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Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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x y ,, . I. r - 1" ,- I. 4' I A I- f I. . f . I I N 1. Q. -'HIM .. :m ' 1' 1 - 1 .I .- - 1 - '- 2'-1'-1 .- 1 3. '- , .gi-' . gm III., . If I. . -.,.- I. I, . . . ,. ,I .1 L-"5 -wiiswf - .- - . 1 - 1' ..III..I,, I,-1 F , AI.- . IU . .-.NI.I.,-:II ,V- - . 51311 I. -.I-.51-' 2 . -.. 'Inv -1 1? HWY. "n I I. I QL., ,Q II . ? III III' ,II T I:I ., In? 1? I 4 ,. . :.I I I 1 II I. 2.' "' ."','!i:',f?'i 'BI - - 5 7 . . '. - --N I,gI,l.giIgi"- ...II:,III I MII., Ik .II :wi-if ' -"Hf?Q1' -- C 1- J ..,I-. -, -I-vI,',f--.1 .. ' I -VII,:Iw.L 1 -Raw av--.. -. .m- ---5.1 ,Dr-a -1 - f 1 - zur. ' -1 ww. lu . - Q-1 1' ff.. 'lm' v1 -,4:.-'1 . .- 5.1. 1 , ..-I, F' 11.5. ,- - 'Y ' -'f j-,' ., .'Q'3.7gII-II. -' , . uw- ji' 1 f -I'-"' . ' ' "' ., , I I . . . 84' III I I. H . .. . I 2. III-T-?,5.,I. -Ijww 1 Q2 .L 11 ' . 1 . .tn " LQ .4 "I V . ' ' J ' ,,.--- .I -. .-. ...wa-f . . .gif .I'f2'.I.? -. -Lf'-. ' SI MQ.. ft -iI I5 . I ' -1 ..- ---.W ' e.,..ff - - 1'-.air '?f.l:'- . 1. ,sw a.,I I . 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I :-.-- kung- gi' f2.."f"ffI, EIFLI ' 1,4-ff I-'.W:iI.3'-1-'f Ur. .gf ' ' .T1 -1 -iff'-' -.53 'f4'!i"gQ2r" F ':."f.': .rf 'FI - 1- . 11-L.,I,w Ig',,.i . .H-tg 1'--3.1 r.: I ,I:.E.I.-IEIE Q j.I-,gJ:.: .w.-., ,,I,...-.,. - .- If -. .. -uf ...r .1..-'44 - .,. . r .J flffggf ff'-: . - : 7 J... ,. ,,I. , , 1- . , .-, ,. . ,. .,II,.,...,.. ,III .. ' ' ' "5 "1 '-.- ,aff ..-. 1 'i " 1'-f:'-1bJ"..f5'-:- X E3i:'..i.' 'Tal v -mw'Jfwmf.+fvw51wm I , X ' i.11-13:22 Ef,12gj',Q,q,fJ -.CTV .55-'-1 ' I '.f7QI. .,.:' 11.1 .-, . - 52 1I.iI,I 1 .iIi5.GE,,I:,I-rig, ETEQELQIII I.,IaJEd-. I: Ii. - .. .J 'ny-QL? f.:f1"h?:111 -Y 71' .,-' -14'-'. '- 1' - .. --'F' CJ, 'f":- -- . .L 12-H1 IW' -5221-11'.-....P1.,t1T.-1.57PfL..:a -Q--mb? IL 6 iz "'f: ..:-:fr in - -it F. , r-"" -rr 55 . T1 sais' iilwnlfigf- L. --12--w - .. is-V'-' "'i.. f5':."'f-elif' if1lFi1:nF!fQ"-wg..-. mi.. ' u -rfffwx? 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' f""'1"1i if-'-L. . iw-"Tf"1.uFt1'1EI5':: I 1'I1-.fs-Ij5,iI-.ff 3-5,1---.-2 - 11.3 . 11? 9.4.31 ,g 5 1 -I 'Z'iEg'. j ' , Af? 1-.-Zak 'f' I If L 'J' -j.g:i4riI.' T" 4'+"Vg,". 75"-iii ' -fx . ' ?1"'1'-552.3 " 2.3. 1135? A - 1-5' -1.1 ' LI,fI,II II11-4 ,WL I ..I gI+II I- .IAQ -I I ,I-f J-yy, 1, I I - . ,,.1 .,1. . .-,I -. - XF -I .,..1r. .. . -.g K - .-' .1 ,a-. -f-I-5 -Q' if - rf" 'gf Vw '5".: L"f'f"f' 1154" -Qi' 4 ' ' 1.5.5 .I ',iQf.Ijf?I5,1Ip fra- -q' 'Y' 1-I -. I ,if ja " ,, 'f-F-I,,1 , .ff I -- 1. ' ---L--Q-.if "' - f -1 1 . 1 G'!",.3fJW 'A I. 4 gf 1' j"' ' 1' A 'L .TM .' .e?i4.uw1fQmi-Ja- .I gf ,-wQ...f .wa .IBEQLQ 11- - ff- I1'-yii.. ' Q Q - , If' I3-'fI.I,. I ' 'Q 2 .- 1. r-'L.?g HYI .?1f' . lA? 2-'ff -I i- f .I 4 I -I ' --rg ' , I '-?1.'1.i'i,-' .Q - ' 'L -A'."1 . ii- 11- . ' "' 'mf' n7".' me ig I .. ' '.- ' . M ,.,. -V-,-7.1, . A .. ' 'L F615-' - ? ' mf- - 1 :III':YS.rI '. 3, ' , .1 I"I gs Q . ' - '-I' "'1'3.- ..... -,I ' .?' ini if 7' Q.-I Igb. qi, . Q..-Ib. If ,5I.N,I1I-1-IJ--.- . 1 ii' 1 ' -L .AT . :S iii". '-T ' ' l ' ' 'L 'g"L1fTf V !'."14' ' 'E'-sp 'I . V1.1 " .. Q, 1 I JI, ,P -g . -1 " . . 5 J . --sw Y' 'se-ig. - f' ' raw-1', 1 ,' I- '--fy II 1 IE Ax, rg ,-a'I'- . II: '-5 . s. Q- ffwff' :1 L. -rfv '21 -'f A I ' 'J 1 . '21 3 .L '-5-1-"4-.5-f-ff-. .- , V I 1 - 1 -,+ -- .1 - '- 1.1 - - - - --..- ..,,..e-E fv-.f.,.,,., Qmgasass3dLJEnQllhliEidha2EEaw iTi'Qag A .4 I I.. -III-:fn I.w. 71 -. .LB '-VN p .- ..IZ I II.,i:k! ,. 1- --5.-'fix - I , Q - L If . :f'g"v1l:f 1:'.'V"'lr ' N -5 5:.u1.-.- - LI, JN, I, .I.. I1..vT ,Q . :ie 1 . . . 5. 22.-f.g: K Im: rf: ' -1 lil! -wr II - Y I .Q-T-431214.-ELL - s EAS 1 Published by The Senior Class of l954 Gnadenhutten High School Gnadenhutten, Ohio Alma Mater .... Hail! Gnaden High School, Noble and strong To thee with loyal hearts We raise our song. Swelling to heaven loud, Our praises ring, Hail! Gnaden High School, For thee we sing. Hail! Gnaden High School, Guide of our youth, Lead thou thy students on to Light and truth. N e'er shall thy spirit die, Thy Walls decay, Hail! Gnaden High School, For thee we pray. three Dedication . . . . four TO YOU, MR. PADGITT .... we offer another star in your crown for all the wonderful things you have done for us this, our Senior year. Your achieve- ments will be remembered by all ..... Through the dedication of this forty-fifth GOAL we say THANK YOU. Faculty ,E iii jim? Superintendent ROSS lVI. VIRTUE Muskingum College, A.B. Ohio State University, M.A. 'Secondary Education A Message We wish to congratulate the Class of '54 and wish them all that is good in the years to come. Our contacts during t.he past four years have all been pleasant and we hope these friendships will continue throughout the years. Your high school career gave you many opportunities to gather facts which should be useful in later life. Facts alone are not enough, you must have acquired the habit of thinking. Critical thinking for the purpose of evaluating the facts you have learned is necessary. An individual cannot be called educated unless he can think for himself and not embrace the vicious propaganda that is always being issued. The respect and esteem of your friends and neighbors will increase as they realize your decisions are the result of sound thinking and are not reached by snap judgments. Sir Arthur Helps, an English Historian, once said, HVVe should lay up in our minds a store of goodly thoughts which will be a living treasure of knowledge always with us, and from which, circumstances, we might be sure of drawing some comfort, guidance, and sympathy." Not only will your reputation depend on your thoughts and deeds, but your personality will reflect your thinking. The following lines by an unknown author express my viewpoints: "IT'S WHAT YOU THINK" Has anybody ever told you that every thought you think Makes lines just like the little ones you write with pen and ink? And thoughts of anger fear, or hate will spoil the prettiest face By making ugly little lines which nothing can erase. But thoughts of love and kindness, and joyousness, and cheer Make very preftty little lines, all fine and firm and clear And by and by your face becomes an open story book Which every one can see and read each time they chance to look. So if you want your face to tell a story sweet and fair, You must see that only good thoughts do any writing there. sir Fi. WILLIAM PADGITT Muskingum College B.S. in Education with Music Super- vision Vocal and Instrumental Music Sponsor: Senior Class ELLA Vllrruia Denison University Ph.B. in Biology, Home Economics, Mathematics Sponsor: Junior Class l7ILIzA1sI41TH lVlC'fl'UI..LOUGH Ohio University B.S. in Secretarial Science New York University Commercial KIERALD NORMAN Ohio 'State University B.S. in Education Industrial Arts, and History Sponsor: Eighth Grade High School llOMlill I,Amm:K Muskingum College B.S. English, History, and lI,atin l"m'rz JACOBS Fairmont State, AB. West, Virginia Uni- versity, M.S. in Physical Education Mathematics, Social Studies, and Physical Education Sponsor: Sophomore Class RAY CRAMLIQT Ohio University B.S. in Physical Sciences Science and Mathematics Sponsor: tFreslhman Class linrrii BLQGLAND 'Ohio University Muskingum College English and Geography Sponsor: Seventh Grade SGUCIZ RAY GORDON Fairmont State College A.B. in Physical Education Sixth Grade FDNA HIIRBNER County Normal Ohio University Geneva College Fourth Grade ANNA IVIUNTAGUE County Normal Kent State University Ohio University Second Grade HELEN CONGLETON Broaddus College Kent State University Elementary Music eight Elementary HAZEI, LYoNs Ohio University Fifth Grade KATHERINE JAMES California State Teachers College Ohio State University Third Grade ELIZABETH KATZ Ohio University Olhio State University Seton Hall First Grade MARVIN IQOBELT Wit'ten'berg College BIS. in Education Art Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Cooks, Custodians CIAHL Brrzluisillmi .I ACK NICK ICOVVN CQRACIC BI,ICIQICNSIJI-BIN-'ICR AI.I3I'1Il'l' BLIC14 ICN snmwr-in Hmmm' Suum. .lo11N Moom-1 JUN Ii C1u'1'14:s C1.Au1aNc1c Sn.-xlvual, nine Zen School Board President - - B, A, KOHL Vice President - - ARTHUR MILLER Clerk - - - WILLIAM DRUMM MEMBERS CARL SCHREINER EUGENE HUEBNER WE Wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the Gnadenhutten School Board for their untiring efforts on our behalf to provide the best education possible. Classes 'I Seniors RICHARD ARCHER ffpfclfi' Chorus 1. 25 Class Play 3. 41 Industrial Arts Club 2. 3, 4. DONALD BAKER CIIJOHH7 Bowerston, 1, Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 45 Tomahawk Staff 4: Goal Staff 4. GEORGE CARPENTER Cigaryii Uhrichsville 1, 2. 3 DELMAR CLARK c'Carsz'e', Varsity 'Club 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 23 Class Play 3, 43 Goal Staff 4, Tomahawk Staff 43 Class Ofiicer 1, 23 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Baseball 31: Industrial Arts Club 2, 3. 4. MARJCRIE Cox '4Margie" Class Play 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2. ELVA ERVIN CCEIUHDS Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 31, 43 Class Play 3. 4: Goal Staff 4: Tomahawk Staff 4.g County Chorus 3: County Band 3: District Scholar- ship 1, 2, 33 G-Ettes 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 43 Senior Scholarship Test 4,1 Girls' State 3. AUDRIEY FREY "Bools', Chorus 1, 2, 35 Class Play 3, 4: G-Ettes 1, 2, 31. JACK GARABRANDT Hjackw Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1. 23 Toma- hawk Staff 4: Goal Staff 43 Class Play 3-, 4.. RONALD GIBSON 6:Gib77 Industrial Arts Club 2, 3. 4: Tomahawk Staff 4: Goal Staff 43 Class Play 3. 4: Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3: Baseball Manager 1. 2, 33 Track Manager 1. 23 Class Officer 45 Chorus 1, 23 County Chorus 1. 2. Iwelzae I..-Xllllr-X I'I.-XIVIILTON i'l.r111rr1 Ann" Baml 1, 2. 3. tl: Chorus 1, 2 3, 4: Varsity Club 2. 3, l: Varsity Club Olli- ccr 3, -l: Class Play 3, ll Goal Staff lg Tomahawk Staff -l: Class Ofticcr 2: C o u n t v Chorus 3, County Band 3: G-Ettcs 1. 2, 3. -1: Majorcttc 1, 2, 3: llcall Majorcttc -ig Chccrlcarlcr 2, 3, 43 Son- ior Scholarship Tcst 1. 3, 't,.xu1, Clirmoiua W Hflrlrln Band 1, 2, 3, -lg Chorus 1, 2, 3, -ig Varsity Club 2, 3, -l: Varsity Club Oili- cer 3, 4: Class Play 3, vi: Class Otliccr 1. 3, -lg C o u n ty Chorus 35 County Banrl 31 Baseball 1, 2, 3, bl: Baskctball l. I S i Ir ly I 1.,Z,'g "ac'I. Kyrie .l.-XHVIS "1fylr", Tomaliawk Staff -l: Goal Staff -lg Inrlustrial Arts Club 2, 3, bl. SIIIRLI-LY IQINU H6lI1I'ln"l'H Band 1, 2, 3, -l: Chorus 1. 2, 3. tl: Class Play 3, -l: Goal Staff l: Tomahawk Staff -lg Class Utllccr 3, 'lg County Chorus 3: County Hand 3: District Scholarship 3: G-Iflttcs 1, 2, 3, -1: G-lflttc Ofticcr 31 Orchestra 2. 3, -tg Conscryation Tour 1: Track 1: Scnior Scholar- ship Tcst 4. lVl.'xm' Sci-lun 'ifllflry All ef ' Band 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Al: Class Play 3. 4: County Chorus 31 G-Ettcs 1, 2, Il, 'Q .IUNL-1 KADRI MII.IJIlED lVlILLIiR "Line" c'.7W1'N1'f',' as Play 3, 43 Chorus Band 1. 2, 3. 'tg Chorus 1. 1, 2. 2 's 'at' Cl'tss 1'i4lv'z i- Goal Staff lg Tomahayyk Staff -1: Class Ofticcr 3, 4: County Chorus 3: County Band 3, District Scholarship 1, 2: G-Plttcs 1, 2, 3. 4: G-Ktte Ufliccr 3, 4: IVIa,iorettc 2. 3, tl: Orchestra 3, 4: Consor- vation Tour 1: Scnior Scholarship Tcst 4: Track 1. LYNDA VVr:s'1'oN Hlyrzdnw Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 2 3 4' Varsity Club 1- Class Play 3, 4: Goal Staff -tg Tomahawk Staff 4: County Chorus 3: County Band 3: G-lflttcs 1. 2, 3. -1: G-I-Ilte Oili- ccr 2, 3, -1: Chccrlcadcr Senior Verses Class History It is impossible to cover fully the happenings of twelve years in a short space, therefore we will jus-t touch upon the more important events. In September 1942, we started to school, not known as the class of "54", but merely as first graders- Our tirst year was under the direction of Miss Goettge who taught us reading, writing, and arithmetic. Success-fully getting through the first year we were promoted to the second grade where Miss White was our instructor. During the next four years we were guided by Mrs. James, Mrs. Robson, Mrs. Wages, and Mr. Cole. We soon found out what life was like in the new building because there we were, wandering around, getlting into the wrong classes, and being a nuisance to everyone. After a while, however, we became accustomed to it and settled drown to work, and our seventh and eighth grade years went smoothly by with Mr. Larrick and Mr. Glasgow as our advisors. September, 1950 started us on our way through high school. Our home room teacher was Mr. Jacobs and we participated in many new activities this year. We had a one act play entitled Three Dying Swans. Next year, we being sophomores, were again instructed by Mr. Jacobs. Most of us will agree that our sophomore year was a happy experience and one of its delights was being able to serve at the Junior-Senior Banquet. According to many past graduates, the junior and senior years are supposed to be the happiest. We have also found this to be true. The Junior-Senior Banquet was the main event of our Junior year, in which we were under the leadership of Mrs. Virtue. We also presented a class play entitled Spring Night under her direction. At last we started into our Senior year. Mr. Padgitt was our home room teacher. This year we had the privilege of publishing the Tomahawk and the Goal. We had a class play entitled Seven- teenth Summer. Some of the other events we participated in were the Junior-Senior Banquet, Bac- calaureate, Commencement and the Alumni Banquet. We seniors feel that although we will be looking and working toward the future, we will never be unmindful of the happy days spent at Gnadenhutten High School. Laura Ann's mind is now on her books, But her heart is far away: And although she denies it, We know she'll be A cute little bride some day. Elva is so tiny, So little, and so small. But, Oh! If you knew how smart sh You wouldn't believe it at all. Jack Garabrandt is very droll, Delights in telling jokes: He's also fond of good advice When he gives it to other folks. Gary joined us our Senior year: Clarkie is his buddy. He's very fond of books If it's anything but study. June usually gets her lessons Whether she likes it or not: She chums around with 'Margie And giggles quite a lot. Dick is the smallest boy in the class: He says he likes everyone. With that new Chevy he just bought He's always on the run. Kyle is the clown of our class, Always joking around, And when he drives that Chevy, You should hear the sound! Mildred is a little girl: Study is her great joy. Millie has los-t her loving heart To a handsome Navy boy. fourteen e is, Carsie, Baker, and Gibby Are the bestest kind of pals. Plymouth, Ford, and 'Studebaker Help entertain their gals. Mary Alice is a very good sport And excells in cooking class too. To an Air Force boy in Dennison She vows she'l1 ever be t-rue. Audrey is a student, A very quiet l-ass: She can boast she's the only girl With long hair in the class. Carl stars in basketball: Athletics holds his charm. But from little Cupid's Arrow "Gilk" escapes unharmed. Shirley is our Editor: She surely makes things step. She also helps Mr. Virtue And overflows with pep. Margie delights in telling stories After her lessons are through: She's the tallest girl in the Senior class And to G. H. S. is always true. Five feet seven, eyes of brown, Always happy and gay. Lynda would like a modeling job In Bergdorf-Goodman's some day Class Prophecy May, 1974- Dear Diary, This has been a very exciting day for me. It was good to visit Earth again after all these years. If I hadn't known that Mars was better for my health, I think I. would have stayed on Earth. I have done many things and met some very famous people In the last twenty- four hours. I n When t.he class of '54 graduated from good old Gnadenhutten, lt was declded that we would meet again as a group. Last night, twenty yeeI'S later, we dld meet. When I left my rocket and boarded my private plane, I was hoping I would not be too late. I landed my plane behind the schoolhouse and taxied it up 'beside the others. No sooner had I stepped out of it than my good friend LAURA ANN HAMILTON came to meet me. After exchanging leasantries she told me that she is now a television s.tar. We started Infto the building, and there in the hall we were greeted by a group of men. We had an interesting discussion about what had happened since our graduation. Since I had not been on Earth for fifteen years, I was glad to hear what all my former classmates are doing. I discovered that CARL GILMORE is now head coach at Ohio State University. He in- formed me that he had had a very successful year with no defeats. The next person I talked with was KYLE JARVIS. When he told me that he is now director of the Philharmonic Orchestra, I backed away in surprise. When we were in school, I knew that he was musically inclined, but not that much. DELMAR CLARK told me that he is in professional baseball. I wondered what team he plays for, and he said that he is a hurler for the New York Yankees. He also informed me that they lost the pennant to the Cleveland Indians. I had a long discussion with RONALD GIBSON about autom-obiles. He told me that he is now president of the General Motors Corporation. JACK GARABRANDT informed me that for the past three years he has been head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I noticed that DONALD BAKER was not in the group. Being the curious one that I am, I asked where he was. Someone replied that he was on a hunting trip in Africa, and it was impossible for him to be present. They also told me that he is the person who caught most of the wild animals for the Bronx Zoo in New York. I asked GARY CARPENTER what he is doing now. He told me he is a heart surgeon. When I told him off my health situation, he surprised me by saying that he might be able to do something for me. While I was standing there, a tall, beautiful woman started toward me from across the hall. At first I did not recognize herg but, when she came ne-ar me, I knew who it was. It was my good friend LYNDA WEsToN. She said that she is working as an atomic scientist at Columbia University. No sooner had she bold me this than SHIRLEY KING strolled up to me. She was clothed in the very latest styles. Shirley told me that she is a Parisian designer and would design some clothes for me if I wished. Shirley departed. While I was standing there, three women came up to me. They were MARJORIE Cox. JUNE KADRI, and AUDHEY FREY. After 6XCh3Ugi-ng pleasanitrie-s Margie told me that she had begun her second novel. Her first had been a great success. June informed me that for the past three years she has been ambassadress to Russia. I was very pleased to hear how Aud- rey is getting along. She has a chinchilla farm somewhere in the West. The next person who approached me was MARY ALICE SCHUPP. She told me that she is now a cosmetologist in Hollywood. She is doing very well. The last member of the graduating class of '54 is ELVA ERVIN. It seems that after gradua- tion she attended Bowling Green University. Now she is a professor at that same University. I am very well pleased with the progress the class of '54 has Inade since they graduated from Gnadenhutten High School. MILLIE MILLER fifteen ...-ka'i. .111 0115155 will We, the Senior Class of the Village of Gnadenhutten, in the County of Tuscarawas and the State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare our last WILL AND TESTAMEN T in manner following, that is to say: Donlald Baker, will my atbility to work in Mrs. McCullough's class to Fred Mc'Morrow. Gary Carpenter will my good car to Charles Leonhard and my trips to Dennison every night to any one who wants to drive it. I, Delmar Clark, will my perfect attendance at school to Charles Sanders, and my car to anyone who wants 'a dead beatt. I, Marjorie Cox, will my perfect alttendance at school to Judy Gray and Charlie to anyone who thinks they can take him away from me. I, Elva Ervin, will my glasses to anyone that thinks they need them worse than I :and my slimness 'to Bill Wallace. I Audrey Frey, will my long hair to Peggy Hunt and my seat in detention to Michael Hamillton. I, Jack Garabrandt will my good car 'to John Brick and my black hair to N-ancy Heck. I, Ronald Gibson, will my job of bringing a pretty girl to school every morning to whomever can find another pretty girl and my hot-rodding to Mr. Larrick. I, Carl Gilmore, will my ability to play sports to William Gooding and my ability to get to school on time to Robert Davis. I, Laura Ann Hamilton. will my job as cheerleader to Joyce Colwell and my love for singing to Donald Peter. I Kyle Jarvis, will my good driving to Mr. Padgitt and my ability to get along with Mr. Larrick to Lucille Bowen. June Kadri, will my long rides to school to Patricia Mathias. Shirley King, will my place in the orchestra to Kay Ervin and my shortness to Joan Kohl. I, Mildred Miller, will my ability to go steady to Emma Huebner and my position of majorette to Paula Schreiner. I, Mary Alice Schupp, Will my long Hngernails to Nancy Heck and my short walks to school to Deanna Schreiner. I, Lynda Weston, will my height to Carl Rauzi and my fun in chemistry to Joan I, I, 1 I, I, Horsfall. We, 'the class of '54, will 'Mr. Padgitlt a coin to Hip to see who will be drum-majorette 'for the school year of '54-'55. We, the class of '54, will Mr. Larrick as good a Senior English class as this year's. We, the class of '54, will Mr. Virtue an American history class that can remember a few dates - history, that is. We, the class of '54 will Mrs. Virtue one thimble. We, the class of '54, will Mrs. McCullough a group of senior boys that doesn't irritate her. the class of '54, will Mr. Cramlet more dead frogs to operate on, t the class of '54, will Mr. Jacobs five boys who are taller and better basketball players than 'Strasburg had this year. We the class of '54, will Mr. Norman a new tirst aid kit 'to doctor the boys that cut their fingers off in shop. We, the class of '54, will Mrs. Begland a quieter seventh grade. We, the class of '54 will Mr. Kobelt some Scotch tape that will hold any mouth shut. We the class of '54, will lMrs- Blickensderfer and Mrs. Crites more dishtowels t'o be thrown into the dishwasher. We, the class of '54, will Mr. Blickensderfer and Mr. Shamel more paper baskets to empty. We, the class of '54, will the freshmen two weeks detention. We the class of '54, will the 'sophomores our ability to make enough money for their We, We, 1 senior trip. We, the class of '54, will the juniors all the fun we had in Gnaden High. In witness whereof, We, Senior Class, the testator, have set our hand and seal hereto this twenty-hrst day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty- four I I 9541. Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for our last will and testament by the Senior Class, the above-named testator, in the presence of us and of others have subscribed their names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. H' ' W PINUW 0 11.4.4 Witnesses: ELIZABETH MCCULLOUGH ' HOMEP1 LARRICK sixteen x their play and the candy they sold at noons The banquet was enjoyed by all. ww '15:sq Juniors Row 1-Lucille Bowen, Robert Davis, John Frank, Florence Galbraith, Gary Gibson. Row 2-William Gooding, Judith Gray, Ivan Grosenbacher, Michael Hamil- ton, Nancy Heck. Row 3-Joan Horsfall, Emma Huebner, Charles Leonhard, Mae Ludwig, Dessie McMasters. Row 4-Frederick 'McMorrow, Gerald Meek, Gary Parrish, David Roth, Patsy Swinderman. Row 5-Shirley Scott Edward Stewart, Rufth Weston, Jenkin Williams, Ronald Zimmerman. Preszdent - Gary Parrish Vzce Preszdent Ronald Zimmerman Secretary William Gooding Treasurer - John Frank The Juniors presented the1r class play 320 College Avenue, a comedy. They gave a banquet in honor of the seniors with part of the money they got from f"'g s . If x A R L Another high hght of their year was recelving their Class rings. ' :Lf Q5 W 'Jil' K- T fa r Lf U. R 881181118011 A' Qtrix Lk 1 l -fjlixl l -1:39 J , L Jf. 5 'ms -1-X it V, 9- A 5 4, al . , ff-fa f , 3, 15' 3 Q' I asf: if at 'NL ff L, -g i f " ft. M wi Q.: . ,Fla I "K, Sophomores Row 1-lCharles Albaugh, Patricia Albaugh, James Blickensderfer, Connie Davis, Glen Hines. Row 2fFred Kinsey, Nancy Kohl, Malinda Kohler, Patricia Mathias, Carolyn McMorrow. Row 3'-Ruth McMullen, Shirley Miller, Norman Orr, 'Donald Peter, Lloyd Porter. Row 4fRoiberta Rankin, Carl Rauzi, Doris Robin- son, Deanna 'Schreiner, Joyce Schreiner. Row 5- 'Minnie Ulrich. Freshmen Row 1-Larry Biggs Larry Bradley, Beverly Brick, John4l3rick, Joyce Colwell. Row 2-Ronald Crouse, Dorofthy Dixon, Everett Dixon, Roger Edwards, Kay Ervin. Row '3f3Susan Garabrandt, Gerald Gram, Betty Grosenbacher, Larry Hines, Sarah Hoirsfall. Row 44fBarbara Hunt, 'Patsy Kugler. William Laisure, Wilma llvlauderly, Jerry lMcKeofwn. Row 5eJames Meek, Eldon Miller, Howard Parrish, Delores Rank Paula Schreiner. Row 6-Alfred Scotft, Benjamin Shaw, John Shull, Jerry Stewart, Sandra Walker. eighteen Eighth Grade Row 1--Mary Ann Begland, Janice Biggs, Eva Bosley, Alvin Cappel, Larry Clark. Row 2a-Marianne Crites, Linda Crossin, James Foote, Thomas Frank, Gregory Gilmore. Row 3--Larry Gooding, Janet Gray, Stephen Hamilton, 'Sharlcne Heidy, Thomas Herbert. Row 4-Grace Hines, George Ketfer, Sara Kinsey, Joan Kohl, David Lockett. Row 5-James Maxwell, Linda Miller, Thomas Roth, Charles Sanders, James Scott. Row 6---fBonnie Shull, Edward Shull, Dale Spencer, Jean- ette Steinbach, Joanne Svvinderman. Row 7 -Nancy Ulrich, William Wallace, Barbara Wil- liams, Vernon Wolfe, Kay Zimmerman. Seventh Grader Row 1vfPeter Bau, Robert Begland, Mervin Biggs, Ron- ald Bradley Judith Carpenter. Row 2 --Doris 'Colwell, Juanita Garabrandt, William Gil- more, Paul Gooding, Ronald Hines. Row 3iWilliam Horsfall, Ann Jones, Norman Kadri, Larry Kilchenmen, Carol Kilpatrick. Row 4f.Rita McMorrow, Judith Parrish, Dorothy Rank, David Rankin, Mary Ann Rauzi. Row 5QRichard Royer, Kay Schreiner, George Shaw, Ethel Stewart, Bonnie Struchen. Row 6--Larry Tufford, Barbara Walker, Linda Wolfe Robert Zimmerman. nineteen E 'S b I t . ,Q , 1 as V .wr is-it we J R i J Q. X' Q 4 ' , . !. ' ' . s X' Q gi QV F J -5' , aff . . iz' X " y .. I Q mf, f t in 'P' gr Q. .Q I 1 i .. V--5' Sf y 'H AAHP ,, , P ,H 'MQ' ,tif gn, A ,.. we ii .Wi , ra Q M , 1 3 'X it af -,181 , .F M xiii .QL - 'i3- i.Y+ -X , .. I 5Jb9.w,, Q A fi ". h I h is I VVL i L , e X , LL, -- n xt ' M Q ' , F Wee 'sv' Q. .1 a me r ES ,ZS :Q 35? u L X lk ,wr we 'T 'S 'Q 'Sr -1 it e ., ., wr , Q5 N' '.-,, 4 3 1 J 7 'xv l lffitif ' lfi 1 ' 1 i ia, , My 429 JT as " I 1 L ft , r . , K I wg' ,', alma? " I . Q ,2,l. Q g V : fig KM, E , rf A , A. Sixth Grade Ro-w 1f4Bevra Blind, Ronald Clark, David Cox, Dora Cox, Edward Crites, Allen Dallacheisa. Row 2-'Ronald Davis, Gary Fivecoats, Jean Gara- -brandt, James Gardner, Judith Gooding, Doyle Harding. Row 31--Norma Heck, Jerry Herbert, Robert Hines, Franklin Horsfall, Sharon Jester, Linda Jones. Row 4--Richard Kilpatrick, John Kirkland Charles Kug'er, Diana Maple, 'Shirley Miller, Dolly Mc- Masters. Row 5fLarry Orr, Karen Parrish, Jack Pfeiffer, Vera Robinson, Homer Roth, Joyce Royer. Dow 6-aWilliam Roye-r, John Schwinderman, Chester Tcdrick, Frank Wanosik. Fifth Grade Row 1f.Sarah Aplin, Gelinda Bau, Pamela Biggs, William Blickensderfer, Cam Bradley, Roberta Brick. Row 2-Marvin Brown, Kenneth Conner, Gary Cono- way, Martin Crafhan, Carl Dichler, 'Sharon Dutton. Row 3fLeland Ervin, Robert Fellers, Donald Fogle, Jay Galbraith, Sue Gilmore, 'Marjorie Gooding. Row 4f Donald Hamilton, Carol Hanshaw, Lois Hines, Glen Jester, Betty Jones, Delfbert Keffer. Row 5fCarol Martin, James McMasters, Sharon Mowl, Jean Naylor, Raymond Rank, John Rauzi. Row 6 f Donna Schreiner, Lana Schreiner, Helen Scott, Dale Stewart, Dean Stewart, Charles St. John. Row 7mDeanna Stoller, 'Sharyn Swad, Freda Ulrich, Edwin Weston, Carol Wilson, Patricia Wolfe. Rom 8-James Zeller, Marilyn Zimmerman, Thomas Zimmerman. lwenty Fourth Grade Row 1+Diana Crites, Polly Fox, Betty Garabrandt, Linda Gooding, Helen Harshey. Row 2-Beverly Hunt, Alta Jones, Theresa Kail, Bradley Kaiser, Joyce Kohl. Row 3-George Lippencott, Jerry Lippefncoftt, James Mc- Greery, Carol McGaha, Lydia McMas'ters. Row 4-Glenn Miller, Marlene 'Miller, Susan Parrish, Helen Rauzi, Joyce Robinson. Row 5--Richard 'Shull, David Sitruchen, Paul Tufford, John Ulrich Robert Weingarth. Row 6-Marian Wolf. Third Grade Row 1-Edward Allensworth, Linda Bartholow, David Blickensderfer, Paul Blind, John Campbell. Row 2-Cheryl Carpenter, George Cox, Carolyn Crites, Richard Crites, Linda Davis. Rlow 3-Theodora Decker, Gloria Duper, Jerry Edwards, Gary Ferrell, Virginia Frey. Riow 4-Duane Garabrandt, Kenneth Garrett, Cheryl Ham- ilton, George Harding, Barbara Heck. Row 5-Sharyn Heidy, Carole Huebner, Pamela Klaserner, Larry Laisure, Leonard Lintner. Row 6--Rita Lockett, Sarah Mathias, Lloyd McMullen, Rosemary Miller, Gary Moore. Row 7-Sandra Orr, Myrna Parrish, James Royer, Dale Schreiner, Saundra Smith. Row 8-Audrey Stewart, Juditlh Timmerman, Martha Wes- ton, Janet Zimmerman. ' twenty-one I 1 W LM uv j ' H 'kulfg ae, A 'Vg' 'h ' Q V ,SW , V I , , 1 Q., V1.3 V EN. . f '5.Qnf.r I J 9222 "QQ:l'-m J d . " Y I i l 228. l . Q E2 Q2 2 ,?..r.,,. ,, . ,.....,,... E L, i to fa w 1-as . f ,A e . to " ' J' . W 572. ' w w, gm. D' Z.. , , Q ,S . h . 5, i - . ,, .., fi' ri. X? .Q '- . , :,.S l , , . W K Z i4 svs1g,, gf, - f ii? , . . i ,W Q 7 , f ,, -.,, ,, , , 4 l 1 . refill, X .- . ,,, : . rf? I J ,Q .,? E , - . ,ff mr'-Jeff ,1.4, v lf . . "'ls. ,, . 9 1 ' '- ' - ' i ' ' ' '-" - ke.. e V . .. ' EME, R s I . ,. , 4, -we -lg- ' " Sli' , ' 'if 4 ,, far , , V 259 . .1 . -r N , k,.,,x V 4 J 'af V R P . I as if -m .Nm e, , asks - .. .. A. 1 dd .s . bln 1 e W' ffm his I Jigga, it im ,Q ., 1 aw' 16'- ,J , . L. f ef . . 3'?'..i p P fb W1 'ng at . . 1 vw, K : D .I f i 9' K Q 'I V, R Y I I Q If ,Ja ,-' . 1. "' .. A X l A-L. r Q rf if i , .5 , ,Sw l f. 5,-tif, :': U . I NSN, M ! K g y h,f -- - Q ,K kkikk N ,kV, .,., K, , fx T, . 71 , i Q jk R ' , F ,:f, ' H . fi Second Grade Row 1-Linda Andrews, James Bates, Cathleen Bau, Edward Bennington, Vickie Brick, Patricia Coen. Row 2vCarl Conner, Robert Couts, William Dutton, Ricky Fellers, Gail Ferrell, Kay Foote. Row 3-Donald Garrett, Samra Garrett, John Gooding, Roger Gray, Dana Grott, David Hansen. Row 4-Francis Heidy, Patricia Herbert, Bettie Hines, Ruth Holderbaum, John Horsfall, Jack Jones. Row 5i+Sondra Kennedy, Sally Kilpatrick, Bruce Kohl Michael Koohl, Edward Kugler, Patricia Lindon. Row 6-J ill Mathias, Linda McMullen, Michael Mc'Peek, Marilyn Miller, Rebecca Moore, David Parrish. Row 7-Arthur Rauzi, Raynola Shaw, Sandra Singhaus, Theresa Tipton, William Urban, Clayton Williams. Row 8-Caroline Bosley. First Grade Row 1-Charles Aplin, Helen Andrews, Junior Bosley, Lee Brown, Ann -Cappell Randy Crites. Row 2-Terry Crites, James Darrah, Robert Davis, John Fer- rell, 'Sharon Fogle, Patricia Frank. Row 3eHerbert Faucett, Marttha Glauser, Barbara Garrett, Neysa Gilmore, Joy Gregg, Don Galbraith. Row 4-Stanley Garabrandt, Carolyn Hughes, Terry Huebner, 'Sandra Jones, James Jinks, Darla Jones. Row 5-Linda Klaserner, Linda Laisure, Nancy Lindon, Frank Laisure, June Long, Michael Lippencovtt. Rowf 6-Marcia Lintner, John Moore, Clinton McGaha, Brice Miller, Michael McMaster, Kenneth Morrison. Row 7-Shirley Naylor, John Parrish, Barbara Peeper, Joan Parrish, Gary Rice, Edna Rank. Row 8-John Ridgway, May Ann Smith, Robert Warner, Roy Williams, Ray Williams Mary Lou Weingarth. Row 9-David Zimmerman. twenty-twO Activities f11'r'r1lV1'f llzrwr Cheerleaders Laura Ann Hamilton, Emma Jean Heubnor, Lynda Weston, Deanna Schreiner Hail! Cjflllffffl. Ilnilf WF,l'L? rvrzfly lo i1!I'f 1110 frail. Wlzern uw 1Jz'g1'r1 WeP'r0 sum lo win. VVO hope uw' nczwr fail! So roof for Zlzvnz. near and fur. CJIIIIIXCVIGS lvrxlfz nm! lmrf' Hwy ara' Varsity VARSITY BASKET- BALL Delmar Clark, David Williams Gary Parrish, Carl Gilmore 3. Glen Hines, Lloyd Porter tu 'enly- four Varsity Squad Basketball Team Row 1-Mr. Jacobs, Coach, Delmar Clark, Lloyd Porter, Carl Gilmore, David Williams, Glen Hines. Row 2 -Larry Bradley, Mgr.: Gary Parrish, Eldon Miller Ivan Grosenbacher, Donald Peter, Ronald Zimmerman, Carl Rauzi, Mgr. Reserve Squad How 1-Jerry McKeo'wn Row 2-James Meek, Ronald Zimmerman, Donald Peter, William Gooding, Ivan Grosenibacher, Ger- ald Meek, John Frank, Eldon Miller, Larry Biggs. Freeport .........,. Tuscarawas .... .... Bolivar ................. Port Washington Mineral City . Dennison .....,....... Stone Creek . Dundee ...,...........,. Baltic ........,.,. Inv. Tournament Inv. Tournament Midvale ..... .. ....... , , Tuscarawas .....,.... Dennison ..,..., Strasburg ..........,. Conesville ,,.......,. Port Washington ..... Freeport .,........... Stone Creek ........,,, Sugar Creek ..,... Conotton Valley . . 9 Midvale .,.........,.l .,,. ............... F e b. 12 Strasburg ..... .. Sugar Creek SCHEDULE .......Nov. 17 Away .......Nov. 20 Home .......N0v. 24 Home ....l...Dec. 1 Away .....,..Dec. 4 Away ........Dec. 11 Home ....,..,Dec. 15 Home ,..,....Dec. 18 Away ........Dec. 22 Away ....l..lDec. 29 Home ,l.....,Dec. 30 Home 5 Home .......Jan. 8 Home .,.....Jan. 12 Away r.,..,.Jan. 15 Home ....,,.Jan. 19 lAway .......Jan. 22 Home .......Jan. 26 'Home .......Jan. 29 Away ........Feb. 5 Home ...........Fe'b Away Away COUNTY TOURNAMENT 20 ........Fe'b. 26 Varsity Reserves We- T'hey We-They 53-51 41-32 31-50 34-52 71-62 46-29 51 -45 29-40 52-53 56-31 57-34 25-24 59 -57 32 -39 57-58 45-33 5 1-62 24 -28 46-27 55-77 50-51 36-49 42-55 41-55 45- 38 28-15 53-76 23-30 50-43 44-27 51-57 30-38 65-- 75 32-27 65-51 52-60 44-62 39 -47 71-69 4k46 71-63 29-30 25- 39 48--73 twenty-Eve Baseball Team ll' ui Q fi K 5 g i fi ll, L5 if 1 an if lu Wllful'-.S'l.l7 l. Glcn Hinos, Carl Rauzi, Carl Gilmore. 2. Ronald Zimmerman, James Meek Larry Hinos, Gary 'Parrish 3. Larry Biggs, Lloyd Porter, Jerry MCKQ-own. 4' Row 1-Howard Parrish, John Frank Jerry McKeown, Carl Rauzi, Larry Biggs, James Meek, Alfred Scott. Row 2-1Gerald Meek, Larry Hines, Lloyd Porter, 'Carl Gilmore, Ronald Zimmerman, Glen Hines, Gary Parrish, Charles Albaugh, Fritz Jacobs, Coach. Baseball season began for Gnaden High School September 22. Coach Jacobs had a good turnout with twenty boys at practice, however there were just two lettermen. The county baseball tournament got underway at Baltic, as the Baltic Eagles downed Gniaden by the score of 2-0. Gnaden beat the Mineral City Tigers by the score of 17-7. The Indians downed the Dundee Bulldogs by the score of 7-1, but the Panthers beat the Indians by the score of 11-0 to finish a successful season. Two of the Tribe's regulars graduate this year. twenty-seven Track Team NR SINGLE PICTURES Row 1'-lROl'll1lC' Zimmerman, David Williams, Lloyd Porter, Ted Gram. Roxy 2 Edward Minteer, Gary Parrish. Row 3 Charles Albaugh, Leonard Porter, Glen Hines, Carl Gilmore. GROUP PICTURE Row l -Mr. Jacobs Coach, Lloyd Porter, Edward Minter, Glen Hines, David Wil- liams, Gary Parrish, Jack 'McKeown, Manager. Row 2 Charles Albaugh, Ronnie Zimmerman, Leonard Porter, Ted Gl'iilll, Carl Gilmore. COUNTY TRACK RESULTS C- G1-Osgnbgelwr H ,,,,,,,,,,,..,.................,,........,................ ..... ........ T i ed for first in High Jump E. Minteer , ,,,,..... . . ,,,,,,, Placed 4th in Low Hurdles Placed 2nd in Broad Jump Leonard Porter ........ 3I'd iI'1 Half Mile C, Gilmore ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, 5th in Half Mile 'lf Gmini VVVV , ,,,,,,,,,, . , ,,,, 51h in 440 Mile Relay Team .. ,,,.,,,, Placed 5th tzzimlfy'-vigil! Journalism Class TOMAHAWK STAFF Editor-Shirley King Arlisl-Elva Ervin Assfsfanf Edffo'-Elva Ervin Sports-Ronald Gibson, Delmar Clark Business Managers-Ronald Gibson, Donald Baker Jokes-Kyle Jarvis Gossip - Laura Ann Hamilton, Lynda Grade Reporters - Laura Ann Hamilton, Weston Lynda Weston Special Feature-Mildred Miller Printers-Delmar Clark, .lack Garabrandt, Activities-Mildred Miller, .lack Garabrandt Donlald Baker GOAL STAFF Editor-Shirley King Senior Pictures-Lynda Weston Assistant Editor-Lynda W95t0U Class Pictures-Kyle Jarvis, Jack Garabrandt Business Managers-Ronald Gibson, Delmar . L Clark, Donald Baker Sports-Ronald Gibson ArtistiE1va Ervin PfOph6Cy-Mlldr9d Activities-Mildred Miller Will'Shif 193' King Faculty-Laura Ann Hamilton History-Laura Ann Hamilton twenty-ni ne Joan Horsfall, Emma Huebner, Mildred Miller, Head Majorette, Laura Ann Hamilton BARITONES Fred McMorrow Ruth McMullen BASTSES Michael Hamilton Glen Hines LLARINETS Laura Ann Hamilton Mary Ann Begland Janice Biggs Robe-rt Davis Gary Fivecoats Florence Galbraith Nancy Heck Emma Jean Huelbner Nancy Kohl Patsy Kugler Mae Ludwig Karen Parrish Kay Schreiner Bonnie Shull Ruth Weston Kay Zimmerman Roibervt Zimmerman o H o So CORN ETS Lynda Weston Roger Edwards William Gilmore Gregory Gilmore Stephen Hamilton Larry Hines William Horsfall George Keffer Charles Leonhard Eldon Miller Paula Schreiner John Shull William Wallace Barbara Williams Ronald Zimmerman FLUTE Patricia Mathias HORNS Carolyn MCMorrow Shirley Miller SAXOPHONES Shirloy King Mildrod Miller Larry Biggs Kay Ervin Larry Gooding William Gooding Joan Ilorsfall Shirley Millcr Frank Wanosik IROMISONES Elvzi Ervin Alvin Czippcl Edward Critos John Kirkland .loan Kohl Judith Parrish llonzild Pvtcrs llotiio Rank .loyvo Sc'hr0invr PERCUSSION Carl Gilmore Jerry MCKoown Gary Parrish Lloyd Porter David Roth Thomas Roth WILLIAM PADGITT Bonnie St ruchon Dire-Ctor if 4 sg' 5 , 3 i f i .,.,i . 5 . Joyce Colwoll. Bcity Grosvnlmclioi Bzirbarzi Hunt, Iivvcrly Brivk 4 fff Mai is fi X V ' 2 T '5 4 S, , Q li 5 - if K 3 il ' Z 1 ' f , Z E i ' f 3 i i 1,15 ,i, Y I W .l 5, , Z 3 if JE Jef l 'I ff? ig , "M 5' i I F 7 . , . ai I: , , Mx Ig , All ii ,, izgh I if HT 'E I I, .ly 4 fi? 5 L ,M I EX jf 5 I l eg Jr Chorus 0000 thirty-two Row 1fDolo-res Rank, Shirley King, Laura Ann Hamilton, Deanna Schreiner, Row R ow Row Elva Ervin, David Roth, Ronald Crouse, Ronald Zimmerman, Gerald Gram, Judith Gray, Mildred Miller, Lynda Weston, Emma Huebner, Minnie Ulrich. 2ALucille Bowen, Florence Galbraith, Dessie McMasters, Patricia Mathias, Paula Schreiner, Fred Kinsey, William Gooding, John Shull, Michael Hamilton, Charles Leonhard, Barbara Hunt, Betty Grosenbacher, Patsy Kugler, Mary Alice Schupp, Mae Ludwig. 3fBeverly Brick, Ruth Weston, Sandra Walker, Sarah Horsfall, Lloyd Porter, Gary Parrish, Alfred Scott, Larry Bradley, John Brick, Roger Edwards, Joyce Colwell, Doris Robinson, Nancy Heck, Joan Horsfall, Kay Ervin. 4--Malinda Kohler, Joyce Schreiner, Robert Davis, Larry Hines, Fred- erick McMorrow, John Frank, Carl Gilmore, Larry Biggs, Ruth McMullen, Nancy Kohl, Shirley Miller, 'Carolyn McMorrow, Connie Davis. 506 g' . W ' 'sp +11 n ' 'X 9 School Orchestra Jozm Horslall, Shirlvy King, Nlildrod Milla-1'. Roger Edwards, Ronald ZlI1lITl0I'IU2Ill, Elven l':l'X'lIl Gary Pm'1'isl1 lVIiCha0l Hamilton. Director, Mr. Padgitt. !l1l'1'ly'll1n '1 Beauties, Beaus, Balloons Our Junior Play thirty-six SPRING NIGHT - April 17, 1953 S CAST NANCY who faces a decision - - - MRS. HOLLISTER, her mother STEPHEN, a musician - MR. KAROLADIS his falher LAURETTE, a snob - BRUCE, a friend - GUPPY, a clown - AL, a soda jerk - - - JIM, a soda jerk - - - MISS ELLIS, a music Zeacher - MISS NORMAN, the principal - DEBBIE ----- GINGER ---- ELSA - BEA - JUDY ----- - RICHARD ------ PLACE: A high school music room. Nancy's dressing room. Sweet treat shop. Laura Ann Hamilton - MarjoriefCox - - Don Baker - Delmar Clark - Mildreid Miller - Jack Garabrandt - Carl Gilmore - Richard Archer - Ronald Gibson - Shirley King - - Elva Ervin - Shirley Metzger Mary Alice Schupp June Kadri - Lynda Weston - Audrey Frey - Ronald Gibson TIME.- Spring. Our Senior Play SEVENTEENTH SUMMER - November 13, 1953 CAST ANGIE, the girl ----- MARGARET, her engaged sister I .OR.R,AINFI, her hopeful sister KITTY, her little sister - n MRS. MORROW, her mother MR. MORROW, her father JACK, the boy - - ART, M!1fgHf6I,S Hence - MARTIN, Lorraine's hope - JANE, cz menace - TONY, a boy friend - MARGIE, a girl friend FITZ, her "steady" - - - - KATHY, zz girl friend - - - Mildr'cd Miller - Elva Ervin Shirley King Laura Hamilton Mary Schupp - .lack Garahrandt Carl Gilmore Delmar Clark Donald Baker Lynda Weston Ronald Gibson - Margie Cox Richard Archer Audrey Frey PLACE: A Mid-Western town. TIIWE: Summer. thirty st 1 en Varsity Club Industrial Arts Club G-Ettes Row lf-fDonald Peters, Alfred Scott, James Meeks, Carl Rauzi, Jerry McKeown, Glen Hines, David Roth, Adviser Mr. Norman. Row 2- -1William Laisure, John Brick, Howard Parrish, Larry Hines, Ronald Crouse, Jenkin Williams, Gary Carpenter, Gerald Gram. Row 34D-onald Baker, Benjamin Shaw, John Shull, Larry Biggs, John Frank, Carl Gilmore, Ivan Grosenbacher, William Gooding. Row 4f-Kyle Jarvis, Gerald Meeks, Gary Gibson, Delmar Clark, Ronald Gibson, Richard Archer, Jack Garabrandt, Charles Leonhard, 'Charles Albaugh. Row 1fJVlr. Jacobs, Adviserg Emma Huebner, Laura Hamilton, Carl Rauzi. Row 2: lLynda Weston, Deanna Schreiner. Row 3 Delmar Clark, Larry Hines, Charles Al- baugh. Row 4-Glen Hines, James Meeks, Ronald Zim- merman. Row 5 flCarl Gilmore Lloyd Porter, Gary Parrish thirty-eight Row 1-Nancy Heck, Lynda Weston, Mildred Miller, Laura Ann Hamilton. Row 2---Elva Ervin, Joan Horsifall, Emma Hueb- ner, Shirley King, Judith Gray, Advisors: Mrs. McCullough, :Mrs. Virtue. Row '3fePa'tricia Allbaugh, Deanna Schreiner, Joyce Colwell. Row 4-Lucille Bowen, 'Beverly Brick, Kay Er- vin, Florence Galbraith, Dessie McMasters. Row 5-Betty Grosenbaeher, Barbara Hunt Ruth McMullen, Nancy Kohl. Row 6 - Patsy Schwendimian. Shirley Scott Paula Schreiner, Ruth Weston. Row 7fPatricia Mathias, Malinda Kohler, Con- nie Davis, Sandra Walker. n 1 Row 84Shirley Miller, Patsy Kugler, Dolores Rank, 'Mae Ludwig. Memories I954 Advertisements J' "W fo W The Watch Shop Complfmefffs Of Est-1905 Central Dry Goods F. Dlimonds Ladies' and Chi1dren's 1ne Watc es - Jewelry Ready-to-Wear L, C QV' 1 Compliments of I Morris Cleaners Indian Village Motors FORD TRACTOR DEPENDABLE - QUALITY DQSOTO PLYMOUTH SERVICE DEABBORN EQUIPMENT Phone 98 Uhrichsvillle, Ohio l GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO L- non- fi T The Citizens Real Estate 81 Mortgage Co. E. O. WIAGNELR, President A. R. LANNING, Vice-President J. R. CARLSON, Secretary-Treasurer Compliments of G. F. Lanning 81 Son WALLPAPER PAINT Si WINDOW SHADES VENETIAN BLINDS - GIFTS Office - 222W Main' Street Phone 120-1 Uhrichsville, Ohio l Patterson Bldg., Uhrichfsville, Ohio L- .J. L- J -7' "1 'P' " 'T Compliments of Twin City Hardware UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Compliments of Westhafer's Hardware Phone 303-J UHRICHSVILL-E, OHIO L- T J' L- .4 forty-two U N G E R LUMBER CO. "EVERYTHING IN BUILDING" ik XX CENTURY FURNACE J. M. ROOFING PLUMBING SUPPLIES INSULATION MILLWORK ASBESTOS SIDING ASBESTOS ROOFING ASBESTOS FLEXBOARD PLYWOOD MASONITE air "You Name It - We Have It" Phone 4-4428 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Compliments Of ,I A M E S B . CLOW 81 SONS 7 A I - .3 s.,,..,,.-M 4,4 3 The Orr Furniture Co. Compliments 224' North Water Street Phone 4-46 Of UHLRICHSVILLE, OHIO J, HoTE L B U C K E Y E Johnson Hardware UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Sportsman's Headquarters 222 N. Main St. Phone 259-J Mike Hissolng, Mgr. UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO O Hggi .1 L. .J fortydthree 2' '-1 ir" -1 1 , , Compliments of C 0 O P E R 7 S Compliments DRY CLEANING of FUR CLEANING and MI LLE R t S STORAGE SANITONE Dry Cleaning R E S T A U R A N T The BEAUTY TREATMENT FO' Your Clofhfs UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO is-peel J' -2 nr' 'ii 1V 1 Compliments Compliments Of Of UNITED Epsl- U14 o B A N K BOTTLING CO. UI-IRICHSVILLE, OHIO Phone 3-7272 DOVER, OHIO g"':-HA 'JI E7 r- JI forty- four 3-.-.-f-TY.- . Y T' "1 7' '1 MAURER BROS. C. E. SCHREINER PLUMBING Sz HEATING MEATS A SPORTING GOODS DRY GOODS , Beale' fo' GROCERIES CRANE - AM. STANDARD KOHLER Fixtures INSURANCE ELIER and BRIGGS Fine Plumbing Fixtures Phone 4-4551 220 F. 5rd St. Uhrichsville, Ohio GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO L. I I 4.1! L.-IIiE II DECREE I , .J 17' wi- -I Y WT ITT W Sli UHRICH STOCKER S A N D FUNERAL HOME 81 FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 263 TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO L 'if'. , 'JI L-f'A"' 'W 'J forty- 17 ve I' 'W T' -' TWO " ii 'S T H E D A I L Y G 0 S H E N T I M E S D A I R Y C 0 . TUSCARAWAS COUNTY 'S HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN LEADING NEWSPAPER .. D .- MILK IS Exclusive THE UNITED PRESS TELEPHOTO FINEST MILK MONEY CAN BUY 139 Second St. N.W. Phone 4--21744 NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO PICTURES DAILY if Local, State, National, and World News Daily L.- ,J L.- TT ' 'W F" Compliments Of C A P P E L PIANOS , OJRGANS M S S, Inc. BAND INSTRUMENTS You, , ESPENSCHEID LINCOLN PIANO Co. M E R C U R Y D E A L E R 1323 FOURTH ST. N.W. S. Broadway NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO New Philadelphia, Ohio L.. A - AJ L.- -LJ forty-six F' E OOOE 'W 7' '1 Forrzpliments Compliments of of T H E C O . ...... no .. BOTFLING CO. FURNITURE 8z Phone 66 CARPETS DENNISON, OHIO DENNISON, OHIO .J. L.- ,J O 'W P' En' WDD O'l'1 H A R R I S Read .... J E W E L E R S T H E D A I L Y WATCHES DIAMONDS REPURTER for DOVER, OHIO Graduation THE BEST FOR FOHTY-NINE YEARS NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO For complete coverage in all Local and National News and Sports Events Read By More Than 9200 Families Every Day A L. I I LIHHLLLED,-,,-M 7D,V ,J L ,J forty-seven COM PLI MEN TS OF 7970 QW DAIRY AND ICE CREAM CO. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF SCHREINER MERCURY MOTOR SALES 320 NORTH MAIN UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L. , A .J ty-eight T' "1 T' '1 Compliments Of GNADENHUTTEN BANK Your Savings Account Today Leads To Home Ownership SCHREINEIPS INSURANCE Walnut St. GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO 116 VV. Main St. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Tomorrow. PROTECI' ION Phone 4-4321 OF EVERY KIND GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO L. .gl L.- ...Ji - 'T Compliments of MOTOR SALES Your .... HAMILTON I . G . A . . . . . Dealer GROCERY STORE Phone 33 our 74-9 126 N. Mxain St. GNADENHUTFEN, OHIO Uhrichsville, Ohio L. .1 L.- HJ I forty-nine F' TI ' W ' -I' In ' I ""'m"I' T 'B li. K. PFEIFFER CIIEVRULET SALES and SERVICE New and Used Cars and Trucks Distributors for UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. SEAT COVERS TIRES and TUBES CHAINS BATTERIES NYLON SAFETY TUBES FAN BELTS PENZOIL GAS and OIL Gnadenhutten, Ohio Phone 4 4335 ?" COM PLI M EN TS OF K O H L LUMBER SL SUPPLY COMPANY gamyfihnq fn Qwlcfinq PHONE 4-4325 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO U' I' '1 it' "1 CHEVROLET BUI K C New Phi1ade1phia's Most Modern .... WEAVER Chevrolet Co. Sales 85 Service 228 West High Avenue t New Philadelphia, Ohio Telephone 4-2188 KENDEIGH'S General Electric Appliances Hoover Cleaners Myers Pumps Youngstown Kitchens Maytag Washers - Ironers Gnadenhutten, Ohio PHONE 4-4351 I .. ...z "1 J. Compliments of LUMBER COMPANY DOVER SURPLUS LUMBER STORE and Q10 North Tuscarawas Ave. BUILDERS SUPPLIES DOVER, OHIO For Your Uhrichsville, Ohio Work Clfffhing, 310095, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Phone 37 , and Scouts Equipment ESllIl7llSlZ6'll 1884 Also Paints and Accessories ,,+ -..ii s.. 1 WSJ! E jqfly-One 3- -w sr' -1 1 I I BroWn's Western Auto HOTPOINT - WESTINGHOUSE Compliments PHILCO - R.C.A. - ZENITH IRONRITE Of We Maintain One of Tuscarawas Coun'ty's Largest Service Departments Dr. William Roche 114 E. High New Philadelphia Phone 4-2909 Phone 4-12804 P: A-is L: 1 ?+ if 'W EV Compliments Compliments of 1 gf Baker's Jewelry Eileen's Beauty Shop Keepsake Diamonds Bulova - Hamilton - Elgin - 625 N. Waiteir Gruen Watches UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO New Phila. - Next to A. SL P. 51- is-f, 51: ----- -3 13" :V 'T C Boltz's Restaurant Omesy of On Home 250 C. and W. Furniture Between. Uhrichsville and 115 Front Ave' SE' New Philadelphia New Philadelphia, C2110 C d' ' Phone 1815 - - for Reisiervatioinis re ll at a price you can ago, sz J' ss J' af' Si IV 'Y Compliments of Compliments of The Ohio Savings 81 Trust CQ, Bond Shoe Store NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Member F.D.I.C. UHRICHSVILLE , l Le.: J' Lk- l ---3 Hfty-two Compliments of Fillman's Implement Sales Minneapolis Moline New Idea Kelley Ryan Farm Machinery PORT WASHINGTON, OHIO "1 TT I CITIES T TF "1 Compliments of A G. Sz: G. Paint 81 Wallpaper Home of O'BRIEN PAINTS and IMPERIAL WALLPAPERS Next to Post Office Uhrichsville Phone' 434 '1 , 7 ,, We it an ,LJ L.- , L LLJ. Compliments of Dr. M. A. Williamson .3 I--m, mL--,--M .H -L -J --4 ,r" atom eeee 'ha on "1 Compliments of Nehi - Royal Crown Bottling Co. NEW PHILADELPHIA, 'OHIO Eilers Candy Shop 212 Grant St. Dennison Home Made Candy Fresh Roasted Nuts 'T er '7 Compliments of Begland Insuranec Agency "No policy is a bad policy" NOTARY PUBLIC Gnadenhutten, Ohio m I I on A 6 IIMWML Lynn S-more it I, it sm.s,-i.LJF - Y . -W Ir- Y 0- - I -----Y-P-M - f- -1 Compliments of Shaws Wall Paper Schwabls 130 w. 31rd st. Confectionery COMPLETE N on-Staining Paste - Decals The Little Store With A Big Business Tel. 1145 Uhrichsville FOUNTAIN SERVICE Holme Made Ice Cream Fine Foods Phone 4-4323 Gnadenhutten, O. I -J L- ttttt so t s to testes - ,,.J jqfty-three Compliments of Kopp Candy Co. UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO r' "'1 ,rf '1 Compliments of Nickle's Bakery UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L.. JI, L.-1H - 4 . Compliments of BIIPHIC Bower The Smart Clothes Shop COX Clothlng CO" DENINISON, OHIO IUC- Nationally Advertised Men's Wear UhTiChSViH9, Ohio Er-- SV Reiser Pharmac , , , y D. L. Staneart and Son Prescr1pt1on Drugglst H. E. Reiiser, Proprietor A, C, Sales and Service 20I1G Sf D ' .Oh' mm treat emson, 10 Phone 1086, Uhrichsville, Ohio and Gnadenhutten S.- A .Ja 2 -.J V 'W P' 'I Compliments of Compliments of City Auto Company D R. K. Llndsey DENNISON, OHIO Phone 64 DENNISON, OHIO ,san 4.1 5 .z fiffy-four - 2'-2' Compliments of Compliments Of The Vogue 9 "IN FASHION . . . Baker S 'TS THE VOGUEH Service Station Uh'h't11 - N Phildlth' HC Sv' 6 ew a QP la UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO LJ LO - ,LJ Li Compliments 6f Romi Insurance . g United Dept. Store General Insurance phone 164. or 165 FOR WORK OR DRESS 316 East Third Street WE SELL FOR LESS Uhfichsvillev Ohio Uhtrichsviltle, Ohio .- .J li' K - Hills , Home of STEAM JENNY EKG Sandwlch 511011 We steam flush radiators and 151 E' Thlrd 511961 Motor 'Blocks inside and out on the car Uhritchstville, Ohio NO DELAY Trenton Ave. at B. KL O. R. R. EVERYTSIIQG HY F?OD UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Try S Omemme' , , J L, W1 I., L -, is Compliments Of Metzger's Candy Shop SIS and Sonny Sh0P Good HOME-MADE Infants' and Chi1dren's Wear CANDY 322 N. Water St. Uhrichstville, O. 139 SA Broadway Phfme 1311 NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L.: L.- L ,Ji iffy-Eve 1 I r r 'ri WE " '1 Compliments of F. B. Maurer Fr0Ck QUALITY MARKET UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Uhrichsvillie, Ohio ii J' L. J' lf' 'W if Y Compliments of Twin City Greenhouse CC SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Complimenis of Ruger Incorporated Uhrichsviille, ohio Phone 380 UhI'iChSVi11f-2, 01110 l L. J ' L , r' -1 r' Gibbs Chevrolet Sales, Inc. SALES - Phone 40 SERVICE - Phone 1194- 336 East Third Street UHRIICHSVILLE, OHIO U L- .J L- Compliments of Twin City Cleaners PICK-UP SERVICE '1 0347 N. Water Street HRICHSVILLE, OHIO T' "7 T' Compliments of Twin City Lumber Co. UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Phone 34 Lew, one J' L U H. L. GREEN 50-31.00 hrichsville, Ohio ffly-six T' EN '1 4S:HLU6lflfl,6, Credit jewelefw, THE HOME OF KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS and WATCHES Elgin Bulova Gruen U S E Y O U R C R E D I T 216 Third St. Uhrichsville, Ohio L- D,,?,, DO DD .1 7' '1 Stillwater Clay Products Co. Uhrichsville, Ohio PHONE 350 L. ,hm AM .J ffl QV Y' 'Y 7' 'T BEST WISHES Compliments CLASS OF 1954 f Sk T H E SCHREINER EV E N I N SG GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO L. .J K. J F' 'B T' 'T Compliments of F I R S T J N A T I 0 N A L Gasoline - Oils B A N K SOHIO HEAT Phone 146 Of Uhrichsville D E N N I S 0 N L. H. Crothers - Paul Van Scyoc Distributors DENNISON, OHIO L- OO O O tO t . O.z3 L. .4 fifty-eight O Y' 'T COM PLI M EN TS OF SUPERICR CL Y CCRPCRATIC Manufacturers of Sewer Pipe, Fire Clay, Flue Lining, Wall Coping, . Stove Pipe and Fittings, Chimney Tops and Other Clay Goods "The Pipe of Quality" UHRICHSVILLE, omo I K- ,l-1-,v.,J 7' "T COM PI .I M EN TS OF indian Village Federal Savings and Loan Association GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO K- ,C , e,7o C ,nn ei, ,J if ty-nine ri BEST WISHES V Compliments of TO THE CLASS OF '54 ell 81 Gnadenhutten Pharmacy Greenhouse The Prescription Store PHONE M592 UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO 1-.HHH L- .4 V' I I 'W V' W I 1 Quality Shoe Repair 143 South! Broadway NEW PHILADELPHIA, 'OHIO From Old To New With Any Shoe L- -J Every day is Clzildren's Day Clif B U E H L E R ' S Infants' and Chi1dren's Wear 'Phone 4419 128 E. Third St. UHRICHSVILLE, GHIO L- .J P' W 'W Ill' 'T Compliments of Compliments of H and A Drug PRESCRIPTIONS Dr' W' R' Mellor Accurately Compounded UHRICHSVILLE :...- -.1 t.-- W L- .4 If I 'W I?" 'i R. J. McDonald INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE Rouils Bar'B Salesman IRA STRUCHEN, Solicitor 1103 East High Ave. I NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO Good Barbecue Sandwiches 1132 E. High Ave. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO L.-, L -L LJ I L- .8 sixty Buclceye Roller Mills E S H E L M A N RED ROSE FEEDS Seed Lime Salt Fertilizers C H I C K S J OE HORSFALL, Proprietor FLOYD BEAMER, Manager GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO PHONE 4-4458 Y .1 if---A is WT ' I Grill's Jewelry Diamonds - Watches Silverware UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Lame -J e L.- Mechanisms Company 1118 E. 2nd St. Uhrichsville, Ohio W' 'W rt Compliments of Porter9s Market GRooEP.1Es - PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS SEAL TEST ICE CREAM Phone 4-41355 Gnadenhutten, O. L. .1 ' L Sale's Dep't. Store Uhrichsville, Ohio Nationally Advertised Brands lVIen'sl, Ladielsf, Childrenfs Clothes "Compare Our Low Pricesv I r Goodingis Market Complete Self-Service Cash Market I 7' 'T T' Nastoff's Food Market QUALITY MEATS HCUSTOM CUTTING" 401 E. 1'St St. Ph01f1e 77 Phone 8-777.5 Uhrichsville, Ohio PORT VVASHINGTON, OHIO L., W ,Ji L.- IFVTTL I T L Twin City Electric Co. House of Stones MAYTAG Washers fOr G. E. Refrigerators ELECTRICAL SU PPLHEZS QUALITY JEWELRY 113 East Third Street DENNISON, OHIO Phone 221 Uhrichsville, Ohio Ls 4,41 L.- sixty-two r --1 rr' " ups' ' "1 Dick Klar Athletic Supply Complete Equipment FOR ALL SPORTS HOBBY SUPPLIES 330 Cherry St. Dover, Ohio Ramsey Brothers HEATING 109 Third Street Phone 35-.I DENNISON, OHIO Compliments of The Kiddies Shop Infants' and Children's Wear GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO J I 'S Compliments of Fairview Dairy Proprietor D. W. Sulzener State Route 21 New Philadelphia, Ohio I ,E -J I 'IT . GOOD LUCK! Haver Electric Supply , Curtiss Jewelers Soft Water Service . LEADING GIFT STORE Hotpoint Crosley , , , , Diamonds of Distinction Phone 2237 Newcomerstown, O. 1 Newicomerstown, Ohio -s DEH- ir, LTWDIWEE .Y -J ' ' G Mi it 'li Russell E' Bennett Baltimore Clothing Real Estate and Clothes for the Entire Family General Insurance NEWCOMEBSTOWN5 OHIO Phone 1133 Uhrichsivilie, ohio Plume 83188 L ...if L..E.i.- M.-. EEE-, ,i EJ' sixty-three if' "T lr' '1 Homework made EASY! The homemaker's job is easier today than ever before in history- thanks to electric help- ers like the clothes washer and dryer, the dishwasher, the auto- matic electric range. BEST WISHES F. M. DUNN DODGE PLYMOUTH Sales 85 Service UHRICHSVILLE, OHIO Cheaper than the old Phone 481 way, too! 1 YM OHIO PowER cf- ll.- .JI m. L .41 .V L 'N lr' 'W Compliments of T W I N C I T Y M A C K A Y M I L K C 0 . M E M O R I A L S QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS AND ICE CREAM 1106 E. HIGH AVE. PHONE 691 New Philadelphia, ohio Uhrichsville, Ohio ii. .io L, .4 sixty- four WWW' 'Y Y V V WT T", V 'fini' H H HW O' "1 Compliments Comphmems of of Tuscora Motor Co. Oldsmobile Sales Sz Service Safety-Tested Used Cars Dial 4--2359 223 Boulevard Goettege's Truck Stop PORT WASHINGTON, OHIO Near Union Hospital, Dover, Ohio i . A I L- -- EJ L.- 1 ,, 4-1, -.J' we R or R 'crew ir-- , , 'T GibS0l1,S Auto Repair Reliable Radiator Repair Co. Service and Car Washing Complete Auzomobile Radiator and Lawnmower Service Phone 44417 We Sell TORO Lawnmowers GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO 308 E. First S., Uhrichsvillie, Ohio Lg mv Ki H-it -Aim F' ilii -O in iii iii im iii 'iii "W FOR BETTER SERVICE - CALL .... n epen ent I o. I d d O1 C Distributors for Fleet-Wing Products Super Heating Oils - Tires - Batteries STILLWATER, OHIO Phones 140 - 141 L1 1 1 ttist its to O 11 sixty-five if' 'W 57' 'T I YOCKEY9S HARDWARE General Hardware and Plumbing Supplies Dexter Washers Chief Paints and Varnishes Magic Chef Stoves. Reo and Lawn Boy Mowers Woodruff Seeds American Standard Furnaces' Before You Buy-Visit Tuscarawas Counity's Most Beautiful Appliance Slore The Home of- PHILCO .... TELEVISION RADIOS REFRIGERATORS RANGES FRIGIDAIRE . . . REFRIGERATOIRS RANGES AU'11ouvrATrc WASHERS AUTOMATBC URYEIRS DEEP EREEZES H. C. SPRING Phone 4-4217 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO Electrlc 119 E. Third St., Uhrichsville, Ohio S...Wrr .-- 'V .S Compliments -of Complimenls P U R I T A N of Laundry and B 0 T I M E R Dr Cleaners Y FUNERAL HOME LAUNDERERS . . . . . . DRY CLEANERS and Complete Linen and FURNITURE Coverall Rental Service NEW PHILADELPHIA 244 Hr. Ambulance Service PHOHG 4-2368 Phone 4-4200 GNADENHUTTEN, OHIO L, p vw wp ..z' Ll. .41 sizzy-six IT" -' "E" TTTTT T" "TT ctw THE G. D. HAAS SMITH - CORONA Typewriters Sales and Rentals HARDWARE A COMPLETE LINE OF Office and School Supplies Kelvinator Refrigerator Gifts and Tappan Range 0 F F I C E DENNISON, OHIO APPLIANCE C0- 119 W. Third St. Dover, Ohio LS - 4.11 L., S- -S .S ,JS mia IV' O OOOOO '11 CONGRATULATIONS Compliments from ' of D 0 V E R W I G W A M THE CENTER , OF Complete Fountam S . BUSINESS AND , emce INDUSTRY L1ght Lunches IN Meals I I TUSCARAWAS COUNTY Ce Cream RETAIL BUSINESS DIVISION AL WILLIAMS' proprietor ,THE DOVER Phone 4--4-720 Walnut St. OHAMBER of OOMMEROE GNADENHUWEN, OHIO L I ,Ji s:-SSLS SSSS LSLLSSSLSSS I -JI sixty-seven ,r...- I AW.-. , I William H. Bradley Member of THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION Of LIFE UNDERWRITERS l I ' Lift-H ' Polio ' Annuity ' Group ' Accident ' Pension Plans ' Sickness ' Business Insurance ' Hospitalization ' Mortgagei Protection ' Retirement Plans "I f you don't know Insurance . . . Know your Agent" ,Agent for THE FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE CO. INTER-STATE ASSURANCE CO. I Phone 4-4377 Gnadenhutten, ohio Lg. LL I if' fi +V STARKEY,S Phone 678 312 Newport Avenue Compliments NQUJ Gnd Used Auto PHTIS and Accessories Of Also Dealers in Scrap Miaterials ofallKinds LL J H O L S U M V 'x B A K E R YQ I N C ' Compliments of Goettegc-fs I.G.A. FINE BAKERY p Market PRODUCTS SINCE 1901 PoRT WASHINGTON, oH1o Fine Foods - Quality Meats Snow Crop Frozen Foods L- -J L.- .A sigrty-eight W 5 7' Y '1 COMPLIMEN TS OF Geo. W. Kugler Trucking Company BOX9 - CLEARFIELD, PENNA. DOVER,OH10 Phone 5-9577 PHONE 4-24-96 Pottstown, Penna. Cleariield, Penna. Phone 2612 a.. -Yo,foo,oonno P Ji! r H r' Moi I-N NEW PHILA. 11's Compliments Alex's New Quaker Of For G O O D F O O D LARsoN B . 5 j . .J C L A Y P I P E + IV' PP PH C 0 . Compliments of Uhrichsville, Ohio The Oxford Bank NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO a. o no di. ,it S:nn oe.on when ,J sixty-nine VT "1 4 7' 'T I i J Compliments of G Si S Shoes and Shoe Repair MEN',S NEW SHOES-37.95 up We Doctor Shoes, Heel Them, Gibson Bros. AUTO SUPPLY AND HARDWARE Attend Their Dyeing, and 212 N h T , Ort uscarawas Save Their Soles. DOVER7 OHIO Opposite Hotel Dennison, Dennison 5- A-ii V' 1?" Compliments J OE COX Of HER-FF - JONES CO. A. T. Lanning and Co. CLASS RINGS - INVITATIONS DENNISON, OHIO Box 5269 Akron, Ohio 1, .JY S T' 'T 1 S P O N S O R S GEORGE R. CALOMS Insurance Agency .... Uhrichsville, Ohio POLLY'S SHOP ................................................ Uhrichsville, Ohio HUNT SHOE STORE .............. ....... U hrichsville, Ohio BROWN'S MUSIC SHOPPE ...,. ..,,... U hrichsville, Ohio BEITLER DRY GOODS .......... MACDONALD JEWELRY ,..... .......UhrichsVi1le, Ohio .......Uhrichsvi11e, Ohio P. F. REED - J. P. REED ...... .......... U hrichsville, Ohio ZELPHA'S DRESS SHOP ........ .............. U hrichsville, Ohio SENHAUSER ..................... ....... N ew Philadelphia, Ohio 5.5Ao Hd , H,V ww , G, ,gl seventy X T1 W. T' 'T SENIOR, FACULTY, AND ACTIVITY PICTURES in this GOAL BV HARMON STUDIO PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL P H O T O G R A P H Y Richards Bldg. Dover, Ohio L- J T' 'W "W O 'T PRINTING PLATES for the GOAL Produced By THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE 'COMPANY 413 Schroyer Ave. 1' , Ohio L OA , ,, ,miifw A,-..., 7 A, AAA O J Autographs ur 'l"f m if K- . 4 A A -2- - 74 4.. FF 4,- ' ,6' , lf.. ilphf ' ii I 3? IWW Fiji' f 'flf 2 - 51 V -. "1 52 :- G E , I V 1 .A w '17, fr , N O f 96" 13 .r qg , ... , -'I . , ,, Ljlffiu. 5- . '- - "LL- .3-P943 -.. ,, 7 F' Va," U it 1- 3. 4 I, , 1 lr 1 V1 ,mx .- ,K fi,-1-. ,FV -l-- Az' v. 1 wi' ' 1, "V 5-If 'LZ ' .mijyrx f5f".?'-'pw f ' ....:g1f'L ...1 .11 l, ,,,1,g, -4-. , rf . .. 4, -t w - ' . rbi 1 . : F Viv" .Av ., ,,. ' rf-4 . .- , .. 4 ,j Q.. x i' W 5' - x V 'A 3 ., .. . X 'v ' ' .- 1: ' ' 1 5 s -f, 1. 5- v . F- ,M ,,, Q 'nf 1,55 1di,,:!.:-3, - 4 X. P, . . , . Q . V V.,.,' ,Engl -3, .5,,?..f. 1 .-. -N.. 3.5. V -V 'tzxi' Q? " E nl V fl- L, w 4 ,Ari ., . , .M .rye ,Q W, ,. 1 - X - , ' '.:v,. . 4 ,, 1 'gg-,y,,..-Q-f 'Q - . 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Suggestions in the Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) collection:

Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Gnadenhutten High School - Goal Yearbook (Gnadenhutten, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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