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Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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1 e A-'QA V1-g,' lv 3l,,.,, 1, in xu A x u, . 1 - a .-ui i I 'Y 1 N... . .mu - L, n ,JM z' ,fha-2 .A QT. -C' 1, . 4 ,-- L., 11411-- ,E - "E aw: 5TqLi-1' . -.,,, r Q --L fs i 1 1 -. 1. . ' 6 G The Senior Class of I956 Gnadenhutten High School Gnadenhutten, Ohio Hail! Gnaden High School Noble and strong To thee with loyal hearts We raise our song. Swelling to heaven loud, Our praises ring, Hail! Gnaden High School, For thee we sing. Hail! Gnaden High School, Guide of our youth, Lead thou thy students on to Light and truth. Ne'er shall thy spirit dieg Thy walls decay, Hail! Gnaden High School, For thee we pray. Alma Mater Dedication four We, fhe Class of '56. wish to df?dI'IYIfF this, the -17111 rolunzv of Ihr GOAL. to the memory of our Art Tearher, Hirhnrd H uffhnvr, whose znztinzefly passing put an end to II pleasant assoriniiorz with us. Faculty six Superintendent ROSS M. VIRTUE Muskingum College, A.B. Ohio State University, M.A Secondary Education High School WILLIAM PADGITT ELLA VIRTUE HOMER IAARRICK Vocal and Instrumental Home Economics, English English, History and Latin Music, Physics Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor, Senior Class RICHARD SCOTT EDITH BEGLAND RAY GORDON Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Geography Industrial Arts, Mathematics Physical Education, Sponsor, Eighth Grade Sponsor, Eighth Grade Sponsor, Sophomore Class RAY CRAMLET FRED LINARD Science, Mathematics Commercial Sponsor, Freshman Class Sponsor, Seventh Grade SBUETZ eight GUQNN,-x IDAYTON Sixth Grade Gaiam iVlc:TVIUI,I.i-:N Third and Fourth Grade Ili-1i.i4:N IVIINNIQY First and Second Grade Elementary Iflfxzm, LYON IVIILDRIZD INTORRISON Fifth Grade Fourth Grade fVI.1xmcI.iVI0wL ANN.-x Nlcmwiuxcaiii-1 Third Grade Second Grade I+'.I.iv..fx1sif:'l'11 KATZ .Iona Briar, First Grade Music Cafeteria Cooks, Custodians, Bus Drivers GRACE BLICKIZNSDERFER JUNE CRITES FREDA MARTIN ALBERT BLICKENSDERFER CLARENCE SHAMEL CARL BERKSHIRI-1 JAMES BOSLEY VANCE BOSLEY HAIXRY SHULL nine fell School Secretary JAMES BAKER School Board President - - WILLIAM DRUMM Vice President - - EUGENE HUEBNIER Clerk - - JosEPH MCCULLOUGII MEMBERS CARL SCHREINER B. A. KOHL RICHARD GOODING Classes eleven twelve CHARLES STEWART ALBAUGH "Chuck" Scio, I Class Play, 3 Basketball, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club, 3, A Track, I, 3 Industrial Arts Club, 2 JAMES ALLEN BLICKENSDEREER fC1l'm7Y Class Play, 3 Basketball Manager, 3, 4 Varsity Club, 3, 4 Industrial Arts Club, I, 2 HAROLD EUGENE HORSEALL "Junior" Port Washington, I, 2, Chorus, 2, 3 Class Treasurer, I Class Play, 3, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 FREDERICK DEAN KINSEY ffFfed" Chorus, I Baseball, 3 Track, 3 Industrial Arts Club, I, 2 PATRICIA ANN ALBAUGII "DeeDee" Scio, I Band, I Chorus, I, A Class Treasurer, I, 3 Class Play, 3, 4 G-Ettes, 2, 4 Goal Staft, 4 Tomahawk, 4 GLENN EARL HINIAZS "Earl" Band, I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra, 4 Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball, 2, 4 Track, I Varsity Club, I, 2, 3, 4 Industrial Arts Club, I, 2 Goal Staff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 PATRICIA ANN MATHIAS "Trish" Band, l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4 Class Play, 3 G-Eftes, l, 2, 3, 4 District Scholarsh p, l, 2, 3 4 I Senior Scholarship, NANCY CAROL KOHL fCNancy9l Band, I, 2, 3, 4 Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4 Class Play, 3 G-Ettes, l, 2, 3, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 MALINDA LOUISA KOHLER "Linda" Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President, I Class Play, 3, 4 G-Efles, l, 2, 3, 4 G-Ette Treasurer, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 CAIIOLYN J 0 McMoImow H1093 Band, 2, 3, 4 Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary, 4 Class Play, 3, 4 Goal staff' 4 Goal Slaff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 Tomahawk' 4 LILLIAN RUTH MCMULLEN "Ruth" SHIRLEY ANN Band, l, 2, 3, 4 MILLER Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4 Gi 11 Class President, l Sam Class Vice-President, 3 Band, I' 2' 3, 4 Class Play, 3, 4 Track, l G-Ettes, 2 Goal SfalT, 4 Tomahawk, 4 Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4 Class Play, 3, 4 Goal Staff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 thirteen x fourteen DONALD ENGHNE PETER CCDOn!7 Band, l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra, 4 Class Vice-President, 2 Class Treasurer, 4 Class Play, 3, 4 Basketball, I, 2, 3 Dist. Scholarship, l, 2, Senior Scholarship, 4 3,4 LLOYD ERNEST PORTER "Buster" Band, 2, 3, 4 Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra, 4 Class President, 4 Class Vice-President, 2 Class Play, 3, 4 Basketball, l, 2, Baseball, I, 2, 3, Track, l 3,4 4 Varsity Club, l, 2, 3, 4 ?3niL:lali' 1 Varsity Club President, 3 aw ' Varsity Club Secretary, 4 District Scholarship, 2, 3 Goal Staff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 ROBERTA ANNL CARL RAUZI RANKIN "Bobby" "C"'ln Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4 Class PlaY' 3' 4 Basketball Manager, 2 G'E"eSf 4 varsity club, 1, 2, 3, 4 Goa' slag' 4 Industrial Arts Club, I 2 Tomahawk, 4 DEANNA KAY J E SCHREINER QOYCE LAINE SCHREINER CCD!!! CCJOyCe57 Chorus, l, 2, 3, 4 Class President, 2, 3 Band, 2' 3' 4 Class Vice-President, 1, 4 Chorus. lf 21 3' 4 Class play' 3, 4 Orchestra, 4 Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Club Treas., 3, G-Ettes, l, 2, 3, 4 G-Ette President, 4 G-Ette Vice-President, Goal Staff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 MINNIE ROBERTA ULRICH "Minnie,, Chorus, I, 2 Class Play, 3, 4 Class Secretary, 3 Class Play, 3, 4 G-Ettes, 4 District Scholarship, I, Senior Scholarship, 4 3 Goal Staff, 4 Tomahawk, 4 Gllaaa ill We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and F ifty-six, City of Gnadenhutten, County of Tuscarawas, and State of Ohio, do make, publish and declare this our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, hereby revoking and annulling any and all Will or Wills by us heretofore: I, Charles Albaugh, will my crew cut to Homer Roth and my height to David Lockett. I, Patricia Albaugh, will my ability to work at Schwabs to Grace Hines and my nerve to bleach my hair to anyone who has the patience to let it grow out. I, James Blickensderfer, will my acting up in class to Everett Dixon and my flirting with all the girls to Larry Bradley. I, Glenn Hines, will my basketball ability to Lee Peoples and my bass horn to Ronald Clark. I , Harold Horsfall, will my job on the Tomahawk staff to anyone who can handle it and my curly black hair to Eddie Shull. I, Fred Kinsey, will my ability to keep quiet in study hall to Bill Wallace. I, Nancy Kohl, will my loyalty to Shink to Nancy Ulrich and my sewing ability to Joyce Royer. I, Malinda Kohler, will my long hair to Doris Burdette and President of the Hitler Club to anyone who can handle it. I, Patricia Mathias, will my four hours at choir practice on Wednesday nights to anyone who can sit still that long and my height to Joyce Colwell. I, Carolyn McMorrow, will my going steady to Eva Bosley and my glasses to anyone who wants them. I , Rutla McMullen, will my baritone to anyone who can play it and my working in the office to Bud ram. I, Shirley Miller, will my height to Doris Colwell and my nickname "Sam" to anyone who ends up with the initials S. A. M. I, Donald Peter, will the school a new movie projector and my intelligence to Jim Foote. I, Lloyd Porter, will my curly hair to Mr. Cramlet and my beat-up car to Lee Peoples. I, Roberta Rankin, will my red hair to Janice Biggs and one pair of my skates to Paula Schreiner. I, Carl Rauzi, will my ability to rabbit hunt to Boby Zimmerman and my sleeping in study hall to Roger Edwards. I, Deang1a9Schreiner, will my real gone locker to Abie and my title of "Miss Clay" to the clay queen o 1 56. I, Joyce Schreiner, will my fun in physics to Marianne Crites and my perfect attendance to Peggy Hunt. I, Minnie Ulrich, will my height to Sarah Horsfall and my ability to do bookkeeping to whoever can do it any better. To Mr. Padgitt, we will a Journalism class that will get its stencils typed on time so the printers in turn can get the Tomahawk out on time. To Mr. Larrick, we will a tall brunette wife and a responsive English class. To Mr. Scott, we will a government class that will express their opinion when asked for. To Mr. Cramlet, we will Julius, the skeleton in lab, and a brand new Cadillac. To Mrs. Begland, we will a smaller and quieter seventh grade and an afternoon class. To Mr. Linard, we will a brighter typing room with brighter students. To Mrs. Virtue, we will a Home Ec. class that will follow directions and pupils that can take recipes as fast as she gives them. To Mr. Virtue, we will a contour chair for his office and students that won't loaf in the halls every chance they get. To our cooks, Grace, June, and Freda, we will students that will hold up their hand when the cafe- teria count is taken and students that won't make a fuss about the food that is prepared for them. ' To Abie, we will a special office of his own, and a quieter sweeper. To the Junior Class we will more money for their Senior trip. - To the Sophomore Class we will the expectation of selling candy their Junior year. To the Freshman Class we will the success for having a student council. To our secretary, Jim Baker, we will a pretty assistant secretary and driver's license. To the school we will bigger halls. Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT by the Senior Class, the above named testator, in the presence of us, who, at their request and in the presence of us and of others have subscribed their names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. embw Witnessed by RICHARD SCOTT FRED LINARD fifteen The Forecaster VOL. I-No. I GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO MAY 25, 1986 Pro Basketball Favors All-Stars Over Globe Runners in Tonighfs Game Pro basketball tonight at the Arena will feature the Globe Run- ners against the favored All-Stars. Glenn Hines, who racked up 50 points and led the All-Stars to victory against the Vikings last week, will hold a starting position and see considerable action in the game tonight. Lloyd Porter, who made the winning basket from the opponent's foul line in the last few seconds to put the All-Stars on top, will also start in tonight's game. Porter and Hines were voted the most valuable players in pro basketball last season and, as a result, received a new six-year contract with the All-Stars. They were also chosen as co-captains for tonight's game. A capacity crowd is expected to be on hand for to- night's game. ORGANIST RETURNS FROM SIBERIA Home for two months is Miss Patricia Mathias of 220 North Drive this city. Miss Mathias, who has been studying organ in Siberia, will take a position as head organ- ist at the East Cathedral in Chi- cago starting in July. After re- ceiving a scholarship to study at the Institute of Music in Holland, Miss Mathias then furthered her career by traveling to Siberia to study under Floor Humperdink. While in Siberia she composed and published many organ sonatas. She also received the Henry Cup at the World Organ Convention in Tibet, being the only contestant to play "Sixteen Ton" blindfolded. .....0 ... NEW BEAUTY SALON OPENS ON FIFTH AVENUE Opening her beauty salon on Fifth Avenue will be Miss Pat Al- baugh, who has arrived in New York from Hollywood. Previous to her opening she had been associat- ed with MGM's beauty school in Hollywood where she worked with such famous stars as Marilyn Mon- roe, Elizabeth Taylor and Pat Crowley. The hair style, "A Mess", for which she is most famous, will be her specialty at the salon. Miss Albaugh's beauty salon is rumored to be one of the most exclusive in New York City. sixteen TEXAS MILLIONAIRES ENTERTAIN AT BARBECUE Miss Shirley Miller, owner of the Double M cattle ranch, and Mr. Fred Kinsey, owner of the Bar K cattle ranch, two of the most pros- perous cattle ranches in Texas, held a Texas barbecue for their many friends last Tuesday. Many prominent citizens from California, Texas event. w h o Arizona, New Mexico and were on hand for the gala Outstanding personalities attended were Rock Hudson, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer. Miss Miller's Double M Ranch is one of the most fabulous ranches in all Texas with a total of one million acres. In addition Miss Miller owns a chain of clothing stores through- out the United States. Mr. Kinsey's Bar K Ranch has ninety-three thousand acres in addition to his three private airports and the modern motels, known as Kinsey Motels, throughout Texas. Most of the guests were flown to the barbecue on Bar K planes. The barbecue marks an annual tradi- tion carried out by the two ranches. .. 0 LEADING CITIZEN RETURNS FROM SOMALILAND Returning from two months abroad in Somaliland is Miss Ruth McMullen of 3228 N. Lane, this city. Miss McMullen, who is a very active leader in community pro- jects, was awarded the trip after being chosen "Miss Outstanding Citizen". During the past year Miss McMullen has been chairman of the Community Chest Drive, the Susy Smith Drive and the Polio Drive. Also, she is president of the Monthly Monsoon Club and presi- dent of the Daughters of the 1888 Firefighters, secretary of the Mother Nature's Lovers Club and treasurer of the Fortnightly Star- gazers. While in Somaliland Miss McMullen attended the Olympic Snail Tournament, visited the Ard Vark Castle, witnessed the annual Raisin Bowl Parade, a very out- standing event, and took many in- teresting tours of the country. Miss McMullen, we feel, surely de- serves the honor bestowed upon her after being chosen "Miss Out- standing Citizen". LIONS CLUB HEARS TALK ON SAFETY Last night the Lions Club held their annual safety program at the Pompey Hotel. Speaker for the occasion was Chuck Albaugh, county highway state patrolman. Mr. Albaugh stressed the impor- tance of highway safety, especially today in the electronics age. He said with our electronically driven cars special attention must be paid to women drivers. If a wire is loose -the car may become a menace to the highway. An open discussion followed the talk and many inter- esting questions were answered by Mr. Albaugh. .1.l01i- COUNTY HUNTING AND FISHING RULES RECEIVED BY GAME WARDEN Carl Rauzi, county game war- den, has received latest hunting and fishing rules for the county. They may be obtained at any sporting goods store. Rauzi also announced that a county-wide sur- vey will be made to determine the importance of hunting and fishing in our area. If the survey shows an increase in sports, efforts will be made to completely stock all of the area lakes and streams with thirty pound bass and eighty mil- lion minnows. Also twelve gross of grouse will be turned loose in the fields throughout the county. llopl? NEW MANAGER APPOINTED IN THIS AREA FOR GENERAL MOTORS Recently appointed head man- ager of the Mechanical Engineer- ing Department of General Motors was Donald Peter, who was trans- ferred from the Chicago Branch. Prior to his appointment Peter was associated with the Sales Division in the Midwest area. His sales totaled 862,000,000 a year which is the highest in the Gen- eral Motors history. Probably his most fantastic sale was the sale of a bowlegged pig, which he won in a branch raffle, to a crosseyed venetion blind salesman from Bulgaria. It seems everyone can do the impossible at one time or another. Peter is quite an asset to our department here in this area and will be approved for promotion in the next three months. MAY 25, 1986 THE FORECASTER GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO HORSFALL HOUSING CORP. LANDS MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT Modern Enterprises has notified Harold Horsfall, Jr., President of the Horsfall Housing Corp., that his bid for the million dollar balsa wood housing project has been ac- cepted. The Horsfall Housing Corp. is widely known for its repu- tation as building the only balsa wood houses in the United States. How long they will last is another matter, but you can be assured as Horsfal1's reputable slogan is "Horsfall Houses Make Better Homes". The project committee has been notified about a meeting to be held next Wednesday at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Green Room. All persons with business in- terests involved are invited to attend the meeting. O. NBC TO FEATURE FAMOUS STARS ON ITS BIG FALL SPECTACULAR NBC has signed Jo McMorrow, TV comedienne and star of the "Let's Laugh" show, to be Mistress of Ceremonies on its big new four- hour spectacular "Autumn Leaves" to be telecast early this fall. Jo, the only TV comedienne who can make people laugh at her stale and corny jokes fand I do mean stale! ! ll, will film the re- mainer of her shows in order to devote her time to the spectacular. Appearing in 'AAutumn Leaves" will be Roberta Rankin, who is known all over the United States for her amazing skill in figure skating. Many have enjoyed her performances at famous skating wonderlands all over the country. She recently opened at the Skate- land Palace in Pittsburgh where she thrilled the audiences by skat- ing backwards on one leg for four hours. The world's record for this feat is four hours and seventeen seconds. Miss Rankin hopes to break this record at the Olympics next year. A special treat for the children will be "Bison Blick", star of the Howdy DaZooty Show, and his singing dog, "Lenabella". As a special attraction "Bison's" dog will sing to the accompaniment of his trained flea orchestra. "Bison Blick" will travel to London early next spring to perform for the Lord and Lady at Kickingbeef Castle. All in all, this spectacular promises to be the biggest and best one yet. NBC officials predict it to be a triumph over all TV spectaculars! NEW YORK COLUMNIST EARNS RECOGNITION Miss Malinda Kohler, fashion columnist of the New York Times, earned nationwide recognition for her work on daily fashion reports from Paris. Her latest report is that women's shoes will be more pointed next year. This has been received with some concern by the men in the bridge circles around the country. Also, she introduced the idea of "Noon-time to Moon- time" fashions to the United States. Miss Kohler has been with the Times for fifteen years and, in recognition of this, the Times is sending her to Paris for the 1986 annual style review. Accompany- ing her will be Miss Nancy Kohl, fashion editor for the Times. Miss Kohl has recently returned from a fashion preview in Hawaii showing the latest island styles. Miss Kohl is known all over the world for her famous style creating the "Slim Jim" look in women's fashions. The "Slim Jim" look, inspired by the ancient Grecian costumes, features a waistless, sleeveless dress that stops just above the knees. High laced sandles complete this outfit. Elaborate modern fabrics, which are made from bonga tree bark, snail's legs, and other substances usually found in the Amazon jungles, are used exclusively in this style. 0T. FLAT COSMETICS HAS NEW FACE LOTION At a banquet held last night at the Heller Hotel for the Flat Cos- metic representatives in Ohio special recognition was given to Miss Minnie Ulrich, head of the Flat distributing branch in Ohio. Miss Ulrich's sales have topped all other distributing branches in the United States and during the past year, Miss Ulrich's branch has dis- tributed to Ohio representatives more than fifty thousand dollars worth of Flat products. Also, Miss Ulrich has been notified by the Flat Laboratores that a completely new face lotion is ready for the market. This new face lotion con- tains Attilly, a vital oil from tur- tle toes that makes freckles freck- lier, gives your skin that "glow green sheen", and makes you love- lier i??J to look at. Miss Ulrich feels certain that American women will accept Flat Face Lotion as their number one beauty must. BOLL WEEVIL COLLEGE OFFERS SUMMER CLASSES Miss Joyce Schreiner, Dean of the Boll Weevil Girls' College in Georgia, has announced that sum- mer courses will be held starting June 6 through August 21. Due to the numerous applications, extra sessions will be held on Saturdays during the summer. Courses of- fered, other than the required courses, include The Martian and Venitian Languages, Habits of the Hyena, The Life and Loves of Frankenstein, Medieval Dishwash- ing, and How To Shinney Up A Coconut Tree. As is the custom of Boll Weevil Girls' College, Miss Schreiner will teach the course, How To Shinney Up A Coconut Tree, as she has done in the past few years. Miss Schreiner has spent ,years of research and study on the techniques of this subject and, therefore, is an expert in her field. ,During the past few years Miss Schreiner has attended many coconut tree shinneying contests and has numerous trophies to ac- count for her victories. At the end of this summer semester demon- strations of each subject will be given at the Boll Weevil Bowl lo- cated at the Boll Weevil Boys' Col- lege. Persons wishing to take the summer courses should have their application in by May 1. iw...- EXCLUSIVE SHOP TO FEATURE FASHIONS OF FAMOUS DESIGNERS Miss Deanna Schreiner has an- nounced the opening of her ex- clusive dress shop located on the road to Mandalay. Miss Schreiner is the owner of two other shops located in Batavia and Sicily and through the doors of these shops pass the best dressed women in the world. As the shop carries only the most famous fashion designer's choice fashions in evening wear, sports wear, and for leisure hours spent at home, it caters to the very elite and prominent socialites around the globe. Prices of the fashions are very reasonable, ranging from S980 to S1,000,000. A few features of the new shop will include fashions from the Amazon -everything for the hot sultry days ahead-and the latest in field mouse fur capes - perfect for evening wear. When traveling to Mandalay plan to stop at Miss Schreiner's Fashions For Madame and select the fashions your heart desires most. seventeen eighteen Our Class History In September, 1944-, we the Senior class, started on the pathway of knowledge with 33 Qthirty-threeb terrified students under the guiding hand of Mrs. Elizabeth Katz. Through the following seven years we were under the supervision of Mrs. Anna Montague, Mrs. Kathryn James, Mrs. Ruth Hayes, Mrs. Mabel Mowl, Mr. M. H. Cole, Mrs. Edith Begland, and Mr. Gerald Norman. In our ninth year we presented a one-act play entitled Itchin' to Git Hitched with the assistance of our class sponsor, Mr. Ray Cramlet, to show our dramatic potentialities. The Sophomore year was rather quiet under the direc- tion of Mr. Fritz Jacobs and Mrs. Elizabeth McCullough. It was in this year that we served for the J unior-Senior Banquet. In our Junior year we sold candy at noon and at basketball games. The exciting fete of decorating the gymnasium for the Junior-Senior Banquet came in this year. We served for the Alumni Banquet. We also presented our play entitled Boys About Bobbette with the patience of Mrs. Ella Virtue, our class sponsor. Mr. Homer Larrick and Mr. William Padgitt saw us through our Senior year. Important events in this year were the class play, The Amazing Maudie Starr, under the direction of Mr. Larrickf the Junior-Senior Banquet, Alumni Banquet, Baccalaureate, Com- mencement, Senior pictures, and the most exciting being the long-awaited trip to New York and Washington. CLASS ROLL Charles Albaugh Patricia Albaugh 'James Blickensderfer 'Glenn Hines Harold Horsfall ' Fred Kinsey ' Nancy Kohl ' Malinda Kohler 'Patricia Mathias 'Minnie Ulrich CLASS MOTTO W Carolyn McMorrow Ruth McMullen Shirley Miller Donald Peter Lloyd Porter Roberta Rankin Carl Rauzi 'Deanna Schreiner ' Joyce Schreiner I n ourselves is the triumph or defeat. CLASS COLORS Black and Aqua CLASS FLOWER Aqua Carnation Juniors Larry Biggs, Larry Bradley, Beverly Brick, Joyce Colwell wards, Kay Ervin Betty Grosenbacher, Larry Hines, Sarah Horsfall, Barbara Hunt Patsy Kugler, Wilma Mauderly, Jerry McKeown, James Meek Eldon Miller, Delores Rank, Paula Schreiner, John Shull .-we-M., ,.,. . ,,...........,,N,... W- Everett Dixon, Dorothy Dixon, Roger Ed- ' ',,.' ff f Q 1 an as " G l . x R: S f. - - - fs X J H S. J . .Q A . R . Q .R xx Q x 1 H- , .L .x. fi W J' 1 J -. in . fl ,ff , ll President - Eldon Millei' Vice President - Larry Bradley Secretary - Sarah Horsfall Treasurer - Joyce Colwell The Juniors sold candy, pop, gum, and potato chips during the year. They presented the play, A Case of Springtime, which was enjoyed by all. To climax the year they gave a ban quet in honor of the Seniors, which was held in the gymnasium. nineteen U , n " . V'-' ll L11 .L 2 Q' -.5 x "f iff' ,ffl 9 -- iid-it Q f I. 1 i .Af 5.5.5 1 2 lab i Q' x 2 KK: , Wg Q K L W Q Q.. ld R gil-1: Z I, ,. v , 5, f E A ' f if P Sophomores Harold Addy, Verna Beal, Mary Anne Begland, Janice Biggs, Eva Bos- ley, Doris Burdette, Al- vin Cappel Larry Clark, Marianne Crites, Thomas Frank, Gregory Gilmore, Larry Gooding, Gerald Gram, Janet Gray. Stephen Hamilton,Thomas Herbert, Grace Hines. George Keffer, Sara K i n s e y, Joan Kohl, David Lockett Linda Miller, Alan Peoples, Thomas Roth, Bonnie Shull, Edward Shull, Dale Spencer, Jeanette Steinbach Joanne Swinderman, Nancy Ulrich, William Wallace, Barbara Wil- liams, Kay Zimmerman Freshmen Peter Bau, Robert Beg- land, Mervin Biggs, Ronald Bradley, Judy Carpenter, Doris Col- well, Neil Dawson James Foote, J u a n i t a Garabrandt, W i l 1 i a m Gilmore, Paul Gooding, Paul Horsfall, Sylvia Eiorsfall, William Hors- all Norman Kadri, Larry Kil- chenman, Rita McMor- row, Donald Morrison. Judith Parrish, Dottie Rank, David Rankin Mary Ann Rauzi. Phillip Rentsch, Donald Sch- reiner, Kay Schreiner, Ethel Stewart, Bonnie Struchen, Larry Tuf- ford Linda Wolf, Robert Zim- merman Eighth Grade Bevra Blind, Ronald Clark, David Cox, Dora Cox, Edward Crites, Allen Dallacheisa, Ronnie Davis Janice Emery, Merritt Fahner, Gary Fivecoats, Virginia Fouts, Jean Garabrandt, Judith Gooding, Doyle Harding Norma Heck, Jerry Herbert, Robert Hines, Ronald Hines, Paul Hoffman, George Hooker, Franklin Horsfall Sharon Jester, Linda Jones, John Kirkland, Charles Kugler, Glen Lentz, Diane Maple, Dolly Mc- Masters Shirley Miller, Karen Parrish, Leroy Pease, Jack Pfeiffer, Vera Robin- son, Homer Roth, Joyce Royer Richard Royer, William Royer, Frank Wanosik Seventh Grade Gelinda Bau, Pamela Biggs, William Blickensderfer, Camela Bradley, Roberta Brick, Marvin Brown, Gary Conaway Martin Crahan, Carl Dichler, Sharon Dutton, Leland Ervin, Robert Fel- lers, Jay Galbraith, Sue Gilmore Marjorie Gooding, Donald Hamilton, Lois Hines, Glenn Jester, Betty Jones, Delbert Keffer, Carol Mar- tin James McMasters, Sharon Mowl, Raymond Rank, John Rauzi, Char- lotte Schreiner, Donna Schreiner, Lana Schreiner Dale Stewart, Dean Stewart, Charles St. John, Deanna Stoller. Freda Ul- rich, Leona Wallace, Edwin Weston Patricia Wolfe, James Zeller, Marilyn Zimmerman, Thomas Zimmerman . X Q A lm, 1' LM H L1 ., -1 1 , ,,,., Q "1',gE or J ,, , . H . 1 L. ., 1,' 1 , ' , ' ,Man is h . -,s G si X G B l , ,,,, , , ' " f i ' ix al Q, Q R 4' W -is-' W 3 ' , il A en. " if ,, N' i Fx ,E E., ,. L ,tp ,, i K .L fx' ' A ,1.lXl.,ix,4"4" . ' in mm , gf ,x ll 1 , Q w-. 'ta '- ,SSSF .,- . S. ' , ,, J f P 4, vw . f, 5 i - x ffl' . I sl, 9' if G " - Wi F525 I ' ""'l f ' - 'N 3, to S Q A yi l . ' . , H 7' I , 'ki lt ' z' I " I - 'sz A rf A I gh-ww-B ,I 1 , lm., -i I 5 if . M V . S ' L V ' W at , Z P ' , 1,5 0' l . - V, K' L . 1 in ,, 'sr 'W ,lt . I-. I , ' CHI, A ,fi tri I J ,,,., , ,. is h pf, s, .KV " fx- 4 6 if if , ,x ' ' . :K . , ,w I i V 5 ' "V" ' , , .. ,vf ' , Egmgixwr.. ,xi-i , -V . Y A M, f 5 J M, ,f. 3 I f' ' .1 x I I K Nl .. X it I ii, L , C R I -1 . ,. , A - .5 fr .P ' V 7' J ' t f Q ' sa I sl. V -' fb? ' , " ' 5 'v, ' . A f K f 'Ji it 1' ' . " t 4' 'Q it 21 ' sn. E E PM Z. 'T ' . I , 'f make r ' C - - at , , K A H K A h' ff . J ,radix 4 fl Q, Q i n '73 I L, at 'r L. it me a , , . ff, t , i 4' A Q 1 , , Q, ' 1 , '31, . Qi wi I y it ' J I G f,. " a , .4 '? ,...-...,....-... Sixth Grade Janice Beal, Racheal Beal, Ken- neth Conner, Diana Crites, Polly Fox, Betty Garabrandt, Linda Gooding Beverly Hunt, Alta Jones, Theresa Kail, Bradley Kaiser, Joyce Kohl, Dana Laughlin, George Lippencott Jerry Lippencott, James McCreery, Lydia McMasters, Glen Miller, Marlene Miller, Jean Naylor, Susan Parrish Paula Peoples, Helen Rauzi, Joyce Robinson, Richard Shull, David Struchen, Paul Tutford, John Ulrich Robert Weingarth, Carol Sue Wil- son, Marion Wolf Fifth Grade Edward Allensworth, Linda Bar- thalow, David Blick, Paul Blind, John Campbell, Cheryl Carpen- ter, George Cox Carolyn Crites, Richard Crites, Linda Davis, Lloyd Dawson, Gloria Duper, Gerald Edwards, Roberta Fouts Virginia Frey, Russell Galbraith, Cheryl Hamilton, George Hard- ing, Barbara Heck, Sharon Heidy, Carol Huebner Pamela Klasner, Leonard Lintner, Rita Lockett, Sarah Mathias, Lloyd McMullen, Rosemary Miller, Myrna Parrish William Pease, Darlene Rentsch, Rosalie Rouse, James Royer, Dale Schreiner, Saundra Smith, Audrey Stewart Judith Timmerman, Martha Wes- ton, Janet Zimmerman Fourth Grade James Bates, Cathlene Bau, Ernest Beckett, Edward Bennington, Carolyn Bosley, Vicki Brick, Patricia Coen, Carl Conner Robert Couts, William Dutton, Richard Fellers, Gary F err ell, Kay Foote, Duane Gara- brandt, John Gooding, Roger Gray Dana Grott, David Han- son, Patricia Herbert, Bettie Hines, Linda Hines, Jackie Jones, Sondra Kennedy, Bruce Kohl Mike Kohl, George Kug- ler, Pat Lindon. Jill Ma- thias, Linda McMullen, Marilyn Miller, Gary Moore, Rebecca Moore David Parrish, Emmett Pittenger, Arthur Rauzi, Sandy Singhaus, The- resa Tipton, William Urban, Clayton Wil- liams Third Grade John Beckett, James Bos- ley, Lee Brown, Ann Cappel, Donald Crites, Terry Crites, Robert Davis, Larkin Dawson Herbert Fawcett, Gail Ferrell, Patricia Frank, Don Galbraith, Daniel Gibbens, Naysa Gil- more, Martha Glauser, Helen Hines Francis Heidy, J e r r y Hoffman, Barbara Hors- fall, John Horsfall, Terry Huebner, Carolyn Hughes, James Jinks, Clark Jones Darla Jones, Sandra Jones, Linda Klasner, Gloria Lake, Nancy Lindon. June Long, Marcia Lint- ner, Michael Lippencott Michael McMasters, Brice Miller, Shirley Naylor, Joan Parrish, John Par- rish, Barbara Pceper, Edna Rank, Gary Rice John Ridgway, Richard Wallace, Mary Smith, Robert Warner, Mary Weingarth, Ray Wil- liams, Roy Williams, David Zimmerman l I 4 v '24 Q '-ww rvfsgrtc' ' 1 ' "" ' 'M m' M-f'.::y.M . . f f' -at "" -4:51 K if? ,Iv , 3 'W P A.: 7 4 at hi fi W' D - Q 5 V W 31 N , 'Rx i ' 5 w -fu ' wa ' + DPI ' if 5" , , 'EQ . 4 J . - ffl i' , 4 5 N 0, . Vit lik, -5 gi S -. 3, if-:Q,A M ' ' L' af' A' fs 1' N' I i fr- r ' Q A 5 X, V ue G A I 3 l' f if . ,, ,. 'D V-if ' "I D55 'K J ""' t. S ' 'Y si" L .. Q-M ,G I if .11 A I ' W wg y L -- if I mi FE., Ynfiai ' vm , . ' A 2- M -. i V 46 A air +5 S L., ,gg -. :M-Q, r ,gl ,N k, 7 -Y of fm-,fr rt .x .-5, P - nt. I . I lv iv Y gfwijffi' refs, 'Digg H ' , I j va' .51 i 5 ' fr" 4 ' l . .,. 5 tg, f Q x - I ' ' fbi ' F K ' K ra? 'ig in a' Q ,b V, Q- F f 5 , . , 9. -N , ', l ist. 1 KA Y 1 55, I I? , 9 A Jig ,ft -+ ' t Q a t - f f :Nw '-I1 : am - - . ' - gg f' e 52 'Htl -F"-we ' . - K t A be In Q K , , 3 xi M 1, s 3 I . . K . A -. 1 ,,. y , xi. jf .. -. lg' 1 fp A Q--ua., , , ,F 'Q . ' 'fi i A-N . it D W' -5' ., P I Vlll f , ,f fl X B ' Q 2- 1 QS 1 'El ' ,L ,- ,331 X . B + ea-X - - I 3,51 6:..Q3,1,., i+ 'S 5,15 A X . W T 3 , S d V: . 'P - 1 nat . , , et, , , -' :Q f 6. 45 sig. K vi- - , 45, . D 1 5' 'l-it 'R -4 I 'Vi , x . k - e N, - 5 ,. -,EK-f . I , X Y! '. I 1 f' . A.. f . F AQ' Ili, ' . fi. , 'J v ,G f 3 , iv ' 4 -if R, f ':- f-2+ an me '- .f !:,f'Ql ' , g 1 I , 5, A ,ff , ' A ,V .g.-asm 1 ' f Y . . .W Q T ,rf , - r e il- , ,,,es if Q e I :A H V Mtg V 4, rj, i , L lit., X J- wh I 1 . 7' im 1 , Qual r...J. H Er A . f 1 4' 7414 X ,H ,. fi S v-. Q TJ ,gi-Q ws , . Pix. .. , ., i 'Pi V at A , A 9 i H I as 'N ' il Pg 6 ' h ' .e V, ,, P v' sf ' S: 3 l 3 . V -M K 9 , V k my I M V , , ,.,, K , Yr F1 is il 'rl 5 4 i 2 W . "N xiii ' 1 " ,fag , f .V Z F - l ' vi 9' - 4 f i - . 1' .. IQ , Q K , is 2 , Q I 'V' .il 4, 5: I x fs' .1 - e I fx ig, ' , , I wa'--. ' H x 7 I 1 J J Q ll ,X N. .,... ' i . 'T' rf i .5 Ggtxvi 1 Second Grade Donald Baker, Kenneth Baker, Paul Barr, Terry Bates, Willard Beckett, Deana Blind, Charles Bosley John Carpenter, Sherry Couts, Mary Dichler, Karen Duper, James Emery, Cristine Fawcett, Johnny Ferrell Connie Fuller, Stanley Garabrandt, Christine Hollis, Sharon Horsfall, Cheryl Huebner, Beverly Jones, Sally Kaiser Kenneth Keffer, Laurean Kohler, David Maple, Deborah Mathias, Janet Mc- Creery, Daniel Miller, Frank Miller William Minter, John Moore, Sharon Morgan, Kenneth Morrison, Cheryle Stoller, Timothy Timmerman, Michael Watts Larry Yockey, Raymond Zimmerman First Grade Judith Anderson, Carol Barr, Janet Bartholow, Jae Benson, Brenda Boti- mer, Daniel Campbell, James Coen Michael Coen, Alice Conner, Linda Crites, Gregory Crites, Clara Ferrell, Donald Finnicum, Mary Fouts Martha Garbrandt, Myra Glauser, Wil- liam Gooding, Ruby Harding, Dale In- herst, Daniel Jinks, Patsy Jones William Kadri, Michael Kail, Francis Krantz, Karl Kohler, Janet Keffer, William Kohl, Robert Long William Long, Dolly Lippencottg Yvonne Lockett, Wayne Martin, Constance Morrison, Sherry Moore, Rebecca Mc- Henry Stephen Moore, Ronald Parrish, Helen Robinson, Christopher St. John, Chris- tina Sindlinger, Randall Wilson K di Activities twentylfive G. H. S. Bonniv SlI'l1Fll0Il. Bonniv Slmll. .loan Kohl. .lanifv Biggs, Kay Ervin. N Patsy Kuglvr Mary Ann llvglancl. Kay Sl'llI'l'lll0I'. Kay ZlIllIll0!'HliflIl. Karvn Pa1'1'isl1. .lnzly Gooding. Patsy Knglvr, llonniv Sllllll. Nancy Kohl. pillllfllkl Biggs. Cl1I'yS9ll2l Gilmore. Sharon Jester. lN'larjoriv Goocl- ing. Cllarlollv Sc'ln'vinvr. Gregory Gilmorv. Barbara VVilliams. llogm' Pldwarcls. Gary l+'ivvc'oals. .lay Ciallmrailll. llramllvy Kaiwr, Donald Hamilton, Carol? Iqll0lJIlf'l'. l,in1la Gooding. ljnrla lN'lillm', .loyw Kolll. Lloyd lVl1'Mulls-n. Donald SCllI'0lIlf'l'. .lanws lX'lC'cll'l'l'y. llonalml Clark. l4Eil'l'f' Clark. 'llllUI1lElS llolll. .lorry NflflQ0UVYIl.I4l0ylll,Ul'l0l'. BAN .loyvv Colwvll. lVlarjorie Gooding, Barbara Hunt, Beverly Brick Sllirlvy Millvr. Carolyn lVlClWorrovv, Paula Peoples. Diana Critcs. Polly Fox. Patricia Nlallliae, lClalon lVlillvr. Larry Hinos. Paula Scllroiner, Bc-vra Blind, Wlillianl NVallac0. Gvorgv Kvllvr Susan Parrish. Kay Ervin. .lanice Biggs, sum-lg-y lVlill0r. Carol lN"lartin. Larry Biggs. Us '4lSl' lf .Jrk1'l'1'i'f- ' 'f V' " " X ' ' H11 luv lkll lc C1 91. Ifldllll IKIWIII. NN 1ll1an1 Holsfall. W lllldlll Cnlnlorc , Cllonn .lvslm lltlllll Mralnllf-11. Larry Gooding, lVIarilyn Zirnnwrrnan, Allvn Dallarlwisa, Frank VVa nosilx. N'Yilliarn lllll'liOIlStll'l'l'I'l'. Glonn Hinos. Stoplwn Hamilton, .lllllll Sllull, llolwrl Zinnnorrnan lmonarfl l,inInvr. lfmlwaral Critvs, .lohn Kirkland. Alvin Cappvl. Dolllv llanlx. .luclilll Parrisll. .loyrv Sc'ln'0in0r. I3 Ennio Struchvll. .loan Kohl. Donald Peter. Chorus Kay Zimmerman, Dc-anna Schreinvr. Paula Schrviner, lVlalinrla Kohlvr. Joyce- Srhrvilwr, Patricia Nlathias, .loan Kohl. Larry Hinvs, Lloyd Porte-r. Larry Biggs, Crt-gory Gilmore: Alvin Capitol, Pmolic-rt Boglancl, Robert Zinnnvr- man. William Horsfall, Shirley Nliller, .lanirn Biggs. Patsy Kuglvr. Patriria Alliaugh, Mary Ami Beglancl. Ruth lVlClVIull0n, Bonnif- Struchen, Nanfy Kohl. .lnanita Ciaralmranclt, Beverly Brick, Delores Rank, Sarah Horsfall. Sylvia lloref fall. Eva Bosely, Dottifl Hank, Donald Schreiner. Stvphvn Hamilton. .lohn Sllllll., Thomas Roth, Gvorgv Kvffffr. Larry Gooding. llogvr ltltlwarcls. 'l'homas Frank, Betty Grosenhaclivr. Kay lirvin, Kay Sclirvine-r. .lnrlith Parrish. Carolyn lVlClVlorrow, Bonnie Sllllll. Rita lVlClWorrow. Doris Colwt-ll. lithol Stewart, Wilma lVlaudm'ly, Nancy Ulrirh, Grace Hinos. Sara Kinsvy. .lvanottv Stvinlxacli. VVilliam WVallac'v. VVilliain Gilnioro, .lamvs lfootv, Larry Kilclivmnan, liarry 'l'ul'l'ortl. Dale' SIN'IlCf'I'. Davicl Rankin. Nornian Kaclri. Barbara VVilliams. Janvt Gray, Linda lylillvr. Lintla Wfolf. Nlary Ann llauzi. .lo Ann SVS'lIlIlf'l'IIlElIl, llarllara Hunt, .loyrv Clolwvll. 1 . W-1' ci' l: A aww idm Q t 'P if y ' " k P, J V Q ' ti S -i t . ty 1 if Ex' As' fi' "' Pr ' :ta X " W .. ff 'Ps 1 1 Orchestra I,m'rx' f:UUfliIlU'. 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The Dovrr Nvrnhlrm led U-D dvr u qmn-u-1 mu men nznppw mn my 1 73-l4l..1u:n-w na- unuusr nnd had .-.. m...1.-, vw-Q rv-M.. M -h M Yin AI Helter vw uf 'PXPQLYDYE 2 kms and fha VIO- Imx by s hurl! Ah llddnl tn 'uh L- 13140. Rally, Cumborlond 'Wim' trniilnl HS' I5-5 and 2163 r .F nm wwf- -:sw-ms. rin- mme hf1lnhG mms n Ylhlnt hid Ind .-umbffl in vmmn seven mum' 28 Cubs Seek Meyer ,AmZ11lTZ,I'EfL.5 JQZIJ FIST 15? S' Yi ll! h' Fl'0m Bl'G0klyl1 MJF: lg-xg 'whsxlymzrndrhmr-sz: NEW YORK 111181 - Brooklyn Ywzue wcmrs' rsanumnurr nw Mull! 11964091 Bramnrl no wma mmm Rm- mu no to cm Cmcuo Cubs n 1 wuz marine while Mrm Ind wuvup to tm du! by thing gn Bum added mme md fllhs, rc Dodudvf require-:X num-haunts Q:-pmswly. cmmx rm I7 nur use fummm J,g1qmk lawn Rowell Aho wok Dao rl lil mn uk I0-M YMCA Church League Gcfx Underway Monday me Y. M. c A, mfmlmxn- un mp' nu nnvn muon xm- du 4-vqmq vm: tour num ldwdlkd, 'nl New Philn Nlnrsnn mnew sacred ann. ut 1 :anon-a by a Jonph - Junmlom Kelormld ax mn mamma - arnzmm If une, md unberm - llfrllblrl Q, I R4 meuumguu tNtfN'hIlh1nl when-erumllil 535411000205 Plan Gum OI The Wal: lulnn sxvumn wuw uma pms-im. at mam. become ummm nw: ,rs K nun- R ...U rf .M ml.-, - H,,..l..,.. .. .M .. .:f.,,r, nu-.wp.v W x-v vnu r u vnnfffl :r vm..v,1v.m-n rx .R.,1.. 1: .'........ n Glen rn ilu! nu mm qunr llr :lu :um- MFH nl T UR rrhnurvd lynn- lfml H1 the ll!-3 HH! P10110 'I lv!-5 1 Bhull Ilan- rm lnarhd lmdlr I le- tfdf' VIS' Ybllmvr NOD nvmrr nunmunx fm.-fm-nn of nw , I-un:-r sm- '11.:.'fwrn m me-4 -nw Sxlurdlv In d.' r---v wry-nm-ww hmmm pm-Y vbnwn nf mf u KWSN' or Hllu! hm an nv-srsll All Amkhllh Btu I m nvxnmlhbfd PIN!! H--mum m me no ew-ylm irvntyle. an we lm-mem om lille md OU? Tw- plquom an-ann, Wullick Boys Spark Victory Hi Iwo Ca J., .,..L......."...,., M. .M Lgrry, neon! M Ubin lllh. wmm-v Klvhvfn 'Hurd 'fvfk bu: xn n cali! :nh league fn, u me nmnru' nm Pat: m. - -human lun! IM 51.81-12 me an-n na in mwrmumu. 'nn Wlllkl um nn Nun! U 1: paul- tallied I0 naman. Yau. I il NIM-I -nik Wrllor counted lx. .. ns pn GLENN HINES CHARLES ALBAUGH ICLDON MILLER COACH SCOTT LLOYD PORTER THOMAS ROTH EDVVARD SHULL thirty Basketball Team VARSITY-Lloyd Porter, Thomas Roth, Charles Albaugh, Larry Biggs, Eldon Miller, Ronald Bradley, Glenn Hines, Edward Shull, Jerry McKeown, James Meek, Larry Clark, Coach, Mr. Scott. RESERVES-Stephen Hamilton, Larry Clark, Ronald Bradley, Larry Biggs, Jerry McKeown, James Meek, William Horsfall, Gregory Gilmore, Larry Gooding, George Keffer, Harold Addy. Freeport ......., Tuscarawas ..... Warsaw ........... Stone Creek ....... Dundee ................ Dennison ............... Baltic ......,.........,.......... Port Washington ..... Tuscarawas ........... Strasburg ............ Midvale ...........,...... Port Washington ...... Dennison ................ Stone Creek ....... Su arcreek g ...... Freeport ........ Midvale ...,.... Bolivar ............. Scio ............,......,.. Mineral City ....... Mineral City ...... Strasburg ,........... Stone Creek ............ Port Washington ..... SCHEDULE .Nov. 15 .Nov. 18 .Nov. 22 .Nov. 29 .......Dec. 2 .......Dec. 6 .......Dec. 9 .Dec. 13 .......Dec. 16 .,.,,,.,,,Dec. 21 ....,..,.Jan. 3 ..i...,..Jan. 6 .........Jan. 10 ......,..Jan. 13 .........Jan. 20 ....,,.i.Jan. 24 .........Jan. 27 ,Feb. 3 .Feb. 7 .,,......Feb. 10 TOURNAMENTS ,Feb. 17 .Feb. 21 .Feb. 23 .Feb. 25 Away Away Home Home Away Away Away Away Home Home Home Home Home Away Home Home Away Home Away Away Varsity Reserves we-they we-they 59-47 48-38 77-47 44-31 75-50 41 -24 77-62 65-38 92-23 72-18 63-47 39-26 87-60 62-33 64-63 53-49 51-45 49-33 65-73 39-54 78-74 50-43 65-64 41 -45 80-52 49-41 94-66 47-44 79-54 57-47 62-58 46-40 68-75 54-53 68-40 38-16 90-45 54-37 85-52 40-21 78-42 59-76 79-72 45-61 thirty-one Unboulen IM nm 700 1. ., f M-4 nu . , . ,,...- ., -. ..,.. I ..,.,, , In .,,, ., . up-was., .A.. .mw- ,. K, . ..v . Mm nv un- Nw .nw-4. .0 --N D... ., -. .......4., ,......4 .... . . y - --vw -. , .A-. -.ana ..... Q 1-.. ,., W.. .un ...Q ,, .,...-. ... ,,..,. -Mn... n up f.. ... .,. .- 11-..... -.W . , ... ..,., 1-W4-4 ..,.. .. .,.,,,,,,,, - P... --1 .M 1.4 mm. ...M nn '4 - r-1m , ,f un nun It 9. -1 .u..f,,., cw..m..',m Coon' If M uni . ., Y. V, W., .- ..,... .J ww-rf umm v4 Card: 'hp -up um-U 'H on mffm fn .,., wma-s -v-Huis n-.f - . uw- num un U - 1,+.-- H A Am :M ,. .mn W- f..,. ,... ,HQ . . ,...- V P . . Q, .. , . - .,.,,., ,,., L.. .. , fy . - V- , .- 4 n.-.I .vu - . 1 zz Pnmhew Yum Iwi Swned hmm Rally lv-f 1 mf- ,.,j.1,,.,, 1-naman ,,, ,, ,,.. ,,,,,A4,,, mm.-Hama-mm: . ., A , Q, y 'TQ ' 'mm ne vfww an W ,,g,, , mms.-,Mm , ,A X, ' 1 nnnwmn ' 4' ' 99643 llovfll 500 his , ,"g5"'f:'g,fj X 27-"'..-.-""3'5 "J..?fM! -. .... ,,m-U-uo.u.wmnum has Slade lvnnfuhmwy- gp :vr l-svn. -WM nu vw ,.. rn, u .. -an-fu. 1 un- mn vs-pw. v w-rpg.v mf WW" M Hua Much dwcy ue '-'L'.2.'.':'.'-'l"'J'i'i an-qnnunu ul :nun--Asdnnq -iszgnunn : ruowja. hon P 1 ii X115 no- :nina pn an lib- 1 1 -Un.:-aw-urns-zum. liilliiiill il 14- h ma ru Nofabln Ahead Wognefx Funeral 'Al-DIDUL It ' Pu. ..,k. .. - ...nm ... ...,.. .- U...-,,. , f. - fu. .. . in kv LH h.lIviPnnq 1 I nltf' v IDI fi U64 I- " he lrnddn rn hmm . n.........,. .L U.. an I -1- 'A illhif v p N. M -.M .....,, Y nan M...n.f rm ns. Q. X4-.-4 A-uw v--fn. w., .., -up y-.,. fn..-.. u,.., n ww n.,4vw1-. .,-... .-1 n-.H ru-um um 1 BASKET!! GAME ' To Wd mag Y 4 fv me wa an un .Q . Mp.:-we 4...-.0 ,,,, 5, mf- 1. M. wx Q., n.....,, ,M-u ,W -W 1 ru'-.fauna nu... WV , .W ng. lhuunnsotr-nlsvlfn nnnq-nw-ua-rn-H-1w an-nammwun-funn my mmap-o mane , ada fusgzranl Yvd nal as as-I LLOYD PORTER GLENN HINES LARRY CLARK CARL RAUZI JAMES MEEK EDWARD SHULL JERRY MCKEOWN RONALD BRADLEY THOMAS BOTH thirty-two WILLIAM WALLACE Baseball Team Glenn Hines, Larry Clark, Edward Shull, James Meek, Donald Morrison, Carl Rauzi, Jerry MCKQ-own. Larry Bradley, Stephen Hamilton, Ronald Bradley, Thomas Roth, Lloyd Porter, Eldon Miller, William Wallace, Coach, Mr. Scott. 'l'l1v lall lmaselmall season consisted of four tournzinient games. The first was played with Port Whsliiiigloii, which Gnadcii won 17 to 3. The next gzmie with Stone Creek. cillilKll'Il lost l lo 5. This put us in the Consolation where we defeated Bolivar 12 to 5. VVO then lost lhc next gilllll' with Baltic 2 to 5. . Cheerleaders Deanna Schreiner, Kay Ervin, Janice Biggs. Bonnie Struchen Journalism Class 0044 TOM AHAWK STAFF CitD-lillllllfglvlilllllflkl Kohler Co-Editor-.loyce Schreiner ' Business Nlanagers'-Glenn Hines, and Don- ald Peter Gossip-Patricia Nlathias. and Patricia Al- baugh Special l"eature-Deanna Schreiner Activities-Robert Rankin Artist-Nancy Kohl Sports-Harold Horsfall Jokes-Deanna Schreiner Grade Reporters-Carolyn lVlclVlorrow, and Shirley Miller Printers-Donald Peter, Harold Horsfall, Lloyd Porter, and Glenn Hines High School Reporter-Ruth McMullen thirty-four 5 r GOAL 1944 GOAL STAFF EditorflVlalinda Kohler Business Mzinager - Lloyd Porte Hines, and Donald Peter Artistfllonald Peter Activities-Roberta Rankin Faculty-Roberta Rankin Senior Pictures-.loyce Schreiner, tricia Nlathias Sports-Nancy Kohl Prophecy-Deanna Schreiner Will-Patricia Albaugh Class History-Ruth McMullen . Glenn and Pa- Varsity Club - - G-Ettes TOP PICTURE: Mr. Scott, advisor, Deanna Schreiner, Larry Clark, Stephen Hamilton. Lloyd Porter, Edward Shull, Larry Biggs, James Meek. Jerry McKeown, Eldon Miller, William Wallace, Janice Biggs. Larry Bradley, Charles Albaugh, Thomas Roth, Bonnie Struchen. Glenn Hines, James Blickensderfer, Kay Ervin. Q BO'I'I'OM PICTURE: Deanna Schreiner, Doris Burdette, Joyce Colwell, Delores Rank, Patricia Albaugh, Nancy Kohl, Mrs. Virtue, advisor. Mary Ann Begland, Kay Ervin, Grace Hines, Judith Parrish, Beverly Brick, Patricia Mathias. Malinda Kohler, Barbara Hunt, Janet Gray, Doris Colwell, Joan Kohl, Joyce Schreiner. Paula Schreiner, Barbara Williams, Jeanette Steinbach, Eva Bosley, Janice Biggs. Roberta Rankin, Bonnie Struchen, Patsy Kugler, Kay Zimmerman, Bonnie Shull. thirty-five The Amazing Maudie Starr SENIOR CLASS PLAY NOVPZMBEII 26, 1955 MAUIIIE STARR, a young real estate saleswoman ...,.Y.w .......BI1tlI lX'lc'MI1llvrI RICHARD STARR, her brother ................................... .77,,.... D Onaxlcl llvlvr ELICANOIX COMPTON, Maudie's best friend .....,. .,...,A,,,,., IN 'liuniv lllrirll ANN NEWCOMB, Maudie's boss ,.........w.......... ...........,.... S hirlvy Miller MRS. AMBI4ZIl, a prospective buyer ............,,.. .....,. C lilflllyll N'Ic'lNIOI'I'Ow MRS. .I. WELLINGTON BURKE, a socialite ...... .w...,,,, I Jatricizi Allmugli JOYCE BURKE, her daughter ...,.......,......... ...t,t, I Dvmiim Sclirc-iiivr LEE BURKE, her son ..,....,.,.,...........,... ...,..,.....,... I ,loyrl Purim' SARAH MARSHAIJL, a cook .......,.,,.......,.................,.,,,.. .,..t,.,...... R Olierta lhillllilll ESTHER MARSHALL, Sarah's daughter ............,,.......,,.,, ,...., MRS. WILLIAM MARSHALL, wife of the rubber Czar ........ Y.......,. BRENDA MARSHALL, her daughter ,... ........................... WILLIAM MARSHALL, an important man ..........................,,. thi rty-six Time: Winter, Present Time. Place: Estate of Mr. William Marshall .......Hm'OlIl Horsfnll .cZ2ll'UlyI1 lXlClx'l0l'l'UXY .Joyce SClII'eiIIm' ..,.,..lVlHl1l'lflil Kulllr-I' Boys About Bobbette JUNIOR CLASS PLAY APRIL 22, 1955 lloixicwl' BL.-xY1,oC1i. fflfllfl' ,... . .............................. .. .lumix l31,,.n'I,oCK, IIIOIIIUI' ..,...........,... . Boiml-:'r'1'1-1 ll1,,-xYI.oCK, ilu' girl .,......,. Mus. ll.-XDIJLI-IB.-XI.L. 1'l1'11111'r1,Q' 11101111111 ........ Miss l3I.o11c:1-1'l"1', llllllll' l'!'0IIOIIIl.l'S l1'111'l11'r ,..., W hflns. NV.-xsl1IN1s'1'oN, 1'o1or1'11' FOOI1' .......,.,.. Soctim, lflJlIfI'1'lS ll1"I'0 ...... llllil-'.-Xlili., SIA,1'fl'f'II y1'11r 0111 SHA M lXl ICY NECK, ll'l'lIIIf.I'UI' v.....,.,,..A.,. fll'lIICI.I.-X G11'1'1f111nI.1c. Illl' 11111111 ,,,.., XVOKO, I1 lx'11r1'1111 l111f .,.,..,.1............,. Mus. S'l'oc:1u1.xI,1c, so1'1'1Pfy Indy Mus. CII..-ml-1Nc:14:, SO!'il'f.1' lady Mus, Pow. SOI'l.l'I'j' l1111y ......,,.,Y.w... ,, Mus. V.-xNc:o1w14:11. SlIl'l'l'f41' lady lflxliclm.-x 191511, l3011l1y's r1'1'11l .,........,....,...,.,...v.. . S421 1 I N '13 !'ll'I'lI'I.I'l.IIll .1..vw...A,v..,v......,..,..........,........ Tinicz SlllllIllOI'., Present Time. ,..,...,,,..,l.loycl Purim' ....,.P2llI'lClil Albziugh ....DP6lI1I1?l SCl'lI'9lIlPl' .Carolyn lVIclVlorrow .,,........Sl1irlcy lVlillcr .,........H0l1cria Hzmkin 1.......,,.......D01111ld Petcr James Blickclisrlcrfcr ....,......Cll1HI'lCS Alhaugh .....,.,..lVlinnio Ulrich .......,....Elclon lVIillc1' ........loyce Schreiner .,.,..Pz1tricia Mathias ...,.........NHIlCy' Kohl .......lVlali11fla Kohler ..,...Ruth lVlclVIullen Larry Bradley Place: The living room of the Blaylock residmlce. thirty-seven H NN, ,X-.wi N v x 1 r I Q 1 N-uf-V t11ir'lj'f4'l'gf1l 4 Q' ' , 63 A. .. af v , v. , f I 5 . i , 1 ' 'mgf vi X V k I ll I HYXXW gas ,--.a The HNIUR ,- FLNIOR li-R NQUVI xfxml Hx nn. vm c u I M Y 5 np X.: ll1l'1'l,J"f1'-'H The Roving Photographer forly forty-one Autographs Q f---3,.W,,,........--4..,g5mgF'7r:gw9'Mwpv'wM,:':g , 5 ,, 1 W, A if 4- x QL I n Q e A .1 -42 i -Q 1 F SE Q -1 3 ,4 I ,, 4 4, M .i n 1 Advertisements I 2 3 1 forty-three 3 1 1 V '1 r '1 Heywood Clark G 0 0 D I N G 9 S Provision Company I G A Pork Packers LI ER PURE PORK SAUSAGE FGOD N HAMS - BACON - LARD LUNCHEON MEATS Trenton Ave. Since H905 UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO DENNISON, OHIO Q: .-. .ai L.- wWW,---M-, no O if'-H Ad Compliments of Z E L P H A 9 S ' h T f Uhrlc rans er House of S E Uhrichsville, Ohio Uhrichsville, Ohio 5, -, .1 s., -, A r" "M" ' T' Compliments 8 of Agents for C I T Y L O A N Richman Clothes UHRICHSVILLE, OHIU NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L.- AJ: Q-3 -.ld foity- four Y' "1 P' "1 Uhrichsville Scrap Iron and Metal Co. Dealers I n PAPER SCRAPIRONSLMETALS NEW - USED AUTO PARTS Phone 738-J 203 Trenton Ave. STOCKER SAND 81 GRAVEL CONCRETE BLOCKS TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO I - .J P "7 Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. J. J. Newberry SI Co. KNOWN fOr VALUES NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO , E E ,ini .J -,1 rg- Ii 9 METZGER 5 J. E. SMITH STORE Real Estate Agency WALTER R. METZGEPI, Broker DRY GOODS, GROCERIES WILLIAM H. RUSSELL and MEATS Salesman and Auctioneer PHONE 1134 121-23 E. Third sr. 314 N. Water sr., Uhrichsville, ohio UHRICHSVILLEQ OHIO L. , IJ! L- E i ,J forty-Hue I" ' f "1 T' ' '1 SMITH - CORONA Typewriters G' D' Sales and Rentals HARDWARE A COMPLETE LINE OF Kelvinator Refrigerator Office and School Supplies and Gifts Tappan Range 0 F F I C E DENNISON, OHIO APPLIANCE Co. 119 W. Third St. D over , Ohio x,:,LLL,i L-,,L,mLLL,L LJ 5,L. LLL so L r' E A so ii 'r' is i Compliments of Reiser Pharmacy Stackhouse C Oldsmobile Co. Oldsmobile Sales Sz Service Safety-Tested Used Cars Prescription Druggist H. E. Reiser, Proprietor GNADENHUTTEN, OHIQ Dial 4-2359 223 Boulevard Near Union Hospital, Dover, Ohio if: e so 2 222222 eel--R-it be - E H Zi W' Compliments Compliments of Of Dale K. Lindberg, M.D. R. K. Lindsey and DENNISON, OHIO Robert Kuba, M.D. Lb J! L., l-Q Raity-six T' 'W 4 T' 'Y Compliments BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1956 of is T H E- SCHREINER E V E N I N G BRGS' CHRONICLE GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L. H -gqwmtwgw gy dog, ,J1 1- O so N :rs fu GOOD LUCK! Cgfnplirngnfs Curtiss Jewelers of LEADING GIFT STORE Diamonds of Distinction F I R- T Newcomerstown, Ohio NATIONAL if 8 t--1 B A N K , EE of f?" 1 of Baltimore Clothin DENNISON g Clothes for the N Entire Family DENNISO ' OHIO NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO Phone 8-8188 l A f- O-1' LE-E .HJ forty-seven w F" iN W P' 'W Th '1 I I Romig Insurance General Insurance Phone 164- or 165 316 East Third Street Compliments of United Dept. Store FOR WORK OR DRESS WE SELL FOR LESS v I Uhrichsville, Ohio Uhrichsville, Ohio L: L one We L..-ie,--in L L M LLL COOL J' I' O HI- P W"1 'TP "O" OOO 'OOO O Compliments of Courtesy of 9 O O I Porter S Market Wllllams Fllrnltllre GROCERIES - PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS 115 Front Ave. SE. SEAL TEST ICE CREAM New Philadelphia, Ohio Phone 4--4355 Gnadenhutten, O. Cfedif af 0 Price 7011 can afford S-:-. ,invent tnn l B ii7mllili"feni-1 of Compliments of ll CIC Illall . . n In ranc Electric and Plumbmg Begla d Su e Contractor Agency Cflgilgggrfffiiiggd Elilifwggghs It is a Good Policy Not to Have Lighting Fixtures gater Hsaters g Bad Ong emmg umps Phone Uhrichsville 1609-P.-3 NOTARY PUBLIC L GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Gnadenhutten, Ohio LLL- ,al L.-- E L. ,E , l' Compliments of Compliments SchWab,S of Confectionery , COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE T' Lannlng and NC0' Home Made Ice Cream Home Cooked Meals - Gift Sho DENNISON OHIO P ' Phone 4--4323 Gnadenhutten, O. 5-:Y --J 5-Q -3 forty-eight ' ' 'W JV' I MIL"Y T H E G O S H E N D A I L Y DAIRY CO. TIMES HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN TUSCARAWAS COUNTY'S - D - LEADING NEWSPAPER MILK IS Exclusive THE UNITED PRESS TELEPHOTO FINEST MILK PICTURES DAILY MONEY CAN BUY 139 Second St. N.W. Phone 4-2174- iff NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO and Wgrld News Daily Local, State, National, A I. LS EIA -nik LII! L.-L. A 4' F "E D 'Y COMPLIMEN TS OF VIC SCHREINER 320 NORTH MAIN UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L. iD AJ' forty-nine .E rl R. E. MATHIAS is Groceries Meats Fresh Vegetables Frozen Foods Health and Beauty Aids A COMPLETE LINE OF SEWING MATERIALS EVERYTHING EOR YIOUR EVERY DAY NEEDS IN DRY GOODS PHONE 4-4551 GNADENHUTTEN L.- ILL FH "1 QV Baumberger's Comphments Floor, Wall and Sink Of Covering Service FREE ESTIMATES B O T I M E R Phone 1259 413 N. Uhrich St UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L.- and ' ' FURNITURE gr' The Edwin Maurer Co . B d 24 Hr. Ambulance Service 129 S ma way NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO PHONE 4-4200 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Furniture and Floor Coverings L' S J I gl I -I Ffh' V 'T J V '1 FOI'11h8BEST , Haircut In Town Cheese Factory 0 See Manufacturers of Wllbarger 81 Domestic Swiss Reichman Block Cheese 1 GNADENHUTTEN NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L.: asa, ,JF L.: ,J F' '1 J O E C O X HERFF - JONES CO. CLASS RINGS INVITATIONS Box 5269 Akron, Ohio if- Mei -J F' I1 CONGRATULATIONS I - H onlcgyknlpa CQMPANY it as MJ ir, T1 I V :T Compliments of W I h, T k St 6 C S I'llC 0 MARGIES I P A Complete Line of Accessories and F1095 Restaurant and . I Ladies' Ready-to-Wear A Route 36 I ' ' Make it "Personally Y ours" i . . fromaivlargiesn PORT WASHINGTON, OHIO L I I l "I J 0 4 FL I v 1 1 'J fifty-one T' 'T B. K. PFEIFFER CHEVRULET SALES and SERVICE New and Used Cars and Trucks Distributors for UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. SEAT COVERS TIRES and TUBES CHAINS BATTERIES NYLON SAFETY TUBES FAN BELTS PENZOIL GAS and OIL Gnadenhutten, Ohio Phone 4 4335 L 4, ,IIA .ASAE I I .I I . .1 r S EES 1 COM PLI M EN TS OF K O H L Lumber SL Supply Co. Z in Bwfcimq PHONE 4-4325 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO L -ll E- l"'i E J fffy n Y' '1 COMPLIMEN TS OF SUPERIOR CLAY CORPORATIO Manufacturers of Sewer Pipe, Fire Clay, Flue Lining, Wall Coping, Stove Pipe and Fittings, Chimney Tops and Other Clay Goods "The Pipe of Quality" UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L. ,, ,... .,-,,,f,,,,,,, ,H H H J T' 'T COMPLIMENTS OF Indian Village Federal Savings and Loan Association GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Hfty-thre L ,gl I are House of Stones The Orr Furniture Co. for QUALITY JEWELRY 2241 North Water Street Phone 4-46 UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO DENNISON, OHIO L5f'-- - 1 WV F OO Compliments of , Morris Cleaners Indian Village Motors DEPENDABLE - QUALITY DCSOTO PLYMOUTH SERVICE DEARBORN EQUIPMENT Ph 8 Uh . h nu Oh, Gnadenhutten, Ohio one 9 nc SVI e' 10 grief, br- rffrs- ' ' ' 1 The Citizens Real G F EZnPli'?en'S ggi S Estate 81 Mortgage Co. ' ' mlmg OH E. O. WAGNER, President WALLPAPER A. R. LANNING, ViC9-President 8E J. R. CARSON, Secretary-Treasurer VENETIAN BLINDS GIFTS Office - 222W Main Street h h . h- .ll Oh. Patterson Bldg., Uhrichsville, ohio P 0ne120'J U HC SW es 10 Liv- O A r -,T. JV O Oi Compfmerzts of I K L I N E 7 S Twm CIW Hardware DEPARTMENT STORE UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO DOVER, OHIO L. .JI it .af IEW-four I' E E T1 T' "1 Compliments of DOVER SURPLUS Compliments 210 North Tuscarawas Ave. DOVER, OHIO The BORDEN Co. For Your Army Surplus, Clothing and Equipment Work Clothing, Shoes, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Scouts Equipment, Tents Grade A Dairy Products Phone 4-2961 NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Also Paints and Accessories I. Jr Imam OJ' ff' If IF' I1 Compliments Compliments of of UNITED MILLER'S BANK RESTAURANT UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L. -J I L, -JP nffy-nw P' i"1 if '1 Y Compliments Of GNADENHUTTEN BANK Your Savings Account Today Leads To Home Ownership SCHREINEIVS INSURANCE Walnut St. GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO On the Square NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Tomorrow. PROTECTION Phone 4-4321 OF EVERY KIND GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO I.: to I .z' z. r' -1 ir' up our Compliments Of C omplimenls W I G W A M Of Complete Fountain H A M I L T O N Service Il Go Al Home Cooked Meals GRDCERY STORE Ice Cream GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Phone 4--4720 Walnut S GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO LL C -C -, 4.1! gt Hfty-six av tr' 'W Compliments Compliments of of THE ULU' H I C K S C 0 . Illll-llll IIC. U. I, Ill. Ulf. BOTFLING CO. FURNITURE 81 Phone 66 CARPETS DENNISON, OHIO DENNISON, OHIO L. ---.Th 4.4 Lg .4 r ' 1 ng- '1 Read . . . KENDEIGIVS THE , . . D A I L Y General Electric Appliances Hoover Cleaners R E P 0 R T E R Myers Pumps DOVER, OHIO Youngstown Kitrhens Maytag Washers - lroners Gnadenhutten, Ohio PHONE 4-4351 For complete coverage in all Local and National News and Sports Events Serving 9,37 5 Families Every Day L. ,HJ L.- , I, ,I .Z Fl t y-sez af' I '1 I I S I1 ' M t S les Your .... FQRQD . . . . Dealer Phone 33 or 749 126 N. Main St. UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Ll I ,MAI new Ke, TH' IIT V ' ' I 'Y Diamond Rings Credit C l' t amp men S MacDonald Of , Diamond Sho Dr. P11105 P l UHRICHSVILLE. OHIO L:-.Y qi --J: L: 1- J 'F' ii af' '1 Compliments of Compliments of C. E. HANNA Dr. Jay A. Williams Dry Cleaner 119 Allen Lane Optometrist NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L. .Ji Q.- J' ylfty-eight ,V H 'W 'W 'T' Eu H 'W' W "T Compliments Compliments Of Of June Allensworth Beale' Dr. William Roche Stanley Home Products L. O one no E -J L.- all ,E J' Y' "T V' if I YW I ' H I1 Gibbs Chevrolet Sales Compliments of SALES Sz SERVICE Westhafer's Hardware Phone 40 336 East Third Street Phone 303'-7 UHRICHSVILLE. OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L. Hn, J' L. J' r ' as so 'W me H he iw Compliments of Baker's Jewelry Y 0 C K E Y 9 S Keepsake Diamonds H A R D W A R E Bulova - Hamilton - Elgin - General Hardware Gruen Watches New Phila. - Next to A. sz P. and L J Plumbing Supplies Dexter Washers r Q Chief Paints and Varnishes .1 Magic Chef Stoves Russell E. Bennett Reo and Lawn Boy Mowers Woodruff Seeds Real ESU-1.126 and American Standard Furnaces General Insurance Phone 4-4217 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Phone 1133 Uhrichsville, Ohio t. J: LE .rl iffy-nine 4 Y' Compliments O"'1 ,?"'-Tv-O 'R-M- T A' W O O S H W A R T Z ' S CREDIT J EWELERS Of F' B. Mallrer Market The Home of Keepsake Diamonds USE YOUR CREDIT UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO 216 Third st. Uhrichsville, ohio 3-1 s E.- r,, M H Compliments of Twin City Greenhouse "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Rambler Metropolitan Ambassador Statesman NEW PHILADELPHIA - DOVER Sales di' Service Your Tuscarawas County NASH Dealer Uhrichsville, Ohio Phone 380 160-1641 S. Broadway, New Phila. Lf T- f' ' 1 ir W' '1 MACKAY UHRICH FUNERAL HOME M E M O R I A L S FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE 1106 E. HIGH AVE. Phone 263 New Philadelphia, Ohio I Uhrichsviue, Ohio L.. -HJ s.- T ISA, .1 sill y IF' 'T IF' 51 Compliments of H . L . G R E E N . Mart Sand POHtl3C Inc. 5c ' Customer Service Guaranteed 130 Fair Ave. N.E. UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L. A.: s.-L,. -J lf' 7 IF' E E fi Compliments of Compliments of G' Q G' Palnt Sr Wallpaper I O H f Dr. M. A. Wllllamson O'BRIENoP1XIl11ITS and IMPERIAL WALLPAPERS Next to Post gffice Uhrichsville one 434' i -J ' "1 BEST WISHES , T0 THE CLASS OF 56 Phone 678 312 Newport Avenue Gnadenhlltten New and Used Auto Parts Greenhouse and Accessories I Also Dealers in Scrap Materials PHONE 44592 of all Kinds AJ' L., AJ! "1 r' S1 Q U I M B Y 9 S COHIPHHZZHIS of Holsum Bakery, Inc. The 01110 Savmgs i 81 Trust Co. Flne Bakery Products , NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Since 1901 Member F.D.I.C. L , LJ! gl I.. ,Jr sixty-one V 7 if I E1 U N G E R Dunlap Electric Co. HOTPOINT A liallces LUMBER Co. PF' "Sales cf Service" EVERYTHING IN BUILDING WIRING 85 SUPPLIES SUPPLIES" Phone 1402-J 202 N. Water St. "You Name It - We Have It" UHRICHSVILLE OHIO 'A' XX-CENTURY FURNACE J. M. ROOFING 8a SIDING PLUMBINGJSUPPLIES INSULATION MILLWORK GENERAL CONTRACTING Residential and Commercial Phone 4-4428 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Compliments of Kopp Candy Co. UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Li ..a s.- , r., , Compliments of Gr1ll's Jewelry 1 Twin City Mllk Co. D1amOndS - Watches I ' Quahty Dalry Products I Silverware and UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Ice Creafn , , Phone 691 UhTlChSVl1l9, Ohlo gs I -- T. r, Best Wisites From Sale9S DeP9t. Store Mason s I G A , , . F dliner Uhrlchsvllle, Ohio 00 Nationally Advertised Tuscarawas County's Largest SUPER MARKET Brands Everything In Fresh Foods Men's, Ladies', 4-08 Union Ave. Dover HC0mPa"e Our Low Price-gn L- . siarty-t lUO Before You Buy - Visit Tuscarawas County's Most Beautiful Appliance Store The Home of- PHILCO . . . TELEVISION RADIOS REFRIGERATORS RANGES FRIGIDAIRE . . REFRIGERATORS RANGES AUTOMATIC WASHERS AUTOMATIC DRYERS DEEP FREEZES H . C . S P R I N G Electric 119 E. Third St., Uhrichsville, Ohio '1 gf' "1 Compliments of ALUMIWAL CO. Div. of ALsoo, INC. Manufacturers of ALUMINUM PRODUCTS GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO l s. IV' :W Compliments of C l' ts Omplmen H and A Drug Of PRESCRIPTION S Dr, W, R, Mellgr Accurately Compounded UHRICHSVILLE A-A L11 -3 J' R. J. McDonald Insurance and Heal Estale Broker Ira Struchen Solicitor 1103 East High Ave. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO if ' R0lli's Bar-B-Q 7 Good Barbecue Sandwiches 1132 E. High Ave. NEW PHILADELPHIA, oH1o lr -J' sixty-three K- J T' ' 'T Congratulations from DOVER .... THE CENTER BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY TUSCARAWAS COUNTY RETAIL BUSINESS DIVISION The DOVER CHAMBER of COMMERCE mmm,,-C,-,,---,,C,IImI C CmI-...,Il .1 V 'W IVE l Compliments of Compliments . I Campbell 81 Smith O Pharmacy C A P P E L The Prescription Store UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Motor Sales, Inc. L Your 1?0" Af' W- L I N C 0 L N Compliments of l M E R C U R Y l Twin City Lumber Co. D E A L E R UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO phone 34 s.-V IJ' Stn - .3 sigrty-four V' 'S lf' "1 SPONSORS Ben Franklin ................... B 8 G Sandwich Shop... Beltler's Dry Goods ....... Bond's Shoe Store ......... Marshall's Grocery ....... Hunt's Shoe Store ......... K S tt Sh ..... ay co op Reed's Law ...................... Sls and Sonny Shop ....... Cherry's Pharmacy ....... New i?m""1aa""'5iiS1ua, o .Uhrlchsville, .Uhrlchsvllle, .Uhrlchsvllle, .Uhrlchsvllle, .Uhrichsvllle, .Uhr-ichsville, Uhrlchsville, Uhrlchsville, .Uhrlchsvllle opooooooo I-Iurst's Insurance New Phumelphm, of Central Dry Goods New Philadelphia., 0 Rutledge Hardware, Inc. ............. . N Phil d l h ew a e p la., 0 Senhauser's ............ New Philadelphia, 0 Paul's Burgerola .............. Uhrichsville, 0 Brown's Westem Auto .................. New Philadelphia, O Gus Famal's Shoe Repair ............ Uhrichsville, 0 Strattfon's Department Store ........ Demxlson, 0 Chrest Motors .................. Uhrichsville, O Frownfelter's Market .................... New Philadelphia, 0 Compliments Of CAMPBELUS HARDWARE GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO ,if hr '1 r' 31 Quality Shoe Repair C0mPlime'1fS Of 14-3 South Broadway The NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Shoes and Chi1dI'eI1'S Wear From Old To New With Any Shoe GNADENHUTTEN, 01.110 L. ewml, J' L .J h "1 P' 3 Compliments of Compliments of Abertlfs Bakery LaPorte and Son UHRICHSVILLE NEW PHILADELPHIA UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L J S- S - . 1 A-il sixty- H ve L. A, J T' 'T SENIOR, FACULTY, AND ACTIVITY PICTURES in this G O A L BJ' HARMON STUDIO PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL P H O T O G R A P H Y Richards Bldg. Dover, Ohio T' 'I PRINTING PLATES for the G O A L Produced By THE NORTHERN ENCRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 413 Schroyer Ave. Canton 2, Ohio L. .I Q, . .Nh M 1-M -'iw ' ' 31' H .': M 1, ' . -.-Um: r ' 4.4-' s , ' 23, im Q 'F ,.m-'ff -' Y .-nu. - ,a-v 1 "fl"N'W N ' V . .r- "'.' v. 'f , Y ix: v. . .,4. gf. .v . .,. - - 41 .Y .3-Tff,9-3-L+-54 Sw- v..w,- X4 ,Y 1-4',,LI.' ,.,. x ,,gAU Hxmu . 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Suggestions in the Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) collection:

Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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