothe arbara Brothers onley Brothers udy Buridick arolyn Burnett clvin Carle ob Caskey harlotte Christian e Clark mily Cooksey ,arol Cox avid Cox at Cummings erman Cummings 0-v'1 Y 'f .-, 1 407 D Michael Darilek Jimmie DeBerry Edith DeLoach Everett Deschner Bobby DuBose Charles DuBose Vicki Eberle Bradley Farmer Mary Ann Floyd Sarah Fonseca Leonard Friedrich Bobby Joe Fullilove Hazel Gandre David Gerloff Donald Glass Merle Ann Gloor David Gerloff, Virgil Hol- combe, and David Cox look at an edition of the POW WOW and find their names in the news. 211 ge Ann He rber Winson Hester Clyde Lee Hinton Virgil Holcombe Jo Ann Hoover Mary Lou Hull Freddie Killen Helen Kimber Larry Langhoff James Lehnert Georgia Machacek Olen Malaer Edwin Malatek Patsy Malatek Betty Jean Marek Tohnny Marrou Whether it is hamburgers or turkey and dressing, the cafeteria is a popular place. il Sophomores Malntaln High Scholashc Glenda Mercer Willie Mercer Adeline Molnoskey Virginia Mudd Marjorie Neuse Katherin Ollre Calvin Pape Annie Perez Beatrice Perez Ruby Pierpont Patsy Pike Larry Plunkett Betty Lou Quinton Evelyn Rajnoch Virginia Real Aff' Milford Ronshausen Mary Ida Sanchez Sally Carol Schrader Apache Day is a big day for all students. Horace Robinson Average Paul Schurig Carolyn Sherry Judy Short Georgia Stewart Glynda Sto rey Bobby Tabor Charlis sa Tieken Molly Totz Beatrice Van Beve ren Horace Vickers Eva Lee Walker Raymond Willeford Suzette Wilson Robert Lee Wolff Shirley Wooton Pat Wright ls ix 'Tlx , Doris Wroblesky Darleen Wyatt Members of the sophomore class work busily covering books to protect them. 37 r-rf' Freshmen Enter Sensor Hugh Freshman Class Offlcers Woody Hagen pres1dent Jan1ce Kay Tleken reporter B111 Sala v1ce pres1dent Jerry Kay Buckley secretary Charles Chenault treasurer and Jlmmy Lloyd sgt at arms take tlme out from the1r executwe duues to have a hot bop sessxon IH the Tee Pee Mrs Raymond Juengerman, Mlss Ann Havlzk, and Coach Edd1e Burrows, Freshman class sponsors, talk over class projects durlng the1r off per1ods 1n the cafeterla 0 0 ' A I Y A " 7.1 ' fl ' 5? Y A , VE' i 4 1 ,-l fl uuu, I VM 'A -,V' : :' V M .,.-' A A . Q 2 ' U ez Q lf so f' fl, 1 X Q . Ronnie Coleman Billy Baker Letha Baker , Woodrow Behring Donald Bennett Wayne Brown Elton Brunkenhoefer Jerry Kay Buckley ' JO Ann Bullard Janie Bundick Patricia Burnett David Carley Billy Chenault Deanie Christian Barbara Clark Glenna Orts, Jerry Kay Buckley, Carolyn Nagel, Gretchen Niebuhr, and Janice Tie- ken, Freshman cheerleaders, lead cheers for the Freshman team. Ll-14.1.15 5. X X Haskell Hende r shot JOhI1 Haschke Carlos Wright, Walter Vackar, F Hugh Grade Averages Are Ernrnitt Currie 'iv-' Benny Dolezal Wanda Driscoll Mayron Ellis MM! Earl Ray Floyd ' Donald Fortune Emilio Gonzales Dick Goss A 'A '-----' i is 3 Joyce Grauke Clyde Lee Hagen Jimmy Ham Jesse Harborth Shaw 'TWV Q i . 7 as Richard Ha'-ISEI' Lindemann, and Bonnie Sue Rossow wait their turn in the cafeteria line. M, W Maintained By Freshman Class xo N 4 Donnie D011 Holt Martha Hopwood Linda Kelley Donnie Kifer Nlorgan Little V endell Littlefield Jimmx lox d Ds lton Lou L Linn Honton Suv H :nton N ,i -J 'FI "--13? n Richard Knight J! '.? David Kuntschik James Kuntschik Frances Lindermann .v",v- , x Connie Lugo Jimmx Niachici k Sandra Mahgun Sam Marlin 41 Freshmen Provide G.H. S. With Marilaine May Susan Meneley William Miller ,ma Adell Mills Ray Mobley Carolyn Nagel . MXH! 0'-' Gretchen Niebuhr Milton Neitsch Glenna Ruth Orts Denve r Pe rk1ns Lupe Padilla Al' P l me ars ey James Brisco, Elton Brunkenhoefer and Jesse Harborth, freshmen F, F,A, 'ers help Clean-up after the F, F, A. -F,H, A, Christmas party. Leadership Ability Sim Richter Robert Rivera Johnny Rodriquez Bonnie Sue Rossow 'hr--Q Doris Staton David Pettus Arthur Pirklc : 5 1 S f 'Nrv la 'QS' Walte r San dlin Bill Sala Billy Joe Sekula Johnny Silvas S' Charles Stella Gerald Stoeltje Doris Tichavsky E 4 v.- Vt.. I, b 'ttf' dxf XY Aka 'Q N-I Janice Kay Tieken Walter Vackar Virginia Ylas-ek Dyna Yordcnbaum 43 Watch This Class Go as well Here d1scuss1ng the rules of volleyball are Left to Rlght Nona Schweda pres ment oaroryn Boothe reporter Carolyn lmsley secretary Gladys Srruth vrce pres 1dent D1cky Hardcastle sgt at arms and B111 George treasurer Re1ax1ng rn the teacher S lounge after a hard day of school are the e1ghth grade sponsors Mrs A T Buckner Mrs O M Llttle Mrs B E Dav1s and N H Gottwald Under the capable 1eadersh1ps of these sponsors the e1ghth grade one of the most up and comrng classes 1n G H S are prepar1ng for the1r f1rst year m Sen1or hmgh wrth much ant1c1pat1on O l O These E1ghth Grade off1cers are not only mterested in their official duties but in sports ' - 1 ,Y we Students Begin Now to v : 7 x 1 J ' f' ' ! 5 C' i 47 J g ff , Q, .V A G A . Frank Alex ! :,.s ' Q, , Sharon Anderson A I 1 ' S 4, V A - Carolyn Barnick -4 tr 1 W f 53' Barbara Behlen ,f Billy Benes K Q I Q gsm if as ,E Frank Benes ' 7 I Q Carolyn Boothe 'P' V 'J fi De rwood Brandstetter Herman Breitschopf 'H ' In A A ' K, Roland Breitschop .41 ' X -,...r,sv ii fu - v ,,,...-1 55 3 ' M 1 7 3' " Y' 3 fl,-.ff an -5 lx it Q it Kr , I' ' Nancy Brothers Barbara Bush Margarito Canales William Carleton Janice Collins Carmen Crews Arthur Darilek Jim Dickinson , 1- :eu Lnrig Henry Fonseca Douglas Fortune Bennie Freed Freddie Garcia Bill George Isabel Gonzales He rman Grauke Hope Gusman Willie Gutie rrez Elmer Hahn The Junior High Choir, directed by Mr. Robert Jordan, sing for their pleasure as well as during class. Dorothy Haine s Linda Hall Myrtice Hancock Anton Han zalik 46 Decide High School Courses Dicky Harclcastle Joyce Hare Elgin Heinerneyer William Hill Bobby Holme S Shirley Iley David Ince Robert Jackson Judith Kiefer Tommy' King Sharon Koehler Christine Kuntschik Henry Kuntschik Catherine Lloyd Obert Logan Fidencio Longoria Betty Machicek Raymond Malatek Robe rt Malatek Roberta Mangrurn Mary Lee Martin Luz Martinez Lonis Martinez Esta Lee Michelson Gayle Midkiff Evelyn Mikes La Verne Mikesh Ann Miller Joe Molina Elroy Muenster Stanley Nance Mary Ann Navejar Beverly Neitsch Nancy Neitsch Barbara Petras Mary Philippus Steve Pirkle Jean Ra-jnoch Helen Remschel Jesse Rivera Josephine Riveria Juaquin Riveria Rebecca Riveria 47 Delfina Rodriquez Jane Roclriquez X 1' 1' W ll Lt M fs 'C' 3 mv L - 'J kia 3 ' y E:l2ft T?"--4" LJ V . X Q, Q. 5 x 1' KV, Q, i 37 They re Lively Versahle Martha Rodrxquez Darlyne Rossow Clement Rosnovsky George Ruslmg Johnme Rutledge Nona Schweda Dav1d Shelby Da1sy Short "' D1ck SIITIPSOH U Darne 1 Sltka 'sv Gladys Sm1th Clyde Sprmg James Tharp Carolyn T1nsley Beverly Tltzell Royce Towns Frances Vega Margaret Vanek ,M Sandra Von Werssowetz my 'V Q Lu' Bette Lou Walker 41 J Maxme Wendel Carroll W1ley Esta Lee W1ley Larry Wolff Karen Wundt I Ps. NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Dav1d Camarrllo S1pr1ana Ortlz Bobb1e K1llen Junmy Speed E1ghth graders enjoy club and socral act1v1t1es Here Beverly T1tzell 'Nlancy Kay Brothers Darlune Rossow and Sharon Koehler serve themselves at the Chr1stmas party g1ven by the Thomas Jefferson Chapter of the J A C for the George Washmgton Chapter 48 I I 0 0. I L A , 3 A X Y .A 1 Q I t A I ,, :vb " W , ' tm 5 G , -f A ' ,L A 'vx gg .1 . g l L H A I I , Vg,.:g L A fi., ,'2:' 3 '-. , ., This is Gonzales High's Largest Class X X 6 Qs Meetmg m the 1nformal plannmg sesslon are the offxcers of the Seventh Grade Ahce L1tt1ef1e1d secretary Ga11Brow'n vlce pres1dent and Tom George pres1dent xl ICQ 111 Mrs C M 'Nelson Coach Gerald Shankhn Mrs Robert Boothe and Mrs F1rmm Tabor d1scuss ways to make the seventh graders ad-just to the busy 11fe of G H S 49 N , Q si 1' 6 'h -MM, va, E , gk. 'iirza Nj ? R X rr M r A ' 4'9N..v, . A x 2 4 s x L J Q l 'K From Left to Right: Bobby Wieuecke, Sgt. -at-armsg Sue Carnes, treasurcrg 2 qw, f Q ' I a ' , 'q , 1 rs V .D 0 1 , 'O p ' ' c ' ' 2 1 'Dv Seventh Graders are Young Bruce Baker Martha Ann Baker Shirley Baker Jimmy Barnick Sandra Bchlen Jennette Bell Paul Benavides Mary Benes John Blundell Annette Bradford Jimmie Brandstetter Gail Brown Betty Bullard Henry Cantu Sue Carnes B en Cla rk Thomalyn Conlin Isabel Contreras Donald Cummings George Dahl Julia Diener Ina Driscoll Victor Dolezal Lynna Dullnig Michael Eberle Bert Ehrig Barbara Ann Ellison Alma Ruth Filla Edward Finch Annabelle Friedrich Patricia Friedrich Karen Gandre Nohemi Garza Tom George Virginia Beverly Gescheidle Gerry Gibson Ann Goodwyn Patricia Granberry Melvin Grauke Linda Gray Susan Griffin James Heins 50 Alfred Hermann Jr Toncrnie Lou I-Iintoi uf Vivacious f fl 4 vw' P mf if ,fbi j Larry Holt Betty Hotz M Maedel Howell Vff Qi Henry Johnson Rs., , Dorothy Jurek T hm Nelda Jurek Linda Kifer I b .Q , Jonell Kimber 1 ,IH L Q Q A A Scott Kelley , ill 5 'I ' --' L A K ' fi' 'P' ewis nippa I I A In . 4' H ' , A Y Dolores Knezek is 4-if -V ' ,- Lawrence Kuntschik A.- I M Ina Gay Lindemann Nd. 1 IA. 'A Jean Lindemann A M V ,ga I MLKNX I My Alice Littlefield -A " k ' W L ,i A ..,, Sybil Lowry 1 Billy Machicek ' Dorothy Malatek 3 ..,. Albert Malaer any I 5 Y Amen are-k 55 .E , ,L Q Ann Marek A , . I Checking height and weight are part of the sev- I cnth grade activities. Dorothy Malatekis on the ff-5 scale, while Martha Lynn Reaves adjusts the ' ICQ' . . d . . I .A t 4 measuring evice Candy sales are a popular class and club activity in G, H, S, Here the seventh graders swell their class treasury. Gail Brown, Ina Driscoll, Lana Dullnig, and Susan Griffin, assisted by their sponsor Mrs, Nelson, set out the sweets. ,K- yav 1, ,.' 0, W , 2' 'Y' J i'..1 ug! 'H Eager Beavers in G. H.S. Have S 'A" A Freddie Marek it 1 . Margie Martin 'ii' , Henry Martinez wt, ' As S 'na' Claire McCaskill sw x H mx Johnny McGown ' L Lucille Meier I V Johnny Meneley 'sl A , Martha Menking -...fa slay Q ' " , ' Alton Meyer K gli. ,I as 1' I 1 Betty Jo Mikesh . . .. . z " f I, ef' 45 U Joyce Mills sl Benny Molina M , ., V Helen Molnoskey I ' A V Virginia Lee Muenzler ly N' Beatrice Olivarez " an Alvin Oncken 0 , ' Pt ' . ' ' f Q N, Susie Osburn 9 .cf Doris Perez K .1 ti' Billy Peterek Ji A Q " ts - ""' 'I Barbara Pick V' Q A E , Alice Pirkle 'W a V ff?-' ' B ' P'kl pl 4 R V , ernice ir e Q , ' A Patrick Plunkett 'F Herbie Pounds WK 4 ,gf 5- W David Quinton J ' , H Jerry Rabon Q -ag 5. Q " Patricia Rackler X A N V 1 'Q 0 Dorothy Rajnoch . - 1 D, 31 Trevor Read Q le: V 1 s V f Martha Lynn Reaves Ji--J ' f L AL AWN . C. Richter 1 X, Callinda Rodriquez 9 Hope Rodriquez X92 Jesse Rodriquez "' ' J' , Jimmy Rodriquez f 1 f Josie Rodriquez Sammy Roeber f' 'X -1 " lda Ruth Sanchez A Kenneth Schauer . . ,1,I 'Y Mary Lou Selzer Q mt. I . ' f '- . rv" 3 ' ' - . Dianne Shuler iii' Kenneth Ray Sicheneivher " is V I Arthur Sliger L ,hi D Gail Sl-man -eff 'fy '54 4 Much to Learn f'el-te Ros1e Sofka Joe Sofka Mary Lee Smlth Ronme Srmth Fred Sta1r Barbara Jean Thomas Angelyn T1eken Weldon Carl Tleken Vally Valdez Jane Vara Sandra Vordenbaum Sharon Wallace Jean Watts Maydell Weathersby Barry Wlley Bobby Lee Wlenecke Frances W1lson Vlfglnla W1shert W1ll1am Wundt Larry Zavad1l Robert Zella :major organ1zat1on of the .1 grade 1S the Jun1or Amer1can 1126113 Club Leadmg the parade w1th the b entry are Fred Stan' and Lee Sloan .J-f I W 2' 'V' -.xx in 'Yr J M3 .hx NO PHO IO AVAILABLE Larry Bane Benny L,arnar1llo Vlctor Camar 1llo C lenda Ferrell Mary Ortlz Hlllarla R10 Jas Joe Rwera Donald Robmson Harold W1l l amson S---"' e Q-W -4' U-V H ' 3.- ln- f' by 2 2 1 1 - V: I nil- gil: 4 . A K U it I V r . A l Q A , 4 ,V , ,Am S ,K 'J "- l . 7' e ' I Q xg y ff S 5 '-4,1 Yf ' l"' 'K , f . fx Q .A ' In 1 , F ' ,. 5 ' .Z If 4 J, ' ' Z , E- . ., , N i :QQ ' 7:1 -.7251 '- 7 3 'AG 1 Q: - S 3' 4. if , - u h t D .25.i....g:-7 1 H' S 5' f -51 ' ' ' X j :': '.,. 'V TJ VA . ' . ' ' xt y 1 1 ' ' I . i ' ' , ' s E ,f A iw. ' et 2 ' - X 1, , . . ' s 5 L --A . . ' V J P, 439' S3 51,-7' I - ' E-1 . '06 My-, f , , 'Q .rf Q' ' 4' ,A Bib 'K-. iv' s.. !. If Y. i, I P 5 5 V ,.., 1 wi f ' , .V ff 1,-is ...L 7 5' W Q .. 'V 41225.- 20 mf.:-Z 'QV M EA Y' fff asxdi 'f 2 Hr W1 4 , f I gk, my if Y' iwfiai H . 5 r E ' M ' xNF X X XXSP X Xx K N x X X X X X M WX , Apaches Win 9 Lose 1 3 13 Q FIRST ROW Amado Garcla Curt1s Parsley Bob Caskey Tommy Brown Pete Cantu Edward Chrlstlan Ph1l1p S1lvas MANAGER Bobby Tabor SECOND ROW COACH Peterson Charles Ronhausen Kenneth Malatek Allen Brzozowskx Johnny Mack Marrou Glen Iley Roger Wllke MANAGER Juhan Marrou THIRD ROW COACH Wmters B1lly Ra W1lleford Bobby Ray Matocha R1ch ard Meneley .Tohnn1e Zavadxl A C Lacy Donald Crow Robert Cox COACH Burrows MANAGER Raymond Wllleford The never say d1e sp1r1t of the Apaches 1S part1ally the result of the leadersh1p of the tr1 captalns elected at the begm nmg of the season Bobby Ray Matocha Charles Ronshausen and Allen Brzozow Skl spark the team Settlng examples of Q , sportsmansh1p tra1n1ng hab1ts and team loy alty :xx Hazel IS Sweetheart Pretty Hazel English was elected sweetheart of the Apache team this year A cheerleader for the past two years Hazel is one of the Apaches' most enthusiastic stioporters As a four year member of the Orange Jackets she has cheered the Apaches on to victory and consoled them in defeat Coaches are Heart of Team Coaches Allen Winters, Clarence Peter- son, and Eddie Burrows did an outstand- ing job this year of directing and coach- ing the Apaches. Mr. Winters and Mr. Burrows attended the University of Texas and Mr. Peterson, Texas A Sz I. m .af Ex, Q gx 9? Eight Braves Fight Their CHARLES RONSHAUSEN Guard Z year letterman TOMMY BROWN End 1 year letterman 'ab . EAM" The Gonzales Apaches waltzed through the Floresv1lle Tlgers Z6 6 1n the1r f1rst game of the season It was the th1rd stra1ght v1ctory for the Apaches over the T1ger squadsmen The second wm of the season came 1n a sparkhng 34 6 v1ctory over the Segu1n Matadors It was the second defeat for the Matadors by Gonzales V1ctory number 3 came when the Apaches waded through a very h1gh1y respected Yoakum team to w1n the game 19 7 BILLY RAY WILLEFORD Center 1 year Letterman ROBERT COX End 2 year letterman Good blockmg by Curt1s Parsley C611 Rlchard Menely 151i and B111 Chr1st1an C701 and the fakmg of Kenneth Malatek A C Lacy and Bob Caskey chck as Bobby Matocha 1121 scores a touchdown for Gonzales 1n the Fredencksburg game CS' lo ,4 aww! Last battle for G. H. S. ' 'll ALLEN BRZOZOWSKI EDWARD CHRISTIAN Back Back Tri-Captain l year letterman All-District 4 year letterman Bruising and battering their way through the rugged Luling Eagle defense, The Ap- ache tribesmen acquired success in win- ning victory number four 32-13. The Apaches clipped the wings of the T Cuero Gobblers Z7-13 to win after the ig. Gobblers almost overtook the Braves G' but failed to so so, which resulted in their defeat. The Apaches outran the Northeast Brahma backfield and bulldogged the Brahma line which held the Northeast team to twelve points. It was considered a field day for the Apaches, who defeated the Brahmas 52-12. BOBBY MATOCHA DONALD CROW Back End Tri-Captain l year letterrnan All-District All-State 4 year letterman 1 . L... In 'rein' JV' Q The Apaches fin white Jerseys, show teamwork as they move the ball downfield in the San Marcos game Notice the referees keeping a sharp eye out for trouble I X Juniors' Play Is Important A KENNETH MALATEK JOHNNY ZAVADIL PL Back Tackle gf' Z year letterman 1 year letterman The Apaches fought their hardest battle before they collected their Unicorn tro- phy. The win was the seventh of the sea- son for the Apaches. The score ended Z7-21. Tying the San Marcos Rattlers in knots, the Gonzales Apaches won their eighth straight game, It was the second dis- trict win for the Apaches as they walked away with a 60-32 victory. ' - ". V 'N"u. ., Q.. lt", ., T -L',Z' 664: ROGER WILKE Back 1 year letterman The sweetheart, Hazel English, poses for cameras while escort Bobby Miller watches the game. W TK .ffm ' if fwfwiagz' AMADO GARCIA Guard Z year letterman An Apache is ambushed by Northeast tacklers, Part On Apache Team .J 'es if A JL V, i a Q V.: RICHARD MENE LEY Center A. C. LACY Back 2 year letterman 2 year letterrnan PETE CANTU Guard 2 year letterman The Apaches hung the Fredericksburg Hillbillies in their final and last feud between the two. The Hillbillies will drop out of the district and off the Ap- ache schedule, Winning their ninth straight game 52-21, the Apaches mov- ed up to rank seventh in the state. The Apaches bowed courageously to the more powerful opponent, the Lock- hart Lions. The mighty Lockharttearn gave the Apaches their first defeat of the season, beating them 32-20, The loss of this one game was unusually significant, for it gave Lockhart the district title and Gonzales a close se- cond. Bubba Christian PH11-,IP SILVAS :cores his first Back touchdown. 1 year letterman Matocha picks up blockers in the Northeast gaxnt and stops a Northeast man from gaining yardage BACKBONE OF THE TEAM This trio was the corner post of the Apache 1955 football team. Bill Christian Q70j, and Glen Iley 1752, were the tackles on the line, and Curtis Parsley fblj, played guard and middle -linebacker, Christian and Iley were selected on the All-District teamg both are seniors. Parsley is a junior and will return next year. BOB CASKEY Back Z year letterman JOHNNY MACK MARROU Tackle 1 year letterman FOUR WARRIORS MAKE ALL DISTRICT These four Apache warriors were selected to the all district team They are Glen Iley and Bill Christian tackles Allen Br zozowski end and Bobby Matocha half back They were chosen not only for their good play on offense but also on defense and for their superb sportsmanship All are seniors and will not appear on the field of play as Apaches anymore 62 11 IU'-v 510 'M s.-.4-...- -jiif'-un --...v uname' B' TEAM FIRST ROW Damel Dolezal Robert Ramos Abel Escobedo Kenan Sm1th Clyde Lee by DuBose Sam Wyatt Edwln Malatek Pat Cumrn1ngs THIRD ROW J1mrny Atklson James Avant Earl Gerloff Herman Cumrnmgs Karl Kuntsch1k J1rnrny DeBerry STARTING ' ll LINEMEN Allen Brzozowslu Glen Iley Amado Garcma R1chard Meneley Curt1s Pars ley B1llChr1st1an Robert Cox BACKS Kenneth Malatek Bob Caskey Bobby Matocha A C Lacy lr -we P i IS N-ff Q4 ,L ..,,1c!'5-4" 63 9 nf 7 , bl-'f Q, lk. I I - : I' If N' I 4s I , i-If 0 1 Y E Ap ' 11 ' ' I A -' I , , A , 7 E' I .Ll .5 ", 4 , Y N , gy 1 ' 5. I I " .9 ' f5 X h 1 ' ' 4 f W' L F . ...- 'Q v Q , . , ,K . . ,X rl? X ' II I Hinton, COACH Peterson. SECOND ROW: T. J. Reid, Joe Clark, Freddie Beeson, Bob- I ll J ef,.3 . , ' S' ,fY., -F f 'M Q, . HY-. pue- ' W., 1 I X, H X 1 1 Q . A , A "png - A ff ' AN f ,- ,'f",-X-'. ' Fish Have Their Own Athletics FIRST ROW James Leonard J1mmy Lloyd M1chael Dar1lek Ernrnxtt Curr1e J'1mmy Mach1cek Ronme Coleman SECOND ROW Benme Dolezal Carlos Wr1ght Dav1d Pet tus M1lton Ne1tsch Jr D1ck Goss Morgan Lxttle THIRD ROW COACH Burrows B1lly Chenault Wayne Brown R1chard Hauser Rlchard Kmght Woody Hagen Walter Vackar FOURTH ROW B1lly Baker Donald Fortune B1ll1e Joe W1ley Donald Bennett Arthur P1 rkle Denve r Pe rklns Th1S 15 the f1rst freshman team organ1zed 1n Gonzales Hrgh School The1r record lowlng a lot of boys to part1c1pate rn ath let1cs was accomphshed These are the future Apaches and they w1ll prove them selves 1n future years September September September October October October October fe tw Columbus Beev1lle Cue ro V1ctor1a New Braunfels Columbus New Braunfels T H xx - I , was unimpressive, but the purpose of al- ' " I 2 K ,X ' . -ff f' " .., - fm- i'MNwlnl""' I , 13 H , -so zo ' T ,ff Tr up 27 H 174 4 ' ' H ll 18 T ' 25 . I 64 Papooses Learn Fundamentals of Sports I m L A - 1 m 4- L FIRST ROW Pat Plunkett Bllly Peterek Alton Meyers Don Cummmgs Bert Ehr1g Lawrence Kuntscluk Herbert Pounds Joe Rlvera Larry Holt Ronme Sm1th Freddxe Marek SECOND ROW B111 George Henry Cantu Fxdenclo Longorxa Edward F1n1.h Elgm He1nemeyer Ernest Ehrxg Johnny Meneley Benn1e Freed Bruce Sprmg Car roll W1ley Royce Towns M1chaelEberle Lou1s Martxnez Roland Breutschopf THIRD ROW Bobby W1enecke Herman Bre1tsc1"opf Steve P1rkle Lupe Escobedo Obert Logan Tom George Benme Mol1na J1m D1Ck1HSOn V1ctor Dolezal Lou1s Knlp pa Dav1d Ince Dav1d Camar11lo W1ll1am Carleton 1- OURTH ROW COACH Gerald Shanklm Henry Fonseca Frank Benes Bobby Holmes W1111am H111 Joe Molma Juaqum R1vera Barry W1ley D1cky Hardcastle H111 Bobby Holmes and Tom George They played a major part 1n 1nsp1r1ng the team to a 7 1 record Q 'Sox' N 1 1 I 1 1 h 1 . 1 I 1 1 . 1 1 I . 1 . - i ' 1 1 . ' ' 1 l A 1 l l 1 . 1 1 . 1 I 1 ' . 1 1 l 1 . l 1 , - Z ' 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . . 1 . . I 1 r 1 V ' . 1 ' 1 I I 1 . Q - 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 l I ' 1 l 1 1 1 - xx :.' 'Lg ' ' ' ' ' 71"-"Y""-" -- V - I ' 1 , ,. V ',"2a?'5',1.'f11,n,, 1, , TWQ,hfg,, 13. .,', as ,A A I Q 1. ' U s kg 1 4 1 . ff . , . . Q 1 . 1 1 f-in XX v' - X cd! V . f 3 , ' , W Z, T x -I ' : 1- , -- X X Q f XXL' I ' 65 Lead1ng the Papoose team as tr1 captams thls year were W1l11am Noll Team Showsl Strong -5 11-J SEASON 'S Gonzale s 29 Gonzales 38 Gonzales 43 Gonzales 30 Gonzales 45 Gonzale s 51 Gonzales 35 Gonzale s 36 RECORD Fredericksburg Northeast Lockhart San Marcos Northeast Fredricksburg Lockhart San Marcos 'il Year A nr' I if if--A QNN, if we fs 2 I O f 1 1 fd S I .a ef' 4-., .iff 4 ' wmv QOMFVV ,U k., 3 'li L -15 .1 , I xi 4 E if NX x z l na- n ' f B "A" and "B" Apache Cagers 4 it ix D X I 1 Q 5 qt G, H, S, was sparked with a fighting basketball team that wouldn 't quit. Although their record is not a championship one, the boys maintained consistent good spirit and pep to try for another victory. An inexperienced team, with one returning letterrnan, showed strong prospects for next year's team. Herrnan Cumrnings was the leading scorer on the team with 2.19 points. The points made by the other players are: Lacy, 1685 Wilke, 1355 Brzozowski, 1335 Meneley, 735 Caskey, 455 Schurig, 265 and Kuntschik, 2. Wilke jumps for the ball as the Apaches strive for a victory over the Lockhart Lions. as--V 'M WX mu 'W X' Q 125 fm'f'lQ2ff'I' Coach Eddie Bur- H--G rows was the basketball V coach in Gonzales for the first time this year. Al- though he had an inexper- ienced team, he trained the boys well and sup- ported them with his en- tliusiasm throughout the season. ai 4 W i N gli 3 'ri L gi Battle Many Opponents 5? I 'E Members of the "B" team showed great Apache spirit in their games during the season PICTURED ABOVE ARE: Kenan Smith, Pete Cantu Leonard Frederick Woody Hagen John ny Zavadil, Richard Baker, Daniel Dolezal Joe Clark and Donald Fortune NOT PICTURED IS: Horace Robinson. Cummings lays up a crib against the Lions as Meneley goes in to give a little aid and Wilke and Lacy look on. ' z Apache Diamond Boys :iff A fi The l956 baseball team Worked hard to defend their Regional Championship title of 1955. They areg FIRST ROW: Coach Allen Winters, David DuBose, Bobby DuBose, Amado Garcia, Wayne LePori. Kenneth Malatek. SECOND ROW: Bob Caskey, Bill Christian, A. C. Lacy, Nolan Vickers, Paul Schurig, Roger Wilke, and Coach Eddie Burrows. 'ESM "N-v 4 MLM- if .J 4 S ,.-uric... 2.46.-1 mga Coaches Allen Winters and Eddie Burrows are get- ting the baseball diamond in shape for the season. This is the third year of baseball coaching for Mr. Winters, while Mr. Burrows is a newcomer. Mr. Winters was an All- American for one year and Mr, Burrows for Z years. 70 1956 SCHEDULE March 27 Luling April 3 Seguin April 10 San Marcos April 14 Cuero April 17 Yoakum April Z0 Luling April Z 3 Lockhart April Z6 Seguin May 4 Cuero May ll Yoakum May 14 Lockhart 4 it , Bill Christian, "A" team catcher, gives a signal to the pitcher, as Bobby DuBose watches for the ball, X X Bobby Matocha beats the ball to first base, as Nolan Vickers attempts to put him out. David DuBose, Bob Caskey, Bobby Matocha, and Nolan Vickers make up the in- field staff for the Apaches. ' 'UWQ -LT Bi, ,W vs iz 3.1 ,. ' M, ,LQ ft' , ' " ,,, 'U' ww. J y New Team and Jackets are Presented Q 'Q X fi mi :jg X J fl agiiwhfvi Q.! The Freshman and "B" team baseball squad for 1956 areg FIRST ROW: Emmitt Currie, Billy Baker, Wayne Brown, Carlos Wright, Ronnie Coleman. SECOND ROW: Joe Clark, Woody Hagen, Johnnie Mack Marrou, Richard Knight, Bennie Dolezal and Milton Neitsch. The climax of the sport's season is the awarding of the jackets and the sweaters. Here, they are presented by the coaches to the 1956 lettermen and the cheerleaders. This year, the sophomores received sweaters and the juniors and seniors, jackets. The jackets are black, trimmed with orange and with an orange G. 2, l il 3 3 G.H.S. Thinclads Richard Meneley ge ts c .- Bill Christian clears the first a good toss the shot put. 111 A. C. Lacy leaps for distance in the broad jump. low hurdle in the low hurdle race. ba Don Gustafsop hands .off the ton to Roger Wilke, ,while Bob mf' W .eva .1- w W L jail Iva Cummings sails high as he shows his orthodox form in the high jump. 74 Caskey and Bobby Matocha stand by to receive it in the 440 relay, 'iiigf' 27,39 A' .-111 AM-fcsfrf--, Members of the Freshman and "B" team track are: FIRST ROW: Billy Baker, Carlos Wright and Jimmy Lloyd. SECOND ROW: Denver Perkins Emmitt Currie, Ronnie Coleman, Morgan Little, Cha rle s Stella, Milton Clark, Bennie Dolezal, Marrou, Woody Hagen Guiterre z, Nietsch, THIRD ROW: Joe Richard Knight, Johnny Wayne Brown, and Willie I L Girls like to Play, Also I 4 4 The Volleyball team consisted of, FIRST ROW Dorothy Bond, Mary Sofka, Ima Gene Bouldin Maple Frederick, Glynda Storey, SEC- OND ROW Cordelia Cuvelier, Minnie Hill, Mattie Hinton Jeanne Meneley, Nancy Alex, and Virginia Clark. SENIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Sarah Short, A Senior, trys for a basket, while another senior, Jeanne Meneley goes in for a re- bound, during the ' A 1 senior and junior .L al fel. basketball games. La Badminton participants are Ima Gene Bouldin, Peggy White, and Mary Ann Allen They represented Gonzales in San Marcos at the District meet this year. sic' , 1 4 U K JUNIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Hazel English, a Senior, and Cor- delia Cuvelier, a Junior, jump for the ball, 75 W Q' Nh , Q " L5 Organizations---the link between school and the community. More than just the groups that meet every Thursday morning, these activities complement and develop the indivi- dual according to his own interests. It's not all frosting on the cake, for participation in school organizations brings not only fun, honor, and glory, but also responsibilities to members and leaders alike, l These girls, so often in the limelight in school and community affairs, are typical of countless others in G,H,S, who, through our various organizations, serve our school and develop their own personalities. The loyalty of the members .... the hard work of the leaders .... the ability and desire to make something of the organization ..,. all are part of making an organization successful 76 X X Srgfanlzahons 5 gw If iq'-39' 6 O 'mofa-"4 wx R' M, Y x X X XX X X Q X x x X X X X ' X W X x X XX N H X X X Qs A X Q. ' A' vm.. X X "" X 0 M1 1 0 J 07 ' V Y -...gig . ' -1 K' X I XX H W 4 w V 77 Student Council Promotes Democratic Ideals in G. H. S They Excel in Sports TROPHY CASE IS BRAIN CHILD OF SENIOR G. A. A. The Girls Athletic Association, under the eadership of Mrs. Winston Logan, Spongor, and eanne Meneley, president, sponsored the pur- hase of a new trophy case. Money was given y clubs and classes of G. H. S., but the planning nd execution of the job was through the Cv. A. A. ther officers of the club are: Virginia Clark, ice-president, Dorothy Breitschopf, secretary- reasurerg Dorothy Scherlen, reporter, and aple Freidrich, historian. X -1 - x .- ' - . ...ii - l... X--i..i.-ii "G" IS KEY TO LETTERMAN'S ASSOCIATION . Q ,Q KL V I I 9 , I F' 11 ... -ff-1'-'-:W , lv I 1 The Letterrnan's Association, the boys' athletic club of Gonzales High School, is made up of all the boys who earn a letter in any sport. This year the officers were Bobby Matocha, president, Nolan Vickers, vice -president, and Charles Ronshausen, secretary-treasurer. During the year the letter- men presented a talent show for the entertainment of the students. One Droiect is the purchase of a trampolene. 79 0 it ki'-D X f ,Q at Av an lynx J Hx Nw--4 ff ,J l W-we-.4 . of .., .... Five foot tWo,eyes of blue des - cribes Loretta Barta, band sweet- heart, almost to perfection. A clarinet player, she has partici- pated in ensembles for contests during the four years she has been a member of the Apache Band. Loretta has shown a keen in- terest in homemaking, being a member of the FHA for three years. '67 u .,, M . N Maioretfes Spark QKWZMTQ Majorettes are Marilyn Briggs, Jeanne Menelev, and Molly Totz. Leading the Apache Band this year as drum major is Leita St. Clair. A five year band mem- ber, playing the bells and tim- pani, Leita has been a major- ette for three years. Underher able leadership the band won a first at marching contest. By lnterscholastie League rating, Leita has been named a first division twirler for three years. Apache Band Band Brings Honor to G. H. S. iii it A , .. .. s 3' Rated one of the six top bands in South Central Texas by lnterscholastic League ratings, the Apache Band has had a rewarding year in return for its many hours of drilling and practice. Un- der the direction of Frank Preizner, the band specialized in precision marching during the half- time performances at the Apache football games. Their jazz music and football songs added to the school spirit and pep rallies. The band entertained the patients at Warm Springs with a Christmas program, and they pre- sented a Christmas and spring concert for the public. Traveling to Austin to attend Band Day at the University of Texas, the Apache musicians participated in a parade of bands and the half- time performance at the Texas-T, C, U, game, , Ranking high in musicianship, nine members were placed in District Band, three in Region- al, and one in State Band. A three day trip to Kerrville high-lighted the traveling season forthe band. Officers of the band are: Roy Wright, captain, Bill Christian, president, Betty Reese, vice- presidentg Christine White, secretary, Opal Lee Clark, treasurer, Ann Schultz, reporter, Denver Perkins, sergeant-at-arms: Bethel Busch and John Mohrmann, librarians. Malorettes Lead Band LEITA ST. CLAIR Y ' ,P as gl, K, Q' ,3-, Z- ,Lg i r , -f vw. i ii f I ZVA' .,.V' Zaxxt b ' Ji: YA SWB il j ix ,, -8-5-. Leading the Apache Band is a new quar- tet of Majorettes headed by Leita St. Clair, drurn major, a veteran of three years. At the In- terscholastic Lea- gue Twirling Contest Leita St. Clair, Mar ilyn Briggs and Lil- lian Ann Van Deve ren won first on the twirl ing solos. The five girls also Won first division on their en- senible. 82 To Beat That Team You Gotta Scream 5 v E S, ' A f . agar X5 K Q 'L fl X 'Ti xx ix y J, ' ' 'fl w A , -..f1"Y' 5' . 1911. va N 5 r J yy 'J . C , ' fig 2 I , I y 1 , , Q' ,J -., s W V Sarah Linda Short and Hazel English served as cheerleaders during their junior and senior years. Nancy McGill has been cheerleader during her senior year. Mary Ann Allen a junior, and Dorothy Bond, a sophomore, both newcomers as cheerleaders, added Apache spirit to every game. O. J. 's present peace - Pipe X41 secy. 5 Dorothy Breitschopf, corr. secy. 3 Mary Anne Sala, pres. 5 Dorothy Scheilen, Vice- pres. 3 Nancy Traeger, Sarah, vivacious and energetic, led the Orange Jackets as Head Cheerleader this year, She has been a rnernber of the O. J. 's for four years, serving as cheerleader for two of those years. She received recognition from radio station KTSA for outstanding leadership with the O, J. 's during l956. Officers of O. J. 's are: Carolyn riardcastle treas.g Marilyn Pierpont, rep 3 Betty Hardcastle mistress of wardrobeg Orene Popps and Judy Sho' - 84 sgt. -at-arms. Cheerleaders hold pep rally at noon in the Tee Pee before the Lockhart game. 2 Wx 'Mel D - 1 I Q I ' V F X 7 7 v . . X 3 ,S A L P 1 2 , Q v 1 V xy X ri I, 3 X! vw ' .w- -VA ,' 9 P 'f ' s ,V V l V t V f5 5 X., .i , I . Al ' ' V ' R I '-, .' . I- , Q NN: 1 fx i f 1 1 ag ,A '-1 0 -as A V ' 'lx Food and Fashion Equip Homemakers for Family Life rm' T 0 A hundred and forty members strong, the Future Homemakers of America is the largest club in school Activities of the club are carried on all year begin Warren and Car ning with an officer training camp in the late sum- Olyn represent the mer I' HA in the Home coming Parade N FHA Week by holding open house, initiating new members, installing the officers, and attending district and area meetings. As a money making project the club holds several candy sales The annual trip was to the San Antonio Livestock Exposition in February this year Clirnaxing the year is the State Convention with -.7 1 the president and vice-president attending with , a sponsor as delegates. 1 ' Refreshments for open house were V' V ,H arm- 4' prepared by the second year girls. "' ' ' 1 ' ' Members of the FHA old and new look forward to National FHA Week. Part of this week is the in- formal initiation during one of the days and formal initiation at the installation services where the new members receive their FHA pennants. Open house follows in the homemaking cottage. Spofllghters Learn Achng and Dlrecfing Th1s year the Spothght Club has been a drama servlce organ1zat1on prov1d1ng entertamment for the other clubs and c1v1c organ1zat1ons The club also produced "Clement1ne' a three act play wh1ch was the annual fund ra1s1ng project Leadlng the Spothght Club ma successful and interesting year are Nancy Traeger, presidentg John Mohr- mann, vice presidentg Betty Reese, secretaryg Beverly Hermann, treas- urerg Sarah Short, reporterg and Bre- vard Brothers, sergeant-at-arms. Here Nancy Traeger and Mrs. W. L. Crews work out final details for presentation of the play. 92 X 5 Sarah Short John Mohrrnann J Ann Hanson and Karl Kuntsch1k are pract1c1ng hard for the Spothght play, Clementine . .ps " Quill 8m Scroll Members Excel In Journalism Scroll, Lois Perkins, Leita St. Clair, Betty Reese, Bobby Bright, Ima Gene Bouldin, and Shirley Fro- ehner were initiated into the Quill and Scroll Soc- iety by Miss Corinne Remschel, club adviser. This is a national honorary society for high school jour- nalists. To become a member the student must be a junior or senior, in the top third of his class who has done outstanding work on school publications. DorothyScherlen, MargaretPavelka Hazel English, and Marilyn Schieberle work on the chapter scrapbook for the Quill and Members Train for Leadership in the World of Business .KDfC f 62593, wi ' in 'iii fi ., 'ui 455' The members of the Commercial Club have had a very busy year. They have visited the bank, had speakers and parties. Wanda Barber serves as pres- ident, and other officers are Margaret Pavelka, vice- presidentg Emily Darilek, secretaryg Minnie Mae Hill treasurer: Julia Havel, reporterg Tony Rivera, chair- man of constitution and by-laws, Carlos Portales, ser- geant-at-arms. 1 94 I. sw 'Egg' 0 , J A C IS a Nahonal Organization Leadmg the Thorn as Jefferson Chapter composed of seventh graders are Ann lwlarek pres Fran ces Wmlson f1rst V1CC pres Patrxcla Gran berry second v1ce pres Sue Carnes secy treas Barbara Elhson song leader Thomalyn Conl1n reporter Ken neth Schauer Bllly Petcrek color bear ers T ee Sloan a d Fred Sta1r color guards lg, X The Juruor Amer1can C1t1zens Clubs are the only nat1onal clubs 1n Gonzales Junlor Hlgh School They are sponsored by the Thomas Shelton Chapter of the Daughters of the Amer1n.an Revolut1on "Just1ce Amer1can1sm Character' the club motto 1S stressed at each meet1ng w1t members repeatmg lt ln unxson In add1t1on they g1ve the pledge to the flag the JAC Prayer and smg tloe nat1onal anthem They observe all Nat1onal hohdays w1th approprlate ceremome Offlcers of the George Washmg ton Chapter corn posed of e1ghth grade students are Gayle M1d.k1ff pres Nonadel Schweda f1rstv1ce pres Gladys Sm1th sec ond v1ce pres Sh1rley Iley secy Tommy K1ng treas Carolyn Tmsley re porter Bobby Jack son color bearer and Helen Rernschel song leader u Q u u . Q . 'i 1 -r 3 1 - S ' I - A , Q - 7 - ' ' I ! 4 ' . Q 1 , . , I 1 IJ? A . - N I 5 , . 1 - s , - " A Q M A H Xbif . ' s , 2 cj ' I -..1-... 1 ' 1 ', 1 1 h . 1 . , . 1 , . . . . . . Q , .. , , 1 . I I' A 1 1 - 1 - .4 . ...V . . I' A - s - Q y Y - 1 . Q V 'I , . ,1 v , 5 ' I ' lu. ,, Y ' 1 ' k - 1 1 - . . K . - X A , - , 0 .- ' N 1' 1 -'f ' I S f x I 1 K Xxx .- .- ' 1. Hi-Y Club Emphasizes Ideals in G. H.S. l 1 5 'l The Hi-Y Club, new ' in G.H. S. , is the high school branch of the Y. M. C.A. The purpose of the club is to create and main-I tain high Christian stand- gr ards in the school and com- munity. The first officers of the I-Ii Y are Robert Bush president Jimmy DeBerry vice president Wayne Le Pori secretary Roy Wright trea surer Warren Hornung Chaplin Herman Cummings sgt arms Bobby DuBose song leader and Robert Jordan sponsor Patrlclans Excel ln Forensics vi V John Mohrmann presides at a meeting of the Patricians Club This organization is one of the few in G H S where membership is by invitation only during the year Members of the club participate in several speech tournaments Officers of the club are John Mohrmann president Marilyn Briggs vice president Lois Pearl Perkins secretary Opal Lee Clark treasurer Nancy Traeger reporter Harold E Niebuhr is sponsor 96 ewan' Junior G.A.A.Club Members Learn Rules and Fundamentals The Junior G. A. A is made up of eighth grade girls. During the year the girls have a program of games and sports at the meetings. They learn the rules of fair play. Officers of the club are: president, Betty Lou Walker, vice-presi- dent, Delfina Rodriquezg secretary-treasurer, Sharon Koehlerg report- er, Carolyn Barnickg chairman of activities, Barbara Behlen. Mrs. Winston Logan is the club sponsbr. Freshmen Back The Fish All The Way For the first time this year a freshman pep squad was organized. Carolyn Nagel was chosen head cheerleader. The other girls are Glenna Orts, Jerry Kay Buckley, Gretchen Niebuhr, and Janice Tie- ken. ,ni --Q U Pep Squad Boosts The Papooses Leading cheers for the Papoose team this year were five cute junior high cheerleaders. They are Gladys Smith, head cheerleaderg Frances Wilsong Sue Carnesg Catherine Lloydg and Bette Lou Walker Knot shownl. krw- 5... -- 2'8- Junior Scientists Watch Their Teacher Complete an Experiment Participation in a vari- ety of programs in the field of science makes the Science Club interesting to all boy membership. Included in the schedule of programs was a field trip by plane, a trip to the water plant, collection of insects, microscopic study films and speakers. Officers of the club are: Wendel Littlefield, presi- dentg John Hasche, vice-presidentg Jimmy Ham, secre - tary, Haskell Hendershot, reporter, David Kuntchik, ser- gent-at-armsg and the sponsor is Mrs. Juengerman. Members Hear Different Kinds Of Stories The Story Club is made up of students of the seventh and eighth grade. During the meetings the club hears all kinds of stories told by upper-classmen. Henry Kuntchik, presidentg La Verne Betty Lou Walker, president, Jean Mickesh, vice-presidentg Beverly Neitsch, Rajnoch, vice-presidentg Margaret Vanek secretaryg and Nancy Neitsch, treasurer. secretaryg and Judy Kiefer, treasurer. Publications Lexington and Pow Wow Staffs Slave to Record School year. Taking a breather is the hard work- ing publication staff, who produce both the Pow Wow and the Lexington yearbook. Carrying the heav- iest load of the year book production is the staff of editors. They are Hazel Eng- lish, Nancy McGill, Shirley Froehner, Marilyn Schieberle, Dorothy Scherlen, Edward Christian, Bobby Bright, Sarah Short, Lois Pe rkins, Terry Miller, and Bill Christian. HazelEnglish,ed- itor of the Lexing - ton has varied duties. She plans layouts,writesco- py and gives gen- eral advice and help to all mem- bers of the staff, Assisting the editors of the Lexing- ton staff are the co-editors and all members who carry the load of the seemingly unimportant tasks. These members include Betty Reese, Jan Vickers, Bobby Miller, Bobbie Christian, Beverly Hermann, Mar- garet Eggert, Jean Baker, Julia Havel, and Shirley Harris. One Pow Wow staff is busy writing stories and headlines for next weeks paper. They are Jo Ann Hoover, News Editor, Charlissa Tieken, Ex- change Editor. These members of the Lexington staff do the "leg Work. " They sell the ads that help pay for the year book. The ad sellers are Glen lley, Leita St. Clair, Ann Schultz, Sam Wyatt, and Billy Willeford. Betty Reese and Ima Gene Bould- in are co-editors of the Pow Wow. Betty checks the assignment sheet while Ima Gene watches the printing of the paper, I ' - E xx f gp ff J KE'5' 'T -I M., Cx 1- T S. 4 3 X Aqivifies X X u R X X xt KN! X if . Q, Q Q x ? wifgx Q ' X X y X x N x X i X N X Q x K ' x X X x X X X X l x X X X! k X. L y N ff' 1 ..- . I ,r ,Q 416 yk f 07 A Sm, , bf 4 f i 'EQ xy E F - X 101 monday 1 , 'ffl ,1 Q' Cl s. Weldon Tieken, Sammy Roeber, and Alvin Oncken try to make an "A" in Texas History by helping Mrs. Nelson wash windows. Blue Monday begins with Waiting for the jf .2 bell to ring to welcome the students to 4 A class. These boys don't seem to be look- , ing forward to another week of classwork. F- , A " WY! S Mr. Havel's office, busy as always on Monday morn- ings, when all the Friday va- cationers come back to school. 4 The patio is always a favorite place dur- - I Gray Jurek, Roy Wright, Buddy Bush, ing the ,noon hour at G,H,S, What s so and Dick qtrpet assemble a radio as interesting to MaryAnn Allen, Mary Mar- their hy? C' ' Y. garet Boehm, Bobby Matocha, Bob Cas- P YSICM Prmect' 102 key, and Bobby Miller? tue day 'J I,, If-14' v , be - 4 0 . ..-g . ' ,ifgfziz 4- z-SLB...-:cha au,-r... - af- arg Jim Dickinson turns on the water fountain for Gayle Midkiff as Nancy Kay Brothers waits her turn to get a drink. s 'f M3 , A 9" . -.. - Y' '1' I 1:- , an af ,gif-.A ,..alD, 4 f-Q 1""r"'ifggt ""'m' 'T' V- 'vw 'L-1 v,,, ,,.W,f, we ' - W. f I sf Mrs. Floyd gets the pies ready to serve at the cafeteria. John Mohrmann, Brevard Brothers, and Virginia Clark complete a chemistry experiment. Don't blow anything up, kids! 103 A familiar "hang-out" for rnany G. H. S, students during the noon hour is the Tee Pee. The students can dance or play games. One of the popular places on Tuesday nights at G,H,S, during the basketball season was the gym, where loyal Apache fans routed for their team. wedn day .ff Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Petras work hard every day in the cafeter- ia to prepare nourishing meals. Here they prepare the Thanksgiving turkey dinner. , Shop boys learn to use equipment in class. They learn the do's and dont's of instruments that will be used later. Nancy McGill, Vicki Eberle, and Geor gia lxiachacek, loyal members of the Orange Jackets, clean up the Tee Pee after the lunch hour. Doris Wroblesky, Carolyn Burnett, Mary Margaret Boehm, Bob Caskey, and Johnny Mack Marrou form a panel discussing teen-age dating problems in a l0th grade English class. g gs -t f 'Tut N fi 53. X -X' K l can I 5 wg " Lsii---4 Y xxx! " , X x, Q gt iiix K K sawn. X X x XNX I 4 41. 4 QQWCY xg . Many G, H,S, students attend hx . f -fgoki choir practice at the church of their M011 ' vewgxii choice. On Wednesday night, members ti of the Catholic Church Choir assemble 104 to practice the songs to be sung on Sunday morning. thur flay Members of the Library Science Clubs I and II, under the sponsorship of Mrs. V. K. Randle, learn to find books in the library, take care of them and filc them. Thursday means hamburgers at the cafeteria. Enjoying their lunch are Darleen Baros, Mary Ben Schra- der, Wayne LePori, Buddy Bush, and Warren Hornung. 105 " n m - ,fix rw" a Mrs. Ryan, cafeteria manager, looks at the hamburger makings presided over by Mrs. Popps for Thursday's menu, G.H. S. 'S favorite. They eat so many it takes the cafeteria handyman, Lawrence, to lift the huge containers to the serving counters. "Practice makes perfect!" Sarah Linda Short, Karl Kunt- schik, and Jo Ann Hanson rehearse for the Spot- light Club Play "Clem - entine", A , If all the miles ridden in a year by G,H,S, "com- muters" were strung end to end, would it go around the globe ? The majorettes and cheerleaders light their torches before leading the snake dance to H sql Apache Field. wiv K how many time s All dressed up for Apache day are squaws Marilyn Pierpont, Helen Kimber, and Nelda Jurek. The Apache spirit is climaxed on this day when they meet the Lions for their annual gridiron battle. Every Friday in G, H. S, during football season the student body holds a pep rally to show their sup- port for the Apaches. friday 1 Friday is Girl Scout day in Gonzales and each girl is required to Wear her uniform. Y Marilyn Pierpont, a loyal Jacket member is selling Tony era an Apache ribbon. Adding color and spirit to the pep rallies ea Friday are the cheerleaders, Dorothy Bond Ann Allen, Sarah Short, Hazel English, and cy McGill. aturday Warm weatherbrings Marilyn Biggs out to play tennis on Saturday morn- ing, The Monthalia Methodists enjoy play- ing volleyball on Sunday afternoon. unday familiar sight of Baptist students of G,H,S. faq XM AQ? Members ofthe Apache Band enjoyed danc- ing to music they didn't ha- ve to play at their annual Band Dance. Mary Margaret Boehm and Bob Caskey are Saturday night picture show "fiends", y be seen every Sunday morning before Sun- A talented sophomore, Pat Wright, is organist 1 and Church. for the Presbyterian Church on Sunday mornings I "an ol Hay" Q, SP5 .SX LMT! irq, ,xmas 1- W 4. ff 5. Margie Neuse and Donald Glass move their speed cars up on Miss Ruth Wrights typing class speedway. 41' A common activity is the promotion of some club or class project. The G, A. A. 's promo- tion was A Sock Hop held in the gym on one of the many busy weekends. fuk New Lettermen Glen Iley Johnny Mack Marrou, Bobby Tavor, Julian Marrou, Tommy Brown, and Donald Crow face the laughing faces of G, H, S, students during initiation. Marilyn Pierpont, Geral- dine Mercer, Mary' Ben Schrader, Charlotte Pir- kle, and Lou Hinton place the clean trophies in the new trophy case. Homecoming Is High Point on Fall Calendar af: Dsl g .i-,Lee-iii' ,J It fi-ft. U Hanf- Her Royal Highness Betty Marie Landbeck, elected queen of the 3rd Annual Homecoming of Gonzales High School, was crowned by Superintendent A. O. Bird during the half at the Northeast football game. Her escort was Charles Ronshausen, an Apache tri-captain, The Future Farmers of America show off the Chapter Sweet- heart, Lillian Van Beveren. "Buy your Lexington" urges the Annual Staff. There isn't much time left. 95 IX qi.. ,Q 1' Q 'J .Q way ,J I Chuck claims a kiss from Queen Betty. 1 Princesses of the Homecoming cele bration were Sarah Linda Short and Dorothy Breitschopf. Their escorts were Apache tri-captains Bobb Y The loyal Apache sup- porters, the Orange Jackets, march in the parade. lf' QVe ry Important Personsl ,Wwmmm Mary Ann Allen, elected by popular vote of the Junior class, reigned over the Junior Miss Dance on February 25. The highlight of the night was the crowning of the "Miss" and the presentation of a corsage and boutonniere to her and her escort, Richard Meneley. Dancing their way through life, Sarah Short and Edward Christian were properly named the Best Dancers of the Senior class, Sarah, as head cheerleader, has done a remarkable job in the Orange Jackets and Edward serves as circulatior manager of the Lexington. Allen Brzozowski and Dorothy-Breitschopf were named by the Senior class as the Best Looking. Allen and Dorothy are not only good-looking, but sports -minded as well, with Allen a captain of the football team, and Dorothy serving as sec - retary of the G, A, A, and also of the Orange Jac- kets. MOST COUR Selected for the honor of the Most Courteo boy and girl of the Senior class were Sidney Brown and Mary Ben Schrader. Sidney serve as president of his class and is amember of basketball team. Mary Ben was elected as the D,A,R, representative and is a member of the Student Council, .Q ,Si ' 'NA NN . J, ,X Nr F.- - '- Betty Reese was chosen by the Senior class to repre- nt G, H, S, at the Lantana Festival at A gl I llege. Co-editor of the POW WOW and sec- tary of the Spotlight Club are two of Betty's any honors. She was escorted by Edgar Neuse, G,H,S, graduate of 1954. Virginia Clark, elected by the G, A, A, , was crowned as Popcorn Queen at the Sock Hop given in her honor. She is vice-president of that club, a member of the volleyball team and secretary of the Student Council. The two princesses are Jeanne Meneley and Dorothy Breitschopf. The girls are pictured here at the popcorn machine, a project of the G, A,A, HOMEMAKER OF Hazel English, elected by the Senior class, and her escort, Kenneth Malatek, represented G, H, S, at the annual Halloween Queen Coronation in Hallettsville. Hazel was also elected as the Friendliest Girl. Kenneth serves as vice-pres ident of his class and favorite. POP QUEEN 8: Christine Vlfhite had the honor of being named Gonzales High School's Homemaker of Tomor- row after scoring highest on the Betty Crocker test. She has been in District Band for 3 years and has also participated in music and essay writing at lnterscolastic League. Christine plans to enter the University of Texas and ma- jor in industrial chemistry. 111 Assignments to make out .... tests to run off .... papers to check .... grades to record... These are everyday duties for a teacher. Not only must the teachers have the required knowledge to teach their own subject, but many sponsor clubs and classes .... chaperon parties and dances .... direct and present club and class plays .... and are ready to do almost anything when called upon. All these things go into the making of our teachers. Faculty X xx . R x xxw X WY af 4 1 w fi QS, Y X X X N x X X Q X N X X x X X X X X x W 1 , N. . X f Q M X. NX X I ' fi : 4.mf I xt -13,95 fag vx X ' f 'N 0 X 1 X -' I JG' W X, ,- Q .,, X jx 5, 113 Ps, fr Durmg the past year Pr1nc1pal Fred A Havel J has endeared hnfnself to the students IH G H S We appreuate h1s un endmg good humor h1s unfamlmg 1ntere5t and h1s great understandmg T you Mr Havel we the students of H S sa Thank you " The eff1c1ency d1s played by M155 Odelle Harn1lton secretary to the supermtendent has helped school affa1rs proceed 1n an orderly manner Now completmg h1s f1fth year as school superv1sor IS W B Alexander HIS adV1Ce about courses colleges and vocat1on5 1S open to all fr' Q' , lm . lx, 1 -lf .1 A 1 5' X U' . xg, uma , if 'J if fl I 1 Q' Jeff , 1, We s. fr K f 'Q , S' - 'N , E' v " , .' ,1 .' v ' ' , ' A . A. O. Bird is shown here as he carries o , F. , . J 4 - - f A . ' in - . . . 'I ' I ' 1 A i 7 ' I I 4 I O , ' I I ' . 0 I 4 G. . ., y, " . y, 2 I I Q f O i Q . ,. , 1...-, , T I" . . . , , . 114 school bus1nes5 over the phone HIS terest 1n teenagers IS demonstrated by h w1ll1ng hand ID school affa1r5 Mr B1rd IS now completmg h1s twent1et year as super1ntendent of G H S The k1nd and eff1c1en manner of Mrs Rob ert J' Vackar has en deared her to the stu dents at G H S and has helped the affa1rs of the school to run smoothly -il.. A fam1l1ar f1gure through the halls 'bv of G H S 15 Mrs Sterhng Kelly school nurse Pr1de 1n her work 1S d1splayed by the way she wears her N-'r umform and p1ns Mr B E Davrs Jun1or H1gh math teacher claxms as one of her spec1al mterests teenagers and they keep her busy most of the txme Lee B Muenzler teacher of b1ology and chem1stry 1S now completmg hzs twelfth year Color photography and f1sh1ng are Mr Muenz1er's mam hobb1es Gerald Shankl1n fr1end and compan1on as well as teach er teaches seventh grade math and sclence He IS al so coach of the Papooses Mrs C M Nelson as seventh grade sponsor and Texas Hlstory teacher welcomes all seventh graders to G H S Mrs V K Randle school l1brar1an 1S always read to helpfmd books ofmystery romance or true adventure Mlss Cormne Remschel teacher of sophomore Englxsh has the added duty of bemg sponsor to the Pow Wow and Lexmgton staffs Robert L Jordan a newcomer to the faculty has proved to be an able chorald1rector and a k1nd and understandmg teacher Mrs W L Crews as well as teachmg var1ous math courses dlrects and presents many plays durlng the sc hool year Mrs A T Buckner Jun1or h1gh Engl1sh teacher shown here carmg for her flowers whlch add great beau ty to her room Teachmg a class whmch IS work as well as fun IS Norwood H Gottwald, Jr The ClaSS Of leatherwork, wood work, and metal work g1ves many hobb1es to many people as well as pre parmg some of them for vocatxons 115 Pl 9? ,a--s....a 155' ,MW 1' 'H-' 'Q ,, 92" iff? ' s'l""'s.Q "L K Mrs. R. E. Tabor, 5 i X xv i aug seventh grade reading teacher, has as her special interest, sewing. Allen Winters, serving his first year at G. H. S, as head football coach, has proved himself worthy of the job by gaining the respect of the whole student body and by producing a winning team. Miss Ruth Wright,typ- ing and secretarial training teacher, secures jobs for many students as secretaries. Planning for the future. . this is the thought Mrs. Harold Niebuhr conveys to her Homemaking students. Living on a farrn, brings Harold Niebuhr, freshman English teacher, much enjoyment of outdoor activities. Trustees Se The schoolboard, those individuals who give much of their time to make the educat- ional program a success. .. . seated clock- wise around the table are Monroe Schauer, presi- dents L.H. Bur- chardg Boyce Penrod, secretary Supt. A,O, Birdg Harold McCaskill, vice -presidentg John Shulerg and Julian Marrou. Roy L. Buffington demonstrates that your hobby can be your vocation. Mr. Buffington, the vocational agricul- ture teacher in G.H,S, enjoys caring for livestock. Oil painting and gardening top the list of interests ofMrs R. A. Juengermann, G,H,S, science teacher. 1 wi in . mains her favorite. Miss Lola Beach, Texas History and f Civics teacher and also American 1 History teacher, has at some time taught almost every subject offered in G,H,S,, but social studies re- Mrs. Winston Logan, shown here posting a schedule for Apache games is the girls' volleyball coach and P,E, teacher. junior high math. I' Board Members Dr John Schweda and Mrs Otis Moore are shown checking the prog ress of the newly planted trees on the school campus School POIICIGS Answering questions about dating family relations and money is Miss Anne Havlik C' H S home making teacher Clarence Peterson has several Junior high P E classes and also is head track coach and assist ant football coach J P Kelly Jr G H S vocational agriculture teacher has as one of his hobbies the care f livestock Mrs O M Little teacher of Junior high social studies has a collection of miniatures Miss Dot Lea English teacher and senior sponsor has many activities She enjoys televis 1on and gardening Ed Burrows freshman football coach and assistant track and baseball coach is a newcomer to the faculty. He also teaches health education and P, E, Frank. R. Preizner G,H,S band director has as his hob- bies music and woodwork. Mrs. W. H. Boothe, whose hob- by is gardening, teaches plane geometry and algebra. She is shown demonstrating the prin- ciples of the circle. Miss Rosemary Morrisonteach- es language, bookkeeping, and Mrs Robert Boothe who teaches seventh grade English says that her children consume much of her t1me l' gum! .5 e,gf5.,.f+'f g kzuflff .Q 566' RQ HY wi 1 " " 'ff -5 W 4' xv. 4' an .vu v " ,Q 1 'R a ,E-:Sta 4 .J Q NCP Hr 7 an as Qi' H f , J A I 'CIM M Q Qt' gy! I 'Y' Overlookmg the bus1ness sect1on of G 1 onza es IS the Weathervane steer wh1ch for more than a half a century has "weathered the storm" of d f goo and bad t1rnes as has Gonzales or more than a century and a half The steer syrnbohzes the cattle bus 1ness Wh1Ch was th1s area's f1rst blg lndustry now augmented by the poultry farrnmg and pecan 1ndustr1es Indeed thxs steer standmg 1n h1s place buffeted by the wmds but undaunted has ever been the symbol of busmess and the stab111ty of our cornmun1ty 8 '54 in ,fe ' V f ala xv r , A f . , If -4 , ff d 2 74 43 ' aj? B gl ,fv I 4. ' sp' 5 p ,A-: all h B' .t nv! A. ' 4:5 . t fu - ' db" n' . ' " ' K2 1. 1 tsl fx . "' I A 'fi I' b. K 1 ,px V' 4,5 I A . , 33" 1 ' Y- '. 5 ' ", " A 'A if ov N H -' - gxnj' k "3 L' 'fl ' ' I ff au' X. r ,,, my, e it " 'Ll 'v' , " " 6 Q 'V ' 4 r ' fe W ' 1 X qi? nf, x .. , ws' N, , - ' ,, ,C A we 4 K rm. 3' .5 FX I A J F f' a A r f ! fr f A .. 5 1. Q ' h was 5 fi!! 9 ' F ff' 4 " -4. 1 A m f " ' 1,"' x Q cb' ,Q . 1 4 lv' ,I 'ttf I ff' N Q , .,,, r - , r . X . , if ' ,,. H ,,, x t-pax 1 0.15 'uw Ag.. in -5 um S , ,. ' -4 ' - for ' 'fr ' We . Q 'ufr Hug C ,V , . fx, 0 l ff I, ' ,ny : AK iv K, K ' 'Y I p- al ' b. f I with I K A V 'A I 5 I h - - V I . hi , I if N st . Ninn k '.. ,: V I Z- i t xl I I y i I - . I af . - ' - M. 7.5.-ij. 1'-1 e. ,, 3 ,92 ', ,, ', , A 93 c " f bt, .,.r, ,a+4 F - ' b C1 3 '5' 'V' A! -4 - - f -- v '- " ' -- 6, " I c -iff -L ' Q , - iff' A 4-, 2-if I - will J' . ' t t ' V YI .E Q-.:','x ', f ,.! ,I i ' ,, N' A. ...G-Y! W, ig F . 5 . .V . I 'rl Q 5 s,, . x N " JY 1 . . to Y 1 I' . . , . . . . . , I . 7 ' . . I . I 11 I X X Xlkdvertisers x X f N X K N K 65 as O 8 at '53594'1s' f sb 5 O 4 +10 :ff ,ggi VXA, X K XX XX X X x X Q x K f X X X x X X X X X , ll x X x X ff' X' x X Q, gif? 4f Q, Q 4 Xx Q... 5 Q fall ' , R' - as f ,x ,R as Z' You'l1 enjoy banklng Wlth us whether you use our dr1ve up w1ndow open 8 30 A M to 5 P M l1ke Orene Popps 1S dolng s. 'C fr1endly complete bankmg servlces HW G C 3 oNzALEs Mm NATIONAL BANK The Friendly Bank In a Frnendly Town 120 1 3 . . . . Y ml . ,F I , g .f gf. vluumsg 5 P ....or come inside for our " 7 Wx , fu R , u. 1 N LX 5 .5E5I::a j A MEMBER g 1 mnuu 'gr -,env I Fnmsysxn X M , ll ' ' ' Il The Smartest G1r1s 1n G H S Are Our Customers' MODERN BEAUTY SHOP Bonn1e DuBose Phone 612 NE LSON IZANTIZY CIZCDC'-I"l7N! ' our Anytlme Store Phone 262 Gonzales Texas FOR SMOOTH DRIVING GO GULF GR ADY JOHNSON Wholesale R eta1l Phone 449 Gonzales FORD GIVES you Inore Performance Safety Value Nancy McG1l1 and Sarah Short adm1re th1s FORD 'a real cool rod 'I' P'-:Teen talk for tops BG!,!:c.!:s NT MSRISBR 5 - - 4 .. IY' ' Il 9 5. Beauty .... iv .J ' I ll 121 X ff Gonzales County Trading Post eoxmes co- Reusol IRMTORS ff SALES and SERVICE ggams CHAMPION Ferguson Tractors LOUIS Ara and Horace Mercer exarn1ne one of the greatest assets of the Gonzales County farmer the Ferguson Tractor can US Plumbmg And BENDIX Sheet Metal Work For Plumblng HUM! LAUNDRY Phono L L I N C li Phono Gonzales Texas WARM SPRINGS MOTEL Alr Cond1t1oned T1le Baths F or R e se rvat1ons Phone 790 23 R ooms U S H1ghway 183 Gonzales Feeds Gra1ns NVQ Custom Grmdmg and M1X1Dg And LIVE Poultry C5 O NZALES FEED AND GRAIN SALES Phone 225 or 745 GGNZALES BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc Bulldlng Tlle Lumber Brlck Bu1lders Hardware Plumbing Supplles Electnc Equ1prnent Metal Awmng Steel Casement Wmdows Cement Palnts 122 2 - I I w w ' 1 use ' ' we - f E A . . -I Dealers In I lx 1 o u o ' vi' "6 O . . . . . 9 . . - . Wane Zealand. We Inv1te Your Patronage CURRENT O RATE BUILDING MATERIALS Form The Hablt 0f Systemat1c Sav1ng KUI-IN'S PAINTS GONZ ALES C NTY Fred A Havel Sr OU SAVINGS Manager AND LOAN ASS N Gonzales Texas a 'XXX gf' H fy-1 GXOCYRY WLT? silky' "' IU' -.,,,,-hw :rl-A Tomrny Brown V1Ck1 Eberle Suzette W11son and H T Llttlefleld are shown here rece1v1ng serv1ce from Herman Hodges at Tu.ffy's good all around Dr1ve In Grocery 123 ......i.l.: iggi.. . , . I . - 1 g 'ia' Y ff XY I f"I - I Vg. ' If 5 . ' - I -A Mg..- w 1 Y 4 ' I ' , "' K, 2 A' - H 4 , c. 1 A gy Q V29 I ' ,vw-rpg, gy-a 155. i vy, JV ' I' . 1 RE... A W ., M " K E. QQ' :--Ai Q - 5 .Z if Q. ,g " t gm ' Q 1'fxfl,,2y:2'I t gf , .i-,H , r ag g a - ... QU T , ' N 4 gi H' I - -"W -ff ' ' 1 fr: ui-1iu":u Q , - -1 I ... Q.-S .x-.. h I Hn. I a . 1 s J A' ' 1 . R ' V . - i i 1 V 3, I, H 5 . 4 any-,v I ' .1" I n..,,, All-M s, A .-. J- ' ' M ii 91' Q1 5 if , , v- ' kc- 'K , , 1 1 9 J What Gonzales Makes Makes Gonzales LI! if Z FLOYD S GARAGE General Auto Repairs Wrecke r Se rvlce Phone 385 M S SPOONER Insurance Agent Phone 695 CONTINENTAL PRODUCE COMPANY Fresh Quallty Eggs Phone 504 To be glamorous and well groomed have your ha1r styled DOROTHY BEAUTY SALON Dorothy DuBose Phone 795 Congratulatrons Sen1ors HOLMES MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Member of Texas Hosp1tal ASSOC1at1OH Amerlcan Hosp1tal Assoc1at1on Prlvate Cl1n1c and Small Hosp1tal Assoc1at1on 2 Auto-Life-Fire-Casualty-Polio at . . . . 124 Complete Electrlcal Se rv1ce Carr1e r A11' Cond1t1on1ng Norge Appl1ances Mary Ben Schrader and Jul1a Oncken look at the latest a1r cond1t1oner des1gned to ' do sornethmg about the weather Why don t you too let Carrler cool you? EL fr 7-H frjwa euvEYouRc:f-we . l MANS IZ PAHN AND BODY S'-IOP Cronzale s SINCLAIR PRODUCTS MODERN SERVICE G C Nelson Marketer LAUNDRY Phone 235 510 Cone St Phone 826 Q Serv1ce at Fllf auf' Q You W1ll F1nd Value Quahty and 1-.LP PURE DRUGS PROMPT 4 S Rv! p MOHRMANN'S DRUG STORE 125 0 1266 - S . A j I. sd, A 0 'Q E ci ILELDLS 525,34 in Mmmmmwlnhg 1EH,luWl,.::E5 Your FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER ff Let Us Take Care Of Your Insurance Needs DUBOSE INSURANCE AGENCY R Y A N Mobllgas RED GAS BUTANEhasmade 11fe 1n the country eas1er and more comfortable Use lt for cookmg heat 1ng poultry productlon burnmg pear Erruly Dar1lek looks at a butane stove shown by Ozella Forrester Badger manager DIVISION OF UNIVERSAL GAS CORPORATION Aww MW? QMMa7Mm IFTR I 126 F. J. GONZALES BUTANE CONlPANY 5 f l.l4.llI:FlliIl ', nuwm- Your Clothing And Furnlture Headquarte rs In Gonzales Q Tx DFORGET TUDZIN'S SCI-IMIDT'S SERVICE 805 Phone St Joseph 777 Congr atulat1ons Sen1or s DRY Gooos AND J Q SHORT FURNITURE STORE GONZALES TEXAS Gonzale s Texas 'Q xg' Wifi 5, We 1nv1te the patronage of poultry producers whether you've been 1n the bus1ness for years or are Just start1ng a 4 Hand F F A member The Lester cous1ns Samuel and Pal load a sack of EVERGREEN FEED at LOGAN'S Ogafl 3 C clxs Feed Pou ry coNzALss Texans 419 St James Sf Phone 644 127 in T' Betty Mane Landbeck and Jeanne Meneley look at the latest wrlnkle ln refmgerators the General Electnc wall refrigerator food freezer The con tents are at the most convezuent helght Ask U our o ln 3 ALAMICEK'S your u omotlve an a 1anC ente fl Gonzales For Anyth1ng We May Have t a I a m I c e k uoSu 128 3 'EL'-'V 1,,j'l'l ' W s Do Y Sh pp ' g t H , a t ' d P ' pl' e c I' i s ' - I o For the gifts that are sure to please ..... shop at our counters, Charles McVea and many other G, H, S. students. DRUGS COSMETICS SCHOOL SUPPLIES PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES AND FINISHING tzgera 129 I . . Fi Id as do Bobby Bright, W WSH SIGN -111' Nancy Traeger and Chuck Ronshausen popular senlors f1nd Just what they'd l1ke for a graduat1on pre sent' ALLEN CHE VROLE T CBS Columbla CITY MEAT MARKET Tops 1n Te1ev1s1on AND GRocERY SHULER 5 Antonio Espmosa Rad1o and TCICVISIOH Phone 222 315 St Lawrence Phone 615 Everythln INSURANCE AGENCY o r L e S S BERNARD HAIOVSKY , Owner LIFE AUTO FIRE Eventually You 11 Need Our Serv1ce ' 35 Years Exper1ence In Insurance CHAS F. HOLMES BOB HOLMES 5571 ,f A ui? , ff ,fx ,ww the 1956 CHEVROLET I- ' co. ' g F 130 'Congratulations To The Xxx JK Semor Class of fu And To The staff CDE The Lexmqton 37511543 D1f1f'a.liuud" guaclafuloe lljafdg gzcfric Cjoolaerafiue, .gnc GONZALES, TEXAS Telep P. o. Box us Y our Headquarters for DRUGS Dorothy Scherlen and Beverly Hermann 1nspect TRAEGER'S stock of glamor ltems ass1sted by the store's staff You too w1ll f1nd merchand1se to please your taste and f1ll your needs Traeger Drugs Compl1ments of Your Pecan Dealer A R A B R O S Quahty Courtesy Economy PIGGLY WIGGLY Ch1TOpT3Ct1C Add L1fe To Years and Years to L1fe DR L R SMIIH Gonzales Phone 270 HILSCHER S GARAGE General Repalrs Phone 511 a APACHES' SMITH CLEANERS Phone41O Wholesale Reta1l CLYDE WHITE AUTO PARIS 516 S Paul St Telephone 700 , , . . -f Chiropractor I Y e , . t. . 132 SERVING YOU NOW AND IN THE FUTURE Robert Bush and I Foger Eberle a va1l themselves of the serv1ce offered by the CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF GONZALES We take spec1al pleasure 1n serv mg young people Just enterlng upon a busmess or profess1onal career and m watchmg the-11' accounts keep pace W1th then' pro new i THE 5522 1.523 gg ai? I Nano AL BANK o F o N I: Continuous Service Smce 1865 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 133 1. J gress. f-Q 'kip XxX.I'- "H, 555 "T, I 1 - F4 lt' .5-hi, Q. , f - 5 A ""' -" -.:-.- O 5 ,' I Lrell- 1 A-ti.: A In ' T' "-I " Lit I N G Z A L S s 0 I T Selecting food from P E T E R E K ' S for one of the many parties given by G, H, S, are Hazel English and Lois , Pearl Perkins, assisted by Kenneth Malatek popular Apache and a clerk at PETEREK'S on Saturdays W' LA Peterek s Food Palace llll YUIII' Way The or a HIUZHI IREM f D a I r y THE WHOLE FAMILY LOVES M CMI Mart CONES' SHAKES' SUNDAES' f X Ziff W 'ww Www X ow fm. I Q N A 'L . . 1 Q I I . I I I . .1 E: O . 1 L: ,. 'ak 23, ,.,, fi .- 'f J: .i - - lvll 5-r 1 I A ,fijv ' . . avi-11:75 , -, ,I I ' -L' I --, I , f'1.j2Ez we .f E .Ju .X N.-' Aj'--A ' ,Diff - !r,,,,s ' 0 ' '- -' ,f nr ' for the best food m town prepared and served under the personal superv1s1on of Mr Norms eat at Neom a s Cafe "" NIARROU BROS wmomm Headquarter s For SALIS A D SERVICE vars Implements Apphances Seeds Insect1c1des EDNAS BEAUTY SI-IDP Good hghtmg afforded by proper lamps and power supphed by your CITY UTILITIES makes studylng eas1er It does for Chr1st1ne Whlte and Margaret Eggert and lt W1l1 for you Cnty U'l'slu'rce5 135 . . . . I I , 0 , - l ' , 0 I I 0 0 I 1 x 'I 3 Z , lf' - fm '7..s., . 1 I U A . 'A N . A - - , - - . . 1 - l 1 I U -' it , -' 4 ' . QE? . 4 , in a X , -J ' . 7 0 O Q O gg - ,-'- ' 1 L14 awards 1nspect Western Hatchemes' baby chlckens potent1a1 wmners themselves The g1r1s are L1111an Van Beveren FFA sweetheart Carolyn Hardcastle M1ss FHA and Loretta Barta band sweetheart You Too W11l Be A W1nner W1th Our Quahty Broller Ch1x Turkey Poults WESTERN HATCHERY QUALITY BROILER cHlx TURKEY POULTS GONZALES DALLAS 136 -7 A , 4 JA A GROUP OF WINNERS! Three winners of G,H, S, 's popularity 'N""v smiauggre .rngfi MBP' APACHE SENIORS fn C-F211 fm fmff O.. 1530 LEI' IS IPI D IND II Xlilxfl XOII POI 11131 in BURCHARD ABSTRACT COMPANY Member Texas T1tIe ASSOC13t1OH Amemcan T1tIe ASSOCIBIIOH Abstracts T1tIe Insurance Land burveylng Phone 114 In ure In Sare Insurance You Name It We 11 Insure It' W Zegmfi PAGEL'S Quahty Gr ocer1es 137 We Dehver Phone 260 I i 'I 'Q M ,C ' I , 4 . g Q6 -ii' ., agar. I ' A ' ' ,:w??xlf, .4 r , "Vi -f - - , 'A A .. . X 353,34 h A V inf,-ex.. ' 5 .nfl xkifv . if A Q X 2 A X . , 4 ' :V Q- :jg V. A f -his -V Exp " :,.., I BABY CHICKS fl I V 1 f 2 N xXhl1! B. W. ILEY, OWNER ' If "uf I .' A f rl" ' 'I ' ," ' i,-, .-..- IL AS I V A Q Y I 1 i 7 l q V Y ln 'Z V w 'f0'fh8 Sendai Q9 25, Iaundffl Cleanmg and Press1ng AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY Sox Nelson KUBAN Apaches Roger W11ke and A C SINCLAIR STATION I-'aCY GUJOY 80011 SeI'V1Ce at the AND Te rm1nal Cafe COURTS Good Food Good Serv1ce WILEYS GROCERY Your frlendly Philco Dealer TERMINAL CAFE John Mohrrnann Ann Schultz and Terry M11ler real1ze that Magnol1a gas really saves the cash The Slgn of the Flylng Red Horse 1n the Gonzales area belongs to W L GREER Agent Myne z2f-N PET RC LJELI NA CCD 138 Q, ,A 'J f,J ' '. ll - -X - .- w , 3' wi -.1 .- ll H , 0 Q YY W , Q I 3 Q n . yB d by th ddl Sh p S ddl llf B lt R d GONZALES BOUT and SADDLE SHDP SOUTHERN CLAY PRODUCTS IMC 557-WN4 Aemcunfvli mn mpu1'1.Y csouzmas , 'rexfxs D th d d ' G1 I1 y d ' ' x f th 't ms - - . e X S G 1 B ot and 5 ' L S . B t a es , B 'dl Purses B' 1d e S ' ' g A ssories , U Q1 4 . ,fl WWI' 139 See our cdmplete line of TV receivers, including the new RCA color set be- ing admired by Nancy Alex and Pete Willeford. SPORTING GOODS PAINT PLUMBING APPLIANCES HARDWARE FOR HOME RANCH and FARM Boothe and Lewis DUKE 8a AYRES Phone 46 326 St Lou1s Phone 1005 COURT HOUSE SERVICE STATION MOORE'S BEAUTY SHOP A H Mudd G A W11ke AQZJKQJV daabun Dorothy Bre1tschopf and Ruby Bauer try on dresses at the I-I 81 M Toggery These glrls - know they can always f1nd the rxght dresses sweaters 11nger1e skxrts or other aces sor1es here QQW CITIES MACOMPLE THE CLUB CAFE U Wu? SHWCF We Dont Want All The Business Just Yours ILEY 81 TITZLLL SERVICE STATION Phone 2 36 js Fam Waxed TTY 651:1 6 Cookln SOUTHWEST D L- E YV Wm H O SKI N S NATURAL Gas' GAS COMPANY Men s Furrushmf 5 141 J x . . D, T, . . , ,ff my , . . , X . I If I oluvs IN Fon Iii QA Q , ., , fag N - I 07,24 PORTALE s DIYISIDI Ol' lllllll. IOYOII CJROCERY Meat Market Free Del1very Service Stuhon Phone 405 Texaco Products Flrestone Tlres 0 Fm Let Us Phone 434 24 Hour Service gr 5 I-'URNISB 1 Q YDUIBOIE Help vnu.: WIAIVOUAII J Y, You G Hermann Furniture Co Gonzales Texas '16 X Joyce Clutter the newest member of the sen1or class can be seen regularly across the counter where Pub11c Accountant Audlts Systems MaCh1n6 Bookkeeplng Se rv1ce ELNIER R GU STAPSON Logan Bu11d1ng fr1end1y serv1ce can always be found ALWAYS STOP AT THE Phone 31 DAIRY KREE M . 0 0 0 0 T I. , o o Q 0 1' ' l 12 is W N. .ff cu uw '77 . . L I - fja-T . . A f ,125 5 r at . I 5 1 42 ' 1 W P' 5' 1.1. 144 444 -W--1... g...i"'-"5 A-gl ll MILK BE SURE IT'S SANITARY 'S GRADE A Small Med1um or Large they all drmk San1tary's m1lk on the school mllk program I fact students 1n the publlc schools drmk about ll OOO half p1nts of m1lk per month under th1s plan It takes a lot of San1tary's good m1lk chocolate or homo gen1zed to f1ll up Danny Nelson a Znd grader who 1S a future Apache Dlcky Harkcastle husky Papoose and Glenn Iley the b1ggest man on the Apache Team 143 THE SERVICE CLEANER Yo r Clothe L Kar os Best Frlend Phone 361 Gonzales Produce Company lop duahty fable Dressed Poultry nf, '00 1001, ' Compllments of Our SP6ClalfY Dehcxous Pies and Donu ts GLYNN STOREY BROWNSPASLRYSHOP Cordeha Cuveher and Maple Fr1edr1ch 11ke many other G H S stu dents f1nd at Penney's Just what they want style quahty andpr1ce 144 Ill!!! ll u S 1 - H T. . 1 sd Sf 5 ..5i:'vY .66 ' 'S:WI'!'!v'- , . ' , in I "T' We Qflfik fkef Wefreshzf Mimi 'VM the glo al 1 h h 359 Bobble Chr1st1an Marllyn Plerpont Warren Hornung and Don Gustafson coke 1n the Tee Pee Brevard Brothers X Betty Reese and B111 Chr1st1an try ctw " out the new party and farruly s1ze 26 oz Coca Cola GONZALES 145 . X ',' 1 U WN ka, 5 rg . ln.55.ln.nl. ' Sei ' is' If Q A1-5 ' ' ' I enum P enjoy-a refreshing ' ' . 7'. WX 5 .x 115 3, K .K-is N' ,,qg,, B B f B n 1 N I . . f I l ' Jw!"-L I o 0? f DALE EVERY SATURDAY GOIXIZALE S LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO RADIO XVV STATION B f'4' -7'-L 1450 f fifiifz 01 Pcppel AVAILABLE FROSTY COLD AT THOSE IIIIIIETIIIIII lllllllllllllll Igwfmwmwi -1 PURINA '- A CHOW5 I Q .I lf ssl':':'Ia' FOR POULTRY 8: LIVESTOCK cool. GREEN EK UAF VENDORS IIIIIIIIIIIIIII 146 - v Compliments of QCII A 4 N - on Your Dial News Music - Sports L I . 9.4 ' I " 2 1,5 , O I ,, I '5 f 0 0 I -" .V I ., X 4 ,ww no . , , If I . . . f A . K OLA r'n o 'Gu 223 e m a, horn s 'Il G H S students Johnny MacMarrou Carolyn Burnett Helen Klmber Ross Boothe and Mary Margaret Boehm welcome the POLAR MAN 0 QUALITY CHEKD CQ 7AQCl77Z 147 1 n...4 A V I A f ff ELK. P R b I g S Y u a ' pm. M W 1 c o e b r e k, a t s c h o o 1 o r a t e . . . . " ,if Cf ' , Q x vp , x fnv ' ' f Y , Al' . ' l , W, , I P' h . il PJ 54 - ,un , . :iufy, . q . kg. - ., yy VI! , ' 1.w .ul V Axllx wt' 'Q '. " . , ' ',.:'fw"1'f-35.-1 '. 1' ' . 1 . 'f v , ' 'f fax 'go ff' -, V. S " , ' - ' " .. - Tw 1"f-- L.-.f.e'2-V". a 0 0 3 J . 3 J C IVIULLEN OIL TRANSPOR T CO Gonzales JACK HALSELL Aud1t Systems Tax Servlce PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 409 1fZ sr George Phone 642 FOR Wrecker SGTVICC ADORABLE FLORAL AND GIFT -I--I -,AX 2 IZ N! SHOP LACY Phone 7 CT M PER'-E Phone 500 148 General Repair s fj 0 'T Our government approved gram elevators w1th the1r 120 OOO bushel Capac1ty prov1de storage space for Gonzales County farmers and opportumty to part1c1pate 1n the farm support program CIW 0 'Z44 I fb K FW" DEERE I1-.4 I 2 HY- DEER CUALI1 A an F, F, E S E C: omfnnz:-n Www. OO 696 149 E of , f sg . - - I L - I I . , fum. I' f, l 4.5. ai fax , X' til fy ,. I lt, Q -.J - 1,4 I 1 sv- I 4 ' Lag: :ni-N 5 ' , ,'-fffLi ,.,, , ,": 1, V ., A f , A 'f .F ,sae fi 15's , , -, 3 - ' 1 1 , -' . "XXX N' t .f ' 3 . - -'50 v El 7 X V .V .png J I W I F, 5 wa A 1, -'A ' E , Q r' . - T 1 I .. f Q J .. . - Q2 t . -f xx, -e rf 1 X-' 1 1 Ray Hancock and Tony Rwera adm1re the monkeys but GRANT'S LUMBER CO IS not a zoo but a f1ne place to go to ac A T qulre all of your bu1ld1ng suppl1es and palnts enet1an T11e Bl ds Floormg SI-IULER In WOLFF PAINT STORE The Farmers Fr1end BAKER FORTUNE BARBER SHOP CSONZALE S PERSON S FLOWER SHOP Whenever Words Fall Send Flowers DEALERS IN ' axe 49 'f 438 FORD TRACTORS Q94 Dearborn Farm Implements 150 , Q ' I .4 S 9 'r ' 1 99 eoNzALEs. TexAs QQ Q5 -A twl., 'G' ' X oLDSU0lll I 5 E and 'funn' 5'--u Your Between Class Snack fresh candy and peanuts from the machmes Contr1bute to our I-hgh School Fund B1lly Ray W11l1ford refllls the ma hme you empty each day II LLII-'IB 5 Mechcmxcal Merchcmdlsmg Company Austm 3 Texas COST lUMBER CUMPANY P G MUENZLER DEA! ER IN EUMEEESAETED'3Jl'Iz'e'TiETfET'NTE C5 O N ZA L E S T U ELEPHONE 9044F24 COST TEXAS V E-l-E R l N A RY neun cnocmv a MARKH DEPOT .08 MERIT REALTY COMPANY The Best Place to Get DR L J LAURAINE The Best Insurance DR J C SCHWEDA Farms Ranches Homes Lots Off1ce May Hotel Phone 646 Gonzales N1naDuBose Owner Agent 151 I - - ' .- c' . fi. rw ' F I ll wi I I I I ul For flavor v1m 1 A P B N STELLA A SON A L X emoma 5 5 VFX-1 WWA ANIIXC arm HAMMELW :sri I N a ff W JL I ZA LS MAME x 3,29 Jn, Q rg THE I "and" we1ght control' FIRST Yea Apaches' IN QUALITY AND SERVICE A sat1sf1ed customer 1S A SALA DISTRIBUTING AGENCY our best advertlsement Phone 170 Conzales Texas ROGER DROUPY CLEANING AND PRESSING SCHULTZ SERVICE STATION Congratulatlons To The Sen1or S AND AUTO SUPPLY BAKER FUNERAL HOME Used Cars Phgne 33 Smigy C -Olaerafiue Moczafion soNzALEs TEXAS W P 45"-'-3 MERCER- MANAGE' sMn.EY TEXAS P 6 POULTRY FEEDS AND SUPPLIES P N' 2 9' 152 . 3 , nlxfiv ,ff ,lgzxkmti wixmut , ., - . :ifx'::i-.. ?' 'ff' 1g:,,::g:g... - .' ' ' '. a'o' L X is. 0125 Q 2 ' X 's ' I , 1 f I ' Q V ff - 1? -f ' -A- E 1 'O' A Q K fx 9 Qs - . I v- , , ,. .1 5. mo?51?'9. :md lui 33' W S-:Z Q UI: I ' ' P ' 5' "1 , F 4. .wI.,,,lH fa. g , ' - -ea' E f" if' i ,cfs ' .l 1, V YI . - ' ' 1 "'.A1. S 'ez' , . E I , Q " 'ff X " -:--:fa A' 1 - f ' . I 1 i I. . - , . V. . - - 7 1 O We are proud of our SENIORS of '56 and wish for them success. We are also proud of SAM WYATT a sen 1or of 56 one of our boys who IS rnakmg good 1n our endeavor as assxstant manager of our theaters LYNN CRYSTAL APACHE THEATERS fJ,0f1fyta,e,d,ef5 vu15L0'W-df? PRODU DRS FEED COMPANY INC R 'rn 'hx Phone 707 1037 M11ler Manford Propmetor Donald Holt Tra 1S Webb Mgr Asst Mgr Post 0fhce erwce Station A G Blackwelder Prop Phone 96 MERLE NORMAN STUDIO Mrs F B Zak Phone 286 ' A 0 5' ' ' Y Y 5 GULF PRODUCTS 153 ' ' A HOME TOWN MOTOR S M Home Town Motors omfr 'men-Is J S ABERCROMBIE I2 a nches G'onzaIes, Texas 154 O I Jo nn H admire th beautiful ' t ior of o f curys f 56 Gonzale L' coln and - cury de 1 . C I o -F W We Leaders In The Poultry Industry In Gonzales Congratulations GEORGE C SEYDLER 1111 Maple Friedrich part -time employee of PERRYS' and G H S student arranges a display of artificial flow- ers in the store PERRY BROS or HIGHEST QUALITY J AHNKE JEWELRY STORE If! i A11 The Way! vhnTf.!v-1 ' R: AX ' Y x 0 - s X ' 7 X I! KNIGHT'S 15 stocked w1th the best quahty clothes for every ocas 1on at moderate pr1ces Try us for sports wear school and par ty clothes Le1ta St Clan' and KNIGI-IT'S sports at t1re to the1r hkmg Cl0+k hq Shoes Place Goods Lumens Bafhmq Surfs 9999 Sidney Brown find E Lu 3, Pa 9' -fc rns Chfton Janota 1nspects a few of BOOTHE HATCHERY'S h1gh quahty Ch1CkS Mrs W H Boothe J G H S Faculty B111 Boothe Wy James Lee Boothe' Bcothe atcher Greehngs GHS up X DRL! EQ f Creevvs HOSPITAL AND CLINIC Fresh Meats Hot Bar B Que 8: Sausage Daxly Phone 208 JOHN DAVIS MARKET VVITT PRESCRIP TION PHARMACY Phone 40 Youre HEALTH -ad. 0169 BUSINESS Fme Eatmg COURT HOUSE CAFE ,ji . sb x ' . . . T 4, 13' ' 4 I ,ll O 157 I -win-n Shop m a1r cond1t1oned omrort at LINDEMANN BROTHERS for all of your apphances TV and grocery needs Sch1eberle adm1re a few of our appl1ances Cost Texas fanacldgfzaa THE HOME BUILDERS To Serve Your Needs In Bu1ld1ng Materlals Everythmg To Bulld Anythmg Phone 45 Congratulauons Clas s of 19 56 THOMAS DAWE 8: SON REAVES FOOD MARKET Phone 245 Compl1me nts of CHARLES HAGE N I ' h C ' , .,2, ' i 5 x Darleen Baros and Marilyn 'Wm U O II H li 158 For those between meal snacks eat our del1c1ous gOOd16S ELS At your P oduc+I0f1 cafetema Q C"ed'+ Assocnahon fly-if usrsnnnu EPEDITi GONZALES VV' PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION CI-4 SHOP 4' I-Y Crystal Service Sfahon What Gonzales Makes Makes Gonzales Gonzales Cotton Oil and Manufacturing Co. JL, Carlyle Newberry Manager 159 I 'I . un. 11 ' FFR " . S 357 , . Xl? , X . .ii-L... I no . . I NORTH SIDE FOOD STORE Get your ha1r cut at FERNANDO'S MORROW HUMBLE STATION Sterlmg Morrow AMERICAN POULTRY TOWER GROCERY 84 EGG CDMPANY 1430 St Paul uv: AND nREssL-:D POULTRY EGGS Phone 360 GONZALES TEXAS So on 1955 56 Lex1ngton Staff A 2 4-sf wr 7 AAL. '3 'E .f .f uf' 52 ' 160 as ' .4 I 1 ft M A 4 QQQw' 2 , . W f, JS" we s '4 . ' ,assi awe: Wk -gs H ibm 'A --' . - 4 ,, , 'UMW' vi- ,, ' , , N ' 1 ,Q lawn- 'f ' ' WHA ' - H YT" . ff 1' Q 5? 3 me 5 2 ,K M A I : Er zl, 2 x A W, , 4 .1 AVVL 'L X N QQ ' ii? ' x . ggm' VH1A M we , L, i VL J Wu' 1 , ,I 5 x, E7 W 'k . A, A , -Q- V Y,

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