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For Reference V. Not to be taken from this room 1968 GOHISCA GOLDSBORO HIGH SCHOOL GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA VOLUME 38 Margie Smith, Editor Betsy Wharton, Co-Editor Mk %SL Uf i i . ! 1 ■1 ■i 1 s W i p " ' ' 4 1 J MM. ' r’ ' , 1 i 1 ' i n . i 1 «» 1 4 JL ‘ 1 ' i I . 225 i» I L i • . 1 w. - rW ■e 0 1 1 i ' JJwl i ' . . . •» , t Table of Contents Administration and Departmental 1 2 Activities 42 Magazine Drive Stunt Night Junior-Senior Graduation Honoraries 58 Varsity Club Sweetheart Miss Gohisca Quill and Scroll Marshals National Honor Society Superlatives Outstanding Seniors Athletics 78 Organizations 100 Choral Department Student Association Band Goldmasquers Clubs Journalism Classes Senior Junior Sophomore Advertisements Index 3 Individuality Prevails at GHS 4 The world of G. H, S. is a way of life to students it encompasses. School days pass by in a routine way as the building stands erect, relatively unchanged by the years. A few additions have been made and the building no longer dazzles with newness but the same processes of its first day are still taking place. An aerial view of the school (extreme left) shows how the years have left the building undaunted by the thousands of students who have been a small part of its " life " . Mr. Rogers (center on bottom left) exhibits the frustrated attitudes of the teachers as the students seem to be too involved to really be interested. The scene in the cafeteria (bottom) must have looked the same when it served its first lunch. The students, however, are utilizing two lunch lines, instead of the single line out—used so many years before. Dennis Loch and Cathy Honaker (left) seem to have accom¬ plished the attempts of many involved with the " hustle and bustle " of the crowd. Away from the confusions of the day they set a mood so much a factor in fusing our world. Alone and ob¬ jective, these two can look at the huge mass of people surrounded by brick walls, see each individual, and realize his worth. 5 Stunt Night ' 67 was presented in the Goldsboro High School auditorium. Here the Seniors, Class of ' 67, presented Smile, Chuckles, Smile. The Juniors pre¬ sented The Desperate Debutante, and the Sophomores presented Hapsha ' s Horrible Persian Predicament. Stunt Night is an annual event when each class spends weeks of preparation for the honor of being recognized as the best class. On the night of presen¬ tation each class sings stunt and class songs. These also are competitive and the best song brings dis¬ tinctive honor to its class. Scenes from the Senior Stunt (right) and Sophomore Stunt (middle left) display some of the colorful cos¬ tumes. The King and Queen of the Senior Class, Frank Pierce and Cathy Humphrey, were crowned King and Queen of Stunt Night (bottom) by Bobby Wolfe, after the announcement of their winning stunt. The Sopho¬ mores proudly held second place. 6 Competition Leads to Unity Activities in the auditorium are not restricted only to the formal, prepared presentations. Many of the most enjoyed times are spent informally after lunch when students gather to chat or sing. Edna Earl Waters (left) seems to be the center of attention as the students share in the fun. Jim Rockwell and friends (below) exhibit the great interest in guitar and folk singing this year. Mr. Trautwein and Miss Webb (middle) show that even the teachers enjoy the mood. Spirited Students Typify The Earthquake fans (right) led by the cheerleaders of blue and white display enthusiasm at the first home football game. The team (below) starts the year right by defeating Southern Wayne ' s Vikings. Goldsboro High is known and feared for its abundance of school spirit. Tradition plays an important part in the functions of the school and spirit has been a tradition at Goldsboro High School in all years past. Pep rallies during school are only a preview of the excitement and enthusiasm exhibited at every game. Winning or losing, the team has the support of the always-packed stands. Always hoping for a victory, but stand¬ ing behind the team even without one, the students of G. H. S. are always proud to be known as supporters of the Goldsboro High School Earthquakes. All GHS Athletics 9 Learning, stimulated by imagination, is a process of acquiring knowledge. The halls of GHS house students with imag¬ inative minds, seeking to find answers to so many unanswered questions. The class¬ room is the place where students either set the pace, follow the pace or lose the pace. Each class lasts only fifty-five minutes each day. Miss Mixon (below) explains a math problem as the students try to achieve an understanding. Fifty-five min¬ utes is not much time to devote to a full understanding. To some (right) this is not even enough time and trips to the li¬ brary are frequent. Variety Motivates Students At Goldsboro High School the student is not restricted to the classroom and desk. He is given the opportunity to broaden himself with activities such as singing and speech making in varied classes. Mr. Trautwein and one of his classes (above) are typical of his classes in the auditorium three periods every day. Edna Earl Waters (left) typifies the activities in Mrs. Wiggins ' sociology classes. Her students are given chances for extra credit by presenting special reports to the class. I I I II I I 12 Administration and Departmental 13 Board Plans Addition In addition to practicing law, AAr. William Dees serves as head of the school board. William H. Boyer relaxes in his office at J. M. Edgerton and Sons. AAr. Lloyd Fonvielle is a Wachovia vice-president. During the year 1967-1968, the Goldsboro School Board has concen¬ trated on the new wing that is to be added to the high school. When the wing is completed, it will enable a transfer of the ninth grade to the high school. The board is carefully studying the advantages and disad¬ vantages of a four year school. The transfer will be a big decision and the board is still in doubt about what will be the most beneficial to all. The board is composed of interest¬ ed citizens in the area. It meets monthly to discuss the rules and reg¬ ulations of our educational system. Under the leadership of Mr. William A. Dees, Jr., the seven board mem¬ bers are responsible for eight elemen¬ tary, two junior high and two high chools. AArs. Ashton T. Griffin is always busy with household chores. A busy postal employee, AAr. George W son is a deacon for his church. Mrs. Martha Ray is a housewife. Working at his office is Mr. Robert Powell. 1 Business assistant Mr. Hal Plonk remains a faithful friend of GHS students. Jerry Paschal is concerned with the individual student. School Officials Show Interest in Students Attending to administrative duties is Mr. S. C. Chandler, assistant superintendent of the city schools. Mr. Jerry Paschal, superintendent of Goldsboro City Schools chews on his pipe and says, " I know that the educational staff and I deal with the most important commodity of Goldsboro—our youth. " Although he has been in Goldsboro only three years, Mr. Paschal has seen many improvements in the system. Mr. Paschal is a native of Oklahoma and a graduate of Duke University and High Point College. C. W. Twiford supervises secondary education. 15 Dr. John Smith came to Goldsboro High School from Jordan High School in Durham. Long before the opening of school. Dr. Smith spent many long hours preparing for the first year at G.H.S. In mid-August he met with the Student Association officers and committee chairmen to discuss activi¬ ties of the coming year. His first official act as principal was to alphabetize the students for home¬ room assignments. This was only the first of several new policies inaugu¬ rated by Dr. Smith. One of the pri¬ mary ideas emphasized that each stu¬ dent would be treated on the same basis. The principal ' s prime objective is to elevate the academic standards and instill a deeper sense of respon¬ sibility in the students. Dr. Smith sees the importance of observing classes firsthand to gain a better understanding of the teaching meth¬ ods. He also has a memory for names and records. If asked at any time the progress of a student, he never has to refer to his files. Never on a formal basis, Dr. Smith is always ready to answer any ques¬ tions and insure a better relationship between the administration and the students. Happily married. Dr. Smith has two school-aged children. He is known to have once told one of his students that he likes nothing better than to spend his spare time fishing. Dr. Smith Initiates New Ideas lio |n 1 Dr. Smjth shows a constant interest in all problems presented to him by the faculty (top). School problems sometimes puzzle Dr. Smith (above). Strict adherence to established school rules Is Dr. Smith ' s policy for his first year at G. H. S. (right). In a meeting with the bus drivers, Mr. Waller discusses today ' s schedule. Below: Margie Smith and Patty Wyatt receive instructions from Mr. Waller. Below right: Mr. Waller disciplines students throughout the year. Assistant Principal Is Friend and Asset to School Functions At the onset of the 1967-68 school year, Bob Waller became one of the most important faculty members to GHS students. As Assistant Principal to Dr. Smith, he began to orientate our new Principal to functions of the students as well as to carry on the routines of administering faculty and students, Mr. Waller directs the school bus system. He also maintains the bookroom and audiovisual equip¬ ment. In his position as Assistant Principal he enforces school policy and disciplines students. Mr. Waller serves the Athletic Department as an indispensable member of the football and baseball staff. Mrs. Howell is the experienced member of the office secretarial staff a remains busy working for Dr. Smith. Miss Isler types records for Mrs. Balkcum. Secretaries Maintain School Efficiency Mrs. Lancaster has found that being Mr. Waller ' s secretary requires keeping track of students in and out of school as well as taking memos. Above: AArs. Edgerton (far right) and her cafeteria staff prepare nine hundred and fifty lunches daily. Below: Students during lunch enjoy a well-balanced meal prepared by the lunchroom staff. Students Are Served by Cafeteria and Janitorial Staffs Below: Hattie and Henry maintain constant care of the building and grounds at GHS. I 19 Faculty and Curriculum 20 Aid Is Given by Counselors, All GHS students planning to attend college are carefully screened and counseled by Mrs. Balkcum and Mr. McNerney from their sopho¬ more through their senior years. Mrs. Balk¬ cum gives invaluable aid to those taking the SAT, National Merit Scholarship Test, and any college achievement tests necessary. Ded¬ icated to the success of all students, Mrs. Balkcum helps each student channel his abil¬ ities to the future. Librarian Mrs. Getsinger continues to serve the high school as librarian, working to enlarge the facilities of the library. She feels that the work the administration is doing to obtain more volumes for the school will greatly benefit GHS students. Top left: Mrs. Balkcum counsels students. Left: Mrs. Getsinger tiles library cards. 21 ELIZABETH PARISH GRANT English IV, Composition; AB, UNC at Greensboro; Advisor to Marshalls; Chrm. English Dept. EUGENE L. ROBERTS Printing and Journalism; AB and MA, Wake Forest U.; Advisor to Quill and Scroll, HI NEWS Shop; Goldsboro HI NEWS; Past President, NCEA. MILLARD RAY WATSON English III; BS, ECU; NCEA, CTA, PTA, NEA. NANCY L. CAULBERG English II, III; BA, Atlantic Christian College. JACQUELINE E. BROWN English II; BA, Campbell College; Advisor to Honor Committee. LUCY ANN HICKS English III, Composition; AB, ACC; Advisor to Literary Club and junior Class. JULIA K. BROWN English II; BS, Appalachian State U; Advisor to Varsity Cheerleaders, JV Cheerleaders; ETA. JUANITA FLORENCE LEWIS English IV, Composition; BS, Appalachian State U; NCEA, CTA, PTA. BARBARA ANN FONVIELLE English IV, Composition; BA, UNCG; Advisor to GOHISCA; NCEA. LINDA JO MESSENGER English II; BA, Marshall University. Advanced English Is Offered to Accelerated Students Man ' s most expressive form of communication to his fellow lies in his ability to form thoughts imagin¬ atively and independently, to co-ordinate these ideas intelligently, and transform them to a written work on paper. History is recorded, science is advanced, mathematical theories are expounded, and political ideologies are introduced through the written ac¬ counts of man ' s beliefs. The function of an English teacher in today ' s schools and institutes is to provide tomorrow ' s scientists and leaders ith this ability to compose their thoughts on paper for the benefit of others. GHS is keyed to this purpose through its English program, allowing for advanced students to express their ideas in debates, compositions, poetry, and es¬ says. Accelerated classes have been picked for sopho¬ more, junior, and senior scholars who show potential in this area and are given special attention by their English teachers. In Miss Grant ' s advanced English classes, the genius of William Shakespeare is studied through texts, films, records, and discussions. Miss Hicks ' composi¬ tion groups relate the concepts of modern practice to daily life during lively panel debates every Friday, and Mrs. Julia Brown explores the realm of prose and poetry in sophomore literature classes. English teachers also encourage students to work with the staffs of the annual, school paper, and lit¬ erary magazine. 22 (Left) Sophomores learn the importance of good vocabu¬ lary from Mrs. Messinger A hile (above) Miss Lewis teaches the correct application of English grammar without stifling individual style. Students Are Encouraged To Elect Composition 23 EUNICE C. HINTON Biology; Advisor to Flag Comm.; AB, ECU; UNC for NSF. GERALDINE JONES Biology, Advanced Bi ology; AB, Meredith Col lege; MA, ECU. FLORENCE P. LEWIS Biology; AB, UNC at Gj Advisor to Reception Comm. LOY LEE ROGERS Science, Math; AB, ACC; MA, ECU. JUDITH V. WUESTMAN Chemistry; BS, Drexel In¬ stitute of Technology. GHS Science Classes Explore Mrs. Wuestman is seen through a carbon molecule in chemistry. the “Secret of the Universe’’ The addition of the science building has given a valuable boost to the facilities of the chemistry, physics, and biology students in¬ terested in seeking the foundation of the ' A orld in which we live. In her biology classes, Miss Jones, last year ' s recipient of a North Carolina science teacher award, continues to amaze her pupils ' with classes on dissecting cats and exploring ' the mysteries of the deoxyrthomecleic acid I molecule. Mrs. Wuestman, meanwhile, pro¬ duces carbon disulfide crystals. (Above) Bill Jennings, Wanda Wallace, Bobbie Medlin, Mike Boing, and Ann Brown explore science through experiments. (Left) Miss Jones gives notes to her biology class. (Below) Harold Brown and Mike Boing calculate resonance of sound during a physics class. 1 ' 1 fiw+iw J 25 Students Enter the Business World Under the skillful direction of Mrs. Askew, the business department prepares students for a practical introduction into the field of busi¬ ness, including various subjects as account¬ ing, typing, secretarial shorthand and man¬ agement. The expansion of the business de¬ partment has made it possible for an in¬ creased number of people to obtain instruc¬ tion that will benefit not only those who go on to college and vocational institutes, but those who will apply for jobs after grad¬ uating from high school. Accounting pupils are given special atten¬ tion by Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Pulley and short¬ hand and typing classes receive expert in¬ struction under Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Mc- Lamb. Mrs. Oliver also handles many of the money accounting problems for the Senior class. This includes purchasing announcements, calling cards, and cap and gown rental. MARY L. ASKEW Business Education; BS, E.C.U.; M.A., E.C.U,; NEA, NCEA. DOROTHY C. OLIVER Bookkeeping, Typing, Office Practice; AB, Meredith College; Advisor to G-Pin Committee; NCEA, NEA. EUPHA J. PULLEY Shorthand I, Typing II, Per¬ sonal Typing; BS, E.C.U.; Ad¬ visor of Calendar Committee. GERALDLYNE V. EDWARDS Business Math, Typing; BS and MS, N.C. College. ELLA FAYE McLAMB Bookkeeping I, General Busi¬ ness; BS, Campbell College; NCEA, CTA, PTA. Students concentrate on a time writing test in typing. A long list of account figures will keep this business student occupied for some time. 26 Classes on cooking, sewing, table setting and gen¬ eral homemaking no longer constitute the activities of girls in home economics. Under Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Jackson, charts on household budgets are made; first aid is studied; the nutritional value of foods and drinks is explored; and perfect meals are planned to a science. Girls finishing this homemaking course at GHS are among the best trained in this field. GHS Students Will Be Tomorrow’s Homemakers (Above) A meal becomes a nutrition lesson under Home Economics Teacher, Mrs. Jensen. (Below) Girls learn the basic art of cooking from Mrs. Jackson during a homemaking class. AGNES JENSEN Home Economics; Advisor to AFS and FHA; BS. ECU, Drex- el Institute. BETTY MARTIN JACKSON Home Economics; Advisor to So¬ cial Comm, and FHA; BS, ECU; Graduate work, ECU. 27 (Above) Mrs. Zipf explains a hard probability problem to an advanced math class. (Above left) Mr. Ezzell passes out an algebra test. (Above right) Sophomores absorb many useful and interesting prob¬ lems in Mr. Jackson ' s class. INA IRENE MIXON Algebra and Geometry; BS, Guilford College; Sophomore Advisor. JAMES JACKSON EDWARD R. EZZELL WILMA OWENS ZIPF CAROL WILSON Geometry; BS, ECU; Algebra II, Trig.; BS, Adv. Math and Geom¬ BREWER Cross-Country coach; visor to Pep Club. Ad- ECU. etry; Advisor to NHS; AB, Meredith; MS, ECU; Chrm., Math Dept. Algebra II and Trigo¬ nometry; AB, UNC, at Chapel Hill; Advisor to Seniors. 28 Algebra and geometry students can always use some additional information from Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. Zipf. ! Problems Intrigue the Mind Mrs. Zipf has introduced a new concept into Golds¬ boro High class instruction through the Math Depart¬ ment: informed Seminar with total participation of class members and an understanding of material cov¬ ered. By encouraging students to adapt themselves to learning and not rigid class rules, Mrs. Zipf has reached her appreciative math groups with the dif¬ ficulties of today ' s advanced mathematics. In other areas, Mrs. Brewer readies seniors for college math with trigonometry and Mr. Ezzell teach¬ es all three levels of Algebra. Many sophomores are introduced to high school math by Miss Mixon and her inclusive geometry course. The entire math department at GHS is representa¬ tive of the school ' s involvement program. Every teach¬ er in this department is an advisor to a class, club, or team sport. Miss Mixon is seen from the hall while teaching a geometry class. 29 (Above) Mr. Troy explains social group concepts to his history class. (Right) Head of the History Department, Mrs. Wilson, does supple¬ mentary reading to prepare for her next class. CLARENCE F. WILLIAMS US History; BS and MS, NCC at Durham; NCEA, PTA, NEA. JUDITH F. BLONDEAU World History; BA, NC State U.; Intra-Inter School Relations. JAMES H. TROY US and World History; BA, Morehouse College. EDNA D. WILSON US History; BS, Western Car. U.; Chrm,, Social Studies Dept. 30 story Students t 9AYI1B COUNTY PUBLIC ITBRj F QOIDSBQRn. I? n .■ Coach Garner relaxes while his World History students take a test. (Left) Mr. Williams discusses election procedures in United States History. To understand the complex problems of today ' s world md attempt to find logical solutions for them, one must itudy the past. The GHS Social Studies department, head¬ ed by Mrs. Edna Wilson, presents facts as well as theories o its students to help them understand the relation be- ween cause and effect in history. Courses in World and U. S. History are offered in elevision and classroom situations, as well as a senior :ourse in the study of sociology and American economics, ' his class studies modern concepts in the first semester md U. S. economy in the second semester. )uring sophomore history, ffects of World War I. Miss Blondeau lectures on causes and (Above) Ray Anderson, Richard Wilson, Jim Rockwell, Jackie Edwards, Irene Linford, Milford Jones, and Cathy Holler use the language lab. (Left) Mrs. Wharton returns French test papers on verb coniugation. (Right) This conscientious student carefully checks a returned test paper. (Below) Mr. Sutton takes time to appreciate a faux pas. 32 I I 1 MARY E. CUTHRELL Spanish I and II, English ill; BA, UNC-G. ROGER B. HARDEE Spanish I, English; BS, ECU. WALTER D. SUTTON French I and II, English; BA, Wake Forest; MA, ECU; Grounds Committee. VIOLETTE WHARTON Fr. I, II; AB, U. of Chicago, Sorbonne; UNC; NCEA; CTA; PTA; Chrm., Foreign Lang. Dept. Language Labs Provide Speaking Experience The addition of two teachers to the staff of the foreign language department, Mrs. Mary Cuthrell and Mr. Roger Har¬ dee; the expansion of the curriculum to include advanced Latin; and the increased use of the language labs all serve to make learning foreign languages a complete experience. The added advantage of vis¬ ual aids such as films and supplementary magazines rhake the course more inter¬ esting and informative. Lectures by the foreign exchange students also help to enrich the program. 33 MAN WALLACE LAWRENCE C. ELIZABETH D. ■ FLORENCE FAISON WALTER ROBERT WILLIAM D. MCROY Electricity and Electron- CROCKER GAINEY Distributive Education; GAINEY Industrial Co-operative cs; NCVA, AVA. DE; BS, Western Caro¬ lina University; MA, ECU and UNC; Graduate work at UNC and Duke. Drafting; BS Texas Wom¬ an ' s University, Denton, Texas. AB, Atlantic Christian College. Internal Combustion En gines; BA, Guilford Col lege. Training; BS-MA, Duke University; ECC; NCSU; UNC. Technical Skills Develop in Industrial Classes A well-rounded school curriculum includes courses that teach a student technical skills applicable to jobs following graduation from high school or for those who plan to attend an industrial institute. Courses at GHS include internal combustion engine maintenance, welding, printing, electronics, and technical drafting. Mr. Wallace teaches an electricity and electronics course designed to familiarize a person with circuitry and electronic equip¬ ment. Mr. Roberts instructs boys in the use of the printing press and Mr, Gainey heads the welding class. Many of the boys who graduate from these electronics and mechan¬ ics courses will use the practical knowledge they gained to get jobs after graduation. This student ' s welding torch sends off a brilliant light during a vocatiorwl studies course. 1 34 I Mr. Wallace explains the complicated problems in a related circuitry course. 35 IW:: J. L. Tyner carefully inspects his work in a technical drafting class. Students Prepare for Careers Mechanics and drafting were given a much needed lift when the new rooms were opened in the science build¬ ing. Facilities in the mechanical department were en¬ larged and better storage space was obtained; drafting students were given a well lighted working area with in¬ dividual desks. Drafting students will use their knowledge to study architecture and construction later in college. Mrs. Gainey assists a drafting student. Mechanics spend their time during class rebuilding combustion engines and repairing automobiles. i 36 i Harold Brown, Dan Carr, Calvin Langley, Susie Fahey, David Dannehl, Reid Tunstall, and Karen Wolffe relax during intermission of the play “My Three Angels. " “All the World’s a Stage . . 37 Students Involved in All Phases of Creative In the area of Creative Arts, GHS is unique in that almost every student participates in some phase of it. Mr. Trautwein heads the choral department with over three hundred participating mem¬ bers. It has been very active this year. For the student interested in instrumental music, Band is offered under the direction of Mr. Thompson. All students play in Marching Band which puts on half-time shows at foot¬ ball games. Some students have formed a Pep band to play for basketball games. This year, seven band members were selected for All State Band. In the area of visual arts, Mr. Smith teaches design for actual art work as well as maga¬ zine layout and interior design. Student work in drawing, painting, graphic arts, and sculp¬ ture are on display. The Drama Department under Mr. Holden has been very active this year. The Goldmas- quers presented " My Three Angels " at Christ¬ mas and " Glass Menagerie " in the spring. GHS theater crews also help with school as¬ semblies and community productions present¬ ed at the school. Through the guidance they have received, several talented students have attended N.C. Governor ' s School and one was selected for Northwestern U. summer drama session. Mr. Thompson directs the GHS Band. Mary Jane Jennings admires Mike AAalonee ' s art work. Arts The GHS Pep Band rehearses during sixth period. Jim Rockwell watches Mr. Trautwein and Miss Webb sing during lunch. MICHAEL HOLDEN Drama; English; AB, Baylon; University of Ark¬ ansas; Advisor to Gold- masquers. ROBERT GLENN SMITH Art; Advisor to the Bul¬ letin Boards; BFA, East Carolina University. GEORGE TRAUTWEIN Choral; Devotional Ad¬ visor; BM, MM, Westmin¬ ster Choir College. JOHN B. THOMPSON Band; BS, Appalachian State; UNC; ECU; Band Social Advisor; NCEA; NC Bandmasters Assn.; National Bandmaster A«cn 39 Strength and Agility Stressed An active participant in the President ' s Program for Physical Fitness is the Physical Education Department of Goldsboro High School. In a variety of indoor and outdoor sports the gym teach¬ ers keep their students active throughout the year. In the boys ' classes emphasis is placed on strength, stam¬ ina and sportsmanship through participation in team sports such as volleyball, flag football, softball, basketball and gymnastics. Visual aids are used to supplement a unit in wrestling. In his first year at GHS Coach Jim Bennett has started what he calls the Class of the Month. Each month one of his classes is recognized for being outstanding in such areas as neatness, class spirit and excellence in assigned activities. The girls ' classes follow a wide variety of programs de¬ signed to develop grace and flexibility as well as speed and strength. Basketball, volleyball, touch football, softball, and track build speed and endurance, while tennis, bowling, square dancing, ping pong, and stunts and tumbling stress coordination and agility. Girls listen carefully as Miss Webb explains the rules of vol leyball. ANNE WEBB Physical Education; BS, Atlan¬ tic Christian College; MA, E.C.U.; NEA, CTA, NCEA, NCAAHPER. JAMES E. BENNETT II Physical Education; BS, Ca¬ tawba College. WILLIAM D. GARNER, JR. T.V. World History, U.S. His¬ tory; AB, Guilford College; M. Ed., E.C.U.; Advisor to Lunch Room and Election; Asst. Coach J.V. Football, Head Coach J.V. Basketball, Head Track. Linda Simpson, Patty Wyatt, Bonnie Boland, and Debbie Mixon enjoy square dancing in girls ' P.E. 40 I I in Physical Education Classes Coach Odom watches as boys play basketball in the gym. JEANNE P. MONTAGUE PE; BS, UNC-G; Advis¬ or, Maiorettes; NEA, CTA, NCEA, NCAAHPER. GERALD M. WHISENHUNT Drivers Training; BA, Ca¬ tawba; MA, ECU; Ad¬ visor, Varsity Club. G. DAVID ODOM PE; AB, Guilford Col¬ lege; Advisor, Athletics Committee; Chrm. P.E. Dept. 41 Activities 42 43 Students Participate in Bill Leonard, Larwan Arunsit, Linda Simpson and Lynda Bell leave for the Kannapolis convention. During the summer several girls tra¬ veled and studied in Europe. Princie King lived with a family in Finland, and Beverly Williams, Ann Brown, and AAarolyn Hol¬ land studied in France. Other G.H.S. stu¬ dents attended the Governor ' s School. Susan Kramer was nominated for math, and Sally Spring, Steve Brown and David Dannehl for music. Some of the Student Association officers and the foreign ex¬ change students attended the annual meeting in Kannapolis. In March, staffs of the HiNews, Gohisca, and Literary Club attended a journalism trip to New York. In April the student body heard an interest¬ ing speech by Dr. Ryan from Duke Uni¬ versity on ESP. 44 Susan Kramer, Sally Spring and Steve Brown attended the Governor ' s School this pas1 summer. Varied Activities Some studgnts, on their way to New York with the journalism group, cram into the bus bathroom. Dr. Ryan speaks to students on ESP.f Princie King, Ann Brown and Beverly Williams are remembering their summer trips to Europe. Students Collect (Above) Lynda Bell, high salesman for the entire school, receives a tremendous playmate for her efforts. (Right) Bill Leonard, vice-president of the student asso¬ ciation, presides over the magazine drive assembly. (Below) The balcony declares " Juniors Are Tops. " t $17,856.54 in Drive 1 1 I ! I I r ! i The confident seniors await the announcement of the winning class. The student body collected $17,856.54, falling short of their goal of $18,000 by only $143.46. The seniors, juniors, and sopho¬ mores put forth a tremendous effort to make the 1967 magazine drive a great success. Leading the school in sales were the seniors, turning in $7,809.83 with a class average of $23.17 per person. The juniors came in sec¬ ond selling $5,270.33 and having a class average of $12.10 per person. Following closely behind were the sophomores with a total of $4,682.07 and a class average of $10.41 per person. Lynda Bell, a senior, was high salesman of the school with $278.27. Denise Jones, the juniors ' high salesman, and Pam Parker, the seniors ' high salesman, receive their prizes from Mrs. Butler. 47 Spirit Is Prevailing Huge bonfire exemplifies Sophomore spirit. HAPPINESS IS A VICTORY OVER JACKSONVIUf H I In the float contest, AAr. Ezzell ' s homeroom takes first place; AArs. Oliver ' s, second; and AArs. Cuthrell ' s, third. lojTheme of Homecoming Leslie Hood crowns Charlene Holmes Varsity Club Sweetheart. Bonfire—Parade—Game—Dance—all had their part in the 1967-68 Goldsboro High School Homecoming, The Sophomores managed to make the bonfire, held in the vacant lot next to the Sunrise Shopping Center, the biggest and brightest yet. As the week pro¬ gressed, floats slowly took shape and the walls of the school accumulated spirit posters. The Sopho¬ mores took first place by an avalanche in the poster competition. The finished floats were assembled on the baseball field to be judged. From there, they paraded through town and ended up back at the baseball field. When the winning float was an¬ nounced, it was discovered that a Sophomore home¬ room, Mr. Ezzell ' s, won. Second place went to Mrs. Oliver, and Mrs. Cuthrell ' s homeroom placed third. The night of the game brought more tension to the students of GHS. Although the score was tied, 13-13, the Earthquakes played a good game against the Jacksonville Cardinals. At halftime Charlene Holmes was crowned Varsity Club Sweetheart. The dance after the game was a fitting end for a week of excitement. The Soul Kings provided music to unwind by until 12:00. Steva Boone, Harold Brasher and Ronnie Boyd hang Homecoming posters. Biting his fingernails. Coach Odom watches the game. Jimmy Pike helps Linda Simpson on stage for the pep rally. 49 Stunt Night Visits. I s ' |Many Strange Places In the junior stunt, Charles Best crowns Nina Jensen Kumquat Queen. The traditional National Honor Society-sponsored Stunt Night, produced an¬ nually to raise profits for scholarships by the three classes, was exciting this year, and raised $1600 in profits. During the long wait for the announcement of the winner, Steve Brown and Sally Spring provided musical entertainment. The competi¬ tion was very keen with the junior class winning over the senior class by a narrow mar¬ gin. The student written, produced and directed skits were varied and colorful, and the audience visited: a mystical toyland (seniors), a strange planet (juniors), and a gypsy camp (sophomores). The 1968 Stunt Night shall long be remembered. Charles Best and Angie Clinton are crowned King and Queen of Stunt Night. 51 Junior-Senior Takes May 10th was the date for the gala Junior- Senior. The gym was the setting where the juniors and the seniors danced from 8:00 until 12:00 to the music of Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. The theme was Mardi Gras and the gym was decked out in brilliant colors of the New Orleans festival. The center of attraction was the entrance, the mouth of a gigantic clown. During show time, the dancers gathered around the bandstand to enjoy such all-time favorites as " May I, " " Stay, " and " Gimme a Ticket for an Air¬ plane. " The dance was a big success and all the students left for the beach with the inspiration of " Soul. " (Top right) Roger Easley and Susan Derby are " a-slipping and a sliding " on the cornmeal which protects the gym floor. (Left bottom) Ann Mitchell and Wes Seegars enjoy the traditional bop. (Right bottom) Patty Wyatt, David Adams and Beverly Williams are too close to the amplifier. 52 Students to Mardi Gras f ( Nina Jensen and Freddie Michell discuss world politics while Phil Wessell and Gloria Drew project thoughts of other matters. (Abovej It ' s " chow time " for Arnold Edgerton, Dianne Martin, Wes Seegars and Anne Mitchell. (Above left) Lou Ann Miller and Clyde Dagenhart are skeptical of the " Funky Broadway " . (Opposite) Sandra Stanley and Alec Scarboro wait for the action. 53 Seniors March Expectantly At 6:00 on May 31, the class of 1968 formally assembled for the last time. The graduation ex¬ ercises were held in the football stadium where the GHS band played for the seniors to process. Following the invocation, Mary Ann Kleinfelter delivered the val¬ edictory speech. Sheryl Howell presented the senior gift, a trophy case that can accommodate one hundred trophies. After Jack Hooks, senior class president, spoke, Mr. Bill Boyer of the school board announced the awards—the Weil scholarship for the highest academic average to Mary Ann Kleinfelter and Mike Boing, and the Royall Essay Prize to Mary Jane Jennings. Robert Powell, also of the school board, presented the di¬ plomas to the 311 graduates. Re¬ cessing noisily to their home¬ rooms, the seniors picked up heir report cards and headed for the dance. (Top) The seniors are led in by Earl Howell, SA president and Jack Hooks, senior class president. (Bottom) Bonnie Boland processes to the risers to join the Mixed Chorus. 54 I (iToward Graduation i ! (Above left) Valedictorian Mary Ann Kleinfelter speaks to seniors of self- knowledge and understanding as the keys to success. (Above right) Jack Hooks, president of the class of 1968, delivers his last speech. (Opposite) Dr. Smith accepts a gift from the graduating class. (Above right) Mr. Boyer congratulates ' Mike Boing, win¬ ner of the Weil Prize. 55 Graduates Receive Diplomas - p i ' H (Above) Sheryl Howell accepts her diploma from Mr. Robert Powell. (Above right) All seniors pray solemnly after having re¬ ceived their diplomas. (Right) Ann Brown seems quite happy after receiving con¬ gratulations from her family. (Bottom) Mrs. Brewer gives out diplomas in her homeroom. 56 The graduation dance, a gift to the seniors from their parents, began at 9:30 and lasted most of the night. The Attractions played for the dance which was held at the Moose Lodge. At the breakfast the seniors elected their permanent class of¬ ficers—Jack Hooks, President; Jimmy Pike, Vice-President; Sheryl Howell, Secretary; and Joyce Anderson, treasurer. After dancing until 3:00, most of the seniors left for the beach. j Seniors Dance All Night I (Top) Seniors swing to the music of the Attractions. (Above left) " Just one, Jim, " chicles AAary Jane Jennings. (Above right) Jim Godfrey and Sandra Paul seem to be the center of attention. (Opposite) In the chaperone ' s corner AAr. and AArs. Gene Brewer observe the " shing- a-ling. " 57 Honoraries 58 59 Miss GOHISCA Beach Boys Judge Each year the GOHISCA staff sponsors one of the |nost heralded activities at Goldsboro High School— I he Miss GOHISCA contest. Soon after school begins n the fall each of the three class councils selects !|he six most beautiful girls in its class. These girls JO before a faculty committee who selects the two jirls from each class who, in the opinion of the faculty lembers, have the most beautiful faces. These six jirls constitute the Miss GOHISCA Court. The GOHISCA staff then sends the pictures of hese girls to a famous person or group who in turn makes the final selection of Miss GOHISCA. In the late spring the name of the winner is announced at an Assembly honoring her and her court. This year the staff was particularly lucky to have the California Beach Boys to judge the contest. During a personal interview with the GOHISCA editors after a concert in Greenville, they made their selection, Roxanne Horvath. Roxanne has the honor of being the first Sophomore in over eight years to become,; Miss GOHISCA. ■ ' r I 61 I Bonnie Boland Fran Davis I i Sharon Bunn Cathy Holler Pam LeRoy 63 Quill and Scroll Develops I I i Bobbie Ann ' Medlin is shown re¬ ceiving her trophy for outstanding journalistic contributions to the Hi- News from Mr. Roberts Bonnie Boland President Karen Bremer Vice-president Rhonda McDonald Debbie Mixon Charlene Holmes Linda Simpson 64 I I ' si.iterary Talent and Interest Bobbie Ann Medlin Mary Ann Kleinfelter Bonnie Boland, president. Bill Leonard, presiding officer, Karen Bremer, vice-president look on as the following new members receive the oath from Rhonda McDonald, secretary: Mary Jane Jennings, Donna Sessions, Ronnie Braswell, Lee Plummer, Niki Ham, Jim Parker, Cathy Holler, Sophie Hargett, Patty Wyatt, Gayle Sansone, Susan Kramer, Don Bishop, Diane Godwin, Peggy Robertson, Sandy Ray, Debbie Reeves, Debby Robson, Rebecca Tisdale, and Ann Ritter. The purpose of the Quill and Scroll is to recognize outstanding literary talent and to promote interest in journalism. Mr. Roberts has been the advisor for twenty- three years. This year, students from the Hi-News and the GOHISCA traveled to New York to participate in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention. At the tapping ceremonies in the spring, the club was enlarged. Trophies and certificates of merit were given out. Bobbie Ann Medlin won the trophy for the most outstanding contribution to the Hi-News, and Margie Smith received the trophy for the most outstanding contribution to the GOHISCA. Betsy Wharton Margie Smith 65 Marshals Represent High! Vann Evans hands out a program to guests at a school theatrical production. At the production of " My Three hard-working marshal. Miss Grant gives Mary Ann Kleinfelter, chief AAarshal, a preliminary plan for positioning the marshals. 66 I ] Scholarship I Chief Marshal First Assistant Mary Ann Kleinfelter Joyce Anderson G.H.S. marshals are selected on the basis of scholarship. Only the top scholars in the class qualify for this honor. Marshals are always found serving whenever called upon by the school; they are always found serving whenever called upon by the public. This year, such activities as the community concerts, N.C. sym¬ phony orchestra, Goldmasquer productions, and commencement exercises have kept them busy ushering. During the spring of the year, an assembly is held in which the new marshals are selected. They assume their new duties at the Baccalaureate and commencement exercises for gradua¬ tion. Edward Anderson Sylvia Kay Bradshaw Sheryl Howell Linda Simpson Janice Barkley Ronald Braswell Bobbie Anne Medlin Marjorie Smith Lynda Bell Vann Evans Mary Ann Polter Ted Smith Nelda Beamon Freddie Fuller Ann Ritter Betsy Wharton Michael Boing Charlene Holmes Debra Robson Edna Earl Waters 67 I N.H.S. Creates Moments toi This year, for the first time in several years, the seniors in¬ troduced an entirely new tapping service for the National Honor Society. This tapping consisted of a courtroom play in which the four traits were the witnesses and the defendants were prospective members. Annually, each class contributes a different skit to Stunt Night, the N.H.S. project. The proceeds from this program go for N.H.S. scholarships. Approximately five to ten are given, according to the amount received from Stunt Night. This year, $1600.00 was col¬ lected. Need, worthiness, and service to the school are the basis for these scholarships. Selections are made by a committee com¬ posed of ten teachers appointed by the principal. The chairman is Mrs. Zipf, the N.H.S. advisor and sponsor. In addition, this year ' s Charles Brantley Aycock Chapter was in charge of the state newspaper. News is obtained from all active chapters in the state. Financed by the state treasury, the convention dues are responsible for the source of revenue. This year ' s group of seniors has been very active in all phases of the N.H.S. They have gone beyond the ordinary in their accom¬ plishments. (Above) Jo Ann Peacock represents the spirit of the Na¬ t ional Honor Society. (Left) Ronnie Braswell shows the happiness of tapping a new member as he congratulates Faye Wilkins. 68 Be Recalled Forever Don Crawford—pres denf Jack Crain—vice-president (Above) Mary Ann Kleinfelter exhibits the excitement of tapping as she follows Susan Bowden, her newly tapped member. (Below) Members tapped in the spring tapping include Nancy Crow, Nelda Beamon, Faye Wilkins, Wanda Wallace, Nina Jensen, Angie Clinton, Tommy Smith, Kelly Andrews, Clyde Dagenhart. (Second Row) Patty Vinson, Joyce Anderson, Tim Reynolds, Terry Pierce, Sandy Ray, Lee Plummer, Nancy Taylor, Sandra Stovall. (Third Row) Harold Brashear, Chris Wise, Edward Anderson, Susan Bowden, Bill Leonard, Jim Parker, Debby Robson, and Louis Williams. 1 N.H.S. Members Promote Leadership Ronald Armwood Lynda Bell Michael Boing Ronnie Braswell Ann Brown Vann Evans Freddie Fuller Charlene Holmes Sheryl Howell Tommy Howell Mary Ann Kleinfelter Bobbie Ann Medlin Debbie Mixon Jimmy Pike Linda Simpson Dick Smith Margie Smith Ted Smith Betsy Wharton Patty Wyatt 70 Seniors Pick Superlatives (Above) Linda Simpson and Tommy Howell are Best All Around. (Right) Mary Ann Kleinfelter and Mike Boing are Most Intelligent. The GOHISCA salutes the Senior Super¬ latives of 1968. Every year the Senior class selects by popular ballot those mem¬ bers of the class most representative of a certain area of high school life. 1 Si M 1 i IIIIJ 0 li ijil Im r ilj|p|ff If 4 5 Jiiii til fl 11] II (Above) Margie Smith and Freddie Fuller are Most Likely to Succeed. (Left) Sheryl Howell and Jimmy Pike are Most Dependable. 71 fl Seniors Receive (Right) Lynda Bell and Milford Jones are Most Athletic. (Below) Sharon Pearson and Earl Howell are Wittiest. Each school wishes to bestow deserved recognition on outstanding members of the senior class. Senior Superlatives, an estab¬ lished tradition at GHS, represent a way of honoring these seniors for their special con¬ tributions to the school. (Above) Nancy Andrews and David Dannehl are Best Looking. (Right) Charlene Holmes and Bill Moon are Best Per¬ sonality. I Deserved Recognition (Left) Fran Davis and Vann Evans are Friendliest. (Below) Patty Wyatt and Jack Hooks are Most Popular. (Above) Marcia Ames and Terry Hutchens are Cutest. (Right) Sally Spring and Don Crawford are Most Talented. 73 GOHISCA Starts New (Above left) Charlene Holmes, a cheerleader and Varsity Club sweetheart, is also active on the GOHISCA staff. (Above right) Student director of the Mixed Chorus, Don Crawford is also N. H. S. president and an outstanding baseball player. (Below left) Betsy Wharton announces the 1968 GOHISCA court. She is co-editor of the yearbook and an active member of the touring choir and the N. H. S. (Below right) Freddie Fuller, chairman of the Flag committee, is also manager of the basket¬ ball team and an N. H. S. member. This year for the first time, the GO¬ HISCA sponsored Outstanding Sen¬ iors. These seniors number sixteen. They were nominated by the senior council and selected by a faculty committee. The results of the voting were kept secret until the GOHISCA assembly when the Senior Stand- Outs were honored. The activities of these students vary, but they all share one asset— an eagerness to serve their school. For their untiring efforts, the GO¬ HISCA salutes them. 74 tradition at GHS (Above left) Margie Smith poses in front of the cover of the 1968 GOHISCA. In addition to her duties as editor of the yearbook, Margie is also a marshal and treasurer of the N. H. S. (Above right) Tommy Howell, president of the Varsity Club, has played two sports. He is also a member of the N.H.S. (Above left) President of the Senior class. Jack Hooks is also a basketball star and member of the N. H. S. (Above right) Debby Mixon, head cheerleader is also an aspiring journal¬ ist. She serves both the Hi-News and GOHISCA staffs. 75 Stand-Outs Chosen for (Above left) Sheryl Howell, senior class secretary, corresponds with other schools. Sheryl is also active in the choral department and the N. H. S. (Above right) Jimmy Pike delivers a speech. Jimmy has been chairman of two com¬ mittees and manager of the JV basketball team. (Below left) Filing correspondence is an important part of Linda Simpson ' s job as S. A. corresponding secretary. She is also a cheerleader and a member of the GOHISCA staff. (Below right) Participating in three sports, Milford Jones is an outstanding athlete. I I Outstanding Service (Above left) As chairman of both the social and the homecoming committees, Patty Wyatt spends much of her time decorating. (Above right) An active member of the tennis team. Bill Kemp is also a com¬ mittee chairman, a marshal and a wrestler. (Below left) Vann Evans, the studious one, is a marshal and an outstanding member of the N. H. S. (Below right) Editor of the Hi-News, Bobbie Ann AAedlin was also responsible for the publication of the state N.H.S. newspaper. 77 Athletics 78 79 Quakes Have Plagued by injuries and lack of ex¬ perience, the Quake gridders struggled to a 3-6-1 record. The gridders had a good defense but lacked a good offense. Losing most of their linemen from last year, the Earthquakes were unable to gain yardage on the ground. Randy Edens ' passing and Steve Herring ' s punt¬ ing both aided the offense. The defense led by Mike McDaniels was one of the Earthquake ' s strongest points. Outstanding awards at the end of the season went to Milford Jones for " Sports¬ manship " , J. L. Tyner as " Most Improved Player " and Steve Herring as " Most Valu¬ able Player. " One of the most thrilling games the Earthquakes played this year was the home game against Jacksonville. Nearing the closing seconds of the game the score board read; " Goldsboro 13, Jacksonville 6. " Then Jacksonville threw a fatal pass and kicked an extra point. The final score was 13-13. Both Quakes and fans were disappointed; however G.H.S. students were very proud of the fine job the boys had given them this game and all season. First row—left to right: Mike McDaniel, David Dannehl, Steve Herring, co-captain, Eddie Havi ley, Billy Meyers, Milford Jones, co-captain, J. I Tyner, C. B. Owens, James Parker. Second row: Toby Harrell, Louis Williams, Randy Edens, George Wolfskeil, Johnny Kornegay, Dennis Lo ' Mike Shuey, Chris Wise, Ronald Armwood, George Kornegay. Third row: Ken Williams, Mike Prebula, Larry Johnson, Gehe Sweet, Cal i Wadsworth, Doug Crocker, Wes Norton, Ricky Frederick, Don Johnson, Bobby Smith, Wes Seegars. Fourth row: Harvey Wasner, Billy Kemp, I Jennings, Rick Jones, Ross Willis, Monte Lee, Alan Johnson, Richard Sugg, Larry Powell, Shelby Pine, Ted Smith, Ned Hart. Fifth row: Mike Myr 80K®ith Hood, Mark Darnell, Bill Broom. Coaches Waller, Odom, and Whisenhunt look on intensely. i veRough Season Goldsboro Opponent 7 Southern Wayne 0 7 New Bern 13 7 Rocky Mount 2 7 Durham 21 0 Wilmington 7 6 Enloe 0 7 Wilson 13 0 Fayetteville 21 13 Jacksonville 13 0 Broughton 14 Larry Powell catches a first down pass. Triple threat Randy Edens makes a long gain for the Quakes. Andy Mylaeus, Scott Cox, Joey Farfour, Karl Eikenberry, John Rains are Quakes managers. 82 Coach Odom has sideline conference with Toby Harrell. Griddersii First row—left to right: George Wolfskeil, Eddie Lane, Grege Pope, Gene Byrd, Don Rouse, Dan Hudgins, Steve Swinson. 2nd Row: Gary Hoover, Phil Phillips, Barry Hutchens, Eddie Ball, Ken Martin, Tommy Boyette, Tommy Anderson, Jerry McGuirt. 3rd Row: Chip Lovell, Larry Colvard, Pat Pate, Leonard Smith, Mike Hoard, Bob McBride, Alton Jarman, Bob Carr, Eddie Bass. 4th Row: Thomas McKenzie, Bill McLamb, Keith Futrell, Phil Griffin, Mark HoHoman, Mark Sherman, Janice Cobb, Billy Bryant, Mike Sterner. 5th Row: Howard Montague, Keith Jones, Gwyn Crow, Ashley Mosley, Steve Eubanks, John Peacock, Ian McFawn, Bill May, Eddie Wessell. 6th Row: Coach Bennett, Phil Turner, Coach Garner. s Display I Ability Under new coaches Bill Garner and Jim Bennett the Baby Quakes ended with a 3-7 record. The gridders lost a few players to the Varsity and some because of injuries. Goldsboro Opponent 20 New Bern 7 10 Rocky Mount 6 6 Enloe 22 7 Durham 27 0 Wilmington 21 8 Broughton 27 12 Wilson 19 7 Fayetteville 8 12 Jacksonville 37 Coach Whisenhunt gives the Quakes last minute instruction. 83 Cagers Have (Left to right) Randy Edens, Gary Mileski, Thomas Dawson, Chris Wise, Wes Norton, Jack Crain, Tommy Howell, Don Edmonson, Jack Hooks, Steve Herring, Charles Wheeler, Harold Brashear, Louis Williams, Phil Kaylor, manager; Freddie Fuller, manager. New Coach David Odom and the varsity cagers ended their rugged season with a 9-12 record. The Quakes had much hustle but lacked the height neces¬ sary for an outstanding team in their conference. Jack Hooks led in the shooting department, while Tommy Howell and Don Edmonson led in rebounding. Co-captains Tommy Howell and Jack Hooks greet their oppo¬ nents before the game. 84 I i Rugged Season Tommy Howell jumps for the tipoff at Enloe Goldsboro Opponent 58 Kinston 60 59 Kinston 60 79 Southern Wayne 46 64 Jacksonville 51 66 Wilson 60 56 Rocky Mount 39 69 Southern Wayne 61 73 Enloe 52 57 Broughton 69 40 Wilmington 58 43 Fayetteville 46 54 Durham 67 53 Jacksonville 52 58 Wilson 66 49 Rocky Mount 43 55 Enloe 46 37 Broughton 81 42 Wilmington 59 60 Durham 61 60 Fayetteville 78 Coach Odom watches the Quakes intensely. 85 I Al Reese ' s tip off gets another Jayvee game underway. The Jayvee Basketball team had a good season this year. Under new coach Bill Garner the Baby Quakes ended with all-9 record. Coach Bill Garner gave his boys instructions for the final quarter, The team had good size and speed. Many of the players have been with Coach Garner since the seventh grade. Giles Turnage, Tommy Brantham, Don Lane, Don AAcLaurin, Blair Elliot, Billy AAusser, Al Reese, Dennis Barkley, Johnny Narron, Steve Bennett, McKenzie, Gene Byrd, George Wolfskeil, Richard Sugg, and Donnie Worrell compose the Jayvee basketball team. 86 Hervey Fisher takes time out for a drink of water. Chip Lovell blasts a two bagger. J.V.s Jinxed by Errors (1st row) Bill Whaley, Bobby Coons, AAike Myrick, Chip Lovell, George Wolfskeil, AAike Sterner, Johnny Narron, Greg Pope (2nd row) Eddie Lane, Ross Willis, Phil Turner, Webbie Lancaster, Hervey Fisher, AAike Steele, Richard Sugg, Eddie Ball. 87 (Left to right) Richard Suggs, Giles Turnage, J. E. Walters, Alex Scarboro, Ricky Frederick, Toby Harrell, Larry Powell, Steve Herring, Randy Edens, Louis Williams, David Kornegay, Don Crawford, Ned Hart, Mike Myrick, Tommy Smith, Coach Waller, Wes Norton, Jack Crain, Hervie Fisher, Bobby Britt, Tommy Howell, Edward Anderson compose the 1968 baseball team. Baseball Team Has. This year the Quakes surprised GHS fans with new uniforms. These uniforms were bright royal blue. 1968 has been a good year for Quake baseball. The returning of nine lettermen contributed to the team ' s winning record. Under Coach Bob Waller the Quakes put forth their best efforts with a good .300 team batting aver¬ age and about 1 error per game. David Kornegay and Steve Herring were the main stays on the mound with Ned Hart and Wes Norton rounding out the battery. Captain Tommy Howell takes his stance for the next pitch. A 88 fe J. E. Walters slams the ball for a two-base hit. (Right) Coach Waller observes with concern. Outstanding Season Coach Waller gives team pre-game strategy. Below: David Kornegay prepares to pitch the ball. 89 Goldsboro High wrestlers showed impressive ability with a final record of 9-1 this year. Many on the team were return¬ ing from last year ' s wrestling team. Because of their outstand¬ ing wrestling, tri-captains were chosen. They are Milford Jones, Billy Kemp, and Ken Weil. The Eastern Regionals were held in Goldsboro this year. From the regionals the team had five to qualify for the state tourna¬ ment. These were Ken Weil, Billy Kemp, Milford Jones, Monte Lee and Gary Hoover. Under a new coach. Coach Whisehunt, the ' 68 wrestling team had a succes sful year. Coach Whisenhunt presented one trophy this year to the boy he felt had contributed the most to the team. This year Billy Kemp won this coveted trophy. AAonty Lee tries a reverse. Wrestlers Are Victorious 90 Billy Kemp takes down his victim. Left to right: Bob Smith, Gary Hoover, Milford Jones, Bill Kemp, Johnny Kornegay, Larry Johnson, Monte Lee, Mike Beamon, Toby Harrell, Ted Smith, Ken Weil, Tom Collins, Gene Dillman. RECORD 9-1 Goldsboro Opposition 25 New Bern 26 35 Greenville 18 26 Greenville 19 81 Jacksonville 23 27 Wilson 19 24 Boone 22 21 New Bern 20 42 Wilmington 13 30 Wilmington 23 32 Wilson 18 Jack Smith, Bill Warren, Roger Easley, Jack Hooks, Bob McBride, Willis Denmark, Chip Carter, William Byrd, Andy Gwaltney compose the 1968 golf team. Golfers Make Good Showing The Goldsboro High School golfers had a good season for the second straight year. Jack Hooks finished fourth in Eastern 4A Conference. The team ended up in sixth place but they hoped to do much better in the sectionals. (Above) Coach Ezzell helps Jack Hooks improve his swing (Left) Willie Denmark demonstrates his powerful drive. 92 I I j I Tommy Boyette, Ken Kirk, Regie Gattlin, Mike Murray, John Miner, Ronnie Braswell, C. B. Owens, Dennis Loche, Milford Jones, Eddie Davis, Bill May. (2nd row) Coach Bennett, Don Abrams, Keith Hood, Johnny Kornegay, Johnnie Woodly, Jerome Evans, Thomas McKinzie, Gary Hoover, Sam Murray, Don Smith, Mike Shuey, Coach Garner, Ed Keeter, Ronnie Creel, John Anders, Butch Richter, Patrick Mahaney, ; Doug Crocker, Bob Smith, Archie Terry. j Track Team Strides Doug Crocker pr epares to throw shot put for the Quakes. The Mile Relay team: Johnny Kornegay, Keith Hood, Archie Terry, Mike Shuey wait for the sound of the gun. Under new coaches Bill Garner and Jim Bennett the 1968 track team had a good season. Strong in the shot put, discus, and distance runs the team was able to hold their own against tough competition. Bolstered by the experience of the GHS cross country team, the Quakes were impressive on several occasions. At the Eastern regionals Milford Jones placed sec¬ ond in the 880, breaking the two minute mark. Gary Hoover and Johnny Kornegay placed fourth in their events. With this sophomore and junior personnel returning. Coach Garner has a good outlook for the next year ' s team. 93 Net Men Have Never has a Goldsboro High School tennis coach had a losing sea¬ son and this year was no exception for new coach Bryant Langston. With a strong top four, all returning letter- men, and helped by the bottom four the netters were strong contenders for the conference title but came in third. Jeff Harrell was one of the big rea¬ sons Goldsboro had such a good team this year. He was honored by being elected captain of the team. He end¬ ed with a 9-2 record in singles. Danny Phillips teamed up with Jeff to play number one doubles. They ended with a 9-1 record and hoped to be state champions. Danny Phillips and Jeff Harrell hope to win the doubles title in the Eastern 4A Sectionals. First row, left to right. Danny Phillips, Joe Thornton, David Adams, Jerome Monk, Jim Lawson, Ronny Mozingo, Tim Reynolds. 2nd Row: Harrell, Freddie Mitchell, Don Edmonson, Coach Bryant Langston, George Arant, John Van Roekel, Vann Evans. Jeff i ‘Winning Season Billy Kemp is happy after making a good return. Freddie Mitchell anticipates his next shot. The first team is made up of Freddie Mitchell, .George Arant, John Van Roekel, Jeff Harell, David Adams, Joe Thornton, and Danny Phillips. Missing are Billy Kemp and Scott Cox. RECORD Goldsboro Opponent 9 James Kenan 0 9 Southern Wayne 0 9 Kinston 0 6 Rocky Mount 3 8 Fayetteville 1 1 New Hanover 7 7 Rocky Mount 2 6 Durham 3 0 New Hanover 9 8 Fayetteville 1 3 Broughton 6 95 Claudia Taylor takes a big swing at the ball! Girls Enjoy f Barbara AAoye is relaxing. Girl ' s intramurals have grown impressively this year. Competition in volleyball, basketball, tennis and speedball was offered. Girls that participated in intramurals said that after-school sports were fun and that this gave the girls better understand¬ ing of the sports. Intramurals are presented under the direction of Miss Anne Webb. Intramurals 96 Miss Webb is showing Leslie Robson, Patti Meyer and Cindy Whitner where not to go. I B■■| ■||| I ||||||■|[||■B Volleyball is one of the girls ' favorite indoor sports. Darlene Morris stretches to return the ball. 97 Peppy cheerleaders sing " Victory " as the players come off the field. Linda Simpson cheers vigorously at a pep rally. (Top to bottom) Linda Simpson, Linda Grice, Nancy Andrews, Debby Mixon Jacque Waters, Betty Jo BelJ, Charlene Holmes, Lynda Bell, Bill Moon, Beau Ward Gayle Sansone. Cheerleaders Keep ’Em Yelling .98 Debby Mixon, Linda Grice and Charlene Holmes excitedly await the Quakes arrival. (Top to bottom) Jody Johnson, Claudia Taylor, Mary Rose Hood, Sandy Paul, Nita Mansour, Cathy A Quake victory makes Nancy Honaker, Roxanne Horvath, Leslie Wyatt, Debbie Clark, Judy M$dlin, Mahalia Dees, Terry Garner are Andrews happy. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. -v ' r? " ■ i " -nj ' ■ ■ ' V i, t r 4 ' ' -r ' . ' • ' .Vrij ■- Organizations , ' ■• ' ■ 41 ;j ik ' f 100 101 I Choral Department 102 As students relax after practicing, Mr. Trautwein discusses plans for upcoming productions. Many hours of rehearsal are necessary to make any production success¬ ful. Students enrolled in the Choral Department find this to be very true. With an able director and the response of all the students, any class can reach its goals. George Trautwein, director, has been at GHS for eleven years. Through his energy and desire, the department has almost doubled in size in the past four years, now totaling over three hundred students. Each year two students are sponsored by money received during the spring musical to attend Westminster Choir College for a summer course. Music students are also honored by being selected to attend the Governor ' s school. Scott Smith and Sally Spring listen for their cues. 103 (Sopranos) S. Spring, B. Boland, S. Pendergrass, AA. Kleinfelter, S. Tilghman, C. Bailey, L. Arunsit, D. Capps, D. Hopewell, S. Perry, C. AAitchell, S. Grantham, W. Starling, P. AAontgomery, F. Rogers, N. Crow, P. King, K. Bremer, F. Crow, S. Campbell, N. Spence, P. Parker, AA. Rusch, S. Talton, S. Bowden, AA. Jernigen, B. Abdallah, C. Cogdell, D. AAozingo, F. Etherington, R. AAaderas, S. Pope, R. Ward, D. Jones, J. Little, F. Crow, F. Taylor, C. Whitener, L. Jeffreys, N. Crawford, R. Darden, C. Taylor, C. Sykes, D. Van Benthuysen, J. Turnage, B. Smith, L. Artis, D. Best, L. James, Nancy Avery, AA. AAitchell, AA. Ames, S. Bauhofer, N. Beamon, S. Bedford, R. Bennerman, N. Bone, B. Bouras, D. Carroll, AA. Carter, M. Edwards, D. Eidenire, S. Graves, R. Gray, L. Grice, B. Gowdin, G. Hall, E. Herring, W. Hill, C. Honaker, S. Huffman, C. Ingram, J. Lofton, AA. Lov¬ ing, AA. AAarkham, C. AAartin, C. AAassey, D. AAalthews, D. AAixon, S. AAozingo, P. Newman, B. Odom, D. Parker, J. Parks, AA. Pike, B. Reese, S. Rhodes, T. Royal, P. Silver, S. Taylor, B. Vernon, AA. Walter, B. Wandill, D. Wells, K. Wolffe, K. Wolfe, AA. Worley, A. York. (Tenors) G. Joseph, B. Whitley, P. Wade, E. Hawley, E. Ball, S. Vann, K. Williams, R. Frederick, J. Thornton, B. Leonard, G. Cox, B. Kemp, J. Peacock, J. E. Walters, E. Bass, B. Baucom, AA. Beamon, K. Cogdell, J. Cooper, D. Dannehl, B. Evans, R. Lismut, G. AAileski, J. Pike, H. AAozingo, B. 104 Warren, J. Thornton, D. Taylor, J. Rockwell, J. Rouse, A. Mylaeus. (Altos) D. Sutton, L. Brown, M. Tommey, T. Wiggins, J. Moore, D. Williams, J. Hallman, A . Smith, P. Southerland, S. Derby, L. Weathers, L. Harrell, P. Scimeca, A. Mitchell, B. Williams, G. Lutz, J. Jernigan, J. Howell, C. Bridgers, B. Maddox, N. Andrews, J. Jernigan, A. Hinson, A. Creech, B. Wharton, M. Polter, J. Lewis, S. Kramer, V. Zambelli, B. Williams, S. Whitford, J. McGowan, P. Lynch, J. Ham, J. Kearney, N. Perry, M. Pate, M. Starling, C. Holler, N. Taylor, P. Vinson, A. Mayo, R. McDonald, M. Dees, D. Clark, L. Coward, S. Jones, L. Quinn, L. Bell, J. Brooks, M. Holland, N. Jensen, J. Medlin, A. Spicer, P. Starling, P. Surratt, B. Vann, B. Ward, L. Welffe, B. Bell. (Basses) T. Andersen, D. Bailey, M. Behling, J. Zaccagnini, M. Wells, J. Pelter, M. Morgan, J. Bell, F. Martin, P. Griffin, T. Dawson, T. Brantham, L. Williams, J. Spicer, R. Monk, L. Williams, G. Byrd, M. Lee, R. Going, W. Byrd, J. Smith, T. Collins, H. Fisher, B. Moon, J. Hooks, L. Eliot, R. Easley, D. Bland, T. Kleinert, A. Moseley, J. Boyd, S. Bunch, J. Carter, T. Vick, A. Johnson, S. Bennett, L. Justice, L. Braswell, P. Lubinsky, D. Kornegay, H. Wasner, J. Narron, J. Pike, P. Griffin, B. Thunberg, R. Tolar. 105 Trial by Jury Fascinates Audience Never pausing, full of jokes and songs, " Trial By Jury " proved to be the right kind of musical to start off the spring production. It tells of a fair maid who has been jilted by her lover so she brings him to court. She plays on the sympathy of the jury and her beauty. The trial ends with the judge becoming so captivated that he decides to marry the girl himself. " You are-a liar) " declares the bailiff (Steve Brown) in an argument with the defendant, Edwin, (Eddie Hawley) over a game of chess. ■ ' ll marry her myself, " sings the iudge (Terry Pierceall) as he Angelina flirts with the judge in order to sway his verdict to her side embraces Angelina (Sally Spring). as her counselor (Clyde Dagenhart) observes. 106 I i I Sally Spring sings about freedom in the folksong " Morning Train. " " Up, Up With People, " is sung by the entire chorus to help show the importance of all kinds of people. The lead singers of the Sing Out pause for a moment. From left to right they are: (front) Jim Al lison, Terry Pierceall. (2nd row) Terry Hutchens, Deloris Mabry. (3rd row) Ray Casey, Eddie Hawley, Gergia Harrington, Don Crawford. Chorus Sings of Patriotism Sing out ' 67 was presented by the Mixed Chorus to express their pa¬ triotism. Such songs as " Which Way America " , " What Color Is God ' s Skin " , and " Don ' t Stand Still " were featured. These songs portrayed current prob¬ lems. They gave the audience a chance to think about them. To close the show properly, the chorus sang the " Battle Hymn of the Republic. " 107 Touring Choir Presents “Amahl” (Above) Mr. Trautwein gives last minute directions to students before they start the performance. (Right) The three kings, Casper (Charles Best), Balthazar (Don Cravy ford), Melchoir (Terry Pierceall), looked astonished as Amahl (Frances Crow) threatens the page (Clyde Dagenhart). lap HH lUr- ,)• UUMm 1 Casper shows Amahl the treasures he keeps hidden in his box. The Touring Choir is a special part of the Mixed Chorus. The students who make up this select group are chosen by the director on the basis of vocal ability and musicianship. These abilities are measured by both vocal and written exams. The Touring Choir meets every day to practice music which is above the level of the other classes. As a special Christmas program, this year, this choir presented " Amahl and the Night Visitors " . This was performed before the community as a part of the Christmas season. It tells of the search¬ ing for the holy child by the three kings. They stop to rest at a poor shepherd ' s home where the story begins. The three kings decide to take Amahl with them to see the Christ child 109 The chorus chatters during a rehearsal scene of the " Mikado " by Gilbert and Sullivan. Katisha, played by Sally Spring, listens to Jim Al¬ lison, playing Koko, tell her about the tit-willow bird who perished because of a broken heart. For their 1968 spring musical, the Mixed Chorus presented the " Mikado " , a satire written during the reign of Vic¬ toria. It tells of Oriental customs using Occidental actors. Koko, Pooh-Bah, and Pitti-Sing retell the story of the execution of Nanki Poo, not knowing that he is the heir to the throne of Japan. 110 I “Mikado” Enjoyed by All The Mikado (Scott Smith) sneers at his subjects while he and Katisha listen to the story of the execution. They soon discover that his son has been beheaded and their journey has been useless, (below) Pish-Tush (Chip Carter) explains the fate which awaits Koko if he does not marry Katisha. " For he ' s gone and married Yum-Yum, ' sings the chorus as the show ends. Costumes and scenery helped to make the show a big success. The Student Association] Under the guidance of Mrs. Balkcum, the student council meets to discuss student relations and problems. n n Action Group Mrs. Balkcum, SA advisor, discusses the prospects of paving the parking lot with Nina Jensen and Lynda Bell. As a part of its service to the student body, the student association at GHS has initiated two new projects this semester. One of these is in the form of a committee, the Inter-School Relations Committee. This committee meets with Dr. Smith to discuss stu¬ dent-teacher problems such as the new test schedule. It is composed of a chairman appointed by the execu¬ tive board, the SA president, the class vice-presidents, and one person from each class selected by the executive board. The committee gives the stu¬ dent body a chance to air its views personally to the principal who will direct the necessary action to be taken. Paving the parking lot has always been a topic of discussion for the GHS council. This year, however, something is finally being done about it. The School Board has promised to match the SA money collected for this project up to $2500. This will probably be enough to pave a portion of the lot with the comple¬ tion to be done in the next couple of years. These two projects would not be possible without the guidance of good officers and a good advisor. Students at GHS take an active interest in SA elections and have much help from town officials in conducting them properly. he new Inter-School Relations Committee meets with Dr. Smith to liscuss the final exam schedule. Mr. Roy Armstrong talks to the students about the responsibilities of voting in upcoming SA elections. I 113 Efficient Officers Leadl The Student Association plays an important role in the affairs of everyday student life at GHS. Each student ' s views are carried to council by his home room representative. These representatives are chosen at the beginning of each semester by their individual homerooms. Other members of the council include committee chairmen, class vice-presidents, and the SA officers. This governing body meets each Tuesday morning to discuss student problems and promote better relations among the student and faculty. Stu¬ dents ' views are expressed and sent back to the homerooms for discussions. Council then makes its decisions on the basis of the views brought back by the representatives. Without this body, a successful student relationship would not be possible. Earl Howell, President, conducts a discussion. Bill Leonard, Vice-President presides over an assembly. Nina Jensen, Parliamentarian, is checking on parliamentary procedure. djto a Successful S.A. Linda Simpson, Corresponding Secretary, hands out identification cards. Lynda Bell, Recording Secretary, types the minutes to the meetings. Without efficient officers, no governing body can be successful. GHS students elect their officers in the spring preceding the year they are to serve. The president then chooses the committees with the consent of his advisor. The president conducts all of the SA meetings and represents his school at stu¬ dent council conventions. The main task of the vice- president is his responsibility to plan interesting as¬ semblies for the students and preside over them. The recording secretary and corresponding secretary take the minutes, account for the roll, a nd correspond with people associating with school activities. The treasurer keeps a record of the income and expendi¬ tures of the council. The parliamentarian is appointed by the president to insure good parliamentary pro¬ cedure. All of the SA officers would not be effective without the help of a good advisor. Angie Clinton, Treasurer, looks over her treasurer ' s report. Committees Are Essentiall (Top) The Grounds Committee works to keep the grounds in good condition. One of their projects this year is planting roses along the fences. Billy Kemp is chairman of this com¬ mittee. (Bottom right) Patty Wyatt, chairman of Social Committee, serves p unch at a tea. Her com¬ mittee is in charge of the Homecoming Dance and other activities. (Bottom left) Posting the SA events for the month is Debbie Robson, Calendar Committee chairman. This committee helps to schedule meetings so that there won ' t be any conflicts. I for the Progress of the S.A (Top left) Delivering audiovisual equipment to teachers is th task of the Audio Visual Committee. Kelly Andrews, head this committee, is setting up a projector in a classroom. (Top right) Jimmy Pike, Building Committee chairman, checi lockers as a part of his committee ' s responsibilities. He is I charge of keeping the building in good condition for studet use. (Bottom) The Cheering Committee has the job of maintainin school spirit and sportsmanship throughout the year. Debb Mixon, head cheerleader, is the chairman of this committee. 117 Committees Do (Top) With its purpose of informing the student body. The Publicity Committee, under the direction of Nancy Andrews, places posters and sians around the school to tell of upcoming activities. (Top right) Sending letters to visiting teams and their schools to invite them to our games is the main job of the Inter-Intra School Relations Committee. Gayle Sansone, chairman, writes about a recent baseball (Bottom right) Bill Moon, Lost and Found Committee chairman, displays one of the numerous articles his committee keeps for students to reclaim. Many articles are left unclaimed and are turned over to the Salvation Army. (Bottom left) A F S Committee chairman, Annette Mayo, talks to Ann Brown about how she likes having an exchange student living with her. 118 I ilMany Services (Top left) Bulletin Boards Committee chairman, Charlene Holmes, completes one of the many bulletin boards her committee has prepared this year. Besides making bulletin boards, they sponsor contests for homeroom and class competition. (Top right) With a helping hand and a cheerful smile, Sheryl Howell, Reception Committee chairman, greets Nancy Crawford, a sopho¬ more at GHS, and shows her around. (Bottom) Princie King, Devotional Committee chairman, presents the devotion at SA Council, a regular task of her committee. They are also responsible for the devotions at assemblies and the religious holiday assembly programs. . 1 ,. 1 The S.A. Depends omi (Top) Ann Brown, Scholarship Committee chairman, presents a G-Pin to Susan Kramer. These pins signify that the student has had a 91 or better average for a grading period. (Bottom left) Tommy Howell, chairman of the Ath¬ letic Committee, discusses the possibility of building a new trophy case with Don Crawford. This trophy case is the committee project for the year. (Bottom right) Freddie Fuller, chairman of the Flag Committee, folds the flag after school. His job is to make sure the flag is up during the day. 1 V fv ' ,i il 120 ' n Committee Programs (Top left) Honor Committee chairman, Ronnie Braswell, displays a copy of the Honor Code which will be placed in each homeroom. His committee wrote the code which was accepted by the student body. (Top right) Going into the cafeteria is Beverly Williams, Cafeteria Committee chairman. Her committee helps to make the atmosphere in the cafeteria more pleasant. (Bottom) Jim Parker, chairman of the Board of Elections Committee, discusses election rules with the other members of his committee. Their job is to run the student elections efficiently and democratically. 121 Mr. Thompson leads the band through a practice drill Debbie Tillett, head majorette, is work and practice. Ii 122 r 4 GHS Band Adds Vitality The Goldsboro High School Band performs under the direction of John Thompson. He has served as director since 1945. This year the band is composed of fifty persons: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. They practice every day dilring sixth period and after school. They are often seen marching down streets practicing their drills. This practice enables the band to perform in many concerts and parades, such as the Christ¬ mas and Homecoming parades. It provides enter¬ tainment at football games and arouses spirit. It plays for the PTA and school assemblies. This year the Band Patrons Club held a Christmas Bazaar in order to raise money for a band trip to the Mardi Gras at New Orleans, Louisiana. I 123 The band displays its standard formation on the field while practicing one of its many drills. The majorettes perform drills during halftime shown below. GHS Band Marches On " The Star Spangled Banner " rings out of the GHS foot¬ ball stadium as the Marching Band begins the game. Dur¬ ing the game, the band accompanies the cheerleaders in songs, such as " Victory " to boost the spirit of the spec¬ tators and the team. At halftime, the band comes out on field to bring musical entertainment in selections from Broadway musicals and Tijuana Brass. The band supports the tearn while entertaining the spectators. 124 li GHS Maiorettes are left to right: Mary Edna Scott, Wanda Wallace, Brenda Bell, Irene Darden, and Debbie Tillet. 125 Pep Band Boosts Spirit The Pep Band leads the school in a round of " Our Boys Gonna Shine " at a football pep rally. This band was organized last year to help tl cheerleaders raise spirit. M Pep Band members Mike Boing, Lois Artis, Gail Pate, Sandra Stovall, and Dan Vinson relax from their playing for a few minutes to concentrj ic on the game. Goldmasquers Add Creativity Suzi Fahey waits in the wings for the cue. Knowing when to come on is an important part of any production. The Drama Department at GHS, under the name of the Goldmasquers, has presented to the com¬ munity of Goldsboro examples of what students can do in areas other than academics. The Gold¬ masquers stand for hard work and the joys and benefits reaped from a good production. Under the direction of Michael Holden, the department has created a theater for the community and the school from which they can benefit culturally. Mr. Holden picks plays above the commercial level to be performed by his department. This helps the actors to realize the necessity of good acting in order to achieve the limits of the play. Besides acting, the students involved in the Gold¬ masquers learn to work the lights and sound, build sets and prepare costumes and make-up. They become associated with all phases of a dramatic performance. . An important part of any theatrical production is the make-up. Here, members of the Goldmasquers, Harold Brown, Reid Tunstell, Mark Darnell ;|and Terry Pieceall, prepare for a performance. 127 Past Productions Reviewed Professor Higgins (Frank Pierce) replies to Colonel Pickering ' s (Terry Pierceall) questions about the flower girl (Karen Wolffe) by saying, you spoke as she does, sir, you ' d be selling flowers, too, " in the production, " Pygmalion. " Elvira (Dianne Smolen) comes back to life as the result of a seance performed by Madame Arcarti (Bonnie Taylor) in " Blythe Spirit " . OtI cast members include Mrs. Bradman (Vicke Newsome), Mr. Bradman (Mike Richards), Ruth (Karen Wolffe), Edith (Lauri Crone), Charles (Ba Shoemaker). 128 The Goldmasquers produced " Blythe Spirit " by Noel Coward in 1966. The play told of a man who has a mediator bring his deceased wife back to life at a party. In 1967 the tragedy " Hamlet " was counter¬ balanced by the satire of " Pygmalion. " " My Three Angels " started the drama productions for 1968. New talent was introduced here which has been car¬ ried over into the other production for this year, " The Glass Menagerie. " " Swear upon my sword that you will never reveal what you ' ve seen tonight, " quotes Hamlet, portrayed by Mike Richards to Rosencrantz (David Dannehl) and Horatio (Rob Royall) in " Hamlet " . ' I wonder if this letter was poisoned. " The three convicts ponder over the body of Suzanne Norton. David Dannehl, Calvin Langley, and erry Pierceall play the convicts in " My Three Angels. " 1 1 129 f « 1 I t ' Social Studies Club president, Don Wright, stops to talk with Belinda Stroud, FHA president, and Literary Club president, Debra Robson. 130 Clubs FTA Organizes Sorority Tea Hi 1 1 The Future Teachers of America is a club designed to prepare high school students for teaching careers. With this goal in mind, the GHS FTA has sponsored two major projects this year. Mrs. Balkcum, guidance counselor, gave an informative program on teaching- pay scale, classroom problems, and educating teach¬ ers. Also later, the FTA helped a local teaching sorority with a tea in honor of seniors who are considering teaching careers. At this tea a scholarship for these seniors was discussed. (Above) Pat Hagan, treasurer; Nancy Bone, vice-president; Linda Daniels, program chairman; and Sandy Ray, president, strike a formal pose in contrast to the informal discussion led by AArs. Balkcum (above right). Row 1: Pat Hagan, Sandy Ray, Nancy Bone, Linda Daniels. Row 2; Nelda Beamon, Peggy Roberson, Donna Hopewell. Row 3: Lee Plummer, Phyllis Starling, Patricia Lynch. 131 Row h Sandy Ray, Elaine Surrett, Diane Todd, Nancy Bone, Rhonda MacDonald, Darlene Morris, Steve Boone. Row 2; Barbara Peele, Terry Monahan, Lee Plummer, Sol Lucas, Peggy Roberson, Patricia Lynch. Row 3: Gail MacMillan, Pam Parker, Debby Mixon, Bill Moon, Angie Clinton, Doris Cogdell. Row 4: Kenneth Blackman, Patrick Mahaney, Bobby Baucom, Princie King, Pam Southerland. Literary Club Participates in Instead of publishing their new magazine, the ETC., as last yean the Literary Club sponsored the publication of works by high school students such as Calvin Langley, Dick Smith, Mike Richards, and Pam Reed, in the GHS Hi-News. Most recent¬ ly, however, the Literary Club has decided to operate a booth during Sunday-in-the-Park with poems, short stories, and essays from the high school. Becky Burns, Edna Earl Waters, and Ann Ritter are in charge of this committee. Below: Ann Ritter, treasurer; Marcia Ames, secretary; Debra Robson, president; and Karen Bremer, vice-president, pose " under the spreading chestnut tree. " 132 The most recent project that the Literary Club has undertaken is sponsoring a booth for Sunday-in-the- Park which will feature poems, essays, and short stories by GHS students. On the left, Becky Burns (center) enthusiastically ex¬ plains her ideas for the booth to Nancy Avery, Sarah Jones, Mike Rich¬ ards, Bobby Baucom, Nan¬ cy Perry, Ann Ritter, Deb¬ ra Robson, Princie King, Babs Bouras, and Belinda Stroud at a Literary Club meeting after school. In the past, only works of art by local artists and painters — usually adults, have been exhibited. By displaying GHS talent in this area the club riot only hopes to make the ' com¬ munity aware of its prom¬ ising young writers and poets, but also to perhaps encourage the adults to consider adding this facet of the fine arts to their annual Sunday program in the near future. 5unday-in-the Park Left, club president Debra Robson and club secretary Marcia Ames put up one of many " psychedelic " posters painted and displayed by the Literary Club to encourage entries in the Sunday-in-the-Park booth. Miss Hicks, Literary Club advisor, discusses club business with club members (below), Betsy Wharton, Ann Mitchell, Nancy Perry, and Ann Ritter. I 133 Row 1: Debra Robson, Lynda Bell, Nancy Bone, Annette Mayo, Claudia Taylor. Row 2: Debby Mixon, Linda Simpson, Pam LeRoy, Rhonda MacDonald, Charlene Holmes, Princie King. Row 3: Marcia Ames, Pam Parker, Bill Moon, Tommy Smith, Bobby Baucom, Calvin Wadsworth are Pep Club members. Spirit Begins With Above, Pep Club president, Bonnie Boland, discusses planned activities with member, Patty Wyatt. Right, Pep Club members work hastily to complete homecoming decorations in the gym lobby. Charlene Holmes, Fran Davis, Don Rouse, Tommy Smith, are caught " cutting up " . 134 ! I I Above left, Debby Mixon, head cheerleader and Pep Club member, collects money for tickets. Pep rallies, sponsored by cheerleaders and the Pep Club, are a big part of GHS spirit. Singing and clapping seniors ( " above right.) show that pep rally spirit. the Pep Club I At an informal gathering Pep Club members, (above) Leslie Wyatt, Claudia Taylor, Cathy Holler, Beverly Williams, Margaret Ann Jernigan, Harold Brown, and Lynda Bell, listen as Maxine Pike (center) explains a coming Pep Club event. I Spirited pep rallies prove irresistible even for teachers, as shown below by Miss Hicks. 135 FHA Undertakes Numerous Projects A FHA ' er dresses dolls—Dina Shoemaker, Rene Auger, Belinda Stroud, and Jane Holland watch Larwan Arunsit make ice cream—Sharon Mozingo shows Cathy Fowler, Phyllis Braswell, Shirley Tolar, Jane Holland, and Libby Everhart how to apply a bandage to " patient " Linda Mitchell. Activities such as conducting the health room year round, dressing dolls at Christmas for the Salvation Army, sponsoring a First Aid Course, helping the AFS program to introduce exchange students Larv an Arun¬ sit and Andreas AAylaeus, planning a Sunday-in-the- Park booth to sell homemade ice cream and sewing AFS flags for Sunday-in-the-Park make the FHA a club " on the move " . The last of these activities takes place at the Mother-Daughter Banquet when FHA members and their mothers, officers (right) Shirley Tolar, treasurer; Belinda Stroud, president; Aida Jack- son, vice-president; and Cathy Mozingo, secretary, for¬ eign exchange students and advisor Mrs. Jensen are honored. Usually a guest speaker is featured. The FHA is proud this year to have Mrs. Tripp, state FHA advisor. Belinda Stroud, Rene Auger, Phyllis Braswell, Shirley Tolar, Aida Jackson, Larwan Arunsit, JoAnn Massey, Dina Shoemaker, Cathy Mozingo, Libby Everhart, Micky Gonzales, Linda Mitchell, Cathy Fowler, Sharon Mozingo, advisor Mrs. Jensen, Jane Holland. 136 Above right, Don Wright and Jim Godfrey write the invitation. Also, the club is planning a letter for support to be sent to Viet Nam. Club officers (above left) include Sue Brinson, secretary; Jim Godfrey, vice-president; and Don Wright, presi¬ dent. TO RfMOtE THE STICK CL0SIM5 THE MOUTH The Social Studies Club, the newest club at GHS, was form¬ ed this year by Don Wright and Bill Whitley with the advice of Mr. Troy. The club ' s chief goal is to learn more about gov¬ ernment. Speakers such as the secretary of the local draft board and Mr. Hooks, chairman of the Board of Elections, have made this goal somewhat reachable. The club ' s most recent project is to invite Congressman David Henderson and Herbert Howell, Mr. Henderson ' s op¬ ponent in the Third Congressional District, to debate before the school in an assembly. New Social Studies Club Plans Assembly Row 1: Don Wright, Jim Godfrey, Sue Brinson. Row 2; Doris Best, Janet Brooks, Pam Wolfe, Beverly Williams, Princie King. Row 3; Pat New- some, Nick Bryant, Michael Boing, Harold Brown, Gayle Sansone, Row 4; Jim Rockwell, Bill Scott, Jimmy Pike. 137 Mike Beamon Harvey James Jerry Brantham Larry Johnson Wes Seegars Harold Brasher Edward Keeter Ted Smith Ronnie Braswell Ken Kirk Tommy Smith Scott Cox Bobby McBride Joe Thorton Jack Crain Billy Meyers Giles Turnage Tom Collins Freddie Mitchell Johnny Van Roekel GHS Lettermen Head The Varsity Club, composed of GHS lettermen, is one of the most active clubs at GHS. In the fall, members choose a Varsity Club Sweetheart who will later be honored in the spring. Besides operating the gym concession booth during basketball and wrestling, they sponsor refreshments at baseball games. They organize a faculty game mid-year where students can watch their teachers perform. In the spring, the climax of the club ' s activities occurs at the spring formal, the Varsity Club dance. The outstanding activities of any club, such as the Varsity Club, can certainly be traced to the club members, but the strong support and often motivating force is the club advisor. The Varsity Club is advised by Coach Whisenhunt. (left) Also, an active club requires active, interested officers. Var¬ sity Club officers (right) are Tommy Howell, president; Don Crawford, vice-president; Mil¬ ford Jones, recording secretary; Bill Kemp, corresponding sec¬ retary; Louis Williams, treasurer. I Gene Dillman Don Edmunson Ricki Frederick Freddie Fuller Jeff Harrell Toby Harrell Keith Hood Andreas AAylaeus Jim Parker Danny Phillips Barry Raines Robert Sasser Alex Scarboro Bill Scott Calvin Ken Weil Ken Williams Louis Williams Johnny Woodley Chris Wise Wadsworth Active Varsity Club (Left) AAr. Paschal watches as Coach Garner " sinks one " in the annual faculty game sponsored by the Varsity Club. Besides the game, entertainment at half time— cheerleading teachers or judo, and refreshments in the lobby—is also organized by the club. (Below) Bill Kemp, Varsity Club corresponding secretary, sells drinks and popcorn to Niki Ham and Lynda Bell with the help of George Kornegay. 139 Varsity Club Sweetheart, Charlene Holmes, and es¬ cort Ricki Frederick (left) open the dance as Ann Brown and Chris Wise watch. (Right) Debbie Ei- dinire and Johnny Narron are caught " bopping " . Varsity Club Has Spring Formal (Above) Coach and Mrs. Whisenhunt, and Andreas Mylaeus and Jean Lewis dance. (Below) Al Johnson, Bill Kemp, Larwan Arunsit, Lynda Bell, Carmen Turrone, Jeff Harrell, Freddie Mitchell and Sharon Bunn gather around a table. 140 Publications 141 Hi-News Takes The journalism class publishes the Hi-News ten times during the school year. The staff, advised by Mr. Roberts, meets at sixth period every day. The Hi-News handles its own photography and is published by the Mount Olive Tribune. In March the staff went to New York to attend the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention. Participating in several classes at Columbia University, the aspiring journalists had a chance to see other high school papers and to learn new techniques. The Hi-News won a first place award at the convention. Mr. Roberts, advisor, and Bobbie Medlin, editor, proofread copy for the Hi-News. (Above) Hi-News reporters are Richard Moffat, Barbara Moye, Debbie Reeves, Niki Ham, Rebecca Tisdale, Peggy Roberson, Debby Mixor Sandy Ray, Sharon Pearson, Rhonda Me Donald, Donna Sessions, Ronnie Braswell, Jimmy Jernigan, and Don Bishop. 142 t •I [First Place Award (Above left) Debby A ixon, Hi-News photographer, checks the light on her camera. (Above right) Rhonda McDonald is Hi-News circu¬ lation manager. Her job is to distribute the paper to all students and administration personnel. (Left) Sharon Pearson, surrounded by her ad staff: Rhonda McDonald, Rebecca Tisdale, Debbie Reeves, and Lee Plummer, admires her own art work. 143 Gohisca Covers Jim Parker, business manager, and Miss Fonvielle, advisor, lay out the advertisement section of the GOHISCA. Margie Smith, editor, and Betsy Wharton, co-editor, decide how to crop a picture. This year the GOHISCA was deliv¬ ered in August instead of May. The summer delivery, voted on by the student body, enabled coverage of the entire school year. For the first time, events such as Junior-Senior and graduation were included in the GOHISCA. The annual staff sponsors Superla¬ tives and Miss GOHISCA. This year the GOHISCA also sponsored Senior Standouts, sixteen seniors nominated by students and voted on by a faculty committee. With forty hard-working staff mem¬ bers, the GOHISCA has had a very successful year. 144 Honoraries editors Nelda Beamon, Linda Simpson, and Kathy Wise look over pictures for their section. Entire Year (Above) Bill Holloman, student photographer, gives Beverly Williams, Mary Jane Jennings, and Pam Parker, Administration and Departmental editors, some faculty pictures. (Left) Susan Kramer, Organizations editor, hands Bonnie Boland, Layout editor, a picture as Mary Ann Kleinfelter, Clubs editor, learns hov to crop. Lyn Jeffries, Donna Hopewell, Sophie Hargett, and Patty Wyatt, Class editors get ideas for their sections. 145 GOHISCA Sponsors (Above) Gayle Sarvsone, copy editor, types a triplicate as Scott Cox and Cathy Holler, sports editors, suggest lead lines to Leslie Rob¬ son and Edna Earl Waters (activities editors). (Below left) Angie Clinton, circulation manager, searches for an error in her records. (Below right) Debby Mixon, typist, discovers that the page runs out before the copy does. Annual Assembly On May 28th the annual GOHISCA assembly was held. The purpose of this assembly is to present the cover of the GOHISCA and to announce Miss GO¬ HISCA. The assembly was even more exciting this year because, for the first time, the annual sponsored out¬ standing seniors. The names of the seniors being honored were kept secret until the assembly. The climax of the assembly was the presentation of the GOHISCA court and the crowning of Miss GOHISCA. (Left) Sharon Bunn, sophomore candidate for AAiss Gohisca re¬ ceives rapt attention from the audience. (Above) Miss Fonvielle presents Margie Smith, GOHISCA editor, with a trophy for outstanding achievement. (Below) The student body gives Roxanne Horvath, Miss GOHISCA, a standing ovation. Classes 148 149 ' •■ ' fir Senior class officers are: Jack Hooks, President; Sheryl Howell, Secretary; Joyce Anderson, Treasurer; AAary Ann Kleinfelter, Vice President. Seniors Look Forv ard 150 Discussion Sparks Senior Council The 1967-68 school year contained many changes, especially for the Senior Class. Along with a new administration, various new rules were set down. The Senior council has been extremely busy during the year. Many preparations were made for the upcoming graduation in the spring. The council chose parents to head the various committees connected with the dance. Several parents aided the class by collecting money for the party. The dedication of the Senior gift to the school is always a big event. Several gifts were considered, such as a trophy case to hold the sports trophies, audiovisual equipment for the auditorium and curtains for the stage in the auditorium. The Sen¬ ior class also contributed $200 toward paving the student parking lot. In all, the year proved to be a busy one for the Seniors. The Senior Class Council (above) is active under the leadership of Mrs. Carol Brewer, class advisor (left). 151 DONALD RAY ABRAMS Stunt Night 4; Track 4. DAVID BRYANT ADAMS SA Rep. 3; Audio Visual 4; Class V-Pres. 3; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Tennis 2, 4. MARK LYNDAL ADAMS D.E. 4; Track 3, 4. LOUVENIA ALDRIDGE D.E. 4; D.E. Sweetheart. JAMES WILBURN ALLEN I.C.T. 3, 4. MARY FRANCES ALLEN Bulletin Board 2; Social 4; HR Off. 2, 3; Stunt Night 4; Jr.-Sr.; Biology 2; Spanish 3. MARCIA GAYLE AMES SA 2, 3, 4; Calendar 4; Lost and Found 4; Reception 3; HR Off. 2; Mixed Chorus 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Biology 2; Literary Club 4; Super. JOHN DAVID AMON SA 2; Athletic 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Touring Choir 3; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Music Club 2, 3. JOHN PAUL ANDERS, JR. Cross Country Team; Track 3, 4. ROBERT EDWARD ANDERSON Flag 4; HR Off. 4; Stunt Night 4; French 4; Marshal; Varsity Club 4; Football JV 2, Wres¬ tling 2; Baseball JV 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4. JOYCE ANN ANDERSON Assembly Comm. 4; G-Pin 4; Class Off. 2, 3, 4; Treas.; HR Off. 2; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2; Biology Club 3; Treas. 3, Math 2, 3, 4; Literary Club 3; Marshal 4; 1st Assistant 4. MICHAEL HENRY ANDERSON Band 3, 4; Pep Band 3, 4; Spanish 3. WALTER RAY ANDERSON, JR. Goldmasquers 2, 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Stunt Night 4; French Club 3; Intramurals 2. KELLY TYSON ANDREWS S 4; Audio-Visual 2, 3; Chr. 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. NANCY LOVE ANDREWS SA 2, 3, 4; Social Comm. 2, 3; Publicity 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3 4; Touring Choir 3, 4; Cheer¬ leader 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Miss GO- HISCA 3; Super. 152 umu GEORGE DAVIS ARANT Social Comm. 2; HR Officer 2, 3; Stunt Night 2; Spanish Club 3; Tennis 2. LUZ EMILIA AREIZAGA RONALD LEE ARMWOOD HR Off. 2; Band 2, 3; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Science Club 4; Varsity Club 4; Varsity Football 4; Track 3, 4. YVONNE THERESA ARTIS Bulletin Board 4; Band 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; ECU All-State Band; Pep Band 4. LARWAN ARUNSIT Touring Choir 4; French Club 4; NHS 4; In¬ tramurals 4; Social Studies Club 4; Foreign Exchange Student 4. CATHY DELORES BAILEY Calendar Comm. 4; Stunt Night 4; Jr.-Sr. French Club 2; FHA 2, 3; Science 2. ROBERT PEARCE BAUCOM Building and Grounds 4; Assembly 3; Lost and Found 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Literary 4; Intramurals 3. JANICE WILHEMINA BARKLEY Board of Elections 4; Literary Club 4; Marshal. WILLIAM LOUIS BARR, JR. JV Football 3; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Bas¬ ketball 3. Capable Teachers Prepare Seniors Miss Grant relates mo¬ ments of her tour of Eng¬ land to Frances Crow, Sheryl Howell, Ronnie Braswell, Linda Simpson, and Ann Brown. 153 ROBERT JERALD BARROW DEBORAH JEAN BATTEN NELDA KAY BEAMON SA 3; Calendar 3, 4; HR Off. 4; GOHISCA 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; FTA 3, 4; Biology 3; Literary Club 3; Marshal. BRENDA LINNETTE BELL Majorette 4; Stunt Night 2. LYNDA FRANCES BELL SA 2, 3, 4; Rec. Sec. 4; Honor 2, 3, 4; Recep¬ tion 4; Social 2, 3; Bulletin Board 3; Class Sec. 3; GOHISCA 2; Mixed Chorus 2, 4; Touring Choir 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Head 2; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Homecoming 2, 3; Pep 2, 3, 4; NHS 4; Marshal; NCSCC; French 2, 3; Math 2, 3; Biology 2; Super. DEBORAH MIRIAM BENTON Mixed Chorus 3; Stunt Night 4; Jr.-Sr. Social Comm. 3. REBECCA DIANE BEST Jr.-Sr.; FTA 4. DORIS ELIZABETH BEST Mixed Chorus 4; FTA 3; Biology 3; Literary Club 3; Calendar 3; Intramurals 4. JOHN DOUGLAS BEST D.E. 4. PAUL BLACKMON RICHARD LEE BLAND Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. BARBARA GAYNELL BLOUNT FRANK MICHAEL BOING HR Off. 4; Band 2, 3; 2nd Lt. 3; Stunt Night 4; Biology Club 2; Math 3; VP 3; Soc. Studies Club 4; NHS 4; Marshal; 2nd Assist.; Super. BONNIE MARIE BOLAND G-Pin 2; Inter-Intra 4; GOHISCA 2, 3, 4; HI NEWS 2; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 2, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Homecom. ig 3; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Pres. 4; GOHISCA court 4. MARY SUSAN BOWDEN Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 3, 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Literary 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Choir 2, 3, 4. 154 Charlene Holmes, Betsy Wharton, Sophie Hargett, Debby Mixon, and David Dannehl participate in a heated political conversa¬ tion. Class of ’68 Displays Interest in Outside World SYLVIA KAY BRADSHAW G-Pin 4; FHA 2, 3, 4; V-Pres. 3; Literary 4; Marshal 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. JERRY JOHNSON BRANTHAM, JR. Varsity Club 3, 4; Wrestling 3, 4. RONALD ADRIAN BRASWELL Honor Comm. 4; Chr. 4; HI NEWS 4; NHS 4; Marshal 4; Varsity Club 4; Cross Country 4; Track 3, 4; JV Baseball 2. WILLIAM LAWRENCE BRASWELL Athletic Comm. 2; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. KAREN RUTH BREMER Sr. council; GOHISCA 3; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 2, 3; Pep 3, 4; Literary 3, 4; HDSQ 3; Publicity 3; Quill and Scroll 3, 4. ROBERT WILLIAM BRITT HR Off. 2, 3; Stunt Night 2; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 4. REBECCA ANN BROGDEN HR Off. 2; Intramurals 4. ANN DAVIS BROWN SA 2, 4; G-Pin 2, 3, 4; Chr. 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Touring Choir 2; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; Homecoming Comm. 2; Literary 3; HDSQ 2; NHS 4; Intramurals. HAROLD ARTHUR BROWN SA 4; Board of Elections 3, 4; Social 4; HR Off. 2; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Homecoming 4; Pep 3, 4; Goldmasquers 2, 3, 4; Track 3. 155 TERESA ANN BROWN Social Comm. 3; Intramurals 3. GLORIA SUSAN CAMPBELL Reception 4; Board of Elections 4; HR Off. 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. DORIS ANN CAPPS Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 3, 4. DAN ROOSEVELT CARR HR Off. 2, 3; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; Spanish Club 3; Goldmasquers 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4. GLENDA MARIA CARRAWAY D.E. 4. JAMES PRESTON CARTER, JR. Social 3, 4; Board of Elections 4; Athletics 4; Inter-Intra Comm. 4; HR Off. 2; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Homecoming 3, 4; Pep 2, 3, 4; HDSQ 3; Tennis 2. BETTY LOUE CARVER SA 2; HR Off. 2. JOY ELAINE CAISON HR Off. 3; Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr. RUDY CASEY Seniors Work Hard Their Last Year at GHS Terry Hutchens con¬ centrates on a very interesting problem. 156 KENNETH LOUIS CHASSE RICHARD L. CHRISMAN BEVERLY FRANCES CLARK DALLAS CLIFTON GEORGE EDWARD COGDELL SA 2; HR Off. 2; Jr.-Sr. SANDRA GAIL COLE Mixed Chorus 2; Literary Club 4. ROGER CLAY COLE GARY SWAIN COX Reception 4; Social 4; Mixed Chorus 3; Stunt Night 3, 4; Homecoming 4; French Club 3. JOHN ALDEN CRAIN, JR. SA 2; HR Off. 2, 4; Touring Choir 3; Homecom¬ ing 2; Pep 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Marshal; Varsity Club 4; Varsity Bas ketball 4; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4. DONALD EDWARD CRAWFORD SA 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 3, " 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Homecoming 4; Literary 3; NHS 3, 4; Pres. 4; Homecoming Sponsor 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; V-Pres. 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; HR Off. 2, 3, 4; French 3; Pep 2, 3, 4; HDSQ 3; Super. KIRK LAWRENCE CRESTO Cross Country 4; Wrestling 3, 4. FRANCES HELEN CROW Reception Comm. 4; Board of Elections 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; Madrigal 3, 4; HR Off. 4. CLYDE RAYMOND DAGENHART, JR. Madrigal Choir 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Music 2, 3; JV Football 2. LAVERNE DANIELS Jr-Sr. DAVID CHRISTOPHER DANNEHL Athletics 4; Touring Choir 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Goldmasquers 2, 3; Varsity Club 3; Governor ' s School 3; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; JV Basketball 2; Wrestling 3, 4; Golf 3, 4; JV Baseball 2; Super. i 157 Seniors J. L. Tyner, Jim Godfrey and Bob Smith speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil as they sit outside the office. Departing Class Has Learned Through Experience MARK DENNIS DARNELL Varsity Club 4; Varsity Football 4. CARY FRANCES DAVIS SA 2, 3; Social 3, 4; Bulletin Board 4; HR Off. 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Cheerleader 2; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; GOHISCA court 4; Intermurals 4; Super. KENNETH EARL DAVIS, JR. LINDA SUE DAVIS Jr.-Sr. LARRY NORMAN DAWSON French Club 3, 4; Math 3; Intramurals 3, 4; Cross Country 4. ERIC VINCENT DEAN HR Off. 2; Stunt Night 2; Jr.-Sr.; Biology 2. WILLIS ARTHUR DENMARK III HR Off. 2, 4; Stunt Night 3; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Biology 2; Spanish 3; Varsity Club 2, 3; Intra¬ murals 2, 3; Golf 2, 3, 4. DORTHEA MARIA DEPPERT So il 4; Publicity 4; Latin 2; Stunt Night 3. THELMA DONNETTIE DUDLEY French Club 3. 158 PHYLLIS DURHAM ROGER MICHAEL EASLEY Athletics 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 3; Spanish 3; Varsity Club 4; Golf 3, 4. ARNOLD BORDEN EDGERTON, JR. DON HUMPHREY EDMONSON HR Off. 2, 3; JV Basketball 2, 3; Varsity Bas¬ ketball 4. JACKIE PEARL EDWARDS Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 2; Jr.-Sr.; French 3. LARRY DONNELL ELLIOTT Mixed Chorus 4; Varsity Football 2, 3; JV Basketball 2. BETTY DALE ELROD Literary Club 3. VANN WEAVER EVANS SA 2, 3, 4; Audio-Visual 2; Flag 3, 4; Inter- Intra Comm. 4; HR Off. 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. French 2; Pep 3, 4; Biology 2, By- Science 2; NHS 4; Marshal; Intramurals 2; Tennis 3, 4; Super. HOWARD DEVI RE EVERETT FRANCES GREY EZZELL HR Off. 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ROBERT TIMOTHY FAIRCLOTH D.E. 4. ANTHONY FARMER BETTE FARRELL FHA 4. DONNA MARIE FIELDS Social 4; HR Off. 2, 3; Stunt Night 2, 4; French 3, 4; Biology 3, 4. JUDY FAYE FIELDS Lost and Found 2; D.E. 4. 159 Mrs. Balkcum advises Ter¬ ry Pierce and Dianne Todd about plans for college. Class of ’68 Plans for the Future ROBERT EDWARD FOWLER MARGARET LOUISE FRAZIER FREDDIE LEE FULLER SA 4; Building 4; Inter-Intra Comm. 4; Flag 3, 4; HR Off. 2, 3; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 2; Biology 2; NHS 4; Marshal; Varsity Basketball Mgr. 4; Super. JAMES EDWARD GODFREY Athletic 4; HR Off. 4; Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr.; Literary 4; Social Studies Club 4; V-Pres. 4. CAROL ELEANOR GODWIN Bulletin Board 3, 4; HR Off. 2, 3; Stunt Night 2; Jr.-Sr.; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ETHEL DIANNE GODWIN Bulletin Board 2; Publicity 3, 4; Social 4; HR Off. 2, 3; HI NEWS 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM KENNETH GRAY, JR. Band 2, 3. FREDERICK WILLIAM GRIBENSK, JR. CAROLYN ELAINE GRICE 160 llflill LINDA JANE GRICE Reception 4; Social 3; Board of Elections 2; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 4; Cheer¬ leader 2, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Pep 2 3, 4. DEE LYNN GWALTNEY Class Council 3, 4; HR Off. 2, 3; Cheerleader 2; Jr.-Sr.; Pep 2, 3, 4; Literary 3, 4; Spanish 3. PATRICIA CLAUDINE HAGAN Devotion 3, 4; G-Pin 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; FHA 2, 3; FTA Treas. 4. LAURA ELLEN HALL Calendar 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Touring Choir 3; D.E. 4; French 3; Math 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. NIKI CHERYL HAM Social 4; HI NEWS 4; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; Pep 3, 4; Goldmasquers 2, 3. CATHERINE GLORIA HAMILTON WILLIAM FREDRIC HANDLEY I.C.T. 4; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4. SOPHIE JANE HARGETT SA 2; HR Off. 2; GOHISCA 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; French 2, 3; Biology 2, 3; Literary 2, 3 . LINWOOD JEFFREYS HARRELL Jr. Council; HR Off. 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 4; Varsity Club 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Captain 4. LILLIE ANN HARRISON HR Off. 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2. PATRICIA ANNE HATCHELL SA 2; HR Off. 3; Stunt Night 2; Goldmasquers 3, 4. ANTHONY JAY HATCHER French Club 2, 3; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Bas¬ ketball 3; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 3. EDWARD O ' NEAL HAWLEY Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 2; Goldmasquers 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 3; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2; Track 2, 3. JUSTIN HENRY HEATH Inter-Intra Comm. 4; HR Off. 2. AUDREY HENSON SA 2; Lost and Found 4; HR Off. 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Social Comm. 2, 3. 161 STEPHEN CURTIS HERRING Stunt Night 2, 3; Varsity Club 3; Varsity Foot¬ ball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 3, 4. GLENN WILLIAM HILL I.C.T. 3, 4; Goldmasquers 2. HUBERT CURTIS HILL, JR. Bus Driver 3, 4. MICHAEL DAVID HINSON Athletics 2; HR Off. 2; Jr.-Sr.; Biology 2; In¬ tramurals 2, 3. SARAH JANE HOLLAND FHA 4. MAROLYN ELYSE HOLLAND G-Pin 2, 3, 4; HR Off. 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Touring Choir 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; Homecoming 2, 3; French 3; Biology 2, 3, 4; Math 3, 4; HDSQ 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN LOU HOLLOWAY CHARLENE FAISON HOLMES Bulletin Board 2, 3, 4; G-Pin 2, 3, 4; GOHISCA 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Homecoming 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Marshal; Governor ' s School 2; Var¬ sity Club Sweetheart; Super.; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; Pep 2, 3, 4; Biology 2. MALLIE P. HONEYCUTT, III Cross Country 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Track 2. JOHN LEONARD HOOKS Sr. Pres.; Mixed Chorus 2; Touring Choir 3, 4; Stunt Night 2; Jr.-Sr.; NHS 3, 4; Marshal; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; Golf 2, 3, 4; Super. THERESA ELIZABETH HOOVER Mixed Chorus 4. BARBARA ANNE HOWELL SA 2; Stunt Night 2; HR Off. 2; Jr.-Sr. EARL CLIFTON HOWELL, JR. Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Social Comm. 4; French 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Super.; SA Pres. 4. LINDA SHERYL HOWELL SA 2, 3, 4; Board of Elections 2, 3; AFS Comm. 3; Class Secretary 4; GOHISCA 2; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Touring Choir 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Queen 3; Jr.-Sr.; Homecoming Comm. 2; NHS 3, 4; Marshal; Super. SHEILA DELORIS HOWELL SA 2; Stunt Night 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Touring Choir 3; D.E. 4; FHA 2; Goldmasquers 4. 162 THOMAS RAY HOWELL SA 2, 3, 4; Athletic Chr. 4; Jr.-Sr.; Jr. Pres.; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; King 3; NHS 4; Homecoming Spon. 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Sgt. at Arms 3; Pres. 4; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Co-Capt. 3; Capt. V. Baseball 4; Super. SHERRY LAURAH HUFFMAN HR Off. 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Jr.-Sr.; FHA 2, 3. HILTON TERRY HUTCHENS SA 3, 4; Calendar 3; Athletic 3; Building 3; Reception 4; HR Off. 3; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 4; Biology 3; Literary 3, 4; HDSQ 3; Intramurals 3, 4; Superlative. LARRY ANDREW JACOBS Intramurals 2. JAMES TALBOT JEFFREYS, III Athletics 3; HR Off. 2, 3; Intramurals. MARY JANE JENNINGS SA 3; GOHISCA 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Literary 3, 4; Co-editor Literary Maga¬ zine 4; Spanish Club 3. JAMES DAVID JERNIGAN HI NEWS 4. JAMES EARL JOHNSON, JR. Intramurals 2; JV Football 2. JAMES ROBERT JOHNSON I.C.T. 3, 4; Goldmasquers 2. Seniors Display Interest in the Arts Linda Bell and Yvonne Artis take pride in their art work. 163 MARGARET KAYEJOHNSON HR Off. 2, 3; D.E. 4. JIMMIE JONES D.E. 2, 3, 4. JUDITH CAROLYN JONES SA 2, 3, 4; Bulletin Board 2; G-Pin 3, 4; HR Off. 2, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French Club 3; Biology 2, 3. MILFORD LEE JONES SA 2, 4; HR Off. 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Rec. Sec. 4; JV Football 3, 4; Captain 4; Wres¬ tling 2, 3, 4; Captain 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Super. RICK JONES GEORGE JOSEPH LARRY CLEON JUSTICE Mixed Chorus 2, 4; Touring Choir 4; Pep 2, 3, 4. JEWEL ANN KAISERLIK Literary 4. PHILLIP RAY KAYLOR Grounds 4; Band 2; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Biology 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball Mgr. 3, 4; JV Baseball 2. DONNIE RAY KEARNEY WILLIAM RUSSELL KEARNEY JUDY LINDA KEEN Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr. EDWARD HUNTER KEETER Audio-Visual 3, 4; Spanish 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM POWELL KEMP SA 4; Grounds 4; Chr. 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Treas. 4; NHS 4; A arshal; Varsity Club Treas. 4; Varsity Football 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Cap¬ tain 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Morehead Nominee. KATHLEEN RUTH KENNEDY Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Literary 3. 164 Patty Wyatt, Debby Mix¬ on, Linda Simpson and Nancy Perry are delighted with square dancing? Class of ’68 Enjoys Gym Activities BARBARA PRINCE KING SA 2, 4; AFS 4; Devotion Chrm. 4; Cafeteria 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Madrigal Ch. 4; Pep 3, 4; Literary 3, 4; HDSQ 2, 3; Spar . 2, 3. JERRY THOMAS KIRBY MARYANN KLEINFELTER SA 4; Bulletin Board 2, 3, 4; Relations 4; Sr. V-Pres.; GOHISCA 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Sec. 4; Touring Choir 2, 3, 4; Sec. 4; Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr.; French 2, 3; FTA 2, 3, 4; Biology 2, 3; Literary 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Marshal; Madrigal Choir 3, 4; Super. DAVID LESLIE KORNEGAY Publicity 4; HR Officer 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Varsity Club 4; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4. RUTH ELLEN LANCASTER Intramurals 3. CALVIN BENNETT LANGLEY THEODORE EUGENE LASHLEY HR Officer 3; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; Gold- masquers 2, 3; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3; JV Basketball 2; Wrestling 2; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 4. DAVID JOSEPH LEROY HR Officer 2. ROGER ALBERT LETCHWORTH Cafeteria 4; Grounds 4; Literary 2. 165 JEAN LEWIS JEAN THOMAS LEWIS HR Officer 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 2, 3; Literary 2, 3, 4; Spanish 4; Goldmasquers 3, 4; Marshal; Intramurals 4. MARY JO LEWIS PEGGY IRENE LEWIS Mixed Chorus 4. IRENE LINFORD JOAN EDWARD LITTLE SA 2, 3; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 2, 3; Stunt Night 2, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; Biology 2; Literary 4. WANDA REID LOFTON Sophomore Council; Literary 2. MIKE LOYKO GRETCHEN ANN LUTZ Mixed Chorus 4; Jr.-Sr. JOSE PAMITTAN MALLO Cross Country 4; Wrestling 4. JUDY MANNING JAMES WAYNE MARLOW I.C.T. 3, 4. ADA DIANNE MARTIN HR Officer 2, 3; Stunt Night 2; Spanish 3; In¬ tramurals 2, 3. CAROLYN ANN MARTIN Majorette 4; Intramurals 2. CAROLYN ANN MARTIN 166 1 GERALEEN McCOY MICHAEL McDaniel RHONDA SUE McDONALD Cafeteria 4; G-Pin 3; Board of Elections 3; Reception 4; Soph. Council; HR Officer 2, 4; HI NEWS 3, 4; Circulation Mgr. 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Biology 2, 3; Literary 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4. JOYCE ANN McFATTER FHA 3. LINDA McKENNA RHONDA GAIL McMILLAN SA 2; Lost and Found 4; HR Officer 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French Club 2, 3; Literary 3, 4. BOBBIE ANN MEDLIN Sr. Council; GOHISCA 3; HI NEWS 2, 3, 4; Ed¬ itor 4; Stunt Night 4; Jr.-Sr.; FTA 3, 4; Biology 2, 3; Math 3; NHS 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Marshal. SUSAN LEE MERCER Band 2, 3; Officer 3. WILLIAM BERNARD MEYERS Varsity Club 2; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3; Track 2, 3. Research Papers Are Prominent Part of Senior Life Joyce Anderson finds it difficult to concentrate on her research paper. i 67 Tommy Howell regist Sophie Hargett and . Pelter for S.A. elections. Seniors Take Active Part in Elections MARJORIE ANNE MITCHELL SA 3; Social 2; Board of Elections 3; Reception 2; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Literary 3; Music 3. DEBORAH DEE MIXON GOHISCA 4; HI NEWS 2, 3, 4; Photographer 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Head 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; GOHISCA Court 2; Jr. Council. RICHARD BALLARD MOFFATT HR Officer 2; HI NEWS 4; JV Football 2; Wrestling 2. TERRY MONAHAN JAMES JEROME MONK Building 4; HR Officer 2; Biology 3; Social Studies 4. WILLIAM ALBERT MOON Social 3; Lost and Found Chr. 4; HR Officer 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; Pep 3, 4; Spanish 2, 3; Literary 4; Super. JAMES MOZINGO DE 3, 4; JV Baseball 2; Intramurals 2. KAYE MOZINGO Goldmasquers 4. SHARON LEE MOZINGO FHA 3, 4. 168 j SHEILA FRANCES AAOZINGO HR Officer 2; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; French 3; FTA 2. KARL ANDREAS MYLAEUS GOHISCA 4; Mixed Chorus 4; NHS 4; Varsity Club 4; Varsity Football Mgr. 4; Foreign Ex¬ change Student. PATRICIA ANN NEWMAN Calendar 3, 4; HR Officer 2; Mixed Chorus 4; FTA 3; Biology 3; Literary 3; Spanish 3; Social Studies 4; Intramurals 4. BETSY ODOM VAN OTWELL JACKIE LA-RUE OVERBEE D.E. 4. JAMES EDWARD PARKER French 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; JV Football 2, 3; Varsity Football 4; Wrestling 2, 3. JANEY LOUISE PARKER HR Officer 2; D.E. 2; Intramurals 2, 3. PAMELA JEAN PARKER Bulletin Board 2, 3; Board of Elections 2, 3; Publicity 4; HR Officer 2, 3; GOHISCA 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Biology 2, 3, 4; Literary 3, 4; Spanish 3. SHARON SUE PEARSON Board of Elections 2, 3; Social 2; HR Officer 2, 3; HI NEWS 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Biology 2; Spanish 2, 3; Super. BARBARA ANNE PEELE Publicity 3; Calendar 4; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; Literary 3, 4; Social Studies 4. JOSEPH MOYLE PELTER II Touring Ch. 4; Jr.-Sr.; Golf 3, 4; Track 2. BRENDA PENDER Mixed Chorus 2, 3; DE 4. SUSAN GRACE PENDERGRASS AFS 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 4; FTA 4; Biology 3; HDSQ 2, 3; Madrigal 4. PEGGY ANNE PERCISE 169 NANCY ENGLISH PERRY Jr. Council; Sr. Council; Board of Elections 3; Mixed Chorus 4; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr. Sr.; Literary 4. TERESA ANN PIERCE SA 4; Social Committee 4; Literary Club 4. JAMES DAVID PIKE, III SA 2; Athletic Comm. 3; Chr.; Building 4; Chrm.; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr. Sr.; NHS 3, 4; Intramurals 3; JV Basketball Mgr. 3; Super. BETTY SUE PILKINGTON HR Officer 2; Spanish Club 3. ANNA LEE PLUMMER Inter-Intra Comm. 3; HI NEWS 4; Jr. Sr.; FTA 3. 4; Biology 2, 3; Literary 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2 ' , 4. MARY ANN POLTER Bulletin Board Comm. 3; Chr.; Mixed Chorus 3; Touring Choir 4; Jr. Sr.; Literary 3; Marshal. MARION RAINE PORTER Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; Biology Club 2, 3; Sec. 2; S.A. Rep. 2, 3; N.H.S. 3; Foreign Exchange 4. LINDA JEAN PRICE JANE LARKE QUICK Bulletin 3; HR Officer 2; Stunt Night 3; Jr. Sr. Seniors Are Responsible Workers Homecoming Chairman Patty Wyatt works hard to prepare the posters for the cars used in the Home¬ coming parade. 170 BETTIE STEWART REEVES Mixed Chorus 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; FHA 3; FTA 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Science 3. SANDRA KAYE RHODES Mixed Chorus 2, 4; Jr.-Sr.; FHA 3. MICHAEL RICHARDS CHARLES ANTHONY RICHTER HR Officer 3; JV Football 2; Track 2, 3. ANN JOSEPHINE RITTER SA 4; French 4; Literary 3, 4; Marshal; Intra¬ murals 3. DEBORAH R.AE RIVENBARK Social Committee 4; Jr.-Sr. DEBRA LYNN ROBSON Board of Elections 3, 4; Calendar Comm. 3, 4; Chr. 4; Lost and Found 4; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Biology 2, 3; Literary 3, 4; Pres. 4; Marshal; Intramurals 3, 4. JAMES CLARK ROCKWELL, III Mixed Chorus 2, 4; Touring Choir 3, 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; French Club 3. GAYLE MARIE SANSONE Calendar 3; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; GOHISCA 4; Cheerleader 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Pep Club 4. PATRICIA SASSER ROBERT HARVEY SASSER HR Officer 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2; Cross Country 2, 3, 4; JV Baseball 2. THOMAS ALEXANDER SCARBORO Varsity Club 4; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM HOLLOWELL SCOTT Band 2; Jr.-Sr.; Biology 3; Spanish 3; Wrestling 2, 3; Wrestling Trainer 4. DONNA OMEGA SESSIONS GOHISCA 4; Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr. GLENDA GAIL SEWELL Jr.-Sr. 171 Students take notes dili¬ gently—as Harold Brown lectures? Class of ’68 Explores Art of Teaching RANDY LYNN SHOEMAKER HR Officer 3; Band 2, 3, 4; 2nd Lt. 3; Capt. 4; Stunt Night 4; Spanish 3; Pep Band 3, 4. MICHAEL BURTON SHUEY HR Officer 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; JV Football 3; Varsity Football 4; Track 3, 4. LINDA JOY SIMPSON SA 3, 4; Treas. 3; Corr. Sec. 4; Honor Comm. 3; G-Pin 3; Social 3; Soph. Sec.; GOHISCA 2 , 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Cheerleader 3, 4; Asst. Head 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; NHS 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Marshal; EDNCSCC 2; NCSCC 3; French 2, 3, 4; Pep 2, 3, 4; Literary 3; Biology 2; Super. ALEDA ANN SMITH ROBERT THOMAS SMITH Varsity Club 4; JV Football 3; Varsity Football 4; Wrestling 3, 4; Track 3, 4. BRIAN DENNIS SMITH MARJORIE CLEVES SMITH G-Pin Chr. 3; Social Comm. 3, 4; Board of Elections 3; Honor Comm. 3; HR Officer 2, 3; GOHISCA 2, 3, 4; Editor 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Homecoming 3; French 2, 3; French 2, 3; Pep 2, 3, 4; Biology 2, 3; HDSQ 2 , 3; NHS 3, 4; Treas. 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Marshal; Home. Sponsor 4; Class Council 3; Super. CHARLES RAY SMITH I.C.T. 2 , 4. SCOTT SCHLEY SMITH Mixed Chorus 4; Literary Club 4; Wrestling 4. 172 WILLIAM TED SMITH HR Officer 4; Stunt Night 3; NHS 4; Marshal; Varsity Club 3, 4; JV Football 2, 3; Varsity Football 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3. TIMOTHY WAYNE SMITH D.E. 3. JAMES PAUL SPANGLER D.E. 3, 4. SARAH ELIZABETH SPRING Social Comm. 3; Assembly 3; HR Officer 2; Touring Choir 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 2, 3; Pep 2, 3, 4; Biology 2; Math 2, 3; Literary 2, 3; HDSQ 2, 3, 4; Mad¬ rigal 3, 4; Super. JANICE ELIZABETH STAFFORD Mixed Chorus 3; Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr.; Intra¬ murals 4. WANDA LANELLE STARLING Cafeteria Comm. 4; SA 2, 3; Class Council 2; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; FHA 4; HDSQ 3. MARY CATHERINE STRICKLAND HR Officer 4; Mixed Chorus 4. EALIE SUSAN STRICKLAND EDWARD PATRICK STRICKLAND I.C.T. 3, 4; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4. BELINDA STROUD AFS Comm. 4; French Club 2, 3; FHA 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Literary 4; Intramurals 4. LINDA STRICKLAND STRAUGHAN French Club 3; Intramurals 3, 4. CONSTANCE ELAINE SURRETT Social Comm. 4; Publicity Comm. 4; Jr.-Sr.; Stunt Night 3, 4; Literary Club 4. LESLIE ANN SWINSON Lost and Found Comm. 4; Publicity 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Goldmasquers 2, 3, 4; Intra¬ murals 2, 3, 4. DANA MAXINE TAYLOR AFS 4; G-Pin 2; Cafeteria 4; Jr.-Sr.; French Club 3; Biology 2, 3. MARY FRANCES TAYLOR HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Stunt Night 2; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; Pep 2; Goldmasquers 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3; Intramurals 2; Goldmasquer Court 3. 173 TAMARA JO TAYLOR Band 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. CARLA THOMAS MICHAEL THOMAS Stunt Night 2; Goldmasquers 3, 4. VIVINE ANN THOMAS Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr. DEBORAH FRANCES TILLET SA 2, 3, 4; Devotion 2, 3; Board of Elections 4; Assembly 2, 3; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; Band 4; Cheerleader 2; Stunt Night 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; Pep 2, 3, 4. JOAN ELLEN TISKA Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr.; Literary 3, 4; Spanish 3. Graduating Class Orders Invitations Betsy Wharton, Debby Mix¬ on, Sheryl Howell and Bill Moon assemble to discuss graduation. 174 " T G I F—Thank goodness it ' s Friday! " sighs Jean Lewis. Friday Is Seniors’ Favorite Day DIANE VIRGINIA TODD Mixed Chorus 4; Literary 4. HARRY RUSSELL TOLAR, JR. SA 2; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. IRIS KAY TUCKER SA 2; Lost and Found 2; Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr.; Intramurals 2. CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY TURRONE SA 4; G-Pin Committee 4; Wrestling 4. JAMES LEONARD TYNER SA 3; Athletic 4; HR Officer 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3; JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 3,4. CONNIE UNDERWOOD -L, 175 Time out for lunch! Seniors Rate Longer Lunches HERMAN DUANE VANDIFORD HR Officer 2; D.E. 4; Intramurals 2. ALBERT SYDNEY VANN, JR. HR Off. 3; Mixed Chorus 4; Golf 3. GLORIA CHERYL VINSON CALVIN LEE WADSWORTH SA 2, 3; HR Officer 2; Stunt Night 4; Jr.-Sr.; D.E. 4; Pep 3, 4; Literary 4; Varsity Club 4; Varsity Football 4; Track 2. MARY LOUISE WALTERS Mixed Chorus 2, 4. ROSALIE WARD Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 3; Jr.-Sr. A iicHAEL McClellan Warner 1. C.T. 4. EDNA EARL WATERS SA 4; G-Pin 4; Bulletin Board Comm. 2, 3; Social 4; HR Officer 3; GOHISCA 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; French Club 2; Biology 2; Literary 3. CHARLES EPPS WATSON HR Officer 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.; D.E. 4; Varsity Club 2, 3; JV Football 2, 3; Varsity Football 2, 3; Wrestling 2; Track 2; JV Baseball 3. 176 In Advanced Biology, Earl Howell and Jimmy Pike get to the real heart of the matter. Advanced Courses Prepare Seniors DANIEL WATTS SA 4; HR Off. 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2. PATRICIA WEATHERS French Club 3; Intramurals 3, 4. KENNETH BRASFIELD WEIL G-Pin Comm. 4; HR Officer 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Wrestling 3, 4; Captain 4. THOMAS OSCAR WEISIGER Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 2, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Literary Club 4. PHILIP ADRIAN WESSELL Visual Aids Comm. 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Intramurals 2; Wrestling 4. BESSIE KATHERINE WHALEY SA 2; Mixed Chorus 2. BETSY FREEMAN WHARTON Reception Comm. 2; GOHISCA 2, 3, 4; Co- Editor 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 3, 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; Pep 2, 3, 4; Biology 2; Literary 2; HDSQ 3; NHS 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Treas. 4; Marshal; Madrigal 4. WILLIAM CARL WHITLEY, JR. HR Officer 2; Mixed Chorus 3; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Literary 4; Social Studies Club 4. CYNTHIA GAIL WHITENER Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. 177 Roger Easley and Linda Grice await their cue to go on stage during Stunt Night. Seniors Anticipate School Activities DEBORAH LEIGH WIGGS HR Officer 4; Stunt Night 2; Jr.-Sr.; French Club 3; Publicity Comm. 3. SHEILA ANNE WIGGS HR Officer 2, 3; Stunt Night 4. BEVERLY ANNE WILLIAMS SA 2, 3, 4; Cafeteria 3, 4; Chr. 3, 4; Social 2, 3, 4; HR Officer 2, 3, 4; GOHISCA 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; Touring Choir 4; Cheerleader 2; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; French Club 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Biology 2, 3. IRA KENNETH WILLIAMS HR Officer 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 3; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 3; Pep Club 3; Goldmasquers 3; Varsity Club 4; JV Football 3; Varsity Football 4; Wrestling 3; Track 3. LAWRENCE DELANE WILLIAMS SA 3; HR Officer 2; Mixed Chorus 4; Band 2; Jr.-Sr.; French Club 2, 3; Biology 3; Literary 2, 3. MARTIN BRUCE WILLOUGHBY Social Studies 4; Stunt Night 4. RICHARD FRANK WILSON, JR. Jr.-Sr.; Varsity Football 3. KAREN ELIZABETH WOLFFE SA 4; Social 4; GOHISCA 2; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Touring Choir 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Queen 2; Jr.-Sr.; French 3; Pep 4; Literary 3, 4; Spanish 2; Goldmasquers 2, 3, 4. ADA FAYE WILKINS HR Officer 2. 178 JONATHAN HAYAAER WOODLEY, JR. HR Officer 2; Varsity Club 4; Intramurals 2; Cross Country 2,- Wrestling 3, 4. ROGER WOOLEY MARY ANN WORLEY Mixed Chorus 4; Stunt Night 4; Social Studies Club 4. DONALD MORGAN WRIGHT HR Officer 2; GOHISCA 4; Literary Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; Marshal. PATRICIA LYNN WYATT SA 3, 4; Social Comm. 3, 4; Chr. 4; GOHISCA 4; Stunt Night 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr.; Chr.; Home¬ coming Comm. 4; Chr. 4; French Club 3; Biology 2; NHS 4; Horn. Sponsor 4; Super. DAVID LUCIUS WYNN Stunt Night 2; Jr.-Sr.; Pep Club 2; Literary Club 4. Exhausted Seniors Await Graduation Ann Brown sleeps after an exciting out-of-town game. GHS Seniors Learn Other Cultures Marion Porter poses with her " adopted " family in Germany. (Right) Larwan and Andy enjoy a coke together during an exciting baseball game. The Foreign Exchange Program has been a successful one at Golds¬ boro High School this year. We now have two foreign exchange students attending GHS. Further¬ more, one of our own students, Marion Porter, is attending school in Germany. Marion faithfully keeps us informed of her varied activities with her new family. Our two visiting exchange stu¬ dents, Larwan Arunsit and Andreas Mylaeus, have become great friends with GHS students. Larwan is from Thailand and Andreas is from Germany. They have become well adjusted to the customs and attitudes of America. Larwan and Andreas have contributed much to GHS as a result of their visit. Andreas covers a baseball game for the GOHISCA. 180 (Right) Larwan models her native costume from Thailand. t Junior Class officers are: Wes Seegars, Vice President; Chris Wise, Sgt.-at-Arms; Tommy Smith, President; Nancy Crow, Secretary; Tim Reynolds, Treasurer. Juniors Symbolize Dedication 181 Juniors Enter Second Open minds, school spirit, and fair play all characterize the class of ' 69. Goldsboro High School has truly benefited from the willingness of the Junior Class to work together for a common cause. The Junior Class worked hard during the Magazine Drive to obtain money for their class treasury. Then during football season the Class of ' 69 was awarded a trophy for being num¬ ber one in spirit. Towards the end of the first semester Juniors began working on stunt night. Through their combined ef¬ forts, the Juniors again came out on top. After Stunt Night, the Juniors began working on Junior-Senior to make sure this was the best one yet. As they leave their middle class status and become Seniors, they will all remember, they will go by the last words of their class song, " of willingness to do our best, the Class of ' 69. " Junior advisor, AAiss Lucy Hicks (above), enjoys supervising the Junior Class council (below). 182 Year With High Hopes Bebie Abdallah Steve Alford Debbie Allen Jim Allison Debbie Ambrose Matilda Anders Yvonne Anderson Billie Armstrong Charles Artis Dickie Bailey Dennis Barley Polly Ann Barley John Barrow Sharon Bartz Barbara Barwick Susan Bauhofer Vicky Beamon Susan Becker Sandra Bedford Betty Jo Bell Jane Bell Joe Bell Charles Best Don Bishop Steva Boone Nancy Bone Mary Booth Babs Bouras Johnny Boyd Billie Boyette Jewel Bradshaw Harold Brashear Sue Brinson Richard Brittain Billie Broom Lucile Brown Ruby Brown Nick Bryant Steve Bunch Becky Burns William Byrd Cindy Carpenter I J. 183 I Vim, Vigor, Vitality Dottie Carroll Althea Carson Mary Jane Carson Jim Carter Russ Chesmore Dwight Chestnut Angie Clinton Danny Cobb Sandra Coffey Doris Cogdell Tom Collins John Constantine Scott Cox Jeff Crawford Alice Creech Ronnie Creel Nancy Crow Eon Cruthchfield Ronnie Dail Mary Dameron Mary Daniel Frances Daniels Linda Daniels Irene Darden Energetic Juniors like Stuart Willis, Jayne McGowan, Janice Hallman, Brownie Williams, Diane Sutton, Margaret Jean Starling, and Susan Bau- hoffer are always trying to reach the top. Characterize Juniors Eddie Davis Lillian Davis Donald Deans Winston Dees Susan Derby Gene Dilliman Sheryl Dooms Dwight Drew Gloria Drew Rebecca Dunn Frankie Eason Randy Edens Jimmy Edwards Mattie Edwards Phyllis Edwards Tommy Edwards Karl Eikenberry Mary Ann Everette Libby Everhart Dorothy Extall Susan Fahey Larry Fann Joey Farfour Glenn Farmer Dianne Farrar Gerald Ferrel Louise Flynn Lynn Fowler Mary Kay Frailey Lee Franks Ricky Fredricks Bobby Freede Butch Fuller Debbie Furr Peter Garcia Robert Gates Keith Gnann Terry Goldsmith Dalphine Gooding Jenny Gordop Brenda Grady Tim Graham 1 185 Juniors Maintain Spirit Ronnie Gregory Becky Grice Tommy Griffin Gary Gross Thersa Gufford Sandra Gurley Glen Gwaltney Andy Gwaltney Kathy Hall Gail Hall Janice Hallman Glenn Ham Jill Ham Scottie Handley Mike Hardy Louann Harrell Toby Harrell Ned Hart Joe Hawk Carol Hawley Brenda Heath Sherry Hice Mike Hines Cathy Holler " Victory, Victory, G.H.S., " sing out spirited Juniors. Juniors shown cheering here are Annette Mayo, Pam Scimeca, Susan Novak, Babs Bouras, Joyce Moore, Gloria Drew. 186 Throughout All Games Bill Holloman Keith Hood Bobbie Howe Jean Howell Jerri Howell Diane Howson Jack Husey Dennis Ivey Ada Jackson Cyndy Jacques Steve James Mary Ann Jaramillo Ray Jenkins Bill Jennings Nina Jenson Jerri Jernigan Margaret Ann Jernigi Al Johnson Alan Johnson Don Johnson Larry Johnson Libby Johnson Sarah Jo Johnson Denise Jones John Jones Keith Jones Sue Jordon Janice Kearney Danny Keel Connie Kennedy Benita King Donnie King Polly King Ken Kirk Mike Kleinfelter Tom Klenert George Kornegay John Kornegay Susan Kramer Linda Kuczymski Aileen Lancaster Randy Lancaster 187 The Junior Wheels of Chuck Lane Richard Lane Jimmy Lawson Rosane Le Due Monty Lee Bill Leonard Pam LeRoy Dennis Loch Sol Lucas Patricia Lynch Deloris Mabry David Mackey Brenda Maddox Billy Martin Patrick Mahaney Mike Mansour Karen Maree JoAnn Massey Richard Maurer Earl Mayberry Annette Mayo Denise Mayo Wilton Me Coy Andy McDaniels " What ' s the matter with your lunch Susan? " Other Juniors enjoying their own lunch are Angie Clinton, Jane McGowan, Nina Jenson, Nancy Crow, Susan Kramer and Margaret Jean Starling. 188 Progress Are Set in Motion John McIntyre Bill McQueen Gary Mileski Louann Miller Freddie Mitchell Linda Mitchell Marcia Mitchell Mary Hazel Mond Phyllis Montgomery Chuck Moore Joyce Moore Mike Morgan Darlene Morris Barbara Moye Debbie Mozingo Hilton Mozingo Kathy Mozingo Larry Mozingo Ronnie Mozingo Samuel Murray Rosemary Musgrave Nancy Netland Montgomery Northup Wes Norton Susan Novak Larry Odom Freddie Overholt Jim Parker Milton Parker Gayle Pate Keith Pate Martha Pate Danny Phillips Diane Phipps Maxine Pike Shelby Pine Brenda Pipkin Linda Pittman Ed Plunkett Wayne Polter Sandra Pope Larry Powell J. 189 Juniors Prove To Be Mike Prebula John Rains Freddie Ramsauer Sandy Ray Debbie Reeves James Renn Tim Reynolds Ray Rivenbark Theresa Roberts Peggy Robertson Wayne Rogers James Rouse Marilyn Ruseh Stan Russell Ann Sauls Betty Jo Sauls Pam Scimeca Sheree Seay Wes Seegars Johnny Sewell Rose Shaw Sylvia Shaw Mark Sizemore Ann Smith Larry Johnson, Jayne McGowan, Angie Clinton, and Maxine Pike show their school spirit by working on posters. 190 _ _ — Number 1 in Spirit Betty Sue Smith Carol Smith Donald Smith Iris Smith Jackie Smith Janet Smith Melvin Smith Tommy Smith Linda Snipes Pam Southerland Stephen Spath Ann Spicer Wilson Stackhouse Larry Stallings Martha Stancil Sandra Stanley Anne Stanton Margaret Starling Sandra Stovall Connie Strickland Diane Sutton Pam Surratt Craig Sutton Gloria Strickland Ricky Sutton Karen Swaney Eugene Sweet Thomas Swol John Sykes Susan Talton Nancy Taylor Sandra Tayor Miles Tew Archy Terry Brian Thigpen Susan Tilghman Rebecca Taylor Sue Thompson Bonnie Thornton Joseph Thornton Billy Thunberg Barbara Tolar 191 Middle Classmen Achieve Shirley Toler Reid Tunstall Giles Turnage Janice Turnage Marvin Turnage Connie Tyner Johnny Van Rockel Betty Jo Vaughan Brenda Vernon Travis Vick Dan Vinson Patti Vinson Perry Wade Wanda Wallace J. E. Walters Beau Ward Billie Jean Ward Bill Warren Bobby Warren Harvey Wasner Jacque Waters Edwin Watson Lynn Weathers Doris Wells Who says . .. " only one at a time? " Freddie Mitchell, Margaret Jean Starling, Lynn Weathers, Susan Bauhofer, Pam LeRoy, Diane Sutton, Jane McGowan, Stuat Willis, and Archie Terry try to change this familiar saying. 192 Higher Goals Each Year Linda Wells Sally Whitford Jean Wilk ins Brownie Williams Evelyn Williams Louis Williams Peter Williams Tony Williams Ross Willis Stuart Willis Jo Anne Wilson Chris Wise Pam Wolfe Philip Wood Debbie Woolbright Ann Worley With determination like that—they ' re bound to make it. Soon Stuart Willis will reach the top with the help of Pam Leroy, Cathy Holler, Lynn Weathers, Diane Sutton, Jane Mc¬ Gowan and Susan Derby. 193 Sophomore Class officers are: Fran Rogers, Secretary; Mike Myrick, Vice-President; Lynn Jeffreys, Treasurer; Gene Waters, President; Donna Vat Benthuysen, Sgt.-at-Arms. I Sophomores Create Spirit 194 Miss Ina Mixon, class advisor, devotes much time for the benefit of the class. Advised by Miss Ina Mixon, the Sophomore Council has contributed a great deal to the success of the class debut at G.H.S. The Sensational Sophomores showed great spirit in the magazine drive, topping all totals of previous Sopho¬ more classes. The bonfire was a real spirit booster as the students gathered around the vast Sophomore project and watched the collection of boxes, wood, and crates go up in smoke. The Homecoming Parade was a great event for the class as they won first place in float competition. The Sophomores made a big hit in Stunt Night because of their great enthusiasm and spirit. The class of ' 70 has many fond memories of its first year at G.H.S. and looks forward to obtaining many more during the next two years as it displays its youth, ambition, and enthusiasm. IliiiiiliiilliifillWWWiiiiliiMMWIIllWMMMWW mWMW Fit (tint n ivr " umtiMimnu - iSSSSUnSWUSSSSSSSS SSmSS Lx f 1 m Gene Waters, president, gives council good news about Sophomore picnic. 195 Dawn Adams Ross Aderholt Wanilla Alderidge Debbie Allison Curtis Anderson Dennis Anderson Linda Anderson Tommy Anderson Tim Anstry Lois Artis Leslie Atkinson Rene Auger Jane Bailey Robert Baisley Eddie Ball Saundra Barefoot Nancy Barnhill Juanita Barrow Lynn Bartlett Walter Barton Connie Bass Eddie Bass Kim Bass Mary Jo Baten Bonnie Bayles Keith Beamon Mike Beamon Cindy Bender Lena Mae Bennerman Gary Benton Donna Best Nigel Be van Richard Bolick Thomas Bongard Steve Boone Dominique Borders Josie Borders Tommy Boyette Anne Bradshaw Nancy Branch Tommy Brantham Phyllis Braswell Cathy Bridgers Paul Bridgers Judy Brogden Brenda Boykin Janet Brooks Jiilia Brown Sophomores Display ' 196 Creativity in Stunt Night Mary Lane Brown Billy Bryant Sharon Bunn Ann Bush Debbie Butler Gene Byrd J. A. Caison Jan Campbell Drew Career Diane Carey Davia Carlisle Bob Carr Kenneth Carter Melanie Carter Robert Carter Sara Carter Jackie Caudill Carolyn Childress Debbie Clark Johnny Clark Samuel Clemons Jeffery Clodfelter Doug Cobb Janis Cobb Stunt Night is a hectic time for some people like Janet Edwards and Donna Hopewell 197 Baby Quakes Illustrate! Don ' t worry girls, J. V. Quakes always pull through. Lanis Cobb Cathy Cogdel ' l Kenneth Cogdell Mary Ann Cole Larry Colvart Bobby Coons Gerald Cooper Mary Frances Cooper Lucy Coward Sharon Cowles Nancy Crawford Moira Crone Gwen Crow Leonard Curry Betsy Dabbs Kelly Dame Arcynthia Dancey Bennette Daniels Pat Daughtry Edward Davis Gerald Davis Joan Davis Jo Davis Jo Marie Davis 198 Sophomore Drive Lavern Davis David Deakle Marie De Angury Rose Marie De Coursey Mahala Dees Gordon Denmark Cathy Denning Lili Dickerson Shirley Eatmen G. C. Edwards Janet Edwards Joel Edwards Melba Edwards Debbie Eideniere Carol Eisenbrown Blair Elliot Darlene Elliot Greg Gloshaway Bobby Etheridge Fran Etherington Steve Eubanks John Eure Bruce Evans David Evans Gerome Evans John Evans Terry Everette Sharon haircloth Hervey Fisher David Flemming Jacqualine Forbes Kathy Fowler Keith Futrell Vera Gambelli Pam Gardner Harvey Gates Reginald Gatling Wilmond Ginn Bonnie Godwin Beverely Goldsmith Terry Goldstone Mickey Gonazalez Tommy Grady Billy Graham Carol Graham Judy Graham Larry Grant Gary Grantham 199 Sophomores Realize the ' Shirley Grantham Regina Gray Esther Greene Tommy Grey Vivian Gribensk Keith Grice Bette Griffin Phil Griffin AAike Haire Becky Harper Cindy Hasty Don Hawkins David Hawn Nancy Himenway Buddy Henderson Juanita Hererra Bonita Herring Elizabeth Herring Steve Hice David Hill Michael Hill Wanda Hill Wanda Hill Mike Howard Billy Hodges Marc Holloman Barbara Hollowell Cathy Honaker Mary Rose Hood Brenda Hook Debbie Hooker Gary Hoover Donna Hopewell Roxanne Horvath Nathaniel Houston Jolene Howell Randy Howell Sandra Humphrey Dan Hutchins Cheryl Ingram Danny Ingram Danny Jackson Joan Jacobs Kenneth Jacobs Lavinia James Alton Jarmen Samuel Jefferson Lynn Jeffreys Billy Jernigan 200 Importance of Study Charlotte Johnson Donna Johnson Jean Johnson Jody Johnson Sally Johnson Walter Johnson Jerry Jones Rhonda Jones Sarah Jones Sylvia Jones Willie Jones Zealy Jones Bill Joyner Janice Kaiserlick Neal Keeter Sonja Kelly Diane Kershaw Dwight Kirby John Laffiteau Webbie Lancaster Don Lane Eddie Lane Mike Lane Mark LeDuc Are you sure this is " PLAIN " geometry? 201 Mike Lee Pat Lemmond Larry Lewis Becky Libby Steve Lipscomb Joan Lofton Chip Lovell Mary Elizabeth Loving Fran Lowdermilk David Lowry Greg Lowry Pam Ludlam Laura Lunsford Vann Maddox Edwin Mallo Nita Mansour Wanda Maples Mary Beth Markham Sheila Martinez Celia Massey Debbie Matthews Linda Matthews Bill May Charles AAayberry Bob McBride Geraldine McCoy Alan McDonough Mary McFarland Debbie McFatter Ian McFawn Andy McGowan Jerry McGuirt Thomas McKinzie, Jr. Youngest Class Adjusts 202 Quickly to Life at GHS Bill AAcLamb Tyrone McLamb Katherine McLaughlin Mary McLawhorn Judy Medlin Joe Mena David Minton Kathy Mitchell Mary Ann Mitchell Bill Moneypenny Robert Monk Diana Montague Howard Montague Gary Moore Ashley Moseley Larry Mossholder Alan Murphy Mike Murray Bill Musser Patti Myers Mike Myrick Johnny Narron Mike Nickle Debbie Northrup Suzanne Norton Andrea Novak Cathy O ' Donnell Kevin O ' Keeffe George O ' Neal Walton O ' Neill Jane Parent Deborah Parker Jan Parker Janice Parks Francis Parrish Pat Pate Sharon Pate Anita Patrick Sandra Paul JoAnne Peacock John Peacock Gilbert Perry John Perry Sandra Perry Wayne Peterson Phil Phillips Johnny Pike Carol Plunkett 203 Sophomore Youth DRIVER ' S LICENSE or BUST! Connie Pollard Greg Pope Phyllis Pope Tommy Potter Belinda Powell Bonnie Powell Betty Jo Price Tona Price JoAnn Radcliffe Cynthia Raynor Al Reese Ann Reeves Terry Reilly Bobby Richter Debbie Riddle Tim Robertson Leslie Robson Fran Rogers Mary Lou Rogers David Rolfe Bob Rollins Faye Rose Barbara Jean Rouse Don Rouse 204 Radiates Vitality Thelma Royal Bill Sasser David Sasser Evelyn Satterfield Elaine Sauls Kenneth Sauls Mariedna Scott Barbara Shaw Steve Shaw Mark Sherman Trista Shirley Diana Shumaker Patrica Silver Cindy Simmons Myra Simmons Molly Sizemore Lynn SIvat Deming Smith Jack Smith John Smith Lenard Smith Mike Smith Virginia Soose Nora Spence James Spicer Paul Stapps Phylis Starling Micheal Steel Micheal Sterner Patsy Strictland Jennette Stroud Vicki Stuckey Pamela Stultz Richard Suggs Craig Sutton Mac Sutton Sharon Sutton Tommy Sutton Robert Swaney Steve Swinson Carol Sykes Terrie Talcott Carolyn Taylor Claudia Taylor Delbert Taylor Henry Taylor Calvin Thompson Cynthia Thompson 205 Sophomores Look Always Frances Thunberg Joe Tiska Jackie Tolor Mary Toomey Brenda Turnage Phil Turner Carmen Turrone Cathy Underwood Donna VanBenthuysen Betty Kay Vann Gary Vann Beth Vinson Bonnie Waddell Ricky Wade Sybil Wade William Walker Gene Waters Belinda Watts Mike Wells Eddie Wessell Mike West Mike Westheimer Bill Whaley Jerry White Pat White Betty Wiggins Ricky Wiggins Teresa Wiggins Phyllis Wiggs Carl Wiley Christopher Williams Jeffery Williams Mary Jean Wiliams Maurice Williams Kathy Wise Kathy Wolfe Lisa Wolfe Pam Wolfe George Wolfskeil Donald Woodard Jean Woodard Rebecea Woolard Carolyn Worley Linda Worley Dwight Wright Leslie Wyatt Lane Yelverton Anne York 206 to the Future Sophomores lead the way to a better future f 207 208 Advertising FIRST-CITIZENS BANK LITTLE RIVER OIL COMPANY Distributor Sinclair Petroleum Products Member F.D.I.C. 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A. 197 Caison, Joy 156 Campbell, Jean 197 Campbell, Susan 104, 156 Capps, Doris 104, 156 Carey, Diane 197 Carlisle, David 197 Carpenter, Cindy 183 Carr, Bob 83, 197 Carr, Dan 37, 156 Carraway, Glenda 156 Carrere, Drew 197 Carroll, Dottie 104, 184 Carson, Althea 184 Carson, Mary Jane 184 Carter, Chip 91, 111, 156 Carter, Jim 104, 184 Carter, Ken 197 Carter, Melanie 104, 197 Carter, Robert 197 Carter, Sara 197 Carver, Betty Lou 156 Casey, Rudy 156 Caudill, Jackie 197 Chandler, S. C. 15 Chase, Kenneth 157 Chesmore, Russ 184 Chestnut, Dwight 184 Childress, Carolyn 197 Chrisman, Rick 157 Clark, Beverly 157 Clark, Debbie 99, 104, 197 Clark, John 197 Clemons, Samuel 197 Clifton, Dallas 157 Clinton, Angie 51, 69, 115, 132, 146, 184, 188, 196 Clodfelter, Jeffrey 197 Cobb, Danny 184 Cobb, Douglas 197 Cobb, Janice 197 Cobb, Lanice 83, 198 Coffey, Sandee 184 Cogdell, Cathy 104, 198 Cogdell, Doris 132, 184 A “Senioritis” Strikes Cogdell, George 157 Cogdell, Kenny 104, 198 Cole, Gail 157 Cole, Mayann 198 Cole, Roger 157 Collins, Tom 91, 104, 138, 184 Colvard, Larry 83, 198 Constantine, John 184 Coon, Bobby 87, 198 Cooper, Jerry 104, 198 Cooper, Mary Frances 198 Coward, Lucy 104, 198 Cowles, Sharon 198 Cox, Gary 104, 157 Cox, Scott 182, 138, 146, 184, 195 Crain, Jack 69, 84, 88, 138, 157 Crawford, Don 51, 69, 73, 74, 88, 107, 108, 121, 138, 147, 157 Crawford, Jeff 184 Crawford, Nancy 104, 198 Creech, Alice 104, 184 Creel, Ronnie 93, 184 Cresto, Kirk 157 Crocker, Doug 80, 93 Crocker, Lawrence 34 Crone, Moira 198 Crow, Frances 104, 108, 153, 157 Crow, Gwynn 83, 198 Crow, Nancy 69, 104, 181, 184, 188 Crutchfield, Eon 184 Curry, Leonard 198 Cuthrell, Mary 33 D Dabbs, Betsy 198 Dagenhart, Clyde 53, 69, 106, 108, 157 Dail, Ronnie 184 Dame, Kelly 198 Dameron, Mary 184 Dancy, Arsynthia 198 Daniel, Mary 184 Daniels, Bennette 198 Daniels, Frances 184 Daniels, Laverne 157 Daniels, Linda 131, 184 Dannehl, David 37, 51, 72, 80, 104, 129, 155, 157 Darden, Irene 125, 184 Darden, Rose 104 Darnell, Mark 80, 127, 158 Daughtry, Pat 198 Davis, Eddie 185, 193 Davis, Edward 198 Davis, Fran 63, 73, 147, 158 Davis, Gerald 198 Davis, Jo 198 Davis, Joan 198 Davis, Jo Marie 198 Davis, Ken 158 Davis, Lillian 185 Davis, Mary Laverne 199 Davis, Sue 158 Dawson, Larry 158 Dawson, Thomas 84, 104 Deakle, David 198 Dean, Eric 158 Deangury, Marie 198 Deans, Donald 185 Decoursey, Rosemarie 198 Dees, Bill 14 Dees, Mahala 99, 104, 198 Dees, Winston 185 Denmark, Gordon 199 Denmark, Willis 91, 158 Denning, Kathy 199 Deppert, Dorothea 158 Derby, Susan 52, 104, 185, 193 Dickerson, Lillie 198 Dillman, Gene 91, 122, 139, 185 Drew, Dwight 185, 218 Drew, Gloria 53, 185, 186 Doons, Sheryl 185 Dudley, Thelma 158 Dunn, Rebecca 185 Durham, Phyllis 159 E Easley, Roger 43, 50, 52, 92, 104, 159, 178 Eason, Frankie 185 Eatman, Shirley 199 Edens, Randy 80, 82, 84, 88, 185 Edgerton, Arnold 50, 53, 159 Edgerton, Elizabeth 19 All “Four” Classes Edmonson, Don 84, 94, 139, 159 Edwards, G. C. 199 Edwards, Geraldine 26 Edwards, Jackie 32, 159 Edwards, Janet 197, 199 Edwards, Jim 125, 185 Edwards, Joel 199 Edwards, Mattie 104, 185 Edwards, Melba 199 Edwards, Phyllis 185 Edwards, Tommy 185 Eidenire, Debbie 104, 140, 199 Eikenberry, Karl 82, 185 Eisenbrown, Caro 1 199 Elliott, Blair 199 Elliott, Darlene 199 Elliott, Larry 104, 159 Eloshway, Greg 199 Elrod, Betty 159 Ethridge, Bobby 199 Ethrington, Frances 104, 199 Eubanks, Steve 83, 199 Eure, John 199 Evans, Bruce 104, 199 Evans, David 199 Evans, Jerome 93, 199 Evans, John 199 Evans, Vann 66, 67, 70, 73, 77, 94, 147 Everett, Howard 159 Everett, Mary Ann 185 Everett, Terry 199 Everhart, Libby 136, 185 Exstall, Dorothy 185 Ezzell, Edward 28, 92 Ezzell, Frances 159 F Fahey, Suzie 37, 127, 185 Faircloth, Sharon 199 Faircloth, Tim 159 Faison, Florence 34 Fann, Larry 185 Farfour, Joey 82, 185 Farmer, Anthony 159 Farmer, Glenn 185 Farrar, Diane 185 Farrell, Bette 1 59 Ferrell, Gerald 185 Fields, Donna 159 Fields, Judy 159 Fisher, Hervey 87, 88, 104, 199 Fleming, David 199 Flynn, Louise 185 Fonvielle, Barbara 22, 144, 147 Fonvielle, Lloyd 14 Forbes, Jackie 199 Fowler, Cathy 136, 199 Fowler, Lynn 185 Fowler, Robert 160 Frailey, Mary Kay 185 Fraiser, Louise 160 Franks, Lee 185 Frederick, Ricky 80, 88, 104, 139, 140, 185 Friede, Bobby 185 Fuller, Butch 185 Fuller, Freddie 67,70,71,74, 84, 139, 147, 160 Furr, Debbie 185 Futrell, Keith 83, 199 G Gainey, Elizabeth 34, 36 Gainey, Walter 34 Gambella, Vera 199 Garcia, Peter 185 Gardner, Pam 199 Garner, Bill 31, 40, 83, 86, 93, 139 Gates, Harry 199 Gates, Robert 185 Gatling, Reginald 93, 199 Getsinger, Sarah 21 Ginn, Wilmond 199 Gnann, Keith 185 Godfrey, Jim 47, 57, 137, 158, 160 Godwin, Bonnie 104, 199 Godwin, Carol 160 Godwin, Diane 160 Goin, Richard 104 Goldsmith, Beverly 199 Goldsmith, Terry 185 Goldstone, Terry 199 Gonzales, Mickey 136, 199 Gooding, Dalphine 185 Gordon, Jennie 185 Grady, Brenda 185 Grady, Tommy 199 Concentration and Relaxation! Graham, Billy 199 Graham, Carol 199 Graham, Judy 199 Graham, Tim 185 Grant, Elizabeth 22, 23, 66 Grant, Larry 199 Grantham, Gary 199 Grantham, Shirley 104, 200 Graves, Sharon 104 Gray, Ken 160 Gray, Regina 104, 200 Gray, Tommy 200 Green, Esther 200 Gregory, Ronnie 186 Gribensk, Fred 160 Gribensk, Vivian 200 Grice, Becky 186 Grice, Carolyn 160 Grice, Keith 200 Grice, Linda 98, 99, 104, 161, 178 Griffin, Mrs. Ashton 14 Griffin, Bette 200 Griffin, Phil 104, 183, 200 Griffin, Tommy 186 Gross, Gary 186 Gufford, Teresa 186 Gurley, Sandra 185 Gwaltney, Andy 92, 186 G A altney, Dee 161 Gwaltney, Glenn 186 H Hagan, Pat 131, 161 Hairr, Mike 200 Hall, Cathy 186 Hall, Gail 104, 186 Hall, Laura 161 Hallman, Janice 104, 184, 186 Ham, Glenn 186 Ham, Jill 104, 186 Ham, Niki 139, 142, 161 Hamilton, Gloria 161 Handley, Billy 161 Handley, Scottie 186 Hardee, Roger 33 H ardy, Mike 186 Hargett, Sophie 50, 145, 155, 161, 168 Harper, Becky 200 Harrell, Jeff 94,95,139,140, 161 Harrell, Louann 104, 186 Harrell, Toby 80, 82, 88, 91, 139, 186 Harrison, Ann 161 Hart, Ned 80, 88, 186 Hasty, Cindy 200 Hatchell, Patty 161 Hatcher, Tony 161 Hawk, Jo 186 Hawkins, Don 200 Hawley, Carol 186 Hawley, Eddie 47, 80, 104, 106, 107, 161 Hawn, David 200 Heath, Brenda 186 Heath, Justin 161 Hemenway, Nancy 200 Henderson, Buuddy 200 Henson, Audrey 104, 161 Herrera, Juanita 200 Herring, Bonita 200 Herring, Elizabeth 104, 200 Herring, Steve 79, 80, 81, 84, 88, 162 Hice, Sherry 186 Hice, Steve 200 Hicks, Lucy 22, 23, 132, 133, 135, 182 Hill, Bill 162 Hill, Curtis 162 Hill, David 200 Hill, Michael 200 Hill, Wanda 104, 200 Hines, Mike 186 Hinson, Mike 47, 162 Hinton, Eunice 24 Hoard, Mike 183 Hodges, Billy 200 Holden, Mike 37, 39 Holland, Jane 136, 162 Holland, Marolyn 104, 162 Holler, Cathy 46, 63, 104, 135, 146, 147, 186, 193, 211, 220 Holloman, Bill 145, 187 Holloman, Marc 83, 200 Holloway, Kay 162 Hollowell, Barbara 200 Holmes, Charlene 49, 51, 60, 64, 67, 70, 72, 74, 98, 99, 134, 140, 147, 155, 162 Make Up Student Curriculum Honaker, Cathy 5, 99, 104, 200 Honeycutt, Mallie 162 Hood, Keith 80,93,139,187 Hood, Mary Rose 99, 200 Hook, Brenda 200 Hook, Debbie 200 Hooks, Jack • 54, 55, 57, 60, 66, 73, 75, 84, 91, 104, 150, 162 Hoover, Gary 83, 91, 93, 200 Hoover, Theresa 162 Hopewell, Donna 104, 131, 145, 197, 200 Horvath, Roxanne 62, 99, 147, 200 Houston, Nathaniel 200 Howard, Mike 200 Howell, Barbara 162 Howell, Bobbi 187 Howell, Earl 54, 72, 114, 162, 177 Howell, Jean 187 Howell, Jerrie 187 Howell, Jolene 104, 200 Howell, Nadine 18 Howell, Randy 200 Howell, Sheila 162 Howell, Sheryl 56, 57, 67, 70, 71, 76, 150, 153, 162, 174 Howell, Tommy 60, 70, 71, 75, 84, 85, 88, 138, 163, 168 Howson, Diane 187 Hudgins, Dan 83, 200 Huffman, Sherry 104, 163 Humphrey, Sandra 200 Hussey, Jack 187 Hutchens, Barry 83 Hutchens, Terry 73, 107, 156, 163 I Ingram, Cheryl 104, 200 Ingram, Danny 200 Isler, Barbara 18 I very, Dennis 187 J Jackson, Ada 136, 187 Jackson, Betty 27 Jackson, Danny 200 Jackson, James 28 Jacobs, Joan 200 Jacobs, Kenneth 200 Jacobs, Larry 163 Jacques, Cyndy 187 James, Lavinia 59, 104, 200, 216 James, Steve 187 Jaramillo, Mary Ann 187 Jarman, Alton 83, 200 Jefferson, Samuel 200 Jeffreys, Jimmy 163 Jeffreys, Lyn 104, 145, 194, 200 Jenkins, Ray 187 Jennings, Bill 25, 80, 187 Jennings, Mary Jane 38, 57, 132, 145, 163 Jensen, Agnes 27, 136 Jensen, Nina 51, 53, 104, 113, 114, 187, 188, 211 Jemigan, Billy 200 Jernigan, Jean 104 Jernigan, Jerri 104, 187 Jernigan, Jimmy 142, 163 Jernigan, Margaret Ann 104, 135, 187 Johnson, Al 140, 187 Johnson, Alan 80, 104, 187 Johnson, Don 80, 187 Johnson, Donna 201 Johnson, James 163 Johnson, James Earl 163 Johnson, Jean 201 Johnson, Jody 99, 201 Johnson, Kaye 164 Johnson, Larry 80, 91, 138, 187, 190 Johnson, Libby 187 Johnson, Sally 201 Johnson, Sarah Jo 187 Johnson, Walt 201 Jones, Denise 47, 104, 187 Jones, Gary 201 Jonew, Geraldine 24, 25 Jones, Jimmie 164 Jones, Jon 187 Jones, Judy 164 Jones, Keith 83, 187 Jones, Milford 32, 72, 76, 80, 81, 91, 93, 138, 147, 164 The Arts Add I Jones, Rick 80, 164 Jones, Rhonda 201 Jones, Sarah 104, 133, 201 Jones, Sylvia 201 Jones, Willie 201 Jones, Zealy 201 Jordan, Sue 187 Joseph, George 104, 164 Joyner, Bill 201 Justice, Larry 104, 164 K Kaiserlik, Janice 201 Kaiserlik, Jewel 164 Kaylor, Phil 84, 164 Kearney, Donnie 164 Kearney, Janice 104, 187 Kearney, Russell 164 Keel, Danny 187 Keen, Danny 215 Keeter, Ed 93, 138, 164 Keeter, Neil 201 Kelly, Sonja 201 Kemp, Bill 77, 80, 87, 95, 104,116, 138,139,140, 147, 164 Kennedy, Connie 187 Kennedy, Kathy 164 Kershaw, Dianne 201 King, Benita 187 King, Donnie 187 King, Judy 164 King, Polly 187 King, Princie 45, 104, 132, 13 ' 3, 134, 137, 165 Kirby, Dwight 201 Kirby, Jerry 165 Kirk, Ken 93, 138, 187 Kleinert, Tom 104, 187 Kleinfelter, Mark 104 Kleinfelter, Mary Ann 55, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 145, 150, 165 Kleinfelter, Mike 187 Kornegay, David 88, 89, 104, 165 Kornegay, George 80, 139, 187 Kornegay, John 80, 91, 93, 187 Kramer, Susan 44, 104, 145, 187, 188, 21 1 Kuczynski, Linda 187 L Laffiteau, John 201 Lancaster, Aileene 187 Lancaster, Randy 187 Lancaster, Ruth 165 Lancaster, Virginia 18 Lancaster, Webbie 87, 201 Lane, Chuck 188 Lane, Don 86, 201 Lane, Eddie 83, 87, 201 Lane, Mike 201 Lane, Richard 188 Langley, Calvin 37, 129, 165 Lashley, Ted 165 Lawson, Jim 94 LaDuc, Marc 201 LeDuc, Rosanna 188 Lee, Michael 202 Lee, Monty 80, 89, 91, 104, 188 Lemmond, Pat 202 Leonard, Bill 44, 46, 69, 114, 104, 188 LeRoy, David 165 LeRoy, Pam 46, 63, 134, 147, 188, 192, 193 Letchworth, Roger 165 Lewis, Florence 24 Lewis, Jean L. 140, 166, 175 Lewis, Jean T. 104, 166 Lewis, Juanita 22, 23 Lewis, Flarry 202 Lewis, Mary Jc 3 166 Lewis,. Peggy 166 Libby, Becky 202 Linford, Irene 32, 166 Lipscomb, Steve 202 Little, Joan 104, 166 Loch, Dennis 5, 80, 93, 188 Loftin, Joanie 104, 202 Loftin, Wanda 166 Lovell, Chip 83, 86, 202 Loyko, Mike 35, 166 Loving, Mary Elizabeth 104, 202 Lowdermilk, Fran 202 Lowry, David 202 Lowry, Greg 201 Lubinsky, Pete 104 Lucas, Saul 132, 188 Ludlam, Pam 202 Lunsford, Laura 202 Lutz, Gretchen 104, 166 Lynch, Patricia 104, 131, 132, 188 M Mabry, Deloris 107, 188 McFawn, Ian 202 Life to GHS McMillan, Gail 132, 167 McNerney, Robert 21 McRoy, W. D. 34 McQueen, Bill 189 Medlin, Bobbie Ann 25, 22, 64, 65, 67, 70, 77, 141, 142, 147, 167, 189 Medlin, Judy 99, 104, 203 Mena, Joe 203 Mercer, Lee 167 Messenger, Linda 22, 23 Meyer, Billy 80, 138, 167 Mileski, Gary 84, 104, 189 Miller, Lou Ann 53, 189 Minton, David 203 Mitchell, Freddie 53, 94, 95, 138, 140, 189, 192 Mitchell, Kathy 104, 203 Mitchell, Linda 136, 189 Mitchell, Marcia 104, 189 Mitchell, Marjorie Ann 52, 53, 104, 133, 168 Mitchell, Mary Ann 203 Mixon, Debby 40, 45, 64, 70, 75, 98, 99, 104, 117, 133, 134, 132, 135, 142, 143, 146, 147, 155, 165, 168, 174, 218 Mixon, Ina 28, 29, 10, 195 Moffett, Richard 142, 168 Monahan, Terry 132, 168 Moneypenny, Bill 203 Monk, Jerome 94, 168 Monk, Mary Hazel 189 Monk, Robert 104, 203 Montague, Dianna 203 Montague, Howard 83, 203 Montague, Jean 41 Montgomery, Phyllis 104, 189 Moon, Bill 72,98,104, 132, 134, 168, 174 Moore, Chuck 189 Moore, Gary 203 Moore, Joyce 104, 186, 189 Morgan, Mike 104, 189 Morris, Darlene 97, 109, 132, 189 Moseley, Ashley 83, 104, 203 Mossholder, Larry 203 Moye, Barbara 96, 142, 189 Mozingo, Debbie 104, 189 Mozingo, Hilton 104, 189 Mozingo, Jimmy 168 Mozingo, Kathy 136, 189 Mozingo, Kay 168 Mozingo, Larry 189 Mozingo, Ronnie 94, 189 Mozingo, Sharon 104, 136, 168 Mackey, David 188 Maddox, Brenda 188 Maddox, Van 104, 202 Maderas, Rachel 104 Mahancy, Patrick 93, 132, 188 Mallo, Edwin 202 Mallo, Jesse 166 Malonee, Mike 38, 188 Manning, Judy 166 Mansour, Nita 99, 202 Maples, Wanda 202 Maree, Karen 188 Markham, Mary Beth 104, 202 Marlow, James 166 Martin, Billy 188 Martin, Carolyn 104, 166 Martin, Carolyn 166 Martin, Diane 153, 166 Martin, Fred 104 Martin, Ken 88 Martinez, Sheila 202 Massey, Celia 104, 202 Massey, Joanne 136, 188 Matthews,Debbie 104, 202 Matthews, Linda 201 Maurer, Richard 188 May, Bill 83, 93, 202 Mayberry, Charles 202 Mayberry, Earl 188 Mayo, Annette 104, 134, 186, 188 Mayo, Denise 188 McBride, Bob 83,92,138,202 McCoy, Geraldeen 202 McCoy, Geralean 167 McCoy, Wilton 188 McDaniel, Andy 188 McDaniel, Mike 86, 167 McDonald, Rhonda 64, 104, 132, 134, 142, 143, 167 McDonough, Alan 202 McFarland, Mary 202 McFatter, Debbie 202 McFatter, Joyce 167 McGowan, Andy 202 McGowan, Jane 104, 184, 190, 192, 193 McGuirt, Jerry 83, 202, 209, 216 McIntyre, John 189 McKenna, Linda 167 McKenzie, Tom 83, 86, 93, 202 McLamb, Bill 83, 203 McLaughlin, Kathy 203 McLaurin, Donald 86 McLawhorn, Mary 203 “A Friend Is Some: Mozingo, Shelia 169 Murphy, Alan 203 Murray, Samuel 189 Murry, Mike 93, 203 Murry, Sam 93 Musgrave, Rosemary 189 Musser, Bill 86, 203 Myers, Patty 96, 203 Mylaeus, Andreas 82, 104, 136, 139, 140, 169, 180 Myrick, Mike 80, 87, 88, 194, 203 N Narron, Johnny 86, 87, 104, 140, 203 Netland, Nancy 189 Newman, Pat 104, 137, 169 Nickle, Mike 203 Northrop, Debbie 203 Northrop, Montgomery 189 Norton, Suzanne 129, 203 Norton, Wes 80, 84, 88, 189 Novak, Andrea 203 Novak, Susan 186, 189 o Odom, Betsy 104, 169 Odom, David 41, 49, 80, 81, 85 Odom, Larry 189 O ' Donnell, Kathy 203 O ' Keeffe, Kevin 203 Oliver, Dorothy 26 O ' Neal, George 203 Otwell, Vann 169 Overholt, Freddie 189 Owens, C. B. 80, 93 P Parent, Jane 203 Parker, Debbie 104, 203 Parker, James 80, 139, 169 Parker, Jan 203 Parker, Janey 169 Parker, Jim 69, 144, 189 Parker, Milton 189 Parker, Pam 45, 47, 104, 132, 134, 145, 169 Parks, Janis 104, 203 Parish, Frances 203 ’ Paschal, Jerry 15, 139 Pate, Gayle 122,126,189 Pate, Keith 189 Pate, Martha 104, 189 Pate, Pat 83, 203 Pate, Sharon 203 Patrick, Anita 203 Paul, Sandra 57, 99, 203 Peacock, Jo Ann 68, 203, 218 Peacock, John 51, 83, 104, 203 Pearson, Sharon 50, 72, 142, 143, 169 Peele, Barbara 132, 169 Pelter, Joe 104, 168, 169 Pender, Brenda 169 Pendergrass, Susan 104, 169 Percise, Peggy 169 Perry, Gilbert 203 Perry, John 203 Perry, Nancy 104, 133, 165, 170, 221 Perry, Sandra 104, 203, 220 Peterson, Wayne 203 Phillips, Danny 94, 95, 139, 189 Phillips, Phil 83, 203 Phipps, Diane 189 Pierce, Terry 69, 160, 170 Pike, Jimmy 49, 57, 70, 71, 76, 117, 104, 137, 147, 170, 177 Pike, Johnny 104, 203, 209, 214 Pike, Maxine 104, 135, 189, 190 Pilkington, Betty 170 Pines, Shelby 80, 189 Pipkin, Brenda 189 Pittman, Linda 189 Plunk, Hal 15 Plummer, Lee 169, 131, 132, 143, 170 Plunkett, Carol 203 Plunkett, Paul 189 Pollard, Connie 204 Polter, Mary Ann 67, 104, 170 Polter, Wayne 189 Pope, Greg 83, 87, 204 Pope, Phyllis 204 Pope, Sandria 104, 189 Porter, Marion 170, 180 Potter, Tommy 204 Powell, Belinda 204 Powell, Bonnie 204 Powell, Larry 80, 81, 88, 189 Powell, Robert 14, 56 Prebula, Mike 80, 190 Price, Betty Jo 204 Price, Linda 47, 170 Price, Tona 204 Pulley, Eupha 26 One Who Likes You” Q Sasser, David 205 Quick, Larke 104, 170 R Radcliffe, Jo Ann 204 Sasser, Pat 171 Sasser, Robert 139, 171 Satterfield, Evelyn 205 Sauls, Ann 190 Sauls, Betty Jo 190 Raines, Barry 139 Sauls, Elaine 205 Raines, John 82, 190 Sauls, Kenneth 205 Ramsauer, Freddy 190 Scarboro, Alec 88, 139, 171 Ray, Sandy 69, 131, 132, 142, Scimeca, Pam 104, 186, 190 190 Scott, Bill 137, 139, 171 Raynor, Cynthia 204 Scott, Mariedna 125, 205 Reese, Al 86, 204 Seay, Sheree 190 Reeves, Ann 204 Seegers, Wes 52, 80, 138, Reeves, Bettie 104, 171 181, 190, 221 Reeves, Debbie 143, 190 Sessions, Donna 142, 171 Reilly, Terry 204 Sewell, Gail 171 Renn, James 190 Sewell, Johnny 190 Reynolds, Tim 69, 94, 181, Shaw, Barbara 205 190 Shaw, Rose 190 Rhodes, Sandra 104, 171 Shaw, Steve 205 Richards, Mike 37, 129, 132, Shaw, Sylvia 190 171 Richter, Bobby 204 Richter, Butch 93 ' , 171 Riddle, Debbie 204 Ritter, Ann 67, 133, 171 Rivenbark, Debbie 171 Rivenbark, Ray 190 Roberson, Peggy 132, 142, 190 Sherman, Mark 83, 205 Shirley, Trista 205 Shoemaker, Dinah 136, 205 Shoemaker, Randy 122, 172 Shuey, Mike 80, 93, 172 Silver, Patricia 104, 205 Simmons, Cindy 205 Simmons, Myra Jean 205 Roberts, Eugene 22, 142, 64 Simpson, Linda 40, 44, 49, 64, Roberts, Theresa 190 67, 70, 71, 76, 79, 98, 115, 134, 144, 147, 153, 165, 172, Robinson, Tim 204 219 Robson, Debby 67, 69, 96, Sizemore, Mark 190 116, 130, 132, 133, 134, 171 Robson, Leslie 146, 204, 211 Rockwell, Jim 7, 32, 39, 104, 137, 171 Sizemore, Molly 205 Sloat, Lynn 205 Smith, Aleda 37, 172 Rogers, Fran 104, 194, 204 Smith, Ann 190 Rogers, Loy Lee 4, 24 Smith, Bettie Sue 104, 191 Rogers, Mary Lou 204 Smith, Bob 90,91,93,158, 172 Rogers, Wayne 190 Smith, Bryan 172 Rolfe, Dave 204 Rollins, Robert 204 Rose, Faye 204 Smith, Carol 191 Smith, Demming 205 Smith, Dick 70 Rouse, Barbara Jean 204 Smith, Donald 93, 191 Rouse, Don 88, 204 Smith, Iris 191 Rouse, James 104, 190 Smith, Jack 92, 104, 205 Royall, Thelma 104, 205 Smith, Jackie 191 Rusch, Marilyn 104, 190 Smith, Janet 191 Russell, Stan 190 Smith, John 205 s Sansone, Gayle 98, 137, 146, Smith, Dr. John 16, 55, 113 Smith, Leonard 83, 205 Smith, Margie 17, 65, 67, 70, 171 71, 75, 104, 141, 144, 147, Sasser, Bill 205 172, 212 Time Out ' Smith, Melvin 191 Smith, Mike 205 Smith, Ray 172 Smith, Scott 103, 111, 172 Smith, Ted 67, 70, 80,, 91, 138, 173 Smith, Tim 173 Smith, Tommy 88, 134, 138, 181, 191 Snypes, Linda 191 Soose, Gina 205 Southerland, Pam 104, 132, 191 Spangler, Jimmy 173 Spath, Steven 191 Spence, Nora 104, 205 Spicer, Ann 104, 191 Spicer, James 205 Spring, Sally 73, 44, 103, 104, 106, 107, no. 111, 173 Stackhouse, Wilson 191 Stafford, Janice 173 Stallings, Larry 191 Stancil, Martha 191 Stanley, Sandra 191 Stanton, Anne 191 Staps, Paul 205 Starling, Margaret Jean 104, 184, 188, 191, 192, 220 Starling, Phyllis 104, 131, 205 Starling, Wanda 104, 173 Steele, Mike 87, 205 Sterner, Mike 83, 87, 205 Stevens, Henry 19 Stovall, Sandy 69, 126, 191 Straughan, Linda 173 Strickland, Cathy 173 Strickland, Connie 191 Strickland, Gloria 191 Strickland, Patsy 205 Strickland, Susan 173 Strickland, Ted 173 Stroud, Belinda 130, 133, 136, 173 Stroud, Jeanette 205 Stuckey, Vickie 205 Stultz, Pam 205 Sugg, Richard 80, 86, 87, 88, 205 Surratt, Pam 104, 191 Surrett, Elaine 132, 173 Sutton, Craig 191, 205 Sutton, Diane 104, 184, 191, 192, 193 Sutton, Mac 205 Sutton, Ricky 191 Sutton, Sharon 205 Sutton, Tommy 205 Sutton, W. D. 32, 33 Swaney, Karen 191 Swaney, Robert 205 Sweet, Gene 80, 191 Swinson, Leslie 173 Swinson, Steve 83, 205 Swol, Tom 191 Sykes, Carol 104, 205 Sykes, John 191 T Talcott, Terrie 205 Talton, Susan 104, 191 Tarry, Archie 93, 191, 192 Taylor, Carolyn 105, 205 Taylor, Claudia 96, 97, 99, 134, 135, 205 Taylor, Dana 173 Taylor, Delbert 104, 205 Taylor, Frances 104, 173 Taylor, Henry 205 Taylor, Nancy 69, 104, 191 Taylor, Rebecca 104, 191 Taylor, Sandra 191 Taylor, Tamara 174 Tew, Miles 35, 191 Thigpen, Brian 191 Thomas, Carla 174 Thomas, Mike 174 Thomas, Vivine 174 Thompson, Calvin 205 Thompson, Cindy 205 Thompson, J.B. 38, 39, 122 Thompson, Sue 191 Thornton, Bonnie 191 Thornton, Joe 94, 95, 104, 138, 191 Thunberg, Bill 104, 191 Thunberg, Frances 206 Tilghman, Susan 104, 191 Tillett, Debbie 122, 125, 174, 210 Tisdale, Rebecca 142, 143 Tiska, Joan 47, 174 Tiska, Joe 206 Todd, Diane 132, 160, 175 Tolar, Jackie 206 Tolar, Russ 104, 175 Toler, Barbara 191 Toler, Shirley 136, 192 Toomey, Mary 104, 206 Trautwein, George 39, 7, 11, 103, 108 Troy, James 30 Tucker, Kaye 175 for Fun! Tunstall, Reid 37, 127, 192 Turnage, Brenda 206 Turnage, Giles 86, 88, 138, 192 Turnage, Janis 104, 192 Turnage, Marvin 192 Turner, Phil 83, 87, 206 Turrone, Carmen 140, 206 Turrone, Chris 175 Twiford, C.W. 15 Tyner, Connie 192 Tyner, J.L 36,80,158, 175, 215 U UndervATood, Connie 175 Underwood, Kathy 206 V VanBenthuysen, Donna 104, 194, 206, 213, 220 Vandiford, Duane 176 Vann, Gary 206 Vann, Kay 104, 206 Vann, Syd 104, 176 Van Roekel, Johnny 94, 95, 138, 192 Vaughan, Betty Jo 192 Vernon, Brenda 104, 192 Vick, Travis 104, 192 Vinson, Beth 206 Vinson, Cheryl 176 Vinson, Don 126, 192 Vinson, Patti 69, 104, 192 W Waddell, Bonnie 104, 206 Wade, Perry 104, 192 Wade, Ricky 206 Wade, Sybil 206 Wadsworth, Calvin 80, 134, 139, 176 Walker, William 206 Wallace, Allan 34, 35 Wallace, Wanda 25, 69, 125, 192 Waller, Bob 17, 80, 88, 89 Walters, J.E. 88, 89, 104, 192 Walters, Mary 104, 176 Ward, Beau 98, 104, 192 Ward, Billie Jean 192 Ward, Rosalie 104, 176 Ward, Russell Warner, Michael 176 Warren, Bill 92, 104, 192 Warren, Bobby 192 Wasner, Harvey 80, 104, 138, 192 Waters, Edna Earl 7, 11, 45, 67, 146, 176 Waters, Jacque 98, 192 Waters, Jene 51, 194, 195, 206, 209, 214 Watson, Charles 176 Watson, Edwin 192 Watson, Ray 22 Watts, Belinda 206 Watts, Danny 177 Weathers, Lynn 192, 193, 220 Weathers, Patricia 177 Webb, Anne 7, 39, 40, 96 Weil, Ken 91, 139, 177 Weisiger, Tom 177 Wells, Doris 104, 192 Wells, Linda 193 Wells, Mike 104, 206 Wessell, Eddie 83, 206 Wessell, Phil 53, 177 West, Mike 206 Westheimer, Mike 206 Whaley, Bill 87, 206 Whaley, Kathi 177 Wharton, Betsy 65, 67, 70 74, 104, 144, 133, 147, 155, 174, 177, 211 Wharton, June 32, 33 Wheeler, Charles 84 Whisenhunt, Gerald 41, 80, 83, 138, 140 White, Jerry 206 White, Pat 206 Whitener, Cindy 204, 96, 177 Whitford, Sally 104,193 Whitley, Bill 104, 177 Wiggins, Betty 206 V iggins, Ricky 206 Wiggins, Teresa 104, 206 Wiggs, Debbie 178 Wiggs, Phyllis 206 Wiggs, Sheila 178 Wiley, Carl 206 Wilkins, Faye 68, 69, 178 Wilkins, Jean 193 Williams, Beverly 45, 52, 104, 135, 137, 145, 178 Williams, Brownie 104, 184, 193, 216 Williams, Chris 206 Williams, Clarence 30, 31 Williams, Debra 104 Williams, Evelyn 193 Williams, Jeff 206 Williams, Ken 80, 104, 139, 178 “V” Standss Williams, Lawrence 104, 178 Williams, Louis 69, 80, 84, 88, 104, 138, 139, 193 Williams, AAary 206 Williams, Maurice 206 Williams, Peter 193 Williams, Tony 193 Willis, Ross 80, 87, 193 Willis, Stewart 184,192,193 Willoughby, Martin 178 Wilson, Edna 30 Wilson, George 14 Wilson, Jo Anne 193 Wilson, Richard 32, 178 Wise, Chris 69, 80, 84, 139, 181, 193 Wise, Kathie 144, 206 Wolf, Pam 137,193,206 Wolfe, Kathy 206 Wolfe, Karen 37, 104, 128, 178 Wolffe, Lisa 104, 206 Wolfskeil, George 80, 83, 86, 87, 206 Wood, Phillip 193 Woodard, Donald 206 Woodard, Jean 206 Woodley, Johnny 93, 139, 179 Woolard, Rebecca 206 for Victory Woolbright, Debbie 193 Wooley, Roger 179 Worley, Ann 193 Worley, Carolyn 206 Worley, Linda 206 Worley, Mary Ann 104, 179 Worrell, Donnie 104 Worrell, Linda 104 Wright, Don 130, 137, 179 Wright, Dwight 206 Wyatt, Leslie 99,135,206 Wyatt, Patty 17, 40, 52, 70, 73, 77, 116, 145, 165, 170, 179, 218 Wynn, David 179 Y Yarbrough, Christopher 104 Yeager, Susan 105 Yelverton, Eane 206 York, Anne 104, 206 Young, Faye 105 z Zaccanini, James 104, 207 Zambelli, Veda Kay 104, 207 Zercher, Glenn 207 We Acknowledge and Appreciate . the following people who helped to build ourl968 GOHISCA: Mr. Homer Ball Mr. Lee Blackwell Mr. Bill Holloman Mr. Wilson Moore Mr. Pay Powell Dr. John Smith Mr. Zeno Spence i • • k A year ends, the building empties, the students disperse . . . with yet another memory . . . For Reference Not to be taken from this room V___ J

Suggestions in the Goldsboro High School - Gohisca Yearbook (Goldsboro, NC) collection:

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