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7 I 3 I , . L' 1,49 .V--V7 1 in ww. wil Jw :Jura .1-, P- we iq. '!""'?:A"H?.Q2-fin afamm in 5:.,u,xxn8' gf Q- 1 TJ E1 X fe- Y4 1 A "l'.4:?2',lg, Ky v, 1 1 , . K 'n 31,0 :D G K . '5 'fl' f' K4 g' fl- 1' 0 - . L , gj !l!L'lj,4fnff f X A ,,.,, -x. , ,I-. . ji 'qgffz ' Ae? jf "En1rfft" ' :Ji QA 4 !r"'0' 07 4,0119 1 43 - I ' . H A ad lf W f 1 J Z' Z 4 Wg? J 1 , 9 JF' 149 1 ,gg 'X 1035 . lf flak Q if if J , H. 25,- Belo U33 7, X ,cf 1 W 1713 " ,W ijpff O.. XZ :OM NO' sswgw YEA RBOOK STAFr Editor Jan Childs Asst Ed Sandy Carr Bus Mgr Shirley Gillett Asst Bus Mgr Jeffery Kurtzman Photographers Doug Jacobs B111 Peters Phil Reisbeck Sra ff Nancy Woodward Nan Robinson Gerald Foster Ronald Lass Pat Dunham Linda Beard Alrce Green Sue Lolz eaux Judy Sigler Sponsor E A Herber 497 77 CONTENTS Title Page Forward Dedrcation Admmistrauon Classes School Leaders Semors Iumors Sophomores Sports Clubs and Activrties Advertisers Page X ff :is S Nw vi we X .f D I Z forgwzl Qgfada- ' C C X 1 2 ' 3 . . 5 13 , 15 ' 16 ' 31 ' ' 39 ' ' 47 . . . . 59 ' 89 U U l . ' 1 . a 0 ' V xl fa' ' X ,f1fl,ff.f Nh I, fl Eliglii ll: fl X I Wgful f E, M X fr pI, '- A 'gqalit I' cgi? 1- S, J 4, jg ,f ' 1 f x Q K - Xlij 44 1 If ff gf If E ffl, if . C 7411 Qi- Ww W EL BIABL os DIARY fx i W. f X 07- Q' I ,,,... -4 K -V vt M ? L exi jf A A Q, A . ,y F' rj? ' ' 8 'STV' - - ' ' dt QE ' 1 ' ' .. x 5 " "" AM A 1 Q'-3 'K , ' V 4 Kwfajf , " ' 1 uw V ii z -1 Ai' 'inn ani my 1 if 2 - J 3 A gi . , ,, g . if I I? iT 36 1 ' ' '3 " g , fa df f 3, . Q 4 , nf" 'A V' wmv-HW' W, " W fiflqf 1:21354 ' ,wow Wu . 172. 3952 -fd x 9,7 iii, FM 53:91, U, Q' REM! yrgffk xt . K 1 ' nl, I" A 'il i la. SMI: mit122!:gq'.Jl 40 B , . 5 X , X-f 5 X-,,- X ii? X5 ,6- Trix. QR X Q AD MIN1 4f..!?f, f ff, X I I fy' . ff Q Q D I Y 'fb' 'QQM 1 , 2. V C 3 Xf x su X Thxs IS our faculty and administrauon In these men and women rests the tre mendous responslbllrty of educatmg us It 1S hard to fathom the amount of work they do for us Almost every teacher IS the sponsor of at least one school orgamzatlon Several teachers have the added Job of coachmg our ath1et1c teams Many are also trymg to further thexr own educauons by workmg for h1gher degrees tn their part1 cular f1elds All these 3VOC8I10l'l5 are U1 add1t1on to the teachers regular class room dut1es Now we have a new school wh1ch eases the Job of the teachers Just a llttle We have new and modern equrpment the use of wh1ch makes many ofour subJects more 1nterest1ng The advanced education to ward wh1ch each of our faculty is stnvmg enables them to apply new techn1ques to theu xnstrucuon and makes them even more qua11f1ed to teach thelr respectlve subjects It takes a whole faculty of good teachers and a good admin1sf.rat1on to rarse a school s scholastic standmg and to gradu ate better educated students and Golden l-hgh School 1S mdeed fortunate to have a very capable admmlstratxon and a very capable faculty ,- Ns X . -za-""--Ta ? 'S--"' fi' I' Q 4"s N i ,fy-O KX X 1 . ' l , X '. . ' . ' . fi I NN . . .- 9' , . . ' , - fx? f . . . 1' he-1' XX , . - Q 1 s f Q 42 X 1 xx 1 ff y f X f "1 '- Q xl X' t 'I Ex kwa "l il , X I I ki' v , y ,' 4' 1 'n T. hh " xii X 1 XX xx D XXX M at Sala I if f I f l P I X I ' i 1 1 :Q " lui? Dr. ROBERT H. JOHNSON Superintendent ri. J- A U BOARD OF ---4 EDUCATION M' "Milf" To the men of the Board of Education we owe one of our most successful years They chose Golden as a site for the new hxgh school and planned it to be J COLLINS GADD a model school for the county We are grateful to THOMAS TEN EYCK President them for our school and the opportumty to receive kt Vlce Presldent a better educauon In apprec1at1on let us stnve to take proper care of our new school and work to improve our scholasuc standmgs 1" an 'QSO' . CHARLES MOORE Treasurer CHAPJ-F-S MEYERS THOMAS J CARNEY 2nd Vice President Secretary 13 5, ex 2'5" ADMINISTRATION Mrs. MERVENE GORSKY-Library Miss MABEL BOLITHO-Student Advisor and Typing Mrs. KATHERINE TAIT-Secretary There are other positions in the admin- istration of our school that the principal has no time to fill. All of the clerical work of the school, the handling of student runds, and many other miscellaneous jobs are done by the school secretary. The problems of the students, whether with their fellow students or with teachers, are capably ironed out by our student advisor. The beautiful new library is kept in good order by our librarian who is constanly adding to our collection of books to make more and better ones available for our use. MI. SIGFRED JOHNSON -Principal The scholastic and citizenship stand- ards of a school are the direct responsibili- ty ofthe principal. It is his duty to en- courage better citizenship and greater study Mr. Johnson has worked hard for these principles in our school and has succeed- ed in raising our standards to the degree that we are one of the top schools in the state. We are all proud to have as capable a man as Mr. Johnson for our principal. 1 cEKNHALSTUDHE5 Mr. WILLIAM LEWIS -World History and Coach Mr. RALPH BISHOP-American History Mr. JAMES JOHNSON-World l-llstory, Sociology, and Geography History, geography, and sociology are but three of a large groupof subjects class- ified as social studies. All of these subjects are related ln that they deal with man, his existence, and his enviromnent. Our study of man in high school begins with world history. Here we gain a fundamental knowledge of how our world came into its present state. Then we go on to geo- graphy and sociology, learning man's economic and social problems. In our senior year we take up American history. Here for the first time we become able to fully appreciate and understand our A- merican hertiage and way of life. LANGUAGES Mr. ROBERT ELLIOTT-English and Coach Miss HELEN FAIRBANKS-English Miss MAUD PRIEST-English. Latin, and Dramatics Mrs. HELEN NOLLEN-English, Spanish, and Ioumalism The next thing to visiting a foreign country is to leam its tongue. Language students not only learn the language, but also become acquainted with many of the customs and ideas of the country and there- by gain a better understanding of its people. It is even more important, though, to learn well our own language for, 'Reading maketh a full man: conference a ready man, and writing an exact man." FINE ARTS Mrs. CAROL HURR-Music Miss CHARLENE PETERSON-Art Mr. NORMAN Beville -Band Many of those things which add to the fulness of our lives are classified as the fine arts. Art and music are the two subjects of this group that are taught in Golden. In these classes we learn to appreciate good art and good music and to participate in the fine projects and activities carried out by the music and art departments. PRACTICAL ARTS Mr. ALFRED PERRELLA -Shop and Mechan- ical Drawing Mr. VEINON WHITING -Distributive Edu- cation and Office Practice Mrs. KATHLEEN TOLOS-Home Economics Of all the courses in school, the ones that can be put to immediate practical use are shop, home economics, and distributive education. Shop gives a boy the feeling of doing something useful and the feeling of accomplishment. Many girls in home economics put their skill to work as soon as they go home. Disuibutive education students receive help and instruction in the everyday problems that they face on their after-school jobs. COMMERCIAL Miss ATHIE MANOS-Shorthand and Typing Mr. AMD. SWANSON-Typing and Book- keeping The commercial subjects are useful in many fields other than business. They do prepare a person for entrance into the busi- ness world, but they also teach skills that can be applied to other activities. Typing is useful in high school and even more so in college. Also many college students take notes in shorthand while listening to lec- tures. The general principles of business can be applied to many situations to keep records straight and to work more efficient- ly. PHYSICAL EDUCATIGN Mr. RICHARD BOOTON -Boys' Physical Education and Coach Mrs. MABEL BISHOP-Girls' Physical Education Besides good food, medicine, and proper rest, it takes physical exercise to keep in good health. Some people are more naturally athletic than others, but all can receive the benefits of physical educa- tion classes. Exercises are far more effec- tive when taught by and done under the supervision of a skilled teacher. The finer points of many types of athletic games are taught from the standpoints of both the participant and the spectator. COOKS Mrs. MONTGOMERY Mrs. BACHATEY Mrs. DARDEN Mrs. RENKE-Head Cook Every morning as we pass by the lunch- room, we smell delightful odors eminating from it. The question always goes around, "I wonder what we 're having for lunch to- day?" Whatever we do have, our cooks cook it to perfection. They give us a great variety and we all enjoyed the special Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners they made for us. ls' , MATH AND SCIENCE Mr. ARTHUR PAPENFUS -Biology Mr. LOREN CHRISTENSEN -Chemistry and Physics Mr. DARREL l-IAFLING -A lgebra Aeronautics, Geometry, and Coach Mr. EDWARD HERBER-Algebra and Geometry tions of a technical education are the sciences and mathematics. Vital facts a- bout the world around us are taught in the science classes, biology, chemistry, and physics. A working knowledge of algebra and advanced math are taught in the three different algebra courses. Aeronautics teaches the fundamentals of flight and airplane design. Figures both plane and solid are studied in the geometry and trigonometry courses. From these classes come our scientists and mathematicians of tomorrow who work to create a more plea- sant and easier world in which to live. CUSTODIAN S Mr. CHARLES BISHOP Mr. CLIFFORD BUSSERT Not Pictured: Mr. NICK MATTIVE-Head Cutodian Mr. NATHEN KIRKLAND With the new Golden High School our custodians have a terrifically hard job. But every morning when we come to SCh0O1 we find the floors spic and span. All repairs are made promptly and cheerfully. We had two custodians added to our staff later in the year when it became apparent that we would need more help to keep our huge school clean. In our modern world a technical educa- tion is of utmost importance. The founda- gr X.. jf X fx .. it ,r 91103 UNO w ,, Wa fb ggi!! 1' w ff 6,1 Es ai gl!! 5 'ix iq!! . - --- h , ,sf x fn my ' V w.. 1-3' 74 f' ,f 'Y 7 ' ' .' Q' ! , r . x I f Aff Ne - ' I L ,M X - ,Af '-Lf' w . 'I , f , if r 1" V, 5 A ' If ,HI f 'ff xg f l Xu? wg, ff W- , ff ,, I '14 5 Xxx ' ' ,iii 1,1'4'b, Q' A Q N 1 I 1V EV 1, " I 5:1 .f W' , ,, 7'A I ,101 XXX , 4"if ' ' N XR K , '-',,":.- X 'I' ' ' i ig f W ,f "'elg':f, Y -.5 5 , .f . A Y Ag- 'ff 94- .- X 1 , V f ' If X X, fi M its ?f?z, x 535' xb j ' ' For the first time in Golden s history we have only three classes in our high school the Senrors Juniors and Sophomores It is an arrangement that everyone seems to like students faculty and admm1strat1on Ready to graduate th.1s year are our mighty Sentors Many are sad about having to leave Gold en I-hgh but they leave with a good rec ord and sat1sf1ed wxth what they have done for our school It IS a very fine class that 15 graduatmg this year both scholastrcally and athletrcally Next are the Iunrors They have one more year ahead of them durrng whlch they w1ll be able to use the fully completed facilrties of our new school The Juniors are also buildmg a record of scholastic and athletrc achievement lrke 4' 1 that of the Seniors The youngest class in our school are the Sophomores They have Just begun the routlne of h1gh school life but much rs expected of them rn the fu ture I 3 xx X x - X XR tu ' i -Q ? sz 54' auger: Q! Q D , X' k ' xxx ' ' D . . . . . ' g ' . . . xy' V , . . . f A l ' . - ,- . . " X f RK ' . x l ' - ts x Xxx - x r xixxs Y tx V ' Ei 'ii X r my 5: Yu X If r ' Q XX- 1 ., R lx 1 K Q X f xx s r e -s Q u y as W 5 fy tt s f r E-:Q ff w n o ,A U s 1- ' er, STUDENT LEADERS SANDY CARR Sec -Treasurer JERRY MALCOLM Presldent STUDENT COUNCIL JOHN CI.ELLA.ND Vice-President FRONT ROW Kay Trense, Evonne Petry, Mary Papageorge, Judy Flem El T Cl-LNTER ROW Ro Dunn Orla doCha Eh mg, ame art ger , n vez, as Archuleta, Pat Brown, Phylhs Hatton, Nma Harbus, Jamce Gregory BACK ROW Bob Krattlx, Bob Duppman, Paul Meyers, Chuck Rlchey, Rodney Peterson, Ken Snyder 15 Mass BOLITHO Sponsor SENIOR LARRY McINROY President OFFICERS PLANNING "E"viceN.'P,i,"??n'tR "2ZE??,EiEi?R" COMMITTEE LEFT to RIGHT, David Heimbecher, Paula Starbranch, mna Harbus, Jerry Schloffman. SPONSORS RALPH BISHOP HHEN FAIRBANKS SHIRLEY JEAN ANDERSON Shirley Pep Club 3. BARBARA JOANN BABCOCK Jody Student Council 13 Sophomore Class Treas.3 Jtmior Class Sec., Glee Club 13 Cheerleader 43 Pep Club l,2,3,43 GAA l,2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 33 Safety Siders 43 Ski Club 2,3,43 Sophomore Planning Comm., Jlmior Planning Comm.: Prom Com. 33 Baccalaureate Usherette. MARYANNA BELL George Glee Club 13 Color Day Cheerleader 23 Pep Club l,2,3,4, Council 3, President 43 Dramatics 23 GAA l,2,3,4, Council 43 Graduation Usherette, Ski Club 3,4, Sec.-Treas. 43 Sophomore Planning Comm. HERBERT JAMES BLATTER Safety Siders 43 Basketball 2,3,4, Numberal 2,3, Letter 4g Football 2,4,Numera.l 1,2, Letter43 Chem- istry Club rg Key Club 4. JUDY EILEEN BAKER Jud Maroon'8rWhite 3,4, Ass't. Editor 3, Editor 43 Glee Club 2,45 Pep Club 3,43 Baccalaureate 'Usherette3 Drill Team 4. JOSEPH LEROY BARTOSH Joe Safety Siders l,2,3. RICHARD E. BAXTER Dick G Club 43 Football 3,4, Letter 4s Wrestling l,2,3,4, letter 43 Chemistry Club 4. LINDA CLARE BEARD Lindy Glee Club I3 Pep Club 2,3,43 GAA 1,43 P.F.C. l,2,3 4, Sec.-Treas. 23 Melodears 23 Safety Siders 35 Junior Planning Comm.: Girls' Quartet 33 Square Dance Club 4g Color Day. Cheerleader 3. Q JERRY PATRICK BOLIS Jerry TONNIE JEAN BOLITHO Character Pep Club l,2,3,4, Council 3,45 Safety Siders 45 Ski Club 35 Officer 45 Junior Color Day Cheer1eaders5 TAMARA ANN BRANCH Missy Glee Club 15 Pep Club l,2,3,4, Assembly Com. 45 Majorette lg Dramatics 2,35 GAA 1,2,45 Safety Si- ders 45 Ski Club 3, Sec. 35 Soph. Planning Com.5 Junior Prom Com. Junior Color Day Cheerleader5 Graduation Usherette. DORIS DIANE BURLINGAME Di Librarian 45 Dramatics 25 P.F.C. 1,2,3,45 Safety Si- ders 3,45 Library Club 45 Girl 's Chorus 4. ,v gy . . 3 1 5 MARGARET ANN BITZER Ann Student Council 1, QVa. J Maroon 8: White 3,45 Fresh- man Class Sec. l fVa. Q Junior Color Day Cheerleaderg Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Treas. 45 Safety Siders 2,45 Ski Club 3,45 Graduation Usherette 35 Color Day Com. 35 SUSAN ANN BOWMAN Sue Pep Club 2,35 GAA 25 P.F.C. 45 Melodears 3,45 Home Ec. Club 4, Sec.-Treas. 45 J.L.C. Treas. 35 Freshmen-Sophomore Party Com. 4 ALBERT MARION CARMICKLE Al Wrestling l,2,3. SANDRA LEE CARR Sandy Student Council 4, Sec.-Treas. 45 Executive Council 45 Annual Staff 3,4, Assistant Editor 45 Glee Club 15 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Dramatics 3,45 GAA 1,25 Melodears 45 Ski Club 354, Tres. 45 Baccalaureate Usherette 35 County Student Council 4. JANICE VRYL CHILDS Jan Maroon 8zWhite Staff 3, Annual Staff 3, Editor 45 Glee Club 1,25 Dramatics 3,45 P.F.C. 3,45 Melodears 2, Square Dance Club 3, 45 D.A.R. Citizenship Award 45 Office 45 West High Lariattes l. JONH RICHARD CLELAND Johnny Dick Student Council 354, Vice-Pres. 45 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Dramatics 2,35 Safety Siders 2,3, 45 Football 1, 45 Planning Comm. 3. DONALD E. DULAIGH Doo G Club 2,3,45 Basketball Mgr. 2,45 Baseball Mgr. 25 Tennis 3,45 Chemistry Club 4. PATRICIA LOUISE DUNHAM Pat Pep Club 45 Science Club 45 Sec. 45 Square Dance Club 45 South High School l,2,3. FRANK SEYMON CRANE Steve Maroon gc White 3,45 G Club 2,3,45 Baseball Mgr l5 Football 15 Wrestling lg Golf two years. TOM CRANE Tom JANE SUE DAVIS Janie Glee Club 2,35 Pep Club 1,45 Drum Major 15 Dra- matics 2,3,45 Student Teacher 45 P.F.C. l,4, Mel- odears 45 Ski Club 3,45 Square Dance Club 3, 4. SANDRA ELLEN DOBYNS Sandy Reninck High School l,2,3. STANLEK W. DUNN an Wheatridge High School 1,23 Band 1,23 Track 1,23 G Club 2,43 Safety Siders 3,43 Football 4, Wrestling l, 2,3,4g Letter 23 lntra-mural Commission W.H.S.3 Social Service Commission W.H.S3 Square -dancing Club 43 Ski Club 4. DONALD LEE FEEBACK Don Track. xg-rf GARY WI.LBUR FLEBBE Gary Safety Siders 2,3,43 Vice-president 43 G Club 2,3,4Q Basketball 3,43 Letter 3,43 Football 2,3,4, Letter 3, 43 Track 3,43 Letter 3,4. SHERRELL LEE GARVIN Sherry Band li I-ib1'1'i21U 4g Safety Siders 2,3,43 Future Tea- chers Club 4. SHIRLEY JEAN GILLETT Annual Staff 3,43 Pep Club 3,43 Pep Club 3,43 Cheer- leader 43 Safety Siders 2,3,43 Executive Council 33 Baccalaureate Usherette 33 Color Day Cheerleader ALICE L. GREEN Ally Dramatics 2,33 GAA 1,2,4, P.F.C. 1,z,3, lfi il rrrf it JANICE ANN GREGORY Jannie-Pooh Student Council 2,45 Alternate 33 National Honor Society 3,43 Maroon 8: White 3,43 Class Vice-Presi- dent 13 Class Secretary 43 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 GAA 13 Safety Siders 3,43 Prom Committee 33 Class Planning Committee 3. PAT HALL Pat Evergreen 1,23 Lakewood 33 Pep Club 1,23 Majorette 23 Librarian 43 Square Dance Club 43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Girl's Club 3. is MARY ANN HARBUS Mary Ann Safty Siders 3,43 Drivers Training 33 Square Danc- ing 43 Chorus 1,2,3,4. NINA VERA HARBUS Nina Student Coimcil 43 Pep Club 43 Safety Siders 3,43 Sec -Tres. 43 Art Club 33 Office 43 Driver's Train- ing 33 Girls State 33 Chorus 13 Senior Planning Committee Color Day Cheerleader 3. :"1 lar' LINDA KAY I-IICKS Lindete Lou Laramie High, Student Council 13 Glee Club 13 Cheerleader li Thespians lj GAA 13 Home Bc 13 Englewood: Glee Club 2,35 Pep Club 33 Dramatics 33 GAA 23 Mixed Choir 33 Golden: Home EC. 43 Social Dancing 4. SHIRLEY MAE HINKLEY Shirley Librarian 43 Pep Club 13 Chorus 4. A VELMA JEAN HARRIS Velma Librarian 43 Pep Club 43 Dramatics 2 3- P.F 2,3343 Safety Siders 43 Chorus 12 RUTH ARLENE HIEDBERG Ruthie Library 13 P.F.C. 1323 Homemaking Club 2 DAVID RICHARD HEINEBECHER Dave Freshman Pres. 13 Safety Siders l,2,3,43 Wrestling l,2,33 Letter 2,35 Tennis 1,23 Numeral 1,23 Square Dance Club 3,43 Key Club 3,43 Chemistry Club 4 LORA BYRNE I-IEEREN Lora Safety Siders 23 Projection Club 33 . 3 KAY CAROL JOHNSON K.T. Maroon 8zWhite 3,45 Librarian 35 Pep Club l,2,3,4 GAA 2,3, Vice. Pres. 45 GLEN EUGENE JOHNSON Gene PEGGY ADELE JOHNSON Peg Pep Club l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,45 P.F.C. l,2,3,45 Melo- dears 45 Safety Siders 3,45 Ice Skating Club 35 Jun ior Planning Comm. 35 Pep Club Skit Comm. 45 PANSY JANE JONES Pinkie Soph. Class Sec.5 Librarian 45 Pep Club 25 Dramat- ics 2,35 P.F.C. 1,35 Safety Siders 35 Art Club 35 Square Dancing Club 3,45 Library Club Sec. 3, Pres. 45 F.T.A. 4. HALLER LEE JACKSON Hal P.F.C. 25 Safety Siders 45 Football 3,45 Art Club 3. DOUGLAS LIONEL JACOBS Jake Annual Staff Photog. 45 G Club 2,3,45 Football 2,3, 45 Wrestling 253,45 Square Dancing 3, President 4. VICKI JURNEY Vic Pep Club 2,3,45 Satety Siders 25 Mixed Chorus5 Baccalaureate Usherette 3. KARYN MARGARET KIKLAS Kam Student Council 35 Glee Club 15 Pep Club 3,45 GAA 2,45 Safety Siders 2,3,45 G. Pin Comm. 35 Pep Club Assembly Council 3,45 Ice Skating Club 35 Grad- uation Usherette 3. JAMES HARVEY KINCH Jimmie Wrestling 2,3,45 JUDITH KNOBIAUCH Judy .- -.5 .f. i.. .E"" 144 f ' GWEN KAY MAUGHAN Gwe Cheerleader 45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Majorette 15 GAA 1,2,4, letter 35 Canteen Board l,2,3,45 Safety Siders 45 Baccalaureate Usherette 3. DON l..EO MAURER Don Student Council 35 Class President 35 G Club 3, Pre- sident 45 Baseball Letter l,2,3,45 Basketball Num- eral 1, Letter 2,3,45 Football Numeral 1, letter 2, 3,4. JAMES KENNETH LIDBERG Jim PFC 2,3,45 Safety Siders 3. GERALD NOBLE MALCOLM Jerry Student Council l, Executive Council 2,45 President 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Class Vice President 35 Band Numeral l, Letter l,2,35 Canteen Board 4, President 45 Safety Siders 2,4, Executive Council 35 Wrestling 1,3,45 Key Club 4, President 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Planning Committee 35 County Student Council 45 State Student Cotmcil 4. JOSEPH GARFIELD MARTINE Jay G Club 3,45 Wrestling l,2, Letter 3,45 Key Club 4. MICHAEL ERICK MASON Mike Safety Siders 45 Shop Club 45 Allied Youth 2,35 Hi- Y Club 2,35 Spanish Club 3. RALPH JAMES MCCRACKHSI Jimmy G-Club 3,45 Baseball 35 Basketball 35 Football 3,4. LARRY LEE MQINROY Larry Senior Class Pres.5 Dramatics 1,25 Basketball 2, Football 1, Key Club 4. HARRY MEERDINK Harry G-Club l,2,3,45 Tennis l,2. JOHN MENIKHEIM John JOAN LORRAINE MAYBERRY Joni Student Council 15 Pep Club l,2,35 Drill Leader 45 GAA 1,2,3,4, Pres. 35 Safety Siders l,2,45 Commence ment Usherette 35 Jr. Prom. Committe. JANE LEE McCOY Mac Librarian lg Square Dance Club 3. ELIZABETH ELLEN MILLER Beth PFC l,2,3,4, Sec. 35 Safety Siders 3,45 Officer Girl 45 Future Teachers Assoc. 4. CAROL JEAN MISHLER Ca Freshman Class Pres., fIowaj5 Band l,2, Iowa 25 QGo1den jg Pep Club 1, flowa jg 3,4, fGoldenj, Council 35 GAA 3,45 Safety Siders 3,45 Com- mencment Usherette 35 'Youth Council, Y-Teen flowaj. ANDY GEORGE MURIN Andy Safety Siders 25 Football 1, Numeral 1. KAY MARIE NAAS Kay Pep Club l,2,3545 Safety Siders 45 Ski Club 3. I 'ia WILLIAM VICTOR PETERS Bill Annual Staff 3,-15 G Club 45 Band 15 Dramatics 3,45 Golf 253,45 Numeral 2, Letter 354. RODNEY DONALD PETERSON Pete Student Council 45 National Honor Society 3,45 G Club 3,45 Baseball 3,4, Letter 3,45 Basketball 354, Letter 3,45 Football 3,45 Letter 3,45 Key Club 4. 5' 5 5 RONALD NIELSEN ah 5 Ron 'M CONNIE RAE NOVA K Ko Librarian 45 Safety Siders 45 Square Dancing 35 Art Club 35 Color Day Cheerleader 2. GEORGE MARTIN ORTEGA Orgie Dramatics 15 Football 3,4, Nimeral 3, Letter 45 Tennis 1. J OANN PAPAGEORGE Joann Student Council 35 Nation Honor Society 3,45 Sopho y more Class Vice Pres.5 Glee Club lg Cheerleader .. gk Pep ciub 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4. i' 8 BYRON LEON REIDER Byron Band l,2,3, Letter 1, Numeral 1, Safety Siders 13 Science Club 1, CHARLES MORRIS RICHEY Chuck Student Council 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,45 Class President 25 G Club 3, Secretary Treasurer 4 Safety Siders 3,45 Baseball Numeral 2,Basketbal1, Numeral 2,43 Football Numeral 1,25 Letter 3,43 Track Numeral lg County Student Councilg Planning Committee 3. MARIE ADA RIDER Ree Pep Club 3, GAA Secretary Treasurer 2,35 Chorus 1, 3. GARY LEE RISDON Lanky PFC 2, Secretary Treasurer 3, President 45 MARY HAMILTON POOL Poo Shaker Heights High School, Ohio 1, Leather Craft, A Capella Choir, Junior Classical league 3, Treas- urer 4, Ski Club 2, Projection Club 35 Pep Club 3, Club, Correspondence Chairman 43 Safety 1 ers . JO ANN RAPER Jo Husley High School lg Pep Club 4, Safety Siders 45 Square Dancing Club 4, Driver Training 4. LORETTA MAE SCHELSKE Loretta GAA1,2,3,4, PFC l,2,3,4g Safety Siders 3,45 Future Teachers Club 3,4. JERRY SCHLOFFMAN Jerry G Club l,2,3,4g Clee Club 4, Canteen Board 2,4, Vice President 33 Football Manager l,2,3, Letter 2, 3, Track Manager 1, Letter 1, Wrestling 1, 2, letter 3 4 HERBERT HAROLD SCHMIDT JR. Herb Band 15 Safety Siders 45 Football 15 Track 2,3,45 Cross Country 25 Key Club 4. PATTY LOU SCHOECH PZPPY Student Council 35 Freshmen Class Sec.5 Pep Club l,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,45 Canteen Board 2,3,4, Sec-Tres. 35 Safety Siders 3,45 Ski Club 2,3545 Graduation Usherette 35 Junior Prom Comm.5 Freshman Color Day Cheerleader5 Soph. Planning Comm. DAN EDWARD SHIER Dan Band 1,25 Football 3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Tennis 1,25 JOHN SMITH John vii? I JON DAVID SCHIELTZ Schieltzy R Club QRegisj 1,25 C Club 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Track 35 Tennis 1,25 QRegisj5 Cross Country 35 Chemistry Club 45 Handball l,2, QRegisj. RICHARD LEE SEAL Dick Freshman Class Tres.5 G Club 3,4, Vice. Pres. 45 Band l,2,35 Football 3,45 Wrestling l,2,3,45 Tennis 2,35 Junior Planning Comm.5 Aeronautics Club 3,4. JUDITH ANNE SIGLER Curly Glee Club 1,25 Band 1,25 Pep Club l,2,fEvergreen 15 PFC 3,45 Safety Siders 3,45 fGoldenj YFC l,2, Pres. 1,25 flivergreenj Square Dance Club 3,45 Art Club 35 gifoldenj Dance Band 25 Drill Team l,2, iliverireenj e ice 45 Civics Award lg Music Festival ,25 d Cross 15 fEvergreen.j DORIS LOUISE SIMSHAUSER Doris Goldenrod 15 Freshmen Class Sec.5 Clee Club 1,25 Band l,2,35 Librarian 15 Pep Club 152,35 Junior Play Volleyball 1,25 Softball 1,25 fNeb. j Home Bc. Club 4 fcoldenj - SHIERRY ANN SPATH Sha Glee Club 13 Pep Club l,2,3,43 Majorette 13 Drum Major 2,3,43 FHA 43 GAA 1,2,3,4Q Safety Siders 3, 43 Graduation Usherette. PAULA JEANNE STARBRANCH Chubby Glee Club l,4, Dramatics 23 Pep Club l,2,3,43 Safety Sidcrs 3,4, Sec.-Tres. 43 Drivers' Training 3g Square Dance Club 43 Officer 4g Junior Cheerleader ALBERT E. STEWART Al Maroon Sz White 3,43 Quill Sz Scroll RONAID JOHN STIMMLER Stim G Club 2,3,4, Football 1, Numeral 13 Tennis 2,3,4, Letter 2,3,43 Chemistry Club 4. ALLEN FORBES SNODGRASS Frosty G Club 2,3,43 Glee Club 43 Football 2,4, Captain 43 Letter 2,45 Wrestling 2,3,4, Letter 2,3,4. KENNETH EARL SNYDER Ken Student Council 43 Senior Class Vice Pres.3 G Club 2,3,4, Glee Club 43 Canteen Board 3,4Q Football 1, 2,3,4, Numeral l, letter 2,3,4, Captain 4. All Conference 43 Wrestling 3,4, Letter 3,4, Dist. Champ 3. ERNEST BRADY SWEARINGEN Ernie G Club 3 43 Band 1,2 3,43 PFC 2 3,43 Track 2,3 4 Numeral 2,3, Letter 4g Wrestling 13 Cross Country 2,3,4, Numeral 2, Letter 3,43 Band Club. MARY LOIS TAYLOR Lois Glee Club 1,2,33 Pep Club 23 Dramatics 3,45 PFC 3 43 Melodears 2. TERRY EARL THIHJE Terry G Club 3, Librarian lg Dramatics 2, PFC 45 Track 2, Letter 2, Numeral lg Cross Country 2, Letter 2. JOHN EDWARD THEISEN Jack St. Francis De Sales High Schoolx, F Club l, 25 Glee Club 25 Football 1,2, Letter 1,25 Basketball 1, Numeral 1, Boxing 1,2, Letter 1,23 Golden I-ligh: C Club 4, Dramatics 35 Track 3, Numeral 3. LaVF.STA JOANNE WILLIAMS Vess Pep Club 45 PFC 35 Melodears 2,43 Homemakingg Girls Quartet 3a Square Dancing. DELORIS ILENE WYCKOFF Dee Band 1,23 letter l, Numeral 15 Safety Siders lg Square Dancing Club 3. JAN LISBETH VOIZ Jan Glee Club lg Pep Club l,2,3,4g Vice Pres 4 GAA l,2,3,4, Pres 3. LEROY WALKER Leroy jfahaadu of W Zfoefcf ff awiwf L vang,- Paul Meyer Presldent Jamce Nelson, Treasurer Ted Braun Secretary UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'VI- Don Todd Vlce Presxdent PIANNING COMMITTEE Madellne Vacher LOUIS Fraun felder Bob Duppman Deanle Lee and Amle Jones Mnss Peterson Sponsor Mr Swanson Sponsor Mrs Tolos Sponsor 'Q we-ugh MW is 'L l 31 9 J gk ,ifffim 'ffl Ligg - , Agiugw, Wg If .4 f 161, fp, 2 Aw, +5332 M4653 l' -' e r. , Lf, 3,3255 n 4 Ke 56 QW, pkg YM: E ,feiksev AWK if 255415, -5 Q I W , Egg., if 4. - , , , . N i f 1 .1 I ,sin 4,1 ifzjiigyfx H K 1. Lf '. yr. Nancy Wells Charlotte Wheeler Amta Willard Q. 38 rf' K7 Elaine Tait, Treasurer Orlando Chavez, President Roger Dunn, Vice-President SOPHOMORES Planning Committee : Mickey Baker, Carol Gillett, Nancy Dixon, Thersa Manchego, Tony Cariaga. 5 X 4 Mr. Robert Elliot, Sponsor Miss Maud Priest, Sponsor '59 Q 4, 1, 14 yy x vp .W ff 2 , 5 ' 4 wig , , -A, z 1 N A 2 M nah! ' .Q fT' I. i J H, , . .1 ..,.M,2 z iw.. . .' A. , x ' X A ' w-,gy 4 My x .. fag . L R ff. f 6' ,,,, ,lk 5593 , . ,,,,i4,,,f aw Lg G ,, if 'i X . 51. 1 Yi Q 'Nl r ' . ,. A jr, 4 A, ,f , 1 4,-'32-9 My , . f 5 Karen Vendegna Betty Walker Billie Wall Marcia Wallick Catherine Watson Tim Weed Nancy Wilbur Warren Wildman Dewey Williams Nancy Woodward Joyce Worthen Geraldine Wyckoff Bill Yetzabacher Thomasine Zaharias 46 si S sl: . S PQ R T 5 , fi gunz' , wi gg! I g r 4 4 x ' Xxx E X5 ' 's X 0 Y. Many thrngs combrne to make Golden Hrgh School what rt rs, but one of the most m portant factors IS ou. athletrc program Our spo'ts 3Ct1V1tleS benefxt everyone, the boys who play the game and the students watch 1ng from the :ands The boys recerve the benefrt of ugrd practrce and trarmng The student body have the fun and thrrlls of cheerrng then' teams on to vrctory But sports also teach a great deal The play ers learn to get along with therr teammates and cooperate w1th therr coaches They leam physrcal and mental coordmatron. They learn to make spht second decrsxons to wrn gracefully, and to accept defeat All these thmgs comblne to buxld a man out of a boy The audrence ID the bleach ers also learns good SPO'1CSl'l'l3I1Sl'l1P, to w1n gracefully, and to accept defeat Thrs year Golden Hrgh has had one of 1t's best years rn all phases of athletrcs We have had hrghly capable coaches, flghtrng teams, peppy cheerleaders, and terrrfrc student support We can truly say "Football wrestlxng, basketball, we'rla the school that leads them all " ,f f? ix A u 48 riff' A -. 2 ,4"' f .143-T .I f' -1 . . i - . '. ' 'J bf? . - . . , ' xt 4 lx T ---f X V-X-F fr", , X? M , XX ,X X K X W . ' 0 1 I ' .X K - X I ,ka Q 2 . ' o . Xl F ' H- QT Lfxsx-X A4 YI, H' X! f of ff .ff 5 4' 3 Z I, X - fx, 1 f Km, , I "' rx ' f' 5 f f I i 'G FOOTBALL STATE RUNNERS-UP TOP ROW Hershel Doyle, George Ortega, Paul Meyer, Ken Snyder, Rod Peterson, Gary Fleebe, Alan Snod rass, Chuck Richey, Don Maurer, Coach Lewis SECOND ROW Jim McCracken, Da 1 bhrer, Roger Multer Doug Jacobs, Don Potter, Drew Barbe, Jerry Houghton, Rex May, R1cha.rd Seal Jerry Stransky THIRD ROW Coach Hafllng, Ted Braun, Mickey Baker, Randy Harris, Joe Starika, Gerald Seigal, Elias Archuleta, Carl Churches, Roger Dunn, Richard Baxter, James B1ktr, Timmy Schlotfman FOURTH ROW Jetfrey Kurtzman Louis Fraunfelder, David Kuhn, Martin Kuhn, Herb Blatter, Cale Avis, Cllfford Aldridge, Tony Carlaga, Bob Ixakonreczny, Arnold Potter ! Because of only a few returnrnff lettermen on this year s squad the Golden rldders were rated oy the local news papers as having a good chance of la 1 l h p c ng ast in t e league The papers found they had sorely underrated the slull of our new head coach B111 Lewis the rapid development of last year s numeralmen and the team s ceaseless W1 to win The Demons began the season with four non leaeue games Adams City first fell by a 30 0 score then Westminister by a 6 O score Littleton by a 33 7 tally and Brwhton oy a 71 0 tallv ll Golden dropped the lea ue opener to Lal ewood 19 21 but rebounded the next X eela by crushrnf' Wheatridfie 25 Followlng a 56 13 defeat of Las Animas ln a non leaf ue game the Dem uns rolleu oxer Xurora 35 2:1 and then trounced Arvada 41 6 to qualify for the Lower AA State Football Tournament travelled to Trinidad for the state finals Although Golden dre 1. first blood the powerful fast mo lnv rxnidad squad went on to mn 7 6 taking the tate championship Schedule League Standmgs Golden Adams City Westminster Littleton Brrghton Lakewood Wheatrldge Las Animas Aurora Arvada Brighton Trinidad Lakewood Golden Wheatridge Xurora Xrwada Won Lost CI 1 O00 l 8 ' '- l I ' 1 ' ' . . . ,n I - . : E D A' ' 1 3 I ' . O . , ' ,A . ' . - D Q. . . M - y - x -I 1 - D ' 7 1' - I - g 4 'N I if V Q o ' , ' " Q , Q . l ' I "' ' The first tournament game was against Brighton who were handily defeated at Golden Q6-T. The Demons then ' ' b . O ex' ' ' ', . '3 ' , " K" D 'f' 4 " 2 - , ' s ' - ' , 20 . O P . H 6 - 0 4 0 . 33 - 47 3 1 .750 21 . 0 - 2 2 .500 19 , 21 I 2 2 .500 O5 . 7 .A . 0 4 .000 55 ' 13 35 25 41 6 26 ' 'Y 5 ' ' 27 19 an Shler FIOSIY Rod Snodgrass Pet exson Doug Jacobs Herb Blatter Dick S e al Jerry Stransky pushes ahead for a few yards despite Arvada inter- ference in a muddy game which the Demons won 41-6. Don Maurer speeds around right end for a long game against Las Animas. Everyone on the squad played in this game, won 56-13, ive' The Demons ran over Littleton 33-7 as if all the Lions were lying on the ground like this one, This Trinidad defenseman has a good grip on Don Maurer, but couldn't keep him from picking up several yards first. DE NS ACTIO Brighton interference cou1dn't do much Rod Peterson seools through the middle to stop the hard fighting Demons in this for several yards against the Littleton 21-0 conquest ol the Bulldogs. Lions in a game which saw many of the "B" Squaders in action. si, LEFT to RIGHT Ray Obermeyer, Elias Archuleta, Jerry Schloffman, Stanley Dunn, Richard Baxter, Jerry Hough tor Don Potter, Jay Martine, Richard Seal, Kenny Snyder, Dan Shier, Doug Jacobs, and Alan Snodgrass KNEEL ING David Heimbtcher, Buddy Acker, manager, Arnie Potter, manager, and Coach Hafling Under thc capable direction of Coach Darrel Hafling the Golden grapplers had a very successful season winnirb nine matches treing one and losinv only one In the preseason non league matches the Demons defeated South 36 13 Colorado Springs 34 16 Littleton 39 15 Boulder 22 21 Englewood 22 21 and tied Greeley 20 20 The regular season began with Arvada taking the match 2b 21 However the Demons proved they were not a losinff team by downing Aurora 47 5 Lakewood 31 17 and Wheatridge 31 9 Adams City fell 40 5 in a non As in the league Golden ended up 2nd in the district tournament losing to Arvada by a score of 95-92. Eight Golden wrestlers qualified in the district tournament for the Final State Wrestling Tournament In the first round of the State Tournament four Demons won. In the second round only Doug Jacobs was able to win and he went on to take the consolation position. Schedule Golden South ' Colo. Springs Littleton ' Boulder En Ylewood Greeley Arvada Aurora Lakewood Wheatridge Adams City Arvada Golden Lake wood Wheatridge Aurora League Standings Won Lost c . .2 ., , - . . . ' . D i h y . O . - y - , . - I . - . - league match. 36 16 P t " 34 IG 4 0 1 000 39 15 3 1 750 Z2 21 2 2 500 22 5, 21 1 3 50 20 20 O 4 O00 21 26 47 5 31 17 31 9 40 5 .4- x. , - iw. 'E 'FQ . 9 .: 'aw' gon Y-1 '13 fur- ff'-5 ' 5 'Y 1s.,y S1811 Dunn Kinch xv 4 1 Dave Heimbecher Rich J?-Y BQX1 er Martine WRESTLERS Jerry Schloffm an Doug Jacobs Dan Sch1er Frosty Snodgrass Ken Snyder Jerry Malcolm Rrch Seal .1 ..j 1 '-5 ' I' 1 f Q or 1 Q, M r s 1 3 ' QQ 99 S BACK ROW: Buddy Acker, Managerg Amie Potter, Managerg Timmy Schloffman, Anderson. THIRD ROW: Dick Trow, Harold Whitford, Jim Kinch, John MacDonald, Ronald Roe. SECOND ROW: Ted Braun, Jerry Stransky, Dan Shier, Louie Fraunfelder, Charlie Trichka, Russell Orosz. BOTTOM ROW: Ray Obermeyer, Rich- ard Henderson, Tony Cariaga, Larry Schlegel, Jerry Malcolm, Henry Martin. The Golden "B" Squad wrestlers had a slow start this year, but turned in some fine performances to split even at 3 wins and 3 losses. Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden HB.. SQUAD SCHEDULE 20 South o Boulder 14 Englewood 39 Arvada -112 Aurora 25 liear Creek 1. Q 3 0? 'X N-Q 'l'h:s is one of the few times Jzry Martine was on the bottom. Herr- he pre- 1 parus to reverse .mis posi- Lion. J 1 Here is an excellent shot of Rich Baxter as he definitely holds the advantage. CROSS-COUNTRY STATE CHAMPIONS LEFT to RIGHT: Roger Beurner, Terry Thiede, Bob Jaenicke, Ed Traevena, Ron Knox, Bill Frye, Jesse Valentine, Ron Roe, Mike Sullivan, Gary Reese, Ernie Swearingen, Coach Booton. After several years of developing his runners, Coach Booton started out this year with a very fast, well-trained squad. In all meets this year, the Demons lost only one. This was by one point to Longmont, the defending state champions, Golden easily won the conference meet by nine points. In the state meet Golden far outran Longmont to become the state champions. This was the first state championship in Golden's history and Golden is indeed proud of the Cros-Country team for bringing it home. Schedule CLow Score Winsj Golden 13 Aurora 23 " 11 East 31 Lakewood 40 Wheatridge 41 West 57 " 59 Longmont 58 Larimie 104 " 21 Aurora 30 Lakewood Arvada Wheatridge " 29 Longmont 57 Greeley 98 Littleton 101 The Cross-Country Banquet was an affair that will be long remembered by those who attended. There were guest speakers from near and far at the dinner honoring the new state champions. Coach Richard Booton 15" BASKETBALL LEAGUE Co CHAMPIONS --d"Z 5' Don Todd, Jon Sch1eltz, Paul Meyer, Herb Blatter, Gary Flebbe, Chuck Rxchey, Rod Peterson, Don Maurer, ary Mabb, Ron PUIVIS, Coach B111 Lewls The Golden ballhawks started off th1s season wlth a roar In preseason play the Demons overpowered Ft Morgan 42 41 Lanmle 50 38 Sterlmg 72 41 and West 55 40 Then Golden dropped thelr fust non league game to Cherry Creek 49 56 Undaunted by the one loss the Demon cagers went on to complete preseason play by downlng Englewood '70 61 and Brlghton 52 47 The league schedule lncluded elght games and Golden conttnued on thelr rampage Aurora was trounced 59 30 and 42 36 Arvada was no match for r.he sharp shoonng Demons who tnmmed them 61 30 and 84 53 Wheatndge fell 36 32 and 67 53 Golden sp11t wlth Lakewood 64 63 and 44 58 to become league co champlons wlth a '7 1 record Durmg the league season the Demons dropped a non league game to powerful Adams C1ty 49 56 In post season playoff games the Demons dropped a hard fought contest to Lakewood 66 72 Thls forced the ballhawks to play North the Denver League co champrons Although the team played hard the superior helght of North led them to a 62 43 vlctory Schedule Arvada Golden Ft Morgan Lakewood Lal-amre Wheatndge Sterling Lakewood West North Cherry Creek Englewood League Standmgs BI'1ghf0fl Won Lost ct Aurora Gglden Arvada Lakewood Lakewood wheamdge Wheamdge Arvada Adams C1ty Am-Ora Aurora 56 4 a I P I I 1 ' A 5 . 21 4. .4 A - is ' . H 5 . I G 84 53 42 . 41 44 58 '- 50 ' 38 67 ' 53 72 ' 41 55 72 55 40 43 62 49 56 70 61 - 52 ' 47 P u 59 30 7 1 .875 61 39 7 1 .875 64 63 ' 3 5 .375 36 ' 32 2 6 .250 49 ' 56 1 7 .125 42 36 "B" SQUAD -iq Wi., Q r 2 th L Yi 'v- I - , Bob Lanham, Gerald Sergal, Mrckey Baker, Joe Starrka, John Ellrsou, Lynn Shepard, Gary Spradhng, Ivyl Todd Bob Dupprnan, B111 Yetzbacker, Bernre Barela, Coach Bob ELl1ott The B Squad through the years has proved to be a flue developer of varsrtx athletes Thls year's team showed great abrlrty and great prormse for the future Durlng the basketball season the B Squad played other B Squads from many of the sarne schools that the varsrty played Under the competant handlxnv of Coach Ellrott the team comprled a 5 4 record Golden Schedule Laramle Sterlmg West Englem ood Brrghton Aurora Arvada Lakem ood Chuck Rrchey looks he's berng poked rn the face as he jumps hrgh for thrs shot West Hrgh was no match for the hustlmg Demons who led by 1:1 pomts when the trnal buzzer sounded 'J 5 '1' 'lg 'i D . r 1 f I Q l 1 . A 14 ' 36 " 23 ' 19 23 27 31 Cherry Creek 26 37 ' 33 42 ' 32 25 24 ' 23 31 22 ' 33 7 ,. 1 " l BACK ROW: Coach Chuck Corder, Mark Schultz, Dick Grenfeld, Walt Henderson, Jess Valentine, Andy Klemm, Doug Rore, Phil Korthius, Jack Salick, Clark, John Neal, Jacks, Chuck Beaty, Don Feeback, Tony Carriaga, Gary Oxelson, Ivyl Todd, Richard Henderson, Russell Orosg Jim Frye, Allan Lewis, Dave Good, Bernie Barela, Hurley Hudson, Coach Richard Booton. 2nd ROW: Coach Paul Jeffries, Lynn Shepard, Jim Baker, Don Pyle, Hershel Doyle, Chuck Richey, Jon Schieltz, Ron Martella, Jerry Stransky, Jimmy McCracken, Dave Kuh.n, Bob Krattli. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Frye, Roger Dunn, Bob Jaenicke, Gary Reese, Gary Flebbe, Roger Beumer, Terry Theide, Mickey Del Rio, Mike Sullivan, Randy Harris, Niel Friend. TRACKQKNDIHELD with several re- tuming lettermen and the state champion Cross-Country Squad, the Demons had one of the finest track and Bob Jaenicke. ' ' field teams in the state. Coach Booton has worked with the freshman squad also to build a team of the future. Co-Captains Terry Theide, Gary Flebbe BASEB LL H This year our baseball team had a new Head Coach, Bob Elliott and a lot of new material. with only a few returning lettermen, Coach Elliott had a difficult building job ahead of him, but one which he capably managed. Drew Barbee demonstrates the skill and determination that signified the Demons all year long. Incidentally, he knocked the ball a country mile on this pitch. The Jefferson County Fairgrounds were the scene of many practices this year. Here is a good shot of a ball just about to rapidly change direction. C' gl 4 'Qt-... "' fs ' TOP ROW: Judy Richards, Terry Marichego, Carol Gillette, Sheila Clarr, Karen Vendegna, Virginia Smith, Janet Hutchinson., Marcia Wallick, Mary Ann Duppman, Bonnie Epler. SECOND ROW: Ann Schloffrnan, Barbara Evans, Margaret Swanson, Margie Bunzel, Dorothy Schelske, Barb Martin, Sharon Eaton, Pat Pome- roy, Mary Papageorge. THIRD ROW: Mary Van!-looser, Pat Dishman, Ames, Gretchen Buerger, Judy Fleming, Elaine Tait, Moya Cramer, Wilma Pyle, Re Jeanne Rod- riques, Judy Samet, Pat Lawson. FOURTH ROW: Joan Mayberry, Virginia Thomas, Betty Kincaid, Linda Beard, Tamara Branch, Jacqueline Eslick, Beatrice Dobyns, Sandra Craig, Carol Mishler, Maryanna Bell. BOTTOM ROW: Fay Anderle, Linda Maughen, Pat Weaver, Gwen Maughen, Sherry Spath, Jan Volz, Pat Schoech, Joann Pa- pageorge, Kay Johnson, JoAnn Babcock, Carol Churches. FIVE TOP BOWUERS: Faye Anderle, Margie Bunzel, Janice Nelson, Peg- gy Johnson, Elaine Tait. - H2 I J, X I W , I . A 755' . Q ., E 0 .R , ,A I ti, J li? Fil ' it a Q " A I f Y 8' OFFICERS: Evonne Petry, Treas., Carol Churches, Sec., Kay Johnson, Vice-Pres., Fay Anderle, Pres. TOP TEAM BOWLERS: Mary Pa- pageorge, Betty Kincaid, Kay Johnson, Pat Weaver, Capt. 'ir . v I Mrs. Bishop, Sponsor . 112 Q sa I ici .- 23 frrxl . 1 THIRD TOP TEAM BOWLERS: Evonne Petry, Wilma Pyle, Capt., Sheila Clarr, Judy Samet. QQ . SECOND TOP TEAM BOWL- ERS Pat Pomeroy, Pat Dishman It-ot Pictured 'viarcia Wallick, Capt , Joyce Maurer C . f ffl ebx 2 f fy :NX 0 N ' W V , o M r f'p""x" :Qu -ok .X J X ff I! V l0v 'Il 5' " , .1 yt ,W Inq! 06,951 4 1 1 I I " nt H 512' .ful nl" 57 ll- :,l "7 p I hi l 1 Il 33' I ". ' "if , 4" gl 'I I I ,ng llfflfl 41 ' ' 1 ' fr s Ss.: .111 ff 5 I eg 'I v' 'I Q but 1 1 I 1 ' v Xe X' .,- . YN v ff 1, X ,fy af, Aff mx 199- ,Egan 5 -.X ',' N 1f'ffn'H'U' fi pflyfx ff fft,-aim , , 'J ff ,xiii ,il '29, c 'llzfsil ,I X 'f 3. 1 3 .aff f' Inari ,gp ,f Q !g,,41l! 'f,.-wr' Arr wr -- 1- -.wg ,3,w,5q ,lj 1112, ,V 1 fs y,5ff f , X4 ' '1 64:5 lf ' ,.' " In 5 ,5'1' V lpprfjf ik.. 3. ,f f 3 !,1.N fs , 15:4 X Q X X 'f!!g. XX Nixix 1 Q.. f"' I: l"" , . 4 I X W S-I High School life is far more than books and classes As well as sports there are 1n numerable other act1v1t1es in whlch to partlclpate and whlch keep a monotonous rout1ne from forrn1ng Our school has clubs and orgaruzauons of every type clubs for athletes and other sports minded students clubs for performlng servxces for the school and clubs to generate mterest 1n some par trcular fleld or subject All our school or gamzatlons provlde ample work for spare trme develop good character and cmzenshrp and develop leadershrp The rdea of servlce gf l 15 one of the foremost prmclples IH all our Z Z- orgamzatlons No matter to whxch ones any of us belong we all enjoy school much more for our extracumcular acuvmes 5' J 3 Q0 1, ,f,,. i wry-vw fl l X xxx. X Z' xffq ,,'ff 1 X 'J Z fr jf ,f 5 ' .4 ' ll l o t - Q ' l 3 l N . ' . rf 'i i s f. n ' ' ' o f - A 4 - .tt pgs . l 's K ' ' I ' I fx pl . 'I - , ll! 1' I x X "Ali: X fr I , , I ,N ""' x- ' QVU nl . ,..,, 4 fl 'W UN s l r I X X f' ,free 1 - . W H, , ,f 5' 42' . X X i 'N ' fa- I 'lx f" xf gk! ,gf I 51 ' X fl ' l5l5giggfl15a7,f. l m. r,-- ,:" 1 ff U ll Eg' f if A K 6-af' 5' ,ff Q . Nw CHEERLEADERS Pep and enthusiasm were the by-words of our cheer leaders this year. They constantly worked to keep our school spirit alive. Their clever routines were smooth and well -coordinated and showed a great deal of prac- tice. The pride of the Pep Club and entire school were our cheerleaders, Shirley Gillett, Joann Babcock, Gwen .... Maughan, and JoAnn Papageorge. -.. " v-n...,.. N l 1 X BACK ROW: Gretchen Buer er, Sharon Stahl, Charmaine Ames, Nancy Leek, Kay Naas, Pat Schoech, Elaine Tait, 8 Judy Fleming. SECOND ROW: Linda Redell, Sandy Carr, Betsy Crane, Margaret Swanson, Sandy McPherson, Nan- cy Dulaigh, Wilma Pyle, Margie Bunzel. THIRD ROW: Nancy Dixon, Susie Paddleford, Mary Papageorge, Judy Richards, Jackie Fslick, Shirley Urrutia, Karen Vendegna. BOTTOM ROW: Karyn Kiklas, Nina Harbus, Paula Star branch, Judy Baker, Kay Johnson, Tonnie Bolitho, Janice Gregory, Tamara Branch, Annet Doyle, Evonne Petry. To the players on the football field, the basketball , , court, the wrestling mat, and the baseball diamond, the , If moral support of the student body is all-important. Always 'QL '-Q IA it S 4 there and always supplying the support was the Pep Club. ' s Q At all athletic contests, home and away, the Pep Club 4 N l cheered their hardest in victory and defeat. Q p ll iq , V. x Q r X w ' 1 ,Q , 'X l 4, MAJORETTES ReJeanne Rodriques D Sherry Spath Dorothy Mick Il PEP CLUB X R Mrs. Hurr, Sponsor Maryarma Bell, President 3 vs 5 147 X Jan Volz, Vice-President Carol Mishler, Secretary Anne Bitzer, TreaSur21' Joan Mayberry, Drill Leader Often the Pep Club girls were able to persuade some ,, , , , , , nf nm- fn-h1nra.- fn ff.I,A nm-f G.-. 1-hui- nf... M.,-,-..-..l.1.. ,.1.:.. ,f W X ! xf ff, xx' ,53 lk". 'M ii! j I 1 , P HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ATTENDAN TS QUEEN: JO ANN BABCOCK ATTENDANTS: JAN VOIZ, ANN BITZER JO ANN PAPAGEORGE I-IOMECOMING EVENTS Homecoming game, Queen, and her attendants. -.WI N... Jerry Malcolm congratulates Joann Babock as she is given the red roses. A good time was enjoyed by all at the Homecoming Dance. BOY'S AND GIRUS STATE Boy's and Gir1's State is a meeting of students representing high schools all over the state for the purpose of gaining a first-hand knowledge and understanding of our state govern- ment. 'I'his year Jerry Malcolm and Nina Harbus were the delegates from Golden. NATIONAL H0 OR SOCIETY V BACK ROW: Mike Cosgrove, Chuck Richey, Rod Peterson. FRONT ROW: John Clelland, Janice Gregory, Jo Ann Papageorge, Jerry Mal- colm. '1 D. A. R. Every year the Senior girls elect one of their ranks for the honor of DAR good citizen. This year Jan Childs was chosen for her outstanding work in all school functions and her wonderful personality. P 5 5 v --1 E cvs. n 5 5' , 409 " 5. H f E I , U ' ...R t I IATIONIL nwlocnllivv : 6 Perhaps the most select group in our school is the National Honor Society. Members of the Society are chosen from the very top Junior and Senior students in the school. The National Honor Society has worked hard this year to write and promote the Code of Honor. Jo Ann Papageorge, Secretary, Rod Peter son, President, MN., PROJ ECTIO CLUB The boys in the projection club perform an important service to the school. When- ever any class or group has a movie or slides to be shown, there is always an operator ready and willing to do the job. BACK ROW: Mr. Perrella, Sponsor, Don Pyle, Jim Baker, Gary Granquist. FRONT ROW: Jeff Kurtzman, Galen Feeback, Don Bergman. CAN TEE B0 RD One of the best forms of recreation around our school is the canteen. Open on most game nights and on other special nights, the canteen provided a place to gather and dance, play games, or just sit and talk. The members of the Canteen Board are the ones who planned all canteen activities and saw that each canteen night ran smoothly. Jerry Malcolm, President Pat Pomeroy, Secretary-Treasurer FRONT ROW: Gwen Maughan, Pat Schoech, Sharon Eaton, Pat Pome roy. SECOND ROW: Bob Lanham, Jerry Malcolm, Rex May, Lynn Shephard, Paul Meyer, Don Todd. UNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE I.C.L. This is the second year for the Junior Classical League at Golden. It is made up of students who have taken Latit and are interested in Classical culture. Gretchen Bierger. Jeff Kurtzrnan, President, Jane Weigand, Secre- tary, and Jim Adams, Parlia- mentarian. Miss Priest, Sponsor TOP: Charles Hook, Loretta Schelske, Beth Miller, Charlotte Redell, Lois Taylor. BOTTOM: Anita Willard, Nancy Woodward, Mary Van Hooser, Pansy Jones. TOP: Jerry Bart, Jeff Kurtzman, Adam Diller, James Adams, Nan Robinson. BOTTOM: Jane Weigand, Betsy Taylor, Charmaine Ames, Elaine Tait, and FUTURE TEACHERS OF MERIC Future Teachers of America is made up of girls and boys interested in the teaching profession. Their first project this year was decorating the windows for Education Week. They also worked as substitute teachers at the grade school, Miss Bohtho Sponsor Nancy Woodward, Secretary, Mary Van I-looser, Treasurer, and Lois Taylor, President. C3 ERO AUTICS CLUB The Aeronautics Club, under the direction of Mr. Hafling has been studying model airplane engines and flights. They bought their own 5 model plane and built it for experiments on flight. LHT to RIGHT: Gary Oxelson, Mr. Hafling, Stanley Swisher, Clifford vi' Elkins, Larry Schelgel, Dick Trow, Bob Nakonieczny, Arnold Potter, Don Q Feeback, Jerry Bart, Carl Churches. SCIENCE CL The Science Club is new at Golden this year. It consists of students who are inter- ested in science as a career or who have just a general interest. One of the out- standing projects this year was the field trip through Colorado General Hospital. The club plans to help in landscaping the grounds of the new school. are W ' H Mr. Pap- ' s penfus, Z Sponsor. Executive Committee: Ronald Lass, Lynn Shepard, Pat Dunham, Roger Dunn, Or- lando Chavez. 3 ps ,C Mr. Hafling, Sponsor B BACK ROW: Ronald Lass, Bob Nakonieczny, Neal Friend, Elvin Hartman, Mr. Pappenfus. SECOND ROW: Bob Hood, Warren Wildman, Jim Strouse, Ray De Volder, Tom Ellis. THIRD ROW: Richard Reider, Lynn Shepard, Roger Dunn, Orlando Chavez, Clifford Martin. FOURTH ROW, Pat Dunham, Shirley Barnes, Wanda McCoy, Jackie Eslick, Nancy Leek. S UARE DANCE CLUB Square Dance Club had a lot of fun this year learning new dances and polishing the old ones. They met once a week to dance to records and student callers, and they also planned several affairs outside school. 'S - Doug Jacobs, Presi- 7 if dent and Carol . X Churches, Secre- ' f tary-treasurer. Q 90 l BACK ROW: Connie Novak, Mary Anne Harbus, Carol Churches, Pat Dunham, Jane Davis, Geraldine Wycoff, Nancy Wilbur, Karen Ven- degna, Doug Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Roger Clark, Dave Heimbecker, Jack Salisbury, Cliff Martin, Jim Ramstetter, Sandy Craig. FRONT ROW: Dan Shier, Tim Weed, Roger Lavitt, Galen Feeback, Don Feeback, Larry Helburg. KEY CLUB T Q 5 if Another new club at school is the Key Club. - ' The idea was introduced to the boys at school last Mr Hafhng Sponsor year, but this was the first active year. The Key ' Club works in coo eration with Kiwanis to erform P P services for the school and community. Parking IEACK WW! Drggzgigegofxffbglaggfhhfg 353211035 R0gPP11WiS, cars on basketball game nights was one of the arter artin. : er c mi t tewart erry . . Chelius, Stan Dunn, Joe Starika, Jerry Malcofm. THIRD ,ROW: Gary many Projects of Service the Key Club Performed Fleebe, John Ellison, Paul Meyer, Ted Braun, Don Todd, Ray Kim- IMS year. minau. BOTTOM ROW: Jeffrey Kurtzman, Chuck Richey, Rex May, Rod Peterson, Don Maurer. Mrs. I-Iafling - Sponsor 3 fi Q W Al K Rod Peterson, President, Chuck ' Richey, Vice-president, Don Todd, 4 ' Secretary-treasurer. LIBRARY CLUB Library Club is a public relations and service club. They have done a beautiful job this year helping Mrs. Gorsky and the other librarians set up and organize our new library. They were also involved in a pro- ject to help Mitchell Elementary School set up a central library. They entertained the county Librarians at their meeting here. . 1 A-VP fra BACK ROW: Pansy Jones, Dianna Dearinger, Shelia Claar, Sherrell Garvin, Beth Miller, Lois Taylor. FRONT ROW: Aimee Jones, Merrolyn Martin, Mary Van Hooser, Diane Burlingame. Pansy Jones, President Dianna Dearinger, Vice-President MARCO D WHITE 'W tair The "Maroon and White" staff has worked hard all year to produce a superb school newspaper. Members of the staff attended all sporting events and social affairs to give accurate accounts of all school activities. Besides reporting the daily life of our school, the staff did a great service to the coaching depart- ment by keeping athletic records. Mrs. Gorsky, Sponsor mx ,. 8 . . ,. . 'R lf Mrs. Nollen, sponsor an Q 4 fa' 5 1 5 H 7 'N-ate V Wm vs .hF"'i.. I . 2 " I A ff it-Jwff . Anne Bitzer, Exchange Editorg Judy Baker, Editor, Al Stewart, Featuresg Jack Theisen, Photographer, Frank Crane, Sports Editor. Not Pictured: Janice Gregory, Editorial Page, Kay Johnson, Business Manager. BACK ROW: Carrolyn Dessau, Jean Strange, Beth Miller, Ray Kimminau, A1 Stewart, Jack Theisen, Anita Willard. FRONT ROW: Pat Maas, Beverly Haagensen, Anne Bitzer, Judy Baker, Frank Crane. m x BACK ROW Carl Brewsaugh, Chuck Beaty, Nan ROb1DSOI1, Jean Strange, Beverly Haagenson, Wrlma Pyle, Sandy McPherson, Nancy Dulz-ugh, Nancy Drxon, Barbara Martm SECOND ROW Karen Anderson, Pat Mortrmer, Gwen Maughan, Carol Mlshler, Jan Volz, Tonn1e Bohtho, Maryann Harbus, Conme Novak, Orlando Chavez, Gary Oxel son, Carl Nelson. BOTTOM ROW Larry Mclnroy, D1ck Baxter, Dave Hermbecher, Harry Meerdmk, Jerry Mal colm, Shrrley Gxllett, Pat Brown, John Clelland, Terry Chehus SAFETY SIDERS The purpose of Safety Srders 15 to teach safety to all who deal rn any way wrth automoblle traffrc The Golden Safety Srders was the frrst club of rts kmd rn the Umted States There were two members from Golden on the State Safety Srders Councll and club s work has helped to greatly reduce trafflc accrdents 1n Golden Loure Fraunfelder, Secretary Hershel Doyle, Presrdent Gary Flebbe, Vrce Presrdent Paula Starbranch, Correspondmg Secretary Nma Harbus, Treasurer Mr Johnson l Sponsor , . ,qv an ' ,jf v A ' fl- 'B 74 4 ' -V tv lg. ' Q 'F sl' yn ,ENV f X if 6.3 . 1 , t 3 Q s 4 21- R Fixx 'r s Mr. Hafling, Sponsor if? f "G" CLUB The lettermen's club in our school is the "G" Club. Anyone who earns a letter automatically becomes a member. The "G" Club has shown many movies this year of our own athletic events, of college and professional athletic events, and of all sports in general. The purpose of the "G" Club is to help make and enforce league rulings concerning athletes and to provide interesting and educational sports entertainment for its members and the student body. Richard Seal, Vice-President Chuck Richey, Secretary Don Maurer, President BACK ROW: Rendel Edmonds, Clifford Aldrich, Jerry Schloffman, Bob Lanham, Gerald Seigal, Buddy Acker, Mark Schultz, Don Bergman. SECOND ROW: Stan Dunn, Ken Snyder, Dick Seal, Harry Meerdink, Jerry Houghton, Len- nox Bird, Jeffrey Kurtzman, Carl Churches, Bob Jaenicke, Bob Hood. THIRD ROW: Roger Dunn, Skip Stevens, Paul Meyer, Hershel Doyle, Dan Shier, Jay Martine, Jerry Stransky, Bob Krattli, Ron Roe, Roger Beumer, Bill Frye. FOURTH ROW: Doug Jacobs, Dave Heimbecher, Phil Reisbeck, Rex May, Gary Mabb. FIFTH ROW: Ed Traevena, Emie Swearingen, Don Potter, Arnie Potter, Gary Flebbe, Herb Blatter, Ron Stimler, George Ortega, Terry Chelius, Terry Thiede. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Reese, Jon Scheiltz, Rod Peterson, Jim McCracken, Chuck Richey, Frosty Snodgrass, Don Dulaigh, Dick Baxter, Frank Crane, Bill Peters, Don Maurer. ,ix TOP ROW Don Bergman, Lols Taylor, Judy S1g1er, Judy Samet, Gary Rxsdon, Bob Jaenlcke, Jesse Valentxne, Terry Th1ede 2nd ROW Glenetta G1bbons, 5 ' B111 Frye, Patty Lawson, Jan Clnlds, Chuck Beaty Larry Schlegel, J1m L1d ber Marcxa Jensen and Beth M111er BOTTOM ROW Joan Nelso Bonnx g n, e 'ip Epler, Charlotte Matirerly, Charlotte Redell, Amee Jones, Marrolyn Martm Burlmgame, and Lcretta Schelske X Z PIONEERS ' if I SQ Q 55x FOR CHRIST 4 ' Gary Risdon, President lst Semester, Joa.n Nelson, President 2nd Semester. 1 fx I an -0' 447' The P F C IS an mter denommatlonal organrzatxon dechcated to provldlng Chr1st1an fellowshlp for hlgh school students and through then example to xnfluence others 1n the Chnsuan way of l1v1ng. To accornpllsh the1r goal r.hev have shown films he'd regular meetings and sponsored group social events. Mr. Herber, Sponsor. 5, 5 as L' " 1 if fi' 76 . a L. ...A QP BACK ROW: Buddy Acker, Jeffrey Kurtzman, Douglas Jacobs, Gerald Foster, Ronald Lass. SECOND ROW: Jan Childs, Pat Dunham, Linda Beard, Judy Sigler, Shirley Gillett. BOTTOM ROW: Alice Green, Nan Robinson, Sue Loizeaux. NOT PICTURED: Sandy Carr. Jan Childs, Editor Doug Jacobs, Head Photo- grapher if ff .81 . f f If " f 46,5 -1 1. All-LC f T is 111111111 li 53 as Q? 0, The Annual Staff is a rather small group, but one with a big job. The staff has worked countless hours to bring you the best yearbook possible. Few people realize the tremendous amount of work it takes to put out an annual. Members of the staff must act as photographers, picture printers, reporters, copy writers, bookkeepers, salesmen, advertising agents, business managers, and editors. They must attend to the tousand and one daily items which must be taken care of to produce a successful yearbook. All these jobs are done on the staff's own time, but they are proud to present to you the culmination of their year's work. Shirley Gillett, Business Manager Mr. Herber, Sponsor CHORI lg E fl ' have had many valuable experrences thrs year They N' A put on an assembly for the Junror High School and presented a Chrrstmas program here They also enter tarned at the dedrcatlon of the new school and worked hard on therr songs for the Sprrng Festrval Q A W The chorus classes under the d1rect1on of Mrs Hurr KI Mrs Hur: -Q is ELODEARS BACK ROW Mrs Hurr, Ruth Renrlecker, Peggy Johnson, Betty Walker, Glenetta Grbbons, LaVesta Wrlhams FRONT ROW Snady Carr, Kay Trezrse, Sue Bomnan, Elarne Tart, Nancy Woodward, Nancy Drxon l W W ' W L' A, ' - ,. 5f k '-,Q,g -'vi 15 KW 'Wig if .wif ln-. Jerry explains policies of Canteen ? 1 2 3 3 i 5 5 1 gl- ,bl M Sharma compaus India's schools wilh G H S rv as J, f fl Q 5 4 I rw Q ,g" Q - 1 1 ,ff if LA. -a. 4 WK X, arf Rodney introduces Jane Sterling, who speaks to the student body on adopting 2. "Code of Honor" ef f A i Y 'I 2 sg af 'Q QQ if 'QSC if L ...Nsn Qui., vvshvxfi' V731- .9 Mr. Jerry Smith demonstrates the art of using the trampolin. -r'nrv.lrr19r Mr. Johnson, Coach Lewis make football awards. Coach Lewis presents trophy to Mr. Johnson .1 susl0? . ! We MWF W""!f'v'++f '7'7 i 'W WW ALL SCHOOL PICNIC av! . f A 5 1 1 n- n ,QM M .nm fr Q., 11-3 4 1. Q 4, 4 H PPY DAYS s V s f -....m..-...-, t ya raw 44- . 1 0 r I 1 ' . I K Q, ,Mi Q , M A tg, - if I fi,-K, f ,i g ' xl. 4 T, L ", I 5' V . ' it 7, '974 'Qt ...wits it A A ' f -i Q". hv , 0 t , . ' ' 'v 9 Q Cary and Chuck find thcmaclvcs in 21 tight spot as Demon entertains. .1 1 ,, ,, Q. rx-. -mu. Mrs. Anna Pcttt-yS brings main addrcss at New School Dedication. Dr. Johnson wclcomuf gut-sb. I 152 E 3 ,Z SICNI ' I Z f r, x , W ig 1 w UR C0l'Pl,luS EX f' . A i N1-5' ..,. 5: 0 '52, ,, 3 ,,AV A W. 0 Q. X.. ' an I ,, J f , W. My K f diff 5 -'H 1' vw il if-9, 1 12" 1 I A , . vv X W lv ,- I, ,' .. U . .1 .1 , . 5 l K3 Q .67 nz gf -f' Wi? YG-rv +"V 'Q' STI., 9 itlvbu vi? vb ,., gf? ,E 0 4, x , n klvii? x v 9 YUWP "5" ,' " 1 vga if 666 F Q "Cb Q 6 4 W Qu 00' W f ff' if 0 6 :ff -rs O b C W6 W Q06 v Q W 0 Q Q u 0 W I w Q ci? W J 0 W ,Fug 0 c On 9 cyb' 9 vu' C Q11- VY 72? GQ 07,0 s X fu VM' fi, HHH' ir " J' The yearbook sta ff of 1957 would 11ke to s1ncere1y thank the busmess establxshments whlch have g1ven us theu loyal and wholehearted support throughout the year as well as through then advert1sements m our yearbook We ask you to patromze our ad vertlsers for these are the bus1 nesses that make our commumty I 10 'ki XR 2' ,,,. Z? XX Ss ,is XX NX X i gL aff Q5 5 Lxxx' Ea xx: X . Xi X 1+ . K XX X 'f-Ng x xxx K K X. .X XXX W EX X X .X .X 5 Nx 1 xi Xkk X , t X K. .Xxx xx , fgt y X e f - x ' Q- X e ,, Qt X X X I lx X . hx X , ga KK KX'g-QR r ,H ry! Nb ' " 't y i' V , ' Q V' ' t ,-V vid 5 7 F9" Z X gf , X I ,Zz PARAMOUNT CLEANERS C0f'1Pfme'1fS Slurts Custom I aundefed THE GOLDEN MERCANTILE Best ll Lsfies rom A 8- W DRIVE IN Btn Street 8 Washington Open all vear round Curb and mszde service Orders to Co Best Il Lshes rom 10 BEN FRANKLIN 5 10 Your Best Place to Shop ARTLINE FLOWERS lie Send I lou ers Across the Street Across the Nohon SLICK S BARBER SHOP Across from the Holland House Phone Cr 9 3138 MERRITT TIRE SHOP U. S. Royal Tires Wheel Balancing Fleet Service Recapping CR 9-3423 GLENN JEWELERS 1207 Washington Ave. CR 9 1773 Present this ad and receive 325 credit toward your engagement and wedding ring set. Watch and Jewelry Repairing Diamonds Remounfed 4 Cf 9 3668 809 - Wi Sffee' 1122 Washington Ave. Phone cf 9 3323 f f 3 5 - - Ol' Congratulations Compliments fo all of you, WENDELL G. PLUMMER Who have finally managed to stumble through Jeweler AL BEARD Specification Briclcwork CR 9-3798 Best II Lslzes GOLDEN DALE DAIRY rom lce Cre rn Mzlk OASIS SERVICE STATION Fountain Specz ltzes 23'd 8 Fwd 2351 E051 sfreef CR 9 4477 ComplIments For a Movrng Job Well Done GOUDGE BROS wEsTwAY MOTOR FREIGHT INC FRONTIER SERVICE STATION Sfh 8 Cheyenne Golden Coloru do IOOO Washlngton Ave Phone CR 9 9008 CR 9 3325 RICHMOND S GOLDEN ELECTRONIC SERVICE HALF HOUR LAUNDRY Dry Cleonmg TCIEVISIOH Rad o Record Players and HIFI T pe Recorders Car Radros SI'IIrt Servlce 720 Twelfth Street 2124 Ford sffeef CR 9 3606 Phone CR 9 2326 Golden Colorado Hours 8 00 6 O0 f a . 1 . .U . of Y Repair and Service . n n -. i T .- .- 3 - . Congratula tzons GOLDEN BOWL Marge 8 Everett Bunzel Congratulatzons Class 0 57 SENA S PIZZERIA Pzzza and Sandu Lclzes to CLOSILD ll0'VD4lS 8807 W Colfax Phone BE 71408 226 9th St Golden Phone CR 9 4Ol3 Complzments DEFFENBAUGH LUMBER C0 Complete Builders Supplies Congratulations to the Class of 57 Bob Ingalls 0 BRIEN S TONSORIAL PARLOR 1101 Washlngton Ave Golden Colorado ll'l3 Washington Golden Colorado There ls No Substitute Q"""'Y "'S"""'Ce EVANS GROCERY S. MARKET JOHN C BURT Groceries and Fresh Meat INSURANCE AGENCY 2lOl Ford ack Burt Bob Cralg Telephone CR 9 4453 Bonds Mortgage Loans Open Sundays and Holidays 'Ill Washington Ave Suite One Golden Colorado Phone CR 9 2561 Res CR 9 3286 Compliments GOLDEN FURNITURE JACK'S STANDARD SERVICE APPLIANCE C0 Personalized Service 2200 Ford Street Phone CR 9 9909 H06 Washington Ave CR 9 3329 I' rzgzdazre 'llaytag ffl Y, I lC57I7 ' " C0 Of ll ll If c I - ll l I I I ' for J - ', 7 ' . ' of 8. Compliments GEO W PARFET ESTATE INCORPORATED For All Your Lumber Needs ee DUVALL DAVIDSON COMPANY I3I3 Ford Street Phone CR 9 2527 McKEEHEN CLOTHING CO Flemlng Bros Ylze place to go or the Brands you kno JACK S PHARMACY Russell Stover Candy 1200 Woshmgton Street Phone CR 9 3575 Best II Lshes to all Colden Hzglr School Students Make the SPUDNUT SHOP Your lleadq uarte rs Across from the show next door to Conoco HI Demons' KELLOGG S HARDWARE INC CR 9 2II2 We Serve to Sat sfy C pltrn nt f THE GOLDEN THEATRE A A SCHOECH PROP LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN SERVICE STATION Ilobzle Products 24 hr recker service Phone CR 9 3565 22nd and Ford Streets Golden Colorado Of S I f - w . . . Y , . IQI7 Washington Avenue ' I . . , . ,om ' e s O . o W I I WOODS MORTUARY 1100 Washington Ave Ambulance Servlce Cr 9 3282 COLORADO TRANSCRIPT Colorado s Oldest Weekly News 90 leafs 0 bervzce Fstablzshed 1866 Dry Cleanlng E Z WAY LAUNDRY METROPOLITAN BARBER SHOP Shrrts Our Specialty 1219 wcshmglon CR 9 2424 You do It We do It 716 12th St Golden Colorado 12th at Ford Dealer 1n Smclau' Products Goody ear Tues and Battemes CR 9 9004 STRUCK PLUMBING 8- HEATING Smce 1924 CASTLE ROCK SERVICE SLnCe1924 American Kltchens Garbage Disposals Waste Kung Westinghouse In Sink Erator Plpe 8. Flttlngs 12th Street Permaglass Mlsslon Water Heaters Amer Standard Crane Kohler Fixtures Guaranteed II orlfmanshzp Dr E A BADER Optometrist 1208 Washington Avenue CGround Floorl Golden Colorado Congra tulatmns Class of 57 BUD S GREEN MOUNTAIN SERVICE ISIOO West Colfax Off Cr 9 3713 Res Cr 9 3616 BROWNIE S HOMESTEAD 15950 South Golden Road Pleasant View , f N . 712 - r In l 1 Dishwashers Rheem PORTRAITS BY DEAN Professional Photography For those Senior pictures you II always treasure Personal Attention Given Each Individual 1307MWashington Ave CR 9 1614 GOLDEN BOWL INN Enioy Life Eat out more often Eat Here or Pak Out Ed and lllarion Besel 24th 81 Ford CR 9-2422 Congratulatrons rom your Pontzac G MC and .leep Dealer SPARKS MOTOR CO Phone CR 9 2596 624 13th Street Colden Colorado Complzments PETERSON S GULF 1401 Ford Street Best ll :shes LILA 8. TIP S DAIRY Clzzcken and Shrimp Orders to Go 8th and Cheyenne Streets School on Office Supplies STRAWN S Gifts Stationery 1213 Washington Ave Golden Colorado SALES J' c7c14'1'cc-Adler-oQf6 .dave I6 25010511 FFIH INSURANCE SE RVICE useo CARS '-0:15 CR 91072 f - . .A . . cc ras of M cl . Telephone CRestview 9-2521 A Z 5 M ' ',"fv"T , . 'Q et V ' Golden s Newest SHOE STORE Shoes o Oualzlx Popular Przces l2'l4'7Wosl1nngton Ave two doors south of Ellis Dept Store GOLDEN MOTORS INC Soles ond Service lOl8 Woslwlngton Ave Prone CR 9 259l Qt ll ashes JOHNSON S CONOCO Complete I me U I onovo Products t ond Washington Rhone CR 9 9973 0 Shop at Foss and .Save u ll lluave I md a Better .Seleclzon -lt I ou er Prwee m Colorado S fargeet Departmental Drug btore FOSS DRUG COMPANY lour Colden algreerz and Savemore l ency Insure In Sure lneurancf DENNIS OF GOLDEN INC lncuran 0 ltenll Stale Phone CR 9 4327 Golden Colorado 808 l3tl'1 Street omplzments CHAL S MARKET 911 9tl1 Street CR 9 3434 Beit lllSl1l 9 flaw 0 7 BETHEL I3 JOB S DAUGHTERS X IYOB FILIAE Hes! ll :Shoe HUGO BUERGER BUICK 815 wqshmgfon Golden Colorado 1 . Clf D I . I - lieu ' ., S v K w I Y 1 lj x K iv, w . ' J . ' ' 7 Goodrich Tires and Batteries V 13h ' ' u s J S ,g C ' . Of , . I 1 , C v - L. ser Jn l K I I Congratulatzons Class of '57 THE GOLDEN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ".Smce 1910" 7 13t t CR 9 2525 INDUSTRIES REA! SERyICE fMEYERIhUHWWARE AND SPORTHWSGOODS 1112 W sh ngton Ave u USADDUZS SHOPPE Evergreen Phone 194 Go d BOYACK S GROCERY 15600W C If Plea n1'V THE RECORD SHOP ! 1118W sh ngto A enue CR 9 'I696 Golde 01 - h S . ' W ., v 251' ' Q X C I M I mm! 3 . 9 1 - 9 1 ' I en CResfview 9-3653 a i n I Compliments ' liestliishes X, q W I3 a i n v . o ax sa iew , Free Esfamufes CR 9-1688 'ies' W Mes to the S. S. GILLETT CZUSS 0f'57 Excavating Contractor KROGER PRESS Compressor and .Iackhommer Work priming Excavating - Backtilling Quality and Service Road Building - Carryall Work CR 9-1222 N Q Q fir Complzments A vl CQ GOLDEN SERVICE STATION A G EAKER Open Every Evening 10th and Ford Streets CR 9 3349 S 8K H Stamps Clolfzmg for all the Famzly LEADING CIRCULATION IN JEFFERSON COUNTY ISIX PAPERS MERGED INTO ONE SINCE I9461 -24 51" J 1 ,Q WASH X if, Yrxmzgfw 5 T S ucrun I N ws nr 31 -em fi-1"""'G0I.DEII 8 or Jzrrsnson comm -1 P :ff 'H H 534 .1-91+ f W 1 f A :MTBF it 2' "' sf? CII ITIIC YIUUOMH lution :Nfl In 'lffnlnf GOLDEN fvflfffll ll! SUIUUIUIIC mllllll I 4 Q V C , X x 41 A -IQ , Q Q ' 0 of Q L 64 I O . . -. . - '- S C - ee 1? Y I x N-"9"' " wt- - -I' - .. . 'T E " '12 , -. 1' -' - . x. 'ill -4+ , ' -1 - 3 H ' ' ,ff ., , , ,. . we ca J., ,Je wtf. 3-. ew. -A-.. Q ,, .1-,Q . , X- " - - '.",.,-- " 'f "-Q.. .e" " w ' 'U ' v 4 , , gi JJ" "' "1" ' f .- "T -9- xl ,,J1 ". '- ' Wg, , ' ' 1 Q yt- -- f f 2' ':..' l U :li l I I .LV Rf" .. ,A -- ' :EU . A' 1 8 I' N 'V A :'l '-- .wx .- - - . - -1 ' - ' efuwu, ' ' "' " nik' " ' " T- --q t J rv l'lffi?:'1. z .f .. .-19-ga.-Am. ff:-'ff-f week- 31'-1 aff-ffm' L- 1, 1 f-4 -, -H' 1,22 -iq 'I " A u - -' ' ' T - I. g I 9 ' ' LIVE BETTER Electrlcoll y COLORADO CENTRAL P0 ER CO The Frlendly People EXHAUSTED' Nuys As we complete th1s f1na1 page of E1 D1ab1o s Dxary our deslre 15 to Jom the two Maroon and Whlte staff members pxetured at left But before we do we W1Sh to thank everjone who has had a part 1n plannlng and composlng thxs book The staff appreclates the cooperatlon of students, faculty parents busxness people and many others We hope the book meets wlth your appro al Slncerely The Staff EL DIABLO S DIARY gg 4 xaidilhflknyqq by A-" '95 5 6 I ' 1 aff? ' ik by 2' X ,- N "HH" N I? mg 'QQ' 1 LQJ 1-51 . .""f".:' .4"4'v"'f s ggfustgv Z7 ,QL ik Qk'- , QQLV, l-1,15 ,fx l X "':2"f'f""3 'X ' nl JE.: f'3ga1n'f1!" " - WSJ? E 4' Y'i,m' ,v "' tj! ' 1 f ,fi ww ' 5' 2-If X'-fp-E Z4 , W -5 x 1 5- R hi22fv' xc...,,u .. 4: f ' ' QQ 41? f x Qihv

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Golden High School - Yearbook (Golden, CO) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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