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mjwfmTM i fete.ri ' jiwrriil» fai mmWMmmmMmvmfi mmmf wmttmm » r SW’ Nilr 1 yt? iMl Vjj. Wj®p IwtRffe mmd mm SP W ' XU’PijRti r v’ « SSmw i JjfWLil® i V, JVfC • SmMw; m’ ' 1 ? ‘ r f XJ( ' I »iu f it % ' jS v ' { ' ■ . yM j ' Reference Only • ' I " , fj ; ; . - Not to be taken from this room. ' -u H ' i ■alii .5 •ft y V • fr- - 1 f. ' d ■ , ■ ■ •.. .••“ ' • VjN - 4 - 4 .. 7 v-v- r « . » » -• w ,rr % -» •. 4 s r?r x r - ' iwSHrfrr: y f ■ ; , -i ' . . iyVsiW " ,r vf T ; : $ " .„y ' 5. w.j.y$. y . r ,-. • ' « ■; » •. ; -r- • £ : v f _ Sit Goid ffhm of Go dston High School GOLDSTON, N. C. NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE ★ Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS Published under the Direction of JOHNNY GAINES JOE THOMAS Co-Editors and BUCKY PHILLIPS Business Manager MR. G. P. CULLIPHER To Mr. Cullipher, who has directed our steps and regulated our goings and comings for twelve years, we should like to extend our appreciation for his kind understanding and enthusi¬ astic leadership. Leading us with keen determination, he has proved to be a friend who is interested in the lives of each student that has passed his way on the great road to education. Throughout our lives we shall remember his keynote, “Re¬ member whose sons and daughters you are”, and may we live up to his expectations of us. DEDICATION MRS. VANN OLDHAM To Mrs. Oldham, we extend our thanks for her unceasing patience and understanding. Concluding her twelfth year of teaching, she has given tirelessly of her efforts to further our education, insisting that we study with earnestness and always believe in the right. We shall strive to take her valiant teachings with us in our future life, hoping that we will gratify her fondest wishes for our happiness and success. FACULTY Mr. G. P. Cnllipher Principal Mrs. Vann Oldham English, Library Mrs. Ralph Leonard Science, Home Economics Mr. C. O. Williford Agriculture Mr. Lacy Presnell, Jr. Eighth Grade Mrs. Raymond Reno Seventh Grade Mr. Murray Andrew Mathematics Mrs. Mankie Hodges Sixth Grade Mrs. C. F. Thomas Fifth Grade Mrs. Dewey Barber Fifth and Sixth Grade Mrs. Landis Tyner Fourth Grade Mrs. Gordon Wilkie Second Grade Mrs. Milton Garner First Grade Mrs. G. P. Cnllipher Dietitian Miss Jenny Lind Johnson Third Grade Miss Grace Burke First and Second Grades p closes SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS Raymond Elkins Jerry Oldham Elva Oldham Johnny Gaines Betty Johnson Vice-President Treasurer President Secretary Roan, Representative MASCOTS Tommy Cook and Deborah Oldham CLASS COLORS Rose and Silver FI XTYVER Rose MOTTO Climb , though the rocks be rugged. Innocence, with a teasing twinkle. . . . Sugar and Spice. Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Letter 9, Star 10, 11, 12; Monogram Club 10, 11, 12: Paper Staff 12; I lunch¬ room worker 12; Dramatics 8, 9, 12; Waitress at F.F.A. Banquet 10, 11, Senior Superlative; Glee Club 9, 10, Music 9, 10, 11; Music Medal 9; Co-Captain Basketball team 12. GEORGE REYNOLDS C A VI NESS Al Best looking . . . carefree and gay heap big Injun. Football 11, 12; Basketball 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; F.F.A. officer 10, 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; Co-Captain football team 12; Monogram Club 11, 12; ( U ildstone Stall 12: I )ramatics 11. 12; Marshal 11; Served at Junior- Senior Banquet 10; Senior Superla¬ tive. SHIRLEY RRAFFORD “Shirleen” A mischievous imp . . . teasing and cheerful. Safety Patrol 9, 10; Basketball 9; 4-H Club 9, 10, 11; Library Club 11; Lunchroom worker 9, 12; Paper staff 12; Glee Club 9, 10; Dramatics 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Senior Superlative. CLAUDE GRAY COOK “Cooky Boy” Pleasant voice, filled with magic . . . fire and ice. Basketball 10: Monogram Club 10 F.F.A. officer 10, 11; School Bus Driver 11, 12; Library Staff 12; Student Council officer 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12. I i DORIS VIRGINIA BURKE Dreamy music . . . a n orchid, sprinkled with dew. Glee Club 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10. 12; Monogram Club 10, 12; Letter 9, Star 12; Lunchroom worker 12; Goldstone Staff 12; 1-11 Club Pres¬ ident 10; Library Stafl 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 8, 12. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH CLARK “Ginger” Modesty . . . A rose, well bloomed. Class officer 9, 11; Student Council 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Beta Club officer 12; Class reporter 10: Cold- stone Staff 12; Lunchroom worker 12; Chief Marshal 11; Senior Su¬ perlative; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10. RAYMOND ELKINS, [R. “Didy” Intelligence . . . slow and steady . . . dependable. F.F.A. 10, 11, F.F.A. officer 11; Class officer 9, 11, 12; Student Council 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Beta Club officer 12; Substitute Bus Driver 11; Bus Driver 12; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10; Dramatics 10, 11. INEZ FIELDS “Nezzie” 1 A song in the evening . . . Boldness, with a loving heart. Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Co-Cap¬ tain 12; Letter 9, Star 10, 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council President 12; Office assistant 12; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10; Marshal 11; 4-H Club 9, 10; Monogram Club 10, 11, 12; Served at F.F.A. Banquet 10; Goldstone Staff 12; Typing Medal 11; Safety Patrol 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative; Class song 11, 12. JOHN THOMAS GAINES “Johnny” Football here . . . Friendship . . . a smile at dawn. Declamation Contest 9, 10, 11, 12; County Contest 11; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Class officer 9, 11, 12; Dramatics 10, 11, 12; Senior Superlative; Co-Captain Basketball 11, 12; Co-Captain f oot¬ ball 12; Basketball Trophy 11; F.F.A. officer 10; Letter 9, Star 10 , 11 , 12 ; SHIRLEY JEFFRIES Laughter . . . contentment . . . A gracious heart. Basketball 9; Cheerleader 11, 12; Letter 11; Monogram Club 12; 4-PI Club 9, 10; Substitute ticket sirl 11; Ticket girl 12; Waitress F.F.A. Banquet 10, 11; Glee Club 9, 10; Dramatics 11, 12; Senior Superlative. RETTY LEE JOHNSON “Nookie” A teasing smile . . . Wit, on a gloomy day. Class officer 11; Safety Patrol 10, 11, 12; Student Council 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Cheerleader 11, 12; Basketball 12; Library Club 11; Goldstone Staff 12; Lunchroom worker 12; Dramatics 11, 12; Mar¬ shal 11; Letter 11, Star 12. ELVA JANE OLDHAM “Elvira” A smile and open arms . . . a friend in the midst of a great city. Basketball 9; Glee Club 9, 10; Lunchroom worker 9, 12; Recita¬ tion Contest 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council Officer 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Senior Class President; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. f ' nw% ■ £, JERRY KEY OLDHAM Laughter . . . humor, with a romantic touch. Football 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; Monogram Club 1 1, 12; Paper Staff 12; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10; Mar¬ shal 11; Dramatics 11, 12; Senior Superlative; F.F.A. 10; Class officer 10 , 12 . WALTER MELVIN RIVES “Mel” A lively tune . . . sleigh ride by ■starlight. Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 12; Monogram Club 10, 11, 12; Senior Superlative; Letter 9, Star 10, 11, 12; Dramatics 12. maxine McIntosh OLDH M M “Mac” Most popular girl ... a dreamy waltz . . . goodness and light. Beta Club 11, 12; Officer 12; Stu¬ dent Council 10, 12; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet, Goldstone Staff 12; Lunchroom worker 12; Marshal 11; Senior Superlative; Cheerleader 11: Letter 11; Mono- grant 11, 12; Chief Librarian 12; Dramatics 12; Citizenship Medal 11. MARGARET SHARPE “Chunky” Handclasp of friendship . . . a love song . . . the wild rushing of restless waves. Safety Patrol 9, 10. 11, 12; Glee Clnh 9, 10; Basketball 9; Hesitation Contest 9. 10, 12; Medal 10; Lunchroom worker 9. 12; Beta Club 1 1. 12; Dramatics 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Marshal 11; Served at Jun- i r-Senit r Banquet 10; Music 9, 10; Sen¬ ior Superlative; Office assistant 12; Class Historian; Junior Class Song; Math Medal 10; Heading Prize 9, 10; Short- Stor ward 11; Class reporter 9; Gold- stone Stall 12. CHARLES EDWARD PHILLIPS “Bulky” Star of summer . . . popular music . . . sincerity Basketball 10, 11, 12; Co-Captain 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 12: Monogram Club It . II, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; F.F.A. 10; Stu¬ dent Council Officer 12; Senior Superlative; Goldstone Staff 12; Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10; Library Staff 12; Marshal 11; Dramatics 11, 12. JACK SI PE Gift of gah . . . a smile at the end a weary day. Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; F.F.A. Vice President 10, F.F.A. President 11; l-H Club 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Declamation Contest 10; Marshal 11; Substitute Bus Driver 11, 12: Served at Junior-Senior Banquet 10; Senior Superlative. v r JOE MITCHEL THOMAS A sleeping panther . . . muted melody . . . Excerpt from life. Baseball 9, 11, 12; Football 12; F.F.A. 10, 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Monogram Club 12; Dr amatics 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Goldstone Staff 12; Senior Superlative. ERNEST WILLET “Ernst” Peace, like sunswept ocean sands ... A sport in the end. Paper Staff 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12; F.F.A. 10. SHIRLEY WILSON RIVES “Shirl” A breeze, on a summer day . . . A candle with silver light. 4-H Club 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10; Lunchroom worker 9; Cheerleader 12; Letter 9, Star 10, 11, 12; Paper Staff 12; Senior Superlative. BILLY RAY WOODY “Bill” Silepce. hiding gaiety ... A heart containing a song. F.F.A. Officer 10, 11, 12; Baseball 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12 . CLASS HISTORY ★ Twelve years ago, a group of fifty-five children entered the first grades, taught by Mrs. Ollie Garner and Miss Grace Burke, respectively. This group, starting on the road to education, had a long way to go, but they were brave, and most of them climbed to the second grade. On through the years they struggled until finally a new episode in their lives began. The changes in their school life were greater than any they had ever experienced before, for they had progressed into high school. They soon grew accustomed, however, to high school ways—the changing of classes and the different teachers in different rooms. Nevertheless, as all classes do, they began to diminish in number that year by losing Shirley Mashburn, Carl Foster Rives and Eileen Gates. Starting their Sophomore year was easier than the first had been, for they were now beginning to feel that they were a real part of the school. They were drawn more and more into the excitement of the upperclassmen. Five boys and five girls were chosen to serve at the Junior-Senior banquet. Unfortunately, they lost two more members that year, Benny Gaines and Clyde Thomas Webster. The following June, two of the girls married, Jean Taylor and Joyce Oldham. They continued, how¬ ever, to attend school. Their Junior year was wonderful. An event to make them proud was the Junior class play. The Hobgobhlin House proved to be one of the most delightful and most entertaining plays ever pre¬ sented here at Goldston High School. A trip with the Seniors to Florida on March 26, 1952, continued their fun. The trip was exciting as well as educational. They saw many historical places as they traveled toward Florida down through Savannah, Georgia, on to St. Augustine and on to Day¬ tona Beach, where they enjoyed two days of sunning and swimming, while friends at home were freezing in blustery March winds. Leaving Daytona Beach, they visited and toured Silver Springs, a famous spot of interest in Florida. Mrs. Vann Oldham, our English teacher and sponsor, Mrs. George Cullipher, our principal’s wife, and Mrs. Corbett Gaines, a dear friend of the class, went with them as friends and chaperones. About a month later, they gave the Seniors a banquet, carrying out the rainbow theme in decorations. The speaker of the evening was the county superintendent, Mr. J. S. Waters, who gave them some good points on how to think. Later, they had square dancing, un¬ usual fun, but something that nearly all of them could take part in—the girls even kicked off their high heels to dance barefoot. Graduation for their partners, the Seniors, came too soon. The Juniors re¬ gretted their leaving, and realized that they were left to fill their places and solemnly accepted their new responsibility. Nevertheless, for a last gay note, they sang their song written to a current hillbilly tune, “Lonely Little Robin”, and had a last laugh together. The married members left the class during the summer and were not with them during the Big Year. Yes, finally they became Seniors. They felt somewhat differently from previous years in the fact that it seemed as though they were being looked up to instead of their looking up to others. They experienced many happy events that year—the Christmas play, the Junior- Senior banquet, the Senior play and a trip to the Chowan River—these are a few of the many things they’ll always remember. Now, just as the old leaves fall to make room for the new ones, they leave Goldston High to make room for the present Juniors to be Seniors, and to leave a pathway for next year’s first graders, who twelve years from tonight, take their places. It ' s true; they finish their high school careers only to begin life anew. Some of them will continue their education; others will be finding jobs and putting into practice all the things they have learned. They will all be working at something, somewhere, but they may never again be all together, one happy class—more like a family—as they are tonight and as they have been for twelve years. The class thanks the teachers of the Goldston School for their unfailing kindness and patience. It is with the feeling that the years spent here have been profitable, that they, guided by the hand of Providence, seek out their own particular tasks in life. Margaret Sharpe Class Historian LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT State of North Carolina Chatham County City of Goldston Goldston High School The Class of 1953, having spent twelve years in Goldston school and having passed on to its reward, leaves behind this last will and testament. I, as legal adviser, drew up this document, and it is cast-iron, unbreakable, and very, very legal. Be thankful for what you are about to receive. Article I. To the Departments Item 1. To the board of education we bequeath our thanks for having such a good school for us to attend, and a hint for the future: more and better holidays. Item 2. To the athletic department of our school we leave a record that deserves a bronze tablet or, at least, honorable mention. Item 3. To the agriculture department of our school we leave a class that will be more attentive to direction and assignments. Item 4. To the typing department of our school we bequeath our ability to keep pecking along. Item 5. To the entire school community we extend our sympathy and a reminder that the classes that follow are not so bad when it comes to voices and feet. Article II. To the Faculty Item 1. To Mr. Cullipher we leave our sincere appreciation for all the many kind deeds he has done for us the twelve short years we’ve toiled together. Item 2. To Mrs. Oldham we leave our thanks for her understanding and good sportsmanship. Item 3. To Mr. Andrews we leave kind thoughts for his patience in helping us solve difficult problems. Item 4. To Mrs. Leonard we leave our gratefulness for her advice which we feel assured will be helpful in the future. Article III. To the Boys Item 1. George Caviness leaves his good looks to Bobby Trogdon. Item 2. Claude Cook wills his bus to anyone capable of driving it. Item 3. Johnny Gaines bequeaths his place as co-captain of the football team to John Palmer. Item 4. Raymond Elkins, Jr., bestows his intelligence upon J. T. Griffin. Item 5. Melvin Rives leaves his smallness to Charles Daniels. Item 6. Ernest Willett wills his typewriter to Jimmy Smith hoping that he can teach it the value of accuracy. Item 7. Billy Woody bequeaths his broad shoulders to Reynolds Mason. Item S. Jack Sipe surrenders his friendliness to Ronnie Gaines. Item 9. Joe Thomas leaves his place as co-editor of The Goldstone to Elvette Melver. Item 10. Bucky Phillips wills his ability to play basketball to Wayne Jacobs. Item 11. Jerry Oldham leaves his good-natured disposition to Wesley Miller. Item 1. Item 2. Item 3. Item 4. Item 5. Item 6. Item 7. Item 8. Item 9. Item 10 I tern 11 Article IV. To the Girls Mary Ruth Allen wills her place as best all ’round to Peggy Harris. Doris Burke leaves her courtesy to Inez Poe. Shirley B. Hart bequeaths her neatness to Mildred Webster. Virginia Clark surrenders her place in the Beta Club to Shelby Jean Elkins. Inez Fields wills her place as office girl to Shelby Wicker. Betty Johnson turns over her cheerleading suit to Betty Jean Wicker. Maxine M. Oldham bestows her place as Miss Goldston High upon Sylvia Fields. Shirley W. Rives bequeaths her beauty to Betty Lou Caudle. Shirley Jeffries gives up the ticket box to Lataine Oldham. Margaret Sharpe leaves her curly hair to Janice Graham. Elva Oldham wills her charming smile to Ruby Dowdy. Written, witnessed, signed, sealed, and delivered the 5th day of January, anno domini one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three. Virginia Clark Class Testator W itnessed : President, Elva Oluiiam Adviser, Mrs. Vann Oldham Principal, Mr. G. P. Cullipher SUPERLATIVES Mr. and Mrs. Goldston High School JOHNNY GAINES M) MRS. NORMAN OLDHAM i SUPERLATIVES Best All Round MARY RUTH ALLEN MELVIN RIVES Most Likely to Succeed MARGARET SHARPE JERRY OLDHAM ' SUPERLATIVES SUPERLATIVES Friendliest ELVA OLDHAM Most Versatile SHIRLEY JEFFRIES ERNEST WILLETT JACK SIPE SUPERLATIVES - jBsasR.—■ Most Athletic INEZ FIELDS AND CHARLES PHILLIPS Most Courteous DORIS BURKE AND BILLY WOODY SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY ★ I have in my hand a magic spyglass. With this spyglass I can look into the future. I am now adjusting it to look into the future twelve years from now. It is 1965, and I shall search ont my classmates of 1953. Betty Johnson is working as a comedian with the Deep River Playboys. Maxine Oldham has settled down with Norman for a happy married life. Joe Thomas is flying his own jet plane. Margaret Sharpe, an admiral in the U. S. Waves, is now enjoying the romance of life on the high seas. Jack Sipe is working as a sailor in the U. S. Navy. Claude Cook is busy making a living for his wife and family. Jerry Oldham is running his father’s grocery store in Gulf. Shirley Wilson is living with her husband, Billy Rives, in a home of their own, babysitting. Virginia Clark is working as a secretary in one of Goldston’s large factories. Inez Fields is living in a modern home in Durham and driving a yellow convertible. Shirley Brafford is living in Washington driving a Cadillac convertible. Johnny Caines, with the help of his blonde-headed private secretary, is a successful business manager. Bucky Phillips is coaching his football team in their third year of straight victories. Melvin Rives is the star pitcher and manager of his baseball team, “The Jumping Jacks. Elva Oldham is working as a nurse in Goldston’s new modern hospital. Marv Ruth Allen is working with the American Red Cross. Doris Burke is living in Florida enjoying the sunshine with her husband, Sonny. Shirley Jeffries is trying to make a living and follow Leonard everywhere he goes. Billy Woody is making headlines by winning the Indianapolis Speedway race. Raymond Elkins, a dignified preacher is trying to teach his young wife religion. George Caviness is employed by a large contracting company for building houses. And last, but not least, I see Ernest Willet, a wild animal trainer, exploring Africa, hunting for a lion that doesn’t bite. Raymond Elkins Class Prophet SNAPS WRITING ★ FAREWELL The time has come for us to part— When we must bid you fond adieu— No matter where we wish to roam Our thoughts will ever be of you. Our school days all have ended, And we have left you far and near. We will faithfully remember The happy times we have spent here. For twelve short years we’ve been good pals. Our way in life we now must find, For there must be a job for us, Although we leave you all behind. And, if we are leaving you now To give the Junior class our place, We know we ll have to buckle down With all our future life to face. After twelve years we, at last, come To the night of graduation, Rut we ll never forget Goldston High, Where we got our education. Thus, as our school days come to end. The time, we feel, has come to tell The dear old friends of Goldston High “Farewell to you, dear ones, farewell! Betty Johnson Class Post CLASS SONG As we leave our Alma Mater That we love so dear, We’ll cherish it in fondest memory Throughout our life-long years. For twelve long years we’ve strived for Achievements we’ve now won. And, as we face the road of life, We find we ' ve just begun. Years we’ve spent in work and play Have brought us happiness; And, as we leave, we hope you can say We’ve each one done our best. Teachers, friends, and classmates. Our thanks we’d like to stress. So, as we leave the place we love, We hail to G. H. S. Inez Fields JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS Shelby Wicker President Augusta Hancock V.-President Lois Smith Secretary Elvette Mclver T reasurer Erma Gaines Room Representative JUNIOR CLASS SONG Seniors, we come to say adieu. Our best wishes shall go with you. Through all the sadness and the tears, We have enjoyed you all these years. School friends of Goldston, dear old friends, Our love for you will never wane. And as we take your place next year, The sound of voices will be near. Telling of kindness you have shown O’er all the years that now have gone. School friends of Goldston, dear old friends, Our love for you will never wane. At last we know it is the time When you must leave us all behind, And now we ll say our last adieu And always love and honor you. School friends of Goldston, dear old friends, Our love for you will never wane. Ry Peggy Harris JUNIORS Leonard Barber Shirley Burke Jeter Dowdy Sylvia Fields Erma Gaines Ronnie Gaines Ronald Gilliland Augusta Hancock Peggy Harris Ola Hart Jimmie Jourdan Elvette Melver Mary Meeks Eugene Oldham Lataine Oldham John Palmer Josephine Rives Lois Smith Bobby Trogdon Shelby Wicker Jo Ann Yarborough SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS Betty Lou Caudle President Jackie Miller V .-President Shirley Wilkins Secretary Carolyn Caviness Room Representative Ann Barber, Tommy Brafford, W. C. Campbell, Betty Lou Caudle, Gene Causey, Carolyn Cavi¬ ness, Charles Daniels, Shelby Elkins, Rachel Fields, Frances Gaines, Iola Gaines, Larry Graham, |. T. Griffin, Billv Hart, Bobby Jourdan, Mary Lu Michael, Jackie Miller, Naomi Phillips, Inez Poe, Elizabeth Rives, Pat Thomas, Mildred Webster, Betty Jean Wicker, Shirley Wilkins. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Moselv Barber President Mollie Sims Cheek V.-President Jerry Gaines Secretary and Treasurer Ruth Ellen Jourdan Room Representative Mosely Barber, W illiam Barber, William Beal, Jackie Burke, Mollv Simms Cheek, Ruby Dowdy, Elmer Woody, Dan Caines, Jerry Gaines, Iris Garner. Vivian Gilliland, Lowell Graham, William Griffin, Jean Hardister, Dewey Hefner, Norma Jean Jeffries, Ruth Ellen [ourdan, Ruby Jeffries, Fairbell McMillan, E. D. Michael, Wesley Miller, 1 .eon Morrison, Ann Gail Murchison, Russell Palmer, Wayne Oldham, Helen Phillips, Jimmie Phillips, Gilbert Ruth, Bill Talley, Harold Trog- don, Tommy Wilkie, Roland Wilson, Sherman Fields. SNAPS trades EIGHTH GRADE First row: George Wade Oldham, Faydene Wilkie, Jo Ann Fields, Virginia Willette, Bill Wicker, Clyde Elkins, Joyce Gaines, Peggy Oldham. Second row: Mary Hart, Johnny Gaines, Janiene Murray, Rosa Caviness, Ray Beal, Janie Mason, Joe Earl Oldham, Jimmy Pilkington. Third row: Jane Tysor, Fisher Hamer, William Elkins, Larry Phillips, Virginia Caudle, Ralph Willette, Verneita Gaines, Dorothy Webster. Fourth rote: Ruby Elkins, Nancy Oldham, Max Gaines, Billy Watson, Ronald Causey, Jerry Hart, Frances Seagroves. Fifth row: Lawson Barber, Roy Beal, Wayne Douglas Smith, Celia Herron, Mr. Presnell. SEVENTH GRADE 1 is 1 Li! : 1 First row: Doyle Wilkie, Roy Hart, Janice Elkins, Ann Phillips, Linda Faye Wright, Elaine Davis, Carolyn Rives, Sylvia Spivey, Kay Elkins, Anne Cooke Phillips. Second row: Barbara Jourdan, Jimmy Williams, Junior Fields, Boyd Harris, Patricia Gaines, Mildred Williams, Elsie Lee Hardister, Peggy Hart, Johnny Hilliard, Mrs. Reno. Third row: Wayne Elkins, Billy Fields, Bennie Wayne Hart, David Mashburn, Janice Graham, Rebecca Cheek, Joyce Hancock, Emma Morrison, Betty Lou Wilson, foe Cullipher. Ul-ts. . f | FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE First row: Dorothy Jourdan, Alice King, Lula Mae Wicker, Jo Anne Stinson, Susan Hayes, Wayne Gaines, Marie Beard, Gracie Caviness. Second row: J. B. Oldham, Jr., Carl Gaines, Gary Moses, Sara Margaret Oldham, Jane Phillips, Barbara Morrison, Fern Fields, Marjorie Seagroves. Third row: Annie Lou Thompson, Carolyn Smith, Margaret Phillips, Myrna Fields, Frances Wright, Mrs. Thomas, Terril Ellington, Samuel Cheek, Wilson Poe, J. B. Gilliland, Frances Oldham. FIFTH GRADE First roio: Linda Wilkie, Bobby Wilson, Charles Gaines, Jimmie Oldham, Glynn Elkins, Reid Trogdon, Marlin Stinson, Barbara Gilmore, Joyce Vaughn. Second row: Patricia Davis, Gene Barber, Barbara Robinson, Helen Wilkie, Vivian Cunningham, Ann Woolover, Frances Rives, Becky Brady, Shirley Ellis. Third row: Glendale Keck, Margaret Wilkie, Nicky Tyner, Jimmie J. Elkins, Carol Webster, Jack Beal, Joseph Mashburn, Douglas Oldham, Charlie Elkins. Fourth row: Stockton Wilkins, Cleo Williams, Lanny Jenkins, James Herbert Fields, Billy Hugh Elkins, Wayne Jeffries, Mrs. Dewey Barber. SIXTH GRADE First row: Linda Faye Williams, Elizabeth Mason, Peggy Beal, Sue Hefner, Donald Jeffries, Ann Palmer, Jane Caudle, Virginia Pearce. Second roiv: Rayvon King, Lewis Dowdy, Joyce Brooks, Norma Jean Caudle, Lucille Moody, Elizabeth McIntosh, Kenneth Cunningham, Bobby Beard. Third row: Jack Hilliard, Don Oldham, Larry Miller, Carl Godwin, Walter Ellis, Johnny Beal, Billy Murchison, Paul Owens. Fourth row: Gail Beal, Ethel Beal, Patricia Causey, Nancy Mashburn, J. L. Hardister, Richard Webster, Mrs. Mankie Hodges. FOURTH GRADE mi First row: Wayne Rives, Wayne Ellington, Lee Phillips, Jr., Aubrey Palmer, David Oldham, Homer Gaines, Billie Joe Carroll, Melvin Fields, Alton Powers. Second row: Howard Caudle, Lydia Ann Scott, Sandra Wicker, Nancy Hilliard, Gail Hardister, Kate Beal, Bonnie Dunn, Carolyn Gaines, Bennie Faye Barber. Third rote: Larry Oldham, Jerry Moses, Geneva Phillips, Linda Oldham, Linda Ann Collins, Martha Gaines, Ernestine Elkins, Alma Millican, Donald Woody, Mary Elizabeth Seagroves, Mae Smith . . . Background: Mrs. Tyner. THIRD GRADE First row: Peggy Clark, Robert Lewis Oldham, Odell Wilkie, Linda Clark, Jim Stinson, John Beard, George Gaines, Jay Jourdan, Peggy Jo Campbell. Second row: J. B. Woody, Dallas Bright, Clyde Beal, Dixie Elkins, Carol Wilkie, Ann Forrester, Walter Trogdon, Joyce Elkins. Third row: David Gwyn, Jerry Perrell, Alma Moody, Thelma Landreth, Nancy Ellis, Linda Hart, Carl Gaines, Maxine Hilliard. Fourth row: Patty Ann Fields, Earl Moody, Wayne Keck, R. G. Beal, Jane Welch, Rufus Owens, Ada Vaughn, Virginia Fields. Fifth row: fimmy MeMillian, Ira Von Harriss, Lois Garner, Daphine Gaines, Linda Oldham, Marvin Gilmore, Miss Johnson, Teacher. First row: Roy Hart, Charlie Hart, Melvin Hart, Linda Beak Shelia Oldham, Audrey Gaines, Michael Sparks, Betty Webster. SECOND GRADE Rebecca Williams, Second roiv: Freddy McNeill, Henry Beal, Johnnie Nall, Ann Gale Powers, Mary Frances Wil¬ liams, Jesse King, Nancy Elkins, Kay Mason, Fay Mason. Third row: Linda Keck, Jane Phillips, Jean Moody, Pearl Morrison, Lonnie Gaines, Clifton Web¬ ster, Dale Brafford, James Ellington. Mrs. Wilkie Teacher. FIRST GRADE First row: Eddie Cunningham, Ruby Hart, Odette Palmer, Sue Morris, Pat Garner, Billy Roy Elkins, Mary Sue Bright, Lynn Teague, Jerry Wilkie. Second row: Jessie Robinson, Jimmie Barber, Carol Moore, Larry Poe, Linda King, Linda Riddle, Larry Woody, Patricia Elkins, Gail Landreth. Third row: Jane Powers, Charlotte Tyson, Walker Lynn Oldham, James Ralph Sipe, Linda Beal, Anne Goldston, Billy Joe Beal, Lawrence Candle, Melvin Perrell, Mrs. Gamer, Teacher. FIRST GRADE mggj ti First Fields, A row: Jackie Elkins, Sandra Mashburn, in Harris, Donald Morrison. Elaine Clark, Cola Gaines, Charlotte Wilkie, Bobcat Second row: Phyllis Beal, Edward Pinkney, Effie Jean Williamson, Brenda Gaines, Roy Hardister, Brenda Morgan, Branson Spivey, Linda Hancock. Third row: Raynell Brewer, Sue Jenkins, Coy Caudle, Ann Oldham. Miss Burke, Teacher. GOLD STONE STAFF Joe Thomas Co-Editor Johnny Gaines Co-Editor Maxine Oldham Associate Editor Charles Edward Phillips Business Manager George Caviness. Assistant Business Manager Betty Johnson Advertising Manager Virginia Clark Associate Advertising Manager Marageret Sharpe _ Feature Editor Inez Fields Sportis Editor Doris Burke Art Editor Mrs. Vann Oldham Sponsor BETA CLUB Seated: Bucky Phillips, Raymond Elkins, Virginia Clark, Maxine Oldham, John Palmer. Standing, first row: Betty Johnson, Margaret Sharpe, Inez Fields, Augusta Hancock, Elva Oldham, Shelby Wicker, George Caviness, Jeter Dowdy, Elvette Mclver, Mr. Murray Andrew, Sponsor. Second row: fo Ann Yarborough, Shirley Burke, Erma Gaines, Lois Smith, Lataine Oldham, Jack Sipe, Jerry Oldham. GOLDSTON HI-LITES STAFF Co-Editors Jackie Miller Pat Thomas B u si ness Mana ge r Jerry Oldham Advertising Manager Ronnie Gaines Sponsor Mrs. Vann Oldham Seated: Ann Barber, Molly Simms Cheek, Ruth Ellen Jourdan, Shirley Braflord, Shirley Wilkins, Shelby Wicker, Shirley Wilson, Betty Lou Caudle. Standing: Mary Ruth Allen, Jerry Oldham, Elvette Mclver, Carolyn Caviness, Jackie Miller, Pat Thomas, Ronnie Gaines. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Erma Gaines, Maxine Oldham, Inez Fields, Elva Oldham, Margaret Sharpe, Betty John¬ son, Betty Lou Caudle, Ruth Ellen Jourdan. Standing: Carolyn Caviness, Caviness, Joe Thomas, Johnny Cullipher, Sponsor. Jackie Miller, Mosely Barber, Jerry Oldham, Shelby Wicker, George Gaines, Claude Cook, Raymond Elkins, Buckv Phillips, Mr. G. P. LIBRARY STAFF Seated: Shirley Burke, Sponsor. Standing: Erma Gaines, Doris Burke, Maxine Oldham, Chief Librarian; Mrs. Vann Oldham, Ann Barber, Carolyn Caviness, Claude Cook, and Buckv Phillips. F. F. A. CLUB First row: Tommy Wilkie, Russell Palmer, J. T. Griffin, Roland Wilson, Wayne Oldham, Elmer Woody, Sherman Fields, Edward Beal. Second row: Charles Daniels, Bobby McMillian, Leon Morrison, Dan Gaines, Elvette Mclver, Moselv Barber, Bill Tally, W. C. Campbell, Eugene Oldham. Third row: Tommy Brafford, Billy Hart, Reynolds Mason, Billy Woody, Leonard Barber, Gilbert Ruth, |immy Smith, Horton Seagroves, Mr. C 6. Williford, Sponsor. 4-H CLUB SENIOR OFFICERS Elizabeth Rives President Inez Poe Vice-President Shelby Elkins Secretary Betty Jean Wicker Sony, Leader JUNIOR OFFICERS Ann Phillips, President; Barbara Jourdan, Vice-President; Terril Ellington, Secre- tarv; Carolvn Rives, Song Leader. a a LUNCH ROOM PERSONNEL Lucille Murchison, Liza Palmer, Mrs. G. P. Cullipher, Supervisor; Mrs. Clifton Jenkins, Ruby Dowdy, Mary Ruth Allen, Shirley Brafford, Maxine Oldham, Betty fohnson, Virginia Clark, Doris Burke, Shirley Jeffries, Margaret Sharpe, Elva Oldham. BUS DRIVERS Claude Cook, Reynolds Mason, Leonard Barber, Wayne Jacobs, Raymond Elkins, Eugene Oldham, HOMECOMING QUEEN ANN BARBER CHEERLEADERS Shirley Jeffries, Betty Lou Caudle, Betty Johnson, Sylvia Fields, Naomi Phillips, Chief. FOOTBALL Kneeling: Ronald Causey, Buckv Phillips, Larry Graham, Wesley Miller, Joe 1 homas, Elvett( Melver, Pat Thomas, Lowell Graham. Standing: Ray Beal, Lawson Barber, John Palmer, Jerry Oldham, Bobby Jourdan, Johnny Gaines George Caviness, Jackie Miller, Coach Lacy Presnell. BOYS’ BASKETBALL First row: Larry Graham, Melvin Rives, Charles Phillips and Johnny Gaines, Co-Captains; Ronnie Gaines, Jerry Gaines. Second row: Max Gaines, J. T. Griffin, William Griffin, Ronald Gilliland, Tommy Brafford, Pat Thomas, Coach Presnell, Standing. BOYS’ MONOGRAM .. te snssszs t Seated: Wayne Jacobs, Jimmie Jourdan, Bobby Trogdon, Bncky Phillips, Ronnie Gaines, Lowell Graham, Jackie Miller, Pat Thomas. Standing,: Wesley Miller, Jerry Oldham, Leonard Barber, George Caviness, Claude Cook, John Palmer, Elvette Mclver, Jerry Gaines, Joe Thomas, Johnny Gaines, Melvin Rives. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL First row: Bettv Lou Caudle, Shelby Wicker, Inez Fields, Co-Captain, Mary Ruth Allen. Co- Captain, Augusta Hancock, Elizabeth Rives, Betty Jean Wicker. Second row: Frances Gaines, Ann Barber, Shirley Wilkins, Ola Hart, Iris Garner, Doris Burke, Mildred Webster. Third row: Coach Presnell, Jane Tysor, Manager; Ruby Jeffries, Norma Jean Jeffries, Fairbell McMillan, Ruby Faye Elkins, Manager. GIRLS’ MONOGRAM Seated: Shirley Jeffries, Betty Johnson, nn Barber, Naomi Phillips, Mildred Webster. Standing: Shelby Jean Elkins, Frances Gaines, Mary Ruth Allen, Doris Burke, Maxine Oldham, Elizabeth Rives, Bettv Lou Caudle, Inez Fields, Shirley Wilkins, Augusta Hancock, Shelby Wicker. : V mi SNAPS s 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 s 4 4 4 4 4 4 i 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 i 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 GENERAL CREOSOTING COMPANY -CREOSOTE- TIES - TIMBER - POSTS - POLES AND LUMBER ★ ) s s ■—i Gulf, North Carolina Compliments of N. C. BEAL SON GENERAL CONTRACTING Sanford, North Carolina Compliments of CHATHAM GROCERY COMPANY YOUR RELIABLE WHOLESALE GROCER Siler City, North Carolina r- S S L. W. FIELDS GROCERIES - NOTIONS - DRUGS Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables " We Appreciate Your Trade " Goldston, N. C. S T- B. W. GRILL j GRADE A CAFE j U. S. 421 Goldston, N. C. c-__ | McLAURIN GROCERY GROCERIES—FRESFI MEATS-VEGETABLES " Everything for Your Table " Phone 691 Goldston, N. C. GOLDSTON MARKET THE COMPLETE FOOD STORE Goldston, N. C. Burke Brothers .—i SANFORD MOTOR SALES, Inc. DESOTO - PLYMOUTH 336 Wicker Street Sanford, N. C. Compliments of RICHARD MOORE GROCERIES - FEED - HARDWARE Gulf, N. C. — PALMER ' S SERVICE STATION gas - OIL - GROCERIES Gulf, N. C. WRENN and WRENN J. SPEIGHT WRENN THOMAS K. WRENN Providing Satisfactory Insurance for More Than 35 Years Phone 26 Siler City, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of McMASTERS and BROOKS EDWARDS MEN ' S CLOTHING JEWELRY STORE Siler City, N. C. i Siler City, N. C. BILL ' S GRILL J. C. Bowers, Owner HOT DOGS - MILK SHAKES Siler City, N. C. Compliments of CHATHAM FURNITURE COMPANY Siler City, N. C. —i GRIMES WATCHES - DIAMONDS - SILVERWARE CHINA - GLASSWARE Siler City, N. C. -) S BANKS CLOTHING CO. LADIES ' AND GENTS ' READY-TO-WEAR | 121 Wicker St. | Sanford, N. C. 1 1 BRYAN-JONES CO. Compliments of ] i | i i i | FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES i i J 1 05 W. Main Street HESTER-WILSON CO. i ( [ i L 1 Jonesboro Heights i Sanford, N. C. 1 i j Sanford, N. C. SMITH BUCKNER FUNERAL HOME Prompt, Courteous and Efficient Service Phone 51 Siler City, N. C. Compliments of BUTLER ' S FURNITURE COMPANY Siler City, N. C. Compliments of TAYLOR DRUG STORE Siler City, N. C. 1 HERITAGE MOTOR COMPANY Siler City, N. C. Compliments of SILER CITY TIRE SERVICE Siler City, N. C. GOOD LUCK BUDD-MANN CO. Stacy Budd Tommy Mann Phone 885 Sanford, N. C. Compliments of SILER CITY HARDWARE COMPANY Siler City, N. C. ! ! | ) j ROGERS FUNERAL HOME Phone 206 Sanford, N. C. i 4 j Compliments of i JOHNSON COTTON CO. ! i WAGONER ' S JEWELERS • i FARM AND HOME SUPPLIES J j " Cash If You Have It; j THE OLDEST AND BEST IN SANFORD Credit If You Need It " Sanford, N. C. Sanford, N. C. j 4 1 j L 4 4 r | Compliments of ; 4 1 Compliments of 4 WILLIAMS-BELK HOWARD and BOBBITT COMPANY 4 Sanford, N. C. | Sanford, N. C. 4 — - _J W- f-— 1 Compliments of j 4 ! j HOLT SUPPLY 4 COMPANY B and S DEPT. STORE J 4 ( 1 4 ! 4 Sanford, N. C. I i i i 1 I _ 1 j Compliments of 7 i i i i i i i i — i 4 i 4 i 4 BOWEN OFFICE AND ! I 4 | F. and W. GRILL i EQUIPMENT CO. | i | 4 4 Sanford, N. C. 4 4 4 4 4 4 I | Sanford, N. C. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 n S Compliments of LACY OLDHAM EXCAVATING AND LUMBER COMPANY Sanford, North Carolina GAINES MOSES DEPARTMENT STORE LADIES ' Dresses — Shoes — Hats — Hose — Patterns MEN ' S Accessories — Trousers — Shoes — Hats — Work Clothes Goldston, North Carolina Compliments of SILER CITY CLEANERS LAUNDRY SERVING GOLDSTON for Over A QUARTER CENTURY Siler City, North Carolina Serving This Community COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES The Chatham Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Goldston, N. C. Chatham Brick Tile Company, Inc. HOME OF ROMAN BRICK FACE BRICK, COMMON BRICK AND THALE PRODUCTS Telephone Sanford, N. C., 95-J Gulf, N. C. Compliments of The Esso Motor Inn A. D. PEARCE, Prop. Goldston, N. C. Downtown Motors MERCURY SALES AND SERVICE Sanford, N. C. -4 The success of the current " Finer Caro¬ lina " contest can be attributed to the support it has been given by the citizens of each participating town. You, the youth of today, can have an important influence upon the progress and devel¬ opment of your community. CAROLINA POWER LIGHT COMPANY 1 Dark Harrington Pryor Dark Jones Harrington SHEET METAL WORK of All Kinds and Auto Radiator Repairing and Rebuilding Auto Body Glass Made to Order Telephone No. 2131 j I Sanford, N. C. Drive-In-Griddle BAR-B-Q SHAKES and ICE CREAM 3 Miles North of Sanford on U. S. No. 1 ! ! Compliments of F. M. Barber GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA Johnson Gaines Esso Station Gaines Oil Co. ATLAS TIRES ALL KINDS OF WELDING ROAD SERVICE Phone 551 Goldston, N. C. Wholesalers of ESSO PRODUCTS GASOLINE - KEROSENE FUEL OILS - MOTOR OILS ACCESSORIES Phone 41 6 Goldston, N. C. ) ) Lee Drug Store of I SANFORD ' I " Any Prescription Any Time " || Sanford, N. C. j POOLE ' S FROZEN FOODS CANNED FOODS P. O. Box 387 Durham, N. C. C. B. HAISEY CO. INSTITUTION FOODS P. O. Box 556 Roanoke 3, Virginia GAINES LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of N. C. PINE LUMBER We Buy Timber and Lumber C. S. GAINES - H. B. GAINES Owners Goldston, North Carolina I CHRISTINE ' S ! KAMMER ' S | YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP J STYLES FOR JUNIORS, MISSES AND WOMEN J Sanford, N. C. 1 | READY-TO-WEAR 1 Siler City, N. C. Telephone 307-W ( CAVINESS SHOP SANFORD DISTRIBUTING CO. ! STYLES OF TOMORROW QUALITY VEGETABLES FOR LADIES OF TODAY " The Home of Golden Tap Juices " Siler City, N. C. 1 i Sanford, N. C. ELDER MOTOR COMPANY Siler City, North Carolina YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER CHATHAM MOTORS, Inc. Frank Justice Siler City, N. C. 4 JOHN SEXTON CO. MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERS P. O. Box 4124 Atlanta 2, Georgia S Vann Oldham Dealer in l GENERAL MERCHANDISE Gulf, N. C. i i i Buttercup Ice Cream Co., Inc. MANUFACTURERS OF BUTTERCUP ICE CREAM Hamlet North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Miller Heating and Sheet Metal Co. GOLDSTON, N. C. I AUTOGRAPHS i 1 - HtfiK ; A j frU C iK V a ■ ii )W JJ j ri tafe -V iol ca A hn CX j _j o-w c loJLjkSK cfr i yr S ±fo jXJU X. JTXj D TOp 1 tftrw ■ ttL -- S ' Wrt l rv- =- 5WJCl«_3 oJ1_ o- - to (3G fcSuA V (rvR TOaau| V- £u-A - f- - u ' fAou l 4 S ) 0 V-Poo j_ ,(n J i ■’ Av jCcA_sl ■ ■ 1 L VA X 0 K q V Vr ' cP A A i JLX -JU a3 x Aj I pt rv V (Vy

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