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i I I 5 u 1 f v X Q 5 . F 4 5 UR V ., , 5 5 ' J .1Ea',?, 'fpqg 3 - 5 " I Isl' N Q.: 2' in IFZK. 1 1.5551 , 45.2, V:-ff? 4 .Qu - P Tiff ,A3.V!,f . . 'A 1 1 4 rw Ve M v 'glib -1 r '55 N . .fkfgi Q' E . The ineteen orty:Sz'x LUIGIA Annual Publication of the Associated Students of Gonzaga High School QJVCD JOSEPH LAWN Editor-in-Chief FRANCIS YUSE Advertising Mgr. QJVE Gonzaga High School SPOKANE, WASHINGTON farewor '69 NCE again The LUlGlAN has endeavored To preserve Tor iTs readers The sTory of a year aT Gonzaga High School. While The Task of gaThering and preparing The maTerial Tor The Tollovving pages was by no means an easy one, The sTaTT was conTinually hearTened by The feeling ThaT a Truly memorable year was in The making. CerTainly no year has seen Gonzaga excel so consisTenTly in boTh academic and aThleTic compeTiTion. The pasT year has also seen The reTurn of several Gonzaga Tradi- Tions which The sTress of war had caused To be inTerrupTed. This year marks The eighTieTh aniversary of The TirsT JesuiT insTiTuTion in Spokane. EighTy years of self-sacrificing service To The people of Spokane-such is The record of FaTher CaTaldo and his .lesuiT successors. The sToTT is proud To commemoraTe in This issue The highlighTs of Those Tourscore evenTTul years. ...4- - De iica ion ONZAGA has never considered ThaT her place in The edu- caTional world depended upon up-To-daTe buildings and a spacious campus. Her repufafion resTs on Things less Tangible buf more essential and enduring. AT The same Time she is noT blind To The needs ThaT The passage of Time and The progress of a communiTy can creaTe. And so iT is ThaT sTudenTs and Teachers alike have for The pasT few years cherished The dream of a new Gonzaga High School. Now, Thanks To Gonzaga's many friends and supporTers, ThaT dream appears on The verge of realizaTion. Vvould ThaT space permiTTed The inscripfion of each of Their names. We refer es- pecially To The CaTholic Clergy and l.aiTy of Spokane. And iT is To Them, in whose conTinued cooperaTion and generosiTy The fufure of Gonzaga largely resTs, ThaT vve, sTudenTs of Gonzaga, appreciaTively dedicaTe The 1946 LUIGIAN. -5- ST. MICHAEL'S MISSION JusT eighT-one years ago, when The IVIeTropolis of The In- land Empire was only an Indian village, FaTher Joseph CaTaIdo a young ITalian JesuiT, came To pay a visiT To The Spokane Indians. Persuaded of Their desire To have a blackrobe remain among Them, he reTurned The following year To build a IiTTIe log chapel on Peone Prairie, The siTe of Their main camp. This marked The beginning of CaThoIic worship in Spokane and was The firsT of many JesuiT esTablishmenTs ThaT were To follow. -6- 1 I ww x xx xxx X X Xxx X x I f,f f If ' ffff X X xx: xxXxN f N XX xXx Z , Z 1 j g xx X Z Z. I I I X I x I ' I I f f X N X XX I I I I 1 f x X X XXX X I I I ll X ff f X X X XX I I I I I lf X x XXI I ff! f f x X X X X I I I f X Xxxxxxx IX II! ff! f W x XxXXXXX X XXXX XXX XXII I Ill, fflflll ff!! ff ff 6 N N X IIXI'IIIl,ff f f f X X X X XXI I 1 f I f X Z Z x I , f X f XX Xxxx Xblx Xlxxx ,ff 1 X Z x X XX xx ,1 S, Kxlxbtix fjxxift xsxxxfxi X x ',' if I' ii 'fx XXX-5"'-'viii ' 'f 11 A 1 ,ff :T ,,L,..,.N ampfiepggs j , 1 XI .-'I:ff"fpf:2s- - -Qi?-1 - 116- X.. L , M i ,.,... ,f H--ft V -I ' - 4-,filj ' qv "", X X - 'SQ - XX X I FAEIIMLJITY Rev. Francis E. Corkery, S. J. President ot Gonzaga University and Fr. Gerald McDonald, S. J. Fr. Mathias Wilhelm, S, J. l'llQlW School Principal ot Gonzaga High School Vice President of Gonzaga Fr. Francis Harrington, S. J. Vice Principal ot Gonzaga High School, Pretect of Resident Students, Religion g Fr. Patrick Joye, S. J. Latin, Religion l -8- University and High School Fr. Donald McDonald, S. J Student Advisor, Religion, Typing Fr. Francis Blaes, S. J. Latin, Religion, French Fr. John Coughlin, S. J. Latin, Religion, English, History, Class Teacher Fr. Harry Jahn, S. J. Bookkeeping, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Faculty Moderator ot Athletics Fr. James Hurley, S. J. English, History, Religion, Latin, Class Teacher Fr. Ronald Herron, S. J. Religion, English, Journalism, "Gonzagan" Advisor 2nd Sem. Mr. Louis Gaffney, S. J. Latin, Religion, History, Geometry, English, Class Teacher I Fr. Timothy Glancey, S. J. Latin, English, History, Class Teacher Fr. Patrick Conway, S. J. Latin, Religion, History, Fr. Peter O'Grady, S. J. English, Spanish, Religion Mr. Ralph McGough, S. J. Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Physics, Assistant Pretect ot Resident Students Mr, Joseph Kelly, S. J. Book Store, Pretect Mr. Lucas Kreuzer, S. J. Latin, Greelk, Religion, Moderator ot Sock ancl Buskin Mr. Daniel Lyons, S. J. Sociology, American History and Government, Moderator of Debating Society, Assistant Pretect ot Resident Students Mr. Michael McHugh, S. J. English, Religion, Moderator of Knights ot Altar, Coach of x Freshman Athletics Mr. Louis Haven, S. J. English, Religion, Journalism, "Gonzagan" Advisor lst Sem. A Mr. Aleck Ripple History, English, Geometry, Algebra Mr. Victor Zehnder, S. J. Chemistry, Religion, Assistant Pretect of Resident Students Mr. Howard Moran, S. J. Algebra, Assistant Faculty Moderator of Athletics Mr. Richard Sisk, S. J. American History and Government, "Luigian" Advisor Mr. William Frazier Director ot Athletics, Head Coach Football, Basketball, Baseball, Physical Ed. Instructor, Plane Geometry Mr. Richard McGinn Music Instructor, Director of Band SliLildQiUl Body Officers Joseph Lovin Dave Reardon Vice Presidenf isi Sem. Vice President 2nd Sem. Bob Casey Don Niehaus Treasurer lsr Sem. L Treasurer 2nd Sem. .-'Il-. Paf Sweeney President ist ond 2nd Sem. Mike Cronin Secrefory isr ond 2nd Sem. Bob Codd Freshman Consulfor isr ond 2nd Sem. OUR LADY OF LOURDES Father Cataldo and his Jesuit contreres found a new field tor their zeal when the whites loegan to settle Spokane Falls. ln i881 a blacksmith shop was converted into a temporary church. Five years later Spokane Catholics celebrated the dedication ot Our Lady ot Lourdes church. Built by Father Aloysius Jaquet, S. J., the church was located on Main and Bernard, where part of the original building still stands. The blacksmith shop became St. Ignatius Preparatory School, the forerunner of Gonzaga High School. w SQ Q I I ' f Q X x XX 3 If 1 f f x x lx X Q I f f f X N X X X X x f 1 f , ,f f X X X x X n I I f X xx X x 1 K ' I I f .I f 7 X X X X , X 1 I X X f X X XXxNxXX."lfffffff X xxx Xxxxxxxxxxklllffff, fffff x xxx 'N XX NX xx X1 X f X Z 1 xx XXX xxx, XXX X ffffxf ff g XX , X NX xx 1 1 Z ff ,xxxx xxxxxx ,ffzxf -1'-'-,. x,xNss jixxil :,- ' If-1-1 Q f- f 'jiifiil' 5 1515 XXX Zf ,' f 1 x X X xx X f',f f f .x X X X I xg f I f ' ,z Z X ff If 1 1 1 Z ' f 1 gli ifYf?fQy ff X If 44 , . - fi Y: Y ff' QA- ' 4 A -,sd Y A A V - 'W --V ' 'rr 5 ji . A - V ry , -rrrff' f - 4 ' . . ,T + ff.-1' ., if? q '5iKt?f,,n..4 "uf L x K in , 'i f j fa ' N f Y if - A i y u- :: q.ei2'?!f', - "'Zf" 1 '- ,- ,HI "fl 2 - ' ' ' f 5-', K' , I' V LJ lui 7 '::,-I G ' f ' -H , g if5iiilllfmlllflllUllflllllllllllllufllf ' N ,.-1 f?ff ' Z 4 ?XlZ!l!A74QIXf 111711111 ff .fa ff, , - MIMZTYT Y f, 45 fr 3-gg ffgf P G: - J- 5 -""" amass -13- i ULASS 9 SENIOR OFFICERS-Left To right: Horry Sondeil, Secreforyg Ari' Sonfgeroih Sergeant-or-arms, Mike Cronin, President, Dove Reardon, Vice President Mor rie Gruber, Treasurer. ' RAYMOND ALFRED ANKER- 9 DANIEL JAMES AUGHNEY- ' HOWARD BENNETT-"Ben" 9 EUGENE EDWARD BOSCH- SON--"Great Dane"-Scientific "Dina-miie Dan"- Scieniific- -General-Sodolity ig Class Of- "Gene"-Scientific-Minor Foof- -Closs Officer 2, Minor Foot- Honor Roll 2, Dromotics 4, Hik- ficer I, Hiking Ciub 2, Gon- bull I. boil T. ing Club 2, 3, Tennis 3, 4. zogon 4. -14- ' WILFRED L. BROWN--"Wilf" ' ROBERT EUGENE CASEY - -Scientific-Honor Roll, Trans- "Bone"-General-Honor Roll l, ferred from Central High, Dick- 4, Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Student inson, N. D. Body Officer 4, Sodality l, Minor Baseball l, Football 3, Baseball 4. 5 MICHAEL JOSEPH CRONIN- "Mike"-Classical--Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Sodality l, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Student Body Officer 4, Dramatics 4, Luigian 4, Senior Class Pres., Class Of- ficer I, 2, 3, 4, Minor Basketball l, Minor Baseball l, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4. . PETER l. DE ROETTH-"Pete" -Classical-Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Sodality l, State Champ De- bate Team 4, Debate 3, 4, Gon- zagan 2, 3, Junior Scholastic Gold Medal 2, Senior Scholas- tic Gold Medal 3, Leash 4, Ten- nis 4.' ' ROBERT LEE CROTEAU - "Rapid Robert"-Scientific-Hom or Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating 4, Hiking Club 2, 3. 9 MARK LEO DERR-"Hoibie"- Honor Roll l, 2, 3, Luigian 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 4, Class Officer 2, Gonzagan 3, Minor Baseball, Football, Basketball, Football 2, 3, 4. -15 ' PATRICK ERNEST CHURCH- 9 CHARLES R. CHURCHILL -- "Pat"-Scientific-Honor Roll i, "Chas."-Scientific-Dramatics 3, Sodality l, Gonzagan l, 2. Hiking' Club i, 2, 3, Officer 3, Sodality l, Elocution 3. ' ANTHONY CULJAK - ' JAMES WESLEY CURRAN - "Dutch"-General-Gamma Beta 4, Officer 4, Transfererd from Renton High, Renton, Wash. ' ALFRED EMETT DEVINY-"Al" -General-"G" Club 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Minor Football l. "Happy" - Scientific - Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Luigian 3, S0- dality l, Minor Football, Basket- ball, Baseball, Football 4, Bas- ketball 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Golf i, Ski Club l, 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4. ' JAMES ANTHONY DICKESON -"Nob"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Hiking Club 3, Gon- zagan 4, Glee Club 2. 9 EUGENE JAMES DOLAN - ' RICHARD E. DULLANTY - U PHILIP W. DUMONT - "Ca- ' VINCENT P. ELBERT-"Vince" "Buttercup"-Scientific-Track I, "Skin"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, nuck"-General-Gamma Beta 4, - Scientific - K.O.A. I, 2, 3, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3. 4, Debating 4, Track 3, 4. Transferred from Vancouver Col- Minor Football. lege, Canada. 9 CHARLES THOMAS ELLER- "Long Tom" - Scientific-Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4. ' ROBERT E. FITZPATRICK - "Fitz"4Scientific-"G" Club 4, Leash 4, Sodality I, 2, Luigian 3, Minor Basketball I, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, Gon- zagan 3, Class Officer I, 2, 3. . ROBERT P. ELLSWORTH - "Bob"-Scientific-Honor Roll 4, Gamma Beta 4, Transferred from Twin Falls, Idaho. 0 THOMAS STEPHEN FOLEY- "Senator"-ClassicaIAHonor Roll I, 2, Gonzagan 2, 3, Debate 2, 3, 4, State Champ Debate Team 4, Ist Place State Tuberculosis Connest 3, Ist Place State Ex- temporaneous Contest 4, Sodal- ity I. 9 RICHARD A. FIFE-f'Dick"- Scientific-"G" Club 2, 3, 4, K.O.A. I, 2, 3, Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4. 0 FELIX C. FUNKE-"Chuck"- General-Honor Roll 4, Gamma Beta 4, Transferred from Lewis- ton, Idaho. -16- ' JOSE MIGUEL ESCOVAR - "Amigo" - General-Tra nsferredi from San Jose, Medellin, Colum- bio. 9 WILLIAM L. GAGE-"BiIl"- Honor Classical-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Elocution 4, Tennis 2, 4, Golf I, 2, Minor Baseball, Vale- dictorian. 9 JOHN BERNARD GOODRICH - "Goody" - Honor Classical- Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Sodality I, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 4, Class Officer 2, Gonzagan 2, 3, 4, Luigian 3, Elocution 2, Dramatics 4, Debating 3, 4, K.O.A. 4, Track I, Minor Football I, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4. 9 JERRY D. HASTINGS- "DuIch"-General-Class Officer 2, Minor Football I, 2, 3. 9 JOHN PATRICK GRAY-"Pat" 9 LEONARD JAMES GREELEY- 9 RICHARD MORRIE GRUBER -Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, So- dality I, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Hiking Club 2, 3, Minor Football I, Minor Baseball. 9 THOMAS FRANCIS HEALY- "Tom"-Classical-Honor Roll 3, Band 3, 4, Transferred from Butte Central, Butte, Monf. "Horace"-Scientific-''G" Club 4, Class Officer I, 4, Sodality I, Minor Football I, Track I, Foot- ball 4. 9 RICHARD LLOYD HJELT- "Lucky"-Scientific - Honor Roll I, 2, 3. -"Moe"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Gonzagan I, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Officer, Foot' ball 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4. 9 LAWRENCE E. HOWARD - "Snuffy"-GeneraI-K.O.A. I, 2, 3, Band 2, Sodality I, Tennis I, 2. 9 DONALD E. JOHNSTON - 9 RAYMOND JURDY-"Irish" - 9 THOMAS STEPHEN KREUTZ- "Don"-General-Gamma Beta General-Tennis 2, Transferred "Tom"-General-Honor Roll I, 3, Transferred from Academy of from Academy of l.H.M., Coeur 2, 3, 4. I.H.M., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. d'Alene, Idaho. -17- 9 JOSEPH JUSTIN LAVIN - "Joe"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Luigian 3, 4, Ed. 4, Class Of- ficer I, 2, 3, Student Body Of- ficer 4, Sodalitv I, Minor Foot- ball I, Football 2, 3, 4, Minor Basketball I, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Minor Baseball I, Track 2, 3, 4. 9 BERNARD JOSEPH LENOUE- "Ben"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Elocution I, Sodality I, Hiking Club I, Loyola High, Cali- fornia 2, Gonzagan 3, Class Of- ficer 3, K.O.A. 3, 4, Leash 4, HG" Club 4, Luigian 4, Minor Football I, Football 4, Track I, 3. 9 THOMAS D. MCLAUGHLIN- "Showboat" - General - "G" Club 3, 4, Dramatics I, 2, So- dality I, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Gonzaga I, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Minor Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Golf 2. 9 JOHN THOMAS LIEN-"Hon- est John"-Classical-Honor Roll 2, Gamma Beta 2, 3, 4, Gon- zagan 3, 4, Glee Club 4, K.O.A. 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, Transferred from Gresham High, Portland, Ore. 9 WILLIAM FRANCIS MCLEOD -"Bill"-Scientific - Honor Roll I, 2, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Leash 3, 4, Sodality I, Class Officer I, 2, 3, Luigian 4, Athletic Man- ager Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Track 2, 3, 4. 9 JOSEPH Z, LYONNAIS - "Levi Kid"-Classical-Football 3. n 9 JOHN WALLACE McCABE - Mac"-General - Gamma Beta 3, 4, K.O.A. 3, Transferred from Great Falls High School, Great Falls, Mont. 9 ROBERT FRANCIS MERTENS 9 DAVID RICHARD MITCHELL - "Snetrem" - General - "G" --"Mitch"-General. Club 4, Football 2, 4, Minor Football I. 9 PATRICK MORRIS - "Pat"- 9 JOHN M. MORRISON- 9 DONALD LAWRENCE NIE- 9 ROBERT GEORGE NIXON- Scientific-Honor Roll I, 4. "Baldy" - Scientific - Gamma Beta 4, Transferred from Seat- tle Prep., Seattle, Wash. -I8 HAUS-"Swede" - Classical- Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 4, Leash 3, 4, K.o.A. 1, 3, 4, Student Body Officer 4, Class Officer I, 2, 3, Minor Football I, Football 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, Track 4. "Bob"-General. 9 EDGAR WARREN NORRIS- 9 PATRICK MURRAY NYMAN - 9 HARRY D. PUPO -"Pluto" - 9 PAUL P AT R I C K RABE - "Ed"-Classical-Honor Roll 3, "Pat"-General. General-Gamma Beta 4, Trans- "Rabbi"-Scientific-Ski Club 3, Gamma Beta 3, Leash 4, K,O.A. ferred from North Central High Sodality I, Minor Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Transferred School. 3, Minor Baseball I, Baseball 2, from Loyola, Baltimore. 3, 4: G0lf2:Tem1iS 4- 9 RICHARD PAUL RALPH - 9 HUBERT F. RANDALL - "Dick"-Scientific-Honor Roll 4, "Hube"-Scientific. Debate 4, Luigian 4, Transferred from Clork's Fork High Schoolv idaho. 9 JOSEPH D. RINGWOOD - 9 DAVID ROBINSON-"Pinoo "Joe"-Classical-Honor Roll I, chio"-Classical- Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, St. Joseph's Academy, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, Gonzagan 2, Sprague, Wash., I, Gamma Beta 3, 4, Editor 3, 4, Spokane Junior 2, 3, 4, Gonzagan 2, 3, 4, Class Press Club 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, Elocution 2, 3, Dra- Debating 3, 4, "G" Club 3, 4, matics 3, 4, Debate 4, Luigian Property Manager 3, Golf 2. 4, K.O.A. 2, 3, 4. 9 RICHARD DAVID REARDON - "Beans" - General - Senior Class Officer, Student Body Of- ficer 4, K.O.A. '4, Bond 4, oiee Club 4, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Soclality I, Minor Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball I, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Tennis 2, 4, Ski Club 3. 9 JAMES EVERETT ROONEY- "George"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Gonzagan 2, 3, 4, Lui- gian 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 4, Minor Foot- ball, Basketball, Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4. -19... 9 ERNEST ANTHONY RICHLIE -"Ernie"-GeneralAHonor Roll 2, 3, 4, K.O.A. 3, Transferred from Bethel High School, Bethel Oregon. 9 FRANCIS JOHN ROYCE - "John"-Scientific-Gonzagan I, 2, Luigian 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, K.O.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Debate I, Sodality I, HG" Club 4, Minor Football, Basketball, Property Manager 4. 9 HAROLD DAVID SANDELL- "Sandy"-Classical-Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Elocution 2, 3, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club l, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Body Officer 3, Class Of- ficer 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Of- ficer 4, Dramatics 4, Sodality l, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Boxing I, Football inspira- tional Award 4, Salufatorian. 5 THOMAS A. SAVAGE--"Tom" ' EDWARD CHARLES SCHAFER ' RONALD HENRY SCHENK - -Classical-Honor Roll l, 2, 3, - "Tiger" - Scientific -Hiking "Randall'-Classical-Honor Roll 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Track 3, 4. Club 2, 3, Sodality I. l, 2, 3, 4, Elocution l, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Basketball I. ' ROBERT J. SCHNEIDER - "Heinie"-General-Honor Roll 4, Gamma Beta 4, Transferred from Sheridan High, Sheridan, Mont. 5 KENNETH MARTIN SPILKER- "Ken"-General-Class Officer 'l. ' JOHN CHARLES SMITH - "Lumpy"-Scientific-Honor Roll 3, Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Dra- matics 3, 4, Soclality l, Class Officer 2, 3, Minor Football, Basketball, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. 9 VICTOR CRAIG STOLLE - "Lover" - Scientific-Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Leash 4, Debate 3, 4, State Champ Debate Team 4, Gonzagan 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Luigian 4, Class Officer l, Elo- cution 4, Sodality l, Minor Foot- ball, Golf 2, 3, 4. -20 ' JAMES A. SODERQUIST - "Honest Jim"-Classical-Debate 4, Elocution 4, Track 4, Golf 4. . JOSEPH EUGENE STROM- BERG-"Gene"--Classicol. 5 ARTHUR CONRAD SONTGE- RATH - "Connie'.f - Scientific - Honor Roll l, 3, Leash 3, 4, K.O. A. 3, 4, Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Dramatics 4. ' PHILIP PATRICK SWEENEY- "Nigga" - Honor Classical - Honor Roll l, Luigian 2, 3, 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Officer 4, K.O.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sodality l, Class Of- ficer I, 2, 3, 4, Student Body Officer 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 4, Minor Football, Basket- ball, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Minor Baseball, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4. ' ' HENRY JOHN SWOBODA- "Hank"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Luigian 3, 4, Gonzagan I, 3, 4, Sodcllity I, Band I, 2, 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, Junior Press Club 4, Minor Basketball, Football 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Golf 2. . RAYMOND ARTHUR TAVER- NIA-"Bones"-Scientific - Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality i, "G" Club 4, Gonzagan l, Minor Football l, Track l, 3, Football 2, 3, 4. 9 JOSEPH WILLIAM VERHEY- "Joey"-Scientific--Honor Roll 3, 4, K.O.A. 3, 4, Gamma Beta 3, 4, Transferred from Sunnyside High School, Sunnyside, Wash. 3 ANTHONY PATRICK VIA - "Tony"-Honor Classical-Honor Roll i, 2, 3, 4, Debate I, 2, 3, Gonzagan l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Sodality i, KOA 4. 9 JOHN CHARLES TAYLOR - "B. O. Plenty"-General-Gam ma Beta 3, 4, Transferred from Great Falls High School, Great Falls, Mont. ' GENE VICTOR VOGRIG - "Bim"-Scientific-Sodality I. 0 ALFRED E. TWOHY-"Light ning"-General-Minor Football and Basketball I. 5 DEXTER JOHN WALLIS - "WalIy"-Scientific-Ski Club 4. 9 KENNETH JOSEPH WALSH- 0 RUDOLPH J. WEINHANDL- ' ROBERT ARTHUR WELCH - ' ALEXANDER M. WEYAND- "KitteII"-GeneraI-Honor Roll 4, "Rudy"-Scientific-Honor Roll 3, "Bob"-General-Ski Club 3. "AI"-Scientific-Honor Roll 4, Gamma Beta 4, Transferred from 4, Journalism 3, 4, Luigian 4, Gamma Beta 3, 4, Gonzagan 4, Missoula High School, Missoula, "G" Club 3, 4, Track I, 3, 4, Transferred from Campion High, Mont. Minor Football. Wisc. -21 9 LYNN C. WHlTE-"Sparky"- ' FRANCIS WIEMAN-"Frank" . FRANCIS THEODORE YUSE- 9 CARL EDWARD ZINKGRAF- -Scientific-Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, -Scientific-Honor Roll l, 2, 3, "Nose"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, "Zink"-General-Hiking Club 2, Transferred from Rocky Mount 4, Class Officer l, K.O.A. 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, Luigian Ad-Mgr. 3, 4, 3 High, Rocky Mount, Va. Track I. Gonzagan 2, 3, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, Sodality I, Class Officer 4, Dramatics 4, Spokane Junior Press Club 3, Minor Football, Baseball, Football 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. hgli Senior Gallery of Greats l Most Popular .............,.. ,..... H arold Sandell Most Representative ...,.... ..,,,, P at Sweeney Most Capable ........,,,. .......,....... J oe Lavin Most Original ...... Most Congenial A..,,,. ,Most Optimistic ...,,,, Most Pessimistic ,e.,,.. Tom McLaughlin ,----c--,-Bob Casey --..-,,Jerry Hastings -,.,--,-,-Frank Yuse Most Literary ,,,,,............... ......, P ete De Roetth Most Likely to Succeeded A... ...,, , ,Pete De Roetth Most Versatile ..., , ..,,,.. ..,-- ....Ac,, Mike Cronin Most Scholarly ,s,,..,, ..,............ B ill Gage Most Persevering ,.,s,... .,..,,,s B ernard Lenoue Best Looking ,-,,.,. ............ J ack Smith Best Musician ,,o,.sssss..osso ,,,,,, H enry Swoboda Best Student Athlete ...t,,., ....,,,. H arold Sandell Best Businessman ,,.,,,,- .A,,....... C raig Stolle Best Comedian ,,,,.. Tom McLaughlin Best Actor ....... ..... Jack Smith Most Energetic ,,.,..... Most Dependable ,..,... Beau Brummel ....., Fastest Talker.--,.--. Smoothest Dancer--... Biggest Character ....... ,,Everett Rooney c-,--.Mike Cronin -s,--.Bob Croteau ,-.c,--Craig Stolle .. ,,..,.. Dave Reardon -s,,,,,Jack Curran 61441 X x .gli a'tt ',I'll ui U I' vw ' Q 0 Teas? Lili, he S un it nr ala COMPLETE NEWS COVERAGE BY WORLD PRESS I0+h YEAR-No. l2b SPOKANE, WASH., THURSDAYL MAY 3I, I956 NINORC EKIM, Ediior JURY Acouns HATCHET sugggcr WORK TO START AT ONCE Newly elected conmissioner of public safety, Jack Smith, an- nounced at yesterday's city' council nneting that his office plans to take inmediate action in remedying the poor condition of the roads in the Newman Lake districh In his address to the council Smith said that although no serious accidents have as yet resulted because of these poor roads it is about time that the city does something regarding their improvement. The city fathers also dis- cussed plans for forcing Dick "Lucky" Hjelt, proprieter of the South Side Billiard Parlor into moving his establishment away from the Jackson High School. It is believed that this move will discourage school offic- ials from granting students credits for playing pool. New Drug io be Topic of Discussion, LOS ANGELES, May 30. WIP!---W Dr. Felix Funke, chairman of the Doctors and Surgeons of the West Coast convention being held here throughout this week, announced today that one of the main topics of dis- cussion is going to be the fur- ther development of a new won- der drug which is believed will be helpful in the prevent- ing and curing of St. Vitus Dance. The drug which was perfect- ed by Dr. Frank Wieman of Tacoma is made essentially fran the bark of South American air- dales. own. Hillbillies 1 Evlcf Draft-Dodger' 1 SPRINGFIELD, Mo., May 31. WPI-1 Deputy Sheriff Jerry Hastings was mildly surprised yesterday afternoon when a shaggy haired man walked into his office and announced that he was tired of dodging the draft and was giv- ing himself up. The man who gave his name as Craig Stolle said that he hadi been living in the hillbilly village of Smokey Hollow far back in the Ozark Mountains! ever since he became eligible for Selective Service back in 1946. He said that he decided to give himself up after the' residents of Smokey Hollow had asked him to leave their com- munity a few weeks ago when they found out that he was a Republican. tolle, who confessed ignor- ance concerning the expiration of the draft law almost eight years ago, was given a cell in the county jail while the pro- per authorities are being no- tified about his case. I COMMISSIONER OUTLINES IMPROVEMENTS DecisiSQ.,,?oS'.i?b.f2ii?l. ,MJRDER TRIAL PACKS COURTROOM Senate Approves Huge Spending For Canal FORMER PHYSICIAN HEADS UNIVERSITY CHICAGO, May 81. IWPJ--The Uni- versity of Chicago chose DL Peter Dekcetth, who rose to the executive dean of the Chicago colleges of the University of Illinois, as president Wednes- cay. At 37 he is the youngest president in the University's history nHe has an outstanding re- cord of accomplishment in or- ganizational and administrative work and the highest of recom- mendations from his present and past colleagues," states Thomas Eller, Pres. of the board of regents Dr. DeRoetth, a graduate of Princeton received his D.D.T. and L.S.M.F.T. degrees there and after interneship at a Buf- falo hospital he practiced in Pittsburg. He was on the Princeton fac- ulty of medicine from 1952 to 1954. OH DEM BUMS Patrolmen Elbert and White received a call late last night to break up a fight at the Gra- vy Bowl Cafe on east Sprague Arrivin on the scene they' E found the cafe's manager Phil Dumont beating a customer over the head with a club sandwich following an argument over the prowess of the Brooklyn Dodgers The customer who gave his name as Don Johnston, Coeur d' Alene business man, was treated at the emergency hospital for scalp lacerations. Dumont was not held. WASHINGTON, Hay 31- WPI--The senate approved by a 65 to 31 vote a bill introduced by rep- resentative Dullanty IDem- Nash.D calling for a 2, 000, 000 dollar appropriation for the widening and general improve- nent of the Panama CanaL This decision on the part of the nation's law makers will do away with an expensive incon- venience which has been con- fronting the Navy Department since the closing months of World War I1 when modern batt- leships and carriers became too wide for the canal's locks This project which will begin sometime after July 1 will be under the direction of a group of the country's leading engin- eers under the direction of Benjamin J. Lenoue of Atlanta. N Schenk Eleciged To Head Fair SEATTLE, Hay 31. WPI--Ronald Schenk local jeweler was elect- ed president of the Seattle World's Fair in 1958, at a com- bined meeting of the city coun- cil men and members of thel, chamber of commerce held here last night. In addressing the men following his election Schenk said that within a few days he will announce the names of the men that will head the different co mittees in con- nection with the fair. He also said that although the site of the fair will not be decided definitely for another week or so the honor.of being the first to enter an exhibit for the ex- position goes to Bob Hertens and Eugene Stromberg, Wenatchee ranchers, who plan to sponsor a rare animal show to be conduc- ted by Dick Fife, famous breed- er of pedigree rabbits .. 23 .. Scientists Ta Try For Moon Again DENVER, May ao. :won--A small village on the slopes of Pikes Peak one hundred miles south- west of here holds the atten- tion of the world tonight as two scientists make last minute preparations for an intended non-stop flight to the moon' by rocket ship. Professor William Gage and his assistant Ed Norris will take off for the moon at 1 P. H. lMount. T.l tomorrow af- ternoon in their space ship "Gage's Gamble" and should cov- er the 239,000 miles separating the two planets in a little more than a week Both men told news reporters this morning that they are con- vinced that their venture into the stratosphere will be a suc- cess add, will certainly mark a new phase in the progress of mankind The scientists will wear special suits on their journey which can be alternately heated and cooled to correspond with the greatly varying day and night temperatures on the moon and which are weighted to make up for the lack of gravity there. The suits were designed by Pat Church of the General Electric laboratories Many people are in doubt as to the outcome of the flight in view of the fact that three men were killed when their space ship crashed while tak- ing off for just such a venture a little over a year ago in Kansas City Seventy-Five Acres Sold 'For Cemetery BAKERSFIELD, Calif. May 31. WPI The city council yesterday an- nounced the sale of Seventy- five acres of city owned land between here and Death Valley to Art Sontgerath, San Francis- co insurance man. Sontgerath plans to convert the land into one of the largest and most el- aborate cemeteries on the west icoast. The contract for laying out the cemetery has been awarded to the Neinhandl and Zinkgraf construction company of Los Angeles, California ACTOR FILES SUIT HOLLYWOOD, May 30. tVlPI--Char- acter actor Frank Yuse filed a suit in Federal Court today against radio comedians John Lien and Joe Lyonnais, charging them with defamation of char- acter through public ridicule Yuse is asking for 320,000 from the funny-men for refer- ring to him as "Buzzard Beak" wand "Nozzle Nose" on their radio program Monday night. A jury of six men and si! iwomen early this afternoon yvoted unanimously for the ac- quittal of Morrie Gruber in iconnection with the brutal thatchet slaying of two chickens at the Richlie and Ringwood ,Poultry Farm last April 1 1 The HNot Guiltyu verdict cane after the jury had been out ,only one hour and marked the uclose of one of Spokane's big- kest murder trials I Following the jury's decision prosecuting attorney Tom iFoley announced that his off- dce would review all of the ev- iidence of the case in the hope yof discovering some new clue 'that will eventually lead to tits solutiom . The defendant, plainly show- Hng signs of the great strain he has been under for the past month and a half, said as he ' as leaving the courtroom that me plans to take a lengthy va- kation before returning to his osition as purchasing agent Ear the Bennett, Bosh, and Brown corporation which owns gud operates a string of thicken diners throughout the 'Inland Empire. Upsand Downs Track Destroyed By Fire ARCADIA, Califrp Hay 30. IHPI --The Upsand Downs, fabulous race track owned by sportsmen Bob Fitzpatrick and Al Twohy was totally destroyed by fire late this afternoom The blaze, which broke out shortly after the park had been deserted by ten thousand fans who were on hand for today's running of the Brown derby caused an estimated damage of close to a million dollars Firemen are investigating a report that the fire may have been started by a uhot tipu in the fifth race. CUP GOES TO ROYCE NEW YORK, Hay 30. IWPl-,Croon- er John Royce today accepted Picturegoer Film Weekly's gold cup, awarded to him as the Bel- gian Congo's most popular Star in 1955. Royce was selected by ballot of the Ubangi witch doc- tors. Taxidermisf Charged Wi+I1 Embezzlemeni' TACOMA, May 31. TWPI--Raymond L. Jurdy, 28, a taxidermist em- ployed by the Aughney and Chur- chill sporting goods store was arrested this morning on char- ges of embezzlenent. His emplo- yers claim that he has been working after store hours for the past three months nstuffing his pocketsu with ten dollar bills from the estab1ishment's cash drawer. The defendant's lawyer, Tomidavage, said today that Jurdy will plead insanity when his case comes to court ,next week, Q Page 2 THE SPOKANE DAILY WORLD THURSDAY MAY al, 1954, ALL AVAILABLE SEATS SOLD OUT Spokane fight fans are ready and eagerly awaiting tomorrow night's heavyweight champion- ship fight between champion "Tiger" Tom McLaughlin and South American challenger Jose Escovan Promoter Ray Ankerson an- that the municipal since been indication enthusiasm nounced last night 30,000 seats of the auditorium have long sold out. This is an of local fight fans' for Spokane's first world cham- pionship fighn The champion arrived in town this afternoon and checked in at the Palm Hotel. He told re- porters upon arriving that he is confident of victory to- morrow night over HThe Little Bull of the Pampasn as Escovar is known in his own country The Tiger refused to comment when asked if it was true that he plans to retire from the ring after tomorrow night's battle and raise diced car- rots in the Spokane Valley Harry Pupo telegramed the World last night from the challengers training camp near Mt. Rainier that he and The Little Bull will arrive in Spokane by train tonight. Tiddle-Winks Match Scheduled for Spokane Leonard Greeley owner of the Spokane Sportsmens Club on High Drive announced yesterday that he had completed arrangements to bring Tiddle-Winks Champion Jack Taylor and leading conten- der for the title Jack McCabg together for a championship match to be staged at his club 'on June 14. The champion is still recovering from a broken foot sustained while practising with man hole covers Davidife Renews Contract NEW ORLEANS, May 31 lWPl-- Beans Reardon yesterday signed another ten year contract as pitcher and outfielder for the House of David. It is reported that his new agreement makes Reardon the highest salaried player among the razor fugi- tives. SPORT Fans Ready For Big Championship Fight R-'be Nmlffd Wife CHICAGO, Maly 31. IWPI--Paul Rabe, White lains, N.Y., was ESCOVAR SHARPENS HIS PUNCHES r Victorious Indians Widen Coast Lea gue Lead Rooney Still Leads Pensacola Tourney PENSACOLA, FLA., May 31 IWPI--With the field parred to sixty, the third round of the 510,000 Pensacola open golf tournament got under way today with powerful hitting Ev Rooney of Yazoo, Miss., out front by two strokes at 13i Rooney coupled a six under par 66 yesterday to a first round 69 to lead Larry Howard of Big Spring, Texas. Howard had a 68 yesterday for a two day total of 137 The final 18 holes will be played Sunday, after which the summer tour swings south to St. Petersburg for the twen- tieth meet of the year By World Press The Spokane Indians widened the margin that separates them from the second place Seattle Rainiers to five full games last night as they took their third straight game from the Seattle crew by a 4 to 3 counm It was Sandy Sandell, Spokane shortstop who provided the mar- gin of victory with a ninth inning four run homer. It was Sandell's fifteenth homer of the year. The only other Coast league game yesterday put Hollywood back in the win column with a 3 to 2 edge over Oakland. It was the third defeat out of four for the stumbling Acorns and it dropped them to fourth place a half game behind the idle Portland Beavers NIE:-lAus connnutsi wlTH GIANTS SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 31 IWPI- Niehaus, star center of the New York giants, professional foot- ball champions, will play at least one more season before quitting to accept a coaching position, owner Gene Dolan said today Niehaus, who has been with the Giants five years and is considered by many as the greatest center of all time, is a three time winner of the National League's most valuable player award. He will report to the Giant fall training camp here on August Ii VIEWS By Dave Roblnson, Sports Edltor Yesterday's announcement by Mark Derr, Athletic Director of Gonzaga High School, that coaching reigns of the Bullpup Pat Sweeney will take over the gridders this fall was received with great enthusiasm by Gonzaga rooters everywhere Sweeney, a Spokane product is well remembered by local sport fans as one of this city's outstanding high school athletes of a decade ago at which time be participated in football, basketball, and base- ball at Gonzaga. Pat attended ' college at San Francisco uni- versity where he continued as an outstanding ath- lete being named on several All- imerican foot- ball teams in his senior yean Since his gradu- lege he has been 1 Hollywood adver- tising agency posing for five o'clock shadow ads Sweeney pictured here as he appeared in 1945 when he cap- tainednone of Gonzaga's great- est high school football teams and mythical North West cham- pions, is expected to arrive in Spokane winhin the next two weeks. Ig. .,5. , ,, A ff- . ' "H Huge , 'ation from col employed by a TITLE BOUT SET LOS ANGELES, May 31 IWPI--The night of July 30 has been set as the date when Toni Culjack, THEY ASKED FOR IT . . . BOISE, May 31. IWPI--Joe Verhey and Gene Vogrig, proprietors of the Helpy Selfy grocery store arrived at work this morning to find that someone had taken the store's motto to heart. During the night burglars forced a rear door and helped themselves to the store's safe, which con- tained S800 in cash SicIt's Suds Soak Schafer SEATTLE. May 3l.lWPl--Bill McLeod, employee of the Sick's brewery, this morning saved the life of Ed Shafer, a fellow workman, when he pulled him from a vat of brewing been McLeod said that he knew some- thing was wrong when he noticed that the beer had two heads If you want ll drink to put you in the pink next time buy E050 COLA Y0u'II Enjoy It the Magic Maule f - - ting will defend iiiswtiiiia, Morrison K eavyweight title ' b tg ' ' .wo Ou, 0, ,Mes ,iff ,jim Schneider Bottling here against Mexico City'sI Works Tony HThe Terribleu Via, was announced today. The Detroit champion has been guaranteed 520,000 F ----------- BDB ELLSWURTH TENDR VOCAL INSTRUCTION 401 Empire State Bldg. thanannn-u-----nnnnuuuun-nnnnunnunnnnn-nv Do You NEED Money COME IN AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE "Looney Lendersi' 325 to 3500 Soderquist 81 , Dickeson Finance Co. Next to Old Nat. Bank assured today of the 31,000 championship prize in his 1,000 point three-cushion billiards tournament with Bob Nixon, Chi- cago after boosting his lead to 900-721 Curran Blanks Nats With Perfect Game NEW YORK, May 31 IWPI--The only game played in the major leagues yesterday saw Whappyn Jack Curran veteran Yankee pitcher add his name to the other imnortals in baseball's hall of fame by pitching a per- fect game against the hapless Washington Senators Curran who has been a lead- ing pitcher for Bronx Bombers for six seasons but who had never before pitched a no-hit- ter made up for that yesterday as he allowed no Senator to reach first base and only two balls to reach the outfield. The four runs that his mates gathered off three Washington hurlers were more than enough to give the lanky right hander his sixth win of the season to put the Yanks just two games below the league leading Red Sox. Plane Crash Near Helena Injures Two HELENA, Mont., May 31. lWPl-- Two local business men were seriously injured when their Areonica sports plane crashed at the Mitchell flying field two miles south of here The injured men were Pat Nyman, clothing store operatog and Kenneth Spilker, stock bro- ker. They were removed to the City Hospital where their con- dition is reported criticaL NEW JAIL OPENS SALEM, Ore., May 31. IWPI--This city's new half million dollar jail was opened for business yesterday and received its first boarder last night. He was Tom Kreutz, local railroad man who was accused of vagrancy after being arrested while prowling around the city aquar- ium with a concealed fishing pole. Take Your Wants 'to The Goodrich 81 w raycastetcio. On the Coffin Corner of First ond Pine "NOT A DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER In IO Years" N C E 9 to I2 at NAT PARK to Hank Swoboda His Clarinet and His ORCHESTRA Featuring the hot trumpet of TOM HEALY Sl Per Person, Tax Incl. Final Tribute Paid Texan Heroes EL PASO, Texas, May Bl. KYPI-ln a two hour ceremony yesterday this Mexican border city paid tribute to its greatest heroes Ray Tavernia and Pat Morris, at the unveiling of a statue of nThe Good Samaritanu erected in their memory. Mayor Bob Casey, who was the principal speaker of the occas- ion, said just before he pulled the covering from the huge sta- tue, HAS this monument will shine forever in the Texan sunshine so will the memory of the men it conmemorates shine forever in the minds of Ameri- cans and their great neighbors south of the border.n In clos- ing his speech, Casey told the thousands of Americans and Mex- icans present at the dedication that no law enforcer of either country would rest until the person responsible for so cow- ardly an act had beef brought to justice. Meanwhile the greatest man- hunt in the history of the Southwest was still being con- ducted throughout three states and the Mexican badland for the Mad Amigo, alias Joe Lavin, who caused the death of the two so- cial workers by shooting holes in their water wings while they were swimming in the pool at their San Pedro rancho The act was cannitted in re- venge for the part played by Tavernia and Morris in thwart- ing the plans of the Mad Amigo for uniting the people of nor- thern Mexico into a revolution- ary force destined for the overthrow of the Mexican gov- ernment and the setting up of himself as dictator of Mexico Tavernia and Morris, who for the past eight years had de- voted their lives to bettering the living conditions of the Mexican people and to promoting better relations between Mexico and the United States, disuaded Mexican leaders from granting the support of their people in this proposed revolution and later supplied the Mexican Nat- ional Army with information that led to the destruction of the Mad Amigo's band of power hungry cohorts. QHUIIIEI nwlfnsi' Wallis, Walsh, Welch and Weyaml REAL ESTATE AGENCY 2nd Floor of Hutton Bldg 4,................H......+5 Women-If You Drive Your Husbands to Drink, Drive to Ee 4912 ahzm "-'35 Hube Randall and A1 Deviny, Proprietors West I02 Trent Where the Elite Meet Learnto Dance ALL THE NEWEST DANCE STEPS TAUGHT BY BOB CROTEAU HOLLYWOOD INSTRUCTOR If you can crawl you can be a good dancer the Croteau Way DICK RALPH DANCE STUDIO 6Il Radio Bldg. Riv. l000 for Appointment Cllass of 9 Award for best Gonzaga Night skit goes to Juniors. John Hopkins upholds the honor ot the Junior class by maintaining his straight "A" average and taking the Apolo- getics Award. Cul Smith and Tom Flaherty shinelon Zag's city championship football squad, Flaherty is chosen "All City" and captain- elect. Larry Coleman proves spark plug-as the Bullpup basketballers cop city title, Bill Reilly is the other Junior basketball star. Cul Smith repeats as busiest man ot his class-outstanding on gridiron-accomplished actor-track-honor student- member ot state championship debating team. John Arnold wins acclaim tor performance in "What a Night." John Smead and Hank Higgins prove etticient as Associate Editor and Sports Editor respectively ot the Gonzagan. MODERATORS Fr. Peter O'Grady, S. ,,,.,., ,,,,o , Room 133 Fr. Donald McDonald, S. J., u,,,. ....,, R oom 134 Fr. Francis Blaes, S. J .u,,, ,,... .Room 135 FIRST ROW: John Durkin, Jim Taylor, Jim Ryan, Leo Shelledy, Gene Brown, Bob Buscher, John Smead. SECOND ROW: Martin McGough, Ross Mounsey, Jim Dreis, Dick McWilliams, Harry Schlosser, Kenny Enslow, Al Carty. THIRD ROW: Jack Quin- lan, Ted Chihara, Jack Zinkgraf, John Hopkins, Bill Dunn, Alfred Amann, Paul Kurose. FOURTH ROW: Glen Hancock, Pat Crowley, Milt McKenna, Larry Coleman, John Arnold, Jim McQuiston, Bob Kelly. FOURTH ROW: Ed Smith, Harry Swanson, Tom Flaherty, Bill Gillingham. ' -25- llcnlss of 947 J FIRST ROW: Don Pritchard, Ed Rekofke, Clarence Vercruysse, Mike Kostecka, Jim Kroetch, Bob Carpenter, Allen Johnson, Ed Liest. SECOND ROW: Dan Quinn, Lewis Hodgins, Bill Beeman, Frank Lattanzio, Cyril Weber, Dick Caldwell, Al Kleinsmifh, Bill Ledoux. THIRD ROW: Tom Burgess, Dale Chasse, AI Mengert, Ed Godley, Hal Mertens, Dick Castle, Russell Schulz, Paul Lassell. FOURTH ROW: Roy Dahl, Ray Kenney, Kirby Stark, Pat Kath, Renzo Ongarato, Dick Bryant, Francis Hare. FOURTH ROW: Domi- nick Sherlock, Pat O'Leary, Ron Davey, .lack Neis, Larry Stopper, Ed Budig, Mike Merriman. FIRST ROW: Ralph Crandell, Garry Gruber, Tom Whitely, Joe Butigan, Pat Foley, Leo Baldwin, Jim Owens, Bob Corrigal, SEC- OND ROW' Jack Ringwood, Chuck Heclger, Fred Price, Wall Kubu, Don Dehmer, Norman Wilson, Bill Reilly. THlRD ROW: Jim Springer, Phil Yenney, Norman Blashill, Dan Falsetfo, Jack Masselli, Bob Olson, George Beaudry. FOURTH ROW: Jim Walters, Larry Pearson, Roy Dahmen, Dick Hartnett, Bud Waggoner, Vic Cozzetti, Ed Cuzzetto. - 26 - Cllass of 9 Room 130 takes coveted Loyalty Cup. Francis Conley, Frank Cronin, Ed Dahy, James Gannon, Charles Hopkins, Regis King, Richard Kroetch, Don Manson, Budd Neumann, Richard Porter, Justin Seipp lead Sophs in academic endeavor. Bob Codd is only Soph Ietterman in football, also mainstay on track squad. Cronin, Kivett, Sweeney and Watson spark "B" squad to city football title. I Len Sitter letters on first Zag championship basketball team in 14 years. Frank Cronin, Dick Davey and Dick Culhane are promising thespians. Jim Gannon is ace reporter on Gonzagan. Jim I-Iutton, Pat Alverson star on casaba "B" squad. Frank Cronin and Don Manson are outstanding Soph debaters. MODERATORS Mr. Louis Gaffney, S. J., .,.,..........,.. ,..,, R oom 130 Fr. Patrick Conway, S. J ..,.,. ,,,., , Room 131 Mr. Victor Zehnder, S. J. .... ,,.., , Room 132 FIRST ROW: John Bombino, Regis King, Walt Devlin, Dick Knop, Dick Davey, Bill Davis, Roger Coleman, Chuck Hopkins. SEC- OND ROW: Dick Kroetch, Hod Moore, Ed Dahy, Bob Pasby, Bill Landreville, Bob Yeats, Jim Gannon, Len Sitter, Ed Caffrey. THIRD ROW: Pat Wilson, Armand Gauthier, Bob Codd, Jim Hutton Joe Slead, George Clink, Frank Cronin, Justin Seipp. FOURTH ROW: Dick Porter, Paul Duffy, Bob Barth, Ed McTighe, Ray Schulte, Budd Neumann, Leo Murphy, Mr. Louis Gaffney, S. J., Moderator. FIFTH ROW: Don Manson, Ned Conley, Pat Alverson, John Gowanlock, Bob Sweeney. -27- CIICGISS of 941 FIRST ROW: Albert Amann, Roger Gross, Pot Weyer Bob Waldron, Bob Buchanan, John Merino, Jim Amann. SECOND ROW: Don Golob, Tom McAstocker, James Johnston, Joe Berto, Bill Littig, Albert Verna, James Ressa, Ralph Schoenberg. THIRD ROW: Jim Slater, Bob Zinkgraf, John Healy, Dan Miller, Don Showalter, Jess Huetter. FOURTH ROW: Wally Firor, Jim Rocca, Frank Hoffman, Fr. Patrick Conway, S. J., Moderator, Rob Gillespy, John Greeley, Jerry Kelly. FIRST ROW: Bill Picou, Bill Cameron, Bill Scheutz, Phil Cassel, Ed Murphy, Jim Hoff, Harold Schaeffer, Ted Popiel. SECOND ROW: Bob Beaulieu, Bob Cuzzetto, Ray Petragallo, Joe Travo, Chuck Hamlin, Ruben Castillo, Dan O'Leary. THIRD ROW: Jim Watson, Jim DeGroc1t, Vic Petretee, Mike Duffy, Bob Fleming, Duane Willis. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Victor Zehncler, S. J., Moderator, Bob Kivett, John Nelson, Vernon Flesch, Tom Mylan, Roy Donnelly. I , -28- ai E In Nlcemcoriifolm RICHARD -GAINES Class of '48 Born July 5, 1930-Died March 8, 1946 Requidscat in Pace Class of 9 Largest Freshmanlclass in history ot school. Unusually large number of Frosh break tape tor a straight "A" average: Richard A Bailey, Anthony Dionne, Robert Egan, Howard Merton, Merlin Neumann, Creighton Norris, James Powers, Richard Sprague, Raymond Tanksley, Monty Whelan. Frosh win city football championship-mainstays are Joe Lynch, John Hern, Fred Hirst, Tom Lappano, Whit Smith. Jim Powers is sensational in Sock and Buskin play. Herman Elixman, Dick Bailey, Joe Lynch, Dick Sprague, Bob Burns star on the maple court. Louis Baumer and Joe Cain back Gonzagan and Luigian. Promising baseball prospects are Joe Lynch, Dan Petretee, Bob Burns, Bob Firor, and Chuck Mason. FIRST ROW: Jim Rooney, Gerard Karstetter, Robert Haag, Gerald Petersen, Bucl Howard, Pat Kenney, Tom State, Jerome Lehman, Bob Presnell, Joe Butzerin. SECOND ROW: Jim Dwyer, Lenwood Wilt, John Workland, Don Connell, Louie Baumer, Bob Egan, Bill Donais, Mark Kelly, Ray Tanksley. THIRD ROW: Burt Malone, Phil Shennon, Dan Coyle, Al Charleton, Mike Welch, Robert Weber, Dick Siguaw Dan Petretee, Bob Werner, FOURTH ROW: Creighton Norris, Paul Hermans, Charles Twohy, Jack Rizzuto, Fr. Timothy Glancey, S. J., Moderator, Robert Magnuson, James Johns, John McBride. Missing: Jim Eierdam, Dick Tillisch. s. FIRST ROW: Jack Dionne, Tony Cafaro, Don Garigen, Tom Holley, Roy Stiles, Paul Arnold, Larry Burch, Charles Petersen, Joe Binder. SECON.D ROW: Monty Whelan, Dick Bailey, Jerry Lassell, Vic Videlugo, Jim Kelly, Pat Casey, John McDonnell, Dale DeShaw, Jim Little, Bill Loosmore. THIRD ROW: Whit Smith, Denny Howard, Don Hunt, Dick Bernier, Mike Ervin, Jim Powers, Dick Brogan, John Saegner, Dick Sprague. FOURTH ROW: Bill Joy, Joe Cain, Don Bosch, Don Etten, Bob Bumgarner, .Ioe Lynch, Dave Proctor, Bernard Hoag. I -30... Q' Cafaro, Jack Thomas State, Bill Gustafson, Class of 94 MODERATORS Fr. Timothy Glancey, S. J., ...,,,,,,,,,,, 7,.. . Room 'I26 Fr. John Coughlin, S. J. ,,,, .Room 'I27 Fr. James Hurley, S. J .Y,,,,, ,,,,, R oom 128 Mr. Howard Moran, S. J. ..,. .... R oom 'I29 FIRST ROW: William Gustafson, Charles Mason, Robert Cambern, Henry Schleuter, Robert Burns, Thomas Lap- pano, Francis Smith, James Albertson, Francis Ryan. SECOND ROW: John Condon, William Foster, Thomas Watson, Theophile Dolle, John Madden, Carl Petrone, Joseph Liest, Robert Firor. THIRD ROW: John Flanigan, John Joyce, James Brown, James Wamsley, Louis Pontieri, James Froehlich, Thomas Clark, Merlin Neumann, Peter Budig. FOURTH ROW: Fr. James Hurley, S. J., Moderator, Donald Crateau, Walter Krouse, Floyd Good- win, William Presley, John Hamberg, Eugene Chance, Lawrence Whalen. FIRST ROW: Richard Kegley, Bob Winkler, Bob Spencer, John Holland, Bob Kupfer, Richard Kofmehl, Lawrence Orfh, Robert Devereaux. SECOND ROW: Bill Gugler, Bob Stephens, Richard Bethel, Ecl Brown, Mike Walsh, Joe O'Laughlin, Fred Downs, Ed Sweaney. THIRD ROW: Cecil Seyler, Ernie Leonard, Jerry Barrett, Jack Hordemann, Jim Stevenson, Joe Schaller, Leo Carano. FOURTH ROW: Richard Meyers, Don Dolan, Ray Messenger, Vilayne Sattler, John Hern, Bill Helbling. .-31.. THE FIRST GONZAGA lt was a great clay tor The Catholic youth of Spokane when Gonzaga opened its doors Tor The first scholastic year in September of l887. Envisioned Tor Twenty years by its tounoler, Father Catalolo, Gonzaga was now a reality, and Jesuit education became firmly established in the city that was one day To become The heart ot the great inland Empire. The first faculty was composed entirely ot Italians, members of The Turin province of the Society ot Jesus. -32- Q X N- N xx X N xx N XX X N NN X , Q 0 ll' X 1 ff' 1' ,f f l'I!f!!1!f ' iff!!! ff X "ff,ff fx . I f N 1 f f, . l 'ff , ! ' ,f 1' Z X X X xx X X X x XX X X X X x xx X X X X X X N XS X xx XX X X 'I 1 XX XX .Xxx X X X X X X X N X X 'XXX f X ff X x X :X ff X X N --5 XXX -,.,., xxs . X- N ,.,--f , ,,.- ,f ,-- ,- ,f' 1' f 1 f ,f Z' X ff -Z' -,-,f-' ,,f-" ,, -Xtxx - N ,- , xX N R ,f' ,ffff - , X . X f,, . ' . ffl! I f 1 X X xi N X X xxx XX . '- N X X C f Z , 1 'ff' :xx NX X X , f f 1 N X X f f' f' f f IK, xxx XX N N f f ,f f 'I I X X X xx X x X ff f, If ff ,I I I' , 1 X X X xx X X x X f I f 1 ff , I ll ' X Xx X X X N N xx 1 1 , I I - X X X X 1 f I 1 fl 1 1 n XX X X 1 I 1 l x X X x X x P lf I E A 5 "quit L . 1 -E r'c ,fc Nr' B -Q R 11 LE M Jr- F 5-...,5 F o A h 1 1' 1.x 1. 'I i I! ', -f-M m.Mm.f,h ..... ..... .,.. fsvlula- -fm :T 'N l"ln.wl1Y1lrnnv. f r .i 3 Fzibfi ID ., .-TS-E" ' . mst: in-'iii' V 7, E T H Q Q FTEE A 'W V '. .,, , -.-,f ' ,lg V137 . ag m Y M- Ilia Q Qikizilbgp ltwmwl W E 5 '!!J'I,i51.ui51ig! 0 Q vihjlulmfily Inn E355 -- if -'f'..i eg A ,f-af'-2 -:-. -'14,-, H N- 4f'-- - ,A -.- me-, - - - -,1 fb -- ' 'va., ' ,Lf .ff-Q, -1 -ig-Z . 1- - 4, .. ,.,m-3,-,...,',,: . K . ,. L. - Q11-, 1- ,Q 1- -, fi ..f-Q-A-qxyij :Q f X ,f ff 7 ,j 'wg-:V - ' .r giix -x .Q X ,X ir ., 1- A- . ms. pax- -2-Q' Qyfz-T. M3 L ? .4 .ff - ' Al vex X- E: AETUW TINEE -33- -1' Circulation Business JOHN ROYCE PAT SWEENEY HANK HIGGINS if Qi DAN CROWLEY I , sos com: A 1 I DON cRoTEAu LOUIE BAUMER . EV ROONEY MARK DERR DON MANSON JIM HUTTON JOE CAIN VIC COZZETTI Business Patrons K. if ,ryhr 1 ,K ::v K MIKE KosTEcKA I ' I II f K - V . 91, C ROSS MouNsEY I I ,II . I I C 7 , RAY SCH ULTE LEO SHELLEDY PAT ALVERSON DICK RALPH . -35- YQ? anna 2 , T .J V .. A, X, .,, N, , V., -1 F3 ' V4 2 ' V f fi Pep Bun 4 Y: ff, xv 1. . 1:D.1jlrn1lZyZ? Q, x K , 9 Xffnik 7 1 Y' ' QE' l '52 Q 4' ' X x x 5 X' 'K- X ii X K W5 1414 R FIRST ROW: Tom Healy, Dan Falsetto, Tom Holley, Larry Stop per, Leo Baldwin, Don Garigen. SECOND ROW: Gene Brown, Larry Burch, Louie Baumer, Bart Malone, Dan Quinn, Bill Gill ingham. THIRD ROW: Whit Smith, Jim Brown, Paul Hermans Kirby Stark, Tom Eller. FOURTH ROW: Mr. R ichard McGinn, lnstruclor, Don Pritchard. Missing: Hank Swoboda, Dave Rear- don, Dick Bryant, Henry Schleuter. DAN FALSETTO 1 Jiuae MQ its HANK SWOBODA TOM ELLER FIRST ROW: Dave Reardon, Bill Gillingham, Larry Stopper, Hank Swoboda. Leo Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Bob Buchanan, Dan Falsetto, Tom Healy, Tom Eller. Dale Chasse. Giles? C iulib l t Jim Little Bob Presnell Budd Neumann Dan Coyle, Ray Petragallo, Joe FIRST ROW: Francis Ryan, Jerry Lehman, Monty Whelan, Henry Sch eu er, , , , Slead, Bill Presley, Lewis Hodgins. SECOND ROW: Ed McTighe, Bill Gillingham, Don Golob, Tom Ritter, Larry Whelan, John Durkin, John Hamberg, Bernard Haag, Bob Fleming, Ted Hirst, Dave Reardon, John Lien, Bob Ellsworth. Standing behind James King, director, are Bob Presnell and John Durkin. -37- leash KNIGHTS OF THE LEASH-FIRST ROW: Mike Gronin, John Goodrich, Ross Mounsey, Leo Shelledy, Bill McLeod, John Smead, Francis Yuse. SECOND ROW: Pat Sweeney, Jack Curran, Mike Kostecka, Joe Lavin, Morrie Gruber, Bob Fitzpatrick, Mark Derr. THIRD ROW: Ed Smith, Ed Norris, Pete deRoetth, Art Sontgerath, Cul Smith, Jack Smith, Don Niehaus. FOURTH ROW: John Hopkins, Craig Stolle, Harold Sandell, Boh Olson. HAROLD SANDELL Presidenf AMMA ETA HARRY PUPO RUBEN CASTILLO JACK TAYLOR Presldeni Tsi' Sem Secretory 151 Sem Sgi.-of-Arms ist Sem. MIKE KOSTECKA BOB SCHNEIDER Vice President lst Sem., Treasurer lst Sem., Presideni 2nd Sem. Vice Presideni 2nd Sem JOE RINGWOOD FRED PRICE TONY CULJAK Treasurer 2nd Sem. Secretory 2nd Sem. Sgt.-of-Arms 2nd Sem. -33- l KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR OFFICERS-MIDDLE FRONT 1CIockwise7: Tony Cafaro, Jim Kelly, Mr. McHugh, S. J., Moderator, Joe Cain 1Sec.l, Joe Lynch, Art Sontgerath iTreas.J, Dave Reardon fVice Pres.l, Don Niehaus tSgt.-at-Armsj, John McDonnell, Ed Mc- Tighe, Don Dolan. Jerry Lehman, Bob Burns. Missing: Ben Lenole fPres.b FIRST ROW: Fred Downs, Don Bosch, John Goodrich, Bill Gage, Mike Kostecka, Bill Scheutz, Roy Stiles, Regis King, Bill Davis, Gene Brown, Dick Davey, John Greeley, Joe Schaller. SECOND ROW: Gene Chance, Fred Price, Ernie Richlie, Don Showalter, Vic Cozzeti, Joe Lynch, Jim Hutton, Ed Dahy, Bill Presley, Jim Rocca, John Lien, Frank Wieman. THIRD ROW: Bill Gillingham, Joe O'La"ghIin, John Royce, Art Sontgerath, Dave Reardon, Bernard Haag, Don Niehaus, Dan Miller, Don Croteau, Don Manson, John Gowanlock, Bob Bumgarner. .ei ,, FIRST ROW: John Durkin, Tommy Holley, Bob Presnell, John McDonnell, Jim Kelly, Jim Little, Tony Cafaro, Mert Neumann, Paul Arnold. Jerry Petersen, Bob Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Dave Proctor, Carl Petrone, Ray Tanksley, Mike Walsh, Jim Dwyer, Bob Devereaux, Tom State, Pat Casey, Bob Burns, Len Wilt. THIRD ROW: John Saegner, Jerry Barrett, Bob Haag, Don Dolan, Joe Cain. Whit Smith, Bob Gorrigal, Jerry Lehman, Joe Verhey, Budd Neumann, Ted Poniel. -39- and USKII MR. LUCAS KREUZER, S. J. Moderator PAT SWEENEY President A S N . RirliceOPrgg:5rgTH X X f H X X CUL SMITH f , Secretory , DRAMATIC CLUB X JACK SMITH ff Business Manager I FIRST ROW: Joe Ringwood, Joe Verhey, Jim Powers, Dick Fife. SECOND ROW: Dan Aughney, John Goodrich, Tony Via, Pat Sweeney. THIRD ROW: Jack Smith, Ed Smith, Ed McTighe, Mike Cronin, Harold Sandell, Richard Castle. FOURTH ROW: Cul Smith, John Royce, Craig Stolle, Frank Yuse, Don Niehaus, Art Suntgerath, John Arnold. -43- Cockney Joke Ulm Povversi Turns The Tables on rrwim AN5i9ih1t99 CBy Carl WebsTer Piercej DirecTed by Mr. Lucas Kreuzer, S. J. February 5, T946 InspecTor Dodson CDon Niehousi. CHARACTERS Henry Jarvis ........ ,,..,.s,,,.,....s...,,,,..,,,,,,,, Michael ......,.... Todd ..,................ Cockney Jake ....,..,. Alfred Burton ,,,,,,,.. John Roper ......,,.. Snlotch Rimmini ,..,... Mr. Dodson ,,........ Chief Gill ,........ Sid ,,,,.,....,.,,.. ,. George .........,, . Dr. Mack ,,,,,..... Harold Sandell .,,,,....John Royce .........Pat Sweeney .........Jim Powers .....,,,,CuI Smith .....John Arnold .......Jaok Smith .........Whit Smith ...Don Niehaus ........Dan Aughney ........Ev Rooney ..Frank Cronin In The plc1y's exciTing clirnox Todd lpGT Sweeney? coils The Tribune To reporT The oTTempTed murder of Alfred BurTon. Burion QCUI SmiThi sTonds of The leTT, while behind him is John Roper Uohn Arnoldi. SploTch Rirnmini Uock Smifhl, The would-be murderer, holds gun in Todd's bock. Todd ond Joke onxiously ovvc1iT deveiopmems. Curtain Cflllllil SEATED: John Arnold, Cul Smith. LEFT T0 RIGHT: John Royce, Whit Smith, Mike Cronin, Pat Sweeney, Frank Cronin, Ed McTighe, Jim Powers, Dan Aughney, Harold Sandell, Craig Stoile, Ev Rooney, John Goodrich, Don Niehaus, Jack Smith. -41- T e . Johh-S EJi.tor ...Dave Robinson j . ,L,, - ' Q 'Qf'p33fsigqifm aw ' I .wfyfm 'Sf 1-1-. W JMJBM , 'Midas Hr- wg, Aw. Featuw EJ. - - f , Bus.Mg1: .... Craig StoHe Spotfs EJ. . . . . Henry Higgins' k Ciriulatinn . ........ Tony Via Acfvisor -. ...H R.JTHerron,S.11 HANK SWOBODA JOHN LIEN JOHN HOPKINS BOB CODD JIM GANNON LOUIE BAUMER RUDY WEINHANDL KEN ENSLOW DICK DAVEY JOHN GOWANLOCK BILL DAVIS ED DAHY JIM EIERDAM JOE CAIN THJE GONZAGAN Published once a month by and in the interests ot the Associated Students ot Gonzaga High School, Spokane il, Washington. Editor in chief ,,,,............,o,,......,,,v..,.,o,,,., ,,...,.,.,......,,,,..,.,,,.,...A,o, D ave Robinson Associate Editor .....,o,, .......,.w, J ohn Smead Feature Editor ,,,,.,,,,,,,,........,....,.,,....,,,...,.,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,,. ....,, ,,,.......,,,,,, , J oe Ringwood Sports Editor ,..,...........,,,,,....,.......,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,...,,,,E,A,.,,,,,..,.,., ,,AA,.,,.. H enry Higgins Reporters-Rudy Weinhandl, Henry Svvoboda, John Hopkins, John Lien, Jim Gannon, Jim Eierdam, Joe Cain, Louie Baumer, Kenny Enslow- Business Manager ..........,.,,,,....,.,.....,.,,.s..,,,,........,...........,,,,,,,,..s,.... Craig Stolle Assistants ,.,,,.,s,, Bob Codd, Dick Davey, Bill Davis, John Govvanlock, Ed Dahy Circulation Manager ...,...,..,.,,......,.,.,,..,,....,....,,,,,.,s...,,,,..,.......,,,,.,,,.... Tony Via Journalism Adviser ....,,..,,,,.,,,..,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,u,,,.. ....... - ,, ....,, Fr. R. J. Herron, S. J. - 43 - QQ 99 FIRST ROW: Pat Sweeney, President, Mike Cronin, Tom McLaughlin, Rudy Weinhandl, Dick Hartnett, Francis Hare, Tom Savage, John Goodrich. SECOND ROW: Joe Lavin, Ross Mounsey, Bill McLeod, Dick Fife, Bob Kelly, Al Deviny, Len Sitter. THIRD ROW: Mike Kostecka, Clarence Vercruysse, Jack Smith, Don Niehaus, Mark Derr, Tom Flaherty, Len Greeley. FOURTH ROW: Harold Sandell, Jack Curran, Ed Smith, Francis Yuse, Dan Crowley, Morrie Gruber. FIFTH ROW: Bud Waggener, Tony Curran, Cul Smith, Bod Godd, Dave Reardon, Art Sontgerath. L KINGS ROSS MOUNSEY LEO SHELLEDY PAT FOLEY .. 44 -. JLUUUTJIO FIRST ROW: Bill Gage, Craig Stolle, Harry Swanson, Pat Crowley. SECOND ROW: Larry Pearson, John Hopkins, Jim Soderquist. First place was awarded to ' econd to Bill Gage: third to John Hopkins. Pat Crowley, s LOCUTJIO LEFT T0 RIGHT: James Powers, John McDonnell, Frank Cronin, Jim DeGroat, Ray Schulte, Tom Watson, Bob Burns, Bob Kupfer. First place went to Bill f regroundj: second to James Powers, Frank Cronin and Bob Kullfer. Scheutz 1 o -45 .. W O 0 Delba 1111319 Society FIRST ROW: Donald Manson, Frank Cronin, Ed Dahy, Peter deRoetth, Ed Caffrey. SECOND ROW: Jim Soderquist, Roy Dahl, Henry Higgins, Joe Ringwood, Bill Dunn, Dave Robinson, John Goodrich. THIRD ROW: Francis Yuse, Roh- efi CFONHU, Tom Foley, Craig Stolle, Mr. Daniel Lyons, S J., Moderator. Missing: Cul Smith, Dick Dullanty. The Gonzaga debaters had The busiest season in many years, debating 75 Times with other schools, and even oTTer1er amongst Themselves. The maiority of These 75 were decision debates, although some schools in and around Spokane never allow a decision To be given. THE DEBATERS LOST ONLY THREE DECISIONS ALL YEAR, one early in The Fall To Mullan, Idaho, one in The Tinals of The Seattle College Tournament, To Holy Rosary, and one in The WSC Tournament, To Highline. Concerning These Three deteats, before The season was over The Zags had defeated Mullan and Holy Rosary, and Though They could not meet Highline again, They scored a 3 To O win over Central Valley, on The same day ThaT The laTTer defeated Highline. Scclloecdliullle of Maoor elbaites Nov. -Lewis and Clark Tournament Dec -Seattle College Tournament Feb. 5-Lamont Nov -Lewis and Clark Dec -North Central Feb. Central Valley Nov -Marycliff Dec. -Coeur d'Alene Feb. Marycliff Nov. -North Central Jan. Lamont Feb. I5-C.P.S. Tournament Dec. 3-Central Valley Jan. Lewis and Clark Feb. North Central Dec. 4-Mullan Jan Missoula Mar -Rogers Dec. I0-North Central .lan Reardan Mar. -W.S.C. Tournament Dec. II-Central Valley Jan Marycliff Apr. 3-Marycliff Dec. I2-Marycliff Feb -Rogers Apr. 29-Gold Medal Debate Feb -Clarkston 1 THE NEW GONZAGA ln little over a decade Gonzaga had loecome too small to accommodate its continually growing enrollment and the many Fathers needed to teach and tend the parishes and missions in and around Spokane. ln addition to Our Lady ot Lourdes, the Fathers were maintaining St. Joseph's and St. Aloysius, and before long they would found two more parishes, St. Patrick's and St. Xavier's. To remedy the situation the construction ot a new Gonzaga College and Preparatory School was begun. It was completed in 1899. -48 - Q 0 I -f, G WNx'xIl"'f XxXxxx1ngf"'ffff Q x XxxXXXXm""'!ll'f'f',f' x X . ' - , I f xXXXX Sxxxbxxxx N I' Xfsffw, ff, Q xXxXXXN ,ffff If Xxxxxx sxsyxs ,,fX,!, I N,xxxxsb: f.X,i ff, 'filf' ?:f iflixli' ' ,f ,z'jf fjff xgfxxsxxgssxx Z3 X, Xffffl, xxxxxx Xkxxx XS ffzfffffff Z'?jff'2 . 1 xxXxXxxxQxXQxQiXXsN Xxxxx X , X ,'ffff fflffllf. .xl.XxsX.X,x X NX XX ff f',ff,' ff ff ' f1l'f XXXXX N Xxxxxxxxxx XX, xx ' f'ff!'!f .ffflhli Exxtxx x NNXX X xx f 1 ' H - E !X uf X, ff ff jf lf!!! ll! ll- I if xxxx XX f f , I f ' ,fm ' W-X-V3.4 X ' , 4:ua'T , Pa llll M,f ?'.-,,X7A,5- iffy' .M '5 4, - ,5 if w 1 ? 1 . i ! , L f is 1 ' Ss A .1 P1 " MTN A 1: U JL jf ia lii1 ,Q 3 ' z., - - ...--Y-2-----mane-sa..H.?2iE.:!....ff, M. .. Q- -Ii' FWF' 'ui":--' 1 Wes- 5 --mg: 1-:lIIlllIll!!lll.1:IIMIIWIUIIJ ff ILWIIIIIW f gl' 511' if f: ii? E5 Ti" 1 1 ffg jlv Y? , v ij f tiff? i r7? + 4 ATHLETEE N -49- ' Fr. Harry Jahn, S.J. Faculty Moderator ot Athletics Mr. Howard Moran, S.J. Assistant Faculty Moderator of Athletics Mr. Michael McHugh, S.J. Coach ot Freshmen Athletics thletic Staff Mr. William Frazier Head Coach, Director ot Athletics Gerald "Buck" Baker Assistant Football Coach ' John Presley Assistant Football Coach Jacob Schell Track Coach Bill McLeod Dick Fife John Royce Property Managers fig A SPIIK CITY CIIAM S i r, lull 1 FIRST ROW: Tom Flaherty, Don Niehaus, Mike Cronin, Jack Smith, Poi' Sweeney CCapf.J, Len Greeley, Ben Lenoue, Dan Crowley, Ed Rooney, Frank Yuse. SECOND ROW: Bill McLeod fMgr.J, Horold Sondell, Morrie Gruber, John Goodrich, Mark Derr, Joe Lovin, Jack Curran, Ned Conley, Mike Kos- fecka, Larry Coleman, Bob Merfens. THIRD ROW: Art Sonfgeraih, Cul Smith, Dick Harfneff, Ed Smifh, Bob Kelly, Bob Codd, John Gowanlock Dan Miller, Ray Tavernia, Henry Higgins. FOURTH ROW: Buck Baker, Assistant Couch, Al Deviny, Francis Hare, Tony Curran, Ed Budig, Mike Merriman, Dick Fife CMgr.J, John Royce CMgr.j, Mr. William Frozier, Couch. -51- HRTNETT CRONI N LQXQN LENOUE Nngegggus YBEE EAS Y J QUARTERBACK JOE LAVIN after taking a 20-yard pass on the 'I4-yard line makes his way to the diagonal stripes for a touchdown. Wallace of Rogers was unable to hold him back. Flaherty C582 makes sure everything is going well. Gonzaga Gonzaga s,,, Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga he Bullpup Action When the Bullpups dropped two out of their first three games, the 1945 football season began to look pretty discouraging. In the fourth game, against Lewis and Clark, it took a long pass in the closing minutes of play io pull the game out of the fire. But the next game was a turning point. Plays clicked consistently and the team's defense stiffened, with the result that North Central went down, 27 to 6. The Pups kept improving as the season rolled along. ln the final league game they met and trimmed the Rogers Pirates, 20 to O, to take the City Championship. A victory over Jeffer- son High, Portland, one of the many teams in the country that wanted to meet Gonzaga in a post-season game, brought down the curtain on a very successful season. The Score Book . ..... .. .... 7 Missoula ,..,, ,,... i 2 Gonzaga.,,..,.- .... I9 Lewis 8K Clark----.. -- 6 .... 26 Anaconda .... .. 6 Gonzaga ....... --- 20 North Central W-- - O O Rogers 14 Gonzaga.-..-.- 20 Rogers - O i9 Lewis 84 Clark l3 Gonzaga-.. .- 20 Central Valley ,- O 27 North Central .... -. 6 Gonzaga.-. ..... .... l 3 Jefferson -- 6 Nice Block BOB CODD has received the ball from Pat Sweeney C451 and is on his way for an 'llyard iaunt in the Jefferson game. Jack Smith 1441, lying on the ground, has just removed a Jefferson player and Tom Flaherty is coming across to block out another. -54- MISSOULA HUMBLES ZAGS ln their first test of the year, the Bullpups went down to defeat at the hands of a strong Missoula Spartan eleven by a score of T2-7. Failure to master the intricacies of the "T" formation in such a short time was a decisive factor in the defeat. The winning Spartan score came on a pass- interception and a 93-yard run-back by Walsh, star half- back of the Montana State Champs. BULLPUPS CONQUER ANACONDA A determined Bullpup eleven again journeyed to Mon- tana for their second game of the year. This time the Anaconda Copperheads played host. Taking advantage of long off-tackle gains and frequent Copperhead fumbles, the Zags rolled to a 26-6 victory. Outstanding play was turned in by Sweeney and Flaherty who time and again ripped through the Anaconda defense for long gains, ably assisted in the line by Jack Smith and Don Niehaus. Cornered T JACK CURRAN moves up to stop Puckett of Lewis and Clark. Ready to help out if needed is Flaherty 1585, while Sandell is coming up from the left. First Down FLAHERTY plows through the Jefferson team for the three yards needed for a first down. Standing far to the left is .lack Smith. Below him is Sanclell and next, on his knees, is Bob Kelly. ROGERS DEFEATS BULLPUPS Taking advantage of several breaks the Rogers Pirates defeated the Bullpups by a score of T4-O in their opening City League grid tussle. The Zags were unable to stop the hard running Pirate backs and were on the defense the greater part of the evening. Failure of the line to stop the Rogers off-tackle play was the principal factor in the defeat. This was the only defeat for the Pups in City League competition. PUPS WHIP L. C. In a story-book finish the Bullpups came from behind in the last three minutes of the game to defeat Lewis and Clark T9-13. Playing minus the services of Coach Frazier, who was ill, the Zagans had to rely on a last minute pass from Sweeney to Cronin to pull the game out of the fire. Outstanding defensive work was turned in by Don Niehaus who was in on the maiority of the tackles. 1 ZAGANS TRAMPLE NORTH CENTRAL In The final nighf game of The season, The Zagans scored a decisive 27-6 vicTory over Norfh CenTral's Indians. The Redmen were unable To sTop The passing of Sweeney and The open field running of Flaherfy who were boT'h ably assisfed loy magnificenf blocking on The parT of The enfire line. This vicfory Threw The championship race info a Three- way Tie. GONZAGA TRIMS TIGERS The Bullpups defeafed a sTrong Lewis and Clark eleven I9-6 in an afternoon game played aT HarT Field. Usually a passing Team, The Pups remained on The ground for all buf Three plays and succeeded in rolling up Three Touch- downs, Two of which came in The firsT half. Alfhough on The defensive mosT of The second half, The Gonzaga boys were never Threafened for The lead. Line Backers NIEHAUS AND FLAHERTY bring down a Jefferson back who has goTTen Through The line. Flaherty, parTially blocked ouT, saf up for The Tackle. Curran C503 is coming up, while Sonfgerufh f28J and Jack Smith C441 are following The ball carrier. Loose .z -1 'N-n , f I I - ai Q. I' I-,vi MIKE KOSTECKA carries The ball for 20 yards on a quick opener in The line. A good number of Lewis and Clark men are in hot pursuif. ' BLUE AND WHITE TOPS INDIANS In a closer game Than The score would indicaTe The Zagans scored a 20-O vicTory over a fighTing Norfh Cenfral eleven. The Bullpup line was highly insTrumenTaI in The vicTory, opening large holes in Their opponenT's heavier forward wall. A defermined Indian rally IaTe in The fourTh quarfer was nipped deep in Zagan Terrifory. This game IefT Rogers and Gonzaga in a Tie for firsT place. BULLPUPS DEFEAT ROGERS-WIN CHAMPIONSHIP A spirifed Boone Avenue eleven overpowered a highly favored Rogers Team 20-O To clinch The CiTy FooTbaII Cham- pionship. The Bullpups rolled up and down The field as They did all Their scoring in The firsT half and seTTIed down To hold a rallying PiraTe Team scoreless in The Iasf period. Much crediT goes To The line Thaf Time affer Time sTopped The Bucs' power plays. In The backfield Sweeney and Flaherfy carried The brunT of The aTTack while The line was sparked by Deviny, Smifh and Niehaus. ..56.. Nailed use CODD, after taking The ball from Sweeney is downed on the two-yard line. To The left Sandell is lifting 240 pounds. Mike Cronin is about to work on u Jefferson buck 1171. CENTRAL VALLEY LOSES TO CHAMPS Playing on a cold and snow-swepf field, The Bullpups of Gonzaga defeaTed The Cenfral Valley Bears, 20-O. Wifh a slippery pigskin, and very poor running condifions, The Zags floundered To Two scores The firsT half and Then added one more in The second for good measure. PUPS WIN TURKEY-DAY TUSSLE ln The roughesT game of The year The Boone Avenue boys defeaTed The Jefferson High School DemocraTs of 0ld Timer Porfland, Oregon, i3-6, before a large Thanksgiving Day crowd. IT was Sophomore Bob Codd who provided much of The fireworks againsi The PorTland gianfs. Going inTo The game midway in The second quarTer, Codd ripped off long gains Through holes opened by a charging Bullpup line. IT was a rough, Tough, ball game marked by numer- ous penalTies on boTh sides. In addiTion To Codd, The down- field blocking of Jack SmiTh and Tom Flaherfy and The always specfacular play of Don Niehaus were highlighTs of The game. MIKE CRONIN C625 has iust Taken The ball from Pot Sweeney 1453 on The old Statue of Liberty play. This play set up the first touchdown in the championship game with Rogers. -57.. I 1 2 Q i 3 ere and here Around the School ,N M, , me , 53325 on C11 Fr. John finds some helpers for the "dirTy work." C21 Durkin Takes a spill. C31 Front of school, 8:20 some Monday morning. C41 Five-headed mon- sfer. C51 Smead at 'the fest lube. C61 Aikinson challenges you 'ro figure out how he did if, all by himself. C71 Seven boarders-campused, ii looks like. C81 McQuisfon, McKenna, Coleman and Reilly Tour Seaifle on camel back. C91 Codd, Room 'I3O's class prexy, reads his presidential message at Cl class meeting. Dick Davey hangs on every word. Cl01 De Roeflh says ihis used To be Mr, Lyons' favorife short-cut. C111 Schlosser af bal. C121 Mr. Moran is stumped. The puzzle: Boarders. BASKET LL FIRST ROW: Bill McLeod CMgr.7, Jack Smith, Jack Curran, Joe Lavin 1CauT.J, Pat Sweeney, Bill Reilly, Larry Coleman, Bill Frazier, Coach SECOND ROW: Pat Alverson, Paul lfiurose, Harold Sandell, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ev Rooney, Bill Gillingham, Tom McLaughlin. THIRD ROW: Jack Dionne fMgrJ .lim Gannon, Vic Cozzetti, Jim Hutton, Len Sitter, Dan Crowley, John Royce CMgr.J. Missing: Dave Reardon. co-champs Scores Championship hopes were high when Coach Frazier issued The call Tor The i946 ediTion of The Bullpup basl4eTball Team. Some forTy candidaTes answered, led by leTTermen Lavin, Sweeney, Curran, Reardon, and Reilly. These were The nucleus of The Team ThaT Tied wiTh WesT Valley Tor The 1946 CiTy Championship. Their ouTsTanding play ThroughouT The season earned for Curran and Sweeney elecTion To The All- CiTy Team wiTh Curran receiving The Honorary Cap- Tain award. -60- Gonzaga, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Gonzaga ,.,,...,,, ,,,,, Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Lewis and Clark Rogers ,,,,,,,,,...,. NorTh CenTral ,, WesT Valley ,,,,,, Cenfral Valleys- Lewis cmcl Clark Rogers ,......,,,,,,,, NorTh Cenfral W WesT Valley, ,...,, CenTral Valleys, i City League -- Round 0119 When the whistle blew tor the '46 basketball season, Coach Frazier had tive returning lettermen and a host of eager candidates with which to mould a championship team. The Pups got off to a rather shaky start, losing the opener to Lewis and Clark, 3l-29. The following week saw the Zags soundly thump Rogers, last year's champs, by a score of 32-17. After holding the lead throughout most of the game, the Bullpups went X Y f in ,, ga J iz 31 X7 , , ,L ., k.Li V . JK X W ft as v. 1 . t N. 4, ,Q ft - 5 ,I VV Y 'Nu rl .gwxkk 'ks 5355, . , X '7 ' i.,, y - 1' glii 'X " rt 5 rf 1-1--li-1 i.-- . , I ----- ef sANnEi.i. sitter: -V A - mzn.i.Y down to defeat 30-29 in an exciting overtime game with North Central. CURRAN shows some typical backboard work as he leaps high to recover a re- bound. Larry Coleman U55 assists while Sweeney C345 stands by. SANDELL after receiving a lightning pass from Lavin 4355 scores an easy basket, while Coleman and Curran C337 run in to cover the shot. 'l NexT The Gonzagans invaded The WesT Valley floor and were deTeaT- ed for The lasT Time in CiTy League compefifion 44-35. .lack Curran led The Zags scoring wiTh ll poinTs. Traveling To The valley again, The Pups were more successful in hand- ing The CenTral Valley Bears a 42- 37 defeat Paf Sweeney's ouTsTand- ing play in neTTing 18 poinfs was a highlight of The game. W SWEENEY 4349 hits one from the corner in the second L. G. game, Sandell following in. Sandell 1377 , and Coleman scramble with L, C. players for possession of the ball. INSERT: Final score of the game. 1 l'- ' if T .I ' , T TX, iff,-iowa' 1 ' .,:, 2 I Y y Y 1' Nw I x Q 1 Q T ' its-ll T T' T .-1 - E if E, T T . T X xg. T . - . Q !g,,,., , Q f - Ti T 4 'Tiff' fl ' is is T .ss ss .,,., g . ,Tl . T, T 1 km? T ' :,' l G .-,-: V2 my if is - ' ,.,- T sllo T L- - T 2. T he T L FrrzPATmcK -f ka X : 1.-.T - T te... McLAUGHLlN ROONEY SWEENEY -62- exft J.-,Q ff 1 Bound Two A tighting Zagan quintet started the sec- ond round ot league play by defeating the Lewis and Clark Tigers 31-28. Next, the Rogers Pirates succumbed to the Blue and White attack by a score ot 39-29, with Jack Curran hitting the hoop tor il points. North Central's indians were the Pup's next victims, At the final whistle the score stood: Gonzaga, 335 North Central, l9. COLEMAN lets go a hook shot for two points. Sandell CI ID and Curran hold in for position. , t,., 371 ."' . kr' H 2 -'X--Z..H-ef - f ,gi 1 X - f-'ew If LAVIN fires a one-hander from the tip of the keyhole as Sandell UID, Coleman 055, a Y ig Curran 1333 move in to play the rebound. :fi Sweeney 1343 hustles for defensive position. I ,,,.-we '-" Q SMITH A FAST BREAK by the Zags provided this situ- ation in which Sweeney blocks out a West Valley guard so Lavin can not a lay.in. R '1 f fl X ill' f X 1 5 if 5 E QQ 1 ' ii . FL A 1. fi x-' '- if . 4 i X , 1- I. ef rr'r "' Y -f 'ls 1 Z . . We ., ,I z , Se he Wi .oi. GILLINGHAM X n N ? X fl 902102 ' 'XGA , K nw if X ri i l' T NW A ' 4 ses.. . T r 50 ff i l ' ' i ' uh! Je T s ,vf I K, ' Y 'NJ I My A , , 3 Ti fLff Z Q , 1 if T 1 f'T'jf . ,X T T as 44' , . ,450 Q 5 ' ,,-A T , 2 . in sisy- T' 'A.., ' ' .5 'A i s P . :'Q M4 1 m - 2 'T . A Q fe ,M ,,-fQLv I ' Kxvt . ,V X - Q! Qi I T- 1-f v cunmm i.Avm nmnnon coi.EMAN Averaging The previous deleal, The Pups oufclassed The VVesT Valley Eagles 40-22. Paf Sweeney and Sandy Sandell each gar- nered lO poinTs. In The final league game The Bullpups won a Thriller from CenTral Valley 34-30. This lefT Gonzaga and We-sT Valley Tied for The Cify Championship. COLEMAN, taking a pass from Curran 4335 dumns two points against West Valley. Sandell CIIJ looks on. 64- State ournam nt Gonzaga topped off The season by journeying To Seattle to contend for the State Basketball Championship. ln the first game, Gonzaga defeated a Tall Stadium Hi team by a score of 32-29. Sandy Sandell sparked the Team To victory and Took scoring hon- ors with i3 points. The following night saw The Zagans, in Their toughest game of The year, lose a heart-breaker to Roosevelt Hi, lstate champsl, 33-31. The Pups held The lead throughout The game until The final Three minutes, where They faltered, Captain Joe Lavin's outstanding floor play and Jack Curran's ten points were features of The game. JACK CURRAN leans high to sink action olay at the state tournament. a lay-in, catching the Battleground Giants flat-footed in fast Coleman U59 and Sandell UID watch the shot develop. SEATTLE BOUND. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Bill Frazier, Coach, Pat Sweeney, Harold Sandell, Bill Gillingham, Ev Rooney, Larry Coleman, Jack Smith, Jack Curran, Bill Reilly, Bill McLeod CMgr.J, Dave Reardon, and Joe Lavin. Len Sitter was accidentally blocked out ofthe picture. -65- ln The next day's consolation ball game, a dis- heartened Zag quintet was defeated 3l-24 by a giant Battleground Hi Team. .lack Curran again Took high point honors with Ten points. This game drew to a close a highly successful T946 basketball season. FIRST FIVE. Seattle fans saw a lot of these five bas- kethallers in three games of state tournament com- Detition. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Sandell, Coleman. Lavin CCapt.J, Sweeney, Curran. SAVAGE C. SMITH E. SMITH GRUBER rack REILLY sfretches for 'the tape and wins in the 100 yard dash against Lewis and Clark. The oiher Gonzaga runners are, left Io right: Bob Codd, Jack Neis, and Ed Smith. AT THE RIGHT: Bob Codd cIears the bor in fhe high jump. SANDELL LAVIN w. sMm-I CHARLETON I' REILLY MCLAUGHLIN -66- WN SElPP NEIS J. SMITH WEINHANDL 1946 SANDELL breaks The fape fo win ihe 880. AT THE LEFT: Bill Reilly Tries his form at another event, ihe high iump, and Ties for first place in the Lewis and Clark meet. como CRONIN VERCRUYSSE KosTEcKA PORTER O'LEARY swANsoN BOISEN B sehall 'FIRST ROW: Coach William Frazier, Frank Yuse, Jack Curran, Bud Waggoner, Harry Sandell, Captain, Francis Hare, Don Dehmer, Dan Crowley, DCW9 Reardon. SECOND ROW: Budd Neumann, Leo Murphy CMgrs.J, Clarence Vercruysse, Pat Sweeney, Don Niehaus, Vic Cozgeiti, Mike Kosiecka, Ed Dahy fMgr.J ' ' Haw-old rsmnexx ' , A V A 5 Short Siop h . ii' .f . if A . A i X. ,Sf Wi V,,Vr.,a , a , Qlafjjgi h ,Q 4, it I. A I-'L Don Nielxaus 95" R'Fa'A0" 5 F ' First Base PU-'-HST F A -L F DOHDJ-wearer, a rell a F a yar, eear e waafeneef -68.. Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Frinnll Yuse Center Fteld Mme Kostas-KH Right, FLelJ Pat. Suu-re Secoml Base. I-lux Cufran 1 A Pitcher Dah C11-ou1xe.Y Citchery 'Nr , fuk- NQY The Score Book Lewls 81 Clarks ,,,,,zz, ,,..,, Rogers ,,,. .. .,,... . North Central Lewis 84 Clark Rogers ,...... .... Gonzaga, ,.,ss. Gonzaga. ..,.,z, H Gonzaga Gonzaga .. ,... 2 6 3 North Central Lewis 81 Clark Rogers ..,,,z,,.... North Central ci cafcllsr if , ..i'- Gi 1 i he . K .:.-.A- 2 O tiff? TOP: Dan Crowley tags a man out of home, on on attempted steal from third, in the first game with Roqgers. LEFT: Strike three! Another Rogers' man goes out, this time to the credit of pitcher Dave Rear- don, Q, x., Q 2 5 I O .tp 52 E Francis 'iifL2f'ii ei,'e O RIGHT: Pat Sweeney singles to put a man on second. The camera snapped iust after Sweeney's bat met the ball. BOTTOM: Reardon comes home for the first run in the Rogers game. I TW "B" Squad Football Team CITY CHAMPS inor Sport FIRST ROW: Bob Sweeney Mark Phillipy, Bob Carpenter, Dick Culhane, Jim De Groot, Hal Mertens, Jim Rocco, Ray Schulte. SECOND ROW: Vic Petretee, Dick Caldwell, Hal Schafer, Jim Hutton, Bob Pasby, Frank Cronin, Roy Donnelly, Hod Moore. THIRD ROW: Vic Cozzetti, Jim McQuiston, Frank Scarano, Rob Gillespy, Paul Duffy, Bob Olson, Jim Watson, Bob Atkinson, Ted Chihara. "B" SQUAD SCORES FRESHMAN SCORES GOWZOQU -ff-- O Pine CITY -f-fffff-'- 6 Gonzaga ..,,.... c,,..., I 2 North Central A..,. Gonzaga I8 Central Valley ,,,,,,, I2 0 Gonzaga ,,a,. 21 North Central ,. 6 GOUZOQG --fffff -- 6 LeW'5 Und Clark ---ff- Gonzaga ,..,, 34 North Central W O 7 R Gonzaga ,,,a.,, ,- 6 Lewis and Clark ..., ,. . , 0 Gonmgg -' Ogers i""'i"""i S Gonzaga ,- 7 ,Rogers ,B zzzzz,,.., 2 Gonzaga ,,,. 20 Central Valley ..,,.,,. Freshman Football Team CITY CHAMPS FIRST RONV: Jim Eierdam, Louie Baumer, Louie Pontieri, Mike Hepler, Roy Stiles, Tony Cafaro, Dick Siguaw, Pat Kenney, Tom State, Pat Casey Bob Firor, Tom Lappano, Ed Brown, Mike Walsh. SECOND ROW: John Hern, Denny Howard, John Workland, Herman Elixman, Whit Smith, Jim Stevenson, Bob Spencer, Joe Cain, Dick Meyers, Lonnie Orth, Dick Sprague, Cecil Seyler, John McBride, Ed Hoerner, Ted Hirst. THIRD ROW: Jim Wilson iMgr.J Dale DeShaw CMgr.j, Mr. McHugh, S.J., Coach: Jerry Kelly 1Mgr'.I, Don Etten. Missing: Chuck Mason, Joe O'Laughlin, Jack Rizzuto, Bob Burns, Joe Lynch, Bill Gustafson. , m reshman askethall f f 1 , mm FIRST ROW: Dick Sprague, Joe Lynch, Bob Burns, Dick Bailey, Herman Elixman, Chuck Norris, Tom Slate. SECOND ROW Michael McHugh, S. J., Coach, Pal Casey, Bill Presley, Bill Helbling, Don Ellen, Bob Firor. BASKETBALL SCORES Gonzaga .,,,.. ,, a,,,, Libby ,,,,.,r,,,, 51 Gonzaga ,i,r,,, ,,,,,, L ewis 81 Clark G0nZC'9C'fee l-lbby f Yeeeefrf 'fl l Gonzaga, aaa, ,..r Rogers GOIWZCJQC1 .,.,.. ,, ,,.. Norih Central ,, ,,,,,, 30 Gonzaga Vfffif- W -ii-- Norm Cenfrclf Gonzaga ,,,,,, , ,..,, North Central ,, ,,,,.. 19 Gonmgo Lewis 81 Clark Gonzaga l-lavermale ,,,, .,,, . ,i5 A Gonzaga Rogers v,v,,,,,,, A,,,,, l 9 OOHZOQG """' """" R Ogels ' """"" Gonzaga Central Valley ,, ,,,,,, i8 GOVWZOQO- --rf -f-v N Offli Ceniffllf Gonzaga ,..,,, ,,,,, L ewis 8, Clark ,,,, ,zzzA, 36 Gonzaga, ,,,,,, Cenfral Valley Freshman asehall FIRST ROW: Pal Casey, Dan Pelrefee, Jack Rizzulo, Bob Spencer, .loe Schaller, Mark Kelly, Tom Lappano, Bob Burns, Paul Arnold, Lonnie Orth, Bob Firor. SECOND ROW: Roy Stiles CMgr.J, Ed Hoerner, Chuck Mason, Dick Tillisch, John McBride, Bob Magnuson, Bob Devereaux, Bill Presley, Harley Eichmer, Leo Carano, Mr. Michael McHugh, S. J., Coach. Missing: Jim Wamsley, Bill Donais, Louie Baumer, Louie Pontieri. l-72- Golf FIRST ROW: Joe Lynch, Bob Pafferson, Al Mengerf, Bob Cocld, Craig Siolle, Dan Miller. SECOND ROW: Jim Slater, Jack Curran, Wall' Devlin, Jim Soderquisf, Ross Mounsey. ennisi FIRST ROW: Hank Swoboda, John Goodrich, Bill Gage, Pai' Gray, Larry Coleman. SECOND ROW: Dick Bailey, Ed Liesf, Joe Liesf, Hank Higgins, Ronald Schenk, Pere deRoe?fh. GONZAGA TODAY The building ot an addition to the original structure on Boone avenue became necessary in l904. The Stadium and De Smet Hall were erected some years later to complete the present picture. Today, with her devotion to the highest ideals in Christian education and the varied accomplishments of her sons every- where recognized, Gonzaga stands as a living monument to the eighty years ot Jesuit activity in Spokane. - 74 - fl mms ,.fi'L4,jj 2 Z , Xff ZZ 1 XXX!! 1 Zfffffff ff ' X f ff ff,'f'7Tf-T ff ff fff, E22 X X XX X xx rffiqqx , 'W x px NX Ax XX X X X N Xxxx X ff f I NX ff ,ffl,Iul xxx xx X N x ffffffff fffffffffflll' "VY NW X 'xxx X XX fffffffffxfflllllxX,xXXXXXX f f ff f X Il XX xxx XXXX f f f 11 EEFIMWLHLEFE 75- NX X x .hese were great times . . . C11 Locked out. C21 "Now, this isn't going to hurt--much."' C31 Captain Sweeney, Smith and Cronin have V-Day in honor of a triple football champion- ship. C41 Schenk mixes his own poison. C51 Cronin and Sweeney get their man-Mclaughlin. C61 Wallis catches up on his sleep. C71 Brother Buskens, everybocly's friend. C81 Derr takes up skiing. C91 Famous skiing instructors Suoboda, Smith, Reardon, cleRoetth. C101 When things weren't going so well . . . C111 Fitzpatrick, trusting soul, ancl Rooney, prankster. C121 A few seniors bone up their memory during noon hour. C131 Mr. Zehnder, king of the Chem. Lab. C141 The campus viewed from obstacle course. -76- and September September September September September September September September so were these . . . 4-Registration. Ah, it's grecrt to get bock to school. 5-Closses stort ot 8:25. l-lmmmmm . . . new teochers. Hollwoy jammed , . . lots ot new toces. 7-Beginners' Bond closses stort . . . one week to prepore tor the Merry-Go-Round. IO-Otticiol notice: lmmemoriol JUG storts todoy c1t3:OO p. m. See you in Jug. ll-President Pot Sweeney cells to order the first Student Body Meeting. ' l4-Annuol Merry-Oo-Round tootboll gome. Our tecim comes in third, but shows promise of better things. 22-Bullpups detect Anocondo Copperheods 26 to 6. 28-Rogers Pirotes powerhouse our teom tor ci l4 to O victory . . . Oh, well, it's eorly yet . . . October 2-Philomotheo holds Open House. Mother ond Dod tecim up with the teochers . . . thot meons tewer nights out from now on . . . October 4--Sweeney's lost minute poss to Cronin pulls the L. C. gome out ot the tire. October 9-Frosh Night. Frosh lose 49 to 45, but pull Q test one by letting the oir out ot the Sophs' tires. EVERYONE WENT TOTHE MERRY-GO-ROUND l -77- October 23-Most Rev. Walter Fitzgerald, S. .l,, Bishop of Alaska, is guest speaker at first regular meeting of Knights of the Altar. October 30 and SI-Quarter Exams. Boy, guess our teachers mean business! November i-All Saints Day. Holy day of Obligation and no school. November 2-Requiem High lvlass at St. Aloysius. -Navy leaves University, making way for the "great migrationn: occupation of DeSmet Hall by Boarders. -Pep Rally in Canteen for the morrovv's championship game with Rogers. November 3-We avenge an earlier defeat and take the City Championship by beating Rogers 20 to O. November 9-Gonzagans take part in Spokane Catholic Book Fair. November I3-All City Night. Six Bullpups win positions on All-City team, the Captaincy going to Niehaus. Our Glee Club makes a fine showing. November I5-Mr. lVIcGinn joins faculty to take over the Music Department, November QI to 26-Thanksgiving vacation. Long-awaited remedy for Boarders' homesickness. November 27-Mr. Kreuzer, S. J., selects his cast for "What a Night." ' November 30-Gonzaga Student Body sponsors Mixer at Knights of Columbus Hall. THE BOARDERS STUDIED IN THEIR ROOMS . . . WENT TO BED EARLY AND HAD FRIDAY NIGHT DATES . . . IF THEY WEREN'T CAMPUSED g .-78... FR. JAHN GAVE STIRRING PEP TALKS ELLSWORTH AND RYAN YODELLED AT ALI.-CITY NIGHT NIEHAUS WAS MADE CAPTAIN SWEENEY AND HIS TEAMMATES CARRIED AWAY THE QUACKENBUSH TROPHY .-79.- December December December December I to 8-Annual Retreat, under direction of Father Carroll, S. J. Gonzaga Night. Cup is awarded to Juniors tor their "First Gonzaga Night." Football team has annual banquet at Zep Inn. -Christmas Vacation begins. - December I-'Gonzagan" editorial staff journeys to Tacoma for annual Puget Sound Catholic Press Conference. 5 20- I8 G January 2- January 4 osh, it's tough to have to come back to school . . . e lose a heart breaker to Lewis and Clark in Basketball Oh well, we started otl slowly in Football . -W - ' ' . -Knights ot the Altar have Ice Skating Party ai' Liberty Lake. I ' ' . January 29-N February 2- nauguratron ot New Student Body otticers Father Harrington takes his vows, and gives us a holiday. FR. CARROLL GAVE AN INSPIRING RETREAT AND ASKED FOR MASS AND COMMUNION IN A BODY -80... JANUARY MEANT SKATING FOR SOME KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR 1-fe WSW High School Seniors , Graduafes February February February February I I 5 8 2- 5- Soclc and Buskin presents "What 'A Night" at Masonic Temple. What a night! More and more Gonzagans spend their Saturdays skiing on Mt. Spokane. Knights of the Altar sponsor first Student Convocation. Gonzaga debaters steal show in annual College of Puget Sound Tournament. -Our basketballers defeat Rogers 39 to 29. . March I-We get even with West Valley, 40 to 22, and keep pointing tor the city basketball championship March 6-Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, FEBRUARY BROUGHT "WHAT A NlGHT" AT THE MASONIC TEMPLE SNOW AND MORE SNOW WITH THOUGHTS OF SKIING -82- ON MT. SPOKANE . . . WHICH SOME OF US DID WHILE OTHERS FOUND PHOTOGRAPHY MORE INVITING "if, wi 'v 1 'New' f - ,F . -83- 'QS' if 31'-'K Mission Dairy Lunch "Where Quality Doth Endure and Prices Are Demuren Hamilton near Mission ' Best Wishes fo The Graduates from Eugeneis Flowers N.7WaIIST. Mqin1173 I , Mr Mr Dr. Mr Mr Mr Lzzzgzkm Pazfrwzs DR. and MRS. CHAS. R. MOWERY and Mrs. H. B. Swanson and Mrs. W. J. Burns and Mrs, R. A. Gray and Mrs. P. J. Tavernia and Mrs. R. P. Porter cmd Mrs. Knute Lien Dr. and Mrs. Richard Flaherty Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Parsell Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Pedersen A Friend of Gonzaga Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr. . Norman J. Shiehan . A. deRoetth and Mrs. J. D. Kindschi and Mrs. Jules Hendricks and Mrs. E. Rex Speelmon and Mrs. F. R. Butts H. D. Keenan Miss Irene Perno Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Macly A Friend of Gonzaga Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Lynch and Mrs. Larry Niehaus and Mrs. E. J. Gowanloclc and Mrs. H. M. Ringwood and Mrs. E. Stanley Castle and Mrs. P. J. Sisk and Mrs. Joseph H. Kelly Elmer E. Johnston and Mrs. James W. Mounsey and Mrs. K. D. Moore Dr. M. Anthony Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. David Hartin and Mrs. J. C. Hathaway and Mrs. D. G. Corbett and Mrs. O. E. Brodersen Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Cunningham Dr. Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. R. L. Rotchford and Mrs. J. G. Rotchtord and Mrs. E. F. Donohue and Mrs. J. J. Mertens Ivlarch 8-In The Tinal big game Them. March I3-We Take a close one March I4-RooseveIT comes from of The season We win a Thriller from Cenfral Valley, buT share The ciTy championship wiTh from STadium, 32 To 29 in The Tirsf game of The STaTe Basketball ToUrnamenT in SeaTTIe. behind To elce us ouT 33 To 31 and spoil our STaTe championship hopes. April I-lnierclass Soffball geTs under way during noon hour. I April 2-CongraTulaTions To The parTicipan'rs in The Senior ElocuTion ConTesT. AT THE BASKETBALL GAMES WE CHEERED OUR TEAM TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE INTERCLASS SOFTBALL IT WAS EVERY ROOM FOR ITSELF I -35- April 4-Junior Elocutionists make it an enjoyable evening. April 8NLots ot interest in Interclass track. April 16-Bullpup Baseball team shuts out Lewis and Clark 5 to O. April 24-Senior Sneak. lt wasn't worth it . . . April 26-Hopkins wins in school Apologetics Contest. April 29-Gold Medal Debate. Foley walks ott with another trophy. May 54-lopkins wins Diocesan Apologetics Contest, May io-Rogers' hard-won victory clashes our hopes ot a clean sweep for the 1945116 athletic year. May 27-Seniors make Retreat at Twin Lakes. Too much hell fire . . . May 28-Final Examinations. May 29-More examinations and then-Whoopee, it's all ov er! May 31-Commencement Exercises. Largest graduating class in history of school. pf. wt u ' 'Kama we tw 'SHDWN U00 Cm 'uuwo ww con 'mime M101 C67 'KSIMOJD Hoa fat 'Kaiwa me in 'KQSD3 qos l9J '-2214021 UL:-'Jr 493 'APSIISLLS 091 WJ 'Liuws uno Cal 'wqmo www Kal 'Sums qos in -36- Congratulations Class of 1946 - 9 EA 'I' MISSIU MPHAR ACY Prescriptions Our Specialty -9 - FOUNTAIN LUNCH, DRUGS, SPORTING GOODS, SUNDRIES -6.125- Located 2002 East Mission 87 l New and Lovely things 2 f Compliments to the EAT AT Cl f '46 'F' 3 O n buy s Place l l 1 A l Wfhen It Comes to Eating , , Cu 's Has It UH1V6fS1ty Pharmacy F Q y , GoodF d Mod-f P' , Are Arrlvlng Dally K Drop in Anytime Rube,s Smoke Shop Yau Are Most Welcome X X , 1 T09 NORTH HOWARD 33 , 1-1 A , f , Cg rs - Pipes - Smoker's NOVGITISS V V Jlzmn Ch Qfmu, m iw I . . QQ',iL5l-! N Whl1mc1n's Candles N. l Wall Street 3 A W Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1946 QQ' ' .guts Complinlents of D X '7!w QUARTERBACK Glad 88 Compliments of Y J. E Nlnlinvern-llarrull nu. George Elmer Brown L COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Aiwrney 624 Pe Ton Bid M 2334 N 5202 Nl k S e Hughes' Apparel 608 Riverside THE CATHOLIC STORE N. 'I7 Monroe St. Phone: M. 4758 W0men,5 Cyqpparel -4 z . gi :SE .4 WSE z"'S Sei? kj wiv Q97 We Le L BEST WISHES to The Class of 1946 from T Spokane? CPioneer Fuel Merchants More Than 50 years caring for Spokane's fuel needs COAL L WOOD FUEL OIL L DIAMOND Ice 86 Fuel Co. L To ' N. 740 Division Broadway 5721 ENGMVINGS Tins ANNUAL were proelueea' by flee Spokane-American Engraving Co. CHRONICLE BUILDING Spokane, Washington lm l l ' MAIN 1819 In the Spokane Valley l 0CULIST'S PRESCRIPTIONS th Pl t G l FILLED EXCLUSIVELY e ace 0 0 l ToM E DAY W l ' l - N Ophthalmic Dispenser l Q Broken Lens Duplicated and l 1 W. 418 Riv rs'd S ka ' l f e 'e M P0 ne Q Sports Eqmpment , Compliments of Farmin 86 Rothrock 5 I Dlshman Trading u COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE COIIIPHHY ' 317 Paulsen Bldg. Phone R. 'Il0l H. L. Geesey, Mgr. Wal. 1535 WEST OF THE VIADUCT . Spokane, Wasll. 1 l COMPLIMENTS OF D 0 D S O N ' S QAIKQ Hne Jewefry for 59 le ears 91 SAAD BROS. For SHOES AND REPAIRING 702 M A M 5479 Compliments of The Orpheum Theatre fAlways the best for Orpheum Guestsj Best wishes for all Gonzaga fighting h ' the Service and those men w 0 are in , who are about to go in. We know they will give a good account of themselves. Managed by JIMMY KEEFE 1Former Gonzaga High School Studentb Royal Menis Shop 414- RIVERSIDE AVE. Spokane, W'ash. COMPLIMENTS OF Spokane Title Co. p F. L. TAYLOR, President Compliments of Spokane Film Development Co. Photo Service ' I PRITCHARD Fish Market A1 Your Neighborhood Store RETAIL S. 207 Howard Spokane, Wash. Phone: R 0414 E I BEST WISHESii. From COMPLIMENTS Rutherfordis GF Triple XXX Barrel KELLY PLANT :?:i2.iei1f:52giSa?:'.':.':::i:21 Gardens E. 2125 Sprague t 92 Tu Inland-American Printing Company fzviylzey me Class of 1946 the Fullefi Measure 0 f Sueeeff und Huppiueff hr Their Future I I I linfg-ml ' I I Spokane Flsh Co. I I WIHOLESALE I Compliments of I I I Brdway 0937 W. 924 Mauon 86 , A Ag I FIRST and WALL QUALITY AND SERVICE . , SPOKANE, WASHINGTON Dair Co I . . I Y ' 9I Wim MILK, CREAM and ICE CREAM I I We or one I Ian-,N L, More or n-, p f n I I aqua la you . . . y ran! lo Me Weafut rqfzeacff I Reddy Kilowatt, your electrical servant, wishes to congratu- late you, graduates of Gonzaga High School, and to wish you every success. As Reddy pioneered the development of electrical service in the past, and is still blazing trails for lretter electrical living, may you go forward in an America of free enterprise and opportunity for all, to pioneer new trails of progress and enlightenment. I The Washlngton Water Power Company I -QA.. Central Fish Market "Everything in Seafooflsv in Sp0kane,s Most MODERN and COMPLETE MARKET W. 609 Main Ave. Phone: Main 2882 Congratulations Gonzaga ,Class of '46 5 , From l Great Western Fuel Co. E. 222 DeSmet B. 2101 Wraight's Store ' 5c to 51.00 and Up Apparel ' Dinnerware ' Kitchenware ' Lamp ' Mirrors ' Pictures VISIT OUR PET SHOP Main and Wall Riv. 5442 W W. Bright Service 6 Approved Headlights Adjusting and Repairing 2623 N. DIVISION ST. THE GONZAGA BULLPUPS Have a Reputation for Being Tough. L 7 T PRATT FURNITURE CO. I C. E. BEAR Has the Reputation for Doing N. 215 POST Business Right. 1 we , ' l "The Easiest Place in Town C' E' H CO. to Buy Furniture" REALTORS 218 Paulsen Bldg. M. 3559 Tee. To A .4e.e. ge-- .-.J -95.- 1' sou: Compiimems Q Compliments I of of The Model Cafe Ullvef Zmkgraf X CUnder Knights of Columbus HQIII I ' Contractor ' Wfell-Drilling I S E 160K Sh A I k -N02 IN Tl-I E N0'!.AYQ':IK'iI'1'41n LOA GROCERS B READ A DELICIOUS WHITE BREAD WITH WHEAT GERM ADDEDI SILVER L0 F QUALITY AND THE RIGHT PRICE CORREC'I?IilY FILLED PRESCRIPTIONS The Benevolent and Are Always Obtainable at Protective Order of Prescriptions K E G L E R S 2M N- Howard Riverside 4179 ,lust North of Sprague on. Howard Extends Best Wishes Compliments of to the Graduating of Class of '46 Ogsbury-Buster Brown Shoes ' All. iii " i x I :W -nn I "', ii I I I I 'ui l M wining? V Timur NTIILIIIMI WI :gi-yi! i lil I' I vp-aug DAVENPORT JPORT' fHO'P Q I I .fif f 'X K Qiliff o 1 254, f xwg ff .ii rf 0 2- ' 2 . ,ffff, E ff ,Z X ov f ,f "ii 53, ' xgtz ao Mn UUE Gonzaga Hzlgh Solzool 98 Q N Best Wishes to the Class gf Specializing: ,46 In Heavy Pre-Heat Portable Electric Q front and Emergency Breakdowns Phone B. 2202 Night Phone: B. 2444 Q2:.f'FlUlUEH5 507 MAIN Ave. mann: ruv.r3as N. 1309 Division Spokane, Wash. l ,,,,W PGLAR INN A Place to Meet Your Friends N. 1225 Division B. 2400 ,WY l Compliments of of C. P. Higgins 748 PEYTON BLDG. Symmes Furniture Store Electric Smith ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Motors, Appliances "Everything for the home" Ref,-igprnfign N' H9 POS' E. 121 Sprague R. 1144 Compliments of Riverside Warehouse Co. ALLEN 'S CAFE Commercial and Household Accounts Storage and Cartcrge Phone Riv. 8063 E. 41 Gray Ave. BEST WISHES Compliments TO THE GRADUATES FROM of Gus J. Bouten Stitz Grocery E. 103 Mission Construction Co. GENERAL CONTRACTORS N. 216 Division Street Spokane 8, Washington Main 1144 l Best Wishes to the Congratulations to the Graduates Graduates from from the Harry pupo Roundup Grocery ERUITS and VEGETABLES Co. 'N THE W. 216 Pacific Riv. 4115 Washington Market "Feature Fine Foods for the Inland Empire Since 1912', Compliments Cathollc Books of FOR SALE - FOR RENT ' Get Better Acquainted With Your K Catholic Literature Buy Good Books for Your Library. Give Good Books as Gifts. H. C. LEWIS II. W. ANDERSON Rent Good Books for Your CManagersD Leisure Reading if DeSales Catholic 'clfverything in the line of fooflsv i, Location: L. 2039 E. 3608 Sprague JOHN W. GRAHAM 81 CO.,STORE Spokane 8, Wash. E., C., Qllsebn Lumber CQ., Successors to McGOLDRICK LUMBER CO. CX, "One Piece or a Truckloadv CX, Gllenwceod il 646 4 V Congratulations to the Graduates from Rasher-Kin man-Herrin Branch - NASH F INCH COMPANY Spokane, Wash. S. 153 Wall St. Phone: Riv. 1161 l 0 Maxzne Doty,s Dance Studio Learn to Jitterbug, Waltz, Rhumbo, Fox Trot, Tango, and Samba Complete Courses 510.00 FOR APPOINTMENT Ph R 1444 816W R Congratulations to the 0 Graduates from Electrlc Co. Expert Service on - . All Types of Electronic Equipment K Pick-up and Delivery SPOKANEI WASH. E. 1910 Sprague Ave. Ph B d y. 4403 N. 1705 D sr Compliment! 0 67Z7Z6SS6jf Fzmemf owe -102- COMPLIMENTS Compliments OF of Spokane Hotel and Silver Grill Ist and Stevens - Moss Pharmacy E. 3602 Sprague Best Wislles Congratulations from and ' Best Wishes Arthur Schulein 725 Riverside The Family Store Finest in W0me11,s Shoes and Gifts RIVERSIDE AT LINCOLN CUNGRATULATIONS lo llm Class of 1946 Your Catholic Education Is a Priceless Heritage Compliments of KN IGHTS OF CGLUMBUS 103 You can obtain lhc Products on these pages from The Blue 86 White Inn The Friendly Corner HOT LUNCHES -- GROCERIES CANDIES We appreciate your patronage Mr. and Mrs. ,I. A. Ryan COMPLIMENTS cmd BEST WISHES to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '46 From "lt's in the Public Eye" A FRIEND OF GONZAGA -104- Best XViSlllFS E from f N Jacobsen's - ' ' x Bakery Makers of the umewj 269411 MILK - ICE CREAM Arden Farms Co. I I I CLASS OF 46 Hits the S I I N EI-II BOTTLIN G P0t co. CX, Bottlers of: Royal Crown Cola Western Bottling and Co, PAR-T-PAK SPOKANE, WASH. Nice Going . . Class of '46! COMPLIMENTS OF Larryis Tavern CLarry Niehaus, Owner, Brownson Motor Co. DODGE AND PLYMOUTH 23 Years of Best in Service Dishman Walnut 1545 CParrish's Flowers Fine Flowers - Moderately Priced FIALA SPORTING GOODS EXCHANGE At Prices That Demand Attention and Everything for the Sportsman V' W5 W' 826 Sprague Ave' 315-17 Main Phone: mv. 9385 Congratulations 'O the Class of 1946 KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES from sTETsoN HATS Moss Sportmg ARROW SHWS Goods 9 , FOGELQUIST S Work Gloves w. 45 Riverside Phone: M.s5e6 C""'e' S""'9"e and Howmd Duthie Seed Co. 501 MAIN AVENUE R. W. NEVILLE, Mgr. Spokane, Wash. Congratulations to the Class of 946 McDonnell Seed Co. cRAzY TRADER WANTS YOUR CAR MONEY NO OBJECT THE ONE MAN WHO ALWAYS GIVES MORE THAN HE PROMISES V TRADER LONZA Serving the People of the OKANOGAN VALLEY and the CHELAN VALLEY With Efficiency ond Comfort Senioafi' I This is just to extend our congratulations Okanogan Valley STAMP AND BUS LINES Arm? PRINTING co. W. 429 First Ave. Main 6465 Thomas R. E. Berry, Manoger S. 172 Post St. M. 3034- Union Iron Works I Compnmems SPOKANE of Full Stock of: . i2f.i:: .F.'3:3m5:'.3'..it'2fes: Sfaglssitszz Cresfllne Lumber C0- MinI,f2f'ivtnit'Ef1'Q' 'fi 2215121 Wifhiffrf 'S2'ate.- N. 1601 DIVISION sf. B. 5241 Shop, Foundry, Machine Shop, Structural Steel Tank and Plate Work. Established 1890 SPOKANE, WASH. Outdoor Sporting Goods ' ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT ' MODEL SUPPLIES ' HUNTING 8t FISHING EQUIPMENT Compliments JAMES SMYTH N. 226 Division SILIJ FIREPLACE 8K FIXTURES W. 825 Main Ave. M. 6010 ORNAMENTAL WURKS THE INLAND Grills Porch ,m Alu!! Am Gotes and Stairs and Iron Stairs Office Rclilings IEC. I v xmpy wAsn, OR ANY IRON WORK MADE TO ORDER For Better Iron Work-See Me ! Compliments ARTHUR P. Buscu of Inland Seed Co. Ornamental Iron Works S. 120 Howard st. M. 5397 E' 3706 Spraguiwlfx. L..kevw.a1az spokane -108- f N f W f N OFFICE SUPPLIES Best Wishes to ' Class of ,46 TYPEWRITER SERVICE I ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT Adams Tractor Co. , Forrl Tractors, Ferguson System, Wheelless Implements a co. 325-7 Riverside Phone Main 3361 E. 1602 Trent Spokane 15, Wash. OFFICE OUTFITTERS - PRINTERS Compliments nf W1-If W- kl uinton's Electric 1 13111 111 CI' CEMENT coNTRAcToR Co. APPLIANCES., SALES SERVICE CONTRACTING Im W' W' RW' 4704 Phone: B. 0789 N. 1411 Division Good Luck and Best Wishes to All the Grads from My o w IF rrs mme or owen we une IT I 707-711 Sprague Ave. Spokane, Wash. , -109- MT. SPOKANE IN MIDWINTER By L. G. NUMBERS W isbing the graduates the Peak of Success in Future Years .I I . u-Art tudio 110 I Howard Pharmacy I Best Wislles I OPPOSITE POST OFFICE of 3 I 907 W. RIVERSIDE AVE. I , I Merkle s Bakery V Phone Main 4881 Spokane, Washington I ' I I I Sprouse-Reltz Co. I I The Home 0fQ1wlily , 50 - 100 - 150 Store I SCHOOL SUPPLIES I OPEN UNTIL 6:30 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE ' I W. 528 Ind B oad 'ly 5131 Hamilton Near Mission I I I Veterans - Learn to Fly Free I, 5 ' For information regarding learning to fly under G. I. Bill of Rights WALLACE AIR SERVICE FELTS FIELD LAKEVIEW 'I567 'III Good Luck to Next Year's Senior Class That You May Have the Success We Enjoyed This Year from SENIOR RO0M 245 Ray Ankerson Al Deviny Vincent Elbert Dick Fife Jerry Hastings Jack Morrison Dave Reardon Carl Zinkgraf Phil Dumont Bob Fitzpatrick Ed Shafer Bill McLeod MEMBERS Gene Bosch Jim Dickenson Tony Culiok Leonard Greeley Bob Mertens Harry Pupo Art Sontgerath Ray Tavernia Lynn White Ev Rooney John Fenton Father O'Grady, S. J., Moderator Howard Bennett Gene Dolan Tom Eller Morrie Gruber Pat Morris Hugh Randall Kenneth Spilker Pat Gray Jack Curran Don Niehaus Mike Cronin Frank Yuse 4'7" QW. 5' M sk -112- Q Best Wishes to the Graduates from the KNIGHTS OF THE LEASH The Knights of the Leash is an honor and service society for the pro- motion of interest in all the activities of Gonzaga High School and assumes leadership in the realization of the spiritual ideals, intellectual activities and athletic programs of Gonzaga High School. ,This club is limited to thirty members, chosen from among the junior and senior classes by the Leash and the Faculty. The Knights of this year have done their best to live up to their ideals. E OFFICERS Harold Sandell, s,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,.s,, . . v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,e President Art Sontgerath , ,,,,,,, Vice President Mike Cronin ,,,,,,e ,,,Secretary Don Niehaus ,,,,,,e ,, ,. T, . ,,,, ,,,,,,,, T reasurer Mark Derr W ,, ,,,,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Pat Sweeney Joe Lavin Bill McLeod Morrie Gruber John Goodrich Ev Rooney Ben Lenoue Ed Norris Frank Yuse Jack Smith Ed Smith Cul Smith John Hopkins Mike Kostecka Bob Olsen Pete deRoetth Jack Curran Ross Mounsey Leo Shelledy Craig Stolle John Smead Bob Fitzpatrick -113- First Semester Compliments Of ROOM 131 CLASS OFFICERS President, ..A.., , ,,.,,, Second Semester Bob Zinkgraf ,,,,,,,,,Tom McAstocker ,,,,,,.Treasurer,,,,,,,, so John Greeley James Slater ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ' Jerry Kelly, ,,,, ,,,, Y,,,, , ,YVice Presidente, muumgc ,e., ma Pat Alverson ,.e,,,,A, ,,,,,,, Secretary ,,,M,, A, Wally Firor ,,,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Pat Alverson Don Golob Jim Amann Al Amann Joe Berto Bill Brophy A Jim Brown . Bob Buchanan Wally Firor Richard Gaines Bob Gillespy John Greeley Roger Gross Jon Healy Frank Hoffman Jess Huetter James Johnston Jerry Kelly muumg Tom McAstocker John Merino Moderator Father Patrick J. Conway, S. J. s a aaBmLmg , .,.,. . .,,..,,, Ralph Schoenberg Dan Miller James Ressa James Rocca Ralph Schoenberg Don Showalter Jim Slater Al Verna Bob Waldron Pat Weyer Bob Zinkgrat -114- ""' "' ' vw M If ' Complete If? INSURANCE -6-19 ff-,E.- W Service See Us Before Yo I ,X U Q BUY A I- H. S. GIMBLE INS. AGENCY 730 W. Sprague Phone: Main 4285 D 8 Dept. of Anchor Securities Co I J'--- 3 rrooo STORES A Great New Shoe X For Your Friendly lVith a Craml Old Name 3 N He Is Your Neighbor John C. Roberts t r Worltl,s Largest Shoe Makers 3 -el-9 Best Wishes to The Graduates of '46 The Knights of the Altar -115- 1 Red K: White Grocer. ATULATIIIN S AND ALL FIRST ROW: Maurer, Froelich, Smith, Escovar, Schulz, Sweaney, Barrett, Piedmont, Buscher. SECOND ROW Poplel Csssel, Durkin, E. Murphy, Stiles, Corrigal, Blashill, Cameron, Picou, Jack Ringwood. THIRD ROW M Lyons S J Joe Ringwood, Lien, Riehlie, D. Murphy, 0'Laughlin, Mylan., Taylor, Walsh, Stopper. FOURTH ROW Walters Price Healy, Glink, Stark, Schneider, Morrison, Culjak. FIFTH ROW: Willis, Dumont, Weyand. TUXEDOS COMPUMENT5 Complete outfit, including shirt, OF collar, ties aml studs. N Single or double-breasted styles L C o 5 CAll sizesl, 352.50 and 33.50 es S Costumes for School Plays, Masquerades, Rodeos, Etc., at Q Low Rentals- We Ship Anywhere. Men s Shop , W ms Miller-Dervant ' prague 1017 W. Riverside Main 6642 ' COMPLIMENTS Tomban Food M k OF at et P M JACOY I C GEO. S. ALLEN, Owner The Very Best Goofls at the Lowest Possible Price OPEN EVENINGS Lakeview 2290 S. 825 Perry St. Retail and Wholesale ' Candy ' Magazines, Etc. 405 Sprague Avef Q --- COMPLIMENTS 0F GAMMA BETA FIRST ROW: Albertson, Holland, McAstocker, Brown, Scheutz, Kupfer, M. Neumann, P. Arnold, Presnell. Flesch, John- son. SECOND ROW: Hermans, Pritchard, Charleton H Ibl' , B. N m n , J. L' t G Wh't P Ch'h , e Ing eu a n les, age, le, uno, sara. THIRD ROW: Mr. McGough, S. J., Golub, E. Liesl, L. Murphy, Duffy, Verhey, Butigan. FOURTH ROW: Hoffman, Joyce, Hamburg. Whelan. COMPLIMENTS OF BOYLE FUEL co. N. 1014 Division M PHONE BROADWAY 1 121 Qgapfjkn FOR PRIVATE PARTIES AND BANQUETS Call Lakeview 4153 Z FOR FINE FOODS EAT AT THE ZEPINN Winners of 1946 Loyalty Award A SOPHOMCRE ROOM 130 , First Semester Class Officers, Left to 2nd Semester Class, Officers, Left to Right: Right: Davis ........,,.,.,,.,,...,,,,.,,,,,, Treas. Pashy ., ,......,, ,,,,., S gt-at Arms Codd .,,,.....,...... ...,.,,,......,.,,. P res. Codd ..,,,,,..,,.,,...,........, Vice Pres Gowanlock ,,,,,,,.. Sgt.-at-Arms Seinn .......,, ..,,,..,,., v .,.. Pres Cronin... ,,,,,,,,, ,,Vice Pres. Schulte .,. , ec Davey . ,..., ,,...,,,, , , ,,,,, ,,Sec. 1 Davey ,,,,.,,,. ..., , . ...,... .Treas Bob Atkinson Roger Coleman CLASS MEMBERS Jim Gannon B. Landerville Ray Schulte Bob Barth Ned Conley A. Gauthier Don Manson Justin Seipp Don Boisen Frank Cronin J. Gowanlock Ed McTighe Len Sitter John Bombino Ed Dahy Charles Hopkins Hod Moore Joe Slead Ed Caffrey Dick Davey Jim Hutton Leo Murphy J. Thompson George Clink Bill Davis Regis King Bud Neumann Pat Wilson Bob Codd Walt Devlin Dick Knop Bob Pasby Bob Yeats Paul Duffy Kick Kroetch Dick Porter Moderator, Mr. Louis Gaffney, S. J. -118- Paul Arnold I .2 TL- , Geo E BRADY c. L. sAMPsoN I 1 "Worthy of Your Tflwf, x siwcekuees ' c 7 i ' TENT5 CPrescr1ptz0ns Cdgggijgiggllgga Precise Prescription Service Ll ' 5poKANLWA,,+, ' Y 3 Old National Bank Bldg. A. C. Uptagrafft H. L. James A CO-PARTNERSHW Phone: M. 2364 Spokane 8, Wash. Congratulations to CQMp1-QMENTS The Luigian QI: Fern Candy Co. GARLAND Theater W. 332 RIVERSIDE "Always a Good Movie" H. T. QShinej McKenna l G.H.S. ,za - o.U., ,sz Garland and Monroe --eeeeieeen-A+ ee, .,e, l or ,,.,ee ee. , e,,.. Congratulations to the Graduates of 1946 from Richard Bailey Richard Bernier Joseph Binder Donald Bosch Richard Brogan Robert Bumgarner Lawrence Burch Anthony Cafaro Joseph Cain Patrick Casey Dale De Shaw ROOM 127 Jack Dionne Joseph Lynch Michael Ervin Donald Etten Donald Garigen Bernard Hagg Thomas Holley Dennis Howard Donald Hunt James Kelly Frank Lassell James Little William Loosemore Father John Coughlin, S. J., Moderator John McDonnell Charles Peterson James Powers Daniel Procter John Saegner Roy Stiles Whitney Smith Richard Sprague Victor Vedelago Monte Whelan William Joy --1l9- iii 5JfirHrLUiHil ozzzaqa zziversify Summer Session-June 24-August 3 Foil Semester Begins in Mid-September IUNE O 0 C '1 us 0 ua 5' 'L C Q. CD I Liberal Arts IEQSQEQEEEQEQEIYIEEE'.,--" "jr:-. 2' " 51535: 1,5555 - 5,-1 1-rg' ,.:c-:a:o:,,..v.h..,.vM Q- -25555535 :V 2gi1fZf?1" '2l2'1:'z.Li2--2 J, 2 A ' -2 'EIE2EZ2EfE-E 31' P-H 'S' - -I. -. , I . . fm 1 2 4 .,.,.:,.-.,.-.i --.- . -.. . H -0- 4 ,,.:.,2.-,I -vseazam -, 0 .::::g23:.5:g:"g: ::,.,: gn-:,:1.1:,:.,-:,:511::mzQfr- :5 1355: -Q- iiiii'i2..?2i25Fr'2s.Qf' glsgzgsfeisg, gzifgqfi.,.12222-55552513:525:5252523-'siiizig S- 0 1 3 Q J 'Il-.7'3 3:35:31-2519 V 'P VI 5' I 2' w .,, R 'yin 2 Q. 9 iwkiiafiiiizigziw. 5 E Q ,5222:2:2i.:iE.2s N4 H' n 5222325252 22525252125-W ff- 12222222 N' -. 2 2 9.- '3-ggg,-,gagssfg2--fsgqeg ""A' f 0 0 0 5f2s2z5:.:.z2s5gZ.. gg. Q 3 E-52523723 ff' ...:f2f' 5525215152: wiv-i?'f H' ' Q. f52j2-.sei -21-'f2:.f'gfi2?21:. -33222211.'-:?i12:gg2??22'2"? wi 4 55E1i::2"-ai322?-.0"'Z-fa"bgZf' 232: '5 H 222522-1:1213E?--2f12.we ':22'252522222s:52" -Z1 . 1'-xi E fs f ?, ff 5 5 .5 2 f 'Ii'-za an E 25i5i522i2i3:EQ55Ei5EW:E1iii!5'E1F3'i5Z5i1355iii5?Eif3?E5ifE?fiifZ5fi525i?3?Z5?f5.5253212223EESEEEEST 3 0- 2 'W1'5:1'l'f -'A' 1:1'1'1'1'2'1'1""f"'QIEEEEEEEEE - 'gI3i'I-25,55525517-.gviglgl-I-25.311-.3. 315.3.5.:'.1:I:i-'5.f:.3 12:12-2715253111211 -Zft-I-If!-I-I-I 'ff 122jf12:Qii'i'i2fiE5 252125555 1'fl'l'1'5 1'51'1'5-' 1 11" TE 5. " 2:1 21-.':1:21.g2g: f2g.:.-4... ,I I.:,.:.,.:.,.3,H.,.,.:.1.:.,.:.::,:::::::: ar-:-1-1-.-:-2gzgzr-21:1 fgif .imifigriifzftf :3:':3.'.':3 13.3:':3I5:'17:7131':T.713:i.f:5:3:3:5:3:f:Q:2:f: ckiizkiic 'glifglfji' 1,--3--1, 5-:-11.55 ----. .,,1::::,1,:3w9,,:. Q21-: K rr! 0 Q40 2513221255 2-12252:1iz21.gs,szg,ag2s2Qgg W5 ifgzgegsgzgzfe-52:1-23122215525 - -- -' 2 2 3' S. 3 11552335223 QL 2'"-1212221252522221'fiEifi22ii:-1LE:2g22sgs552sg525535522512222"',5f2Esk2 :r "' " Q g 2' .1E12f12'3f 2121 -fi lizisrek'-4sk2e359'5 325259235225 2:42552 'fsiassliif' .. S' fl 2 no . g IEIEIEIZE Q. 2:5535 'ij?E5lE:Zik5'?E'E'EYj:'ffi'i:9i'f'5ifE'Wifi!5iE215i:5'f'ifi1' :gg-5:':5:K3'.3. 1-:5:?5:r:2:f 223.12529-,V fm swf-2222!1-2-f-ff-3-is:::':3-'-'-'-'-:":2a2?f:?f 1 2.,1,5 - :Q -1-gg 2-2 -g-:2mm--:2w-:-vs:-:V-2---- A -5:5:3:5q- ' 2152.552 -'22 5.9 9- 65525253 Ee zfieifiri EQIQ?QEQEQEQEQEEEQEEZZ-ff, MILEEEE' "" ""E5E: N "EfE1?5fE35?? 2222222si32e2z2z2a2125.'. 2:2se.'-if ,E j E2i1EF2Ef?IE2EIEIE':'4i-- 2 " '. 1j15:315:13:3:5:3"-15 mf 4. -sg, ff ,. 'ff' EIEIEIE' 5112225152235'lligfnggig V -I ,ith gg 1532364 6533.,-,.,.,,Z,.,.,.,.Age.,:11.,4,,E,ZAE112-5:-5:4:I55:2:.54IA-5.3-r-Z.:-Z--in-3-V--55-2j25-:-:-Q::-zk,-5,:2,V1-z-:5::1:ia,5355-13I::::::11::gf::,1I:5:g:gl:5:1:55:gig:g:gig:g.125.525.1,34.g4.5.5.1.I.::1:5::gg.1.:.,:.:,:.:.:.::-:-:A:::-:-:-ze:-:Z:::-.-z.:-rr:-rr::-:2-.:--:ff2:4:-.2:':-:v:-2:- ,.,. .3 ..... - ,,,,, ..,,,,, .,., ..,, 2-.ff112.21.12--g12:21,1..1,1.f-1-W 2f1..1-1.12:W-1:1i523?5:5Q25s2155:.g5:2."-125222525222552EZ5ZZ.E2fEQZ52fiE2E2F5f2E5i2fE5fi?i2S2i2E"'' ' ' " ' ' ' '-1224:S-22SN--2:2-Sri"-21121:wzlsszr:252222:1:2:212:2:rar:2:2:I:rszriiifiiiizr:1:222322533325:rc5:::5:Piazza2221241111-2-J-2-'-was.'12:Iaf:I:2:r:2-I-22I-2:1121112:1:1sz2:22222E222522253:el:1:1111-:-1-:-1232-:2r'r'I2Ei2-'2"'""""2"'2-'2'2"'222'f"'1'2"'f'1''2"'2'-+22'2'2'2'1'1'2'22'-2'2'2'2'2'2'2'2'2'22 '-'1'2'2'2'2'2'2'2'2'2'2'-'2'2'2'2'2'-'2'22'2'-'2-"'2' ---- Be., we:Kwik4-:Etna4-:-:-ze-1-:-1-z-zlzbz-:,:+:4cee-a::4w......a.-----H '2.....2-'-2-4...--2-.wmiisniszrszrp 1:2nw:I:2:1:2:1:I-1:2T535I:2:2:I:2:1:3221I::1:2,4:r:::a11zz::rr1:2::::i:::E'2:H'1'4'lff: 4.,.v Gonzagcfs Proposed New Engineering Building -1'2o- V

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Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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