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 - Class of 1947

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.2 ,MQ W! .JZfgf,,ffM E 4 mmf NQMQQKQW f ,W MQ, 55? Q, aff M if iff gym we 5 PQ' xf ,ffi?yJ,g?,5Vy fyf'W W'f QQ wb W M5 if Mfg K MS :img Y A Vu'-"vw-we-1 ,WDM A. fwfvwlf QLJPQ VFQIMV w 1iwg23fc?"Z?lfQ A02 64 M, Qsfxgztfjifj yfyimd gaiciu ifiifwff QQQ Q Www W6 5 ' W' W ' 1353 YQ M' QQ iff! WI 3 .Q 3 of -Q . f2L My wffjlff 'Q ffgfff 1 '. 1,7 - . f' . 'V . it XM? X 9 V fol np,-ff! J I M V 1 . ff 1 ' j f - 4 If I MA ji, f f bf' IM if f ' ' f ,H jf fa NWQDLEVELMINJB if emily WM My Q! iw A W X ZJZIN fn' 'YV 'N N WWA lf A M aw Published bythe CLASS OF 1 947 GODWIN HEIGHTS H I G H S C H O O L Grand Rapids, ., Michigan Proud of You! L U 5 because . Of your students' leadership always forthright Their patriotism to their native landg A school spirit always upheld, lndustry and gaiety combined. 7 because . Of your athletes' never-clying school spirit Their love of fight for higher goalsg Their high ideals of good sportsmanship, And the joy they express for a gain. 9 Dedication ,.sk With profound admiration and respect, the class of '47 wishes to dedicate this publication of the Wolverine to our able adviser and teacher, Miss Keller. Through the past three years our path of study and social living has been guided by her everfwilling hand. In no way will we ever be able even partially to rcmunerate her for her interest in each and every individual. Though We must leave, we shall never forget all the pleasant memories of the joyous times we experienced with our wonderful friend. Much success and good fortune in the future, Miss Keller, and may you always remember our class of '47 with the fond respect with which we shall surely remember you. rw ,fr F: si 5 Q 1 Q Q X Blifiiwiiig 'gysf xi lnuusrnni Ants uw W VDCATIIIIIAI. :gn ki Q 1 Vi X yew., gf. X :3Eg?S,SQ..:f5 W., N SX I 5 E 'QCUPATIQNS f-1 VGCRWG91' k QL. .fini THE SR IH EMATIC? I ,'!5 .13 o Q5 Saad 'Q Q M we D Smal 'lLgSHhe 51426 A GLADYS G. SAUR Senior High Principal l,I'0fi7IUIli .rilzrcrify is Nic only Iuixix of Irilivll as of cln1n1i'ti'r'. Michigan State Normal, B.S,, Univerf sity of Michigan, M.A .... Girls' Hygiene . , . National Honor Society Adviser, YfTeen Adviser . . . Inter' csts--V cooking. dancing, reading. W. WALLACE BLAIR Junior High Principal Uv nm his jizzgrrs Mm' thi' izwry Lwyx and .rlmulc flfflltflli' from lfivul ax 41 bird sluikus from ii.: flirnaf a song. Westerii Michigan, A.B., University of Michigan, M,A. , . . Geometry, Trigonometry . . . Dance Comniitf tee Adviser . . Interest-music. ik., V . CHARLES C. SAUR Superintendent of Schools l"i.vl1ing is an ar! worilzy thi' kuuizul- fdga and frafimici' of u ruixc num. Westerii Michigan, B.S., A.B., Uni versity of Michigan, M.A .... In terests-Hshing, howling, flying, pro tography. JEAN M. AUBLE Spceelz ix the image of life. Western Michigan, A,B .... Unified Studies 10, Speech . . . Sophomore Class Adviser . . . Interests-A-reading, movies. DONNA J. KELLER HIIICII I 0111 forgottmi ,... say, 1 laugh! flzev. Western Michigan, A.B,, University of Michigan, M.A. . . . Government, Eng' lish-7 . . . Senior Class Adviser, Annual Adviser, . . . Interests-reading, travf eling, music. DONNA K. MAC DONALD lfllflllhiitljlll is lhe genizzs of .ri11u'1'ily, 111111 fl'llf111 aee11111pIis!1e.r 110 f'ict111'iv.r 'wiilzoiit if. Western Michigaiii, A.B., University of Michigan, M.A .... Uniiied Studies 11, Spanish . . . junior Class Adviser, As' semhly Committee Adviser , . . Inter' ests- sports, dancing, MARIE E. SIMPSON Lihriirian .Al flUl7l1' 11111111 ix N16 I11'.v1 of f1'i1'11d.i', Hn' Stlllli' 1111171131 and f111'i':'i'1', University of Chicago, BP., Olivet College, AB .... Interests -A reading, gardening. RUTH A. DE SMIT 1171111141 ix flu' 111'er1fe.vt nf arts. Kalamazoo College. AB., Graduate work - Northwestern University . . .Latin, English 8, Dramatics . . . Annual Adviser . . . Inf terest- art. JOSEPHINE BARBOUR Thi' f11'1'.v.v is like H10 air, Ll char- lvlerl' lil11'1'li11e. Michigan State, A.B .... Unihed Studies 10, Unified Studies ll, journalism . . , Interest- -dogs. MABELLE C. VAN ATTA .1 t111'e11f Illilld l1cw111i'.v ll 111'1'i1l f111-111111-. Western Miehigzxii, AB.. University of Michigan, M,A. . . Uniiied Studies 8, General Science . . . lnterest trziv cling, J. B. WARD .Is l111111'.vl iz 1111111 11.v 111.1 J1111 1':'1'1' NX111111' 1111, Alina College, BS ..,. Science, Biology. Chemistry . . Visual Aids Program, Noonfhour Movie Manager . , . ln terest - H visual aids. 17 P, Bzlldingcr V. .Maria E. Holwcrda E. Swanlund B. Burbank M. Houston ""-- . A . A. Ollmann, H. Carpenter, M. Alberts, M. Thatcher, L. Gallagher, G. Cruff, D. Hart 19 .1 A x E f 2 S 3. 5 , is-N,:.,k K S 5 5 3 X U . NNW-.... LW ., iii. 4 if' , .gat N "S , R, iw W? mh., . sg if ,. 5 . . ,M X. a,LL Q... gigrvm an S QQ:-A, f Am hw 'REI qi, .L W' NM -Q, 5 - f Q L- M s 25. " f gy , A . aluminum-n ..Ww..-. ...........N.. ,. -Aw-www.. Y" ' M L1f1m4pi2J-iw . Y sv 1-f.f5uw:awa:mW...xv,,w,.MWN.. L K i X f FORREST D. ATKINS XI faithful frirlza' is lln' uzvdirim' of l'fi', J-,lv A'cappella, Annual, Cantata, Prom, Red Cross. fl I VERNA MAE BAKER I lfrimids sluzrv all things in uouzuiou. Annual, Band, Commercial Club, Red Cross, YfTeens. LINNIE M. BENEDICT e who Ira:'u!.v mzwlz lfzzozes much. itat. Commercial Club, YfTeens, junior y. R Cross, Student Council. l RUTH E. BERGGREN Silmrc may do good and ran do Iiltlv lmruz. Annual, Commercial Club, YfTeens, Prom, VERNE E. BERRY I um not tII'fl1ll.llf1 with you, I uni Iulling you. Annual, Baseball, HifY, Noon Hour Commit' tee, Prom. ARTHUR BLEAM, JR. Mcrit is worlliicr flzau fame. Baseball, Commercial Club, HifY. DOLORES M. BULTMAN Our tcmrdy uri' our own if rw lcwp lhmn ,. within. 'x I A if 1,1 Arqujympidwin News, Prom, YfTeens. - JOY E. CARRICK XM llisfirzffimi is ilu' L'0H.Y4'111ICl1ft', In'-:fer the ob- X X jrcf, of u grail mind. 1 Annual, junior Class Treasurer, junior and Senior Plays, Student Council, YfTeens Presi- l' dent, Honor Society. X C ELDA M. CARTWRIGHT J Trim' lzumility ia' l'o11fi'1itn1i'm' Annual, Glee Club, Prom. FRANKLIN J. COOK Sonic ronzv, .num yo, llzzx life is so. Veteran. BARBARA J. FOOTE l kuvzt' you Ivy your .'vw.v that res! nn uullriug lung. Annual, Live Vxfire. GERALDINE A. F If lx Cluisf ffl! mr -:wlmrl "8 ilifm Annual, Cantata, C lull, , YfTeens Vicefpresident, Live iref WALLACE C. FOSTER .Yollzing fH'l'lIf 'Zeus i'7'i'r r1i'f111'r:'r'ci 'Zt'lHIUIlf un- fllll.VIlIA'Hl. U. S, Marines. 1 HERMAN E. GAST A' llvllfll 'au' lnzw, il ix ljzfQ'1n'u1'f Ilia! jzzflgfrxv. Football. dw f PAYTON GEASLER, JR. Ili' llml has mos! fiun' has :mm In luxe. Annual, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hi'Y, Track. N ,, 0 JENNIE R. GENOHEEE nfl 'A 2- .la flu' .vim mlul:1'.r f!ufc'i'j'.SfiG7 docs flour life. Annual, Commercial Club, Homecoming Queen, Honor Society President, Senior Class Treasurer, Student Council. SAM N. GENOVESE The idea! of C01tI'fi'A'.X', tuil, gn'ur'r', i'fIl1l'llI. Red Cross, Veteran. JOAN GILSON bln' .V -:Try lzizllrlxufln' and firm' It 11' ul ruzll, A'ca ella, Annual, Cantata Coinniereial Club, , Prom, YfTeenS. ll. l' MILDRED E. GOCHENOUR J-' f llr1Nu'11i's.i' is Hut the rua' of I1'fu-ufzurrlutu' ix. 'X -xl' 1 V Annual, Cununereial Club, Prom. l ' FRANCES P. HAMPLE True frm' in :vritiuy VAIIIIUX from uri, rm! ulirrzzru. Annual, Commercial Club, Girls' Basketball, Live Wire, Prom, Y'Teens. ROBERT L. KOORNDYK .Al lillli' flIlN7lH', Im! mncli 1I1'4IlIfI. Baseball, Basketball, Football, GfClub, Hi'Y. Tennis. PEGGY L. KREGER llc ix fnlfvf'-v llml kllU'Zl'i'lfl Iliff lI1.lIISi'lf In lu' 4If11z'I"Ix'I.Yi'. Annual, Cantata, Commercial Club, Prom EILEEN D. LEGGETT ' I .-lim' 'Kuff ffm! lu':'i'd fu f'luy, :mf -mfiirzil, v Annual, Commercial Club, Girls' Basketball, Prom, YfTeens. 0 QW GERALDINE A. LEMMON The nmri' om' 1i'm'l.'s, the nmri' fvillilnf um is I0 Ti'0rl.'. A'cappella, Annual, Commercial Club? Prom, YfTeens. KENNETH R. LEMMON Nn11'11.d'if1i' fu'r11'ln' mm' lzunn' irgmin, llnifx Iliw .nzililrlv rugy. Basketball, Commercial Club, Varsity Club, Veteran. WANDA L. MATHEWS clUtVllli'X,Y and lI17.Vi'7I1'4' nf IIIINU' Illdlifllfl' fini' ' 1llMIl1ifll'.Y. Annual, Prom. HELEN M. LOUKS Tin' flllIi'fIl! 7'0ii'i', tlzv eye flmf spake Hn' mind. A'cappella Treasurer, Cantata, Commercial Club, Clce Club, Honor Society, junior and Senior Plays. N' ,. X X CHARLES Mc BRIAN ,' lx'i'i1.mn and rulm -I-Ifflljllllflll, Hn' 1jI1lll , fully lwlmigiiig lo a Kfadvr. Basketball, Football, GfClub, HifY Prcsiflwt and Treasurer, Live Wire, Senior Class Presif Clent, , 2 I VIRGINIA L. Mc DONALD I C-,IlI1'flI1'.Y.f ix bmi. Annual, Prom. WILLIAM O. MILLER .I 11'1H'7Il'lI 1111111 has cII'rc'r13'.f 7K'i'lIlffI in l1i111.wlf. Honor Society. allmllf if U 'X af iw .,.. CHARLES E. RING I lxfdflliilg 111ak1'.v the tvise wiser. Annual, Commercial Club. ISLA J. 1uNK t 'tif ,. A 1' f Life i,r not 1111'r1'1y to be alive 11111. io be well. Annual, Cheerleader, Commercial Cluh, Girls Basketball, Senior Play Prompter. EUGENE R. ROOD I am myself 1111- g1111rdi1111 of my 1111111111 Veteran. MARIAN J. ROODVOETS Tlzouglz 1'111 1111311111151 11111 rIr":'1'1', 1 r0111d F1111- 111.'1' fllllf jr11'1':'1'r. Annual Editor, Commercial Club Secretary. Honor Society, Iunior and Senior Plays, Live Wire Editor, Senior Class Vicefpresident. WILLIAM E. SARGENT 'l'1'11111111' 1'1111,r 11,11 111111 1i1c1' :i'11l1'1' 11,111 11 11111'1".v lllllik. Baseball, Football, GfClub, Noon Hour Com' mittee, Track, Varsity Club President and Vice-president. x PHYLIS L. SELLERS O111' of t111' -r71'1'11l1'xl f111'11.v111'1',v 111 11f1' 1.r H111- 1'1'1'.v11fi1111. Annual, Cantata, Commercial Club, GI Club. Junior Play, Senior Play, 1 ' f 111 11 1 1 If 1,1 if ROBERT R. SMYTH For 1 111yx1'1f 11111.vt 1111111 11115 l1,l'L'1' lo 111'r1111. I , f Annual, Basketball, Hi,Y Vicppresident, Prom, Sophomore Class President, Track. 1 ,I I lull' DOROTHY M. THOMA ' , , L . . l111' 111'i1111-v of 11 lowly 1001111111 15 111m 11111.v11'. A'cappella, Annual, Cheerleader, YfTeens, Junior Play. Senior Play. BEATRICE E. VAN WYK I 1c'11.v 111111111111 111y.r1'1f 111111, 11111 1 liw and 1c'lIf7l. Annual, Bookstore, Honor Society Secretary, Junior Class Secretary, Prom, Valedictorian. WILLIAM VANDER MOLEN, JR. T110 111':'1' 11.11111 111 -V11111' 1'yc.v, Senior Play. Q MADELYN J. YOUNG Ilo-zu swevtly .rounds ihu voirv of a good 7Q'0H1l1II. A'cappella President, Annual, Commercial Club, YfTeens, Glee Club Secretary, Hospital Aide. No Pictures JAMES R. BUTLER Fame may be won in fwncv as 'well as in war. Veteran. ROBERT J. DOTY W'l1at good, lzoncsl, gvrzvrninr IHC!! at Izumi' w1II bv wolws and fair.: on rlzangv. U. S. Navy. ERWIN J. DOYLE Not the number, but llzv clzoivv of friends Veteran. JAMES I-I. EMERY, JR. Flirtationg aftcntiou rvitho Veteran. VERNON O. GARD, JR. Be silent and safe - silence :zu-rw' bc't:'ays y Veteran. CLARENCE R. HANSEN Speak of me as I am. Veteran. ut 'lllft'11 on. WALTER A. SARGENT Nature newer rhymes hfr cl1iId1'vn nor mzilcvs two men ahkr. Veteran. I TED J. STOKEN The good l1a7'f' no nvvd of on Veteran. RUSSELL K. SQUIRES For your kirzdnvs.v, I mu' you 11 good turn. Vctcran, JACOB VANDEN BOSCH Gffxizls is fostvrc'd by ilzdzzxlry. Veteran. GORDON VAN PORTFLEET Common un' iliv f1o.vsv.v.x'io11.s' of friends. Veteran. STUART S. WARD He is .cafe from !1'U1Iflt'i' who is wlwn safe. Veteran. 31 adtwcutv. on guard 4 A fhagiw Y wg 'lf' 1 H ' J. . fl L ,, 1 gina ' . Wanta' ride? ' K za in Q 5 .wwf Y Q 34 S. ' f gr ffi- P30 35? A :if 2 X Y 'X is ,SV Y' s Wi NE M is L lung Lf if S Wx if -L LL ,L L, X., L 1 L ' Z, is L ' Ln 5 j ' --in 2+ .L 2,5 .QQ gs 9 X31 Nwlw . , Vx? v- L- LL-: NN QL 1 Lis L K A Psi? ' XX E.. sw? X., at A sk wg , gl-QQ ,Q-Wk Y .SS S. S gg QB 35 .xskzp FM A 1 Ki. , .klk K . 'TQ .IQ ef - A . ,mf N im-li Q. xv N55 xg K fx Q. Q gk if ik ......l. F X J is 'ix if :in gk . ,:f. . ., N 15, K 4 Q li T5 fi f . 'TQ ii ga- V ...i A mi wh nu. Sb? if S, Qs x 551 -n-mann-p-gp Q. sv 'rr 4 'C W 4' if Y ff' ,Q 1 3 QS' in R ,M .ik , Q 'BN N1 Qi: Healthful Living e's Still Breathing A. Hedberg D. Wall 1 Q How About YOUR Temperature? Umm-Does Cream Do That? Broken or Faked? Mrs. Farr, 5. cllllllllllfllllllll Gilson M. Gochenour, P. Krcgcr, 47 E. Cummiford, R. Berggren t. '5 ,lf -t.-Fi fi? ya, , , Living Together K L. It Isn't Here Tunis, N. Banker, Ottcn, L. Viden Artistry P. Le ggctt F3 'Q' Information Please B. C-ibfried, E. Kinney, B. Cady, K. Warren Eskimos Only M. Gibfried, G. Ebels 'f 1 -:ak Rocks, Stones Or Glass? H. Alaria, S. Kramer, K. Vander Laan. R. Ruud 49 Mechanics i3n Z 53.015525 52 35113125 ,Q 5? 5045375 35 A . fi 4 7 Yr 4 ggxiiq 255875 .3!25 328125 34375 PQ 1: P M? up 15553525 A Ji 32 33 S4 17 32 35 E11 5 W3 37 55 .Y 515625 .53l25 545875 55525 ' . if v -- - N, A 734375 .75 155525 78T25 573325 I1 What's Up, Doc? ffm if me C. Hzmdlogtcn, H. Ga L E. Nicklin 7 A f L SA Instructions in Shop Art gg QL ,QQETS 54375 ' Familiar with Fractions is gi R, Dc Graves S wid A .25 18125 Homemakers Incorporated Service Deluxe P. jenkins, B. Smith, B. Hcldero ..., WH Y 5 Complementary Colors? E. Horton, D. House p Models and Tailors! Drapery Makers G. Foote, H. Louks, D. Thomas, D. Vifatkins, P. Sellers P, Boll, P. Bus5elcl, P. Lemieux V, Peterson K .migbf . Caught In the Act "Ghost Wanted" - - "Come Rain or Shine" 1 I 5 I Whnt's The Matter, Granny? I'm Telling You. Mystery House Grandmother Curtain Call Ouch - My Leg Fancy That! Moving 'RQwq,,,, , 'hes-.,,,,,,,.-,Q Yvesk I7 Q20 QW 0' we X0 ova "fb GO They Brought Gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh Wrapped In Swaddling Clothes, Lying In A Manger Voices Lifted In One Accord 57 Always On the Go Cheap Transportation Friday Night Dance Otto, Blow Your Horn! The Data on Dates All Aboard for . . . 59 CAME WITH EAST M Y DECID' CROWN I -Pica V M Q . . . V,.. h M , Xg!,Unp . 0 QQ 9 1. ' . " . wnlv 5 T - h Season a Moat Important Game To Be Play miie 5' H' 'w 4- 'W ' 'rwagm Ae I-:uf H' is f' sp ., ln. ia yang 8' ,W . lg . . ywwird to X 5 dmv u . gg 54 O Ya the NNN ---U-M-Q-n--..-N--q-.-QW-W-....... ..........,.......... W- aww., . M... V... MW. ,MW W ,Wh I ' I it 'WSU 'WNW ' kms wi!! hx- od sc A 4 Q ,vi 'Hman' N? 2' and Nupidn ' sm ' -1 - m f+. f then Q TF 'WUTINGQQ v HNF! I " Q' fx - wwf 2,2 W, nu., Seventh Victory ,, ,.,,,.,,, gs 5 ,, IIA " "F ' ,n 2 'MHS' fffwh 4: Wyman 1 'REG 1 ...- ,nm mm . Q wggvwbj A FOVQURQ' Gram C , I urn- n -xi mu 5 ,Q g-mud mn 801879-SKIING dw Ima- gd . Hun. by If 1:1 U 5 o 5 for UN, wg-wkp nga T I ,-, .my :vm-hip 'Q 3 hawk o E E in fr- lv 11.1 pw , M, mm ng ' W .mn mm Ha, U1 L.,1sr,3 ' g 1+ zu-1 ,.,..,..l r :A :X 'lm-. yur M P Q 1 wwf all Nw Wu e 9 9 ,ak rH'm'1f s!14J.':r Q V miwmn. y1!, .., fin mm ,vs-A-mf-Smeg.. L 1: '1:w! pm-'u -,Q gnu, , ,.,. ,, ,,,.,,. V Mi. vw thin vnnw vf M fr' 1 f..,-'mil' l'm A' V H VT. wh' " I . 4 ' 1 m1"" GA-.7 ' ynlw I Q .- ., Q --ul 'L ,Y ' ' 1 Y' f"k,,,g X ,,.. , I N ,Udo . X4 'Nm A. N ' J ' ' 1 5 I x"1.,.m U 1' X mul H I lr , A vi K' I ' . I A www r'..,K, ' M ...-,Ax UWM 'lx g-fum' f Je, I Q , ml 1 Aziz, ' ' A , KM Wx ., x I ' mm, ' s ' U x., ,' 5 -x X 1+ . V '1f., l 'Yr ,, ' ' 5 .y . , H ' 1, K " 4 tv ,Q , all 'f n 1 'X' ,, , 5' fu . 3'v,.."' ur . .nw iv Q. W Nmi 4 F X -.IV Y. ' 'vwfiwe ' '55 fl, Hu' x ' 1- 1 . . y, . ,V , ,V 8 Q ' .J "H 1 md RN -K - , 4 W 1 , 1- L, Q , f, I I I I I I, ' Q vig H' 4g 3 f if W. " 'L f. We , J 'Pl fig, "v. J " 'ff ' Nw. 1 ' , ' x My I 6, ' arm U, 6 4? Ciffxs x::.'1'3 II Iwrstx 'D tb . X fd: , vfqgmv Eli?-,..ur'.,.g ,liwvn fm all T 5 "'1f K Ywnn. 6 Q ' H ,--...n- A in 'xsr-S-.-1.--.,,-....,,. GODWIN BEATS ROCKFORD I CLOSE GAME . E WILDEY ELECTED T" ".,.1wh.win-Th-'31 -' .f"-Z n. 1 I 1 : .s Q 1 , f U . 151 . Q wma first piaug 'fwlimg 'Wear W K I ' M' ' 'IN MKQCIN YW!-1:13-wi. Nw G-admin VieAu-rin"' , 4 ' fvs K fiimimz kmlkfflffj QQ'-IS -1-. X . ,fm U31-1 pmzi 'H 'X O H ax 'ff "fbi 'M ' ' wks-116:-ru M: Q L .. and mn M1 eh, a,T!ve.nx .aww Tai! to hav UT' 'Mm J s ' M, ' Qiimr with 1 33-U' 3 A M Mm :A 'rhf :mm aw-fm , ... 1135133 ip' Quin! lfiih bl-'fb x':'f'?, A 1 igsgu 4 S iw :fr 3 3 TH? 54: 2? wg in I Kflmf W'F"'5 H' "fp "i2"1? x H' l - K Y I gk Q x Ord 2 3 A QIXYSJ. Thin Wxh 0345110 d 5:-iw 'Wvnn ' K V79 7 , , . Q .iip mum 1 fun! ff N . . ling if xr urn H 0 F , Avia' I 4 Was '4"'iv.m. Ram HM "0" 'Il-v V gi .Q nad was so 1 RON' , g Q Th' R sr f 1 lite Yifvi D ,f - 14 gm! a bafgkahi XY f f 1 asf 'hi' fin' 'anna KQV ' X, A ,mm 12,1114 hw! -NW 5 CO - CHAMPS Qu Cinder Tracks Up and Over 69 Godwin, we are proud of your thinclad per' formances during the 1947 track season. Yes, like last year, our boys this year again came through with flying colors on the cinder pathways against our opponents. Looking back at last year's successful results we found victories over Grandville, Lee, Rockford, Lowell and the Ottawa Hills reserves. Our only D. Sheler defeats came at the hands of Wyoming Park and two class "A" teams, Creston and Ottawa. Letter winners who returned this year were Vronko-dashes, relayg Williams-880, broad jump, relayg Heyboer -e mile, broad jumpg Speas, De Graves, Payne -hurdlesg Kruis and Remese- high jumpg Sheler- pole vault. As the annual goes to press, our track team has completed five meets, in which our team emerged victorious over Comstock Park, East Grand Rapids, Lee and Wyoming Park. We yielded our fourth track meet of the season to Grandville. In defeat' ing East G. R., Godwin became victor over last year's Grand Valley Conference champions, and in ' defeating Wyoming Park, we became victors over last year's regional champs. Nearly all Grand Valley Conference meets were held under the flood lights as night meets at the Hut-diet Grandville track. B. Kruis TRACK MEET FOR 1947 Date Opponent Place April 8 . . Interclass April 10 . . Comstock Park . ..... Godwin April 21 . . OttawafComstock ..... Ottawa April 25 . . East Grand Rapids Night meet at Grandville April 28 . . Lee ..... Night meet at Grandville May 2 . . Grandville . . . Night meet at Grandville May 5' . . Wyoming Park , Night meet at Grandville May 8 . . C. Relays . . . . Houseman Field May 12 . . Lowell . . . Night meet at Grandville May 17 . . Regional . ..... Hastings May 19 . . Rockford . . . . , Grandville May 24 . . State Meet .... . Lansing May 30 . . Allegan Invitational . Allegan 1 Top row: Coach C. Bahre, D. Mc Caul, B. Eitel, P. Geasler, T. Vronko, L. Ncugent, B. Kruis, V. Lentz, B. Postema, D. Hey' boer, F. De Graves. Bottom row: B. Williams, E. York, C. Ring, G. Van Laan, B. Remes, B, Payne, D. Card, D. Randall, D. Sheler Forwards - -Top row: A. Xb'7l'!ittCINUI'C, B. Dangl, Waxman, A. Anderson, C. Gibfried, "N . D. Sneden, Coach M. Sexton. Bottom row: I. West, S. De Turk, I, Rink, Doxtator, M. Wright. ff to a Good Start For a beginning team, taking on all comers, the Godwin girls had a very successful season in basketball, The first two games with Coopersville were won by the visitors, but they knew they had met a team which played a fast open style of ball, and had given them a good game. Godwin's peculiar defense, a specialty of Coach Sexton, kept the win' ners at bay much of the time, holding them to 17 points in the first game and I6 in the second. Alf though the inexperienced "G" girls found their basketball legs a bit wobbly and their eyes somef what difficult to focus on the basket, they managed to eke out l I points on the first occasion and 8 on the second. By the third game the Sexton Sextette was ready with a power attack. In spite of the fact that the long shot artist from Grandville threw in 21 points, the .xWlJlVCflHCS,a piled in 23. The two game series with Hudsonville was split. The Gold and Blue team lost by one point in the game played away from home, and then came back to win by the decisive score of 2648 on their own floor. It was in these two games that the season's high scorer, Isla Rink, proved her outstanding ability by scoring a total of 25 points out of the team's 40 points in the two games. About that time Byron Center came along for a scrimmage and neatly showed the Godwin girls that there was still room for improvement, after which, the Thirtyfsixth Street Six gathered together and rolled easily over Kelloggsville and the Dutch Twins from Christian High, climaxing the season by taking the undefeated Comstock team by a score of l7fl6. Guards-Top row: Ziemann, D. Apel, P. Collins, L. Van Ringelsteyn, F. Hample, Alaria. Bottom row: E. Leggett, L. Kacos, D. Glupker, C. Baker, H. Hillis. The "Phys-E " Way Checked In? P. Upprnnccx' B. Vande Vmtc D. BYilI1dC2lll Batter Up! , Y. Marsh, 5, Vain Gordcr Over And Back Again 73 0 Ti' -'f ' ff - Ir . W- x ik' by 5... fl f ' V? . Qi A .R ii: if K Q 1131. 'QC' 1a Q if Y x. X Q N R Q-.E ...gg we 151 ' ui? 155. R E . if df ix n 5 W 1. . x Si 'H Sit . .rw .:. :Nvyf-QJX sg..-2 -wsf?-fs. mf. ...www . .,, .. ...X r--rl Q X.. X A .-F5 . -- Mp , ,Y . L. NW . K. .. A K .a W M QQ M Q Q 4 NR.. ..k, - . Q. . w Q. x li Sx . wx Q3 X , . . x K... -V-.yfffyfl .N 5,,,f.5f.g-ff .- '- W 3, f ..,..,!.X Q k,,M.p., . -:Jem K 1 Egfvifi .4 4, l .E 1 Q FF! , Sf'Tf.1Yfvf?' 1. fl A 4 lm I , gk.i35gZl5x935'5SL9f5iE5 L.. 33:5 L S Committees In Action Improvement D. Hcyhucr, L. Hcdgccuck, E. Kinncy Noon Hour IJ Hcylmcr, Pm. Vfllllllllls, R, cz1'llIllhZlCk, V. Bcrry, R. Smyth. Mrs. wal Tlubammlcnu, ndvmscrg M. Matson, M. Roudvucts, S. Niclscn. 4 w 1 1 V, Dance PilI'k4, Il. Dc lirnlyn. P. Smyth. D. Davis. S. Dc Turk, Y. Marsh, M. IX Krukcr, Al. Bucrsnul. Ground and Building Assembly L. Hwcdgccock, B. Goltlbcrg, T. Vvfriglut, Gcnovcsc, VJ. Kcgcrrcis, Carrick, S. York, M. blupkcr, Mlss Mama Svxtun, udvisvr, C. Dc Fnuw, B. Bcdwm, Miss Donna E- KUWCY- R- Ad0lPlWUU- M215 Donald, adviser. 77 "Sweater" Boys TTWDCIIQS the next home game?" "Whei1 do we play East?" Either of those questions could be quick' ly answered hy referring to the haskcthall and spring sports schedf ules, provided this year hy the GfCluh. Besides furnishing these schedules to all students, the G' Cluh sponsored the sale of pop at the haslcethall games. Formerly known as the Varsity Cluh, the GfCluh, with Mr. Ma' rinus Hocheke as adviser, reorganf ized during the past year with a new constitution and a new set of hyflaws. One of the cluh's main purposes is to engage in supple' mentary athletic functions to im' prove puhlic and student relationf ships for the good of the school. This goal was truly accomplished this year. .2 .JA Officers -W R. Wildey, president: F. De Graves, secref tary: Mr. Marinils Hoeheke, adviseri T. Vronko, vice' president: R. Dangl, treasurer. It Sounds Good op row Bcasccker, j. Douglas, R. Sloan, D. Clifton, Bottom row: B. Remus, R. Payne, D. Doyle, T. Henderf R Vx ildey G. Cunningham, D. Meitz, Mr. Marinus son, R. Mc Caul, T. Vronko, G. Evink, I. Vander Schuur, Hoeheke, adviser: T. XVI'1glll, C. Mc Brian, E. Kinney, R. Dangl. 70 "Brain-Trustersn National Honor Society conf sisted of only two seniors when the year hcgan, hut eight othcr seniors were immediately chosen, and the year's plans were laid. An Honor Society sponsorcd dance at the Homecoming constif tuted the main highlight of this year's activities, the proceeds of which went toward the purchase of a new electric scorehoard. The Scholarship Trophy D. Glupker, KI. Carrick. H. Louks, S. De Turk Fire Drill Squad M. Roodvoets, U. Evink, lvl. Soper, lvl. Peters. The Key to the Scoreboard lirrst Semester: Genovese, presif dent: li. De Hamer, vrcefpresidentg B, Van Vv'yk, secretary: Mrs. Gladys Saur. adviser. Officers Banquet Sctond Scmtster I Vvtst sccrtttry: Mr. Mlftlli Holstegt. trtisurtr. . Heyhoer president: S. Cunnin7,h'nn, vicefpresr ent The Scholarship Committee ref tained a very active position in calculating the various class averf' ages and awarding the scholarship trophy. The shriek ot' the iire siren and the orderly lincs of students leaving the huilding, not to menf tion smug looks on the faces of Honor Society memhers, indicated that the Fire Drill Committee had heen in action. Four startled juniors and one glowing senior were initiated into the Society in an impressive ceref mony early second semester, hringing the cluh's memhership up to fifteen. With the help of Mrs. Gladys Saur, adviser, and Mr. lvlartin Holstege, treasurer, thc Honor Society completed a year of worthy service. Top row: A. Palma, G. Hansen, F. Hamplc, G. Lemmon, P. Hebel, E. Cummiford, C. De Fouw, L. Grooters, S. Kaiser, V. Dulyca. Bottom row: D. Brandon, E. Morford, B. De Bruyn, E. Sparks, P. Smyth, M. Westrzi. W. Goeman, P. Ziemann, A. Purcell. Wise... It wasn't all just fun thoughff they worked, too every other Tuesday noon those meetings in 122 took care of their business. Second semester the club members concentrated on their education by taking field trips to different business places or by having speakers attend their meetings. Thus, the club achieved one of its main purposes. "Check your coats over here," was the friendly greeting from Commercial Club members at the How Many Copies? Qllicers: T. Henderson, president: P. Parkinson, viee-presidcntg Y. Marsh, secretary: D. Davis, treasurer. Turn That Record Over P. Smyth, M. Westra, E. York. Friday night dances. Earning money as the checkf room brigade, the club was able to purchase many handy gadgets to improve the commercial classes. This year will always be remembered by the members, and they'll remember Miss Klenk, too, as their friendly and helpful adviser. 83 ,--- .ea ... , as ..,... , .. , L Amateur Minstrels in Action urpose- echnique- ction Doing a job which all could well acclaim, the Godwin ParentfTeacher Association sponsored a carnival in October to raise funds to support the year's activities - with a profit of over eight hun' dred dollars! Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Ralph Bloore, president, other projects were undertaken with fun and success. Highlighting the entertain' ment field was the minstrel show given for the March meeting. We won't forget that "Mammy's Little Baby Loves Shortnin' Bread" for some time to come. Funds were disbursed by the l'.T.A. to provide as much aid and improvement as possible -f com' plete physical examinations were financed for all students in grades 3, 7 and IO - the high school was given money for visual education work and the elementary department toward the purchase of a new movie projector - a boy selected by the high school faculty was sent as a delegate to Boys' State at Lansingbff and complete charge was taken of the Cantata wardrobe. These were only a few of the activities of the P.T.A. during a very succesful and worthwhile vear. f t nl l The P. T. A. Board Back row: Left to right: D. McLeod, H. Robinson, R. Front row: Left to right: Mrs. R. Lemmon, Mrs, V, Roelols, Mrs. Frank Bell, Mrs. M. Uoeman, Mrs, H. Cavanaugh Mrs L Leys Mrs W Siektrk M . R Nagle, Mrs. Frank Baird, M. Holstege, Mrs, E. Traxler. Morford, El. Swanlund, R. Bloore. K X l rs 1 Tc Singing Lads and Lassies M. Vandcrliull, pl. Pigeon. ottoin row: Mr. Albert Smith, director: N. Rincionc, S. Van Cordcr, B. Hoag, C. Foote, V. Dulyca, M. Crotenhuis. mp row: H. Sullivan. P, Zicmann, E, Sparks, L. Crootcrs, D. Brandou, "I hear music" f how we loved to hcar the music of our Girls' Clee Club and Male Chorus during the past year. Both organizations took part in many pcrformanccs -ff in some as a Clcc Club or a Male Chorus only, and in others combined with the A'cappclla Choir. Bcing featured at a P.T,A. meeting and the Cantata g"SiI1g' ing carols in the halls at Christmas time participating in the Schuf bert Festival at thc Civic Audi' torium thcsc were just sonic of the acitvitics of the Clec Club and Maile Chorus. The Glce Club elected officers for the year while the Malc Cho' rus preferred to sing and work together as a group with no oflif ccrs. Top row: DI. Wriglit, E. Kinney, C. Mc Brian, C, Cunningham, P. Gcaslcr. Bottom row: C. Spicer, R. Cihfriecl, F. Johnson, D. Swanson, L. Hedgccock. Mr. Albert Smith, director 87 . QW W' 4. 1 K 'llll' ,wx ' .aiiifi . x Mir ' X rrr' wr 1 i V 1 ,fr mx'-i y ow W . Youthful Songsters Q . b A L 1 ts ,,,,, f N Q" .5513 A in Top row: KI, Croft, bl. Stevens, B. Traxlir. N. Baker, N. Haystead, K. Tanis, S. Kramer, D. Meyers, M. Bullis, N 3 B. layne, E. johnson, B. Agers. Third row: B. Bell. D. Denehlield, VY. Palmer, H. Voorf iees, G. Ehels, M. Vfarmels, B. XVorkman. B. Layle. I. Stelianiak, H. Alaria, M. Sawyer, Miss Evelyn Barr, Direetor. A new musical organization at Godwin this year was the Seventh Grade junior Chorus under the direction of Miss Evelyn Barr. Mtisie was required of all girls and hoys in grade 7, and this course ineluded musie of every type. Not to he outdone hy the senior musical organif lations, this group elected its otlieers, gave a prof gram for the P.T.A. and planned an assemhly for the high sehool. The girls ehose Gypsy Iviaidens for their name and wore hrightly colored costumes when they appeared in puhlie. ' a Second row: Al. Vande Byl, B, Vande B l, D. Kaiser P, Hample, Galloway. Bottom row: -I. Kinney, W. Lavery, S, Russell, P. Horten B. Luikes, D. Sellers, M. Gihfried, B. Smigiel. Officers of the junior Chorus for iirst and seeond semesters were as follows: GIRLS BOYS Joan Croft P spd, l Rohert Reed janet Kinney I-L51 tm 'I Bill Rood janet Kinney l Bill Rood VieefPresident Sherlene Kramer 'I Rohert Reed Betty Payne l Marvin De Vries Betty Payne Sccrcmry l Karl Vander Laan Helen Alaria 1 T V i v 5 Hftrold Jamison Patsy Hample l rmburu Q Le Roy Hale Top row: H. Simmons, P. Misenhiemer, C. Rounds, B. d B Ott Clawson, Esalison, B. Averill, Conklin, B. Roo , . Reed, E, Van Stratten, H. klamison, vl. Dillree, Huhhard. K. Vander Laan, M. Palmer. y E 'an Bizenga, E. Burdick, E. jelferys, N. Sylskar Bottom row: W. Henderson, L. Videan, A. Gardner, L en, D. Larson, Al. Eggleston, E. Case, C, Kruis, L. H 1 e Presented With Pride PHOTOGRAPHERS IN ACTION D. Bultman P. Geasler, S. Cunningham Mr. Bultman, photographer B. Hotchkiss PASTING PICS CHECK THIS D. Heyboar Miss Donna Kel' FOR SIZE ler, adviser B. Van Wyk C. De Fouw J. Carrick B. De Hamer Miss Ruth De Smit, adviser R. Williams E. Cummiford RECORD KEEPERS E. Leggett, G. Lemmon, M. Norris, R. Berggren The completion of a task well done gives an inexplicable feeling of true pride and joy. It was a long hard task which was never out of our minds from the time we organized our staff until the last picture was pasted and the last scrap of copy typed. On every page of our book we see the emblems of our efforts. This book crystalizes for each of us everything Godwin is to us and what it ever shall be. No amount of work or time spent can ever be regretted, for it was an under- taking well worth it and well done. 93 Senior Directory Forrest D. Atkins, 5-2401 , . . 46 Lemyra St., Verna Mae Baker, 608-3723 . 7522 Burlingame Rd., Linnie M. Benedict, 608-32F13 . 3350 - 52nd St., Ruth E. Berggren, 3-5163 . . . 514- 36th St., Verne E. Berry, 5-9329 ..... 460- 36th St., Arthur Bleam, lr., 5-0895 . 2729 Charlesgate Ave., Dolores M. Bultman . . . 3531 Birchwood Ave James R. Butler Joy E. Carrick, 3-7100 . Blda M. Cartwright . . '. Franklin I. Cook, 3-7048 . Richard R. Crumback, 5-9865 . . 55 Colrain, 245 Thurston St., 3819 Linden Ave., 145 Clements St . 40-36th St., -a Ellen P. Cummiford, 608-82F11 . 1547-60th St., Shirley C. Cunningham, 5-9533 . 126-36th St., Cathaline H. De Fouw, 3-4013 . 3747 Eastern Ave Robert I. De Graves, 3-3548 . . . 221 Himes St., Betty A. De Hamer, 3-5600 . 1621 Jefferson Ave Louis G. Dietrich, jr., 3-4771 . 2654 Wykes Ave., Robert Doty, GL-2-2615 . 3139 Longstreet Ave., Jalene L. Doxtator, 5-9954 . . . 319-32nd St., Erwin I. Doyle, 5-9865 ..... 33 Floyd St Priscilla Dumond, GL-2-1042 . . 1420-36th St -x -s William E. Eirel, 3-4897 . . . 19 Southview St., James H. Emery, Ir., GL-2-3606 . 3625 Raven Ave Barbara J. Foote, 3-1495 . . Geraldine A. Foote, 3-6339 Wallace C. Foster . . . Vernon O. Gard, 3-2113 . Herman E. Gast, 3-1936 . . Payton Geasler, Ir., GL-2-3318 . . 359 Janet St., . 56-34th St., 5602 Long Beach S.E. S.W. S.E. S.W. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.W. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.E. S.W. Blvd. Long Beach, California 1111 - 36th St., . 18 Calhoun St., 3764 Horton Ave., Salvatore Genovese, GL-2-1353 . 1298- 36th St., Vincenza R. Genovese, GL-2-1353 1298- 36th St., Katherine I. Gilson, 5-5617 . . . 26 Brown St Mildred E. Gochenour . . . 3718 Flamingo Ave -a -x Frances P. Hample, 5-0179 . . . 119 Clements St., Clarence J. Handlogten, 3-5272 . 4039 Division Av Clarence R. Hansen, 3-6149 . . . 25 Clements St., Geraldine M. Hansen, GL-2-3111 . 53 Jordan St., Marvelrnarie Haskell, 5-2483 Merla M. Healey .... Patricia M. Hebel, 8-6036 . Henri A. Hedberg, 5-1596 . Dale R. Heyboer, 608-44F4 Bette J. Hotchkiss, 3-6363 . Ruth M. House, 608-56F6 . Ward C. Kegerreis, Jr., 5-7996 Robert L. Koorndyk, 5-6822 3525 Oriole Ave., . 3436 Hillcroft Ave., 309 Abbie Sr., . . 130 Celia St., 2474-52nd St., 21- 34th Sc., 70 Cutler St., 3820 Clyde Park Ave., 3429 Opal Ave., S.W. S.W. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.E. e., S. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.W. Peggy L. Kreger, GL-2-3221 Elleen D. Leggett, 3-4631 . Geraldine A. Lemmon, 3-9106 Kenneth R. Lemmon, 3-9106 Helen M. Louks, 5-0088 . . Wanda L. Mathews, 5-5344 . Charles Mc Brian, Ir., 5-6922 Virginia L. Mc Donald . . William O. Miller, 3-7024 . Earl L. Morse .... William R. Mulvey, 3-7825 . Mildred I. Nielsen, 3-9951 . Marian L. Norris, 5-2255 . Barney N. Oldfield, 3-4992 . Phyllis E. Parkinson, 6-3955 Alvin J. Paxson, 5-3629 . . Marian C. Peters, 3-0993 . . Donald E. Peterson, 3-0679 Charles Piebenga, Jr., 3-7076 Charles E. Ring, 608-9F11 . Isla J. Rink, 5-1465 . . . Eugene R. Rood, 3-8675 . . Marian J. Roodvoets, 608-59F4 Walter Sargent, 3-4210 . . William E. Sargent, 3-4210 Phylis L. Sellers, 3-7811 . . Robert R. Smyth, 3-1860 . Ted I. Stoken, 5-8407 . Russel K. Suires .... Dorothy M. Thomas, 3-7394 Jacob Vanden Bosch, 5-8586 3621 Colby Ave., 21 Frontenac St., 135 Clements St., 135 Clements St., . . 229-36th St., . 3515 Flamingo, . 3435 Reiser Ave., . 38 Clements St., . 3737 Colby Ave., . 263- 361:11 St., . . 23 Andre St., 4117 Orleans Ave., . . 135 Frontenac, . . 535-28th St., . 2036-28th St., . . 120 Himes St., 4115 Woodstock Ave., . 3515 Birchwood, . . . 3485 Burr, 5252 East Paris Ave., 767 Bungalow Dr., . . 146-32nd St., S.W. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.W. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.E. S.E. S.W. S.W. S.E. S.W. S.E. . RFD No. 2 Byron Center Michigan . 29 Jordan Dr., 29 Jordan Dr., S.W. S.W. S.E. S.W. S.W. . 109 Wexford St., . 132 Honeoye, . 933-35th St., 137 - 34th St., 3126 Jefferson Ave., William Vander Molen, Ir., 5-1591 1512 Van Auken St., Gordon Van Portfleet, 5-1438 .... 103 Walter, Beatrice E. Van Wyk, 5-8777 John H. Voorhees, 5-9722 . Don E. Wall, 3-1206 . . Harry A. ward, 5-5332 . . Stuart S. Ward, GL-2-2151 . Della V. Watkins, 5-6800 . Laura I. Weppler, 5-2729 . ,lalaine L. West, 3-1696 . . Richard I. Wildey, 3-2606 . Robert E. Williams, 5-1969 . . 3932 College Ave., 520 - 36th St., S.E. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.W. . 4112 Divisfon Ave., S. . 4125 Division Ave., S. . . 15 Dickinson, . . 39 Wexford St., . 3619 Horton Ave., 3717 jefferson Ave., . 3773 Horton Ave., 4049 Buchanan Ave., S.W. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.E. S.W. Jack G. Wright, GL-2-2126 ...... 519 Bissell Eugene V. York, 608-35F13 . 7970 East Paris Ave., S.E. Madelyn I. Young, 3-8891 . . 112 Canterbury, S.W. . f 4 U V51 pf ' z -:..i2::fvf' . 'L V , ,4 1' '1-53,1 .. , X -ny v . N ' 455 3, , A 1 ' . , I 1 , v , 1 K I p Qfifi 'fvfizbv 4 . ,233 , 93555 J, 3 cf ' 1 TM 53555555 Y , , f ,, X . .ga t N ,1 . .Q 1: . - 1 ! 0 L M , Qy.. f. 4 ,v'.,,, ik ff W W 244 jfiw A MLS f I 'Li jglffk, N , A! . ' f" ,Q m,if3g33MG QMKEZ QQ yMXQ!!p0jy,'fJlf A-A Adjflf, it ,nf I MW . wif ,Q M M- ,X ,Q N' ,gow X I " ' wpfl'! R- 5 W W fffwjmwi f , Mi, E53

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