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Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Si ww THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS olzzaqa gfiqh Sckoof 1 9 4 L u i i fl n if GUNZAGA HIGH SCHUUL SPOKANE, WASHINGTON . 4, 1 I I S V A l .Ill x fi f' Rf ,ff Hp' I fa I E li I , .J fm f 1 , . 4 . ',,-:. GMC 4 X S ,u F A5 1 'I xl Dedication Administra , fs f 1 , i l f f . x XII X7 'Rlil f I f57S?E7 Sfxlyx I 'I Hyf X N X 1 f I N fx N fl if N i f X 'VM VV l X 1X , - ll Xfx Sfx s f X! 1 l x x4 f -.I Q rx ., N1 ' ,IN A 4 'C Sl Y lf 'll X 'N ,Q f ' 14 5 - ,rlllfx I f X 1 ' QfX!X JI I f E AW f XX x 6355 Qsfx ix! ll ,if 'C f f x N fl fx7Xf X5 Xl ' X! Jian f f , K, X X45 ' lfll fx f ' fx V l Qi 1 EQ ' IQAQ ins fxfv xgff 274421 RFQ ww Mies l vez? tea 1 I W XFQ X f VW , I M V f xiii -'f'QfS.Q IIN X , ll fig li C .9 ,,...E- tion , ,,,. Faculty ....v,,,,,,,,,,, .. A. Student Body Officers., Senior Class Officers Grads ,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Joe gonzle 3 , 5 6 9 lO ll -2- Foreword: "Welcome, Reader, to the i945 Luigian. It will make the year's story of Gonzaga High an open book for you. The Senior Class is mighty proud of their Alma Mater, and hopes that this brief account will make you realize that their pride is justified. For during this year, as in former years, they have not fallen behind in loyalty to the school, fidelity to tradition, and in win- ning scholastic and athletic honors. May the new Gonzaga High School, soon to be constructed, enshrine the same sacred traditions, and may it ever send forth men of whom it may be iustly proud." JOE GONZIE. gyresenfs 'S 23 3i 53 77 83 classes ,,,,.., ,,,,,,,. Activities c,,,. ,,,, ,ss. Sports ,,,,.,....,,c ,,,,,, Service List ,,,,,,,,,,cc,, ,,,,,,, Calendars of Year ,,,,,, , 'TJ.g,,,. - ,X Tire. . 5 1451453 523 - or we-za. . .-.Th-. -ff' ' - is A Q f e. 1 , bi: 0 ig 5 . K ,X f- 4 ,gli Z ,lf - Q gg' , 5 X Ag if gt nf, Nix . 1 Z' f My hsxrilfg Tl"-4"-'V - "'J' H-W " Xi. . f 1 3 'QKR' I X To these former Gonzaga High A X School students who have herolcally 1' Q . y Y . . . . . . ' A given their lives In the service of God 1 'y . . .. f -rl 7 . . . PZ 21 .4 , A and Country, the l945 Lulglon IS re- x.'-f f' - 9- ' ,f P' vi ' . 1 . . yri A 44, V tj spectfully and reverently dedicated. ,ffl 0' ttf X -fy? x ', Q-,N , - C . -- Y I H 1 'fjQX Q V 726 V ' f if fr- ,' ,v - , - . 1 qfffi.-1 New - ' 1 o f 2 ff 5 gkibi J' Af, i 4 ,T 1' 'I' -' Q N Q 'i f g? fe Wg, .f ' ' 5 35? 5 . 1 1 If ,, ,h ll ', 'Q - x-Fifi , 1, M 1 1 . 1 , "gg 'i ' .W X A 4 "' Pvt. Rowland Guy Shelledy, born May 29, 19215 Attend- ' gi if rf" ,-TRY , i ,.i ,Q ,, ed Gonzaga High 1936-19405 Joined Army February, Y' - T i ri ,Y 1 f .6 f-'4 - . 1 " Y 19455 Trained at Camp Roberts, Californiag Killed in a .Q - I". V lr- f x - 1- ' truck accident at Camp Roberts, May 3, 1945. . Nj. Y., 114 " -jff 4, K, 'Y -1 'fy " I , '44 Ag.: :Q -gAxn'! if - ,f , Pfc. Jerome Jackman, born Jan. 15, 19255 Attended Gon- Qg ,ffr fx ' 17-71 .l ,714 i ' f' Z' L " 5,57 l k:B zaga High 1938-19425 Joined Army March 19435 Trained 'f' 'R+-'L , f v el " ' fl ' " .. ,UZ f "' fx at Ft. Knox, Ky.5 to South Pacific Sept. 19435 Served . -fffs I, -- ff s -If - . . -. . k K' ' il ,Q Nl if, R I ., J f with American I,1VlSlOl'lj Billed on Cebu, April 5, 1945. -fake , Aj ELA, in U , . -.3 ,iv 47 Q ' NXW W, i' 3 cpl. Donald McKenzie, born Jan. 2, 19235 Attended Gon- i 1, A , T' . , . X il J A Sjhfffkii zaga High 1936-19405 Joined A.A.F. Dee. 19435 Trained Ei' 'X "-fs. P X4. ,li-B' as turret gunner at Westover Field, Mass.5 Killed in a X 'N 5-'SF' "i heavy bomber crash near Williamsburg, Mass., May 1, - S56 ---.- 1945. Lt. Robert Carty-Born Dec. 1, 19205 attended Gonzaga H i g h 1934-1938 5 entered M a rin e Officers Reserve Aug. 28, 19425 commission- ed 2nd Lt. Quantico, Mar. 24, 19435 killed in an Anti- Tank explosion at Camp Me- Kay's Crossing, near Well- ington, N, Z, Born June 4, 19135 attend- Lt. Jack ClinkscaIesABorn ed Gonzaga High 1931-19355 Sgt. Gerald Doyle f Born June 24, 19255 transfe r enlisted in Navy 1943: be- Nov. 16, 1 9 2 53 attended from Lewiston High, at gan training at U. S. Naval UUHZIHZR High S0ll00l 1939- Gonzaga High 1939-19405 Construr-ting Training Pen- 19422 radio LCIIIIIICI' OH B-253 enlisted 19435 basic train- ter, Davisville, R. 1.5 killed killed in a crash Aug. 14, ing at Camp Walters, Texas5 1944, fit f71iiYi0Yl, S- C2112 Infantry School at Ft. Ben- the Philippines, Feb. 1945. ning, Ga., Dec. 19435 killed Lt. William Fitzpatrick - Lt. Patrick Cornell-Born June S, 19195 attended Gon- zaga High School 1934- 19385 graduated as a bom- b a r d i e 1' from Bigspring, Texas, Jan. 6, 19435 from Gunnery school Feb, 1943, at Laredo, TeXas5 overseas off Leyte in the invasion of in action with the infantry in Germany Nov. Z?, 1944. -3- Aug. 23, 19435 killed in ill!- tion over Munster Oct. 10, 1943. Howard Corley, Q. 3!c - T!Sgt. Frank Kreuger - Born Mar. 29, 1919: trans- fer from West Valley High: attended G 0 n z a g a High 1938-1939: e n t e r e d Air Corps Dec. 31, 1941: aerial engineer on B-24: shot down by a fighter over lilannheim, Germany, Jan. 7, 1944. Sgt. James Orchard-Born Sept. 14, 1923 : transfer from Crary High, Crary, N. D.: a t t e n d e d Gonzaga High 1940-1942: entered Army Mar. 18, 19433 killed in ac- tion in northern France Nov. 1, 1944. Lt. William McKee -Born Sept. 2, 1911 2 attended Gon- zaga High 1924-1926: killed in action in Germany in the fall 1944. Robert G. Stapleton-Born July 6, 1924: entered Gon- zaga High Sept. 1938: trans- fer Jan. 4, 1940: joined Navy: killed in at-tion Nov. 30, 1942. Lt. Joseph Galarneau -Born Jan. 8, 1919: attended Gon- zaga High 1932-1936: joined Navy Air Corps: killed in p 1 a n e crash off Atlantic Coast July 29, 1943. Sgt. Richard Kelly -- Born Nov. 3, 1923: attended Gon- zaga High 1937-1942: enter- ed Marines Jan. 1943: killed March 1, 1945, on Iwo Jima. Richard Kilroy-Born Aug. 4, 1905: transfer from Se- attle Prep 1920: attended Gonzaga High School 1921- 19235 died in ll.S.A. 1943. Rev. Curtis J. Sharp, S. J., Chaplain U.S.A.-Born Dec. 25, 1893: Principal of Gon- zaga High School 1930-1938: Chaplain Sept. 1942 I died in Colorado Jan. 20, 1943. Lt. Louis Schadegg 4Boi-n Mar. 14, 1913: transfer from Lind Pul1lic'Schools: a t t en d e d Gonzaga High 1928-1929: Medical Para- chutist: killed in action in llolland, 01-t. 29, 1944, Lt. Commander Frank Whit- aker-Born Julie 20, 1910: attended Gonzaga High 1924- 192S: entered U. S. Naval Academy 1930: killed in a plane crash at Eniwetok in the Marshalls 1944. ncjreoler fove lfzan tfiis no one fzas, Pvt. Edward Whitford -- Born Sept. 16, 1922: entered S e r v i c e Dec. 14, 1942: wounded in Germany and awarded Purple Heart Dec. 3, 1944: killed in action in Germany April ti, 1945. tfzal' one fay olown ..4.. Pvt. John Winslow-Born Feb. 27, 1917 : attended Gon- zaga High 1931-1936: en- tered Army Jan. 21, 1942. at Ft. Lewis: into Para- troopers, Camp lt o b e r t s, trained at Ft. Benning and Ft. Bragg: overseas Sept. 1942: wounded with first Paratroopers into Tunisia: flown to England in a hos- pital p 1 a n e: died in St. George's Hospital in Eng- land, approximately twelve hours after being wounded, Nov. 4, 1942. his fzk for fzis zgienols. Lt. Daniel Mangan-Born May 22, 1924 : attended Gon- zaga High 1938-1942: joined Army Air Corps 1942 : train- ed at Santa Ana, Calif.: shot down over Germany June 23, 1944: died of Wounds the next day, June 24, 1944. an Gregory Parker---Born Feb. 6, 1920: transfer from Sweetgrass, Montana, at- tended Gonzaga High 1936- 1937, grad. 19373 joined Navy June 1942: drowned at sea when ship was tor- pedoed in North Atlantic in January 1943. Born Dec. 14, 1924: trans- fer to Gonzaga from Lewis and Clark High: attended Gonzaga High 1939-1941: enlisted before graduation: lost his life when the de- s tr 0 y e r, Monaghan, was sunk by a typhoon in the Pacific in the fall of 1944. Henry B. Twohy-Born Apr. 19, 1907: attended Gonzaga High 1919-1922: entered U. S. Naval Academy 1926: commissioned 1926 2 killed in a plane crash at Seattle Nov. 3, 1937. n -- Jno. XV- I3 in in-saw: lass an B 4 .ff ,, . it I 7 fw' omua V uovnsm . Q N I S T R Rev. Cornelius Mullen, S. J. Principal of Gonzaga High School, Father Mullen is completing his tourth year as principal of Gonzaga High, and his eighteenth as a high school principal. l Rev. Francis J. Altman, S. J. Rev. Francis E. Corkeryl 5. J. RellVlnQ Pfesldenl Ol GOUZOQC' UnlVe"5l'fY Und l'llQl'l New President of Gonzaga University and High School, Father Altman now directs the Science De- School? pr. Corkery Comes To Gonzaga from Secmlel Poflmenf UT MOUNT ST' Mlflmellsf SP0l4C'V'e- where he was President of Seattle College for the past nine years. -5- D . rum sw r 5 .. wc-us: ffm Ji ,......f...f-Hf-- Rev. Mathias l. Wilhelm, S. J. Rev. Francis Duffy, S. J. Vice President of Gonzaga University and Vice Principal of Gonzaga High School, High School. Latin, Religion. IDULTY Fr. Gerald McDonald, S. J. Student Advisor, Latin, Reli gion, Civics, Sociology. Fr. Peter Baltussen, S. J. Fr. Patrick Joye, S. J. Pretect ot Resident Students English, Religion, French. iGamma Betaj, Latin, Religion. -6- Fr. Francis Blaes, S. J. Latin, Religion. Fr. John Coughlin, S. J. Latin, English, Religion Washington State History. Fr. Timothy Glancey, S. J. Algebra, Trigonometry, Adv. Algebra, Plane Geometry. Fr. Harry Jahn, S. J. Plane Geometry, Bookkeeping, Adv. Algebra, Religion, Faculty Moderator ot Athletics. Fr. James Hurley, S. J. Student Advisor, Mod. History, Religion. Fr. Joseph McDonnell, S. J. English, Religion. Fr. Peter O'Grady, S. J. Spanish, Religion. Fr. Patrick Conway, S. J. Latin, History, Religion. ..7.. Fr. Eugene Healy, S. J. Chemistry, Religion. Mr. Joseph Kelly, S. J. English, Anc. and Med. History, Washington State History. Mr. Louis Gaffney, S. J. Algebra, Anc. and Med. His- tory, Modern History, Jour- nalism, Advisor "The Gon- zagan," Advisor "The Lui- gian," Assistant F a c u l t y Moderator of Athletics. Mr. Aleck Ripple Plane Geometry, English, Alge- bra, Business Lavv, Leave ot Ab sence in May to manage cam paign for New Gonzaga High. Mr. John Harrington, S. J. English, Sociology, Reli- gion, Moderator, Junior Debating. Mr. James Mahar, S. J. English l, English 2, English 3, Moderator ot Debating Society, Moderator of Hik- ing Club, Moderator ot Knights of the Altar. Mr. William Frazier Head Coach, Coach Varsity Football, Basketball, Track, Physical Ed, instructor, Plane Geometry. -3- Mr. Ralph McGough, S. J. English, Pre-Aeronautics, Solid Geometry, Physics. Mr. Lucas Kreuzer, S. J. Civics, Greek, History, Reli- gion, Moderator ot Sock 84 Buskin, Moderator ot Knights ot Leash, Assistant Pretect ot Gamma Beta. Mr. Robert Moore Director of Band, Music lnstructor. Joseph Kilburg Treasurer, 2nd Sem. If E? ,M ,, I O i. Q55 I' T :ff if James Rotchford Treasurer lst Sem Student Body llfflcers Student Body Pres- ident two semesters . Then 'Little Cae- P T ' X sar Scarpelli iu st . Q HAS to have a Q larger picture." Charles Tonani Vice President, 2nd Sem. Thomas Butler Vice President, ist Sem. Thomas Flaherf Y Freshman Consu ltor, Qnal Sem. Daniel Crowley ist Sem. Freshman Consu Ito r, Virgil Scorpelli President, lst and 2nd Sem. Harold Sandell Secretary, 2nd Sem. William Burns Secretary, lst Sem. SENIIIR CLASS 0F F ICE RS Robert Lucas Sergeant-at-Arms Joseph Retzel President Denny Kelly Secretary-Treasurer "In the following twelve pages you will find the graduates, their favorites, their Class Prophecy and Will. This is my class, the class of '45.' We started out strong both in numbers and in spirit back in 1941, and now, though the spirit is asistrong as ever, the number has dwindled to almost half. Turn the page, and look them over with me." .-10... .loseph Kilburg Vice President ' . ggilfl A A22 e 42, .i, ,l - il' illi i ' X ' ' y xf lfi ZW l iii J-"f flip' i p ? lf lilllll ,li I, ,li ll ' il l fi 1 l ll! l ' H f 1 I IWW Wlqgi fog ! l,f' lil ' f f his ' lil 1 l fi till' llfilsf f l 1 I if tx wi itll f 4, WM iii ill i fr i iffy! i f L ,ll l lk "l 1 l l if ilk N ill i. , it l i Ui xp Nl I Eflffx lxffgll :N f gy fr W . 1 ff' T ' yi .P X' , -. r f 1 , W 7, , ' f ff, 7 , W - ,, f , f , , M. :K f jf f f, 5 iff X -' 44 ff , f A 5 GZ X Q V7 Z , 77 f :X I I V ! ,' 5 O . f f, , , , 7,1 ff' ZZ 1 -,., . fZ Ii f 1 I' I 1, I' f I14,,III3,k,ay ff f 5 X sf 1' ' I! A-, ' ', 1' 159 fl IPI, L ., Q .' '1"'fI!:7':7 ' 1 if 'fi L if Lfwx 1 if IHWIZ Eg +I N I :j 7 ia 'l.1s '-44:27 ' ' :g 1, g k 'ggjijy ' :jg if, 4, Q, J!!!-H 1 ' f If I x I I '53 I. I If , I my I , I FJ ' ' I QI gig. Q Ifgfg :IM I .' ' 'Fifi IIV I , Ii' 'I i , I g , 1' H9 .mf aff? 1- 5 ' sff' Q 'W ,QQ 1 .-fI4fIfj I A7451 Ifl M W Q-451 'X , .I Iii? If i' nf fl Ll . FN- V411-Q. LL" D '-ik" "L, ll 'lf .-,V1 ' L' 'L 1 'V f""' T " ' X ' lhw 5 -X AQQ1 i ' , I 2:5 EI' ff L -1 1 ' if 2, ' , -fclfjl! I : 11 J, ' . A ' 4: 5 ylll I , 1 fvlw A M + wr 2. a + L I II 1 f ., -- Il, XXI ,ff - ,QI I ,.,z,II,IIVI -Yrggn ,. III I, v Ii I, II I III-III II ib ff. fz9X?xSx: 'fi ' ' ' ff f 2 ' ' 7 .W 511521 ' SNHX-N35 N 'P+ --ig. - L- , Hg. lu' lf II M -f , Ijjj 1 'if WI . !!,!4 1' 'jf -M ., iff .1 if-Q 4 3 .4 QQ-VI I L 1 4:5552 T '?E?""- 72 'Egrii' . X .W ifi Q 2 - -ff A 'f .J 14 in N -'jj'-v r L -3 4 fi V heiin J4- 4 'r'-1 Q-'Q-i4 i-I - 'if ' N ' 1 if fb ' QS- Y fi 1 11.5 X S H4 wr Ig .: , A M ? I T Wiiss! , if Slif? ig' VLH- -"7"f-91 x ,it 1 'fs , I ' g ,- ' ' F' 5, , Il gil xx Q iii' XX 55 "539f1?i21'1 A : -- 1 n li l Rf-F2 .- . Q fl 'i fe ? ' '7 ' 'ill ' QV- 1 i --::2 ' ff' . gf- -if A 65 I wffix ahf- "'5A In Q 1 Hs!! . ,,Qz2fl1':f'iy " x , z J ' " I I . ITE? 4 'SA Q gizi VT W ,if ' WI I ' x " ERE!! KN ' " X 5717-aff: QHJQP? I' . ,' : .' . ' s 'A K fx, Q gg 1 A wr -I g 'I:II?I7" CI Q wir A ,I f" 'If VI ' I 1 II I 1' NI lw E71 s . I I II'i,Ql" 'gp -V V' Qiixtg: VA! - I IQ? IIIII ' If KJ I I: rl' ' ' ' '- fm "jQiTi' .i fx " ' 5 ', ' rf' 1 N , 'PS gii ' ff' V,,- f 19' " 'RJ A 'fm ,,.x. ,X , , "W5 f,J ff' -11' V ' H if 1 55223 , .--i S-"' I I I' ffl - :, lil' . V VQ1 ' X- , 1551: III., - M- if" Qc - - K .' ,AJ ,gf NH- SN? f fam . V l N HIM f "': "A Q42 f' x-flsgb P-df- ' fi f ' r w 1' 2' ! 4 -A ,N- 1 1-sf 41 f f f I I 1- J If ,fy AMA, v-,' :,Q Ifl - S., U !e!!,1 S ' 1" 'Tl C- - I f P" I 'v 'EN VI "1 'F 1 V ' 1 W A W 1 Mlm. ,. ,fi J!!! W WW, l v ' ' 9 WH . I V X If IIIII! I 1, X -It III,IIx !'Iq I .521 ,I Ii WYKSWI I EII L- I .hffm ff if WA, MM "- Um m 2 F + g miss L , I . I Iy Ml! , . X M I I I . ,I M, I I IX Ix, , , , Iv n f . ,, If 1 I, ,g .,,-. X ,,X , J Q M 1 152 IA,.w- yfIIg,1.I1..Ix.., C rII,f I iii 'I I, -. 1 I II f Vw V'lff1' f9Q " f1 fw f m + uf-Q X I f HI 'IQ Q II : f :I1j,, I5II5!mI Xgljjff I -'X h,4fIIII , fjllfgi ft, a ,Q -,fu ff : y W1 wffslg -M, YI 1 ' "J"!-f ' ..,l.-7-- fm F Nj' ' Kiilf :ii-'f, ljfffx .lj ,Mm Q1 Q 'T v V "-" T 4,' 3 iI,!I . X, 'f 15 wg: 1 ' "WX ' ' F I W , 'Ag 1 -f!fIjN!I!g fri,1IV1"g IIIAs5E'fdlfIHL1' fIlg,IJ O X - g i IE W sv- I Q. IIv,,i fu ,IIJ I ,www -:Til IIIIIII I III QI I X,iIIII.5 1 gl ...V I L'xI Y-IA IgI:'IIgFI'I'- :I3I'HfII I jxm- I I II. IIIII , 1 er X 'MH mf -fi' Q -- + mf II X MII, f Ir !4!fg,Ii' l'fjNfII,III INXI - I 'g- 'ExII..gI1i, I, E- I ' fi I .fiq Q my ,, , Q X . . 1, 1 v- , QI, vf f:gI'I XIIfII.4g QfQ,igIII-g,5x EI if If .A f I l ' . IQ.iIi s i: li' X, N X f f 1 7:-3Qi2flXT41 - " sb Y is - Xfx K 0 , 1 ' ' 'X-bi::esr' I I IX II I, I ' N ' X YQ If IIE, Webs, . 6 I x N ...I I I ILI1 - :MII ISIII,-dfxxg I f- . -iixx NN -H- JAMES DONALD BARTEI. - Bart - "Let's blow this firetrap"-Scientific -Class Officer 4, Honor Roll 3, 4, North Central, I943. WILLIAM PANNON BURNS-Cupid - "You betcha" - General-Student Body Officer 4, Class Officer I, 2, 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, Gonzagan 3, Dra- matics I, 2, 3, 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Minor Basketball I, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Minor Baseball I, Track 3, 4, Joined Coast Guard May, I945. SAMUEL JOSEPH CANTALINI--Sam -"What brought that on?"fScienti- ficYBand I, Honor Roll 4. JAMES PATRICK CONNELLY-Conn -"See you at Snapps"-General- Gonzagan 4, Debating 4, Golf 3. RAYMOND WILLARD CROWLEY -- Ray - "No kidding"-General-Drd matics 2, 3, 4, Boxing I, Track 3, Hiking I, 2, 3, Band I. KENNETH C. BROWN - K. C.-"Oh no?"-General-Gamma Beta 4, Belt High, Belt, Montana, I944. THOMAS EDWARD BUTLER - Long Tom-"How da you feel"-Scientific -Student Body Officer 4, Class Of- ficer 2, 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, Dramatics 2, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, So- dality 2, Football 3, 4, Minor Foot- ball I, 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Minor Basketball I, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Co- Capt. 4, Minor Baseball I. JAMES RICHARD CONDON-Jim- "Hiya Jungal"-General-Honor Roll I, Sodality I. THOMAS JOSEPH CORKERY-Beaver -"Anybody seen Mahoney?"-Gem eral-Sodality I, 2. ROBERT EDWARD CUMMINGS - Cowboy - "According to Einstein . . . "-Scientific-Class Officer 4, Honor Roll 2, Dramatics 4, Band I, Hiking I, 2, 3, ioined Coast Guard May, I945. JOHN NORMAN DAPPER-Dapp- "That's for sure"-General-Honor Roll 1, Gonzagan 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Boxing 2, Minor Basketball 1, Minor Baseball 1, Sodality 1, Knights of the Altar 2, 4. FRANCIS GEORGE DUFFY -- Duff- "Tough one"-Scientific-Class Of- ficer 1, 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Gam- ma Beta 4, Debating 4, Sodality 1, 2, Track 2, 3, Football 4, "G" Club 3, 4. ROBERT ANGEL ESCURE-HiIIyard- "Where's Dionne?"-Scientific-Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Luigian 1. - LEE FREDERICK - Fred - "Let's go Willie"-General-Honor Roll 3, Les- ter High, Lester, Wash., 1943, Joined Navy, Feb. 1945. ROBERT JOHN HALL-Honest R. J. -"Honest Bob, the biggest crook in town"-General-Minor Football 1, 2, Elocution 1, Gonzagan 1, 2, Hik- ing 1, 2. THEODORE LEWIS DIONNE - Frenchy-"l've been hooked again" -General-Gonzaga 1, 3, 4, Rogers High 2, Joined Coast Guard, April 1945. FREDERICK GEORGE ENSLOW - Fred-"Twenty-three skidoo, O you kid"-Scientific-Football 4, "G" Club 4, Wenatchee High 1943. WILLIAM JOSEPH FLANIGAN-Mus- clehead-"Ain't that silly"-General -Minor Football 1, Sodality 1, 2, Dramatics 1. JOSEPH WILFRED GAGE - Joe - "Gimme the cue chalk"-Scientific- Tennis 3, Golf 3, St. Edwards Junior High, Swanton, Vt., 1943, Joined Navy, May 1945. LEONARD LOUIS HOERNER-Pierre -"What an act that was"-Scientific -Class Officer 1, 2, 3, Luigian 2, Gonzagan 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Minor Football 1, 2, Minor Basketball 1, Minor Baseball 1, Knights of the Altar 1, 2, 4, Radio Program 1, ioined Coast Guard April 1945. DENNIS WILLIAM KELLY-Denny- "I'm telling you, what a time we had!"-Scientific-Class Officer I, 2, 4, Honor Roll i,'2, 3, 4, Luigian 4, Ed. 4, Gonzagan I, 4, Elocution 2, Gold Medal 2, Dramatics I, 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Yell King 2, 3, 4, Creative Writing I, Sodality I, 2, Knights of the Altar I, 2, 3, 4, Chairman, New Gonzaga High Cam- paign 4, Salutatorian. HUBERT JAMES KINDER-Jim-"Oh Nuts!"-General-Honor Roll 4, De- bating 4, Knights of the Altar 4, St. Patrick High, Walla Walla I944, Joined Navy, May I945. FREDRICK CARI. KORLING-Corky- "Are you trying to pull my leg?"- General-Band I. JAMES PETER LUCAS-Goldy-"l'll slap your fingers"-Scientific-Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, "G" Club 4, Boxing I, Football 4. HAROLD JAMES MARSHALL-Jim- "Well, I wouldn't say that"-General -Honor Roll 4, Pierce, Idaho, High, I944. JOSEPH EDWARD KILBURG-Snake -"I'll see you at Lefty's, Tom, after Jug"-General-Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Student Body Officer 4, Honor Roll 2, Dramatics I, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, Football 3, 4, Minor Foot- ball I, 2, Minor Baseball I, Track 3. LEWIS J. KNEZEVICH-Curly-"The Navy finally got me"-General- Gonzagan 2, 3, Ed. 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Libby Jr. High I942, joined Navy Nov. I944. HOWARD LUBITZ-Howie-"Got a gas stamp handy?"-General-Band 4, Honor Roll 4, Delavan High, Dela- van, Minn., I944, Joined Navy, Jan. i945. ROBERT LOUIS LUCAS - Lovey - "VVhot's a guy gonna do?"-General -Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Luigian I, 2, Gonzogan I, 2, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Minor Football I. PATRICK JOHN MCGEE - Punchy - "Why don't you take a flip?"-Gen- eral-Class Officer I, 2, 3, Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4, Boxing I, 2, Minor Foot- ball I, 2, Minor Baseball I. -in WILLIAM JAMES MCGEE-Ozz-"All you gotta do is be Irish and live right"-Scientific-Class Officer I, 2, 3, Luigian I, 2, 3, Dramatics 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Minor Football I, 2, Basketball 2, 3, Minor Basketball I, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4, Minor Baseball I. WILLIAM LAWRENCE MCGOWAN- Moc-"Whot's the matter, you got wheels in your head?"-General- Luigian 4, Gonzagan 4, Dramatics 4, Sodality I, 2, Band 4. THOMAS JOSEPH NADEAU-Torna- deau - "What a life" - General- Gamma Beta I, 4, Elocution I, Pub- lic Speaking I, Knights of the Altar I, Shelby High, Shelby, Mont., 2, 3. WILIAM MARK O'MALLEY-Will- "Cmon, Mick" - Scientific - Honor Roll 3, 4, Gamma Beta 3, 4, Dra- matics 4, Tennis 3, Football 4, Base- ball 3, Knights of the Altar 3, 4, Vancouver College Prep l943, en- tered Armv March I945. THOMAS JOSEPH POPE - Tom - "Huh"-General-Sodality I, Honor Roll 3. WILLIAM JAMES McGOUGH-Blll- "Now clown in Sprague"-Scientific --St. Joseph's Academy, S p r a g u e, Vifashington, I943. THOMAS FRANCIS MORRlS-Tom- "Don't bother me, I'm thinking"- Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE H. NAKASHIMA-Nokk- "Gosh"-Scientific-Class Officer 2, 4, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4. FREDRICK JOHN OWENS - Kie - "AhAbut Father . . . "-Scientific- Dramatics 4, "G" Club 4, Ski Club 4, Football 4, Drum Maior 4, St. Ed- warcl's Seminary I943. JOHN JOSEPH PORTER-Jack-"You can't question my version of pool rules"-General-Band I, Sodality I, North Central 2, 3. JAMES OLIVER PRESLEY - Olly - "Swell" - Scientific - Student Body Officer 3, Class Officer I, 2, 3, Hon- or Rollf I, 2, 3, 4, Luigian 4, Gon- zagan 2, 3, Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Minor Bas- ketball I, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Minor Baseball I, Track 3, 4, Knights of the Altar I, 2, 3, Sodality I, 2. ROBERT JOHN REDINGER-Plnky- "What's going on here?"-Scientific -Honor Roll 3, Luigian I, 4, Gon- zagan 4, Golf 3, Minor Football 3, Minor Basketball I, Track 2, Penmen 2, Soclality I, Ski Club 4. GILES GEORGE RISKE - Sleepy-"I needs my sleep"-General-Band I. MAURICE D. ROBERTSON - Mo - "What d'ya think?"-General-Hom or Roll 3, Golf 3, Nespelem High, I943. DONALD JEAN RYDER- Dehorn - "l'm poitoibed" - Scientific- Gon- zagan 3, 4, Ed. 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, Yell King 4, Property Manager 4, Washington High, Portland, Oregon, I943. CARL RABE, JR.-Rabbi Fink-"Aw shucks" - General - Sodality I, 2, Hiking I, 2, 3. JOSEPH RICHARD RETZEI.-Retz-"I tell you it's gotta work"-Scientific- Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Elocution 4, Gold Medal 4, Chairman, New Gonzaga High Cam- paign 4, Valedictorian. JAMES PATRICK ROTCHFORD - Rotch - "Hiya Mister" - Scientific - Student Body Officer 4, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, Gon- zagan 3, Debating 4, Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Boxing I, Golf I, 2, 3, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Sodality I, Ski Club 4, Yell King 2, 3. ROBERT RYAN-Dummy-"Meet me at nine by the Mode, Stock"-Gen- eral-Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Gon- zagan I, 2, Dramatics 3, 4, "G" Club 4, Football 3, 4, Minor Football I, 2, Minor Baseball I, Sodality I, 2. VIRGIL MICHAEL SCARPELLI-Scarp -"Hiya, sod buster"-Scientific-Stw dent Body I, 2, 4, President both Semesters 4, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Luigian 2, 3, 4, Gonzagan 3, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Minor Baseball I, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Program I, Knights of the Altar 2, 3, 4. LEO ROBERT SCHOVAERS-BaIdy- "'Let me at him, l'll moider him"- Scientific-Luigian 4, Gonzagan 2, 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Leash 4, Track 4, Sodality I, Q, Tennis 4. RICHARD JOHN SCHULTE - Dick - "No, Ryder, you can't have ci sand- wich"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Gonzagan 4, Band I, Sodality I, 2. DEL CARY SMITH III-Chief-"Got a cold Conn' or did you inhale?"- Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Luigian 3, 4, Art Director 4, Debat- ing 4, Elocution 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Dramatic Award 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Minor Foot- ball 2, Track 3, 4. VERNON ANTHONY STUPFEL-Stuff -"Sir, are you prepared to prove that statement?"-GeneraI-Gamma Beta 4, Star of the Sea High, Astoria, I944. ROBERT HOBART TAYLOR - Bob - "Hey Bub"-Scientific-Band 2. FRANCIS JOHN SCHROEDER-Roy Rogers-"Eight ball, side pocket"- General-Class Officer 2, 3, Honor Roll I, Luigian 3, Gonzagan I, 2, Dramatics 4, "G" Club 4, Band I, Football 4, Minor Football I, Base- ball 3, 4, Minor Baseball I. EMMETT SHEARER-"Emmie"-"Let's get something to eat"- General- Dramatics 2, 3, Sodality 2, Minor Baseball I, Football 4, Minor Foot- ball 3, Track 2, 3. ' ROY FRANCIS SNYDER - Lefty-"I don't believe it"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4. CHARLES HOWARD SWENSON - Swede-"Ah, you're nuts"-Scientific -Honor Roll 3, 4, Band l. CHARLES JOSEPH TONANI-Chuck -"How much ya wanna bet"-Scien- tific-Class Officer I, 2, 3, Student Body Officer 4, Honor Roll I, 3, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Minor Football I, 2, Basketball 2, 3, Minor Basketball I, Baseball 3, 4, Minor Baseball I, Football ln- spirational Award 4, Joined Coast Guard in April. JOSEPH RAYMOND WAKERSKI-Red H What're you doin'?"-General- Band I, 2, Tennis 4, Lewis Si Clark High School 3. RA LPH EDWARD WOHRLE-Squirrely -'l won't let you talk your way out of that one GiIlespie"-General- Class Officer 2, 3, Honor Roll l, Luigian 2, 4, Gonzagan 2, 3, 4, De- liagng 4, Minor Baseball l, Sodality Most Popular .....,,,,... Most Representative ,,,,.. Most Capable ,........., Most Original. ...., Most Congenial A...., Most Optimistic 7,u... Most Pessimistic ..., ,. Most' Literary, ,,,... . ....,,,,, , Most Likely to Succeed ,.,.. Most Versatilec. ,...,,,,,,,. - Most Scholarly ,c,,,c. Most Perseveringa..- F65 Senior Line ,,,,,cJim Presley . .,,, Mike Scarpelli .c,,,Denny Kelly .... Del Smith .--,,-s.lim Lucas ,c,..-.Jim Connelly .lack Stockton .,,,s,-Tom Morris ..,,,Joe Retzel --,,-..Bill Burns ,....-,,,Joe Retzel ,,,,,.Jim Rotchtord --I8 of Greats Best Looking ...,,, Best Musician .....,...... Best Student Athlete ,,,..., Best Businessman ,,.A.., Best Comedian ,...,, Best Actor ,,,,..., Most Energetic, ,..., Most Dependable.- .,,, Beau Brummel ,,,..., Fastest Talker ....... Smoothest Dancer.. ,,.. Biggest Character., PHILLIP OTTO WEIVODA-Phil-"Oh corn!"-General-Honor Roll 4, De- bating 4, Ronan High, Ronan, Mon- tana, I944. EDMUND THOMAS BRIGHAM - Mickey-"Now, up in Newport . . . " -General-Gamma Beta 4, Newport High, I944. Ryan George Nakashima Presley Mike Scarpelli Pat McGee Del Smith Chuck Tonani ,c...YBob Redinger ,,-..--.Tom Butler ,-.--.,Jim Gillespie ,,,,-.,Joe Kilburg ,,-.-,Len Hoern'er A 'E ' mtfil, GW f YM? Ivx! !! ,sig I I X 1 A I r i Q V 1 q tsl' yfff I" The bulldog edition had iust gone to bed. As the weary-eyed Night Editor settled slowly back in his toil-worn chair, I tapped lightly on the door and entered. "Hi, De Horn. How are you?" came the familiar greeting of twenty years ago. "Take the load off your feet." It was Bill McGowan, my old school chum. "This is a surprise. Where have you been hiding, Bill, you old son of o gun? I haven't seen you since the day we left the hallowed halls of old G.H.S." Bill glanced at his desk calendar absent- mindedly. "June 4, 1965. Something of a coincidence, isn't it? Twenty years ago today Alma Mater relucantly presented us those pre- cious sheepskins. Remember the old days. You used to bum bus tokens and sandwiches from me. And now you're the president of the bank. What's this I hear about your swinging a deal to buy Rogers High School? What will you use it for, a race track?" "I thought we should have some place in which children of our former classmates could spend their idle. time. Take the LEN "PIERRE" HOERNER family for example,-five boys and five girls. Pierre is vice-president of Calkins Manufacturing Company. Say, Mac, what do you know about the rest of our former inmates, or should I say cIassmates?" "My iob keeps me up on all the celebrities. Why, JIM BARTEL has a page in our Sunday supplement. He grows potatoes with blue eyes -two hundred and fify acres of the darn things are iust peeking out of the ground a his valley farm. In one corner of the page is a picture of Jim receiving a gold cup from FRED KOR- LING, president of the Dairy Farmers of Amer- ica, Inc. Just a minute, there is something com- ing through on the teletype. Look! DENNY KELLY is the newly elected territorial governor of Alaska, and JOE RETZEL was awarded the Nobel Prize. One of Joe's inventions, a lie detector, netted him ten thousand dollars from Distric Attorney JIM CONNELLY. "Here's a news flash. JAMES PETER LUCAS has completed an oil line in central India. Some 'D , 'P gg, xc A I ff r 1 " ,- Bl f A '5 '2 I ,gkltii ff W I A tie- 'il:IF '. .. 1-311 ' - :-'-2.1, "' ff! f9a'e'f" I W If 4 1- Q KY ,, , Q , '. T5 ' I i K W . T 7, tp I 5 9 1- e',ffe, 'S1 II! .S .t X i v Ili? .' -ZW 9' Q 'I' L ,Sf1f3e,. ws., Lu. ....... .,,, 4 ,,,. ,-,-. .. 3434 Tillie , ills, - - 4 f, ,jf . A , f ph'-name-ins ' ' I I I of the credit for this pipe dream of Standard Oil Co. goes to American Ambassador BOB TAYLOR who did spade work in international relations. Natives of the cobra-infested interior found Lucas charming as the proiect progressed. Present at dedication ceremonies were WAYER- SKI, his personal friend and adviser as well as the famous partners CANTALINI, CONDON, CORKERY, CUMMINGS, and CROWLEY, The latter group own a continually commended com- pany of cars, carts, and carriages for carrying classy chasses of uppercrust, crestfallen, cradle- ridden characters. That's an advertisers way of saying that they manufacture buggies." "Say Mac, I received a ten-thousand dollar check the other day, and it bounced like a new rubber formula. It was one of "PUNCHY" PATRICK McGEE'S. I thought he was going strong in the steel business. Must have gone broke iust lately. Well, I took him down to JUDGE LEWIS KNEZEVICH' who sentenced him to twenty years molding meatballs of SCAR- PELLI'S FANCY HORSE MEAT MARKET for old and decrepit horses, donkeys, and pedigreed : ii. x . ,f 'a o illllailtill-x , ff! A IQ. H. 1 , 'IW' . . If, . , EQ! X f llliil I- 5,-wil iv fir' '-.lllum 1 yt, . ,.Ii'I+It-..5.l in fs. 3 gs, - x-LLIJ mules. DOCTOR JOSEPH GAGE has become a millionaire following the "IittIe butcher's" cus- tomers with an old worn out stomach pump,- for a nominal fee. When Doc Gage leaves the castor oil kid takes over. You guessed it. The other doctor of the class of '45s DOCTOR JAMES ROTCHFORD." I'I was down at the water front the other day. Guess whom I saw,-JACK DAPPER. He's got a dark room behind Lefty TOM BUTLER'S pool room. He shadow boxes there. Speaking of Tom, his fortune was built on left-handed cue sticks. And say, De Horn, did you know that 12-.5 I. A in Q J P v ' E t ,LI AAXXJ ' if A X 1 I 5 AR' I .',l. -, 5-5 f 1' '--.. ' I, 1, ,sgfrp t X K sffffit Iwi' ' 'Q0fi,"!'f,fif gf. "Q "'I'4f t' sf.-5 'f Q 'f FB --itself? 'Pl fU'!!!!!'iE-Us 'fl - -Y Alui5i,:.2.' 2i Q. dsrv Y .4 0 ' ,t urf-' Q ix nu ff :E use --. 531 -5--e g 1-ff ,i ' Q4 -2? . li T' in T '- f A 1..-f-ee. - 5 ' -' V-' ' Q-Y A the gang-leader FRANK DUFFY has been caught? He hid out the last five years,-seems he drank a quart of Dago wine and passed him- self off as a thermometer." "One minute, William, my boy, the teletype is clicking again. Hey! What's this? GEORGE NAKASHIMA, favorite trumpeter of the bobby socks brigade, was mobbed in New York after rendering his popular medley of Temptation. that's not all. PHIL WIEVODA is suing the hot trumpeter for 525,000 for wrecking Madison Square Garden which he owns and operates. "Look out the window, Bill. Across the way is RYAN and STOCKTON'S bar and grill. The only customers appear to be Stockton and Ryan propped up against the bar there. But wait, through the haze and smoke I discern the house card shark JAMES OLIVER PRESLEY deftly dealing a hand of lonely solitaire. "You remember BILL BURNS. He's on Broad- way now-going to star in the latest Shakes- perian play. The part is something like the man behind the man behind the prompter. WILLIE FLANIGAN is producing the play in hopes of increasing his holdings in the SCHO- VAERS, SHEARER, and SWENSON School of Ballet. CHUCK TONANI, according to the little Irish news service of sunny southern Italy, is now the reigning royal of the spaghetti factory with one meatball. Say, that was too bad about OZZ McGEE, wasn't i? I visited him the other day and found him sitting on the edge of a bird-bath shooting sparrows with a pair of loaded dice." "Yes, I heard about McGee when I went down to finish paying for my Aunt Sophie's casket at the BROWN, BRIGHAM 81 MARSHALL Funeral Home. They do a lively business. Still, they had time for a fishing trip. Canada it was, and they hired TED DIONNE as guide from the HOWARD LUBITZ Guide and Canoe Service. They also stumbled on SNAKE KILBURG work- ing in a sideshow up there and identified a member of parliament as JIM KlNDER." R. J. HALL recently accepted the iob of Man- ager for Evergreen Theatres with head office in Timbuktu. His secretary, BOB ESCURE, wrote me about it. Bob said business was all right until FRED ENSLOW talked him into ioining the French Legion. They both deserted because they wouldn't take orders from the captain, LEE FREDRICK. Here's a paper l've been saving. Some ofthe boys got their names in it. Let's see. It says that BILL McGOUGH has replaced his brother in the world of teaching. He has popularized the textbook From Moron to Idiot, co-authored by CARL RABE and KIE OWENS. Recognize anyone in this picture? That's JIMMY GILLES- PIE in court. Yes, his able defender is the ora- tor DEL SMITH. It seems that specimens of Jim's taxidermy are exhibit A and B,-Stuffed ballot boxes. "THOMAS POPE is in RipIey's Believe It or Not. It seems his Tiger Lunch had cubs. QDin- ing and whining, no doubtl. ROBERT LUCAS is now sole proprietor of the Vegetable Shoppe and spends most of his time watching a corn cob to see how it turns into a pipe. W.P.A. worker VERNON STUPFEL is convalescing from severe shock brought on when he was acci- dentally confronted with a full day's work. However, his foreman, GILES RISKE could make no statement due to a bad case of Laryngitis developed in telling his men to "Dig it a little deeper." Warden DICK SCHULTE is making a hit with his Sing Sing quiz kids JOHN PORTER and TOM NADEAU. The sixty-four dollar question is still the one crossing the bars. The kids are discovering that it is not always legal to print what you see,-especially ten spots. ROY SNI- DER now owns his big construction Co. Roy got fx: 0 I -Is i I9 If x4Z i inf X tvs: - Ill -K K f-'-"XIX the bid for Spokane's first sky-scraper. He told reporters that he is somewhat puzzled as to iust how it will make the sky any clearer. RALPH WOHRLE now has his dad's glass business. He claims you can only get out of a bottle what was put into it. He should know. FRANK SCHROEDER recently sued TOM MORRIS in court. Tom shot at Frank's dog and scared the cow he was milking. JUDGE BILL O'MALLEY, when interviewed on the case, in the privacy of the iudicial padded cell said tersely, "Blub, bIub." Yea, De Horn, that was the class. I think we missed one member. Oh, I know, BOB REDINGER. But then he's-Well: 'Nuff said." I NFA X . , ,X f' I ll , wry-fftft.f'f,fc " I M JL. 5 WNY - . . QA X Xyxbg N' K X, , ' H V 'f n ' - . l I U' . I E THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1945, being endowed with a fair degree of iudgment and prudence, sound of mind, and in no way influenced by our underclassmen, do hereby affirm this to 4 be our last will and testament, in order to distribute the surplus gleanings of our four years at Gonzaga among our fellow school mates and teachers. Article l To the class of '46 we leave our most treasured possession, our deep intellec- U tual capacity and undisputed wisdom. F Article Il Q To the faculy we leave our sincere affection and gratitude. Article III We bequeath individually and separately the following possessions: I, Casey Brown, leave Bob White my lower bunk. I, Bill Burns, leave my acting ability to Cul Smith. I, Tom Butler, leave my "Willie Hoppe" cue stick to .lack Smith. I, Sam Cantilini, leave to Ray .Iurdy my ability to take "hacks." I, Jim Condon, leave my little white lies with Father Mullen and Professors. I, Jim Connelly, leave to Dick Hielt my shares in the Connelly, Gillespie trust. I, Tam Corkery, leave my day dreams to Vic Petretee. I, Ray Crowley, leave my initialed iacknife with Mr. Kreuzer. I, Bob Cummings, leave my cowboy boots with Al Deviny. . I, Jack Dapper, leave Charles Bettinger my scholastic standing. I, Ted Dionne, leave my favorite yoyo to Tony Via. I, Frank Duffy, leave. y I, Fred Enslow, leave my surplus hair to Pat Sweeney. I, Bob Escure, leave orange peel throwing during Physics to Tom Kreutz. . I, Bill Flanigan, leave all Hillyard propaganda agencies to Bob Casey. I, Jim Gillespie, leave my lunches and candy bars with my dear teachers. I, Len Hoerner, leave my interest in Physics to AI Kiefel. I, Denny Kelly, leave Luigian headaches to next year's editor. I, Joe Kilburg, leave my dancing shoes to .lack "Twinkle Toes" Curran. ff! Ny,-3 Qv7'7 x Til, 'A X , .,. - LAWN ll- lklx ' hi ,I I I . I X K 505 ' i XX xx 0. X XXX -2I- l, l, l, I, Fred Korling leave my reserve seat in Jug to Gene Stromberg. Jim Lucas leave all my arsonistic abilities with Stuffy Caste. Bob Lucas leave my good look to John Goodrich. .lim Marshall, leave my pet problems in Physics to Tom Eller. Bill McGee, leave reluctantly. Pat McGee, leave my perfect attendance record as an example to all. Bill McGough, leave my pull in science class to next year's group. Bill McGowan, leave whenever possible. fff?'7f1',,' , f f as 1 f f l. , s l l. lf t, l, l, t, l, I. I, l, l, l. l, l, l, l, l, l, l, l. l, l, l, I. l, l, 1, l, l, I, 4,7 A It , 1 U , l X' ' .nfff t Y Nc Tom Morris, leave Don Niehaus to do hi: homework alone. Tom Nadeau, leave my knowledge of iudo to George Buzzas. George Nakashima, leave my hot horn to Danny Falsetto. Bill O'Malley, finally leave. Fred Owens, leave my Spanish Siesta to Al Twohy. Tom Pope, leave Pct Foley cn lifetime dishwashers iob. Jim Presley, leave my broken hurdles to Mike Cronin. Carl Rabe, leave with great pleasure. Bob Redinger, leave Tom Mahoney the right to take anytrmg of can get. Joe Retzel, leave Room Seven's ianitor iob to Frank Yuse. Giles Riske, leave my nickname ta Pat Mitchell. m Marrie Robertson, leave my iob of arguing with teachers to Bill Mace. .lim Rotchford, leave my knowledge of wrestling to "Sabu" Mclaughlin Bob "Smoothface" Ryan, leave my heavy beard to Dave Reardon. Don Ryder, leave my lunch bumming to Bob Fitzpatrick. 'ne Fe Mike Scarpelli, leave my many talents and red hair to all would-beegreats. Leo Schovaers, leave my salesmanship to Frank Yuse. Dick Schulte, leave fourth period whenever possible. Emmett Shearer, leave my Gonzaga sweat shirts to Bob Casey. Frank Schroeder, leave my pleasant smile to all my teachers. Del Cary Smith, leave my size twelve shoes to Art Sontegrath. Roy Snider, leave my golden hub caps to Mark Terhaar, .lack Stockton, leave my extra credits with Fr. Mullen. Vern Stupfel, leave my Goller Hall sneaks to Bill Hildebrandt. Howard Swenson, leave my gyp notes to Tom Kreutz, Bob Taylor, leave my beautifully initialed desk in room 16. Chuck Tanani, leave my way with Father Mullen to Horace Gree Ray Wayerski, leave my best wishes to all the underclassmen. Phil Weivoda, leave my college text books to Pat Murray, Ralph Wohrle, leave the rockets of the "Connelly Gillespie Trust" management of .loc Costello. ley. to th 8 '7!w Swim 01444 4-4-A,-ff"-nl ' Y 45 l V N !' X X X L7-. f "Ki 4 fxx I ,x . f A I I 6 W Lfrv rl 'rv n I , D 4 ' f I f 11, , I , , ws f ff 4 I f ,, ., XM . V 5 X 41' 4. , ' X H? if -N 1, 1 A fs, f. l. ' X ' ' D fff' H4 it 1555, . f , -f . f, f -3 1 fT H'f KIQ Mn' IV1 -fgafga fn ? f 1 M Wi f3f N.1 x W ' F Yr V 3 ? g , ff, A Q A Xi. 1 WW M fi' ZW , J! 1 rr M V - IEW' as IA! "f' .Q 1Hx'A1. 'E " ' - af I Q ,V VV ', i , . fg mmm fp ,W I LI I X fig, ' ' Y' 115, I ,H gf !'4 VX' ,I I A I I Nl 1.1 I' kfvvfuvxrflmv V I my f.- 4 A1 . 1 ar i i1,'g',i 1 ' fl Q ,iw uv., "' A ' 1' ' 3 1 "w Q V ,Q ,V 'G 'i 'f1 fl-get 'Ii L- f 'H , 1 ', ' x , ' . ' - ' 21 ' llfmlwnllg MX! k A43 U J SF vb gf ,Mi bf If . 1 UWM W JV xy ,Y rye? ' I NA I N ,DN VK -1 IU' ,X lg 'V -E 1 f ff ,1f,gM 5 JN , iw . is 792133 If My . I mix 175 U' gw' ,N Z M M' jx l fgwqlil L M Jw f1g'KH,1 ' wwf E g !! uhjifif. fg4Efg'i', ' " ,Mg Q ,xx I .V w W I- J U 'usb sl 5 Falslgkhl ':1Xi lg1J1x6N fx In Q f Q f ff H .9 1 V px 'Y' ff yr f u k, ' - 11 ' 'Q' Y ,M U. F' ff' , 1 ygvqy k 7'1fs,i-9f5E.2J?gsQ1M2- fu W V Ru f 1 ff, N fy wzfox2 fff 2f2z:fffzs!v'u '11 X , Mk Q NX i ' - " 5 6 ,Y J 1 ' M ' 4 ' H ,, '7"f ff 5 giriffi E 'ff ,If W f. f I x V , A UL ff 'M g m id y ? Mm A W MJ 2 y 1 W j- F' f , Y' " . , 5 4 . Mill X'M'Vw W W7 ff f gf -.7 6 Q H f 'gs y f:4 ,g,, -VY ff ' 1' fl 37 f y f v Val fm-,-L . 1 f uf f , i , N 41 , , q, W i I1 fl' fi if If fffv lf- U 'llll 1 ,f ? ,+ fJ57 g6'! , ,y ' LQ f 2 Lf' f ' 1 ff ' I XM I .gi-iief 4 cf. X 'J-f-' fff EL ' ' f x j IU S , - h.-ff7?+g , A Inf I i w if ' .. .. ' L 'W Z,,1f fLf -Mcgk X ,JY ff -3 L - QV '25 ' ' Wuuzw' U -J" lm' W' xl ' 4 T X ., CJ Qpf, V , elf. 4 1.7 . e ,1:?w-'. E, Q 74 Q Q.. Q -ta . fl' -I . ' 'Z "Q, , - -- cg A' .f'Lf',? I Lv. 'iv' '-2.. UNIURS 1945 First Row: Pat Murray, Joe Lyonnais, Chuck Churchill, Carl Zinkgraf, Joe Ringwood, Tony Via. Second Row: Bob Mertens, Rich- ard Allen, Bill McLeod, Ben Lenoue, John Lien, Don Johnson, Bob Welch. Third Row: Ed Norris, Tom Eller, Gene Dolan, Frank Wieman, Gene Vogrig, Jim Dickeson, Bob White. Fourth Row: Paul Madden, Dan Aughney, Tom Foley, Vincent Elbert, Dexter Wallis, Fr. James Hurley, S. J., Moderator. First Row: Tom Healy, Len Greeley, Larry Kennedy, Ray Jurdy, Tom Savage, Dick Dullanty. Second Row: Bob Casey, Al Kietel Dave Reardon, Jerry Hastings, John Goodrich, Bob Fitzpatrick, Pat Conroy. Third Row: Jack Taylor, Tom Mahoney, Bob Nixon Ken Spilker, Tony Curran, Everett Rooney. Fourth Row: Bill Mace, Craig Stolle, Mark Derr, George Buzzas, Bob Croteau. -24.- J UNIUBS 1945 First Row: .Joe Verhey, Pat Nyman, Howard Bennet, Ed Schafer, Pat Church, Peter DeRoetth, Henry Swoboda. Second Row: Dick Fife, Pat Morris, Ron Schenk, Ray Tavernia, Tom McLaughlin, Morrie Gruber, Al Weyand. Third Row: Pat Mitchell, Gene Bosch, Tom Kreutz, Rudy Weinhandl, Mike Cronin, Jack Curran, Al Deviny, Paul Robe. Fourth Row: Hube Randall, Pat Gray, Ray Anker- son, Dick Hielt, Al Twohy, John Royce, Joe Lavin. Fifth Row: Charles Sorini, Don Niehaus, Harry Sandell, Frank Yuse, Jack Smith, Pat Sweeney. ii Junior Highlights Five members of the iunior class boast a straight "A" average, Pete DeRoetth, Craig Stolle, Dick Hielt, Dave Robinson, and Tom Kreutz. .lack Smith and Art Sontegrath make first team on football eleven-bulk of reserves are Juniors. Three iuniors, Jack Curran, Joe Lavin, and Pat Sweeney on basketball five-Reardon, Sandell, Gruber and J. Smith alternates. Tom Foley upholds the iuniors on the high school debate team-wins County Tuberculosis Contest. Baseball and Track teams made up in great part ot juniors-many on first team. Juniors strong cogs in iournalism machine-Dave Robinson edits Gonzagan-Frank Yuse and Joe Lavin have good share in Luigian. w Dramatics are backed by a fine iunior class representation. Tom Eller and Tom Healy blow hot horns for the Gonzaga High Band. ,Z -25.. 0PHOMOIlES 1945 i First Row: Eddie Weller, Norman Wilson, Robert Disney, William Beeman, Leo Shelledy, Frank Hare, John Smead, Harold Schlosser, Harold Merteris. Second Row: Bob Carpenter, Ed Cuzzetto, Jack Maselli, Ross Mounsey, Al Carty, Pat Koth, Tom Clinton, Jack Zinkgrat. Third Row: Fr. Gerald McDonald, S. J,, Moderator, Charles Hedger, Bob Olsen, Jim Santorsola, Al Amonn, Garry Gruber, Bud Waggoner, Jim Kroetch, Dick Caldwell. Fourth Row: George Beaudry, Ed Smith, Culver Smith, Mike Merriman, Dan Crowley, Ernie Boyd, Ed Budig, Pat O'Leary. Fifth Row: Richard Castle, Vic Cozetti, Clarence Vercruysse, Ron Davey, Tom Flaherty, Jack Nels. l i First Row: Deral Hill, Kenneth Enslow, Paul Lassell, Bill Ledoux, Joe Butigan, Jerry Reilly. Second Row: Jim Taylor, Don Mehatfey, Bob Bambace, Bill Weyer, Dominick Sherlock, Donny Healy, Don Pritchard, Jim Ryan. Third Row: Jim Dries, Dan Falsetto, Tom ' - h h H k' G Burgess, Dale Chasse, Leo Baldwin, Ed Mertens, Bob Pendleton. Fourth Row. Don Klavano, Pot McCart y, Jo n op ins, ene Brown, Bob Wegner, Bill Gillingham, Al Mengert, Dick Hartnett, Dick Kunz, Don Dehmer. SOPlIOM IIBES 1945 First Row: Pa? Crowley, Bob Kelly, Bill Reilly, Alvin Hartig, Ray Kenney, Bob Patterson, Ted Chihara, Second Row: Jack Ringwood, Jack Quinlan, Frank Lattanzio, Mike Kostecka, Larry Coleman, Harry Swanson, Jimmy Owens, Martin McGough. Third Row: Glen Hancock, Ed Godley, Cy Weber, Ralph Crandell, Milt McKenna, Paul Kurose, Jack Schmidt, Pat Foley. Fourth Row: Jim McQuiston, Ed Rekofke, Bob Clark, Henry Higgins, Jim Springer, Roy Dahmen, Jack Manning, Renzo Ongarato, Chas. Bettinger. F65 Sophomore Ili hlights Sophomores are well represented in the field of athletics-boast lettermen in every sport. Tom Flaherty and Cul Smith steady performers on the gridiron-Bill Reilly is nemesis of opposition on basketball court. Busiest sophomore of the year, Cul Smith-tackle on football team,-Sock 84 Buskin-Track-Ora- tory-Honor Student-Senior Division Debating. Pat Crowley, Ed Smith and Cul Smith shine on Sock and Buskin stage. Good diamond prospect is Clarence Vercruysse-wins letter. Ed Smith and Bill Reilly letter as dash- men on Cinder squad. Sophs back Gonzagan-John Smead new Associate Editor-Ed Smith does excellent art work for Luigian. Pat Foley is dynamic yell king-Sophomores are mainstay of the band. John Smead and .lohn Hopkins retain their straight "A" average from first year. -27- FBESIIM N 1945 First Row: Joe Thompson, Charles Hopkins, Joe Slead, Bill Davis, Dick Davey, Glenn Lappell, Leonard Sitter. Second Row: Ernie Pierson, Armand Gauthier, Dick Call, George Clink, Bolo Sweeney, Charles Merino, Jim Amann, Ed Casey. Third Row: Larry Fotchman, Ed McTi he, Bob Zinkgraf, Justin Seipp, Ed Dahy, Ed Caffrey, Mike Tierney, Jesse Huetter, Bill Littig. Fourth Row: Joe 9 Costello, Paul Duffy, Don Miller, Roy Donnelly, John Greeley, Bob Codd, John Gowanlock, Bob Gillespie, Jerry Kelly, Frank Cronin, Henry Clinkenbeard. lAbsent Ned Conleyl. First Row: Jim Johnston, Jim Gannon, Dick Kroetch, John Bombino, Regis King, Bob Buchanan. Second Row: Pat Nixon, Don Boisen, Bob Yeats Bob Atkinson Bob Cuzzetto, Charles Dougherty. Third Row: Frank Scarano, Bill Brophy, Al Amann, Charles Hamlin, Al Verna,lJim Ressa, Jim, Rocca. Fourth Row: George Mills, Bill Barry, Dick Porter, Frank Hoffman, John Healy, Dick Conklin, Jim DeGroat, Joe Travo. lAbsen1 Roger Grossl. -28- FRESIIMEN 1945 First Row: Bob Pasby, Budd Neumann, Jim Hoff, Bill Landreville, Bob Waldron, Pat Weyer, Neil Eckel. Second Row: John Pied mont, Don Showalter, Hod Moore, Walt Devlin, Dick Gaines, Lee Vaughn Bass, Bob Kivett. Third Row: Don Golob, Pat Wilson Bob Beaulieu, Lyle Bossuyt, Ray Schulte, Walt Firor, Vic Petretee, Jim Watson, Mr. Joseph Kelly, S. J. Fourth Row: Dick Cul hone, Jack Hurley, Don Manson, Pat Alverson, Jim Hutton, Dick Knopp, Jim Kincaid, Bob Barth, Vic Giampietri. 4-XZ Frosh Ili hlights The Freshman class keeps up tradition of straight "A" students-Frank Cronin, Frank Conley, Bill Davis, Charles Hopkins, and Justin Seipp. Jim De Groat ties tor Gold Medal in Junior Division Elocution-Jerry Kelly follows closely. Jerry Kelly, Vic Petretee, Bob Codd, Bob Kivett, and Joe Travo spark the trash football team, Frosh debaters have busy year-practice debates at home engage many-practice debates with Lewis and Clark experience many freshmen-Before i948 Gonzaga will hear more from them. Bill Barry and Jim De Groot are trombone specialists in band-Bob Buchanan beats a wicked drum. Basketball team ties for city championship-sta rs are Jerry Kelly, Bob Codd, Len Sitter, Jim Slater, Bob Pasby, Jim Gannon, and Regis King. Hiking club is ably represented by freshman Carl Bell, Life Around The 01d Alma Mater ill Election. L. Greeley, J. DeLaney, J. Taylor, F. Yuse, Mike Cronin, Ben Lenoue. i2l Beaudry takes one from Goodrich. t3l "Little Caesar" tells all. l4l May Altar. l5l Fr. Flanagan reads telegrgm from Bing Crosby at Pep Rally. Col Solemn Bene- diction. i7l Father Healy holds forth in Chemistry. l8l Mickey McGee. L99 Fr. Hurley, S. .l. ClOl Bombino measures Regis King, 4 ft. 8 in., and Slim Gillingham, 6 tt. 5 in. ll ll Spring Vacation. U23 Winter Vacation. Cl3l Mr. Ripple peps up the basketball team. ll4l "Open-Air"-onautics class. ll5l Roosevelt Memorial Service, Gonzaga Stadium, April 14, l945. ..30,- ff X, f" NV V ,f fy? QNX ,, M KZ fi, f,f , N Af A ,ff 7 X A 4 K X f KKQQ W! ff7 2 2 Q 1 E 5 3 X I x 1 -32- usiness Staff Cil'0lllati0ll Managers RALPH WOHRLE LEO SCHOVAERS CRAIG STOLLE EV ROONEY JOHN ROYCE ED NORRIS JACK CURRAN ED SMITH atron Solicitors JOE RETZEL JOHN GOODRICH ROSS MOUNSEY rt Staff .,.' . J-f ..33... MIKE SCARPELLI PAT SWEENEY DAN GROWLEY Left to Right: Del Smith, Art Director: Ed Smith, Henry Swa- boda, Jim De Groat. Sock and uskin JIM ROTCHFORD LEN HOERNER MR. LUCAS KREUZER, JIM LUCAS MIKE SCARPELLI President Vice President S. J., Moderator Secretary-Treasurer Business Mgr. FIRST ROW: Dennis Kelly, Dave Robinson, Dick Fife, Jim Lucas, Len Hoerner, Del Smith. SECOND ROW: Bob Lucas, Frank Schroeder, John Yeats, Dick Castle, Joe Retzel, Pat Me- Gee. THIRD ROW: Fred Owens, Don Ryder, Mike Scarpelli, Bill Burns, Jim Presley. FOURTH ROW: Mick 0'MaIIey, Jack Stock- ton, Leo Schovaers, Jimmy Rotchford, Mr. Lucas Kreuzer, S. J. LAST ROW: Tony Via, Bob Ryan, Jim Gillespie. Royal Members BILL BURNS DICK CASTLE DENNY KELLY .IIM LUCAS PAT MCGEE JIM ROTGHFORD JIM PRESLEY DON RYDER MIKE SCARPELLI DEL SMITH ..34-- -v " If Men Played Cards As Women D0 9' Mike Scarpelli ,,,...,, ,,,..... J ohn Don Ryder ..,...,.. ..,,,,,. G eorge Fred Owens ,....,..,, ,....,, M arc Denny Kelly ,,...., ,,.,..... B ob "A Candle to ' 99 Christ Jim Gillespie ,,,,,,,,.. H ,,., Herbert Goodall Ray Crowley .,...,. , ..,,,,.. Philip McAlister Denny Kellyn ,,,, ,,,...,,, G eoffrey Clark John Yeats, ......,. , ....,,.,..,,,.. Barton "Snhmerged9' Bill Burns ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,A,,,Y,,,, B rice Mike Scarnelli... .,.... ,,.,,,.,..,.... D irector Bob Walsh .....,, ,,....,.,,,...,.....,,. Dunn Pat Sweeney .,,..,.,. ,,,,,,, T he Commander Bill McGee .4,...,,,, ,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A, N ahh Jack Smith ...,.... ,...,,,...,,,,,, J orgson Cast and Stage Crew of "Career Angel" ,. i--rr - - wnmnmu-iw'-Ill Pat Crowley, Bill McGowan Via, Bob Cummings, Mike Scarpelli, Jack Smith, Jim Presley, Del Smith, Don Ryder, Cul Smith, Denny Kelly Cseatedj. , Chuck Churchill, Ed McTighe, Ralph Whorle, Kie Owens ikneelingb, Ed Smith, Joe Ringwood, Regis King, Dick Castle, Tony ..35.. Brother Serophim lDel Smithl gives on tevv words of corisoling oclvice to Kurt Reinhold Him Presleyl. Brother Serophim lDel Smithl looks sheepishly ot Qtcareel, Angel!! Pleases Guorclion Angel lMike Scorpellil while Brother Greg- ! ory lDermis Kellyl seems puzzled ot Se-rophim's be- hovior. Brother Uboldus lDon Ryder! reciols his book oricl Brother Fidelis lCul Smithl looks on cynical os ever. 1 I A lorge crowd in the Masonic Temple wotch the "Angel" cross the stoge in the ploy they occloimed "the best in years." ' esa- "G" Club 1 . -1, 1 - . FIRST ROW: Tom Butler, Jim Presley, Bill McGee, Bob Lucas, Mike Scarpelli, Bob Ryan, Jack Stockton, Jim Rotchford. SECOND ROW: Bob Walsh, Joe Kilburg, Dick Fife, Len Hoerner, Frank Schroeder, 'Bill Burns, Fred Owens, Jim Lucas. THIRD ROW: Denny Kelly, Cul Smith, Don Ryder, Fred Enslow, Bill McLeod, Chuck Tonani, Del Smith. FOURTH ROW: Tom Flaherty, Mike Cronin, Joe Lavin, Morris Gruber, Don Niehaus, Frank Duffy, Harry Sandell. LAST ROW: .lim Gillespie, Pat Sweeney, Bill Kelly, Jack Smith, Dave Reardon, Art Sont- gerath, Chuck Sorini. The "G" Club is composed of the letter winners in all the sports, "G" Club members assist the Leash in maintaining order and discipline in and around the school. They also help conduct activi- ties on Frosh Night every tall. Joe Gonzie says: "Boy, it sure took a lot of sweating to get this chunk of chenille." GUNZAGAN STAFF eporters and usiness Staff LEN HOERNER, '45 RUDY WEINHANDL, '46 ANTHONY VIA, '46 fi RICHARD SCHULTE, '45 JOHN GOODRICH, '46 HENRY SWABODA, '46 BEN LENOUE, '46 JOHN SMEAD. '47 JOHN QUINLAN, '47 HARRY SWANSON, '47 JOHN LIEN, '46 -39- DENNY KELLY, '45 BOB FITZPATRICK, '46 PAT FOLEY, '47 KNIGIITS 0F THE LEASII FIRST ROW: Denny Kelly, Jim Rotchford, Bill Burns, Jim Presley, Tom Butler, Chuck Tonani, Mike Scarpelli. SECOND ROW: Joe Kilburg, Bill McLeod, Don Ryder, Morrie Gruber, Joe Lavin, Joe Retzel. THIRD ROW: Ev Rooney, Johnny Goodrich, Mike Cronin, Pat Sweeney, Mark Derr, Leo Schoavers, Chuck Sorini. LAST ROW: Tom Foley, Del Smith, Harry Sandell, Art Sontgerath, Don Niehaus. , 9 f The Knights of the Leash is Gonzaga High ,I7 af School's honorary and service club. To gain ,' 7, W R admittance, a student must have a good u Q! scholastic standing, be voted in by members, 3? I ' and be approved hy the faculty. The chief nil? 'fwivrx d f it ' ' ' k cl f 7 gf f uty o t e organization lS to eep or er at 1 Y ' I all student activities, and about the school If X - Q L in general. During the year they sponsor ,Ev X several dances and mixers. I UUIWIW I N T' If ily I It I ' T l , X S ,ly l f . ' i I , 3 ,.,, x i V I l X T r 5'v- Joe Gonzie says: "This If lt' M f I hurts me more than it does you, but . . . you if 1 y 5 know the law." -K Q so -lg " " - fr A-:' Xxq-i iv" 3775 75 Yi-sl.. Q"1S BAND Mr. Robert Moore Band Director P SEATED: Kenneth Enslow, Leo Baldwin, Don Mehaffey, Bill Gilling shima, Tom Eller, Bill Barry, Jim De Groat, Boh Buchanan. The four high school bonds line up ond ploy The Sior Spangled Bonner To open The onnuol oll-high Merry-Go- Round. ham. STANDING: Don Pritchard, Dan Falsetto, George Naka- ..41.. BOY'S TIIWN PARADE Kie Owens ledds his music-mokers ond The sTudenT body in The porode honoring The orrivol of The Boy's Town FooTbc1ll Teom, ond Fofher Flondgczn. Tom Heoly Toots some TdsT nofes oT The All-Cify Rally. The "Four Queersf' Don Aughney, Bill McGowan, "Slim" Gillingham, ond Kie Owens indulge in Q liTTle buffoonery oT The All-Cify Rolly of The Fox Theofre. -42- DEBATING Mr. James Mohar, S. J. X6 Moderator . f I 5106 cial Seq? CO 6 IO, O 066 GZ, 'sew ofa, ln the City Debate League, Gonzaga tied tor second place, winning five and losing seven debates. Journeying to the College of Puget Sound Tournament in Tacoma, the debaters went into the quarter finals, winning tive out of six encounters. In Seattle the Gonzagans split debates with Holy Rosary and Seattle Prep, and lost two to Holy Angels. Bellarmine High from Tacoma came over to Spokane to win and lose a debate at Gonzaga. Several practice debates were held with Lewis 8. Clark High School, and Holy Names Academy. Senior Debating Society FIRST ROW: Pat Crowley, Ben Lenoue, Jim Rotchford, Jim Kinder, Ralph Wohrle. Tony Via. SECOND ROW: Pete de Roetth, Dave Robinson, Jim Gillespie, John Goodrich, Ed Smith, Dick Hjolt. THIRD ROW: Mr. James Mahar, S. J., Del Smith. Craig Stalls, Culver Smith, Tom Foley. -43- "MIL CHAIRMAN AND FRIENDS . . .99 Del SmiTh seems To have his opponenT puzzled in The "BUT eighTeen-year-olds ARE Too young To voTe," cross-quesTioning. Behind Del is Jim Gillespie. Chair- argues Cul Smith, sfar sophomore debaTer. Behind man is Tom Foley. Gonzaga won The debaTe from him Jim Connelly plans more sTraTegy and Chairman CenTral Valley. Tom Foley keeps accounTs while Maryclilf poses. G. Il. S. CITY DEBATE SCHEDULE Jan. 5-Gonzaga ATT. loses To Rogers Neg. Jan 29-Gonzaga ATT. wins Trom Rogers Neg. Gonzaga Neg' Wms lrom Rogers All' Feb 5-Gonzaga Aff. loses To CenTral Valley Neg Jan. 12-Gonzaga Aff. loses To Marycliff Neg. Gonzaga Neg. loses To CenTral Valley ATT. Jan 15-Gonzaga Neg. wins from Marycliff Aff. Feb 7-GOUZOQU All- loses T0 lVlC'VYCllll N99- Jan i8-Gonzaga ATT. wins from CenTral Valley Feb- l3-GOUZGQC' Neg- Wins lfom ROQGVS All- Gonzaga Neg. wins from CenTral Valley. Feb. I4-Gonzaga Neg. wins from Marycliff ATT. 01' Course The Judges Missed This Point, But . . . Gonzaga and Bellarmine High debaTers waTch aTTenTively as Their coaches begin To debaTe over The Judges balloTs. . JU IOIl DIVISIG DEBATERS FIRST ROW: Dick Kroetch, Bob Gillespy, Frank Lattanzio, Larry Coleman, Bill Reilly, John Bombino, Regis King. SECOND ROW: Jim Ressa, Don Showalter, Jim Springer, Milt MeKenna, Henry Higgins, Glen Hancock, Frank Scarano, Jim Gannon. THIRD ROW: Dick Davey, Bill Davis, Paul Kurose, Bob Clark, Ray Kenny, Harry Swanson, Jim Slater. FOURTH ROW: Dick Manson, Jerry Kelly, Bob Codd, Roy Donnelly, Bob Zinkgraf, John Greeley, Walt Devlin. FIFTH ROW: Mr. John Harrington, S. J., Moderator, Dick Knop, Paul Duffy, Dave Sweeney, Ed Dahy, BIII Landreville, Jesse Huetter, Dick Culhane. FIRST ROW: Regis King, Jim Slater, Budd Neumann, Jim Taylor, Joe Verhey, Bob Buchanan, Jim Gannon, Jim Ressa. SECOND ROW: John Lien, Mike Scarpelli, Lon Hoerner, Pat Sweeney, M. 0'MaIIey, Boh Richlie, Jack Ringwood, Dick Kroetch. THIRD ROW: Denny Kelly, Dick Fife, Bill Hildebrandt, Vic Cozetti, Joe Ringwood, Ed McTighe, Chas. Hedger, Ernest Richlie, FOURTH ROW: Mr. James Mahar, S. J., Moderator, Frank Wieman, John Piedmont, Ben Lenoue, Lorin Thelen, Bill Gillingham, Ed Norris, Jack McCabe, Don Golob. KNIGHT 0F THE LTAB ..45.. BOB WHITE Presideni JOE RINGWOOD 327'--I FR. PETER BALTUSSEN, S. J. Prefect Joe Gonzie says: "Uh, er . . . You see, Father, we cIicIn'f have any Physical Ed Today, and I thought I oughia get a Iiffle exer- cise . . . " f f In ' 'V 0 ff , 1' ,f Lf g m bf I I 7 2 KAR ' ,wi I 3 Aff I X II., X 1, I IJWQ Y 7 , A AIX IR 'IMI If x31 .H I 'Ip' IIA IW' I I X fy ff Im It 3 IINI5 I I 1 .nf MA? BETA 1944-4 FIRST ROW: Ernie Richlie, Bob Richlie. Dick Conklin, Don Pritchard, John Piedmont, Mike Kosteeka, Joe Ringwood, Joe Verhey. SECOND ROW: Pat Nixon, John Lien, AI Weyand, Ed Norris, K. C. Brown, Bob White, Jack Kilhurn, Jack McCabe, Jack Taylor, Bob Pendleton, Jack Ringwood, Bob Yeats. STANDING: Bill Gilling- ham, Bill Hildebrandt, Tom Nadeau, Don Goloh, Budd Neumann, George Buzzas, Lorin Thelen, Vern Stupfel, Mick Brigham, Don Johnson. Buck Blashill. Frank Hoffman. All Study . . . . ? The Ringwood cousins, Joe and Jock, chef in their sign- covered room in Goller Hull. Come and Get It! Jus? like moTher's cooking? . . . Well . . . not exactly, but it will do. -47 ,... BUARDER LIFE lil Nighf clean-up, Bob Richlie, John Lien, Joe Verhey, Bob Yeais. l2i Pat Nixon poses as Websier burns. l3l Vern Siuplel is "gently" awakened. llll li's all in fun. l5i "Spot" lol O'lVlalley Enterprises. 173 Neumann over Golob. l8D Mr. Kreuzer shows them how. L93 Ernie Richlie cleans up. HOD The boys help .lack Kilburn siudy. ll ll Boarder Officers 'rake sfock of Their "rnoola." ll2i Optical illusion? . . . No, Slim Gillingham. ll3i Joe Verhey and Budd Neumann. ,.48... Gamma Beta Campus as Viewed by Boarders GOLLER HALL, better known to old grods cis "The Infirmary," is the build- ing where the high school resident stu- dents live. It is situoted just behind the University Building, ond is beouti- tully lcindscoped. DE SMET HALL is nomed tor the first Jesuit Missioner in the Northwest, Fr. Peter De Srnet, S. J. At the present time it is occupied by the Noivy V-12 students who ottend the Uni- versity. It is o tour- story building with modern occornmo- dotions. Both Col- lege oi n d H i g h School students hdve lived in De Smet Holl. This section ot the compus from the University building to De Smet Hcill is viewed from Goller Hcill. lt is Tony the gordener's pride ond ioy. PUBLIC SPEAKING Tom Foley Joseph Retzel John Hopkins . James De Grout Winner of Stole Winner of Gold Medol Tie Winner of Gold Medol Tie Winner of Gold Medol Tuberculosis Coniesf in Senior Elocuiion for Junior Div. Elocuiion for Junior Div. Elocufion ELOCUTl0N F INALISTS FIRST ROW: Bud Woggoner, Joe Ringwood, Jim De Groot, Joe Reizel. SECOND ROW: Hcirry Sondell, Del Smiih, John Hopkins, Jerry Kelly. ..5O... HIKING CLUB Z FIRST ROW: Ed Schafer Pat Gray, Chuck Churchill Jim Dickeson, Carl Bell STANDING: Bob Croteau man, Mr. James Mahar S. J., Moderator. Joe Gonzie says: - "What does the instruc- tion book say to do now?" SKI CCLUB XX lyx f FZ' 3 xx: l K wsgt F 'K KX ,NM X 1 9 F X l . X N X FX K4 if S i l i X "'-- ,j K i l K X- f FIRST ROW: Hank Swaboda, Dave Reardon, Harry Sandell, Pat Church, Bob Redinger, Dexter Wallis. SECOND ROW: Fred Owens, Jim Rotchtorcl, Del Smith, Paul Rabe, Eugene Bosch, Bob Patterson. -51- 1 1 Dan Aughney, Frank Wie- Bullpup Capers Q X,-X I ,flixsr pl. Y 'K fp hmm! if Cl3 Mr. VV. CorTy, Don Miller, former Trcick cooch, Cooch Bill Frozier, ond Fr. John, S. J., Tollc over Trock possibiliTies. C23 Ho-hum! Noon hour in Moy. C33 Joe Lovin besTs McLoughlin vviTh "STooge" Gruber's help. C43 Mrs. SmiTh's liTTle boy Jcick! C53 EdiTor Kelly pounds ouT Luigion QT H130 p. m. C63 l-lisTory is mode. C73 Scorp Tells Ryon c1bouT The "boids ond bees." C83 Henry Swobodo sTorTs down, C93 Bud Woggoner finishes The Unfinished Symphony. CIO3 Bob Redinger. Cll3 Reor guord of The Boy's Town porode. Cl23 John Goodrich, Chuck Sorini, Ari SonTgeroTh, Don Niehous. Cl33 l-lcirold Schlosser, Al CorTy, Jock Nels. C143 "IT only The bus would Tcike us home!" Don Niehous, PoT Sweeney, I-lorry Sondell, Tom FloherTy. C153 Mourning The PresidenT's dec1Th, Mr. HorringTon ond Mr. Kelly. Cl63 Jerry l-losTings, Joe LenorTz, lvlork Derr. -52- . . . 'YN' NN. y,-- . MN 4 fffff fm? f 1 I Fr. Harry Jahn, S. J. Faculty Moderator ot ATHLETIC STAFF Athletics Mr. William Frazier Head Coach, Director of Athletics Mr. Louis Gaffney, S. J. Assistant Faculty Moderator MANAGERS of Athlefie USL. Jack Ringwood, Dick Fife, Dave Robinson, Bill McLeod Yell Kings Denny Kelly, Don Ryder, Pat Foley -54... City C0-Champs 1944 FIRST ROW: Jim Lucas, Mick O'Malley, Al Deviny, Fred Owens, Del Smith, Chuck Tonani, Len Hoerner. SECOND ROW: AI Kiefel, Mark Derr, Fred Ensl J k S 'th B h L , D C l Morrie Gr b J K'Ib M'k S ll' B b W I h D' k F'f ow, ac ml , o ucas an row ey, u er, oe 1 urg, I e carpe l, o as , ic l e tMgr.J THIRD ROW: Chuck Sorini, Tom Flaherty, Pat Sweeney, Dun Niehaus, Frank Duffy, Tom Butler, Bill Burns, Harry Sandell, Mike Cronin, Joe Lavin, Bill McLeod lMgr.J, Mr. William Frazier, Coach. FOURTH ROW: Bill O'MalIey, Ray Tavernia, Bob Ryan, Bill McGee, Art Sontgerath, Emmett Shearer, Bill Johnson, Jim Presley, Frank Schroeder, Jack Henderson, Buck Baker, Assistant Coach. Gonzaga. .........,, Gonzaga .,,,,,,,..,. Gonzaga... ,...,.. Gonzaga ,..,..,..... Gonzaga. ,.......,. Gonzaga. .,,,,,,,,,, Gonzaga. .,....,... . Gonzaga. ......,.,,. Gonzaga ,.,, ,,,,,,,, Gonzaga. ..,.,.... .. Football Schedule Central Valley Butte Central-- North Central Rogers ...,......,.. Lewis 84 Clark- Rogers .....,....,. Lewis 84 Clark North Central Boy's Town ,zzoo, Rogers ......... Brains Behind the Brawn The brains behind the brawn shown above are here planning strategy for a coming game. Lett to right: Joey August, Trainery William Frazier, Head Coach, Buck Baker, Assistant Coach. ggy'v1w4gQgn4x3 gf' QFSEHRQEDER1 HL DSWTH LLYTY C 4 FLHHERTY J. PRESLEY l.l:C!TY'Q RN! RLL CHPT 6 ' as 5 HLLp5'-Wg X L. BLUCH5' -FB CHVT J MLBURG - LH -57.- LSH BG tl!! ' vxx chalk lines on- my back were always on the sui f 'X' 00TBALL 'yi' Q KQV!"-7 27: ,,f"z,f , . , I, ,iz 7WQ7I?fT'l Lewis and Clark John Rogers, North Central, and Gonzaga. Each football f team plays two games against each other team Gonzaga ended the season I ,, f KW?-'ff tied with Rogers for the championship Qi f INF x .X S ,.Q,f4L4'f' CENTRAL VALLEY DEFEATED XXX ,llirjugmp iff ilu! 1 The Gonzaga Bullpups opened the season against Central Valley whom WZ Zin-igf 4' T they defeated I9 7 ln this pre season game the Gonzagans showed lots of hustle and drive They used a passing attack which would be hard to stop, ,I llll with Presley and Sweeney tossing the ball for the Bullpups. Joe Gonzie says: "He never pushed me over! Those I The Spokane High School league is made up ofthe four city high schools, I if In, BOB LUCAS. Gonzaga fullback, eludes one Boy's Town Tackler, and crashes through past another 1333 for a touchdown. Aiding Lucas with their beautiful w , n, , blocking, are Chuck Ton- ani 1Io J, and Bob Ryan. FORTY YARDS JIM PRESI,EY races forty yards around end for a fine gain against Rogers. Helping on the nlay are Pat Sweeney 1455, Fred Enslow 1423 and Tom Butler 1on kneesb. Gonzaga won I8-I3. BULLPUPS DEFEAT BUTTE CENTRAL Gonzaga traveled to Butte, Montana, to play its second game ot the season. With good blocking and spectacu- lar running, the Bullpups de- feated the Butte Central boys by a score of 45-7. The attack was led by McGee and Swee- ney who did most of the run- ning and ball handling tor the Bullpups. The line was sparked by Ryan and Burns. NORTH CENTRAL BOWS TO ZAGS ln a thrilling night game which saw the Bullpups in the first tight of the year in city league competition, the Gon- zagans thumped North Cen- tral l8-6, in a running and passing attack which could not be stopped by the lndians. PIRATES TAKE BULLPUP MEASURE 'Gonzaga took its first deteat ot the year from the Rog- ers Pirates under the Gonzaga tloodlights. Overcontidence ot.the Bullpups showed up in the game by tumbling and lack ot team work. Rogers, taking advantage of this, won the game T3-O. END AROUND .lk L-IAkIhCfNAAC IZAINI ,4-in CHUCK TONANI digs in to plow through a wall of North Central opponents as he clips off a handsome gain. TIGERS CAGED Behind good blocking the Gonzaga Bullpups won their second league game ot the year from Lewis and Clark. The ground attack was most used by the Bullpups and seemed to pay ott well with the line blocking at its best. Toward the end of the game Lewis and Clark managed to make two touchdowns, the second against the Bullpup re- serves. The game ended 32-l4 in the Bullpup tavor. This was the last night game of the season. - ' . - . "',. ,..--f- if I. a J ..w.... vw... um...-ie, ...tu -...ue-. lu--.lm wi-U .ms ...Leu . Dv, s .-U... va.. W1 completely off his feet. Mike Scarpelli C357 has given the hall to Burns. -59.. i COMPLETE END FRANK SCHROEDER lea h' h ' ROGERS JINX BROKEN In The game which showed The Boone avenue Team aT iTs besT, The Bullpups brokeffhe Rogers iinx on The piraTe field by a score of I8-I3. BoTh The line and The backs played rough and hard ball.- The Pirafes were sfopped in Their come-back aT The sTarT of The Third quarTer. The half-Time score was I6-O in favor of The Bullpups. OUT Two safeTies againsT The Pirafes. ps ig into the air to haul down a pass against Lewis Q Clark. 'l'he facklers hit hard, but it was worth it. In the foreground Bob Ryan of Gonzaga blocks for Schroeder. T TIGERS CAGED AGAIN Once again The Bullpups handed The Tigers a defeaf by a score of 27-6. Lewis and Clark Threw eighT passes and had five of Them inTercepTed The Bullpups Threw ei hT I . g aso and compleTed five. The longesT run of The year came whe P l ' n res ey inTercepTed a pass and ran 88 yards behind good blocking. SMEARING ROGERS BULLPUPS WIN, AND TIE FOR CHAMPIONSHIP In The lasT league game of The season, The Pups de- feafed The NorTh CenTral Indians 27-I3. AgainsT The heavy N. C. line The Zags surprised all by sfaying on The rou d. g n Excellenf blocking paved The way for The Touchdowns Th. . . . is vicTory leTT Gonzaga Tied wiTh Rogers as cify champsl -60- This is the way the Bullpuns would like to have broken up every one of R ogers' famous end runs. On the left Sandell, who is making the tackle, has spilled a Rogers blocker, while Bob Ryan closes in to help with the kill. .lim Presley 1661 is also visible L ook onthe next page to see what happens when yoil don't break up this end run. A-ni sfanding plays of The game were The JlM PRESLEY pushes over a touchdown on a line buck against Rogers Thanskgiving day. Jim was top scorer in the city league in both football and basketball. Butler 6493 and Burns 6477 of Gonzaga can be seen on the two sides of the picture. BOY'S TOWN LOSES HARD GAME In the roughest game ot the season, the Bullpups cle- feated the widely publicized Boy's Town team by a score ot T8-l2. The Zags played heads up ball the whole game and worked like a one man team. It was a hard day to play since the ground was trozen and it was easy to get hurt. Lucas and Presley scored for the Zags, while Ryan, Tonani, Smith and Walsh played splendid defensive ball. TOUCHDOWN ON LINE BUCK ZAGS LOSE THANKSGIVING GAME Still battered after the rough game with Boy's Town tour days before, the Bullpups were unable to handle the Rogers pirates who took a 14-7 victory from them. The Gonzaga line was not able to take care of the heavier line, and so the backs were hard put to get started on good runs. In a last minute attempt to come back and win over the Co-Champs, the Pups were stopped cold. zz VV Vxqr ,..,.VA K j" ..... .L i A A gl RUNAWAY This is what happened when the Puns failed to stop a Pirate end run on Thanksgiving Day. No-it wasn't a touchdown. ' L , BOB LUCAS lGor1Zogol and WAYNE ALLEN lRogersl, Copioins of their respeciive Co-Champion Teams, receive The Quockenbush Trophy ot The Chronicle-Fox All-City Rally. ....62.... "T""-f-if. 'NN Bob Ryan, Capt Bill Burns Del Smith .lim Presley R askethall ll '7 Q99 FIRST ROW: Harry Sandell, Jack Smith, Bill Burns, .lim Presley. Tom Butler, Jack Curran, Dave Reardon. SECOND ROW: Bill McLeod QMgr.D: Bill Reilly, Joe Lavin, Jim Rntchford, Morrie Gruber, Pat Sweeney, Ev Rooney, Don Ryder 1Mgr.J THIRD ROW: Paul Kurose, Bob Fitzpatrick, Garry Gruber, Larry Coleman, Tom McLaughlin, Dan Crowley, Ed Norris, Mr. Bill Frazier, Coach. The Stands G0 Wild Y the game by one point. PAT SWEENEY 1889 sinks a long one-hander against Rogers, while Presley 4579 and Curran Cln keyhole9 run to cover the shot. Joe Lavin C229 has just passed the ball to Sween .lI Z T 'B A C if Q 'Ti if 4, I f' I .f'l'.- Mp" NJ- v 5 -f QQ. i.i. e , 5 92' 5020? L -65.. Cy. R0g6I'S W0l1 BILL BURNS 1559 races away from the Lewis 8g Clark Tigers in their last game to sink a neat lay-in. Lavin C229 follows the play. Dix and Gold- stein of Lewis 84. Clark are behind Burns. Free Throw! Sweeney 6889, Burns 1559 and Curran 1669 keen their eyes on that ball to make sure that Pres- Iey's throw falls through that hoop. Gonzaga defeated North Central 35- 32. Joe Gonzie solys: "The hole in the basket iust isn't big enough!" JOE LAVIN C223 hits a neat one from the keyhole desnite very close guarding hy two North Central players. Jack Curran C669 covers the backboard. FIRST ROUND OF CITY LEAGUE All three north side high schools were out to break Lewis 8g Clcirk's twelve year hold on the city championship. Gon- zaga was favored to do it, because they had tive return- ing lettermen, at least three ot whom were on the first team. In the tirst round ot the league the Bullpups trimmed JIM PRESLEY 1573 exhibits his hook shut which made him high point man in the city league. Said a coach of a rival team, "lt would takc a man seven feet tall to check that shot!" Tom Butler 4673 races around Allen of Rogers to follow the ball. G.H.S. lost this game by one point. North Central 46-44, with dead eye Joe Lavin tallying i9 points on long one--handers. Lewis 81 Clark handed the Zag hoopsters a 42-27 defeat. Sweeney was high tor the Bullpups with 8 points. The following week the Rogers tive defeated the G.H.S. quintet by the lean margin ot 28-27. JOE LAVIN 1225 makes one of his long one handers against Rogers. Under the basket is his team mate Dave Reardon 4993. l -1 1 Gonzaga BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1944-1945 Gonzaga North Central Gonzaga... Lewis 8. Clark Gonzaga Rogers .,,....,., Gonzaga North Central Gonzaga l.ewis 84 Clark Gonzaga Rogers ..,,,,,,,f Gonzaga North Central Gonzaga Lewis 81 Clark Rogers ssss...s,, In the last two games of the season, Jack Curran 4667 drops in baskets to clinch games against Rogers and Lewis A Clark. Joe Lavin C229 stands ready to help in the L. C. game. LEAGUE ENTERS SECOND LAP In the second round of play, the Pups again won from North Central, but lost to both Lewis 8g Clark and Rogers. The loss to the Pirates was another heart-breaker, lost again by one point. GONZAGA WINS THIRD ROUND A winning streak was started by the Gonzaga team at the beginning ot the third round. North Central tell 35-32. The Lewis 81 Clark Tigers bowed for the first time in tour years, thus losing all chance tor the city championship. The third victory was over the Pirate City Champs who tell 31-27. The Zags were happy to win, but were disappointed that they had lost two prior games to the pirates by one point. Presley was high with 12 points, while Jack Curran followed with 9, ln this panoramic picture Bill Burns 1559 makes a clean basket from away out. Visible in the picture are Joe Lavin 4221, Tom Butler 1671. and Pat Sweeney 1881. TBACK, 1945 BEN LENOUE GENE DOLAN x JIM PRESLEY breaks the tape, followed on the left by Tom McLaughlin in the high hurdles at Central Valley. BUD WAGGONER . A 9 S,,.MK'x..i., CHUCK SORINI MIKE SCARPELLI, Calif. HAROLD SANDELL JOE LAVIN 'wi BOB GODD MORRIE GRUBER CUL SMITH HARRY SWANSON -63- 1- DEL SMITH finshes first in the 440 at Rogers. BILL REILLY breaks the tape, followed hy JIM GILLESPIE ileftj and ED SMITH fright centerl for a clean sweep of the I00 yard dash at Central Valley. DEL SMITH MIKE CRONIN .IOHN SMITH ED SMITH BILL REILLY RAY TAVERNIA ART SONTGERATH RUDY WEINHANDL. JIM PRESLEY PAT SWEENEY ROSS MOUNSEY TOM MCLAUGHLIN -69- l,.4 STATE CHA S, l945 Jlsjlggxf gEti53g'w,f:ff 4' ,img 'L - W 6- f 1,'. Wg ,, rf sf, wefe:f,,1gf,zra,f2zQ:L.Q, 5 ,lflzfv ' ' sifwiw fsw,i?f-:ff " I ,M ,,, ,f,M,.n,1M . FIRST ROW: Harry Sandell, Clarence Vercruysse, Jim Rotchford, Bill McGee, Tam Butler, Tom Flaherty, Pat Sweeney, Dave Reardon. Bill Burns. SECOND ROW: John Presley, Coach: Ed Rekolke, Mike Cronin, Jim Springer, Paul Kurose, Milt McKenna, Frank Yuse, Jack Curran, Don Niehaus, Jim Presley, Frank Schroeder, Dave Robinson, Mgr.: Bill McLeod, Mgr.: Jack Ringwood, Mgr., Missing: Chuck Tonani, Mike Scarpelli. BILL McGEE, G0-Captain TOM BUTLER, C0-Contain JIM ROTCHFORD BILL BURNS u-1 r L JIM PRESLEY MIKE SCARPELLI Co-Captains BILL McGEE and TOM BUTLER talk things over with Coach JOHN PRESLEY. FRANK SCHROEDER TOM FLAHERTY HARRY SANDELL crosses home plate for one ofthe fourteen runs in the first game with Lewis Kc Clark. HARRY SANDELL MIKE SCARPELLI makes a beautiful slide into third as FUKAI QL. CJ waits for the ball. DAVE REARDON ED REKOFKE Xl . gg , ., X. N4 A. lfx 'f - . ' Kai 1 A 'x xl f "I '-:N T' The ball leaves the picture as JIM PRESLEY slams out a triple in the slugfest at L. C. Joe Gonziez "I hope Coach Presley sees lhis one-handerf' CLARENCE VERCRUYSSE PAT SWEENEY DON NIEHAUS CHUCK TONANI .-72... FRO ll FIB T TEAM LINE: Walt Firor, Vic Petretee. Ned Conley, Jesse Huetter, Joe Thomason, Richard Porter, Jim Rocca. BACKFIELD: Jim Watson, Frank Cronin, Jerry Kelly, Bob Kivett. FRO ll FO0TBALL SQU D FIRST QOW: Bob Cuzzetto, Jim Hoif, Bill Davis, Charles Merino, Dick Call, Dick Davey, Jesse Huetter, Len Sitter. SEC- OND R W: Frank Conley, Bob Beaulieu, Bob Kivetl, J. Watson, Joe Travo, Bob Gillesny, Vic Petretee, Walt Firor, Dick Knon, Bob Zinkgraf, Roy Donnelly. THIRD ROW: John Gowanlock. Dick Porter, John Greeley, Jim Hutton, Jim Rocca, Joe Thompson, Dan Miller, Pat Alverson, Frank Cronin, Jerry Kelly, Joe Sweeney, Bob Codd, Charles Hamlin. -73- FRO Il BASKETB LL 1945 FIRST ROW: Bob Pasby, Jerry Kelly, Len Sitter, Jim Gannon, Jim Slater, Bob Codd. Pat Alverson, Dick Disney. SECOND ROW: John Gowanlock, Charles Merino, Jim Hutton, John Bombino, Dick Culhane, Walt Devlin, Roy Donnelly. FBO Il BASEB LL 1945 City Champs 1945 a 6 FIRST ROW: Bob Pasby, George Clink, Charles Hopkins, John Bombino, Jim Gannon, Jim Slater, Len Sitter. SECOND ROW 5,1-xtlier Francis Duffy, S. J., Coach: Jim Rocca, Jim Watson, Vic Petretee. Bob Beaulieu, Joe Travo, Frank Cronin at Firor. y ..74.. When the Webster school building, which had served as Gon- zaga High tor fou r years, burned down April 9, it brought an old question back to circulation. When is Gonzaga going to get a new high school? Immediately! decided the Catholics ot Spo- kane. So a bond drive was underway in a month to finance the erection ot a new Gonzaga High. NEW GONZAGA HIGH CAMPAIGN DRIVE MANAGERS ,,...,.w-w-we new f. ,j,,',,,,1mwwpxv3 A ,,W,.i. . . Mmwwwwnm, f,,,Q,e...,.l...,f1m 0-MM M.-Q W' 1, ef, f 4,4g,,,,,,e.My4gg V- - 595.40-wwwyn, 7ii'- W Joseph Hurley, General Chairman: Fr, Francis E. Corkery, S. J., President, Gonzaga University and High School: Mr. Aleck Ripple, General Business Manager. Timed to coincide with the Seventh War Loan Drive, the New Gonzaga High and Parish Building Campaign began on May I4, and will end on June 30. The over-all goal for the city is S600,000, while in the school itself, the quota was set at ?pl0,000. All donations are being made in the form of bonds. SCll00L CIIAIRMEN FIRST ROW: Mr. Aleek Ripple, Mike Scarpelli, Dennis Kelly, Mr. Joseph Hurley. SECOND ROW: Pat Sweeney, Joseph Retzel, Ben Lenoue. -75.- ll0UBS IIFF 111 Hillyard Hicks, Cutie Casey, Merrily Mace, Kitty Curran. C21 Lewis Knezevich, 1945. 133 B. McGee, J. Dapper, D. Rear- don, F. Schroeder. 141 John Smead conducts the "Terrible Triad." C51 Kelly leads a yell at the All-City Rally. lol Lunch time, Ed Dahy, Chas. Hamlin, Bill Davis, John Greeley, Dick Call, 171 F. Korling, B. Ivlertens, P. Weyer, J. Pope, H. Mertens. 181 Fr. Harry Jahn, S. J. 191 Sophomores, G. Beaudry, T. Burgess, D. Falsetto, E. Mertens, J. Dries. 1101 Football mentors: Babe Hollingbery Cletti, and Skip Palrang lrightl, are greeted by Coach Bill Frazier. C111 Chow time tor Gamma Beta. 1121 H. Swaboda, D. Aughney, C. Churchill, B. Flanigan, R. Wohrle, J. Dickeson. 1131 Don Egerman, 1944. 1141 Gruber and Scarp keep Sabu McLaughlin from ending it all at Monroe St. Bridge. 1,151 Pat Crowley acts his age. 1161 Tonani boxes with Ryder. C171 Manning and hound-dog. 1181 McCabe and Taylor. -76- Official IT. S. Marine Corps Photo - Fr. Charles Suver, S. J., Marine Corps Chaplain, and former Gonzaga High teacher, gives Communion to a marine atop wind-swept Mount Suribachi. This picture was taken one hour after marines raised the history making flag over Iwo Jima. GUNZAGA III ll M N N WIIRLD WAR II Joseph Adams, Ens., Navy, '42 Gene Albi, S2fc, Navy, '44 Richard Alden, Cpl., Army, '40 Dale Anderson, Army, '43 N. 6' 1 n jff ,.-err., ' 5?Lf5"q4 ' Irving Anderson, Lt., Army, '32 Paul Anderson, Pvt., Army, '39 Phillip Anderson, sfsgf. A,A.F., '43 Robert Anderson, Navy, CMed. Dis.D, '41 Leo Andre, Pvt., Army, '38 Louis Andre, S lfc, Navy, '38 Edward Ankerson, Pvt., Army, fMed. Dis.j, Kenneth Antonich, Army, '42 George App, Army, '37 Harry App, Pvt.. Army, '42 James Argites, S lfc, Navy, '44 Chris Arvas, Army, '41 Edward Atkinson, Army, '43 Doria Audet, Army, Ex. '45 Glen Bombino, Coast Guard, '40 Clifford Barclay, P.F.C., Marine, Ex., '39 Durrant Barclay, S'Sgt., Marine, '38 Ae, '40 rl Robert Barnett, Army, '41 Thomas Barrett, R.M., 3fc, Navy, '43 Dennis Barry, Army, '33 Joseph Bauer, Navy, A.S., '39 Gordon Baxter, Navy, fMed. Dis.l, '40 Daniel Beaulieu, Pvt., A.A.F., '41 Henry Beaulieu, Navy, CMed. Dis.J, Ex, '44 Ralph Beaulieu, P.F.C., A,A.F., '41 Edward Beck, Tf4, Army, '39 Harold Becker, Marine, Ex., '42 David Bedford, S1fc, Navy, '44 Robert Bedford, A.M.M., 2fc, N.A.C., '41 Ray Benish, Navy, Ex., '42 Roy Benish, S.O.M., 3'c, Navy, '43 Leonard Bidne, '37 William Biner, lst Lt., A.A.F., '39 John Bertch, Navy, X, '42 Phillip Black, Lt., Navy, '31 Robert Blair, A.A.F., '39 1 it x Ajisl-sf eg' Edward Blefgen, Army, '42 Louis Blefgen, Cpl., Army, '42 Henry Blessing, Army, Ex., '34 -77.-. Robert Blessing, Navy, Ex., '41 Arthur Boening, A.O., A.A.F., '33 John Bogie, A.A.F., '33 Michael Bogle, Navy, A.C., '40 Frank Boschert, W.T., 3fc, Navy, '42 Richard Bottier, A,M.M., 2fc, Navy, A.C,, '40 Kenneth Boulac, P.F.C., Army, '38 Ronald Boulac, Sgt., Army, '35 William Bowen, Navy, A.C., '37 William Bradley, lst Lt., A.A.E., '38 .r - r x , R 4 ng" 2- 4 -1 3- w A , - s " 'r' f-get ' - 's L 4 - Victor Brady, Army, '37 if .T Q Frank Brisinda, Sgt., Army, '39 Harold Brooks, Lt., A.A.F., '42 Lawrence Brown, 1st Lt., Army, '34 Robert Brown, '39 Charles Bruder, Army, '32 Ezra Brumback, Army, '35 Clifford Bruya, Ens., Navy, '40 Edward Bruya, P.F.C., Marine, '42 Jerry Buckley, Navy, '42 Albert Budig, Coast Guard, '40 Vern Budig, Navy, '43 Robert Bunch, P.H.M., 2fc, Navy, '40 Thomas Burgess, Army, '43 Edward Burns, '39 William Burns, Coast Guard, '45 James Burns, Cpl., Army, '35 Thomas Camblin, Marine, '43 John Campbell, Cpl., Marine, '42 .,Z' .6 Z' 'K '11 -' ' L M yr G I, j vi? f 1 wif, Thomas Campbell, Army, '41 Tom Candler, Navy, Cadet, '38 Frank Cantlon, A.A.F., '44 John Cantlon, 1st Lt., A.A.F., '38 Kenneth Carpenter, Army, '41 EAROBERT CARTY, LT., MARINE, '38 Robert Carroll, Pvt., Army, '42 William Carroll, Ffa, A.A.F., '40 John Casey, Army, '43 Patrick Cavanaugh, Navy, '42 Lane Chandler, Midshipman, '38 Albert Charbonneau, Navy, '40 Louis Chesurine, Army, '37 Donald Clarno, Army, '42 Robert Clemmens, Lt., Army, '34 EJACK CLINKSCALES, LT., ARMY, '40 Tyrone Cobb, S 2f'c, Navy, '43 Robert Codd, Sgt., Army, "38 Jack Codd, S 2fc, Navy, '43 Ernest Como, Navy, '43 Patrick Condon, Army, Ex., '44 Lawrence Cornell, S llc, Navy, '40 Ellsworth Connelly, Pvt., A.A.F., '39 William Connors, Pvt., Army, '35 Louis Conyard, Cpl., Army, '39 Walt Corbett, Coast Guard, '42 Frank Corkery, Pvt., Army, '40 S HOWARD CORLEY, Q.M. 3fc, NAVY, '41 EEPATRICK CORNELL, LT., A.A.F., '38 John Costello, Af'c, A.A.F., '44 John Costello, Lt., Army, '39 John Cowgill, A.A.F., '39 Howard Courtney, Navy, Ex., '42 Charles Courtman, Royal Canadian, Army, '42 Augustine Cozza, Pvt., Army, '40 Robert Crowley, Afs, Navy, A.C., '41 Patrick Cullen, Army, '37 Melvin Cummings, Army, '42 Robert Cummings, Coast Guard, '45 William Cummings, A.A.F., '44 James Curran, Army, '36 John Currant, SfSgt., A.A.F., '38 Robert Curran, Tl5, Army, '41 Thomas Curran, Pvt., Army, '34 Ernest Curtis, Sgt., Army, '32 Romeo Cuzzetto, Navy, Ex., '42 George Dahmen, Cpl., Army, '40 Robert Dahmen, Pvt., Army, '42 Seaton Daly, Lt., Navy, '36 Kelly Dashiell, C.M., 2f'c, Navy, '40 Doug'as Day, '32 John Dean, Lt., Army, '39 Harry Davey, S 1fc, Navy, Ex., '42 James Davey, Army, '42 Joseph Davey, Lt., Marine, A.C., '41 George Deegan, Navy, '41 Joseph Deichl, '39 Francis Deleony, '37 Gabriel de Roetth, Army, '40 George Derr, Army, '37 Herb Doerr, Army, '41 Paul Derr, '35 Jack Dever, M.M., 3'c, Navy, '42 Andrew Devlin, Cpl., Army, '42 James Deviny, Army, '40 William Deviny, Navy, '44 Francis Dillon, Lt., A.A.F., '43 Gene Di Luzzio, Allc, A.A.F., '43 Ted Dionne, Coast Guard, '45 Donald Dixon, Pvt., Marine, Ex., '43 Robert Dolle, Pvt., Marine, '44 William Dolle, Pvt., Army, '39 Daniel Donahue, E.M., 3fc, Navy, '43 Gregory Donahue, Capt., A.A.F., '38 John Doolin, Coast Guard, '37 EGERALD DOYLE, SGT., A.A.F., '42 Leo Driscoll, S 2fc, Navy, '44 S EDWARD DUCHSCHER, ARMY, EX., '37 Fredrick Dullanty, 1st Lt., Army, '35 Carter Dullanty, Lt., Marines, '37 Francis Dumas, S.K., 3fc, Navy, '43 Harold Dumas, MfSgt., Army, '40 Robert Dumas, Cpl., Army, '39 Wilfred Dumas, Army, CMed. Dis.1, '39 Francis Durgan, Sgt., Army, '35 Kevin Durgan, Cpl., Army, '41 Robert Dwyer, Capt., Army, '33 Marcus Ebel, Pvt., Army, Ex., '43 Lester Edge, Sgt., Army, '35 Phillip Edge, Army, '37 John Egan, Ens., Navy, '41 Donald Egerman, S2fc, Navy, '44 Robert Eierdam, Army, '41 Vernon Enders, A. S. Mer. Mar. Ex., '44 Howard Englehard, P.F.C., Marine, '43 Russell Esposito, P.F.C., Army, CMed. Dis.J, Joseph Estinson, Jr., Afc, A.A.F., '36 Joseph Eugene, SfSgt., A.A.F., '36 John Fahey, Lt., Army, '37 Ernest Fairleigh, Ffo, R.C.A.F., '40 Robert Falkner, Cpl., Army, '36 Douglas Feaver, Cpl., Army, '38 Anthony Felice, Tt'Sgt., A.A.F., '35 Victor Felice, Cpl., Army, '38 James Fife, Navy, '40 John Fife, Army, '43 Joseph Fitterer, Lt., A.A.F., '37 George Fitterer, Ens., Navy, '36 EWILLIAM FlTZPATRlCK, LT., NAVY, A.C Ralph Florin, Army, '35 Edward Flynn, Afs, V-12, Navy, '40 James Flynn, Ens., Navy, '41 Joseph Flynn, Navy, Ex., '43 Patrick Flynn, Pvt., Marine, Ex., '44 Robert Flynn, Capt., Army, '37 Wallace Flynn, P.F.C., A.A.F., '40 Tyler Folsom, Pvt., Army, '39 Donald Force, T'Sgt., Army, '35 Lee Fredrick, Afs, Navy, '45 John Freed, Army, '39 David Frietag, R.M., 3fc, Navy, '43 John Frietag, F.C., 3fc, Navy, '42 -I '39 '35 Joseph Gage, Afs, Navy, '45 FEJOSEPH GALARNEAU, LT., NAVY, A.C., '36 John Gallagher, At'c, A.A.F., '36 Leonard Gaffney, F.C., lfc, Navy, '38 Robert Gaffney, M.O.M.M., ifc, Navy, '39 William Gaffney, Lt., Army, '33 I -78- Thomas Gannon, P.F.C., A.A.F., '44 Robert Gassman, Afc, Navy, A.C., '40 Robert Geisbush, P.F.C., A.A.F., '36 Frederick Gephart, Pvt., Army, '41 Robert Gerstenberger, Af'c, Navy, A.C., '43 Roscoe Ghering, Pvt., Marine, '44 John Giampietri, Coast Guard, '41 Thomas Gibbons, Navy, '41 Donald Giesa, Ens., Merch. Mar., '41 Paul Giesa, Sf"Sgt., A.A.F., '34 William Giesa, Lt., A.A.F., '33 EEARL GILLELAND, ARMY, '42 John Gillespie, Army, '42 Gerald Goeden, Army, '40 Robert Gonyea, Army, '41 John Goodwin, Lt., A.A.F., '40 Martin Goodwin, 1st Lt., A.A.F., '35 Leonard Gooley, F 1fc, Navy, '44 Donald Gorman, '31 Paul Gottschalk, '42 William Grant, Cadet, Navy, '40 Samuel Grashio, Maior, A.A.F., '36 Charles Gray, Lt., Army, '33 Lambert Gray, Marine, '40 Victor Gray, S1'c, Navy, Ex., '44 William Gray, Lt., Army, '40 John Green, Army, '41 Richard Greenside, Lt., Army, '35 Ernest Griat, MfSgt., A.A.F., '36 John Groo, T1'Sgt., A.A.F., '39 Orien Gross, Jr., Coast Guard, '40 Joseph Gruber, Paratrooper, '44 Donald Hale, A.T.C., Ex., '42 Robert Hamilton, Army, '44 Richard Harrions, TfSgt., Army, '41 "ii-g,?g1'::. av 'fv- 1 John Hartnett, Navy, '42 William Hawley, Coast Guard, Ex., '43 George Hayden, Lt., Army, '40 John Helean, Navy, '41 John Henderson, S 2fc, Navy, A.C., Ex., '45 Harold Hennessy, 2nd Off., Mech., Mar., '33 William Heywood, Army, '40 Richard Heinan, A.A.F., Ex., '43 John Higgins, Ph., M., 3I'c, Marine, '42 Patrick Higgins, sfsgf., Army, '39 Raymond Hill, Lt., A.A.F., '40 Edward Hinch, Pvt., Army, '43 John Hobbs, Army, QMed. Dis.J, '39 Leonard Hoerner, Coast Guard, '45 Ashley Holden, Jr., Army, '41 Warren Hook, Army, '39 Lewis Houdak, TfSgt., Army, '42 Robert Howard, S 1flc, Navy, '44 Thomas Howard, Army, '42 William Howard, Army, '40 Charles Hoy, Army, '38 William Hubbart, Coast Guard, '42 George Huetter, Navy, '42 Boyd Huff, Sgt., Army, '33 David Hurley, Ens., Navy, '34 Patrick Hurley, S 2fc, Navy, '44 Melvin Huss, P.F.C., Army, '38 FEEJEROME JACKMAN, ARMY, '42 Preston Jackson, A1'c, A.A.F., Ex., '44 Maxwell Jacobs, Army, '42 John Jennings, Sgt., Army, '37 Harold Johns, Army, '41 A. H. Johnson, SKV, 2f'c, Navy Ex., '43 Dan Johnson, Navy, '43 Francis Johnson, MT! Sgt., Marine, '39 Jay Johnson, S 2l'c, Navy, '44 Richard Johnson, Sgt., Army, '38 Thomas Johnson, A.A.F., '36 William Johnson, S Zfc, Navy, Ex., '45 Edward Jones, Marine, '42 Robert Jones, Maior, A.A.F., '38 Robert Jones, '37 Robert Jones, Ens., Navy, A.C., '34 Thomas Judro, Army, '43 John Julian, Cpl., Army, '43 William Juliano, Pvt., A.A.F., '40 Francis Jurdy, Lt., Navy, '37 Benedict Kane, Army, '37 Oscar Kanzler, P.F.C., A.A.F., '40 Leslie Kapfer, F.C., 3fc, Navy, '42 John Kearns, Navy, '31 Hubert Keen, Lt., A.A.F., '40 Hugh Keenan, Lt., Army, '37 Thomas Keenan, Ph., M., 3fc, Navy, '44 Alexander Kelly, Navy, '43 Raymond Kelly, H.A., lfc, Navy, '43 EQRICHARD KELLY, SGT., MARINE, '41 NNilliam Kelly, Coast Guard, '45 John Kennedy, Pvt., Army, '37 Bruno Kensok, S 2fc, Navy, Ex., '42 Raymond Kensok, A.M.M., lfc, Navy, A.C., Ex., '41 John Kerchival, U.S., Milt. Acad., '44 Cyril Kestell, S'Sgt., A.A.F,, '32 Fabian Kestell, Q.M., lfc, Navy, '38 ERICHARD KILROY, ARMY, '23 George Kimmell, TfSgt., A.A.F., '34 John Kimmell, Sm 1'c, Navy, A.C., '42 James Kinder, Navy, '45 James King, '32 John Kingsbury, P.F.C., Marine, '41 Frank Kirchner, Navy, '36 Edward Kivett, S lfc, Navy, Ex., '43 Donald Knezevich, Lt., Army, CMed. Dis.1, '37 Lewis Knezevich, S llc, Navy, A.C., '45 John Kock, Army, '36 1 - 71 1 :4 4, , Arthur Koth, Sgt., Army, '36 George Kronenberg, Army, '37 James Kronenberg, Army, '34 Joseph Kraft, F lfc, Coast Guard, '39 Lawrence Kraft, A.M.M., 2fc, Navy, A.C. '43 EFRANK KRUEGER, TfSGT., A.A.F., '39 Thomas Lacy, Ens., Navy, '41 John Lally, Lt., Army, '32 John Lambert, 1st Lt., Army, '35 John Lancaster, Navy, '41 William Lane, '37 Francis Laney, P.F.C., A.A.F., '41 Salvatore Lappano, Cpl., A.A.F., '41 Thomas B Larkin, Gen., Army, '10 James Lavin, S 2f'c, Navy, '43 John Lovin, Lt. Col,, A.A.F., '35 Thomas Lovin, Army, '40 Marvin Lavoy, S 2'c, Navy, Ex., '44 John Lawlor, S2'c, Navy, '44 Nigel Lee, Army, '41 Robert E. Lee, Y 1 f'c, Navy, '43 Elmer Lemieux, Army, '42 Robert Levitt, Marine, '43 John Lindberg, SK llc, Navy, '32 Herbert Link, Lt., Army, '36 Joseph Little, S llc, Navy, '35 John Lodell, Cpl., Army, '42 Neil Loomis, Cpl., Army, '43 Thomas Loosemore, MfSgt., A.A.F., '39 Al O. Lucas, Cox, USN, Ex., '29 John Lucas, W.O., Ci.g.D, Army, '37 Iohn Lucas, S 1'c, Navy, '40 ohn J. Lucas, S 1f'c, Ex., '43 John Ludwig, Navy, '38 Michael Ludwig, S2'c, Navy, Ex., '44 Tunney Ludwig, Merchant Marine, Ex., '44 Howard Lubitz, Navy, '45 Frederick Lyons, Lt., Army, '34 Robert Lyons, Ph., M. 2fc, Navy, '32 SANDY MacKIE, LT., Marine, '39 John MaGee, Lt., A.A.F., '43 William Mahan, Navy, '38 John Maloney, Lt, Com., Navy, '37 EEDANIEL MANGAN, LT., A.A.F., '42 Richard Mangan, Pvt., A.A.F., '44 Jerome Marcotte, A.A.F., '43 Edward Maronick, Afs, V-12, Navy, '42 Edward Martello, S lfc, Navy, Ex., '42 Donald Martin, R.T., 3f'c, Navy, '43 James Martin, Lt., Navy, A.C., '43 Maxwell Masterson, Army, '33 Ralph Mauro, Sgt., Army, '38 Silvio Mauro, A.A.F., '41 Donald Mayer, Pvt., Marine, '43 Carl Maxey, Army, '42 Francis McBreen, 1st Lt., A.A.F., '39 Edward McCabe, '34 Earl McCanna, '38 Vincent McCanta, '36 Patrick McCollum, Army, '43 Angus McDonald, Pvt., Army, '36 Thomas McDonnell, Army, '32 Joseph McDonnaugh, Lt., Marine John McDowell, Cpl., Army, '40 Carr McGarrity, Army, '41 Troy McGarrity, Navy, Ex., '40 Carrol McGoldrick, Pvt., Army, '44 Robert McGoldrick, Lt., Army, '40 John McGowan, Q.M., 3'c, Navy, Ex., '43 John McGrath, Navy, '43 Patrick McGuigan, Cpl., Army, '42 Terry McGuire, F.C., 3'c, Navy, '43 Martin McKay, Pvt., Army, Ex., '44 Ei WILLIAM McKEE, LT., ARMY, '26 DONALD McKENZlE, CPL,, A.A.F., '40 Timothy McKinney, A.R.M., 2fc, Navy, A.C-, '40 Harold McMocken, '38 William McKevin, Navy, Ex., '42 Edwin McWilliam, Ens., Navy, '37 Thomas McWilliams, Army, '42 George Medved, '37 John Meeks, Marine, '36 Thomas Meeks, Army, '41 John Melius, Capt., A.A.F., '35 J. G. Melius, Lt., Navy, A.C., '32 Richard Mengert, S2fc, Navy, '44 James Merriman, Navy, '39 John Merriman, 1st Lt., A.A.F., '40 Richard Merriman, A.A.F., Res., '44 Patrick Mertens, Capt., A.A.F., '41 John Mertens, Lt., A.A.F, '40 Clark Mienhart, Merchant Marine, '36 Robert Miles, Navy, Ex., '42 Etter Milla, P.F.C., Army, '42 Hugh Millgard, Lt. Com., Navy, '33 1 L . W A Leonard Miotke, Navy, '41 Clement Molitor, MfSgt., Army, '36 Robert Molitor, Sp. CAD 3'c, Navy, '38 John Moon, Army, '43 Rfchard Moore, Pvt., Army, '41 George Moore, R.M., 3fc, Navy, '36 Robert Moran, Army, '43 ...f9... Frank Morton, Army, '38 William Moser, Lt., Navy, A.C., '32 Wil'iam Moss, B.M., 2'c, Navy, '33 James Mounsey, Army, '41 Paul Mueller, SfSgt., Army, '32 Daniel Mulvey, Army, Ex., '42 Robert Mulvey, Navy, Ex., '42 Daniel Murphy, Lt., A.A.F., '37 Daniel Murphy, Lt., Navy, A.C., '42 Henry Murphy, Ens., Navy, '38 Joseph Murphy, Marine, '43 John Nelson, Lt., A.A.F. George Nesbitt, A.A., 1f'c, Navy, '42 Francis Newby, Army, '43 Joseph Newland, Alc, A.A.F., '44 William Norberg, '38 Gerald O'Brien, Sf'Sgt., A.A.F., '43 Michael O'Brien, Lt., A.A.F., '41 Richard O'Brien, Army, 34 Thomas O'Brien, Wfo, A.A.F., '43 William O'Connel, Army, '35 James A. O'Conner, Gen., Army, 1902 Robert O'Conner, Navy, Ex., '43 Cyril O'Donnell, Army, '35 William Ogle, Lt., A.A.F., '41 Lawrence O'Hare, Cpl., A.A.F., '40 Larry O'Keefe, Capt., Army, Ex., '36 James O'Leary, S 2fc, Navy, A.C., '44 Francis O'Leary, Lt., A.A.F., '36 Leon Olney, Army, '42 William O'Maltey, Army, '45 Eugene O'Neil, FfO, A.A.F., '40 Francis O'Neil, Sgt., Army, '39 Fredrick O'Neil, S 2fc, Navy, '42 Paul O'Neil, Army, '37 Richard O'Neill, Lt., Navy, '37 EEJAMES ORCHARD, SGT., ARMY, '41 Raymond Orchard, Navy, '44 Lewis Oriard, Pvt., Army, '42 Edward O'Shea, A.A.F., '42 Raymond Ouimet, Navy, Ex., '40 Robert Overiorde, Merch. Mar., Ex., '43 John Ozzane, Army, Ex., '44 Lawrence Patterson, Af's, V-12, Navy, '40 EEGREGORY PARKER, NAVY, '37 John Porta, Army, Ex., '33 John Parker, Pvt., Army, '42 William Pellanda, Jr., Army, '32 Otto J. Penna, Lt., Army, '36 Robert Pentz, Cpl., Army, '39 David Petty, A.A.F., '4-3 Alvin Pino, Navy, Ex., '42 Phillip Pino, Navy, Ex., '42 Anton Pointenin, Army, '41 Thomas Poole, A.O.M., 3fc, Navy, A.C., '43 Jcmes Pope, S 2'c, Navy, A,C,, '44 Albert Porta, Ff'o, A.A.F., Ex., '38 Alfred Porta, PltnfSgt., Marine, '39 John Porter, Coast Guard, '45 Donald Porter, Sgt., Army, '35 Wayne Porter, TJ5, Army, '38 Froncis Potesky, F 1t'c, Navy, '43 Willis Pottratz, Ens., Navy, '42 Ralph Prosser, M.M., 1f'c, Coast Guard, '39 Wallace Prosser, R.M., 1fc, Coast Guard, '42 Harold Raef, Pvt., Army, '44 Edward Randall, Army, lMed. Dis.J, '37 Robert Randall, Army, lMed. Dis.J, '39 Joseph Ranney, Sf'Sgt., Army, '35 James Rassilyer, Navy, '43 Frank Rathgeber, Pvt., A.A.F., '44 Orlondo Rego, Ml'Sgt., Army, '34 Joseph Rekofke, Lt., Army, '39 Robert Rekofke, H.A., lfc, Navy, Ex., '43 Francisco Ressa, S 1'c, Navy, '43 John Ressa, Pvt., A.A.F., '42 Nicholas Ressa, Navy, '40 Robert Reilly, Lt., Army, '38 si ' ZZ' E 'EK William Reilly, Cpl., Army, '40 James Reichman, Navy, Ex., '40 Joseph Rickenbock, Army, fMed. Dis.J, '33 John Riley, Navy, '32 Edward Ringwood, M.M., 2fc, Navy, '41 Jerome Riardan, P.F.C., Army, '39 John Riordan, Lt., Navy, '32 Edmund Ripple, P.F.C., A.A.F., '40 James Riske, Sgt., Marine, '42 Vernon Riske, Pvt., Marine, '44 Leonard Rizzuto, S.'Sgt., A.A.F., '38 Eugene Roberts, Lt. Col., A.A.F., '35 William Robbins, Pvt., Army, '43 Frank Robinson, Lt., Army, '32 William Robinson, Navy Roswell Rosauer, sfsgf., Army, '40 Harold Rose, '39 John Rotchford, Army, '39 Gena Rotunda, H.A., 1fc, Navy, '43 Aubrey Rowles, Sf'Sgt., A.A.F., '32 Donald Rowles, Army, '30 Edward Rowles, Jr., Army, '27 William Royce, Army, '36 Robert Ryan, Navy, Ex., '43 Natal M. Scaler, Army, '31 Leonard Scarpelli, Lt., Marine, '41 Joseph Scarpelli, S lfc, Navy, '42 Nicholas Scarpelli, P.F.C., Marine, '42 Fei LOUIS SCHADEGG, LT., ARMY, '29 Harold Schafer, S 2'c, Navy, '44 John Schoul, B.M., 1t'c, Navy, '40 John Schiffner, Army, '35 John Schille, '35 John Schlosser, Army, Ex., '43 Zena Schmidt, Army, '43 Wallace Schoen, Army, Ex., '41 Willard Schoen, Army, Ex., '41 Raymond Schroeder, Army, '43 Robert Schroeder, T'Sgt., Army, '39 Joseph Scoiley, Pvt., Marine, '39 Deane Scott, S lfc, Navy, Ex., '42 John Scott, P.F.C., Marine, fMed. Disj, '41 Lester Scott, P.F.C., Marine, '43 Carrol Seeley, Lt., Army, '36 John Seeley, Capt., A.A.F., '36 FQREV. CURTIS J. SHARP, S. J., CHAP., ARMY Robert Sharp, sfsgr., Army, '40 Emmett Shearer, S 2fc, Navy, A.C., '45 Roger Shearer, Army, '36 FEGUY SHELLEDY, ARMY, '40 Patrick Shelledy, R.M., 3fc, Navy, '43 Michael Sheridan, '34 Ardell Sheridan, Army, '42 George Sherberg, Army, Ex., '42 Paul Sherberg, Army, '41 Frank Shinn, Marine, '42 Maxwell Shinn, Lt., Navy, '40 James Sisk, Ens., Navy, '39 John Sisk, Lt., A.A.F., '32 Maurice Sisk, l.M., 1'c, Coast Guard, '33 Thomas Sketfington, Lt., A.A.F., '37 William Skeffingtcn, Cpl., A.A.F., '36 John Sleovin, Army, '40 Henry Slominski, Pvt., Army, Ex., '44 Harold Smead, Afs, V-12, Navy, '43 John Smith, S 11'c, Navy, '43 Lyle Sorby, Army, '39 Thomas Spangler, Ens., Navy, '39 John Spilker, R.M., 3f'c, Navy, '42 William Spilker, Cpl., Army, '42 Joseph Springer, Army, CMed. Dis.J, '41 Wilbert Stachotsky, Army, '40 George Staehali, Lt., Navy, A.C., '39 Richard Staeheli, Pvt., A.A.F., '36 Federick Stafford, S 2fc, Navy, A.C., Ex., ' Theodore Stanek, C.P.O., Navy, '37 E ROBERT STAPLETON, NAVY, EX., '42 Michael Stimson, S lfc, Navy, Ex., '44 Carl Stalle, Lt., A.A.F., '43 John Stoltz, Navy, '42 William Stone, Lt., Navy, A.C., '41 Robert Storms, R.M., 3fc, Navy, '44 Robert Strecker, '41 Joseph Strufel, A.A.F., '40 George Struble, Army, '39 John Sullivan, Navy, '35 Robert Sutich, P.F.C., A.A.F., '42 Peter Swantek, Ph.M., 3fc, Navy, '43 Bernard Swartz, Navy, Ex., '41 'f: A, sf" s Illl Donald Sweeney, Capt., Army Jerry Sweeney, Army, '42 Jerome Sweeney, Capt., Army, '35 Joseph Sweeney, Army, '31 Lawrence Sweeney, Lt., A.A.F., '35 David Swenson, Ffa, A.A.F., '40 Ferdinand Swenson, Midshipman, Navy, '42 Joseph Swontowski, sfsgf., Army, '36 Raymond Takisaki, Army, '43 Bernard Tally, Navy, '41 Robert Tavernia, Cox., Navy, '40 Daniel Taylor, G.M., 3fc, Navy, Ex., '43 Hobart Tenneff, '38 Donald Terhaar, Cpl., Marine, '41 Edward Teskey, S.M., 3fc, Navy, '43 Fredrick Theriault, M.O.M.M., Navy, '40 -gg.. John Theriault, Lt. Col., A.A.F., '36 Bernard Thomas, Lt, A.A.F., '33 Robert Thompson, W.O., fi.g.l, Army, '38 William Thompson, Army, '40 William Thurston, '39 George Tichbourn, Army, '40 Fredrick Timmermon, S 1fc, Navy, '43 ' j .Fres- . 1 , Q-5 43 ,c 4 . A Frank Tolar, S 2fc, Navy, '44 Charles Tonani, Coast Guard, '45 John Tracy, S.'Sgt., Army, '38 John Tracy, Navy, Ex., '42 Harold Triesch, A.A.F., '40 James Triesch, Cpl., A.A.F., '35 Richard Triesch, P.F.C., A.A.F, '43 Darrell Trowbridge, '38 Terence J Tulley, Gen., Army, 1917 Et HENRY TWOHY, COM., NAVY, '22 John Twohy, Maior, Marine, '37 Kevin Twohy, Lt., Navy, '35 Steve Twohy, Y 3!c, Navy, '43 Paul Thorton, Army, '41 Theodore Van Veen, TfSgt., Army, '35 Arthur Velling, Army, '40 Leander Verzatt, Army, '39 Robert Vetto, Navy, '41 Roy Vetto, Afs, V-12, Navy, '44 JOl'1l1 Vid, S 2412, Navy, '44 George Vinneau, Cpl., Marine, '40 Charles Vollmer, S 1fc, Navy, Ex., '44 Richard Vomaske, Lt., A.A.F., '42 Rodrick Wallen, S 1fc, C.G., Ex., '42 Marvin Ward, Lt., A.A.F., '42 Charles Warren, Midshipman, Navy, '40 Herbert Warren, S 2fc, Navy, A.C., Ex., '43 Patrick Walsh, Lt., A.A.F., '43 Robert Walsh, S 2fc, Navy, Ex., '45 Thomas Walsh, Merch. Mar., Ex., '45 John Waltz, Pvt., Marine, '34 George Watson, F 2fc, KE.M.l, Navy, '44 Joseph Weaver, Sgt., A.A.F., '32 William Weiser, Marine, '42 Robert Welch, Marine, Ex., '43 Eugene Weller, '35 Patrick Weller, Navy, '44 Richard Weller, Afs, V-12, Navy, '42 Woodrow Weller, Army, QMed. Dis.l, '31 Thomas Wernette, Sgt., Army, '38 Edward Wert, O.C,S., Army, '41 Robert Wert, '40 James Weston, '38 William Weyer, A.M.M., 2fc, Navy, A.C., '44 FRANK WHITAKER, LT. COM., NAVY, '28 Fred White, Midshipman, Navy, '32 SED WHITFORD, PVT., ARMY, '41 Harvey Wick, Lt., Navy, A.C., '39 Robert Wilkinson, A.A.F., '44 John Williams, Afc, A.A.F., '42 John Winkler, R.M., 3fc, Navy, Ex., '43 EJOHN WINSLOW, PVT., ARMY, '36 George Witter, Afs, V-12, Navy, '37 Herbert Woolson, Army, '34 George Yarno, Capt., A.A.F., '38 Richard Yarno, Army, iMed. Dis.l, Ex., '43 William Yedinak, S lfc, Navy, '43 Sherman Yochum, M.M., 2fc, Navy, '39 Charles Yoder, '33 David Yoder, Army, '40 Clement Yuse, R.M., 3fc, Navy, '43 Mclyle Zumwalt, Lt., Co., A.A.F., '36 it DVERTISING . F X x M 'K ' p f L , , A , I 644 , 5 ,X fi K G..-YQ l A 2,2 -' . 1 A49 .,,1 ' , A i ,- 1 Nl . ' X 1- xffxll ' f EMWIN f , filf xvxili A f 1 f ,fiifvvw Q -ff Qg 7Q4Q4Qp XQ! I, 117,72 'X1 fxfXfN Q5Xfl Ji .lx fy Qi fkysfxfbfsf Xllllf VL 'ISN Egg S535 X ,www ,lx 3' X 1X1 ff Qi gg Egg W rilfs 1KZx S7 f XA QA xj ' AIX, Nix fx xx 1 ' VXZVX li ff- ilk X x xfE! MVN' 1541 2075 YQ Q ' X I I f ll f X X xg if f fx7X s JW 451 Nl A l f , , , M" - L ., J" ,-1-l- NX jst? l I My " fa, g oc: - -31- "If you have enjoyed looking at my fa- vorite boys and like their lively spirit, show some of that same loyal spirit by patron- izing the advertisers who have helped us publish this book. To them and to you the students and I express our deepest grati- tude. We hope to see you again when your war bonds have put us in the new Gonzaga High!" JOE GONZIE Lzzzgzkm Pazfmm and Mrs. M. L. Robertson and Mrs. J. W. Gaffney and Mrs. J. C. Hathaway Col. and Mrs. Carl M. Stolle and Mrs. R. J. Bailey and Mrs. J. E. Cunningham and Mrs. E. S. Jennings and Mrs. A. S. Riske and Mrs. E. J. Wohrle and Mrs. K. G. Moore F. R. Fursey Charles C. Brown H. D. Keenan and Mrs. W. A. Flaherty and Mrs. J. D. Kindschi and Mrs. A. M. Ripple and Mrs. E. J. Gowanlock and Mrs. John G. Rotchford Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Crowley Dr. D. G. Corbett Mr. and Mrs. J. Via Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Condon Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Parcell Dr. and Mrs.'R. D. Reekie Senator Thomas H. Bienz Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Del Cary Smith, Jr Dr. and Mrs. Andrew De Roetth Empire Billiards Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Retzel Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Butts Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Pederson Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Mounsey Mr. and Mrs. Fabian McK. Smith Dr. David Cowen Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Hastings CALENDAR Sept. 5-Registration-Everybody happy! Best Wishes to the Graduates Sept. 6-Classes-not so happy! From Sept. 7-Bill Frazier and Bob Moore prepare boys for Merry- E 7 Go-Round! ll CHC S OWCTS Sept. 8-First Student-body meeting-Excellent promise for ct successful year. ' N. 7 Wall St. Main 1173 Sept. 13-All-CityRally-KFPY. The Crescent Main 2341 Sept. 15-Merry-Go-Round-Lots of Color-Bullpups take foot- ball honors. Sept. 21-Debaters meet-Plan for successful year. O Sept. 22-Central Valley bows to Gonzaga 'I9 to 7. 5 Sept. 23-Team leaves for Butte-Entire Student-body attend VIC SWANSQN JQE DANIELS departing rally at the Milwaukee Station. fgwnery QM.-,nugerj Sept. 25-:,r':YD4ugfyocy'ants u holiday to celebrate Butte Vic- Spokcmefs Friendly Credit Jewelers Sept. 28-First Chapel talk-Lots of fervor! N, 9 Washington - SPOKANE Sept. 29-Beat North Central!-We did 18 to 6. Pasco Bremerton Oct. 5-G.H.S, in mourning! Rogers 13, Gonzaga 0. - THE BENEVOLENT AND COMPLIMENTS PROTECTIVE ORDER OF of iF U lE lL fC 0 . - Extends B t ' I . N. 1014 DIVISION es Wm 'Ps l to the Graduating Phone Broadway ml Class of '45 -83... we ' since E nee: " 2 , ANNOUNCING Canvas Prada:-fs Of Ill Mads lylfjggggiggsgg, New LocATioNi 109 N. Howard Main 4233 N. 318 Division Opposife Orpheum Theatre COMPLIMENTS OF The Liberty Theatre fAlways the Best for Liberty Guestsj Hughes Apparel 608 Riverside Best wishes for all Gonzaga fighting men who are in the Service, and those who are about t go in. We know They will give cz good account of themselves. Managed by Jimmy Keefe fFormer Gonzaga High School Studentl W0men's Apparel UUUEUNG Sp0,5ane'.v Largext jewelry Store ' STANDARD PRICED WATCHES ' DIAMOND MERCHANTS FOR FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS -g4.. rahamis Fountain Pen Repair 'Doctorsl Are Un the fob Again! HOURS: 9:30 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. DAILY ak "coNsuLTATioN" FREE ir Repairing fountain pens is a particular business. Pen Knowledge-SkilI-Patience-and the Replacing of Good Parts and Materials for those outworn are assurances offered you when you send or bring your fountain pens to us for repairs. That 5512.50 Pen Can Be Made Life Rubber Sac, Ink GOOD A5 Channel Cleaned, Point Reset-all for fifty cents NEW EoR New 3-Day Service on Most Repairs ir JamTLm6i-.mesa IF ITS MADE OF PAPER WE HAVE IT 707-711 Sprague Ave. 708-716 First Ave. .-85... . WOMEN'S FINEST SHOES IIdIaaII Laundry and GIFT ITEMS FOR WOMEN f Company at Lusterized Dry Cleaning A ARTHUR SCHULEIN E. 17 Boone Avenue - Broadway 1200 725 Riverside Congratulations Esueer F Musnc EI and MUSIC ' 'iz' ' BOOKS X I Best W'ishes JFMWHD - - BIlI'l'TON EI :5'g6'zI'I5W'E'II'1Gr5N E The Family Store I Riverside at Lincoln I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1945 Compliments of JIM QUARYERBACK Glul -36.- Ai CALENDAR Oct. -First Sock B1 Buskin Social Meeting! Lots of dramatic talent! Oct. -Frosh Nite! "G" Club has full day! Sophs obiect. Colnplinlents Oct. -Denny Kelly, Don Ryder and Pat Foley crowned Yell Kings for the year! of Oct. Bullpups growl! G.H.S. 32, Lewis 81 Clark 14. Oct. -Tryouts for three One-Act Plays-Lots of response. Oct. -Junior debaters get under way! Lots of pep evident! Oct. -Philomathea "Open House"-Mamma and Papa hear . about Junior from Father and Mister. Oct. -"Luigian" subscription underway-Leash meet again! SPOkCUle,S Gflilltesl Home Furnishings Store Oct. -Sweet revenge! Bullpups 18, Pirates 13. Oct. -Gonzaga Mixer for the "Gonzagan." First Ave. and St- Oct. Sanctuary Society gets underway! Meeting success-- ful-Lots of ice cream! Oct. -TI1ere's nthing to it! G.H.S. 27, L. C. 6. Nov. -"Confession is good for the souI"-First Friday to- morrow! Compliments 7 of age 5 0liver Zinkgraph Far Famed for ' CONTRACTOR HAMBURGER and FRENCH FRIES Q WELL,DRILLING MALTS and SHAKES E. 1606 Sharp Ave. Lakeview 4602 1018 N. W. Blvd. n . , cv.. W, -- QUALITY AND THE RIGHT PRICE , on VV'll' W' kl CORRECTLY FILLED PRESCRIPTIONS 1 rqae rqfwafd Udlainadle CEMENT CONTRACTOR GI 2M N. Howard Riverside 4179 W' Riv' Just North of Sprague on Howard I . . - - -,. .M 1 -87- YOUR DOIN' A eoqo JOB SON AND WERE BACK OF YOU. EVEN A LONG WHY BACK! f Jflfm' " . XX AL. AI Now THAT '9 Q GQNZAGA IS THRU WITH HIM l'LLTAKE OVER' SPOKANE ATHLETlC'ROUN'D'TABLE The Athletic Round Table is a non-profit organization whose obiectives are to promote sports in the Inland Empire. We feel that it is our place to lend a helping hand where the cause is worthy. A little humor and good fun is relished by all men, young and old, and we try to incorporate these factors in our endeavors. We believe that a sound program of sports and physical fit- ness is essential to the youth of our nation, and it is to this end that we dedicate our efforts. A Cf: A fy"ffj,.t,t. "iff-. '2kiZ4faf..-Q52 ' h fl b::::,f13,3v'ml-- plz: . . 1""'fv11.eu,,,.t , - :- I ,Ft A '.,,. ,' I. 1,5 .. 7 f- ne w r e kgildiifh L ' 1, f fu ., ,jf ., 'kiti' -39- 'I Congratulations to the Q , Gfgdygales I i CO0 i 501 Main Avenue Spokane eauafaf i R . R. W. NEVILLE, Mgr. JAMES EMMETT ROYCE, President SPOKANE' WASH' Pat Mellougal T Q Specializing: I Calflifls Mg. CO. L1 :sally Pfajlfrix i 1102 N. Atlantic and Emergency Breakdowns N Phone srawy. 2202 Night Phone: srdwy. 2444 SPOKSNE 1039 N. Divisio Spokane, Wash. i W , s Bas! fffslzes TO THE CLASS OF i 1945 Frank Snider BUILDING CONTRACTOR Spokane, Wash. 503 Mohawk Bldg. Riverside 2926 -90... CALENDAR ' i FIALA Nov. 3-Congratulations to our Co-Champion football team! W G.H.s. 27, N.c. 13. S Nov 4-Associated Service Clubs buy tickets for the entire i student-body to the Boy's Town game. i i e - gy. Me s Nov 7-All vote for Gonzaga-Rogers Shrine game. CWe'll 1 be sorryj. ' Nov. 9-Student-body meeting, Leash meeting, play practice, W 3l5-l7 Mclrl Pl't0rle: RlV. 9385 debaters meet, Chapel talk-School is getting com- i plicatecl. i 7 .... A., Nov. 'I3-Father Mullen's Day! Student-body presents beauti- f ful Bulova Wrist Watch! All-City-Rally at Fox to- i D I' ' MSN! l C ICZOZLS' W . Nov. 'l5-Choir practice now-What next? I FUUNTAIN SERVICE i HOME-MADE ICE CREAM Nov. 'I9-Boys of Boy's Town bow to Bullpups! 18 to 12. i THE FERN CANDY CO. Nov 21-lwh "Nw F'iQh"' Planned! t H. 1. qsmney McKenna . W. E. CBilD Lauer N New Ownership Nov. 22-Fall Fiesta Mixer tonight-I'm losing my breath! W Riverside Ave- Uhanksgivingj i ' "' 3 Open 12 Noon to 11:30 P. M., Saturdays till Nov. 27-Skull practice!-Where are the cross-bones? l Mldnlght' Sundays 1 to 11 P' M' Loyal Uriler of M000 Extend to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1945 There's a Difference Diamonds -See SARTORI Master Craftsmen in Jewelry COMPLIMENTS OF P0 Mo JACOY Retail and Wholesale ' CANDY ' MAGAZINES, ETC. N. 10 Wall St' 405 Sprague Ave. Central Pre-Mix More Concrete Co. For Your and DOLLAR Union Sand and 8' Gravel Co. ' 9 W ralght s Store Phone ardwy. 2155 N. sos Division sf. Main and Wall Riverside 5442 Cllemuins Grocery Staple and Fancy Groceries 1528 E. Sprague Ave. Lakeview 2077 Open Daily Until 8 P. M. Except Sundays Tomhari Food Market GEO. S. ALLEN, Owner THE VERY BEST GOODS at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE OPEN EVENINGS WE DELIVER Lakeview 2290 S. 825 Perry SI. Compliments Compllments of of 074Lwuf-Kuala Eaawn .Shea Hill'J Shoe Store 609 W. Riverside K. C. Brown Bob White Don Johnson Bob Pendleton Mike Kostecka John Piedmont Micky Brigham Vern Stupfel Tom Nodeau Mick O'Malley Pat McCarthy Frank Hoffman Ernie Richlie Bob Richlie Ed Norris Al Weyand Bob Yeats Compliments of the 211111113 Beta lBoarders of Gonzagal Jack McCabe Jack Taylor Jack Ringwood Joe Ringwood George Buzzas Pat Nixon Bill Hilderbrant Lorin Thelan John Lien Bill Gillingham Don Pritchard Dick Conklin Don Golob Budd Neumann Joe Verhey Jock Kilburn Buck Blashill Moderators: Father Peter Baltussen, S. J. Mr. Lucas Kreuzer, S. J. -93- TUXEDOS Rent a Tuxedo Complete outfit, including shirt, collar, ties and studs. Single or double-breasted styles. CAII sizesl, ..,...,,,.,.,,,,,..,,,,......,.,...A.,,,,,,,, 52.50 and 53.50 Costumes for School Plays, Masquerodes, Rodeos, etc., ot low rentals. We Ship Anywhere. Miller-Dervant 1017 W. Riverside Main 6642 HOWARD PHARMACY Nyal Preparations Complete Prescription Department Cut-Rate Prices Sundries - Candy - Fountain Opposite Post Office Main 4-881 907 Riverside Ave. Quality Photo Finishing Qjfb CBoyd-Conlee Co. 1002 N. Division St. SPOKANE Spokane FILM DEVELQPING 1 CONIPABTY HAY - GRAIN - FEED - SEEDS and s. 207 HowARo s-r. mv. 0414 FERTMZERS CATHOLIC BOOKS For Sale - For Rent Get Better Acquainted With Your Catholic Literature Buy good books for your Library. Give good books as gifts. Rent good books for your leisure reading. DeSales Catholic Library and Book Shop Location: John W. Graham 81 Co. Store Spokane 8, Wash. PRATT FURNITURE C0. N. 215 PosT "The Easiest Place in Town to Buy F urniturei' 4:3 1 N1IcG0Ildrr'ick Lumber CQ., CX, "Que aa. a 71uccfJaaJ" CX, Gllenwood IL 646 ' ' "1" K " 'I " " " 1 ' ' hir i ' ' "-gnu I CONGRATULATIONS ana' ALL GOOD WISHES - J Complim s of NH-MU SWUIU lmotograpfzs Live Forever -QQ 621 Jamies Wall St. O S 0 KANE WA HING Nov. Nov CALENDAR Why Sure It's Bal Maha 28-Noiice: Fines are posted for overdue report cards. 30-"Consolidated Freightways wanfs a boy"-Sorry we're Qoo busy. Dec. 4-Mr. Ripple treats fooiball lefiermen! To the Graduating Class Dec. 5-Reireai underway-Father A. B. Corrigan gels off fo flying sfori. From Dec. 6-Gonzaga boys sfill aciing sirange. Dec. 7-Still silence reigns-This must be serious! I Dec. 'I2-Christmas vacation calendar posted!-Le1's see! Dec. 13-Basketball practice-here we go! Dec. 19-Sophomore debaiers at it again! Dec. 22-No one here!-Chrisimas vacation! Jan. 3-What a baskeiball team! G.H.S. 46, N.C. 44. P X E , Jan. 4-Dress Rehearsal for the three one-ad plays! "Sub- - A merged," "A Candle io Christ," "lf Men Played Cords like Women Do!" V ' -- N' hl 'T'l 9 Jan. 8-Plays big success-three big performances! Main at Post Open lg t y I Jon. 10-"Semester Resfer" Mixer. omp iments o emzessey Fzmem! awe -97- ENGRAVINGS THIS ANNUAL were proclweaz' by ffze Spokane-American Engraving Co. CHRONICLE BUILDING Spokane, Washzngfofz , "' 5 sid! X f l l Compliments of eafufniwi SPOKANE COUNCIL NO W. 7 of . 683 'I3V2 Sprague Ave. Spokane, Wash Riv. 9295 Steam He W All Ou ated- uter- tslde Hot Pri H Rooms and Cold vate Baths otel M l olfi 8x Ash r. and W. 307 S The tOl1 Mrs. Jos Spragu ulliv Cnthol ' N. 1 eph e an IC S 7 M Stae t0f onro hell e e St. S poka Com P ne p l i m hone . S E 7231! :M.47 U I'l'I 'U -I X D Q IW .OF CHOR F. W 5 WWW N mam Kip I 1 Q' Z Q 5 cn : Cgfi' X s J L V W SS .gx if B e 05 si? duly" to Hel PDS p WI as sex A ' X fs, l A N siisiisx 3 1 1' i P Y A PLA I ,funny X, s " :Ss 1 D. gf '1,l ,I " . 10" ' M Y I ' , -- 1-aff..--M FW N' With the N ...... s free enterprise given, go aheadn the Washing- '1- ton Water Power stands ready to help you realize your post- ul war plans. mail T 0 d a y the Washington ' :lj Waler Power is delivering I MH ' G' Grand Coulee power to war "":"f Q' industries. wr fl' S. Z Z' Tomorrow the Washing- -, hae.. 6 lon Water Power could de- ' CQ'-, Q liver Grand Coulee power to QE? farms, homes and industry 5 nsnnv mlowm alike- Your Electric Servant: The Washington Water Power Company A Self-Supporting, Tax-Paying Business Enterprise - Q9 - . G I 6 AN s sa ent soi IM BL e Afgenqf Ecunn IES , Dep HR CO. T. Mgr. th your AR-P E As Usual First With the Latest in California Sportswear Royal Men's Shop Kuppenheimer Clothes Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts Fogelquietpe 414 Riverside 1 Opp. Paulsen Bldg. Comer Sprague and Howard Compliments , , , f Mission Dalry Lunch O . Spokane fide Go. F. L. TAYLOR, President "Where Quality Doth Endure and Prices Are Demurev Hamilton near Mission 6 0 '2-2 x e ,.g.g. M, 4.3.3 . Q I 3.3.3. W4 . . . 0.0.-. X V . . l fjawzfwal 1 g X Purchased rom Q Q 0 0 4 Z'!'Z "Zia 0.0.0 ' 2.3 - ...- ego' z.:-. ' 189 ozof Q . , O. i 'S Q 1 o . Q t , . 1 0 . eq, AX U C: 3' :Qi F .-pt!" - V ",:'7ff'm JFK. .. X u- " 4 E! A V 4 , kv ,f L......1..L.1.- ..',i.gN:..L-. . - -. , j , v f F.. O v I . Q . . """'k. 1 f" 4' 42v2o:o,.,e,. 0 . 1 ,-1',v,o,q., 3. Q Q 4 0,o,s,o,o,o.o:f:Q:.g.. . 3.03, ,v,v,o,o,og.go,o:o:.:o' 0,39 up s Q o 0 o 0 vo35'.'.'.','.',v,0,o,o,o.e,e.o.o NELSON I-Wbuf 4-08 Riverside Ave. DISHMAN TRADING Co. Dishman, Wash. Furniture - Hardware - Stores Ranges - China Glass - Rugs Sporting Goods - Clothing Shoes H. L. GEESEY, Manager W. 3212 Jun CALENDAR . ll-Sock 81 Buskin invades Mt. St. Michael's-Brother Connor's entertaining! Jan. 12-Heartbreaker!-l.. C. 42, G.H.S. 27. Jan Jan. Jan Jun Jan. Jan . 'I6-Gonzaga Debaters overcome Marycliff's feminine charm! 'I9-Rogers 28, G.H.S. 27-enough said! . 23-Examinations--oh, dear! . 24-More! 25-More! Groan! . 26-The end. Whew! Basketball-G.H.S. 39, N.C. 32. Jan. 29-New Semester-Clean slate-Not for long!-Just wait! Feb. 2-Basketball-G.H.S. 27, L.C. 33. Feb. 5-"Career Angel" under way. Feb Feb . 6-Debcters plan Tacoma-Seattle trip. Why didn't l turn out? . 7-There are still a few Reader's Digests on sale in the office. Price, 'I5c. Compliments of Auto llnttermuurllnmln Lines BUS TRANSPORTATION Trent and Howard Spokane PRITCHARD Fish Market Wholesale Retail est ishes to the Class of 1945 from Spakaneit pionea and Mmchwnii More than 50 Years Caring for Spokune's fuel needs. DEPEND M wi For Your Automotive requirements. Satisfaction Guaranteed. COAL WO... Appleway Motors FUEL OIL SPOKANE VALLEY CHEVROLET DIAMUND DEALERS ICE Q FUEL C0. . N. 740 Division Broadway 5721 Dlshmqn walnut 1535 1. -lOl- .Bed Cmsbes fo fha Gfass of '945 INLAND - AMERICAN Prz'm'z'ieg Co MPAN Y N. 116 DIVISION STRE SPOKANE, WASHI I A eawblieaq of Seniafa Raam7 We who are soon to ioin them salute our classmates who are already in our Country's service. James Bartel James Connelly Raymond Crowley, G.U. '49 Robert Cummings, U.S.C.G. Robert Escure Matthew Frederick, U.S.N. Joseph Gage, U.S.N. James Gillespie John Henderson, U.S.N. James Kinder, U.S.N. Lewis Knezevich, U.S.N. Frederick Korling Marvin Lavoy, U.S.N. James Marshall William McGough Virgil Messenger, U.S.N. Thomas Morris Thomas Nadeau George Nakashima Joseph Retzel Maurice Robertson Leo Schovaers Beniamin Schuller, G.U. '49 Roy Snider Vernon Stupfel Raymond Wayerski Philip Weivocla, G.U. '49 Ralph Wohrle 01644 Tlfinnead of Zine 1945 .faqalfq eup- X. -103- You can obtain the Products on these pages From 7fze Blue Z Zyfulle fan HOT LUNCHES - - GROCERIES CANDIES We appreclate your patronage Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ryan COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES 10 The Graduating Class of '45 From Q1 Tl H ff it O "lf's in The Public Eye" A Frfeim' of Gonzaga -104- Wishes The Graduates of '45 Congratul t and Reminds all of us that "Mz'Z,5 is Good and Goodfbr You" Arden Farms Co. Makers of SUNFREZE ICE CREAM "Pepsi-Gola C I B Hits the fmamf, SIJUTH Th Bakauf .XD Eafg Pawn Makers of alry """f"'Z.f"w"4 M 'Devil Dog' ..5.. George Buzzos Bob Casey Robert Croteau Tony Curran Mark Derr Dick Duiiclnty Bob Fitzpatrick John Goodrich Jerry Hastings Tom Healy Ray Jurdy Laurence Kennedy Jack Taylor Room I3 Ai Kiefel Jack McCabe Billy Mace Thomas Mahoney Robert Nixon Dave Reardon Ernest Richlie Everett Rooney Tom Savage Art Sontgerath Ken Spilker Craig Stolie Fr. Baltussen, S. J., Moderator -106- Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. 21 CALENDAR 9-G.H.S. 24, Rogers 25. 14-Debate team leaves! 16-N.C. falls 35 to 32. 20-Elocutionists on the mark! -Debaters place 5th among 70 teams represented at Tacoma. 23-At it again-L.C. 30, Gonzaga 38. 24-Peter's Pence 5150.00 to Rome from G.H,S. -Bellarmine bows to Gonzaga's debaters. 2-G.H.S. last round Champs-Rogers 27, Gonzaga 31. 9-Father Duffy's basketball clinic growing popular. 14--Elocution Semi-Finals-Big turnout. 16-"Career Angel" to be presented at Masonic Temple, April 10. 20-Quarter exams approaching-What next! 22-More pictures. 23-Stations of the Cross! 28-Big pre-sale for "Career Angel." Compliments to the Class of '45 A University Pharmacy S -Red? Ga. 5c-10c-15c Store SCHOOL SUPPLIES Open Until 6:30 for Your Convenience HAMILTON NEAR MISSION Compliments of Farmin 81 Rothrock Complete Insurance Service ' Main 1819 0culist's Prescriptions Filled Exclusively TSM E. DAY OPHTHALMIC DISPENSER Broken Lens Duplicaled 317 Paulsen Bldg. Phone R. 1101 I Spokane' Wash' I W. 418 Riverside Spokane Tijl INLAND Compliments lun Mu to The SMD be Graduating Class of 1945 orunifi wAsn. Ctllllplllllellld From of Great Western Fuel Co. Co' E. 222 Desmet B. 2101 120 S. Howard -107- N f I SUM E MIN Gonzaga Hzlgfz School Symmes Furniture Store N. 119 Post St. Phone: Riv. 2275 SPOKANE 8, WASHINGTON "Your Home Should Come First" Compliments of JAMES SMYTH N. 226 Division ...m... rrmrrnnnr-nrruurv cn. Class Of '45 Real Estate, Mortgage, Loans, Insurance, and 5 8 ea. Property Management afeefleq affee N. ii Riverside Ave. M. 6931 301 Mohawk Bldg. J. W. Bright Service CBroWnson Motor Co. Approved D d d PI h Headlights Adjusting O ge an Ymom and 23 Years Repairing gf Best in Service 2623 N. Division St. D h n Walnut 1300 L mi Lakeview 4424 Kaau4e Nursery 8: Greenhouses pokane Iii h Co. WHOLESALE Cut Flowers Plants - Floral Work Shruhbery - Evergreens - Lawn Seeds B. 0937 W. 924 Mallon 3826 Eas? Sprague Spokane, Wash. i i --l09-- Besi fflvlzes To the Graduates From The lllllElllE ill llll llllll The Knights of the Leash is an honor and service society for the pro- motion of interest in all the activities of Gonzaga High School and as- sumes leadership in the realization of the spiritual ideals, intellectual activities and athletic programs of Gonzaga High School. This club is limited to twenty-five members, chosen from among the junior and senior classes by the Leash and the Faculty. The Knights of this year have done their best to live up to their ideals. OFFICERS .lim Presley .......... .,,,,s...,,,,,,,,,, , . ...,,,,,,,, President Mike Scarpelli ...,.... Vice President Bill Burns ,,,s.,,.. ..,,....,,..,,,s S ecretary Tom Butler ,,,,.c, ,..... T reasurer Chuck Tonani ,.,,,, ,,,,..,., S ergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Joe Kilburg Don Ryder John Goodrich Leo Schovaers Harold Sandell Mark Derr Jim Rotchford Mike Cronin Morrie Gruber Denny Kelly Pat Sweeney Ev Rooney Joe Retzel Don Niehaus Art Sontgerath Del Smith Chuck Sorini Joe Lavin Bill McLeod -HO- Mar. 29 Apr. 3 Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. 'Apr. Apr. Apr. CALENDAR Joe Retzel, Dennis Kelly, and Virgil Scarpelli nomi- nated to take the Pepsi-Cola scholarship examina- tions. -Inter-classetrack today! -More track. -Joe Retzel wins Senior Division Gold Medal Elacu- tion, while John Hopkins and Jim De Groot split the Junior honors. School burns down but students are undisturbed. -Two thousand see "Career Angel"-acclaimed Gon- zaga's best! School opens in University Building. -Sock 81 Buskin again invades the Mount. Brother Connors' still entertaining. -Bullpups wallop Indians 7 to 2. -Lewis 81 Clark smothered 14 to 2. -Gonzaga and Rogers at it again-Gonzaga 3, Rogers 'l. -Hiking Club plans hike via bus. Best Wishes of MerkIe's Bakery The Home of Quality W. 528 Indiana Broadway 5131 CENTRAL FISH MARKET "Everything in Seafoodsv in Spokaneis Most MODERN and COMPLETE MARKET God Bleu the Clam' Of '45 Judge RAYMOND F. KELLY W. 609 Main Ave. Phone: Main 2882 l l, ..,, L A .,,. L -Ls Compliments eniorj- of ' l This ls Just to Extend Our Congratulations 0 dl' IZIZ . A STAMP AND N 1827 D, H fm? PRINTING co. ' "mo" B' 2400 s. 172 Post sf. M. 3034 Success to the Grads of 1945 and the New Gonzaga Hi Qaomlhef Ram I5 Ed Schafer Jack Curran Gene Bosch Don Niehaus Frank Yuse Mike Cronin Jack Smith Pat Conroy Dick Hielt Pat Sweeney Patrick Grey Hank Swoboda Alfred Twohy Jay Terhaar Morrie Gruber Ronald Schenk Harry Sandell Dick Mitchell Howard Bennett Bill Hildebrandt Tom McLaughlin Rudy Weinhandl John Royce Pete de Roetth Paul Robe Al Weyand Pat Church Ray Tavernia Joe Lavin Tom Kreutz Chuck Sorini Dick Fife Joe Verhey Hube Randall Al Deviny Pat Morris Ray Ankerson Pat Nyman OFFICERS Pat Sweeney .,,,,... A.,.......,.....,,,s,,s.,.. ,.s,s,...,. , P resident Joe Lavin ....,,s,. .....,. V ice President Jack Smith s.....,... ,,,s.,......... S ecretary Morrie Gruber ...........,,,,..,,..,.,s,., ........,.s......., T reasurer Tom McLaughlin ..,...,...,,s...A.,,,,vs.,..s...., Sergeant-at-Arms Fr. Joseph F. McDonnell, S. J .siss,,,ss.c,,...,...., Moderator -HQ- 1, , . Quality and Service . . . f BROADVIEW DAIRY CO. I Milk, Cream and Ice Cream Compliments OF lkwi eafe W. 4l2 Riverside UNION IRON WORKS SPOKANE Full Stack of: Sheets, Plates, Bars, Shapes, Drill Steel, Yellow Strand Wire Rope, C. R. Shafting and Transmission, Boiler Tubes and Pipe. Mining - Milling 81 Sawmill Machinery Boiler Shop - Foundry - Machine Shop Structural Steel Tank and Plate Work Established 1890 Compliments of George Elmer Brown Attorney N. 5202 Market Street Compliments of Guy? Place If your hair is 'Full of sand, Or at times it's out of hand, Drop it off at Madame Clink's She will promptly iron out the kinks. I When it comes to Eating CIink's Beauty-Art Salon Guv's has it I ' 'llO5 Post Riv. 2322 EL, .L . , . L, . Serving The People of the OkGn0gGn Valley of 1 I h land iles: N C ean a ey l . I Efficiency Comfort R I N E H A R T OKANOGAN VALLEY BUS LINES W. 429 First Ave. Main 6465 L? Congratulatlons to the Senior Class ot 45 hom Room Zayfzi Fr Francis Blaes, S. J., Moderator First Semester Second Semester President Bill Kelly President H Swanson Vice President T Ludwig Vice President P Kurose Secretary Bill Reilly Secretary M McKenna lreasurer Ed Rekofke Treasurer M Kosteka Sergeant-at-Arms-Martin Welk Jim Owens Jim McQuiston Pat Foley Ed Godley Glen Hancock Larry Coleman Ted Chihara Alvin Hartig Mart McGough Frank Lattanzio Paul Kurose .lack Schmidt .lack Quinlan Cy Weber Pat Crowley Jack Manning Bob Clark Roy Dahmen Ray Kenney Ralph Crandell Jim Springer Henry Higgins Renzo Ongarto Chas. Bettinger Bob Patterson Lorin Thelen -ii4-- l l l . l C gratulatwns COMPLIMENTS to the Class of '45 l OF Mcnomll seed cop Inland Mom' l freight N. 1326 Oak COMPLIMENTS Compliments OF 5 of C, p, HIGGINS l Kelly Plant Garden 748 Peyton Bldg. E. 4100 Sprague L. 6531 Congratulations 'And Best Wislles to the Class of '45 Clifton ll Applegate We 62 Glau 6 fzaom I0 Wishes to express their congratulations to the Senior Class of 'I945 First Semester President-Gerry Kelly Vice President-John Gowanlock Secretary-Dick Davey Treasurer-Bob Codd Sergeant-at-Arms-Frank Cronin James Amann Ed Cattrey Dick Call Ed Casey Henry Clinkenbeard Robert Codd Ned Conley Joe Costello Frank Cronin Ed Dahy Dick Davey Wm. Davis Roy Donnelly Paul Duffy Larry Fotchman Armand Gauthier Robt. Gillespy Second Semester President-Bob Codd Vice President-Justin Seipp Secretary-Dick Davey Treasurer-John Gowanlock Sergeant-at-Arms-Dick Call John Gowanlock John Greely Charles Hopkins Jess Huetter Gerald Kelly Glenn Leppell Wm. Littig Chas. Merino Dan Miller Ed McTighe Ernest Pierson Justin Seipp Leonard Sitter Joseph Slead Robt. Sweeney Joseph Thompson Michael Tierney Robt. Zinkgrat fl Apr. 30-Culver Smith places second in Diocesan Oratorical , Contest. E I , I I I May 'I-May Devotions-Tom Foley will represent Gonzaga V and Spokane at the State Oratoricol Meet. May 4-Joe Retzel gives first student chapel Moy talk. Complete lnsurcnce Service Moy 8-Rogers jinx still holds. Zags drop first game this year 9 to 6' 624 Peyton Bldg. May 9-Leash members for coming year elected. Main 2334 May 'l'I-Solemn High ending a successful Vocation Week- Big, highlighted by talks from prominent business men. May T5-Gonzaga at North Central baseball again. May 'I7-Cgonzaga at LC. May ia-cny Track Meei. Sa May 22-Rogers and Gonzaga-Final Game-City Champs. May 24-Senior Exams. Fgr May 25-Senior Exams. May 28-Senior Exams. Seniors finished Cperiodl. Shoes and Repalrlng May 31-Underclossmen Exams. June 1-Underclassmen Exams. 702 Main Ave' Main 5479 June 4-Underclassmen Exams.-Graduation. V I' 3, ,' "win" ruff, l'1ql5lw1,-fit' , 'il', nl , W, 1- I : "- " ff. f ia iw, 3 'V . l'll1l'lll'il,l'lll, 5' ' V, UjlIi1'lllfv,x fi,lU,1ll.lfll"l'4Nf'.elnllll 5'-,js 1. lmlfr ,N A 5W,M ll,lg,E 'gl ll' ,ffl Qlwlllv il: - y45jx Mg'll'm, l NV, lllllllll 1 - t in lll'1:Zili4rR lwlllililli df- Y. ." W! -,al . '-li l 11 i ll' l ig" ' W I lllvlfw. 4.1 llllll, lg lllllll ll wlwfli M ilt. - w,.i +lH+ f I i , , " Wgmllfb - H ' 'S' la in" a lll' lllllllllll!lmllr ,wlu.lllll, "" , mm? H 'M-l In l W,,,1l4., ix 14 l ' N 1 W .mn ll 1 .I I lk mt, lllgglr 'l l , gui. y i f ,iff -gill .Mlld l l ll 'Milli ' M Q ,IQ ll llllll :al ll in 'ill wish l W v lil Ill it ln. , f I . lilllllm in .ill if ,, lllllll r W M MF' llllillllllll lullllllllll Flllillinlrl inllu' lv ,,,1'LW"f If-Tlwllml Milli' lilll, '. K lllulll, l i Ni '-.I,. Iij""f, x L il' gi ll'l'Il1m', I' lhlll ' ljfQllPf1l"lf" livlllll-ld -A , L .,... A fP,,,5,L,,g,,..: ,,zl,gJl,.,,i? ,,1.:.,.g ' .e. ,mal 122,31 .ia 2 J . 9 , .,,,,, ,..,.,. .,,. .... . , ., 1 .... .,., . S l V Q25 .:3:3:25:'i3:32:231Q312:3i3flii Yi:l:I:f5i:f:j:j:f :QE ' "m"'7-l"luifl ' 5333:313:Eif:2i:1g:E 12:35 xaS'3l"-' :3:3:35:33:i?f3:-13:52Siiif''J''3:333:3:3:3:3:35:-213132351 - A " ""' T-EF " . :3!?33:o1w:-:3:3-+:o:- "M" Siii app-o -- l UlUll O Oll l.l.v., ,... .-.woo ooonooootooooeo 1 - 000000 000 N.,-ooo. ' W, .1,::!'g""g3":"':"::::f' ' ' ' " " , ' , W A-MM W V rlli, ' ,Im -'TM imlrlml, ', - ."' 'ml ' 'W' . I nm-Q 1 ,"' nllll'l'l ll'li' l ,'lll'lW"l v,1 ! ll'-----I Ji, W ,4,,.,..,.,..h. i ' N 1 nv H VIN X '-xi---M 'ZA X ix lH.H,i1n, uw, ,ln My .............. ,., W X V - V 'lx P .wi , ,...-....... A 'T ,I ,,,.,'1il'i',ill,ll'l'tl',gi , ii. l .- ,.,. -.-J nl 3,,.Lgllplllqllll.ll'lllqpl f' l,yM 'v' 4 - 54 l . ..... --'lin U ' ,, ,,l,,1'!uwl.. . ,Mil f li, 'I H iw w ,,,',rl, Ulu . wlllf 1Il lp Q ' 'riff .,....,. 4, f r ,. 1 IM .,,... i ,I 1' ,rr S I ., , fl. cl. if ww ll lf I' ' tw lllfc' to fi ti ll 'vs' ' S gy W ., ......... 1 I, ,i 1 ..........,,.... , 1 Y, IN' -- ---- ,N -V V X ig, -b--V- ... -7' 1 x ,Nxt M5 -,4l1lM1 H ' Q, it i,uTl,,,..r 1 ,,Jfl i ul rr, if I .t l .fl-urql I, ...,, .W ....,,. ,."' , : ,:A'Le ..... W w ill-' M in , .fr - L g,f: ', ?i4"4! WA lr, , l Y' 1 Yr' EV 7,7 is , fs- - - it M U91 fi Y Q f I f - e ' lr-'iii ers, -f' if 1 E' "E ' ""!:i ' rgekf-' .- - ifs e g- DAVENPORT fpo RT fi-ion - H7- Congratulations and best wishes to the Senior Class of 45 from the Dale Chasse ,,,,,,,s ..,,,.,,,,,,,President John Hopkins .,..,,,,, ,,,,,,... V ice President Joe Weyer ,o,.e ,.r. - ...o,,..,A.... S ecretary Dick Cunz,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,s..,,,, ,.,.,.....,,,A.,. T reasurer Alfred Mengert, s,,s,,,.......,,,., ,.,,o,,o S ergeant-at-Arms Fr. Peter O'Grady, S. J., ,,,... ,,....,,s..,,, , Moderator Leo Baldwin Bob Bambace Norman Blashill Eugene Brown Tom Burgess Joe Butigan Don Dehmer Jim Dreis Kenneth Enslow Dan Falsetto Bill Gillingham Dick Hartnett Dan Healy Don Klavano Paul Lassell Don Mehaftey Ed Mertens Bob Pendleton Don Prichard Jerry Reilly James Ryan Dominic Sherlock Jim Taylor Bob Wegner -li8- T Wishing the best ot luck to the leaders in the "New Gonzaga Drive" cmd prornising our fullest cooperation until our New School is finished. Rev. F. James Hurley, S. J ......... ...... . Moderator Benny Lenoue ,... , ........ , ....., ,,.., Tom Foley. ........., ,,,,,, Bill McLeod Pat Murray James Dickeson Gene Vogrig Vincent Elbert John Kilburn Don Johnston Bob Mertens Joe Lyonnais Dan Aughney Paul Madden Class of 946 Room 1 President .Vice President Chuck Churchill Robert Welch Gene Dolan Gene Stromberg Dexter Wallis Ed Norris Bob White Richard Allen Carl Zinkgraf Tom Eller Frank Wieman John Lien Joe Lenartz Joe Ringwood ...,, ,,,,,,,, S ecretary Dave Robinson ,,,..MYM,YY,YYYYYY, Treasurer Anflwny Via ....... ........ S ergeant-at-Arms -ll9- Elllllill it ililirlil ' U li ozzzaqa lziversify Y l Will be happy to welcome you to college life Begin College Work Here in Spokane While Waiting for Your Call to the Service DON'T LOSE TIME NOW New Semester Opens July 5 - You can Finish Half a Year Before November Your Entire First Year by February 'I946 Courses Include- Liberal Arts Education 'lik' I EE 2:15 , Law Pre-Medical Pre-Dental Engineering Civil Chemical Electrical Mechanical .... -" slci Y ,lle .S '-t'- V . .Y Q i"'r' :ff ' 252555 5:3 5.3. 55155 155552-' v i'-A :1515f513fi .51 EZ,..,?1. f:5E-ff!??iZ1E1' It 'A "5 7:15:39 -'ffifif - "if 'Sf' " 52525122522252i2i2fi2i.12E 255' ' 355225 5E2Ei1iE2EQEEff 5-S251-fi-125 Q-iii 5222- 2551 55'1',i511f ' ,s,,. " "1-fiji ',s'?i :11g32' ' i1..Ef"f' - .2 .- 25- '5?-f221- 21525522 W' 153' 55552 I i1E'i2? i-..Ie2f 2' 'XQEEE' 3: '1':' 14-,,: 2. , an-M.: ,,.. .t ,. M, ,- ..,.,.. .113 . ,I .,,,.. , , .. s... . . ,dams xsfggyggsggz b f zash Z, f-1-IifEfE"1f271Yf1f.''i illfijlf fff -5E- 'fEiQQ U - :gl 155' ff5,55ff31EI5151I'Evifji' fifff 'V' :fi-5:5-5-j15:5i5:5EgEjiliiil ' 27: -.-,, . j. fj.'E2f,,jfj ,,.. ji-'-:II 55' "" ' "5E5E5E5E5E5E5525IE555E5555:E35:E:E:EZSIE:f75:E:E:E:E'E:E:::E:E:52:5 'f',:' ..,. ifiiiiifgflifif-' - -5-5555: 455552555253 11viiagzgsiziisii1i11v2i2222izas52af2 f 5 at 22-1i:5s5eisi2i:iQ222:2f'1:.'f21f22'22f f21ff112r25 s2s5s s f f,e 1 2 2 2 - m f g a Q s s 5 5 s 2s2 1 2eff2eee2 5 ef f e Q 2 asgzazgfgsgasfgaesfz5z''EEEfiiiEEEMMYWQ352igQ525f2:ii:2:fe:.es21::,11:a:: -'-- V,-.W -f.:,:.q1qWf.14gm215,:Z:,151Qi,:1.1.:4.isZi,zz1,ggi15:sz.I'11:.w:1:::'w.:.f.1.:.:V:fa2rm:Q5:eas:f1zze:2:s:s:sQas:e:z:s:5:s:g1: 1-11:-1+1-:V-ez:i.:..,...-,..,,:.a:::::s:21113:3V11:13:::s:as:s2:a:s:m:5-3:5-asf, fab..MMM-,4-:ze-i-...w..,.-.-0.4.-.-.-z-1-11-.-.wsmaanmuugewgwcsnsmm-we1.1-1.1-1-1-12.-.-.-.-,.,.-.,.-.........f.4,.+x.:.x-5si51.:4.1.x.,ss.s::s:assess:rlssiazsisz-xtzzrgar:I:r:11s:1:21::-:+:+:-:-:-4+1-:-:4-1-14-z-z.:-1-1-:-.-.Q-.-Q-.-:-:-:-:A.v.-.-.-.Y..Y.,.,,,..-.-.f.:.,., Gonzaga's Proposed New Engineering Building -120-

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