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' 1 nlgtkm . un 44.44 5 i Q 1 I S 5 Q 35 5 Ss 2 Q 5 Xi E uigi Gonzaga was born on March 9, 1568, in the small Italian hillside village of Casriglione, of wealthy parentage. nder no external pressures, at the age of seven- teen, he gave up his title and entered the Society of jesus. n 1591, then only twenty-three years of age, he died of the plague ministering to the poor and sick of Rome. onzaga University was founded in Spokane, Wash- ington, more than three hundred years later and named after him. n succeeding years the high school division of the University published a yearbook called the Luigime in honor of him. nd once more in 1956 we of the Luigiam staff respectfully present the .... ineteen hundred and fifty-six edition of the .... ..2... Q 1 E Copyright by Dcs Islets Studio My heartiest congratulations to you graduates of Gonzaga Preparatory School. You have been given an intellectual training than which none is better. More important, you have been taught to love the good God above all things and to live completely for His Excellency, Bernard Topel Bishop of Spokane Him. God grant you never forget this. Bishop Topel -1- uigi Gonzaga was born on March 9, 1568, in the small Italian hillside village of Castiglione, of wealthy parentage. nder no external pressures, at the age of seven- teen, he gave up his title and entered the Society of Jesus. n 1591, then only twenty-three years of age, he died of the plague ministering to the poor and sick of Rome. onzaga University was founded in Spokane, Wash- ington, more than three hundred years later and named after him. n succeeding years the high school division of the University published a yearbook called the Laigian in honor of him. nd once more in 1956 we of the Luigian staff respectfully present the .... ineteen hundred and fifty-six edition of the . . . ..2... LUI GIA 1956 X - 3.5, -x LISHED ANNUALLY BY THE ASSOCIATED STUD LARRY ZAPPONE ........ Editor-in-chief ED SMITH .................. Associate Editor JIM MANSON ,......... Business Manager DONN HERRON ............ Senior Editor 7-7-ix 'Yi xv xx N HN fi 'Ni g X am.. 0 MILL ,f fifx 5353: If fi? f QQX 11,7 Q? X45 1 ' A K ff . nf Y-X X LX x. 5 ' X . x- H X v X ff , 1 N x x --,, 'X x, QM .JH XA .X U N Al - f xx 1 i" -'wx' :ff 'QV X s R ,JA .f X lx L X 1 ,V -A-4 Q z. gi , X Q- - , it N- : T' -, f f MARY TH -4... DEDICATION Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners Now and at the hour of our death. Amen. These words are taken from a petition that embodies all the loyalty and devotion that Gonzagans have for our Blessed Mother. Throughout the past years we have sought her help in times of trial and we have rejoiced with our Lady in times of triumph. Now, facing the future, we turn once more to the Mother of God in the fervent hope that she will continue to intercede for us. Apprehensive, we have turned to herg appreciative, we take this opportunity to thank her. To the Mother of God we dedicate this Luigian. ..5... - 14 l 5 if ide: . 'ligxg F' - 2 A S - SE E 55" . :. i 5 5 ' 5 f if 2 if 1 2 GONZAGA PREPAKATORY "The world knows nothing of its greatest menf, -6- Sir Henry Taylor M Nl 'l'llA'I'l0N Q Y 4:15. I 55? 755 4 - . - . uon1AaA ulnulou oouzmn lnunvolv FR. MICHAEL B. KUNZ, SJ. Rector FR. JOSEPH E. PERRI, SJ. FR. GORDEN E. TONER, SJ. FR. JOHN F. HURLEY, SJ. Vice-Principal Principal Treasurer What's this? Both Fr. Toner and Fr. Perri smiling at the same time? l L Fr. Dunn, SJ. Fr. Glancey, SJ. 1 1 'W . Q K I Fr. Herron, SJ. FR. HARRY M. JAHN-Adv. Algebra, Director of Athletics. FR. MICHAEL B. KUNZ-Chemistry, Father Rector. 19.- X . Fr. Chapman, SJ. FR. WILLIAM E. ARMSTRONG-Jr. Religion, Mod. of junior Sodality, French. FR. CHARLS A. CHAPMAN-Soph. Religion, Mod. of Soph. Sodality. FR. JOHN- J. DUNN-Frosh Religion, Mod. of Frosh Sodality. FR. TIMOTHY J. GLANCEY--Frosh English, Latin, Algebra, Religion, History. FR. RONALD J. HERRON-Sr. Religion, Speech, Soph. English, Mod. of Resident Students 1 F.. 1. flrll l Fr. Kunz, SJ. Fr. Armstrong, SJ. Fr. Masterson, S.J. f ,. 1 W. x f V , f X JV bLgC hge' N L Fr. Thatcher, S.J. The law-enforcing faction of our Iibrary. xfi FR. FRANCIS D. MASTERSON-Jr. and Sr. Re- ligion, FR. PETER P. O'GRADY-Soph. English, Fresh- man Latin. Fr. Schoenberg, SJ. Fr. Zehnder, SJ. rli rdf Fr. OGrady, S.J. FR.l ROBERT V. RENNER-Mod. History, jf. Religion, Dir. of Library. FR. WILFRED P. SCHOENBERG-Sr. Religion, Sociology. FR. JOHN R. THATCHER-Frosh Religion, Spiritual Father, Mod. of Sr. Sodality, Mod. of Glee Club. FR. VICTOR R. ZEHNDER-El Algebra, Gen. Science, Gen. Math. MR. KENNETH W. BAKER-Frosh English, Jr. English, Greek 1 and 2, Journalism, Mod of Gonzagan. MR. JOSEPH P. CARLSON-Jr. Latin, Sr. Latin. Mr. Baker, SJ. 1, , I rf. Mr. Carlson, SJ. .lf .. lllkgl Mr. DeJardin, S.J. Mr. Haas, S.J. MR. JOSEPH DeJARDIN-Frosh and Soph. Latin, Assist. Librarian. MR. JAMES A. HAAS-Typing, Mod. of Luigian, Assist. Librarian, Mod. of Tennis Club. MR. PATRICK D. HOPPER-Physics, Trig., Mod. of Science Club. MR. JOHN T. LIEN-Anc and Mod. History, Mod. of Photo Club. MR. JAMES M. MCDONOUGH-Anc. History, Frosh English, Frosh Athletics. MR. JOHN O'LEARY--Frosh English, Assist. Dir. of Athletics. Mr. McDonough, S.J. Mr. O'Leary, S.J. MR. ERNEST A. RICHLIE-Soph. Religion, Typing MR. PAUL N. ROBINSON-Jr. English, Soph Latin, Assist. Basketball and Baseball Coach. Mr Richlie S Mr Robinson J -H- QZJ 77 MR. EUGENE F. SCHNEIDER-Sr. English, Mod. of Leash and Band. MR. JOSEPH H. SMALL-Finsn Latin, snpn. English, Mod. of Sock and Buskin, Dir. of Book- store. MR. THOMAS D. SULLIVAN-El Algebra. MR. WILLIAM SUVER-Commercial law, Plane Geometry, Civics, Mod. of Debate. Mr. Schneider, SJ. . j Mi. Small, s.J. MR. PAUL H. TONAN, -- Chemistry, General Science. Mf- SL'HiVf'f', SJ- MR. RICHARD MCGINN-Gen. Business, Gen. Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Bookkeeper. MR. WILLIAM FRAZIER-Plane Geometry, Head Football and Baseball Coach. MR. DONALD J. MILLER-Jr. English, soph, English, P.E., Assist. Football Coach, Head Track Mr. Suver, SJ. Coach' Mr. Tonan,S. J. Mr. McGinn 4 X Mr. Miller . Nw Mr. Frazier 45.2 Mrs. Miller MR. JOHN A. PRESLEY-Head Basketball Coach, Assit. Coach of Football and Baseball. MRS. DONALD J. MILLER Office Secretary Matthew Kelly Custoclians : MATTHEW KELLY LES LEPPELL Engineer: Les CARL FISSLER Cooks: MARGARET ANDERSON MRS. DORIS VARCOE EVA SNIDER Eva Snid ef Mrs. Doris V RICO? -15- Mr. Presley Carl Fissler George McGee, dish washer, is here shown Margaret Anderson at his 'Post'- i -I 5 Z, of is 2 ie GONZAGA PREPARATORY "The mind ought sometimes to be diverted, that it may return the better ro thinking." Phaedrus -1 4-. 1 N The Freshmen listen intently to Gonzagfis Spiritual Director, Fr. ohn Thatcher, S.-I. to the upperclassmen. Every year the students of Gonzaga High School set aside three days out of the year for the annual retreat. This they consider to be the most important three days of the entire school year. Again this year the senior retreat was held in the gym while the frosh had their retreat in the chapel. The senior retreat was given by Fr. joseph P. Costa of the Society of jesus. The senior retreat this year was based on loyalty and purity of heart and mind. The frosh again were aptly taken care of by our Spiritual Director, Fr. john Thatcher SJ. As a whole, the retreat went over again with an outstanding realization of the golden rule, silence. The groups that are usually the noisest and usually cause the most trouble were outstandingly quiet, and concentrated on making a good retreat to again regain a satisfactory spiritual agreement between themselves and God. -16- Fr. Joseph P. Costa, SJ dictates TUIIENT Cllll CIL THE STUDENT COUNCIL is here shown with Ist Semester A.S.B. Officers: FIRST ROW: Dick Wolfe, Jim Decker, jeff Colliton, Frosh Consultor, Nick August, Treas- urer, Norb Trauba, Vice President, john Lynch, President, Donn Herron, Secretary, Charles Cory, jack Holt, Genio Bradbury. SECOND ROW: Mark Anderson, Robin Dodson, Mike Asan, Ron Sommars, Gaylen Marsh, Mike Lewis, Tom Crowley, Rod Adams, Wendy Winslow, Greg Colliton. THIRD ROW: Geoffrey Ota, Angelo Roman, Mike Murphy, Pere Bourbeau, Dennis Boni, Harvey Dubois, Gene McKenna, Greg Kroetch, Paul Griffith. FOURTH ROW: Dick Faler, john Hunting, Bill Bruya, Tom McAr1drews, Larry Zappone, Vye Smith, Pat Pugh, Ed Reilly, Dave Roth- rock. FIFTH ROW: Carl Rief, Don Durall, Mike Carl, joe Hawley, Jerry Wasson, Mike O'Neill, john Ted Frosh Consultant. john Lynch Ist Semester A.S.B. Pres. 117- Second Semester President Bob Meighan administers the oath of office to the other officers: Dave Sprague, Vice Pres.: ohn Armenia, Treasurer, Mike O'Neill, Secretary, and Jerry Geraghty , "fx as -1 lin, in lui ii I N., fr, gba ., 51 S, 6 i 9: Q ,.- ' FRONT ROW: Ed Reilly, Ray Zugel, Ray Bowman, Joe Hawley, Mike O'Neill, Ted MC- Gregor, jim Manson, Bill Bruya. SECOND ROW: Bill Symmes, Pete Higgins, Ike Peter- sen, Tom Crowley, Dennis Cosette, Nick August, Don McNall. THIRD ROW: Vye Smith, Pete Norrie, Pete Borbeau, Art McGinn, Donn Herron, Phil Anderson, jerry Baruffi. FOURTH ROW: Dave Sprague, john Lynch, Bob Meighan, Mike Riley, Dan Corrigan, John Armenia. ll IGHT 0F 'l'llll LEA ll The Knights of the Leash, a service organization made up of students chosen for their excellence in studies and extra-curricular activities, has the difficult task of keeping order in the student body, and also setting good example for the other students. Various school events are also ushered each year by members of this club. The "Knight Flight," the annual dance sponsored by the Leash, proved to be a huge success. The dance was held in the Silver Room of the Spokane Hotel with music furnished by Ralph Dickenson, one of Spokane's most popular bands. King and queen of the event were Bob Meighan and Sue Kelliher. Leash officers are shown with Mr. Eugene Schneider, SJ., Mod., Joel Hawley, Sergeant-at-Arms: Bill Symmes, Vice-President, Mike O'Neill, President, and Pete Norrie, Secretary-Treasurer. -13- ,...1l zur--' Above: just a few of the "Beauties" around Gonzaga. Center: Lovely Geraldine Baruffi grits her teeth as she takes the full impact of Norb Trauba's Leash paddle. Below: Bob "King for a Dayn Meighan and Queen Sue Kelliher are here shown at the "Knight Flight." THE ACTIVITIES OF THE 'LEASH' FOR 1956 WERE AS VARIED AS THEIR MANY DUTIES. THEY RANGED FROM SUCH CLUB MATTERS AS THE INITIATION TO ONE OF THE MOST OUTSTANDING SOCIAL EVENTS OF THE YEAR, THEIR ANNUAL "KNIGHT FLIGHT." .-. f-mm . 3gSEi'gF Sll lllll 0ll.lLI'l'Y The moderator of the Senior Sodality, Socialists could be often found at morn- Fr. John Thatcher, speaks to the Soclalists ing Mass in the Chapel before school during one of their meetings. especially during Lent. LEFT TO RIGHT: Art McGinn, Gregg Kroetch, Pete Norrie, Ron Buclig, Andy Lewis, Bob Meighan, Larry Zappone, Norb Trauba, Dick Faler, Mike O'Neill, Donn Herron, Pat Tierney, john Heffernan, Vincent Gerber, Vye Smith jim Barrett, and joe Hawley Cseatedj. ,QQ- i'f,, i t AIAMMA mm ur A , Left: This picture clearly typifies the life at the Boarders' Hall. Note par- ticularly the strenuous activity involved. l FATHER HERRON, Moderator. Gamma Beta officers are CFirst Semesterj Dave Olheiser, Jim Dun- gan, john Baggs, CSecond Semesterb Ray Bowman, Mike Loch, Al Van Buskirk. Seated are Pat Stiles CFirst Semester Presb, and Fred Hiler CSecond Semester Pres.D. GAMMA BETA: Ist Row: Pat Doran, Malcolm McRae, Mike Loch, Dave Olheiser, Scott Vaught, Ron Wheatley. 2nd Row: Alan Van Buskirk, Mike Crowley, Dale Svaraerud, Henry Hiller, Jake Harder. 3rd Row: Bob May, Bill Whitmore, Ray Bowman, Harold Olheiser, Pat Stiles. 4th Row: Jim Dungan, John Baggs, Fred I-Iiler, John May, Rod Clarke, Jacques Olis. 121, mm..a.m.,W,... SOCK 8: RUSKIN: Mod. Mr. Small, FIRST ROW: Dennis McKinley, Jim Murphy, Tom Crowley, Larry Menegas, Don McNall, john Roberg, john R. Black. SECOND ROW: Charles Welch, Tom McAndrews, john Heffernan, Steve Kerley, Bob Bruya, Greg Kroerch. THIRD ROW: Bill Bruya, Ron Summars, Bill Kunz, jim Flaherty, Frank Burger, Mike McKinnon. FOURTH ROW: jerry Kenney, joe Hawley, john Lynch, Mike O'Neill, Ted McGregor, Dan Corrigan. B Shown below are the Sock 84 Buskin officers: Frank Bur- ger, Sgt. ac Arms: jim Fla- herty, President, and Tom Crowley, Secretary. Missing is Tom McAndrews, Vice Presi- dem. FIRST ROW: Gary Blair, Pat August, Bruce Hopkins, john Armenia, Dan Brown. SECOND ROW: john Gra- ham, Tom Chapman, Ed Reilly, Ray Zu- gel, Art McGinn, john Mullen. THIRD ROW: Dave Morgan, Mike Karlsten, Darrell jesse, John Hilger. SUUK A ll BU KIN l The Champ, joe Pendleton Him Flahertyb, poses in the best of form with his Manager Max Levene and Head Angel Mr. jordan CFrank Burger and john Lynehj A detective CTom Crowleyj tries vainly to get information from oe and his trainer Tom Mc J C - Andrewsb as the bewildered doctor Cjoe Hawleyj leaves the scene. The 1955-56 season was undoubtedly one of the best that the Sock 81 Buskin Club has ever had. This year the club was extremely active. They presented two top-notch Broadway plays in the Gonzaga Prep Gym besides assisting in some of Marycliff's and Holy Names' plays. Their first play, the Broadway hit "Heaven Can Wait,', starred Jim Flaherty in the title role and was a smash hit. 'Both nights it played there wasn't an empty seat in the house. Their sec- ond production, "Green Pastures", starred Darrell Jesse, a newcomer to Gonzaga this year, and Art Mc- Ginn in the main roles. "Green Pastures" was also an instant hit with all who saw it. All the perform- ers turned in exceptionally fine jobs. The Sock and Buskin Club has done a large part in making this year a year to be well remembered at Prep. The entire cast of "Green Pastures" is here shown in the finale of the Sock and Buskin Club's second production. "Why can't you hear me?" joe's spirit shouts, as "De Lawd" CDartell Jessej listens to Noah the rest of the cast makes small talk, completely Cjohn Hilgerj as the latter tries to convince unaware of joeis presence. -2 5... the Lawd that he should take two "kags o' likker' aboard the Ark FIRST ROW: Dave Rothrock, Tom McDonnell, Dan Murphy, Pat Ford, Tom Con- nolly, Charles Cory, Ron Wheatley. SECOND ROW: Torn Rice, Cliff Frey, Bruce Hopkins, Ken Semerad, Tom McKinnon, Pat Shine, jim Poesl. THIRDlROW: Bob May, Mike O'Neill, Bob Lamp, Bill Tanksley, Pete Morrie, Donn Herron. MR. WILLIAM SUVER Moderator The exceptional is the rule when speaking about Gonzaga de- bate teams. To the winning precedent set by former years, addi- tional awards were again added this year to attest the truth of the above statement. Semi-final status was attained at the Seattle Univ., Marquette High school, and Gonzaga Univ. debate tour- naments by the team of Pete Norie and Donn Herron. In the individual events, Bill Tanksley won recognition in dra- matic interpretation, as did Donn Herron in oratory competition. Herron also terminated his final year of debating by placing second in scholarship competition at Seattle Univ. and by securing the best debater award for the U. W. Debate League. The varsity team under the direction of Mr. Suver, SJ., was composed of two seniors, Pete Norrie and Donn Herron, and two juniors, Tom Rice and Bill Tanksley. Although the members of the varsity team received the actual acknowledgements, full credit rnust also be given to the remainder of the squad whose support and assistance made a great part of the year's success possible. Among these, those most promising for another successful year are Dan Murphy, Torn McKinnon, and Bob Lamp. SH Kim IQ Shown is one of the many debates held at Gonzaga Prep during the school year. 124- M gy N N XX K www X X X N W Class marshals for Gonzaga Night were Dan Brown, So h c P - omores, Mike 0lNeill, Seniors, john Lynch, Grand Mar- shal, Ed Reilly, juniors, and Gary Faltico, Freshmen. Always a highlight of Gonzaga Night is the presentation of Varsity Football Letters. C2777 YYY' TT 'VT -IV' Y 7 Tl. tional award from Coach Frazier. G0 ZAGA lGH'I' Gonzaga has many great traditions, but one of the finest is that of Gonzaga Night. This year, Gonzaga Night was Cas always, we might addy a huge suc- cess. Each of the four class marshals fol- lowed in the footsteps of Gonzaga orators and was warmly received, as was each class's presentation of talent. This was the Sophomores' year to gloat as they took the grand prize with their uncanny arrangement of "Sixteen Tons." They barely edged out the Seniors, however, who gave a sharp rendition "A Day in the Life of Joe Prep." The awarding of all the Varsity football letters and the presentation of the Inspirational Award to Nick CCheechJ August completed the program. The alarm clock has rung and Joe Prep Csometimes known as Art McGinnJ wearily rises and prepares for another day chock full of learning. -26- Famous crooner Con Lacey serenades his fellow classmates as the Juniors present their conception of a class reunion in Miami. Father Thatcher directs the Glee Club as they open this year's Gonzaga Night program. Cea h Fraz er CDan Murbhvb tells the grand prize winning Sophomore Quarrette to Go' Go' Go' for good old' Gonzaga P ep as they sing their catchy arrange- ment of Sixteen Tons. The pleas of Father Perri CBob Meighanj fall on the deaf ears of joe Prep as Father Toner Cjoe Hawley? grimly looks on. "G" CLUB: FIRST ROW: Bob Boyd, Bill Symmes, Nick August, Mike Riggs, Ike Petersen, Denny Cossette, Torn Osborne, john Heffernan, Pete Dean, Doc Casey. SECOND ROW: Terry Gwinn, Jim O'Connel, Larry Engelhard, Dale Svarverud, E. Reilly, Tom Lyonnaise, john Armenia, Tom McAndrews, Mike Lewis, Tom Crowley. THIRD ROW: Pat Tierney, Don Burrell, Mike McKinnon, john Barrington, Ralph Brown, Rod Clark, Dick McLane, Royal Stults, Al Snarski, jerry Buechler, Don Schafer. FOURTH ROW: George Carry, jerry Kenney, Bob Frankovic, Bob Erickson, jon Hilger, John Hunting, Jim Flaherty, Denny Morgen, Jerry Baruffi, Dan Corrigan. FIFTH ROW: john Baggs, Jerry Wasson, joe Hawley, john Lynch, Pat West, Mike Bowers, Dave Sprague, Bob Meighan, Reginald Vollmer. PEP CLUB: FIRST ROW: Graham Schultz, Art McGinn, Gary Blair, Donn Herron CPres.D, Dan Brown, Charles Roberg. SECOND ROW: Terry Gwinn, Larry Zappone, Mick McLane, Art Schmidt, Denny Morgen, Jerry Baruffi, Pat Tierney. Third Row: Bill Green, Dave Meloche, Bob Meighan, Tom Miller, Leo Riley, Ray Zugel. GLEE CLUB Richard Tausch, Accompanist FR. JOHN THATCHER, SJ. GLEE CLUB: FRONT ROW: Dave Martin, Danny Kraur, Barry Ganje, Don Sharp, Jerry Atkinson, Ron Lavoie, Don Hill, james Maguire, Mike Shea. SECOND ROW: Joe Bartholomew, James Scott, John Devine, Arthur Aikman, Larry Broderick, Dennis Peltier, Robert Marx, Robert Pearson, Grant McLaughlin. THIRD ROW: james Schneider, Bruce Keyes, Gary Loefler, Mike Kraut, ojhn Doyle, Mike Hattamer, Mike Garrity, Ron Budig, Greg Kroetch. LAST ROW: Bill Kunz, Ron Albo, Payton Rickel, Robert McNeese, Mike Uptagraft, Carl Reif, Paul Wardian, Fred Hilar, Mike Loch, Jimmie Murphy. -29- ,- BAND: Mr. Schneider, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: John Dimeling, Mike Strong, joe Mcdonald, Bob Wright, John Martel, Creg Druffel, Ron Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Walt Weller, jim Adams, Ted Wolf, Bob Kuntz, Mike Sullivan, Fred Edgett, James Morin. THIRD ROW: Ken Thomas, john O'Neill, Ed Smith, jack Marks, James Murphy, Pete Campbell, Bill Cook. FOURTH ROW: Larry Kelly, Larry Zappone, Ted McGregor, jim Manson, Denny Mogen, Andy Lewis, Jake Harder. MR. EUGENE SCHNEIDER, SJ. BA 0 Moderator JIM MANSON ANDY LEWIS BOB KUNTZ -30- 21 T4 M335 46115 Q -1 is-glial" XXV' ,Qt Q JG u M hit if QW iv-8' xi 4441 45? ,Jw M laws? f av YK uf MMV vi fra Bw' 1 4' +5 Q fr 'W , -. -"- zf'Zgi:'5hwfs H rprimyii , 1414 will flylqwiw -fi! .11 ' "" ,'..ZE.':?iI? ,r " . " 'af ,, - ..:r ..4i,.:v,..f., gale .f::::':? .:.2.-1-51.5 .. " 221 Etisj'-ggszlit G vis U5 w -' gfgzi gul f- a gg . , if :gt ,e if 1,-. pf Q1 , '-552. :' . ::--.V it. f""?'-554' . f'-'I'f','5- ' -f iii'-'-.. E- .. fi f i f 5 : 1 . st fs W . ..., - -44 :'1,.:2: W I ,, '- f, in .Jis iw: -1fa2:5,2z,i:9a 2: ..., . - fail sts A " -W ,ss ffm 11.75 '---"--- 2 ,mm-Q, 2-'U .. hwy E . -I I n , M fy I 3:-, . v3v ::fs':"f,.'I"'t-., I -' . 2, ,1- ., . , , -gf. v. .Frigi- gs. as 'sw I .V ..... .-.,.,,-....,- 1 H., E? As the golden sun sets inthe West, and the first strains of the Angelus are S t Club heard, we again turn to the zmre and lug. This 'extra' activity is exclu- sively reserved for those Whose grades us and for political weren't tremendo rebels. Although it is not the most popular, it certainly has the largest en- rollment of any activity in the school. Warden Perri, SJ. -31- FR. WILFRED SCHOENBERG, S.J. 'lllll UAMP Two years ago the site on which the present Gonzaga Prep now stands was nothing but a few acres of barren land. Upon this ground the people of Spokane built a Catholic School, but because of the condition of the- surrounding area, this school was simply a modern building in an open field. In two short years, however, a tremendous amount of work has turned this open field into a beautifully landscaped school campus. There are many who have contributed to this result, notably, Mr. William Suver, who planned and built our Marian Shrine. Yet one man stands out from all others: Fr. Wilfred Schoenberg. Father came to Gonzaga the year the school was built and at once undertook the job of developing the grounds He spent months of his spare time working on the athletic fields, especially after school when he had plenty of 'volunteer' help from jug. il- One need but look at the campus as it now appears in order to realize that Father has done wonders. Therefore, we, the student body of Gonzaga Preparatory School, wish to say, "Thank you, Father Schoenberg, for a tremendous job well done." Two short years ago, this well tended lawn wasn't much more than a weed patch. ' Psalm Fila D I 4' MM Y Mimi Pile lf' H gas f H9 l : f - f W 9 K N- . ,f..2::ffr:r'f ' x . Y W ig -s2- - 45 PHO'l'0GllAPHY CLUB FRONT ROW: Dennis McCanna, Kenny Weigand, Greg Druffel, Mike Huss, Don Sharp, Mike Soran, Doc Casey. SECOND ROW: Wendy Winslow, Eric Greenfield, Cliff Gosselin, Malcolm Sharp, Pat Ford, Bob Gay, Tim Hopkins. THIRD ROW: Joe Clark, Bob Bruya, Bob Lamp, Mike Keolker, Leon Heinen, Roly Weinhandl, Bob C. May. FOURTH ROW: Terry Simonitch, Bill Hottell, Terry Mr. John Lien, SJ Moderator Gwinn, Don Stippel, joe Wenski, Ted Lonnevik, jim Poesl. Q M ' BU. The Photography Club of Gonzaga Prep has been 'branded' with the endless job of taking, de- veloping, and printing all of the many pictures for the Gonzagan, the Luigian, and for publicity stories on the school. In addition to this, they must study and keep up on the latest photographic techniques. Under the capable direction of Mr. John Lein, they have proven themselves to be largely responsible for the fine photographic work in your annual. Activity in the Dark Room? John Mullen Art McGinn Bill Hottell Wlriter Sports Editor Asst. Editor M Mike O,Neill Editor--in-Chief s 52332 5 wlsiigglg 1 W f iirsiiz 1 sg f Don McNall Copy Editor Gonzaga's delegates to the Press Conference are here shown: They are left to right, SEATED: Donn Herron, Art McGinn, Mike O'Neill, Larry Zappone, Mike Mc- Kinnon, and Vye Smith. STANDING: Roly Weinhandl, Dick McGinn, and Jim Manson. -34.- Editor Mike O'Neill and Feature Ed- itor Mike McKinnon proof read the copy to be used in the Gonzagan. OIL Mr. Kenneth Baker Fl y. x" I Ervin, Moderator -1 tg:5:J:.':EJis122,:azCfi. :rt Ii a t tg: 2- is :' 51.9. ,,.. ., Zi HrwumwkQ.twi rugewmkeitfgg rruegeeekrkegf sr Emil X f iii X XE Sli lg 1 t, .. .r 3 'ms t gg ,iw Y r 1 is , t Mike McKinnon Feature Editor fill 2-ff l: ' ' - 2, 5 .tg rf, Y ttf 2 ti? xiii 2522 2 'Q l W Wit l 3 Jizllg ggl 331 2? ,M i ff' wfzrf ei N 62 5 ' :: ::1Q Qi ng? xx Hi f Q wff, ' 5125? Dick McGinn Writer Moderator Mr. Baker corrects copy Associate Editor Bill Hottell discusses a Writeup with while Bill Hottell and John Mullen writer john Mullen and typist Terry Gwinn. look on. Dave Rolfe Writer 5 i Eu! L , 5 ,I Q ,... rr wir!! ,4 'S rl H H , irl- ,g5ily5 ' it revere rarer rr Terry Gwinn Typist Business managers Cseatedj Jim Mason and Andy Lewis, discuss sales with their staff: Cstandingj Bill Green, Mike Karlsten, Don Stippel, Pat August, john Mullen, and Eugene Ross. ii uw 5 i tm VW s it wa s yi Mi 2 A wif . I wvfi A :wg ' ,. L ' s',s, ,- Wai 'fS:,:ua':ia:'-31: :Q ..... MW Eli: we 1 W gi wi Egggzl t yga 5,1124 it y r ff? M' SV ! ll 3 X 5 we is l it t 1 ll 3 M , f H -. : , ANDY LEWIS JOEL HAWLEY JIM BARRETT ROLY WEINHANDL Add. Mgr. Sales Mgr. Layouts Photography ..36.. LARRY ZAPPONE Editor-in-Chief ED SMITH Assoc. Ed, MR. JAMES A. HAAS Moderator JIM MANSON Business Mgr. ART MCGINN DONN HERRON Sporrs Ed. Senior Ed. ...37.. "In char place of pain and J pride, where they nobly fought and nobly died." . Joyce Kilmer ' if 0 4 U :-:: ss Wziiizi ii I ,955 .ig .5 wg H ge 1 44 5 'SJ' ' B . ,I X Q X J 5 , rg X Q sg, X ,Q J is Q Yi 5 if ig. .i fw ry Luiz 3 5 E W 3 at 53338 ' S W Mi Wag? W war M 3 1 mi EBM I ' K Yi 2525523 1 ir : . fri W . HEFFERNAN Arr Ed. BILL KUNZ Sales M gr. Lentmust be over the bookstores being raided. Q Siva, YO' Q vvxb -N.-ul.-hx! ir 1 5-5. . 951 .WM Above. Center. And the ball goes to Ron Sommers in a Pep Con skit 'h 'ust goes to show that Left: Whic 1 Miracles still happen, even at Gonzaga Prep. he Vic Below Left: Mr. Frazier accepts t Dessert Merry-Go-Round trophy from Mrs. Mary Lou Dessert. Below Right: Look who's hustling tonight. """" The "AU Squad receives Nite. Letters at Gonzaga Jug, Phooey Qu "Where's my Ma Walt Horan Rep. spoke to the student body during his Wlashington tour. Have you ever seen such a livin' doll? Mixers in the cafeteria. ?., "Wanna buy some wine This is a formal class? X ' J Right: John Lynch points out one of the many signs that brought attention to the day which honored Father Jahn. Left: Bob Meighan gave all he had as Dave Sprague's campaign manager Cthat is, all that was left after his own campaignb. -39- One of the weekly CXO. -1- 1 f A few Co-eds discuss tg ', 12 their man-troubles. ' pe N v' ' X K -.4 F Q Q.. i'f1'V 5'2- :4 ',:b "fi fgrffgl H g, . bv. . I 194' ' ,C 1 1 N Y 'ff Mas was offered in the Chapel every morning during Lent. ,ig s as f. 2'-2 25 3 I f " 1 "" ,.,, .,,. ....,, Hawley gets his big fist into the food supplies again. Rousing the rabble at student Pep Con. i l 5 Eg 2 3 E T? S it Z 2 5 2 in 2 GONZAGA PREPARATORY "He who has health, has hopeg and he who has hope has everything." ..40.. Arabian Proverb -4 Gonzagais trainer Joey August is here shown as he instructs the members of the Varsity basketball squad in the proper method of taping their ankles, THLETIC erase Kg WF Gonzagafs Athletic Director, Fr. Harry jahn, inspects the property room after a game. The athletic coaches of Gonzaga, Don Miller, john Presley, and Bill Frazier discuss the futures of their various squads in the 1955-56 season. l ..42.... cusnxn, ur.. FRONT ROW: Managers-Tom Osburn and Doc Casey, john ringer, Ill cm Destefano, Karl Ota, Ed Rielly, jerry Baruffi, Dennis Morgan, jerry Kenny. SECOND ' l.' D. e S ra ue, Tom ROW' Royal Stultz Dave Kuttner, Nick August, Gary Bair, 'iv p g h P Henr L onnais, john Heffernan, Bob Muelner. THIRD ROW: Mike Murp y, at y, Y Ralph Brown, john Fiedler, Don Schafer, Bob Frankovic, Tom McNall, Gaylen Marsh "k M L. , john Hunting, Mike FOURTH ROW: jerry Wasstvn, jerry Buechler, Mic C ane ' W: ' Black, john Lewis, Tom McAndrews, George Carty, Bill Drake. FIFTH RO- jim Armenia, john Baggs, Dan Corrigan, Tom Crowley, john Barrington, Ike Petersen, Pat West. IPI-I-1-I-I-K-LI-I-I-I!-I-I-J-S 4 tc -I'I-I'I'I-I-D-I'I-D-I-'F'f'f'Y-P'f"i'l The varsity squad, picked as a top contender for the City and Columbia Basin League titles, started out with a bang and it appeared to everyone that this prediction would be fulfilled. Under the capable coaching of Bill Frazier, the team won the Vic Dessert Memorial trophy for their victory in the Merry-Go-Round game. This was ' " ' ' A l A :bles were turned in followed by a 27-I3 victory over Central Valley. Hoxwcver, tuc fl city league action, and Gonzaga lost their next seven games before defeating Rogers by a decisive margin in the final game. Although this year proved to be one of Gonzaga's off-seasons, the football team nevertheless should be credited for their fine de- fensive play. This proved true in both Lewis and Clark games. Willie jones, the leagues top yard gainer, was stopped cold in both games, and the orange and black had to struggle to beat the Gonzaga eleven by the narrow scores of 7-O and I2-O. The Gonzaga offensive ' ' A f' 'I I result beinv spark came to life in the last game of the season witi tae D a 20-6 victory over Rogers. Mr. William Frazier Head Coach -43.. l NICK AUGUST-HB JERRY BARUFFI-T JOHN BARRINGTON-HB GRADUATING STARTERS 1956 Halfback Nick Au mt carried 'erse - 8 I Y No. 77, which has been worn by many a famous Prep gridder, to further heights in this, his final year for the Bullpups. "Cheech" played skillfully enough to land on the "Spokane Daily Chronicles" first string All-City squad. He was noted also for his competitive spirit. Center George "Cyrizn0" Carry is one of those kind of characters that makes a team what it should be. His smiles and wisecracks seldom get through to his opponents, because although a character, he is one of the roughest defensive players in the league. Tackle Joe Hawley, better known as "Big joe", put his massive 210 lb. frame to good use on the Bullpup line this year, as he completed his third season on the varsity. The big tackle could usually be found in the nearest pile up, in which he was anchor man. End john "Biib.rl' Hiiniing made his only year on the varsity a successful one. A mass of coordination, "Bubs" re- sembles an acrobat in hauling down hard-to-get passes. He is also an ex- cellent punter, with an average of close to 60 yards per kick. Halfback John Barrington, the most reliable man in the Pup backfield, also brought home his second football letter this season. Whenever there was a yard or yards that just had to to be gained, No. 33 would usually be the one to get them. Guard Torn McAnrlrew.t completed his high school football career with a spot on the second teams of both Spokane newspapers' All-City selections. "Mac", who is known for his rough-and- tumble brand of football, is a two year letterman. 144- GEORGE CARTY-C Jost HAWLEY-T BUBS HUNTING-E MIKE LEVUIS-FB ED REILLY-G DENNIS MORGEN-HB Fullback Mike "Ameche" Lewis, a three year letterman, spent most of his football days at Prep as a stand-out guard, but was shifted to the backfield at mid-season this year. Mike thrives on contact and, as many vicitms will tell you, he hits like a pile driver, the result being a berth on the All-City first team. Dave Sprague, one of 'the coolest players in the city league, brought home his third football letter with the com- pletion of this season. Dave, a model student and athlete earned football recog- nition with a fine passing arm and an uncanny ability to lead a football team. Tackle jerry "The Beef" Kenney, the heaviest lineman on the Pup forward wall at 250 lbs., won his first football letter this season. jerry spent his junior year here at Prep on the "B" squad. Halfback Gaylen "Cowboy" iVIm'.rb completed his second colorful year in the Pup backfield this season. "Cowboy" was one of the leading ground gainers on this year's team. He spent a year on both Frosh and "B" squads before play- ing on the varsity. Quarterback Roy "Ike" Pezenon, after a two year layout from football, came back to earn his letter his senior year. "Ike" spent most of the season playing defense and was especially potent on pass defense. Guard John Heffemmz, one of the steadiest players on the team, completed a fine season of football this year. "Heff", who is well known for his con- sistency on defense, spent two years on the "BN squad before coming to the varsity. -45- DAVE SPR AGUE-QB TOM MCANDREWS-G JERRY wAssoN-13 TOM CROWLEY-HB JERRY KENNEY-G GAYLEN MARSH-FB BOB FRANKOVIC turned in a good season of football in the right tackle spot in this, his first year of varsity football competition. "Frank" thus earned his var- sity letter this season. Tackle JERRY BUECHLER won his second letter on the varsity eleven this year. Jerry, who likes his football rough, spent his Sophomore year on the "B" Squad, and also played a year of frosh ball. Guard RALPH BROWN completed his second season of good, 'heads-up' ball on the varsity this year and brought home his second letter. "Bud" played frosh ball and one year on the "B" Squad before moving up to the varsity. Halfback JOHN LYNCH was one of the promising seniors who spent most of the season on the injured list. John, who was ruled out of competition be- cause of a leg injury, would have been one of the best pass defensemen in the league. Halfback PAT TIERNEY, a good team player with plenty of spirit and 'guts', was hampered by a chipped neck bone and was lost to the Pups for most of the season. Pat also played two years on the "B" Squad. JOHN "SPIDER" BAGGS showed a lot of determination in making the var- sity this season in his first year of foot- ball tryout. John is a faithful boarder and hails from the fair city of Lewiston, Idaho. End JON HILGER completed four years of football at Gonzaga, and also gained his first varsity letter. Jon is one of the few gridders who lasted through the long grind necessary to reach a spot on the varsity. His frosh year was spent on the Midgets and the next two on the .S. -46.- DAN CORRIGAN-T IKE P LETER SON -QB JOHN ARMENIA-G ROYAL STULTS-C BOB FRANKOVIC-T I 5351.115 A: :'f5'Ei:5'Efzpizfzei. glrrimzi gsg i k ' -1:..: i:31iW s k i ' ' l lg , V 2:1 rzviswzswrfww i,?'?ff'Qi I X , M.:--:::.:. -:. . . 'Q ' 4.6, mifig M :E i-2'if:5Q! 2fxfw:2 :':E '2i?3 I5 51 E:gE W W5 , ,. H V. -211: 2wN,A5?g,. w:,y 0'3E3?yffMA - :my .E.-.: :.:QE. a Qwii E izgg.-EL A' EEYEZE SQQEQQQQ ' , - , ' ' U 4: , 'See Q V sim g 2w22Wf9.sQ .. ,., ,,:,,: w , wayne? KQSSSMX-15 4 f W? 3? .1 --3: ---, if W Q3E"iS ' r C'i- EJ? Q 5 ,.,., .,. -'gf-:I:Iv:. ..,. '5.'I:'v I:':',f'f,.:g - .j.I,I:v:. . 1"" " L 3 R N 21+ - '-: JOHN LYNCH-HB JOHN HEFFERNAN--G JIM BLACK-G GARY BLAIR-HB 5 au.. 4 Q- 4 as I , fi Q. ww 3 E? , Q 4 sf X 1 Y i Tiles: , A ' e gg A . 25' -31-322551352 s" "' ' 5- AZ 2 1 ' 'A-' ' A Q A A ' '7373' . - f XA 'A fflil ' Sijififzii ' W ' -f V: ' ' -ws'::g8szQg,:,M E sw .Nm , . . . W , z wsfzgm' ..... , 2 , ' 555252 mgksf wgii PAT TIERNEY-HB RALPH BROWN-G if M 1 N. VV -rw TOM LYONN AIS--F B JOHN BAGGS-E PAT HENRY-E JOHN FIEDLER-E . v 65 Q . X " 4 A N T , hx 'Fx '9 '94 ALL CITY Mike Lewis C869 rambles around end for a decisive gain as he evades a would-be Rogers tackler, JERRY BUECHLER-T BILL DESTEFANORG Tom Crowley Cball carrierj is stopped after making ' C . I1 a first down in th the background are Cfar leftj. irst North Central game I DAVE KUTTNER T Reilly C395 and Nick August KARL OTA-T JOHN HILGER-E AL SNARSKI-E. DON MCNALL-H.B. ef RM :.::2j?-:::' . 7 ,, - ., . 1 1 L. .L Q2 A gh. 5 Q PAT WEST-O. K "B" SQUAD - FIRST ROW: Bill Robinson, Bill McGourin, Bob Lux, Tom Kelly, Pat Shaw, Bob Krofcheck, Max Halner john Roberg. SECOND ROW: Don Tierney, Bruce Hopkins, Mike Bonner, Steve Yedinak, Jim Kelly, Denny Kemp, Geoff Ota, Charles Esposito THIRD ROW? Dick Mauro, Dick Perry, Mike Weiler, Mike Keegan, Joe Anderson, jerry Daugherty, jerry Geraghty. FOURTH ROW: Fred Marshall, jim Porter- field, Pat Baldwin. GN, E 1 NR!! pp Mr. john Presley E -5, Coach .f?" Although Gonzaga's "B" Squad did not win many games, and although at first, they did 'not look as good as one might wish, still no one could truthfully say that this team was a failure. True, their l-7 record is not one to be envied, but one must remember that this was an inexperienced team, and, more important, that they pro- gressed and improved steadily throughout the season until, on the last day, they climaxed the season with a decisive victory over Rogers. Again, it must be remembered that the primary reason for the "B" Squad's ex- istnce is not to win ball games. The coach must primarily teach and develop future Gonzaga gridders, and secondly, as the frosting on the cake, so to speak, win the games. Coach john Presley did an exceptionally fine job in building football players for the varsity in coming years, as a chronology will show. He started out with young, inexperienced players, doing all he could to teach them all he knew. As the season went on, the team grew steadier and stronger with more experience, and looked as good as any team in the city in their finale, downing Rogers 19-14. -50- FRONT ROW: Dan Sells, ,Iohn Bronowski, Larry Wood, Don Thompson, Alan Sigauw, Ed Kupers, Gene Culhane. SECOND ROW: Rodney Adams, Par Pugh, Tim Connors, joe Lee, Dennis Moore, Bob Dudek, Paul Griffith. THIRD ROW: Mel Wicks, Robin Dodson, Bill Condon, Jim Sicilia, Dick Kolbet, Terry Solinsky, Greg Wood. FOURTH ROW: Brian Boulac, Ed Srachofsky, Reg Morey, Ron Albo, Larry Eldridge, joe McGinn. FHUSH SQUAD Mrggaoggh FRONT ROW: jack Holt, Mike McGruder, Bud Srirnson, Ed Kupers, Richard Wolfe, Jim White, Bradley Krall. SECOND ROW: Jim Maguire, Bill Shaw, 1, Ray Naccarato, Ron Biegler, Fred Schuster, Gary Malerich. THIRD ROW: Myron v,y3-iii, l Jacobs, Dennis Olson, Mark Anderson, Wendy Winslow, Eric Myhre, Danny E "' Kraur, Bill Gregory. Coach Phil Thompson ' W " 'l'llll MIDGET l FIRST ROW: Bill Symmes, Nick August, Bubs Hunting, Dave Sprague, Norb Trauba. SECOND ROW: Bob Lamp, Mgr., Ike Petersen, Denny Johnston, Pete Borbeau, Al Snarski, Jerry Wasson, Dan Corrigan, Dick M:Ginn, Denny Cossette, Terry Flanagan, Mgr., Mr. Presley, Coach. L yy p.,-pm-p.fx.p.p.p.p 1, gy 13.5 I I 1-Z Ci! C Kd K-xK'4'l1'J'1l-ilu! tl JK J At the beginning of the season, Gonzaga's defending champions were rated by the sportswriters to finish at the top of the heap, but when the smoke cleared away, two other teams also shared that atop". The league lead changed hands many times during those hectic two months. One week it would be Gonzaga in the lead spot, then next week it would be someone else. One could say that the six teams in the league were so well matched this year that almost any one of them was capable of beating fany other team on a given night. It was in the second to the last scheduled season game that Gonzaga was sole possessor of the first spot after defeat- ing West Valley. But the following week, the Pups fell to a fired-up band of Tigers, and thus ensued the three-way tie for first place. In order to determine Spokane's representative to the State Tournament in Seattle, a playoff was necessary. In the first play- off game, the Pups played what was possibly their best game as they completely swamped West Valley's Eagles by a score of 68-48. The well knit defense thrown up by Gonzaga was practically im- penetrable, and offensively they were flawless. The next afternoon, however, Prep lost the final playoff to L. G. by a score of 57 to 42. A tight zone defense set up by the Tigers kept the Pups out of effective scoring range all evening, and out of the Seattle Tournament. Still a tie for First Place in the Gity League was a worthy achievement and we are proud of our fight- ing Bullpups. saaaaua-an-a-a-a-a-a-J-aaataaaaammtx -53- Prep-46 Prep-4-5 Prep-68 Prep-41 Prep-46 Prep-46 Prep-64 Prep-76 Prep-58 Prep-42 CLV.-30 Rog.-4-4 N.G.-59 W.V.-52 L.G.-45 G.V.-72 Rog.-59 N.G.-59 W.V.-52 L.G.-48 Mr. JOHN PRESLEY BUBS HUNTING Center A crowd of well over 7,000 people watched Gonzaga defeat favored Lewis and Clark in the fifth Coliseum triple DAVE SPRAGUE Forward DENNY COSSETTE BILL SYMMES PETE BOURBEAU Guard Guard Forward A ig ff iff W N-11: :Q an an .el My Irwin 5 isgsgfz, DICK MCGINN Bubs Hunting C35D is fouled by Huber in the second West Valley Guard game as he attempts a lay-in, Watching is Nick August. Denny Cossette scored two. Q PREP 64-ROGERS 59 S mmes C525 steals a rebound from the Points' but fha? was enough to grab Y hands of a Rogers man. In the back- tory number five' ground Nick August C115 follows the play. PREP 41-W.V. 52 Prep dropped their first game of the season against a fired-up band of Eagles, 52-41. The times were few and far between that saw the Pups leak through the valley's tall n'tight defense for a clean lay in. West Valley held a 35 to 16 half time lead and kept the Pups a good 10 points behind throughout the remaining quarter. Norb Trauba led scoring with 21 points, followed by August, Sprague and Hunting with 10 points apiece. PREP 46-C.V. 71 Prep suffered their second loss to the other valley team, C.V., 72-46, in a game that saw 5 out of 8 Bears drop in better than 10 points. Norb Trauba dropped in 21 points to lead Gonzaga's. scoring. Center Dave Sprague potted 15 while hitting 11 out of 12 from the free throw line. Also scoring for the Bullpups were Bubs Hunting, 4 points, and Billy Symes. -56- A hard playing and defensively s Tiger edged the Bullpups 48 to the season's windup tilt for both t Stunned by a quick 13 to 4- lead i first quarter, the Zags took two qu to catch up to LC., 40 to 40, i fourth quarter. But from then on scored but one basket while L.C. d ed in four to grab the victory. I . 9 I . , 1 . . I c PREP-42 L.C .44-8 l 4 6 I a n I Trauba and Nick August both C. icle All-City stars, led Gonzaga s sc with eleven points each. Consistent Sprague poured in ten, followed by '4Goatee" Hunting with eight p A wild fourth quarter almost cost Pups a third loss against Rogers on 10. Even so, the contest was close all way to the final gun. At the ent the first quarter the score stood at 16 but the Pups pulled away to lead at 1 time 35 to 21. The end of the third c ter saw the Pups' lead dwindle to , basket, 45-43. Then came the fast furious fourth quarter in which the I t outscored the Pirates by a mere PREP 45--ROGERS 44 A last second shot by Bubs Hunting snatched victory from John Rogers, 45-44 in the two teams' first meeting. The last quar- ter was the most hectic one of the game, with two starters, Norb Trauba and Denny Cossette foul- ing out in the final minutes with Prep trailing by 7 points. But Dave Sprague, Nick August and Denny Johnston led Coach Presley's Pups through the last 4 minutes, scoring 13 points among them and holding the Pirates to 4. Hunting was high with 14, followed by Norb Trauba with 13. Dave Sprague canned 8, while Nick Au- gust dropped 6. PREP 46-LC. 45 For the second time this season the steady nerves of Bubs Hunting have stolen a ball game right out from under the noses of a team that had already Kwon." This time it was L. C. Hunting, whose last sec- ond jump shot beat Rogers earlier this season, canned a gift toss in the final nine seconds to drop L. C. 46-45. The win knotted Prep with W.V. and L.C.,for first place, all three sporting 4-1 records Guard Nick August displayed some of the finest shooting seen this year in sinking 19 points mostly on beau- tiful long range set shots C.V. as followed by JERRY WASSON Center Nick August lays up a beauty for 2 points against West Valley. Shown reaching for an important rebound are Dave Sprague ffar AL SNARSK1 leftb, Denny Cossette CUP, and Nick August 4115, in the first F0fWHfd Rogers game. PREP 58-W.V. 52 The Zags came a game closer to the city title as they dropped West Valley 58 to 52. The fast breaking Pups held an 18-9 lead going into the second quarter but came out on the short end of things by half time, 25-24 in favor of the Eagles. The last half of the game proved Gon- zaga to be a little tougher on offense with Norb Trauba, Dave Sprague and Bubs Hunting scaling the Valley defen- sive wall to score practically all of the 29 Prep points netted in the second half. Trauba was high with 18 points, followed by Hunting and Sprague, with 16 and 10. PREP 46-C.V. 30 The 1955 City Champs, who posted a 8-2 pre-season record, won their league opener from C.V. 46- 30. The Zags' Dave Sprague, the games outsta. ding man on offense and defense, and Bubs Hunting, the game's high scorer, led the Pups through the tough C.V. de- fense to pour in 50 points between them. Center Sprague netted 16 points, while Hunting, a forward, dumped in 14. This is what youid call a mad scramble for the ball. In the foreground for Gon- zaga is Dave Sprague and behind him Norb Trauba. PREP 76-N.C. 59 Norb Trauba poured 24 points through the Coliseum nets to lead Prep in victory over winless N.C., 76-59. Prep had a 5 point lead at half time, 50-25, and had fallen into a 44-44 tie in the third quar- the chincher. ter. But Trauba, Nick August and Bubs Hunting put on the steam for 32 points and held N.C. to 15 to grab their 7th victory. The Zags also broke their team scoring record, with Cossette dumping in PREP 68-N.C. 59 Dave Sprague, Nick August and Denny Cossette dropped in all but 6 points in handing N.C. their third consecutive loss. Tied at 35 all in the third quarter after holding a 38-28 half time lead, the Pups slowly but surely added wood to the fire in the fourth quarter to turn the trick, Dave Sprague was high with 19. Cossette was next, with 16 points, followed by August and Trauba with 14 and 15. X N iclg August, All-City 1' ,.. ir, ff N orb Trauba, All-C1ty Dave bprague -53- 1' ALL Bubs Hunting Denny Cossettc CWB KNEELING: Don Tierney, Jerry Geraghty, Steve Yedinak, jeff Colliton, Larry McGhee. STANDING: Bill Ludberg, Dennis Flaherty, Fred Marshall, Mike Carl, Pat West, Don Durall. MISSING is Ed Doucet. I! K K 1646 C11 115466 K-K-a B 0 All43.9473pg7.p.p.p.yx.p.p.p.y591394 Gonzaga's '55-56 B-squad basketball team, with later- season help from the varsity, finished the season in fine form with a 5-5 record. With the addition of Ford Mar- shall and Don Durall in early February, the B-squad was at full strength. One thing to note, however, was the tre- mendous height of this team. Coach Mr. Paul Robinson, SJ., could handle a team of giants with Marshall C6-40, Durall Q6-lj, Mike Carl Q6-35, and Pat West C6-35, also with Jerry Geraghty C5-lOj rounding out the first team. Other first-stringers were Dennis Flaherty, Jeff Collington, and Steve Yedinak. Mr. Robinson did a fine job of coach- ing this team, and he developed his height well for the next-year's varsity. The Bees were a bit shaky at the start of the season, winning only two of their first three games. But they got steadily better with more experience, and with their re- inforcements they were probably as good as any team in the league. As it was, they beat every team in the league at lea.st once, except Rogers, and there they were beaten by only 1 and '3 point margins. Prep-39 Prep-40 Prep-4-6 Prep-3 3 Prep-42 Prep-49 Prep-42 Prep-35 Prep-5 9 Prep-44 Prep-50 W.V.-35 L.C.-36 W.V.-46 N.C.-51 Rog.-43 C.V.-27 N.C.-44 W.V.-33 N.C.-53 Rog.-47 C.V.-48 P P Y F I P D F Pl D D I' Pi II'P'l"D'D'D'D'P'l -59- Coach FRONT ROW: Pat Pugh, Joe McGinn, john Stevens, Dave Schimmels, Brian Boulac. SECOND ROW: Ray Nacarraro, Greg Hare, Mike Moran, Greg Wood, Joe Sandell, Mike Ceson, Tom Shine. THIRD ROW: Dennis Olsen, Reginald Morey, Jerry Flannery, Jim Puko, Ed Srokowski, Robert Rainer, Richard Ras- mussen. FINISH S0 AD Mr. John O'Leary FIRST ROW: Dick Wolfe, Melvin Shaw, Robin Dodson, Dave Morgan, Tom Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Bill Gregory Larry Wood, Jack Graham, Myron Jacobs, Father Dunn, S. J. Viktor Maykowskyj, Bill Shaw, Charles Cory, James White. 'PHE MIDGET -60.- Fr. John Dunn It , Q v fs 1 M f 1 , F' , . pg x ' ' 1 f f- , ,y ,.,, .V-wg 21, ., V I s pr. -v 'X ,X .s .- .. Q" , 5, , N 'ii '7- 1 .LVL 1- I 1 l x 1 4.Q.""l' 'gf "' 4 D I E'- Q-s PHI G PUHT BECAUSE OF THE EARLY DEADLINES REQUIRED IN THE PUBLISHING OF A YEARBOOK SUCH AS THE LUIGIAN, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO GIVE EITHER AN ACCURATE OR A FULL ACCOUNT OF THE SPRING SPORTS. IT IS EOR THIS REASON THAT WE OE THE LUIGIAN STAFF HAVE DECIDED TO PICTURE IN THIS ANNUAL ONLY PICTURES OE RETURN- ING LETTERMEN AND PROSPECTIVE LETTERMEN OF THE VA- RIOUS SPRING SPORT SQUADS. WE ARE INAUGURATING THE PRACTICE OF PUBLISHING A FULL ACCOUNT OF THE SPRING SPORTS IN THE NEXT YEAR'S ANNUAL. THEREFORE THE COMPLETE COVERAGE OF THE 1956 SEASON WILL APPEAR IN NEXT YEAR'S LUIGIAN. THE EDITOR. sx H g I ' rx - " La! f bgffqx - ' f if I b , 5 XM 3-elf. A 6 f Tlx XX . Y -T" gf .- 'B I l ,-4' .d ,L , Lf "L, A h . 'Z I ..61.. 1 I., A W ,- D TRACK DENNY MORGAN JIM O'CONNELL - :.':-'fi'-2-2E:2'1-1'29225-ri, A-" .-':.i'g.,:f . Quarter Mile .... ,,..,,.,.,,. , ,.,. , . .,.,. .. .,...,. 3 Sprints DONALD J. .MILLER Head Coach JERRY WASSON JOE HAWLEY DICK LYONS REG. VALMER Pole Vault Shot Put Broad Jump High Jump L 1 I ..62i NICK AUGUST RB TRAUBA BA EBALL WILLIAM FRAZIER Head Coach E JI ORRI M FL PAT HENRY DAVE SPR -65- FIRST ROW: Mike Shea, Mike Murphy, Don Tierney, Mike Dale, Jerry Olson, Pat Hengen, Ron DeGon, Paul Anselmo. SECOND ROW: Mike Burns, Robert Erickson, Mike Bowers, john Lynch, Dave Sprague, Mike O'Nei11, Norb Trauba, Pat Tierney. fl K , .4 ffdi . L ,x,5 1 L If v ,Mr VL,-f X Y , 'K JOHN LYNCH JERRY oLsoN MIKE BOWERS Ja , 0 " 0 ,fi I R firm M 'Hi Bos ERICRSON ,fm N6 16 f 5 4 1 ff f 'ifginigk V, T6 T ,,,9QfQ3fn.i5fQgP"fTS' TENNIS CLUB 5 Mr. Haas, Moderator: Duane Biegler, Larry Engelhard, Jim Hanson, Mike Riggs, John Doyle, Frank Flannery, Dan Murphy, Ton1Wais, Kenny Weigand, Dave Eldridge, Charles Cory Tom McKennon. TENNI LARRY ENGELHARD MIKE MCKINNON PAT TIERNEY - 65- Mr. Haas Moderator :L '2 E g E : 5-' ls E 11. 5 ' ': 'Q 3-" ' E ? sv' . .'-:-I-' 5 E - ' 5 5 2 eg Ig 2 5 Lg 1 'E GONZAGA PREPARATORY "All who have meditared on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the face of Empires depends 'on the education of youth." -66- Aristotle THE FRE HMA CLASS ROOM 4: Fr. Zehnder, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Ron Biegler, Berald Culhane, Ray . I, Naccarato, Lloyd Heinan, Eugene Culhane. SECOND ROW: Leonard Shore, Bill . r ' ' Condon, Tim Conners, Carmen Ross, Ken Leiliefeld. THIRD ROW: Reginald Morey, A " Myron Jacobs, Jim Decker, Ty Kolknan, Viktor Maykowskyj. 5.4 ROOM 15: Mr. McDonough, S.-I. Mod:: FIRST ROW: Jim Maguire, Ron Wheeler, Lee Bergston, Gary Male-rich, Keith Reid, Tom Cunningham, Ed Keepers, Jim White. SECOND ROW: Mike McCormick, Creg Hare, Bill Briggs, Gene Martin, john Novak, Tom Uyeno, Dan Sells, Bob Mayrand. THIRD ROW: jim Murphy, Curt Dreis, Mark Anderson, Dave Kunz, Rod Adams, Dave Kassa, Charles Gifford. FOURTH ROW: Ed Stachofsky, Gary Bye, Art Rainville, Dave Schimmels, Mike Asas. .. 68? CLASS 0F 1959 ROOM 15: Mr. O'Leary, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Brad Krall, jack Holt, Bob Butler, Al Siguaw, Bill Gregory, Mike Smith, Murray Anderson, August Assfalg. SECOND ROW: John Jacobsen, John Bronowski, Bill Shaw, Don Thornpsen, Jerry Valley, Nel- son Shinnick, Larry Jacobs, Jerry Chertude. THIRD ROW: Scott Rice, John Conney, John Pauly, Paul Griffith, Mike O"Hare, Tim Neeley, Ted Wolfe, Bill Gomrn. FOURTH ROW: john Perko, Ed Rosler, Dick Rassmussen, Joe McGinn, Gary Loeffler, Roger Edwards, Charles Moser. ROOM 16: Fr. Dunn, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Walter Weller, Bill Cook, Berry Ved- der, Bob Sullivan, Vincent Wetzler, Dave Morgen, Dick Wolfe: SECOND ROW: Kenny Doelman, john Ellison, Don Hill, Joe Esposito, Paul Wood, john Graham Kenny Baune. THIRD ROW: Robin Dodson, Eric Myhre, jim Sisilia, Bob Kennedy Don Delange, Barry Ganje, Bob Schmitt. FOURTH ROW: Bob Rainer, Larry Eldridge Bill Rice, Melvin Wicks. 1-u Q ? T ' T5 f l! r X it ff TX 69- I 'l'H FRESIIMA CLASS ROOM 17: Fr. Glancy, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Charles Cory, Dennis Lamb, David Rolfe, Larry Hood, joe McDonald, Mike Shea, Pat O'Leary, Ed Srimson, Eugene Wenski, Gary Faltico. SECOND ROW: Creg Culliton, Greg Druffel, John Devine, john Mc- Dermott, Larry Broderick, Earl Elias, Pat Ford, jim Hanson, Bob Dudeb, Bob Johnston, THIRD ROW: Chuck Schilling, Dick Colbet, Larry Orr, Terry Solinsky, Joe Sandell, Charles Gregor, Mike Sly, Arlen Looney, Charles Fisburn, Larry Mengas. FOURTH ROW: Brian Boulac, Ron Albo, Frank Flannery, Bill Maddagin, Bob Yonts, Larry Zimmerman, Mike Burns, Tom Shine, Dennis Olsen. 'Z ROOM 18: Mr. Sullivan, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Grant McLaughlin, Danny Kraut, Joe McKinnon, jim Morin, Mike Strong, Mike McGruder, Bill Trudeau, Joe Kane. SECOND ROW: Dennis O'Leary, Wendy Winslow, Dennis Caffery, Pat Pugh, Mike McCormick, Par Walsh, jerry Corkery, jim Rock. THIRD ROW: Carl Fry, jim Bown, Mike Anderson, Mike Moranm, joe Lee, jim McGuire, Bob Wells, Greg Wood. FOURTH ROW: Jim Murphy, Darrell Sullens, Terry Simonirch, Dick Tausch, john Heskert, Bill Devoe, Mike Sullivan, Mike Workland, Bob Bruya, Roland Bambino. -70- 'I'Hll 0PH0lll0llll CLASS ROOM 3: Mr. Richlie, SJ. Mod: Mike Johnston, Dennis Peltier, Steven Kerley, Victor Beeman, William Schumacher, David Ryan, james Fox, Dominic Casey. SECOND ROW: Clyde Miller, joe Faulhaber, Larry Bergman, Bill Robinson, Jerry Feulner, Pat Rotchford, Angelo Roman, James Mitchell, Mike Myers. THIRD ROW: Robert Hoerner, james Schneider, Tom Osburn, Lane DeLauder, Ron DeGon, jerry Hartmeier, Pat Hengen, Mike Shanks, Leon Heinan. FOURTH ROW: Peyton Rickel, Bill Girard, Don Durall, Dennis Flaherty, Timothy -Bordwell, Joe Dunnigan, Adam Deutsch, Jim Walsh, Mike Weiler. ROOM 1: Fr. Renner, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Mike Sims, jim McGivern, Dennis McCanna, Dick Thomas, Dave Martin, John Glubrecht, john Black, Bill Wolfe, John Dutchak. SECOND ROW: Norb Lollis, Harvey Ledoux, Dennis Matteson, Bob Krof- chek, Jim Coughlin, jay Kershner, Rockne Gronnebek, Bob Gay, Jim Cunningham. THIRD ROW: Andrew Uptagrafft, Bruce Keyes, Ken Semerad, Bob Labrie, john Carlson, John Buckley, joe Lake, Tom MacFarland, Bob Stemper, Merrill Drake, Carl Rief, Bill Tallent, Galt Hanson, Paul Shephard, Joe Wenski, Allen Van Buskirk, Fred Ferrell, Don Stippel. lmlxll'f7 KP 'V I -519' f it A 4 ,kv km a l l f " i Q ...71,. 'Q' f 6 X N Q M Tig 2 tw 5 Q95 is iw 'x -. in., X I iam i 93 an SIX N3 l Q Q NY A SWT Q., MM? SCX T R 1 . .4 l ,N , Q 5 N f I Tim ovuowlon cmss ROOM 11: Fr. Chapman, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Bob Lux, Ronald Wheatley, Geoffry Ota, Tom Crocker, Tom MacDot1ell, Terry Lanterman, Don Sharp, Larry Annis. SECOND ROW: Jerry Little, Steve Yeclinak, jim Scott, Bruce Bugbee, Kevin O'Malley, Mike Hatramer, Harry Stowell, Douglas Bergman. THIRD ROW: Gary Dressen, Jim Porrerfield, Mike Keolker, joe Clark, George Daley, Steve Zimmer, Mike Bonner, Jim Kelly, Kenneth Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Fred Marshall, Mike Carl, Bob McNeese, Robert W. May, Clifford Frey, Tom Springer, Pat Baldwin, jim Poesl, Peter Campbell. ROOM 14: Fr. Chapman SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Charles Esposito, Mike Flannigan, Wilbur Bottjer Ron Currie Kenny Wiegard john Martell, Clayton Nelson, Paul An- selmo Tom Connoly Art Aikman SECOND ROW: Bob Byrne, jerry Daughterty, Dave Rothrock Bill MCGOLIIIU eff Colliten Tom Kelly, Tom McKinnon, Denny Hig- Don Zappone Mike Flynn Pat Shine Bob Lamp. FOURTH ROW: Pat West, Bill Cullen Dan Mogan Bill Ludberg Jack Elias joe Hauer, Jerry Garrity, Larry McGhee, .Ja.QcJMarcks J V 7 in m xml ! ffl! v , , i .,J- . , in E .. f gins. THIRD ROW: jim Strobridge, Don Tierney, Tom Chapman, james E. Murphy, Hi - . , E3 x ' It - f , ' .iz ffl ullll IM -72- CLASS 0F 195 l ., f Dick Bittner, Pete Reichenbach, john Dimeling. SECOND ROW: john Coffey, Fred , w 'V Edgett, Mike Richards, Gary Looft, Russell Jefferson, Tim Hopkins. THIRD ROW: ,I V Lf. ' PNY I X if if. 47 sl X. WEB . Larry Kelly, Mike Keegan, Vincent Perry, Ted Lonnevik, Bob Lamp, Jim White. FOURTH ROW: Dick Hecker, Jim Woodland, Bill Riepl, Brevy Dahl, Harry Ol- heiser, Mike Wustner. ROOM 5: Mr. Mcginn, Mod: FIRST ROW: Dan Brown, Bob Abba, Mike Huss, I l .1 ROOM 6: Mr. Lein, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Everett Widmer Darrell Russell Chris erry Atkinson Dennis Moore Bob Lftbrie THIRD ROW john Stevens Bruee ff R Workcuff, jerry Ficca Ron DeMeestet Nx'b .5 ,f. 19 , , I Wnxi .49 an Cox, Melvin Shaw, Eugenio Bradbury, SECOND ROW: TomiShauvin, Dave Fijalka, J i s I 1 4 i - I I 1 Q x 4" - 7 - X i l x X l i . i Kvvlur, X.. 5 1 L 'v I If TQ, 1 Q. . 'PHE JU lllll ULASS 4 fd roj fy I X 5- Av, lb e , .ef ROOM 50: Fr. Renner, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Cliff Gosselin, jim Ankerson, George Batchelor, joe Bartholomew, Mike Llewellyn, Tom Lyonnaise, Bob Driggs, Larry Jurdy, Mike Soran. SECOND ROW: Tom Toyle, J. J. Murphy, Pete jacoy, Tom Bial- kowski, Frank Lorriman, Ed Doucet, Bill Destefano, john Frossard. THIRD ROW: joe Anderson, Phil Anderson, Mike F. Murphy, George Tolar, Brady Twohy, Vincent Knoll, Malcom MacRay, Bob Meulner. FOURTH ROW: Dale Svarverud, Terry Gwinn, Reg Vollmer, Paul Wardian, Ray Zugel, Mike Karlsten, Del Engelhard, Dick Powers. ROOM 50: Fr. Armstrong, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Ron Lavoie, Bob Pearson, john Nelson, Bob Wright, jim Weller, jerry Ignace, Bob May, Tony Wieber, Max Halner, Joe Rohberg. SECOND ROW: Denny Johnston, Tom Rice, George Metcalfe, jay Scher, john Mulilen, Gary Blair, Dennis Boni, Fred Soderberg, Don Agostino. THIRD ROW: Dave Thomas, Bill Hottell, Dick Fox, Bill Tanksley, Dell Clark, Pat Stowell, Dick Mauro, Rich Perry, john McNabb. FOURTH ROW: Mike Bowers, Con Lacey, Tom Miller, Tom Clark, Ron Sommers, Dan Corrigan, Bob Erickson, Art Schmidt, Dennis Morgan, Pete Bourbeau. ..74.. fit!!-gt 49 95' E it CLASS 0F 195 riff- ROOM 50: Fr. Armstrong, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Bruce Hopkins, Gerry Griffith, Pat August, Larry Stanek, Steve Ronald, Tom Bewley, Duane Colwell. SECOND ROW: Fred Broschet, Jim Ficca, Pat Reilly, Frank Brown, Roger Moen, Jim Black ll A li., 0 Xt Jim Finigan. THIRD ROW: jerry O'Day, Dave Meloche, jim Baiar, Par Reillyi Frank Burger, Tom McTighe, jerry Baruffi. 'Q Room 50: Fr. Armstrong, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Bill Sonner, Don McNall, Mike Kraut, Dick Casey, Dellis McKinley, jerry Gustafson, Jim Imholt, Bob Mclnterney. SECOND ROW Karl Ota Tom Cawley joe MLCanna Mike Murphy Ronald MC K Y-, - ,. 5 RN. Waller, Bill Doree, Henry Hiller, Bob Marx, Lame Lalone, Don Gorman FOURTH KY, M X, ,J V- 1 Vay, Mike Riggs, Par Doran, Len Thomrison. Tl-llRD'ROW: Bob Abel, Darrell . . W ,.3,,i,.AW, f y f ROW: Ed Santa Rosa, Jim Winkler, Gary Kirkland. Ed Reilly, Terry Speltz, David afyyimyify,,f'.,:lrW. Von Holt. C !'f"4','a5!'5lM'l', 5 !,f,,'fy1f2f1f' ILLN nffviffa CLASS 0F I95 ROOM 30: Fr. Masterson, SJ. Mod: FIRST ROW: Stuart Pearson, Gene McKenna, Larry Pasby, Larry Flynn, Duane Biegler, Par Shaw, Peter Dean, Tom Kassa, Robert Valley. SECOND ROW: Dave Kuttner, john Geir, Leroy Kraft, Craig Dial, Dennis Cossette, Tony Cannon, Dennis Kemp, Dennis Miller, Pat Phalen. THIRD ROW: John Feldhausen, Royal Stults, Stewart Fry, Larry Gamroth, Virgil Kassa, Jake Harder, Mike Dale, Dick McGinn, Clyde Ries. FOURTH ROW: jerry Wasson, John May, Jim Tannehill, Pat McKee, Ron Camp, Dan Workland, john Gibb, Al Snarski. Un. dlflamofziam GARY EDGETT 176- The Pep Club gave out with the school spirit at the basketball games. It ii Q zz'-5: 1 ...:'g:gg::3:5.:,.,::g.5:::::1::, :. s-aes.: -' Stepping out on the wife and kids again, eh, Ray? ..,... .. , ..... -. . . ' 'f1 1':" 1 , 4 -' WW7323 If 'f 'M fy l -TYPE: A ""' iggii Heres what keeps our rooting section alive. 4 si, l 4. ,. . " ""-'-"' Have mercy, Mike, I washed my face just four ' snappy little set of Latin cards . l've lived in them all summer. are at it again 5 of the classics. e. -77- Now I have here a NO jeans? But father, Smith and Lewis stand back, lovers days ago. if You really see This is amazing things dancing? once in a while. . T 3 5 !v:'E -ill, -1-'-zt E' : 1 ... z -r.. :-.. g - 1 .1 2. ' ' P- 5 'S 2' :E ?-" v' Z tl 5 f'. -.1 5 if" ... ? :',, .'-:Q 5 :1 '- I ' S 21 : -: -2 E E' r. : . -:E 1 'E 54 t 2 T- 'L' 1 - I ' E .J 5-' E 5 F GONZAGA PREPARATORY "Keep true to the dreams of thy youth." - 73- Schiller 79 X2 - .. Donn Herron Pat Nolan Valedictorian Salutatoria Fr. Gordon Toner, SJ. Principal PRI CIPAL' MESSAGE This year the Society of Jesus proudly celebrates the four hundredth anniver- sary of the death of its saintly founder, Ignatius. In so doing, it honors the con- tributions of St. Ignatius Loyola to the world. Among these is the eminently successful system of education he gave to his sons, and through them to countless thousands throughout the Christian world. Class of '56, it has been your good fortune during these past four years to be sharers in this rich heritage! Yours has lbeen a Jesuit education given in faithful adherence to the ideals and teachings of Ignatius. Therefore, it is with joy and happiness that Gonzaga proudly sends you into the world, knowing that you will ever be true to her teachings: loyalty to your country, faithful to your religion, and devoted to God. May the motto of St. Ignatius and his Society be yours throughout life, in all that your are and accomplish: Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam-to the greater glory of God! ...go- igff Q awe Q 2 f' tr f 4. , lf! iii L ' 5 . it , lg 'if is ,it ll Q 1 5 lggsii QR gfgeg' at x it 1 " .,' ' Ei, I rytlt SP ST Q . r 1 1 W yatt? ffl ills SW? trail' Keg iv I fl 1 :f1:t:-ma: MN 3 gi Sglzvlt l ,ia- w gmgtfg tzil f igrf it, 2 ,,.-. 222353 5 it 5 east 2 S 1916365 Bill - 1691. vice -M1 If Vice Zrilgilfgf Sen 221' Elass Officers Vince Gerber Dave Sprague Sgt,-a,t-A1-ms Secretary-Treasurer Sli lllll GALLERY llll GREATS Mike O'Neill Most likely to succeed ........ Most representative ................ John Lynch .Bill Symmes Best businessman ................. Most Most Most Most Most Most Best Best Best reliable ........ energetic ........ ........ capable ......... ......... scholarly ........ ...,.... literary ......................., O persevering ............... John Lynch .Bob Meighan Mike O'Neill Pat Nolan Donn Herron .john Armenia musicians .... Ed Smith, Andy Lewis actor .............................. J comedian .......... .......... M ike im Flaherty ' Lewis Most versatile ...................... Best student athlete ........... Most optimistic ........ ....... Most pessimistic .......... Most popular ........... ....... Most congenial ................. Best dancer ........... Best looking ......... Beau brummell ....... .......... Biggest character .............. Most original ......... .......... Best artist ........ ..81.. ..Nick August .Norb Trauba Vince Gerber .....Pat Hurley .Bob Meighan .Dave Sprague Jim Flaherty Bill Symmes .Nick August Thad Comegys .Art McGinn john Heffernan ADAMS, JAMES ROBERT General "Jim' Band 1,2,3,4. ARMENIA, JOHN WILLIAM General "Johr1,' Football 1,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,4' "G" Club 2,3,4g Knights of the Leash 3,45 Baseball 15 Student Council 4, Mgr. 2, Class Of- f' - icer l,2,3,4, A.S.B. Treasurer 4, Honor Roll 1. AUGUST, NICOLAS JOSEPH Scientific "Nick" Basketball 1,2,5,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Track 'l,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g "G" Club 2,3,4g Knights of the Leash 4, Class Officer 1,2,5,4g A.S.B. Treasurer 4, Student Council 4, Honor Roll 1. BAGGS, JOHN THORNTON Scientific "Spider" Band 1, "G" Club 2,5,4g Football 4, Mgr. 2,3g Gamma Beta 1,2,3,4, Officer 4. 512501 dfaaa I -82- s .,.,, l n it mia. : 5,5 Qs-1-34 aqffpf Ji, X , , ' "-'- fi p aa! 21 it 5 . 1-1 S , ..., 5 5 Q X E S .NEI V- ,gg . at r ,igsgfffpaifsmfga iwssgxsgria X529 .f fflg',swsfmstfgf:p fastest . . liilliilffig 523.2113 l l 3 5 :' . riifzfiifgr gsf. 'X 3 ' 5??i?gig'a.gz g5lfi',gQi, lffigyl llr fifrf i r 1 Legg, . V. ief:f:iSsl H sw 'ffm as W 1, at , .f', z:-sEvi!.a.:' -105:15-IQ: .1 Wrfiwf fi 5 ' 525 wif? .1-zihwii iff 2 i ifisifsfl ill 'A W fi'fX'3?if3'i5z-8.55 gig 6 -'15 51l5f3'?i3gi3l S 5 .,,,.,+ Jag, 359, sr, , .,e, M, A A 7 ws ,Y '1 1 " '.. 3,5 L1 2 aw Rf- 55 aff ' was 'W 32 : wife e, fb Wa? i amtf f' sigegziiri , ii 1 if . 5 "15ff1?'bj:,s2 Eiga? ,a ww . 2 f ' -. i K ' Tim 'w s "-'g,:- .:. -4 15553 Qwfwxf il sf ' .ffm X l 5,5 -5- fgf ' 1 i:1'j-:QE1faf r,2if5s'5Qifqs?3Q2. .fffjjffif ,595 -. 5541. 56445552 ,::..- ., , -Q :QE-V . 13,19 .,,.. V 355, yi, Q3 2 ..,, BARRETT, JAMES EN GLE General "Kiwi" Football 1, Luigian 4, ellocution, 35 Golf, 2,35 Senior Sodalityg Science Club, 3. BARRINGTON, JOHN OWENh .jo H., General Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Baseball 2, 3,4g Basketball l,2. BERGER, JOSEPH PAUL Scientific "Joe" Class Officer 2. BOWMAN, RAPHAEL LANCE Scientific "Ray" Mgr. 1,2,3: Science Club 35 "G" Club 2,5,4g Knights of the Leash 45 Gamma Beta 1,2,3,4, Officer 4. BUECHLER, JEROME JOSEPH General "jerry" Football l,2,5,4g "G" Club l,3,4. BURRELL, DONALD LACEY General "Don" Luigian 1,2,3g Gonzagan l,2,3,4g Track l,2,5,4g "G" Club 2,34 CARTY, GEORGE PATRICK General "George' Football l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,5,4g Basket- ball 1,2,5,4g Track l,2,5.,4g "G" Club 2,3,4. CLARK, RONALD'CI-IARLES Scientific "Ron" Track l,2g Football 2,3. 1 BOYD, ROBERT EVAN Scientific "Bob" Football l,2g Track l,2, Mgr. 2,33 "G" Club 25,43 Pep Club 2,5,4g Class Officer 2,3. BROWN, RALPH WILLIAM, JR. Scientific "Ralph" Football l,2,5,4g Track lg "G" Club 4g Class Officer 3. BRUYA, WILLIAM Scientific "Bi ll" Football 1' Baseball l,2,5,4g Glee Club 4g Knights of the Leash 3,4g Class Office 1,2,4g Pep Club 4. BUDIG, RONALD LEON lf Classical "Ron" Glee Club l,2,3,4g Senior Sodality. P Laid O 795 if 1lk.Ql ' " bali: "vw: ' , 1 5 , I li I A f fwfllitlt gfis in I I Q ' 5. if 1. gf " H 232-2 " - will 3 i i ' 1, ,Q mg 11. me Qs' 51,5355 tgilmgiffgf '.::::!g5-fa. : Sgt lf ' E a 'asagixg Ei 9' , 'll ' ' ' W N il , Will c ill tl fm ,af 5111 at 1' '-mi3.1.:itiw at COMEGYS THADDEUS , EDWARD Classical "Thad" Glee Club 1,2g Sock 8: Buskin 2,3g Gon zagan 2g Class Officer l,2. COURSER, JERRY RICHARD General "Jerry" CROWLEY, MICHAEL JOHN Classical "Mike' Science Club 5, Class Officer 4. DEGON, JON MICHAEL General "Jon" Band 3, Attended St. Anthony's Seminary IM yrs. , P 5l2LO'Z LCLZSA, Picture Unavailable Y v ,Z -.-.. .EE Q. xii -.9 ni.:-.-E5 12 , 52 :egg fp: 5 ' .,., ' fsi gs feats iw . if it! 2555 Wersi will 5Qt..r:,:w,2..rH'? w as :gow if In 4 rib wg X. f s:r?r :2 :.aS.fE We New .a.,.,,.,,.:, iw ffimm -1 .-.fsf i fbfiliglzx ,rgi Wisf5??5sf 55 gisfSS?5f5g.fg Qiitlgfeyfvlifrs in ' . if H 1 :fig I j W ,5 2 53554335 Q5 H . , 5 'fy , ,gf-3-"gi I V wtf: 'sbwilswz wa www 5: J 1' I f I my 553215 QSM tgsgifffv Asif? DEGROAT, MICHAEL WALTER Scientific "Spider" Attended Elka County High School and Balboa High School C Canal Zone? 1,2,3. DOW, PATRICK ALLEN General "Pat" Class Officer 2. DRIGGS, RAYMOND ADELBERT General "Ray" Football 1. DUNGAN, JAMES MADISON General "Jim" Gamma Beta 1,2,3,4g Officer 4. lngzwwsffsiiiigfl.if 'iesizffiwzffr sri lf .gfff Mlm ,..fl5iiw ,, ' ww: gjyvytilffn i. iff? Utah :fy M., ,AQ55l,,:3.,wwW M. llimw.. l ,mf 5 1 ,V ia fiiff .s " ' 1 ',.., :,., ,, ,: 4:4::: , .:.::5,A.:..,, . . .,.. maczfzp ' a:-zg. Q f " 6 '- 123355254 A Qiiizggfpfg s R Y .. wgmzs, K 1145552555 U '- U " wg:.4:f-he 57 Mgwgrap aggmqfwiiggig H5 ,. will ' in H ..... , ' 5.52311 i n f ff ' ,.,, k t ,E ....,. Y .. all 9 gg :lf Q -f --::: gi ll FALER, RICHARD LEE General , "Duke" Class Officer 1,2,5,4g Senior Sodalityg Honor Roll 1,3g Science Club 3. FIEDLER, JOHN WILLIAM General "John Track 55 Football 4. FLAHERTY, JAMES GEORGE General "Flats" Baseball 1,2,3,4g "G" Club 3,45 Basket- ball lg Sock 8: Buskin 4g Class Officer. FRANKOVIC, ROBERT JAMES Scientific "Frankie" Football 4g Class Officer 2,4. 5 Sami xgafig, ,fa A , I ,,gi,3rW,fpgfnzzgfgzwas s5s5555i2:5iSle554f A f fbi Srffafesafeseswm . M ,fwsw.,: ' TK? at I if Q 1 1.4 5 In Y I' ..,. a : gmswg giggi vi : 353 f 9 k r 'I in ig? li n 1 ' 145 gg yawn Riagg? ililigii iis s 1 J if 3 t S 5355? 467. 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GREENFIELD, ERIC BART Scientific "Eric' Photography Club 4g Class Officer 4. ,.,, , ,S 'S if aaa, a ,sga,ia '41 ' 1 x 3, Hal 2 ------ em i t: :sa w lsmzais . 'f is agsrsalsf a 1:65222 gl' , efisggli 5352 li wa llgfflillaiiilii as gliigaalselai ,,-,.:: X, W J li 'tl I E gs FEM, Q -ax:- ' '- ws I .A., ' may :S ' fi iiillllsaf ,liitiigllxg ....,. : .wjlmigg ..,,:.:a . - sim at if 'r:':5 is 1' X will? la' is ,I iiizlllgg. Z I , maaai, 3. "2 .4 H., , ,. waauwi w .,.. ...IQ , ,. ' , 53,92 5, X 2-:55f555g:g::g : ,M M "" 1 " A iaggiiifl' if ,Q wa a af .i 4, i 03. . ll. E www? 3.22, f rilaiazalswf il gi 'S 5 lily W Sd HERRON, DONN ROBERT Classical "Donner" Luigian 4g Football lg Track 1,3g Knights of the Leash 3,4g Debate 2,3,4g Senior Sodalityg Student Council 1,2,4g Pep Club 4 CPres.Jg Class Officer 1,2g A.S.B. Frosh Consultor 2, Sec. 4, Honor Roll l,2,5,4. HIGGINS, PETER PATRICK Scientific "Pete" Football I, Knights of the Leash 5,4 HILER, FREDERICK WILLIAM General "Fred" Gamma Beta 25,45 Glee Club 2,4g G.B. Officer 4. HILGER, JOHN MARTIN Scientific "John" Baseball 1, Football 2,5,4g "G" Club 4, Class Officer 4. asm it 'se 2 , N saigiaiaaaaaza aaaaas2ia,a1t we as if- asaglig ,EAW I . S 5 Q l x i, -,.,..: - .1 i , 3 , ,,, ,lg a ,B ii I mt Q ga i we lil ' iillllflz ll sit mi fglgg ij l , , W ll I fl a Vi all lei? , 4 ,elf gl 'V Alllllall 1, sg, 3 , iggizsa taazfzggifgigg av sa, billlli liillifiiflll sw wilifigllfl i?2lgil:2ig,,g,,l ggglliggi H132 I aziajiwii gigwm , ,ss1irgbl,'5aE?3? sg: ails 'ssgasiizizafali its was ,isa Q5 gy ,lzaatEYQ,,,:,Q HAWLEY, JOEL SCOTT General "Joe" Football I,2,3,4g Basketball I,2,3g Track I,2,3,4g Luigian 2,49 Knights of the Leash 3,45 "G" Club 2,3,4g Senior Social- ityg Class Officer 1,2,3,4g Sock 8: Buskin 4. HAYES, PATRICK TIMOTHY General "Tim" Football lg Elocution 1,2,3,4. HEFFERNAN, JOHN PATRICK Scientific "Heff" Luigian 4, Sock 8: Buskin 33 Pep Club 3,4g "G" Club 4, Football I,2,5,4g Senior Sodality. HENRY, PATRICK DALEY General "Pat" Football I,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 3g "G" Club 3,4. ffaaa of 79 6 HILL, WILLIAM JOSEPH General "Bill" Band 1. HORDEMANN, GARY JOSEPH Scientific "Gary" Pep Club 4, Honor Roll 1,2,3. HURLEY, PATRICK JOSEPH Classical "Pat" Pep Club 4, Honor Roll 1,2. HUNTING, JOHN FORD General "Bubs" Football 1,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,43 Class Officer 1,4g "G" Club 3,4. .sniofz Ufam s X: Q i ' , f'f-i sa: g 1535 . gs :gf-vz, 5 . ,,-:Q-.W 1 1, ray V : A ,. , ,. WU if 3, ,,,, -f- ,g,g',5,.,:.g::,,,...,- .... qw, . 3 .1, - A mg? M2221 ,.,,'-e L 5 Uk? 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KAUFMAN, HENRY CLEMET Classical "Henry Class Officer 3. n u n .1 ,, Q WZEWEZ' 2 22 32525 if wail A 1 I fi sr 1 :ll . ii ilisiwifa if sl4"'5'i2ilEi375ff' 1" l , aiggsi agil .Q ivwiiiiigif' iilii issr 42343 Xia ggi is ,H -Q .. . Magi-sg W ,ra as .... I .fu A 5 cg if www f s -I sfil... 'Ti rliiiziyfiiigiiii .':: qwl' 3 ll 51 sa l J ME: if S E if in ,M E 5 ' Q V. E sf is Z: X Q 35 iw S25 as ,Ei QL, l m Q Mi S i 1 get as is wif s 6 Iifl ta R fi fftmsii W I . H ifiii ,..:i .,,F2.,. . .ifiZ2ai5l2 gif-iizi llgiii i i E 5 Qing n was a A it E, iii w -.aa if Q 'E+ .. 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Class of 1956 FE 3. A ' fra: my Q D , 'g. Q A ig , 5 6 4' E2 ij f 5, " ' A . 27 , i if ay ? if il yy. W -Ms. JMMGEV W. , '- ... . .bmw ,mg gg,fi1gLg:gWy,, N, www. .L M E X . , 3 ,, .i ew Alva Q iii li Q f H raise slag gli 4:53 lg . iii i U ifaiih 5 f "za Exit iiisfaigi all is fs is N ' .,.,.. QQ 1 'L ....,., If E M352 Il 'g 1, il 'Q fl iii 1" 1 E , i all Cf? M 1 Ei 1 wa l 355505 'f " H ,,Ts1gi3:2gi2,rl I wliwfgrvli 1552335 mi mi, is if . fa.f1 ilk E25 2 is W vweailizisfi ' qt , .:1. Q5 Q1 33-gf eg S s is ff, iii I ffl M: I 1' of lglwii fzlsggkzi W. , W .ew it gimzfsgz www: ,M IMA- sm91w4.?ww,, 'wmlf-':z.RlW7 -gs if5"HmL52fiM'3i5ea:i. 4 ,isy - . .X .L Picture v ..i ..,, .. ,li . ml . .,.: -.1 ..5,- . .gi sf gv 3 5 , .... ... . . .. .. . , .. ai i Y i :Ji 2 'I I Q2 ii alliigalwriissig is E it Misa TQQZ MS- 4535, 1 s 1 33 W, 1 E45 I5 i 5 b L .Vg , H as Q , W We .Zi Ea? 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LOCH, MICHAEL HENRY Scientific "Mike" Glee Club 5,4g Senior Sodality, Band 2, 5, Gamma Beta 5,4, Class Officer 3. LYNCH, JOHN MICHAEL Scientific "John" Golf 1,2,3,-4, Football 2,3,4, Boy's State Delegate 4, Knights of the Leash 3,4g Sock oc Buskin 4, Pep Club 4, Student Council 5,43 Class Oficer 1,2,3, A.S.B. Pres. 4. , P EJZUOT. Lilii 'W 'lilii u 'il gs, I 1 ,2-gif: BBQ in . JWEWQwee.F'v VlVJMWwf5?Qwl ki e--- ' " Wfwsemwaui- 1 I 2 get Eg E A Q:.' aZ fif,gg'Q,:5'52g-. ,,,. , .' 22? if 5? I I 4 girlie? if l sglifiigli ,gl 1 ilglrggggiigaliilsalfla re:?l,ie:Qsig5iSil5ii5l 225325335 gig i t gggzfitlisgtggiigigfi 'wa Q it sf? ij if , siitailiiiilialfsk sazssaiailllifalsliiilil e -90- 553955 :Z ES Egg 3 Q I , as .1 -5--5 was as - ts: if : '- -2 -: 5 5 xp - zsffzzlzzfsii I il A 1 . .. ta.: : it 1 -- S f,,.,: '- - 'r. V Zi ff ' if- ll H I , A , .,.,,.,, ,.... , , gg. :,.5 - 7 . .. ,Z U ..:--.:.g-:::.,.f,.,.- v:,.: .,f:,.,, . 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E ,y 5 twig ,msg 35 M... gala twig! 22532 his V SW aigllwll fi if . 415 Wife is 5155. it A sa was BQ e . ,,.,.,.,, . 3 it , 4535 e M ,. 5255? Q is Se H is E Q z , ,ie as silsiiik fi? . ll 5 M.. : fn x S5 it X S Q rw gli if ilk, , Y ., -::2s.'...::: E:-2 Q I , . 'f ' , fff, igb . -:,::,., e:t, 6: .A z. 2:2222 ' ' ' fa - f, -M . f . E535 .,., 5 S . ..Wea-':,.,,:,,,,,, 1 gig E 'B 4 H Wg I 5? iii? f 3 Z Q 5 5 2 4 X X -ikggg 15332222 Q 5 sgw lm Q'M4Q?saMB 2255 :QQ ,lg get sits , I 352,52 ,Q , "'Nlz11 Mgt gg' ig rflf .imgigg . . . ., ..... 1 gifs HW li AW'.ie'5l1 ,K M 1. . . .,, .... .,..... ....,.,,., ,,.,,,, . , . ..,. ...,. . i ' 1 ,, , , , . A ,,..,,.g.grg.,g., , I sg.:-,g:.2: L A -V ' .asf f:: M --1-' ' LYONS, RICHARD FRANKLIN General "Dick,' Track 1,2,3,4g "G" Club 3,45 Class Officer 1. MANSON, JAMES EARNEST General "Jinx" Band 1,2,5,4, Track 1,2,4g Luigian 3,4 CBusiness Mgr. 41, Knights of the Leash 4, Band Officer 4. MARKS, JACK ELBERT Scientific "Jack" Honor Roll 4. MARSH, GAYLEN MATTHEW General "Cowboy" Football 3,4g Glee Club 1,2, Track l,2, Class officer 1,4, Basketball 1,2,3. 11 ,xl wif gill is 1 t llslill Zfsagfggagg 2 31 l flgllgieiigl 1 5 2 lag Qiilillwl fill gi Sala 51511 sz , 55 a lg 51, 'l lgggigzgl 1 Eff gf '11 1l2 if lls i fl ll if s!l'j13'l E .,1,.. . 15 gtg B E lift Eiga? EE 41 if 5 11, 1113111551 1 513 l' 3233251515 til ,f , 1i ii wg? ' 1 1 M Wi 1 N5 1132.1 as vt X61 Wx l Y mg ti 'll a 111 A gl gas 2 ll I M 5 ' fglgliillillil ll 1 X Em 3 1 1 1 X 3111111 1 . I ii :,. ...y Z . , , . E . 5 ,51 1 5 3 5 5 , msg 51 is Ha,g.f.fE .. 5 11ilgiiiil .slfssiisii il s 1 553 emi :tea me-11 5 1 11 , , ,.... ,., - 1 e 1 5. -1'5'::sazsi ' 5:,:2a:'+ l W .,,.. ,, . , .,.. , : :,..:.'. W , M! , .. 11'- . .... .11 I ::. ::,, if -.:' 1 ,Q ,E ----z .,,. 1 ig , 1 :gags -, :..a,...e:4:zf:'1 ' . 13:35 . ,, 'X l, xl . 5 2:15 21" fg A :gf-1321 3 1 4 4 11 35:5 U 'lf ,, fi V 5215. 55252-.I:.EEf: 1:I.I-155-":EfE15E 12'5-.:'ff"- a. , 1 .:.,. ..:., . - ,.1. . ,.,, .,.,,, :.,. ,E f 1 MCLANE, RICHARD MICHAEL Scientific "Mick' Band l,2,3g Football 5,4g Pep Club 2,3g "G" Club 4g Track 4g Class Officer 1,2g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. MEIGHAN, ROBERT BRUCE Scientific "Bornber' Knights of the Leash 4g Golf 1,2,3,4g Track 2g Senior Soclalityg Pep Club 2,3g Basketball lg "G" Club 1,2,3,4g Class Of- ficer 2,3g A.S.B. Pres. 4. MELLON, LARRY JAMES General "Larry" Basketball lg Baseball lg Football 1. MELOCHE, LEE MICHAEL General "Lee" 1 1 5 W Q g' M gas mia 51 l , l ak lg . if I1 il X il lg . 11511511151 I f . 1131 1125111 1 E1 1 1 1 1 1. , li 1 H if " l l' 5. gg 5 pyg, ,, .5,. ,...,. ...E i Egg l 3 lilssifxi ' I 1 lllflz 1 it 1 lg ff fix R 5 is lk 1 5 E Z' 'K ly SRM as X i la 5.2212 'gg 1 1 li 1 E. 1231 E ,. ,::5,g:gE.:"" ' 1 1 flair? im l l I 1llS11gEs.S.,311E1Z I l' ' s 1 1 l 51115 751 . X ' if fl ei 2 1 EE 3361133 5 ls H A 1. 2 if I 1 1 A 5 ggi if 1 l l it lv l ' l Qggiggggtzzsl :EE .1 5 s11i1i12i5: . 3. Q11 gl I . lliiililililgii algal is li l 2 151 ss22S2111z.s 1 11.221121 113111 MCANDREWS, THOMAS PATRICK Scientific "Mac" Football l,2,5,4g Track 1,2,3,4g "G" Club 3,43 Sock 8: Buskin 4g Pep Club 4g Class Officer 1,2,3,4. MCGINN, ARTHUR JAMES General Football lg Baseball 1,2,3,4g Knights of the Leash 4g Gonzagan 5,4g Luigian 45 Sock Sc Buskin 45 Pep Club 4 CP.C. Vice Pres.D, Class Officer 4. MCGREGOR, THEODORE STANLEY Classical "Stretch" Band 1,2,3,4 CPres. 45g Knights of the Leash 4g Sock 8: Buskin 4g Student Coun- cil 4g Class Officer 1,2,3. MCKINNON, MICHAEL JOSEPH Honor Classical "Mike" Attended St. Edward's Seminary 2g Foot- ball 15 Tennis 5,4g Sock 8: Buskin 5,4g Senior Sodality 4g Gonzagan 3,4g Science Club 4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. dfasa of 79 6 1 X111 are sf: ff :aaa-. 1 .s..:1..-,::- l ' at :E Y .55E,35:95:: :ff f fl :fi . , , . Q , , t11fsilflli?i 55 151 41 I 1 I 1.5. 1 :g I ,, . L W 15 . 5 1 ,gl 3 mf 2 i it V525 , . IT ill 2.3, W" 1111 1 6 A 1 , -1 ' EE 1 - 1 ' 1i1li 5 s .SS 1' 151 , E5 5 EQ F M W1 4525551 .1 1, an-si . W t , E 1 l vm si gt jx. us 5315535 S . .2 ttiggglail 1 5 2 3 39113 5 E331 H i if lib itil Q 1 Q .lie f 1 EU sl 'EE 512553 E 2 N 5 its l 9 X 15155211.50 xii ,gig lx ali ,E 5218? tw? lit 4 , Ei 5 1. .1 1 1 ..,,5.. . l all lp 1 1 I K 5 4. ,..1:2!,: as Ria 15 j'? ge QE , , f, Bri? , 2 fi vis wx sl Q is ,gigs , 532423 A ,Kira 5 fa, 'Xl Q as A . as 2 . 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O'CONNELL, JAMES PATRICK General "FlashL Track 1,2,3,4g Debate 5,4, "G" Club 5,43 Pep Club 4, Football lg Class Officer 2. O'NElLL, MICHAEL Honor Classical "Copy Boy!" Football 1, Track 2, Knights of the Leash 5,4 CPres. 45, Gonzagan 25,4 CEd- itor 45, Luigian 3, Debate 3, Senior So- dalityg Sock 8: Buskin 4, Class Officer 5,45 A.S.B. Sec. 4, Honor Roll l,2,3,4. OLSON, JEROME ANDREW Honor, Classical "Ole" Attended St. Anthony's Seminary 1, Golf 25,43 Class Officer 3,4g Honor Roll 2,3,4. 4 x iiillll lfi x iiilliiiiiifiigilfii fmt ig "' "-A --'- - 1 vga' si View ' aiitrii' if itgggsggg fm , 31 ,M ji gfi i z., gsiggzmis' we ,' ' af:g,t,g',i1:t::ia an 'U -M592 ,221-mfiiiiiig ge- Wliiillii ,arm ri,,MfV.Z.,,,m,5ax H tMi,,ig.,w tgglaig vzrigfzstw aggli lk llliwa. VE-iff izsiggim "-' ff I 1123 25'-fi-:I ---- , qgfzggqfg zzgisin i A. qlfmc Lggzizzgzf it , A I zsgisfinseffi , '2Tnl"L1VE5l:sQ . MQ? M5352 ff sf EIFZQTIETEZLIRIEEQ A 1 '?1'il3iiaifQbirill 5?ilg?ifW?gS"'II PRESTON, EDWARD JEFFERSON Classical "Ed" Glee Club 1,2g Junior Elocution 1, Class Officer 4 PRING, JOHN GLENNON General "John" Track lg Football 1,2g Baseball lg Class Officer 4. RILEY, LEO MICHAEL Scientific "Skid" Track I: Knights of the Leach 5,4g Pep Club 4. ROBERTS, EDWIN WILLIAM General Golf 2,3,4g Football 1,2g Class Officer 1,2. I OTIS, PHILIP MICHAEL Scientific "Mr. Navy" Track lg Baseball lg Football 2g Senior Sodality, Honor Roll 1,2. PALADIN, MICHAEL FRANCIS General "Mike" Baseball 2: Football 1,2g Track l,2g Sock 8: Buskin 3,4. PALMER, THOMAS GEORGE Classical "Tom,' Football Ig Track lg Elocution ULD 2, CSr.J 4g Debate 2. PETERSEN, ROY KENNETH General "Ike" Football 1,4g Track lg Basketball 1,2,5,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Class officer 1,2. ff r' Lam ol 7956 52. IQ if H H ll Miz . E, .,.., as la 6 3 l S I , z , -1V- ' I 6 lf I V. 5.12 ' E 5"lf5Qfi!-:Eff'f.Q5 fit if X l Q iliigillg Q Age? - l. Q. I , t llal E Ella 5, 'JS E sl ':i:a:.:.fs-:at -1-v 1 pi g 2 " E1gi1?,w,,.tliw is I 523525 2 - Esswlflaiaelltflllitllif5 55 san 1 illilziiihwgii te ialmif gg 5,13 -1.t:g:aa?2g253flJ'gg5l??l as 'I ROBINSON, GEORGE JAMES General "George" Football 1. RUDDY, JEROME FRANCIS General "Jerry" Science Club 53 Class Officer. ST. DENIS, PETER FORREST Scientific "Pete" Football 25 Class Officer 3. SCHAFER, DONALD RALPH Scientific "Don" Track 2,3,4lg Baseball lg Football 3,45 "G" Club 2,3,4. , 0 EIZLO7, Laid , .mm 9:25 :ga s L- Q A 1 4 SCHIMMELS, GARY LEE General "Schim" Attended C.V. Junior High lg Band 2,5. SCHULTZ, JOHN GRAHAM Classical "Schultzy" Elocution 1,2,3,4g Debate 2,3g Pep Club 4. SEIPP, ROBERT EUGENE General "Bob" Track 1,2g Football 2g Class Officer 2. SEXTON, DENNIS WILLIAM Classical "Haircut" Football lg Debate 2,3g Honor Roll 1,2. STILES, PATRICK MICHAEL General "Pat" Basketball lg Baseball lg Gamma Beta 1,2,3,4 COfficer 3,4J. SYMMES, WILLIAM DANIEL Honor Classical "Beau Brummeln Football l,2g Baseball l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Knights of the Leash 3,4g Class Officer l,4g Student Council 4g Senior Class Officer CPres.Jg Honor Roll l,2,3, 43 "G" Club 3,4 TIERNEY, JAMES PATRICK Scientific "Pat" Attended Havermale Junior High lg Football 3,4g Track 3,43 Golf 3g Pep Club 35 Chess Club 29 Debate 4g Senior Sodalityg "G" Club 45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. TRAUBA, NORBERT CARL Classical "Traub', Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,45 Knights of the Leash 3,45 "GH Club 2,3,4g Senior Sodalityg A.S.B. Vice Pres. 4g Gonbagan 33 Student Council 4g Class Officer 1,2,4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. " X A 1 ,il i i gi? il is ii si STU :mas Q a li Eg is 55428 Esau 195.- WM ,til is 44 Q f 5 3 ll 2 A at 2 lb bgg Q g 5 E i Et Q85 gxgili , 5 Q t?Eb?5aasi .x:. .,:,. , . ,E R lk l gg i, E Ei is l Sill? xl? il fl 9, n ggi iigwstikg A iii Zi gi gfiiii 'I , 1 ' Xililiigsi ,,, li i llfl i 'gli S iles wif? A twill A iiliiil 4 W 'V' mzmmsa it W HMM 7' SHARP, MALCOLM CORY, JR. Scientific "Mac" Pep Club 5g Photography Club 3,4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. SMITH, EDGAR VYE, Scientific "Edie" Luigian 4g Senior Sodalityg Knights of the Leash 4g Band 3,4g Pep Band 3,43 Class Officer 1,4g Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g Student Council 1,4. SMITH, WILLIAM RALPH General "Willy" SPRAGUE, DAVID MICHAEL Classical 'Toujours L'amour" Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Base- ball 3,4g Track 1,2g "G" Club 5,4g Knights of the Leash 5,4g Class Officer 1,3,4g A.S.B. Vice Pres. 4g Frosh Con- sultor 2g Senior Class V.P.g Student Coun- cil l,4g Honor Roll 1,2,4. ILM of 1956 1' ,ll.l YW? iiil t,aat,,rlf :,a:. .a n iffsiaaigwi in ' "" Z W A3 if ,as gjggfgfgaf-5 it it Wg ,VZ ai 5,2 6 ,, we '.--'2 ,alll f I ,S Eli? w i r will I 2432155 5 2 1 Wg' waaagepaga sri iltllaiif Qlifiii re l if fists eff M557 1 if thllilrisl mi W 2. " wazlgglillxli V V 'WN tif, I .t, 5, 2 4 ,gig 4 xww1i:.,'a . fs 2 gregsllgp N it V rl iriigiiigfgiatiit mfg N ,WM I A ., . M.,1,w,SZ , tl hrygjiftiyiikift , ., W i ,, 1Ww,g, 4. 52 ziitwsifwali' lg53?sE'?ti"z3Qi if me , ,.g.:tw1a-7 t ?fZWf g, EmfK , , 5 :ZZ P , , ai 22-- ---r szrf fi 1. t if -,sg wif l gtg, at H an T gg, 1 mzaiigz ztia '15 'sii km fi gf 4 lfgfzzgiild M if Liifzniizh i Jfiztemliwil Fi at SM M u VAN DYKE, RICHARD JOHN Scientific "Rich Track 1,2. VAUGHT, CLARENCE SCOTT Scientific "Scotty" Gamma Beta 2,4. VOLESKY, LEROY PATRICK General "V01e5k" Football 1, Band 5,4 WAIS, THOMAS JOSEPH Scientific "Whitey" Attended ,St. Agnes High, St. Paul 1, Tennis 4. , P SIZLO 'Z Laid l as si ,.,.-. ta gg i - rx ati .. , , ....... ,, lah? 2 ea 5334525 wgw upygwa at gt wg 55 ,Y Ei ,attire . Q .. . ,n r iigliseigt tingle . .,.. " Eli? 3 ia. nf, it R Fi -""' 2 21859 . .f,,:1,... , .,., ,.,. . , :,. . .. , , 1 S 4 1 . Weill, f g f- 1 Qt-52: rsrrleg ef U Ellgvgf 3 gg? 5 Li Zifisllil' e ' t iii W5 X 'J :limit iw it i gm 2 , Q at 2 ggi? ,H we 4 I E 1 5 Q .Q it li ie it 531 le ts QE 54. , W qi if 2 '13 lr if B lil , gl' i ' 5 Eigggga , ,YM ,til RTX, 2 Q 1 .,.e.t. fig , f I Lf 1 Rl lf 5 X u 42 r 5 X . Ur Y f i , ,, an tzt LM, q it g fi .. .,,.,, .. . .-.ll5Q:eae::f::' U it 55353, fr :"if1fffiE.EE ,,. O ' 1 ' W S? 5 ---- -2,5 ,,.. -3 , M ' Q . -:- U - fill? - ' " W4 Q' ' 82, , Et? itl ,wif 'E' , 5 W, K , W , Zin ,Q 5' ,.:. ,, ..,... : W M ,X X' :: ,., 55, iv .. ,J 5 1 s - ,At -:. ..::f gl 5, ,,.. i EE -t 'V - H---: gi-rf, .f PlCtLll'C 'Q - ----1-:-- 1 2,5 if - 552,52 y . . . , . X w 5 ,W a::,, JZ 5 - 5 :.'E2,'E YW , 12, vm ' . , 2 t Unavailable - . 1 K Hg? n il all L tit 2 'ggjsef zf , tr i, , ini 5.2 '-, i ll" -ix ,J Q15 ..:'- 3' Til F Eli A ll w t lbw el J if am wi, gr- ilu 5,., ig ,Emi Eta wlil:1?L73?lil 311i iilg 1 A W rl l, 'S ill 333 l lf ,g l i 1'2lE2ii?i'i ff lgiiiggf WEINHANDL, ROLAND FRANCIS General "Roley" Elocution l,2,3,4g Photography Club 3,43 Luigian 4g Gonzagan 45 Debate 2, School Photographer 4. WELCH, CHARLES BLYTH General "Chuck" Football 1,2g Class Officer 5,4 WORKLAND, FRANK ROBERT General "Frank" Class Officer 2,3,4. ZAPPONE, FRANCIS LAWRENCE, Jr. Scientific "Champ' Luigian 3,4 CEditor 413 Band 1,2543 Science Club 3, Senior Sodality, Pep Club 2, Pep Band 3,45 Student Council 43 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. n E 2 Ya X 1 t 1 5 it Q -li ,gil gli? S? 15 mill is MQ lui E5 'i llfliliiififz R 5121, , Wig, Ni i ff :iw iii, , ,Li 2 5 2, 55 .,,. I mg? 4 3 " ' . rt' igftw, J 6 3 tg we 4 Q5 4 ly E it uf x gi ziggy mi as ggi! 5533 ggxi lit sim t an ll :ln t 5539 3 SSE ' ge gg, 555 lllliigllg 23,5 Q f ll 3 Et S s 21 SCENE l SETTING: PSY: HERO: PSY: HERO: PSY: HERO: PSY: HERO: PSY: HERO: APIIUPIIECY 0F 'I'lll G T0 Clllflll 'ra Hflflfgaf fiapfzansd fo fda 720 lp" QQ Qiij 33 I CHARACTERS: PsYcH1ATR1sT KX j 59. gi! HERO fl f ggi' C- 1 I DOG , A g A "AW: i ., ' ACT 1 HERO CALL EPICS HAVE ONEJ AND DOG CAN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT CHARACTER IN THIS PLAYJ ARE WALKING INTO A PSYCHIATRISTS NEW YORK CITY OFFICE. Won't you come in? I am deeply troubled, Psy. Come and sit on my couch and tell me all your troubles. But please leave Dog outside. Rug Rules, you know. It all began when I left high school, this feeling of frustration. How did you leave? CThe epic tone is here seth With flashing oars I beat the waves white. It was a rather graceless exit. Cast out, I have wandered upon abandoned shores. I remember my first sad experience was an evening spent in the "Blue Nose Bar" which is owned and operated by the eminent P. Forrest St. Denis, the chain-tavern magnate. There I heard the most charming chamber music played by the Glenn Pring Quartet featuring Ed Smith on tuba, Zip Zappone on flute, "Stretch" McGregor on piccilo, and Andy Lewis on harpischord. fTheir recordings may be heard on the J. Hill and F. W. Hiler" Corporation Hour, which produces and sells an amazing new product, Eartlrnj Are you fond of music? No. But the melody brought back memories of the times I spent in the islands. The natives there spoke a different language that was developed by Thaddeus Coinegys, which no one can read or understand. It's wonderfully confusing. Do you enjoy being confused? O yes! I especially enjoy the "Handy Home Helps for Helpless Housewives" by Mike O'Neill, which is published in "Tierney's Scientific Weekly." There are the most in- teresting articles in that magazine by Dr. Richard McLane about dentures, for every occasion. It absolutely astonishes me, how these doctors today can do anything. Dr. W. Daniel Symmes has just become an international figure with his revelation of "The Principles of Curves" in the "Krause and Laurie Mechanical Helpsf' where he points out that firm determination and growth can cure any handicap. This news was carried over the continents through the media of radio and television by the golden voice of news- caster T. J. Palmer. -97- PSY: HERO: tffi-TQ' f I me '- -. PSY: HERO PSY: HERO Cal. U PSY: HERO: 'B s J-E-,J . 'G- 'X za c Q X' 1' ell me more about your early experiences, about your first impressions. First, there was good old Father McKinnon. He told me that all heroes die young, and that if I was not careful I would follow in the footsteps of underworld leaders Lippy Mellon and One Finger Welsh. This terrified me, for I wanted to be an All-American -like Nick August, and have a brewing company like David Olheiser, and be a movie hero like Bart Greenfield who rides motorcycles and plays violins, because movie critic Thomas Wais says that movies are better than ever. - I begin to see your problem, you don't want to be the hero of an epic, you want to be someone famous. You want to be another Albert Einstein, another Patrick Nolan, an- other Jerome Olson. CFor those of you who don't know Jerome Olson, he advanced the world famous theory of triple negation which destroyed all Aristotle's former prin- :iples.J Yes, yes, I would like to be someone like that. Maybe I could become a part of the Boyd and Meighan comedy team. They are co-starring with James Flaherty, the Shakes- perian actor, on the "Larry Johnston Coffee House Comedy Theater". CThinking to himself D I believe I know now what is wrong with Hero. If I determine the areas of his desires, then I can treat his frustrations. He is envious of all his success- ful classmates. A typical case. COut loudj Tell me, Hero, just who you would like to be. Well, first in my long abandoned wandering, I went to Seattle, Wash., and there, reading the "Seattle Slam", edited by Jack Marks, I met my first disheartening news. As I began reading, at my usual starting point, the cartoon section, I saw the success of A. J. Mc- Ginn staring me in the face. A. J. was the author of the new comic strip smash, "Pret- zels". Then, as I rode down the main street in a fuel-injection-equipped cab driven by racer Darrel Jesse, I still felt envious, at least he had a job. As we drove downtown, I left my favorite part of the paper and went to the sport page. There in the headlines blared the fact that John Lynch had just won the National P.G.A. Tourney. Further down the page I read that Joe Hawley, John Barrington, George Carty, and Tom McAndrews had joined the Ballard Bean, a new entry into the football Wars. Mike Lewis was now coaching a junior high school team to its fortieth straight football title. Mike is an old pro in this game. David Sprague, I read, was studying in England on a Rhodes Scholarship, and has become a national hero due to his new found cricket ability. Why can't I be a hero like that? O agony, O pain! CHere the intense drama of the epic usually overcomes the ordinary reader, so perhaps a Scott Vaught patented "Quick Shot" Cbeer now comes in pillsj will calm you doWn.J Let's see now, Hero, let me interrupt you. You were very disheartened by the sport page. Very interesting. CThinking to himselfj This Hero's problem is that he has an inherent fear of being hit on the head with a football. K Out loudj Go on with your story. Well, let me see. We were driving through downtown Seattle. Oh yes! There on the marquis of the Jerry Ruddy "Mouldy Rouge" night club, the neon lights blinked the premiere performance of Jon De Gon's all Bongo drum orchestra. With an urge for some excitement, I went inside this den of iniquity. At the en- crance, doorman Jerry Courser met me with a labored smile. CHis Ray Drigg's Dandy Doorman's Union- Suit was inducing "Cooties", a new skin irritant similar to smog.D Once inside, cigarette boy, Jim Adams, offered me some Dick Van Dyke Van Dyke Snoore for the cultured man. I took a seat in a secluded corner and Watched what was going on around me. Long Jon Meyers was "kazooming" Cprogressive bopj in the middle of the dance floor to the jazz of Leroy Volesky's Bolshevik Bov's Band. At a center table sat a group of celebrities headed by Peter Higgins, the National Junior Achievement President, James O'Connell, the multi-millionaire vinyard owner PSY: HERO PSY: HERO PSY: HERO: PSY: HERO PSY: HERO who backed the Broadway sensation starring the dynamic Gary Schimmels,"Winter at Green Lake". Also at the apex of prosperity, and at this table, were Pat Stiles, who owns the soverign State of Montana, and Gay Marsh, who owns the entire municipality of Plentywood. I couldn't stand seeing all these successful men, so I left and began to wander again, without a companion of any sort. You wanted companionship? 1 O ! ' P ' ? I' yes Doesn t everyone Don t you ffm E5 D HNGHN You're right. A person needs friends. Take me-being a headshrinker isn't exactly conducive to gaining friendship. People think you're crazy. I haven't many friends, myself. My insurance man, james Dungan, said that if I didn't stop riding my Joe Burger bicycle to work I'd become a poor risk, and he'd have to drop my account. jimmy Ellison, the elevator operator, doesn't even talk to me any more. My favorite clothing store, "John Thornton Baggs Haberdashery For Men Under Twelve," won't even sell shirts to me any more. O horrors, horrors! I can't renew my "Billy Clement Bruya Crooner's Cardl' which entitles me to six lessons under the tutelage of Metro- politan Opera Star Jerome Kenny. O misery! My "Sgt. Ed Preston's Home-You-Tow Crm-Be-A-Mountie-Kit" has been stolen. My"'Mike Loch Jiffy Peroxide For Tints on the Way" has run out. S Everything happens to me. You think you have troubles, Hero. just listen to a few of mine. The other day when I was walking down Sth Avenue past Ron Budig's Model Airplane Shop, Lee Meloche met me and sold me a share in the Vincent Gerber goldzite mines. What's wrong with owning a part of the goldzite diggings? Nothing. But Vincent Gerber doesn't own goldzite mines, he only has gold mines. Poor Vince. I'll bet he's supporting all Hillyard, including 'The Duke' Faler's railroad, 'The Greenhouse Limited". But that's not all. I hadn't gone twenty feet until I almost fell through a new open-air manhole scientifically designed by Ray Bowman. Your whole trouble, Psy., is that you've stayed apart from the world too long solving these complex problems of your patients. You should catch up with the world. You ought to read some of Lawrence Frownfelter's famous lyrics, "Poems by Hondo." He expresses beautifully the principles of philosopher Henry Kaufman: "Go to bed, go to sleep, don't wake up". ' You ought to get a little fun out of life. Buy yourself a first baseman's glove auto- graphed by Tom Glubrecht. Get a collection of surrealistic art by John Heffernan. Find yourself a Don Schafer ball point door knocker. It will give your guests a chance to leave notes when you've gone to see the cinema in Kobleritcope, a recent development by the movie industrialist of the same name. It brings the picture to postage-stamp dis- tinctness Cfor postage-stamp collectorsb. Enough of my problems. You didn't come here to listen to my trouble. Let's get back to your frustrations, Hero. Well, I left Seattle and journeyed to San Francisco. On the outskirts of the city, on a Robert Seipp 3 dimensional Billboard, I read "Welcome to San Francisco, the home of Norbert Traubaf' Should I say more? You know how well Norb has done. He, well, you know . . . All-American in '59 and '60, signed by the "Celtics'Q bought out 'Swartz Sz Hahn", just generally successful. I got a room at the Ellenz "Tired Tourist Stop" where Don Hurst was head chambermaid Cbasementj. I didn't have much money, and what money I did have I was saving to see "Rocky" Sexton in the middle-weight title bout in the Cow Palace, .. 99.. XX? iii. bw Plc S, I 'rg ni '91, ' n l Q' Ai , V 1 l mr, f 9 5 4 S , in S' ..-4' 3 PSY HERO: PSY : HERO : PSY: HERO: PSY : HERO: JH - Y ll j' il Vgb I -u.'- :-:av is-ff,-'I L-' I . MQWSGT2 r"f'-" PSY: HERO: PSY : HERO : so I had to skimp a little and eat at LaVigne's ''Just-Like-Mother's-Kitchen" Cafe. CDan took over Gonzaga's Prep cafeteria facilities just before it degeneratedj After a few days in 'Frisco I was broke, and desperately needed a new pair of shoes to take me through the rest of my journeys, so I made a trip to Beuchlerlf Bargain Barement. Mike Garrity, trying to pick up a little cash between choir engagements, sold me a special pair of shoes designed by jim Gaffney for those who are out of work, and plan to do a lot of walking. Why didn't you go to work? I abhor work, and besides that, I applied at John Fiedler's "Employment Agency for the Handicapped". You feel that you have a handicap? Yes. My handicap is that the Fates are against me. Pick up any newspaper or maga- zine and you'll find that everyone is doing something, except me. I do nothing. You're lucky. No I'm not. Doing nothing is expensive: you still have to pay taxes. Tax-collector Dave Eldridge has been after me for years. Yes, I read in Robert Monaghan's magazine "Eye-Balls over America", which gives an eye-witness account of everything, that gangland czar Steve Kerley had been arraigned by Eldridge for a million dollars back taxes. I read "Eye-Balls over America" faithfully, even though it makes me' feel so bad. I was reading the latest issue, when I arrived recently in Grand Central Station. In it there was a big coverage about the great debate on the United Nations floor between K. CKnuteD Peter Norrie, the American delegate, and Donn Herron, the ambassador from Spain, concerning the legitimacy of Monaque, a Spanish possession. Norrie and Herron were formerly the law team for the "John Hilger Corporation" which manu- factures "Pebbles," an additive to give your lawn a more natural look, until Herron made a visit to his native land and became so attached to it that he was made a citizen. Also I read in "Eye-Balls" that "Sugi" Henry had been voted "Rookie of the year" while playing for Bill Green's Birmingham Bombers. CKnown formerly as the Rm. 77 Bombers.D In the music section, Bubs Hunting's smash program, "The Musical Appreciation Hour" or, more commonly known as "You Too Can Be a Longhairu, was given quite a spread. jim Manson, Monaghan's world famous advertising editor Cwould you be- lieve it, he began by selling yearbook addsb, introduced in the latest issue several new products. E. W. Roberts' "Spaghetti Bent for the Proper Occasion" was the most unique. John Grant's "Adjustable Piston Rings For All Tricycles" was another new addition to -the world of industry which is now dominated by Malcolm Sharp's "Boy Scout Uniforms For Formal Wear". Have you ever been to a formal occasion? Yes. I snuck into the Automotive Convention in Chicago. I saw the Gary Hordemann, Pat Hurley, and Leo Riley syndicate in secret discussion with Bill Smith and Frank Workland. I heard these two factions plan to unite in order to forrn the greatest trust in automobile history. They would then control all production of speedometer needles. Their principle rival in this field is traditionalist Graham Schultz, who is still driving, I might add, a "classic" chartreuse and black 'convertiblei just when I was beginning to enjoy myself, Mike Paladin, the official bouncer, threw me out. So you see, nothing I do ever turns out right. Have you ever thought of joining the Army? Well, I did think of it. I went to Camp Dirge, where General Lawrence Engelhard is -100- PSY: HERO: PSY: HERO: PSY : HERO: PSY: HERO : PSY: HERO: PSY : HERO PSY: HERO: PSY: HERO: in command, and tried to get in, but I was discouraged by some of the soldiers there that I knew. Mike De Groat Ca ten year privateb told me it was bad. Don Burrell said it was worse than that. Pat Dow said the Army life was more terrible t n I could realize, you actually had to work, he stated. Q I I was discouraged. I x m 1. Xf- I left. A xX Q ' xx Didn't you feel that you were shirking your duty? it : Nopef When I found out that George Robinson had four libraries of his o without any books in them, that Roly Weinhandl was photographing artists models, still life, artists models, dramatic scenes, artists models and the like, that jim Barrett was doing ceramic work, turning out graceful Crane plumbing fixtures in his kitchen oven, I didn't want to go to work. I think now I know what your problem is, Hero. Tell me quick, Psy! My Ron Clark "Mascara for Menu is running something awful. Well, it is very natural for a person to be envious when he sees the success of those around him. But you feel that you are incapable of being a success, and so you don't want to do anything. Now my advice for you is to go to work and establish yourself. Then you will be able to do all the things you want. Do you think I would be suited for work at Bob Frankovic's "Swedish Garden Restaurantn? That's not your type of work. Perhaps working for the Mike Otis "Wild Animal Zoo" would be better. That doesn't appeal to me. I like something more in the public relations line, like Timothy Hayes, "School for Henpecked Husbands". Maybe "Iron jack" Armenia's or Honest Ike Petersen's used car business would be the thing for you. If I only had some security. Maybe I could get a job with Kroetchif Wbolemle Gold Company. Who? Greg Kroetch-he won so many gold cups and medals that he gained control of the whole gold industry. How about the movies? You know how well that rising star Ralph Brown did in "Rebel Without Applause". Yes, I know. But if I could get into some solid business it would be a lot better. Like Mike Crowley, the big motorcycle handle-bar-grip tycoon. Or even Dick Lyons, the chief tester for the Ace Comb Co. CWhen better combs are made, Ace will be still be tryingj All this wishing isnit getting us anywhere. Now listen, Hero, tell me exactly what you expect of me. What did you come here for? I . . ., I . . ., Oh, that's right, I came to get poor Dog psycho-analyzed. I'm completely frustrated. I can't do a thing with him. He has no initiative whatever. CAS Hero gets up from couch, and Psy reaches into the drawer for his Ut 58, the curtain falls on our noble epic. Our last parting thought: l l J- "Too bad, Homer, you tried."D f-1:5 -101- -4 5 'G 7'31g1- " Ex Q- n gl: :A .ii1 E 1: 2' 2 ' 3' - 1 ... .. - . ... ... .... A- ,, 1 - - ,- z ..- 3 - -' : f'. 5 .. , E' 55' ' 3 - .-'S 1 7 i' - y'.'.. L2 l ." i Ii i 1 - z E .- -2 ... : - ... 3 5 1 : ' T 1, li' -. .I :.- .. : -' - ... , GONZAGA PREPARATORY "Advertising is the life of tradef, -102-- . . . Calvin Coolidge Your next four years can be the best years of your life - - - GONZAGA UNIVERSITY Congratulations to the Class of '56 from GREAT WESTERN FUEL 2I0 BOONE BR 2IOI We Serve You The Besf ' KIRK'S Division 8. Wellesly Em' Wuim to the CLASS OF "56" Industries 'Finest Aluminum products tor home and business. Iiff uusz SANDWICHES - BEVERAGES AND BEER 3 MINUTE SERVICE Merchant Lunch MARGE FLETCHER SOUTH 14 HOWARD Proprietor RI. 9866 Wang .facade ' Contracting, Heating and Iobbing Service 1904 WEST FIFTH SPOKANE 1,WASI-IINGTQN RIVERSIDE 2271 -105- YOU PAY NOTHING FOR YOUR TRIAL LESSON Best Wishes To The Graduates from Trio Fine Foods N. 228 Pos? SIree'I' Spokane. Wash. When you need coal or oil call Wurlitzer Boyle Crgan Studios Shell Aberdeen Fox Theafer Building Healing Oils SI'oker Nuggels SPOKANE EM I52I Congratuletions to the Class of '56 from piila 7m 74444 N. 110 Howard St. Spokane, Wash. Best Wishes to the Class of '55 from ZEP INN just a good place to eat E. 5207 TRENT LA 4:53 DODSON'S Fine Jewelers for 63 Years W. 5I7 Riverside Selected Best Values in 20 Departments DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE CHINA GLASSWARE A Congratulations to the Class of '56 Congratulations to the Class of '56 BARTON AUTO CO. W. 916 2nd Congratulations to the GRf1Df Continue your I Success Be Well Dressed SELECT YOUR COMPLETE WARDROBE at BOB ROBERTS, OWNER ROBERTS IEWELERS SPOKANE COEUR D'ALENE N. 10 Howard 211 Sherman MA. 1071 MO- 4-5513 MEMBER OF INTERNATIONAL -DIAMOND EXCHANGE STATE DIRECTOR WASH. AND IDAHO IDENTIFICATION AND RESEARCH BUREAU RELIGIOUS ARTICLES ROSARIES, MEDALS, HOLY BIBLE THE KAUFER CO. Catholic Supply Sftore W. 402 RIVERSIDE MA. 4758 "If it's a Catholic article 'we can supply it." POPULAR PRICES AIR CONDITIONED News Gate NWe Ne1,ver Close' N. 118 Stevens aflflonfs Baszlsag I U N I V E R S I T Y C on ifgztizljjtions F0 0 D C E N 'I' ER Class of '56 from N. mv HAMILTON SPGKANE HOTEL Congratulations I' l'I1 Clasz ofi5g, FRESH MILK Congratulations CREAM and S . ICE CREAM Cmofs W. 723 Sprague Carnation Com an P Y wlLRoB's Ph0HCBfOadWay0s64 CAMERA EXCHANGE For Pure Pleasure. .. Squirt - Nesbitt Hires NUGRAPE - KAYO - DOUBLE COLA TRU-FLAVORS LEMON LIME LEMON SOUR LEMON ADE STRAWBERRY BLACK CHERRY CREME WHITE ROCK MIXERS DIETETIC BEVERAGES SQUIRT-NESBITT CO. Spokane, Wash. Les Critzers MEN'S SHOP CONGllATULA'l'l0NS T0 'HIE CLASS 0F 1956 E51 jafafa Qjfawfio South I1 10 Adams MAdis0n 656 4 THE WASHINGTON WATER POWER COMPANY Exfend Congrafulaiions and . Friendly Besi Wishes fo 1-he Graducdes .5 , Your Fufure ls Brighi' 60 B I in Free America X Chinggg Gardgng Congratulations Spokane's Colorful Dining Room Home of Famous of ,56 Chinese ancl' American Dishes from W. 6Il Sprague Ave., Spokane Phone MA 4849 ORDERS TO TAKE OUT Power City Electric 2? ,,,, - XX IHEQEQQQPQQR-Q. - Q -L . all 1 A Aulo Inierurban Lines "For Your Charfering Needs We Are Here fo Please" W. 508 Cataldo EM. 4454 Congratulations Rutherford's Triple XXX 2128 E. SPRAGUE 2819 N. DIVISIQN 9 BAKER'S C on gmtulations--S eniors Bill Frazier - Higgins Agency BEA C All Kinds of Insurance 208 Empire State Bldg. MA 3151 Congrcdulafions +o 'l'he Class of F55 Knights of Columbus I! l'fl'Cl-G-'I 'I-C410-G-GG! I Congratulations to the Class of '5 6 from HART 81 DILATUSH 2 A good invesfmenl for your college life is o verscrlile wardrobe of Broemcr Sweofers. And 'rhe righf place 'lo s'l'crl' is 'lhe Sporf Shop, where you'll 'End Broemors 'Finesf sweaiers in Super Lombswool and Luxurious Cashmere. For bo+h men and women. WQVENFQEE 5?Qmn1 E ? Spoloqvie. Woskivxqtovx Bring Your Laundry to IDEAL LAUNDRY i' 'k COMPLIMENTS OF HEN N ESSEY FUNERAL HOME 'Ir 'k 1 -112- Best Wishes Sentara GIasc0ck's Iewelers 420 W. Riverside Ave. DON GLASCOCK FRANK HERRON Stoves and Furnace Oils "Keep Cheery With Deery" DEERY OIL CO. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 B. F. GOODRICH FIRST IN RUBBER SECOND AND LINCOLN 3003 N. Crestline GL. I629 Tired of Living goal .gag Die Laughing Af 7, ,qu I - FUN AND FANCY 828 W. SPRAGUE PI-IONE: TE. IOOO ZIP'S IIR VE IN 1230 N. DIVISION SPOKANE, WASHINGTON Famous for Diamonds and Watches since 1907 Q- CONVENIENT CREDIT NO EXTRA CHARGE "You'l1 find just what you -want at .JM fwekvfdu 807 West Riverside Ave. RTUPII Loffsu ills .Qualify of flbiamoncla That you can always be proud Io own. Liberal Terms PITUPII cflffcsfu. ciaffsman in gswslzu JV. 70 wall 1-Se. NOW AT MAIN 81 POST! SPOKANE MUSIC COMPANY iFormer1y Goodman Music Co.J Pianos - Band Instruments! Rentals - Sales BIVEBSIDE 6111 EEN MILLER RA L E T Miller and Felt Prescriptions Personalized Service I-rwo sronss 820 S. MCCLELLAN 2M NORTH HOWARD Medical Center Bldg. Just North of Sprague MA. 2131 RI. 4178 Congratulations Seniors Bed! Wada ...for cz happy and successful future! I the store of famous brands S CENTRAL PRE - MIX CONCRETE COMPANY HIGHEST QUALITY ' PROMPT DELIVERY FREE ESTIMATES Plants: N. 805 Division Spokane Valley IBROADWAY and HAVANAI PATRO MR. AND MRS. E. MURRAY BARRETT MR. JOHN B. GRAHAM EUGENE'S FLOWERS McDONALD'S FLOWER SHOP ARCHIE E. McGREGO'R DeSALES CATHOLIC BOOK STORE MR. AND MRS. T. R. KARLSTEN MR. AND MRS. EDGAR V. SMITH MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS L. ZAPPONE -115- . ' 5' H gaiaiigig-25l?QE?i?gi w4Q "L,gfg2i Q 1, :- - 2 , Mw22?,ggzM,AEms3? Wei A is My my 4? ...., .i-wfxw 'mw zgggpiiffr - 45 Il' - f ' Q ,qu W M J H M Q xg? 1 Q Y ,H +116- -. 134: ag . Wi We gm QR 5 a 51 rg 4,,' ",.. . . Q2 A 3 X95 , . 4, L, ggyv if Jim ' "if 'lit' , .,,, K m f- 3, 1 my H V 1..1, .:,. ,. A , J 'gg-1, 5':.:': izif-ffigzzvlv, ' - '- -f . ' A - ' 1 1 Hag' V111 fr , , -',f M :...,,. . I ,.:.:, L. . A 4' 1 A f is 4 Q: X ggi' 'sygillf I i gifi' Q? ' Swim 5: 5 Q, , My U M N fs-1 , Qi . U f 1. ' x gm gag VE. ' I? ' "" Wax L Emu we , , A wh, .1 . . 3" ' r f . A , .,...' 4 if . A .,2::,.:,.'.i-:EEff:,':2x5:, .Q gi W v. .,.,. 3 ,,.,... : 1 - . , ,g:1':.:ni'-'2',Q- L Qswgwvb Q1m?:'1' Ti , A ' ' ,,,, 'i X' f'E5,Q2 E-JEL Y '- -f ., 4w N W gn ' is QE A f ri f' ' Q X X , gf A in In 5 1 , -..::. .. Q ' :::1g:'.:a sg:?'5.2:fiw:f:"" :- 1: U . , .. . Qi 1 253:32 i in I , . V W A as , , gmww fx i-wfNw'?'f5ffT ' " wwm l i-, ' , 'ma .fm 1 L sms" 7' K fmzgzm 'X MMG VZEIQ' Mzzkzm Aiwa WW iizkzwzzw iigiff i ' ww ,:.'f: wiv, V ,izxmigwy 1, U e,-s:,f., 2aSz -- 7 zyzsafgiyggf msg Www ' W 'N3f::'iLEilJ 3 W I I , Wwwuzwa mwwfww-ivfk 'L' ' W '?,m??.ib2mM3w -W W1-M" A. . ' f 11 1x"iZ'5wWaww Q , L: ' 3 ffzizzifzszzizis ew, -' . W. ,. A ,wggmfgqfggy g wnw, .. A -wwwzzm Q Wm' Mwmwiwfw Wyzgzxz' - H,,p,wwQqgm,zi-gxsggzf x I zggggiiiiigg , , iilf sqaamgfmgs Wai' ffhwwwg-2 gf W :fg2sa12ff2:i,a ww W L' "'3Tf Iwi www? - , , ,.,ms,,,,,ny - -ffxgivmdil .Q 2 ff YN- 3321 ,U,,Q,,..,zam paw, 223 T? A 522 4 Q n 535 3':Si:m,, gghgv QL , E- 412,,mf,w0M:faam4 sf, zmfzzmzyszvlsaamnm. M Wg I em 422551 sw vmqsb, EW3E3Yfi1iHwH?f'liZi5ZsiiQ ,ggmmmgggggfgf Img 452' si " 'wfwzaazzfg 11 Q l' M Jj,Q? 7g1 I .QC 'Q f . 'f-L I 5 JJ' 1AWf V I L I ' I Ic II owLInGIIgg -T ZZ Ve 'T' ' Qffifizz fyffj WE, OF THE 1956 LUIGIAN STAFF HAVE TRIED TO CAPTURE FOR W YOU, THE STUDENT, A TRUE PICTURE OF LIFE AT GONZAGA PREP. IN FUTURE YEARS, WHEN YOU SCAN THIS BOOK TO REVIEW YOUR QV, HIGH SCHOOL DAYS, IT WAS OUR INTENTION THAT YOU SHOULD of v ' 7, FIND THE EVENTS OF THE YEAR 1956 CAREFULLY PRESERVED BE- L of FORE YOUR EYES. WE WISH TO ESPECIALLY THANK ALL THOSE EQ Rx Q5 E D WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THIS ANNUAL, NOTABLY MR. FRED Ab - 6 ' ' 3- ' DES ISLETS, COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER, MR. JOHN LEIN, S. J. S I 07' P . fs? SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER AND OFFICE STAFF PARTICULARLY MRS I A NYE' X 9 3 A 5 , GX It MILLER, OFFICE SECRETARY. WITHOUT THE INVALUABLE HELP OF 3 N "U, VI LK 54, X ix THESE PEOPLE WE COULD HAVE NEVER ACCOMPLISHED THIS. WE .P I I A ' I T n ' SINCERELY HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED YOUR LUIGIAN AND THAT R QE IT WILL BRING YOU MANY YEARS OF PLEASURE. R X' E LARRY ZAPPONE, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SN A R ED SMITH, ASSOCIATE EDITOR f E DONN HERRON, SENIOR EDITOR A P- g JIM MANSON, BUSINESS MANAGER ls I ' wg ,N I fn A 0 P I f ' 1 'N M MW ,N XQX 3 ' Q ' N 9 N Q. QM Q fray A N A A - . XJ R I A Qi N AQ N 'IX -I1s- 9 7 ' R ,f ..--f',!y, V9 ffjwdyf ' f Moumwns fwfi' My jfaxf Q57 f3ZWf2 My ww Wjwlk 7Z ! 1M MMZHMQVAX MPL Wm -119- b Emir? , qzfgffiwf W mommrus ffwi W 3 GP 6 MV -120- APL X DEW HMEQLWXEEQQEP L,-X 5 ss ws 'X1215.23'a'?5f?lsZ'sIZiiwL1fsLfbs4C x INN, W f If 'TJ.3212iH?5??zEYQX 3z4i4Eiv'Q'3'z52"3i'WY'57'L'5?53U'?SCi'?L'1i35Zff'ZZ6W5ISQ,3'3aX.T71'Qii'' "A 'M ' ' 64 -mfgdlx 4 Q' " 1' Q.-. Jr. W . Q . 5 .gg ,... .4.'1. I

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