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lf. ff M Q 7,35 H, 2112 1431 .w Q My 3,525 V , :..,.-f'31- V. , , , K 1,-AM: .,,y,- 9 Y fp : 1' W gif f s., Vigyrv 2, - img 1:1 I , K , K f . Q ' , e ' N' , La, :Er , 77777 vii, VAL 1 S 91 .Y 1-1 X, , y. s , 4 32 I , ix ,. , ,S 5 , f 3 a x Ex T 22 i w ' , 774, A 7777 'V 7 ,, L Q. . iw H Q ff 'Y' :Q My 1, , , WV. if , swf , ,L fx , wr , ,Mme ' 'Q w aa fp'm.igff1 .7 X Sr 4, ,A Zur? fp . I , 2,51 awww ,A QW 1 3eza5,w . P?'k'rf3JHF'2,:+i221.J. '- 2,2 'v W ' 'V ' 7 'xx Jin' Q.. 'ibivdg Af mfweiewiecflag 763 .E 7947 Annual publication of the Associated Students of Gonzaga High School Spokane, Washington Edward Smith - Editor Ted Chihara - Associate Editor Harry Swanson - Associate Editor James McQuiston - Sports Editor Henry Higgins - Business Manager 0129010214 HE TASK of bringing the pages of a book to life, so that they might tell their own story is one that takes careful planning and constant striving. Such has been the endeavor of the Luigian Staff this year. And this is what We have tried to the best of our ability to produce, a book that will help you to live the days of the past year over again as often as you page through its familiar contents. .dn Iust as important as the factual knowledge a teacher imparts to his students are the attitudes and ideals he either consciously or unconsciously inspires in them. Father Patrick Ioyc has devoted twenty years of his Iesuit career to teaching in Gonzaga High. It is doubtful whether very many of his former pupils can still boast a schol- arls familiarity with the French tongue. And certainly they did not all profit as much as they should have from his classes in Religion. But there will ever remain the memory of his joyful spirit and with it the important lesson that there is always a pleasant side if one will only take the trouble to discover it. For this lesson we are grateful, and in appreciation of his many years of self-sacrificing labor in the class- room we dedicate to Fr. Ioye this 1947 edition of the Luigian. FR. GERALD McDONALD, S.J Principal FR. LEO ECKSTEIN, S.J. Vice Principal SW! FR FRANCIS' E."'C'OR'K'EsRY,e'S.J-4' K"L " H " ' W rFR.s'M'ATHlA'S W'lLH'ELM, S.J. President of Gongaga University Vice President of Gonzaga University and High School and High School FR. FRANCIS HARRINGTON, S.J Head Prefect of Resident Students, Latin, Religion FR. FRANCIS BLAES, S.J. Latin, Religion, Moderator of Apologetics FR. JOHN COUGHLIN. S.J, Latin, English FR. PATRICK JOYE, S.J. French, Religion FR. TIMOTHY GLANCEY. S.J. Latin, English, Algebra, Religion Class Teacher FR. HARRY JAHN, S.J. Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Religion, Faculty Moderator of Athletics FR. RONALD HERRON, S.J. English, Rellglon, Senior Moderator FR, MICHAEL TOULOUSE, S.J. Latln, Algebra, English, Religion, Class Teacher FR. EDWIN SPRAGUE, S.J. Latin, Hlstory, Rellgion MR. VICTOR ZEHNDER, S.J. Physics, Solld Geometry, Assistant Prefect of Resldent Students MR. HOWARD MORAN, S.J. Geometry, Algebra. Assistant Moderator of Athletics MR. DANIEL LYONS. S.J. Sociology, American Government, Moderator of Debating Soclety, A.sslstant Prefect of Resldent Students PR. PATRICK CONWAY, S.J, Latin, History, Religion FR. MICHAEL KUNZ, S.J. Chemistry, Religion, Moderator of Science Club MR. LUCAS KREUZER, S.J. Latin, English. History, Religion, Moderator of Dramatics, Assistant Prefect of Resident Students, Class Teacher MR. MICHAEL McMUGH, S.J. English, Rellglon, Moderator of Knights of Altar, Coach of Freshman Athletlcs MR. RICHARD SISK, S.J. Ancient and Medieval History, Religion, Wa.shington State History, Lulgian Advisor, Assistant Prefect of Resident Students MR, JOHN MONAHAN, S.J. Greek, English, Religion, Gonzagan Advisor L MR. WILFRED SCHOENBERG, S.J. Ancient and Medieval History, Modern History, Washington State History MR. ALEC RIPPLE English, Ancient History, Washington State History, Geometry, Algebra .MR. MAXWELL CHAPMAN U. S. Hi.story, American Government GJJJZQ 1 MR. EMMETT BUCKLEY, S.J. Algebra, Typing MR. RICHARD MCGINN English, Bookkeeping, Muslc Instructor, Director of Band MR. FRANK MCDONNELL Spanish, Director of Glee Club waking Slaff ' XI l f N. WILLIAM FRAZlER, Director of Athletics and JOHN GOODWIN, Coach of Baseball. JERRY Physical Education, Head Coach of Football, Base- PERKINS, Assistant Coach of Baseball. ball, and Track. GERALD BAKER, Assistant Coach of Football. .feacfglazcfenflgaiq MIKE KOSTECKA Vice-President, 1st Sem. BOB BURNS Freshman Consultor, 1st Sem LARRY COLEMAN JOHN HOPKINS President, 1st Sem. President, 2nd Sem. HANK HIGGINS Treasurer, 1st Sem. JOE LYNCH Freshman Consultor, 2nd Sem. MAC McKENNA Secretary, 1st and 2nd Sem. ED REKOFKE Treasurer, 2nd Sem. aw, saw nw, of sw . . . . The largest group of Freshmen ever to enter Gonzaga, they started off by grabbing the city football title together with N. C ..... Backfielders Nick Merriman, Tom Sprague, Mike Lake, and Bob Rowles, together with line- men Iohn Clinton, Ed Bates, and the Boyle Twins, starred consistently .... In the Loyalty Cup race, Greenie classes were among the leaders throughout the year and Room 126 finally brought home the coveted trophy .... First Row: Bill Ryan, John lhle, Dick Church, Dick Flynn, Terry McCarty, Bob Goodwin, Dennis Herlihy, Roger Dieter. Second Row: Duncan McDowell, Neil Cronin, Bill Broderson, ,IBC Riley, Ricnard Siers. Nick Merriman, Dick Sells, Tom Miller. Third Row: Pat Faltico, Jack Allen, Jim Schroeder, John Ongarato, Tommy Deno. Mark Coleman, Martin Harrington. Fourth Row: Mark Richeson, George Richardson, Ed Bates, Bob Corrigan, Duane Ennis, Pat Nevers, Ray Wiltzius, Paul Kapfer. Fifth Row: Tom Sprague, Dale Kinder, Pat Lynch, Walt Hardin, Roy Velling, Don Heller, Jim Lucas. First Row: Joe Kingsolver, Louis Berto, Joe Weitensteiner, Frank Curran, Robert Alexander, Robert Duffy, Don Muzatko. Second Row: Jim Santora, Wilfred Hoff, Larry Smith, Charles Cutz, Jim J. Brown, Kent Emert, Mike Lake. Third Row: Rodney Potts, Lee Wilkinson, Charles Hennessey, Bob Albrich, Bill Meyer, Ed Schoenberg. Fourth Row: George Barta, John Aughney, Bob Pullin, Robert Tanksley, Billy Thomas, Cyril Vinneau. Fifth Row: Jerry Wallis, Frank Griffith, Lawrence Dettrich, Walt Schmidt, Dave Frawley, Ken Egerman, Tom McCloskey. . . . . The Frosh Basketball team developed at least three men who will prob- ably see varsity action next year: Tom Sprague, Pat Lynch, and Neil Cronin More Frosh placed on the Honor Roll than any other year Nick Merriman, Bob Corrigan, and Bud Goodwin chased stories for the Gon- zagan, while Dennis Herlihy, Ed Bates, and Tom Sprague worked their Way onto the Luigian business staff .... First Row: Gilbert Chertrude, Eddie Stasney, Eddie Fallon, Dale De Shaw, Joseph Pasterski, James Ralph, Larry McCollim, Bill O'Rellly. Second Row: Jim Barker, George Weller, Charles Schimmels, Dick Chastek, Joel Smith, Dan Walsh, James Gallagher. Third Row: John Oliveri, Roger Steele, Allan Atkinson, Norman Williams, Charles Sauvageau, Chester Hop- kins, Vincent Schmidt, Jim Brown, Fourth Row: Harry Murphy, Daniel Cowell, George Bolta, Larry Gooley, Dick Hawkins, Michael Linehan, Bill Jones, Cippy Paulsen, Don Atkinson. First Row: Jake Hyrcenko, Bill La Vigne, Pat Barrington, Albert Schlosser, Dick Archer, Jim Zinkgraf, Roy Hoerner. Second Row: Wayne Sattler, Bill McCraigie, Bob Shirley, Bob Kalez, Norman Flickinger, Allie Boyle, Bob Sullivan. Third Row: Jim Moore, Julius Pieroni, Bob Rowles, John Clinton, Bud Green, Dick Kofmehl. Fourth Row: Alvin Boyle, Ronald Bergman, Pat Pearson, Hal Kelly, John Slusser. Howard, Egan, Connell, Sprague, Powers, and Whelan took home A testimonials every quarter .... Ioe Lynch, Whit Smith, Dave Millsap, and Dick Sprague lettered in football .... Sophomore talent was conspicuous in the debate teams .... Sprague and Lynch Won letters in basketball, Burns, Bailey, Charlton, and Helbling fired the "B" team through a successful season .... First Row: Jlm Kelly, Tom State, Tony Cafaro, Jack Dionne, Louie Baumer, Jerry Lehman, Jerry Lassell, Bob Egan. Second Row: Paul Arnold, Jim Powers, Ray Tanksley, Don Con- nell, Mark Kelly, Don Garigen, Mert Neumann. Third Row: Monty Whelan, Tom Clark, Buck Bailey. Dave Proctor, John McBride. Mike Welch, Whit Smith. Fourth Row: Vic Vedelago, Dick Tilli.sch, John Saegner, Bart Malonei, Bob Magnuson, Melvin Hartmeier. Fifth Row: Joe Cain, Joe Lynch, Al Charlton, Dick Sprague, Dick Werner. Missing: Bud Howard, Jim Little, Bob Kelly, James Johns, Bill Donais, Joe Butzerin. First Row: Jim Rooney, Bob Weber, Don Raftis, Roy Stiles, Charles Petersen, Pat Kenney, Lin Morse, Jerry Peterson. Second Row: John Madden, Jim Murray, Bob Burns, Bob Haag, Dick Slguaw, Dick Bernier, Don Etten. Third Row: John McDonnell, Jack Malo, Tom Watson, Don Croteau, Mike Shenon, Gene Chance. Fourth Row: Henry Clinkenbeard, Dick Culhane, Henry Schlueter, Floyd Goodwin, Jack Teters. Missing: Bob Flaherty, Jim Dwyer, John Workland. Bob Kelly and Iim Powers took roles in "Arsenic and Old Laeew an all-Sophomore production staff ran things backstage .... Lappano, Sprague, Burns, and Arnold showed lots of promise on the diamond .... Baumer and Connell worked on the Luigian staff .... Charlton, Sprague, and Helbling carried the sehool's colors on the Cinder paths .... Iim Powers won the Iunior Elocution contest .... First Row: Kenneth Holbert, Dick Brown, Dan Coyle, Jim Eierdam, Carl Petrone, Bob Presnell, Joe Binder, Francis Ryan. Second Row: Theophile Dolle, Bob Cambern, Ed Brown. Don Bosch, Denny Howard, Jack Rizzuto, Louie Pontieri. Third Row: Paul Brooks, Bill Gustafson, John Froehlich, Bill Foster, Gary Bingaman, David Millsap, John Flanigan. Fourth Row: Erl Malters, Mike Rosman. Ernie Leonard, Bob Fallon, .Joe Liest, Bernard Haag, Miller Humphrey, John Hamberg. Missing: Bill Loosmore, Joe O'LaughIin, Dan Petretee, Joe Schaller. First Row: Pat Casey, John Holland, Jim Stevenson, Bob Devereaux, Bill Helbling, Alan Matoon, Ted Stegeman. Second Row: Dick Bethel, Fred Downs, Bob Winkler, John Hern, Bill Presley, Tom Lappano. Third Row: Don Dolan, Mike Walsh, Bill Gugler, Ed Hoerner, Leo Carano. Herman Elixman. Fourth Row: Bob Stephens, Bob Spencer, Marvin Glover, Dick Meyer, Peter Budig, Chuck Mason. Missing: Ray Messenger, Larry Orth. ' 2 fm '42 ....The Iunior Class Won the annual Gonzaga Night award Codd, Conley, Seipp, Schulte, and Watson turned in some great football games .... Sitter, Nelson, and Kelly sparked the basketball team through an impressive season .... Schulte, Rose, and McTighe were great in "Arsenic and Old Lace" .... Manson, Cronin, and Caffrey were mainstays on the state champion debate team .... Caffrey and Cronin copped first and second places respectively in the Apologetics contest .... Travo, Sitter, Slater, and Cronin starred on the varsity baseball nine .... Iim De- Groat took first place in the Senior Elocution contest. First Row: Ralph Schoenberg, Neil Stach, Jon Rose, Len Sitter, Bill Landreville. Jim Gannon. Regis King. Second Row: Kerry Marsh, Armand Gauthier, Charles Hopkins, Phil Phleger, Frank Cronin, Dick Porter, Bill Ralph, Bob Sweeney. Third Row: Don Manson, John Gowanlock, Jim Hutton. Ray Schulte, Walt Devlin, Budd Neumann. Leo Fell. Fourth Row: Ed Caffrcv, Ed McTighe, Dick Knop, Don Golob, Bill Davis, George Clink. Fifth Row: Ned Conley, Bob Codd, Ed Dahy. First Row: John Bombino, Bob Buchanan, Joe Slead, Roger Gross, AI Verna. Jim Amann. Second Row: Pat Weyer, Roger Coleman, Tom McAstocker, Bob Zinkgraf, Larry Fotchman. Third Row: Dick Culhane, Pat Alverson, Don Showalter, Roy Dahl, Fourth Row: Al Ammann, Jim Slater, Jim Rocca, Pat Wilson. Fifth Row: Bob Gillespy, Duane Willis, Dan Miller, Joe Raftis. . First Row: Bill Cameron, Jim Hoff, Vic Petretee, Peter Lobo, Chuck Hamlin, Hod Moore, mont. Second Row: Bill Picou, Bob Fleming, Dave Huetter, Roy Donnelly, Jerry Foley, Third Row: Chuck Merino, Don Carpenter, Jim Browne, Jim Johnston, Jim De Groat., Fourth Row: Joe Travo, Jim Watson, Bob Cuzzetto, Frank Scarano. Fifth Row: Jerry Duffy, Leo Murphy, Frank Hoffman. John Pied- Bob Kivett. Bill Littig. Kelly, Paul w Seniofzfi PICTURED ON PRECEDING PAGE Senior Class Officers: John Hopkins, Vice President, Bob Olson, Sergeant-at-Arms, Dan Crowley, President, and Mike Kostecka, Sec- retary-Treasurer. The bells have summoned the class of ,47 to school for the last time. Its mem- bers pass onto higher pursuits and only their record remains behind. Not a tre- mendously impressive record, maybe, but a record of which they as well as their Alma Mater can be proud. . sports they have consistently played the game in true Gonzaga fashion. While X I W In scholarship and school activities they have made a conspicuous showing. In if not producing any championship teams in the major sports, they contributed a large part to the making of previous first-place teams. Perhaps their greatest achievement was in the important Held of Speech, developing, as they did, orators whose fame reached far beyond the bounds of this Northwest. For the past four years the members of the class of ,47 have worked together, studied together, and played together. They have shared failures and successes. Now, almost before this book reaches their hands, they will each have gone their different ways never to come all together again. Still, it is certain that the grouping of their pictures together on the following pages will serve to keep alive that bond of friendship and common ideals formed during the past four years at Gonzaga. I ALFRED ANTHONY AMANN--"Al" JOHN COLEMAN AlRNOLD-"Quin- -"Hey La" -General-- Debating 15 cy"-"What a crock of stuff"-General KOA 35 Minor Football 3. -Hfmor Roll 4: Gamma Beta 3, 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Otricelr 49 Mt. Angel Seminary, Mt. Angel, Oregon 2. LEO ALAN BALDWIN-"Five Beat" GEORGE OLIVER BEAUDRY-"Goh" -"Hey Chass!"-General-Honor Roll -"Ya Meatheadn-General. 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM ARTHUR BEEMAN - NORMAN ORON BLASHILL-"Buck" "Bill"-"That's rough"- Scientific- -"Now was that called for?"--Gen- Class Odicer 1. eral-Gamma Beta 2, 3, 4: Officer 4: Missoula High, Missoula. Montana, 1. Wm, BERNARD JOSEPH BOURGO - "Bern"-"Life is f1ueer"- General- Lena High, Lena, S. D. 3. EUGENE ALDEN BROWN-"Zebra" -"B. O."-General-Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Lewis 8a Clark, 1. ROBERT JOSEPH BUSCHER -- "Bush"-"Yes sir!"-General-Honor R-oll 45 Gamma Beta 3, 4: Richland High, Rlichland, XVash., 2. JOSEPH M. BUTIGAN-"Hose"-"It ain't easy"-Scientific-Gamma Beta 3, 45 Priest River High, Priest River, Idaho, 1. ROBERT F. CARPENTER--"Carp"- "Don't rush me"-General-Class Of- ficer 15 KOA 1, 2, 35 Minor Debate 15 Gonzagan 45 Band 1, 25 Minor Baseball 15 Minor Football 1, 2, 3, DALE WILLIAN CHASSE-"Chass" -"That's a bunch of bull"-Scientific -Honor Roll 15 Band 1, 3. ERNEST ALFRED BOYD-"Ernie"- "Beats me"-General-"G" Club 45 Football 45 Tennis 1, 45 Hill Military Academy, Portland, Oregon, 3. EDWARD L. BUDIG-"Bugs"-'Tm shot"-General-"G" Club 3, 45 Foot- ball 3, 4. THOMAS MARSHALL BURGESS- "Tom"-"Where's Dreis"- Sc-ien-tiiic -Honor Roll 15 Band 1, 25 Glee Club 3. 45 Debate 4. RICHARD B'RUCE CALDWELL - "Kocky"-"Got a Smoke, Sloss?"-- Class Officer 35 "G" Club 45 Football 4. ALFRED EUGENE CARTY-"Ala Carte"-"Shape up"-Classical-Honor Roll 1, 25 Mlinor Football5 Minor Bas- ketball 1. K - THEODORE S. CHIHARA-"Cousin Weak Eyes"-"Go away, I've got my own troubles"-Honor Classlca1-Hon- or Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Gamma Beta 3, 45 Luigian 45 Minor Baseball 15 Minor Football 35 Hunt High, Hunt, Idaho, 1. LAWRENCE WILLIAM COLEMAN- I- all"-"Be at the Mode at 8:00"-- Hoinor Classical-Honor Roll 1, 2: Class Ofiicer 1, 2: Student Body Ofiicer 4: Student Council 43 KOA 1,2,3: Leash 43 "G" Club 3, 4: Minor Debate 1: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Minor Football 1, 2: Football 3, 4: Minor lzfvslfetball 1: Basketball 2, 3. 4: Cap- tain 4. DANIEL E. CROWLEY-"Goof"- "Can't, I got a. date"-Scientific-Hom or Roll 1. 2: Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Body Officer 2: Senior Class Oflicer 4: Minor Debating 1: Leash 4: "G" Club 3, 4: Luigian 2, 3, 4: Track 1: Minor Baseball 1: Baseball 3, 4: Minor Football 1: Football 2, 3, 4. RONALD JAMES DAVEY-"Ron"-- "Ah, but Father, I . . . "-Classical. JAMES ALAN DREIS-"Jim"-"Have you seen Burgess?l'-Glee Club 3, JOHN PATRICK DURKIN-"Dirk"- "You don't say"-General-Gamma Beta 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Lake Forest High, Lake Forest, Illinois, 2. DANIEL JAMES FALSETTO - "False"-"What a dea1!"-General- Class Officer 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Officer 4. RALPH ELMER CRANDELL - "Ralph"-"Take a flip"--Honor Roll 3: Glee Club 4: Officer 4: Science Club 4: Lewis 8: Clark 1. ROY ANDREW DAHMEN-"Speed" -"See you down at the pool ha1l"-- General-Minor Football 1. DONALD ROBERT DEHMER-"Dee' -"Don't snow me"--Scientific-Leash 4: "G" Club 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: North Central 2. WILLIAN B. DUNN-"Bill"--"Don't be giving me that business"--General -Debating 3: Gonzagan 4. KENNETH FRANCIS ENSLOW - "Tony" - "uh-huh, OK, sehwell" -- Honor Classical-Band 1, 2, 3: Gon- zagan 3, 4. THOMAS RICHARD FLAHERTY- "Rainbow"-"Get out of the back seat, Merriman!"-General-Class Of- ficer 1, 2, 3: "G" Club 2, 3. 4: Officer 4: Baseball 2: Minor Football 1: Foot- ball 2. 3. 4: Cavtain 4. ALEX FLYNN -"Axes"-"Ye gods, it doth amaze me!"-General-Dra- matics 4: Radio 4: Track 4: Seattle Prep, Seattle, Washington, 3. PATRICK FoI.Ev-"Pat':-':Ya-ta- ta-ya-ta-ta"-General-Minor Debate 1: Gonzagan 2: "G" Club 2. 3, 4: Yell King 2, 3, 4. EDWIN E. GODLEY-"Ed"-"What?" -General-Mfinor Football 1, 2: Minor Basketball 1. GLEN ARTHUR HANCOCK - "Porky"-"Da nuts"-Scientific-Class Officer 1: Debate 2: Band 1, FRANCIS WILLIAM HARE--"Fran" -"There ain't nobody here but us chickens"-S-cientinc-''G" Club 3, 4: Minor Football 1, 2: Football 3, 4: Min- or Baseball 1: Baseball 3, 4: Track 2. HAROLD HENRY HIGGINS-"Bounty ing Butterbal1"-- "Jumbo, Mumbo, Humbo and Bumlbo are sure crazy"- Scicntiiic-Honor Roll 1. 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 1, 2: Student Bodv Oilicer 4: Student Council 4: Leash 4: "G" Club 4: Radio 4: Gonzagan 3, 4: Luizian 3. 4: Debate 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 4: Minor Baseball 1: Minor Basketball 1: Minor Football 1: Football 3, 4: PATRICK WALTER FLYNN-"Pad- ro"-"What's doin?"-General-Class Officer 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 2, 3: "G" Club 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Minor Foot- ball 1, 2: Football 3. 4: Boxing 1, 2. 3: USMC, 1946. WILLIAM RUSSELL GILLINGHAM- "Slim"-"Shut up Reilly!"-Honor Classical-Clauss Officer 2. 3: Gamma Beta 2, 3, 4: KOA 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Band 2, 3, 4: "G" Club 4: Minor Baseball 3: Minor Basketball 3: Bas- Pet all 4: Track 4: Central Catholic l izh, Portland, Oregon. 1. GAR-RY R. GRUBER-"Honey"-"Heb Io, Honey"-Scientific-Honor Roll 1. 2: Class Olficer 3: Gonzagan 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2: Minor Football 3. DONALD W. HANZEL-"B00ts"-- "Murrr-derrr!" - General- Gamma Beta 4: Dramatics 4: KOA 4: Band 4: Belt Valley High. Belt. Montana. 3. FREDERICK EUGENE HESSE -- "Frecl"-"Dron dead: you bother me!" --General-Gamma Beta 4: Glee Club 4: Venice High School, Venice, Cali- fornia, 3. DERAL L. HILL - "Dera.l" - "Ya, CI0'l11d be!"-S'cientlif1c--Colfax High. Colfax, Washington, 1. JOHN ORVILLE HOPKINS-"John" --"How do you get it?"-Clavsisical- Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Class OHicer 2, 3: Senior Cl-ass Officer 4: Student Body Oflicer 4: Leash 3, 4: Gonzagan 3, 4: Elocution- 2, 3: Oratory 3, 4: Debate 4: Radio 4: Valedictorian. CARL EDWARD JUNGST-"Fritz"- "Can't see it"-'General-Glee Club 4: USMS. 1946. RAYMOND EDWARD KENNEY - "Muscles"--"Giet off my back, Shy- lock!"-General-Cilass Officer 2: Gon- zagan 2: Debate 1, 2: Minor Basketball 1. MICHAEL KOSTECKA - "Kunk" - "My aching back"--Scientif1c-Gam- ma Beta 2, 3, 4: Officer 2, 3, 4: Class Oflicer 2, 3: Senior Class Officer 4: Student Body Oflicer 49 Gonzagan 3: Luigian 3: Leash 3, 4: "G" Club 3, 4: Track 3: Baseball 3, 4, Minor Football 2: Football 3, 4: Pendleton High, Pendleton, Oregon, 1. JAMES THOMAS KROETCH -"Big Jim"-"How much!"- General --Class Ofbcer 3, 4: Debating 1, 2. JAMES ARTHUR LAFlKlN-"Lark"- ALLEN 'LOUIS JOHNSON-"OIe"-- "ls that right?"-General-Gamma Beta 3. 4: KOA 4: Clarkston High. Clarkston, Washington, 2. ROBERT M. KELLY-"Irish"-"Buy your own smokes, Kurose!"- Honor Classical-Cilass Officer 2: Leash 4: "G" Club 3, 4: Gilee Club 4: Luigian 3. 4: Minor Football 2: Football 3: St. Edward's Seminary, Seattle, Washing- ton. 1. ALOYSIUS F. KLEINSMITH -"The Jew"-"What does she look like?"- General-Glee Club 4: St. John's Uni- versity, Collegeville, Minnesota, 2, GEORGE PATRICK KOTH-"S1uth" -"Let'is blow this dump!"--Scien-tiflc. PAUL HIROMI KUROSE-"Paiul"- "Give me a smoke, Kelly!"--Honor Classical-Honor Roll 1: Class Oflicer 1, 2, 3: Minor Basketball 1: Basketball 2, 3: Minor Track 1: Minor Baseball 2, 3. PAU L STAN LEY LASSELL-"Silent "Kill lit!"-Gamma Beta 4, Faiirfleld Y0kum"-"HWS Cl1f'e"-S0ieHfifiC- High, Fairfield, Montana, 3. 3. FRAN K SAMUEL LATTANZIO-"JO" -"VVanta bet?"-Classical. WILLIRM JOHN MACE -- "Bill" - "Let's go, 1'm thirsty"-Class Officer 1, 2, 35 Elocution 1, 25 Debating 1, 3: Minor Football 1, 3, Minor Baseball 1, 23 Minor Track 15 Golf 2. MARTIN DOLAN McGOUGH-"Mar- ty''--"Hey!"-Claslsical. EDWARD JAMES MCQUISTON - "Jim"-"Dofn't dog me 'roun-d!"-Sci- entific-Honor Roll 1, 3, 45 Student Council 45 KOA 1, 23 Gonzagan 3, 43 Luigian 4, Minor Football 3: O'Dea. High, Seattle, VVashington, 1. ALFRED JOHN MENGERT-"Pr0"- "Wait 'tilll I tell y0u!"-Sc.ientifiC- Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Leash 45 Minor Debate 1, 25 Min- or Football 1g Gfolt' 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain 3, 4, EDWARD JOSEPH MERTENS -- "Mert"- "Betcha four-bits" -- Scien- tific-Band 1, 23 Min-or Baseball 1. EDWARD JAMES LIEST-"Bung"-- "Mighty potent stuff"-Class Oflicer 4, Gamma Beta 3, 4, Glee Club 43 Minor Baseball 3: Glasgow High, Glasgow, Montana, 2. JACK PHILIP MASELLI-"Jackson" -"You knfow what?"-General. MILTON FRANCIS McKENNA - "Mac"-"Call me at 'Cox-ts' "-Clasws'i- cal-Class Officer 2, 3g Student Body Oflicer 45 Student Council 4: KOA 1, 2, 3, Leash 4, Luigian 3, 4, Minoxi Baseball 15 Baseball 2, 3, 4. RICHARD DANIEL McWILLIAMS- "Muck"-"What a busher!"-Classical -Honor Roll 3, 4: Leash 43 Luligian 49 Raldio 45 Minor Baseball 3, St. Anthony Seminary, Santa Barbara, California, 2. MICHAEL GEORGE MERRIMAN- "Mike"--"Get ofut of the front seat, Flaherty I ' '-Classvical-I-Ion or Roll 1, 3, 43 C-lass Officer 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 43 Leash 43 Gonzaganl 2, 3, 4, Minor Debate 13 Minor Football 1, 21 Footbald 3, HAROLD DANIEL MERTENS - "Farmer"-"Ah, you're nuts!"--Scien- tiiic-Band 13 Min-or Baseball 13 Minor Football 2, 3. ROSS HENRY MOUNSEY-"Mouse" -"Get in t-he trunk"-Hofnior Classical -Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Drama-tricis 4, Radio 4, Gonzagan 1, Luigian 3, 4, Yell King 3, Minor Football 1, Minor Track 1, 2, Golf 3, 4. ROBERT CHRISTIAN OLSON - "Edgy"-"And dere dey go!"-General -Class Officer 3, 4, Slenifor Class Ofll- cer 4, Leash 3, 4, Leash Officer 4: Mifnor Football 3: Football 4, "G" Club 4, Shattuck High, Faribault, Minn., 2. JAMES M. OWENS-"Jim"-"Ya, I suppose" - General - Band 1, St. Mary's Chewelah, Wash., 1. FRED PRICE, Jr.-"Ferg"-"Mighty fine"-General-Gamma Beta 3, 4, Of- ftcer 3, 4, KOA 3, 41 Pendleton High, Pendleton, Oregon, 2. JOHN REMI QUINLAN -"Jack"- "XVell, what d'ya know?"-Classical- Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 1, 25 Gonzagan 2, 3, Minor Baseball 1. JOHN PHILIP RINGWO0D-"Snap- per"-"Oh, No!" - General- Gamma Beta 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, KOA 2, 4, Athletic Manager 2, St. Joseph's Aca- demy, Sprague, WVash., 1. JOSEPH PATRICK 0 ' LEARY - "Irish"-"That's all she wr0te"-Gen- eral-Class Officer 1, 2, "G" Club 3, 4, Minor Basketball 3, Track 1, 2, 3. RENZO ANTHONY ONGARATO - "Slim"-"Cut it Out!"-Scientific. ROBERT DONALD PENDLETON - "Pudd1es" - "Leave us go!" - Scien- tific-Gamma Beta 2, 4, Oflicer 4, VVest Valley High. DONALD JOSEPH PRITCHARD - "Doc"-"Open the door Pritchard"- Scientific-Band 2, 3, 4, Officer 4: Gamma Beta 2, 3, 4, Marymount Mili- tary Academy, Tacoma, VVash., 1, EDWARD ANTHONY REKOFKE- "Peeper"-'Tlll never -tell"-General- Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Body Officer 4, KOA 1, 2, Glee Club 4, Min- or Debate 2, Gonzagan 3, 4, Tennis 1, Minor Football 1, Minor Basketball 3, Track 23 Minor Baseball lg Baseball 2, 3. JAMES ANTHONY RYAN-"Jim"- "Going down to the dairy tonight?" -Classical-Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Minor Debating 1, M-inor Basketball 1. HAlROLD JOSEPH SCHLOSSER - "Heindrich"-"What a phony"-Sci- entific-Minor Football 1, 2. LEO DANIEL SHELLEDY-"Shorty" -"Coax me a little bi-t"-Sc.ienitific- Honor Roll 1, 25 Minor Debating 15 Leash 3, 45 "G" Club 3, 45 Yell King 35 Athletic Manager 1. JOHN BUCKLEY SMEAD-"John"- 'Tm not long for this world"-Sc-ierb tiflc-Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 Minor De- bate 1: Gonzagan 2, 3, 45 Editor 45 Leash 3, 45 Office-r 45 Minor Football 1, 2. EDWARD ALAN SMITH --"Ed"- "Swell, good idea"-Honor Clas1s'ica.l- Horror Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Leash 3, 43 "G" Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Oili- cer 45 Luigian 2, 3, 45 Editor 45 De- bating 1, 2, 35 Min-or Football 1, 25 Football 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. HARRY BERNARD SWANSON- "Harry 'B' "-"What I saw the other day!"-Classical-Honor Roll 1, 25 Class omcer 1, '2, 3, KOA 1, 2, Stu- dent Council 3, 45 Elocution 3, 45 Apologetics 3, 45 Minor Debate 1, 2, 35 Gonzagan 1, 2, 3, 45 Luigian 3, 45 Minor Football 15 Minor Track 15 Track 2, 3. CLARENCE M. VERCRUYSSE- "Turkey"-"You're nuts, C1ozzetti!"- General-"G" Club 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Minor Football 15 Minor Baseball 15 Baseball 2, 3, 4. RUSSELL Fl. SCHULZ-"Schli-tz"-- "How'd. I ever get heve?"-Genera1- Gamma Beta 3, 45 Officer 45 Sheridan High, Sheridan, Montana, 2. DOMINICK M. SHERLOCK--"Dom" -"VVha,t's the scoop ?"- General - Minor Debate 15 Glee Club 45 Oflicer 4. CULVER CHRISTOPHER SMITH- "Moose"-"Oh now Honey, you know better than that!"--Honor Classical- Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Ofiicer 1, 2, 35 Leash 3, 45 Officer 45 Dframatics 2, 3, 45 Apologetics 25 Debating 1, 2, 3, 45 Winner of State Oratorvical Con- test 45 Minor Track 15 Track 2, 35 Minor Football 15 Football 2, 3, 45 Salutatorian. GENE F. SPELLMAN-"Spelly"- "Well, fnow you know"--Scienti1ic- Gamma Beta 45 Band 45 KOA 45 Anaconda High, Anaconlda, Mont., 3. JAMES MILLARD TAYLOR-"Tiger" -"Never do today, what you can put off 'ti-ll tomiorrow'l-Scientific-Class Officer 25 KOA 1, 25 Band 15 Minor Debating 1. HERBERT LAWRENCE WAGGONER -"Bud"-'Tm embarrassed"-Honor Classical-Honor Roll 15 Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Dramatios 45 Minor Debating 15 Elocution 1, 2, 45 "G" Club 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Minor Track 15 Track 25 Minor Baseball 15 Baseball 3, 45 Minor Football 1, 25 Football 3, 4, ROBERT THOMAS WALSH-"Bob" CYRIL JOSEPH WEBER--"Cy" "I -"WVhere's Flynni?"-Scientfilic-Dub don't know"-General-Medical Lake matics 3: "G" Club 2, 3, 43 Minor High, Medical Lake, VVash., 1. Football 13 Football 2, 3, 4: USN, 1946. JOSEPH CHARLES WEYEVR-"Jose" THOMAS JOSEPH WHITELY -- -"Don'-t do it, Mert!"-Cla.s:sical- HTl0IIT'lH-HShi8I'SI lbig elnough to elat Honor R011 1, 2, 3, 41 Class OfflC6'l" 2. hay"--Gienerall -Gamma Bgtg, 3, 4: Cottonwood High, Cottonwood, Ida., 2. PHILIP MARVIN YENNEY-"Big JOHN FRANCIS ZINKGRAF-"zink" S-toop"--"Enoff of flees loff making . L'fT0ugh Une to lose"-General, n General-North Central High, 2. Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Popular .......... -- Representative .... Capable ....... Original--- Congenial--- Optimistic --.- Pessimistic--- Lute-rary .---------- Likely To Succeed .-.- Edwin! -John Hopkins ---Cul Smith ----Ed Smith ---Bob Olson -----Ed Rekofke Bob Carpenter ----Paul Lassell ----Jim Ryan - --.. Cul Smith Versatile ---------- ---Hank Higgins SchoIarly--- Persevering--- ----John Hopkins ---Ted Chihara Best Best Best Best Best Best Most Most Beau Looking--- ---Bob Carpenter Musician -------. ---Dan Falsetto Student Athlete--- ---Dan Crowley Businessman--- ---Hank Higgins Comedian--- ----.-- Bob Olson Actor ------ -.-- B ud Waggoner Energetic--- --.-- Fran Hare Dependable ---- ------ E d Smith Brummel--- ---- Mike Kostecka Fastest Talker ----- Smoothest Dancer-- Harry Swanson -- ---- Pat O'Leary Biggest Character--- -.-- Dick Caldwell Q. 'avaffm' evwf . ' E Ei , f"'wMa6'v Ae- QM' - ' avg nr w' 'Q , ' W' le if , 7 Q f QF, .5 Q , Ai, IL J I, qt '-:I .Y fa fP1k 17 4 S E HST f 4g ff. - PEEIA , 'X 'X S' f 7 fi 7 , O ' T tl - : I ' IA, -W , Q ' " 'le-I f ' HIUR FIREII or 'rv' CC Sell 'ef fs 4? Ii' - f f -a-1 ' , 13 it 4' e ,I K 1:15-:'5':'-' By DET ARAHIHC As I was sitting alone in my dreary chamber on a quiet afternoon in 1967, I was startled from my day dreams by a loud rapping at the door. I had barely uttered a 'come in,' when the door' burst open framing HARRY SWANSON of the Fuller Brush Co., who shattered the silence with the words, "Hello 'Weak Eyes.,' how are you?" For a moment, I was speechless with surprise. After I had recovered myself, I returned his greeting and we talked of old times and all the members of the Glorious class of '47. I mentioned that I had not come across any of them in my official capacity as head embalmer for the PRICE and RINGWOOD Mortuary. Suddenly, the radio, which had been playing, caught our attention. A strangely familiar voice was saying . . . "this special anniversary broadcast is being brought to you by the 'YENNEY Yo Yo Co.' When you need relaxation, try a Yenney Yo Yo. They are the snappiest Yo Yo's made, are durable, and come in a variety of colors to match your key chain. ALEX FLYNN, National Yo Yo Champion, testifies that they are the best he has ever used so trot down to your favorite dime store and get yourself a handful of fun. And remember, 'Yenney spelled backward, spells Yenney.' And HOW. here is PAT FOLEY, NBC's ace reporter, to bring you news of important happenings at home and abroad. "Thank you Mr. JUNGST, and hello Mr. and Mrs. Ameri- ca. Washington is the center of national interest again as Congress convenes to consider Senator JAMES RYAN's proposed, Income Tax Elimination Plan. The plan is violently opposed by Senators BUSCHER of Missouri and BEEMAN of New York. 1 Y f f 3 ' ' 2 'kilt "General ERNEST BOYD of the War Department an- nounced today the development of a new weapon which is deadlier than the 'Visonic Ray' and thirty times more powerful than the now obsolete Atom Bomb. Archbishop EDWARD SMITH of Spokane emphatically denounced the weapon as a serious threat to world peace. "Parisi American Ambassador, JOSEPH WEYER re- ported that two Americans, ROY DAHMEN and HARRY SCHLOSSER, were starting a movement to replace wine with beer as the national beverage. To date, the movement has three supporters, GEORGE BEAUDRY, a prominent pawnbroker and GARRY GRUBER and PAT O'LEARY, who operate local taverns. "ln contrast, here in America, the Anti-Saloon League was organizing again, led by BILL MACE and BOB OLSON. They have been quoted as saying their first move will be to force the LATTANZIO, ONGARATO, ZINKGIRAF and BROWN Brewery out of business. "In New York, DALE CHASSE, manager of the Wal- dorf-Astoria, reported that the inscription, 'Ala Carte, the common man's hero, was herel' was found written on the walls of various rooms. Similar complaints were made by ALLEN JOHNSON, owner of the Musclebound Arms hotel in Clarkston, Washington, and KENNY ENS- LOW, proprietor of a Spokane shoe store, who claimed that the same inscription was scrawled on his favorite pair of saddle shoes. Authorities believe these are the fore- runners of an early campaign for AL CARTY, potential candidate for president in 1968. "LEO SHELLEDY, director of the Bureau of Mines, was reported 'doing better' today after a QContinued on next pagej .1 'i f fy H raw' www . , ' he 'ge ' S " Q . A W 'af ff' , ' x K 'xu,,i-if 45,9355 Km, it J' sy Q, gf? I o f 5 , +5 q W fc.:-, ff I I ff . ' IIV I: ,--"' - - .-.-, -v iiliff I, I . I eaa' yataeal .S w e iri as rr E 'I'r T -1 asl F A 1 K ! ylie I Ere 'P I 325' -1 92 ' fr 'A' I' xv I Qt , , a.re r t I wtf' ,, K W as. . -V g . Q I. zzz, 4 I VW X I I N I , .nl ff A W ,kf' 4 i T --13 5' j 'V W 1 W' it I eli. K ,avi 2-QQWQ . it f fa-M W , f fr . :-Kc, I Y i . f f ' 1' ,ek , W if IH I, it 5 re V I X , i f Q C5 Q ', VY eww, . .af 2, ' xdxls - x we X I L, . C lx W' Q . awe., ,.-'ff' ' r V"'m 'V Qi 3 QL 2 I Q 'H 1, I 6 I Rf: ww e 4 . I WM... .4,.A, 1 I 11,4 ,K N. ,...Mf,,,l . , ,f 4 Senior Forecast fCont.J session with the prominent surgeon, Dr. ROSS MOUNSEY. "JOHN DURKIN, salesman from Chicago, Illinois, was up for trial blefort Judge JOHN HOPKINS today, charged with attempted blackmail. He is accused of approaching JACK MASELLI, manager of the HANZEL, HES'S'E and HILL Restaurant, and threatening that unless he received 31000, he would reveal that ground cat meat, obtained from the LIEST and KOSTECKA Home for Aged Cats, was being served for hamburger. Attorney for- the Defense, HENRY HIGGINS, said that he had conclusive evidence that would procure an early acquittal. "On the domestic scene, there was a new type of small family house on the market as a result of two architects' dissatisfaction with present styles of houses. The pair, ED GODLEY and RALPH CRANDELL, set about design- ing a house that would be completely unlike an ordinary house and came up with this pre-fabricated, pre-heated structure, which has the general appearance of a donut. It is being built by the SHERLOCK Homes Co. "On the food front, there was bad news for housewives today, as AL AMANN, president of the National Dairy- men's Association, announced that the price of butter would soon be raised to 28 cents a pound, an all time high for this decade. "Out in the Spokane Valley in Washington, a new variety of seedless tomato is being grown. The men who developed this amazing delicacy, ED and HAL MERTENS, claim it is a bigger, juicier, and tastier tomato. 'The big trouble is', explained Ed, 'that because it is seedless, there is no way of continuing the cropl' "A bit of good news for connoisseurs of better food popped up yesterday, when RUSS SCHULZ, a Montana rancher, discovered a small band of Hammus Alabamus pigs in a secluded valley near Sheridan, Montana. Breed- ing of the pigs will begin soon and Hammus Alabamus should be on the market next year. PAUL KUROSE, president of the Gourmets Club, declared it was the best news the club has ever received. He said that plans for new dishes to be used with Ecstasy Sauce which is made from the boiled and reboiled Hammus Ala- bamus, would be started immediately, under the supervision of their expert head chef, JOE BUTIGAN. if K A in . Qz ' I ,.i P r . QQ- . if-fa, 'I I , I, f '.1,. ,M WU .1 b . - 'giiy lyii, .V'l'f T 'J , 2, 'Kuff' L rl g XXTXX W"' gf' g X nik. OX Xgixyff. ,,,. guigia fi SQ 1 I , 111,I4.1...w l ., . '- "That's all the news for today. Now here is ED REKOFKE, your favorite sportcaster with the sports highlights." "Good afternoon, sport fans, here we go with the latest dope on the sports world. "The entire nation was shocked today over 'the attempted fix of the DICK CALDWELL-JOE BOURGO, middleweight championship 'fight by gambler, TOM FLAHERTY. Flaherty, who comes up for trial Thursday, attempted to bribe Caldwell to throw the fight but Caldwell refused and reported the attempt to his trainer, TOM WHITELY, who in- formed the police. Flaherty was silent on the mat- ter, allowing his mouthpiece, 'BUD' WAGGONER, to do the talking. "Meanwhile in Virginia, AL MENGERT, National Open Golf Champion from Spokane, Washington, was leading the field in the Richmond 72-hole Open Golf Tournament with a sizzling: 6 under par, 64. DICK McWlLLlAMS, strictly a dark horse entry, also from Spokane, was second with a 68. "The Brooklyn Dodgers continued to pace the American League as they defeated the New York Yanks 3 to 1 in the only game played today. Pitcher DON DEHMER gave up only two hits while team mate CLARENCE VERCRUYSSE blasted out a homer with two on in the sixth, to tally the winning runs. "The .Los Angeles Rams football team has just signed DIAN CROWLEY, former Santa Clara star, quarterback for the coming year. Crowley, together with the Ram's All-Pro end, FRAN HARE, should produce a winning passing at- tack. Coach PAT FLYNN said that he expected to have his greatest season this fall. 'With a power packed line, led by guard ED BUDIG, the Rams should be unbeatable,' he predicted. "MICHAEL MERRIMAN, athletic director of Notre Dame, announced that LARRY COLEMAN, former All-American forward at Holy Cross, has been signed as head coach of basketball. With three starters and two other lettermen returning from last year's strong squad, Coleman should have a successful season in his first year of coaching. " 'Jose' BOB CARPENTER, famous Amercan bull fighter, displayed his talents as a toreador before a huge crowd fContinued on next pagej .cf if ff' . , Ll Y -V "" W 'NQQA , 5 fifth f-.. J W H 4, .. 'V 1 ,k , X i!'DU'DEvQ5,H'f-25 .5 fy rf! X ,V fix i ix - , . I ' f ff' VW? X H MJ, W I ,V gg, f l,,.,ffQ5i'fe' 'i ,,,W,-- , yqggzf' XXL , . l . . - i , 2 ' I 1 i 1 f I . 4 , 3- ," V, 3 X I ' a A X f pu ,L jfagjy .'M'. ' .,..v ,.,. . """" - . .. .. -my fy.-. Senior Forecast fContJ at the Coliseum in Los Angeles yesterday. Most experts conceded that Carpenter, the only American engaged in the famous Spanish sport, could throw the bull as well as anyone in the world. "The hot verbal battle that had been raging for several days between JIM McQUlSTON, sports editor for the Seattle Times, and BOB WALSH, star reporter for 'Sport' magazine, has been settled. It all began when Walsh wrote an article declaring that JIM TAYLOR, West Coast Cham- pion, was the greatest marbles shooter of all time. Mc- Quiston countered claiming that CYRIL WEBER, amateur champion, to be even better and the big dispute was on. It was all settled yesterday when hitherto unknown, AL KLEINSMITH defeated both handily in three straight matches! "And here's a last minute item. BOB KELLY, Associated Press sports photographer, was being sought by the police today, for taking pictures! The pictures taken were valuable 'Rembrandts' stolen from the apartment of GLEN HANCOCK, a Spokane businessman. "That's it for now. This is Ed Rekofke turning the mike over to your Hollywood reporter, JIM KROETCH, for the current information on happenings in the enter- tainment world. Take it away, Jim!" "Thank you, Ed and hello Mr. and Mrs. Public. Holly- wood! . . . CULVER SMITH, popular dramatic actor, has been named for the lead in MGM's, forthcoming epic, 'Of Moose and Men.' Publicity director, GENE SPELLMAN, claimed it would be one of the best pictures of all time and Producer RONALD' DAVEY'S greatest triumph. The picture is based upon the Pulitzer Prize win- ning novel, 'Skirmish,' by JOHN SMEAD. "DAN FALSETTO'S band opened it's one night stand at the 'Club 47' last nightg and if the crowd that was on hand is any indication of his popularity. lt is certain that his is the topmost band in the country. NORMAN BLASHILL, owner of the new night club, declared it was the largest crowd he had ever drawn in his ten years of night club ownership. Among the many celebrities seen there was Academy Award winner, JOHN ARNOLD, who is now known, incidentally, as the smoothest dancer in Hollywood. While on the subject of Falsetto's band, I might mention that rumors have it that LEO BALDWIN, featured clari- netist, may depart to organize a 'combo' of his own. "Alarmed by threatening notes received from 'Muscles' 1 .. Wx. ' V, A , V,.VV . .: ,, , rst , 4 ',-, 1 - "" g V LVg,. ' l V , ,A K, I I V 9' f p l vi I 1 if ' . ,I sig, -.R , F' ' K.....'15Qfw,'.,...-.z ' flsfgm G RAY KENNEY, notorious underworld king, BOB PENDLE- TON, 'namby pamby boy' of the movies, has hired two men to act as personal bobyguards. The two men, by the way, are MARTIN McGOUGH and PAUL LASSELL, former tobacco auctioneers for the 'Smucky Lights' pro- grams. "New York! . . . Radio listeners suffered a loss today when the popular comedy team of BILL GIL- LINGHAM and DON PRITCHARD, better known as 'Slim and Igor,' announced suddenly that they would not return to the air 'this fall. Their manager, JIM DREIS, said that the pair would devote their 'full time to posing for 'before and after' pictures 'for the BILL DUNN School for Height Increase. "JIM LARKIN, famous stage comedian, has been signed as the new quizmaster for the 'lt Pays to Be ignorant' show. With Larkin signed, the show will go on the air Thursday with a complete new cast. The new Board of Experts recently selected consists of TOM BURGESS, PAT KOTH, and JIM OWENS. The program has steadily gained in popularity and is now one of the top comedy spots on the air. "That's 'thirty' for today. Tune in again tomorrow when NBC will present another special events news broadcast. This is NBC, the National Broadcasting Co .... KHQ, Spokane. For that special graduation gift, go to QUIN- LAN'S, 'The house of fine jewelry.' Quinlan's, succes- sors to Dobson's" ". . . and now! the adventures of Super -fClick!J." i turned the radio off and turned to Harry. "WeII, that was an interesting broadcast, wasn't it?" I asked. "Yes, it was," he answered, "l'm glad to know that so many of the boys made good . . . Holy Smoke, look at the time," he yelled, "I have to make a dentist appointment." "Well then, I'll see you again, sometime, Harry. By the way, which dentist are you going to?" I queried. "Why, to Spokane's leading dentist, of course," he replied, "none other than Dr. MILTON McKENNA, the 'Painful Dentist.' Be seeing you, Det," he called as he walked out. After he had gone, I sat and thought about the success of all the boys. Yes, that class of '47 was a great one, I mused, and obviously destined for great things. Why I could have predicted back then in '47 that things would turn out this way! Amen. END 'Wall Naam Zlaagel' .... We have passed through this familiar portal for the last time as students of Gonzaga High. When these doors open to re- ceive us again, it will be to admit, not carefree pupils hurrying to class, but grads, with all this behind us. Now we can stroll along the halls more leisurely, enjoying the picture gallery and recalling old times. Yes, our pictures will be there, along side of Gonzaga's greats .... . . . . Thereall be a picture of the ,47 All City Night at the Fox, where three of us received the coveted gold footballs .... together with some of our great moments on the gridiron .... and the night Coach Frazier pre- sented us our letters, and Dan Crowley received the Inspirational award .... the annual Retreat given by Father Rinn, SJ. Bigqaleaa .. .. Of course we were on hand to support our basketball team at the Armory and to cheer them into the City finals . . .. And then, just when his persuasive Ways and his dis- arming smile were beginning to "taken with us, our new vice principal, Father Eckstein, left us, to become Rector of Bellarmine High in Tacoma .... By way of saying good- bye and congratulations we pitched in and presented him with a going-away present .... From then on, Father "Mai, had to do double duty-and he did it .... The mid-year election of student body oflicers occasioned a spirited cam- paign .... which ended with the election and inauguration of Iohn Hopkins. ...14lZ'7!wL14 liffachfiffafze Wefmwkehmi 1. Olson goes over his English memory while other seniors listen. 2. Fr. Herron takes to the ice. 3. George, the boarders' ma.scot. 4. Student body honors Fr. Dillon on his sixtieth anniversary as a Jesuit. 5. Mr. Kreuzer, on his way to rap out a radio script. 6. A man of distinction - Jlrh Kroetch. 7. "Hey Vercruysse, how's the batting average?" 8. East End Kids? No, just two senior boarers, Hanzel and Larkin. 9. Al Johnson shows us how. 10. Inter-class soft- ball. 11. Inter-class track: Lynch comes in first. 1 als ' Here the officers of the Knights of the Leash were photographed while drawing up plans for the annual "Knight Flight" which was held November 29. Seated are Mike Kostecka, vice presi- dent, Cul Smith, president, Bob Olson, treasurer. Standing: John Hopkins, secretary, John Smead, sergeant-at-arms. First Row: Leo Shelledy, Dick McWilliams Mac McKenna, Mike Merriman, John Smead, Len Sitter Second Row Jim Mc Quiston, Ross Mounsey, Jim Hutton John Gowanlock Dick Porter, Pat Alverson Third Row Ray Schulte, Ed Smith Al Mengert Frank Cronin, Justin Seipp Bob Kelly Fourth Row Cul Smith Bob Olson, Mike Kostecka Dan Crowley, Larry Coleman, Don Dehmer, John Hopkins ASSOC: EDTTOR , Qos Kenra PHOTOGRRPHEQ SM n 1' H "iN"CHIEF L af , f ,EAW KX' O ' a. x. M 7 x' L L- XX' 'J NN - ff , , ,y Hanan H mem? BUS. MANQGEQ TED' Cu-m-mme I GSSOC, EDLTOR, , f ff ,f ff ,df i f ff: . gi: f Y , f , L, ff I V ,ff "fa ff,-1 ,ff 1 I I 3 , I 2 Aff ' ff ff ,ff , f ,fu Jam MQQQMSTQN spears ammo. CHN GOWQNLOCK GRT EDITOR ' f ff? 'I Af' ,-1 f 'ff 71,-4 f37f,,fjff-'If J' f ,. , LQ,-1' !' 4 ff f fy W ff ff 'ff ffff gy gf!! r f! W Wff X If 3 1 iff .g..g. O O O ' ' S ROSS MOUNSEY VIC COZZETTI LEO SHELLEDY DAN CROWLEY BOB CODD LOUIE BAUMER Patrons Advertising Patrons Circulation Circulation Circulation RAY SCHULTE PAT ALVERSON JIM HUTTON DON CROTEAU DON MANSON Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertlslng QJNOKD Bunk in New flknzimfi BUD NEUMANN DON CONNELL GENE CHANCE MEL HARTMEIER DON GOLOB Advertising Circulation Advertising Advertising Patrons ROY DONNELLY DAVE FRAWLEY DENNY HE'RLIHY ED BATES TOM SPRAGUE Advertising Advertising Advertising Circulation Advertising yawn f zu- , , . 4 1 First Flow: Bob Walsh, Jim Watson, Whit Smith, Clarence Vercruysse, Dan Crowley, Len Sitter, Dick Caldwell Millsap. Second Row: Ray Schulte, Dick Sprague, Cul Smith, Bud Waggener, Leo Murphy, Joe Lynch, Don Third Row: Bill Reilly, Justin Seipp, Dan Miller, Dick Hartnett, Pat 0'Leary, Ned Conley, Bob Olson, Pat Fourth Row: Ed Dahy, Larry Coleman, Bob Codd, Bill Gillingham, Tom Flaherty, Fran Hare, Ed Smith, E Peppq Well Kmgfi .Zeal Ghem Carl Petrone Pat Foley Jim Powers .T ,S ea Mike Kostecka. Dave ehmer, Vic Cozzetti. Foley, Ross Mounsey. d Budig. in Lf awe ' My - GAMMA BETA OFFICERS - JIM BROWNE MIKE KOSTECKA FRED PRICE BUCK BLASHILL Vice Pres., ist. Sem. Pres., 1st Sem. Sec-Treas., Ist Sem. Vice Pres., 2nd Sem. RUSSELL SCHULZ JACK RINGWOOD BOB PENDLETON Sgt.-at-Arms, 1st Sem. Sec.-Treas., 2nd Sem. Sglt.-at-Arms, 2nd Sem. First Row: Ed Stasney, Ted Stegeman, Neil Stach, Tom McCloskey, Harry Murphy, Bob Pullin, George Bolta, Walt Schmidt, Joe Liest, John Holland, Miller Humphrey, Bill Cameron. Second Row: Joe Butigan, Allen Johnson, Jerry Foley, Leo Murphy, Gary Bingaman, John Piedmont, Leo Fell, Don Golob, Mert Neumann, Bud Neumann, Bill Picou, Mike Lake, John McAstocker, Norman Blashill, John Durkin. Third Row: Ken Holbert, Bob Albrich, Roy Stiles, Dick Archer, Tom Miller. Bob Presn'eIl, Mike Welch, Gene Spellman, Don Hanzel, Jim Larkin, Bill Helbling, Don Pritchard, John Froehlich, John Ihle, Alan Matoon. Fourth Row: Mr. Daniel Lyons, S.J., Frank Hoffman, Phll Phlegeir, Ed Malters, Kerry Marsh, Dick Bryant, Roger Thatcher, Walt Hardin, Pat Pearson, Peter Lobo, Bob Kelly, Duane Willis, Fred Price, John Nelson, Russell Schulz. 4' Qawu School lVew4 Waanl' JOHN SMEAD JIM GANNON HANK HIGGINS Editor in Chief Associate Editor Sports Editor MXXHRBXXXY Y I NI SE' I illlllllllllllllllllllllldlllllllllllIIIHIIIIIIIIIIZII 110 O 2 4 7' v WI X ' O X I! o Ut . E, ' F K XXQX XXX Gonzaga n Offffe WLTIIROUGH KEN ENSLOW Feature Editor JIM McQUISTON Assist. Sports Editor BOB CARPENTER JOHN HOPKINS BOB KELLY BOB PASBY Reporter Reporter Reporter Staff Artist ED REKOFKE CLARENCE VERCRUYSSE GARRY GRUBER BILL DUNN Reporter Typist Reporter Reporter me sniff MW our ww MIKE MERRIMAN c"cu'at'on Mg" Left to Right: Bob Gillespy, Pat Alverson, Roy Donnelly, John Gowanloek, HARRY SWANSON Bob Magnuson. Advertising Mgr. 'GMS 'U' CUL SMITH President ED SMITH Vice President ED MCTIGHE Secretary wwf, JIM POWERS Business Mgr. Q First Row: Bud Howard, Louie Baumer, Don Connell, Jim Powers, Jon Rose. Second Row: Ross Mounsey, Frank Cronin, Monty Whe- lan, Bud Neumann, Dick Castle. Third Row: Ray Schulte, Ed Srrith, Ed McTighe, Cul Smith. Missing: John Arnold. Scenes From AND OLD LACE" Above: Martha CJon Rosej and Abby Brewster QEd McTigheJ are just in time to prevent their nephew Mortimer lBud Waggonerj from drinking the poisoned wine they have carefully prepared for Mr. Gibbs CDon Hanzelh. At right: While Officer O'H-annigan CAIex Flynnl a-nd Doctor Harper CBob Kellyl are convers- ing together Teddy Brewster CRay Schulte? suddenly appears with his bugle to summon his "Rough Riders" to the attack. CHARACTERS Abby Brewster.. ,..... .,.,..... , ,, ,... , , ,,,,.., , ,.,,,, Ed McTighe '48 Doctor Harper Y.v,,Y,.,,,,.. ............,. B ob Kelly '48 Teddy Brewster ,,,,., .,.....l R ay Schulte '48 Officer 0'Hannigan ....... ........., A lex Flynn '47 Officer O'Hara ,........, ,....... D ick Culhane '48 Martha Brewster ,,,, ......,..,...,.. J on Rose '48 Mortimer Brewster ,.,,.,, Bud Waggoner '47 Jonathon Brewster ......,. ..........,., C ul Smith '47 Doctor Einstein ......................,..,.. ,, ...... Jim Powers '49 Lieutenant Rooney .,.... .........,,,.,,,.,,,,A ,A.,,, F r ank Cronin '48 Mr. Witherspoon ,.,,..........,........,..,.....,,,,, .A.A.. J im DeGroat '48 Mr. Hoskins and Mr. Spenalzo ..........,,.,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,.............. R oy Stiles '49 PRODUCTION STAFF Louie Baumer ,,.,....,......A,...,..... .....,................,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S tage Manager Monty Whelan .,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, C ostumes Don Connell .......... ....,, S tage Arrangement Ed Malters ,....... ........ L ighting Effects SOCK AND BUSKIN CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES September 13 .......,.......,............,,,,...............,..,A.... Merry-go-Round Stunt December 13.. "Symphony of Christmas" lRadioJ December 19 ,,,,.. ....... S ock and Buskin Sponsors "Gonzaga Night" January 4 .,,.,... ........,...... .................... ' ' 1946 in Review" L'RadioD January 25 .....,.. .,,. ' 'Debater's Roundtable" CRadioJ February 13 ,,A,... ......., ' 'ARSENIC AND OLD LACE" February 22 ,,,..A. .,... ' 'Washington's FarewelI" CRadioJ April 5 ....,..... ,,,,,, ' 'News From Jerusalem" 1RadioJ March 15,. .... .,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. ' 'Erin's Legacy" CRadio5 April 26 Y,,,.. ..,,, ' 'Music of the Masters" 4Radiob May 17 .,.,,,, ,,,,,.,,, ' 'Dramatic Review" iRadioD SOCK 8: BUSKIN RADIO PLAYERS Kneeling: Bob Buchanan. At left mike: Alex Flynn, Mike Merriman, Jim Powers. At second mike: Frank Cronin, Dick McWiIiams, Louie Baumer, Don Garigen. At third mike: Cul Smith, Ed Caffrey, John Hopkins Cstandingj, Ross Mounsey. At pianos: Ed McTighe, John Madden. ln rear: Don Man- son, Bud Waggoner, Ray Schulte. 4 l S' GMM At left: a few members of the club are pictured during an experiment per- iod of a regular meeting. Below: First Row: Don Golob. John Gowanlock, Don Manson, Don Showalter, Ed McTighe, Dick Knop, Ed Dahy. Second Row: Bud Neumann, Bill Davis, Ralph Crandell, Ralph Schoenberg, Bill Landreville, Regis King, Bob Buchanan, Bill Ralph, Ed Caffrey, Pat Wilson. .-S' 0 ' R 14!!G!a44a Fir.st Row: Pat Casey, Bob Flaherty, Don Dan Crowley, John Bombino, Charlie Cutz. Second Row: Jack Rizzuto Bob Larry Coleman, Jerry Kelly, Bob Codd. Jim Hutton. Third Row: Jim Bob Tanksley, Mark Kelly, John Hern, Justin Seipp, Chuck Hopkins Dick Bailey, Peter Budig, Dave Millsap, Louis Pontieri, Frank Scarano, Tom Holley, Ed Flekofke, Pat Lynch, Dave Frawley, Ken Egerman, Sixth Row: Bob Spencer, Chuck Mason, Dan Petretee, John Hopkins fbiegwal wal P Win Lu--1cQLi,fs1r-u, 6 mix Left to right: Dave Frawley, Dick Sprague, Roy Velling, Monty Whelan, Jim Powers 41st placej, Don Garigen, Neil Cronin, Louie Baumer 42nd placeb. Missing: Mike Lake. In 0 Qu---icayiqmp--u, 8 Left to right: Don Manson, John Hopkins, Jim DeGroat 11st placeh, Frank Cronin 12nd piacej, ,Edu Ca NL,ss,lm1,,Q dw WAQQO P19 F- , , fn--41G93CQ.D0--rf' Cul Smith, Ed Caffrey, and Hank Higgins pose just after winning the State title in University Style Debate which was held at Pullman. Standing is Mr. Lyons, Coach. ancZ.S Jaw The Debating Society has done it againl This year, like last, the debaters ended their busy season with the most impressive record of any team in the state. Commencing with a non-decision tournament at Lewis and Clark early in October, the debaters, all but two of them beginners, settled down to serious work early in the Fall. Their efforts were rewarded when they journeyed to Seattle College in mid-December, to return with the Catholic Northwest Debate Championship, having emerged victorious over twenty other schools from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. The winning trio, who defeated Seattle Prep in the finals by a unanimous decision, included Ed Caffrey, Iohn Hopkins, and Frank Cronin. Gm JW fm wwf Wm Kneeling: Ed Caffrey, Cul Smith, Frank Cronin, John Hopkins. Standing, left to right: Jim Powers, Joe Butzerin, Bud Howard, Bill Donais, Jim Rooney, Mr. Lyons, Coach, Don Garigen, Gene Chance, Mert Neumann, Don Manson, 'Ray Tanks- ley, Dick Knop, Phil Phleger-, Bob Egan, Don Croteau, Roy Dahl, Monty Whelan. All are underclassmen except Smith and Hopkins. - fl Cn March 14th Smith, Higgins, and Caffrey went to Pullman, where Washington State College was sponsoring the official State Debate Tournament. By the next evening they had won the State title for University style debate, and received a 20" silver cup in acknowledgement of their skill. For the first time Gonzaga won both the Northwest Catholic Championship and the oH'icial State Title for University style de- bate, in the same year. No other school in the state, public or private, has a comparable record. Cul Smith received the Gold Ring awarded the best debater of year. At the oiiicial Debate Tournament held at Washington State College, he was voted the outstanding debater of the entire tourna- ment. Ed Caffrey, Frank Cronin, and John Hopkins smiling proudly after winning the Catholic Northwest Debate Championship held at Seattle College. ,Q 0 .Q A Wana Jleaul Gmini Outside of their regular forensic schedule Gonzaga's debaters kept themselves prepared for the various speech contests that occured during the school year. Cul Smith won first place in the Heanst Oratorical Contest for this state, receiving S200 for himself and S75 for the school library, and a free trip to Los Angeles. At Los Angeles he took third place in the Pacific Coast division. He is pictured at right being congratulated by John Burns, Grand Knight of the Seattle Knights of Columbus. Cul also took second in- the district State 'Resources Contest. John Hopkins won the Elks Annual State Oratorical Contest, which was held in Seattle. Earlier in the year John was awarded second place and S35 in the Jefferson Oratorical Contest. 4:14 !Wamf0 +:l4lc4fQ2'9x:iv---:- Finst Row: Pat Wilson, accompanist, Roger Dieter, Francis Ryan, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Binder, Bob Ennis, Ernie Thibeault, Dom Sherlock, Bob Presnell, Neil Stach, Mr. McDonnell, Director. Second Row: Eddie Fallon, Tom Deno, Bob Alexander, Dick Hawkins, John Aughney, Don Carpenter, Bill Ralph, John DLlrkin. Third Row: Kerry Marsh, Jerry Lehman, Charles Hennessey, Ralph Crandell, Fred Hesse, Joe Slead, Bob Sullivan, Tom Burgess, Al Kleinsmlith. Fourth Row: Don Golob, Bob Albrich. Carl Jungst, Ed Cuzzetto, Ed Rekofke, Ed Liest, Charles Hamlin, Miller Humphrey, Jim Dreis, Bill Presley, Ken Egerman. -:--41rx45,59z:1w-:. Cw2J 0713022 gud M QW' X , ' I 1. He wants to be first in the chow line. 2. Johnson, Durkin, and Murphy enjoy Mount Spokane. 3. Boots Hanzel, having a light breakfast. 4. The end of the line: "Hey Cameron, leave some for the rest of us. 5. Shorty Stiles seems proud of his room. 6. Boarders' Hiking Club-kneeling: Stach, Froehlich, Bolta, Mr. Schoenberg, S.J. Standing: McCloskey, Presnell, Pullin, J. Liest, Bingaman, Hel- bling, Matoon. 7. Campus in winter, DeSmet Hall in background. 8. Murphy and Johnson, campused. 9. Phleger, caught sneaking down the fire escape. 10. Boarders' Smoker and a gruge fight between Spellman and Bryant. 11. Murphy, Helbling, and Piedmont try some horse-play on 0'LaughIin. 12. Ed Malters, cramming for semester exams. 13. Strip poker? No, juse a pinochle game out on the veranda with Mr. Schoenberg kibitizing. 14. lt's time for eats at the Boarders' Christmas Party. N w 4 ts, scramble by out-gaining Lewis and Clark and North B Take Secam! fn 0117 4 .E In the Merry-Go-Round, annual classic which opens the football season, Gonzaga came out on top of the four-team Central. The first real game for the Bullpups was at Kellogg, where they travelled the following day to meet Kellogg High. The Held was rain-soaked, but neither that nor the Kellogg team could stop Flaherty and Cood from running loose throughout the game. Hare, Walsh, and Budig showed what could be expected of them in the line the rest of the season. As usual the opening league game was with the Rogerls Gonzaga .,....,........,, Gonzaga ,.,,.......,,..., Gonzaga ................. Gonzaga .......,,,....... Gonzaga ..........,....,. 7fze Same Book 26 Kellogg ..,...,. ,.,...., 0 .32 Rogers ..................... ,..,....,... I 3 . 7 Lewis Ziz Clark .....,..,,........... IQ 22 North Central ....,,,.......,..,,. I2 .19 Rogers ...,,,,...........,,,,... , ..,,...,... I9 BiLateLin.tl1e,stadi.um,. Lffhe..I211ps.kept-uf-Ltheip-vxLi.n.n.i,ng. L W """""""" ala W 15 Stftak by downing the Htl1YHfd team Without t00 much Gonzaga ......,........,. 20 North Central ,,,,.... ,...... 6 trouble. Chief factors in the 32 to I3 victory were the . Crowley to Hare passing combination and the open Held Gonzaga """""""" I4 Mlssoula """tt"""' """""" 2 4 running of sophomore Ioe Lynch. Cul Smith, Olson and Conley looked good in the line. First Row: Ed Budig, Dick Caldwell, Larry Orth, Ray Schulte, Whit Smith, Dave Millsap, Mike Kostecka, Dick Cuihane, Larry Coleman, Fran Hare, Pat Kenney, manager. Second Row: Bob Walsh, Bob Atkinson, Vic Petretee, Jim Hutton, Justin Seipp, Tom Flaherty, George Mitchell, Frank Cronin, Dan Crowley, Jim Watson, Bob Sweeney, Head Coach, Mr. Frazier. Third Row: George Clink, manager, Bob Stephens, Ned Conley, Ernie Boyd, Hank Higgins, Dick Sprague, Cul Smith, Bud Waggener, Ed Smith, Bob Codd, Joe Lynch, Dan Miller, Dick Meyer. "When 7f1,a4e8f1.cauuzq8ullp,up.4 4611.744 .fine . . " FIRST LEWIS 8: CLARK GAME The Bullpups received their first set-back of the year from the Lewis Sz Clark Tigers by the score of IQ to 7. The Hard-running Tiger backs were just too much for the Zag line. Crowley and Hare kept the team fighting right up to the final gun. ,- BUD WAGGONER Center DICK CALDWELL Center FIRST NORTH CENTRAL GAME The Zags came back strong in their next encounter and dumped the Indians 22 to 12. They led at half time, scored twice in the third quarter and 'icoastedn the rest of the Way. Crovvley's passing and Flaherty's running were outstanding, as was the line play of Cul Waggoner, and Budig. Smith, BOB WALSH End KOSTECKA 1701 goes for fifteen yards against N. C. in the Shrine battle. This was the game in which the Zags downed the favored Indians by a score of 20 to 6. , BOB CODD 1751 Zag halfb k , ac , picks up yard- age on an off tackle slant a a' g Inst North Central as Higgins f31J and Hare 1683 block. Crowley, who just handed Codd the ball i.s in the back ground. SECOND ROGERS GAME The Pups found much rougher goin in th d g e secon meeting with the Pirates. It was a see-saw battle from the start, with Rogers determined to avenge their earlier defeat. The fancy running of "Crazy Legs" Ioe Lynch kept Gonzaga in the game all the way, accounting for thir- teen of Gonzaga,s I9 points. Th e game ended a tie. if-get LAR RY COLEMAN Quarterback ED SMITH Halfback TOM FLAHERTY Fullback DAN CROWLEY Quarterback ,MIKE KOSTECKA Halfback SECOND LEWIS 8: CLARK GAME The Blue and White lost a heart-breaker to Lewis and Clark at Hart Held. They outplayed the Tigers in a scoreless first half. Early in the third quarter BSB CODD Lewis and Clark scored, but the Zags came right back--marched the length of alfback the field to score and take a 7 to 6 lead. Then, in the last minutes he ame the Tigers, passing attack hit pay dirt giving 'nning tally. The whole Gonzaga bang-up game. of t g them the W1 team played a f L C. just gets away fro f33D Conley 1135. Hig- 1291 give BROWN 0 . Qqner C159 as C. Smith , QIHS 6315, Budig C273 and Schulte chase. Crowley finally nabbed him, m Wag J FRANNY HARE 1683, goes to the ground and almost loses the ball after completing a tweney- two yard pass from Dan Crowley in the Shrine game. Bob Walsh Q37 ls coming up in the background. SECOND NORTH CENTRAL GAME The annual Shrine game saw the Pups play their best game of the year. They ran over the lads from Tepee Town by the impressive score of 20 to 6. After acquiring a comfortable lead in the first half they were able to substitute freely. Crowley, Lynch and S ' across the Gonzaga touchdowns. eipp punched HANK HIGGINS Tackle JUSTIN SEIPP Fullback 0E LYNCH Halfback F RAY SCHULTE End NED CONLEY Tackle MISSOULA GAME The Bullpups lost their final game of the season to a strong Missoula team to the tune of 24 to 14. The Zags got 0E to a slow start and after a few bad breaks were never able to get baek into the game. The best play of the evening came when Ed Smith broke through the Missoula line and galloped twenty yards for the second Gonzaga touchdown. GUE DICK SPRA Halfback HARE AND CROWLEY down a Missoula back as Budug 1275, C. Smith 4331, Waggener 4153 are ready to make sure that he stays put. END Q Maven K Cvkxf-XRD I I if -BOYDA Zi TR CKLE 1 g 1965! U.F FY TACKLE THCKLX: X f'yf H A 4 S , NE15 END, GLLFHZD END NY E RS TRCKLE ll c fwf --A W M!LL.SRP G4.LAD.D aswdwam ,um owes First Row: Joe Schaller, Mike Walsh, Bob Burns, Bill Presley, Tom Lappano, Bob Flaherty, Dave Proctor, John Saegner. Second Row: Joe Travo, Dick Porter, Roy Dahl, Chuck Mason, Bob Spencer, Bill Picou, Joe O'Laughlin, Denny Howard. Third Row: George Derr, coach, Louie Pon- tieri, Dan Petretee, Bob Pasby, Jim Murray, Dick Siguaw, Hod Moore, Jim Hoff, Pat Flynn, As.sist. Coach. Fourth Row: John McBride, Jim Rocca, Bob Devereaux, Jim Browne, Alex Flynn, Pete Budig, Bill Helbling, Paul Brooks, James Stevenson. - 44045 Noe Ga-G First Row: Bob Goodwin, Don Ham, Neil Cronin, Al Schlosser, Dan Walsh, Jim Browne. Second Row: Bob Corrigan, Ed Bates, Pat Lynch, Mike Merriman, John Clinton, Roy Velling, Bob Beyers. Thir Row: Bob Lucas, Assist. Coach, Jim Barker, Pat Nevers, Tom Sprague, Bob Rowles, Allie Boyle, Alvin Boyle, Joel Smith. Fourth Row: Dick Chastek, Mgr., George Weller, Larry Smith, Bill Broderson, Frank Curran, Mike Lake, Jim Brown, Mr. McHugh, S.J., Coach. Missing: Chuck Cutz, Dick Sells. g29e7eaml1'faka01l2fq ma First Row: Jim Hutton, Len Sitter, Larry Coleman fCapt.D, Bill Gillingham, Dick Sprague, Bill Reilly, Al Charlton. Second Row: John Nelson, Buck Bailey. Bob Burns, Bill Helbling, Herman Elixman, Walt Devlin, Jerry Kelly. Coach Bill Frazier. Third Row: Whit Smith fMgr.D, Roy Donnelly, Mike Shenon, Bob Fallon, Joe O'Laughlin, Joe Lynch, Paul Arnold, Leo Murphy fMgr.J. I lull BILL "SLIM" GILLINGHAM was the big gun of the city league when it came to back- board play. Once Slim got all of his six feet five inches under the basket two points inevitably followed for the home team. Slim was chosen All-City both for his backboard work and for the large number of points he garnered. Gonzaga Gonzaga Gon zaga.. Gonzaga G on za ga Gonzaga.. Gonzaga..28 Gonzaga.. Gonzaga Gonzaga.. Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga.. Gon zaga...32 Gonzaga Gonzaga 7fze Scene Each VVal la XValla ...... Colfax .........,..,....... Rogers .............,.... North Central Vllalla lValla ...... Rogers .................. Lewis 61: Clark.. Moscow .......,........ VVest Valley ...... Moscow ............... . North Central Central Valley .... Rogers .................. Lewis QQ Clark.. VVest Valley ...,.. North Central Gonzaga Gonzaga Gion zaga.. Gonzaga 33 Central Valley .... U34 Central Valley.... 35 North Central ..26 Lewis 8: Clark.. ir "B" SQUAD SCORES Gonzaga..20 North Central... Gonzaga..39 Trade School ...... 33 Gonzaga..29 Coeur d'Alene.... Gonzaga..25 Rogers ...,..,..,....... . Gonzaga..25 Lewis 81 Clark.. Gonzaga,..27 Coeur d'Alene.... Gonzaga...24 Rogers ......,........ Gonzaga..34 Lewis 8: Clark.. Gonzaga..31 North Central .... J il., 'Q l I I I 4 . 33 i 'sf Y CAPTAIN LARRY COLEMAN was the main gear in the '47 basketball machine. He was chosen All-City this year on the strength of his great defensive play and his brilliant ball hand- ling. Larw also had a knack for gathering in the points when they were needed. Os ? xxx SX t 'xxx R as ix. DICK SPRAGUE, lanky for- ward. was probably the most promising sophomore on this year's team. Dick always fol- lowed up on the backboards and consistently potted baskets from around the keyhole. One of the most aggressive players in town was LEN SITTER. Len is a fine ball handler and great defensive player, His shifty dribbling and artistic lay-in shots were an outstanding factor in many games. The speedball on the team was diminutive BILL REILLY, who ' seemed to be able to pick up points just when needed, espe- cially in the last few seconds of the glame. Hi-s speed enabled him to break under the basket for many a. lay-in. Probably the best set-shot on the squad was JERRY KELLY. Always a definite lthrelat foe- cause of his uncanny ability to drop in the long ones, he was also a smooth dribbler and a' steady ball-handler. Another sophomore with a great future ahead of him on the hoop squad is BUCK BAILEY. Buck is a dead-eye from just beyond the keyhole and handles the ball like a veteran. JOHN NELSON was by far the most deceptive player on the Zag roster. John can wind up an shoot from almost any position-and usually make the basket. A combination of fight and "rubber legs" make him a goo backboard man also. JOE LYNCH, sophomore played consistently good ball His ball hawking tactics made him a Xaluable man when the oppon ents tried to freeze the ball Sparkplug of the B squad this year was BOB BURNS Bob cannot be put down as a stand out in one department he was .ood in every department and will make a strong bid for next years first team K mam' The player who bids well to fill qlim Gxllmghams shoes is AL CHARLTON All he has to do is to keep growing as he has al ready a good eye and knovxs how to control the backboard The hardest and most faithful worker on the team was JIM HUTTON, a Junior Jim did not see very much action this year but will be difficult to displace next season e C15 Billy Reilly goes up into the air to droo two points against West Valley as Coleman moves under the backboard. 12D Gillingham gets away from the West Valley defense on a fast break play and goes up to make two points. Sprague C323 looks on. 135 Sprague pots one from the middle of the floor against Lewis 8. Clark as Gillingham moves to get the inside under the backboard. C47 Moving in close Reilly goes up for a lay in against L. C. Coleman 1335, Sitter 4111, and Gillingham i895 come in to the backboard. Q55 Len Sitter puts one up over his head in the District Tournament against L. C. Sprague C375 heads for the backboard. 0 Galcka FFIAN HARE ED CUZZETTO ED SMITH BILL REILLY '7wck'7 B al'-' NMMNTTQ' , Above: Ed Smith wins a heat in the 75 yard event during the annual Washington BOB CODD JOE O'LAUGHLIN WHIT SMITH JUSTIN SEIPP State College Invitational Track Meet. Below: Bill Reilly clears the bar in the high jump. AL CHARLTON FRANK CRONIN DICK SPRAGUE JOHN HERN B. NEUMANN G. CHANCE J. AMANN ROY DONNELLY W. HELB-LING D. MILLER W DAVE MILLSAP nv qs 25.5. ,L. U. ' Above: Slim Gillingham runs the high hurdles in the Meet at Pullman. Below: Bill Reilly breaks the tape a sulit second before teammate Ed Smith in the 75 yard finals. D. PROCTOR SLIM GILLINGHAM D. KINDER J. ROCCA RAY SCHULTE --...VM I ' A w .7 f-rx, xiii 34 Q.. . '.1.f2f'- f , ' fm.: 1 4 V, , H LEN SITTER DON BOISEN DICK MEYER BOB ZINKGRAF Elwwg ' !7Za4f.Ea4fz'B 4oa4' ' B First Row: Mac McKenna, Bud Waggener, Pat O'Leary, Nick Merriman, Dick Sprague, Mike Kostecka, Fran Hare, Clarence Ver- cruysse, Vic Cozzetti, Don Dehmer, Jim Slater, Frank Cronin, Len Sitter, Dan Crowley, Paul Kurose. Second Row: John Goodwin Coach, Tom Clark and John Holland, managers, Jim Rocca, Paul Arnold. Jerry Kelly, Bob Magnuson. Bob Burns. Denny Howard Bill Presley, Bob Patterson, Jim Lucas, Joe Travo, Tom Lappano, Louie Baumer, manager, Jerry Perkins, Assist. Coach. VIC COZZETTI DON DEHMER First Base Pitcher BUD WAGGONER CLARENCE VERCRUYSSE Catcher Third Base wcffdfmwclihegdwol 1. Tom Sprague, shooting two for the Frosh. 2. Frosh antics: Paulsen and Schimmels squabble while O'Reilly referees. 3. Mr. Schoenberg, all wrapped 'up in something. 4. Buchanan practices on his drums. 5. Coach Frazier explains new offence. 6. Merry-Go-Round game: Anticipation on the bench. 7. Boisen clears the bar in inter-class track meet.. 8 Smooth as a new Ford. Guess who? Yes, it'.s Bob Carpenter. 9. Glee Club in choir loft of St. AIoysiu.s church. 10. Inauguration of new student body officers: Coleman hands over presidency to Hopkins. 11. Hare poses on practice field. 12. Fr. Jahn, happy about something. 13. Mr. Lyons and Mr. Schoenberg talk it over while boarders skate. 14. More inter-class track: Sprague coming in. 15 Mr. Moran, headed for class. , ,- ,, ,, !1'fa444f5l'mfL14 7enmJL '7eam First Row: Buck Bailey, Ed Malters, Joe Liest, Jon Rose, Tom McCloskey. Second Row: Hank Higgins, Larry Coleman, Ernie Boyd, Harry Swanson, Bob Tanksley, Bob Patterson. 4404A 8 Ga-Gln First Row: Mike Lake, John Oliveri, Pat Nevers, Tom McClos- key, Bill LaVigne, Dan Walsh, Bob Rowles, Bob Goodwin. Second Row: Jim Barker, Julius Pleroni, Al Schlosser, Chuck Cutz, Roy Velling, Larry Smith, Ed Fallon, Ronald Bergman. Third Row: Mr. Mcl-Tugh, S.J., Alvin Boyle, Tom Sprague, Neil Cronin, Roger Steele, Allie Boyle, George Weller. 44045 B First Row: Roger Steele, Pat Nevers, John lhle, Nell Cronin, Roy Hoerner, Tom Sprague, Allie Boyle. Second Row: Bob Corrigan, Alvin Boyle, John Clinton, Pat Lynch, Roy Velling, Mark Flicheson, Mr. McHugh, S.J. 14 Mmm Spofzii qwfvew- We Flrst Row: Al Mengert, Ross Mounsey, Bob Codd. Second Row: Roy Dahl, Walt Devlin, Joe Lynch, Ernie Leonard. Ba 'B First Row: Bob Pullin, Jack Ringwood, Ed Murphy, Joe Liest, Jon Rose. Second Row: M. Lyons, S.J., Coach, Gene Spellman, Ed Liest, John Nelson, Roger Thatcher, Fred Price, Jim B 'B First Row: Don Hanzel, John Holland, Fred Price, Bob Pullln, Jlm Larkin. Second Row: Leo Fell, Russ Schulz, Jim Browne, Bob Pendleton, Ed Liest, Mr. Sisk, S.J., Coach. BPOWTIE. 3 First Flow: John Bomblno, Pat Casey, Jack Rizzzto, Chuck Mason, Louis Pontieri, Jim Hoff, Dan Petretee. Second Row: Bob Devereaux, John McBride, Bill Picou, Ed Hoerner, Fr. Michael Toulouse, S.J., Coach, Leo Carano, John Saegner. Wm ww M fazza. may Sept. 3-School opens. We meet Fr. Eckstein, the new Vice Principal. Sept. 4-Classes get started. Aww please Mister, no homework! Sept. 5-First band practice. Let us have music Sept. 6-Gonzagan staff holds first meeting. Roll the presses! Sept. 13-Team sweeps Merry-go-Round! Mr. Kreu- zer's skit a success. Sept. 19-We scuttle Pirates 32 to 13! Sept. 26-Clawed by the Tigers IQ to 7! Oct. 4-Bullpups scalp Injuns 22 to 12. Oct. 9-Whoopie! No school, Youth Conference. Oct. 18-Philomathea Open House. Teachers and parents get together. Oct. 25-Those Tigers again! Gonzaga 7, Lewis and Clark 12. Nov. I-Quarter exams. Guess I'll have to start studying . . . Nov. 3-Frosh Nite. Oh, my aching back! Nov. 9-Shrine game. Gonzaga 20, N. C. o! Nov. 18-All City Night. Smith, Hare, and Budig take home gold footballs. Nov. 29-Knight Flight at K. C. a success. Dec. 3, 4, 5-Annual Retreat. All's quiet. Dec. I2-DCDHKCFS journey to Seattle. fThose lucky dogsj! Dec. 13-Crowley elected to lead Seniors. Dec. I5-DCDHICFS are out to surpass last year's great record. Bring home a Ist and 2nd place from Seattle. Dec. 22-Gonzaga Night. Iuniors take home the bacon. Dan Crowley, Inspirational Award win- ner, and Football lettermen are honored. Va- cation starts. Ian. 6-Back to the old grind, again. Ian. Io-Basketball season opens. Pups down Pirates. Ian. 17-Gonzaga honors Father Dillon. Oh boy, another holiday! Zags lose overtime thriller to L. C. Ian. 31-Father Eckstein leaves for Bellarmine High. Student body presents him with a presentg Father presents us with a holiday. Team starts clicking and dumps favored Central Valley. Feb. 8-Gonzagan staff travels to Tacoma for Press Conference. Feb. 13-"Arsenic and Old Lace" a delightful suc- cess. Feb. 14-We avenge previous defeat by L. C. Feb. 15-Eighth period for all tardies, starts now. Feb. 18-New student body officers inaugurated. Feb. 26-Indians scalp us again! Mar. 7-L. C. 28, Gonzaga 26! fWho wanted to go to Seattle, anyway?j Mar. 8-Debaters set out for Lewiston tourney. Mar. I4 and I5-W. S. C. Debate tournament. We 'dood' it! Official State Champions! Mar. 17-Founder's Day-No school, but stay away from Rogers, boys! Mar. 26-CGFOHDD Quarter exams. Mar. 27-More exams, more trouble. Apr. I-Gonzaga burns down! April Fool! CYak, yaklj Apr. 3-Boarders go wildg Easter holidays begin. Apr. 8-Boarders go crazy, school resumes. Apr. Io-Baseball team looking good in pre-season games. Arp. 15-Ball team continues to look good. Downs Rogers. Apr. 17-N. C. takes our measure. Ball team not looking so good any more. Apr. 25-Rogers defeats our track team. May 1-Senior Elocution finals. Iim DeGroat de- clared "maddest" of all. May 6-For sale, lease, or rent, one slightly used cellar. Present occupants expect to move to higher quarters soon. See Gonzaga baseball team. May 12-All senior portraits have been finished. Egads, is that me? May I5-ASCCHSiOH Thursday. No school but don't forget to attend Mass. May 16-Senior Prom. Grand success, and boy, what class! May 26-This is it! Final exams for Seniors. May 28 and 29-Senior Retreat. Profitable for all ofi us. And nothing burned. Iun. I-Graduation exercises. Congratulations . .. So long . . . Good Luck. 14 WMM 4:14 Um "S " HILE ALLUDING, in the Foreword, to the great amount of work that has gone into this vol- ume, we said nothing about the expense involved in its production. We take it for granted that everyone realizes how dependent we are upon the cooperation of local business firms. Consequently, if you are proud of this book, if you have enjoyed its contents, and if you continue to enjoy them as the years go on-we ask that you express your appreciation by keeping in mind the firms whose co- operation has made all this possible. When you go shopping, when you have something to buy, go to a LUIGIAN ADVERTISER. Persuade your friends to do the same. Nor must we forget our many Patrons. We cite you loyal supporters of Gonzaga: The Athletic Round Table Dr. and Mrs. David Hartin Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Porter Dr. and Mrs. T. E. Comegys Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Keenan Dr. Clide E. Omstead Dr. and Mrs. I. W. Mounsey Wm. Lucht, Ir. Mr and Mrs. F. M. Smith Drs. L. and I. M. Bumgarner Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Rhodehamel Mr. and Mrs. Iohn W. Golob Dr. and Mrs. F. McCarry I. O. Crane Dr. and Mrs. Harold T. Pederson Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Fleming Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Gaiser Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Holland Dr. and Mrs. G. B. Mann Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Del Cary Smith Dr. and Mrs. A. de Roetth Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Swanson Dr. and Mrs. M. Anthony Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Gowanlock De Sales Catholic Library and Book Shop 2 QPQQ f 'r.,,,,,gu'lN!,4,,4.1 J.. I v..,E,ar . . DEN SOW'S HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS PAINTS TIRES BATTERIES DISHES FLOOR COVERINGS ELECTRIC 30II S. Grand 8I5 W. Garland 5IOI-5103 N. Market SPOKANE., WASHINGTON Tull 86 Gibbs, Inc. Spokancfs Greatest Home Furnishing Store FIRST 6: WALL HZ l 0 . ' ' Qufr13fcc1IQlLIIaIt0fnA TO T 0 T H E D Um of 'W l SENIOR CLASS HoTPo1NT F R 0 'V' Ranges ! JUNIOR BUIIM 135 Refrigerators H F ome reezers CLASS OFFICERS Washers lroners 1st Sem. 2nd Sem. Wiring 6, John Nelson Pres. Gerry Kelly Electrical Frank Scarano V.-Pres. Frank Scarano Supplies Gerry Kelly Sec. Bill Picou George Mitchell Treas. Bill Picou 0REN'S RADIO gl ELECTRIC John Piedmont Sgt-at-Arms George Mitchell Jim DeGroat, Consultor COMPLIMENTS PHONE M. 3542 EXPERT WATCH OF REPAIRING MANK 8: SON PLUMBING D M AND HEATING ' ' JEWELER 1728 E. SPRAGUE wi-IERE QUALITY TELLS AND PRICE sr-:LLs HENRY F. MANK BUSINESS PHONE PROPRETOR LAKE, 5139 123 N. WASHINGTON ST. SPOKANE. WASH. I Efuvy fha' STANDARD DRUG co. , . Student! Spa-la! 1829 N. Division Street - Br. 1417 Prescriptions and Sick Room Supplies Toiletries and Stationery ' ' ' ' soda F tai Walklkl Fountam n Division and Boone THE REXALL STORE l R' CtCl'3I1S2 Learn to Fly and Get Your Pilot's License FREE under the G. l. Bill. C. A. A. approved for all Ratings. Largest and one of the most Modern Flight Schools in the Northwest. rwsmvmive vans or sus. nerenouts fume MAM ER SH RECI4 AIR TER!-XNSPORT 1 Phone Lakeview 728i Felts Field, Spokane Y 'll L'k Wil ' Fa o A h H l Cliiilia Stealks Frledslirli guttei-n. S Southern Style Chicken Soup t With Dumplings W Sprague ' ll 7 Rive L SON' S RESTAURANT Steam Heat--Hot S7.Cold Water PHONE! Rlv- 9235 l QualityS1. Service Above The ,k w. 428 SPRAGUE Average sPoKANE, wAsI-:ING-roN For The Price M' 7751 KEN MORLAN Get Off On The Right Foot Put Your Feet In OUTDOOR SPORTING GOODS Everything in Athletlc Equipment School Letter Sweaters 4 Weeks Delivery Service Hern's Shoes 825 W. Main Spokane, Wn. Best Wishes to C1055 1947 723 W. Main Riv. 6767 Catholic Books l Class of from Frosh Room 127 For Sale - For Rent Buy Good Books for Your Library Give Good Books As Gifts A Rent Good Books for Your Leisure Reading Missals, Prayer Books, Bibles, Rosaries, Medals De Sales Catholic Library and Book Shop W. 707 Sprague- ln Graham's Store- R. 1664 BOB ALBRICH BOB ALEXANDER IOI-IN AUGHNEY GEORGE BARTA DAVE BAUGH LOUIS BERTO KENT BRENNAN IIM BROWN FRANK CURRAN CHUCK CUTZ LARRY DETTRICH BOB DUFFY KEN EGERMAN KEN EMERT ANDY FERRERA DAVE FRAWLEY FRANK GRIFFITH CHUCK HENNESSEY WILLY HOEE IOE KINGSOLVER MIKE LAKE TOM MCCLOSKEY BILL MEYER DON MUZATKO ROD POTrs BOB PULLIN IIM SANTORA WALT SCI-IMIDT ED SCHOENBERG LARRY SMITH ICE SONTGERATH BOB TANKSLEY ERNIE THIBAUT THOMAS VINNEAU BILLY CYRIL IERRY WALLIS IOE WEITENSTEINER LEE WILKINSON FR. IOHN COUGHLIN, S. I. Moderator Congratulations 14 7 PHONE MAIN 1672 on MAIN 2882 E " 'fS:fHt ,E A I f ARKET WHOLESALE OCEAN FRESH FISH - CRABS - OYSTERS SMOKED KIFPERED SALT AND PICKLED FISH A SPECIALTY W. 609 MAIN AvE. SPOKANE. WAsH. Artistic Iron orks LIGHT STRUCTURAL STEEL FIRE ESCAPES and STAIRS ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS E. 29 Mongomery G. 4493 Athletic Supplies Sold by Athletes LETTE'RMAN SWEATERS GONZAGA TEE SHIRTS SPECIALISTS IN ATHLETIC SHOES S. 11 Howard Riv. 2127 id SPORTING oooos co. Dance Instructions Are you deslrous of obtaining strictly private dancing lessons? If so, why not enroll for .such a course at MlCHELE'S where all partrons are ac- orded lndlvldual rooms and instructors. The cost is no more and the results much more gratifying. Appointments from 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. for Private Instruction. Studios 5th Floor, Ziegler Building Riverside at Howard Cmichele SCHOOL OF DANCING MAIN 6787 Glnmplimrntz The Davenport I-lotel "One of America's Exceptional Hotels" W. 807 Sprague Main ZIZI Sporting Goods Bike Repairing ana' Accessories Greeting Cards Gifts Model Aircraft and Supplies N eill's Sport Shop S. 1424 Bernard Street Lumber and Building Materials for Your H 0 M E "One Piece or a Track Load" E. C. Clson Lumber Co. Glen 1646 "The Home of Quality Home Furnishings" Symmes Furniture 119 N. Post R. 2275 ir Best Wishes Arthur Schulein 725 Riverside 'A' -lv-4C?2f?3P--4b What Every Student Should Know The average residential customer of The Washington Water Power Company pays less than 1-he per kilowatt hour for electric service! This is LESS THAN HALF the national average! 1lP--4lQjXQUlP-i4IP The Washington Water Power Company Your fellow-citizen of the Inland Empire Nelson jewelers extend to you all "Congratulations" for the successful completion of your course of study. We hope some day you will give us the opportunity of serving you. We know you will be pleased with the high quality and low cost of our products. C2007 skim pliffdlfd W. 408 Riverside Spokane, Washington Compliments of the Ridpath Hotel Residential Hotel Sr Hotel Apartments W. 514-1st Main 4206 Symons Beaut Bar Expert Cold Waving Complete Beauty Service Thelma CIink's Symons Beauty Bar 223 Symons Bldg. M. 5695 Same Floor as KXLY W. Congratulations and Best of Luck Grads of ,47 Park Inn 103-9th Riv. 9253 CU GR TUL T10 4' TO GONZAGA HIGH 1947 GRADUATES 'lotta' Will be happy to welcome you to college life Summer Session-June 20, August 2 Fall Semester Begins September 8 for Freshmen Regular Classes Start September 15 Liberal Arts Pre-Medical Education Pre-Dental COURSES INCLUDE g Music Law For Veterans-Special Assistance and 1 Accreditation for Military Work ' ..f Az- ,. ae- "5 - . . M .,,,,. -1:5 1 Cf-fra. -,Qs :.:.::gc, :-z. ,j:,:--xr..-. moo. Engineering Civil Chemical Electrical Mechanical e V- "" 1' ,,,, i ...... , ,, Q re . .-111,111-.:,::,:.:::::-:,:,1:1-fz:-3511-:-:-1-1--r,:::,:, ::,:,f::--. :-,:5,:, 1:, 5: iff, 1 2:51 1521-.2 131,11 :,1g:51::3:3:g::::1::5:::: ---- ' g:::,:::,:5,: .5,:, 15:9 .:,g,,.. 5,33'.:q-'-:-,..:,.:5 gil - igiwfizig giiisig gigigigif 5222235- Eff' 22555 25232 ff 233. 15352 f-13fT'iff11?f'- figs SZEESEEEESSESE. E53 gggi?5i??5f5f? fi-251521532138 4 5552555 .552 53 gfgaisg gzgegzff - ' zieifiiisi fi,-3 , ,zfgfliggf giant... 2522522255523Esizisiisfsiai 135 'g51QsQ5Q5gsQ5.a:1 fgrgfg 'g5:55:5255,55552225-gg'g,gga',-g::' .'r.. sag " . 532' .,. 3 ,4.,-,- , 1:35 ,L ff ---- ff-ff I ---. :.x:,4 , zviQ -a. : ,. .tiff ' - .-.-,-. - - -,-. . . .... sg tai-KQ.g63g538 e 2 !5g 2.3.5 , -::1:::,::i - -'-" 'ii tlfiifif 5:1 '5I'i,' ,f f r- 1' ii i' . 5352? 5i5:5:5:5f5:5:5:5' 'iiffff ' "'3??fiE3E5i5fi353l5if 5f5i":5:f'-'-.- 1fri:I:359Q.:33T3l:1:155i5f "'i"' '1 '553?55255325555555535555ii555555555555fi?5i555i5f55?I5I5f5f?15:.ffm ii: - 4-a w :-: f'f'Ffi: -"- ' 5:i5i5: 4532355559: .,.. S 2525252521 252522222 2525ifi252iEi2525if2iiiE525Eiif2ES22E22EEi5QE2EE525E5iiiEEE552555ifQ522552525iiiEQfi5EffQifE52525ifQEQfifQf522EQii5Q555EliEQli5E5E5E5ifEiiiE5ifEiifEi23Eii5iiii2iiEiii 5E52if5ffi?255?E555Eii555fi55525fiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiifii " " " ""' " """ """" ' i H2 ,,,,,,,,, 2 ...,,t,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,N ,.,,,.,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,. Gonzaga's Proposed New Engineering Building I ROY COOK Electric Smith, Inc. Electric Wiring DRUGGIST Post Atmm G. E. Appliances Ph M 3557 Spokane 8, Wash. E Sp 2 R 44 Riverside Warehouse , For Agricultural Implements Inc. See Commercial and Household Accounts STORAGE and CARTAGE Calkins Mfg. Co. Ph ne: R- 8063 E. 41 Gray A N 1102 Atlantic B. 0663 PHONE B. 1604 f-s,.f"'Nf'Rs,f-'Nl f-X3 E. 130 MISSION AVE. 'I 1 M TWQDYD l l mmsiris so LA U N D RY 14 u . ,. nu Ill' p . 1 1' 11' IIIMII A N D CLEANER num. sv wsslou Ave Q L. S. ROTHWELL ROBERT L. ROTHWELL SPOKANE 13, WASH. Hotel Halliday Congfgiflflfiissto the BARBER SHOP from STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN NO EXCUSES STUDENTS WELCOME Sprague and St A h P hner, Pron. Spokane, Washingto Frank Pupo 86 Sons FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Ph M in 1686 W h M k Complzbnents of thc' Spokane Typesetting Company W. D. Frawley, Prop. S. 208 Wall R 6 9 Bulldog Cleaners 24-hr. Service P essing and Alterations 5N R336 A f Oph Th Compliments of CRAZY TRADER The Crazy One Wants Your Car- Money No Ob ject. The One Man Who Always Gives More Than He Promises THA DER Phone B. 0675 LUNZA Monroe and Broadway H d B Phone: B. 3760 514 N. Monroe Best Wishes CROSBY BROTHERS , I SPOKANE Maytag COMPANY Llndsey Food PLUMBING - HARDWARE and WASHING MACHINE - PICK-UP Bc REPAIR E. 33 12 Sprague SD km ,H S, Cm G C b G. 6 05 Paul C. Reding EAT AT 9 WATCH REPAIRING i S WHEN IT comes T0 EATING Main 3492 I-I Add , 319 Rookery Bldg. S 6 H S Edf Ha: It Spokane 8, Washington L k 4 58 G fl P I M d P Hi hSchoolSeniors,Graduafes... H 'I X 9 nvg5X1XOW ufQ Best Wishes Z0 the Graduating Cfass Of 1947 FRESH MILK Congratulations CREAM and I0 the ICE CREAM CLASS of ,47 Carnation Cgmpany Washnmgton Airways fF0rmerly Br0aduicwQ Flight Training - Charter Flights Phone Broadway 0364 ggiaifdwaghn Compliments Compliments Of Of , Kelly's Flowers Spokane Tltle Co. . Corsages a Specialty I. F. HUNT, Manager L k S72 E. 4 Sp g Congratulations CLASS of 1947 Les Critzer's MEN'S SHOP Headquarters for HWINTHROP SHOES,' W. 712 Sprague BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES FROM Gus Bouten Construction Co. GENERAL CONTRACTORS N. 216 Division Street Spokane 8, Washingt Main 1144 Ogsbury's Buster Brown Shoe Store Quality Footwear for the Whole Family W. 415 Riverside Spokane, Wash. D hman, Wash. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES Purple Sage Tavern H. S. GIMBLE INS. AGENCY See Us for Complete Insurance Service 730 W. SPRAGUE C. F. COVEY, Mgr. Phone: M. 2485 DEPARTMENT OF ANCHOR SECURITIES CO. BEST WISHES OF R. E. NELSON 86 CO. i STOCK BROKERS M g S t Wire I nd 13 in Member Spokane Stock Exchange Tl ph CS. Main 4297-8 M k t 416 HYDE BUILDING - SPOKANE, WASHINGTON B 'I TCICWPC SP 91 ROY E NELSON Specialists in Norlhwesl Mining Securities A. I. BROWN CUMPLIMENTS and Best Wishes to The Graduating Class of 947 from JOEY'S TAVERN "Where Old Friends Meet" Roy Veltri N. 1226 Hamilton Manager in PAUL ARNOLD BUCK BAILEY IOE BUTZERIN DON GARIGEN TOM STATE IOE CAIN TONY CAFARO DAN CONNELL IACK DIONNE BUD HOWARD 1' 16551 mi5h125 'hr 011555 nf '47 I Miz Imam 130 IOHN SAECNER BOB KELLY DICK SPRAGUE IOHN MCBRIDE BILL DONAIS RAY TANKSLEY DICK TILLISCH WHIT SMITH IERRY LEHMAN LOUIE BAUMER MEL HARTMEIER IIM IOHNS IIM KELLY MARK KELLY TOM CLARK IERRY LASSELL BART MALONE MONTE WHELAN MIKE WELSH VIC VEDELACO BOB EGAN IOE LYNCH BOB MAGNIISON AL CHARLTON IIM LITTLE MERT NEUMANN DAVE PROCTOR DICK WERNER IIM POWERS OFFICERS MARK KELLY ......... .,..........I....,4 P RESIDENT BUCK BAILEY .,.,,,IIS. ,4..,.,., V ICE PRESIDENT AL CHARLTON .,......,,,SIIS ............. S ECRETARY IOE CAIN .....,.......4. ...,..II.4....,..,,.,.. T REASURER JOE LYNCH .4...I..........,.4..I...,.,............,,.....,,....I.... ....,I.. ...,....,...,.,....,........ ....,.,......4....,.,......... S E R GEANT-AT-ARMS Moderator: MR. LUCAS KREUZER, S. I. The Future Is for Those Who Prepare for It. Compliments Prepare Yours With Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co. of QQ 9, I B 8 G H. D. Hod ELLER I A Grocery gency E. Burner L. Gugler and Associates cownem IAMES H. ANDERSON t B. B. BACHARACH I. H. KUENNING "Ezferytl1ing in the Line of Foods" C. A. NEWTON k 627 O N B Bldg. R 7119 L 2029 E 3608 Sprague COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 LoU1s J. TONANI HARDWARE GUNS - FISHING TACKLE --SPORTING GOODS UNIVERSITY HARDWARE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - RADIOS N. 1209 HAMILTON STREET SPOKANE, WASHINGTON Phone G. 4683 f OFFICE SUPPLIES I if' 1 4? XB me fqillklmf Nia! School is a Business, and Business is a School OFFICE SUPPLIES are essential to both important fields. While you are in School as well as when you have graduated, we invite you to regularly visit our store and Printing Plant to ac- quaint yourselves with efficient Office Items and Printing. Ask us to show you National Accounting Records and Columnar Pads with "Eye-Ease" Paper, Office Furniture, Filing Supplies, Engineering Instruments, Brief Cases, Ring Books, Fountain Pens and Pencils, Desks Pads, Desk Lamps, and other TIME-SAVING BUSINESS TOOLS us: oun ' 8 LEEESS konAK 'Q Yom, NLM v smruonmsf PRINTERS -encsmvsns - TYPEWRITER FINISHING - -- orncz ' OUTFITTERS '- - IN SERWCE ' SIwIz.one,Uf ' TUNE 325-327 Riverside Phone Main 3361 326-328 Sprague oUR BUSINESS IS 'ro HELP YOUR BUSINESS COMPLIMENTS OF 0 G d' rzby W. 332W Riverside W' h O H. I. "Shine" McKenna ain 1 I G. U. '32 WE SFISIAUZE IN HUJNU UBIIILISTS PRESCRIPTIUNS ' EXGUSIVELYI We Duplicat B k L Our wn n m Op nt ver 20 Years' Experxence M 80 X fm 0 D . A',a 9 Ophh lmic Dispenser W. 418 Riv d 3026 E. 5th Ave. L. 1582 Compljmc-mfg Check our everyday low prices A I of b FREE DELIVERY MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY M, IZSI Howard and T Complzknenlir 0f H efmessgf Fzmem! H owe The Fern Candy Co. Phone: B. 2202 Night Phone: B. 2444 Pat McDougall Specializing in Heavy Pre-Heat and Portable Electric Welding and Emergency Breakdowns 1039 N. Division Spokane II, Washington CENTRAL Pre-Mix Concrete Concrete Ready to Pour Guaranteed Quality N. 805 Division Brdwy. 2155 Greetings, Friends! Rain Swapaw-Nam Mmm Ga. W. Q10 Sprague Ave DR. G. W. LOUGHLIN E. 3003 DIAMOND AVENUE SPOKANE 14, WASHINGTON SPOKANE 4, WASHINGTON GLENWOOD 5369 Spokane 8, Washington Phone: Main 3835 A 45 1 1 If I5 The Gonzaga Ballpaps 6176 Ll Home of Spokane's traditionally fine I BCYZ7' of dl TCZZ771 dining room-the Silver Grill . . . Noted 1 for good food . A i . friendly place to Bear 15 3 dine or to entertain . . . Private dining rooms for Bear for Selhng ' . . . Ph M. parties one 5191 Real Estate and Insurance C. E. Bear 86 Co. Realtors Insurance 218 Paulsen Bldg. M. 3359 COMPLIMENTS Geo. E. Brady C. L. Sampson OF - P. M. JACOY . AWNINGS l x""' since was ' 7' Retail and Wholesale . Canoes Ffadacfs Ol ill Inna!! 0 Magazines, Etc. . CO. . Candy V V,,,. 5POKANE.WA3H1 i . 405 Sprague AVC. i A Co-Partnership 3 I N. 318 Division St. M. 4233 TUXEDOS Complete outfit, including shirt, collar, ties and studs. Single or double-breasted styles ,S fAll sizesj, 152.50 and 253.50 "Worthy of Your Trust" Costumes for School Plays, Masquerades. Rodeos, Etc.. at ' Precise Prescription Service Low Rentals. We Ship Anywhere. Old National Bank Bldg- l Mi1ler-DerVant ' l A. c. Uptagmfri H. L. James : . li , h- IOI7 W. Riverside Main 6642 Phone M 2364 SP0 am: 8 was CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1947 Your Catholic Education Is a Priceless Heritage C Compliments Of KN IGHTS OF COLUMBUS With Every Best Wish to Th Class of '4 From Gamma Beta CGonzaga Boardersjl W l De Smet Hall Oflicers lst Scmcstcr 2nd Semester Mike Kostecka-Pres. Fred Price-Pres. Iim Browne-Vice-Pres. Norman Blashill-Vice-Pres. Fred Price-Sec.-Trcas. Iack Ringwood-Sec.-Trcas. Russell Schulz-Sgt.-at-Arms Robert Pendleton-Sgt.-at-Arms , Best Wishes to the , , , GMM! M1ss1on Dalry Lunch from "Where Quality Dotlz Endure and I Prices Are Demuren N' 7 Wan St' Main H73 I HAMILTON NEAR MISSION Congratulations and I Compliments to the . I Cl f ' Best Wlshes M 0 47 DC from . . Svphomofff of Umverslty Pharmacy Room N. 1230 HAMILTON Good Luck and Best Wishes to All the Grads from JUITMIG-Mimosa, IF rrs MADE OF PAPER ws HAVE IT 707-711 Sprague Ave. Spokane, Wash. KODAK FINISHING - ENLARGING - COPYING - COLORING - FRAMING SPOKANE FILM DEVELOPING Co. NEW AND LOVELY THINGS ARE ARRIVING DAILY 1 Drop in Anytime You Arc Mo!! Welrome GEORGE BELL Q I P O Box 128 S. 207 Howard St A Ph R de 0414 .. ' R . Ph R 46 9 Spokane, Wash. N' I Wall street . . Congratulations . W. Brlht Servlce Gonzaga Approved Clam. of ,47 Headlights Adjusting and From Great Western Fuel Co 2623 N' DIVISION ST E. 222 DeSmet B. 210 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1947 Wise 748 QUARTERBACK GM Congratulations to the Graduates from SAAD BROS. I I For ' I SPr0uSe'Re1tZ 86 CO' SHOES AND REPAIRING I I E- 1910 Sprague AVC- 702 Main Avenue Main 5479 I Y I Royal Men's Shop 414 RIVERSIDE AVE. Spokane, Wash. Compliments of I Of Oliver Zinkgraf I O WELL-DRILLING Q O CONTRACTOR E. 1606 Sharp Avc. Lakeview 4602 I I Compliments of PCLAR INN 5 A Place to Meet 0 0 C' P' H1 glns 1 Your Friends ' I 748 PEYTON BLDG. N. 1225 Division B. 2400 W ' I , QUALITY Sc THE RIGHT PRICE Wra1ght s Store on Sd! to 51.00 and up CORRECTLY FILLED PRESCRIPTIONS g Apparel Are Always Obtainable 0 Kitchenware at 0 Dinnerware . Lamp MILLER 86 FELT 0 M' . . , Prescriptions ' VM, Om. pe, Shop 2M N. Howard Riverside 4179 Main and Wall Riv. 5442 just North of Sprague on Howard MT. SPOKANE IN MIDWINTER By L. G. NUMBERS Wishing the Graduates the Peak of Success in Future Years : Q . u- rt tudio 621 Zukor Bldg. Spokane, Washington qimfmerly Jamieson BIdg.b Congratulations I Parrish's Flowers and Best Wishes it Fine Flowers - Moderately Priced "The Family Store" R it W 8 65 A RIVERSIDE AT LINCOLN 475 I 2 pr g Congratuliztionx D I to the Class of 1947 Duthle Seed Co. fm , 501 MAIN AVENUE MOSS Sporting R. W. NEVILLE, Mgr. Goods Spokane, Wash. I ' WORK GLOVES . W. 45 Riverside Phone: M. 356 vA?,v .LEd-.4 T L - B i . BEST WISHES est Wzshes - to the Clase of 1947 gf l from V Spolqanefv Pioneer Fuel Merkle,s Bakery Mfffhfmff More than 50 years caring for Spokane's fuel needs COAL C2055 4 WOOD 1 FUEL OIL LINK-BELT STOKERS 3 " D DIAMOND , Ice 86 Fuel Co. W- 528 IHfli3Ik B d Y 5 31 N. 74 Division ii Broad y 57 - M ' L Serving zhe People of the i Compliments OKANOGAN VALLEY I f and the 0 CHELAN VALLEY With Elficicncy and Comfort w w Okanogan Valley PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. BUS LINES N. 226 Division I VV. 429 First Ave. Main 6465 Thomas R. E. Berry, Manager -L F -- - ' mt Union Iron W orks 53 SPOKANE sub to 1 FULL STOCK OF: I 'I :wifi msn, Sh s,Pl ,B ,Sh ,D'llS l, ' l CCI 3531lov3rStran2:ip?VirerRop5eC. R. Shafting and Comphmcnu l Transmission, Boiler Tubes and Pipe of Mining, Milling 8: Sawmill Machinery, Boiler Shop, i d',Mh' Sh,S lSlTk 1 Foun ry IIC iznred Page vggxritura tee an 1 CO. ESTABLISHED 1890 S. 120 Howard St. M. 5397 i CM W I -M 'Q 1 A - 2 Brownson Motor Co. 1 Best Wlshcs to 1 Class of ,47 DODGE AND PLYMOUTH E 2 1 Adams Tractor Co. 4 Best inofsenjice I Ford Tractors, Ferguson System, V ! I Iflfheellcss Implementx 5 DiShmHl'l Xvalnuf 1545 I E. 1602 Trent Spokane 15, Wash. I I - . m ...- . KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES SPrguSe.ReitZ CQ, STETSON HATS 5c - IOC - ISC .Store ARROW SHIRTS I , SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1 1 7 o1'E1v UNTIL 6:30 FOR YOUR FOGELQUIST S C,,NVEN,ENCE 5 COFIICI' Sprague Hl'1Cl I'IOW3l'Cl U HAMILTON NEAR MISSION I L -. You Can Cbtain The Pr TI-IE BLUE The Fw Hot Lunches - 4 We Appreciate MR. and N Besirgjjshes E GRAD S OF 4 Jacobsens From Bakery Squirt Maizfaf in ,he M, W Devil Dog MILK - - - f x ICE CREAM lf 1 Q image X N Arqaen .45 FARMS co. Jets On These Pages - WHITE INN ceries - Candies 'our Patronage I . I A. RYAN PCPS1-C013 ICOMEIMENTS Erin CLASS OF '47 the NEHI IZCATTLING Q Spot Botiicrffal Crown Cola . PAR-'aii'-PAK Western Bottling Co SPOKANE, WASH. W Sales I C0 Compliments of Rc-frxgera and Air Conditi ,, of COMMERCIAL REFRIGERAHQN A Friend of Gonzaga COMPANY M. 3753 123 E. grd L l Compliments of Spokane's Cnly All The Model Cafe , , . fUnder Knights of Columbus Hallj W.7I4 Spr g A ue Q Pharmaclsts ' C r 1 t Y Tombarl Food Ongfa U a CS Ou arket EART 8 DILATUSH GEO. S. ALLEN, Owner PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS The Very Best Goods . ,,,A,. w , , at N sftvrus Slh Mai SPOKA owes! Possible Prffe OPEN EVENINGS L k " 2290 S. 825P 59 H.. , , , .:.. , , avenport Hotel I Spokane, Wn. Ph Compliments of Kaufer's George Elmer Brown THE CATHOLIC STORE Attorney 7 Monroe St. Phone: M. 4758 N 5202 Market Street Spokane Fish Co. l. lf. MGGUVGHI-C3II0ll 00. WHOLESALE 6 4 P 5 Bldi, dway I24I W. 924 Mallon M 334 . . Compliments Choice Fruit and of Vegetables Groceries - Meats - Delicatessen Fresh Frosted Foods Rowles Grocery Spokane 8, Washington Owned and Operaterl by H. E. MORRIS one: Main 3393 605 Sprague Av BOYLE FUEL CD. N. 1014 Division Y 1 B J PHONE BROADWAY 1 121 SUCK Q9 BUSKIINI N f X! ? XX I GCDNZAGA I-HG!-I SCI-IOOI. Rube's Smoke Shop 109 NORTH HOWARD P R Cigars - Pipes - Smoker's Novelties Whitman's Candies co- N. 215 POST Compliments T of S C "The Easiest Place in Town i to Buy Furniture" W. 412 RIVERSIDE i - COMPLIMENTS OF DODQONS C O K. C Qls0ffD S2125 gswafiy fom 60 wean The VLQVCIVISVLQS or glvls gunna! were produced by the I dvpolane :Emerica 61fLg1"l117l1'Lg QC. CHRONICLE BUILDING S k XX! h l - W 0 Best W1ShCS I o t e ra uates l FURNITURE CG. of 1947 i from Complete Home Furnishers , 4 Burgan s E 5109 N. Market G. 5456 N. II2O Division B. o 86 Compliments CONGRATULATIONS TO ' Of THE CLASS OF '47 MARCEL VERCRUYSSE AND I GEORGE LAGAE from Room 248 l f 4 O l DHVQIIIIOPI Hotel Home of "Ripple's Cripple!" l Buy- WI!! uv! I a I 5 cerwflfnp l pRWT'Nc" ' - I D X x x A R We Specialize in l I BRAND Club Dance Programs, Tickets, and Dodgers l M x x x FROM YOUR FRIENDLY Dyer Printing Co l RED Sf WHITE GROCER Commercial Printing l HE IS YOUR NEIGHBOR N 4 S. Howard Riv. 0 6 Qlnmplimrniz in Ihr ' W Qllzwz nf 47 Zluninr linnm 133 Left to right, first row: Bob Sweeney, Don Boisen, Bill Davix, justin Seipp. Second row: Frank Cronin, Bob Codd, and Ray Schulte. Missing: Bud Neumann. ROBERT ATKINSON DONALD BOISEN, SGT.-AT-ARMS, ISK SEM. EDWARD CAEEREY GEORGE CLINK ROBERT CODD, PRES., ISI SEM. NED CONLEY FRANK CRONIN, TREAS., ISI AND 2nd SEM. EDWARD DAHY RICHARD DAVEY WILLIAM DAVIS, PRES., 2nd SEM. WALTER DEVLIN . LEO F EIL IAMES GANNON DONALD GOLOB IOHN GOWANLOCK ARMAND GAUTHIER CHARLES HOPKINS IAMES HUTTON REGIS KING RICHARD KNOPP RICHARD KROETCH WILLIAM LANDREVILLE DONALD MANSON EDWARD MCTIGHE BUD NEUIMANN, SEC., 2nd SEM. PHIL PHLEGER RICHARD PORTER WILLIAM RALPH ION ROSE RALPH SCHOENBERG RAY SCHULTE, SEC., ISI SEM., SGT.-AT-ARMS, 2nd SEM., IUSTIN SEIPI1, VICE-PRES., 2nd SEM LEN SITTER NEIL STACH ROBERT SWEENEY, VICE-PRES., 2nd SEM.

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