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Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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X, lf 3 S SQL L Q, x , y 5 A T . . v 1.396 Q ' 1 3 'W-.,-LS1kz', 2 f R f Qs, ,YW Q fy, fi? Q -Nu, , 4 X 5 V 1 f 'V - A gwmS4f,f'2w- ff s' ' ,fx ,, 1 1" -iw f fa, iii-,XV kr '- ,x .nl-H 1 Y .L+ :N ww I 5. Wifi? L -'L ,-I ....x 'am w ,aw fr? -fi V .1 Q Vg, r, - FUL nf. -X 453 mkxnwx' ' -N K M: X ggai S52 w F , A Q! 'lf W ' Q , QUT A-.4 gpm H Q f W1 . N Q wg. C 3 Silk f'X A swag 'll J, A i 'Q -' X .SAN 1 my ' n X ig " Sui ku Xa X X" S ii' E Ni':"if' K 21 'A A '-Q'4N : .4""22i9 f me AQ THE LUIGIAN JERRY O'BRlEN, Editor Circulation TOM ROYCE, Assistant Editor Jock Codd Mike Sccrpem LES SCOTT' Advertising Manager Curran Higgins Darroll Waller JEAN ALBI, Business Manager Published by the Associated Students of Gonzaga High School SPQKANE, wAsHiNoToN R Q L as M222-1-:lirics ' is l 4 The LUIGIAN has become a tradition and a treasury of memories for students of Gonzaga, who, year after year, have overcome tremendous difficulties to assure its pub- lication. The Senior Class is grateful to the Gonzaga men who have made so many sacrifices and labored so un- tiringly in order to make the publication ofa i943 LUIGIAN possible. To these men we express our grateful and heart- felt thanks. The past year has been one of tremendous moment to the youth of America. High school graduates are no longer able to continue their educations in institutions which teach a peaceful way of life. instead they are trained to fight in order to preserve this great country's freedom. This perhaps will be the last Luigian published during the war. Let us hope and pray that by the time the next LUIGIAN should be in print that the war will be over and victory ours. fnlfl ' ROBERT DENTON HOWARD LIEUT. CURTIS SHARP, S. J. BOB STAPLETON, U.S.N. ROBERT DENTON HOWARD ROBERT GEORGE STAPLETON, Born in Spokane, Washington, March 11, U' S' N' 1925. Entered Gonzaga High School Aug. Bom in SP9kU"'ef WC'5l"ln9f0nf J'-'lY 91 l924- 28 1939 Died at Coeur d'AIene Idaho Enlered Gonzaga High School Sept' 3' 1938. Transferred January 4, 1940. Killed MSW 22' l943' in action in the service of his country Nov. R. I. P. 30' 1942 R. l. P. LIEUT. CURTIS SHARP, S. J. FREDERICK MARTIN HERMENS Born in Anaconda, Mont., Dec. 25, 1893. Born in McMinnville, Oregon, Sept. 19, 1924. Principal at Gonzaga High School, 1930- Entered Gonzaga High School Aug. 20, 1938. Became Chaplain Sept., 1942. Died 1942. Graduated Dec. 23, 1942. Died at in the service of his country Jan. 20, 1943. Portland, Oregon, March 14, 1943. R. l. P. R. l. P. t ROBERT KROETCH Born in Spokane, Washington, March 31, 1928. Entered Gonzaga High School Aug. 29, 1942. Died Sept. 17, 1942. R.I.P. -3- DEDICATION Men of Gonzaga are in every branch of the service. ln every theater of this war they are fighting with the spirit of Gonzaga: the spirit of Christ. These men are our heroes and our pride. They are a part of us and of the tradition of Gonzaga. This LUIGIAN is proudly dedicated to Gon- zaga's men of the armed forces: to her alumni, to C her students, to her priests, and to her gallant sons who have died in WALLACE PROSSER, '42 the Service of DAN MANGAN, '42 Seaman 2nd Class U.S, Coast Guard , AVlallo"' Code' U- 5- Af""Y All' Force their coun- i try. i i SILVIO MAURO, '41 DEAN SCOTT, '43 Corporal U. S. Army Seaman 2nd Class U. S. Navy FATHER JAMES T. McGUlGAN, S. J. Chaplain U. S. Army -4- '7!:e Glafu aj'43f3 fbeclicaie4l!u4BaaAz'o 4ofunm.S adwaaenowinilne Anderson, Bob, '41, Navy Ankerson, Ed, '40, Army Antonich, Ken, '42, Army App, Harry, '42, Army Arvis, Chris, '41, Army Bambino, Glen, '40, Coast Guard Barnett, Bob, '40, Army Becker, Harold, '42, Marine C. Benish, Roy, '43, Navy Bertch, Jack, '42, Navy Bieulieu, Dan, '41, Army Bieulielx, Ralph, '41, Mer. Blefgen, Louis, '42, Army Brooks, Harold, '42, Army Bruya, Ed, '42, Army Buckley, Jerry, '42, Navy Budig, Al, '40, Coast Guard Camblin, Tom, '44, Marine Corps Campbell, John, '42, Marine C. Campbell, Tom, '41, Army Capello, Bob, '42, Army Carroll, Bob, '42, Army Charbonneau, Al, '40, Navy Como, Ernie, '43, Navy Clarno, Don, '42, Army Corbett, Walt, '42, Coast Guard Cornell, Dick, '41, Coast Guard Courley, Howard, '42, Navy Cozza, Gus, '40, Army Cummings, Mel, '41, Army Curran, Bob, '41, Army Cuzzetto, Romeo, '42, Navy Davey, Jim, '42, Army Derr, Herb, '40, Army Dever, Jack, '44, Navy Deviny, Jim, '40, Army Devlin, Andy, '42, Army Doyle, Jerry, '42, Army Ebel, Marcus, '43, Navy Egan, John, '41, Navy Flynn, Jim, '40, Army Flynn, Joe, '44, Navy Frietag, Jack, '42, Army Gephart, Fred, '41, Army Gerstenberger, Bob, '40, Navy Giampetri, John, '41, Cst. Guard Giesa, Bud, '41, Merchant Marine Gilleland, Earl, '42, Army Golden, Jerry, '40, Army Grant, Bill, '40, Navy Mar. ir Gray, Bill, '40, Army Green, John, '40, Army Gross, Orien, '41, Army Hale, Dan, '45, Coast Guard Hawley, Bill, '44, Coast Guard Hartnett, Jack, '42, Navy Healan, Jack, '41, Navy Hienan, Richard, '45, Army Higgins, Jack, '42, Navy Houdak, Louis, '42, Coast Guard Howard, Tom, '42, Army Hubbard, Bill, '44, Navy Jacobs, Max, '42, Army Johns, Harold, '40, Army Jones, Ed, '42, Navy Judro, Thomas, '43, Army Juliano, Bob, '43, Army Kapher, Bill, '42, Army Kensok, Bruno, '43, Army Kensok, Ray, '43, Navy Kraft, Larry, '43, Navy Lappano, Sam, '41, Army Lee, Nigel, '41, Army Lemieux, Al, '42, Army Levitt, Bob, '43, Marine Corps Mangan, Dan, '42, Army Martin, Jim, '41, Army Mauro, Silvio, '41, Army Marcotte, Jerry, '40, Marine C. McDowell, Jim, '43, Army McGarrity, Carr, '41, Army McGarrity, Troy, '40, Navy McGuigan, Pat, '42, Army McKinney, Tim, '40, Navy McNevin, Bill, '42, Navy McWilliams, Tom, '42, Army Meeks, Tom, '41, Army Miles, Bob, '42, Navy Merriman, Jack, '40, Army Mertins, Pat, '41, Army Milla, Etter, '42, Army Miotke, Len, '41, Navy Moon, Jack, '44, Army Moore, Dick, '40, Army Mounsey, Jim, '41, Navy Mulvey, Francis, '43, Navy Mulvey, Robert, '42, Navy Murphy, Dan, '42, Army Murphy, Joe '44, Marine Corps Newby, Frank, '40, Army O'Brien, Pat, '41, Army O'Connor, Robert, '44, Navy O'Hare, Larry, '44, Army Olney, Bud, '42, Army O'Neil, Gene, '40, Army O'Shea, Ed, '42, Army Ouimet, Ray, '43, Navy Overiorde, Bob, '43, Mer. Marine Patterson, Larry '40, Navy Pino, Al, '44, Navy Porter, Bill, '41, Marine Corps Prosser, Wally, '42, Coast Guard Rassilyer, Jim, '43, Navy Reiger, Norman, '40, Mer. Marine Ressa, John, '41, Army Ressa, Nick, '40, Navy Riechman, Jim, '40, Navy Ringwood, Eddie, '40, Navy Riske, Jim, '43, Marine Corps Schlosser, Jack, '44, Army Schoen, Wallace, '41, Army Schoen, Willard, '41, Army Scott, Dean, '43, Navy Scott, John, '40, Marine Corps Schmidt, Zeno, '43, Army Sharp, Bob, '40, Navy Sheriden, Ardell, '42, Army Sorby, Bob, '41, Army Springer, Joe, '41, Army Stapleton, Bob, '42, Navy Stolz, John, '42, Navy Stone, Bill, '41, Navy Strifel, Joe, '41, Army Sutich, Bob, '42, Army Swartz, Bernard, '41, Navy Sweeney, Jerry, '42, Army Tally, Bud, '41, Navy Tavernia, Bob, '40, Navy Terhaar, Don, '41, Marine Theriault, Dick, '43, Navy Theriault, Fred, '41, Navy Thornton, Paul, '41, Army Velling, Art, '40, Navy Wallen, Rod, '43, Coast Guard Weiser, Bill, '42, Marine Corps Welch, Bob, '43, Marine Corps Whitford, Ed, '40, Army Winkler, Jack, '43, Navy Yarno, Dick, '44, Army Corps -5-- ADMINISTRATION REV. C. V. MULLEN, S. J. Principal Gonzaga High School V. REV. FRANCIS ALTMAN, S. J. Nl I . S V. I REV. CHARLES MECKES, S. J. Assistant Principal Gonzaga High School President Gonzaga University -,QA REV. FRANCIS BLAES, S. J. REV. ARTHUR FLAJOLE, S. J. Assistant Principal Gonzaga High School Student Councillor Gonzaga High School -6- Rev. Patrick Joye, S. J. Rev. Erwin Toner, S. J. Rev. Karl Kertz, S. J. Rev. George Simoneau, S. J. Rev. Henry Jahn, S. J. Mr. George Zelenak, S. J. ,Mew-wafwm W Mr. William Gill, S. J. Mr. Ralph Sudmeier, S. J Mr. Patrick Devlin, S. J. 7 Mr. Richard O'Brien, S. J Mr. John Riordan, S. J. Mr. Arthur Cole, S. J. Mr. Don Ryan K Mr. Alex McDonald, S. J. Mr. Frank Callan, S. J. Mr. Don Miller ag- Mr. Edward Doherty, S. J. Mr. .Iohn Harringion, S. J Mr. Bill Frazier 'Sun R ,V T-iw ,g 'Y -, 3 xx if .Q U: 5? i f STUDENT BODY OFFICERS 59,1 I FIRST SEMESTER: Mike Scarpelli, Freshman Consultor, Dick Triesch, Vice Presideni, Joe Sweeney, Presideni, Neil Meyers, Secreiary, Bill O'NeiI, Treasurer. SECOND SEMESTER: Pat Shelledy, Treasurer, Neil Meyers, Secrefary, Gene DiI.uzio, President, Darroll Waller Vice President, Mike Scarpelli, Freshman Consultor. SENIOR OFFICERS: Joe Bell, Treasurer, Jack Casey, Vice President, Joe Sweeney, President, Jerry Escure Secreiary, Fred Timmerman, Sergeant-at-Arms. SENIORS, '43 DALE ANDERSON-Andy-"You're Kiddin' "-General. PHILIP ANDERSON-Swede-"What the heck here?"- General-Class Officer 4, Honor Roll I, 4, Luigian 4, Gonzagan I, Debate I, 2, Penmen 2, 4, Oratory 2. EDWARD ATKINSON-At-"Greetings Greek, how ya all?"-General. THOMAS BARRETT-Thos.-"Where's Kelly?"-General- Class Officer I, Sodality I, Basketball 2. JOSEPH BELL-Lefty-"I'm going Wolfing"-Scientific- Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Luigian 4, Sodality I, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Minor Football I, 2, Minor Basketball I. ROY BENISH-Curly-"Do it again"-Scientific-Class Of- ficer 3, Band I, 2, 3, Football 4, Track 4, Minor Football 3, Rogers High School. ROBERT BLAISDELI.-Blaze-"PooCh Po0Ch"-SCientific- Gonzagan I, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Sodality 4, Elocution I, 2, Debate I, 2, Oratory I, 2, Dramatics I, 2, 3. JOHN BRUCICK-Aloysius-"Hello Sweetheart"-General -Honor Roll 4 "G" Club 4, Football 3, 4, Track 4, Box- ing 4, Minor Football I, 2. VERN BUDIG-Dutie-"Keep 'em Flying"-General-Class Officer 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, "G" Club 4, Gamma Beta 2, Basketball 3, 4, Track 2, Minor Football 2, Minor Basket- ball 2. THOMAS BURGESS-Buck-"Are you kidding"-General -Gamma Beta 4, Chinook High School. JOHN CASEY-Casey-"Gentlemen"-General-Class Of- ficer I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, Band I, Gamma Beta I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2. JOHN CODD-Cobra--"What's going on"-General- Class Officer 2, 4, Honor Roll 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Luigian 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4, Gamma Beta 2, Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Boxing 3, 4, Golf I, 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I. -11- .lSENIORS, '43 ERNEST COMO-Ernie-"What's cooking"-General. FRANCIS DILLON-Butch-"You're lookin' qood"-5cien- tific-Track 4. GENE DILUZIO-Jamie Boy-"What's coming off?"-Sci- entific-Student Body Officer 4, Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, Luigian 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, Football 3, 4, Boxing 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Minor Football I, 2, Minor Base- ball I. FRANCIS DUMAS-Frank-"Sad, sad, psalm"-Classical -Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, President 4, Band I, 2, Minor Football Manager 3. HOWARD ENGELHARD-Inky-"Hozit Blaster Blaisdell"- General-Class Officer I, 2, Sodality I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, JEROME ESCURE-Pancho-"Hi Boy" - Scientific - Class Officer I, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Honor Roll I, 2, Elocution I. VICTOR FELICE-Dick-"Take One"-General-Class Of- ficer I, Honor Roll I, 2, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Leash 4, Box- ing 4, Minor Football I, 2, Minor Basketball I, Minor Baseball I. JOHN FIFE-Dummy-"Nico Fechens"-General-Class Of- ficer I, 2, 3 Sodality I, 2, 4, Leash 3, 4, Band I, Foot- ball 2, 3, Minor Football I, Minor Baseball I. DAVID FRIETAG-Dave-"ls that a fact"-Honor Classical -Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, Prefect 4, Class Officer I, 2, Leash 4, Football 3, Minor Baseball I, Minor Basketball I. GERALD GORDON-Jerry-"Well, now-" Honor Classical -Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Debate 2. EDWARD HINCH-Legs-"See you at Turnball Hall"- Scientific-Honor Roll I, Sodality I, 2, 3, Minor Foot- ball 3. ROBERT HOWARD-Big Bob-"Now l wouldn't say that" -Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer I, Leash 3, 4, Officer 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I. -42- SENIORS, 'Mil- DANIEL JOHNSON-Johnny-"Honest, I'm broke"-Gen- eral-Class Officer 2, Band l, 2, 3, Boxing 4. JOHN JULIAN-Oh Johnny-"All right, have it your way" -Honor Classical-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I. ALEXANDER KELLY-Sash-"Sorry, come back next year" -Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, Class Officer I, 2, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Minor Base- ball l. RAYMOND KELLY-Judge-"ls that a fact"-Classical- Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, Debate I, 2, Elocution I, Oratory I, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4. JIM LAVIN-Jerk Lavine-Honor Classical-Gonzagon 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Sodality I, 2, 3, 4, Luigian 3, 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, Debate I, 2, Oratory I, 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Minor Football 2, 3, Minor Basketball I, 2, 3. RAYMOND LAWRENCE-Skinny-"They laughed when I sat on the fly paper-they didn't know I had a hole in my pants"-General-Band I, Track 2, 4, Boxing 4, Minor Football 2. NEIL LOOMIS-Fearless-"Hi, Round Mouth"-General- Sodality I, 2, 3, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, "G" Club I, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I, 2, Minor Basketball I, 2. JOHN MAGEE-Fibber-"Well that's life"-Scientific- Honor Roll I, Class Officer I, 2, Sodality 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3. DONALD MARTIN-Don-"Shoot"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Boxing 2, 4. DONALD MAYER-Bones-"Tough apples"- Scientific- Gamma Beta 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Central High, Portland. PAT McCOLLUM-Mike-"See you at Carroll's"-General -Sodality I, 2, 3, Dramatics I, 2, Class Officer I, 2, 3, Minor Football I, Minor Baseball I. NEIL MEYERS-Monk-"Meet me at Tuffy's"-General- Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4. President 4, Luigian 3, 4, Student Body Officer 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I. .-TSENIORS, '43 JOHN McGRATH-Rusty-"See you at Ida's-General- Class Officer 3, "G" Club 4, Football 3, 4, Baseball 4, Gamma Beta 3, 4, Minor Football 3, Ballard High School. TERRY McGUIRE-Rip-"Jumping Jama Frog"-Luigian Honor Roll 2, Havermale Jr. High. WILLIAM MORAN-Bill-"Ohl I dunno"-General-Spirit Lake High School. 4: GERALD O'BRIEN-Jerry-"Howsit, boy, and don't far- get that the SACS play tonight at 6,3O, so be sure a nd be there"-General-Honor Roll 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Luigian 3, 4, Editor 4, Gonzagan 3, 4, Sports Editor 4, Oratory 4, Sodality 3, 4, Vice President 4, Leash 4, Basketball 3, 4, "G" Club 4, Penman 3, 4, Officer 4, Creative Writing 3, 4, St. John Berchman's Society 4, Quill and Scroll 3, Radio Program 3, 4, Announcer 4, Campion Jesuit High School, Prairie duChien, Wisconsin. TOM O'BRIEN-"You wouldn't kid me, would you?"- General-Honor Roll 2, Class Officer 2, 4, Band 2, 3, "G" Club 4, Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Minor Football 2, Grant High School, Port- land. WILLIAM O'NEIL-Olney-"Got a slip, Mister?"-Scien- tific-Student Body Officer 4, Class Officer 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Gamma Beta 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Basket- ball 3, 4, Baseball 4, Track 3, 4, Minor Basketball I, Snoqualmie High School. DAVE PETTY-Chief-"Hey, Conniff"-General--Lewis and Clark High. THOMAS POOLE-Red-"To be or not to be"-Scientific -Honor Roll 4, Missoula County High. FRANCIS POTESKY-Pottsky-"lsn't that a Lu Lu"-Scienti- fic-Sodality I, Minor Baseball I. FRANCISCO RESSA-Ress-"Oh, wouIdn't you like to know"-General-Class Officer 2, 3, "G" Club 4, Yell King 4, Minor Football 3, Havermale Jr. High. WILLIAM ROBBINS-Sweet William-"You darn well I know it"-General-Sodality I, 4, Class Officer 3. GENO ROTONDO-Gene - "Dag nab it" - General-Minor Football I. SENIORS, '43.l. MARIO SACCOMANO-Chubby-"Hi ya, beautiful"-SCL entific-Baseball 2, 3, 4, "G" Club 4, Minor Football l, Baseball l. JACK SCHER-Off-"What's cookin"'-General. ZENO SCHMIDT-Red-"Huh?"-General- Sodality 4, Billings High School. RAYMOND SCHROEDER-The Hunter-"How ya doin' "- Scientific-Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, Band l, Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Minor Football 1, 2, Minor Baseball l. LESTER SCOTT - Frogy - "See ya around" - General - Honor Roll 2, Dramatics 4, Gonzagan 3, 4, Ad Manager 4, Luigian, Ad Manager 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Boxing 2, 3, 4, Minor Football 3. PAT SHELLEDY-Thumper-"Sad Psalm"-Scientific-Honor Roll l, 2, Student Body Officer 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Sodality 'l, 2, 3, 4, Leash 3, 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4, Luigian 2, 3, 4, Gonzagan 2, 3, Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4, Boxing 4, Golf 3, 4, Minor Baseball l, Yell King 2, 3, HARRY SMEAD-Herky - "ls that a fact" - Scientific -- Honor Roll Penman l, l, 2, 3, 4, Sodality l, 2, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, 2, Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Minor Football 3. CARL STOLLE-The General-"Talk about a Gunsul"- Scientific-Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer I, Sodal- ity 'l, 2, Gamma Beta l, Gonzagan 'l, Track 'l, Golf l, 3, 4, Minor Football l. PETER SWANTEK - Pete - "Take it easy" - General - Gamma Beta 3, 4, Orofina High School. RAYMOND Honor Roll JOE SWEENEY-Spud-"Hey, Hey, Tomato"-General- Honor Roll l, 2, Student Body Officer 2, 3, 4, Class Of- ficer l, 2, 3, 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Dramatics 'l, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Minor Baseball I, Minor Basketball l. TAKISAKI-Taki-"Oh, come on"-Scientific- 3, 4, O'Dea High School. MARVIN TERHAAR-Marv-"Whose bright remark was that?"-General-Band l, 2, 3, Football 3, Minor Foot- ball l, 2, Honor Roll I, 2. MOST POPULAR BEST ATHLETE BEST DRESSED BEST ACTOR BEST DEBATER BEST MUSICIAN MOST STUDIOUS BEST DANCER MOST OPTIMISTIC MOST PESSIMISTIC MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST STUDENT ..T...SENIORS, '43 EDWARD TESKEY-Big EclY"Who said so?"-Scientific- Gamma Beta 3, Havre High School. FRED TIMMERMAN-Little Fellow-"Goodbye ham"-Sci- entific-Honor Roll I, 2, Sodality I, 2, Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I. DICK TREISCH-Dink-"l'll give ya a ring"-General- Student Body Officer 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Sodolity I, 2, Elocution I, Debate I, Dramatics I, 2. STEVE TWOHY-Spit-"Huh"-Scientific-Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Class Officer 4, Sodality 2, Gonzagon I, 2, 3, 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, Elocution 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I, Minor Basketball I, Minor Baseball I. DARROLL WALLER-Ma-"Tiss Me"-Scientific-Honor Roll 2, 3, Student Body Officer 4, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, Leash 3, 4, Officer 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 4. Officer 4, Gonzagan 3, 4, Luiqian 4, Football 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Minor Football I, 2, Minor Basketball I, Minor Baseball I. PATRICK WALSH-Patty-"l'll bet ya"-General-Student Body Officer 3, Class Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, 3, Honor Roll I, 2, Leash 3, 4, President 4, "G" Club 3, 4, President 4, Elocution I, 2, Debate I, 2, Dromatics I, 2, 3, Oratory I, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Boxing 2, 3, 4, Minor Football I, Minor Baseball I, Minor Basketball I, Gonzagan I, 2, 3, Luiaian I, 2, 3, Track 4. BILL YEDINAK-Willie-"You're not kiddin' "-Scientificw Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Sodality 3, 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Colfax High School. CLEMENT YUSE-Clem-"Let's not kid one another"- Honor Classical-Honor Roll I, Officer 3, Minor Baseball I. SENIOR LINE OF GREATS Joe Sweeney . Pat Walsh Howard Engelhard Pat Shelledy Frank Dumas Terry McGuire Clem Yuse G. . ..Vic Felice Phil Anderson Don Mayer , Carle Stolle .Clem Yuse BEST STUDENT ATHLETE .. BEST SPEAKER ............. .. BEST LOOKING ..,.. MOST DYNAMIC . BEAU BRUMMEL .. MOST ORIGINAL MOST HUMOROUS BEST POET BEST WRITER . . MOST REPRESENTATIVE MOST DEPENDABLE . 2, 3, 4, Debate I, Class Jack Codd . , Dick Triesch .. Gene DiLuzio . Les Scott .. . Joe Bell Jerry O'Brien . Dick Triesch Fred Timmerman Jerry O'Brien Joe Sweeney Les Scott CLASS PROPHE-CY Having made up my mind to "drop" the next guy who poked me in the ribs with an elbow, the bus rumbled to a stop and I fought my way to the door. Making a mad dash through the rain I arrived home only a few puddles away. Relaxing in my favorite chair, I grabbed the evening edition of the "Spokane Daily Chron- icle" and glanced at the headlines: "Joe Swee- ney appointed District Attorney of New York." lSweeney, being a favorite among the Brook- Iynites, is commonly known as STUDJ. In smaller headlines I decipher that Carl Stolle and Frank Potesky graduate from West Point. lFinally, after ten years of having avoided the draft. It was rumored that they bought their way out.i A small article proclaims that the "Hotel Del BelI" was lost in flame. Manager Phil Anderson claims that he was out at the time of the blaze. Yes, it could be Phil. Fire Inspector Tom O'Brien says that owner Joe Bell was last seen carrying a box marked "D Y N A M I T E" into the furnace room. lHe claimed that he was trying to hide it from customers' careless cigarette butts.I A small notation announces the audition of Terry Mc- Guire's dance band in Hollywood la suburb of Spokane, of course.I A small insert at the bot- tom of the page informs one that Jack Casey has been elected mayor of Quincy over his strongest rival Jerry Escure by ten votes. lThis is a big margin considering that the popula- tion numbers only 69 people, three dogs, two cows and a man who acts as both sheriff and town mortician.I John Leanaldo Brucick's pic- ture adorns a full column on page one. It seems that Leanaldo is making his debut in Maria Saccamano's great opera "FuII A Dell Bull." Alsoin the production is Barrel-Tone Geno Rotundo. Other news items on the front page disclose that Ed Hinch has iust been elected President of the Snappy Shoe String Sales Supply, that Judges Yuse and Kelly get arrested by order of Mayor Patrick "Little Caesar" Shelledy, for driving over I5 miles an hour during a black- out. The Sport page next draws our interest and the headlines disclose that Dick "Dead Eye" Triesch finally defeated World's Champion Billiard King Neil Loomis in Triesch's recently opened Live Pool Parlor. I also noticed that Francis Dumas is still leading the Quiz Kids. I see also that Dan Johnson is the farmers' choice for Representative of this district in the National 4-H Club Convention. On page 4, I see Gonzaga University has just added Profes- sor Ray Takisaki to the faculty list as a Spanish Instructor. Colonel Bob Howard, of the United States Marine Corps, has been decorated for rescuing General McGrath's pet mouse from Codd's Convalescent Cat Farm. As I turn to the society page, big bold headlines inform me of the recent tea held at the Crecent. The tea was donated by Oliver Bassett, owner of Bassett's Better Beauty Parlors from Coast to Coast. At the tea, entertainment was provided by Bill Scharn who presented his latest Concerto in 4-CQ Maior. Flying Officer Lieutenant Howard Englehard, who has lust returned from Africa, was also there with Colonel and Mrs. Jack Clemmens. In smaller print toward the bottom of the page I notice where Alexander "Ivan" Kelly has iust sponsored a raffle for Russian Naval Relief. The prize was "Ivan." Vern "Numerous Aliases" Budig has just had a successful opening of his night spot the "Greenland Club," a popular place in Spo- kane. Budig has imported Ed Teskey from Montana as head waiter at the club. The open- ing of this club is going to provide stiff com- petition for Marvin Terhaar's "White Goose" Cafe. After a brief search I rediscover the sport page that slipped under the chair. Sports Edi- -17- CLASS PROPHECY, Cont'd tor Jerry O'Brien in his Daily Column "Oh Nuts," says that the coming battle between Wrestling Champion Fred "The Terrible" Tim- merman and Neil "Thumper" Meyers will be the battle of the century. It will be held at Frank Dillon's Sport Palace on East Trent. Also Darroll Waller has just signed another 50-year contract as tiddle-winks coach at Central Val- ley's school for the mentally deficient. It is rumored that he will fit in well at this loca- tion. At the bottom of the Sports page I read that "Tiger" Les Scott lost the first decision of his ring career to his mother-in-law. She lashed out with a sharp tongue and cooled him. Turning the page we come to the "Believe lt or Not" column written by Peter B. Swantek. Bob Blaisdell is featured today. It seems that Bob hasn't taken a drop of water in ten years. He is President of Blaisdell's Better Bourbon Association. Montana reports that "Buck" Bur- gess has finally ridden Pat O'Neill's fiery stal- lion "MiIqtoast." Bill O'Neil makes the back page as a wirephoto shows him lugging his skiis up his driveway after leaping 413 feet at the recent Y.M.C.A. Olympics. Turning the page inward I see Wall Street's Baron Ted Makins reports that all stocks are going up and advises all to buy before banker Harris "J, P." Smead cleans up. Jack Sher and Frank Ressa have conquered the shoe market with their shoe "Bootlegging Depots." ln the want ads, Dale Anderson's Better Used Car Business is advertising a V-8 Ford, good condition, excel- lent motor, good radio, no tires. No sale. In the personal column, Vic Felice signs a personal that pleads for the return of his wife. Vic has promised to give up his perpetual motion dancing if the "beloved one" will return and get her mother. Pat Walsh also inserted an ad under that heading. "Monsieur" Wash prom- ises to get you a steady with his "get-hitched- quick" letter writing service. As assistant to Walsh, Tom Barrett dots all the "i's" and crosses all the "t's" that Pat McCollum, vice assistant, misses. The radio column lists several fine offerings for the day. I've heard that "John's Other Wife" has decided to call it a day and has ioined the WAAC's. "John" will carry on alone with the helpful assistance of Bill Carty who has some swell sound effects. Following John and friends, is a radio address by Don Mayer on the coming county elections. Don is campaign- ing for Ray Schroeder, who promises to get the county to erect a memorial statue to Dave Frietag and John Julian, Spokane's heroes, who were killed while performing for Gerald Gordon's greater shows. It seems that Dave and John used to dive 500 feet through the air into a damp rag. The disaster occurred when iealous "Blacky" Gene DiLuzio rung out the rag. DiLuzio became enraged when Gor- don's Greater Shows fired his act. DiLuzio's genuine, trained, Crescent wolves were to run through their act about the time Frietag and Julian made their fatal plunge. Speaker Mayer says he actually knew Julian as he went to the same school with him, but few believe it. Personally, l don't. I lay down my paper for a moment as the door bell rings. Well, what do you know, it's Bill Yedinak. He quit that hide-shaking iob at Armour's, you know. BilI's got on one of those suits. Those jobs that Max Jim Lavene used to sell at his shop before it was closed. It seems that Max had the fire sale before he had the fire, so the cops took Max's sign that read "Everything Goes" to heart and Max went, too. It isn't the same Bill I used to know. This guy looks tough and I realize he isn't unemployed. He flashes his badge and then he and his henchmen, Bill Atkinson and Ed Hinch, carry out my radio. They rap all the lamps in the Chronicle and lug them out too. I get up and look out front. There is a big truck from the "Foxy Finance" Company, and Yedinak is General Manager. "O.K., dear, I know its humiliating. l'll get a job tomorrow." I should have stayed on that bus. Oh, gee, why did I ever quit school and get married? JUNIORS, 1943 FRONT ROW-Left to right: Harold Raef, Vice President Room 155 Curran Higgins, President Room 55 Bob Rotchford, President Room 155 Pete Mungovan, President Room 145 Joe Costello, Vice President Room 5. SECOND ROW-Left to right: Roscoe Ghering, Sergeant-at-Arms Room 55 John Via, Secretary Room 155 Phil Lenoue, Treasurer Room 145 George Watson, Treasurer Room 155 Jean Albi, Secretary Room 55 Jim O'Leary, Secretary Room 14. BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Bob Smith, George Watson, Vernon Riske, Rodney Rickel, John Via, Harold Raef, Pete Quass, DuWayne Watts. SECOND ROW: Tom Royce, Jack Brophy, Joe Showalter, Bob Rotchford, Bob Giesa, Gene Velling, Roy Vetto, George Vukick. THIRD ROW: Bob Wilkinson, Frank Tolar, Herb Warren, Ray Vomaske, Pat Weller, Les Sauvage, Bill Walters, Bob Rekofke. FOURTH ROW: Bill Weyer, Frank Rathgeber, Bob Storms, Don Egerman, Mr. John Harrington, S. J. -19- JUNIORS BOTTOM ROW-Left Yo right: Joe Kensok, Jim Pope, Junior Johnson, Pete Mungovan, Jim O'Leory, Phil Lenoue, Dannie Lorch, Pat King. SECOND ROW: Rodney Nelson, Ted Merlens, Jay Johnson, Dick Mangan, Bob Hamilfon, Jerry O'Brien, Jack Kerchival, Pat Hurley. THIIRD ROW: Jack Lawlor, Tom Keenan, Carrol McGoldrick, Ed Murphy, Dick Merriman, Ray Orchard, Jim Lynch. FOURTH ROW: Dick Mengeri, Mr. Alex McDonald, S. J. 4..v ,M BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Bill Cummins, Phil Doyle, Charles DuBois, Bob Dolle, Ed Baerllein, Leo Burns, Jimmie Argiies. SECOND ROW: Bill Deviny, Roscoe Ghering, Curran Higgins, Frank Canflon, Ed Emry, Dave Bedford, Dixon Dysarf. THIRD ROW: Leo Driscoll, Jim Gruber, Frank Hoffman, Tom Gannon, Jean Albi, Guy Hastings, Mnfthias Dollfe. FOURTH ROW: Pot Cummings, Joe Costello, Leonard Cooley, Dick Conniff, Mr. George Zelenak, S. J. -QQ- SOPHOMORES, 1943 FRONT ROW-Left to right: Bob Ryan, Vice President Room 2, Jack Stockton, President Room 3, Mike Scarpelli, President Room 8, Ralph Lucas, President Room 2, Bill McGee, Vice President Room 8. SECOND ROW: Fred Stafford, Secretary Room 2, George Nakashima, Secretary Room 3, Bob Gandini, Treasurer Room 3, Pat McGee, Secretary Room 8, Jim Rotchford, Treasurer Room 8, Pat Flynn, Treasurer Room 2. BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Giles Riske, Ed Kivett, Bob Hall, Bob Walsh, Dennie Kelly. SECOND ROW: Ernest Naquin, Marvin Lovoy, Pat Condon, Emmett Shearer. Dick Durgan, Bob Ryan, Len Hoerner, Ralph Lucas. THIRD ROW: Jim Condon, Dick Schulte, Frank Schroeder, Jim Presley, Bill Burns, Chuck Tononi, Sam Cuntalini. FOURTH ROW: Vic Gray, Tom Walsh, Frank Duffy, Joe Rocca, Pot Flynn, Mr. Richard O'Brien, S. J. SOPHOMORES BOTTOM ROW: Left to right: Leo Schoevers, Ray Crowley, Ted Becker, Howard Swenson, Bill McGowan, Buster Davey, Roy Snider, Bob Escure. SECOND ROW: Mike Brewer, Jim Robbins, Ralph Wohrle, Jack Porler, George Nakashima, Jack Stockton, Tom Pope. THIRD ROW: Faiher Charles Meckes, S. J., Jack Henderson, Kirby Pain, Jim Burger, Bolo Gandini, Joe Refzel, Dick Weaver, Tom Morris. BOTTOM ROW--Left lo right: Jack Herman, Pat McGee, Jack Miller, Mike Scarpelli, Jim Rolchford, Paul Glesing, Joe Kilburg. SECOND ROW: Bill Johnson, Kevin Ryan, Bob Redinger, Ted Bradley, Pat Dwyer, Del Smith, Mike Ludwick, Leo McAllep. THIRD ROW: Ray Woyerski, Hugh Dillon, Don Dixon, Jim Connelly, Louis Knezevich, Bill McGee, Armand Nigro. FOURTH ROW: Faiher Erwin Toner, S. J., Jerry Marlin, Joe Siimson, Bob Toylor, Jim Gillespie, Tom Buller, H22- s . x , Xt X x ix YS f K x x X R X XX '3 l is T x 5311 FRESHMEN, 1943 FRONT ROW-left to right: Dave Reardon, Vice President Room 10, Lawrence Kennedy, Vice President Room 11, Jim Felice, President Room 12, Pat Sweeney, President Room 10, Mike Cronin, President Room 11, Bill McLeod, Vice President Room 12. SECOND ROW: Ed Rekoffke, Secretary Room 12, Bill Barker, Sergeant-ah Arms Room 12, Carl Zinkgraf, Secretary Room 11, Pat Church, Secretary Room 10, John Manchini, Treasurer Room 10, Bill Mace, Treasurer Room 11. -1-,Q-v--v -..... BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Bob Casey, Al Deviny, Joe Lavin, Pat Church, Joe Neil, Dick Fife, Dexter Wallis, Floyd Chasse. SECOND ROW: Don Niehaus, Dick Mitchell, Ray Orth, Michael Mason, Ed Schafer, John Manchini, Pat Gray, Jim Dickeson. THIRD ROW: Bernard Lenoue, Rudy Weinhandl, Ray Tavernia, Francis Royce, Gene Bosch, Mike Shannon, Ronald Schenk, Tom Mclaughlin. FOURTH ROW: Jack Curran, Hube Randall, Ar1Sontgerath, Tommy Chapman, Everett Rooney, Jack Marshall. FIFTH ROW: Bob Mertens, Tom Kreutz, Tom O'Hare, Pat Sweeney, Dave Reardon. SIXTH ROW: Glen McNerney, Charles Sorini, Ray Ankerson, Vernon Enders, Gerald Covey, Mr. Ralph Sudmeier, 5. J. -23- FRESHMEN sub! N' it BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Arthur Tighe, Ed Clark, Mike Bosch, Jack Kimball, Howard Bennett, Charles Churchill, Carl Zinkgraf, Bob LaVigne. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Kennedy, Ronald Etten, Bob Welch, Adam Wurtz, Larry Robinson, Gene Vogrig, Jack Garland, Alfred Twohy. THIRD ROW: Mike Cronin, Bob Croteau, Joe Fey, Pat Morris, Charles Vollmer, John Moran, Kenneth Spilker, Frank Yuse. FOURTH ROW: Dick Harris, Alvin Kiefel, Wayne Garrity, Mark Derr, Bill Mace, Gene Stromberg, Jay Terhaar. FIFTH ROW: Paul Olsen, Tony Curran, Mr. John Riordan, 5. J,, Frank Wieman, Jack Smith. A., , E, , , : CK, 5 R' 'D 'Nl f ,J ' P y ,J BOTTOM ROW-Left to right, Harold Sandell, Tony Via, Jim Felice, Bill McLeod, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ray Jurdy, Morrie Gruber, David Robinson, Dick Dullanty. SECOND ROW: Leonard Greeley, Joe Lyonnais, Otto Tolar, Peter de Roetth, Jim Hooper, Tom Ebel, Joe Lenartz, Henry Swoboda. THIRD ROW: Ed Rekofke, Jim Pittman, Joe Dunne, James Soderquist, John Good- rich, Jack Rowles, Paul Madden. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Hastings,, Dick Lingren, Tom Toskas, Tom Foley, Vince Elbert, Dan Aughney, Mr. Patrick Devlin, S. J. -Q4, -we THE CCACHING STAFF "MAKERS CF RED-BLOODED CHAMPIONS" FRONT ROW-Left to right: Mr. Don Miller, Track, Boxing and Assistant Football Coach, Mr. John Riorclan, S. J., Frosh Basketball and Baseball Coach, Mr. Richard O'Brien, S. J., Frosh Football Coach, Mr. William Frazier, Football, Basketball and Baseball Coach, Mr. Frank Cullan, S. J., Assistant Frosh Baseball Coach, Mr. Arthur Cole, S. J., "B" Squad Football and "Gamma Beta" Baseball Coach, Mr. Patrick Devlin, S. J., "Gamma Beta" Basketball Coach, THE MANAGERS SEATED-Left to right: Len Hoerner, Pat Hurley, Morrie Gruber, Jack Stockton, Dick Fife, Tom McLaughlin, Bill Bauer. STANDING: Messrs, Art Cole, S. J., Ed Doherty, S. J., Ralph Sudmeier, S. J. -265 to FooTBAl.l. - 1943 SEATED-Left To right: Jack Stockton CManogerJ, Junior Johnson, Roy Benish, Bill Burns, Tom BuTler, Jim Presley, Fred Timmerman, Bob Howard, Earl Gilleland, Gene DiLuzio, Dick Yorno, Neil Meyers, Joe Sweeney, Tom O'Brien. STANDING: John Via fMonogerJ, Jacl: Codcl, Curran Higgins, Bob Rofchford, Roscoe Ghering, Harry Smead, Darroll Waller, Bill Yedinak, Jim Gillespie, Pai Flynn, Jack McGraTh, Ralph Lucas, Mr. William Frazier fCoachl. This year's edifion of The Bullpup eleven didn'T add another Trophy To The Gonzaga shelves buf they added many a headache To opposing Teams and Their coaches. Second place in ciTy compeTiTion, Walsh's pass To Waller was enough To be The only defeaf The Championship Rogers Team suffered all year. Walsh was The leading ground gainer wifh an average beffer Than five yards per Try. Waller, Deviny and Higgins were sTonewalI defense men. gi is ,T 'vis' N5 i -I CURRAN HIGGINS EARL GILLELAND BOB HOWARD BILL DEVINY Co-Capfain-Elec? All-City Guard All-CiTy Tackle Co-Capiain-Eleci CAPT. PAT WALSH GENE DILUZIO NEIL LOOMIS DICK YARNO AllfCiTy Halfback Holfback Halfback Center-End BRAWNY BULLPUPS DARROLL WALLER BILL O'NEll. Fullbcck Holfback JACK CODD TOM O'BRIEN Hclfbock End l .luck Codd KYB drops l..C.'s Vollercno for 5-yard loss. Walsh KU, Deviny KSD and Yarno 1135, close in forthe kill. JOHN BRUCICK HARRY SMEAD RAY SCHROEDER NEIL MEYERS Guard Center Tackle Center -23- BRAWNY BULLPUPS I I Bill Yedinak UU and Gilleland converge on Tiger back in Lewis and Clark game. Yarno 1131, Deviny QBJ, Codd C23 and Waller 125D stand by io make if unanimous. BILL YEDINAK ROY BENISH FRED TIMMERMAN JOE SWEENEY Cenler End Guard Guard THE STARTING ELEVEN, '43 , I . .59 N. , , A FIRST STRING LINE-Left to righh Roy Benish, Earl Gilleland, Fred Timmerman, Bill Yeclinak, Joe Sweeney, Bob Howard, Dick Yarno. BACKFIELD: Gene DiLuzio, Darroll Waller, Curran Higgins, Jack Codd. -29- BASKETBALL - 1943 FRONT ROW-Left to right: Bill Yedinak, Vern Budig, Steve Twohy, Darroll Waller CCapt.J, Neil Loomis, Bill O'Neil. SECOND ROW: Vic Gray, Jim Gruber, Jerry O'Brien, Phil Lenoue, Bill Burns, Marvin Lavoy, Mr, William Frazier lCoachJ. THIRD ROW: John Via, Jack Stockton, Len Hoerner KManagersI. The Surprise Boys With only Captain Darrell Waller returning from the i942 team, the basketball outlook was all but bright. Experience was indeed limited but the turnout was big and the enthusiasm was typical. Out of 35 prospective stars, Coach Frazier moulded a fine team that was a credit not only to the school, but to the squad and to himself. By scoring 66 points against Central Valley, the Pups broke the city scoring record for the year which they had previously set against the Bears, Winning over half of the I9 games, the Gonzaga five was a constant threat and was never conceded as an easy hurdle. In the first Lewis 8. Clark game and the first Rogers tilt, early season stage fright lost them their chance for a city championship, HIGHLIGHTS . . . Captain Waller's sensational play in Physical Fitness Tourney . , , Gruber's T8 points against Central Valley . . . Pups break score record with 66-54 win . . . Last second overtime win over W,V ..., Neil Loomis' play against NC .... Waller's backboard work against State Champions . , . Jerry O'Brien's 23 points in C.V. game . . . Bill O'Neil's I5 points against Central Valley. BILL YEDINAK JOE GRUBER NEIL LOOMIS BILL O'NEIL Guard Forward Guard Forward DARROLL WALLER Cenier fCap1ainl BU LL.PU PS JERRY O'BRlEN PHIL LENOUE Forward Guard BILL BURNS 1 Forward V ! STEVE TWOHY Guard Capiain Waller scores against Sfafe Champs. TEAM SCORING LEADERS FOR T942-43 Player FG FT TP Dczrroll Waller lC0pT.l ,,,,,, 7, 54 24 l32 Jerry O'Brien ,, , ,, H 59 8 126 Joe Gruber, ,, , ,, 5l l2 ll4 Bill O'Neil 38 l2 88 Vern Budig 7 26 6 58 Neil Loomis, , , 23 5 5l Bill Yeclinczk H W l4 5 33 Steve Twohy.. , ,A , 9 8 26 Jim Presley , lO l 2l Bill Burns 7 4 3 ll Phil Lenoue 2 O 4 Chuck Toncmi , 2 A O 4 Don Toylor H 7 O l l -31- VERN BUDIG Center BAESBALL, 1943 . 'Z- . ' 'V' A ' -U New , ,A - ip , Af I, T- 2 l " V 1' , '-"f f. ., BOTTOM ROW-Left To right: Jim Rotchford, Mike Scarpelli, Bill Burns, Jim Presley, Junior Johnson, Mario Saccamano, Poi Walsh Bob Giesa, Tom Butler, Les Souvage, Dick Fife CManagerJ. SECOND ROW: Mr. William Frazier fCoochJ, Donald Niehuus, Bill McGee, Phil Lenoue, Gene Velling, PaT Sweeney, Curran Higgins, Leo Driscoll, Bill O'Neil, John McGrath. Q S . x 5 . I f N A'.,.'.:v,.v.-' v . i:..,..tI.+ I ,. A , ' , 4T,,f,,A .T 'W ' n 0 , 4 TOM BUTLER, lb, p. Diamond Diggins Green To The gills, The i943 baseball Team was not a "Championship Team" buT iT was a Gonzaga Team and ThaT was enough. DorninaTed by The spiriT ThaT is so Typical of The school, The Bullpup nine made up in spiriT,Nfire and drive whaT They lacked in ex- perience. In PaT Walsh, Coach Frazier had his only reTurning leTTerman and in The field, aT Third base and at The plate, PaT developed into The leader he had To be. CaTcher .lim Presley rocked The ball wiTh encouraging consistency and his Throwing arm kepT base runners close To The sacks. Torn BuTler played well at TirsT base and was a dependable piTcher, geTTing a one-hiTTer againsf North CenTral. AT sec- BILL O'N EIL, cf BILL BURNS, 2b. PAT WALSH, 3b. JIM PRESLEY, c. -32- BOB GIESA, Ib, p. MIKE SCARPELLI, If. JUNIOR JOHNSON, 3b JIM ROTCHFORD, 2b. PHIL LENOUE, p. Les sAuvAoE, p. ond base Billy Burns held the fort well and his field- ing was tops around the keystone. At shortstop, Mario Saccammano fielded and threw well all year. "Good field and good,hit" best describes left fielder Mike Scarpelli. Leading extra base-getter on the team, Scarpelli boasted one of the highest field- ing marks. Bill O'Neil, four-letter winner in center, hit well until his iniury. John McGrath, talented center fielder, was still another capable hitter. In pitchers, Bob Giesa, Phil Lenoue, Les Sauvage and Torn Butler, Frazier had a formidable array of mound men. Lenoue developed into the proverbial "oce" and was the city's strikeout king, whiffing I4 North Central batters. Gieso was a hard worker and when he wasn't setting down the enemy, his bat spoke loud words of praise to "Boodie." Les Sauvage, with an unorthodox style, baffled the opposition. Sauvage was one of the few pitchers in the city who silenced the booming Rogers bats. Next year, infielders will be three deep and the freshmen team should send up some promising out- fielders. That is why the diamond cry in '44 will be "Watch Gonzaga!" Sauvage fouls one off at Rogers. - 33 - JOHN McGRATH, cf BILL MCGEE, rf. TRACK AND FIELD, 1943 BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Dolan, Dixon, Wieman, Lavin, Vetto, O'Leary, McGrath, Scarpelli, Robbins, Smith, Weinhondl. SECOND ROW: Benish, Codd, DiLuzio, Timmerman, Bell, Loomis, Waller, Smead, Meyers, O'Neil, Dillon, Scher, Scott. THIRD ROW: Tavernia, Vollmer, Goodrich, Greeley, Caprye, Weaver, Lovoy, Martin, Shelledy, Duffy, Moran, Shearer, Curran, Johnson, Reclinger, Mr. Don Miller CCoachJ. HARRY SMEAD HIGHLIGHTS . . . Captain DiLuzio and Jack Codd run away with the dashes . . . Bill O'Neil hit his stride to roll up points against foe . .. Bob Howard was standout weight man . . . Bill Johnson went undefeated in the mile and turned in good time . . . fl BILL JOHNSON LES SCOTT an fa-ai. JACK CODD i-iiGHLiGi-its . I . 78 to 26 rout of Lewis and Clark Tigers . . . Dorroll Waller's pole vaulring . . . Joe Bell and Neil Loomis leading un- defeated pole vault crew . . . Bill Johnson's mile race at North Central . . . Roy Ben- Another undefeated 440 re- lay team of DiLuzio, Codd, Timmerman and O'Neil . . . Mike Scarpelli's broad lump- ina. ish's 880 victories before en- listment . . . LOWLIGHT . . . Narrow 53-51 loss to Rogers that cost Gonzaga track title. BOB HOWARD GENE DiLUZO fCapt.3 FRED TIMMERMAN STARS IN ACTION Captain DiLuzio edges Jack Codd in the 100-yard dash as Gonzaga roIIs up points to swamp Lewis and Clark 78 to 26. GONZAGA'S UNDEFEATED POLE VAULTERS -. 'M . 1 . Y ,A., Q0 JOE BELL DARROLL WALLER NEIL Loomis Finishing I-2-3 in every dual meet of the year, State Pole Vault Champion Darroll Waller and his "Stratosphere twins," Joe Bell anal Neil Loomis, went undefeated in city competition. All three were capable of II feet or better. X is-L. ,...,s ,Il 1 3 1 BILL O'NEIL Codcl runs away with the 220 as Gonzaga runs away with season's first meet. JOHN MCGRATH MIKE SCARPELLI ROY BENISH BOXING, 1943 SEATED-Left To right: Roy Lawrence, John Brucick, PuT Shelledy, CopTain Jack Codd, Vic Felice, Don Martin, Tom Walsh. STANDING: Mr. Don Miller, fcocichl, Larry Kennedy, Ed KiveTT, Les Sco1T, PaT Flynn, Kirby Pain, Harold Scndell, Jack McGowen, Jack Dapper. EighT Gonzaga boxers enTered The All-CiTy TighT card sponsored by The AThleTic Round Table aT The Masonic Temple, Five of Them, Capfain Jack Codd, PaT Walsh, PaT McGee, Les SCOTT and Vic Felice walked off wiTh TiTles in Their respecTive weighT divisions. CapTain Jack Codd was The masTer in his weighf division all year as was PaT Walsh and Les SCOTT. Coach Miller's Team wenT Undefeafed excepT for a posT-season maTch which They losT To The YMCA. Don Miller lenT half of his Team To The KnighTs of The Leash who baTTled The L, 8.C. Tiger club before l,OOO TighT Tans aT The HY." Many underclass- men were awarded leTTers and nexT year's miTT Team should be one of The finesT in Coach Miller's long reign as menfor of The ciTy's only high school boxing Team. " PAT WALSH JACK Conn LES SCOTT Undefs-med in his Iiqhtfheuvy ranks, Cgpiqin Jack WGS fhe Smooihesq WiTh one of The finesT records on The PUT was a hard-hiTTinq dependable Dunclqer on llle team Und if WGS C' pleo' 5ClU0Clf H-l'lQe"H Wl"'d5 UD his boxing GT poinTAgeTTer. Always scrappy, PaT was 3:5 Clzerlcsufrig Gwgrlz elzlsulllrzmllnolii GOHZOQU, CTW Cl1CfmDl0U- TTQSV lWU5 G all alone in his class. Q I Won 22 Ol 25 SCVUPST any round. CITY CHAMPIONS vlc FELICE PAT MCGEE PAT sl-IELLEDY - ' PAT FLYNN Muller s Maulers Lefi to right: Jack Codd, Pat WoIsI'a, Vic Felice, Les Scofi, Pai McGee SPOKANE'S FINEST PREP BOXERS TOM WALSH DON MARTIN JACK MCGOWAN BOB SMITH - 37 - B SQUAD FOOTBALL ' . " M 7 J SEATED-Left to right: Bob Walsh, Ed Emry, Junior Johnson, Mike Caprye, Kirby Pain, Jim Gruber, Joe Kilburg, Pat Flynn, Len Hoerner, Mr. Arthur Cole, S. J., CCoachJ. STANDING: Bill Bauer lManagerl, Del Smith, Tom Royce, Leo Driscoll, Bill McGee, Jim Lynch, Tom Butler, Bob Ryan. FROSH FOOTBALL BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Lovin, Tavernia, Rekofke, Sweeney, Sundell, Mace, Curran, Fife fManagerJ. SECOND ROW: Wienhandl, Royce, Rooney, Hastings, Vollmer, Niehaus, Twohy, Greeley, Rabe, Ankerson, Gray, Mr. Richard O'Brien, S. J., CCoachJ. THIRD ROW: Yuse, Manchini, Ebel, Reardon, Lenoue, Sonfgerath, Sorini, Goodrich, Smith, Elbert, Mertens. CITY CHAMPS E . S 4 - 2 BOTTOM ROW-Left to righh Everrefi, Rooney, Jack Curran, Morrie Gruber, Joe Lovin, Jim Felice, Roberf Fiizpairick. SECOND ROW: Mr. John Riordan, S. J. Ccoachl, Alfred Twohy, Pa? Sweeney, Mike Cronin, Dave Reardon, Frank Royce, Jack Smith, Tom McLaughlin, CITY CHAMPS 333 mg FIRST Bob Casey, Joe Lavin, Curran, John Gray, Tom Mclaugh lin. SECOND ROW: Mr, John Riordan, S. J., Lawrence Kennedy, Bill Mace, Paul Olsen, Dave Reardan, Mike Cronin, Pat Sweeney Francis Yuse, Harold Sandell, Mark Derr, Mr. Frank Callan, S. J. ROOM IO-INTERCLASS CHAMPS Io rlghf. Jack Garland, Donald Nmehaus, Paul , , I i I 5 GOLFERS ,XX FRONT ROW-Left fo right: Roy Veifo, Dick Durgcn, Harry Raef, Jimmy Rofchford, Jack Codd, Jack Henderson, Ed Murphy SECOND ROW: Father Meckes, 5. J., Ccocchl, Jerry O'Brien, Curran Higgins, Carl Stolle, Dick Mengerl, Pat Shellecly, Bob Gieso Bob Rotchford. HIKERS FRONT ROW-Left io right: Pc? Cummings, Po? Hurley, Bob Cummings, Pat King, Bill Bcierfline, Bob Smilh. SECOND ROW: Mr Edmund Morton, S. J., Moderator, Po? Weller, Jack Lawlor, Bob Taylor, Ted Bradley, Tom Corkery, Carroll McGoldrick, Bob Giesu -40- gm wwf 3 , E 'iw X Q U' mf..a.1,- .. .,.. .,.. Q h 4,,. I, .,. . . E ,. , , Q gi' . A KN 53,59 yy Q -,iw-f . 5, Kgs wx W .ww N, Q N6 X aw-gr NW' 1 X was f ,W K I 5 K A 'm:N11'f2L 1,?QiiQQfiiE1Qi I1 f Q ,gm X 4 ,Mi 1 - mf?? W 3 2??5 1" 1 V V s'i 2fffe:'Q2s-1 Q'2eT"2 ' S - 9-Qitif' 1 L T 'iwjg' Q: ,ry-1 V- -c K . -'K-ffrffsgi isfff , Y. ..,, 3, , X it M 5 . 4 9 3 Q e f ,, A W 1515 5, K . , , ,Q AL,. '1si',1ft-.imfzk fi-.X W A FMA V ? . , .um-sgiqiggff.jjg31?1gilf'?gg5 - 7 - ,al 6 U uiqicm JERRY O'BRIEN MR. EDWARD DOHERTY, S. J. Editor Adviser The Editorial Staff Mr. Edward Doherty, S. J. 7,,,7, . Moderator Jerry O'Brien H , Editor-in-Chief Torn Royce N 7 Assistant Editor Les Scott , . Ad Manager Phil Anderson, Joe Bell ,, ..... Feature Editors TOM RQYCE LES SCOTT Associate Editor A. 1 Ad Manage' PHIL ANDERSON JOE BELL "The Luigian," one of Gonzaga's most cherished traditions, was almost lost this second year of World War ll. The price of paper and the national speed-up program on education seemed des- tined to cheat Gonzaga students of their biggest treat. But the Gonzaga spirit was aroused and it took more than Messrs. Hitler, Toio and Mussolini to hold it down. Through the tireless efforts of Mr. Doherty and Les Scott, the pictures were taken and the financial situation remedied. Jerry O'Brien and Tom Royce next went to work to preserve for a peaceful generation the spirit of U42-43" Gonzaga. uiqicuz REASONS FOR THE LUIGIAN TOP ROW: Terry McGuire, Jim Lovin, Jack Rowles, Junior Johnson. SECOND ROW: Bill Yedinak, Vic Felice, Roy Vetto, Gene Albi. BOTTOM ROW: Jim O'l.ecry, Bill McGee The Luigian staff: sponsored a dance, "The Luigian Benefit Mixer," the interclass basketball finals, between Room IO and Room i5, and brought Lewis and Clark's OBC softball team to Mission for a game with the Knights of the Leash, to raise funds for the 1943 edition. These special events, coupled with the success of Les Scott's advertising staff, who handled their tough war-time iobs splendidly, made the Luigian secure. To the Gonzagans on these pages belongs the credit for putting out this mem- orable volume. THE CIRCULATION MANAGERS JACK com: DARROLL WALLER cuRRAN HIGGINS MIKE scARPEl.u - 43 - 6,26 QOIZZCIQQYZ 5 13 . G ff' i O ' 'fhiqf"1J' ,ffl-51" f - - 'M 'twilzq A jf ' 'ft The Official QQQTIS. Krgxgqh . V Publication QR ' 'En mm ::E??fSlZrEQ5Y ' 23" of ihe up ., so-QW , Associated 'wi 5, d M Q 4 A ,ws an u ents ,M aww T g f'W?f2f' tei:ffgft,",5' wink tl' TOM ROYCE ARMAND NIGRO LES SCOTT FATHER JAHN, S. J. Advisor EDITORIAL S Tom Royce , Roy Vetto ,. .. Armand Nigro , ,, Jerry O'Brien , Joseph Gruber , TAFF Editor-in-Chief , Associate Editor , Feature Editor , H Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Q., ' 51 -,X 31, Ll., 3.-N K '1 ,'L'4fv'1jl':i.:,f X Q? i, ns,-.. S-gc . wc gs ,,,s. ,,gs.w9 -, -fiuiw. Q .4-c,v.g'.g-f,, V. .x.,,f. VV., R.. ,Q -Ffifxi Dick Mangan. Les Scott .. Frank Hoffman Marvin Lavoy , Jay Johnson JOE COSTELLO FRANK HOFFMAN 63210 L-4 X x -- ' . 2 .155 1 '3' Sh ' cw.,-,vs fw- .:S'51Ti'1j 35?f?SE1f5 iEr1':4'.:1QQP' si.-SLN'-'Q X? 'K .fi- pl M Tig? g t 04 F9 is ROY VETTO JERRY O'BRlEN DICK MANGAN JAY JOHNSON BUSINESS STAFF ,,,.....,.,,,,Business V, .,.. ,,s,s, A dvertising ,,,, Assistant Business , Assistant Advertising . ,, Circulation Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager PAT SHELLEDY Kim QOIZZKLQKUZ -- TOP ROW: Steve Twohy, Jack Lawlor, Phil Lenoue, Dave Friefag. SECOND ROW: Pu? Church, Francis Royce, Tom McLaughlin, Jimmy Felice. THIRD ROW: Harry Smead, Jim Damon, Jack Codd, Ralph Wohlre. FOURTH ROW: Bill O'Neil, Gene Albi, Len Hoerner, Leo Schoevers. CURRAN HIGGINS MARv1N LAVOY JAMES LAVIN HAROLD RAEF -45- mmafiw PRESIDENT CURRAN HIGGINS SOCK AND BUSKIN, 1943 l VICE PRESIDENT BOB GIESA l SOCK AND BUSKIN, 1943 MR. RICHARD o'aRiEN, s. J. MODERATOR, 1943 "BROTHER ORCHID"-SMASH HIT! Father Abbott and Nasturtium look after the wounded Sarto. The Gimp passes the buck to Fat Dutchie. THE SOCK AND BUSKIN BOYS BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Curran Higgins, Leo Driscoll, Vic Felice, Roy Crowley, Len Hoerner, Jimmie Rotchford, Bill Burns, Ted Brodley. SECOND ROW: Tom Royce, Joe Dunne, George Watson, Gene Albi, Jim Presley, Bob Rotchtord, Emmett Shearer. THIRD ROW: Mr. Richard O'Brien, S. J., IModeratorl, Put Walsh, Mike Scarpelli, Kirby Pain, Joe Costello, Jim O'Leory, Roscoe Ghering. FOURTH ROW: Pat Flynn ond Dick Durgon. FIFTH ROW: Bob Giesu. -46 ACTORS CUT UP AT ALL-CITY RALLY Left to right: Jim Rotchford, Hurry Raef, Jock Codd, Bob Rotchford, Bob Gieso, Joe Costello, Les Scott, Mike Scarpelli, Tom Mcluughlin, Bob Smith, Gene Albi, f V - .ff , . 1 1 . If , 1 SOCK AND BUSKIN II ramafics GENE ALBI JIMMY ROTCHFORD Business Manager Secreiaryt ONE OF THE BEST IN YEARS."-The Go nzagcn SOC K AND BUSKIN Broiher Orchid ponders his plight Liftle John roughs up the Dum-D "LAUGHABLE HIT FOR ALL THE FAMILY."-The Review a i over E Ween SCENES. her Geranium and the Dutchie mix words. "Scorp," "RiIey" and "Pug" 1 lk f b f - mme gn, JOHN McGRATH JACK CASEY BILL O'NElL Treasurer President Vice President These officers led the resident student organiza- tion through ci successful season. Highlights of the year . . , New Boarder Initiation . . . Welconwe Dance . . , Basketball Championship . . . Beta Banquet . . . Blue and VVhite Mixer . . . Senior Dinner Dance. DON MAYER MARTIN McKAY Secretary Sergeantfot-Arms FRONT ROW-Left to right: Kenneth Kinder, Joseph Kensock, Jim Damon, John McGrath, Paul Glessing, Joe Fey. SECOND ROW: Peter Swantek, Don Mayer, Leo McAIIop, Dixon Dysart, Bill Bauer. THIRD ROW: Mr. Arthur Cole, S. J,, Tom Burgess, Paul Klasen, Martin McKay, Jack Casey, Bill O'NeiI, Mr. Patrick Devlin, S. J. -43- BETA BASEBALL FRONT ROW-Left to right: Pete Swcntek, Joe Fey, Joe Kensok, Don Moyer, Jock Rowles, Martin McKay. SECOND ROW: Mr. Arihur Cole, S. J., Kcouchl, Bill O'Neil, John McGrath, Jock Kerchivol, Jock Casey, Paul Klasen. JACK KERCHIVAL PAUL KLASEN JOE FEY ROWLES, CASEY BILL O'NElL DON MAYER .. 49 - BETA BASKETBALL FRONT ROW-Lefi to right: Paul Glessing, John McGrath, Jack Kerchival, Oliver Bassett, SECOND ROW: Jack Casey, Bill Bauer, Paul Klasen, Bill Scharn, Mr. Pairick Devlin, S. J. CAPTAIN JOHN MCGRATH lecl his Bela Team to the YMCA championship. Outsiande ing players among These baskefeers were Bill Scharn, Bill Bauer, Jack Kerchivol and ' Paul Klasen. Bill Bauer led the scoring for The season. Bill Scharn was rated The best defensive player. JOHN McGRATH BILL BAUER LEO MCALLEP PAUL GLESSING BILL SCHARN JACK KERCHIVAL - 50 - BCARDERS PLAY Damon and Glesing lwrd at if. McAllop serves fo Swuniek. McKay shcrpens eye ai pool fable. Emblemafic of Hoop Prowess Volleyball most popular spor! of '43. -51- HALL LIFE ln- J Who's Who in the Student Body Better than a "B" aver- age student, our Darroll is one of 1943's outstanding students. Current Washing- ton State Pole Vault Cham- pion, high scoring captain of the Bullpup basketball team and an outstanding grid star, Mr. Waller is an ideal Gonzagan. Bob thrives on "Shep," hot iive, snacks at Dutch's and baseball. Our boy Giesa is the iunior man of the hour and has led his class for three years as a class officer. As a senior, Bob and his winning personality should tag him as a Gon- laga man to watch. Meet Joe Lovin, kids, you are going to see a lot of this chap. Joe is no dummy on the books and his basket- ball prowess tags him as no athletic dead head. Captain of Frosh hoopsters, Joe led them to a city title and sparked his Room 'IO team to undefeated interclass title. Mike Scarpelli, student- athlete-leader, is the fresh- men consultor in the student council for the second straight semester. Mike has a straight "A" average and "Scarp" opened many an eye as "Little John Sarto." Baseball and track prowess earmark him for big athletic doin's. -53 i-c Popular Curran Higgins, of course. Co-captain elect of the football team, Curran quarterbacked Bullpup elev- ens in 1942 and in 1943. Elocution star and a "better than good dramatist," Cur- ran is headed for a good student body office. Quali- fications include A-'l person- ality and grade A scholastic record. President Pat of Room 'l0, naturally. Voted outstand- ing freshman by his class- mates, Pat Sweeney is des- tined to carve his name in the scholastic and athletic annals of Gonzaga. Peren- nial grade "A" student, Pat stars in football, basketball and baseball. Popular Fred Timmerman is the silent partner in that witty "3C" gang. Freddy wound up this year in the elite Leash circle and is a "B" or better student. Start- ing guard on the football team and number three man on the unbeaten relay squad, Fred will go places. Either by "Lopey," or "Lovey," "Lobo" or "Luke," everybody knows Ralph Lucas, Ralph was a class officer last year and is the president of Room 2 this year. ln football, "Lobo" kicks, runs and passes well and in class he hits the books and gets grades with the best. PUBLIC SPEAKING 1943 THE CITYS FINEST ORATORS" GENE ALBI ROBERT ROTCHFORD Elocution Winner Senior Division Winner Jefferson Cify-Wide EIocuIion DENNIS KELLY JOSEPH COSTELLO Elocuiion Winner Junior Division Apologefics Winner CifyAWicIe Confesi 11 QB-v FIRST ROW: Bob Rofchford, Dennis Kelly, Gene AIbi, Armand Nigro. SECOND ROW: Tom Royce, Joe CosIeIIo, Curran Higgins. THIRD ROW: Poi Sweeney, Benny Lenoue. -, 54W "G" CLUB 1 BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Jim Rotchford, Bill Johnson, John Via, Pat Hurley, Bob Smith, Dennie Kelly, Len Hoerner. SECOND ROW: Roscoe Ghering, Jim O'Leary, Pot Walsh, Gene Diluzio, Les Scott, John McGrath, Dorroll Waller. THIRD ROW: Joe Bell, Neil Meyers, Fred Timmerman, Joe Sweeney, Neil Loomis, Ralph Lucas, Roy Benish. FOURTH ROW: Vern Budig, Steve Twohy, Pat Shelledy, Tom O'Brien, Jack Codd, Curran Higgins, Bill O'Neil, FIFTH ROW: Harry Smead, Bob Giesa, Jim Presley, Bill Yedinak, Dick Merriman, Ray Schroeder, Bill Deviny. SIXTH ROW: Jim Gruber, Bob Howard, Jack Fife, -JGYYY Olaflefh J0l1f1 BfUClCk- KNIGHTS OF THE LEASH l BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Vic Felice, AI Kelly, Jim O'Leary, Jenn Albi, Roscoe Ghering, Curran Higgins, Pat Shelledy, Steve Twohy, SECOND ROW: Dave Freitag, Jim Lovin, Phil Lenoue, Jerry O'Brien, Harry Smead, Bill O'Neil, Durroll Waller. THIRD ROW: Fred Timmermon, Joe Sweeney, Bob Howard, Neil Meyers, Bill Yedinak, Gene Diluzio, Roy Schroeder. FOURTH ROW: Jock Codd, Jack Fife, Pot Walsh, Mr. Ralph Sudmeier, S. J. KNIGHTS OF THE ALTAR BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Dennie Kelly, Dick Fife, Joe Neil, Pat King. SECOND ROW: Ray Kelly, Pat Sweeney, Mike Scarpelli, Len Hoerner. THIRD ROW: Vince Elbert, Jack Lawlor, Phil Lenoue. FOURTH ROW: Father Louis Gels, S. J., Moderator, Bill McGee, Jim Presley. SODALITY 7i3f?7"'77?-"5 'url-.-E...s..4-f--J 'OU' QI I. Aw- BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: John Gray, Leo Schoevers, Junior Johnson, Dick Fife, Howard Bennett, Charles Churchill, Carl Zink- graf, Ed Schafer, Tony Via. SECOND ROW: Emmett Shearer, Jean Albi, Jim Rotchford, Bill Burns, Jim Presley, Jack Stockton, Del Smith, Pat King. THIRD ROW: Wayne Garrity, John Moran, Ted Bradley, Ralph WoI1Ire, Jim O'Leary, Bob Smith, Joe Rocca, Ed Emry. FOURTH ROW: Dick Harris, Henry Swobodo, Mike Cronin, Pat Flynn, Leonard Hoerner, Tom Foley, Jim Connelly. FIFTH ROW: Pat Hurley, Dick Mangan, Charles Vollmer, Francis Royce, Pat Weller, Jack Lawlor, Tom Keenan, Bob Rekofke. SIXTH ROW: Jay Johnson, Phil Doyle, Caroll McGoIdrick, Bob Rotchford, Hurry Smead, Dave Freitag, Phil Lengue, SEVENTH ROW, Mr, George Zelenak, S. J., Tom Royce, Joe Costello, Frank Duffy, Father Arthur Flaiole, S. J. -56- PENMAN BOTTOM ROW-Left to right: Ted Bradley, Tom Royce, Jerry O'Brien, Harold Roef, Armand Nigro. SECOND ROW: Frank Royce, Put Church, Len Hoerner, Roy Veffo. THIRD ROW: Curran Higgins, Joe Cosiello, Phil Lenoue, Tom Mclauglin. FOURTH ROW: Pat Shelledy, Joe Bell, Phil Anderson, Dick Durgan. DEBATING FIRST ROW-Leff to righf: Pa? Hurley, Frcnk Dumas, Tony Via, Armand Nigro. SECOND ROW: Tom Royce, Joe Cosiello, Harold Raef, Jerry O'Brien. THIRD ROW: Frank Royce, Roy Vefto, Joe Dunne. 1 DEFENSE COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Father Mullen, S. J,, Bob Escure, Ralph Wohrle, George Nokoslwimo, Jock Stockton ICloss Pres.l, Bob Gondini, Bill McGowan. RADIO BROADCASTING FRONT ROW-Lefl Io right: Bill O'Neil, Bob Roichford, Mr. Arfhur Cole, S. J., IMocleroIorl, Curran Higgins, Jim Gruber, Vern Budig W, 58 , More messin' around by da boys, only more so 460, ADVERTISING f PPRECIATION for what- ever pleasure has been derived from the foregoing pages can best find tangible expression in an active patronage of the ad- vertisers who have made possible this 'I943 War Luigian. -61- rie125i12 ee ... PATRON CLUB President DR. KEENAN DR. HIGGINS Vice President Treasurer JAMES M. GREELEY J. J. SCHIFFNER Secretory Sergeant-oi-Arms MCITILJCYS CAPTAIN AND MRS. W. E. CUMMINGS DR. AND MRS. O. E. BRODERSON MR. AND MRS. CHARLES M. CAPRYE MR. JOHN BULMER EMPIRE BILLIARDS MR. AND MRS. J. F. RETZEL MR. AND MRS. V. H. GORDON MR. R. A. PATERSON DR. R. L. GHERING DR. DAVID COWEN MR. DONALD MILLER MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH ALBI MILLMAN JEWELRY Honorary MCITIBCTS W. Pottratz and J. Peroni Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Viro Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Flynn Mr. George D. Argites Mr. Robert D. Dolle Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Presley Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Dunne Frank Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Mangan Thomas H. Bienz Mr. and Mrs. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Driscoll O. G. Arneson Glascock and Milberg Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lavoy Mr. and Mrs. O. J. McGee Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Sandell Mr. H. M. Pederson Frank Yuse Emry's Inc. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Derr Bernard J. Lenoue B. J. Helean 4th and Browne Food Market Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Fitzpatrick Tommy Chapman Mrs. Ed Schafer James Emmet Royce Phil T. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rabe Mr. D. J. Sweeney Mrs. W. S. Cummings Mr. and Mrs. C. Julian University Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Felice Shorty's Barber Shop Appleway Mercantile Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lenartz The Gonzagan Debating Society Mr. and Mrs. Cronin -63.. Complete Laundry Service Lusterized Dry Cleaning 'ii Ideal Laundry Company Broadway 1200 E. 17 Boone Compliments of Stanchflelafs 'gk' Cash Register - Adding Machine and Typewriter Service W. 12 Riverside Main 3933 Order Your Coal for Next Winter NOW! 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President N- 1306 Monroe BN'-JWGY 0244 aiu O'NEILL,. L . vice President DON MAYER Secretary JOHN MCGRATH . Treasurer MARTIN MCKAYW... Sergeant-atAArms Compliments Members of T. BURGER K. KINDER P M. B. BAUER J. GLESSING ' P. SWANTEK J. KENSOK Rptail and Wholpsalp J. KERCHJVAL L. MCALLOP . J. DAMON D DYSART Candy. B. KELLY P. KLASEN ' Magazlnes, EIC- M. SHANNON J. Romss 403 SPRAGUE AVE. J' FEY J' MARUN SERVING The People of the Home of srerson HArs Ukanogan Valley U and the N. 108 Howard 512 Sprague Chglan Valley With Efficiency and Comfort Prime Quality Meats and Fancy Groceries E Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables fe' Olkanogun Valley J. W. ROWLES orEN EVENINGS mi.. 3393 605 Sprague Ave. W- 429 FIRST AVE- - MAIN 6465 Bus Lines Yes, Johnny, You Can Have the Kind of World We're Fighting for . . . Television, electron- ics, air transportation, chemical and electri- cal wonders .... 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J., Class Moderator fi JAMES FELICE, , H ,, ,,,,..,, Presideni WILLIAM McLEOD,. ,, , Vice President EDWARD REKOFKE ,,,. .. ,,,,,,,, Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM BARKER .,..,,.. ,,,,,.,sY . , ,.,. ,,,,,,,, , ,, ,,..,,, Sergeant-af-Arms THOMAS TOSKAS LEONARD GREELEY FRANCIS SPULER RICHARD DULLANTY JOSEPH DUNNE RICHARD LINDGREN ROBERT DAHMENS JOSEPH LYONNAIS RAYMOND JURDY JAMES PITTMAN DAVID ROBINSON JAMES SODERQUIST PETER deROETTH HENRY SWOBODA ROBERT FITZPATRICK JOHN GOODRICH MORRIE GRUBER THOMAS FOLEY JAMES HOOPER THOMAS EBEL JOSEPH LENARTZ PAUL MADDEN VINCENT ELBERT JACK ROWLES DAN AUGHNEY HAROLD SANDELL ANTHONY VIA -67- AWNINGS TENT5 Cannes Products Of All Mud: EO.BERG CO. . ' SINCE uae!! 9 ,... 5PoxAN:.WAao+f Main 4233 N. 318 Division 'A' i' 'A' COMPLIMENTS of Compliments of Les Critzelfs MEN'S SHOP W. 712 SPRAGUE AVE. BOYLE FUEL CO. N. 1014 DIVISION Phone Broadway 1 121 COMPLIMENTS OF enior oom Seven Mr. Frank W. Callan, S. J., Moderator ALEX KELLY BILL ROBBINS DAN JOHNSON DON MAYER DON MARTIN DICK TRIESCH FRANK RESSA '39 GENO ROTONDO JERRY O'BRIEN JIM LAVIN JACK MAGEE JOHN JULIAN JOHN MCGRATH LES SCOTT NEIL MEYERS NEIL LOOMIS PAT MCCOLLUM RAY LAWRENCE RAY KELLY TOM O'BRIEN TERRY MCGUIRE TOM POOLE LYNN J. BRoWNsoN 20 Years a FORD DEALER Best Buys on Used Cars I We Boost Gonzaga You Boost Us! O In DISHMAN Near Dishman Theatre Riv. 9295 All Outside Rooms Steam Heated - Hot and Cold Water - Private Baths HOTEL ASHTON Joseph Staeheli, Mgr. W. 307 Sprague Spokane THE store where exclu- siveness is found in the quality of the merchan- dise The Royal Men's Shop W. 414 Riverside Avenue SPOKANE MARGARET'S BEAUTY SALON Compliments of Farmin 86 Rothrock Permanents COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE and . Hair Styling 317 Paulsen Bldg. Phone R. 1101 S. 10 Post Spokane, Wash. Spokane, W0Sl1- Belll furniture Co. ' Baby Cribs, 311.95 up ' Youth Beds, 318.50 up ' Baby Hi-Chairs and Carriages 227-229 RIVERSIDE AVE. 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New classes form every Monday KINMAN BUSINESS UNIVERSITY S. 110 Howard Main 1132 swANsnN's ywezm vlc SWANSON Joe DANIELS Owner Manager Spokcne's Friendly Credit Jewelers N. 9 WASHINGTON - SPOKANE Atso 255 vv. BREMERTON, WASH. If... We do not beat Hitler and Hirohito it will do none of us any good to advertise BUY BONDS-2nd War Loon Name Slcmp 8 ea. -p .,,.,j, N. ..,, W - I D4 B 'H I QF- 4 X 1, Mx N Xi X X . 7 Y Q 2 4 95 W 1' 1 . H Tswfjfj' 77- Vx , P 75, , 'Q ??? . MSW Pvg-sk f" , ,.,1'-os" mfr . T f of ' rm -X 1' 5 ' l Lt' i l i- nFSK1lij1Qiigixfx - 'MAX C LQ ATHLETIC 5 N E XIT SM V X K I- , aff? k ff X Q x J HELP WIN THE WA 1 ESMERALDA 0 Qwwf, ' ,Cf . f C0ngrahdah0ns1 gi Rx Q35 I dl f ..-1' . X LLOUDEK, ,amz ABLE Q S w X X : X0 X hd' ,,- l ?.J IN 44 on BEFORE ,Q , xx . the Class of '43 QQ i ' I 7 A . u 1 S I , ff, , 9 K me 4-W , X " xx 'C Q, Cb? ESMERALDA H' lf, J 5. 3 r " ffl S 'l1, 7' fr X 0 E S NA E R A l. D A 9 Compliments of Spokane Council No. 683 Knights of Columbus W. 7l8!6 Sprague Ave. Spokane, Wash. Compliments of ' l'l. S. Gimble ' lnsurance ' Agency R. H. AnoN, Manager Western Pine Mfg. Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of PONDEROSA PINE PRODUCTS Main Office and Factory SPOKANE, WASHINGTON MOESR YOUR James Smyth PLUMBING 8K HEATING C0 AT Main 1118 N. 226 Division Street lllain 8 Wall Riv. 5442 SPOKANE Best Wishes to the ,uwwz pziww, Class of '43 Nycl - Preparations 'Q W' Complete Prescription Department tu Cut-Rate Prices Sundries - Candy - Fountain judge Raymond F. Kelly 0 OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Main 4881 907 Riverside Ave 'Roundup BRAND CANNED FOODS Represent the very highest grade . . . the favorite of best cooks in the Inland Empire Inland Motor freight Serves the Inland Empire S. 110 SHERIDAN ST. FRED C. ASHLEY CU. lleddm "Friendly, Courteous Service BUSINESS PROPERTY CITY HOMES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FARM LANDS VALLEY ACREAGE FIRE INSURANCE Riverside 8095 Main 1707 RIVERSIDE 3194 S. 103 Stevens Street CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF X. Compliments of UNION IIQDN WORKS SPOKANE, WASH. ..75... HAT FREEMAN ' Midflisharle Suits ' Mallory Hats ' Hat Cleaning and Blocking 'imc Phone Main 2795 726 Riverside RUBE PORTEGUESE Cigars, Pipes and Smokers' Specialties O WHITMAN'S CHOCOLATES . . 703 SPRAGUE AVENUE SPOKANE BEST WISHES of MERKLES BAKERY THE HOME OF QUALITY O We Have The Best of Pastries O W. 528 Indiana Brdway 5'l3'I UUUSUNE Spokane? Largest jewelry Store 0 STANDARD PRICED WATCHES 0 DIAMOND MERCI-IANTS FOR FIFTY- SIX YEARS Doerris ewelry COMPLIMENTS of Quality Service ga Spoicane Toilet Supply O 717 Riverside Ave. Est. 1888 Lakeview 2693 N. 629 Erie Standard Optical Co. COMPLIMENTS Optometrists - Eyes Examined Of E bl' h d 1905 0 sm " e Clty Dye Works fa ik! 717 RIVERSIDE AVE SPOKANE Riverside 4141 E. 422 Sprague 6 U, JZ I, 0 r JL S 5 SL ' G! Room 'I4 SALUTES GONZAGA ALUMNI IN THE SERVICE fa! Mr. Alex McDonald, S. J., Moderator PETE MUNGOVAN ,,,,,,,,,,,..,..,..... . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,........,,,....,.,..... P resideni JIM O'LEARY .....,.,.,.,, ...,,,.,,.,. V ice President PHIL LENOUE .....,.,,,,, .,,.,,,,.ee,,,, ....,......,.,,,. S e creiory PAT KING ,,,,,,,e,.e,aA, ...,.A.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,...,,....,...,,. S ergeanf-of-Arms DICK MANGAN DANNY LORCH JERRY O'BRIEN JAY JOHNSON JIM LYNCH DICK MERRIMAN RAY ORCHARD JOE KENSOK EDDIE MURPHY DAN DONAHUE CARROL MCGOLDRICK PAUL KLASEN JACK KERCHIVAL JUNIOR JOHNSON BOB HAMILTON PAT HURLEY PAT KING DICK MENGERT TED MERTENS RODNEY NELSON JACK LAWLOR TOM KEENAN -77- Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1943 From the DESERT HCTEL First and Post Street SPOKANE J. E. McGovern- Carroll Co. Complete INSURANCE Service 624- PEYTON BUILDING MAIN 2334 Sprouse-Reilz Co. 51' - 100 - 150 - Store ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAMILTON NEAR MISSION Compliments of George Elmer Brown ATTORNEY N. 5202 MARKET STREET Compliments of Compliments ot Auto Intern:-han Lines nom 3 Bus Transportation REV. C. MECKES, S. J., Moderator 'LX' J. STOCKTON, President R. ESCURE, Secretary l'r1-nl and Howard Spokane R. GANDINI, Sergeant-at-Arms R. WOHRLE, Vice President G. NAKASHIMA, Treasurer Cgnlpliynents of T. BECKER M. BURGER M. BREWER T. POPE The Liberty Theatre K- BURGER J' PORTER fnilways the Best for Liberty T' CORKERY J' RETZEL g,,e,,,g R. CROWLEY J. ROBBINS Best wishes for all Gonzaga fight- 'l' DAVEY L' SCHOVAERS ing men who are in the service -l- HENDERSON R- 5NlDER and those who are about to go W, MCGOWAN H, SWENSON in. We know they will give a T MORRIS R WALSH good account of themselves. K' PAIN R' WEAVER Managed by JIMMY KEEFE Tf BECKER ' lI'l0I'IllUl' IIOIIZIILZII High Svhool Studentl neue, ,Me peaplen The Japanazis think the U.S.A. is a most peculiar land. They can't under- stand why people should be free to think and say what they please, and above all, be free to govern them- selves. We Americans cherish the freedom to worship as we will, to speak openly, to fear no man, and to be free from want. But, Freedom must grow or it will wither, and one of the most important forces in its growth is PRINTING. Through PRINTING people can be educated and informed and with com- plete freedom of speech and the press this nation can continue to dedicate itself to its divine concept of the equal- ity of man. THE INLAND-AMERICAN PRINTING CO E. 706 SPRAGUE AVENUE SPOKANE -79- Stanclard Print Co. BLUE PRINTS - - WHITE PRINTS PHOTOSTAT PRINTS ' THE BENEVOLENT AND PROTECTIVE 314 Hyde Building Main 2985 ORDER OF Compliments of 5 Hill ar O tical Co. EXTENDS Y d P BEST WISHES DR. J. J. DAVEY - DR. VERNE ELLIS OPTOMETRISTS To the GTCCIUCIIDQ Glenwood 5172 N. 4801 Market I I of I43 Spokane, Wash. ..........i I McGoIcIricIc Lumber Co. "One Piece or ci TruckIoad" GLENWOOD T646 -BQ- THE ngrczvings FOR Tfzis flnmza! WERE IDPOJUCQC! By the Spokane-American Engraving Co. Chronicle Building I SPOKANE, WASHINGTON Compliments of James Cannon BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '43 Your Sheriff Compliments of FROM S kane Title CO The Quarterback P0 ' Club O E. I.. Taylor, I'rL-.s1'c1'0nI RLDPATH HOTEL Qfnflz Gompfinzelzfs of gas men oom 11 Mr. Riordon, S. J., Class Moderator HOWARD BENNETT PAT MORRIS MIKE BOSCH PAUL OLSEN CHUCK CHURCHILL LARRY ROBINSON ED CLARK JOE ROTH MIKE CRONIN JACK SMITH BOB CROTEAU TONY CURRAN MARK DERR RAY ETTER RONALD ELTON JOE FEY JACK GARLAND WAYNE GARRITY DICK HARRIS RAY KENNEDY JACK KIMBALL BOB LAVIGNE BILL MACE JOHN MORAN FRANK YUSE KENNETH SPILKER GENE STROMBERG JAY TERHAAR ARTHUR TIGHE AL TVVOHY GENE VOGRIG CHUCK VOLLMER BOB WELCH FRANK WIEMAN CARL ZINKGRAF Colle e Insurance ADQQLQQZQOO A LESSQN 'N HIGH sci-soot Thrift A005 524,000 ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Grades I-8 L .000000 0 ,.0,000000 0,0000,...00 L ,000000 .,S64,000 If you would have your son or daughter U5 Get a job: C25 Keep it through depression: C35 Rise to higher salary brackets: C45 Maintain earnings after 50:-Give that child training to the limit of his capacity and your purse. The most pleasant 'fobligationn that any parent may incur, is the "obligation" of seeing that his child has an "edge on success," by providing him with a college education. WHY GO TO COLLEGE? GO TO COLLEGE TO GAIN CULTURE: WTHE FULL LIFE." Says former President Hyde of Bowdoin College: "To be at home in all lands and all ages: to count nature a familiar acquaint- ance and art an intimate friend: to gain a standard for the apprecia- tion of other men's work and the criticism of one's own: to carry the keys of the world's library in one's pocket, and feel its re- sources behind one in whatever task he undertakes: to make hosts of friends among the men of one's own age who are the leaders in all walks of life: to lose oneself in generous enthusiasms and co- operation with others for common ends: to learn manners from students who are gentlemen: and to form character under professors who are Christians-these are the returns of a college for the best four years of one's life." The Proven, Guaranteed, Thrift-Method of Filling This "0bligation,, Is Provided By: A COLLEGE EDUCATION GUARANTEE POLICY FEDERAL INSURANCE GROUP STEVE YEDINAK AND ASSOCIATES 924-28 Riverside Avenue Spokane, Wash. -83- Compliments of Qi H U G H E s N . 1, d' ' A 1 4 92' Coaisfguitspllgarleises Y-A and 6 Sports Wear HUGHES 608 Riverside 1 CONGRATULATIONS FROM Certified Food Shop THE N. 2001-02 Division SI. H a T Phone Broadway 5761 CERTIFIED SERVICE SATISFIES far your Building Requirements Call Main 4394 I. 0 N G I. A li If Lumber Company Congratulations and All Good VVishes BK Complimenfs of Nu-Art Stuhin Photographs Live Forever 621 JAMIESON BLDG. RIVERSIDE AVE. 8- WALL ST. SPOKANE, WASHINGTON 85 YOU CAN OBTAIN THE PRODUCTS ON THESE PAGES ...from... THE Blue Z While INN HOT LUNCHES O GROCERIES CANDIES WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONGE MR AND MRS J A RYAN COMPLIMENTS OF E ! INDEPENDENT 63954350 V 6' A I CASH 8a CARRY EE Arden WHOLESALE FANCY and STAPLE OF GUARANTEED VALUES COMPLIMENTS ' OF JAlIUH5EN'5 HAKEHY E 41 GRAY AVE SPOKANE 86 W 3. Lillgif 'W J "EQIP O ,I - ART lrlliitzlverages C M M 5 Mrs. A. M. Schultz OF FRESH EGGS Riverside 7690 LOAF With BesT Wishes of the Zeal? lawn THIS SPACE GIVEN BY A FRIEND DAIRY OF GONZAGA Walnut 2444 Dependable COMPLIMENTS f F U R NI T U R E 0 Moderately Priced William Whakler 'N CONTRACTOR BURGAN'S FURNITURE - HARDWARE E. 803 Norcl Glenwood 2529 Division and Boone Spokane Congratulations FLOWEB Sll0P tothe Flowers for All Occasions Senior Class of 'I943 '55 From the Two Convenient Stores Philomathea N' 7 Wall St' The Crescent Mrs. C. O. Boulac, President Main ll73 Main 2341 BEST WISHES T0 THE COMPLIMENTS CLASS OF '43 OF Ben Cohn 8a Bro. The Dad's Club Jewelers 722 RIVERSIDE AVE. SPOKANE TUX E DQS Hilti Ren! a Tuxedo -,'--? WAND Complete outfit, including Shirt, Collar, Ties F0005 and Studs. Single or double-breasted styles. .,,.. 2 .5 "'.i' 5 ..,,j '-g,g.g.'4:Q35f mn ,amp .. .,,.....,....,...,.... ...........,....... s 2.50 1 T -"- ' Costumes for school plays, mosquerades, Q...-E535g5ggfg5,.1.3,2555 rodeos, etc., ai low rentals. 233: ""' INDEPENDENCE We ship anywhere. Mlller - Dervant 617 RIVERSIDE AVE. MAIN 6642 MADE AMERICA BUY INDEPENDENT FROM YOUR RED 81 WHITE GROCER 0 ! THROUGHOUT A VICTORIOUS WAR AND A PROSPEROUS PEACE, WE WISH GON- ZAGA GRADUATES OF 1943 AND OTHER YEARS, GOOD HEALTH, LASTING SUCCESS AND A HAPPY LIFE. O . I lf Its Niade of Paper We Have lt. 707-711 SPRAGUE AVE. 708-710 FIRST AVE QUAUTY Steiers Market PIIOT0 FINISHING We will be lad to serve you with 'Y' the best of everything f, Respectfully, A 0 STEJERS Film Developing ' ' Company N 131i'?I0nven1iPgt Lognegons 0098 , , . w r t. S- 207 Howard Sl- Rw- 0414 N. 2174 Hlfnfilmn Giienzvwgg 1434 Gfufoqrap 5 -90- SP VERSITY ir COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SUMMER OKA NE, WASHI OF OF OF OF OF OF OF OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION EDUCATION ENGINEERING LAW MUSIC NURSING PRE-MEDICINE PRE-DENTISTRY SCHOOL NGT -91- ON I I' x- Lv 'K Ks," , , , Y '. ,, , - T A U : 'mf' 'QE' U ' '. 1 i v " vi, Q':f. --1--1 K., Sufi? YA, .ean "-,Q V ., E r x 'If . . Q. , , . . W .Yeh wa, .u. ,. 1, "-'n- I' 1 . 1 Q . A1 . f'i,,1.y'1f.Q'1',i.f1. " . gf' QQH-.,5.1,, ' ". Z.4'ff,f" ' L," Ft. K,-, . . .N A , .. , . w , r , , 1 Qu' . V W : V ,,. : 1 I v , ., 4 , - -f. . w. 1 il ' .1 -' md. ' 1 .. X . V L 9 :.', .Pu F, ' ,ix nl xl 4 ,, A ,K ' X V ' S ' N Q ,- ' 4 iff 'V N ,. HW 2' uf..-if , 535 1 , K Q 1 ai M, G. K , , a 1 I it np., :G .1 nh K fi -X-... sa wi ,K ,V J. A V ,us ,. f'4lff:,, , 15995 E K K Q 5' vb M2 KM xiii 1 H' lx A, ., . 1.4, h I f, X 'We KM' X , vs. W, , - I Y K' . K . ' iw f w

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