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Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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1 ,Q X A Forward This IS your 1954 edltuon ofthe Lurglan whlch contains the events and highlights of the past year The Lunglan staff has spent many hours laboring to bring you, We have Incorporated many new Ideas In order to brlng you thus book lt ns our smcere hope that It wull recall the many glorious memories you shared as Gonzaga Men by work and picture, life at Gonzaga. I Annual publucatnon of the Assocnated Students of Gonzaga Hugh School 46 Spokane Washsngton Volume XXII Rusty Carbon Edutor an chnef Mrke Murphy Assocrated Edrtor Leon Deranleau Sensor Edrtor Paul McNabb Sports Edntor .90 I II4 QQ r l ll' s . . ?93 - I9 I 947 ' ' eva I 4.9 I I GI Z rf 11,35 f-f ig -2 S? 2 GONZAGA HIGH SCHOOL Dedication Just another heap of bricks and mortar, lust another building That is how the new Gonzaga Hugh School appears to the casual observer But to the thousands who have graduated from Gonzaga, lt is more than that To them the new building stands as an lmperlshable monument to the principles which Gonzaga represents, to the goals for which Jesuits have consecrated themselves for over 400 years, to all things which, by the supreme authority of God, are right and true and lust This Intense love of Gonzaga by the myrlads of MEN who truly know Gonzaga is not lust school pride, not lust the love of "the old alma mater , lt IS some thing deeper something only true Gonzagans can fully understand lt ls, in a sense, the learning to really know, love and serve God For the utilization of this acquired virtue mitigates the mere problems of this life - opens unseen avenues - and permits these MEN to lift their heads and look the world in the eye - for they, contrary to what smaller men may say, contrary to what the world may believe, are right. And the lowly opinions of mankind shall not dissuade them. These are the things For which this monument stands. And it is to this monument, to the new Gonzaga High School building, that we dedicate this book. I 887 - 1954 M , 'drift if L I i G G Q5 'G E 3 .' 11 s" 1 5 5 1. - W 435 if Y lfll : xfb' 74 q 1 2 4 '.: ' 1 : a 1 , :. 2 rc. E 142 - F 5: .E 5.- 2 E 5-' 2 ... r 1 ... Q l f O I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,, . . . . " o D D I C .. . . . . .. . . . . . tudent Body llifieer frrst semester L Tom Riley Treasurer Jlm Bruya, Vice Presrdent Angelo Plzelo, President Rusty Carbon, Secretary Dave Sprague, Frosh Consultor seeend semester Ernle Vollmer Treasurer Mat? Finmgcn Vlce President Jlm Etter President Terry Cossefte Secretory Donn Herron, Frosh Consulror 7 r t n v' . - A I ' 4' X xx ' rf , - . I st H 4 r 4- t La lm ' we r tt' t ga 6 Admini tration I Vary Rav. Francis E. Corkery S. J. Presldenf of High School and Universlfy "'.. - L ,-fl ns: Rev. Gordon E. TonefS. J. Prlnclpcl Rev. Michael Kunz, S. J. Vice Presidenf of High School and University Rev. John HurlayS. J. Vlce Principal fi' Mr. JunesA. lurmS. J. Religion, Lnlln, Grlclt, Chemlslfyv Debate Couch Mr. Anthony J. DeFlllpps S. J. English, Rellglon Nr. Wllllam H. Frazier Algebra, Plone Geomofry, Commerclal law, Economics, Head FoolbullCooch, Hood Baseball Coach Mr. Donald R. Codden S. J. Lalln, Rellglon, Hlslory Mr. Jumeu O. Flannery S. J. English, Hlxtory, Lnlln, Grulr, Freshmen Coach ohoo Fr. CharlesA. Chapman S. J. Lnlln, Rellglbn, Engllxh M. Thomm Gavin S . J. Latin, Religloll, English Fr. Tlmoflvy Glancey S. J. latin, Algebra, Engllxh, Rellglon aoulty X! Mt. Gerald V. Gordon S. J. English, Religion , Gonmgan Noderaior Fr. Michael B. KunxS. J. Religion, Chemlxfry ' Avg. 41" Inst" M.JunesHmsS. J. Plume Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Religion, Luigiun Moderator Picture Unovaiable Fr. Will Kunng s. J. Rallglon, English Fr. Ernest J. Msnad S. J. Religion, Lniln, English Fr. Ha'ryM. JuhnS. J. Advanced Algebra, Plano Geometry Religion, Arhleilc Director M. Robert Lafandrnue Hllfofy, English, French M. llcldd B. McGinn Typing, Booldmeplng ,nv J Mr. Donald J. Miller English, Assistant Football Coach. Head Track Coach 'VET' Mr. John A. Presley History, Civics, Algebra, Assistant Football Coach and Baseball Coach, Head Basketball Coach te? Fr. Robert Renner S. J. History, Religion, Civics Librarian Mr. Richard J. PausonS. J. History, Typing Mr. Ernest Richlie 5 . J. Latin, Religion, Plane Geometry ,-1, ,M f' -45 we elf I' Gf, Mr. John Brogan Band 9 'Th Mr. Eugene Schneider S. J. Religion, Trigonometry, Sociology Solid Geometry, Latin ? Mr. Joseph L. Showalter S. J. Physics, Religion .Q ,wmui ag W nw, Brother Allen Atkinson S. J. Office Assistant Mr. Gerard B. Steckler S. J. Lam., History, Religion Fr. John Thatcher S. J. Religion, Glee Club, Algebra Spiritual Father 7,1 vw Fr. Victor R. Zehnder S. J. in ,Q if T Mis. D. Miller Office Secretary General Science , Algebra QQ., W? Mls. H. Egan Librarian Q enior SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Iseatecll Rusty Carbon, Vlce Presrdent, Leon Deranleau, President, Erme Vollmer, Secretary, standrngl Dan Connolly Treasurer, Bob Mauro, Sgt at Arms JAMES F ACTON FRANK P AMMANN Scrooge Classical Honor Roll l ,l Class Offncer l 2 3 Student Council -af' 3 Trac 3 4 GleeCu MICHAEL B ADAMS Muck General Gonzagan 4 Attended Colfax High I 2 l l : I . . 0 . . . ' I I I ' - ' " - R " l', ' a "Side Shaw", General l,2,g lK',If, lbl ROBERTF ANSELMO JOSEPHC wma ANDERSON whney General oe' GJSTERINO ED Geneful Hal fl G Clubl Foorbolll Mmof Kn,g,,,,o,L vombcxx 3, Mme' Fw'b0" 3 Mm' Bmbdl' 3 if Offlceftlsh 4 S G Club 2 3 ball 2 Ono' Roll 1 'Udenr Co 'oo' 0' 2 3 4 O-urban unc ROBERT F ASTERINO Bob General Class Officer 2 Football 4 Truck 2 3 Mnnor Football 2 3, Manor Track l LU Msn ballligf cxomwl X .-Ba4,". mo B210 ' ' r Class Olllce or Ro ' 1. 3' 1. 3' All -1: Bondl ll ' Ag Hon ROBERT E AUVIL Roberfus Auvullus bang T'f'Clf2 3 3 Base ,,, Mmof Bosebql 4 Mfnorl-' 0' Basketball 2 I M"10f Traczol C lasslcal Kmghvs of Leash 3 4 G Club 2 3 4 Class Offncer l 2 Gamma Berg 1 ' Honor Roll I, 2, 4' Debate I Glee Club 4 JAMES J . BERRY "Jim", General Class Officer l, 2, 37 Track 3, Minor Football l, 2, 35 Minor Baseball l JOHN ..Johnul'f.:RADBURY K I onq- C 'cc' lilnggfx of Science 4 RON I m5"'735ero I, 2: SIT: Office, Sodoliry 1 ' 4' Debm :srl-.Tm or loxs ' EMAN JAMES P BRUYA LARRY A BE X 3 45 Clan Offl WILL 'Cllesta , Sclentlflc 1 Migw BURN5 um, GOWN' clonnhc Knlghts of leash 3 41 G Club 2 500 cer 4, Student Ceuncrl Mlno, :Ill 2 Minor pombe 4, Student Body Officer 4, Nlcs ck l "2 Presldentl Football 2, 3, 4, Basket ball 2, 3, 4 Track2 3 4 Minor Football l Minor Basketball l PATRICK W CARROLL ROBERTC CARBON Pygny S lentlflc Carbon: Classical nsplratlonal Award l, Honor Roll l Knights of Leash 4 Student Council 4 2 3 4, Baseball 4, Mmor Football l 2 Student Body Offlcer 4 QSecretar l 3, Manor Baseball l 2, 3 Y I Senior Class Officer Nice Presldentl Minor Football 3 M mor Track l Gonzagan2 Lulglanl 2 3 4, fidntor In Cl1lef4l Glee Club l, 2 CANNON 00:90 g,,,.,qx ,ball 3' 4 Mmd G'Club3 4' no lll lm' F oofbqll Trad- 7' 2 Mrwwdn JACKO CODD Barrell , Classlcal Kmghts of Leash 4 G ' Club 4, Class Ofllcer 3 4 Honor Rall l, 2 3, 4, Mmor Basketball l 2, Football 4, Baseball 4, Track 2, 3, Minor Foafball l, 2, 3, Mlnor Baseball l, 2 3, Mlnor Track l, Forensics 2, 3 WAYNE R 'w,,,,, CLAIRMON 3 ' s':'0ntlhC T Aho "dd North Cenrml 3 D M cowl RICHCE 54-zlenilfic , "Du: Honor Club 3, 4 Ron 2, 3: Glen ER DAN L. CONNOLLY TERRy "Dan", Classical Knights of Leash 4, Class Officer 4, Senior Class Officer, Ureasurerl, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 45 Minor Track 2, Tennis 3, 47 Gonzagan 4, Debate I, 2, 3, 4, Dromaiics I, 23 Foremics I, 2,3, 4 "au,.. J- C0Sss ' General K . clZEhg,ff Leash 3, ,,. HG, Srud 'Ce' 2, 3, ' 'Club 3 Bo ent Body Om Srudenr Colm I I 4 xeball 2, 3 Cer 4, Gee cll 4, BaSeball I, Menxgzsketboll lreziwl skefbq ' 'nor 1 GERALD G DAVEY Dave Classrcal Honor Roll I 2 3, 4 Manor Football I Mmor Baseball I LEON R DERANLEAU Frenchy Scuenhfuc Knights of Leash 4 Class Offucer 2, S1udenICouncul 4 Sensor Class Officer Wresrdenrl Honor Roll I 3 Gonzugan 4 Lurgnun 4 Genuor Edlrorl Debcte3 Sensor Sodulny 4 Prefect 4 Attended Anoconda Central I II3 JEAN u nes wzuls MMS ,, oem 'Jean G I f DWNEN DONA Sclgnll 'C X I 'Mm I clGuICal 90" r Roll Kmghh Cuenca 3 4 Bono ' of Sclencp 3 K"'9h2,ee lub T'0ck1 Tmck? 3 4HcL?'Rol emo, 5 "'91'm 2 ""-" odd, 'Y 4 3 Lulmup, 3 1 CNW, wuznmr oowr-:sv MIC W D 'warm Hqmclmml Mllrflfi DOYLE c:.,,,,co, can Smcnhm G l 2 3 1 4 Class Offucer 3 Ailes, Omg. 4 Hobo' le V 3 4 Honor Rolll 2 morpoo H2 RON' 2 Horvdgol l' Gamma a , 3, 4, Track 2 3 4 Teams 4 Sumo, Sodamy 4 o E DAVID w mms THOMAS B D Y Bos G l enero DWG 1 Sclanhfnc Gc"""0 BUG 41 Ahendad Supenor Hugh School l, 2, 3 El. M ENG Dowgrp Gengfcl BU ba 4 class x ' Clu ' 4 md uuwd f-"",l..1-on 3' HS " ,A www Sow-w tb'-:Lo x'3 Semlsod tg Schell ke srl-xlvended Colm' PA TR DMLCK L FEEDER General JAMES F ETTER Add le General 4 Cl Honor Ron I G em Council I Sfudenl Council 4 Student Body Officer Cl 0 I ball 2 vb 1 "lawn I Glu 4 fPresxden0 Foofboll4 Base 3 4 Baskefball2 3 4 Track3 4 Mmor Football l 2, Mmof Baseball I Minor Basketball l Knights of Leash 4 G Club 2 3 cum omw 1 2 3 4 Honor Roll 3 as Offwef 1 SM NNGAN muck J F'5'Q,,,,.wx F hnnels 1 x Mlm' cwwowcfm .11-1 1' ' "' Mlngq TN-ic ' cm M 2 MATTHEWM FINNIGAN WILL Man , Sclannfnc MMJ wink! 1 K1-.gsm of Leash 4 G Club 4, Clau Officer 4, Student Council 4, Student Body Offncef 4, Nice Prssldentj Football 3, 4, Track 4, Altandod Klamath Unlon Hldi School 1, 2 Fwbell 4 1 wlLuAMH Fuzueu oousug 5 Fogy ' , clenhflc Doug , General Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Sludem Councll 3 Gamma Beta l 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Fooiball 2 3, 4 Baseball 2 3 4, 3 4 Track 3 4, Mmor Foqibqll I Baikvbdll 2 3 Minor Foofball 11 Mmof Manor Track I Mlnor Baskefball I Baseball I, Mmor Baskeiball l Manor Track 2 'w1n. F'-ECK ' 5CInne1f1c Y lc Gongqgun I actor 1 Taryn, H 1 cl.. CM N :roam r :sv Aww N FCXSMA xc "Bob', Genoral J GASPER L n sc-on" wh G 'No W" 3 1, no-of x1..,l1111 of leash 4 A11.11a..1 ' Krudm J Self' Castle ibn! Hugh School I 2 Q offlcq 1 Rolli ' 1 1 ' . 3 . . ll ll . " I I I, 1 I '- '1 s TG . . . l . I I, - 7 ' 4, pm.. 5 .. .. .. ' "G" club 2, a, 4, cum omw 1, 2, 3, --G--club 2, 3, 4, Cp., gmc., 1, 3, ' I 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - ' , 1 I 'J flgc, .F ul ' " "D , ' ' , 1 Cl lx 1 -3' GAFFNEY u 2 , G 1 Club I nn hrs ol Lecfl 1 Student C-9"'Iqcq I cms-.olllceg A M-noflvfebul Bcsvbol ' I Munir' Bos ketlw I vs, .4- JOHNF HAUER WILLIAM J GIBSON 'Dad General Knlgl1tsofLeasIu3 4 G Club2 3 4 Student Council 2 Student Bod Y Officer 2 fFrosl1 Consultcrl Football 2 3 4, Baseball 3 4 Track 2 Manor Football I Minor Baseball I, 2 Mlnor Track I RICHARD H H T ARDI an Sclenhflc N Gamma ser 4 Attended suZ,,,f:lEEguz1:o C I I 2 3 DAVID L HEFFERNAN John Sclentlfxc Hell Sclentnflc Knights of Science 3 4 lPrasndent 4 Football 4 Track 2 Mlnof Football Honor Roll 1 2 3, 4 2 3 Gonzagan 3 Senior Sodalntyfi bmi Lneyhff Sdemanc A na-ve class Om" DELBERT A . HOOVER Del C lossical Honor Roll I Band I, 2 3- Glee Club 4 Senior Sodality 4 2 3' Tennis 3 4' if RICHARD Die 'aff NDQN erq I U55 Foofbqllfwl 2 .Minor PAUL D JAREM WILLIAM E XNMAN Curley 1 Genera Ge JOY reawf B gem-v.f.c "emi Kerry ' 3 G Cyub22 3 Honor Roll I 4 glut, O Cer I 2 Suence X uc Mgr ol-flrcll I 4 md Kmgms Ol Arlo 2 J, Mm B 3 M ent Honor llgflllolluiy 4 Attended Camas Uf aseball l 'nor F Semof 3, Bcsebqlffoirboll 1 H-gl' l 'R' M KENNETH K KIMBROUGH JOHNT KRALL Chub General John Honor Classical C ass Offxcer l 2 3 G C ub 2 Knrghts ot' Scnence 3 Honor Roll I 2 3 3 4 Student Councll 3, Honor Roll l Glee Club l 2 3, 4, Sensor Sodalltv 4 Football 2 3 Baseball 2 3, 4 Track 3, 4, Minor Football l Minor Baseball l Manor Basketball l JOHN R LANG NNA MILTON A MMA Tex General -I LAN JAT:-S General M' ' Clag,,cu?LOlS e Class Officer l 4, Honor Roll l 2 Gen Hom, Ron x. ' Mmm Football 2 za Qfin 4 Bandit Cla l 12 Y l I . KO 'l " " I "Bill", ' .. " H U , 2 I W . Ji, ,Ji -i2f,a,iS ' .3.-42 - ' ' '41 ' . ' ' I l .. ' .1 I l , ll IA ' ll rx. 1 1 1 I ' 1 . 2" " I , ' ' 1 1 1 : 1 i ' 1 1 1 ' ' ', I 1 I 1 i . " "1 11 .IH . nj- ", . I I ' G, U 1 , , b 'L314 LYLE D Luecx JAMES MA D C l I ean assica lm ZZA wr JOHNF EA Scientific Generl He U' x Kmghn of some 3 4 Honor Roll 1 2 C " UH off Ln f cer 3 4 Class Ol l 3 Ganzugan 3 Glee Club l 2 lcer 2 G Clubl 3 Honor R9 ls Forenf ics ARCHIE E MC GREGOR Arch Honor Classical Knights of Science 4 Tennis 3 4 Gonzagan I 3 4 Lungnan 4 Band l 2 3 Gino Club 4 Senior Sodalury 4 NNLEY l , NC JOHN? Gundo 1 1 Jack' 1 Fodbqll A ROBERT F. MAURO "Faraulc", Classical PAUL V MC NABB Peevle Classical Knlglwfs of Leash 3 4 Yell Kung 4 Honor Roll I 2 Gonzagon 3 iiclltof in-Chief 41 Luiglanl 4 Glee Club l, 2 3 4, Forensics 2 3, Senior Sodallly 4 JAMES p "J' -1 ' MCGUR Im ' General K Class Officer l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 4, Senior Class Officer, Sgt.-ur-Armsl, Gcnzagan l, 25 Luigiun 4 wc WGHL ,AMES W Scmnm NAC Debcxe 3 JAcoa w MUGHAN R Jo e Sclenfufnc ONALD W MOS On Honor Clos Class Officer 2 3, Honor Roll l 2 3 4 Studenl'Counc1l 2 Mmor Football I 2 olfl 2 U F c:.,b,, H Ulf Pere Honor Classlcul Class Officer l 2 4 Gamma Befo 2 3 4 lPresldenf 41 Honor Rolll 2 3, Sfudeni Council l 2 Track 2 Mlnof Track l ON1 OYA LQRENZO :f0"of Classlwl RONALD A MYERS ALA MICHAEL K MURPHY 'Muffnns Classical l Knights of Leash 3 4 G Club 2 Clos Offucor 2, Honof Roll I 3 Gonmgan 'l Lulglnn I 2, Mswclote Editor I 4 Debate 3 N G Ron Clossucal a gnu Bnhf gem mem G Club3 4 clussoffmfn 2 3 50" r 4 An nd Hon, Honor Rolll 2 4 Foovbqlla emu., 'Q Schoo ' 'dc,,, G Cwbzponvbol ' bell 2 3 M-rw Fwvb.-.Ill Mm.-,f I2 3 ""'C"'5oIc 3 4, M-'W' Basketball 1 cours 4 Attended Sv Anthony s Semnnary 2 xsrcql G when 4 Ono' Roll 1 Minor Track hack 4 Mm 3 Glas C, O' 'Wrbull 3 vb 2 Sin! G ' 'Sl . C' il ln , H A .I 1- ku' - '- R 'll ' ' ' ' ' ' 4 I I 12,3 3.5 ,,a,4,"e--cub1,2,a,4 , - 14 I S"d"r4 ' PETER N. MICKELSON , 1 ' ' 1 I I I ' ' I 35 A I xll .. .., . "Al ,,..I 'S I ' 'ic H 'U' ' " " 1 5 ' . . z d , . K0lll'2l , , 1 , - HW ' .. -- . ' x2 3 , , - , - ' i noam P PAYTON FRANCIS D PERRY RKAMP 'Bob Clmslcal FWD' Ho Amen M Osllwxwx ' "" C'fNlcc1 M , HW" omwx new Ron 1 2 G Club 4 Ho of clam-,o 4' Clio,-pr f,f1'ff"4f Tfvcknzlizl I 2' I 4 Knllh' B, ,, I. 2' :Qdtx 4 S""""fy 4 ""' Fomball 3 Gt'-l""" lol 1,31 bsm CHARLES A PETERSON hm Honof Classical Knlgllh of Laash 3, 4 G" Club 4, Clan Offlccr I, 2, 4 Gunmo Beta I, 2, 3, 4 Honor Rall I, 2, 3, 4, Student Councll I, 4, Basketball 4 Truck 2, Minor Basketball 2, 3 ANGELOA PIZELO Mootboll , Honor Claulcol Knlghtu of lpash 4, Knights of Science 3 G Club 2, 3, 4 Clan Offlcaf 2, 3, Honor Roll I, 2, 4, Football 4 Trocl: 2, 3, 4, Mlnov Track l Gonzogcn 3, Student Council 4, Student Body Offlcef 4, fPresudentI, Sonlor Sodollty 4 JOSE' ' clude' --w"- """" , ,N 1, cm omw l' zlxlll. 2. 31 'P 5"'d'm 3 4. H0707 Ro Sodonfy 4 'gouncll 3: Sala HD POWERS , JOHN C. POTTS I, Minor Truck I P4mcK l, Rom "slxkl.", sen-mn: "R0bby", EQMNSGON --on Club 2, 3, 4, Clm omc. 1, 2, ghlshf. .fschn Fwfbqll 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, a, 4, I"Club1l 2 C5 4 G...,,,h' I Mmm In-.lmbqll I,2gMlnor ambqll ' 14 X , RECTOK noNNDl', H, claw' '190 I hbg L , ,M G C 3 4 Knl hr-Of, -1, .4 T"":,Qf, 'I Hawk" ,' mamma- Ld L, Q '::.xf:"S.I.:I,,4. Af--fd mah I THOMAS L RILEY 'lelyl , General Knldihof I-DQII3: 41 G Club 3, 41 Cla Offlccr I, 2, 3, 4 Sfudcnf Cmmell l, 2, 4, Sivdonl Body Offlcor 2 41 Grub Comultor 21, Uromurar 0, Football 3, lg Truck 2, 3 45 Minor Foolball I, 2, Mlnor Track I, Mlnor Bulwfbcll 2 PETERP Ro 'P 1. G4LSK1 Sclqqpme K"'uhn S' I Wsclanc, 9C0vncll 1 M137 Offyc., I COMAD L SCHLOSSER 'Comic , General WILLIAM M SHANKS 'shlmky , Clmlcal G Club 2, 3, 4, Clan Officer Honot Rell I, 2, 3, Track 2, Mlnor Football I, 27 Minor Bcnbull I V SHEPHARD uuREffCfG,Q,,.I 2 I USIWP ack 3' M had I, 1 3 T' a'1i2:::S:A-W I ff? KARL W. SPELTI "Frlxky", Sclomlflc "G" Club 4, Clem Offlcov 2, Student Councll 2, Foolball 4, Minor Fcolbull I, 2, 3, Mlnor Troclx 3, Mlnor lah!- bull I rock 1 DONALD f-nw., R- Smufy Gly. Chi G"'lral 'I 2, J '21M.., JOHN A. srkosmooe men ndchse H3911 not o , , 3, Minor Track l, GI D grew'-Rl '-John--, clmaml ..QV'D E swf, Ginevul we-,, Sclmm-lc Ho R Il l 2 Mmd,.4 we Gonzogen 2, a, Luiglun 3 ' " Club 2 3, 4 School 1' 2' 3 JOHN E SUDEN 'Slug Sclenllflc ERNEST M VOLLMER Erma", Honor Classical Honor Roll 2, 3, Mlnor Knights of Leash 4, Knights of Science Football I, 2 3, 4 G Club 2, 3 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Student Council 4 Student Body Officer 4, I Treasurer J, Senior Class Officer 4, Cfrecsurerl, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4 Truck 3, 4, Minor Football 2 Tennis 2, 3, 4 Gonzcgon 4 Senlor Sodollfy 4 -ls 'fav 1' 1?-R F DAVID J WARDIAN WILL, JERRY R :wx Dave Sclennfrc Bo AM J WELL E WW Gen How Ran a 4 ' ' 5Cfe,.f,f,C R , Hon R gmebell 3' A Banda? on I 1 MON -wil od G club K X h ll' AL mlm 9 ,bull Ill' b.,n4 Wkfl 3 Mlfdl vw Qwbqul Most likely to succeed Most representative Best businessman Most reliable Most energetic Most capable Best orator Most scholarly Most literary ...... Most presevering .... Best actor . ....... . Best musician.... .... FRANKS wooo JAMes J Honor cu WORKLAND Gemm Be I2 3 4 Ho Klmds F 'bcuz 3 3 Cl sod 11,4 M Bembe M ,mbaul Gallery of Greats Charles Peterson Leon Deranleau Rusty Carbon Leon Deranleau Erme Vol lmer Charles Peterson Dan Connolly Charles Peterson Ron Myers Rusty Carbon Dan Connolly Bill Weller Best artist Best comedian Most versatile Best student athlete Most optomustic Most popular Most congenial Best dancer Best looking . . . Beau brummel . . . Fastest talker . . . . . . Biggest charactor . . . Most original. . . . . Jim Workland Ken Kimbrough Jlm Etter Bill Frazier Bill Frazier John Lang Jim Etter Bob Mauro Jack Codd John Potts Don Cannon Larry Shephard John Lang fx " ' A I l..W ..Fmnk,,' ance' "Jim", Scientific DAVID ,, Sci.,-new I , U . l l ll. I ' " MF l- 3 4 bl 'acl' b'1 5 la Amsslllllsll' 2 oz Cf"'Ce n no I ,Tracl13ix ' J r eo I I I I ina ' I' 42 ihbr 3: Officer 7, I . rec , l I, 'fm k 3 ' ll lv ' ' oo 3 as 0 ' I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I ' . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q e e s e e a e I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I . Pictured from left to right are Bull Frazier Salutatoruan, Fr Toner Principal, and Charles Peterson Valedtctorian Frazier and Peterson were chosen by their fellow Seniors in a class vote Principal s Message tothe Seniors For over 60 years Gonzaga High School students have pursued their education ln the shadows of the spires of St. Aloysius. These have been wonderful years, years of priceless memory. But now, like the Arabs, we are about to fold our tents and silently steal away out from under the shadows and into the sunlight of autonomy. This is a year of transition and transition means progress. To you, the Seniors, has fallen the task, no, the privilege, of carrying the torch of Gonzaga traditions to the portals of the new school. Their spirit will be somewhat measured by your impetus, and they will all be better men for having known you . The future beckonsp the past is silent, and so the present must be spent in anticipation of the one, in farewell to the other. May the truths you learned at Gonzaga guide your way over the blistering sands of time.to the horizon of the eternal hillsp and may the bonds of friendship formed in high school days be forged and strenghtened at the crossroads of life's tomorrow. May God abundantly bless you and keep you, always, Gonzaga Men . A , l 4? ' K Q' LQ: . , ' , is l we sv I . ' 1 xy , t V, ,, 'HA f l. . . . 2 . . I . . . I . . . I I . O 0 , Q On this page appear the pictures of some of the Senior Class Leaders as they looked to others some seventeen to eighteen years ago. Who would have guessed that when these pictures were taken the individuals in them would later shine forth to be such great Gonzaga Men. COULD THIS BE YOU? fi. fUpper left, Jlm Etter, Second Semester Student Body President fUpper right, Angelo Pnzelo First Semester Student Body President fLeft Center, Ernie Vollmer, Student Body Treasurer 8- Senior Class Secretary Kklght Center, Tam Riley Student Body Treasurer iLower Left, Bob Mauro, Semor Class Sgt -at Arms iLower Right, Matt Flnnlgan, Student Body Vlce President ,W ' . . . f is . I f I ku T A: t ' 'ff I , , . o . ,,,, 1- , A . Y?':'?f.'i ' I. ' ' . 3- . . ' 4. ' ' , . 5. ' . - . i,.,,,-Jw! , , ,M 1, K--W ,mm 15241 I ,W ,,k, , W ,,,,,,,,,,y,4w-ww' ' 4, 4 J i K . -+1 ,45L,,, WH . AV, M f M f , ,w X . "Huw - ,,,,w-W J ' , vw, 1 0ld illl 4.-.--. 1 is R fx ' . fix Z if-1. V ', ,,,,, . GMM. Wm . 4. , , . ax W fm 1 fs '.:o1 iavift- V AR I H V YI , .iq - A r' 'Q A - ,Q-, .-. . K .-'E'--rm , ' , 'I if: ..u.., Qlg K g lLl'lr2HfQ -gs R '1 i Mi, . , ,Q J' J' kiwi' we Q A, R , a if A ,gk ,, 2552? W, ,W ,ff ., Y Cp' mg: .V 'figy ij p viva? " .,',1, I x H, 'ff ' ' , L, 'n f,':'. H7 n.-ww , . .... , U- 7 . ,..,, f .!Lj7 ' V mv, ., I ,. ' ,'.?"f4' . Q' A Y ,M W' ' 4 T f , V L M..4 A. XM. L 1-ff ,iw 9 ' - -Xxx Wk- x-1 ,xv .NX S ,, -2,,f. , Q ,fgb-2 School Lilo Fo I . L I 3 QC l Brotherly Love 2 The true spnrat of Gonzaga Competlhon ns shown nn electrons 3 O well who wants to be ln cu Curcus 4 A typical scene JUG 5 Typewrlter trouble 6 O these tlght telephone booths 7 Notice Thus :sn t o flootmg crap game 8 A few of the boys Volunteer to pam! Room 31 9 Mr Cudden after o hard day s work wif Q 9 fbglgxjqsdp fs Gag? Qgjaggg QCSQQQQGSQ 3 QX? i 4 gf 5 Sfcj Z5 Fx X? Q29 Qggvgw Q igggpsb Z? if ii Km K- ff, 1 '-P 3i'i3,.ff2 K!! 55,2-, .ng , ,Q gf! Y C 5' I Z wwf? if 56 QW si??'g?Q Qififisae fig ff so fb Q? ZZ X S Z Q' 2 5 'Z'-2.-ATXN if il 1 K ,lf gf ,fx Room 25 Fr. Renner Noderafor Fran? Row: John Ries, Ron Cherrude, Pete Rlluy, Don Bergman, Larry Bichler, Kevin Kelly, Dick Wester, Wendle Gieble. Second Row: Karl Gels, Slan Forxman, Jock Rector, Delos Putz, Pai Flynn, George Girard, Jim Ehrenberg, John Leonad. Third Row: Harvey Jordon, Jim Rohrenback, Jerry Johnston, Larry Lawlor, John Nuxoll, Pat Fiesf, Pav Warren, Clalre Robisch Joe Danielson. Fourth Row: Richard Leudbeifer, John Vhay, Dlck Rosler, Pat Bonner, Jerome Swift, Warren Toney, Bob Ha-axon, Tim Lang, Kurt Kromholfz. Flffh Row: John O'Neill, Gary Myers, Dan Freedman, Dan O'Leary, Mlke Smirhovitch, John Kingery, Mike Schweikeff, Dave Mullen. O.. Room28 M Schneider Moderator Fran! Row Bud Johnson Charles Hcrdmg, Dave Young Wlllle Hoernef, Terry Mafieuccr, Mike Kerley, Owen McDonald, Larry Waldron Second Row Ted Glese, Joe Berry, Bull While, John Mann, Terry Savage, Ed Schlueter, Slup Beall, Ed Lux Ron Mclnfee Th"'d Row PGI-ll BICIHGSI l-UTY K0""'0PPr Ed Comm, Duck Flala, Bud Wagner, John Devine, Eddy Matteuccl, John O Nell. FO!-'Wh ROWI TUYY Biffle, Chuck Volker, Nerfin Om, Janes Cannon, Tony Debing, Larry Miller, Bob Hurutod, Mika Lunieux, Mike Loch, Jlm Broderick. Fiffh Row: Jim Miranda, Gay Wasson, Bill Vandouris, Terry Lacey, Don Jones, Mike Fitzpatrick, Mike Ryan, Don Kelly. d .sd I Room 26 Fr.KeatIng Moderator Front Row: Ted Wurtz, Roger Lee, Hurry Colwell, Denny Crouse, Charley Thomas, Dick Robertson, Terry Shea, Terry Edelblure, Joe Destofuno. Second Row: Gaylen Wofford, Jlm Strussburger, Don Altringer, George Colwell, larry Barnes, Skip Ramos, Joe Smith. Third Row: Bob Sottler, George McGorry, John Maloney, Jim Nelson, Emil Sodo, Frank Stanak, Mickey O'Brisn . Fourth Row: Dan Dhoenenx, Jim Huubrlclc, Pete Anderson, Bob Siochofsky, Norm Muelnor Neil Von Shoeln, Don Marsh, John Harris, Charley Hammer. Fifth Row: Charlie Guntle, Jock Cummings, Mila lngam, Jim Botox, Pat Ryan, Bob Bows Paul Redmond, George Ray, Glen Tweet. .rf X v ax Q 2 r .EI 434 in-4 ' if L1 .34-x g Mlxqg 'ii I' xpfif' 1 1'-i , 5 Af .g. if' " we -,ff Hd.-AG v Room 6 Mr. Showalter Moderator Front Raw: Scott Vaught, Dick McLane, Richard Saladin, Jerry Olsen, Larry Johnston, Larry Frawnfelter, Malcolm Sharp, Bob Boyd. Second Row: Pat Hurley, Pot Tierney, Gary Hardemann, Pat Nolan, Ronald Budig, Pat Mullen, Ed Smith, Bill Symmes. Third Row: Don Herron, Jim DesJarlais, Dennis Sexton, Ron Clark, Larry Zappone, Bill Green, Bill Bruya, Vincent Gerber, Peter Norrie, Mike Otis. Fourth Row: Leo Riley, Peter St. Denis, Jerome Kenney, Earl Farsman, Mike O'Neill, Bob Meighan, Ted McGregor, Norbert Truubo, Dave Sprague. Y .'ll ' 'M My ty Q i L "' 1 f' - er 'fp if-.-ve J , ' E iff v. i Room IO Mr. Garvin Moderator Front Row: Pete Ries, Jlm Gross, John Armenia, Tom McAndrews, Jim Ellison, John Schultz, Dennis Fisher, Bob Nordlands Second Row: Blll Hlll, Thad Comegys, Dan LaVigne, Jerry McDowell, Eric Greenfield, Ed Elling, Dave Olheiser, Bolo Monaghan. Third Row: Art McGinn, Mike Garrity, Ea Roesing, Ed Roberts, Glen Pring, Don Schafer, Ralph Brown, John Black, John Gross, Mike Crowley. Fourth Row: Jetty Courser, Ray Bowman, Larry Knoll, Henry Kaufman, John Boggs, Bob Frankovic, Dick Faber, Bill Smith, John Kilger, Jlm Duncan. ,- iq A fd. S S J,-'al -' bex ,Q fyp L fi f lg "" 1 :wi 1' 5 l' - 'Q' 7 rf if-""""g Room 12 Mr. Cadden Moderator From Row: Ike Peterson, Don Hursr, Larry Mellon, George Robinson, Mike Lewis, Greg Kroetch, Bob Kunrz. Second Row: Bill Sullivan, Joe Burger, Jon DeGan, Steve Kerley, Nlck August, Larry Engelhard. Thlrd Row: Ed Preston, Jerry Buechler, Leo Meloche, Tom Glubrechf, Leroy Kohler, Andy Lewis. Fourrh Row: Gary Schimmels, John Fiedler, Fred Hiler, John Krause, Mike Paladin, John Lynch, Bill Kunz, Tom Palmer. Q if 5 J ik f "r sf.. .1 Room 31 Mr, Rlchlle Moderator Front Dow: Jirn Borrev, J"n F zherly, Charles Welch, John Heffernan, Jerome Quady, Jirrhfkdams. W Second Paw: Harvey Duooisr Pa' Henry, Ed iloberix, Do ly 5-einhanalf Dlc' 'LUV' JMB, 5' on 5059509- Tnird Pow: Joe Snanen, Done" Rlske, Dick Lnntgen, 9 chart Lyons, Mark Fanorr VC' 5'l 95- . rwm Flaw: Robe: carey, all Law, John agfnngm, Leroy Jolesry, Joe no-May, Jem rmvmg, Pon Sommars, James Manson Room 29 M. Do Flllpps Moderator FIRST ROW: Jim Johmon, Henry Samulls, Lanny Crouse, Roy Drlgg, larry Gldwb. SECOND ROW: Jim Gaffney, Frank Worklnnd, Bob Solpp, Dal Larwa. THIRD ROW: Wallace lmxle, Dick Stotts, Mike Robinson, Jlm O'Connoll. FOURTH ROW: Don Burrell, Mel Waldman, George Carry, BIII Solpp, Gaylon Marsh. The Yearbook is a book principally for the Seniors. It is their last year in High Schoo and for them it is a book of memories. The Seniors are the ones who throughout the year set the pace for the entire school, they are the leaders. But sometimes lost in the shadows are the achievements done by the Juniors, Sophmores, and Freshmen. Without the Under- classmen Gonzaga could not be the Great School that it is. Many times this year Juniors and Sophmores shone on the Athletic Field, and the Freshmen showed that they wanted to bear the name of Champions too, by their hard work. In Elocution and in the Debate Tournaments many of the Underclassmen made the finals and as a result they have many trophies to show for it. To these Underclassmen, the Seniors extend their thanks For helping make the past year one of success and triumph. 40 I, Roomi Fr. Glancey Moderator Front Row: Robert Wright, Jerry lgnace, John Nelson, Alfred Kemp, Robin Mullen, Mike Michels, Robert Pearson, Dick McGinn, Don Agostino, Jim Crowley. Second Row: Jerry Littlemore, Fred Soderberg, Richard Perry, Charles Bertrand, John Fassurd, Gary Blair, Kevin Scurpelli, Pat Stowell . Third Row: Dave Thomas, Bob Erickson, Dick Mauro, Jerry Baruffi, Artie Schmidt, Ronald Lnvoie, Dennis Johnston, Bill Hottoll, Dennis Morgan. Fourth Row: Harry Bright, Dick Fox, Bill Tanksley, John Feldhausen, Mike Bowers, Gilbert Miller, Dennis Boni, John McGowan, John Twohy . W w A Koom 2 Fr. Chapman fhxderator Front Row: Steve Ronald, Joe Murphy, Mike Llewellyn, Tony Fend. larry Gamroth, Vincent Knoll, Bruce Hopkins, Joe Anderson, Duane Biegler. Second Raw: Robert Meulner, Roland McVay, Mike Thiefuult. Dale Svarverud, Craig Dial, Ray Zugel, Pct Hunt, Stuart Pearson, Mike Karlxten. Third Row: Terry Gwinn, George Tolar, Del Englehard, Roger Moen, Robert Abel, Turry O'Doy, Fred Brmchet, David Von Holt, Paul Wardian . Fourth Row: Tam Crowley, Joseph Rohrenbach, David Meloche, John May, Regis Vallmor, Janes Baior. Robert Mauna. 3,41-'ini ff We. 'llffal Y ' A l t x o l - Room3 Mr. Burns Moderator Front Row: Lloyd Wengeler, Roger Flscher, Cliff Gasselln, Malcom McRae, John McNabb, Clyde Ries, Larry Gehlhausen, Ed Mills, Anthony Weber, Jim Weller, Pat Shaw. Second Row: Jim Black, Bob Pratt, Ron Nlederegger, Pete Jacoy, Dennis McKinley, Jim Finnegan, Larry Stanek, Larry Jurdy, Pat Phalen, Joe McCanna, David Sharp. Third Row: Thomas Blalkowskl, Frank Lorriman, Virgil Kassa, Mike Murphy, Mike Rlggs, Robert Marx, Pat Slms, Lynn Casey, Gene McKenna, Dennls Cassette. Fourth Row: Mike Durbin, Dave Gibb, Pat McKee, Conley Lacey, Ron Adsltt, Jerry Wasson, Jerry Edgett, William Drake, Ray Gotta, Joseph Mueller. KL .'keSa"iI' .wr ,.. llihwl iff s at fl :L lf 5 K 7 ' if. f . ff Q X .ff V I, A -""'4' S, ' N Room4 Mr. Hass Moderator Front Row: Jerry Gustafson, Mike Thompson, Bob Valley, John Roberg, George Batchelor, Bill Andres, Bill Destefano, Pat August, James Ankerson, Tom Bewley. Second Row: Don McNall, Bill Sonner, Ed Doucet, Wayne Wilson, Stewart Fry, Paul Brophy, Alan Snarski, Karl Ota, Larry Flynn, Larry Pasby. Third Row: Pat Reilly, Jim Flcca, Royal Stults, Lance LaLone, Anthony Cannon, Henry Hlller, Keith Kroetch, Dave Titus. Fourth Raw: Don Gorman, Dave Kuttner, Jim McDermott, Gary Kirkeland, Pat Gaffney, Phllip Burke, Tom McTlghe, Nigel Adams, Gene Wilson. F' 1 +1 WL 57 s 1 451' I Xi 0 Q9 i I f .--"""x Y ,Q x L 2 Room B Mr.Steckier Moderator Front Row: Duane Colweli, Lionai Geier, Joe Barthoiemew, John Gracie, Bob Driggs Marvin Sumueiz, Dave Ryan. Second Row: Stanley Slyngstad, Tom Crowley, Randy Mackenzie, Tom Lyonnais, Dick Powers, John Cczei, Chcries Turbck . Third Row: Dennis Miller, Fobion Andres, Pat Doran, Tom Evers, Jerry Endres, Frank Brown, Don Workiand . Fourth Raw: Ron St. ,Aarie, Bruce Nagel, Dave Titus, Ruiph Grinnell, Ed Santa Rosa, Darrell Waller, Frank Burger. ' 'X' x I 1 f ETH' 7 If 1 If K2:..Yl,V, D X , ,lrfv-Q' ,Q N g 7jC'll gt X . f . .xx xx vb ff-, -uanyypp. 0,53 I 32" ff' 1 E, L . L ' an -lu Room 23 Mr. Gordon Moderator FRONT RON: Jin' lrnnoit, Biii Doree, Mike Soran. SECOND ROW: Mi-fe McGrath, Terry Speirz, Dick Casey, John Hcughey. THIRD ROW: Mike Neir, Bruce Miiier, John Reiliy. Y .f f it ' W9 F. , Mm- . if ,, many Y, 1 A A , WMM - I ,df YL 72.0 Q4 '- wwf F.-f"'V42'.7 1 ' A g N31 .si '7 '5f'2 1 I Q J 5 TW x .--a'l U 4 uufggqii A 57 r v 06:5 iw' 'F 5 v L 'V SQ' if 5 1 ' 3 fl-Ph , 2' i f I E u lc ..... 4 f, y 5, I if uf" . Y f QF ii' V u? wmv? X , X X 1 f iw HW f 3 AUX 4,-'N'Nm - F Q lf V o V xl f K., X ZX - R 'M Q ' ' ,f 47 Editor-in-Chief Rusty Carbon S ' Editor Mike Mu., h I I emor-Editor Leon Deranleau, d Don Burrell Patrons 48 P Y P an the 1954 Lunglun. an Associate Paul McNabb Sports Editor 121.355 Mr. Steckler S .J. Photography Moderator Rusty Carbon Editor-in-Chief Leon Deranleau Senior Editor Ll Mr. James Hass, S.J. Luigiun Moderator Mike Murphy Assoc iute Ed i for GIA ' 5 L, Mauro plan OUT H brick Don Burrell, Archie McGregor' and 0 Jim cu -I . the book. .,,. gd muiwnu 90 -H Larry Miller Assistant Photogopher Bob Mauro Advertising Mike Smith and Jerry Swift discuss layouts. 49 Front Row Dave Heffernan Angelo Pnzelo, Francis Perry Leon Deranleau Franlc Wood .lim Dmnen Second Row Ron Moss Ron Rector Del Hoover, Mike Doyle, Terry Inman John Bradbury Third Row Ernie Vollmer Archie McGregor Larry Shephard Paul McNabb Al Osterkamp Dan Powers John Krall v u Some of the Socialists are shown during their This is the Crib at Christmas time made by morning meditation . the Sodalists . Fr. Dalgity addresses the upperclassmen during one of the afternoon sessions. lg-f Students taking a short walk to the University Chapel where they will partake in the Sacrifice of the Mass. Pictured above are the Reverends William Prasch, S . J and John Dalgity, S . J.p retreat masters for the Student Body Fr. Prasch addressing the Freshmen in the University Chapel during the retreat. 51 gi -4 i Wi' Front Row: Leon Deranleau, Mike Murphy, Treasurerp Terry Cossette, Secretaryp Tom Riley, Presidentg Rusty Carbon, Vice President' Jim Etter Sgt -at Armsp Dan Connoll 1 I - ' Y: Second Row: Bill Gibson, Pat Fiest, Jack Rector, Bob Auvil, Pete Riley, Angelo Pizelo, Ernie Vollmer, Martin Ota, Third Row: Jerry Connors, Joe Asterino, Matt Finnigan, Bob Bowe, Dave Wilson, Ron Rector, Ed Gaffney, Larry Koentopp, Fourth Row: Paul McNabb, Charles Peterson, Jack Codd, Bob Frey, Gary Myers, Paul Redmond. l f Rusty Carbon, Leon Deranleau, Ron Rector, Mark Jaffrey, and Mike Murphy discuss plans for this year's Knight Flight. V el P1 Ai X1 g xi? I 1. ,rx 1 A " 5 X34 , N fin' 1 KT' E Science fluli Front Row Joe Desfefino, Pat Fiesr, Ed 'Q Front Row: Don Dean, Sec.-Treasp John Hauer, President, Terry Inman, Vice-President, Ernie Vollmer, Sgt-at-Arms, Second Row: Wendell Giebel, Jon Danielson, Edgar Schlueter, John Devine, Kurt Kromholfz, John Bradbury, Jim Ehrenberg, Third Row: Terry Byrne, Mike Ryan, Dick Rosler, Jim Bates, Dan Friedman, Archie McGregor, Al Osterkamp, Dean Lueck. NG" Club Lux, Bob Anselmo, Jack Codd, Joe Asterino, Bill Gibson, Angelo Pizelo, Mick O Brien, Second Row Frank Sranek, Jim Haubrick, Don Burrell, Larry Koenfopp, Mike Lewis, John Barrington Maff Finnlgan, Ray Bowman, Terry Inman, Francis Perry, Ron Rector, Third Row: Ron Moss, Ernie Vollmer, Don Engel, Joel Hawley, John Boggs, Bob Bowe, Dave Wilson, Tom Riley, Warren Downey, Gary Wasson First Semester hid Seated left-to-right: Charles Peterson, Dave Sprague, Rusty Carbon, Angelo Pizelo, Jim Bruya, Tom Riley, Bill Joy, Leon Deranleau. Standing left-to-right: Bill Destefano, Pat Feist, Mike Robinson, Richard Terhaar, Dennis Boni, Gary Wasson, Paul Redmond, Conley Lacey, Dick Faler, Chuck Welch, Donn Herron, Mike Lewis, Richard Powers, Gene McKenna, Vincent Knoll. Student Cnnneil Second Semester Seated Donn Herron Ernie Vollmer Jlm Etter Matt Flnnigan Bill Joy Standing First Row Paul Biallas Nick August, Rusty Carbon Joe Smith Dan Workland Richard Powers Bill Destefano Standing Second Row Dennis Bom, Ed Roberts, Mike Weir Conley Lacey Dan O Leary Bob Frankovic Tom Crowley George McGcrry Don Burrell Archne McGregor Ernie Vollmer Feature Edntor Advertising Mg Advertising Advertnslng ffl fill 9 Clctured above 'Lib f are Gon Nabbe, 'o"'9"' Gifgasfou' e ser and Delos P Orge MC on es to fl-,e Jun Burre smfe Len to "QW Don H9 nzusun Adverts. V Mme' ve is the G0 Gregor Ernie 0 u. P-'Cm' Mc utz Y Ron Rector PJ07 Press u Mr. Stockler S. J. Photography Moderator. K 2 ' w A A 4 r , ' 5 V ff A . . r. . T' f r tr: ff ' Q-I ,A If 4 I r - ,- 1 1 ' ' I A50 ' Q x P' p A . - I U MC I 3 d le H , G , ' 4 I ri Debate Left to right, Delos Putz, Mr James Burns debate moderator, and John Leonard pictured with the Pacific Northwest Speech Tournament trophies won this year "Honorable judges, worthy opponents, and friends of Debate .......... " throughout the years these few words of introduction have begun every debate. And every year Gonzaga aspirants build into a team of which we can all be proud. From the stately campus of the College of Puget Sound to our own Gonzaga University, both the orators and the debators have chalked up a record of wins once again. From the well stocked trophy case two cups stand resplendent as testimony of this year's efforts. Debate members, fleft to rlghti First Row Dann Herron, Dan Connolly, Delos Putz, Bernie Saalfeld John Leonard, and Terry Shea Second Row Tom Muller Jerry Swift, John Kmgeryf Mike Smith, and Clair Robisch Well qualified in the extemporaneous speaking this year was John Leonard, a lumor, who brought home from the Gonzaga tournament a sparkling trophy indicative of the hugh mark that Gonzaga speakers have set The College of Puget Sound In her annual March Tournament saw her many fields of competition stormed by a large group of Gonzagans frosh, sophs lunlors, and seniors alike Again in the field of extemp Jerry Swift was in the top three And many others were in the top five of their own field Out of the seventy teams entered in the cross question division of the tournament, Mike Smith and Jerry Swtft carried home a first place trophy raising the mark set last year in this field from second to first All In all the experience gained this year cannot fall to make next year s season again successful 58 Pictured above are Jerry Swift and Mike Smlth during a debate - - l I ' 1 - -' ' 5 . V I , 2 lr I I I I . . . , . ,,,, . 4 N- 1-P- rrx Q Dan Connolly the top Semor Debater and Orator, was the wlnner of First place In the Senior Elecutoon Contest Mike Smith and Jerry Swift shown wlth the first place trophy they won at the College of Puget Sound Debate Tournament Elocutlon Junior Elecutlon Flnallst Front Row Graham Schultz, winner Jlm Weller, Roly Wemhandl Second Place Second Row Greg Kroetch, Tom Palmer Larry Knoll N . .. 4 k I . O gr cl .,, wr-v Q I th ' g J X l C I ' ' ' f 'Tv A X u I A U A l ' V4 V- ' . - 1 X li , 1. ' U ' ,:-at A' Q' P , ' I f ', 'I I I 3 ' . ffm P f 'Q 'VZ' , Q " A , , T ' V r 1 . 1 ' 1. i . . . . : : . I . . I I 3 I - 59 Gamma Beta The Boarders every year add much to life at Gonzaga ln the three wings at Campion Hall, the Boarders Resldence, reslde boys from many States and even as far away as Alaska Many tnmes Boarders are at the top of their Classes Scholastrcally In Sports too, the Boarders have made a name for themselves Thus year the Boarders Basketball Team took home a second place trophy from the Cathollc Basketball Tournament at Coeur D Alene They also go for Intramural Sports such as Football, Basketball, Handball and Tennis Wnth the commg of summer each year the Boarders break up and happily head for home .L.""A.l L The three Prefects for the Boarders are left to right Mr Garvin S J Mr Showalter S J , and Mr Steckler S J Front Row Scott Vaught Malcolm McRae Henry Hiller Jerry lgnace Ed Matteuccn Terry Edlebute Pete Mickelson Berme Saalfeld Duck Robertson Llnn Casey Pat Slms Jerry Myers, Stan Slyngstad Larry Geldhausen Second Row Gene Wilson Dave Tltus Ketth Kroetch Ben Hole, Skip Beall Pat Stnles, Duck Stotts, John Devine, John Bradbury Frank Wood, Dlck Hardln, Mlke Durbln Pat Doran Dove Olhelser, Jlm Seeley Thnrd Row B II Sulllvan Karl Gres Llo Marsh Mlke Lemleux, Bob Auvll BIII Whlte, Pat Belson Basll Badley Terry Matteuccl Nnel Von Scheele Larry Barnes Joe Smlth, Mike Loch Fourth Row Bosll Doyle Dennis Banl Ralph Grlnnell Dan Powers, Chuck Peterson Al Osterkamp, John Tester, Fred Hller, Bruce Hagel, Ray Gatto, Dale Svarverud Ray Bowman Fifth Row Dan O Leary John May Doug Foley, Jlm Dungan John Boggs Duck Leadbetter Glen Tweet Left to Rnght are the Boarders officers, Chuck Peterson, Basil Bodley, Pete Mickelson, and Doug Foley ma! X 12 ltaml Band Members Front Row Robert Wrxglwt John Krause, Bob Kuntz Chuck Bertrand Mike Karlsten, Mickey McLane, Joe Mueller Wendell Gxebel James Adams Second Row Dennis Krause, Larry Zappone Bull Weller Pat Nelson Gary Sclwlmmels, Slcmp Ramos Alan Mnlls Lnnn Casey, James Seeley, Thnrd Row Ron Rector Ted McGregor Duck Leadbetter, Mllton Langlous Larry Shepherd Ardel Nelson .lum Manson, Mr Wnllxam Phenter, Instructor -1 'fe- l Blll Weller f Ted S P Rqnox '9- Gonzaga Night The High School Band under the direction of Mr. Pfeifer opened the program with a few selected numbers. Gonzaga is a school of traditions--traditions of which we all can be proud. And one of these traditions, perhaps the most famous of all is Gonzaga Night. Down through the years this has been the night of nights in the hearts of all true Gonzagans. lt is a night set aside by the students for the parents, teachers, and friends of Gonzaga. Each year a cup is presented to the Class having the best talent. The highlight of the evening is the presentation of the Fr. Kennelly Inspirational Football Award . Once again this year Gonzaga Night was presented at the Civic Auditorium on December 20. Grand Marshal s for'this year's event was Angelo Pizelo. The four Class Marshals were:1 Fred Broschet, Freshmenp Donn Heryonf Sophmoresp Bob Bowe, .luniorsg and Dan Connolly, Seniors. The members of the Football team voted the Inspirational Award to Senior Don Engel. To complete the show the Gonzaga Night cup was presented to the Junior Class for providing the best entertainment of the evening. I Q fy., A . ,4 4 144 'eswr fy, y, L My 3 nr Fr. Thatcher leads the Glee Club in a Christmas carol. Mr. Frazier presents the Kennelly Football Inspirational Award to Senior Don Engel. v-1 'DP y -,W 7' 5,14 vpn Fxrst Row Steve Ronald Jam Weller, Jwm Johnston Jam Lamanna Robert Pearson Vincent Knoll Jerry 1 lemore, Ronald Budrg, Ronald Lavole Second Row Ben Hole Thad Comegys, Jxm Ehrenberg Harry Br ghr Frank Wood Pat Rnley Charles urbalc Mlke Garrlty Bull Sullivan Third Row Bull Kunz Dick Mauro, Vincent Gerber Del Hoover Blll Hottell John Maloney Charles Harding Mike Robinson Duck Hardln Ed Preston Rodney Scndreno Fourth Row WarrenToney Archie McGregor D1ckCormler Bob Auvll Dave Sweet John Vhay Paul McNabb John Krall Larry Knoll Pa Robrnsan mi? V l av-fl' 5-'F' J 11151 Rev John Thatcher S J Glee C ub Instructor Glue Ulub 63 e ' , z :Q .r V . I I X V .5 " W' 1 1- A 4 1 X f 7,5 -Y A .1',M - J , eg' -A' .M -5 v ., 1 ' n 8 ef , ai 'v fm - ' :J I . f v 4 U' A I J an ! , X 4 ff cv, ii, inf' JR A Q 'f' r Y 4 Mrk If j fl l R L'n- : ' I l ',A ll I ' A I .' .Z V. I.. A I l 4 I I 1 C . . . 1 Sohoo ll JL.. s-A. mi - 'Sv wa- ff? 1-karv "5"-2.4595-Azz JHQJC ,yn 'P 1-u-MS? 4- 'Km '4-Jig. 'uw 'Un 5 ...ew ah My Qt-vain?-3-b.,'3'-ufSf"'W WW 5'l'lOn and 'L fl at 1 T .Q -. 5 "' I' AFX l A typical scene clurrng the Lunch hour 2 Frrel Flrel 3 Gonzaga makes the Front Page again 4 Anybody want to buy a cracker box, cheap? 5 Gonzoga's "Yell Kings" 6 The School Darkroom 64 I .I , , . , lt:g::--- 1 y -Y - .z.'. Q, . Q 1 j 4 K 1, 'i I .1 --S :Q F i., , S shM', r H A il- 'M M , g 'of jf r'- ' ' r , Y if A-A -Al A., ' ' -H 'A ' W r .W '- ,.V.f Jgh V w . f ' - as Wh 3 Vcgfi: ,, ,,f,,wQ V 'S ' . , ,, ,. f " ' f ' ' Q H A ,j'f5f. 7 1 Q.. . Y 'V w., JE "'i'7r7 f?'7Lyl"?Ql -7 - f r ' ' ' ' f f"' If 'W 'M 44- ' - asf. "' . few M? in ,iwgigw K ,:f.,Z., ff r f 'lf' Sf A' f N ii' 5 - ., f MNA yn -,I 'f --- , H f f - f , .wmm l ' 1 ' A' 'W 4 6' : ' M Q c. Mm, V V 1 ,W f W . .1 , Q Y l NX ' s r , I I' XJ I .- V A if V ,. 1 .-gr, '4- V r' e ' 'il A .H . 1 l gk gg 'L '4 'ik V .4 W ' a v al O ? T , 555 1 , L fir: - T 2' 2 - J A , 5 Q A A , v A Q A , . .,. 1:16-WL V, I I V32 "haf N? C A 94 Athletic Staff Fr. Jahn, head of the athletic department, and Mr. Cadden, his assistant, pause amidst the confusion of the property room. -x,,xk The Reverend Harry Jahn, S.J., has been the head of the Athletic Department at Gonzaga High School for many years. His iob is one that receives little credit or recognition although it is one of the most important in the school. Father John has contributed greatly to the championship teams that this school has produced in past years, and there have been many such teams. On behalf of the student body we wish to thank him for the great iob he has done. 68 MANAGERS, fleft to rightl Don Burrell, Pat Sharp, Dick Saladin, Bob Boyd, John Boggs, David Olheiser, Ray Bowman, John Armenia . Football Fran! Row Jerry Connors John Barrlnglon Dave Sprague Larry Koenlopp Bob Bowe Joe Dexfefano, Paul Biullas, John PONS, Joe Asterina, Bill Frazier. Second Row Gary Myers Mike Lewis Muck O Brnen Dave Heffernan Ron Moss Francis Perry Angelo Puzelo Bob Aslerino, John O'Neill. h'rd Rgw: Karl Spellz, Gary Wasson Tam Riley Dave Wilson Jim Workland Bull Gibson Jam Ener .lam Bruyc Joel Hawley Paul Redmond Don En el Fourth Raw: Coach Dan Miller, Marvin Ora, Bob Anselmo Man g . Flnmgan Frank Sfonelc Bull Fleck Ernie Vollmer Don Cannon Jack McKinley Jack Codd Coach Bill Frazier. SEASON 'S SCOREBOARD Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga C .V.- N .C .- Yakima- Rogers- L.C .- N .C .- Wahi- L.C .- Rogers- M ,fy obs 0 "d 0,749 U 006 O bf fo boy I 0,7 N. Bill Frazier Back fAll City, All State Back, Don Engel Tackle Jerry Connors drives over for a first clown with a twelve yard gain while Gary Myers comes in to throw a block. u n,,er Gary Myers End QAII City Endj 60 095 9 055 oxx we do +106 96 5 Matt Finnigcn Bock Bill Gibson Guard Jack Codd Tackle Matt Finnigcn deflects a pass from the arms of an N.C. receiver as Potts and O'Brien close in. 'Wi gr' QC v" ' R' J! N 'raw Q25 I 'Bur lg 1? . k e 41,- ' uf -S QQ' , "S, I , J 0 'HH 5 x 3 ' +L" gy out LH r I if't. Q 5 3 "ML if l 9 .3 M' 'E-"W B35- , N x with A K f M 4. AC . k i as 1 . - 9 'W7"4'3 ll" I "Af ,, 'ff gif , ' ?1 , Af f- J fx W A A A 4 ,:y,Ql' 0 ,-,, , A if 4 'aw Q " ' -M '1 I a I 4 X. ,,,., Q Q. f? 5' 3 4 If Vs '. x Q 2 had ul 'U 1 gg ,, LX , Si g 1 'I fi 3 dv fl .abr 4. I J J T' C COLUMBIAN BASIN CONFERENCE WLT 11, PCT 302 311 320 221 032 032 Yal2ima I North Central Lewis 81 Clark Rogers Gonzaga Wal la Walla Dav HBH 800 700 600 500 200 200 JultMcK1ly 75 Var it Ba ketball Z Doug Foley Larry Koentopp All City Center All City Guard CITY LEAGUE K L EI West Valley 7 l .875 North Central 6 2 .750 Gonzaga 5 3 .625 Rogers 2 6 .250 Lewis 8- Clark O 8 .OOO CLeft to rightl First Row: Nick August, Terry Cossette, Norm Trauba, Gary Myers, Chuck Peterson, Larry Koentopp. Second Row: Coach John Presley, Jim Bruya, Doug Foley Bob Bowe Dave Wilson, Jim Etter, John Armenia, Managerp Knot picturedl Bubs Hunting. Q , 43 - Pictured above are the first fave starters of this year s Jlm Bruya Doug Foley, Gary Myers, and Jlm Etter GUY MYCVS Jlm Etter Jim Bruya . . . . , basketball team. fCounter-clock-wisel Larry Koentopp, Q 2 2, , QF' ., Q Ag fl 1 m K, in 'F ' 2- an xx Q n 434 E '39 17 K7 -39 r Y 3 ' ,gh 'WW """ ' Way 4 x 4 .Q E 4 MJ' ffffff 9 TS" 3 B ff 'fm' 1 "f:"1" M a A, ' L jg its 4 V7 In 'D ,S A 1 fA.a"N M' af? 55,6 v U Hint? J 1- A 'HT' Q' -mm 1. .,,bU , 'J' if if ra' v,wfg3g:" W 1 is V Qu , 5 ' . 55? ' -Li 'fi 4' , , - K ,mi W W W S S3 M' ' Ti V! , 1 ' X4 '. E "wi f---V . 1' 7 ' . Y bm" 5 rg gm 5. V f Ugg? QQUU- L 6 ti Q 'lui' ulllr ' V if 1 fl I- ,f ,. 1 , f ' ' fs , 9' A ' EQ Q li 1 il i Q? 32 3 ns ix N-Q 28 5 as 3,3 ,Ag 53 44 1 f +m3,,5a4pmQmmg1n sa My Q if as is . s fa Q. Z' Varsity Ita ehall Eront Rgwg Pat Carroll, Ed Gaffney, Jack Codd, Terry Cossette, Larry Koentopp, Ken Kimbrough, Nick August, Back Row: Bill Bruya, Bill Frazier, Bill Gibson, Jim Etter, John Potts, Joe Asterino, Pat Henry, John Barrington. Not Pictured: Paul Biallas, Jerry Terhaar. Bill Gibson Pitcher Coach Bill Frazier Bill Frazier Jr Infield vw., .M W. 3 3 QX .1 Q,-M fx T 4, ,L xl x. ,ef fi? 4- I' - K X-3X x., Q f Q, Q- -W 1' V, w f ,aww V .AW 5 14-:wr ,M +11 az, WN Aiyi, K 1 ,gqx cz 'EL ,mv ,Q , 3' ff ' si., Wy, 'ww Lrg, f iw -14 ey 'V . fs ,Q Q wah Q3 Q12 ,iii ,fa-,-, v A Q Hx ,ax ' 2 , ae' ' 3. y, ..'1""f' I :fg- '.Af 1 Raffffbgggs :gi ,, ,Q 'fm A 25+-"aff-u ffm ff? aw W 'IM ?, Q F W A E nf f , f , V Q ' M Z ' , 5' 1 1.1: Au?" - 1 is H- ,W ,w?ii?15fi,f6k', a' """V"W ' ' z :Tir zfw lf V, . . ..-A fliqig N 'MW 1 , M3 M - 'C xi "' W- K gf? ky, I 4 1 f 5 fw n If-1:-dxf - 3 -2 -,gf - if I-aa Ax ?iQ22gL,k A..+ . 4:65- -fQ,,vL. www A Gonzaga player connects for o Larry Koentopp heads for home plate . I!! qs I ' U '. -e-,., Awfsvv ,L .. . 7 John Barrington Outfield Pat Carroll Outfield Bill Bruya Outfield 'if 3 Y i 4 I Q I Fl? LL., .,,,,-. , 4. , '14-.., Jerry Terhoar Pitcher Powerful hitting being displayed by the Zags. -f Coach Miller gives a few pointers to sprinters Marsh and Finnigan. Warren Downey warming u p for a relay. Pat Feist on the mile. ons, 7556 X .qc Trac Angelo Pizelo, Pat Feist, Gary Wasson, Lorenzo Montoya, and Warren Downey, five returning lettermen. '-sf 'fp' A fUpper Rightj Coach Don Miller k Distance men Don Burrell, Francis Perry, Ron Moss, Bob Reilly, and Dick Cormier. 'WJ' 4 sv "qi :Q l 4' '5 ' S if 7 ag F , X, . W5 5, 'xt I an .fv WV QQ IR 1 24 ze: 9 1 .1 . ' mam s 'fra' ,, Z2 f ,gi 3 'ii Lk 1 YQ ff' g a' A V' "Ali lv Lb- ng' A QSXZA Ex K 733 QA :"' 'fF5' +i..g ,4:1 , w,..2Q 3 ffm. " Qi. E .im-5. ff' "W" .J 1' - "WfF'if'? W J -Jr' 'Q' "5 'Z 11? ft' ' 1 'mi' . 7 wfgm 'Q 5 Q--v f M 951555 ' "AS V' AEA LEW ' WUNZMBA ' 'TQ f -1242164 mmm 'J ,UW I 6 'Mamma' an , 5- L . V it 4 ' .. M , . af, V, ,vb Q 'V 1' '39 23,5 glz-2.8 'gm i Rl gi! .ak 7 , ,A 3, 9 , , AJ, , ,,,, xr. YJ, ' am lm? 5' 'F .5 Q n U! . , v f'E3a1i'+fif I ,V me .L 15 1 ,Z-3 ., ,Wm 'Qi Q, f. ,I kA dw . , 4 'H :J fi, "ll" quad Ba ehall Front Row Dave Olhenser, lke Peterson Don Altrunger Bull Symmes Pete Rnley Pete Norrle Second Row Duck Robertson Jim Flaherty, Tom Glubrecht Bubs Hunhng Terry Matteuccn Jam Strassburger Art McGnnn Fra hmen Ita ehall Front Row Bull Destefano Bob Wnght Kevnn Scarpelln John Graclo Gary Blaur Wayne Wilson Ed Doucet Denny Flscher Second Row Coach John Presley John McGowan Joe Rohrenbach Mnke Weur Darroll Waller Bull Drake Ed Santa Rosa Ralph Grmnell 7 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Golf Team Front Row Jerry Olson Rod Sandretfo Jnm Adams Ted Wurtz, Jum Barrett Second Row Greg Kroetch, Larry Lawlor .lam Ehrenberg, Tony Cannon, Clalr Robnsch Ed Roberts John Leahy Third Row Bob Payton, Duck Fsala Bob Menghan John Lynch Bull Lauer LeRoy Volesky Gary Myers Jqh-1 Lynch Bill LDUGI' Tenni lggnls Team Front Row Dave Tltus Chuck Bertrand Dave Heffernan Pete Mickelson Jerry Myers Don Connolly Rog Donals Dan Powers Second Row Ernie Vollmer Del Hoover Duck Leadbetter Mike Schwellcert Dave Sweet Bob Hanson AI Osterkamp Mr Hass Moderator Chuck Bertrand Emue Vollmer Bob Hanson PATRONS FOR THE 1954 LUIGIAN 81 Mrs Robert Dellwo 8. Mrs P Guarlsco 8. Mrs Archie McGregor 8. Mrs A DeRoetth Laurence Rrchert 8. Mrs F J McGarry 8. Mrs Lawrence Connolly rs Grant 81 Frank Senator James Keefe Dr 8. Mrs Marc Anthony Glenn L Thavls Dr 8. Mrs R A Lower Dr 8- Mrs John Alb: Mr 8. Mrs V G Hartm Everett J Armstrong Mr 8. Mrs H J Cannon Mr 8. Mrs P J Mauro Rlcharcl L Kahl Harry H Rawson Dr 81 Mrs R Laughlin Mrs Carmel Carbon Dr 81 Mrs Francis Jurdy Mr 8.Mrs E J Gowanlock Mr 8.Mrs C L Konsbruclc A FRIEND OF GONLAGA Dr. . . . . . . Mr. 8. Mrs. L. R. Deranleau Mr. 8m Mrs. L. N. Doyle D . . . . ' CORRECT GoNzAGA amos s. PINS COLLEGE CLOTHES When yo a e eady ,Z 'll WESVEEEEQPEE Swami S z? SFIQ IA Available AI SARTORI Master ln Jewelry N IO Wall SI'ree'I' BUYLE FUEL GUMPMIY When you need coal or oll Call BOYLE N IOI4 Dlvuslon Ph EM I52I Congralulahons 'ro'I'I1e Class of 54 WHITES Radio-Furniture-Sound 8. Appliance Headquarters W. 908-Ist MA. 5751 L.......-.l .... WESTMINISTER ICE CREAM STORE N 1902 D FA 9738 Homemade Ice Cream Ples and Cakes For Special Occaslons WARREN lI1TlE lUND Plumbing Heating GE Home Oil Furnaces W. 609 2nd Rl. 6051 Spokane f ' ' u r r . i ' We O WZ Craftsmen I - i' Q o ome, Was ivxqfovx ' I I I I , . ivision . l l ' I I . . I ' . - . Ilul Lunches 'A' Ilandies School Supplies Compliments A Frlend HUB SALES C0 b Blue Bell Potato Chlps , DICED 4 cum Arden 9, xfgffvf R52 H-My X INDIVIDUAL SERVINGS Golden Don Donuts The BLUE and WHITE Mr and Mrs Dutch Ryan THE FRIENDLY CORNER Compliments ot A Friend RfF.'S'.9f.W'0l Jacobsen s Bread Always Fme Smce l 889 PEPSI COLA Hlts the Spot Western Bottlmg Co I ot I l I I I 1 I Distri utors ot l , ix A I .EJ , - I awfksx 'K L f U X Lk Lyffitx .,, , . f 8 Compliments , of 's . Compllments Bucl s Barber Shop GLASER BROS TOBACCO CANDY CIGARS CIGARETTES t f C STOKKE Wholesale Meats Mallon and Monroe BR 3677 SCHULTZ S Fresh Eggs Ga den Sp ngs Compllments Nelll Beverage Go DrInlcR C Cola VERN S PIES NC Bakers ot That Famous Apple Ple Congmtulatzom to the Clan of 1954 l Spk pl New Spring SUITS if ig 3 53950 to 55950 Dll' Ch Phone FA 2511 E 130 Mss on NEW METHOD Laundry 6 fl Cleaners Spokane 13 Wash ot I The argest selection in o ane of po u ar priced o 1 K3 -,-' .JS ' . f i Convenient At no CRF fm -we Compllmen s o nz' f x, H. . . AV' ings Ma. DW . . i i I r ri ot l I ' I L. J. Rothwell Robert Rothwell I . , . CONGRATULA1 IQNS The Clem Def Ifletf Studio l204W 6 h MA 6564 To Uf 54 Greelings ancl Besl Wishes 'ro lhe Class of '54 SILVER DOLLAR MINING COMPANY W 909 SPRAGUE AVE Besl' Washes To The Class of 54 HOLT OIL and GAS CO Signal Fuel Oils 22 T RI 8095 Congralulahons To The Class of 54 Power Clly Eleclrlc Company IW UNIVERSITY FOOD CENTER FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES YOUR ONE STOP FOOD SHOP IGA Congralulahons Seniors Bill Frazier Higgins Agency A KINDS OF INSURANCE E p Sft B MA 3151 from o E. 2 rent . Bes ishes of D . North 1217 Hamilton LL 1 208 m ire a e ldg. Everyday Low Prices Al' Complimenfs IIPPLEWAY MUTURS, Inc Spokane Valley s Chevrolet Dealer Dlshman Wn WA 1535 CompIimen+s DIAMOND ICE 81 FUEL CO N 740 Dlvlslon St 4551 Ray Besl' Wishes Duc sm: s HEI-IIISERVIGE Goodyear Tires 8m BaH'erles GL 9007 Mlsslon 8. Hamllton CompIlmenI's of IDEAL LAUNDRY UU Lusferlzed Dry Cleaning E 17 Boone Ave BR 1200 YMCA Sn ce I888 Serving You+I1 n Spoka e Basketball Boxing Swammmg Boys Campmg Recreahon A Cmzenshlp Trammg Program FRED W GILBERT P L B KNISLEY G GEO E BRADY C L SAMPSON Slnce I883 AWNINGS TENTS CANVAS PRODUCTS F 0 BERG CO 318 Dlvlslon 2053 Spokane Wash Your Gull Problems Solved M M JEWELERS Famous for Diamonds And Walches Since 1907 CrecI I W l'I1ouI' E 'I' a Cosi' W 807 Rlverslde Ave CongraI'uIahons +o Ihe Class of 54 CARNATION C0 Fresh Mllk and Ice Cream W 411 Cataldo I00 of of I , n ' , . . FA. n n - Il 0 kll , s S - .n , . I n -' ". - n or Au. Kmns . , residenl N, ' ' ' MA, . . , eneraI Secrefary I D A+ I I I x r ir ir CGMPLIMENTS HEN N ESSEY FUNERAL HOME JAGKLIII SEED GUMPANY GO WAI f Seed s Our Game Qualify Our Arm 6241 Bes+ Wishes Io +he Harry Frazier CHEVRON GAS STATION d s Blessmg and Bes+ Wishes To The Class of 54 DALIBERG 5 Besi' Wlshes 'ro 'rhe ZEP INN IAG 7T t LA 4153 IOI I D 0 I nu Dishman, Wn. . amilton Street Class of '54 Class of '54 From Jus ood Place fo Eaf Mission 8. Hamilton E' 20 ren ' Bes+ Wishes +o I'I'1e GracIua+es From EUGENE S FLOWER SHOP N 7WlI M 1173 DORIAN STUDIO 436 Peyton Building MA' 6815 SENIOR CLASS All Good Wlshes In I'I1e Fu+ure CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE' REDDY KILOWATT REMINDS YOU THAT A BRIGHT FUTURE AWAITS YOUTH IN A FREE AMERICA WITH FREE ENTERPRISE THE WASHINGTON WATER POWER CO CompIImen'rs of MAGS 66 SERVIGE PHILLIPS 66 DEALER 9486 ne 81 Ha eh efceffd efec BIeWhteDa DSGAR LEVITGH JEWELERS M 07 p 4WI-I CongraI'uIa+Ions +o+I1e CIass of 54 FROM PHILS FINE F0003 N110H dSf k W h CongraI'uIaI'Ions +o +I'Ie CIass of 54 FROM Greal Western Fuel Go 210 B BR 2101 CompIImen+s POLLY ANNA BAKERY CAKES AND PASTRIES N 1821 D I02 In I exI'ends 'Io +I1e . q Ain 0 . ' . 5 your friencIIy I GL. Boo milto Th ous o r i ie P r 1 - - u - i i monds I 5 SpoIcane's Leading Credif Jeweler . owar . Phone N. I0 Howard SI. SP0 une, as ingfon A'n I I S okane , as . ' of I I E. cone . . ivision PETE S CONEY KING DRIVE IN INSIDE AND OUTSIDE WINDOW SERVICE comzvs MAl.rs sooAs ICE CREAM SPIIGE FRENCH FRIES MILK SHAKES SUNDAES HU 674I Best Wlshes to the Class of 54 E 3030 euchd ARTISTIC IRON W P Fuller 8. Co WORKS Lrght Structural Steel Frre Escapes and Starrs Ornamental Rarlmgs 'lr if 'lr Ottice and Factory E. 29 Montgomery Spokane I3, Washington Phone: GL. 4493 Salutes tI1e Graduating Class ot 54 1129 FULLER PIIIIITS 0 E. I02 Boone EM. 448I N. 229 Post MA. 4I6I IO3 I F ' " " 1 E 4' z .,.,: ,2V,, ..,If:--:-' 'II"' I I N . I6 2 'ms W A H K at VAQ5 Q ,,,.,,.,., . Mig , E "- 1 -a, f' I" I'II' 1 I A w PLENTY I NEY Iiisfa ' ' I I PARKING ef. f .14 Q oF .D I I , I W 3, ft 5 I 'Q g .E I ,, Q "' 2 L - - .1 0 I . I O I at -A' -A' I - Congralulalions Io Ihe Class of '54 GLO-KLEII GIIMPIIIIY Franlc J. Holland N. 2305 Center W. P ,ii farm 'I A 355:55 2, it ,, IIIEUFTMMQB -I ' l---'-'- 4 I I .e- fe.. : Ilulo Inlerurban Lines "For Your Charfering Needs We Are Here fo Please" 508 Cataldo EM. 44 54 UFFIGE EQUIPMENT IIIIMPMIY TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES CASH REGISTERS 25 Y Cummins Perforalors and Endorsers S 212 Howard MA 4467 Congralulahons Io Ihe Class of 54 FROM DUNDEES The Man Who Knows Wears Dundees Clofhes W 611 Maln MA 2772 Besl Wlshes Io The Class of 54 from Wilson s Restaurant W 428 Sprague RI 9235 To +l1e Class of 54 Good Luclc Bes+ Washes O SP KANE SURGICAL SUPPLY 3 R s Add Another R or Refreshment d I Y Splr h Bo olcs and RSIIQIOUS Arhcles De ffl lex CATHOLIC BOOK SHOP S10 Wall SI' 1 64 - I ears Dependable Service I I I 0 I K 9 - . . . f Boflle under YQ l'I1e auflworlfy of he Coca- Cola Company b Coca-Cola Bollling, Inc., o ane, Was ingfon. . . Rl. O I -jr' PLANTS PRE-MIX CON RETE COMPANY Hlghest Qualuty Prompt Delivery Free Estimates N 805 Dlvlslon Spokane Valley Brdwy 8: Havana ElVlpll'G CARNATION FRESH VITAMIN D HOMOGEN ZED MILK The Carnatnon Hostess Cup Cakes Always Fresh A Good Treat For Your Lunch Continental Bakmg Drmk Nesbltts Orange aeFo a es Squurt P 'c 6 Kayo The Ideal Chocolat D 'nk Squlrt Nesbltt Co 8 .lacoy Smoke Dun Clgars 5c-1 Oc-2f25c Come In And See Pete Sprague 81 Washington FALLON S LUNCH We have en loyed bemg wuth you and apprecl ate your bus:- ness we h o p e you will continue m your new loca- tnon to patronize the flrms named here they have made It possible for us to serve you only the best and they have made this adver- tusement p o s - snble ENRICHED Silver Loaf Bread Makes A Sand wnch That ls Full ot Energy Sllver Loaf Bakmg Co CARNATION ICE CREAM Satm Smooth A Flavor tor Every Taste The Carnatlon DON S MARKET WHOLESALE 8: RETAIL uality Meats You Get it Fresh Thank you E. 48I9 S' I-1 Spoka Hnres to You Hires Root Beer 'nce I876 W'th Roots-Barts He bs Blreley s The No 'Ca on- at cl Drink ' e Fla Empire Bottlers, Inc I05 1 I . . . - . I . . I . , Co. Co. ' ' , Co, ' fs I 7 M d r m Real Or ng . SI I lt's ln The ubll ' I' Ey . Q - 1 . n rl: ' e fl Em vors ' . lxt ' ' . ne WE WISH EVERY SUCCESS ToTheClass I954 To The Faculfy And All O+her Classes We Hope You Enloy Your New Hugh School Which We Expecl' To Comple+e ln The Very Near Fulure GUS .I BOUTEN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Con+rac+ors N 627 NAPA KE 9321 SPOKANE WASHINGTON Of fgw CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1954 0l'1,Z6l 67, lfbblfelffflfy EXTENDS TO YOU THIS INVITATION O LIBERAL ARTS LAW TO HIGHER EDUCATION EDUCAHON ENGINEERING MUSIC PRE MEDICAL g:,:wncAL PRE DENTAL ELECTRICAL PRE LAW ECHANIC BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AL Congra+uIa+Ions 'ro The FROM Crlpe s Cleaners Cleanmg by Crlpe s 5103 Trent LA 7501 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 54 Johnson s 24 Flavors I 84 GL 9477 Besi' Wushes +0 I'I1e CIass of 54 FROM ANDY S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY o NI als kB g NIA 2364 O O ffering Courses In - M - I "Growing wi h Gonzaga" I Class of Home of the Queenburger Hamilton Sinto . 0 I . I ll - - I II I ' ' Id a Ion an Id . I Religious Artlcles L S Rosar es, Medals, Holy Bnbles, 8nChu1ns E Comple+eT1reServ1ce CATHOLIC SUPPLY STORE Recaps New 8: Used Tlres 17 Monroe MA 4758 Corner Market 8. Eucllcl HU 1428 s a o'c r'ce e Can Supp . BRING YOUR Congra+ula'r1ons lo The Class of 54 FROM INLAND FEED E 8214 sprqgue WA 7311 Launcler In SelfServ1ce Laundry 1617 Hamllton 9447 ongrafulahons to fAe C ass o Frank H Lawton 81 Son rznfere anJoC1iAograPAers 608 Monroe St Spokmc 1 Washlngrcxll , l 5 i . lfll'lAC1l'1l1A+1l W ly ll ' LAUNDRY TO ' GL. ' ' C 1 f' 6 6 6 O N. . g 1 , ' 3 v .- C 1 x -

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