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cT«G ftcAK t» s ene«ou tftuuuu eg 2007 . Jrfj. ' , v v, j „™ « VB. ' .ir «, •■ % i IV»li W A. " ■ ■ ' % 3ESraAi :r-g - x THE GOLD-DIGGER presents (datd totte ‘DecUcattM For many years of faithful service to Goldston High School as a mem¬ ber of the local Board of Education, we the Senior Class of ’49 dedicate this issue of the Gold-Stone to Mr. E. M. Harris, Sr. We shall always appreciate your kind and benevolent consideration of our school, and we herewith offer our respect and affection. Page Two Meet the Gold-digger—a personality who is becoming widely known. Though he has never been seen, he has been with students and teachers ever since the day they entered Golston School. He is felt in every act of study and play and is a red-blood to the core. No idle dreamer, this little guy really gets around! He does his many jobs quietly and efficiently. He helped lay the corner¬ stone of the school building, the lunchroom, and just this year, a $30,000 gymnasium. He has at¬ tended all the classes and has ridden all the bus routes. He yelled his lungs out at every basket¬ ball game ancl ran on the court clad in new uniforms and jackets. He assisted with every issue of the “Hi-Lites”, helped remodel the library, sold ads for the “Gold-Stone” and participated in all student activities. And, once again, who is this guy, the Gold-Digger? He has been at once principal, teacher, student, and janitor of a small, but progressive high school. He is the living spirit of Goldston High School that has enabled it to serve this community for many years. GOLDSTON HIGH SCHOOL Goldston, North Carolina FACULTY Mr. G. P. Cullipher, Principal Mrs. E. W. Byerly, Miss Anna Mae Caddell, Mrs. Vann Oldham, Mrs. Mrs. William Holiday, Mrs. Dewey Barber, Miss Valdah Deaton, Mrs. Mrs. Milton Garner, Mrs. J. W. Goldston Porter, Mr. C. C. Cannon, Richard Moore, Mrs. Ivy, I’age Four Page Five SENIOR OFFICERS President . Vice-president Secretary . Treasurer . Savannah Harris . John Thomas . Andrew Barber . Eunice Soots CLASS SONG MEMORIES September to June, a gay little tune, The song of the Seniors is ringing. It fills all the air, is heard everywhere; A message from glad hearts it is bringing. Chorus We love Goldston School; each lesson and rule We shall remember forever. Though many a year will fast disappear, The memories of school days fade never. We’ll go far away some proud, happy day, But deep in our hearts still remaining Will he friendship true for school days and you, Bright vision in our hearts never waning. Page Six SENIORS ANDREW BARBER Class Officer 10, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Beta Club Officer 11, 12; Student Council 12; Student Council Officer 12; Hi-Lites Staff 12; Bus Driver 11. 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative; Class Testator 12. J. C. BURKE, JR. Student Council 10. 12; Student Council Officer 12; Safety Patrol 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Letter 12; Star 11, 12; 4-H Club 10. 11, 12; Golds ' tone Staff 11, 12; Hi-Lites Staff 11, 12; Library Club 11; Glee Club 10, 11; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative; Class Prophet 12 . it SAVANNAH H ARRIS CALLICUTT Beta Club 11, 12; Class Officer 12; Student Council 12; Student Librarian 12: Senior Superlative; Chief Mar¬ shal 11. NORMAN DOWDY 4-H Club 9; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12. HELEN HART Beta Club 11, 12; Beta Club Officer 11, 12; Class Officer- 11; Student Council 11, 12; Student Council Officer 11; Student Council President 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Co-Captain Basketball Team 11; Captain Basketball Team 12; Letter 9; Star 10, 11, 12; Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; Office Assistant 12; Goldstone Staff 11. 12; Hi-Lites Staff 12; Dramatics 12; Bus Driver 12; Senior Superla¬ tive. WALTER JORDAN Class President 9, 10; Student Council 9, 10; Library Club 9; Army Veteran. Howard mcmillan Student Council 10. 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Basketball 10. 11. 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Letter 9; Star 10, 11, 12: Class Officer 9; Safety Patrol 11: Cheerleader 9; Glee Club 10, 11, Goldstone Staff 12; Hi-Lites Staff 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative. MARY ALICE MOSES Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 11; 4-H Club 9, 10, 10. 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11. 12; Letter 9; Star 10, 11, 12; Class Officer 9; Safety Patrol 11; Cheerleader 9; Glee Club 10, 11; Goldstone Staff 12; Hi-Lites Staff 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative. Page Seven SENIORS » kTAV Or ' S NORMAN OLDHAM Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Bus Driver 11. 12; Safety Patrol 10; Goldstone Staff 12; Letter 11; Star 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative. THELMA PHILLIPS Class Officer 10, 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Glee Club 9, 10; Student Council 11; Softball 10, 11, 12; Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 12; Chief Cheerleader 11, 12; Star 11; Letter 10; Goldstone Staff 12; Hi-Lites Staff 11. 12; Piano 9; Marshal 11; Lunchroom Worker 11, 12; Office Assistant 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative. WILMA ROSSER Student Council 10, 11, 12; 4-H Club 9, 10, 11; Class Officer 11, 12; Library Club 11; Glee Club 10, 11; Softball 9, 10, 11; Lunchroom Worker 11; Piano 9, 10; Safety Patrol 12; Cheerleader 9; Hi-Lites Staff 12; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12. EUNICE MAE SOOTS Class Officer 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Beta Club Officer 11; Student Council 12; Library Club 11; Piano 11; Glee Club 11; Editor-in-Chief “Goldston Hi-Lites " 12; Gold¬ stone Staff 12; Marshal 11; Dramatics 12; Senior Super¬ lative; Class Poet 12. JOHN THOMAS Class Officer 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Beta Club President 12; Student Council 12; Baseball 11, 12; Basketball 12; Star 11; Letter 10, 12; Cheerleader 10, 11; Marshal 11; Safety Patrol 11; Editor-in-Chief “Goldstone” 12; Hi- Lites Staff 12; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative; Cl Historian 12. JOHNIE DOWDY STOUT ub Officer - Class Officer 9, 10; Beta Club 11, 12; Beta Club Officer 11; Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council Presi¬ dent 11; Softball 10; Safety Patrol 10; Lunchroom Worker 11; Marshal 11; Goldstone Staff 10, 11; Hi- Lites Staff 12; Glee Club 10; Cheerleader 11; Letter 11; Senior Superlative; Dramatics 12. MARGARET WELCH Softball 9; Lunchroom Worker 11; Student Librarian 11; Dramatics 12; Senior Superlative. Pope Eight CLASS HISTORY It is haul to give the history of a class when so much still lies ahead of us. So far, we haven’t had much time to do things. We hope our history twenty-five years from now will be more worthy of your notice. We’ll begin at the beginning where all good stories should start. Most of us entered first grade a wee bit scared, but found it such a happy place that all our terrors disappeared. Then, from grade to grade we passed along, learning not only things from books but how to work and play together, to respect the rights of others, and to be good citizens in our school world. Then one exciting day, we entered high school with an enrollment of twenty-three. We began the year by electing to serve as our class officers Johnie Jean Dowdy, president; Andrew Barber, vice-president; Elma Wilkie, secretary-treasurer. Under the direction of Mrs. Francis Layland, things seemed to have gone very well for us. Then came our second year with Mr. Cullipher as our homeroom teacher. When we were finally settled, we found that we were lacking four of our classmates. We became very active in our Sophomore year. .Some joined the basketball teams; others played baseball and softball; still others were members of the glee club, the Student Council, and the cheering team. Our Junior year seemed to us a very trying one; but just before the Christmas holiday; we re¬ ceived a card bearing the information that our class rings were in the depot. We were an excited crowd of kids. Then came the .Junior-Senior banquet, which we had to struggle over, however, it seemed to us the last word in entertaining. Seven of us received letters for athletic activities. Our class leaders that year were Thelma Phillips, president; Helen Hart,, vice-president; Eunice Soots, secretary and treasurer; Wilma Rosser, room representative. Our Senior year in Goldston High is 1949. Two members of the class married during the sum¬ mer, but returned to finish their education. This year we elected Savannah Callicutt, president; John Thomas, vice-president; Andrew Bar¬ ber, secretary; Eunice Soots, treasurer. We chose as our flower the red rose and blue and white for our colors. Our motto is—“Sail on, the shore is just ahead.” Many exciting adventures lay before us during our Senior year. For many months, visions of the great Chowan River passed through our minds, and we could readily picture our Junior- Senior banquet. But above all this, we looked forward to our commencement for this was the time when we would leave Goldston School with much regret. We not only tried to do our work well, but we did other things decidedly worth while. We ap¬ proached our last exams with dignity and confidence, and we passed ’em. So having acquired a better education, we haven’t done so poorly, up to now. Pape Nine Last Will and Testament We, the class of 1949, in the town of Goldston, County of Chatham, and in the state of North Carolina, being ready to embark from this port into unknown seas, do hereby make this, our last will and testament. ARTICLE I Item 1. To Mr. Cullipher, our principal, we leave our gratitude for his understanding and good sportsmanship. Item 2. To the teachers, we leave thanks for their patience and a suggestion for making their lives easier: less difficult lessons, not so many tests, and fewer rules to be obeyed. Item 3. To the incoming Seniors, we leave our spotless reputation our air of importance and a vast store of ideas which we had neither time nor opportunity to use. Item 4. To the remaining students, we leave our fame and hope they won’t let it die by skidding too far beneath our achievements. ARTICLE II Last, we have a few individual bequest to make. Item 1. To Charles Barber, I, Andrew Barber, do leave my nerve. It never failed me and was a great help in time of trouble. Iteme 2. To Floyd Caviness who might have difficulty in passing tests, I, Thelma Phillips, do leave my cramming ability. Item 3. To Phillip Gaines, I, John Thomas, do leave some of my height. Item 4. To Bill Sipe, I, Howard McMillan, do leave my place in the Beta Club. Item 5. To Gilbert Oldham, I, Norman Oldham, do leave my bus. Item 6. To Angelette Oldham, I, Helen Hart, do leave my ability to play basketball. Item 7. To Billy Joe Harris, I, Norman Dowdy, do leave my quietness. Item 8. To Franklin Wilkins, I, Savannah Callicutt, do leave my ability to make excellent grades. Item 9. To Mack Phillips, I, J. C. Burke, do leave my artistic ability. Item 10. To Louise Hillard, I, Johnie Jean Stout, do leave some of my slimness. Item 11. To Frona Wilkie, I, Wilma Rosser, do leave some of my size. Item 12. To Sally Herron, I, Mary Alice Moses, do leave my blond hair. Item 13. To Edwin Elkins, I, Margaret Welch, do bequeath all the ambition I possessed with the hope that he will make good use of it by working hard at everything. Item 14. To Anne Marie Moses, I, Eunice Soots, do leave my position as editor of Goldston Hi- Lites. Item 15. To William Fields, I, Walter Jordan, do leave my agreeable disposition. Finally, we name as the sole executor of this will Mrs. E. W. Byerly in whom we have every confidence. Signed: The Senior Class of 1949 Andrew Barber, Testator Page Ten MASCOTS Jimmy McMillan and Linda Hart CLASS POEM MEMORIES Dear Senior Class of Forty-Nine We know the time is finally here To say good-bye to Goldston High And to our friends we love so dear. With gratitude we turn to you Who brought us thus far on our way And helped to guide our first voyage Safely into this port today. To you who gave us friendly aid Though we were young and sore afraid Always in our hearts there will be, A sense of love and loyalty. The sea of life may not be easy, And we may find many doubts and feai Rut with faith in the Hand Divine, We can face our tasks through the year- And as we sail this sea of life To face our problems day by day. Memories will return to our school And those who charted us our way. Class Poet Eunice Mae Soots PROPHECY As I sit on my yacht sailing along the sea of memories in the year 1974, I gaze into the briny waters and see my classmates of 1949. At first the images are vague, but gradually they begin to take shape. Johnie Jean Stout, who was married before school was out, is happily settled in Goldston with several little “shorties.” In the very heart of Goldston, I see Howard McMillan. He is now the dignified ownei of the Goldston Subway Lines, powered by atomic energy. I see Polly Moses, helpless and shy. She looks like a mariner adrift and surrounded by hungry sharks. As I look again, she is calm, composed, self-assured, if not bossy. She is now an efficiency expert in Goldston High School. She tells the teachers how to run things, and she’s doing a good job, too. Ah! Now I plainly see the outskirts of Goldston where a middleaged woman is sitting by the fireplace with several small children. As I see the woman’s face, I find that it is Margai et elch. A sawmill is running in the midst of a great forest, and Norman Oldham is loading a truck with lumber to be taken to his planer-mill in Carbonton. Wilma Rosser, hairdresser in a Sanford beauty shop, is giving one of her fifteen minute permanents. She now owns a chain of beauty parlors from Maine to Florida. John Thomas is now proprietor of one of Sanford’s leading helicopter stores. He was always up in the air anyway, so he decided to make it his life work. Thelma Phillips, who always wanted to be up in the air too, is an airline hostess. It was very painful when I looked at Helen Hart. Pretty? Yes! Plump? Oh! No! Not plump, just plain fat! She has been eating like a starving python for 25 years. It ' s yards around her. Poor thing! She’s the victim of circumference. Another image forms and I see Andrew Barber, who is now making wise-cracks on the Three- Guesses programme ' s the director of one of those quiz programs on the radio. He makes up his own questions and he certainly has people guessing. Some of his questions he can’t answer himself. I ban see into a spacious office where Eunice Mae Soots is typing off insurance reports for her brother who is now President of Atlantic Life Insurance Company. In a great laboratory, a scientist is at work over what seems to be some sort of atomic energy project. He is the classmate who was voted most likely to succeed, Norman Dowdy. Savannah Callicutt is writing movie serials—the kind in which the heroine is left dangling from an eleventh story window by her eyelids, and streaming out to sea like a pennant when the wind blows. Walter Jordan is now a successful scientific farmer near Raleigh, North Carolina. He recently won national honors for perfecting a special breed of yellow hybrid corn that will grow the year round in any part of the world. Oh! No! I can see myself with nothing to do but sit back and paint pretty girls’ pictures. Since I couldn’t get one for myself, 1 had to learn to paint their pictures so I could spend my time looking at them. J. C. Burke, Jr., Prophet. Page Twelve Page Thirteen SUPERLATIVES Mr. and Miss Goldston High John Thomas and Helen Hart Page Fourteen SUPERLATIVES Most Studious Howard McMillan and Thelma Phillips Most Dependable Norman Oldham and Johnie Jean Stout Page Fifteen SUPERLATIVES Most Athletic J. C. Burke, Jr. and Helen Hart 1‘uijc Sixteen Quietest Norman Dowdy and Margaret Welch SUPERLATIVES Best Looking John Thomas and Mary Alice Moses Best-All-Round Norman Oldham and Eunice Soots Page Seventeen SUPERLATIVES Most-Likely-To-Succeed Norman Dowdy and Savannah Callicutt Wittiest Andrew Barber and Wilma Rosser Page ' Eighteen JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Gracie Mae Jones Eleanor Kirkman Secretary Floyd Caviness Treasury Billy Joe Harris CLASS MEMBERS Charles Barber, Sally Faye Campbell. Floyd Caviness, Earl Cheek. Edwin Elkins, Obie Ellis, Mary Alice Fields. Josephine Gaines, Billy Joe Harris, Louise Hilliard, Lillie Mae Hutchins, Gracie Mae Jones, Eleanor Kirkman, Abigail Lacey, Ann Marie Moses, Angelette Oldham, Billy Oldham, Elbert Pilkington, Betty Lou Rogers, Irene Seagroves, Billy Sipe, Peggy Smith, Clyde Watson, Franklin Wilkins. Page Twenty Page Twenty-One TENTH GRADE Seated: Walter Jordan, Bill Thomas, Mack Phillips. First How: Lois Mashburn, Worth Elkins, C. B. Dunlap, Bobby Jean Phillips, Sara Jane Fields, Mary Ruth Fields, Frona Wilkie, Betty Lou Hart. Second Row: Mrs. Oldham, Jean Cheek, Alma Thomas, Margie Moody, Ruby Harris, Jean Tally, Charles Wade Phillips, Ruth Griffin. Third Row: Jean Herron, Catherine Woody, Gilbert Oldham, Mary Goldston, Marilyn Wilkie. William Fields. Ttiye Twenty-Two First Row: Ruth Elkins, Lynwood Moses, Phillip Gaines, J. C. Hilliard, Lucy Fields. Second Row: Ray Sam Gar¬ ner, Eloise Gaines, Martha Garner, Betty Ruth Campbell, Isabelle Campbell, Donald Barber, Berry Poe. Third Row: Hazel Hart, Billy Cullipher, Pearl Elkins, Marie Powers, Leonard Barber, Victoria Moore, Carroll Johnson. Fourth Row: Hal Dixon Oldham, Bobby Welch, Katie Mae Wilson,Mr. Cullipher, Roger McMillan, James Mashburn, Raymond Wilkie. Page Twenty-Three First Row: Raymond Elkins, Elizabeth Oldham, Jerry Oldham, Johnny Gaines, Joyce Oldham, Inez Fields, Kather- leen Hutchins, Charles Edward Phillips, Melvin Rives. Second Row: Betty Johnson, Doris Burke, Shirley Mashburn, Ernest Willet, Carl Foster Rives, Benny Gaines, Joe Thomas, Mary Ruth Allen, George Caviness. Third Row: Shir¬ ley Jeffries, Claude Cook, Jean Taylor, Clyde Thomas Webster, Shirley Braft ' ord, Margaret Sharpe, Virginia Clark, Jack Sipes. Fourth Row: Eileen Gates, Elva Oldham, Maxine McIntosh, Mr. Cannon, Johnnie Jean Jordan. John First Row: Wayne Jacobs, James Jourdan, Eugene Oldham, Franklin Wilson, Joe Phillips, J. T. Griffin, Carl Dun¬ lap, George Beal, Bobby Trogdon. Second Row: Barbara Oldham, Erma Gaines, Latane Oldham, Ted Phillips, Lois Smith, Peggy Lou Harris, Slyvia Fields, Jeter Dowdy, Hubert Gaines. Third Row: Shirley Tyson, John Palmer, Charles Beal, Gene Causey, Warren Baldwin, Ronnie Gaines, Josephine Rives, Shelby Wicker, Lilia Jo Wright, Ola Hart. Fourth Row: Georgia Harvell, Sadie Harvell, Mrs. Louise Holliday, Mary Dunn, Callie Lee Welch, Elvette Mclver, Augusta Hancock, Bobby Jordan. Page-Twenty-Four SIXTH GRADE 1 T 7 First Row: Alfred Foushee, Clyde Burns, Jimmy Smith, Redga Oldham. Iola Gaines, Billy Hart, Tommy Brafford, Larry Graham, Robert Bayes, Naomi Phillips. Second Row: Charles Daniel, Pat Thomas, Gilbert Ruth, Mosely Barber, Elizabeth Ann Rives, Ann Barber, Shelby Wicker, Mildred Webster, W. C. Campbell. Third Row: Rachel Fields, Mary T i f e .Michael, Harry Dean Wilkie. Clarence Moody, Bobby McMillan, Agnes Johnson, Ann Marie Meyers, Frances Gaines, Betty Lou Caudle, Eugene Oldham. Fourth Row: Roy Beal, Wade Gaines, Mrs. Barber, Victor Oldham, Shir¬ ley Wilkins, Inez Poe, Lucy Gaines, Jackie Miller, Glenn Smith, FIFTH GRADE First Row: Mollie Wilkie, Ann Gail Murchison, William Barber, Jerry Gaines, Elmer Woody, Dan Gaines, Iris Gar¬ ner, FraneesTlarvell. Second Row: Vivian Gilliland, Ruby Dowdy, Fairbell McMillan, Mollie Sims Cheek, Norma Jean Jeffries, Jimmy Phillips, Garland Dowd, Ruth Ellen Jourdan, Harold Trogdon. Third Row: Wayne Oldham, Wesley Miller, Roland Wilson, Leon Morrison, Helen Phillips, Ruth Feffries, Ethel Hart, William Beal. Fourth Row: Bill Tally. Miss Womble, Horton Seagroves, Lowell Graham, E. D. Michael, Tommy Wilkie. Ruby Jeffries, Bobby Ellis. Page Twenty-Five FOURTH GRADE First Row: Fisher Hamer, Clyde Elkins, Ruth Ellen Rives, Merllyn Frye, Lavonne Jordan, Nancy Jackson, Joyce Ann Gaines, Rosa Lee Caviness, Jerry Wayne Campbell, Wayne Phillips, Peggy Oldham, Bill Wicker. Second Row: Johnnie Gaines, George Wade Oldham, Jerry Hart, Jimmy Lee Johnson, Larry Phillips, Max Gaines, Arnold Arring¬ ton, Joe Earl Oldham, Joseph Tyson, Jo Ann Fields, Celia Herron. Third Row: Billy Ellis, Wayne Douglas Smith, Jimmy Pilkington, Ruby Faye Elkins, Nancy Faye Oldham, Ray Beal, Dorothy Webster , William Lee Elkins, Law- son Barber, Faydene Wilkie. Fourth Row: Miss Deaton, Ronald Causey, Garfield Smith, Shelby Jean Bright, Lula Frances Seagroves, Jimmy Mashburn, Ralph Willett, Roy Beal, Verneita Gaines, Virginia Willett, Billy Watson. THIRD GRADE First Row: Barbara Jourdan, Linda Faye Wright, Nancy Ann Phillips, Mildred Williamson, Kay Elkins, Elaine Davis, Joyce Brooks, Janice Elkins, Doyle Wilkie, Bill Foster, David Caviness. Second Row: Billy Brady, Bobby Beard, Sylvia Spivey, Earl Johnson, Bobby Heaton, Boyd Harris, Gale Beal. Marie Brooks, Billy Fields, Roy Hart. Third Row: Mrs. Moore, Wayne Elkins, Patricia Gaines, Janice Graham, Ann Cooke Phillips, Ervin Woody, Martin Dowd, Nathan Myers, Mary Lene Jackson, Jimmy Williams. Fourth Row: Betty Lou Wilson, Emma Jean Morrison, Joyce Hancock, Peggy Hart, Rebecca Cheek. David Mashburn, Joe Cullipher, Nora Lee Cook. Page Twenty-Six SECOND GRADE First Row: Donald Oldham, Elizabeth McIntosh, Fern Fields, Billy Murchinson, Nonna Jean Caudle, Jennifer Roach, Barbara Morison, Louis Dowdy, Reid Beal. Second Row: Jane Phillips, Peggy Beal, Walter Lee Ellis, Marie Beard, Linda Williams, Larry Miller, Frances Oldham, J. B. Gilliand. Third Row: Mary Beale Dans, Ann Palmer, Margaret Phillips, Jenkis Palmer, Virginia Pearce, Juanita Dunlap, J. B. Oldham, Donald Jeffries, Wesley Hart. Fourth Row: Mrs. Margie Goldston, Patricia Causey, Bobby Johnson, Charlie Dunn, Richard Webster, Annie Lon Thompson, Effie Brafford, Dale Beal. FIRST GRADE First Row: Frances Rives, Joyce Vaughn, Helen Wilkie, Lula Wicker, Patricia Davis, Reid Trogdon, Jimmy Elkins, Donald Woody, sliirley Ellis. Second Row: Linda Gale Wilkie, Lanny Jenkins, Jack Hilliard, Carl Gaines, Jr., Mar¬ lin Stinson, James Caviness, Jerry Moses, Garry Moses. Third Row: Ethel Foushee, Frances Wright, Miss Burke, Betty Jean Bray, Lucille Moody, Tommy Bales, Wayne Jeffries, rage Twenty-Seven FIRST 1 GRADE First Row: Charles Gaines, Dorothy Lee Jourdan, Jimmie Oldham, Barbara Ann Robinson, Glynn Elkins, Eu¬ gene Barber, Carolyn Smith, Margaret Wilkie. Second Row: Joseph Mashburn, Bobby Wilson, Carol Webster, Becky Brady, Douglas Oldham, Jack Beal, Ann Woolover, Sarah Oldham, Samuel Cheek. Third Row: James Herbert Fields, ftfi s. Milton Garner, Earle Myers, Stockton Wilkins, Billy Hugh Elkins, Margie Seagroves, Cleo Williams, Charlie Elkins. SNAPSHOTS Page Twenty-Eight GOLD-STONE STAFF Editor . Associate Editor . Business Manager . Associate Business Manager . Advertising Manager . Associate Advertising Manager Feature Editor . Feature Editor . Art Editor . Sponsor . . ... John Thomas . Helen Hart ... Billy Joe Harris .... Thelma Phillips Angelette Oldham .... Norman Oldham Howard McMillian . Eunice Soots .J. C. Burke, Jr. . Mrs. Oldham Page Thirty HI-LITES STAFF Editor . Associate Editor . Business Manager . Advertising Manager Feature Editor . Feature Editor .. Art Editor . Sports Editor . Column Writer . Column Writer _ Sponsors ... .Eunice Soots . Johnie Jean Stout ... Charles Barber ___ Angelette Oldham .. Helen Hart ... Thelma Phillips . J. C. Burke, Jr. .... Ann Marie Moses . Polly Moses .. Wilma Rosser Mrs. Oldham and Mrs. Byerly Page Thirty-One STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Savannah Harris Calicutt, Gi ' acie Mae Jones, Johnie Jean Stout, Angelette Oldham, Helen Hart, Mary Alice Fields, Marilyn Wilkie, Eunice Mae Soots. Second Row: J. C. Burke, Jr., John Thomas, Billy Joe Harris, Wil¬ ma Rosser, Katie Mae Wilson, Walter Jordan Charles Barber, Andrew Barber. Officers: President, Helen Reid Hart; Vice-President, J. C. Burke; Secretary, Mary Alice Fields; Treasurer, Andrew Barber. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an essential part of our school life. It is an organization that governs all the other clubs and takes part in many activities. It has done much for the school and has helped to make it one of the best schools in the county. This club has sponsored cleaning campaigns to keep the school looking attractive and it has put on plays to raise money for things that are necessary for the school. All the members of this club work in unison for the benefit of the school and outstanding pro¬ gress has been made. Page Thirty-Two BETA CLUB Officers: John Thomas, President; Angelette Oldham, Vice-Pres.; Ann Marie Moses, Secretary, Helen Hart, Treasurer, First Row: Thelma Phillips, Savannah Calicu ' tt, Grade Mae Jones, Louise Hilliard, Mary Alice Moses, Ann Marie Moses, Angelette Oldham, Abigail Lacy. Second Row: Howard McMillan, Charles Barber, John Thomas, An¬ drew Barber, Clyde Watson, Eunice Soots, Johnie Jean Stout, Helen Hart. BETA CLUB During the last few years the Beta Club has played an important role in Goldston School. Beta students have been outstanding in many activities. The qualifications for membership are: good mentality and character, creditable achievement, and commendable attitude. The purpose of this organization is to promote the ideals of honesty, service and leadership among the high-school students, to reward meritorious achievement, and to encourage and as¬ sist students to continue their education after high-school graduation. There are numerous activities in which the Beta students can enter and help the school. Among these are to improve the general school program, to create better school environment and bet¬ ter school spirit, to keep classrooms and school premises clean and attractive, to raise funds for improving school equipment, to improve scholarship, to raise standards of personal conduct, and to assist in various school projects. The motto of the Beta Club is, “Ducanmus aliis serviendo”—Let us lead by serving others. The Beta Club is surely a goal to be striven for by every student in high-school , for it is one of the greatest honors one can achieve. Page Thirty-Three BUS DRIVERS Fall rains, winter snows, icy roads, slushy, red mud, overflowing creeks, flat tires and empty gas tanks play a major role in the life of a school bus driver. The five at Goldston High—Billy Joe Harris, Norman Oldham, Helen Hart, Andrew Barber and Elbert Pilkington—know what to expect from the elements during the intervening nine months. It’s no fun leaving home at 6:55 on cold December mornings in a chilly bus to cope with “Coun¬ try roads and to be responsible for the lives of 50 to 65 children twice a day. The physical and mental strain of such a task is no small matter. Helen Hart provided a unique incident in school history when she became Goldston’s first girl bus driver. Setting a record for her successors, she made four trips daily without any seri¬ ous mishap. So, it’s hats off to you, Bus-drivers! Few people realize what an essential part you play in a school where over three-fourths of the pupils depend on a school bus for an education. Vuye Thirty-Four SAFETY PATROL First Row: Frona Wilkie, C. B. Dunlap, Bill Thomas, Gilbert Oldham, Donald Barber. Second Row: Lois Mashburn, Jean Tally, Jean Herron (Lieutenant), J. C. Burke (Captain), Mary Alice Moses, Wilma Rosser (Lieutenant), Mack Phillips. This group had many responsible duties. It kept pupils in line while buses were loading, assisted pupils to find seats on the buses and helped maintain order when the buses were in motion. The town members cautioned pupils to walk on the right side of the road. This year each mem¬ ber was given a badge, a cap and a belt. Page Thirty-Five 4-H CLUB Officers: President, Franklin Wilkins; Vice-President, Marilyn Wilkie; Secretary, Ruth Griffin; Program Chairman, Clyde Watson, Sara Jane Fields, Song leader, Betty Lou Hart, First Row: Alfred Foushee, Bill Talley, Joe Phillips, Jimmy Smith, Roland Wilson, Jimmy Jordan, Wayne Oldham, Gilbert Ruth, Warren Baldwin, Billy Hart, Reagy Oldham, Eugene Oldham. Second Row: Edward Daniels. Ted Phil¬ lips, Inez Fields, Kathallen Hutchins, Bobby Jean Phillips, Lois Mashburn, Sara Jane Fields, Josephine Gaines, J. T. Griffin, Clarence Moody, F. D. Elkins. Third Row: Roy Beal, Marlin Wilkie. Polly Moses, Sally Faye Campbell, Peggy Smith, Victor Oldham, Shirley Mashburn, Doris Burke, Shirley Brafford, Bobby Jordan, Clyde Burns. Fourth Row: Billy Sipe, Clyde Watson. J. C. Burke, Irene Seagroves, Betty Lou Hart, Cattie Lee Welch, Georgia Harvell, Ola Hart, Gene Causy, Ruth Griffin. The 4-H Club is one of the most worthy organization in school. Since its main purpose is to train school boys and girls in Farm—and—Home life, it is considered one of the most impor¬ tant clubs in the state. Because of its many projects, a great majority of boys and girls have be¬ come interested in this club. These boys and girls have high ideals, high standards and, above all, they serve. Paye Thirty-Six LIBRARY CLUB Seated: Bill Thomas, Betty Lou Hart, Angelette Oldham, Floyd Caviness. Standing: Ray Sam Garner, Margaret Welch, Doris Jean Meyers, Mrs. Oldham, Victoria Moore, Gracie Mae Jones, Marilyn Wilkie. Officers: Librarian, Mrs. Oldham; President, Floyd Caviness; Vice-president, Angelette Oldham; Secretary, Bill Tho¬ mas; Treasurer, Betty Lou Hart; Magazines, Victoria Moore: Housekeeper, Ray Sam Garner; Books, Marilyn Wilkie. Margaret Welch, Doris Jean Meyers. This is the Library Club’s second year at Goldston School. Through student workers more interest in reading and the general up-keep of the library is created among high school students. This club co-operates with the Student Council, the Gold-Stone Staff, and the Beta Club in pro¬ moting school projects and sharing responsibilities. Page Thirty-Seven A First Row: Betty Ruth Campbell, Mary Ruth Fields, Isabelle Campbell, Victoria Moore, Martha Garner, Marie Powers, Eloise Gaines, Lucy Fields, Sarah Jane Fields, Frona Wilkie. Second Row: Margie Moody, Alma Thomas, Ruth Elkins, Ruby Harris, Pearl Elkins, Catherine Woody, Jean Cheek, Katie Mae Wilson, Jearline Hancock, Mary Goldston, Ruth Griffin, OFFICERS Sarah Jane Fields ... Alma Thomas ... Margie Moody . Ruby Harris ... Anna Mae Caddell . . President Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of pupils who study home¬ making in junior and senior high school, and who work together for better and happier home life for everyone. Pane Thirty-Eight l u-d. LUNCH ROOM First Row: Mrs. G. P. Cullipher, supervisor, Hazel Hart, Marie Powers, Martha Garner, Lucy Fields, Eloise Gaines. Second Row: Eliza Palmer, Lucille Murchison, Evelyn Carroll. LUNCHROOM STAFF This staff serves a substantial meal for students and teachers. According to the State Board of Health, it is a grade A cafeteria. Page Thirty-Nine GYMNASIUM The new gymnasium is now an important spot in this community. Having a large playing floor with plenty of seating capacity, good lighting, adequate locker rooms, and a $5,000 heating plant, it has provided recreation and plenty of excitement for both the young and old during this school year. Besides the regular scheduled games for the school teams and Home teams, the local Lions Club sponsored the first basketball tournament to be held here. This event drew 22 teams to Goldston from 9 counties. The annual Chatham County High School Tourney was held here the first week ' of March. Because this community wanted a gymnasium, practically everyone pitched in to get this struc¬ ture built. Page Forty-One CHEERLEADERS If any students possessed true school spirit this year, they were these eight cheerleaders— Isabelle Campbell, Sara Jane Fields, Thelma Phillips, Chief; Lois Mashburn, Mary Ruth Fields, Angelette Oldham, Josephine Gaines, and Lillie Mae Hutchins. Dashing out on the court during every “time out” in a basketball game, their bright, happy smiles never waned until the final whistle, for their knowledge of school cheers seemed limit¬ less. The cheerleaders in full gold skirts and maroon sweaters added a gay touch of color to our athletic contests. Their untiring efforts, their unselfishness in devoting their time to hours of hard practice, their faithful appearance at every game undoubtedly influenced the outcome of many games in which Goldston emerged victorious. The “Rah! Rah! Gold-diggers! Rah!” of our present cheering squad will echo through our school annals in future years and be an incentive to those who will don the cheerleaders’ ma¬ roon and gold during the coming seasons. Page Forty-Tiro GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Mr. G. P. Cullipher, Coach, Jeraline Hancock, Johnie Jean Herron, Jean Tally, Katie May Wilson, Co- Captain Helen Reid Hart, Captain Angelette Oldham, Ann Marie Moses, Irene Seagroves. Second row: Betty Ruth Campbell, Martha Garner, Mary Alice Fields, Marie Powers, Eloise Gaines, Lucy Fields, Victoria Moore, Hazel Hart, Sally Faye Campbell, Marlyn Wilkie. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1948-49 Dec. 7—Bells at Goldston Dec. 10—Broadway at Goldston Dec. 14—Bonlee at Bonlee Dec. 17—Bonlee at Goldston Jan. 4—Greenwood at Goldston Jan. 7—Bennett at Bennett Jan. 11-—Bennett at Goldston Jan. 14—Siler City at Siler City Jan. 18—Siler City at Goldston Jan. 21—Bells at Bells Jan. 25—Silk Hope at Goldston Jan. 28—Moncure at Goldston Feb. 1—Pittsboro at Pittsboro Feb. 4—Broadway at Broadway Feb. 8—Pittsboro at Goldston Feb. 11—Moncure at Goldston Feb. 15—Greenwood at Greenwood Feb. 25—Silk Hope at Silk Hope The Goldston Girls’ Basketball team had a good season this year, although the team con¬ sisted of practically all new players. They won 18 games out of 23 and entered two tournaments. In the Pittsboro tournament, Katie Mae Wilson was selected as the most outstanding player. Other Goldston players to receive favorable recognition were forwards Jean Tally and Jean Herron and guard Helen Hart. Playing for over a thousand spectators each night, the girls really showed their ability to play basketball during the Chatham County tournament at Goldston. Katie Mae Wilson led the Goldston Girls into the finals against the Pittsboro team with a scoring splurge in which she, still a freshman, racked up a 28 point total. The Goldston girls won going away over Pittsboro 41-29. Page Forty-Three BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM First row: G. P. Cullipher, Howard McMillan, Charles Barber, Billy Sipe, Earl Cheek, Billy Joe Harris, J. C. Burke, William Fields, John Thomas. Second row: Roger McMillan, Johnie Gaines, Benny Gaines. Ray Sam Garner, Bill Thomas, Billy Cullipher, Raymond Wilkie, Clyde Watson, Phillip Gaines. BOYS ' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1948-49 Dec. 7—Bells at Goldston Dec. 10—Broadway at Goldston Dec. 14—Bonlee at Bonlee Dec. 17—Bonlee at Goldston Jan. 4—Greenwood at Goldston Jan. 7—Bennett at Bennett Jan. 11—Bennett at Goldston Jan. 14—Siler City at Siler City Jan. 18—Siler City at Goldston Jan. 21—Bells at Bells Jan. 25—Silk Hope at Goldston Jan. 28—Moncure at Goldston Felt. 1—Pittsboro at Pittsboro Feb. 4—Broadway at Broadway Feb. 8—Pittsboro at Goldston Feb. 11—Moncure at Goldston Feb. 15—Greenwood at Greenwood Feb. 25—Silk Hope at Silk Hope The boys’ basketball team had an active season. The gallant team has upheld good sports¬ manship throughout the season, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Every team was met with confidence and the boys never gave up until the final whistle. The boys lost their first game in the Chatham County tournament at Goldston. Bennet won over them to end our year. Earl Cheek was high scorer this year with Billy Joe Harris holding second place. Poyi Forty-Four lllllHIklHIIill BASEBALL TEAM First row: Billy Cullipher, Roger Robinson. Second row: Gilbert Oldham, Phillip Gaines, Billy Joe Harris, William Fields, Ray Sam Garner, Raymond Wilkie. Third row: G. P. Cullipher, Howard McMillan, Clyde Watson, Billy Sipe, John Thomas, Roger McMillan, James Mashburn. SOFTBALL TEAM First row: Jeraline Hancock, Josephine Gaines, Jean Tally, Sally Faye Campbell, Marie Powers, Eloise Gaines, Mar¬ tha Garner. Second row: Betty Lou Hart, Sara Jane Fields, Mary Goldston, Angelette Oldham, Helen Hart, Jean Herron, Marilyn Wilkie, Grade Mae Jones. Third row: Betty Ruth Campbell, Jean Cheek, Katie Mae Wilson, Mary Ruth Fields, Victoria Moore, Doris Jean Myers, Ruth Griffin, Peggy Smith, Elenor Kirkman. rage Forty-Five ' Pci’iCiUl CHEK-R-TABS NOW AVAILABLE IN NEIGHBORHOOD STORES AMERICA’S AVORITE WATER TABS ww mm a»’ » lT v GOLDSTON HATCHERY N. C. (U. S.) Pullorum Clean Chicks GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA BUTTERCUP ICE CREAM COMPANY SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF PHONE 587IZHS ANFORP N.C.: B. M. HANCOCK Baby Chicks Feed Red Comb Feed Agency for LESTER BROWN ' S FAMOUS CHICKS Bear Creek, North Carolina J. B. GOLDSTON LUMBER CO. GOLDSTON LUMBER COMPANY, INC. — LUMBER — Building Materials of All Kinds High Grade Mill Work Pittsburgh and Vita-Var Paints “Everything to Build Anything” TELEPHONE F-3911— CHAPEL HILL, N. C. TELEPHONE 6-71 01—GRAHAM, N. C. MILLER FURNITURE APPLIANCE COMPANY FINE FURNITURE FOR THE HOME WESTINGHOUSE and ADMIRAL RADIOS and ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES A. K. Miller, Prop. Goldston, N. C. Compliments of MAKEPEACE MILLWORK COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS Sanford, North Carolina HARRIS LUMBER CO. Manufacturers of PINE LUMBER Kiln-Dried Flooring and Ceiling We Buy Timber and Lumber GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA GAINES LUMBER COMPANY Manufacturers of N. C. Pine Lumber WE BUY STANDING TIMBER AND SAWED LUMBER C. S. GAINES H. B. GAINES Owners GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF LACY OLDHAM SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA BUSINESS PHONE - DIAL 2-2561 Compliments of SMITH BUCKNER FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Prompt, Courteous, and Efficient Service PHONE 51 Siler City, North Carolina Home of the Smith Buckner Mutual Funeral Association Compliments of FARMERS ' MILLING COMPANY Goldston, N. C. THANK YOU for YOUR KINDNESS THE SENIORS Congratulations SENIORS and Best Wishes from A FRIEND BEST WISHES SAPONA MILLS from the DRIVE-IN-GRIDDLE M. Campbell, Prop. If It’s Corn You Want to Grow Use “Crib-Buster” When You Soiv 3 Miles North of Sanford Sanford, North Carolina THREE POINTS Compliments of SODA SHOP EFIRD ' S Curb Service DEPARTMENT STORE Sanford, N. C. Sanford, N. C. WAGONER ' S JEWELERS SANFORD MOTOR SALES, INC. Watches — China Diamonds — Silver PHONE 144 Sanford, N. C. DeSoto — Plymouth G.M.C. Trucks 220 Wicker Street Phone 301 Sanford, N. C. Compliments of CAMERON MANSFIELD Gulf Service H. M. Cameron J. T. Mansfield Compliments of HOLT SUPPLY CO. International Harvester Sanford, N. C. Sanford, N. C. RIMMER ' S DRUG STORE FRANK ' S FLORIST -o- PHONE 858 Reasonable — Reliable 149 N. Steele St. SANFORD, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Flowers at Their Best Compliments RAMMER ' S MEN ' S SHOP EMERSON ' S STORE - O- General Merchandise SANFORD, N. C. -o- BONLEE, N. C. BOBBY BURNS CAPE C. MANLEY OLDHAM LUMBER and -O- REAL ESTATE SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA SANFORD. N. C. Compliments of SPROTT BROS. JONESBORO DRY CLEANERS FURNITURE CO. -0- C. S. Bullard Jesse White SANFORD, N. C. JONESBORO, N. C. Compliments of Rogers ' General Funeral Home Creosoting PHONE 206 Company SANFORD GULF NORTH CAROLINA NORTH CAROLINA BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS of GOLDSTON HIGH SCHOOL Compliments of NANCE WHOLESALE CO. Sanford, N. C. from Sanford Sash Blind Company Sanford, N. C. C. J. HACKNEY Dry Goods — Shoes — Notions Quality Merchandise At Lo ' ivest Prices Bonlee, N. C. Lee Drug Stores City Dry Cleaners of “Sanford’s First Dry Cleaners” SANFORD GOLDSTON PHONE 127 “ANY PRESCRIPTION ANY TIME” Wicker St. Sanford, N. C. Goldston, N. C. SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA Serving This Community Complete Banking Johnson Gaines Facilities ESSO STATION The Chatham Bank Auto Accessories Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Garage Service Goldston, North Carolina GOLDSTON, N. C. Compliments McLAURIN GRO. of Groceries. Meats, Vegetables BREWER Frozen Foods Laundry Dry Cleaners Goldston, N. C. PHONE 283-J Siler City, N. C. L. W. FIELDS GOLDSTON MARKET Groceries, Notions, Drugs Burke Bros., Prop. We appreciate your trade It pleases us to please you Goldston, N. C. Goldston, N. C. Lady Be Lovely Beauty Shop Beauty Made More Beautiful Myrtle Cromer, Beautician We are pleased to please our customer GOLDSTON Dry Cleaners -o - Goldston, N. C. Goldston, N. C. JOHNSON Compliments COTTON CO. of A. W. GOLDSTON Farm and Home Supplies “Cash if you have it, credit if you need it.” Sanford, N. C. VANN OLDHAM ' S STORE Where quality is higher than price Gulf, N. C. THERE ' S A NEW FORD IN YOUR FUTURE PALMER ' S ESSO STATION Elder Motor Co. Gas Oil Groceries Gulf, N. C. Siler City North Carolina Compliments of Siler City Cleaners Laundry Father George Mills Serving Goldston for over a Quarter Century SILER CITY, N. C. Sanford North Carolina Home of FATHER GEORGE SHEETING W. R. Williams, Pres. Compliments of BURKE ' S BARBER SHOP Goldston, N. C. CHATHAM HARDWARE COMPANY GENERAL HARDWARE Goldston, North Carolina SAMUEL CHEEK CO. Compliments Wholesale of Candies, Groceries, Specialties BARBER FURNITURE CO. -o- F. M. Barber, Prop. Goldston, N. C. Goldston, N. C. COLE BROTHERS ' Compliments SERVICE STATION -o- Washing, Greasing, Lubrication of CHATHAM BRICK TILE CO. -O- Goldston, N. C. Gulf, N. C. J. R. MOORE SON Compliments General Merchandise of Dry Goods Notions -o- H. W. CAUDLE ' S GULF STATION Gulf, N. C. Bonlee, N. C. BILL ' S GRILL -o- HOT DOGS — MILK SHAKES J. C. Bowers, Owner Siler City, N. C. Compliments of ELDER THEATER -O- Siler City, N. C. Chatham Motors, Inc. -o- Chevrolet Sales and Service Siler City, N. C. To Be Well-Dressed Visit McMasters - Brooks -o- MEN’S CLOTHING Siler City. N. C. SILER CITY HARDWARE Everything In Hardware PHONE 108 Siler City, N. C. Compliments of AVENT THOMAS -O- Sanford, N. C. CHRISTINE ' S LADIES’ READY TO WEAR Foremost in Fashions Styles Siler City, N. C. EDWARDS JEWELRY STORE “Registered Purity Diamonds” Siler City, N. C. COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES TO SENIORS OF -o- Edward Motor Co. Williams-Belk Company Siler City -o- North Carolina Sanford, North Carolina COMPLIMENTS As You Plan Your Future Remember . . . OF Electrical living means better liv¬ ing in the home, in business, or Fairview Dairies, Inc. on the farm. Remember to in¬ clude “Reddy Kilowatt” in your Plans! SANFORD Carolina Power NORTH CAROLINA Light Co. Presents this Annual To Staff and Student Body, an illustration of the “Distinctive Printing that is Economy.” It is hoped that as the years go by, that a full measure of appreciation of the work of the staff and the company, will develop in the minds of those who read this book and that IT WILL KEEP ALIVE THE PLEASANT MEMORIES OF SCHOOL DAYS AND CLASSMATES DISTINCTIVE PRINTING IS ECONOMY RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA

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