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I i I E 4 M w I I 1 w 9 1 I X l MAY 2 4 2011 Q S r I L M W i f ! V 1 . N. H M def lg J W 1 1 W I 'I W 1 w w 1 r ,N Wlllllllll To Miss IDA GOHDNER AND MR. CLLFTON BRITTON, our friends and advisors, who have worked so tirelessly to make possible our annual, with heart- felt appreciation of all they have done for us, we dedicate Volume I Number 1 of Gohisccz. GMD 5 Bo W Q .-a ' 00 , J fc: Scvxo IN MEMHHHXII1 They gave their lives That others might live. CLEVELAND CARROLL BALKCUIVI ik PAUL BORDEN, JR. iff JXVILLIAINI LOUIS BRITT ROLAND WAYNE EDWARDS RALPH GIDDENS ROBERT RHODES HATCH Stir DAVID R. HILL CHARLES M. HOWELL HARRY HUNDLEY Iii? J. C. JONES BODDIE PERRY 'ik IRA S. SMITH EMIVIETT SPICER CHARLES VVEIGAND The names listed above are those reported to the staff up to press date, April 10, 1945. FIVE XXX X, M- 'N Hlllllll N Mi. Armstrong, Miss Bayne, fMiss'A,nderson, Miss Aycock, Mrs. Britt, Mr. Britt, Mr. Britton, Miss Garner, Miss Miss Ipicfz, Jeffrey, Mr. Pearson, Mr. Roberts, Miss Ward, 5 Miss Williams, Miss Vlfillis. N E, ge X' N if te , 'T f uw TQ Y NH ' qs Mr. Ray Armstrong, A.B., M.A., Superinttend ' Mi5Y,Clen nrt e Twiford, A.B., Principal, Miss Frances D Bayne, B.S., Coordinator Distributive EcltfcajtgfpMisNBege,?LXmAncle11so1i, A.B., Commerce, Mathematics, Miss Mil- dred Aycock, B.S.S.A., English, Social Scien. , Shorthand, Mrs. Clarinda A. Britt, BS., Home Economics, Mr. James E. Britt, BS., Diyersihecl Occupations, Mech ical D1'ax'lGxiLg, Rilo, Preflight, Mr. Clifton Britton, A.B., M.A., Dramat- ic Art, tlvlrs. Eliza S. Cox, Mathematics, Busines. Education, Mis -Emma Lou Garner, A.B., French, English, Sociology, Miss Ida Gordner, A,B., English, Sociology, Mi Janie Cligigtfn Ipock, A.B., Mathematics, Mr. Norris Jeffrey, B.S., M.A., Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education, tMiss Miriam g och, Arts and Crafts, Home Economics, tMrs. William F. Mintz, A.B., English, World History, Mr. E. W. Pearson, A.Bw Industrial Arts, Wood Trades, Mr. Eugene L. Ro- berts, A.B., A.M., Metal Trades, Building Trades, Journalism, Printing, iiMrs. Dewey Slocumb, Music, Miss Clytee Hodges Nvard, BS., Biology, Miss Isabelle Williams, A.B., English, United States History, Library Science, Miss Hyacinth XVillis, A.B., Spanish, English, tMrs. Leslie Yelverton, Manager of Cafeteria. i'Pictures not available. SIX Seadafw MARJORIE ALLEN 'fMargie" - green eyes - .good fiflure - lovable - cute 'n cunning SA Council 3: Commencement Sermon Com- mittee 4: Homeroom President l, 3, 4: Eng- lish Secretary 3, 4: History Secretary 3: Typ- ing Secretary 3: English Vice President 2: Home Economics President, Secretary 1. 2: General Business President 2: Double Door Poster Committee 2: Marching Men Make-up Committee 3: Basketball 1, 4: Gohisca Ad Solicitor 4, ANN BARBOUR "Pauline" - Mrs. Moonlight - red Chevy - drag the main - dreamy blue eyes SA Social Committee l, 4g SA Building and Grounds Committee 3: SA Council 1, 2, 4: Class Prophet 4: Class Devotional Committee 4: Cheerleader 3: Mrs. Moonlight Publicity Committee 3: Mrs. Moonlight 3: Class Vice President lg Homeroom Secretary 4: Home- room President, Secretary 3: Arts and Crafts Vice President, Secretary 2: Latin President, Secretary 2: Biology Vice President 2: Home Economics President, Secretary 1: Basketball l, 2, 3. 4: Tennis I, 2: Girls' Sports Club fPresidentJ 4: Hi News Assistant Co-ad Nlan- ager 3: Gohisca Ad Solicitor 4: Latin Club 2. DOROTHY BASS pug nose - what jewelry! - Maria de Jade - a friend to all SA Bulletin Board Committee l: SA Council Z: Mrs. Moonlight Poster Committee 3: Arts and Crafts President 3: English President 2: Home Economics President 2: Sociology Vice President 4: History Secretary 33 English Secretary 3: Algebra Treasurer 2. ED BEST "Ed-u-ardo" - football - Varsity Club - hi flier - swell kid SA Flag Committee 4: SA Library Committee 2: SA Council l: l-lomeroom Vice President 4: Homeroom Treasurer 3: Spanish President 4: Print Shop Secretary 2: Biology President Z: Football 4: Varsity Club 4. GEORGE ARMSTRONG "Mop" - proxy - Mr. Barnard - llfriglttsville - "D0n't D0 It, Darling" Xlarslial 4, 4: National Thespian 4: SA Board tt' Flectitais 3: tChairmanJ 4: SA Free Lunch t't.iumit'ec 2: Class Council Z: lunior Ro- tarian Ctimmittee 4: Homeroom Secretary 3: Fiiglish President 4: English Secretary 3: Nleclianical Drawing Secretary 3: Latin Sec- retary Z: Out Of The Darkness 4: Lost Hori- zon 4: On Vengeance Heights Director 4: Sharps and Flats of '44 Stage Manager 3: Mrs. Moonlight 3: Byrds' Christmas Carol 3: Football 4g Basketball l, 4: Latin Club 2: Gohisca Ad Solicitor 4. CHARLES BARNES "Rabbit"-"Rerl'1 bashful - hunting - no. 12 shoe Homeroom President 4: English Secretary 3: Srittoletty President 4: Band l, Z, 3. .Lf 0 3 Ps, l Cl . if fm B U ELBERKEL Y, JR. ttilxy - pen e's other, - Foo llllltillfl s - l SA Tre.tstiteri'i-l: SA Stage ahd Prope y .Ul'I'l: mittee il: SA Lost an .Fo it ttee l: SA Council 2: Crt-Te ass Council lg Homeroom President' .1 Biology President 2: Chemistry Vice President 4: Vice President 3: Mrs. Moonl'ght Sound Technician 3: Lost Horizon 4: The Milky Way Sound Technician 4: Goldtnasquer 4. ANN B'tzzELL "Bizz" - fishpond parties - phone- firnd - giggles - fingernails SA Lost anti Found Committee 3: Cafeteria Committee Cflhairmanl 4: War Bond Com- mittee 2: Senior Ring Committee tChairm.inJ 3, 4: Mrs. Moonlight Property Committee 3: Mrs. Moonlight Song Committee 3: Homef room Secretary, Vice President 2, 3: Home Economics Vice President l: Lost Horizon Property Committee QCO-thairmanl 4: Winter Sunset Electrician 4: Cioldinasqtiers 4: Latin Club Secretary l, 2: Hi News Assistant Ex- change Editor 31 Gohisca Class Editor, Ad Solicitor 4, NINE JACK CAUDILL Durham - Ka-det - sharp remarks - football - Navy bound Durham High School 1, 23 Mechanical Draw- ing Secretary 4. GEORGE COMES government man - Air Corps Re- serve - slip-stick pilot - "Baron" Senior Invitation Committee 4: Pre-flight President 41 English Vice President 4: Band l. BARNEY COTTON "Tarzan" - Air Corps - faculty member --that cute laugh - racing SA Council 5: Homeroom President 4: Home- room Vice President 3, 4, English Secretary 51 The Skull Property Committee -lz Foot- ball 3, 4, Sy Baseball 3, 45 Varsity Club 4, 5. JACQUELINE CRUMPLER "Jackie" - sweet! - Grant's - quiet - Navy Marshal 3, 4: SA Lost and Found Committee KCO-chairmanl 4g Mrs. Moonlight Property Committee 31 Iunior-Senior Refreshment Com- mittee 3, Homeroom President 45 Homeroom Treasurer 2, Homeroom Secretary lg Short- hand President 3g Arts and Crafts President, Secretary 2, DE Club President 4. MARJORIE CHEEVER "Marnie" - blondie - rosy cheeks - su'ect'n'quiet - fashionable Atlantic City High School, New Iersey l: Varsity Cluh Sweetheart -lg Senior Devotional Committee -lg Gohisca Assistant Picture Edi- tor 4: Biology Club President 4: English President -lp Iunior Week Costume Committee fCl'ltlll'lH.llll 33 Junior-Senior Decoration Com- mittce 33 Homeroom Treasurer 3: Arts and Crafts Vice President 31 History President, Secretary 3. NELLE COOK slim 'n' trim - curly hair - a mind of her own - letters Senior lnvitations Committee 4g Mrs. Moon- light Parade Committee 3: lunior Week Cost- ume Committee 31 Class Song Committee 21 Hoineroom President -lx Hotneroom Vice Pres- ident lg Homeroom Secretary l, 21 Chemistry Secretary 4: English Secretary 3, Home Eco- nomics Secretary l, 21 Hi News Exchange Editor 4: Gohisca Atl Solicitor 4. BETTY Lou Cox "Parlay" - small but mighty - he'ah - sweaters - little black ford Marshal 3, 41 YVar Activities Board Cffhair- many 4, tSecretaryl 33 Senior Ring Coni- mittee 3, 4: Class President l: Hometoom President l, 3g Homeroom Vice President lg Sociology Secretary 41 History Secretary 33 Biology President 21 Latin President 2, Arts and Crafts Secretary 23 Lost Horizon 43 Milky Way Property Committee lCo-chairmanl 41 Gohisca Co-feature Editor 4. DONNELL I. DAI,Y "Billy" - "Sparrow" - basketball - the voice SA Council l, 4: SA Athletic Committee 4: Class Council l, 3, 4: Home-room Vice Pres- ident 3, 41 Homeroom Treasurer l, Z, English President 4, Sociology Vice President 4: Radio Broadcasting Vice Presitlent -lg lbramatits Vice President 31 History Vice President 3: Lost Horizon 4, Twin Beds Scenery Committee 3, Marching Men Scenery Cotntnittee 3: If Men Played Cards As Women Do Scenery Com- mittee 3: Little Black Sambo Scenery Com- mittee 3g Death Takes A Holiday Assistant Stage Manager 2, Sleeping Beauty Assistant Stage Manager Z1 The Fifteenth Candle lg The Burglar l: Goldniasquer l, Z, 3, 41 Basketball 3, 4. ELEVEN BARBARA JEAN DILLON coine ltitlzer eyes .- scouts - erratic - picnics - "su'ntIiin"' lunior-Senior Decoration Committee 3: Iunior Week Committee 3: Byrds' Christmas Carol 3: Mrs. Moonlight Costume Committee 3: Sociology President 4: Algebra Secretary 2. MARGARET DUMAS ballet queen of GHS - neat 'n' szueeii - dreamy eyes - "Wh.ere's Goodie?" SA Reception Committee l, 2, 3, fChairmanl 4: Senior Invitations Committee 4: Home- room Vice President 2: English Vice President 3: Latin-English Vice President 1: English President 3, 4: History Secretary 3: Biology Secretary 2: Latin Secretary 2: Mrs. Moonlight 3: lf Men Played Cards As Women Do Prop- erty Committee 3: Goldmasquers' Ballet Ili- reetor for Lost Horizon, Milky Way 4. EDNA EDWARDS eyelashes - friendly - chatterbox - red specs - Mount Olive SA Council 2: Class Council 2: Glee Club President, Secretary 3, 4: English Vice Pres- ident 4g Spanish Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer 3: Algebra Secretary 21 English Secretary 2: Biology Secretary 2: History Secretary 29 Glee Club Treasurer l, 2. 9 BOBBY L X Smart lookin. . e - grease monkey - ba I. l - ing alley SA Council 4: St' is mittee fChair- manl 23 Class ' , m om Secretary lg History Cla Pre e 2. MARY LOU DONNELL "Z1zbg" - those green eyes! - popular- ity - ballet - petite feel!?j SA Reception Committee 4: SA Council 4: Mrs. Moonlight Costume Committee 3: Class Cheerleader 2: Homeroom President 4: Home- room Secretary l, 3: Homeroom Treasurer 2: Spanish President, Vice President 4: English President 4: History Vice President 3: Biology Vice President 2: Arts and Crafts Vice Pres- ident 2: Typing Secretary 3: Home Economics Secretary lg Goldniasqtters' Costume Mistress 4: Ballet for Lost Horizon and The Milky Way 4: Byrds' Christmas Carol fl: Tennis 1: Ctrls' Sports Club 4: Latin Club l, 2. ?t9se58jj"'0L-Q3,, 3' U tl WENDELL EDGERTON "Crip" - giggles - side barns - Mrs. Moonlight - limiting SA Council 4: Lost Horizon 4: Mrs. Moon- light 3: Football 4. BILLY ELLIS "Spider" - "All-Stale" - "eonte by the house" - tt'-i-t-t-y - "L.S." Football .Xll-State 5: Assistant Ilramatics Mar- shal 4: SA Nominating Committee l: SA Hall Committee 4: SA Council l, 5: luntor Roar- tan Nominating Committee CChairmanl 5: Homeroom President 1, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Victory Corps 3: The Skull Scenery Committee 4: Lost Horizon Assistant Electrician 51 The M'lky Way 5: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Football 4, 5: Basketball 4, 5: Varsity Club 4, fTreasurerJ 5. BETTY LEE FAIL silent giggles - lVeil's - green eyes - small - Roseteood Rosewood High School l, 2: llotneroom Vice President 4: Homeroom Secretary 3: lllf Club 4. TT-IIRTEEN BIARY FARFOUR "Far-J" - athletic - that grin - Lost Horizon - witty Saint Mary's School l, 2: Class Council 4: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Dramatics President 4: Home Fconornics President 3, 4: Mrs. Moonlight Property Committee 3: Lost Hor- izon 4: Lost Horizon Property Committee 4: Goldmasquers 3, 4: Girls' Sports Club 41 Basketball 4: Softball 3: Tennis 3. CHARLES FRICK "Fliclfa" - back stage man - that walk - wise cracks - Kress Saint Mary's School l, 2: Flag Committee fChairmanJ 4: Homeroom Vice President 3: Mrs. Moonlight Stage Manager 3. tl A if Al fl DOROTHY GAINEY "Dot" - dreanlzy eyes - sweet 'n' nice - bangs - swimming Class Council 2: Homeroom Vice President 4: l-lomeroom President lg Homeroom Secretary 3: Arts and Crafts President, Secretary 4: English Secretary 4. LESTER GORDON girl hater - .shoe shop - radio - CAP Cadet - baseball SA Council lg SA Lost and Found Committee 3: Mrs. Moonlight Downtown Advertising Committee 3: l-lomeroom Vice President l, 4: Homeroom Secretary 2: Homeroom Treas- urer l, 2, -lg Radio Class Secretary 4. FOURTEEN 'll -. s ' 1 Yfsiiiset. P-z. .Rs ANNIE FOREHANIB N dcbater - temper - dinzestore fiend - frietfl chicken - stage hand 'L Marshal 3, 4: Class Devotional Committee' 4a Byrds' Christmas Carol Stage and Property Committee Cfihairmanl 3: Homeroom Pres- ident Z: English Secretary l. 3: Home Eco- nomics Secretary l: Biology Secretary 2: Death Takes A Holiday Property Committee fChairmanl Z: Sleeping Beauty Student Di- rector 2: Twin Beds Co-stage Manager 3. DORIS FULGHUM chemistry - monies - nIake4up's gone to war - brown eyes - friendly Senior Calling Card Committee 4: Mrs. Moonlight Lobby Committee 3: Mrs. Moon- light Advertising Committee 3: l-lomeroom President l: l-lomeroom Secretary l, 3, 4: Sociology Vice President 4: English Vice President 2: Arts anti Crafts Vice President, Secretary 2, ALICE GENTRY "AZ" - Navy - pretty legs - long eye- lashes - chicken SA Council 2: Class Council 2, 3: Homeroom Vice President 3: Homeruom Secretary 2, 3: l-lomeroom Treasurer Z: Goldmasqucrs 4. VIVIAN GRANT "Vickie" - clothes - sunny disposi- tion - bright eyes - southern drawl Snow l-lill High School l, Z, 3: lunior Week Costume Committee 3: General Business Pres- ident 4: Glee Club President, Secretary 4: Arts and Crafts President 3: Gohisca Ad So- licitor 4. X sy W jf of if is V 'F ,wmv W I lx Hykl 'l i 'Ain ATV! l ll it iii L' 1 X Im J ,ff 9 - 7. im Jello if F lay did lie go f eit ways Sec ry 4 English Vice President 2 President 3 English Secrettry 3: Histor resident 3 Algebra Vice President 2: Lost Horizon, Milky Way Stage Manager 4: Winter Sunset Student Director 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Football Z, 3, -lg Basketball 3. 4: Glee Club -lg Varsity Club 3, CCorresponding Secretaryj 4. JG . A . O y, K cl ,Yi Q ' E ' l , if , f I , I . Mrs. oon 5: . ' tage Crew 31, Home- ro : ' ' ' . 4g 3 L' 1 ' 'L i 2 , HATTIE HAM "Polly" - marshal - smart - sweet - smiles - nails Marshal 3, -'lg lunior-Senior Refreshment Com- mittee fChairmanl 31 Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer 41 DE Secretary 41 English Pres- ident, Secretary 2, 3: History Vice President, Secretary 35 General Business Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer 25 Glee Club Vice Pres- ident, Secretary 25 Music l, 2, 3. HELEN HARE cute - "where's Shirley?" - pepsi cola - Merchant Marines - Wilming- ton Homeroom Secretary 3: Homeroom Vice Pres- ident Zg Glee Club Vice President Zg Gold- masquer 3, 4. JOSEPHTNE HERRING "Jo" - bashful - nut szmdaes - "Come on, Dot."' - Bing Crosby Home Economics Secretary 3g DE Club 4. JW? img CHARLES DAVID HAM "Ruhr" - preacher - bashful - smart - Boy Scout SA Visual Education Committee CChairmanl 4: SA Flag Committee 3: SA Reception Com- mittee 2: SA Council lx Class Devotional Com- mittee 4: Class Council 41 Homeroom Pres- ident, Vice President l, 33 Biology President 2: Basketball l. - MARILYN HANDLEY "Red" - horses - Air Corps-Marines? - ire cream - 'I'ee11y's shadow NHS 3, 41 Marshal 3, 4: Hi News We Honor -1: SA Corresponding Secretary 4: SA Production Board 2: SX Movie Com- mittee 1: SA Council l, 31 Class Nominating Committee llfrophet and Testatorl -lg Mrs. Moonlight Property Committee lCo-chairman? 3: Byrds' Christmas Carol Property Committee CChairmanl 31 lunior-Senior Program Com- mittee 31 lunior Week Committee 35 Class Council 2: Defense Stamp Committee 2: Class Devotional Committee lg Homeroom President l. 2, 3, 4: English Secretary l, 2, 4: Typing President, Vice President 3: Shorthand Pres- idenl. Vice President 3: Home Economics President, Secretary l, 2: Arts and Crafts President Z1 Social Science President, Vice President I: English Vice President 21 Sleeping Beauty Publicity Committee 25 Gohisca Assist- ant Business Manager 4. RAE HELSING '.'Ifl1E'Sl7lfj" - tuna fish and olives - irnpcrsonator - witty - model "A" ford Wormleyshurg, Pennsylvania l. 21 SA Council 3: Homeroorn Vice President 3, 4: History President, Secretary 3: Arts and Crafts Sec- retary 3: English Secretary 35 Basketball 4: Girls' Sports Club 3, 4. MILDRED I-IIGHSMITH "Millie" - pretty hair - congenial - Mount Olive - "Star Dust" Cheering Squad 3g Homeroom President l, 4: Homeroom Vice President 3: Homertiom Secretary 33 English President 43 Home Eco- nomics Treasurer la Sleeping Beauty Make- up Committee 2: Death Takes A Holiday 21 Girls' Sports Cluh 4: Band 3. FIFTEEN A l Ax 1 THOMAS CAROL KING "Commander" - student pilot - CAP - - photographer - shyf?j SA Council 4: SA Building and Grounds Committee 3: DO President 3, -1, RAYFOED LANIER "Ray" - ties - red and black hair - handy with the hammer - Kinston Iunior-Senior Banquet Committee 3: Lost Horizon Stage Crew '15 Milky Way Stage Crew 4. I ft' , ' 0 I 1, X ix XE I I it 'V .7,. - dv ! . J l ff' Q A gt 5 HENRYfLEE w 'S .5'iSpeqs"' il loves, 'em all' -,VI likes them, .sweaterdw - popular -t Gabrgtfs asgistant Y .' ,f II r, I. Assistant Head Cheerleader 4: SA Budding andllivotinds Committee 3: Sophomore Pag- eant Z': History President 3: Band President 2: Stage Craft Vice President 4: Varsity Club 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Track IL Out Of The Darkness 4: Band l, 2, 3: GHS Swingsters 4. GERTRUDE LEWIS "Gertie" - basketball - Navy - Mac's sweaters - 'iAlways" lunior-Senior Program Committee CChairmanl 33 Class Council 2: Homeroom President. Secretary 2: Homeroom Secretary 3: Arts and Crafts President, Secretary 3: History Treas- urer 3: Girls' Sports Club 43 Basketball 3, -lg Tennis l. JOE KING limiting - speeding - gas problems - bashful - Dudley SA Athletic Committee 4x Homeroom Vice President, Secretary 4: Sociology President 4g History President 3: English Secretary l, 2, 3: Biology Vice President 2: Civics President 1. EUGENE LASHLEY "Euclid II" - bashfulf?j - lemon pie - cowboy walk - CAP SA Hall Committee 4: Byrds' Christmas Carol 3: Spanish Secretary 4: English President 3: History President 3: Algebra President 2: English Vice President l: Football 4. BELTON LEWIS baslijul - diving - trumpet -friendly - - Bailey Bailey High School l, 2: Preflight President -ig Band 3: "Sharps and Flats" 3. JANET LOWRIMORE "Feet" - Slcrzring Star - shorthand demon - "Whe1'e's Moe?" - green eyes Marshal 3, 4: SA Council 2: Class Council l: Mrs. Moonlight Lobby Committee 3: llome- room President, Vice President 2, 3: Home- room Treasurer 2: Arts and Crafts Vice Pres- ident 3: Arts and Crafts Secretary 4: Home Economics President 1, 2. SEVENTEEN L' 1., N 1 vfu X W H :L rf zz . 1 1: T v I V I IRA MONTAGUE "Yokel" - Doc - joke-cracker - radio announcer - woman haterfffj Goldmasquers' President 5: Homeroom Pres- ident 4: Homeroom Treasurer 5: Lost Horizon 5: Milky Way Director 5: Christmas Allegory 4: Out Of The Darkness 4: Easter Pageant 4: Marching Men 4: The Skull Sound Technician 4: Twin Beds 4: Double Door 3: Gold- masquers 3, 4, 5. BERNICE MOZINGO "Bernie" - inititative - bracelets - dancer - lemon pie National Thespian 4: Prophet and Testator nominating Committee 4: Class Council l, 4: Homeroom President 2: Glee Cltib Vice Pres- ident, Secretary. Treasurer l: Sociology Sec- retary 4: Biology Secretary 2: English Sec- retary 2: Dramatics Marshal 2: Lost Horizon 4: Sleeping Beauty 2: Dramatics Lobby Com- mittee fChairmanl 4: Men Folk Prompter 4: Tennis 1: Glee Club l: Goldmasquers 3, 4. MINNIE MARIE NELSON "Min" - quiet - ribbon - Kinston - Woolworthfs Class Council Z: Mrs. Moonlight Ticket Com- mittee 3: Iunior-Senior Decorating Committee 3: English Vice President, Secretary 2: DE Club 4, ANN PARKER "Flossie" - pianist!! - Dot, Jr. - "Don't call me Red."' - Speed Queen of GHS SA Building and Grounds Committee 4: SA Bulletin Board Committee 3: Class Song Com- mittee tChairmanJ 2: Mrs. Moonlight Public- ity Committee 3: English Secretary l, 2, 3, 4: Typing President 3: Spanish Vice President 3: History Secretary 3: Arts and Crafts Pres- ident 2: Biology Secretary 2: Home Economics President l: Sleeping Beauty Publicity Com- mittee 2: Basketball 1, 2: Gohisca Character- istics Committee fflhairmanj 4. A ,G all Vx' THELM BSE 4 B Silly IIWIIILES - ul at a yy-mit - lm-fly hair - brighft eyes -' i .1 t' i., 4 Qylprshal, 3, 4: SA Libyary Committee, CChair- manj 4: SA Ctietlria Ctiriigy 3: SA Qiufiicil 3: Mrs, Moonlight, ume Coin niittee 3: Cl:ts.sKCouncil 2, 44 Class Secretary l: Homeroofn Yice President 3: Homeroom President 2: Holneroom'Secretary 2, 3: Span- ish Ptesident 3: Home Economics President 2: Chemistry Vice President 4: Algebra Vice President -lgaflyping Vice President 3: Algebra Secretary 4: Shorthand Secretary 3: English Secretary 2: Home Economics Secretary 2: Gohisea Records Editor, Ad Solicitor 4. ELIZABETH MYATT "Lirldy Bet" - personality plus - grins - Navy - actress Charles I.. Coon High School, Wilson 1: -QL National Thespian 4: NHS 3. tVice-Pres,7 4: Assistant Chief Marshal 3. 4: GHS Good tom m' tee 2: .. T ici , ., lunior Vieek Committee Chm.l 3: lunior-Senior Music Committee fChm.J 3 Homeroom Pres Z 3 Homeroom Vice Pres. 3: Homeroom Sec., Treas. 2: English Pres. 4: History Vice Pres. 3: Biology Pres. Vice Pres, Sec. Z: Spanish Sec. 4: Lost Horizon 4: Out Of The Darkness 4: Mrs. Moonlight 3: Byrds' Christmas Carol 3: The Neighbors l: Basketball 3, 4: Girls' Sports Club 4: Gohisca Co-feature Editor 4: citizen 4: sa iimitifm 41 sa Athletic 1 -. Mt, it SA Cout l 2 3 ' ' ' 4 A ' . t Coldmasqtaers 4. MARY GOODE NUI-'ER "G00die" - popularity plus - "blon- die" - dancing demon - Margarcfs other half SA Calendar Committee 3: S.-X Social Com- mittee 2: SA Nominating Committee l: Class Cheerleader 4: Mrs. Moonlight Property Com- mittee fChm.l 3: Class Council 2, 3: Class Devotional Committee 2: Homeroom Pres, l: Homeroom Vice Pres. 2, 4: English-l-listory Sec. 3: Biology Sec. 2: Arts and Crafts Set. 3: Lost Horizon Prompter 4: Wheat Fire Stage Manager, Assistant Make-up Artist 4: Out Of The Darkness 4: Coldmasquers Ballet 4: Mrs. Moonlight 3: The Milky Way 4: Girls' Sports Club 4: Basketball lg Hi News Assistant Fea- ture Editor, lunior Statistics Co-editor 3: Latin Cltib l, 2: Gohisca Characteristics Com- mittee 4. ' MARY GARDNER PATE HGIIIIIIU - those eyes - Marine Corps - beautiful black hair - "My Stars" Marshal 3, 4: Hi News We Honor 4: S.-X Building and Grounds Committee 3, Ufhair- manl 4: Class Treasurer 3: Mrs. Moonlight Promoter 3: Byrds' Christmas Carol Property Committee 3: Homeroom President 2, 3: Eng- lish President, Secretary 3: History President, Secretary 3: Biology Vice President, Secretary 2: Chemistry Secretary 4: Home Economics Secretary 1: Basketball l, Hi News Circulation Manager 4: Gohisca Records Committee, Ad Solicitor 4: Latin Cltib 1, 2. NINETEEN I all i K Gt.:-L., itilrflh-Q., ,P if 4 3- li v Q m. Pu 1:1 mv ur U1 Fri H1 M K 'I W. '11 Ill Y h, R lr m 1 C H fl a li U MARY JEAN PYATT life guard - editor - dimples 'n' grins - that figger! - always late SA Recreation Committee 3, -ig SA Council 2, 4g Scrap Drive Newspaper Publicity CChair- manj 4: Class Historian 2, 3, 43 Testator and Prophet Nominating Committee 4: Class Coun- cil 2, 3, -ig Iunior-Senior Decoration Com- mittee 3g Mrs. Moonlight Newspaper Puhlicity tChairmanJ 3: War Bond Committee Z1 Class Devotional Committee 1: Homeroom President 1: Home Economics Vice President 1: Hi News Editor 4g Hi News Sports Editor 31 Hi News Exchange Editor 2: Highlights Editor 35 Lost Horizon Radio Publicity CChair- manj 4g The Milky Way Souvenir Program Committee 4g Girls' Sports Club 43 Swim- ming l, 2, 3, 43 Gohisca Ad Solicitor -4. CARL RICE "Grits" - State - radio genius - shy - "Making Believe" DO Secretary 4g English Treasurer-41 Biology Vice President 2. HUBERT ROsE "Porky Pirie" - "Mutt" - 3rd base - basketball - South Carolina SA Lost and Found Committee 41 SA Ath- letic Committee 33 Iunior Rotarian Com- mittee 4g Homeroom Vice President, Treasurer 35 History Vice President 4g If Men Played Cards As Women Do 3g Varsity Club 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 41 Basketball l, 2, 3, -lg Football 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANCES SAULS . quiet - Woolworth's - beauty oper- ator - hot dogs - convertibles Red Cross Committee 2g Salesmanship Treas- urer Zg Glee Club 1. '79l0f7849 5 E PRESTON O,NEIL RAGAN "Rooster" - "Neil"' - argttrer - tailin- atiue fin classy - Italian spagrftetti "We Honor" 41 Athletic 'Committey QCO- ehairmanj 33 Cfillltlffllllflf 4: SA Hone y Com- mittee 3g Mrs. Moonlight Downtown! Publicity fChairmanJ 31 Iunior-Senior Decorating Coin: mittee 3: Homerootn Treasurer 3g- English President 31 Latin Vice President 23 Lost Horizon Business M.imtgQf"li: The Milky Way Ticket Committeefff"The Milky Way Assist- ant Electrician -lg Basketball l, 4: Varsity Club 41 Cohisca Ad Solicitor 4. NIYRA ROGERS "Wliere's Evelyn?" - cracks - frec- kles - friertdly - health 'room Class Council 21 Biology Vice President 2g Civics Secretary lp General Business Secretary 2: Woman Of Iudgment lg The Skull Adver- tising Committee 3. SARAH FRANCES SADLFR hluslzes - lefty - scientist - actress - "ltat'e mercy!" National Thcspian 4: SA Council 2: Com- mencement Sermon Committee -lg Class Coun- cil 21 Mrs, Moonlight Ticket Committee 3: Homeroom President lg Homeroom Secretary 1, 31 English President 21 English Secretary, Treasurer -ig Sociology Treasurer -ig English Secretary 3: History Secretary 3: Dramatics President 35 Biology Secretary Z1 Goldmas- quers' Secretary 25 Beyond The Purple Rim Director 33 Twin Beds Business Manager 31 Sleeping Beauty 23 Sleeping Beauty Business Manager 23 Out Of The Darkness -lc On Vengeance Heights -ig Death Takes A Holiday Z3 Gohisea Records Committee -l. HERBERT SAVAGE "Sonny" - curly hair - country girls - food - auto mechanic SA Paper Drive Committee 3: Senior ln- vitation Committee -iz Bonds and Stamps Committee 3g Homeroom President 4. TWENTY-ONE A I l Q Qs FRANCES STRICKLAND "Frankie" - Navy - seen but not heard - Kress Commencement Sermon Committee 43 Class Council 2, 31 Homeroom President, Secretary 3: Homeroom Vice President 2: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. DONALD SULLIVAN "Tadpole" - Songbird - bowling er- pert - likable - Euyene's buddy Homeroom President lg Homeroom Vice Pres- ident -lg Algebra President 2g Glee Club Vice President lg Mrs. Moonlight Property Com- mittee 3g Byrds' Christmas Carol 31 Dickens' Christmas Carol 2g Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. EVELYN SUTTON "Eualina" - bright, brown eyes - Rosewood - hair styles Homeroom Treasurer 41 Homeroom Secretary 3g Glee Club Treasurer 2: Music l, Z, 3, 4. FRANCES TRW ""I'ew" - office - "oh, gosh" - twink- ling eyes - ad girl Marshal 3, -ig Hi News We Honor 43 SA Devotional Committee tCh:iirmanJ 43 SA Calendar Committee 4: SA Nominating Com- mittee 2, 3: SA Council 4g Clziss Council 3g Iunior-Senior liecorzition Committee QCo-ch:iir- manl 3g Mrs. Moonlight Ticket Committee 3: Easter Pageant 2g Wair Bond Committee 23 Homeroom President -1: Homeroom Secretary l, 2g English President 41 History Secretary 3g English Secretary 33 Hi News Ad Mun- ager 43 Gohisca Ad Solicitor 43 Latin Club 2. M. J. STRICKLAND funny - Bells-Tyler - merchant - marine - "ean't find W'altei'."' printer Honieroom Secretary, Treasurer -lg Home- room President 31 Homeroom Vice President 2g Printing Class President 43 Arts and Criifts President 31 IDE Club Vice President 4. LLOYD SULLIVAN, JR. "Curly" - blue eyes - limiting - quiet - Navy Emmanuel College, Fr.inklin Springs, Georgia 3: Homeroom President, Vice President 2: Htinieroom President lg Glee Club l. ELLIS TAYLOR personality - those country roads - soft Uoiee - merchant marines Mount Olive High School, Mount Olive l, 2, 33 English President, Secretary 4: Sociology Secretary 43 Physics Trezisurer -lg Football -lg V.irsity Club 4. MARGARET THOMAS blue eyes - where's Myrtle? - Kress - sweet smile - "Do'n't Fence Me In" Honieroom Secretary Z1 Home Economics Sec- retziry 2g English Vice President lg Civics Vice President lg Music l, 2, 3, 4. TWENTY-THREE JIMMY WEBB? "Spider" - ever'ybody's boy friend - man, whatta physique - swell guy Franklin High School, Franklin, Virginia 1, 2, 3: Varsity Club 4: Homeroom President 4g Chemistry President 4: Football 4. 'Transferred to FHS, Franklin, Va. DOROTHY WHITLEY "Dottie" - Lions' Club Sweetheart - dancer - pianist - pilot's girl SA Cafeteria Committee 33 SA Lost and Found Committee 2: SA Council lg SA Devotional Committee lg Byrds' Christmas Carol 33 Iunior Week Privileges Committee fChair- many 3g Sophomore Cheerleader 25 English President, Secretary 4: Arts and Crafts Pres- ident, Secretary 21 Biology President 2: Glee Club President 1: Dramatics Secretary lg Basketball 3, 4: Girls' Sports Club 'ig Court- ship lg Red Spider, Sleeping Beauty, Death Takes A Holiday 2, Lost Horizon 4g Gold- masquers l, 2, 3, Glee Club l, 4. IRVA MAE WILLIAMS f"I'ump" - quietl- Kress' - chocolate ice cream - smiles Four Oaks High School, Four Oaks I, 21 Homeroom President 4, Chemistry Secretary 3: Milky Way Box Office 43 Men Folk Property Committee 4, Lost Horizon Ticket Committee 41 Mrs. Moonlight Ticket Committee 31 Gold- masquers 41 Glee Club 3, 4g Gohisca Char- acteristics Committee 4. , 1 if iiffflfii .4 J .-'I . 'I' "' if N f HARRY LANE J, y jR4N FZ,DBI!QJrlQ4L J A 'J vl i . . 'Y News-Argus - mustache - fishing - " aQ'B'r 1,19-"TfVc1tch it!" ffszthniwu soccer star ing, ysical ed - parljr- ' " , .H 7 ,fl SA Council 2, 3: History President 43 Mechan- New Hbperjtlyolf if 2g?H6meroom Presitiellf ical Drawing President 23 Printing President. 3, Englislff Brqident 3. , I Vice President 2g Hi News Reporter 4g DO 'J ,,, 4 714 Club 2, 3, 4. f'1"'Zi ' I i MICKEY WELLONS "Mike" -long hair - sweet - anything red - yankee - "I Love You" SA Council -iz SA Scrap Paper Drive 4: Homeroom Treasurer 3: Homeroom President 21 Shorthand President 31 Glee Cluh President, Secretary 23 Biology Secretary 2: Home Eco- nomics Vice President, Treasurer 1, Gold- masquers 3, 4, Sharps and Flats Make-up Committee 33 Baseball 3. DOROTHY WIGGINS "Dot" - ribbons - blonde hair - giggles - Kress' Marshal 3, -ig Mrs. Moonlight Ticket Com- mittee 3: Iunior-Senior Decorating Com- mittee 3: Homeroom Secretary 4: Homeroom Vice President, Treasurer 3g English Secretary, Treasurer -lg English Vice President lg Civics Vice President lg Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Gohisca Ad Solicitor 4. HELE INSLOVV cats - " lat." "period" - walkie t Irie - ershey bars . , rztry Committee Cla ' 2. 3. 1 Mrs. M nlight a ,omt -KlCCx31 lu r-Senior Progr. ' mmittee, Refresh- me Commit 3, omeroom . ary 3: Soc lg r s ent, lie 'r idet U. S. His J retary 3ljBi O y . cretary 2, Byrds' Christmas Car 3: X A r and Pro- phet Nominating Comm' t e -iz Hi News Alumni Editor 41 Gohisca Ad Solicitor, Senior Records Committee 4. GEORGE WILSON "Boogie Woogie" - admiration for conceited wonzenfffj - dtinmng dem- on - "come 'n and yell" Head Cheerleader 53 Commencement Music Committee -ig Iunior ROt.ir1an Nominating Committee -4: Homerooni President 3: Home- room Vice President Z, ig Children Of The Moon, Twin Beds Sound Technician 4g Lost Horizon Technitigtn 5: Coldmastiuers 4, 5: Baseball 1, 2, 4, Varsity Club 5. TWENTY-FIVE I MASS HYUUHY The Class of '45 was here to make the headlines. Two hundred and four strong, we set to Work immediately in defense activities, sports participation, and other school activities. As freshmen we elected Betty Lou Cox to lead us. Our other officers were Ann Barbour, vice presidentg Thelma Morse, secretary, Charles Britt, treasurerg Betty Magill and Billy Scott, cheer- leaders. Miss Ruby Barrett was our class advisor. This year the freshmen led the school in many activities. We were the first to top our quota in the Free Lunch Drive, contributed the most to the "March of Dimes," and took part in sports and SA work. ' ln spring elections we chose Betty Magill president for the sophomore year, Bruce Berkeley, vice president, Anne Stowe, secretary, Bill Shrago, treasurer, Dot Whitley and Mary Lou Donnell, cheerleaders. As sophomores, we took over war stamp sales. A grand total of 341,049.15 was sold during the year. Our class led GHS in other war-time activities. We aided the local farmers who were short of help at cotton picking time, sponsored a better health campaign and participated in Junior Red Cross activities. Mrs. Rachel K. Durham was our advisor. As sophomores we selected our class song, "Dear Goldsboro High School." We chose the red rose as our flower and "ln unity there is strength" as our motto. In spring elections Charles Britt was chosen to lead us through our Junior year. Martha Gasque was elected vice presidentg Marilyn Handley, secretary, Mary Gardner Pate, treasurer, Ann Barbour and Mildred Highsmith, cheerleaders. Upper classmen at last! Miss Janie Ipock was our class advisor this year. Early in the fall Peggy Blaylock was elected vice president due to the resignation of Martha Gasque, who had moved away during the summer vacation. As Juniors we participated in war activities, sports and SA work, and carried on the tradi- tional Junior activities. At Christmas time we presented the "Byrds' Christmas Carol." Our Junior play was "Mrs, Moonlight." This colorful pastiche by Benn W. .Levy was directed by Mr. Clifton Britton. The students voted it the best three-act play of the year as well as the best cost- umed. In May the Juniors entertained the Seniors. This annual reception featured the stars. The Juniors received many honors. Twenty marshals were selected on the basis of scholar- ship. Five Juniors were tapped into the NHS and one made the Quill and Scroll Society. We chose Senior Class officers at the close of the Junior year. Pete McDowell was elected president, Erskine Pope, vice president: Jerry McArthur, secretaryg Linwood Braswell, treasurer, Tootsie Powell and Mary Goode Nufer, cheer leaders. As Seniors we eagerly took over our tasks as the leaders in GHS. We held responsibilities in the SA, Goldmasquers, sports program, war activities, and on the Hi News. Miss Ida Gordner and Mr. Clifton Britton were our class co-advisors. The possibility of an annual was investigated by the classg the Gohisca, the first GHS annual in twenty odd years, was the result. A number of hard working seniors helped to put over the project. The seniors began graduation plans early. Senior pictures, invitations and calling card orders were completed in February. Dr. H. S. Hilly, President of Atlantic Christian College, accepted an invitation to deliver the commencement sermon. Allen Langdon Martin's "Smilin' Through," the Senior Play was presented on May 24 and 25 under Mr. Britton's direction. So we come to the final pages in the history of the Class of '45, For four years we have strived for this moment. We now leave, never to forget the four happiest years of our lives in the school We love best. --JEAN PYATT, H istofrian TWENTY-SEVEN CLASS PHUPHHY EUNWIUEU other secretaries are Dorothy Davis, Barbara Denise, Josephine Herring, Janet Lowrimore, Hattie Ham, Mary Emma Malpass, Josephine Sears, Frances Strickland, Ann Warren, Dorothy Wiggins, and Dollie Underwood. Oh! Have you seen your husband's secretary or aren't you interested? The other day, I read an article in the Raleigh News and Observer written by Jean Pyatt, a journalist, concerning an Engineers' Convention in Columbus, Ohio. il learned that George Arm- strong is a chemical engineer, Jack Caudill, 'a civil engineer, and Eugene Lashley, an aeronautical engineer. Also, Urban Roberts is an electrician and Bruce Berkeley, Franklin Martin, Pete Mc- Dowell, Erskine Pope, and Donald Sullivan are electrical engineers. I had a letter last week from Thelma Jeffreys, who is living with her cousin in Hollywood and modeling. Just imagine Thelma modeling. She said that Dorothy -Gainey is a swimming instructor, that Dorothy PerMar is a dress designer, and that Alice Gentry and Frances Sauls are beauty operators. Huldah Powell, an artist, and Mary Lou Donnell, Rae Helsing, and Zeno Spence, who are working in commercial art, are there too. It seems to me that they have practically everything in Hollywood now. "To be a good citizen and never be a rich man," is quite an ambition for anyone and especially for Billy Ellis. But, no joke, he is working in a way that is very different from the old Billy in high school. He has fulfilled his ambition too. Joe King isnit doing so bad either, as he is a Super Duper Automotive Parts dealer, and neither is Harold Brown, who is a refrigerator mechanic. Just think of it, our dear ole class is represented in Congress by Gatsey Butler, a journalist, and in China by David Ham, a missionary. Charles Barnes, Robert Boyette, and Bill Weathers are really outdoor men. Charles is a trap- per and hunter, Robert is an agriculturist, and last but not least, Bill is buying and selling dogs and horses, and has some side business in tobacco. Our outdoor sportsmen are George Hallow and Elijah Vinson, who are professional baseball players, Donald Malpass, who is a professional foot- ball playerg and Tommy Davis, who is a professional football and baseball player. But Marjorie Allen, Mary Farfour, and Mickey Wellons are far away from good old "terra iirma," as they are fiiers. Jane, just think, today, June 8, is our seventh anniversary as graduates from GHS. I don't think I will ever forget those wonderful plays we had while there. Remember Ira Montague? He's working in radio dramatics. And Liddy Bet Myatt? She's an announcer and program director. Also Betty Magill, who is directing the latest musical hit on Broadway. I guess Betty is happy now that she has her music and dramatics. Roy Pike and Carl Rice are radio techniciansg Anne Parker, a radio accompanist, and Billy Daly, a radio announcer. Turn your radio on and listen to NBC some- time as it will give you a great thrill to hear them. Well, I guess that takes care of our crowd, the Class of 1945. They have turned out to be good leaders in this big world, and in my opinion, the class is all that you could ask for. By the way, when are you coming to see us? Make it as soon as possible as I am "dying" to see you. But enough of this is enough, so I will close. Don't forget to give my love to the family and tell them to write and you write too. Love, Ann . . . Well, Jerry, what do you think of the letter and what do you think of your class? Gee! We had some good times at GHS and I don't believe anyone will ever forget the Class of 1945. I know I won't forget it, or any of the things it has done. But, for a while let's say "so long" to a wonderful class, the Class of 1945. -ANN BARBOUR, Class Prophet TWENTY-NINE L UP5 wayne G0unf'y -0361 I AP' Qagiarg QOlQf:SlS0i'U, lu. THIRTY-TWO MOST TALENTED HARR11-:TTB THOMPSON ZENO SPENCE BEST LOOKING HULDAH POWELL IRA MONTAGUE BEST ALL-ROUND ELIZABETH NIYATT LEON PERRY BEST PERSONALITY BETTY MAGILL ERSKINE POPE THIRTY-THREE THIRTY-FOUR f MOST ATHLETIC MARY FARFOUR TOMMY DAVIS MOST POPULAR MARY GOODE N UFER HENRY LEE xxx .1 -S., i--.,, "1 MOST DEPENDABLE PEGGY BLAYLOCK LINWOOD BRASWEL1, MOST STUDIOUS THELMA MORSE DAVID HAM THIRTY-FIVE ?'ZQi4Wt60t Sopdamafce S442 JK? GHS has sponsored th EHS HWS lllllll HUNUS Mill SMMPS Total sales for year 1943-1944 E bonds ..,.,....,..,..... . .....,. .,... .,. G bonds .,.,. 19,500.00 359,399.70 Total ...,., .,.......378,899.T0 Total sales for year 1944-1945 tNovember 6-March 93 November 6-December 19, 1944 5 Total regular sales ......o.l...o.....,. ......., 1,440.05 Total Gth War Loan Drive .,..... .,.,. 3 9,178.40 Total November 6-December 19 ...... .,.,......,.. ..,,.,, 4 0 ,G2445 Series G bonds .......,.........,,... . ...' K "I ' 10,000.00 Series E bonds ..,.....,... ..,.... 3 0,024.45 January 1-March 9, 1945 ..... ...,... 3 65.50 Total ..,.. 4.,.,.,.,.,....,.,.. ...,.,.,., S 9 10,989.95 if ik ik W 'ik ik vi? e purchase ofthe followinff war ' 1 C, C equipment. Inside each piece ofequipmenti. l - 5 '- ' ' s p ated a dedication panel sayinff that the t l ., ,O L s uc ents of GHS paid for it through the yur -l 5' 5' ' ' 1 mase of stamps and Series E Ponds Co J' f . 1 .. lies o the panels and actual Treasury Citation Were posted on the hulletin boards in the hall. Army Pursuit Plane .,.,...,.,...........,.........,.T...,.,,...,....,....,............,., 350,000.00 Army Primary Trainer .,.,.., ,,.,.... 1 5,000.00 Three Jeeps at 31,165.00 ..,.,...........,....,... .,.. 3 ,-105.00 Two Field Amhulanees at 851,950.00 ,.,.,.,.. 3900.00 One Duck .......,.........,....,,,.....,.....,..,......,,,. THIRTY-EIGHT 8,275.00 Personnel Carrier .... ...,... 9 200.00 Total ...... ..,......S89,8T0.00 l l ' I l l l 1 l lt lw lt l., S it l l lt 1 Nl ll ,f l l l at it f 4 1 7 gffjwjf RUTH CAUDILL President LEONARD FULGHUM Vice President , 7' Am: RUTH AVQGE , , Jo ROSENTHAL I E . 5 Ml flu' - for fdfef-vw. up Treastzref my I .i-ek -fi,f,,,,,, 4, J---EQ ,,1q'Q 2' Miss ISABELLE WILLIAMS Advisor h .1 .. in X ' J EUPHUIVllllll MSS CLASS SONG Tune: Mrzdelon When other classes loud their anthems raise, We lift our voices high in fervent praise, For the Class of '47 cheer, For its fame will grow with every passing year We're ever loyal to the green and white, Ever we strive to win with all our might, Class of '47, proud are we- To belong-hear our song- Praise to thee- f' , , x.. ,fl U in -fl. 'Xl .'7t+QK ,My I S " ksfsf - ,LQ THE CLASS or '47 will be the first class of Goldsboro High School to graduate under the twelve-year system. There are only a few juniors this year, and so next year's senior class will be very small. Therefore the Class of '47 will have to assume the responsibility of leadership in the school for two years. THIRTY-NINE A i 1 I X 1 1 I FRESHMAN CLASS SONG Tune: Ivory Palaces Oh, class of yellow and white, to you We sing our song of praise: May we bring honor to your name: To your colors all our days We raise our voicesg let them swell In chorus strong, The towering pines echo the sound Of our triumphant song. All honor to your name we give And loye we pledge anew' Dnfailing loyalty we brinff JOHN THOMPSON President O, lVlARY ANN VVARD Oh, Goldsboro High, to you Vi Pmsidpm. Dear Goldsboro High School, f Q We pledge our love, and X By courage and by purity W I j,fjff'tQj ! J " ' , ' We'll be forever true. A 0 J fi M N K Huy!-7' J Wi l i aw f ! ycock Balkcuin Barbee Reba Carraway Paul Carraway Virginia Carter Harvey Barwick Mary Lib Batson Betty Bedford Elizabeth Best Joyce Best Nona Grey Best Eunice Bizzell Anne Boyette Edward Brady Fay Branch Earl Britt James Britt Leslie Britt Eleanor Brown Christine Byrd Davis Byrd, Jr. Harold Caudill Viola May Carr FORTY-Two Oza Cole Geraldine Collins Jesse L. Collins Polly Combs Susie Coward Tommie Crocker Tootsie Crocker Charles Crone Charlie VV. Darden Ruth Davis Joyce Dowlin Miller Eason Della Ellis Polly Edgerton Ruth Edgerton John Ray ifldmundson, Jr. Bill Edwards Henry Edwards Maxine Ennis Myron Ennis Bernice Ezzelle Hazel Fields John C. Fields Jo Ann Flowers Irene Flowers Arnold T. Frick Frances Fulghum Vera Lee Gainey Elizabeth Garris Naomi Marie Glisson Mary Olive Grady WVinfred Granade Raymond C. Gray David Grimes Erline Grif'Fin Billy C. Gurley Nathan Ham Ray Hardy Geneva Hare Bill Hart William Heeden, Jr. Bobby Hill Billie Dove Hilton Carolyne Hilton David A. Holder R. E. Holt Barbara Hood Ashley Hopewell Charles Howell Josephine Jackson Cleo Johnson Lois Johnson Helen Jones Virginia Keen Billy King Mazelle King Ray King John Kleinert Dorothy Lahr Carolyn Lancaster L ..... -., A..- .1.-,..........,.- llllSlllWlN NASE POLLY EDGERTON SeC1'etm'y A CLASS COLORS LA VERNE TRW Treasurer Al' 4 f ,A eff iff. W I A Yellow and White CLASS MOTTO 1' " Knowleclge is fl treasure but ' ,N nifz practice is the key to it. A if li , li f l Il in ADVISORS 'P f 1 gift K if Xxijlt l J - J . A - f MRS. J. E. BHITT if! Miss MILDRED AYCOCKA L .t if K Nm I, 3 A, QVYJR ' HllSllll!-lll lllllly t i .li J l l, . ,: ml' 7 f l I IY . V' ffl f il ,' fy 4 ll f li 1113 Q59 C Jean Elizabeth Lashley Beverly Lennon Peggy Littleton Helen Lupton Sam Lynch Gerald Massengill Evelyn Merrit Elwina Miller Esther Lee Millard Frances Millard Henry Modlin, Jr. James Moore Ellen Mozingo Lonnie Mozingo Frances Myers Martha Emile Neely Helen Nelson Lillian Overman Esther Rose Parker Jane Parker Henrietta Parnell Frank Perry Donald S. Pike Addie Pilkington Hugh Pope Zelda Potter Robert Lee Price Tom Price Mildred Radford John Hart Redfearn Robert Roberts D. J. Rose, Jr. Travis Rose James Rountree D, C. Rouse NVilbur Sasser Barbara Sawyer Robbie Louise Sewell Ruth Shaver Elbert Sills Lillie P. Smith Evelyn Southerland Carlotta Stanley Hilda Stanley Catherine Strickland Frankie Strosnider David Summerlin Mary Sykes James Tatum Bill Taylor. Jr. La Verne Tew Betty Thomas Billy Thompson John Thompson Sidney Thompson Virginia Tilton Cedric L. Toler Thurman D. Toler Marilyn J. Tolochko Frances Turner Darothene E. Tyndall Fred Tyndall l Betty Lou Van Hook Gilda Vann Bryant Ward Dan Ward Mary Ann Ward Kennith Waters Mimi Weil Charles R. VVestbrook Billie Faye Williams Lillian NVilloughby Ernest 1Jaf-kr Wilson Jeanne Xvinders Alfred NVise lvlartlia NVise Georgia VVitherington Cassie Woodard Dorothy NVorley .lima Bell NVorrel1 Lawrence VVorrell Louise York FORTY-THREE v 0 X ham F x 1 FORTY-FOUR 'IBZGSI wifh v ir'f'ry cmd peace, may the hellU'n-rescuecl-Zami Praise the P0w'fr that hath made and preserzfed us a 7'lClZLi07'L.'U 3 1 X4 'f 'J G 2' 1'-QQ?" I i Sys ,N MQ. N 5 J ,VW,1. ,.. f ' gm X A . I ' 9 , mfs .mal Q' Q Z Z .- ,Z 2- Z' .1-' 4- FORTY FIX I-: CHARLES BRITT Editor Hll EUHISEH HHH CHARLES BRITTL-- ---E'clitor-in-Chief ANN BIZZELL .... ....,. C lass Editor THELRIA MoRsE ...,,. Records Clzairirzan ANN PARKERL-CflCl7'UCfC'l'iSfiCS Cliairnzan HLYLDAIJ PQWELL ..,...,...,. Art Editor BETTY Lou Cox ...... Co-Feature Editor ELIZABETH DQYATT .,.. CO-F'6'flfllI'C Editor BILL SHRAUO ..,......,.. Picture Editor MARJURU3 CHI-TEVER--.4S.S'f Picture Ed. SARA JANE PATI-2---S01If1. Editorial Ass? POLLY EDGER'FON--FTCS1l. Editorial Ass't L1NwooD BRASVVELL--BllSfI'lG'SS Manager ANN S'l'owrc ....o......,... Ad lllcmager TOOTSIE POVVELL .,.............. Typist MARILYN HANDLEX'--l4.SS'f Bus. Manager Jo ROSENTHAL .... Soplzonzore Bus. Ass't LA VERNE TEW .... Freshmari Bus. Ass't Identlflcallons Ann Blzzell NIEIFJOFIG Cheever Betty Lou Cox Polly Edgerton Thelma Morse Ellzdheth Myatt Sara Jane Pate Huldah Powell B111 Shrago FORTY-SIX lil N945 Mr. Britton and Bill making out picture schedules .... Conferences with Mr. Beck... Collecting copy . , . "Miss Gord- ner, will you help me with this, please?'l . . . 'tBizz" trying to reduce fractions , . . Hul- dah's art work . . . "Stowe" and Nelle selling ads . . . "Tootsie at the typewriter . . . Disrupting class to make pic- tures . . . Wo1'king on Saturday . . . Charlie's lectures . . . Run- ning to catch the bus . . Marilyn's help in mounting pictures . . . Betty Lou's proh- lems . . . Quiet work of the underclassmen . . . Bill asking questions . . . Marnie's sweet disposition . . . Thelma and "Gaga" poring over records . . . "Liddy Bet's" laughter . . . Linwood balancing books. All of these poured into the melt- ing pot to come out our Gohisca - a treasure for all four hundred of us. We hope yo-u like it. L'iNwooD BRASXVELL Business lllcznczger Identificatinns Marilyn Handley Tootsie Powell Jo Rosenthal Ann Stowe La Verne Tew FORTY-sEvEN llll Slllllllll llSSUllllllUll lil? 2 q,X fi 1... SA OFFICERS FOR 1944-45 Left to right: Bruce Berkeley, treasurerg Elizabeth Myatt, presidentg Zeno Spence, vice presidentg Miss Emma Lou Garner, advisory Marilyn Handley, corresponding secretaryg and Anne Stowe, recording secretary. Purpose of the Student Association The purpose of this organization, whose power was delegated by the Principal, shall be to attain a higher standard of citizenship, to promote stud- ent participation and interest in activities of the school, to develop and maintain school spirit, and to cooperate in promoting the general welfare of the school.-Preamble to the Constitution of the Student Association, adopted in 1937. FORTY-EIGHT Wlllllllll Ellllllllwlll ,..,...-1.-V.. ..... -, . Top row: George Armstrong, Board of Electionsg Ann Bizzell, Cafeteria, Linwood Braswell, Hall: Charles Britt, Parliamentariang Betty Lou Cox. VVar Activities Board, Jacqueline Crumpler, Lost and Found, Tommy Davis, Recreation. Second row: Margaret Dumas, Receptiong David Hain, Visual Education: Charles Frick, Flag: Thelma Morse, Library, Mary Gardner Pate, Building and Grounds: Leon Perry, Stage and Property, Erskine Pope, Lost and Found, Third row: Huldah Powell, Socialg Neil Ragan, Athletic: Josephine Sears, Bulletin Board, NVilliam Shrago, Social, Max Stith, Stage and Property, Frances Tew, Devotional, Harriette Thompson, Calendar. lllllllllll llll3lllSlNlllllVlS Ann Barbour, Ann Bradshaw, Fay Branch, Kitzi Bridgers, Davis Byrd, Chris Columbus, Jacqueline Crumpler, Billy Daly, Mary Lou Donnell, Polly Edgerton, Billy Ellis, Bobby Ellis, Charles Ellis, John Fields, Mary Olive Grady, George Hallow, Thelma Jeffreys, Susan Jenkins, Constance Johnson, Esther Jones, Carol King, Peggy Little- ton, Betty Magill, Clifton Noble, Jewel Orton, Esther Rose Parker, Donald Pike, Nance Potts, Ruth Shaver, VVil- liam Smith, M. J. Strickland, Frances Tew, Billy Thompson, John Thompson, Mickey Wellons. FORTY-NINE FII-'TY SEHULAETIE HARRIETTE THOMPSON Chief 7 9' Y I 5 r fill 449 6 i N 1 if Betty Lou Cox, Dorothy VViggins, Frances Tew, Marilyn Handley. Jacqueline Crumpler, 'Gatsey Butler, Anne Stowe. William Shrago, George Armstrong. to MAHEHALS ELIZABETH MYATT Assistant Chief W' mm rt' M, , R '1 Evelyn Hill, Mary Gardner Pate, Janet Lowrirnore, Thelma Morse. Annie Forehand, Hattie I-Lam, Dollie Underwood. Charles Britt, Pete McDowell. F1FTY-ONE 9 R I G 0 ld Volume XVIII, Number 3 G0'd5f""" If-.S1-'iF3F:'f'1L?2. 3255 W D-. llll M F"1c07f"5"'-Ylqf Rehearsals Begun By "Milky Way" Cast: Commillees Al Work Tlw Slllky VLJVR if lu M0 l'.'l1f 1' fha X'1-mu. v'luh,.l11r rrmrfrrag 1.5 mt Dirccmr Tlx- Vollfm mg rm-:nhers by Mr sfnrwl BHP Spnlvr Illlly , l, -, r lr-lgl, Sullivan, Shu- M'1rflrlrm ' 1, ,,-P . 'mrurlm --rn, Willard, Ju rrmlm-c-r, Yirilm mrnru-cr rwunmr lrrkrr: Murray, lirrmm- Blzxffll. Xlrrrv Lou Duuncll, f':xr,l1vr'Snu mrrzorr, Mat" Hrirrlnm' liz llxu par! -ri r Jean Pyoh Ilmlh-21-5 If lindfly Kee: X . The 'll-chnaunl Qian 4, rfrnrgmx nf the ffwllmuing Varsizv and tmiclr mgxsque-rs Huxineve Tl--ks-li. .' ' lilxzntmzlm A ya: llhrrlf-lte Xml Hagan Pmwig Mmm symnwg Auf-mhly Powell and llmv Postr-v' pmlm' fur Pale l"nurllZ .gm .lvnkm lilzzell Elunire M14 zrrwr In frffire, Irva Pope: Program ws Broun. and Pmxrram Rdiror. risers: Eiu-slums Vzm, Mr flurdneri Perry: Il-'lmtrr Dams. AL-zblanls, M1-Lawhun. nrgc Hfllflrrl. Same il er.1m.a f'ur1,in Vare. Aaron Vhuhhy l'Jrf?x:ainf4 A sar,.lAm 4, lm! Rqxlplx wrmfl. Vhudinra lirzzhwnulh Nlfvnlagm' kms: Cusluxm- lmrmellt mlagw Pmpn Rest. Uarlirr pmlirfm, R l,ou Coz: Srafzfr Hnllnw' bk GOHISCA SELECTED BY STUDENT BODY AS NAME FOR GDLDSBORO HIGH ANNUAL ond and Stamp Sales Xml X 1 i111 H hw r K fr, 1 X wx mr ur hy l-'url q.rb+,'rr Saws, -1-mum el rw! Worx--gl ffm llrlprr fr hun? cs.n3r11u1 lizeg rmrrgrj rmvr hr- umm lzrxmzarxllrzw sf-mlm girl w wr: :I lf in wig: ' rm lrlrluilrv far JH.-ffll .rr ilu :rgrw an fm' rl! hrizzirj rx in ig vzrrrwstritiofs. 'NU' HW' 73335-'I lrvflaulrmr' l-'rflffuav ir:z'il2xllLu'1:1 1 'flare l lr-wx in llfrzrrffmrxzzx rx rr: 111:11 Srmvr lull 'rlkrrxmi Xrfll Vvwk , mvixumm. ,lrmqxhlnw Spzarwx, ,gurl sa :lsul luclll' -.f Britton Dedicdfion ocwfl by cfm stud- lm' :lm GHS B0 Vurgolearr lfmrui ballor be s'i14olit'al and Mr, To 1.310 b, the vmliw E numma- of me azmuzzl, which srppuzxmrl wc-rv VZil'QOSE:Hf, Pine Walk, kiuw-fr All mn. view elim- WH Q clvriwffi from G'CJlflslJOP'I High rar Qrrnmi Meri by mv swif plmowg- lzx Srxnilfx was in r pi:'E.Ll:'fm for Ihr? .4-r.-urer . -r alwracr .Crlir-, for Hmmr Super- Nlfnflirwadrly. 1 flats? bnllut mp nonaixm- lifdm clawws, g Hxoyvl Ira lilergz, tgirl! 1Ih.:evex' :md .rlirmxmd Hwy! Iwi-2 Mrbowxll. Xflyalr .xml iklari- uzhlvtirz fbuyv vrlmvt Ros? and Ann Bax-bwux' rmwr smdioufe and Carl Rice. mul Dov:-why llmyr S raw rw blind per?-fam lbs: eu rvey Suri the Goiflsf, lm-:ning newly -.turn bilfrsd r.-we .r-'eigruyrl this-ry' lx Wfzfsrm' ar, hm' fvllfx rfulwm- Wx!- izl Wayne. F 'mark wavfhlng .mel prmflxiing 'avfsg 1, Vll ra' ?l2mSr: Rilh ,ak ii , Kmnm' Hurry Lane, Nell Cook, and Charles Frrck. Gafsey Butler, Frances Tau, Jean Powell, Mory Gardner Pate, h I' Mffiihir Um Winslow, Anne Stowe, and Horriefte Thompson. Absent when picture was taken: Gloria Gul-genus, F. W. Sianfey, X non I Zeno Spence, Barbara Denise ond Pal' Denise. D WY f M N K,,fi FIFTY-THREE l 5 x Ji nut till Ann Aycock Eloise Balkcum Evelyn Barbee Cassie Beddard Joyce Best Nona Grey Best John Braswell Viola Carr Reba Carraway Eunice Coley Geraldine Collins Ava Crumpler Christine Daughtry Ruth Davis Edna Edwards Maxine Ennis Hazel Fields John Fields Jo Ann Flowers Carlton Frederick Vivian Grant Billy Gurley George Hallow Geneva Hare Evelyn Hill Flora Hinnant Barbara Hood Sally Hood Joyce James Sarah James Lois Jones Helen Jones Fu ri -FOUR Margaret Jones Cleo Johnson Marilyn Johnson Virginia Keen Carolyn Lancaster Carolyn Lassiter Beverly Lennon Peggy Littleton Helen Lupton Sadie McCarter Bette McLawhon Esther Millard Frances Millard Dorothy Mintz Peggy Mohn Eldred Moore Ellen Mozingo Frances Myers Catherine Newsom Helen Nix Helene Orton Jewel Orton 9 Esther Rose Parker Frances Paschall Sarah Jane Pate Lois Pearce Dorothy PerMar Peggy Pierce Addie Pilkington Mildred Pittman Nance Potts Chesley Price Robert Price Travis Rose J. D. Sasser Eva Mae Sauls Ruth Shaver Betty Rae Smith Dorothy Spears Evelyn Southerland Frances Strickland Donald Sullivan Evelyn Sutton Mary Sykes Betty Thomas Cedric Toler Marilyn Tolochko Frances Turner Dorothea Tyndall Rachel Vinson Ann Warren Reba Wester Dorothy Whitley Dorothy Wiggins Jean Wiggins Irva Mae Williams Jeanne Winders Martha Winslow Martha Wise Georgia Witherington Cassie Woodard Dorothy Worley Jana Belle Worrell Louise York ,ff .1 1 ,f 4 , . u A , --J Y, 1 Y -.ff-Q 14, t v,,,, f gi . 'f'fL,--f-fin-s' ., r . 1,114 .K GLEE CLUB ACTIVITIES l941-1945 The GHS Music Department strives to cultivate a desire for music in each individual. In doing so it is creating an appreciation for music. Under the direction of Mr. Palmer C. Holt in 19-il-42 we began our musical performances, presenting miscellaneous programs to civic clubs, to other organizations, and to the student body. Inspired by the students' appreciation, we advanced by competing in the State Contest, held at Greenville for high schools in the eastern part of the state. GHS received the honor of having a Class "A" Glee Club and brought back several certificates. This encouraged us to go further the next year, but because of the war we were unable to attend the festival. Miss Margaret Whittington directed us in our study of classical music in our Sophomore year. Miss Whittington introduced the study of opera. During this study she read operas and played recordings from the stories. Our out-side work consisted of reading operas and the lives of famous musicians, preparing for oral reports given on class. Singing without the piano was a lot of fun, and we found this out by learning to sight read, studying the scale, time and value of notes. That year Susan Lupton, our pianist, gave a concert to the student body and citizens of Golds- boro. We were fortunate to contribute to the war effort by entertaining the boys of the Seymour Johnson Field Hospital and the USO. We also gave a variety of radio programs and many assem- blies on the occasion of holidays. Our Junior year was very successful with Mrs. Ruth Hamilton as our teacher. We tried to unite the Glee Club and the student body by having chapel singing. We studied orchestras, their lead- ers, and plays. We learned to identify opera stars and took up the study of musical instruments. In celebration of National Music Week in May we sponsored a drive for instruments for war veterans. This year we have been fortunate to have Mrs. Dewey Slocumb as our teacher. Our work deals for the most part with solo and group singing. Once a week we have a talent show giving each student a chance to participate. This has proven very successful. We are look- ing forward in taking part in the Commencement exercises, our group will form the choir for the commencement sermon. Our enrollment has increased every year, and we feel that is an accomplishment, since music brings happiness to the individual. -Dorothy Wiggins and Flora Hinnant FiFTY-FIVE I nut dui -gf ysa llIVtllSllliU llEEllllllllllNE if .154 6? Wi' Um Earl Davis, Carol King, Bobby Ellis, Graham Justice, Aubrey Aycock, Joe King. Milton Futrelle, Carl Rice, Sonny Savage, Harold Brown, J. D. Best, Custis Perry. WHQ WE REALLY ARE.. We students of the DO course think ours is the course which prepares for the most essential jobs in the life of a modern community. We leave it to anybody to decide whether it would not be hardest of all to do without us and our services in the modern American community. You can take out other kinds of people and still have a com- munity, but it will be of some ancient kind. We make a community Yinodern. We make some other things too. To our principal we are a special problem. To our teacher we are impossible. But what do you expect us to be when we are just "Saucy" Aycock, "Scooter Jake" Best, "Hunting Hank" Brown, "Squirrel" Davis, "Bobby Sweet" Ellis, "Air Filter" Futrelle, "Ain't No" Justice, "Herr Von Kink", "Last Night Joe", Carl "Grits", HT. Pet" Perry, and "Win the War" Savage. The U4-dollar question is whether we will ever be the same again, when we no longer have "Jasper" to tell us to do what we don't want to do. HAT WE REALLY ARE. The course in Diversified Occupations is one of the cooperative school- work programs of Goldsboro, aimed at bridging the gap between school and work. It seeks to aid those students interested in learning the skilled vocations dealing with the manufacturing, or service, of the products of modern industry. It represents the cooperative effort of the industrial interests of the community and the school to develop the young boy or girl of suitable aptitude and above average ability into a skilled, capable, and responsible person, ready to take his or her place as a full-fledged member of the operating personnel of a business immediately upon leaving school because she or he has already had the experience as well as the training. This type of educational endeavor, in which the business firm furnishes the shop and the training in practical experience and the school furnishes the facilities for classroom training in the fundamental and technical in- formation, is one of the notable accomplishments in modern cooperative i school-community education. l Miz. JAMES E. BRrrT Co-ordinafor FIFTY-SEVEN GIRLS' EPUHTE CLUB lANN BARBOUR RAE HELSING JOSEPHINE SEARS BETTY NIAGILL President Vice President Secretary x Tlreasurev' . A O bf 1:1 . , ., . .714 .' . tears Left to right: Mazelle King Ccheerleaderl, Evelyn Barbee tswimmingb, Margie Perry fcheerleaderb, Susan Gardner fcheerleaderi, Martha Vvinslow tcheerleaderb, Mary Goode Nufer tcheerleaderb, Dot Whitley icheerleaderl, Mildred Highsmith fcheerleaderi, Tootsie Powell Kswimmingb, Elizabeth Myatt tbasketballb, Mary Lou Donnell trheer- leaderm. Anne Bradshaw imanager of basketball teaml, Jean Pyatt lswinnningm, and Mary Farfour lbasketballl. Absent when picture was taken: Gertrude Lewis fbasketballb. GIRLS' SPORT CLUB OUR SONG We are the Girls' Sports Clubg We love the out-of-doorsg We're happy when we're on the Call For swimming, tennis, hiking, or basketball. We strive to be good sports and keep our bodies strong. Welll always hold our colors high- l The Girls' Sports Club is proud to be in Goldsboro High. FIFTY-NINE -MSA tram 6-ew. E1 skine Pope George Hallow Henry Lee Leon Perry Tommy Davis Curtis Lancaster Bill Weathers Jack Wilsoii Flank Dail Ralph Wiggs David Stafford Coach Norris Jeffrey Ed Best George Wilson Mr. Clifton Britton Pete McDowell Harold Brown Max Stith Mark Mclsawhon Chubby Bridgers Donald Malpass Neil Ragan Billy Ellis Carlton Frederick I r SIXTY MEMBERSHIP PLEDGE I promise to uphold the ideals and standards of the Goldsboro High School Varsity Club at all times. I will fulfill the duties and accept the responsibility expecterl of me to the best of my ability. I pledge myself to be loyal to the Club and fo the school. Tommy Davis, President, Pete McDowell, Vice President, Henry Lee, Correspond- ing Secretary, George Hallow, Recording Secretaryg and Billy Ellis, Treasurer. TWU WARS Ulll THE VARSITY CLUB is the athletic organization for boys. lt is made up of boys who have won letters in one or more of the major sports, football, basketball, and baseball, and who have been voted worthy of membership by the other members. The Varsity Club was first organized last year by members of the old Monogram Club under the direction and guidance of Mr. Clifton Britton, advisor. The boys elected as their officers Mac Lewis, president, Erskine Pope, vice presidentg Ernest Graham, recording secretary, James Rehn, corresponding secretary, and Leon Perry, treasurer. Throughout the year the Varsity Club cooperates as fully as possible with other school activ- ities and sponsors a play and a dance which give athletes a chance to try their inettle off the held or court. The climax of the year's work comes with the presentation of the Varsity Club play, fol- lowed closely by the Varsity Club dance. From all Senior girls one is selected by the members of the club who is ofiicially titled the Varsity Sweetheart. The Sweetheart is presented at the Varsity play and again at the Varsity Sweethearts Prom. Last year's Sweetheart, Sallie Lee, was announced at the presentation of "The Skull." This year's Sweetheart, Marjorie Cheever, was presented between the second and third acts of t'The Milky Way," the Varsity Club play. The first formal dance in the history of GHS, a beautiful affair given last year by the Varsity Club, was a big success. The boys are determined to make this year's Sweethearts Prom even greater. This year the club is again under the guidance of Mr. Clifton Britton, director of dramatic art, and Coach Norris Jeffrey, director of athletics. The present ofhcers are Tommy Davis, presidentg Henry Lee, recording secretary, George Hallow, corresponding secretary: and Billy Ellis, treasurer. We hope that in the future the athletes of GHS will continue to uphold the ideals and traditions established by last year's Varsity Club. SIXTY-ONE - VA ' I ' l i L l n f i 1 . , ,,.,,,..,, -Annu ffm 0010090 ' HQ' ,av ', HSV' Y Surry-1foUR xl I 2 v H F d 21 SIXTY-FIVE Varsity Football Tommy Davis, Coach R. N. Jeffrey, and Chubby Bridgers Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro VVilson Rocky Mount Fayetteville Wilmington Durham Kinston Oxford Orphanage Raleigh Sanford Washington Kinston 43 18 13 0 35 2 O 18 13 0 12 George Armstrong 1 Ed Best Chubby Bridgers I Barney Cotton Frank Dail Tommy Davis Wendell Edgerton George Hallow Joe Jackson Buddy Keen Eugene Lashley Henry Lee Carlton Frederick Pete McDowell David Stafford Clifton Noble Ellis Rav Taylor Leon Perry Jim Webb Erskine Pope Bill VVeathers Hugh Pope Ralph Wiggs Roy Purser Curtis Lancaster Mgi Hubert Rose Coach R XT Jeffrey - Donald Malpass Billy Ellis glvlark Mcltiuwhon N Sixrv-six W .3 is Bill Shrago unior Footlaau CO-CAPTAIN MYRON ENNIS Co-CAPTAIN JACK VVILSON i Charlie Wiggs, Billy Ray, Charles Shumate, Travis Rose, D. C. Rouse, Rufus G Brown, Junior McRoy, Tommy Beamond, Sam Lynch, and Bobby Frederick. Donald Pike, J. P. Keen, co-captain Jack Wilson, Miller Eason, Clifton Noble, Henry Edwards, Hugh Pope, co-captain Myron Ennis, and Kenneth Waters. Coach Norris Jeffrey, Tom Myers, Billy Johnson, Bill Hart, Robert Andrews, Leslie Britt, Fred Tyndall, Gerald Massengill, Benny Bennett, and Manager Curtis Lancaster. EARTH QUAKE RUMBLES- Coach R. N. Jeffrey of Goldsboro High began his 1944 Junior football season with approx- imately twenty-five inexperienced boys attending practice. Having practiced for about a month, the Junior Quakes were ready for their first real football game. However they were not as successful as they had hoped, winning only one game, tying one, and losing four. The only victory was over Kinston with a score of 14-12. A tie, 0-0, was the result of their second contest with Kinston. In the following games, the Quakes were defeated by Wilson 1-1-7 and 27-7, by Rocky Mount 6-0 and 13-0. And, so ended their first season, but the boys are eagerly looking forward to greater success next fall. The Junior Quakes appreciate the interest and hard work of their Coach throughout the past season. The starting lineup was: Ends: Donald Pike, Billy Johnson, and Hugh Pope: Tackles: Henry Edwards, Edward Reeves, and Donald Myersg Guards: Jack Wilson, and 'tC'lip" Noble: Center: Miller Eason: Backs: Benny Bennett, Myron Ennis, Kenneth Waters, and Charlie Wiggs. For various reasons some substitutions were made in the above lineup. SIXTY-SEVEN Varsity Baslzetlnau Billy Daly, Brutus Bridgers, Billy Ellis, Hubert Rose Coach Norris Jeffrey, Erskine Pope, George Armstrong, Bill King, Neil Ragan, S1x'rY-E161-rr Pete MeDovvell Jim Webb, Tommy Davis, David Stafford, George Hallovv, Leon Perry, Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro Manager Jack Wilson 23 Morehead City 37 Kinston 31 Wilmington 20 Needham Broughton 24 Fayetteville 31 Hugh Morson 32 Wilson 15 Hugh Morson 27 Fayetteville 21 Needham Broughton 21 Rocky Mount 52 Kinston 38 Rocky Mount 50 Durham 35 Wilson H35 lil? 9' plavll Liked ship' leadil' eighll uc! guau squ: he l lEdE X and basl E lon basl into hart lice eil P1 Sh xlU S5 ltr Ti Url l., xo ill unior Basketball Raymond Gray was a forward on the squad, ending the season by playing a line game against Wilson. Liked by all, Ray plays a good clean game and exhibits good sportsman- ship. Robert Klutz, better known as "Cotten", played center on the Jun- ior basketball team, and was its leading scorer. He is the only eighth-grader on the team, and al- though he was sick and missed several games, he played well all season. lqjurtis Lancastergxwho played at gu ed to the Varsity squad for its last game. "Curt", as he is called by his teammates, play- ed a fine all-round game this season, and is good material for Varsity basketball next year. Gerald Massengill, the scrappy forward of the team, played good basketball all season. He put his all into the game, and really worked hard. Gerald worked hard at prac- tices and deserves praise for his efforts. Identifications FIRST Row: Junior McRoy, Charles Shumate, Gerald Massengill, ,Dur- wood Stafford, D. C. Rouse. Sizcorm Row: Travis Rose, Ottis Pate, William Heeden, Fred Tyndall, Les- lie Britt, T1-nun Row: Coach Norris Jeffrey, Charlie NViggs, Clifton Noble, Curtis Lancaster, Robert Klutz, Jack Wil- son. I Goldsboro 30 Kinston 20 Goldsboro -10 Kinston 25 Goldsboro 22 Wilson 45 Goldsboro 30 Wilson 35 Goldsboro 23 VVilmington -11 Goldsboro 30 Wilmington 37 Goldsboro 23 Hugh Morson 31 Goldsboro 11 Hugh Morson 27 Goldsboro 20 Morehead City 38 Totals: 229 299 Clifton Noble did a fine job of playing center this year. filling in for "Cotten" when he was sick, and in every game. He has displayed a true love for sports on the basket- ball court, as he also did on the gridiron. "Clip" played a good game and did a lot to hold the boys to- gether when the going was tough. Travis Rose played forward posi- tion, and did a fine job, Many times during games Travis would steal the ball and carry it down-court. Travis will probably succeed his older brother on the Varsity squad next year. Jo Rosenthal, playing second- string guard, did a nice piece of work this season. Although he didn't shoot much, he showed good team work and love or the ine. -wt 1 o U av. M' Charles Shumate, who has such nicknames as "Tut" and "Light- nin'," played forward on the team. Although he is shorter than most members of the squad, he displayed good floor work and excellent sportsmanship. Durwood Stafford, known as "Speed", played a good brand of basketball this year. He showed lots of fighting spirit and enjoyed the game very much. He didn't play very much, but displayed lots of scrap and energy when he was on the court, Charles yViggs played at guard position on the team, and proved himself to be a good ball-handler. Charlie also played Junior football. and has the makings of a fine all- round athlete. Those going out for Junior basket- ball but not making the team were: Tommy Heamon, Leslie Britt, Gor- don Davis, NVilliam Heeden, Junior Mt-Roy, Ottis Pate, and Fred Tyn- dall. SIXTY-NINE l1CC1'1GElC1C1'S HENRY LEE Assistant Head C11 ccrlcadcr TOOTSIE POVVELL Senior GEORGE WILSON Head CIIFPTTPIIIZC7' MARY GOODE NUFER Senior D. J. ROSE Fresh ni on MAZELLE KING Frcslz ni ll Il DURWOOD STAFFORD Sophomore SUSAN GARDNER Sophomore Going East? A s NO! .,G, L Going West? fr NO! Gonna Win? Oh, Yes! O. K. Goldsboro, Get on the beam! We know youire good 'Cause you're our team, The end, tackle, center, and guard, Come on, team, and hit 'em hard! Who's got a good team? We've got a good team. Who says so? We say so. Fifteen rahs for the Earthquakes! Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah Earthquakes, Earthquakes, Earthquakes! Yea, blue! Yea, white! Yea, team! !Let's fight! SEVENTY is xl l 3, 31. .tx F J .C Rl' lx 'lj' mfjftx: J A GOLDSBORO HIGH SCHOOL SONG There's a song in the air, Goldsboro High Schoolg We can hear it everywhere, Goldsboro High School. ln your school or at home Any place you chance to roam, Goldsboro, Goldsboro High School! Chorus Then hurrah for our school Let usisingg let us sing, And we'll up with a cheer Let it ringg let it ring, For we're faithful and true To our colors white and blue, Goldsboro, Goldsboro High School! II Though we're mighty hard to beat, Goldsboro High Schoolg Yet we bravely bear defeat, Goldsboro High School. We go forward, yes, we do, And the cause is due to you, Goldsboro, Goldsboro High School! They haven't got the rhythm: They haven't got the jazz: They haven't got the team that Goldsboro has. We're from Goldsboro. Haven't you heard? ' When we say our team's good, "Solid" is the word. Say? Say What? That's What! What's What? That's what they all say! What's what they all say? B-E-A-T B-E-A-T Beat Wilson! Boogie Woogie, Duckwalk down: Goldsboro High School, go to town. Swing to the left, Swing to the right. Goldsboro High School, Fight, fight, fight! Locomotive, locomotive, steam, steam, steam! Pull together, pull together, team, team, team! Locomotive, steam! Pull together, team! Our high school is on the beam! We want a basket Basket, boys, You make the basketsg We make the noise! D059 OUIS l prc H0 rl0l Di' T So 7 3 'Q V llll ElllUlllllEUUlllE THE GoLDMAsQUERs were reorganized during the Winter of 1942 with twenty-six members. The pur- pose of this organization is to give its members practical experience in interpreting and producing outstanding plays, to promote community interest in the dramatic activities of the school, to develop the creative talent of the students of the school, to encourage the reading and witnessing of better plays, and to promote an enthusiasm for the drama in all its phases. During the 1944-45 program, the Goldmasquers produced Out of the Dmkvzess, an original allegory by Frances Alexander, '44, James Hilton's Lost Horizon and collaborated with the Varsity Club on The Milky Way, and with the Seniors on Allen Lang- don Martin's Smilm' Througlz. The Goldmasquers is a member of the Carolina Dramatic Association and of the National Thespian Society. UlllElllS Gatsey Butler, Neil Hagan, Margaret Dumas Billy Weatheis c y ag Ira Montague, leon Periy Sllllllll EULUIXME George Armstrong Charles Frick Mary Goode Nufer Ann Bizzell George Hallow Sarah Sadler Gatsey Butler Pete McDowell Zeno Spence V? Betty Lou Cox Mark McLawhon Max Stith Q, Gloria Davis Betty Magill p Harriette Thompson Bobby Denise Donald Malpas. ff tk , Ann Warren Margaret Dumas Robert MitcharNv Q luv' Irva Mae Williams Wendell Edgerton Bernice Mozi goto il Q W Dorothy Whitley Y il Mary Farfour Elizabeth lf? 1 m l . ,N ,Q l X Qi f li . if ll YL 4 In ltwx .QR Y W It it Ai llw V l V JUNIUH E ll+lllll'llUlllE A - ta U R xy 9 lv ' - -lk 9 XX FX! Hi " ,, xy x., , Robert Andrews mo Qfilusan Gardner Gertrude Blow il , ra Ginn Doris Bradshaw wina Hallman Rufus Brown 34' ri erbert Howell Leonard Collins RHXlSusan Jenkins Annie Ruth Crumplei FJ fggf Dora Lee Jinnette Ava Crumpler N - DQ-Donald King ' Paul Edmundson :Bobby Malpass Leonard Fulghum Ng Virginia McFarland , U J '6' SEVENTY-Two N19 N3 fx Jackie Murray Marjorie Pate Margie Perry Russell Radford Elwood Reaves Leah Lloyd Rigsbee Catherine Robinson Mamie Ruth Savage Charles Shumate x EULUMASUUEHS Hllllll MARGARET DUMAS D11 ector Identlflcallons Catheune Roblnson, Mary Goode Nufer Gardner, Mary Lou Donnell, Eunice Marilyn Bacon, Ruth Edgerton, Susanl l Slap' ,X ' J, lfl JJ Bizzell, Virginia McFarland Jaekief W lf l Murlay, Bobby Den1f,e. yv , 1 Q Y ' UVM! Q, ,ll My SEVENTY-FOUR 'M ms xflliuulll Plllyrggig,g y l ,..- Q7 NN MR. CLIFTON BRITTON Goldmasquers' Director L.. 'TP .A SCM 1 Rblbert Andrews George Armstrong Bruce Berkeley George Hallow Susan Jenkins Betty Magill Bobby Malpass Donald Malpass Pete McDowell Virginia McFarland Mark McLawhon Bernice Mozingo Robert Mitcham Elizabeth Myatt Leon Perry Billy Ray Sarah Sadler Zeno Spence Dorothy Whitley SEVENTY FIVE 'W J N ' 46 I OUT OF THE DARKNESS SEVENTY-six LOST HORIZON . H. W.. ,V4.,,...wM,f1.g. .VW , -M-.M..M..,,, . ' my THE MILKY WAY The Nfifley Way Signet S ,Z U AUTUGHAPHS ewgj-jfjwgz' .JJ 45 Q v l 1819 - K3 Years - 1945 BRANCH BANKING 6. TRUST COMPANY "TI-I E SAFE EXECUTORH TOTAL RESOURCES OVER NINETY MILLION DEPARTMENTS COMMERCIAL - SAVINGS AND TRUST ' SAFE DEPOSIT GOLDSBORO'S OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION EGH I. A. LOVING AND COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES -ir BORDEN BRICK AND TILE COMPANY uk Off B d B 'Iding - PIon:M OI R d THE CIVIC CLUBS f GOLDSBORO BUILD FOR THE FUTUR THE CLASS OF 45 'ff CIVIIAII CLUB if IIIWANIS CLUB if? LIONS CLUB 'il' ROTARY CLUB LUMBER, MILLWORK, ROOFING CELOROCK WALLBOARD and SHINGLES Q A. I. GRIFFIN MANUFACTURING COMPANY Q Phones I400-I4OI Goldsboro, North Carolina FOR GIFTS OF DISTINCTION Visit R 0 G E R ' S G0ldSb0T0'S Friendly Jewelers I09 South Center Phone I278 Q , WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY EGH Bflll-lYlER CO. Goldsboro, N. C. Kroehler and Pullmon Living Room Furniture Duo-Therm Oil Heaters HElll6 6. MEYERS KNOX HATS Shop with Confidence MANHATTAN at and VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS TIMELY CLOTHES and R' Wear With Pride 119 East Walnut phone 1324 EIGHT FOUR Ezvclusive Lines Featured EDWARDS YOUNG MEN'S SHOP Ce t St cet LANGSTON TIRE COMPANY --.....i....-- Good rich Tires .---+--.. North Cente St et G ld b "I COBB MOTOR CO. CH EVROLET EUNICE HUNT'S ALTERATION SHOP Handley Building - Phone 1419-I DEBUG To thi Girls Goldsboro High School S. H. KRESS 6. CO. ws mm GERALDINPS The Little Shop on Walnut Street E1 I V E GIDDENS .lEWElRY STORE North Carolinas Oldest Jewelers Goldsboro's Oldest Business M A D E - R I T E IS Good Bread HOTEL GOLDSBORO MADE-RITE BAKERY Goldsboro, N. C. 218 North Iohn sRooM ussn-cAR f0NEKIN'S COMPANY Smart Fashions for Women REPAIR SERVICE SHOES HATS HOSE 225 North Iohn - Phone 1088 GLOVES BAGS USED CARS AND PARTS I l I I 1 l l EICHTY-six EASTERN CAROLINA'S NUMBER ONE STATION IS WGBR in GOIDSBORO SERVING EASTERN CAROLINA'S NUMBER ONE MARKET MUTUAL BROADCASTING SYSTEM THE TOBACCO NETWORK PEIINY'S 'iff' Where the Notion Shops ond Saves if .l. C. PENNY CO. ODOM MOTOR CO. Pontiac Sales and Service ALL KINDS OF GENERAL REPAIR Phone 620 W. P. ROSE SUPPLY COMPANY PLASTER BOARD O ROOFING MATERIALS 101 West Holly Street EIGHTY-SEVEN - CONGRATULATIONS from 123 East Walnut HOTEL BEAUTY SALON 112 South Center Street Phone 831 ANTHONY WAYNE SERVICE STATION Iames and Mulberry Streets ADD HAWLEY, Operator ' THOMAS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 110 West Walnut Phone 243 OCCIDENTAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. KIRBY HART, Agent Bank of Wayne Building TRU-GEMS J E W E I ERS H! WATCHES ' DIAMONDS JEWELRY 'k South Center FIGHTY-EIGHT l l I 1 l. G. BMFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS tit CLASS RINGS and PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS - PERSONAL CARDS 'k 'A' 'lr REPRESENTED BY MR. and MRS. LEE BLACKQWELL P. O. BOX 541 GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA EIGHTY N NE SIGNAL RADIO SUPPLY WHOLESALE RADIO SUPPLIES and SETS 124 South Iames BUILDERS SUPPLIES COMPANY INSULATING WOOL, BOARDS Producers of WASHED SAND and GRAVEL 102 West Vine Street FIRESTONE STORES T I R E S 40, Batteries, Brake Lining Spark Plugs, Auto Supplies nop Corner Center and Ash Sts. COMMUNITY MOTORS CORPORATION GoIdsboro's Ford Dealers GOLDSBORO IRON and METAL COMPANY METALS HIDES IRON STEEL Telephone 703 Congratulations Graduates! HUB HARDWARE CO. SPORTING GOODS HEADQUARTERS East Walnut N INETY GOLDSBORO BUILDING and LOAN ASSOCIATION "Complete Savings and mortgage loan service for 39 years." 116 E. WALNUT ISAACS-CASTEEN Goldsboro's Popular Price Credit Jewelers 108 North Center Goldsboro North Carolina Phone 331 Visit F07 SOL ISAACS- S T Y I- E GEORGE CASTEEN and for DISTINCTION FURNITURE Visit 118-122 North Center NEIL JOSEPH'S JUNIOR SHOP 111 South Center I NINETY-ONE I ROBINSON'S Registered Drizggist GOLDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA I Phone -------- 823 PATE DAWSON CO. Distributors Of FRESH FRU ITS . and FRESH VEGETABLES 905 South George PHONE 11 CRUMPLER Secretarial School Complete Secretarial Stenographing Courses NORA A. CRUMPLER, Director CCLONY GIFT SHOP "A Gift for every Occasion" NINETY-TWO South Center Goldsboro, N. C. I SEARS, ROEBUCK Cr CO 215 West Walnut "The friendliest store in town" L U C A S quality PAINTS 40, W. H. BEST and SON : TAXI I CALL I 1218--- 1300 ir ' SAFE - DEPENDABLE coumous DRIVERS ' ir I I SAVAGE TAXI C0 133 NORTH JOHN l l I CIUEEN CIIY IRAIIWAYS Symbolizes a Friendly Organization Dedicated to Serve the People in the Carolinas with the MOST DEPENDABLE BUS SERVICE POSSIBLE QUEEN CIIY COACH COMPANY IOwner-Operatorl ANDREWS INSURANCE AGENCY EDWARDS 6' JERNIGAN Insurance for all puvposes Insurance Service Con plete FURNITURE CO 115 East Mulberry M. B. Andrews Manager Phone Pl'l0IlC 9 R SWEATE S CASH com. COMPANY P SKIRTS ' DRESSES North Iohn Street E ything for High School G I PHONE 40 I E F I R D S Paul Vinson, Owner NIINETY FOUR LET THE BOYS AND GIRLS WHO ARE GOING TO BE THE BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN OF THE COMMUNITY START RIGHT BY BANKING WITH THEIR HOME BANK 40? THE BANK OF WAYNE Member Federal Deposit Insurance C07'Q907'flfi07 Goldsboro, N. C. SHOE FITTERS STANLEY for - - Their Majestles YE'-VER-I-ON - The Seniors INCORPORATED I PARROTTUS SHOE STORE FUNERAL DIRECTORS Say it with our flowers COWQTGIUZGUOWS GOLDSBORO FLORAL CLASS of 1945 COMPANY cRowN s'roRE co. STARPVS FAMILY OUTFITTERS 403 West Ash Street 129-131 East Walnut W A Y N E THE F I N A N C E C O . GOLDSBORO CANDY Specializes in the following KITCHEN Financing for the best TIRES and RADIOS I AUTOMOBILES ICE CREAM and CANDIES I Corner Iames and Ash 110 North Center CLEMENT STUDIO BANK OF WAYNE BUILDING HERRING'S TIRE SERVICE TIRE RECAPPING and PHONE VULCANIZING Night: 1547-I - Day: 281 119 North Center NINETY SIX ll0YD GRIFFIN WOOD YARD SPECIALIZES IN DRY WOOD 500 South George Phone 1463 SEYMOUR FUNERAL HOME PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE Office Phone 1065 O BARNES-HARRELL- F U R N IT U R E RAWLINGS CO. o Phone 547 110 W. Mulberry 115 117 East Walnut Stre t NI PERKINS MOTOR PARIS +-I--I-+ COMPLETE PARTS SERVICE AND AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT -I-+-I-+ SUPERWEID -I--I--I-+ CYLINDER HEAD-BLOCKS AND MACHINE SHOP SERVICE 225-227 W. Walnut ++-I-+ Phones I23 and I33 G Idsboro, N. C E EGH .IOE A. PARKER - C. W. PEACOCII Class of 1929 Class of 1930 A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE "The Same Names in the Same Business for Over Thirty Years." VAN ROEKAL FLORIST We Telegraph Flowers 131 West Chestnut Phone Day: 363-W - Night: 2912 TO THE SENIORS FOR INSURED INCOME See M. A. SHAVER, Dist. Mgr. OF THE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK W. H. GRIFFIN Of GOLDSBORO HIGH SCHOOL 5, CONGRATULATIONS! COAL - FUEL OIL COLLINS CLOTHING PIIOIICS N1NETY NINE 0 ala? ,ff M J- 'ff' ' Q- X1 , - "- 'Y d'iliifL'3fi'fai?fXia " ' J' Ei?-1'-f!1.,F 0 O O Vlfnv rlg ?1L:' 255 . FILL ? f-":.i-T"-if-L, -ff'-L "9-iliirfi' , SLE, "Tj I YY ' 'is'-vjg "U" TH wld , , '- e - , or - H ll-Q' La flillelllrl aeaaf il: ' ,l F lfg gfij x-EQ -in CII1d 'n m -f-f ll T l 1'l1S'J -fill lu - JCL , ' H-lf Mn ' 'ilill llli - l' E u 2 3 1, aa.: . - .', WE'vE ATTAINED oUR 80TH BIRTHDAY., From its founding, WEIL,S has grown with Goldsboro, has continued to expand, so that it may better serve more people in Eastern North Carolina. We're still growing . . . and shall continue to uphold the standard of quality merchandise, fairly priced. . I IN GOLDSBORO l GOLDWAYNE USE Amoco Pnooucrs I LAUNDRY at DRY CLEANERS GASOUNE ' FUEL OILS KERCSENE - CREASES if INSECTICIDES - TIRES Odorless and . ACCESSORIES Dry Cleaning ik Phone 99 - Mt. Olive Highway Pllbhe fr Robt. E. Blyan, Distributor WATCH - CLOCK and IEWELRY REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed L E 0 C 0 H N 208 East Walnut Street GOLDSBORO PAINT COMPANY PAINTS 9 LACQUERS ENAMELS 5 VARNISHES 204 North Center WORLEY TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE l Repairing on all Makes I Typewriters and Adding Machines GOLDSBORO, N. C. WH lTE'S LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS there is a difference Corner Ash and Iohn Streets ONE HUNDRED AND ONE Oll Company 40? SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 4.5 GOLDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA The 2000 Mlle OII i' 'A' 'A' CHOICE ofthe CHAMPIONS TALBOT F PARKER Wh lesale Dlst butor DUMAS GIDDENS 0Il COMPANY JOBBER PURE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS TIOLENE MOTOR OIL PUROL MOTOR OIL AUTO ACCESSORIES CLEANING SOLVENT RUBBER SOLVENT INDUSTRIAL OILS Phone 234 BE SURE WITH PURE ETHYL GASOLINE PURE PEP GASOLINE KEROSENE FUEL OIL No. 1 and No. 2 AUTO GREASES INDUSTRIAL GREASES PU RE Phone 234 Ihohpson-Woolen K E N D A LL ONE HUNDRED AND Two CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! iimfrik' CHAS. B. DAVIS WHOLESALE PRODUCE COMPANY ir South Iohn Phone 57 ELLIOTT PACKING COMPANY 700 Block of South Iohn GOLDSBORO, N. C. WAYNE HATCHERY U. S. APPROVED PULLORUM TESTED CHICKS 108-110 East Mulberry Phone 1030 WAYNE WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Heavy and Fancy Groceries White Silk Flour 312 North Center Street J. M. EDGERTON fr SON HARDWARE, TOOLS and DEVOE PAINT JEFFREYS fr SONS 75? WHOLESALE and RETAIL SEEDMAN GARDEN and FIELD SEED LAWN GRASS Over fifty years experience PLANT THE BEST ONE HUNDRED AND THREE THE SOUTHERN COTTON OIL COMPANY -h-+--- "zz neighborly institution" ..--+--.. GOLDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '45 ir W A Y N E AGRICULTURAL W 0 R K S "Incorporated in 1883" Phone 1156 GOLDSBORO HEATING Y O C O M ssnvlcs coMPANY AND --:+:-- PLUMBING SUPPLY Household - Commercial COMPANY Refrigeration --:+2-- Plumbing Fixtures - Supplies Oil Bumff - Stoker Stokers and Oil Burners Service 129 W. Chestnut I T. L. BLOW, Proprietor ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR ODOM STUDIO +-I--I-+ Photographer for Gohisca ++-I-+ North Center Street S66 EVERY WEEK-DAY EVENING SMITH HARDWARE The Goldsboro for NEWS-ARGUS Anything in Hardware GOLDSBORO MUSIC COMPANY Wholesale and Retail 221 North Iohn Street Gives you the news of Goldsboro DO YOUR MAGAZINE SHOPPING at HARRELL'S NEWS STAND 105 North Center ONE HUA DRFD AND FIVE THOMAS O'BERRY INSURANCE AGENCY ' FIRE ' AUTOMOBILE ' HOSPITAL 114 East Walnut P hne5 II you have been Ihrilly Our College Education Plan will send you to the school of your choice CITIZENS BUILDING 6. lOAN ASSOCIATION CHAS. S. NORWOOD, Secretary UN E AND Besl ol luck The Class ol 1945 GOLDSBORO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION INC GOIDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA JEFFERSON STANDARD our ,nl 67, a- men Dollars are ar- er eadquar ers RKE AM 04- PARAMOU NT CAROLINA - WAYNE . TH EA-I-RES BANK OF WAYNE BUILDING GARDNER'S DAIRY PRUDUCT5 ik PASTEURIZED MIlK il? RETAIL and WHOLESALE 'ik VELVET ICE CREAM iririr PHONE PLANT OFFICE 7 7 BEST WISHES to THE CLASS OF 1945 from THE BORDEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY KELLY BEAUTY SHOP Congratulatlons t Floor Bank of Wayne IORS' Building UEEUQ Phone 191 HANDLEY MOTOR W H JENKINS STEEL CCMPANY UQDQE S uth Center Ext I H7 East Mulberry PHONE 795 O A NE Q46 Qwffw pm, QM. WITH ECONOMY 324 South Blount Street RALEIGH, N. C. Q ONE HUNDRED AND TEN OUR FRIENDS THE ADVERTISERS American Oil Company ....-- ------------- Andrews Insurance Agency -- Balfour Company ......... - PAGE -- 101 94 89 Bank of Wayne ........... - 93 Barnes-Harrell-Rawlings ..... 9' Belk-Tyler Company ......... 84 Best, Tom R. Clothing Store --- 34 Best, W. H. XL Sons ............. 92 Borden Brick 81 Tile Company --- 31 Borden Manufacturing Company -. - 109 Branch Banking at Trust Company --- 80 Broom Used-Car Company ......... 86 Builders' Supplies Company -- 90 Carolina Theatre ................... 107 Cash Coal Company .................. 94 Chamber of Commerce ................ 107 Citizens' Building Q Loan Association --- -- 106 Civitan Club ........................ -- 82 Clement Studio .............. . ..... -- 96 Cobb Motor Company --- -- 85 Cohn, Leo ............ -- 101 Collins Clothing Store -- -- 99 Colony Gift Shop ...... -- 92 Community Motors --- -- 90 Conekin's ......................... - 86 Crown Store ....................... -- 915 Crumpler Secretarial School .......... U 92 Davis Wholesale Produce Company --- ,- 103 Dumas-Giddens Oil Company ........ U 102 Edgerton, J. M. 8. Sons ........ - ,..... U 103 Edwards 81 Jernigan Furniture Store -- -- 94 Edwards Young Men's Shop ......... - 85 Efird's Department Store ......... u 94 Elliott Packing Company -- -- 103 Firestone Stores .......... , 90 Gardner's Dairy .......... U 108 Geraldine's .....................,.,,.. - 85 Giddens Jewelry Store .................. - 86 Goldsboro Building 81 Loan Association ...... - 91 Goldsboro Candy Kitchen ............,....-. , 96 Goldsboro Floral Company ............,.,,.,.. U 96 Goldsboro Heating and Plumbing Company --- -- 104 Goldsboro Iron and Metal Company ..,...... ,, 90 Goldsboro Music Company ........ .... .,,.. - - 105 Goldsboro Paint Company ............. U 101 Goldwayne Laundry and Dry Cleaners --- --- 101 Graphic Press, Inc. .................... --- 110 Griffin, A. T. Manufacturing Company --- - 83 Griffin, Lloyd ....................... - 97 Griffin, W. H. K Sons ........ ...... Handley Motor Company -- Harrell's Newsstand ...... Heilig 81 Meyers ....... Herring's Tire Service ..... Hotel Beauty Salon ........ Hotel Goldsboro .............. Hunt, Eunice Alteration Shop -- Hub Hardware Store ......... Isaacs Furniture Store ........ Isaacs-Casteen Jewelry Store .... Isaacs, Sol-Casteen, George ......... Jefferson Standard Life Insurance -- Jeffreys 81 Sons .................. Jenkins, W. H. Steel Company --- Joseph, Neil .................. Kadis ....................... Kelly's Beauty Shop -- Kiwanis Club .......... Kress, S. H. ............ Langston Tire Company --- Leder Brothers ......... Lion's Club ............. Loving, T. A. G Company --- Made-Rite Bakery ................ News Argus ...................... O'Berry, Thomas ................... Occidental Life Insurance Company --- Odom Motor Company ............. Odom Studio ...........,........ Paramount Theatre .............. Parker, Joe A. - Peacock, C. W. --- Parker Oil Company ........... Parrott's Shoe Store .... ...... Pate-Dawson Company --- Penny, J. C. ............... Queen City Coach Company -- Robinson's Drug Store ........ Roger's Jewelry Store .......... Rose, W. P. Supply Company --- Rotary Club .................. Savage Taxi ................ Sears, Roebuck Kr Company -- Seymour Funeral Home .... Shaver, M. A. ............ Signal Radio Supply ......... Smith Hardware Company ...... Southern Cotton Oil Company --- Stanley-Yelverton Funeral Home ,- Superweld ............... ,.,,.,. Thomas Office Supply Company ..... Thompson-Wooten Oil Company '--- -- - 99 -- - 109 -- - 105 - 84 - 96 - 88 - 80 - 85 - 90 - 97 - 91 - 91 107 --- 103 --- 109 - 91 88 If 109 -82 -85 - 85 - 84 - 82 - 81 - 86 --- 1041 --- 106 - 88 87 --- 105 --- 107 90 --- 102 - 90 -- 92 -- 87 -- 94 -- 92 -- 83 -- 87 -- 82 -- 93 -- 92 -- 97 -- 99 --- 90 --- 105 --- 104 -- 96 -- 98 -- 88 -- 102 OUR FRIENDS THE ADVERTISERS PAGE Tru-Gems Jewelry Store ..............,.........,,,,- ,,--,,,,------,---- - U gg Van Roekals Florist .......... ----- 9 9 XVayne Agricultural Vvorks --- ----- 104 W'ayne Finance Company .,,.. ----- 9 5 Wayne Hatchery ............. ----- 1 03 XVayne Theatre ............ ----- 1 07 Wayne Service Station .... ----- 3 8 Wayne Wholesale Grocerv ,,-,- 103 Weil's ................ -- ----- 100 WGBR ...................... ---.- 3 7 VVhite's Laundry ........,.,,.., ----- 1 01 Worley Typewriter Exchange --- ,,,,, 101 Yocum Service Company ,..,,,. ,--,- 1 04 ? I f f 0 n Q! 1,-f' fi' ,pf-ff :aff 'fvff-f-M1131 'U ffb fy fig, 0 1 I I X 1 f W' 273p'3!, .MQ 754117 J 'gf1'f-.rv-'T-ff ' - - - ,. ' ' A . ' Q lf' 1 I I - - ' ' ' 70 ' 'W I 1,091-J W!-fffxffe-Q ,J ,f fjrf j 4 X . ,tw . - Q' Z K' ,JJ 0249424 .QA-fx. ,L '771.4,q, -. 1 ?,:f -L If 5 gag, ff: f,,,.!5f'Llfp-f' mm' ' . .1!f' V 0 1 f .Af .nv-1' f- -1 , ,affff ff 5116 ,Z bex, lg 5' 49-bg, ,nxt-,,,,J f',1g,,,,- ,.,.-f , J ff f . fin M411 ' .l' f C .J SQA J ff ' K bi 138 PB Hillhi B5llB!ll 163150 K V l K I I a P l ls 5 1 W! W J E 1 For Reference Not to be taken from this room vwiiffi CGUNTY PUBLEC I.,!BRJ':"" EGO! E. ASH STREET GOLDSBGRO, N.C. 27530

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