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Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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! E ? 1 I P 5 1 y I a i f , 4 n n L 1 2 1 i V I i F The Published by The Senior Class of l955 Gnadenhutten High School Gnadenhutten, Ohio llaill llmillvn High Srhonl Noblz' and strong To lhvz' Il'IA1ll loyal h1'arl.v Wt' raise our mag. Suivlling to lll'lII'l'Il loud. Our praises ring, Hailf Gmzdmi High Sf-lmol, For thvr' uw sing. Entree . . . . Alma Mater l l ail! flllllfifll High Srhool. Guirlv of our youth. Lear! thou thy students on lo Light and truth. Ncfer shall thy spirit dieg Thy' walls rlwvly, H ailf Gmirlen High Srlzool. For thee we pray. 0000 Dedication . . . . FOU R TO YOU. MR. AND MRS. PADGITT ..... We wish to offer our gratitude for your sincere interest in our band and school, and especially for your help to the Seniors in our final year. Your guidance and friendship have been appreciated and will be re- membered by everyone at G. H. S. Through the dedication of this forty-sixth GOAL we say THANK YOU. Faculty Superintendent SIX ROSS IVI. VIRTUFI Muskingum College, A.B. Ohio State University, M.A Secondary Education High School R. WXLLIAM PADGITT Muskingum College, B.S. in Education i with Music Supervision Vocal and Instrumental Music , Sponsor: Senior Class HOMER LARRICK t Muskingum College, B.S. English, History, and Latin ELLA VXRTUE Denison University, Ph.B. in Biology Home Economics, Mathematics Sponsor: Junior Class RICHARD SCDT1' Ohio Northern University, B.S., Physical Education and Biology Mathematics, Social Studies, and Physical Education Sponsor: Sophomore Class FRED LINARD Columbus Business School Junior Accountant Degree Ohio State, B.S. in Education Commercial Sponsor: Sophomore Class RAY CRAMLET Ohio University B.S. in Physical Sciences Science and Mathematics Sponsor: Freshman Class RAYMOND BARBOUR West Virginia University Mathematics and Industrial Arts Sponsor: Eighth Grade EDITH BEGLAND Ohio University, Muskingum College English and Geography Sponsor: Seventh Grade SEVEN Elementary 1l'l' y RAY CSORDON 1 Fairmont State College. A.B. in Physical Education Sixth Grade HAZEL LYONS Ohio University Fifth Grade MILDRPLD MORRISON Ohio University, Muskingum Fourth Grade NIABEL IVIOWI. Tuscarawas County Normal Third Grade AN NA MONTAGIIIML County Normal Kent State University, Ohio University Second Grade I+1I,IzABR'rH KATZ Ohio University, Ohio State University Seton Hall First Grade HELEN MIN Nm' Muskingum First and Second Grade RICHARD HU RBN1-:R Ohio State University B,F.A., M.A., B.S. in Education Art Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Cooks, Custodians CARL BERRSHIRE HARRY SHULL JAMES BOSLEY VANCE BOSLEY GRACE BLICKENSDEREER JUNE CRITES ALBERT BLICR1-:NsuERFER CLARENCE SHAMEL NINE TEN School Board President - - B. A. KOHL Vice President - - ARTHUR IVIILLHR Clerk - - - - - WILLIAM DRUMM IVIEMBERS CARL SCHRI-:I EUGENE Hun-:BN1-an . e wish to tahe this opportunity to express our appreciation to the Qnadenhutten School Board for their imtiring efforts on our behalf to provide the best education possihie. Classes Seniors GARY L. GIBSON lCGibU Gary's a salesman with Goal ads galore, His pride is his Chevy he drives with a roar. Goal. 4: Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior Play. 4: Industrial Arts Club, 1, 2, 3. HAROLD W. GOODING "Bill" Bill is a youth who is certainly tall, Barrels of fun and a true friend to all. Goal, 4: Tomahawk, 4.: Junior Play, 3: Senior Play, 4: Industrial Arts Club, 2, 3: Basketball, 3: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4: Band, 1. 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 4: Secretary, 3. JUDITH A. GRAY Cijudyh J udy's a genius I'm here to say, But that doesn't stop her from being quite gay. Tomahawk, 4: Goal, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior Pkg, 4: G-Ettes, 1. 2, 3, 4: G-Ettes President, 4: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4.: lstrlct Scholarship, 1, 2, 3: Senior Scholarship, 4. EMMA L, BOWEN ROBERT C. DAVIS I 66LuCy77 HBOb9? Lucille is PQPDY and smart Bob's a mechanic, and one as can be, that's top rate, And always a helper to all. But in his green CUCVY: to yes-sir-ee! school always late. Tomahawk, 4: Goal, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior Goal, 4: Tomahawk, 4: Senior Play, 4: Play, 4: Secretary, '1,, 4: Treasurer, 1: Junior Play, 3: Chorus, 1., 2, 3, 4-: Band. G-Ettes, 1, 2, 3, 4: G-'Ettes Secretary, 4: 1, 2, 3, 4.: Senior Scholarship, 4: In- Chorus, 1., 2, 3, 4.: Dlstrlct'Scho1arshlp. 2. dustrlal Arts Club, 1: Basketball. 2: Base- ball, 2. JOHN H. FRANK 1 H H FLORENCE L. GALBRAITH CC 93 F lo John is an artist, comedian too' Flo is a girl who is friendly and sweet, With his crazy antics, you can't Stay blue. She'll make a fine nurse, one Tomahawk, 4: Goal, 4: Junior Play. 3: Senior that S hard to beat' Play, 4: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4: President, 1: Tomahawk, 4: Goal, 4: Junlor Play, 3: Senior Treasurer, 3, 4: Industrial Arts Club. 1, 2, Play, 4: G-Ettes, 1, 2, 3, 4-: Chorus, 1. 2. 3: Baseball, 1: Basketball, 1, 2. 3, 4 Band, 1, 2, 3, 41: Girls' State, 3. TWELVE f ICM MA .l. l'IUl'1BNl'1ll "En1pIy" Live-wire is her middle name: of that you can he surc. Wherever there is fun about, then there you will find her. Tomahawk, 4: Goal, 4: Junior Play. 3: Senlor Play, 4.: G-Ettes. 1. 2. 3, 4.: G-Ettes Treasurer. 4 Varsity Club, 1, 2. 3. 4: Varsity Club Secretary, 4-: Varsity Club Treasurer, 1: Majorette, 3: Head Major- ette, 4: Cheerleader, 1,, 2. 3, 4: Treasurer, 2: Chorus. 11, 2, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES P. LEONHARD "Charlie" Charlie's a "ham" with his radio gear, Hopes the future will see him an engineer. Goal, 4: Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senlor Play, 4: Band, 1, 2. 3, 4: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 4: District Scholarship, 3: Senlor Sie-hglagshlp, 4: Industrial Arts Club, 1, 2: Treasurer Industrial Arts u , . MAE M. LUDWIG :Maw With a ring on her finger, a sang in her heart, She'll wed her Charlie and they'll never part. Goal, 4- Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senlor Play, 4: Chorus, 1, 2. 3, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: G-Ettes, 1, 2.3. IVAN G. GROSENBACHER "Knocky,' A walking, talking, skyscraper is our Knocky, We can't imagine him being , short and stocky. Goal, 4: Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior .Play, 4.: Basketball, 1. 2, 3: Industrial Arts Club. 2, 3. NANCY E. HECK SINGH!! Nancy's a Miss that is pretty and smart. Work to be done? She will sure do her part. Goal, 4: Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senlor Play, 4: G-Ettes, 1, 2, 3, 4: G-Ettes Sec- retary, 3: Chorus. 1, 2, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2. 3, 4: Vice-President, 1, 4: District Scholar- ship. 3. x MICHAEL D. HAMILTON "Mike" Mike is a politician and debater of renown, Politics in the air? Then he is sure to be around. Goal, 4-: Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior Play, 4.: Band. 1., 2, 3, 4: Chorus, 11, 2. 3, 4.: District Scholarship, 1-, 2, 3,: Senlor Scholarship, A: Cheerleader, 4: Orchestra, 2, 3, 4: Vice-President, 1. JOAN E. HORSFALL ufoanniev She's as neat as a pin and has clothes that are chic. An orchestra member and cheer- leader slick. Tomahawk, 4: Goal. 4: Junior Play, 3: Senlor Play, 4: G-Ettes, 1, 2, 3, 4: Majorette, 3, 4: Cheerleader, 41: Varsity Club, 4: Sec- retary, 2: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4: Band, 1., 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. THIRTTEEIN ' wr 'lin RUTH A. WasToN KIRuth7! Ruth has a voice that is really a treasure, To hear her sing is quite a pleasure. Tomahawk, 4: Goal, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senlor Play. 4: G-Ettes, 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus, 1. 2, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2. 3, 4. JENKIN D. WILLIAMS "Shink" Shink is in the Navy Reserves, on Basketball Varsity too, Lots of credit his playing deserves. Victory he'll always pursue. Goal, 4: Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play. 3: Senior Play. 4: Industrial Arts Club 1. 2, 3: Baseball, 2: Track. 2: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD P. ZIMMERMAN "Ronnie" A real musician is this boy, and there's no doubt about it. His trumpet is his pride and joy. You'll never see him without it. Goal, 4: Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior Play, 4: Class President 4: Class Vice President. 3: Orchestra, 11, 2. 3, 4: Chorus, 2, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Scholarship Test, 4: Basketball, 2, 3: Base- ball, 2: Track, 3. Drzsslrz V. MCMASTk1RS HDes97 Dessie's a girl who is sweet and kind, A better friend you'1l never find. Tomahawk. 4: Goal, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior Play, 4: G-Ettes. J, 2, 3: Chorus, 1, 2, 3. 4. GERALD D. MEEK "Buster" Gera1d's a boy who is friendly and tall. The army's his future, he's answered its call. Goal. 4: Tomahawk. 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior Play, 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 4 Baseball, 2. 3, 4: Industrial Arts Club, 2, 3: Varsity Club, 4-: Dover Chorus. 1. FOU RTPJETN DANA F. lVIclVIoanow ffmwf Here is an artist, a lad mighty smart, Funds to be raised? He'll do more than his part. Tomahawk, 4: Goal, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior Play, 4: Chorus, 1, 2. 3. 4: Band, 1. 2, 3, 4: :District Scholarship, 2: Senior Scholar- ship, 4-. GARY L. PARRISH Ciclydeii Tall and good-looking is this b0y, Sports of all kinds he's sure to enjoy. Goal. 4: Tomahawk, 4: Junior Play, 3: Senior 'Plage 4: Band, 1. 2, 3, 4: Chorus, 11, 2, 3, 4: nlor Scholarshlg, 4: Varsity Club, 2. 3. 4.: Varsity Club resident, 4: Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, 1. 2, 3, 4: Track, 2, 3: Orchestra. 3, 4: Class President, 2, 3. Class Prophecy 'Twas the month of May in '55 We numbered 213 We graduated with ambitions high Now let's see what we have done. Of course we all know what has happened to Our own debater, Mike. Yes, he's President of the U.S.A. And one that the people like. Of course you know what has happened to Ruth. What? You haven't heard her yet? Why, she's opening tomorrow night At the ever famous "Met". We always knew Ronnie would go far So we weren't surprised to see As diplomat to Zanzibar He's making history. Our class is also proud of our 4 star general Meek You can read the story of his daring deeds In this issue of Newsweek. Remember our own little Emma Jean? She surely has won in the game. For now she is living in Hollywood Where she quickly ascended to fame. And what has become of Lucy and Nan? You mean you haven't heard? Why, they own an exclusive beauty salon At the corner of Broadway and Third. And you football fans Surely you've seen That rough Gary Parrish On the Cleveland Browns team! We mustn't forget our jolly John So full of fun was he. Say, I saw him last night on his evening show They call him "The best on T.V." Ivan and Gary were always pals, And they even are today. They own a garage, and what a garage! The best in the state, they say. Admiral Williams, who's sailed the seven seas Is really a famous hero. Great's the number of his victories His defeats add up to zero. And have you heard the vocalists On WWVA? They're also our former classmates, We knew them as Dessie and Mae. Charles was always our electrician In this field we knew he'd go far So we weren't too amazed when we found out That he manages WJER. Fred has always liked the girls Especially if they're pretty. That's why he's the most eager talent scout They have at Radio City. That jet propelled car you drive Which gives you quite a thrill, Was designed by another classmate, Our class play hero, Bill. Judy was our Valedictorian. She surely learned what they taught her. She went on with her education And is teaching at our Alma Mater. And then there's Bob, You'l'l recall his ambition. We'll, he's reached it now, I-Ie's the local mortician. Look up Joan or Florence If worse should come to worse. J oan's a physical therapist And Florence is a nurse. As we look back at the class of '55 And their places of renown, We lift our heads and proudly say, "Not a one has let us down!" Class l-ljstory In September, 1943, we, a class of thirty-three youngsters, started on our path of education under the guidance of Miss Patterson. ' The following year we were under the supervision of Mrs. Montague. The next two years we were taught by Mrs. Winningham and Mrs. Robson. Mrs. Begland was our fifth grade teacher and it was during this year that the death of our dear classmate, Deloris Weingarth, occurred. Then we reached our half-way mark under the supervision of Mr. Cole. From there we went to Junior High, where Mrs. Begland and Mr. Glasgow were our home room teachers. ' With happy faces, we began our Freshman year with Mr. Cramlet as our home room teacher. During this year we presented an assembly entitled, The Deestrick Skule. Our Sophomore year was directed by Mr. Jacobs, who coached us through our activities, which included another assembly entitled Call It A Day. During our Junior year we were guided carefully by Mrs. Virtue through our many activities. The main event was the Junior-Senior Banquet, the theme of which was Moonlight and Roses. Mrs. Vir- tue successfully coached us in our play, 320 College Avenue. At last we reached our Senior year under the supervision of Mr. Padgitt. The big events of the Senior year were the Senior Class Play, Accidental Hero, coached by Mr. Larrick, the publication of the Goal, the Junior-Senior Banquet, Baccalaureate, Commencement, Alumni Banquet, and tinally our Senior Trip. 4 FIFTEEN 2 o Qllaas mill We, the Senior Class of the Village of Gnadenhutten, in the County of Tuscarawas and the State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare our last WILL AND TESTAMENT in manner following, that is to say: I, Lucille Bowen, will my quick temper to Sarah Horsfall and my ability to be a secretary to anyone who can make fancier letters. , Bob Davis, will Bonnie to no one and my "dead beat" to Larry Hines. , John Frank, will my backwardness to Glen Hines and my whittling wood in English Class to the next goof-off! ! I. Florence Galbraith, will my bashfulness to Pat Albaugh and my shortness to Malinda Kohler. I, Gary Gibson, will my rides to Uhrichsville to Everett Dixon and my locker to anyone who thinks they can open it. . Bill Gooding, will my place in the orchestra to Gerald Gram and my curly hair to Jim Meek. . Judy Gray, will my bookworming to Lloyd Porter and my position as president of G-ettes to any- one who would like to cope with it. I, Ivan Grosenbacher, will my nickname, "Walking Empire State Building" to Rodger Edwards and my seat in twelfth year English Class to Chuck Albaugh. I, Mike Hamilton, will my one year of cheerleading to Jim Blick and my big horn to the one who would like to lug it around. I, Nancy Heck, will my glasses to Pat Mathias and my ability to sit down and study to Joyce Colwell. I, Emma Jean Huebner, will my whistle to the luckier one of Kay and Patsy and my pestering Mr. Padgitt to play, so I can sing and dance to Deanna Schreiner. I, Joan Horsfall, will my piano playing for the chorus to Minnie Ulrich and my one year of cheer- leading to Roberta Rankin. I Charles Leonhard, will my "Chevy" to anyone who can keep it going and my ability to tix the school bell to Joyce Schreiner. I, Mae Ludwig, will my long rides to school to Carolyn McMorrow and my laughing in Home Ec. to Nancy Kohl. I Dessie McMasters, will my long walks to get to the bus to Beverly Brick and my high grades in spelling to Carl Rauzi. I. Fred McMorrow, will my position as Goal editor to Fred Kinsey and my dieting to Doris Robinson. I. Gerald Meek, will my ability to play baseball to John Shull and my "crewcuts" to Larry Bradley. I, Gary Parrish, will my height to Jerry McKeown and my drum sticks to Jim Foote. I Ruth Weston, will my band suit to anyone who could squeeze into it thall and my false teeth to Ruth McMullen. I Shink Williams, will my position as captain of the basketball team to Don Peter and my beetle- braining to Shirley Miller. I, Ronnie Zimmerman, will my excellent trumpet playing to Eldon Miller and my corny jokes to I I I I v v Carolyn McMorrow. We, the class of '55, will to Mr. and Mrs. Padgitt colorguards who will always remember to bring the flags and a class of seniors who will bring their cakes on time to the cake sales, so they won't have to buy them! ! ! ! We, the class of '55, will to Mr. Larrick a senior class that will keep quiet at play practice. We, the class of '55, will to Mr. Virtue senior boys who will sell ads on Saturday and not every other day of the week. We, the class of '55, will to Mrs. Virtue a home ec. class that sits on chairs and not tables. We, the clayss of '55, will to Mr. Scott an acid cocktail and chemistry students who will keep quiet in la .! ' We, the class of '55, will to Mr. Linard at least one typewriter that won't have to be fixed every time someone wants to use it! We, the class of '55, will to Mr. Cramlet a frog supper and all the different species of butterflies. We the class of '55, will to Mr. Barbour a membership in the Tall Story Club and a new home. We We the class of '55, will to Grace and June a class of seniors that won't ask for seconds like the class of '55 does! ! the class of '55, will to Abbie a set of false teeth and a batch of students that will throw their paper wads in the waste basket only! In witness whereof, We, Senior Class, the testator, have set our hand and seal hereto this twenty-Hrs! day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and Hfty-five H9551 4 Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for our last will and testament by the Senior Class, the above named testator, in the presence of us and of others have subscribed their names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. dmbw Witnesses: GEORGE GOBEL MR. DIRTY BIRD SIXTEEN . I r Juniors l enszlerfer, Glenn Hines Fred Kinsey, Nancy Kohl, Linda Kohler, Patricia Mathias Carolyn McMorrow, Ruth McMullen, Shirley Miller, Donald Peter i l Lloyd Porter, Roberta Rankin, Carl Rauzi, Doris Robinson f Deanna Schreiner, Joyce Schreiner, Minnie Ul- rich. President Deanna Schreiner Vice President Ruth McMullen Secretary Joyce Schreiner Treasurer Patricia Albaugh The Juniors enjoyed a year full of activities, as they successfuly presented their first class play, "Boys About Bobbettef' Also one of the most memorable events of the year was the re- ceiving of their class rings. Climaxing the year, they honored the Seniors with one of the highlights of their high school years, the Junior-Senior Banquet, which was financed with funds raised from various class activities, such as candy sales at noon and at basketball games. SEVENTEEN if l Charles Albaugh, Patricia Albaugh, James Blick- , . 9-12 f' -J ? . , . H 'f QE.-r 4' f A 'Avi' , , .' l ' Ziff H , ,, LQV -J , dia? 'A if v AV.. A jiri, n" L' at wk ,-.:j I? L' as 1 "'A-,A fi, 'H ' I , A ' A,A' , g L V mi YV VV f . i A Q ,, S ,,JA j fm' J wjjx af ' A , y . , 5 Q. F 'N M , , L, , ,I V .4 . I ,lf , li w Q' zlz 15 la , V 3, -QV , ,M a ,, , l 4' 1 L we 1, if ,,,,, , " as 3 , , .L,,, xg .5 9, I Sophomores Larry Biggs, Larry Bradley, Beverly Brick, Joyce Colwell, Everett Dixon, Dorothy Dixon Roger Edwards, Kay Ervin, Susan Garabrandt, Gerald Gram, Betty Grosenbacher. Larry Hines Sarah Horsfall, Barbara Hunt, Pa- tricia Kugler, William Laisure, Wilma Mauderly, Jerry McKeown. James Meek, Eldon Miller, Delores Rank, Paula Schreiner, John Shull, Sandra Walker. Freshmen Mary Ann Begland, Verna Beal, Janice Biggs, Eva Bosley, Larry Clark, Marianne Crites Linda Crossin, Tom Frank, Gregory Gilmore, Larry Gooding, Janet Gray. Stephen Hamilton ,- Thomas Herbert, Grace Hines, George Keffer, Sarah Kinsey, Joan Kohl, David Lockctt, Linda Miller, Lee Peoples. Thomas Roth, Bonnie Shull, Edward Shull, Dale Spencer Jeanette Steinbach, Joanne Swinder- man, Nancy Uhrich, William Wal- lace, Barbara Williams, Vernon Wolfc Kay Zimmerman, James Maxwell -EIGHTJEEN Eighth Grade Peter Bau, George Beal, Robert Begland, Mervin Biggs, Ronald Bradley, Judith Carpenter Doris Colwell, James Foote, Juanita Gara- brandt, William Gilmore, Paul Gooding, Ronald Hines William Horsfall, Norman Kadri, Larry Kilchenman, Carol Kilpatrick, Rita McMorrow, Judith Parrish Dottie Rank, David Rankin, Mary Ann Rauzi, Donald Schreiner, Kay Schreiner, Bonnie Struchen Larry Tutford, Ethel Stewart, Barbara Walker, Linda Wolfe, Robert Zimmer- man Seventh Grade Bevra Blind, Ronald Clark, David Cox, Dora Cox, Edward Crites, Allan Dalla- chesia Ronnie Davis, Virginia Fouts, Gary Five- coats, Jean Garabrandt, Ruth Gara- brandt, James Gardner Judith Gooding, Doyle Harding, Norma Heck, Jerry Herbert, Robert Hines, Franklin Horsfall Sharon Jester, Linda Jones, Richard Kil- patrick, John Kirkland, Charles Kugler, Diane Maple Shirley Miller, Dolly McMasters, Karen Parrish, Jack Pfeiffer, Vera Robinson, Homer Roth Joyce Royer, Richard Royer, William Royer, Chester Tedrick, Frank Wanosik 'N IN ETEEN 1 - 'E we if tt-I7 ,Yi ,, -.f or X ei Q .,,. i,,, lf J fl J hi p 'V , we ft 9' 5. X -' Q K 'Q , if . - y " K , y V in il 5 I S il , y .-8 , t 3 E f Ek sf, s 'Se U12 veit ,gl ' , G lx J ' ' Qwi 1 3 ' f - . QI 2 ,. . A . , V si M f ,W l a M f e, A' Q l ' 54 .ddfliag , da xx' if -,,' Q' Y , ,ff . Sixth Grade Sarah Aplin, Gelinda Bau, Janice Beal, Pamela Biggs, William Blickensderfer, Camilla Bradley Roberta Brick, Marvin Brown, Kenneth Conner, Gary Conaway, Martin Crahan, Carl Dichler Sharon Dutton, Leland Ervin, Robert Fellers, Jay Galbraith, Gloria Gambs, Sue Gilmore Majorie Gooding, Donald Hamilton, Lois Hines, Glen Jester, Betty Jones, Delbert Keffer Carol Martin, James McMasters, Sharon Mowl, Ray- mond Rank, John Rauzi, Charlotte Schreiner Donna Schreiner, Lana Schreiner, Dean Stewart, Dale Stewart, Charles St. John, Deanna Stoller Freda Ulrich, Leona Wallace, Edwin Weston, Patricia Wolfe, James Zeller, Marilyn Zimmer- man Thomas Zimmerman Fifth Grade Rachel Beal, Diana. Crites, Polly Fox, Betty Gara- brandt, Linda Gooding, Carol Hanshaw ' Beverly Hunt, Alta Kay Jones, Thresa Kail, Brad- ley Kaiser, Joyce Kohl, Dana Laughlin George Lippencott, Jerry Lippencott, James Mc- Creery, Lydia McMasters, Glenn Miller, Marlene Miller Jean Naylor, Susan Parrish, Paula Peoples, Helen Rauzi, Joyce Robinson, Richard Shull David' Struchen, Paul Tuiford, John Ulrich, Robert Weingarth, Carol Sue Wilson, Marian Wolf TWENTY J Fourth Grade Edward Ellensworth, Linda Barthalow, David Blickensderfer, Paul Blind, John Campbell, Cheryl Carpenter George Cox. Carolyn Crites, Richard Crites, Linda Davis, Gloria Duper, Gerald Edwards Roberta Fouts,' Virginia Frey, Kenneth Garrett, Cheryl Hamilton, George Harding, Barbara Heck Sharon Heidy, Carole Huebner, Pamela Klaserner, Larry Laisure, Leonard Lintner, Rita Lockett Sarah Mathias, Lloyd McMullen, Rosemary Miller, Gary Moore, Myrna Parrish, James Royer Dale Schreiner, Sandra Smith, Audrey Stewart, Judith Timmerman, Martha Weston, Janet Zim- Third Grade James Bates, Cathleen Bau, Edward Bennington, Mary Bosley, Charles Boyce, Vickie Brick l'YlBI'lTl3.l1 Patricia Coen, Carl Conner, Robert Couts, William Dutton, Richard Fellers, Gary Ferrel ' Elizabeth Foote, John Gambs, Duane Garabrandt, Samra Garrett, John Gooding, Roger Gray Dana Grott, David Hanson, Francis Heidy, Patricia Herbert, Betty Hines, Linda Hines Ruth Holderbaum, Jackie Jones, Sondra Kennedy, Sally Kilpatrick, Bruce Kohl, 'Michial Kohl George Kugler, Patricia Linden, Barbara Mathias, Linda McMullen, Marilyn Miler, Rebecca Moore David Parrish, Emmett Pittenger, Arthur Rauzi, Sandra Singhaus, Thresa Tipton, William Urban Clayton Williams TWENTY-ONE -..i......i..... ,MTS kkkk J w lk Q A A ,W K ,,,3,q , . ep R. al W. i f .C S , 3 - Eta 'V e' J n 4 ai , f t f?i:5'fifI. ' rv li' . JDJ " md" L"Jti ,. M"-t Second Grade Charles Aplin, James Bosley, Lee Brown, Ann Clgappel, Donald Crites, Terry Crites, Robert avis Herbert Fawcett, Gail Ferrell, Johnny Ferrell, Sharon Fogle, Patricia Frank, Don Galbraith, Barbara Garabrandt Barbara Garrett, Daniel Gibbens, Neysa Gil- more, Martha Glauser, Helen Hines, John Horsfall, Terry Huebner Carolyn Hughes, James Jinks, Clark Jones, Darla Jones, Sandra Jones, Linda Klaserner, Linda Laisure Nancy Lindon, Beverly Long, June Long, Marcia Lintner, Michael Lippencott, Michael Mc- Masters, Brice Miller John Moore, Sandra Morris, Shirley Naylor, Joan Parrish, John Parrish, Barbara Peeper, Edna Rank Gary Rice, John Ridgway, Mary Smith, Richard Wallace, Robert Warner, Mary Weingarth, Ray Williams Roy Williams, David Zimmerman First Grade Donald Baker, Kenneth Baker, Terry Bates, Ed- ward Bosley, Sherry Couts, Alice Conner, James Coen John Carpenter, Mary Dichler, Karen Duper, Christine Fawcett, Stanley Garabrandt, Christine Hollis, Cheryl Huebner Sharon Kay Horsfall, Beverly Jones, Sally Kaiser, Laurean Kohler, Kenneth Keffer, V Robert Long, Frank Laisure Deborah Mathias, David Maple, Clinton McGaha, Janet McCreery, Sharon 'Morgan, Frank Miller, Daniel Miller William Minter, William Morris, Kenneth Mor- rison, Constance Morrison, Cheryle Stoller, Timothy Timmerman, Randy Walker Michael Watts, Larry Yockey TWENTY-TWO Activities 1 lk! , 1 4-I t - S' . fi, , g A -' ,, gi,, I , 1411. E., t 1 651 f,A :mv Q K xii dmimfwllziiif -, ,Q f 1 f if A an .43 'Z AK BE, My Us Q V 'X 6 f Q? 4, J xg 'Q ,jx Q . ...' . x .: A myrifil' 'gxvlqi ' ' 'Q Q A I . ,gn is gi. ,WxA .,A. . A ' W ' 'K , . 6, 5' fi 4 ,Q GE. 4 Q , 5 ,ax N 3 Q, 'ix j 115, N 4 , 5 ij 4'-, , 9, K FX X .D .Q ul A f 52 '1 Q' 1 H. 1 ' U 'ffi' V 5 L 'Ly i f . -N . ' N f - Q2 f il ff 5 , I je., my , , , N R Z . X 5, , -1 62, 3'5" BAD ll,l."'llf l'rw1" S1-roiul How l'n'rv flooding loin lI'orsl"ill l'n'rx Ili M lniiu lli N K1 I, h. ,. A ,. . .. . ,. W' gg, .4 '- ggi. asv lzrvni. Tliirml Row-sI.m'ry Hinos. Fredrick lVIclVIorr0w, Ruth lVICMull9n. Vvllllillll Gooding. lVlzn'ilvn Zininwrnian. Carol Martin, Frank VVanosik, Shirley lVliller. l"o1n'lh PIOVV---pillllil SCllI'9lIlPI'. Bflvra Blind, Stephen Hamilton, Edward Crilvs. .lohn Kirklainl. Alvin Cuppvl. Joyce' SCl1I'9iIlf'I', Dottie' Rank, Bonnie' SlI'llCll0Il. .liulilli Pzwrisll. Donulcl Pvlvr. .loan Kohl. l"il'lh Row Glenn Hinos. W'illiann Blic'koilsclm'fm'. WILLIAM PADGITT Director Joym- Uolwoll, Linda Miller, Rm'barzi Hunt, Beverly Brick TVVENTY-I-'IVE 6, . i Q, ,gf 1' .vi i N School Orchestra .loam llorsfzlll, Kay l'Ii'x'in, William Gooding. .luzm Kohl, liugvr l'Iclwzn'ds, Ronald Zimim-rmzm. Clary Pexrrisli, L'lizu'l4-s l,oonhzu'd, Michael Hamilton, Paula Schrol r 1 - Sisafsr-1 12 1. Ns f. ge X X. fs' if-1 S 'wi ' r - . - we EQ , g. X X51 .X s XX ' X-3 . .X X. if' A X if 'J . 5-. xg- J J - :J J X. X w. T .Qfm.Xw A V K as ' K - " S Gifs .. . . S J Q j g X. X J ig-IX jf' . Xgg . ,. X . , vi , fp if R S fsi.fs3Qg.X X J ' rf I J 4' 1 XX .X - Q it .- Q ' W 5 ' s , . - . f . .F , gf? . 3 3 . Q N X -e q k, ig - K .gr . as Xb, 5, is H X X . .. 'S Q f 92 X . 4 ' ' . - . N ' ' 3 . . 1 s . . - . F3 f " A f . ... . if .3 l ' 5 J Chorus Florence Gallmraitli. Dessie lVIclVJasters. Lucille Bowen. Barbara Hawley. Deanna Schrei- ner. Ruth VVeston. Paula Schreiner. Ronald Zimmerman. George Keffer. Robert Davis. Fred- erick lVIclVIorrow. Larry Gooding. Roger Edwards. Tom Frank. Emma Jean Huebner. Kay lirvin. .Joan Horsfall. Nancy Heck. Linda Miller. .Janet Gray. .Judy Gray. Grace Hines. Nancy Ulrich. Nlarianne Crites. Sara Kinsey. Malinda Kohler. .Joyce Schreiner. Patricia lVIathias. Joan Kohl. Michael Hamilton. Charles Leonhard. Toni Roth. l,arry Riggs. Gregory Gilmore. Alvin Cappel. Dale Spencer. Bety Grosenbacher. Patsy Kugler. Janice Riggs. Rarhara xvllllilI1lS. lVlae Ludwig. Rarhara Hunt. .Joyce Colwell. Kay Zinnnernian. liva Rosley. Beverly Brick. Delores Rank. Sarah Horsfall. Sandra VValker. .Jeannette Steinbach. Vernon Wolfe. .John Shull. Gary Parrish. Lloyd Porter. Willlillll Gooding. John Frank. Larry Hines. William Wallace. Carolyn lVIclVIorrow. Shirley Miller. Ruth lVlclVIullen. Nancy Kohl. .Joanne Swinderman. Mary Ann Begland. Bonnie Shull. TVVENTY-SEVEN l"'l'l'0lHbl'I 'l'11sr:u'uw:us Gklinorxnl Pity Puri Xkllshinglnn In-unison lbumivo Slnrwrrvvk 'Baltic' "l'uss'ur:Iwz1s Inv. 'I'uurnunwn! Inv. 'I'uurnzm1n-nl Nlimlyulo Strasburg Dm-nnisun "Port Wzxshimztun Baltic 1I'nlio7 'Slunn-crook Ifroupnrl 'Sllpzzlrcrvvk 'Miclvzllv Vnnnutlun Vulluy ' Iiuliyur I,0uf.:uc- Gunn Ballin- Nlimlvulv SlUI1l'l'I'04'k Bull lm' 'I'XVI'INTY-ICIGIIT J vwvli Rusvuv Nov. Iwv. Jun. Fm-h. C 1-'I-h. SCHICDI II .F 16 Awuy lf! Homm- 214 Honw IIO Ilumv 3 Away IU Hunn- I-1 Away IT Horm- 12L Away 28 Home 29 Home -I Away 'T Away Il Home H1 Away IE! Dover 2L Home 25 Home 28 Away -I Home 8 Home Il Away ,GUN I Y TOURNA I6 Dover 23 Dover 24 Dover 26 Dover MIfIN'I' VA RSI TY XVQQ 'I' h oy 67 iii 62 -IS 62 48 59 '44 57 51. T5 55 T3 X4 52 59 T3 EM 66 79 T8 TT 63 56 T6 56 68 64 T6 68 T6 56 60 68 T6 50 ,I T 56 65 56 61 Fa n cel led 57 -A - 52 60 61 P lv 'TO 62 68 IiI'fSl'IliXI'Ib- XYO I hm I!!! in PS -II ISS 121 I2 50 32 -III Nu I mu- J5 -Hb 62 Q5 H -IT Nu C mu' Nu :nw -Ifl A12 .Ll 50 -13 IIT '13 5.2 Nu Gzmw 40 '15 All I2 FAI 27 -41. 5-I 30 410 C'um'vlIurI Consolutlun I-'Inf mls Basketball Team VARSITY Gary Parrish, David Williams, Charles Albaugh, Lloyd Porter, Eldon Miller, Glen Hines, and Couch Richard Scott. James Blickensderfer, Mgr., James Meek, William Wallace, Gerald Meek, Edward Shull, Jerry Mclieown, Larry Bradley, Mgr, IKESERVES Stephen Hamilton, Thomas Frank, Alvin Cappel, Larry Clark, Jerry McKeown. James Meek, Donald Peter, Thomas Roth, William Wallace. INDIVIDUALS David Williams Charles Albaugh Gerald Meek Coach Richard Scott Eldon Miller GI enn Hines Edward Shull Lloyd Porter Cheerleaders Michael Hamilton Emma Jean Huebner .Ioan Horsfall Deanna Schreiner 'rw l'IN'l'Y-N I Nl' County Champs ..... HIRTY GERALD MEEK JAMES MEEK STEPHEN HAMILTON JERRY MCKEOWN EDWARD SHULL LARRY CLARK GARY PARRISH LLOYD PORTER WILLIAM WALLACE CARL RAUZI . 1 Baseball Team James Meek, Carl Rauzi, Larry Clark, Jerry McKeown, Tom Frank. Larry Biggs, Alvin Cappel, William Wallace, Stephen Hamilton. Gary Parrish, Gerald Meek, Tom Roth, Lloyd Porter, Edward Shull, Coach Richard Scott. The Tuscarawas County Baseball League of 1954- was composed of eight teams. Those participating were: Dundee, Stonecreek, Sugarcreek, Baltic, Bolivar, Mineral City. Port Wash- ington. and Gnadenhutten. Gnaden opened the season on September 21 by disposing of Dundee 6-4-. On September 24 the Indians traveled to Stonecreek to down Baltic 12-4. Gnaden then played the Stonecreek Panthers on October 9 for the championship but the game had to be called because of dark- ness with a 5-5 deadlock. In the second game the following day the Indians copped the Fall Championship by beating the Panthers 6-5. Gnaden played two other games with Dellroy, winning the first by the lopsided score of 16-2. and the second 8-3. The Indians ended the season with five wins and no losses. The Indians hope to go far in the Sectional this spring. 'I' H IRJTY-UN E Journalism Class TOMAHANVK STAFF EDITORS Judith Gray, Michael Hamilton CLUB RICPORTICR--Mae Ludwig BUSINESS MANAGERS Gary Gibson, Ivan Grosenbacher GOSSIP Emma Jean Huebner, Joan Horsfall SPECIAL FEATURE 'Nancy Heck ACTIVITIES-W Robert. Davis ARTISTSW Fred McMorrow, John Frank SPORTSW David Williams, Gary Parrish JOKICSH Ronnie Zimmerman GRADE REPORTERS Dessie McMasters, Ruth Weston HIGH SCHOOL RICPORTERS-Lucille Bowen, Florence Galbraith PRINTERSf'Charles Leonhard, Bill Gooding, Gerald Meek I lllR'l'Y-'IWWJ GOAL STAFF ICDITORSkMichael Hamilton, Fred McMorrow BUSINESS MANAGI-IRSW Robert Davis, Ronnie Zimmerman. Gary Gibson, Ivan Grosenbachor ARTIST John Frank ACTIVITIES-David Williams, Mae Ludwig: FACULTYW Florence Galbraith, Dessie McMas- ters SENIOR PICTURES--Judy Gray, Joan Horsfall CLASS PICTURES-Bill Gooding, Charles Leon- hard, Ruth Weston SPORTS--Gary Parrish, Gerald Meek PROPHECYgNancy Heck WILL-Emma Jean Huebner HISTORYA- Lucille Bowen Varsity Club - - G-Ettes TOP PICTUREw-Gary Parrish, Lloyd Porter, Emma Jean Huebner, Deanna Schreiner, James Meek, Glen Hines. Larry Biggs, Steve Hamilton, William Wallace, Carl Rauzi, Jerry McKeown, Larry Bradley. David Williams, Larry Clark, Gerald Meek, Edward Shull, Mr. Scott, Advisor. LOWER PICTURE- Joyce Colwell, Lucille Bowen, Deanna Schreiner, Emma Jean Huebner, Judy Gray, Nancy Heck, Joan Horsfall, Kay Ervin. Malinda Kohler, Nancy Kohl, Patsy Kugler, Joan Kohl, Patricia Mathias, Eva Bosley, Barbara Hawley, Paula Schreiner, Mary Ann Begland. Barbara Williams, Bonnie Shull, Janice Biggs, Jeanette Steinbach, Grace Hines, Bev- crly Brick, Ruth Weston, Florence Galbraith. Janet Gray, Kay Zimmerman, Marianne Crites, Delores Rank, Barbara Hunt, Sandra Walker, Mrs. Virtue, Advisor. THIRTY-THREE Junior Play J UDITH WAYNE ...,... CHERRY ,...,..,......., MINNA ...... 320 COLLEGE AVENUE - APRIL 9, 1954- .,...,......Judy Gray Joan Horsfall Ruth Weston RUSSELL .. ....., .................. G ary Gibson RITA DAY .,,,..,,,.,,. ,.,.,.... E mma Jean Huebner DOREEN DIVINE ...... ...,.,,.,...,,.. L ucille Bowen BILLY GRADY ..,,. ..,,..,...,... G ary Parrish NYDIA NOYES .,...,, CY .........,.....o,.....o..o LEE MACON ..............,,,o.o., LUCILLE NOUVAINE THIRTY-FOUR ....,,.Florence Galbraith ..,.,,,..Ronald Zimmerman ..,.,,.,,,.,..Robert Davis ............Dessie McMasters KEN ........i.....,, NAN SILLS ..... ,.... David Williams ........Mae Ludwig HAP ...,..,...... ....... ........ J 0 hn Frank PHOENIX ...,. ......., C harles Leonhard ROMNEY ,.,..,.,......,. ....,.. F rederick McMorrow MOSETTA VEENS ...,., PROFESSOR SLOPES Patsy Schwendiman ,,...,...,..Michael Hamilton DEAN OLIVIA D. OOL ,,,,.,.,,...........i,i. Nancy Heck THE CHIEF ..........,....,.... .,..,.... W illiam Gooding JOE .............,..,....... ,.Ivan Grosenbacher THE DOCTOR ...... ............. G erald Meek TIME: Evening. October. Present. PLACE: Living room of a college sorority house. Senior Play MRS. WITT MRS. GABB ,,.,, MR. SNELL JERRY ,,,...,. .lIM . , JOE .,..., BOB ..,..,. TOM ,,,,, KITTY .....,.. KATHRYN GERTRUDE ACCIDENTAL HERO W- NOVEMBER 12. 1954 ,,.,Florence Galbraith .,.,....,.,.,.,Mae Ludwig ,..,,..,Gary Gibson John Frank Dave Williams Mike Hamilton Ronnie Zimmerman Gerald Meek Emma Jean Huebner ......Dessie McMasters .....,..,Joan Horsfall PEGGY , , , MARILYN ....i, EUGENE .... HAROLD ,,,.. JONSEY .,,,.. JOHN ....,.....,,,. MISS SMITH ..,. MR. WHEAT .,..... MR. CHANGE ., MRS. JOHNSON PLACE: Auditorium of City High. TIME: Last of a school year in May. ,.,,,,,,..Judy Gray ..,.....Luci1le Bowen .,,.Fred McMorrow .......Charles Leonhard Ivan Grosenbacher .,.....,.,.,.Bill Gooding .......Nancy Heck ....,..B0b Davis .......,Gary Parrish ,,......Ruth Weston THI RTY-F IVE Hither, Thither IIRTY-SIX and Yon! Junior-Senior Banquet .WOONLIGHT AND HOSES ------ IVA Y 7. 1954 I'HIRTY-EIGHT Y ALUMNI DIRECTORY We wish to thank the alumni association for providing us with the following information: Q' Deceasedj LK Charles Helter' F. S. Luethl' 1886 Rose A. Dell' Elva Bllckensderfer Beal, '1943 Berkley Way, Berkley, Callfornla Ada Glnther Duncan' Jesse P. Gram' Vlctor Heck' William F. Heck' Oliver J. Luethl' Allcet 'Meyer Hartman, Bever Avenue, Cedar Raplds, owa Francis C. Huebner' Charles L. Stocker' Laura Morris, Rust Hall, 1150 W. Capital Street, Wash- lngton, D. C. Mollle Everett Keller, H N. Water St., Uhrlchsvllle, O. J. F. Kalser' S. J. Morris, Lebanon, Ohlo H. A. Angel' John Wenger, Garretsville, Ohlo 1888 Agnes M. Stocker, 530 Upper Mt. Ave., Montclalr, N. J. Ida McCreery Davls' Anna Botlmer Rinehart' Martha Bllckensderfer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Carrie E. Taylor' Frank Botlmer' Wllllam Markee' Amelia Slmmers Grahg Mary Kall Jones, Allen Lane S.E., New Phila- delpllhla. Ohio Frank ensch, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Matilda Barnes Steele' I 1889 Lewls E. Everett' Anna Helter Hurst, Mldvale, Ohlo Etta Knauss Darst, 1212 'Fifth Street, Sandusky, Ohlo Allce Gram Hickman' George W. Helter' Llnna Llst Beems, 836 Eastport Ave., Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Edgar A. Stocker. 99 S. Professor Street, Oberlln, Ohlo Harry B. Gram, 1r750 Lamont St., Washington, D. C. Wllllam Hines' Harry W. Luethi' 1890 Pearl .Brownln Morton, Dublin, Ohlo Callle Meyer, Adam's Mlll Road. Apt. 309, Wash- ington, D. C. Victor Everett' Prlce Mllleken' Ina Peter Kepner, 134.2 Harvard St., Washington, D. C. Jessle Peter Westlake, 1342 Harvard St., ashlngton, 'D. C. Emory W. Henderson' 1891 Otto Gray' Estella. eck Rowland, Cadiz, Ohio Wllllam Kinsey, Hodson Street, Ingram, ,Pennsylvania Edward L. Oerter, GIB4 Oxford St., Philadelphia. Pa. John Meese' J. Arthur Stocker' 1892 Nellle Klnsey Wenger' Orpha Slmmers Pfeiffer' Jennie Demuth Schwendlman' Henry Reltz' Harry Hamilton' Edward R. Wenger. RIFD Dennison, Ohlo Emerson Romlg, Keyser, W. Va. 1898 Nettle Varner' Allce IR. Peter, 116 Brevort Road. Columbus, Ohlo Jessie Stocker Taylor, Durham. New .Hampshire Roger Gray' Harry Boudltch, 38319 W. 1-15th St., Cleveland, 'Ohlo Fran W. Gram' Charles W. Glnther. Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Charles Bukev' Samuel D. Mllllken' R. Kurtz Furbay' Harry Mills, Be le Vernon. Penna. Jenn e 'Everett' Mark Browning, Dublln. Ohlo 1894 Peter Gutensohn' Theodore Gutensohn, New England, North 'Dakota John Slmmers, New Philadelphia, Ohlo, RFD 3 Wllllam Krebs, Hudson Street, Ingram, Penna. Orester Helwlg, 32nd Street N.W., Canton, Ohlo .Ernest Lecthy' Eugene Roth' Charles Mllllgan' E. Lorie Kinsey' Sadie Kinsey' Ida Meyer' Bertha Llchty Harper, Fayettesvllle, Arkansas Anna Marker Fred Knauss' 1895 Vernon Everett, Bellevernon, Ohlo Ann.: Gram Stocker, 99 S. Professor St. Oberlln, Ohlo l-'earl Gram Wmsch, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mae Gutensohn Luethl' Elva Hiller Norman, 25.2 North Brldge St., Newcomers- town, Ohlo Henry Heck' Howard Helwlg' Oma Kenneegy Johnson, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Anna Mills allace, RED 2, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Joseph Shull, Gnadenhutten Route 1., Ohlo Allce Tavlor Guest' Alberta Taylor English, S51 M111 St., Lockland, Ohlo Rena Wheland Reese, 120 W. 9th St., Dennison, Ohlo Llllle Warner Wolf, Muskegon, Mlchagan Everett Mllls, W. Tuscarawas Ave., anton, Ohlo 1896 Robert Frazier' Nellie Drumm Patterson' Anna McDowell, Gnadenhutten RFD 1, Ohlo Benedict Blgler, 329 6th St. N.W., New Philadelphia, O. 1897 Ora Harding Stocker, Guernsey, Ohlo Ella Hardlng Llttle' Pearl Kaiser Helter' Mary Gutensohn Hamilton, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Myrtle Parrish Heck, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Gertrude .Eggenberg Suhler' Grace Mllllken Stoutt' Kathryn Heck, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Luella Campbell Gray, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Clara Stocker Creager, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Grace Kinsey Kre s, Hodgson St., Ingram, Penna. 'Pearl Kaiser Dumbauld, 119 South Uhrlch Street, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo 1898 Edward W. Campbell' Esther Eggenberg Frazier, 365 East Avenue, New Phila- delphia, Ohlo Cllffor L. Glass, 1211 St. Clalr, Detroit, Michigan Fred E. Hamilton, 249 Magoazlne Ave., Carnegie, Penna. Mayme Klnsey Gray, Im llege St., New Philadelphia, Ohio Jessie Smith Rose, 2499 Grand Ave. Bronx, New York 'Mary Smith Glass, 121.1 St. Clair, Detroit, Michigan 1899 Anna Mohn Grimm' G Romi ' race g Calvin Mleler, 3525 Irls St., Petersburg, Florida Orrll C. llllken, 319 East 'Rn., Elyria, Ohlo George L. Dumbauld' Otto G, Rank, Gnadenhutten RFD, Ohlo Benjamin J. Wolf, 441. Lee Avenue, Webster Groves, Mlssourl George L. Petry, Spooner, Wisconsin Harry Westhafer' Fran Schwendlman' 1900 Emma Stocker Fendrlck, 580 Upper Mountain Ave., Mt. Cl l N J r ar, ew e sey Laura Hamilton Ruppenthal, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ida Wgutegsohn Marsh, 3151 N. 27th St., St. Petersburg. ' Ol' 8 Ida Campbell, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Pearl Botlmer Miller' Robert Van Vleck, Linden Ave., Ingram, Penna. Elmer Slmmers. 3rd St. N.W., 'New Philadelphia, Ohlo Edward Petry, 173 B. Avenue, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Edward S. Peter, Gnadenhutten, Ohio Charles fMcConnell, 2625 South Union Ave., -Alliance, O. Henry Helter, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo T1-IIRTY-NINE ALUMNI DIRECTORY Charles Bllckensderfer' Mayme Mllls Lanning' Hettle Rogers Kopp' Murlel Webb, 3502 Cllfton Ave., Clnclnnati Ohio 'Lucy R. stocker, 24.4 Park Ave., Tacoma Park, Md. Ida Cummings Gutensohn, 108 Aspen St., Chevy Chase, Md. Mae Steffy Dumbauld' Russel Born' Alvln 'Rank' Charles Sgrlng. Eaton, Ohlo Alvln G. utensohn, 108 Aspen St., Chevy Chase, Md. Leonard Tschudy, 4639 West 228th St., Falrvlew Vil- lage, Cleveland, Ohlo 1902 Bessle -Peter Dell, 106 Chester Pike, Ridley Park. Pa. Foss Cummlngs Peter, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Cecll Campbe Kohler, Z1 Grant St., Dennison, Ohio Marle Petrty McCreery, Gnadenhutten, Ohio Elmer Wol ' George McDowell, Gnadenhutten RFD, Ohlo 1903 Esther Gutensohn Tontz, 183 'Laurelhuers Avenue, Port- land, Oregon Ethel Saunders Davldson, 240 Piedmont Rd., Colum- bus. Ohlo Grace Spring' 1904 Clell McConnell Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Carl M D I1- r e c owe Edward Rank,, Dover, Ohlo, IRJFD Foster Llckey, 318 Columbia Ave., Pulman, Washington Victor Drumm' ' Paul Rogers, Tuscarawas, Ohlo Grace Stocker, 2M Park Ave., Tacoma Park, Md. Clarence Tschudy' Mary. Rlelnke' . Bert a Petry Jeffers' 1905 Ernest Fox' Clarence Rank, Independence, Penna. Fannle Walcott, 335 Splcer Street, Akron, Ohlo Allce Gram Zimmerman' Dennls Kennedy, Gnadenhutten, Ohio Ralph Huebner U Street, Sacramento, California Ear Llndsay, i126 East Flrst St., Long Beach, Calif. 1906 Mary Walters Begland, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo AllceNG1iltfnsto0hn Llckey, 318 Columbia Ave., Pullman, n as ng Elmer Lamneck, 50 Rock Glan Overlook Hllls, Phlladelphla, Penna. Alma Klnsey Raggle, Strasburg Ohlo John Gooding. nadenhutten, hlo Paul S. Cummings, 1340 Main St., 'Follansbee. W. Va. Clara Wheland Crltes, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1907 Maud I-llller 'Wllcoxen, 510 1West Bank St., Uhrlchs- lll Ohl v e, o Leona Shamel, 970 Colllnwood Ave., Akron, Ohlo Ralph Wlnsch' James Rank' Zella Klnsey Long, 1535 Hlllsdale Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Charles E. Mills, 2346 nth St. S.W., Akron 14, Ohlo Frank Rank, Marlon Indiana Allce Lauer Davls, lfhrlchsvllle Ohlo 1-'amue Smith Qlulnn, 104:41 N. cherry st., Canton, ohio Bertle Campbel Newton, 1112 22nd St. S.W., Canton, O. Walter Bllnd, West Lafayette, Ohlo 1908 Zella Kennedy Gram, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Lena Mlksch Parks, Uhrichsvllle, Ohlo Harry Martln, Leader Bldg.. Cleveland, Ohlo Ella Goodlng Otto, 93 East State St., Barberton, Ohlo Irma Lamneck Blind, West Lafayette, Ohlo Lllllan Peter, Marvell, Arkansas, RJFD 1 Allen Zimmerman, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Freda Ssrlnf Stear' Mlnnle' en er Mllllgan, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Warren Spring' Jessie Hamilton Mills 2146 lmth St. SJW. Akron 14, O. Charlotte McDowell. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo RED Charles Mllllken, 3.5 8th St., Lorain, Ohio Ruth Huebner Schnerger, Santa Cruz. Calif. RWD Emma Gutensohn McConnell, Gnadenhuttenb Gllo Glenna Klsllg Horgler, New Philadelphia, hlo Emory Stocker' FORTY 1909 Pearl Petry Hasseman, 258 Grandvlew Ave., New Phlla- delglhia, Ohlo Mauldr Yuebner Redllen, 61 Hlgh Park, Eggertsvllle. Alice Lindsay McMahon' Hazel Huebner Creagz, 303 N. 2nd St., Dennison, Ohlo Allce Martln Welss ' Orchard St., Brldgevllle. Penna. Bernice Rinehart Homan, Maud Hamilton Gooding' Verba Kohler Kall' Carrie Huebner Gooding, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 'Edith Gutensohn Drumm, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo :Nellie Campbell Reiser, Tuscarawas Ohlo cena Hmer Holmes, N. Water sr.. Uhrichsvllle, omo Ethel Juhr Slnwton, 9.62 Franklin Ave., Columbus 5, O. Mary Tschudy olfe, Massillon, Ohlo Curtis Shull, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1910 Clemmle Glbbens Smith' Faye ,Hamilton 'Parrish' 'Florence Simmons .Butler, Tuscarawas Valley Sanatar- ium, New Philadelphia, Ohlo Frances Webb S ring, Eaton, Ohlo Edmund Selss, 151141 N. wth St., North Philadelphia. Penna. Earl Guthrie, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Robert Walter, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1911 Carl V. Winsch, Dormont So. Hills, Pittsburgh, Penna. Mary Mauderly, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mayme Wheland Donaldson, Flrst St., Uhrichsvllle, O. Veryl Gray Lentz' Grace Campbell Reiser, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ada Burson Adcock. Mary Van Vleck Wohlwend, Elm St., Alhambra, Callf. Gladys Hamllton Green, 421 E. Nlnth St.. Uhrichsvllle, Ohl Edith Pcetry Glass, Newton rFalls, Ohlo Nora Kinsey Kramer, 10622 Normal Ave.. Chicago, lll. 1912 Fannie Gross Dletrlch, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Bess Hamilton Gooding. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mary Gooding Balllet, :New Phlladelghla, Ohlo Grace Mathias Velglel, Uhrichsvllle, hlo RFD 2 Grace Dumbauld B ackburn, Bremen, Ohlo Lucille McCreery Rice, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Cl l Pf iff r' a re e e Emory Schupp. Newcomerstown, Ohlo Jarngs ovgglllanw, .Box D48 'Brooklyn Station, Cleveland -, o Charles Gross, Palos Verdes Estates, Callfornla Ray Matthews, 1.106 18th St.. Columbus, Ohlo Harry Leonhard, 208 Carlo St., Mt. Washlngton, Pitts- burgh, Penna. Walter Petry. 34.14 Telford Ave.. Clnclnnatl m, Ohio Gilbert McConnell, cfo Mosaic Tlle Co., Zanesville, O. Walter Ulrich' Samuel Clum' Inez Petry Blnnln , Drexel Hill, Penna. Marie Hamilton olfe, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ruth Mlksch Spear, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Elma Zimmerman, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mabel Gutensohn -Armstorng, 1346 West 89th St., Cleve- land, Ohlo Vlctor Petry. Alllqulppa, Penna. Wallace -Walcott, cfo Francis Walcott, 335 Spicer St., Akron, Ohlo Earl Rinehart' ggyaf. Rinehart, 102 Bell Ave., Burgettstown, Penna. Y Ye, Samuel Gutensohn' Rolland Strohmelr, Bethlehem, Penna. 1914 1913 v5 Flora Mathews Mangold, Ina Blind May, East Hlgh Ave., New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Elmer Gutensohn. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Clarlce Schupp Fisher, Box 13-. Uhrichsvllle, Ohlo Edna Hamilton Grott, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Martha Kinsey Gutensohn, Antlgo, Wlsconsln John Gross' Iva Rank Cramer, Clinton, Ohlo Freda Gardner Ervin, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo RFD 1915 Garret Rank 29 Penn Blvd., East Lansdown, Phila- dellwla. Penna. Mellle heland Acheson, cfo Ohlo Power Co.. Millers- burg. Ohlo Verne Rinehart ALUMNI DIRECTORY Esther Johnson Gram, RFD 5, Carrollton, Ohlo Alta Petry Ruppenthal. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Carrie Selss, 2914 N. 26th St., North Phlladelphla, Pa. Esther Webb Creager, Eaton, Ohlo RFD 1916 Charles Gardner. 24133 W. 78th Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Dewey McConnell, 3343 Sherlock Ave., Clnclnnatl, Ohio Kent Gray, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Robert Petry, Sherman St., Mlddletown, Ohio Mlnerva Hamllton Slmmers' Irma? Kinsey Frlll, 102 Boggs Ave., Apt. 3, Plttsburgh, enna. Pearl Glbbens Relser, Strasburg, Ohlo . 1917 Eunice Huston Miller' Florence Johnson' Lucy McConnell Miller, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Dale Peter, E15 'Brevort Rd.. Columbus, Ohlo Raymond 'F. Peter, Adams Mllls, Ohlo Esther E. Petry 1-lughes,' East Port Avenue, Uhrlchs- vllle, Ohio Lulu 'Rupert Smith, Zola Saunders Stuckey, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Grace Wheland Furbag. Eastport Ave., Uhrlchsvllle, O. Herbert Gray, Gnaden utten. Ohlo Ralph Johnson, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Wa ter Schneider' Paul Glass' Flora Drumm Walston, Barberton, Ohlo Kathryn Kohler' Esther Gardner Mllllgran Bertha Smith Crltes. uscarawas, Ohlo Helen Hamllton Farrell, Lisbon, Ohio Mayme Matthews Kennard' Francls Hamllton Mead, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1919 Nellle Walton Jones, Newcomerstown, Ohio Grant Dumbauld' Ruth Hamllton Blschel, iQ Commercial Ave. SE., New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Walter Ham lton' Floyd Glass, 1-1511 Central Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Ethel Glass Gutensohn, Gnadenhutten, Ohio Valdna Spring Unger, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Robert amll on, oshocton, Ohlo Bessie Mllllgan Barrick, Center Ave.. Carne le, Pa. Emmett Bllnd, East Hlgh Ave., New Phlladelgphla, Ohlo Edward Struchen' Carl Bender, 117i North 5th St., Dennlson, Ohlo Clarlce Brown Arthurs, North Industry. Ohlo Raymond Hackendorf, Coffetyvllle, Kansas Grace Hamllton -Miller, Gna enhutten, Ohlo Lewis Wlnsch, Tuscarawas, Ohlo Mildred Demuth Klstler, Newcomerstown, Ohlo Lena Halnes Wright, Harold Everett, Tuscarawas, Ohlo 1920 Allce Rinehart Kimbrough' Russell E. Klnseli' Donald Martin. idvale. Ohlo Anna Kaiser Montague, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Helen Haupert Everett, Tuscarawas, Ohlo Adrian Mathias, Bell Avenue, Dover, Ohlo Florence Gray, lm Collge Street, New Phlladelphla, O. Dean Kinsey, RIFD 1. nadenhutten, Ohio Olen Pfeiffer' Edna Shull Pfeiffer Huebner' Henri' Spring, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Lloy Lentz 1921 Wllkgalgl Tracy, The Plalns, RFD 4, New Philadelphia, o Doroth Hamllton Tracy, The Plalns. RFD 41, New ,Phlyladelp:hla, Ohlo Ruth Peter felfter, 'Cross Street. Dover, Ohlo Wllbur Shull. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Floy Lyons, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Fred Gooding, Ephrata, Pa. John Pfeiffer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Cecil Brown, Fort Worth, Texas Pauline Mllllgan' Faye Helter Bowers, Gnadenhutten, Ohio 1922 Mayne Heck. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1923 . Edward C. Milliken, 430 North Market Street, East Palestine, Ohlo Dorthy Gllmore Roman. Buena Vista, Colorado Theodore 1Relnke, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Alma A. Klnsc-3' Llndberg, Palatine, Illlnols Walter Glass, anton, Ohlo Newton B. Cappel, 15806 Judson St.. Cleveland, Ohlo Mary E. Schreiner Peter, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Wllllam E. Lindon, RJFD 41, ,New Philadelphia, Ohlo Florence Everett Hanna, Bellevue RLFD 7, Penha. John M. Gray, Port Washington, Ohio Blanche Dlchler Berkshire, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Frederick Heck' 1924 Francis 'Nussbaum, R4FD 3-, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Luther Lindon, ,Port Washington, Ohlo Victor Schreiner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Harold Thomas, North Water St., Uhrlchsvllle, Ohio Clara Mae Reed Hamllton, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mary Bender Rosbaum, 45.11 Fulton Parkway, Cleve- and, Ohlo Mary Pfeiffer, 1-1158 Auburn Place N.E., Canton. Ohlo Julia Shull Russel, RQFD 5, Youngstown, Ohlo Gladys Brown Wallace. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1925 Gall Hamllton, Wllcoxen St.. Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Margaret Hamllton, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mary Keffer Weston' Josephine Snyder Glass, 11148 Maryland St. S.W., Can- ton, Ohlo Ruth Mllllgan Clegg, 1242 S. 'Eucalyptus Ave., Haw- thorne, lCallf. Albert Sindllnger, Hopewell, New Jersey Ray Peter, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Carl R. Martin, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Harry Shull, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Paul Williams' Vera Shull Mllllken, 4230 North Market St., E. Pales- tlne Ohlo Esther Ulrich Opphell, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Bertha Dlx Horn, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Heywood Cappel, IM West Cross, Anderson, Indiana John Tlelylor, Newcomerstown, Ohlo Vergll cMullen Dayton, RFD 2, ,Port Washington. O. 1926 Russell Bennett, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Mary Blind Veley, RFD, Port Washington, Ohln Floyd Cappel, RFD 2, Port Washington, Ohlo Wllma Demuth Taylor, RIFD, Newcomerstown, Ohlo I-'. Lowell Demuth, 96459 State St., Schenectady, N. Y. Elmer Dlckler, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Raymond Drumm' He en Frey Mlller, RFD, New Phlladeltphla, Ohlo Hazel Glbbens .Blockwell, Pamona, Call ornla Donald Hamllton, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Nellie Heck Paige, Washington Ave., Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Kathryn Klnse1iFGrlmsley, Wlnterset, Ohlo RFD 1 Homer Meek, D, Freeport, Ohlo Edith Peters Phllllps, Tippecanoe, Ohlo Benjamin Pfeiffer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ada Rankin Galbraith, 515 Park Ave., New Phila- delphia, Ohlo George C. Relnke, Glen Lock, Pa. Paul W. Schreiner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Clyde Taylor. RFD, Newcomerstown, Ohlo 'Mary Wheland Pfeiffer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1927 Edlth Schreiner Begland, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Paul Kennedy, Buclrszaye Lake, Ohlo Julla M. Pfeiffer, L Auburn ,Place NJE., Canton. Ohlo Walter Begland, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Bernice M. Uhrlch Dlchler, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo John M. Hogue. RFD, Coshocton, Ohlo Lena R. Taylor Schreiner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo William H. Helter, 1652 Russett Ave., Dayton 10, Ohlo Pauline Shull Tedrlck, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo John Galbraith, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo RFD '1 Sarah Heck Barnes, 499 Haynes Avenue, Barberton. Ohl Earl L.oKohl, 1419 26th St. N.W., Canton, Ohlo Glenghf-I. Gllmore. 222 North 'Dawson St., Uhrlchsvllle, o Mertyl Gibbens Schreiner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ralph Bennett, 717 Spring Street, Dennison. Ohlo Charles E. Edwards, RiF 2, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Eleanor Nltzschke, 175 Oak Ave.. Oakwood Heights, N. Y., St ten Island 6 a Ruth Workman, Princeton, New Jersey 1928 Taylor Kinsey, 2nd 8: Broad St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohlo Thelma Parrish Bllckensderfer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Clarence Uhrich, Water St., Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo June,CampbelI Ripley, 126 Wilson Ct.. Huntington, W. a. FORTY-ONE ALUMNI DIRECTORY Albert Bllckensderfer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Isabelle Schwendlman Haupert, RFD, Port Washlng- ton. Ohlo Grace Ixonhard Bllckensderfer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Raymond Galbraith, RFD 3, Sclo, Ohlo Ruth Bllnd, -MaJor QWACS, Warner Robins Air Field Base. Georgla Frederick Mlller, Port Washlngton, Ohlo Myrtle Klnsey Kall, 813 S. I roadway, 'New Phlla- delfahla, Ohlo Dale B ind, Port Washington, Ohlo Mary Miller, Port Washington, Ohlo Georg McCreery, Tuscarawas, Ohio Rnyl emuth, Bowerstown, Ohlo Aileen Benson' 1929 Clyde Bennett, RFD, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Francis Bllckensderfer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Raymond Bllckensderfer' Paul Cappel, Gnadenhutten Ohlo Lois Crltes Helrnerlch, RFD ll, West Lafayette, Ohlo Paul Demuth, RJ-'D 1, Gahanna, Ohlo Thelma Goodlaii Herbert, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Homer Kohl, D, Port Washington, Ohlo Erma Leohhard Helmbrook, 821 Dellwood St., Bethle- hem, Penna. Helen Pfeiffer, Canton Ohlo Edgar Rlnehart, IBB Virginia Ave., Columbus, Ohlo Dorthy Rank Slmmerman Dorthy Schreiner Frank, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Benjamin Schreiner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Allce Ulrich, Z3 Curtls Ave., Newark, Ohlo Albert Ulrich, 'RFD Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Kathr n Wheland Davis Idema, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Paul Wlnsch, 55 Edgemonth Rd., Newark, Ohlo Alvln Wllllams' 1930 Margaret Kinsey, RJFD 2, Port Washlngton. Ohlo Arlene Clark Close, Mlllersburg, Ohlo Paul Zlmmerman, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Vernon Petry, Uhrlchsvllle. Ohlo Lucllle Mart n Tlsh' Cyrll McMullen RlFD 2, Port Washlxgton, Ohlo Oecella Miller Everett, Tuscarawas, hlo Roy Petry, Tuscarawas, Ohlo Beryl M. Parrlsh, Bowling Green, Ohlo Margaret Wllllams Kinsey, RJFD, Port Washington, O. Lllllan Wohlwend 'Bond, 'Port Washington. Ohlo E. Clarence Fox' Wllma Zlmmerman, Hartford. Conn. Emma Wolfe Hines. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Grace Schwendlman Blckle, 800 N. Cory, Findlay, Ohlo Vodean Kohler' 1931 Josephlne Kinsey Frlzzell, RFD 2, Port Washington, O. Paul ne Klnsegi RFD 2, Port Washington, Ohlo Nova Helter. 4 Walnut Street. Ashland, Ohlo Charles Hormell, Troy. Ohlo Francis Petry, Dayton, Ohlo Algha Petry Armstrong, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Jo n Crltes, Gnadenhutten Ohlo Isabelle 'Rank Horsfall, RFD 11, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Robert Clark. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Helen Zimmerman Demuth, Bowerston, Ohlo Ethel Steinbach Decker. Tuscarawas. Ohlo Denver Kohl, 811 Race St., Dover, Ohlo Jack McKeown, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Eugiene Fox. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Cat erlne Mlller Schupp. RFD 1, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1932 Perry Ames, IM Broadway, Anderson, Indiana Dale Clark, RFD 3, Wellington, Ohlo Edlth Edwards Downs, Sclo, Ohlo Marcella Hearing Culbertson, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ethel Klnsey Medley, 1.15 Poplar Ave., Dover, Ohlo Grace Klnsey, Erma Mlller, RFD Port Washlngton, Ohlo Lester Miller. RFID. Port Wash ngton, Ohlo Thelma Miller Cappel, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo FORTY-TWO Leota Myers Weston, Robert Parrish, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Edward Peter, 1.115 West 'Flrst St., Uhrlchsvllle. Ohlo Eugene Rldgway, 703Vg West lst St., Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Edwin Riley, Newcomerstowrh Ohlo Mildred Schreiner Clark, Gna enhutten, Ohlo Fred Schwendlman, RlFD, Port Washllbgton, Ohlo George Ulrich, Legion Ave., Oakland, allfornla John Wohlwend, rrollton, Ohlo Ernest Zlmmerman, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mary Williams Kinsey, 'RFD 3, .New Phlladelghla, O. Jean Campbell Bennett, RFD, Uhrlchsvllle, 0 lo 1933 Edward Campbell, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Frances Carson, Dorothy Clark, Eleaner Decker, Alice Dietrich Zlmmerman, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Herbert Demuth. Friendshlp St., Medlna Ohlo Earl Drumm, 24001 'Frank Ave., North Olmstead Sta- tion. Cleveland, Ohlo Paul Edwards 660 Grove Ave., Galllon, Ohlo Eleanor Fox Miracle, 6402 Forest Ave., Bucyrus, Ohlo Lloyd Glazler, RlFD, Newcomerstown, Ohlo Ruby Glazler, Earl Gooding, RFD 1, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Robert Good ng, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Joseph Horsfa l, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo RFD 1 John Heck, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Archie Hunt' Heleghsiuppenthal Wages, Eastport Ave., Uhrlchsvllle. o Harry Metzgar, New Phladelphla, Ohlo Fred Kllchenmann, Rag Ave., New Phladelphla, Ohlo Erma Kohl Struchen, nadenhutten, Ohlo Julla Kohler, RFD, New Philadelphia, Ohlo Vlrglnla Kohler, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Wallace Lockett, Jr., Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Wallace Lockett, Jr., Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Eugene May, RQFD 1-, 'Navarre, Ohlo Sarah McConnell Kavage, Yorkvllle, Ohlo Isabelle Reichman, Canton, Ohlo Edith Stelnbaugh Chakman' Leonard Stoller, T11 15th St., Canton 4, Ohlo Wllllam Wilbarger, 22 Fulton Avenue, Newark, Ohlo Robert Kennedy, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo 1934 Wllma Mlller Everett, RFD 1-, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Vivian Helter Hamilton. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Wanda Klnseyi RFD lr, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Grace Miller offman, RJ-'D 3, New Philadelphia. Ohlo Freda Matthews Beal, Park Ave.. New Phila elphla, O. Mary Kinsey, RIFD 3, New Philadelphia, Ohlo Carolyn I-Ioman Thompson, 2nd St., Dennlson, Ohlo 'Ruth Loper, Helen Parrish Schrock, RFD 12, Box 56. Ellet Sta., Akron, Ohlo Dorothy Gram Kall, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Lee Kall, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo David Rankin, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Ira Struchen, Gnadenhuten, Ohlo Melvln Struchen, East Hlgh Ave., New Phlladelphla. O. Edwin Biggs, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Roy Haml ton, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Walter Bllckensderfer, RFD 1, Uhrlchsvllle. Ohlo Rlchard Hamilton, Dennlson, Ohlo Francis Zlmmerman, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1935 Robert Bennett, RaFD, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Mary Butler Hahn, B56 4th St., New .Phlladelphla, Ohlo John Campbell, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Helen Demuth Sllness, 180 Fallls Rd., Columbus M, O. Lois Demuth, Merne Dletrlch, 738 Trenton Ave., Uhrlchsvllle. Ohlo Donald Drumm, 3W5 West 22'm.h St.. Fairview Park, Cleveland. Ohlo Mary Johnson Farrell. Port Washlngton, Ohlo Roy Duper, 'RED 1., Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Orphlg Cggsttge Lewls, 1348 'Falrvlew Ave.. Columbus , ' 0 Richard Gooding, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Walter Grott, Jr., Gnadenhutten, Ohlo ALUMNI DIRECTORY Wllllam Hamilton, 385 West 227th St., Falrvlew Park. Cleveland, Ohlo Earl Kennedy, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Paul Kohl, 11387 Dueber Ave. S.W., Canton, Ohlo Eugene Kohler, -H0 Sgqrlnrs St., Dennison, Ohlo Ruth Maudecxgy Gray, 1 orth Third St., Dennison, O. Margaret M onnel Zeller' John Metzger, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo June Murphy Mildred Petry -Ralnsberiir RFD 2, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Irma Phllllgs Brown, D, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Martha Rls er Struchen, East Hlgh Ave., New Phlla- delphia, Ohlo Ruth Jean Spear Lockett. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Dean Stoller, Gnadenhuten, Ohlo Russell Skaer, RFD, Port Washington, Ohlo Lee Roy' Weston, Tuscarawas, Oh o Gwendolyn Hines Mertezigr' Woodrow Morrison, 2, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo 1988 Charles Crltes. Gnadenhutten Ohlo Zella Mae 'Davidson Snlder, RFD 2, Mlamlsburg, Ohlo Chester Harmon. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Roy Kennedy. 35 North 2nd St., Dennison. Ohlo Freda Kllchenmann Harmon, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Harold Kohl Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Paullne Kohler Brick, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Earl Leonhard. Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Edna Metzger Kefler, RlFD 3, 'New Phlladeghia. Ohlo Homer Mll er, RFD 3, New Phlladelghla, hlo Florence Mlller, RFD 3 New Phlla elphla, Ohlo June Murphy Tedrow, RFD 1, Port Washington, Ohlo Robert Rank, RFD 1.. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Llllghliffae Rankin Kelser, Park Hlll, Newcomerstown, o Sylvia Relchman Wohlwend, Carrollton, Ohlo A ene 'Walter Stoller, Canton, Ohlo Evelyn Klnsey, RLFD 3, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Elleen 'Loper, 3581 Berkley Rd.. Cleve and, Ohlo 1937 Earl Hamllton' June Andrews, Krypton, Kentucky Howard Melzer, R , Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Vlrilnla Blggs Parrish, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Rut Zimmerman Baker, Newcomerstown, Ohlo Harold Klnsey, RFD 3, New Philadelphia, Ohlo Grace Zimmerman Day. Canton, Ohlo Gusty Stoller, 420 Woodside, North Canton, Ohlo John Stephenson, Farmington, Mlnn. Betty Hamilton Warren, nnlson, Ohlo Rag Shull, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ro g'ltlMetzger, A05 Front S. N.W., New Philadelphia, o Evelyn Hearlng Stoller, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Wes ey Rank' Isabel e .Everett Bregenzer, RFD. St, Charles, Mlnn. Lonnle Jones, RJFD 3. New Phlladelphia, Ohlo 1938 Paul Bennett, Granvllle, Ohlo Glenn Cappell, cfo Cappell Motor Sales, New Phlla- delphla, Ohlo Russell Decker, RFD, Port Washington. Ohlo Betty Jane Dletrlch Coe. RFD 4., arrollton, Ohlo Ruth Drumm Myers, Detrolt. Michigan Ralph Ervin. W. Hlgh St.. New hlladelphia, Ohlo Wllma Ervln, George Goodlng' Edlth I-lamllton Harrlson, 522 Tuscarawas Avenue, New .Phlladelphla, Ohlo Thurma Hearlng Moorehead, Florlda Dorothy Huebner Relchman, RFD 7, North Canton, O. Donna Klnsey, RFD, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Edward Kohl, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Ollver Kohl, 3018 Patton Place. Canton, Ohlo Ethel Leonhard Crltes. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Rachel Leonhard Krauss, 4.42 Front St. S.W., New Phil d I hl Ohl e p a. Martha fsockett Kall, oPhoenlx, Arizona Elleen McDwett Grott, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Earl McGee, 2604 Lorain Road, North Olmstead, Ohlo Martha Rank Ervln W. Hlgh St., New Philadelphia, 0. Eugene Schreiner, RFD, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Donna Shull Camdabell, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Elleg:uSlmmers rlmm, 814 Esslg Court N.W., Canton. o Lols Jean Wheland Loader, RFD, Cambridge, Ohlo James White, 5 East Tompklns, Columbus, Ohlo Donald Wllbarger, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1989 Viola Butts. Vera Campbell Rose, Coshocton, Ohlo Earl Crltes. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Eileen Ervln Allman, Easton, Pa, Robert Frey, RFD 3, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Leland Goettge' Gladys Glauser Burrler, RFD, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Walter Glazler, Tuscarawas, Ohlo June Hamilton Christiansen, 7117 Cole St., San Fran- cisco Callfornla Eugene Heck, 128 West 'Zlth St., Dover. Ohlo Vesta Hines Rentsch, Tuscarawas, Ohlo Charles Kall, Phoenlx, Arlz. Leonard Llntner, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Richard Metzgr, RJF-D 3, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Ollver Mlller, aldoch, South Carolina Robert Mlller, Llsbon Rd., Salem, Ohlo Warren Parrlsh, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Wllllam Postel, RFD 2, Tippecanoe, Ohlo Mary Slmmers, 14th Avenue. Columbus, Ohlo Kathryn Stoller Kohl, 811 Race St., Dover, Ohlo Thelma Tipton Heck, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Betty Tharp Mlller, Tuscarawas, Ohlo Ruth Wllbarger Wettlck, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1940 MaryJhBlackburn Rother, 1818 East 10lst St., Cleveland, o Nick Vuronlch, 1114 Castle Ave., Cleveland 13, Ohlo Thomas Conwell, 506 Wooster Avenue, Dover, Ohlo Norwood Davldson, D1 Donner Rd., North Canton, O. Vera ,Edwards Gooding, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Irma Georg, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mary Lou rott Mlller, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Glenn Hamilton' John Homan, Salem, Ohlo Robert Kadrl, cfo Joe Kadrl, RFD 1. Gnadenhutten. O. Beatrice Kall Lannlng, Newcomerstown, Ohlo. RFD Ray Kennedy, Dover, Ohlo Lerrghfilnsey, 322 Tuscarawas Ave., New Phlladelphla, o Robert Klser, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mildred Kopp Rank, Ethel Lawver Overhault, RFD, West Lafayette Ohlo June Leonhard Allensworth, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Harold Metzger' Dean Mills, nadenhutten, Ohlo Josephine Mlshler Llntner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Clarence 'Rank' Wllllard Rlce, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Kathleen Slmmers Rlsher, Lake O Sprlngs. North Can- ton, Ohlo. RFD Nada Jean Wright Chaney, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo 19-Il Phyllss Dietrich Fellers. RFD, New Philadelphia, Ohlu Eugene Huebner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Da e Shelpaard' Pauline etzger Thompson, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo, RFD 2 Florence Klnsey, 22 Russel Avenue, Akron, Ohlo Robert Ervin, Tuscarawas, Ohlo Wllllam Rldgway, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Howard Clum, LK McCook Ave.. Dennison, Ohlo Roy Mlller' Donna Angel, Dover, Ohlo M th Lo ar a er Lena Maperl Thomason, RJFD 2.bUhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Slalm5'i.Emli2' kanossnmur .Ul"'5'Pv'Bil Um" en m , ano e, , rc sv e, o Dorghglrltes Bontemp, 110559 Chestnut St., Coshocton. o Dallas Crltes, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Geneva Davls Keller, RFD 2, 'Port Washington, Ohlo Evelyn 'Mllllgan Grosenbacher, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo FORTY-THREE - W ALUMNI DIRECTORY Joseph Vanslckle, Bollvar Road, Canton, Ohlo John Uacklf Miller, 740 Hand Avenue, Winton Place, Clncl n tl Ohl n a , o Rus ell 'Bllnd, Gnadenhutten, Ohio June Marie Hamilton Paugh, Gm West Street, Chlcago, Illlnols Mary Margaret Proud Barnett, RED 1. Dorset, Ohlo Vera Good ng Weston, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Maxine Ervln Elmer Kadrl, cfo Joe Kadrl, RFD 11, Gnadenhutten, O. 1942 Charles Bargar, Freeport, Ohlo Hazel .Bennett Flllman, Port Washington, Ohio Clara Jane Blggs Kohl, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Albert Galbraith, 5041 Logan Street, Dennison, Ohlo Clara Huebner, -Phyllls Kllchenmann Flnnlcum, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Vandella Kohler Zeller, Graceham, Maryland Robert Kopp, 343 'North Chesterfield Road, :Apartment 8, Columbus, Ohlo Julla Lassan Kundrat, 183213. 89th St., Cleveland, Ohlo Walter Linden, RPD 1, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Don Mlller, John Metzgar. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Glenn Montague, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Elmer Morrison, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Robert J. Parrish, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Kathryn Rank, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Betty RldgwaaJGram, RFD 2, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Dale Shul , 1., Gold St., Apt. 12-D, North Arlington, New Jersey Cecll Spurlock Wllllam Schreiner Betty Stephenson Moore, Gnadenhuten, Ohlo 'Betty Ttgvton West, RFD, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Wenlfre Wolfe Drumm, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo I9-43 Ruth Blackburn. Bremen, Ohlo Wenlfred Davls Baker, RFD Gnadenhutten, Ohlo MlldredE Dletrlc2lf1mMgller, ARFDN lanadlelnhutlgelrh glilom Jamgsm ggan, o ve. . ., ' ew a ep a, o Ma? ,Enos Canton, Ohlo Kat leen Ervin, Charles Glauser, RFD, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Dorls Hamllton Troendly, RAFD .1, Stonecreek, Ohlo Mary Horsfall, Newcomerstown, Ohlo Mary Huebner Parrish, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Betty Klnsey Smith, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Elva Klnsey Morrison, Corner lB:eker 81 Union Ave.. New Philadelphia. Ohlo Roy Klnsey, RFD 3, New Philadelphia. Ohlo Kenny Kohl, Gnadenhutten, Ohio Ralph Long, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Wll lam Lockett Gnadenhutten Ohlo charles uvnner, Gnadenhutten. ohio Mae Miller Bethel, St. Clalrsvllle Ohlo Jessle Mlnter, 713 Flory Ct. NE., Canton, Ohlo Emma Lou Parker Hurst, 23444 East Ave., Columbus, O. Maude Rude Fuller Newport Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Franklyn Schupp, RFD, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Harold Slmmers RFD 3, New Philadelphia, Ohlo ilick Struchen, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo on uear, Marleqlllard Cutllp, Frankfurt, Ohlo Eugene Wllson, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo 1944 Donna Rae 'Baird Gaynor, Newcomerstown, Ohlo Ethel Caldwell Norman, Dellroy, Ohlo Ralph Dletrlch 620 Ordln Place, Akron, Ohio Estel Baker, Rlverslde, Ohlo Dorotla' Glauser Lockett, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ruth uebner Eggan, 219 Ohlo Ave. N.W., New Phlla- dellfxhla Ohlo Ruth amllton, Mary Kohler Cralgo, 30 S. Perry Denver, Ohlo Jean Kohl Wilkln, W. State St., Newcomerstown, Ohlo Wllllam Kllchenmann, Gnadenhutten, Ohio Jane Miller Wheeler, Kingston Ohlo Myra Mow! wmroa, New Phliadelphia, ohm Ruth Parrish Porter, New Philadelphia, Ohlo Donna Rice Velely Erma Slmmers awcett, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Marlon Spurlock, RFD 2, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo FYJRTY-'FOUR Constance Proud Robinson, 11441 Neighbor St., New- comerstown, Ohio Wllllam Vansclkle, George Schupp. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1945 Wllllam Drumm, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ralph Couts, RFD 2, Port Washington, Ohlo Betty Coen Rose Enos, RFD 2, Port Washington, Ohlo Harold Gram, Minerva, Ohlo Harold Goettge, Zi!!! Olentangee Rd., Columbus 12, O. Walter Gutensohn, N. Second St., Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Maude 'Baumberger Jones, RFD 1, Tippecanoe, Ohlo John Klnsey, Tuscarawas, Ohio Majorle Klnsey, gean Kqopp King, 3-10 Commonwealth. Mlsslllon, Ohlo ean op , Orin Hear?ng, Jr., Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Allce Hines Wllson. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Lots Metzger Ickes, Sharon Valley, New Philadelphia W 2FI?vI3izOhlo an a e ger, gilllglaxn waitin, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo ss gan. Wlyllam Lawver. RFD L. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Raymond Smith, Water St., Uhrlchsville, Ohlo Suzanne Rldgway Gram, Mlnerva, Ohlo Raymond Huebner, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Gene Thomas, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Darlene Wllllams Haugh, 404 N. Walnut St., Uhrlchs- vllle, Ohio 1946 Dean Baird, RFD 2, Port Washington, Ohio Barbara Blackburn, Bremen, Ohlo James Crawshaw, Howard Grosenbacher' Bessie Huebner, Cleveland, Ohlo Betty Lawver Shuss, RFD 11. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Russel Jarvis, RJFD. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Verna Mishler Stelnbach, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo ,Eugene Mlshler, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Phyllss Montague Parrish, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo June Miller Mathias. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Jean MoMorrow Ralnes, Columbus, Ohlo Wllllam Roche, 2646 Maytleld Rd.. Cleveland, Ohlo Rlchard Struchen, Gnadenhuten, Ohlo Betty Stewart Littleton, RFD 1, Dover, Ohlo Lols Grosenbacher Schmidt, 913 East St., Springfield, 0. Mary Jane Hamilton Pritchard. 1918 Holgate, eflance. ' Ohio Ray Parrish, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Donna Campbell Davls, 112 Ohlo Ave., McDcnald, Ohlo 1947 Lillian Bennington, Majorle Bowers Kohler, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Grace Enos Miller, 'North Salem, Ohlo Emma Gilmore Huprich, Dover, Ohlo Robert Hearing, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Helen Huebner Cooke, Columbus, Ohlo Roy Huebner, Gnadenhutten, Ohio John Huston RFD, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Lloyd Kan Gnadenhutten, ohm Geraldine Klnsey Crawshaw, Pauline Llndon, RFD, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Jacqueline 'Mlnter Schupp, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Jayne Parker Bartles, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Albert Relser, Rlchard Rice, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Donald Rldgway, Gnadenhutten Ohlo lNorma SCIIUPD, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Rlchard Schupp, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Helen Storrle, Arlene Schwendlman, RFFD 2, Port Washington, Ohlo Clemet Wolfe, 381. 'Park Ave., Manseld, Ohlo 'Mary Klnsey, RFD 3, 'New Philadelphia, Ohlo 1948 Alvin Ervin, RFD 1, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Fred Crouse, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo -4. F I I ALUMNI DIRECTORY galph Sigfncer, 25 McConnell St., Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo onna nes. James Stewart RJFD 1, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Albert Blind, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Jerry Cangirbell, Gnadenhutten. Ohio Clarence um, Maxlne Struchen Lehigh. Gnadenhutten, Ohio Doyle Kohler. Gnaden utten. Ohlo Lloyd Lentz, RFD 2, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Florence Tedrow Slnghaus, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Glenn Mowl, Harriet Hamilton Elsle. Richard 'Mowl, Cadiz. Ohlo Earrgalst P. McMorrow, Tuscarawas Ave., Gnadenhutten, o Earl Furbay, RFD 3. New Philadelphia, Ohlo Robert Peter, Lexington Park, Md. Martha Huebner Gephart, Greentown, Ohlo Roy Benedum. N. Broadway, New Philadelphia. Ohlo Ruth Mlller Roth, RJFD 2, Port Washington, Ohlo Clifford Keck. Ruby Storrle. Dlck Shamel, Coopersburg. Pa. Norma lMauderly Davidson. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Alice Grlfflth Long. Gandenhutten. Ohlo Donald Braum, Rl D. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1949 Earnest Bennington, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Worney 'Edwar s Richard Frey, also 3. New Pmladelpma, omo Mervln Hamilton, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo Emma Lou Hooker Mowl, Cadlz, Ohlo Richard Hunt. RFD 1, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Patrlcla Huebner Harmon. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Ednamae Jarvis, Columbus, Ohlo Ross Keffer, Port Washlngton, Ohlo Gene Kendelgh, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Mabel Kinsey Avon, New Phlladelfrhla, Ohlo Donald Kohler, Gnadenhutten, Oh o Wllllam Lentz, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo James Lindon. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Vlrglnla Mlller, Columbus, Ohlo Eugene Montague. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Dorls Nelson, 1330 :Arapahoe Rd. S.E.. Massillon, O. Charles Roblnson, RF 1. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Walter Slnghaus Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Robert Stewart, RFD 1., Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Glenn Tharp, Jerry Vlrtue, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1950 Ora Baker, Jr., Phoenix, Arizona Dale Brick, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Ruth Jean Crouse Parrish, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ollver Deardorff, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Merrlll 'Enos' ' Dorothy Garrett Lawver, RFD, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Walter Glauser. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Eva Grosenbacher Schaeffer, RFD, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Era Grosenbacher. Columbus, Ohlo Wayne HardinI5i?RFD. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Paul Hustonf I D 2, Port Washington. Ohlo Rebecca Ann Jones. Chalmers Ebawver, RAFD. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Claire Kauffman .Borlng. St. Augustine. Florida Paul Kuhn, RFD 3, New Phllade phla, Ohlo Harold Galle McMorrow, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Marlam Milligan Browning. Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Ralph Miller, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Ber Morrison. RFD 2. Port Washington, Ohio Betty Moore Lorenz. Ray Ave., New Philadelphia, Ohlo Betty Rankin Rldgway. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Marilyn Relchman Vlrtue, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Lllllan Shull Rufflnl. West Third St.. Uhrlchsvllle. Ohio Robert Wolf, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1951 Robert Bllckensderfer. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Melba Brick Day. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Rebekah Ervln, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo. RFD 1 'Mary Ann Galbraith Ankrom, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Margkalret Jean Shull, New Philadelphia, Ohlo Sue che, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Robert Jarvis, New Phlladelphla, Ohlo, RFD 3 -Nellle Ann Huebner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Walter Kinsey. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Joan Grlfflth, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo, RFD 1 Joy Kinsey, Robert Wllbarger, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo - Benjamin Pfeiffer Jr., Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Anna McMorrow koyro, Terrace Ave., Columbus, Ohlo Zelda Metzger, Sclo, Ohlo Donald Unger, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Phyllis Hines Morrison, Tgmpecanoe, Ohlo, RFD 2 Leorghforter Hines, West lgh Ave., New Philadelphia, o Ronald Kohl, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1952 Wllllam Bennlngton, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Paul Brlck. 136 Scott Street, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Ramona Clum Blackwell, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Patrlcla Crouse lParrlsh. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo .Erma Gilmore Jackson, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo James Hunt, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo, RFD 11 James Kadrl, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo, 'RLFD 1 Gerald Martin, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Paul McMullen, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Arlene 'Meek Stafford, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Connle Glbson Lindon, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Joanne Garrett Gamms, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo Raymond Robinson, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo RFD 1. Erma Robinson, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo, Ri'-D '1 Norma Schuplp, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Ruth Jean S ull Creager, Gary Struchen. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo James Shamel, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Richard Jarvlsfl New Philadelphia, RFD 3 Howard Weston, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Ronald Weston, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Betty Wolf Kall, Maln Street, Uhrlchsvllle, Ohlo 1953 James EL.. Baker, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo C. Richard Best. Stillwater, Ohlo Sue bBlln1B3allachesla, 228259 W. Broad Street, Colum- us, o fRobg'!t1Dallachesla, 2287 MW. Broad Street, Columbus, o Blanche Davis Matthews, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo, RFD 1 Shirley A. Dlchler, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo ,Edna Enos, Cleveland. Ohlo Ted Gram, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Carl Gosenbacher, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo. RFD 1 James Hooker, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Robert Jarvis, New Phlladelphla. Ohlo, RFD 3 Jack McKeown, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Edward Mlnteer, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Leonard Porter. Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Carole Schreiner, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo Annalee Slmmerman, New Philadelphia, Ohlo Patrlcla Stpencer Hupp. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Rose Wol Porter, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo 1954 Donald Baker. Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Gary Cagrenter, Port Washington, Ohlo, RFD 2 Delmar ark, Gnadenhutten, hlo Marjorie Cox Robinson. Dennison, Ohlo Elva Ervln, Detrolt. Mlchlgan ,Audreg Frey Baker, Port Washington, Ohlo, RJFD 2 Jack arabrandt, Gnadenhutten, hlo, RFD 1 Ronald Glbson, Gandenhutten, Ohlo Carl Gllmore. Gnadenhutten, 'Ohlo Laura Ann Hamilton Mullett, Strasbur , Ohlo Kyle Jarvis, New Philadelphia, Ohlo, RFD 3 June Kadrl, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo, RAFD 1 Shirley Hamilton King. Jacksonville, Florida 'Mildred lMlller, Gnadenhutten, Ohlo, RJFD 1 Marg' Allce Schupp, Gnadenhutten. Ohlo Lyn a Weston, Lancaster, Ohlo FWORTY-FIVE I E i I 1 s n i I : a I i 1 Advertisements l,r' '1 l T A lr 1 l SMITH - CORONA 1 - Typewriters G D HA Sales and Rentals HARODWEARE A COMPLETE LINE OF Office and School Supplies Kelvinator Refrigerator Gifts and , Tappan Range 0 F F I C E l l DENNISON, oH1o APPLIANCE CO' 119 W. Third St. Dover. Ohio to Eco Y E SESS ainyno- SESSION, me EEF' ' C Lf" C l CONGRATULATIONS 1 , . Complzrnents from of D 0 V E R W I G W A M l THE CENTER l Complete Fountain OF I BUSINESS AND Service INDUSTRY IN T Home Cooked Meals TUSCARAWAS COUNTY Ice Cream RETAIL BUSINESS DIVISION I PhOI1e W3lHUt St. CHAMBER of COMMERCE GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO or W--WWW- .J SE -Y -.-we -1 FORTY-EIGHT ii. 17" MAT! T" 'I f 'ompliments Of G I B S O N P U R I T A N Laundry and B R 0 S ' Dry Cleaners LAUNDERERS . . . AUTO SUPPLY . . . DRY CLEANERS AND Complete Linen and HARDWARE Coverall Rental Service NEW PHILADELPHIA 212 North Tuscarawas Phone 4-2368 DENNISON DOVER, OHIO Phone 530 L. ,. ,MW .J 5., EJ r I T1 r" 'S 1 Before You Buy - Visit Tuscarawas County's Most Beautiful Appliance Store The Home of-- PHILCO .... TELEVISION RADIOS REFRIGERATORS RANGES FRIGIDAIRE . . . REI-'RIGERATORS RANGES AUTOMATIC WASHERS AUTOMATIC DRYERS DEEP FREEZES H. C. SPRING Electric H9 E. Third St.. Uhrichsville, Ohio 1 I or - S .-.a Compliments of ALUMIWAL CO. Div. of AIJSCO, INC. Manufacturers of ALUMINUM PRODUCTS GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO ,sg .4 FORTY-NINE are '-1 ar' or A eeee -1 Compliments of Fompliments of C b ll 81 S , h Stackhouse amghe mn Oldsmobile Co. I' . . I a macy Oldsmobile Sales 81 Service The Prescription Store Safezy-Teszed Used Cm ! UHRICHSVILI E Dial 4'-2359 223 Boulevard K J ' OHIO Near Union Hospital, Dover, Ohio Q, -1 -J 1 r., Y, , l Dunlap Electric Co. 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Phone 4-4377 Gnadenhutten, Ohio ssss L, I no s Y LL sss.l -LLL -L , -LILO -Jl ' it V' T1 BEST WISHES To THE CLASS OF ,55 Phone 678 312 Newport Avenue Gnadenhlltten New and Used Auto Parts is reenhouqe and Arressories 1 A I J ' Also Dealers in Scrap Materials PHONE 4--4-592 of all Kinds l , I .J IL. M I JJ Q I M B Y 9 S Compliments of Holsum Bakery, Inc. T116 0lli0 S3VillgS . 81 Trust Co. Fine Bakery Products NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Since 1901 Member F.D.I.C. L -Jr ja .1 FIFTY-ONE V Compliments of Kopp Candy Co. .-,1 rv. W--. -Wt in --., -N .W -f f . Compliments of Nickle's Bakery y UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO i1.--.e , E - V ho--. o yrw, Knows. sewn.. Y L . 0 Compliments of Watklns Trueklng Inc. Cox Clothing Co., 818 Gorley St. Phone 803 Inc. UHRICHSVILLE, QHIO Uhrichsville, Ohio E eww- J L E rrwv "1 T' Reiser Pharmacy E Prescription Druggist D. L. Staneart and Son A. C. Sales and Service i H. E. Reiser, Proprietor GNADNENHUTTEN, OHIO Phone 1086 Uhrichsville, ohio L, -..xl s.- f' "1 T' W f 'AWN I Compliments Compliments of of , l R. K. Llndsey Dale K. Llndberg, M.D. DENNISON, OHIO 1 L' J ' FLFTY-TWO r 'W Evans Cla Products Co. Uhrichsville, Uhio Phone 700 L.,-Ivo, ,cc M, T- o. . I was -J r' Fi 'V 5 Compliments of Compliments H and A Drug Of PRESCRIPTIONS Dr W R Mellor Accurately Compounded ' ' ' UHRICHSVILLE 5. I oo- .JY Kr' was A -J ,r as lr- R. J. McDonald Rollivs BaI.,B,Q INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE Salesman Good Barbecue Sandwiches IRA STRUCHEN, Solicitor 1132 E' High Ave' 1103 East High Ave. NEW PHILADELPHIA OHIO NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO saw? J it LJ FIFTY-TH REE r- COZVIPLIIVIENTS .Bwwan Cfag .Tips . 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Bennett Baltimore Clothing Real Estate and Clothes for the Entire Family General Insnnenee NEWCOMERSTOWN oH1o Phone 1133 Uhrichsville, Ohio Phone 88188 gl AJ' L- ...M FIFTY-SIX r "1 P' 'W N I I ' I 'ompliments of SCHREINER'S INSURANCE GNADENHUTTEN Walnut St. GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Your Smfings Arcounl Today On the Square Leads To Home Ownership NEW PHIIAADEIAPHIAQ 01110 Tomorrow. PROTECTION Phone 4-4321 QF EVEIRY KIND GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO L. , , , IJ L- .J' f' :1 rr' WJ1 FRESH FOOD Compliments CENTER Of H A M I L T 0 N COLLINS MARKET I O G I A I ON U. S. ROUTE 21 GRHOCERY STORE SOUTH QF 211 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO R' D' 2 NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L. -I J ig I I -E . .J FI FTY SFVEN ZF' "1 r' '1 I IN NEW PHILA. I U N G E R LUMBER CO. 1' S f'1fV1aHY7'H1NG IN BUILDING" Alex's New Quaker if For XX CENTURY FURNACE J.M.RO0FING PLUMBING SUPPLIES INSULATION ,.... -W ,. , MILLWORK ASBESTOS SIDING ASBESTOS ROOFING - V-Y ASBESTOS FLEXBOARD PLYWOOD MASONITE Compliments of mfr "You Name It - We Have It" The Oxford Bank Phone 4-4428 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO I L.- I , , I It It -.s,,,O,LL,.,-..I L---W---to t -st at L. ,VFR ' Grill's Jewelry , Mechanlsms Company Diamonds - Watches , 118 E. 2nd St. Sllverware UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Uhrichsville, Ohio LL I OAAOILIWII 4,Lw.,,,..1 L.-Y-Iss I - - AOL I r, - B st W'shes F o e l, r m Sale's Dep't. 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Lanning 81 Son WALLPAPER PAINT Ka WINDOW SHADES VENETIAN BLINDS - GIFTS Patterson Bldg., Uhrichsville, Ohio Phone 120--I Uhf'iChSVi11e, 0hi0 , U- EH, Mm,.e,.z s.-.E .,?FL-.-.--LvLL - .J - 1:1 tr? 7,1 w Fomplimems of I onzp IIIIEIIIS of . . H O T E L Twln Clty Hardware B U C K E Y E M'k H' ,M . UHRICHSVILLE, oH1o I e Nong gf UHRICHSVILLE, oH1o E E -J at E E .J FIPTYJNINXI- IV' 'T J' 'T P M I A COMPLETE LINE OF USICAL ACCESSORIES AN OS ORGAN S BAND INSTRUMENTS ESPENSCHEID PIANO CO. 1323 FOURTH ST. N.W. New Philadelphia, Ohio Compliments Of JAMES B. CLOW 81 SONS L.- E M,,o,,-,W-II e..zl L.- I . I T' - "1 T' Compliments Compliments Of Of M I L L E R ' S U N I T E D BANK RESTAURANT UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Ks: , E W-- ,al ALL, ,m.,e-A,-,EO, -I,mW .EJ SIXTY ur 'T lr 'i v I THE GUSHEN I DAILY TIMES DAIRY Co. TUSCARAWAS COUNTY'S LEADING NEWSPAPER HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN I - D - NHLK IS l':.1'C'lllSII't' THE UNITED PRESS TELEPHOTO FINEST :MILK PICTURES DAILY MONEY CAN BUY if 139 Second St. N.W. Phone 4--2174 and World News NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Daily I I I Local. State, National, L. ,gl L. ,fl Y' 'M 'T I 'C IM PL! M EN TS OF SCHREINER 320 NORTH MAIN UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L EDD, .LAT ,J SIXTY-OIN E 1 I 1 I I r' 'H --1 r--WM '1 H BEST WISHES Compliments CLASS OF 1955 of 'ff T H E 1 BROS' CHRONICLE L GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO ii YHIIOIOOO ,Y ,J , , WOMW H? HAMA ,T -1 I H l'omplin1cnIs of F l R S T N A T I O N A L Gasoline - Oils B A N K SOHIO HEAT or Phone 146 D E N N I S U N Uhrichsville H. Crothers - Paul Van Scyoc DENNISON, OHIO Distributors I ! it E -. . it . L- -I SIXTY-TWO tr- 'R ig-'ss R ssss A s' R 21 I , Comp imenls of Fomplzments of N , . , I G. 81 G. Paint Flllman s Implement 81 W u Sales a Paper Home of Minneapolis MOllfle Nell? Idea and Kelley Ryan IMPERIAL WALLPAPERS Farm Machinery Next to Post Office Uhrichsville PORT WASHINGTON, OHIO L Phone 434' L. JJ! L.,-i.L... - .-I I """'1 V' I Compliments of Compliments of - Royal CPOWH Bottlin Co. Dr. M. A. Wllllamson g NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L - --it Lf- 3--W ,A --4 f- 5 if A as PPPE -sf Compliments of Ellers Candy Sh0P Begland Insurance 212 Grant St. Dennison Agency It is n Good Poliry No! Io llmw' Home Made Candy 11 Bad One Fresh Roasted Nuts , NOTARY PUBLIC' . Gandenhutten, Ohlo L. WW new 1 AL- -..i' g..:s,-.-.s--WLLILF Nh-..-W J' ,f- A as A .rm as I A fw Cornplirnenis of Compliments S!chWab9S of Confectionery IYOMPLETE T, Lanning and Co, FOUNTAIN SERVICE Home Made Ice Cream DENNISON. OHIU Home Coked Meals - Gift Shop Phone 4--4323 Gnadenhutten, O. SIXTY-THRLEE P' 'H' "1 I n I I I A W "1 FWHM EE EE On '1 V I I I l KEND'EIGH,S C. E. SCHREINER I General Electric Appliances MEATS Hoover Cleaners DRY GOODS W Mygr5 I,umps Youngstown Kitchens 3 Maytag Washers - Ironers Y Y Phone 4-4551 Gnadenhutten, Ohio GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO I PHONE 4-4351 i I I E W .4 I.- ,, .I F' """1 If' ' W' 'T I UHRICH STOCKER S A N D FUNERAL HOME 81 FUNERAL DIRECTORS I GRAVEL 3 AMBULANCE SERVICE 9 TRANSIT MIXED Phone 263 CONCRETE 1 ' UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO ! sm: .E E E--1' s31 I- E., .a' SIXTY-FOUR Romig Insurance General Insurance Phone 164 or 165 516 East Third Street IV 'I 1 Compliments of United Dept. Store FOR WORK OR DRESS WE SELL FOR LESS Uhrichsville. Ohio Uhrichsville, Ohio 1 1 e ee-e-f-eeew- See - --3' , , , , ,,,, Ir, -,,.-.,...... 52? . 1 K - H1118 Courlesy of Home of STEAM JENNY We steam flush radiators and Motor Blocks inside and out on the car NO DELAY Trenton Ave. at B. 8a O. R. R. UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Williams Furniture 115 Front Ave. SE. New Philadelphia, Ohio Credit at a price you can afford J at - Compliments of Sis and Sonny Shop Infants' and Chi1dren's Wear 522 N. Water St. Uhrichsville, O. Phone 131 1 F' 'I Compliments of Bond Shoe Store UHRICHSVILLE 1 1 L. .J ..... 4 Brown's Western Auto HOTPOINT - WESTINGHOUSE PH1LCo - P..c.A. - ZENITH EASY - IRONRITE - TAPPAN We Maintain One of Tuscarawas County's Largest Service Departments PHONE 4-2804 1 14' East High New Philadelphia T' 'T Rosenberry Auto Sales Your PACKARD Dealer 115 Allen Lane S.W. Phone 4-2953 NEW PHILADELPHIA Service Used Cars 1 s. -J sl LL- 4.4 SIXTY-FIVE " 'T lf' Compliments Compliments of of LEE' H I C K S C O . BOTFLING CO. FURNITURE gt Phone 66 CARPETS DENNISON, OHIO DENNISON, OHIO if-1 I I FWWE -- Read .... H A R R I S T H E JEWELERS DAILY WATCHES REPORTER DIAMONDS DOVER, OHIO for Q Graduation bor complete coverage THE BEST FOR FIFTY YEARS NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO in all Local and National News and Sports Events Read By More Than 9200 Families Every Day LM w A ILHLL IL D, -JI L., HI- eaaae IIIID,-I.-.A-I----,,w,II-I- Ja IXTY SIX I' "1 T" ' E Heywood G. Clark Provision Company Pork Packers PURE PORK SAUSAGE HAMS - BACON - LARD Boltz's Restaurant and Drive In On Route 250 Between Uhrichsville and Since 1905 New Philadelphia DENNISON OHIO Phone 1815 - for Reservations J 'Ji "1 r' T1 Compliments of Compliments Porter's Market of GROCERIES - PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS SEAL TEST ICE CREAM B 0 T I M E R Phone 4-4355 Gnadenhutten, O. I FUNERAL HOME '-f P -J and 1 C C ,... ev., FURNH URE Gooding's Market 24 Hr. Ambulance Service Complete Self-Service Cash Market Phone 4-4200 401 E. 1st St. Phone 77 c:NAm:NHUTTI-iN. oH1o Uhfichsviuea Ohio N L. ,, . C no C -- i,:we-EE,i ,,- we .Jil SIXTY-SEVEN lf' IIOI ' I CI If 1 lf Compliments of l I DOVER SURPLUS i l STORE 210 North Tuscarawas Ave. DOVER, OHIO l For Your 1 Army Surplus, Clothing l and Equipment Work Clothing, Shoes, l Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Scouts Equipment, Tents Also Paints and Accessories L., O A A CCAAOOW. .JH C om pli ments Of gaacfefld DAIRY AND ICE CREAM CO. NEW PHILADELPHIA. OHIO I l l?" Stillwater Clay Products Co. Uhrichsville, Ohio PHONE 350 1 5 - SIXTY-EIGHT f 'OMPLIMICNTS Olv' SUPERIOR CLAY CORPORATIO M rzrzufurturers of Sewer Pipe, Fire Clay, Flue Lining, Wall Coping, Stove Pipe and Fittings, Chimney Tops and Other Clay Goods 1 "The Pipe of Quality" UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO ! 1 S. as .Ji 7' "1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF Indian Village Federal Savings and Loan Association GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO L. Y , W mm H Wm- ,iw-JJ SIXTY-NINE 1 7' T lf' PM P' ""1 IT" P '1 I Homework made M EASY! f The homemaker's joh is easier today than ever before in history- thanks to electric help- ers like the clothes washer and dryer, the dishwasher, the auto- matic electric range. Cheaper than the old way, too! BEST WISHES F. M. DUNN DODGE PLYMOUTH Sales 8a Service UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Phone 4-81 n- oH1o POWERAQ L, , so fr A A "1 T' -- 'K' Fompliments of Twin City Milk Co. t Quality Dairy Products N and M A C K A Y Ice Cream y Phone 691 Uhrichsville, Ohio V it be e y MEMORIALS - ,- Hair Styling - Tinting - Cutting 1106 E. Hlfil-l AVE. Permanent Waving l De Vaux Beauty Shoppe ! 128 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia Phone 6-3962 Nadene Davis, Mgr. New Philadelphia, Ohio it ssss s s DOrissa..,..-,,.-,s,.-is-JP 4' SEVENTY -. 1. i T' 'Q Y W v "M "1 lf' if 'W' 'T , , 1 Co I' t House of Stones mp 'men S Of for QUALITY JEWELRY Breyer EXCh3I1g6, IIIC. DENNISONI OHIO NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L. It .I ,. ?I,--IE.t...,,I..i it Jil If P' ' '71 IV' P' xi GUS FAMAL K L I N E 9 S Shoe Repair Hat Cleaning and DEPARTMENT STORE Shoe Shine Parlor DOVER, OHIO All Work Guaranteed 236 E. 3rd st. Uhrichsville, Ohio L n--,.,It. ,Weil it I . , I , r -PM I ee A- P +P new COMPLIMENTS OF Geo. W. Kugler Trucking Company BOX 9 - CLEARFIELD, PENNA. D O V E R , O H I O PHONE 4-2496 Phone 5-9577 Pottstown, Penna. Clearfield, Penna. Phone 2612 L Hog H W- - to ttee. --.J SEVENTY-ONE if' ow S C H W A R T Z 9 S CREDIT JEWELERS F. B. MHIIPCP Market The Home of Keepsake Diamonds USE YOUR CREDIT I UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO 216 Third St. Uhrichsville, Ohio I L: ,JI L: .r if' PA Y I-WWTP' wwvn ' O""' wWMm"1 QT" PW -'W hw' I V 'Y 1 I I 1 K' l ' 2 I amp mu n S of Compliments of Twin City Greenhouse I Ruger Equipment Inc. i "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Uhrichsville, Ohio Phone 380 1 Uhrichsville' Ohio I I I O ,fi L, .l iii' 'Fi a?"i ' 1 C A P P E L Compliments of MOIOI' ?3l9Sa IUC- Twin City Cleaners OUP' L I N C 0 L N PICK-UP SERVICE M E R C U R Y D E A L E R 1037 N. Water Street S. Broadway UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO X NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO s.,l so O leA9.eJJ-it ares O I . O -1 1!"'P P PI :VO W ' 'Y Compliments of H . L . G R E E N Twin City Lumber Co. 50 - 31.00 UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Phone 34 Uhrichsville, Ohio LT , LM L--. ,wif L, L O O .1 SEVEN TY-T WO F 'PW 7' ' U- P W P 'W I 'Omplinzenls Uorrzplinzmzls of The Peoples Bank Of and Savings Co. Dr, Jghn Marstrgll NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Member F.D.I.C. I. -.z I.. ...if r --T vu YW YYYVY 7 WYWYWW W VYVYWYQW T, ,HY ,777 7 7 777 7 7777 7 7 . QQ? For the BEST Haircut In Town Y A G G I . Cheese Factory See Manufacturers of Wilbarger 8E Domestic Swiss Reichman Block Cheese GNADENHUTTEN NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO I. I I I .J L.- I I I -.i' p,,,,,,,,,me,,,S of Suburban Propane Ohlo Company B A I R S Bottled Gas CAMBRIDGE - NEWCOMI-:RSTOWN Sales 85 Service B 401 West Third St. Phone 4-2017 AllNI1.bVILLlu I. In -.z I.. ee, W I No-1 P' HAP it PWM 7 .V - PPPPPPPLY Uhrichsville Sera ' P R E I s E R ' S Iron and Metal Co. Dealers In PAPER - SCRAP IRON an METALS NEW - USED AUTO PARTS Plume 738X 203 Trenton Ave. Quality Foods NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO :I I. I . one -4 I.: I e-IIIe- ,ee,.I SEVENTY-THREE I V I-PM-' DD"T J' P. bl M I If I IIRSZZIO, NASH SISIZSLZZFH VERNE'S DAIRY 1 NEW PHILADELPHIA - DOVER M Your Tuscarawas DAIRY PRODUCTS County NASH Dealer ' ' 160-164' S. Broadway, New Phila. Phone 81 Uhnchsvlue' O' I I I DALE LL AJ I.: L FWD I ' 'T IF' - In YP Pm I I i f'0"'PHme'7fS of Cornplimenls of CL li. IIALDHNAL Dry Cleaner Dr. J ay A. Wllllams 119 Allen Lane , I NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Optometmst L: -' f Lit - J V''PIIDIIWPPWMunM"nIDIDIDID'MWH7 IVI W- I AHPIIP' I Diamond RI1'1gS The Meyers Q MacDonald Rosch CO. Dlamffnd Shflp "Your Best Shoe Store" I CI'Gdi'E Service and Quality Since 1892 1 I UHPIICHSVILLE, OHIO NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO V' ' I VV NMMAHIVI 1 H f'On1plimenls of IJfJPW!k1fll'S 1 Sand-Pohl Pontiac Inc. Customer Service Guaranteed 130 Fair Ave. N.E. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 1 Gulf Service PORT WASHINGTON, OHIO I.: I I e e,e E. L LLL,,,,- SEVENTY-POUR 1 if MLW 'w"'? .FW -' AA Crest Motor Sales C0m"'f"'en'5 Packard Studebaker I of Willys , . GRAHAM'S MARKET Sales - Servzce UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO A e A New em, ee,-fd.: L.-.A,wA-.AAAAeAAA-A AA W ..i' '5't't' 'AY rw "1 V' MWA-21 Farmer Smith Complimem MARKET of Fresh Fruits DOVER MILLING and Vegetables NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO DOVER' OHIO r '1 r' 'thi-1 Hnnpliments of 9 Z E L P H A S Uhrich Transfer House of STYLE Uhrichsville. Ohio Uhrichsville, Ohi0 .AA..a s.- A .J r. -A-U A- --A A WA-A-A-.1 gr.. :1 l 'omplimenls I 'omplinzenls of of CITY L0AN D1-.R.E.W01f UHRICHSVILLE. OHIO L. A A AA A eeee.. AA A A, AA...,.--,--A - .AeAe. s.-AA A ,eAA,e,.j SEVENTY-FIVE r -. Schreiner Motor Sales ,IQ BI 'V r Q . . . . Dealer Phone 33 or 749 126 N. Main St UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO I L- ,rv '- ,Ewi TV., A I 'ompliments TRUCK SALES of and SERVICE, INC. Scott Harrison 31: S Distributors IN I ERNATIONAL IV Mmm I I II Motor Truck Compliments DENNISON of NEW PHILADELPHIA . Dr. Pllloff LFC ,W ,tWt,,E,,l,-.JT g:-,W- -W ,CMI I .1 SEVENTY SIX Y' C" 'T JOE COX HERFF - JONES CO. CLASS RINGS IN VITATIONS Box 5269 Akron, Ohio D ll ll U U ADEQ-- we- L-L,,,J r' 'ii SPONSORS CENTRAL DRY GOODS ......,.,...........................,. New Philadelphia CHERRY'S PHARMACY .,,,,,, New Philadelphia J. A. REISER CO. ,,,.A....,...,......,.. New Philadelphia TORNABENEKS ,..,.......................... New Philadelphia SENHAUSER CLOTHING CO. ......,. ,..,..... N ew Philadelphia J. E. SMITH .,.,,.,.,,,..,....,,..,.............,. ...........,.,,, Uh richsville E. J. BEITLER ,,..,................,......,.,. ...,........ Uh richsville WILLIAM H. RUSSELL, AUCT. ...... ......... Uh richsville PAUL'S BURGERIOLA ..,............... ........, Uh richsville HUNT'S SHOE STORE .7,..........,. ..,...,., Uh richsville HUDSON HILLYER ...........,..,....... ,........ Uh richsville GREEN LEE AND CONNOLLY ,.,... ,........ Uh richsville REED LAW .....,,,......,........,,,...,......,, ...,,.,,. Uh richsville POLLY'S SHOP .....,.,.......,...,..,,.. .......,. U hrichsville DR. RAINSBERGER ......................... ,..,........ U hrichsville JOHNSON PRINTING .7..,e..,,..e,,.. , ,.....S .,O,..,,,,,,,.,,,,,, D ennison H. E. LEADING TIRE SUPPLY S , ,,....O. Newcomerstown HORRISBURGER PONTIAC ,,7,,,V A, ,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,. Dennison J.- eeee O L,,-L-.- ..,. We eeeee., -ee , .J Compliments of Compliments M A R G I E S of A Complete Lino of Accessories and A m e r i c a n Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Make it "Personally Y ours" Vitrified . . . from 'iMargies" s. M., ,J hgh? JJ' SEVENTY-SEVEN ' 1 SENIOR, FACULTY, AND ACTIVITY PICTURES in this GOAL By HARMON STUDIO PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL P H O T O G R A P H Y Richards Bldg. Dover, Ohio PRINTING PLATES for the GOAL THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 413 Schroyer Ave. Canton 2, Ohio L. -W, , V, I,,?,,,,,,,,A ,A--- W- .I 7, J xit filwafoqaaplu ,- XS., T1 If 4.-r.. . tum. ' A 4 , if .' 4, , if f' M '5 1, 4 4 ., 1? . , ,S W. , easy 'K+' r ag.. - I ,M A Q .i-'sm -N. A . ,..,. W A 4. .,,.4., .- vfff. ' x A 5 2 ' 5? " l. , ., ,,, W . .K ,K .-5 , Q, f-.I ,V if ,, ,. L. . .lf 'x - . -, ,ff ,ww 1'-,Lin ix'-5 3 kv , W, , , . 4 , v in ' f. ' -X , lv: if ,rl Q . Q k 4' .1- I , , ,. 1, , fi? ,x vr . .. 'tl A . Jwfx I 1' t' 7 'A ,4 , 1 Q . ' . .W yu '11 . .,, V f -sag' qs' , wig . ww. -x swf, - , vfh ' 'fr my .. ,Q . .E-W 5 r 5 Q 3 E E 1 1 u E I I i x

Suggestions in the Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) collection:

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