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Reference Only Not to be taken from this room. 7 7 J U 31 ,-r-t S A 6GLDSTQM PUB! 1C LIBRARY 919-8984522 tffcor cAKA 9 en touA 9 $ A 0 " 1 TMu muuLuj, 2007 JT’ fJT ' s)Jf r JT’ 7h (roM-Stcne 195D OF GOLDSTON HIGH SCHOOL GOLDSTON, N. C. FOR NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY Published Under The Direction Of CHARLES BARBER Editor-In-Chief PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS AND GRACIE MAE JONES Business Manager ' Dedication Mrs. Ora Byerly Mrs. Van Oldham We. the Seniors of 1949-50, and the members of the Goldstone Staff dedicate this fourth edition of our Goldstone to Mrs. Van Oldham and Mrs. Ora Byerly. To Mrs. Byerly, we would like to extend our thanks for her careful and co-operative guidance in many of our School clubs and express our gratitude for helping to make our lives fuller and more purposeful. We are glad that she could be our teacher for the four years we were in High School . To Mrs. Oldham, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for her inthusiastic participation in helping and guiding us through the publishing of our annuals since 1945. This book which will always be a pleasant reminder of our school days was made possible by her interest, consideration and guidance. ZD Page Two f iecva’id This, the 1950 edition of the Goldstone, is a brief history in words and pictures of the school year at Goldston High School. This book was published because the Senior Class wanted it as a perma¬ nent record of their last year in high school, for they felt no matter how vivid their memories are to¬ day, they would grow dim with the passing of the years and this book would help to keep them alive and distinct. This annual naturally falls into six parts, and in four of these you will notice that the Seniors play the major role; they have been highlighted for they felt as if they were really on parade this year. But, it is impossible to picture either their tinkling laughter at play or to show their zest at work. Neither can the guidance of steady hands, the companionship of friendly chats in quiet nooks, the challenge of victories before they’re won, nor the triumphs and the failures ever be portrayed very vividly. No matter how much has been recorded herein, it is felt that the story is not half told, for, on every instance, facts had to be related in the briefest words and space for pictures had to be cut down in order to stay within the budget. However, without the help of every loyal student and teacher in school, and patient, understand¬ ing parents who were willing to make sacrifices and the generosity of many business firms, this story could never have been possible. The staff is grateful and appreciative for their ready coopera¬ tion and heartening encouragement. £ t Page Three GOLDSTON HIGH SCHOOL, GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA “Happy faces trudging into classrooms each morning at 8:30 — Recess time — peals of laughter discussing approaching tests — gossip about boy friends — Billy Sipe and Gordon Elkins ponder¬ ing over study halls — the bus for Washington — the Senior play — the next basketball game - Grade Jones and Louise Hilliard standing by the library window giggling — The Junior-Senior Prom.” PLAYGROUND “Jumping ropes — eating candy — playing baseball — climbing trees — hiding behind shrubs wrestling — eating ice cream — Second grade girls imitating the cheerleaders.” O O O O THE GYMNASIUM “Cheerleaders practicing — teams getting in shape for the next basketball game — Floyd Cavi- ness and Clyde Watson selling pop and eats — Coach Bray nervously pacing the floor before the game begins — playing Sanford for the first time — Both teams winning over Silk Hope — Star Spangled Banner — Spotlight — Clock — Scoreboard — All the way, Katie. Page Four r Page Five FACULTY Mr. G. P. Cullipher, Principal Mrs. E. W. Byhrly Mr. Fred Bray Page Six Mrs. Ralph Leonard Mrs. Fred Bray Mrs. V. O. Oldham Mrs. Augusta Porter FACULTY Mrs. Dewey Barber Miss Louise Wombi e Mrs. Landis Tyner Mrs. Culprith McDonaed Mrs. Richard Moore Mrs. Blaine Jeffrey Mrs. Milton Garner Miss Grace Burke Parie Seven SENIORS Senior Class Officers Page Nhie SENIORS Charles Raynor Barber Declamation Contest 9, 10, 11, 12, Medal 10; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Football 12, Award 12; Letter 10, Star 11, 12; Hi-Lites Staff 11, 12; Goldstone Editor 12; Glee Club 9, 10; Music 9, 10; Student Council 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Assistant Bus Driver 10, 11, 12; Monogram Club Vice-President 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12; Marshal 11. Floyd Raeford Cavinlss Class Officer 11, Class President 12; Football 12, Captain 12, Award 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 12; Hi-Lites Staff 12; Gold- stone Staff 12; Senior Superlative; 4-H Club 9, 10, 11; Glee Club 9, 10; Library Club 11, President 11; Assistant Bus Driver 12; Dramatics 12. Vergie Al.IGAN Methodist Orphanage High School 9, 10, 11; Clas s Officer 9; Cheerleader 9, 10; Glee Club 9, 10, 11; Senior Superlative; Class Officer 12; Class Poet 12; Student Council 12; Dramatics 12. Sally Faye Campbell Softball 9, 11, 12; Hi-Lites Staff 12; Class Officer 12; Lunchroom Worker 9; 4-H Club 9, 10, 11; Officer 10; Senior Superlative; Safety Patrol 10, 12; Basketball 10, 11; Dramatics 12. Mary Alice Fields Class Officer 9; Baksetball 9, 10, 11, 12; Letter 11, Co-Captain 12; Goldstone Staff 12; Student Council 10, 11, 12; Officer 11, 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12; 4-H Club 9; Beauty Contest Winner 12. Ella Josephine Gaines Softball 9, in, II, 12; Lunchroom 9; 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Library Club 9; Glee Club 9, 10; Cheerleader 10, 11; Safety Patrol 10; Dra- matics 12; Senior Superlative; 4 H Winner 9; Class Song 12. Billy Joe Harris Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Co-Captain 11, Captain 12; Letter 9, Star 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Football 12, Award 12; Class Officer 11; Declamation 8, 9, 10, 11, Medal 8, 9, 10, 11; Safety Patrol 9; Glee Club 9, 10, 11; Music 9; Student Council 11, 12; Officer 12; 4-H Club 9; Goldston Hi-Lites Staff 12; Goldstone Staff 11, 12: Monogram Club President 12; Bus Driver 11, Assistant Bus Driver 12; Dramatics 9, 10, 11, 12; Typing Award 11; Class Prophet 12; Senior Superlative; Athletic Trophy 12. Louise Magdalene Hii hard Beta Club 11, 12; Officer 12; Head Librarian 12; Goldstone Staff 12; Class Historian 12; Marshal 11; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12. ♦ Page Ten SENIORS Gracie Mae Jones Senior Superlative 12; Class President 11; Beta Club 11, 12, Officer 12; Head Librarian 12; Library Club 11; Recitation Contest 11, 12; Ban¬ quet Toastmistress 11; Safety Patrol 12; Goldstone Staff 12; Hi-Lites Staff 12; Dramatics 12; Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; 4-H Club 9, 10; Student Council 11. Eleanor Lanette Kirkman Basketball 9, 10; Softball 9, 10, 11; Class Officer 11; Office Assistant 12; Paper Staff 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12; Glee Club 9, 10; Recitation 8, 10, 11; 4-H Club 9, 10; Class Testator 12. Ann Marie Moses ketball 10, 11, 12; Letter 10, Star 11; Monogram Club 12; Student Council 9, 10, 12; Goldstone Staff 12; Goldston Hi-Lites Staff 11; y f s Editor 12; Glee Club 9, 10; Beta Club 11, 12, Officer 11, 12; Co-Chief Marshal 11; Library Club 10; Softball 9, 10; Safety Patrol 9; Drama¬ tics 12; Class Officer 12; Senior Superlative. Verona Angelette Oldham Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Co-Captain 12; Letter 9, Star 10, 11; Girls ' Monogram Club President 12; Student Council 8, 9, 11, 12, President 12; Goldstone Staff 10, 11, 12; Glee Club 9, 10; Piano 9, 10, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Vice-President 11, President 12; Co-Chief Marshal 11; Recitation 10, 11, Medal 11; Math Medal 11; Cheerleader 11, 12; Softball 8, 9, 11; Library Club 11, Officer 11; School News Reporter 11, 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative; Assistant Bus Driver 12. William Lindsey Oldham 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Officer 11, Delegate 4-H Club Week 11, Blue Ribbon Winner 11; Bus Driver 12; Class Officer 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12. Elbert Farrington Pilkington 4-H Club 9, 10; Safety Patrol 9; Bus Driver 10, 11, 12; Librarian 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative. Betty Loy Rogers ' : Softball 10; 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, Officer 10; JRano Lunchroom Worker 9; Safety Patrol 10; Marshal Officer 12; Senior Superlative; Glee Club 9, 10; Dramatics 12. 9, 11, Award 11 11; Beta Club 12 Typing Medal 11 Billy Gene Sipe Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Letter 9, Star 10, 11; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Assistant Bus Driver 11, 12; Assistant Editor Goldston Hi-Lites 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12; Monogram Club 12; 4-H Club 9, 10 , 11 , 12 . Aubrey Clyde Watson Baseball 10 , 11 , 12 ; Fotoball 12 , Award 12 ; Basketball 11 ; 4-H Club 9, 10 , II, 12; Beta Club 11 , 12, Officer 2 Glee Club 9, 10; Senior Superlative; Assistant Bus Driver 12; Letter 10, Star 11, 12; Mono¬ gram Club 12; Math Medal 9; Leadership Medal 4-H Club 10, 11. 9s , Page Eleven SENIORS VISIT WASHINGTON Page Twelve CLASS HISTORY The history of our class is like a long piece of music and every student is a member of the band that played it. Thirty-six of us entered high school in 1946 with our own little theme songs, and these songs were all orchestrated by the teachers into the production you hear tonight. This pro¬ duction is hard to name. It is certainly not an opera, for there is nothing very grand about it. Neither is it sparkling and gay enough to be called an operetta. It may be a prelude to living or a march through the years, but we’ll call it an opus which means work and we certainly had an opportunity to work. Our opus, like all good pieces of music, has an introduction, a body, and a finale. Our first band leader was Miss Elizabeth Holder. The introduction is rather slow for we had a lot to learn and a few sour notes are heard, but the tempo increases and is soon moving along on a regular time schedule. We got along well with our first male conductor, Rev. Carl Bjork, who helped with our first issue of the Gold-Stone that we were all so proud of. Some of the band mem¬ bers got to be well-known and at times during the opus were allowed or even urged to take small solo parts such as, basketball players, club members, and speakers in the recitation declamation contest. Billy Joe Harris won first place in the high school declamation contest. By our second year we got into the body of the opus—the student body. From then on the music becomes almost symbolic. The conductors varied during the next three years of composition, but they all had much in common. Groans of those preparing for the dread exams, the shouts of vic¬ tory from those who passed, and the wails of anguish from the poor wretches who failed are heard. Through it all is the steady beat of marching feet, back and forth, from classi ' oom to class¬ room, and the hum of many voices at work and at play. Since we were more advanced in high school and acquiring greater skill, we had more opportunities to play solo parts and among the lucky ones were John Henry Oldham, Class President; Manie Lou Adams, Vice-President; Betty Jean Willette, Secretary. Our class continued to furnish players on the basketball team and five boys and girls took parts in the recitation-declamation contest. In this contest Billy Joe Harris won first place and Charles Barber won second place. Six girls helped serve at the Junior-Senior ban¬ quet. Many received letters for athletic activities. The library club was organized this year and John Henry Oldham was President. The third movement is almost a repetition of the second except for an increase in intensity and vigor and louder groans and wails of anguish. During this time, alas, certain members of the orchestra were fired, their work not being up to the conductors’ standard. Other members married and our band grew smaller in size. Officials to assist the conductor were Grade Mae Jones, Presi¬ dent; Eleanor Kirkman, Vice-President; Floyd Caviness, Secretary; Billy Joe Harris, Treasurer; and Charles Barber, Room Representative. We enjoyed giving the seniors a banquet in which the rainbow theme was carried out in all decoration plans. At last the finale is reached—a joyous song, signifying the end of our labor and the approach of graduation. The former theme, the shouts of Victory, recurs and is heard very clearly. Practically each class member is playing solo parts by now—Ann Marie Moses as editor of Goldston Hi-Lites, Charles Barber as editor of the Gold-Stone, Billy Joe Harris as president of the Boys’ Monogram Club and captain of the boys’ basketball team, Floyd Caviness as class President, Angelette Old¬ ham as Girls’ Monogram Club President, Beta Club President, co-captain of the girls’ basketball team, and Student Council President; Mary Alice Fields as co-captain of the girls’ basketball team; Louise Hilliard and Grade Mae Jones, as head librarians, and Eleanor Kirkman as office girl. Even we who play second fiddle ourselves, as the music nears its close are filled with joy in our work. Thrilling notes are sounded. We hear lively voices on our to trip to Washington last Thanksgiving. The notes become more vibrant and pulsating with life and reminds us of the gaiety of the Junior- Senior banquet and our trip to the Chowan river. The music ends on a note of triumph. We proud¬ ly feel that Opus 50 is no disgrace to band or conductors. We hope you share our opinion. Class Historian, Louise Hilliard Page Thirteen LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA County of Chatham Town of Goldston We, the Senior Class of 1950, being of sound mind and never failing memories for chemistry notes and diagraming English sentences, hereby make and declare this our last will and testament. ARTICLE 1 To Mr. Cullipher, we leave our gratitude and sincere appreciation for everything he has helped us accomplish. To Mrs. Byerly, we leave our thanks for being so understanding and, also, a large Senior class next year. To Mrs. Oldham, we leave our promise that our parts of speech will never fail us in the time of need. To Mrs. Leonard, we leave just one health class with the hopes that they will be as healthy as we are. ARTICLE II To the incoming Seniors, we leave our home room, our teacher, and the hope that they will learn everything that we didn’t. To the Sophomores, we leave some “good, common horse sense.” To the Freshmen, we leave our ability to concentrate so that in four years they will be standing in our shoes. ARTICLE III I, Floyd Caviness, do leave my position as captain of the football team and my ability to get a “busted” nose at every game to Richard Baker. To my brother, George, I leave my ability to get along with everyone. I, Gracie Mae Jones, do leave my place in the Beta Club to anyone who is willing to work as hard for it as I did. I, Ann Marie Moses, do leave my position as editor of the Goldston Hi-Lites to Bill Cullipher, hop¬ ing that he will publish a paper every week. I, Billy Joe Harris, do leave my position as quarter-back on the football team to Donald Barber. To Jimmy Baker, I leave my personality. I, Billy Oldham, do leave my good looks to Jackie Jourdan. My place in Franklin’s Model A and my path to Sanford, 1 will keep. I, Betty Lou Rogers, do leave my typewriter to Alma Thomas with the desire that she will teach it to spell correctly. I, Sally Faye Campbell, do leave my “best all-aroundness” to Lois Mashburn; Pete, I will keep for myself. I, Clyde Watson, do leave my place in the Beta Club to Lynn Moses. My ability to learn, I leave to Bill Thomas. I, Eleanor Kirkman, do leave my place in the office to Sally Herron, with the hope that she will do better than I. To Sara Jane Fields, I leave my ability to “catch a man.” I, Louise Hilliard, do leave my place as librarian to Bobby Jean Phillips. To Jean Talley, I leave my ability to translate French. I, Billy Sipes, do leave my place in study hall to Gordon Elkins. My gift of gab, I leave to my brother, Jack. I, Elbert Pilkington, do leave my dependability to Gilbert Oldham. I, Josephine Gaines, do leave my ability to sing to Mary Ruth Fields. My carefree ways, I leave to Katherleen Hutchins. I, Mary Alice Fields, do leave my secret for being late for school everyday to Jean Cheek. To Jean Taylor, I leave my long curly eye lashes with instructions as to how to keep them curly. I, Charles Barber, do leave my charming ways to Phillip Gaines. To my brother Donald, I leave my ability to ask questions on class with hopes that he will understand better than I did. I, Angelette Oldham, do leave my place as co-captain of the basketball team to Katie Mae Wilson. To Victoria Moore, 1 leave my cramming ability. 1, Vergie Mae Caligan, do leave my curly hair and my ability to sing to Marlyn Wilkie. To Vir¬ ginia Clark, I leave my intelligence. Signed and sealed this the ninth day of February in the year 1950. Testator, Eleanor Kirkman Witnesses: Sally Faye Campbell Billy Oldham Puye Fourteen MASCOTS George Gaines Janice Gilliand CLASS SONG Up bright and early, headed for school, Study like fury for my grades, While those hard boiled teachers, Have nothing to do, but fuss at us Seniors all day. Dig for the nuggests, digging all day, Dig till evening is nigh, Then we ll tell everyone, that the miracle’s done, In mem’ries of Old Goldston High. Dear friends behind, don’t you know we’re rejoicing, Though tears are in our eyes; with gladness in our hearts, we’re parting from dear Old Goldston High. There lies the pathway, Pointing ahead, Clear as bright new day, To our work ahead and our future life, As farewell to high school we say. By: Josephine Gaines Page Fifteen SUPERLATIVES I t MR. AND MISS GOLDSTON HIGH Billy Joe Harris, Ann Marie Moses Page Sixteen SUPERLATIVES MOST INTELLECTUAL Charles Barber, Vergie Mae Caligan Page Seventeen SUPERLATIVES BEST LOOKING Billy Oldham, Mary Alice Fields Page Eighteen SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC Billy Sipe, Angelette Oldham Page Nineteen SUPERLATIVES BEST-ALL-AROUND Sally Faye Campbell, Floyd Caviness Page Twenty SUPERLATIVES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Clyde Watson, Louise Hilliard Par e Twenty-One SUPERLATIVES MOST VERSATILE— Betty Lou Rogers CUTEST— Josephine Gaines Page Twenty-Two SUPERLATIVES Elbert Pilk ington, Eleanor Kirkman MOST DEPENDABLE WITTIEST Gracie Mae Jones Page Twenty-Three PROPHECY I am a sand diviner, and this is a bag of sand from the Sahara Desert. With this I shall foretell the future of this marvelous senior class. First, I empty the sand. I pile it into a pyramid. Abracadabra, galoshes, plus ulster, gabble, gab¬ ble. The signs are all in your favor. You will be in excellent health and doing well for yourselves five years from now. The sands show me Grade Mae Jones working on a new dictionary that will give all the words in the English language a new and better meaning. I can actually see one of her new definitions: adenoids—things in a child’s nose that keep him from getting things in his head. The sands shift. Here is Charles Barber, the boy who was always asking questions in high school and who always wanted to know all about everything. He is a deep sea diver. If that isn t getting to the bottom of things, what is? I hear music in the shifting of the sands, and I see Vergie Mae Calligan singing a solo at a wed¬ ding. Her voice is sweet and clear and her range is bigger than the one baritones are always bel¬ lowing about being home on. In the Metropolitan Art Gallery in New York, the sands show me the beautiful paintings of Mary Alice Fields. Just keep in mind that she was art editor of the “Goldstone.” Strange, very strange indeed, yet the sands never make mistakes. Some of our class-members seem to be having aches and pains as they grow older and I find them in John Hopkins Hospital, where the chief surgeon is Dr. Clyde Watson. Now the sands shift to the highways where I see Elbert Pilkington driving a greyhound bus en route to Washington. In New York at Billy Rose’s “Diamond Horseshoe,” 1 see the lovely Josephine Gaines as a ballet dancer and singer. The sands shift violently and I see Floyd Caviness, engineer, sitting in the cab of an east bound train. He is making and excellent engineer. He could always crawl out of trouble; he should be able to get a train through on time easily. In a far distant city in Louisiana, I see Eleanor Kirkman, who married Sergeant John Wesley Harris, entertaining her friends at an officers’ club. As the sands shift, the scene is a Western state, and the town is Hollywood, California. I see actor Billy Oldham starring in his latest production, “Springtime in Pasodenia.” Ah, the sands are forming in happy lines now. I see a figure in uniform. Is it a general? No, it is the head usher in the “Lowes Capitol Theater” in Goldston, North Carolina. That should be a perfect job for Billy Sipe. He always sat through the shows at the Temple theater till the man¬ ager sent him home, especially if it were a western picture. Another pleasant pattern is Sally Faye Campbell in the grandstand at the baseball park in San¬ ford, watching her husband, Pete Sasser, pitch for the Spinners. When we think of great writers, we can’t forget the famous writings of Angelette Oldham, who is managing editor of “The Magazine That America Lives by,” Good Housekeeping. The sands shift and I see again good old Goldston High, where Betty Lou Rogers is teaching music to the students and her little family of boys. The sand falls into smooth even lines and I see a lovely blond beauty, Ann Marie Moses, teach¬ ing English at the University of California. The sands move up and down—up and down. I see a very attractive girl, Louise Hilliard, who was a staunch Republician, changing her politics and leaving for Washington to be Secretary to North Carolina’s State Senator, Frank P. Graham, “Democrat.” I see an ocean liner leaving the dock—The Blue Devils are all on shore waving good-by and shouting good advice to their missing coach Billy Joe Harris, who is leaning over the railing— no, no, he isn’t seasick yet—leaning over the railing to get a last glimpse of his famous team. He is their representative at the Olympics. If anyone is not pleased with his future and wishes to delve more deeply into it, just meet me at my office and bring a dollar with you. Billy Joe Harris, Prophet Page Twenty-Four SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVE MARY ALICE FIELDS Elected by popular vote as the Goldston representative in the contest for the queen of Lee County fair sponsored by the Lions Club, Mary Alice Fields rode aboard the club’s float in the parade celebrating the fair. She was a guest of honor at a banquet given by the Sanford Lions Club at the Wilrik Hotel. CLASS POEM The years have come and the years have gone, But the Golddigger parade still marches on. Now we have reached our goal at last, Our high school days are in the past. For twelve long years, we have striven each day To graduate and be on our way. Here’s to our teachers and principal too, Hearty thanks as we bid you adieu. We’ll not forget our high school so dear Our classmates and friends so full of cheer. Through all the forces of time and tide O The love in our hearts will eternally reside. These years haven’t taken so long to pass, For this thrifty 1950 Senior class. Goodbye to old Goldston High. Our friendship with you will never die. Vergie Mae Caligan, Class Poet Page Twenty-Five JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS Marilyn Wilkie, President Betty Lou Hart, Vice-President Jean Herron, Secretary Jean Tally, Treasurer Sara Jane Fields, Room Representative Paye Twenty-Seven JUNIORS Jean Cheek Edwin Elkins Mary Ruth Fields Sara Jane Fields William Fields Mary Goldston Jordan Ruth Griffin Betty Lou Hart Jean Herron Jack Jourdan Lois Mashburn Gilbert Oldham Page Twenty-Eight JUNIORS Bobby Jean Phillips Charles Wade Phillips Mack Phillips Jean Tally Alma Thomas Bill Thomas Frona Wilkie Marlyn Wilkie Franklin Wilkins Catherine Woody page Twenty-Mnc UNDERCLASSMEN SOPHOMORES First Row —Willie Stanley, John Oldham, Lynn Moses, Gordon Elkins, Donald Barber, Richard Baker, Isabelle Camp¬ bell. Second Row —Katie Mae Wilson, Marie Powers, Betty Ruth Campbell, Anna Poe, Ruth Elkins, Laura Beal, Pearl Elkins. Third Row —Mrs. Oldham, Hal Oldham, Roger McMillan, Billy Cullipher, Victoria Moore Eloise Gaines ' Jearline Hancock, Lucy Fields. FRESH MEN First Row —Cylde Thomas Webster, Jack Sipe, Charles Edward Phillips, Berry Poe, Joe Thomas, George Caviness, Katherleen Hutchins, Inez Fields, Shirley Wilson, Jean Taylor, Joyce Oldham, Shirley Mashburn. Second Row —Jerry Oldham, Ernest Willett, Melvin Rives, James Baker, James Mashburn, Johnnie Gaines, Elizabeth Oldham, Maxine McIntosh, Johnnie Jean Jordan, Shirley Jeffries, Doris Burke, Mary Ruth Allen. Third Row —Betty Johnson, Vir¬ ginia Clark, Shirley Brafford, Elva Oldham, Margaret Sharpe. Carl Foster Rives, Leonard Barber, Benny Gaines, Billy Woody, Claude Cook. Raymond Elkins, Mr. Cullipher. Page Thirty-One Eighth Grade First Row —Joe Phillips. J. T. Griffin, Jimmy Jourdan, Sylvia Fields, Lataine Oldham, Erma Gaines, Sadie Mae Har¬ rell. Mary Dell Johnson. Ted Phillips. Leon Rives, Lionel Gilliland, Eugene Oldham. Bobby Trogdan. Second Row Charles Beal. Lynwood Ellis. George Beal. Frances Dawson. Callie Lee Welch. Lois Smith, Shelby Wicker. Augusta Hancock. Jeter Dowdy, Ronie Gaines, James Yarborough, Cone Hilliard. Third Row —Mr. Bray, Gene Causey, El- vette Melver, Jo Wright, Josephine Rives. Ola Hart, Georgia Harvell, Bobby Jordan, Wyvette Kinton, Clarence John¬ son. John Palmer, Wayne Jacobs, Mary Dunn, Franklin Wilson, Barbara Oldham, Charles Seagroves, Hubert Gaines, Ronald Gilliland. First Row —Shelby Elkins. Betty Jean Wicker, Carolyn Caviness, Ann Barber, Mildred Webster. Ann Marie Meyers, Betty Lou Caudel, Naomi Phillips, Iola Gaines, Ernestine Leslie. Jann Yarborough, Frances Gaines, Elizabeth Ann Rives. Second Row —Gilbert Ruth, Redga Oldham, Masley Barber, Tommy Brafford. W. C. Campbell. Rachel Fields, Shirley Wilkins, Pat Thomas, Glenn Smith, Billy Hart, Larry Graham. Third Roiv —F. D. Elkins, Ronnie Ordway, Jimmy Smith, Bobby McMillan, Alfred Foushee, Jackie Miller, Roy Beal, Clarence Moody, Dewey Heffner, Inez Poe, Mary Lou Michael, Agnes Johnson, Mrs. Bray. Faye Thirty-Two Sixth Grade First How —Mollie Sims Cheek, Fairbell McMillan, Ruby Dowdy, Ruth Jeffries, Frances Harvell, Nancy Johnson, Helen Phillips, Norma Jean Jeffries, Bill Tally, Iris Garner. Second Row —Grace Wright, Ann Gail Murchison, Ruth Ellen Jourdan, Vivian Gilliland, Jimmie McDonald, Jimmie Phillips, Elmer Woody, Tommie Wilkie, Leon Morrison, Dan Gaines. Third Row —Mrs. Barber, E. D. Michael, David Kinton, Harold Trogdon, William Griffen, Jerry Gaines, Hor¬ ton Seagroves, Lowell Graham, Wesley Miller, William Barber, Edward Beal. First Row —Wayne Phillips, Billy Wicker, Faydene Wilkie, Ruth Ellen Rives, Larry Phillips. Joe Earl Oldham, Virginia Willette, Clyde Elkins. Janiene Murray, Joyce Gaines, Rosa Lee Caviness. Second Row — Jerry Wayne Campbell, Dorothy Webster, Lawson Barber, William Lee Elkins, Nancy Oldham, Shelby Jean Bright, Cilia Herron, Johnny Gaines, Jimmy Pilkington, Fisher Hamer, Peggy Oldham. Third Row —Max Gaines, Miss Womble, George Wade Oldham, Billy Watson, Wayne Douglas Smith, Verneita Gaines, Garfield Smith, Roy Beal, Ronald Causey, Frances Seagroves, Ray Beal. Page Thirty-Three Fourth Grade First Row —Ann Phillips, Geneva Stanley, Janice Elkins, Sylvia Spivey, Ann Cooke Phillips, Patricia Gaines, Linda Wright, Joyce Brooks, Ann Maness, Barbara Jourdan, Bobby Beard. Ervin Woody. Second Row —Carl Wayne God¬ win, Danny Leslie, David Mashburn, Mary Louise McDonald, Emma Morrison, Johnny Hilliard, Joe Cullipher, Jimmy Williams, Doyle Wilkie, Dean Maness. Third Row —Mrs. Tyner, Mildred Williamson, Wayne Elkins, Rebecca Cheek, Elsie Mashburn, Billy Ellis, Judy Dawson. Third and Fourth Grades First Row —Marie Beard, Elaine Davis, Barbara Morrison, Kay Elkins, Gracie Caviness, Carl Gaines, Jr., Wesley Hart, Roger Gaines. Second Row —Marie Brooks, Gale Beal, Peggy Hart, Janice Graham, Patricia Causey, Ethel Beal, Effie Brafford, Grace Mashburn. Third Roiv —Mrs. McDonald, Billy Brady, Billy Fields, Lonnie Beal, Nathan Myers, Bobby Heaton. Rage Thirty-Four h i rd Grade First Row —Donald Oldham, Jack Hilliard, Billy Murchinson, Lula Mae Wicker, Linda Faye Williams, Betty Maness, Margaret Phillips, Virginia Pearce, Jennifer Roach, Jane Phillips, Larry Miller. Second Row—Carol Sue Hefner, Norma Jean Caudle. Donald Jefferies, Reid Beal, Frances Oldham, Peggy Beal, J. B. Oldham, Rayvon King, Elizabeth McIntosh, Frances Wright, J. B. Gilliland. Third Row—Richard Webster, Lee Ordway, Jenkie Palmer, Mary Lucile Moody, Annie Lou Thompson, Dale Beal, Lewis Dowdy, Mrs. Moore. Second Grade First Row —Eugene Barber, Wayne Gaines, Reid Trogdon, Ann Woolover, Barbara Robinson, Margaret Johnson, Frances Rives, Joan Stinson, Alice King, Helen Wilkie, Susan Hayes, Patricia Davis. Second Roto —Wilson Poe, Cleo Williams, Carolyn Smith, Margaret Wilkie, Sarah Margaret Oldham, Charles Berry, Larry Yarborough, Joseph Mash- burn, Douglas Oldham, Gary Moses, Jimmy Jay Elkins, Earl Brooks. Third Row —Mrs. Jeffrey, Lanny Jenkins, James Herbert Fields, Stockton Wilkins, Nicky Tyner, Samuel Cheek, Wayne Jefferies. Page Thirty-Five First and Second Grades First Row —Marlin Stinson, Charles Gaines, Wayne Rives, Bennie Faye Barber, Jimmie Oldham, Donald Woody, Mae Smith, Linda Oldham, Mary E. Seagroves, Jerry Moses, Tommy Wright. Second Roto —Mrs. Garner, Linda Gale Wil¬ kie, Glynn Elkins, Jack Beal, Charlie Elkins, Earle Myers, Becky Brady, Larry Oldham, Margie Seagroves, Shirley Ellis, Carol Webster, Dorothy Lou Jourdan. First Grades First Row —Homer Gaines. Bobby Gaines, Bobby Yarborough. David Oldham, Bobby Carlton, Alton Powers. Nancy Johns, Nancy Hilliard, Carolyn Gaines, Lydia Scott. Joan Maness. Second Row — ' Lee Phillips, Jr.. Kate Beal, Sandra Wicker, Ann Collins, Ernestine Elkins, Haddie Kidd. Carl Ray Wright, Larry Binkley, Lewis Palmer. R. G. Beal, Miss Grace Burke. Page Thirty-Six ACTIVITIES P. T. A OFFICERS Gi.enn Phillips, President Mrs. Wii bur Moses, Vice-President Mrs. Blaine Jeffrey, Secretary Mrs. Richard Moore, Treasurer During the school years 1948-1950, Goklston Parent-Teacher Association had its first man, Mr. Glenn Phillips, to act as president of this organization. Under his direction, many projects were held to raise funds for some school necessity. Out of these funds, work was done on the school grounds, new stage curtains and school-room equipment were bought, and a contribution to the coach’s supplement was made. Just a few nights before the Goldstone went to the publisher, the P. T. A. voted to give all elementary rooms fifty cents per pupil for library books, and Coach Bray was assured $150 to help purchase new basketball suits next year. Attendance this year has been very good. Page Thirty-Eight HALLOWEEN KINGS AND QUEENS WINNERS Floyd Caviness, High School King Katie Mae Wilson, High School Queen Ronnie Gaines, Elementary King Lataine Oldham, Elementary Queen Gene Barber, Primary King Jennifer Roach, Primary Queen Bill Goldston, Baby Winner HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL A ‘ Big Halloween Carnival” was held October 28 at the Goldston School this year. The contests for kings and queens highlighted the night’s entertainment. The show opened with a movie, two cartoons, a novelty, and a musical. Following the movie, side-shows were opened and the community enjoyed “The House of Horrors,” a “Freak Show,” an auction sale, apple-bobbing, cake walks, a fish pond, and basketball throwing. This event was sponsored by the P.T.A. Pac e Thirty-Nine GOLDSTONE STAFF Editor __ Assistant Editor_ Business Manager _ Assistant Business Manager _ Advertising Manager _ Assistant Advertising Manager Feature Editor_ Sports Editor _ Art Editor _ Assistant Art Editor_ Typist__ Typist___ ... ..Charles Barber Angelette Oldham Grade Mae Jones _Mary Goldston _ Jean Herron _Floyd Caviness Ann Marie Moses ..Billy Joe Harris Mary Alice Fields Mack Phillips Louise Hilliard Eleanor Kirkman Page Forty GOLDSTON HI-LITES STAFF Editor-in-chief Associate Editors Managing Editor Business Manager o Advertising Manager . O Sports Editors Feature Editors Art Editors Sponsors . Ann Moses Bill Sipe Bill Cullipher Eleanor Kirkman Bill Thomas Bill Harris Jean Herron Floyd Caviness Sally Faye Campbell Grade Mae Jones Mack Phillips Hal Oldham Mrs. By ' erly Mrs. Oldham Page Forty-One STUDENT COUNCIL Angelette Oldham_President Billy Joe Harris _Vice-President Mary Alice Fields_Secretary Jean Tally_ .Treasurer Charles Barber _Goldstone Editor Ann Marie Moses_Goldston Hi-Lites Editor Floyd Caviness _Senior Class President Vergie Mae Caligan _Senior Room Representative Marlyn Wilkie _ T Junior Class President Sara Jane Fields _Junior Room Representative Richard Baker _Sophomore Class President Donald Barber _Sopohomore Room Representative Virginia Clark _Freshmen Class President Doris Burke ...._Freshmen Room Representative Principal G. P. Cullipher _ __ _Sponsor Faye Forty-Two Seated —Betty Lou Rogers, Program Chairman; Ann Marie Moses, Secretary; Gracie Mac Jones, Publicity Chairman; Louise Hilliard, Treasurer; Mrs. Ora B. Byerly, Sponsor. Standing —Clyde Watson, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Angelette Oldham, President; Charles Barber, Social Chairman. Page Forty-Three BUS DRIVERS Edwin Elkins, Franklin Wilkins, Jean Elerron, Bill Oldham, Elbert Pilkington. SAFETY PATROL First Row —Bobby Jean Phillips, Lois Mashburn, Margaret Sharpe, John Oldham. Second Row —Carolyn Caviness, Fiona Wilkie, Marlyn Wilkie, Jean Tally, Catherine Woody, Ann Barber, Sally Faye Campbell, Ruth Griffen. Third Row —Shirley Mashburn, Mr. Cullipher, Sonny Mashburn, Obie Ellis. 4-H CLUB First Row —Ann Phillips, Joe Cullipher, Jimmie McDonald, Franklin Wilson, Wayne Oldham, Bill Tally, Elmer Woody, Edward Beal, Bill Foster, Dan Gaines, William Griffen, Lowell Graham. Second Row —Patricia Gaines, Janice Elkins, Mary Louise McDonald, Ann Phillips, Joyce Handcock, Roy Beal, Wayne Elkins, Emma Jean Morrison, Sylvia Spivey, Mildred Williams, David Mashburn, Barbara Jerdon. Third Row —Clyde. Elkins, Marie Brooks, Buddy Godwin, David Caviness, Walter Lee Ellis, Roy Flart, Rebecca Cheek, Betty Lou Wilson, Shelby Jean Elkins, Ann Barber, Noami Phillips. Fourth Row —Ruth Ellen Rives, Mary Lou Michael, Inez Poe, Josephine Rives, Wyvette Kinton, Ann Marie Myers, Ernestine Leslie, Iola Gaines, Ray Beal, Wayne Douglas Smith, Wayne Oldham, Horten Seagroves. Fifth Row —Celia Herron, Ethel Hart, Frances Harvel, Frances Johnson, Irish Garner, Fairbell McMillan, Peggy Oldham, Betty Mince, Dorothy Webester, Jerry Hart, Lynwood Ellis, Garland Dowd. Sixth Row —Clarence Moody, J. T. Griffen, Agnes Johnson, Janiene Murry, Virginia Willette, Bobby Jordan, Charles Seagroves, Hubert Gaines, George Beal, Franklin Wilson, Betty Lou Caudle. Seventh Row —Shirly Jeffries, Johnnie Jean Jordan, Alma Thomas, Ronnie Ordway, Gilbert Ruth, Victor Oldham, Rov Beal. Seventh Row —Bobby McMillan, Redga Oldham, Jimmy Jordan, Shirly Wilkins, Ruth Elkins. Eighth Row —Marie Powers, Isabelle Campbell, Jackie Jordan, Edwin Elkins, Sara Jane Fields, Ruth Griffen, Catherine Woody, Shirly Wilson, Inez Fields, Lucy Fields, Jearline Hancock. Ninth Row —Doris Burke, Shirley Brafford, Betty Ruth Campbell, Katherleen Hutchins, Shirly Mashburn, Eloise Gaines, Jose¬ phine Gaines, Lois Mashburn, Marlyn Wilkie, Berry Poe, Bobby Jean Phillips. Page Forty-Four LIBRARY STAFF Seated —Mrs. Oldham, Jcarline Hancock, Louise Hilliard, John Oldham, Franklin Wilkins, Elbert Pilkington. Absent from picture Gracie Mae Jones and Katie Wilson. LUNCHROOM STAFF Mrs. Cullipher, Supervisor, Elva Oldham, Margaret Sharpe, Shirley Mashburn, Joyce Oldham, Jean Taylor, Shirley Brafford, Katherleen Hutchins, Shirley Wilson, Eliza Palmer, Lucille Murchison, Evylene Carrol. Puye Forty-Six SPORTS W Wr BOYS ' MONOGRAM CLUB Seated —Clyde Watson, Phillip Gaines, Billy Sipe, Billy Joe Harris, Floyd Caviness, Standing —Charles Wade Phillips, James Mashburn, Bill Thomas, Roger McMillan, William Fields, Billy Cullipher. Page Forty-Eight GIRLS ' MONOGRAM CLUB Josephine Gaines, Isabelle Campbell, Betty Ruth Campbell, Lois Mashburn, Maty Ruth Fields, Mary Alice Fields, Sara Jane Fields, Marie Powers, Ann Marie Moses, Jean Herron, Angelette Oldham, Katie Mac Wilson, Jearline Hancock, Marilyn Wilkie, Jean Tally. Va jc Forty-Nine Vmjt; CHEERLEADERS Bobbie Jean Phillips, Angelette Oldham, Lois Mashburn, Sara Jane Fields. NEW FOOTBALL TEAM The school is justly proud of its football team this year. Since football was introduced in the school only this year, the season began with boys who had never played football. Under the capable leadership of the new coach, Fred Bray, the team did quite well. After the early season contests, the team showed considerable improvement and made an above average exhibition of six man football. The final record was two wins, three defeats, and two ties. I’ayc Fifty FOOTBALL TEAM The graduating football players were honored by the Goldston Lions Club with a turkey dinner. At this dinner, Billy Joe Harris, Floyd Caviness, Clyde Watson, and Charles Barber were presented silver footballs by the local banker, P. M. Stuart. Seated —Joe Cullipher, water boy. First Row —Mr. Bray, Coach, William Fields, Roger McMillan, Richard Baker, Floyd Caviness, Charles Barber, Billy Joe Harris. Second Row —Bill Thomas, Clyde Watson, Benny Gaines, Johnny Gaines, Gene Causey, Phillip Gaines. Third Row —Jackie Miller, Jimmy Baker, Billy Culli¬ pher, Hal Oldham, Roy Beal, Donald Barber, Bobby McMillan, Ronnie Gaines. LINEUP LE— McMillan C— Barber RE— Fiei ds QB— Harris WB— Baker W B—Ca vi n i: s s Piuje Fifty-One BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Seated —Benny Gaines, Billy Sipe, Billy Joe Harris, Billy Cullipher, Johny Gaines. Standing —Coach Fred Bray, Bill Thomas, Roger McMillan, William Fields, Charles Barber, Richard Baker. The boy’s basketball team went to the semi-finals in a pre-season tournament held in Sanford. They de¬ feated Broadway in the quarter-finals and then met Deep River, who incidentally won the tournament. Again, they went to the semi-finals in a district qualification basketball tournament sponsored by the Gold- ston Lions Club and held in the Goldston gymnasium where they were again defeated by the Deep River team. In the various county games, the boys were top scorers at times and low at other times, but, winning or losing, they played at an exceptionally fast pace and employed fast break plays. As they entered the county tournament, the final one for the season, they did not win any trophy for high scoring, but they went to the semi-finals and topped the list as the most hustling team. Billy Joe Harris was awarded a trophy for being the most outstanding player on the team. Benny Gaines won the award for second place. These awards were presented by Mr. J. C. Burke, Sr. Par e Fifty-Two GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Seated —Mary Alice Fields and Angelette Oldham, Co-Captains. Standing —Jean Tally, Mary Ruth Allen, Doris Burke, Shirley Wilson, Shirley Mashburn, Inez Fields, Johnnie Jean Jordan, Jearline Flancock, Jean Herron, Coach Fred Bray, Katie Mae Wilson, Jean Cheek, Marlyn Wilkie, Ann Marie Moses, Marie Powers, Eloise Gaines, Shirley Jeffries, and Lucy Fields. Goldston’s winning girls ' basketball team were top-scorers in the pre-season tournament held in Sanford armory, but the McCrary girls defeated them in the District CBA tournament held in the Goldston gymnasium. The team lost only two games out of twenty-three. Katie Wilson, a sophomore and Goldston’s ace forward, showed her scoring prowess again this year by scoring 612 points before the county tournament opened. Coaches of opposing teams were kept busy trying to devise methods for stopping Katie, but she still made their chances of victory very slim. Second scoring hon¬ ors go to Jean Herron. With Jean Tally, center forward, speedily passing the ball and “Bo Fields placing long shots in the basket, the Goldston forwards gave opposing teams a high speed attack that proved too much for them. The hard fighting guards on the team were Angellette Oldham, Ann Marie Moses, Marlyn Wilkie and Marie Powers. Being quick on the rebounds, they kept the forwards of opposing teams really worried. For the first time in years, the girls won the county tournament in a beautiful game showing the highest type of sportsmanship and good headwork. Mr. J. C. Burke, Sr. presented Katie Mae Wilson with a trophy for being the most outstanding player on the team, and Jean Tally was presented an award for second place. Pai e Fifty-Three SNAPSHOTS Page Fifty-Four ADVERTISEMENTS • V Compliments of GENERAL CREOSOTING COMPANY — CREOSOTE — Ties, Timber, Posts, Poles and Lumber GULF, NORTH CAROLINA DARK AND HARRINGTON Sheet Metal Work of All Kinds Auto Radiator Repairing and Rebuilding Auto Body Glass Made to Order Pryor Dark — Jones Harrington Telephone No. 213J SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CHATHAM GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE ONLY Siler City North Carolina Compliments of GAINES LUMBER COMPANY GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA Best Wishes to the Seniors of GOLDSTON HIGH SCHOOL from Sanford Sash Blind Company Hardware, Appliances Building Material Myers Water Systems Bonlee Hardware Sanford, N. C. Bonlee, N. C. Compliments of Sanford Motor Sales, Inc. Patterson ' s Packing Company DeSoto — Plymouth A Complete Automatic Service Sanford, N. C. 220 Wicker Street Phone 4921 Phone 546-547 Sanford, N. C. The Jewel Box Compliments of Your Friendly Jewelers Chatham Avenue Marley ' s Siler City, N. C, Clothing Store Ned W. Cohen, Pres. Jack London, Mgr. Siler City, N. C. Home Electric Company C. J. Hackney Kelvinator, Appliances Contracting Dry Goods—Shoes—Notions Quality Merchandise at Lowest Prices Phone 274 Siler City, N. C. Bonlee, N. C. SMITH AND BUCKNER FUNERAL HOME SILER CITY, N. C. BUTTERCUP ICE CREAM COMPANY SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA GAINES AND MOSES Department Store Goldston, N. C. Ladies Dresses Shoes Hats Hose Patterns Men ' s Accessories Trousers Shoes Hats Work Clothes COMPLIMENTS of FAIRVIEW DAIRIES Inc. Quality Milk and Ice Cream SANFORD, N. C. r IZPHONE 58 =ZSANFORD N.C. TWIN LAND AUCTIONEERS FORD ELDER MOTOR COMPANY SILER CITY, N. C. Siler City Cleaners Laundry Serving Goldston for over a Quarter Century Siler City, N. C. Compliments of MAKEPEACE MILLWORK COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS Sanford, North Carolina HARRIS LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of FINE LUMBER Kiln-Dried Flooring and Ceiling We Buy Timber and Lumber GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA JOHNSON GAINES ESSO STATION Standard Oil Products and GAINES OIL COMPANY Wholesale Distribution GOLDSTON, N. C. BOBBY BURNS CAFE SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of BREWER Laundry Dry Cleaners PHONE 283-J Siler City, North Carolina Compliments of THREE POINTS CHATHAM SODA SHOP BRICK TILE CO. Curb Service GULF, N. C. SANFORD, N. C. BILL ' S GRILL CHRISTINE ' S HOT DOGS — MILK SHAKES J. C. Bowers, Owner Siler City, N. C. LADIES’ READY TO WEAR Foremost in Fashions and Styles SILER CITY, N. C. To Be Well-Dressed Visit Brooks - McMosters MEN’S CLOTHING C. MANLEY OLDHAM LUMBER and REAL ESTATE Siler City, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Compliments of LACY OLDHAM SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA Business Phone — Dial 2-2561 Perry ' s Department Store GRIMES Watches “Where Values are Higher Than Prices” Phone 232 Siler City, N. C. Diamonds Silverware China Glassware SILER CITY, N. C. Compliments Compliments of of Lady Be Lovely Beauty Shop R. G. Hancock Bonlee Goldston, N. C. North Carolina L. W. Fields Sapona Mills Groceries, Notions, Drugs Fresh Fruits Vegetables “We appreciate your trade” “If it’s Corn you want to grow use ‘Crib Buster’ in every row” Goldston, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Julia Nell ' s Beauty Shop Holt Supply Company Farmall Tractors “It cost no more for the Best” International Motor Trucks Siler City, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Siler City Hardware -o - Everything In Hardware PHONE 108 Siler City, N. C. Johnson Cotton Company Farm and Home Supplies “Cash if you have it; Credit if you need it” Sanford, N. C. Kammer ' s Congratulations Seniors SAMUEL CHEEK CO. Young Men ' s Shop WHOLESALE Sanford, N. C. CANDIES — GROCERIES SPECIALTIES Goldston, North Carolina McLaurin Gro. Chatham Motors, Inc. Groceries, Meats, Vegetables Frozen Foods Chevrolet Sales and Service Goldston, N. C. Siler City, N. C. Chatham Hardware Edwards Jewelry Company Store “Registered Purity Diamonds” General Hardware Goldston, North Carolina • Siler City, N. C. Rogers ' Lee Drug Stores of Funeral Home Sanford Goldston PHONE 206 “Any Prescription Any Time” Sanford North Carolina Sanford, N. C. Goldston, N. C. r Serving This Community GOLDSTON Complete Banking MARKET Facilities The Chatham BURKE BROTHERS Bank • Groceries — Meats Member Federal Deposit Insurance Produce Corporation • — Goldston Goldston, North Carolina North Carolina F W Grill “Everything Good to Eat” Sanford, N. C. Safeway Suburban Lines Inc. Charter Bus Service Tours Safe — Economical—Convenient Phone 698—Sanford, N. C. Dial 2416—Dunn, N. C. “Depend On Reliable Service” from Southern Utilities Corp. Plumbing Jonesboro Dry Cleaners C. S. Bullock Jessie White and Electrical Contraction Jonesboro, N. C. Phone 294 Sanford, N. C. JOSTEN ' S Drive-In-Griddle Treasure Craft Bar-B-Q Jewelry Shakes and and Stationery Ice Cream Owatowwa, 3 Miles North of Sanford Minnesota On U. S. No. 1 COMPLIMENTS of F. M. Barber Goldston North Carolina ESSO MOTOR INC. A. D. PIERCE, Prop. Goldston North Carolina Compliments of MILLER HEATING SHEET METAL CO. GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS of FARMERS MILLING COMPANY GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS of Emerson Poultry Company PHONE 441 Bonlee North Carolina COMPLIMENTS Of Progressive Store Inc. “Home of Better Values” Sanford North Carolina EAST COBLE Department Store Sporting Goods Co. • 119 North Green St. “Where Quality Predominates” GREENSBORO, N. C. • " We Outfit High School PHONE 304 and College Athletic Teams " Siler City North Carolina PALMER S ESSO STATION GAS — OIL GROCERIES Gulf, North Carolina Compliments of GOLDSTON CAFE Phone 297 Good Food ------ GUESTS john Sexton CO. CHICAGO — LONG ISLAND CITY — PHILADELPHIA PALLAS—ATLANTA— PITTSBURGH— DETROIT—BOSTON VANN OLDHAM ' S STORE Where Quality Is Higher Than Price! GOLDSTON, N. C. GULF, N. C. Compliments of Williams-Belk Company Sanford, North Carolina Compliments of Burke ' s Barber Shop Goldston, N. C. Presents this Annual To Staff and Student Body, an illustration of the “Distinctive Printing that is Economy.” It is hoped that as the years go by, that a FULL MEASURE OF APPRECIATION OF THE WORK OF THE STAFF AND THE COMPANY, WILL DEVELOP IN THE MINDS OF THOSE WHO READ THIS BOOK AND THAT IT WILL KEEP ALIVE THE PLEASANT MEMORIES OF SCHOOL DAYS AND CLASSMATES DISTINCTIVE PRINTING IS ECONOMY RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS GOLDSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY 919 - 323-4522

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