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Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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W: Y l W ' 'W" W W -I W 1 1W ' I W W .I W .- - I1 W.-- I WW-WW W : W - A WW A +R -w 1 M Vw V. ,. ig' V. -eV Lfwfkl ,FH pies 2 Q Q21 753:53 . '?'1-WVQQ '5 gpm'-1u', ', S vmglkkfj' f.fr2f.aS ' Qfi V A gap 'diff ,. 'N'-wi' ' "5!+i1F:1 ,,Q! 1' 5 uqwwiww gy. pf- , Vf fr. -M fini? : H . 'K ':f.1 ' RWM! , ' - si 515 MWwwmu4 s' an Q "g:f: VV, Q . A .JV , My f' ,iff ' 'QQ A Hafa? f i .ww 'T 7 ' :gig ji . ff je -A Q21-'Ze V' frsigfiih 4 J, , x akffv f r 1 , P K M Vu Q M f Q. jf, 'JA wx X wx QQVLW J .V V 'fs 1 Y A L af Q v HQ, vw. +A? f-421 H .Q 11: G 4 ing! 11 E r .5 I vin' .V ggi .2 A V, M 4 fa. J in up it A V V23 V: -K 4? ,521 I vi. ' W ' iii?-V. x V, A Qi 3 A V V :V x . V W K 1 My 4 . af, 3 ' fggri 1 , a f am- ' 1. ,-wa: f f:g"M? .-pw V, : Q H. ' 13 4 ,-?f:gq4Q,". , ij,-W . J rw.. ,in f Lg., Q-gm, va Vx, 15 'S' wie af 4535 x fig K rnyx? A YQ 333 -Q vii JVM, z. . ' .V 'V ' ef, V V ' :A -' V aff' ' A 1 :V ,, ' t .bV.f?L:e'f' ' ' 4- .w,,.., , fm f - :su 1 V, - 1 . . ' I ' H ' J y aff - LI ,. V '-3? ' i-fi137fQ3'i 'E' ' . ' A , " , :QV , -' ', K ,VK 5 . ' "' V -.,jV,. X, 1 , ,M z 'V -,1 V '. M-Fi 4 ??Evff?1Va ff A 1. 1. V' 71, fi V, '34 3 me . f L' 'f4,.-gm L V.3' pm. : - " ' V' ri -':-UVM - : ww " ' . aff' " V V ,A 'V 'riicl ' - - ,g g , ,. V fb,.Qfj,4'7N ' 1 ' A A . - V- Y wg, V ,, ' V Ai, 71 A' 1 figi V . Q P . 'Q msg: " .' V -ji1,:f"fg.V,ffV-V 424.1 - ' V " 4 .W , , ri? Y ' ' Vw f ff' - - . 5' '5' ' ix Q-- , 71, V VVA5,Q?.f:fg.V3Q24V '- A 'V Mhz .f':wfez1fQ2-1iMs'. . .S-Lgildzyf- Jf.waq4L 'UV . -wmVWzM.u ' sg 'P Volume forty-nine The Senior Class of I958 GNADENHUTTEN HIGH SCHOOL Gnudenhutten, Ohio Hail! Gnaden High School Noble and strong, To thee with loyal hearts We raise our song. Swelling to heaven loud, Our praises ring, l1'a."l! Gnaden High School, For thee we sing. Hail! Gnaden High School, Guide of our youth, Lead thou thy students on to Light and truth. lVe'er shall thy spirit dieg Thy walls decay, Hail! Gnaden High School, For thee we pray. ALMA MA TER three THE BEGINNING DEDICA TION . To you, Mrs. Katz . . . . . For your sincere kindness and leadership which started us on the great pathway of our education. We, the class of '58, wish to dedicate to you this 49th edition of The Goal. J FACULTY ' RN .7 1' 7 6 f 4 ' ' .eg f .N I J Q ..... .5 , I ----I f. eight SU PERINTENDENT ROSS M. VIRTUIC Muskingum College, AB. Ohio State University, M.A Secondary Education HIGH SCHOOL .... HOMER LARRICK WILLIAM PADGITT RICHARD SCOTT English, History and Vocal and Instrumental Social Studies Latin Music, Physics Physical Educafion D A Driver Education Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor' Freshman Class ELLA VIRTUE EDITH BEGLAND MABEL GALLAGHER Home Economics, English, Geography Art, Music English Sponsor, Eighth Grade Sponsor, Junior Class RAY CRAMLET FRED LINARD Science, Mathematics Commercial Sponsor, Sponsor, Sophomore Class Seventh Grade nine In ELEMENTARY . RAY GORDON HAZEL LYON MILDHED MORRISON Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade GOLDA MCMULLEN MABEL MOVVL ANNA MONTAGUE Third and Fifth Grade Third Grade Second Grade HELEN MINNEY ELIZABETH KATZ First and Second Grade First Grade CAFETERIA COOKS, CUSTODIANS, BUS DRIVERS . GRACE BLICKENSDFIRFER FRICDA MARTIN OLIVE WILLIAMS ALBERT BLICKENSDERFER FRED ZIMMERMAN HARRY SHULL JOSEPH HORSFALL JACK BOTIMER DONALD SCHWAB eleven SENIORS Lf Gm- HAROLD Flor ADDY KKAddy!7 Varsity Club, 3 Basketball, 2-3 Track, 3 Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Chorus, 2-3-4 .TANICH ANN B1GGs KCBaggS77 Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Varsity Club Sec., 4 Varsity Club Pres., 3 Track, 2 Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class Secretary. 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Head Majorette, 4 Majorette, 1-2-3 Cheerleader, 2-3-4 Doms FAYE BUuDr:'r'1'r "D0r1'e', Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 2-3-4 LARRY GENE CLARK "Clarkie', Baseball, 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club, 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club Pres., 4 Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Track, 1-2-3-4 Class Play, 3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 fourteen MARY AN N BIQGLAND "Merth" Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class President, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 G-Ette Club Sec., 2-3 County Band, 3 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Girls' State, 3 Scholarship Tests, 1 EVA MAE BOSLICY "Blom dien Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 Chorus. 1-2-3-4 Band, 3-4 ALVIN CHA1xLEs CAPP1-:L UA!!! Baseball, 1-3-4 Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Track, 3-4 Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 MARIANNE1 CRITES 'Tritesyn Track, 1-2-3-4 Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 Band, 3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Scholarship Tests, 1-3 TOM EDWARD FRANK CKYVOHKZ77 Baseball, 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club, 3-4 Basketball, 1-3-4 Class Play, 3 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 LARRY EARL GOODIN G "Hugh1'e" Varsity Club, 3-4 Basketball, 2-3-4 Track, 3-4 Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class Treasurer. 2 County Band, 3 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Scholarship Tests, 3-4 Orchestra, 2-3-4 STEPHEN 'THEODORIC HAMILTON "Gurrm1y" Baseball, 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club, 1-2-3-4 Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Class Play, 3 County Band, 2-3 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Orchestra, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 GRACE LUCILLE HINPIS "Gracie, Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 3-4 GREGORY LYNN GILMORE 'fGilus" Baseball, 2-3-4 Varsity Club, 3-4 Basketball, 2-3 Track, 2 Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class President, 1-3 Class Secretary. 2 County Band, 4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Scholarship Tests, 2-3 JANET RUTH GRAY "Shorty" Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Sta1T, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class Secretary, 3 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 Chorus. 1-2-3-4 Band, 4 Scholarship Tests, 2 THKJMAS LYNN HERBERT "Herbie" Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class Vice-Pres., 2-3 Class Treasurer, 1 Band, 3-4 Scholarship Tests, 1-2-3 GEORGE ELMER KEEPER "Georgann" Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Basketball, 2 Track, 3-4 Class Play, 3 Band, 1-2-3-4 Tomahawk, 4 Goal Statf, 4 Chorus, 1-2 fifteen SARA JEAN KINSEY uSarie,, Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Sta1T, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class Treasurer, 3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 3-4 Scholarship Tests, 3 IJAVID ALLEN I.OCKETT "Beanie" Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 ALLEN LEE PEoPLEs "Howard,' Track, 3 Class Play, 3 BONNIE LOU SHULL "Bonnie', Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Stalf, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Majorette, 2-3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 sixteen JOAN ELAINE KOHL ufoanniew Varsity Club, 3-4 Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Orchestra, 1-2-3-4 Majorette, 1-2-3-4 Cheerleader, 3 LINDA Lou MILLER 'gLewie" Track, 2-3 Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 rI1H0MAS EUGENE ROTH '4Brownie,' Baseball, 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Varsity Club Vice- Pres., 4 Varsity Club, Sec., 3 Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Track, 2-3-4 Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class Vice-President, 1 Chorus, 1-2 Band, 1-2-3-4 Orchestra, 3-4 EDWARD LEE SHULL CCEd77 Baseball, 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club, 1-2-3-4 Basketball, 1-2-3-4 Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 EDGAR DALE SPENCER ccEdgar97 Class Play, 3 Chorus, 4 JOAN NE MAXINE SWINDERMAN lilo!! Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 4 WILLIAM JOHN WALLACE 64Wall?f77 Baseball, 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club, 1-2-3-4 Basketball, 1-3 Track, 1-3 Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class President, 2 Class Vice-President, Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Scholarship Tests, 2 IQAY FRANCES ZIMMEIKMAN C6Kay53 Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 County Band, 3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 1 JEANETTE AN N' STEINBACH "Jan" Class Play, 3 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 3 NANCY LOUISE ULRICH CCNan77 Chorus, 1-2 BARBARA KAY WILLIAMS 'LWiggles', Class Play, 3-4 Tomahawk Staff, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Class Secretary, 1 Class Vice-President, 4 G-Ette Club, 1-2-3-4 G-Ette Club Pres., 4 G-Ette Club Vice-Pres., 3 Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Band, 1-2-3-4 Orchestra, 2-3-4 Seventeen SENIORBURG ADDRESS qcmss HISTORY, One-half score and two years ago, our teacher, Mrs. Katz, came forth to Gnaden to find a new first grade of 42, conceived in wisdom, and dedicated to the proposition that all children are mischievous. Then we were engaged in the great second grade, testing whether Mrs. Montague, or any other teacher so conceived and so dedicated, could long endure us. VVe were then met in the third classroom of that floor with Mrs. James as our teacher. We then came to recognize a member of the faculty as the fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Hayes, as a leader for those who here gave their studies that that class might pass on to be students of Mrs. Mowl that we should now go on to Mr. Gordon's sixth grade. But, in a larger sense, We cannot forget, we cannot criticize, we cannot lose faith in our school. The brave teacher, Mrs. Begland, who struggled here, contended far above her patience to get us through the seventh grade. The school will greatly note nor long forget what we said here, and it can never forget what we did here - we passed into high school with the help of Mr. Norman, our eighth grade teacher. It is for Mr. Cramlet, the freshman sponsor, rather to remember our magnificent drama Who Dunnil.9, and Mr. Scott during our sophomore year, to recall our next production, Queen For a Day and The Honeymooners. It was for Mrs. Virtute to be then dedicated to the great task remaining before her-to see us through our junior year and our play Susie the Siren-angl that from these honored seniors Mr. Padgitt and Mr. Larrick may enjoy increased relief to that cause for which they gave their last full measure of forbearanceg that we offered our last performance, Professor, How Could You, before you, the people. We highly resolve that these seniors shall not have studied in vain, that this faculty, under Mr. Virtue, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that school of the students, by the students, and for the students, shall not perish fronfour hearts. e zghteen CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-eight, Village of Gnadenhutten, County of Tuscarawas, and State of Ohio, do make, publish and declare this our LAST WILL AND TESTAMEN T, hereby revoking and annulling any and all Will or Wills by us heretofore: I I I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I I I I I I I I I, I, I, I, v r v v v 1 Harold Addy, will my ability to get into trouble to Bobby Fellers and my smallness to Tommy Zimmerman. Mary Ann Begland, will my purple dress to Mrs. Gallagher and my glasses to anyone who wants to wear them. Janice .Biggs, will my long fingernails to any- one who can keep them long and my chem- istry lab drawer to Kay Schreiner. Eva Bosley, will my fluttery eye lashes to Virginia Fouts and my long blond hair to Mr. Cramlet. Doris Burdette, will my short dark hair to Bevra Blind and my six years of Home Economics to Rita McMorrow. Alvin Cappel, will my curly hair to Mr. Virtue and my baseball glove to Merritt Fahner. Larry Clark, will my "fruit Boots" to anybody who can wear a size 10 and my "flattop" to Larry Tuiford. Marianne Crites, will my long thumb nails to Sharon Jester and my seat in Mr. Linard's classes to anyone who wants to freeze. Tom Frank, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Gallagher to Merritt Fahner and my glasses to Bill Blickensderfer. Greg Gilmore, will my Plymouth to anyone who wants it for 5500 and myself to Jean S-.mmons or Jayne Manslield. Larry Gooding, will my ability to get along with teachers to Robert Van Dyne and my baritone sax to Bill Davis. Janet Gray, will my shortness to Dottie Rank and my constant dieting to Judy Parrish. Steve Hamilton, will my nickname "Gummy" to Paul Gooding and my bass horn to Ronnie Clark. Tom Herbert, will my perfect attendance in high school to Jim Foote and my long hair to Bobby Hines. Grace Hines, will my little feet to .Bonnie Struchen and my glasses to anyone who wants them. George Keffer, will my ability to get along with teachers to Doyle Harding and my low voice to Dixie Wallace. Sara Kinsey, will my blushing to Karen Par- rish and my trips to the office to Pam Biggs. Joan Kohl, will my height to Betty Jones and my brown eyes to Judy Parrish. Dave Lockett, will my ability to hunt and fish to Jack Pfeiffer and my braces to Dave Rankin. Linda Miller, will my ability not to miss but two days of school in twelve years to any- one who can beat that record and my acting up in Mr. Linard's classes to Betty Jones. Lee Peoples, will my height to Bill Horsfall I Tom Roth, will my big feet to Mrs. Virtue and my drum to George Lippencott. I, Bonnie Shull, will my narrow feet to Sharon Jester and my blue eyes to Judy Gooding. I, Eddie Shull, will my short hair to Larry Tuf- ford and my car to anyone who can pay the insurance. I Dale Spencer, will my Ford to Dave Struchen and all the girls I know from Uhrichsville to Jerry Herbert. I Jeanette Steinbach, will my dancing lessons to Rita McMorrow and my early February 5th birthday to Bonnie Struchen's late December 24th birthday. I Joanne S-winderman, will my giggle to Paul Hoffman and my slimness to Lois Hines. I, Nancy Ulrich, will my happy marriage to all my fellow Seniors and to Mr. Linard a book- keeping class where no one is on the border line. I, Bill Wallace, will my saggin' levis to Pete Bau and my boldness to Donald Schreiner. I Barbara Williams, will my nickname "Wig- gles" to .Bevra Blind and my wrestling matches with Jeanette in shorthand class to Betty Jones and Virginia Fouts. I, Kay Zimmerman, will my ability to stay with one boy to Carol Martin and my shortness to Dana Laughlin. To Mr. Padgitt, we will a baby grand piano and a chorus that will memorize their songs. To Mr. Larrick, we will a Senior class that will be quiet during the five minute period and a beautiful redhead. To Mr. Scott. we will a health class that doesn't blush and a darling baby girl. To Mr. Cramlet, we will a biology class that does not take parts of the animals out of the lab and a class that can make some hair growing tonic. To Mr. Linard, we will shorthand classes that have their minds on shorthand and a shiny new dishwasher. To Mr. Shamel, we will many happy years in the future teaching at G.H.S. To Mr. Virtue, we will an elevator so he can travel from one floor to another quieter and faster. To Mrs. Virtue, we will a Junior class that can behave and a Home Economics class that appreciates taking notes. To Mrs. Begland, we will nothing more and nothing less than a half day of teaching and a quieter eighth grade. To Mrs. Gallagher, we will a new wardrobe of green clothes and a larger art class. To Abie, we will a group of boys who like to help not just get out of study hall. our cooks, Grace, Olive, and Freda, we will n 1 r To three handsome French chefs to help them with their cooking only. and my job at Gooding's to anyone who can keep the job by loaling. Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT by the Senior Class, the above named testator, in the presence of us, who, at their request and in the presence of us and of others have subscribed their names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. SENIOR CLASS fWitnessed by Q Jack Botimer - J oe Horsfall nineteen SENIOR TOWN KCLASS PROPHECYJ Hello, welcome to Senior Town. We Seniors are glad you could come and see our town. The big white house on the left is the home of Mr. Alvin Cappel, the owner of the chain stores called "Al's Groceries". These stores are located in almost every town from here to California. His home was designed and decorated, like nearly every other house here, by Miss Mary Ann Begland. She has designed homes for all the successful people in this country. Right across thc street is "Kay's Beauty Shoppe". She puts all the new hair styles into effect. If you want anything from a poodle to an Italian cut just go see Kay Zimmer- man. Right now she's working on the former Janet Gray. Janet is married now and has two children and a loving husband. Oh, my! That speeding black '60 Fordo was Harold Addy being chased by our town marshall, Dale Spencer. Harold is ia test driver for Fordo's Incorporated and just can't seem to remember to slow down. Dale is one of the best cops in the country. He has arrested many desperate criminals such as "Hardfaced Harry". Our next stop is Larry 'Clark's Barber Shop. There are several people in there. There's Tom Roth-he's home on leave from the Marines. And there's Bill Wallace-he owns all the land you can see. He has about the biggest farm in this country. And there's the former Grace Hines and her little boy Charlie. He's here for his first hair cut. ' Well, it's time to move on. It's visiting hours at the hospital and we've been invited to tour it. Now that we are in sight of it I want you to notice its modern design. It was constructed by George Keffer's Construction Company. George has constructed many buildings in our community and is noted all over the state for his famous constructions. The girl who is working at her desk on the left is the former Sara Kinsey, who is now a registered nurse. Well! What a pleasant surprise, here come Joan Kohl and Doris Burdette. Joan is a registered nurse and Doris is employed as nurse's aid. We must cut our visit here short or we won't be able to complete our tour. . What was all that shouting? Oh! I guess that was Ed Shull barking orders to his football squad, who are running through their scrimmage session. So far this season Ed has had a good year, with four victories and one tie. As we enter the building we must be very quiet for school is still in session. The first door on the right is the laboratory, which was furnished by Tom Herbert, who owns one of the largest chemical plants in the United States. Tom is also a very capable research worker in the field of missiles. On the left is the door to superintendent Greg Gilmore's office. He's been our super- intendent since his graduation from Senior College. The room on the right is the commercial room, which is headed by Lee Peoples. Oh! here comes Eva Bosley. She is employed as the secretary of our school. Well, we must hurry down town now. Of course you will want to se Tom Frank's dentist office. And we may see Janice Biggs too, for she is employed as Tom's assistant. The big building on the right is one of our larger office buildings, where Joanne Swinderman, Linda Miller, Barbara Williams, Marianne Crites, and Jeanette Steinbach are employed. All are capable secretaries and have lucky bosses. As you may have noticed there are a few absent from our little town. Most of these are in the service of our country. David Lockett is the head air force pilot, Steve Hamilton is a government inspector, Nancy Ulrich fArmstrongy is with her husband, Dick, who is in the Navy, and Larry Gooding is a Chaplain. Bonnie Shull, her husband, and eight children are now residing in California. Here comes the bus to take you back home. Thank you for coming to visit Senior Town and come back to see us again when yo-u get the chance. Bye! twenty SENIOR VERSE Harold Addy is our clown, He's always fun to have around. And through the live-long day Out of mischief he cannot stay. Janice Biggs has lots of spirit, In school activities she rates a merit. As cheerleader she has lots of vim, But she has eyes for only Jim. Brown eyed Doris has lots of pep! Her future isn't planned as yet. Give her a house to dust and clean, And it will really shine and gleam. Larry Clark, as you all know, Is quite the Sportsman in our show. The scouts have had their eyes on himg For National League he's sure to win. Tom's a lad that's lots of fun, And from the girls he will not run. His future plans is to be A service man -- wait and see. Larry Gooding is tall and blond, And of the girls he is most fond. A minister he wants to be And serve his own community. Number twelve of thirty-one, Our pal Steveo is lots of fun. He will work for Uncle Samg Do his job and help the land. Grace is very short and blonde, And of Merv she is quite fond. On her wedding day you'l1 see A blushing bride to him she'll be. Sara Kinsey is her name, As a nurse she'll win her fame. Short and sweet and full of fun, She's a friend to every one. Beanie has his future planned, He wants to be an air force man. He'll fly through the air with the greatest of ease, Just like the man on the flying trapeze. Mischievious Lee likes to have fun, But he is always on the run. As of now he has a job, But to college he soon will trod. Mary Ann is our girl who likes to give the boys a whirl. To be an architect is her goal, She will succeed with heart and soul. Eva Mae is short and blonde. And of Jack she is quite fond. In shorthand II she is a whizg She never fails a quiz. Alvin Cappel is the boy Whose eyes are always filled with joy. To business school he plans to go, Then maybe the service - who's to know. Marianne Crites is rather shy: That she'll do her duty, you can rely. A pleasant word, a pleasant smile, To you, her friendship is quite worthwhile. Greg is tall and rather quiet, But at parties he's a riot. He drives his Plymouth down the street, And the girls all go tweet, tweet. Janet Gray is short and jolly. A nurse she wants to be - by golly. School for her has been no strain, S-o she'll not be hard to train. Our Herb is one of the best In case you haven't already guessed. Colleges and academies my, oh my, Who will get this brainy guy? George is a boy who likes to have fung He is a friend of everyone. When he's mischievous you can't be blue, And to Marilyn he'l1 be true. Joan Kohl is a cute majoretteg On a nursing career her heart is set. Some day you'll see her dressed in white Smiling and gay to her patients' delight. Linda Miller knows her score, As a bookkeeper in a store. She will strive to do her best, 'Cause she's good in all the rest. Tall and handsome is this guy, On the marines he has his eye. Basketball has been Tom's game, But in all sports he shines the same. To be a bride is Bonnie's lot, And with Fred she'll tie the knot. June fifteenth is the date, And the year is fifty-eight. That black Ford belongs to Dale, And down the road he likes to sail. We don't know about his dates, So we'll leave it to the fates. Joanne is a girl who likes a good joke, She always enjoys a hamburg and coke. Her goal and ambition is to be a Wave, But in the service she'll have to behave. A secretary Barb will be And sit upon her boss's knee. She will type with all her might, Get things done, and do them right. Strong and husky is our Eddie: To be of help he's always ready. His ambition a coach to beg Four years of college is the key. A ring on her finger, a song in her heart, To Fred she will wed, and they never part Jeannette's future is planned as you can see A busy young housewife she soon will be. Bill is a pal on whom we rely, To us he is a peach of a guy. A tractor he wants for graduation, So he can work for conservation. The first to marry is Nancyg Her daughter, Sue, takes her fancy. In the service her husband has been, So she stays home and waits for him. Kay has her diamond as you can see, But a beautician she wants to beg And when she gets her beauty shops, Every one will soon look tops. twenty c 1 fy-z CLASSES N31 fi A 2 .1 J X! ,iii - , . I 1 1 X I twenty- four 5 1- s 'igilgiitg' ' n .p 7 M - nU""2,1 i 1 Q 1 4- ,n N' 1 Est Q15 .yn My Juniors . . . Peter Eau, Robert Begland, Ronald Bradley, Judith Carpenter, James Foote Juanita Garabrandt William Gilmore, Paul Gooding, Sylvia Horsfall, William Horsfall Norman Kadri, Dawnaraye Keffer, Larry Kilchenman, Rita McMorrow, Donald Morrison Judith Parrish, Dottie Rank, David Rankin, Mary Ann Rauzi, Philip Rentsch Donald Schreiner, Kay Schreiner, Bonnie Struchen, Larry Tufford, Linda Wolfe Sophomores Bevra Blind, Ronald Clark, Edward Crites, Ronald Davis, Janice Emery, Merritt Fahner, Gary Fivecoat Virginia Fouts, Judith Gooding, Doyle Hard- ing, Norma Heck, Jerry Herbert, Robert Hines, Paul Hoffman Franklin H o r s f all, Sharon Jester, Janice Kochman, Ethel Miller, Shirley Miller, Karen Parrish, Jack Pfeiffer Vera Robinson, Wil- liam Royer, F r a n k Wanosik Freshmen Gelinda Bau, Pamela Biggs, William Blick- ensderfer, Camilla Bradley, Roberta Brick, Marvin Brown, Gary Conaway Dora Cox, Martin Cra- han, Carl Dichler, Sharon Dutton, Jay Ga1braith,Sue Gilmore, Marjorie Gooding Donald Hamilton, Lois Hines, Glen J e s t e r, Betty Jones, Charles Kugler, Carol Martin, James McMasters Sharon Mowl, Ray- mond Rank, John Rauzi, Joyce Royer, Charlotte Schreiner, Donna Schreiner, Lana Schreiner Dale Stewart, Dean Stewart, Deanna Stol- ler, Freda Ulrich, Leona Wallace, Edward Wes- ton, Patricia Wolfe James Zeller, Marilyn Zimmerman, Thomas Zimmerman twenty-five fi:-wh -cz' ta x l, ., . m y - xx , ' F at -.3 ,ic 2 my fit L all fav: f H ,. -qim iv e, 'H 5 2 2 ., sag, J wt ' g r c,-Q, ,gg are Q Fi J i f t., i , ,r V. .0 . ,ff 'if , My , , 5 3 in-iff 1 W Mx, N A 4- . 4' :fp 1 a . s " i 4-V: 5 .- ,ef QD A Sill' f ,,,, ,..... A 1, 'M' , Q .. .. , , ,'w.-39? g 1-Q, 3' 2,-f Mfu, J A gi f 5 lf' .Y . i f w .-f , l , E ' A :.V' gg - K t I , .. ' ....- , 1? ,r - --A J it i if etscl 1 ' f erir Eighth Grade Carolyn Baker, Kenneth Conner, Diana Crites, William Davis, Robert Ervin, Robert Fellers Polly Fox, Betty Garabrandt, Linda Good- ing, Beverly Hunt, Alta Jones, Teresa Kail Bradley Kaiser, Delbert Keffer, Joyce Kohl, Dana Laughlin, George Lippencott, Jerry Lippencott James McCreery, Glenn Miller, Marlene Miller, Paula Peoples, Helen Rauzi, Joyce Robinson Richard Shull, Paul Tufford, John Ulrich. Robert Van Dyne, Robert Weingarth, Carol Wilson Marion Wolf Seventh Grade Charles Allensworth, Linda Bartholow, David Blickensderfer, Paul Blind, John Campbell, Cheryl Carpenter George Cox, Carolyn Crites, Richard Crites, Linda Davis, Lloyd Dawson, Gerald Ed- wards Roberta Fouts, Virginia Frey, Russell Gal- braith, Cheryl Hamilton, George Harding, Barbara Heck Sharon Heidy, Carole Huebner, Pamela Klaserner, Leonard Lintner, Rita Lockett, Sarah Mathias Lydia McMasters, Lloyd McMullen, Rose- mary Miller, Myrna Parrish, Darlene Rentsch, Rosalie Rouse JamesfR0yer, Dale Schreiner, Saundra Smith, Audrey Stewart, Judith Timmer- man, Martha Weston Sixth Grade Cathleen Bau, V ic k i e Brick, Patricia Coen, Carl Conner, Robert C o u t s, Nikki Davis, William Dut- ton, Richard Fellers Kay Foote, Duane Gara- brandt, Donald Garret, John Gooding, Linda Gram, Roger Gray, Dana Grott, David Hanson Patricia Herbert, Bettie Hines, Linda Hines, Son- dra Kennedy, Bruce Kohl, Edward Kugler, Patricia Lindon, Jill Mathias Linda McMullen, Marilyn Miller, Gary Moore, Re- becca Moore, David New- ell, Emmett Pittenger, Arthur Rauzi, Larry Rentsch Dean Sauerwine, Sandra Singhaus, Theresa Tipton, William Urban Fifth Grade Gene Bates, Edward Ben- nington, James B 0 s l e y, Daniel Brady, Lee Brown, Jacqueline Burdette, Ann Cappel, Shirley Cerana Randy Crites, Terry Crites, Robert Davis, La- kin Dawson, Roger Dom- inick, Frances Enos, Her- bert Fawcett, P a t r i c i a Frank Donald Galbraith, Daniel Gibbens, Neysa Gilmore, Fredrick Glass, Martha Glauser, Francis Heidy, Helen Hines, Jerry Hoff- man Barbara Horsfall, John Horsfall, Terry Huebner, Carolyn Hughes, James Jinks, Sandra Jones, Thel- ma Jones, Linda Klaser- ner Beckie Kochman, Michael Kohl, Nancy Lindon, Mar- cia Lintner, Michael Lip- pencott, June Long, Mich- ael McMasters, Brice Mil- ler. John Parrish, B a 1' b a r a Peepers, Edna Rank, Ver- non Reynolds, Gary Rice. John Ridgway, Richard Wallace, Robert Warner Mary Lou Weingarth, Clayton Williams, Ray Williams, Roy Williams, David Zimmerman 'Q ,a f X 1 4 1 , fx. ,free ,,,,.- i7"h 'Y 5 -3-'if' Q f I U any 4 wwf V 4. me 'hir lei Ei .L an M at 'W . 45, as z' 'ff f ,f W nl -.-,ve ,fi We ' Fourth Grade Donald Baker, Edward Baker, Deana Blind, John Carpenter, Sherry Couts, .Mary Jane Dichler, Christine Fawcett Connie Fuller, Stanley Garabrandt, Robin Greer, Christine Hollis, Sharon Horsfall, Cheryl Huebner, Beverly Jones Clark Jones, Sally Kaiser, Kenneth Keffer, Laurean Kohler, Frank Laisure, David Maple, Deborah Mathias Janet McCreery, Daniel Miller, Frank Miller, William Minter, John Moore, Sharon Morgan, Kenneth Morrison Cheryle Stoller, Roy S-treeter, Shir- ley Streeter, Timothy Timmerman, Cynthia Winrod, Larry Yockey, Raymond Zimmerman Third Grade Judy Anderson, Janet Barthalow, Brenda Botimer, Linda Brady, Diana Burdette, Daniel Campbell, James Coen Michael Coen, Alice Conner, Harry Cramer, Gregory Crites, Linda Crites, Robert Enos, Ronald Ever- ett Donald Finnicum, Mary Fouts, Martha Garabrandt, Myra Glauser, William Gooding, Delbert Gram, Ruby Harding Deborah Hudson, Daniel Jinks, William Kadri, Michael Kail, Janet KeHer, Richard Kochman, William Kohl Karl Kohler, Francis Krantz, Dolly Lippencott, Yvanne Lockett, Rob- ert Long, Wayne Martin, Carole McCowan Rebecca McHenry, David McMur- trie, Sherry Moore, Stephen Moore, Constance Morrison, D 0 r 0 t h y Newell, Ronald Parrish Helen Robinson, Christina Sind- linger, Randall Wilson Second Grade Charles Bailey, Dorothy Ann Baker, Danny Bosley, Richard Brown, Floyd Burdette, Christine Camp! bell, Steven Couts, Charles Crites Charlene Dominick, Dana Edwards, Cheryl Foote, Joan Frank, Judy Frank, Wesley Galbraith, Henry Goudy, Jayne Hanson John Heck, Stephen Hi- binger, Harriet H i n e s, Dale Inherst, Roger Jones, Janet Kaiser, Glenda Kohl, Cynthia Kugler Terrie Lee, Janet Lee, Charles Long, William Long, Vickie Marsh, Sue Mathias, Darrell McComb, June Miller William Miller, Glenna Murphy, Dorothy Pfeiffer, Wesley Rank, David Ridg- way. John Schwab, Mich- ele St. Pierre, Randal Tim- merman Kenneth Tobin First Grade Carolyn Baker, Harold Baker, Mark Biggs, Mur- rell Campbell, Donna Lee Cerana. Chalmer Conner, Dale Conner, Doyle Con- ner Cathlyn Ann C r a h a n, Mark Davis. Carl Enos, James Everett, Trina Jane Fawcett, Bruce Finnicum, Cynthia Frey, Sh a r o n Garrett Gregory Hamilton, Roger Huebner, Thomas Hueb- ner, Kathleen I n h e r s t, Kathleen Jones, Roberta Kennedy, Kenneth Kohl, Darrell Laughlin Debra Lehigh, Gloria Marsh, Vicki Martin, Don- ald McComb, Ellen Mor- gan, Karen Newell, Mar- garet Anne Nussbaum, Danny Rentsch Linda Rummell, Roger Seiber, Sharon Streeter, David Williamson, Ruth- ann Yockey, John Young E34 .l M it in-if , H4 7 K 4 -rf NX j ,S . 1, Q 53 .A - A A - .il ,'.' wifwxq f' A - x " N A Q rrlflv ,,,. ,. ,,.. , 4' pm S ,' '16 . 1 - E 23 46 . Q? iw' 1 ,'l"'f- in M 092115 'Q Q' 3 A 4 W , vv V Z h ,If Y i Q 5' l thirty ' if f ' :Ml Kindergarten . . . Town Hall, Site for the Kindergarten Mrs. Ellen Nussbaum, Teacher Jan Aldergate, Sheila Bartholow, Gary Bates, Kathy Blind, Jennifer Botimer Marie Brick, Christy Doane, Danny Fawcett, John Fivecoat, Bruce Hibinger Francine Hollis, Sara Ra-2 Huebner, Susan Kohler, Loren Lindon, Melinda Lintner Gean Ann Long, Mark Mathias, Chris- tena McCreery, Michael McCullough, Bruce McMurtrie Charles Miller, Thomas Miller. Loyce Ogden, Thomas Parrish, Richard Rice Thomas Sindlinger, Jeffrey Stocker, Sara Jane Sitoller ACTIVITIES M .13 1 y ri Baseball Team . Coach Richard Scott, Carl Dichler, William Blickeisderfer, Tom Frank, Stephen Hamilton, Gregory Gilmore, Thomas Roth, William Wallace, Alvin Cappel, Ronald Bradley, Edward Shull, Larry Clark Ronald Clark, William Horsfall, Gary Fivecoat, John Rauzi, Managers Edward Crites and Robert Begland. The baseball season consisted of nine games, The scores were 5, WE THEY Wm THEY! Sugarcreek . 3 - 0 Baltic ...........,,..,..,,.. , 4 - 1 Sugarcreek ...,,,.., , 8 - 6 Port Washington ...... 8 - 2 North Westerii ...,,, , 0 - 4- Port Washington ....., 22 - 2 Stonecreek ...... . 1 7 - 5 Baltic ,,.,.,,.,,..,.,...,. 1 - 2 Stonecreek .... ..,. 2 1 - 1 I lz1'r'ly-fi'1'c v Grade Basketball Team ancl Cheerleaders WVilliam Davis, Richard Shull, Charles Allens- worth, James McCreery, David Struchen, Robert Ervin, Bradley Kaiser, Leonard Lint- ner, Paul Blind, Glen Miller, Coach Ray Gor- don, Manager Brice Miller. Diane Crites, Carole Huebner, Helen Rauzi, Cheryl Hamilton HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS Linda Miller Judith Gooding Marianne Crites Virginia Fouts Bonnie Struchen Mary Ann Bcgland GRADE GIRLS Sue Gilmore, Donna Schreiner, Lana Schreiner, Helen Rauzi, Betty Jones HIGH SCHOOL BOYS Alvin Cappel, George Keffer, Larry Gooding, Thomas Roth, Philip Rentsch, Jerry Herbert, Donald Morrison, Ronald Bradley, Larry Clark, Ronald Clark thirty-seven Reserve Basketball Team .... Gary Fivecoat, John Rauzi, Ronald Clark, Glenn Jester, Carl Dichler William Blickensderfer, Edward Crites, Philip Rentsch, Raymond Rank, Jerry Herbert and James Zeller, Managers. SCHEDULE Varsity Reserves we - they we they Freeport .....,.......,,.... ....,.... N ov. 20 Away 39 Port Washington .,...., .,.,,.... N ov. 22 Away 38 iiBaltic ......,.......,.....,,... ....,.... N ov. 26 Away 36 Tusky Valley ........ ....,..... D ec. 3 Away 21 ffTuscarawas ....., ..i,,,.... D ec. 6 Home 15 Stonecreek ......., ,......,.. D ec. 10 Home 24 iStrasburg ..,......A,,.. .......... D ec. 13 Home 24 Midvale ....,.,........................... ....... D ec. 17 Home 39 "'Port Washington .....,..,,1......,,. .......,.. D ec. 20 Home 35 Strasburg tXmas Tourney! ...., ...,...... D ec. 27 Strasburg Beach City 4Xmas Tourney? .... ...... D ec. 28 Strasburg :iStonecreek .....,..................,.....,....... ....... J an. 3 Away 19 Walnut Creek .,.i. .,..... ....... J a n. 7 Home 40 9FSugarcreek ......... W . .,...., Jan. 10 Home 39 Newcomerstown ......, Jan. 14 Away 37 H'Midva1e ....,.,.......,,. ,i..... J an. 17 Away 43 Freeport ............ ,,,.... J an. 21 Home 34 iiTusky Valley ....... ,..... J an. 24 Home 38 Newcomerstown .... .,,.... J an. 28 Home 40 Tuscarawas ........,,, ,...... F eb. 8 Away 27 TOURNAMENTS County Tuscarawas ....,, ....... F eb. 15 Dover Stonecreek ..,....,,.., ..,.,,. F eb. 20 Dover Midvale .........,...,.,,.... ....... F eb. 22 Dover Sectional Dover St. Joseph .i,... ....... F eb. 25 Dover Midvale ..................... ....... F eb. 27 Dover Millersburg ........,,,, .,,.... M ar. 1 Dover District Powhattan ....... ...,... M ar. 5 Brilliant forty Journalism Class . an '-5 4? Cap Mary Ann Begland, William Wallace, Grace Hines, Alvin Cappel, Eva Bosley, Gregory Gilmore, Janet Gray, Thomas Herbert, Joanne Swinderman, Edward Shull, Linda Miller, Thomas Roth, Marianne Crites, Larry Gooding, Bonnie Shull, Harold Addy, Doris Burdette, Sara Kinsey, Janice Biggs, Kay Zimmerman, George Keffer, Joan Kohl, Barbara Williams, Jeanette Steinbach. TOMAHAWK STAFF Editors: Larry Gooding and Gregory Gilmore Art: Eva Bosley and Mary Ann Begland Business Managers and Printers: William Wal- lace, Thomas Herbert, David Lockett, Har- old Addy, and Alvin Cappel Sports: Eva Bosley, Edward Shull, George Keffer High School News: Linda Miller and Joanne Swinderman Grade School News: Janice Biggs and Marianne Crites Activities and Clubs: Joan Kohl and Kay Zim- merman Biographies: Janet Gray and Bonnie Shull Specials: Sara Kinsey and Grace Hines Gossip: Thomas Roth, Doris Burdette, Barbara Williams, and Jeanette Steinbach Jokes: William Wallace GOAL STAFF Editors: Thomas Herbert and David Lockett Art: Mary Ann Begland and Janet Gray Faculty: Doris Burdette Seniors: Joanne Swinderman, Joan Kohl, and Kay Zimmerman Classes: Marianne Crites, Bonnie Shull, and Linda Miller, Edward Shull Sports: Thomas Roth and George Keffer Activities: Grace Hines Will: Janice Biggs and I-Iarold Addy Prophecy: Larry Gooding and Eva Bosley History: Jeanette Steinbach and Barbara Wil- liams Business Managers: Gregory Gilmore, Alvin Cap- pel, William Wallace, and Sara Kinsey forty-one -w m if ,g,, it aid- , , .Q . windy ,A ,. W Mi' , i '45, ,H - VIVV- www , ' FK ,Q ,, , U, , .W QQ! fdil Qian .-in if X I . . --,V , i ,'i 'fsi , MK , A , X V , . t N. ,if , ,M .,, f.- ,' H , X ...Q ,XL . f A , - . 1 . , , ' Q .ki I . S" 'W 'W .. j ., ' fr, 'Q' X7 , , K ai' I ki! L, E 1 M b an ,Y E in Y I 5 I Xa, if X 5 if +5 ,, W X -if 5 7 6 Q' :P K -Z, ,x . rt. ' 7 A K v 4 - ,V K ' - 'Q 4 1 7 4 , , . , . v' ' ' . n.. 4 I, . Q u v y ,, ,, f, vw, . ,fl . ,,7., . . . ' x 1. an v r, my . f , - f' Y 'Q' , L ', x , . " -f ix Y kai as , . A 'QE . . . . . I ! ' f K , m A Y 1 xg, EY Q at 25? xx Iwi v 0 ,VA Y . . , ,, - 1 i Yi i 5 - 7 ' J' - FQ - ' W ' W ' A .Q H " I ' ' 1' N A ' Ll , ' ' ' . ' Vf f , Q , if N . S 'fa 2 .Z - ' :Hwy V L ji 35 . 4? t t a. all 5 4 , , yn V f 922 ' A ,fi Af- M M .. 4 ,Q E 3 Q ' is 3' f Y ,X 215' , . ' f 15, ka 4 ,ff " ' , Y 'K I -s . -K gg 4 im., X . . g X A My x 1 I 1 'ie fx oi - 4. f . f M 1 " " 2 i ,Z Q I - . .Q o af Q W Q l gi W f f 1, 0 2 I 5 'v i ,A A ' 5 , ,M K, ,r . , Q , - 1, ,LK 3 A V' , ,giiif 'W I , Wi sr flvf:f' MJ i 'J N, 2 W, ff" 5 f A'M7J ' Q ' YT' , 1 "' 'A L ' ' , ' ' ' 'Q X. f4 , . fy X Q NF X n 'Q "5V2,zx I' , ' EM i 1 ' L' 4 1 1 f if ' f , , H , A K' f 'x f' ff , X f . , - " fe, Q N' W, If ,A,, 1 f 3 5 3 Q , , . 1 f 2 , I Mu ..,, E 1 K , , g , 5 'u .Q-5 is, 'iyfx w lf 7 f - ' xx ' 'Y 7 X 21 ' Q 4, , ff W 'M . -. . V? ' 5 - 51 f 'gif 5 ,J 5 Q x A , 5 I u Q n in , wwf vp ,gggf p , . M. as! 4 , , -,f Y 3 'Q s.. ' ,' "" , , ..- , a g, an W5 JH If 5 , . , M' Q K ma, ,X . at 1 .- , vv' , . . me ,, NX f Y ' xx W xg, . '6"i" f , . Q . . X . f . " - - , 1 . , .1, :gh ' .,, , ' A , , . f ' - f ' ff 3 2 ' 'W 5 A , , , K , . ' , , , 5 Q :W W N H'5Y w . W Asif '37 ix! ' - gt ..-w, ' .ir ,i ' ,aw I, 4 W . VVLA lj ' 1' y Egg? H, 1 . ,I Q ' 8, ,wx . Q f Je, , 1, K 4 4 A f, .. , V , , , , W ' . A ,Q ,.f Z Ha ' . X 7,2 .V SV , I n 1 xg' j s. ,MW , . V, , x Gkr ,fr K w A'1 , a 4 EL? , Qs, . 2 Q, fi , , If n F , VX. Y ' 1 . f . ggjv , my 1 .gk mg, 5 'QS' 6 x ,.Vf ii if as . X4 ,fwyg f., Q5 V . 'W fb w , A Ji may V A 1 Y MQ- V "4 P.V "L- N 0 -V. f , K A M 1 . V, , , ' 4 l , f 2 a Q .wk -x . 1. fha p ,ww L 4. .ff frm i 5 i E? K 3 u X :W 'I 2 V A , , ,fi ax t 3 'fm Egg k f 5 2 5 'Y 1 l Mm f I ' ' , 5 1V5 NJ, 'fi 2 f hz '4 5 0 1 5 M ,g M-5 WM -U 5 T x '., . ' gg, F? ,f H. 3,-FX . 7 X1 .. W Thi, 5 K Af 4 x 1 ci ,ff 1.35, -in 4 -m 2 , '22 X .K af X Q xxx ' we X . ' gy? 2 2 5 5 W, A E , W, 1 Ak 4 X f f M , 1 5 W W, W N A Q 'Ky Q tm. 5 2 N 1 E X nw lma- K V- t . ii. ali f -.v If E A 7 . w Qi Df- X gi? - 1 1 I 5 x if f Chorus .... fFrom left to right - reading across both pages? Marilyn Zimmerman, Carol Martin, Sylvia Horsfall, Dorothy Rank, Kay Zimmerman, Marianne Crites, Bonnie Shull, Harold Addy, William Wallace, William Gilmore, Paul Gooding, Larry Goode ing, Gregory Gilmore, Jay Galbraith, James Zeller, Janice Biggs, Mary Ann Begland, Linda Miller. Judy Parrish, Judy Gooding, Bonnie Struchen, Joanne Swinderman. Gelinda Bau, Camilla Bradley, Roberta Brick, Marjorie Gooding, Donna Schreiner, Karen Parrish, Sharon Jester, Joan Kohl, William Blickensderfer, Alvin Cappel, Raymond Rank, Jack Pfeiffer, Dale Spencer, Tom Frank, Robert Begland, Gary Fivecoat, William Horsfall, Ronald Clark, Vir- ginia Fouts, Kay Schreiner, Rita McMorrow. Sharon Dutton. Lana Schreiner, Deanna Stoller. Barbara Williams, Janet Gray, Freda Ulrich, Leona Wallace, Grace Hines, Sharoi Movvl, Norma Heck, Vera Robinson, Janice Emery, Eva Bosley, Sara Kinsey, Jeanette Steinbach, Jerry Herbert, Franklin Horsfall, Donald Schreiner, Martin Crahan, Frank Wanosik, Donald Hamilton, Charles Kugler. Carl Dichler, Edward Weston, Glenn Jester, Shirley Miller, Sue Gilmore, Pamela Biggs, Charlotte Schreiner, Doris Colwell, Betty Jones, Joyce Royer, Janice Kochman. for! y- four F39 Qrchesfra -W Pamela Biggs, Carol Martin, Janice' Biiggs Jerry Herbert, Larry Gooding. Gregory Gilmoro, Jack Pfeiffer, Ifiarlmarzi Williams, Joan Kohl, Judith Parrish Bonnie Struchcn. Standing: Thomas Roth, Paul Gooding, Wil- liam Blickvnsdvrfor, Stephen Hainil ton, Jay Galbraith. fflIAf.l"ffI'l K 3 Q P YN Junior Class Play SUSIE THE SIREN April 24, 1957 Thomas Herbert, William Wallace, Tom Frank, Stephen Hamilton, Larry Clark, Harold Addy, Dale Spencer. Thomas Roth, Joanne Swindcrman, Janet Gray, Mary Keffcr. Ann Begland, Doris Burdette, Joan Kohl, George David Lockett, Janice Biggs, Alv'n Cappel, Linda Miller, Barbara Williams, Marianne Crites, Sara Kin- sey, Gregory Gilmore, Eva Bosley, Larry Gooding, Edward Shull, Lee Peoples, Jeanette Steinbach, Kay Zimmerman CAST , . SUSIE: the siren ......t,,.,,,,,..,..,,,,,.. Joan Kohl MR. REYNOLDS: her father ,... Thomas, Herbert MRS. REYNOLDS: her mother ........ Sara Kinsey PETEY: her young brother ................ Larry Clark MIDGE: her best girl friend ............ Janice Biggs BUTCH: Petey's pal .............,,..........,.. Harold Addy GUSSIE: a young neighbor ...... Mary Ann Begland JIM: the vandal ......,....,.,......,......,.... Larry Gooding BLIMP: his big pal ...................,.... William Wallace JEEP: Blimp's side-kick .,.....,.,i,.,,.., David Lockett AGNES: a high school cheerleader ...,,. Janet Gray BEVERLY: a member of the high school band ...............,........ Joanne Swinderman NONA: a maJorette ..................,.......,.,. Eva Bosley JUMBO: a menace .:,.........:,........,,,.,, Thomas Roth MR. FOLEY: of Harristown High ..,. Edward Shull MR. JOHNS: also of Harristown High .,...,.. Gregory Gilmore MRS. COMSTALK: a visitor ..., Kay Zimmerman MISS BRIGHT: Mrs. Comstalk's secretary Jeanette Steinbach MISS OAKEY: a teacher ........ Barbara Williams DUGAN: a policeman ......... ........ G eorge Keffer O'BRIAN: a polceman ..... ....... A lvin Cappel LOUISA: the maid .......... .... ...... L i nda Miller CHEERLEADERS: ...... Marianne Crites Doris Burdette FOOTBALL TEAM: ..........,Lee Peoples Stephen Hamilton Tom Frank Dale Spencer PLACE: The Reynold's living-room in the small city of Weston. TIME: Act One-About seven o'clock on Thursday evening. Act Two-The same evening about 8:30. Act Three-The same evening a few minutes later. forty-5611011 f 'E V.:- L-Qs-Q. A 1 3 R Y E, 2 Z . W .MWA-ff , mg: 5,g,, , in I I . 'H K. 13, 'E M A A S Mwjf K -- , .g i f -. ,-- . ,. ,waxy . -,, 5, - --.h: . L, , E SM x K Qs 'R X -X ..Q. A 5 if an 1: 1' ' W ,A ' "' g:'s,Mf- ' "' v X Hill Bl em Zi A akf S ? r f g: 1 1, A ' r 'z 5 A,pl""" Mf fggsailim , W 2 ' br!! - 94 5 mann ll L""'l'1A p1-----f Senior Class Play November 14, 1957 PROFESSOR, HOW COULD YOU Joanne Swinderman, Harold Addy, Marianne Crites Sara Kinsey, Mary Ann Begland, Barbara Williams, Eva Bosley, Larry Clark David Lockett, Janet Gray, Larry Gooding, Edward Shull, Thomas Roth CAST KEATS PERRY: a young pI'ofessor ..,,..,,... ,.,..,...., , VICKY RANDOLPH: the bane of his life .,,,.,, GRANDMA PERRY: an obliging soul .,,,..,,,,.,.. GRANDMA PERRY: an innocent bystander ..... JOHN APPLEBY: a helpful friend ..,,,,,,,,..,...,. PRISCILLA MORLEY: a sweet young thing ...., TOOTSIE BEAN: a plum spinster ...,.,,,,,,.,,......,. BUTCHER BOY BEAN: her big brother .:,.,...... VALERIE WHITMAN: a Southern charmer ...,.,. BOGGINS: a sporting butler .,,,,,,,,,........,:,rr,.i,,,, THREE YOUNG CHILDREN: ..., PLACE: The library of the Perry home in a college town. TIME: Act OnefEight o'clock on a Thursday evening. Act TwcwEight o'clock on a Friday evening. Act Threcvliight o'clock on a Saturday evening. Thomas Roth Sara Kinsey Janet Gray Larry Gooding Larry Clark Eva Bosley Barbara Williams Edward Shull . Mary Ann Begland David Locket! Harold Addy Marianne Critcs Joanne Swinderman forty-nine ilu. 1' , - H . ' H.:-L X 2 V .- l f if 'ff Q Q X X 34 , ix W A ' .L , M HM. fx 5 3gfm.. ff XX My hV hbV My 1-1 .nw- fu E v L ' . ff. I A G J Barbara Williams, Janice Biggs, Kay Schreiner, Marianne Crites. Linda Miller, Sue Gilmore, Carol Martin, Roherta Brick, Mary Ann Beg- land, Gelinda Bau, Deanna Stoller, Camilla Bradley, Sharon Mowl, Sharon Jester, Bonnie Shull. Shirley Miller, Jeanette Steinbach, Judith Gooding, Marilyn Zimmerman, Donna Schreiner. Joan Kohl. John Rauzi, Carl Dichlcr. Williaim Blickensder- fer. Glen Jester. William Wallace, George Keffer. Donald lVlorrison, Gregory Gilmore, Ed- ' ' ' ' ' t Paul ward Crltes. Ronald Clark, Gary Fnecoa . Hoffman, Philip Rentsch, Jerry Herbert, James Zeller. fifty-Iwo G-FTTES Eva Bosley. Rita McMorrow. Doris Colwell, Lana S h 'einer. Betty Jones, Marjorie Gooding, Jan c r ice Kochman, Joyce Royer, Grace Hines, Joanne Swinderman, Kay Zimmerman, Janet Gray. ' ' ' d Ulrich Karen Parrish, Sharon Dutton, Fre a , Charlotte Schreiner, Mrs. Virtue, Leona Wal- lace. Pamela Biggs, Judith Parrish, Doris Bur- dette. Bonnie Struchen, VARSITY Mr. Scott, Larry Clark. William Horsfall, Stephen H 'lton, Edward Shull, Joan Kohl. Judith ami Gooding, Bonnie Struchen, Judith Parrish, Janice Biggs, Tom Frank, Ronald Bradley ' ' ' G din Alvin Cappel, Thomas Roth, Larry oo g, Paul Gooding. ADVERTISEMENTS Hfty-th COMPLIMENTS OF Indian Village Federal Savings and loan Association GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Compliments of Dr. M. A. Williamson Compliments of G. Sz G. Paint 81 Wallpaper Home of O'BRIEN PAINTS and IMPERIAL WALLPAPERS Next to Post Office Uhrichsville Phone 434- Porlrails by Phone 678 312 Newport Avenue L E N Z O New and Used Auto Parts Camera and Movie and Accessories Supplies NEVVCOMERSTOVVN, OHIO Also Dealers in Scrap Materials of all Kinds nffy-row R. E. M THIAS Groceries Meats Fresh Vegetables Frozen Foods Health and Beauty Aids A COMPLETE LINE OF SEVVING MATERIALS EVERYTHING EOR YOUR EVERY DAY NEEDS IN DRY GOODS PHONE 4-4551 GNADENHUTTEN Baumherger's Floor, Wall and Sink Compgfmmfs Covering Service of FREE ESTIMATES Phone 1259 4-13 N. Uhrich St. B 0 T I M E R UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO FUNERAL HOME MI 24 Hr. Ambulance Service PHONE 4-4200 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO I Welelfs Truck Stop I and Flo's Restaurant Route 36 PORT WASHINGTON, OHIO V iffy-HW Geo. W. Kugler Trucking Company P. O. BOX 511 - - CLEARFIELD, PENNA. DovE R, OH 1 o PHONE 4-25 84 Clearfield, Penna. Pottstown, Penna. Phone 5-9577 Phone FA. 6-2696 WILLIAM H. BRADLEY Member of The National Association of Life Underwriters ' Life ' Polio ' Annuity ' Cancer ' Accident ' Pension Plans ' Sickness ' Business Insurance ' Hospitalization ' Mortgage Protection ' Major Medical 'Retirement Plans "I You Don't Know Insurance . . . Know YourA ent" 8 Representative The State Life Insurance Company Inter-State Assurance Company PHONE 4-4377 GNADENHUTTEN, oH1o ' Hfty-six U N G E R LUMBER CO. EVERYTHING IN BUILDING SUPPLIES" "You Name It - We Have lf' 'ik' XX CENTURY FURNACE J. M. ROOFING dz SIDING PLUMBING SUPPLIES INSULATION MILLWORK GENERAL CONTRACTING Residential and Commercial Phone 4-4428 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Dunlap Electric C0 HOTPOINT Appliances "Sales dl' Service" WIRING Kc SUPPLIES Phone 1402-J 202 N. Water UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Compliments of Kopp Candy Co. 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Plumbing and Heating Phone 8-8346 NEWCOMERSTOVVN, OHIO Elmer Lorenz 81 Son dealers in Raw Furs - Hides Ka Genseng STONECREEK, OHIO , v , Compliments of BEN'S PURE OIL SERVICE Main and Chestnut St. Phone 4-4802 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Compliments Of I oH1o H ,POWER COMPANY DENNISON, OHIO hfty-eight KENDEIGH,S General Electric Appliances Hoover Cleaners Myers Pumps Youngstown Kitchens Maytag Washers - Ironers GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO PHONE 4--4351 Read .... THE DAILY REPORTER DOVER, OHIO For complete coverage in all Local and National News and Sports Events Serving 9,450 Families Every Day ' COMPLIMENTS O .Zaman Cfaq Jipe Ca. Uhrichsville, Ohio Hfty nme Before You Buy - Visit Tuscarawas County's Most Beautiful Appliance Store The Home of- PHILCO . . . TELEVISION RADIOS REFRIGERATORS RANGES FRIGIDAIRE . . . REERIGERATORS RANGES AUTOMATIC WASHERS AUTOMATIC DRYERS DEEP FREEZES H. C. SPRING Electric 117 E. Third St., Uhrichsville, Ohio Compliments of ALUMIWAL CO. Div. of Alsco, Inc. 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General Contractors Industrial - Commercial -Residential Phone 4-4045 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Compliments of NORMAN 'S CLOTHING - SHOES NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Complfments 01' Dot's Beauty Shop GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Compliments Compliments of Of The House of Baskets 1 E. R. Stratton, Owner THE I NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO HICKS N CO. FURNITURE Compliments and Of CARPETS Dover Milling DENNISON, OHIO DOVER, OHIO S6U67'lly-8611671 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1958 ik SICHREINER BROS. GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Compliments Of FIRST NATIONAL BANK of DENNISON DENNISON, OHIO Fompliments Of T H E E V E N I N G C H R O N I C L E UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO GOOD LUCK! Curtiss Jewelers LEADING GIFT STORE Diamonds of Distinction Newcomerstown, Ohio I Baltimore Clothing Clothes for the Entire Family NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO Phone 8-8188 seventy-eight Exclusive Dealer Fleming Office Machines, Inc. P. O. Box 4469, 209-213 W. High Ave. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Royal Typewriters Adding Machines Telephone 6-6114 Senhauser Clothing Company On the Square Since 1854 NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Kwik Shake Inn on The Boulevard Compliments of Dr. C. L.. Haupert DOVER, OHIO Veterinarian , fIOf7lf7I1.I7lE?l7f.S' Ohio Hotel Of Fine Foods Phone 1056 Dal Crites Trucking DENNISON OHIO GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Compliments Boltz's Restaurant and of Drive In On Route 250 9 Stratton S Between Uhrichsville and Department Store New Philadelphia Phone 1815 - for Reservations seventy-n ne SPONSORS FRESHMAN CLASS ............ Gnadenhutten - Clay High School SIS AND SON NY SHOP .............,...........,........ BON D'S SHOES ................................................ MOORE'S ..................,....................,. SEARS ..........................,....,.................... T. LAN NING AND COMPANY ...,.... PECK'S PHOTOGRAPHY ............... WADE ELECTRIC .................. PAUL'S COFFEE SHOP ....... . ORR FURNITURE ,........,,.... DIXIE SHOP ,,,.....,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,., CREST MOTORS ,.,.............,....... MAR-SHALIJS GROCERY ........ HUNTS' SHOE STORE ,.,,.,,,,. KAY SCOTT SHOPPE ......... . GREENLY AND CONLEY A..... ZELPHA'S .................,.,............ RUGER EQUIPMENT ,,,,,,,,. . MECHANISMS COMPANY ...,....................... . BURNE BOWER .,.,,,,,...,..,,,.,,.......A.........,......... RAMSEY FU RNACE AND STOVE CO. EILER'S CANDY SHOP ................................. CARME'S BEAUTY SHOP ,.....,,..................... Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville, Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville Uhrichsville, Uhrichsville, Uhrichsville, .....Dennison .....Dennison ....,Dennison .,,,.Dennison ! 7 ! 7 I 7 Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio 'Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio STATION 15 AWNIN G COMPANY .... Rt. 250 East of Dennison TAPPAN BOAT CONCESSION ...... Route 250 at Tappan Lake LAKE VIEW RESTAURANT .......... Route 250 at Tappan Lake WESTERN AUTO Associate Store .i........ Newcornerstown, Ohio BILL HEIFNER'S ,,,,.,.,,.........,,,,...,,i,...,,.. Newcomerstown, Ohio EUREKA HARDWARE .....................,.... Newcomerstown, Ohio WALTON'S C AND M GROCERY .,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.. Tuscarawas, Ohio GRILL AND GRAY fRichman Clothesj..New Philadelphia, O. BRITT'S MARKET ..,,.....,......................,... New Philadelphia, O. QUALITY SHOE REPAIR .,,,...,....,,,,,,.,,,,. New Philadelphia, O. W-JER ,,,,.,,.,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,., Dover and New Philadelphia, Ohio SENHAUSER'S .........AA.....A................,,...........,.l........... Dover, Ohio RUTLEDGE HARDWARE ..,............,.... New Philadelphia, Ohio HARRIS JEWELERS ,,,,,,,,, .,,,,.... N ew Philadelphia, Ohio eighty SENIOR, FACULTY, AND ACTIVITY PICTURES in this G O A L b HARMON STUDIO PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL P H O T O G R A P H Y 240 W. 3rd St. Phone 3-6101 Dover, Ohio PRINTING PLATES for the G O A L Produced by THE NORTHERN ENCRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 413 Schroyer Ave. Canton 2, Ohio e ghty 7 I ghty-I THE END ,H 4. A x ,. . . I A J . ,, ' X. ..: R .."f- , V I ,. Y .. , ,. ,, . :rf f' . -f . ' , ., . Q f , . 5. HL., nm . . . 12:1 3 V -,qf E ' ' , r ,y x .,, ,. pg 4.,'-if w? JY! ,215 . A ,. , hw -. -w-f ' 1-- - ,h 71.-L j 1 1, , 1 , ' , k .Q ....f . 1, f -3 I' x ., . V ,N K , X ,. V V I. x. . , x n.,. '.,. .1 . ,- f s., ' , 'Al ,f z A' ,vm ., 1. x f. ra K 1 ,A ' V . , -, ky. , fa, T1 ' r :K ' 1, 'xv ' A T ., L. V V ' , -, ', 1, ' -11, . , ,1,45:.., , . ., 14,,' -,-, , 1 v ff" .' . " wi " x H, -Ny K- 4, fn .-'1 QQ: 'tj ' '1' Q x ' " V ' " A ' i i c' 1 A Q -. .N A :y W , AL,-. 'KJ A , i ,. w 'I A A ,, f,fi'L..Q5:afaQ-.W eighty- four AUTOGRAPHS Z x K E Z i N., . ,.., ,,,. -, , ,, ' L1 .1 f.r ' --M: 1-:MQ nw- A 5,?,,gf,T,. 'F .5 N, T. ,K , 2,42 - - ' , .faq-,W L- '11

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