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Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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QWEN-za MCG Q9 ww K wi W M W 'Xb G QWQWW ?'4?zWffJ,Lm,f wwf M CM W ffm! , ,Hfj W up THE LUHGHAN 1 9353 Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF GONZAGA HIGH SCHOOL Spokane, Washington Volume Seven Dedication THERE stands among us one who has for eight long years directed the steps of Gonzaga high school, carefully planting and nourishing the seeds of intellectual, physical and spiritual training. All these years he has been sending forth the graduates of our school grounded in the principles of true education, with his bless- ing ringing in their ears and his radiant smile flashing before their eyes. To us he is symbol of the lesuit order, those men who follow the finger of God, sacrificing all to devote themselves to the training of youth and the salvation of souls. He will no longer lead us, but his memory shall abide always with us, Little and trivial is the honor we pay him in comparison to what he has done. It comes from our heart with earnest sincerity. We of Gonzaga high school do respectfully and affectionately dedicate this yearbook to our principal, Father Curtis I. Sharp, S.I. May the blessings of God be upon him, may his cup of life be filled to the brim with happiness and peace, and may our actions in the future justify his pride in us and his unceasing labor because of us. FATHER CURTIS I. SHARP, S.I., PRINCIPAL 1 N K ,M,, H , Foreword WITHIN the covers of this book is contained the story of another year in Gonzaqa's qlorious history. Her victories and losses, her triumphs and defeats are ours. Pictured here are all those characters and scenes that play such cr major role in the drama of education, education as it should be. May these memories, which we have humbly attempted to portray, act as a guide in the unchartered paths of life, they stir us ever onward to a hiqher higher things. When an hour of da and may goal and rkness or trouble is upon us, may Gonzaqa's name lend new impetus to our ambitions, 'new fervor to our spirits, new inspiration to our hopes and re- kindled faith to our souls. If in the distant fu- ture such may be the case, then truly can we say our fondest hopes have been realized, we have not failed. .ees Contents I. Administration II. Graduates III. Classes IV. Activities V. Champions VI. Athletics VII. Features 43 fn '3 lx? ADMINISTRATION " ,I ' I. t .' 'nl' F VliE'll'3l AN FR, FR MR. R. NR. PATRICK T. IOYE, S.I. Vicevlflrincipal Moderator 4B Reliqion English French FR. IOHN W. DUNNE, S.l. Religion . EDWARD A. MQNAMARA, SI. Student Adviser Chaplain Moderator Sodality Religion FR. IOHN FORSTER, S.l, Religion ROBERT M. LUGER, S.I. Moderator IB Moderator Minor Athletics History Sociology MR. EUGENE A. HEALY, SJ. Chemistry FRANCIS P. HARRINGTON, 5.1 Moderator ZA Moderator Maior Athletics Moderator Knights of the Leash English MR. CLARE A. HAYES, SI. Moderator 2C Moderation I. Y. A. Moderator Rifle Clut- Geometry Algebra PAUL WEISSENBERG, S.l. Moderator 4A Moderator Senior Debating English -ff? ,F Q X. ta, 'L wl 'lLll"lAN ,, . U IFW8 M Ii M H MH Ma. 1 I x M H IOHN YN MvlX'ONAl,l7 S l. lvlmlerrllcur JP Hrstcvry f'1Vxr"s MH IAMES ll l'CHNVVFl,L, Mmalerutor 3A lv'lurlvrmwr 'Flu' Lurqrcln Moflvrmfrr The Gon7Clqun Luhn Greek 'XOBEHT QT SC'Tl'lll"I"NlQll, S.I, Modwrulnr lA Rolrqron l,crt1n MH lUl"lN P. IVHHSY, ill Moderator lf Modwrulor Mcxnlwbll Clulw Dxrevtor Diurnuhcs Supervisor uf l'Tc'nlvsls Religion Enqllslx Lunn GFHARU A MOEIN Sf Prvelecl ol Drscrplrnf- lvlcyclzfrclor Drum rnwl Buqx- Vnrps 'lrrrrk Coavh MR. IOHN A LJALGITY, S.l Moderator lunrnr lir-lmnrlfl Hrstory ANGELO A. HC EMAN Typvwrrtinq Slenoqrcphy Bookkvnprmr Eforxomifrs Mcrtlze-ntnlrcs MH IOHN VJ Hf,lN'l'CWN Moderator QB Business Fnqllslm Enqlxsh German Alhlfllic' Lforxclr DONALD R. RYAN Geometry Spunrsh Cornmorrml l.uw GRADUATES I7 'II-'TIUIGIAN "1-H Senior Oifiqefgf - lf I I ,K I J . A. J, I INILIAIAIN1 F FIHKI'1I.I-'Y If-'I.If'.fXIXI I. 3I?'5l'I'I'I.I. HAYI-IIONIJ 1' 'IFXIJIIT NVIIIIAM If BRAIIIIIY P19511-11' F1111111- - ' 'I1111:11: !111'! 1 Q1 lI11q11sl1111g IIo11c11 1',11ss1-'f1I- II ::.1-1 IL1' I :3:111f '11 15111, S91-11-tally Q4- P11s111s1111 5.51, IA F111 '.I' 131112, -1 Ivf' -1111111 1 .' '1111111c111c: fl, 43 1.21c1'111y I 11, 115- 111: 11: 1 1 1-1 II 1111111111-I, 10 101 lust 1I1,11'1fg S1:1I1I11y . ' -If'1 11 I I,1'11::I. - -I- I111s11If1111 -1- 'Qi N111 1 -3 I.1111111 2111 111111 -I IV-11 11lI-I Hfxslu-1111111 1. IAIIIAN I I'QEIHI'?1.f V1-1 II1 5111-112 I711I'- ' 'I 1111i .111 11111I1!I-V S1 1'XI11-.s111::- 15111111 1. floss 01211-1-1 Mig ffI111 1 4 Pifxsr'-I111lI ' -I :I1 'IQ-x 41- 11111111s I 4, -I, I-.-'1YI-VIVINIII L' DAVIS Sf-1'1-2111ry- "Rav "Gs-v '.11111+' 11111111 I L31 Xxv1e-:- Co111111Mf'ml: Class Offiro: ZI5- Pre-s1fI12111 IE , 11111111 1 - -1- 1.-11611-11111, IT'CI11I17, 9 4- F'11f1:1111I11g 'Tm - 1 IR-x111f: fi, - Y I v If .frf f VY hx x -Xl V! ' . , ' ,f lr W emi-W T H E L llrlgrl A N if .J l I I Dnnalcl A. Amsburyf-f"Ams": "Oh yeah": Rogers 4: General. Leo P. Andrew "Pat": "Easy Claes il": St. Francis: General: "G" Club 3, 4: Golf 3, 4. Peter L. Andre "Pete": "Whats the differencewr Sl. Francis of Assisi: Scren tific: "G" Club 3, 4: Football 4: Track 4. Durant Barclay "Barlc": "Oh yeah", North Central 4: General. Ralph Bockmier, lr. "Sonny": "Hi ya quy": Lewis and Clark Z: General: So dality 2, 3, 4: Leash 3, 4: "G" Clul: 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4. Kenneth A. Baulac "Kcn": "Well sure thats why": St. Aloysrus: General: Debating l, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4: Drarnatics 3, 4: Sodality l, Z, 3, 4: Luiaian 4: Gon zaqan 4. Lawrence V. Brown "Larry": "Al ways shining the appleu: Sacred Heart: General: Elacution 3: Debalinq l, 2, 3: Sodality l, 2, 3, 4: Leash 3, 4: "G" Club 4: Glee Club 4, Officer 4: Luiqian 4: Football 4: Basketball 4: Hockey 4. Lane S. Candler "Oscar": "The early bird catches the warmn: St. Joseph Aca- flemy, Sprague 4: Scientific: Sodality 4: filee Club 4: Honor Boll 4. john E. Cantlon "Butch": NHGUO 'l'oots": Our Lady af Lourdes: ClGSS1CUl: Class Officer 4A: Gold Medal Debate 4: Debating 4: Dramatics 3, 4, President 4: Sodalify l, 2, 3, 4: Leash 4: Drum and Bugle 4, Drum Maier 4: Orchestra l, 2: Luiqran 4: Gonzaqan 3, 4, li I il N 1938 Wmllmm Garde-1 ljxllug 'Hx w lule flu l ge-Q out?"3 Porl Anqwlws H1 43 1.3911911113 Lwcxsll 43 Slvdulltv fl Rolex? if xjnlly Num- 3 'Dui you rvcllyf '3 S' Algyslus, lluuul Clusslcul, Class Ulllcvr 4A3 Humax Hull l, fl, 4' Flu Culion l, fl 43 Gmlll Medal Debate l, 4, Dvlnullnq l, Z, J, 4, Olllrnlr 43 Apolo -Je-ucs l, -1, Fnsl Plum- 43 Dromolics 4, Sollullly ., Z n -l Llsnsl: 4, U' 1'lx.l, 4, Luiqlual ll- Fw: llwill -'Z Gllm -Qlxesuxlu 'Clwvsey' l lil-lu'I dc: lt, lvllslferw: Sl. Pnlrxck: 'Sf-m-ml' Sw xlulxly l 3, 43 'G' lflul -'l- llmll ull 4 Rolwrl F. Ulnrl-L X'lxlv.1n.'lurll1xx3 Kl--arcllus 3 'Vxvu lu l'11uce', Sl Putrlc'lc3 Honux Clcxsslrul Hmmm Floll l, 3 43 Class Ollxrvz -HX' Orolory ,lf Gcplml Medal Daliute l, lf 4, First Plum- -l- Debcmnq E, 2, E, 42 lklllwx 4- Dm mulzcs 4, Olllcvx -13 131 lmlw' l, 1', 1, fl Plllxcc-r 43 Lewlsla 4, 11- lnllulfllp 4' Gun .fuqnrl .3 4. lfflxl Qluzss- 'iplalprwg Wllu' vuu Xlxmk lf1mP'- Lfmllml Vulloy 4- Gvxwml Flulwmt I. Lfudd 'Eur' 'Wllsre is SwQen9y?"3 Sl Aloysxusg Gmwml- Hun wx Roll l3 Dellcitmq 23 Surlullly l 2, A, 4, Olllver 43 Lgusll Al. Olllcex 4- "G" Clul ll 43 Glsxe Clulw -lf Frvtlwll A 43 Rxllp 4 lusmiwh P Clwruell lfuyxulcz 3 VVl1f1rw IS WPmettes?"3 Sacred Hourly Svxexmtmflvf Class Olllcpr XB, 353 Honor Hill l, 2, Eloculmn l3 Dn1l'c1l1nq l, 23 Sovlulny l 23 "G"C1ux 7 3, 43 Gonzcxqcm 4, l.u lqlmu 43 Tmrk Z 4, 43 Huvksay 4- Gfll John P Curran "Iohnny"3 "Aw shurks"3 St Potrwkg General, 'GH Club 4' Frvcllvull fl Robert L. Dewey "Bmq'j "HPV Degn, Whfl G rTqm11e": .Scxmaii Hmm GG!l"l9fGl3 Eloculxcn l, Z3 3D9'bCIl1IlCI lg Dmmcxlics 3, 43 Sodalityll, 7 3, 43 G" Club 3, 43 Glev Club 3, 4, Oltlrfhr 4 98 "l'lE"l.lllGlAN lf William F. Dinndorl "Bloody Bill"g "Hey, pipe down you quysu: Sl. An- thony: General Honor Roll 2, 3, 4: So dality l, 2, 3, 4: Leash 4: "G" Club 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Track 4. Donald G. Donahoe "Dinny" "Ah nuts": Wallace Hi 4: Scientific: Sodality 4: "G" Club 4: Glee Club 4: Drum and Bugle 4: Luiqian 4: Football 4: Hockey 4. Ioseph M. Durqan "Little loe": "Par don me-": St. Xavier: General: Sociality l, 2, 3, 4: "G" Club l, 2, 3, 4: Golf l, 2, 3, 4. Thomas P. Durlcan "Red": "l rzoulfl say somethinq but I won't": Great Falls Hi 4: General: Honor Roll 4: Baseball 4. Richard D. Feaver "Douq": "Or somethinq": St. Aloysius: General: Class Officer IB, ZB, SB, 4B: Debating 3: So dality l, 2, 3, 4. Victor I. Felice "Halffman": "Who do you think I am, anyhow?": Lincoln: General: Class Officer lB, EB, RB: Hon or Roll l, 2, 3, 4: Sodahty 3, 4, Assistant Prefect 4: Leash 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Bas lcetball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Gonzaqan 3, 4: Luiqian 3, 4: "G" Club 3, 4. Leonard F. Gaffney "Little Dublin": "You're late aqazn, Bradleyn: St. loseph Academy, Sprague 4: Classical: Honor Roll 4: Gold Medal Debate 4: Debating 4: Sodality 4: Baseball 4. lohn W. Gooden "Iaclc": "Whats the aaa?" North Central 2: General: Sodality 3, 4. Walter L, Graham "Walt": "Aw shucksn: St, Aloysius: General: Student Rody Officer 4: Class Officer lB, ZB, SB: Honor Roll 4: Leash 4: "G" Club 2, R, -1: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 7, 3: Basp ball 2, 3, 4. E1 Umar' W-H Lglzllnf, ll klnxy x G I S.. 4, ,flnu'lc": HU vnu "g Fl, Mcxlfs ACudP1ny, Oreqon 2: entlllc' lllznw :lwll 7, .l, 4, Sodcllxty x. .lull X, ,wg lennxs fl J, 4: Dv lvl 4 Hnulps E. A js UXN: Nl rwikl an 7 hi Xmgllstxrley Scxenlixicg Honor Roll l, fl: llv:rll1!LQ Aj 3fmll:l1ty l 5 J, 4: 'pnsll -1 - l n: 43 x.f11lzf'1qm1,i,4. Gerald P. lluppurwlm 'Penn' 'Yu s:4.'ul 1,:qsAnu1": lnlnvvuxxulm- lunmx H1 .'. GGnPnJl: 1.1-Clsll 4' G ,lnl 3, 4 l.u 1211 cn: 4: Llnnzvxqnn -lg .zczwk 4, 4, Sli Hx 1 In Mvlvnx Huss Nrv1'lxi'Q1li111l41: f V 4 mm. 1. Rmvlmni F, lcslxnszxzl Plnlzllnll 3, -1- Mlf1': Hoy M151--1 ' . xlllw-Irml: Drum :znz "f1vvQ:l-1 ', "'l'l:1nlt f', Sl. Aloysxusg Hnvnur Lflossxvnl: nn'-x Roll l, 7, 3: Golfl MG-dnl Dvlznte- 4, fkllwnunq l, 2, 4, 4, Ollm-r -15 llm Czhrs F, Offlrer 41 Sodcxfxty' I .Z 1, -1, Lfoslm -Q Luxqimx -1, F lx D 4 L. l-15,1 G!tu'r1r QA Gormwunn ', 4: liolverl B. lonvs 'llmnmy J 'l xnq plccesw: Sl. Pclrldcg Genmfl dent Body Qfonsultol 3- HG' ltlkli 4: lb-fltlvoll 17 2, -1' llclskvlanll Fusm all fl, 4, 'Truck -4 Murk D. Kcxulbcxch Ik" 'PL1nr:ly'g You 1 , Benton H1 37 General: Leash 4: mm and Buqle 4: Clclmsirn lc Hocksfy be qw lg Sm Qxf Isvseplx l, Krall "ClwfSP": "VV'Pll whufs the obyecffng St. Anlhonys Semi nrny 2, Srlenhflv: 'lmck -1, 'llwrxnas A, E Lcxlly venxnq"g Sacred He-un' Genera. Elm Cunwn lg Smmlny l, 2, fl, 4- Le-ash J, "Ton"': "Talk fn, 1 Glef' Lfluli 4: Rllle 5, 4 4. 9 E IGYAN William B. Lane "Bill", "Don't work too hard", St. Francis of Assisi, Gen eral, Class Officer 3B. Iohn P. Leary "lack", "Well phooey to that", Wallace 2, Honor Classical, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Apologetics 3, Gold Medal Debate 3, 4, Second place 3, 4, President 4A, Debating Z, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Dramatics 4, Sodality 2, 3, 4, Leash 4, Penmen Club 4, Officer 4, Luiaian 4, Editor, Gonzaqan 3, 4, Gold Medal for Scholastic Excellence 3, Ora tory 4. Iohn F. Ludwig "lack", "Let's qc home", Mason City Hi 4, General: Honor Roll 4, Tennis 4. William E. Mahar - "Wild lrish', "What'd l do?", St. Patrick, General: Elocution l, Debating 3, 4, Sodality l. 2, Leash 4, "G" Club 2, 3, 47 Glee Cluli 4, Football 4, Earl S. McCanna f"Geep", "No", Lewis and Clark 4, General: Hockey 4. Gerald F, McKenzie "Mac", "Quiet please", St. Xavier, Commercial, Sodal- ity l, 2, 3, 4. Harold Fl, McMahon "Mac", "What's good about it?": Sacred Heart Acad- emy, Oreqon 2, Honor Classical, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Debating 2, 4, Sodality 2, 3, 4, Leash 4, Luiqian 4, Gonzaqan 3, 4: Second Place for Scholastic Excel- lence 2. Karl D. Milton "Milt", "Sure Ill take you", Manual Arts Hi 4, General Glee Club Accompanist 4, Robert B. Molitor--"Bob", "I went by him so fast that", St. Aloysius, General, Student Body Consultor 4, Class Officer ZB, Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Leash 4, "G" Club 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Hockey 4. ll l I l 1 SIA N l.l.'rf licxnrls I Mull fn Moewp Hwy 'lose the wxnflowug Sl losephg Smvn nlxr: Honux Roll 1, Sculcxlny l, Z, J, 4. 'G' Clulw X, fl- Rusk:-Il all K, 4: Gall F, 4, if Enwunl lj, Nan hy "BL1u"- 'ljwsly what 'nukes mv ilnnk Sl. Aloyslusy Gornlrlxlg Clixss Olf1cceI'lB, ZB, HB, 4l5 Sounlnx' l, 7 3, 43 "Ll" Club 4g l'lJvlwv 4 , Hsinly Lf lxlnrpldy Illlllllilf "ll wnn'1 ns- lnnq now ', Suwrffl llpmtx C9114-lul Class Oil.-:ex lfx, -HX: Hnnor Hall l, Q, Dwlvannq lg Swslrllltjw l 12, 3, 4: Leuslx F, 4,Ofl14'm 4 C 'ln1': 'l -1, Luxqmn 1: F'cvot'::r1ll F 4- l'lcwk'-v 4- 'lmflnnis fl. 'w','xll1l::n l. Nnxlwxq, lr, "FlGsl1BulE , 'Wlxx was l lwmn-"', l'n1nvis Wlllfxrd fl: -lnnf-ml Wxllmln Fl. Olson "Ols'- ', 'N -w lnstvn you quys ': St. Anqusnnog xlf-nelcxl: S'11xlem Emmy lffnnsultor -lg floss Ofhm: lA: Sodclny I, ll, A, 4 llxe-fowl 4: Leoslx ' 4- "C" K'l+1l J 4: dev mlul 4, l.n , 1 . Iqmn 3, -1- lYw.,tE:.1ll '- -1 Paul N. Q'Nf-xl "VVn1cl1Pll": "Gould than way ysn knnwwg Si. Ann: Genprul: Class Ofllcvx EB: Sodcllity l, 2, fl: Glen Clnl' l, 2, Olflcs-I l, Bqswl-Cxll 4. l-'nxnk M. Pdl.'1Gl'lCl: 'Puppyf 'livr- nncl lsnrn , Nwrlhpwr' ln 4, Gr-mL:n1l Wwlvs' 1 'lf Plutls-Iscvn Scxlulmurlmn 'VVelfl-": 'What 11 yuu tlnnk ol llxv gm perl' Swim Wesley H1 2: Honor Cllxs slccnl: Hcnor R-.all 2, 3, 4: Debate- 2, 4 Sodcxlxty 2, ll, 4- Le-ash 3, 4: PG-nw:-v Mun 4 Preslzlvnx 4: Luxqlon 4, Assn vmlr- Edna 4: Gwnfnqcxn 1, 4, Elilo: 4 Sol-l lxl .ul lnr Scllolmsnv Fxvellencs- I 'Ncyne F Porter Pdf Sluil 1t": Sl. lose-plx: Commozcxul: llorkey 4: Foul :-all 4 Class Ollicer ll? 73: Suzi-Jlily l, f' l- ' R, -'lg 'GH L' lnl 4: ,ml 4 GIAN 19 Clcrutle F. Rassilyer "Razz"g "Well l'll Le-"7 Sacred Heart, General, Class Gittcrei ZB, 3B. Robe-rt W. Rielly- "Bob", "Le-V5 gQ"3 Webster: General: Debating lg Sodality l, 2, 3, 41 Gonzaqan 3. Leonard Hiuuto "Olie"p "Aw out it out": LibbY: General. Clark A. Robinett "Corky", "Hi Buck", St. Xavierg General, Class Offi oer lA, Frank l. Fiotunno "Gehriq"y "Do I have to tloor you?"g Cooper, General: Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 45 Sodality l, 2, 3, 45 "G" Club 2, 3, 45 Football 47 Baseball 2, 3, 4. Charles F. Scamahorn "Chuck"g "Fooey"p Our Lady of Lourclesq General. Michael K. Stoltz "Mickey", "Provo l it": Assumption Abbey, North Dakota 47 Classical: Honor Roll 4. Francis Sullivan' -"Sully", "Aw nuts, you appleu: Great Falls Hi 4: General. Michael l. Sullivan "Sully": "Hello you knuckleheadny St. Augustine, Gen eralg Class Officer lA, ZA: Soflality l. 2, 3: Leash 45 "G" Club 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4. All HP Ill f1lA N l9fl9 Iames lf Swu-nvy "Diuin": "Well it was this way yrlu see 'p Sl. Aloysxusi General: Student Brady President 4: Class Officer lA, BA: Honor Roll l: De natinq 2: Dranialics S, 4: Smlality l 2 fl, 4: Leash 3, 4, Officer 4: HG' Clulv ll 4: Glee Club 4: Luiqian F 4, Bus, Mqr 4: Gonzriaan fig l'fifltl-all Y -3, 4, Rifle 3 Robert S 'lllicinuason "Half: 'Give ine my pencil, ymi term,-Sr", Lewis anti Clark lf: General lohn P, Tracy "Dirk : 'I translated it O. K.": St. Ann: Honcr Classical: Honor Hull l, 3, 4: Elociitiwli l: Deliat inq 7, 4: Sodality l ll, F, 4: Gonzaqan 4: Lulqiatx 4: Tennis -2 Darrell B l'rrawt-iitiae 'D B, : NA .'ouqan?": LO Grande Hi 4: General irwlality 4: Glee Clulv 4, Thomas lj. Wernette "Alrie": "Fore": St.Theresa, Boise, lrlcrliu: Classical: Stu dent Body Officer 4: Class Officer ZA 3A: Honor Rall l, fl: Detlatinq l, 2: Soclality l, 2, 3, 4, Otticer 4: Leash ll, 4, Officer 4: "G" Clulv : 4, Luiqian 3, 4: Gonzaqan 4: Forvtlvnll .1 4 l'rlick 3, Golt fi, 4 ICIITIQS W. Vlfeslnii ' lim 'I 'lWlial tim'- is it, lcidclO?": St. Xavier: General: H011 or Roll l, 4: Scrdality I 2, 3, 4: Or cliestia Q. George A. Yarno "F'uncliy": "Up in Priest River we . . Sl. Ann: General: Glass Officer 3B, 43: 'GN Club 3, 43 Hockey 4: Football 3, 4: Boxing 2, ll: Basel all 3. CLASSES '77 'THFLUIGIAN Officers of the Associated Students Gonzaga High School X-'NM l3','CIII'NIfY TOM '.X'?fRNIf'I"I'IQ IW1,-sexwyt' V1w1U1+-s1.:Mlt FRANK M--GUILSRT FAI HIGGINS 'J.'A1.!' GRAHAM 'Tu :xsurm ll. -1.-tfxxy SQ-xqvaut at Arms ANYON MVIWVUD Hxlfl-Q BRADLEY BOB MOI.I'I'OR BOB IONI xR,l.fx1lw1 fwusmtt: if-ltsllltwl LV-lnsuxlmx nl . T . . v ' l938 Tl-IELUIGIAN 23 Third High A t l Sixth Row: Don Kelley, Ion Ober, loe O'Connell, Bolt Wert, Bob Cassidy, Mr. lames Conwell, S.l. Fifth Row: Frank lohnson, Bill Biner, Ollie Cosner, Frank Costello, lim Haas, Ronald Springer, Cliff Barclay Fourth Row: Russ Esposito, Bob Sebastian, Bob Randall, lim Mahar, Bill Dolle, lack Dean, Pat Hiqqins Third Row: Don Barrett, Bob Gaffney, Lewis Doyle, lim Sisk, lack V, Murphy, Frank McGuiaan, lim Kronenberq Second Row: Gene O'Connor, Ioe Scioly, Georqe Witter, Georqe Staeheli, lack Rotchford, Bob Blair, Terry Anderson First Row: Frank O'Neil, Georqe Struble, Warren Hook, Tyler Folsom, lack Besse, Wilfred Dumas, lack Freed Seventh Row: Anton Medved, Louis Conyard, lim Herliliy MR. IAMES U. CONWELL, SJ.. . . . . .Moderator FRANK MCGUIGAN ........ .......... P resident IACK ROTCHFORD . .. ........ Vice-President LEWIS DOYLE ....... . . .Secretary-Treasurer ANTON MEDVED .. .... Serqeanteat-Arms 3A class members made headlines in all manor activity news. Pat Hiqqins tied for first place in the Senior Elocution contest while lim Mahar and lack V. Murphy also took part. Hiqqins carried second place in the Apologetics contest and lack Rotchford and Iim Mahar distinguished them- selves in the same contest. Many of 3A members were on both the Luiqian and Gonzaqan staffs, Hiqqins being associate editor of the annual and Costello associate editor of the school paper. The Leash, Penmen, Debate, Glee club, Mantell-club and the Sodality received the ardent support of 3A classmen. ln the sports field 3A also shone. Biner, Iohnson, Esposito, Medved, Mc- Guiqan and l-liqains received football letters, while Herlihy and Bockmier were two of the mainstays of the basketball team. Hiaqins, McGuiqan and Medved were requlars on the baseball nine. Track saw the services of Staeheli, Sisk and Dumas. The rifle and qolf teams were fortified by 3A classmen. .. a ,W1 1 X in N X 1 X- .1 " I 1. 11 113 1 11 N 1938 , ,, 1-in , H if ,fn f , , f,,f4g,, 7 J sf 7744 ,QI Z, ff., I -' 1 - I . 1 Q Third Hlgh B ,pw ff 1 7 J'-'R' '7 1 xl I I, 1 1 1 Y A' l Sixth 1-.tw 1211 111E.1. 'JI Ms111-1111.1 S1 11111: 14111-f-sz-a1'11, 51111:-. Lf.:-11:11 111-14 1'.'1w,'91s, A. 15- 11 1 P11111 Raw But 1111111113 F111111 f'X11111'1111f.111, E411-111111s, 1:1111 M1111, 111115 1-1111w1. F0Li1't?1 Raw' E11 11111-k 1'ra111-c 131e1ss111a, Ralph Pr11ss91, R111191' ' 1.90, 14111 1'11111s11111, lack R9911 J '1'111111Rcw, 111ck C9511-.1 Il-rl f11f111'1f-1 1'1-111k 111111111 1.y.r S1111 f 11. .3'111.111s1-:1 111111 1.1-115:11-11 SOF111111 Rrww, Le-11111111 1.'111.'1:1t F1111 Mv1'111a11-1, R111 KV-115111 1'1f:11x 1v11'1'11911-11 11:11 Mf1'11-1111111111 I 11911 1'111ta, 1fr119st Fa11191a11 F1151 Rcw 1111111 ' wi 1 11. 1 1:11111 1"1:111k A:11a:'1111 7-:Q 11:.a11'1 V1-'11 111119 11111-.11-v '.'1'11'k 1'1111k '.'1'111s!, MR. 1Q1c1N VV. 1V1c'DQNA1.D, 51... . .Mtngierfitar TOM LOUSMORE ........... ....... P 19511113111 FRED PORTA . . . . . , .V1f'f1 1319511119111 FRANK MCBREEN .. ...... Secretary PETE L1TT1.E . . . ......... Treasurer ROBERT DUMAS .. . . .SU1l1Oi111iCI1'A.1111S 313 C1CI11119d tap 111911115 111 CI11'11131lC' 9v9111s dLlT111Q 1119 YHII1. Frank 1V1cBr9911, 1'a1vtai11619ct at 1119 1938 1ac1t11a11 t9a111 111111911 11'1 a 11116 1191 torriiancc at the ttillhack 1105111011 and was 0119 at 1119 1115551 pra1111s111q all-city candidates far next year. VV:t1'1 111111 Walsh and W1lTk, snappy 111119 1o0tba119-rs, alternated in s111'1stitut111q 101 quarterback pas1t1a11. MCP-:1r1a11d, A1 Little and Thurston displayed outstaruiiriq ability 1111 1119 bas1Q9t11a11 saiiad. MCBTG911, Burns, Wa1s11 and Wick 'NC111 11as911a11 911151911111 P91117 and T1111rst1111 were track stars at 1119 class W1l119 1119 hoc1c9y team was s1r911at119119d by the servtves at Laosrraie, Wc11s11 and Wictk. Besides sports activities SB members taak an active interest 111 T119 130111111 1JCII1, "G" Club, and Leash. 1..9ar1d9r VQYZCB11 was associate ed1tr11 at T119 Gait' :z11111'11'1. r I fijfv . 1 . ij : 7 A . 5 1' s l 1 ,4 N4 1 1938 'I' Lt E L U I X5 I it N 25 Second High A Filth Row: Frank Masterson, Mike Boqle, Leon Karfer, Gene O'Neil, Leslie Kapfer, Bob Gersten- berqer, Mr. Francis Harrington, Fourth Row: Ioe McDonough, Georqe Mortimer, Harold Triezvh, Bill Heywood, Harry Dumas, Ierome Marcotte, Iohn Hoerner Third Row: Kelly Dashiell, Georae Campliell, lim Flfp, lack Sflioul, Charles Vt'arren, Frank Corkery, Dick Love Second Row: lack Fitterer, lim Reichmann, Bill Grant, Frank Harvey, Dave Yoder, Augustine Cozza, Max Shinn First Bow: Bill Gray, Lambert Gray, Larry Patterson, lack Bradley, Dick Barrett, Boh Tavctrrtra Gale Besse MR. FRANCIS P. HARRINGTON, SJ.. .. .,.. Moderator IACK FITTBRER .................... ....... P resident DAVID YODER .. ...... VicefPresident DICK LOVE ............ . . .Secretary-Treasurer JOSEPH MCDONCUGI-I .. .... Sergeant-at-Arrns At the close of its first year at Gonzaga, ZA had made it clear that it has, as looked upon in the beqinninq, the rnost successful freshman class ever to enter Gonzaga. Under the quidance of President lack Fitterer, it began and continuevl its record year here in the manner which made for such qreat suc- cess the first year. Scholastically it stood hiqh. The number of students from ZA who entered forensic contests, and their success in them, did not fall short of that of a suc- cessful class. Auqustine Cozza, alonq with lack Bradley, David Yoder and Iaclc Fitterer, upheld its honor in this department, The class was well represented in all other activities. Many of its students were on the staffs of The Gonzaqan and The Luiaian. 1 1 15138 Second High B .'1t': 'Z :'- Y' 11 .11 '-' : 1 .-7.11111 1:. :. E'1EI':.:. 5 1'1.:.:1:11-1. 2'-1 'Er 111115 1. 1 ' 1,1 1111111 F1111111. 1111.-.1 I1 1 E11., .Q-1 1111- I1 .::.1-11, B111 11 13 .'1r11vk T111 '.'1'1l1 Sl11r1:.115k5, 12.1111 Rww 1.11.1 1 -1 1 11-111 :X 1.1 -l'11I1 15r11y11 1111 51111 11' A1 14111111 1.11111 151111111- i3111'11 1 11 W 1 1 ' 1 1111111 1 1f11'1..111111.1.1. 141:sw1.1 1111:-11111, 11111 51111311 1. 1-11. 1.112311 11':1'1'1k 1 1 1L:s1 111W l11::'1' 1 111 P111 :,. K 1-K 11- :-sz 11 ' 1, 111 if- 11 1 1.11 1'i1:1:1 MR. 1011111 VV. H1 INTON. . . . .1v1111111r11111r '1'1M 1V11'K11N1N1iY ...,..,. ... ...ph-5iiIC1E?I11 1'1.IP11 RRUYA .. .. V11'e119r1f:s11,11Q111 ED 1l1A1.P11 .. . . . .,... tS121'111111ry DON 1V11'K1jNf1E ....,. ......... ' 11fOC1kSllI'63I VV111. S'11Af 11'1f3FSKY ... .. .S11r111111111t111A1111s 213, 16191111111 1:61011 w111i QA, 1111111 111111111 1117 111 1111 19x11111"111t11'111s, p1f1yQC1 F111 1111 111i1rl131r1' 116111 111 11111 ::111'1'D:1:2 11 11112 5131111111 year 193'7f38 IT' G1h11Zc1qG. C1D1111Q1c11' 11115 w1'1o1Q-1'1Qc1r1Qf11y with 1111211 pr11s1c111r1t, Tim 1V1CK1Y'lI14?Y, 51111191115 111 213 wflre S1CIL1I1C11 11c11rkers 111 every 91111111 111711v1ty. Sc1'1o111s11CC111y, 111 :1111e111k11x11 111111111515 1r1 11111 S1J11c1111y, 111 1111116-trcs and C111 1111191 extra-1i11rr111111f1r r11"11v111e:: 111e1111111vr11 111 111153 1-lmss were pr1v111111e111 11111111111 11111 1Qc1dQr':s. lorry Goederr, F1111 151113111 1111111 D11v1r1y 111111 E11 111111111 WMO II16'1'I1bQIgS of The frvotbcrll tQc1r11. A11 1J1'x'0 111 11111511 1:11 116-lllkj necessary 11511fto1's for its future S110- 1'-ess. 1111111 Goodwrrx w:1r1 C1 11101512 U11 t11w 11115146-1111111 te-C1111 mrd 111 this writirrq he, CI1OI'1Q1 Vv'111'1 Ed W111t1c1r11, is 111111411141 CI SUROIILJ 1v1d 1111 F1 11111139 011 the 1111519115111 1-911111. Bob M:'G1'111'ir11'k 511111 1311114 V1vr11r1S1c11 'NP-111 1119111115-rs mf 1110 H1119 1'111b, '.9'B THF LIIIGIAN 7 Second High C Fourth Row: Mike Buckley, Bill Porter, Dick Sartain, lack Gallant, Don McFeeters, Mr. Clare Hayes, SI Third Row: Inn Balte, lun Martin, lack Sleavin, Gordon Baxter, lim Bell Sr-corttl Row: Walt Miotke, Charles Morrison, Bill Iuliario, Bob Bunch, Iohn Mertens, Al Liclit First R:-W: Bert Ressa, Vilally Flynn, Vtlill Kertson, Iiin Scarpolli, Clair Parkin MR. CLARE A. HAYES, SI.. . . .... Moderator GORDON BAXTER ......... ....... P resident IAMBS BELL ........ .... V ice-President RICHARD SARTAIN .. ........ Secretary BILL IULIANQ ...... .......... T reasurer IIM MARTIN . . . .,.. Sergeant-at-Arms QC was one ol the smallest classes at Gonzaga, but ZC, on the lace of things, contradicted that fact by the spirit it manifested. Its spirit was as keenly felt in all of the school's activities as the spirit of any of the Iarqer classes. Presi- dent Gordon Baxter and the members of the class deserve compliments tor the efforts they put forth to make the year a successful one, The scholastic record of some of the members of ZC was comparable to that of the best students at Gonzaga ZC was a stronq contender for the Loy- alty cup honor. Gordon Baxter was yell kina. lim Martin and Bill Porter won letters in Ioot- ball. Next tall they are expected to be hiqhliohts in the Bullpup line. 1: 91.-111 'LUN First High A '1"1 V 1,11 1411-1 " "" 1' .'1 VE 11 F1' -51111 1,'1'1k1:1111' '- -111'-111 11--1' ' 1' x 11. f' 1 ' f 1: 1 1111. 1111- 11:1-1 ..11 1.11 Lf-'1z::1 .1 1-' '11 -1, 511 1111 11 , 1 1 1,3 1.-,--11, li., 111111-11111-1 - 1 11111, E1 111:11 11111 111 1111111 E'111'111111 1'f111x 1I.11111111.1 11 M1111 N1'r11-1. F4 , 12111 14 1 1-1111.111 1 '1111 14111111111 1 ' 1' 11- 11 11-' 2111111 't 1111.11 1 l1.11f 1x 11 1 1 11411. 1'i'fFBE11'1 S1"'1'11V1mNER S1.. ...11111111111111-11 11011 1111!1.D1,1'Y ............,... . .,.. 1D1U:i111PI11 1511,'K NIOOFE .. ,,.V.1f1 f3111:41.11Q111 QJ11'K C"1111fA ,... , . .1 "f1i111',' GENF 1'fXP11iD1,1 . ... ..,.'1'11111::111111 1f13VJ1'1R1 1' V.'1f11f' 131111 1-f 1'11.11 1"1:r11,' C111 .11 '11e ::11,:'1 . ,1y111 111111 51,lCTlf'9SS11l. 1116151195 111 11111121 1311115111111 1111111 11.111111 1 YA, 155 111e:111Q1Q1':2 11112119 111 11v1A1y fI"f1'1'11'y' W1'11 1119 111111 111111 111111 1111 '111-' 11'-11 11 16111 61111111111 111-9 11?-C11'1e1f 111 1110 1111111 1111 11111 11.TY1AT11Y C111 11-11017 51111111 ll 1.11 11 111:11 if w111111f111 1111:' v'11'11'1111e1 11171 111.. 11111-51119111 B: 11 B11'1:111f',' 'JJ1111 11151 11-1111? 111 111-1 111111111 F111-11111111 1'11111111:7 R111 1gI'11'1"I?1I111T 171111114 415111111111 1111111 111111111211111-'-1'1 11111 6.17315 I1 11113 '1 11111111 Vzwifry 111'11'.'11'5,' 111 G-1111:1111r1 1111111 SC1111111, r111111:11111'F 11111111 11121111111111 G1911 11117, 1U!1111l 511111 B1111111 11111115 111111 C111 1119 1I'l3S1'1II1LI11 51111119 were f11111ve1y G11 .111I'IGC1 11. 155931111111 111115, 111111121 v11111P1 S0219 1111111111015 W1111 1111111111 0111 1111 1110 1111111 1 111 1111 1-111111111111 511111131 1111-:11 111111 1'11SG'1i11, 11l11111:s. 1.11 WGS WQ11 111111151111 of 11 '1 1111111111 7111115 1i'11'1S1s 111:20 VJL111 11119 1-111 111 1121111-1 1119 111:21 111 :f1111S1'1111f1 11 1111 Y11'1I 1111 "1t1f'- 11111:'1m11 1 Q1 111111. i935 THELUIYJIAN 29 First High B Fourth Row: Frederick Gephazt, Bill Reed, Mike Asan, Richard Weetman, Pat Carney, Dan Beaulieu, Mr, Robert Luger, Sl, Third Flow: Merritt Foirlreort, Paul Sherlverq, Travers Brophy, Ralph Br-rrulieii, Norrr,c,rri Rieqer, lack Hicks, Ralph Lamlnert Second Row: Bot' Bedford, Clem Kertsori, Meryl Fouliert, Bob Curran, Bill Sirilkrvr, Bud GIPSG, Herlo Derr First Row: Rob Sorby, lohn Giampietrl, lohn Kingsbury, Dick Harrison, Art Paul, Harold Brooks MR. ROBERT M, LUGER, SJ.. .. .... Moderator PAT CARNEY ............ ...,,. P resident ART PAUL ........ . . .Vice-President PAUL SHERBERG . . ...... Secretary HERBERT DERR ....... ,,....... T reasurer FREDERTCK GEPHART . . . . . .Sergeant-at-Arms From the ranks ot this class the only freshman on the high school tootball team was chosen, Silvio Mauro, The high school baseball team is also bol- stered up tremendously by lB's support. The freshman sports were aided by lB's assistance. The freshmen have high hopes for their baseball team, and one good reason is the splendid aid given by lB. lB gave generous support in all the school's activities, which includes the speaking contests and every other extra-curricular activity. lB showed their sodality spirit in a fine way at the convention held here, This class manifested great generosity and much activity marked the year tor them. They are doing well in the Loyalty cup race. First High C :1111 Ei ' 1" : 1' f 11 ff.: 15 1' 1 1. . 1" ff' 1 ':. ".'11:1 .11 1 1" 15 F 1 111:11'11 1' 1' . if 111: 11.1-2111 1111' 14111111 1 " 111. 1. '1111 211111 f: 11: .1 11 1 " F1111 11':v1111: 1 ' 1-' 11 1 1 1 1111 ?":1111111' 1.1111111111 1-1 1. 1 111, 1' 1 .'1, 11 11:1 1' 11 1 11 : K1 .1 ','1 1L:."- 1x'111 11111111 P. IVEH5, 5.1. .. .... 111 1111111111 11A."NK LODEL1, , ..,..... .. 1,.. 11'11r1111111i KVfNNE'1'H if'A1-WENTER .. ...V1 1'111:' 111111 '.A1EORGF DFEGAN . . . . .... S111'1121111y 13111. STONE , ..... ....,.1. ' 1'1Q1'1:1111-11 1'1f'X111 '1'11f1RN'1'ON ,, .HS111111111111 If A1111:1 11111 1tes111111111 11 '1111, 111-1 11151-1e1111i111 1111121 H1111 V011 'wwf-11 1111f: 111-11' .1111 A 1115 111111 111 11:4 :s11.':'f1:1:1 W IS 111111 111 1111i Q1111111:1111s11:' s111111111i 111' Il1f'II11WP1il 11 11' MKTIKK' 11 1110 1 1r1','P1:f 111 'Ml' 110S111:11111 1111s121'11'111 11311111 1101 T11 1 ' 1'1c1ss 14' 15111111 1 1211110121 111 '111-1'111s. 111 1'1f'111111 '1.'G1y 'xfff' .rx 111- 111-I1'1 .11'11' 11 1141111 111111 1311-:1111e1s 12111111:s 1311511 11111111111111151w1l1w11111y11111 1f111. 1111:1' 1111115 11 11111 1111 1110 1,1111c1111'111111s '11 11111 yerrr. 31111112 11 111Q 11QS1 :11i111:1 111 1110 11111 11111111 111 '113'1I1'191I31'1 HW, .fi s1111111111Q11 1111 111c11'1F11V11112Sf11 1119 5C11UlY11'1I1!'1, 61:1 .1 111111111 111 11112 1111- 11'f I1 1 10 19f1dQ1s 111 1111111 Yf111Y 1'111 11'11'O 11 11111111 1111111. ACTIVITIES I' II 1, L1 1430? Luigicrn Staff Tor Row: Father Curtis I. Sharp SIN luck Leary, Mr. James U. Couvvell, SI Second Row: Webb Patterson, Drum Sweeney, luck Carrtlwrr, Rlch Iwhrrsrm Hurd Rwvv: Hcrroll Mf'MCrhor1, Vic Felice, Tmrr VVQrrxQ1tfe, Boi' -fexrty Bowvrrm Rww: Dive Yrvder, Pm Hiqqms, Alb-jL1SllI163 fyflllfi 1938 TI-'IELUIGI A N I Luigian Staff Top Row: Frank McGu1qan, Bill Bradley, Bob Bradley, lim Mahar, Greg Donahoe, Hank Murphy Bottom Raw: Bill Olson, Frank Costello, Frank Greene, lack Fitterer, Iahn Tracy, Bob Clark IACK LEARY Editor-in-Chief WEBB PATTERSON PAT HIGGINS Associate Editors HAROLD MCMAHON HENRY MURPHY Senior Editors FRANK COSTELLO IACK BRADLEY FRANK GREENE Classes BOB CARTY BILL DOLLE GEORGE WITTER Activities GREG DONAHOE IACK ROTCHFORD LEVVIS DOYLE Athletics RICH IOHNSON BOB CLARK IOHN TRACY KEN BOULAC PETE HUPPERTEN FRANK O'NEIL Features FR. CURTIS I. SHARP, SJ. MR. IAMES U. CONWELL, SI, Moderators DRUM SWEENEY Business Manaqer IACK CANTLON Circulation Manager FRANK MCGUIGAN IACK FITTERER BOB BRADLEY Asst. Circulation lvlana DAVE YODER AUGUSTINE COZZA Ad Manaae-is BOB BARNETI' ED IENNINGS MAX SHINN IIM MOUNSEY IOI-IN BOGLE Assistant Ad Manaaers TOM WERNETTE LARRY BROWN IIM MAHAR Photography BILL BRADLEY BILL OLSON Art Editors VIC FELICE INALT GRAHAM RAY DAVIS PAT CORNELL 'I'ypiSiS qors r nl1I"'Av IWW . xl. THE GONZAGA .......1...-.-.- 5l2Qk IQ Annual G02 'll load! Gall M4 nfnulnnnls-I Bureau Dehnmirlively unuavj- n- lu sqm. lu-L uuznun lnlhy. AIT' KC 0010! Y-lain Alfll ull Hill WCG 4 ADW! u ...L4 V380 Zi glish Pupil .nanny uma nu nv: -m ,,-. uf- s-um we Tv if u-:nm n m nn uv- --an -num... ofTu .mnuoauulq gunz.:-nuns in in-it Oh ii,- -nz. ul?-Ama, To C S9951 Twp Hr",-'Z Mr. Imxxcxs U. Cvnvvfalf, S. I. Welbkz Pfrtiersw Bu Il Rm. r1c,1r1xf,L,ub.e1lf:, Icuk Lwcuy, Loon Q Ve! H Ttmvfl I4mn': Dfw? Ywder lack Fwel, Anqulxstirlr Lux 1 Hmvtvrxa Rww: Pm Cornell, Isp O C,4mr'1c1l1 1938 THE LUIGI AN 35 Gonzcrgcrn Staff If 5 A xt . ""1f' 'z of Q in , v ' "' TF " ' . 3 ' 'I I f l ,. at A . -gr 1 . 1 ii- z ,QA x 1 . , . fe '- , W .F""' ' ,. ' is - ' ' 'FE' ff' vt ' I , 1 Ken Bouluc, Rxch Iohnson, B111 Dol1e, Iock Rotchiord, Icclc Cuntlon Top Row: Warren Hook, Bottom Row: Put I-Iiqqins, IoeMcDor1ouqh, Anton Medved, Lewis Doy1e, W111 Dumas, George Stc1ehe1i WEBB PATTERSON '38, .. FRANCIS COSTELLO '39.. LEANDER VERZATT '39 .,.. IACK FREED '39 .,...... IOE O'CONNELL IACK LEARY '38 . .. PAT HIGGINS '3Q,. DAVE YODER '40 ....,... AUGUSTINE COZZA '40 IOHN BOGLE '40 ....... PAT CORNELL 38 ....... KENNETH BOULAC '38 ,... BOB CLARK '38 VIC FELICE '38 WILFRED DUMAS '39 LEWIS DOYLE '39 WILLIAM DOLLE '39 WARREN HOOK '39 IACK FITTFRER '40 ANTON MEDVED '39 HURERT ORIARD '39 BILL BR ADLEY '38 ,...,.,...,... EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF REPORTERS . . . .Edltorfir -..Assocmte . , .... Associate ,..,...,....Fec1ture ..,As5is1c1nt Fecxtum .,.......,Sports .. .Assistant Sumrts 1fCh1ef Edxtor Ecixtor Edxtor Eciitox Ednox E'11t0r' .,.,.Busmess ......,....Adverttsmq ... .Ass1stcmt Advertismq ...........C1rcu1c:t1on ... ,Asslslcmt Circulrxtlon IAMES MAI-IAR '39 GEORGE STAEHELI '39 HAROLD MCMAHON '38 IOHN CANTLON '38 IOI-IN GOODWIN '40 IACK ROTCHFORD '39 IOE MCDONOUGH '40 RICH IOHNSON '38 BOB OAF1-'NEY '39 Muufxqer Mrxrxacwwr Mimcxqer Mrlnoqvr Mrxrmmzr ..,....StQttA1tis1 MR IAMES U. CONVVELL, SI. .... Fzxfzulty Adviser it tili.LLllJiftN Senior Debating Society I F .t:':. la lm li- il.' '. at iz lvf..::tt.', hut x'ai"5 Fil Vlfzzl-1 lhlt E z.. tara. ' :-1,1 I'l ll- :, l- 11,1 l 1 lit mt xt 'm' Mahdi Haul' Kf t:'f-tlt lvl: lf .tit 'VJ-t: ltitt' tszttit ' -' lt: E1 lx t-'lti : I Yfzltrf 1 ltumas llamld Mn'Malittri i.t1t:t.1: : Stxltzt--v .'.'t,.t-z'- . flttw' '5 litf' l 'tvifstttt lttlttx fini."-. 'v'x'aiit'f:t '- M I't it 't MH. l7Alll ll.llllSSENBERG .. ...ltflztclrilmitcvt IACWK l.EARY' ..,.4........,.... ..,.,.. P residerit ROB FARTY .. ..,Vu'f'-l3re:1i:'lettt KEN BOULAC ..., .... RIC 'H lOHNSON ... .,... .... llilhf PARK .... ...beittei .Secretary 'lt easltrei rt at Arm:-v GQi1it:1ciaf1ls: Seitiwi lxtelzatiitq Society established the mast eiivialwle retard m the ltistwry mt the t+t':lifmtl, This arqaiiizatiori, the 'ties' avtive div-up at Gtwiixm-1:1 'iddea tiieatly tt- the westttge and tame at the trtstitutittit ivy wmnm-1 thai Nwitlt 1 l we-sf Vatliolif' "l!CTIItQ'li rtslitp arid the Northeast aistiivt CliTlltlt1Ol1SlllIt. Av Waslimtztwzt State vtflleqe the iieqative team at Iawla Cfmtlait, Lett Galtrtey fmd lack leafy deteated Pttllmart high. lri the seiitzimalsl Bah Caity Ht-'lt lzthitsctit arid l:5:'lXt"l1irli at the atlirmattve last te St. lahtt. ltt fmother ftttxrttatmeitt, at Maryclill, the Same iietxative team defeated F., attle prep, lvlatyclttt arid St. laseph academy at Spiaaue ta mamtam IIS llItClW teateql reward. The attiimative last two debates and watt mite iii the same mm zest. The tallcrwmq Mfmday mctmittq Seattle prefs rieaative were defeated tty the vmicietttl atttrmattve team rwefaie Gfmzaqafs Student hady, lri the Gold Medal debate the affirmative renamed last itrestifie hy stil dttmtt the iieqative. Bt'-lr Clark was mdqed the best de-:water and lack Leary wwtt :Qt ww ui til. inf? 'l"lELUIGlAN I Iunior Debating Society Fourth Row: loe McDonough, Dick O'Dea, Prank Masterson, lack Schaul, Bill Heywood, Gene O'Neii, Mr. Iohn Dalgity, S.I. Tlnrd Row: Larry Patterson, hm Mounsey, Bill Ogle, Ed Whitford, Iohn Goodwin, George Campbell, Dave Yoder Sf-cond Row: hm Reichmann, Guy Shelledy, Bob Gonyea, lack Bradley, Harold Brooks, Lambert Gray, lack Fitterer First Row: Bolt Bradley, hm Flynn, Bob Brooks, Dick Harrison, Tom Larry, Bill Gray MR. IOHN A. DALGITY, SI.. .. .... Moderator DAVID YCDER ....... . .. .. . ...... President GENE O'NEll. ........ ....... V ice-President FRANK MASTERSON . . . .... Secretary-Treasurer ED WHITFORD ...... . . .Sergeant-at-Arms Alter two years of inactivity, the lunior Debating society was reorganized mainly through the efforts of Mr. Iohn A. Dalgity, SJ., moderator. Although the meetings were not held as frequently as scheduled, due to other school activi- ties, the members received valuable training during their debates. Unfortun- ately, several debates scheduled with other schools had to be called off be- cause of conflicting dates. However, the enthusiastic members held many in- teresting meetings, debating among themselves. A great rivalry was stirred up between the sophomore and freshman classes, whose members opposed each other in some very exciting debates on various timely topics. From all indications, the society will be continued next year by the fresh- men members of this year's group. The Senior Debating society will receive several promising debaters from the sophomore class to bolster up its hopes of producing a championship squad again next year. Senior Elocution , ': 11111.-xr. 3-1 hm-1, . -i E411 21111 Iunior Elocution L. . v, k..2wr': ,111 1'-111.5 l::n- '.-, 1 V: 1 ll! X ' .' 1838 'RIKVTIIIGIFAN J Apologetics Second ROW: Pct Hlqqins, Bob Cmty, B111 Firmiley, Ilm Maha Flrsf Huw: 'awk Roicrhfcud, Gus Cuzzci, lack Vlfislrm Oratory Seforld Row: lack Leary, Bill Bradley, DQVG Yoder First ROW: Frank Grerlrle, Gomfxfl Stuvllelx, Ifxma Bmitlvy 11, 1 -1 Mcrntell Club P11111 V11-.' 1f111 11 :P 1' ' '.1111. 1111.11 .' :11111 11111 111111111 1,1111 1.1.11-,' M1 111.:. 1' 1:1 l'1 1'.11r1: 1- .. 111 1.1 1111.1 r1f1t. 1'11111x'1111y 1111-11 C1111-11 1111. 11111111115, 1111'k U111111 1. 1 1 W Q11 I- 11.11 1 1 '.'f111'11111 1.11 V'l'11.111111,111:1111Q11Z1111s, 1?111171'111e,1c1c1c V M111 1y 'pr 11 F .v' '11 1. 1 1.11s.1 111,11 1 1151111 1'z11111: 1111-1ir,11r1c1r1, f'.1-.111 Y 111: f'111'1c 15.11111 1k1::t 11 1121121111 . 111 1'1'11-11111 111111 '11 1'1'l.'1 1 11111 1111111111:-11111 MR, 101-1N R. IVRRS, SI... ..1V1CxL1F'1CI1LJ1 IACK QffXN'114O1N1 ... ... ... ...pIOS1Cli9111 PAT H1GG1NS ....... ....,.. 1 fv1.'0'P1OS106?111 R1C11ARD 1011115011 .. .... SeurctcrryfTrer1s111'vr ROR CLARK ...,.,... .,..... L '.1rres111wr1C1e11t 11111 1J1f1r11e11 151111, QT r1ex 1.1' dTCI11ECI11C sociefy, wcrs 1111111111011 c111r1 II1CII'S-1lU1191 by Mu 1111111 1vers, S1 1,1I1C1GY 1115 1ec1c1ersh111 the 1,1r1,1C1r112c1tr11r1 r11r1r1cec1 its m1r'm111t' AILJII 1,1y 1+11crgess11111y 1ec'1t11r1h.1 the three-act cwrrredy, "The F111.11'1t 111 the G1111' 1'he three 1111111 g11c1rc1cterf1 were P1CIYGC1 by 13:11 Hrqqims, 1T1CU1L'1S MCGLIIQGII CIIIL1 3011 ffxrrty. 1f.1i11'11 1r1r'11v11111t11 prOVec'1 thcrt his pcrrt was WO11 11151 hy qivirm ll f1e1 f11 1-er1Orr111'rr:ve. Grecrtly er11':'111rc111e:1 hy the success 111 this r11r1y, the Mc1r11e11 C1l11W 1n11er' 111 'he verrr s11riur1s1'1re1 the 11101: "W11h1n These Wcr11S." 11 the former p1c1y1et were 11 success, ther. 11115 c1'1rtc11r1y 15 deservinq of Sp9C1Cl1 rrrerrtirwrr. "W1th1r1 These VVUHS' 11: CI plrry 'hut 1'e1wp1w W111 1101 soon forqet. The very intrinsic rrcrture 111 the :1t1ry 'he 11112 111 I7 Trcrppist morrcxste-ry, is one that crttrcrcted the who1e 11er1r"e-11 1111F!Pf41 1 1 the 11x11'1111':. The chief ro1eS were played 1'1y Richard 1011115011 511111 R1111ert 1Y'1f'II'1i. The rer11m111r1c1 cast were sp1er1r11d in their rmpport. 1111? 1V1ur1te11 011111 has S111-ccss1u11y ter'rr11r1crted G most successful year c1r111 11 11.1111111115 11163-G' t1111111s t:"1r fhc 111111I'9. 938 THELUIGIAN 41 ' "Wuhan These Walls" Top Row: Rich Johnson, Bali Carty, Frank Costello, Ken Baulac, lack Leary Bottom Row: Frank Costello, Bob Carly, lack Lefary, Drum Sweriney, Bold Clark Play Casts Fifth Row: Ken Boulac, lack Lsfary, Drum Sweeney Fourth Row: Francis Castello, Bob Carty, Bill Bradley, lack Cantlon Third Ftow: lae McDonough, Bob Clark, lim Mahar, lor- O'Conneil, Pat Higgins. Second Row: Ed Vtfhitford, Dick lohnson, Frank IAcGutqan, Bill Della First Flow: lack Bradley, Earl Cobra, KQvin Durqari 12 THE LJIGIAN WW Sodcxlity Officers Tlir i T? w lm: Clark lark Legrry Bill Rrtrttley Fi lf A. McNairiara, Sl rviiil R. W. Rill Olson Vic Feliirr, Torn Vt"-bint ttv-, 'illft-E 1 Patterzsuii first Raw' lint ltfaliar, Bill Drtlie Flirrnk Clvstrfllrw FATHER E. A. MCNAMARA, Sl... .i. ...Moderator BllL OLSON ........,....,.... ....... P relect VIC FEITCE ...... . . . ......, ......... V ice-Prelect HARRY BROWN ..............,.., Secretary Treasurer WEBB PATTERSON, BOB CLARK BILI. BRADL EY, TOM WERNETTE ..........., Cnnsultors Under the leadership ot Bill Olson, the Sodality accomplished a areat inany thinrrs: during the year. Reqular rneetinqs were held durinq the chapel period every Thursday, Olson was ably assisted by lack Leary, chairnian ol the literature cornrnittee, Bill Dolle, chairman of Our Lady's cornrnittee, lint Mahar, chairman oi the Eucharistic committee, and Frank Costello, chairman ot the rnissians corninittee, An event which aroused very qreat enthusiasm in the Northwest and which Gonzaga actively participated in was the Seventh Students' Spiritual Leader ship convention. Gonzaqa was well represented and inany boys worked earnestly on conirnittees preparing for the convention. Another rnaior protect of the Sodality was the prarnoticwri ot the Cataldii Memorial unit in honor ct Mr. Thaddeus l. Parrrlilc, Sl a lorrner teacher at Ocgrifaqa. A inoinentvus occasion was the celebration ot the iorty-eighth anniversary at the toundinrr at the Sodality at Gonzaga, held on March 21. Vast nurnbers ot stamps were sent to the Mission Stamp bureau at Mount St. Michaels Catholic literature was well subscribed to. All Sodality Union undertakings were turthered with the aid of Gonzaqas Sodality. i958 'lltEl.UlGlAN f' Penmen Third Bow: Frank Costello, Iack Leary, Leander '!ar7att, Mr, Thomas Woods Second Bow: Webb Patterson, Ioe O'Ccnnell, lim Mahar First Bow: Rich lohnson, Bob Bradley, lack Fiend, Biil Doilp MB. THOMAS WOODS .... ....... A dviser WEBB PATTERSON ...... ....... P resident IACK LEABY ,.... .... W fice-President IACK FREED . . . ..... Secretary HM MAHAR .... Treasurer A new organization in Gonzaga is The Penmen, a club originated by Webb Patterson for those interested in creative literature. Mr. Thomas Woods, uni- versity publicity manager, generously gave his time and aid as adviser for the club and it was chiefly through his guidance that the club was able to succeed. The purpose of The Penmen is to provide a better opportunity for the stu- dents to study and practice creative writing and also to stimulate a greater in- terest in Catholic literature. For this purpose the club issued a mimeographed magazine entitled "The Penmanf' which was devoted to news comments, short stories, essays, book reviews and so forth. Contributions for this publication were received from the student body. The staff of this magazine was corn- posed of the following: Frank Costello, editor-in-chief: Ioe O'Connell, comment editor, William Dolle, feature editor, Bob Bradley, correspondence editorg lack Freed, fiction editor: Leander Verzatt, art editor and lim Mahar, business man- ager, 2-1 I H 11 1. Q 1 A N 141.18 Knights of the Leash 1 1'1tt11 1111w 01111111 '1s11e1 11111111 T1111x'11111, 14111 1D1111111or1, A111011 M-111111111 111114 1.1111ry, M1 1'111111'1s 1' 1'1o1r111qtr111, S1 1' 111111 Huw . 11. 1.1.11 , 14111 1.11-1, 16111 1f1'111y, 13111 LQ.111k 111 '1'1'11t 1.1::y H111w11, D111111 Sw11e111-y '11111 1111w 1111: K1 11111 1 11: 1'11-L 111f1:1s011, 11111114 1v11111111y, f1'11'14 1'111111:11, 1111112 11111111e1t1111, C1111111-fs H111' H111 3111.11-.-jf, Wal! 5131111111 11 1 111,11 P111 'sua 11 "1'1f1:11-'t--, V11' 1'e111re 1211111111 3111111111 Disk 111t1'11to111, M1111 511111111111 1111 1-11qc1111s 1.1s1 1-1 x -1 1. ',1,:: .11 1:11134 M.'Ll111-1'111 Lewis D1.'u1e-, 1'1 11:1 ','1'111s1 F1311-1115111--1:11111 11-11 '111 11.ff1'11111111111 MR. 1'RANC1ES P, HARHINGTON, S1... ...Mf'dGYG1CW1k WILLIAM BRADLEY , .......,........ ....... P resident TOM WERNETTE ., ....... Vice-President BGB CODE ..... .... S eCretc1ryA'1'recsurer HENRY MURPHY . . . .Sereerrrit-C11-Arrus The Knights 01 the Leash, whose purpose is 11,1 ioster school activities and 11111'11111'1te the GX11LI'l,'111f1C'11 1'1r IDTOC-ITGII1, desed one Q1 its most successiul years. Amoriq the varied activities the Leash helped D1GI'1 and curry out were: usheririq Q1 the LlI11V9TS11ky' 100111011 qcrmes, keeniriq order 11'1 chapel and other '1SS61'111D11'?S, C11111 D11l!1111I'1Q1 111161 tC1ki11q Charge 01 Fresh r11qh1u11d GCJIIZGQG High 111q11' ' 1311111111 rhe f'hris1111as vrrcation, memrmers 111 the dub visited poor fcmiilies 111 the city 1.1r1d 11:1ve them 1:1c1skets of food Grid C1Qthi11f1. Uhczrqecl with 11sher1111,1, q1vir1q i111or111c1tio11 11115 crssistiuq out-of-town de1e- qcrtes C11 t11e 1,'11th1'1111'v Youth Conference, the Kniqhts perforrned these dunes c'1'editc1h1',f, re11e1'ti1111 CI great dec11 of qlory on the 011110. 19423 T li II L ll I ii I Ft N St. Iohn Berchmans Society Sxth Row: lim File, Dick O'Dea, loe McDonough, Ed Wert, lack Cantlon, Ken B mins-, lat-k Leary Fit-h Row: Frank Costello, Frank lviasterson, Pat Cornell, lack Frrhaul, Bob Carly, ifrk V, Murpln- Drum Sweeney Fourth Row: lim Fieichmann, Bill Dolle, Frank McGuiqari, lohn Green, Frank Crwrkory, lim llaas, Bill Bradley 'lilnrd Row- Cliff Brava, lee Ofionnell, George Strulile, Ed Wliitfcrri, lim Mahan, Pat Hzfxqtns, Wilfred Dumas Second Qow: loe Scioly, Tom Gibbons, Larry Patterson, Iaslt firariley, 'Dirk fttclrfn, Frantz Walsh Harvey Wick Ftrs' Howg Pflt Fiatl-sv, Frank Grecno, Bon Brooks, f,1rtil,f,r' Gray, Bois Tfivernri lvhri liiqlr- The St. lohn Berchmans society is made up of students who are members of the Sodality, the society itself constitutinq,one of the most active branches of the Sodality. The membership of the society is limited to boys who have had previous experience at the altar. This excellent qroup of boys was always ready to serve whenever called upon by its worthy moderator, Father Mc' Namara. The chiet duty of the boys was to assist at daily Mass in the stu- dents' chapel and also at the regular Benediction services held every First Fri- day. The special event at which the boys assist each year is the Baccalaureate Mass, held in honor of the qraduates. The twofold interests of the club are to irnbue the members with a spiritual zeal for serving at Mass and to keep the prayers and actions of the Mass in the minds of all in the society. A new plan was worked out in which the mem- bers of the society answered the Mass prayers in a body, a plan which proved very successful. .1 ' 1 ,411 Glee Club 1--.:' 5.1-w I 11111 1 111.1111 ' 1. 1-1 111.1 141111-5. .11J1. 1111. 11-f1'1111',' 113111. k'w1'-:.1-v ' 1: 1,:1.1, 113111 11, . .11 ,11-1111z111111.,- 11111 .111 1:11 111111 31111111 1'-1111111 11-1 f111w' 1111111121-1 1. 11.1 111:11 11 1511111-11 1'11w1111111,11, 1.11'11 '1' 1.11111 1 1 1 111111-1, H111-11Ef 1.-- ' ' 191111 'wk Yi 1 111: 1.11z1..1: 141' IOE O'1fONN111,1, .. ....... 1110511111111 11Q1111Y GO1f1X11fN . . . . .V11'fQ-P1H:':1111Q111 11M NA1115111 . . ..,.. S121'1111111'.' 111115 'JVA111 111 11.11. T111 1-11111115 DI 14111111 11. 1. S111IIL', 51, 111111 1119111121 111 11111 11r11veIs11'-,' 11111::11' 1Q111'1111111'1111 .1 S1912 P11111 wus S11i'Ci1S51l111'y' f111J111111p11111. 11 11111 11111111111 111 1.1111111115 Q-11'111111111111f1'11s 111151 1'-11111111s1s t'nm111111.1111 11111 ','11111. 111111 111131 111,1'1e1111'1111'14 1 1111- 1316112 f'1111W Wkklii Go11y211111'1 1111111 111111111 111111 1119 .11111111 1111911111 was :1 s111:1'f11s. 1111111 11: 1119 1s1'11g1111z11 1111110111111 11111 1111511 111 the P1Qv111C111Q, F11111111 VUG11121 1. 1111139 11111, S1., 11115 SIIILVJGTS 11-7111111 1111191115151 111111 wow01111111s11.1sl11'1111y 111151-1v1h11. T111 L'1Ll1,1 111511 Q111-9111911 -111 11119 1111111111111 1111 11111 1--111111.11111 111 11111 111111111 1,1:11'11t111:1 '1,1:11Qf:1, 11111 1191111111111 w11:1 111c111Q 111111 LI 111111191 111115 1191101 C1120 -711111 w111111'1 1111 11111116-d IIGXI yevmp S1111'15 11115 1111115 11112 11151 111111111111 111111:11 1111 v VV'.IS 11911111121 11- 1,1 111115115111 11116 .:111111rec11111111 1111111159 1938 'I' H E L U I G I A N 47' Drum and Bugle Corps Lett to right: Clitl Bruya, Bill Scully, Iustin May, Iack I-licks, Mr. F. A. Cantlon, lack Helean, lack Sleavin, Floyd Martin, Mel I-luss, Bob Crowley, Bill Shannon, Kelly Dashiell, Larnlfort Gray, Frank Corlcery, Don McFeeters, Tom Gibbons, Mr. Iohn Mustert, George Mortirner, Bob Vifickwire, Tom Lacy, Ed Ralph, Richard Barrett, Larry Patterson, Bill Rielly, Ioe Toffolo, Tyler Folsom, lack Gallant, Bob Brooks MR. GERARD MORIN, Sl. ..... . . . . . .Moderator IACK GALLANT ........ ............. D rum Major CLIFF BRUYA .... .... S ergeant-in-Command IAMBERT GRAY . . . .... Sergeant Drummer IUSTIN MAY .... .. . . . .... Sergeant Bugler A new form ot extracurricular activity was opened to the participation ol the Gonzaga high school students this year, a Drum, Bugle, and File corps. Credit for the founding of this new organization is due to Mr. Frank Cantlon, who secured the necessary instruments. I-le was ably assisted by Mr. Iohn Mustert. Little doubt was left in the minds oi the organizers as to the way the students would respond to this new activity. They received so many applications that a tryout was necessary. lack Cantlon was chosen Drum Major at the begine ning ol the year, and his previous experience made hirn very valuable in the training of the other boys. Under the guidance and tutorship oi Mr. Cantlon and Mr. Mustert, the corps developed rapidly. It marched in the Armistice day parade, and played at convocations. The corps is a military type organization. Promotion in rank is received by those who have the best attendance and conduct during the semester. Corporals are Bob Brooks, Ed Ralph, Larry Patterson, Iohn Kelly, George Mortimer and Tyler Folsom. M N 111.111 Campus Kids '1"' 11 1' 1' ' 111 ' 11 f1.111.11 N 1 .111 1 f.f1 11,1 :'1, '.111111111 1 1 1-: 1.11 11:11111 ' 1 F' 11.1111 E 111 1,' 1 11 1 11 'J1111 1411 1. 1:'.:1., 3 . V 1 . f 11:11 E111-1:5 ":1.1 111 :11 'Q -1 1':.' 1 .11111. .,'11'1 '11-.11:'-:1111" : 111 X11111- 1 - 1'1 : , ' 1 1:1 . 11111-1 Q1-1111 1111111111-1 11111 71111: 1 .'111111.1111 '- 111 -1. F1111 111112111111 f11,1' 111: 1 ' 1 1112211111 1'11'1'1111. 111111111111 :ax 1 11 111111111 12111111--1 '.'1'1'11 3 1 11111-1,1 1 11"11 1 11,1111 1AM1i.' 11 C'-,UN11N111.1. S1 1 M i v ., , T N, , ., 1.11e1c'1.1115 1 110131111 1111..,11C11.1'1,b.1 1 V11 1111.1 11Q 11111 111111 .,..,..... . ...... 1'1'1v::111u111 111111111 57.1111 .. . ..... 11'1Qe-1511511111111 ' 111'11'1'1" 1'1" '1' . ..301'r11!c11'yf11'1f1m:111111 11171-.1 1'.1'.f1,"1'f:' .. .,.Sf-1'1fC1111d11'X1111:: '1'11f11'11111111.f 14161: .zz 111-1K1I1l1'4l11K111 11111111.1011 by 111111111111 S1111 1111 1111111111111 111 1191311151 111111, 111115 11111111111 11112151 :a11Cc'ess1111 d11r11111 1110 517110111 y11f11. 1.1I1C1f5I' 11s :1.1:11'111"Qs II 111111111 11111111111 11111 C111 1115101711 11c1sebc111 1611115119 were 101111911 1111111 1'U111,1 1'111r1 11o11l 1CD1l1IlfI111il1l151 weve playefi, 4311161 C1 Ke11r1e1 11111111 wus 119111 f5'L1C1l 1111111111 '1'11e-111111111sQ 111 t11c2111qg11111zc111c111 15 to 11101110161 c11111Q111":11111O s1'11111111S1111 111111.11111 11161 msidemt ::'1.1f1Q-11115. 11111111111 S11111111'11O1:' 1rf11c111s w-1111111 1110 1fT111f11 1c101b0111 1PCI11119 1111191 TI very 1411111111 1171119 11111111 F11111"w 1V11"1'1111f11111'S V1711r1Cf11:1. T119 w1111111111 1911111 1911911.11211 11 11111111 i11i'1I"1 w1111 Q1111Lj1'11 '1'. T110 1710111111155 141118 11111111 sfJve1m1 OLl1S1CZI1d1I1kJ athletes 111 111o11vc11l, b11Q14e1bc111 fmd 1w1i1sO111111. 111 sn'111111.11S1111'1 11115 O1qG111ZC11111r1 H1511 IWOCISIS C1 1111111bQ1 01 17101111 1111111 5111.1111P11!:' W1111 11111 1Q11111c1r1y 1111 11119 11111101 1011, CHAMPIONS 50 ll-lELUlGlAN l9.i8 Football Champions Fifth Bow: George Thodos, Bill Olson, Ftcrlph Mauro, Frank Iohnson, Bot: Gerstenberger, Bill Dinn dorl, Drum Sweeney, Bob Molitor, lim Kronenberg, Frank McBreen, Pat Higgins Fourth Bow: lack Dean, Ed Bock, Hank Murphy, Iohn Curran, George Witter, Frank Rotunno, Bolt Carty, Buss Esposito, Frank Logan, Bay Davis, Frank McGuigan, Bob Codd Third Bow: lim Wilson, Con Murphy, Iirr Porter, Bill Bradley, Anton Medved, George Yarno, Larry Brown, Pete Andre, Bill Mahar, Ralph Bockmier, lim File, lack Lambert, Coach Puggy Hunton Second Row: Frank Walsh, Wayne Porter, Ierry Goeden, lim Martin, Ed Flynn, Vic Felice, Tom Wer nette, l1Valt Graham, Greg Fonahoe, lim Deviny, Cliff Bruya, Gilio Chesurtn, Bill Biner, Harvey Wick First Bow: Bill Gray, Dick Love Taking up where the l936 team left off, this year's Bullpup football squad continued along the glory road, winning the city championship for the second consecutive year. A powerful, experienced group of players, they won eight games and dropped but one, to Rogers. ln addition to their city honors, they garnered the Montana state championship by defeating Butte high. Led by Captain Walt Graham, all-city captain, the backfield presented a terrific problem for enemy lines. Bob Cocld, shitty speedster, and Pat Higgins handled the right half iob. At fullback Francis Mt-Breen, captain-elect, smashed and plunged his way to glory and an all-city position. The line, big and tough, was led by Bob lones, whose famous endvaround play gained him a place in the list of Gonzaga's grid immortals. Opposite lones was Drum Sweeney, a big rugged boy. At tackles, Dinndorf and Olson were towers of strength, Murphy, all-city choice, and Vtfernette, called by one official the best guard he'd ever seen, stopped opposing drives with ease. At center, George Yarno and Tony Medved showed almost uncanny ability at diagnosing plays and stopping passing attacks. And last but not least by any means was the boy who planned the attack, quarterback Vic Felice. i Tl-IELUIGIAN 1938 Oratory Champions Tr., Row lsili Brmllo-u, hit-A 1,-wry, Bal Carly, Boln Bradley, Bob Clark Brvttcn Bmw ltw Sci:-lj: I' iii-1 Pr" lliaairis Giisf-17241, lack Bradley With brilliant and symmetrical displays ot elucutionary powers, Bill Brad' ley and Pat Higgins tied lor tirst place in 'he Senior Elocution contest, Ianuary 21, giving their selections, "A Convicts Soliloauyw and "King I-larold's Speech to His Army." loe Scioly won second place with "Madame X." Following the example of his hrother, Bob Bradley received first place in the lunior Elocution contest, February QB, with his version ot "Wild Zingarella' and Augustine Cozza won second place with "The Alien." ln the annual Apologetics contest, April ll, Bob Carty won first place with his explanation of "Confession," and received the honor of representing Gon- zaga in the Inland Empire Apologetics contest. Pat Higgins captured second place, giving "The lndefectibility ot the Church." In the Gold Medal debate, Bob Clarlc was iudged the best individual debater and lack Leary placed second. ln the annual oratorical contest Dave Yoder speaking on "Crime," won tirst place. lack Bradley placed second with his oration, "Let's Keep Out of War." ATHLETICS 54 THE LUYGIAN 1938 7 'ltlkfli ltftlili 'PlIi'!GY' KHINTON "What is the underlyina cause," many aslc, "ot Gonzaga hiqh schools un- equalled success in athletic achievements?" Little explanation is necessary, however, because tor many years a short stocky tiqure has stood symbolic ot Bullpup physical prowess and superiority. Iohn W. HPUQQYH Hunton has tor ten years presided over the destinies of the Blue and White. lt can be said without the least hesitation that seldom has any athletic mentor experienced such astounding and consistent success as he. Few are the coaches who as- sume the duties of practically all sports and yet display the same brilliant record. Here in Spokane a strange and unique athletic situation exists. Gonzaga hiqh, with four hundred boys, is set on an equal basis with the public hiqli schools ot the city, The Blue and White cornnete in every activity against in- stitutions five and six times Ganzaaas size. Yet the Bullpups are feared and respected as no other toe in the city. They have established a powerful and qlorious dynasty. That realm ot honor and glory has been preserved and maintained larqely because at Puqqv hiniselt. We, the students of Gonzaga hiqh school, pay our highest tribute to Puqqy Hunton, the one to whom we owe a debt of aratitude, May his success con- tinue and may Gonzaqas name expand and arcw in athletics under his able tutelaqe. 1938 THE LUIGIAN Football SEPTEMBER 19-GONZAGA 19. KELLOGG 0 Playing straight football, the Bullpups opened the season with a win over Kellogg on the latter's field. Higgins scored the first touchdown on a pass from Graham. In the second quarter Thodos crashed over from the two yard line. Iones ended the fireworks for the day, scoring on another of Graham's passes. SEPTEMBER 24--GONZAGA 14. SEATTLE PREP 0 lnvading the west side of the state for the first time in seven years, the Bullpups defeated Seattle prep 14-O. Receiving the kick-off, the Bullpups paraded down the field and in twelve plays scored the first touchdown. Graham crossed to pay dirt. Throughout the second and third quarters the Bull- pups ran wild between the twenty yard lines but were unable to SCOIG. Late in the fourth quarter the Gonzaga attack again started rolling. McGui- gan climaxed the drive by scoring on a quarter- back sneak.. Graham converted both times. OCTOBER l-GONZAGA 13. NORTH CENTRAL 0 Opening the city series against the Indians on their field, the Bullpups drove to a smashing vicf tory. Near the end of the first half lones scored his second touchdown of the season on the famous endaround play. Again, in the third quarter, Gra- ham passed to Felice who carried the ball over the line. Graham converted, ending the scoring for the day. This game was marked by the near' perfect blocking of the Gonzaga team, which block- ing proved the deciding factor in the battle. OCTOBER 7-GONZAGA 6, ROGERS 2 Meeting great resistance, the Bullpups found themselves on the short end of a 2-0 score at the half. Coming out fighting in the second half the Bullpups began to click. Midway in the third MURPHY CODD OLSON DINNDORF Ht 'THELUIGIAN 1938 CAPTAIN GRAHAM HIGGINS FELICFI IONES Football quarter McBreen smashed off tackle for fifty-seven yards and victory. This game was marked by the team's comeback, and by the ball-packing ot Bob Codd. OCTOBER I5-GONZAGA 24, LEWIS AND CLARK 19 ln one of the most thrilling and spectacular games ever seen on a Spokane field Gonzaga defeated the hard fighting Lewis and Clark Tigers. During the game the lead changed hands six times. McBreen and Graham each scored two touchdowns for the Bullpups. Oldsters called this game the most exciting they'd ever seen. OCTOBER 29-GONZAGA 0. ROGERS 12 Like all good things, the Bullpups' winning streak came to an end against the inspired Pi' rates. Overconfident and listless, the Gonzagans played dull, uninspired ball. Through three quarf ters the two teams battled on even terms, but in the fourth period Rogers shoved across two touch- downs, shattering the two year undefeated record of the Bullpup team. NOVEMBER 5-GONZAGA 26. LEWIS AND CLARK 0 Iarred out of their lethargy by the defeat of the week before, the Bullpups really turned on the power for the first time. Smashing down the field in the first minutes of play, Gonzaga scored on cr pass from Graham to Walsh. Again in the first period Gonzaga scored, this time on a fourteen yard thrust by Thodos. In the second quarter Mc- Breen plunged over from the three yard line to give the Bullpups a 20-0 half time lead. Content l938 THELUIGIAN S! Football to protect their lead the Blue and White played mostly defensive ball during the second half. 1 4 They put on the power only once, in the fourth quarter, when Higgins slanted off tackle for eighteen yards and the final tally. NOVEMBER 13-GONZAGA 18, BUTTE 14 Looking for new fields to conquer, the Bullpups journeyed to Butte for a clash with the Montana state champions. The endearound play with Iones carrying the ball, scored in the first three minutes of play. From then on the game was one thrill after another. The vaunted Purple attack swept down the field to score, and go into the lead 7-6. ln the third quarter Higgins smashed through the line on a fake reverse and ran twenty- nine yards to score. Again Butte came back and went into a l4-12 lead. With but thirty seconds to go, Thodos culminated a seventy-nine yard march by going over from the five yard line. His score gave Gonzaga the victory and the Montana state championship. NOVEMBER 19-GONZAGA 12. NORTH CENTRAL 6 In the final game played in a raging snow- storm, the Bullpups defeated North Central. Early in the first quarter the game developed into a duel between Graham, of Gonzaga, and Contos of North Central. Graham scored first to give Gone zaqa a 6 to 0 lead. A blocked punt tied the score for North Central in the third quarter. With but three minutes to go in the fourth period Higgins found a hole and loped fifty-five yards for the winning score. This game ended another great year for the Bullpups. CAPTAIN-ELECT MCBREEN SWEENEY WERNETTE YARNO 58 i'Hhl.UiGlAN 1939 Basketball Ssworiul Row Bill Thurston, Ralph hackinier, Al Little, Leon Kanter. lieslie Kaiiter, Frank Morton. Bob Cierstenberqer First Row: lack Dean. Coach ltlir: llunton, Bruce McFarland, lchn Goozlwin, Viv Felice lim Sisk lfti Wliitlcul, lim Mounsey A game but inexperienced Bullpup team ran up against hard luck all sea- son. Showing good basketball at times, the team did not have the experience and effectiveness of the other city squads. However, the season gave several new men some needed experience. With these men from this year's squad back, prospects are exceptionally bright for next year. To take the place of All-City Frank Morton will be such boys as Bob Gerstenberger, Leslie and Leon Kapfer, Bruce McFarland, lini Herlihy and Iohnny Goodwin. All these boys saw considerable action this season and should develop into a fine team next year. This year's team was not as good as some others have been in the number of victories turned in, but it was a fighting team with the real Gonzaga spirit. For that alone they deserve the praise and appreciation of the whole school. 1938 'VHELUIGIAN 0 Hockey Vourth Row: George Yarno, lack McGrath, Coach, Mr. Robert Luger, Sl., Cheddy Thompson, Foficli Larry Brown Third Row: Tom Loosmore, Greg Donahoe, Bob Molitor, lim File, Bill Bradley Second Row: Ed Murphy, Hank Murphy, lack Bradley, Pat Cornell, Torn Wernette First Row: Larry Patterson, Frank Vlfalsh, Harvey Wick, Fay Kestell Although they finished in third place their first year, the Gonzaga pucksters furnished a fast slam-bang game throughout the season. With many juniors and sophomores in the lineup the team is expected to be on top next season. Several seniors played their first and last season of hocky for the Blue and White and turned in fine jobs all the way through. Among them were Tom Wernette, Ed and Hank Murphy, Fay Kestell, George Yarno and several others. The season opened auspiciously with a 2-l decision over the Rogers Pirates, The play was fast and rough throughout the game with plenty of action for the most rabid fan. Frank Vtfalsh slammed the puck into the net with only a few minutes to go to win the game. From this game on, the team played fast hockey and good, but ran into hard luck many times. However, the spirit of the team made the season a success. With a little more experience the boys should be on top of the leaque. Great things are expected for next year. Much credit for the success of the season belongs to the able coaching of Cheddy Thompson and lack McGrath of the university champion hockey team. fall .li l. 1, itil., w N48 Baseball Fourth ltr w Mr fialiris E' iltarrriarrtri .'.l, Brat lxft,11toi Bolt Ge1'stwr.lerqei, lim Fztv lN11lt Graliriin Bol ."4.:i1tw:s1,tit, fxiitoii Medved . , , . , s , lliirtt How lfrv Kestt lt fi.mic .,,q1,1n Vrtziir, l-.fiiiizto Lf Vlhittcid, Put ll1LlqlllS lrtiiik Mvhrw-it Frank twlqlliiiqan, iftravli Puqqy Hunturi Sec-fviitt ltow lim lyftmrirsf ',, l.e-:1 Gaffney, Silvin- lvlauzo, Vic Felive, Harvey Wivk, lfiarik lN11ls2i, lavk Fitterf-r flrs' ft w, llivlf Q. vt, lizz, Sisl-1 lpn 511111511 lli 'atm Goodwin, Im: Martin., l.11'l4 llvfari With only two requlars from last YGUIIS vhampionship team lost by qradua tion, Gonzaga appeared to he the team to beat for the championship this year. From catcher to outlielders the Bullpups radiated power and class. Molitor, Gerstenherqer and Mauro gave the team a well rounded hurling staff, Molitor, especially, loolced qood. Behind the plate Scarpelli, althouqh inexperienced, was holding down the position oapably. At first base Medved was back in qood form. Kestell held down the second sack and Goodwin was his mate at shortstop. MCGuiqan, chanqed from shortstop to third, performed like a major-leaquer at the har Corner. lones, ljitterer and others made stronq bids for infield positions. ln the outfeld the fiqht for first strinq berths was hottest. Three regulars were hack from last season McBreen, Rotunno and Hiqqins, but they found stiff Competition in Graham, Wick, Felice, Walsh, Anderson and Whitford, With these men it seemed that the Bullpups co'1ld win easily, but this was not the case. Gonzaga dropped a 5-4 decision to Roqers in the openmq tilt of the season. Four reaulars were missing from the lineup in this aame. Cvminq back with a venqeance, the Gonzaaans walloped the North Central lndians E-O behind the three hit pitchinq of Molitor. Following up their victory over the lndians, the Bullpups defeated West Valley in a free-hittinq contest. .-j KX L," ffl' , w, ,M rx xl' ,M M AW, t J ll 1938 'V H E 1, 11 1 3 1 A N ' Sl Baseball 10 I6 ag. , 1 if K, v , g Top Row: Frank Rolunno, Fay Kestell, Frank Walsh Second Row: Anton Medved, Frank McGuiqan, Harvey Wick Bottom Row: Bob Gersienberqer, Iohn Goodwin, Len Scarpelll 1 v I ' .1 Il' N r VILL ' ' I ,4,' fr ff ft V lf 1 YU J ,' .f 1 I ui f r 4. L A 11' '1 V Ii. J ' V- IJ I M v 'J , ff' 1.11 UI I , 1- I I r 62 IHELUIGIAN 1938 Track 'llurtl Rowi Clieddy Tliorripsoii, Vtrach lack Jean, Bolt Molitor, Bob Dewey, Leslie Kuplvi, Leon Kepler, Ed l'l',frm, Chester Alderman, Mr. Gerard Morin, S.I, Second Row: lim Mollrisey, Pete Andie, Bolt Vetto, Bob Codd, Georqe Vlitter, lack Loilell, Petri ltuppeiten, Greq Donalioe, liarrv Dumas l'iist Row. Al lludtq Nvriiiaii Etiwqfi, 'Will Dumas, Georqe S'aeliOl1, Sam Lapgiario, Keri ffiiiperitci, l'-it Vtviii-'-ll Mfix Shinri, Dari Hoa.ilivu With the cominq ot spring, Gonzaqas track prospects took a decided turn lor the better. Several lettermen from last years team made this seasons out look briqht, lvlolitor in the hall mile and the broad iump was one cf the best in the city. Staeheli looked as if he would 'garner many tirsts in the mile run, The pole vault was taken care of by Pete Andre. Pat Cornell and Pete Andre were the star high jumpers of the team. Bill Dinndorf was qood at the shot put, as was Bob lones in the hurdles. Pete Hupperten was the ace dash man of the squad, The relay team was composed of lanes, Andre, Molitor and Alderman. The first meet with Rogers was dropped by a small margin. Staeheli won the mile hy ci quarter lap, Roh Molitor turned in two tirsts, the hall mile and the broad iump. Pat Cornell tied lcr tirst in the high jump, and Pete Andre tool-1 second in the pole vault. Pete Hupperten won the hundred yard dash, Bob loner taking second. All in all, the team looked the best in years and much was expected of it diirinq the rest of the season. The Bullpups were expected to furnish several city champions at the city meet. 1938 1' li ll 1.t1 1 Ll 1 A N 6'- Tennis Vliinl Row: 1.arry Brown, B111 Bradley Ken Beulac, Georae Ycrno, Ciiailvs iiiizy Mr. Robert Luqer, 3.1. C' :fond Row' Hobart Teneff, Ed VVhi'ford, Mike Sullivan, Greg Doriahofa Fay if t First How: Guy Slivlloiiy, lariz Hiiicilvy, Torn Vforriette, lolin 'lfiiiisy This year's tennis team brouaht forth an array of potential players, The entire first squad is made up of seniors, including Charles Gray, Hobart Teneff Mike Sullivan, lohn Tracy, and Fay Kestell, The team is under the superv - sian of Mr. Robert Luger, S1 The squad is probably the best that Gonzaga has had for many years. l'i the number one position, Charles Gray has proven himself worthy of this rank ina. He is known for his sizzling forehand, fine net work and lor his qeneral consistency. Number two man, Hobart Tenetf, has many fine qualities in his tennis qame. His serve has a line chanqe of pace, sometimes a smashinq serve, other times a slice which is equally difficult to return, Mike Spillivan, the trick artist of the team, is also a very fine player. He is noted for his variety of serves and for his iorehand drive. He is steady-headed on the court and works well in doubles. ln the fourth positicn Iohn Tracy proves hinseli a formidable opponent to anyone. He has a fine forehand, and a Cannonball serve. ln qeneral he has proven very consistent. Fay Kestell, who holds down the number five spot, has been playing an excellent brand of tennis. His serve proves to be irritating to his opponent. He works very well as a double partner. The tennis team proved its versatility in its first match when it lost a close 4 to 3 decision to the strona Lewis and Clark club. The match was only do- cided when Teneff, who was injured, was forced to default, qivinq lewis and fflarlc the one point decision. fel 'fil I ll I rll F. ltygg Golf i'hrr-l lw w Frfrrrk lvlurtwr: llzi Aritirf- li' Lfturaan lrlr lit E wrt Lrzatr il l-hit ' rrr- ll it-corn: llriw 'tint 'ff'-rri+tte lack Rot.-l.t.r i hfr3 lktrzvis "1 v ixv li'ri Hfivirr r'::. Miki Olflrif-rr Kr lTr'r::.irr K--r rftrrr--- Prospevts of a V338 clifirripionsliirf troll tearn LT. Gonzaga high sun' ol lcrorrre l hrrahtly this year as a ccnrrrplete tearr' at veterans donned their tous and tr al: to the fairways in antictiriatian at a successful season. The Gonzatra drvot diaqers started ont this season under the qnidance of Mr. Danald Ryan, hiif alter a tew weeks of Coavhina he had to resian because ot other rliitres. The terrni is now rrranaqed by Mr. Robert Luqer, Sl, who offered to take river when Mr. Ryan resianed, The squad lost the tirst rnatrgrh to North Central ten to tive hut they showed rrziivh potential strength. The schedule incliideril n rloiihle round robin with the city schools. Last year nrost ol the players were aettina experience. The present season the rnen worked rriore sinoothly and seerried on their way tri keep good their boast ol takina the fhanipionshir.. The rnernhers at the teani adopted the sloqan, "Last year third place, this year lirst place." Pat Cornell and Captain loe Durqan set the pace shootina the Course in the rtiiitdle seven ties. Durqan, a loiir-year troll ntan had Carrtarnea the learn last year and this year. The rnerrihers of the team lry the rankin-z ot senrarity are lite Diiraari. toiir years Toni Werrierre, three years, Pat C7or'iell, llrank Morton, Pat Andre and Ray Davis two years each, sind lark Ratrilrlfzrd rs rilayirra his first year. i938 T H if L U i G i A N tif- Rifle Club Third Row: Dick O'Dea, Bob McGoldrick, Mike Asan, Ed Stimson, Bob Cassidy Second Bow: George Mortimer, lack Sleavin, Bill Ogle, lohn Green, Jann Kelly, lack Rotchiorri First Bow: Dick Vomaske, George Staeheli, Dick Harrison, George Struble, Will Dumas Starting the rifle year with only three men from last year's squad, the pros- pects of a good team were dull, However, among the lower classmen were found some excellent shooters who provided material for a winning team. The club's hopes were impeded by the lack of better equipment, but this did not stop the members from learning the fundamentals of shooting, Through these fundamentals the team gave good competition to Bellarmine, Lewis and Clark and Rogers, who were Gonzaga's opponents in the rifle field of sports this year, The club is composed of twenty members from whom ten were chosen to represent the club as a team. From these, the scores of the highest five shoot- ers compose the team's score. lack Botchford is captain, George Staeheli, co- captain, and Wilfred Dumas, sub-captain. Practice sessions were held once a week at the state armory range. Under the able direction and coaching of Captain Iack Hotchford the individuals of the club prospered and improved their shooting. Mr. Ed McGoldrick is also to be acknowledged for his work in teaching positions and for giving advice in more ways than one. Nine members of the club won citations for services rendered this year, Among these were lack Botchford, George Staeheli, Wilfred Dumas, George Struble, Bill Ogle, George Mortimer, lohn Kelly, Iohn Green and Dick Vomaske. As a grand finale to a great year the club received word that it has obtained a sponsor, the Spokane lunior Chamber of Commerce. This will be CI great benefit to the club for next year, since the sponsor will furnish an expert coach. Moreover, the members of the club will be incited to better rifling. bb 'l' it E L U l G l A N 1938 Midget Football 'lhir.l Row Mr. Clare llayi-s, til. lion Mcl'ee'erS, lon Cher, Frank Masterson, loo McDoriuiiqir Second liovv' Vv'ill Stachofsky, Ed Ripple, Clltf lziruya, line Scioly, Bruce McFarland First Bow lavk Pittfrrer ileorae Staelieli, lark Bradley, lim Rcicliriiririri Fld l-lalpli With but twenty aspirants turning out on the opening day of practice, the Gonzaga high school Midgets proved themselves to be a small but game squad. Under the guidance of Coach Billy McBreen, former college haliback, the squad developed into a small team, with the line averaging l55 pounds and the backfield averaging only l42 pounds. However, the eleven had a lot of spirit and seemed set for a victorious season. But this was not to be, for the squad lost their first three starts, and carrie back to capture their last two tilts. mainly through the efforts of some of the younger members of the high school team. West Valleys first and second team defeated the outweighed Midgets in their first game, l9-U, although the Midgets played a classy lirand of football. Disheartened by their first loss, the young Bullpups were outclassed by the North Central B squad and lost, 14-U. After being defeated by Spirit Lake high school, 43-U, in the latter's city, the reiuvenated Midgets carrie to life and de feated Coeur d'Alene academy, 7-O, and Lewis and Clark's B squad, 13-O. Outstanding players for the Midgets in their last two encounters were Cap tain Bruce McFarland, Bob Gerstenberger, Harvey Wick, lim Fife, Ion Ober, Sandy Mackie, lim Beichmann, lack Fitterer, lim Kronenberg and Russ Espo' sito. l93B THELUIGIAN 67 Midget Basketball Second Bow: lim Curran, Coach, Bob Sharp, Bob Mciloldrick, Gene O'Neil, lack Fitterer First Row: Nick Ressa, Bill Crant, Max Shinn, lim Reichmarin, lohn Riley Having very little material with which to form a basketball team, the Midgets were molded into a team of small stature but with plenty of fight. Under Coach lim Curran, the squad had a rather unfortunate season, but it was not from lack of trying. The superior height of the opponents always made them too tough. Q ln their first game, with Cantlon's team, the Midgets saw a large first-half lead diminish to nothingness and finally lost the game, 21-13. The first string piled up a large lead in the first half, but the substitutes could not stem the last-half drive of the other squad, However, the Midgets came back in their second game to outscore St. Xavier's junior C.Y.O. team, l9-15, in a very close game. Traveling to Rathdrum high school, in Idaho, the hard fighting Midgets played an excellent game against their larger and more experienced hosts, finally losing, 35-24. Then three defeats, by the North Central B squad, 40-l l, St. Patrick's junior C.Y.O. team, 27-24, and Rogers B squad, 24-19, left the Midgets with one victory and four defeats. By defeating the frosh two out of three games, the squad was able to win three games and lose four during the season. 68 lllllllllll . -' A N I9Jb Frosh Football Thlrd How' Bo: Brw ks Mx 9,4111 Fllvlf. SI. I' lm S-Nxt, lmvk Lwdell, Ed WGN, Dlvk Oliva, Wuxxem fltcxpleltlnr. Second Huw, Heil, Ulm, 'luxl-:mlm Suas. BU. Stem, Lvn Mmtkra Bel Sharp, Nick Ressu Filsl Raw' Bm Vmm, Pal l241uvof1, 51111: l,f1rp:xrm, H1ml.'l Brooks, Puul Thzmxlmz Frosh Basketball l , Second Row: Sam Lfzpprirm, B111 dtmxxe, Hmjlplw 1 Fust Row: Turn Lacv Len Sfaryvellx HHH Dr rr, 5 -' so IVA " 5 i-eaulxeu Pm Cmxmy, Durland Cross, Boll Cxowley PM Gzmywv Paul Sherbe-rq, Bob Brooks, lim Flynn WVKFS THELUICIAN EU Frosh Baseball Third Ftow: Mr. Rolzert Luqer, SJ., Ralph Beaulieu, Bill Stone, Mike Asan, lim Hawkins, Mr. Michael Toulouse, S.l. Second Row: Durland Cross, Herb Derr, Bob Gonyea, Mike O'Brien, lack Lancaster, Len Scarpelli First Row: Bob Crowley, Sam Lappano, lohn Giampietri, Tom Lacy, Bud Giesa The Gonzaga high school frosh football team concluded a fairly successful season after winning one game, losing three and tying one. Under Coach Otto Penna and his capable assistants, lim Curran and lohn Koch, the first year men played a hard, clean brand of football. The Greenies started their season auspiciously by defeating West Valley frosh and sophomores by a score of 6 to O, in which game Captain lack Lodell, fleet-footed halfback, played outstanding football. Then the frosh's offense and defense seemed to stop clicking and they lost their next two games to St. loseph academy, at Sprague, and the North Central frosh by considerable margins. Losing their third straight game to the freshmen of Lewis and Clark by a score of 20 to 6, the squad played a good game, but Mauro and company could not match the heavier squad. However, the yearlings redeemed these defeats by tying the Rogers frosh eleven 6 to 6 in their final game. After losing the services of Captain Nick Ressa because of ineligibility, the frosh basketball squad, under Mr. Michael Toulouse, SJ., lost four games and won three. They were subdued by the freshmen squads of both North Central and Lewis and Clark. They were also defeated in two games with the Midgets. One win each against the Rogers frosh, the Midgets, and a Boy Scout team accounted for their three victories, With a squad potentially as strong as last year's freshmen team, the frosh of '41 started going places this year in baseball. ln winning their first game ll-4 against Libby junior high school, Silvio Mauro struck out thirteen batters, while his mates were batting heavily. 1, 11111111 'I' 115 "G" Club H 111 L11s11111111 :x 111-111111- W11111 .111 1: v1 P.-11 11 E"11111t 111111111 11111 111 1 '1 '1'1."1-1111-' 11111111 M-112111.11 1511411 Huw- 11,1111 'i,,111.-,'11. 111111 11.f.'1.1111111.: 11:1-1 1511111,1f',, 1'1usb1 1. 1.51 1-111, ' 1111 11 I1 1111 13 1'.'f1, 71 1.1..11E1. 911,111 '11-111212 111111- 51111111111 1'?11111- :' 111- .'111111-1. 1115' 1111111 1'111'1a11 1':11111c MvB1e-1111 1'111111, 11 uv 11- 1111 Y 1:11 V111 1'-1 1111vy 141111 1751--.v1-1. 1111-1: 11111111 111' Y 1111.1 1111111 1 1'1111 B111 QJ11111111:11, A111i111 1x1o11v111 111.1 11111. 1'f11y'111 P11191 1' 11 1111w.111- '11-111 A1111f11s1,111, P1-1-1 A111111 11111111 1.11-1' 1'S111 1111111111 1 11:3 1i11,w11 111111111 30511111113 151111114 11f11115U11 11111 11121 11,111.1 1i.111:. 111.1111 11.11111 2111111112 1411. 0151111 P11111 1.3511-11 1.,1- 1311111 1111. Mp::111 15111 1311111 1511- 015111, Q11-11 1511111111-1: 11111 i'S1.1x 1151 f1.w 1 11115 15.1.1151 L'1.111.1-11, 111. Sxsk 11:3 Elwst-1.1 11111114 '.'1f111s:. 'Zz 11 1 11 111c1.1111:: 11111111 :7w11-'11 v 'wk 11' 2:1111111 Bantam Football 1111 "Nw 1'1111m 1511-1111 1114 VJQA11, 1.11 F1 -11 1111 f1'11:1111+11 11111 11 11-11.11 Huw 1811, B11111k:, M11c1- 1111111111 H11111111 141 :wks 11114 1.11111'11::'111 11::1 1.1 111151 1, 111:11 E1 1w 13 11 1111111 1 1"1'.'1',' 13 : 11:1:1" '11'11'f1.'.1 SU111, 1938 THE LIIIGIAN Sport Stars il! ,4 ,Q Top Row: Pat Cornell, Bruce McFarland, Tom Loosmore Second Row: Pat Andre, Leslie Kapier, Leon Kapfer Third Row: Ioe Durqan, Charlie Gray Botiom Row: Bob Molitor, Frank Morton, George Staeheii, Hobart Teneff ,vw , al i n Q EN Q 58 Q ,iv -3, 1 3 mm L l A A FEATURES 74 THELUIGIAN 1938 5 Class History By RICH IOHNSON When school started on the twen- ty-fourth of September, 1934, there was the usual crowd of freshmen milling around in the corridors, get- ting under the feet of the upper class- men and in general making nuis- ances of themselves. There was ap- parently nothing to distinguish them from any of the many previous fresh- man classes which had at one time or another filled the hall with chatter- ing humanity. As usual, the seniors wondered at the great number of new faces and commented on the fact that each new class seemed to contain smaller boys than its predecessors. As usual, many small faces could be seen fur- tively gazing up at the countenances of those who had gone before. But very soon it was learned that the new class was anything but or- dinary. With an amazing suddenness that was truly a shock to staid seniors, there became known the great versa- tility of the greenies and their equally amazing perspicacity of purpose. Hardly had the school year started than the upper classmen found them- selves closely pressed for school hon- ors by those startling members of the class of 1938. A few weeks after school had opened, football began to hold sway over the mind and heart of every stu- dent. ln the first game of the season the frosh team showed its power by trouncing a strong Cheney junior high team 14 to O. In the orchestra there appeared many other first year men with talent sufficient to warm the heart of the di- rector. And the lunior Debating so- ciety that year numbered several boys who four years later were to uphold the school honor with bril- liant victories that brought two cham- pionships to Gonzaga and a number of outside victories. Nor was the Sodality ignored. ln its ranks were enrolled as many freshmen as it was possible to have. The class of 1938 stood fully behind the greatest tradition of Gonzaga, loyalty to the Sodality and all its ideals. Scholastic ability was not lacking in that class either. True, the fresh- men started out slowly, only two members winning tsetimonials at the first quarter, Bob Clark and Rich lohnson. But at the third quarter there were listed on the honor roll not two, but fourteen first year men. In the Iunior Elocution contest there were three frosh, in the Iunior Gold Medal Debate there were two more, and in the Apologetics contest was freshman Bob Carty. During his career at Gonzaga he entered that contest three times, fulfilling his am- bition by winning when he was a senior. In the school elections at the end of the year freshman Bill Olson was made an officer. Throughout their first year, the members of the class of 1938 showed not only drive and ambition, but also perseverance in carrying out fully the aims and ideals instilled in them as students of Gonzaga high school. The members of this class started out the next year by successfully competing against the freshmen in the annual Frosh night competitions, winning by a decisive margin over a class which not only hoped but even expected to win. The Iunior Debating society, the Knights of the Altar, and the Sodality found the same ready response that had characterized the class as fresh- men. These organizations found even more members from this class by rea- son of the knowledge of their activi- ties gained during the preceding year. Their work did not deter, but rather encouraged the sophomores to add their names to their membership rolls. 1938 THE LUI GIAN 75 Football season found many sec- ond year men swelling the ranks of the midgets and high school squads. On the basketball team were such stalwarts as Walt Graham and Frankie August. In that year, Gra- ham was named on the all-city bas- ketball team. August started late, there being a questiton of his eligi- bility, but by mid-season he was one of the highest scorers in the city league, with an average ot more than ten points per game. In the junior Elocution contest were three sophomores, with Bill Bradley coming out on top, in a close deci- sion over his classmate, Bob Dewey. Interclass basketball that year was a whirlwind race in both the upper and lower divisions. Despite the fact that many of their best players had turned out for the high school squad, and thus were ineligible for interclass competition, to ZA went the cham- pionship of the lower division. Thus the sophomore class ended a quiet though not unsuccessful year at Gonzaga, having fulfilled all the hopes and expectations vested in it. The school year 1936-1937 started with the determination in the heart of every student to do all in his power to make that, the golden jubilee year of Gonzaga, the most successful in the history of the school. And these hopes were well on their way to suc- cess from the first of the year. Probably the first intimation of the new spirit pervading the school was the founding of a separate high school paper. Hitherto high school news had been given merely a part in the university Bulletin. But early in the fall there appeared before the student body the first issue of The Gonzagan, the new official organ of the Associated Students of Gonzaga high school. Numbered among the staff of that first edition were not less than five members of the class of 1938. Of these one, Webb Patterson, later be- came editor of the paper: another, lack Leary, later was made sports editor: and a third, Rich johnson, but a few months later was named fea- ture editor. Perhaps the most noted feature of that whole year was the truly great football team which the high school put on the field. lt is indeed hard to forget the record which that team established. Not content with beat- ing all the other high school squads of the city for the championship of Spokane, the boys went further and outplayed two of the strongest teams west of the Cascades. Gonzaga high was ceded the mythical state cham- pionship. Constant, if not regular, players on the team were the juniors Drum Sweeney, Bob jones, Bill Dinndorf, Bill Olson, Tom Wernette, Hank Mur- phy, George Yarno, Vic Felice, Bob Codd and Walt Graham, who was almost unanimously chosen for the all-city team. At the end of the sea- son Graham was named captain for the next year's squad. Near the middle of the year three juniors were chosen for finalists in the Senior Elocution contest, Bill Bradley, Larry Brown and Bob Carty. Later the dramatics coach, Father Christopher McDonnell, S.l., an- nounced that in the play to be given would be numbered several juniors, and that junior Drum Sweeney would have the lead in the dramatic offer- ing "Shannons of Broadway." After the play had been given, even the hardest of critics pronounced it to be one of the best ever to be given by any Gonzaga cast. ln the Senior Debating society that year were many juniors, gaining ex- perience and participating in outside debates. These third year men made trips to Wallace and Deer Park to en- gage in dignified argumentation with others of opposing views. Bob Clark, lack Leary and Rich johnson were in the Gold Medal Debate. Another outstanding achievement of that year was the production of the first annual in several years. Some of the hardest workers on the staff of The Luigian were juniors, and it was due in great part to these men that 76 THEL the annual was the success that it was. As the baseball season ap- proached, it seemed that Gonzaga might possibly come close to having a championship team. And those hopes were well founded. In the last game of the season, the Bullpups came from behind to knock off the former champions, Lewis and Clark, and gained the city championship title. It is quite possible that that cham- pionship would not have come our way had it not been for the third year stalwarts, Bob lvfolitor, Fay Kes- tell, Frank Rotunno, Vic Felice, Bob Iones and George Yarno. Thus the aim of the year had been satisfied, namely to make it the most successful in history. And certainly to the class of l938 must go much of the cerdit for this achievement. At last September, 1937, rolled around, marking the change from lowly underclassmen to seniors of the members of the class of 1938. Now at last they could look back fondly upon the days when they had first become imbued with the spirit of Gonzaga. No longer could they afford to be found gazing at the pic- tures on the wall. No longer was there any reason for their doing so, because those pictures had become as familiar to them as the decorations in their own homes. But the change from followers to school leaders did not find the seni- ors unprepared. Rapidly and easily they assumed the burden entrusted to them. When the first edition of The Gon- zagan for that year came out, it was found that seniors had the most im- portant offices. Every organization was animated with the spirit of the fourth year men. The football team, led by Captair' Walt Graham, marched to another city championship, and finding it im possible to win another state title, beat the Montana champions, Butte high, on their own field. The debaters, not to be outdone, GIAN 1938 captured the district title after sev- eral hard debates, going through the conference season undefeated, and emerging ahead of the Iohn Rogers team by the margin of one judge's decision. It was the first time in history that Gonzaga had won the title. A short time la-ter a team was sent over to Seattle to win for the second consecutive year the Northwest Catholic high school debating trophy. On the night of April 6, six seniors, who had borne the brunt of the year's debating, met to find the school championship. On that night the affirmative team, Bob Carty, Rich Iohnson and Bob Clark won a close decision over their negative rivals, Iack Cantlon, Len Gaffney and lack Leary, who had the enviable record of never having been beaten in an outside debate. Clark was chosen the school's best debater, with Leary second. In the two plays produced by the Mantell club many seniors had prominent parts. When work on the l938 Luigian was started, it was announced that nineteen seniors had won posts on the staff, with senior Iack Leary named as editor. Thus ended another year, the last for the seniors, as successful as it was unexpected. And the class of 1938 had fulfilled its obligations to the school. Looking back over the last four years, we find the record of a class marked not so much by brilliancy as by stubbom following of purpose, leaving footprints not so deep as straight and clean. Perhaps in years to come, other classes may gaze at the picture of this class and find inspiration for their own work. Perhaps other boys, seeing the record of this class, may be inspired to follow the aims and ideals which these boys manifested throughout their career. lf so, our alma mater can be truly proud of the class of 1938, Gonzaga high school. 1938 THELUIGIAN 77 Class Will By BOB CLARK and IOHN TRACY WE, the graduates of Gonzaga high school, class of nineteen hun- dred and thirty-eight, being of sound mind, of our own will and volition do will and bequeath such properties as shall be designated in this docu- ment. ln fond memories of our own days in the lower portion of the hall, we bequeath to all boys who shall enter Gonzaga high school as lowly fresh- men, the right to gaze at the pictures of their predecessors, said pictures hanging on the walls of the corridor of said Gonzaga high school. This right is bequeathed under the condi- tion that said boys shall, in gazing at said pictures, imbibe the spirit and tradition which we and the others have tried so hard to make and keep. To Louie Conyard, Larry Brown wills his curly hair. Kenny Boulac leaves his fiery oratorical ability to lack V. Murphy. Bob Thompson be- stows his array of tailored suits to Ramo Amicarella. Ray Davis shuffles his lazy shuffle to lack Meyers. Iohn Cantlon wills his thumb tacks to lack Freed. Pete Hupperten leaves his stale jokes, puny puns and spas- modic laughter to Warren Hook. The senior members of this year's Mantell club hereby bequeath to next year's Mantell club a short yet well beloved little man, Mr .... Earl Cobb. Hank Murphy bestows his worn out gum upon Lewis Doyle. Mel Huss wills his marbles and other play- things to lack Costello. Iim Weston leaves his "Weston" Union cap to Ed Burns. Ioe Kraft places his cheese to trap "Mousie" McBreen. Ed Murphy leaves his ability to out-argue the teachers to lim Haas. Pat Andre wills the knack of losing bets in a certain morning class to Don Bach. Harold "Hick" McMahon bestows his capacity for mowing down studies to "Red" O'Neil. Bob Clark bequeaths to lim Sisk his love for writing poetry. Pete Andre be- stows upon Chet Alderman his rabbit-like actions. lohnny Curran leaves his teething ring to Bill Dolle. Fay Kestell wills his technique in "mooching" to Bruce McFarland. Bob Dewey bestows his bird-like warbling upon Will Dumas. To Bob Cassidy Don Amsbury leaves his green sweater. Durant Barclay wills whatever he doesn't want to anyone who wants anything not worth much. Gilio Chesurin de- sires that his donations to the mission box be continued by Tom Loosmore. Bill Norberg and Tom Durkan leave their candid cameras to George Staeheli. Carl Close wills his awful daze to Harry Brown. Lane Candler allows his billiard technique to be followed by Don Barrett. Bob Codd leaves his obligation to return all borrowed paper to Pete Little. Bill Dinndorf bequeaths to Frank Iohnson his tackle position. Bill Carder wills his swanky shirts to Ollie Cosner. Tom Lally bestows his all-day-suckers tlallypopsl upon An- ton Medved. Charles "Ox" Hoy wills his streamlined strut to lack Besse. George Yarno leaves his snappy logger boots to Cliff Barclay. Frank Morton wills his deadly aim to the Kapfers. Claude Rassilyer resigns his inno- cent youthfulness to lon Ober. Frank Rotunno bestows his fielding prowess 73 THEL GIAN 1938 1 I upon Frankie Walsh. Mike Sullivan leaves his tennis racket to Sandy Mackie. Greg Donahoe wills his Hollywood style of hair combing to Harvey Wick. Ice Durgan grants his broken tees to Ben Reeves. Doug Feaver wills his silence to the whis- pering freshmen in the library. Fran- cis Sullivan leaves his unused razor blades to Ioe O'Connell. Paul O'Neil bestows his sporting knowledge upon Frank McGuigan. Earl McCanna leaves his rifled pucks to the property room. Frank Paparich wills his monkey business to Tom Spangler. lack Leary leaves his literary ability to Frank Costello. To Frank Perno D. B. Trowbridge wills his prowess of sleeping in physics class. Bob Carty bequeaths his benevolence toward the teachers to Ralph Prosser. Walt Graham gives his elusiveness to Pat Higgins. To Bob Gaffney, Micky Stoltz and lack Ludwig generously donate their crutches. Bill Bradley leaves his smiling personality and gold tooth to lim Mahar. Bob Iones resigns his 5B presidency to Tom Anderson. Bob Molitor bestows his Mercuric legs to George Witter. Pat Cornell leaves his high chem- istry mark to Ioe Scioly. Vic Felice wishes his towering height upon diminutive Bob Wert. Bill Olson leaves his marvelous physique to Hugh Oriard. Hobart Teneff be- queaths his collection of old tennis balls to Gail Billesbach. Len Gaffney leaves his debating prowess to lack Rotchford. Rich lohnson wills his monicker "Babe" to some hapless wretch in next year's civics class. Webb Patterson bestows his Sodality activities upon Russ Esposito. Mark Kaulbach leaves his perse- verance in tennis to Iim Herlihy. Iohn Tracy gives to Bob Randall his pro- ficiency in Greek. Ierry McKenzie wills his cheerful disposition to Ron- ald Springer. Charles Scamahom leaves his studiousness to Ray Deno. Carl Milton bestows his flashy neck- ties upon Fred Porta. Bob Rielly be- queaths his Chronicle bag to Bob Dumas. Tom Monahan leaves three strands of his fiery red hair to Lean- der Verzatt. Clark Robinett wills his love lor a certain teacher to Iack Dean. Wayne Porter grants his ability to draw to Bill Thurston. Len Rizzuto leaves his empty gum wrap- pers to Don Kelley, Drum Sweeney bequeaths his Ger- manic accent upon Iirn O'Connor. lack Goeden leaves his cigarette stubs to George Struble. Charlie Gray bestows his backhand drive to Bob Colistro. Bill Lane presents his cowboy hat to Don Ungari. Bill Ma- har bequeaths his virility to Bill Biner. Tom Wernette gives his excuses for being late to Al Kelly. To every boy who shall enter Gon- zaqa high school we bequeath the privilege of walking upon the cam- pus of said school, of playing on the court situated behind the gymna- sium, of staring out the window on the budding bushes on warm spring days, cf enjoying all those things which we have enjoyed in our school career, hoping that our suc- cessors will uphold the ideals and traditions of our school in a manner befitting students of Gonzaga high school. Given on this twenty-seventh day of May, in the year of Our Lord nine- teen hundred and thirty-eight. The Graduates of Gonzaga high school, Class of 1938. 1938 T H 4 E LUIGI Chronicle August 30- Back again. Registration in full swing. September 1--Classes begin. Teachers called "Sister" by frosh. September 12 September 16--A September 21 September 23 HOOD. Drum and September 24- September 29f September 30- - Bullpup gridders begin practice. Looks like another championship team. First football game of season. Gonzaga downs Kellogg 19 to 0. Frosh defeat sophomores in annual Frosh Night struggle. First edition, second volume of Gonzagan out: GONZAGANS CHOOSE PRIEST' Bugle corps is organized. At Seattle the Bullpups take hard-fought game from Seattle prep, 14 to 0. Spokane Diocesan Eucharistic congress held in stadium. -Philomathea club has open house. October 1--Gonzaga 13, North Central 0. We're still unscored upon. October 5-Father Roger Lyons, S.I., pays visit. Glee club formed. Might be another Crosby in our October 7-S midst. Who can tell? econd issue of Gonzagan out: MR. IVERS ANNOUNCES FORMATION OF NEW DRAMATIC ORGANIZATION. Bullpups defeat Pirates 6 to 2. Getting to be a habit. October 14- Shake the hand that shook the hand of lim Farley. Postmaster General visits Gone zaga. Shakes hands with all students. October l5f" October 20- Bing. October 21 Bob Burns and E Bing. Hold that Tiger." Bullpups defeat Lewis and Clark 24 to 19. What a game! Gonzagan out: BING CROSBY ARRIVES TOMORROW. Everybody is talking about Bing here at last! Attends Mass in chapel. Gets degree in gym. Students corner dmund Lowe in 4B classroom. Holiday in honor of Bing Crosby. Three cheers for October 22--Gonzaga boys rub elbows with movie stars. Holiday in honor ot Bob Burns. Three cheers for Bob! October 2741unior debaters hold first meeting. October 29-Gonzaga 0, Rogers 12. 'Nuff sed. October 30-Gonzaga defeats Lewis and Clark. This time in debating. November l--All Saints day. Holiday. November 24Philomathea rummage sale nets over 55100. New Leash members get sweaters. November 4-Gonzagan out: CADETS BEGIN MONTH TERM OF TEACHING. November 5-Gonzaga wins city football championship ior second straight year. Bullpups slaughter Tigers November ll November 12 November 13 November 17 November 18 Honor roll annou November 19-- Central 12 to 6. November 22 26 to 0. Drum and Bugle corps marches in Armistice day parade. Students attend Solemn Requiem High Mass. Gonzaga upsets Montana state champs I8 to 14. Nothing can stop our boys. Scoop! Students see good convocation sponsored by the debaters. -Gonzagan out: FACULTY AND STUDENTS WILL SUPPORT 1938 ANNUAL. nced. Arnold Lunn visits and gives talks on Spanish war. The fighting Bullpups end season in whirl of glory and snow. Defeat North -The city champs receive Ouackenbush trophy at the Fox theater. Hank Murphy, Bob Iones and Walt Graham receive all-city awards. November 24' November 30 -Thanks for ct five-day Thanksgiving vacation. -Father Pius L. Moore, S.I., directs successful retreat. December B-Feast of Immaculate Conception. Another holiday, doggonit! December 9-Gonzagan out: CLUB MAKES S30 TOWARD TRIP. Debaters defeat Lewis and Clark. December 13-Midget and frosh gridders have banquet to end season. December 15-Gonzaga Hi Night. Bill Bradley grand marshal. Gridders receive letters. Sophs win cup for best skit. Tom Wernette gets Kennelly inspirational award. December 18-Christmas vacation begins. Santa Claus gives us eighteen days off. AN 4 79 80 THE LUIGIAN 1938 ..- I LT. 3 Ianuary fl Back from Christmas vacation. Students looking forward to next holiday. Ianuary7 Interclass basketball gets under way. Players still think they're playing football. Ianuary 10 Gonzaga hockey team defeats Rogers 2 to I. Ianuary 13 Gonzagan out: GONZAGA WINS NORTHWEST CATHOLIC DEBATE CHAMPION' SHIP IN SEATTLE TOURNAMENT. Good for Leary and Clark, Ianuary 18- Father Maurice Flaherty, S.I., begins vocational guidance course for seniors. Ianuary 21 Father Provincial pays annual visit. Grants holiday. Bill Bradley and Pat Higgins tie lor first in senior olocution. Joseph Scioly is second. Ianuary Z9 Deltaters nosed out at Pullman. Ianuary 30, 31 "'Ihe Flight of the Gull" presented in St. Aioysius auditorium. February2' Father lohn Forster, S.I., Father Ioseph McDonnell, S.I., and Father Francis Blaes, S.l., take their final vows. Fekruaryli Gotizagan out: GONZAGA ENDS DEBATE CONFERENCE UNDEFEATED. Semes- ter honor roll announced. Gonzaga basketeers end first half in third place in the city series. February 10 Father George Dunne, S.I., talks on Chinese missions. February Z4 Gonzagan out: "WITHIN THESE WALLS" IS NEXT SCHOOL PLAY TITLE. Bull pup debaters win northeastern Washington district conference championship first time in history of the school. Fel ruary 26, 27 Seventh Annual Students' Spiritual Leadership convention held in the gym. 1800 delegates attend. February 28 Bob Bradley and Angustine Cozza win first and second in Iunior Elocutlon contest. Mar-h 17 Founders day. Name of Thaddeus I. Parolik, SJ., entered on the Cataldo Memorial panel. Holiday. March Z0 New literary club elects officers and selects the name "Penmen." March 21 High school presents Father Rector with S250, its share of the Cataldo Memorial endowment fund. April B Bob Clark takes honors in annual Gold Medal Debate. lack Leary places second. Apri17 Gonzagan out: WORK BEGINS ON YEARBOOK WITH ELECTION OF STAFF. Leary elected editor of Luigian by unanimous vote. April ll Bob Carty wins annual Apologetics contest. Pat Higgins second. April 29- First edition cl "The Penman" appears. Mayl Inland Empire Apologetics contest at the Knights of Columbus hall. Bob Carty takes third place with "Confession." May 4, 5 Crowds tlock to Philomathea May Festival. Dave Yoder and lack Bradley take first and second in annual oratorical contest. May6 Gonzagan out: LOCAL STUDENTS GET YOUTH PAGE. Mahar elected prefect of So dality. May9, IO Mantell club presents "Within 'lhese 'Nallsf' Carty thrills audiences as "the mad monk." May 19 'Senior class takes a day off for class picnic. May 26 -Baccalaureate Mass tn St. Aloysius church. May 27 Communion breakfast for seniors in the morning. Graduation in the evening. SUMMIT SUPPLY CO. T J O C S. 1235 Grand OUR MOTTO: High Grade Food Service at Reasonakle WG1Ch9S--DiGmOndSfYCIOCICS P 'ce , I I H S High Class Repairing Phone Riv. 1181 G 'ft f All ' Fancy Meats Ouality Groceries 1 S or Occaslons Fresh Vegetables N. 115 Walhinqton SI. 938 THE LUIGIAN HI FRIENDS IN DEED K DR. IOHN H. O'SIIEA DR. I, R. CONDON CANNON, MQKEVITT 6- FRASER DR. MELVIN ASPRAY DR. ASA E, SEEDS DR. E. L. REGER IOSEPH E. HURLEY DR. D. C. MURPHY DR. CHARLES R. MOWERY DRS. I. G. G I. E. CUNNINGHAM E. C. OLSON DR. F. W. O'NEILL DR. I. W. MOUNSEY DR. D. H LEWIS DR. E. I. BARNETT M. I. PECAROVICH G. F. DQGRAFF I EMMETT I. LANCASTER RAYMOND F. KELLY MATT SCHERETTE RALPH BUCKLEY IOSEPH I. LAVIN DR. CARROLL SMITH DR. GILBERT H. MILLER ORVILLE W. DUELL C. I. FITTERER C. A. ORNDORPF DR. PAUL B. NUTTER DR. DAVID C. COWEN EDWARD I. REILLY DR. ROBERT L. ROTCHFORD DR. I. W. LYNCH DR. H. D. KEENAN DR. W. S. HIGGINS CHARLES T. GOODSELL JEROME K. CORKERY DR. CHARLES D. MCBEAN IAMES A. BURKE FRANK C. NASH ALVIN H. COLLIN RALPH E. FOLEY DR. E. S. IENNINGS I s l k xi 1938 --Q flu' QU' mul 9148 'IV E L U I 15 I fx N Y k3fiF3 K 'fig ' A6 "rl ,J , 0 4? .f I . C M253 7PM BAKER EQ Q u , 1 QM--D g x - -1.5 81 IIIAIMIAN I9 HENNESASEY CALLOWAY SEE gufllevlll 'Directions Phone Broadway 1010 2200 Block N. Division Street Spokane. 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Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Gonzaga Preparatory School - Luigian Yearbook (Spokane, WA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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