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' a.. ' ; ' litllliSl :i£m ij J5j$jj8 u 5p0ps|$ 4 . 9 zIa xX ' fi azuxJ- GOLDSTQM PIBIB LIBRARY of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Seven Presents THE GOLD-STONE of GOLDSTON HIGH SCHOOL Goldston, North Carolina Published under the direction of Virginia Wiflette and Larry Phillips Co-Editors and Virginia Caudle Business Manager Sponsored by Mrs. Sue E. Pulver MR. JEHUGH BURKE Dedication To Mr. Jehugh Burke who has been a faithful friend through the years with his loyal service, unwavering trust, and encouraging words, we the seniors, with deep a p p r e c i a t i o n , dedicate this, the 1957 edition of the GOLD-STONE. Gold-Stone Staff Co-Editors.Virginia Willette Larry Phillips Associate Editor.Barbara Crissman Business Manager.Virginia Caudle Assistant Business Manager.Max Gaines Advertising Manager.Wayne Phillips Associate Advertising Manager.William Elkins Feature Editor.Johnny Gaines Sports Editors.Jerry Campbell Ronald Causey Art Editor.Nancy Oldham Sponsor.Mrs. Sue E. Pulver Student Council President.. Vice-President.. Secretary . Treasurer. Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor. Camilla B. Gilliland ,.... Virginia Caudle .Janice Graham .... Billy Murchison .Larry Phillips .Mr. M. M. Andrew SEATED, left to right: Mr. M. M. Andrew, Jimmy Williams, Larry Phillips, Janice Graham, Camilla B. Gilliland, Virginia Caudle, BiIly Murchison. STANDING: Rayvon King, Barbara Jourdan, Jane Tysor, Celia Herron, Bill Wicker, Virginia WiIlette, Margaret WiIkie, Stocton WiIkins, Gary Moses. Student Body Officers Virginia Caudle Vice-President Camilla B. Gilliland President Faculty MR. E.B. CLAYTON, Principal A. B. and M. Ed . Furman University University of North Carolina Mrs. Sue E. Pulver A.B. W.C. of University of North Carolina M. A. Col umbia University I I Mrs. Dorothy Stephenson B.S. Salem College Mr. Guy D. Smith Guilford College University of North Carolina I Mrs. Glenn Phi I lips Mitchell College Mr. M. M. Andrew B.S. University of North Carol ina Mr. C . O. Wi 11 i ford B.S. North Carolina State Col lege Mrs. E. W. Byerly B.R.E. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Mrs. Mabel Holt A. B. Flora McDonald Col lege Mitchel I Col lege Mr. Herbert R. Cox A.B. High Point College I Mrs. E. L. Campbell A.B. Woman ' s College of University of North Carolina Mrs. Jeter F. Adcock A.B. Woman ' s College of University of North Carolina Mrs. Dewey Barber Appalachian State Teachers Col lege Mrs. Madge G. Brinson A.B. Elon College Mrs. Milton Garner Appalachian State Teachers Col lege Mrs. Faye C . Moore A.B. Women ' s College of U.N.C. Mrs. Myrtle Page B.S. Piedmont College Duke U niversity Miss Grace Burke Guilford College Senior Officers President.. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. Room Representative .... Virginia Caudle .Johnny Gaines .Jane Tysor Camilla B. Gilliland .Larry Phillips CLASS SONG By—Lawson Barber We have reached the parting of the way. Tomorrow we will face a new day To live a new life on our own For our school days have past and gone. This parting will fill some eyes with tears For we have been together for twelve years. And now we know that we must part But this memory will never leave our hearts. We will never forget old Goldston High. Our fondest memories will stay there, And when our hair turns into gray This parting will seem like yesterday. Tonight we will say again, " Good-bye " to teachers and our friends For tomorrow we will be gone, Good-bye to you all, and so long. LAWSON WORTH BARBER (Chief) " Life is like a piece of clay, so mold it right. " Agriculture 9, 10, 11, 12; Officer 10, 11, 12; Dramatics 11, 12. WALTER KENNETH BEASLEY (Little Bee) " Speak softly but carry a big stick. " Red Springs School 9, 10, 11; Football 11, 12; Baseball 11; Dramatics 11, 12; Class Superlative 12; F.F.A. 12; Officer 12. ip CAMILLA BINKLEY GILLILAND (Half-Pint) " Full of wit; lots of fun; a swell gal all in one. " Softball 9, 10, 12; F.H.A. 9, 10; Library Staff 12; Marshal 11; Class Superlative 12; School Superlatives 12; Lunchroom 10, 12; Class Officer 12; President of Student Body 12; Class Poet 12; Student Council 12; Officer 12; Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Glee Club 10, 12; Dramatics 11, 12; 4-H Club 9. SHELBY JEAN BRIGHT (Shub) " So prime, so swell, so nutty, and so knowing. " Basketball 9, 10; Softball Manager 9, 10; Music 9; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 9; Gym Club 9; 4- H Club 9, 10; F.H.A. 9, 12; Class President 11; Dramatics 11, 12; Medal 11; Letter 10; Star 11, 12; Monogram Club 11, 12; Glee Club 11; Class Superlative 12; Toastmistress at Junior-Senior Banquet 11; Football Cheerleader 12; Basketball Cheerleader 11, 12; Student Council 11; Last Will and Testa¬ ment 12. JERRY WAYNE CAMPBELL (Shoat) " A little fun to match the sorrow of each day ' s growing. " Substitute Bus Driver 10, 11; Bus Driver 12; F.F.A. Officer 11, 12; Baseball 12; Sports Editor of Annual 12; Class Superlative 12. VIRGINIA LEE CAUDLE (Fat) " Live to love and you will love to live. " Football Cheerleader 12; Basketball Cheerleader 11, 12; Chief 12; Library Staff 11; Lunchroom 9; Gym Club 9; " Hi-Lites " Queen 12; Dramatics 11, 12; Monogram Club 12; Student Council 12; Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Officer 11; Glee Club 10, 11; Letter 11; Star 12; Marshal 11, 12; Gold-Stone Staff 12; Class President 12; Class Superlative 12; School Superlative 12; Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet 10; Student Body Vice-President 12; Citizenship Medal 12; Paper Staff 12; F.H.A. 9, 12; Office Worker 12; Response Junior-Senior Banquet 12; Student Counci I Officer 12. RONALD L. CAUSEY (Skint) " Keep a cool head. " Basketball 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain 12; Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Co- Captain 12; 4-H 9, 10; Monogram Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Base¬ ball 10, 12; Class Officer 11; Annual Staff 12; Class Superla¬ tive 12; School Superlative 12; Letter 8; Star 9, 10, 11, 12; Gym Manager 11, 12; Glee Club 10, 11; Dramatics 11, 12; F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12. ROSA LEE CAVINESS (Rosie) " Don ' t take another fool ' s advice. " Glee Club 10, 11, 12; Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; Dramatics 11, 12; Class Superlative 12; 4-H 9, 10; F.H.A. 9, 10. BARBARA ANN CRISSMAN (Criss) " It ' s my life; let me live it. " Sanford Junior High 9; Glee Club 9; Dramatics 11; Usher 11, 12; Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Librarian 11; Annual Staff 12. WILLIAM LEE ELKINS (Rob) " Never say it can ' t be done. " Baseball 10; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Letter 10; Star 11, 12; Monogram Club 11, 12; Annual Staff 12; Class Superlative 12; F.F.A. 9, 10; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10. JOHN THOMAS GAINES, JR. (Rouse) " It ' s good to live and learn. " Officer of Class 9; F.F.A. 11; Officer 11; Baseball 11, 12; Bus Driver 12; Class Superlative; Annual Staff 12; Monogram Club 12; Class Officer 12. JOYCE ANN GAINES (Mae Belle) " Have faith in the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. " Lunchroom 9, 10, 12; Usher 12; Halloween Queen 11, 12; Annual Staff Queen 12; Glee Club 9; Class Superlative 12; Class Prophet 12 . MAX REID GAINES " I heard a hollow sound; who rapeth on my head? " Class Officer 9, 11; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Co- Captain 12; Football 11, 12; Co-Captain 12; Dramatics 11, 12; Letter 8; Star 9, 10, 11, 12; Monogram Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10; Class Superlative 12; F.F.A. 9. VERNEITA LEE GAINES (Pig) " Of a good begi nning cometh a good end. " Lunchroom 9, 10, 12; 4-H 9; Glee Club 11; Class Superlative 12. GERALD FISHER HAMER, JR. (Termite) " Smile and the world smiles with you; weep and you weep a lone. " Class Officer 9; Class Superlative 12; School Superlative 12; Winston Salem School 10; F.F.A. Officer 11, 12; F.F.A. Member 9, 11, 12; Bus Driver 12; Baseball 12. CELIA CLAIRE HERRON (Floney) " Idle, slow and unconcerned, she went to school and seldom learned. " Glee Club 11; Bas¬ ketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; Monogram Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Superlative 12; Substitute Bus Driver 11; Bus Driver 12; Dramatics 12; Safety Patrol 9, 10; Letter 9; Star 10, 11, 12; President of A. A. A. 12; Co-Cap¬ tain of Basketball 12; 4-H 9, 10. NANCY FAY OLDHAM (Red) " Wherever my mind leads me I follow. " Basketball 9; Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Annual Staff 12; Class Superlative 12; Lunchroom 9; F.H.A. 9, 10,- 12; 4-H 9, 10; Glee Club 10; Softball 10; Gym Club 9. JIMMY WESLEY PILKINGTON (PiIk) " Never hit a man while he is down; he might get up again. " F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12; Bus Driver 11, 12; Class Officer 9. CHARLES LARRY PHILLIPS (Big Shot) " To worry little, to study less, this is my idea of happiness. " Baseball 9, 10, 11; Bas¬ ketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Dramatics 11, 12; Class Officer 11, 12; Annual Staff 12; Bus Driver 12; Student Council 12; Of¬ ficer 12. WAYNE HADEN PHILLIPS " The type of guy who moves quiet¬ ly; but steadily forward. " Class Officer 10, 11; Baseball 10; F.F.A. 9, 11, 12; Officer 12; Monogram Club 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 11; Annual Staff 12; Served at Junior- Senior Banquet 10; Letter 10; Class Superlative 12; School Superlative 12. LULA FRANCES SEAGROVES (Pamp) " Never say you can ' t, just keep trying. " Basketball 9, 10, 12; Monogram 9, 10, 11, 12; F.H.A. 9, 10, 12; Dramatics 12; Class Superlative 12; Usher 11; 4-H 9, 10; Glee Club 10; Softball Manager 10; Letter 9; Star 10, 12. JANE KELLY TYSOR (Duck) " A giggle, a shout, and you know she ' s about. " Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain 12; Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 12, Chief 12; Monogram Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Letter 8, Star 9, 10, 11, 12; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 9, 10; Gym Club 9; Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; Beta Club 10, 11, 12, Officer 12; Student Council 10, 12, Of¬ ficer 12; Class Officer 10, 12; Glee Club 10, 11, 12; Safety Patrol 10; Homecoming Queen 11; Football Queen 12; Dra¬ matics 11, 12; Class Superlative 12; School Superlative 12; Office Worker 10, 11, 12; Class Historian 12; Athletic Committee 1 1, 12. DOROTHY ANN WEBSTER (Dot) “She ' s really not a flirty ant, just attracted when she sees long pants. " Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; Monogram 9, 10, 11, 12; Subs¬ titute Bus Driver 1 1; Bus Driver 12; 4-H Club 9, 10; Glee Club 10; F. H. A. 9, 10, 11, 12; Lunchroom 9; Letter 10; Star 11, 12; Gym Club 9; Class Superlative 12. WILLIAM JENNINGS WICKER, Jr. (Tink) " You choose the way, for life is what you make out of it. " Agriculture 9, 10, 11, 12; Officer 10, 11, 12; 4-H 9; Football 10, 12; Basket¬ ball 10; Monogram Club 10, 11, 12; Hi-Lites Staff 11; Stu¬ dent Council 11, 12; Class Superlative 12. MARGARET FAYDENE WILKIE (Dink) " Life is short at the longest, so make it worthwhile. " Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Dra¬ matics 11; Library Staff 11; Class Superlative 12; Glee Club 10; Lunchroom 9, 12. VIRGINIA ANN WILLETTE (Bug) " A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. " Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Officer 12; Beta Club Queen 11; Glee Club 10, 11; Marshal 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Letter 9; Star 10, 11, 12; Basket¬ ball Cheerleader 11, 12; Football Cheerleader 12; Student Council 12; Paper Staff 12; Class Superlative 12; School Superlative 12; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10; Student Council Queen 12; Annual Staff 12; Class Officer 12; Mon¬ ogram Club 10, 11, 12; Dramatics 11, 12; 4-H Club 9; Of¬ ficer 9; Gym Club 9; Class Song 12. Last Will and Testament We, the Goldston Senior Class of 1957, having reached the last steps of our high school education, find that during the past twelve years we have accumulated many talents, fea¬ tures, and priceless possessions, now being of soundproof minds we do hereby dispose of these as follows: ARTICLE I Juniors, to you we leave our ability to slide through English. We hope you survive! Sophomores, to you we leave our gift for breaking in chow line and getting away with it. Freshmen, to you we leave our knowledge and " know how " so that your high school days will be much smoother. ARTICLE II To Mr. Clayton, our principal, we leave our gratitude and deep appreciation for his help and understanding during our crucial moments. To Mrs. Pulver, we leave our English books and hopes for a more ambitious English class. To Mrs. Stephenson, we leave our thanks for being an inspiring and understanding teach¬ er during our times of need. To Mrs. Phillips, we leave our thanks for her patience in teaching us typing. To Mr. Andrew, we leave kind thoughts for his patience in helping us solve our difficult problems. To Mr. Williford, we leave hopes that next years Seniors won ' t be as bad as these. To Mr. Smith, we leave our appreciation for his help and guidance in our sports, especially basketball. ARTICLE III I, Lawson Barber, leave my reserved seat in Mr. Clayton ' s office to Lewis Dowdy. Don ' t let it get cold, Lewis. I, Kenneth Beasley, leave my ability to get along with people to Larry Miller. I, Shelby Bright, leave my gift of gab to Gracie Caviness. I, Jerry Campbell, leave my bus to J. C. Hart. I, Virginia Caudle, leave my job as bell ringer to my sister, Jane. Get ' em to class on time. I, Ronald Causey, leave my position as co-cap¬ tain of football to Paul Owen. I, Rosa Caviness, leave my tomboyish ways to Ann Woolover. I, Barbara Crissman, leave my settled ways to Rebecca Cheek. I, William Elkins, leave my place in the Beta Club to Rayvon King. I, Johnny Gaines, leave my big smile to Johnny Hilliard. I, Joyce Gaines, leave my personality to Judy Thames, my cuteness I will carry with me. I, Max Gaines, leave my position as co-captain of basketball to Billy Murchison, my laziness I will carry with me. I, Verneita Gaines, leave my ability to take life as it comes with a smile to Sue Hefner. I, Fisher Hamer, leave my ability to attract girls to Wesley Hart. I, Celia Herron, leave my position as co¬ captain of basketball to Betty Lou Wilson. I, Nancy Oldham, leave my perfect figure to Kay Elkins, but my red hair I will keep for myself. I, Camilla Gilliland, leave my place as Presi¬ dent of Student Body to Barbara Jourdan. My ability to have a husband goes with me. I, Jimmy Pilkington, leave my bus to Wayne Elkins. I, Larry Phillips, leave my " cool cat " ways to J. B. Gilliland. I, Wayne Phillips, leave my " best all round¬ ness " to Don Oldham. I, Frances Seagroves, leave my slow, but sure, ways to Joyce Hancock. I, Jane Tysor, leave my place as Most Athletic to Norma Jean Caudle. I, Dorothy Webster, leave my flirty ways to Ann " Gulf " Phillips. I, Faydene Wilkie, leave my place in the lunch room to Peggy Hart. I, Virginia Willette, leave my positiop as Co- Editor of the Gold-Stone to Janice Graham, my silly giggles I will carry with me. I, Bill Wicker, leave my title as Best Physique to Gene Barber. Witnesses: Testators: Elvis Presley Shelby Bright Mrs. Pulver ' s Wayne Phillips white rabbitt Celia Herron Biaaest Tnmknu Virginia Willette Silliest Class Supei johnny Gaines Biggest Smiler Faydene Wilkie Neatest Jerry Campbell Most Popular Verneita Gaines Most Dignified Frances Seagroves Slowest Jimmy Pilkington Quietest Fisher Hamer Best Looking Larry Phillips Biggest Show-off Joyce Gaines Most Glamorous Nancy Oldham Best Excuse Maker El Kill!! 11 HP Virginia Caudle Most Individual Mrs. Pulver Most Absent-minded Ronald Causey Biggest Grumbler Jane Tysor Cutest Rosa Caviness Biggest Pest atives Shelby Bright Chatterbox Camilla B. Gilliland Friendliest Wayne Phillips Most Dependable Max Gaines Laziest Bill Wicker Best Physique Dorothy Webster Biggest Flirt Lawson Barber Wittiest William Elkins Most Level-headed Prophecy One winter evening in 1967 I was sitting by the fire, with nothing to do except use each little spark as a crystal ball. I began gazing into them, and in each one I saw one of my classmates of good ole ' 57. First, I saw Lawson Barber, gaining popularity as another Max Wiseman and a star of " The Grand Ole Opry. " I found Camilla Gilliland still dreaming of a new home, but I saw no little Gillilands. Next was Kenneth Beasley, owner of a dairy farm, and busy milking thirteen cows. Barbara Crissman now appears a farmer ' s wife, who is longing for a new pushbutton Plymouth. Jimmy Pilkington followed. He was still trying to find a Ford that would out run his ' 48 Chevrolet. Next, I saw Jerry Campbell who has become a very prosperous farmer. He ' s discovered string beans that don ' t have strings. Shelby Bright came next. She was still wondering whether or not she should take that job in New Jersey. Ronald Causey then came into view dressed in campus " casuals. " He is still trying to get through college exams and become a basketball coach. William Elkins was seen trying to move in with the girl next door. Why, there was Nancy Oldham still working in Mack ' s 5-10-25c store. Next was Johnny Gaines, married, father of three children and proud owner of the Lincoln and Mercury Company. Frances Seagroves and her husband skate into view next. They are the owners of the new skating rink in Goldston. Next I saw Dorothy Webster trying to decide which one among her soldier friends she wants to marry. Next in line was Fisher Hamer, a very busy man working in Charlotte so he can support his wife and two kids. Virginia Caudle appeared, bent over a desk, still striving for that college degree so she can be an English teacher. Wonder if she ' ll come back to Gold¬ ston High? Why! There was Larry Phillips, the brain of the senior class of ' 57. He ' s now the principal of the new consolidated school of Goldston. Next I saw Jane Tysor as a wonderful little housewife and the mother of a set of twins and a set of triplets, living on " Red Hill. " Bill Wicker zoomed into sight. He is now a stock car racer at the Indian- napolis race track in Indiana. Celia Herron jumped into view. She is now a great athlete in college, hoping to win the championship basketball trophy before long. I saw next Wayne Phillips, now living on the farm, practicing what he learned in agriculture under C. O. Williford. Wait! There was a spark that was not too clear. Why, it was Rosa Caviness trying to get her husband to help with the dirty dishes. And then I saw Faydene Wilkie living in California, working in an office as a private secretary. What a bright crystal ball that next one was. Of course it was Virginia Willette, married twice, divorced twice, searching for another victim. Verneita Gains w as seen in the next crystal, now married and owner of the beautiful home about which she talked so much. Max Gaines I saw in the distance. He has a job where his working hours starts when he gets there, because he is never able to get there on time. At last I saw myself, Joyce Gains, still working to get that new Ford I ' ve been wanting for so long. Prophetess Joyce Gaines MASCOTS Randy Seagroves Sandra Kay Brewer Class History Twelve years ago, September 1945, there entered into the first grade some forty youngsters to begin their education under the guidance of Mrs. Ollie Garner and Miss Grace Burke. On through the years they struggled, gaining and losing classmates as they went. Finally, after eight years of work and " p la y " the Y rnade that long awaited goal—high school. The Freshmen year was a new experience and under the sponsorship of Mr. E. B. Clayton and class officers Jimmy Pilkington, Max Gaines, Dan Gaines, Johnny Gaines, and Fisher Hamer the class journeyed on to another grade. The Sophomore year was also very successful under their sponsor Mrs. John Martin and class officers Jane Tysor, Jo Ann Fields, Wayne Phillips, Max Gaines and Ruby Elkins. At last, Juniors! The sponsor Mrs. Ed Roseman and leaders Shelby Bright, Virginia Willett, Jo Ann Fields, Ronald Causey, and Wayne Phillips carried the group through a very prosperous year. There were events to make this year more exciting than any other, the Junior play, " DAMSELS IN DISTRESS, and the long awaited Junior-Senior banquet, " HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR. " Now the group has become Seniors. The leaders chosen for this year are Virginia Caudle, Johnny Gaines, J ane Tysor, Camilla Binkley, and Larry Phillips. Under the class sponsor, Mrs. Sue E. Pulver, the seniors tried to make the Senior play, " THE WHOLE TOWN ' S TALKING, " the best as it was their last. Now the Seniors look forward to that great day-Graduation. Each senior would like to express his thanks to Mr. Clayton, the principal, to all the teachers, parents, and friends for their guidance and help. Class Historian Jane Tysor Humors Junior Officers President. Vi ce-President. Secretary. T reasurer.. Room Representative ..Barbara Jourdan , Jimmy Wi I liams . . Patricia Gaines .. Joyce Hancock . . Janice Graham Class Flower.Iris Class Colors. . . . Purple an d White Motto: " Make the most of today, for tomorrow you may die. " CLASS SONG You are leaving, and our hearts are grieving. We shall never forget times we ' ve shared with you. For these few years you have been our friends, so true were you. We ' ll ask the best in the world for you, dear ones, true ones, for soon you ' ll have a new life to lead with many conflicts to face. We ' ll thirk of you at dear Goldston Hi as friends we can ' t replace. Barbara Jourdan Emma Morrison Peggy Oidham Nancy Ann Phillips Ann Cooke Phillips Carolyn Rives Sylvia Spivey Bi 11 y Watson Jimmy Williams Fay Wright Underclassmen Mr. M. M. Andrew President. .Rayvon King Vice-President. .Wesley Hart Secretary. .Virginia Pearce Treasurer. .Ann Palmer Room Representative.. Bi I ly Murchison Bobby Beard Marie Beard Wesley Binkley Jane Caudle s o h o m o r e s Norma Jean Caudle Patricia Causey Gracie Caviness Lewis Dowdy Fern Fields J. B. Gilliland J. C. Hart Wesley Hart Sue Hefner Jack Hilliard Rayvon King Elizabeth McIntosh Larry Miller Lucil le Moody Barbara Morrison Bi I ly Murchison Don Oldham J. B. Oldham Frances Oldham Paul Owen Ann Palmer Virginia Pearce Jane Phil lips Margaret Phillips Carol Smith Judy Thames Lula Mae Wicker Faye Wi 11 iams Frances Wright - Cleveland Baker Eugene Barber Reid Beal Joyce Brooks Samuel Cheek Patricia Davis Freshman Officers President. .Gary Moses Vice-President.. Samuel Cheek Secretary.. Joyce Vaughn Treasurer. .Charles Gaines Room Representative. .Margaret Wilkie Room Representative. .Stockton Wilkins Betty J. Dorsett Billy Elkins Charlie Elk ins Glenn Elkins Jimmy Elkins Shirley Ellis James Fields Myrna Fields Carl Gaines Charles Gaines Faye Godwin Elizabeth Hart Roy Hart Susan Hayes Claude Holshauser Donald Jefferies Lanny Jenkins Dorothy Jourdan Mr. Guy Smith Boys ' Sponsor Glendale Keck Alice King Clarence McKeithen Gary Moses Robert Murchison Sarah Oldham Wilson Poe, Jr. Frances Rives Barbara Robinson Margie Seagroves Carolyn Smith Jo Ann Stinson Marlin Stinson Joyce Vaughn Carol Webster Richard Webster Linda Wilkie hfellen Wilkie Margaret Wi Ikie Stockton Wilkins Cleo Williams Betty Lou Wilson Ervin Woody Ann Woolover Mr. C. Otis Williford Girls ' Sponsor Eighth Grade Benny Faye Barber Kate Beal Earl Brooks Billy Joe Carroll Howard Caudle Mertie Coe Ernestine Elkins Melvin Fields Mrs. E. W. Byerly Jackie Fuller Bobby Gaines Carolyn Gaines Homer Gaines Martha Ann Gaines Gaii Hardister Nancy Hilliard Margaret Johnson Alma Jane Millican Jerry Moses David Oldham Larry Oldham Linda Oldham Aubrey Palmer Geneva Phillips Lee Phillips Wayne Rives Lydia Scott Elizabeth Seagroves Morris Seigler Mae Smith Sandra Wicker Bobby Woody Donald Woody Seventh Grade g FIRST ROW: Clyde Beal, Dallas Bright, Peggy Campbell, Linda Clark, Peggy Clark, Nancy Fay Dorsett, Dixie Elkins, Ann Forrester, Carl Gaines. SECOND ROW: Daphne Gaines, George Gaines, Lois Garner, Richard Godwin, David Gwyn, Frances Hart, Linda Hart, Maxine Hilliard, Joy Jourdan, Thelma Landreth. THIRD ROW: Jackie McKeithan, Jimmy McMillan, Alma Moody, Earl Moody, Robert Lewis Oldham, Jim Stinson, Ada Vaughn, Jane Welch, Carol Wilkie, Odel Wilkie. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Mabel Holt. Sixth and Seventh Grades FIRST ROW; Betty Barrett, Tommy Barrett, Henry Beal, R. G. Beal, John Beard, Laura Jean Coe, Nancy Ellis, Pattie Ann Fields, Virginia Fields, George Godwin. SECOND ROW: Ray Hardister, Betty Heaton, Wayne Jeffries, Nancy Johnson, Wayne Keck, Joseph Mashburn, Freddie McNeil, Jerry McNeil, Rufus Owen, Jerry Perrell. THIRD ROW; Alton Powers, Gene Rouse, Judy Smith, Branson Spivey, Clifton Webster, Bobby Wilson, Carl Ray Wright, Mr. Herbert Cox. Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: George Beal, Linda Beal, Raynell Brewer, James Caviness, Nancy Coe, Nancy Elkins, Wanda Fuller, Audrey Gaines, Brenda Gaines. SECOND ROW: Gola Gaines, Sue Jenkins, Linda Keck, Jesse King, Jean Moody, Pearl Morrison, Nancy Moser, Johnny Nall, Sheila Oldham. THIRD ROW: Charles Phillips, Jane Phillips, John Lacy Phillips, Ann Powers, Johnny Smith, Maude Talley, Betty Webster, Mary Williams, Rebecca Williams. FOURTH ROW: J.B. Woody, Mrs. Barber. Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Warren Baker, Billy Joe Beal, Linda Beal, Phyllis Beal, Dale Brafford, Mary Sue Bright, Coy Caudle, Lawrence Caudle, Elaine Clark, Billy Roy Elkins, Jackie Elkins, Patricia Elkins. SECOND ROW: Don Gaines, Pat Garner, Ann Goldston, Linda Hancock, Charlie Hart, Linda Faye King, Gail Landreth, Judy McKeithan, Shirley McNeil, Carol Moore, Sue Morris, Suzie Murchison. THIRD ROW: Walker Lynn Oldham, Eddie Pinkney, Jane Powers, Jesse Robinson, Linda Riddle, James Ralph Sipe, Lynn Teague, Charlotte Tysor, Charlotte Wilkie, David Wilkie, Jerry Wilkie, Margaret Woody. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Faye C. Moore. Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Jack Barrett, Mae Beal, Hazel Brewer, Grace Carroll, Darlene Caudle, Judy Collins, Cynthia Dowdy, Ann Elkins, Joyce Ellis, Jimmy Fields. SECOND ROW: Wayne Fields, Dewey Gaines, Dianne Gynn, Shirley Houston, Lyman Earl Kirkman, Hope Mashburn, Frances Martindale, Donnie Morrison, Earl Nall, Robert Oldham. THIRD ROW: Melvin Perrell, Dorothy Phil¬ lips, Sherry Potter, Rebecca Powers, Sue Smith, Judy Stinson, Linda Teague, Wayne Vaughn, Doris Wicker, Andy Wilkie. FOURTH ROW: Dale Wilkie, Naythelle Williams, Mrs. E. L. Campbell. Third and Fourth Grades FIRST ROW: Jimmy Barber, Gail Beal, Cecil Beal, Steve Binkley, Daniel Clark, Jo Ann Dorsett, Brenda Elkins, Charlie Gynn, Clarence Fields, Jackie Fields. SECOND ROW: Robert Fields, Eddie Gaines, Lonnie Gaines, Herman Hart, Melvin Hart, Phillip Hart, David Heaton, Georgia Heaton, Faye Keck, Helen McNeil. THIRD ROW: Rebecca McNeil, Brenda Morrison, Rita Oldham, Sally Rouse, Colon Scott, Ben Webster, Sue Wilkie, Larry Woody, Mrs. Myrtle Page. Third Grade FIRST ROW: Judy Baker, Carolyn Ballinger, Jerry Barber, Ann Beal, Eddie Brafford, Ann Brooks, Sara Campbell, Doreen Caudle, David Clark, Louise Dorsett. SECOND ROW: Brenda Evans, Sue Fields, Regina Fuller, Dianne Gaines, Mike Gaines, Bill Goldston, Gail Goldston, Donnie Hart, Ted Hart, Frankie Hayes. THIRD ROW: Anna Houston, Rita Miller, Patricia Moody, A. J. Moore, Nadine Oldham, Thelda Poe, Ann Rives, Linda Rives, Wesley Spivey, Louie Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Harry Ty¬ son, Becky Watson, Mrs. Madge Brinson. Second Grade FIRST ROW; Terry Beal, Walter Beal, Debbie Burke, Michael Callicutt, Linda Campbell, Jimmy Ellis, Reid Evans, Dennis Gaines, Ricky Gaines, Alfred Gunter. SECOND ROW; Minnie Mae Gynn, Lee Hammer, William Heaton, Mary John Mash- burn, Brenda McNeil, Elaine McPeeks, Norma Moody, Carl Needham, Debbie Oldham, Linda Sue Phillips. THIRD ROW: Larry Rives, Shirley Rives, Larry Seagroves, Reid Teague, Patsy Wil liams, Jenny Wi 11 i ford, Mrs. Jeter Adcock. First and Second Grades FIRST ROW: David Barber, Dianne Brown, Carolyn Clark, Michael Cole, Debra Dowdy, Alan Gaines, Cynthia Hart, George Hart. SECOND ROW: Odell Hilliard, Sue Hough, Darrell Johnson, Lacy Mashburn, Sue Mashburn, Wayne Mashburn, Carolyn McNeil, Keith Oldham. THIRD ROW: Janice Riddle, Judy Rouse, Gwena Tally, Candis Tillman, Steve Tillman, Charles Web¬ ster, Howard Willett, Jr., Miss Grace Burke. First Grade FIRST ROW: Earl Baldwin, Bobby Ballinger, Belvedere Beal, Debra Beal, Faye Beal, Treva Beal, Wilma Bivens, Pricilia Brooks. SECOND ROW: Jack Caudle, Edward Clayton, Darrell Cranford, Robert Dixon, Vicky Elkins, Betty Everetts, Patricia Gaines, Emma Gynn. THIRD ROW: Martha Lee Gynn, Thelbert James, Jr., Sandra King, Mertie Mashburn, Annie Lee Millican, Sheila Moore, Spurgeon Moore, Sandra Nall. FOURTH ROW: Tony Paschal, Patsy Phillips, Lee Welch, W. C. Wilkie, BrendaWillette, Wayne Woody, Mrs. Ollie Garner. School Superlatives Mr. and Miss Goldston High FISHER HAMER - CAMILLA B. GILLILAND School Superlatives Best All-Around WAYNE PHILLIPS - VIRGINIA CAUDLE School Superlatives Most Intellectual CO-SALUTATORIANS VALEDICTORIAN Camilla B. Gilliland - Virginia Caudle Virginia Willett School Superlatives Most Athletic RONALD CAUSEY - JANE TYSOR Homecoming Queen JOYCE HANCOCK Homecoming Queens JANE TYSOR Footbal I CAROLYN RIVES Beta Club VIRGINIA WILLETTE Student Counci I VIRGINIA CAUDLE Paper Staff JOYCE GAINES Annual Staff PATRICIA GAINES F.F.A. ANNE COOKE PHILLIPS Monogram Club Activities Beta Club OFFICERS President. Virginia Willette Vice-President.Barbara Jourdan Secretary.Janice Graham Treasurer.....Jane Tysor Reporter.Ann C. Phillips Sponsor...Mrs. Dorothy Stephenson WmetaQU -1 n i T.Ti il n I M l r % LJ ¥ 1 FIRST ROW: Faye Wright, Carolyn Rives, Camilla B. Gilliland, Barbara Jourdan, Jane Tysor, Patricia Gaines, Sylvia Spivey, Ann C. Phillips. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Stephenson, Joyce Hancock, Kay El¬ kins, Rebecca Cheek, Nancy Oldham, William Elkins, Virginia Caudle, Faydene Wilkie, Janice Gra¬ ham, Virginia Willette. Library Staff SEATED: Joyce Hancock, Camilla B. Gilliland, Mrs. Dorothy Stephenson. STANDING: Susan Hayes, Mrs. Sue Pulver, Rebecca Cheek, Judy Thames. Paper Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Thames, Feature Editor; Paul Owen, Sports Editor; Norma Jean Caudle, Business Manager; Jimmy Williams, Co-Editor; Nancy Ann Phi Mips, Assistant Business Manager; Barbara Jourdan, Art Editor; Janice Graham, Co-Editor; Mrs. Phillips, Sponsor; Bi I ly Murchison, Assistant Busi ness Manager. Junior 4-H FIRST ROW: Mary Sue Bright, Suzie Murchison, Judy McKeithan, Linda Hart, Jane Welch, Jackie McKeithan, Ann Powers, Linda Clark, Jesse Robinson. SECOND ROW: Margaret Woody, Ann Goldston, Linda Fay King, Linda Riddle, Eddie Pinkney, Jackie Elkins, Peggy Clark, Billy Roy Elkins, Branson Spivey, Ben Webster, Charlie Hart, Fredie McNeil. THIRD ROW: Shirley McNeil, Charlotte Tysor, Elaine Clark, Carol Moore, Gail Landreth, Phyllis Beal, Jane Powers, Dale Brafford, David Wilkie, Walker Lynn Oldham, Warren Baker. FOURTH ROW: Dixie Elkins, Linda Keck, Pearl Morrison, Bobby Wilson, Joseph Mashburn, R. G. Beal, Carl Ray Wright, Wayne Keck, Billy Joe Beal, Henry Be al. FIRST ROW: Alice King, Sarah Margaret Oldham, Kay Eikins, Barbara Jourdan. SECOND ROW: Patricia Davis, Peggy Oldham, Faye Wright, Linda Wilkie, Peggy Hart. THIRD ROW: Susan Hayes, Shirley Ellis, Margaret Wilkie, Elizabeth Hart, Joyce Vaughn. Glee Club FIRST ROW: Ann Phillips, Janice Elkins, Camilla B. Gilliland, Patricia Gaines, Kay Elkins, Janice Graham, Jane Tysor, Rebecca Cheek, Judy Thames, Helten WiIkie, Frances Rives, Patricia Davis, Linda Wilkie, Nancy Ann Phillips, Mrs. Virgil Moorefield, Jr., Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Rives, Rosa Caviness, Jo Stinson, Barbara Morrison, Faye Wright, Faye Williams, Marie Beard, Shirley Ellis, Virginia Pearce, Joyce Vaughn, Peggy Hart, Margaret Wilkie, Susan Hayes, Margie Seagroves, Joyce Hancock. THIRD ROW: Gracie Caviness, Sarah Margaret Oldham, Frances Wright, Elizabeth Hart, Cleo Wi I liams, Barbara Jourdan, Carolyn Smith, Lula Mae Wicker, Glendale Keck, Dorothy Jourdan, Alice Kina, Norma Jean Caudle. F. F. A. FIRST ROW: Mr. C. O. Williford, Sponsor; Wayne Phillips, Fisher Hamer, Bill Wicker, Lawson Barber, Jerry Campbell, E. B. Clayton. SECOND ROW: Glenn Elkins, Wilson Poe, Jr., Reid Beal, Richard Webster, Billy Elkins, Charlie Elkins, James Fields, Stocton Wilkins, Ervin Woody. THIRD ROW: Claude Holshauser, Junior McKeithan, Robert Murchison, Donald Jeffries, Carl Gaines, Lanny Jenkins, Samuel Cheek, Charles Gaines, Gary Moses, Jimmy Elkins, Eugene Barber, Marlin Stinson. FOURTH ROW: Billy Fields, Roy Hart, Cleveland Baker, Wayne Elkins, Lewis Dowdy, Johnny Hilliard, Jimmy Williams, Jimmy Pilkington, Johnny Gaines. Bus Drivers Mr. E. B. Clayton, Sponsor; Larry Phillips, Jerry Campbell, Johnny Gaines, Jimmy Pilkington, Fisher Hamer, Dorothy Webster. Lunchroom Workers Mrs. J. S. Baker, Mrs. A. F. Gaines, Mrs. Eliza Palmer, Mrs. Wilma Dowdy Football Cheerleaders Jli i Jane Tysor, Chief; Ann C. Phillips, Janice Elkins, Virginia Willette, Shelby Bright, Patricia Causey, Janice Graham, Virginia Caudle, Patricia Gaines, Nancy Ann Phillips. Basketball Cheerleaders Virginia Caudle, Chief; Nancy Ann Phillips, Ann C. Phillips, Patricia Gaines, Frances Wright, Patricia Causey, Shelby Bright, Virginia Willette, Faye Wright. Sports Football FIRST ROW: Claude Holshauser, Chari es Gaines, Bill Wicker, Paul Owen, Ronald Causey, Max Gaines, Billy Murchison, Wesley Hart, Robert Murchison. SECOND ROW: James Fields, Larry Phillips, J. C. Hart, Billy Hugh Elkins, Lewis Dowdy, Jimmy Williams, Sameul Cheek, Larry Miller, Clarence McKeithan, Mr. Guy Smith. Baseball FIRST ROW: Rayvon King, Paul Owen, Carl Gaines, J. B. Oldham, Bobby Beard, Gary Moses, Claude Holshauser, Charles Gaines. SECOND ROW: Wesley Hart, Billy Hugh Elkins, Billy Murchison, Ronald Causey, Lewis Dowdy, Sameul Cheek, Mr. Guy Smith. FIRST ROW: Jane Tysor, Celia Herron. SECOND ROW: Carol Smith, Lula Mae Wicker, Kaye Elkins, Virginia Pearce, Dorothy Webster, Frances Seagroves, Betty Lou Wilson, Janice Graham, Norma Jean Caudle, Janice Elkins, Jane Caudle. THIRD ROW: Alice King, Glendale Keck, Barbara Morrison, Mr. Guy Smith, Marie Beard, Faye Williams. FIRST ROW; Ronald Causey, Max Gaines. SECOND ROW: Mr. Guy Smith, J.B. Oldham, Larry Phillips, Wesley Hart, Billy Murchison, William Elkins, Jack Hilliard, Paul Owens, J. B. Gilliland, Bobby Beard, Richard Webster. 7 Girls ' Monogram Club FIRST ROW; Faye Wright, Patsy Causey, Janice Graham, Patricia Gaines, Ann Phillips, Ann C. Phillips, Janice Elkins, Shelby Bright. SECOND ROW; Frances Wright, Virginia Pearce, Carolyn Rives, Kaye Elk ins, Jane Tysor, Norma Jean Caudle, Virginia Caudle, Virginia Willette. THIRD ROW: Frances Seagroves, Jane Caudle, Betty Lou Wilson, Celia Herron, Lula Mae Wicker, Carol Smith, Dorothy Webster, Rebecca Cheek. Boys ' Monogram Club FIRST ROW: Ronald Causey, Billy Murchison, Wesley Hart, Johnny Gaines. SECOND ROW: J. B. Gilliland, Gene Barber, J. B. Oldham, Clarence McKeithan. THIRD ROW: Carl Gaines, Bobby Beard, Larry Miller, Larry Phillips, Wayne Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Paul Owens, Bill Wicker, Max Gaines, Rayvon King. FIFTH ROW: Sameul Cheek, Billy H. Elkins, Lewis Dowdy, Willi am Elkins, Jimmy Wi lliams. Advertising COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL CREOSOTING COMPANY CREOSOTE TIES - TIMBER - POSTS - POLES AND LUMBER GULF NORTH CAROLINA PITTSBORO NORTH CAROLINA PHONE KINGSWOOD 2-2731 OR 2-2741 24 HOUR SERVICE A - I USED CARS COMPLETE REPAIRS - MECHANICAL AND BODY NEW EXCLUSIVE LIFEGUARD DESIGN ' 57 FORD GAINES LUMBER COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF YELLOW PINE SPECIALIZING IN ROOFERS AND DIMENSION SINCE 1925 P. O. BOX 773 PHONE 3401 GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA C, S. GAINES H„ Bo GAINES Vt ' 57 FORD NEW EXCLUSIVE ELDER MOTOR COMPANY SILER CIT Y NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 245 HARRIS LUMBER COMPANY INCORPORATED GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA t GOLDSTON FEED MILL CUSTOM GRINDING MOLASSES MIXING WE BUY GRAIN GOLD BOND FEED PHONE 3486 GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF i 1 PEARCE GAINES 5ERVICENTER A. D. PEARCE, MGR. ATLAS TIRES BATTERIES CCESSORIES 1 5 THE CHATHAM BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PHONE 3661 COM PLI MENTS OF MILLER HEATING SHEET METAL CO. TELEPHONE 3535 OR 3471 GOLDSTON C AROLI N A EDNA ' S GRILL BEST OF EVERYTHING TO EAT OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK EDNA BURKE, MANAGER GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF REX McLEOD EDWARDS JEWELRY STORE J. C. GOWERS E, D. STONE FURNITURE CO GRIMES JEWELRY X PITTSBORO DARKS HATCHERY AND FEED COMPANY QUALITY CHICKS CHESTER FEEDS POULTRY SUPPLIES PHONE K L 2-4211 NORTH CAROLINA DEWEY ' S RESTAURANT HOME OF FINE FOODS DEWEY WHITE, PROP. MAIN STREET PITTSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA DARK HARRINGTON SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS AUTO RADIATOR REPAIRING BODY GLASS MADE TO ORDER PRYOR DARK AND JONES HARRINGTON TELEPHONE 3-5976 SERVICE ON ALL MAKES MODELS TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES MAC ' S TYPEWRITER SERVICE 804 WOODLAND AVE. SANFORD . N. C. PHONE 3-4621 G. W. MC MANUS. JR. FAIRVIEW DAIRIES, INC. GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK QUALITY ICE CREAM WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA COM PL I MENTS OF Siler City Cleaners Laundry SERVING GOLDSTON FOR OVER A QUARTER CENTURY PHONE 158 SILER CITY NORTH CAROLINA GAINES OIL COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ESSO PRODUCTS PHONE 3761 GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS CHATHAM GROCERY COMPANY PHONE 24 SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF HOLLAND RADIO COMPANY STACY V. SOOTS MR. WILBUR MOSES MR, ARTHUR CAMPBELL CHATHAM FOODS CHATHAM MOTORS, INC, P. O. BOX 32 PHONE 185 - 313 - 776 SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA JOHNSON COTTON COMPANY EVERYTHING FOR THE FARM AND THE HOME FURNITURE - APPLIANCES AND JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY SANFORD. NORTH CAROLINA BILL ' S GRILL SILER CITY NORTH CAROLINA COBLE SPORTING GOODS CO. MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT GREENSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF BOGER ' S SHOE STORE HOME FURNITURE COMPANY A FRIEND V UP-TOWN BEAUTY SHOP B. G. NOLAN x ' ' ll i BUTTER CUP ICE CREAM COMPANY manufacturers of BUTTER CU ICE CREAM SAN FORD NORTH CAROLINA V Y) FARMER ' S EXCHANGE, INC. FEED - FERTILIZER FARM SUPPLIES SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA CHATHAM RANCH HOUSE MRS. JAMES MC LAUGHLIN GOOD FOOD MILE WEST OF SILER CITY ON HIGHWAY 64 GAINES BAG COMPANY COMPLl MENTS OF ELlIS ladies shop III SOUTH CHATHAM AVENUE SILER CITY, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 3586 GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA FRIENDLY FLORIST " flowers of distinction PHONE 660 218 EAST THIRD ST. SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MEN TS OF CITY BARBER SHOP JACK LANE■ MANAGER SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA B. C. MOORE SON, INC. " buy FROM Moore ' s SAVE MORE SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA CRANFORD STUDIO JIMMY CRANFORD, PROPRIETOR PHONE 430 123 EAST RALEIGH STREET SILER CITY, NORTH CAROLINA FRYE ' S GRILL MR. PAUL FRYE. OWNER GOOD FOOD TO EAT LOCATED ON HIGHWAY 421 NORTH OF SANFORD COMPLI MENTS OF CECIL BUDD RECAPPI NG KELLY TIRES PHONE 136 118 EAST THIRD STREET SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF TAYLOR DRUG SILER CITY, NORTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS VANN OLDHAM GULF, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF KAMMERS MEN S SHOP SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS SILER CITY TIRE RECAPPING SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA BANK OF PITTSBORO " serving Chatham since 1901 " PITTSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS COMPLIMEN TS OF OF PITTSBORO DRY CLEANERS JUSTICE MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet — olds — Cadillac SALES AND SERVICE PITTSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA PITTSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA PITTSBORO HATCHERY C„ M. LINDSEV SONS, OWNERS FIELDS READY MIX CONCRETE SPARTA FEEDS - QUALITY CHICKS PHONE 3-371 1 SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 2891 PHONE 700 PITTSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS COM PLI MENTS OF OF Jo R. MOORE SON PATTERSON ' S PACKING COMPANY GULF ON HIGHWAY 421 NORTH OF SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA WILKINSON CADILLAC OLDS INC„ COM PI-1 MENTS OF XT DALRYMPLES SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA SANFORD. NORTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS H„ G„ PHILLIPS TAX CONSULTANT - NOTARY PUBLIC GOLDSTON, N„ C„ PHONE 3374 COM PLI M ENTS OF GOLDSTON MARKET GOLDSTON. NORTH CAROLINA OLDHAM ' S LAKE AND PARK FISHING — SWIMMING — DANCING SANFORD. NORTH CAROLINA SMITH AND BUCKNER FUNERAL HOME AND CHAPEL PROMPT - COURTEOUS — EFFICIENT COMPLETELY A1 RCOND 1 T 1 ONED SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF McLAURIN GROCERY GOLDSTON. NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF MURCHISON ' S PHILLIPS 66 2 MILES EAST OF GOLDSTON ON HIGHWAY 421 BROWNIE LU DRIVE-IN TASTY HOME-MADE DESSERTS SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA ON U„ S, 421 JOHNSON COTTON COMPANY JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT FARM AND HOME SUPPLIES " cash IF YOU HAVE IT CREDIT IF YOl NEED IT " SILER CITY NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF GOLDSTON BROTHERS JONESBORO DRY CLEANERS REAL ESTATE - RENTALS YOUR STA-NU CLEANERS PHONE 3-0441 PHONE 2-241 1 SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA JONESBORO. NORTH CAROLINA RAMBO ' S SHOE STORE COMPLI MENTS OF RANDCRAFT SHOES FOR MEN TRIM TRED SHOES FOR WOMEN CARROLL HATCHERY POLL PARROT SHOES FOR CHILDREN AND MANY OTHER FAMOUS BRANDS PHONE 261 " shoe center of sanford " 124 SOUTH STEELE STREET SILER CITY, NORTH CAROLINA SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA BONLEE POULTRY, INC„ BARBER FURNITURE HARDWARE BABY CHICKS FEED v— RADIOS - T. V. SALES SERVICE ft ' s " " " i CROSLEY - BENDIX APPLIANCES GOLDSTON. NORTH CAROLINA BONLEE, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF BROWER S TIRE SERVICE BREWER LAUNDRY CLEANERS RECAPPING — WHEEL BALANCING NEW AND USED TIRES PHONE 283 —J EAST THIRD STREET SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA SILER CITY. NORTH CAROLINA COM PL I M ENTS OF FABRIC SHOP CHATHAM FURNITURE CLAPP BROTHERS TS WESTERN AUTO BUCKNER ' S JEWELRY BELK-YATES j COMPLI MENTS OF A FRIEND ALVIN G. CAVINESS GENERAL CONTRACTOR tT ' SPRINGDALE 4-2666 708 NORTH STEELE STREET SANFORD. NORTH CAROLINA SAMUEL CHEEK CO. WHOLESALE CANDY GROCERIES S PEC I A LT IES GOLDSTON. NORTH CAROLINA THE SENIOR CLASS THANKS VERY SINCERELY ALL THOSE WHOSE NAMES HAVE APPEARED IN THESE ADVERTISEMENTS. fr jfi T - TT -- -. - .- ' v : ,:• r •• . •; . . . .: ' :■ ' . " ' ' ' A •“.• ' ' ' , 1 ' )) ' ' ■ v ' i 3 Almost a quarter of a century has passed since USECO published its first school annual. As we review those pages of yesteryear, a •|, ‘ l1 pleasant thought comes to mind—on some to- ' ' ' morrow this, the nineteen hundred and fifty- seven edition, will take its place in your heart as 1 1 — —— ,UK= ,,s p,ace ,n r® ur B »« m, ' C v ' W»»« r ' t7 ( M j a P ' ctonal history of the " good ole ' days. " Ww!i ' ' ii l , ' ' ' f ' ' ' 1 ' 1 hi | i 1 ’ v 1 1 ' , )li 1 I, We know this book will increase in value with VlrU " 1 ' ' ' ' J ' ,i ’xl , ' I ;, b, ,l, i ) i|!| the passing of each year, and are honored to n ,. . ' ' L UNIVERSITY SUPPLY and EQUIPMENT C 0. 11 j III 1 By Far the Greatest Name in Yearbooks 6001 E. Rosedale • Fort Worth, Texas

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