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5- Rf mu., YI: rx wr? N, Q4 yi, -4,4 1 qQ ai f 'W' if Sly '3-53' gb' ,..- 4, vu N in is 3' 5 Q. X' ,V-2. , - , fl ,Q GT Q K 4 15 A 41 W X '- 1 1 xx x J A Xxx xr .H 1 x ' - ' "C 4-" vi f t...-wW....,. .4 l96O viking volume 2 golden valley high school minneapolis, minnesota co-editors ..,...... . .,.. jean ericson pete prestegaard business manager .... , .... loretta davis WFIIBFS ........... theme editor .... photographer. . . layout editors ...... circulation manager .... advertising managers. . . adviser .... , . . l . , .neal greenberg lowell gomsrud leonard langley karen iohnston . . , .barb hauge . . .keith smith . .... gail skyberg margie hoines mary frederickson ,. , . .ianice raabe christ kontenakos .mrs. armi nelson people. . . special events. sports .... organizations. . advertisements 3 A second is all iT Talces To lose a game, To craclc a smile, To sing a noTe, To learn a new word, or. To puT The lasT T or F on a TesT. This boolc conTains many oT Those seconds, seconds which highlighf The acTiviTies and gaieTy, The Troubles and ac- complishmenTs oT Three hundred sevenTy-Tive Amer- ican high school sTudenTs during a year which opened a new decade, seaTed anoTher presidenT, wafched CasTro's clamor Tor power, and raucously advanced The Space Age. IT was a year which saw The earTh become even smaller because oT The increasing use oT commercial ieT airliners. They made iT possible To Tly Trom New York To Los Angeles in less Time Than iT Toolc a BuT- Terin To enTer The bloodsTream. IT was a year which saw The earTh become Iighr- er as Tons oT sTeel were hurled inTo inTiniTe space in The Torm oT saTelliTes and missiles. lT was a year ThaT poinTed ouT To The earTh's peof ple ThaT eiTher They live wiTh TaiTh and TrusT in each oTher, or They would 'T live aT all. And iT was a year ThaT saw TiTTy-Tivo seniors graduaTed Trom a young b0T growing high school in The valley. When The saTelliTe SpuTnilc was successTully launched by The Russians, a new Type of inTerna- Tional game began: a game ThaT losT a Tamed diplomaTic kibiTzer named Dulles, a game in which The UniTed STaTes Toresaw iTs mosT prosperous year in hisTory Though crippled by a I I6-day sTeel sTrilce, a game which saw The UniTed STaTes and Russia begin a culTural exchange program ThaT denTed The lron CurTain, a game ThaT heard sTaTesmen Trom many counTries cry Tor peace, a game ThaT saw Russia Talce picTures oT The darlc side oT The moon simulTaneously malcing Taces in The PenTagon Turn whiTe, a game ThaT had TerociTy, Tension, ex- ciTemenT, and color, a game ThaT only brillianT minds could play and win. valley hi h These were The issues The TiTTy-Tive read abouT, Talked abouT, learned abouT. Valley l-ligh had be- come a 'Training cenTer," a preliminary worlcshop Tor This game in which some day These ValleyiTes would be The principal players. Every Time a book was read, an experimenT conouered, an algebraic eguaTion solved, or a senTence TranslaTed, These sTudenTs were learning The game. BUT The Training wasn'T enTirely reading, conquering, solving, and TranslaTing. lT also involved a lighTer side oT liTe: acTing in a class play, lisTening To The laTesT iazz release, savoring a pizza, or displaying The newesT Tad. ArTisTry, compeTiTion, Tashion, and leisure, as well as The conquering and solving experimenTs oT learning, are The expressions highlighTed in This boolc. ThereTore, as The world expressed iTselT in many ways, someTimes wiTh The loud Thunderous roar oT an ICBM, someTimes wiTh The guieT hand ThaT wroTe Dulles' obiTuary, so did Golden Valley l-ligh School express iTselT in many ways, someTimes wiTh a loud. colorTul voice and someTimes wiTh a guieT pen. frames an array of expressions 5 Enrollmenl numbered 375 individuals, each inlenl on reaching some goal, each wilh an opporlunily lo express himsell, whelher in lhe chemislry lab, on lhe baslcelball courl, or behind lhe roslrum. Every sludenl had an opporlunily 'lo malce use ol lhe 4300 volumes in lhe school library, lo belong lo many ol lhe exlracurricular organizalions, or lo benelil lrom lhe services ol a lull-lime guidance counsellor, ollered lor lhe lirsl lime lhis year. l959 saw eslablishmenl ol lhe lirsl iournalism, French I, Spanish lll, and German lll courses. All classes were small, enabling leachers lo devole lime lo lhe needs ol lhe individual. Tech- niques made use ol leclures, visual aids, magazines, records, maps, and opaque proieclors. Tape record- ings ol nalive spealcers were used in language expressions of lions was ollered in business classes, home econom- ics, and induslrial arls. Sludenls saw lhe "why?" by diagraming a senlence, decomposing ammonium carbonale, or dissecling a lrog. The average senior managed lo lalce parl in lhree exlracurricular aclivilies: many sludenls were aclive in six or more. These aclivilies loolc place dur- ing a shorl period belore 9 a.nn. al lhe beginning ol each day. bul lew sludenls managed lo escape lhrough lhe solid blue doors al 3:22 in lhe aller- noon, as worlc on such class and club proiecls ollen conlinued inlo lhe nighl. The school worlc day con- sisled ol six class hours. ln lhe middle ol lhe sched- ule one hall hour was sel aside permilling some 340 sludenl gourmels lo savor 75 pounds ol ground be-el, 30 pounds ol bread, I5 pounds ol Carrols. . . . on a lypical day. courses. and praclice on machines ol lulure voca- .1-aqp........ 3 Y 6 1 - 'ni' ,A "TOM DAHL, YOU'RE ALL WET!" Leonard Langley emphalically remarlrs during a discussion in lhe blh hour Modern Prob- lems class. These discussions never fail lo produce mixed emolions from lhis class of seniors. The lwo seclions are laughl by Mrs. Amla Slall and Franlc Farrell. 6 earnin FOUR HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE! Bob Hanson and DeAnn McAlis'rer worlr on a mofion experiment as Kei+l1 Smiih, kneeling, and Mi+ch Rand look on cri+ically. CONFERRING WITH VALLEY VIEWER EDITOR, Lowell Gomsrud, righf, on +he six-page spring issue are page edifors, Jan La+sha, right and Beth Schwariz, lef+, and Jerry Boschee repor+er. 7 far. its :ffl f L'--1 STRAINING EVERY MUSCLE baslreTeer Marvin Socher evades Shalropee players and Tries his lucl: o a lay p Small Valley T-ligh was a boon Tor The sporTs en- ThusiasT. No cligues made sTudenTs sTrangers To each oTher. Players, Too, were more Than iusT pass- ing acquainTances. WhaTever The ouTcome oT The game, sTudenTs usually deparTed in an amialole mood. perhaps aTTribuTed To a pluraliTy oT pals. The male populaTion parTicipaTed in compeTiTion ranging Trom debaTe To Traclc, Trom TooTl3all To speed Typing. A program was iniTiaTed To give youngsTers as low as The TourTh grade a supervised program oT aThleTic compeTiTion. WiTh GAA, music, speech acTiviTies, and cheer- leading, The Tenninine populaTion oTTen spenT one or Two hours on a special proiecT beTore Treading The asphalT homeward. A True compe-TiTor musT have The desire, a will- ingness To worlc hard and To do a iob aT The heighT oT his abiliTy. ln baslceliball, Tor insTance, The Team pracTiced Ten hours a weelc iusT To spend an hour and a hall on Friday evening loolaing sharp, capable, and elaTed-or perhaps disorganized, incapalole, and dishearTed. BuT compeTiTion wasn'T always againsT a Tellow man. ln wriTing arTicles Tor The paper or a research Theme Tor English, sTudenTs compeTed wiTh Them- selves To do The l3esT possible iob. CompeTiTion was expressed aT school in many ways. Miss lvlary NeTzinger coached an eighT-man deloaTe squad. PxlThough The iTirsT sTring" debaTers were mosTly blaTanT upperclassmen, The Team also included Tour Treshmen who were learning The rules ol ranTing and raving Trom The ground up. To The conlerence music conTesTs Valley senT 90 choir members, 44 band members, and 25 soloisTs and ensembles. They compeTed in The regionals among groups Trom nine schools, The enTranTs ToTal- ing a whopping l,325. In summary, however, The mosT compeTiTive, The mosT challenging baTTle oT Them all, was The sTrug- gle To convince The Teaching sTaTT ol The sTudenT's superioriTy in all deTails ol all phases oi everyThing. express ions of competition DEBATE TAKES CONCENTRATION Argumenhafors Mary Guebenham Marnue Mellberg and Judy Koch IISTGI1 affenhvely whule Leslie Mufchell explams a new POINT of 'Hwelr currenf sublecf ONE DOWN TWO TO GO? Paul Enghauser seems +o be ouf of Hue runnmg In This fesi' of fypung speed Shll gomg s+rong are Jeff Erucson and Jeff McLeod M1501 A-wx? xxx. nik 1 PN 'ful swing' W1 r-'iv Q T158 W nv 'ff' .L-.. 9 f - , 'Fi . , T .. .. . - - K5 A . 3 . f, 4 f ' . 4 I: .N 5 1. M ,. - 5 mg '-v. y-ff-1, :Mk K 7 5 'nf' Wyzff ,T 'ww f W. . -1"- 4 4: ,.'rg'V .,-5 I WN V T 5434? A A T T Mfw s A T A Lf' ff Q If N ,V if -A A' -" r s " f, ' , , 1. Q..-. A. e presslons of artistry W: 1 1' 4 PENNY PLASS AND JOY ANDERSEN gourmefs for science In fhe Ad vanced Home Economics class puf +he 'fmlsl-nng iouches bn an edible proleci a chocolafe calre TROMBONISTS John Beckman and Sieve Sahly are reaching for sevenih posuhon whule prachcung Hue clumax of Moussorgskys Greai' Gaie of Knev I0 0 0 T 1 F f x 'T . h fr Qfxx L . f Nl f '-. ,, l k . I .. . .. . , ,, . ,. This was fhe year capacify audiences across fhe Unifed Sfafes fhrilled fo fhe music and dance of fhe Russian and Polish sfafe ballef companies. Af Golden Valley fhis year fhe Valleyeffes, a modern dance group, was formed under fhe direcfion of Mrs. Frances Finch, physical educafion insfrucfor. Mr. William Anderson, Mrs. Berneffe Engguisf, and Mrs. Finch direcfed fhe combined elemenfary and high schools of fhe disfricf in a Chrisfmas pageanf specfacular, aided by fhe high schools 44- member band and 9OAmember choir. This was fhe year Leonard Langley, affer ac- cumulafing 32 nafional awards, was given second place honors in fhe Nafional Accordion Olympics, fhe mosf demanding accordion confesf in fhe Unifed Sfafes. As a combined efforf fhe shop boys builf a com- plefe, scaled model of a confemporary home de- signed by Sfeve Lanalc, The home economics girls expressed fheir creafivify fhrough culinary masfer- pieces and well-sef fables. Seven senior girls, including accompanisf Mary Johnson, formed a sexfef fhis year. "Tri-Tones" Joy Andersen, Judie Carlson, Jean Ericson, Mary Fisher, Sandy Greenfield, and Kafhy Wilson sang af many school affairs. A junior high group deffly consfrucfed assorfed papier mache figures. Screaming sfudenfs reporfed one of fhe repfiles winlced, buf Mr. David Balcer, arf direcfor, bifing his fingernails, offered no credence fo fhe rumors. An advanced arf class proiecf, fhe colorful mosaic cloclc on fhe easf wall of The foyer, was consfrucfed wifh fhe aid of funds presenfed by fhe firsf graduafing class. Arf is somefimes a demanding fhing, agreed Valley Viewer edifors Lowell Gomsrud and Janice Lafsha, as fhey raclced fheir brains while affempf- ing fo find fhe perfecf words for headlines in fhe six issues published fhis year. Senior Karen Johnsfon has been pracficing arf- isfry on ice for fhe pasf nine years, winning several medals in confesfs and slfafing in annual shows. Drama is arf. A successfully inferprefed play, such as The fale of fhe 'Ten Liffle lndiansf' may leave fhe viewer wifh iusf as vivid an impression as received from a painfing by Picasso, who fhis year began work on an illusfrafion of biblical hisfory fo be unveiled in l962. Golden Valley flourished wifh arfisfry, from fhe basic sfrucfure of fhe school and ifs curriculum fo fhe cry of a "caf" af fhe Beafnilc Dance. "Move over on fhe bongos, man, l goffa express myself." IN A PENSIVE MOOD, Ar? I sfuclenf Sharon Kulen- lramp slefches a Valley landscape from a poin'r wesf of fhe high school. -fs sgffifi Q Q ' .. ,,,.g . . s K f . Subdued, muied, hazy, murky, or iuslr plain diriy green was ihe color of Jrhe year. The genllemen of I96O preferred wool slacks wilh a bulky sweaier and prinl, paisley, or oxford shirl. Mademoiselles skirls were somewhal' shorler, or, depending on how you look al il, legs were longer. Shoe-bools, reminiscenf ol Robin I-lood's fool- wear, were favorile among Jrhe ladies. The wide lops, however, made ihem somewhaf uncomforlable on rainy days. All shoes lealured Jrhe poinled-+oe look, dangerous in crowded halls. A GV. girl was seen wilh her hair pixie-siyle one day and in a long shimmering pony lail lhe nexi. I2 wall' :elif " ' s 1 X C, l-low so? l-lair wigs. A GV. male was proiecled from ihe elemenlrs in a car coal, suburban coar, hero iackei, or irench coar Jropped oil by a Tyrolean-sryle hai, compleie wilh brush and ski medals. For ihe girls, raccoon coals were revived from lhe Jrweniies. Six seniors wore conlacl' lenses. Somelimes ihe illusive plasfic wonders would pop ou+ and lraniic was 'he search lor fhe wearer's "eyes," This year also saw sguash heels, conlinenlal suiis, box plealed skirls, French rolls, lier blouses, blazers. crew-necks, boal-necks, shawl collars, vesls, and chinos. Busile sales were deiinilely down for The year, as was lhe sale of lhree-cornered hals. CARS AND COATS REFLECT THE TRENDS OF '60 as Pa+ Johnson, in a raccoon collared coal, and Pele Presfegaard. in a irench coal, climb in+o a compacf Valiant DIFFERENT FOOTWEAR WAS THE RAGE for +he year, as shown lay 'these boofs and squash heels. Colleen Heinsch, Judy Schmirler, Boyd Lesfer, Lowell Gomsrud, Jane? Gulslrand, Charlene Wenle, Avis Pelerson. and sealed, Jucly Carlson. expressions of fashion BARB ANDERSON AND LANE REYNOLDS COUNT +heir pennies affer purchasing McDonald's 45 cenl "lhree course meal." I+ includes a hamburger, french fries. and shalre. BYRON OR BORDER PATROL? Neal Greenberg 'Forge+s his sefiles down 'ro an exciling TV show. homeworlr ancl HI! mi.-gf llll' l .sul 'l itll' l , ..f-4-I ,ggga 5 t ,,,p.3. iptll 04,4 DANCING IS THE MOST POPULAR FORM OF LEISURE enloyed by G. V. sfudenTs. Here Kei+h Rahn and Lynne Runcie demonsTraTe The Lindy. AT 3:22 key-chain wielding sTudenTs dashed To The parking loT and Tired up Their engines, The sound TesTiTying The rage oT The day was dual exhausTs. Ame-rica's chrome dragons were being replaced by The compacTs, Corvair, Falcon, Lark, Valianf, and Rambler. Hobbies varied Trom Tom Dahl's Tlying lessons To ham radio operaTion by KeiTh SnniTh, Bob Han- son, and Neal Greenberg. Friday evening, Tollowing The game, There was usually a crowd oT ValleyiTes aT McDonald's, home oT The I5-cenT hamburger. Rock 'n' Roll, wiTh Fabian The king, was sfill The TavoriTe in dance music. For lisTening, BelaTonTe's Calypso and progressive iazz were popular. Carnegie I-lall resounded wiTh The Caribbean beaT oT "MaTil- da," and MinneapoliTans packed The audiTorium To see The KingsTon Trio give iTs second concerT oT Tolk music here. TwenTy-Tour seniors owned sTereos. Doubling was The Tashion in daTing, 54.50 The average daTe cosT. ATTer a show or dance, Valley- iTes visiTed Beek's, The Pizza Cellar, or The CaTe Espresso Tor pizza. Valley seniors named "A Sum- mer Place" Their TavoriTe movie, and Teenagers Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue Top sTars. When some TV quiz shows were Tound To be TraudulenT, The sophisTicaTed wesTern, designed To be waTched by adulTs, really kids aT hearT, became The rage. ValleyiTes chuckled over plans oT poker- playing Maverick broThers on Sunday and sTayed up laTe To waTch The unrehearsed Jack Parr Show. expressions of leisure ,..-qi LEISURE DOESNT START WHEN THE FINAL SCHOOL BELL RINGS' Nelfher coffee nor no dole pulls could Ireep Mary Johnson awake as she accldenfly slips info clreamland Mary 'IYPITIGS senior English siuclenfs who burned The nlgI1TlighTs sTucIy ing when Term papers were due ,........, - 1 5 Q Q iM.!".1sQ..-i K ,. ? N I -wi, 4. xx , 0 .. .. ai- 9 . L, ' X '-" , . 'YM 'Y ' .1 Q .. w , , c 1 - . '5 , L. Q . ' A HST' 4-J, u J? if , , I 6 .- . 'Iggy' ng n 2 S -' 5' lf , 1, Q5':f . ' iffi f ' fr ,:eY,,. J 4. Q4 X xE1w, Vg 2 Ju- -L, 45 'JA Q, ,, ,WM im, , . 2-ZH: lliw. . N - 1 .. 4 J., expressions of many kinds sometimes with a loud, colorful voice somet es th a qu et pen - , 1 A A im wi i I7 x.,, 4 .g-..5,a.-..we-.-.M , a.,,,...-nw - V- V W.- My f J vvawwu. , fu M. peopl individualit ,quaIity'education MORNING GREETINGS are offered +o Geraldine Rouzer, Sfephen Sahly, Krisfi Presfegaard, and Jol-in Dewey Breisch, principal, and Lucille Rosenow, superinlendent Bo+h find lime fo advise sfudenfs. in-...,,,' Beclrman by r . in ,A 13, 'Y . , L 4, kv Q 'fa 1 i, encouraged by administrators According fo Superinfendenf Lucille Rosenow, "Recognizing and developing fhe pofenfial individ- ualify of every sfudenf is fhe sfandard we wish fo achieve in educafion af Golden Valley. An under- sfanding feacher-sfudenf relafionship is a maior facfor in fhe effecfiveness of any school program: As we grow and mafure, we believe fhis will be happening fo an ever-increasing degree." Miss Rosenow was honored in Ocfober, I959, by fhe Minnesofa Educafion Associafion for her services fo fhe elemenfary school principals and presenfed wifh a plague. She was also awarded an honorary life membership in fhe Nafional Deparf- menf of Elemenfary School Principals by fhe Twin Cify Elemenfary Principals and Supervisors Asso- ciafion af fhe Knighfs and Ladies of fhe Hiclcory Sficlc Banguef. Along wifh his regular dufies as principal, Dewey Breisch affended a one-week convenfion of fhe Nafional Associafion of Secondary School princi- pals in Porfland, Oregon, and a one-weelc worlcshop of Minnesofa principals in Bemidii. l-le was elecfed secrefary-freasurer of fhe Minnesofa Valley Con- ference, an organizafion of adminisfrafors and de- parfmenf heads in fhe Valley Conference, and is a member of fhe local Opfimisf Club. There wasn'f a sfudenf who didn'f have an op- 'porfunify fo confer wifh Franlc Farrell, Valley's firsf guidance counsellor. In facf, a few had fiffeen in- ferviews which may have lasfed from fiffeen min- ufes fo fhree hours. ln defermining apfifude, abilify, and inferesf he adnninisfered fesfs including fhe Lorge-Thorndike lnfelligence Tesf, Differenfial Apfi- fude Tesf, ninfh grade Co-operafive Baffery Tesf, sophomore Iowa Educafional Developmenf Tesf, and fhe senior Iowa Tesf, in addifion fo individual IQ fesfs. Under fhe direcfion of Leland Gillogly, presidenf, members of fhe Golden Valley Educafional Asso- ciafion confinued promofing "qualify educafionf' gafhering for seven meefings in fheir fhird year. Disfinguished reporfer, lecfurer, and Golden Valley residenl' Carl Rowan spolce fo fhe Associafion on "ls Our American Family Decayingff' "Fosfering l-lealfhy Sfudenf-Teacher-Parenf Relafionshipn and foreign sfudy were discussed af ofher meefings. Alfhough Valley feachers are franfically busy dur- ing fhe school day, fhere was always occasion fo advise and give firne fo exfra-curricular school func- fions. Leisure fime for insfrucfors, however, is limifed, fhough Miss Mary Nefzinger found fime fo bowl a line befween correcfing fesfs and devising lesson plans for senior English, Bob Loclcwood allowed no indecision behind fhe plafe as umpire for fhe Val- ley Liffle League. Mrs. Armi Nelson planfed her garden, Mrs. Ella Lindberg pracficed fhe piano and Tom Benepe shof 69 on fhe golf linlcs. Mr. Gil- logly spenf his summer vacafion as Depufy As- sessor for fhe Village of Golden Valley. CONCENTRATING on fheir lasi' high school exams are college-conscious seniors, Colleen Heinsch and Roger Quisf, while Frank Farrell, guidance counsellor and social sfudies insfrucfor, digs fhrough his files searching for occupafional informafion. "REACH, STRETCH, PULL . '. . I-2-3-4." Mrs. Frances Finch leads one of her 'Four physical educa- lion classes. Mrs. Finch leads Valleyefles and GAA gv tongue-tied over language "lT WAS GREEK TO ME." Linguisfs Miss Eslelle Wahlslrand, Spanish, French, English: Mrs. Mildred Wivell, German: Mrs. Jo Ann Herring, English, iournalism, iunior class play, sophomore class adviser, Valley Viewer adviser. 22 "V ii Q'- 4 1 trio STRG-if ING In fi f E 'T , - fvewsurf' WHITE BUCKS ARE A FAVORITE wifh ins+ruc+or Tom Benepe. Clyde Rush Eng- Iish, social sfudies, sevenih grade adviser. Jerome Holewa: physical educafion, afhlefic direcior, ir. high baslrefball and assis+an+ foo+baII coach, eighfh grade adviser. Tom Benepe: science, biology, fooiball and fraclr coach, senior adviser. COMBINING INDUSTRIAL AND CREATIVE ARTS, Leland Gillogly fries his hand ai' mosaic worlr. Leland Gilloglyr indusfrial ar+s, carpenfry adviser, iunior class adviser. David Balmer: ar+, social siudies, eighih grade adviser. Tom Dahl, senior, shop supervisor. :ii THIS PICTURE MUST HAVE BEEN POSED since facully members seldom 'Find lime +o relax wilh a magazine. Roberf Loclcwood: plane geomefry, solid geomefry, rrigonomelry, physical educalion, baslcelball and baseball coach, sophomore class adviser. Walfon Welna: chemisfry, physics, higher algebra. Gerald Pefersonz English, social sludies, iunior high foolball coach, sevenlh grade adviser. Clark Kaplan: algebra, mafhemafics, junior high baslcelball coach, freshmen class adviser. teachers pla double role HISTORY-MINDED social sludies ins+ruc+ors Mrs. Ani+a Sfall and Waller Kimble lhumb lhrough reference malerials while Mrs. Evelyn Arends, librarian, aids Belh Schwarf-1, iunior, in selecfing a play. Mr. Kimble is also assisranl' baslzelball coach. 24 LAST MINUTE RUSH for ihe duplicalor lales place before exam week as inshucfors run off 'Final "inquisH'ions." Mrs. Ella Lindberg, mafhemarics, science, Junior Red Cross adviser, sevenrh grade adviser: Gail Slryberg, sophomore: Miss Mary Nei- zinger, English, speech, debafe, cheerleader coach, forensics, senior play, senior adviser, Mrs. Lorna Erdahl, home economics, English, eighlh grade adviser: Mrs. Armi Nelson, fyping, shorfhand, secrelarial praciice, accounling, Vilcinq adviser, 'Freshman adviser. ' t t' d d ' ' 1 49 rf"-L ' . , .we ' lx UNO! NO! NOT Dbm7! lT's Ciiidimf' William Anderson: music direcfor, band, choir. Mary Johnson, senior. 25 service staff of I2 keep INCESSANT INTERRUPTIONS, including phone, buzzer, and PA. sysfem, were a parf of Mrs. Esrher Berglund's daily roufine. Mrs. Margarel Sperry handled school board funds, payroll, and all money problems. Accounlani' Mrs. Sara Hauensfein leff 'lhe sfaff in May. Judy Cummer, freshman: Mrs. Hauens+ein: Mrs. Sperry, financial secrefaryg Mrs. Berglund, srudenl' record secrelaryq Judy Helland, freshma n. THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES Carroll Nelson Ed DeMars Head Engineer Clarence Holfz Cliff Bergs Waller Sfark and Harold Telzlaff Cusrodlan Clarence Sir-:Hon noi pucfured was hospufalnzed wlfh a broken leg Planhng I2 000 pines on fhe norih slopes was one of +he exfra 'obs underraken by 'Phe seven whose worlr varied from cufhng grass fo bufflng floors 26 u . u . . - n 1 u u I ' u 1 - r , . valley running smoothl Foriy pounds of peanur buffer per weelc and 200 pounds of polaloes for every meal malce up no ordinary grocery lisr. ll lakes a mounrain of food To salisfy 375 appeliles daily. ln order 'ro masfer 'lhe menu and meer rhe lime schedule, Three coolcs use a gianf 20-gallon mixer, a ZOO-pound capaci+y sfeam lable, Two nnonsfrous sfoves, a 38 by 54 inch oven, and an eleclric poralo peeler, which en-. aloles +wo people To peel and eye pofaloes for one GV meal in Jrwo hours. Afler handing our Jrardy passes 'ro sludenis every day for lhree years and supervising lunch riclcel' sales, Mrs. Esrher Berglund, secrelary +0 Mr. Breisch, lefr GV for a secreiarial posifion ai Orono high school. Sharing rhese official dufies is Miss Rose- now's secrerary, Mrs. Margarer Sperry, who also handles school financial accounfing. M , or ,,'-15.273 sw. my - -ws. . eifbg ,i "WE KNEW YOU WERE COMING so we baked a calre Mrs Dorothy Elmquisf Mrs Florence Hauschnldf and Mrs. Hazel Dawson, cooks, use fhe 20-gallon mixer in malung one of +hus years I60 school lunches Cooling one lunch for nearly 400 people means beginning meal preparahons ai' 7 30 am before sfudenfs arrive for school I+ all began back in l942. Thirry bouncing baby boys and rwenfy-five irresislible girls were born corn- plerely unaware and uninreresred in +he facr Thar in seyenleen shorl years lhey would be Togerher as a senior class plunging Jrhrough +ha+ lasl' year. ll wasndr so long ago lhar lhey bundled up and marched ol? for kindergarlen al Lalayerle and Bryn Mawr. Then rhey frolicked back lo Golden Valley's Meadowbrook Elemenlary School. These were 'rhe gay and giddy years ol "Are you on lhe girls' side or The boys?" 'll'rn gonna reporl' you To lhe prin- cipal!" and "Tomrny's golf a girl friend!" Those 'superiorw years of lhe 7+h and Slh grades included rhe lirsl dance for which rhey spenf a whole weeks class lime preparing: learning how ro dance: The hor campaigns lor srudenr council of- fices, which displayed banners like "Slay under Jrhe lolfy Elan," lJirn Elrnguisll' and lhe sober graduarion cerernony when all The girls cried. Then off lhey plowed ro Minneapolis' Jefferson Junior High, where rhey enioyed a year of educa- Yon in a slighlly dihferenl armosphere. Bu? lhe bell rang back in lhe new Golden Valley High School. HONOR STUDENTS Karen Johnsfon, Mary Fisher, Barb Hauge, and Keifh Smirh siarf one of +he many college enhance +es+s seniors encounferecl in 'rlneir lasi' weeks. class of '60 "WHO DO YOU THINK you are!" Mary Johnson remonsfrafes 'ro Dave Swans+rom, as Pefe Schrofh lis+ens affenfively during a Modern Problems class. Jag.. nat.. v1S""'1 " ,figkwwfltirir 3 til I f 1 " 1 1 f f f 1 'I 'r 1 1,1 Q4 4,411 ,A xx. 'iN-M lflug. I 3 PR. V' ap 0. 'Q 3 I' Q I ' It 5 mi' W -I 0 9 28 I -mffiq, 'fri 'atc RICHARD LEONARD ANDERSON lAndyl Foofball 2: Wresfling 2. JOYCE LEE ANDERSEN l-lov! numbers 55 FRED ALLEN BERENBERG lBergerl Foofball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, Lel- 1'ermen's Club 3. 41 Red Cross 2. CHARLES FREDERIC ANDERSON lCharlie Brownl Wresfling 2, 3, 43 Le'Hermen's Club 3, 4. JANET MARIE BOULEY lJanl GAA 2, 4: VV Circulafion Manager 3, Aclverlising Manager 4: DAR Award 4: Viking Depar+men+ Edifor 4: One-Ac'r Play 3: Choir 3, 4: Ten Llf+le lndlans cas? 4: Babysiller casl 3: German Club 3, 4: Sfudenf Council Secrefary 3: Red Cross 4. GAA 3, Viking Depar+men+ Edifor 47 Choir 3, 4: Tri-Tones 4. GERALD EMlL BRADEMAN lJebl Foo+ball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Wresfling 37 4: LeHermen's Club 3, 4: Choir 3, 4. RICHARD EARL BRUCKELMYER JAMES RUSSEL CARLSON lDickl lJiml W r e s l' l i n g 2, 3, LeHermen's Babysilfer cas? 3: Baseball 2: Wres- Club 3, 4. 'fling 2. JUDITH ANNE CARLSON lJudiel Choir 4: Viking Deparfmenl Edifor 4: VV Assisfanf Page Edifor 4: GAA 2, 4: Cheerleader 2: Red Cross Presidenf 4: Sfudeni' Council 2: One-Aci' Play 2: Tri-Tones 4: Ten LiH'le Indians casf 4. responsibilitie LORETTA GAlL DAVIS lLorrel M urer. JAMES MERLlN DENNESON lJiml men's Club 4. VV Adverfising Layoul' Chief 3: GAA 2: Red Cross 4: Viking Busi- ness Manager 4: Senior Class Treas- Foofball 4: Wresfling 2, 3, 4: Le'Her- THOMAS VINCENT DAHL lToml FooTball 2, 3, 4: Wresfling 2, 3, 4: LeTTermen's Club 3, 4: Red Cross 77 3: BabysiTTer casT 3: Shop Aicl 4: Junior Achievemenf 3. "KlLL THE UMPl" Leonard Langley seems To have aroused The concealed emofions of Mary Fisher and JaneT Gulsfrand in porTraying an exuberanT base- ball enThusiasT! lmprompfu panfomimes were parT of Speech ll acTiviTies. privilege mark s nior role BOB HANSON AND MITCH RAND are probably considering going back To 8Th grade mafh as They Tediously figure ou+ a problem The "easy" way. l-low are seniors differenT? FirsT, seniors musT seT good examples as leaders in The classroom and acTiviTy areas and esTablish good social sfandards for underclassmen To follow. The seniors iniTiaTe school spiriT, exTra-curricular parTicipaTion and gen- eral inTeresT in school and school worlc. As a reward for Their endeavors, special honors and evenTs are seT aside To go exclusively wiTh The role of being seniors. To The seniors go mosT of The high posiTions on publicaTion sTaffs and academic clubs. They are honored annually by underclassmen aT The spring prom, and To Them goes The coveTed privilege of going firsT in The lunch line. Being differenT is once again an advanTage as The enTire senior class enjoys a day away from The rigors of classes, homeworlc, and school acTiviTies. This special day is usually celebraTed wiTh a picnic by a peaceful lalce followed by a "rip-iT-up" class parTy. Professional porTraiTs, usually involving many re- Talces and appoinfmenfs aT The beauTy salon are posed To show The seniors aT Their dignified besf. BUT The climax of being seniors comes on graduaTion nighf when They are spoTlighTed and honored boTh as individuals and as a group. The lasT marlc of difference leaves The halls of Golden Valley quieT. They laclc The familiar hum of These busy people, when, aT The year's end, seniors are excused a weelc earlier Than The underclassmen. 3l Whal conslilules lhe lrosling ol lhe educalional cake? The aller school aclivilies: lhe combined ellorl ol lacully and sludenl body working loward goals such as winning alhlelic squads, lop-rale pub- licalions, an enriching musical program, and reward- ing academic clubs. This year seniors, underclassmen, and advisers have spenl counliess hours burning lhe nighl lighls lo meel deadlines. Some ol lhe main lime con- sumers were lhe senior class play, pulling lhe Valley Viewer lo "bed," and gelling Viking seclions lo lhe publisher on lime. ll was nol uncommon lo lind sludenls al school as lale as midnighl. Eighly per cenl ol lhe senior boys parlicipaled in loolball, baskelball, baseball, wreslling, or lrack. For lhe girls lhere was lencing, bowling, lennis, badminlon, or swimming. Golden Valley was lorlunale lo be hosl lo lhe 500 choir members ol lhe Valley Conlerence schools lor lhe annual choir conlesl on April 6. Debale and lorensics look speakers lo Dululh, Sl. Paul, Hopkins, and Bloominglon. The seniors decided early in January lo sponsor a carnival lo lool lhe expenses ol lheir Chicago lrip. The belorehand preparalions includedgz build- ing I3 boolhs, painling 20-yard banners, selling lickels, and solicilino prize donalions. ll was lhese long hours and hard work lhal made lhe l959-60 year an especially busy, exciling, pro- duclive, and happy one lor lhe seniors. KAREN JOHNSTON informs Denny Miller, "You loo can be a posler painler!" These poslers proved a big parl of publicily drives and were an oullel 'For originalily. niors toil a night 4 "PHILLlP, PHILLIP, I THOUGHT l'D KILLED YOU!" Sandy Greenfield and Chris Konlenakos re-enacl lhe climax of lhe senior class play, Ten Lillie Indians. JEAN MARJORlE ERlCSON Uenol Viking Co-Edilor 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Tri-Tones 47 Babysiller Casl 3: Ten Lillie Indians Casl 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club Secrelary-Treasurer 4: Junior Achievemenl Vice-Presidenl 3: Declam 3. "lT'S LATER THAN YOU THINK!" Roger Quisf, affer a busy clay's acfivllies cleparfs for home. lights burn MARY LOUISE FISHER Junior Class Secre+ary-Treasurer: GAA 2: Choir 2, 3, 4: Tri-Tones 4: German Club Secrefary 3, 4: Hon- or Sociefy 4: Babysilfer casl' 3: Red Cross 2, Vice-Presidenl' 4: Vice- Presiclenl 3, 4: Declam 3, 4: Deba+e 3, 4. JAMES RICHARD ELMOUIST lElmerl Foofball 2, 3, 4: Baslelball 2, 3, .5 Capfain 4: Baseball 2: Track 3, 4: W LeHermen's Club 3, 4: Home- coming AHenclan+ 4: Class Presi- clenl' 2, 4: Choir 4. PAUL LEONARD ERICKSON Foofball 4: LeHermen's Club 4. MARY JO FREDERICKSON Viking Circulafion Manager 4: VV Circulalion Manager 3: Choir 3, 4: Declam 3: German Club 3, 4. wa . ,WI JOSEPH RICHARD GEORGE lJoeyl Sophomore Class Treasurer: Junior Achievemenl 3: Foofball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, Capfain 4: Lefler- men's Club Vice-Presiclenl 3, 4. 1 JANET CAROL GULSTRAND German Club 3, 4: Ten Lillle ln- dians Sludenl Direclor 4: Declam 3, 47 Babysiller casl 3: Red Cross 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Twirler 2. KEITH SMITH GLANCES OVER one of his applicalions for college. Mosl college-bound seniors senl applicalions lo lwo or lhree schools. make college plan Decisions laced lhe 55 who were gradualed. Whal lo do? Seniors knew long hours ol sludy, lraining, and work lay ahead ol lhem as lhey passed lhrough lhe school doors lor lhe lasl lime. Work? lvlililary service? Business or lechnical school? College, and if so, large or small? And whal courses lo lake? Over 80 per cenl ol lhe seniors planned lo con- linue lheir educalion in a college, lrade school, or olher inslilulion ol learning. Twenly-lhree ol lhe 55 direcled lheir sleps loward advanced educalion al the Universily ol Minnesola. Anolher 9 ol lhe college-bound lavored small schools. The seniors spenl some ol lheir valuable lime lrowning over college boards, civil service, and ACT college en- lrance lesls, and laboriously lilling oul applicalion blanks. College maiors were a headache. "l guess llll decide my maior aller l've been lhere awhile." For many, rnililary service would have lo wail. For olhers, "Maybe l'll ioin ROTC when l gel lo college," And s+iIl olhers, said "The service is a valuable opporlunily lor learning." 35 ll was Hue niglul lor corncobs. luay bales, and pun - lcinsf il was Hue niglul Hue girls lurned Hue lables on Hue boys: il was Hue niglul Hue seniors brouglrul Dog- palclu lo Golden Valley. More Huan IOO sludenls danced lo Hue music ol Elvis Presley, Bill l-laley, and Jolunny lvlaHuis from 8 lo ll:3O pm. on November 6. Belween dances Huey dranlc pop and ale various lcinds ol cookies made by Hue senior girls. Tom Dalul, cluosen by Hue class lo acl Hue role ol Marryin' Sam, was lfepl busy all evening and brouglul nearly IOO per cenl ol Hue Dogpalclu couples lo Hne allar. Tlue winners ol Hue prize lor Hue besl coslume were decided by means ol a clapping vole aller jf DQ f Hue iudges, Tom Benepe and Franlc Farrell, selecled ,f - six couples lo compele. A lwo-way corncob pipe was awarded lo "Sheriff Bouleyf' Jan Bouley, and "Bummy," Denny Miller. Tlue close ol Hue dance lound seniors carrying Hue purnplcins, luay bales, and emply pop bolHes lo Hueir proper places, All was cleaned in lwenly minules, and Dogpalclu Counly vanislued unlil lime lor ils reappearance nexl' year, C'MON, MITCH, ASK HER. She won'+ bile! Milclu Rand. wiHu some molivaiion from Roger Quisl. muslers Hue courage lo aslz Jean Ericson lo Hue Valenline Dance. dogpatch provides fun JAN BOULEY AND DENNY MILLER STROLL from Hue Terrace Huealer affer enjoying a lypical evening ou'l'. From here Huey will probably go lo one of Hue pizza spols. MARY FRANCES JOHNSON GAA 43 Viking Deparlmenl' Edifor 4: VV Assisfanl' Page Edilor 4: De- clam 47 Junior Acluievemenf Sec- refary 3: Cluoir 45 Tri-Tones Accom- panisl' 41 Band 3, 4. cf ,u.Q4Q'LfM' COLLEEN DIANE HEINSCH GAA 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3: Red Cross 2: Twirler 2, 4: Homemaker Award and fund KAREN LOU ISE JOHNSTON GAA 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociefy 4: German Club 3, 4, Presidenf 3: Debaie 3, 4: VV Assisianf Page Edifor 4: Red Cross 2, 4: Secrefary Babysifler cas'f 3: Cheerleader 4: Viking WriI'er. JOHN DAVID HOLMES Foo+baII 4: DebaI'e 4: German Club Treasurer 4: Declam. 4. PHYLLIS KAPLAN IPhiII Spanish Club 4. CHRIST NICHOLAS KONTENAKOS IChrisI Class Vice-Presidenf 2, 3, 4: Prom Chairman 3: Foo'IbaII 2, 3: Track 3, 4: Baslrefball 2, 3, 4: LeHermen's Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Vilring Adverfising Manager 4. '45, JUDITH MARIE LANAK Uudil Choir 2, 3: Spanish Club 4 3 GAA 2. LEONARD REVAE LANGLEY lslceelsl One-Ac+ Play 2, 3: Babysiifer casf 3: Ten Liiile Indians cas'r 4:.Viking Publicify Manager 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Declam 3, 4: VV Business Manager 3, Sporis Edilor 4. JON STEVEN LIBRA llvesl Foofball Manager 3: Baskefball 2, 4: Wresfling 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: LeHermen's Club 3, 4. BARBARA JENNIE MATTSON lBobbil GAA 2: Viking Deparfmenii Eclifor 4: VV Business Manager 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: One-Acf Play 3: Twirler 2. 38 I 4, f fl . ?fg GERALD LYLE LARSEN lJerryl Fooiball Manager 3: LeHermen's Club 3, 4: Shop Aid 4. jobs pay for JIM ELMQUIST GAINS A NEW oufloolt on life a+ 'lhe maize-up boofh during fhe carnival. A,,,,..x. 17 3 I K' A x' wjx if 3 BOYD ALLEN LESTER Red Cross Vice-Presidenf 2: Choir 4g Ten Lillle Indians cas? 47 Track 3, 4: Foofball 2, 3, 4: Wresfling 2: Baseball 2: LeHermen's Club 3, 4: German Club 3, 4. "Why do I work? I need lhe money, I'hal's why!" Many a senior spenl aller school hours and week- end days Io raise money lo be used lor dales, clolhes, cars, and college. OF lhe 55 seniors, 27 held parl-lime jobs as nurses' aides, filling-slalion allendanls, secrelaries, clerks, and salesmen. Money, however, was nol always lhe main reason lor seeking employmenl. Boredom, need lor experience, and pure pleasure were olher reasons. To lhe queslion, "Doesn'+ working inlerlere wilh schoolwork and acIivi+ies?" mosl sludenls answered an emphalic "NoI" The average week lolaled bef lween I5 and 25 aller-school and week-end hours, and lell plenly of lime 'lor homework. Working did nol seem lo inlerlere wilh aclivilies, allhough aclivilies did seem lo inlerlere wilh working! Wilh many seniors, aulomobiles were a big ex- pense. Filleen seniors owned cars and many more had lrequenl use ol Ihe family car. Anolher big expense for lhe boys was 'frying lo scrape up enough money for week-end dales. As one senior boy exclaimed, "Even my car doesn'l cosl as much as Ihis daling business!" college, clothe , and cars 'vi' ""',A-,Q-, EIGHT OF THE "f:ELLAS" crowd around Joey George's car affer school. Tom Dahl, Pele Schrofh, Jim Denneson, Jim Elmquisf, and Boyd Lesier circumambulaie fhe Chev, which is 'fypical of 'Ihe Iransporfafion seniors own and drive. 39 A weallh ol lime consuming proiecls, assigned by lhe lacully, was unclerlaken by +he seniors, The Science Fair, supervised by Walron Welna. kepl senior physics sludenls busy winding wires and drawing diagrams. Early spring was a busy lime lor lhe seniors. lor mosl scholaslic oroiecls were assigned lhen. Miss Mary Nelzinger, senior English inslruclor. al- loled her sluclenis six seemingly shorl' weeks lor 'rhe research and complelion ol: lheir 'rerm papers. ln iournalism class Mrs. Jo Ann Herring assigned her sludenls a crilical analysis of an oulslanding melropolilan newspaper. This involved The reading of seven issues of a daily paper, as Jrhe New York Times, and reviewing ils wriling and lypography slyles. The final guarler also found bookkeeping sludenls selling up complele books lor an imaginary com- pany, and lhe conlinuous hum of sewing machines signified lhal lhe senior girls were busy working on lheir garmenls. Wilh lhe long hours required by lrhese proiecls, slaying up lale became guile lhe lad. "WHERE'S THAT SANDWICH?" Jucly Lanak searches for an obscure arficle before her nexi' class. "STEP RIGHT UP, PLACE YOUR BET." Kei+h l 40 Smilh doles ou+ a dollar 'lo lesl' Boyd Les+er's firsf place science fair physics proieci. eniors tackle PEN ELOPE JEAN PLASS lPennyl Choir 4: Viking Assisfanl Circula- iion Manager 4. projects PETER PAUL PRESTEGAARD lPefel Viking Co-Edilor 4: Choir 4: VV Sporfs Edifor 3: Columnis+ 3, 4: Ger- man Club 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3: Baseball 2, 3: Foofball 2, 3, Cap- 'lain 4: Baskefball 2, 3, Caplain 4: Le++ermen's Club 3, 4: Ten Lillie indians casf 4. DeANN ALOMA McALlSTER lDeel Viking Special Ediior 4: Choir 3, 4: Science Club 4. l DENNIS MICHAEL MILLER lDennyl Foo+ball 2, 3: Wreslling 2, 3: Track 2, 3: LeHermen's Club 3, 4: Choir 4. ROGER CARL OUIST lR09l Ten Lille Indians casf 4: Choir 4: German Club 4: Baskelball 2, 3: Foofball 2: Track 2, 3, 4. f f i k JANICE JEAN RAABE lRaabsl GAA 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Ger- man Club 2, 3: Homecoming Af- iendanf 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Viking Advertising Manager 4. ix ,fm dl! Ill, I KEITH ALAN RAHN Vilring Circulafion Assislanf 5 .,,, ,. y X 'dS'nn'X'hs LYNN MITCHELL RAND lMifchl Sophomore Class Secrefary: Choir 4: Viking Adverfising Layou+ Ecli- for 4: German Club 3, 4: Babysiller casf 35 Ten Lilfle Indians cas? 4: One-Acf Play 2: Science Club 4, Junior Aclwievemenf 4: S+amp Club 3. RICHARD McCLAlN ROSS IDiclcl Babysiller casf 3: Homecoming King 47 Sfuclenf Council Presidenf 4, Vice-Presidenf 3: Spanish Club 47 Choir 3, 4: Ten Lillle Indians cas? 4. niors uests at JUDITH CAROL CATHERINE SCHMIRLER lJudyl GAA 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: One-Ac+ Play 3, Babysiffer casf 3. PETER JOH N SCH ROTH Iscrafchl Choir 4: Ten Liflle Indians casl' 4: Junior Achievemenf 3: Shop Aid 4, Wreslling 2, 4: FOOIIDGII 2. 3. Capfain 41 Tracl: 3, 4: LeHermen's Club 3, Presidenl' 4. 42 X v I: V? Q LYNNE VAN SANT RUNCIE lRuncl VV Adverlising Layoul Chiel 4: German Club 3, Treasurer 3: GAA 2, 3: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 2, 3. may ball ANN SELENSKI and Phyllis Kaplan, Home Ec. sludenls, cooked everylhing from soup lo nuls and sewed everylhing from prinls lo plaids. fs , K K A ,M Jul. "EXCUSE MY ELBOWl" Heavy lralfic in lhe girls' lavalory malres beaulilying diflicull, as lhese seniors prepare for lheir nexl classes. There is a slrong associalion belween lhe words "money" and "May." Perhaps il's because lhe girls gel lhal old "prom leeling" aboul lhal lime. The big splurge comes one unexpecled day when Belly lrips merrily lo lown wilh big dreams ol pinlc lace and while ermine. Shop aller shop is lurned inside oul, discussion ol color, slyle, and price be- comes dismalg prospecls lade. Discouraged, Belly slumbles home wilh nolhing bul a pair ol aching leel. ll lalces her lwo weelcs lo linally lind lhe perlecl so dress. Bul lhis is only lhe beginning! Gloves, heels, linled nylons, jewelry, and an evening bag play an imporlanl parl in lhis ensemble. She's iusl aboul sel lor a wonderlul evening . . . now lo lind a dalel Good old Belly can sure lurn on lhe charm when lhere's S55 al slalcel ll isn'l long belore lhal bashlul, blubbering, baseball waler- boy blurls oul his invilalion, and Belly accepls. Who cares whal he loolcs lilce? He drives a Cadillac converll The big day arrives. and bashlul Billy is aboul lo piclc her up, "l.el's see-gol a haircul, washed lhe car, lound a lovely corsage lalways did like snapdragonsl, renled a lux, gol money lor dinner allerwardsf' Oops! Forgol lo brush his leelhl All lhe way over lo piclc her up, Bill lceeps wonder- ing iFsl1e's worlh lhe S40 he's spending on her. Oh well, il's dad's money anyway. She comes lo lhe door aller being recrealed al lhe hairdressers anolher Sb. He swallows hard, lalces her hand. and leads her lo lhe wailing car- riage. l-le is lhe prince, she is Cinderella, and lhey're oll lo lhe ball. 43 SISOO was blown by lhe seniors in iusl lhree days when 'rhey climaxed lhe year wilh a Jrrip 'ro Chicago. Throughoul The year lhey worlced loward lhis goal. The Sadie Hawlcins Dance provided lhem wilh 54425, lo give lhe lreasury ils lirsl boosl. Decora- lions in lhe Dogpalch rnolif were available al' law cosl, so expenses were low. For 'lhe nominal sum oi 25 cenls Dogpalch couples could be married- un+il I2 o'cloclc al leasf. More warnpum, lo lhe bear of Sl87.66 beads. was broughl' in by "Ten Lillle Indians," liavorile braves ol 'rhe senior class. Chief's liclcels for lhe class play could be had for a dollar and liclcels for papooses were available ai' fifly cerrls. As a service lo lhe school, "Carole ol 'rhe Bells" was sponsored by lhe seniors. The Chrislrnas dance nelled 59.58. The big money-malcer ol lhe year was Jrhe spring carnival, which broughl in over SISOO and provided a full day ol fun for youngslers, oldslers, and sen- iors, loo. 17 If ff SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Barb Hauge, Secrefary: Jim Elmquisf, Presidenh LoreHa Davis, Treasurer: and Chris? Konfenalros, Vice-Presidenl' discuss commencemenf plans wifh Tom Benepe, adviser. c ass eyes wind MARVIN AM BROSE SOCH ER lSoclreyel Baslrerball 2 3 4' Baseball 2 3 Caprain. All-Cdnfeience 4: Lelifer: LEE MARIE SVENSSON men's Club 3' 4. Spanish Club 4: Declam 3. city trip JAMES KEVIN SWATOSH Swell Choir 4 N1 ANN ROY SELENSKI Viking Assisfanf Business Manager 4: Choir 2, 4: Declam 3. KEITH BRIAN SMITH Foo+baII 2: Honor Sociely 4: Viking Plxolographer 4: VV Pholographer 3, 4: Band 3, 4: One-Acl Play 2: Science Club Presidenl' 4: Junior Achievemenl 3. ROGER DAVID SWANSTROM lDavel VV Adveriising Manager 3: Choir 4: German Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Track 4: Foo+baIl 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3: Le'Hermen's Club 3, 4: Science Club 4: Ten Lillie Indians casl' 4. KATHERINE EMILY JANE WILSON lKall1yl GAA 2, 3, 4: Sludenf Council 2: VV Adver+ising Manager 4: Declam 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: German Club 3: Red Cross 2, Vice-Presiclenl' 3: One-Acf Play 2: Babysifler cas+ 3: Tri-Tones 4. juniors s II, act, decorate Barbara Anderson Marsha Beslxe The I959-60 juniors became seniors wiTh SIOO and a well-rounded experience in class acTiviTies. The annual magazine sale held prioriTy on The money-making projecTs. l-leld in OcTober, iT grossed abouT 5350. The TirsT homecoming Tor Golden Valley sTudenTs and alumni was sponsored OcTober 8, l959, by The junior class. EsTablishing a TradiTion aT Valley re- quired long hours devoTed To preparaTion Tor This evenT. PennanTs and homecoming buTTons were sold, The caTeTorium was lavishly decorafed in brown and gold, a live band was hired, and a Tormal coronaTion planned. FooTball games Tound The class TranTically dis- pensing popcorn, pop, and candy To The hungry crowd To add To The Till. "January Thaw," a comedy direcTed by Mrs. Jo Ann Herring, was presenTed by The junior class on April 5, I96O. ToTal amounT derived Trom The pro- ducTion was SI75, enough To compleTe The prom Treasury and give The class a suTTicienT sTarT 'Tor The coming senior year. The biggesT evenT of The year was The Thousand- dollar juniorrsenior prom, "Lilac Rhapsody," held on Friday, The l3Th of May. The eTTorTs oT The en- Tire class broughT an old souThern aTmosphere To The WayzaTa CounTry Club, predominaTely carried ouT wiTh lilacs. Dinner was served and dancing be- gan aT 8:3O To The mood music oT William PeTerson's band. Fred Bills Larry Dazenski KaThryn Felf Jack Frandle John Gibbons Dianne Borcherf Dale Enhelder Michael Flanagan Richard George Marcia Greenfield .9'9"'s,. E' ff' if 'Q-vw ,334 'TN' -Q ,I K S ibm 1 . f J , gf2?iss 25,55 if 2 4 M tj fa? X Pa+ricia Johnson Daniel Kane Sharon Kulenlramp Griffifh McAuliffe Vicki Johnson William Kuhlmann Janice Lafsha Roberf McCabe Janice Holslen Kevin McCaffrey Judi+h Hulfgren James McLeod MR. GILLOGLY SEEMS PLEASED, surrounded by +he all-girl group of iunior class officers: Barb Anderson, vice president Sue Os+roo+, ireasurerg Marsha Beslre, secrefaryg and Belh Schwarh. president as lhey approach him wilh plans of holding fhe prom af fhe Wayiaia Counfry Club. 47 fx 'l'1'l"'Y Us 4e"""F' g"f3?6w 'fs ww' ,pm-Q 6. 'CZ' 5 7X 'D- 71 'er' WW .ibvv-1,95 Y'-J U..-av, Sarah Noble Grani' Peferson David Road Susan Oshooi William Proffiff John Rosholf Sl'ePl19n P'3WlCYn Philip R5-359 Geraldine Rouzer Avis Pel'el'SOn Lane Reynolds Barbara Rowan Douglas McNeil Andrea Marlrs Blair Merwin Janice Nichols 48 William Scheffler Linda Schoumalxer Eliiabefh Schwariz Cynlhia Shafluclr James Sidwell Michelle Slonine Marilyn Smifh Rober+ Socher 9' .gn X Q Y Pefer S+aH' Judifh Thorness Charlene Wenle David Wigren James Z4-115+ Ronald Thole Wade Turner Roberl Wigeslrand Bruce Ziegler "thaw" brings prom lilac ANOTHER BIRTHDAY. ANOTHER CAKE. This lime i'f's Michelle Slonine receiving lsesl' wishes from classmafes Sharon Kulenlcamp and Linda Schoumalrer. "COME ON, YOU GUYS!" Slave Sally Noble pleads for mercy from Sieve Pawlcyn, Larry Dazenslri, Jim McLeod, Dave Wigren and Dale Enhelder, five of her nine mas+ers during Red Cross "Slave Day." 49 soph bi ect and dissect Eric Aanenson John Beckman Jerry Boschee Jill Bryanf eel, Richard Carlson Ellen Chesfer "Eelc! lT's alive!" "l-low do you do This problem?" These are remarlcs heard oTTen in Typical sophomore biology and geomeTry classes. Rare is The dissecTing day wiThouT a Tew screams Trom The biology room. Bob Loclcwood's appropriaTe carToon slceTches on The Friday quizzes highlighT geomeTry class. The sophomore class oT i959-60 sponsored iTs TirsT dance, "Cupid's Capers," on February II. To highlighT The evening, "Cupid's Couple" and The "King and Queen oT l'learTs" were chosen. WiTh a proTiT oT 523, This venTure proved a successTul one. They had a Toboggan parTy aT Theodore WirTh Parlc in early January. ATTended by approximaTely TorTy people, The parTy was chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Loclcwood and Mr. and Mrs. James Herring. They Toolc a bus Trorn The school, Tobog- gans and all, over To The snowy WirTh slopes. Everybody seemed To have The Time oT his life, including The chaperons. ATTer The Tobogganing, all reTurned To school Tor hoT cocoa and inTormal dancing. The Third acTiviTy oT The class, sponsoring Tour concession sTands during The baslceTball season, proved worThwhile, wiTh a proTiT ol: 58405. These proiecTs, TogeTher wiTh The dues oT The class members, helped The. sophomores prepare Tor nexT year, when Their major concern becomes The annual spring prom. Clinfon Ewald Cefhie Finch Maurice ChrisTensen 5fePl'lef1 Dahl Suzanne Crowder SUSGI1 Davis lf' LQ-A Ji' 'G' - ef" f" - - Y G, ',, , --lv dh :ii ,,,, ' .fl Af 4 1, .1 I ., F, F em ik' , ferr' 'Q 'A A X f fy, I A Kafhlyn Fisher David Garven Ru+h Gaudeife Elaine Hari Mariorie Hoines Barbara Frandle Barbara Galely Jean Gulsfrand Sharon Hill Phyllis Horne Thomas Hoy Boniia Johnson "IT'S HALF PAST ARIES!" Linda O'DeII. "ICH BIN EIN GUTES MADCHEN," begins Chrisfine Peferson as she per Barry Sfeinman consfrucied +he clock. fecfs her German wifh Ihe help of a Iape recorder operafed by Jim Jones. 5" DX Tx SI gr . 'L s,, . var. -snags' qaisiwvw le 4? img lis- Q W A T q T .4 E v'N",' is R A ' TW Roberf Larson Maridee Ludford Margaref Lindberg Charles McCann Bruce Lindsey Erland Maki James Jones Anne Knickerbocker Leslie Korsh 1 - ,L 'S ' z 1 M sz his. Lia Q . -L. 1 3 .. . .Jw 1. ' . Y nf' Jay Marlin Linda O'Delr Pafricia Parlin M'-N. Ns 1 Q A T., , T A, 'n I i or fs. L, . 'fi n 1 if Chrisiine Peferson Thomas Robinson Sfephen Sahly Qs, "WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO!" Cafhie Finch poses wifh 'rhree of +he proiecls on Julius Caesar. These were made by Mrs. Jo Anne Herring's sophomore English class in connec- 'rion wi+h a sludy of Rome and Roman life. 52 "Six fs yy- in Gail Skyberg Dayne Smifh 'VTQW P -1 . ,a .fi ef.: A "" if K' K ' 5 at f i is 'Q ,Jw I .: 1 -W 1 x Q t xi f X' x l ' 3 Dana Sieiner Donald Swansirom Judy Volkenanf S+epl'1en Woehrle Thomas Ylvisaker Barry Steinman Jean Thomas David Wei-terlind Ronald Wolff Catherine Yunlcer tenth grade meets eaesar SOPHOMORE OFFICERS, Paffy Parlin, vice presidenfg Judy Vollrenant secretary: and Steve Woehrle, president, begin anoyfher executive day. Treasurer Maury Christensen was absent. frosh "express" them elves To lhe class of '63 goes lhe dislinclion of being The lirsl class lhal will complele all six years in Golden Valley l-ligh School. This ambilious class has saved S275 for fulure use. To help organize lheir money-malcing aclivilies 'fhey had lhe willing and slrong assislance of lheir 'rhrilly advisers, Mrs. Armi Nelson and Clarlc Kaplan, as well as Jrhe able leadership ol 'rheir class officers. Two balce sales were among 'rhese aclivilries. Woven around 'rhe lasl viclorious baslcelball game were a fresh- man-sponsored pep fesl and sock hop. All worlq and no play would cerlainly malce a class dull, so 'rhey conducled a Bealnilc Parly lo express lheir inner spirils. Laler, 'rhey had a "normal" parly lo please lheir "normal" classmales. The members of lhe freshman class also believe in worlcing foward high academic goals. Three of lheir members, Leslie lvlilchell, Marnie lvlellberg, and Judy Koch, received red ribbons signifying honor- able menlion al' rhe Regional Science Fair. Jeff McLeod is ialcing a correspondence course in malh- emalics as lhe resull of being one of lhe lop 300 freshman malh sludenls in Tour slales. lrene Balfanz Dean Bouley JoAnne Bruclrelmyer Gayle Coughlin Karl Enghauser Jeffrey Ericson Lynn Bellalr Susan Briggs Jinx Bryan? Judy Cummer Paul Enghauser Margarel' Flanders W0 1, LM I p 1 l ' "" ' - ws- fr 1 g V w '55, in Ju' x J pf Q , J Mary Giebenhain John Griffi+h Barbara Hanson Judifh He+land Theresa Gomsrud Edgar Hall Frederick Hass T, W, Johnson smirk 'L Judifh Koch Jeffrey McLeod Kafhleen Larson Claude Maxwell "LlKE, MY HEART GOES BEAT, 'cause you're so nea+!!" Sfub Svensson, Joan Raabe, Lynn Bellalr, Karl Enghauser, S'reve Rosholl, Fred Hass, Jim Raabe, and Judy Koch, "express" +hemselves af 'the freshman bea+nilr dance. 'iz Marg . ,LW 55 fi N 1,7 FS We ' mrwgmwm wi ' E Leslie MH-chell Gerald Pefers Joan Raabe Chrisfine Rogers Slephen Roshol+ Morgan Nelson James Raabe Gail Robinson Terry Rosengren Geraldine Sax Marna Mellberg James Miller C ass of '63 numbers 45 PRESIDENT MORGAN NELSON chicles lreasurer Befln Schiefelbein on her "mone+ary imbalance." Secrefary Marnie Mellberg and vice-presidenl Paul Enghauser W V supporl Morgan's +l'1eory. 56 47"- W? Elizabefh Schiefelbein Judi Schrofh Dary Sheehy Nancy Sfaif Susan T"lPP Karen Socher Paul Svensson INTELLECTUAL FRESHMEN, Susan Tripp, Terry Rosengren, Margaref Flanders, and JoAnn Bruckel myer scan fhe reference shelves of +he library in +he hope of finding informalion for proiecfs. 57 Sth graders observe stars Two Tull years oT iunior high school liTe gave The eighTh grade a TasTe OT whaT was To come in The TuTure. Under The leadership oT iTs class oTTicers and advisers, Mrs. Lorna Erdahl and David Balcer, The class underToolc many acTiviTies. The magazine drive was The only money-malcing proiecT oT The year. The sTudenTs earned a ToTal oT SI3538, which compleTed The drive and even ex- ceeded The sales oT The iunior class. The sTudenTs Tound OperaTion SlcywaTch To be The mosT ouTsTanding acTiviTy oT The year. The members oT Tom Benepe's science class waTched The sTars aT Tour in The morning, aTTer which They lorealcTasTed aT PeTer Myhre's house. The class parTy and The visiT To The Grain Exe change by Mrs. Ella Lindberg's maTh class helped pave The way Tor TuTure acTiviTies oT The class. Gary Aanenson John Addison William Adolfson Merry Alberf Roger Anderson Lois Bills William Borcher+ Janef Boschee Darrell Brown Paul Burda Thomas Burns Eileen Carlson Michael Carroll Alison Couffs Sfeven Dazensli David Denneson 58 X 'STN F' - urs TEL. A:-:Lf A E - A W., ,. F ifi' ' '. i .' - ,K 84 Jean DeVilliers Timolhy Ewald Timoflay Flanagan Carol Halluslra Mary Heighs+ed+ Gregory Homzilc Donald Dickey Harold Fahrendorff Marilyn Follr Mary Hari' Timoflny Helgesen Janice Horne Lesfer Erickson Marilyn Fallcers Be+'ry Fredericlrson Jerald Hauschildf Sandra Hill Roberf Hosieiler Paul Huligren FUTURE ARTISTS OF AMERICA? Arf direcfor David Baker gives CUTE. INST HE7. Alison .CouHs ami Jean DeVilliers individual a+'ren+ion fo pupils in cons+ruciion of mosaics. Show OH 9'9" Camne Cfeiiloni made 'N Eff Clisi- 59 -5:9 1 J as: i:.'ff:2-H x 'C 1 I if ' WM4 spar inf A -wx ai' .!y1gf j, j f Wa, ak 'f' ywfw i Jon Lang Richard Langley Renae Larson Mary Leach Rober+ Leigh+on Gerald Johannes S+ephanie Korney Paul Kubic John Kulenlramp Slephen Lanalc 4 'L- Nancy Lindberg Barbara Lindsey Kenf Ludford Joy Lundquisf Thomas McAuliffe H 53 ,-'1":wi, f-:Qi -. - . .4 5 315 ,E-1, -ar W' 1- "Q x -4 ,g: ,a1 5 , , L ,A 3 1' X ,,,a.,: X .M ii 5 W e x ..,, r ra ., sa , 157 Jeanne McCabe Donald McNeil Jo Anne Mariucci Richard Merwin Rober+ Merwin 60 . .r 4 Ka+hie Milruclri Nancy Moe Judd Nelson Carol Miller Michael Murphy Bruce Nichols David Miller Linda Murray Pairicia O'Brier Margaret Mifchell Pefer Myhre Gregory Parmelee Maureen Mifchell Carol Nafsfad Jerald Peferson f f ty, ,,,.4-1 y if . A A Q' , I M grsfriw ' TY? waz,-'if T 'ff' N i V A in F .. , Vg Q 5 A' J J ll' I if l,n'm 5 l!'r-ag, JN '.- "" I I 'A Q f ' l J ga-, 2 ,I Af, .J WE he. ' V L,,1' Q David Yingsi Mary Ann Yingsl' Krisii Presfegaard James Selenslci Neil Smilh Todd Tree John Twomey .Susan Walch Margarei' ProHiH' Mariorie Serr Michael Swanson Laura Turner Charles Tyler Karen Wis'l'i Donald Schiefelbein Rober+ Shapiro Judy Tourville magazin a es total SIS 35 STRIKING AN INFORMAL POSE are lhe eighfh grade of- ficers, Bob Shapiro, ireasurerg Janef Boschee, secreiaryp Kafhie Milzuclri, vice-president Jean DeVilliers, president th grade swin s into step Sevenlh grade meanl' for sevenly-six sludenfs 'rhe all imporlanl slep from grade school lo junior high. Loclcer combinalions and splil levels proved con- fusing +o 'rhe newcomers. Advisers, Mrs. Ella Lind- berg, Clyde Rust and Gerald Pelerson acquainled lhe sfudenls wilh lhe heclic schedule ol high school life. The beginning of junior high also meanl lhe com- mencemenl of parlicipalion in exlra-curricular acliv- ilies. The pep lesls were special lavoriles. The lirsl class parly of lhe year was enlilled "Winler Wonderland." Seasonal icicles, snowflakes, and dancing snowmen decoraled The walls of 'rhe cafelorium. An inslrumenlal solo and panlomime acls, performed by members ol lhe class of '65, supplemenled The evening's aclivilies. Pop and polalo chips were enjoyed by all lhe hungry al- lendanls. The evening's profil ol S2I.l5 will be saved for lhe junior and senior years. This, lhe youngesl class ol The school, is rapidly gaining savoir-faire. Margarel' Anderson Roberf Anderson Sharon Becker Wayne Beslre Janel Bills Richard Bolrovoy Sharon Bowman Carol Brademan Donna Bruclzelmyer JoAnne Carlson Sandra Carlson Anne Clarlr Susan Cooper William Crowder Linda Cummer Timofhy Dahl l y y TW J la DuWayne Darnell Jeffrey Farnam Gregory Greenfield Mary Jo Heinsch Elaine Docllen S+even Gauclelfe Roger Haar Linda Hill Diane Engleberi' Lance Green Cynfhia Hall Wayne Jeppesen aff' T X E 'W James Johnson Ken? Johnson Kirlr Johnson Linda Jorgenson Nancy Kari THE SEVENTH GRADER seems fo impress one as a "los+ individual" in fhe SANDY LESTER proudly displays her "Fepsoden+" senior high. Piciured Iefi' +o right Dick Pefers, Sandra Troup, Wayne Beske, Smile, UPON Winninq fhifd Place in H19 Sdence Roger Haar, Sandra Carlson and Nancy Kari porfray an air of confidence. Fair wifh her eXPeflme'1f5 on +00+hP'35fe C'-lllufes' , ' iff g -7. Q51 w A gromcrug p 5 Q - ,W .1 hx- 63 Sfephen Lang Barbara Lee Sandra Les+er Thomas Koch Joseph Koelfgen Richard Koeneman X Linda Marlin James McCabe '.,, f WM 4 . -m f' 5-H' I v k:...,.,, I I . -". j. fgfgif 3, , 2: A -'Q ' Julie Milcuclri Eileen Murphy Gerald Nordley Karen Olslen Bruce Mixer Harry Nelson Kim Noren Rclberf Osfroof Mark Moilanen Kafherine Norby Rebecca Olson Richard Pe+ers Marilyn McManus norby wins sp Ilin honor SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS, Jim Russell, presidenh Diane Engleberf, secrelary Julie Milruclri, vice-presidenf and Bob Oslroof, heasurer: pose on 'l'he second level hall. 64 ff-1'9'ar vin 1' -if in X . x lui. f4 xW, Sandra Robinson Mary Rouzer James Russell David Sand Daniel Sandell Richard Safhre Michael Schulz Karen Sioquisf Walfer Sfeiner Warren Sfeiner Bruce Swanberg Barbara Thole 41 Pafricia Tree Sandra Troup Thomas Tyler wriii fyf if - u- -, ss.- pmw-5' ,234 2:I5QgtA,n-r -. ,ltr fyif y N' Yffiivfsjii Marcia Vollrenanf Ann Waliers Gail Wirh Susan Wrighf Donald Yunlrer MR. PETERSON APPEARS CONTENT in canvassing his vocabulary lisl' 'ro slump sevenfh grade spelling bee winners: Margaref Anderson, Diane Engleberf, Marcia Volltenanf, and Karhy Norby. Kafhy won lop honor. 65 special events HOMECOMING ROYALTY garher for a formal "family porfrai+." Queen Barb Hauge and King Dick Ross are sur- rounded by aifendanfs, lcloclr- wisel Avis Peferson, Tom Ylvi- salrer, Cafhie Finch, Jim Elm- quisf, Jaclr Rosholf, Joan Raabe, and Janice Raabe. Noi' piciured is Slrip Hall. homecoming royally accepted Buiions proclaimed "Burn Burnsville!" buf any burning desire fhe Vilcings may have had was ex- Tinguished as Golden Valley was lopped 38 io 7 al ihe iirsl homecoming game. Rainy weaiher didn? seem 'ro dampen 'loo many spirils, however, ai lhe olher junior-sponsored lesiiv- iries on Oclober 2. l-lighlighi of Valley l-ligh's iirsl homecoming dance was ihe crowning oi Queen Barbara l-lauge and King Diclc Ross by Carol Waliers and Tom Leach, alumni oliiicers ol l959. lvi.C. Leonard Lan f ley opened +he coronalrion ceremonies by impericaii decree, calling iorih +he members of lhe royal iam- ily's courl. Homecoming candidaies were nomin- aled by lhe looiball Jream and choiri and winners were elecred by senior high sludenis. A cardboard Viking head dominaled one wail of lhe brown-and-gold decoraled caielorium lo form a baclcdrop for ihe l3O siudenis and alumni who aflended lhe dance. l-lal Garyen's band salis- fied reguesis from The crowd for college rousers. Chairman Wade Turner reporied sale of buiions and Dennanis and dance proliis boosied The prom fund ro SI63, seniors sponsor shindig UNDER THE SCRUTINIZING EYE of Dr. Gordon Lesfer, Barb Hauge and Dave Swansfrom s+re'lcl'1 fiffeen cen+s fo 'lbe limif af lhe senior sponsored carnival. Wirh +he help of parenis, and Tom Benepe's diredion, fbe class s+ruck up a success ro fhe 'tune of SISOO-price of a Chicago +rip. "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY." Jan Bouley, parf-'rime hof dog hosiess, and friend clown 'lake a brealr from lheir dufies fo enioy +he carnival. -:SSO Xe' ' U D O . 0 f ...'1' 1 L' -'it 9 .l..l., "x fl' "YOU MEAN I GET ALL THIS FOR ONLY A DIME?" Fred Berenberg sfepped on +he lucky number af 'rhe cake wallr, one of +l1e carnival's big- ges+ money-makers. Clown Barb MaHson presenis his ireasure before refurning io her walking-ad iob. , I Z Rx 69 GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY7 Judie Carlson por'l'raying Mrs. Rogers, +l1e maid, fainls affer being accused of murder. Oflwer casl members are, sfandingz Boyd Lesfer, Fefe Presfegaard, Leonard Langley, Diclr Ross, Dave Swansfrom, Pele Scl'1ro+l1, Jean Ericson, Roger Quisf, Jane? Bouley, lrneeling. Cas? member Mifch Rand is no? picfured. "Ten Lirlle Indian boys going our ro dine. One AWAITING H ER EN- we-nl and cholced his lillle sell and Then 'rhere were TRANCE as prudish Emily ninefl No, Direclor Mary Nelzinger didn'+ choke Bfenf- Jean EYFCSOH SUYVSYS herself, buf she did weigh in seven pounds lighler on slage Ballon' eller lhe senior class presenied "Ten Lillle Indians." Double casling was used for rhe iiirsi lime in lhe lwo-nighl performances ol The Agalha Chrislie rnysrery on November I7 and I9. Sandy Greenf field and Chrisr Konrenalcos and Jan Bouley wi+h Dick Ross were casi' as leads in lhe phanlasmagorie ol clues, explanalions, suspicions, and lerror. P r 1 sf l X 'Ka ONE BREEZY NIGHT IN APRIL, "January ThaFw" warmed 'rhe hear+s of Valleyifes wi+h sparlrling humor. The cas? consisfed of, lrneeling: Kafhy Fell, Dianne Borcherf, Marcia Greenfield. Siifingz S+uden+ Direcior Jan Laisha, Kevin McCaffrey, Befh Schwarh, Marilyn Smiih, Barb Anderson, Fred Bills, Jaclr Rosholr, Dan Kane, Bill Pro'F'FiH', Pele S+aH, Doug McNeil, Wade Turner. indian summer precedes tha Whai happens when a modern American family and an old fashioned New England couple are 'forced lo live in lhe same house? Oi course ihere's bound lo be iriciion when lhe old couple lDoug McNeil and Marilyn Smilhl refuse To accepi mode ern "inconveniences" and Mr. and Mrs. Gage lWade Turner and Kaihy Felll iusl as siaunchly refuse lo change lheir modern way ol life. AFTER CURTAIN CALL Judie Carlson Dave Swansfrom s+uden+ direcior Jane+ Gulsirand and Mulch Rand erase middle age lines 7I The iuniors 'Found lhai Jrhis silualion produced rnany laughs when ihey presenled ihe comedy, "January Thaw," under lhe direclion oi Mrs. Jo Ann Herring and sludeni direcior, Jan Laisha on April 5. The produclion neiied SISO for lhe iunior class. As lhe play progressed and incidenls mounied. ii loolced lilce cornplele disasler. l-lowever, in ihe ending all is happily solved as loolh iamilies "+haw." AS A STRUGGLING AUTHOR, Wade Turner led in Bellamy Par+ridge's comedy, 'Firsf produced on Broadway by Milre Todd. .xx he "JUST SINGIN' IN THE SNOW." Choir members fairing +I1e pari' of gay s+ree'r- corner carolers are'Boyd Lesfer, Fefe Presfe- gaard, Dianne Borcheri. Jim Elmquisf, Barb Anderson, Dave Swansfrom, and Linda Schoumaker. "l.e'I ii snow, lei ii snow, lei' ii snow." Feaihery plasfic snow, as if siiied around a I'aII sireei lamp, and choir and band members garbed in wool scarves helped change ihe high school gymnasium in'ro a "Win+er Wonderland." The Chrisimas pag- ean'r, presenied by Ihe grade and high schools on December IO, was viewed by over IOOO speciaiors. Fii+h and sixih graders, led by Mrs. Berneiie Engquisi, sang iwo-and Three-pari' music from ihe "SIory oi Sileni NighI'." Mr. William Anderson, band and choir direcior, ihen led his carolers and musicians in iavoriie Chrisimas carols. As Ihe musicians performed, The sporlighi followed sevenih ihrough Ienih grade girls, under Ihe direciion of Mrs. Frances Finch, as 'Ihey inierpreied Ihe music. Sevenih grade girls glided Io "SIca+er's Walizf' The eighih grade girls, disguised as reindeer, accompanied Ihe band and choir in "Rudolph ihe Red-Nosed Reindeer." Freshman and sophomore girls danced Io "Silver Bells" and "Win- Ier Wonderland." Blue and silver bells sparlcled in 'rhe high school caieiorium December I2, as sixiy couples danced io Ihe music of Darrel Nicholson's five-piece band al "Carole oi 'rhe Bells." The annual semi-formal dance, sponsored by Ihe senior class as a service proieci, proiiied SI3.5O. Senior girls speni Ihe nigh'r before over a "hoI sIove" preparing holiday sandwiches for Ihe ball. Lime sherbei' punch added a iouch oi seasonal gaieiy 'Io Ihe reireshmenis. A giani replica oi his sleigh and eighi' Iiny rein- deer driven by a iovial Sain? Niclc was Ihe dominani ieaiure oi 'rhe holiday aimosphere. Iniermission en- 'reriainmeni was provided by ihe Tri-Tones. pageant witnessed by I0O0 RIVALS OF RUDOLPH, Nancy Lindberg, BeHy Fredericlxson. Janef Boschee, Ka+I1y Mikucki, Pa+ O'Brien, Eileen Carlson, and Jean DeViIIiers anficipaie SanI'a's appearance. The girls wore back-inferesi' bows hidden under Iheir shori fel? slrirfs. CHRISTMAS "Silver Bells " v 1 ,f- 1 . , X 1-1 SHOPPERS DANCED fo fhe fune of GLIDING TO "SKATERS' WALTZ," sevenlh graders lslandingl Sandy The are freshmen Mar Giebenhain Lesler and Carol Brademan lsiffingl Marcia Vollrenanl' Nancy Kari Ann - Y Y I I i I Leslie Milclwell, Judy Cummer, Barb Hanson, and Walfers and Julie Milruclri execu+ed an inlerprefive modern dance. Judy Helland. silver bells deck the h ll "'-.!' L., . r "NO, SILLY, HE COMES DOWN THE CHIMNEYI' Siffing ouf a number al 'lhe dance, Mary Jo Fredericlson pafienlly explains Sanla Claus' melliods lo Kei+l1 Ralwn. "Carole of flue Bells" climaxed GV's Clwfislmas aclivilies. 73 gyvv Q U ENTHUSIASTIC DANCERS waif for ihe lasi balloon 'Io fall, hoping ii' mighl' conlain a record cerfificafe. The magic slreamer 'lhaf released +he balloons was pulled by Cupid's Couple. Barb Anderson and Pefe Presfegaard, +he fourieenfh fwosome fo buy 'rheir ficlrefs. The Soph- omore's firsf dance, "Cupid's Capers," was held on February II and neffed S23.05. "CUPlD'S CAPERSH ROYALTY, Ja-n Bouiey and Denny Miller, share ihe dancing spoflighf a'H'er +heir an- nouncemenf as king and queen by M. C. Maury Chris+ensen. coupl caper 4 gf A gi X , f - W "HERE, TRY A GREEN ONE." Mifch Rand, Sharon Kulenlcamp, Pefe Schrofh, and Charlene Wenie willingly sample +he mulfi-colored carrwheel sandwiches and valenfine-red punch prepared and served by sophomores during infermission. 74 Iilacs scent prom scene Q DANCE EXCHANGE PROBLEMS are being ironed ouT dur- ing inTermission by PeTe SchroTh, Avis PeTerson, PaT Johnson and Doug McNeil. Lagging TeeT oT one huhdred Tired sTudenTs shuTTled Through The halls Monday, May lo, aTTer a Tull weelcend oT prom pomp and revelry. The daTe, Friday The l3Th, broughT no bad luclc. buT no lilacs eiTher. Due To an unusually cool Min- nesoTa spring, The Tlowers had To be Tlown in Trom Chicago To inTerpreT The "Lilac Rhapsody" Theme. The WayzaTa CounTry Club seT The scene Tor The SIZOO iunior-senior aTTair. The enTire clubhouse was renied, permiTTing guesTs To roam The grounds and course, if They pleased, or To relax on a large veranda oyerloolci-ng The swimming pool. Following a buTTeT dinner oT game-hen and sTrawherry shorTcalce, The grand march began, led by prom chairman, Wade Turner, and class oTTicers, and Tollowed by eager camera-laden parenTs. The march circled The swimming pool and reTurned To The main ballroom as Willie PeTerson's band swiTched Trom The "MinnesoTa Rouseru To 'Blue Moon." ATTer Trading dinner iaclceTs and Tormals Tor per- rnudas, sunglasses. and a guiclc Three hours sleep, promfgoers headed Tor Taylor's Falls To spend a sunny day mounTain climbing, sunbaThing, and . . . perhaps, sleeping. 4 HTIRED, WHO ME?" A'FTer Three hours of dancing, Lane X Reynold's aHenTion is divided beTween John Holmes and her Y I Y Tired feef. H .4 class of '60 parade in new "YOU WERE BEST OF ALL, SKEETS!" Leonard Langley is con- grafulafed by sisTer Dee Anna affer playing Tschailcowslry's ConcerTo No. I on his accordion. Farewell To slamrning loclfer doors, laughing halls and lunch line righTsg all These were a parT oT senior adieus on June 8. fXTTer The Tinal Tling Tor The class oT '60, graduaTion, and The Three day Tun-Time Tollowing, Tew could comprehend an acTual end To Their dozen years OT public school Training, In Their new mink-colored robes pinned wiTh yel- low roses, graduaTes added an air oT urgency To The hesiTaTion sTep. AT The TirsT commencemenT To be held in The gym, The guesTs heard Dr. Elmer R. Kane spealc on "The Challenge oT Living SuccessTully in an UncerTain FuTure." The recepTion aTTerward was presenTed by The sophomores in a TasTeTully decoraTed caTeTorium. Many seniors didn'T have a chance To aTTend because The lO:45 Train wouldn'T waiT. A special coach, bingo, all-nighT parTies, a nighT boaT ride, no sleep, dinner aT The BerghoTT, a Cana Can,perTormance, less sleep, Don McNeil's Break- TasT Club, waTer-Throwing escapades aT 4 a.m., uTTer exhausTion, and a horn-honlcing welcome home were all parT oT The longesT, yeT shorTesT Three days in The class hisTory. The class moTTo is-'TBeTTer To sTrive and climb And never reach The goal, Than To driTT along wiTh Time An aimless, worThless soul." Wi D .XY 7"""l"l1 fm.-4 1' ,yi v, I 1 'Q-f---... ' it it i ia ix n. l A f-- GRADUATION IS A BITTER-SWEET OCCASION. An empTy gymnasium affer a shori solemn commencemeni brings Bob Hanson lingering Thoughfs of +he'shorT years speni' in high school. 76 robes while chicago awaits f' li . Tl .! BON VOYAGE! Baggage-laden graduales head for rhaf "wonderful +own," Chicago. Leonard Langley, Mary Johnson, Pele Schroih, Jim Carlson, Dave Swansfrom, Diclc Anderson, Roger Quisf, Lowell Gomsrud, and guide board frain. Al' l2:O0 a.m. lhe class' privale coach echoed wiih shouis of B-9 efc., as graduaies compefed 'For bingo prizes, varying from cloclrs fo car wax. DR. ELMER R. KANE, graduafion spealrer, offers his con- grafua+ions 'ro Keilh Smifh, salulaforian, and Barb Hauge, valedicforian. 1 1 2 r 4 l Si' RUSHING TO THE RECEPTION are Mary Fisher, Karen Johns+on, and Mary Johnson. Graduafes spenf a half-hour wE+h guesls before donning bermudas and boarding buses for fhe l0:45 Pioneer Limi+ed. ,zu X .J Wy f?Jf'L,fV 41" . , ,, - , ,M ,, f ,A f, K, xfiw . .- ,f , X. ,f paw- x Af. J,-5... ,f ,N wif ,af ff ,.. X X ,f X. sports arid? 35625559 l VARSITY FOOTBALL-Fronl Row: Manager Dan McAuliffe, Sleve Pawlcyn, Riclr Carlson, Clinl Ewald, Tom Ylvisalrer, Ron Thole. Jim Zrusl, Manager Grill McAuliffe. Row 2: Head Coach Tom Benepe, Jerry Brademan, Bill Kuhlmann, Dave Swanslrom, Pele Preslegaard, Pele Sclurolh, Fred Berenberg, Marvin Soclner, Slcip Hall, Assislanl Coach Jerry l-lolewa. Row 3: Buzz Merwin, Tom Hoy. Joe George, Jim Denneson, Jim Elmquisl, Bill Proffill, Boyd Lesler, Paul Erickson. Bacl: Row: John Holmes, Doug Mc- Neil, Bill Schelller, Sleve Rosholl, Tom Dalul, Pele Slall, Dan Kane, Bob Larson. new field, season, - uphill More Than Their share OT lumps was Talcen by VarsiTy gridders in Their second year oT MinnesoTa Valley conference play. According To Coach Tom Benepe, "The l959 TooTball schedule aT Golden Valley provided a maximum TesT each weelc Tor a young and inexperienced Team." The Team had only Three regulars reTurning Trom lasT year, Jim ElmguisT, PeTe SchroTh, and PeTe PresTegaard. The sguad usually sTarTed Their games wiTh six under- classmen. ln mosT oT The games, The Vilcings goT oTT To a bad sTarT and were behind by The end oT The TirsT halT. l-lowever, There was one excepTion To The rule: AgainsT Eden Prairie, The squad sTruclc pay dirT on The TirsT play Trom scrimmage. lT came on a reverse pass Trom Boyd LesTer To PeTe SchroTh. BuT The Eagles came baclc Tor a 24 To 6 vicTory. This was The closesT The Team came To a win during The season. This year Golden Valley compeTed Tor The TirsT Time on iTs own TooTball Tield. UnTorTunaTely The Tour games played There sTill proved To be an uphill grind, boTh TiguraTively and li+erally. The caviTy aT The wesT end, in spiTe oT a repair aTTempT, re- mained abouT 3 TeeT below The resT oT The Tield. Primarily using a single-wing oTTense, The Valley gridders had Trouble mounTing an aTTaclc. ATTer scoring Two Touchdowns in The opening game, The Team didn'T score more Than one in any laTer game. FOOTBALL SCORES GV GV Waferlown , . 46 l2 U-High 45 0 Shakopee' . .... .34 0 Waconia -10 O Eden Prairie .. 24 6 Norwood 40 7 Burnsville .38 7 Chaska 26 0 grind ral . Q ANGLING TOWARD THE SIDELINES, defenseman Tom Ylvisaker aims a crashing Tackle aT The ball carrier. SURVEYING A VIKING WORK-OUT are co-capTains PeTe Scl'1roTl1 and Fefe PresTegaard, and Coach Benepe. l 3 W' C TEAM-Fronf Row: Rodney Dunnell, John Addison, Bill Adolfson, Claude Maxwell, Dick Pefers. Row 2: Hub Nelson, Karl Enghauser, Dary Sheehy, Pe+er Myhre, Judd Nelson, Jin Raabe, Jeff McLeod, Jim Russell Row 3: Don McNeil, Wayne Jeppe- son, Donald Swansfrom, Diclr Merwin, Paul Eliason, Bob Merwin, Gary Aanensen, Brian McNee. Back Row: Tom Tyler, Riclr Koeneman, Jay Marlin, Morgan Nelson, Sieve Sahly, John Griffi+h, Chuck Tyler, Wayne Beslre, Greg Parmelee, Coach Gerald Peferson. Jeff Ericson, Gerald Pefers, and Slub Svensson were absent eerleaders i nite steam, "SEE THAT BIG TACKLE over 'fhere . . .,f' Coach Tom Benepe iyrfsirqcfs linebacke Clinf Ewald. XL, bw 5:1 sf ' ' K to I in UNOFFICIAL MASCOT AT VALLEY GRID EVENTS was Desiree. Owner of fhe poodle. Mary Eredericlrson, and cheerleader Janice Raabe pose 'For an official porfraif. 82 . 9 s Y-E-A-A-A TEAM!! Perlry, peppy B-Squad cheerleaders Ellen Chesfer, Teri Gomsrud, Lynn Bellalr, Capfain Caihie Finch, Suzy Crowder, and Belh Schiefelbein prac+ice a cheer. pep and team TWICE WEEKLY PRACTICES were decided on by Varsnfy Cheerleaders Jumplng are Dlanne Borcherf Lynne Runcle Karen Johnsfon ln fronf are Marsha Beslre Capfaln Jamce Raabe and Barb Hauge Sparlclng crowd enlhusiasrn lor lhe Viking learns was a fob energelically underlalcen by four seniors and lwo luniors who served as cheerleaders lor l959 60 Whale swealers and rregaphone eclclaces were purchased by lhe gurls lo cornpllnnenl 'rhe brown culolles provuded by lhe school Thrs served as lhe loolball ensemble As baskerball season arrnyed The gurls decided on lhe 'lradlhonal brown weslcul and pleared slcrrl wnlh gold lennls shoes lor sparlcle Mass Mary Nelzlnger advrsed lhe srx girls hgh ef ,1- 1 83 l . YF I . . . - v I - I . . l l mff..., ', 1' V ,, - ., -, " -'42 -q '-r --- , -v--, -. -- 'L'Q"". "l , 'P -' ff " 1' ., nghw-,'f, ",, .Vv ff: ,fqo '-,' ,VV-1 ,A 'px ' ', ' A " W ' - 1 T. -' ' .,,- . I '. 1 , ' A W"-h' --71 "rl-AI..-'Zi " 'L-,Arn ' , f - " -. ., 3... D f -1 V . . ' - E ' H "' ", ,' fr, 1 o p f - "V'1 L40 7 ' ' V' -..-, 'V' W. . - V rf , .W .,, V-k,.,f.,5A-' Jw 1 ,ers -nf ,L V A Q . U h W A, jc, '.-,s '- " fl ' ' 10", fI'f.,"Z ,w ,:. , A "5'Zn- '. ',-w -rf. -' " A - ' " 5 - b squad cop conference A BASKETBALL TEAM-Sfanding: Doug McNeil, Dave Wigren, Blite Flanagan, Chris? Konfenalros, Bob McCabe, Chuck McCann, Bob Wigesirand, Marvin Socher, Wade Turner, Jon Libra, Kneeling: Manager Jerry Boschee. Pere Presfegaard, Coach Bob Lockwood, Jim Elmquisf, and Manager Griff McAuliffe. There were five seniors on +he l960 feam, six iuniors, and one sophomore. championship Copping 'rhe conference championship by +he Viking B-Squad and 'rhe amassing of a live-game winning slreak by Coach Bob Lockwood's varsiiy highlighred +he 59-60 season for GV cagers. The varsiiy shoi info second place as a resuli of +he quiniei of conference wins, bui ihe slay was shorr- lived. Six consecuiive losses occurred before ihe Chaska Jrriumph in ihe league final. This neHed a 7-9 record which gave The Vikings iiirh place. ln- cluded in rhe seven wins was a Jrhrilling 32 io 30 game wilh Orono, won by Chrisf Konrenakos' 30- iooi iump-shol wiih 'rwelve seconds remaining. Capping lhe winning slreak was a sciniillaiing 54 lo 53 win over U-High wifrh Marvin Socher ringing up 27 poinis. Marvin and Jim Elmquisi were +he +eam's mosr valuable players. Coach Jim Kimble's championship B-Squad emerged from ihe season's fracas leading ihe pack wiih a I4 win and 2 loss record. They began ihe season wirh an overiime loss +o U-l-ligh and rhen ran up an eighi-game winning sireak, moving inio lirsl place. One game laier, however, +he B-Vikings were back in second, caused by a loss io Eden Prairie. From ihere Jrhey wen+ 'ro The lasi game oi ihe season raking all comers and needing only 'lo beef Chaska io cinch 'rhe iirle. This ihey did nicely, lying fhe season up wirh a brassy bow, winning 36 lo 3I in a ihrilling overiime. JIM ELMQUIST LEAPS BASKETWARD for +wo of Hue season's 899 poinfs, as Chris? Kon+enalzos maneuvers 'For +he rebound. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN? YOU DON'T LIKE OUR PLAY, COACH?" Ac+ually, capfains Jim Elmquisf and Pe+e Presfegaard don'f fhinlr +he pho+ographer's ske'rch has many possibili+ies. i 42 3 .2 85 varsit takes 5 consecutive TWENTY-THREE SKIDOO! Charlie McCann execufes his version of 'rhe Chariesfon while irying fo bjock a bail in fhe Chaska game. 86 gam zalumni Iiminated Even ihe added spark oi ihe alurnni failed io pui The iacully our in ironl in lhe annual Faculiy- Varsily qanne, January 8. Cornpeliiion was keen belrween Teachers lor ihe high scoring posilion. Uniorlunalely, Mr. Breisch was kepi oui oi lrhe race be-cause ol live louis in lhe lirsl cuarler. Assisled by Gary Nelson, Denny Erickson, Bill Enqhauser, Pal Flanagan, and Joel Anderson, lhe lacully breaihlessly' losl 55-40. A Tears Scores B Tearr Scores OPPONENT GV Opponenf GV U-l-l'gh 54 39 U-High , 40 36 Eden Prairie 36 46 Eden Prairie ,I6 4I Walerlown 62 43 Waferfcwn 25 46 Sl'l6hOD95 5' 35 Shakopee lf? 37 Burnsville 47 5l Burnsvil e 23 47 Orcno 30 32 Orono 22 30 Faculiy-Alurnni 40 55 Wacerfa 27 43 ghaccinia Chaska 23 37 as a U-Hioh 30 35 U-l-l'gh 53 54 Eden P'a'rie 43 33 Eden Pra'rie 54 46 Waferlcwn .lB 28 Waferiown 52 44 Shakopee I9 28 Shakopee bl 51 Burnsvilfe 20 3I Burnsville 67 57 Ororio , ,,I5 26 "U" COACH JOHN KUNDLA shakes hands wi+h Aihlefic Q'9'0 52 33 Blake , 20 30 Award winner Jim Elmquisf as coaches Tom Benepe, Jerry gyms . Q5 62 Wacme I7 Sl aconia 2 45 Chaska 3l 36 Holewa, and Bob Lockwood wafch. Qhasya 40 49 Robbfnsdale 45 42 C-TEAM BASKETBALL-Froni Row: Dick Merwin, Bob Merwin, John Twomey, Tom McAuliffe, Don Schiefelbein, John Addison, Paul Burda, Jim McCabe, Billy Adolfson. Row 2: Dick Anderson, Don McNeil, Roger Anderson, Dick Saihre, DuWayne Darnell, Dick Pefers, Sfeve Gaudelre, Mark Moilanen, Greg Greenfield. Row 3: Jim Johnson, Don Yunker, Tom Koch, Darrel Brown, Dick Koeneman, Pefer Myhre, Bill Crowder, Mike Carroll, David Yingsf. Back Row: Tim Flanagan, Sieve Shaffuck, Paul Hulfgren, Wayne Jeppesen, Jim Russell, Wayne Beske, Tim Ewald, Les+er Erickson, Greg Homzik, Coach Jerry Holewa. ,Lu IQ ny, E g' 4 Q ai A I ,I 3-.Mg can ' QfN'l', ' cally, Y iv S WN qw Hg, , N 1. Eu V ,fl '46, V N V 'Q E H' .QY.llV,4? fi' 45, jyyw qt, ' T536 , 0 r - y . 4' 2- ,ww-,,-if ii 87 4-?.5f"" N CONFERENCE MEET l960 SPLISH SPLASH I WAS TAKIN bal whsle running 'lhe mule relay S sings Chrnsl' Konlenaltos as he wlngs around GV s duclc pond Od Hall m le Run 2 26 l80 yd Low Hurdle Hlgh Jump Pole Vaull M le Run U Hvgh Wacom Orono Valley Eden Prau me 2 Walerlown IZO yd H gh Hurdle Cl-aska Broad Jump VAUNTED VAULTER FRED BILLS goes up and over on a prachce 'fry The Vnlungs could have no home meels due 'lo +he wel' held condlhons IMPROVED GOLDEN VALLEY TRACK RECORDS New 2 25 J m Zrusl Bob Socher Ron Thole F Bl ls 5 OO 9 Chrlsl Konfenalcos Bob Socher Mlke Flanagan trackm n fm: h 4th at WIFE TRACK Kneelnng Jnm Zrusl' Pele Schroll-I Milne Flanagan Chrusf Kon+enalros Boyd Lesfer Dave Swanslrom Sfeve Dahl Sfandnng Dan Kane Bob Socher Jeff Ericson Ron Thole Jnm Sldwell Sfeve Woehrle Jerry Brademan Jnm Elmqulsl' Coach Tom Benepe Fred Bulls Morgan Nelson Paul Engl-lauser Bob Larson Dary Sheehy L L 88 l f 2 2 l lffftw ' H - f , 5, g A , ' - 2 ff' U , ' if A -sy , ' V 2 25? ' ,, 1 Mywg , 'K if I . N-'Ui , , g :Q V .R U we !E V 2 2'-..fvs.-26 gl I A451 is l v V ,IA A I A L . av- I I .. I I - ' fl - ' sa , V 1 112 fl. a h" ' ' ' , 0 la 4l ' . 25 23.7 - - - .38 . ' , 5'5" d ' , . 26 1'6" TB ' - - - " 19V ' 5 5112.5 1 . ' L I4 I . J , nv, 13.2 , , 7 4 1, lawn" rv' ' I I u O O O socher chosen all-conference M XII BASEBALL-Kneeling: Jay Marlin, Clinf Ewald, Jon Libra, Doug McNeil, Jeff McLeod, Jim Miller. Sfandingz Manager Eric Aanen- son, Terry Rosengren, Skip Hall, Tom Ylvisaker, Bob McCabe, Bill Kuhlmann, Sfeve Rosholf, Dick George, Managers Griff McAuliffe, and Jerry Boschee. Absenl are Co-capfains Joe George and All-Conference fielder Marv Socher, John Holmes, Rick Carlson, Slub Svensson, and Coach Bob Lockwood. A .l55 leam balling average, and a .583 lielding average, plus a lolal of sixly men lell on bases, added up lo a second division finish lor Coach Bob Lockwood's nine. Hilling was The principal sore spol. The pilching of Rick Carlson, Marv Socher, and Skip Hall showed greal improvemenl over lasl year and Marv was elecled lo lhe All-Conference leam. Allhough 'rhe Vikings had an average ol lour errors per game, lhe year's lolal decreased by one-lhird from lasl season's. Persislenl demands ol Viking malmen broughl aboul lhe lormalion ol a wreslling leam lhis year, allhough early season plans had omilled lhe sporl from lhe schedule. Credil goes lo Principal Dewey Breisch, who accepled lhe coaching posilion and Assislanl Coach Joe Pazandak, local professional wresller. Highlighls ol 'lhe season were lwo viclories over Soulhwesl, and lhe advancing of senior Jerry Brademan and iunior Bill Kuhlmann inlo lhe second round of lhe dislricl' malches. WRESTLING-Sealed: Dary Sheehy, Dave Denneson, Tim Dahl. Kneeling: Judd Nelson, Fred Bills, Bob Larson, Morgan Nelson, Bruce Nichols, Charles Tyler. Slandingz Coach Dewey Breisch, Dick George, Jerry Brademan, Chuck Anderson, Pele Schroih, Dave Swansfrom, Bill Kuhlmann, Absenfc Jim Denneson. GAA-FronT Row: Ericson, Heinsch, Johnslon, Carlson, M. Johnson, Mrs. Finch, Rowan, Smifh, WenTe, Knickerbocker, Ludford. Row 2: GaudeTTe, Flanders, M. Fisher, Runcie, S. Greenfield, Bouley, Wilson, Kulenkamp, M. Greenfield, Marks Schwarl-1, Thorness, B. Johnson. Row 3: Briggs, M. Bryanf, Giebenhain, Schiefelbein, Gomsrud, Sax, Socher, Lindberg O'Dell, VolkenanT, Hill, Horn, Hauge. Row 4: Raabe, Tripp, STaTT, HeTland, Cummer, Hanson, Coughlin, Nichols, Rouzer V. Johnson, Gafely, Sfeiner, Rogers, Hoines. Row 5: Gulsfrand, Balfanz, Davis, Crowder, Frandle, K. Fisher, Bruckelmyer Beske, A. Pe+erson, Borcheri, Korsh, J. Bryanf, Chesler, Thomas. Row 6: Robinson, Bellak, ShaTTuck, P. Johnson, Hulfgren Fel+, Anderson, Noble, Finch, C. Peferson, Parlin, Skyberg. femm s fancy fencin Y? l WHO GOES THERE? Cafhie Finch, secrelary-Treasurer. and Barb Hauge, presidenT, pracTice a lunge, one of Tencing's fundamenTals. 90 Fencing on Tuesday, bowling on Wednesday. baslceTball on Friday, and a Ii++le horseback riding, Tennis, and golT in beTween saTisTied varied GAA aThleTic appeTiTes. Golf in Two easy lessons was The lasT spring acTiviTy. lnsTrucTor Jerry l'lolewa consenTed To Teach basic TundamenTals and correcT Techniques in The abbreviaTed sessions. Under The supervision oT Mrs. Anne Murray The caTeToriurn echoed wiTh a now-Tamiliar "En guarde" and an occasional "Touche" in reTorT each Tuesday. TenTaTive plans are To make The sporT compeTiTive in The I96O-ol school year. Barb T-lauge and JaneT GulsTrand oT The Lane Brains Topped The Tive-Team league aT The Golden Valley Lanes. Ding's Riding Ranch hosTed The spring riding sessions. ArrangemenTs were made each Time by Dana STeiner. Adviser Mrs. Frances Finch was assisTed in organ- izaTional duTies by sTudenT oTTicers: Barb l-lauge, presidenT7 Elaine l-larT, vice-presidenT, and CaThie Finch, secreTary4Treasurer. fr fini h s fun for fella A barbecued chicken fry al Roger Quisrs lalce home, concocled as a going away gill lo seniors lby seniorsl, concluded lhe years aclivilies for lhe l.eHermen's Club. GV lellers, brown and gold symbols ol alhle-lic prowess, were presenled al lhe annual awards banguel, held lhis year al Jrhe Golden Valley Coun- lry Club. Fealure speaker, Johnny Kundla, presenl' U of M baslcelball coach and former Lalfer coach, was sponsored by lhe Club. Leading The 42-member club were Presidenl Pele Schrolh, Vice-Presidenl Joe George, and Secrelary- Treasurer Bill Kuhlmann. Aclivilies lhroughoul lhe year included a fall hay-ride, choice ol homecoming queen candidales, and pop and popcorn sales al l'he baslcelball games. LETTERMEN'S CLUB-Sealed: Riclr Carlson, Tom Ylvisalcer, Dan McAuliffe, Advisers Tom Benepe, Bob Loclcwood, and Jerry Holewag Clinl' Ewald, Joe George, Paul Ericlcson. Row 2: Jerry Bracleman, Pele Schrolh, Pele Presfegaard, Jerry Larson, Bob McCabe, Tom Dahl, Jim Elmquisf, Bill Proffifl, Pele S'l'a'l'r, Chuck McCann, Bill Kuhlmann, Jim Denneson. Top Row: Chris? Konfenalros, Fred Berenberg, Chuck Anderson, Marv Socher, Jon Libra, Milne Flanagan, Doug McNeil, Bob Larson, Fred Bills, Sieve Pawlcyn, Wade Turner, Grifli McAuli-He, Dave Wigren, Buzz Merwin, Boyd Lesler, Denny Miller. organizations nat'I standards met b I Candlelighlr heighTened The solemniTy oT The Tormal Honor SocieTy lnducTion in which Ten sTu- denTs Trom sophomore, iunior, and senior classes were Tormally iniTiaTed. PresidenT Barb Hauge presided. ShorT Tallcs on The ideals oT scholarship, leader- ship, characTer, and service were given by Tour members. Following The program, a recepTion was held Tor members, Their parenTs, The adminisTraTion, TaculTy, board OT educaTion, and sTudenTs OT The "A" honor roll. Mrs. EsTher Berglund and Mrs. Dewey Breisch poured. During The year, SocieTy members inTormed The sTudenT body abouT The club's work Through bulleTin boards and honor roll parTies aT The end oT each quarTer. FruiT calce sales Turnished worlcing capifal. Nalional requiremenTs permiT maximum member- ship oT I5 per cenT oT The seniors, IO per cenT oT The juniors, and 5 per cenT oT The sophomores. LIGHTING THE CANDLE OF LIFE is Barbara Hau e residenT 9 I P Douglas McNeil, vice-presidenf, and KaThy FelT, secreTary-'I'reas- urer, assisT. BRAINS AND BEAUTY TOO! New members Befh Schwarh and Karen Johnsfon enioy refreshrnenfs af The recepfion planned and prepared by The Home Economics deparTmenT. HONOR SOCIETY-Si+Ting: Janice Lafsha, Karen JohnsTon, Kaihryn Felf. Sfanding: Michael Flanagan, Mariorie Hoines, Wade Turner, EIizabe+h Schwarfz, Tom Ylvisalrer, Mary Fisher, KeiTh SmiTh, Barbara Hauge, Douglas McNeil, Gail Shyberg. coun il hosts workshop I-ligh poinT oT The councils acTiviTies was The planning oT The annual Valley ConTerence Worlc- shop held aT Golden Valley in February. The Worlc- shop, organized lasT year, proved an asseT in The promoTion oT co-ordinaTion beTween councils in The Valley ConTerence in assisTing new councils wiTh organizaTional problems. Six schools were rep- resenTed by approximaTely sixTy sTudenTs. Because oT a seemingly over-crowded acTiviTy period, The council Took upon iTselT The scheduling oT club acTiviTies Tor The nexT year. lTs TirsT sTep was The Tormal esTablishmenT oT The clubs, requiring each organizaTion To wriTe and submiT To The coun- cil a charTer and consTiTuTion. Members had numerous opporTuniTies To aTTend sTaTe clinics and meeTings. lnviTaTions were ace cepTed in November To The MinnesoTa AssociaTion oT STudenT Councils ConvenTion aT VocaTional High School and The lvlinnesoTa Valley ConTerence STu' denT Council. ln The councilfsponsored "No-Acs" driving award program, eighTeen OT TwenTy-seven enTranTs re- ceived awards Trom The lvlinnesoTa SaTeTy Council Tor saTe driving. SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL: Chrisfine Pefersong Tom Ylvisaker, Treasurer: Dick Ross, presidenh Dewey Breisch, adviser: Lowell Gomsrud, vice-presidenfg Janice La+sl1a, secrefaryg Teri Gomsrud: Lane Reynolds. Absenf Skip Hall. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL: Mary Leach, secrelafyg David Miller, Dewey Breisch, adviser: Richard Koeneman: Tom McAuliffe, presidenfg James Russell: Diane Engelberf. staffers ponder headline , MidnighT waTches, lasT-minuTe ediTing, and des- peraTe aTTempTs To cuT copy proved worThwhile when The Valley Viewer was enTered in The NaTional ScholasTic Press AssociaTion criTical raTing service compeTiTion and received a TirsT class raTing. Early in SepTember, The iournalism class delved inTo The mounTain oT worlc To be done. Before The TirsT "dummy" could be laid ouT, adverTising had To be sold. Working in pairs, The TirsT iournalisrn class salesmen sold ad space ToTaling 5885. STories. which were assigned by The page ediTors, were usually wriTTen by journalism sTudenTs. Upon compleTion They were submiTTed To page ediTors and Their assisTanTs, who placed Them on The dum- mies. Meanwhile, picTures had been planned and snapped and They, Too, were placed on These lay- ouT plans. If all wenT well, The paper Then wenT To press. Sale oT ChrisTmas ads neTTed S93 Toward pur- chase oT SanTa Anonymous Toys Tor neec children. STudenTs purchased space and exTended l.noTh silly and serious greeTings in prinT. STories were enTered in sTaTe compeTiTion April I8. Lowell Gomsrud. KeiTh SmiTh, PeTer SchroTh, and Lane Reynolds received honorable menTion, while BeTh SchwarTz placed among The Top Three raTings in The sTraighT news sTory division. High school correspondenT To The Minneapolis STar and Tribune was Valley Viewer ediTor Lowell Gomsrud, who lfepT The Tribune posTed on sTudenT acTiviTies. WiThouT spring vacaTion and senior week, heads oT sTaTT would have missed deadlines Tor The "peo- ple" and "special evenTs" secTions and ThereTore would have Tound iT necessary To include an un- usually generous and curiously placed auTograph secTion. LosT "dummies," misplaced phoTographic wheels, and compeTiTion wiTh research papers and carnival- worlcing seniors aT deadline hours lenT an addiTional accenT To Vilcing sTruggles. FacTs on TavoriTe Toods. Tads, and Tun were dis- covered in a comprehensive senior survey, deTer- mining The pulse oT The expression oT '6O. This in- TormaTion was woven inTo The inTroducTory secTion. AdverTising reduced The acTual 56.84 cosT per volume To The,S4.5O selling price Tor Three hundred subscribers. A Two-day press conTerence aT The UniversiTy of MinnesoTa and a one-day session aT Augsburg Col- lege gave sTaTTers The opporTuniTy To learn pro- Tessional Techniques TirsT hand. NaTional ScholasTic Press sTar awards were pre- senTed To co-ediTors Jean Ericson and PeTe PresTe- gaard aT The annual award assembly: underclassmen Gail Slcyberg and Margie l"loines were given cub awards Tor ouTsTanding service. Work almosT Tinished, deadline weary, copy crazy, headline happy sTaTTers ioined The Viewer sTaTT To celebraTe The year's end . . . and Then began addressing cards Tor The AugusT Coming OUT ParTy. TEN LOYAL VALLEY VIEWER SUBSCRIBERS review pasf edifions. FronT Row: Barb Anderson. page edifor. Row 2: KeiTh Smifh, phofographerg BeTl1 Schwarfz. feafure edifor: Avis Peierson, page ediiorg Kafhy Fell' and Barbara Malrlson, business managers. Baclr Row: Lynne Runcie, adverfising layouf chief: Janel' Bouley and Kafhy Wilson, adveriising sales: Leonard Langley, sporfs ediTor. 96 deadlin HQ ., ,,. .. , I PUBLICATION STAFF ADVISERS, Mrs. Armi Nelson and LACKING SLEEP bul smiling wearilyr V.V. edilor d J L l l1 , Mrs. Jo Ann Herring, review finished producfsl Lowell Gomsrud, assislanf e ilor anice a s a fronl, and Vilring edilors Pele Preslegaard and Jean Ericson. EXAGGERATING ACTUAL CIRCUMSTANCES, +l'1e Vilring slaff hams up a worlr session for lhe pl'1ofograpl1er's benefil. Keilh Smifh, pholograplxerg Mary Fredericllson, circulalion manager: Cl1ris+ Konfenakos, adverlising manager: Barbara Hauge. 'rheme edi'l'or: Lore'Ha Davis, business manager: Gail Skyberg, layouf manager: Leonard Langley, wrilerg Mar- iorie Hoines. layoul manager: Janice Raabe. aclverlising manager: Lowell Gomsrud, wrifer: Neal Greenberg, wriler. Wrifer Karen Jolwnsfon was absenl. 97 3 talk away superior ratln Superuor rahngs were awarded Io Karen John slon John Holmes and Leonard Langley for Iheur dell abnlnly ID speech achvuhes The honors enhfled Them Io reguonal compehhon RESOLVED Tnaf The Federal Governmenl should subsI'an'naIIy Increase :Is regulahon of labor unrons The challenge of lnferregron and lnlerslale Iournamenrs sparlced The enfhusrasm ol The debale sguad whrch raclced up a I4 wnn I6 Ioss record for The season The Ihree seniors and one rumor Iraveled Iwrce Io Dulurh and I-Ioplcnns and Io SI' au Wulh a record of VICTOFY n hve of Ihesr sux debares In compehhon wulrh nearly slxly schools The varsnly debalrers wallced off wrrh hllh place recevvlng honorable menhon al' Hamline 98 Thrrly sux sluffed Der Goldene Verenners rolled conrenledly Info Golden Valley afrer a Three hour lunch of wenner schnnrzel sauerbralren and hasenp Teller ar The I-Ieldelburg Reslauranr concluding one of Ihenr numerous achvuhes Iarer In Ihe year ,owning hve hundred olher Korobushlca dancers a+ The Robbnnsdale Iollf dancing Ieshval The German Club learned pollcas and Ger man songs As a resull several sludenls mer every weelc 'ro conhnue dancnno Club members were easily rdenhhed on meer :ng days as They were regurred Io wear suspenders wrrh Ihenr Deursch cosrumes Achvnhes for The newly organnzed EI Clube Espanol consusred of complehng and rahlynng a conshluhon and plannung a dvnner a+ La Casa Coronada AVIS PETERSON JOHN HOLMES Mary Fnsher and Leonard Langley pose prachcmg speech Iech mques Avvs and Mary received excellenf rahngs an The dusfruc+ confesf John and Leonard recenved superaor rahngs and wen? on +o fhe regional confesf M. VARSITY DEBATE John Holmes Avns Peferson Mary Fnsher Karen Johnsfon spealung and Mass Mary Nehmger Iubs eat native Cui in SPANISH CLUB--Sealed: Jean Ericson, Marnie Mellberg, Judi Lanalr, Suzy Crowder, Phyllis Kaplan, Judy VoIIrenan+, Linda O'DeII, Charlene Wenie, Marcia Greenfield, Lane Reynolds, Barbara Anderson. Kafhy Fell, Miss Esfelle Wahlsfrand. Slandingz Judy Cummer, Janice Nichols, Gerry Rouzer, Sally Noble, Neal Greenberg, Lowell Gomsrud, Skip Hail, Chris? Konlenalros. Siephen Sahly, Eric Aanenson, Jael: RoshoI+, Morgan Nelson, Dary Sheehy, Ca+hie Finch, Barbara Rowan, Jean Thomas, Lee Svensson. Absenlz Avis Peierson, Sandra Greenfield. SPANISH CLUB President Lowell Gornsrud Vice-Presicleni, Slcip Hall Secreiary-Treasurer, Jean Ericson GERMAN CLUB President Bill Kuhlrnann ViceePresEden+, Doug McNeil Secreiary, Mary Fisher Treasurer, John Holmes GERMAN CLUB-Froni' Row: Schwarh, Hauge, Maffson, Pe+erson. Row 2: Kuhlrnann, Ylvisalrer, Pefers, Griffiih, Ewald, Swanslrom, Presiegaard. Row 3: Rand, Bafes, Jones, Miller, Rosholf, Lesfer, Zeigler. Row 4: Mrs. Mildred Wivell, Yunlrer, Johnson, Hulfgren, Lindberg, Johnson, Bouley, Fisher, Lafsha, McNeil. Row 5: Beslre, Bryani, Osfrooi, Borcherf, Gulsfrand. Fredericlrson, Briggs. Row 6: Woehrle, Lindsey, Wei-ierlind, Beclrman, Holmes, McCaffrey, Boschee. Nor piciured: Karen Johns+on. I x 1- choir and band members ONE COULDN'T GO! Neil Smifh was unable To meef STaTe Music ConTesT age requiremenTs. Keiih SmiTl1, Margaref Flanders, Mary Johnson, Sandy Greenfield, Beih Sclwiefelbein were eligible. l-our Valley musicians, Viclci Johnson, KeiTh SmiTh, Mary Johnson, and MargareT Flanders became The TirsT sTaTe enTries in GV hisTory aTTer gualiTying in disTricT compeTiTion. Two Thirds oT William Anderson's TiTTy-member high school band consisTed oT sTudenTs in The sevenTh and eighTh grades. The bands musical abiliTy was raTed B double plus in disTricT compeTi- Tion. ThroughouT The year lisTeners were TreaTed To rousing music aT aThleTic eyenTs, pep TesTs, assem- bly programs, and concerTs. The band also played Tor The CommencemenT exercises aT The end oT The year. The nineTy Valley songsTers hosTed Their TirsT Conf Terence Vocal ConTesT on April 6Th, besides appear- ing aT several school TuncTions. Six senior girls of The choir Tormed The "Tri-Tones" choral group which sang aT many oT The special everTs in The school. During The second annual Spring Concert Sandra GreenTield, Mary Johnson, KeiTh SrniTh, and Leon- ard Langley received The TirsT ciTaTions Tor ouTe sTanding leadership and musicianship. More Than TiTTy appearances were made by The rapidly growing music deparTmenT This year, oT which ThirTy-Tive were band evenTs. make histor CHOIR-Fron+ Row: Yunlcer, Schoumalrer, S. Anderson, M. Johnson, MaHson, S+aH', Schiefelbein, Plass, Chesfer, A. Peterson, Thorness, Hauge. Row 2: Runcie, Fredericlcson, J. Raabe, J. Gulslrand, Thomas, Koch, Hefland, Cummer, J. E. Gulsfrand, Korsh, Crowder, K. Fisher, Frandle, Briggs, Slxyberg. Row 3: Hanson, J. O. Raabe, Sax, Bruckelmyer, Selenslci, J. Bouley, Bellalc, C. Peferson, Horne, Balfanz, Gaudeiie, Lindberg, K. Larsen, J. Schro+h, B. Johnson. Row 4: Gomsrud, Tripp, Borcher+, La+sha, Hulfgren, Smiih, Beslre, Wenfe, J. Bryanr, Finch, Rowan, Volkenanr, Parlin, B. An- derson, Kulenlramp, S. Hill, Hoines. Row 5: M. Greenfield, Carlson, M. Bryanf, Coughlin, O'DeII, Marlrs, Ludford, P. Johnson, Schwarh, S. Greenfield, V. Johnson, Rouzer, Nichols, Felf, Noble, Ericson, Har+. Row 6: Lesfer, Miller, Schroih, Ross, Swaiosh, Elmquis+, Presfegaard, Gomsrud, Rand, Konrenalros, S+einman, McAuliffe, Larson, Hass, D. Bouley, Dahl. BAND Froni' Row Serr Schlefelbern Brown Borcherr Swansfrom M Johnson Flanders Rouzer Row 2 Osfrooi' J Johnson Larson Wrnghf Norby Burda Bryani' Har+ G Aanenson Shaphlro Leach Row 3 Homzllr Mariuccl Lindsey Ylvlsalrer E Aanenson Woehrle Garven Haar Jones Row 4 Dickey Noren Russell R Langley Presfe gaard N Sml+h Crowder Nelson Sahiy Beckman Back Row Twomey Hanson Rosengren Koeneman L Langley William Anderson Hauschlldf K Smrlh lave ale fills coffers fifvil, 3 s,:as11"-is e, Q: ,Z yi. ' 'ri "GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE!" Sfeve Dahl: Mrs. Ella Lindberg, adviser: Judie Carlton: Karen Johnsfon: Sharon Kulenlrampg Mary Fisher: Sharon Hill: Peggy Lindberg: Leonard Langley. Proceeds from a fwo-day slave sale, in which willing Golden Valley sfudenfs were aucfioned off fo fheir more lazy masfers, fofaled SlOO.9O. Linda O'Dell broughf in S9 for fhe Red Cross coffers from Fred Bills, and fhe eighf buyers of Barbara l-lauge paid S8 for her services. Sharon Kulenlcarnp served as March fund drive chairman. Among ofher fun and fund raising acfivifies sponsored by fhe Junior and Senior Red Cross was sending an afghan and correspondence album fo Ireland, sharing school and fown experiences wifh sfudenfs overseas. The album included picfures of Minnesofa scenery, fhe Soufhdale shopping cenfer, and school and fown sporfs. A school chesf, con- sfrucfed by fhe senior boys and painfed by fhe eighfh grade class, senf necessary supplies fo fwenfy-four sfudenfs overseas. Officers Judie Carlson, presidenfq Mary Fisher, vice-presidenfy Karen Johnsfon, secrefaryt and Sfeve Dahl, freasurer, affended cify cenfer meef- ings fo work wifh ofher sfudenfs. Golden Valley Red Cross members gained ex- perience in service. This year's chapfer was also concerned wifh sfrengfhening fhe organizafiorfs foundafion and sfudenf body enfhusiasm for fufure years. Onee, fwo-, and fhree-year service pins were presenfed fo eighf members on Awards Day. JUNIOR RED CROSS-Fronh Anne Walfers, Tom McAuliffe, Riclii Langley, Sandy Lesfer, Tom Burns, Tim Helgeson, Julie Miliuclii. Baclr: Barbara Lindsey, Peggy Proffifl, Margaref Flanders. S+eve LGU-ill. Jean DeViIIIeI'S. Sandra TFOUP. Kafhie MIIYUCIKI. Mrs. Lindberg, Susan Wright SCIENCE CLUB-Fronl Row: Sue Oslroofg Dianne Borcherig DeAnn McAlisferg Janice Laisha, secrefary-freasurerq Gail Skyberg. Row 2: Bill Kuhlmannq Dan McAuliffe: Mifchell Rand: Anne Knickerbocker: Erland Maki. Row 3: Dave Swanslromg Griff Mc- Auliffe: Sieve Woehrleg Bob Larson: Dayne Smilh. Row 4: Bob Hanson: Keifh Smilh, presidenig Neal Greenberg: Doug Mc- Neil: Mike Flanagan. Back Row: Jim McLeod: Margie Hoinesg Peler S+a'H. Over 300 sludenls energelically followed lor- mulas, raised rals, and buill' Hinlricale machines" in order lo parlicipale in lhe March IO Science Fair. The gym was 'lranslormed wilh bolnlles. bealcers, mice, and malerial resembling any modern-day lab. The newly-organized Science Club sponsored lhe lair, under 'rhe direclion ol inslruclor Wallon Welna and General Chairman Grill lvlcfxulilfe. En- lries were raled by Arvid Kuulli and Greig Aspnes. chemicals engineers from Cargil Inc., wilh awards going lo lhe lop lhree proiecls ol lhe whole fair, and firsl, second, and Third places in each class division. Eslablished aim ol lhe club was "To promole and develop inleresl in lhe sciences." Twenly-lhree were selecied according lo lheir scholaslic sland- ing in science courses by an organizalional commil- lee of inleresled sludenls. O O O wimnu U QM, M 'M 1' if umm WADE TURNER COOKS up- a slorm wilh his second place winning Wilson Cloud Chamber. lub joins science race LOOKING FOR DEVELOPMENTS is Sieve Woehrle, firsf place Valley science confesf winner. Sleve's experimenf 'rraced fhe growfh of a chicken from embryo +o chick. valleyettes rai e can , ca EighTeen ValleyeTTes added a Teminine Touch To The TirsT homecoming game. Members OT The newly Tormed dance organizaTion wore navy and whiTe ensembles Tor Their "Ballin' The Jack" number. WiTh The assisTance oT Mrs. Frances Finch The girls choreographed mosT oT The dances Themselves. Several oT The numbers were presenTed aT Two basl4eTball halT-Times. For "SweeT Georgia Brown, a cane-Tapping, soTT shoe rouTine, The group designed Torrnal black and whiTe cosTurnes. Black Tringe decked The red saTin sheaThs oT The Tlappers in The CharlesTon rouTine. To Tinance The Tabric purchases, The girls held balce sales and a Twin TurnabouT dance. Small renTal Tees were charged members oT The CharlesTon rouTine in The PTA vaudeville show, "Those Changing Yearsfi Tor The use oT Their cosTumes. Regular meeTings and pracTices were held each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. ExTra pracTices were held aTTer school in advance oT special per- Tormances. 1 I STEPPING LIGHTLY To The Tune of "SweeT Georgia Brown" are Sharon Hill, Linda O'Dell, Charlene WenTe, Vicki Johnson, RuTh GaudeTTe, Janice Nichols, Chrisiine PeTerson, and Ann Knickerbocker. FLIRTING AND FROLICSOME, eleven VaIIeyeHe flappers: Peggy Lindberg, Marilyn Smi+h, Susan Tripp, PaTTy Parlin, Judy VolkenanT, Bonnie Johnson, Maridee Ludford, Geraldine Rouser, Sharon Kulenkamp, Kafhy Fisher, and Barbara Frandle assume a Charlesfon pose. I04 ,i STAMP CLUB-Sea+ed: John Twomey, Roger Anderson, Charles Tyler, Karen Olsfen. David Rood, Mary Rouzer. Sfanding: Mrs. Evelyn Arends, Roger Haar, Bob Shapiro. David Road was sfudenf direcfor of 'rhe 'ren-member Sfamp Club, which me+ weekly fo sfudy and exchange. Iubsidentif , lip, helve LIBRARY CLUB-Sealed: Gail Wirh, Nancy Moe, Peggy ProffiH, Janice Horne, Jane+ Bills, Margare+ Flanders, Ann Walfers. Sfanding: Bruce Nichols, Janice Holsfen, Barbara Lee, Joy Lundquist Janef Boschee, Merry Alberf, Sharon Bowman, Susan Cooper, Cindy Hall, Mary Jo Heinsch. Mrs. Evelyn Arends, Marilyn McManus, Sandra Robinson, Kafhie Milcucli, Joanne Carlson, Linda Hill, Gail Robinson. I05 s.. lost my bead . . . FT MC? 5 N x',,f z vw pw K WW i 'NU llillill' fd? woxr nam um ms vmaoon wma fjl. f,T ' in M W W soy' ns voun Moves oaonvouo vunool News U I A . , 1 7 I , . .l S93 IO6 p- - 5 N, nf - o,4..,..fnzw,..,msuow! ff V, - DONT WAIT Too 1 fy ff v R, k ,I f if , t .5 'ei Sitka? I: Xu' Q Tx 7 QA!! vi 4 I E 37211 ' M, 5 "Q Wi? advertisements DADS' AND LADS' APPAREL MSM A ,. R EALTO R 5 VIVIAN LEACH SALFS DEPAFIYMEP-IT LVNDALE EIJLJTH AT 5390 HC.E.F'R4'39613 lJVF.TAYLUQ41-C1"'4 4 .SN K, Q f,.,a rm!! MEDICINE LAKE BUS C0 5 Y 'S F '1 f ,Allllir-.,, BOULEVARD CAFE 5. 1. 5 -fs it ,aw Nun-f' ,, . , F ,P 3 5-. 1 Q ?v.A ,W r , 'MESS Af " If hwy I 2' mi YP .af ff 'Q is if iff! if I me EKELUND COFFEE CO HIT, Y 'fr W Xxx N WTF Y if ----.........k,,,,,.........,.A,,,,, an I TENNANT COMPANY ixgf' 2 'z ,gm Y 3 1 K X , f ,I w Q fl in iii ,, M' 'ww .fi syn 5 2 I-I. if iv M? 'wx M AMERICAN BAKERIES CO LHS. L-Qi' .. Q ui 'f ' L9 4 'ff 431 4 ,W - , 1,1 , ' I -an, 1 MILK HO SE f . 1 ig, gl: ,M Vt M. ,I 5 xi 'ff .1 2 fx A f XI 'W ,KP 3: if 5 2 1 2 I. 1 . r x 15 "ml RO W .J ..v f r I I if .,,,fn , ,.,Jn,a .za ,. is . , M, ,-Q ww, Ar ,iw 4?-by Q wg if rf" gg, vi, , fzfsfflfs' Jug QQSFIQ' fm sew M il . K . 23551 1 . 512 .'. gh ,, , is 35 Q ' f ff ,ff a f ,ff gi 'la..f"'M , f ff! .f' NSWICK f?f2"lY13' RK BALKE- BASDEKA BROS DER CO FU RS at Ki Q gf A Q 1 fgvcese' ff , .s 3:w ,..., lp ,Q . ,, X? My . 5 I ,Mm-v-:snug . , G Q. lads gf-own ' ,... 'MU i ixf...Xk1 -, X MX A-I L4 . Q '4MuuXgNsmX?'2RXX" Mx V AMW ,Xue XXX Wlwffl' 'V ' - - E WHIT E HOUSE Q A 4' 3 1 I A M !',, x""' A 4 'C V 4 4 ' w hy . 5 W: X3 2 i 6 Q 'Ji' no fn , 'Q 99' . H1 , n , V I , .,,2 -.fs 4 . . 1 A 1' Ki i SANITARY DAIRY ,L R .xv R wg-qpvuvn'wr"'1'?' ""!"' !, K i .fs 'ffm J ' s , Q 1 ',g,,--f-A A Wi 3 ,g 1 A!! 5 RN'--.. ,, 1.125 4 ' fm 1 ,1i""" ninifvl fy i ii!! ,J 'A .1- - a,,....l+'1-fl' K W' ,J lp fl, It 'six N " f X 'Na Z?" 32" , rid , J, , fi it ' 5 'j-A M . , X- M2 ""3h1"f Y gf X ' ' , k . ! ' , 'X ,, ' Aff 'QA LWLV gg 3 ,' 9 '45 I Zaf..l. a ,. ,,,. .,4,1 f.iqnn... 2 Q rn ' ' f fwpig AY Q i 'f -. TL Ev , Q If ' A 1 EW 5 5 'K 5 g h 'L 'bi Iv 411, 2 Q f ' E EA , W T A 8 lx: an I 5 W nv ' .--1f1Z'7"' ,Af uv, ' . I ,N 21 I f R-?"'ar.. 5 -f-N... I-Q. ,Z Eff ,-I . 9' 2 xt B '7 'fi v ,l P O COMPANY A , fC Wa- f..m Lf . wh 'uf I -A wxfrng 6901401 if-ffm 3...-b 'N SANIT T' A Q ar, f Q, -:Xl LAKEVIEW ARY DAIR Ai BOB S BARBER SHOP l , had r 5 E S x 5 Nw. E, ,, ,S UNITED TREE SERVICE EMPIREWUSEWFGECO C O E I X f Jff 2' LEVARD 81 LA cosom INDUS'IQ,RjES :Nc 44 A Y BROS lN'S7l?LlflON4l. S4453 O' .VHSION WAQT' S' SSO? MQNSNA ' 'WNN Q A wg 571 NN MARKET Audi' a.1"f3-:rr " L! Kc 5' 513515 .Q . -Q, X , .jg , z 4 S f X M. , Mr SL A f.. f 5 ifw '- I 'iz' gf, 'RL Q 'lk 'Q fm ,"zi.,i Q P ,L My " 2jifli"f A 30 251-5Vj'Na5:1 ' avi ff 'gif' f . M ' Q! 4. , . we -s w' Sf, Tia ,131- .-gm, 'shi' 02532055 Via 3 ,. 'gmt 59- -f af ' gif! ' ' gf A . 36- 1:-'K ' , af-5, N9 - 113-v. " . eff' gi . 2 a , .,v A 1? if Fine HOPE CHEST Linen, Silver and China for +he Bride of Tomorrow ,. X' , ' J Hope Chesi' offers an excelleni' opporfunify for summer employmenf, including a scholarship program for ihose considering college. Rewarding experience and high earnings can be yours - plus a college parf-lime posi+ion. For More Informafion Call Mr. Kaiser-Ll. 5-3753 l26 Sludenl lndex A Aanenson, Eric 50, 84, 89, 99, Aanenson, Gary 58, 82, Addison, John 58, 82 Adolfson, William 58, 82 Alberl, Merry 58 Anderson, Barbara I4, 46, 47 72, 90, 96, 99, Anderson, Charles 29, 89, Anderson, Joyce l0, 29, Anderson, Margaref 62 Anderson, Richard 28, 77 Anderson Roberl Anderson, Roger 58, 87, B Balfanz, lrene 54, 90, Bales, Jeffrey Becker, Sharon Beckman, John IO, 20, 50, 99, Bellak, Lynn 54, 55, 83, 90, Berenberg, Fred 29, 69, 80 Beske, Marsha 46, 47, 83, 90, 99 Beske, Wayne ,62, 63, 82 Bills, Fred , 46, 7I, BB, 89 Bills, Jane? , 62, Bills, Lo Bokovoy Richard , Borcherl, Dianne , 46, 7I, I72, 0l, Borcherl, William 58, Boschee, Janel 72, Boschee, Jerry 7, 50, 84, 89, Bouley, Dean 54, Docken, Elaine E Elmquisl, James 68, 72, 80, 84, 85, Enghauser, Karl Enghauser, Paul 9, Engleberl, Diane Enhelder, Dale Erickson, Lesler Erickson, Paul Ericson, Jean 32, Ericson, Jeffrey Ewald, Clinlon Fwald, Timolhy F Fahrendorff, Harold Falkers, Marilyn Farnam, Jeffrey Felf, Kathryn 46, 90 Finch, Cafhie 50, 52 68 83 90 Fisher, Kalhlyn .,5l 90 l0l Fisher, Mary 28, Flanagan, Michael Flanagan, Timolhy Flanders, Margarel' Folk, Marilyn Frandle, Barbara 5 Frandle, Jack Frederickson, Belly Fredericlrson, Mary Jo .33, 73, 97, 99, G Garven, David 5l, Galely, Barbara , , ,. 5l, Gaudelre, Ruth Sl, 90, l0l, Gaudelle, Sleven 63, George, Joseph 33, 39, 80 George, Richard 46, Gibbons, John Giebenhain, Mary 9, 55, 73, Gornsrud, Lowell 7, 13, 77, 95, 97, 99, Gomsrud, Theresa 55, 83, 90, 95, Bouley, Janet 29, 36, 69, 70, 90, 96, 99, l0l Bowman, Sharon . 62, l05 Brademan, Carol 62, 73 Brademan, Gerald 29, 80, 88, 89, 9l Briggs, Susan 54, 90, 99, l0l Brown Darrel 58, 87, l0l Bruckelmyer, Donna 62 Bruckelrnyer, Richard 30 Bruckelmyer, JoAnne 54, 57, 90, l0l Bryant, Jill 50, 90, 99, l0l Bryanf, Jinx 54, 90, l0l Burda, Paul 58, 87, l0I Burns, Thomas 58, l02 C Carlson, Eileen 58, 72 Carlson, James 30, Carlson, JoAnne 62, Carlson, Judifh I3, 30, 70, 7l, l0l, Carlson, Richard 50, 80, 84, Carlson, Sandra 62, Carroll, Michael 58, Chesler, Ellen 50, 83, 90, Chrislensen, Maurice Clark, Anne Cooper, Susan 62, Coughlin, Gayle 54, 90, Coulls, Alison 58, Crowder, Suzanne 50, 83, 90, 99, Crowder, William 62, 87, Cummer, Judilh 26, 54, 73, 99, Cummer, Linda D Dahl, Siephen 50, 88, Dahl, Thomas 6, 23, 3l, 39, Dahl, Timolhy Darnell, DuWayne Davis, Lorella Davis, Susan Dazenski, Larry Dazenslri, Sleven Denneson, David Denneson, James DeVilliers, Jean Dickey, Donald l27 30, 39, roi, so, ez, ea, 44. 55 44, 58, 80, 72, 59, Green, Lance Greenberg, Neal I4 34 97 Greenfield, Gregory Greenfield, Marcia 46 Greenfield, Sandra 32 Griffilh, John ,, , Gulslrand, Janel' Gulslrand, Jean , H Haar, Roger , . Hall, Cynlhia Hall, Edgar 55, Halluska, Carol . Hanson, Barbara, 55 Hanson, Roberf 7, 3l Harl Elaine Harl, Mary Hass, Frederick . Hauge, Barbara V28 34 44 68 76, 83, 90, 94 97 Hauschildf, Jerald Heighsledf, Mary Heinsch, Colleen 7 Heinsch, Mary Jo Helgesen, Timolhy Helland, Judilh 26 55 73 90 Hill, Linda Hill, Sandra Hill, Sharon 5l, 90 l0l I02 Maxwell Claude Ho1nes Marlor1e 5I 90 94 Homes John 3 75 80 8 Holsten Jan1ce Homnk Gregory Horne Jan1ce Horne Phyllus Hostetler Robert Hoy Thomas Judsth 47 Paul Hultgren Hultgren Wayne Gerald Bomta Sl James Kent Jeppesen Johannes Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson K1r Johnson Mary Johnson Pa FICIB I3 Johnson T W Johnson 3 3 V1ck1 90 Johnston Karen 28 32 37 90 94 Jones James 52 Jorgenson Lmda Kane Damel Kaplan Phyllus Kar1 Nancy Kmckerbocker Anne Koch Judlth Koch Thomas Koelfgen Joseph Koeneman R1chard Kontenakos Chr1st 85 88 Korney Stephan1e Korsh Lesl1e KUblC Paul Kuhlmann W1ll1am 47 Kulenkamp John 80 Kulenkamp Sh ron II 47 OI Lanak Judlth 8 Lanak Stephen Lang Jon Mart1n Jay 52 82 Martm L1nda Mattson Barbara 38 69 96 Q 1st Roger 2I 33 36 4I 0 S 1 h Marrlyn 48 7l 90 l0l 4 Sm1th Nell I00 Socher Karen 5 90 Soc er M rv1n 8 44 80 84 9I Socher Robert 48 BB McAl1ster DeAnn McAuI1ffe McAuI1ffe Gr1ff1th 47 McAul1tfe McCabe McCabe McCabe Robert 47 McCaffrey Kev1n McCann McLeod McLeod McManus Mar1lyn McNe1l McNe1l Thomas 60 Jeanne James Charles 52 James Jeffrey 9 55 8 9l Marna Blanr Rnchard Robert Mellberg Merwm Merwm Merwm MIRUCKI MIRLICRI M1ller M1ller M1IIer MIIIET M1tchell Leslue Mntchell Margaret M1tchelI Maureen Carol Dav1d M1xer Bruce Moe Nancy Dan1el 80 9I Donald Douglas 48 7l 580 9 8 Ka I9 60 6l 72 l02 Jul1e 64 73 Denn1s3 36 4l 4 James 56 84 Raabe Raabe Joan Ph1l1p Rahn Kelth Rand M1tchell Raabe Raabe Reynolds Rob1nson Rob1nson Robnnson James Jamce 55 56 4 68 82 5 56 68 I52 7 36 99 0 48 75 56 90 Lane Gal Sandra Thomas Rogers Chr1st1ne Rood Dav1d Rosengren Terry 56 57 Rosholt John Rosholt Stephen 55 56 Ross RIChafd 42 68 Rouzer Rouzer Rowan Runcle Russell Geraldme 20 Mary Barbara Lynne James 64 65 Sahly Stephen Sand Dav1d Sandell Dan1el Sathre Rlchard Sax Gerald1ne Statt Nancy Statt Peter 7l Stemer Dana Stemer Walter Stemer Warren Ste1nman Barry Swanberq Bruce Svensson Lee Svensson Paul Swanson M1chael 72 77 Swanstrom Donald Swatosh James Thole Barbara Thole Ronald Swanstrom Dav1d 28 45 88 89 Thomas Jean 5 90 Thorness Jud1th Tourv1lIe Jud1th Tree Patr1c1a Tree Todd Tr1pp Susan Troup Sandra Turner Laura 57 90 Turner Wade4 7I 84 Twomey John Tyler Charles Tyler Thomas Volkenant Judlth 53 3 Mo1Ianen Mark Murphy Murphy Murray Myhre Nafstad Nelson Nelson Nelson Nlchols Nlchols Noble Norby Elleen Mnchael L1nda Peter Carol Harry Judd Morgan Bruce Jamce 48 90 Sarah 48 Katherme Lang Stephen Langley Leonard 6 3I 76 77 96 97 98 Langley R1ck1 6 0I La rsen Larsen La rson La rson Latsha Leach Gerald Kathleen Robert 52 80 88 89 Renae lan1ce 7 47 7I 94 99 Mary 50 95 Lee Ba rba ra Le1ghton Robert Lester Boyd I3 9 80 B8 Lester Sandra L1bra Jon 8 84 L1ndberg Nancy Lundberg Margaret Lmdsey Barbara Lnndsey Bruce 2 Ludford Kent Ludford Mandee 52 Lundqu1st Joy Malu Erland MGFIUCCI JoAnne Marks Andrea Nordley Gerald Noren K1m OBr1en Patr1c1a ODell L1nda 5I Olson Rebecca Olsten Karen Ostroot Robert Ostroot Susan Parl1n PBRFICIB 52 Parmelee Gregory Pawlcyn Stephen Peters Gerald Peters Rtchard Peterson Av1s I3 Peterson Chr1st1ne Peterson Grant Peterson Jarold Plass Penelope Prestegaard Kr1st1 Prestegaard Peter 8 Bl B4 5 Proffrtt W1ll1am Proff1tt Margaret I0 0 6 2 Scheffler W1ll1am Schxefelbenn Don Schmlrler Judlth Schoumaker L1nda Schroth Jud1 Schroth Peter 7 75 77 80 Bl 8 Schutz M1chael Schwartz Eluzabeth 7 0 Selenslu Ann Selenslu James Serr 'Margone Shap1ro Robert Shattuck Cynthna Shattuck Steven Sheehy Dary 57 S1dweIl James S1oqu1st Karen Skyberg Ga1I 25 Slon1ne M1chelIe Sm1th Dayne Sm1th Ke1th 7 94 96 3 8 88 9 52 90 94 28 35 97 l00 IOI Volkenant Marc1a Walch Susan Walters Anne Wente Charlene I3 9 0I Wetterlmd Dav1d Wngestrand Robert Wrgren Davnd 49 84 Wnlson Kathernne 45 90 Wrrtz Ga1I WISII Karen Woehrle Stephen 53 88 Woltf Ronald Wrnght Susan Y1ngst Dav1d Y1ngst Mary Ann Ylvrsaker Thomas 53 68 80 89 9l 94 95 Yunker Cather1ne 53 99 Yunker Donald Ze1gler Bruce Zrust James 49 80 The statt ot the 60 VIKING real1zes that our book IS a product 1r1volv1ng the whole hearted ettort ot many people not lxsted 1n the masthead lt IS to these people we owe our gratutude B1II Pletsch who took photographs ot each ot our GCIIVIIIGS at no cost to Dan Gleason and Taylor Pubhshmg Company tor the extra pr1v1leges they have extended to us to D5Vld Baker who des1gned our con temporary cover to those non statt GV students who have stayed t1II morn1ng prootreadmg the last stack ot layouts Our deepest gratltude goes to our adv15er Mrs Arrm Nel son who has done much more than her t1tle requ1res Jean and Pete l28 TAYLQIRW EUEILISHINF COMPANY ' . ' ' -e-.s. . . . 97. ', , , 89 '1 ' , I0 101. 102 - - ' '64 , Q m- ' - .,.. L4i, ', l0l 1 . ,s,. 1. . .9.99 ' ' I4,, U- - . . -7.77 , .,r,, rrrrr,,,,,,, cr,,,c 7 , , ' .,ccc . ,ccc .47,l05 ' "'l0f R 11, 3' ..,.. , , ,. ' , ...., .59, 87, I0l I 55I 82 . -- 4--f--r--e-- --vvY---- . II I ' I , vvv, I ,.v, 59I I05 ' I I --v-l 7I 4II 103 1 I f . 1 82 . -f ff-ff- -.--------57. 70- ' I , ' ..........,. ..5I, 90, l0I ' - I 101 '03 - '. . . 03. 97. - ----- 49- - 90- 9'- , ' , , ' 1 1 101 - ,,,, ........,..,. . 53, . v-,f ref-e--,-,-A--, 5 9 , , 00, 04, 89, 5 ,O ,ol . ' I I vvlngn nvvqn 5 II IIII ,III ,M . II .... IIB I . . ,r....., ..,. . . ,. . ' 5 . 90. 99. 101 ' . . 87. 95- '23 ,' ' .. fjfQQfQ.9" 973 - ' , f'f..Qfff'516,""53'," . . es.. . 59. 87 . -- -- e . ' .. , 31, ,-12, 70, , .. .,r,.. . , 44, 87 74, , 1 1, 103 I QIWQY ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I IIIIIII44I " , H I 04I 09, 9l I . II. I4, . . 95. 99 I ,,,,, II ,,,,,, 55, 57, . 4 82 87 . ' ,..., 41, 7l, 99 - A -f - - '05 . 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'01 . - - 1 'U'- - 53 . 60 , . , , 82, 87, 95, . .3 . 6 . 65. ' ' . ' . l0l , .,.,...,.,............., K . ' . 1 'O' 95 S . 9. . .91, 94. II II IIII IIII - 2- - -7 . 9'- '0' , cccc ,... 4 1, 07, 101, . ' . . . ' . e - . . 89. 99 ...41 82 89 . , , , ,. 10, 20, 52, . - - - - I . ---- . 97. 43. 99 , , 9, 54, 73 02, 04, 99, lol , ,,.. .45, , , ,..,.,.., 5.63, 73 - I II II 60 I . II ,IS ' , 52, 90, 103, 104 . III . - ' 765 v ' .,...,... 49 55 l0l " '. - 1 - - I I 64 , , 45, 87 I - , 90, 99, . .,.....,, . .4-1. :Z I I IIII II III IIII I . III ,IIII IIII - I ' "" 8 7 . I 611 87 I , I ' ' .. ,.,.....,,, .48, 80 , ' .. ,... . 365, - ' ',5' ,of . 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III I I 4,I ,OI ,,I Io, , I 41, 101, 105 Y , ..., . ....,. .. . ..,.... III I , IIIIII IISI IIII I I ,WI ,O 1 ff -' '1"' "" ""' 70 I I 54 . .... ' I ' ..6I, , ...... . .... I . I MI ,III I I I IIII . I I ,,,,,,,.. ,,.... .,. . . ,- ,' 1 - ' '0":02 . . . . 40, 00 ' . . . . 81. . ------------ f 0-' 1 02 O ' ', ,, ,,..,. .. .,,, . ,,,,, 65 84. . . . .99.l0l , ,.,..........,,..,..... aa, 9l I I II I - I I I I,7I , ,......., , , 13 I ,,,,,,,,,., I ..,,.... 55, IUI , .... . .. 50, 72 IOII '03 , ------- -.---55. . . . .III.II1Q ' . ' . 52. 90. 91. 101. ' - I 48 49 Z ' - '04 ' ' ..,. ,........ f 52 ' 103 . I ........,,,.......,.,..... 60. IU' . . ...,., . .. M64 - I . I I 4oI 45I . I 9, , . ,....... . . . . 95. , . , , ,. 64, l05 5 '03 gg 97. . I0l. 103 , ., .. .64, l0I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , 2 ..,.,,....,. , ..... , , l0I , ....... - ......,,,,,........ 44, 105 ' ' 47' 48' 99' '03 - , ......,........... ,... ...... 4 0 P . ....... . 2 . 40. 70. 72. . ' ' ' , ,'9I, 99, 101 . " 3 .5190 101. l04 - - . , .,....... 63, 44, 73, 102 . . 60. B2 - - I - - , ,....,, ,....,.,., 3 , , 09, 9l . 40. 49. 00. 91 . .- . ' , ..................,. 40, 72 . . 56, 84, 99 ' I ' , ........ 52, 90, 99. , 63, 44, 02, 87 , , 1 . , , IOI. 102. 104 I - , 40, 40, 75, 90, I I - , ..... ........,. 4 0, 102 96, 90, l0l 1 . - ' , ........ ....., , 5, 99, 101 , ' ' 51, 52, 90, 95, 1 - , ........................,,.......,.. 60 99, l0I, I04 ' - r I , ' .... , 90, I0l, 104 , 40,' - - I - I ' , .... ....... . . .60, I05 , 40' 3 - . , 4, I0l l ' N' , ' ' , 20, 41, I0l . , 13, 41, 70, 72, I, I .... ......,..,. ........,..., 5 2 ,103 DI I I 8 I ,III ,III III IIIII I0l . . . - 48 90 Io, , 48, 71, 00, 91 - H '-'s--------"- - - ' , 1, 10, IOS -1 4. -. ..v...13e40, .4 rsyfa..-mae" fp 'mei X a . P+ H 1 V' Xa Lin Y f.l'-frff ' ff' . '- f X L . s W I 1' W A W if 2, X., ,cf I -6 1' 1 ?f 'J 'X . iz.: ,l'.-. fg ., X , , f N2 'af' fini

Suggestions in the Golden Valley High School - Viking Yearbook (Golden Valley, MN) collection:

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Golden Valley High School - Viking Yearbook (Golden Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 123

1960, pg 123

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Golden Valley High School - Viking Yearbook (Golden Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 9

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Golden Valley High School - Viking Yearbook (Golden Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 90

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