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,. r Pi' I' .-K' ' ' as 5 W A KI. I, r.-A.: 1 , ,..f, ,, ,, . 0 'CF MIM, 1 av 1 5 p 5 1 , , 1 Yn- ...fu f' Er ,u.x Q Q-J -.Q 'if - mn w.. 'E I-'9 'L E x 1 . :.fz?4'-jpg v 9- , 1.:fnT'.. - wh - - ig. I r. A ' 'x 1. -at-.v'Lf . .331 1 - gs.-gg.. .f 'HL .J ,. 1. w"5'7FnY,': " " .1 s .4 ,. :EH v QJ yi A V . 1 - J J, ' 5 , X Q 1 ,I -,, ' ,. ., t .-. Q' I -s ,I , u x , w 1 I ' v' ' w . ' f- r ' A , ,-' ,rug 'Q . , 1 : ',,,', 1" ,K 'f ' ' BE' "gtg: ., ' L .. h , . ge. -lx., 3 u .. . , x - - , z ..' H .4 -,Q L ,L , N ! 1 'em ' :Lf , . .cn ,. . . . 7: H . 'VB' ..- Q X -i ' 1. , , I 1-. i :na-. - i Z'- ,K -1 -. - ' , Ag . - ' i, 43 . - V , 'EU' , - ri . sw - II." .girl Li V .N 4. . ., 4 1 if " 'i ., t m 32. 7 ' ', -' x U" 4 - . 1 431' Q '-, ' ' - - I '-'EJ .J . Q. "' A i ' , 4 .1 -'rr . 2' - I L. S 41, ' . . .- ' 4 r' wi' . . 1 .rn . ,Q .- p .9 f :"fKfsQn-rj-Q . A- , M. fan,-,L , Y . - V ,- :f" P it - Fava' ME," E A , ,'.-.F 'f? gf.: 1 r ' . ... 3 4 A. VR - I ' . ' . -ei , ' ' ,, 1 ,, . .. -. 4-.- lv - 'V' 0? Y .,r'1 ., , 'W wa ' -sf' ---1 ..,,- E, A M v 4 I ,. idk ...fv ,X ,rx lL 5' , ' :st file- A . s... . .. 1 .W M vu ', b. x 1 a . - . v -. if N 21911 1 1 - ' .A "' Q'-:JL xg? j gr: f 4." f, .if ' 4 Ig- '.. 1 1 , . c 1 .,.- 'Q . , ff , 3 . r 4 '- ", , . ,-, -, -1 1 rl . . .Z V: gm-I 31 N . a - 4 -,ah : , ' 1 L X Jw. ' x I , , 1 P .un ,Nl-. U -b .. h . , .4 .nf V r, 1, 451., -Q.-D 9 , , Lanz, .1 nhl nvvi ,-. 1 b I . '. , 1, in , H .V V pf'-1 wt , ' 55311,-. u 'f 'f1"e 3 I Y ' f .H l il.. . My-1.5 Q j- - 5 J 3 'M 1. ' 9 ' ' A' na " , , ' s ' M I ' Y ' 1 x ..,,..5'w:2Laf'.1.5fL..'.1a.4,,a1L.xw, W- V' . - . .' i' 'X '..,:...r -445144.16 ..-Q-. V . xg rg 41 'TT' " f '- 71' 1?Tf f3'1 W. f'35'f'595E F Aiye' rx' 1- -P ... , , N ' 1 9 , . V' A ,pd 4, M. n if W J 746 Zak!-Stavzg GOLDSTON HIGH SCHOOL I 5 -it . .rglqr 1' 0 fbthalian We humbly dedicate this 1948 !'Goldstone" of Goldston High School to one for whom we have the greatest admiration-Superirttendent J. S. Waters. Hts devoted and urltiring eyjforts to the cause of education and his never-failing helpfulness and loyalty to our school has bright- ened our journey. Page Thrce FACULTY MR. G. P. CULLWHER, Pl'i'7LCi1Jf1Z ....,'.T Mus. JACK E1x1r:RsoN Mus. E. W. BYRLEY Miss ANNA MAE CADDELL MRS. VANN OLDHAM dl V4 XXI Page Four MRS. JEFFREY Miss DEATON MRS. DRWEY BARBER Miss PAT WOMRLR MRS. RICHARD MOORE Miss FRANCES GARY MRS. MILTON GARNER MRS. GORDON WILRIE FACULTY Page Five WHATF F NEXT ? fi Mi V4 1 U 4 ' 55.119, W "Cf It V 1 U IIB4 Y I ,! a ny rw A .Q , if ,VQ4 1 ff, .fl ll 4 I SENIUR CLASS UFFIEERS H Mania 4,1-Q 114 Mg. , "ts f' 1'I'FSI1lf"lIf A.,. ..,.,..............,.......,...... N IARGIE POE Vice-I'reSirie11I Secretary .OLLIE SEAGROVI-is 7'rPasure'r .,,,. JOY RUTH JOHN K. CHE!-IK Page Seven .. Page Eight SENIURS IVIILLICENT BEAL "A noel" Beta Club 10, 11, 123 Beta Officer 10, 11: Student Coun- cil 10. 11, 123 Student Council Officer 103 Hl-Lltes Staff 11, 123 Goldstone Staff 11, 123 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 Letter 103 Star 11, 123 Softball 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 11, 123 Recitation Contest 10, 11, 122 Attended Girls State 11, Senior Superlative, Marshall 11. Salu- tatorian3 Class Officer 10, 11: Office Assistant 123 Dra- matics 123 Safety Patrol 12. JAMES LEE CAMPBELL "Ready for anything-be it work or play- ,-in all around good fellow in every way." Basketball 11, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 123 Senior Superla- tive. JOHN KPLMER CHEEK "Happy am I,'f1'UIH ran: I'm free'- lVhy arr'u't they all con- Iwzlrd like mv?" Basketball El, 10, 11, 12: Letter 10, Star 11, 121 Base- ball 7. 10, 11. 123 Class Oflicer 10, 12: Beta Club 10, 11, 123 Student Librarian 12, Declamation 9, 113 Hi- Lites Staff 113 Marshall 113 Senior Superlatlve Dra- matics 9, 10, 11. 123 Awarded Declamation Medal 9. CHARLIE FIELDS "I nm-:fr let studying interfere with my ffdllCllf'i07l." Baseball 9, 103 Bus Driver 9, 10, 11, 123 Senior Super- lative3 Student Council 10. BETTY GAINES "A sweet attractive kind of grace". Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 Softball 9, 10, 11, 123 Beta Club 101 Class Oflicer 93 Safety Patrol 11, 122 Senior Superative: Lunch Room Worker. JOHN WALTER GOLDSTAON "I love work: it fascinates me. I could sit and watch, it for hours. Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 Letter 103 Star 11, 123 Base- ball 10, 11, 12: Senior Superlative. DELORES GAINES "This friendly lass with golden hair, I'osst'sse's fruits that ure- 1111171 rare." Class Oflicer 10, 113 Beta Club 10, 11, 123 Beta Club Officer 113 Dramatics 10, 11, 122 Student Librarian 113 Student Council 10. 11, 123 Recitation Contest 10, 11, 123 Marshal 11: Goldstone Staff 113 Editor-in-Chief Goldstone 121 Basketball 8, 9, 10, 11, 121 Letter 101 Star 11, 123 Softball 10. 11, 123 Senior Superlative3 Glee Club 11, 12: Glee Club President 121 Goldston Hi-Lites Stall' 11, 121 Voice 12. MARIETTA GATES "Meri" D1lh-'1-h- Hello, Arch. Beta Club 10, 11. 123 Beta Officer 111 Student Council 10, 11, 122 Hi-Lites Staff 113 Hi-Lites Staff Edltor-in- Chief 123 Goldstone Staff 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 12: Letter 113 Star 123 Softball 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 11, 123 Dramatics Sl, 10, 11, 123 Recitation Contest 10, 113 Second Place Winner 123 Attended Girls' State 113 Senior Superlative: Chief Marshal 113 Student Libra- rian 111 Valedictorian3 Class Officer 10. SENIURS MARIEL GRIFFIN "A carefree heart is a great emlowmenti Basketball 9, 10, 11, 123 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12Q 4-H Officer 12, Glee Club 11, 12Q Librarian 11, 123 Class Testator, Lunchroom worker 9, Piano 11, 12: Softball 9, 101 County Winner of Dress Revue 113 Safety Patrol 12Q Recitation Contest 10. JOHN REYNOLDS HARRIS "To worry little, to study less, This is my idea of happiness." Basketball 9, 10, 11, 121 Letter 103 Star 11, 12Q Base- ball 9, 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 93 Class Officer 93 Dra- matics 9, 10, 11, 121 Declamation Contest and First Place Winner 85 Senior Superlative3 Bus Driver 11, 12. DAISY JORDAN "Full of fun and fancy-free ' Softball 9, 10, 11, 12: Basketball 11, 12: Letter 123 Beta Club 11, IZQ Student Council 10, 12: Home Economics Club 9, 103 Dramatics 9, 10, 11, 123 Class Officer 9, 10. INEZ OLDHAM "Gentle of speech, Beneficient of milzrl. A girl like this Is hard to jimi". Lunchroom worker 9, 10, 11, 123 Softball 10, 11, 121 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 123 President of 4-H Club 11: Stu- dent Council 113 Safety Patrol 123 Glee Club 11. THERON OLDHAM "Wim, Wigor, and Witalilyu Baseball 9, 10. Bus Driver 9, 10, 11, 121 Senior Super- lative. JOHN HENRY OLDHAM "Loads of wit and loads of fun Everything he rloes well done." Basketball 93 Glee Club 9, 105 Voice 101 Student Coun- cil 9, 105 Class Officer 103 Library Club OH-lcer 103 Dramatics 9, 101 Baseball 9: Navy Veterang Goldstone Staff 103 Hi-Lites Staff 9, 10. MARGIE POE "The heaven such, grace rlifl lend her that she might admired be", Class Oflicer 9, 11, 122 Beta Club 10, 123 Beta Officer 122 Student Council 9, 12Q Student Council Officer 93 High Lites Stall' 12Q Goldstone Staff 11, 121 Glee Club 9, 11, 12: Recitation 11, 12g First Place Winner of Re- citation Contestg Dramatics 12Q Safety Patrol 11, 12Q Library Personnel 12Q Library Club 12: Senior Super' lativei Third Place VVinner State Forestry Contest 93 Lunchroom worker. ALICE JOY RUTH "I take life as it comes aml enjoy il". Class Officer 123 Beta Club 10, 11, 12: 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12Q 4-I-I Club Officer 10, 113 Glee Club 11, 121 Student Librarian 11. 123 Senior Superlativeg Mar- shall 113 Student Council 10, 11: Beta Club Ofiicer 113 Plano student 9, 10, 11, 12Q Modeled dress at State Fair 111 County Dairy Team Demonstration 9. 4: Page Nine SENIURS 5 Q OLLIE SEAGROVES "Take it easy, have your fun, Let thc old world flicker on." Beta Club 10, 11, 12Q Beta Oflicer 11, Class Officer 122 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12: Co-Captain Basketball Team 123 Star 11, 122 Letter 103 Head Librar- ian 113 Student Council 10, 112 Glee Club 11. 123 liecitation Contest 9, 10, 11, 123 Recltation Medal 113 Soft- ball 9, 10, 113 Student Librarian 101 Office Assistant 11, 12: Safety Patrol 123 HI-Lltes Staff 12. JOHN WILKIE, JR. "A little 71071887130 'now and 1111111 ls relished by the best of men." Basketball 10, 113 4-H Club 9, 103 Baseball 10, 11. 12. CLASS SUNG MARY RUTH WILSON "A merry heart doth good like a medicine." Softball 9, 10, 11, 123 Basketball 9 10, 11, 123 Letter 103 Star 11, 12 Lunchroom worker 101 Senior Superi lative. Our Royal class now lays their hooks aside We look ahead to future broad and wide. Hope, work, and wait--these all will show us how To reach success The World's our Kingdom now. Now is the hour when we must say goodbye. Soon we'1l be parting Where our pathways lie. We'll cherish still our fondest mem'ries sweet. Always we'll hope Some day again to meet. I'ayr Ten 81444 Jain It was a bright day in September of 1944 when our court of thirty-five princes and princesses began a journey to the land of Education. With the name of Freshman in the first mile of our journey, we selected as leaders: Margie Poe, President, John Reynolds Harris, Vice-Presidentg De- lores Gaines, Secretary and Treasurer. For most of us this was an eventful and successful mile, however, many began to make excuses: The first said, "I am poor in health, therefore, I can go no further". Another said, "I must needs toil at home, therefore, I must turn back". A third said, "I am dull and cannot learn. I beg thee have me excused!" Still another said, 'fl am going to be mar- ried, and therefore I need go no further". So thus did the members of our court decrease until there were only twenty-one at the beginn- ing of our second mile. We had now begun the big show of our journey under the name of Sopho- mores with Marietta Gates, Presidentg Kilmer Cheek, Vice-President: and Millicent Beal, Secre- tary and Treasurer. In this exciting mile our members really became active. Some joined the basket- ball team, many were -student librarians and lunchroom workers, others were members of the Student Council. Eight of us went through two of the most horrible days of all our journey-initi- ation into the Beta Club. Nevertheless, in September of 1946 we began our third mile with more zeal and ambition to succeed. A new member, joining our court at this point, increasing our number to twenty-two. For our leaders we chose: Millicent Beal, President, Delores Gaines, Vice-President, and Margie Poe, Secretary and Treasurer. We realized that our journey was growing harder, yet more excit- ing. It was on this mile that we received our class rings. They came just before Christmas and seemed like a Christmas present, except they weren't free. A rather memorable event was -the ban- quet we gave the class of '47. The Dutch theme was carried out in all our decoration plans, and with Millicent Beal as toastmistress, everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion. Hurrah! Our last mile was reached! Realizing that we were nearing the land of Education, our excitement grew keener and we traveled under the name of Seniors with a new seriousness. Margie Poe became president of our court, while -Ollie Seagroves became Vice President, Joy Ruth W - Yr Secretary and Kilmer Cheek was our Treasurer. Our motto was "Not Sunset but 37 Dawn, lj" " colors were green and white, and our fllower was the red rose. During these four weary miles to the land of Education, several outstanding honors were bestowed upon the members of our court. Margie Poe won third place in the state in the National Forestry Contest. Ollie Seagroves won the local recitation medal. John Reynolds Harris and John Kilmer Cheek won the local declamation award. Marietta Gates was editor of our paper, and Delores Gaines was editor of the Goldstone. Our members were officers of the Beta Club, the 4-H Club and the Student Council, while others were bus drivers and lunchroom workers. And so the history of our journey ends, our memories cease, and we look to the future with great expectations. Joi-IN KILMER CHEEK, Historian Page Eleven Lani ill auth Elentament State of North Carolina, Chatham County Town of Goldston We, the Royal Class of 1948 of Goldston High School of the aforesaid state and county, being of sound and disposing mind and memory and fully realizing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of our departure from this school, hereby make and declare this our last will and t6Stal'!'l6I'lT,. I Article I To Mr. Cullipher, to Mrs. Byerly, and to our faculty, we will and bequeath our love and sincere appreciation of their efforts for our mental and moral developments. Article II To the Juniors, we bequeath our privileges and our responsibilities. Article I II To the Sophomores, we bequeath our places in the typing department. - To the A Article IV Freshmen, we bequeath our dignity and the record we have made, with the suggestion that they make the most of these bequests. We Section Section Section Section Section to use. Section Section Section Section Section 10. Section 11. Section 12. Section 13. Section 14. Section 15. Section 16. Section 17. Section 18. Section 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 19. Section 1. Section 2. Witnesses: Article V bequeath our individual personal property as follows: w Princess Marietta Gates leaves her studiousness to Edwin Elkins. Princess Margie Poe leaves her curly hair to Marlyn Wilkie. Prince J. L. Campbell leaves his ability to play baseball to J . C. Burke. Princess Ollie Seagroves leaves her place on the basketball team to Irene Seagroves. Prince Charlie Fields leaves his chuckle to Howard MacMillan, with instructions as Princess Betty Gaines leaves her attractiveness to Savannah Harris. Prince John Reynolds Harris leaves his school bus to Billy Joe Harris. Princess Millicent Beal leaves her ability to sing to Polly Moses. Prince John Wilkie, Jr. leaves some of his height to Norman Oldham. Princess Mary Ruth Wilson leaves her ability to "take life calmly" to Ruth Griflin. Prince John Kilmer Cheek leaves his place in the Beta Club to Floyd Caviness. Inez Oldham leaves her good posture to Johnie Jean Dowdy. Daisy Jourdan leaves her ability to type to Wilma Rosser. Delores Gaines leaves her sweetness to Jean Cheek. Joy Ruth leaves her popularity to Eleanor Kirkman. Princess Princess Princess Princess Prince John Walter Goldston leaves his place on the basketball team to Phillip Gaines. Princess Mariel Griffin leaves her quietness to Gracie Mae Jones. Prince Theron Oldham leaves his broad shoulders to Elbert Pilkington. John Henry Oldham leaves his voice to Charles Barber. Article VI W-e hereby appoint Mariel Griffin the s-ole guardian of this will. Signed and sealed in witness thereof by the Class of 1948. fSignedi THE ROYAL CLASS or 1948 Betty Gaines Daisy Jourdan John Reynolds Harris Page Twelve MASEUTS 3? pigs? Sgiiili JEFF HINESLY, MARY EMZABETH SEAGROVES CLASS POEM 'Twas the night before Commencement Day And hard as they would try, Not one of our lively Senior Class Could sleep or close an eye. You may ask Why all this wakefulness. Imagine your elation If you had worked hard and won the prize Of 'Queen of Education". 'Twas the clay for the coronation. Though they miss them we guess, All the teachers were quite happy with The Seniors' great success. Though nonchalant they appeared to be, Tears were not hard to find When they had diplomas in their hands And left classmates behind. A merry class, a praise-Worthy class Look for a happy fate, For there'll never be another like The Class of Forty-Eight. Inez Oldham Class Poet Page Thirtern SUPERLATIVE 'GO' xl Sfllflfllll-Y' 'I'hc'1'cm Oldham, Nl2ll'iCTIil Gulvs war ml l,Ol?llIflI'.' Smmy Gnlclston. Mic-0 .loy Ruth l'Viffi1'sf: Mary Ruth Wilson, Charlie Fields SUPERLATIVE Most Lilfvly 10 S1u'c'vv1I.' J. li. Campbell, Margie Poe 1'1Ifl!' l"ij1L SUPERLATIVE Best Loolcing: Betty Gaines, John Reynolds Harris Most Dependable: Delores Gaines, .Iohn Kilmer Cheek . 4 . , Page Scucntun YOFEZC Last week I visited the West Coast and looked through the powerful telescope on Mount Palomor. I hoped to see Mars, or, at least, the tunnels in the moon, but I saw only the Royal Class of '48 in the year 1958. As I focused the telescope at various angles each member passed before my eyes. In the city of Greensboro on South Elm Street, a beautiful night club was seen, and there, cracking her wit with Greensboro's business men, was Princess Mary Ruth Wilson, the successful owner of the club. Asheville next came into view, and I beheld John Walter Memorial Hospital with Princess Inez Oldham, the efficient superintendent of nurses, ministering to the patients. A limousine passed with His Excellency Governor Charlie Johnson and Chauffeur Prince Charlie Fields. Adjusting my telescope, I saw Antioch, just outside Goldston, and there was Princess Betty Gaines, proprietor of Chatham's "Jot 'em Down Store." Before I could turn around feathers filled the air, and, when the air was clear, I could see Prince John Walter Goldston as he and Princess Margie were putting 100,000 chickens to bed. A beautiful ollice came into view, and I caught a glimpse of Princess Millicent Beal, secre- tary for the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D. C. A skyscraper under construction was sighted and high up on the steel framework, I saw the contractor as he directed the men in their work. I could not at Hrst make out who it wasg but, presently, he turned his face and I recognized Prince John Kilmer Cheek. As I turned my telescope, the University of Florida appearedg in the president's office, was the president of the university-Prince John Reynolds Harris. An old-fashioned farm house came before my eyes, and a mother was sitting with three small children, saying their evening prayer, around her knees. I looked twice to be sure who the mother was. Ah, it was Princess Mariel Griffin! , A new Ford dashed by and at the wheel was Princess Joy Ruth on her way to Goldston to meet with the Four H Club, for she is now the assistant home agent of Chatham County. A beautiful spring day appeared, and I was able to watch Prince J. L. Campbell, sitting lazily on the edge of a river bank, casting his line into the water, still waiting for suckers. I looked at a small cottage, nestled in the mountains of North Carolina. A crippled soldier and his wife, who was his former nurse, Princess Ollie Seagrove resided here. Next, Gulf came into view and there sat Prince John Wilkie Jr. in "That Easy Rocking Chair." I couldn't believe it when Princess Delores Gaines appeared as a society belle, she is now married to the congressman from this district. A grey hound bus dashed by loaded with passengers, Prince Theron Oldham was the driver. The queen of education, Princes Marietta Gates, still using her brain, came into View--she is head of the department of accounting in the University of North Carolina. 9 -Oh, it can't be true, but I saw lil! I am an old maid with nothing to do but think of all the chances I turned down! DAISY Jonnim, Prophetess Page Eighteen Coqo-Copa 1 J f .Pl '1 4 1 Q- L9 4 J QF. f , 7 ' N!-5 ,K .nfl J....., f U 45 w g 31 . W- C,ll'2ZGl",S JUNIOR CLASS UFFIEERS Thelma Phillips President Page Twenty yi f gy Helen Hart Vice-I"r0siflcnt Y . .h -i M HM, Eunice Soots Wilma Rosser Secretary and Treusurefr Room Representative JUNIUR Andrew Barber J. C. Burke Johnie Jean Dowdy Norman Dowdy Helen Hart Howard .MacMillan Polly Moses Norman Oldham Lemuel Palmer Thelma Phillips Wilma Rosser Eunice Soots I John Thomas Margaret Welch CLASS MEMBERS Page Twenty-One xev l'ayw T1l'F7lf-ll"I'lI'lI Q A wwf' A22 . S W.-W 'Vi s if .Q . xv N - Q- N 'i x R is . ggi' X, Q .ei wk w i' 1 K xx -ar X N .,.. .,......,:, QM f ..f..,.mSQw - .4 s N , S, N K , 5 N -SESS Q 5 .,.. QQ ' - 5 , Xi- Ii SOPI-ICDMCDRES .zf,., ,- C l'r1 Uf' SUPHUMURES First lfmr: Louise llilliarcl. Mary Alice Fields, Lillie Mae Hutchins, Abigail Lacy, Akron Baldwin lietty l.ou Oldham. Eleanor liirkman, Elaine Oldham, .Josephine Gaines. Betty Jean Caviness. Svrmul lfmr: Sally lfaye Campbell. Peggy Smith, Clyde Watson, Angelette Oldham. Charles Bar- ber, Edwin Elkins, llilly Oldham. Franklin VVilkins, Ann Marie Moses, Floyd Caviness. Tlzird Row: Mrs. Oldham. Gracie Mae Jones, Earl Cheek, Billy Joe Harris, Irene Seagroves, .lohn Henry Oldham, llilly Sine. Paliner Campbell. Elbert Pilkington, Obie Ellis. 6 , pg ' 3 Zu? Z I .. fr ,V l'c1r1:' 7'w4'nly-I"n11r y FRESHMEN First Razr: Mr. Cullipher, Froiiu WVilkie, Chz1rlesWude Phillips, Lois Mushburn, Mary Ruth Fields Sara June Fields, Jean Talley, Ruth Grifhn, Phillip Gaines, Jack Jourdzm. Second Row: Gilbert Oldham, Bobby VVelch, Marlyn Wilkie, Ruby Harris, William Clay .Iones William Fields, Margie Moody, Alma Thomas, Bobby Jean Phillips. Third Row: Worth Elkins, Bill Thomas, Jean Cheek, Betty Lou Hurt, Muck Phillips, Wznltel Jordan, Jean Herron, Mury Goldstoh, Katherine Woody. 0 x QUS Qf Prmr' TIl'I'Hljl'Ffl'f' ffcmenaqfy 'Q I 1 . Q. 3- ' 1' 'I " U x N N y 5 'L Q4 , Q-51' I? 11' 4 -1 , 3 5 43 S 1 Pam' Tmmxty-Smvmz UNDERCLASSMEN EIGHTH GRADE ' Ifirsl lfmr: lietty Ruth Famplmell. lsalmell Campbell, Donald llarlmer, Martha Garner. Vic-toria Moore, l.uc-y Fields, l,ynwood Moses. .lohn Oldham. Sw-om! How: .lames Hilliard, liillyl'ulliphe1', Marie Power, Eloise Gaines, l'earl Elkins. Ruth Elkins, llerry l'oe, Raymond Wilkie. Leonard Barber, Carrol Johnson, 'I'l1irrl How: .learline Hancock, Anna Poe, Anna Bell Smith, Katy Mae Wilson, William Cook, Roger Nleylillan, .Iames Nlashlmurn, Hal Dixon Oldham, Mrs. .letl'rey. SEVENTH GRADE First 13010: Raymond Elkins, Clyde Thomas Webster, Benny Gaines, .Terry Oldham, .loe Thomas. .lean Taylor, Inez Fields, .Ioyee Oldham, Katherleen Hutchins, Melvin Rives, Charles Edward Phillips. Seemlfl Rom: George Caviness, 'Patty Mae Ellis,Cary Foyster Rives, Ronald Gilland, 'Claude Cook, Betty Johnson, Eileen Gates, Elizabeth Oldham, Mary Ruth Allen. Shirley Jeffries, Margaret Sharpe. Shirley Wilson. 'I'hirrl lime: .lohnny Gaines, Fred Coggins, Roosevelt Mashburn, Leonard Xvilson, Ernest Willette. Virginia Clark, Elva Oldham, Billy Woody, Robert Ansley, Shirley Bradford, Doris llurke, Doris Stutts, .lohnny .lean Jordan, Miss Deaton. l'fl!ll' 'l'll7l'lll!l-lfiflllf SIXTH GRADE I-'irsl How: Franklin Wilson, Peggy Lou Harris, Jimmy Jourdan, Joe Phillips, Sylvia Fields Lionel Gilliland. J. T. Griffin, Eugene Oldham, Herbert Gaines, Carl Dunlap. Sc"!'0lIf1 Rmr: Eugene Causey, Erma Gaines, Lois Smith, Shelby Dean Wicker, Josephine Rives Shirley 'l'ysor, Charles Beal. .Jeter Dowdy, Cone Hilliard, Ronnie Gaines, Warran Baldwin. Tlzirrl ff0Il'f Lataine Oldham, Joella Mobley, Augusta Hancock, Ola Hart, Georgia Harvell. Sadie Mae Harvell. Mary Dunn, Shirley Mashburn, Callie Lee Welch, Mrs. Barber, Bobby Jourdan. l FIFTH GRADE Firsl Rrur: lola Gaines, Naomi Phillips, Carolyn Caviness, Billy Hart, Ann Barber, Elizabeth Ann Rives, Betty Jean Wicker, Mildred Webster, Glen Smith, Larry Graham, W. C. Campbell. Second Row: Frances Gaines, Gilbert Ruth, Shelby Jean Elkins, Betty Lou Caudle, Rachel Fields, Robert Bayles, Eugene Oldham, Tommy Brafford, Dewey Hefner, Redga Oldham, Pat Thomas, Clyde Burns, Jimmy Smith. Third Row: Alfred Foushee. Jackie Miller, Mosely Barber, Shirley Wilkins, Clarence Moody, Vic tor Oldham, Nellie Hart, Bobby McMillan, Roy Beal, Edward Daniel, F. D. Elkins, Lucie Gaines Miss Louise Womble. Y Page Twenty'Nine ii PUURTH GRADE Ifirsl lforr: Mollie' Williic. .Xnn Gail Nlurm-hison, Garland llowrl. .limmy Phillips. William l3a1'he1'. Wm-sll-y Milli-V, William llrillin. Norma .loan .lefi'rie's. Vivian Gillilanrl. ldlnia Woody, Ruby, Dowrl. S1'r'omllfon': Ii'is llarnur. llolanrl Wilson, lflclwaril Ilcal, Molly Sims Chuck. Dan Gaines, Lowell iil'illlillll. Waync Ulrlham. Ruth ldllon Jourclan, Holi-n Phillips, lfilhol llarl, llohhy .lac-lison. Harolzl Progilon. l'hirfI lfmr: lfaii' llc-ll Klan-Nlillan. Ruth .lcll'i'ivs. l"i'anL'0s llarvvll. liuhy .l0Ii'i'ics. Leon Morrison. ilarlivlrl Smith, llilly 'Falla-y, llorlon SL-agrovos, llohlyv lflllis, .lorry Gaini-s, 'Fommy Wilkie, XVil- liam llual. Nliss Pal Womhlv. THIRD GRADE i l"i1'sl Ifrnrz .limmy Lee Johnson, Hill Wicker, Jerry Campbell, Ruth lflllcn Hives. Wayne Phillips, Peggy Oldham, Virginia Ann W'illelL, Joyce Ann Games, l,ai'i'y Phillips, lfaycleno Vllilkio, Rosa l.c-0 Cavincss, Gi-orgu Wade Oldham. Max Gaines. Srwrmrl Roar: Nancy Jackson, Ruby Faye Elkins, llohhy Johnson, lJo1'oIhy VVehslc1'. Folia Herron, l,ula l+'i'anc-cs Suagrovcs, Lawson llarlmc-1'..losepl1 Tyson, lfishoi' llamoiz .Ii'.. .lohnny Gaines. Honalcl Vauscy, Kay llcal. llarhara .lean Stinson. Thirrl l.'o11': Mrs. Moore. Arnold Arrington, William .Loc Elkins, Shelby .lean llrighl, Nora Loo Cook, Ralph Willett, Billy Ellis, .limmy Mashhurn, Billy Watson, Nam-y Faye Oldham. Verncita lmo Gaim-s, Mario Olrlham, Roy Heal, NVayne Douglas Smith. I'ugfr 'l'lIfI'ljl SEIIUND GRADE P P First Row: Doyle Wilkie, Lula Mae Wicker, Jane Phillips, Barbara Jourdan, Ann Cook Phillips Janice Elkins, Ann Dew Kinlaw, Elaine Davis, Gail Beal, Dale Beal. Scconcl Row: Sylvia Spivey, Patricia Gaines, Jimmy Vllilliams, Nancy Mashburn, Judy VVilkie, Emma Morrison, Joe Cullipher, Marylene Jackson, Rebecca Cheek. Third I-Zozo: Boyd Harris, W'iley Fine, Johnny Hilliard, Bobby Heaton, Joyce Hancock, Peggy Hart, VVayne Phillips, Miss Gary. l FIRST AND SEEIJND GRADE First Row: Earl Johnson, Ann Phillips, Larry Miller, Donald Jeffries, Kay Elkins, Frances Old- ham, G. C. Kinlaw. Second Row: Bill Foster. Erwin W'oody, Wayne Jeffries, Anne Palmer, Barbara Morrison, Peggy Beal. Mildred Williamson. J. B. Gilliland. Third Row: Betty Lou Wilson, Patricia Causey, Billy Brady, Annie Lou Thompson, Billy Fields, David Caviness, Billy Murshison, Garner. I'ayr: Tlzirry-One FIRST GRADE Firsl Row: C'arl Gaines, Jr. NVesley Hart, Don Oldham, Carolyn Caviness, James Caviness, Linda Faye Williams, Carol Sue Heffner, Betty Jean Bray. Svcooul Row: J. B. Oldham. Jr., Louis Oldham, Jack Hilliard, Juanita Dunlap, Virginia Pearce, J. C. Hart, Eugene Taylor. Thirrl Row: Tommy Bayles, Carl Palmer, Jr., Richard Webster, Lonnie Foushee, Charlie Dunn, Mary Moody, Ethel Foushee. .. 5 Zf . 4 ' 5 , .ff 'ZYL . ' V1 Page Thirty-Two X 2 A K . 'um 5 THE BULB-STONE STAFF W! ,ff F' Mcinhersz Editor, Delores Gainesg Associate Editor, Angelette Oldham: Faculty Advisors, Mrs. Emerson and Mrs. Oldham: Business Manager, Millicent Bealg Associate Business Manager, Helen llartg Advertising Manager, Marietta Gatesg Associate Advertising Manager, Johnie Jean Dowdyl Feature Editor, Margie Poe: Art Editor, John Henry Oldhamg Associate Art Editor, J. C. Burke: The Gold-Stone Staff proudly presents the secoml edition of its Annual, lrifll. the hope that it will lm fI'l'1lSlll'l'!I by ouch 1Ill1JlI.FI'0Hl- corer to corvr, tlzcrr arc trcosurcs that will increase in Vflllll' us thc ywrzrs separate frictzds and clussmotvs. Littlc things that sccm lHSlfj'lllfll'l17lf zrill bc- vomw important in tlzc years to come. I'uyr 'l'l1irty-Ifozlr GULDSTUN HI-LITES STAFF Editor, Marieta Gates Associate Editor, Millicent Beal: Business Manager, Delores Gaines: Associ- ate Business Manager, Angelette Oldham: Managing Editor, Margie Poe: Feature Editors. Ollie Seagroves, Betty Jean Willettez Art Editors, John Henry Oldham, J. C. Burke Reporters, Thelma Phillips, Lou Adams, Jean Herron: Faculty advisor, Mrs. Emerson. In .spite of paper shortages and loss of time, our school paper has prospered. A large paper and a large profit is the result. Each, student is proud of the paper because it coifers all school activities and shows the effort put forth by the stag. Q O Page 'I'1zi1'ly-Fire STUDENT IIUUNEIL Prcsirlcnt, .Johnie .loam Dowcly Thc Student Council is now a charter club, making tzco national organizations in Goldston High School. The council represents the students working with the faculty for the best interest of the school. Every student may present his ideas on the council's activities through his horne- room representatire. In all school activities the Student Council has endeavored to boost morale among members of the student body by promoting better school spirit, good sportsmanship, and higher ideals of citizenship. all l'r1y11' 'l'lzirly-Six BETA CLUB Presifleizt, Margie Poe: Sr'm'r'tm'y, Helen Hart Membcfrsz Thelma Phillips, Polly Moses, Eunice Mae Soots, Millicent Beal, Marietta Gates, Helen Hart, Ollie Seagroves, Alice Joy Ruth, Margie Poe, Daisy Jourdan, Delores Gaines, .lohnie .lean Dowdy, Howard MacMillan, .lohn Thomas, John Kilmer Cheek, Andrew Barber. The Bela Club is ll, Nzztiovml Hmtor Society, Only those who possess qualities of cttizmzship, honesty, and high scholastic grades are admitted into this 01'gani2ati0'n. Mem,be'rship in this organ- ization is Il rfolveted honor, but it f'G'l'7'fPS with it great responsibility, for 'most of the sturlent noti- vitiffs of the sehool are cflrriefl on by the fmembefns of this o1'gfmizntt011. Page Thi-rty-Seven 4-H ELUB,EIRLS First Row: Ethel I-Iart, Ruth Jeffries, Mariel Griffin, Shirley Mashhurn, .losephine Rives, Shirley Wilson, Inez Fields, Sarah .lane Fields, Svcoml Row: ldlaine Oldham, Marie Powers, Eloise Gaines, Shirley llradford, Georgia Harvel, Sadie Mae Harvel, Callie Welch, .Iosephine Gaines, .lean Talley. Tlzircl Row: Sally lfaye Campbell, Betty llou Oldham. Hobby .lean Phillips. l.ois Nlashhurn, Peggy Smith, Doris Stutts, Ola Hart. Mary Ruth Fields. l"ou1'!I1 Row: Marlyn Wilkie, Joy Ruth, lrene Seagroves, Katie Mae Wilson, Catherine Woody, .lohnie .lean Jordan, Mary Cloldston. Betty Lou Hart, Ruth Gritlin. 4-H ELUB,BUYS First Row: Wayne Oldham, Jimmy Phillips, Leon Morrison, Roland Wilson, Eugene Oldham, .loe Phillips, Gilbert Ruth, Alfred Foushee, Bobby Trogdon, John Oldham, William Beal. Seroml Row: Bill Talley, Ronald Gilland, Victor Oldham, Edward Daniel, Clyde Watson, Billy Oldham, .l. V. llurke, Jr., Howard MacMillan, Edwin Elkins, Berry Poe, Gene Causey, Bobby .lordan. l'uy1' 'l'flil'f!l-Hfflfll ELEMENTARY ELEE CLUB xgi i..f In EX., , 4 31.4 5 us E L' U I I'1'0.wiflm1I, Eloise Gaines: Sl'l'I'l'f!!l'.U-TI'f'flS1l7'Pl', .lezlrline Hancock HIGH SIJHUUL ELEE CLUB as ABQ' , ,f s R 5 K 1 X 85,1 sg A llwsirizfzzf, Delores Guinesg SPFTPU17'jl-7'I'f?!IS7l7'?'l', Millicent Beal Pagf' Tlzirly-Nim THE LIBRARY CLUB O11'icers: Prc'sirIw1f, .Iohn Henry Olrlliann: View l'rvsi1lr'n!, Wnltci'.lou1'rlz1n: SUl'I'l'f!Il"Il, Muriel Gl'lmllI T'l'f'!lSlU'f?I', .lean llerron. The Librfwy Club ll'll.KI m'guni:1'rI this yvur. Ils p111'posf' is Io ir1r1'1'r1.Qf' .wlmlmzf interest and puff! iclpatzon Zn. the IlfPl'!II'jj rlml In llHI'fIt'f lziglz-fypl' 11111111 flxsislrllllx, LUNEHRUUM can N-. First Row: Mrs. Cullipher, Mzirgaret Welch, Inez Olrlhuln, Mzlrtliu Garner, .leruline Hancock, Marie Powers, Lucy Fields, Eloise Gaines. Second Row: Lucille Murchison, Evelyn Carroll. Joe Cullipher and Ann Dew Kinluw being served. l'uy11' Forly br 1 BUS DRIVERS l l l 1 i . ...W John R. Harrisg Norman Oldhanig Andrew Barber: Elbert Pilkington: Fharlie Fields: John Wesley Harris. THE SAFETY PATRUL i Hi f mimi' Members: Margie Poe, Charles Wade Phillips, Bill Thomas, William Fields, Phillip Gaines, Betty Gaines, Millicent Beal, Ollie Seagroves, Inez Oldham, Betty Lou Oldham, Mariel Griffin, Sally Faye Campbell. Absent from picture is Jean Herron. Page Forty-0110 XA CHEERLEADERS Josephine Gaines, Thelma Phillips, Chief, Johnie Jean Dowdy, Lois Mashburn, John Thomas. L? s Page If'fn'ly-Thrre BUY'5 BASKETBALL TEAM Sonny Golrlstcm, f'llllI'lOr1 liznrlmcr, Earl Cheek, .lolm Reynolds Harris, Co-C'upt,. John Kilmer Cheek C0-Czlpl., llilly Sipvs, Billy .loc llzwris, Howalrd MllC'Mllll2lll, .I. U. llurko, Mr. C'ullipl1e1', Cloach. W xfxxq. 'Q Pnqr' I"m'l11-Frnlv' l l BIRL'S BASKETBALL Daisy Jordan, Mary Ruth Wilson, Jean Herron, Betty Gaines, Marietta Gates, Millicent Beal, Ollie Seagroves, Co-Captain, Helen Hart, C0-Captain, Delores Gaines, Angelette Oldham, Mariel Grifnn, Betty Jean Caviness, Ann Marie Moses, Mr. Cullipher, Coach. Q , L Page Forty-Five BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Mr. Cullipher, Coach, Howard MacMillan, John K. Cheek, Sonny Goldston, Lemuel Palmer, Norman Dowdy. A A Second 18010: .Iohn Thomas, Earl Cheek, Charles Barber, Billy Sipe, Billy Joe Harris, John Rey- nolds Harris, J. L. Campbell, John' Wilkie, Jr., J. C, Burke. ff I'ag1:' Forty-Si.1: tl .Aafverllisemenk ACME DRUG COMPANY BURKF5 BARBER SHOP Ifl'JX.'ll,l, l'If01ll'C"l'S .l. C. lflflllili, Jlgr. 1'l1ON1f1 N232 GOLIJSTON, N. C. SAN FORD, N. C. BOBBY BURNS CAFE LYNN PERRY, Prop. SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of AVENT 6 THOMAS SANFORD, N. C. Compliments of BELK - YATES SILER CITY, N. C. BILL'S GRILL SANDWICHES SOFT DRINKS John W. Bowers Owner SILER CITY 'XI C BUTTERCUP ICE CREAM COMPANY MANUFACTURERS BUTTERCUP ICE CREAM SAN FORD, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of STACY BU DD SANFORD, N. C. BROWN'S AUTO SUPPLY CO. Your Frigidaire Appliance Dealer LEE AND CHATHAM COUNTIES I "Any Part for Any Car" CLAPP BROTHERS' IMPLEMENT 8: TRUCK CO. McCormick-Deering Dealer TRACTORS AND TRUCKS SILER CITY, N. C. I I SAMUEL CHEEK WHOLESALE Compliments of I GOLDSTON, N. C. CHATHAM I BANK GOLDSTON CHATHAM FURNITURE COMPANY SILER CITY, N. C. NORTH CAROLINA Q AS YOU PLAN YOUR FUTURE W. F. CHEARS REMEMBER .... Dealer in Typewriters 81 Musical Instruments 0GN,..IMIpL-00 Authorized QV w 42 L. C. SMITH AND CORONA ' TYPEWRITER DEALER 5 A, 204 Wicker St. Sanford, N. C. 5 -.:-.-ii' "l 'D'fzr.:,.f.'::':i:.Ef':mf" f 1 ps CHRISTINE s oD,K,Lo,,,.1 LADIES READY TO WEAR Foremost in Fashion and Style PHONE 307-B SILER CITY, N. C. Electrical living means better living in the home, in business, or on the farm. Remember to include "Reddy Kilowatt" in your plans! CAROLINA POWER 8: LIGHT CO. CITY DRY CLEANERS "Sanf0rd's First Dry Cleaners" PHONE 127 210-212 WICKER ST. Sanford North Carolina When in Scmforcl Visit CAMERON'S GULF STATION Corner of Carthage and Endor SANFORD, N. C. COLLINS PRESS FINE JOB PRINTING PHONE 740 SANFORD, N. C. F - - - K I Compliments of DOSSENBACH'S FINER FURNITURE . Complzments of Corner of Wicker and Steele SANFORD, N. C. I M c L A U R I N G R 0 C E R Y I E L D E R GOLDSTON T H E A T R E I NORTH CAROLINA I SILER CITY NORTH CAROLINA I W. B. Emerson POULTRY and EGGS D O G H O U S E I BEAR CREEK, N. C. G R I L L PHONE 417 SANDIVICHES RONLEE, N. C. I HOT DOGS - SOFT DRINKS HAMBURGERS FARMERS ALLIANCE ' STORE, INC. ' GOLDSTON DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, SHOES I NORTH CAROLINA GROCERIES, HARDWARE, SEED and FERTILIZER SILER CITY, N. C. We Appreciate Your Trade L. W. FIELDS Compliments of GROCERIES NOTIONS W. M. FINCH DRUGS SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA GOLDSTON, N. C. Compliments of FAIRVIEW DAIRY THE FRIENDLY FLORIST Siler' City. N. C. FRESH FLOTVICRS al FAIR l'RlC'ES fa Iilvwol'-Millsaps PHONE :a-C FLURIST Pr-nous 858 COIIl1IITlI1l"IIfS of SANFORD, N. C. K G' K STORE l".C.X. Distributor 1,'1J0WERg AT THEIR BIQST FEEDS, SEEDS, If'ERTILIZFlR, AND ALI. FARM SUPPLIES Szmforci, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Io S16N'BHQr ol II I ! I , , ,,: I U. Q5 h 'nuc110" 6' SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of FATHER GEORGE MILLS SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Home oi Falher George Sheeling W. R. WILLIAMS, Presialenf BEST YVISHES from THE HOUSE OF TOP QUALITY MERCHANDISE FOR LOIVER PRICES W DEPARTMENT STORE A Carolina Store for Carolina People Steele Street Sanford, N. C. Compliments of M. B. GARN ER GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA GRIMES IEWELRY COMPANY WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVERWARE CHINA SILER CITY, N. C. Compliments of THE IEWEL BOX INC. SILER CITY, N. C. F. Y. and R. N. HANNER. IR. Compliments of INSURANCE IONES FURNITURE co NATIONAL BANK BLDG. BETTER HOME PHONE 584-J FURNISHERS Sanford, N. C. SANFORD, N. C. Congvutulations S eniors! ROE JEWELERS GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA JOHNSON AND GAINES ESSO STATION A UTO ACCESSORIES GARAGE SERVICE GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA I JOHNSON'S BEAUTY SHOP "Sanfo'rd's Largest" HAIR CUTTING AND SHAPING by MARVIN JOHNSON Phone 340 Goldston, N. C. KAMMER'S MEN'S SHOP I SANFORD, N. C. THE MODERN BEAUTY SHOP "Beauty Made More Beautiful" PHONE 144 Over Brook's Drugs SILER CITY, N. C. i l 1 i LADY BE LOVELY BEAUTY SHOP MYRTLE and PAUL CROMER Over Perry's Department Store GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA Compliments Of CHATHAM HARDWARE GOLDSTON'S NEEVEST GOLDSTON, N. C. Compliments of THE LEE DRUG STORES "ANY PRESCRIPTION ANY TlME" SANFORD, N. C. GOLDSTON, N C 4OP Compliments of MAKEPEACE MlllWORK COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA 405 LOUISBURG COLLEGE Louisburg, N. C. R. M. MOORE JUNIOR COLLEGE OFFERING FLOUR SEED FEED ROOFING TWO YEARS OF COLLEGE HARDWARE WORK TEXACO GAS and OIL For Details, Write Samuel M. Holton, Pres. GULF Louisburg College Louisburg North Carolina NORTH CAROLINA 4!!!P RESPONSIVE AND RESPONSIBLE MILLER FUNERAL HOME 24-HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Home of Lee Mutuol Buriol Association PHONE 24 or 25 SAN FORD, . 4111! NCI 40? Compliments Of VAN N OLDHAM GULF NORTH CAROLINA 405 40? MAN LEY OLDHAM LUMBER and REAL ESTATE Sanford North Carolina 40? 4 f I f P Compliments of Qacyf lclhamf SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA 4111: Business Phone - Diol 2-2561 4!!!P PALM ER'S 4 I I I P ESSO STATION 405 I ROGERS GROCERIES AND FUNERAL HOME ESSO PRODUCTS 405 PHONE 206 Your Patronage is Appreciated SANFORD, N. C. 405 GULF 4 I f I P NORTH CAROLINA 4 X I I , PERRY BROTHERS Operating C0mPli7'l6mS of BOBBY BURNS SERVICE STATION SILER CITY MILLS, INC. Phone 44 Since 1910 Sanford, N. C. Manufacturers of FLOURS and FEEDS Siler City North Carolina il!!! Compliments of SANFORD GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB Nixon Porter, Prop. SANFORD, N. C. 405 SILER CITY CLEANERS 6. LAUNDRY 4 f ! I P SERVING GOLDSTON FOR OVER A QUARTER CENTURY! 4 I I X P Siler City, North Carolina 405 Compliments Of STOUT'S GA RAG E 4!!!P GULF PRODUCTS 4!!!P GOLDS-TON NORTH CAROLINA 4!!!P Let us make your house a home with modern plumbing, heating and wiring equipment. 4!!!b SANFORD PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. 21 CHATHAM STREET SANFORD, N. C. Phone 26-J-2 4!!lP Conipliiiuwzts of PATTERSON'S STOCKYARDS AND PACKING COMPANY HIGHWAY 421 41 Miles North of SANFORD, N. C. SANFORD MOTOR SALES, INC. DESOT0 - PLYMOUTH G.M.C. TRUCKS 317 WICKER STREET PHONE 301 Sanford N. C. SOUTHERN UTILITIES CORPORATION IVillir1n1s Oil-O-Mfllif' Proclucts SANFORD RADIO COMPANY I Guy Mutithews, Prop. PHILCO RADIOS l1fl1l'fCTRICAL CONTRACTS, Eugy Ternqg - Expert Service Al'l'I,IANCES, 1zLUMBING BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY I "ml HEAUNG IRONERS and DRYERS Phone 291 52 Moore Street Phone 170 14 Moore Street Sanford, N. C. SANFORD, N. C. Compliments of ' I SMITH 6. BUCKNER FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Prompt, Courteous, ond Efficient Service 40, PHONE SI Siler City, North Carolina 40, Home of the SMITH C1 BUCKNER MUTUAL FUNERAL ASSOCIATION I SAN FORD TEXACO SERVICE 40p LUBRICATING WASHING POLISHING 4 0 b Phone 798-J SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA SANFORD SANDWICH SHOP HOME COOKED MEALS SANFORD NORTH CAROLINA CAL SHELL TAXI PHONE 9113 SANFORD CAB PHONE 482 L US FOR PROMPT SERVICE Sanford, N. C. THREE POINTS DRIVE INN Curb Service 4 X X f T FAIRVIEW PRODUCTS SANDWICI-IES - DRINKS CANDY L. C. WILLIAMS Sanford, N. C. ESSQ PRODUCTS TERRY'S MARKET MEATS Pittsboro, North Carolina and GROCERIES Siler City 4 ' X ' ' North Carolina 4!!!P BUILDERS' HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS PAINTS, OILS AND VARNISHES 4!!!P Phone 302 SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA P04 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS WILLIAMS - BEIK COMPANY SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA P04 BILL G- BILL ssnvlcs STATION 'W' Gulf Products Compliments 4 I X I P BATTERIES and TIRES of AUTO ACCESSORIES SILER CITY DRINKS HARDWARE CANDIES CICARETTES SILER CITY, N. C TCRACCOS 4 1 1 1 r 4,, Siler City, N. C. Gaines Lumber MANUFACTURERS OF N. C. PINE LUMBER P04 WE BUY STANDING TIMBER AND SAWED LUMBER p04 C. S. GAINES H. B. GAINES owners P04 GOLDSTON, NORTH CAROLINA PERRY'S DEPARTMENT STURE 4111: ROLINA 1 l Compliments of FARMER'S MIllING COMPANY FLOUR and FEEDS .N Hugh and Bill Dixon, Props. N. GOLDSTON, N. C. HARRIS LUMBER COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF PINE LUMBER 4 fl XP E. M. HARRIS owner 4 ! I f P KILN DRIED FLOORING AND CEILING 4 ! I I P GOLDQTONI NORTH Umor INA MIllER FURNITURE 6. APPIIANCE COMPANY FINE FURNITURE FOR THE HOME WESTINGHOUSE and ADMIRAL RADIOS and ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES A. K. Miller, Prop. Goldston, N. C GOLDSTON M A R K E T Burke Brothers, Prop 4 f 1 f P IT PLLASES US 70 PLEASE YOU 4 I I ! P GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA B R A D Y FLOWER SHOP SILER CITY, N. C. BOB'S ESSO STATION Bob Stinson, Prop. GOLDSTON N C -.---.1-1 T. R. EDWARDS JEWELRY STORE M 0 S E S I BARBER SHOP SILER CITY, N. C. 504 I W. F. Moses, Prop. I GENERAL SERVICE P04 COMPANY I GOLDSTON IS. C. Jeffrey ' NORTH CAROLINA I GOLDSTON, N. C. I 4 I I f P Compliments C'omplimcn.fS gf Of BARBER GENERAL FURNITURE CREOSOTING COMPANY COMPANY ,M 4 f f 1 , F. M. Barber, Prop. P04 GULF GOLDSTON NORTH CAROLINA 4 I X I P NORTH CAROLINA STACY V. SOOTS, Mgvz ATLANTIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 311-12 Piedmont Building, Greensboro, N. C. PHONE 2-0702 Specializing in RETIREMENT INCOME INSURANCE AND ESTATE PLANNING I am now servicing Policyowners who own approximately Sl,000,0000 ot insurance with Atlantic Life in the vicinity of Goldston. Ask any Atl xntic Policyowner why he has an Atlantic Policy. AN OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE YOU WILL BE APPRECIATED UHONESTLY, IT'S THE BEST POLICY" McMASTERS - BROOKS MEN'S CLOTHING SILER CITY, N. C. PITTSBORO DRY CLEANERS PITTSBORO, N, C. P94 JACK P. EMERSON LICENSED ELECTRICIAN P04 3mm CHEK-R-TABS UQ fifmefzdca 4 gcwozdte WATER TABS GOIDSION FEED STORE G HATCHERY PHONE 294 GoLDsToN, N. c 3 l 1 AUHIEHAPHE : Qze aww nm QM. Presents this Annual I To STAFF AND STUDENT BODY, AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE "D1sT1NcT1vE PRINTING THAT is ECONOMY.U IT IS HOPED THAT AS THE YEARS GO BY, THAT A FULL INIEASURE OF APPRECIAT10N OF THE WORK OF THE STAFF AND THE COINIPANY, WILL DEVELOP IN THE BIINDS OF THOSE WHO READ THIS BOOK AND THAT IT WILL KEEP ALIVE THE PLEASANT MEMORIES OF SCHOOL DAYS AND CLASSMATES. 916 aww fm, QM. DlsTlNc'rlvE PRINTING IS ECONOMY RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA . V F J- . H -Q .3 ,Y 1 wi,-.., 1:- .f , , w . wr '-' ,, ,.-,, Y. ..' 'M - 31-f if--1 - - f 1',5,,f-:g.:.1'-1' . Ulf! Hwpf, 154, vs' - 2. .W ,L W.: I .F ,. 1, r v v .:.--,, g g?3m,1.L Aw N- foqjg-151 . ,W -.Ax f.,-,- ' 7.-.H N-4 .. -V . f 131 'x'--w Lu K e' , .vm '--fn - ' . ai-af , ,.'- ,' .fs n , if- ' - -"" Y I -, ,, . Q .., . A ,Q Y. .- ' 5. J. - '-J 1,5 ' ' ., ' .. 3 4 -ww - Y' 1,., , - . . M, gt' ' ., I-,Lf-:gf 'EN' 'S , ' 'L iz' .ny .Q .MW-sg -, 7,3 2'3" . 4" will -ug, "Y Lv, nf M .. ,NN Qin' ,,. ,4 4- . f. . Y. X . r,', X X . 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