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fur., ,A .ik gvw 4 -, Q avupq, WH ' ' ' gnu .4--qqnnuu 1 1 , if , ' Xa' -Lff. "', ' Q 'I 5 4' s. 345.1- .Y-:AQN .M-our-..., v s - I m"':-T, -- .M ,.,,., K X V . lu 4 ff '.. 0 h 1 ' 1 d H 1 ,.-., , ' ,K K-Q, ,' be ' -4 .5 . Q '- I S .v-'N -..- 1, L 'gl f -Huw A av - . , , C c 4. Q "kt " .F'..'f 0. a. -1... .Ihr-4' 41 4 -O vb 'X' fr... ' p ' - -e of ' Q' .nn , ' 'NCD' 's an -, - ...A "' A .f f 'K ' . .UV 14,4 - if - rw- 1 1 . ,n il 11 4 g ii 5 ,X QE qi 4 E 1 H1 5 3 Q ,s 'i 3 an K Q , 1 ' fl 1 PM ff I 4 . . u , 4 n Q 4.':?51'- . - x. C 67" gy? v Yffwu 1 -- 1 FI R: Q E 'x QQ 9 vi 4 2 i S 1 5 57 Y , lx fy K 9 x 1 wif? 5 K f l'fIO!L L 1l Ill - HIE 5' ' x I x 1 A I EIEIL1 - M in THE l954 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS GLOVERSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL ,,fQg'E:"feffe dp' if rfb '7 Weiibii QWJQXZJX f UL 3 C far Ll' N ti i C xlvp Q33 XA lfyill x. Kll ld-'SD 5 Ji CQZUX-:ll,Jfi'::JX 'WJ Q ,JJ Fall Winter FALL SEASON .. Football .,...,... Cheerleaders , Twirlers ..... Orchestra Band ........,..,.,.....,...... Senior Play ,........,..... Football Handbook Cross Country ..........,... Red Cross Council Library Club ...,....,.. Girls' Volleyball Senior Day .,....,..... Junior Class ...,, Snaps .......... Pages 4-23 Pages 6-7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page I1 Pages 12-13 Page 14 Page 15 .,,. Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Pages 20-21 Pages 22-23 From the gayety of football hops to the inevitable arrival of final exams, our lives in and out of Clovers- ville High School were affected in some way by the changing seasons. As each season approached, it guided our interests into new and different activities. Since the seasons: falll winter, spring, and summer TABLE OF WINTER SEASON ..t..,. ..,... P ages 24-41 Key Club ............. ....,.,. P age 26 Felicita ..........,,..,,,,... ........ P age 27 Student Council ...... ........ P age 28 Booster Club ....,. ....... P age 29 Dramatics Club ...... Page 30 Movie Operators .,,,. ,........... P age 31 Basketball ........,....,,.,.,, ,,,,, P ages 32-33 Cirls' Bowling and Basketball ...,,..,......,.. .,..,,... P age 34 Boys' Bowling .r,.,,,. French Club ....... Varsity Club ,, ....... Page Page 35 Page 36 37 39 Sophomore Class .... .,... P ages 38-- Snaps ,.,..............,,.. Pages 40-41 1 -1 ...., .r J -1 -7 K. E. og h? "-..",. '-u 4 C X co X' K NJ Cjip,-f C737 "' PJ X i CJR Wi? QQ-SQ S Q i ' 1 ' 'AAS XX-5 Ck 5 BN ...A-Z xg 'N J af, 3 +5 Spring Summer closely governed our activities, we have selected a seasonal theme for our yearbook. We have divided the Oracle into four sections with each divisional spread representing a different season. In each section are located the various activities which took place in the respective seasons. CONTENTS sl-SJ, SPRING SEASON ..... Pages 42-63 SUMMER SEASON ........ Pages 64-104 Oracle ................... .......... . . Page 44 Senior Class Officers .,,.,, ,.,.,,,,.-,,,.,,.- P ag, 55 Husky Growl ....... ....... P age 45 Graduates QA-FJ ., ,.,..,,,, ,,,,,.,,. P age, 67-74 Choir "A" ........ ............. P age 46 Graduates CG-JJ .,,,,,., ..,..,,, P ages 74.77 Choir "B" ...... ................... P age 47 Graduates QK-PJ ..,,,,.,,., ,,,,,,,,, P aggs 77.33 Circus .................... Pages 48-49 Graduates QR-Zi .,,,,, ,,,,.. .,.,,,,., P age, 33.39 Junior Prom ........ Pages 50--51 Graduates-N0 Pictures w,.x,,, .-A.,-,-. P age, 88-89 Tennis ............... ............. P age 52 Coming Senior Events ,,...,, ,,,..-,,.. p age, 33.39 Golf ................... ...... Page 53 Senior Ballot ....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,..,,... P ages 90-91 Baseball ................ ............. P age 54 Advertising ,,,,,,,,,-,.,.,r,, page, 92.104 Girls' Sports ............ ................. P age 55 Boosters ,,,,.,, --4,.,..,------4- p use 96 Track and Field ........... ......... P ages 56-57 Board of Education and Staff ........,...,...,.,... .... . . .,....,e. Page 58- Principal and Staff ., ..... ................. P age 59 Dedication ....... .. ....,....... ....... . Faculty ...................... ........ Pages 60-61 Pages 62-63 Fall ushered in the beginning of our school year. The first hectic days of adjusting schedules and be- coming acquainted with teachers and students soon passed into the lively hours of the fall routine. The election of class officers followed by the reorganiz- aton of Student Council set up the governing body for the school year. Such clubs as Felicita, Key Club, Booster Club, Red Cross Council, French Club and Football Handbook were started once more. Saturday afternoons found most of us at Darling Field vigorously supporting our Football team, a team Whose season was climaxed by the Gloversville-Johnstown game. The biggest produc- tion of the senior year, the senior play, took place in late autumn. Thanksgiving, the first real holiday since our return to school, brought to a close our fall activities and left us bidding the arrival of winter. Season... Hey look-upstairs! Too nice to go in. Taking your money "fn 4, Oo fifll I C.H.S. gaining yardage. First fall fire- drill. Between the halves. Forward pass to touchdown. Ushering at the Senior Play The Fan u53rooTBALLREg0RD SCPL 26fAmste-rdam ,,,,f GHS OPP ,39 6 mmm.. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov. 3-HI Glens Falls 7,,7,7 Qeklt Home , ,7,, f 17-eLittle Falls 24-Nott Terrace ,,,, 31-Mohawk K ,,,i 7-at Philip Sch fl 14-Johnstown G HS on Cleft-nge, al7 25 7 14 ,,,,,,,53 0 0 53 z,,c,,18 28 0 19 7 12 Mighly CHS tacklers. Stripped on the line. ft ,W Max I1 Q 40 32fQwW F125 5 4 6 44 First row, left to right: Coach O'Neil, O'Brien, Vandewalker, Benton, Rowley, Diana, Co-Captain Anadio, Co-Captain Malagisi. Hoagbon, Cirillo, Frank, Marvin, Coach White. Second row: Ab- della, Stoffolano, Davin, Caruso, Liberoff, Cannizzo, Damiano, Baldwin, Cole, Burns. Third row: ' N " ' H llenbeck, Schwartz, Brown, Steele. Fourth row: Stof- Soules, Yanno, Piazza, Caruso, biardmo, a folano, Pollard, Bona. 1953 FOOTBALL 953 FOOTBALL on 5' ... T 5 S avi 'B it I.lJ. W- ble-ns rulls. fr, t C'lIlIll7YU Wallach l,auritano. 4, irmne 'man e. ,. 1. . U ' - I I A W l sons I1 w non rrnctt. Kohler. llargnilo. llihlaio. hlltllll. Ill , . ' 3 ' . , 'll l H ua l.ero:-aiu. luo. Lin-uk, l.ocat4-lli. lrllnh-npr. Under the new and capable hand of Coach Harry 0'Neil the Gloversville Huskies completed a fairly successful season. Assisting Coach 0'Neil with the varsity squad was Coach Leroy J. Wliite' while the Jayvees were under the guidance of Coach Richard Lucas. The highlight of the season was the Little Falls game when the team won its most decisive victory by a score of 53-0. The annual inter-city meet was a hotly fought contested game and the Huskies fought valiantly coming from behind to score their only touchdown. This year's team was eaptained by Carl Anadio nnrl Frnnlr lvlnlnnrici '1 +-Q LX NNE COINNOLLY 3 LOIS , VIC '- HEI X Ak ff Under the captainships of Mary Anne Saunders and Joan Stoddard, the cheerleaders were the backbone of our spirit at every football and basketball game. It was the cheerleaders who kept us yelling and helped us to win. Besides leading us at games, the cheerleaders with their advisor, Miss Sarantos, sponsored a football hop in 4.55 ff?" 'V R 1 MV MARY ANNE JEAN SAUNDERS JERALYN SLHLUSBFRL, Captain HEIMAN CHEERLEADERS the fall to raise money for new uni- forms, sold shakeroos imported from Hawaii for the Johnstown game, and also put on a very successful dance dur- ing the Thanksgiving vacation called the 'Turkey Trotw. Front row, left to right: Stoddard, Saunders. First row: Combothekras. LaVista, Beyer, Heiman, Connolly, Helwig, Schlusberg, Pierce, Anadio, Quackenbush, D'Errico, Strat- Ion. Ebtiwf ' .-and BARBARA MARILYN 'VYLER SINIUNIJS , Leadw :-A x Alix A .I 41 v-, 4 A . ' "5 ' ' ,X A .Q A 'gg H . , .Z X. 4 J X ii ROSICNINXRY ANGICI. X ' " F F 'F " l,AllRl'l'NNO X . W""M'l 1 m'rRlc:lA 1-if T W I R L E R S Iii-low ilu- AFllllSll f-1- Paradi-. V I N CENT This yr-ar the sludvnls fvcl that our twirlcrs did a very nice jolm. Not only did they march in paradvs hut also at the football games. lindvr the ahlc lvad- vrship of Barbara Tyler. the twirlers 5-1. spent many hours practicing routinvs to he pcrformed on thc' football field dur- ing thc half-limc. ln this way the students are aware that the twirlcrs not only encouraged the lcam hut also lifted the morale of the school. Lvl! to right: llrollwrs. Fvrrura. l,l'l'SI'll. SWPUIIUY. Am- hrosino, 'fylvr-lvadvr, Simonds. Vinr'vnI. Mosvoni. Lauri- tano, Albrecht, Van Allen, Mdlrvgor. First row, left to right: Cole, Queeney, Swartout. Roach, Sweeney, Batty, liichtmyer, Zeidner Barter. Second row: Roberts. Heed. Hazzard. Kolirin. Wood, Romano, Frisch, Ahele, Jones, Boyn ton, Wessendorf. Mr. Bley. Third row: Semprevio, Vaupel, Abele, Barter, Cammarere, Yanno Frasier, Larrowe. Brothers, Carher. Fourth row: Malagrisi. Tyler, Prentice. Runirill, Lawrence, Hal lenbeck, Youngren, Carguilo, Locatelli, Mackey, Sandford. Mr. Bley is fast changing our GHS orchestra from its traditional ways. As we saw this year six more viola players and no piano, we assumed the fact that all the piano players were playing viola which was true. Mr. Bley tells us that in no other school orchestra has he ever seen a piano, and hc thinks an orches- tra is basically stronger when it cannot fall hack upon pianistic support. As we could see, the string section was shap- ing up very excellently. Mr. Bley conducts the orchestra. The orchestra played for the Prize Questions from the string section of the Speaking Contest, in the Spring Con. Orchestra- cert, and in various other out-of-town musical festivals. A few of the outstanding numbers the orchestra did were Beethoven's Symphony No. 1 and lVlozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. The officers were as follows: Presi- dent-Janet Abeleg Vice President- Barhara Tylerg Secretary-Millie Sem- previog Treasurer-Genevieve Romano. q"iiYf.kaSuW9" - This year. Mr. Taylor. the loader of our hand. arranged a new system. the purpose of whivh was to maintain thc highi-st level of vo-operation possihle. lfavh svvtion had a leader. Alhert Hal- lelllwvk was the captain of the high hrass sevtion. George Prentivc of the low hrass, Sidney Batty of the wood- windf and joseph Andreana of the per- vussion. The leaders' rvsponsihilities arc to draw up a 4-ode of ethics, policy, and procedure. and to enforce this code whenever possihle. ML Taylur Mads mf. Circus Band. ilu' lliand participates in the Arlnistim I llrill t'. As usual, the hand played at all the home foothall games and participated in civic parades. They gave one very successful convert in the spring with a large crowd in attendance. One very outstanding feature of our hand was the dance hand composed of ' sclevtcd lllCllllDCI'S from each section. First row, lvft to right: Mr. Taylor. Jacobson, Fi-ue-r, Frasier, Cruthvrs, Fitzpatrick. Westfall, Alu-If-, Young. Paul, Romano. Q111'vr11'y, Teetz. S4-cond row: lJ0lSignorn'. Andrvana. lluntzingvr, Chislvt, Maxson, Worley, Garhvr. Swartout, Williams, VOIldl'l'3lll'. Third row: Horwitz, Cohen. Nlaxfivld, Kohison, Markvy. l,awre-nvv. Uoodelnotv. Weave-r. Cargiulo, Slvezvr. Fourth row: Stl-elm' lirooks, Ilorm-tt, Stoffolano, Malagisi, Hallenhvvk, Edt-lst:-in, Scliermerhorn. Goldstein, Miller Fifth row: Longlwnry, Pr:-ntim-, Rumrill, Seroussi, Jinks, MacFarlane. L. Ed:-lstvin, llatty, Roach, Hammond, Yuungren. fb, 5 ,H p l Nh! 5. I wx, lu, diy F V nv l F E-1 S D Y ats, Yeats, Yeats, Wilkins, Combothekras. Standing: Seated, left to right: Craydon, weeney, . e Thomas, Nicolella, Streeter, Ralbovsky, Kerzner, Mazzone. '4Professor, How Could You?", our senior play, directed by Mrs. Hinkel, was a huge success. With John Sweeney as the professor and Connie Graydon as Vicki, the bane of his life, the plot un- folded miraculously. When Keats is offered the dcanship of his college with the condition that he produce a wife, his friend John, very nonchalantly played by Don Ralbov- skyg his grandparents, Crystie Coin- bothekras and Bud Mazzoneg the butler, played by a pompous Albert Nicolellag and Vicki all conspire to sponsor vari- ous female candidates for the pleasure of being the professoris spouse. The fun The stage committee at its best The professor is surrounded. Make-up room. - f S S S 0 - -' ' ' -'if -Wei:-if'-'l"f-it ' ,115-'iiz3i..i,sfil's2'.!i,2-:f1'l'sii-TE1ifi'f,ffiiif ,KY L. First row, le-fr to right: Evans. DvSimonc'. Roscigno. E. Tvvtz, Coughnvt. Finklv. I,3fZ1l7I'1'lllll', Arnold, lfcllr-stviii. S1-voml row: Svliluslwrg. 5illlIlfl4'l'S. H4-rry. liiiiritzino, Lonnolly. .lzu'olmson. llvl- wig, M. lYl'irrivo, Vinve-nl. Third row: ixli11'll4tHlllll. Guiffre-, l'ln-lps. Cla-ve-Izumi. Pom-i'. R. Tm-tl. ffompuni. li1'm'sso. llrown, 'l'l'1'lIlLlIll4'. Uauillo. Nl:-yn-rs. lfuy. liolulwllo. l'4-ugh. lioolig, hitnlrio. Mzirvin, Frank, Mrs. Hinkvl. A fvw of the- ushers. Tootsir- wins ln-r sw:-othm-art. ow Could You?" hcgins whon throo irate' girls. tht- 1-ook. Tootsie lioan. hilariously intcrprvtvd by Uottie Thomas: Prisvilla. Mary Stroct- vrz and Valerie. thc S0lltllf'l'I1 hcllv. played hy llannah Wilkiiis, all fave each other. Tootsiv's hrothor. rough and tough Butchor Boy Bean. playvrl hy jer- ry Kcrznor. provides much cxcitcincnt. The story ends in il whirlwind finish as the professor finds his wife: Vicki. Mrs. Hinlu-l c-ln-vks inuk:--ii v The Football Handbook Staff again played an important role in the football season. Under the leadership of its officers: Beverly Brown, President, Barbara Cannizzo, Vice President, Angel Lauritano, Secretary, and Angie Cassaro, Treasurer, and the guidance of its advisors: Mr. DiGioia, Miss Drury, Mrs. Fleig, and lVlrs. Robison, the staff successfully published handbooks for each of the five home games. The Commercial Department has capably handled this proj- ect for a number of years. It is an undertaking that has been a financial success to publications, in fact so much so that many times the Student Council has been able to award part of its gain to other needy organizations within the school sys- tem, such as the football squad. All this could not have been accomplished except for the wonderful cooperation of students, advertisers, and fans. 1. Please send us customers. 2. Everyone wants a football program. 3. Mr. Alvaro helped to make a sale. First row, left to right: C. Lauritano, Cornpani, Cannizzo, A. Lauritano, Brown, Cassaro. Coolig, D'Errico, Potter. Second row: Sarantos, Crispin, J. Young, Kavanagh, Cor- don, Stratton, Richtmyer, Maxson, Picardi, Puglis, Fred- erick, Evangelista, Johnston, Zuckerwar, A. Young, Roscig- no. Third row: Frank, Garber, Gill, Sanges. Nigro, Gaz- zillo, Keavcney, Ruff, Edel, Nellis, Potter, Cohen. FOOTBALL HANDBOOK 'l'lu- llustling llarrim-rs. c'oac'ln-cl hy Jim Sinon, had another Hllf'1'1'SSl.lll svason with tht- aid of sc'vc't'al good Sophomore run- nf-rs. 'I'ln- squad. lt-tl hy vo-captains Cvorgc Carlock and Javk Ain- lirosino. rutainucl tlnvir crown in tht- svcftionals hy defeating six lvalns in Class B voinpctition at Sclicm-1'tady. Vllith tough op- position. Clow-rsvillv plavcd scvond in the Colnlvskill lnvita- tional ltun. 'lihc suason's thrt-if dual int-c-ts were wry successful with tht- llarricrs winning all thrcc. the hig win at Glens Falls, lay ons- point. ovvr thx- host squad. tllovm-rsvillu again won its Invitational Hun at Darling Field with sophomores lfugc-iw Svclvy. llarry Rohison. Chris Ross- lvarli. and Toni Ainhrosino displaying their usual good run- ning. 'l'ht- season vanic to a close at the lntcrsvctionals where tht- llarriurs plat-cd fifth in Section ll votnpctition. lliaptain Ainlrrosino prim-s tht- si-rtional trophy. 2. I'owvrful runnt-rs in Roluison. S1-4-le-y, Anilmrosino 3. l'oI1-ntial inatvrial: liosslravll. Fountain. CROSS COITNTHY RECORD--1053 llulz' Mvrls Scores of CHS Points Supl. 26- lntvrvlass , Sophotnores UPL It l'I'ot'loI' lllll in 15 Oct. IO----Grout lVlc-niorial Oth in 16-256 Or-t. I5 tfolmle-skill 2nd in 13- 66 Ovt. 20--Nlont l'lt-asant , , lst in 2-- 24- O1-t. 211-f llion lst in 2- 1,9 Oct. 213-Ulm-ns Falls lst in 3- 32 Ort. lil filmwvrsvillt' , lst Nov. if-Suvtionals Champions Nov. lfl--li1tt'i'si'1'tiolials Sth in T lfirst row. It-ft to right: llaxis. Sr-inprivio. tlarlovk. Mack:-y, Sw:-1-in-y. Kunkt-l. Anilirosino, Simon. S1-vontl row: Ain- lyrosino, liosslravli. Fountain, Lalyorta. Robison, Sm-Ivy, lfflvlsti-iii, Kunlu-l. 'l'hird row: Pot:-ntez llilllvzza. McCul- loch, Stvwart. 'liiCc', Fvrraro. Wlu'4'le'r, O'lirian, Coavh Sinon. CROSS COUNTRY First row, left to right: Barter. K:-aveney, Vvallach, lnsognia. Pat-iolla. llalzano. Piccione. Second row: Mr. Harrison, Boynton. Boyd, Frazier, Fountain, Ah:-lc, Huntzinger. O'llare. R E D The Ri-tl Cross advisor is introduced to his mw tuties. The Junior Red Cross is one of the most worth- while activities in our school. This year the or- ganization completed many projects among which was the filling of a chest with first aid equipment and school supplies to be sent overseas to help re- establish schools destroyed in the wars. The group also knitted many pairs of mittens and afghan squares. The officers were as follows: C 1 O U N C I L Red Cross memhers getting: ready to lxni President-Marjorie Barterg Secretary-Treasurer -Joyce Oil-lare. For the first time in the history of the Council the duties were taken over hy Mr. Stephen Harri- son, a faculty member of the Industrial Arts de- partment. The Council appreciated the effort he put forth to keep the worthwhile organization alive in our school. Um- ul lln- must lit-lpful urgaiiizutinns in fills is uniuxing uimwunl uf wurk tllis your. 'lilivy lmstml Ilia- l.ilvr:iry tllulr. 'l'li4- im-inlwrs' julms arc to take tlisplziys :luring lumk wvvlt iii l'Yt'l'f' mimi. niaulv vzm- nl tlim' fl'-sk work :mtl Sllllt'I'NlSt' tlit' floor. tlius ai vmitrilmutimi to lllt' l NKSCU Iitmk lfuncl to pllf- lillxlllfl ziwziy smut- nf Miss 'lilimiipsmfs mct'l1z1liir'ul vlmsv lmuks for lilmrurivs in lftiwpv. tlt't'0fLllt'tl tllt' tlulit-s in will-i' tlml slim- may uitl stutlvrits in am- lilirury tluring tht- Cliristmzis svusmi. '-NH'l'lllj.f l't'l.t'l'l'll1'l' tllIt'HllHIlS uml iii st'lm'1'tiiig lmuks. ,, , , , , '- . , 4 ' f- , . - I , - llllS xvzlr tht- mt-mlit-rslup was twirl' w liut it was llit- Hlgltllllltllltlll Is mu- uf ln-nt' it .ilsu in lltll ll f, - ,H ff, f H I, , lzlmilizlrize-s its im-mln-rs witli tlw- liiiiwtimiiiig ul IIN' llfnf 'Hill' In ll Qf'5i1l".i'F U NM' lln- lilarzirx. tllus l.ill'lllllIllllg.f tlivir wills-gt' wurlx. lflllw- Nh "NU,Nmf, 'll 'HH 'mg ul llmur' ' N'm'n'ta1ry---lN'l:ltt1r'v: lI't'2lSlll't'I"lltlffltlilll. 'l'ln- l,ilrrury tllulr mvmlwrs zlwmiilmlisllt-tl un ilzrury display on history lmnks. tllulw tIlt'Illllt'l'S working: :il main mlm l"irsl rt-w, li-ll In riglit: Surtle-Ili. ltt-aid. lJil'almu, tlmlkin, 'l'u11ln'r, Parillo, Illtllglll. Fvvmnl row: tlzirr, l'llg1lis, Nluttiw. .lau'ul1sui1. Nliss rlilltbltljwiblt, liivlitiiiyt-r. lluflmun. C. Rtl'lllllIyt'f, Ruiniu. 'l'liil'1l rnw: 4-lin-vii:-y, Ilim-lmrr. Mm-iiku, l"lvwm-lling. llwyvr, tlnrmlmi, llilllw-rwt-ll. tlurln-r. 'Klum-Ili, Yxiiipi-I, lltilin. Ki-llwrgl. lfourlli row: Winniz-. Kaivunuggli. .-M1-liiiiul, llurwy. Cfrippvii, Young, 'I'g1ylnr, lldlll. lillQlgll'l'tl, llnylziir, tlliislvl. IXIUXSUII. W1-sst-mlurl. VOLLEYBALL r ARCHERY aw! JL 4... First row, left to right: Ferrara, Muscato, Bowen, Compani, Paul, Viscosi, Oare, Reed, Campbell, Budoff. Second row: Baker, Grimm, E. D'Errico, Piccione, Rozchi, Evangelista, Paciolla, Wood, DiPalma, Thompson, Reese, Frisch. Third row: Comhothekras, Cairo, Knowles, 0'Connor. Mos- coni, Kucera, Javarone, Huseck, Gifford, Martin, Feuer, Parillo, Baker, Bussc, Puglis, Mulhall. Fourth row: Miss Holly, Mosher, Cassaro. Nellis, Phelps, Kaiser, Kolberg, Queeney, Barter, Barter, DiPalma, Colabello, Hitchcock. While the boys trained for their football and cross country teams, the girls were playing volley- ball. The teams met on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. They played some out-of-town games with Northville at the end of the season. Instead of choosing an honor team this year, Miss Holly had the four teams from the visiting school play either Tuesday's or Thursday's four teams, alternating the two days. For archery the girls met every Wednesday at 3:00. They completed the Junior Columbia Round with Marguerita Grimm as the high scorer. First row, left to right: Busse. D'Errico, Grimm, Reese, Mulhall, Poyfair, Swartz, Colabello. Brown. Second row: Cornell, Muscato. Ferrara, O'Connor. Thompson, Kaiser. Mosher, Javarone. Baker. Parillo. Barter, Miss Holly. F 1 ps 'I A V' mai 'D Vs Z CLASS OFFICERS-Left to right: Quacken- bush Vice President, Geisler, Secretary, Ca- ruso Treasurerg Mraz, President. Abdella, David Abdella, Victor Albanese, Louis Allcock, Claudia Allen, Joanne Ambrosino, Loretta Anadio, Elsie Anderson, Kevin Anderson, Sandra Antevil, Judith Ardron, Margaret Ashton, George Baurle, Donald Beaulieu, Beverly Becker, James Becker, Richard Berard, Donna Besaw, Janice Beyer, Barbara Blanchard, Donald Bradley, Joan Brothers, Beverly Brown, Lewis Brown, Marion Brown, Robert Brown, Vevia Browne, Joseph Buanno, Henry Buanno, John Burns, John Busse, Shirley Cammarere, Saviur Caputo, James Caruso, Anthony Cassaro, Angie Chamberlain, Clyde Chancer, David Chatterton, William Cheney, David Cirillo, Peter Colabello, Norino Cole, Gary Cole, Mary Collar, Dominic Compagnone, Anthony Compagnone, Rita Cordone, Barbara Cordone, Paul Cornell, Jean Crippen, Earl Crispin, Joanne Davies, John Davis, Robert Day, Carolyn D,Errico, John Diana, Charles DiMezza, Gloria Dinehart, Barbara Dockendorf, John Donnelly, Patricia D'Onofrio, Dominic A. D'Onofrio, Dominic J. Dudley, Thomas Dunning, Jane Dutcher, Janet Edel, Carole Evangelista, Della Fancher, David Feinstock, Robert Feuer, Felice Fitzpatrick, Ellen Fogarty, John Foley, Jane Foley, John Fountain, Katherine Frascatore, John Frederick, Milfred Frish, Carole Garber, Donna Gardner, Gloria Geisler, Mary Room 107 studying. UNIOR Giardino, Tom Gifford, Lawrence Gleickman, Robert Glover, Jon Glover, Sandra Godkin, Leila Goodemote, James Grant, Dawn Grant, Florence Groff, Ann Guilan, Walter Gunderson, Edward Hale, Marlene Handy, Donald Handy, John Hanifan, John Hanson, Charles Harris, George Harris, Robert Harvey, Kathleen Hazzard, Frances Herrick, Ruth Hickey, Edward Hoagboon, Fred Hofmann, Rolf Hohenforst, Doris Holland, Donald Hornett, John Horning, John Hough, Gary Hough, Carol Houghton, Donald Huckans, Leonard lngraham, William Insognia, Patricia Jackson, Thurman Johnson, John Kaiser, Eva Kakareka, Helen Kalil, Frances Ring Day-December 17 CLASS Kavanaugh, Mary Kennedy, Roberta Knoblauch, June Kobrin, Sondra Kolberg, Paula Kreig, Marjorie Kucel, Edward Lander, Richard Larrowe, Nancy LaVista, Sylvia Lawrence, James Leiser, Gail Leonardi, John Lieberoff, Allen Lince, Paul Lloyd, Robert Loux, Burlin Luci, Richard Madden, Helen Malagisi, Lena Maliszawski, Tom Manchester, George Manzer, Bernard Mattice, Gayle McCoy, Harry McGregor, Betty McGuire, Patricia Meineche, Paul Merrill, Jack Miller, Daniel Miller, Robert Mosher, Sally Mraz, Joyce Nash, Joan Nicosia, Suzanne Nigro, Thomas Oare, Patricia Oare, Rosalie Oare, Roy 0,Hare, Joyce Paciolla, Mary Peck, Donna Perham, Dona Perrella, Rosemarie Persch, Joan Piazza, Andrew Piccione, Frances Pierce, Marguerite Pierce, Nancy Pollard, Henry Potente, Michael Poyfair, Mary Rose Pozefsky, William Puglis, Joan Quackenbush, Ann Ragusa, Vincie Ralston, Richard Reed, Bernice Reed, Patricia Reese, Jean Rhodes, David Rieth, Eleanor Rieth, William Riska, Barbara Roach, Allen Roberts, John Robison, Joyce Romaine, Walter Romano, Genevieve Rorick, Donald Rossi, Gary Rostron, David Sanford, Edward Sanges, Anne Sardelli, Nancy Schermerhorn, Donald Schoolcraft, Patricia Schutz, Alfred Schwed, Steven Schwed, Morris Semprevio, Richard Siebach, Loretta Simon, Nicholas Simonds, Marilyn Slater, David Sleezer, Richard Slovack, William Miss Stempfle's pride and joy. Leisure time in Room 104. avi' CLASS OFFICERS and ADVISORS Left to right: Mr. Dugan, Quackenbush, Miss Rob erts, Geisler, Mraz, Caruso, Mr. Hammes Snell, Richard Sorento, Robert Spelman, Alice Steflik, Mary Ann Stoddard, Joan Stoffolano, Harold Studenic, William Sturgess, Daniel Sturm, William Swartout, Carolyn Sweeney, Rose Marie Taft, Grace Texier, Alain Thorne, Ronald Tierney, Stephen Tomelc, JoAnn Tyrrell, Henry Tyazko, Gordon Unger, Leo Van Allen, Joanne Van Brocklin, Walter VandeWalker, John Van Hoesen, Delores Vaughn, Lena Vietri, John Viscosi, Gloria Viscosi, Lena Vosburgh, Beverly Wallach, Robert Watson, Doreen Weaver, Ronald Wessendorf, Edward Westfall, Barbara Wilson, Donald Winnie, Virginia Wood, Lois Worley, Betty Young, Janice Zeidner, Edythe 'lil s1ffz1i F O M -wi 3 -'K ,sw if W 'fax SX? 'A-J Q F .s T h e Majestic reality. Cheerleaders in at-tion. U W 'lf TL t Q T Winter comes to CHS Januarv thaw. "Snow plow."- Winter White-l -smi- 1 ' 1 "' o o it boys. The first signs of snow on thc school lawn and the opening of basketball season were the winterls calling cards. Before we knew it the long awaited holiday season was at hand with all the merriment, secrecy. and excitement that Christmas always brings. Cries of L'lVlerry Christmas" and "Happy N 97 v ' ew Year were heard lll and out of the school rooms! Upon our arrival to school after the Christ- mas holidays, we were faced with mid-year exams and the busy weekends of basketball. Activities other than basketball, which was the most promi- nent winter sport. included bowling. girls' basket- ball, Quadrille Club. and such seasonal sports as skiing and skating. During the stretch between the end of the basketball season to Easter Vacation our time was taken up by routine classes. homework, weekend dating and occasional dances. ...Season First Snow! KEY uw, Ready for sales at the C-,I Club We X game. 208, fllpph. U 6 xxx! 1 Tam Hg az wkclilflf gale' Drew . "Un CLUB i ldlflg. I1 In xwtl, so 3 RM, aialwg Y An uair of cooperation, leadership, and assist- ancei' was again the predominating theme of the Key Club of GHS. Under the sponsorship of the Kiwanis Club, the Key Club, advised by Mr. Le- Roy White, assisted all the worthwhile organiza- tions in the school. community, and government. Some of the functions were: performing civic functions. erection of the Christmas tree in the study hall, aiding the Christmas Salvation Army drive, operation of Station WENT, publication of the basketball scorecards, and announcing at all home basketball games. The officers Were: President-,lack Tate, Vice PresidentgAllan Kunkel, Corresponding Secre- tary-Norman Finkleg Recording Secretary-Lan ry Gifford, and Treasurer-John Fogarty. First row, left to right: Tate. Kunkel. Second row: Becker, Mazzone, Arnold, Quinn, Nicole-lla, Peck. Third row: Hassett. Harris, Johnston, Gunderson, Gifford, Bassett, Rubin. Fourth row: Schelmbauer, Jones, Abrams, Allele. FL'-. iff? ff- FELICITA CLUB , , Sr-rviw' with a SlIllll'. , xx9W,gixXtf fryllhlfr K,-,tu-A 1-Glplpw A Candi! Yxoxnsoh at f NUF' ' M- iaslfvf ' -UMW ball X0 l"i-lit-ila Cluh. the only girls, service organization in CHS. ae4'otnplisherl many things in its 1953-1954 season. To mention a few of them. tht- girls workecl at the Hospitality Shop at the Nathan Littauer Hos- pital anfl at the lxaskethall games as ushers and vainly wnflors. The-y also partivipati-il in the annual CHS 1-ireus anfl lwlpf-fl to make it a grand financial SUCCCSS. M Ng All activities were under the supervision of Mrs. liohison anal Mrs. Craig. Mrs. Craig sueceefled Miss Drury in the post of dual advisorship. The officers were the following: President-Crystie Conihothekras: Vice President-Natalie Treniante: Secretary-llannal Wilkilisg Treasurer--Jennie Hosoigno. lfirst row. left to right: Mrs. Rolnison. Svliluslmerg. Connolly. llerry. Saunders. Roseigno. Tri-niante. lionllvotln-kras. Wilkins. Riska. Kavanagh. Hose. Stellik, Evans. Tee-tx. Mrs. Craig. S:-voml row: U'llarv, Kohrin. IN-rrt-lla, Rohinson, llardinier, Cltllgllllllq, Coolig, Meyers. Ci-islvr, Kaiser, Nico- sia. Alu-lv. Storlmlarrl. Zi-itlner. 'l'hir4l row: Fitzpatrivk, Wood, Westfall. Reese. lnsognia. Sanges. Fountain, Romano, Tyler. lirotln-rs, lie:-aw. lfilel. fJlliiK'lU'IlltllSlt, l,aVista. Fourth row: U'Errieo. Alle-ovk. Dunning. Spf-linan. Vaughn. Cannizzo, Gaxzillo. Barter, Cuentlu-r, Boynton, Richtinyer. R1-we-so, Alhrwllt. iilietwynfl, l"rederi4'ks. .1 .Ll STUDENT COUNCIL WILLIAM JAMES DIANA PIRRO President Treasurer ELEANOR MARY ANNE D'ERR1C0 SAUNDERS Vice President Secretary This yearls governing body of G.H.S., Student Council, was directed by Bill Diana with assistance from Eleanor Dilfrrico as vice president, Mary Anne Saunders as secretary, and ,lim Pirro as treasurer. Many projects that were recommended by last year's Council got under way, and many were suc- cessfully carried out. One of these projects is the newly added calendar of events situated beside the main auditorium entrance. This project could not have been completed had it not been for Mr. Dock- stadefs generous assistance. We must not neglect the Council members' as- sistance in selling tickets for the football games. They also put in many long hours selling tickets and checking coats at the basketball games. The power of the Council was increased by its complete supervision over all money matters. First row, left to right: LaVista, O'Hare, Martin, Pirro, Diana, D'Errico, Saunders, Cazzillo, M. Sf-mprevio, Draffen. Second row: Mr. Silvernail, Nigro, Sweeney, Yanno, Miller, R. Semprevio. Andreana, Mr. Ferguson. .-l ,Y l fi1-LW' A., mx inet-ts with Ihr- X vluh Ol-fl1't'l'H. B00 TER CLUB e Roll call lm ' ilu- eerretarv Nir. Alvaro Tha pn:-itlfnt Calle for thc voun Clnh handles publicity. Enqvat 1-QV This yt-ar. with its aclvisor, Mr. Alvaro, Booster Clnh int-t weekly on Tuesclay at noon. The aim of the 1-luh is to foster good school spirit. During the vourso of the sm-asonS. this cluh helcl a fcw joint nm-tings with tht- Varsity Cluh. the male "hooSt0rs.i7 to 1-omhinv their imlcas on how to promote Sports- manship in everyday plaees. such as more courtesy. quiet:-r halls. vooperation in the Classroom. and gootl manners in llSSC'lIllDliPS. Before the annual Uloversville vs. Johnstown game. the stutltnt hotly saw many volorful posters whieh the girls had lllilllv. At games when all hearml that official cheering seetion. everyone knew it was none other than the Booster Cluh. The officers for the year were the following: Presiflent. Mary Anne lYl'irriCo: Vice Presitlcnt. Patricia Knowlesg Secretary. Valorie Evansg Treas- urer, Lois Vlloocl. First ron, It-ft to right: M-rtuwi, Ftontnvr, lm-tn. lfxans. .-Xinhrosino. llorelon, liarone. filillvll. lloinpani, ffoolig. Nic-yt-rs. lflfrrieo, Hn-voncl row: Westfall. Reese. KK'3N't'Ilt'f'. Huff. Pieartli. lnsognia, Kakarka, Oarv, liesaw, lille-I, lfvaiigvlista, Carher. Km-ig, Cole, Dt-Simone, Ili-rry. Thirtl row: Wlrirrieo, llrown, Fountain. Tornvk. l'im-111-, lialnanio, O'Hare-. Wootl, Kohrin, Romano, Yaughni. Lunwlrio. Swartout. Pm-rn-lla, Mraz, Craig. Treinante-, ll'Erric'0, C0lIllJ0lllt'kI'8S. - IS 115 'f - "IQ - 3X l:'-I R Mrs. Hinkel meets with the club officers. The purpose of the Sophomore-Junior Dramatics Club organized two years ago and advised by Mrs. Hinkel is to train interested students in the arts of the theatre such as make-up, lighting, and of course, acting. This training aids one greatly when he becomes a senior and helps with the play. This year the group put on a one-act play for the sophomores called 6'Those in Glass Houses." The members really worked extremely hard and much credit was due them for their fine production. The president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer were respectively: Larry Gifford, Judith Antevil, Anne Paul, and Nadia Quackenbush. SOPHOMORE-JUNIOR DRAMATICS CLUB First row. left to right: LaVista, Westfall, Reese, Paul, Gifford, Antevil. Quackenbush, DiPalma, O'Hare, Pierce. Second row: A. Quackenbush, Frish, Feuer. Swartout, Kobrin, Romano, Spelman, Fitzpatrick, Paciolla, Pierce Flewelling, Hahn. Evangelista. Third row: Cordon, Anadio Draffen. Rozycki, Beman, McCillis, Richtmyer, Mrs. Hinkel 'gThose in Class Houses" offered by the club as an assembly program. Don llaurle exainines our film library. A student is eligible to be a member of the Projectionist Club when he is a freshman. After having been fully trained, in his sophomore year. the projectionist may perform his required duties which include operating film-strip and motion pie- ture machines, and setting up public address sys- tems. Joseph Miranda. the head man in the club. is in charge of the distribution of assignments to the students. He tries to assign operators to jobs in their own classes. The projeetionists are a very dependable group. always there when you need them. Their advisor is Mr. Loring Huliek. MO-VIE PROJECTIONISTS First row, lt-ft to right: Kirsli, Lander, Merrill, Cheney. l'otc-n tv. llrimni, llull. Set-ond row: Mr. llulivk, Gunderson. llansvn, lh-vc-npr-ek, Wt-ave-r, Nliranda. Cole. Johnson, Mr. Male. Operators elle-ek the equipinent for the next showin DREW GORDON E DON FRANK 1 l i xl . 'Q j . - as TOM 51 NICRO BOB W'AA MILLER Nz jan. a I A GEORGE LARRY GARLOCK HARRIS Captain Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. I an. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb Feb Feb 1953-54 BASKETBALL SCORES 21--at St. Mary's 28-Nott Terrace ..... ...,YY. 4-Johnstown ............. .,.... . 11-at Mechanicville 18-at Scotia ,.......,.. ....f., 19-Glens Falls ..,........ ....... 26+at Nott Terrace 29-at Amsterdam ......... .,..,.. 8-Draper ,,.,.....,,... 15-Saratoga ............... ,.....,. 23--at Glens Falls ...,..... ...,.,. 29-at Johnstown .. 30-Amsterdam ...... 5-Mechamcvxlle ....... ........ 12-Scotia ................ 19-at Draper ...., 20-St. Marys ....v.... f....... 26-at Saratoga ....... A....... V A R y me s fo . r ,rx Jiggagzwxi k . . ..... an . mr A BUD MAZZONE K In e wif i , , -1 5, A, A , L. ng, 3 JERRY KERZNER During Coach Kobuskie's five years of service here, he has pro Si duced a fine team. This year, his coaching ability was shown us by a winning streak at the beginning of the year over St. Mary's, F' ? Nott Terrace, and Johnstown. Thrillers of 'the season were the Mechanicville and Nott Terrace games which ran into overtime. The many wins of the season were accomplished by the sharp of Captain George Garlock and Larry Harris. Good on the were Bob Miller, Drew Cordone, and Don Frank. Johnstown offered us no serious competition during the season GHS was avenged for our loss to their football team earlier the school year. row, left to right: Lafabreque, Coach Kobuskie, Kerzner. Second row Carlock, Semprevio, Chancer, Harris, Abdella, Miller, Frank, Cordone 1953.54 BASKETBALL SCORES LANNY , 1 CHS 0 MARVIN L I 5 Nov. 28--Nott Terrace ..,.,,,, ,,,,,, , 4' Dec. Dec. 29wat Amsterdam ,,,,, Jan. 8--Draper ........,v,, .,v,,,,,, Q. J 5 Jan. 15--Saratoga ......,,,.,., ,,,,,., . . VI, A f Jan. 23--at Glens Falls ,,,,,.. .,,,. A , ' I Jan. 29-at Johnstown .,,,,,, ,,,,,, . .. DICK gi' Jan. 30-Amsterdam ...,,, ARNOLD A Feb. 5-Mechanicville .,,,, .,.,,,,,, Feb. 124Scotia ,,,,,,,,....... ......,,. Feb. 19-at Draper ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Feb. 20-St. Mary's .,,.,. Feb. 26-at Saratoga ,... Although the J.V. record was not as impressive as in former years, they executed a brand of basketball pleasing to the crowds. The spotlight fell many times upon Nick Simon, Jack Hanifan, and Bill Pozefsky as they scored consistently. The students also noticed the drive of Walt Van Brooklin and Dick Bona. One of the most exciting games of the season was with Mechanic- ville. Behind 16 points at the half, the future varsity came ahead to win by 2 points. Coach Kobuskie is to be thanked for offering GHS such a fine team. First row, left to right: Nicholson, Mraz, Gargulio, Coach Foote, Arnold, Horwitz, Caruso, Bona. Second row: Albini, Wilson, Alofs, Cornick, Hanifan, Simon, Richter, Pozefsky, Freeman, Van Brocklin, Palcovic. Hia-111911 if - 1,12-Ggflkii A Nov. 21- at St. Mary's .,., , 4--Johnstown ,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,.,.t,. Dec. 11-at Mechanicville .. . Dec. 18-vat Scotia ,......,,,,,,, ,, ,,i, .1 JOHN Dec. 19-'Glens Falls ssss .,.e..,.. LAFABREGUE Dec. 26--at Nm Terrace ssss S... PP 32 86 34 43 37 51 67 61 60 41 39 34 66 46 37 31 34- 64 J A Y V E E B A S K E T B A L L Q JACK HANIFAN ff Fi., 34 f V A , C wt ,. ttett ,, -24- C in if 2 ' tg? g ,- DICK ' -, t ALOFS N33 is l -.. L1 if as 1 DICK BONA X F! xl iii: et fi' WALT VAN BROCKLIN ,Q xl A , 'X if E C, S F5 , ik! BILL POZEFSKY gi C C A Q. Nw . - Q 3 NICK is SIMON 3 3 About 50 girls reported for bowling at the call of the season in January. The girls were immediately organized into teams and agreed to play on Wednesdays after school in the Klings Alley. The teams were supervised by Miss Margaret Holly and Mrs. Ruth Craig. At the end of the year after the averages were computed the annual bowling trophy was awarded to the girl with the highest average. First row, left to right: Thomp- son, Robison, Vine, Parillo, Busse, Colabello, Mraz, Romano, Wood, Baker, Otto, Preston, Nel- lis, Phelps, Dipalma, Kucera, Javarone, Cornell, Kavanaugh, Sawyer, Oare. Long. Second row: Mulhall, -Combothekras. Leslie. Baker, Jacobson, Coolig, D'Er- rico, Graydon, Sweeney, Com- pani, Puglis, Husek, Barter. Hine. Third row: M. D'Errico, Geisler, Dunning, Spelman, Saun- ders, Heiman, Paciolla, Piccione, Queeney, Grimm, Viscosi. Last row: Miss Holly. First row, left to right: Potter, Brown, Coolig, Saunders, Jacob- son, Tremante, LaRowe, Young Teetz, Jacobson. Second row: Mosconi, Phelps, Mullings, Com- bothekras, Connolly, Evans, Can- nizzo, Fredericks, Barter, Javar- one, Recesso, Kucera. Third row: Miss Holly, Beman, Hahn, John- ston, Frazier, Robinson, Mulhall, Muscato, Richtmeyer, Grim m, Rozycki, Quackenbush, Hitch- cock, Swartz, D'Errico. Fourth row: Martin, Grant, Brothers. Colabello, Busse, Ferrara, Bal- zano, Parillo, O'Connor, Starr, Cruthers. Q The girls, basketball season began in Janu- ary as we returned to school. Each Tuesday and Thursday nights after school about forty girls reported to play. The players were di- vided into two teams for each night, the Reds and the Whites. ln order to gain experience, the girls took turns refereeing. The teams were composed of some excellent players, both guards and for- wards, making the season both an enjoyable one and a successful one. ifirsl ww, In-ft tu l'1gI1llI lilunvh- ziril, Pirro, Collar. Mr, llifliuiu, 1,m'ulm-Ili, 110ilg1l00ll. Si-m'0n11 row: 111111111141-si-, 1,uir, 1,l'l1g11l, l1m'1'k1-r, Skiff, 1.IIll'4'. 'Hu' niiim-rims wills nf "strik4-1" su-rc 1Il'ilI'i1 again all Klingfs A114-ys us lhv boys, bowling lc-anis 1l4'f,lQZlll 11l1'Il' svzismi with Mr. llifiluizl us l1i1-ir 1'mu'1l. 1111- vighl ls-mns 111111 l1wir r'apluiii:+ 1il1Kl'Il from 1114- vighl 11ig1wsi svorc-rs. Al thc' 01111 of thi' 1lfS1 111111 ul tin- si-usmi. thi- tc-anus um-rv rc-miigziiiizi-41. lluring 1110 first 114111. the favulty In-um haul 11111 liighf-sl uve-rugv. lfvc-ry wcvk. thi- fm- 1lIg1l1'S1 se-urvrs wvrv 011415011 to lm lln- VZITSI11' lll gzum-s with su4'1i sf-Imols as Aiiisla-nlaliil. .lu1insluwn. 111111 Suiliai. Al l1if' 1-m1 uf 1111- Si'ilS0ll. mic- 14-11111 was Sl'1l'1'11'K1 In ri-pivsiiil 11115 in 1111- Stalls' 1,115- lrivl '11lblH'llllIlll'll1 in Mlvziiiy. B O W L I N G BOWLING AVICIKAGICS VOR 3 31 llumiuim' liullur lzinws Pirro 11UIl 111um'1izir11 Mfrvml Cil1il1DI'l'St' w . Karl 1,m'ulQ'11i Fred 11uag1noui1 Karl Skiff juni:-s Bm-kcr Paul I,im-v . Curl 1'vuU11 P 11uro1i1 Lair Wil11l'f 1,im'v 1'2E'1? - 1 7 1' irst 1051 175 1611 107 105 105 157 150 152 152 1-18 1-16 1-111 row. lvfl to right: 1.u1'i. Vl'2,'1l l v. Yomlvruln-. Sprakvr. Kunks-1, Niaiizvr. 5i'4'ni141 row. Tartaglia. linisluwski, Alirums. Sturge-ss, Se-ruussi, Mnli-lla. 51111- lvnburg, Maxfin-141. 1"ulm-y. Svlwlni- bauvr. Nurmumlin, 1.uir. First row. left to right: Spclman, Cordone. Mazxone. Wilkins. Miss Cassidy. Miss Roberts, Balzano, Vlveslfall. Huizing. Sccoinl row: Geisler, Dunning, Tcetz. Cardinier. Reese, Evans. Schlusberg. lloynton. Richtmyer. Antcvil. Frisch. Third row: Sarantos. Abcle. Nicolt-lla. Abrams. Fda-lstc-in, Finklc. Maxfield, Texier, L. Wood. KI. L. Wood. The French Club is an organization primarily for the purpose of enjoyment and gaining ease in speaking the French language. This year, as in the past, meetings were conducted entirely in French. and various educational programs were given. The club was the guest of the Johnstown High School French Club, early in October where slides taken in France were shown. Under the supervision of the advisor. Miss Cassidy. the club had a successful year. The officers were as follows: President, Hannah Wilkinsg Vice President, Janet Abeleg Secretary, Michael Mazzoneg Treasurer, Drew Cordone. JUNIOR UFFICERS "CHAN'I'ONS" sEN1oR 0l'F1t 1 RS l FRDTNP11 P11112 VAR ITY CLUB l "ll Hlllm lllf' lvffim-rx, lilllillll-ll'llll0llN of lliv lilllll. llurris t'llll1llll'l"1 ai lm-vtirigr Varsity Club. under its advisor, Mr. Hammcs, was newly organized last year. Its Ibllflhliit' is muvli lilw that of tlic- liuustvr Clulv. tu iiiiprnw sm-lmul spirits. Um- of tlu- oys' julvs mis tlic- st-lling nf smismi lickvts fur fmwtlmll ziml lmslwtlmll. 'l'liu ulfircrs wort' tht- follmxing: Captain. Larry llarris: Cu-Czipluiii. lfrainli 'Vlzilugisiq lim-uriliiig Nlumigvr. JZIIIIVS Pirro: llvvurcliiig 'l'rm-zisiirvr. llmiulml l"ramk. lfirft ww, ln-fl ln riglll. wulml: llurria Frank, Nlarvin. 51-vmul row: linwlvy. lloagilmoii, lllllllll. lluffmun. livlllllll. Slainrling: Kunlu-l, Nlr. llaniim-S, Rumrill. .'Nlulvll:1. fl' ' I .l -Y First row, left to right: Balzano, Baldwin, Andreana, Cannizzo. Second row: Mr. Al- varo, Mrs. 38 Flex, Mr. Dockstader. Abele, Robert Abrams, John Adore, Ann Alhanese, George Albanese, Martha Albini, Ettore Allen, 'Dorothy Allen, Frank Alofs, Richard Ambrosino, Thomas Anderson, Karen Andreana, Joseph Andrest, Dean Andrews, Helen Archinal, Bonnie Ashe, Robert Ashton, Eleanor Aulisi, Joseph Baldwin, Warren Balzano, Martha Barone, Connie Barter, Nancy Bassett, Peter Batty, Sidney Bauer, Thomas Beal, Betty Lou Becker, Betty Jean Beman, JoAnn Blanchard, Robert Boles, Richard Bonn, Richard Bonfey, Donald Bonfey, Robert Bowen, Jacqueline Bowman, Joyce Bradt, John Bradt, Nancy Brooks, Donald Brown, Leona Brown, Roxana Brown, Sam New-A Vs , Buanno, Patsy Buanno, Patsy N. Buckley, Keith Budoff, Elaine Bullerwell, Jean Burgess, Gerald Burns, David Byron, Patric Cady, Ruth A. Cairo, Joan Campbell, Loretta Cannizzo, Anthony Cannizzo, Frank Capasso, Paulette Capperella, Rosemarie Carr, Carol Caruso, Thomas Case, David Cerasia, Edward Chamberlain, Joan Cheney, Justus, Jr. Chislet, Patricia Chizek, Ronald Ciaccio, Ursala Coadney, Richard Cohen, Beverly Cohen, Roger Cole, Edwin Combothekras, Virginia Comstock, John Cornrick, Thomas Crabbe, Eugene Craig, JoAnn Crippen, Tess Darling, Joan Darling, Roy Davin, John DelNegro, James DelSignore, Guy D'Errico, Louise Devenpeck, Gary DeVoe, Ralph DiCruttalo, Concetta DiMezza, Vincent Soph's Folly DiPalma, Anna DiPalma, Louise Drafen, Joan Dudley, Dawn Dunham, Jack Dunkel, Ann Lou Dwyer, Lana Edelstein, Lester Farhart, Maurice Ferrara, Cecile Ferrara, Philip Fisher, Elizabeth Flewelling, Dawn Fountain, Bernard Frank, Carol Frederick, Shirley Freeman, Robert Ganster, Mary Ann Garber, Billy Lee Gardner, Janice Garguilo, Donald Gendron, Louise Gentile, Joan Getman, Larry Giardino, Tom Giblin, Peter Gill, Nella Gill, Richard Glover, James Gordon, Joyce Gordon, Norma Green, Raymond Grimm, Richard Gurga, Marlene Haddaway, Larry Hahn, Barbara Hall, William Havlick, Frank Hilts, Betty Hine, Emelie Hitchcock, Virginia Hoffman, Joanne Hoffman, Sadye An Horwitz, Richard Cafe Society IIC fif Ev , 'Wt' ' Q Hough, Edith Houghteling, Scott Huizing, Marjorie Hulbert, Warren Huntzinger, Fortune Izzo, James Jinks, Douglas Johnson, Donald Jones, Nelson Keaveney, Suzanne Kirsch, Alvin Kolberg, Freida Kreithlow, Ann Marie Kunkel, Fred Lair, Harold Langlois, Arthur LaPorte, Alphonoso LaRowe, Sara Lauritano, Ralph Lenz, Robert Lenz, Susan Lewis, Paul Liberti, Carolyn Locatelli, Carl Longhenry, David Lucas, Sandra Lyon, Noreen MacFarlane, Thomas Malley, Peggy Maneth, Nancy Marcous, Joanne Marcoux, Joseph Martin, Jacqueline Maxfield, David Maxson, Caryl McCillis, Phyllis Menko, Pauline Ann Miller, Robert Miranda, Rita Monroe, Donna Mosconi, Robert Mouyios, Mary Mraz, Richard Mulhall, Nancy Sophomore slump. Mulone, Louis Muscato, John Muscato, Patricia Nicholson, Dale Nicholson, Peter N igro, Ruth Normandin, Richard Oare, John Oare, Mary O'Connor, Michael Otto, Betty Palcovic, John Parfitt, John Porillo, Patricia Passino, Victor Paul, Anne Perna, 'Fred Perrone, Marilyn Pettit, Charles Peugh, Harriet Picardi, Loretta Potter, Joyce Poyfair, Mary Jean Quackenbush, Nadia Queeney, Gail' Raimo, Cynthia Rese, Judith Ricco, Donald Richter, John Richtmyer, Caroline Robison, Harry Rocca, Joseph Rossbach, Chris Rulison, Arthur Rulison, John Sarantos, Geraldine Satterlee, Donald Sawyer, Mary Lou Schelmbauer, Frank Semprevio, Mildred Seroussi, Abraham Shafer, Mary Jean Shandro, Richard Shannon, Myrna Slave, you dogs. CLASS OFFICERS-Left to right: President, Joseph Andreanag Vice President, Warren Baldwin, Secretary Martha Balzanog Treas- urer, Frank Cannizzo. Shulenberg, Cary Schwartz, Alan Simon, Barbara Smith, Elmer Smith, Leonard Soules, Arthur Spraker, Thomas Stoutner, Janice Stratton, Patricia Strauser, Marilyn Tauber, Marion Thompson, Richard Thompson, Shirley Tremante, Louis Trembley, John Trembley, Joseph Underwood, Rosemary Unislaski, Herbert Vaupel, Carolyn Veghte, Bruce Vertucci, Clara Vietri, Jean Vonderahe, Bert Vrooman, Frances Wallach, John Walther, Donald Walther, Henry Walton, Virginia Ward, Joan Wessendorf, Christine H, l Wessendorf, Geraldine Whitman, Charles Wilcox, Jon Williams, Robert Wilson, Leon Wilson, Linda Wood, Mary Louise Yanno, William Yost, Lorraine Young, Audrey Zuckerwar, Carol 20 wfymgr-i tx! ,N- V 1- Q , ww 'Qi 1 ' Ngiuq- c' 3.:sgz,., I fl L ,345 LP Y 'Mar S v dag , 'N we Q Y i 5 Q' C Oaiiy 4 2-s .W Crowning of King and Queen at Prom. Smoking Fiends. Track Meet. Spring Frolics. 'Q.E.iEfafE1i'g'figfEfL:f?.2T1,.?2I.,Vk M-,EL - -. ' ff' - When the first sign of spring fever appeared, it was apparent to all that the winter season had drawn to a close. Couples were notified by the office to discontinue all amorous manifestations on the school property. This, however, was not the only sign of spring. Shouts of "play ball" and breathless boys running up Kingsboro Avenue were other evidences of the new season. Spring sports included tennis, golf, baseball, and track, while the social activities included such events as the Junior Prom and the Circus. Our minds, however, were not en- tirely taken up with the various activities of the new sea- son for there were constant reminders that regents were just around the corner. Thus, spring passed into summer. Waiting fur ilu- I - . Halle-r up! H0l"l"MAN Captain of gulf Ivan: The Spring lfugvr lwuw-rs uf the- Ci Anntllvr nmnth-vawaliml. S4-rving for hm In tho shade of ilu- school lawn CRYSTIE COMBOTHEKRAS Editor-in-Chief The staff began its work in the spring of 1953, thus completing one quarter of the Ora- cle by the beginning of September. The 1954 Oracle was headed by Crystie Combothekras, assisted by Jean Schlusberg and Don Frank, with faculty supervision given by Mr. Check. The staff after many hours of research de- cided upon a seasonal theme for the ,54- Ora- cle. This theme was entirely new and has not been used before in the history of local an- nuals. For this reason it meant a complete re- vision of the format process of the yearbook. The staff attempted to classify the various activities according to the season in which they occurred. The finances of the 1954 Oracle were cap- ably handled by Jack Tate and his committee. The support he received from advertisers made it possible to print an excellent year- book and permit the student body to obtain copies at a reasonable, low cost. First row, left to right Vonderahe Potter Wilkins Berry Schlusberg Combothekras Frank Tate, Roscigno, Brown Connolly Second row Kmg Guiffre Heiman Jacobson Evans D Errico, Coolig, Cou hnut E DErr1co Saunders Third row Mazzone Fay Nicollela Fred erick, Cazzillo, Nellls Abele Tremanle Compam Fourth row Peck Kunkel Kerzner Gold stein, Edelstein, Fmkle I-IUSKY GRC NA'l'Al,l li 'llltlilil A NTE Erlilor-ill-lfhief First row. left to right: Cole, Jaeolison. Roseigno, Reeesso. 0'Hare. Halliovsky. Wiood, Coolig. Second row: Kohrin, Frisch. Geisler, Meyers, D'Errieo, Goldstein. llrovsn. Coughnet, Berry. Potter, Heiman, Frederick. Kerzner. Fitzpatrick, lline-hart. Sosna. Peek. Perrella. leidner. Jones. Third row: Frank. D'Errieo. Worley. Ragusa. Kavanaugll. Viseosi. Pieeione-. Paeiolla. Parillo, Paul, Dililezza, Sanges, Nigro. lidel, SW8I'lll0llt, St:-flik. Huntzinger, Rozyehi. Fourth row: Combothekras, Liberti, Spelman. Sm-nmprevio. Reese. Westfall. Wood. Hazzard. Gill. Uni- slawslci, Keaveney, Potter. llarter. Adore. Nletluire, Underwood, Capparello. Alidella. Fifth row: Seroussi, Sarantos, Lenz. Gordon, Stratton. Gifford. Fountain. Young, Zuekerwar. Ruff. Capasso, Williams. ,fl aww., The llusky Growl, published five times a year hy the Press Clulm, continued as the most eagerly-awaited source of news and views in GHS. The accent was on creative, informative writing, with the makeup revitalized with novel features: mystery silhouettes, cross- word puzzles, new and varied columns. Y A mcmlmer ofltwo. press associations, the JOYCE 0-HARE browl added to its lively presentation of ln- tercsting events with photographs. Long standing departments still held the interest of the student reader audience: the sports, situation was outlined with clarity and gusto. as was the low down on romance, cluh activi- ties, and entertainment. Page two was still filled with editorials. Husinesx llnnager Leading melnln-rs get together to pose. Capahly directed hy lVliss Mary Evelyn Connors, the Crowl put in another in a long line of notahly productive years of puhlica- tion. Arnold, Miss Connors, Trenlante, Mazzone, Evangelista, Becker, Alu-le, Antevil, lTunning:,Harris. CHOIR KAW First row, left to right: Garber, Crispin, Tomek, Paciolla. Quackenbush, Vonderahe, Perham, Fountain. Robinson, Gar- dineer. D'Errico, Grimm, Recesso, Ralston, Phelps, Compani, Wilkins, Grant, Stewart, Ambrosino, Rose, Potter, Coolig, Coughnet, King. Third row: Mr. Bley. Stoddard, La Vista, Anadio, lnsognia, Evans, Con- rick. Juedes. Perrella, Allen. Puglis, Lepper, Malagisi, Meyers. E, D'Errico, Graydon. Johnston. Fourth row: Kelley, Duff, Cassaro. Second row: DeSimone, This year the music department added another in- structor to our faculty, Mr. Philip Bley. One of his many jobs is the direction of Choir HA,7' composed of members from the junior and senior classes. Mr. Bley has brought many new ideas to Glovers- ville among which is a group of officers to handle the "business" such as outside engagements and gifts. A section from the choir also appeared on television. As part of the regular schedule, the choir gave a Christmas program and participated in the Spring Concert. Some members were chosen to take part in the annual County Festival held at the Boulevard School. As usual the group rendered a few numbers at the lVlay Festival held in the boys, gym. The officers for the year were as follows: Fred Kelley-Presidentg Barbara Dinehart-Vice Presi- dentg Ann Gazzillo-Secretaryg Hannah Wilkins- Treasurer. Reese, Pierce, Dinehart, Peck, Teetz, Pierce, Antevil, Spelman. Garofalo, Nash, Brown, Roscigno. Perrella. Fifth row: Cohan. Gazzillo, Mraz, Lauritano, Be-rard, Thompson, Brown. Alleock, Chetwynd, Guenther, Helwig, Edel, Colabello, Jacobson. Sixth row: Garlock, Tate, Gifford, Perham, Satterlee, Docks-ndorf, Landrio, Giardino, McCoy, Pirro, Colabello. Seventh row: Marvin, Miller, Hoffmann, Potente, D'Onafrio. Pt-ugh, Harris, Becker, MacDonald. Cirillo, Peek. Christmas rehearsal. Choir ull." this yt-ar. was unclcr the liaton of Miss l,u4'y Nlakris and fcaturocl an exceptionally talented quartet of girls ronsisting of Carol Frank. .lavkic lVlar- lin. Ann l.ou Dunkel. and joan llraffcn. The accom- panists were Mary Louise Wood and George llarris. The sophomores had thu pleasure of attending a spm-vial Christmas program offered by Choir HB" in lll'I'lYll1lN'l"l while in April tliv whole group clirl its part in the annual Spring Concert. Delegations from thc vlioir wt-ro sunt to thc County Festival and the May lfcvstival. 'lilw offic-1-rs for thc yr-ar were as follows: President 'wjoan llraffm-nz Sl'I'I't'l8I'y--lvlilflllil Balzano: Under Scvrctary-'l'rc-asurcr-Conniv llivruttalo. iss 'Nlakris 1'ondm'ls Choir lirst row, If-ft to right: ilrippvn. Frank. Xlulliall. Vvrtlirvi. 5l1Illlll1'l'. tloulon. llaroni-, llalzano. tlanelvr, HllIllllllgL1'I', Di- l'alma. Sarantos. S1-voml row: lfri-rl:-rick. Young. llraffen, llaimo, l'ariIlo. Cairo. Anelr-r-on. Shannon, Kvave-m-y. La ow:-. U'fQonnor. llil'alma. Pivarrli. Conlluollwkras. Capasso. lllirml row: Sliulvr. llalin. liugglic-ro. llowvn. Potter. flkllllll- lwll. llullm-rw:-ll. Paul. Coin-n. Dunkel. Martin. Mann-lll. Lyon. Fourtli row: llillrutlaio. l"ln-wvllingi. Cfiarvio. llnrllvy. llrown Wood, Sr-mprvvio. Fifth row: Mols, lluanno, Rulison, Aulisi jonvs. lfasv. l"rvc-man. Houglntvling. Davin. llalmlwin. Canniz zo, Kunkel. Sixtli row: Uarv. lrvnz. Trvinlmlvy. lh'lNvgro. lilo llifllvlla. flUlllSl4N'l'i. X'tllHl1'TLlllt', xvllliklllli. l.a Porta. ljzlssino Cliizvk. Client-y. Brown. CHOIR M" GHS .. . Nwswe-.-w ""' 9 V -. 1 l .g 99 G.H.S. Our Circus was called, as has been custom ary, the Bungling Brothers, Barndoor and Balehay Circus. This memorable event was held in the two Estee gymnaslums on qatur day, May 16, 1953. Eighteen side shows the main show, and the floor show were included in the entertainment. Among the many color ful attractions were the House of Horrors the Jumping Jacks, and the Wrestling Sponsors of the circus were the various service organizations of G.H.S. FCllClt3 Key Club, and Student Council. Felleita under the careful guidance of Miss Drury and Mrs 1. Matinee for the 'gbig top." 2. Activity at the side shows. 3. Happy hearts and full stomachs. 4.'ilnto the air." I. l'll4'l!llilIll'- loo. 2.'l'l14' "fr:-inks" of UHF. fl.ffvvry- om- mais il flown. -l."'l'lu- Xluxlu-r of Cl'l'1'lllUIlll'S,N CIRCUS liolvison. was in vliurgc of most of llic side shows. Km-y Clulu sl-l up llw T1'llIilllllYlg side allows Zlllll also purlivipulvml in lliu famous llilll-Cllll llziiim-. Sluelm-nl Counvil look cure of all llu- zivls in llw main mul floor shows. Slips-rxisiiig llu- virvus for llif- fuvully and slualz-nl lnofly wc-rv rm-spa-1-lin-ly Mr. Lucas and l'lll'ilIlHf lflfrrivo. Vlillf' lizlrmloor illlll Iiull-Imp Cirvus was vvry Slll'l'l'SSfl1l as fur us mom-lury gains. Allllllllgll llu-rv wvrv ww-ks of liurrl work imolvvml. llil' sllulvnls viijoyml llw wouflcrful lime- llicy llilll pulling il logcllu-r. Oo cf Q "' Cu nous I-Ji. Gil Q may1 Blvd. School .wi 'W Q F Fun Preparing for the Prom The Rhapsody in Bluei' Junior Prom was held May 1, 1953 in the gymnasium of the Boulevard School with a large Crowd in at- tendance. As Students and their guests arrived, they were greeted by some of the finest citizens of our community. These distinguished guests formed the reception line. Soon the couples were dancing for the remainder of the eve- ning to the fine music of Bernie Collins and f his Orchestra, all the while enjoying a rhap- Creeting The Chaperones Enjoying the Music sodical atmosphere created hy the hlue der'- orations. 5? tt , f in f E Crowning ot the Que-en l TT TKTTIXT1 1111 IXWUI' as t UNIOR PRO llranal Marvli. 'llho highlight of the evening was thi- coro- nation of the King ancl the Queen, James Pir- ro unrl lfloanor lllllrrico. rc-spevtiwly. The following vvorm- votocl to attend the Queen: Annu lluzzillo. jonnio llosuigno. lcrztlyn llei- nmn. lfllon 'lll-otz. Verna Mosconi. ancl Bever- ly llrown. 'llhv vonnnittvo which was responsible for junior l'roni hurl as its chairman john Swconoy. jori lla-imun was chairman of the llQ'CUI'illlIlg connnittov. Serving as vhaperoncs at the prom were the following: Mr. anrl Mrs. Arthur Ferguson, Mr. uncl Mrs. 'llllC0fl0I'C lj. Hammes, Mr. and Mrs. ll. Anclrcw Schlusborg. Mr. and Mrs. llornarfl l,. lleinmn, and Mr. ancl Mrs. Ed- warcl ,l. Connolly. The Class of '54 fclt that their prom was lay far tho host over and will always remem- hor it as one of the most delightful events of their high school years. l Thi- encl. Rc-frm-sliiiients. lit-tww-m-li numln-rs. Going homi- Tf'.i,.,. A YW QXBTLT fl PM OSA Come Hqain gwgsiaz of 4 - ,f ,. f, - 1,5 k - . - s Q I -,1 gf -,J,gy 7 eetr c '1'nEN N I'S'eP The 1953 Tennis team had a short hut successful season. Mr. LeRoy White who coached the team felt that the players progressed marvelously despite the rainy spell which interfered with many out-of- door practices. Whenever it was possible, the coach and the team made great use of the boys, gym. Once again the number of boys was insufficient and the girls were called upon to supplement the team. Now that this sport is a main one in Estee, the coach should look forward to some great teams. TENNIS RECORD 5 1953 GHS OPP May 29-Northville-There ,,,, W5 1 June 8-Northville--Here ,,t, ,..,,, 4 2 Coach White explains methods. Proper handling is important Left to right: Fleig, Tate, Winig, Slater, Wilson, La- Vista, Allcock, Spelman. GOLF The 1953 C115 Golf team accomplished many laudable feats. Under the supervision of Coach Hal- lenbeek and the leadership of Captain ,lack Veghte. the team participated in numerous meets. Although the team was disqualified on a teehnieality at Sche- nectady and finished ninth, Captain Veghte gained laurels for GHS by becoming medalist. Captain Veghte also participated in the lnterseetionals where he eopped medalist honors. ln the fall of 1953 at a meeting conducted lay Mr. flallenbeek, Harry Hoffman was elected Cap- tain of the 1954 squad hy his team mates. l'ndcr the leadership of Captain Hoffman. the team is planning to have a more sueeessful season than last yearis squad. GOLF RECORD A 1953 Pine lirook Colf Course April 30 .Miish-i'1la1i1 1013 Cloversville 4lfQ Selieiie-etznly' Municipal- Nlay 5 Mont Pleasant T' Clovvrsyilla' T1 Sells-m-1-lady lilunieipal-f-Nlay 6 Noll 'l'erra1'e 12 Clow-rsville QS .Mnsterdani Nlunieipal--May ll Amsterdani tiff Cloversville MQ Pine Brook Golf Course Nlay 14 ,lohnstown lforfvit Cloversvillx' , 15 Pine' llrook Golf Colirse--Nluy 18 Clove-rsville IU Nlont Pleasant 5 Pine lirook Coll Course May 19 Nott 'l'erra1'e 10lQ Clove-rsville UQ Pint- llrook Coll' Course Nlay 21 Cloversville 15 Sl. Nlaryk 0 Mohawk Course -- Seetionals--May 29 Mont Plc-asallt-First l'laee Cloversville-Ninth Place l Despite the loss of Captain and first-baseman due to ineligibility the '53 GHS team was considered the best team in these sections. Even though they lost two games this year the team retained a re- markable showing of only five losses in five years. Two games were abandoned because of inclem- ent weather. lvnder Coach Miller the team was well-coordinated and showed good sportsmanship throughout the season. Coach lVliller was aided by Assistant Coach Woy'cik. BASEBALL RECORD - 1953 GHS OPP April 29-at St. lVlary's ,C ,, M10 6 May 5-at Mayfield ,,tt , 3 0 May 6-Broadalbin ,, ,l5 6 May ll-Mont Pleasant ,,tttt - ,ll 1 May 12-St. lVlary's W e ,C 5 4 May 13-Fonda ,,,,., , . 3 1 May 20--Amsterdam ,,,,,,, , t,,t, 5 1 May 21-at Fort Plain ., itt, ,.,, , 6 0 May 29-Fort Plain ,t..,t,,. .ggsg 1 1 1 June 1-Johnstown ., ,t,t Ytfttt 6 7 June 2-at Johnstown ,ttt,tt, aggssg 6 7 June 5-at Amsterdam ,,,t 7 7 5 BASEBALL First row, left to right: Kel- ley. Simonds. Vanderwalker, Harris. Tallon, Benton, Fear, Davis. Second row: Slater. Finkle, Pozefsky, Collar, VanBrocklin, Satterlee. Mr. Woycik. First row, left to right: Ken- nedy, Steele, Savarese, Blow- ers, Cozzolino, Alofs, Picardi. Second row: Montanaro, Steele, Foster, Abdella, Bow- man, Cantanzaro. Third row: Coach Miller. Playing the game. Attention. mark time. right face, quarter-wheel turn! Thcy'rc at it again. Under the coaching of lVliss lVlargarct Holly, thc Girls' Marching and Drill Team again prepared a drill for the Barndoor and lialehay Circus. The girls were exceptionally well- traincd and precise. They gave a splendid exhibi- tion at lmth performances. The tumbling team was formed from the out- standing acrobats of each gym class. Such maneu- vers as pyramid building, handstands. and flips were practised daily in preparation for the exhibi- tion. They performed very much to their credit in connection with the 1953 circus. DRILL TEAM AND TUMBLING First row, left to right: Si monds, D'Errico, Sardelli McCrc-gor, Fox, Grimm. Sec ond row: Lauritano, Kaiser, M. Barter, P. Barter, Am brosino. Knowles. Cleve-land Third row: Baker, Brown Duff, Gardinier, Evans, Rob crtson. Husck. First row, left to right: Cole, Cruthers, Edel, Besaw, Feu- er, D'Errico, Ward, Sam- mons, Devoe, Baker. Cleve- land, Grimm. Relaxing before the performance. .lwur.tL. r .c........ 'Y 5 ,mr .farxaan .Q First row, left to right: Parfit, LaPorta. Frank, Selufsky, LaPorta. Rowley. Sanders. Ambrosino. Second row: Di- Giacomo. Ambrosino. Kunkel. Blanchard. Edelstein, Ross- bach. Robison. As Coach of the 1953 track and field team, Mr. Sinon proudly stated that this year's team was one of the best in the last five years. There were many outstanding participants, such as Edward Rowley who ran the quarter mile without defeat and John Hageman who threw the discus for seven meets without being topped. The high point scorer was Paul Meyer. All of these men as well as the others were captained by Vincent LaPorta, sprinter, and John Hageman, discus thrower. Thrilling to the students was Rowley's trip to West Point to compete in the state sectionals at the end of May. He ran the 4-40 in 51.7 seconds at the Saratoga Invitational Meet. May 23rd. TRACK Get set! Our starter. Throwing tlu-ir wr-ight arounmll Up anothc-r inch. TRACK RECORD Dual-Glovcrsvillc ,, ,, ,, Nott Terravc Gloversville IiJUHl'Gil7X'f7I'SVillC , Glovcrsvillc , Johnstown , , Dual!-Clovvrsvillc , Utica Free Academy , Gloversville , , , , Invitational-Clovcrsvillc ,, ,, Gloversville ,, , 7 Scotia ,, Dual-Amsterrlam Glovcrsville , Amsterdam ,, , Invitational-Saratoga ,,,,, Glens Falls Glovcrsvilln ,, Dual-'Johnstown Clovcrsville , ,lolmstown ,, , Sectionals-Johnstown .....,, Clcns Falls Clovcrsville , , 1953 , April 27 , T1 l f--lst 33' Q-Zncl May 5 T0-lst 29-2nd , May T Y 62-lst 42e2nd May 9 ,62-lst 43-1-Znfl ,, May 12 . 55-lst , 40-2nd , , May 23 , 28l,Q-lst ,IOPQ-6th Y May 26 , ,, 65-lst 39-2nd May 30 K 0 Zo 1,3-lst 16 2,3-2nd L1-ft to right: Hageman, Malagisi, Rumrill, Kvnnvcly, Palniutvvr. Stoffolano. Handy Calabrcse, Hanovic. Agl. FIELD BOARD GF EDUCATIOB Composed of nine members. the Clovers- ville Board of Education has direct responsi- bility for the determination of the education- al policies for our public schools. Serving without pay. this elected group of citizens makes every effort to provide the best possible education for children and youth of our city. In doing so, the members of the Board of Education sincerely attempt to carry out what they discern to be the wish- es of the people of our city. The Board of Education strives diligently to keep citizens informed about the activities and problems of our public schools. The Board of Education feels that the school pro- gram will progress most effectively when all citizens become interested in and concerned about those educational services which are offered to the' youth of our city. 9 ated: Mrs. Nicholas Simon. l'rt-side-nt ll. 'Klan Hotlist 111 Nlr ar tha Kunkel. Standing: Simi-rintcnclm-nt Fred Amin-llan. Otto Xoun,.rtn Pied Hundertmark. Thomas Randall. Richard Fitzpatrick Cltrk to the lloard. Cray Taylor. Missing: Robert Reese and Donald Fox -if-46 ADMINISTRATION Dear Graduates: The most important function of school is lo promote the intellectual and moral develop- ment of pupils. It has been a pleasure to work with you and observe your progress through three very important years of your lives. As you now reach a significant milestone in your careers and are alert to leave us, it is my sincere hope that you will continue to build on the foundations laid in the elemen- tary ands secondary schools. Will you bear in mind that becoming educated is truly a life-time activity? There is always the possi- bility of further growth toward a more cap- able, better, more serviceable personality. l wish to congratulate each of you upon your success and progress to date and wish you all good things in the years ahead. Sincerely, A rlhur Ferguson, Principal x - 1, 7 ,-kg,35?32E5zQLq Secretanes 'WN ' " ANN A- Dedicated to EUGENE J. HOGAN His frve period is taken up with Om fm- L1 night of fun at thc- tasks. Flvigs. "I 4 R 'X x I 9 .9 C LJ Mr. Hogan and his wife ara' 1 X' tcrtained by Miss Jones. -li! gm -ss. , L f fi Q5 AC vii? . WP I I +I I uf' His pride and Joy the thres- W f MINS. V X It is with much pride and pleasure that the Class of 1954 takes this 4, opportunity to express to a teacher who has made us enjoy our arduous C" tasks in G.H.S. With his keen comments, warm friendship and personality, and excelling ability as an instructor, he has contributed much to make our years in high school more enjoyable. We, the Class of 1954, are very happy to dedicate our yearbook to EUGENE J. HOGAN, a wonderful teacher and swell friend. bl Antlumy M. Alvaro History Q as in E E ' ., i - :ii I ,., xl Catlwrins- M. Drury lfornnzercial Ifstlu-r Nl. .Innes English Philip H. Blvy Music Winif1'1'cl C. Fleig Commerrial Ruth B. Capala History wig? ' Q - . ' H2966 ' ' Q E, . QW! ' I ,A iyi.7,.,e '- X .F E7 3 i-"fy Thvmlore- P. Hammvs flflatliemalirs HIGH CHOOL Harry J. O'Nei1 History Q59- Marir' Sarantos English Ruth F. Roberts English .iii N' 'Lal l ,adlfii Mary li. Connors English Dorollu-a S. Hinkel Dramatirs Evelyn Str-mpflv Latin Edward Taylor Music Donald Dm-kstadc-r In rlustrial Arls Ruth L. Craig Srienre gf SSR w - w. . 5' Larnu-lo Dlfrltblll S5 Commercial Y k,,,wky K kg, if airs if ig ,, Euge-nv J. Hogan Mathematics Loring W. Hulick Industrial Margaret E. Holly Arts Physiral Education Ruth Young CULTY mm LeRoy J. White- Science Ncllie- Tyrrell Edna Welsh Home Economics Spanish 5 Q fi? -QQQ Cet a load of this. Summer The ,QNXV Senior Picnic-Chow Line! C0mmCf1C9m9Hf Ushers- x T Y f ' w" SHS 5 JKQ.-2+ Tr-Fl if 'H n mngrutululions, fiI'illllIi1l1'Sl Luunging tm th.. lawn- llow to relax. Season... 'llo complete the cycle of seasons. summer. too, oontriliuted to sports and social activities. This season saw us have many anxious moments of whether or not our spring teams would enter into the scetionals. Already the most important event was in the minds of the upper class-men, gradua- tion day. Classmates, teachers. even parents were suggesting ideas for the big day at the Glove The- atre. Everyone knew that the eventual Tuesday morning would be preceded hy the Awards, Assem- blies when those who honored the school for three years in turn would he honored by the school. This was the time of report cards, too. With the blessing grunted we all knew we could take every- thing else, yes, the Senior Ball, too. N A S wzirding '12 trophy. ug, in The Drde-al-Regents SENIOR ANN LEE VONDERAHE ice President CLASS OFFICERS JOHN SWEENEY President Standing. left tu right: Advisors, Mr. Hogan. Miss Jones. Sitting: Voderahe, Sweeney, Berry. Abs-le. AA JANET ABELE Treasurer Officials arrange 1953-54 plans. DIANE BERRN Serretary ,EN 5' fe f- is Life of a party with his dry humor Vlan of varied interests. " Q hmr 2 Husky Crowl 2 5 4 Key Club 4 Oracle Staffg ,TMS C ' lla-.ketball 2 5 4 Football 2 Track 4 Senior Pltly Com- lx . l.,-Q T M t im , 'Y 32? 3 ,, Band 2 3 4 BO0Slf'I'fll1ll 2 Orchestra 2 3 4 Felicita 3, 41 ,Q A C at , French Club 3 4 Vu: lruident 4 Husky Crowl 3 43 Oracle f' ' Qtaff Rrd Cross fountll 2 3 laursl C Committee 3g Senior -i f A 3 A ' fommittu :rs Nports 2 Te nm 2 3 Treasurer of A , ass 4 llramatu sf u 1 5 t i fl? . . ::Szrff!3:i:.'!4 'i 'fmifffiffffziff A lllflz shi perhaps but lrltaile A "!i233i3' ' ,-'N ." .f-.52-J 'S 15. :fur . RPQQJS. 2: ALBRECHT, PATRICIA-'4l'AT" Blushing comes naturally to this shy but sweet blond. Booster Club 3, 44 Twirlers 2. 3, 4: Felicita 3, 45 Girls' Sports 43 Tennis 41 Senior Play Committee: Quarirille Club 2. s ALMY, MARY-"MARY' One of our best athletes-she proves that good things Come in small parkages. Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. AMBROSINO, JOHN-"JACK" Fast on the traeh' and a whiz with a bowling ball. Track 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 2. 3. 4. Captain 41 Letter Club 4. AMBROSINO, NANCY-"N,41vc" A live wire with a winning way. Choir 2, 3, 4g French Club 49 Husky Crowl 2g Girls' Sports 2, 4g Senior Play Committee: Quadrille Club 2. 3. 4: Booster Club 4. ANADIO, CARL-uKAlYEE,, Remembered for his athletir' ability and dam-ing feel. Bowling 3g Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Trark 4: ,Iunior Prom Committee: Letter Club 4. ANDREWS, SHIRLEYM-"SH1RL" Good sense and good nature are never parted. Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4. SENIURS BAILEY, DONALD-HDON7, Quiet and sensible-one swell guy. BAIRD, ANDREYQHA UD1E', Sometimes serious, sometimes gay: way. Girls, Sports 4, Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4, QNX y BENTON, DONALD-"SE1vAroR,' Strong and silent-Happiest when on tlie football field. :"' V Key Club 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3. 4, Varsity Club 4. l BERRY, DIANE-uDYDE-BUMPH Cute, clever, and cocky with a turned-up nose. everyone lilfes her any Boosts-r Club 4. BAKER, CHARLES-HCHUCK77 Quiet and coy? Not this boy. Football 2, 3. BAKER, ESTHER-"EsT', Pleasant and cheerful-She will win lzer way. Choir 2, Library Club 2, Girls' Sports 3, 4, Quadrille Club 2. BAKER, MARY ALICE-HlV1ARYH Beautiful brown. hair-Always seen but seldom heard. Choir 2, Library Club 2, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Quadrille 2. BALLO, VINCENT-LSOINSCEIVTH A real traveler at heart who always tries to do his part. BARTER, MARJORIE-'GMARGIEH Easy to get along with-Nice to know. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, 4, Red Cross Council 3, 4, Girls, Sports 2, 3, 4, PTSA Representative 2, 3, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 4. BARTER, PATRICIA-HPATH Her dancing ability will carry her to great fame. Girls' Sports 3. SEN IURS Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, Felicita 2, 3, Football Hand- I book 2, Husl-ry Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Girls, Sports 2, BOWMAN, GEORGE-AMHOSSH A great sport in all things---An expert with a pool cue. Bass-ball 43 Bowling 23 Conmwncc-ment Usher. BOYNTON, JOAN-"!oA1v1E', Always ready with a helping hand and !'l1P!'fflll smile. Clioir 2, Orvhostra 2, 3, 4: Fvlicita 43 Football Handbook 2g Fri-nc'l1 Club 2, 3, 4, llirls' Sports 2. 3, 4, Tennis 2, 33 Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. BROOKS, JEAN-6'lEAN1E,' A sweet ternpererl retlheazl-Well Iilfefl by all of us. Clioir 23 lfvlirita 3, 4, Library Club 25 Red Cross Council 3, Girls' Sports 2. BROOKS, JOHN-MDlA,7 A twinkle in his eye and a mean man with a horn. llunrl 2, 3, 4. it ?-sf K BROWN, BEVERLY--HBEV,i Popular with all her vlassmates-A nirer girl is hard to find. lluosti-r Club 2, 3, 4g Choir 2, 3, 4, Fm-livita 3, 4, Football Handbook 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4g .lunior l'rom Coinmittt-eg Svnior Play Com- mittee, S4-vrf-tary of Class 2, 3. BUANNO, FRANK-J'FRA1vK', With 1-lathes, looks, and rar, Frank has many admirers. Basketball Manage-r 2g Football 2, 3. BURNS, LARRY-"Coon" Quiet and strorlg---First vlass lady-killer. Base-ball 2, 3, 43 llowling 3, 4, Football 4. A BUYCE, WINIFRED-iiWlNNIE77 She's small and shy, yet thcre's mischief in her eye. . its SENIORS CALABRESE, ALFRED-nAL,, When I was a child, l spake as a man, I put away childish things. child, when I became a Bowling 3, 49 Track 3, 4. CANNIZZO, BARBARA-uBARBIE,, Fair flowers never remain long at the roadside. Booster Club 2, Felicita 3, 4, Football Handbook 3, 43 French Club 3, 4: Husky Crowl 2, 33 Red Cross Council 2. 3, 4: lflk Y Y V A V ,H A I A I in A1 i A Nui CHETWYND, CAROL-"CHETr1E', Quiet you say, but we know her best the opposite way. Booster Club 25 Choir 2, 3, 45 Felioita 45 Girls' Sports 2. CIRILLO, THEODORE-"TEo', A well-liked and friendly young man-Knows a pretty lass wlzen he sees one. Bowling 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 4. CLEVELAND, PATRICIA-t'PAr" A eharming lass who's been a help to the class. 5 Booster Club 25 Library Club 2, 35 Girls' Sports 2, 35 Quad- r 3 rille Club 3, 45 Senior Play Committee. " ' as . CLUTE, BARBARA-NCLUTIE7' ti An idle brain is a devifs workshop. Q, Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Twirlers 2, 3, 45 Library Club 25 Oracle 3 . llu V , Staff5 Girls' Sports 25 PTSA Representative 35 Senior Play Co m m it t ee. iil 3 COFFEY, NANCY-HNANCYH 5 M 3 - 5 A quiet and sweet girl who likes chemistry. , I COHAN, PETER-HFRENCHIEH if Always ready with a pung no one beats Pete for fun. ,Q Y Choir 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 3, President 35 Oracle Staff5 5 Football Manager 25 Track 2. , A 'f COLABELLO, GENE--"G11v0v A friendly man with a pleasant disposition. Choir 2, 3, 45 Oracle Staff5 Bowling 2, 35 Senior Play Com- mittee5 Quadrille Club 2, 3. COLE, RONALD-"R01v1v1Ef' Whoever invented worle should have finished it! Movie Operator 2, 3, 45 Red Cross Council 25 Bowling 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Track 35 Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4. SENIORS COMBOTHEKRAS, CRYSTIE-HTHE GREEK,, The eager beaver of the elass-publications, best friend. Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Choir 2, 35 Felicita 3, 4, President 45 Football Handbook 35 French Club 2, 3, 45 Husky Growl 2, 35 Oracle Staff, Editor5 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sports Council 25 Commencement Usberg Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Castg Quadrille Club 2, 3. COMPANI, CAROL-HSTUBBY7, A cute little girl who likes singing very much. Booster Club 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Football Handbook 45 Library Club 25 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 45 PTSA Representative 5 - - CONNOLLY, LYNNE-HTOOTH We see her here: we see her there: we see her mast with he who fares. BOUSWT Clllll 2, 3. 4: Choir 2: Cheerleaders 3, 4, Co-Captain 32 Felirita 3, 4: Husky Crowl 2, 33 Oracle Slaffg Girls' qP01'l'4 2 3 4' Commencement Usher uninr Pm ' ' j " ' - Z .l m Commit- tee, Senior Play Cast. CONRICK, GAIL-HCAILH Serene and sweet, but can't be beat. She may make 41 fine French woman someday. B"0Slf'l' Club 22 Clioir 2. 3, 43 Felicita 33 French Club 3, 43 Red Cross Council 2, 3: Cirls' Sports 43 Senior Play Com- mittee. Coouo, RUTH-"SHoRT1E,' Ruthie has a knack for artg she will always warm our heart. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, 43 Football Handbook 43 Husky Crowl 2. 3, 43 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Com- mittee. CORDONE, ANDREW-"CORE, Add Mickey Mantle lbaseballj, plus basketball and girls, subtract homework equals Core. French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4g Husky Growl 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2g Track 4. COUGHNET, PATRICIA-UPATH To Patty we hold our hats high-She will always make the boys sigh. Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 3, 4g Felicita 3, 4: Husky Crowl 2, 3, 4g Oracle Staff, Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committee. CROWTER, BARBARA-"BARB,' A real nice gal who's a real pal. CRUTHERS, DAWN-"DAw1v', Maybe she's witty, maybe she's not, whatever she is, we like her a lot. Band 2, 3. 4-3 Girls' Sports 4. CZECH, WILLIAM-'iBILL,, A sailor someday he will be, and cruise around the Seven Seas. Movie Operator 2, 3. DAMIANO, J OHN-HDOMN Pride of the CHS Huskies. Lots of fun to be with Bowling 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. DEL SAVIO, MARY Lou-"I OOCHIEH Our gal with the magic voice. 1 Choir 2, 3, 45 Library Club 2. - ii, D,ERRICO, CARMELLA-"C,4RM1E" A good all round athlete whose ability has won her many admirers. Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4: Tennis 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4. D,ERRICO, ELEANOR-HELLYU Outstanding member of our class-Full of fun and fancy free. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, 4, Football Handbook 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Student Council 2, 3, Vice President 4, Girls' Sports 4, Tennis 3, Senior Play Committee, ,lunior Prom Committee, PTSA Representative 3, Ring Committee. D'ERnIco, KATHERINE-"KATU Sweet and happy-She's found what she wants. Choir 2, Felicita 3, Husky Growl 2, Senior Play Committee D'ERRICO, MARIANNE-"MAR,' A swell girl who could never quite make the last bell. Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. 1 X DESIMONE, SYLVIA-NSYLU A small girl whose personality doesn't match her size. Booster Club 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, Football Handbook 4, Senior Play Committee. DEvoE, RUTH--"RUTH1E', An asset to any team-A swell sport. Red Cross Council 2, Quadrille Club 2, 3. DIANA, WILLIAM-"SMEE" The football team wouldn't be complete without our chemist. Student Council 2, 3, 4, President 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4. DIGIACOM0, JOSEPH-HJOEH Low in voice but high in quality. Bowling 2, 3, 4, Manager 3, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille SENIORS DUFF, CHRISTINE-HPINKYU Happy blending of everything nice-Tops on the accordion. Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 3. DUNHAM, BRUCELHBRUCIEH Always gay and always ready-Always there to keep us happy. Fnnolfmll 2 il-5 2 ii" Booster Club, President 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, EDELSTEIN, SHELDON--MSHELH An adrlerl joy in any class and a big asset to the band Band 2, 3, 43 French Club 4g Key Club 2, 3 4 Oracle Staff Senior Play Committee. EDMONDS, ROBERT-HBOBM Tall, dark, ami an admirer of women ELLITHORPE, WILLIAM-"BILL,, A lad as fine as ran be. Football 3. EVANS, VALORIE-"VAL" A still tongue holds the wise fredj head. Booster Club 4, Secretary 43 Choir 2, 3, 4 Fellclta 3 4 French Club 43 Oracle Staff: Girls' Sports 3 4 Commence ment Usher: Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Commlttee Dramatics Club 3. FAY, ROBERT-"Boa" Dig that crazy mixed-up car! Husky Crowl 2g Key Club 23 Oracle Staf 45 Tennis 2, 3, 49 Senior Play Committee. F EAR, ROBERT-HBIRDIEU A walking ad for Chippers-Girls beware Baseball 2, 3, 4-g Football 2, 3. SENIORS Half FINKLE, NORMAN F INK "Who are you calling a Fink9 Yanks for him ..f' . D K 1 5.5 French Club 4 Key Club 3 4 Oracle Staff Baseball 2 3 4 3 " 3' ' A ' 'T Senior Play Committee pi 5522 :,r, 2': i p FOSMIRE, STANLFY STAN ' " ' fi' r "Stan The llflan What a driver' I ",' E l l Movie Operator 2 3 Bowling 2 3 4 Commencement Usher Qt l FOWLER, PATRICIA-"PATH When you're blue, look to Pat for a smile. Library Club 2. FRANK, DONALD--nSNORK,, Star of sports, a "crew-cutl' and a grin for everyone. Key Club 2, 3, Oracle Staff, Assistant Editor, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Commencement Usller, .lunior Prom Committee, Laurel G Committee, Senior Play, Varsity Club, Treasurer 4. FRASIER, MAREYN-c'MARILYN,, Jolly and good naturetl--A big heart-A big smile. Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, Library Club 2, Red Cross Council 2, 3, Girls' Sports 3, 4, PTSA Representa- tive 2, 3, Senior Play Committee. FREDERICK, CAROLYN-E'CARo1." Attractive and gay is this lass-She rates high in this yeafs class. Orchestra 2, Felicita 3, 4, Football Handbook 4, French Club 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 4, Senior Play Committee. CAGE, BEVERLY-aBEV,, An outstanding participant in many sports. Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2. GARDINIER, PATRICIA-"PATH Those dancing eyes-Quite an accomplished equestrian. Choir 2, Felicita 3, French Club 3, Girls' Sports 2, PTSA Representative 4, Quadrille Club 3. f l' :ii Love 'em and leave em H lS real love is basketball SENIORS Q R ii Senior Play Quadrllle 2 GARDNER, BARBARA BARB H Her deep deep voice will be remembered Felicita 3' Red Cross Council 3 Girls Sports 2 3 4 Tennis - 3, Quadrlile Club 2 set GARLOCK, GEORGE GAR --zf , A choir 44 Kev Club 3 Baseball 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Track 3 "Si: X ll: R f 'O . fr GAZZILLO, ANN--HANNAH Her golden mire and her golrlen smile are the spirit of G .H .S. Choir 2, 3, 4: Orehestra 3: Felieita 3. 4: Football Handbook 4: Fr:-neh Club 3. 4: Husky Growl 3: Oraele Staff: Red Cross Couneil 2, 3: Student Council 2. 3. 4: Girls' Sports 2: Girls' Sports Couneil 2: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Play. GERSAK. THOMAS-"CERS,, A swell. full of the rliekens guy. Freneh Club 2. 3. GETMAN, GEORGE-"HU1vrER,' Give him a forest full of prey: rlay. there he'lI spend his every GIFFORD, PATRICIA-"PAT" Tall and quiet-Sweet as they rome. Girls' Sports 2. 3. 4. GOLDSTEIN, KENNETH-'SKENH Corn and brains are his acclaim to fame. lland 2. 3. 4: Orchestra 2, 3: Husky Growl 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3. 4: Oracle Staff: Tennis 3. 4: Commencement Marshall: Senior Play Committee. il s .e GOODEMOTE, RICHARD-"DICK" Sweet and eute-The girls go for his shy grin. K Bowling 3: Track 4: PTSA Representative 3: Quadrille - .Mgt ' Club 2. 3. X ,e A Y yt ll x 5-1 ' MEM? x e GRAYDON, CONSTANCE-NDIMPLES-7 "Miss GHS"-A l7i1'Hf'i0llS gale-A magnetie personality. Choir 2. 3, 4: Student Couneil 2: Junior Prom Committee: Laurel G Committee 3: Senior Play Cast: Speaking Contest 3: President of Class 2: Dramaties Club 3. GRICH, EDWARD-"ED" His warm smile will malre any girl lake notiee. Transfer from Roger Lodlowe High School, Fairfield. Conn. Baseball 4: Track 4: Fish and Game Club 2. 3: Boating 2: Bowling 2, 3: Baseball 3. SENIORS GRIMM. MARGUERITA-iiMARCUh'RlTE', "Babe lIirlrih'son" all CHS---Sells us tirlrets at the Clove. Choir 4: Red Cross Cuuneil 2: Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4: Quadrille Vlub 2 'S GUENTHER, JOANNE-"S1.1VER" A tall, slim girl with an ever present grin. Choir 2, 3, 4: Felieita 3. 4: Library Club 2: Red Cross Council 9 R- Q,-ninr Pla., Pn......:n.... as2sas2smWasww:.sssf' 1 uv , .13 I E yay , ll il - E GUIFFRE, DOLORES--HDEU 3. Always dependable-Quiet and frienrlly as they came. lim Ly-, , French Club 43 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 2. 3, 4g PTSA f " "' I ? Representative 2g Senior Play Committee. Q Xi? 3' sz GULICK, PATRICIA-"P,-arg' Lucky young miss-She's really in bliss. L Girls' Sports 4g Senior Play Committee. GUNNESON, ALVIN-HAL" "Cunns', that var of hisAA juggler by trarle. Baseball 2, 33 PTSA Representative 23 Quadrille Club 2, 33 Cross Country 2. HALLENBECK, ALBERT-"BUTcH', He's ,got a grin, a gal, and a happy-go-lucky way. Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football 43 Cross Country 3. HAMMOND, TnoMAs-"TOM" A quiet, likable guy. Transfer from Amsterdam High School. Band 2. HARRIS, LAURENCE-"MOLE,, Gift of gab-A way with the gals-And a whiz with a - L basketball. S French Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football 23 Track 3 I 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee3 Varsity Club 4, Captain 4. E 1 s HASBROUCK, EUGENE--QGENEU A quiet guy-H ears no evil-Speaks no evil. Orchestra 2. JAMES-"J1M,' his "constitutional rights"-He's go HEGARTY, Stands on Choir 2, 3, 4. t his gal. It L SENIORS HEIMAN, J ERALYN-"JERRY" A whiz with cars-A spark plug in cheerleading-A treat to know. Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 3g Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 43 Husky Growl 2, 3, 43 Oracle Staff, Junior Prom Committee3 Senior Play Committee3 Speaking Contest 3. HELWIG, Lols-"Lo1s', Her warm personality will defrost any icebox. Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 3, 43 Cheerleaders 3, 43 J. V. Captain 3g Felicita 33 Husky Crowl 23 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 -Fi HILDRETH, BARBARA-"BARR" Barb is really quite a dish-She's one girl we're going to Q 7 DIIZSS. Felicita 3, 43 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Committee. HOFFMAN, HARRY-"Hom" Wine, women, and song are his game-With a little golf on the sirle. Bowling 2g Golf 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 4. HRYNIAK, PAULINE--HPAULU "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Choir 2, 33 Husky Growl 23 Library Club 2, 33 Senior Play Committee. HUSEK, DALE-"DALE, "Crazy over horses." This lass will "ride" to happiness. Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. JACKSON, MARVIN-"lllARV,, A terrific guy-Lots of fun lo be with. l"ootlxall 3. JACOBSON, LOIS-HLOIEJ, A very versatile young lady-As nire as she loolrs. llantl 2. 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3: Football Handbook 2, 3, French Club 2, 35 Husky Crowl 2, 3g Library Club 2, 3, 4, Pre-sitlvnt 43 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee-3 S1-nior Play Committee. JACOBSON, MONA-6'M0NA,, "Who fares what the world says? l'rn happy." Choir 2, 3, 43 Football Handbook 2, 3g French Club 2, 33 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4g Senior Play Committee. JAVARONE, RITA-HRITAH She really "bowls" them over-Plenty of pep and go. Girls' Sports 2, 3, 44 Tennis 4, PTSA Representative 3. SENIORS J OHNSON, ROSE-"ROSE" A cute chick with a pleasant smile for everyone. J OHNSTON, JANET-HJANETN A blonde who has certainly made headway for the short time she has been here. Transfer from Amsterdam High School. Art Clubg Library 1 Pink- Rm.,l!......f't..l.. A-nL-.... P1.,L e rr, 3 8 JUEDES, JOAN-'QIONIH "Oo La, La,--tres chic-This cute mademoiselle has an eye for clothes." Choir 2, 3, 43 Library-Club 23 Red Cross Council 43 Senior Play Committee3 Quadrille Club 2, 3. KELLEY, FRED-c'1RISH,, A happy-go-lucky hunk of fun. Choir 2, 3, 4, President 43 Red Cross Council 33 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Committee3 Treasurer of Class 2. KERZNER, GERALD HIA What a man .' This fine sport has an eye for "figures" Husky Growl 43 Key Club 3, 43 Oracle Staff3 Basketball, Manager 3, 43 Golf 2, 33 Commencement Usher 33 Senior Play Cast. KING, CAROLE-HPUNKYH Variety is the spice of life. Choir 2, 3, 43 Library Club 23 Oracle StaffQ Red Cross Council 23 Girls' Sports 23 Senior Play Committee3 Quadrille Club 2, 3. KNOBLAUCH, DOROTHY-"Dorn" Makes a lot of friends without a lot of noise. KNOWLES, PATRICIA--HPATM A cute girl who ranks high in our hearts. Booster Club 3, 43 Felicita 43 Oracle Staff3 Red Cross Council 3, 43 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Committee. KUCERA, FRANCES-"FRAN', A high-spirited gal-always a good "sport.' Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. KUNKEL, ALLAN-HALU He always has a "key" topic on his mind. French Club 2g Key Club 2, 3, 43 Oracle Staff? Bowling 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 PTSA Representative 23 Varsity Letter Club 43 Cross Country 2, 3, 4. LAFABREQUE, J OHN-MLAFF', More friends than freckles-Only half here? French Club 23 Husky Growl 23 Key Club 2, 43 Senior Play Committee3 Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4. LAIR, MARION-"MARION" Why be single-Why not heavenly bliss. Choir 2, 33 Library Club 23 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Quadrille .ln 2 it 57, l lv' Q? ' l.ANDRl0. ELEANOR---HELM Her big brown eyes roulrl melt any man's heart. llooste-r Club 4: Choir 2. 33 Fvlivita 4: library Club 2. 3. 4: RMI Crosm Council 2. LANDRIO. LAVERNE-"V15R1v" A harll wnrlrer buf he r'an'l he beal for ,lun Choir 2. 3. 43 S1-nior Play Comniittr-c-1 Quaflr Eu' ji l iu,,,, MACIJONALD. l':IJWARD?iiEIIll Sn quiel ilu' l4'nrherx often rnisx him. Choir 31 Howling 2. 3. 41 Se-nior Play tl0l1llIllll!'1'Q Quadrllle- Llub 2. J. MACKEY. ll0NALlJ-HCIIAMPH Sleep. I'lI'hPS, mill women to be lllUf0Ilglll.l 1'nl1'rl'11plf'rl. llunrl 2. 3. 4g Un-lu-slru 2, 3. 43 Base-ball 2. li ' mf- mul. 2. W K. LANGLOIS, JAMES-u.lIMMY,, Cine me Il flare with n ulglliflx' R." LAURITANO, GLORIA-HCLOH A fare like an angel rznfl ll smile to IIIIHVII. Choir 2. 3. 43 Fe-livilii 3: Huskv Crowl 2. 3: library Club 2: Re-cl Cross Council 2, 33 Senior Play Comniittf-e. LEPPER, JOAN-'if0ANlE,, The Yellow Jarlrefs are her lille'--Wlral an an,uel1'f' .vnilef Choir 2. 3, 43 Library Club 23 Re-il Cross Counvil 2. LESLIE, MARION--6iMARI0A',, lvl diligenre inxurex sruress. then l1ere'x lo ller. Girls' Sport Council 2. 3. 4. LIGON, ESTIIER-nESTHERl. A girl who worlfs harfl anal will xrzrreerl. Choir 2. 33 Fe-livita 43 Girls' Sports 2. 3. 43 Cmunmenvement Usher. LINCE. WALTER-'6WAI,7'll His not to reason why---his Im! to rlrire or die. llvml Cross ifounvil 2: llasvball 2: llnskvtball 23 Bowling: 2. 3. 4g Football 2, 43 Travk 2: Junior Prom Committee. SENIORS w. enjoyefl, must be g x ,L 41 Bowling 4g 2 liolf 43 Travk 2. 33 Cross Country 2. 3. 4: Varsity Letter 111 1 4 'X - Y- - X x -E .4 X MALAGISI, FRANK-NBIG FRANKN Powerful in body, word, and deed. Band 2. 3, 43 Orchestra 2. 3, 4g Bowling 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Track 3, 45 Varsity Club 4, Vice President 4. MALISZEWSKI, BARBARAM-i'BoBrs1E,' "Casey would have loved' to waltz with this strawberry blonde." Choir 2. 33 Hesky Crowl 33 Cirls' Sports 2. fi li-ve" DA MORENUS, J OHN-"!0H1v,' Laugh and the world laughs with you. MORGAN, JANICE-"lA1v', Small and sweet-A girl we all like. Girls' Sports 25 PTSA Representative 33 Quadrille Club 2. E 1? if F' 3 5 tl 1. gf .Q rrr f ' 5? MARVIN, LANCDON+uLANNY', White bucks, size thirteen, are Lanny's falling vard. Choir 2. 3, 43 Key Club 3. 4g Football 2, 3. 43 Senior Play Committeeg Varsity Club 4. MASALA, JULIA--u.lULIA,, Her sweet temperament is grace itself. Red Cross Council 2g Girls' Sports 2. MAZZONE, MICHAEL-"BUD" Success and Buddy go hand in hand-A bundle of laughs. French Club 35 Husky Growl 2, 3, 4g Key Club 33 Oracle Staffg Basketball Manager 33 Bowling 23 Tennis 4g Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Castg Speaking Contest 2. MCCLOSKEY, LAWRENCE-HREDH If it wasn't for his bright red hair, you would hardly know he was there. Key Club 3g Red Cross Council 23 Bowling 3. 4: Quadrille Club 3. MYERS, KATHLEEN--'SKATRINEM Our "kitten" on the keys-Can't sit still a minute. Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Choir 2. 3, 4g Felicita 3, 4, Football Handbook 33 Husky Crowl 2. 3. 4: Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committee. MIRANDA, JosEPH-"JOE" An army life is in the making for our C. I. Joe. Movie Cperator 2, 3, 43 Quadrille Club 3. SENIORS ,shi L WHL iiifflln 4 MORRISON, GEORGE--KSCRAPPERH Transfer from Northville High School. MoscoN1, VERNA-"VER1vA" A rheerful loolr makes a "dish" a feast. Committee. MULLINS, DONA-UDONAQ, A non-eomplaining miss-A real joy to teachers. Red Cross Couneil 45 Cirls' Sports 4g Senior Play Committee NELLIS, .l0YCE-Hl0YCE,, A quiet, pleasant manner that wins many friends. Football llanclbook 4g Oracle Slaffg Red Cross Council 3. 4 Girls' Sports 4g Senior Play Committee. V, x NICOLELLA, ALBERT-"Alf, His effort matle possible the expansion of tlte Oneida Market. l"renr'h Club 2. 31 Key Club 43 Oracle Staff: Junior Prom Committeeg Laurel C Committee 25 Senior Play Cast. NICOSIA, SAMUEL-"SAMMY, Wise men refrain from idle chatter-Has no use for females. Movie Operator 2, 4. Nonms, SYLVIA--HSYI.', A rate trirlf wlufs always ready with a smile and a story Library Club 3, PTSA Representative 2. OARE, JAMES-'nlIMi, Quiet in a pleasant sort of way. lland 2, 35 Quatlrillm- Club 3. SENIORS 0,BRlEN, GERALD-i'0.B.,, "Dill anyone mention a rartl game?" French Club 34 Basketball 2g Football 2, 3, 4. PECK, JOHN-"!oH1v1vY', Takes only one "peek" to rnalfe a bushel fof funj. Choir 2, 3, 45 Key Club 3, 4g Oracle Staff. -ilk l- Q His wit and humor have made our senior year eomplete. Twirlers 2. 3, 4g Library Club 29 Girls' Sports 4: Senior Play W "'-T PERNA, DONALD-WDONH He knows where he's going and he's on his way. Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4. PERRELLA, ANN-HANNIEU A strawberry blonde with lots of freckles and personality. Choir 2, 3, 43 Commencement Usher. PEUGH, CARL-"CARE, A friendly fellow with a terrific sense of humor-Hot Rod Choir 2, 3, 4g Bowling 2. 3. 4g Senior Play Committee. PHELPS, JOYCE--ufOYCE,, A friendly disposition is an asset to any girl. Choir 2, 3, 4-g Cirls' Sports 4g Senior Play Committee. Primo, JAMES-"J1MMY', Mr. CHS--"Annie" is loved by all, my boy. Choir 2, 3, 4g Student Council 4, Treasurer 4g Bowling 2, 3, 4 Football 2g Senior Play Committee: Vice President of Class 3 Varsity Club 4, Secretary 4, Quadrille Club 2, 3. PLACE, EDWARD-"EDD1E,' We'll "place" a bet that Ed will always get the most out of life. SEN IORS . .,-e "1 1. . s M1 2, 3. 4: Firlc Snort: 2 Qemnr Plav Committee PEDRICK, KENNETH RED A red head with a swell sense of humor PERHAM, JAMES JIM According to hearsay he s deft with a damsel Choir 2 3 4 Movie Operator 2 3 4 Quadrille Club 2 3 PLAYFORD OLIVER OLLIE "I bring fresh jokes for thy thirsty humor POTTER, JOANNE lo "What a world of merriment her melody foretells Booster Club 4 Choir 2 3 4 Fehcita 3 4 Football Hand book 4 Husky Growl 4 Oracle Staff Red Cross Council s 41 5 SC PRENTICE, GEORGE- GEORGE" He's no 'prentice-He's an artist ltops alreadyl. Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3. 4. PRESTON, LORE1'rA-"LoRErrA" A sweet little girl with a sparkling personality. Orehestra 23 Library 2. W, ,, O f X. Y X g trt. f -- e l Q ' I X 'ii ROBBINS, JOAN-"JoA1v1E,, The apple of our eye-You should see this maiden blush. Choir 2, 3: Girls' Sports 2. Rosc1cNO, CONCETTA-ulENNYv A cute little miss-Wonderful personality and wit galore- Who could ask for anything more? Booster Club 2, Choir 2, 3, 4g Felicita 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Football Handbook 3, 4g Husky Growl 2, 33 Oracle Staffg Red Cross Council 2, 3, President 3g Girls' Sports 2, 33 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committeeg Treasurer ,J Plans '1 PULEO, JOSEPH-"JOE" What a catch Joe would be, if he fgirlsl. could see what others see Bowling 4g Football 2. QUINN, BRIAN-"BR1A1v" Flying high, he's the guy for us. Key Club 2, 4g Track 2, 43 Cross Country 2, 4. RALBOVSKY, DONALD-HDONN He'd rather be nice than brilliantalnlcky fellow, he's both. Husky Growl 3, 43 Key Club 35 PTSA Representative 3: Senior Play Cast. RALSTON, PHILOMENA-HPHILN A "cereal" of success is sure to come her way-She's easy to get along with-W ill gather friends wherever she goes. Choir 3, 4, Girls' Sports 4. REcEssO, MARY JANE-'5MARY,, Real supporter of our class-Activities were made for her. Booster Club 2g Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, 4g Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 3, 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committee. RICHTMYER, BARBARA-"BARB1E" "Make the most of yourself while youfre young" is this red hea1i's motto. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, 4, Football Handbook 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4g Girls' flports 2, 3, 4. SENIORS i Rosa, NANCY-nlVANCY,, Curly hair and gleaming smile endow Nancy all the while. Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, 4, Football Handbook 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Library Club 2, Girls' Sports 2, 3, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 3, 4. Rossi, J oYcE-"J oYc1E'7 Her fun-loving spirit adds to any group. Band 2, 3, 4, Felicita Club 3. SAMMONS, MARLENE-"MARLENE,, This little lass has her man-Cute and cunning all the while. Booster Club 2, Felicita Club 3, Library Club 2, 3, Red Cross Council 3, Girls' Sports 4, Senior Play Committee. SANDERS, DAVID-'SDAVEH Strong, blonde, and silent-An All 'round man. 84 Rnenlmnll 9- Tu-nr-lf 9 'I ROWLEY, EDWARD-"EDDIE" A swift-jooted member of the track team-Success is sure to "run" his way. Choir 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4. RUDOLPH, BERNARD-HBERNIEU Bernie is always full of fun. RUMRILL, KATHLEEN-HSHORTIEH Short and sweet-Dancing step that's terrific. Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, PTSA Representative 2. RUMRILL, PETER-"PETE" Here is one lad who toots his own horn-in the GHS Band, that is. Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Track 2, 3, Varsity Club 4, Cross Country 3. SALVIONE, JOSEPH-"Jos" A big, black car is his calling card-Everybody knows Joe. Basketball Manager 2, Football 2, 3. SAMMONS, JACOB-nfAKE,, A happy-go-lucky juggler who is bound for the big-time. Movie Operator 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, PTSA Representa- tive 2, 3x SEN IORS- hilwezl . -, SAUNDERS, MARY ANNE-"MARY ANNEH A sweet, little cheerleader-'Can bring out anyone's school spirit. Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Felicita 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, Oracle Staff, Student Council 2, 4, Secretary 4, Girls' Sports 2. 3, 4, Commencement Usher, Junior Prom Committee, Laurel G Committee 2, Senior Play Committee. SCRLUSBERG, J EAN-"lEA1v1vE', Looks, brains, and personality-What more could we ask for? Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4, French Club 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Com- mittee, Speaking Contest 2, 3, Felicita Club 3, L. SICILIA, MAR'fIIA-6'MARTY,, A girl with a great deal of courage to whom happiness will rertainly rome. Husky Growl 3, Girls' Sports 2. SKIFF, JAM1-:s-"l1MMY" He's been happiest as a Black Hawk Bugler-His pet peeve 5 --The Yellow jackets. Choir 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Senior Play Committee. SKIFF, KARL-HKARIF' He never troubles trouble until trouble troubles him. Movie Operator 2, 3, Bowling 4. SNOW, KEITH-HKEITHH Do they always thinks those who never talk are the best for GHS? French Club 2, 3. SOSNA, MARVIN-"MARVIN, A transfer who certinly has adjusted himself to GHS. Transfer from William Howard Taft School, New York City. Traffic Squad 2, Cafeteria Aid 2, French Club 3, Gym Office Aid 3, Senior Marshall Candidate 4. SOVIK, JOHN, JR.-"j0HN', Full of fun and frolics-Makes mischief all the day. '?E'AEi'5Q SENIORS SPEAKER, JANICE-"JA1v', A pretty face and pleasant smile bring lots of friends to Jan. Booster Club 2, Felicita 3, Library Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Red Cross Council 3, Girls' Sports 4, Senior Play Committee. STARR, CAROL ANN-HCAROLH A nice girl with a swell disposition. Clrlel Qnnrte 9 A Q: Vs-r + if 'W !fF'1:Lz':- - an - "-f STEWART, VIDA-"V1DA,' A sweet smile and Venus'lilre figure. Choir 2, 3. 4g Library Club 2. 33 Student Council 3, 4. STREETER, MARY-'cDIMPLES,, Full of life and eyes that dance-Her heart belongs to just one. Library Club 24 Commencement Usher, Senior Play Castg Quadrille Club 2. SWARTZ, BARBARA-"BARR" Sweet as honey-A smile that will have all the bees buzzin' 'round. Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Quadrille Club 3. SWEENEY, JOHN-"J0H1v', Personality, talent, and looks--Also is tops in books. Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Key Club 45 Dramatics Club 3, President 3g Student Council 3, 4g Baseball 2g Track 43 .lunior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast, President of Class 3. 43 Vice President of Class 2, Cross Country 2, 4. TATE, JACK-"JACK, Will be remembered for his controversial mind and his capable "piloting" of Key Club, '54. Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3g Key Club 3, 4, President 49 Oracle Staff, Business Managerg Senior Play Committeeg Quadrille Club 2. TAYLOR, LEE-"LEEi' Where there's food 'n' glee, therels bound to be Lee. Library Club 2, 3, 4, Movie Operator 29 Bowling 2, Track 2, 3. SENIORS STEELE, CLIFFORD RED l don't ask questions I just have an Band 2, 3, 4 Ba eball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Football 3, 4, Commencement Usher Varsity Club 4 Quadrille Club 3 STEUER, ANTOINETTE Tom Always rearly anrl willing to serve the Yellow Jael ets Girls' Sports 4 TEETZ, ELLEN ELLEN Miss Vogue of GHS Powers model 1953 Booster Club 4 Choir 2 3 4 Felicita 4 Dramatics Club 3 Senior Play Committee Oracle Staff French Club 3 4 TEETZ, ROSEMARY ROSIE Strictly for laughs She ll do anything once Band 2, 3 4 Booster Club 2 4 Football Handbook 2 3 4 Husky Crowl 2 3 4 Girls Sports 2 3 4 Junior Prom THOMAS, DOROTHY-"D0TTY', Full of fun--Dotty always has a "Bit-of-wit" for all. Husky Growl 23 Girls' Sports 2, 43 PTSA Representative 23 Senior Play Cast: Quadrille- Club 2. THOMPSON, ANITA-"A1v1rA', Though rarely here, she made the grade. Choir 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 33 Husky Growl 23 Library Club 2, Secretary 23 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Quadrille Club 2, 3. s . , .npr . 54 5: Y 1 'Qs' l. G Fr" ull A . lf I ' A f WAGNER, LLoYD-"STRETCH, Not quite the mayor of New York City-Give .him time. Oracle Staff. GG 7 x WALTER, JOAN- f0AN1E, Shy as a rabbit, but cute as a bunny. TREMANTE, NATALIE- NAT Easy going Nat with brains and personality plus. Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 33 Felicita 3, 4, Vice President 4g Football Handbook 33 Husky Growl 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 43 Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 3, 43 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Commencement Usberg junior Prom Committee: Laurel G Committee 23 Senior Play Committee. TYLER, BARBARA-HBARBU Who would help but like Harb with her friendly ways anzl winning smile. Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Twirlers 2, 3, 43 Leader 43 Felicita 3, 43 Senior Play Committeeg Quadrille Club 2. VALACHOVIC, MARK-"MARK" Silence is sometimes mistaken for wisdom. VAN BUREN, SYBIL-"SYBBIE,, "She's a sweetheart if there ever was one. ya VINCENT, PATRICIA-"PAT" One of our top majorettes-'She'll "twirl" through life with a smile. Twirlers 2, 3, 4g Husky Growl 23 Library Club 23 Senior Play Committeeg Quadrille Club 2, 3. VONDERAHE, ANN LEE-"A1v1v1E', Being pleasant is doin' what rornes naturally--"Homemaking hearts are happiestf' Choir 2, 3, 4g Felicita 3, 43 Husky Growl 2, 33 Oracle Staff: Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Vice President of Class 43 Quadrille Club 2. 3. SENIORS . F SH N 5 : . :,,- .. - If 3 Q ef ,711 1-lg-----1:1-1 WARD, CHARLES-"CHUCK, His friendly ways have been re"ward"ed by a host of admiring friends. WILKINS, HANNAH-"W1LK1', Who could forget those big brown eyes-talent, wit, brains galore? Choir 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4g Felicita 3, 4, Secretary 4, French Club 3, 4. President 43 Husky Crowl 3, Oracle Staffg Dramatics Club 3, Senior Play Castg Quadrille Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3. SENIORS .V f' Q.ff?f' 'A 2" if j' tg 1 COVEY, SHERRILL-HSHERRILIX' F , Though he's mighty short, we all know hes a wonderful T' sport. 77? Perfect Attendance GlftS from uadrllle Best Boy Athlete. Best Girl Athlete Awards for Cholr HRA-f'si.-ii 1 t.. ? 1? i ' 5S9 ' .Z ., 4 I 7 Look Forward WOOSTER, CAROL-HCAROLH Unknown at first--Wouml up with o bang! Transfer from Canadaigua High Svhoolg Library Club 35 Girls' Sports 43 Senior Play Committee. YOUNGREN, RALPH--HRALPIIH He'll "toot" his way fhrough life to Ihe time of wif. Band 2, 3. 43 Orrliestra 3, 4. SENIORS GIFFORDv PAULNJ'I'AUL" Ki 4 -I The man who van malre any far run good . . . Gloversvillefs J , o 3, 4. PHOTOGRAPH N07 IVA!! AJLF X 1' ll f V ' 5 ff , xx 'I' 5, "fx X. Q on v f iii, 2 V 'EXC f r ' A- ur " A - ,Lg ' Nw. . On Our Way. Chowis On. ','-155 Hot Rods, "Hit It Again, Harder." The "Stronger" Sex. ll IIIIZI' V s? fx s Y ' R mu. 1.1:- ' I .- x Best Build and Best Figure .5 e'A, Best Looking fx MARY ANNE SAUNDERS and GEORGE GARLOCK f , rx I 'I r I f C, I , C In 4 A A 'I ' V 1 O .1 Z L l PATRICIA GARDINIER and BILL DIANA Latecomers , ,L JOHN DAMINANO and CAROLYN FREDERICKS 3 Q' Q .f W 1-LP I SZ? 5 l -1: ix :, ,fl E ww., ,, M 'I ' 1 L, 'Q ' f - A-.5 L M ost Likely to Succeed , CRYSTIE COMBOTHEKRAS and JOHN SWEENEY fxgbxffff SAK5 ., 1: ji' I 59 O I 0 r if 'ff QI I 72 I I 1 X . Best Dressed Shy of Oppome Sex ELLEN TEETZ and ROBERT FEAR DONNA MULLINS and DONALD BAILEY RUTH COOLIG d BUDDY MAZLONE liil i iiiii iiiniii i iaiui mm Long and Shox of IT V i .. H Most Popular JAMES PIRRO and ELEANOR D'ERRICO 3' fs ,. A X . xx-A xffjf-5' iff ffff I NN Best Line LARRY HARRIS and MARY STREETER Class Clowns PETER COHAN and KATHLEEN MEYERS K Q 05630 0 0 0 af UO o 0 T IW f Q S Q Bookworms --1' T "' Nr U g y lx x sis gli-Ll' 5. K U F ., Best at Sports MARGUERITE GRIMM and EDWARD ROWLEY K , ng v 5, Best Couple JAMES HEGARTY and VIDA STEWART fig? h 'X' n--it-i Most Musical HANNAH WILKINS and FRED KELLEY M: VALORIE EVANS and DONALD RALBOVSKY X! 3 BALLOT . W RICHARD C. GREENE INSURANCE SERVICE I0 Church SI. Phone 4-7922 GIoversviIIe, N. Y. Our Hearfiesi' CongraI'uIa+ions 'Io fhe I954 GraduaI'ing Class E. L. DURKEE 81 CO. Oph+haImic Dispenser Frames - Lenses and Repairs A. C. KINGSBURY I3 Church S'IreeI' Besi' Wishes and Success TO THE CLASS OF '54 GLOVERSVILLE AUTO PARTS, INC 20I Norih Main S+. Gloversville, N. Y. Congrafulafions and Sincere Wishes For Your Confinued Success Class of '54 GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK PHONE 5-5415 CompIimen'I's of WASI'IBURN'S DAIRY COMPLIMENTS of BARONE'S BARBER SHOP 93 Eas'I Fulion S+reeI' CongraI'uIa+ions and Bes+ Wishes FOITI H. I. ABDELLA 81 SONS MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 49 Norfh Main Sfreei' GIoversviIIe, N. Y. CompIimen+s of F. D. OSTRANDER COMPLIMENTS Reutlmgs AUTO SALES and SERVICE De soro PLYMOUTH COMPIQLMENTS Insure-In Sure Insurance SENATORS BATTY INSURANCE AGENCY 8 Church S1-D 32-28 Norfh Main S+reeI' "This is where our money goes, noi only info fhe vacafion club, buf also inio fhe savings account" CITY NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Gloversville. N. Y. We Deliver Dial 5-IBI4 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I954 from HOBBS 8: ZEITLER PHARMACY Cosmeiics Candies Prescripfions STANLEY HOBBS CHARLES G. ZEITLER EN? 1--wr PHI DELTA SORORITY Offers Hs Besi' Wishes To The Class of '54 BETA CHAPTER BLODGE'I'I"S CLEANERS 8: TAILORS 20 Church S'rree'I'-Ci'I'y No boiher, no work. no cIo+hes +o press A weII pressed suii, a 'Fine 'Finished dress, No reason +o growl, no reason +o scream BIodge'H"s will keep your cIo+hes looking clean. BARNEY GALTNSKY C0n9'a'U'aII0"S S To 'I'he Class of I954 N and SON N ALVORD 8. SMITH, Inc. Be Sure of Your S+ore Opposne High Schgol C""252'le'.-1? -Ei me CASTIGLIONE BERGER'S BAKERY Gem Jewelers I5 Church Sfreef G,o,,e,S,,i,,eI New Ymk I4 CHURCH STREET GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF I954 . May each and everyone have a Q happy and prosperous fuI'ure. BOLMAN'S, INC. Gloversville, New York COMPLIMENTS of o 6 o F RI EN D PHONES CompIimen'rs of 4-3I9I -4-3I92 4-3I93 PARSONS INC. OF GLOVERSVILLE Sales ancI Service HOWARD H. WAKEMAN Manager 40 WEST 8TH AVE. DIAL 4-7I07 27I-28I S. Main SI. GIoversviIIe, N. Y. Good Luck ,O fhe THE LEADER-REPUBLICAN Class of '54 and THE MORNING HERALD Are Ygur Newspapers THYNE'S DRUGSTORE OPEN EVERY DAY J. W. Thyne, Reg. Ph. R. H. Thyne, Reg. Ph. W. W. Thyne, Reg. Ph. Dial 5-20I4 Licensed Pharmacis'I's I47 N. Main S+. member O. f Mildred Preston The New Royal "A Specialfy Shop of DisI'inc+ion OPPOSITE THE HIGH SCHOOL 5 Spring S+. CONGRATULATIONS Complimenh of +o 'Ihe CLASS OF I954 ES' THE RITEWAY ROOFING COMPANY PLUMBING and HEATING I0 Church SI'ree'l' 42-44 SOUTH MAIN STREET CONGRATULATIONS TO THE T954 GRADUATES MONTANO ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. GIoversviIIe, New York BOOSTERS May +he spiri+ of coopera+ion of +he subscribers of +he yearbook be +he spiri+ of coopera+ion charac+erized by +he adver+isers of +he yearbook. Ace Drug S+ore 40 N Main S+. Al+er, Jay W. I I Wes+ Ful+on S+. F. W. Becker 26 Bleecker S+. Beman's Record Shop I43 N. Main S+. Buanno's Service S+a+ion 269 S. Main S+. Bur+on's Insurance Agency 7 S. Main S+. Cameo Beau+y Salon 93 E. Ful+on S+. Carmen's Quali+y Marke+ I35 N. Main S+. Chancers Beau+y Shop 6 Cedar S+ree+ Cowles and Brown 9 Nor+h Main S+. Willard W. Dann 2I Nor+h Main S+. Davis Floral Shop 359 Nor+h Main S+. Dence, Fred C. 2I Church S+. Fear and Whi+e Broadway The Gabeler Agency 8 Fremon+ S+. Gen's Fashione++e 2 E. Ful+on S+. Gloversville Candy Ki+chen I97 N Main S+. H 8: P Mo+ors I9 Elm S+. Hager Insurance I5 W. Ful+on S+. House Beau+i+ul 8: Magic Carpe+ Gloversville, N. Y. Ho+el Johns+own 55 Eas+ Main S+. Johns+own, N. Y. Johnnie's Smoke Shop I2 Bleecker S+. Kasson 8: Keller, Inc. 64 Sou+h Main S+. Kennedy's Funeral Home I50 Sou+h Main S+. Kling's Recrea+ion I9 Elm S+. Krause News 8l Eas+ Ful+on S+. Kuhlmann's 3 Spring S+. Laundroma+ Church and Elm S+ree+s Lunch House 6 Wes+ Ful+on S+. Marlene's Speciali+y Shop 38V2 Nor+h Main S+. Menko Shoe Hospi+al I75 Nor+h Main S+. Muddle and Muddle I2 Wes+ Ful+on S+. M 81 K Marke+ Ex+. Eas+ S+a+e S+. M's Super Marke+ Ex+. Oakland Ave. Na+ional S+ores 43 Wes+ Ful+on S+. Nes+le's Furs 25 Wes+ Ful+on S+. Oneida Marke+ I67-I7I Nor+h Main S+. 3 I4 Sou+h Main S+. Peck Flowers I05 Nor+h Main S+. Polly's Club Diner I4I Nor+h Main S+. Rossbach Shoe S+ore I0 Wes+ Ful+on S+. Roy's Greenhouses l02 Nor+h S+. Vic+or Schul+z 35 Spring S+. B. E. Shell I39 Nor+h Main S+. N. G. Simon 37 Sou+h Main S+. William Spicer, Jr. 8 Church S+. S+evens Glove Co. 85 Bleecker S+. Bill Suydam, Inc. I03 Wes+ 8+h Ave. Tu++les l8I Nor+h Main S+. Walra+h 81 Bushouer 5l Fremon+ S+. Wes+ End Service S+a+ion 207 Wes+ Ful+on S+. BEST WISHES T9 THE CI-ASS OF May 'Il1e Fufure Hold Prosperily 54 ancl Happiness for All of You JUNIOR SHOP THE JUNIOR CLASS 25 N. Main S+. Gloversville IQS4 QUALITY FURNITURE AT GREATER SAVINGS FOR OVER 50 YEARS LIVINGSTON'S 355 Soufl1 Main Slreel' Gloversville Jewelers for Your Class Rings DIEGES 8: CLUST MANUFACTURING JEWELERS I7 John SI'ree+ New Yorlc 8, N. Y. Represen+ed by: RINGS CLETUS E. JENNINGS PINS I000 Bellevue Ave. MEDALS Syracuse' N. Y. TROPHIES CHARMS SUCCESS TO i'1""'i CLASS OF I954 iii' SEW AND SAVE WITH SINGER! Slnger SGWIDQ Center I8 Sourh Main Sfreei' Gloversville. New York NOTIONS FABRICS PATTERNS SEWING LESSONS BEST WISHES Evelyn Gibbons PERSONALIZED EASHIONS Gloversville, New York OPPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL S. R. FLEMING COMPANY Television and GE Appliances Congrawlafions fo Class SALES AND SERVICE of '54 TREHER 8: JUNG, INC. CQNGRATUI-ATIQN5 PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES CI-Ag? 3:5954 I5-2I Bleecker S+. DELTA GAMMA DELTA Your Fu+ure is Our Fu+ure SORORITY Our Hear1'ies+ Congrarulafions KINGSBORO LUMBER CO. Class of l954 INC. AGER 81 BANKER FUEL ou.-EuRNAcEs-coAI. Gfegofv 5+- OIL AND GAS BURNERS-BoII.ERs DEVOE PAW DEALER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l954 FULTON COUNTY COAL 81 OIL CO., INC. Serving +IIe PubIic Over 65 Years Anfhraciie Coal and Hea+ing Oils Complimenls of EARL W. HATHAWAY and SON Cadillac Oldsmobile GARLOCK'S GARAGE 68-74 Wesl' Fulfon Slreel' Gloversville, N. Y. USED CARS Congralulalions fo Class of '54 A. D. NORTON CO. COMPLIMENTS OF HARPERS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54 Jack and Jill Shoppe Besl Wishes lo +he Class of l954 ERNEST L. LUFF 81 CO GLOVERSVILLE, New YORK BUSINESS WOMEN ON THE WAY UP sHoP AT ' I Argerslnger s If s clownrighl' 'face-Ihe-facis 'lelligenl for business women Io b y I h c e I I col' es ihal creafe a su c ss u aAcI1's+p+l 'rh . n i i 'us as racica own o clufy 'Fashions al' are 1 ff mplefely divirfing, feminine, and amorous. "Miss Ellen Teeiz seIec+s a wallz Ienglh gown a+ Argersinger's." CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l954 GLOVERSVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 52 Norfh Main S'I'ree+ Gloversville Church S+ree'I LYNCH AND BAIRD 32-36 Washingfon SI'ree'I' COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Gloversville 5 - I' - - MAGS p d + Men's and Boys' CIo+hIng pemmng In ro ues Congrafulafions 'fo 'I'he Class RADIOS, RECORDS, PHONOGRAPHS COHEN S "WE SELL FOR LESS" -- 32 N fh M ' Sh. 1. 38-40 Church S+. GIoversvIIIe or am ee I28 W. Main SI. Johnsfown Congra'l'uIa+ions +o +he Class of '54 GEISLER AGENCY, INC. AII Kinds of Insurance 8 MIDDLE ST. DIAL 5-22I6 HOUCK'S PHARMACY EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '54 G.H.S.--AND WISHES SUCCESS TO EVERY GRADUATE HOUCK'S PHARMACY Earll B. Por+-William Spelman Props. II WEST FULTON ST. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. PHONE 5-23I2 WE DELIVER MANUFACTURERS OF FINE PERSONAL LEATHER GOODS 5, "f ..,Q2,.E- K 5 .5 41 Y I I -- Q.: ' fr ff -Nb. I ' R " ., -' in, YIM. ' 13? .. 1, ' g , H II ' - S ' I "T 3,14 I ' ' - 5 , 1" I " -I I' STYLID uv A , New York-330 FifI'h Ave. Chicago-36 So. S+aI'e S+. St. Thomas, Inc. FOUNDED I898 GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU UPON REACHING THIS IMPORTANT MILESTONE May You Always Be As Successful In AII Your FuI'ure Endeavors MARTIN 81 NAYLOR CO. Complimenfs of "CHARLIE'S" A Liffle Bil' of Everyfhing Dial 5-282I 5 Easl 8'l'l1 Ave. HUNTER GRANITE WORKS, Inc. WALLIIS D.dPICfKETT A Km s o Marble and Granile Memorials On Display al' Our Warerooms JACOBSON BROS. Jewelry Gills Appliances Besl Wishes To I'l1e Class of l954 Phone 5'28'4 JONES AND NAUDIN F I S . GI ill , N. Y. 2' W YolLl:oElrieEdly Creilifrgloli 8' COMPANY UGENE HOLLENBECK, JR. Ambulance and Oxygen Service AL BEDS WHEEL CHAIRS PHONE 4-76l5 For Complele Travel Service by AIR OR STEAMSHIP Lei' This Friendly Travel Agency Book Your Reservalions ENGLAND - FRANCE -ISRAEL -ITALY EUROPE Herman A. Carbonelli Travel Agency Dial 5-46I6 Gloversville, N. Y. I9 So. Main S+. .QQ Pi I Q Q :PIL , X x yu Q. y Yi - j fix-. '16 H cm,-'T' 6 Hsu-1 - -1 HOLDEN LUMBER CO. OUR SERVICE MAKES IT EASY TO BUILD BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54 NICHOLSON'S CANDY SHOP 42 Eas'I FuI'ron SI. GIoversviIIe, N. Y. CompIimenI's of A FRIEND ROBBINS BUSINESS MACHINES Sfandard - PorI'abIe - EIecI'ric SALES AND SERVICE 29 W. FuII'on S'I'. Phone 4-98I6 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '54 NELSON A. TAYLOR CO. VOSBURGH'S APPLIANCE CENTER 79-8I So. Main S+. GIoversviIIe Frigidaire Appliances Magic Chef Gas Ranges and Hea'Iers Wafches and Diamonds MATTY, THE JEWELER I2 W. FuI+on S'I'reeI Phone 5-50II Gloversville "THE STORE WITH THE GUARANTEE" MORSE 81 JENKINS STEPHEN MAROTTA, Prop. CLEANING - PRESSING - ALTERING REPAIRING TUXEDOS TO RENT FOR ALL OCCASIONS 99 E. Fulfon SI. Dial 5-4924 Congrafulaiions and Besi' Wishes +o Ihe Graduafes of The Class of I954 THE FULTON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY Of GIoversviIIe MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Besi Wishes Io Ihe Class Good Luck Of '54 To The Class of '54 GLOVERSVILLE COCA-COLA FEI-DMAN,S BAKERY BOTTLING CO. I5 Washingfon SI. WITH ALL GOOD WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '54 Wessels Insurance Agency 54 NOI'I'I'l Main S+. CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF I954 LIBERTY 0 DRESSING U co. INC. PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY MODERNE STUDIO FRANK AMBROSE 2I Sou+I'I Main Sfreei' Gloversville, N. Y. DIAL 4-3424 Music NEWS SPORTS WENT I34O KC 250 Wa'H's C. B. S. ' Serving GLOVERSVILLE AND JOHNSTOWN Congrafulafions and Besf Wishes fo fhe CLASS of I954 TRUST COMPANY of FULTON COUNTY FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 'Q.FI5w11i.i.A5'f1f,, .Ti '-5 '. -f ' ' ' ' 1" - 'Li '--. 4- L,-Q '."1'W,-SLLRI. A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS o ' TEXAS H F., U Q, ",u...:,,' , HN-, 4.. : V Q.. vt, K, gv X ,, ,411 I, :Q , , V .21 :L ' :a,,,g,,-WT?--5 "' ,:,-f,:A- V: '-3 3,-.wgw V ' V, QV- Q V '22 ' ,. , aw., . ,M , ,.,, ..-L .V 1. ,i-if .1 ' V ,Q A V Mk, , ,Q V i, , .t .. vkw. ,I ., .. V, .f . M ,M,Hf'. . mu, 2, R . 11.1 A., ,, . ,Y . , M.A,'jn X T"If'rfa?Q.. '- . , , J. un , , -,t 4 lr, , .W fx .155 e Q, W. H i ,. A A' K ' K kim! r V. VV,,.:..! ,,, fb.:- , V L- 1 5 Ffbwr-fwi S f ,.' M... ,fi I ,. ,Q , x , . . is Qty '-., I V 4 ' 1: ' v , . 'J 'f , W, H' N. ,V V J 2: X V, Q , 3-, Liri.5.j:Q,Q4f V 5' Vff. ' w H 3 JV.. 5 , ., , , . W 3? 1 1 Mtg' ' ' . A " 'VKTJU f lv J fi' ' K ' ' . ' 'fif-VV' , .. Y M .V W!" F ' , iz.f,:1 ':j5I., ' I ' ' 5, lg. ' :. 53.7, ' V ' F ' ,W . ,M 1, it M, V, . I 11, fgw-'VVV3gEg,.V 'f ' -Vgf. Vw., ,,,,.fm, spy- N. ' ,.ff,, , 7 .,z,,w1,5,.,L ,L ,, , , A, fl D , M., .' A. ,5, ,V L -.-A my V -w v, jr Ay,-,E I: , 5-K VV - Aff., . fu w mfym- A 1- A. .. .- f-V x ' 'H im v, aff. V 'Q JV I -. V Mrk 1 . - 22523 1 Aff' 'QJT - + V . mln , 'A , .- f 143.35 L .Q 2. Q Y ,Vg fi'L3i, 1 ,V A ,L 1.9:- wa. Y .. :K K 1 . . 14 V' V, S.-AV - ' ,Vg , l .54 V fi14,L,-:gal Q ' VV f Q 11, V,L- sf- f BA"x::1:' 4- - '. 'W' wp, :H-'fV ., ,f."",.f1?1"g , , , S ' Yi 'f3ffit.: Vxff '. - .- . 4 , ' QV ' . ' ?V'F:'f Y' E 'X . ,F 4, u. - .gui V4 .yin-iii ' Q ' fd- :V ye: 4 , 1 "P ,.,Vn1: ,AA .A , ,g:- wx V L.-,, :wg , 'f fr -,H .1 .1 15?-:if arf: Y - 1 M ,lf ,4 ', 'V i 6:9 . in F, a., MV f - f if ' gffwef-' - Axy :! ' ' 9.1 ' .iiiifwiif r " 2 " W' i1"""'.ff1 "p,,52'V VS' . ff A X ,. ff r Mn 3- 1- 1 'Vg-V -' - V -ar. - f ., - V VV V -P ,ff ., X w.'Rx,,kf, :s..ziV1a .LV aw 'we FA 15 ' -41142, ',f3:mr,hame+ ,Mfr- lvfw 5 .' 3. ' v 4. 5 1 1 Y , ' , v.,,. , w,..,.A,.- s 'Ti 5 Q M WM fvihvn in 2 E is QS 'X F nl V .. M , af- 6 XM. ff M' M , f Q -M--up-1 , ,.h.,l.....,, ,.,,,, lg ,, In "WO 3' ' .. .k'.' 52- Q Vw .5 , 4 .nv M-an-.- 1 A ' f-9141 9 1' 1, my .. fi """'xf " u Q QI' if ff qu-'Q' ' ff: ' .1 VJ . ,gag 'Q 23 QV. ,gk fi? fm ,,.,,,,, , iqesqgguw .Wy QU--wyq-a 4 l-Lf' J, X4 1 fo 1 l ""' y 1 ,- 'Jn ,Q , w 3 ',, v "' it Q, yn is 914' 'M' W 1 ,.gl',,,',i5 'Yeti MA' -w fa 1, Q' . nwgw 4 . Axtwrg. ri! , . 'ffvlvf qs' A 4434 ua 'iw lu ' "' is

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