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 - Class of 1941

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THE Published by Senior Class GOI.lJIiN HIGH SCHOOL Gulch-n. Colorado ' 2 Y Y71 'NIR - ..'.'I'Hx 1?-11 Lclllm l 'lk A 3 5 334 pw vkyb ,, af' 1 5 . 'pf f v V I-f. D .5 5 I Y -P 'ir fs sexy W2 .SQ - .5-6 ix ,vs JL Q W5 ,,,. ' x .X wx.-1. N an 'M 12 - ,Ky . Y 104 LQ Q E x: ' --':, . , ,Q-we A X as 'fi iw fzsgr "' rim 5 .am-.4 .1 ggguk 'I 5 'E ?1-um., lg' , 'if f "lvN 3 'S N 4, ei s . 5 fi- We in 4. Q. 5. Y v . wx hm' "QA 'ff I N ,N . . .ni J, - fgfiaqs - Sk.. . NM 'jfs fs R 3 7 , I P f m9?f' . Q5 1s,Ql'24 KWM if xg'-gf L I -xr A he ..Q,, ,XI f f ' 55-. I ,gei- .F ,. .' fl .X A , in . 5 g Q agsrvxitvf' ' V1 'W - Bi' N . X '7' "":,' V i ig, is ,nw K., U"4'X,m" f ...r 3' K 1 , . - ,ins Rf. Y. 5 .FK X xf"Y?.,qgv- Q ,ll " v ly' K 'ws N ' .Q gf' S. 1 ' J " ' ' Qw 5 - . , . M , , , A ks iw X , . " ,f an A," .- H , ,M "-Nw A 'N 2 ,gp !5l',lHl,X I ION Nlx. Hun. l!:c unnpqlnirm ui vwlx NIINICIII, is :flume milling In wfillll .md :mi Ili? plolvgve. When um' xwrc hcslnllcll. llc IUZINNUICKQ lls with Ll iricndlx smile :md now that we are seniors lhulrixlg mn mlmrlixllul goal. hc wznu an hun! l:ll'n'1u'lI. In llilll wx nisim In siulicxlln' nm Mf,L'!llUl1.H Ihr' NNIIIIDUI ni hun nuns uxww 'wh .1:mrnu1n!. ll. V. Crazvforzl 1'm.xi1lent Slww' I' rule Me mber 'lilk in 'KR y V1 rf'Irn'v H. Ilwnnn ,XIVIII lam' ' -Ind: nun lu'u,sm1r Roni 0 Ullzlwll ,S .Ill 1 S11pf'l'1r1Ie'11rIf'11t . , Mba ifllgll Hf'l'lb . lhimijful M V 7, f ,X 5 I Hlw XIlNllNlS'I'R.X HON 'I'h1- cxpcrl IIHIIIZIQCIIICIII and sylnpatlurlif umlcrslzuuling ol ' nl hoard.supcrix1lcmlcnI :md lll'illl'ilXl' haue Clll'0lll'2lgf'4l Ihl smhu I impiwrl thc SlllllL'l1IS lo heltcr lhcir work in thc JIIIZIIIIIIICIH ui' grczm-1 ann! higher slznulzmls. dw 1 lhcx have uchnmcel thc Uohlcn Sclmul NFSICIIIS lu fll'Sl ' ' Union for ninth Q standing: installed cmnpulsmw pllysncul uhm. - lrndcsz :uldccl mm :md IIIICYCSIIIIQ sulwlccls and md luxlh g 'll'liNilil'N to mu illflifllllllll. XX 0. thc' Scnimn Claws of VII, wish lu thunk Khusc whu haue xclxuluul our school so than wc might rlcvclop n'me'1l 1 1 mul my minds lm! I I md ' ' 1 audits. NYC Zlll' more lhzm grzllcful for lhcn vmlship :mul nlcvp Illll'Yl'Sl illlllllg thu IHISI fum puns. fx i F C ,. . 'ss A is i 5 fffxl t if-. y M ,A x T EAI if V -Im-gusty! ft' . . 45. .L K ,X 1 J i . I R it -we-fre J X , y' Xxx K if Q. i l iff! Riffs, k is K . rg Mr. Ted Anderson, BA. Mr. Anderson is a jolly, red-headed Irishman. who is always ready to laugh. J . crew 1 Q Many a dreary day has been brightened 3' x' gy ,Qs by his good humor and hearty laugh. X- j f h Q s , 'f . ' Wa X 2 'if Y is L XXX? A 'all gf, gl 5 f , ff :U . 5. z i , s New ' I Miss Mabel Rolillm, ILS. If a prize were given to the person who ever found Miss Bolitho without Mr. Ralph Bishop, MA., l,.L.B. Mr. Bishop's desire to make every student a worthy American citizen brings out his patriotism and the sin- cerity behind each piece of advice so kindly given. a friendly, warm smile, that reward - f would go unclaimed. She brightens K my 1 Q up the classrooms and halls with this j5.?ifSt3?3yg- A f ' X , - .ig grand possession. ,fy f- t ,L ,. :slit ff is 'P , lg '-,. '45, . ew- f J, . "fx Pr' af t sl.-55 1 'f' I ' as 'ss ef ilk K .-gy E 'xYI."'VjJ A s g 5 . . , s -...sf ' v.i. ii kg Mr. Fritz Bn'11r1c'1'kf'. BA., M..-1. Spirits haunt Golden High and are very often known to cause unexpected quines. Mr. Brennecke's spirit is famous as the "Guy" that brings on moods. and tests. Miss Ann A. CImnd11'r, ILA. Miss Chandler is like a fellow Slll- dent, for she enjoys herself most when among them, joining in their activities. Although this is her first year in Gol' den, she has numerous friends. I lv--v IF Q' S 3 1: , JL 'TY Jiiiwf' A , 'xx' , .Syl ,.,. AVKK i ,f,,a , as H -ezq-:ss-'ffl ! 1 'H X It iw ' "Nr--. Wi., .jxt Miss Fairbmzks, ,4.B. lf you haven'l h fel ,I Z N Mr. Earl Grant, B.S., M.A. eard an amusmg A My The most handsome person in school 51053 5' Uilwelog' f' fvllfgf exlwrlence e f, ,JQE . is Mr. Grant. "Gus" is well known for 'mfmled bl? N155 Fallihallks, You VC e lk ii , his friendly smile and grand personal- missed a great deal. gg , , q 'f i ity. which have made him numerous 'A 'f-52? V friends in school. "if .I ilrl ' . ,xx YV L J rl -fx ."':' ' - : f srr s - - . , abr Miss Edna S. Gray A B A soft voice and an amused laugh are the possessions of Miss Gray. lf you want to know anything about any My place, anywhere just ask this Globe- ., s' Q 5.15-v-. .igifitygp-..x trotter, 1 , '+V AAV 21 if fa . as wi? . I , 5 4 , L, , K 5 if' ,... Q fy - i f " TS' -ge, f. rf' .. t ix.. N .ig N-My H -A it ' k A X412 . , i :dj - 3 . ir txl vg. ' ' 'T 3, 2, . k g . j 3: A A i X252 ,Q Qfx tf ' ., 7,-1 lf, A it nga sf tw ig fi V, .' , Sie j' . A ml 1 il ,L XM i I1 wt N i 'J' H xc.--ff 'N f' gg .f . . 5 QV , Q f f .V f ' ' 5 qs v a i 9 lf? , L- I S J Q A 2 ,Q-.-.M-Q 2 W" i tj' ' an fx ' ,- ,Mm fly!!! in i lt' .A ff xx t as im N t ,fi a - s M '. E AI A. I ' - ,- Mr I0hili0liZ tiove ictifnintiiiic works Mrs' Rowena V'.Amg' BA' , ' - 3 A , ' ' Her motherly advice and success lum over time. He is always good- - humored and willing to take on an V extra load tu help the students. stories with morals have guided man Y a student over the rou h ath f l' g p s 0 nie to their success. She has shown in- terest and understanding in each in- dividual. mix. Xe, ' 1 K .N if Jlrzv. llrlvu li. Lllflflillglllll, ILS. Xlrs. Luddington has instructed in- numerable students to make better liousekeepers. She lends her charm and friendly interest for the further- ance ol' all her students and her school. LT 1 1 Mr. xl. IV. Pinks,, MA. When Mr. Pinks is mentioned, an enthusiastic student usually says. "Ile is more fun," and he is, for he always does the unexpected thing: a hand- spring in the midst of a tennis game. or ll laugh when you think he is angry with you. f me gif gage 3 X. ks Q YQ 5 y an X75 f' I ' , . 5 wr Q 54 ,.,..- , xx X s I J. N, ff H, , .t It . ,lj N I w Misa .lluuzle Priest. li.,-I.. Ill. A. Miss Priest has a very enviable pos- session-the ability to get things done quickly and thoroughly. All her ven- tures are a success because oi this ad- mirable trait. Mr. Elgin Rex, A.B., MA. It is impossible to find an enemy nl' Mr. Rex. His good nature is known and admired bv all those who have the privilege l04C0IllC in Contact with him. C S ll We. the Class of l94l of Golden High School, County of jefferson, State of Colorado, being of legal age and sound mind do hereby tnake, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. johnny Anderson wills his technique with the women to Darrel Bjork. Aud- rey Bacon wills her name to Swift X4 Co. Rosaline Bettinger wills her popularity with boys to Patsy Martin. Stan Bloom wills his perfect attend- ance to Fred Davis. Merle Britz wills his supercharged Victoria to anyone with life insurance. Robert Bunzel wills his hog-calling ability to Eddie Pike. Peggy Ann Clark wills her Shakespearian ability to johnny Mason. Erma Clayton wills hes' physique to Carolyn Paul. Albert Corfman wills his height to Emory Clayton. Lillian Deaver wills her quietness to Atha Deffenbaugh. Law- rence Deering wills his bulging muscles to "little" jim Mathews. jerry Dill- ing wills his curly hair to Bill Aitken- head. Merna Dillon wills her dancing ability to Elizabeth Shephard. Roberta Dorr wills her temper to Marie How- ard. Margaret Duppman wills her col- lection of Senior pictures to Bob Crow. Eleanor Frederick wills her efficiency to jack Shelley. Helen Ruth Gann wills her "kindergarten Mae VVest" style to jeanne Cox. Dorothy Gorman wills her hairdos to Lucille Bettinger. Gerald Gould wills his tennis ability to jack Brunnel. Ruth Grady wills her office-girl technique to Velma Pfalzgraf. Roy Gurule wills his oh- stinacy to Grace Aitkenhead. Mildred Heath wills her fiery temper to Prof. Pinks. Bill Harris wills his athletic ability to Riley Covert. Ethel jane Harvey wills her feud with Brennecke to Betty Barb. Margaret Hopkins wills her scrapbook on the Duke of Windsor to Lorraine Hickey. Katherine Howe wills her character parts to Barbara Polley. Wayne Hyllegard wills his weight to jackie Goudge. Marjoriella Kubesh wills her popularity with Ar- vada to Gloria. Bennie Le Favre wills his perfect penmanship to Eleanor Baker. Ruth Ann Lisco wills her Xi? ,F I3 J 1 tennis ability to Miss Chandler. juan- ita McCorltle wills Ben Le Favre to anybody that will have him. Oliver MeMahan wills his "c00tie cage" to Everett Thomas to hide his hair till it comes back. Virginia Mayer wills her broken New Year's resolutions to Laurel Dean Calmett. Gordon Miner wills his position as Romeo of the school to Ormal Watson. Mary jane Nelson wills her last name to the wrestling team. Marjory Nicholls wills her name to all "nickleless" high school kids. Dorothy 0'Donnell wills her sneezes to the next history class. Flor- ence Pearce wills her diet to jean- nette Crain. Wanda Prichard wills her knack of writing short stories to all juniors who will need it next year. Patil Ramstetter wills his woman trouble to Don Fleming. Dewial Ray wills the hair on his chest to Mert Signer. janice Sheriff wills her nick- name to Harry Crain. Delores Sitnp- son wills her giggle to George Ball. Elmer Simpson wills his scholastic abilities to Don Ramstetter. Barry Smith wills his punctuality to Chuck Zimmer, Frances Steffonich wills her eyebrows to Leon Bachman. Betty Strouse wills her dark beauty to jeanne Tanner. Lorraine Struck wills her noon-lunches to Betty Barb. Bob Taylor, casanova, wills himself to Mary Ann. joan Thomas wills her music appreciation to Les MacAskill. Mary K. Thomas wills her gym shorts to Helen Van Volkenburgh. Elon Thomp- son wills his size to Al Rowe. Pearl Tripp wills her attraction for the op- posite sex to Annabelle Maughan. Dick llnland wills his red hair to Bob Shaller. Mary Ellen Vorce wills her stnile to Edith Gillchriest. Ruby Wil- cox wills her band chair to Russell Tripp. Gaynell XVolf wills her short- hand speed to Marguerite Steiner. jean Warren wills her accent to jack Boggs. Bernice XVebster wills her nickname "Stub" to Ethel Loyd. Helen Wheeler wills her sales promotion to Betty jane Mathews. Lloyd Viles wills his permanent place in the Senior Class to Loretta Markey. SENHOR OIFFHCERS !.mnm1 .hmm ,4:'ff rl flmfffmll I,P'f'NillI'II, TW -ffm xiflrul lI11m'1'Iv !Qf1f'lir11! K.ux'm'll ll'r1H Sf 1 rf fun' 'l'rr'rf,v11n r' 117,171 17, .-I11111'1.vo11 .-I111111'x' A1111 liamn 1311111111111 .Il1l1l11'1l Ii1'lI111g1'1 flu IIIIII I 'I XII ull QIIIII I I' l'IuIJ l'11Im1 lml IIIIIIUKII l'1liI' I C' Il ' ' ' . ..Z II 1 1 1 1 . aw: , 1 ' .1 . 3 .c'1s. bln' f.IIII1 I. Ig IIIKZIIIIZIIHS I. Ig Banu I I Illmllmll 2. TI: Ilaukrllxanll I. 2. IJ. Clallil. 21 sill! I"1':lm'isc0, Calif, Isl win. I. 2. fi. I I I I 1111. I: 'I 1'.111k 2, XILIIINIII :xml While I: Illxlxlulliu II. I, C' I'1'lQgI' 4111111 1.111111 4 lIlllllllI Mull I1 SCIIIIII' Plan' I: Icmm N1111111x .4111111 III1111111 , 1 .LZ Phu. I'.1I. I. QMMAQ. 1.111111 .II11111 1.111xlr111 NI:1u'1I111ll:1. Iowa, Isl scm. I: HZIIIQI I. 1. Ncwllvsmfl 3: I'I1xs. I-I1I. II. I 1-F 41 I 1llI'I'lf' lI11:1'11111 H1111 774 ff , ' Il ISIxl'II11lII I. lllcwlling Mgr. l,I: - Irnk 2: gCIClIll' Cllulm I. 2. II. VI. E f -x A117111 fillgllll 111111111111 .Cu 'u' 'rl 1 j 1 3 1 I: " 'I Ig G I'in I: Iluskcl- D XHIIOIIJII Hfmm 50i'lL'lI I. 1311111111 lI11x'11111111l H111111' In mg S1 icmv Iflulm I. 2. II. I. Lillmn i'IlIIlII1 Ilwrlwn l.11u'r1'11n' F. liwring lrrly Dilliu Olunlul. Ncbl, I: Nlzwun Cilx, Ncln. 21 C Club fl. I3 Football I, 2. lil. I.Ig Xlurysvillc. KRIIISZH l. 2. T551 ILL l lub I nies I Fumlnll I Illlls I Iflvcugu-un. Colo. flg Clcc 'Club 4. Buskellmll I, 23 Wrestling L3. Ll. Czlpl. Ilnunz " 1 2 'I1'l'l'2IlIx I. 23 Smicnrn- Club I. l'.Ir'4ulm' l'll'lll'l'Il'k l"lllIt'lIl0ll. Calif. 2nd scln. flul yl.: Ilranlzllics fl: NcL'1lIc'm'l'nfl I. 2. fl. I. 4-"X Jllffllll Dillon K In llub I' Baml l. 2. 3. 1.15 l.iln':u'y EI. -lg Annual Stuff rl. H1 lwn lfulh finuu H nIuxsI1nx'u, Colo. I1 Clem' Club I. 2. Il. -lg Scnim Play I: .X Capella 43 lf. H. C. 1- Rulnflla Marie' Don' Mend. Colo. I. 2: I'cp Club II: Ulec Club 35 lirzlnxalirs I: A Capella CI10ir4. Dumllly limzly Gorman '-x Club I. 2. EI. Yic'cfl'rcw. lg Clce Club lg G I' V1 2 1 3 ... 'nus .. .... .., fg. "" Illrlrgrlrrl flnuv' Ilulzjmmn Pop Club I 2 3. 43 Nlzunon K White, Izcl.-1:1-IccK,lubl..I. I, C. .-X. A. l. -, .I. Pres. -I. I 1 lgrmlrl liugrnw llnulzl lfuilz lumix' Nm fiurulf' nm. Ilinnix I, 23 lllvc llluln I: .Xn- Ilalml I. 2. 'l. I 1. 'ifwlvwl lmlluil Il: Iinml I. 2. 31 If' I nu.ul Stull! I: Balskxfllmalll II: Xhcslling ImII2:IS'x1-Nlling I2 ll'IllIIN fl. I I: Icnniw fl. II. Nllllglllfl lfwm linlrlcillx 1 K- x -J -1. ,. ,, ' -J 1. 'llliunl I 'lr' llnnzs lxzul f:llll1IIUlKI.xxLhlilII Xusn lln I Yin--I'u-Q. II: llrznnnliu TI. I: Smmim Play I. lxullnxu lun: llrzf Sr-nim Plan I: F. H. CZ. llcm. Ill Nulimml limun Sfuiclx I, lzlllrl Iumf llrllwry Pup lilulm I. 2, II. Prcs. I' Sllulcm Coumll 2.'I:lLI1-L-l'Iulm I I I 1 Im -Ig Hamel I.I. I..l. 1.5, l,I. Sul. I. xllllll-ll Stull Ilrlxm Iurmlmjm Hxllegunl bow unim IIi'I1. Ik-mer, Lulu. I: but Hugh. Dunn -. Iimm .,lN'1.I ' '..L .Illlrlwrl .-Illlgzul llmllz Yiu' I'l'1's. I: Pres. 2: I'cp Club I, 2, .l, I1 C, Pin II: Drznnaliu I, 33 Baml -. .. Z . lu: Stull I' ICIIIIIY I 1.2 L3' Ynlirvnzxl Hmmm Smlux. 3 c, 'Hzzrffnirlffl lx11'ff'xf1 f.'lrnl1'IlI lirnuil If I"rn'n' lflllll Inn Iisru Imp I IuIm I 2.11 Ihznnzlliu 2.31 I'Irnm- Nlmlcnl Cluumil Vice-I'l'cs. I: C-IH' I'1LlNlUIlXIHl', Lulu. I. 2: Imllliw I I I I I1 Club I1 I'Iuxs ICII 2. 'I KIIIIII I1 KL Pin I: Ilrzunulims I: BZIIIII I. I'IIx-. IQII, NIS. I, I 2. II. I'rvs. I: Xlllllllll Slzlfi I1 Scnim l'Inx I11.i1II1ImfI, I: I-'UUIIMII 2, l.fI. I,I1 ICIIIIIS 2. PI. I. lmrrlun ,Um 1 ix .Iliurr . I SILIH I3 Scnim Play Ig G Cllulm fi. Plvs. XZ. LII. l.I: I1'zuk.51 Ivnms I, J. Virginia Maxima' ,Ilrlxn Imng ISc.uIx, l..1IxI. .., XII I ll Ilmx nm' ,Yr lmn ,lllllllfll lllllll .Ilrtmlclr KIIIxl2lllKI. xylhllillgllbll I. 23 lhgnngnilg ., .' . . . . . uc , .Ilu1'vr'rx' l,ni.s .Yirllula Olnwr IYIIIIIIIHII .xlhwllflllll IXI.mI1.ul!.m k.lm.1s I -.XxIlNlIlll1,,I,I, 'Fw , flu mrllvv l'.l1111br'lh 1J'llrmne'II l'lrnr'mf l.u1ill1'l'r'r1H1' ll'umlu ,Huy Pvnllunl bln' Llulm I,-13 A Lzlln-llzl -1: M! 3. Rumi l. l..2. IJ: Nvullvx 1 -. ,. . '- I 3 z z ' lifl ' 9 I Impllulml Ilvnnmul ' .6 1 --., .K Iflmr: .Hlzrrl stilllllxllll Mlm' flllll I. 2: Plus. lad. I. 2' A Paul Auguu lflllll.8lf'Ht17' 4 lu I lub I " 'K' lh'znn:llics 4g Senior lllx I gtilglllk' Club 2. J'- 'bg Ih'lmr.x Sim mon Dwzriul Nm Vnulling 3: Szicncc Clluh I. NP '!""' linux Iimnlm Nlllllll 'kununl Small 2: lfuollmll Xlgx. L23 Wu-slling Mgr. Lil. X fum Izmir: Nllfliff H111 Nllllllllll 5lJliIlgS. Lulu. l. 23 bloc L Z flmwfx Nlflfmfilfl Ilrllx' I. NIIUILV' mn It lxflnu Nllurlc I 111 lllllll "' III'llIl'I'Ils 'I 'I'IiIn'1lx ilu' I lull I " 'I' Yl't'llIl'1ILlll I.2.iI1 I-lu ilulm I. I: XII TI: Xm'uII1'aI'aoIl 'G I ,, . .. -.... 4 1 . .-..,. X1'l'nIIl'tIlllI I1 Plnw. Iwl. I, I, Plnx. I.mI. I. Ilumm In Vlulu Il I l'lm1 ' 'l'lmm nun I' XIIIIIIZII Stull I1 Scnun Plan I: Ilan' IIN I Hfzllral Invlrn Sllulvnl l.0llIIlII Pru. I1 bloc l.IlllI .Q I. Pin I3 Xlmuall Stull I3 Scuim Plan I' 1 Klul1-.5. I, Nalllrnml Honrn Sou I Ilankvl 1 , .-. ' ' ur! fu I 1 ullull ll Ill lflllll ...J Hill Ilirl lllllllllll 1 N ny. 41. fg Ig 'I g .Ilan IKAIIX Iklllllllllh Pcp Llulm 2. .Ia I: Slmlcnl 1.01 ,Ulu 'I '. I " . -, III'IllIllIIIi II: Xmluall Stull I3 Svnun we G I Ilan I1 NZIIIOIIRII Ilmun Suzi 9- nyrl Iwzlmmni Vilrzs .Ilrnv lzllru Vmu' I In Clulm TI: IIIAIIIIQIIIIN I: Ifuullmll I. Plus. I: IR-p C.IuIr I. 2. II. I3 SIIHIL ' INN-sxling 2. fI. 4. C'oum'iI II: G l'in II: Ihzmmliu I I.iIn':n'y 2. II: .Xnnuall SIIIII I: Xnlimmal IIUIIOI Socicly II. Su. Ig CL. X. .L Nl l.2. Slilli' limlmlcm II. Stull- Pin I Ilflrn 1'.ll:.llIH'fll IIfll'l'II'l hmm Immun Hugh. Dunn Lulu I I.:1sl High. llcnwr. Lulu. 1. .Ig Pep lfun Uflvlfw Ilrnrwn . - Ru N una. .I. Sm. Inman. I. Glu! l.Il1I1 I. I. I N iluprllgn -13 SL-nim Plan Ig National Ilmnn Snnulx I lx HIM ll llrux 1 lfrlrln ' Llllf 'rin II lulw -1 I.IIlIl I. 2. .I. IZ bln- C.IuI1 I. Z. I1 .Illlllll l XLQLIIKLIAII I. -, NJIIUII-II Ilnnm Smicxx I. l'IrrlN1nrml1l1 II1.sI Vlu'-I'lcs. 2: K- Clluh I. 2. fI. I: Ihul- PRQPJHIJECY "Who is this? So withered and so wild in her attire, that looks not like an inhabitant of the earth. Live you? Speak if you can! What are you, weird sister?" "lf you can look into the seeds of time and say which grain will grow and which will ll0l. Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear your favors, nor your hate." "Peace-the charm is wound." "What see you in the future for tny classmates and my friends?" "Ah! I see a great airport with planes flying overhead. One has just taxied from the field, a hundred and eighty-five pound woman is alight- ing. ' "Why, it's Dorothy Gorman and she's pilot of that plane! I guess she has gained some weight at last. Havent 1 seen that person standing in the hangars sotnewhere before?" "He is an old classmate of yours, Stanley Bloom. He has become. a great person since last you saw him. He designs all the airplanes for this field." "Who are those passengers walking toward the taxi?" "They are Rosaline Bettinger anti Ruby Wilcox. Rosaline is hostess and Ruby is cigarette girl in the Silver Glade of the Cosmopolitan Hotel antl that taxi driver is Merle Britz. Merle is invaluable in the taxi business to those who have two minutes to catch a train or "thirty seconds to go"." "Look they are speeding along that highway anti pulling up to a roatlsltle stand!" "Yes, they are visiting their class- mate Virginia Mayer, who is proprietor of the Green Mountain Gurtie Grill. Several of your other old classmates are working for her. Lawrence Deer- ing, who won the Bouncer Academy award for the Rocky Mountain Region is her chief bouncer. Lorraine Struck is her private secretary and her music is supplied by that master musician, Bennie LeFavre and his Rocky Moun- tain Canaries." "Are all my classmates here? Surely some must have moved away." "Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble." "The scene is changing, I see tall skyscrapers-New York and the Metro- politan Opera House. Four blocks away you can see the huge electric sign with' its lights blinking out the names of the world's foremost opera stars, Helen Ruth Gannzora and jerry Dilling Diago in the opera 'Carmen'." "lsn't that joan Thomas buying her tickets?" "joan attends all the operas. She has become the world's foremost critic and she is buying her ticket frotn Merna Dillon, who owes her sttccess to her experience at the Golden Gem. There goes Al Corfman, always in- terested in sports, he is getting a new angle on bullfighting. The program in Al's hand comes from the press of that famous printer, Barry Smith. You will find some of your old classmates back stage. Chief electrician of the opera company is Robert Bunzel and through their experience with the Senior play of 19-ll, Bernice Webster and Helen Wheeler are the wardrobe designers. Now let tts find some more of your friends." "Double, double toil anti trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble." "Why, it's a circus, who of my class- mates could possibly be there?" "Under the big top swinging from bar to bar, lightly as a feather wafted by a gentle breeze, Wayne Hyllegard, their chief trapeze artist, amazes all with his daring stunts. Everyone is crying about the loss of their fat lady, Florence Pearce, who has become slim through the work of a great scientist, janice Sheriff. Their bareback rider is none other than Dewial Ray, who can turn a triple somersault in mid- air and jump through a hoop of fire. Chief Photographer for Life magazine, Elon Thompson, is there photograph- ing this amazing act. "Look! They are taking up the tents to leave. Who is that carrying that lmge trunk?" "That is Dick llnland who works for a matnmoth moving-van company owned by Elmer Simpson. New let tis take a look at your Hollywood friends." "Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble." "Many of your classmates have be- come important stars. Tonight is the premier of Kathryn Howes new pic- ture and people are standing for miles around to get a glimpse of this three- time academy award winner. As this is an Indian epic, they hired Audrey Bacon to help in its production. She has been working very hard as costneti- cian on an lndian Reservation. There is a new member of the Dr. Kildare shows. Eleanor Frederick has become his cook. As you go on the sound stage you can hear magnetic voices ring ottt, they owe their appeal to Margaret Hopkins, who teaches voice cttlture on the lots. Holly'wood's greatest singer is jean Warren, top box office star of 1951. Bill Harris has run Walt Disney and his Mickey Mouse out of business, by his cartoons of Agnes the Angleworm. Mary jane Nelson typifies the perfect secretary in the execution of her duties for Darryl F. Zanuckf' "Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble." "That lhllsl be Golden." "Some of your classmates have never left. Ethel jane Harvey, pining away' for the love of Mr. Brennecke, stands by the school house to see him pass each morning. I can see Mr. Bishop's Civics Class, Roberta Dorr is still hold- ing down her fourth seat in the sec- ond row, hoping to pass this year. Foss' is still the high school hangout. The first booth is leased by Margaret Duppman, who is still trying to land that ex-grad." "What is that crowd in front of the barber shop?" "Persistence and the ability to argue have made this man the success he is to- day. Roy' Curule. champion soapbox debater of the United States. is trying to convince the crowd that caps and gowns should be abolished from the public schools. For ten years now Roy has taken his post at daylight and argued until sunset. In the meantitne he has learned to spit tobacco 40 paces into a stiff gale. jolmny Anderson has become manager of the Adolph Coors Co. with Ruth Grady as his office girl. Gerald Gould, king of the Tau Bates in Colorado School of Mines, was appointed president of C. W. C. titre to his way with the fairer sex. Marjoriella Kubesh, has started a house to house campaign in Arvada to catch a man. Always a ladies' man, Gordon Miner, is now recreation su- pervisor of an old ladies' home. They have been forced to add three new buildings to this home, because of his popularity. Dorothy 0'Donnell has just been elected beauty queen of Mines." "Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble." "The scene is a crowded court room, there is a breathless hush for Atner- ica's golden voiced lawyer, Mary Kay Thomas, who has never lost a case, is pleading for the fate of Bob Taylor. Bob has become lightweight wrestling champion of the United States through his practice with Mary Anne. He is now string for a divorce, in the interests of domestic traquility. Taking notes for this notorious case is Gaynell Wolf, now llnited States Supreme Court re- porter. One of the jurors, your old classmate, Lillian Deaver, was forced to cut short her honeytnoon at Niagara Falls to attend the trial." "Who is that behind the easel?" "juanita McCorkle is one of the foremost artists of the world, she is painting Mary Kay in a court scene." "Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble." "There is an alumni party in prog- ress. Here you will find many of your old classmatesy The tnan who has brought old fashioned melodrama back to the public, Patil Ramstetter, is entertaining them with some of his best speeches. Watching him with amusement is Pearl Tripp, who has become Debutante No. l of the United States. Delores Simpson, the joke writer for jack Benny, is telling some of her best gags. Swinging a tennis racket in that far corner is Ruth Ann Lisco, who has just defeated Alice Marble. The girl in slacks is Ruth Mason, who has made a successful busi- ness designing men's clothes for women. Her best model is Wanda Prichard. Erma Clayton is carefully telling Mildred Heath how to feed cats. Mildred runs a home for stray cats. Erma has become the world's foremost authority in the care of ani- mals, through her ownership of a cat and dog hospital. The method for growing the world's largest peach is best explained by Marjory Nickles and Frances Steffonich, authorities on farm products. Betty Strouse, whose oc- cttpation is posing for shampoo ads, is attending the party. Her raven black locks have become as famous as Hedy l.amarr's own flowing tresses." 4'Do you like our Bazaar? Come again next year." 'Y Bully Adams Crum' Aitkvnlufud cmllliv Allgood lynn Hllflllllllll lilvnum Bukvv' Bultw limb n.,,, H Vify-.I1mi",Q'. X - 1-,,W', Almlm I Ill If , ll . 8.085 ,"5lrl,,,H Allfn 13111141 f HI , S"f'l'1?I4s1gm"', l1y.1-was Dm WH Bjork -kllp-pr H Q Clliwuwxl Bnrlh jufk Buggy luck Brumwl Ikumin BIIITIPIIQIIS luurvl Dvun Culnu Dam Cllurclurs Rilvj llo1u'l'l lmmm' Cox HHYIY Crain R l'KUl1l4'Hf' Crain Huh Cum' Ifrvd Duvis Mlm Dl'Hl'lll71lllgll Dam l'll'llllllg iliumlu KQHISOH llhurlvs Guudgf Mum Grady Ima Mm' Hull 'S'- -fa' 'Q r ' V X. ' ' 'irlwy um' Hmuurd Aliwlfs' lufulvs ifllwl Luv! .. iv Nlu4Axl:lll nwllu Ncxrlcvy Anniv Murliu s , USUN rn Mull .-hum I f if xy 4 6 x' g i ' '. - I " 1 Mr i'h+'slvr Robinson HAIR Ky 3' - .4 ' fg- K 4 A it V f 5 W 4 ' mv x 17 X x x mlwil Klang Elf X FW' R0"'mw J x ws Nl4ll'4'fl1L'l Nhlllghllll N Ai""5 Rome Hn Pak 4nmLMa1' Ruud Hula Slmllcr Vvlvm A I X . .., w 25. y Q he ' Tu 711 f 41' ,F 1 Pullly N Biflll' P-mn 101 ffm! Rm, 9 . ' a f' ' a 'K Yi 1 , I ' 'gui 'Lg Hur 511 Mr' flln Sluflvllunl I 'UUIB mlm: My Rirllulzl IVT Smith Il 4lt'llYl7ll' Son Muug,11c1itc Steiner jvcmmut 'IYIISIICY Hillwrl 'll61'llSlT01Il Mary Vufllcx' Holm Van lo "Roy ' lkl'lll7lll'gll Wurren ll Randall Vicnoi, ' llllflfti 01 mal Watson Bvtlw Walls lllcn Wovslcn Clmvlvs lim: ls. U fl!! Burl, D . ecowlliohs. BM, 1 2,1144 qllnm nth ' lgn "lla I czmim, I"l'1-QE CH :XIRMEN T11 P - P1 , Ioqrlllll XI' Y, Fl 1 IU x Illlnjl . 7111 - I h p Pikp' lfluns O 11'l10slrn WF M gli SCDPHCCDMQRES QV Q53 ,q 4 ,-f. we " 2 "4 I' I-ww I. ,. 44? -,gf ik" 1 I ny A 94' Q -Emma m459f ,gg K 1 .4 ' A ,-f . -? Q r ' ,' 7' " ' 3 'L 'I H I ' ' 2.1 M3 I ' . gig I 'fig-, ,, fig :T-1-Q , . 9 " I xx, , 1 -.'g:-L: ti, K 3 - .. : LI -1 "" - 35 sf I.. ,-lrlrlllm, li. ,-Iillcrrzllrful, U, xillguuzl, I,. liwrwlm, JI. lijmk, fl. IHI.s.s, I. Hlrmln In llnllcim, IJ. CIIIIJV, nl. fllnmf, li. lfrmv, fi. lJr'rl'w'r', I". Iffll, Ii. Iflvllrlrlv Ii, l'nu'l1'r. lf. l'rr'fl1'ri1lr. Ii. limzu, li. fiill1'l1rir'.s'I, I. lkrnulgr, A. fQm1lx', ,-I. fimllnwlc I1.lQu'vn, li. llull, l,. Ilur1'i.s,.U. I.lI1'1lIII,lj,f'l'lIIA,C.Ill'IllY. lf. Ilirks I. Illrlrrw. II. Iumxrw, JI. .-I. lxwllngg. I., lxwrr, A, Ivwlnmk. A. lx'r1:lmr. IJ. lx'rmfq1'r lu I,r'4'In'r. lf. lllgllll. l'. .Uunrlffl QA' -1 , 1, 4 F f If H: sw ' 5 " ' ' -' 7 373 ' Lf sf W ' 4 M 2 K Q , x 2' 4-5 ,- :ESQ it ,v Nmnmn AIUIQIIII l'.w'r1'll 'l'lmmn.s, I.r'llY Irwn Krrr. l'n'.xiflr'11l l'i1'r'-l'rrzsi1l1'r1l V11rlflrv-'l'rr'r1,m1rr SOPHCOMQRES Murrivl. li. Pl. M11IIlu'zz'x. M. .NIf'lIfn'lcl1'. fi. Moorsf, N. Morgan, K. Nrlsml, P. Nirhuls I'. I'ur.wn.x', I.. llflffllll, D. Pr'rlr.w11. D. Prullsf. D. RlIllIsI1'II1'r, A. Rozrr, IH. E. Runk . A. Sigrwr, S. S0llIllZl'l'lI, 'l'. 1'l'l'llIl'lII01Zf, E. 'l'l1un1as, II. '1'01I1I, P. I'arl1c'V. M. Vilfs S. Volz. C. lI'1'r:m'r. H. H'f'sl, ll. Wilwx, V. Zrmrlla FRESHMEN K. ,4rlaH1.s'. It flll!ll'l'.S'flIl, Ii. Iirllcfr, fl. Ball, S. HIIVII, II. 1ir'm'rli1'i. G. BPIIQSIIII B. lirnn1'lls. li. lfmzsun. I.. lll'l"lI'.WIllg'Il, M. Brooks, H. Crnllplwll, If. fllllllf, Ii. Claylrm H. Dr' fIu.vl1'r, C. llwrirzg, S. IJ1'ff1fr1l11:11gl1, fl. Durr, VI. Ff'utlu'r.s, N. Frll, li. Fnslrr II. lfrisl1ir'. M, fiil1.wn,,l. fl00llTl'll1, I.. Gurlllrf. O. Hall, li. Humillml, R. Hnmillon li. Hm'llm'. I.. Hrlrlz. II. Ilurlz. I. flur1'1'y. 0. Hrlps. M. Horkslm. ,I. HlIllg'llllIll nl. lxlfllllllf, A. lnvwl, xl. Mnri1'n Bill l'o.vlrr Clmrlrs lfllilf, H1'lf'r1 Muuglmn, Pn'.siflc'n1 Virr'-Prafxifleilt Swvrfmry-Trw1.s1n'rr 'H M1 FRESHMEN ms, H. fuflllgllllll. V. Mr'Mir'lmr'I, H. Mfsfrfr, K. Mi1lrIl1', IV. Morris, C. Pa' H I7 1' . Par.wn.v. C. Paul. N. PIIIIIXFH, V, Prlyzw. Ii. Pf'1rir', D. Pikf, I.. l'nnwmy ulwfr. V. liirll, Al. Rirlmrzlx. A. Rollffris, T. SIIIIIIIUISIHI, S. SIlZl'f'l'V', G. Sllinklr' f SHIIIIXIJIIV, M. Skc'r'r:x, D. Smith, R. SHITIIIS, ll. 'fill-Ylflf, R. Trilllz, E. 111111173 S. 'l'urnr'r, ll. Tyson, C, Van Tuvvl, M. Van II'ink1f', I. l1' C. I1'l1ilr', IJ, IVIISUN, li. lI'u1f rjrf ,wigs fi nf ' 'f i g u wg 5 1? iv ,af-'hs lu. S 3- iw . AAG x 3,5 -.5 ' -. 'Wm 9?- 1 . f . Pz- 'S :fl iw: 5 k - -.1 mlmiv ll'LlllllL'. fi. Wlufs thc Irlnmlc? I. Thin clzuls. fn. Slmccd xllwmhzlnts. fi. 'I lll'lIlUil Slallc Hmmruhlc NIL' All IFQQTBALL l nnluu .Uirzrr liulr 'l'1IiYlI1l' lt'llll'l' I.-I. 2 l'11llr'u'k I I 2 . , V 4 1 .- 'Xll C.ullicl'0mv Z XCLIIN XII f.Ullfl'I'Cllll' l M ll 'E' II nvm' llxllrgunl lllmking lizlfk I rl1:'r1'l11'1 llwm ing Iirunx' Im Fu I,-1.2 . al L-1.2 Hill lirr':111f'1lw G, Clozlcll 'f .ur ky' , 3, ,V nlrrlun Signvr ml Lvl. 2 Wing Buck L "4 - ' I Your K. lI1f1'll'lli,l' llllllll 2 XCZIIN Slate Hollolzlhlc xlillllflll I N1 ll QOTBALL img C in fan.. L l"I"1llf7","' fnrlr IQUSS-9 1 111111 '1 'lucklc L-1 um- Hmmmtuhlc- Nh-nliun l Yvzlr v Xll C0llfL'l'CllfC 1 Yann' fv-X Hulr Crow I-u.mi I.-I lzrnl Grant Ciuzlch ffllI'7'ill Iilfrrnllglls lull link l I ' 3 1 ..A... lim .Hnllln lwcklc I,-l. ' The Golden High Demons opened their l9-40 grid season on September 13, by trouncing Holy Family in a prac- tice game, 9 to 0. Coach Brennecke's eleven displayed a lot of power with Burroughs, Taylor, Hyllegard, and Signer lugging the ball and Le Favre, Matthews, Boggs, Smith, Covert, Miner, Crow, and Deering clearing the way. Capt. Bob Taylor plunged over for the only touchdown to climax a series of running plays. Signer snagged Taylor's pass for the extra. A safety gave the Demons the final two points. Although the Demons completely outplayed the Arvada Redskins in their initial league start, they failed to cap- italize on several scoring opportuni- ties and were held to a 6-6 deadlock. Arvada scored first but Golden tied it up in a nice run by Taylor. How- ever Golden missed an attempted con- version and although they threatened several times afterwards, they failed to push across another score. In another practice game the De- lnons literally massacred the listless Garden Home eleven of the Mountain Valley league, -ll-6. From the outset, Golden commenced to pile up a huge score. Taylor, Burroughs, Signer, Co- vert, Miner, Leeper and Dilling all contributed to the scoring. Garden Home found Golden's rock-ribbed for- ward wall too tough to crack and only threatened near the end of the game on the Golden reserves. Golden definitely established them- selves as a major threat for the title by walloping Littleton 33-0. The Demons bottled up the Lion offense so effec- tively that the Lions couldn't penetrate further than the Golden 35-yard line. Meanwhile the Demons scored early and often on short smashes by Bur- roughs and Taylor. Francis got off a long kick of 77 yards to high-light the game. The win placed Golden in a tie for second place with Arvada, Wheatridge held first place in the league with two wins against 110 losses. Golden met stubborn opposition by Aurora's light but scrappy team, but midway in the second stanza, the De- mons' powerhouse started to roll. Garv Burroughs smacked over for the first touchdown. Francis Leeper shook loose and rambled 40 yards for another touchdown, Riley Covert split the up- rights, and Golden commanded a 13-0 lead at half time. Diminutive Charley Goudge scampered 50 yards for another score and jerry Dilling skirted around end for the fourth and final touch- down. Aurora scored late in the game, but the final count showed the De- mons out in front by a comfortable 26-7 score. The Demons gained undisputed first place by nosiug out the defending champs from Wheatridge, 8-7 in a thrill-packed game. Golden scored first on a sustained drive midway in the second quarter with Taylor and Burroughs leading the assault and Hyllegard clearing the way. An at- tempted pass fell incomplete. The Farmers scored just before half time and converted to lead 7-6. Wheat- ridge once drove to the Golden 3-yard line but were held on downs and Taylor kicked out of danger. The break that decided the issue came with only three minutes to play when Gordon Miner blocked a Wheatridge kick which bounded Olll of the end zone for a safety. . The Demons socked Arvada 19-0 and made surer their hold on first place. With Taylor and Burroughs carrying the mail, the Demons drove 60-yards for the initial touchdown without re- linquishing the ball. Bob Taylor sparked a concentrated march to the Arvada 5-yard line where Mert Signer cut over for the second score. In the final period, Taylor skirted around end. reversed his field, and was finally brought down after a 45-yard gain. Signer reeled off from the 5-yard line. Taylor shot a pass to Signer for the final point. One of the features of the game was Taylor's booming kick from his own 25-yard line which bounded out of bounds on the Arvada 9-yard line. The Golden line which had held their opponents to 20 points in six games, broke through repeatedly to throw Arvada back for losses. Golden's powerful grid machine vir- tually clinched the Central Suburban League championship by running rough-shod over Aurora, 20-0, while Wheatridge was bowing to Arvada, I8-6. Despite muddy unclerfooting, the Demons demonstrated plenty of precision in their running attack and accurate aerials to demoralize the hap- less Trojans. Fritz Brennecke's eleven scored shortly after the opening kick- off on a nice run by Bob Taylor who also skirted his end for the extra. Taylor tossed a perfect strike to Larry Deering for the second touchdown and jerry Dilling intercepted an Aurora pass and shook loose for another touch- down. Francis Leeper found Chuck Gibson open in the end zone for the point after. Wayne Hyllegard con- tinually set up long runs by his time- ly blocking. Coupled with Wheat- ridge's loss, Golden needed only one win out of its two remaining games to capture the championship. The championship of the league rested securely in the hands of the Golden Demons after a 13-12 win over Wheatridge. Despite a muddy field, the Demons took the opening kickoff and drove for a touchdown-the final 20 yards coming on a pass from Taylor to Signer. Garv Burroughs plunged over for Golden's last score to climax a 40-yard run by Taylor. Signer caught Taylor's pass for the all- important point. In a hectic second half, Wheatridge scored twice but failed to capitalize on either of the extras. Golden was forced to put on a real goal line stand in the waning minutes to check the Farmers. The Demons smothered Littleton, 37-l2, to complete their highly success- ful catnpaign. Wayne Hyllegard ran 40 yards on a fake spinner for the initial score. Garv Burroughs and Bob Taylor each accounted for two touch- downs apiece, and Signer took a lateral from Ben Le Favre for the final touch- down. Gordon Miner converted for the only extra point. Golden wound up the '40 football season with 9 victories, I tie, and no losses. The Demons placed four men on the all-conference team: Riley Covert, guardg Lawrence Deering, Endg Gordon Miner, Centerg and Bob Tay- lor, tailback. Bob Taylor and Gordon Miner also received honorable men- tion on the all-state team. This honor secured for them the opportun- ity to play on the all-state senior team that will play this summer in Denver. PCDQTJESALJL. R c:Il1'1'll,',. Boggs. I.. llvrrirzg. li. Hinrr. ll'. liyllvgurfl. fi. lflH'l'IIllglIJ. li. Tuylm' I-Q. fiuml. D. I'-Iflllillg. If. If l'kIl7'I't'. li. l.'mz1', M. Sigma, l. .xlllHllI'il'.S, I.. Mrlrvlwkill. C. Couflgw. F. li11'nm'rk1' nillz, C. fiilmm. P. AIlllHil'l. I.. Iiarllnmn, I. Inmqs. j. Mnsrm. 11. I,1'rjn'1, IJ. ljwf, S L K K. lulmny AIIIIITXKJIL lfmwalrml L-1, 2 .Xll Conference l Year s I .Hvrlon Sigrwr Glulrcl L-l, 2 A lbcrz Coffman Forwslrd L-I . ' x Eg? Hull Taylor Guard L-I. 2, 3 5 , m ' x 2 fi X fmrrlon Minfr Center L-1, 2 All Conference I Year B S K 'T I1 url: flmulgz' lmwnnl 1' ry Cmfml Cmzml L-I V, A L 1"1iI: UI'f?llVIf'lk!' VI' . - 1 f..02lC'll 32311 k fx .- ilu . i, Y. "-M-W V xx ,, MCE ' X V 2 MSX Hx l. .V . , l'm1ui.s I.1'r1n'r fifflrxfd Plk' Guard L-l B The Golden Demons opened the '40 and '41 basketball season with a deci- sive win over Brighton, 33-19. The Golden cagers raked up a 22-8 margin at the intermission and coasted in. Bob Taylor paced the Golden offense with an 8-point output and Mert Signer followed with 7 points. Gordon Miner scored 5 points as well as following well under both baskets. The Demon five clipped Holy Fam- ily, 35-30, to cop their second win in as many starts. Sparked by johnny "Red" Anderson and Al Corfman, who caged 8 points apiece, the Demons held an 18-15 edge at half time and com- manded the lead throughout the re- mainder of the contest. Paced by johnny Anderson, hustling little forward, who took high point honors with 4 field goals as well as sparking his team with an aggressive floor game, the Demons won from the Regis Preps, 26-20. Al Corfman, De- mon forward, followed well under his basket and cashed in with three baskets from the floor. The Demons led throughout although Regis occasional- ly put on futile rallies. Francis Leeper stink a long one-hand push shot from midfloor for the best shot of the eve- ning. In a fast basketball game, the Golden High School team trimmed the Odd Fellows, a team of former high school stars, 25-21. The win was the fourth straight for the Demons. The high school team led almost the whole game but were forced to rally after the Odd Fellows had knotted the score at 19-19. Dimitnttive little Chuck Goudge and Center Gordon Miner shared scoring honors with 6 points apiece. The Demon cagers took their first league game at the expense of the Aurora Trojans, 23-19. The Golden first string all found the range to give the Demons a 14-9 lead at the intermis- sion. The Demons caught fire in the third period to build up a 20-12 mar- gin, but were forced to stall when the revamped Trojans rallied to narrow the margin. Chuck Goudge hit a money basket and gratis toss in the waning minutes to settle the issue. Al Corfman was high for Golden with 5 points and Riley Covert came through with a pair of nice set shots. -The Demons continued their win- ning ways on the Arvada floor, skin- ning the Redskins 24-14. johnny An- derson hit 4 consecutive field goals in the third period to enable the De- mons to cop an easy victory. Mert Signer swished 2 long set shots and a free throw to give the Demons a lead which they never relinquished. The win gave the Golden quintet undis- puted possession of first place in the Suburban loop. Golden's undefeated aggregation showed plenty of class in trampling the Farmers from Mfheatridge on the Golden floor, 24-15. Both teams clamped on vice-like defenses and Gol- den led by the narrow margin of 12-7 at half time. A last half scoring spree, however, was too much for the hapless Farmers. johnny Anderson drilled in 7 points to lead the point makers and Al Corfman and Gordon Miner each caged 6 markers. The Demon cagers met stubborn op- position from an underdog Littleton five, but managed to cotne out on the long end of a 23-19 score after a hectic battle. The Demons found a lid on the basket throughout most of the game, but finally broke the ice in the waning minutes to pull ahead. johnny Anderson ami Al Corfman, De- mon forwards, were the leading point makers with 10 and 8 points respec- tively. Gordon Miner turned in his usual good floor game, clearing the backboards and holding Chenault, rival center, to a few points. Bob Taylor and Mert Signer, Golden guards, played steady ball in the back- court. The Demons suffered their first de- feat of the season at the hands of the Aurora Trojans on the Trojan floor, 16-14. Golden trailed 9-7 at half time and were never quite able to pull the game out of the fire. A zone defense forced the Demons to score most of their baskets from well out on the floor. johnny Anderson was the only Demon to score consistently, splitting the strings for 9 points. The loss, al- though a bitter one, had no material effect on the standings, Golden still commanding a lead over Aurora in the title race. The Arvada Redskins toppled Gol- den's championship hopes into a lllr- moil by winning a hard fought defen- sive game from the Demons, 17-16. Golden erased Arvada's 13-6 half time lead only to lose out in the final minutes. Gordon Miner led the Gol- den five with 6 points as well as lllfll- ing in an aggressive floor game. Golden suffered their third straight defeat, this one at the hands of Wheat- ridge. Playing on the spacious Farmer floor, the Demons played good ball, but finally bowed to the Farmers' su- perior shooting. With both fives hit- ting consisently from well out on the floor, the game was close throughout with neither team leading by more than 3 points. johnny Anderson cashed in on 6 free throws and a field goal and Gordon Miner and Al Corf- man and Mert Signer found the range with 6, 5, and 4 points respectively. The Demons journeyed to Steam- boat Springs only to lose to the Sailors, 28-26. The Golden quintet were seemingly unable to hit any kind of a shot until late in the third period when trailing 20-ll they put on a fast rally which fell short by only two points. Red Anderson marked up 10 points for the visitors. Although the loss marred the trip, a good time was had by all. Anderson, Corfman, Miner, Taylor, Signer, Covert, Goudge, Leeper, and Pike all made the trip. The revitalized Golden Demons hit the comeback trail with a smashing 41-16 win over the Littleton Lions on the Golden court. The win lifted the Demons into a second place tie. jolmny Anderson carried most of the Golden scoring, ringing the hoop for 20 points. With Miner, Covert, Goudge, Taylor, and Signer all hitting from all angles the Demons jumped into an early lead and were never headed. However, Wheatridge clinched the title by an easy win over Aurora. In a playoff game to determine the Suburban's second place representative in the district playoffs, the Golden five swarmed all over Arvada to win a 40-33 decision. Anderson, caging ll points, Signer, marking up 9 points, and Corfman and Miner, 7 apiece, the Demons bombarded the basket with ac- curacy to make up for the previous loss to the Redskins. Playing in the Westminster gym the Demons lost a comparatively easy game to the polished Edgewater crew, 44-22. The Mustangs, running screen plays with precision, and clamping on a tight defense on the Demons gave the Suburban representatives a set back. The Demons trailed 17-11 at the in- termission but were completely out- classed in the second half. Al Corfman and Bob Taylor meshed 6 and 5 points respectively for the losers. Golden finished their basketball season by bowing to Wheatridge, 24-14. The loss eliminated the Demons for further participation. The Golden high schoolers were far from their best form and the Farmers turned in a better brand of ball to win. Mert Signer kept the Golden team in the ball game with three long shots. Golden won 5 and lost 3 games in the regular league competition and won a playoff game with Arvada. The Demons won 4 out of 5 practice games but lost 2 consecutive games in the dis- trict meet. Total games showed the Demons winners of 10 out of 16 games. johnny "Red" Anderson was voted unanimously to a place on the all- conference team. His consistently good shooting and aggressive floor games were the best in the league. Gordon Miner also landed a spot on the all-star five. He was invaluable for his re- bound work and defensive work. 66.99 D. C. 4'-"5 'fIllP'ffll'.Y. 1. Mason. IJ. Harlz. A. Liss. D. Pulzfer yl. Goudge, G. Adams, li. 'lifIUHII1.Y, li. Foster, D. Krovgffr Golden's future first stringers, name- ly the "ll" squad. had some tough lurk during the season, losing almost entirely all their games hy close mar- gins. However the final game of the season against the Arvada Redskin re- serves showed what real ahility the "ll" team had as they played good haskethall to win easily. The team, composed almost entirely of freshmen and sophomores, lacked experience hut showed signs of development. They should he an important factor in holstering Golden's cage hopes next year. The spark of the team was diminutive jackie Goudge. flyweight forward. who was the hest scorer on the team. He always directed the team well and turned in aggressive floor games. Lanky Art Liss, freshman, played opposite Goudge and always turned in a good reliahle ball game. With more experience. he should make a standout player. johnny Mason was the workman of the team, clearing off rehounds in good style and generally playing well on defense. Delmer Kroeger, guard, although small had Cnarh j. Pinks plenty of speed and hustle and was an important cog in setting up plays. Playing at the other guard position was husky Don Churches who helped Mason on rchound work and played good steady hall. Glenn "Red" Adams was one of the hest shots on the team, and when he and Goudge were both hitting, Golden really had an offense to he eontended with. Glenn played with the Golden team in its post- season games with XVheatridge and Edgewater and played well. Everett Thomas was a smooth hall handler and was valuable as a play-maker. He should work in well next season. Dick Hartz, angular center, was consider- ahly handicapped hy lack of experi- ence this season hut has plenty of height which he should use to good advantage. Sorrel-topped Billy Foster. freshman, showed plenty of class and Dean Pulver. also a freslnnau. can he relied on for service next year. With a little luck the "B" team could have converted a mediocre season into a good one. jack Boggs 145 lbs. L, 1, 2, 3 Conference Champ 3rd Place, Stale Champ rf, Lawrence Deering 165 lbs. L. 3, 4 Conference Champ ESTILHN Eli. 2 7, , 13 lil , ., jim Matthews 155 lbs. L. l, 2, 3 lst Place Slate Champ as-My. Bud Volz 95 lbs. L. l, 2 Conference Champ 3rd Place State Champ 5 ccee' ef-rffkw Charles Gibson 125 lbs. 1, 3 Conference Champ Pj, ' ..,. ,. .. pf aff. - My ., Ma Oliver McMahan 135 lbs. L. 4 Conference Champ wigf Harold West ll5 lbs. L. 1, 2 Coufcrem'c Champ STL! .X - ,, Bob Crow l55 lbs. L. 3 Conference Champ L Q., S.. era. Clyde Deering 95 lbs. L. l a. .. .J X . W 'H .f . Q- Garuin Burroughs Fred Fell Wayne Hyllegarrl 175 lbs. L. 3 105 lbs. L. 2 l85 lbs. L. 4 Conference Champ D llllll'l lhl' gihlm' 1ULlLlllllQ of lzznl fnllllll. Iln' ilohlvn xll'K'SllIllg li'1lIll hznl 2llllllllk'l' ol' lhcix' nsuall snum'ssful scal- sons. lhc llcnion "gr:upplr'rs" won lll1llllll'S lloln I,iIll1'lon, lYll1'2llllllgC, ling'lcwoo1l. znnl Sonlh lM'nu'r---llic only scllnuls morning ill Ihr' hznnls ol lizisl lh'm'L'r. .lllll Nlzlllllvws, stocky l55-ponnmlcr. wcnl llirough llllllClCillCtl to win thc s!3lIC chznnpionship in his elixision. klzuls Boggs lost olll in lhc srlni-linuls hnl rznnc hxnk lo win thc Illillfll lor lllllll plain' honors. Bud Xlflll lost Rl nzlrrow clcrision lo Norlh's rhznnpion Wn'ln'r. hut :llso won lhirml plana: 'l'l1c'sm' hoys wcrc' lllSlIllIllClll1ll in ranking np lhm' sixlcvn points lhall gnu' Golclcn ll liflh place Hlllllg in thc illlll' llllII'll1llllL'lll hclml in thc XYLNI Dcmm Cllllllllhllilll. lhis is rczllh nn RICKUllllillxlllllillll for :l school ol' Col- clcn's silc coinpcling with rlzlss srhools. i.r1lnl's mlizlrgcs xirlnzilly lllllllk' :I clvzin swccp of lhn' 1'Kllll'l'I'l'lll'C CUIIFII ALJ li run! nmol hclml in thc Golmlcn Chun. liolilcn, l,illlL'lon. :nnl lYllL':llli4lQm' :Ill haul C'llll'lK'S in Mori wciglii. lhnlcly Yolz Hurolml Wrsl. Kllinrls liihson, Alilfli Boggs. lloh Crow, Larry lJvvl'illg'. illlll Xlklxm' HlllCg1ll'll :ill coplncml lirsl plain' lllCllLllS, znnl Olixvr Nllxlllllllll znnl I-'wil lfcll won runncrs np honors. Other lcllcr mcn hcsiclc lhc uliorc rncnlioncml wcrc Clymlc' Dccring and l1t'1lXXlYL'lL1llI fl1lI'Ylll Binronglms. NIL'- Nlnliim. larry Deering. znnl llyllvgzml ann' ull scniors :incl will ha' niisscxl IIUXI your. I-lmvcrcr Nlzlllhcws, Boggs. Yllll, KZ. lk'L'ring. lfcrll, Crow. :nnl Burroughs will hm' lmfls Io form thc' numlcns ol' tha' lvznn in lhcir hicl for nnolhcr con- l'crc'm'c l'll1lllllJlUllSlllIl IICXI wall: Xlnch crcllil for thc Il'lllll'S ucliicxc- nicnl is mlm' Io Clozlrh I-r:lnl's knowl- cclgc' of lhc sport znnl his llllfillllg of lhu high school squad hns horn ol ln- X2!lll1lllll'1ll1l. A A.. 1 .. U. .llzMrilruu. l'. l.1'f'jnz, Ii. SIIIIHVI. J. Iiuzer, lli. lfyllfglllll, IJ. Iilllflllll. .ll. Sigur: l?.:li!lif'nl1rm1,1J.fIl11nrln'.x, I. l'l'llllll'l.l, 1. lf. Ilrrrlz. l'. .Nir'w'r.s, I. llilling, lfnrulz lir1'm1a'rln Ii. fulfill. I.. lluilz, if. Iwmlwz, K.. Hull. L. lmufllgr. I. Mar.-lskill. Ia. iflfllllllllk 1-nlileli High Sclimzlk lI1lLlxill'lN. lltlihlillg une nl the lmexl IlllllUlllN in wxeial xealw. hav high lmpex lm' the 'll season. ,Ks usual a pre-season illlCl"llili5 lramk and lielml meet wan hehl Ili the Mines lfielnl lmuse. l'he -Illninrs S1'K'llllllglN lllUll0PKlllll'll most ul' the ments alnl Wllll I Jill nlilx. lhe holilen xiluail has aheaili mm easilx mel lillllflhll hx a hig margin ami also rake-I 4 1 V 'A " ' ' 'A " ' fzinieu. .Xul'ma's slreiiglh is ullknmxn hul .Xrxa1la's ile- up m L in um mu thc Nha. iliulgm I 1 lending ehamps seem. as usual. lu Ive the hig nlmaele in Kiulmleifs hill lm' the umleieme lille. Xlerl Signer is lhe selionlk lmesl 5lllilllCl' :md rims the low hmxlles :mil lmmaml iumpx equallx uell. f,llXL'l NleNlah:m is the Ulllxllllldlllg llfl-xaril rmmer. He also rims anelmr mam am thc im :mil the half mile. :mal aim lJ3llIlllIHlll'S in the mile relax. Soplimnore Iii 'lhumas is unmu-il on to pink up points in the mile. IUlllll1X Nlason SlJl'l'l2lllll'9 in the high jump. l'll'2lllClQ Leepei' iN 1 ,NNI , , , 1 X. , .' . ,.. ' , . . ' . mi 13,1 pol: hlllllll mil is vnu In nm plain m the lnoacl lump .mil 110-yard clash. Big XYaim Hxllegzml haw llimwii the when close lo lfl llCt'I :mil slmulil he a pmenl point-gellei' in the ilisens Hi lim the '70 nil dish mil in ilu Wills nil lllll lt im Khmchu lmul LNUII is ' Q LL-Na' 2' 1 '-' -2' "2 '2 alsu, Dim I ' -' ' ' ' the pole xaull. Iheae hows giie the llnlcieli ICZIIII a lllllllltlllllli' rmlfil uhiih will he haul ln heal. - prmeil mile relax leam. :mal high :mil lnuail jumps well. Dick lailaml is a gmail sprinter shone plenu ul' lmm in the high lmnlles. Lzmky Huh Shaller is liolmlenk reprexenlalixe in R. Cittrulr, A. Cnrfntznt, IS. Lt' lfzmrc IJ. firzrntutt, 1. lirntrlgr. JI. llwtllt. C. linttrlqf riiilt' Cmltlvn Tennis 'Ieznn this year seems tn be ul' sotm-what tlmerlatin cztpztlmilities. 'lille Y teztni will he nmlett tlte clirecliun ni' Miss Ciltztmller, gym instt'ttctut'. who succeeded Mr. links. llte Zlllllllili tennis lUlll'll1llllCllI. open to alll Inns :tml girls nlleresletl in the spurt. was lielcl :ts nsttatl. 'lilte lntn'nzttm'nt is nsetl :ts at tneztns of liClCl'lllilllllg the fixe hots :tml an equal mtntlmet' nf girls wltn will cmttptise llte teztm. Rnllt Ann Lisuv. who went tltmttglt the Golden nity meet llllLiCiiC2llCd to win the umlispnletl girls' zltzttttpimtsliip is expected ln lie the stztmlont girl tennis platter in the school. Slte ltzts plenty ol ztltilily :tml sltonltl lmolwlet' the teztnt's rltztttces. Clntrk Clomlgc is tltc nnly letter main returning this year. He has experience and sltmtlcl lic the boys' lxcst rcpresentzltive. .Xl Klotlntattt, junk Kfomlge. Rm Gutnle, :tml Bennie l.e I-'ante ztre counleml on to win tnzttcltes fm the boys while Matty Kay 'l'ltotn:ts. Xlnry june Health, :tml Peggy Anne Clark give thc girls at gnml t'ept'esetttzttinn. Mztlcltes with Longniunt, Littleton, :tml one at llonlclet' its well :ts at few others have been smltealnletl. X E Q. Q 31,0 S: S L. fy .3 hi-Tiff wt s Hub Taylor, Bfn I.r' l"r1m'1' I,IY'.Yilll'71f Vif'f"l'r1'si1le'r1l Marx' Kay pl'lIUIl1!I.5', lilllrl lam' Hrlrzwy .Sn're'1rlry-Trrrzszlrer Swlim' if Hubfl fmlllfu, 4, N110 nm 7' Clmrlezs firmrlgv. lif'ZIy BIZTII, .lunim lunim' fffurll fffl ILS, Slijrlfy Harb Nflfillflllllll e' Frrhvllllrrllz Y x I t Out of the chaos and conflict of the present world situation the lTuited States stands as the lighthouse in a port of stornr, semlilrg out its rays of light to all the storm-tossed ships at sea, grridirrg thenr ever onward to their respective l'orts of Dernocracy. In order that the individuals of our school might better rrnderstarrd the delicate nreclranisrns of this great stronghold, they are endowed with the self-governing body, the S'I'UDEN'I' COUNCIL. As is the law of the school constitution, l'r'esident Bob Taylor and Secretary-Treasurer Mary' Kay Thomas were nominated by petition and then elected by a majority vote of the student body. From the list subnritted by the nominating cornrrrittee, affable Ethel jane Harvey and "up and at 'enr" Benny Le Favre were chosen to legislate for the Senior Class. They in Illfll were backed up by the juniors, ingenious Betty Barb and caper-cutting Chuck Coudge. Clara Hicks represented the Sophomores and Shirley Barb served on behalf of the Freshmen. Feeling somewhat intellectual. they started out the year with a newspaper party. XVith its printed streamers and timely' extras. it was a nruclr publicized affair. The Christmas party' with its translucent red bells and silver streanrers, sought to please the fancy of those desiring both beauty and fun. An ever-generous Santa Claus remenrbered all those present. The year was brought to a climax at "The l.ittle Red Schoolhouse." where the "teacher" and her "ABC's" held the spotlight for the evening. Tag and circle dances helped to make things lively. The first task confronting Student Council each year is that of outlining a well-rounded assembly program. They had five pay assenrblies. Among these were the Hawaiian musicians, a chemist, an explorer, and a marionette show. There was an Armistice Day' Program, an American Legion Assembly, coupled up with several vocational speakers. The dramatic classes each put on interesting plays, and the council sponsored various novelty programs-a talent assembly, a quiz program, and numerous pep assemblies including a pep skit portraying daily the troubles of Danny Demon. To become a member of the Student Association, one rrrtrst buy an association ticket. This ticket extends to him the right to attend football and basketball games. the all-sclrool parties. pay assernhlies. aml after-school dances. Having an association ticket also entitles one to vote for the President and Secretary-Treasurer of Student Council for the succeeding year. The latest addition to the voting system was the use of the Arrstralian ballot and voting booths. Some of the innovations of this years Council are the Record Library, which is still in the embryonic stages, and Council Corner, which is a column in Maroon alrd White for the purpose of keeping the students informed as to the progress made in Council meetings. Also by way of improving cooperation between Council and the student body, the Cottncil appointed a Bulletin Board Committee every two weeks, whose dtrty it was to present an interesting and wortlr-while bulletin board to the student body. In February, the Council members. accompanied by Miss llolitho, represented Colden at the Student Council Convention at Fort Collins, Colorado. There they attended the general assenrbly and discussion groups, all convening for the purpose of improving student government. Probably the task most noted by the stttderrt body members was the sttpervisiorr of noon dancing. Every noon one of the council rneurbers saw to it that there was music and plenty of it for all those with rhythm in their souls. To relieve the monotony' of just plain dancing, they' added a few "circle dances," "lloys' and Girls' Tags" and "I.adies' Days." Every year a C-pin is awarded to each student who has accmnulated a sufficient number of points through participation in student activities and scholastic achievements. Ethel -lane Harvey was the G--pin representative this year. lfnder her strpervisiorr. the points of each student were tabttlated. This year the C-pins were presented at the end of the first semester in order that the eligible Seniors might wear theirs for a half year. Charles Zimmer and Buddy Ternstrorn, the flag-bearers this year, were very' capably IIS- sisted by the Brrgler junior Harvey. The Council deeply appreciates the faitlrfnl service and the fnrtlrering of patriotism of these three boys. The sttccess of this y'ear's Council can be attributed to the cooperation of the student body' and the never-failing enthusiasm of Miss Bolitho. NATHGNAJL HONGJR SOCIETY fs-x slung ut .,.S an-f v Q. M. K. TIIOIHIIS, M. li. Vnrw. B. Tayiur. M. Hwttlt, A. Ctlfflllllll. ul. Wurrrn K. Howe, Il. McC0rk1e', G. Wolf. B. limb. C. tioudge, M. Signer ln order to instigate a desire to render service. an eagerness for scholarship, and to encourage leadership and the development of character in the students of Golden High an honor society was established. The Golden High School Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools was organiled in l927. This organization has always been held in high esteem by those fortunate and capable enough to become a member. Membership, based on scholarship, leadership, char- acter and service, is both active and graduate. Students are elected by votes of the faculty members. Any member of the faculty may recommend names of pupils eligible for the society. ln order to be eligible for membership in this chapter, a candidate must have a scholarship rank in the first fourth of his respective graduating class. 'I'here may be only five per cent of the junior class elected during the last month of the sixth semester. The remainder may be chosen during thc eighth or last semester before gradua- tion. Not more than fifteen per cent of a senior, or graduating class may be elected to this chapter in any one year. We wish to manifest our pride in these outstanding students, who have this year. ful- filled all the requirements necessary for membership in this society. W . MAIRQQN AND WHHTE A. Baron, F. Calkins, II. Crain, I.. Harris, H. illnuglmn. ll. Riclmrrls, B. Slmllcr Maroon and Xvhitc is a voluntary activity. elected by those students who wish to com- municate to their school what its student body does, feels, and thinks. They not only let us know what is going on in athletics. and all the other extra curricular of our school activities but they also give us educational and self-improvement articles to help each student becotne a better "Demon." They originated some clever ideas among which are: Senior Shorts, a personality study of each Senior to introduce him to his fellow studentsg Council Corner to let the student body know what their representatives are doing to improve their school and to protect their rights of citizenship, Many students know very little about their teachers and so do not understand and appreciate them. Teachers' interviews were started to introduce the teachers to their stu- dents. Maroon and XVhite is an informative and worth-while activity, not to just a few, but to each student who is interested in the welfare of his school and the betterment of his community life. M. Dupjmmn Editor M. Signer j. Tanner E. YWIIUIIIIJSUII 66 99 C U B. Ailkenllead, 1. Anflerson, ul. Boggs, D. Clzurflzes, A. Curfnmrz. R. Covert, B. Crow C. Deering, I.. Ilzwrirzg, F. Fell, D. I"ll'IIIiIIg, B. Gunn, C. fiillxon, C. Goudge j. Cozulge, W. Hyllegrzrfl, F. 1.f'f4IJf'I', B. If l"avrr', I.. Maf'AskilI, 0. McMahon, ul, Mason il. Matthews, U. Miner, M. Sigrzer, B. Snzilh, R. Smith. B. Taylor, B. Volz, H. Wravl Conlon Miner, Mrrtmt Signer, Pr1'si1I1'nl .S'r'r'nfIr1ry The "G" Club is composed of boys who have participated :md received their letters in some major school sport. lt was originated in 1938 under the auspices of Conch Brennecke. It has always been considered a privilege to be numbered among its members. Each year it has increased in membership and importance until today it is one of the top honorary clubs in Colden High. The officers are: Gordon Miner, President, Merton Signer, Secretary-'I'reas- urer. Mr. Brennecke is their faculty representative. In the spring of each year the club sponsors a banquet in honor of its new members and its alumni. 0 O O B, Barb, I.. Calwell, li. Clayton, A. Ilvlferrbntrglr, M. Duppnmn, D. Gornmn, A. firmly B. Hall, I.. Harris, M. Houvzrrl, R. Lisca, I.. Markcy, Ii. Mallzrufs, M. MrCorklf: P. Nickols, V. Pfalzrupf, S. Soullrzucll, M. Steiner, B. Slrousc, M. Tlzunms, H. Van Volkenhurgh M. Vilcs, M. Vorcc, R. Il'ilc'ox .llrzrgarel Dzrppnunr, l'resi1l1'ntg Dorollry flornmn, Vicr'-Prf'sirlf'11lg liwlty liarlr, .Srcrclrrry This year compulsory Physical Education for lfreshmen and Sophomore girls was added to the sports division of Golden High under the direction of Miss Chandler. Included in the gym course is Hygiene which takes up first aid and a study of the body. Each member who passed the Hygiene course received a certificate which indicated that she had satisfactorily completed a prescribed course in Red Cross First Aid. This organization sent delegates to Boulder who participated in many different sports. Those delegated attended many sessions the purpose of which was to improve the methods and system of points for numerals now used in Golden High School. During the year girls in gymnasium classes were divided into four groups. Each class selected a baseball, basketball, and volleyball team and then competed with each other, with the fourth class the victors. The students had their choice of many sports including baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, ping-pong. bowling, tumbling, and many others. ln the spring the classes gave an exhibition in which the girls successfully proved skill in tumbling, building pyramids and in folk dancing. Their officers were: Margaret Duppman, President: Atha Deffenbaugh, Vice-Presidentg Betty Barb, Secretary: and Velma jean Pfalzgraf, Treasurer. Their sponsor is Miss Chandler. Physical Education is a beneficial activity for, it not only builds the body but teaches and encourages sportsmanship, improves personality by contact with friends and improves the mental alertness of each and everyone. " ' 7" ' "' ' ' PEP IL. x K y X wifi ' .. ts Q- , if .34 Qs? "" gy 'iv ,Er t 5 t . gg S 4, l is K sf A Y iw' .--1 X lu M 1. V f - .s . 'f ' -1 W' i 1 i' 'WM ' ai 5 ,R A . t if ' . V, g I ty .... t . 5 1 ,ft Wfi g- I 4 i if ' ' A .' . l Q F '17 1 l A X 11' 1 SHP yy .:- 5 r Er - 9' -se 4 N- 3 1- 15 it ,L-ir ' X X D ' ,- J .- A My y y ,J N Q x M ffl .ll JM t f W . . y My i., . - A Q A 4 if-' Q 4 K . '- ' Q5 r "3 . Q , N ' L W ' -L C. ' L , ff V A if is 'Qtatuiix Q ..1if'X'J1?i'fIff li. Arlrtum, C, Allgoorl, 0. Allgoorf, Ii. linker, 11. Barb, U. Hf't:q.t!m1, 13. Benson I.. Cztluzell, P. A. Clrtrlf. ll. Cox, A. Dzfffenlrrtuglz. M. Dupjnmtn, D. illorntan, li. Hartrev M. Heallt. M. Pl. Henlh. JI. Hoavtrzf, A. qlrtrrills, I.. Kerr, Il. Mrtltltetes, A. .Uaugltnn 'V H. Afllllgflllll, M. Afllllgflflll, ul. Riflutrrls. M. Signer, IJ. Sitltjasrztt, 41, Son, JI. K. Tlronms H. Van V1IffH'lIfPlll'glI, JI. li. iY0l'fI', Ii. ll':'l1.vt1'r, H. HilII't'fl'l'. V. Z!Hll'ffIl litltel lam' llztrww. I'resi1lf'nI,' llorrrtlrtt fiflllllllll, l'i1'z'-I're.rirI1'11I: l'f'ggy' Artur' Clark, .S1'r'r1'I1try'-'l'rert.smer 'l he season started with pep and enlhusiasnt, for each 'APeppie" was proud of her new uni- form: Maroon jumpers, white satin blouses and white beanies, and for the first time in the history of Pep Cltth. anklels. liath member worked industriously for precision in the marching tnaneuyers. I-'our were given. each under the direetion of a drillmaster, who not onl' im mrovised her dr' drills y I ill but directed it. Mary' Ellen Yoree ttsed a patriotic theme, Mary' K. lltomas used figures and dance routines. Flowers and angles were featured in the drill directed hy' Peggy .-Xnn Clark and in the last drill of the season under the direction of Mildred Heath eirelles were prominent. lhe eheertng was led by Mary Kay' 'l'homas, Mary' Anne Signer. Pretty' jane Matthews and .Xnnahelle Maughan. A L Pep eluh ts governed by a council made up of elected officers with the drillmasters and representatiyes chosen hy' the Sponsor. The council is an int mortant tart of otr P' y I t ep Cluh. It makes the laws hy' which the eluh is governed. appoints committees and approves and sponsors methods and means of raising money. 'lhe offiters were: lithel .jane Harvey, Presidentg Dorothy Gorman, Yiee-Presidentg and Peggy Anne Clark, SeeretaryvTreasttrer. liaelt officer executed well her respective duties to further the interests of Pep Cluh, The Faculty metnher of the Pep Club is Miss Priest. 'l'he theme of the annual Mother-Daughter banquet given in the spring was "On Wings ot Song." The elulm used a red. gold and Imlark color eotnhination with notes and scales for deeorative scheme. At this banquet the new officers for 'il and '12 were installed. their I. l'fu1lu'l. 4., .1ill:rl1llr1ul. .Il, llillrm .-I lfulu, In f.'tIHt'IllN. In hllirllllul. lx. .'1flllII1.S, li. Ilull. li. II UIIIWII. In lfmrlfllifl. ll. Ilrulll, .Il. I. Ilrulll. li. lflmiwl Ill. linlufjl. L. flIllIlIl'I. If. fflum. I'. l'ulnr, ll. .lIf'iI1'l. II. l'wlllf', Il, llr1llilI.w. lu, l'll:fL IJ. Pilar. I.. limllf.1J,I'mlml1. rl. lfwrllrl, lf, If I-until' 1. IJJPIIIIQ, N. limit, lu. Nflflllllllfl, ll. f,'I'llIH, lf. lirllingwl. In l'rul1l'. lf. ll'rI1tlwl. lt. I. llmwfl lf, Il lfvflx. ll. f4'HI.NIl1Hll. lf. Hnltrlgrp lf. 'l'l'ij1I'. I. lIllH'l'Y, li. IIVIIIIIIIK l'lf lltlrlil, lirrlnlr' If I'rla'rr': I'in'fl'lul4l1'iil, Izllrlir' I'll:r': Vllwlull'-Irnlxlllrl Itlllrl Iuilr Illnlwl' tmlalt-ll High is wlx ttllltillzltt' illtlcctl lu llllxi' xllth Alll tlxtcllt-llt lllllsit llL'll1lllllll'lll. lit' xitltw thc llllllll llllll glam' llllllx ll lltllx tllgtltlilaltiml mls ltllillul, X filllfllil tllttlli. Ihix zlmtilizx ullith ix lIlllll'l tht' lllll'llllIll ot Xllp 'ltlllllwtl gixuw calmh Nllltll'lll l'Xll'lIl'lll ulitc tllllllli' :tml :llt tllllllillllllllf ful tllmzll tlalillitlg. With llzltmlll tzliwtl Nll. liislltlll Nlilllfll out Ililllil Oll its lllttsitzll lilll'l'I. lht' llilllll :ltltltwl Il QICZII tlt'2ll to tht' cllimlllcllt ut' lllllllf ul Olll ztwwtlllllics illltl gllllll'9 In llll'Il lIlNIlIl'1lllllllZil lllltl llllttitltit Nl'lL'l'll0llS. With Xl'liN2llllllX lIll'X lll2lll'Il IIUIII lINC'llllI'l's to ultlliu. IIIUSI :llllllsillg :ll ttllith luis "Pop Guts tht' xYl'llNl'l.-I lvalttllillg clvslx wcttiilll ull thc Illlllll l'llYC'l1lITl1'. Illt'il CIIQZIQCIIICIIIS wvlc: "lht- xllllllkll lltlllltlcl llilllll Dall." l'. I. X. l'lalx. Nt-llimll l'l:lx. St-llim Cilalw Night. Nltlsit Wvck zllltl Rllitl thc llalskctllzlll illltl loilthzlll g2lIlll'S. Illcil UIIIIKCIN uric liutltlit' 1.0 l'11lXI'L'. I'l't'xitl1'llt1 litltlit' l'iltt'. Yin'-I'lcsi4lt'llt: lllltl l'lllll'I tlllllt' IIQIIXVX. St'tlctzll'l- l ll'llSllll'l. Illt'lK'lXl'l'CllklbtllllllllIlllI0ll'lli'Yll1lNll'1llI ,lt-zlllllc l2lIlllt'l zltltl Xlllllll lbillilll, ffliltl' Xitkn.-ll lIt'iltl. Ulll tlllllll lllllklill. lllilill' za slzltvlx zlppczllzlllu- :lt cxclx pt'lImlllzltltt'. Xll. Rlllpll llisllup mlrlwrl xclw hzlltl til Illlllg thix Ulgillllllllllill tml tht- loltissillltl ot lllttsiull liL'llt'1llUll. llc' sttilctl llzltivlltlx ltll thu lll'N9CIltl0 llllll llltlllglll lllL'lll In tht' llt-iglltx thaw IIIUIIQIIX .lltzlitltwl this Xl'1ll. Stlllll' Slll1ll'lIlN spvllt llllllll llIL'llNlllLllJlC lltlllls xitlgillg ill tht' glee- tlttlls, Xllllllllgll thi- :lttilitx is llviilg l'1'pl:lt't'tl Ill tht' X flillwllll tllilil it ix xtill mln' nl thc lzlullitt- qlttititiaw :ll Il l.Iligt'I ptlrtiull ut tht' Yllltlfllli. lhcx 5IJl'l'l2llIll'll thiw XL'2ll :lx ill thc ptlxt. ill IIIIPK' llllll lUllI ,lull lllllilllillf. liauh XCZIII tht' glvt' LlllIlS IIZIYC hzltl MWCILII sillgitlg t'tlgzlgt'lllc'tlts llllil ill with ill Nttllltt' thu IIRIXK' IHUXVKI tllzll this Ulgilllllillllill iw Ll toollt'l':lliu' gltltl mllwlallltlitlg Qlllllll itl itx stllmll Zllltl ttltlltlltlllitl liltk M lllllSIl is Nlllll zlll cwsctlttxll lllltl Ntllllltjlillll tlaltl ul Ulll Ctllltlllllfll, so ll is with pliilt' :ltlfl gtzltilitaltitlll lst' ltltllt llilllx ill lllC'9l'. out llllliltlll1lCllXllll'S.NlllILll'L'lDZllltl lzlslillg glpptvtiattiull. D D ' .. - ,,-, ,H x ll. fQllHII,I'. ll1m'ur1l,l'.. liaI:1'r,Al, Slwlmv, l'. lr1j1j1.I5. linlwr.lI.I'rn.sm1.s,I-.I-n1l1r11l.,l..l1l A, .U1ll'lfIl. IJ. .S'i1rrj1.sm1, K, .-lrlrlrns, Ii. Arlanm, ,I. U'IlI'H'lI, li. lI'1'lls . ' rle, l. .Hrlfm'l:lf'. .-I, lfuml, Ii. SIIWIIIIIIHI, R. li1'Ilil1g1'r. lf. Tfnlrl, C. llirlcx, II. 1'1'1u.v I., Sllll I. Ililliug, li. lfluvrl. Ii. Pwrk, H. M1'Cm'lclw, li. AiI1u'nllr'rul. I. VIQIIVIIIVT. II. lI'll1'1'l4'r, A. .lur'ul1.x, li. lflllllllllll. I.. I71'111w'r Il. Inu 'YlIHH'lllHll'Qll. l'rnfe',' inl1n.srm, IJ. l'if'l'1Jx, li. .Sl111ll1'r, K. Ko1flni1'1: Mr. Ifzllmurz, M. I'il4'.s, l. l'url11'a. H. .Uz'.xlr'r, V. l'rlx'l1r', IC. l:I'HiIIgl'7', I.. .SIr11f'k, H. Il'llr'r'lf'r, M. .Hr'Cm'lrl4' I.. I. Ix'1'n', I., Murlrr'x'. li. Hull. H. lf. fiamz, li. 1. Jl11lIl1r'u's. JI. 9f!'ilII'I', P. 'l'rij1j1. ID. .Sinr11.m11, A. limlln'r'l:. I.. llmzfrr Future Hdlomesllllalsers Clan if 1, A O. Allgood, F. Anderson, B. L. Benson, M. Bjork, M. Brooks, H. Campbell, H. De Caster M. Dillon, G. Dorr, H. R. Gann, A. Grady, B. j. Hartley, C. Henry, M. Hoekslra L. Marriot, M. Maughan, V. McMichael, C. Parfel, C. Paul, N. Paulsen, V. Pfalzgraf, B. Pomeroy, j. Richards, T. Samuelson, G. Shinkle, D. Smith AR. Storms, C. Van Tuyi, 1. Warren, D. Wilson, B. Wolf R. Dorr Roberta Dorr, Presidentg Velma Pfalzgraf, Vice-President, Helen Ruth Gann, Secretary, Billie Pomeroy, Tr1'nsurer The future Home-Makers Club is formed with the purpose of learning to keep a model n house. There were three classes, each of which have officers who form a council to govern their club. They hold regular monthly meetings. Roberta Dorr was chosen to lead them for the past year as president of their council. Her assistants were: Velma Pfalzgraf, Vice-President, Helen Ruth Gann, Secretaryg and Billie Pome- roy, Treasurer. This year each member strived very hard to receive her degree. There are two possible: Junior Home-Maker and Future Home-Maker. These have been very active and ambitious groups. Their first undertaking was noon- lunches, which were extremely successful. They sponsored a Future Home-Makers Week and helped with Courtesy XVeek. With money from their financial undertakings they built shelves in the kitchen and bought a much-needed electric clock. They were busy and efficient Home-Makers which have made their club a success for the past year. fssfiftii L rss, A. Marlin, M. A. Signer, I.. ol. Kerr, li. j, Hnrllf'3'- .l. lilnum. Al. Hopkins B. Ll. t,lIllHllEfil'S, P. Nicltols, R. Dorf, V. Zanella, B. l,l1IlII'l'U-Y, 1. Son, li. liilrltricsl D. fiornmn, Al. Tunncr, Ii. Llovrl, A. lambs, I.. Hickcv, A. lJf'Hmil1r1i1gIi The Dramatic Cluhs have given some very worth-while plays this year. Miss l'riest's Dramatic Class presented: 4"l'he Whole Truth," the story of an heiress and an English Lord, in which everyone pretends to he someone else until midsutnmer eve, when they each give their true identity: 4"l'he Little Darling." wherein Viola takes everything away from her younger sister, Eleanor, until the "Kid" sister rehels and saves lileanor's football hero from the clutches of Viola: "'l'hc Cousin from Sweden," features two society girls who are dreading a visit from their Swedish cousin when she inopportunely arrives. turns the tables and the society girls apologile for their misgivings. Miss Fairbanks' Dramatic Classes presented: "l he Clodf' a tragic story of the Civil War. in which the Clod and her husband are hothered hy Northern soldiers thus giving a Southern spy his chance to escape. "The Man in the Bowler Hat." an old-fashioned melodrama. 'l'he Hero loses the ticket to the lnox in which a famous ruhy is stored. and it is only after an irate father catches up with his daughter and disposes ol the villian that the mvstery of the ruby is solved, Miss Chandler is Sponsor of a Puppet Class. She has five girls who make their Puppets. paint the scenery and design their stage. They presented "Cinderella," for which her students wrote the play and took the voice parts. Dramatics is indeed a worth-while activity. It develops phonetically acceptable speech anal the personalities of our studentsg it helps good posture and aids students who have talent and are interested in the stage to indulge in an external manifestation of these interests. H If Ilarrhx, Ii. Im lfu1'r1', .-I. ffmfumn, IL, Mimv, Ii. 'l'uylm', li. 'I'lm:11f1,sm1 H H llfrlfz, D. l.m'nmn. lx. II4mv'. ll, lf, fyrmn, I, ll111w11,,lI. lx. 1lmnm.s,l'. nl. Llr Sermimf may Pnocovcolmncciticcznfn Staff 'SLM Ii. ul. llrlr':'1'.x'. D. .siIIl1J,VHI. H. I1'l1u'lrr. H. lluplrins. li. H4l'll.SlI'I' QI, .Ur'Cm'l:lf'. JI. I. .X'1l,sm1. IJ. U'IJnnnr'Il, JI. .Yi1'lmI4x E. 'I.lIU7lI,1.iUH. lf. Hlllllff, G. li11ul1l..U. ljllflfllllllll m.tm1u.nallS'Ecaiiii john Anderson, Arlvertising Manager, Peggy Anne Clark, Assistant Editor, Al C0ffl7lll1l, Sports Editor, Merna Dillon, Gerald Gould, Hill Harris, Art Editor Ethel j. Harvey, Business Manager, Mildred Heath, Wayne Hyllegard, Benny Le Fa-ure, Gordon Miner, Bob Taylor Mary Kay Thomas, Editor, Elon Thompson, Mary Ellen Vorce Every Senior has warm and cherished memories of his years in Golden High. And so each year it is with anticipation that each student looks forward to the publication of the School Diary alias "The Senior Annual." We, who have had the great pleasure of making this, your memory book, are proud and happy to present "The Golden Demon," the product of weeks of diligent work and concerted effort. We only hope that you will cherish it as much as we have enjoyed working on it, and that as you turn each page you will be reminded of the glorious memories of four years well spent in the Demon's Haven. Mr. Grant, Mr. Rex and Miss Fairbanks, our worthy sponsors, worked like true Demons to make this the best publication possible, so it is only proper that they should receive first mention for their patient and untiring work. ln order to present this illustrative book, only the versatile Mary Kay Thomas, as our worthy Editor could have made it the success that it is. Her assistant Editor, Peggy Anne Clark, by cooperation and keen interest did her best. The Sports division has been adequately and excitedly handled by our keenly alive and sports-minded commentator. Al Corfman. Mildred Heath, Mary Ellen Vorce, and Gerald Gould, as staff assistants have given inspira- tion and hard work to our publication. ' "Efficiency" is the word that best describes our Business Manager, Ethel Jane Harvey. By the wise handling of our funds she did a great deal for this "Bigger and Better Annual." The Man-about-Town and high pressure salesman, johnnie Anderson was in charge of local advertising. lt is to him we owe a great deal of our revenue. Our out-of-town advertising was very successful due to the diligent work of Wayne Hyllegard. To these well-known Demons we owe our annual sales, Benny Le Favre, Gordon Miner, and Bob Taylor skyrocketed our sales to a previously unheard of total. Good work boys! Bill Harris, known as Rembrandt. our Art Director, showed great artistic ability by his clever and brilliant sketches which made our annual a work of wonder. Merna Dillon an artist in her own right gave her all in the interest of our Demon Palette. "Get your pictures taken before Friday," was the very familiar cry about school. The one responsible for that announcement was Elon Thompson, our photographer. He was every- where-behind the stage for plays, at the 40-yard line for football, and at the basket for basket- ball. All this took time which he gave willingly. Thanks a lot Elon, we owe you a great deal. Q' M 'Af ' ' ' .- lfQ:'-' 49 V 1' if 5 , A- " 1, ... rf' 1 , -,,,, X' Q! t ii., ' x l.0I1! im' an mam. 2. Xiu- Iiillx. 'L lmulnlmxn. 1. Stvmulnml. .r. I'l'lll. lv, Quin-I! fvl'lllllN ill umk. 1. Huh lnlc llzmu-1, S I"mlgin'. Eb. T-l p. IU, 'lust Pauls ll. 'lllc Hhila- Ruum. 12. lun lL'L'lll'lgi. IIC. Ihr 'IIlillkl'l. ll. vl,1lll1'l'lil. ILE pflmxv -z 1 . Q I I X f. ,, W 'Invite .. 1 I. Nllmlc'-Immmnl. 2. Lznr .w. hmm- anhl. I. Haunting. V .,l. .v. I1-IN SIXIIII. lv. II.lINl' XIILIII. 1. Innls-1. A, I'glII lu. . u Vim. I2. S ml RK'lIllIXK'I? !I.lJ1llu. IH, Ilmln-1. II XIII I III. RL' Xk'lNl'. II. Ihuv. . -1 W , . Q X Q N M"'7Ptq, ll wsu I af' Q k XX . Vw. ,AA M l l'1'-ul l'lp 2. Ruzullmusv. S. Iflnsh. 1. TX In lhmogsf' 5. Nlunkis. is Illl' own! li lhvss Rclwzlrsnl. 7. Ye old F0118-llilll'I'. N. vlsillil' off. 9. I'l'cxY. IU. l,camiug on the ulml HIP rail. ll. Suns nml Stripes Fnrcwr. Q-Q., -f-MM... ..., ll'Sl plplcs 'll eel'-F' Hin..-v.---un... imc mal. 2. Rhuvllznh? 3. lllvm Runnin. I, Nlmnmg hu-vling. 3. livgfin-hi Fullx li. XYIILIIQN lfunkillf T. Slmllxulx, S, xlllll ,md I4-ff, -we.. 7, ,,A El f 'it S '72 is 'QW' . b':3v A' an W N? A Q M.. X J? RA. AV 1 ..., Q 29. 5 , Q .23 13:1 t 4: C.-'yi 3-,jj . ,cw - N , . H k, . ' 1 .1 . b ' 1. ' 1 ,. v - 1 v I, Hrlplng Hzlml. -. l.lI1. ,S Hlwla' IN llml lnlllli I. Ulu, MAIL v. ihlllupx ,HIL Uh. Nli KIHIIIIH H, X' Luulliul' T lnlum l'nlm S 1211 ',,klI4lNl1l1LH' IVINIPVIIMIIX, fi.. - ' Q ' .iw 5 '-. .. ' A A x QQ ' ,if . . s - . "H :71i""1r9iu'inn!2fW 'Mmm 3' , " K --5.x - ' , ,mi - ,icy ui- -w--"2 '- 'Fx gf ' . ii -1- gf w,,.. . 4 " '45 , -1','l.Q2',4v','--45,-fy pu, - 'Tk' . 3- " - A . ffifigq, : 3 . ' K Wfin. ' ' . -f mf, 5 - ,P vis-:wa I - ' --if K 7, A ' K 6 gf! 'I--' '-my ck., ' , W ,Tb 1 l. Kickuiil 2. l.0Ulxill1.1fOl'SUl11l'lllillg? fi. Nine. I. XYIIRIIAN up? 5. l.ullnIux 1.41111-. ti. Il SIIICHQ, 7. Kccp Smilinl 8. XN'hcrc is my NillHk'Iillg hm lfblliglll? 9. l'lUhk'lll child. alles. ll, Gov! 7 nw 'f iw' 1 I 'U A ' Q QV' f f, 'S 'Q-2 ". --s-:Jn I. S4-u xslmlr 2. Sislvlx. II, Sump Il' Ia-l4I1 il. I, l".Il'i'lIlUNXII.lIIIN, 3. Xmm, ti. Klum- kmm Iuil T l'ullIum'n lm am vwning. H, XIICIIIII IIINNIIHIIIUII. Xl. xIINll'IlllIIl'UlIN. III, Ihn 1 slqn III thc mI.nk. I2. Nlwing. III 5IIUIX on Ilvzul IlL't'N. II. Ho! Ilum' ,.f LETTER WRITING is FUN Whenyou use Crane's Fine Stationery "ECHELON" Wi+h an inleresfing paH'ern wa+er- marked on The sheef, is iaking flwe saluie for smar+ness in +l1is mili- far age. Colors and while 85c fo 52.00 a box al' "CANYON COLORS" Talces all monolony ou? of leffer wriling. Five unusual colors lsheefs and envelopesl are packed in each box! l636 CHAMPA STREET IN DENVER Congratulations ! THE FOR BETTER BAKERY GOODS TRY R. W. MIDDLEMISS 1114 Washington Ave. Golden, Colorado BAKERY I 1ululior1.s I th! fllIl.Y.Y nf "-ll" XM' Arc Always C-lad to Serve You at the PALAMAR CAFE Special Hamburgers Good Sandwiches and Soft Drinks CLYDE GREGORY JEYVELER May We Continue to Serve You As XVe Have in the Past 1111 Walslnngton Xu-. I I ie llfll 'liHli GOLDEN MILL ELEVATOR All Kinds of Salt PURINA FEEDS .llanufacturcr of XXX Hard Wheat Flour and Feed We sincerely appreciate the patronage and cooperation you have shown us in the past. In the future we hope to serve you even better in our new enlarged store. Foss Drug Co. Robinson's Book Store Headquarters for SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES 1205 Washington Avenue Phone Golden 48 COM PLIMENTS OF SON -FLOWER SHOP We solicit your patronage in our new fountain room featur- ing Iight appetizing breakfasts, Iunches, dinners and sandwiches in a clean inviting atmosphere. VICTOR ELECTRIC SERVICE General Electric Radios RADIO REPAIRING II09 XYasI1. I'hnmr 6190 Congratulations To thc Class of "4I" Paul's SANDWICHES CHILI FOR PRINTING CALL COLORADO TRANSCRIPT Walgreen iR, 5 5131? Drug Store CKDXCQSIQII-gi:-1 IOXS LINDER HARDWARE CO. Chuck's Market and Grocery CWMMM BIEATS - GROCERIES -- FRUITS - VEGETABLES Srniors I Phone 188 - VARIETY Y CONGRATULATIONS ! Colorado Central Power Co. "The Friendly People" To help support our schools. We offer our wholehearted moral support. Through our taxes WE send 15 Golden children to our schools each year. C. H. KOCH, niet. Mgr. GOOD LUCK SENIORS I 9 Duke s FINE FOODS 44th and Bluff BUY AT Safeway Stores QUALITY FOODS Congratulations Seniors Golden Creamery ' " Qlf.x1.l'l'x' HAIR! I -- THE - l'ROlJl?C'l'S ,emi I A I City Tailor Nlll.lx - C.Rl'.AAl 0 lflli KZREANI - lilf'l'l'l'iR Phone HQR We Deliver Co. Plionc ll 1205! lvllSlllll2illll f IIQIYIIHIIIIIOIIA I ilu' lflrlm of "-ll" Cll,l FF EVANS Golden Bowling Lanes H507 Xyihlllllgllill A vc, Larson's Cafe Dim' Qll our xlUlll'lill lounge wlwlc only the hncsl loud is scrwcl. lfm' RC'Nl'l'XIllIfllli Chill Golden VH FISHING TACKLE AM M UNITION Wlihe Home of Friendly Service A COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDING MATERIALS HOUR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORSH Craig-Frederick's Phone 22-15th and Ford St. hr CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE GEM THEATRE Koenigs GROC ERY 8: MARKET Over 56 Years of Quality and Service F RUITS VEGETABLES GROCERIES MEATS Cmzg'ratz4Zatio1zs Seniors Phone 9 Rembrandt Studio Official Photographers to GOLDEN HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Extend Our Best Wishes to THE GRADUATING CLASS McKenzie ' Rinker Golden Furniture Motor Co. Store BPSI XVISFIFS IOR IHIA ll'll'Rl'1 ll mc Nfl Congratulations Class of 1941 l. W. Deffenhaugh's lumber Company COMPLETE BUILDERS, SUPPLIES f.'u1r1j1li1ln'r1l.x nj 'ro THE CLASS or 1941 PaI'alIl0llllt f V. R. Crosser Ql'XI.l'lX - KH NWS l'l,l?NlBlNCL COMPLIMENTS FROM HP X I IM- AND ,,,, ,,,C H9 emu NIEIEXI. IH I ll il. . I 4 - 'lr Htl S1 Hertel Clothlng Company I f I Ill Xl miwH1lor.ug1. Metropohtan B Jefferson County o afbef Shop C00 f,'lUlIfI1fl7ll'lIf.S tu Phone Golden 30 fl cmwl Fl If lll'I F f H mm of HHH Sf RX H E' R s. l'1'op1'ielur COM PLIMENTS Rice Brothers Every Home Should Read Jefferson Counzyiv Official Newspaper JeffersoT1iECounty coNoco ' Y, Republican GOLDEN Ilfiur fuilmge Mpnlhants ' D Largest Bonafide Circulation of any th and washington 19th and mmoli Newspaper Published in jefferson County Phone 75 Dr H V. Crziwforcl Dr. L. C. Anderson Mr. Samuel Bolitho Mr. Z. M. Pike Lookout Mountain Serviee Station Compliments of Mr. XV. 'l'. Marsh County Clerk and Recorder 0. A. Saunders The li. 8 li. Finishers Hay Sparks Castle Hoek Lunch The "M" Barber Shop Golden f llgmlulrllmlzs For P7-jntfylq I IIlIg'l'!lIIllIllllHl.t G Mercantile s "Wi l "M xrr:rx'l'.Hsi1, POITIQIPR TR vizui-1'lpxlsi.i3s .. 'Um.m,U-A 1 in lhrrlm ltw' I-'mslrrl Ifuor Q Sllfzlx' .ilI'iI'.Sf?i,I?f'l,'l Operated hy 1 1 W "Cliff Twig" Willis Morris Store 'm"i1'1'1f,lgQf""M " Q 'ml '2""w1-Q bolc en. Colo. lfU.llPI.l.lllz.X'T.S l.'U.llPI.l.llIz.X IS ft'fH1P1.1.HlfN'I'N i f-U.llPl,l.llli.N"IYS ,J 'II of . "f 0. T. Ellis Gateway Agency Store Golden Ameflcan R1-Qu, i1s'l1xii1 snorps. nm' moons ' CIVICB and :anal 0 Laundry M irri N Hu' Statlon lNSl7R.XNlll'I Complimenls Of Adolph Coors fr.

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