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7""'6 A F 5 mlm A 3 -A I 9 W ,af 1 ' ' Pk , Q' Q Y vi K 4 I x vi . V. t 6,25 5 1 'F' Q' f ig f gtk a fy: Sf!! 4 lr I , 5 , J 1 5 A 'Q ' 7 1 f 5 N - f" Q .V 'L ? K ' , W A it ' X A ' 3, , " Q' Q 2 Q g - - K ,V K H I " . 1 w QL gy' ' 5 D 3. , AM WW, , 5 gg.. 5 ' f i A ,, gil? W Q. 41. ,, f 3 K 5 , qi, ' , W' i . . Q Qs is? if 9 , qqwz 1' fy 1 -we s af-rf' . kr?" silu 'FQ 'ff-fem , 71 in Nine., w V K 45" 1, , Q vs, , ..,-4. , bf , ,... .- . ..,., ,R x-, ,. M' W, -4 ,Mg 9.3.3. X .,,.A-,w..,.f 3,. 1, . . Q .I 3 A , , N ,H 5 Q -ff .L M L ,.,.:e:.'-ggyw, I. -fy-vs! 40, af A -1f,.1.' .H --ff ., 4,x X .L 3: K E5 .f .L W X .Q Lt, .Ii , 221 1, ' -1 . K ,',.3--- , 4 , '-, -H 'Rv dk I V 'A bw. P X . ,L , va., 'if ', wb., wie 1 gi , silf . iw A-,A . ff 'fb ' ss .Q If ff, Q. -1 .y , fi . A.. .I 'Q ,Ek , L Q' in .w,, ,lf EJ vie -. iff? :rv , fl' FV , 'fliix --Q1 34, ,.?.., ,, yr. Wil' ! H? f el 5.5 ff...-EL YQ?" ' N.. X AMI., ,1 57+ if fx. 1 '-, 114.31 L. ., Q, , 4 if, . sa. ' -gg , is. H W-F' 1:-' ,I , ng, -za' 15 '. ,T ?p.....,,r4a. W ' uw. 13, -. N V. g kr 'N . ' ' , ,- . K I 'wg N ' . -1 ' , 1 3.18 ,J .., .. .. L , .,I.cgx,. M 1. T 4 N f N . , X ,.-N-f...,,g' Amity, ,, ,. . ,,.,....-?,., ..,,-.. Q ,. . 4. ...,, , J, f ..,,4 x. , X ,Lv w f ,, A , 5, K CUL4CIif Editor Deb Brown -Editor 1961 m Edi Cheryl Mr. Joseph J. Check-Advisor . . . its final edition Presented by the ORACLE STAFF of GLOVERSVILLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK A Y Ricc 1 E Bus Man g i AS WE LEAVE THE OLD AND THE PAST The majesty of the present building- featuring the column facade on the front. The side view of the present G.H.S. as seen from upper Prospect Avenue. , I A G.H.S. as pictured from the Estee Court. The southern view overlooking the city from the site of the new school. The artist's conception of our new high school to he opened in the fall of 1961. v A view of the actual construction as taken at dedication time. WE LOOK T0 THE NEW FOR THE FUTURE ri ERNEST LOREN MERITT The first major principal of the present building housing Clovers- ville High School was Ernest Loren Meritt. Having served as prin- cipal since 1905, he automatically assumed the reins of control when this building was completed in 1908. He continued to serve as principal until 1918. Throughout his term he also devoted his ener- gies to the presidency of the Cloversville Teachers, Association and the Alumni Association. He also inaugurated the E v e n i n g School. uSelf-control, consideration for others, enthusiasm for our workw was his motto which was adopted by the school. Professor Nleritt died in 1938. 4 WE TREASURE THEZHRECTION AND TH BERT H. CRANDALL WHO DEDICATED THEMSELVE FFORTS OF THESE OUR PRINCIPALS, O OUR SCHOOL AVlOtl16I'lJlll1ClDEil who pl ix ed a major role in this huilflin wx as Bert H Fran ri'1ll He xx as appointed to this oifiu ARTHUR FERGUSON The third major prineipal was Arthur Ferguson. He succeeded Bert H. Crandall as principal in 1051. He had previously held the post of teacher and history depart- ment head since 1026 and of vice- prineipalship from 1016. His admin- istration saw the estahlishment of a three track system for each grade: seholarship, regular regents. and school Credit. Hr. Ferguson since his retirement in June of 1060 has heen living on a farm in or near Salem. New York. hx qupermtenflc nt ulius Warren 1021 after short terms of Howard F Hihhle and Ht ith White Hr Crfantl ill announced his pl'1ns to retire in 1051 Xn impoitfint than e clurin his ful ministiation sms the elimination of the .lfmuiry final examinations to enahle 'ill pupils to pass automatically into the second half of any Course. Bert H. Crandall is currently residing in Tix'oli.1llinoiS. 5 A , n,,:,:- - , 4:5315 1,4::12f5g,:5sf.::gE:a,:: 1 ' . ' Iii ,V M.. : f fzjibw 7 , QW 1 X X A gpm ,K 25 4 ff f 'SWE f 4, Q i .fy ,,,1,,u44 7 'V --U1-fggzwfoaslw-fy. o f 1' . :,, 5. 4, I 4,, ,,,, -- ' 5 QQ K - .f gm? f ww 1 W mm- ,V w 1' s ff? ff-'iii M ivzw-:QQPSM ,Mfrs-f3:'v :wwf1-W.1:YGSi'Wex522 MWHWMUMMQ 5 'Q -nbwmff I 7 ' ai , " f-2',afQ2-esefilaeeaifllfwwi:2f 1Igg'1'my7-w-lwfzgaffzfqaivszz ,. W 1 A " il-L?hzLWQQKiwi?-l51LL5iz5f-QT1355-31YiZi1Y7.if'1'.E 7,7 J ' ,ffl . V' Q W 91 W A 7 Wwy ,.,.211f4xqf ', gf , is S DCdlC3tlOH to' Frank Woodworth Culdance Counselor ,al Mr. Woodworth enjoys himself at the After-Play party After the Director has explained the graph at his right for Seniors with his wife, Vivian, and other faculty mem- Mr. Woodworth listens to suggestions made by other mem bers. bers of the administrative staff. 1 Before returning to his wife and two children at home, Mr. Woodworth helps a student fill out an application for a college. We, the Senior Class of 1961, are sincerely proud to dedicate our yearbook to an administrator whose amiability and kindness have Won the respect and friendship of both his colleagues and the students of G.H.S. His manner and skill in adminis- tering guidance have so fostered ambitions that most of us became honestly interested in planning wisely for our future. For these and many other reasons, we dedicate our 1961 ORACLE to FRANK C. WOODWORTH 7 1 GLOVERSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETES HER RIZVGING HALLS THAT WILL FOREWORD Amidst tall elms and spacious lawns a mighty building stands with the name-Gloversville High School-scrawled across its massive front. Yes, Seniors of the Class of 1961, you will be the last to enjoy the life contained within these old walls. The Seniors of tomorrow will not share in the life of creaking stairs and crowded classrooms nor in the joys, tears, laughter, and happiness we have known. No longer will her arms reach out to us, giving us the wisdom contained within her walls, making us the citizens of tomorrow. Our footsteps will be the last to echo down those beloved halls. But will the old be forgotten for the new? Will the footsteps of the -graduating Class of 1909, now mingled with the succeeding ones, cease to echo? No, memories can not be erased. Her im- pression and teachings will always remain deep in our hearts. As the last graduating class we leave without regret, but with remorse and tender silence for what has stood before us as a symbol of peace, democracy, and the American way of life. We, the Oracle Staff of 1961, as our last tribute to the scho-ol we love, present the theme of the 1961 Oracle, HRETIRING THE BUILDINGL' C O N T E N T S Dedication ,,,,,,,,.,.i,,-,, Faculty ,....,.... Seniors ....,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,--,,,,, Senior Activities Underclassmen .,,,, ,-,,,,- School Life .....,, Organizations Sports ....,...,... Advertising ...,.,.. Index ,.....,...,,,,. Ending ....... 6- 7 11- 22 23- 64 65- 74 75- 94 95-104 105-130 1 131-148 149-178 1 179 1 180 CAREERg ALWAYS BE PART OF FUND MEMORIES Ea E Duke Miller, Director of Physical Education, pre- pares the student body for its first pep rally of the l960 football season. Cheerleaders and team players were introduced. REMINISCING EVENTS OF FUN AND PLAY The "down" stairway is a busy place between classes. The three minute passing period provides sufficient time to move quickly from floors. The Student Council provides a number of paid assemblies each year for student body entertain- ment. The first was held for Seniors on Septem- ber 30th. A favorite spot before and after school is the sidewalk area in front of the building. Students congregate here in spite of smoking restrictions. to .X at The first floor of the high school is usually the busiest place in the entire school. This might be called the Hsocial altogethernessf' L ff 1--5. 13 Y , 1- . . Sig-JT' ' .ss A - Q -sswvx i XS n 5 px ,ff- , 'Q s-.1 , QE! i 'M-M lil! FA CUL TY Consider that l labored not for myself alone but for all 0flllCIT1 that seek learning. ll S, . 5 1. fue' - - 'B as X as ADMI ISTRATIO BOARD OF EDUCATION-First row: Frank Vetro, Mrs. John Wood Fred Hundertmark Mrs Robert Kunkel George Curtin Second row Lewis Theurer, Thomas Randall, William Male, Anthony Kaisu Robert William Philip Goodheim Robert Quackenbush MR. WILLIAM E. MALE Superintendent of Schools B.S., lVl.S., Albany Chief Staff Officer-skillfully directs the schools in the Gloversville Public School System. Through his many years of loyal and devoted service, he has striven to give the schools the best staff and facilities possible. His foresighted administration has instituted many familiar phases of curricu- lar and extracurricular activities. With the completion of the new Gloversville Senior High School, Mr. Male will have many major accomplishments behind him. Education A.B., M.A., MR. JAY HERBERT PAINTER Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds MR. LEWIS O. THEURER Clerk of the Board of Assistant Superintendent Albany ,Q-vw - SECRETARIES MARIE L, NIXON MRS. MARGUERITE Secretary to Superintendent REGAN A,B,, Albany Stenographer MRS. DORIS PETRASKE Account-Clerk-Stenographer MRS. HAZEL MORENUS Senior Account Clerk-Typist I3 ADMINISTRATIVE FRANK C. WOODWORTH MRS. BABETTE D. FRISBIE Curriculum Coordinator AB., lVl.A., Albany The position of the Curriculum Coordinator is city-wide, dealing with the coordination of curriculum from kindergarten through sen- ior high school. It deals with the revision of old curricula and the establishment of new. Grade level and administrative meetings, bi- monthly Curriculum Bulletins, professional workshops and extension courses improve lines of communication and the professional status of teachers. The maintenance of a curriculum library, selection and recommendation of textbooks, review of current educational materials and practices, help to keep teachers and cadet teachers informed about ideas and materials that they might not find time in busy teach- ing schedules to peruse. Educational research to provide a better un- derstanding of our pupils, curriculum and teaching helps to improve our system, as does a Central Supply Library of supplementary books for use in all elementary schools. The office and services of the coordinator are available at all times to administrators, teachers, and cadet teachers for assistance, en- couragement or approval in all matters aca- demic or professional. Director of Pupil Personnel Services A.B., lVl.A., Albany This department was first established one year ago for the purpose of providing better services to our students by coordinating the efforts of various departments under one ad- ministrative unit. Under our present organi- zation the following activities fall into the general classification of "pupil personnel serv- icesn: attendance, employment certificates, guidance, health and dental services, education for physically and mentally handicapped, and psychological services. Within the past year we have added a psychologist and full-time attendance officer to our professional staff. Through this type of organization we hope to serve the many diversified needs of our students better than we had been able to in the past. We are anxious to be of assistance to all students in the most effective way pos- sible. OFFICIALS GEORGE C. SAUNDERS Principal A.B., University of New Hampshire M.A., Columbia Atomic-powered submarines have not ob- viated the need for the traditional type. Like submarines, the Mold" high school will be utilized for another segment of the education- al system. The "new" high school, designed for a new era, will perform its function in that era with proficiency. Education, the over- all task, will be served well by each in its own way. Tears need not be shed for "all that is left behind" because the truths and traditions of the past and present will live on in the fu- ture. Much the same as American democracy evolved from English tradition and common law, the past will serve as a foundation for traditions yet to be made. Members of the Class of 1961, who en- deavor to attain the greatest heights of which they are capable, will do more to commem- orate the closing year of GHS on its present site than any other single act or ceremony. Let this be your pledge. ADA H. BUSSE Vice-Principal A.B., M.A., Albany Leaving the building where I've spent many happy years as student, teacher, and ad- ministrator is an occasion which brings be- fore my mind's eye the thousands of boys and girls who have been students here. They were a cross section of youth anywhere- some eager for learning, others resistant, but all of them normal, lovable youngsters. Most have become successful men and women- some eminently so. The honor brought to GHS by those who have achieved singular distinction is a credit not so much to their Alma Mater as a building but as a faculty of earnest teachers who guided their thinking. So, as We set our sights upon a beautifully modern and capacious new school let's breathe a prayer that the teachers there will mould as wellg for according to Arthur Guiterman, UNO printed word nor spoken plea can teach young hearts what men should be, Not all the books on all the shelves but what the teachers are, themselvesf, DIRECTOR WILLIAM R. COONEY Director of Music BS., Fredonia MAI., Eastman GEORGE M. SM Director of Adult Education Driver Training B.S., Oswego VVILLIAM .I. RYAN Director of Visual Aids ITH LAWRENCE A. MILLER Director of Physical Education B.P.E., Springfield DONALD DOCKSTADER Director of Industrial Arts BS., Buffalo B.S., Oswego I6 MS., Cornell ECRETARIE MRS. ANN A. BASILEO Stenographer ' I Office High Schoo MRS. MARION SMITH Stenographer High School Office 7' MRS. JOAN OARE Stenographer Guidance Office MRS. JEAN PORTER ROSE SCHWARTZ " Stenographer Industrial Arts and Adult Education Office I7 Stenographer Curriculum Co0rdinator's Office MRS. LAURA C. BAETENS GERALD BAKER N. BLAKE BARTLETT ROBERT BRAUN Music Science English Industrial Arts BS.. llhaoa B.S., Springfield BS., University of Maine B.S., Buffalo Director of Student Activities CAROLINE L. CASSIDY French A.B.. Trinity MA., Albany JOSEPH CLEMENT JR. NORMAN A. CLO Commercial Music B.S., Albany B.S., Ithaca HOMER E. CHASE Mathematics B.E., Keene, N. H. M.B.S., University of Colorado MARY EVELYN CONNORS Guidance Counselor B.S., Ithaca M.S., Syracuse Director of Athletics JOSEPH J. CHECK Citizenship Education A.B., Hartwick NLS., M.A., Columbia MRS. MARGARET CONREY CAROL C. COOPS MRS. RUTH L. CRAIG Clovemaking Mathematics Science AB., Arcadia University, B-S., Albany Nova Scotia AB., M.S., Syracuse M.A., Syracuse MARY DANAHER Physical Education B.S., Springfield VIRGINIA C. FLINT Commercial BS., Albany EDWARD F. DUGAN Citizenship Education B.S., Holy Cross M.A., Colgate MRS. JANE M. HABLA Citizenship Education AB., College of St. Rose MRS. WINTFRED FLEIG Commercial BS., Albany MRS. HELEN HEACOCK MRS. RUTH P. HULTS Science Commercial A.B., Syracuse BS., Albany A. ESTHER M. JONES ROBERT W. KILLEEN JOHN LATSHAW MRS. MARION G. LUCAS English Citizenship Education English English A,B,, Mount Holyoke A.B., Middlebury AB., Oberlin B.S., Converse College, M,A,, Iwiddlehury KLA., Columbia Spartanburg, S. C. RICHARD A. LUCAS BRADFORD MILLER JR. DAVID A. MONTAGUE Science Citizenship Education EHgliSh A.B., Middlebury A.B., Albany A.B., University of Vermont M.A., Syracuse M.A., George Washington Univ. THIRNWOOD MORGAN IR. JAMES P. O'ROURKE MRS. BETTY T. RAIMO Citizenship Education English Art B.S.. University of Maine B.S., Norwick Pratt Institute F A C U L T Y M.Ed., University of Vermont FACULTY RUTH F. ROBERTS MRS. BETSY A. ROBISON MRS. LORRAINE SAMMONS English Commercial English A.B., Elmira B.S., Albany A.B., Russell Sage M.A., Syracuse M-A-, Albany EVELYN E. STEMPFLE LEONARD J. SZUMILOSKI TILLIE M. THOMPSON Latin Mathematics Library A.B., Barnard B.S., Holy Cross AB., Keuka M.A., Columbia M.A., Clark B.L.S., Syracuse NELLIE TYRRELL - WELLINGTON VandcWALKER PHILIP C. VERTUCCI F-DNA WELSH Home Economics Citizenship Education Science Mathematics B.S., Albany 5 Ph.B., St. Michael's B.S., M.S., Siena SPaHiSh 1 M.A., Albany A-B-, Smith l M.A., Columbia Dr. Herbert C. Hagemen, School Physician, Ruth E. Farmer, Nurse Teacher, Mrs. B. Elizabeth Warner, Dental Hygiene Teacher. Missing: Mrs. Katherine House, Mrs. Ruth Batty, R. Margaret Whipple. The Health Department plays an important role in the entire system. It supervises inspection of all pupils twice a year, conducts a follow-up of communicable diseases until condi- tion is cleared, inspection of pupil contacts in cases of contagious dis- eases, examination of pupils for re- admission after a weekis illness, ex- clusion of pupils from school for various reasons, serve as a consultant to the staff on health problems, help the schools to make adjustments for handicapped pupils, and act as liason between the school and the home regarding health prob- lems. ADDITIO AL TAFF The Attendance Officer is a quali- fied nurse-teacher. Her duties include the collection of lists for all school students illegally absent, the keeping of records of home calls and the his- tories of pupils who are habitually ab- sent. The clerk for this post also issues employment certificates. Margaret E. Lawton, Attendance Officerg Kathleen E. Meritt, Clerk. Mrs. Alice Mallory School Lunch Manager Mrs. Margaret Kujath, Mrs. Angie Talton, Mary Brown. L 'ies'- With the aid of the School Lunch Manager, the kitchen helpers offer well-balanced meals to secondary stu- dents. Q : qwQ,,ue .", ---ww-wa Mm 5: Q, A, ,, U , up ., , k Q ir ,K in kg, NU- M: - .L-is--' - Al- W Q ,ww-1 -1--Gam xg, Q ,, , . . , .. pw Jw mai'-K up M,-K.---M,-W-Q - -- ---J, . . i 5 . I .- ,, Q- ff ,S --M,-,,,W1,5 - ff we-sg -1-W -,ff .A--,gms .Lim 55533 Xm- 1 -was fs--5 Mw my wpalgmnnnmswm ,-- K- U- f M5 TIP ' - ' f ,nw 11,-, -:Nev 6 .fs f' J J S ji? x .fan X, 4 W ,--M mx.-. -.N .. -1.-,Q my ---,,- M- 21-imi f ff- 4 W-N-w-QM -- X Ni S 23 U 3' Q icy- ,Q 'cn Wm ,vw . f iff iq., ' '4 A ' ",,n'll5 , ,. .M ' QW 2 . 1 1,1 1 , ,1gg,,g.e' -- w ,. , ' 1 - Ki' ffl 'f"'s-'11 I , 1z'iiks7,'.f 3i2tgwg,ffg?5:2s'fsmefrfvzg' -. . , - '-,gwfy - 210' 11:f:ff3EfiE.l 'Ne'-'sz sf- 5274" ' -V V fy, A 'ff-1 , S gl 5 - 1-2,5 ' f ' - eff., K' ' fn ' '- Li j - ' 1 ..,, ,.,,,, f A E25 R President JOHN FERDICO SE IOR CLASS Vice-President JAMES ZULLO Secretary J EAN N E GIFF ORD Treasurer DONALD JUDGE .qw CLASS ADVISORS 55-'x if 'E'--M. -17' MR. EDWARD DUGAN Advisor MRS. WINIFRED FLEIG Advisor MR. GERALD BAKER Advisor SENIOR HISTORY Seniors-We're standing on the top of the ladder now, watching the underclassmen below us. How we remember the good days past, especially the first day in Senior High as freshmen. We found soon after, in the sophomore year more activities, and the beginning of our first real work, as we work our way toward the top as Seniors. The junior year however, was the most stimulating and enjoyable, with the purchasing of our class rings, and our first formal dance- The Junior Prom. Now as the upperclassmen, we find ourselves impatiently awaiting our graduation. But-we'll never forget the fun as well as the hard work as Seniors. Senior Day, December 8, 1960, will be a date long remembered by all of us, as it was then that we as Seniors were able to show our maturity and ability by serving as teachers and administrators for a whole day. The Senior Banquet, one of the biggest social events of the year, was the perfect ending to a hard but rewarding day. Thus, before we know it we will be spending our last days, as the last class in the old G.H.S., looking back on all the wonderful mem- ories and enjoyable events of our high school years-years which shall never be equaled by anyone, or anything else. OFFICERS C O N T E N T S Candids .........T,,.,s,.,,,.ss...,...................,..,.. Page 60 Baby Pictures .................,s ....... P age 61 Who's Who in G.H.S. ....... ,.,..... P age 62-65 Senior Candids .........,...,, .....,,. P age 66-67 Junior Prom - ,,,.. -,- ........ Page 68-69 Senior Play ...... .....,..., ........ P a ge 70-71 Senior Senior Day .,,....,,, - ....... .,..,,. Banquet ........ ..,,.... Page 72-73 Page 74 SENIOR GEORGE ABDELLA Gifted musically, riotously funny, with personality plus, likes music, swimming, and boating-George wants to attend Hamil- ton College and become a lawyer. Student Council-3, Basket- ball-23 Football-3g Track-23 Senior Play Cast, IFC-3, 4g Foreign Exchange Studentifi. LINDA ACKERKNECHT Friendly, good sense of humor, likes sewing, dancing, reading, and skating-"Lin" hopes to attend Alfred State and become a secretary. Felicita-3, 4g Husky Growl-4, Library ClubA2g Oracleg Red Cross-2, 3, 43 Prom Committeeg Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, IFC-4. FRANCIS ALDRICH Jocular, amicable, and interestingg likes gymnastics and swimming -"Fran,' wants to attend M.V.I.T. and become a commercial artist. Track-3, 4, Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. MARJORIE ALMY Small, cute, and friendlyg likes to read, dance, and swim- "Margie" is undecided about her career. Choir-4, Commencement Usher. GERALD ADAMS An introvert, but affableg likes hunting, and fishing-'4Gerry" plans to enter the Marine Corps after graduation. MARY ALDERMAN Amiable, dependable, and pleasant, likes all sports and music- Mary would like to become a physical education teacher. Band -2, 3, 4, FTA-4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. BLANCHE ALTER Sensitive, benevolent, and industriousg likes tennis, reading and music-Blanche hopes to attend Albany College of Education and become a high school teacher. Concert Choir-2, 3, 4g Mixed Choir-2, 4g Biology-25 Felicita43, 4g Hospital Chairman-45 FTA-2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Husky Growl-2, 3, 4, Feature Ed.-4, Library Club-2, 3, Scitamard-2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Speaking Con- test-2, 3, IFC-4. JOHN ANDY Terrific sense of humor, fun to be with, likes science, economics, and sports-John hopes to be either a chemist or an electrical engineer. BARBARA BAIRD Considerate of others, silent, and activeg likes sports, read- ing, and her church work-'6Barby" would like to become a 'youth worker. Felicita-3, 43 Oracle-Typing Chairmang Girls' Sportw2g Senior Play Committee. MARILYN BATZ Quiet and shy, with a ready smiley likes swimming, bowling, and typing-Marilyn is planning to attend a Junior College and he- come a medical secretary. Felicita-3, 45 Girls, Sports-2, 3, 4. RICHARD BERENGER A refreshing personality, eager to pleaseg likes television, and radio work-"Dick" would either like to enter the field of elec- tronics or be a mechanic. Band-2, 3, 4g Dance Band-2, 3, 4g Orchestra-3. RICHARD BERNARD Jocular, intelligentg has an infectious smile, likes auto mechanics, electronics, and golf-"Dick,' would like to attend either M.I.T. or Harvard and be a mathematician or a physicist. F.T.A.-4, Laurel G Committeeg Stage Crew-4g Election Board-4. E IOR WILLIAM ANGELL Good natured, easy going, and unassumingg likes hunting, fish- ing and all sportsf"Bill" would like to attend Alfred University ROBERT ARGERSINGER Witty, intelligent, and jovialg likes to bowl and read-"Boh' would like to become an architect. Husky C-rowl-3, 4. BARBARA BELL A flaming redhead with an even temperg likes dancing, records, and golfing-"Barb" would like to attend Alfred Agriculture and Tech. Institute and become a secretary. Felicita-3, 4g Husky Crowl-3, 4-g Typing Editor-4g Oracleg Circulation Manager, IFC-4. RICHARD BELLINGER Agreeable, polite, and delightful to knowg likes boating and baseball-"Dick" would like to attend G. E. Apprentice En- gineering school. v SENIOR KEITH BERN ER Whimsical and lively, given to humor, likes skiing, and skating -Keith has no definite plans for the future. Bowling-lg Golf -3, 4, Ski Team-2, Hi-Y-2, 3. ELLEN BERNSTEIN Intelligent, studious, sensitive-a perfectionist, likes drama, painting, reading, and music, Ellen plans to enter Barnard Col- lege and become an actress or a psychologist. Choir-2, 3, 4, Accompanist-2, 4, Biology-43, Felicita-3, 4, Husky Crowl- 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager-3, 4, Scitamard-2, 3, 4, Girls' Sportsf2, 3, 4, Commencement Usher, Junior Prom. JOHN BOYD Carefree and funloving-a gay blade, likes howling, dancing, and fishing-"Jack" plans to enter the Air Force and Officers' Candidate School. CAROL BRADSHAW Reliable, courteous, and well-liked, likes water skiing and danc- ing-Carole would like to be a beautician. Husky Growl-3, Red Cross Council-3. NANCY BONFEY Dauntless, sincere, and optimistic, likes swimming, bowling, and driving-'6Nan" wants to become a practical nurse. Girls' Sports -2, 3, 4. CAROLE BOWERS Reserved, hard working, and capable, likes bowling and dancing -Carole wants to become an interior decorator. JAY BRADSHAW Jovial, affable, and considerate, likes water skiing and danc- ing-Jay is planning a career in the Air Force. BONNIE LEE BROTHERS Sweet, energetic, and always smiling, likes water skiing, skat- ing, and dancing-Bonnie would like to be an airline hostess. Biology-2, Red Cross+2, Junior Prom, Tri-Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. TODD BROWN Genial, athletic, pleasing to the eye, likes sports, weight lifting, and garage work-Todd would like to go to a .lunior College and become a mechanic. Quadrille Club-2, Bowling-2, 3, 4, Cross Country-33 Track-4, Wrestling-2, 3, 4. JANICE BRUCE An honor student, svelte, and full of fung likes dancing, reading, and music-"Jan" wants to become a teacher after graduation. Biology-3, Felicita-3, 4, Vice President-4g FTA-4, Library Club-2g Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council--2, 3, 4. DONALD CANFIELD Easy-going, amiable, with a good sense of humor, likes baseball, stamps, and recordsA"Don" wants to attend M.V.T.l. and become an electrician. Choir-2, 3, 4, Movie Operator-2, 3, 4g Base- ballh-3, 4: Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. THEODORE CAPUTO .lovia.l, easy to get along with, likes cars and electrical work- "Ted" would like to attend M.V.l.T. and become an electrical engineer. Football-2. SENIOR DEBORAH BROWN A winning girl with a vivid personalityg likes skiing, swimming, and horseback riding-"Deb" would like to become 21 physical therapist and attend Wheaton College. ChoirA2, 3, 43 Felicita -3, 43 FTA-2, 3, 4, Secretary-4, Co-Editor Oracle, Girls' Sportsi2, 3g Commencement Usher, Prom Committee, Concert Choir-3, 43 Senior Play Cast. NANCY BROWN Well-liked by all, sophisticated, demureg likes to golf and horse- back ride-"Nan" plans to become a dress designer. Choir-2, 3, 43 Red Cross Council-2, Concert Choir-3, 4. BENJAMIN CAMMARERE Quiet, dependable, and shyg likes bowling, swimming, and cars -"Ben" would like to attend an automobile school and further his education. Orchestra-2, 3, 4g Football-3. THOMAS CAMPANILE Friendly, capable, and full of pepg likes fishing, golfing, and boatingd4'Tom" plans to attend Holy Cross after graduation. Golf-4. E IOR RICHARD CARPENTER Affable, amusing, happy-go-luckyg likes radios and guns-"Dick" plans to enter the Navy after finishing high school. Stage Crew- 2, 3, 4. WINIFRED CHATTERTON Shy yet sincere, courteous and dependableg likes swimming and reading-"Winnie" wants to attend Alfred State Tech. and be- come a secretary. Felicita-3, 45 Husky Crowl-3, 45 Red Cross Council-2, 3, 4. Ei' -W SUZANN E CLEMANS Amicable, active, and pleasant, likes sports, traveling, and read- ing-"Sue" plans on going into the Waves after graduation. JOHN CLEMENTE Ambitious, quick-witted, and dexterousg likes sports, traveling, and fishing-John would like to attend Cornell and become a civil engineer. Choir-2, 3, Biology-25 Husky Growl-3, Foot- ball-43 Track-3, 4, Wrestling-2, 3, 43 Prom Committee, Sen- ior Play Committee. 'R r , if X .P if 9 Q W 'E 3 K Z, .. X A H vf fr 'Y .V . 1. 'r fi . 'W'-I fXl'kflQ?iw.f1l f,i7t3'1'- '- fv, ' sfriaiaf ., ,, ,Z ,.,, A., v - as .1552 ,, ..,., , M. fl ji' at 5ZQ?:H,g,."x3,5"5f" f rf' fel: gag Hfeftff-Y ' I i 403 f f : "3 54155 EL FRANK CHRISTIANO Pleasant, capable, and passive, likes cars and boats-Frank would like to be a forest ranger. GAIL CLEARY Gay, charming, and thoughtfulg likes traveling and originating songs--Gail is undecided about her career. Choir-2, 3, 4 Accompanist-4, Red Cross Council-2g Scitamard-4. No Pholo AVAILABLE BETTE LYNN COLE Agreeable, congenial, and alertg likes sports and reading-Bette wants to attend Harwick Liberal Arts College and become a teacher. Choir-2, 3, 45 Felicita-3, 43 Husky Growl-2, 3g Ten- nis-2, 3, 4g Prom Committeeg Hi-YM2, 3. BONNIE COLE S.weet, sincere-a cute blonde, likes swimming and horseback riding-Bonnie plans on attending the University of Miami and becoming an airline hostess. Choir-3g Prom Committee. JOHN COSSELMAN Reliable, agreeable, and clever, likes sports, music, and reading- "Jack" would like to enter Mohawk Valley Technical Institute to further his education. Bowling-4, Wrestling-2, Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. LINDA COVEY Sprightly, competent, and compatible, likes swimming, dancing and records-"Lin" plans to join the Waves after graduation. JANET DARLING Eager, benign, and tolerant, likes skating, baking, and swimming -"Jan" plans to become a cosmetologist at Austin School of Beauty Culture. Choir-2, Girls' Sports-3, 4. CHERYL DAVIN Warm, and vibrant, liked by all who know her, likes horseback riding, swimming, and working on the Oracle. Cherie would like to attend Syracuse School of Nursing and become a nurse. Choir -2, 3, 4, Biology-3, Felicita-3, 4, F.T.A.-3, 4, Oracle Staff Co-Editor, Red Cross Council-2, 3, 4, Treasurer-4, Prom Committee. SE IOR' ROBERT COLE Cogent, athletic, a school leader, likes baseball, football and water skiing-"Robbie" would like to go to college and become an engineer. Student Council-3, Baseball-2, 3, 4, Basketball -2, 3, Football-2, 3, 4, Prom Committee, President of Class- 3, Commencement Usher. EOAN NA COMBOTHEKRAS Good-natured, genuine, and liked by all, likes books, music, and journalism-"Wannie" wants to go to a liberal arts college and further her education. Choir-2, Felicita-3, 4, Husky Growl -2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports-2, Prom Committee. LEON CRISTIANO Ambitious, willing, and good natured, likes sports and music- "Butch,' wants to attend Albany State and become a teacher. Football-2, 3, 4, Track-3, 4, Commencement Usher. WILLIAM DANYLAK Consistant, compatible, and mellow, likes all sports-"Bill" is going to enter the Armed Forces after he graduates. Bowling- 2, Football-2, Boys' Hi-Y-2. SENIOR DAVID DEGN AN Obliging, enterprising, and audaciousg likes sports and automo- biles-"Dave" is going to join the Navy after school. Movie Operator-25 Baseball-2, 3, 4. RUSSELL DENNIE Quick witted, penetrating, and keeng likes sports and cars- "Russ" is planning to join the Air Force after finishing high school. Baseball-2, 43 Bowlingw2, 4. JAMES DODGE .lovial and always in high spiritsg likes model aviation, music, and swimming-"Jim" plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. Band-2g Choir-2, 3, 4g Bowling-2. LINDA DOMINICK Quiet but cordialg likes correspondence, reading, and classical music-"Lin" wants to enter Litauer Hospital and train to be- come a nurse. Library Club-2g Girls' Sports-2. 35? B' fs if fee' ffzlftfftif JOHN DE ROSA Harmonious, responsible, and dignifiedg likes bowling and camp- ing-John would like to go to a business college. ROBERT D'ERRICO Lively and impressiveg likes football and basketball-"Bob" wants to go to St. Bonaventure or Buffalo University and become an engineer. Baseball-2g Football-34 Track-3, 43 Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. '-me '99 3 ' ft SHEILA DONNELLY Likable with a gentle temperamentg likes swimming, skating and baking-Sheila plans to go to the College of St. Rose and be- come an elementary school teacher. Felicita-3, 43 Prom Com- mittee. ANTHONY DOTI Delightful, cooperative, and tactfulg likes all sports-"Tony" wants to attend St. Bonaventure and become a teacher. Baseball -25 Football-2, 3, 4. GRETCHEN DYE Tranquil, refined, and melodious, likes music, sewing, and read- ing-"Cretch" would like to become an elementary school teacher. Choir-2, 3, 4, FTA-3, 4, Felicita-3, 4, Treasurer-4, Husky Crowl-2, 3, 4, Red Cross Council-2, 3, 4, Prom Committee, Laurel G Committee, IFC-3, 4. DONNA ECKER Sweet as they oome, full of pep, likes bowling, swimming, and having fun--"Don" wants to attend Cortland State or Cobleskill Tech, and become a teacher. Choir-2, Felicita-3, Husky Crowl--2, Prom Committee. EUGENE ELLIS Sincere, sprightly, and keen, likes basketball, swimming, and popular music-"Gene" is undecided about his career. Basketball -3, Commencement Usher. DAVID ELZENBECK Rational, intent, and responsible, likes skiing, hunting, and fish- ing-"Dave" would like to be an engineer and enter Lafayette College. FTA-4, Bowling-4, Track-3, Stage Crew-4. E I ORS WILLIAM DUNNING Wary, intellectual, and admirable, likes bowling, radios, and reading-"Bill" plans on entering the field of engineering. Bi- ology-2. DONALD DUTTON "A Prince Charming"-with a fascinating personality, likes sports, traveling, and horse racing-"Dutt" would like to attend Boston University and become an athletic coach. Biology-3, Base- ball-2, 3, 4, Basketball-2, 3, 4, Football-2, 3, 4, Hi-Y-2, IFC-3. SANDRA EDICK Gracious, lively, and coy, likes swimming, dancing, and popular music--"Sandy" wants to become a secretary after graduation. ROBERT EDWARDS Quiet, sensible, and brisk, likes conservation study, and caring for wild life-"Bob" plans to become a conservationist after finishing high school. SENIOR JANICE ERNST Courteous, tactful, and considerateg likes painting, sports, and popular IIll1SlC7H.lilHH wants to attend Alfred Tech. or Coble- skill and become a secretary. Choir--2, 3, Felicita-3, 4, Girls' Sportsk2, 3, 4, Prom Committee. MICHAEL FABIAN Devilish and daring, likes all sports-Mike plans to enter Becker Junior College and become an accountant. FTA-4, Baseball-2, 3, 4, Basketball-2, 3, 4, Football-2, 3, 4, Wrestling-3. DIANE FEAR Agreeable and willingg likes music and children-g'Di" plans on becoming a secretary after finishing high school. Biology-25 Felicita-4g Red Cross-4. JUDY FELDSTEIN Vigorous and pleasant to be with: likes horseback riding and readingfludy would like to attend Skidmore College to further her education. we CARMEN FARR On top scholastically, congenial, cheerful, likes sewing, writing, and reading-"Carm" would like to attend Cornell University and enter the field of chemistry or journalism. Orchestra-2, 3, 4g Felicita-3, 4g Husky Growl-2, 3, 4, Co-Editor-in-Chief44g Library-2, 3, 45 Girls' Sport Council-2, 3, 4-Q Prom Committee, Laurel G Committee, Senior Play Committee. JAMES FARRINGTON Good sense of humor, happy-go-lucky, likes working on cars and at the soda fountain-"Jimmy" is undecided about his future plans. JOHN FERDICO A terrific personality-always ready for a good timeg likes foot- ball, wrestling, baseball, and music-John wants to attend Holy Cross and become a pharmacist. Student Council-33 Baseball -2, 3, 4, Football-2, 3, 4g Wrestling+2, 3, 4: Laurel G Com- mittee. ROBERT FERRARA ' Good character and ability, likes swimming and cars-"Bob" plans to become a barber after graduation. 1 GAIL F ITZPATRICK Cooperative and conscientiousg likes art and readingYCail would like to become a.n elementary teacher. Choir-2, 3: Biology-35 Felicita-3, 43 FTA-44 Scitamard-4. ELEANOR FOSMIRE Honest and trustfulg likes sports, reading, and baby sitting-Eleanor is planning a career in the field of Christian education. Choir- 2, 3, 4, Felicita-3, 43 Library Club-2, 3, 4, Vice President--43 Girls' Sports-2, 3, 43 Commencement Usher, Prom Committee. RONALD FRASIER Resolute and enjoys a good laughg likes sports and cars- "Ronnie" plans to enter a technical school and become a me- chanic. Baseball-2, 3, 4g Football-2, 33 Wrestling-2. I ON GALIN SKY Compatible, accomodating, and polished, likes all sports and records-.Ion would like to attend the University of Massachusetts and become an industrial engineer. Hi-Y-2, 3, 4: Baseball-2, 3, 43 Prom Committee. V , E IOR LINDA FETHERSTON Assuagious and considerate of othersg likes baby sitting and music-"Lin" would like to go to Syracuse University and be- come a teacher. Orchestra-2, 3, 45 Library Club-2, Laurel G Committee-3. DAVID FISHER Likable, capable, and understandingg likes art and reading- "Dave" plans to attend Ohio State. Hi-Y-2, 3, 43 Band-2, 3, 43 Cross Country-2, 3, 4g Track-2, 3, 4. JOANN FOSTER Distinct and self-restrained, likes baby sitting, reading, and sports-"Jo" wants to attend Albany State and become a com- mercial teacher. Felicita-3, 4, Library Club-3, 4g Girls' Sports -3, 4. LOUISE FRANCO Gentle, sustaining, a friend to allg likes music, children, and people-"Lou" would like to attend either Oswego or Oneonta State and become an elementary school teacher. Felicita-3, 4, FTA-3, 49 Scitamard-4, Prom Committee. SENIOR ALBERT GALPIN Suave, skillful, and a joy to be with, likes all sports and out- door activities-'LAlbie" plans to attend a technical school and become an engineer. Baseball-2, 3, 4, Football--2, 3, 43 Wrestling -4. RICHARD GARGUILO A flirt, always blithe and mirthfulg likes all sports and cars- "Rick" is going to Albany Hospital and become an X-ray techni' cian. JOEL GELFAND Wise, reserved, and adept, likes hifi, photography, and his ham radio-Joel is going to go to Mohawk Valley Tech. and become an electrical engineer. Movie Operator-3. BARBARA GIFFORD Quite a gymnast, as well as being very pleasantg likes all sports -"Barb" plans to become a physical education teacher. Orches- tra-2, 3, 43 Felicita-3, 45 Library Club-f2g Girls' Sports--2, 3, 4g Girls' Sport Councilv2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer-3, Hi-Y -3. JOSEPH GAROFALO Good natured, fascinating, and enjoyable, likes all sports and his trumpeti",loe" would like to become a lawyer and attend Albany State. Band-2, 3, 4g Dance Band-2, 3, 4, Football-3, 4, Laurel C Committee. JO-ANN GARWATOSKI Elegant, glowing, and courteous, likes swimming, Water skiing, and ice skating-Silo" plans to attend Ellis Hospital and become a nurse. Biology-23 Felicita-3, Quadrille Club-'23 Girls' Sports-2, 3, 4. CAROLE JEAN GIFFORD Radiant, lavish, and impressive, likes her car, sports, and re- cords-Carole wants to go to Albany State and become a lah technician. Band-2, 3, 4, Library Club-3, Quadrille Club! 2, 3, Girls' Sports-2, 3, 4g Prom Committeeg Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. GORDON GIFFORD Mild, gratifying, and sensible, likes football and bowling-Cor don would like to go to Syracuse University and become a civil engineer. Bowling-2, 3g Football-3. ROBERT GISONDI Sociable, reliable, and sound, likes hunting, fishing, and base- ball!"Bob" is undecided about his plans for the future. ROBERT GOODBREAD Enjoyable, a jovial person, likes journalism and cartooning- "Bob" wants to attend Westport Famous Artists' School and be- come a cartoonist. MARLENE GRANT Ade t helpful, and pensiveg likes bowling, swimming, and horse- baclsfiding-Marlene has no definite plans for the future. KATHYLEEN GUARNIER Efficient, re-posed, and graciousg likes reading and listening to music-"Kathy" would like to attend St. Rose College or Nazareth College and become a teacher of languages. Band42, 3, 4, B1- Cl b-2, 3, 4, Treasurer-39 ology-23 Felicita-3, 43 Library u Oracle, Red Cross-2. 3. 4, Prom Committee, IFC-3, 4. E IOR JEANNE GIFFORD Agile, fascinating, and joyous, likes swimming and other outdoor sports-Jeanne plans to attend Oneonta State and become a h Choir 2 3 4' Felicitav3 4' FTAf3, 4g Oraoleg teac er. - , , , , , ScitamardA4g Prom Committeeg Senior Play Cornmitteeg Secre- tary of Class-2, 3. CLAUDIA GISONDI Strict, understanding, and thoughtful, likes nursing, and child- care-Claudia would like to go to St. Peter's Hospital and be- come a nurse. Prom Committee. MAUREEN GOODHEIM A fashion plate, refined-with a well-rounded personality, likes art, children, and people-g'Reenie" would like to attend Whee ' - - B' 1 -3- lock College and become a teacher. Choir 3, 4, 10 ogy Felicitaf4g FTA-2, 3, Husky Growl-2, Chairmang Red Cross-2, 3, 49 Treasurer-4, PETER GORDON ldealistic, calm, and skillful, likes skiing, "Pete" wants to join the service when he school. Ski Team-3. Prom Committee. 1 3, 4, Oracle, Copy hunting, and cars- graduates from high E IORS JOHN HAGERTY Witty, a good worker, likes reading good books-John would like to be an aeronautical engineer. ROBERT HALL Certain, joyful, and cordial, likes all sports-"Bob" would like to be a Major League baseball player. Baseball-2, 3, 4, Bowl- ing-2, 4, Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. MARY ANN HALLENBECK Polished and pleasing, likes music, sports, and dancing-Mary Ann would like to be a secretary and attend Albany Business College. Scitamard-2, Hi-Y-2. DOROTHY HAMMERSMITH Sweet, a graceful dancer with prosaic charms, likes dancing, read- ing, and boating-"Dot" would like to attend Oswego State Teachers' College and become a teacher. Choir-2, 3, 4-,Felicita -3, 4, FTA-4, Prom Committee. SANDRA HALL Athletic, admirable, and pleasant, likes reading, sewing, and sports-"Sandy" would like to attend Cobleskill Tech. and be- come a day nursery teacher. Biology-2, Felicita-3, 4, Girls' Sports-2, 3, 4, Prom Committee. CAROLE HALLENBECK Serene and feminine, likes classical music, reading, and ceramics -Carole would like to be an airline stewardess. Choir-2, 3, 4, Scitamard-4, Bowling-2, 3, 4. M6 ,rf CHARLES HAMPSHIRE Lively and energetic, likes amateur radios and water skiing- "Chuck" would like to enter Kenyon College and become a teacher. FTA-3, 4, Track-3, 4. PEGGY HANSON Genuine, well-doing, and exuberant, likes golfing, bowling, and dancing-"Peg" would like to be a housewife after graduation. Choir-2, 3, Oracle, Prom Committee, Hi-Y-2, 4. RICHARD HAVLICK Talented, erudite, and vigorous, likes outdoor sports and cars "Dick" wants to go into the Navy and be an electrical engineer. Bowling-2, 3, 4. MARTIN HENNELLY Light-hearted and always ready with a laughg likes swimming and cars-"Marty" is undecided as to his future career. Biology -23 Football42g Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. HARRY HING A willing worker with a satisfying personality, likes baseball, box- ing, and swimming-Harry wants to go in the Navy. Movie Operator-3. PATRICIA HOAGBOON Optimistic and helpful to others, likes skating, swimming, and hot rod races-"Pat" plans to be a housewife. Library Club-2, 3. SE IOR WILLIAM HARRIS Trusting, blithesome, and humane, likes swimming, skating, and boating-"Bill" would like to go to Rochester University or Col- gate University. Biology-23 Husky Growlw-2, 3, 43 News Editor SS, 4, Track-3, Prom Committee, Hi-Y-4. ELIZABETH HATHAWAY Facetious and sportive--a Hski lover," likes skiing, swimming, and horseback riding--L'Betsy" would like to go to Boston Uni- versity. Choir-2, 3, 45 FelicitaA3, 4, President-4, Husky Growl -43 Oracle. EDWARD HENRY Capable, durable, and rationalg likes cars and baseball-"Ed" hopes to enter the Army after graduation. MARILYN HILES Genteel, warm, and happy, likes people, records, and traveling ?"Mim" would like to attend Indiana Teacher College and become a teacher. Felicita-4, Prom Committee, IFC-4. E IOR ANDREA HORNETT A fun loving girls with a dynamic personalityg likes swimming, skating, and baby sitting-"Andy" wishes to attend Albany Nurses School and becomea nurse. Choir-2, 3, 4g Felicita-3, 45 Library Club-2, Oracle, Red Cross-3, 4, Prom Committeeg Treas. of Class-3g Concert Choir-2, 3, 4. MICHAEL HORNUNG Modest, with a likeable personality, likes baseball, football, and bowling-"Miken would like to attend either Syracuse or Roches- ter University. Baseball-2, 3, 4, Bowling-2, 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 4. LINDA LEE HOVAN Unpredictable, full of zestg likes skiing, swimming, and bowl- ing-"Lee" would like to attend a Junior college or a business school and become an executive secretary. Choir-3, 4-g Color Guard-3, 45 Felicita-3, 4, Husky Growl-2, 3, 4, Oracle, Co- Editorg Red Cross-2, 3, 4, Scitamard-2, 3, 43 Prom Committeeg Senior Play Castg IFC-3, 4. LOREN HOWE Shy but always ready with a smileg likes science and reading- "Loren would like to be a lab technician. Movie Operator-2, 3, 45 Bowling-4. WALTER HOUGH Easy going personality, with many friends, likes forestry work and camping-"Walt" wants to attend Paul Smith's Forestry School and become a forest ranger. Movie Operator-23 Quadrille Club-2, Red Cross-2, Commencement Usher. RICHARD HOUSE Always in good humor, with a relaxing personalityg likes me- chanics and hunting-"Dick" is interested in construction work as a career. MELISSA HUIZING Loyal, trustworthy, and tediousg likes music-"Missy" would like a career in Music. Band-2, 3, 43 Felicita-45 FTA-4. JOEL HUNTZINGER Diligent, docile and activeg likes fishing and reading-"Joe" is undecided about a career. Choir-2. JOAN ISOLA Retiring, quiet, and shy, IIKCS all sports and music-Joan is planning to become a secretary after finishing high school. Choir -2, 3, 4. JOANN IZZO Always joking, makes friends easilyg likes swimming, bowling, and horseback riding-"Jo" would like to be either an executive secretary or a teacher. Choir-2, 3, 43 Twirlers-2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, 4, FTA-4g Husky Growl-2, 3, Oracleg Red Cross-2, 3, 4g Scitamard-4, Girls' Sports-2, 33 Prom Committee--Senior Play Committee, Hi-Y-2, 3. DENNIS JOHNSON Buoyant, brisk, and boldg likes pole-vaulting and cars-Dennis would like to make a career of dentistry. Track-25 Prom Com- mittee. GARVIN JOHNSON Reliable and stableg likes fishing, roller skating, and bowling -Garvin plans to enter the Navy after graduation. SENIORS WILLIAM HUPTICK Knowing, athletic, and resoluteg likes all sports and. collecting rocks-"Bill" is undecided in his plans for the future. Baseball- 2, 3, 4, Basketball-2, 3, 43 Football-2, 3, 4. ROBERT INSOGNIA Cheerful, considerate, one all should know, likes all sports, es- pecially baseball-"Bob" would like to enter the field of electron- ics. Baseball-2, 3, 4. J ANETTE JAROS Trustworthy, methodic, and practical, likes skating, drawing, and collecting records-"Jan" would like to be a stenographer or a beautician. ANTHONY JENNER Jocular, exuberant, and commendable, likes cars and swimming -"Tony" would like to go to Oswego and become a teacher. Football-3. SENIOR JAMES JOHNSON Level-headed, and observantg likes all sports-J'Jim" is going to make a career of the Navy. Basketball-2, Bowling-3, 4g Golf-2, 43 Track--2. KATHLEEN JOHNSON Sedate, generous, and undecided, likes participating in organiza- tions, singing, and dancing-"Kathy" would like to go to New Paltz State Teachers College and become an elementary teacher. Biology-3g Felicita-3, 4, FTA-3, 4, Quadrille Club-2, Girls' Sports-25 Prom Committee. DONALD JUDGE Mirthful and persuading, an extrovertg likes traveling, skiing, and swimming-"Don" would like to go to Buffalo State and be- come a math teacher. FTA-43 Hi-Y-2, 3, 4, Secretary-3, Presi- dent-4. NANCY J UNC Our vivacious class clown, with an effervescent personalityg likes horseback riding and skiing-"Nan" would like to attend a state teachers college and become a teacher. Felicita-3, 45 FTA-3, 4, President-4, Oracle, Scitamard-4, Student Council-2, 35 Girls' Sports-2, Commencement Usherg Prom Committee, Laurel C Committee-2. LARRY JOHNSON Mellow, cordial, and efficient, likes hunting, fishing, and driving -Larry plans to make a career of the Navy. ROBERT JOHNSON Confined, agile, and liberalg likes cars and musicM"Bob" would like to become a mechanic. BETTY JEAN KADLIC Munificent, pacifying, and impetuousg likes popular music, ice skating, and singing-"Betty" would like to be a secretary. Choir -2, 3. SHIRLEY KING Merry, mischievous, and dynamic, likes skating, and records- Shirley would like to go to Mohawk Valley Tech. and enter the field of merchandising. Twirlers-2, 3, 4, Leader-4. BARBARA KNAPP Athletic, agreeable, and firm, likes horseback riding, bowling, and swimming-"Barb" would like to attend Albany Business Col- lege and become a secretary. Commencement Usher. DAVID KNOWLES Intellectual, pleasant, and proficient, likes airplanes, sports, and outdoor life-"Dave" would like to enter Purdue or Brown Uni- versity and become an electrical or aeronautical engineer. FTA C45 Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Track Manager 3 4 , . ALBERT LAIR Supple and amicableg likes politics and reading-"Al" would like to make a career in Busines Administration. Movie Operator-2, 3g Golf-4. MARY LAKE Kind-hearted, busy, and dignified, likes music, dancing, and out- door sportsjMary would like to attend Plattsburg State Teachers Cogle5e2lCho1r-2, 3, 4-g Felicita-45 Prom Committee: Tri-Hi-Y E IOR CAROLE KLYMKOW Virtuous and fascinating, likes reading and dancing-Carole plans to attend Grace Downs Airline Hostess School and become an airline hostess. JOHN KNAPIK Upright, satirical, and industrious, likes records, swimming and golfing-"Jack" would like to go to Albany State and become a teacher. '. .' ., ,P His, , "-2 . W. W ,.,,f'.!'-e.f3fff"' 23"-i'?i ,T . fs-.'ig,:,:r" ts, .EJYQQQ Qi - aj? ,fax za .kg f ff -551,351-,'f. i, ,A ,M p X., ,, ' 135212. Q2 s- ,r Jeff'i',Q'f9"' PAUL KOHLER Silent, serious, -and polite, likes dancing, sports, and 1oafing-- Paul would like to attend Union or Harper College and become an engineer or teacher. Basketball-2, 3, Cross Country-2, 3, Prom Committee, Nick Stoner Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. RICHARD KOWALCZYK Considerate, proper, and originalg likes reading, fishing, and photographing-"Dick" is undecided about his future. Operator-2. Movie SENI ORS DANIEL LA VISTA Enthusiastic, enjoyable, and willing to work, the life of the party +'4Danny" would like to attend Siena College and become an engineer. Scitamard-2, Student Council-2, Baseball-2, 3, Football-3, 4, Commencement Usher, Prom Committee, Speak- ing Contest, Vice President of Class-3. DANIEL LEACH Felicitous, apt, and unhurried, likes billiards and hot rods- "Dan', plans to make a career of the Army. Basketballi4, Bowl- ing-2, 3, 4, Football-2, 4, Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. WILLIAM LOUX Original, distinctive, and ardent, likes hunting, fishing, and ice skating-"Bill" is undecided about his career. MICHAEL LUCAS Resolute, robust, and unruffled, likes swimming, water skiing and popular music-"Mike" plans to enter the Army after grad- uation. LINDA LOPUCH A gracious, fair-haired charmer, likes painting, drawing, and coin collecting-Linda would like to attend Buffalo State or New Paltz State College and become a teacher. Felicitas3, 4, Husky Growl-3, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council-4, Girls' Sports -2, 3, Prom Committee, Hi-YRZ, 4. CHARLES LOUX Philosophical, Questioning-proves good things come in small, packages, likes school, sports, and electronics-"Charlie" wants to be an engineer. GARY LUNKENHEIMER Serious, competent and clever mechanically, likes cross country, skiing and skating-"Gary" plans to attend Canton Agricultural and Technical Institute. Choir-2, 3, 4, Cross Country-2, Co- Captain-4. CURTIS MACKEY Energetic, refined-a capable leader, likes basketball, swimming, and stamp collecting-4'Chick" wants to go to Syracuse Uni- versity and plans a career in physical education. Basketball-2, 3, 4, President of Class-2. Z? SUSAN McCULLOUGH Warm and sparkling, with a spontaneous smileg likes dancing and good times-"Sue" wants to be an elementary school teacher. Choir-2, 3, 4, Felicitaf3, 43 FTA-3, 43 Oracle: Red Cross- 4g Scitamard-45 Girls' Sports-29 Prom Committee, Color Guard -3, 4. MICHAEL MILLS Witty, ambitious, and admirableg likes music, sports, and politics --"Mike" would like to attend Brandeis University. Band-2, 3, 4g Biology-25 Football Handbook-23 Husky Growl-2, 3, 4-g Key Clubi2g Secretary-25 Track-2, 3, 4, Prom Committee. BEVERLY MONTGOMERY A joyous girl with an amusing personalityg likes to read and swim-"Bev" would like to be a hookkeeper after furthering her education. ALICE MONTONEY Constrained but filled with complaisanceg likes dancing, reading, and swimming-Alice has no plans for the future. SE IOR JAMES MacVEAN Our best feature writer for the Husky Growl with an epitome of intelligenceg likes reading sports stories by beatniks-"Jim" would like to go to Union or Harper College. Husky GrowlY3, 4-5 Key Club-2, 3, 4g Vice President-3, President-4, Laurel G Committee-3. LUCY MAIELLO Short 'n' sweet, full of ambitiong likes dancing, traveling, and cheerleading-"Lu" would like to attend either Nazareth or Al- bany State and become a teacher. Choir-2, 3, 4, Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4g Captain-4g Felicitaw+3, 4g FTAf3, 4g Library Club 23 Oracleg Red Cross-2, 3, 4, Scitamard-3, 43 Girls' Sports -42g Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committee. , ..',t iw kg :Q 3 ,et 1 yti' Q QQ ANITA MONTANARO Clever, modest, and sincereg likes reading, music, and acting- "Nita" plans to attend Cohleskill Tech and become a secretary. Quadrille Club-23 Girls' Sports-3, Prom Committeeg Hi-Y- 3, 4. CLAUDETTE MONTANARO Petite lass with a quick smileg likes drawing, math, and travel- ing-Claudette wants to become a housewife in the future. Quad- rille Club-25 Red Cross-33 Girls' Sports-2, 3, 43 Girls' Sports Council-4, Hi-Y-3, 4. SE IOR GEORGE MORGAN Pleasing, agreeable, and skillful, likes art-George would like to be a cartoonist. CATHERINE MORRISON Delicate, demure, and pleasurable, likes dramatics, skating, and tennis-"Cathy" wants to go to St. Rose's College and he- come a teacher. Felicita-4, Library Club-3, 4, Scitamardf 2, Speaking Contest-2. RONALD NEWBOWER Admirable, learned, and sincere, likes sports, electronics, and model boats-"Ronny" plans to attend Massachusetts Institute of Tech and become an electrical engineer. Orchestra-2, Biology- 2, Movie Operator-2, 3, 4, Scitamard-2, 3, Laurel' G Com- mittee-2, Stage Crew-2, 3, 4, Audio Engineer-2, Assistant Stage Manager-3, Stage Manager-4, Student Director, Stage Manager-4, Ski Team-2, 3. THEODORE NICHOLSON Knowing, self-restrained, a.nd invincible, likes music and sports -"Ted" plans to go to college but is uncertain about a career. Band-2, 3, 4, Dance Band-2, 3, 4, Husky Growl-2, 3, 4, Co-Editor-in-Chief. f ,Q - JACQUELINE MOSCONI Dainty, congenial, and pleasant, likes dancing, bowling, and skating-"Jackie" plans to attend Albany State and become either a teacher or a nurse. Felicita-3, 4, FTA-2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil-2, 3, Girls' Sports-2, 3, Prom Committee, Secretary of Class-3. JOHN MOULE Quick-witted, sociable, and hearty, likes sports, music, and read- ing-John is planning to attend Springfield or Cortland State to be a Physical education director. Choir42, 3, Football-2, 3, 4, Track-2, 3, 4, Wrestlhig-2, 3, 4, Prom Committee. JOHN NORTH Refreshing, discerning, and sportive, likes boats, cars, and sports -John plans to go to Mohawk Valley Institute and become a mechanical engineer. Choir-2, 3, 4, Bowling-2, Trackq2, 3, 4. KURT NULTY Respectful, pertinent, and generous, likes hunting, fishing, and camping-Kurt is going to be an aircraft mechanic in the Navy. I RICHARD OTTALAGANO lReliabIe, earnest, and amiable, likes music, art, and reading- "Dick" wants to go into the Navy. Hi-Y 2, 3g Stage Crew-4. PETER PACIOLLA Agreeable, honest, and reliableg likes sports, music, and reading 4'Pete', is undecided about his future. Biology-29 FTA-4g lE1sebaIlF2g Bowling-3, 45 Football-45 Junior Prom-3, Sen- ior Play-4g Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. KAREN PARENTI Pleasing, genial, and peaceful, likes dancing, swimming, and babysitting-Karen plans to attend Albany Business College. lChoir-2, Twirlers-3, 4. JEAN PARKER Our school leader-always willing to be the first in something, likes music, reading, and dancing-'Jean wants to become a teacher and attend either Buffalo or Geneseo State. Biology-3g Felicita-3, 4, Sec.-4, FTA-3, 45 Library Club-2g Oracle-43 Red Cross-3, 4g Scitamard-4, Student Council+2, 3g Junior Em-35 Speaking Contest-43, IFCw3g Tri-Hi-Y-3, 4g Pres. E IOR GLORIA OARE Sincere, helpful, and unassumingg likes beauty culture work- Gloria wants to attend the Royal Academy of Beauty and become a beautician. Quadrille Club-2. EDWARD O'HARE Dexterous, ambitious, and good-naturedg likes basketball, math, and classical music-"Ed" is undecided about his future. Bi- ology-25 Basketballf2, 3, 4g Golf-2, 3, 4: .lunior Prom-3, Senior Play Cast, Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. SANDRA PALMATEER Outgoing, full of spiritg likes to dance, bowl, and roller skate- "Sandy" as yet hasn't decided between a career as a secretary or a beautician. Felicita-3, 45 Husky Crowl'3, 4. WILLIAM PALMATEER Clever, ambitious, and pleasant, likes horses, fishing, swimming, and music-"Bill" would like to attend Cobleskill or Morrisville and major in selling or business. SE IOR DARLA PATTERSON An introvert but has many friends, likes swimming and knitting kDarla would like a career as a secretary. MICHAEL PAXTON Able but not always willing, a real happy guy, likes skin diving, hydroplane racing, and outdoor work-"Mike" would like to attend California Tech. and become an electronics engineer. Band-2. MELANY PELLEGRINO Attractive, gay, and sprightlyg likes dancing, collecting records, and swimming-Melany would like to enter Albany Business Col- lege and become a secretary. Twirlers-2, 3, 4. CAROL ANN PERSON Courteous, sincere, and steadfast in her beliefs, likes church activities, baby sitting, and reading-Carol is planning on be- coming a nurse. Felicita-3, 4, Library Club-2, 3, 45 Prom Committee. ..-v'-'W CYNTHIA PELLEGRINO Delicate, dainty, and sereneg likes a tall, dark-haired, darkeyed boy-"Cindy" wants to be a secretary and a housewife. Twirlers- 2, 3. MARCUS PELLEGRINO Optimistic, likes everyone-everyone likes him, likes all sports, music, and movies-'LMarc" plans to become either a chemical engineer or a dentist. Choir-2, 3, Biology-2, Key Club-2, 3, Baseball-3, Cross Country-3, Prom Committee. FX MARY ANN PIERCE Bouncy bundle of pepg likes cheerleading, horseback riding, and skiing-Mary Ann would like to attend Barbizon School and become a model or airline hostess. Cheerleaders-2, 3, 45 Felici- ta-3, 4, Oracleg Scitamard-4, Girls' Sports-2, 3, 45 Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast, Choir-2, 3, 4. RONALD PODSCHELNE Sensible, trustworthy, and concordantg likes all sports and aero- nautics-"Ronnie" plans a career as an aeronautical engineer. """'--as uhm. LARRY POTTER Intense, spirited, and tireless, likes sports, water skiing, and cars-Larry would like to go to Syracuse and become a public accountant. Choir-2, Oracle-4, Basketball-2, 3, Nick Stoner Hi-Y-2, 3. DENISE PROHASKA Adept, merry, and cordial, likes reading, drawing, and singing- Denise plans to attend either Le Moyne or Nazareth and become a psychologist. Junior Prom Committee. ROBERT REED Well-disposed and trustworthy, likes radios, electronics, and chemistry-"Bob" plans to attend Mohawk Valley Tech and become an electronics engineer. Biology, President-2, Laurel G Committee-2. DAVID REFFUE Congenial, a comic, likes sports-"Dave" plans to enter Semmons School of Embalming and become an undertaker. Senior Play. E IOR BARBARA POLITSCH Charming, exquisite, and gracious, likes popular music, dancing, and people-'4Barbi' wants to attend Albany Business College and become a secretary. Felicita-4, Oracle, Husky Growl-3. PETER POLLAK Always trying, ready to help others-a real nice guy, likes sports, science and music-4'Pete" wants to attend either Hamilton Uni- versity or Rochester University. Band-2, 3, 4, Biology-2, Husky Growl-2, 3, 4, Baseball-2, Cross Country-2, 3, .lun- ior Prom Committee. LINDA RAIMO Aspiring, sparkling, and compatible, likes sewing, cooking, and swimming-"Lin" would like to go to Plattsburg State and be- come a nurse. Choir-2, 3, 4, Biology-2, Felicita-3, 4, Husky Growl-4, Red Cross-2, 3, 4, President-4, Scitamard-4, Bowling-4, Junior Prom Committee, Laurel G-4, Senior Play Committee, IFC-3, 4. RICHARD REESE Facetious, generous, and well-liked, likes basketball, swimming, and tennis-"Dick" plans to enter either Dartmouth or Brown Univ. after graduation. Biology Club-2, Laurel G Committee, Senior Play Cast., EUGENE REPPENHAGEN Industrious, full of spirit, and amicableg likes boating, swimming E 1035 iiss 7 in K S as QE we W' and radios-"Gene" is undecided conceming plans for the , , future. Key Club-33 Movie Operator-2, 3, 4, Managerg Track i'i- ,I if- -2, 3, Manager, Prom Committeeg Stage Crew-3, 4, Assistant Stage Manager. ,i v . . ROBERT RHINEHART Attentive, cooperative, and very friendly, likes bowling, baseball, 1i'f1 A and football-"Bob" is planning to go to Albany Medical School lq vl and become a pharmacist. Prom Committee. K S PATRICIA RHODES Considerate, helpful a.nd good-humoredg likes reading, playing the piano, and horseback riding-"Pat" would like to go to Al- bany Business College and become a secretary. Choir-2, 3, 45 Husky Growl-23 Quadrille Club-25 Girls' Sports-2, 39 Prom Comrnitteeg IFC-3. AMELIA RICCITIELLO Whimsical, mellifluous, and changeable, likes people and life -"Amy" would like to attend Albany State and become an ele- mentary school teacher. Choir-2, 3, 4-3 Biology-33 Felicita-45 FTA-2, 3, 4, Husky Growl-2, 3, 4, Oracle, Co-Editorg Red Cross-2, 3, 4, Scitamard-2, 3, 43 Prom Committeeg Senior Play Cast, Speaking Contest-4, IFC-3, 4g Oracle, Bus. Mgr. PAUL RICHARD Versatile, honest, and avidg likes cars, boats, and woodworking -"Paul" plans to make a career of the Navy. Cross Country-2g Track-2, 45 Wrestling-2, 3, 4. DOROTHY RICHTMYER Pleasing, fastidious, and merryg likes photography and all sports-"Dot" wants to go to Maryville College. Biology-3, Feli- cita-3, 43 FTA-4, Red Cross-43 Girls' Sports-2g Senior Play Committee, Hi-Y-2, 4. MARY LOU RICKMYRE Concordant, cordial, and conscientious, likes skating, babysitting, and swimming-Mary Lou would like to become a beautician. Twirlers-2, 3, 43 Biology--2, Felicita-3, 4g Red Cross-2, 3, 4, Scitamard-49 Senior Play Committee. RUSSEL ROBINSON Masterful, trustful, and resourceful, likes all sports and cars- "Russ" wants to be a mechanical engineer. Bowling-4. "'f"Qmu. LINDA ROSTRON Cute, comely, and demure, likes swimming, skating, and read- ing-"Lin" would like to go to Oswego College and become a Zteacher. Biology-43, Felicita-3, 4, FTA-2, Red Cross Council Q2, 3, Secretary-4, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, IFC-4, Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. THEODORE ROUADI I A happy spirit, a jocular personality, likes all sports and cars -"Ted" would like to attend Long Beach University. Track-3, Commencement Usher, Senior Play Cast-4. ROBERT RULLER Handsome, suave, and athletic, likes all sports, in which he excells-"Bert" would like to enter West Point. Student Coun- cil-2, 3, 4, Baseball-2, 3, 4, Basketball-2, 3, Football-2, 3, 4, Captain-4, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. THOMAS RULLER Interesting, jocose, and tireless, likes football, baseball, and billiards-"Tom" is undecided concerning his future. SENIOR SUSAN ROSA Capricious, zealous, and complacent, likes water skiing, swimming, and skiing-"Sue" wants to attend Albany State and become a secretary. Felicita-4, Husky Growl-3,-4, Oracle, Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play Committee, Hi-Y-2. CHARLES ROSSBACH Diligent, pacific, and commendable, likes hunting, outboard motors, and baseball-"Chuck" plans to become a mechanic after graduation. Band-42, 3, 4, Orchestra-3, 4, Movie Operator-2. JOSEPH ROY Cenial, a good conversationalist, easy going, likes baseball, basketball, and football-"Joe" plans a career in teaching after high school. Basketball-2, Baseball-2, Football-2, 3, Track -4, Prom Committee. RICHARD ROZYCKI Amicable, complacent, and assiduous, likes cars, sports, and golfing-"Dick" wants to attend Buffalo University and become an engineer. Bowling-2, 3, 4, Football--2, Golf-2, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast-4. SENIOR ANTHONY RUOCCO Droll, shrewd, and reliable, likes cars, photography, and fishing --"Tony" plans to make the Navy his career after graduation. Track-3, Wrestling-3. MARY RUPERT Coy, sedate and silent, likes swimming and dancing-Mary is going to Albany Business College and become a secretary. Twirlers --2, 3, 4, Commencement Usher, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Hi-Y-43. JEAN SARGEN T The epitome of kindness and generosity, dignified, likes bowling, swimming, baseball, and babysitting-Jean would like to have a career in the field of child care. Felicita-3, 4, Girls' Sports- 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. SUSAN SAVRAN Intellectual but very sociable, likes arts, crafts and dancing- "Sue" plans to attend college and become an elementary school teacher of languages. Choir--3, 4, Biology--2, Felicita-3, 4, Husky Growl-2, 3, 4, Oracle, Girls' Sports-2, 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee-3, Senior Play Committee. ""'Qunu- 'See :K 5. .fr W' MARY RUSSO Industrious, prudent, and docile, likes typing, art, and sports --Mary would like to attend Cobleskill Tech and become a secre- tary after finishing high school. ERNEST SANTORO Efficient, studious, and steady, likes all sports and music- "Ernie" plans to go to Colgate University and become a lawyer. Biology-2, Key Club Treasurer-2, 3, Cross Country-2, 3, 4, Golf-2, 3, 4, Prom Committee. FRANK SCAFARIELLO Happy-go-lucky, a good friend to have, likes all summer sports -Frank would like to go to college and become a teacher. Bowl- ing-2, 3, Golf-4, Prom Committee, Hi-Y-2, 3. RICHARD SCHWED Big in spirit, has many friends, likes sports and cooking-"Rick" wants to become a chef but is undecided about a school to at- tend. Basketball Manager-2, 3, 4, Golf-3, 4, Prom Committee. GEORGE SCRIMA Out-going and considerate of others, likes boats and motors- George plans on going to Cobleskill Tech. and becoming a busi- nessman. Key Club-2, Quadrille Club-2, Scitamard-4, Senior Play Committee, IFC-4. ALVINA SEELEY Cheerful, kind, and capable, likes sewing and cooking-"Al" would like to go to Cobleskill Tech. and become a home economics teacher. Library Club-3, 4, Oracle. JOHN SHAFF ER Small in stature, but big in heart, likes camping, boating, and radios-John wants to be an engineer and attend Clarkson College of Technology. Husky Growl-4, Scitamard-4, Senior Play Committee, IFC-4-. VIRGINIA SHIELDS Sophisticated, confident, and appealing, likes dancing, music, and bowling-"Ginny" plans to become a secretary and attend Al- bany Business College. Choir-2, 3, 4, Felicita-3, 4, FTA- 2, 3, Red Cross-2, 3, Prom Committee, Color Guard-3, 4-. 'X SENIOR MARY SCRIBNER Comely, alluring, a.nd stately, likes cheerleading, skiing, and horseback riding-"Mike" plans to attend Skidmore College or Barbizon School and become a model. Choir--2, 3, Biology-4, Cheerleaders-3, 4, Co-Captain-3, Husky Growl-4, Oracle, Felicita-3, 4, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. PATRICIA SCRIBNER A new girl to GHS but has already made many friends, likes music, sports, and history-"Pat" would like a career in business and attend either Central Business Institute or Albany Business College. Band-2, Choir-2, 4, Biology-2, Library Club-3, 4. SIGRID SELLMEYER Our perky foreign exchange student with her irrestible smile, likes playing the piano, swimming, and dancing-"Sigi" plans to become a teacher. Choir-4-, Felicita-4, FTA-4, Library Club-4, Scitamard-4, Student Council-4. VICTOR SGAMBATO Humorous, affable, has magical talents, likes sports, swimming, a.nd camping-"Vic" would like a career in either education or recreation and attend either Albany State or Oneonta State. Choir -2, 3, 4, Biology-3, FTA-4, Bowling-3, Senior Play Com- mittee-4-, Hi-Y-3, 4-. E I ORS Pretty, sweet, and sincere, likes music and bowling-6'Marge" would like a career in business and go to Albany Business Col- lege. Choir-3, 4, Felicita-3, 4, Bowling-2, 3, Prom Committee. SIDONIA SMIDA Amiable and willing, likes bowling, skating, and dancing- "Dony" wants to be a housewife. Bowling-2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports -3, 4. '91 iw? fist' if -"T , Q , -?'iffs""7 ' P Q..-iifii' f',' . i i . f . fi 5' 5 MARILYN SMITH Snappy and saucy, likes Waterskiing, swimming, and nursing- Marilyn would like to go to Springfield College and become a physical therapist. Twirlers-2, Biology-3, Girls' Sports-1, 2. NANCY SMITH A sweet girl, one easy to get along with, likes popular music, reading, and swimming-"Nan" would like to attend Albany Busi- ness College and become a secretary. tive? 'f-was-we JOHN SMIMMO Willing, hard-working, and capable, likes being a projectionist -John plans on becoming a policeman after finishing high school. Movie Operator-2, 3, 4. FRANK SMITH Friendly, good sense of humor, likes hot rods and custom cars -Frank wants to own his own speed shop. Wrestling-4. ROBERT SMITH Attentive, stable, and capable, likes cars and hunting-"Bob" plans to make a career of the Air Force. WILLIAM SMITH Shy but willing to do his part, likes working as a projectionist -"Bill" enjoys television work and would like to attend R.C.A. Technical School. Band-2, 3, 4, Orchestra-2, 3, 4, Biology-2, Key Club-2, Movie Operator-2, 3, 4, Scitamard-2, 3, 4, Com- mencement Usher, Prom Committee, Play Committee, Speaking Contest-2, 3, 4, Stage Crew-2, 3, 4. PATRICIA SPINELLI Petite, gracious, and genuine, likes skiing, boating and popular music-"Pat" would like to become a secretary and attend Albany Business College. FelicitaM3, 4, FTA-4, Husky Growl-3, 4, Scitamard-4, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. DOUGLAS STEELE Good looking but modest, likes sports, which he is good at, electronics, and cars-"Doug" wants to be either an electrical or auto technician and attend Morrisville Tech. Footballf2, 3, 4, Captain-4. THEODORE STEFLIK Affable, capable, and willing, likes fishing, hunting, and bowl- ing-"Ted" wants to be an Air Force electronics engineer. Bowling-4, Wrestling-2, Stage Crew-3. WILLIAM STEWART Candid, has a great deal of capability, likes mechanics and ham- sterology-'4Bill" is planning to become an engineer and attend Cornell or Minnesota University. Movie Operator-2, Bowling -4. SENIORS WILLIAM SPELMAN Friendly, with a dynamic personality, likes swimming and cars -"Bill" wants to attend Springfield College and become a YMCA boys' secretary. Choir-2, 3, 4, Biology-2, Vice President-2, Prom Committee, Hi-YH2, 3, 4, President-3. GERMAIN SPERBER Interesting, very likeable, and always ready to help, likes collect- ing coins, reading, and belonging to the Key Club-Germain wants to attend a Liberal Arts College. Husky GrowlA3, 4, Key Club-2, 3, 4. EDWARD STEELE Good-tempered, makes friends easily, likes electronics, working on cars, and reading-"Ed" is planning to attend Devery Techni- cal Institute and follow a career in electronics. Choir-2, 3. LEROY STEENBURGH Well-liked, easy to get along with, likes dancing, sports, and reading-6'Roy" would like to attend either Union College or Annapolis. SENI ORS CURTIS STREET Understanding, cheerful, with good ability3 likes sports and re- pairing cars-6'Curt" wants either to be a game warden or join the Navy. Track-43 Wrestling-2, 3, 4. KATHRYN SUDA A happy girl with a smileg likes horseback riding and swimming -"Kathy,' would like to become a nurse and go to Bellevue Medical Center. Choir-3, 43 Felicita-3, 43 Oracle3 Scitamard -43 Prom Committee3 Senior Play Committee. AMELIA TARTAGLIA Calm, cool, and collectedg likes bowling and clothes-"Amy" wants to be a teacher and go to Oswego State. Felicita-3, 43 PTA-3, 43 Librarian-43 Prom Committeeg Senior Play Com- mittee. MICHAEL T EETZ Robust, imperturbable, and socialg likes cars and golf-4'Mike" would like to attend a navy school. Wrestling-2, 3, 43 Golf- 2, 3, 43 Football-2, 43 Hi-Y-3, 4, Treasurer-43 Choir-2, 3, 4. we.. PATRICIA SULLIVAN Temperate, but hastyg likes swimming, bowling, and music- "Pat" would like to enter Albany Business College and be a secretary. Twirlers-2, 3, 43 Quadrille Club-23 Red Cross-2, 3, 43 Senior Play Committee3 Hi-Y-2, 3, 4. BARBARA SWARTS Sweet and demure3 likes sports, painting, and reading-"Barb" is planning on attending Littauer Nursing School and becoming a nurse. Biology-33 Felicita-3, 43 Library Club-2, 3, 43 Red Cross-2, 3, 43 Girls' Sports-2, 3, 43 Prom Committee. BARBARA TERRANOVA Impetuous, animated, and friendlyg likes dancing and swimming -"Barb" would like to attend Albany Business College and be- come a secretary. Prom Committee. CLAUDIA THOMPSON Attentive3 a model student3 likes sports, choir, and dancing -Claudia plans to become a secretary and attend a business school. Choir-2, 3, 43 Felicita-3, 43 Red Cross-3, 43 Scita- mard-43 Senior Play Committee. STANLEY TOMEK A big fellow, with a warm heart, likes hunting and fishing- '4Stan,' is undecided about his future. NE TOOKER DIA Cute, full of pep, likes music and dancing-Diane would like to become a beautician. LINDA TREMANTE Vigorous, ingenous, and well-bred, likes horseback riding, music, and dancing-"Linn would like to attend Endincott J r. College and become a medical secretary. Choir-2, 3, 4g Felicita-3, 43. Oracleg Red Cross-2g Prom Committee. DOLORES TRIPPODA Judicious, reflective, and enjoyable, likes singing and sports- "Dee" would like to become an airline hostess. Girls' Sports- 2, 3, 4. SE IOR CAROLE TICHY Pretty girl with a sparkling personalityg likes swimming and water skiing-Carole wants to he either a beautician or secre- ta and attend Schenectady School of Cosmetology or Albany TY Business College. Choir-35 Felicita-3, 43 FTA-43 Scitamard -43 Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committee. CHERYL TOMEK Cenial, aspiring, and placidg likes bowling, tennis, and records -Cheryl would like to be a secretary and 'attend a business school. Choir-2, 3, 4g Felicita-3, 45 Red Cross-2, 3, 45 Scitamard-4. 'Wasp DONNA TOWNSEND Quiet and sincere, likes reading, music, and typing-Donna would like to attend Amsterdam School of Commerce. Choir-2. DONNA TRAPP Pleasant, cute, and Winsome, likes bowling, swimming, skating, and dancing-Donna is undecided about her career. SENIOR ROBERT VAN BROCKLIN Energetic, good sense of humor and always smiling, likes foot- ball, basketball, and golf-'gBob" would like to go to Albany State and become a history teacher. CECILIA VAN DYKE Frank and trustworthy, likes sports, cooking, and traveling- uCecilia" would like to attend Cobleskill for a business or a nursery education. Future Teachers of America, Scitamard-lg Girls' Sports-2. SALVATORE VEZZI Open-hearted, industrious, and humorous, likes flying model airplanes, bowling and working on cars-"Sal" would like to be a pilot. Movie Operator-1, 2, 3. GARY WALKER Friendly, co-operative, and bold, likes football and dancing- Gary would like to attend Hudson Valley and become an air- plane mechanic. Football-3. "'-?.:- CATHERINE VAN VRANKEN Stable, sincere, and likeable, likes swimming, ice skating, and reading-"Cathy" would like to become a secretary or bookkeeper. Choir--2. SHIRLEY VENNER Sweet, agreeable, and jocundg likes swimming, records, and reading-Shirley would like to attend Albany Business College and become a secretary. Bowling-3, 4. SALLY WARD Attentive, warm and considerate, likes swimming, dancing and popular music-Sally would like to attend Albany Business Col- lege and become a secretary. Twirlersg Felicita-4, Oracle Staff 5 Quadrille Club, Red Cross-4g Scitamard-4g Girls' Sports-2, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Hi-Y-2, 4. TERREN WARNER Enthusiastic and compatible, likes building hot rods, entering hot rod shows, and collecting hot rod magazines-"Terry" would like to own and operate a speed shop and garage. LINDA WILSON Stately, refined and gracious, likes music, dancing and sports- Linda plans to go to Albany State Teachers College and become a high school math teacher. Biology-3g Felicita--3, 4g FTA- 3, 45 Girls' Sports-2, 43 Prom Committee-3g Tri-Hi-Y-2, 4. BETTY WINIG Cheerful and mellow, a snappy dresserg likes dancing and water skiing-Betty would like to be an elementary school teacher. Band-2, 3, 43 Husky Growl-35 Oracle. BRUCE GARDNER .Ambitious, with a winning personality, likes cars and sports- Bruce has no definite plans for the future. JANICE ROSS A new girl at school, but has already won many friends, likes dancing, skatingg and singing4"Jan" wants to go to college to become a nurse. E I ORS LEONARD WEST Genial, persistent and genuineg likes bowling, school, and dancing-Leonard wants to go to Buffalo University and become a dentist. Football-2, 3, Wrestling-3, Choir-2, 3, 4. GARY WILCOX Pleasant, admirable, and agreeableg likes all sports-Gary would like to attend M.V.T.l. and become an engineer. Cross Country -3g Key Club-3, Football-45 TrackA3, 43 Nick Stoner Hi-Y -4. ,wr -5 JACK YANNO Sportive, imaginative, and jovial, likes all sports-.lack wants to go to college, to become a teacher. Baseball-2, Basketball -2, Football-3, Senior Play Cast. JAMES ZULLO Vigorous and valiantg likes sports and records-",lim,' would like to further his education at Colgate. Transferred from Pitts- ford H.S., Rochester, N.Y.-33 Basketball-23 Soccer-2g Base- ball-Zg Teachers' Club--2g GHS-Basketball-3, 4g Baseball -3, 4, Hi-Y-4. H , K ' t W' fatliitgf it 2 V ... , ilk - r ik if km . J' "fy .qv-'A U A :"'i1bqg3:-, at A Q ' ,WRX Q, '4 L fy gf, 'l 'H X 1 t f ggifgsli iff 'X ' 51313231 Ea 15 fir' 2 we Q wma if 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 0. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16 17. P. Hanson M. Goodheim K. Cuarnier E. Combothekras K. Johnson N. Jung B. Cole J. Zullo W. Chatterton J. Ferdico C. Davin D. Brown S. Palmateer J. Mosconi E. Fosmire B. Cole K. Suda A. Seeley M. Hiles A. Hornett L. Ackerknecht M. Huizing E. Bernstein B. Baird J. Izzo L. Hovan L. Potter M. Russo D. Prohaska A and C Montanaro D. Ecker C. Tomek S. Savron B. Swarts '13 22 CLASS OF '61 BABIES .OHS-..,, F' -dak, WHO BEST LOOKING Susan McCullough Joseph Roy BEST DRESSED Carol Hallenbeck Tom Campanile BEST PERSONALITY Jeanne Gifford James Zullo MOST VERSATILE Jean Parker George Abdella MOST ATHLETIC Barbara Gifford Donald Dutton BEST DANCER Mary Ann Pierce Joseph Garofalo WHO BEST FIGURE Linda Lee Hovan Douglas Steele 'fish ' .S 1 - A 1' 4' Q FLIRTS Lucy Maiello Daniel La Vista ji 'F f lf! 4 ' Wa. J if-Q E E 5 T 1 .g fy N, ye . MOST SHY OF OPPOSITE Winifred Chatterton Joel Huntzinger SEX MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Carmen Farr Ronald Newbower THE TALL AND SHORT OF IT Jean Sargent David Knowles CLASS CLOWNS Nancy Jung Leon Cristiano GH . 2 SENIOR Don Dutton, GHS powerful end, poses in spare time with all his friends-two dogs and a football. Nlr Dugan, with the assistance of Mr Miller, explains to his 7th period history class how to use the voting machine Following the explanation, students prepare to cast their votes for the school Joe Garofalo picks up every little piece of paper for having committed a similar deed witnessed by a homeroom teacher. A constant supporter of football games, dances and many other school activi- ties is one of the most popular girls in the sen- ior class-Eonna Combo- thekras. T CA DID Bob Ruller, Don Dutton, Don Judge, and the boys try to figure out what will balance the scales in Mr. Lucas' Physics Laboratory. Mrs. Mallory is depositing tl1e proceeds of the daily luncheon sales. Proceeds were unusually large today because of the students' favorite- spaghetti and meatballs. -4 C0-editor Cheryl Davin and typist Alvina Seeley gave up many a Saturday morning to put together the 1961 Oracle. Shipments made the deadline because of the constant effort of the staff. On voting day, Roy Lor- enzi prepares to cast his ballot whlle others, An- drea Hornett and Stanley Rubin and Cheryl Tomek wait their turn. Mr. Check's sixth period class is studying the proh- lem of immigration. The admission of a Yugoslav immigrant, Emilija Orsag made this topic realistic. , As the couples entered the gym, they were greeted warmly by the reception line. This was Mr. Fergu- son's last Prom. The decorations committee worked diligently for weeks before the big night. Here Mary Scribner is helping Mr. Szumiloski put up a palm tree. During the intermission, underclassmen s e r v e d punch and cookies to prom-goers. Nancy Brown and Bob Blark look ap- preciative. Freddie Clute and his band provided dreamy music for our lovely prom, enchantingly titled, MBali Halif' The band is on the Boulevard School stage. 2? 7 i 9 A r 4 .5 Q i .. . 4: Fri' W' pq The king and queen with thcir court. From left to right: Mary Ann Pierce, Jean Parker, Sue McCullough. Nancy Jung. Don Dutton-King, jackie Blosconi-Queen. George Abdella. lloli Cole, John Ferdico, Danny Lavisla. 1960 BALI H1491 mn it After the crowning, our king and queen led the grand march in which everyone participated. This prom had the largest attendance to date. 3 .Q- rw 3. During the grand march, the highlight of our wonderful dance, the couples made an arch, under which our king is escorting our queen. First row: N. Jung: D. Browng M. A. Pierceg S. McCulloughg E. Fosmire. Second row: G. Abdellug L. L. Hovang B. Alterg J. Garagalog D. Judge, M. Pellegrinog D. LaVistag J. Yanno: J. Ferdicog A. Riccitiellog D. Reese. Third row: T. Nicholsong C. Fitzpatrickg S. Savrong E. Hathawayg P. Hansong J. Parker. SENIOR fa-D 'cDino,,' the Senior Play of the Class of '61, was put on four times during the week of November 16-18. The Estee grades saw the first performance Wednesday afternoon, and the following afternoon the Juniors and Seniors saw it. Friday was opening night to the public, which was followed by an 'cAfter Play Party." The play cast, and play com- mittees were invited, with the privilege to ask one of their friends. The following night, Saturday, was the last per- formance of the play. 70 First r0w.' L. Raimo, G. Fitzpatrick, C. Farr, R. Newbower, B. Hathaway, E. Bernstein, M. Goodheim. Second row: D. Prohaska, C. J. Gifford, J. Bruce, L. Ackerknecht, S. Ward, A. Hornett, K. Guarnieri, N. Brown. Third row: L. Maiel- lo, D. Trippoda, C. Pellegrino, L. Tremante, M. Scribner, M. L. Rickmyre, J. Gifford. Fourth row: G. Sperber, W. Dunning, R. Argerslnger. Due to the constant prompting and pushing of Mr. David Montague, dramatics teacher and director of the play, and Ronald Newbower, student director, the play was ready on time. Of course, this wouldn't have been possible with- out the complete cooperation of the cast as well as the tireless effort of the committee. Dino, portrayed by George Abdella, is a story of a young teenage boy who has taken the wrong road of life. Re- turning from reform school after four years, Dino finds that life can be good and rewarding depending upon what . . 7 . . d h. t one makes of it. Shirley, portrayed by Blanche After, IS the shy girl who is able to talk to Dino an steer rm on 0 the right road of life. The play ends on a happy note with Shirley and Dino enjoying themselves at a school dance. 7I in-.r me-. Richard Reese replaced Mr. George Saunders as pal of CHS. Princi- vr"a"'f The Senior Day Committee met regularly each week to prepare assignments for teachers and administrators. Louise Franco replaced Miss Mary Evelyn Debbie Brown taught the French Connors as Guidance Counselor. mar hook. Carmen Farr replaced Miss Ada Busse as Vice-princi- pal of GHS. E IOR The big day for Seniors was December 8, 1960, when every administrator or teach- er found his place talcen over by a Senior. Turning the tables on our teachers was an educational experience as well as an enjoy- able experience. This day was an illustra- tion to show the GHS students not just the joy of teaching a class but the preparing beforehand and the paper correcting after- ward that goes with it. The Committee for Senior Day was di- rected by Mr. Edward Dugan, one of the II class how to translate sentences in their gram- 'O-And it-533 as et+3:"fi 'E .loseph Roy replaced Mrs. Babette Frisbie as Cur- riculum Coordinator. DAY advisors for the Senior Class. The commit- tee consisted of Deborah Brown, William Dunning, Jeanne Gifford, Michael Mills, Peter Pollak, Mary Scribner, Germain Sper- ber, and Linda Wilson. The day was concluded with a banquet which was held at the YWCA. Originated by the Class of 1946, there was no doubt that Senior Day has become one of the most eagerly anticipated traditions of the Senior Year. Richard Bernard replaced Mr. Frank Woodworth as Director of Pupil Personnel Services. Linda Wilson taught her students the fundamentals of art. The preparation for Christmas cards made this an interesting lesson. Terry Warner explained the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare as practiced Eoanna Combothekras taught her Biology stu- hy the Germans during World War I. dents how to distinguish between different kinds of ferns and plants. 1t twffmmtmsm twWw was 'ff aunnn1-ummm: if f-ills The banquet was attended by more than 200 sen- iors, faculty members, and guests. All were at the YWCA long before the serving time of 6:30. Girls were seated first and asked to leave the seat next to them vacant. All this provided for a lot of fun and frolic. SE 1011 BA QUET The Senior Banquet Committee was, supervised by Mrs Winifred After a delicious meal on a country style basis, the group Fleig, one of the Senior Class Advisors. They planned for the listened to their guest speaker, Attorney Robert Sise, Mont place, meal and entertainment. gomery County Children s Court Judge 1 : WZ, 1. -e , , , 6 ,WW , 5 'Milfs :FLSA Aw sw 5-M, i n 75, ,- , ik -K . wk. 36545 i in . ,EL Q E5 v ,man 1 ff 2 "f-. Q-'-lui 5 ,Qffh' "Ka 4, J .J 'w DER CLA SSME .L A ff 565:!?L'fT3"l . ,f':EffZ23:2f i:f ":Ef: '35 ' Win-f . gr 2 . , K . f In Wi 1.9 MV. ,A ., www 75 ANN MARIE PACIOLLA President J U I OR CLASS 'QQ 114: " ' ii E52 if 117' WS '?fif1 '5 V ., ,. ,U 5 - LJ, an I wg V :aa . f QQ I! I5 A ii A . , .il 5. A , , .uf , im, my , 2? an ,nw 1,r,,11,,..m,,'sf"ff 1 ' , ,H ,,,Lv,-- '11 H, f . 37, if 3 . : 5 8 W 2 Q? A X I , X ,Z Maj N Wig me was K M A fe 13, 5 H' e 4,- 1 W 1 5 ,ami sf 'Q' 3 ' ' K ' K S 2 'fl if 'Z 2 5 if if 2 P 5 1 :5 E w 25 N za f if , V292 K an f V H' 2 A fn sr: ,ig 1 If ,ga 3 8 , 5 may rg 4 as ? A Q W, ? 23 5 wx? rrr sa is 5 5 E, 2 S 1 FS la ' 5 E ' X a Q' xi . Q I A is I9 Yi f ii f I I Wai ,ZQMQZEQ X 21552 Y H gr p. 4. 5 is if PQWQZV fi ff gf A FE L. Qi v m 4' 5 , 45 I 5 if? 11 41 If fad si i ' .w if M5155 2 . 5-97WA " ,,r:i?'I'r?f'l??'f C V :, '..E::ii2" "vii ,.,, ,Ria 5? Aga, Q 'k:,mm,,s v MARK DIAMO Vice-Presiden ND t JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS-Seated: Miss Ruth Roberts, advisorg Ann Marie Paciolla, Mr. Leonard Szumiloski, ad visor. Standing: Mark Diamond, Tom Frederick, Sandra Sweet. ,, Jwlii .V I Qwi?:Q2Z2gsEwa?.s -V ' -. S ' ' 3 221349 . 5 - ., ' ffeerrgczfzwrgwvwarwwar' M-:sfwqmsw iw 76? I , A M, A I , wixsfmz f.4- 'zsag-W, ff ,f K- .-,Q ,f-:rm'am-Vifsf?-Mmgs.-'iaafwvfygez,wk - f 1 msgs, ,gr i ef , 9-ff 'a1evWf!fM'iqg,, .- iffy-c 0, ,M ,WA SANDRA SWEET Secretary 76 OFFICER THOMAS FREDERICK Treasurer ,xx sf' gi 9' X -Q53 ...J-'if' 55 V, x1""'5' v,'N,, . haw My .S-V' .,,- vm- .5 . .,f-,A -I I AV K 'f.', wh- as, ff gl ' X' A is . --.' 3 9 3' 1.413 A ,,,..,, I 3 Wiicf gh, 5 1' F-N 35, ROBERT BORN MICHELE BRACE GILBERT BROOKINS BRUCE BROWN CORA BROWN PAMELA BURGESS JOSEPH CAIRO GARY CAMPBELL KAREN CAMPBELL GRACE CARANGELO MARY ELLEN CARROLL BART CERASUOLO JOSEPH CERASUOLO GWENDOLYN CHARBONEAU ANTHONY CHRISTIANO E' 65 X 'R--asv 1 XSS' , 35? . W Kjfgxsxrj 'Q E lg v W , if X 'T I JOSEPH ALBANESE JOHN ALBINI CARTH ANDERSON LAWRENCE ANGELLO ROBERT BACHORIK LINDA BAIRD MARTHA BANKER RUSSELL BARTER JOHN BARTLETT PETER BATES JANE BATTY DANIEL BECKER HENRIETTA BECKER ROBERT BENDEL BEVERLEY BENSON ELIZABETH BERRY CONNIE JO BETOR JOHN BLANCHARD DONNA BLODGETT IRA BLOWERS qu., 'Yi Lf "W MICHAEL CHRISTIANO HARVY CLEMANS CAROL CLEMENTE RICHARD CLUTE RAINA COHEN HOWARD COLE PATRICIA COLLINS NICOLLE COON E. JAMES COSSELMAN JOHN CRISPIN LEO CRISTIANO CAROL CUCCURULLO CLAUDETTE DA CORSI CLAUDIA DA CORSI MARILYN DARE CARY DARLING CAROL DE DOMINICK BENAY DEERE WILLIAM DENMAN GERALDINE DE ROSA -' fv. 1 ' gk ii! N Y 'I' A Aga I ,i - A s STEPHANIE DE SIMONE MARK DIAMOND ANITA DICATERINO BARBARA DI CRUTTALO FRANK DI MARCO MICHAEL DI MARCO ANN DOCKSTADER MARY DU BOIS JEAN DURKEE SANDRA DUTCHER PHYLLIS DWYER RONALD ECK DONNA EDICK NEIL EVANS PATRICIA FALLIS 558 my 1 I . it 5 is 8 i , ,Mm v PM lx ,ff J a . jg,5n'15gi7Q',L vi? ROBERTA HASTIE SUSANNE HAYWARD PAMELA HIDDE CATHERINE HINE JOHN HINMAN STANLEY HOBBS PAMELA HORNETT SANDRA HOUSERMAN CHARLES HOWE MICHAEL HUSEK RINCARDO INSOGNIA YOLANDA INSOGNIA SANDRA IZZO STEPHEN JACKSON DONNA JOHNSON Q-al 4 n X15-f'-H -1' 2: 31+ 'Y Q , I QM nw if " J S fb N Q L ,' . ff s. is K Flag.: I in X J , 4 ,IQJ V,, V A .1 y 'wi- ,lv JOHN FANCH PENELOPE FELDMAN LARRY FERGUSON TONI FERRARO MARY ELLEN FISHER LEWIS FLINT JOHN FRANCO ELAINE FRASIER SHARON FREDRICK SYLVIA FREDRICK THOMAS FREDRICK ELAINE GARFINKLE DONNA GOODBREAD BONNIE GOODEMOTE RICHARD GULICK BETTY HALE EVERETT HALLENBECK GARY HAMMER SHARON I-IANNA JOYCE HASBROUCK ik. MICHAEL JOHNSON NANCY JOHNSON EVA KANE SHELIA KASSON HEIDI KEMPF LYNN KENNEDY PHILIP KLEIN LINDA KLOCK JO ANN KLYMKOW ROBERTA KNOBLAUH JAMES KOHLER LESLIE KRAEMER ANN LAKE STEPHEN LA MANTIA JOHN LASHER JOAN LLOYD JOHN LOVEDAY PHILIP LYNCH MARY MacDONALD MELVIN MacDONALD f' 'K ., l I I , an-9 xx 'YVY' qw K 57 9- CONSIGLIA MAROTTA ARCELIA MARSHALL ROBERT MCCARTHY JACK McKIBBEN RICHARD MELITA CLAUDIA MILLER GARY K. MILLER GARY ANN MILLER RANDALL MILLS JOHN MINITTI THOMAS MOORE MICHAEL MOSS ELIZABETH MRAZ CAROLYN MUDDLE WILLIAM MURPHY BERNA JEAN QUAKENBUSH JACQUELINE QUICK PRISCILLA RAYKOSKI SANDRA RECTOR DONNA RICCI SHARON RISKA TERRY ROBINSON LUCY ROSE ROSALIAND RUGGIERO JOEL RULLER LYNDON RUMMLER RICHARD SAMMONS MICHAEL SANDAL KURT SCHAEFER CAROL SCHWED .IUDITH MUSCATO CAROL NICOSIA DAVID NITT MAN DAVID NOYES SHIRLEY OATHOUT DANIEL O'DONNELL ANN PACIOLLA ANN MARIE PACIOLLA GLORIA PACIOLLA ANNA MARY PAPA JAMES PATTEN SHARON PERHAM RAYMOND PERNA ADOLPHE PERRONE WILLIAM PERRONE KATHLEEN PETTENGILL RONALD PETTIT MARY PIEHUTA CHERYL PILESKI PATRICIA PUSKI STEVEN SCHOFIELD JUDY SCRIBNER WAYNE SEELEY ROSE SEROUSSI DAVID SHAFFER RENEE SHAPARIO CAROLE SHEPARD NANCY SICILLA RALPH SIMON MARIANNE SMIMMO KAY SMITH MARSHA SMITH ROSEMARY SMITH RONA SOKOLSKY KAREN SOVIK DONNA STEWART SANDRA STRAUSS WILLIAM STRONG MICHAEL SUTLIFF KAROL SUVAL ,-sm Y' if' W-:if NVE' SANDRA SWEET VICTOR TARTAGLIA JAMES TAYLOR EVELYN THOMPSON WILLIAM THOMPSON DAVID THUM STEPHEN VALIK GAIL VAN DELLON STEPHEN VAN DYKE KENNETH VAN HOESEN DIANE VAUGHN CAROLYN WAFFLE DAWN WARREN PHILLIS WHEELER PAUL WHITE Peter Aldi Eleanor Abdella Robert Ambrosino Carol Ashton Beverly Bates Barbara Baumgaertel Jon Bergoff Doris Berner Karen Bowers Rose Ann Cirillo David Covey Beverly Crowter Elizabeth DeCicco Ralph DeCristofaro Albert DiCruttal0 Paul Difliacomo Linda Dona Karen Dudley Robert Fisher Dennis Flynn Robin Furlong Thomas Garfola Gregory Georgelos JUNIORS NOT Cary Goodbread Janice Gordon Delores Hazzard Jeannine Hurd Robert Hurlbert Donna Insognia Daniel Jinks Terrence Johnson George Jones Richard Jones David King Norma Klopot Harold Laird Cheryl Laverdure Rosemarie Laurence John Lee Gary Levine Terrance Mace Augustino Maragno Rosemarie Mills Barbara Mittler Harry Nellis Micheal Nicolla CHERYL WICKLAND DORIS WILDER ROBERT WILLIAMS JACK WOODCOCK TERRENCE YOUNG SHOWN Edward Oliver Mario Papa Anthony Piazza Michael Ralbovsky Bruce Renzo Carl Ricci Alan Richardson Richard Rubinstein Alan Salvione Rodger Schultz Diane Sheffield Marv Catherine Smith Stephen Sobel Margaret Spear Karen Thompson Paul Valovik Nancy Visconti Paul Vosteen Richard Voundry Carol Ann Wager Marshall Wagner Fred Webber Robie Wheeler , -M-vnqn Leisure reading broadens one's knowledge. The high school library subscribes to many periodicals in order to please the varied tastes of the student body. This brings many students to the library during their free periods. U DERCLASSME SNAP English 3 is the beginning of the vast knowledge one learns by reading plays and verse by the well-known writers, such as Shakes- peare, Poe, and Tennyson. The pupils of one of Miss Roberts' classes are considering on paper their ideas about one of the poems just studied. Mr. Szumiloski's math class is deeply absorbed in the intricacies of a math problem. ln recent years GHS has offered an experimen- tal math course in the 12th year for exceptionally-abled students. During 1960-61, it was directed by Mr. Chase. Underclassmen had their plctures taken on the stage of the Auditorium. The brief respite from class was enjoyed by all. Students wait impatiently for the returns. Exchange day proves to be an enjoyable event. aa.ei",', Parlez-vous francais? In our high school, French is the most popular of all the language courses foffered. Students also have the opportunity to take Latin or Spanish. Perhaps our curriculum may be expanded in the new building to include Russian and German. U DERCLASSWE One of the most exciting and memorable events in the junior year is picking out the class rings. These are ordered early in the fall and arrive usually before the Christmas holidays. This plan was inaugurated to provide more time for the wear- ing of the ring while the purchasers were still in attendance at the local high. SNAP Under the direction of Mr. Dugan and Mr. Miller, all American his- tory classes were privileged to participate in the mock conven- tion of the two major political parties. The enthusiasm exceeded all expectations. It probably will be renewed every four years or be exercised each year with the elective high school offices. .wif 'QS Z ishs I SOPHOMURE 'L' CLASS f L A , ION CHETWYND DAN MOSHER President Vice-President 1' -v- SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS-Seated: Jon Chetwynd. Standing: Mr. Robert Killeen, advisorg Miss Carol Coops, advisorg Richard Fisher, Linda Scribner. Dan Mosher. OFFICER LINDA SCRIBNER RICHARD FISHER SeC1'etal'Y Treasurer 86 Meryl Adelman Raymond Adelman Sharon Allcock Robert Ameduri Kathleen Anderson Rosemarie Ault Herbert Bachorik Richard Baetens David Banovic Karen Baumgaertel Robert Beebe Thomas Bereduce David Berner Carolyn Betor Douglas Blanchard Brian Bohne Lynn Brant Ronald Bresee Leslie Brickner Bonnie Bronk Burdette Brooker Patricia Brooker Robert Brothers Evelyn Brower Robert Brown Terence Brundige Garfield Burlette Charlotte Capasso Emelio Capparello Sandra Capparello Timothy Carr Georgia Carter Elaine Castiglione Lewis Cataffo Robert Cenzano Charlene Cerasia Dawn Chamberlain Suzanne Champoux ,lon Chetwyn Larry Chizek Anthony Christiano Joseph Christiano M rf j .at gs . , 4,-we -'fs -cur .fx 1 -. Lv , ffm .Z ' .:,: i n :jf ' yt 5 a . ts, . st!" 'HM Wonka' 0'1" avi' Y' Z' ,... 2 in . ,. , ,. , Q, ilifia' Q- .. r. - . me V 5 I W I - -V . , Nail' 1 ,f , n C 5' f if, get ,- ,, I V, .., . ,J with ,f5oe, . gr . , .S+ 3 - . ,QE My , i . aa PQ' ,, a. f fiif : . t ' .,.. 3 Y ' sis t 1 :v 22215544 C37 at , -- me 1- a,oa,g5, - ' sf age . . aasafciaeama, W 1, " '-1 7- feaswsafs an , -tw -12,9 41 My -,.w,a y H am- " I ar xx-if X V. .e - --H., fe' - C - . V . 5" Q If .V.. -, 4, V A W ,L E i' 5, 5 5 .-,X ,. :ist F 1 rt K 'E-iz?" .,, QS5ii??: ',- , ' , A' L -- f P ' Saga' ' ff 'K 1 X , 5 in X ::. f .... , we-ft' 40+ gilf. .saga-:-1 t if -':.',1"' M ,t fy Q if , G2 hifi. ' ' , g Hag, ' Ni Qi, 131 ' 'X A 1 sit' s E ' i W Xssmx . ,.,g,.2 ,t2,, ..-.-uv F-La. - We N 2 W, f 'S i K 2 its 1 Q A We f if ix ez 'vii was tg, pp is X 4 ' a Michael Clarke Marsha Clemente .loan Coco Nancy Lee Collie David Cook Sharon Cossleman Michael Daily John Darling Grace De Long Robert Del Signore Deanna De Luca Morma Demarest Patsy D'Errico Patricia D'Errico Henry Dicaterino Peter Di Giacomo Carol Dorman James Draffen Kathleen Du Bois Zara Easterly Marilyn Fabozzi Jacqueline Fallis Lester Faville Robert Fiorello Richard Fisher Sanford Fisher Gary Frasier Dorothy Frederick Marsha Furbeck Mark Gavrill Vincent Generoso Rose Ann Gentile Roger Gifford Sharon Gifford Marsha Goldstein Diane Gordon Terry Gordon Nancy Green Jeffrey Grey Orson Griffith Gary Gurga Pamela Haller Judith Handy Susan Hathaway Rodger Helwig Jo Ann Hing Barbara Hoppenworth John Huizing Victor Husek Robert lndgin Robert Jackson Diana Jenner Ruth Ann Jewell Arthur Kernpf Richard Kennedy Jacqueline Kenyon Nancy King Charlene Klock Merry Lou Klynkow Gary Kniskern Jean Kavorik George Lake Mozelle Lansing John Lawton Sharon Lawton Judy Lawyer Charlotte Leo Daniel Licardo Timothy Ligon John Logan Roy Lorenzi Ronald Loux Tony Maragno Caroline Marlitt Vincent Mascardi Charles McAllister Belva Lee McCabe Patrick McCloskey Claudia McKoy William Merrill Linda Meyers Norma Miller Douglas Mills Edward Mosconi we x liek, x- 1 Q J 5 , , ,,.,.. ' J ,N g Nm .,...,, .. ?fsz':fQ -., 1 1 Q ge wggggt A rf , tan- " Q sv- L- l t Q Q , M K Mi'-' '.4IS,:'Zf?4 i ,-....., t, S ll ff , , ar 'if , 1' ig 8' J' 1 J my J ,sf 1 'W ff 5 'UQ' i n-N ,Aga W 'fn V. i , l 5 'Cree ,..,' W t,y.- 7 Q .W- N? 5 E tix it vw e If -' I' 4- 1 ' - V ,,,,, , I It V7 all m e , fi N' is -1 ,J fts 4 , df ,2 .X - 'i ' lt' , 4' K it Y ,t AA VA: eg it '--Lg? , C A ,:. if . aw M 'SF J ei 'J f l IQ , ' .W-1...-,,,. . as J ,A at 1' +- l f J? K ra? Y Saga ' a-,f" Ti4'.5fi, X NS .exif ,J A N -f 1 Daniel Mosher Jennie Natriello Mary Nicosia Lorraine Nissenbaun Paul Oare Phyllis Oare Kathleen Oathout Ruth Ortell .leannic Painter Sandra Palumbo Stephanie Patterson Terry Pedrick Karen Perrone Vera Ott Louis Piazza Theresa Plumadore Rota Pollak Larry Pozcfsky Roberta Quackenbush Robert Quick Anne Quivey Barry Raykoske Marie Reck Patricia Reppenbagen Terry Retersdorf Barbara Robbins Janice Robbins Sandra Robinson Richard Robinson Wilma Rosenberg Joan Ross Michael Rossi Charles Roth Roberta Rothschild Richard Ruberti Stanley Rubin Jane Rubinstein Theodore Salvione Kip Sandfield Bette Sanges Thomas Santaro Karen Saunders Nora Saunders Wayne Schermerhorn Karen Schlanger Deborah Schoenberg Joice Scribner Linda Scribner James Selmser Marsha Shaperio David Sherman Linda Shwartz Nancy Sicilia Howard Siegal Gregory Simmionson Sandra Skiff David Smalley Carol Smith Henry Smith Janice Smith Willard Smith Carole Staley Fredrick Steenhurg Robert Strait George Strceter Janice Stuart Thomas Suydam Sharon Swartz Patricia Sweeney David Szumouski George Thompson Daniel Thum Virginia Trautner David Trevett Leona Trombley Judith Tyler Frederick Van Alstyne Michael Visconti Richard Vosteen Robert Wadd Donna Wager Jill Walrath Arden Weaver Gary Webb xv-rr rw.. ffiwtf vw rx X uf. s X , .. ilk Y' ' A..- , , L ii .M . ettg ' S gg ' ,ff , mail : J i if ,Q'f. W ' f sP'.H S 5 .J g ,t .X xx ft J 2 Q ff r if S, X , f 5' tg me , 6.3: , X r 5, --. 5 ax 'H W 'wt N if f . JJ , 1 'lr 4 if 'Q Q W, L Mr ew 2 1' I W Q 1 ifvt"1' A me " 'PQ' L . ,, f S me-if 'D- at -x vii, ev nr' H. 1 K .H fb rf- V? -.. IW' Viv. x S551 bww 1 -1? ,tta ,Q A -Q. 9 ' di ,sift A' K Vi VY ' it ' 5- , K, tl fi ' Qi a ' 'I' ' K . , it ft--at 5 v , H r h + if-1 4 . A 'Ewa W "W .Q .X ' 5. :uk 1 'R I rw, W 'fl' 7 iw- ga f"" 41 ' w,,,,f' L 5. - K yu 1 x S M I A .QQ .. 4 x ,-3 V V K ps.,-'Q Z- if tid my X 4 m ,t,. sz? ,es 1 x f 7 It ' '!"w-f. . - .. .: 9'3" Ng: "" 'V if Q ' ' f, ,X 'ja it A at f J. m SOPI-IOMORES NOT Linda Aldi Linda Alessi Wilma Allen Patricia Alvord Diane Barnes Micheal Becker Donald Bouchard Richard Berner Marcia Buchner Michael Cassaro Antoinette Clemente Carol Clute Bryan Collins Dominick Cozzolino Donald Cummings Charlene Dority William Fuller John Furlong James Gisondi Gloria Gordon John Gotthehut Dawn Groves Kenneth Gorves Jeanne Hildreth Paula Hoaghoon Bruce Howland Diane J inks Gordon Kirby Ruth Knohlauch Therese Kowalczyk Joseph Lallo William McCarthy Sharon McCord Larry McWalker Thomas Mills Patricia Minnitti Peter Mittler Joan Montoney Kevin Moss Micheal Nunno SHOWN Paul Oare MARY WHEELER SALLY WILLIS DONALD WILSON MARJORIE YOUNG DONNA ZALEON GAIL ZEITLER WILLIAM ZULLO Richard Perna Ila Ruth Pettinggill Katherine Pettit Barbara Raimo Andrew Renda Joseph Ricciardi Beverly Romaine William Rumrill August Rupert Irene St. Peter William Scott Melvin Shannon i Ronald Spanos Sharon Tooker Sandra Van Alystne Robert Wager Agnes Warwick Raymond Wille Marcia Zinner World history is a trying experience for Sophomores, es- pecially those who are scheduled for regents. The subject- matter for this course includes twice the amount of material that formerly was associated with the state courses called History A and B. This Sophomore class is learning to adjust itself to the change in schools. Mathematics becomes so involved in the course called Geometry that many students lose their taste for the subject. ln recent years, more stress has been placed on Business Arithmetic and Practical Mathematics. U DERCLASSME S AP The overflow from study hall is required to spend its free time in the high school cafeteria. As the morning wears on, it becomes more and more difficult to study because of the many delicious aromas. The next high school building program will provide better facilities to cope with this problem. .4 -x .v :mamma ,A " za. as :suv its w..f,,s,.siw 1 5 , A ft, , 5 , rs ,.:, - V V A "i' it ' i Underclassmen are using the high school library for extra reading. The library with all its resources opens up many new avenues for an incoming class in senior high. The facilities in the new building should provide adequate space for pupils seeking room to work on research topics. P.. l . V mags! to f Mr. Vertucci, instructor in Biology, makes his lecture realistic by use of the human body in his classes. In recent years the Board of Education has been ap- propriating more funds for science. R functions. Latin students are happily entertained by a short talk by one of the students in a class dealing with Caesar. Later on they will enjoy a feast of Saturnalia, with one designated as emperor. U DERCLASSME This is another side to school life. Or- ganizations within the school and with- out are constantly demanding the pre- sence of our high school pupils at their AP French is accepted as a basic language in our curriculum. Our new On the other hand, students study diligently during building will provide listening booths for better learning in languages. free periods to allow for extra-curricular activities This will also take care of the individual needs for students who are after school and their own during the evening. taking language courses. W 2 -L 1 Q 'I' Weiss! 'sw f 3 Q5 s N .K X is E5 vs 3 wi ,sm my f 5g k+ , 1'R 'Mm- 6.53, Q W A L SCHOUL LIFE Y Pt-.J C 'Z Is that in whim-h uv hun- not l2lllQlht'd. q 95 " Q SCHOOL In spite of urgency and deadlines, the co-editors of the yearbook found sufficient time to relax and delve into items of interest other than journalistic practices. These co-editors gave ,up their free periods to produce an enlarged volume for the spring of 1961. 6'Uur G.H.S. student . . . Cross Country is a grueling and enduring ordeal. Some of the Veterans of the 1960 season were lined up for a run through the streets of Gloversville for a mile and a half. The team experienced a normal season as to wins and losses. ,mix ' The cheerleaders were exceedingly active in support of the teams of GHS. All kinds of devices and gadgets were introduced under the direction of Lucy Maiello, captain, to enliven the spirit of the student body. All wrestling members who are to participate in an inter-scholas- tic match are weighed in by the referee, Mr. George Van Heusen of Schenectady. This determines whether or not a wrestler is eli- as gible at the time to participate. The weights extend from the 95 pound class to unlimited weight. .sf LIFE "Is loyal and prudent, . . The crucial game of the 1960 season was a score- less Cloversville-Johnstown tie until the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. Coach Baker has sought this victory for the past three years. His instructions at this moment went in vain. As soon as school is released, the inevitable question arises as to where one is going or what one is going to do. The plaza area in the front of the school is the most favored meeting zone. Here the hopes and fears of the students are audible day after day. K .1 - A, - Music plays an important role at football games as well as at other functions. For the past year the organization raised money for new uniforms. These arrived in Januaryg so the smartness of the hand was not shown off until the spring parades and rallies. The students of GHS gave real support to their teams this year. In fact total attendance and receipts took an upward leap in contrast to those of the previous year. These school boosters also gave encouragement to the cheerleaders. Out- siders knew GHS was present at games. S C H 0 0 L "W ith self control outstanding over all . . . For the first time through the effort of two Citizenship Education instructors, our student body was extended the opportunity of holding mock political conventions. The Democrats were boisterous as usual. Much of the enthusiasm carried over to the regular presidential election. 98 ,- 3 e X Lunch hour commences at 11:30 in the secondary school system and continues until 12:30. Those who are for- tunate to be scheduled for fourth period study hall are quickly served. Those who come last, find a long line to take advantage of the low-cost meals. "Considers the other . . HQ A football team may have offensive and defensive squads. Yet many boys sit on the bench patiently game after game. These boys are the real rooters and supporters of all teams and at the same time remain ready to contribute their share to the success of any sport. LIFE W K CD W ,, sy- so ,, as A glamorous dance calls for much preparation and work on the part of all committees, especially that of decorations. The theme of the Junior Prom specified decorative material symbolizing the South Pacific islands. On Saturdays it was not unusual to find the com- mittee painting scenery. 99 It was one thing to plan to decorate for the big prom. It was another to make the dec- orations and to hang them in the Boulevard Auditorium-gymnasium. Jeanne Cifford's arrangement was greatly appreciated as balls of petals descended upon the dancers at the close of the formal. SCHOOL "A friend and fl brother . . To minimize cost of banquets the Felicita Cluh is usually prevailed upon to serve the large groups that attend school banquets. For the Senior Banquet, the junior girls of Felicita served some 220, starting off with tomato juice. At such affairs, the girls are constantly beckoned by students at a table to be given more and more. I00 One of the biggest thrills in school is to board a bus for a field trip or a picnic or a scholastic game, especially when the occasion occurs on a regular school day. Little does it matter that a parental signature is required to go or that the affair will last one day or evening. "We're going" is the statement that counts. Alan Wemple, an outstanding athlete of the 20's, was a guest of honor at the GHS Sports' Banquet night. Saxy Marshall proudly exhibited to Alan a leather skin that was later signed by all the couches and guests who attended the function at the YWCA. The Wemple trophy is awarded each year to the athlete who excels in teamwork and talent. ,, Our school days would never have been the same without pep rallies before the big games. The crowd was hilariously treat- ed by the belles of the football team whose antics captured the plaudits of all. These activities are usually held in the Estee gmy. L IFE J ,va "EJ 'p'i' 'cMaroon and White he always ' t 'vw-, t- . if wzll recall . . . This is not a mistake. In the boys' gym classes, the young men are trained to jump rope. All this helps to build these fellows physically. During the year, Duke Miller with the aid of Jerry Baker will .have put the boys through the paces of gymnastics, boxing, volleyball, softball, and close drill. IOI The football players enjoyed immense popularity as they defeated Mont Pleasant and Amster- dam. The expressions on their faces showed the true esprit de corps. If this room at the fieldhouse could talk, many stories would once again unfold. The Key Club usually conducts a drive for funds by offering a car wash to the people of Clovers- ville in the fall or in the spring. One group last time established headquarters in the courtyardg the other group washed in the front. There were plenty of suds and funds all the way round. S C H 0 0 L "Dear old Cloversville I02 Pride of our many valiant sons . . . Saxy Marshall, owner of Pedricks, was honored at the football game between Gloversville and Saratoga for the years of loyalty he had-served as a lineman for GHS. He was thanked pub- licly by the officials of the Physical Education Department, those of the school system and the president of the Board of Education. Pep rallies were held in the adjoining building, Estee. Miss Busse's careful plans paved the way for a quick exodus of GHS. Every now and then groups or classes would be called to at- tend a special meeting in Estee or witness a movie in the projection room. Whatever it was, all enjoyed the movement for it brought friends together again for a while. as the as "When out on life's ocean L I F E With hearts of devotion, . . The Senior Play is one of the high spots of the school year. If a senior does not make the cast, he can still show his interest by joining one of the many committees whose function it is to contribute to the success of the play. One of these is the make-up staff where paint and powder are mixed freely. As for teachers, the favorite spot is the teachers' room located on the first floor. The facilities are ample to allow complete relaxation or to work comfortably marking papers. Most pleas- ing of all are the Coca-cola machines dispens- ing one's desires. IO3 r 5' Staff or V7W' J JW t t f s Q ,lg L TW i W3 N 9':s-Q... The after school detentions are conducted twice a week at 3:l5 under the di- rection of Mr. Bradford Miller. Some afternoons there were much larger groups in 8th period. k W?-Mx' 5 , t ,A 1 11 ,, sn sr' . M s s' 41131.- -dt gi - he .nf ,. ,,, a A congested space is the locker foyer near the Superintendent's office. ed ? Yes, sir. New school need- Dressmaking and food preparation prove to be fascinating in homemaking courses. Even boys are tutored in the art of cooking. gig 1 1 1 it ' Z s f Most of tl1e males at CHS will not recognize ""'W'i this room. But they can imagine the prepara- ' tions that go on in the girls' room before classes begin. ,,,N,,.,. .W ...J 2 SCHOOL LIFE "Well think of thee and as n of our 'Uzct rzes won. December 16th was celebrated in Room 103 as the Feast of Saturnalia. The Romans of today lived up to the Roman reputation of yesteryear. ff M-w"""A 9' f-...w ,, U , kd I MZ f'I QW: "f'jf!1liJhLq 5 4 .1 , f J Sf x Q. 5 L1-is 2' m f -, IA4, iw w QQ, My st if -- 5 f .1 is X-. its A . L , 1 QW? 11 X 5'5" Q, L ii Z Q , OR GA NIZA TI All for one, one for allg That isnour device. TUDE T COUNCIL This year the Student Council is advised by Mr. Chase and Miss Busse. Every Tuesday morning it meets to plan the efficient functioning of G.H.S. This student government performs a great deal of invaluable service to our school each year. This year all the money raised will go towards furnish- ing the new school. Some of its projects are a dance, a card party, and checking coats at basketball games. lt also sponsors our annual "Dress Up Dayf' President Jean Parker is presiding over a Tuesday morning meeting while Secretary Nancy Jung takes the minutes. First row: Miss Busse, Nancy Jung, Robert Cole, Donald Dutton, Mr. Chase. Second row: Mike Christiane, Neil Evans, John Ferdico, Jackie Mosconi, William Spelman, Ann Marie Paciolla, Nancy Sicilia, Steve La Mantia. Third FUWI Jennie Painter, GIHCC De Long, Robert Ameduri, Jon Chetwynd, Gary Kniskern, John Franco. IO6 i'hf JEAN PARKER President 'MN"'b- ROBERT COLE Vice President The card party in January sponsored by the Student Council and the Friendship Club was well-supported by the public. Miss Meritt reg- istered names for possible gifts. NANCY JUNG Secretary DON DUTTON Treasurer Student Council members do- nate much of their time in checking coats at basketball games and other functions. In a special session after school, members of the Stu- dent Council met with Mr. Chase, their advisor, to dis- cuss plans for a mid-year semi- formal dance. l07 ORACLE The Oracle Staff under its advisor, Mr. Check, worked many long hours to prepare the 1961 yearbook. It seemed that unforeseen diffi- culties kept arising and that deadlines were much too early. How- ever, with the cooperation of everyone, we managed to finish on time. The Under-editors are: Senior Write-ups-CHERYL DAVIN Photography-EOANNA COMBOTHEKRAS Senior Ballot-JEANNE GIFF ORD Circulation-BARBARA BELL Copy Editor-MAUREEN GOODHEIM Art Editor-LINDA RAIMO . : . k h , L- d R , P H , B bara Bell, Nancy Jung, Andrea Hornett, Kathyleen Guarnier, Jeanne Eilliprdouliinddzinlidpiitlh.egldcezfinii roiail: zlsucy?Sliflfzii1eHo,eliii'ry Sahriigher, liflary Ann Pierce, Debbie Brown, Jackie Mosconi, Sue Savran, .lean Barker, Mary Russo Alvina Seeley, Linda Hovan. Third row: Mr. Check, Eoanna Combothekras, Janice Bruce, Betsy Hathaway, Maureen Goodheim, Amy Riecitiello, Kathy Suda, Jo Ann Izzo, Sue McCullough, Linda Tremante, Cheryl Davln. l08 MWWOM 'Kit' DEBBIE BROWN Co-Editor ewes ss its I CHERYL DAVIN Co-Editor The Oracle is indebted to its hardworking typists who dedi- cated many hours of their time. Alvina Seeley and An- drea Hornett were part of the "7th period crew." LINDA HOVAN Co-Editor if AMY RICCITIELLO Co-Editor Business Manager In May, the editors already had done a lot of work on the rough plans. Cheryl, Amy, and Debbie are discussing the prob- lem of expenses. Alvina and Debbie thought the day would never come when the task would be finished. But it did, and they were able to send in the final copy. .f , p IO9 I-IUSKY GROWL Co-Editor TED N ICHOLSON First row: Pollak, Harris, Warren, Bernstein, Sololsky, Goodbread, McVean. Second row: Alter, Hastie, Abdella, Farr, Sammons, Nicholson Hohler, Mace, Goodheim. Third row: Sullivan, Clemente, Hornett, Dye, Lake, Savran, Clemente, Schwed, Zaleon, Robbins, Quivey, Wheeler Sanges, Schlanger, Schoenberg, Ferrara, MacDonald, Fourth row: Hovan, Mills, Coco, Sweeney, Champoux, Bruce, Riccitiello, Argersinger, Sammons, Hopperworth, Hathaway, DeRosa, Ackerknecht, Cuccurullo, Sicilia, Vaughn, DeCruttalo, Carangelo, Rose, Carroll, Allcock Fifth row: Laird, Pollak, Brickner, Ross, Hathaway, Goldstein, Rosenberg, Cohen, Lynch, Sperher, Robbins, Smith, Tooker, Palmateer Ruggiero, Leo, Paciolla, Ecker, Scribner, DeLong. IIO HUSKY GROWL The Crowl Staff and their advisor, Mrs. Sam- mons, work long hours to publish the school paper five times a year. The paper has many features of interest to CHS students. These vary from school news and gossip to editorials. The Growl is read and enjoyed by all. Co-editor TED NICHOLSON CARMEN FARR News Editor BILL HARRIS JIM MCVEAN Feature Editor BLANCHE ALTER RONA SOKOLSKY Editorial Editor ELEANOR ABDELLA ROBERTA HASTIE Sports Editor PETER POLLAK Circulation ELLEN BERNSTEIN Business Manager DAWN WARREN On the day of distribution, circulation manager, Ellen Bernstein, and her staff count out the necessary number of papers for each homeroom for proper distribution. Co-Editor CARMEN F ARR Future Teachers of America is a four-year old organization. It has dedicated itself to helping in- terested students find out about the teaching pro- fession. Its meetings are held every other Tuesday noon in the auditorium under the supervision of Mr. Leonard Szumiloski, club advisor, and Nancy Jung, club president. Its special programs include talks by counselors and teachers, movies, and slides of various colleges. A cake sale and a dance are spon- sored by FTA annually. Attendance has been very good these past years, although there has been a lack of male members until this year. The club's biggest project is the teacher's aide program which benefits both the member and the teacher. F.T.A Mrs. Lucas' student teacher, Miss Martorelli, is telling the club about'her college, Albany State, and some of her experiences in G.H.S. First row: Knowles, Angello, Sgambato, Judge, Paciolla, Hampshire, Elzenbeck, Franco, Gavrill, Bernard. Second row: Savran, Izzo, Hornett, Jung, Szumiloski, Brown, McCullough, Gifford, Franco. Third row: Kramer, DeSimone, Carroll, Marotta, DeLong, Hastie, Hoppenworth, Hathaway, Spear, Zaleon, Brickner, Goldstein, Pollak, Durkee, Maiello. Fourth row: Ross, Haller, Rosenberg, Ruggiero, Van Dyke, Shwartz, Robbins, Bronk, Hidde, Banker, Oatout, Johnson, Papa, Lopuch, Richtmyer, Wilson, Hazzard, Plumadore, Perharn, Alter. Fifth row: Fabozzi, Coon, Kennedy, Dwyer, Leo, DeCruttalo, Carangelo, Paciolla, Batty, Castiglione, Charboneau, Saunders, Parker, Bruce, Davin, Fitzpatrick. Fifth row: Skiff, Wheeler, Marlitt, Coco, Schoenberg. II2 FELICITA Felicita Club of G.H.S. held its first regular meet- ing in 1924, with 25 members. Today Felicita Club has a membership of ap- proximately 120 girls, composed only of Senior and - Junior girls. Its president is Betsy Hathaway and its advisors are Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Craig, and Mrs. Lucas. The club performs service work for the school and the community. For the school it works in the Study hall during the noon hours, ushering at basketball games, selling coke and candy to raise money, does routine clerical work in the high school A-giiffff office and health offices, and assists when asked it in any community fund drives. Margaret Smida and Betsy Hathaway are patronizing Felicita girls Mary Smith and Mary Fisher at one of the basketball games. First row: Hornett, Hovan Maiello, Donnelly, Palinateer, Pierce, Jung, Brown, McCullough, Gifford, Franco, lzzo, Tremante, Riccitiello. Second row: Richtmyer, Lopuch, Guarnier, Alter, Bruce, Mrs. Craig, Hathaway, Parker, Tartaglia, Wilson. Third row: Combothekras Foster, Farr, Fitzpatrick Savran, Ackerknecht, Rostron, Suda, Barker, Spinelli, Chatterton, Tichy, Butz. Fourth row: Ernst, Russo, Bell Davin, Johnson, Thompson, Raimo, Rickmyre, Tomek, Sargent, Scribner, Smidu, Fosrnire, Swarts. Fifth row: Cole, Gifford, Gifford, Hall Hammersmith, Baird, Berstein, Person. II3 9 s 2 CITAMARD Scitamard, under the direction and leadership. of Mr. Montague, works to give its members knowl- edge and appreciation of and actual participation in dramatics. The club puts on numerous plays for which the members compete for parts. It also spon- sors the Prize Speaking Contest each year. Some- day we hope to see the names of outstanding Seita- mard members in lights. ifeea""' "S or Some of the members of Scitamard are rehearsing for the Christmas skit, which is offered annually for the public. First row: Tremante, Sellmeyer, Ward, Parker, Izzo, Jung, McCullough, Pierce, Gifford, Franco, Maiello. Second row: Suda, Klopot, Alter, Reppenhagen, Mr. Morgan, Newbower, Hovan, Kempf, Brace. Third row: Wheeler, Palombo, Miller, Smith, Papa, Betor, Car- angelo, Paciolla, Bernstein, Fitzpatrick. Fourth row: DeSimone, Hoppenworth, Rector, Plumadore, Hidde, Davin, Rosenberg, Quivey, Raimo, Thompson, Rickmyre, Tornek, Brickner. Fifth row: Shapiro, Leo, Handy, Perrone, Goldstein, Schlanger, Bronk, Evans, Jenner, Robbins, Van Dyke, DiCruttalo, Haller, Hathaway, Smith, Smith. II4 CHEERLEADER Cheerleaders were dismayed by what happened in favor of Johnstown at the last football game. .lean Durkee still doesn't believe it. This year's cheerleaders are the best ever. Their contagious pep and enthusiasm has been caught by all of us attending the games and pep rallies. Un- der the leadership of Lucy Maiello, varsity, and Sheila Kasson, Junior Varsity, they have done much to bolster our school spirit. Aided by their advisor, Mrs. Habla, both squads have given fine perform- ances at all the basketball and football games. First row: Leslie Kraemer, Diane Vaughn, Sheila Kasson, ,layvce Captain, Linda Scribner, Rosemary Smith, Renee Shapiro. Second row .lean Durkee, Conniejo Betor, Mary Ann Pierce, Mary Scribner, Dede DeLuca, Lucy Maiello-Varsity Captain, Norma Klopot, Stephanie De Simone. TWIRLER One of the ablest and most attractive groups of C.H.S. is the twirlers. The girls are directed by Mr. Norman Clo and led by Shirley King. They have marched in parades and during half-time at the football games. This year a new group has been formed. It con- sists of seven girls and is called "Shakerettes.,' They made up a routine and performed in the ceremony honoring Saxy Marshall and also in the G'ville- ,Vtown game. COLOR GUARD: Eleanor Abdella, Linda Lee Hovan Virginia Shields, Pam Haller, Sue McCullough. First row: Dudley, Oathout, Parenti, Willis, Rupert, Myers, Quackenbush, McCabe, King, Betor. Second row: Pollak, Sullivan, Ross, Richt- myer, Klock, Reek, Furbeck, Dwyer, Blodgett, Painter. II6 This organization, under the supervision of Mrs. Raimo, does a great deal of useful services for the community. For the second year, its members are making afghans for the veterans, hospital. Also to raise money is their sale of cupcakes at noon and the sale of mums for the Gloversville-Johnstown game. Each Christmas, the club buys toys for the children in the hospital. During the lunch hour twice a month or more, members of the Red Cross would meet with Mrs. Raimo or Mrs. Hults to promote a project for a veterans' hospital. '-'T First row: Suda, Ward, Tomek, Rickmyre, Thompson, Izzo, Hovan, Maiello, Hornett, Parker, Riccitiello. Second row: McCullough, Davin, Raimo, Mrs. Hults, Mrs. Raimo, Ackerknecht, Rostron, Guarnier. Third row: DiCruttalo, Miller, Ruggiero, Carroll, Rector, Wheeler, Schoenberg, Betor, Smith, Carangelo, Palombo, Chatterton, Sullivan. Fourth row: Swarts, Klymdow, Zaleon, Cuccurullo, De Rosa, King, Sanges, Hornett, Raimo, Bruce, Goodheim, Richtmyer, Lopuch. H7 BIOLOGY CLUB The purpose of this organization, under the super- vision of Mr. Philip Vertucci, is to raise money for the purchase of biology lab equipment. This year the club has attended several lectures and again is planning to sponsor the "Amoeba Crawlf' an annual record hop. Officers of the Biology Club begun to plan with the aid of Mr. Vertucci for a round of activities to begin around the middle of January. First row: Cavrill, Bohne, Santoro, Cook, Bcebe, Simonson. Second row: Hathaway, Lansing, Paciolla, Izzo, Mr. Vertucci, Mrs. H. Hea- cock, DeLuca, Scribner, Kraemer. Third row: Coco, Castiglione, Natriello, Marlitt, Jinks, Clemente, Robbins, Haller, Hoppenworth, Rubin Siegel, Rector, Hazzard, Trumhley, Wheeler, Thompson. Fourth row: Roth, Shapiro, Smith, Leo, DuBois, Palomho, Dwyer, DeLong, Brant, Allcock, King, Raimo, Sanges, Schwartz, Adelman, Fruheck, Fallis, Zaleon, Skiff, Van Dellon, Dailey. Fifth row: Merrill, Adelman Szumowski, Raykoske, Retersdorf, Pozefsky, Van Alstyne, Chetwynd, Huizing, Nellis, Evans, Fisher, Ceneroso, Christiane, Bates, Noyes Bowshard, Blanchard, Bachorik. II8 lllli l LIBRARY GLU By joining the Library by Miss Thompson, ,a student rlhanee to tgke active a free Nhxx the books in iaiul our end peiformlng various otiier duties for the librafifs smooth function- ing. The club also 'rlecorates bulletin boards and showcases to fmyther, better reading habitag jn,tGtH.S. F r Avi 1. ag. Library Club members perform many duties in the high school library. 'S 1' First row: Flint, Cerasia, Fosmire, Russo, S4-llmeyer, Cuarnier. Third row.' Wilder, Van Dellon, Swarts, Ruykosl-:e.Jewel1, Sanges, Fourth row: Trumbley, Shapiro, Seeley, Scribner, Young, McKoy, Collie. Fifth row Scribner, Swartz, Hanna, Goodemote, Brower, Person, Easterly. H9 MOLLY BRA T TRI-HI-Y Tri-Hi-Y is the sister club of Hi-Y and shares the same purpose. The girls strive to uphold Christ- ian character throughout the community. This year, they spent a weekend,at Camp Agaming and again sponsored the Powder Puff Bowl in November, in which the girls played, and the members of Hi-Y were cheerleaders. mi vga Tri-Hi-Y girls spent a weekend at Camp Agaming during the summer. One of their main activities was canoeing. First row: Riccitiello, Abdella, Ackerknecht, Hanson, Ward, Gifford, Miller, DeCruittalo, Vaughn, Fei-raro. Second row: Rostron, Gifford, Feldstein, Klymcow, Parker, Lake, Klymkow, Montanaro, Lopuch. Third row: Schoenberg, Rubinstein, Shapiro, Leo, Hoppenworth, Hatha- way, Robbins, Jenner, Castiglione, Klymkow, DeRosa, Brothers, Sullivan, Collins. Fourth row: Rickmeyre, Reek, Quackenbush, Palumbo, Miller, Sicilia, Sweet, Paciolla, Houserman, Schwed, Wickland, Feldman, DeDomenick, Banker. Fifth row: Wilson, Perrone, D'Errico, Oathout, Oathout, Papa, Betor, Smith, Handy, Lake, Willis, Marshall, Carangelo, Marotta, Carroll, Ruggiero. l20 ICK STO ER HI-Y 'i Hi-Y Club as part of its regular meeting holds a periodic swim NFL-st" with their friends as guests at the local YMCA pool. Mr. Thirnwood Morgan serves as a liason representative to facilitate actions between the school and the club. Hi-Y is a YMCA club for high school boys. Mem- bers join the club seeking friendship, adventure, rec- reation. and inspiration. They seek to make living better for themselves, for their friends, and for their community. Each club member selects goals for positive, personal, and group living. They try to make their goals realistic and, at the same time, in harmony with the national Hi-Y purpose, which is "To create. maintain, and extend throughout the home, school. and community, high standards of Christian charaf-ter.', First row: C-alinsky, Harris, Aldrich, Scafariello, D'Errico, Hall, Barter, Bergoff, Reppenhagen. Sefonrl row: Spelman, Kohler Cossel man, Judge, Morgan, Teetz, O'Hare, Ambrosino, Fisher. Thirrl row: Canfield, Moss, Klein, Carangelo, Sammons, DiMarc'o Lynch Sgambato, Angello. Fourth row: Nittmann, Jenner, Brookins, Berner.Hennelly, Strong, Paciolla. I EY CLUB Rick Schwed checks the line-up on the scoreboard he bought from Jim Mac- Vean, the Key Club representative. A great asset to Gloversville High School is the Key Club, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and advised by Bradford Miller. Because of the many worthwhile activities carried on by this service club, it is worthy of much praise. As in previous years, the club published and sold score-ecards at basketball and football games, conducted a car Wash, operated the scoreboard at Darling Field, and announced the basketball games. For a second year the boys put on a weekly radio program highlighting outstanding school events. KEY CLUB-First row: David Shaffer, Ernest Santoro, Mr. Miller, James MacVean, John Bartlett. Second row: Germain Sperber, Michael Dailey, Rodger Schultz, Stan Hobbs, Dave Bemer, John Logan. I22 PROJECTIONISTS A valuable organization to Gloversville High School is the Projectionists. This group advised by Mr. Ryan, provides the teachers with audio-visual materials. It is also assisted by Miss Rose Schwartz, Industrial Arts secretary. The members gain valuable mechanical experience while doing an indispensable service for the school. Two of the projectionists examine a film so that they can later tell Miss Schwartz Visual Aids secretary, about what the film was. First row: Gelfand, Canfield, Newbower, Mr. Ryan, advisorg Reppenhagen, Howe, Smith. Second row: Farrington, Schultz, Van Alstyne, Klymkow, Miller, Dare, Kaminsky, Friedman, Burlett. Third row: Smimmo, Wright, Becker, Hults, Kohler, Darling, Carofalo. Fourth row: Smimmo, Sullivan, Van Hoesen, Szabo, Russo. I23 FRIENDSHIP CLUB The International Friendship Club in its sec- ond year of existence, is of great value in the operation of the foreign exchange program, The main purpose of this club is to maintain the Student Exchange Program in Gloversville. ln order to obtain money for this cause, 'Share the Fare" certificates are sold. Each year under this program handled by Mr. Richard Lucas, advisor, a foreign exchange student spends a year in Gloversville and a Gloversville student visits a foreign country in the summer of his Junior Year. The financial returns on the Card party in January will enable a junior of the Class of '62 to visit a foreign country during the summer months. Refreshments are always good at such a party. -1f"" ggi 2 .fggs Bun! A First row: Lynch, Clemente, Brace, Abdella, G., Ferdico, De Semione, Santoro. Second row: Hovan, Papa, Abdella, E., Ackernecllt, Guarnier, Coodheim, Raimo, Clemente C., De Rosa. Third row: Betor, O'Donnell, Collins, Carangelo, Di Cruttalo, Paciola, Sicilia, De Luca, Brickner, Carroll, Miss Jones. Fourth row: Mr. Lucas, Combathekras, Hastie, Leo, Savran, Klopot, Kempf, Spear, Goldstein, Rosen- berg. I 24 STAGE CREW Without the operation of the Stage Crew, some of the functions of G.H.S. would not be able to run so smoothly. Its duty is to handle all audio-equipment and lighting for activities throughout the Clovers- ville School system. New members are called trainers during a period in which they are introduced to the work of the crew by its advisor, Mr. Ryan. Ron Newbower and Paul Vosteen are preparing the sound system for the Christmas assembly. vu f First row: C-elfand, Elzenbeck, Newbower, Stage Manager: William Ryan, advisorg Reppenhagen, assistant Stage Manager, Smith, Lighting Engineerg Moss. Second row: Ottalagano, Raykoske, Wadd, Vosteen, Flint, Friedman, Becker, Flint, Beebe, Retersdorf. Third row: Fagant, Pozefsky, Kohler, Hults, Carpenter, Young, Webb, Becker. l25 GIRL ' CHOIR This large group made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors is under the direction of Mr. Getz. It performs twice a year-at the Christmas Assembly and at the Easter program. Three rehearsals a week keep the girls pretty busy. This choir is singing "O Holy Night" at the Christmas Assembly for the juniors. First row: Mr. Getz, Hurd, Quivey, Fosmire, Paciolla, Mittler, Almy, Dona, Hasbrouck, Oathout, Hovan. Second row: Carangelo, Swartz, Hoppenworth, Haller, Rector, Raykoske, Scribner, Wager, Hidde, Wilder, Smith. Third row: DiCruttalo, Paciolla, Dye, Tomek, Sicilia, Vaughn, Insognia, Mraz, Cohen, Lloyd, Cuccurullo, Sweeney, Schwed, Klopot. Fourth row: Saunders, Knoblauch, Piehuta, Campbell, Stewart, Puski, Dorman, Oare, Wheeler, DeDomenick, Dwyer, Wilson, Hale, Papa. Fifth row: Hallenbeck, Miller, Stuart, Hathaway, Frasier, Goodbread, Isola, Garfinkle, Cole, Cole, Benson, Ecker, Kane, Robinson, Quick. Sixth row: Smith, Robbins, Sellmeyer, Rick- meyre, Raimo, Thompson, Raimo, Hayward, Bronk, Edick, DeRosa. Seventh row: Schoenberg, Maiello, Berry, Hathaway, Baird, Good- heim, Weaver, Jinks, Klock, Klymcow, Burgess, Ricctiello, Suda, Davin, Gifford, Izzo, Tremante, Hammersmith, Warren, Wickland. I26 MIXED CHOIR Only 3 years old, this organization con- tains the best male and female voices. It per- forms many times during the year, including A- at the Christmas assembly. lVlr. Cooney has hopes of taking this choir to competition this year. This large group sang many selections at the Christmas assembly for seniors, including "Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones." First row: Savran, Rosenberg, Ross, Brickner, Goldstein, Smida, Banker, Bernstein, Betor, Smith, Capasso, DeSimone, Clemente, Durkee, Mr. Cooney. Second row: Adelman, Shields, Greene, DeLong, Clemente, Mosconi, Jung, Lake, Allcock, Castiglione, Brace, Marotta, Brown, Pierce, Kramer. Third row: King,,Alter, Sweet, Houserman, Smith, Fischer, Pollack, Tyler, Kasson, Homett, Lucas, Miller, Mc- Cullough, Lake, Kennedy, Berner, Ferraro, Fourth row: Carangelo, Wilson, Mills, Whittman, Patten, Cook, Canfield, Sgambato, White, DiGiacomo, Hinman, Schaefer, Noyes, Klein, Evans. Fifth row: Logan, Kniskern, Webb, Crispin, DiMarco, Dodge, McKibben, Becker, Clemans, Kennedy, McCarthy, Teetz. Fifth row: Spelman, Schultz, Miller. I27 CO CERT CHOIR G.H.S. is very proud of its Concert Choir. This group, directed by Mr. Cooney, is made up of the select girls' voices. It rehearses every Tuesday night for one hour, During the year it presents programs for P.T.A. groups, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., and various clubs. Last year in competition at Mohanason, it earned A. in grade 5 music. The girls hope to do just as well this year. The Concert Choir rendered many selections at the Oakland P.Y.A. meeting and at other community functions. First row: Smida, Shields, Rosenberg, Ross Goldstein, Banker, Bernstein, Betor, Capasso, De Simone, Kraemar, Durkee. Second row: Greene, De Long, Clemente, Mosconi, Jung, Brace, Marotta, Brown, Pierce, Ferraro. Third row: Smith, Allcock, Mr. Cooney, DeLuca, Lake, Berner, Clemente, Kennedy, Housermen. Fourth row: King, Savron, Alter, Sweet, Kasson, Lake, McCullough, Adelman, Miller. I28 ORCI-IE THA Cloversville High's Orchestra, under the direction of Mrs. Laura Baetens, is a contributor of culture to our school. It performs at the Christmas Assembly and also at commencement, to which it lends an air of pomp and dignity. 1 The orchestra played traditional Christmas music at the sopho- more holiday assembly. First row: Mace, Ceneroso, Farr, Gifford, Fetherston, Rossbach, Cavrill. Second row: Mrs. Laura Batens, Reppenhagen, Leo, Skiff, Fallis, Mizrahi, Weaver, Kuehner, Dockstader, Waffle, West, Gordon, Fetherston, Waring. Third row: Foye, Lake, Roth, Kushner, Kaminsky, Sobol, Cammarere, Baetens, Viano, Flint. I29 BA D First rozr: Mary Alderman, Bill Smith, Joseph Garofalo, Charles Rossbach, Peter Pollak, Kathy Cuarnicr, Mellissa Huizing, Michael Mills, David Fisher, Dick Rcrnvr. Carole Jean Gifford. Second row: Janice Beebic, Mary Johnson, Roger Gifford, Miko Husek, Roh Ambrosino, Evowll Halle-nheck, John Huizing. Ted Nic-liolson, James Kaminsky, Rick Fisher. David Shaffer, Edwin Fisher, Ruth Scum-llc, Richard Viano, Patricia Wlieeler, llorolliy Palmatecr. Third row: Tom While. Dominic Anadio Jr., Larry Shaffcr. lion Spritzer, James Sm-ls:-r. Terry Mace, Garth Anderson. .lim Ambrosino, Paul Reid, Rock Sawyer, Jackie Fallis, Sandra Skiff. Linda Roachululia Fosmire. Mariaxn Waring. DA CE BA D if E First rnw: Richard Viano, Laura Rocca, Mr. DiTata, Linda Roach, Rick Bc-rvnger. Second row: Piano fRob McCarthy, Everett liallenheck, Joseph Garofalo, James Kaminsky, Terry Mace, Mark Cavrill. I3O . TRAC1 1 . , A Get ready, get setg go." A race in the Intel-.Class meet, Rick Fisher demonstrates his skill in the shotput. TRACK SCORES-1960 GHS OPP. CHS OPP. 4-6 Burnt Hills? 72 31 Hudson Falls 87 73 Draper? 45 45 273 JOlII1StOWI1l4 72 173 641 5X6 Scotiul: 53 U6 30lA Novis-meet 8716 77 Mechanicvillef 41 42 JV-CaIli1jOh11ri6 62 40 Saratoga? 78 46 JV-Johnstown 72 :1:WesIern Confercnce-Glovcrsville 5th with 21 points W N 1- TRACK-First row: Mike Nunno, Bob Cobb, Duane Rupert, Stan Fabian, Roy Lorenzi, Kip Sandfield, Terry Brundige, Anthony Christiano. Row 2: David Knowles, Gordon Kirby, Larry Brooks, Stephen Locatelli, Ed Gurowitz, Capt. Morrie Lieberoff, Karl Olsson, Peter Lucas, Toby Lustig, Dennis Johnson, Charles Hampshire. Row 3: Coach Rowley, John North, David Whitman, Bill Harris, Bob D'Errico, John Moule, David Fisher, Mike Mills, Joe Cerasuolo, Bart Cerasuolo, Bruce Brown, Gary Wilcox, Rick Rubinstein. Row 4: Coach Baker, Todd Brown, Sandy Rothschild, Dick Ruberti, Stan Hobbs, John Loveday, Mike DiMarco, Francis Aldrich, Leo Cristiano, Gil Brookins, Mike Christiane, John Franch, Bill Merrill. Row 5: John Logan, Larry Pozefsky, Don Wilson, Rick Fisher, Bob Ameduri, Jim Cisondi, Jeff Grey, Louis Cataffo, Kevin Moss, Richard Robison. l32 CROSS COU TRY CROSS COUNTRY-First row, left to right: D. Fisherg E. Santoro: G. Lunkenheimer, Co-Captaing B. Cerasuolo, Co-Captaing J. Cerasuolog Rothschild. Second row: Logang Smalley: .lacksong Sutliffg Robison. Third row: Rossig Swartsg T. Santorog Coach O'R0urke. SCORES GHS OPP Saratoga 24- 32 won Johnstown 23- 33 won Draper 25- 33 won Scotia 37- 20 lost Mechanicville 17- 38 won Western Conference 3rd place Sectionals 3rd in class A W we ,Q .r Our Tired boys take a rest during practice at Darling Field after running so hard. Coach O'Rourke and co-captains Cary Lunkenheimer and Bart Cerasuolo-The ones who lead the squad to victory. I33 Co-Captains: John Fr-rclico John Moulf- WRFSTUNC R Rf TORD Schoharie Scotia Niskayuna At Ballston Spa At Saratoga Mohanasen Linton Draper Burnt Hills Canajoharie Western Conference Section 2 WRE TLI G -ME 0 ! m 2+ tt First row: Frank Di Mareo. Mike Teetz. John Ferdico. John Moulc, Hill Thompson, John Clemente, John Crispin. Second row: Dick Melitu. Danny links, Curtis Street. Tom Santoro. Bill Merrill, Greg Simonson. Third row: Fred Van Alstyne, Niek Russo Boh Beebe, Mike Dailey, Mr. Van do Walker. C119 OPP 39 10 20 21 16 23 29 23 14 32 31 16 24 21 20 26 27 21 27 11 -H Third - Third The boys on the sidelines applaud as one of their team- mates pins his opponent. The greatest surprise Couch VandeWalker had was the great victory over Linton High of Schenectady. BOWLI G 'll 1 -. ,. First row: Bart Cerasuolo, Mike Horning, John North, Russell Dennie, Todd Brown Bill Denman, Paul Kohler, Harold Laird. Second row: Lyndon Rumniler, Ronald Spanos, Mr. Vertucci, Martin Hennelly, Bob Brothers, Dick Rozycki, Pete Paciolla, Bob Hall Peter Bates. V21 Intramural matches are held each Tuesday after school at Kohuskie's Lanes to determine by score who shall howl in the interscholastic matches. BOWLING RECORD Ballston Spa Johnstown Saratoga Scotia Mechanicville Johnstown Saratoga Scotia Mechanicville High Scorers Bart Cerasuolo Bob Hall David Thum Mike Horning Mike DiMarco Harold Laird Captain: Bart Cerasuolo GHS OPP 4 0 0 4 4 0 4 0 4 0 2 2 4 0 2 2 1 3 182 182 172 168 160 156 BA EBALL Sf , X f gif 371 pg' .7 ga T Q BASEBALL-First row: Bob Cole, A1DiCrutta1o, Mike Fabian, Doug Kuhne, Captain Dave Howe, Don Dutton, Bob Ruller, Bob Hall, Dick Rummler. Second row: ,lon Calinsky, Steve LaMantia, John Albini, ,lohn Ferdico, A1 Calpin, Bill Huptick, Mike Hornung, Dave Degnan, Don Canfield, Roger Gifford. Third row: Coach Larry Warshawsky, Manager Joe Ruller, Mark Pelle- grino, Manager Bob Insognia, Bob Fisher, Dave Thum, A1 Richardson, Lyn Rummler, Dan Mosher, Frank DiMarco, Coach Duke Miller. Missing: Jim Zullo and Ralph Simon. Front: Mascot: Bill Andrus. Another run scored for Cloversville at the Park Terrace Diamond. This clinched the championship of the Western Conference. This was a great honor for Coach Duke Miller, who has handled the GHS teams for the past thirty-five years. I36 The heroes of GHS at rest. BASEBALL SCORESf1960 Scotia St. Mary's Johnstown Mechanicville Broadalbin Draper Scotia Burnt Hills St. Mary's Johnstown Saratoga Broadalbin Draper Ballston Spa GHS 6 2 4 6 5 6 6 8 10 6 8 12 7 13 OPP. 3 1 3 9 4 1 3 2 4 1 5 0 3 1 Manager Bob Insognia The captain gets ready for a big game Will it he a hit or a miss for John Albini? Coach Duke Miller Captain Dave Howe if BOB COLE DON DUTTON JOHN FERDICO JOE GARAFALO . .,, , :Q V' X DAN LaVISTA 1 ? ' I I ...rf BILL DENMAN LEON CRISTIANO AL DICRUTTALO LAI' PAUL DiGIACOMO 1 MIKE TEETZ . f O Q 7 BILL HUPTICK TONY DOTI 0 MIKE HORNUNG JOHN MOULE PETE PACTOLLA AL GALPIN GARY WILCOX FOOTBALL ' ' VARSITY FOOTBALL-First row: Moule, Cristiano, Galpin, Dutton, Ferdico, Steele, Ruller, Garfola, LaVista, Huptick, DiGiacomo. Second row: Blanchard, Cole, Di- Cruttalo, Teetz, Denman, Wilcox, Paciolla, Doti, Horn- ing, Draffin. Third row: Simon, M. Christiano, Rummler, I Sanges, DiMarco, Lasher, Ruberti, Amedeuri, Thompson, H. Bachorik. Fourth row: Taylor, Christiano, Evans, Cobb, R. Bachorik, Fredricks, Thompson, Mosher. Fifth r row: Warshawaky, Baker, Beebe, Generoso, Van Alystne. 1960 FOOTBALL RECORD CHS OPP Co-Captain Burnt Hills 34 6 C0'CaPtaiU Bob Ruller Mont Pleasant 27 6 DODS Steele Philip Schuyler 25 0 Saratoga 6 6 Mechanicville 32 0 Scotia 6 7 Amsterdam 33 6 Johnstown 0 13 JAYVEE FOOTBALL-First row: Bcneduce, Fisher, McCarthy, Papa, Brown, Clemente, Fisher, Hallenbeck, DiMarco Rothschild, Cataffo. Second row: Carr, Lorenzi, McAllister, Pedrick, Brundige, Szumouski, Grey, Merrill, Wilson, Selm- ser, DiCaterino. Third row: Berry, Piazza, Collar, LaRonca, Dingman, Jennings, Kaminsky, Gentile, Wright, Fisher Fourth row: Zayon, Gavrill, Cenzano, Mills, Dross, Danyluk. Fifth row: Beebe, Vertucci, Generoso, Van Alstyne, Lucas , -1 - ,M ff ig 3. Huskies J move f , Ofplay - OWHFCI u ton if dy for xhe SMP- V agamStSafaf0ga, Chd0wn m the first rea ms are Me- Both X63 atoaa fum d 3 Sat U COVCYC Coach Lucas Coach Warshawsky Varsity Coach Bigsbee flllarter Jayvee Jayvee Coach Baker vnax only O Varsity pep talk before the giigetseaignfor 3 Cwme f0UChdown durinv our oaches give the Squad a game Wu V "T The C . h S3fa10ga' Q VAR I T Y BASKETBALL Center: Mr. Kobuskie. I. to r: Mgr. Rick Schwed, ,lon Galinsky, Dick Sammons., Bob Ruller, Ralph Simon, Cur- tis Mackey, Don Dutton, Jim Zullo, Albert DiCruttal0, ,lim Taylor, Ed O'Hure, Steve La Mantia, Mgr. Roger Helwig. . 'K ' 535 Co-Captains: Jim Zullo, Don Dutton, Curtis Mackey Coach: Japk Kobuskie Q.. W. 2 Ji '53, 5 41 fri! V .... 7 :Q Although the team didn't play its best in the first half, it came back "Chic" Mackey is deadly with his shots from the with 3 Sfflfing SDFCC I0 Win 0Vef MCChUHiCVi11C- corner. His accuracy helped spur the team to vivtory in its first twelve games. BASKETBALL RECORD FOR 1960-61 School CHS OPP Saratoga 69 66 Johnstown 82 54 Scotia 56 53 Little Falls 88 59 Draper 83 66 Amsterdam 64 39 Ballston Spa 61 39 ,,,,.- Burnt Hills 59 59 Mechanicville 59 52 Draper 81 56 Saratoga 68 67 Johnstown 73 48 Scotia 48 61 Ballston Spa 71 4-6 Mount Pleasant 62 68 Bumt Hills 79 53 Mechanicville 75 62 Amsterdam 4-7 48 I42 ,lim Zullo looks determined while driving down the court. The team seems to be living up to its litlc of 'AWestern Conference Champions." J-V BASKETBALL J-V BASKETBALL RECORD CHS OPP Saratoga 54 50 Johnstown 4-l 35 Scotia 57 59 Little Falls T3 03 Draper 40 42 Amsterdam 39 68 Ballston Spa 39 44 Burnt Hills 43 50 Mechanicville 61 54 Draper 55 36 Saratoga 50 55 Johnstown 5l 47 Scotia 56 47 Coach Warshawsky in his first year as coach of the jayvee team deserves a great deal of credit in producing, a good, fighting combination. His encouragement at the beginning of the game fostered confidence among the players for a win over Mechanicville. RECORD QContinuedJ GHS OPP Ballston Spa 419 57 Mount Pleasant 47 62 Burnt Hills 61 51 Mechanicville 56 41 Amsterdam 55 50 Coach Larry Warshawsky First row: David Szumowski, Stanley Rubin, Mike Rossi, Dan Mosher, Roger Cifford, Mark C-avrill. Second row: Douglas Mills, Stuart Sandfield, Vincent Seneroso, Sandy Rothschild, Bob Ameduri, John Lasher, Mike Visconti, Coach Larry Warshaw- Sky' 143 May 16 May 18 May 23 May 26 June 1 June 2 .lunc 10 GOLF SCORES-1960 Won Northville Won Johnstown Lost Amsterdam K3 way match at Kingsborol Finished 14th at S ection 2 Glens Falls-low 86 Won Johnstown Lost Amsterdam Lost Northville Lost Northville Lost Johnstown -Faculty Match 4 -1 416- 16 IA -4 HQ 4- -1 5 -0 3 -2 3 -2 3 -2 Something must he very interesting but not to John. Part of the team practices on the putting green of Pine Brook Golf Course f. Q. GOLF-First row: Ray Adelman, Tony Maragno, Stanley Rubin, Don Hurd, Dan Thum, Tom Santoro John Franco Second row Coach Hallenbeck, Larry Allen, Ed O'Hare, Mike Teetz, Jim Fox, Keith Berner, Ernest Santoro Dick Roczlkx Douglas Mllls Dick Schwed, Charlie Roth. I44 SKII G First row: Keith Berner, James Sclinser, Mace Warner, Mike Paxton. Second row: Cary Merrill, John Logan, Dai Capt. Mike Sutliif, Stan Hobbs, Bill Strong, Tom Eagan, Coach Walter Jerome. Honors Mike Sutliff John Logan 1961 SKIING RECORD Over the past few years, there has been an increased interest in skiing as a part of the sport program. Mr. Walter Jerome has done an excellent job in helping the participants to develop in performance. 'e Berner, A ' Ahearn Memorial Meet 2nd out of 2 Johnstown 4-th out of 10 ' Section 2 lst-Johnstown A 2nd-GHS-out of 7 Lake Placid lst-Class A-Lake Placid 4th-Class B- Gloversville l45 GIRLS, SPORT GIRLS' SPORTS-First row: Carmen Farr, Gwen Charbonneau, Barbara Gifford, Jo Ann Klymkow. Second row: Miss Danaher, Ann Paeiolla, Barbara Swarts, Sue Savran, Sharon Bowers, Sandy Rector. Third row: Marilyn Fahozzi, Bobbie Schoenberg, Dolores Trippoda, Ioan Coco, Carol Smith. This was the first year for Nliss Mary Danaher in Girls' Sports at GHS. Once the ,Mhlelie Council was organized, there was a full program of sports during the fall, winter and spring seasons. N lsel Z Lwwv ATHLETIC COUNCIL: Claudette Montanaro, Gwen Charbonneau, Carmen Farr, Barbara Gifford, Ann Paciolla. . A .,i. xl ig, ,A .,,,, A ,V ig " Mail, ,ww I46 Wd :W OUT TA DI G ATI-ILETE all ALBIE GALPIN Football DAVE HOWE SANDY ROTHSCHILD Baseball Cross Country JOHN FRANCO A JOHN FERDICO Golf Wrestling rin- TOBY LUSTIQ BART CERASUOLO Track Bowling DON DUTTON Basketball ,. x 14 ,Wm ,fi Q 3, :W XX w 4' , Wil- A A QW! X 1 earn on. our royal couple! Oh my, aren'+ we pre++y! Don'+ 'rouchi Dancing in +he halls? COMPLIMENTS TO THE Ambroson Gloves, inc. 95 N. ArIing+on Ave. Dr. and Mrs. Harold Bauer I2 Judson Parkway Dr. and Mrs. Merol Bricimer 30 Prospec+ Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brown 30l N. Main S+. Earline's Beau+y Salon 34 S. Main S+. Herber+ J. Fairbanks lOl W. Eigh+h Ave. Filmer's Marke+ I84 W. Ful+on S+. Finn's Men's 8: Boys' Wear bl-63 W. Ful+on S+. Ful+on Coun+y Machine and Supply Co., Inc. 9I W. Ful+on S+. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Giardino IO6 Prospec+ Ave. Glove Ci+y Dairy 3I E. 9+h Ave. Gloversville Spor+ Shop 6 E. Ful+on S+. Hil+s-Willard Glove Corp. 34 Four+h Ave. House Beau+i+ui Blinds 397 S. Main S+. Dr. and Mrs. Rober+ Kemp 29 Prospec+ Ave. Kingsboro Food Marke+ I79 Kingsboro Ave. Kohier's Cigar S+ore I N. Main S+. Krause News 8l E. Ful+on S+. Dr. and Mrs. Kings+on Larner I20 Firs+ Ave. Laundroma+ 24 Church S+. CLASS OF 1961 - BOOSTERS Dr. and Mrs. John J. Liber+i ll Firs+ Ave. Local ln+ernal Revenue Pos+ Office Building MarIene's SpeciaI+y Shop 38'f2 N. Main S+. Marnel Beau+y Salon 28 W. Eigh+h Ave. Melody House 32 N. Main S+. Model Fur Co. 22 Lincoln S+. Na+ional Shoes 35-37 N. Main S+. Dr. and Mrs. Hans Pollak I8 Li++auer Place Robbins Business Machines 29 W. Ful+on S+. Rocky's Men's 8: Boys' Wear 54-56 W. Ful+on S+. Rossbach's Shoe S+ore I0 W. Ful+on S+. Roy's Greenhouse I02 Nor+h S+. Dr. and Mrs. Mar+in Smi+h 3I Prospecf Ave. Smi+h 8: Pelcher Mobil 48 W. Ful+on S+. Spicer's Insurance 8Church S+. S+oddard's Marlce+ II4 S. Main S+. Traslc's Cigar S+ore 3 S. Main S+. Wes+ End Service S+a+ion I48 W. Ful+on S+. Dr. and Mrs. Ar+hur Wilsey 25 Firs+ Ave. Dr. and Mrs. James Zullo 38 Grand S+. Drmlc, drink, drink-Punch' Y W 'rhpp ed? Aren'+ we bashful? celebri+y? Wha+ do we have here, an oui' of +o BEST WISHES TO THE Al's Barber Shop 2I5 N. Main S+. Jay Al+er 8 Second Ave. Mil+on Berger Lea+her Corp. 5l S. Main S+. Blodge++'s Res+auran+ 46 Fores+ S+. Ben Chancer 6 Cedar S+. Clemen+e's Con+ec+ionary S+ore 229 Bleecker S+. Darla's Beau+y S+udio 90 E. Fui+on S+. R. C. Darling-Moving 35I Bleecicer S+. N Q . exe . xv. 0580 ,I x Ox we WS' 'CPC 6 r 99 We Wade 'S e we we , NN 6 .XS 096 N96 E+hel's Lunch IIO W. Eigh+h Ave. Finocan's Furni+ure and Gi++ Shop I3 Prospec+ Ave. Glove Ci+y Abrading Co., Inc. 3 Harrison S+. Gioversville Candy Ki+chen I97 N. Main S+. ideal Lea+her Finishers 94 Spring S+. Lynch 8: Baird 36 Washing+on S+. Marceline Beau+y Shop 42 Grand S+. Louis Meyers 8: Son 8 W. Pine S+. lo 94,6 '5a 0' Ilfo- W.. 5 7461.55 ffv S l'OyG! ar 6 C 7 CLASS OF Mar+in-Deichsel Lea+I1er, Inc. I00 S. Boulevard Muddle 8: Muclclle I7 W. FuI+on S+. NicI1oIson's Candy Shop 42 E. FuI+on S+. Or+eIl's Service S+a+ion 6 E. EigI1+l'1 Ave. Palace Diners Gloversville and JoI1ns+own ReynoIcI's 8: Robbin's Gulf Service S+a+ion I87 W. FuI+on S+. Sam's Barber Shop I26 W. FuI+on S+. o Z .OS Xfsx aid ee I96I - BOOSTERS ScI1uI+z Fuel Oil 35 Spring S+. SiII1oue++e Beau+y Salon I3 W. FuI+on S+. Singer Sewing Cen+er I8 S. Main S+. Sou+I1 Main S+. Esso Service I30 S. Main S+. Bill Suydam's , Inc. I03 W. EigI1+I1 Ave. Dr. ancl Mrs. Louis Treman+e I53 Firs+ Ave. Y.W.C.A. 29 Bleeclrer S+. Af JK In 0 lv 662.3 ' ffl f Iiefen one f WOX C66 C155 msd! Complimenfs of ADMIRAL PEARLIZING. INC. s Eau :uh Ave. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. ALVORD 81 SMITH, INC. Opposi+e 'I'he High School , ' RidicuIous buf fun! Headquariers 'For School Supplies Junior Assembly' .960 THE FINEST IN BEAUTY CARE EOR THE DISCRIMINATING WOMAN Phone: 5-09I3 ri - ' .A , ANTHONY T. 'Qi of 5 f Beau'I'y Salon MI? I' 'W 52 Wesf FuI'fcn Sfreei' N" . GLOVERSVILLE. NEW YORK SPECIALISTS IIN HAIR SHAPING, STYLING AND PERMANENT WAVING Insure - In Sure Insurance BATTY INSURANCE AGENCY , ,, ,, I 32-38 North Main s+fee+ Mr. Monfague makes up Two of our Junior AssembIy hoboes. BERGHOFF'S MARKET II7 W. FuIIon Sfreei Meais - Fish - Groceries Homemade Salads and Baked Beans AGER 81 BANKER. INC. WaI+er T. Holley, Jr. BEMAN'S RECORD SHOP 2I7 N. Main Sfreef "THERE'S A FORD IN YOUR FUTURE" a+ BATES- PARSONS, INC. GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK Phone 4-3I9I 275 S. Main S'I'. 'FUND' SALES SERVICE U SALES O SERVICE I54 67 W. Fulfon Sf. GLOVERSVILLE PH. 4-79I9 STEPHEN J. YOUNG BERKSHIRE HARDWARE TV AND APPLIANCE See Sieve and Save" Complimenfs fo Ihe Class of I96I BETOR'S SUPER' MARKET BLODGETT'S ADVANCED HEATING SERVICE Furnaces, Oil and Gas Burners Roofing and Sheef Me+aI Work PHONE 4-3324 or 4-7989 Congrafulafions fo 'rhe Class of I96I BRESLAW'S FURNITURE Serving FuII'on Counfy for Over Fiffy Years in Complefe Home Furnishings. Complimenfs of BURR LUMBER CO. AI.'S PIZZERIA 4oSll,,ffI4?2ll0'?ve' I89 N. Main S+. "The Tas+ies'r Pizza and Besf I'l'aIian Food Anywhere" BURTON INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance PHONE 5- I 0 I 6 BLODGETT'S CLEANERS 81 TAILORS The Fines'I' Cleaning-The Ouiclc Service 20 CHURCH ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. 278 E. FULTON ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. MARY D. CRANNELL CAMEO BEAUTY SALON A Supplier 'ro Ihe Glove Trade Since I 895 GLOVERSVILLE CONTINENTAL MILLS, INC. Second Grade - Oakland I95I School buddies Then' Ioolc al' us now! For Compleie Travel Service HERMAN A. CARBONELLI TRAVEL AGENCY IO SOUTH MAIN ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. DIAL 5-46Ib DIAMON WATCHES Gem Jewelers slLveRwARE 14 C,,u,ch Shed CHINA eLovERsviLLE, N. Y. CUSTOM LEATHER SPLITTING 36 Wes+ S+ree+ Telephone 5-46I9 CLARK 81 BULLIS, INC. Complimenfs of ARGERSINGEITS The Deparfmenl Sfore of Known Qualify COHEN'S 'For Over 50 Years 73-79 Nor+I1 Main S+. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Tel. 4-3 I66 Where QUALITY Is Noi' Expensive 38-40 Church Sf. Gloversvll N. Y. I BRUNSWICK RADIO CORP. QD E C C II a o s ECOR 80 Lincoln S'I'. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. PIayqround friends DAIRY OUEEN 98 W. FuIIon S+. GLOVERSVILLE. N. Y. Ice Cream wi+I1 +I1e CurI on Top HUGH J. DONLON Insurance Pianos and Organs Sales and Service Experi Piano Tuning DON'S PIANO SHOP 3I0 N. Main S+. Phone 5-2424 Besi' Wishes 'Io 'Ihe Class of I96I GEORGE J. DORFMAN 81 CO. Oaldand Avenue Scnooi Second Grade Besi' Wishes +o Ihe Class of I96I From JESSE A. CASH AND STAFF DRAKE'S FOOD MARKET -A. G. SI'ore- EVERYTHING IN FINE FOODS Easf 8II1 Ave. Dial 4-80I2 GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. DUNDAY'S 49 N. Main Sf. Men's and Boys' Clofhing "This is where our money goes, noir only info ine vacaiion ciub, buf also info Ihe savings account" CITY NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corporaiion GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK CompIimen'l's of EAST FULTON PACKAGE STORE 22254 . I if? gifefi. . . .. ggi! f , f ., .ff Besf Wishes I h WEE,h ,, ,Z, . V, .,,k Vzn .I W . 2 A Y' " ' P g. 'N ERNAS BEAUTY SALON W is S A W 22 Church S+. Summerfime fun wifh wind, wafer, friends. PHONE 4-7923 EVELYN GIBBONS Personalized Fashions 89 N. Main Sfreef FARHART'S GULF SERVICE Bleeclcer Sfreef Square Buddy one, buddy Iwo, buddy Three- and Who's camera shy? BOB COLE'S ESSO FELDMAN'S IN JOHNSTOWN Fumnure a APPHMFES Wrecking Service F""" C"'e"ng GMS 1 A.M.-9 PM. DIAL 4-8222 Famous for Famous Brands for Over 65 Years FIORITO BROS. VARIETY SHOPPE Xfxlfg 5053 Founfain Service - Toys - Sundries "- HALLMARK CARDS E. FuI+on "When you care enough +o send 'Phe very bes'I"' . and GLOVERSVILLE 226 E. Funon s+. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Lmaue' Place N' Y' PHONE 4-9985 CompIimen1's of JOHN M. DAVIN, INC. 9' York Refrigera+ion and Air Condi+ioning f.l1z.1 . G Weshnghouse Appliances M.. , fi ' I Phone 5-l522 GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. " P.O. Box 5457 I If you can'I' play ball, you can warm +I1e bench! Complimenfs of Frankel Shop FRANKEL SHOPS H. MITCHELL Fox, Prop. 55-57 N. Main SI.. Gloversville DIAL 5-54I5 FULMONT NEWS CO., INC. Wholesale Disfribuiors Newspapers and Magazines 23 Foresf S+. Dial 5-23I7 Glass of all descripfions FULTON COUNTY GLASS WORKS w,Q1'SfO,L cli5s7Eizfi'iii'E,SEiei. 'T ff. 2 GENERAL RADIO 8: TV lf, 0 Safisfacfion Guaranfeed Repairing of ATPA and Baseball season begins, and wiI'I'1 our besf players, develop- TEL' 5.29m JOHN KA-I-5591-E5 Dick Rumuler. Capf. Howe, Doug Kuhne. COLLINS AND REESE Paclcie and Bob's Hardware "Service" Is Our Mosi' Imporfani' Hem 25-27 W. Fulfon SI. Dial 5-I I I4 or 5-I I I6 WE DELIVER GLOVERSVILLE AUTO PARTS. INC. 20I NorII1' Main Sf. GLOVERSVILLE. NEW YORK Congrafulafions Io Ihe Class of '6I GLOVERSVILLE OPTICAL SERVICE JAMES M. BAILEY, opfscian D'ERRICO BEAUTY SALON GOULD'S DEPARTMENT STORE JOHNSTOWN "We Give S 8: H Green S+amps" Complimenis of randoe Difficuli buf rewa rding. RICHARD C. GREENE Insurance Service I2 Middle Sheer Phone 4-7922 GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK HAGER 8: TRACY Insurance Advisors I5 Wes? Fulion S+. Dial 5-27I3 TI1 Irain of aiiempiing a difficull' Iask in +I'ue compeiiiive GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK g of 'rraclr-. For Fine Fashions HARpER'5 DEAN'S PRESS 62 N. MAIN ST- Superior Priniing DEAN RAIMO, Prop. 498 Norfh Main Sireei' GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK , Dial 5-4l I2 HUNTER GRANITE WORKS WALLIS D. Plcicerr All Kinds of Marble and Granife Memorials on Display ai Our Warerooms THE FULTON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY GLOVERSVILLE - NORTHVILLE Member Federal Deposii Corporaiion A Compleie Modern Banking Service Besf Wishes Bes'I' Wishes +o 'I'he Class of JACK 81 JILL SHOPPE l96l 90 N- M-'in S+- JONES AND NAUDIN Specializing in Teens COMPANY. INC. JENNER'S PASTRY SHOP JU'-ES, BEAUTY SALON I8I N. Main S'I'. 244 W. FuIion S+. 4-8524 "Fa+her John" Albini, baiier up! JUNIOR SHOP SMART FASHIONS FOR THE YOUNG CROWD 25 Norfh Main Sfreei' Phone 4-9324 DURKEEIS HARDWARE GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. "Your Favorife Hardware S+ore" I3 N. Main S+. Dial 4-3l79 KENNEDY FUNERAL SERVICE Modern FuneraI Home I50 Soufh Main Sfreef GLOVERSVILLE. NEW YORK FRED G KENNEDY LAWRENCE G. KENNEDY L d M nager Licensed M q Complimenis of FULTON COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS, INC. CorIe'He-Managum Mo'I'ors Howell 8K Pierson, Inc, GarIocIc's John C. Miller Moiorsi Inc. Gifford Moior Sales Bafl'eg-Par5on5', Inc, H 8: P Mo'I'ors, Inc. Rose Buick I. Heiman, Inc. Shepard Poniiac Our famed pilclner, Donny Duflon. Complimenfs +o I'l1e Class of I96I KINGSBORO SERVICE STATION LARRY YOST Complimenfs +o I'I1e Class of '6I From a JoI1ns'Iown Friend KLINE'S, INC. Recapping Fuel Oil 52 SOUTH MAIN STREET DIAL 5-59I7 KOBUSKIE FUNERAL HOME ROBERT W. KOBUSKIE, Lic-Mgr. R.N. AHendanI by Appoin+men+ "Our Telephone Never Sleeps" I47 BLEECKER ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Sfarling ol? in flue under-class Iraclc rneef. ECKER AGENCY, INC. Insurance and Real EsI'a+e S. LA MANTIA 8: SONS, INC 3I4 Soufh Main S+. J For Experi' Advice on Any Policy LAUN E D R Ask Mr. Eclcer, Mrs. Ecker . EZE or Marie Johnson I60 N. Mann Sireef 125 s. Main s+. Dial 4-8925 Any Tame ONE DAY S""RT SERWCE GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Ilndiviclual Launclryl lcv-uivnolzvf QI GLOVE CITIES CHEVROLET BERNIE CARINGE WasI1ing'I'on ai' Broadway GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. I62 Phone 4-7 I 2I I Easf Eighfh Ave. Gloversville, N Y LAURENCE'S PHARMACY J. B. LAURENCE, PI1.G.. Prop. PHONE 5-46I8 MADELINE TEEN CENTER 'gi 8I Norfh Main S+ree+ GLOVERSVILLE N EW YORK Congraiulafions and Bes'I' Wishes 'Io 'l'I1e Class Look wha. We QOH of I96I MALLEY'S SERVICE STATION I50 N. Main S+. 5-2322 Cifies Service Producis BOB MALLORY SUPPLY CO Heavy Dufy Main+enance A mixiure of lun. curlers ancl sleepy-eyed people! Paif1+S THE MARTIN 8: NAYLOR CO. Exfencls Congggiaignfbfo The Congrai'uIa+ions GLOVERSVILLE HIGH scHooL I0 The Class of l96l DIAMOND CONSULTANT MATTY The Jeweler Diamonds - Wafches - Giffs Spode China LEATHER CORP. Phone 5-50II I2 Wesf Fulfon S+. GLOVERSVILLE. N. Y. Prepare 'For YOUR Fufure Open a Savings Accounl' al' GLOVERSVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 52 N. MAIN ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. MCKIBBEN OFFICE MACHINES Besi' Wishes Io Ihe Class of R. T. MCKIBBEN Royal Typewrifers ALBERT L. NILES Sales, Service, Ren'I'aIs, Supplies MAYFIELD' NEW YORK pring SI. Dial 4-95I3 GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Complimenls of MILDRED PRESTON A. D. NORTON CO Jewelers Since I 869 "A Specially Shop of Dis'rinc+ion" 20 S. Main S+' Opposile 'rhe High School Hifling like This produced viclory in 'rhe Weslern Conference Complimenis of OLBRYCH'S DAIRY Cgmplimenfg Qf AMSTERDAM, N. Y. BOB and BILL GABELER THE GABELER AGENCY INSURANCE PECK'S FLOWERS Always Besf Opposile Ihe High School Congra'I'uIa'I'ions from I. HEIMAN, INC. Chrygler Plymoullbh Imperial Valiani In'IernaI'ionaI Trucks I88 S. MAIN ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Complimenfs of JOSEPH PERRELLA 39 Union S+. POLLY'S RESTAURANT I4I N. Main S+. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. 5-2024 Open daily-6:00 a.m.- I2:00 p.m. Sunday mornings-7:00 a.m.- I2:00 a.m. Hold if sfeady now and smile! Pre-game Iolasfz P.J.'s ai Lindalees. PROSPECT FOOD MARKET QuaIiI'y Meafs, Groceries, Frui'Is and Vege+abIes 48 Prospecf Ave. Dial 4-3485 QUALITY DAIRY The Besi' in Ice Cream and Dairy Produc+s Phone 5-47I0 337 Souih Main S+ree+ GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. RENDA'S PHARMACY 7 N. Main Sf. Telephone GLOVERSVILLE 4-73I9 Your Prescripiion Cen'Ier Bes+ Wishes WILLIAM RINGLE'S INSURANCE GEISLER AGENCY INC. AII Kinds of Insurance 8 Middle S'I'. Dial 5-22I6 HOBBS 81 ZEITLER PHARMACY Prescrip+ion SpeciaIis+s Colored and Black and Whi+e Film Rapid Service RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES Free Delivery-Free Parlcing 95 E. I:uII'0n S+. Dial 5-l8I4 Success fo Ihe Class of l96I l r 1 . RUBY 8: QUIRI, INC. 27 Main Sireei 225 N. Main Sfreef FONDA, N. Y. GLOVERSVILLE. N. Y. Discussing ground rules before +he Ballslon Spa game. Joicgzffwg-tial' Phone 4'37l5 AUTHORIZED DEALERS SARRAINO BROS. 81 CURCIO, INC. Coil' Beverages GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Complimenls of DONALD SAWYER Real Es+a+e Mr. Baker poses wiih Track Caplain Merrie Lieberoff. GLOVERSVILLE SELD LEATHER Bargain Ville Clofhing 'For En+ire Family ai Facfory Prices Money Cheerfully Refunded If Nof Fully Safisfied bl-63 BLEECKER ST. Complimenfs of SENATOR'S RESTAURANT 8 Church Si. Gloversvnlle, N. Y. coc:A-coLA BOWLING co. Pi-W4-mv 4-3449 EUGENE HOLLENBECK, JR. Ambulance and Oxygen Service Hospi+al Beds Wheel Chairs DIAL 4-76I5 HELEN SHAHDA An'I'iques and Coins 249 NorI'I1 Main S'I'reeI' "We Specialize in Ihe Unusual" Telephone 5-5524 Success 'Io 'Ihe Class of I96I NICK SIMON quarfer refurned on each alhlefic banquef 'Hckef SMITH'S HOME APPLIANCES Aufomafic-Gas and Oil Heafing Phone 4-94I9 Phone 4-9721 SMI'I'I'Y'S SERVICE Lubricafion - Minor Repairs 22I Wesf Fulfon S'tree'I O Sfudenf Council and communily honor Alan Wemple. GLOVERSVILLE, N, Y, sur: num WILLIAM E. RUSSO Ageni' 5I w. Fulfon sffeee 'NSU' " GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. ' ff. Phone 4-33I2 Res. Phone 4-3304 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Bloomingfon, III. SUSSMAN SHOES Fashioned Io Safisfy 'I'he Young GaI's Dream 29 N. MAIN ST. 5-032I EARL W. HATHAWAY 8: SON General Insurance IIEVUE PAINT KINGSBORO LUMBER CO., INC. Gregory S+. TEGEO'S Frankfur'rers and Hamburgers Our Specially Phone 5-l422 69 W. Fulfon Sf. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. l ROBERT J. TRAVER GLOVE CO. Manufaclurers of Men's - Women's - Children's Homeroom buddxes robblng lhe bank. 34 E. S+a+e S+. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. 4-7223 Wishing fhe Class of 'bl 'Phe Very Besi' TWIN CITY DRY CLEANERS 479 N. Perry Sireei VOSBURGH'S 5 79 s. Main sf. GLOVERSVILLE f " Disiiibuiafs of Frigidaire Appliances Magic Chef Easy Washers Magnavox OH dren? we Cufe? - Friends. foo. WALRATH 81 BUSHOU ER 5I Fremonf Sf. Congra'l'ula+ions lo +he l96I Graduales E. L. HEACOCK CO. GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK WENTWORTH BAKERY Congralulalions, Class I96I l23 E. Fullon Sf. Bes'l' Wishes LIBERTY DRESSING co., INC. WEST BROOK GLOVE CO. Gloves - Handbags - Jaclce+s Exi. of Easf Fulion S+. Complimenfs of HOLDEN LUMBER CO. I0 Carpen+er S+. TELEPHONE NO. 4-3I44 Gas, Oil Aufomoiive Repairs WHIT'S Q 0 4' SERVICE STATION Ex'l'. Easf Fulfon S+. Gloversville, N. Y PHONE 5-222I HOUCK'S PHARMACY EARL B. PORT WILLIAM SPELMAN Props. II Wesi' Fulfon Sireei' GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK Phone 5-23 I 2 We Deliver KlNG'S GREENHOUSE Cui' Flowers Corsages 7-Il Lexingfon Ave. Phone 5-2923 Flowers for All Occasions Besi' Wishes +o fhe Class of '6I "LEN" HOLLOWAY Every Insurance Service KNOTI' 8: HOLLOWAY 29 W. FuH'on S+. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Complimenfs ln Supporl of Jrhe Youlhs of Gloversville SAMUEL ROTHSCHILD Besi' Wishes 'ro Class of '6I WILLIAM B. COLLINS CO. Priniers and Publishers GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. A+ GreaI'er Savings uaIiI'y FurniI'ure 'For Over 50 Years LIVINGSTON'S 335 Sou'I'I1 Main SI'reeI' GLOVERSVILLE MONTANO ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK Come on, boys. Push II1aI ancieni heap! MORSE 81 JENKINS STEPHEN MAROTTA, Prop. Cleaning - Pressing - AI'I'ering Repairing Tuxedos Io Reni' for AII Occasions 99 EAST FULTON ST. DIAL 4-4924 ONEIDA MARKETS I67 Norfh Main S'Iree'I and 3I4 Soufh Main SI'reeI' B. E. SHELL CO. I39 NOI"I'I'l Main S'I'ree'r See You ai' PEDRICK'S 48-50 Nor+h Main S+ree+ FINE FOODS Your Hos+ SAXY MARSHALL Phone 4-93I2 I0 Church SI'ree+ PYNE 81 SANDNER, INC. CHARLES A. SANDNER RICHARD L. SANDNER my f ' 55,5 ,, f L,k,. K Oh, you grea+ big "beau+iful" boys! Vryk i klkk Vfrkkk .. Congra+uIa'l'ions fo 'l'he Class of '6I TREHER 8: JUNG, INC. Plumbing and Hea'l'ing Supplies I5-2I BLEECKER ST. Your Fufure is our Fujrure Complimenfs of SHEPARD PONTIAC, INC. Telephone 5-I4I2 280 Sou+h Main S+. GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK HAROLD J. SMITH LEATHER CORPORATION lnsurance Service of Every Type WESSELS INSURANCE AGENCY s FREMONT sr. DIAL 5-43I5 Lazy summertime fun, sloppy clollwes, bare feel, and l l f 'l O Sml ES. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE PERSONAL LEATHER GOODS V, ' Te' - x!f'l ' il 51 I0 W, 33rd Sf, 427 S. Ervay Sf. .PD I .1 New YORK DALLAS, TEXAS . " D . fqiliy' 36 50, 5+.,+e S+, 927 Lincoln Ra., sum 204 V I gf- ' CHICAGO MIAMI BEACI-I, FLORIDA iQ44.5f :X 6 ' 29II Flood Ave. 2978 Wilshire Blvd- ' V REDWOOD CITY LOS ANGELES. CALIF. ST. THOMAS, INC. FOUNDED I898 GLOVERSVILLE. N. Y. Complimen+s of TAYLOR MADE CANVAS PRODUCTS CORPORATION THYNE'S DRUG STORE Open Every Day R. H. THYNE, Reg. Ph. W. W. THYNE, Reg. Ph. Licensed Pharmacisls Dial 5-20l4 l47 N. Main S+. Congralulafions, Class - I96I THE CANDLE SHOP 6 W. 8+I1 Ave. Gifis for all occasions GREETING CARDS CANDLES Complimenfs of JOHN'S MARKET LETTER MEMORIAL CO. Aufhorized Rock of Ages Dealer Norfh Perry S'rree+ JOHNSTOWN. NEW YORK Complimenis of THE KEY CLUB OF GLOVERSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL TRUST COMPANY OF FULTON COUNTY The Bank Wilh The Chime Clock MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Corner of Church 2I-23 NORTH MAIN ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. CompIimen+s of WASHBURN'S DAIRY CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 'bl For You Your Friends Your Communi+y YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION I73 BEST WISH ES FDR A HAPPY FUTURE OKLEATHER 'IRADHVG ,Styx TMNERS OF CORD ea BLEECKER STREET GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. Our vice-principal, Miss Ada Busse, praises our clevofed principal, Mr. Ferguson, af his farewell clinner. May I'l1e Fufure Hold Prosperify and Happiness Io All of You From THE JUNIOR CLASS OF l962 Complimenls of A FRIEND FULTON COUNTY COAL 81 OIL CO. An'Il1raci'Ie ancl Bifuminous Coals MOBILHEAT Fuel Oil and Kerosene GLOVERSVILLE 4-3I I8 JOHNSTOWN 6-73I9 All are solemn as Mr. Ferguson praises fl'1e fa lfy cl expresses luis lnearffell' apprec f Porfrail and Commercial Pl1o+ograpl1er MODERNE STUDIO FRANK AMBROSE Dial 4-3424 I4 S. MAIN ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. SKILLS 61 I A BL: GUIDANCE - balanced fraining - acfivifies. Placemenf in lcey posifions in business, professional and govern rnenf offices. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE I26-I34 Washingfon Ave., Albany 6, N. Y. Sfafe Regisfered-Veferan Approved The friendly clerlcs al' HARPERS on Norlh Main Sfreef mainlain a well sfocked line of ladies' wear. Mr. Roberf Reppenhagen, owner of E. L. DURKEE'S, exfends The same service in The line of hard- ware as his predecessors. Roger Dunn, par? owner wifh George Loveday of DUNDAY'S, is selling a iaclcef 'ro one of The Galinslry boys. Frank Ambrose, The official phoe lographer of The Oracle and owner of MODERNE STUDIO, shows his prize winning pholo- graph +0 Miss Sandra Bell, his secreiary. ' The Oracle will AUTCG lealure a number of dillerenl slore Supporl A APH each year To show our appreciaTion Our AclverTisers. Lawrence Trombley. one of The parTners in WESSEL'S INSUR- ANCE AGENCY, examines a new policy iusT compleTed Tor a clienTele. An ouTsTanding TurniTure sTore in Gloversville is LlVlNGSTON'S on SouTh Main STreeT, where iT is a pleasure To examine iTs conTenTs. Cy Aldrich, planT manager of The GLOVERSVILLE COCA-COLA, is engaged in filling Tanks To refresh The ThirsT of cusTomers in FulTon CounTy. ALVORD 8: SMITH has been in The sTaTionery supply business Tor many years. IT also serves The Oracle as a clisTribuTion cenTer. oT Their supporT. k wwf mg' ew ' sa -' up by in ,. Q r f 1 A ,uf Y ff, Q ,mYLi , ,,, . . . 1.-, if 3, QA ,Q- F L Q' . FF? 7m mx Q 1 Q .MF Admiral Pearlizing, Inc. Ager 8 Banker Albany Business College Al's Barbershop Al's Pizzeria Jay Aller Alvord 8 Smilh Ambroson Glove Co. Anlhony Beauly Salon Argersinger's Bales-Parsons, Inc. Bally Insurance Beman's Record Shop Berger's Lealher Corp. Bergho'lf's Berkshire Hardware Belor's Super Markel BIodgell's Cleaners BlodgeH's Healing BlodgeH's Resfauranl BresIaw's Clarence Brown Brunswick Radio Corp. Burr Lumber Co., Inc. Burlon Insurance Agency Cameo Beauly Salon The Candle Shop CarboneIli's Agency Jesse A. Cash Casliglione Jewelers Ben Chancer Cily Nalional Bank Clark 8 Bullis CIemenle's Conleclionery Cohen's CoIe's Service Slalion Collins 8 Reese Dairy Queen DarIa's Beauly Salon R. C. Darling-Moving John M. Davin, Inc. Dean's Press D'Errico Beauly Salon Dieges 8 Clusl Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. Dr Dr Harold Bauer Merol Brickner Joseph Giardino Roberl Kemp Kingslon Larner John Liberli Hans Pollak Marlin Smilh Louis Tremanle Arlhur Wilsey James Zullo Donion's Insurance Don's Piano Shop George J. Dorlman 8 Co. Drake's Food Markel Dunday's E. L. Durkee 8 Co. EarIine's Beauly Shop Easl Fullon Package Slore Easlmor Lealher Corp. Ecker Agency, Inc. Ellon Lealher Co. Erna's Beauly Salon ElheI's Lunch Evelyn Gibbons Herberl J. Fairbanks Farharl's Gulf Slalion FeIdman's Furnilure Filmer's Markel Finn's Men's Wear INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Finocan Gill Shop Fiorilo Bros. Variely Frankel Shop Fulmonl News Co., Inc. Fullon Counly Glass Fullon Counly Coal 8 Oil Fullon Counly Machine 8 Supply Fullon Counly Nalional Bank Fullon Counly New Car Dealers Gabeler Agency Geisler Agency General Radio 8 TV Glove Cily Abrading Co. Glove Cily Chevrolel Gloversville Aula Parls Gloversville Candy Kilchen Gloversville Coca-Cola Gloversville Conlinenlal Mills Gloversville Fed. 8 Savings Assn. Gloversville Oplical Service Gloversville Sporl Shop Gould's Deparlmenl Slore Grandoe Corp. Richard C. Greene Hager 8 Tracy Harper's Earl Halhaway 8 Son E. L. Heacock Heiman's Hills-Willard Glove Corp. Hobbs-Zeiller Holden Lumber Co. Eugene Hollenbeck Houck's Pharmacy House Beauliful Blinds Hunler's Granile Works Ideal Lealher Jack 8 Jill Shoppe Jenner Paslry Shop John's Markel Jones 8 Naudin Lealher Corp. Jules Junior Class Junior Shop Kennedy Funeral Service King's Florisl Kingsboro Food Markel Kingsboro Lumber Co. Kingsboro Service Slalion Kline's, Inc. Knoll 8 Holloway Kobuskie Funeral Home Kohler's Cigar Slore Key Club Krause News LaManlia 8 Son Laundrese Laundromal' Laurence's Pharmacy Leader-Herald Leller Memorial Co. Liberly Dressing Co. Livingslon's Local Inlernal Revenue Service Lynch 8 Baird Madeline Teen Cenler MaIIey's Service Slalion Bob Mallory Supply Co. Marceline Marlene's Specially Shop Marnel Beauly Salon Marlin-Deischsel Lealher Marlin 8 Naylor Mally lhe Jeweler McKibben Office Machines Melody House Mildred Preslon Model Fur Co. Monlano Eleclrical Supply Morse 8 Jenkins Myers Glove Co. Muddle 8 Muddle Nalional Shoes NichoIson's Alberl Niles A. D. Norlon Olbrych's Dairy Oneida Markels Orlell's Service Slalion Palace Diners Peck's Flowers Pedrick's Reslauranl PerreIla's Gloves PoIIy's Reslauranl Prospecl Food Markel Pyne 8 Sandners Qualily Dairy Renda's Pharmacy Reynolds 8 Robbins Gull Sla Ringle's Insurance Robbins Business Machines Robison-Smilh Rocky's Men's 8 Boys' Wear Rossbach's Shoe Slore Roy's Greenhouse Samuel Rolhschild Ruby 8 Quiri Sam's Barber Shop Sarraino Bros. Donald Sawyer Schullz Fuel 8 Oil Seld Lealher Co. Senalor's Helen Shahda's Anliques B. F. Shell Co. Shepard's Ponliac, Inc. Silhouelle Beauly Salon Nick Simon Singer Harold J. Smilh Smilh 8 Pelcher Smilh's Home Appliance Smilh's Service Slalion Soulh Main Esso Spicer's Insurance Sl. Thomas Slale Farm Insurance Sloddard's Markel Sussman Shoes Bill Suydam's Taylor Made Tegoe's Thyne's Drug Slore Trask's Cigar Slore Roberl J. Traver Glove Co. Treher 8 Jung Trusl Co. of Fullon Counly Twin Cily Dry Cleaners Vosburgh's Walralh 8 Bushouer Washburn's Dairy Wenlworlh's Bakery WesseI's Insurance Wesl Brook Gloves Wesl End Service Slalion Whil's Service Slalion YMCA YWCA ' 1 , , y V - xx 'gy 'V 1 ' N f 1.1 W VN L, D , 1 . ,Q ' 'ws " 5 6-'imiwf .f 5 , . 594' 5' Q ' 'IM ig if 4 5, ii 1 ' '5A L' R up - if sag, JA, , 'ii3?2ff?' i n 53 'A .auf D , I . M' fs if ' fl ., wi ,f ff' - 455, , f.' T H Q 1' 5 Q' ' 3654 ', y , . ,fm ki ,P r X 'E f. . -H ip.,,E'lzl: - Q, 1:54650 5 ,.w,, 1 5 ,ff 5 iii f H " F ' ,Z ' E . I if 2 M., ' Q E I , I .V I W , , A H -M f 5 R -,p . I .A kg tw D . Q H W ,.,.,.......,..,,.,.,,,,.. W .imwm i k "-.MMM W .j - ' .. ,, , V --'Q-H-. ' If .A , W , ww, ,...... .. ..,.,.....-N,..-1 1ii,g,.wV A ' NA X L ,.:,, ..... ,.,,f:L'frf2 V, WM, - - r 5 ? 3 5 s Q Z + 2 Q 2 E f. I fi lf 'fan .GH in ings: Y f K , . HWUWHHM , ,gi W i'3"Qf!aQl as 'fy' : A . Ri- 'f ,:'- " ..... , -ug 5 -. 'MQ 4 ,,,,, 1 f M. V - I FARE W ELL ,- I K W fx-M 2 ' , " ' W C Q .. X , W A f , fm-0rs,fm,,lfhgf future and whatfverffftfl 1 f 'mm' Q -'-' V. . ,, - 001' l5,S11Uff'+aH0lv,.Ql31f1Q Blisw H H - X 2 wemf?iypgsafg5.,:w:ws92gg'gf.1f?J.:f,iGE5.vfzzfgS2fsga:?f?ag,-Wifi' 'f5g,jwf,,,ww,:'gggsgsgwzgigggsgiyt'Win!.:,fQZ',,i57giw,ggUz4fe??Lr2-1fggvf,rv. A1'K:,,w?f25wfS'Nw ww f , -f K ,,z',s,:,z-145,22 71 H H 2 wm,Quffwwi sfmwzqz 'wfssmfvwzesev' f,Z,s1,21iiz,sigw 127zv1-ww 2w"f-ff1f- f ' , w n , if Xwigggfmr1e25gl?Q??2?Q2i'5i253g1siLi,2 . ' - " - K f f S H HL'54i'Q53Qifefsififixglifisgligfszil1a55M,A2,51,5129,2gfw?3s?wivi5Q3si5L'gf2i5IJi.5ffLkfx:'. ffisxiagiq'7,s-,gf,iQggf',g,',,g1,625,gQg4p22w2f?2,ffLiaffgiik' ' A " " " ' ' H K v f x ggmzwg, A ' gimp, ,. . ,ff2,ggggf1fS,Ww 'V Hmm-P -' ' W -A N f . ,ff 1,3225 ,v ,V ' ' A M., .Q .,m,, , ,. XJ?" " f rf fi ,f 4 J, -4w,,,, ,f , 4 55' . fTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" N X QQ ,Wm A, Y Y 5 3 P E wi A 4, ini 'Q 1: uvxifwi F Q, Q W M x 1 E 1 " 3' H qgx . il 2 ikxf Y vig A . Ni . w 'Ni , 'F mga. wi-in 1. 5 'K X, 'Q YY Y 'Ei K Q VE 33 gr ,, A ...umm W1 im We A a W 9 Q Q SK, f , ' , 1,23 . , ,, 5 ggi . 4 A 5 'mb' Q af. Q ' ' A Q, Q seg, " ,, i 4' f, M , 1 . r . A 'Ara 5 . Q: ,ABQ :nm 95, ffv

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