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6 Qaod Published by The Senior Class of 1962 GNADENHUTTEN HIGH SCHOCI. Gncadenhutten, Ohio Alma Mater Dedication . . . four We, the class of 1962, Wish to dedicate this fifty- third volume of THE GOAL to the teachers we have had during our first phase of life. Mrs. Katz Mrs. Montague Mrs. James Mrs. Pfeiffer Mrs. Lyon Mrs. Dayton Mr. Linard Mrs. Begland Mrs. Virtue Mr. Brown Mr. Gaume Mr. Larrick Mr. Padgitt These teachers have been our guiding force through these years. We, the members of this graduating class, thank them. Q X X 4'-3t"C".G 'fl six Superintendent ROSS M. VIRTUE Muskingum College, AB. Ohio State University, M.A Secondary Education HIGH SCHOOL WILLIAM PADGITT ELLA VIRTUE HOMER LARRICK Mathematics English Language RONALD SAKOLA ROBERT LANE ALLEN BROWN Physical Education Music Industrial Arts GERALD MARTIN CHARLOTTE GREEGOR WILLIAM WINDON Science Commercial Commercial 3611871 ELEMENTARY eight FRANCES SAKOLA Kindergarten ELIZABETH KATZ First Grade HELEN MINNEY First Grade ANNA MONTAGUE Second Grade LILLIAN BOND Second Grade MABEL MOWL Third Grade GOLDA MCIVIULLEN Third and Fourth Grade MILDRED MORRISON Fourth Grade HAZEL LYON Fifth Grade EDITH BEGLAND Sixth Grade IRENE CRYDER Sixth and Seventh Grade RAY GORDON Seventh Grade ROBERT MCCULLOUGH Guidance Counselor MABEL GALLAGHER Art BARBARA TURNER Grade Music SARA PASSMORE Speech and Hearing Therapy SECRETARY - CLERK BARBARA DANIELS SPECIAL NIUE CAFETERIA COOKS, CUSTODIANS, BUS DRIVERS GRACE BLICKENSDERFER FREDA MARTIN LEONA CRITES ALBERT BLICKENSDERFER FRED ZIMMERMAN HARRY SHULL JAMES BOSLEY JOSEPH HORSFALL JOHN METZGER 1671 X gl 4 xg if 'X MIQHZMM 'x. CAROLYN SUE BAKER CCSue77 Chorus 1, 2 Class Play 3 Hi Fi Club 3 Pep Club 3, 4 DIANA KAY CRITES "Dizzne,' Chorus 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2 Secretary 1 Tomahawk 4 Goal 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 G-Ettes 1, 2, 3, 4 WIIJLIAM PROBERT DAVIS II CCACe77 Chorus 1 Track 3 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Vice President 3 Treasurer 2 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Honor Banquet 1, 2, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Athletic Club 2, 3, 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 2, 3 District Scholarship 1, 2 Senior Scholarship 4 Junior Scholarship 3 ROBERT CLAYTON ERVIN II 6lBOb77 Chorus 1 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 President 2, 3, 4 Goal 4 '1'omahawk 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 Pep Club 3, 4 District Scholarship 1 Senior Scholarship 4 Junior Scholarship 3 BOYS' State 3 twelve ROBERT EUGENE FELLERS l4B0b77 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 Pep Club 3 POLLY ANN FOX ClFOIy77 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 President 1 Treasurer 3, 4 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Orchestra 1 Majorette 3, 4 Honor Banquet 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' State 3 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 Pep Club 2. 3, 4 G-Ettes 1, 2, 3, 4 District Scholarship 1, 2. 3 Head Majorette 4 Senior Scholarship 4 Junior Scholarship 3 PHILIP NEAL GARRETT "Phili' Bethesda 1 Latin Club 1 Football 1 Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4 Band 1, 2. 3. 4 Track 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 Vice President 4 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Athletic Club 2. 3 Hi Fi Club 3 Pep Club 3, 4 District Scholarship 2 Senior Scholarship 4 Junior Scholarship 3 LINDA LOU GOODING ' 77 'LLznda Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Band 1, 2 Track 1, 2 Class Play 3, 4 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Hi Fi Club 2. 3 Pep Club 2. 3, 4 G-Ettes 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Scholarship 4 G-Ettes Vice President 3 G-Ettes President 4 HOMER VVILLIANI HELTER "Pigeon,' Port Washington 1 Chorus 1 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Hi Fi Club 3. 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 BRADLEY DALE KAISER Maman Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4 Band 1, 2. 3. 4 Track 1. 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Baseball 4 Class Play 3. 4 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Varsity Club 3. 4 Athletic Club 1. 2. 3. 4 Hi Fi Club 3 Pep Club 3. 4 Senior Scholarship 4 JOYCE LEE KOHL CfFuzz73 Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2. 3, 4 Track 1. 2. 3. 4 Class Play 3, 4 Secretary 3. 4 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Varsity Club 4 Athletic Club 2. 3. 4 Hi Fi Club 2. 3 Pep Club 2. 3, 4 G-Ettes 1, 2, 3. 4 G-Ettes Vice President 4 DANA DARLENE LAUGHLIN c6Dana9s Chorus 1, 2, 3 Hi Fi Club 3, 4 Pep Club 3. 4 G-Ettes 1 JAMES MARVIN MCCREERY, JR. 46MaC77 Chorus 1 Track 1. 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4 Treasurer 1 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Honor Banquet 2, 4 Varsity Club 3. 4 Athletic Club 1, 2. 3, 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Senior Scholarship 4 Junior Scholarship 3 GLENN EARL MILLER i'Glenn" Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Fi Club 3, 4 Pep Club 3. 4 Class Play 4 MARLENE SUE MILLER iiMarlene" Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4 Band 1, 2. 3, 4 Class Play 3. 4 Vice President 2 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Hi Fi Club 3 Pep Club 3, 4 G-Ettes 1. 2. 3. 4 ROBERT BLAIR MORRISON "Mort'n'l Track 1. 4 Athletic Club 1 Hi Fi Club 3, 4 Pep Club 2. 3 thirteen PAULA JEAN PEOPLES CCP. -1.75 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3. 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Varsity Club 4 Athletic Club 2. 3. 4 Hi Fi Club 2. 3 Pep Club 2. 3. 4 G-Ettes 1, 2, 3, 4 HELEN RAUZI "HelenH Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4 Track 1. 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Secretary 2 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Honor Banquet 2 Varsity Club 1. 2. 3. 4 Athletic Club 2, 3, 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3. 4 G-Eltes 1, 2. 3. 4 Senior Scholarship 4 G-Ettc Officer 4 Cheerleader 4 JOYCE ANN ROBINSON at Joyceva Chorus 1, 2 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 RICHARD ALLEN SHULL Noida Track 1, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club 3. 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 Athletic Club 1, 2. 3. 4 Pep Club 3 fourteen JOHN HENRY ULRICH 6:1-Ienrjyva Chorus 1, 2 Honor Banquet 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi Fi Club 3 Pep Club 2, 3. 4 District Scholarship 1, 2, 3 Senior Scholarship 4 Junior Scholarship 3 ROBERT HENRY VVEINGARTH "Species Band 1, 2 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Hi Fi Club 3 MARIAN JANE WOLF "Mary lane" Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Goal 4 Tomahawk 4 Hi Fi Club 2, 3 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 CLASS HISTORY In September, 1950, we began the first of our THERESA LYNN KAIL twelve orbital flights under the meticulous guidance of Miss Patterson, presently known as Mrs. Katz. "Tessie" Elevating us further to our goals were Mrs. Monta- gue, second grade, Mrs. James, third grade: and gggflui 1- 2- 3' 4 Mrs. Pfeiffer who became Mrs. Huebner during Track 1- 2v 3, 4 our fourth year. Our last two years of grade school glass II-'lai 33 4 were memorable ones under Mrs. Lyon and Mrs. Hfdxnqgr lgbnquet 1, 2, 3 Dayfaf- . . . Varsity Club 4 e were quickly led through our Junior High Athletic Club 2, 3, 4 years by Mr. Llnard, seventh grade, and Mrs. Beg- gg FGIELJE 23 34 4 land and Mrs. Virtue, eighth grade. Then we took Gfttes 14 L34 3. 4 our giant step of entering High School. Goal 4 Mr. Brown was given the task of leading us through our first year in high school. Starting our Freshman year we began to earn money for the senior trip which would come after graduation. Our Sophomore year, Mr. Gaume helped us to make the important step of choosing our class rings. Our Junior year was very memorable for all of us. Our home-room teacher, Mr. Larrick, directed our Junior Class Play, A Little Honey. With the help of Mrs, Virtue we successfully gave the Junior-Senior Banquet, with the theme "Under the Magnolias." At last we reached our final orbit, the Senior Class. Knowing this was our last year, we tried to make it a good year by working hard. Mr. Padgitt was the conductor of our final orbit. Our Senior Class Play, Nothing But the Truth, was directed again by Mr. Larrick. We were guests of the Junior Class at the Junior-Senior Banquet. The final and moft important event of our last year was the Senior Trip to New York City, being accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Padgitt. It was the most wonderful experience of our school years. CLASS PROPHECY "All aboard for Friendship 1962, flight ii25!" As the pilot James McCreery announced over the loud- speaker, "Zero minus five minutes until blast-off," I, William Padgitt, boarded the space ship for my journey to Mars. Recognizing a familiar voice telling me to prepare for the launching, I looked up to see the reassuring face of the stewardess, Joyce Lee Kohl. As the rocket lifted off, I could see the American Grand Prix at Sebring where Bill Davis was a professional race driver. Now that I was comfortably on my way, I thought over my last experience on Earth. Since a physical examination was required for my journey, I had gone to the Cape's clinic. When I walked in, I found Joyce Robinson as the receptionist. Looking around, I saw Marlene Miller and Diana Crites working as secretaries under the executive secretary, Paula Peoples. After entering the doctor's office, I noticed Polly Fox and Theresa Kail were employed there as registered nurses. They directed me to Robert Ervin, optometrist, and Philip Garrett, dentist, to complete my examination. Now I was looking ahead to Mars which was drawing nearer and nearer. While waiting to get there, Joyce and I talked about her other classmates. She told me that John Ulrich was working as an account- ant, and Glenn Miller was workirg under him as a junior accountant. She also told me that Homer Helter was a successful merchant. When the ship finally landed on Mars, I said my Hgood-bys" to Joyce and Jim. I had heard of the new modern school there, so I decided to go see it. On my way to Lunarville High, I passed Morton's Space Garage, owned by Robert Morrison, head mechanic. Beside his garade I noticed Shull's Barber Shop, owned by Dick Shull. A little farther down the street, I passed Carolyn Baker, a suc- cessful housewife, livirg in her new "rocket" house. Then I came to the school. Helen Rauzi had come to look at it for ideas to improve Gnadenhutten High. As we entered the gymnasium, we heard the crowds cheering wildly. Bradley Kaiser's "Moontown Raiders" were battling against David Struchen's "Lunarville Lariats" for the championship. The noise being too much for me, I decided to get something to eat. I went to the world famous "Fellers' Quarter," owned by Bob Fellers, who was also head cook. I saw Linda Gooding sitting there watching a Hoor show, so I decided to join her. She told me that she was the new Home Economics teacher at Lunarville High School, and that Dana Laughlin was the school secretary. Then she informed me that Bob Weingarth, who Was in the carpenter business, had a lot to do with the building of the new school. She added that Mary Jane Wolf, Mars' richest woman, had contributed the money. I left the restaurant and walked toward my "homeward-bound" spaceship. fifteen Gllaaa ill We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-two, of the Village of Gnadenhutten, State of Ohio, being of sound memory and considering the uncertainty of the frail and transitory life, do therefore, make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all other and former wills made by us at any time. I, Carolyn Baker. will my job in the office to Rita Lockett. and to Barb Daniels I will an automatic money counter. I, Diana Crites. will my ability to stay out of detention to Rick Crites and my worn-out tennis shoes to anyone who can afford to patch them. I. Bill Davis. will my position on the Honor Roll to Garry Moore and my ability to get along with girls to Gary Rice. I, Bob Ervin, will my flattop to Mr. Larrick and my short walk to get to the bus to John Horsfall. I, Bobl Eeillersf will my ambition of flirting with the girls to Mr. Virtue and my red hair to Mr. Martin to cover his Da spo s. I. Polly Fox, will my treasurer's book to Lloyd McMullen and my nine faithful years of band. four years of chorus, and ten years of music lessons to a future music major. I, Philip Garrett, will my ability to aggravate girls to Larry Parrish. I. Linda Gooding, will my height to Sondra Kennedy and my ability to never give up to anyone who needs it. I. Homer Helter. will my "hot" '56 Ford to Sandy Singhaus and my baby blue eyes to R. M. V. I, Theresa Kail. will my "vacation" in Arizona to Linda Gram and my nickname "Tessie" to Theresa Tipton. I. Bradley Kaiser. will my varsity basketball suit to Rick Fellers. my jumping ability to Bruce Kohl, and my "bass" voice to Bill Dutton. I. Joyce Kohl, will my square feet to Rita Lockett and my nickname "Fuzz" to Mr. Martin. I. Dana Laughlin. will my happiness to my brothers Craig and Darrell. I, JamisuMcCreery. will my weight to George Harding and my numerous nicknames to anyone who can keep track o em. I, Glen Miller, will my nickname "Grinny" to Mr. Brown. I, Marlene Miller, will my near perfect attendance to Carl Conner and my nickname "Girt" to anyone who can stand it as long as I have. I, Bob Morrison, will myself to the Morton Salt Company as President and my motorcycle to Mr. Gordon. I. Paula Peoples. will my "priceless" jewelry to Frances Enos and my ability to trip over hurdles to Cheryl Hamilton. I, Helen Rauzi, will my hair to Mr, Martin, alias "BeaImug's Martin," and the best of luck to Linda Klaserner in getting cheerleader throughout her remaining years of high school. I, Joyce lgollinson. will my ability to walk down steps to John Parrish and my long hair to anyone who can S E111 l . I. Dick Shull, will my nose to Bill Dutton and my ability to play baseball to Jim Jinks, I, Dave Struchen, will my "Most Promising Freshman" award to Jerry Hoffman and my height to Ed Morrison. I. John Ulrich, will my seat in Shorthand II to Sandy Singhaus and my 3.9 average to Virginia Frey. I, Bob Weingarth. will my "little black book" to Bruce Kohl and my flattop to Jim Royer. I, Marg Jane W'olI, will my long fingernails to Linda "Gloria" McMullen and my ability to stay slim to Sandy mg iaus. To Mr. Padgitt, we will an automatic board erasure and a pair of yellow and green Suspenders. To Mr. Virtue, we will a candid camera for each "emp1 y" room. To Mr, Sakola. we will five sons for his own varsity squad. To Mr. Larrick, we will a library Iilled with the works of Shakespeare and a lifetime teaching certificates. I'o Mrs. Gallagher. we will Iirst-place winners in all art contests. To Mr. Martin, We will an abundant supply of "eel grass" and his Master's Degree. l'o Mr. Windon, we will the H1962 Tall Story" award and a second-year shorthand class that doesn't complain. To Mr. Brown, we will a new exhaust fan for the Iinishing room. To Mr. Lane, we will twenty new boys for the tenor and bass sections who will sing to their fullest ability. To Miss Grecgor. we will a private parking lot so the senior boys can't block in her car. To Mr. McCullough, we will a spacious ofnce on the first Iloor. l'o Mrs, Virtue, we will many more successful Proms. l'o Mrs. Daniels and her husband, we will an all-expense paid "honeymoon" in Hawaii, compliments of Mr. Virtue. Fo thehstutdents of G.H.S.. we will escalators, so that Mr. Brown can't give detention for running up and down e s airs. To the Cooks, Grace. Freda. and Todd, we will a deluxe air-conditioning unit. I'o Abie, we will his "long-awaited dream," a papoose sveeper. Fo the bus drivers, we will new buses with good heating systems, I'o the Freshmen, we will a senior trip. I'o the Sophoniores. we will shorter girls and taller boys. l'o the1Juniors. we will our ability as salesmen to exceed the limit on yearbook ads and two semesters of health c ass. Signed, sealed, published, and declared as and for our Last Will and Testament by the Senior Class, the above named testator, in presence of us, who, at their request and in the presence of us and of others have subscribed their names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. SENIOR CLASS Nitnessed by The Seven Project Mercury Astronauts: ALAN SHEPARD VIRGIL GRISSOM JOHN GLENN SCOTT CARPENTER DEKE SLAYTON WALTER SCHIRRA GORDON COOPER sixteen X .Q- in : . -, J iffi. I A, '1,,, za. if ,V."- : , Edward Allensworth, Linda Bartha- , ,,.,iE ' X"' ' ,fiiii "': ,,i. .ilbx K, if ,:,, ,, A ' low, David Blickensderfer, Paul H -:1' A .. Blind, John am bell II, Carolyn M ,, f ..,.. .. ji , , . . ., W ,.,.,.,..,. ,x,,, W 4 5 Cries, lchard Critesh i N , J ' J We , fl' 'i:Q'il ' " Gloria Duper, Gerald Edwards, 4 i Az., Q " Q , Roberta Fouts, Virginia Frey, Q, We ":'- f 1 '-." -it ,gggnl rl, 2. Cheryl Hamilton, George Harding, A " ' ' ' i ' ' ' , f Barbara Heck, N fi? If ja Carole Huebner, Jacqueline Kail, it ,,,. ,Q-.'-' Pamela Klaserner, Leonard L'nt- :' 'ii 1 ,qt ii , ner, Rita Lockett, Sarah Mathias, t A J X --... Larry McKinney. ggi: " Lloyd McMullen, Rosemary Miller, ' -Ig -,..,ff:, 'Z S ,,,, Harvey Morrison, Larry, Parrish, - Qi- ',"' 4 -"i i.1.'f'fi' it ,vip ' , ""::: ii' Myrna Parrish, Darlene Rentsch, i . .ii ai f Ei f A Rosalie Rouse. 4 " REM ,sr ffl' JK -g Dale Schreiner, Saundra Smith, Audrey Stewart. is ,,,,, i . , A SOPHOMORES .- K " r I 'if F iff ,V -fi' 3, ' X Cathleen Bau, Vickie Brick, Patricia 'fi A -- ?- 51' S i , Coen, Robert Cours, Nikki Davis, 3 Q Z fi ' 3 - William Dutton, Richard Fellers. W iftffiiti ' ' K I D Kay Foote, Russell Galbraith, Duane .l,, , LA W1 f ---- 2 ., ., ,.,, 4 ,,:,, IQ V , kg 3,52 Garabrandt, Donald Garrett, Sue -H iz fff' J I ' Garrett, Linda Gram, Roger Gray. X' J -1 l"'- Dana Grott, Donna Hall, David my ' '1,'j V - sb '1'- Hanson, Sharon Heidy, Patricia "-e I H '-': -" ' ,X FZ'-lziggggfggfi :VV W Herbert, Bettie Hires, Linda K M ' 'fiig iilllg . E ' '-" 'if f' Hines. V' M ,i '- ar- Sondra Kennedy, Bruce Kohl, Ed- , is ubuu 2: 35 .',, , - ward Kugler, Patricia Lindon, Jill it ""' ",, Mathias, Linda McMullen, Marilyn . 534 , 525 e "1 'wa I o r , Miller. J J . ,,i 1 . ,.i"' . " ,i '-" gi, lf A Rebecca Moore, Edward Morrison, 1"" . ' ir- ,-., lik i" . Wallace Mullaney, Agghur RHUZIS7' " Z Q - jiif, ggi 3 ,,,..,-, I '-.' , .,.- if Wi i f ' Lwarijyligntgch, James Royer, Con- ' -1 . is use gi, -' ' ' i U' iw r 1 'i,-- ii nie Schupp, eifglzteen Sandra Singhause, Theresa Tipton, William Urban. FRESHMEN Gene Bates, Eddie Bennington, James Bosley, Daniel Brady, Lee Brown, Jacqueline Bur- dette, Ann Cappel, Randy Crites. Terry Crites, Frances Enos, Her- bert Fawcett, Patricia Frank, Donald Galbraith, Daniel Gib- bens, Neysa Gilmore, Fredrick Glass. Martha Glauser, Helen Hines, Jerry Hoffman, Barbara Hors- fallg John Horsfall, TAnna How- ard,mPeTI'y"Iffuebner, Carolyn Hughes. James Jinks, Sandra Jones, Linda Klaserner, Rebecca Kochman, Michael Kohl, Nancy Lindon, Marcia Lintner, June Long. Michael McMasters, Brice Miller, Gary Moore, Judith Naylor, John Parrish, Barbara Peepers, Edna Rank, John Reiser. Gary Rice, Robert Standiford, Louise Scoggin, Mary Ann Smith, Linda Swinderman, Richard Wallace, Robert War- ner, Mary Lou Weingarth, Clayton Williams, Ray Williams, Roy Williams, David Zimmer- man. EIGHTH GRADE Donald Baker, Deana Blind, Carl Conner, Sherry Couts, Judith Cryder, Robert Davis, Lakin Dawson, Mary Jane Dichler. Karen Duper, Christine Fawcett, Connie Fuller, Francis Heidy, Christine Hollis, Sharon Hors- fall, Cheryl Huebner, Beverly Jones. 'mf Sally Kaiser, Kenneth Keffer, Laurean Kohler, David Ma le, Deborah Mathias, Janet lac- Creery, Daniel Miller, Frank Miller. William Minter, John Moore, Sharon Morgan, Kenneth Mor- rison, Robert Moss, John Ridg- way, Patricia Schumacher, Marian Schupp. Cheryl Stoller, Sheila Taylor, Joseph Vosick, Lola Wenger, Nola Warner, Cynthia Winrod, Larry Yockey, Raymond Zim- merman, " P. .W .A 3 J' in if i . J B, , lf " ,333 V A, I, Mtv Q- A X x ,A Q. , W i 'gif . hi :A ji W ".,, I 1 .. i J '-'1 5 as in .- xl . 1, , 5 Wi' P2 U' ' ., f." -QQ -," "" T s ".Q W fn - . A alii if-1' 1 rrh' f T- --3'3" 'I il" K J ' .3 'S W Vi , ,fs gi X t A, i 2 5' J J J . , ..""' .J , 5 L - Lf: ...S y A t 1 -w .-.-, . Q55 f - Q:,UJ',i I l fl ,, 5 W 626 . ,I t Eg. A-it ,-'- ,.--. A fr 4- ., -.,r A , f"fiQ V Vf ',' ." A -' V -'-1 ' Ea, -. WV! ,."' -1.1- rzinel een twenty SEVENTH GRADE Sigrid Archinal, Edward Baker, Janet Barthalow, Brenda Boti- mer, Linda Brady, Diana Bur- dette, Daniel Campbell, John Carpenter. James Coen, Michael Coen, 'KIT-ffiry Crites, Linda Critef, Donald Finnicum, Mary Fouts, Martha Garabrandt, Stanley Garabrandt. Myra Glauser, Delbert Gram, Ruby Harding, Roy Hickenbot- tom, Daniel Jinks, Clark Jones, Willlam Kadri, Janet Keffer. 'Chard K hman, William Kohl, Francis Krantz, Frank Laisure, Yvonne Lockett, Wayne Mar- tin, David McMurtrie, Sherry Moore. Stephen Moore, Harold Morrison, Sheila Moss, Ronald Parrish, Helen Robinson, Joyce Schupp, Christina Sindlinger, Miriam Wenger. Randall Wilson. SIXTH GRADE Judith Anderson, Dorothy Baker, Danny Bosley, Richard Brown, Floyd Burdette, Chriity Camp- bell, Alice Conner, Steven Couts. Charles Crites, Dana Edwards. Willard Emery, Robert Enos, Cheryl Foote, Joan Frank, Judy Frank, Wesley Galbraith. Carol Garrett, Jayne Hanson, John Heck, Stephan Hibinger, Harriet Hines, Phillip Hogue, Roger Jones, George Kail, Janet Kaiser, Glenda Kohl, Karl Kohler, Cynthia Kugler, Janet Lee, Terrie Lee, Charles Long, Robert Long, William Long, Thomas Mann, Sue Mathias, Darrell McComb, Clarence McKinney, June Mil- ler, VVilliam Miller, Constance Morrison. Glenna Murphy, Donald Naylor, Dorothy Pfeiffer, Wesley Rank, John Schwab, Robert Taylor. FIFTH GRADE Nancy Archinal, Carolyn Baker, Mark Biggs, Thomas Bond, Murrell Campbell, Chalmer Conner, Cathlyn Crahan, Mark Davis. Trina Fawcett, Bruce Finnicum, Cynthia Frey, Gregory Hamil- ton, Allen Hickenbottom, Roger Huebner, Thomas Huebner, Jann Jacoby. Kathleen Jones, Roberta Ken- nedyfxfienneth Kohl, Darrell Laughlin, Debra Lehigh, Vicki Martin, Donald McComb, Ellen Morgan. Gregory Popham, Daniel ntsch, David Ridgway, mda Rum- mell, Sandra Schupp, Marilyn Scoggin, Jeanne Swinderman, Karla Taylor. Kenneth Tobin, Warren Wenger, David Williamson, Ruthann Yockey, John Young. FOURTH GRADE Warren Allgyer, Harold Baker, Sheila Barthalow, Gary Bates, Kathy Blind, Patricia Blind, Jennifer Botimer, Marie Brick. Edward Campbell, Dale Conner, Doyle Conner, Robert DeLong, Christy Doane, Vicki Duper, Cay.,.Enos, Dar,ny.Fawcett. John Eive oat, Richard Fouts, Gary Gaibfandt, Sharon Gar- rett, Edward Haney, Roger Harding, Bruce Hibinger, Fran- cine Hollis. Sarah Huebner, Meredith Hughes, Judy Jacoby, Thomas Koch- man, Susan Kohler, Melinda Lintner, Gean Ann Long, Jo- ann Long. Mark Mathias, Christina Mc- Creery, Michael McCullough, Bruce McMurtrie, Charles Miller, Gayle Miller, Thomas Miller, David Moore. Devie Murphy, Loyce Ogden, Thomas Parrish, Richard Rice, Thomas Sindlinger, Jeffrey Stocker, Sara Stoller, Rene Vosick. Phillip Wolfe. ,J . gg .,,, K ,j, 4 1 Z, wld? g f . .. V' 7 ' 'ir' irfi A 'fit if S faeaea t at -Tmlizzi,,il.i 'WL I VN ,hV, AAV, I :jpg ,lisa K K M ,:,. W my f.,. V ,, ,a fi V if 4 J "'t ' .M T ., f 2 XT Kim g I T A ' " 51535 , F J A mi ' if h4.r ga, , ., j Q Y 1,1 e if q V h,', Y' if f F i 2 W F , ..,, ' 'i-' , i ' '-.' J Q , .1-' if "" . 25 . in ,cf , I' in flair f Q ,A J it if, e Y ' "-' . W ffla .M 3. My , , , xg, -l . W, A E Eg M, . X , ' Q ' f ' 32 5345 maxi l 9 ' ' 1 f v f if ' gg await? T ideas A - it Iv ' S f if W ,f it 'i 's.t My L 9 . telic ",' f i T t t , '.l 1 'J -,,,v 'Miz ,Ag ,. ,,, 7 g Y A j , 2' ' 'vt' ' ' ' E , ' 3, ff V fair- 535 A533 VJ., x if lwenly-ONE . 59 af K i V f 55 .1 -K S' ' .-" i,..f:'i:'.t Y xsfffk.-. 4 . .,- . J 'H Lal ., i . L' W3 I . V -.-V4 P . . M 1 ' . Fi ' Y- 3, 'iz' A - - 4 "' -5 PV - Q if gg if i '1 ' fi if ,ff It i 5 Z I-I-.QI I it . . W Zvitisz, . , J . W' KV fi:-vi' ' Q.. --'. :E:..:"'-:ei -i' ' Aga 2 ' 'v-' Q .L 1. I ' T ,. A., ii i? W hi iz- ,i..l. ' x Wig 1 . fs' . .1 42.94 ' J- Vi' sig , ' ' K ignite? A 'Ei f 25- 33 fi? ' fl rr' Y f ' iii s' .. Fa - ' ,x i asa- - V, . . fig , 4,n, .- x 1 , .L.i:,V, Q1 5 . ., 1. ,,.aqem .,,,,e 24232 92 53534 if .. eg, mi' F f is is if ii lf? I THIRD GRADE Julie Allgyer, Dale Baker, Rob- ert Burdette, Donald Coen, Tamara Day, Vickie Day, Kathy Drumm, Rodney Fergu- son, Karen Frey. Marcia Gibbens, Richard Good- ing, Timothy Gram, Bobby Jean Hall, James Haney, Randy Haney, Robert Haney, Carl Hearing, Michael Hickenbot- tom, Gary Hogue, Donald Hoffman, Freda Jones, Mary Jones. Tom Klaserner, Craig Laughlin, Virginia Lee, Carla Leggett, James Lindon. Loren Lindon, Andrea Lockett, BonnIe Mann, Kathy McAfee, Jaynie McComb, Euell Mc- Glothlin, John McKinney, Scott McMath, Karen Miller. James Ogden, Jennifer Parrish, Judy Phillips, Linda Rank, Brenda Ridgway, Marsha Rog- ers, Theresa Schumacher, Re-- becca Schupp, Susan Shaw. pi I.: F : I, - . slva' --Z: Sr J . 'i Candice Steinbach, Joyce Tobin, -,,- ,5 :"'-'- ' ' "-- A Donald Wilbarger, Mark Wil- m W i:.,:-,,33.,gZ..E,g:,-5 .-', , l it L gc ig fqrwk liamson, Dennis Winrod, . 'J J SECOND GRADE W W V uv: 1 .Y E, Harold Abbuhl, Mary Ankrom, a -I .in I 2 E? 3 4 I r Sandra Baker, Deborah Cox, 2 ""' 2: i . A 4. Li , W Wifi ' V 5 Kenneth Crites, Rchard Davis, J A I ji, , 51,5 iff Qi , Y la. Steven ,De-long, Roy Duper YEEZEZE4. Vw I c ,lm A gh my gi Virgil Ebersbach. fe i ---- . . ,J Janie Enos, Pamela Gutensohn, f W Q, .. Q , . . gf , .G V Daniel Hearing, Jeffr Hibin- 'Vfi W A ' J' '-.2522 We 19 1 ger,iX id Horsfall e7?Cynthia 5 . ,:, ,e - W 1: .,... V ' . g is ig a wiy ,V Huebner, ar uebner, Shir- : ' 7? A -, WYF5' 1-. ley Huebner, Ronald Jasper. H all L J if if ," i f ui f' 7' I V William Jinks, Gilda Keffer, if .f f ' .Q Z AEN. -..i:fr if . . Timothy Kilchenman, Robert 3, A ? b . H Elk i A f Kochm , Daniel Lawver, San- Q' ri' ,,,A f if dra Lindon, Betty Long, Chris- ' J tine Ludwig, Robert Markley. , -W, A ,A ' ' .e . V ,jk gjifjj .jg Marsha Marlatt, Brenda McAfee, ' 23' W ffgf., fi .. 7' ' fi' 'T Paul Blaine McMorrow, Bar- , fa .Lp ,bl 'Li V ' , ny '- bara McMurtrie, John Metzger, is 33 2' ' i f-11 ' ' y K Jo Ann Miller, Raymond Mil- len William MOSS, Vivian Qi ' Tm? ..,': fr ii ii' J Murphy. M If : wif- V :: :VQI : izg ,z -.,.l Z Parrish, Lois Ann '," David Rummell, Denise San- . . is ders. Davld Shuiiz. Deborah Qfiiggf -V gf- , . ffl jg.. Z, ' ii' Spencer, Larry Standiford, ff? i mi 1551 f . 3 2"i:' 753 Thomas Stocker, Diane Virtue. iil' :SEM .sz .2753 iff H12 ' V55 U ' A M' ki fwiwfisg Dfw: D fgzgwsggff ii. , V f Z i Q: .sa - - 'J i F 1 Rebecca Wenger, John William- L ' fe i ' - Y 'A" ' i22.525531i,1'5f5-Efffmsfgfiiis son l 1 if .s N ' f f .., , twenty-two FIRST GRADE Keith Abbuhl, Nina Allgyer, Thomas Baker, Mark Brick, Emmett Ickes, Kathleen Camp- bell, James Coen, Susan Clark, Kip Crites. Debra Crouse, Fred Davis, Rich- ard Davis, Susan Davis, Patti Day, George Dible, Steven Dittmer, Susan Dutton, Dena English. Gordon Furbay, Linda Furbay, Kathleen Gardner, Walter Glauser, Lesl e Gregg, Christie Hamilton, John Haney, ,llQ.d.nE.y lifmlis, Louise Hines. Nelson Horsfall, Pamela Hogue, 'Steven Jasper, Carol Jones, Randy Kugler, Nancy Kohler, Cynthia Lockett, Pamela Le- h gh, Susan Martin, Sharon McCullough, Betty Mc- Glothlin, Jeffrey McMath, Wil- liam Mullett, Ruth Ellen Mor- man, Albert Naylor, Jeffrey Nichols, Bruce Parrish, David Robinson. William Solomon, Patricia San- ders, Cynthia Schrelner, Gary Schupp, Robert Shinaberry, Edward Singhaus, Diane Spen- cer, Roger Thornton, Sheila Tobin, Karen White, Ruth Ann Wilbar- ger, Donald Williams, David Young. KINDERGARTEN David Abbuhl, John Bartles, Kathleen Creager, Douglas Day, Linda Deardorff, Melissa Dible, Sally Dlttmer, Cindy Ebersbach, Edwin Fawcett. John Finnicum, Debbie Freeland, Stephen Gregg, Michael Hay- nes, Gregory Hearing, Linda Hearing, Barbara Hewitt, Joy Hines, Debra Hollis, Rickie Hostetler, Kevin Huebner, Martin Hupp, Michael Jones, Carolyn Kochman, Robert Lane, Rodney Lentz, Thomas Martin, Thomas Metzger. Judith Miller, Carrol R'ce, Vickie Rucker, Nancy Rummell, Cyn- thia Sanders, Nancy Sanders, Christine Schreiner, Ronald Sharkey, Zelda Smith, Kim Steinbach, Bryan Stocker, Sherry Struchen, Timothy Wil- liamson. twenty-three CLASS OFFICERS t it SENIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS Robert Ervin ,,,,,,..,.,,.,,............,,,,,.....,,,.,,,.,,,,, President' Paul Blind ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,.,,,,.,,,..A...,.,,,,,.,.,,,,.A,A.... President Philip Garrett ...,, ,,,,,..r. V ice President Leonard Lintner ..... ....,,, V ice President Joyce Kohl ,,,,,,, ...,,,.,,,, S ecretary Roberta Fouts ,,,,, ,,........ S ecretary Polly Fox ..,... ,,,.,,r T reasurer Lloyd McMullen .rr., ,,,...,.,, T reasurer SOPIIONIOIKIC CLASS FRFISHMAN CLASS Wallace Mullaney ........,..,.l.,.....,.....,,..........,., President Lee Brown ..,,,..,..i.,..,....,,.......,...,..,.,........,,,,.,, President Edward Morrison ,,.,,, ,,.,,,.,, V ice President Ray Williami Vice President Z?1Sue Garrett .,..,.,, .........,. S ecretary Patricia Frank ,,,,.i...,, ,,.,,r,,,. S ecretary 1 Patricia Herbert ,,,,,,. .l.,r,r T reasurer Jacqueline Burdette ...,,. .,,.,,,,,, T reasurer iwenlyffour W ak xy 4 I-fi' fll 'Um V- I1 VARSITY - RESERVES David Struehen, Robert Ervin, Leonard Lintner, Glenn Miller, Rlchard Shull, Paul Blind, James McCreery, Bradley Kaiser, Edward Allensworth, Bruce Kohl, coach Ronald Sakola. Coach, Mr, Martin, Larry Rentsch, Roger Gray, Gary Rice. Gene Bates, Richard Fellers, Robert Couts, Donald Garrett, Terry Huebner, fwenly-Sewell CHEERLEA Pamela Klaserner Helen Rauzi Linda Klaserner Cheryl Hamiltor Port Washington .. Freeport ................ Garaway ....................,. ,.,... Tuscarawas Valley Mldvale ..................,.,... .,l... Tuscarawas .....,........ .,.... Stone Creek ...... Strasburg ...... J ewett ......,......... Dennison .................. ......... Port Washington .. Freeport .....,,.,...,.., Baltic .....,.,,......... Tuscarawas ............ Garaway ...,.....,....., Tuscarawas Valley Conotton Valley .... Scio ,,...,.....,....,,..,.,, Midvale ,..,..,l...,.. Stone Creek ,,,,.. Tuscarawas .,...... Midvale ............., twenty-eight BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Nov Nov .Dec .......Dec .Dec Dec. ....,..Dec Dec. Dec. .Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. .,l.,l.Feb ,l.....Feb TOURNAMENTS Feb. 15 74 Feb. 23 34 XVe They 27 Away 30 Away 37 Away 20 Home 53 Home 32 Away 36 Home 24 Home tmas Tournament tma: Tournament 33 Home 34 Home 29 Away 33 Home 32 Home 52 Away 39 Home 31 Home 53 Away 36 Away New Philadelphia New Philadelphia TRACK TEAMS Cheryl Hamilton, Linda Gram, Carole Huebner, Paula Peoples, Bettie Hines, Sharon Heidy, Patricia Herbert. Joyce Kohl, Linda McMullen, Rita Lockett, Virginia Frey, Mr, Gordon, Coach, Helen Rauzi, Cathleen Bau, Rebecca Moore, Philip Garrett, Leonard Lintner, Roger Gray, Brucf Kohl, Mr, Sakola, Coach, Larry Rentsch, Robert Couis, Harvey Morrison, Richard Fellers. twenty-nine BASEBALL WILLIAM DAVIS TERRY HUEBNER ROBERT ERVIN JAMES MCCREERY BRADLEY KAISER DAVID STRUCHEN DONALD GARRETT BRUCE KOHL RICHARD SHULL LARRY RENTSCH GLENN MILLER thirty TEAM , ml ' ' , A pfqsfl ,J BASEBALL TEAM Gene Bates, William Davis, Glenn Miller, Robert Ervin, James McCreery, Richard Shull, Donald Garrett, Ray Williams. Robert Couts, Roy Williams, Terry Huebner, Brice Miller, Harvey Morrison, Gary Rice, Larry Rentsch, David Struchen, Bradley Kaiier, Bruce Kohl, Michael Kohl, Fredrick Glass, Lee Brown, Arthur Rauzi, Mr. Martin, Coach. SCHEDULE Wie They Port Washington ....... ,,,.,,,, H ome 13 9 Sept. 11 Hiland ,.............,... ,,,,,,.. H ome 6 7 Sept. 13 Stonecreek ......,i. Away 9 4 Sept. 18 Baltic ...........,............ .,,.,.,, H ome 17 7 Sept, 21 Port Washington ..... ..,..,r. H ome 18 6 Sept, 25 Hiland ................l. ........ A Way 5 3 Sept. 27 Stonecreek ..., ,.,,.... H ome 13 10 Oct, 5 Baltic ...,.., ....,,,. F orfeiture Won thirty-one FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Fred Glass, Lee Brown, Roy Williams, Michael Kohl. Coach, Mr. Martin, Ray Williams, Edward Benning- ton, Terry Crites, James Jinks, Donald Crites, John Parrish. GRADE BOYS' TRACK TEAM Ray Williams, Lee Brown, Gary Rice, Roy Wil- liams, Gene Bates, Donald Critei, Mr, Sakola, Coach. tlzfrty-two GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM Donald Baker, Kenneth Morrison, Wayne Martin, John Ridgway, William Kohl, Larry Yockey, Daniel Campbell. Frank Miller, Francis Krantz, Daniel Jinks, Ronald Parrish, Donald Finnicum, Stephen Moore, Mr. Gordon, Coach, GRADE GIRLS' TRACK TEAM Neysa Gilmore, Nancy Lindon, Ann Cappel, Linda Klaserner, Janet McCreery, Sandra Jones. Sherry Couts, Christine Fawcett, Patricia Frank, Cheryl Huebner, Mary Jane Dichler, Deana Blind, Mr. Gordon, Coach. GRADE CHEERLEADERS Christine Fawcett, Sherry Moore, Sherry Couts, Sigrid Archinal. UT X X fi' f"A C f 'E I T S zfrl V-111 Sandra Singhaus, Betty Hines, Donald Galbraith, Edna Rank, Neysa Gilmore, Kay Foote, Carole Huebner, Carolyn Hughes, Martha Glauser, Barbara Peepers, Gary Rice. Sondra Kennedy, Patricia Herbert, Myrna Parrish, Rebecca Coachman, Mary Lou Weingarth, Brad- ley Kaiser. Darlene Rentsch, Philip Garrett, Joyce Kohl, Pamela Klaserner, Lloyd McMullen. Sharon Heidy, Ray Williams, Roy Williams, Edward Allensworth, David Zimmerman, Brice Miller, HIGH SCHOOL BAND The Senior Band. with sixty members during the 1961-1962 school year, began its activi- ties before the school started. Their performing engagements included the Clay Wkiek parade at Uhrichsville in June, Fourth of July concert at Heck's Grove, music for the Indian Festival in August, the county Bandrama in September, Halloween parade in Dover and Newcomers- tovvn and Homecoming celebration at Nluskingum in October, a Veterans Day parade at Cam- bridge in November, the school Christmas concert in December. a mid-winter concert in Feb- ruary. County Band Clinic in Nlarch. and to wind up the year. a spring concert and lVl9Hl0F1fll Day parade in lVIay. Three times. a week before Christmas. the .lunior and Senior Bands gathered for a com- munity carol concert on the steps of the Village Hall. This was the first time such concerts have been given. A Brass Ensemble also provided carols each morning at the school two weeks before Christmas. Several band members took part in the County Solo and Ensemble Contest in February and County Fine Arts Festival in lVIav. Band projects to help in purchase of additional instruments were a candy and a magazine sale. thirty-four Rebecca Moore, Cathleen Bau, Polly Fox, Paula Peoples, Sarah Mathias, Jill Mathias, Marsha Lintner, Louise Scoggin, Robert Fellers, Dana Grott, Paul Blind, Sue Garrett, Virginia Frey. Rita Lockett, Roberta Fouts, Gloria Duper, Linda Klaferner. Barbara Heck, Leonard Lintrer, Linda McMullen, Ann Cappel, David Hanson, Glenn Miller, Cheryl Hamilton, David Struchen. Carolyn Crites, John Parrish, Robert Couts, Gerald Edwards, Herbert Fawcett, Rich ard Crites, Marlene Miller. Director: Robert Lane. Maioretfes Pamela Klaserner. Myrna Parrish, Carole Huebner Carolyn Crites, Darlene Rentsch Polly Fox lllirly'-ffm? HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS Paula Peoples, Bettie Hines, Martha Glauser, Jacqueline Burdette, Carolyn Hughes, Louise Scoggin, Helen Hines. Neyfa Gilmore, Barbara Horsfall, Rosemary Miller, Gloria Duper, Pamela Klaserner, Myrna Parrish, Carole Huebner, Barbara Heck. Rebecca Moore, Jill Mathias, Sharon Heidy, Sandra Singhaus, Darlene Rentsch, Mary Jane Wolf. William Dutton, Richard Crites, Donald Garrett, Roy Williams, David Zmmerman, Lloyd McMullen. Junior Bomcl Junior Chorus Mr. Lane, Director, Patricia Schumacher, Christine Hollis, John Heck. Jane Hanson, Diane Burdette, Deborah Mathias. Brenda Botimer, Linda Brady, Dana Edwards, Cheryl Stoller, Charles Long, Raymond Zimmerman. Mary Fouts, Linda Crites, Cynthia Wirrod, Janet Kaiser, Christine Fawcett. Charles Crites, John Schwab. Janet McCreery, Sue Mathias, Cheryl Huebner, Chriety Campbell, Karen Duper, Sharon Horsfall, Connie Fuller. Linda Brady, Diane Burdette, Brenda Botimer, Sherry Moore, Deana Blind, Karen Duper, Cheryl Huebner, Sherry Couts, Sharon Horsfall, Jane Dichler. Martha Garabrandt, Linda Crites, Christine Fawcett, Janet Mc- Creery, Sharon Morgan, Laurean Kohler, Judy Cryder, Chri tine Hollis, Cheryl Stoller, Sally Kaiser, Connie Fuller. Sigrid Archinal, Chrs Sirdlinger, Sheila Taylor, Myra Glauser, Yvonne Lockett. Jaret Bartholow, Janet Keffer, Helen Robinson, Mariam Wenger, Mary Ellen Fouts. Ruby Harding, Joyce Schupp, Nola Warner, Lola Wenger, Barbara Case, Cynthia Winrod, Patricia Schumakcr, Beverly Jones, Deborah Mathias, Sheila Moss, Mariam Schupp, Mr, Lane, Director, John Moore, Robert Moss, Ray Zimmerman, Donald Baker, Wayne Martin, John Ridgway, Larry Yockey, David Maple. thirty-six F an x 1 .',, ., I 'f 5 QM.. ,. . 1 ,Lf A " K' y . if it tl QQ, 5, . Patricla Herbert, Roberta Fouls, Sarah Mathias, Kay Foote, Linda Gooding, Polly Fox, Cathlene Bau. Linda McMullen, Rita Lockett, Cheryl Hamilton, Helen Rauzi, Joyce Kohl, Patricia Frank, Marlene Miller, Sondra Kennedy, Barbara Peeper, Virginia Frey, Edra Rank, Rebecca Kochman, Ann Cappel, Linda Klaserner, Marcia Lintner, Sue Garrett. David Struchen, Bradley Kaiter, Philip Garrett, Richard Fellers, Roger Gray. Mr, Lane, David Blickensderfer, Gerald Edwards, Ray Williams, Paul Blind, Edward Allensworth. In addition to their midvwinter and spring concert appearances. the Senior Chorus, with sixty-four members. has helped to provide special music for the school at Thanksgiving. Christmas. and Easter. An unique feature in December was their ciarolling in front of the Village Hall in Decem- ber. fhlifful'-S61 'en ubs G-Ettes - Varsity - Athletic RQ WM cs Q 55, QQ A - Pep QQ? 9 ..-E C S-ICTTE Joyce Kohl, Linda Gooding, Myrna Parrish, Helen Rauzi Helen Hines, Diana Crites. Linda Barthalow, Linda Gram, Pamela Kaserner, Carole Huebner, Paula Peoples, Marlene M ller, Roberta Fouts, Sarah Mathias, Darlene Rentch, Barbara Horsfall, Arn Cappel. Carolyn Hughes, Rebecca Kochman, Nikki Davis, Virginia Frey, Rosemary Miller, Sardra Singhaus, Caro- lyn Critei, Sue Garrett, Neysa Gilmore, Barbara Peeper, Linda Hines, Nancy Lindon, Pat Lindon, Patricia Frank. Linda Klaserner, Cheryl Hamilton, Sharon Heidy, Saurdra Sm'th, Jacqueline Burdette, Martha Glauser, Saundra Jones, Louise Scoggin, Anna Howard, Marcia Lintner, Bettie Hines, Patricia Herbert, Kay Foote, Rita Lockett, Rebecca Moore, Mrs. Virtue, advisor, Patricia Coen, Theresa Tipton, Marilyn Miller, Dana Grott, Donna Hall, Barbara Daniels, advisor, Jill Mathias, Cathleen Bau, Sondra Kennedy, Linda McMullen, Mary Ann Smith, Barbara Heck, Polly Fox, Miss Greegor, VARSITY CLUB Mr, Sakola, coach, William Dutton, Richard Shull, Linda Klaserner, Cheryl Hamilton. Richard Fellers, Wallace Mullaney, Helen Rauzi, Joyce Kohl. John Campbell II, Harvey Morrison, Pamela Klaserner, Paula Peoples. Leonard Lintner, Donald Garrett, Linda Gram, Carole Huebner. David Struchen, Bradley Kaiser, James McCreery, William Davis. Glenn Miller, Robert Ervin, ATHLETIC CLUB Helen Rauzi, Rebecca Moore, Cathlene Bau, Linda Gram, Paula Peoples, Joyce Kohl, Philip Garrett, Don- ald Garrett, Edward Allensworth, Paul Blind. Leonard Lintner, Pamela Klaserner, Linda Klaserner, Cheryl Hamilton, Virginia Frey, Carole Huebner, Bettie Hines, Patricia Herbert, Linda McMullen, Glenn Miller, Robert Ervin, William Dutton, Roger Gray, Roy Williams, Richard Fellers, Robert Couts, Wallace Mullaney, James McCreery, David Struchen, William Davis, Bradley Kaiser, Ray Williams, Brice Miller, Fred Glass, Lee Brown, James Jinks, Michael Kohl, Richard Shull, Harvey Morrison, John Campbell, thirly-nine Junior Class Play - - April28,1961 "A LITTLE HONEY" forty CAST JERRY MINTON, a teenager ...,.......,,, ALBERT PARKER, from next door ..,....,,,.,,,,,.,,.. CAROLINE, "SCOOTS", Jerry's younger sister ...., , DIANA, Jerry's older sister ...,,........Y,,..Y,..,A....,..... DELORES MEGGLEIHAMMER, the Cook A ,,.. . TOM CORNING, in love with Diana ,.,,.A,, . ROGER MINTON, the father .r..,,,...,,. EVE TYLOR, an attractive widow ,.,,r , MARTHA MINTON, the mother ..,,,,. MRS, SIMMONS, a traired nurse ,,,,..,...,,... GRANDMA THORTON, Martha's mother ,.,,,,, THE SURE-SHOT MAN, an exterminator ....,,. Place: The Minton living-room in Ashton Time: Act one-Late afternoon Act two-Late afternoon, six days later Act three-Early evenirg, the ne it day Joyce Kohl , Robert Ervin Theresa Kail Helen Rauzi Marlene Miller Phillip Garrett Bradley Kaiser Paula Peoples Polly Fox Carolyn Baker Linda Gooding William Davis forty one CAST MEG WHEELER, the girl ,,,,,,,,,.,.... .........,.., MRS. WHEELER, her mother ,.,.,,,... MR, WHEELER, her father ,,,,,...,.....A... AUNT EERN, a doting aunt ,,A,..,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,....,7..,A,, AUNT LETTIE, another dotirg aunt ,,,,,..,......rr..,,,, ADA, a resident of Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel .,,,A LISA, resident of Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel ...... RUBY, resident of Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel .,.,.,.,.. HEIDI, resident of Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel ,,..r,..,,, JEANNIE, resident of Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel e....,. TERRI, resident of Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel ..,,..,. VINCE, a smooth operator ,,,,.,,.,.......,,,,.,,.,..,.....,,,..,.,..,. ALVIN, a steady worker ..,,e...,....,,,,,..,.,.,,,,,.,,,.,r...., MILES DOUGHTON, head of "D and D" ..,... r,r,,,....rr, Jacqueline Kail Roberta Fouts Lloyd McMullen Sarah Mathias Rita Lockett Barbara Heck Carole Huebner Pamela Klaserner Gloria Duper Carolyn Crites Myrna Parrish Edward Allensworth David Blickensderfer Paul Blind EVAN DOUGHTON, his younger brother ,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,., .,,..., L eonard Lintner ELLEN, newcomer to Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel r,,,,,,,, ,,.... L inda Barthalow JANE, newcomer to Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel ...,..,.r,,, ,,.,,...., V irginia Frey TELEPHONE OPERATOR .............,,...,..,,..,.,,.....,,r,,,,,.,.. forty-two EE Rosemary Miller Place: New York City Time: Act one-one afternon Act two-Mid-evening, several weeks la ter Act three-Mid-evening, several weeks after Act Two STAGE CREW Larry Parrish, John Campbell, Harvey Morrison, Gerald Edwards George Harding, Richard Crites Junior Class Play - - November 10, 1961 "ASK ANY GlRL" forfyhthrerfr Junior - Senior Prom . ,. Q W ,' ' , A wtf: ' AWTElff3T2?252fi2iE:f. 'eg-Q1 "" ii 1 Xu W A , M X 2 ,g g LygAzfS"v -1 ':4: kz,fy ., ig , : . 1- 4. ff ,5 .ia fi fiiz Q U ,,,,2-" if E:E,. ,p I 1 f 4 ,A...: g .. Q E A, 12 7 Ei ' 'iii E2 if 'fif4+f?r f' I.. ."' 5 A L, 5. ' vzwn. -11:6 :-4 gf' ' 1- "fx , 1:1 fi f ' if A ' N .. ....,..... Q 1 , 3 V , ' me wg P1 W ' -N .. 29 . E ' ' 5 A A f. ' m I f ff eg g Y si f f uf , . , I 5 - " B - -f if , r A .ff V , ex Qfw 0 May zo, 1961 ,E 53 Eb 'fii fff W 2 - ' gg is gig 5 R :K Q. X. , . r 5 - V L . A .: . 3 il if . L, fm A , . W ' v 3 23' fx - ' ...., -SLS" .,.., L Q ' -- .1.. ,,A,1 , W , "1"" 'i-' A--V ., If it I .T - I gl lil: . fjiikf. :,. x sf'- LAM xi' "' " , gr W ix m??5 ii ,qw Q1 vsp, ...,, y ., ....,,-,., : I raw, ., A ilgmffv iqkzxxf' egfssf' ge My' qkxwff Q QM ,3:wWG,Nggwl 4 ww' ffm W' THE STAFF TOMAHAWK STAFF Co-Editors ......,,.,,,,....,..,. Phil Garrett and Bob Ervin Art .......,,,.,.,........,.,,.,Y,......,,..,,,............,.,.,..,, Joyce Kohl Grade School News ,.,,,,............l......... Marlene Miller High School News ,,,, Diana Crites and Homer Helter Sports .........,,,...... David Struchen and Jim McCreery Activities ..,,,...,,,,,,., Linda Gooding and Paula Peoples Jokes YYY,,,... ...,..,. L inda Gooding and Paula Peoples Specials ...,.,.,.c.,........,,..,.., Polly Fox and Helen Rauzi Records ..........,..,,, Linda Gooding and Paula Peoples Seniors Biography ....l.Y..YYY,,,.......,l Joyce Robinson and Mary Jane Wolf Ads ..,..,..,,.,,,.. Jimmy McCreery and Bob Weingarth Gossip, etc. .,,,Y.......... ,.,,,,,,,.,..,,,.,..,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,.. B ill Davis forty-six GOAL STAFF Co-Editors ....r..... Phil Garrett and Bob Ervin Art rr,..,,,,,...,....,,..r.rr,,.r,,,,,, Joyce Kohl and Bill Davis Classes ..,.,,,,,,...,.,.........,,,..,..,,,,,,,,..,........ Marlene Miller Senior Faculty l,,,,,,, Diana Crites and Homer Helter Sports c,,.,,,,.,.,,..r David Struchen and Jim McCreery Plays .,.........r,,,.,,,, Linda Gooding and Paula Peoples Will, Prophecy, and History ..,,......,,.... Polly Fox and Helen Rauzi Ads ,,.,,,.,.,.,....r....r Joyce Robinson, Mary Jane VVolf. and Bob Weingarth forty-sezferz forty-e1'ght gi Q aiiviii t X 'K wg, Xi If iifhfsff 1.3. h w qk X Q Z H V1 -1 fi IU U1 4 forty-111116 CONGRATULATION S from A S C 0, I N C T0 THE CLASS OF 1962 Your C0untry's Largest Supplier of ALUMINUM SIDING ANU ALUMINUM BUILDING PRODUCTS U' GEO. W. KUGLER, I C. AND AERO TRUCKING, I C. 441-443 SPRUCE STREET CLEARFIELD, PEN N A. Specializing in the transportation of Clay Products, Iron and Steel Products, and building materials serving 20 states and the Province of Ontario, Canada. TERMINALS Akron, 0hio Pittsburgh, Penna. Phone MA-S2672 WAlnut-24044 Clearfield, Penna. Pottstown, Penna. Phone PO-5957 7 FA-62696 ,Hfly-one Comphments of Kennedy? I. G. A. GROCERY STORE GNADENHUTTEN OHIO Stocker Concrete Compan CONCRETE BLOCKS TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO ly- if 1 CU,f1fllJI,1MIfI!V7'S .Raman Clay Tipe Ca Uhrichsville, Ohio The Daily Times Tuscarawas C0unty's Leading Newspaper E1'1'l11si1 'U UNITED PRESS TELEPHOTO PICTURES DAILY LOCAL. STATE. NATIONAL. AND XYORLD NENVS DAILY - - - - I Efty-three I'O.7l'7PI,1MlCN'l'S OIF Indian Village Federal Savings and Loan Association ADENHUT l 4 1 A United States Concrete Pipe Company lsinivami Sewer Pipe Division I'OMPI,1MlCN'l'S Ulf' SUPERIOR CLAY CORPORATION I 'UW ll'l,l,fWlffN'l'S UI" H OUPRIC H FLUUR COVERINC S 'MQI 'A1,1'l'V' W1 "SlClf1L'lK'lff" SUGARCREEK, OHIO MAGEE, GULISTAN and DOWNS CARPETS ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM and WALL COVERINGS CERAMIC TILE SI TCIAIRCRICFIIR PHONE 2-2961 Nfl Y-F110 FOMPLIZVIENTS OF KOHL LUMBER SI SUPPLY CO. EVERYTHING IN BUILDING SUPPLIES PHONE AL. 4-4-325 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO PHONE WA. 2-0311 - UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO I 'OYWPLIZWENTS OF THE EVANS PIPE COMPANY AND THE EVANS BRICK COMPANY Uhrichsville, Ohio ZVIanufac'lurers of SEWER PIPE FLUE LINING and FACE BRICK PHONE WA. 2-4210 Hfty-six The Belden Brick Co. CANTON, OHIO .Vlanufacturers of HIGH QUALITY FACE BRICK, FLOOR BRICK, AND ACID PROOF BRICK CAPACITY OF 185,000,000 BRICK ANNUALLY EIGHT MODERN FACTORIICS LOCATED AT PORT WASHINGTON - CANTON - SOMERSET UHRICHSVILLE and SUGARCREEK OHIO QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Nfl? U N G E R L U M B E R and SUPPLY, Inc. f'1cv14m"1'111No IN 1:1f1I,D1Nc:ff SUPPLIES" "You Name Il, W12Il111fP lf" XX CENTURY FURNACE J. M. ROOFING N SIDING PLUMBING SUPPLIES INSULATION MILLYVORK GENERAL CONTRACTING Residential and Commercial PI-IONE AL. 4'-44428 GNADENHI ITTEN. OHIO WINROID'S APPLIANCES formerly KENDEIGH'S GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES HOOVER CLEANERS MYERS PUMPS YOUNGST OXW N KITCI-IENS MAYTAG WVASHERS A IRONERS AMERICAN STANDARD PLUNIRING AND IVIXTURES Cinaclellllullen, f - - Ohio PHONE AL. 4-4351 R. MATHIAS Groceries - Fresh Vegetables Meats - Frozen Foods Health and Beauty Aids A COMPLETE LINE OF SEXVINC MATERIALS lfzfffryflling for Your l':If'l'fj' Day Nevrls in Dry Comix Phone AL. 44-4551 fIIliltl0l'lllllllI'll DITTMER SHEET METAL AIR CONDITIONING ROOFING SPOUTING FURNACES CNADENHI TTTEN. Ol IIO yifty-Pfghi lilffS'l ' WI Sl I ICS W , fUIll,IlllIll'IIf.S' FLASS OI" 1962 nf 'I' H E SCHREINER E V E N I N C BROS. CHRONICLE GNADRNHUTTFIND OHIO UHRICHSVILI ,IC. OHIO fIOIIlf?ffIIIl'IIf.Y 1yOIIIf7!flIIl'IIf.Y of of OHIO BOTIMER FUNERAL HOME P O W E R 24 Hr. Ambulance Service C O M P A N Y Phone AL. 4-4200 DFNNISON. OHIO GNAUFNHI ITTFN. OHIO fifty-nine THE LINN-HERT GO. FURNITURE DEALERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Established 1846 NEW' PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Dial 4--2347 VILLAGE PHARMACY Greeting Cards - Film - Drugs Prescriptions Sickroom Supplies Ice Cream DON MCMATH, Reg. Phar. Dial ALpine 4-4-505 Open 9 A.lVI. io 9 P.lVI. Except Wfednesday and Sunday GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Fonzplinwnfs Of G O O D I N G ' S I . G . A . Uhrichsville, Ohio sixty Linden Valley Raceway, Inc. and Gnaden Karting Co. Sales and Service of Go-Kart and Simplex Karts. NIcCul1ouch, Power Products and VVest Bend Engines and a complete line of accessories and parts. M, mile road course and U10 mile oval track will be opened for rental karts and competition racing. May 27, 1962. Route i-1:1 - Box 11 Phone AL. 4-4326 GNADENHUTTEN. OHIO I 'omplinzerzls BEFORE YOU BUY - VISIT Tusmrrzwrzs f'our1ly's Most Berzuliful Appliance Store The Home Of Of PHILCO . . . TELEVISION RADIOS The CU. REFRIGERATORS RANGES FR-IGIDAIRE . . . FURNITURE REFRIGERATORS RANGES AUTOMATIC VVASHERS and AUTOMATIC DRYERS DEEP FREEZERS CARPETS LINDSAY WATER SOFTNERS RCA-VICTOR TV DIQNNISON. A - OHIO H' C' ,SIIRING ELLCII RIC 117 E. Third St. Uhrichsville, Ohio G O S H E N D A I R Y C 0 lfompliments HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN 'ff - D ... MILK IS THE M O R R I S FINEST MILK 1 C L E A N L R MONEY CAN BUY 159 Second Sl. N.VV. Phone' 4-2174- UHRICHSVILLE. OHIO NEW' PHILADELPHIA. OHIO sixty-one THE G. D. HAAS HARDWARE Kelvinator Refrigerator and Tappan Range I'Ulllfl!l.IIIl'lIf.S' of BICHSEL SHADE SHOP Window Shades Carpet Cleaning and Mothprooiing Plllllll? NYA. 2-0551 Complete Carpet Service DENNBUN' "HID NNW PHlI.ADlC1,l'HIA. OHIO f'01r1,11lin1vrzlx C'onzpf1'n1e1zl5 of of F I li S 'lx N A T 1 U N A L Y IAUI- MAI! Ill. U. S. PAT. OIF. BOTTLING co. D ENNISUN Phone WA' 2-0922 Phone NVA, 2-2552 Dennison. Ohio IJPLNNISON. UIIIO yqm,l,Q,- yauvylqjt W ,Y ,Y .W Y-1 .sixly-two K 'IlIIlfllI.IlIf'llf.Y The BORDEN Co. New Philzidelpliiu. Ohio Grade A Dairy Products Plllllllf L+-2961 G f'UIlIfIlfllll'lIl.S' of GNADEN HU TTEN BANK Your Sf11'i11g.s' Af'l'f1lllIl Yvfilillf Lfvzrls To Harm' Owrzerslzfp Y VOIIZOI7 ou' Phone AL. 4-4321 NADENHUl'7l'l'1N. OHIO f'OIIIlJ!I.I1IUIIfS 'ff VIC SCHREINER -METEOR- MERCURY COMET Motor Sales Qu Nm-in mil. iilu-if-:milf-. o. I SMITH - CORONA Typewriters Sfzfens' mm' Hwllrzlx A c1cml'1i1+3'1'b1 1i1N1', oh' Office and School Supplies Gifts U F F I C E APPLIANCE CU. 19 XY. 'fllinl Sl. Dover. Ohio sixty- I href THE WEAVER MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet - Buick - Cadillac Corvair - Chevy II Chevrolet H.D. Truck Center for Eastern Ohio PHONE 4-2194 DOVER. - - OHIO BERNARIVS GROCERY 141 VV. THIRD ST. UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO PHONE WWA. 2-0915 WICKES LUMBER CO. Phone 498-83844 WICKES P. H. E. CO. Phone 498-8557 PORT VVASHINGTON. OHIO 1 azxly-four More people read the Reporter than any other newspaper in Tuscarawas County THE DAILY REPORTER MORE PICTURES! MORE OF WHAT READERS WANT! INDIAN VILLAGE MOTORS, INC. Your Local CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIANT Dealer Complete Auto Service Factory Fashioned Used Cars AI,pine 4--4503 SCHREINEIPS INSURANCE Walllut St. GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO OI1 the Square NEVV PHILADELPHIA, OHIO PROTECTION OF EVERY KIND BONVECHIO'S INC. Compliments Of C. and J. Coal Co., Inc. WA. 2-4013 Domestric and Commercial Sales O H I O R. D. 1 UHRICHSVILLE. OHIO W'Alnut 2-2117 sixty-H126 BEN'S PURE OIL IYUIIIPIIIIIGIIIA' SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Accessories ffl WASHING and WAXING LUBRICATION U N 1 T E U WHEEL BALANCING B A N IQ TUNE UP Main and Chestnut Sl. 'Membw' of F' D' 1' lx' PHONE AL. 4-A4802 UHRICHSV I LLE. OIIIO GN ADEN HU TTEN , OHIO YOUR ONLY COMPLETE I ,U , U H R I L H - ONE sT0P SERVICE P U R IT A EN Launders and Dry Cleaners TOVVELS. APRONS. UNIFOIIIVIS, COVERALLS RENTAL SERVICE Dial 11'-2568 A New Philadelpilizx. O. Dial NWA. 2-2711 - Dennison, O. HOSTETTLER FUNERAL HOME FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone WA. 2-3153 UHRICIISVILLE. OHIO sixty-six I'onzpl1'nzezzl5 IWOIIIQHIIICIIXS of H and A Drug of PRESCRIPTIONS A f 1 C d d Dr. W. R. Mellor Ccura ey Ompoun e lIHl'llflHSVll,lJl'l Baltimore Clothing Home of Fine Fashions NI'1VVCOlVlERS'I'OVVN. OHIO Phone HY. 8-8188 Kriegvs Dry Cleaning GARMENT STORAGE Qlwzlqf cv f?11 ,img and Lf lllf zrlry Ph lmllf? 3-6781 DOVER. OHIO l'on1pl1'ments of L0ri,Dee Shot, Motor Sales, Inc. I Your 1 LADIES' APPAREL ' ' Mgf' 1' and . . . Dealer S 126 N. lxlillll Sl. Phone WVA. 2,1641 C NAIJI+INHU'I"I'EN. OHIO UHPxICHSVlI.I.IC. OHIO Vorlzplirrzelzis of Twin City Greenhouse HSA Y IT WITH FLOWERS" Uhlirhsville. O. Phone VVA. 2-5561 l'OfI1f1IIlll6?IlfS of Spudnut Bakery 151 North Broadway NEVV PHILADELPHIA. OHIO sixty-seuerz Compliments Cfompliments of I Of . . Twin Clty Hardware I Uhrieh Transfer Phone WA 2-2912 UHBICHSVILLE- OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO VVALTER FUNK RAYIVIOND FUNK Starkey's Funk Pontiac Sales Your Authorized Pontiac, Tempest-Vauxhall Dealer International Trucks Gas - Oil - Accessories Phone HY. 8-7227 700 E. State St. Phone WA. 2-2951 512 Newport Avenue New and Used Auto Parts and Accessories I Also Dealers in Scrap Materials NIWVCOMERSTOVVN, OHIO of all Kinds METZGEIYS Real Estate Agency WVALTER R. IVIETZGER, Broker WILLIAM H. RUSSELL Salesman and Auctioneer PHONE WA. 2-5652 314' N. Water St., Uhrichsville. Ohio Compliments of R. K. Lindsey ' Funeral Home DENNISON, oHIo ' I Allensworthas Jewelry QUALITY JEWELRY VVATCHES - SILVERVVARIC Phone WA. 2-4172 UHRICHSVILLE. OHIO I Compliments Of F. B. Maurer Market ffyouff Mosr coMPLETE Fooo CENTER" - IIHRICI-ISVILLE, OHIO sixty-eight P1 Co m pl im en ts Of Dixon's Grocery Shoppe Phone ALpine 4-41899 Compliments of The Peoples Bank and Savings Co. NIEW PHILADELPHIA. OHIO F 1' Fompliments 10771 lf7'lPnfS p of Ul june Allensworth Dr. Thomas E. Ogden Dealer Stanley Home Products Compliments o f Wilmar Furniture DOVER, oH1o flOfI'llJlI'II19lllS of Twin City Pharmacy CONIPLICTR DRUG STORE SIQBVICIQ 201 E. Grant Street "The Store That Service and Fourtesy Builtn DENNISON, OHIO Compliments of Betty Gram's Beauty Shop Phone AL. 4--4513 GNADENHUTTEN. OHIO Courtesy of Williams Furniture, Inc. 115 Front Ave. SE. Now Philadelphia. Ohio Vredil at fl price you ffm afford sixty-nin Compliments of CENE'S Boat and Cabinet Shop Phone AL. 4-4258 GNADENHUTTICN. OHIO Compliments of C. Sz G. Paint X Wallpaper Home of o7BH113N PAINTS and IMPERIAL VVAIQLPAPERS Nexl lo Post Office IIhriCh5ville VVA. 2-2361 Ifomplirnenis of C. E. Hanna Dry Cleaning and Laundry 119 Allen Lane NEW PHILADELPHIA, - OHIO Fon1pl1'n7en1.Q of Dr. Kuha ffomplimerzis of Baker Bros. Plumbing and Heating Phone HY. 8-8546 NEXfVCOIVIEllS'l'OVVN, OHIO COHlIlllfl'lPlllS ol' QQ! J Holsum Bakery UHRICHSVILLE. OHIO Boltz's Restaurant On Route 250 Between Uhrichsville and New Philadelphia Phone VVA. 2-4903 for Reservations Stevenson Memorials OHIO BRANCH Delano Granite Works, Inc. 1589 High Ave. Ext. Phone 3-2431 NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO senezzty See Lawrence Neininger 111 Plains Glass and China Co. Intersection of Route 250 and Nlidvale Road Wlidvale. --f- Ohio FOI? FINE FUHNITUI-?E Fenton Bros. Electric H7719 Fonzplele .Wmor and Reprzfr Shop" 255 Ray Ave. N.lC.. New Philadelphia MOTORS. CONTROLS. POVVFR TOOLS. FANS Used Equipment: Belts - Pulleys Custom and Auto Tops I Original Trims and Repairs f'0"'Pf""f'1f-Y Hy of .l, E. ROLIIS Tailored Trim Service Cundy Construction Co. 117 East High Ave.. New Philadelphia P. O. Box 245 J"2951o NEYY PH11,AnELPHIA. oH1o Truck Cushions Seat Cove-is f'omplin1m1I.s- Of The Boston Inc. In New Philadelphia. Ohio "THE HOUSE OF QUALITY7' Clothing and Shoes for Wien and Roys Flemming Ofiice Machines Inc. 21 'S VV. High Ave. Phone 6-6114 New Philadelphia. Ohio EIl'fllSl.I'K dealer for ROYAI. TYPEW'RITICRS Electric - Standard - Portables Adding Machines. Calculators, Cash Registers Sales - Service M Rentals fl0ffl,DIffIIPfIlS Of Grill and Associates GENERAL INSURANCE 515 N. W'ater Street UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO I 'onzplinzenis Of Ohio Industrial Supply NEW' PHILADELPHIA. OHIO v seventy-on F. H. Morgan Agency Real Estate and Insurance House of Stones E for 204- N. Dawson Street QUALITY JEWELRY UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Mackey Memorials ROCK OF AGES MONUMENTS 1106 E. High Ave. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Complimenls of Cornett's Diner GOOD FOOD DOVER, - - OHIO Hunt,s I. G. A. Thornwood Park Phone WA. 2-35 72 DENNISON, OHIO Nehi Royal Crown Bottling Co. Q05 Broadway NEW PHILADELPHIA, oH1o ROYAL CROWN COLA PART - T - PAK Truck Sale 81 Service, Inc. Stillwater Avenue VVAInut Q-3412 DENNISON. OHIO Corrzpliments of DR. NORMAN W. JACKSON DR. WILLIAM J. JACKSON OPTOIVIETRISTS Phone 6-5 921 NEW' PHILADELPHIA, - OHIO seventy-two f'Ull1,IlfI7lt'IllS Cf 1111 plimcnls of of . StandifOrd's I Rmmg GROOERIES - PRODUCE Insurance Agency FROZEN FOODS KVA. 2-24-21 gl,,,1,g4,S, ICU f',U,,,,l UHRICHSVILLE, OH1O ONAnENHUT'1'1aN, OHIO The Watch Shop Fine Diamonds and Watches 124 Norlh Ihoadwalty NEW' PHILADELPHIA. OHIO fbnzplimwzts Of Gibbs Chevrolet Sales, Inc. 556 Tlm-d sweet OHmc:Hsv11,LE. O1-HO Vonzplinzwzts f'On1plinzc'lzls of of - Baker's jewelry Mlllers Restaurant and Gin Shoppe UHP.1c:Hsv1L1J1Q, OHIO NOW Phila. , 14,5 N, B,.0i,dW2,, Vorrzplirizwzls of Campbell and Smith f'UlIl11lflIL6'lllS of Pharmacy The Prescription Store Dr. M. A- Willlalllson UHRICIHSVIIILF, OHIO seventy-llzrec, Compliments Compliments of Of The House of Baskets I , ' ' 1' Il ,U Boulevdl d Ld es IQ. II, Slmllmi. Owner DOVER. f OHIO NICWV PHII,ADICI.PHIA. OHIO i Twin City Cleaners Campbellis Hardware H. J. ROSFNBRRRY T2 - ' 2 ' , Q-2f72 1037 N. W ite: Phfmc XVA 1 GNADRNHUTTEN, OHIO UHRICHSVILLR. OHIO . f'0mpfimenls of lhfnplznzenls nf Hlmter,s, Inc. , X , , I'011fP1'7i0mfr'y, Paper pl'OI1Il!'fS, Dal Lrltes T' uf'kIng Fozzntnin Supplies, and 'FOIPIIFFO GNADPfNHII'l"l'FN. OHIO w X UHHICIMISVII.I,Ia, OHIO Fmnplmwms nf fbznplfrrzmzfs of Parrish F arave e - - ' U Dr. Jay A. WIIIIIZIIIIS Phone AL. 4-4152 Optometrist GNADRNHIITTEN, OHIO Sfwenfy-fozlr Clomplimenls Of Kay Scott Shoppe Ladies' Apparel 128 sm sn .-fx el UHRICHSVILLIC. - - OHIO United Department Store llTlRICITSVII, Ol UO U "Shop Better For Less" TUSCARAWAS COUNTY FRESH FOOD CENTER Collins Market On U. S. lloule 21, South Ol' 211 Johnson Printing Co Q16 IC. Fifth St. UIIRICHSVILLE. OHIO Pl 14r11c2 XVA. 2-4821 Norman B. .lolmsf mll. Owner flOlIlfIHIIII'lIfS of Bill Klaserner and Family Phone 7-2689 Lawrence Mobile Home Sales 13' lo 52' x Wicle New and Used HUBERT LAVVRICNCE, Salesman 1825 S. High St. Ext. Rt. 250 Opposite Airport NIWV PHILADEI ,PHlA, - OHIO fiOlIlf7lI'IlIf'7If.S' fi0'77Pli"1f"7f-9 nf Of Longs Recreation Martins Ferry BOWLING Glove Co. DRNNISON. OHIO UHRICHSVIILE, OHIO .wzwrzfy 111 P . vw. COIIUJZIIIICIIZS Sclllllndcher b of Barber Shop Fivecoat's Lumber Mill 5 CHXTBS Ellll Sarziiu' lflfylflll A Snzile 0NA1J1f1N11UTTEN, - 01110 '1'UscA11AwAs, 01110 Gnadenbutten lfonzplimenls of Davis Radiator Shop P. O. Box 345 Phono VVA. 2-4285 TUSCARAVVAS, OHIO TV Cable System Radio and TV Repair We Service All .Mfllfcs and ,Models Pick Up and Delivery New and Used TV. Radios, Record Players GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO ff0n1pHn1U11l5 C'0r11plin1w1Z.s' Of Of 'l'usco Mfg. Company GNADLlNlIU'I"I'lCN, 01110 'l'uscarawas Concrete Co. i1'0scA1iAwAs, I 01110 C0n1plin1c11ls Schuplfs Grocery of and Service Station Indian Village e Restaurant GN ADENHU TTEN1 OHIO GNADENHUTTEN, - OHIO seventy-sz'I C'ompl1'ments Of Dr. G. W. Murray Forrzplinzerzls of B. K. Pfeiffer GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Huebner Paint and Bonnell - Addy Funeral Home Body Shop 406 West State Street Ph0f19 AL- 4-4754 NEwc:oMEnsTowN, onio GNADENHUTTEN. - oH1o Phone HY. 8-8111 Dick Iilar C'ompl1'ments of Athletic Supply Cbnzplele lfquipnlent For ALL SPORTS 252 West 4-th St. Dover. Ohio Phone 4-2574 AL. VEIGEL, Salesman The Ohio Savings 81 Trust Co. NEW' PHILADELPHIA, oH1o lVlA1N GFFICE DRIVE-IN BRANCH 119 W. High Ave. 245 W. High Ave. Member F.D.I.C". Begland Insurance Agency If is goof! policy noi I0 have a bad one. NOTABY PUBLIC Cnadenhutten, Ohio Mintz Tailoring Expert Tailoring - Bepairing Altering FINE FLEANING and PRESSING SUITS MADE TO MEASURE 109 NValnut Street Phone AI.. 4-4595 GNADENHUTTEN. OHIO SFl26'T1ly-SEUEII Eugene B. McPeek Gas Sz Electric Service House VViring. Electrical Contracting Gas Furnace Service Thermostat and Controls A106 N. First Street Phone IVA. 2-5550 DICNNISON. OHIO Best WI.S1I6S for n Great Fulure Dover Broadcasting Co. WJ ER WCNS 1450 900 lfmlio Dfsfgrwrl Willl You In tlvllillll flOfIlf7lliN7P77l.S' Dodge - Dart - Dodge Trucks I 'omplwle Sf'l'I'li!'l' n f YOUR DODGE DICALICII I r 1- ' . V H' N' M' hm Francis M. Dunn WA. 2-1232 117 N. Dawson St., Uliriclisville. Ohio Phone IVA. 244531 Keystone Shoe Store i6WhI?fI' high qzmlfly and low fII'l.f'l?.S' go Izumi in hfIl'If1,77 126 E. Third St. Dyke Gram Alito Service General Repair 411 IC. Ifonrtli Street UHRICIISVII,I,IC, 2 - oH1o Unsicnsviims. onto , W WA, 2-2802 C211 X R037 Tedis Market Fleetwing Service 'CBICAHU Al1'gn1'rzg and B!IlfIf7ffI.T7g' Door and Winclsliielcl Glass Installed 403 Dawson St. Phone VVA. 2-1660 UHRICHSVIILE, OHIO Calvin Creager - Owner Meats and Groceries Frosted Foods 520 N. 2nd St. DENNISON, - W - OHIO Phone WIA. 2-3352 ,w1'fr1Mf'-vigil! f'ompl1'mPnIS of Crites Brothers NIASUNRY GNADENHI TTTICN. OHIO Ceiser Sz Kappeler Compliments of WIGWAM Fornpfefe FOLU1fIll.fI Serzdre Home Cooked ,Meals Ire Vrewm Phono AL. 4411-720 W'ainut SI. GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO I NOIIIIIIIUIIZPIIIS Craftsmen in Wood "I Cioriwr 71h and I,inrOln Dr. Peck Telephone 6-5161 I'On1plinWnl.s' I 'om pl I 111117718 of '7f Miracle Lane Fae's Beauty Shop Shopping Plaza UHRICHsv11.1,i:. OHIO Heywofyd G' Clark f'0fIII2ll.II1F'7If.S' Provision Company "f PUR14: PORK SAUSAGE e - - HAIVIS - BACON - LARD Indlan Vluage LUNCHEON MEATS Laundromat Since 1905 I ONAOENI1UT'1'1iN. OHIO Phone WA. 242181 Dennison, Ohio l -s-if .S'l'I'!'lIly-llfllf v Helmkamp's Restaurant iLWh6I'6? Helier Food is SEFIIVGIP, 232 N. rl"usCarawas Avo. Phone 44-2725 DOVER, OHIO Vomplimenfs of The National Bank of Dover and Newcomerstown Complimenls of Centrifugal Casting Division Joyce Adair Shop 212 vvm 'ima SU-pei The Shenango Furnace Co. DOVER' OHIO DQVERR OHIO Younger Chi1dren's Fashions Q is 1 C'omplin1er1Zs SWR H "A,-' Dotis Beauty Shop me 5. .... -'-' ::g:-:-:-:.+:- - ' ' 7-w,.,,.We-wi Third and Tuscarawas Dover, Ohio GNADENHUTTEN. OHIO Wilson Roller Mills EUGENE WILSON Trucking Phone AL. 4-4458 GNADENHUTTEN. OHIO ezglzty ONE HOUR SERVICE Bente's Dry Cleaning PUBLIC SQUARE NEW PHILAIJEIJPHIA, oH1o SPONSORS SIS AND SONNY SHOP Y , ,.. U hrichsville, Ohio VVADE ELECTRIC ,,,. ... A U hrichsville, Ohio ZELPHA'S .... . ,... . ... .... ,,...,.. U h richsville Ohio KOWAR'S INSURANCE 7,,,,A, .4AU.,,. U hrichsville Ohio E. J. BITLER ,,,,,, v,,,v,,,,V7,7,7,,,Y777,,,,,,,,,A,7,,,..,,,,..,o oo..oooo U h richsville, Ohio BAUMBERGER'S ,,w,,,,,77,W7,77,77777iA,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,w,,v, oovvoov, U hrichsville, Ohio GUS FAMAL SHOES AND SHOE REPAIR .Oo.... ......,. U hrichsville, Ohio SEARS, ROEBUCK, AND COMPANY AO.O,oOO.OoO .o....,, U hrichsville, Ohio McMILLIN'S SPORTING GOODS .U,v,,v,,.,UUvv,UUU,UV.,.,iUUUE,UUUUvU Uhrichsville, Ohio BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY ......OAOo..O,,...OOoOOOOooO,... Uhrichsville Ohio CITIZENS REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE CO .Aoo..... Uhrichsville Ohio GREENLY AND CONOLLY ,o,.,.......OOOo,,.,..,,OOOOO.oOO....OOOOoOooO,, Uhrichsville Ohio BLUE GABEL MOTEL OOAO....OOOo.......,........ o,oOoO.. U hrichsville Ohio AKRON-CANTON CLAIM SERVICE O,,O.o.O .,oo.o.. U hrichsville, Ohio STRATTON'S DEPARTMENT STORE .,..o,oO ,.OoOo D ennison, Ohio OHIO HOTEL OOOOOOOO.O..oOOO,O.......f,,..........,.O,....... ...,.O D ennison Ohio MARY'S PIZZA O.OO...OOOO,OOOOO,OOOOOOOOOOO,.OoOOoOOO.IO .OOO,,OOOO D ennison Ohio DE BRACCIO TRUCKING .OO.OOOOO,.,OOO,..,... ,....... T uscarawas, Ohio PAISLY SERVICE STATION OOoo.....,........... Oo.oOO,O T uscarawas, Ohio TUSCARAWAS SALES AND SERVICE ..i.Oo,OOO,.. ...oOO,, T usoarawas, Ohio BAKER'S HI-WAY EXPRESS .O....,...o..oI,...,..A.OO.O...., o.OoAo S tonecreek Ohio SENHAUSER'S CLOTHING INCORPORATED OOOOOO OoOoO,o.,.,. D over Ohio DR. GASSER, DDS OOOOOOO,O,OOOOO,OOO,..OO,..,OO,...,..,,.OO.....,. OOOO Dover, Ohio ElLER'S TOTS AND TEEN SHOPPE .,,.. ooOoOooOoOooOoO,,, D over, Ohio GRILL'S JEWELRY LO,,..oO....OOOOOO.o...,.O.,eOO,.O OO.O,.,,,,V,.,,,,,,,, D over, Ohio DR. D. S. KOPES ..,oOOOOOOOOOO.,OOOOOO,,, ,,,,,o, N ewcomerstown Ohio DR. RICHARD F. WARREN ......... ,..OOO, N ewcomerstown, Ohio ZIMMER LUMBER COMPANY OOeOOO.O ,,.,,.. N ewcomerstown Ohio STOFFER'S RESTAURANT OOO.O ,,,,I., N ewcomerstown Ohio YOCKEYS HARDWARE ....................OOOOOOO.O.. ..O.... N ewcomerstown, Ohio BAILIN'S SHOE STORE .O.OooOOO,OO,O,,O,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Miracle Lane Plaza KASERMAN-NAYLOR FUNERAL HOME OOo.O,,,O, New Philadelphia, Ohio UNION LUMBER COMPANY OOOO.O..oOO,OO,,O,,.,,.O..,.OOO,.. New Philadelphia, Ohio CHARLES REWINDING OOOOO..OO.OOOOOOOOOOO,..,OO.O..,.O..OOOO,. New Philadelphia, Ohio RUFENACHT IDEAL GRINDING AND HARDWARE Philadelphia Ohio NEW PHILADELPHIA-DOVER SALES AND SERVICE Philadelphia, Ohio TUSCO SPORTING GOODS o..........O.O.OO.OOO....O,,.,...... New Philadelphia Ohio CHERRY DRUG STORE ,,,,,,... .....,, N ew Philadelphia, Ohio TOPE'S OFFICE SUPPLY ..O.O..O..... .OOOO,. N ew Philadelphia, Ohio McCARTNEY BARBER SHOP ..d,. ....,.. N ew Philadelphia, Ohio MOTOR FREIGHT COMPANY ..OOO ........ ........ M i dvale, Ohio HERMAN'S MARKET .....d.dd.d..... ........ M idvale Ohio eighty-one SENIOR, FACULTY, AND ACTIVITY PICTURES in lhis GOAL lfy HARMON STUDIO PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 240 W. 3rd St. Phone 3-6101 Dover, Ohio PRINTING PLATES for the P1'o1lLu'vfl Hy THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 413 Schroyer Ave. Canton 2, Ohio ,gi y-I LUO AUTOGRAPHS gli!-1 'glzly-four AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) collection:

Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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