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Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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' LS., 1.6. 'I fr .395 ?1 ' ,, 1,3 arf , ,5 H., .z j fs. I4 ,.,- J. 1.4 r- sw 0. n ha., 1. Hu -. - . . q ' - , w .4 5- . . - -5 - ' . -Y g.A-"ff:--' .. . Y ...:: f . " -, ,,.2-"psf 'f 4--1 1 A-1' M-uf ww., I-,N x A Ah, 'Q 25 ,314 ,fat ,?- ",gf,'.-' ' 5' " on 937 " 1' 'Nw x .af fm .fa x w we fwg' ' M , 4? ':t.'3'f5M:l.'w-,. - MAN" "" x S w"3"wa5wfJFa'5'9"fi'5,-"-E ,0v a- .L 'S '-N -...- -w..,zw.-w'5s.......4g2' 'sg'-31941.-...-f 1' -,Q :.JQ .gf ...-. lfgfrf nr, I -. '44 3+ , L' TQ, iii' 'ii-1. ,fx-' 5, P2-. lfwfi l'?1' ,J 5 '3 icq: ."il51 , ., iss. 35 'Y :sin A25 L4-. 1 il 'fpz 'fNi cm. "f" -Fifi 55.7- ZQ Sf v 25, E-E7 .. fp . ' K A ' " f fffi'-fl 'I eff-' .4Pf35' ?fL5" 'Hf1EFf?'7i'5'33- ' ' I f -L 1-- ' Eff ' i t ' ...ff'f:F". 1' "' ga- f' -'Pg hgxE'3553'w3l"': ffl. ,S-15-. L .SG .. ..5Q,g32l skE?g?5 ':'-El .-'ff' "F: ' " ff " "-ff"-'T' f-7 -S--f . "- " 5' -f ' LUIGIAN of 1940 all CNHI S C H X liuszm sx Klum an .1.XfQIiI'IliiIX.Elx 151' rn' 1:7 5 fxwl I5msX1f Cw1w1lff ,Xxx Y' I4'l.L1'1.'f21 CHL: f ffl THE L IGIA 1940 THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF GONZAGA HIGH SCHOOL Spokane Washington Volume Nine Published by 11171170111 IS L1 111 1 11111711111171 1171 117111 7111 111111117 11171711'11s111 L1 171 1171 11711171111711 171 1171 131711 1111 171 J1s11s IJUIIIYC1 1171s1 1711s1 117111 1117111111s J11s1111s 171111 171117 111111711711 1417111711 1771117 1171' s111771 171117111711s LL 171117 171111 171117 117111s111 117117 L19 11111 1171 SL 1711s1 117111 L11 1 117111 171111 1111117 Uf1Ll1?K1 177117 C1 11717117111117 111111711711 17171 17171111171 117111111 17111 111s17 1171 1111111 1111 B1s1111s 1177171711s1z11711 1171 11111111111 SIUUIILS 171 1171 11118811111 1111111111717 1171111 171111 117SI1'11111 177111711 171111 1111111111111 1111111111s 111711 1111711'111s 1717117 171 11171117 1111117 1171 11171711 1771117 1171 111711 1111s 1 111117717s1 117117 1171 1111 171 ll 1111711111 J1's1111 91 717171 1171 s111111171s 1111 1717111711 t171111171r 1711 S171771' 1117 111111117 11111 11711 1171 11'17111' G17r71111111 117s1111s Ll deep 111117111717 117117 1171 1711111 171 1171111 71111111171 bClC1'I 117111111111111 11117 17111111121 1718 1111 117 1171 1711 177111711s 1111111111s 1711x1171 117 C117171111111 s 111111111 11,1177 117 1171s 1711118 11111 171 1117117111111 11711 s11171fs 17 Ll 1111111 1x11 111111 11 4 7 . . , I-D , '1117'.' 11' ' 11'1- 111' " ' ' 4 -1 1 N ' 1 7- 'A I l"N ' 4 I . A 1 N V... I - II' K'. 'I Jl'I I' A ' 'J 1.1" K7 'l- -7 77 '77 7 A' K- 7 -I -I 71- 1 '- 77 77 I l 1-7 I K '- 1.1711 .' l ' Q '11's. r 1 7 77 '77 7 - . . I ' - - - 1 j' K. A . . "7. 717' 7K- 7 I 7 ' ' .7 '7t- A , - wwq- A I I A . 1 I' ' 1 A ' I . 117 1 1171117 V11 171- lL'l, LUIAS17 117 t11'1'1' Cl ' i I I' I I' 'J J I K' - '7'. A 5 l ' ' I ' l' 7 7 ,V l 7 7 7 7' A l 1 . ' ' ,' . . , '. 'I ' , - 7- 1- - -7. '7l- -7t-7 ' N -4 - , . 7'-17 L 7l- 'V 7 7 1-'7 .- f 5" 71 11 ' 77. -...N JL-' c?ff,334 DCd1C3t10H Dld anyone ever stop to thmk what a lonely feellng would prevall about Gonzfaga rf we were Wlthout tht servxces of Brother Peter Bus kens S J ' There IS no more famlllar flgure about the campus no one more sought after for sympathy and advxce and no one more loved by every member of the student body and alumnr than thrs xenerable guard1an of the property room So to you dear Brother we dedxcate 'I he Lulglan of 1940 wnth the hope that m the future years you vu 1ll cherlsh our memory as you cherlsh the memory of those who have preceded us through the portals of Gon zaga 5 ' 4 ' T 9" ., 4 .pg A gs 1 BROTHER PETER BUSKENS, 0 - I 'Cd l O O FATHER LEO J. ROBINSON. Presiden t Scene ADMINISTRATION IiA'I'II1iR JAM135 T. Mc:Gu1caAN. S. J. Przbncipal JXLZYJLL. J Ili? , Iffffi' L, 7'-V 1' V 1' V. J' ffl! 17 M f k'f,.4J,Lff,1 f ,QQ- vijjfj D,f,f,1fgff ffmmfiilfyjwmigg FR. JOHN W. DUNNE, S. J. FR. PATRICK T. JOYE, S. J. Religion Vice Principal Moderator 4B Religion English French FR. GEORGE M. SIMONEAU, S. J. Physics Latin FR. JOSEPH M Religion FR. JOSEPH P. LOGAN, S. J. Dean of Men Religion Latin MR. CLARE A. Religion Geometry Algebra MR. LOUIS J. STEINBERGER, S. J. Moderator 2C English ' Commercial W ' MR. WILLIAM Religion English Latin MR. LEO F. LANPHIER, S. J. Moderator 4A Moderator Sock and Buskin Club Director Dramatics Religion English Latin MR. EUGENE A Chemistry German MR. JOSEPH E. GRADY, S. J. Prefect of Discipline Moderator Tau Gamma Beta Moderator Band Track Coach Latin .:,g... GEORGEN, S. J. HAYES, S. J. I , J. GILL, S. J. .HEALY, S. J. MR. PAUL WEISSENBERG, S. Assistant Prefcct of Discipline Moderator 3A Moderator Knights of the Leash Latin MR. JOHN W. McDONALD, S. J. Moderator IB Moderator Maior Athletics Religion History MR. JAMES U. CONWELI.. S. J Moderator 2B Q. Moderator The Luigian Moderator The Gonzagan Religion English Greek MR. FRANK E. DUFFY, S. J. Moderator IC Moderator Sodality Tennis and Midget Coach Religion Latin MR. ROBERT M. LUGER. S. J. Moderator 2A Midget and Frosh Coach Religion English History MR. JOHN J. EVOY, S. J. Moderator IA Moderator Debating Society Golf and Frosh Coach Religion Algebra Sociology MR. JAMES J. HESS, S. J. Moderator 3C Religion English History Civics MR. WILLIAM H. FRAZIER Head Coach Moderator "G" Club Geometry MR. JOHN J. SMITH Moderator 3B English Typewriting History Civics MR. DONALD R. RYAN Moderator 4C English Spanish Advanced Algebra Trigonometry MR. GEORGE P. LUCAS Band Director ..9... 41' Scene GRADUATES 1 JOHN A. FITTERER - President: "BIack1'e": "Well what do you know?": Lourdes Academy, Ellensburg: Honor Classical: Honor Roll l,2,3, 4: Student Body Officer 3: Class Pres. 2: Apolo- getics l,2,3: Elocution 2.3: Dramatics 3,4, President 4: Sodality 1,2,3,4, Officer 2,3,4: Leash 3.4: "G" Club 3,4, Officer 4: Tau Gamma Beta l,2,3,4, Officer Z,3,4, President 2,43 Luigian Staff 2,3,4, Editor 4: Gonzagan Staff 2,3,4: Football 3,4: Baseball 2,4. . ci, V1 fffafil ffl! -L5-:AJ 4151" tiff 6"-fi 1- . fi i ' 'JJ t f 1 "' 'F' f f' -Cf If Cf JAMES F. DEVINY-Vice President: "Jim": "I-Iey! Where's Flynn?": St. Aloysius: General: Class Officer l,2,3,4: "G" Club 3,4, Officer 4: Football 2,3,4: Track 4. A .fer f Z 43' ff If f ff 5 Ll x K 'fx K X in 6 . ' 4 1' J Yi J I 4, U 4 In li! 1 l if if if ' G f'RALD M. GOEDEN-Secretary: "Crooner": "Co e on, fellas!": Libby Junior Hi: General: Ho or Roll 3: Student Body Officer 4: Class Officer l,4: Dramatics 4: "G" Club l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1.2.3. President 2: Football l,2,3: Track l.2,3: Hockey 4. , l Iwi I V I If lx f I f X, ., I 1 l A Y 'P 1 4 JOHN LESLIE KAPFER - Treasurer: "Lesh: "No, we never do that": St. Patrick: Honor Classical: Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Class Officer 3,41 Leash 4: "G" Club 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4: Track 4. ....12- f7m9V fs f f RICHARD J. A -"D1'Ck": "lt is better to go around then be drownedu: St. Xavier: General: Dram- atics l.2.3.4: Sodality l.2,3.4: Glee Club l: Rifle 3. EDWARD C. ANKI-,RSON-"Anl2u": "XVell l'll beT": St Joseph l,atin-English: Sodality l.2.3.4: Honor Roll me QNX GORDON F. B.xx'i:tiR K hidden: Vlillard: General: Class Officer 1.2.3, President 1.2: Sodality 2.3. 4: Drum and Bugle l.2.3: Orchestra l.2: Gonzagari Staff 1.2: Football 3.4: Track 1.2: Golf l.2,3,4. Cap- tain 4. ROBIRF GALE BliSSli--"Bussie": "Baxter, where are you' Hollywood Military Academy 2: Scientific: Class Wf.J7,,M4' A 22 JoHN I-. BOGLE-"Sp d": "lt's fact": Sr. Augie!- tine: General: Gonzagan Staff 2.3: Luigian Staff 4.1 j f ffv, M ,VOM 4"6' MICHAH. P, BOGLE--4'Bz'ng": "lt's the same thinguz St francis Scientific: Honor Roll 1.3: Sodality 1.2,3.4: X ' Glee Club l 2: Track 2.3.41 Tennis 4: Radio Club 3.4. jf rs,.+,fa,.,M, af-fav, 4 RICHARD Il. BO'I'T.IliR-"Botch": "Thats no rouse": North Central 3: Scientific: Honor Roll 3.4: Luigian Staff 4: Football 4: Baseball 4. CLIFFORD F. BRUYA-:'Tubby": "Oh. I don't know Sacred Heart: Classical: Honor Roll 2.3.41 Class Officer 2.3: Elocution 3.4: Dramatics 2.3.41 "G" Club 4 Drum and Bugle 2. Officer Z: Football 2.3.45 Track 3 Bowling 4. ALBERT R. BUDIG-"AIN: "What's wrong with you guys?": West Valley 2: Scientific: Honor Roll 2.3.41 Sodality 2.3.41 "G" Club 3.4: Penmen 4: Gonzagan Staff 3, 4: Track 2.3.4. Co-Captain 4: Radio Club 3.4. Officer 3.4. LFONARD P. BUDILE-"Shorly": "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do t0day": Scott Community 41 ROBERT G. BUNCH-"Burch": "Boy, in the good old days of St. Pat's. we won in every sport": St. Patrick: Latin-linglish: Honor Roll 4: Dramatics 4: Sodality 3.4: "Ci" Club 3.4: Orchestra 3: Track 3.4, Co-Captain 4: Tennis 3. ...13.. 1,1440 VVILLIAM J. CARROLL--"lV1'Il1'e4': "You can't do that to meY": North Central 3: Scientific: Honor Roll 3: Leash 4: Luigian Staff 4: Radio Club 3.4. JACQUES B. CLINKSCALES - "Cli'nh": "Greetings Gates. am I too late?": Lewiston Hi 4: General: Band 4, Officer 4: Gonzagan Staff 4. 1.AURtiNCti Coxxtati. - "Conm'e"g "Nutsf" Lewis and Clark 3: General: Band 3.4. Officer 3.4. FRANK XV. CORKIERY-"Cork": "Come on. Lee. let's goin: St. Aloysius: Latin-English: Class Officer 3. Pres- ident 3: Sodality l.2.3.4: Drum and Bugle Z: Football 3: Tennis 32 Hockey 2: Bowling 4. AUtlUS'I'lNli J. COZZA --"Gus": "Well listen, fel- lows": Hamilton: Honor Classical: Honor Roll l.Z.3.4: 2.3.-l: Oratory 3, Second Place: filocution 2.3.4. Second Place 2.3: Debating 2.3. Officer 3: Dramatics 3.4: Student Body Officer 3.4: Class Officer 3: Apologetics Sodality l.Z.3,4: Leash 3.4. Officer 4: Penmen 4: Quill and Scroll 4. President 4: Luigian Staff 2.3.4. Business Manager 4: Gonzagan Staff 2.3.4, Editor 4. GIQORCEIE A. DAHMIEN-"I'ex": "Say. boys. down in Moscow-": St. Ann: Latin-English: Sodality l.2.3.4. HUGH T. DANIIELS-"DaUe": 'AI didn't do it": Lewis and Clarlc Z: General: Class Officer 3: Orchestra 2. CLARENCIE D. DASHIf2I.I.-"KElIy"J "Why. Wl'l3I'S the matter": North Central Z: General. VVILLIAM P. DAVIS-"BiII": "What did you say. Mister? Huh?": North Central 3: General: Bowling 3.4. GABRIEL DE ROETTH-"Gabe": "In Hungary we never did that": Chicago 4: Scientific: Honor Roll 4. HARRY G. DUMAS-"Dummy": 'iMmm. could ben: St. Aloysius: Scientific: Honor Roll 3.4: Sodality l.Z.3. 4: Leash 4: Track Z: Tennis 3.4. VRNI-SI R l7.XIRl.l'ltiH--"Ifrme4'5 "Nou: up in Canadafug Vancouver College Yancouver l3. C 2: Cieneral: lau Gamma l3eta 2.3.41 l3and 34. Officer 4. ' .l.XNll S H. l'll l---5'.lftOt't"'.' "So l aint! got .1 tllxctlo on-so what?'4: St. Alovsius: Classical: Honor Roll l. 2.3.4: Class Officer l.2.3.4: Sodaliti' l.2.3.4. l'refect 4: l.eash 3.4, President 4: "Ci" Club 3.4: lootball 2. 3.4: l3aseball 1.2.3. .ll-ROXH' D. l5I.l CjK7'Ult'rl:1": "VCell. lll be clarnedh: Gettysburg High School S. Daltota 4: Cieneral. l:IJXK'.-XRD S. l:l.YNN--"ffd"J "Ht't'f Have vou seen Deviny?": Havermale: Scientific: Honor Roll l.2: Stu- I dent Body Officer 4: Class Officer 3: Sodalitv 2.3.41 leash 3.4: "GM Club 3.4: football 2.3.-l: 'lirack 3.4. 9 g XV.fXI.I..XClf li. l7I.YNN--"ll'ullL1": "l.et's be seri St. .lohn's Pxcailemv 2: Honor Classical: Honor Roll . Track 4. ROBERT J. G.-XSSMAN 4 "Gc1.s.sy": "Hey, Dag Catcherfuz Centennial Hi. Pueblo 4: General: Snndality 4: l.uigian Staff 4. ROl3ltR'l' GlfRSTl5Xf3l'Rfil'R--HOVII4VI and that eight ball. liittereruz St, Patrick: Honor Classical: Honor Roll l.2.3,4: President 3A: Dramatics 4: Sodality 2.3.41 l.cash 3.4: "GH Club l.2.3.4. President 4: l,uigian Staff 3.4: Gonmgan Staff 3: Pzaslxetball 2: liootball 2.3.4. Captain 4: Baseball l.2 3.4: llocltev 4. .IOIIN Nl. GOODWIN-''flrvhmvu .llzkeif 'fiot a date?": St. Aloysius: Scientific: Honor Roll l.2.3: Student Bodv President 4: Class Officer l.2.3: Debating l.2. Dramatics 2.3.4: Sodality l.2.3.4: l.eash 3.4: "O" Club 2.3.4. Officer 4: Conzagan Staff 4: l.uigian Staff 4: liootball 3.4: Baseball l.2.3.4: Pmasl-netball 2.3.4, Captain 4: Track 2.4: Tennis 2: Golf 4, XVII.I.l.'XXl .l. GRAN'I'A9'Grt'ek": '4Ouiclt as a flashmz Otis Orchards: Honor Classical: Honor Roll 2.3,-1: Apologetics 4: Oratory 4: lllocution 4: Sodality l.2.3. 4: Glee Club l: Orchestra l. l.ANlISl1R'I' J. GR.XY-"lily Hou": "Button vour lip. Sonnvui St. Alovsiusz l,atin-lfntllishz Honor Roll l.2. 3.4: Debating l 2.3: Sodalitv l.2.3.4: Glee Club 1.23: Drum and Bugle 2.3, Officer 2.3: Orchestra 21 Penmen 2: l.u9gian Staff 2.3: Oon7agan Staff 2.31 lfootball 3.4 XVIILIXXY I7 OR.'XY-"l5'll": 'look me up at Klan- etsch's": St. .-Xlovsius. Scientific: Honor Roll l.3.4: Class Officer 3: Sodalitv l 2: "CLA Club 2 3,43 l.uigian Staff 4: Tennis 2.3.4. 2.52. FRANCIS E. HARVEY-"Shorty": "Well, well": St. Francis: Honor Classical: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4: Sodality 2,3. GEORGE W. HAYDEN-"Babe": "Nicht wahr?" North Central 4: General: Honor Roll 4: Dramatics 4 Penmen 4. WILLIAM A. HEYWOOD - Salutatorian: "B1'Il"g "Chuckle, chuckle": Logan: Honor Classical: Honor Roll 1,2.3,4: Class Officer 4: Elocution 1: Sodality 1,2,3,4, Officer 4: Glee Club 2: Penmen 4, President 4: Quill and Scroll 4, Officer 4: Gonzagan Staff 4, Associate Editor 4. fy JOSEPH RAYMOND HILL-"Ray": "Having troub If le?": St. Joseph: General: Honor Roll 2,3,4: Sodality 1 JOHN V. HOERNER--"Speed": "DadburnitI": St. Dakota: General: Orchestra 1. I 1 WILLIAM A. JULIANO-"Ju1'ce": Not bad, huh?" Rogers 2: Scientific: Class Officer 2: Track 4. OSCAR A. KANZLER-"Shorty": "Any mail for me?": Ritzville 4: General: Tau Gamma Beta 4. f ' I f.EON P. KAPFER--"Lee": "It's Hillyard, not Dog- town": St. Patrick: Honor Classical: Honor Roll 1,2 020 3,4: Class Officer 3,4, President 4: Sodality 1,2,3,4: ' "G" Club 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4: Track 2,4. NOEL S. KINDER-"Nick"' "All ood thin s must 1 S g come to an end": Lewis and Clark 4: General: Honor Roll 4 V01 Missoula Hi 3: General: Honor Roll 3: Band 3,4. THOMAS E, LAVIN-"Fr1'tz": "That's me": Bonners xpLlFerry 4: Scientific: Honor Roll 4: Sodality 4: Band 4. SL. . S? M 2 0' Wai HARRY R. KOSTENICK-"Kr'ch": "Is that a fact?": JOHN O. 1.t5Dt2RtsR-"Jach": "Night out' Jeffcr son Hi. Portland 4: Scientific: Honor Roll 4 Dramatics 4: Tau Gamma Beta 4: Yell Leader 4. ROBIERT ll. l.lili-"Skinny Enmisug "Got a nickelfwz Riverside Hi. Oregon 2: General: Honor Roll 3.4: Dramatics 4: Glee Club 2.3: Bowling 4. ALBERT l,lCllT-"13LlIt'h"i 'il'll dittle dlllle lxldS Central Valley 2: General: Honor Roll 2.3 4 Sodality M 3.4. RICHARD ll. I,0VIE-"IJi'x1'e": "Hey. Smith, co heref": St. Ann: General: Honor Roll l.2.3: Class Of- ficer l.2.3.4. President 3: Leash 4: "G" Club 2.3.4, JEROME M. MARCOTTE-"Jerry": 4' I Hi. Winlock 2: Scientific: Honor Roll 3: Sodality Band 3.4: Tau Gamma Beta 2.3.4. JAMES E. MARTIN--"Beef": "Well, I don't known: Havermale: General: Class Officer 2.3: Dramatics 3.4: "G" Club 1.2.3,-1: Luigian Staff 3: Football l.2.3,4: Baseball l, FRANK D, NIASTRERSON-"MaSlu": "Oh, l wouldnt say that if I were you": St. Aloysius: Class cal Honor Roll l.2.3.4: Class Officer l: Debating l.2 Officer Dramatics 2,3,4: Sodality l,2.3.4: Glee Clu Ouill and Scroll 4: Luigian Staff 4: Gonzagan Staff 3 4 Football 3, a THOMAS MCCANN-"Tom": "How about that sub- scription?": North Central 3: General: Class President . .J LEO D. NICDONNELL-"Mac": "Did you get your French?": Conrad Hi, Montana 3: General: Honor Roll 3: Drum and Bugle 3: Band 3.4, Office 4: Track JOSEPH J. MCDONOUGH-"J.J.": Hi, Bud": Srrwggg l Jude Thaddeus. Havre. Montana: Honor Classical: Hono Roll l.2,3.4: Class Officer 2: Debating 3. Officer 3: Sodality l.2.3: Dramatics 2.3,4: Band 3,4. Bandmaster 4: Tau Gamma Beta l.2.3.4, Officer 4: Luigian Staff 3.4: Gonzagan Staff l,2,3,4. GIiR.-XRD TROY lVlCGARITY-"Pie XVI? sure": Lourdes Hi. Albuquerque, N. M. 4 Band 4: Tau Gamma Beta 4. ROBERT D. MCGOLDRICK-"Bob": "That's what I sayin: St. Augustine: Scientific: Honor Roll 3: Sodality 3.4: Leash 4: "G" Club 4: Luigian Staff 3.4. Associate Editor 4: Football 3.4: Basketball 3: Track 3.4: Rifle 1.2. DONALD R. MCKENZIE--"Donn: "I'll hit you on the ding dong": St. Xavier: Latin-English: Honor Roll 1. 2.3: Class Officer 2: Sodality 2,3,4: Band 2.3. TIMOTHY J. MCKINNEY-"Timm: "Come on. Mister. I can't go to jug": St. Aloysius: Scientific: Student Body Officer 4: Class Officer 2.3.4, President 2.3: Sodality l.2.3.4: Leash 4: "G" Club 3.4: Glee Club l.2: Foot- ball 3.4: Track 2: Basketball 3.4. THOMAS G. MCLAUGHLIN-'iMGC"i i'Let'S play handball": Roge s 2: Scientific: Honor Roll 2.3: Track ' L inf E f lu 4 . ,. , Vp li 1 f 34 F lf!!- JOHN Ii. MERRIMAN-"Lefly": ' ey, FatboyI": Moscow Hi 3: General: Sodality 3.4: Glee Club 3: Drum and Bugle 3: Baseball 4: Tennis 4. f 1. ,,4. ' r' 'ff if 1 fl 'JOHN B. MERTENS-"Non": "Well, I'll be darned": Qi! 'fill' Trent Grade School: General: Honor Roll 1.2: Rifle 1. Vfi N' 1 I 1 WALTER J. MIOTKE-"WaIr"g "He was that big!": Rogers 2: General. ROBERT N. MULLIN-"Moon": "Think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?": Lewiston Hi 3: General: Band 4: Tau Gamma Beta 3.4. ROBERT H. NEUDORFER--"Dutch"g "Now out by my place4": Lewis and Clark 3: General: Honor Roll I4 3: Football 4. I f of 114 gf: swf gf fart. flftf fffffifi 2' f A I ' 'f W! ff ' A 4 if iflf LAWRENCE O'HARE--"lda": "Ask Yahoodi": St. Joseph: General: Class Officer 2: Sodality l,2.3.4: Glee Club 3. ROBERT P. O'MEARA-"Bz'ng": i'Hi ya all honey": Sacred Heart: General: Football 4: Tennis 3.4. ..-.18-. EUGENE OiNl:ll.--i'G0nt"'J HL2lUgh? I Ih0llgl'lI l'd dief": Snoqualmie Falls: Honor Classical: Honor Roll l.2.3.4: Debating 2. Officer 2: Sodality l.2.3.4: Leash 4: Penmen 4: Quill and Scroll 4. Officer 4: Tau Gamma Beta l.Z.3.4. Officer 4: Gonzagan Staff 3.4. LAXYRFNCIQ Nl. PA'l"l'l'RSONi"f.urrI,f',' "XV7llCl3? That's me": St. Joseph: Scientific: Honor Roll 1.2.3,-lg Debating 2.41 Dramatics 4: Sodalily' l.2:3.4. Officer 4: Leash 4: Drum and Bugle Z. Officer 2: Orchestra l: Penmen 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Luigian Staff 4: Gon- zagan Staff 2.3.41 Hockey 2: Radio Club 3.4. President 3.4. XVILLI.-Xfkl A. POR'l'FR1iilVl-fd' Blifflii KKMCCI YOU at Richie's": St. Francis: General: Class Officer 2.3: Sodality l.2.3.4: "G" Club 3.4: Football 3.4: Baseball 4: Golf 4. JAMES B. RFICHXIANN-l'afedrclorranf "Cfarence": 'pk "Say. did you hear where Everett Hi won?": North Jun- 75, ior Hi, Everett 2: Honor Classical: Honor Roll 2.3,4: Student Body Officer 4: Class Officer 3: Apologetics 4: F lflocution 4, Second Place 4: Gold Medal Debate 3.4. First Place 4: Toastmasters Contest 4: Dsbating 2.3.4. 1 Officer 41 Sodality 2.3.4: Leash 4: UG" Club 4: Pen- - men 4: Tau Gamma Beta 2.3.4: Luigian Staff 3.4: ,'Y"' Gonzagan Staff 3.4: Football 3.41 Baseball 4: Golf 2.3' Hockey 4. NICHOLAS J. RESSA--"Shorty": "Hullo. Chuck": Havermale 2: General: Honor Roll 2: "G" Club 4: Basketball 4: Tennis 4: Yell Leader 4. VVILLIAM J. RIELLY-"B1'll": "Yes, yes": Webster: General: Drum and Bugle 2.3: Rifle 2.3. lfDKlL'ND J. RlPPl.l:--Ufilill i'YOJl'!. SO Wl1al?UI St. Francis: Latin-linglish: Class Officer 4: Sodality l. 2.3.4: l.eash 4: "G" Club 4: Glee Club 2.3: Football 3,41 ROSWISLI. H. ROS.-'NLJIAR-"Doc": "Sure, l'll take you down": North Central 2: General: Class Officer 3. RICHARD P. SARTAIN-"Kiss K1'ss": "Listen, goonsu: St. Anthony: General: Honor Roll 1: Student Body Officer 4: Class Officer 2.3.45 Sodality l.2.3: Leash 4: "G" Club 3.4. Officer 4: Luigian Staff 4: Football 3.4: Baseball 3.4: Track 4. JOHN R. SCH.-XUL-"Juch": "Let's have a little quiet, pleasef": St. Augustine: Honor Classical: Honor Roll l. 2.3.4: Class Officer 2: Debating l.2. Officer 21 Dra- matics 2.3: Sodality l,2.3.4: Leash 4: Glee Club 2: Penmen 4. Officer 4: Gonzagan Staff 4: Track 3: Golf 3: Rifle 2. ROBERT SCHROEDl:RiHBObHl Hlxnd stuff like that there": Central Valley Hi 3: General: Drum and Bugle 3. -19... WILLIAM P. SHANNON- "Bill": "I'll flub your dub": Bemis: General: Sodality 1.2: Drum and Bugle 2.3. ROBERT J. SHARP - "Zuhe": "Same difference": Havermale 2: Scientific: Honor Roll 2.3,4: "G" Club 4: Gonzagan Staff 4: Basketball 4. ROWLAND GUY SHELLEDY-"Pete": "That's a factZ": St. Augustine: Scientific: Honor Roll 1.3.41 Class Officer l: Debating 2: Glee Club 2: Hockey 2,4. MAXWELL H. SHINN-"Max": "Hello, Joe": Otis Orchard: General: Leash 3.4, Officer 4: Luigian Staff 3. JOHN J. SLEAVIN-"Jack": "Hi ya": Custor Hi 2: Scientific: Honor Roll 3.4: Sodality 2.3: Drum and Bugle 2:!Rifle!. 2,1 ' f 1 ' 1 WILBERT J. STACHOFSKY-"K:'lIer": "Where's Jerry?": Sacred Heart: General: Honor Roll 1: Class Officer l2.3.4. President 4: Sodality l.2: "G" Club 4: Glee Club 1.2: Football 3.4: Track l: Rifle l. VJILLIAM B. STAGG-"Bill": "Well, l'll be dog- goned": St. Joseph: Latin-English: Honor Roll l,4. JOSEPH STREIFEL-"Shorty": "I ain't talkin' "C Roger Dodge Hi, North Dakota 2: General: Sodality 23.4. DAVID J. SWENSEN-"Sweden: "I don't know": Our Lady of Lourdes: Scientific: Honor Roll l,2.3,4. ROBERT J. TAVERNIA-"Porhy": "That old stuff don't go around here": St. Aloysius: Latin-English: Honor Roll 3: Sodality 1.2,3,4: Glee Club 2. A 2.204 FRED NN. THIiR1AUI.T-"I"ri'tz": "What's going on here?": Avery Hi 3: Scientific: Honor Roll 3: Class Officer 3.4: Tau Gamma Beta 3.4: Bowling 3. Wll.LIANl Vvl. 'rlalOXlPSON1"B!il1"J "YCJh?'lZ Pafk County Hi 2: Scientific: Glee Club 2: Tau Gamma Beta 2.4. GEORGIQ D, TICHBOURN--"Xl'illy": "Keep a cool head": Lewis and Clark 3: General: Honor Roll 3: Leash 4: Football 3.4. I HAROLD J. 'TRll5SCl'l--UHUIUJ i'ThaI'S no kiddin' HZ St. Ann: Classical: Honor Roll 1.2.41 Dramatics 3.4: Sodality Officer 4: Leash 3.4. Officer 4. ARTHER C. VELLING-"Arl": "That's a fact": St. Patrick: Latin-English: Football 2.4. GEORGE VINNEAU-'AFIash": "1 ain't sayin' "3 St. Joseph: Latin-English. RICHARD F. VOMASKE-"Di'ck": "One never knows. does onef"': St. Aloysius: Scientific: Sodality l.2.3.4: Track 3: Tennis 4: Hockey 2: Rifle 1.2.31 Radio Club 3.4. CHARLES J. WARR1iN-"Chuck": "Are you jugged ' yet. Swede?": Our Lady of Lourdes: Scientific: Honor ' i' Roll l.2.3,4: Gold Medal Debate 4: Debating 3.4: Dra- I f matics 4: Sodality l.2.3.4: Glee Club 1.2.31 Band 3: Penmen 4: Luigian Staff 4: Gonzagan Staff 4. ROBERT EDWARD WHITFORD-"Whl'Sll9 BGUHQ "You can't do that to meT": St. Aloysius: Latin-English: Honor Roll 2: Class Officer 1.4. President 4: Debating 2, Officer 2: Dramatics 2.4: Sodality, Officer 4: Leash 4: "G" Club 2.3.4. Officer 4: Drum and 2.3,4: Baseball Captain 4: Track 2.4: n s 1,2.3.4. DAVID A. YODER--"Sena!or"g "When 1 get at million-"1 St. Aloysiusz General: Honor Roll 2: Apologetics 4, First Place 4: Oratory 1.2.3. F t Pla . Second Place 3: Elocution 1.2.3. First Place 3 De t' 2.3.4, Officer 2.3, President 2: Dramat' 1.2.3 Sodality Officer 3: Leash .4.tDff 4: " Club 3.4: Glee Club 2: Luigian f 2. nzagan Staff 2.3: Yell King 4. Bugle 2: Gonzagan Staff 2.4: Football 3.4: Bask tbal .-21.1 Class Prophecy By CHUCre WARREN Rushrng around the corner I glanced up at the clock atop the Prtterer Burld rng to see that rt was two o clock Boy was I latel My apporntment wrth Sen ator Yoder was for two on the dot Catchrng my breath on the forty frfth floor of the Patterson Radro Central Burldrng I looked about anxrously for the senator Fortunately for me he was late as usual but frnally arrrved ac companred by hrs advrsor John Bogle Wrth salutatrons over we proceeded rnto the audrtorrum where vue were to ve rtness the try outs for the Sleavrn D X 'I he rnventor arded by Mrke Bogle and Brll Carroll fluttered about nervously wrth last mrnute preparatrons As We entered our seats the lrght of the flash that the usher held flrckered on hrs face and to my surprrse I saw rt vras Lee Kapfer who rnformed us that Les was usherrng on the other ars e We were forced to resume our seats for the test Proceedrngs started wrth Marcotte The rnventor then turned on the Jurce for hrs machrne and the srlence of the Qhrnn sound proof room was broken by a low hum Crood afternoon ladres and gentle men Thrs rs your rovrng reporter Bob Sharp speakrng to you from the srte of the new Corkery Burldrng where we are to revrew proceedrngs of the layrng of the corner stone for our radro audrence The burldrng as you know rs to be an rmposrng structure of the new Gassman burldrng materral and rts creators the lVlcCroldr1ck Clrnkscales Constructron Company should b proud of rt All affarrs for the burldrng are be rng handled by that well known frrm 'I hompson I ore and Trchbourn t torneys at law They have secretly con frded to me that already two compet mg frrms are brckerrng for the top floor offrces rn the burldrng and although they drd not grve me the names of these frrms you probably suspect that they are the Dahmen Dumas Dunker Do nut Company and the lVlcGarrty Mc Donough Macaroon Company And now we see that Mayor Stachofsky rs ready to lay the corner stone and so we now Ladres and gentlemen vse rnterrupt thrs program to brrng you a specral news bulletrn The steamer ueen Jo of the Goodwrn Lrne was reported sunk today off the coast of Afrrca From the captarn of the vessel Ed Flynn we have recerved a lrst of the mrssrng Laurence Connell famed ex plorer Len Budrg hrs companron Doc Rosauer notorrous speed krng Brll Stagg and Ed Ankerson promrn ent busrness men returnrng from Pango Pango Harry Kostenrck salesman for Howard Hankres Itd Jrm Martrn frrst mate Joe Strerfel thrrd mate Bob Neudorfer steward and John Mertens stowaway We have just recerved word that the lrner Napoleon rs headed for the rescue and Captarn Brll Shannon says that ard you to the regular program scheduled for thrs trme A vorce trrlled over the 1rr From the Golden Peacock Room of the Hol lywood Hayden Chalet we brrng to you the musrc of Tom Lavrn and hrs band featurrng the vocals of those three men of rhythm Bob Bunch Jerry Goeden and Al Lrcht better known as the Rro Trro But before we go on wrth the program let me say a word for the product of our sponsor that delrcrous delectable deRoetth Broth If you are hungry and down and out then try a bowl of thrs delrghtful soup and rt wrll rmmedrately pep you up and make a new Wrth rrrrtatron the rnventor snapped off the program and proceeded to try to get a forergn statron Presently there came floatrng through the ether the strarns of a Spanrsh song and we were rnformed that we had just heard the Hoerner Hep Cats comrng to us from the Heywood Hacrenda Madrrd Sparn . , ' T 11 ' V 1 I 4 1 sl I t xv L 3 1 - L ' ' ' 4 V ' 1 1 , ' ' ' 7 1 1 ' - 7' Y 4 b V 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' , .. J ' . . ' . , ' ' Q X , x ' Y 1 v 1 1 . i . V 4 ' l 4 " 1 ' I V m ' I Y y 7 1 , , , ' 1 . H - - 3 bflsf t0ChnlCQl explanation by JCYFY will be there stortly . . . We now return 1 1 . 1 1 y T l X .B I' e - - ' C ' Y rr rr x . - I ' X V . . . . Y I ' Q 1 o l 1 1 l H V ' ' h. ' A . . . . T v 4 1 ' V 3 - q I ' ' ' 4 . - . . V 1 I - I ' m 1 . ' ' . V Y - . - ll 7? ' ' ' - 22 -- And now you are to hear an Lng l1sh rev1ew of the recent r1ot 1n wh1ch s veral people were 1njured Flhe r1ot began when several newspaper corre spondents and photographers attempted to mteruew the fore1gn ambassador Ernest LeRose In the cours of th1ngs they hurt h1s feel1ngs and were set upon by h1s guards It was but a few m1nutes 1n durat1on If s reported but 1n those few m1nutes th1ngs happened th1ck and fast Among those who were mjured were 'l1m McK1nney Bob O Meara J1m Re1chmann B111 R1el1y and D1ck Sartam all of whom are employed as correspondents for Co17a Internat1on11 Synd1cates My thoughts were 1nterrupted by a H0159 1n the rear of the stud1o where a group of men were try1ng to ga1n ad mlttance To my surpr1se they were Frank Masterson Jim Dev1ny D1ck Alden Harold Tf12SCh Bob Lee and another fellow that I th1nk was Gene O Ne11 It turned out that they were members of a dramat1c club that was to aud1t1on for a contract w1th the Bud1g Bruya AdV6fI1SlHg Agency If they got lf they would go on the a1r for the WPA fWh1tford Porter Acuffj Con structron Company We w1shed them luck and w1shed they would leave the stud1o so that we could go on wxth the test of the D X We vs ere anx1ous1y aWa1t1ng the t1me when Colonel Besse s amateur hour came on I had l1stened the week before and was qu1te pleased to f1nd out that several of the acts had obta1ned spots 1n shows But now the program was start rn Good even1ng fr1ends Tomght we roll our weekly game of d1ce and where they stop nobody knows Among our contestants ton1ght we have the dance team of Dan1e1s and Dash1e1l the Swmg Tr1o R1pp1e D3VlS and O I-Iare the MUSIC Makers a k1tchen utens11 orchestra of Bob Ger stenberger Noel Kmder Jack Iederer and I-Ierb Keen the latter spec1a11L1ng on the washboard But now to get on Wlfh our shove Tomght we salute B0ttjerv111e a busy l1tt1e town where the famous Ilynn fleecy L1nen M1115 are locateel Now to 1ntroduce Bob Schroeder our announcer who Wlll speak to you ol our product Lambert Gray Peps U Up P11ls lf you re feelmg down and out why don t you try some sure f1re Lambert Gray Peps U Up P11ls 'I he e t1ny capsules f1l1ed w1th v1tam1ns 11111 pull you out of My attent1on vsas dn erted from th1s so111oquy to ga7e at my watch a Grunt t1mep1ece vs1th the new Fleck mote ment I jumped up and rushed out of the studro after apo1og1es to my ho t nearly knock1ng down George Vmnewu the doorman 1n my haste I would have to hurry to keep my d1nner DPPOIHI ment at the club A bunch of fellows from the Su en son pf1HtlHg Company had a date to n1ght at the Vomaske Pav1l1on for 1 b1g feast and I couldn t be late XVe had the best of enterta1nment scheduled for we had consulted the Baxter F1fe En tertamment Bureau They recommend ed McLaughl1n s Smgmg WQIIQIS and the mus1c of the Merr1man Swmgaroos As I called the Thomas Cab Com pany from Mrotkes Corner Drug I vaguely wondered 1f our guest speaker B111 Julrano could g1ve me some pomt ers on my game of golf After all h was coach to the champ1on B111 Gr1v Wh1le wa1t1ng for my cab I also phone 1 Jack Schaul at the Shelledy Inn and asked h1m to cancel my table for the even1ng I greeted Bob Taverma my favor1te cab dr1ver and asked h1m to dr1ve to the Pav1l1on by way of my home 1n th McDonnell Apartments where I want ed to p1ck up my even1ng ed1t1on of the I-1111 RQVIQW SIHCQ I was mterested 1n the tr1al of Oscar Kanzler who was be1ng tr1ed by Judge Harx ey for break 1ng the floor ln the McKen11e 'ikatmg Palace I personally thought he broke somethmg else for he had to call on Dr Vellmg for care We pulled up to the Pav1l1on fol lowed closelv by Bud Mul11n and 'I om McCann w1th whom we proceeded 1nto the bu1ld1ng to meet NlCk Ressa and Fred Thenault for our long awa1t ed d1nner " 1 1 1 4 - 1 r 4 1 1 1 1 e . 1 1 1 W1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 11 . . e Y 1 Y 3 1 K 11 , , 1.-1 . 1, 1. .1 1 7 . . ,, 1 v 1 Y YT L . , e 1 7 'I Y Y 4 7 Y'- , , 1 1 ' 1 'e '1 . 3 1 ' A 1 1 1 1 . 4. L 1 , 1 .. ' f ' L K' 4 1 L ' H . . . 11 . 1 , 73 . V x . . 1 ' 4 1 1 Y v V . ' 1 1 ' V , 1 . 1 1 1 . ' 1 1 . ' . , . . . x 1 e 1 . , ' 7 - 3 5 5 x . . . . 4 1 1 . . . . ' 3 1 X 4 - 1 1 1 1 K ! 11 e 1 e . I . . . . V v 1 ' PA 14 1 1 1 C 1 . 1 1 1 A 1 L 11 . . 1 11 1 , 4 K i 1 1 . . . , . . 1 , . 1 3 . . 1 . 1 1 , . . . . 41 1 . . . . Scene CLASSES JOHN GOODWIN, President Gus COZZA. DICK SARTAIN, Treasurer ED FLYNN, Sergeant-a JERRY GGEDEN, Consultor Consultor STUDENT COUNCIL .,26., Vice President TIM IVICKINNEY, Secretary t-Arms JIM REICHMANN Consultor mi JACK LODELL, j JACK HIGGINS, Consultor WU BOB GONYEA. President. 3 A JACK LODELL. President. BB DICK MOOITW Vice gi ent, 3A fb DICK O'DEA, Secretary, 3A ANTON POITEVIN, Secretary, 3B JACK LANCASTER, Treasurer, 3 A RALPH BEAULIEU, Treasurer, 3B BILL OGLE. Sergeant-at-Arms, 3A ORLANDO COSTANZO, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3B BOB CURRAN. Vice President 3B ag W ED RINCWOOD, WWW LEN SCARPELLI. President. 3C Vice President, 3C EMMETT JACKMAN, Secretary, 3C DON GIESA. Treasurer. 3C PAUL THORNTON, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3C JUNIOR OFFICERS ii-'bf W2 C 'fm J UN IORS, 3A Top row: Bob Barnett. Jack Bradley. Robert I. Bradley. Ken Carpenter, Earl Cobb, Joe Davey. Second row: Herb Derr, Kevin Durgan, Jim Flynn, Tom Gibbons. John Green, Frank Greene. Third row: Orien Gross. Sam Gruettner, Dick Harrison, Ashley Holden. lid Jennings. Tom I,acy. Fourth row: Frank Laney. Sam Lappano. Pat Mertens, Len Miotke, Jim Mounsey, John Murray. Bottom row: Mike O'Brien, Bill Stone, Joe Toffolo, Ed Twohy, Bob Vetto, Ted Vvferl. Top muy: Chris Arvas. Mkc Asari, Dan Beaulieu. Bob Bedford. Robert J. Bradley, Frank Brisinda. Serum! row: Harold Brooks, John Burke. Tom Campbell. Al Charbonncau. llarold Corley. George Desgan. Third row: Louis Egan, Bob llicrdam. Bill Gay, Fred Gephart, Jim Hanna. lirank lhly. Fourih row: Geno l.eRose. Carr Mc- Garity, Jim Murphy, Frank Newby. Joe Schoenberg. Bob Sorby. Boltom row: Ed Stimson. Dick Sloescr. John Stolz. Jack Swartz. Bernard Talley. Dick Weetman. N1 I JUNIORS, 3B L 29 1 JUNIORS, 3C Top row: Bob Alderman, Glen Bambino Bob Brooks. Travers Brophy, Don Carl- quist, Bob Crowley. Second row: Stan Deno, Floyd Dixon John Giampietri, Dale Haviland, Jack Helean Harold Johns. Third row: Dick Kelly, John Kingsbury Herb Logan, Sil Mauro, Lawrence McGonigle Tom Meeks. Fourth row: Ted Miller, Norm Rieger. John Scott, Paul Sherberg, Orly Signorelli. Bill spam. Bottom row: Bob Strecker, Don Terhaar, Herb Thiede, Loyde Claussen OBJ. Z A Buch row: Bill Stevens. Bill linpler. Mr. Robert Luger, S. J. lfililh row: John DulN'lont. Jim Hirlnell. Al Lemieux. Jails Roberts. lpd O'She.i. lfourth row: Jack Clemmens. Bill Cole Jerome Jackman. Nlel Cummings. Don Mn- ginnis. Jim Perno. Bill Harper. Third row: Bruno Kensok. l.eon Olnev. lfmnli Boscherl. l.oren Hansen. Bill Car- baugh. Charles Courtman. Roy Delienbach. Second roiui 'liom Howard. Cilenn Byers. John Julian, Max Jacobs, John Yukieh. Glen Kiveit. Jack Bertsch. Front row: l.ewis Houdali. 'liom Nlc- XVilliams. John Scarpelli, Vfall Corbett, Clar- ence Lemon. John Spilker, Jack Kimmel. 2B Buck row: Jack lireitag. Jack Higgins. Niels Scarpelli, Mr. James Conwell. S. J. Fourth row: John Smith. Harry App. Prank Viro, Paul Gotlschalli. lid Bruya. Pat McGuigan. John Presley. Third row: Joe liox, Dan Murphy. l.ew Oriard, Joe Scarpelli. Jerry Doyle. Dan Man- gan. llal Civannugh. Sefond row: l7red O'Neil. Jim U'Connell. lgd Blefgen, Bob Carroll. XVillis lloltmtl. Don Clnrno. Ray Hecilv. I-iron! muqi lzd Ugleifh, Bob Dnhmen George Hueiter. Jim Pieroni. lferdinnnd Swenson. Dick XVeller. lnselz Jim Davey. Siicoxin Hioii A Nlr. Robert l.ug:r, S. J Jack Kimmel Jack Roberts Jack Roberts Jack Roberts Al Lemieux SOPHOMORES Ol5l3lClfRS Jfmfercllrnz' l're.sidenI Vife-l're.szden1 .S'ecre1uri4' il reusilrer Sergeant fa! - .rlrms -31.- Siicgoxo Hioii B r. James Conwell, S. J. Jack Higgins Bob Carroll Jim Davey Jim Pieroni Pnl NlcGuigan 2C Buck row: Gerald Buckley. Francis Mackin. Jim Boesche. XVally Prosser, Ed Jones. Mr. Clare Hayes. S. J. lfourlh row: Howard Corley. Carl Maxey. Bob Miles. Harold Becker. Jack Hartnett. Andy Devlin. John Ressa. Third row: Bob Cappello. Bob Ambler. Harry Rigaux. John McCollum. Rolin Como. Laurence Lucas, Second row: Jack Gillespie. Ed Orth. Hugh Snyder, Arthur Johnson. Bill McNevin. George Nesbitt. I-'rom row: lid Charbonneau. Jim Cun- ningham. litter Milla. Joe Compogno. Alfred Cismowski. Louis Blefgen. lA Buch row: George Moore. Louis Nichols. Neil Meyers. Tom Barrett, Bob Howard. Jim l.avin. Ray Schroeder. Mr. John Evoy, S. J. I-'ourfh row: Lester Scott. Tom Marier, llrnest Como, lired Timmerman. Bill Kof- mehl. lirank Mulvey. Pat Nicks. Thirtr' row: Don Corley. Don Schenach. Neil Loomis. Pat VValsh. Tom Dowling. Ralph Austin. Jerome Escure. Marvin Ter- haar. Second row: Bob Mitchell. John Julian. Dave Freitag. Tom Jadro. Jim McDowell. .lim Kearney. Ray Ouimet. Ifronl row: Don Martin, Ernest Drury. Ray Harrington. Jim White, Jim Rassilyer. Jim Riske. Ken Pringle. SOPHOMORES-FRESHMEN SECOND HIGH C OFFICERS Mr. Louis Steinberger, S. J. . Moderator FIRST HIGH A Wally Prosser Bill McNevin Ed Jones Jack Hartnett Philip Sexton President Vice' President Secretary Treasurer.. Sergeant-at-Arms .-32-. Nlr. John Evoy, S. J. Pat Walsh Dave Freitag Bob Howard Tom Barrett Jim Rassilyer IB liurh row: Dick Burley, Riivmond Rupp. .lnck Fife, Don Seeley. Aliom Kingsbury. Joe Snccomnnno, Bob XX'cir. Mr. John NlElDUY'l.1lLl. S J.. Dean Smit. Iiiurrh muy: John Brucick. Jack Cascv. l.ouis Bndoux, Howard lzngullmrd John llirndis. Maurice kV.1lIers. 'l'hI'ra' row: Bob Blessing. Henry llnlcn. Ray Lawrence, Harold Vfesifall. Lawrence lferrzinte. Floyd Parker. Sefond row: Joe Bell. Bob Olson. Mario Saecomanno, Dick Nlclighe. Dick Ther riault, l.eo Buckley. I-iron! row: Dan Johnson. Bernard Tusken. Bill Robbins. Gerald Fox. Gino Rotondo, Bob Defenbach. lC Burk row: Jack XVinkler. Phil Anderson. Joe Murphy. Frank Poicsky. Darroll Xxiillllff, Joe Sweeney. Mr. Frank Duffy. S. J. Third row: Bill Atkinson, Lawrence Kraft. Dick Triesfh, Rene Peltier, Clemeni Yuse. Pat Shelledy. Scwnd rowi Pat McCollum. Gene Di' l.uzio, Harry Smead. Dale Anderson. Cicrald Gordon. Ray Dil.u1io Front row: Vic Felice, Jack Magee. Francis Dumas. Ray Kelly. Bill Carty. Jack Codd. lid Hinch. FIRST HIGII B Mr. John McDonald, S. J. Jack Fife . Tom Kingsbury Jack Casey Joe Bell. . Joe Saccomanno FRESHMEN OFFICERS Mocleralor Presiident Vice- Presiclent Secretary Treasurer . Sergeant-ut-Arms -- 33 A F FIRST HIGH C rank Duffy, S. J. .. Joe Sweeney . Dick Triesch Vic Felice Pat McCollum Pat Shelledy Scene IV ACTIVITIES JACK FITTERER, '40 g Editor-in-Chief BOB MCGOLDRICK, '40 Associate Editor GUS COZZA, '40 Business Manager JOE MCDONOUGH, '40 Activities Editor LARRY PATTERSON, '40 Senior Editor JIM REICHMANN, '40 Sports Editor JOHN GOODWIN, '40 Circulation Manager CHUCK WARREN, '40 Feature Editor FRANK GREENE, '41 Ad Manager LUIGIAN STAFF BOB BRADLEY '41 JACK HIGGINS '42 BILL CARROLL '40 ACUUIIIQS Activities Activities JOHN BQGIJE '40 CARR MCGARITY '41 LAURENCE CQININELL '40 Activities Activities Activities ....36... DICK SARTAIN, '40 Asst. Circulation Mgr. DICK BOTTJER. '40 Asst. Senior Editor FRANK MASTERSON. '40 Chronicle JIM MARTIN. '40 Sports TIM MCKINNEY, '40 Asst. Circulation Mgr. JACK BRADLEY, '41 Junior Editor JACK LANCASTER. '41 Chronicle SAM LAPPANO. '41 Sports BOB GERSTENBERGER. '40 Asst. Circulation Mgr. DAN MANCAN. '42 Sophomore Editor DICK HARRISON, '41 Photography JIM MOUNSEY, '41 Sports DAN BEAULIEU, '41 Asst. Ad. Mgr. JIM WHITE, '42 Freshman Editor JOE DAVEY. 41 Patrons TED WERT. '41 Sports LUIGIAN STAFF BILL GRAY '40 JIM PIERONI '42 JOE SCARPELLI '42 Sports Sports Photography BOB GAssMAN '40 BOB BARNETT '41 MR. JAMES U. CONSVELL. S.J Sports Patrons Faculty Adviser .-37.-. GUS COZZA 40 BILI I-IEYWOOD 40 FRANK GREENE 41 Edztor rn Chref Assoczate Edttor Bustness Manager LARRY PATTERSON 40 GENE O NEIL 40 JIM REICHMANN 40 Feature Edztor Sports Edztor Asst Sports Edttor GONZAGAN STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Gus Cozza 40 Edztor tn Chzef B111 Heywood 40 Assoczate Editor Larry Patterson 40 Feature Edztor Gene O Nell 40 Sports Editor Jlm Rexchmann 40 Asszstant Sports Edztor Stephen Twohy 43 Staff Artzst Mr James U Conwell S J Faculty Advzser 38 . V Y V v 1 1 , . . . . , . . , . , . , . . . , . . , . -. ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,.,e .,,,ee. Y ,W 4 - . , . . Y- ,.YY.Y ..-nn Top row John Goodwm Chuck Warren Frank Masterson Jack Fltterer Bob Sharp Second row Jack Lancaster Dick Harrxson Mxke O Brlen John Smrth Jlm Pl2l'Ol'll Bottom row Joe McDonough Earl Cobb Steve Twohy Wxllxs Pottrar7 Dan Beaulieu GONZAGAN STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Frank Greene 41 Busmess and Aa' Manager John Smxth 42 Asst Busmess Manager W111lS Pottratz 42 Asst Ad Manager Dan Beaulleu 41 Czrculatzon Manager Bob Curran 41 Herb Derr 41 B111 Gay 41 Asst Czrculatzon Managers Jack Fxtterer 40 Frank Masterson 40 Jack Schaul 40 Bob Sharp 40 Charles XVarren 40 REPOR PERS Jack Clrnkscales 40 Joe McDonough 40 John Goodxun 40 Al Budlg 40 Earl Cobb 41 39 Bob Bradley 41 Jack Iancaster 41 Vllke O Bnen 41 Duck Harrlson 41 Jnm Pxcrom 42 - Y , v iv , . . , . . . , . , . . 1 v v . , . . V - . . ., Left: Joe McDonough. Jack Kimmel Right. back row: Jack Codd, Vic Felice. Ray Kelly. Jim Pieroni Front row: Bob Blaisdell. Pat VValsh. Pat Shelledy, Jack Kimmel Bach row: Dick O'Dea, Bill Ogle. Bob Bradley. Dan Beaulieu Sixth row: Mr. Leo Lanphier, S. J.. Mike Bogle. Frank Masterson. Bob Anderson. Bob Gerstenberger. Joe McDonough. Jack Lodell Fifth row: Ernie Fairleigh, Jack Fitterer. Cliff Bruya, Pat McGuigan. Jack Higgins. Jim Mounsey. Frank Greene Fourth row: Ted XVert, Chuck Vvlarren. Dick Moore, lid Bruya. Bob Bunch, George Hayden. Jim Martin Third row: Harold Triesch. Bob Gonyea. Dan Murphy. Joe Scarpelli, Len Scarpelli, Gus Cozza, Jack Bradley Second row: Sam Gruettner, Jack Leclerer. .lack Roberts, Lewis Houdak. Jack Kimmel. Kevin Durgan lfront row: Pat XValsh, Jack Codd. Earl Cobb. Vic Felice. Jim Pieroni. Walt Corbett. Pat Shelledy, Larry Patterson Sock and Buskin Club HALL OF FAME As awarded by Sock and Baskin fan critics: Inspirational Award . Jack Fitterer Best Individual Performance Bob Gerstenberger Un "Second Sunlightnj Best Character Actor . . . , L Len Scarpelli Best Comedian ,,,-,, 7 V, ,V HBud Giqgg Most Versatile Actor W, , H H Y, , Jack Bradley SOCK AND BUSKIN CLUB OFFICERS Mr. Leo F. Lanphier, S. J. , L Jack Fitterer Jack Bradley .... Jack Higgins Jim Martin. Pat Walsh.. L . Moderator . 1 President . Vice President ,Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms ,. . Stage Manager Dan Murphy, Pat McGuigan. Jack Roberts . .Property Managers Frank Masterson. Bob Lee. Sam Gruettner . L c .. ..,,. Ushers -40- lmlt. Boh Gerstenherger Rmht: .lack Brgdlevfugyb X' f 1 4'tyM'W ffifwrff jd! f f Back rou:r'Boh Gerstenberger. Len Scarpelli. Dan Beaulieu, Cliff Bruya. Bob Anderson. Jack Fitterer. Harold Triesch Front row: Dick O'Dea. Frank Greene. Joe McDonough, Jack Bradley. Ted XVert "Second Sunlighti' Commander Stanton, a retired naval officer and proprietor of Seafare House ,,,, . - . ,, Joe McDonough Skippy Stanton. his fifteen-year-old grandson , Jack Bradlev .lohn Cartwright, ensign of the U.S..N'. and guest at Seafare House .. Ted NVert John Kieth, another guest , . Frank Greene Victor. houseman at the hotel H ,,,, Dan Beaulieu Thomas Jackson. a searnan ,, ,, , Jack liitterer Spouty Nlills. an ex-petty officer. ,, ,Cliff Bruya Dick Ruddy, radio-man of Blue Harbor Base and guest at the hotel . Bob Anderson Robert I,ewis, of the U.S.N. Bob Gerstenberger Lieutenant Smith. also of the naua l,en Scarpelli Sam Ciruettner Bill Ogle Dick Moore Brown. his secretara Edwards. his altle Davis, an aide Radio Announcers .lack Higgins. .lack Roberts Photographer llrnie lliirleigh Reporter Bob Gonyea Citizens lirank Xlastersori. Chuck NVarren. Kevin Durgan. Jack Kimmel Brad Nicholson. an Hawaiian detective Harold Triesch Henley. his asststant .lim Martin Richards. another assistant Geno l.eRose Captain Rand. of tht' Naval lntelltaenre Dick O'De.1 -41... Left: John Goodwin, Len Scarpelli Right: Jim Pieroni, Dick Alden Below: Jack Kimmel, Jack Higgins, Jim Pieroni, Chuck Vvlarren, Jack Bradley "A Regiment of Two" lVinner of three-act play division of Spokane Civic Drama Festival Arthur Sewall Lena, the maid , Grace, Art's wife Ira Wilton. her dad Conrad, the plumber Harry, a friend ofAr1's Beth, the girl next door Laura Wilton. Cracrfs sister Eliza Wilton. lra's better halt' Lord Dudley, from England Jim Buckner, the "Parson" from Texas ...Qi John Goodwin , Jack Higgins Jack Kimmel Len Scarpelli Bud Giesa Dick Alden Jack Bradley Jim Pieroni Chuck Warren B , Jim Fife Bob Anderson Left: Jack Fitterer. Bob Gerstenbcrgcr. Dick O'Dea. John Goodwin Right: l,en Scarpelli. Jim Fife, Jack Fit- terer Back row: Frank Greene, Sam Gruettner. Cliff Bruya, Ted XVert, Bob Gerstenberger. Jack Fitterer, Ed Whitford, Len Scarpelli. Jim Fife, John Goodwin. Dick Moore Second row: George Hayden, Dick Alden. Chuck Warren, Dick O'Dea, Bob Anderson Front row: Jim Pieroni, Jack Bradley QQ 97 Second Overture Winner of State Drama Festival at the University of lVashington: Gregor Lirood, an exile from Siberia Commissar Charash, a Soviet leader ,, , Captain Krassin, a drunken Soviet captain , Bishop Andre, a demented aristocrat Colonel Lvov. of the White armu General Plehve. also of the ll'hrtt-s Archduke Mischa. of the roual family Michael, his nephew , Josef. Michaels brother Krug, tutor to the princes Revel. a young aristocrat Rostov. another aristocrat Adam, a lawyer of the lVhttes Lugan, a peasant prisoner Soviet Sergeant ,,,,, Soviet Captain , Guard , , Guard -43-. Jack Fittcrer Bob Gerstenbe rgcr l-en Scarpelli Frank Greene John Goodwin Dick O'Dea Chuck Warren Jim Pieroni Dick Alden George Hayden Jack Bradley Bob Anderson Dick Nloore Sam Gruettner Jim Fife .Ted Vfcrt Fd XVhitford Cliff Bruin XVINNERS Top mug: Jim Reichmann, Dave Yoder. Bob Bradley. Jim Pieroni. SL'COf1ll'I'ULL'I Jack Bradley, Dick O'Dea, Ed OiShea. John Presley. CONTESTANTS Hack row: l.ew Oriard, Dick O'Dea. I-'mirth row: Par Mcrtens, Chuck Warren. Dave Yoder. Frank Greene, Bob Vetto. Bob Bradley. Third row: Cliff Bruya, John Presley, Jim Reichmann, Orien Gross, Ed O'Shea. Bill Grant. Second row: Dick Moore, Mike O'Brien. Gus Colm. Jack Bradley. Ed Bruya. Don Clarno. I-'rom row: Kevin Durgan. Pat Walsh. George Huetter. Jim Pieroni. Jack Gillespie. Jack Higgins. Public Speaking American Legion Oratory Contest-lst, Dick O'Dea: Znd, Bob Brad- ley. Other contestants: Bill Grant, George Huetter. Senior Eloculion Contest-lst, Jack Bradley: 2nd, Jim Reichmann. Other contestants: Gus Cozza, Dick Moore. Cliff Bruya, Frank Greene, Bill Grant, Kevin Durgan. Junior Elocution Contest-lst, Jim Pieroni: 2nd, John Presley. Other contestants: Jack Higgins, Ed O'Shea, Ed Bruya, Lew Oriard, Don Clarno, Jack Gillespie. Apologetics Conlestilst, Dave Yoder: Znd, Dick O'Dea. Other con- testants: Jim Reichmann, Bill Grant, Pat Mertens, Gus Cozza, Orien Gross. Toastmasters Externporaneous Speaking Conlest-lst. Senior Divi- sion, Bob Bradley: lst. Junior Division, Ed. O'Shea. Other contestants: Jim Reichmann, Frank Greene, Jack Higgins. Pat Walsh. Gold Medal Debate-lst. Jim Reichmann: Znd, Bob Bradley. Other contestants: Bob Vetto, Chuck Warren. Dick O'Dea, Mike O'Brien, -44.- I ,I ,X te-'T f lcixil ix I of gJ, 5 t., J Buck row: John DuMont. Mr. George Lucas. Carr McGarity. Al Thomas. Ernie Fairleigh, Paul Gottschalk, Don Rhodes, Mr. Joseph Grady, S. J., George Oxrieder. Sixth row: Joe Saccomanno, Joe Fox. John Smith, Don Brewer, Hugh Oriard. Harry Kostenick, Tom Gibbons. Fifth row: Anton Poitevin. Tom Lavin, Etter Milla. Roy Defenbach. Howard Engelf hard, Burleigh Brown. Fourth row: Dick Carlson, Joe Mc- Donough, Max Jacobs, Harold Ashley. Ed Blefgen, Jack Glinkscales. Paul Sherberg. Third row: Herb Logan, Lewis Oriard. Bob Alderman, Earl Cobb, Jack Magee, John Scarpelli, Walt Corbett. Second row: Floyd Dixon, Bob Dahmen, George Huetter, George Nesbitt. Bob Miles. Dale Haviland, Pat Cavanaugh, Larry Con- nell, Front row: Jack Hartnett, Ray Schroeder. Lewis Houdak, Leo McDonnell. Jim Hartnett. . , 'yy giwpx my i as 0 i tr if fx Ah Mr, George Lucas., Joe McDonough.. , Larry Gonnelln., fl X Carr McGarityL ll 1 Ernie Eairleigh .,..., Floyd Dixon ,.,, jk " ,V Lew Oriard 'xy E' Q Zi? ig.. BAND A ftaff-iff .1 1' J ficvg, Band -,---,-,e,-Dz'rector ......... Band Master ,nflssistant Band Master ,, rr -, L e,.-Secretary , ,t,, Business Manager ...--Stage Manager ---.--,e,Lzbrarzan - 45 ... Laney. Jack Lodell. Talley. Garity, Ed Ringwood. Healy, Tom Jadro. seph Grady, S. J., Bill Cole. Marcotte, Ernie Fairleigh. LEASH Frank Laney, Les Kapfer, Bill Weissenberg. S, J. Bob Anderson, Bob Bradley, Bob Gerstenberger, Fifth row: Dick Sartain, bourn, Bill Heywood. Dick Masterson. Gene O'Neil. Bob Fourth row: Ed Ripple, Jack Lancaster, Jim Mounsey. Bill Carroll. Len Scarpelli. Patterson, Gus Cozza. St. John Berchman's Society-Knights of the Leash KNIGHTS or THE LEASH OFFICERS Mr. Paul Weissenberg, S. J. o . .. Moderator Jim Fife . .... . . . .....Presr'dent Gus Cozza . ..... ..... . .Vice-President Harold Triesch L oo.. ,.... E jecremry Dave YOder-- . ...... -. ...Treasurer Max Shinn ...... , .,.o. Sergeant-at-Arms .-.46... Sixth row: Jim Reichmann, ALTER BOYS Left-Back row: Jack Swartz, Erank Third row: Bud Mullin, Jack Casey, Bud Second row: Harry Rigaux, Troy Mcf Front row: Geno LeRose, Bill Harper, Ray Right--Bark row: Herb Logan, Mr. Jo- Secownd row: Joe McDonough, Jerry Front row: Carr McGarity, Ed Ugleich. Bach row: Harry Dumas, Lee Kapfer. Ogle, Mr. Paul Dick Harrison, Ed Whitford, George Tich- O'Dea. Erank McGoldrick. Ed Jennings, Erank Greene. Ted Wert. Jack Schaul, Harold Triesch, Ed Flynn, Jack Lodell. Third row: Jack Fitterer, Dave Yoder, Tom Gibbons, Second row: Max Shinn, Sil Mauro, Dick Moore, John Green, John Goodwin, Sam Lappano, Tim McKinney. Jim Fife. Front row: Bob Gonyea, Bob Barnett, Joe Davey, Jack Bradley, Mike O'Brien, Larry DEBATING SOCIETY Buck row: Dick O'Dea, Ted Wert, Bill Ogle, Chuck VVarren. Dick Moore. Mr, John Ilvoy, S. J. Fourth row: Phil Anderson, Bob Bradley. Don Carlquist. Dick Harrison, Dennis Har- rigan. Third row: Dick Triesch. Bob Vetto. Jim Reichmann, Frank Greene. lid O'Shea, Bill Grant, Second row: Pat VValsh. Jim Cunningham. Mike O'Brien, Larry Patterson, Ken Carpenter Jim Riske. Front row: Jim White, Francis Dumas. Ray Kelly, Jim Pieroni, Bill Carry, Tom McWilliams. "G" CLUB Buck row: Bob McGoldrick. Lee Kapfer, Frank Laney. Les Kapfer, Coach Bill Frazier. Fifth rowi Dick Sartain, Bob Sharp. Bill Porter. Ed Flynn. Jim Deviny, Bob Anderson. Al Budig, Fourth row: Fd Ripple, Jerry Goeden Jack Lancaster, Bob Gerstenbergcr, Ed XVhit- ford. Tom Campbell, Jim Reichmann. Third row: Jack Lodell, XVill Stachofsky, Jim Fife, Bill Stone, Bob Crowley, Bill Car- baugh, Jack Fitterer. Second row: Sil Mauro, Cliff Bruya. John Goodwin. Sam Lappano, John Green, Jack Roberts, Jim Martin. Front row: Bob Gonyea. Tim McKinney. Jack Kimmel. Ken Carpenter, Nick Ressa. Bob Bunch, Len Scarpelli. Debating Society-"G" Club DEBATINQ Sociiiri' OFFICERS Mr. John Evoy, S. J. Moderator Dick O'Dea President Bob Bradley Vice-Presz'denl Vice-Presz'cl'ent Jim Reichmann Secretary Jim Reichmann Treasurer Ted Wert Sergeant-al -Arms Q 4 7 - UG" CLUB Mr. William Frazier Bob Gerstenberger John Goodwin Ed Whitforcl Jack Fitterer Jim Deviny Dick Sartain PIENMEN Buch row: Jack Schaul. Bob Bradley. Ted XVert. Jack Lancaster, Mr. James Conwell. S. J. Third row: Gene O'Neil. Al Budig, Bill Heywood, lirank Greene. George Hayden. Seeond row: Lewis Oriard, Dick Moore. Jim Reichmann, Chuck XVarren. Mike O'Brien, Front rowz Larry Patterson. Harry Smead. Ray Kelly. Gus Cozza. Rene Peltier. ouiii, ana scaou. Hull? row: Bob Bradley. Bill Heywood. lirank Masierson, Mr. James Gonwell. S. J. Sec-imc! row: Dick Harrison. Frank Greene. Gene O'Neil. I-'rom row: Jack Lancaster. Larry Patter- son. Gus Golza. Mike O'Brien. Penmen -Quill and Scroll PENMEN OFFICERS QUILL AND SCRoLL Mr. Jas. U. Conwell. S. J. Moderator ,Mr. Jas. U. Conwell, S. J. Bill Heywood . President ...,... ....... . . .. Gus Cozza Dick Moore Vice-President . Gene O'Neil Jack Schaul Secretary Bill Heywood Frank Greene . 'lreasurer .-48... SfJID.'xI.IiI'Y OI'I'ICliRS Burk row: Ilarold Iriesch. Bill Ilevwood. Mr. Ifranlt Iluffvi S. .I. Stmnvtl row: .lack Lancaster. ,Iim I'ifc..I.1cIt Fittercr. Pat Nlciiuigan. from row: Larrv Patterson. Mille O'Brien. Jack Higgins. RADIO CLUB Iiutk row: Mike Boglc. Al Budig. .Itvlm Burke. Cliff Bruya, Bob Howard, Svtwnrl mic: George Decgan, .lack Slcavin. Dick Yomaslte. Roy Defenbach. Bill Gray. Front row: Bill Carroll. Bob Ambler. XVJII Corbett. Larry Patterson. Bob Vette. Sodality Officers-Radio Club SODALITY OFFICERS Mr. Frank Duffy, S. J. . ,Woderumr Jim Fife Prefer! Bill Heywood, Jack Fitterer Assistant Prefecls Mike O'Brien . . . Secretary Larry Patterson . . . . 'lreasurer Harold Triesch. Jack Higgins. Pat IVIcCuigan. Jack Lancaster Consultors RADIO CLUB OFFICERS Larry Patterson I'rt's1'tlen1 Bob Vetto Vice-Pre.sz'clen1 AI Budig Secretary-'l'reu.surt'r ,491 Burh row: Jack Lodcll, Frank Laney. Oscar Kanzler. Mr. Joseph Grady, S. J. Frflh row: Herb Logan. Carl Stolle. Al Lemieux. lirnie l.eRose. Bill Howard, Hubert Acuff. llrnie Fairleigh. Fourlh row: Jack Fitterer. Marty Holmes. Joe McDonough. Bill Thompson. Jim Reich- mann. Bud Talley, Bill Cole. Gene O'Neil. Third row: Anton Poitevin. Jim Boesche. Jack Casey, Don Carlquist, Ed Ringwood, Jerry Marcotte. Glenn Byers. Semnd row: Bob Ambler. Harry Rigaux. Bill Harper. Jack Lederer. Troy McGarity. Bud Mullin. Carr lVlcGarity, Jack Swartz. Firsl row: Fred O'Neil. Geno LeRose. Ed Ugleich. liarl Cobb. Fred Theriault, Tom Jadro. Ray Healy. Tau Gamma Beta OFFICERS Mr. Joseph Grady, S. J. .-.Moderator Jack Fitterer . ...s. ..,,. P resident Jerry Marcotte . .. . Vice-President Joe McDonough . - Secretary Gene O'Neil . Treczsurer Jack Lodell Sergeant-at-Arms -50... Bach row: Joe McDonough. Tom Jadro, Ed Ugleich. Fred O'Neil. Don Carlquist, Carr McGarity. Mr. Joseph Grady. S. J. From row: Jim Hanna. Al Lemieux, Bill Cole, Ed Ringwood. Bud Mullin. Marty Holmes. Jack Lodell, Troy lVlcGarity. Back row: Coach Joe Bauer. Bill Howard. Bill Harper, Jack Casey, Carr McGarity, Troy McGarity. Joe McDonough. Front row: Fred O'Neil. Al Lemieux. Bill Cole, Ed Ringwood. Jack Lederer, Jerry Mar- cotte, Tommy Jadro. Tau Gamma Beta The Tau Gamma Beta basketball team had a highly successful season. winning nine games and dropping only two. They improved greatly during the course of their schedule so that when their last game was played they were a smoth working outfit. They traveled to many of the smaller towns near Spokane where they took on the high school teams. knocking them off regularly. The starting lineup included: Ed Ring- wood. Jack Lodell, Al Lemieux. Fred O'Neil and Bill Cole. The club's baseball nine was less successful than the basketball team, winning only fifty per cent of their games. Most of the players were in- experienced and unfavorable weather conditions interrupted the daily workouts necessary to round the team into a polished group of players. Al Lemieux hurled every game. ...Sli MR. WILLIAM H. FRAZIIQR Coach , f i 5 Lf 'X iax lik fxj X I xx V, N-2 ' My Scene V ATHLETICS MR. JOHN W. MCDONALD. S. J Moderator TOP: First Team'-Bachfield: Captain Bob Oerstenherger, Jack Fitterer, Sil Mauro, John Goodf win: Line: Dick Sartain. Jim Martin, Bill Stone, Fd Ripple. Jim Dcviny, Bill Porter, Jack Lodell CFNTIIR: Squad-Iiuch row: Jack Roberts. Coach Bill Frazier. Fd Ripple, Jack l.odell, Cap- tain Bob Gcrstenberger, Dick Sarlain. George Tichbourn, Bob Neudorfer, Jerry Buckley. Carl Maxey. VValt Miotke. Dick Bottier, Dick Love: Third row: Bill Porter. Paul Thornton. Nick Scarpelli. Tom Campbell, Don Higgins. Al Lemieux. Ed XVhitford, Will Stachofsky. Bill Stone, Frank Laney. Tony Felice: Second row: Mr. John McDonald. S. J.. Jim Martin, Jack Fitterer, John Stolz. Sam Lappano, Tim McKinney. John Goodwin, Jim Reichmann. Cliff Bruya, Jim Fife. Sil Mauro, Jim Deviny: Front row: Pat McGuigan. Dan Murphy. Bill Gray, Lambert Gray. Joe Knapp. Ed Ringwood. Orien Gross. Frank Viro. Jack Freitag. Fd Bruya. Jack Higgins. Gordon Baxter BOTTOM: Second Team-Bachfield: Nick Scarpelli. Sam Lappano. Tom Campbell, Tim McKinney: Line: Jim Fife. Cliff Bruya. John Stolz. XVill Stachofsky, Jim Reichmann. Don Higgins. Frank Laney Ng Football lol T or Ja. 777 My The Gonzaga Bullpups, under their new coach, Bill Frazier. failed to win the championship, but were a distinct threat throughout the season. In the final game of the season, the annual Shrine tilt, they played North Central for a tie for the city championship, but lost the game by a nar- row margin to stand in second place in the city series, behind Lewis and Clark and North Central, the co-champs. CONZAGA 33, SEATTLE PREP 0 The team opened the season with a high-scoring game with the Seattle Prep Panthers. winning 33 to O. The first score came when Goodwin shot a pass to Anderson on the two-yard line, who scored standing up. In the third quarter Cerstenberger crashed over from the one-yard line for another score. ln the final period Caoodwin went over center to score and then went over again. racing nineteen yards around end behind beau- tiful blocking. Late in the quarter Fitterer intercepted a pass and ran seventy-five yards for the last score. i531 fi Q- Top row: Ed Whitford, Jim Fife. Second row: Bill Stone, Tom Campbell. Third row: Bob Anderson, Jim Martin. I ,I Bottom row: Captain Bob Gerstenberger, is , ij Dick Sartain. Frank Laney. SY! ' J 1 r it f I l I , 1 M 5 I . ' ,J J , el 1 , ' . ll '. ' T ,1 X 1 . Y , I ff ,Sf lx fly! JI 7 J NSD 5 AQ A ff, I Q1 W f l J' at 1 ,IX IX KJ X N i lj A' 1" Y ly rx GONZAGA 0, WALLA WALLA 6 The Bullpups traveled to Walla Walla to play the Wa I-Ii Blue Devils and came out on the short end of the score. The game was a thriller from start to finish, in spite of the low score. The Bullpups outgained their opponents by a big margin but didn't have the scoring punch necessary to cross the goal. GONZAGA 12, ROGERS 6 In the opening game of the city series the Bullpups only gained 112 yards to their opponents' 162, but came out on the long end of the score. The Bullpups drew first blood after the completion of two passes. The last was to Bob Anderson over the goal line. Rogers came back to score with only ten seconds left in the half. On the following kickoff Anderson picked up the ball on his own fourteen-yard line and behind perfect blocking raced eight-six yards to pay dirt as the gun sounded, ending the half. There was no scoring in the second half. GONZAGA 6, LEWIS AND CLARK 14 In this game the Bullpups scored first in the first quarter in a drive that started on the Tiger forty- yard line. Just before the half ended Lewis and Clark scored and the try for point was good. The Zags then tried a comeback but the Tigers broke loose for another score to assure them of victory. GONZAGA 6, NORTH CENTRAL 14 The Bullpups started the game against the Indians very strongly, as usual, and it was not long before they scored. The Indians, led by shifty Doug Cramer, then turned on the power to score twice, once on a long pass. The Bullpups then seemed to lose all their first quarter zip and could not get back into the game. 156.- GONZAGA 7, ROGERS 6 The opening whistle in the second tussle with the Pirates was a signal for a touchdown march. Rogers received the kick and got nowhere. They kicked to the Gonzaga forty-five where the Bullpups took over and drove to a touchdown. Silvio Mauro's kick for the extra point was good. With less than two minutes left in the game the Pirates struck hard and fast by air for a touchdown. An argument followed their try for point. but the referee finally ruled that the kick had been low, giving Gonzaga a one-point edge. GONZAGA 6, LEWIS AND CLARK 0 A fighting Bullpup team hammered the Tigers to a one-touchdown victory which set them in a triple tie for first place in the city league. The Gonzagans were never in any great trouble during the game, Tom Campbell crashed over for the lone touchdownkfadfi the two-yard line, where Gerstenberger ha bro t the ball. following a Tiger fumb e s teen- yard line. Gonzaga was a' i our-ya d . line as the game ended. 3 CONZAGA 7, NORTH CENTRAL 12 In the most thrilling contest of the year the Bull- pups held the edge until the last quarter when the In- dians turned loose a barrage of passes to down the Zags by two touchdowns. The last came in the clos- ing minutes of the game. A long pass was snagged on the goal line to put the Bullpups out of the race for the city title. 1.57.- Top row: Ed Flynn, John Goodwin. Second row: Jack Fitterer. Will Stachofsky Th'd m"S'l'Vl Jkldll xr rcu,. iiauro. ac .oe. Bottom row: Jim Deviny, Bill Porter. Top row: Tim McKinney. Frank Laney, Captain John Goodwin, Ed XVhitford. Buck row: l.es Kapfer. Frank Laney, l.ee Kapfer. Second row: Jack Roberts, Ed Whitford, Bob Sharp. Bill Carbaugh, Jim Mounsey, Al l,emieux. Pat McGuigan. Front row: Dan Murphy, Bob Gonyea, Sam l.appano, Jack Kimmel. Nick Ressa, Tim lVlcKinney. Captain John Goodwin, Coach Bill Frazier. Basketball A number of veterans greeted the new coach, Bill Frazier, as he took over the reins of the Bullpup squad. The bearers of the blue and white, clad in new, bright colored uniforms, showed plenty of promise during the pre-season en- counters, winning ten of thirteen games. Paced by Captain John Goodwin, every department was well represented and had good reserve power. The 1939-40 basketball season was the best at Gonzaga in many years. as far as games won and lost and the team's spirit was concerned. In twelve starts in the city series the Bullpups won seven and lost five. to capture second place in the final standings. The games lost were, on the whole, very close. The team got off to a bad start in the initial half of the city series, but came back in the second half, showing superior power and ball-handling as they won four straight games. -53- Top row: Les Kapfer. Bob Sharp, Bob Gonyea. Second row: Sam Lappano, Al Lemieux. Bottom row: Bill Carbaugh, Nick Ressa. Lee Kapfer. l Basketball In a final post-season clash the Gonzaga five defeated Seattle Prep in a hard- fought game, thus gaining the title "Catholic Champions of Washington." Although Prep was the pre-game favorite, on account of its undefeated record of twenty straight victories, the Bullpups, led by Eddie Whitford, came from be- hind to subdue them 37 to 30. Through the efforts of both team and coach, and the enthusiastic support given by the student body, basketball was placed on the up-grade at Gonzaga, restor- ing it to the prestige that it rightly deserves. Regular starters on the squad were Captain John Goodwin and Ed Whitford. guards, Captain-elect Frank Laney, center, and Lee and Les Kapfer. forwards. Other letter winners included Tim McKinney, Bob Sharp and Nick Ressa. seniors, Bob Gonyea and Sam Lappano, juniors, and Nick Scarpelli and Bill Car- baugh, sophomores. LSQ.. Captain Ed Whitford, John Goodwin, Bill Carbaugh, Len Scarpelli. I MW M ff Back row: Coach Bill Frazier, John Green, Bob Strccker. Jim Reichmann. Bill Ogle. Frank Laney. Jack Lodell, Len Miotke, Frank Viro. Bob Carroll. Second row: Jim Pieroni, Bob Crowley. XVally Prosser, Jack Merriman, Bob Ander- son. John Goodwin, John Presley, Dick Sar- tain, Bob Gerstcnberger, Tom Lacy. Front row: Pat McGuigan, Captain Ed XVhitford, Jack Kimmel, Sil Mauro, Len Scarpelli. Sam Lappano, Bob Gonyea, Bill Carbaugh, Jack Roberts. Baseball Gonzaga had one of its most successful baseball teams in its history this year. The Zags had a well-rounded hitting attack and there were veterans in both infield and outfield. The excellent pitching of Jack Merriman. Bill Carbaugh, Sil Mauro and Wally Prosser accounted for the usually low scores of their op- pOnentS. The Bullpups started the season with a bang, winning about twelve practice games before going down in defeat. The first city league game. with North Central, started out to be a close one but Gonzaga's batters found their range in the third inning and the runs began to come in regularly until the score stood 9 to 2 in favor of the Bullpups. -60- I 1 Top row: W'ally Prosser, Sil Mauro. Jack . Merriman. i Second row: Sam Lappano, Bob Ander- son. Bottom row: Dick Sartnin. Bob Gersten- berger, Jim Pieroni, Jack Kimmel. wr Rf V 7 fl Baseball Rogers was the next victim. Lefty Jack Merriman pitched the route for the Zags, giving up only two hits to the Pirates. The encounter, played partly in the rain. ended in a shutout for Gonzaga. the final score being 2 to 0. Next on the schedule was Lewis and Clark. This game was disastrous for the blue and white team. Gonzaga started out strongly, capturing an early 8 to 2 lead, but the Tigers gradually wore it down and went on to win in the seventh inning. The final score was 9 to 8. Gonzaga's fourth league game was with the cellar-dwelling North Central Indians. The Bullpups had no trouble disposing of them. They belted out twelve hits to surge on to a 14 to 2 victory. Rogers fell again before the Bullpups by the score of 8 to 5. N . W Top row: Co-Captain Bob Bunch, Jack Clemmens, Tom Campbell, Bob McGoldrick, Co-Captain Al Budig. Cenlerz Len Scarpelli, Bob Anderson. Buck row: Maurice Walters, Dick Moore, Darroll Waller, Joe Bell. Bob Miles. Don Corley, Fred Timmerman. Jim Flynn, Neil Loomis. Harold Corley, John McCollum. Tom McLaughlin, Mr. Joseph Grady. S. J. Third row: Frank Laney, Dick O'Dea. Pat Mertens, Bob Bradley, Frank Greene. Mike Bogle. Ed O'Shea, Dick Bottjer. Leo McDon- nell. Andy Devlin. Wally Flynn, Ed Jones, John DuMont. Second row: Jerry Goeden. Carl Maxey, Co-Captain Bob Bunch, Jack Clemmens, Bob Anderson, Nick Scarpelli. Tom Campbell, Bob McGoldrick, Dan Beaulieu. Norm Rieger, Bob Vctto, Les Kapfer, Lee Kapfer. Front row: Willis Pottratz, Jack Bradley, Len Scarpelli, Ken Carpenter, Sam Lappano. Co-Captain Al Budig, Bob Bradley, Bob Cappello. Track Mr. Joseph Grady, S. J., the 1940 track coach, issued a call for candidates early in the spring and was agreeably surprised at the great number of enthusiasts who turned out. Immediately he began building his squad, helping and provid- ing encouragement until the day of the first big meet. This was held with Lewis and Clark at Hart Field. Mainly because of inex- perience the team opened the season on the short end of a 62 to 42 score. The meet was a thriller, with many close races. Before moving to North Central for their next city meet. the Bullpups in- vaded Coeur d'Alene and tasted the sweetness of victory for the first time in many years, edging the Idaho boys 67 to 62. -62-. Top row: Les Kapfer, Lee Kapfer, Bud Stan, Joe Bell. jrrw l ,g,.,d-vf"5""' Q Second row: Ken Carpenter, Jack Lodell. Bottom row: Jack Bradley, Nick Scar- pelli, Carl Maxey, Frank Laney. i Track Traveling to North Central the following week, the Zags met and were de- feated by the city champion Indians 71 to 33. The experienced Indians were too powerful for the hopeful Zags. The Bullpups were out to win a city league victory when they met Rogers but they missed it by one point, enough to break a team's heart, when Rogers eked out a 522 to 51M victory. Gonzaga showed its greatest strength in the dashes, with such stars as Bob Bunch, Jack Lodell, and Len and Nick Scarpelli. The relay team composed of Jack Lodell, Ken Carpenter, Nick Scarpelli and Bob Bunch was undefeated in the league meets. Other consistent point winners were Carl Maxey in the 440, Frank Laney in the shot put and high jump, Al Budig in the mile, and many others. In the city meet the relay team won again, barely missing a new record by one second. Bob Bunch also captured the 220 dash. -53.- X MIDGET FOOTBALL Back row: Frank lhly, Ted Miller, Ed Jones. Bob Vetto, John Giampietri, Bill Cole. Norm Rieger. Second row: Mr. Robert Luger, S.J.. Lawrence McGonigle. Roy Defenbach, Wil- lard Schoen, Etter Milla, Don Terhaar, Bob Cappello. Bill Carbaugh. Front row: Howard Corley, Glen Kivett. Loren Hansen, Bob Carroll, Bob Brooks. Har- old Becker. Joe Compogno. Wallace Schoen. .lerry Doyle. MIDGET BASKETBALL Bach row: Ed Vlhilford, Bob Anderson. Front row: Carl Maxey. Ralph Beaulieu, Len Miotke, John Presley, Jim Murphy, Bob Curran, Jim Davey, Herb Derr, John Stolz, Jack Helean. Jim Pieroni. Midgets The Midget football team, coached by Mr. Robert Luger, S. J., struck a little hard luck this year. Most of their games were with boys who were much more experienced and much heavier than they. As a result the season's record was two wins and five losses. The backfield was light and fast, led by Captain Bob Car- roll who time and time again led his team down to the goal line, only to be stopped by bulwark defenses and lack of reserve strength. Off to a roaring start by defeating the high school "B" squad 22 to 16, the Midget basketball team, under Mr. Frank Duffy, S. J., went through their sea- son with but two defeats and eight wins. Sparked by Fred O'Neil, they put up a zone defense and used trick breaks and sharp-shooting to pile up this record. The first team consisted of Ralph Beaulieu, John Presley, O'Neil, John Stolz and Carl Maxey. -64-- VROSH lfOO'l'l5.'Xl.l. liutk row: Mr. .lohn livoy. S..l.. .lack l7ife. .lack XVinkler. Don llierce. Bob lloward. Raymond Rapp. Maurice Vdalters. .loe Mur- phv. Carl Stolle. George Moore, lhird row: John Brucitk. .lack Codd. lla! XValsh. l'red Timnierman. .lim Rassilver. Vic l'elice. .lim McDowell, Rav Ouimet. .loe Bell. .Joe Sweeney. Second row: Darroll XValler. Neil Meyers. Tom Nlarier. Neil l.oon1is. Marvin Terhaar. .loe Saccomanno, lawrence Kraft. Ciene Di- l,ulio, Dick Mciliighe. Mario Saccomanno. Ifrcml row: Bob Blaisdell. Pal Shelledy. VROSH l3ASKli'l'l5Al.l. Vic lfelice. Roy Ouimet. Steve Twohv. Pat Vylalsh. Dave lireilag, Neil l.oomis. .loe Bell, Joe Saccomanno, Darroll Vv'aller. Phil An- derson. Maurice Vwfalters. Joe Murphy. Frosh The most successful frosh football team in years ran over all opposition to win eight out of nine games, beating such notable teams as Lewis and Clark. Rogers. North Central, DeSmet and others. Jack Fife did most of the ground work. and the passing game was handled by Pat XValsh in the throwing end and Ray Ouimet receiving. The only game lost was a close I3 to 7 decision to Rogers. The team was coached by Mr. John Evoy, S. J. Frosh basketball suffered miserably this year. The season ended with one win and six losses chalkeci up. Although they tried hard the Greenies just couldnt hold the hot pace. At times during the season they looked like a cham- pionshop team. snapping the ball around like veterans. only to go into a slump as game time approached. Darroll XValler was the outstanding player. Mr. Rob- ert l-uger. S. .l., coached. - -05- , Q A - ik 4. s V Y ' FROSH BASEBALL Back row: Mr. Robert Luger, S. J., Cle- ment Yuse. Jack Fife, Tom Kingsbury, Fran- cis Potesky, Mario Saccomanno, Gene Di- Luzio, Steve Twohy, John Brucick. Front row: Ray Ouimet, Pat Walsh, Alex Kelly, Vic Felice, Pat Shelledy, Ray Schroeder. Dave Freitag. John Julian. BANTAM FOOTBALL Bach row: Vic Felice, Steve Twohy, Jack Codd, Jim Pieroni. Front row: Don Clarno, Lester Scott. Walt Corbett. Bill Robbins, Earl Cobb, Jack Magee, George Huetter. l l Frosh - Bantams The frosh baseball nine, boasting a six-game winning streak against pre- season opposition, tasted defeat for the first time at the hands of Lewis 'B Clark. bowing to the Tiger yearlings 7 to 5 at Garry Park. The frosh momentarily blew up in the last of the seventh when Catcher Pat Walsh threw erratically to second allowing two runs to score. Although they lost this initial contest, they still were confident of upsetting the dope and nabbing the championship. The Bantam team of 1939 avenged their defeats at the hands of St. Aloysius the year before by taking three straight games from them. This year's team was small and lightning fast from one end of the line to the other. They won their only other game, against Sacred Heart, by the score of 6 to O, to go undefeated for the season. High point man for the season was Don Clarno, pass-snagging end. 166.- ClOl.lf TEAM Buch row: lid Jennings. Carl Stolle. Dick O'Dea. Bob Vetto. Bill Porter. Mr. John Evoy. S. J. 'Iht'rt1row: Captain Gordon Baxter. Ted XVert. Bob Bradley, Orien Gross. Chris Areas. Cliff Bruya. .iecwvtl row: Dick Moore, Jim Mounsey. Ken Carpenter. Joe Davey. lirank Greene. Front row: Jack Codd. Bob Barnett. Mike O'Brien. Kevin Durgan. Jack Bradley. Bill Carty. TENNIS TEAM Burk row: lkflike Bogle. Paul Gottschalk. Fourth row: Harry Dumas, lid XVhitford l.ouie Egan. Bill Juliano. lfrank Greene, Har old Brooks. Third row: Cliff Bruya. Bill Gray. Jack Sleavin. Bob Bradley. Bud Giesa, Bob Vetto, Second row: lfd Bruya, Dick Vonmske. Joe Scarpelli. Urien Gross. Joe Davey. lid O'Shea. Front row: Nick Ressa. John Burke. Jack Bradley. John Bogle, Ed Ugleich. l Golf - Tennis Strengthened by the return of seven lettermen. the Cionzaga golf team had a good season under Captain Gordon Baxter. Vvlorking out every night under the guidance of their coach. Mr. John Evoy, S. J.. they showed marked improve- ment as the season progressed. Although they were defeated by both North Central and Lewis and Clark. they showed up well in these matches, and won victories over Rogers and Coeur dl-Xlene. In one of the final matches of the season they defeated Lewis and Clark 8 to 6. This year's tennis turnout brought forth all the veterans of last year's matches. The first squad was made up of Harry Dumas. Ed Ugleich, Joe Scarpelli. Bill Ciray and Bob O'Meara. Coached by Mr. Frank Duffy, S. J.. the team was not too successful in its matches. However. a long list of promising material. especially among the sophomores. gave promise of success in years to come. -67- AppreC1at10n f01 whates er plea sure ha- been deux ed f10Hl the foregomg pagee can bent hnd tau Oflble CXPICSSIOII 111 C111 aetlw pal 1Ol1ZlQ,6 of the adx ertlsels xx ho hm e madn posslbh thc 1940 Lulfflan MW FRIEN DS IN DELD joseph I Hurlev Dr 4rnol1l Pedersen I I' U 0 fl I f II llllcrll Uclu UH K l A Urmlur I I S 4 1 zrnz 1 5, Dr I I Barn: H I' ras: r Dr Roberl L Rotfh orll D U Uounsew I l'ru nfl I ranl. Illfulc I Illlzr llrllllr U Dm fr rzrrra lx lorhfrw Dr olm H 0 Shea 48 O U I ' f T 1 - . W . - . I I, I f . . . . . . 'V I K 7' X - C ,4 , . ' . , V ,S ' i 7 ' Y 1 . . . I I Y " X I 'V l' , 5 K 4' J Y, I C U1 4 l e Dr. Chas. R. Moufery Dr. .-IIIIIFPIU lIeR0eHh Jr. '. 'Nfl ,- ' 'I j 9 A . ' , .- , ' A. , 9 . J' , f. . ff. . ' er Ir. C. I ' 'Hs " ' 'II . G. . ' J ' 1 '. I ' f ' I . 'f ' - , - GQ l'0 ds- :-ifl iTIl' J-MMA IO2! Q 3 P I" I ima K. 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Suggestions in the Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) collection:

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