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 - Class of 1986

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01" 20ih 0 Yedl' ... 1965 - 1985 aurr 1 986 Goddard High School Roswell, New Mexico Editors Sally Roberls Kendra Sanders Sponsor Frances Taylor 1 Organizations 18-68 Sports 94-118, n I ' v HOl'lOI'GI'ieS 4 68-94 FX F Fdclllfy 14- 124 1 Freshmen 124-136 A Jl.ll'liQfS 5 9 148-160 L,-v. , Sophomores 136- 138 Seniors 160- 196 ' 1 SENIORS, Well here we are! I would like to express my thanks to the class of '86. Through our eltorts we have made wonderlul memories that will last us a lifetime. When it comes right down to the point, GHS could not have asked tor a better group of students! Now we will all go our separate ways and begin making more lifetime memories. I would ask that you not forget the wonderlul times at GHS, for they are too precious. I would like to Class ggsqgw i Q Yi X , fi' - . V A 'S , AF. l ig, ,M W, f5?Q-ffffx wish each and every one of you good luck in the future. I am truly honored and proud to be able to represent such a great class. Yet as we venture into the future, keep one thing in mind: It is and always will be GREAT TO BE A ROCKET! x - BRENNAN EVANS S.B. President QClass of '86J 3' 1' 9 ,ei ,f,v,a. f +P- , amy E4 V' K 115 E f "Q A f X gym so ss Q 0 si F' . gg s! 9 sw' Q C .. .ss Of 1986 i fx sv A QQF ,F-F1H Q- di Mll ffww as . L.--v 1' Q iv .b J '. WHS it! .r - .,.. A 5' if , A q V! A 1 A if Q V, f , .f ' +1 ' W, A, hw - if -X Y. W H L 9. Y U V . . , ...M- ' - x A f 5 ' . W 4 1 :rl-ax' . 4 ,ff X 'Q 719 'f lvfl , ,E , ,IL 1 '1 4 -' E I f' JL, 'nf if, av NR' Xi l x' Ilxkggffs 4 ab? Q ' 2 , . Q! iff 4 , Rocket wi Q Pride dk N 1 ul'I'T1 h6f9 fig? -wr ' Homecoming '85 f 'A A , R .. udent Council. The Homecoming Parade was held in ie gym this year for the first time. The winners of the :at competition were: lst Place - HorticulturefFFA: 1d Place-Sophomores: 3rd Place- French Club: and 4th ace-Juniors. Entertainment in this year's assembly was 'ovided by the Swingers and Varsity Cheerleaders. Oth- 'Homecoming festivities included the recrowning of our P65 Homecoming Queen-Linda Johnson, an alumni re- aption, and our first annual Rowdy-O. The Rowdy-O as the ultimate in class competition including a ba- Jna-eating contest, tug-of-war, and rubber glove queezing contest. The Juniors cleaned up by winning very event. The points were: Juniors:'l6, Sophomores:9. eshmen:7, and Seniors:2. The highlight of Goddard's Jth Homecoming was the Varsity Football Team's victo- over the Los Alamos Hilltoppers: 24-43. Our football ram definitely brought us Love and Pride. ITT' rxf Theme: 'move af Pride" By img L A wg "Give me your brcin!!!" . ' Nj. . ", Q F' fn- 1 , 1 if M 57 4 J 0 ' W g . 34' x7 h 4-4 MeIYlOI'ieS . ?" ,,,,, 'Hn ik "Okay, now change the C to o B, The F to o C 1heB1oonA I i .fy -2' I3-a E: Y 1 gh., rffflff if JT: 12.11 b - -av ' F: N A, K 'Sri ? M wt ,UM m ' 4 'IRQ' li 'AY' :lg ii,Y"::,,w EXT' su Yv al K ,gh whxf' li- P' Fir? W.. ' -my 5-me X vi-'9' - 'faq A .f:1. i wswign af an-M, 1:--:nv--1-nmurr-:avatar rligigi WA kl"W Y YF im? i7 X1 A 11.9. A ' V - Neff, .K -Q, , V E ,,-1 ' ,. gi 15" if . FV xx, f M 'Y Q fa M X: Y 'f 05' 1' L aww: J N N A 4 ' M3 J ow 5 h wg ""z' f TOUCHDOWNI I I x gp-V3 Y in mf -:gk . L 3fi5i'iv:Er?EfN w'3,zus-'fav' , , R fxx. Snr, v- 1 V X KI .hgrm A' W., Ei .ax -UE' 2 ,K x ,f l K? 1, afjiefwa sg. H 4,7 5, Q, an ,J K 7-wk , J? M, ,ff A N if it R YW LQ T YW - ff' V I . x gs aa 1? f x f my . X - v wx. iz . 3 j.-,Wg E 2 .N ff dx JQSWM wg," .133 G il , ' QQ? ' XX K f gif, INN - li X XXV f X X Y J I X X M J, y 5 Va N Q 0 Y :L A I 7 AUTO s' . J '- . 155. B 08 5.590 ' U .N Q I fi ' -K H "QL-L . wwf 52135 Q m f, ' v m .- E J- I M0 aux SClcNC pu-W 'Ln' I . gf A , Q :- N , fx X mg .95 .xy if ' 9-.::.. .. H ..- :dl 5 k .TTA f ' N ix "Y ?- - . af:.'NX-X N ,Qs ',xGx.',!.XI-' I . l'o4ksX Y 'nl'-l' 'Ia'-'-N o. XS G ,I van!! ,amy 1.17 f 'fp ,S ,Y elif 9 X X gfs 'Qi' 499, tar. '1 E GT,-s ' I 'f .ff . 4 " X J WJ r- I ' sm - 'ns J, 5pEEH Gm iff ' JIAUQNS 4' W Q b f Z Q 2 ,gf , A a .'11"igx ? x xi 5 N I x gg W ,A 'L , A 1-ii: -251 +L' ' N "-- iD ful Gabe Villegas, George Carr, James Savadra, Eddie Navarehe, Karhy Phelan, Rosa Luna, Carina Barela, Brenna Kinnard, Cheryl Ostrander, Shannon Murphy, Wendy Waggoner, Holly Goree CeI1'l'GUI wmwr-f+emvnns ,ll M r 'Q 53 fm 3 3 'ln 'wg-wwf' -W' ' Gi, ,uv 'f'4',.. iaff Derek Downs, Patrick Reese Sanders, Dayna Stevens, Suzie Commerford 2 3 ,gl 'UM 'wa f 1 Q yu.. in Q r K Q ,A r ,p f X I .S ly, A s is i 'f D I 'lf' H- ay . r f if 32 'Y f , I 3 Q J I of I in D, -dwg, vu f lf'-I B bb Sherrard, Sally Roberis, Kendra , Kirk Dominic, Craig Wilkinson, Taho Morris, Gary Bradley, o y 1 I V5 TSISTGT TOP PICTURE Kevin Neblett-reporter Stacey Cox- asst. editor Corby Carbone- reporter Kit Sims- aide David Coppie- editor Gabriel Viilegas- reporter Gerald Ussery- sports editor SIDE PICTURE Satish Hari- reporter Michael Jones- reporter Sfclff REPORTERS Anne-Catherine Croufer Paul Manler Melissa Baxley SPORTS Lorena Blanco Raul Carrillo REPORTERS Chris Milner Liz! Stuart ,. ov N AA VEECH rf' m is s s' - b 1 E , Eddjie Bgaaies, -DE 8 resi en Speech Club ' U I l n 'g " Q ' I I ll , . ,', .q l - e s A .ss 3 I rx. A is PJ Htl lvl L to R: Brent Barlow, Eddie Beagles. Greg Kiker, Andy Veitch, Heather Davids, Clint Coalson, Katherine Treaioor, Marcus Garringer, Mrs. Hanson, Sponsor, Not pictured: Brett Grey, Vice-President. - 'P I kk? i Q . ws mf, auf JL g"W"L if .K . X . 5 an Freshman Cheerleaders Top: Maura Sheldon, Heather Davids, Ruth Storey Bottom: KrisTin Sims Tammi Pacheco, Clarrise Smelser ucker, Stephanie Pyeaft Top row: Meghan Sfangebye, Jacquelyn Graham, Jessica Rowell BoTTom: Kelly lsler, Lori w. , Q g sal., ,xx Va as 'gf' ,XX 0 fl - ""!v"n 1' , f J' Q x 1 ia' 'ggi if--5-""" ,gunman l "."auvv'f'f , li inf W li . '--J s..., 10 ra if K ',+fQp"' ig xy' , ,, 1 bg' 3355, A, " , . , .P cl: xx K '92, xr? m gal-.ZL5 Xb vit? ng.,- .Myqw . l ' - "Y SE .Q x " , 433 .mall , E Li,, - 4,35 Q 14 X x, f V ' I 1' -V It 7.11 Q . l N V . ,J .,Lf. " ' Q,-1:71 wx X His-A I L Q7 Wg? -. I :iw-sw A . ig! 5 'N W -1 -.Q ,qv ' 2. Squad Goes To National The 4985-86 Varslfy Cheerleaders won The "Award of Excellence" lasT summer which qualified The Tea To compefe in Nafionals Cheerleaders AssociaTion Championships in Orlando, Florida. The squad compefed December 29Th againsT over 'l00 squads from around The counTry. AlThough They did noT place in The Top Ten, They did place in The Top half. The squad feels very good abouT iTs performance and Goddard is proud To have been represenTed by The 4sT New Mexico squad To enTer a NaTional CompeTiTlon. Jog: ' ss I l , Q4 wil' ,ifsl .Eg 3 sl 1 ln e e , Brennan Evans Vrce Presndent President Mary Alice Walker N Allison Carriere Secretary Treasurer I , I 4 .A S. ,.. kg , X P A ie 1 f SZ". W. J Vg. -vim ,. 4, ,wk , ,hiss si 1 ig? 4 M-A 7-fl .W . A. Q . N iff-Q ,. 3' x ,Q EMM W . ,Q Q' -51, 3'-?'f1"' Q 3? A " 'Sf - -'. fa.. Q A -ff .'1f9FE I Q 1. N wg, . Xwmxw' - 9 - V fl ,. xv "g11JE1fL 1 .. X , , WW.-A ,... Wg M,...,,J,.,.L,W. 3 3' X Rf, W A xi 2' Wg? .SR iii J- is f A 533 0,1 x f my ff A' 9 , vi- ,nk ft., .Lf M - 'K f- N x 7 2 X' .fwii N X X 1,43 . ' 2 -f f - A .f . if Am-'Dx ' ' 3 ff Lg- . - ,. ew ' lf ,f . -1 ,Q if' ' ' if ' 5 5? at f ., .s - H+ 'i ki Q Sy 1 Xa Q if . f 1 YL 5 ? 2 ' - L'3'ti,1u'.' .g1:,:A:.,!z:f' W. .3 wb 4 , : milf 5 , . 1 , K. K 4 .. X i ,Q in Q ew ? X f' i Ti 2 1 . , 31 6 f , ' Li Q-1:53 H . f f Student Council Members Attend State Convention . T is fl? ff 'ini f flex .lia 'ls' Q 7 "Aloha!" Senior delegates Stefanie Day, Sally Roberts, Brennan Evans, and Keri McMillan, This year Goddard sent 40 delegates to the State Convention in Las Cruces. Members enjoyed themselves as they attended seminars, banquets, and a Hawaiin Dance. Laura Cooper repre- sented GHS well by running for the office of 'lst Vice President. The delegates were: Heather Cutreil Allison Carriere Mary Alice Walker my Terry Hemmings W ' Tara Whitesell l I Laura Cooper Keri McMillan Stefanie Day Sally Roberts Brennan Evans . 1 'Q :VV f rf V X ' wiki. ' Lx . t A ex K I nf" Laura makes campaign speech. Lost in paradise . . . The great RHS-GHS Pyramid!!! Nothing beots friendship. 'QW' if Alive ond kicking . . . Hey bud! Cool! Looks like Q 10-footer! 1 2 3 S Q if sgwggg MQW 6 'COOPER vS9' . fi ,M 40" if i ' ANHXT We Can Make A Difference! ne! 35 W1 Advanced Mixed Chorus 4, Z M! 41" "" fm I , , ,,,' 2 ,V 3 if xl f ' 4, ' 17 ,.., J y VYL, ' f N , fm, fsd ,X S ik, I fr .2 5' e k f 4 42 Q W1 , ,, I 4 1 L ,M-.... 'V ,Q f di' 4,7 My MMM, 'IWW All 3 5 Y, Z f f JW? eginning Mixed Chorus ,gp- .I 0-Q WW .M Q , TSN, vw. R "" 1 AMN., , s M , u Ku SY v fl f y if wg, MVK ,f :W J V, 17 t M, 0 A Meg-. wwwwffe D ml ,ff - Q, A 'K i Q 2 i' -f if K U ' 7 , I 1 Q m, f if , 15 ..,, f 1 x ' f a 2 1 ,M 1' I s -I-. 0 0 1:5 'wivv N ,QE CD Q X w-fiffifwn' pq: , -, 'fzffil ' ' Y 5 -1 f, TVA' ' as 1:49 fffvy, ' , , ,f 7 1, f ,wwf ,I V .l 5 Wi, I , 4 ai av K ,RW Z 0 L K f V. 'ma , K ,ml ff., k,,,Mg,,, V' ff V if ,WV , Mm, gf mwgn- ww, , 1 ,w4f'ifv,W ,f . f ,M- Y 540343 Iwi QQ iidfzgfi? ' ,m irjgiqj ffiwffr v N ,585 95' ' C M59 1 1" 2 f W My ff' Al 1, 5, nf ff Q! u fu: ,gf 4 Q , w 1 irls Chorus 1 f ff W qvw 11w4a Jw M am, :uf m 1 ,wwf V' M fa y W ifv + fr , , , .Q , 0' f f KAW 4 f 1' M . 'f ve QW, ,,,, Q 4, , 5, 'V L, , gg yi f :fri 4 . X fw J" , ,, ,W , WD? 'VG A g Z QW f mf 1 f ww fy my 45 If gf AMW -1 W 5 , fn 4335 I 5 'ff xv x ..' e f M I ! K Q s N 1 4 -can ew., -n ,f I is, ,- , - 1 Swingers TOP ROW: Brennan Evans, Cameron McClaren, Jeff LaRue, Brooks Noling, Mike Forbau, Chef Armstrong, Greg Courier. BOTTOM: Ami Davis, Laura Cooper, Angela Hodges, Alison Rociden, Robin Rhea, Sylvia Reisei, Christy Walker, Kerri Scoii, Philip Quoniana 'X ' .R M"-tr, X' A ,N X Nr ff! 'wig ff' pil GHS Chorus Deparlment Presents: "Once Upon A Ma1'h'ess" qg fxizi Q all ig v in ze- . .g ene A 1 .gg 5 Dx . I , 5 . E If f gp.. .-.K g- - e .f . 'Q e 5 V .L "'-igf-XQ1... I - -sf -'. - ' "N i ' ,- 45- , -N -5. ., Q ,K . ' .Q N 'A ' Nix 1' Q Q ' .K 4 'N f ' ' 5 ' nj-y. JY' 'K -Wy IP. W . . t in Aw A f- xarf :rt , ir ' fy. MW-,' ' E ' 1 o K 1, . ' 1 K ' 4 . Q -A , " . z we ! F ' A .- f K Y - ' ' Q 1 ' -fi, if . Qi ga - 'Fil J ' 'i f M 8 K wi W W f -m'e-e 'S 'r ,,,f2,,,, ,grae .if " Starring: Brennan Evans. Ami Davis, Mike Forbau and Angela Hodges -RT Spanish Club 1 , . :ty v. W, Officers Dayna Stevens : V. President Nancy Richardson A President Steve Vigil Treasurer Annette Gonzales Secretary e S K MEMBERS BACK: Brady Corn Terri Gibbs Gary Nunez Steve Vigil Shawn Naranjo SECOND ROW: Melvin Anaya Sara Gibbs Annette Gonzales Cathy Juarez Shannon Doyle THIRD ROW: Dora Lujan Ivan Batsoev Dayna Stevens Christine Kelly Nancy Richardson FRONT: Cori Chesbro Tedi Miles Melissa Stevens Shane Adams N. KM f - 14: l Spanish Activities ! X .. ' f. ------x '-.. 4 'g 3, U' bv --...f ,..,L ,, V ...:....-,,..-...'..L-. Ag. ,1g..s.:,..:.xJ-.,,, - ..-Q Ag. ' 2 X ' wzfmxdb N... Vf Jff i VSA, It I , W N r .,f.!: .ll - J . .. x' f.xh'?4'F'l', M! ri. '- X 4 ,sh I Ag 1 X Q 7 X- i . iii ' Y ' f' i f -- .i':.Z'-14, .,-M J, 5. 7 P qi, D 1-.y.3.'., 1219,-. 5 Q. ,'N- , 5 rj, 1'--,g-,fb X 53514395 M ' 1 4325- ' ' " '- i - N ' ,A ki 5-,.Q."S.'55 5 AEI' 51 ff -Q1 43 mf fl, Us 'T Q Tom Baurely Debbie Crane Priscilla Salinas John Hughes John Bartl 2ND Deanna Magness Kelly Horton Sharon Townsend Katy Kris Stecklein Stacey Jones Lorena Blanco Sara Gettemy Su Cho Joe Carnacho Kristen Davenport Lazaro Garcia, Scott Caddell TOP: Robert Smith, Geoff Owens, Staci Rohwer, Twila Bass, Traci Porter, Sarah Wade, Chad Tipton, Jeff Turner, Paige Nunez Laural l Waldrip, Sally Roberts. 3RD: MMe. Link, sponsor, Jeff Lavonius, Laurie Mafta, Cristy Day, Kelly Isler, Michelle Sabin, Yolanda Miranda ruml Motes, Melissa Nelson, Heather Collins, Licha Johnson, Melinda Franco. BOTTOM: Peggy Quintana, Kim Stecklein, DeAndra Glass Annel Lynch, Nellie Kimbell, April Pilley, Michelle Merhege, Leslie Dunlap, Jennifer Freudenberg, Rhonda Craig. SS Amis FTCI1 GiS! 44 Officers Kim Stecklein-Secretary Joe Camacho-Vice-President Sally Roberts-President Peggy Quintana-Treasurer X., X fl French Club Activities LY 4 1 ji gxi i g Ev ' Xi f f 3 il ,1 siffi ' xififw' , ,af 4-ff f KQV Gennon II and III Kyle Cochrone Hol Wilson Cindo Quinfono Greg Colohom Angelo Feofhersfone Rochoel Thompson John Homilron German Club German I Sylvio Reisel- President Tobby Clork Heorher Dovis Fronk Delorier Por Boco Greg Kiker 0 f f i c Kir Sims-vice-presidenf 6 I' S A , . 1 1 Z v ,,,. Ro Kyle Cochrone rreosurer Roche! Thomps secretory 1985-86 Oflicers Nancy Richardson Chuck Mitchell President Beth Waldrip , Mindy Young .S 'f .sex K. 'X Science Club oberts, Nancy Richardson. H ,' T Row: Chuck Mitchell, Raymond Lee, Shannon Lowery, Christy Jones, Alan Konig, Jason Reiks, Second Row: Kent Berryman, Keith Tipton, Storey, Paige Nunez, Steve Vigil, Abraham Jones, Fritz Wiant, Bryan Hunt, Beth Waldrip, Jerry Flemons, Hal Wilson, Kennen Crowhurst, Row: Patricia French, Heather Davis, Heather Collins, Laura Cooper, Heather Cutrell, Sherri Stewart, Brandy Streit, Yvonne Blount, Kit Sims, Kelly, Anne-Catherine Croufer, 4th row: Alisa Rodden, Daonne Carpenter, Kathy Benedict, Dayna Stevens, Dennell Reyes, Sally 47 V, is N Arl Club CAVE PAINTINGS FROM ALTAM IRA SPAIN X E D Top: Aoron Rohwer Derek Downs Alon Borbee Bottom: Pom Hordcosfle Dione Porr Kofhryn BenedicT Condoce Vigil Oflicers x Ski Club Brennan Evans Kirk Dominic Walton Hardwick Steve Shanor Beth Waldrip Todd Knight Stacey Cox James Hill Chet Armstrong Darren Boyd Derek Downs Ronnie Bowhay Eddy Navarelte Kendra Sanders Kelli Wiginton Jeff Huckabee Alan Barbee Kent Berryman Chuck Mitchell Stephanie Day Dayna Stevens Shannon Lowery David Copple Gabe Villegas Tom Baurley Sally Roberts Jeff Weathers Joe Camacho Christy Jones Gerald Ussery Joe Delameter Dub Girand Craig Wilkinson David Wier Keri McMillan Derek Downs George Carr Bobby Sherrard Dean Andrews Kit Sims Kevin Lowe Bonnie Sisneros Patrick Reese Mike Forbau Brooks Noling Todd Clark Carolyn Foster Ofiicers Sec.-Stephanie Day Treas.-Sally Roberts V. Pres.-Kent Berryman ,7 Pres.-Chuck Mitchell '. .X lL:?'C 2 ' is 1,1 4,,.....f ll f -m Greenhand Ofiicers TOP Vernon Jines Kevin Floyd Laura Stowe Cathy McCarty BOTTOM Anisa Kasuboski Scott Martin Future Farmers Of America Ag II Oflicers Melissa Magill Wendy Waggoner Jeff Waggoner Shay Wagner Darla Russell Steve Hooper embers Row: Shay Wagner, Scott Martin, Derek Tate, Steve Hooper, James Jones, Clifford Carlisle, Laurie Patrom, Joey Kasuboski, Chef Dee Studdard. Mike Wilson. 2nd Row: Melissa Magill, Tyra Alexander, Darla Russell, Twila Bass, Mikey Harp, Deedra Dinwiddie, Toni Jerry Spurrier, Shannon Lippard 3rd Row: Melissa Ross, Wendy Waggoner, Trisha Morgan, Cyndi Allen, Jeff Waggoner, David Witt, Stowe, Cathy McCarty, Tiffany Anthony, Bottom Row: Kevin Floyd, Billy Scott, Vernon Jines, Mike Elliot, James Mitchell, Chad Anisa Kasuboski. Ag II 8: IV Ofiicers Cyndi Allen Clifford Carlisle Deedra Dinwiddie Tiffany Anthony James Jones Mikey Harp Trisha Morgan DECA TOP PICTURE: Back-Grant Nelson, Cecil Hankins, Vince Gilberl, Walton Hardwick, Brian Kier, Ricky Jones, Kevin Baron, Eddy Navarelie, Sieve Myza, Middle-Ricky Garza, Perry Price, Jennifer Kelley, Todd Knighl, Ignacio Acosla, Ricky Rodriguez, Mrs. Henderson, Steve Agular. Front-Rulhie Whitt, Lisa Apodaca, Denise Seaman, Barbara Clewin, Gerald Ussery, Shannon Slarnes. BOTTOM PICTURE: Back: Anlhony Burrola, Slef Day, Kenneth Hinson, Jamie Vanwinkle, Bennie Rivera, James Kisselburg, Ray Cusiamanles, James Cullender, Frank Sanchez, Middle-Yvelle Greer, Tammy Tarvin, Tammy Lemmons, Kristy Ingram, April Parham, Amy Nelson, Fronl-Norvelra Rodriguez, Jennifer Salyards, Becky Highlell, Tracy Hire, Mrs. Henderson IECA ' DECA 0 DECA ' DECA ' DECA ' DECA ' DECA ' DECA 0f1icers Back, L-R: Ricky Rodriguez-Parliamenfarian, Gerald Ussury-President, Kevin Barron-Vice-presidenl, Walton Hardwick- Reporler Fronl: Yvelle Greer-Chaplain, Michelle Barbour-Historian, Jennifer Kelley-Secrelary, Carol Henderson-Sponsor. not pictured-April Parham-Treasurer. A ,sm 3113! x I . . ,- Sui X N. I Junior Members. Top, L-R: Danny Garlon, Mike Bell, Laurie Campbell, Ceaser Salas, Michelle Sabin, Noel Eslrad, Gene Analla. Middle: Sherry Wiggins. Nick Palel, Luciana Segura, Diana Ramirez, Andrew Affsprung, Daniel Hernandez. Bottom: Mrs. Henderson, Mall Jackson, Michelle Barbour, Calhi Pacheco, Tim Hall. 'ECA 0 DECA 0 DEGA ' DECA 0 DECA ' DECA 0 DECA ' DECA 54 OEA Qfficers '85-'86 Stacy Harrison-President Amanda Schuler-vice-pres. Jenny Rymer-secretary .1529 Q95 - ga . H F f . a I f Q -ge N Qi-51Z3l.:?2IiQf :EQYR a 1 .. a 2T,Qqg5s'zrsw2as." wx , P59 'fiJ!53?5 51?.E1i'i'2E,:f ,QC 1 7453? "-3 vp-fr: ug'- 'fi -sffffsi' ages .fm 1 2' 11:4 z ff-Q,:x:,:-.' 'f ' 5f P2iK21i. "- f f! E a 1 Wendy Kf0hf1'Tf905- KOr1di6 Kiper-PCN. Missy Fox-Historian Barbara Spencer-spon. OEA... gh? CEA Melnbel'-S , X K 1 .ks Y BACK: Naomi Alvarado. Angela Isbell, Wendy Krohn, Amber Higgins, Delores Escobar, Stacey Harrison, Delores Ponce De Leon, Terry Buckner, Luz Martinez, Mrs. Spencer. FRONT: Sandy Young, Kandie Kiper, Amanda Schuler, Lanie Pantuso, Biola Rivera, Anna Granados, Jennifer Reynolds. W , . i -3 .. A Qx BACK: Mary McGarrah, Cheryl Bowen, Terri Hemmings, Lori Muhl, Kim Bohanon, Theresa Ramsey, Patricia Garcia. FRONT: Jayne Montoya, Jenni Rymer, Cynthia Montoya Julie Gant, Missy Fox, Cathy Wilson, Tammy Moffitt, Yvonne Martinez. Orchestra ..A...4 1 l 2 Bock row, L to R: Jorreit Airhort, John Bortl, Abrohom Jones, Jeff Turner, Scott Elliot, Nephi Julien. Front Row: Dr. Soro Montgomery, Rochel Thompson, Victorio Julien, Cindo Quintono, Jennifer Floyd, Terecrso Ditrnore, Kindle Richburg, Penny Doy, Kerri Bortl. 1986 All-stare , Panicipanrs Jeff Turner Penny Doy Victoria Julien I Officers Left to Right: Jeff Turner, Monoger: Cindo Quintono, Vice President: Penny Dciy, Presi- dent: Jorret Airhort, Secretory 56 VICA - Health Assistants RHS 81 GHS VICA MEMBERS: top, L-R: Sharon White, sponsor, Jaime Velez, Marva Smith, Laura Hite. Millie Fletcher, Shelly Dickerson, Edward Fuller, Irene Sedillo, Becky Skobrak, Renee Vasquez, Zenaida Duarte. Melissa Baker, Kenneth Island. 2nd row: Kim Ray. Paula Peyton, Elizabeth Cannon, Josephine Arias. Ann Hllllard, Angela Vaught, Perette Baugham, Anna Rivera. Bernice Salas. Bottom: Laura Johnson. Vlcky De La Cruz. Kimberly Gwynne, Christina Franco, Monica Gutierrez, Susan Thrasher, Lydia McKinley, Debbie Gonzalez, Trujillo Bl Christina Franco Perrette Baugham Anna Rivera. S7 ll Horticulture .- K- ., 57 I K -' 5 fjqjfh . rf::f.:'f:'f 1 459 ' . 51? W 1 . ' Iv.. ' 7 . V. , ,, H "" H ,z 1.4 em, . ,, for ' V ,, '- -- Q -. - M W, , , - ' ,- .-mZgv- ,V - ff' -'Ti' 'N V R 'i , , ' .' 'z , j ' fzl gg r f ' X 311 cy, A. ,k ere, , an A . , . c JC'm9SeN0"f0" A f rrey' A 4 Nrcfwef Sorenson A X, ' ivg Patrick Garcia Qu W if 'rr Patrick Rutledge , w 3 X, 1., f A Paul suse A K A me h ' wif' H' ? 2fld: JOY Lclndfalr L ' c, RQV GQUSTGWPOUTSS e M , ,.' 1 - . 3 Steve Garza F rx x H 'gf M -, we? Q.. 2 , r g Nit I me r -'eff MOS c r g r ,. 5 r M . , i Benjl Gamboa L ,gy of 5: rn X A f A ard: Pour Peyton ll A , A, NUFSH 50106 l 'h, X, r me e' r 1 More LGUSSYUG ' l l 2 A, Tara Moe "l x Q 'lslz Penny Conn r fe- A X gi b gig' K rf rg. Q E 3 E 7 I Q S K wi 1 fd Q 35 it i 19 V, , rv f ar 55 f 3 Jamie Huffman L Tommy Dodd , ,W r ,re 4 K TonYO Scifem y Lorena Marrujo r Nor pictured: r 5 Robert Rollins r re or Q Alfred Gonzales L , so . ,. . , v.,, X 5 -gimp ff.. rr-3"---f. X. '3i",iA2S9'r fvwzug wig:-rf Wffiil' :wav Lrxzr 'effffi ' "irc Y , . , -131 1,-, Y .4 mfs: . -' N Jwzgw WW. Q -' f - :gg - ,- W EZ Top Row: Eddy Navarrerle, Israel Pino. Mack Dyer. 2nd Row: Frank Sanchez, Jaquefre Rodgers, Klrri Bakla, Kim Hutf, Fermln Sosa, Roger Clements. 3rd Row: Nikki Goscher. Carol Sisk. Jimmy Lyons, Pelgh Monrgomery, Toni Secresr, Lance Carter, Currls Carter, Larry Castro. Bottom Row: Gerald Brasfleld, Jason Williamson, Steve Sorenson, Rosa Leyva, Tracey Hire, Lorenzo Rodriguez. Nor Plclured: Yolanda lbarra s ' ' ' . , 1 5 . Kf"' 'w 5 fx g Q, , . 1 J fig :taxi " A5 ' i ' ' 1' I - ,Q ph? 1-ff 1 5 ff - . , sg 5, , A c ' ' xgssn . Q ' pw KJ X,l I ' x K 1 . ' 4 . r , ' , . . .- ' L ' . . ,lg . 1 x64s'f'!Q' BW' xii 'lf 7 Nw if xxx Y f NN ! affine ! A X, r ' U' f .ki S bg .. 1, bil' K' f In Action .4 Naval Science One 59 tn 45. 'f Back: John Bortl Russell Reese Danny Tarvin James Steen Front: Rusty Morgan James Brewer Mark Perz Isabel Lueras Yolanda Rivera Naval Science Three 8: Four ,nk Back: Terry Wood Grant Langford Dawn Bergstrom Kris Hlnkey Andy Ames Shayne Arthur Middle: Melissa Mathews Joel Smith Joe Macias Robert Hamilton Lole Barrera Andrew Melendez Mae Bradshaw Front: Stacie Evetts Robin Uhrich Shana Mobbley Michelle Baughman Ryan Pitts fi? It sr,, A LL J A John Castillo David Roork David Hein Jonnie Perrine Frank Delorier Laurie Campbell Cesar Salas Shellie Hein Tabby Clark Fil Gonzales John Hamilton Elizabeth Cannon Anna Larson Luz Martinez Bernie Brown W Wx - ' .' I I 5 A A 'll ul! - ::ll" ,A A , Ar, ..- .- "' h. . . rf-Z 3 . f vgggh 1' mfyl . .l TF 3 if Q' ' Y ' 1 . 1 RCTC In Action uni ,sa J: ' ! , Q Q , Q0 K 4? iw 41 SN. M H H 5 ' Future Homemakers Of JClfT1i Ponce Best Salesperson Goal To help youth assume achve roles IH soclefy Through home economics educahon IH areas of 0 personal growth 1 famuly Ilfe 0 vocahonal preparahon v communiTy involvernenr FHA creates Ieadershnp opporfunnfes whuch encourage 0 ongunal Thinking 0 creahve planning 0 responslble 'NY i 'I I su Honor Society Oiiicers 'Nb :N ' X . ' Left to Right: Steven Vigil- vice-president. Christine Kelly- president, Lourc Cooper- secretory, Alon Konig- Treasurer. Bulleiin Board Workers wig? w-Mr on Beih Woldrip, Keih Tipfon, Rachel Thompson. i Back row: left to right: Kent Berryman, Carolyn Foster, Keith Tipton, Steve Vigil, Alan Konig. 2nd row: Brenda Garringer, Wendy Krohn, Shannon Lowery, Beth Waldrip, Christine Kelly, Kerri Scott. Front row: Kathy Benedict, Aaron Rohwer, Nancy Richardson. Dayna Stevens. Brennan Evans, Sally Roberts. NSHS MembefS Back row: Rachel Thompson, Denise Hernandez, Brandy Streit, Trisha Morgan. Jenni Rymer, Stella Cardona. Kathy Phelan, Heather Cutrell, Kathy Witt, Tabby Gore, Matt Turner, Raymond Lee. 2nd row: Laura Cooper, Jamie Huffman, Kay Lilley, Mary Alice Walker, Eric Laren, Todd Cheseboro, Front row: Sherri Stewart, Tabby Clark, Sean Davis, Terri Hemmings, Maria Newbold, Darin Boyd. ix? X xxx? X933 SMX E? DS ., Q. , v..-"2 C I A mf X. x -SQ? ! f dl' fl? 'M Tx in g K X vw i K .. l W Nt, 42 we in--vi lun JM gk 1 W Lis' Q i,fp ' as , K 4, GHS Big Blue Crew FIogGiIs 's 'i I . f X Kerry O'Dell, Jennifer Wiggins, Mrs. Moles-insirucior, Anjane-Tie Ogas, Tammy Moles, 84 Kendra Bassett Trophy . . . won at Senrna Distric? Con- 66 iesi, Division i BACK Kyle Cochrane Frilz Wianl David Ware Hal Wilson Danny Neel Perry Wakefield Lo Richard Landfair FRONT Jeff Huckabee Joe Camacho Laurie Mafia Chris Levonius Rusty Levonius Brian Wrighl Sieve Mysza Brandon Kirby Dusty Taylor Mark Perez Band Officers Peggy Quintana Drum Major Jeff Huckabee President Sonjia Amos Secretary Jeff Weathers Drum Major 84 Vice President W00dWindS , 4 M W W C .4 f. .W , .- ,- H.- . mann' ' Y ,-u"f"' ,,J"'ll'ns ""'1'-Mn-'isnt M mf-gp M. ,M em , 'L -. " lv-ml , M vw-un-1 'M Ju if .M 4 . an "" any Back: Aaron Landfair, Sonjia Amos, Daryl Cleveland, Russ Reese, Robert Betancur, James Mares, Russell Cherry, Juanita Hamilton, Mike Pulley MIDDLE: Johanna Tutor, Pauline Arias, Tammy Stephens, Laurie Mir- anda, Heather Cochrane, Melissa Alexander, Darla Deshotel, Jamie Wakefield, Hilary Rutley. FRONT: Elisa Kisselburg, Heather Collins, Stacie Jones, Martine Kopanskey, Wendy Alexander, Melissa Doerhoffer, Jenni Rymer, Christi Blair, Michelle Williams, Chuck Davidson, Deanna Dye. All-Dishici Band Elisa Kisselburg- flute Delma Sanchez, Kim Murray, Stephanie Crumley, lan Jeani Mme" Hufe Bridge, Melvin Williamson, David Zuls, Jimmy Agular, ehsso Doemoefef' FIUTG Shane Sankey, Jon Martin, Matt Turner " 4' JH.: QQ I fl 'Jag 31 ,X Q U Q in A ' , my M1 N l C . ' " 9 ' ' ts' X f',l"L X N xx P fmt 9, " Xb S ' 1' , V K xv ' 'ax x - V N. , ' xx ff .592-Nh Y 1' , 1 M N , - l X V. K sf' ! ,, 5 FR ' K 1' if 1 I Q . D fa r x ' I M1 W 4-W W S T I I I .I 4,3 N h A, ' 'XJ , lu, h fo 1" 1 M WEB? N- v f X 'X GE NM. .. 395:-N 1 X "'-I-T:--a Q NFUM f ff a s 'I' XJ Q Q5 X W JA 'Q' img V,,'A,9f . I N: ' 1 owoww 4 fiWlf'fEX 4 ggi'-T'3l"9 3 2 ' 1,4-gjj, E 5-:ff -ff xwhf- J'--f-'H ,A R0bel'lS C0-Edifbf ix IR ii? Sanders Co-Editor S x 'Y X X, X Q 'Q ' A W 'ei Q wk if fa K Nix Q A as A K .R . W' -r 5' x 'X Qi',g' ,xsftk .F wr it U 1 Ni " . SN ' , if . ' 4 .fe , nf, .fi Q xxx. .-.f Brot 'ws' A nm Shawna and Kim Ray Snawn ana Sieve Saunders EM Shannon ana Bonnie Sisneros Jolie and Jamie Van Winkie 1 . om, ana Sandy Young Brothers And Sisters Bobby and Larry Casiro Angie and Kirk Dominic Kennefh and Anna Marie Hickman 1 lining? 4. 1 Racine- and Laura Logan Cincia and Peggy Quintana I I U N? ,g f uni N-X M4 'N-M.. ,df SL V Y'f"f' 1 Q L 4, J I X In CIGSS of 86 S? X V' QPR September October Robin Rhea Christine Kelly November Shannon Lowery December January Beth Waldrip Dayna Stevens will March ADW' Angela Featherstone D6-GOTO Diftwiddie February Sally Roberts W-ECW . of-wif t i b g' wl 1 .Nr , R i? May Tiffany Anthoney September October Noncy Richordson Carolyn Foster V F December Jonuory Stocie Smith Keri Scott March April Sonyo McKnight Sheri Smith November Alison Rodden X J Februory Dennell Reyes Moy Wendy Krone I David Co le Telstar E Kelly Rhea Robert Giiego Boguslawskl r D There's o bridge Over The woTer As for os The eye con see A bridge ThoT brings hoppiness Which IosTs efernolly. BuT you con'T find This bridge everydoy. Some find iT by chonce, Some find iT by rnisfoke, Some by o TwisT of foTe. You'II know when you've found The bridge. So give o Turn ond wove good-bye. You'II hove found your piece On The bridge. Hedfher Voughn QWWWMW Q X 9' x D , f sf. ' . X September October November Chuck Miichell Keith Tipion Derek Downs i QQ' December Jonucry February Dovid McCIoin Joe Delemoier Kent Berrymon March April Moy Bryon Hum Mike Forbou Jude Storey Sepfember Ocfober November Brennan EVODS David Copple Patrick Garcic vw - Q V . .me L r gays? 2 P December January February Ivan Barsoev Alan Konig Aaron Rohwer X i M ,fs N Jw' Q mr March April May Sfeve Vigil Steve Shanor Greg Callaham E, September mmf ff" if October Kendra Sanders David Pritchard December 'QS-iw January Jeff Huckabee I?iCkY ROGNQUGZ March April Gerald Uggefy Jeff Weathers November Keri McMillan ivan-4 February Kathryne Benedict gil' May Jeff LaRue SWL Brennan Evan Siuqeni Body President S xi f Of, Q - fm ww 256364 W Q95 Ser? 5 en g- QPX fe: Q-wx? 49' Q Eigsg we ,uf 4pf 5 6 . P 5 ,, Sponsored by Fron's Fashions oo 5 N LN. 4' f SSX it 1 ix 4 W A -X bln is " 23' xx - . Ng if x F X Junior Prmciess .- ,X vgxx COYY Ammo Morae Hfffwvofw 11 Demson 1 A 1 Escort Sub Gnromd Mistletoe Queen And :seen dw 5 : ee- ,ee . e 3 Y f .. f Q 'E ,G if , , . zf :W -, 'e , ' . . Qi. ' .Y , - ,kg ' 5 ' e I I H91 L eil? .355 - , ,me . -' -.MWZN Q 3 X .ex MM V- - lwaexvv - .-e-we 4.. V ,',.:.. ef: A f?312'l'5S'f -vw . i'NQ -ua4:i.,, MMM' 353 L, X -xr ek 1 ,ix viii we ,ra ' ' r i if i xg Kim Price Rudy Medrono Jocquelyn Gronom Gory Nunez i LW Tino Trujillo 'fifr1gY,H-lxx , J Adrmiiiiimri, - -' Q' Joel Hutchinson Kim Siecklein Sieve HOODSY Mistletoe COUI1' Photography by Jerry 2708'!z N. Main St. - Suite 8 Roswell, N.M. 88201 15051 623-8361 87 'Kiran-mx 1 X 3452 is I M 911 Reyes e Sweetheart By0neHou' -Thehlks K. Wk. nal! 'ln ' 4 Q K. rs we sl. 4 X in ff ,tb s rx V K wr y 9'-gf, N Q , .V X K A V nb A -vi 'mf 4 xp. arf J - K f Aw h 'F 1+ g , , Y V3 ' 1 it 'W , -fir" ' -dl ' 'W' ' N ff A ' fi .Q kt 5 iff V K, Q A xi A , ff nf Lx x' A J' y 'yr 4' L. , E., . -.x- XX 'Q 7 ' lg A 1 ,W ' , .N W , Avg? 0 ' AL X f A Vf X U Sa-S. - X I . X5 4 ff. X . 4' 7 1 f ft :we 4' sl' Q' u , J.- K f'w'. if lr? 5 . Rx 'b .HM H A 1 E ' , r ,ff"-. ? ur ,. Eu ,-if Yagi 4 s , MIX X ,Q'M ff'5" sf 'f,.!, ,Q fx. New Mexico Bo David Copple Steve Vigil Brennan Evans Chuck Mitchell Mike Forbau Gerald Ussery Allernale Alternate Y And Girls Siciiers Christine Kelly Shannon Lowery Beih Woldrip Cecilio Leofon Doyno Sievens Jill Hutchinson Aliernoie Aliernoie 'G f""' iSP'5?' NLE? IV. Q , '.n.,, F., f x., ' N k WH 1 J.: ,3- A ff. -X -, ,- W A - x 9 1 W +52 . 1 Q . ' N X ff' N J ' "nf Ci fr fy ,xg 4 fr, N R J 'Z -A Q9 . A , N-rv-A X' E di r f , l fi? . C' x 1 'F' g a 6 53 43-.ov F k Q X Q!!! Q3 El -- H - "" gg23." Q, jf - ig 1.1 x W ,PX K' f N I i ' 'lx , Duistanding Lady Athletes Laura Core Tina Trujillo Rey Derek Downs T-E: 2Vr v s I A ,.., V.A,y 3 1 E5S1.I,:5 Ibrvg J I V , ,b U x Es ii D I ,ILL D "N V CY A, A! 'ZR B .W " "" ' 4' D Sa. .1 1 D ScoT1 David , 'A X vc QB-DB 0' I ,r.,Vggt:, ,ig Q V . 5 Q , l' "' ' ... A . L .. . .. l ".'9r. "5 .f"."i'i9 -A ' ,L-N' sk' T,'f3?: In ! L :ff K K 1 ' .i.53. K I K1 A ,LL.. . l V' Q A 4... B un ' ,gy OD H ag David E-DB: 2yr v Q99 42' e, 5422 xx 'q' , . x 4,-,- . my ' e fe ' All STATE eee fl ' e l 5 e INSURANCE D.DD A+D'D Tff e ee 11 4 1 l:4 e e , Q. D A e Phwowns AU Pct TB-DB: Lee Rucker Agenfs Chuc Benin Allen G-LB: 51 S gi' ,A , , Q x eei A L VQQQ4 Div:-zigireaiz 5 Q 55 xp. " H , , 'Je nf A Lv 14"-fy' M 5 . t Yu muy, me ' .'..,..5-.4 ,iff l Gory Bradley E-DB: 2yr Rocket Football Seniors And Juniors ,mor , , loo Q 8l i 7 37 ,s ,Y I r , Richard P '- ' L gi 3 . , 5 BB 4. 1 A 1 73 ' o ' HughRuT -T12 G fr N .1 , 57, A ' miiiisiy ' 1 ' " -:Alai A rr,r G 'l'bCIl TSGITI nf as e ra in 1 f VV"'V ' ' ' ,Rss 'Z Q sq m Q -Q4 395 l 'ff' 3523211 Bl 97 41 Top Row-Tim Amos, Shawn Gardner, Greg Thomas, Derek Downs, Patrick Garcia, Hugh Ruiley, Mitchell, Daniel Hernandez, Rey Medrano, Greg Callahan, David McLain, James Hill. Donnie Sieve Hooper. 2nd From Top-Granl Nelson, Benji Allen, Scoll' Hendricks, Coy Skinner, David Rundell, Gary Bradley, Tim Lopez. Bolfom Row - Bobby Wesl. Steve Garza, Ivan Balsoev, Prilchard, Jon Cherry, Clifford Gonzales, Dean While, Donny Garlon. 3rd From Top-Chuck Cesar Salas, Melvin Anaya, Brell Diggs, Raul Carrillo, Paul Panloja, Richard Parlon. Richard Parton gains yards against Lovingion erek goes for the sack. James Hill carries the ball for fhe Rockets. Rey fights for yardage Junior Varsity Football ilk. as-,G Top- Anthony Rocha, Jerry Nunez, Bryan Roberts, Tony Ortiz, John Franco, Brett Wilmot, Tim Sims, James Macias, Tommy Roach, Felix Gary Nunez, Derek Evans, Paul Bryon, Brent Lansford, Rudy Chairez, Ceasar Salas, Rodney James Bottom- Claude Hamilton, Chris Daryl Holloway, Bobby Castro, Marco Rameriz, Gary Rundell, Jeff Krueger, Jeff Roach, John Drr, Wayne Maddox, John Hughes Benedict, Melvin Anaya, Tim Lopez, Robert Aragon. not pictured, Lee Jones 102 1 Y Tina makes a save. 1985 State Runner-Up ff ag- X' Cathy gets a block. W 1- at-rv ' - ' ' A ,, I Q 4 55, F A Sonya serves an ace. 5 W-+ L' V' V, e e ,,,, K , -, 5 W Y. ' ' H4-'Tull-1.9 ' ' 'J I A 5 V- " V-14 .1 J Q. , .. YQ , ' VK A . I V Q T, fr ,, WV, : zz. ' gx 4. 41's , .W ".4Y1fje'.".vl': ':rx - t t 1 ' . i t 4.5!-, I I ,tg E qi ' 'Q L , q Mn ,? ,, W" I . t 4' 1 H 1 Q , ' " .. -' A " Lady rockets wait for victory. Hg, 'fa I Top Row: Jenni McCrea, Denise Salas, Cathy Wi'r'r, Jamie Van Win Smifhg Sonya McKnight, Laura Core, Tina Trujillo. Lcfd ,Rockets Le all re "Wx E - i g ,V 4, ,, , 3 ' 'V f 2' f r i kle, Sherri Smith, Jennirer McGuire, shannon Murphy, Vikki Lyons. 5""'1 I Hu F 1 f f , y, z I , , ' KW . K M ' fm " new , ... ., , f . H Qi?" ' i W V-BCIII! . 'fn -,K E 'Y -N ., 'ia 1- 5 Q 'xkfiilsv Jaffa M N-C Botiomi Twila Bass, Karina Mendoza, Kris Anglada, Doniia Skinner, Linda Smith. Top: Diane Ramirez, Maria Newbold, Murphy, Laurie I-linkle, Teresa Difmore, Kelly Harlon, Kaiy I-lorgon. Bottom: Albie Ramirez, Kerri Barfl, Lisa Schanck, Alisa Johnson, Lori Benevidez, Dawn Schmitt. Top: Coach Debbie Laura Hernandez, Amie Corrigan, Kaye Scoif, Jennifer Floyd, Becky Mikkelson, Laura Stowe, Jolie Vanwinkle, Siacy Coach Ernie Core, Steven Shanor, Gabe Villegas, Sean Davis, Jeremy Crow, Ron Tucker, Tye Sims, Kirk Dominick, Coach Ari Crewsell Tennis 5 . Coach Ernie Core, Sharon Townsend, Shannon Murphy, Laura Core, Jamie Van Winkle, Ann Catherine Croufer, Maria Newboia, Mary Alice Walker, Coach Ari Creswell ,g,,,,,, . ,,., , 7 V ff: , :QW ,4 , M f , W, , ,, f U W A ,iwcwewu'iw, n'f'5:'7.m,2 , f A f ff ,ff W , ggqif5,ef-,gxwff ,,,, , f ff N fwfz:M.!f'f- Q,,Z'L?iiLf1f ' ff? fy, I 3, , ,, , , . fww9:z'w'1" , , Wfffzfwfffffi aw ,IJ ' 1 , f ,flaw 2 . ,, ffx,Z2fW 2479 if , , ,, ,mg a 7 , 'Q'f A ,YVLV 4, M , 3 NW K ,ff pf ' x ef 'J V , 5 1 ,af ' 4 I , W L 5'W , 4 , an f f " Q ' WW, ,V , .V if Q, f , V, , ,Jug 1 MJ F !bnpf6h Jeff Xsw, M4CCl'6Q,jCCThY Whult, Jomle Vqrr WIHRIG. Leslie L6f16nfFlri231 Trujillo, Lindo Smllhglgorrlbibonkey. Not pictured, Day. l f- l Soccer Top Row QL-Rj Brandon Kirly: Ronnie Tucker: Lincoln Busselle: Kennon Crowherst: Chad Tipton: Stephen Damron: Bert Foster: Tommy Yoder: John Pemberton: Coach Meeker Bottom Row CL-RJ Jon Gauna: Mathew Mulliken: Geoff Owens: Eric Brackeen: Matt McMahon: Kenneth Hickman: Moses Rocha: Shawn Stalls. Not Pictured Shane Adams: Shawn Andrus: Doug Parsons. A First At Goddard . fb ff'e.si !, A ns? qi i T 1, iii T . ' I q. , . 7 A .. J - A I .px -Vviff gi 9 I Top Row QL-RQ Heather Davids: Wendy Waggoner: Debbie Crane: Suzie Gonzales: Jamie Wakefield: Regina Simmons: Tracie Porter: Katrina Trelor: Annette Romero: Laura Langston. Bottom Row CL-Rj Kim Janosek, Piper Klee: Lisa Madsen: Staci Rowher: Kim Bell: Shannon Doyle: Loly Garcia: Laurie Matta: Peigh Montgomery: Michelle Butler: Manager- Toni Seacrest 110 Top Row: Coach James Clark, Todd Chesebro, Kent Berryman, Daryl Cleveland. Coach Jan Richards, Rosemary Hobby, Chad Berryman, Emma Medina, Lorenz Brian Haycox, Lance Richards o Rodriquez, Chris Lopez ' me 2 i 5 5,2 fr pm, Gr Q .Q we ,. Q if Emp ss Todd fighis The wind , ,. -"4 1 ,ra - s I i 5 V iiii fi f EV 'R EX L lihad head for finish line Rosemary streaks pasr cam SFO Y-,I Front Row- Jacquelyn Graham, Laurie Hinkle, Kris Stecklin, Kris Agiada, Piper Klee. Top Row- Paige Nunez Corrigan, Holly Evans, Kelly Harton, Meghan Stangbye, Coach Jim Waldrip. L i i l gi . i Wt 63,1 Front Row- Brian Wright, Chad Alexander, Robert Smith, Jeff Bradly, Coach Jim Waidrip, Top Row- Williams, Cameron Doan, Carbone, Ted Walcirip, Brandon Doan, James Marshall. F l Teri Homrick Top-L-R Kerry Odell, Teri Hcnmrick. Bottom- Michelle Barbour, Sylvio Reisel, Annette Lynch. Michelle Barbour Annette Lynch 17717 '7 7 xgee. f X i am We Love 0ur e Teachers if Ju Because Q ' Q They're So . . . ii MEAN! e +0 STYUSH! 5 I 4 Principal Lloyd Conell f, X , Assistant Assistant Pom Armstrong Deon Holmon A 1 . Counselors Mr. Ortiz Mr. Bonks il .AFM Ms. Edmonson English Dept. Qs. ,.. 'Z :xr Ms. Stokes x 11' ml sf- .V X - Ms. Hanson Ms. Brown Ms. Ecasley Ms. Henderson J' .L1 Ms. Nine Ms. Ridier Ms. Stokes Ms. Tcyior Mr. Tydings Mr. Vigil 7 Secretaries Ginny Beosley QQ' Dixie Floyd Helen Alpers 'YW 1 7 I Margaret Cmvez Chorlolle Rogers Judy Borlyl xx K , 558. .l.., ,L ik W' Peggy Cooke Dorolhy Koler Wgme Groves Borooro Fulton Foreign Language, Fine Ari . ' A f ... Q51 -Qi' X . i g 3 2 Gene Deviff Barbara 'Casey Yvonne IKOFC1 Jenise Link we-Z., John Walker Karen Wiesi-Parihun Special Needs Linda Dodson Judy Babek 'Nw' AFT CYGSWGII Sue Lernmons Suzanne Timmerman Leslie Noonan - Q I Mdih KMYJ i if X In Noncy Moore Don Allsup Debbie Beyhon Fronces Campos i gfi W ,- Q 4' Y Joy Edgeti Dorlene Klossen Connie Lindsey Judy Smiin 2171 :fi .. .yi 3 s iiiis . iff If K K X Ai ,.El Nfl 4 yrfi ' J. f,.,,, .Mm ,,., e,W,...,.. M-, Belvo Willioms fi ,A ,Wifi Y' f'f"""""'l i ' .J ,- we 5 V ,M P . kg. 1 "' 1' 5 ,LWB K - i in Business i lflg VV I 5 'A ' Borboro Spencer Cofoi Henderson Doreifo Hipple JUVWG MCCOVHWOCR Science Dorothy Eochus Ann Allen Jim Bignell Jim Hiie Bryn' Bob Link Jon Richards Mike Ridings Jim Woldrip Prclciiccll Art D E P A H R E T A M D E N T JGCK Cvroenfer Bfvd Livinosfon Corolyn Tederick Randy wnicker Physical Education, Hecllih, ROTC 1 . Ernie Core Hayden Hill Leon Simms Sagial Scieaigs f f vi. ,T Katherine Waggoner Ed Novak Joanne MacCaIIum Ron Owen ages' QQ, A I ' 1 of Favorite type of music: Rock,New Wave, Punk. Favorite Group: Ratt, Loverboy, Tears for Fears. Favorite Food: Pizza, Steak, Mexican. Favorite Male Actor: Sylvestor Stallone, Richard Pryor, Michael J. Fox. Favorite Movie: Back to the Future. Weird Science, The Breakfast Club. Favorite Car: Porsche, Camaro, A by A truck. Favorite Female Actress: Heather Locklier, Molly Ringwald, Heather Thomas. Favorite Hobby: Movies, swimming, Skiing. Favorite Clothes: Preppy, Punk. Favorite Hang-out: Home, Mall, Movies. Favorite Drink: Classic Coke. Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke. Favorite Class: Algebra, English, Science. Favorite Day on the Week: Friday. Saturday, Sunday. Favorite Club: Student Council, French Club. Freshman Quotes: Uh! Where's roomit .......... 7 Oh! Right . . . No, I didn't. Can I have a ride ..... '? Are you able? l'm Lost!l!!!! Yes, l'll carry your books. Do you think I really carel!!l!?'? We'll be fine in '89! Have a cow!! A new beginning. Only 3 more years ..,. We are going to get there some day. You look MARVELOUS .... Give me a break ..... PLEASEl!!!! YP J l fr l y K , su fk " f ' . 1 , , Qi ix 'H E.. ft i Freshman Class Favorites Kim Kevin Travelsiead Sanders ffm ' if 5 11.1 Q Amy Burson Amie Ccrrigon - President Vice President Wninmuuum M: i , Hz ami W 40 Holly Evans TFGOSUYGI' ig M 5 i 5 , 5 ni" , Sain ores ,is reiory , ii J lx W -,. v..,,,W.,,.,..-ww J...,.,. N, ,W fn QI ,,-.,., J-?Nl llfvgf4Qa?fJ W 'ML' K U 1 Jwmes A'Q2rs2hderggW9HQv Alvcir9z, J Pmvio, Ckivdldll shawn ' Apod hh b Anng, snqne Axe52ssQrran M Barnbft, Kendra Bonita. mule Burrell. Jim Borlle, Kerri Borllell, Bill Boughmon, Down Bcqrley, John Becgles, Eddie Becfflel, Jeff J Bello. Dovid fBer1qvidez, Lori Berrones, James Berry, Steve Bloig, Chrisfino Bodfdmon, Joylene Boggs, Blll Boionos, Ruben Biilignos Sulla l'llJlJ Bm ow Moe XBL3 I Down 545 l -QQ . SHGWF1 " lf fig? J , gy S55-X-Eiisgg Y , ggi wi 12. - JX, J V , ll-l 'lx-Q-fgf-V h Angelo Byrd, Jodie Carrigan, Amy Carler, Jeff Carter, Kim Casianeda, Ronald Castillo, Rosie Chavez, Harold Chenaweih, Robert Cho, Sue Cleveland, Darin Coalson, Clint Cochrane, Healher Campos, Tony Connell, Chris Copansky, Marten Corr, Alice Crane, Debbie Crow, Jeremy Cruslinger, Joe Damron, Sieve Davenport, Krislen Davee, Kurt Davis, Craig Davis, Greg Davis, Paige Davids, Josh DeLaRosa, Raul DeLosSanTos, David Dickerson, Chad Doerhoefer, Melissa Dominic, Angie Dunlap, Marvin Espinosa, Tracy I Ww- it X All Estrada, Adrina Evans, Holly Evells, Stacie Ferrell, Randy Flores, Moises D Floyd, Jennifer Franco, Melinda Garcia, Henry Garringer, Marcos Gellemy, Sara Gibson, John Gibson, Sonny Glenn, Richard Gomez, Daniel Graham, Kim Graves, Ronald Greer, Denise Halvarson, Sieve Hamill, Mark I-lamillon, Juanila Hamillon, Robert Hargrove, Jimmy Hannon, Shane Harkness, Richard Harless, Charmln Harrison, Charles Harrison, David l-lelslowski, Vicky Hellums, Laura Hemrick, Teri Henske. Jill Hernandez, Laura ' 'S if T H12 X 4 Herrfon 2, Mike Heslpw i, Kathy Hichey, Kris Hickmon, Kenneih Higgins, Lorry Hues, Donny Hobbs, Corlo Hodges, Hope Hogue, Seon Holmes, Choko Hughes, Lodown 'L Joromillo, Jovier Jimenez, Alfonzo Johnson, Dollos Johnson, Rodney Jolley, Chorles Jornie, Jordon Julien, Neohi Korr, Borbie Kosuboski, Aniso Kerbough, Sheilo Kidweli, Jockie Kiker, Greg Kimboil, Noncy King, Rex Kinnord, Erin Kisselburg, Eliso Lonsfoir, Richord Longford, G-ron? Lowson, Sherry Levonius, Chris Lewis, Lori Leybo, Lupe Licon, Jose Lopez, Chris f iw M Jw- " 1, 2. ' nr 5,5 '2 N . 15? ' - i L X , ff " w V7 55.1. '92 ig? S me- ai Q Q ' El .1 '77 Sum. L-LODQZ, , l-0955, tFiieddV h Lorton. ,Mgksabii X9 J we Lucero, Nike Lynch, Nikki 1 Mangum, Wayne Mares, James Marke, Clay Martin, SCOTT Martinez, Debra Massen, Paul Matta, Stacy McCarver, Leslie' McCormack, Kevin McCubbin, Dana McMahon, Tina McMillan, Candle Mecks, Kennan Medrano, Ruby Melenclez, Andrew Micheal, Tina Mikkelson, Becky Miller. Jammie Mina, Cynthia Miranda, Lauerne Mitchell, James Mitchell, Jennifer Mitchell, Stephanie Shana Magress, DeAnna , Q M , . ore, ic-ann A, Morales, Tony Mulliken. Matt Murray, Kym r if its wha Tina Nasi. Jim Novak, Sheeia P Nelson, Melissa Norton, Kristen Norton, Paul Nulf, Marion Paad, Jason Pacheco, Tammi Parks, Michelle Pargongypoug Parson? Rick I Payne, Vickie Pemberton, John Phillips, Rhonda 3 Pit ,Ryan P er, Tracie P ers, Mike Pri ye, Kim Pri Ve, Rodery Ramirez Albinita Ramirez Yvette Rav, Valishy Ramirez, Brenda Regsdcle, Ty R6f'I'fC1flO, TlI'1CI RlChGfdS, Lance .x f Poney, Mike P Me naw' :K . li ,gi 5 'E .7l'a-ma Q? U-A nga' 4 ,gnu-,auf ,ff Q9 Si' ii N, . Q , Richardson, Nikole Richhura, Kindel Robbins, Clayton Roberis. Kenneth Rocha, Moses Rodriguez, Tina Rogers, Debra Rogers, James Romero, Agnes Romero, Oscar Ruiz, Maria Rutley, Hilary Salcido, Lisa Salinas, Ruben Sanchez, Delrna Sanchez, Rachel Sanchez, Richard Sanders, Kevin Sankey, Shane Saunders, Shawn Scores, Candy Schmifi. Dawn Scolr, Billy Scoil. Kay Segura, Tessa Sena. Manuel Sena, Nicole Serafino, Jessica Sharck. Lisa Sheldon, Maura Sifuenrs, Sam Sfrns. Kristen Shaw, Mike Skipperd, Usa is Smelser, Clarice Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, April Clint Heather Hoyt t ax 5 yi., Joel Ken . Liz Solis, Robert Soliz, Renee Sorensen, Steveygy it Stalls, Shawn Stark, Rita Stevens, Tammy i Storey, Ruth Stroble, Tony Strobrak, Mike Stuart, Dale Sutton, Micheal Tarvin, Jinny Teichgraeber, Bryan Travelstead, Kim Torres, Henry Tucker, Ronnie Ulibarri, Mida Urquides, Fernando Weathers, David Welch, Jason Wessel, Bobby kts F 'vu' WT "1 Villanueva Villegas, Tina Wiggins, Jennifer Winkler, Tammy Williams, Michelle Winkler, Christy s Winnie, . Hi Wood, T ry Wright, Sean is Yates, Sarah Young, Stacy 5 D l E 5 3 M 135 Favonte type of music Rock, New Wave, Country Favorite Group Tears for Fears Wham' A Ha Favonte Food Plzza Mexlcan All Favornte Male Actor MlchaelJ. Fox, C. Thomas Howell Rock Hudson Favorite- Movle Back to the Future Fletch Return of the Llvung Dead Favornte Car Porsche, Lamborghlnl RX7 Favorlte Female Actress Heather Thomas Your Mother Favorite Hobby Music Skung Talking onthe phone. Favorite Clothes Fashlonable Trash Lowrrder Favonte Hang out Mall McDonalds Partles Favornte Drunk Cherry Coke Classic Coke, Pepsi. Favorlte Class Englrsh Biology Favorlte day of the week Fruday Saturday Favonte Club Student Council Spanish Club. ' Glrls Gone Bad Guys too Look but don't touch. Can you read laps NOI Chlll Out To the MAX' Oh Wow man Hey Dude Take off you hoser Get a Job a real job ..., Sophomores have class Don t you thunk' Bang your head on a brlck wall Head butlllll How s Lufe'P Class of 88 is Great . . . Only 2 more years to go You slime lbg i N7 XJ S O fl '.D jt s X 2 f""' Sophomore w Y oriies 4ji v xxx ny' .-:Q ..--use-P' 1! pw. sq 2 S IWW' P I I of ,D ,MAI gqq ,ff ' fb' I J' 1: 5: I. QK44, . s s o -' O , ,aku 'Llgsll' ei iff Q OSI? sh hi i , ' ff. XX .pf-"o "' g M, ,,.- ,ff ,f M-1"'6 .av ,wfw W HK M I, X I I 'ZA 3 ..,.-.,.,, .W.-0.4 , . V h,,,,.MW ,, f M' 4 s W 'Q 1 ,K M 1 Tony Orfiz Vice President V fo . if Q us Q n V gf T d W ld' n X' , wi iresidcg if I n , W' 4 I Qqxvx f -in ' N ,Aff V' I Rhonda Craig SecreTGry M K' . iq Razr- .W ,- A-TSN ny' "f X ,B , l, " xl f I , x Sophomores I , ,V , , f ,Q ,..V, , ,, f . VH 1 ri Acevedo, Adams, Shane if Aguilar, James , if Alexander, Chad' MSM! ,W ,W V fr, if W f - gf-if Alston, June U Alsup, Michelle Tim ,f Maya, Melvin Kris iizi . Monica Aragon, J. J. Arogoh, Robert Archuleia, Lori Arnold, David Borbee, Marcie Borela, Corina Bariaza, Lucy Barlow, Brent Barrl, John Baxley, Melissa Beck, Mike Behnke, Theresa Bell, Kim Belyeu, Kim Benedict, Sean Bero, Judy Bhakro, Kirti Bhalda, Rajesh Blevins, Alan Bowles, Jason Boyd, Jennifer Brackeen, Erlcr BIQQQQXQ If Brewer, es C Buck, Roger Bugarin, Ruben Busselle, Lincoln? Bufler, John lQ2Byron, Paul Campbell, Kyl Carolhers,QChrls Coder, Carter, Landeyy Castro. Bobbyp, Chalrez, Rosa fm E, Chairez, Rudy Chesbro, Cori Coburn, Sgrah Cole. David C Collins, Heafher Cordero, Chris Corn, Brady Colton, Melinda Courter, Greg Craig, Rhonda Crolx, Rachel Crowhursl. Kennon Culllns, Toby Davlds, Heather Davison, Chuck Day, Chrlsfl tel.. Darla " Z' gf Kevin milf more Theresa Dixon Kathy 1. ,ll,,,,,..'5 ,rkh ,,V,, , V f1gg,,,'ggri:43,:-'r,: QQ . , Aff A . tips Q , H I ' ' ' Gmane 5, 434: it , ff Q V., ' . ' " ' . . W , .V N , ,M av 1. , 4 M . ,I 5 Dolan, Brandon l- oyle, Shannon uke. Gregg Dunlop, Leslie 5 9 Dye. DeAnne YU Us Q5 gs Dyer, Mark Dyer, East, Elton, Espinoza, Evans, Derek Fitzpatrick, Tim Fletcher, Shannon Ford, Robin Foster, Bert is Franco, John French, Patricia Frevaenberger, Jennifer Fulton, Les Gallegos, Erlinda Gannaway, Shannon Garcia, Chris Garcia, Loly Garcia, Sonya Garcia, Susana 141 U L-' ,473 Tony bs, Sarah if ww Q-lP332ail1,4M 924 if H sa 5. ' lift 4 wi ,J 1 ,l 4 1? Of' s.. 0 , O l ,WL V 'M ,my my , sf-f,, 1 ' i 5 ,A .,,,,,. , ff l N fir ffl 5? ' iz, Qonzaies Frank Eibnzales, Nancy fonzales, Susie j Af TCQGF, Niki Qigould, Margaret Gustamantes, Melissa Gutierrez, Natalie Hale, Norman Hall, Justin Hallock, Heather Hamilton, OW. Harper, Lee Harton, Kelly Haynes, John Hellums, Shawna Hergert, Lonny Herring, Jimmy Hill, Holly Hinkle, Laurie Hite, William Holloway, Daryl Hopkins, DeDee Horgm, Katy Hudies, John Human, Donald Q 4, 7,3 ,vm is fi 4 x., ,,, .- 1 Sophomores y Hunter, Paul Isler, Kelly Jackson, Tisho Jacobs, Mollie James, Rodney Janosek, Kim Jimenez, Freddie Jlnes, Vernon Johnson, Frank Johnson, Kellie Jones, Chris Jones, Slacey Julien, Viclorio Jurado, Richard Keller, Tommie Klee, Piper Frank, Kryslal Krueger, Jeff Kuhn, Brian Labadie, Erica Landfair, James Landry, Helen Lansford, Brenl Lembke, Maria Lemons, Tammy Levonius, Jeff Leyba, Lori Lopez, Paul Loy, Kevin Lucero, Eddie Lujan, Dora S Luna., - , LU G V gg, ,, ,. , ..,,, q K " ' 'Il' "V 4fE,i5i:,f5.r':f.,r.' fa ir-5'i,rr Ly' f 1' L Mocko, Steven ', ,h Maddox, Wayne Madsen, Lisa , ' f r Magill, Melissa Maley, Lynn L r ja' n e'nQn r W, Ma1to,r'Laurleza McCarty, Leslie McClain, Shawna l McCrec, Jenl McDonald, Keily , McGuire, Jenifer Merhege, Melissa Messir, Vickielfgg ene-a Morgan, Morgan, Rusty Morro, Anionefle Moles, Tommie Murphy, Shannon Murrow, Monica Nunez, Gary Nunez, Jerry Nunez, Page Odell, Kerry Ogas, Anjanelfe Ogas, Randy 1 1- rl NW WW fqw 2 f I s l ' Wig . fr f M A ,,, V , rf , f ,M L 1 Zigi' J' 1 fu 4 I 50' Sophomores srzsg Olivarria, Rosa Oropesa, Carmen Orr, John Ortega, Melissa Ortiz, Tony Overstreet, Laura Owens, .left Pack, David Pankey. Carrie Parson, Michael Patel, Nick Perez, Humberto Perez, Mark Pickle, Matt Ponce, Jami Powers, Harold Pyeatt, Stephanie Quintana, Philip Ramirez, Marco Ray, Shawna Reaton, Micheal Reese, Russell Richardson, Steve Rivera, Yolanda Roach, Jeff Roach, Tom Robbins, Tiffane Roberts. Bryan Rodden, Alisa Rodriguez, Bobbie Rodriguez, Lorenzo Rocha, Anthony Rohwer, Staci Romero, Annette Roman, Angela Rowell, Jessica Ruiz, Susana Rullan, Ester Rundell, Gary Rush, Richy Rusnell, Noel Russell, Daria Scates, Mark Scorah, Kim Schuler, Russell Secrest, Toni Shawn, Terry Shumaro, Jon S Simmons, Redina Sims, Tim Sisk, Carol Skinner, Donlta Smith, Linda Smith, Robert Stiarnon, Lori Stangebye. Meghan Stecklln, Kris Steen, Jim Stevens, Melissa Tarvin, Danny A ,..,.. ,MX ' f is-.4 K B ,, 5 1-ul S xii ".1'tw r lx . , A . ,.L...... i xff , X ,, u his Sophomores my M ' mi-w:ywf'7i,,ff ,L , was me fgegmg 5, M' f, ff, Q i" 427 355 it 5 4 4 W Wrzig, 't Jennifer 9591 i K I I I w ipton, Chad g f ' fflarres, Sylvester v warg, , Jrellar, Katrina ffuckef. Lori , 'mm.fy ,3E2zirh6f3iTammy W liffialfirich, Robin Utterback, Lynette Wade, Sarah Wade, SCOTT Waggener. Wendy Wagner, Shay Wakefield, Jamie Waldrip, Ted Walker, Bridgette Ware. Davids Whltesell. Taria Wiant, Fredrik Wible, Shelly Williams, David Williamson, Melvin Wilmot, Brett Wilson, Carrie Wilson, Curtis Wilson, Mike Winnaker, Deborah Womack, Samantha Wright, Brian Young, Jill Zuls, David YL ,,,, ,,,. , A ,tw 1 fm, ' R ,V .vis , E? - ,W , , , iffy, , gil: .Wy ,M X55 7 as A ,I gf ff-1 QW' 1 1- EM? ' ad, , V31 ani 'e i ,mafia 147 W . Class Of '87 Favorites: Tears for Fears, Phil Collins. Favorite Food: Pizza, Seafood, Steak. Favorite Male Actor: Michael J. Fox, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy. Favorite Movie: Weird Science, Back to the Future, Beverly Hills Cop. Favorite Car: RX7, Ferrari, Porsche. Favorite Female Actress: Molly Ringwald, Meryl Streep, Natassia Kinski. Favorite Hobby: Skiing, Partying. Favorite Clothes: Comfortable Ones, New, Wild. Favorite Hang-out: Main Street, Parties. Favorite Drink: Classic Coke, Sprite. Favorite Class: Band, Chemistry, French. Favorite Day of the Week: Friday, Saturday, Thursday. Favorite Club: Ski, Student Council, Spanish. Favorite type of music: Rock, New Wave, Punk. Favorite Group: Dire Straits, I I Here's to future days ...... "Get A Life" Sweet Dreams are made of this .... Like a fish out of water, like a kite without a breeze .... I won't forget you, you know I never will, it's not that often, Don't Mess with Dr. Dream . . . . . . . . . Love is the seventh waye. One step ahead of you . . . . Set me free, remotivate me . . . . . . Skibec!!!!!!! insi de' so , l orlie Steve 2 'ww-.X Missy Fox 1 'Q Junior ClclSs .WN . x ' it wiv? Mi fa A f W xA , 'Us,lv'? fi I n ' i - if , Y t f' t 1 t Greg Moloney President Cathy Witt Vice-President Sandi Miller Secretory Jomes Morsholl TTGGSUFGI' Affsprung. Andrew Allen, Cody nf' LL' Arias, Jeff aorbeey Alqn Barbour, Michelle s ,ir-my Bdrnetf, Heciher Bdrrdzaf?rdvIio Bqrtleh, roy Melody BBQWTGU, Sophia .. H3215 ' fffjifli ' . K QS f , 2 f dncur. Robert o, Loreno T Yvonnrl non Kim K - B- eereee - : ,fa ..X,,.X. 1 " - ve? 'fm Mr. 4 Q .nr-J N35 i5:'2+9sfri5 , X QQL . Boyd, Darien Branch. Corey Brdtlond. Ken Bridge, ton Brifo, ROXXGH Brock, Commie Burrold, Anthony ll, or ,, ,, 1 Carrier, Allison Carrillo, Raul C Sf., X ss s K' C is sk. se , X s Carrlllo, Saul Carr, George Castillo, Janice 4-.Q .rvv E .,..s Chavez, Jeff i 3 Cherry, Jonathon E5 1 X S S cnesebro, rode Childress, Rachel Q Clark, Tabby Connell, Laura Cooper, Laura so . is . '..rFw Corn, Mike Cowarl, Catherine as Crenshaw, Gary - Crowhursl, Stephanie ' Cullender, James ' L N . .rss Culrell, Heather Davis, Sean ,,,s,, X 1 he YQ .. ,. Q X fs as f gps' . K rx 2 r gf, s M pf ""'Q' QA X --. l I h 'x i Z5 ll a :F xx X lfz X Juniors ,v . . -uv' ew .pe Denison, Scott Dickerson, Shelley Ehler, Jim Estrada, Noel Fox, Missy -wfzfvwmw, yew www M if W .- , . ,,U,,,w', ., 1 i ,. 'fr ,V k , . frmii 'L ' ' J, ' , , , Fr GaN Ga e f . ww h0WFl r Michael 5 Sieve yjjg eaih, Kay fn. ms DeAndra ales. Phil ,,,,, ,m,,i2'u, ,mln f if r, A "KWH Goodyear, Tlm Gore, Tabalha Goree, Holly Green, Tom L 'ff Greer, Yvette 'i' 1' Gusramanies, Ray Gwynne, Kim Hall, Wlllle Hamilton, John fl K ' ' f. Hifi X J I' L' f 1 i f ' ww Y fi r HM r J .A ,WZ ., ,iii 5 3 , Si 4 5' in - W 5 QV ws vu , il i we WN- L f 5 M LLNZ,i , 14 HW. fdc ii i AL :WT ex t? if, ., ,im ,M Hein. Hemmings, Terri K Hernandez, Dann ff fN2,?5g2J'j,,., 1' vi? ,fi 9? ,L , - fy ,,, giyzf, :ww i y , .w,,,,,,, ,L,, Wlrrew y Q- E IFW 11 '7'ii?'i1G5Q:1 ' iii igfg Q Hernandez. Denise ' Herring, Buddy Hickman, AnnaMarie Hicks, Daniel Hilliard, Ann Hill, James Hinson, Kenneth Hite, Tracy Hodges, Angela Holl, Tim Holman, Sieve Hooper, Sieve Hoskins, Kim House, Susan Huff, Kimberly Huff, Lori Huffman. Jamie Hughlefl, Becky Miz I s ,A 11 qv-'va gh --2 L I AVSN 1 'wg Jackson. Mart Jeffs. Tracie Johnson, Skeeler Jones, Abraham Jones, James Kimball, Nellie Kera, Marie Kisselburg. James Lamblng, Tina Lanclfair, Jay Langston, Laura Larson, Eric Lee, Raymond Lemons, Tammy Leyva, Rasa Lilley, Kay Livingston, Dusly Locke, Boomerr Logan, Laural Lopez, Tim Lorlon, Leslie Maloney, Greg Marruio, Lorena Marshall, James Steven Emma Sand: Miller, Scott Milner, Chris Miranda, Yolonda Moe, Tara MoffiT1, Tammy Moody. Bobby Montes, Jayne Morgan, Trisha Nasi, John Nason, Marc Neel, Donny Nelson. Amy Noling, Brooks Cameron Lfilkir ,, Parr, Diane Partin, Richard Patton, Janei Pennington, Cristy Phelan, Kathy Pilley, April Pino, Israel Porter, Greta Quintana, Clnda Ramirez, Diana Ramsey, Reane Rich, Judy Rico. Martin Rivera, Ben Robinson, Becky Rodriguez, Noverta Ross, Melissa Rutley, Hugh , ' f Q5 S6bifj,,Mi T Saenz, Tirso Salas, Denise Sanchez, Bobby Sanchez, Frank Sanchez, Jerry Sanders, Robbie Saiyards, Jennifer Saunders, Steve Scarberry, Paul Schroeder, Kerri Schlechi, Terry Sherrard, Rodney Sims, Tye Skrobrak, Beckie Slavens. Angie Smith, Adam Smith, Terry Smiih, Tracey Sosa, Fermin Soto, Ricky Spence, Randy Spence, Tammy lm' 3551 ff ff. f mg: 3, we fff-W 9 iq, 51 13-11 ' f .,r,,,7,iJ1, k .,,,,,,,f :g3W,rf,,i':1:WW 2 - 'xy 4 N, Y4,..7' " ki' ' . 3 K ' 5: ---y,.:.L, 4 ,W ,A sc 6 . i .Q ra 44 X . .I NX Juniors l 9 X w...d fd k e s f A av Q 1 , v Jan -vmrrl' mf QW My ,. J' ' V' .5 , ' fy f wiv .1 ,-q7?5,1'zw, , 5 ,W W f 31- 'g f , '-fiffgfi J 7 ffm Q 4 , Q K , 1!fp7'?4ZZi," ,- 'lfvf , v if WET M1-wzf1ff,,'f-Q ' w - Qip: -"N 1 1 Y my - L 'f xx ' ,, H , , .Mn ,f .. , , .,,, a f V 5'fg,T'i'g:5l1,f.:1 ' Biff? f , Q ,. V, Q Musab Y, f ' wif 1 - f' W f :ui ' Qinizfiiif ff fivs?-2'w3a,5,j 1,5 'fffpf fwwtwmlf' '?':'2"x?:5m ,f f W w QT -' ' 'IMT :I V' ' ww 24 wwe 1 f wif Q W 2 f f 4 A my it A, ' gf ivy fwfffzff 4' ff '11 li In, ,WM - 'Q .,,, . t 1 hhhy ,Greg We Rachel ,:, Susie TfiCCIfiCO. Chris ., f, Turner, Mott Walker, Jim Walker, MoryAlIce Woshichek. RGCNGI Weothers, Jeff West. Bobby Wheat, Brent Wiggins, Sherry Wihiorns. Janie Wilson. Cathy Wilson, Ho! Wift, Co1hy Workh, BIN Yoder, Tommy Class Of '86 Favorites: Tears for Fears, Howard Jones. Favorite Food: Pizza, Junk, Lasgna. Favorite Male Actor: Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Sting. Favorite Movie: St. Elmo's Fire, Rambo, Weird Science. Favorite Car: Porsche, Mercedes, Camaro. Favorite Female Actress: Ally Sheedy, Madonna, Kelly Lebrock. Favorite Hobby: Party, Going Out with friends. Favorite Clothes: 501's, Fig Leaves. Preppy, Punk. Favorite Hang-out: Parties, Rulons, Stef's house. Favorite Day of Week: Friday, Saturday. Favorite Class: Lunch, Taylor's English Class. Vigll's English Class. Favorite Club: A.A., Student Council, Ski Club. Favorite type of music: Rock, New Wave, Punk. Favorite Group: Van Halen, I If you love me, you'll give me your brain . . . Don't quit because a quitter keeps quitting. Cl HATE arrogant boot wearers .... 5 "Hey you standing there, what you got to stare at . . .?" My mom thinks l'm at the movies. Brahm loves you! Ohm! The lunatics have taken over the asylum . . . Death to Texas! Like Surfers never die!!! Another wasted night at Brett's circle . . . lf l were King for just one day . . . VIDOOPOLIS '85!!!!! "I locked my door" .... All I wanted was a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me. Da, Da, Da, Ohhh Anti-Nowhere League. Goodbye Bad Times .... Hello Good times, 'Q .9 -83 5 t fx, , 1, 5 -f if i f" . 'll , . ' , ' X G - 9 f- sk C' -r 1' ix f 4, ' ' m J vf S . : RJ U, , fs un , xwlpnthl' --- -sw. ,I l S .nn I rf'--e-Q J Wh0'S Wh0 Wh0'S Wh0 Wh0'S Beth Waldrip Christine Kelly Keith Tipton Alison Rodden Brennan Evans W. xi X-va, 1 'i 1 we i who Who's who Who's who ff ll Q fb , wi - LJ-Q , K - Chuck Mitchell Kenl Benyman Shannon Lowery Derek Downs Tina Trujillo 3 1 Q gi 1 Y tw 4 ,, S Senior 5CIass Qfflc Kelli Wigimon Vice-Pres. N1 gd 'ga xv 53" fz 'U H . . Y Ku :ms Carolyn Fosmr ec. Tres. 2 1 X if 5, sf S? is I ' ers ' I Pres W1 DEAN ANDREWS FUTURE PLANS: To attend col- lege and become successful at whatever I do. QUOTE: No guts, no glory ACTIVITIES: Ski Club, Baseball I, II NAOMI ALVARADO Nickname: "Shorty" FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- lege and have some fun. QUOTE: "It's Party Time!" ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, NJHS I, Il BENJI ALLEN Nickname: "Oger" FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and play football QUOTE: 'lLet's Partyl" ACTIVITIES: Football Ill, lV RAUL ANCHONDO CYNDI ALLEN TYRA ALEXANDER STEPHEN AGUILAR FRANCES ACEVADO H L ...Q 'www-:r.r: I N-.,, 1 5 w TIFFANY ANTHONY ALFRED ARIAS JOSEPHINE ARIAS HJO., FUTURE PLANS: To lead a happy life and live each day lo The fullesi. FAV. QUOTE: This is loo rough! ACT: Mix. Cho I, Mix Adv. Cho. IV, VICA IV, Adv. Girl's Cho ll,lll. PAULINE ARIAS FUTURE PLANS: To aiiend col- lege, start my own business. ACT: All-Dist Band IV, Band l,ll,lll,lV. Who's Who-Band III. LISA A. APODACA: FUTURE PLANS: To be suc- cessful in life, and become a beauiician. To judge people for what They are, noi as They look. ACT: D.E.A. Jr., DECA Il,lll,IV. JOHN ARIAS "ACE" FUTURE PLANS: To make if in The music business. FAV. QUOTE: Don"f ever give nn! ACT: Wrestling ll,lll. LORI ARNOLD Exchange Sludenf in Ger- many. CHET ARMSTRONG "ChesTer" FUTURE PLANS: To gel a job and work my woy Through college. ACT: Mix. Xho I, Adv Mix Cho ll,lll. All-Slate Cho ll,lll. FFA II,III,IV. DARRELL ANTHERTON "Hunk" FUTURE PLANS: To make a contribution towards the welfare of mankind. FAV. QUOTE: "No matter where you go ...,there you are." "Awlright". TODD BARKER KEVIN BARRON FUTURE PLANS: College-BVU FAV. QUOTE: "Dont take life seriously it's not permanent" ACT: Club Ill, DECA IlI,lV. Foot- ball I. MELANIE BARBOUR FUTURE PLANS: Go to col- lege, major in child psycholo- gy, and minor in drama FAV. QUOTE: Your only limit- ed the boundries of your mind. PHILIP BARNETT FUTURE PLANS: TO BECOME successful in are or music FAV. QUOTE: "NO matter where you go, there you are." ACT: Club Il,lll-VP. H-Coming Escort III KENDRA BASSETT Kendi FUTURE PLANS: To become successful and be happy. FAV. QUOTE: Never look back, only the future is ahead. ACT: Band l,ll,llI,lV. flag Girl ll,llI,IV. Girls Chorus IV THOMAS M. BAURLEV Tom FUTURE PLANS: To move back east, New York and lead a rich, happy life. FAV. QUOTE: "Gotchal" ACT: French Club lI,Ill,lV. Ski Club IV. Band I. SAM BEENE LISA BOLING "SHORTY," "BLONDlE," "L.B." FUTURE PLANS: Attend ENMU- R for nursing, work for 2 years, get a degree in Marine Biol- ogy. FAV. QUOTE: John 8:12. ACT: Sci Club lll,lV, Mix cho, I, Adv. Mix cho, III. Band l. Youth Alive l,lI,Ill. GARY BRADLEY Brad "Mode" FUTURE PLANS: Goto college and become a football coach. FAV. QUOTE: Whot's hap- pening? ACT.: Cent. St.: IV: FB.:l,lI,Ill,lV: BASEB.:JV-I,ll,IIl,lV-Var. FRANCENE BENAVIDEZ "Fran" FUTURE PLANS: To accomplish all my goals and lead a suc- cessful, happy life. ACT.: Span. Club: ll,lll,lV: Fren. Club: l.ll: NJHS: I,lI-T: NSHS: lll,lV KENT BERRYMAN FUTURE PLANS: To be a ski bum. FAV. QUOTE: "If life knocks you down get back up .... " ACT.:CC.'I,ll III IV' Tra.'II Ill IV' RONNIE L. BOWHAY HRASTUS, BOTO" FUTURE PLANS: To be the best at everything I do. FAV. QUOTE: "Que pasa?l" ACT: French Club Ill. Ski club IV. Baseball l.-J.V. GERALD BRASFIELD KATHRYN BENEDICT FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and become an artest. FAV. QUOTE: "Darling you look marveIousl" ACT.: Art CIub:l,Il-H,Ill-P,IV-P: Sci. Club: l,Il,IlI,lV: Germ. Clubzl: S.C.: IV: NJHS:I,lI: NSHS:llI,IV DAVID BIERWIRTH "Dave" FUTURE PLANS: To attend UNM., go to the 880 Olym- pics. Become a businessman. Ski Clubillmv-'vpi ACT.: Golfil-F: Ski Clubtlli WhO:lV: NJHS:l,lI: NSHSJIILIV ROTCIArmy NMIVIIQZILIII W MIKE BRITAIN Rollmon FUTURE PLANS: Moke Iofs of money ond sleep lore ever doy. QUOTE: Shut up Keilhl ACTIVITIES: Speech ond De- bofe, Horticulture TERRY BUCKNER FUTURE PLANS: To help colhers Ihol need my help. ond lo become successful in life ond be hoppy. QUOTE: Yeoh! ACTIVITIES: Mixed Chorusl, OEA III,IV, Adv. Girls Chorus. SCOTT CADELL QUOTE Zoom' ELIZABETH CANNON Bone V Jeremy BROOKS DAONNE CARPENTER FUTURE PLANS: Go to college in Colorodo 81 get my veter- inorion technicion degree. FAV. QUOTE: Help me to soor higher, help me to reoch per- fection, so thot I con follow my dreoms. ACT: Speech fDebote ll,lll- VP.IV. Adv. Mix. Chorus IV. Student of the Wk. IV JERRY CARTER J.C. FUTURE PLANS: Go into the Morine Corps. FAV. QUOTE: Go oheod punk, Moke my dciy! ACT: VICA lll,lV. CHANDRA CLARK FUTURE PLANS: Go to college to study either low or psy- chology. FAV QUOTE: If you love something set it tree, if it comes bock it's yours, if it doesn't it wosn't meont to be. ACT: MIX. Chorus I, Adv. Mix Chorus lll,lV ROBERT CARSON FUTURE PLANS: Go to college 84 mojor in Architecture. FAV. QUOTE: Experience is o deor teocher, but fools leorn from no other. ACT: Sponish Club l,il,lll. FFA lll,lV. LARRY CASTRO TERMINATOR FUTURE PLANS: Go to col- lege, settle down 84 stort o whole new life. ACT: Youth Alive lVf Wres- tling lll,lV TODD CLARK LESTER FUTURE PLANS: Going to Eur- ope 8c hoving o greot time. FAV. QUOTE: Stripes! Defi- nitely Stripes! ACT: B-Boll I-Frosh, Trock I- Frosh., ll-Vor Ski Club IV.. Footboil I-Frosh, ll-J.V. ROGER CLEMENT BARBARA CLEWEIN ACT: DECAZ lVf NSHS IV KYLE COCHRANE FUTURE PLANS: Go to one of the academies and train to be a professional pilot. FAV. QUOTE: "Nuke Zone" ACT: German Club:ll,lIl,IV Band I,Il,IIl,lV RICKY CONTRERAS FAVORITE QUOTE: "You haven'l failed until you have stopped trying. ACTIVITIES: Band l,lI,IlI,lV LAURA CORE SUZANNE E. COMMERFORD Suzie FUTURE PLANS: To attend College and reach the goals that I set for myself. ACT: Mix Cilp Adv.lv1ix:lll,lV: Cen St.:Il,IV S.O.W.:lV:S- .C.:l,lI,IIl.IV: Homecoming-P Mistletoe-P DAVID COPPLE FUTURE PLANS: To have Van Halen ploy at our 'IO year renunion. QUOTE: "No big deal" ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club IV, Ski Club IlI,IV, FCA Ill-V-Pres., Telstar Staff, Telstar Editor, Class Favorite I,ll,lII, NJHS I,Il. STACEY L. COX "STace" FUTURE PLANS: Run into Rob Lowe at college. QUOTE: Always have the courage to love, the heart to laugh, the need to dream and the faith to live. ACTIVITIES: Art Club, French Club, Science Club, Ski Club, Telstar Staff, Student Council I,ll,IIl-Rep, lVRep. s KERI CRUTSINGER WES CUMMINGS up X l M .. 'Q .J W 9 ,af UIQ-I it Q wwsvhf' 7 JANE DANIELS FUTURE PLANS: To become a pharmacist, then go to medical school. FAV. QUOTE: Let each ex- perience be a lessons, then use that lesson in life. ACT.: Sci. Clubzlllp NJHS: I,ll: NSHS:lII PENNY L. DAY FUTURE PLANS: I plan to be- come the next Boston pops Orchestra director or at least an orchestra director, and to marry my high school sweet- heart. FAV. QUOTE: To love is to live. ACT.: Mlx, Cho.: I-VP: Orch:IlI- R IV-P: S.C.: I Class Ott.: I-VP All state Orch.:IlI JOE DELAMATER Deli FUTURE PLANS: Attend col- lege and to be successful. ACT.:BB.:I-F,lI-JV.Ill,IV-VAR.: Golfzll-JV: Fren. Club:lI,IIl: Ski Club:III,lV NJHS: I,ll: NSHS:IlI,IV BaseB:I-JV DEEDRA DINWIDDIE Deeder-Ann FUTURE PLANS: To live happy life and to win the world in Pro. Barrel Racing . . . FAV. QUOTE: Smile! Lifes not all that bad. ACT.:FFA:I-TGH.Il-,Ill-VP,lV-P Who's Who: Ill AMI DAWN DAVIS FUTURE PLANS: To marry Steve Berrones, and to be rich in happiness. FAV. QUOTE: lf you love someone set them free, if they don't come back hunt them down and kill them. ACT.: Spa. CIub:ll,IlI Mix. Cho.:I: Adv. Mix. Cho.: lII,lV All-State: l,lI.lIl: S.C.: ll: Cho- .Mus.:I.Il,lII,IV: Adv. Girls Cho.:ll STEFANIE DAY FUTURE PLANS: Wherever the Lord takes me. FAV. QUOTE: Take it easy, and if it's easy take it twice. ACT.: BB.: I.lI,lIl.lV: Spa. Clu- b:IV Ski Club: llI,lV-S: Mix. Cho.: I,ll: FCA.: lIl,lV: Class FAV. I,ll: S.O.T.W.:IlI: S.C.: I.Il,llI,lV: Val. Sweets: III: Class Off.:l-S,lV-S Vol.:I-F,ll,IIl-JV: MistIe:Prin:I BRETT DIG-GS Bretski FUTURE PLANS: To do what- ever it takes to be happy with life and party like theres no tomorrow. FAV. QUOTE: Men, they're not thinking we're going to win! they're thinking we're going to win! ACT.:BB.:I: Tra.:I,lI.llI,lV: S.O.W.:IV:S.O.:IV: NJHS:l,II: FB.:l,lI,IlI,IV: Freak Brother- s:l,ll,IIl,IV ' KIRK DOMINIC Domi FUTURE PLANS: To attend col- lege hopefully where the beaches are. FAV. QUOTE:Life is a party and life's tradgedy is not having enjoyed it! ACT.:Ten.:l,lI,lII,lV Cen. St.:lI.III,IV X UNT! Ss ' DEREK DOWNS "BIG D" FUTURE PLANS: To dttend on ort college dnd to become d commerciol drtist. FAV. QUOTE: lf you trust, you don't worry: If you worry, you don't trust. ACT: Trdck Il-Vdr., Art Club I,ll,IIl-Sec.,IV. FCA I., F.B. I,ll,lIl,lV. Wrest., Il. Mist. Esc Il, Cheerleoding Ill. SCOTT ELLIOTT DELORES ESCOBAR "Dodie" FUTURE PLANS: To Gtfertd COI- JACI ELY lege 'dt ASU, ond become BRENNAN EVANS FUTURE PLANS: To attend col- lege: Be hoppy ond success- ful in dll my endeovors. FAV. QUOTE: lt's not the pen- dulum swinging to dnd fro, but the essence thdt drives it thot mdkes me go. ACT: B.B. l,II. Golf l,lI,IIl,IV. Ski Club IV. Mixed Cho. l. Adv. Mix Cho II,llI,IV. Swingers Il,lIl,lV. All-Stote Cho. lI,Ill. ANGELA FEATHERSTONE "Alfers", "Ang" FUTURE LANS: To retire os the generol moncger of the uni- verse! FAV. QUOTE: "Nothing is wdste thdt mdkes d mem- ory" ACT: B.B. Il- Vdr. Mgr. Ger- mdn Club lI,Ill-Pres.,lV. Who's Who III. Student Council llI,IV. very rich ond drive d CODVST- tdble Fierro. FAV. QUOTE: "Hey U I " Q V ACT: Mixed Cho., I,lI. Bcnd I,Il. BILL FARRETT JERRY FLEMONS FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- lege ond become o suc- cessful Architect. ACT: Golf II. Science Club IV. WhosWho IV. NJHS l,Il. fri 'I Q 4 QE MICHAEL A. FORBAU FUTURE PLANS: Successfully attain every hope, dream, and goal I have set for my- self. FAV. QUOTE: In matters of principal, stand like a rock, in matters of taste, swim with the current. ACT: Ski Club lll,lV. Mix. Cho- rus l,Il,lll,lV. Adv. mix. chorus ll.lll,lV ROY FREDRICKS PATRICK GARCIA FUTURE PLANS: Attend col- lege 81 be successful in life. ACT: track l-Frosh.,ll,llI,lV- VAR. Hort- I,lI,lIl,IV. FFA III SA IV-SA. Football I-Frosh,II,III,IV- Var. Wrest. l,Il.lll,lV-VAR CHRIS GARRISON CAROLYN FOSTER CAROL FUTURE PLANS: Goto Arizona State. FAV, QUOTE: Life is hard. then you die! ACT: B-ball I, Sci. Club lIl,lV. Ski Club lIl,IV Mix Chorus l,ll. JOSE GALLEGOS QANDVJ FUTURE PLANS: Attend COI- lege, then the Navy ACT: Band l,ll. BRENDA GARRINGER RICKY GARZA FUTURE PLANS: Attend Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in L.A. Major in Fashion merchandising. ACT: Tennis IV GILBERT GOMEZ ALFRED GONZALES ANNETTE GONZALES CLIFORD GONZALES IRENE GONZALES MRS. PELAYO ROBIN GOTSCHE FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- "ROB" lege, and marry Ronnie Lee FUTURE PLANS: To be happy Pelayo, and have a little girl. and live forever FAV. QUOTE: The past is my FAV. QUOTE: Yeah, sure. heritage. The present is my Why not? responsibility, and the future ACT.: Horticulture I is my challenge. ANNA GRANADOS P 2 k gifs, WO' and do MIKELL HARP FAv. QUOTE: Fawn, Ho e. M'KELL'J Love and me gremestpof FUTURE PLANS:To goimo so- mese is love. ciology of Psyohology 84 ACT: Max. Chorus I, Adv. Mix. mC"'V Someone "CN chorus ul,iv o.E. l-lu o.E.n-lv ACT' FFA """""V- Adv, Girls Chorus Il STACY HARRISON FUTURE PLANS: Go to college at Texas Tech. and major in business management. FAV, QUOTE: "Your Mama!" ACT: Bas: Il-J.J. OEA: lll-VP: IV-P CHRIS HAYCOX AMBER HIGGINS "Ambien FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- lege, Also I plan To enjoy life to its fullest! FAV. QUOTE: "Whafeverl'?!" ACT: Cent. St.:lll: Miss Cent.: Crun. upj:Il,llI BRYAN HUNT ACT.: Sci. Club: IV NJHSZI,II,IIl,lV EMMITT HATCH FUTURE PLANS: To have a successful career and fo lead a happy life. ACT.: VICA: IV SCOTT HENDRICKS Scooter FUTURE PLANS: Go to col- lege, have a successful ca- reer and provide my family with happiness. ACT.: Band l,Il FCA:Ill,lV FB:l,ll,IIl,lV BB: III,IV FAV QUOTE: The really hap- py man is the one who can enjoy the scenery even when he has to take a de- tour. JEFF HUCKABEE "Huck" FUTURE PLANS: To become successful in whatever I do and to eventually own the Dallas Cowboys. FAV. QUOTE: "When all else is lost, the future still remains. ACT.: ES:Span.Club: IV: Ski Club: IV: Band:l,lI,lll,lV-P Or- ch.:llI.IV: Who's Who: Ill JILL HUTCHINSON Jilly Boppers FUTURE PLANS: To be a bub- bles blower for Lawrence Welk. FAV. QUOTE: "All people smile in the some language." ACT.: Ger. Club:ll: Aclv.lvlix- ,:lll,IV: AllSfate Cho.: Ill Band: I,Il,lII Girls Cho.: ll Girls Sta- leAlt.: Ill JOEL HUTCHENSON ANGELA ISABELL ROBIN JOHNSON "RON" FUTURE PLANS: Find a man. FAV. QUOTE: "OPPS" ACT: Band l,ll. Flag Girl l,ll LARISA JONES FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- lege and study education. FAV. QUOTE: Be the best that you can be. ACT. Band l,ll,lll. Flag girl ll,IlI. Adv. Girls Chorus IV. RICHARD JONES "Ricy" FAV. QUOTE: Never look back: only the future is ahead. ACT: All Dist. Band I, Band l,ll,llI DECAIILIV CHRISTY JONES "JONES" FUTURE PLANS: Have a suc- cessful medical practice with Mondays and Fridays off, FAV. QUOTE: I don't under- stand ACT: Sci. Club ll, Ski Club lll.lV Sci. Team I, Student Council l,ll NJHS Il,l NSHS lII,IV LATIONA JONES "JONES" FUTURE PLANS: Go to college 84 become a famous Lip Sync. of Patti LaBeall. FAV. QUOTE: UN! ACT: Basketball I, Frosh,ll Var- sity lIl-J.V. Track l,ll,lll,lV-Var Mix. Chorus I FCA Ill. Cheer- leading IV Girls Chorus II TRAVIS KARNS FUTURE PLANS: Attend col- lege and lead a happy and healthy life. FAV. QUOTE: Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. ACT. Youth Alive l,ll-T Telstar Staff I,Il,llI JOSEPH LYNN KASUBOSKI O FUTURE PLANS Go to college and major in fish and wildlife management or forestry FAV QUOTE Set your goals high and you will succeed. ACT: New Mexico Associ- ation winner, FFA volunteer- ism in B.O.A.S., Cross Country I FFA l,ll,llI,IV. JENNIFER KELLY KANDIE KIPER FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- lege at N.M.S.U. and major in business. Own a GTO Ferrari. FAV. QUOTE: As is a tale, so is life, not how long it is, but how good it is, is what truly matters. ACT: French Club II, O.E. lll,lV. OEA Ill PA IV PA. Cheerlead- ing l,II. ALAN KONIG ACT: Spanish Club II,IV. Sci. Club l,lI,lll,lV. SpeechfDebate lI-Treas,III.Sci. Team I,ll,IIl,lV. Who's Who Iv. Student Coun- cil l,ll,-Parl. NJHS l,ll. NSHS lll,lV Boy's State Alt. III. CHRISTINE KELLY FAV QUOTE Reach for the stars Heaven is only o little but higher ACT: Spanish Club Il,III,IV, Sci. Club II-SfT,IlI-Pres.,IV. Ski Club IV, Mix, Chorus I BRENNA KINNARD FUTURE PLANS: Go to A.S.U., AND to be successful in whatever I do. FAV. QUOTE: Live for Today. ACT: Mix. Chorus I,IV. Cen- tauri Staff lll,lV. Student Council IV TODD KNIGHT WENDY BETH KRONN Gwendolyn FUTURE PLANS: Major in bank- ing 81 business management. FAV. QUOTE: Life goes on! ACT: Mix. Chorus IV, NJHS l,Il. NSHS lll,lV. Girls Chorus II, OEA l,II-Tres. ,.. Sf' 'hwgfv' ANNA LARSON Shorty FUTURE PLANS: Go to NNMI. Be a race horse owner. Ma- rine Corps Reserve. ACT.: Mix. Cho.:l: ROT- C.:I,ll.IIl,IV: Drill Team:lll,lV: Adv. Girls Cho.:ll,lll JV. Letter NJROTC Rifle Team. CECELIA LEATON Cecile, Ces. FUTURE PLANS: Be happy and successful in what I chose to do. To drive the trolley for Mr. Rogers neighborhood. FAV. QUOTE: Be not simply good, but good for some- thing. ACT.: Fren. Club:lII: Mix. Cho.:l: Adv. Mix. Cho.:lll,lV: S.C.: I: Class off.:l-P: Adv. Girls Cho.:ll: Girls Statezlll RACINE LOGAN FUTURE PLANS: I intend to at- tend college and start my own life outside of Ros- well. FAV. QUOTE: Cadets are people too. ACT.: Drama Clubzlll KRYSTINA LUCERO Hey JEFF LARUE FUTURE PLANS: To be Pres. of the U.S. FAV. QUOTE: A "peace-lov- ing nation is one which bans fireworks and makes hydro- gen bombs. ACT.: Mix. Cho.:l: Adv. Mix. Cho.: lI,lll,IV Swingers:llI,lV Who's Who:lV SHANNON LIPPARD Shay FUTURE PLANS: To lead a happy life after attending college. FAV. QUOTE: The world is full of so many things we all should be happy as kings. ACT.: FFA.:l,ll,lII: Who's Who: lV HJHS: I SHANNON LOWERY FUTURE PLANS: Travel the world!! FAV. QUOTE: "Now is the time to take what you can get, and make the best of all the rest! ACT.: Span, Club:lV: Sci. Clu- b:lV: Ski Clubglll-S.lV: Who's who:lII: S.C.: lII,IVJ NJHS:I,Il: NSHS:lll,IV: Gymn.: l-Var.,II- Var.: Cheerleading:lll,lV: Girls Stateilll FUTURE PLANS: I wanna be- CHRIS LUNA come Rock and Roll Singer! FAV. QUOTE: Its been Mon- day all week! Q I JIMMY LYONS SIDNEY MAGIL "BULL" VIKKI LORENA LYONS "VIC" FUTURE PLANS: To be satisfied with my life. Go to college, be rich and happy. FAV. QUOTE: "Forget il!" ACT: Bask-Ball I, Class Off. lll- Rep. Vol-Ball l,Il,llI,lV. PAUL MANTER FUTURE PLANS: To allend col- I lege, fly for ihe Air Force or FUTURE PLANS- To mend fo" -Q lege aT NMSU and party. :jgfme O MeC"o"'CC" Eng' Acr: Bosk-Bon I. reisior Staff ' iv ACT: Bask-ball lI,III,IV. FFA l,Il,III. F-ball I Base-b lI,lll. BRENDA MARRERO FUTURE PLANS: To Offend COI- IGQG Gnd TTTOTTY G Very l'1GF1d- RICHARD MARRERO some guy. ACT: Cross Coun. I, VICA lll- RepoI,,IV. Upward Bound Il, SCOTT MASON REGINA NIOGARVER "G-it" FUTURE PLANS: Gel lhe con- fusion oul of my life, then go to college and find The right man. FAV. QUOTE: Life is Tough, but remember to keep fight- ing, iT's the only way to sur- vive. 'f ' .. gif N X: i -5 2 fix Hsgigsgiw C :gif 5, X 3. L xg is is X if x who iw .32 N 5 l LOREN MATTHEW McMAHON FUTURE PLANS: To lead a happy successful life. PERRY D. McCREARY "Pondo", "McQuie" FUTURE PLANS: Go to col- lege, get a good job. and t ' d d I d ACT: Bcsk-Ball IlI,IV, soccer 99 'Time ' on ec' G IV. RONNY McKENSIE FUTURE PLANS: Go to the Ma- rines and get married. DAVID McLAIN "Albuquerque" FUTURE PLANS: To attend the University of Texas, and have a killer ole time!!! FAV. QUOTE: There is no courage without fear. ACT: Track l,Il,III.-Var. Ski Club I,II. Sci. Club IV. NJHS I,II. Foot- ball I,II,lII,lV. FCA l.II. REV MEDRANO FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and play football. FAV. QUOTE: Hey! ACT: Track I,Il,III. Student Council IV. Football l,llI,IV. Base-ball IV. good life. FAV. QUOTE: "Chill Out!" ACT: Band I,II. Soccer IV. SONYA MCKNIGHT KERI McMILLAN "Miss Mc" FUTURE PLANS: Make my life the best it can be, with God as my leader. FAV. QUOTE: Lord, l'm not asking you to make my life easier, just make me a stron- ger person. ACT: Ski Club Ill. Adv Mx. cho III,IV. All-state ll,IlI. S.C Il. DENISE MILLER FUTURE PLANS: To attend col- lege. FAV. QUOTE: "Live life to the fullest" CHARLES B. MITCHELL "CHUCKLES" FUTURE PLANS: Hunt, fish, bum around, and make money doing it. FAV. QUOTE: l'Eye Drill Ba- bies" ACT: Span. Club ll,lll. Sic. Club ll,lIl-VP,lV. Ski Club lll-Tres,lV- Pres. Math Team l.ll,lll,lV. SCI. Team l,ll-Capt.,lll,lV- Capt. Fo-Ball I-F,ll,llI,lV-Var. Wrest I-Var. NJHS l,ll. NSHS lll.lV. JOHN MORGAN FRANK MONTERO "PAUNCH" FUTURE PLANS: To lead a full, happy, and successful life. FAV. QUOTE: "Go confident- ly in the direction of your dreams. ACT: Span. Club lI,lll,lV. JHSl,lI. TAHO MORRIS ..T,, FUTURE PLANS: Attend col- lege and become rich at any cost. FAV. QUOTE: Rock makes , .- if the world roll. ACT: Bosk-Boll l,ll,lll,lv. 5 . Centauri Staff ll,lll,lV. 'vnqg REVA MORRE "A-REVA", "Shrimp" FUTURE PLANS: To attend col- lege and then Baylor law school. ACFAV. QUOTE: "Hey, what's going on?" ACT: Span. Club lll,lV: STEVE MYSZA SHARON MURRAY FUTURE PLANS: I would like to be a lawyer. SHAWN RAYMOND NARANJO "RED", "NARANJO" FUTURE PLANS: Goto college and then become a suc- cessful business man. FAV. QUOTE: "laughter is the only thing that cuts trouble down to size where you can talk to it." ACT: Span. Club IV. EDWARD RAY NAVARRETTE "EDDY" FUTURE PLANS: To enjoy life and succeed at what I choose to do. FAV. QUOTE: "Failure is not always in losing, but in not trying to win." ACT: DECA IV, Horticulture lV. Centauri Staff IV. Baseball l,ll,lll,lV. Ski club. KEVIN NEBLETT GRANT NELSON FUTURE PLANS: To go To col- lege to be a Architect DAN NORRIS "FUZZY" FUTURE PLANS: To stay single and lead a happy life. FAV. QUOTE: If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't: Hunt it down and kill it Act: cross Country l. vlcf-x III, LANIE PANTUSO FUTURE PLANS: To become a very successful and wealthy business woman. FAV, QUOTE: To have a friend you must be a friend. ACT: Gymnastics l,ll-J.V, LAURI PATROM RONNIE PELAYO SALLY PEREZ "SAL" FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- lege and be successful in whatever I do. FAV. QUOTE: Live life to the fullest. ACT: Spanish Club lll. French Club lll. Flag Girl ll. , -Y .S f gs A zkz. ewes- ' ,. K. PAUL PEYTON PERRY PRICE PEP FUTURE PLANS: To achieve all my goals and be successful in whatever I do. FAV. QUOTE: Sometimes you've got to say, what the heck! ACT.: Ski CIub:IV DECA:IV SHALEY PRITCHARD KIM RAY Kim-o, Chipmonk FUTURE PLANS: To become a nurse. FAV. QUOTE: "OW Baby!!" ACT.: Mix. Cho.:I: VICA:IV DELORES PONCE DE LEON FUTURE PLANS: To marry K.P. and be happy. FAV. QUOTE: A smile is a curve that sets many things straight. ACT.: Fren. CIub:lIl: Mix. Cho.:II: OEI8aOea:lII.IV: Youth AIive:II,IV DAVID PRITCHARD MARGARET MARI QUINTANA PGQQY FUTURE PLANS: I'd like to be- come a kindergarten teach- er and the future manager of Michael J. Fox. FAV. QUOTE: "Quebec '85" ACT.: Fren. Club: lII.IV-T: Bandzl-R,II-S,III-VP: NJHS:I,II: NSHS:lIl,IV Girls State AIt.:III PATRICK REESE Holmes Cabbage Patch FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- lege and become richSSSS. FAV. QUOTE: "Slam Monkey" ACT.: Art CIub:IV Ski CIub:IV: Cent. St,:lI,llI,IV JASON REICKS FUTURE PLANS: To go To college, ond be rich. FAV. QUOTE: Slom Monkey! ACT.: Golf:l,ll,llI: Sci. Clubzlv FB.:l Bosebollzlll DENNELL REYES FUTURE PLANS: Go lo college ond mojor in chemislry. ACT.: Sci. Club:lV Who's Who:lV Cheerleading: IV- Vor. NANCY RICHARDSON Nance FUTURE PLANS: To ollend UT. ond mojor in engineering. FAV. QUOTE: Edt, drink ond be merry! ACT.:Spc. Clubzlli Sci.Clu- b:ll,lll,lV Cent. Sf.:Ill Sci. Teo- m:lll: S.C.:I,Il,IV: NJHS:l,ll-S: NSHS:llI,lV Girls Stole All.:lll Si- l,:lV LAURIE ROBERSON FUTURE PLANS: To go To col- lege ond mojor in Account- ing. FAV. QUOTE: Hove Fun! ACT.: SpefDeb.:l DECA.:Ill Drill Teom:ll Who's Who:lll SYLVIA REISEL Syl, sly FUTURE PLANS: To orrend Bouder of Texos Foshion Col- lege ond become o fomous ond successful foshion de- signer. FAV. QUOTE: "HA HA HA HA!" "I love il!" ACT.: Ger. Club:Il-P,lll-VP,lV-P Mix.Cho.:l: Adv.Mix. Cho.:lII,lV Closs Fov.:lIl S.C.:lV NJ!-lS:l Gy- m.:l,ll,lll Cheer.:l,ll: Girls Cho.:l: Homecoming P.:Ill ROBIN RHEA Robie FUTURE PLANS: Go To college To become 0 physicdl Thero- pisl. To be o good wife, ond moke people happy. FAV. QUOTE: My life is God's gifr To me: Who! I moke of it is my gif! To God. ACT.: Mix. Cho.:l: Adv. Mix. Cho.:Ill,lV Swing.:lV AlI-STo- Teilll Youlh Ali.1l,ll,lll,lV-P Adv. Girls Cho.:ll AAUW: Sep1.Ill BIDA MONTANO RIVERA Shirley FUTURE PLANS: Plon To morry ond hove o hdppy life. FAV. QUOTE: To mom ond Dod, Thonks! I love You! ACT.: Mix. Cho.:l Off.Ed.:Ill,lV OEA:ll,Ill Adv. Mix,Cho.:lI SALLY ROBERTS FAV. QUOTE: Modness is oll in The mind. ACT.:Fren.:Il,lll,lV-P:Sci. Clu- b:lIl,lV Ski Clubtlll-VP,lV-T:SCi. Teomzl: Cen1.ST.:lI,lIl,lV:Cen'r. ED.:IV:S.C.:I,Il,Ill-Rep.: NJHS:lll,lV Gym.:l.ll Cheerleo- dingZl,lI,IlI,IV Girls STOTG AIT. ALlSON RODDEN FUTURE PLANS: Goto college and major in speech pathol- ogy and minor in music. FAV. QUOTE: I can do all things Through Christ who strengthens me. ACT.:SCi.CIub:II: Mix. Cho.:I: Adv. Mix. Cho.:lll,lV: Swinger- s:lll,lV: All-Statetllg Youth Ali- ve:ll,lll-S..P.-lV: Math Team:l: NJHS:l: NSHS:II,lll,lV: Adv. Mix. Cho.:ll RONALD ROGERS KRISTIE LYNN RUFFIN FAV. QUOTE:-"Save time. see it my way" ACT.: S.C.:IV JANNA SANDERS "Jai" FUTURE PLANS: To be all I can be with the talents and ideals I possess. FAV. QUOTE: No matter where you're going, what- ever be your goal. keep your eye upon the donut and not the hole! ACT.: Mix. Cho.:I: Adv. Mix. Cho:IIl,lV: Adv. Girls Cho,:lI RICKY RODRIQUEZ Rick FUTURE PLANS: To pursue life to its fullest, and to achieve my highest goal in life: Suc- cess!!! FAV. QUOTE: ls anything real- ly necessary!! ACT.: Spa. Club: l.II.lll,IV: Spe. fDeb.: I: DECA.: Ill IV: NJHS.: I II: NSHS.: Ill AARON ROWHER DONNIE RUNDELL FUTURE PLANS: Go to col- lege. FAV. QUOTE: "Champions are made not born" ACT.: FB.:I-F,Il-JV.,Ill-V.,lV-V.: Wrestlingzl-JV,lI-JV.,Ill-V.,lV- V. KENDRA SANDERS Bacon FUTURE PLANS: To become an Interior Designer and marry a nice. fine, wealthy guy. FAV. QUOTE: Tears are the safety value of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it. ACT.: Tra.:I-F: Ski Club:lV: Band:I,lI: Cent.St.:lll,IV: Elks Stu.:lV: Class Off.:lV-T5 Volly- ball:l Cheerleading:lll,IV-Var. 'Q-I "-T"r " WIP' .cv iv! Q T Q. .4....... xxx T L KERRI SCOTT SHORTY FUTURE PLANS: To be a speech pathologist 81 major in music 81 reach 5 ft. tall. FAV. QUOTE: There is a time for everything. ACT: SpeechfDebate Ill. Mix. Chorus III,IV. Adv. Mix. Chorus lll,lV Swingers lll,lV Math Team I, Who's Who IV STEVE SHANOR COY SKINNER COV BEAR FUTURE PLANS.: Attend col- lege, coach high school football. FAV. QUOTE: Yet so close, but yet so far. ACT. BASKETBALL I, Student of the Wk. IV Football l,ll,lIl,lV: Wrestling I baseball l,lI,Ill,lV BONNIE SISNEROS BON BON FUTURE PLANS: Attend col- lege, become a professional coach. FAV. QUOTE: You will do fool- ish things but do them with enthusiasm. ACT: B-Ball JV-1, JV, VAR, ll, VAR Ill SCOTT SHANGRAW BOBBY SHERRARD BOB FUTURE PLANS: To go to col- lege 84 be a success ACT: B-Ball l,ll,Il,-Jv.,lV-VAR. Ski club IV, Centauri Staff ll,lll,lV NJHS l,ll. NSHS Ill. Base- ball I-Jv,ll,lll,lV-Var. KATHRYN SIMS KIT FUTURE PLANS: To be the best at what I chose to do. FAV. QUOTE: You will do fol- Iish things, but do them with enthusiasm. ACT: Spanish Club I,lI German Club IV-V-Pres. SHERI SMITH FUTURE PLANS: Attend col- lege, marry a great guy. FAV. QUOTE: lf you love something set it free if it comes back it's yours if it doesn't it never was. ACT. Basketball I Volleyball I- Frosh II,-JV. Var Ill lv- Var STACIE SMITH MICHAEL SORENSEN ACT: Horficullure ll,lIl,lV. Fool- ball l-Frosh. SHANNON STARNES DAYNA M. STEVENS FUTURE PLANS: TO live in Lon- don. ACT: Span. Club lI,lll-sec.,lV- v-pres. French Club ll,lll. Sci Club III,IV. Ski Club llI,lV Cenla. Staff III,IV. Stu. Soun- d.l,ll,lll,lV-PA. NJHS, NSHS. Jr. Class Pres. Girl's Slate '85. EFREN "EFY" SOLIZ FUTURE PLANS: Alfend col- lege and become a lawyer. VICA IV-pres. DARRELL STACY "FREEWAY" FUTURE PLANS: To become successful af the career of my choice. FAV. QUOTE: Freinds are like money, you can never have enough. ACT: Bask-ball l,ll,lll. Band l,Il. Telslar Slaff Ill. Base-b l,ll,llI,lV. JERRY STEFHON "JER" FUTURE PLANS: To become The Pres. of the U.S., or a Rus- sian diclalor, only if if pays more, FAV. QUOTE: "Greed, wealth, and women I love 1hem!!!" ACT: Bask-ball l,lI,llI. Span. Club l,ll,lll. Bond ll,llI, NJHS. JUDE STOREY FUTURE PLANS: To become a successful Orlhodonlisl and have a Greal Time in col- lege. ACT: Bask-ball ll. Sci Club IV Spee. Deb. Il. Math Team I. NJHS, NSHS. DEE STUDDARD FUTURE PLANS: To ride in the PRCA National Finals and be- come a rancher. ACT: HPJRA, NMJRA, CCJRA, FFA I-Pres.,ll-Sec.,lIl,lV. TINA MARIE TRUJILLO "T.N.T." FUTURE PLANS: To become a high school volleyball coach. ACT: All-state Volleyball and Basketball, All-Dist., Hon. Mention, Volleyball State Champs 82-83. 84-85. Track l,II,lII,lV Vol BALL I-IV. TODD TURNER: FUTURE PLANS: l'm going to start my own business. and be a self-made millionaire. FAV. QUOTE: "Oh well" PHILLIP URBAN KEITH TIPTON HUD.. FUTURE PLANS: Become a chemical or material engi- neer. ACT: German Club l.lll-t,lV. Sci. Club llI,IV. Band l. Youth Alive lv, Sci. Team I,ll,lll.lV. Stu of the Week llI,lV. NJHS l,ll. NSHS IlI,IV Boy's State Alt. Ill. FAV. QUOTE: Reputation is what men and women think of us: character is what Goa and the angels know of us. JEFF TURNER FUTURE PLANS: Become a music teacher. perform in Carnegie Hall before age 35. ACT: French Club IlI,lV. Or- chestra l.Il.llI,lV. Who' Who IV. NJHS l,ll. NSHS Ill,IV. All-State Orch. l.ll.llI.lV. JOHANNA TUTOR FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and major in some field of Bi- ology. FAV. QUOTE: This to shall pass. ACT: Band l.ll.lll.lV. Who's Who IV. GERALD USSERY "USH" FUTURE PLANS: To pursue a career in business. ACT: Gol l.ll.lll.lV-VAR. Ski Club lll,lV. DECA lll-VP..lV- Pres. FCA lll,lV. Telstar Staff lIl,lV. Student Coun. Ill. Boy's State Ill. JAMIE VAN WINKLE Van Twinkle FUTURE PLANS: Meet up with Tom Selleck on a deserted island. FAV. QUOTE: The harder you work, the harder it is to sur- render. ACT: BB I-F,ll-JV,lll-JV,Var, IV- Var. GABRIEL VILLEGAS Vegas ACT: Ten: I,II,III,lV, Spa Club II,lII, Ski Club Ill,lV. Cent- .ST.:l.ll,IlI,lV, Telstar SI.IV, S.C.2IV, NJHS I, NSHS IV. ELIZABETH A. WALDRIP Beth FUTURE PLANS: To be a suc- cessful chemical engineer or businesswoman. FAV QUOTE: Yesterday is not ours to recover: but tomor- row is ours to win or lose. ACT: Golf:lV, Fren.Club:ll.Ill- Treas, Sci. Club lll.VP,lV, Ski Club:lll, Sci. Team l.ll: S.C.ll,lll- Rep: NJHSl.lI. NSHS lll,lV: Cheerleading: l,ll,lll: Girls Sta- te:lll. JEFF WEATHERS FUTURE PLANS: Attend col- lege, get rich, and live in a penthouse in New York City. ACT: BB l,ll,lll,lV: Fren.Club lll: Ski Club lll. F.B. I: Base B: l,J- V,ll,lll,lV-Var. STEVEN VIGIL MARTHA WADE Toni FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and major in wild life science. To reach all my goals. FAV QUOTE: You only live once. CHRISTY WALKER DAVID WEIR Dusty FUTURE PLANS: My future plans are to become a pilot for a private individual and eventually go commercial. FAV. QUOTE: Go Ronnie Bo- whay would say: Hey Qe pasa or whatever. ACT: Ski Club: IV. RUTHIE WHITT "RUFUS" FUTURE PLANS: Live a full hap- py life. FAV. QUOTE: You can'f have friends unless you are a friend. ACT: Band I,lI. DECA lII,IV. CRAIG WILKINSON "WlLK" FUTURE PLANS: GO fo college, be CI COGCI1. ACT: B.B. I,Il,IIl,IV. Cenf. ST lII,IV. CARMEN WRIGHT SANDRA YOUNG SANDY FUTURE PLANS: Become suc- cessful in whatever makes me happy. FAV. QUOTE: If you can imagine if, you can achieve if. If you can dream if, you can become if. ACT: OEA I,Il. KELLI WIGINTON "WlG" FUTURE PLANS: Meet a sweef, rich, fine guy, Cif There are any ouf Therej ACT: Span. Club III. Ski Club lII,IV. Cenf. Sfaff II,IIl. Sfu. Coun. lIl,lV. Class Off. IV V- Pres. Cheerleading I,Il. DAVID WOOD FUTURE PLANS: Go fo Calif.. surf, become a beach bum, and go fo college. FV. QUOTE: Gotcha! ACT: CC III. MELINDA YOUNG MINDY FUTURE PLANS: To become the worId's richesf Photogra- pher. FAV. QUOTE: "Bur, Mrs. Ea- chus'?!" ACT: News Phof., 'I Year., S.C. III, Sci Club III, Off 1, Cho ll. TAMMY DODD 'lSHRIMP" FUTURE PLANS: To go To col- lege, majoring in horficulfure. ACT: Horf., I,II,IIl,lV. FFA l,Il- freas.,II-Sec.,lV-Sec. .,,,llMlIIl I I IVAN BATSOEV ACT.: Span. Club: II III IV: NJHS: Ill IV: NSI-IS: III IV: Football: I Il III IV: Kiwclnion: IV AMANADA SCHULER DAN CORN EN ..,,. .,,, Q ...W : sf : 5 ,,,,. r Wg' 1' 1 I 3 Q, .k ASQ X,.,XaWW,,,!'r.f ...QF Senior Best 1986 CLASS CLOWNS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST LIKELY TO BECOME A MOVIE STAR Craig 81 Stefanie Keith 84. Christine Brennan Sc Kit A 'I BEST STEREO BIGGEST FLIIQTS BEST DRESSED Bonnie 81 Patrick Ken 8: David Beth 8x Sam , ..VV N - V .K , fd' fl! CQ' 'r if I 0 MOST LIKELY TO WIN THE GOSSPS QFBTHE YEAR was OLYMPICS "0" 'anno MOST SPIIQITED Tm 8' Kem X Taho 84 Shannon PERSON YOU'D MOST WANT TO BE MOST LIKELY TO BECOME A Dei? 8?ESSJzIe STIQANDED IN MILLIONAIIQE , fl 51 A MOUNTAIN CABIN WITH . . . BEFORE THE AGE OF 25 Stacie 84 Jeff Chuck 81 Dayna ' M The Senior Class of '86 was asked To as- semble the perfect senior guy and girl. Here are The results: wi,-,us ' x 41 Anne-Cafherine's VOICE " .43 ,vs Stacie Smilh's LIPS Sally Roberl s Q LEGS l 1 S fl-MSA .j Slefanie Day's Q 4 yy PERSONALITY Suzie Cornmer1ord's ' EYES Sonya McKnighl's PARENTS Cheere ShipIey's CAR l s 3 Christine Kelly's MENTALITY 'QQ Sylvia Reisel's LAUGH Nancy Richardson's SENSE OF HUMOR vig V, jk KW 5im'5 Robin Rhea's Nancy ReynoId's HAIR MORALS COMPLEXION .e"'w Brennan Evan's VOICE X il Gabe Villegas' Craig Wilklnson's COMPLEXION SENSE OF HUMOR Bobby Sherrard s PERSONALITY A JO9 DGICIITIOTSY S I K '-" 1 RS , V Kent Berryrnan's HAIR Kirk Dominic's MENTALITY Steve Shanor's PARENTS LAUGH Jeff WeaTher's LIPS Brefi Diggs' EYES David CoppIe's Q CAR 'I Pai rick Garcia's CHEST Joel Hufchinson's LEGS fri" 9.47 I mm JS J Derek Downs MORALS I MX Cenlour: Sponsors Jodene And AI Mulliken The Windmill - Avon And Bill Wilson Hello World! - Sally Burkslaller LOF Lubrication - Bobby And Irene Villegos Bill And Palli Roberls Chewning Foolwear Bonnle 139 Frances 165 nacio 52 Pete Deana K. Shane D. 139, 42 Andrew 151 165, 52 Nathanael J. 56 Chad C. 139 Melissa 139 der, Tyra L. 165, 51 :ter Wendy 127 Benjamin F. 165, 98 Cody C. 151 Cynthla K. 165. 51 Freddie J. Julie J 139 Michelle L. 139 Naomi R. 165, 55 Ricky 127 Sonila M. 72 Tim 139. 72. 99 Gene P. Claudia A. 127 George W. lg ' 1 Raul G. 165 n D. 165, 49 Shawn S. 127 Kris 139, 106 Tiffany A. 166. 51. Alicia 127 Llsa A. 166, 52 Monica 139 Tony G. Robert 139. 102 Victor J. Lorl J. 139 Stephanie A. Alfred 166 Jeffrey A. 151, 58 John 166 Josephine 166, 57 Pauline 166 Beth E. Davld P. 139 Lori D. 166 Shayne 127. 60 Darrell J. 167 Jennifer Darren W. 127 i. Patrick S. 46 rl, TOY A. . Marcle M. 139 Alan A. 151,49 Michelle 151, 72 arena, Corlna 139 arker. Todd A. 167 arlow, Brent 139. 25 arnett, Heather L. 151 mett. Kendra L. 127 amett, Phillip A. 161. 167 rraza. Braulio 151 Loule A. 127, 60 Melvin G. 139, 32, 42, 102 76 Chef L. 166, 40, 49, 49, 51 Melanie D. 167, 20. 72 Bass, Twila 44, 51, 106 Bassett, Kendra M. 167 Bates, Tim S. Batsdev, Ivan A. 192, 42, 81, 98 Baughman, Dawn M. 127, 60 Baurley. John A. 127 Baurley. Thomas M. 167, 44, 49 Baxley, Melissa L. 139, 23, 32 Beagles, Eddie 127, 25 Bechtel, Jeff B. 127 Beck, Michael R. 139 Beeman, Mark A. Beeman, Melody J. 151 Beene, Sam L. 167 Behnke. Theresa L. 139 Belknap, Randall L. Bell, David D. Bell, David S. 127 Bell, Kimberly L. 139, 32 Bell, Michael R. Beliran. Sophia 151 Belyeu, Kevin R. Belyeu, Kim R. 139 Benavldez. Francene M. 168 Benavldez. Lori A. 127, 106 Benedict, Kathryn M. 168. 32. 47, 82 Benedict, Sean S. 139, 102 Bergstrom, Dawn M. 60 Bero, Judy 139 Berrones. James M. 127 Berry, Lisa C. Berry. Steve M. 127 Berryman, Kent A. 163, 168, 47, 49, 80 Betancur, Robert J. 151 Bhakia, Kirti M. 139 Bhakta, Naren Bhakta, Rajesh U. 139 Bierwirth, David B. 168 Blair, Christina L. 127 Blanco, Lorena 0. 151. 23, 44 Blevins, Alan 139 Blount, Yvonne L. 151 Boardman, Taylene L. Boggs, Billy H. 127 Boggs, Philip A. Bohanan, Kim 151, 55 Bolanas, Michael Bolanos, Susan 127 Bolanas, Vlctor M. Boling, Lisa S. 168, 24 Boss, Ricky A. Bowen, Cheryl A. 151, 55 Bowen. Andy A. 151 Bowhay. Ronnie L. 168, 49 Bowles, Jason J. 139 Boyd, Darin T. 49 Boyd, Jennifer D. 140 Brackeen. Eric W. 140 Bradley, Gary C. 168. 21, 98 Bradley. Jeff 140 Bradshaw, Edna M. 127, 60 Branch, Corey L. 151 Brasfield, Gerald W. 168, 58 Bratland, Kenny B. 151 Brewer, James A. 150, 60 Bridge, lan C. 151 , 47 127 James R 127 Kevln G. 167. 52 John 139, 44. 56, 60 Kerrl M. 127, 56. 106 Troy L. 151 William F. 127 J ' 4 1 Britain, Michael K. 169 Brock, Cammie K. 151 Brooks. Jerry A. 169 Brown, Bemard P. 60 Brownfield, Shawn 127 Browning, Angela C. 127 K Q! 4 Buck, Roger 140 Buckner, Terry A. 169, 55 Bugarin, Ruben 140 Bunch, Teri 5. Burden, Billy F. Burkhart, Matt E. Burleson, Howard H. Burrola, Anthony A. 151, 52 Burson, Amy S. 126, 32 Bush, Robert R. Busselle, Lincoln D. 140 Bussey, Richard L. 127 Butler, John 140 Butler, Michelle L. 169 Byrd, Jodie L. 128 Byron, Paul H. 140, 102 Caddell. Scott S. 169, 44 Callaham, Greg J. 169, 46. 81, 98 Callaway, Lisa L. Calloway, David A. Camacho, Joe R. 152, 32, 44, 49 Campbell, Laurie 152, 60 Campbell. Kyle K. 140 Campos, Tony 128 Cannon, Elizabeth K. 169. 57, 60 Carathers, Christian S. 140 Carbone. Corby S. 169, 22 Cardona, Corine Cardona, Stella M. 152 Carlisle, Clifford L. 51 Carpenter, Daonne A. 170, 47 Carr, George M. 152, 20, 49 Carrasco. Cynthia B. Carrasco. Lisa B. Carriere, Allison A. 152, 31. 32 Carrigan, Amie K. 126, 128, 106 Carrillo, Joseph Carrillo, Lupe Carrillo, Raul J. 152323, 99 Carrillo, Saul A. 152 Carson, Robert M. 170 Carter, Curtis 140. 58 Carter, Jeff W. 128 Carter, Jerry R. 170 Carter, Kim D. 128 Carter, Lance 140, 58 Castaneda, Ronald 128 Castillo, John 60 Castillo, Rosie 128 Castro, Bobby 140, 72, 102 Castro, Larry 170. 58, 72 Chairez, Myma Chairez, Rudy J. 140, 102 Chaireza, Rosa M. 140 Chaves, Tammy Chavez, Elizabeth Chavez, Harold M. 128 Chavez, Jeff F. 152 Chavez, Steven L. Chenoweth, Robert G. 128 Cherry, Jon C. 152, 99 Cherry, Russell C. Chesebro, Cori 140, 32, 43, 72 Chesebro, Todd J. 152, 72 Cho, Su M. 128, 44 Clark, Chandra R. 170 Clark, Tabitha D. 152. 46, 60 Clark, Todd C. 170, 47 Clement, Roger K. 170, 58 Cleveland. Daryl L. 128 Clewein, Barbara L. 170. 52 Coalson. Clinton G. 128, 25 Coburn, Sarah 140 Cochrane. Heather D. 128 Cochrane, Kyle 171, 46 Cole, Del Ray Collins, Heather L. 140, 44, 47 Commerford, Susie E. 171, 21, 28, 86. 91 Conn, Penny J. 58 Connell, Chris B. 128 Connell, Laura A. 152, 32 Contreras, H. Ricky 171 Cooper, Jennifer Cooper. Laura L. 152. 32. 40, 47. 63 Copple, David D. 171, 22, 49, 78. 81. 84, 92 Cordero, Christopher 140, 102 Core, Laura E. 171, 104 Corn, Brady I. 140, 42 Corn, Dan 192 Corn, Mike J. 152 Corr, Alice C. 128 Correll, Ben C. Cortez, Rosa Courter. Greg S. 140, 24, 40 Cowart, Catherine E. 152 Cox, Kevln J. Cox, Stacey 171, 22, 49 Craft, Richard Craig, Rhonda L. 138, 140, 44 Crane, Debbie S. 128, 44 Crenshaw, Gary T. 152 Croix. Rachel C. 140 Coufer. Anne Catherine 23, 32, 33. 47. 85 Crow. Jeremy 128 Crowhurst, Kennon 140, 47 Crowhurst, Stephanie D. 152 Crumley, Stephanie Cmtsinger, Joe 128 Crutsinger. Keri L. 171 Cullender. James M. 152, 52 Cullins, Toby 140. 32 Cummings. Wes J. 171 Cutrell, Heather M. 152. 32, 47 Damron, Stephen W. 128 Daniel. Timothy Daniels, Jane J. 172 Davenport, Kristen M. 128, 44 Davenport, Robert C. Davids, Heather R. 140. 25, 26, 47 Davids, Joshua 128 Davidson. Chuck 140 Davidson, Richard Davis, Ami D. 172. 40, 72 Davis. Craig 128. 72 Davis, Sean C. 152 Day, Cristy 140, 44 Day, Penny L. 172, 56 Day. Stefanie E. 172, 49, 93 Dela Rosa. Raul J. 128 Delamater, Joseph W. 172, 49, 80 Delorier, Frank A. 46, 60 Delos Santo, David 128 Denison. Scott 152, 85 Dickerson. Chad M. 128. 51 Dickerson, Shelley D. 153 Dickman, Christine C. 140 Diggs, Brett D. 172, 98 Dillon, Kevin W. 141 Dinwiddie, Deedra 172, 51, 76 Dittmore, Teresa 141, 56, 106 Dixon, Kathy L. 141 Doan, Brandon K. 141 Doan, Cameron B. Dodd, Tammy D. 191. 58 Doerhoeter. Melissa J. 128 Dominic, Angelique 128, 72 Dominic, Kirk A. 172, 21, 49, 72 Doughty, Lynn R. Downs. Derek P. 163, 173, 21, 49, 80 86, 98 Doyle, Shannon 141. 42 Drusendahl, Bonnie Duttman, Trent A. Duke, Greg 141 Dunlap. Leslie E. 141. 44 Dunlap, Marvin H. 128 Dyle. Deanna M. 141 Dyer, Mack 141, 58 East, William L. 141 Ehler, Jimmy A. 153 Elllot, Scott A. 173, 56 Elliott. Michael L. 51 Elton. Timothy B. 141, 58 Ely, Jacquelyn 173 Encinias, Simona Escobar, Delores N. 173, 55 Espinosa, Angie Espinoza, Mary S. 141 Espinoza, Richard J. 128 Estrada. Adriana 129 Estrada, Noel 153 Evans, Brennan E. 162, 173. 31, 32 40, 49. 72, 81 Evans. Derek 141. 72, 102 Evans, Holli A. 126, 129, 72 Evetts, Stacie 129, 60 Fazekas, Russell B. Featherstone, Angie L. 173, 46, Ferrell, Randall L. 129 Fierro, John L. Fitzpatrick. Justin K. Fitzpatrick, Tim 141 Flemons. Jerry B. 173, 47 Fletcher, Shannon L. 141 Flores, Marisa R. Floyd, Jennifer R. 129. 56, Floyd, Kevin G. 50, 51 106 76 Forbau, Michael A. 174, 40.49, 80, 92 Ford, Richard E. Ford, Robin E. 141 Forrest, Kasey A. Foster. Bert R. 141 Foster. Carolyn 164, 174, 49, 77 Foster, Charlotte Fox, Melissa D. 149, 153, 54. 55 Franco, Janice E. 153 Franco, John 141, 102 Franco, Melinda 129, 44 Fredrick, Roy S. 176 French, Patricia A. 141, 47 Freudenberger, Jennifer R. 141, 44 Fulton, Leslie W. 141 Gallagher, Rachel M. Gallagher. Sean F. Gallegos, Erlinda A. 141 Gallegos. Jose A. 174 Gamboa, Benji 58 Gamboa, Rosendo Gannaway, Shannon L. 141 Gant, Julie M. 153 Garcia, Loly C. 141 Garcia, Christopher 141 Garcia. Dwayne Garcia, Lazard C. 44 Garcia, Patricia L. Garcia. Patrick L. 174, 58. 81, 85. Garcid Sonya 141 Garcia, Susana 141 Gardner, Shawn L. 153. 99 Garrett, William R. Garringer, Brenda K. 174 Garrlnger, Marcus J. 129, 25 Garringer, Michael J. 153 Garrison, Christopher J. 174 Garton. Brian Garton, Danny A. 153 Garza, Steven 153, 58. 99 Gauna, Carl 142 Gaustad, Tony J. 142 Gettemy, Sara L. 129, 44 Gibbs. Sarah 142, 32. 42 Gibson, Charles E. Gibson, John 129 Gilbert, Vincent D. 52 Gllbreath, Kay D. 153 Gllbreath, Kris J. 153 Glpson, Richard W. Glrand, Dub 49, 85 Glass, Deandra 153. 44 Glenn, Richard 129 Glinis, Kristy K. 142 Gomez, Daniel 129 Gomez, Gilbert 175 Gomez, Jose J. Gonzales. Gonzales, Alfred B. 175 Annette 175, 42 Gonzales, Filomend R. 153, 60 Gonzales, Frank M. 142 Gonzales, George G. Gonzales Irene J. 175 Gonzales Richard Gonzales, Susie R. 142 Gonzalez, Clifford C. 175, 88, 98 Goodloe, Lee A. Gore, Tabbie J. 153 Goree, Holly L. 153, 20 Gotcher, Niki M. 142, 58 Gotsche, Robin S. 175 Gould, Margaret 142 Graham, Jacquelyn 142, 27, 87 Graham. Kimberly Granados, Anna M. 175, 55 Gray, Brett L. 25 Greene, Thomas H. 153 98 Greer, Denise M. 129 Greer, Yvette 153, 52 Guess, Kenneth M. Gustamantes, Melissa 142 Gustamantes, Ray P. 153. 52, 58 Gutierrez, Natalie H. 142 Gwynne, Kimberly K. 153, 57 Hale, Norman 142 Hall. William H. 153 Hallock, Heather M. 142 Halvorson, Steven 129 Hamill. Mark A. 129 Hamilton, C.W. W 142, 102 Hamilton, John A. 153, 60 Hamilton. Juanita J. 129 HOl'T1ll1'Of1, Robert T. 129, 60 Hamrick, Teri R. Hankins. Cecil C. 52 Hannan, Shane 129 Hardcastle, Pamela A. 154 Hardwick, Walton 49, 52 Hargrove, Jimmy 129 Hari, Satish M. 154, 22 Harkness, Richard A. 129 Harp. Mikell C. 175, 51 Harper. Lee W. 142 Harris, Guy Harrison, Charles T. 129 Harrison, David 129 Harrison, Stacy L. 176, 54, 55 Harton. Kelly M. 142, 44, 106 Hatch, Emmitt R. 176 Haycox, Brian L. 154 Haycox. Chris 176 Haynes, John G. 142 Helstowski, Kathy 129 Helstowski, Vicky 129 Hemmings, Theresa L. 154, 31, Hendricks, Scott A. 176. 98 Henske. Jill C. 129 Her ert. Lonny E. 142 Q Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez Herrera, Herrera, Herring, Herring. . Daniel R. 72, 99 . Denise M. 154 , Laura A. 72 , Michael 129 Hernandez, Maria Willie Buddy P. 154 Michael J. 142 Patricia Mickey, Kristie K. 130 Hickman, Ana M. 154. 72, 85 Hickman. Kenneth R. 130, 72 Hicks, Daniel D. 154 Higgins, Amber S. 176, 55 Higgins, Larry D. 130 Hill, Holly M. 142 Hill, James W. 154, 32, 49, 99 Hilliard, Lucy A. 154, 57 Hines, Daniel D. 130, 60 Hinkle. Laurie E. 142, 32. 106 Hinson. Kenneth S. 154, 52 Hite, Laura A. Hite, William P. 142 Hobbs, Carla A. 130 Hobby, Rosemary E. Holl. Tim A. 154 Holloway, Daryl L. 142, 102 Holman, Steve N. 154 Holmes, Alan K. 129 Hood, Randy L. Hooper, Stephen R. 154. 50. 5 99 Hopkins, Dedee J. 142 Horgan, Katy 142.114, 106 Hoskins, Kimberly K. 154, 28, 91 House, Susan 154 Huckabee, Jeff B. 176, 49. 82 Huff. Kimberly J. 154, 58 Huff. Lori J. 154 Huffmon. Jamie D. 154, 58 Hughes, John G. 142, 44, 102 Hughes, Ladawn M. 129 Hughlett, Becky S. 154. 52 Hughlett, Donnie R. 142 Hunt, Bryan R. 176, 47, 80 Hunter, Paul J. 143 Hutchinson, Jill 176, 72 32, 55 1. 87 Hutchinson, Joel 177. 72, 87, 93 lbarra, Yolanda 58 Isbell, Angela L. 177. lsler, Kelly J. 143, 27. Jackson, Matt J. 155 Jackson, Tisha R. 143 Jacobs, Mattie L. 143 James, Rodney A. 143, 102 Janosek. Kimberley D. 143 Jaramillo, George Jaramillo, Javier 129 55 44 Jennings, Dale L. Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Kellie A. 143 Johnson, Laura A. 57 Johnson, Lisha 130, 44, 106 Johnson, Robin R. 177 Johnson, Rodney 130 Jolly, Charles E. 130 Jones. Abraham D. 155, 47, 56 Jones, Christopher 143 Jones, Christy L. 177, 147, 49 Jones, James M. 155, 51 Jones, Larisa E. 177, 62 Jones. Lationa 161, 177, 28, 84, Jones, Lee J. 72 Jones, Michael 22 Jones, Ricky M. 177, 52 Jones, Stacey J. 137, 143. 144. Jordon, Jaime L. 130 Julien, Nephi T. 130, 56 Julien. Victoria C. 143, 56 Jurado. Ricardo 143 Karns, Travis 177 Karr, Barbara K. 130 Kasuboski, Anisa M. 130, 50, 51 Kasuboski. Joey L. 178, 51 Keeton, Michael D. Keller, Tommy D. 143 Kelley, Jennifer L. 177, 52 90 72 .. Kelly, Christine 162, 178, 42, 47, 63. 76, 93 Kerbaugh, Sheila A. 130 Kessler, Danny M. Keys, Frank I. Kidwell, Jackie A. 130 Kier, Brian A. 52 Kiker, Gregory J. 130, 25, 46 Kimball, Louis H. Kimball, Nancy L. Kimball, Nellie A. 130, 155. 44 King, Rex E. 130 Klnnard, Brenna K. 178, 20 Klnnard, Erin E. 130 Kiper, Kandie L. 178, 54, 55 Kirby, Brandon L. Kisselburg, Elisa D. 130 Kisselburg, Jimmy R. 155, 52 Klee, Piper L. 143 Klein, Tanya D. Knight, Todd S. 178, 49, 52 Konig. Alan H. 178, 47, 63, 81 Koonce, Christine Krank, Krystal 143 Krohn, Wendy B. 178, 54, 55, 77 Krueger, Jeff D. 143, 162 Kuhn, M. Chris C. Labadie, Dundee D. Labadie, Erica 143 Lembing, time 155 Landfair, James A. 143 Landfair, Jay D. 155, 58 Landfair, Richard J. 130 Helen R. 143 Landry. Langford, Grant A. 130, 60 Langston, Laura L. 155 Lansford, Brent 143, 102 Larson. Anna M. 179, 60 Larson, Erik V. 155 Larue, Jeff 179, 40, 82 Laube, Douglas Lawson, Sherry R. Leaton, Cecelia L. 179, 93 Ledesma, Mario A. 58 Lee, Raymond L. 155, 47 Lembke, Maria L. 143 Levonius, Chris 130 Levonlus, Jeff 143, 44 Lewis, Loretta L. Leyba, Jahet K. Leyba, Lori A. 143 Leyba, Lupe 130 Leyva, Rosa I. 155 Licon, Jose Luis 130 Lightfoot, Monica L. Lilley. Katherine P. 155 Linares, Anthony R. Linn, Mark W. Lippard. Shannon S. 179, 51 Litrell, Tonya M. Little, Wesley L. Livingston. Dusty S. 155 LOCKS. Logan. Jack A. 155 Laural B. 44, 72 Racine S. 155, 179, 72 Logan, Lopez. Chris 130 Lopez, Freddy 131 Lopez, Michael L. Lopez, Paul 143 Lopez, Tim 155, 99. 102 Mathlson, Barry 156 Trisha L. 156. 51 Murray, Kimberly J. 132, 24 Miller 49, 70. 4-.5 . in :Ei . . 'F 'F 6' ' W 5 5 .f'.g, i5 . I 'g ' - ,, A . , h Lorton. Leslie 155 Lorton, Melissa 131 Lowe, Kevin M. Lowery. Shannon S. 163, 179. 28, 47. 76. 90, 93 Loy, Kevin re. 143 Loyd, Hugo L. Luccero, Cynthia L. Lucero, Eddie J. 143 Lucero. Krystina 179 Lucero, Michael R. 131 Lueras, Isabella H. 60 Lujan, Dora J. 143, 42 Luna, Chris 179 Luna, Stella R. 144. 20 Lynch. Annette C. 144, 44 Lynch, Carissa M. 144 Lynch. Nikki J. 131 Lyons, Jimmy R. 180, 72 Lyons, Vikki L. 180. 72, 104 Maclas. James 144, 102 Macias, Joe L. 131. 60 Macko. Steven C. 144 Maddox, Wayne D. 144, 102 Madrid. Lupe J. Madrlo, Philip Madsen, Llsa C. 144 Maglll, Melissa 144, 50,51 Maglll. Sidney M. 180 Maidment, Edward Malnello. Stephanie A. Maley, Lynn 144 Maloney, Gregory J. 150, 155, 32 Mangum, Wayne M. 131 Manter, Paul A. 180, 23 Mares, James 131 Markl. Clay 131 Marrero. Brenda 180 Marrero. Richard 180 Marrujo, Lorena A. 155, 58 Marshall, James 150. 155, 32 Martin, Joel 156 Martin, Jon A. 144 Martin, Scott 131. 50. 51 Martinez, Araseli Martinez. Debra M. 131 Martinez. Luz M. 55, 60 Martinez, Yvonne 165, 55 Mason. Paul 131 Mason, Scott 180 Mathews. Melissa G. 60 Matta, Freddy Matta, Laurie 144. 44 Matta, Stacy A. 131 Matthews, William J. McKinney G. Allen A. 24 McCalls. Scott A. McCarthy. Catherine M. 50,5 1 McCarty, Leslie T. 144 McCarver, Leslie 131 McCarver, Regina L. 180 McClain, Shawna M. 144 McConnell, Shannon D. 156 McCormack. Kevin M. 131 McCrea. Jenifer 144, 104 McCreary. Perry D. 181 McDonald Kelly J. 144 McGarrah, Mary C. 156, 55 McGuire, Jennifer L. 144, 104 McKensie, Ronnie L. 181 McKnight. Sonya A. 181. 77, 104 McLain. David E. 181, 80. 98 McLaren. Cameron B. 156 McMahon, Matt M. 181 McMahon. Tina L. 131 McMillan, Keri K. 164. 181. 49, 82 McMillian, Candy 131 Means, Steven D. 156 Medina, Emma 156 Medrano, Rey 181. 87, 98 Medrano, Rudy 131 Meeks, Kennon A. 131 Mitchell. Charles B. 163. 182, 47. 49. 80. 92. 98 Mitchell, Jennifer R. 131 Mitchell, Robin Mitchell. Stephanie D. 131 Moe. Tara F. 156. 58 Moffitt, Tammy L. 156, 55 Molina, Carlos C. 131 Molina, Denise R. 132 Montero, Frank 182 Montes, Jayne C. 156 Montgomery. James A. Montgomery. Peigh 58 Montoya. Cynthia M. Moody, Robert L. 56 Moore, Garth J. 132 Morales. Anthony F. Morgan, Jimmy Morgan, Johnny M. 182 Morgan, Robert 144 Morgan, Rusty D. 144. 60 Morgan, Melendez, Andrew J. 60 Melendez, Ralph 0. Mendoza. Carlos Mendoza, Claudia 156 Mendoza, David M. Mendoza. Karina 106 Merhege, Melissa A. 144, 44 Messier, Victoria L. 144 Michael. Christine M. 131 Mikkelson, Becky K. 131, 106 Miles. Tedi C. 42 Miner. Miner. Miller. Miner. Denise H. 181 James E. 131 Sandi L. 150. 156, 32 Scott D. .Tamfnie M. 131 Milner. Chris W. 156, 23 Mims, Cynthia E. Miranda, Laverne 32 Miranda, Yolanda 156, 44 Qs. 0 Morris. Taho 182. 21 Morro, Antonette A. 144 Morro, Reva M. 182 Motes. Tammie L. 144. 44 Muhl. Lori L. 55 Muhl. Randy J. Mull, Todd Mulliken, Matthew S. 132 Murfin. Trina 132 Murphy. Shannon M. 144. 20, 104, 106 Murray, Sharon M. 182 Murrow, Monica 144 Mysza, Stephen E. 182, 52 Naranjo, Shawn R. 182, 42 Nasi, James M. 132 Nasi, John P. 156 Navarrette, Eddy R. 183, 20, 49, 52, 58 Nayak, Sheela 132 Neblett, Kevin S. 183, 22 Neel. Danny K. 156 Neel, Dennis G. Nelson, Amy M. 156, 52, 72 Nelson. Grant P. 183, 52, 72 Nelson, Melissa L. 132. 44 Newbold. Moria L. 157. 106 Noling, Brooks W. 157, 40. 47 Norris, Dan D. 183 Norton, James 58 Norton. Kristen E. 132 Norton. Paul K. 132 Nulf. Marion L. 132 Nunnez, Charles E. Nunnez. Paige 444. 44. 47. Nunez. Gary 144, 32. 42, 87, 102 Nunez. Jerry L. 144. 102 Odell, Kerry 144 Oga. Anjanette M. 144 Ogas, Randy 144 Olivarria, Rosa M. 145 Oropesa. Carmen 145 Oropesa. Ramon Orr. John K. 137. 145. 85. 102 Ortega, Julian R. Ortega. Melissa A. Ortiz. Chris J. Ortiz. Robert L. Ortiz. Tony F. 138. 145. 32. 102 Ostrander. Cheryl R. 20 Overstreet, Laura 145 Owens, Geoffrey 138, 145. 44 Paad. Jason B. 132 Pacheco, Cathi S. 157 Pacheco, Lisa B, Pacheco, Tammi 132. 26 Pack, David B. 145 Pankey, Carrie 145 Pantoja. Lana Pantoia, Paul 157, 99 Pantuso, Lanie L. 183. 55 Parks. Michelle L. 132 Parr, Diane E. 157 Parson, Douglas A. 132 Parson. Michael W. 145 Parton, Richard A. 157, 99 Patel. Narendra Patrom, Laurie D. 183, 51 Patton. James H. Payne, Vickie 132 Pelayo, Ronnie L. 183 Pemberton, John D. 132 Pennington, Cristy G. 157 Perez, Humberto 145 Perez, Mark 145, 60 Perez. Sally T. 183 Perrine, Jonnie R. 60 Peyton, Paul John J. 184. 56. 58 Peyton. Paula J. Phelan, Kathy M. 157. 20 Phillips, Rhonda L, 132 Pickle. Matthew E. 145 Pietropollo, Annette M, Pilley, April D. 44 Pino, Israel 58 Pins, Ryan K. 132, oo Ponce, Frank Ponce, Jami 145. 62 Ponce, DeLeon Delores A. 183, 55 Pond. Laura L. Porter. Greta 157 Powers. Harold 145 Powers, Michael 132 Price, Kimberly A. 132, 87 Price, Perry E. 184, 52 Price, Rodery A. 132 Pritchard. David M. 184. 82. 98 Pritchard, Shaley 184 Pulley. Michael 132 Pyeatt. Stephanie E. 145, 27 Quinton a, Cathy U. Quintana, Cinda E. 157, 56, 72 Quintana. Peggy M. 184, 44, 72 Quintana, Philip S, 145, 40 Ragsdale ry D. 132 Ramirez. Albinita L. 132, 106 Ramirez. Brenda M. 132 Ramirez. Diana 157. 106 Ramirez. Louisa D. Ramirez. Marco J. 145, 102 Ramirez, Rhonda Ramirez, Wanda Ramos, Del F. Ramsey. Reane R. 157 Ray, Kim D. 184, 57. 73 Ray, Shawna 145. 73 Ray, Valisha L. 132 Reese. Patrick 184, 21, 49 Reese, Russell D. 145, 60 Reicks, Jason M. 185. 47 Reisel. Sylvia 185. 40. 46 Reiter. Robert Renteria, Tina 132 Resendez, Abel Reyes, Dennell M. 185, 28, 47, 77, 89 01 Reyes, Racquel E, Reynolds. Nancy G. Rhea, Robin 185, 24. 40, 76 Rich, Judy A. 157 Richards, Lance W, 132 Richardson. Christa N, 133 Richardson, Nancy 185, 42. 47. 77 Richburg. Kindel R. 133, 56 Rico. Martin C. 157 Rivera, Anna M. 57 Rivera, Ben C. 157. 52 Rivera, Bidla M, 185. 55 Rivera. Gilbert R. Rivera. Yolanda M. 145. 60 Roach. Jeff G, 145, 102 Roach, Tommy L. 145, 102 Robbins, Tiffany 145 Robert. Eric W. Roberg, Jeff M. Roberson. Laurie K. 185 Roberts, Bryan K. 145. 102 Roberts. Kenneth W, 133 Roberts. Sally E. 185. 21, 28, 32. 44 76. 90 Rocha. Anthony R. 145, 102 Rocha. Moses D. 133 Rodden, Alisa 145 Rodden. Alison 162. 86, 40. 47, 77 Rodgers. Jaquet M. Whitt. Rodriguez. Lorenzo 146 Rodriquez, Bobbie 146 Rodriquez, Frankie L. 58 Rodriquez, Noverta M. 157, 52 Rodriquez, Ricky E. 186, 52, 82 Rodriquez, Tina 133 Rogers, Debra 133, 58 Rogers, James G. 133, 24 Rogers, Ronald L. 186 Rohwer, Aaron J. 186, 81 Rohwer, Staci D. 146, 32, 44 Rollins, Robert ' Roman, Angela M. 146 Wilson Romero. Romero. Romero. Romero. Romero. Agnes M. 133 Annette 146 Kevin A. Oscar 133 Roy R. Roork. David J. 60 Rosales, Robert Ross, Melissa 157, 51 Ruffin, Kristie L. 186 Ruiz, Marla E. 133 Ruiz, Susana 146 Rullan, Esther 146 Rundell, Donnie C. 186, 98 Rundell, Gary P. 146, 102 Rush. Richard 146 Rusnel, Noel W. 146 Russell, Darla 146, 50. 51 Rutledge, Patrick W. 58 Rutley, Hilary M. 133, 73 Rutley. Hugh R. 157, 73, 99 Rymer, Jennifer K. 158, 54 Sabin, Michelle E. 158. 44 Sherrard, Rodney R. 158, 73 Shipley. Cheere D. Shumard, Jon E. 146 Sifuentes. Samuel J. 133 Simmons, Regina A. 146 Sims. Kathryn E. 164, 187, 22, 46, 47. 49. 73 Sims, Kristen L. 133, 26, 32 Sims, Tim D. 146, 73, 102 Sims, Tye 158 Sisk, Carol 146. 58 Sisk, Paul B. 58 Sisneros, Bonnie N. 187, 49, 73 Sisneros, Shannon S. 73 Skinner, Alan Skinner, Coy D. 187, 98 Skinner, Donita L. 146, 106 Skipper, Lisa M. 133 Skrobrak, Michael W. Skrobrak, Rebecca M. 158, 57 Slavens, Angela F. 158 Slavens, Jeff D. Smelser, Clarice L. 26 Smith, Adam K. 158 Smith, April 134 Smith, Elizabeth A. 134 Smith, Heather C. 134 Smith Hoyt 134 Smith Joe A. Smith Joel D. 134, 60 Smith Kenneth R. 134 Smith Linda 146. 106 Smith Smith Smith Robert T. 146, 44 Sheri L. 187. 77, 104 Stacie R. 188, 77 Saenz. T irso L. 158 Salas, Cesar 99, 102 Salas, Denise 158. 104 Salas, Peggy L. SGiOlGf, SalCidO, Sylvia C. Lisa 133 Salinas, Priscilla 44 Salinas, Ruben D. 133 Salyards. Jennifer D. 158, 52 Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez , Annie M. . Delma 133 . Frank A. 158. 52 , Jerry 158 , Johnny R. . Rachel P. 133 Sanchez, Richard 133 Sanchez, Sonya Sanchez, Vonnie G. Sanders, Janna S. 186 Sanders. Kendra A. 186. 21. 28, 49, 71, 73, 82, 85, 90 Sanders, Kevin 125. 133, 73, 85 Sanders, Ricky J. Sanders. Robbie L. 158 Sankey, Shane T. 133 Saunders, Shawn 133. 73 Savedra, James A. 20 Scarberry, Paul E. 158 Scates, Cnady A. 133 Scates, Mark W. 146 Schanck, Lisa D. 106 Schlecht. Terry L. 158 Schmitt, Dawn M. 133, 106 Schroeder. Kerri L. 158 Schuler, Amanda M. 192, 54, 55 Scitern. Tonya L. 58 Scorah, Kim 146 Scott, Kaye A. 133. 32. 106 Scott, Kerri A. 187, 40, 77 Scott, Lonnie W. Scott, Billy L. 133, 51 Seaman, Denise L. 52 Secrest, Toni M. 146, 58 Segura, Tessa L. 133 Sena, Mannie M. 133 Sena. Michelle N. 133 Serafino, Jessica A. 133 Serafino, Michael F. Serrano, Benny Shangraw. Scott W. 187 Shandor, Stephen S. 187, 32, 49. 81 Shaw, Mike Shelden, Maura E. 133, 26, 32 Sherrard, Bobby 187, 21, 49, 73 Smith, Terry W. 158 Smith, Tracey J. 158 Smith, Troy T. Sniadecki, Jack E. Solis, Robert R. 134 Soliz, Eeren J. 188 Soliz, Renee E. 134 Sorensen. Michael P. 188, 58 Sorenson, Stephen T. 134. 58 Sorrells, Christine E. Sosa, Fermin 158. 58 Sato, Ricky 158 Sparnon, Lori 146 Spence, Randy M. 158 Spence, Tammy M. 158 Spurrier, Jerry W. 51 Stacy, Darrell L. 188 Stalls, Shawn D. 134 Stangebye, Meghan R. 146, 27, 32 Stark. Rita K. 134 Starnes. James S. 188, 52 Stecklein. Kim 159, 28, 44, 73, 87, 90 Stecklein, Kris 146, 32, 44. 73 Steen, James W. 146, 60 Stefhon, Jerry W. 188 Stephens. Stephanie L.1 59 Stevens. Dayna M. 188, 21, 32, 42. 47, 49, 73, 76, 93 Stevens, Melissa A. 146, 32, 42, 73 Stevens, Tammy Stewart, Dale R. Stewart, Sheri L. 159, 47 Stogden. Hellen H. Stogden, Tina Storey, Jude M. 188. 47. 80 Storey, Rum M. 134. 26 Stowe. Laura L. 51, 106 Streit, Brandy K. 159, 47 Stroble. Tony W. 134 Stuart, Elizabeth A. 23 Studdard, Dee D. 189 Sutton, Michael D. 134, 51 Tarvin, Jlnny 134 Tarvin, Tammy S. 146, 52 Tate, Derek D. 159, 51 Taylor. Diana L. Taylor, Dusty 32 Taylor, Kenneth Teel, Jennifer K. 147 Teichgraeber. Bryan R. 134 Terrell, Michael H. 147 Terry, Shawn M. Thomas. Greg 159, 99 Thompson, Luke 147 Thompson. Rachel E. 159, 46, 56, 60 Thompson, Susie K. 159 Thurman, Ruthie L. Tipton. Chad 147, 44 Tipton, Keith C. 162. 63,80 Torres, Enrique 134 Townsend, Sharon A. 44 Travelstead, Kimberly D. 125, 134. 85 Treloar, Katrina 147. 25 Tricarico. Chris M. 159 Trujillo, Angela M. Trujillo, Felix 99. 102 Trujillo, Phillip R. Trujillo. Tina 163, 189, 87, 104 Tucker, Lori 147, 27, 85 Tucker. Ronald A. 134 Turner, Jeff 0. 189. 44, 56 Turner. Matt G. 159 Turner. Todd A. 189 Tutor, Johanna 189 Uhrich, Robin D. 147, 60 Ulibarri, Mida A. 134 Urban, Sidney S. 189 Urquides, Fernando 134 Ussery, Gerald W. 189, 22, 49, 52, 82, 92 Utterback, Lynette 147 Van Winkle. Jamie R. 190, 73, 104 Van Winkle. Jolie E. 135, 73, 106 Varela, Chris D. Vargas, Rita Vasquez. Jennifer Vasquez. Jody L. Vasquez, John 135 Vasquez, Rachel R. Veitch, Andy J. 135, 25 Vigil, Candace Vigil, Steven M. 190, 42, 47, 63, 81, 92 Villanueva, Bobby R. Villarreal, Virginia M. Villegas, Gabriel J. 190, 20, 22, 32, 49 Villegas, Romulito J. 135 Wade, Martha A. 190, 51 Wade. Sarah J. 147, 44 Waggoner, Wendy 147, 20. 50, 51. 73 Waggener. Jeff 50, 51, 73 Waggener, Shayne 73 Wagner, Shay S. 147, 50, 51 Wakefield, Jamie L. 147 Wakefield, Perry 135 Waldrip, Beth A. 162, 190, 32, 47, 49, 63, 73. 76 Waldrip, Ted M. 138, 147, 32. 44. 73 Walker. Christy K. 190, 40 Walker. James B. 159 Walker, Mary Alice A. 159, 31, 32 Ware, David S. 147 Warford, Tina 135 Warford. Tom Washlchek, Rachel 159 Washichek, Tamara K. 135 Weathers, David B. 134, 73 Weathers, Jeff J. 159 Weathers, Jeff M. 190, 49, 73, 82 Weir. David G. 190, 49 Welch. Jason A. 134 Wessel, Robert L. 134 West, Bobby 159, 99 189. 24, 47, Wheat, Brent W. 159 White. White. Lula M. Tammy L. Whitesell, Tara L. 147, 24, 32 David L. Wiant, Fredrik W. 147, 47 Wible, Shelly D. 147 Wiggins, Jennifer D. 135 Wiggins. Sherry B. 159 Wiginton, Kelll L. 164, 191, 49 Wilkinson, Craig S. 191, 21, 49 Williams. David A. 147 Williams, Janie L.1 59 Williams. Michelle 135 Williamson, Melvin W. 147 Willis. Shane Wilmot, Brett T. 147, 102 Wilson Wilson . Carrie J. 147 . Cathy J. 159. 55 , Curtiss L. 147 Wilson. Hal 159, 46, 47 Wilson, Mike P. 147, 51 Wimberly, Don C. Winakur, Deborah C. 147 Winkler, Christy M. 135 Winkler, Tammy R. 135 Winnie, Kimberly L. 135 Witt. Cathy J. 150, 159, 104 Wood, David K. 191 Wood, Terrence J. 135, 60 Worth, Bill J. 159 wright, Brian D. 147 Wright, Carmen M. 191 Wright, Sean 135 Wright, David H. Yates. Sarah 126, 135 Yoder, Tommy B. 159 Young, Jill 147, 73 Young, Melinda M. 191, 73 Young. Sandra 191, 55, 73 Young, Stacey 135, 73 Zamor Zuls. D a. Ruben J. avid E. 147 W., M 5 S M I J f f E , 0 f I ,l"j'1l f f QAM ,---X f' "7 si x 'f--' CENTAURI fix W 5 Q , ,f . 0 91,2 24 WN ff?5'?fi35f ZQQSZOK Jk,fAJKJx'k 94" 695 at X45 il Vswlx ymvb .L Zh in 10,033 f lv ' ,JL A-ff' naw XG , dm F29 vgwiyjgwfif X w QT ff? ffffl gf Qfzzifsiffwf Ji C My W3 xfyqfviy' Zwwjgwf' 'wig if VKX? 2-QW? V by iff A gf J Us Q QW 59 NW? f ,iw wefhjfyaggviyf f 9 Wf XG by vQffN WWVWF 762-0 ffvg 12 Q '15- EQQQUQ z fff Q! Q! 377 ff , Q' ow C' if 72 Q5 Qiyff ff V q 17 CS? Qfff? 'X 6 'x x 53 VQX6 QX f2i2f:f2f V222 fig is Q 5 f figzif 4? Ky Cdf 1 A 52 C7

Suggestions in the Goddard High School - Centauri Yearbook (Roswell, NM) collection:

Goddard High School - Centauri Yearbook (Roswell, NM) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 85

1986, pg 85

Goddard High School - Centauri Yearbook (Roswell, NM) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 130

1986, pg 130

Goddard High School - Centauri Yearbook (Roswell, NM) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 24

1986, pg 24

Goddard High School - Centauri Yearbook (Roswell, NM) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 105

1986, pg 105

Goddard High School - Centauri Yearbook (Roswell, NM) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 14

1986, pg 14

Goddard High School - Centauri Yearbook (Roswell, NM) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 192

1986, pg 192

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