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FC. , ii ,L A, ilk: i "'.-ffA'ff ' i ,g"'393,Ai f5U!F.GG'gvf-hifi".-' A-is . ' -'L 31. - " N V I-' ' , , 'A " kr . 1 '--f' ' f' -. - wr., -. ' K , --,. , v-"W . :- una. ' -.,. ' 5' ., f ..,.,,-1 -f K3 . L ---.. ...,,,.' "",',g,..-.,. g,. 4-A , - . , 1, -2-- f- ' A , -A fXXyg3XXf1LfXH'Qx x'v4j'3IIEi1ll5Hii1'l 4M7M1 ML A A W 2 f R f X N f x I Af, , -, , 1 G 4 ' L, X , ' x F L "' fl 1 ill - Y H 'XX xf f xx xt K V' , ef - ' ' :s1,5, ,E W ' ml' .gif 2 inf 7 T A fig! ' f 5- iii.-LV s ALM' ,K M, iq i YY 1' K -. ,I WX 19 I A E --QE ur i, I - ' - ' 21 F. Q ' ' ' :gr I 1 f' V 2 I TU, YF if 1 3 " X -'ff -N J fm - I I -jf ,C - W- -v, -f,.,a L i - ' 'X 4 fm -f an I f il 3 . . N 5 , -T- Q " L, E, J' 5, 1, 5, 5. g a T v I - . 'Q E g e E , 1 ' . E , EW 4 5 F x 5 I E L . I ii . FS if E f 1 31 + E7 5 H wif, RR 1 Hifi!! jf ULUHLJFL F E7 N gg Xb f W W QQ LJQTNHIJH, 'SHiQEEH MK RTA 50 of 0 7rpS 2 -5 Q HH 9 EE m 0 0 ooO0Q,o?0PoOo'hlLmKl?jIm7 x-,X N-,.:.-X Mm mgfgs:.'920,PTO,WQ 1yg '- 'J in wlfb UUE ..- f 95 ' 55-fx .JT ' "Fl, 'W +-,wiQnL51fv'97'9Up9'1'xQ 0 Q QP- Q09 'uf WE- 0 W ww My f wW 0 . QQePgOQ10 ' f .2 ff 59' f X ' f Gifs mf ' " 5' 'W 'N xh- Q zap J IXIQXP Q, W9 0 H, G1 J, 56539 Off Wk XY gwrcgf-5 5 N 'v f - ' N W'3'X1'9N V"-'Q 'TOOW 'f 7W Y' ., ff 'ff + lg 1 ff M Y l . Q .Reggie A' 1,2 M em 4 i 1 J af f f.if1.:1f'-..1 I -7-Lf' L -5.1-swx XX' ' V if ffl' fs- xM X, -IQ D 1 Q? Aix XXQ jg, I W W NIJ ff www W A W-A-an-H L A fN ,W l -Q . --Eikf"""4'!IJ-A gf? '--" .x X K , AXf'QQ6s3fQQ'.T j' W mu ' Q 2 i fifivb' 'ea fitsf' QQ!! " 'f M ' f 'fiif r A 7 ' ff' ' i!! 'I' 1 . N. - ' '22, ,- M f 33,-4 W 'J Ti Ll in , Hi' IW ' w if! ff :H Rai A ,gwxwg j g? 4 ? :A 1 EE-E41-:wi , T , M W 1' , EE I 1 . W .UQWRSEQS peqogmi lil f J 4 1 '-H ' I Q 'flmjfji' 43,9 MQ? gr 6' I -J: ' iii, S if , fd ' lx, 0 -3, 9 'S I N V gg' wiv' gfxgijgm QHall7MRG of 0 If gli? Jtkfggf UQ QQ QQEQQPQZW fWwfpl5L J W ' D 4 QL X Nfw E' 1 ' an Ami? Q2 s ,fi?',5e5jL9',gfk2E'ii,3K2SFES1?i, Q90 Y 52357 gf! 4 j eq ,ff is-,I 04 pggejgggi QQ 3 by A 5 X X1"XfX Q 5 E E 5 S 1 A 5 ii li FACULTY and STUDENTS I We new present to you one of the greatest yearbooks of all time G lm Dawg G3 X, .. Q :- ' JUN:-:23 43,2 gifs lx 4 X X -1 fx-X-XJ U U j. I yj T .U wu- MM' 1 ,Q . .W a. 4 If 4 at .w L. GREATEST ln later years. the morale being of the school and its individuals has been height- ened by the advent of the school circus. Many individuals and many' clubs have par- ticipated in helping to make the event each year just as superb and enjoyable as thc last, Each year they succccd in doing so. lndcr the capable leadership of a faculty chairman. who helps indcfatigably' with all aspects. the circus each year develops from a mere display' of props and words into the systematic organization of a well-oiled ma- chine. The crcdit for being chairman last ycar goes to Mr. Richard Lucas. while Mr. Marvin Click htld that post the previous year. This year. of couse. we all know that Mr. Lucas again handled the duties. making the circus not only better than ever. but a delightful panorama of interesting and fe- licitous cvcnts. Contained under the prodigious big-top. which in reality is Estee Junior lligh School. arc' several of the familiar parts of any' ex- cellent circus. For instance. there is the in- evitable side-show with its weird offerings of SHOW freaks and exhibits of wholly unusual talents. Then there are the extraordinary' displays of fantastic movies. and all types of unique and fun-filled games. These are amusing sections which keep the children quite active before the big show begins. The after-show. too, is a much looked-forward-to event. There the more or less specialty' acts are performed. and they' always contain much enjoyment and humor for everyone. ln any circus. certain events are con- sidered better than others. and certain acts are always drawing cards for the complete display. Such are the ridiculously' funny' "chorus girls." composed entirely' of mem- bers of the Key' Club. who do the Can-Can. Then there is the tumbling act, composed of the muscular individuals of the school, and Q :pl F xv""' Y. ,, an 1 hi the unimaginable display of weird and some- times grotesque animals. Needless to say, these are not real animals. but boys and girls individually talented to perform as sueh. Much of the fun would be lost if the' animals were real. Then. too. the eireus parade. which is in charge of the Booster Club. travels the day before the big show opens through the busi- ness section of town to give the townfolk a slight insight as to what the eireus will con- tain. The youngsters in town always have a grand time running around and following this or that elown. or this or that animal. And tht- elowns and animals love it. The eireus allows individual talent to be displayed and perfected by the school pupils in a form whereby it might never have been so. For that reason. too. the pupils love to -6 - SSW ' E RTH participate in it. The monev gained. needless to say. is given toward a most deserving thingispring sports. During the first year of its existence. the eircus gave only an evening performance. The next year it had to give a matinee as well. That goes to prove that the eireus is here to stay. Each vear it becomes better. and. though it wonit ever be competition to Ringling Brothers. it will stav as a definite event to he annually on the eitv's eurrieulum. and mueh-looked-forward to bv children and adults alike. Published by THE SENIURS of GLOVERSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK is 1' N F .-'IW Mx' MU' 1 - A A Y , I if A .K A ' ,.r"3 A JF X, s . W ,US ,y .WM ix - ,'o' X fan' "1 X gjfsiirs., . L5 N I 'O fs, . ,, 1 -f ' ,E z.. .. .g hir ' L. . Q ,Q X v -ff N '- X xi . . , 1 f f' 9 Qi K . f"'x? 1 is N l 32 QSMW Wa 1 . 9 ' C' O ya , , ss . N 5 ix, 'N , 5 fe Q L fi i e if M, s Inq. . .ww-,Nw-Q.. EW 4, ,f 1 5 Iike 1' ' x. QV, X M.. .g a K .mx . w 2' A iv 'rf sw. Fu. g L., W f is f 3' K Tm., Ni' 3 WX 5? as ni ,Q H 3 H f? 5 fi . f-P 3 X--..... X' Ulla ' Q I , 4 'A 8, IL F I ,. nf ,-. fig, 'Uri' ii ' ' ,-at , A ' A A L' tan- A1 me Q 9 fi I nf' 3 ix it 1 - 6- 'H " lpqg.,-w . ' v M I fm-, mg, " - S X' YB , Q' .ik . , ' ' k Q. 5 . , ' ' ff mu., My N- v if 'W' W-""' - W ww- V 3 M E m .....M.W..........Q .W Q A .-,,. MM .L 1.,,,..,.....,..A """'Q 235-'V-vw--ww--v --n --W -H- x mm.X 5 Q ' A M ' ' . . f . W .S VQNW f-., . 15' ' .. i f59+ ., X 5111 X i ' Wx X Q 'Iwi 4 Q, .i 'Q li 555+ .sid Q -K vj kiuywu -Q' ff L.-' Qf mf-.kk Q, fu ,A X 0 .Q . - 4. if , f Q k'KlQ4 :YLvwR W F A . ' NXNQQ-w..... , .L -Q ' 0 . O51 l , 1' ,ff QF 5" T16- .A r 4 ,,, ,. v 15,1 ,,,.x.W f r fr , 4 1 I '1 " R ,bw .- - 'iff-my The circus comes . . . the yearliook's theme . . . title page . . . on the beam . . . faculty dedication . . . Lucas' the man . . . made the circus . . . big as the land . . . -1 ,ww-'--H i- Q r The seniors parade . . . so bold and proud . . . among the inferiors . . . in the halls' crowd . . . the Last Will's in . . . looks pretty good . . . senior's ac- tivities . . . sound as wood . . . The Huskies' growl . . . fierce and wild . . . made the opposition . . . seem like a child . . . on the court . . . or on the field . . . always out to win . . . our doom was never sealed . . . From active clubs . . . to journalism you'll always find . . . humanism . . from jolly times . . . to serious play you can see . . . no dismay . . . U Little monkeys . . . in the zoo . . . are the .sophs . . . and juniors too . . . playing games . . . running wild . . . they soon were forced . . . to a state that's mild . . . They go ahead . . . and invariably say . . . numerous things . . . throughout the day . . . from minute teacher . . . to the administration . . . they continue . . . arbitration . . . qi? fmix ' :X 25 WJ J' Dedicated RICHARD A. LUCAS It isn't often that the yearbook has the honor to dedicate itself to a man who is filled with versatility and who possesses a congenial attitude and humorous perception. Full of vi- tality, his manner is one of friendliness and amiability. It is, therefore, with a great deal of pleasure that we are able to dedicate this year's ORACLE to lVlr. Lucas. .Q .,,.p V 53' ffm: L p iw 'fi ' -t I5 f' 'Z .41 J J C3 3 1' Wilt U I 6 il 1 " I 7 4 f it f K ffl? 'lg 453 f Ni.-U YRFEN ROBERTS Vim- Prr'sidf'nt VINCICNT'0RTA Tri-uxlira-r Slanlling. In-fl In right: Mis-is Esthvr jonvs, Amlvisorg Vinw-nl l,ul'nrla, Maura-1-n Rulwrls, Mr. John Lat- Nhaw, Mlviwr. Sitting: Ros:-mary flraxiann, Jane Ririllvr. SE IOR CLASS OFFICERS k"-Sb' JANE RICHTER Sffcrf-tary ROSEMARY CRAZIANO Prvsirlffnt , I X04 SENIOIQS I ' "Czeck" CN-4X i 6 I-ASTA WILL, ' 3 TFJTAMLNI' y 575 RQ-Q Lt Last We, the members of the class of 53 fkeep your fingers crossedl, being of sound m1ndf'7'7'7J and body fthat is, before the Johnstown football gamej , do bequeath on this, the 23rd day of June, nineteen SENIORS ALBANESE, EDWINA "Eddie" Always has a dreamy expression on her face, This girl must be in love as far as we can trace. Choir 2, 3, 4g Felicita 3, 4g Husky Growl 3, 4g Oracle Staffg Red Cross Council 43 Girls' Sports 33 Senior Play Committeeg Oper- etta 3, Conductor Club 2. AUSTIN, RoY LLROYQ1 Rather quiet is our Roy, With honesty-the policy of this boy. Choir 2, 35 Quadrille 2, 3. .JJ S 'L Ax.ors, JACK MJack9Y Peg Leg, teddy bear-every name in the books We know our dk is okay on .la looks. Baseball 2, 3, 4-3 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 4. ARDIZZONE, RONALD "Ronnie" HLil9! Choir 2, 3 ANADIO, JOSEPH BANDLOW, RICHARD HJOCYY 66Dee99 The strong and silent type's our Dick always has an answer that's Jae, clever, Some lucky girl has him for a To be friendly with all is his beau. endeavor. Bowling 2, 3, 45 PTSA Repre- Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2. sentative 2. Ames, LILLIAN Easy to know easy to like Nice to be with this little tyke BANOVIC, RONALD Ronnie is so nice and tall, No wonder for him all the girls fall. French Club 2g Husky Growl 23 Cross Country 3, 4. I2 --Q- -i-tl.-QM W hen he saw a woman he used to run, But now he has changed--for girls are such fun. French Club 23 Track 2, 3, 4: Commencement Usherg C r 0 S S Country 3g Quadrille Club 2, 3. Will and Testament hundred and fifty-three, to our "silent," but admir- F irst-We leave the privilege of arriving and leav- ing slaves fhahlj of the Junior Class the following ing the assemblies amid the awful awesome, and priceless items from the treasure chest of the Senior aching feet of our underclassmen. Class : BARONE, ANTOINETTE SEN IORS BLANKE, KATHLEEN N H 2, sf BENEDUCE, CONCETTA "Connie" S5T0ni!Y K6Kay9! You'lI find no girl who is nicer Though her name may be Kath- or sweeter leen Blanke, Than Toni Barone, our varsity Her minds' certainly not-to be cheerleader. frank. Booster Club 45 Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4, Captain 4-3 Oracle Staff, Senior Play Committee. Transfer '51g Choir 3, Felicita 3, 4g Red Cross Council 3. BLOWERS, WILLARD "In form, feature, face and limb," If she were on an island, how all boys would swim. Choir 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Felicita 4, French Club 3, 43 "Bill' He loves to speed our Willard Blowers, Unless he stops-we'll send him flowers. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2. Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 35 Senior Play Cast. BERARD, ALTON "Alton" W hen it comes to girls, he's shy, sau, both boys and girls befriend this guy. BLUMENBURG, RICHARD K6DiCkY! Meet the editor of the yearbook of '53 A busy and capable young man is he. Transfer '51g Husky Crowl 3, 4g Key Club 3. 45 Oracle Staffg Editor-in-chief, Senior Play Cast. BERGER, ELEANORE HRed!7 Eleanoreis a girl sincere, To her friendship we all adhere. Choir 2, 3, 45 Felicita 3, 4g Football Handbook 3, 43 Husky Growl 2, 3, 43 Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 33 Girls' Sports 2, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Sen- ior Play Committeeg Press Club 4, Operetta 2. f BocER, SHIRLEY ssB0ggyn Short and sweet, one you should 'fleet- Plenty sharp and always neat. Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Felicita 43 Husky Crowl 35 Oracle Staff: Junior Prom Committee. I3 G- -f KAST WU-L f -8. GW? , , -resrmenr 0 .ni A 9 SENIORS BOWMAN, SHERMAN "Sberln" In sports, classroom, everything, Fair play is always Sherman's theme. Baseball 2. 3. 43 Football 43 Bowling 2. 3. 43 Captain 3, 4. BRADT, PRISCILLA "Chris" Cute and quiet is our Chris, Warm and generous is this miss. French Club 2, 3. 4g Red Cross Council 2g Girls' Sports 2, 3. BRINK, HOWARD "Howard" A smile is the umbrella For this bashful fella., BROWN, JAMES "Jimmy" Everyone listens when Jim speaks 0l1t, He's smart and cautious, without a rloubt. Baseball 33 Football 2. 33 Track 23 Basketball Manager 23 Foot- ball Manager 4. BROWN, JOYCE ujoyceu Paint and brush are for this girl, Besides that-she's a wonderful girl. Booster Club 43 Football Hand- book 33 Husky Growl 3, 43 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 2. 3, 4g Junior Prom Committeeg Sen- ior Play Committee. BROWN, KATHLEEN "Kat" Bouncing Blonde, full of zest, This little gal is never a pest. Band 23 Booster Club 4g Choir 33 Felicita 3, 43 Football Hand- book 33 Husky Growl 2, 43 Oracle Staff. BURGESS, PAT l6Burd!9 A very cute hair-do, and a pert nose, These help Pat lreep the boys on their toes. Choir 2. 3, 43 Library Club 3, 43 Vice Pres. 4g PTSA Representa- tive 43 Senior Play Committee. CADY, GLYNN "Glynn" Flame red personality, flame red hair, Full of fun and mischief every- where. Barbara Lawrence leaves her "corridor can-canl' to Jeri Heiman. Audrey Richards leaves her Miss America shape to Pat Coughnet. Dick Bandlow leaves his pair of scissors to Randy Agor. Jim Dickey leaves his dreams of soaring height to Buddy Mazzone. SENIORS CAMMARERE, ERNEST "Ernie" Fame and fortune Ernie will win, Whenever he plays his magic violin. Orchestra 2, 3, 4. CANFIELD, JACQUELINE "Jackie" A good sport and nice to know. Always your friend and never your foe, Booster Club 4g Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. CASSEDY, MARY "Cass" How happy we all would be, With this gal's personality. Booster Club 2. 3, 43 President 43 Choir 2, 3g Felicita 3, 43 French Club 35 Husky Growl 2, 3. 43 Oracle Staff: Student Coun- eil 2. 3, 4g Secretary 43 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Senior Play Castg Girls' State 35 Quadrille 2. CATANZARO, CHARLES "Charlie" When rhoir needs a tenor strong, By calling on Charlie they ran never go wrong. Choir 2, 3. 43 Movie Operator 2. 3. 4: Baseball Manager 2. 3g Football Manager 3, 4. CHENEY, BEVERLY "Bev" The slurpy sundies Bev dished out, Were the best at Nil-holsons, without a doubt. CHIZEK, JOSEPH .tjoeo Joe with his horn deserves a hand, For they will find fame at the head of his band. Band 2, 3. 43 Orchestra 3. 43 Movie Operator 2, 3g Bowling 3. CIRILLO, FLOYD "Floyd" This boy seems quiet at first, we believe. But loolc again, berause first looks deeeive. Bowling 2. COLSON, THEODORE "Ted" If knowledge is power, why then 1ve'll be! That Ted is the strongest you'll get. Key Club 3, 4g President 43 Oracle Staffg Track 3, 45 Cents mencement Usherg Cross Coun- try 3. 4. 5-f-Xa. UO Qfifiik C .255 oil CONOVER, ROBERT "Bob" Don't let that angelic face play a triek, With hilarity and jokes, he'll always be our pick. Golf 2. COPLON, BARBARA 'soakiew With her Dutch-boy hair and her .streamlined air, Of looks and personality she has a good share. Booster Club 43 Felicita 3, 43 Football Handbook 3g French Club 2. 33 Husky Crowl 2, 33 Oracle Staff3 Senior Play Com- mittee. CORNELL, DAVID t-Davevv Dave's ambition is to become a minister, His understanding ways make him far from sinister. Baseball Manager 2, 33 Football Manager 3. COZZOLINO, SALVATORE "Cozzy" Here's a boy who knows how to daneeg He's really quite gifted when it comes to romance. Choir 23 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 2. 3, 4. SENIORS CRANKSHAW, PATRICIA Gipath Blonde, short, and very sweet, To know this girl is a real trea CRISPIN, CLARA 'LCris" Swing your partners one and all: When she's square dancing, she's right on the ball. Choir 2, 3, 43 Felicita 3, 4: Li- brary Club 2g Red Cross Coun- cil 33 Junior Prom Committeeg PTSA Representative 23 Senior Play Cast3 Quadrille Club 2, 3. 4. Cnoss, JOHN Itjohnn Current events are his avocation, His knowledge of them leads to conversation. French Club 43 Husky Crowl 3, 43 Oracle Staffg Commencement Usherg Senior Play Committee. DAVENPORT, RICHARD 5bDick79 Though his name is Dick Couch, you don't have to fear, For in work he's no slouch, we're glad that hels here. Track 2, 3. 43 Cross Country 3, 4: Quadrille Club 2. 3, 4. Nick Masala leaves his sultry glances to John Vietri. Grace Sena leaves sports and ambition to Margareta Grimm. Toni Barone leaves her high time street roaming to Katy Rumrill. Jeanine Walters leaves her two-tone peroxide to Ellen Teetz. SENIORS DEL SICNORE, PANFILO upatvs Pat has a subtle wit, That with his friends makes him a hit. DESANTIS, DELORES HDee!! Here's a gal to look over twiceg She's sporty and nice and full of advice. Choir 2, 35 Twirlers 2, 3, 45 Felicita 35 Red Cross Council 25 Girls' Sports 2, 35 PTSA Repre- sentative 2. DICKEY, JAM1-:s G5Jirn9Y .lim is the "Jeff" of all our class guy-95 Personality makes him a big man in our eyes. Track 2. DIMEZZA, ANN NAM.. Always has a cute remark, all her friends have found, There's bound to be loads of fun when she is around. Choir 2, 3, 45 Husky Growl 3, 45 Oracle Staffg Red Cross Coun- cil 25 Girls' Sports 2, 35 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committee5 Tennis 4. DIMEZZA, MARIE CLDe7! Never sad, always glad, Except when her marks are really bad. Booster Club 45 Choir 2, 3, 43 Football Handbook 35 Husky Growl 35 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 45 Tennis 35 PTSA Representa- tive 3. FERRARA, MARILYN "Marilyn" Cute, energetic, a sweet girl all her lifeg She'll make some young man a remarkable wife. Choir 2, 3, 45 Felicita 3, 45 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Committee. FLANSBURG, ELEANOR "Eleanor" Serious minded gal is she With sudden spurts of mirth and glee. Band 3, 45 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. FLEIG, JOSEPH sAJOen His memory never fails him, No burdening care assails him French Club 45 Key Club 2 3 Track 35 Senior Play Cominiti teeg Cross Country 2, 35 Quad rille Club 2, 3, 4. 5 5 Vth iff A ss it N ,Q a Waist Nita Q N xg ix lww lies? Sta. as we Best. X S 4.6 , 5 -- 1sY'sSife:,s.,.: S .ew .. :swf ' f?f'Eriiir--, f F 55- FM"- -5? ., ' - f " i 555 " ' , -1- - uis k ttf? srsktm . ' -, A 5 h S FX 'l ' iff. ' .sa Ns .0 kj-gb W1 TESTLMWAA sg so FOSMIRE, PATRICIA uFuZzyn SENIORS FORREST, VINCENT "Vinnie" ln Latin class he oft' would nap, Because he thought the class a snap? Band 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast. FREDERICK, JOHN S6J0hn9! Personality admired by mates, With ever one, this lad always LY rates. Pat as a student is mighty pru- dent, Pat sometimes is over exuberant. Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, .3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast, Press Club 4, Quad- rille Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 4. GEISLER, PETER sspeten lf red cheeks are of health a sign, Then Pete must always be feel- ing fine: Band 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, 4, Key Club 2, 4, Oracle Staff 4, Laurel G. Committee 3, Senior Play Committee, Boys' State. FOSTER, THOMAS 4sT0mvs Wonderful pal, but not much for books, Can't blame the girls for liking Tom's looks. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. GENDRON, JEAN "Jeanie" Small, cute, mighty sweet, Dances well, and is hep to the beat. Booster Club 4, Choir 2, 3, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Sen- ior Play Committee. Fox, BARRY "Barry" Felicitous Miss Fox is full of PCP, ls quiet and friendly and mighty hep. Transfer '51, Booster Club 4, Girls' Sports 3, 4. GENTILE, JOSEPH HJOCYY Dark and handsome, but extreme. lr Shy, Nevertheless, he's quite a guy. Bill Blowers tries to leave in his '32 Chevy. Carol Ann Holden leaves her selected wardrobe to Ellen Teetz. Joe Fleig leaves his collection of corny jokes to Pete Cohan. Dick Blumenberg leaves one copy of the '53 Oracle to Joe Check . . . ffree of chargej . COODBREAD, JEAN SENIORS GILMARTIN. ELIZABETH "Liz" A warm personality as you can see, ls lVature's gift to Lizzy' G. Booster Club 3. 43 Choir 2, 3. 43 Felicita 3. 43 French Club 3, 43 Husky Growl 2, 3, 43 Oracle Staffg Red Cross Council 33 Girls' Sports 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Cast. "Jeanie" .leanie is a person who does rate, For she collected money where we ale. Choir 2. 33 Library Club 2. 33 Oracle Staffg Cirls' Sports 43 Junior Prom Committee: PTSA Representative 2, 43 Senior Play Cast. :Ei GRAz1ANo, ROSEMARY 5iRagY7 Tall and bright with all that knowledge, She's just right for any college. Choir 2. 3, 43 Felicita 3, 43 Husky Growl 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Oracle Staff3 Stu- dent Council 3, 43 Girls' Sports 43 Commencement Usher 33 Jun- ior Prom Committeeg Laurel G Committee 33 Senior Play Castg Speaking Contest 33 President HAMILTON, ALICE cal-Iamvs Fun and friendly, full of life3 Nothing for Alice is even a strife. Orchestra 23 Twirlers 2, 3g Felic ita 43 Football Handbook 3 Husky Growl 43 Oracle Staff Re-dl Cross Council 23 Cirls' Sports 23 Junior Prom Commit teeg Senior Play Committee. all at-,.,. aaa ,.ssssssgff,5.s.s- .... - 1. '11 ,.:,. X, . .. Q va ' --:1- S .,.. ' - My as L3 Z :g. ' :l!' HAYES, FRANCES "Fran" t Quiet, friendly, full of ,lung ls liked by almost everyone. Red Cross Council 2, 3, 43 1 J I N. Ten- :R Ki. I'tlS S, , H t , K .t 'le , . A J 3 s is ll it as 2 K :' 3,5 cgi? ' 131 I f .4 . ,. 3 , ,Q 3 - N' at , ps at K, s T Mg' Jie HERMANCE, JANICE W . N 3 "Jan" it ..f Some like them short, some like D. . ji them tall, 'S - il,i But we'Il take lang she'll do N' M for all. ' A H Band 2, 3, 4-3 Orchestra 2, 3, 4g A .-'..i Husky Growl 33 Oracle Staff3 - 3 ' Junior Prom Committeeg Senior 3. Play Committee. l' X I. wg , it 2 P HILL, MAR1oN "Marion" of Class 3, 4. E HACEMAN, JOHN SSI,-lag!! A great asset is this lad to the rlass, His ways are bound to get him a lass. Band 23 Orchestra 2, 3g Key Club 33 Basketball 2, 33 Man- age-r3 Track 3, 43 Laurel C Com- mittee 3g Senior Play Commit- IPF: Cross Country 23 Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4. A little girl is Marion Hill, To get aheafl is her will. Felicita 3, 4g Football Handbook 33 Husky Growl 33 Girls' Sports 2, 3: Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committee. I 9 y Q X J L 'R TEST L' Q. 'E i' w 'gl 3 i A g,,f ,gg 2 A . JP 7 E 4 s SENIORS HINE. losispn "JOe' He is often seen but not often heard. You ran bet when he speaks he has a kind word. HINE, VELVIA "Velvia" She doesn't speak unless spoken to, D A teaehefs ideal, we know this to be true. HOLDEN, CAROL ANN "H0ltly" Holdy has perfection, everyone knows, just look at her hair and all lovely Clothes. Booster Club 4, Choir 2, 3, Felicita Club 3, 4, President 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Husky Crowl 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 4, Orarle Staff, Junior Prom Cum- mittee, PTSA Representative: Senior Play Cast. HO PKINS, THOMAS "Tom" Nice to know, lots of fun, Always has jokes to please every- one. Movie Operator 2, 3. T WILL OS HOUGH, JOSEPH aloe., All around guy, sweet as pie, But gosh that guy is awfully shy. Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, PTSA Representative 2, Senior Play Cast, Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4. HOUGHTON, DAVID - K'Dave" Thoughtful and considerate is Dave, Many a friend's feelings he'll save. HOUGHTON, MARJORIE "Margie" l Margie is the scholastic type, Seldom wrong and without a gripe. Band 2. 3, Husky Crowl 3, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 3, Commencement Usher 3, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 2. 4. JACOBSON, Doms ANN "Peanut" We all love to watch Peanut imi- HUF, To be a comedienrze must be her fate. Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 3. 4, Husky Growl 3, 4, Library Club 2, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 3. 4, Commencement Usher 3, ,lun- ior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Doris Ann Jacobson leaves her upeanutsu to all the monkeys of the Junior Class Ellen Wood and Rosemary Graziano leave their large and varied assortment Of assembly marches to Ann Lee Vonderahe and Hannah Wilkins. Mary Keaveney andDick Lewis leave the assistant editorships of the Oracle to two unsuspecting Juniors. mi SENIORS JACOBSON, DORIS MARIE flake" Never one to scorn and fret! This cheerful girl is really set. Choir 2, 3, 44 Football Handbook 4g Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. JENNER, RICHARD LLDickN Dick hardly seems to us, shy, He's known to all as a real swell guy. Key Club 43 Track 3, 43 Com- mencement Usher 3g Quadrille Club 3. JOHNSTON, RICHARD 'tPiIIs" Pitts is always full of jun, When he's around, no work is done. Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 49 Basketball, Manager, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. JONES, DORIS "Dorie" Doris appears to be very quiet, But when you know her, she's really a riot. Choir 2, 3, 4g Library Club 2, Red Cross Council 3. KAZMIERSKI, WINNIE "Winnie" One of the smallest in our class, A very sweet girl is this cute lass. Felicita 3. KEAVENEY, MARY ssKeavs1 A friend today and everyday, We know she'll always be that way. Booster Club 43 Felicita 4, Football Handbook 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 4g Husky Growl 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, Oracle Staff, Assistant Editorg Red Cross Council 3: .lunior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee: Quadrille Club 2. KENNEDY, JOHN 65J0hn!1 John's humor in study hall Will certainly be remembered by all. Band 2g Baseball 2, Track 3, 4. KENNEDY, ROBERT "Bob" Plenty of bounce and pep galore, For a laugh he'll do anything and more. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Bowling 3. 42 Cross Country 2. 3. 4, Co-Cap- tain 4. 7' C F W1 .SZ",4lA1Ek,7- fi J 4411 9 y N fb M Q SENIORS KITCHEN, DONALD 6sD0n11 This fun loving square dancer Has more pep than Santa Claus, Blitzen or Prancer. Football 2, 4. KNOBLAUCH, EDNA "Edna" Edna possesses a friendly way, Follow in her footsteps and you'lI never go astray. LAMONT, HARRY 44Harrys1 A quiet word, a quiet nay, That is Harry every day. LAPORTA, VINCENT "Vinnie" Vinnie with his many jokes Certainly makes us happy folks. Bowling 2, 3, 43 Tl'aCk 2, 3, 4-1 Junior Prom C0mmitlCCQ Senior Play Commilteeg Treasurer of Class 3, 43 Cross Country 3, 4. LAROWE, MARCIA "Marsh" Marsh twirls her baton from hand to handg So a place she deserves at the head of the band. Booster Club 43 Twirlers 2, 3, 43 Leader 43 Felicita 3, 43 Oracle Staff: .lunior Prom Committee3 Senior Play Committee. LAURENCE, BARBARA KlBarb7f Barb is sharp in every way: She dresses well for work or play. Booster Club 3, 43 Choir 2, 33 Cheerleaders 3, 43 Felicita 3, 43 French Club 4g Husky Growl 2, 3, 43 Oracle Staffg Junior Prom Committee3 Senior Play Com- mittee. LAWLOR, MARY ANNE "Annie" ln all things Annie does her best, She will stand out from all the rest. Booster Club 43 Choir 2, 33 Felicita 33 Girls' Sports 23 Jun- ior Prom Committeeg PTSA Rep- resentative 2. LEWIS, RICHARD unickn Lewis and Clarke have been dis- placed, Lewis and Connors have taken their place. Husky Crowl 3, 43 Edilopin. chief 43 Key Club 43 Oracle Staffg Assistant Editorg Com- mencement Usher 3. Tom Foster leaves his teachers. Q May they rest in peacell Mary Cassedy leaves her amiable "Hi Therelv to Diane Berry. John Palmateer leaves his winged feet to Pete Rumrill. that x Ei.. is ,Q I SENIORS LIGONS, JOHN ujohnn Whether serving his school or servicing a car, John is one of the best, by far. Booster Club 2g Student Coun- cil 2. MANCHESTER, WILLIAM "Bill" Extremely quiet, but looked upon as superior, A lasting friend is he beneath his shy exterior. M.ASALA, NICK 'fNaCk" Plenty handsome and not too Shy, When passing, the girls, they give him the eye. MCCOY, SIIEILA "Sheila" Sheila's pep is a pleasant joy, We're sure she is the real McCoy liand 23 Orchestra 2, 35 Felicita 3g Football Handbook 39 Husky Crowl 43 Oracle Staff: Junior Prom Committee. MCGREGOR, CARYL stcaryln Full of fun and fancy free, That is what she wants to be. Choir 2, 33 Football Handbook 4, Red Cross Council 25 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Commencement Usher 3g Senior Play Committee. MELE, Louis "Louie" A friendly clown with never c frown, Seldom misses a chance to dc the town. Bowling 3. MEYER, PAUL HP. Meyer" One of our tallest lads, a friend to all, Is this ambitious fellow named Paul. Husky Growl 4g Student Council 2. 3, 4, Vice President 43 Basket- ball 2, 3. 43 Football 23 Track 2, 3, 44 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Committee. MIRONER, ALAN "Silas" Now that he and Latin are done, Maybe he can have some fun. Husky Crowl 2, 3, 4g Key Club 4g Movie Operator 2g Oracle Staffg Basketball Manager 4. f XB . if on fa' at f P-Q27 SENIORS MONTANARO, ALBERT MAI., Never a dull moment when he's around, You don't have time to wear a frown! Choir 2, 3, 4g Bowling 2, 3, 45 Manager 3g PTSA Representa- tiveg Senior Play Cast. MOUYIOS, ESTHER ssEZzyvs With Ezzy's ready winning smile, She makes us happy all the while. Booster Club 43 Oracle Staffg Red Cross Council 23 Senior Play Committeeg Quadrille Club 2. MOREY. CYNTHIA Lbcynn Her smile is sunlight through the trees, And just as soothing as a breeze. Football Handbook 2, 3, 4g Presi- dent 43 Husky Growl 2, Oracle Staff. Business Manager: Red Cross Council 3, 43 Junior Prom Committeeg PTSA Representa- tive 2g Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 4. Mmz, JOSEPH ..JOe,. This friendly little guy has a mighty car, All the girls love it though it ean't go far. Football 2, 3. MORRISON, BETTY "Betty" Never one to make a fuss, One who's liked by all of us. MUDDLE, J AN b6'Ian99 Red is the sign of danger. Beware! This prankster has red hair. Band 2x Orchestra 23 Quadrille Club 2. Moscom. WII.I.IAM "Bill" Hill is a lmy who likes to fool Either in or out of srhool. Choir 2, Bowling 2, 3, 4g Foot- ball 2g Coll' 3. 4: ,lunior Prom Cmnniilh-eg Senior Play Commit- ts-o-, llaskvllnall 'Vlanager 3, 4. T24 MUIDDLE, MYRNA "Myrna" Nat in amuddle as her name may imply. For on Myrna her friends can always rely. Fc-livita 4: Junior Prom Com- mittee. Pat Fosmire leaves one large spot on the Chem. lab. wall as result of too much heat and too small a test tube. Hucky Pelcher leaves his recipe for reckless driving to "Daredevil,' J im Skiff. Sheila McCoy leaves her sultry glances to Gloria Lauritano. SENIORS he .531 A-sci, MULHALL, ROBERT scM0evv His motto: eat, drink, and be merry, As for studies: Why tarry? Bowling 4: PTSA Representative 33 Senior Play Committee. OARE, DONNA "Babe" This little gal is quite a clown, Never a dull moment when she's around. Choir 2. 3, 43 Football Handbook 4g Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports Council 2, 3, 4-g Tennis 3: Senior Play Committee. - - -msgs: 3 S f Wilig 1 -PM fr s. . as N . ,ws ' R' Q was Psi W ' X fails X. is Q it E i r aww i 4 t rw-Artie Q , X ,.y,e,,l .L . Q f' R .5 , X -s eg, T 1 iii- '5' A . .fi,iQiiiJt.-. -. ,. ,. - f NELKIN, GARY "Nelk" Though Nel seems quiet all the while, His sense of humor can make you smile. Band 2. 3, 44 Orchestra 2. 3. 4. "Nick" NICHOLSON, JOHN PARKHURST, MICHAEL "Mike" PALMATEER. JOHN it-Iohnn John as a runner is out in the lead, He amazes us all with his won- derful speed. Track 2. 3, 43 Cross Country 2, 3, 43 Co-Captain 4. sv . iiiilf Q ,aft 1 rl wk. Here's a boy who is lots of fun: Milfe's a guy with a heart of The Student Council he does run. Husky Crowl 4: Sports Editor 4: Student Council 2. 3, 4, Treas- urer 3g President 4g Football 2, 3g CO-Captain 3g Senior Play Committee. goldg He has a kind word for young and old. French Club 4g Key Club 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Laurel C Com- mittee 2g Senior Play Castg . ji ,. . s Sie, OAKSFORD, SHIRLEY "Shirl" Another redhead! A really swell gal, Very friendly and a wonderful pal. Football Handbook 3: Husky Crnwl 2, 33 Girls' Sports 2: PTSA Representative 2g Senior Play Committee. Boys' State 3. PARO, BERNARD "Bernie" With Bernie never a moment is lostg He eompletes his work at any Cost. Husky' Growl 2: Oracle Staff. 25 Mike Picardi leaves his tender philosophy-"Don,t say die, just do it." Frank Ricco leaves his "Toni" refill to Don fwe can't do a thing with itl Frank Lenny Simonds leaves his dancing feet to Frank Malagisi. SENIORS PARO, JoAN "Jeanie" Beautiful hair with lots of curl, Say there boys, here's one swell girll Library Club 2g Oracle Staffg Red Cross Council 3, Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4. PELCHER, BARRY uHuckyv This boy is known as our Happy- Go-Hucky, All of his friends consider them- selves lucky. Choir 23 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball 23 Junior Prom Committee. PERRELLA, JAMES if-lim!! Jim is the guy with the flame red hair, Who for dancing has a flair. Choir 23 Golf 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Cast. PERSICO, ANNE MARIE "Annabelle" This gal is quite a dramatic Staff Perhaps in the future she will go far. Booster Club 43 Choir 2, 3g Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Felicita 3, 43 Football Handbook 43 French Club 3, 43 Husky Crowl 2, 3, 43 Oracle Staff: Red Cross Council 33 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee-3 Senior Play n. PERSICO, PATRICIA upersn Patty's very enchanting smile Will never, we're sure, go out of style. Booster Club 3, 4g Choir-2, 3, 43 Felicita 3, 43.French Club 3, 43 Husky Growl 2, 3, 43 Oracle Staff3 Red Cross Council 3, 43 Girls' Sports 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee3 Senior Play Com- mittee. PICARDI, MICHAEL "Genhi" Mikie with his hair so curly, Does quite well with a certain girlie. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Cross Country 2. REFFUE, JAMES L6Jinl99 Jim, the mad chemist, of our lab, Always loved to stand and gab. Orchestra 2, 33 Key Club 2, 33 Senior Play Committeeg Quad- rille Club 2, 3, 4. REYNOLDS, J OAN "Jeanie" Ioan is a girl who's full of fun, The friendship of all of us she's won. Booster Club 43 Felicita 3, 43 Husky Crowl 2, 3g Oracle Staff: PTSA Representative 23 Senior Play Committee. r Q C A4s7' J. N11 5 E LL 1 Wt 63 fu fb-. 1 515 'nl' 4 . L p -rg --.' - is so ssssss is WYQ K A X .:'hh - SENIORS REYNOLDS. LILLIAN RICE, JAMES "B21lN'u ".liIIInIie" She's tops in sofrer and the re'-92, Jimmie with his eomieal wars But as a friend she's the best. ls not responsible for dull days, Felieita 3. 41 Husky Crowl 22 Oraele Staff 4: Girls' Sports 2. 3. 4: Cirls' Sports Council 2. 3, 4: Junior Prom Comniitteeg Sen- ior Play Committee. RHODES, DANIEL RICHARDS. AUDREY "DHD" 'gAudie" A most ronsrientious young man Looks, ambition, and a beautiful ls this friendly senior rolled Dan. shape, Band 2. 3. 4: Movie Operator 2. 3. 4. RHODES. NILA "Nila" Nila's the girl in our band with the flag, She's always in step and never does lag. Band 2. 3. 4: Choir 2. 3. 4: Felicita 3. 4: Football Handbook 2. 3. 4: Oracle Staff 4: Senior Play Committee. Ricco. FRANK "Rm-ee" Frankie is our football ex, In this game he should be the "rex." llaselmall 2. 33 B8Slit'llV3ll 32 Bowling 2, 3: Football 2, 3. Now who can say man descends from ape? Booster Club 4: Orchestra 2: Felicita 3. 4: Oracle Staff: Girls' Sports 2: Junior Prom Commit- tee: PTSA Representative 3: Senior Play Committee. RICHARDS. MARILYN "Marilyn" Pretty eyes and gleaming smile, Endow Marilyn all the while. Choir 25 Felicita 3. 4: Secretary 43 Football Handbook 3: French Club 4: Husky Crowl 3. 4: Busi- ness Manager 4: Library Club 2: Secretary 2a Oracle Staff: Assist- ant Red Cross Couneil 3. Presi- dent 3g Coininenvement Usher: ,Iunior Prom Committee: Quad- rille Club 2. RIcI-ITER. JANE "Janie" Janie with her sparkling eyes Brings forth from boys all sorts of sighs. Band 2. 3, 43 Booster Club 3. 43 Secretary 45 Husky Crowl 2. 3, 4: Oracle Staff: Girls' Sports 2. 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Coniinitteeg Senior Play Coni- mitteeg Quadrille Club 2: Secre- tary of Class -l. Pat Burgess leaves her pert nose to Diane Berry. Mike Parkhurst leaves part of his intelligence to Ken Goldstein. Connie Beneduce leaves her two-timing heart to Jeri Heinian. SENIORS Ricummizn, CATHERINE "Cathy" Cathy with her smiling fare ls a ererlir to the human rare. Felicita 3, 4g Football Handbook 3. 4g Secretary 4: Library Club 33 Girls' Sports 2. 3. 4: junior Prom Cotnmitteeg PTSA Repre- sentative 2g Senior Play Com- mittee. RIICTH, BARBARA "Barb" Conscientious in her work This fine girl will never shirlf. RIETH, BETTY "Berry" ln seeking future happiness We know that xhe'll avhieve surress. Choir 2. 3. 4: Husky Crftwl 3. 42 Red Cross Council 3. 42 C0111- meneement Usher. Roisi1RTs, MAUREEN "fVlaurf-en" A jrieml Lorlay anrl everyday We lrnow slie'll always be that way. Fc-lirita 3. 4g Treasurer 41 Font- ball Handbook 33 French Club 2, fig Husky Crnwl 43 Oracle Stuff: lit-fl Cross Council 2, 3: Ha-er:-tary 31 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4g junior Prom fllHllllllllt'l'Q Vive Presirla-nt of Class 4g Secretary nf Clues Zig Senior Play Cum- ROCHAT, JACQUELIM-: "Jackie" .laclfie has great typing skill, To be a secretary is her will. Choir 2. 3g Library Club 2. 3 Red Cross Council 2. ROCKWELL. CYNTHIA "Cyndi" You never hear a word from this lass, She's as quiet in as out of rlass. Booster Club 3g Husky Crnwl 4: Library Club 2, 4g Oracle Staff: Girls' Sports 3g Senior Play Cast. ROWLEY, SANDRA lisandyfi Cute and unspoiled is Sandy With a disposition like candy. Choir 2, 3. 4g French Club 2. 32 Library Club 2. 3g Student Coun- cil 3. 4: Secretary of Class 2. RUFF, JoAN "Joanie" loanie with her smile so bright Shines up like a bright street light. Choir 2. 3. 4. ,.au M576 Wm, A? SENIORS SAMARCO, RALPH asRaIphv9 This word "study" is his pet peeve, Textbooks he'd like to give a big heave. Senior Play Committee. SANGES, DELORES ADR.. Dee has a lovely and professional voice. . . , For the "Met" this gtrls our choice. Booster Club 43 Choir 2, 3, 43 Husky Growl 43 Red Cross Coun- cil 3. 43 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Girls' Sports C0uncil3 Com- mencement Usher3 Senior Play Committee. SAVARESE, ANNA KSDOHYHV One who is adorably sweet, Yet also a little meek. Choir 2, 3, 43 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee3 PTSA Representative 2, 3. SAVARESE, GLORIA GSGIOU! Gloria, a girl with hardly any cares, lust look at the sparkling ring she wears! Choir 2, 33 Cheerleaders 2, 33 Husky Growl 23 Girls' Sports 23 Junior Prom Committee. SAVARESE, JOSEPH as-loess Joe, a guy everyone knows, Just look at the line he throws! Choir 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3. 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4. SCHRAEDER, EDWARD 46EdH Mr. X could well be his name, For this agreeable lad has no game. Track manager 2, 4. SELUFSKY, RONALD "Ronnie" Ronnie doesn't like senseless gab, just put him, in a Chemistry Lab. Band 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 4g Cross Country 2, 3, 4. SEMIONE, ROBERT 56B0bY9 Tall, dark and that ain't all, He's bound to make some lucky gal fall. Bowling 2, 3, 43 Quadrille Club 2. 75 John Kennedy leaves his uquestiones stupide to Jerry Kerzner. Paul tRomeoJ Meyer leaves all his high school romances to Jean Uulietl Schlusburg Dick Jenner and Jean Visconti can't leave. lTheylre too young.l SENIORS SENA. GRACE "Gran Yells herself hoarse at every game, lf we lose, her spiritls the same. Booster Club 3, 4: Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4g Husky Growl 4g Oracle Staff: Girls' Sports 2, 3. 45 Girls' Sports Council 2g Ten- nis 3. SICETY, BETTYE Hsigq Five feet eight, what a date! A sparkling personality that makes her rate. Twirlers 2, 3g Felicita 3, 43 Husky Growl 2, 3, 4g Oracle Staff T y p i n g Editorg Girls Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Senior Play Committee: Quadrille Club 2. 3. Y SENZIO, KATHRYN SICETY LAURENCE "Silent" "Si A voice like a kitten, soft and Easy going, always sort of shy, furry, A His friends say he's not that lfinrl Always precise and never in a gf guy' hurry. Choir 2. 3, 4g Felicita 3. 45 Football Handbook 3, 4g Oracle Staff, Quadrille Club 3. t, Xi K I x ,Q ,, tt afa'tv+ .Aga-',n -,'..- . k .I az. k . 5' . I, SHANKLAND, WILLIAM ffshania' .lust plain Bill? No sur-ie. Good looking hunk of person ality. ' Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2. 34 Husky Growl 2, 3g Sports' Edi- tor 31 Key Club 2, 3g Vice Presi- dent 2g Treasurer 3g Track 3. 4g Senior Play Committee. SIMON, EDWARD ..Ed.. Nice, quiet, and very sincere, When it's friendship, he has nothing to fear. , c . ,sz- SIIIMBO, AUDREY "And" ln bed by a rloctor's decree She recovered to graduate with '53. Booster Club 4g Choir 2glFelic- ita 4g Husky Growl 4g Library Club 21 Oracle Staff: Red Cross Council 2: Senior Play Com- mittee. 30 SIMONDS, LEONARD bisiv As long as Si a'oesn't part with his car, He'll never have bruises from walking too far. Baseball 3, 43 Bowling 2, 3, 4g Cross Country 2g Vice President of Class 3: Treasurer oi Class 2. l I " c 445 CQ 2' T5 M44 lil rs- EST4AlENp "L. A , Tia fi ' as 1 s xi, - Jw SEN IORS SLovAR, ANNETTE "Annette" Dark brown hair, extremely neat, Plenty of vigor and very sweet. Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Felicita 44 Girls' Sports 2. STILWELL, MARILYN "Sully" A little on the quiet side But her sincerity she rannot hide, Cboir 2, 3, 4g Felicita 3, 4: Oracle Staffq Girls' Sports .2, 3. 43 PTSA Representative 43 Sen- ior Play Committeeg Quadrille 4. .3 p SNELL, BETTY ANN STOCK, PATRICIA "Betty" "Pat" This little l!1SS w0fll'S in Iliff five Nice looking and one who is hard and ten, to beat. Selling balloons to little men. Choir 2, -33 Library Club 2. 3. To see her smile is really a treat. Library Club 2, 3, 4: Oracle Staffg Senior Play Committee. STE!-ILE. HARRY "Harry" An asset to all football teams No faults in him to us, it seems. Choir 21 Student Council. Treas. 43 Base-ball 2. 3. 43 Football 2. 3, 4. Co-Captain 4: Junior Prom Committee: Laurel C Commit- tm- 2: Senior Play Committee. Reverels ride. SNELL, DONALD STRAESSER, EUGENE ..D0n.. nomo., In history this boy is a brain, we Ustzally quiet, but always seek- confide, mg jun, Whether it be on Rome, or Paul Would fflfhfff Skip homework I0 X, my compose a pun. Movie Operator 2. 43:1 . . g . -,zia 1 -i:' 'A y , STREETER, JANET Mies' ,, ze, Q If . fi ,.-' H 1' f I "JHn' X K .. K . . I ' . f In badminton Jan is great, . , f . T 1, .. ,1 ' Jigp j 'f gg-1 0 6 ,CO ln sports must be her A,i, iff ' J iiii fate. . A N t Q '- A Ch01r 2. 3g Football Handbook Nw I p 43 Girls' Sports 44 Senior Play H Committee. In closing this, our official will, we should think back over a short space of three years as inmates lwhoopslj, we mean 'ascholarsl' of Clovers-ville High School lwith wide bars surroundingj. We think of the trials and tribulations, fun and frolic. haps and mishaps, of the last three years. Seriously speaking, we wish to thank the members of the . . . SENIORS SUTLIFF, GENE "Gene" Nimble fingers on the keys Playing to him is a breeze. Baml 2. 3. 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Key Club 4. SWART, KATHRYN ssKayva Warm and generous in every way Those with troubles confide in Kay. Felicita 3, 4g Football Hand- book 2. 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Husky Crowl 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager 3, 43 Oracle Staff: Hed Cross Council 3, 4g Tennis 3, 43 Commencement Usher3 Junior Prom Committee3 Laurel G Com- mittee 2g PTSA Representative 2: Senior Play Director. TALLON, JOHN "john" .Wire to look at and likes to tease, Always is rheerful and willing to please. Choir 23 Baseball 2,' 3, 43 Basketball 23 junior Prom Com- mittee. TANNER. Nom "Nor" Une who is forever on the go, Hu! always has time to say "Hello." Booster Club 4: Choir 2, 3. 43 Felicita 3. 43 Oracle Slaflg Sen- ior Play Committee3 Girls' Sports 3. 4. TARTAGLIA, ANN "Anne" Hair like an angel, golden anal long, Voice like a nightingale that sings its sweet song. Booster Club 4g Choir 2. 3, 43 Felicita 3, 43 Husky Crowl 33 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 23 Commencement Usherg Senior Play Committee: Quadrille Club 2. TOMEK, JACYLIN "Jackie" Jackie has the sweetest smile, She seems to be happy all th while. Felicita 33 Choir 2, 3. TRACY, STANLEY "Stan" Talks about the girls all day, He's just tops in every way. Basketball 2. 3g Golf 2, 3. 4. VALACHOVIC, LAWRENCE "Larry" Full of ideas is he, He'll be a success, you'll see, Basketball Manager 43 Senior Play Committee-3 Cross Country Manager 2. c J R I LASTA Wig, A 'l'ESTLMEn1r em R. 3 is 1 ,.k- kxkk .1 A A Q.. .- J., es . , 4 I A ff f SENIORS VALAcHovIc, THEODORE GlTed!I Plenty of manly charm you,'ll see, Bursting with personality. VAN SLYKE, CHARLES "Charles" Doesn't always follow the trend. Yet here is a boy who would help any friend. Choir 2. 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 4. VEGHTE, JACK "Vaydee" As golf ace he's traveled near and far, When it comes to manners, he's really up to par. Husky Growl 4g Golf 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Senior Play Com- mittee. VISCONTI, JEAN "Jeannie" We dream of Jeannie with the dark brown hair. Whose lifelong motto is to play fair. Choir 2, 3. 43 Felicita 3, 43 Library Club 2, Oracle Staff? C-irls' Sports 2. 31 Jl1I1i0I' PFOHI Committee-g Senior Play Com- mittee: Quadrille Club 2. WALRATH, JOHN "Jackie" Iarkie, waclfie, puddin' pie, Loves the girls and makes them sigh. Key Club 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4. WALTERS, JEANINE "Heinie" Heinie causes great sensations Boasting our inter-city relations. Twirlers 29 Felicita 4-Q Husky Growl 2, 4, Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 2. WARNER, RAND "Remington" Around electricity, Rand's no dolt, He knows a watt from a bolt. Track 2, 3, 43 Commencement Usher. WATSON, EVELYN "Evie,' We like her style, we like her grace, We like her ever-smiling face. Choir 23 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 3. V . . . faculty, our Principal and Vice-Principal for hearing with us these three years. We hope the underclassmen are wise enough to take advantage of the opportunities for education which this great institution offers. We shall never forget the creaky corridors, the bent-in steps, the brightly penciled walls, the chem. lab. with its ustink hombsw and delicate odors, and last, but not least, good old study hall with the tinkle of pennies and the buzz of flying "moisture missiles." Q Q .Arif 'S em. Si.. i'i"N ,wt . 3-H Q . E s ., E it ti fbi ' . 1325. 1' . ff' - 'Fig ' ' HQ- i '-.4 H we wld' s 'S . .. '- in 'S , . xtqfi- mt ' if ,, 3 ii, iii .5 ' if ' 1 ie, 2 ' sl.- M L1 , . 3, SENIORS WESSENDORF, SHIRLEY "Shirl" Shirley's conduct in school, we Say. Keeps us laughing throughout the day. Booster Cluh 4g Choir 2. 3. 43 Orchestra 2, 3. 43 Felicita Club 3. 43 Oracle Staffg Girls' Sports 3. 43 French Club 2, 3. 43 Husky Crowl 2. 3. 43 .lunior Prom Com- mitleeg Senior Play CHSIQ PTSA Representative 3. WHITE. Doms "Dorrie" Dorrie wants an exciting life to learl, With her strength and vitality, she's sure to succeed. Choir 2, 33 Husky Crowl 43 Oracle Ftaff3 Red Cross Coun- cil 2. WINIG STEPHEN "Steve" In the senior play, Steve surely met success, Perhaps we'll say we knew him when he went to G.H.S. Choir 2. 33 Golf 33 Tennis 23 Commencement Usherg Junior Prom Cominittee3 Senior Play Cast. Wooo. ELLEN 'hvoollyu When it comes to this fine girl, we lrnow it's unflerstoorl. That there's great personality in the makeup of Ellen Wood. Choir 3. 43 Orchestra 2. 3, 43 Felicita 3. 4. Vice President 4g French Cluh 4. Secretary-Treas urer 43 Husky Crowl 2. 3. 4. News Editor 3. 43 Oracle Staffg Student Council 3. 43 Girls' Sports 2. 3. 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Commencement Mar- shalg School Trio 3, 4. ZAc1N, STANLEY "Stan" Of every girl Stan has constant fear, X Even though the girls may think hels a dear. DISCIOSCIA, DANIEL K iiDannyrv It Danny with a classroom pun, Always proves lots of fun. I NO AVAILABLE FANCHER, DONALD 'gDon" Don and his jeep are a constant threat, But all the girls love it- you can bet. 720 P406 AVAILABLE FRYE, DONALD "Don" One of the swellest fellows you'll meet, His personality is hard to beat. Choir 2. 3. w bo. amid the lcurf uf tho faculty and uppcrvlass- "' 5-,N llI1'II. ilu' vlzlss of 5.3 dvpurls. C X 4 Q ,,,, ,Q " A C Uur lwsl wishvs lo all in future years. YC N " O r Jw K7 TIN' class of '53 Q A TE f 1301.9 M 6, ' J fda f:f Y'-v Tv- 2 Qui., 1 , VXA U Xa i zqrg XX 5 . X XXX? 1. 25 'NXx-- XX. , XUNQX we -ix X Qmx Xi-'AX N .ID 7.. 'X 'Nw-X - X1 xw . Gm mx XXX 'xhv X, Xvm 'X XXMN Am Xx XX - XXXX-,C n Xxw XXX I , XXX" lx Q' c xx f A 4XXvu- wxxxx. mvg um-'C X YN. Ox ix- Xuxxi' . X -1 . 'X vm X X vXXXX wx '- XB. XXXNFXXM' - . xxx mx Xxx XXw YL . TXXVXXX-Xxx' 'AX K' N. X31 . Nu v mmxXvxxX'. XfX,0w- . xx-uw, XXXKN' Xxvgsux 1 Vukvxx nut XWMX- vivw guyuxg 2msX X XXXXXX -wQxmxxx. XXX . 4 ,, K r 5 +5 131 X , u F' W. 'T 4 Xv ,Q -Y 6"f'fff51Q r Ng, Bs ,wieaq 5 .rr iii m X M J 1' ,A Y 9 wwq Q AN..-A 1-........ :gi 'Z A 'gf KX Iii gnwm' l ! .' 1 '11, all' 001 .5 If l,, -.Af '31 if .102 x, f ,ll W fn 2 l 'Q, W 'fb , , 4' rv! 'X A-+ -FQ 5 fn Af 'lx '1 f -ff. '47, 1 'ff A "ff 1'-' inf- ' fu II! 11, f,,, " jifff 'ol' IQ '2yN."f. , .' W- . Xl ,,2lf,j7'l ,414 'Kr' fU,".' rwllf f I fi f -1,4 ' 4 ,j"fA ,"f4,, ' . 1 - 1 - 1,3 l,,""44.f"f'f"'a' "Oh, 45? lffwql-A"f,,J ,Y U in ,' 1 4, 5 .,,, Ui' 74 . 1 S l . 1' Y 'Tw if iii? X, N fi .,..v0+"Q .,,,,pv"'C' 3 ts 1 Kit 4 x nf' . JL ,,. 2-" 2-- H E O N .ni 'te S696 the Opposl sm QWN and HXLL Pathiiniliii ed Moat I IWW to gniifo LEWXS and URW' ' sm NE QTLLOT No. m C Q on Q cowa 10' f ' ' SEED 1 HENSQAE 5 , xA NUDOL-E C j'fzwn... Best Looks RICHTFIH and Nl.-XSAIA Best Personality LQIPORTA and SAVARESE Most Musical CAMNIARERE and SANCES Rest Dressed TRACFY and HOLDEN ,..,.,:,:.g.,., 3323.3-5-Z-C1 -15:-1-1-25:4 ,zmzii-:-'ii' JEFF JEFF if XX QE: Latecvmefs xx, DONT as :nw .' THE EION DUNN mens sn ' YS KEEP ,K OFF 'noi GRASS," Pmsxco and WLLON Class Clowns F Tallest and Shortest wx 1-nm and "AR ' COLLINS and SWART ..., l ,.,. T555 Two ' Jr K H -f .1 X ' It KW W M Q TWU Wil M0430 foxy 1 f BECAUSE YOU RE K k 54ff,sv . K sr X Ili? HARMAN zvgpfsfcg, INC -A-Mw,.,,'I15 wgpq- . , Best Dancers warn? lfwmaw S rts HAXRUNIC anal SIMONIIS I 0 , Refvfl. ,FSENA 'ru ST'f"4"" "" W Au 'gg M fZ,af,.,, .o Th , S ' M YL Popular Y YP eowzor Couple 0' 1 Qmyssl-LIN SAVARIWH and RICCO NIQHQLSON um A' W-f d 1 e Best Future 1l11sl1afg:gN ANAnumumlJAL ' Best Line PICARDI ami INIVCOX Ballot nav, S000 .k.90K"" I N 2. Bookworms COLSON and NIOREY xx.. lf'12l1' Best l3l1il11H'1flFigure HAGEN KN A r and UHIEZZA Rlcxio null WX This year, under the capable direction of our new dramatic teacher, Mrs. Dorthea Hinkle, the senior class presented a three-act comedy by Wal- ter Kerr-"Stardust.,' The comedy was enjoyed by all, and the players had a great deal of fun putting it on. The play takes place in a small New Hampshire university, where the members of that institutionls dramatic club, under the strict supervision of Pro- fessor Craig Kendal Bach, played by Richard Blumcnberg, tend to believe that they must 'glivew what they act. Prudence Mason, played by Con- cetta Beneduce, is a big Broadway star who comes to the University to play with the club in "An- thony and Cleopatra? She is quite disturbed over the attitudes of the students, and her Wall Street fiance, Arthur Scott, Jr., Michael Parkhurst, is quite put out over the whole affair. Clair Carter, SENIOR PLAY CAST livft to right, standing: Wessendorf, Parkhurst, Gilmartin, Forrest, Cassvmly. lllumbcrg, W'inig, Craziano, Montanaro, Rockwell, Hough, P4-rsico. Sitting: Bene-duce, Perrella, Hold:-n, Goorllirvad. Fosmirv, Crispen. SENIOR PLAY tt.-f-Wil x-mv' Mary Cassedy, comes to the aid of her friend Pru- dence, and creates quite a bit of confusion. along with the talent scout, Jerry Flanagan, Stephan Winig, who wants Miss Mason to come to Holly- wood to make a movie. In the midst of this con- fusion comes the Dean of Women, Shirley Wes- sendorf, who enlarges the trouble to a greater de- gree yet. Phil Ford, James Perrella, an art student at the academy, discovers that his girl friend there, Janet Ross, Carol Ann Holden, is a wonderful girl, but a "lousy actress." Janet, of course, doesnit agree with this. Many of the students at the University give Pru- dence a hard time, such as Tad Voorhis, Albert Montanarog Stella Brahms, Rosemary Crazianog Marion Phipps, Ann Marie Persicog John Red- man, Joseph Hough: Raymond Brown, Vincent Forrest, Mavis Moriarity. Elizabeth Cilmarting Cynthia Keene, Cynthia Rockwell, and Freeman, Robinson, and jones. Patricia Fosmire, ,lean Good- bread, and Clara Crispin. In the end, however, everything turns out well for the academy and Prudence Mason, and Arthur Scott go disgrunt- edly back to Wall Street. A lot of credit goes to the student directors, Marilyn Ferrara, Barbara Coplon, and Kathryn Swart. The stage managers. Larry Valachovic, Peter Ctisler. loc lflcig. and John Hageman deserve much credit. while on the ticket-selling side, Cyn- thia Morey and the homeroom representatives SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEF Left to right, sitting: Rhodes. Riclitme-yer Hill la own Richards. ,l. Brown, ll. A. Jacobson, Nlorty Stlwa Ayers, Roberts, Hl'l'IIlllIlt'l'. Standing: Um M Jam son, Reynolds. Tartagglia, 'l'anm-r, llvrgtr Hit.: rara. Mrs. Hinkel, Swarl, Coplon, Viconti Valatlovlc Geisler. Stardust in epitome' " at 1. . 4 J' ea., ba kt' I 1 should be lauded. Audrey Richards and Marcia Laliowe excelled at make-up. Others who contrib- uted were Eleanor Berger, Nora Tanner, Lillian Reynolds, Ann Tartaglia, Marilyn Stilwell, Doris Marie Jacobson, and Donna Oare. The two matinee performances, as well as the two evening performances, were successful, finan- cially and otherwise. Stardust was a production which members of this year's graduating class will not forget for a long time. ls it a bird? ls it a plane? No-it is the class of '53 zooming into greater and booming Cloversville on flying saucers. We spot the roof of the Hotel Queensboro. prepare to land. and take the elevator. To our surprise we find Stephen Winig. the operator. who still has his "ups and downs." Arriving on the first floor, we are pleased to hear from the manager. Cary Nelkin. that the floor show is about to begin. ln the dining room. Annie ul don't quite understand" Tartaglia. comes over to take our order as the curtain goes up. The "M.C.". John Nicholson. announces that Ernest Cammarere is going to play "Cold Canary" on his violin. Next on the program is Charlie "Roll 'um in the Aisles" Catanzaro with his ridiculously funny witticisms. followed by Sal "the crooner with the curl on top" Cozzolino singing and dancing with his sparkling Rockettes: Esther "swing and sway" Mouyious. Myrna. "A girl of Quality" Muddle. Winnie. "starry eyed" Kazmierski, Gloria "What would George say" Saverese. Jacqueline "love that man" Roehat. and Liz "makin' whoopieu Cihnartin. Paying the cashier at the door for our dinner. we realize that it is Jean Coodbread, whom we remember from the ugood old days" in the cafeteria. Out on the street we see huge signs and posters announcing the one' day stop of the Bungling Brothers, Barndoor and Balehay Circus. This brings back memories of the days when that circus started out as a high school production. lt is now considered "The Greatest Show in the Universe." We wave down a helicopter which takes us to the circus grounds. While buying our tickets from Maureen Roberts. we hear the swelling music from the "grand band" ring through the air. The band is now in view with Cynthia Morey leading it. Some other old friends in the band, following her, are Jan "hit'um hard" Muddle playing the mad drums. Bill "hot lips" Shankland playing a duet with Janie "l'm chilly Billy" Richter. The midway suddenly bursts into life! As we walk up and down, we hear the shouts of Shirley g'Winey" Wessendorf selling her balloons, while peddlers Shirley Boger and Evelyn Watson sell their popcorn. peanuts. and hotdogs. The shouts of Marion "Hollering" Hill bring us to the animal ring, where we find elephants jumping through hoops for "Peanuts" ljacobsont . Now on their noses. trained by cloud of dust rises from the well's dancing horses doing coni's "monkey band." One of the crazy clowns the ring. To our amazement more we see a group of poodles balancing balls the skillful Mary "Canine" Keaveney. A ring, and we see Cynthia "Ride 'um Rock- the Charleston. accompanied by Bill Mos- comes out wheeling a baby carriage into it is Dick "Dimples" Johnson. We are even surprised when "Romper Boy" Austin, "Juvenile" John Hageman, and "Baby Face" Paul Meyer spring out of the carriage. Coming into sight with a clanging of bells is a miniature fire truck driven by De- lores DeSantis with the hook and ladder girl, Pat Persico, dangling her feet from the back of the truck. The other clowns whom we recognize are John "Funny Boy" Frederick, Dave "Cuddles" Cornell, and the clown with the red face. Stan "Blushing" Zagin. Following the clowns is an act which is one of the "lowlights" of the circus. On a rope 140 inches above the ground. Joe "Fearless" Fleig will ride his motorbike at the neck breaking sped of 50 kilometers per minute. We are told that the last act is about to begin. Louie "Let'er Rip" Mele sets off the cannon which shoots Al "Mile a Minute" Montanaro 50 feet into the air to land on a wet sponge in the middle of the arena. From a distance we can hear Katherine "Silent" Senzio shouting for everyone to see the "biggest small show" on the midway. As we go in, after paying a "sawbuck" to Margie "moneybags" Houghton. we see the snake charmer fSnakes Cet in My Hairl Coplon, slipping through her routine. As the crowd moves on to the next platform, we see Barry '5Hot Stuff" Pelcher, the flame swallower, trying to outdo the sword swallower, Marilyn "Sharpy" Stilwell. The next attraction is Marilyn "The Only Mermaid in Captivity" Richards sitting in a goldfish bowl, filled with peroxide, combing her long golden hair. On the other side of the tent is Lennie "Muscles" Simonds who is showing his colossal strength by tearing Cloversville- Johnstown telephone books in half tpage by pagel. Hearing sounds that don't sound human, we turn to see Pat 5'Ferocious" Fosmire, the wild woman. trying to get out of her cage. We leave the freak show and take a ride on Mike Picardi's merry- go-round. Walking away from the merry-go-round, we hear shouts of "Come and see the hula dancers from the South Pacific!" Coming closer, we recognize "Don Juan" Kitchen rushing people to the hula show. We don't want to miss this! Inside, we see Carol "lt's What You Do With What Ya Cot" Holden, Barry "Bubbles" Fox, Jeanine "Heinie" Walter. Clara "Can-Can" Crispin, and, last but not least, Shelia "ou- la-Ia" McCoy. Then. who should we stumble into but Stan "Dick" Tracy, Joe "I Get Ideas" Anadio. and Ralph "Sherlock" Sammarco, the circus detectives tprivatel eyeing the dancers. Again on the midway we find Cathie "Roaring" Richtmeyer announc- ing that the main performance is about to begin. But "Seat 'Um" Semione ushers us to our seats just as the circus parade ends. ln the center ring are Anna Saverese and Frank Ricco "daring young love on a flying trapezef' Our attention is averted by the shots from the guns of Mary "Hop- along" Cassedy and Vinny "Leapalong" Laljorte chasing the whooping Indians, ,lohn "Tonto" Tallon, Don "Sitting Bull" Snell, and Ted "Thunderthud" Valachovic. From the other end of "The Big Top" comes the roaring of lions. We look over and see Sherman Bowman in the lion cage with his head in a lion's mouth, looking for cavities. There is a break while John Ligons puts the finishing touches on the "souped up" hotrods in preparation for the feat of the heck-drivers. Among the celebrities present, we recognize Betty Reith, who receives tremendous applause for her famous novel, "Gone With The Breeze." Also in ,the audience is Ron "Sizzling" Selufsky, who is now teaching Ein- stein the fundamentals of how to light a bunsen burner. Alan "Silas" Mironer is snapping pictures for the New York Times with "Dashing" Dick Lewis supervising. Finally the big moment arrives, the "Heck Drivers" appear. The audience is tense as we see Kathleen "Busted Bumper" Brown, Barbara "Tin Lizzie" Lawrence, "Daring" Dorrie White, and Nora "Model T" Tanner, who are competing with Jim "Lay 'um Out" Langlois, John "Four Eyes" Fancher, and "Moe 'um Down" Mulhall. The girls win by over- whelming odds in their daredevil stunts which keep the audience on the edge of their seats. After the boys and their wrecks have been carried off the field, the four winners are awarded a week's trip to the moon, all expenses paid by the K'Spact-mobile Little Racer Corpora- tion" owned by Dan Rhodes. The show is over! We wish we could stay to talk over old times with our friends, but we must leave to fly home. ,W W 'V CHEERLEADERS CA PT. BARON E Early in the school year. the prospeelive eandi- dates for the '52-'53 cheerleading squad held their trvouts. and a varsity team. with Toni Barone and Grace Sena as co-captains was chosen: a junior- varsity squad was also chosen. and Lois Helwig and Sylvia La Vista were elected co-captains. l.:Nl,lKENCl'i This year the squad has a new advisor. Miss dsl Marie Sarantos, who took over the advisorship 3' 1 . . W9 'Z ' from Mr. Eugene llogan. who held that position in it last year. The cheerleaders have put on many nieinoralnle ,rf "M My W, . pep rallies and have sponsored a hop. all in addi- tion to their regular job of cheerleading at foot- hall and basketball games. 11 tI"l'. SICN It NWARESPI Front: Barone. First row: Sclilusburg, Savarese, Sena, Laurence. Saunders, lleiinan. Second row: Beyer, LaVista, Connally, Helwig. Stoddard, Pierce, Anadio. SPORTS , eff fi ff g 1 1' fx", l G f' K ,fjfyj Y-,f , If ff QC aff I U , ji XX I Se-pt S:-pt UCI. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. 1 HB2 RECORD GHS OPP 20-at AlI1Fl6'l'tl8l1l , , 6 ,Q 27--Ulf-ns Falls , ,,,,,,,, 6 A 4-Littlv Falls , ,,,,,,,, 7 20 11-at llion , , , .,,,, 7 21 18ANott 'll-rracv ,, ,,,,, .,,,.,,, 1 2 26 25--Vinccntian Inst. ,, ,,,,,,,, 0 40 lb' Philip Schuyler ,,,,,,,, 13 27 8'--at Johnstown 0 0 -ul D, First row. left to right: Caruso. Ellithrope, Rowley. Kitchvn, Van DeWalkcr, Anatlio. lhfnton Ciarrlino, Foslvr, Walratll. Cu-Captain Slvvlv, Saivarvsv. Fvcontl row: Abclvlla. Stoflolano. Piazza, Cirillo, T., Wallach, Mraz, Damiano, Hoaglwon. Marvin, Fm-ar, Wilson, E., Harris. Third row Coach Woycik, Jackson, Ste-cle, C., Malagisi, Cirillo. P.. Frank. Catanzaro. Salvionv, Brown Buannu, Van Brocklin. O'Brion. Diana. Co-Captain Marshall, Coach Whitv. it 'W' it i-iw-t ., - ' gt :qE- we .2 'X fr wmw,yW wvf5mWW+ 7 WQNFWW f , " . if ' -U lk I Q ln 1952. G.H.S. had a team. which. though they didnit win too many of their games. was an encouraging en- semble of spirit. Under the inspiring leadership of Coach Bernie Woyeik and Assistant Coaches Leroy White and Richard Lucas. the team indicated by their per- formance during the Johnstown tie, that they may have lost games, but they certainly hadnit lost spirit, and the wholehcarted desire to win. With co-captains Harry Steele and ,lim Marshall set- ting pace, the team clicked. and played their best game of the year at Johnstown. The first game of the year was won by the Huskies at Amsterdam. Men like Tom Foster, Wes Harris. Frank Malagisi, and Dave Abdella helped make the team at times display a remarkable sense of coordination which eventually paid off at that last big game. After the season closed. the climax for the players and coaches came at , a banquet which was made possible by local contribu- tors. In one respect the sea' son was not successful. but in another. it most definitely was a success FOOTBALL First row. It-ft to right: Rossi. Cole. Hudson, Freeman, D'Errico, Handy, Loenardi, Baldwin Johnson. Second row: l3elSignore, Caruso, Dunham, Ahdella, Lebroff, Swartz, Gill, Satterlu Wallach. fiona. Tliird row: Coach l.11czls. Sowles, Caputo. Cannizo, Davin, Masher, Cohen. Brown Assistant Coacli ,louliert. SPORTS if 1 ? A I ,ft I V - is 5 ' '- A Lilo , Y me - . , , 111, 1 A 1 Q A . ' l l , as -A lkjjjf , i Q ., QA' ' E W f :,: 1 j CW peg - Ez, ,Q 1952-53 BASKETBALL SCORES VARSITY BASKETBALL CHS This year the G.H.S. basketball team got off to fx N0v,26-5r, Marys SSYVV e Y, 65 a good start with a win over St. lVlary's. Under-u? Nov, 23131 Non Terrace H45 Coach Kobuskie, the hoopsters displayed a great M Dec. Sfat Saratoga W L47 5 f th ' . Dec.12-at Jehnstown 59 Seng? O en uslasm I 4 Dec.19-Mechanicville W . 50 With sharpshooters such as Bandlow, Alofs, Pel- Q DeC,30far Sr, Nlaryls , A , 46 cher, and Capt. Meyer pacing the way, they dis-QQ Jan. 2fScotia W ,,,..,VVV,V . H62 played remarkable co-ordination. gan-10-113 Anliflefdam N be A ----'-'- an. 7f ott erracen Our home games this year were played in the ,K-JJan.28WDrapf-r ,, . ,, 67 beautiful new Park Terrace gymnasium. The new f " Jan. 30-Saratoga ,,,,,,,, . 66 conditions prevalent were integral in the advent of f 292- 6-J0hETi0WHF H -frrr - - -Y 1 di e.7-at ens as ,,,,,, arge crow S Z' Feb. 13!at itrchanicvilie L ., be L 41 The team played well and had a successful season. Feb. 20-at Scotia ,i,.....,.,,,... ....,.,..,, 6 0 V Feb.27-at Draper ,,......... ,,.,,...,. 8 1 X Feb. 28-Amsterdam Mar 7 Glen Falls 56 Left to right: Pelcher, Cozzolino, Garlock, Meyer, Harris, Abdella, Alofs. Frank, Cordon. Bandlow. Front, kneeling: Mazzone. Coach Kobuskie. -Q- OPP 40 50 76 61 72 28 54 67 65 60 65 66 47 89 67 19 36 65 marker. sPoRTs r ' f l as - x f 'L- fx f T' 1 ,QF di J 9 v-. ll M A! 1 ,1 , XT ll' 3- K X Q, hx K 0 J 1952-53 BASKETBALL SCORES JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL CHQ This year's J.V. Team was exceptional and racked NOV- 2649. Marys U V 62 tip an outstanding record of wins. Under the coach- Nmhzgwat Non Terkace N 58 ing of Jack Kobuskie, the xrarsity-to-be scored one Dec. SAM Saratoga Y 33 of the finest records yet attained. The team was not DEC. lgvat Johnstown 36 without height with Miller, Chancer, Hallenbeck, DeC,19,jx1eChanicvi11e V 60 Aliclella, and Hanifen all scraping the six foot C QI, 331-cl ligwgr Mary's , JD' J an. Y cotia ,,,. ,.,,, , , . . - Thg '53-,54 classes can look forward to the tops L P F -gan' Anliferfhfnl Q "" in basketball playing next season. Q-f,:,"9s 1:11. 28iD?giJer 58 ,lan.30-Saratoga ,,,,,, . 70 Feh. 6-Johnstown , ,,,, W .. 72 Feb. 74at Glens Falls ...... ....... 4 0 L-J Feb.13iat Mechanicville ...... ...... 5 2 Feb. 20- 'at Scotia ............ ffffff. 6 0 Feb. 27-at Draper ....... ..-----. 8 1 Feb. 28-Amsterdam .......... ............... ..--.--. 5 6 Mar. 7-Glen Falls v..i................................ ...f. Left lf. right: Albanese, Cirillo, Sempra-vio, Miller, Chancer, Hallenbeck. Hanifen, Simon, Arnold, Steele, Nigro. Front, kneeling: Mazzone. Coach Kobuskie. Mironer. A I I OPP 36 34 59 34 22 23 54 41 51 43 56 53 49 45 67 19 36 65 I ...E ' ! 'Q , Y L ,f CLOVERSVILLE 9 0 13W 15 13Vz 12 13W 13Vz RECORD OPPONENTS Cobleskill ,,,,,,,,, LaSalle 1TroyJ Nott Terrace Johnstown LaSalle ,, Nott Terrace ,,,,, Mont Pleasant ,,,,, Troy ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, , First place-Sectionals N . ,,., . , 5 -H--f-A-f1V2 ,, ,,,,,,,, 110 Fifth place-Intersectionals SPORTS W-W--f1V2 ,,,,, 115 Left to right: Coach Kobuskie, Veghte, Sanges 1952 Left to right: Hoffman. Tracy. Perrella. ii 1 . Ji' . X' 1 , Q f' what L.. i I si' 4 I K D .A-" .ff 1 For the first time in the history of GHS, the 1952 golf team won the Sectional Two Championship at the Schenectady Municipal Course on May 29th. Those who participated in this achievement were Captain Albert Sanges, ,lack Veghte, Stan Tracy. and Harry Hoffman. This made the foursome eligible for the state sectional at Newburgh on June 6. The team. being pushed hard, managed to pick up fourth place at that time. All credit for this splendid record was due to the efforts of Coach Kobuskie. For many years before the outbreak of Wrirltl War II. the high school had very strong teams. These man- aged to defeat all the rugged valley schools, but to the knowledge of school officials, these teams never "cop- ped" a sectional championship. After the war a number of boys interested in the sport enticed the school offi- cials to begin golf once again. For a number of years, Mr. Check, supervisor of the sport, found .his support in Larry Sanges and Larry White. Each year the teams grew stronger, thereby earning the Championship. After the war the first attempt at sectionals was at Troy, where the team produced fourth place out of eight competing teams. Each year saw the teams progress in pace until in the spring of 1952 it reached the top. The Kingsboro Golf Course has been the practicing spot for the teams. However, after three years the of- ficials of Pine Brook Golf Course offered the team per-- mission to use their course for three days a week. GOLF First row, left to right: Mackey, Parfitt, Quackenbush, B. Kennedy, Palmateer, Fraiser, Colson, Selufsky., Second row: Davenport, A. Kunkel, Ambrosino, Horwitz, Robin- son, F. Kunkel, Ardizzone. Rumrill, LaPorta. Third row: Hallenheck J. Kennedy, J. Alofs, Tremante. Comstock. The GHS harriers, under the leadership of Coach Slnon, had one of their best seasons. This is shown by their brilliant record. The cross-country team topped off the season by finally defeating Glens Falls in the Sectionals at Schenectady after having dropped two meets to this fine squad. The team, led by co-captains Palmateer ahd Ken- nedy, also competed in the lntersectionals at Schen- ectady-Palmateer and Kennedy placing first for Section ll. CROSS COUNTRY Simeone, Palovic, MacFarlane. Fountain. Fourth row Edelstein, Nicholson, D. Alofs. Dunham, Rosshack. Di Mezza. Parkhurst. Fifth row: Schrader, Buckley, Seeley Chizek, Coaeh Sinon. 'QS sY0Yx CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Sept. 18-lnterclass at Darling Field 1. Seniors 2. Freshmen Sept. 25-Dual at Waterford 1. Gloversville 28 2. Waterford 27 Oct. 4-Proctor Run at Utica Oct. 8-At Cobleskill 1. Cobleskill 2. Gloversville Oct. 18-At Glens Falls 1. Glens Falls 29 2. Gloversville 26 Oct. 25-Gloversville Invitational 1. Gloversville 62 2. Glens Falls 61 Nov. 1-At Glens Falls 1. Glens Falls 28 2. Gloversville 27 Nov. 8-Schenectady Sectionals Gloversville 123 Glens Falls 121 Nov. 15-lntersectionals TRACK SCHEDULE April 26--Dual at Darling Fu-ld Nott Terrace 78 Gloversville 26 May 1-Dual at Darling Field Cloversville 64 1X3 Saratoga 8.39 2X3 May 6-fllual at Darling Field lltica Free Acadelny 62 Cloversvillt' 42 May 10--Gloversville Invitational Meet at Darling Fit-ld Cloversville 84 1X2 Saratoga 44 May 17'-lltit-a Invitational at Utica No .41'lual Sroring May 24-Saratoga Sports Day at Saratoga Cloversville third in field of nine May 28-f-fllual at Darling Field Gloversville 82 Johnstown 22 May 31---Sectional at Knox Fit-IJ Glove-rsville fourth in fit-ld of thirteen in B June 7--West Point TRACK and FIELD The track team, coached by .lim Sinon, had a good year in 1952. One of the team's best meets was the Gloversville Invitational in which we placed first. This invitational has been held here since it was revived in 1948 for the first time after the war. The team proved itself again, near the end of the season, finishing fourth in a field of thirteen at Knox Field in the sectionals. Star of the '52 team was ,lim Ambrosino, who time and again finished first in his event, the half. Dick Westfall was also undefeated in the hurdles and high jump, and Ralph Seibach was undefeated in the pole vault. First row. lt-ft to right: Rolf. J. Anibrosino. Stat-deli, Mus- man, Sanford, Se-lufsky, Palmateer, Kunkel, Sanders, Col- cato, Westfall. P. Taylor. Rowley, Reckmeyer, Pomerantz. son, Johnston, Valachovic. Fourth row: Coach Sinon, Second row: Davenport, Cohan. Banovic. LaP0rta, Quinn, Parkhurst. Parfitt, J. Ambrosino, Quackenlmush, Cinelli, Runirill, Kennedy, Meyer. VanSlyke. Third row: Hage- L. Taylor. S A n' iv... t 4 . WN l' 5 " at T SPORTS 1' P XX fl 1 gp BASEBALL RECORD At Mayfield ,,,,,, Mayfield At Mayfield Northville Fort Plain ,, , , ,, At Mount Pleasant Y,,,,,,, At Northville ,,,,, ,,,,,,, Broadalbin ,l,,,,.,,,,., At St. Mary's ,,,, Canajoharie ,,,.i, At St. Mary's At Johnstown , Johnstown ,,,,,, Fonda .,,.,,,,l,.., At Amsterdam ., .. Amsterdam . ,,,,,,,,,.,,.,l., , CHS OPP. , 3 2 , 5 1 5 2 3 1 . .,,,, 10 6 13 2 8 3 21 0 12 0 ,, 12 .. 10 4 4 9 . 2 9 BASEBALL After an undefeated 1951 season. the GHS win- ning streak was brought to a halt by Amsterdam. The loss previous to this had been in 1950. ln- cluding practice games against smaller schools, the CHS teams of 751-'52 had an unbroken string of victories, numbering 39 wins with one tie. This is the longest winning streak ever held by any GHS team. Although the team was not quite as strong as the team of 1951, they were a very well-rounded aggregation. Due to two lay-offs, the team never quite regained their mid-season form. Several members of the '52 team have made plans to play college hall, and one player has gone into professional baseball. Although Cloversville is in no baseball league due to geographical location, the team won the usual tri-city competition with Johnstown, Am- sterdam High School, and St. Maryis High School of Amsterdam. The last year was the conclusion of Duke Mil- leris 29 years of coaching GHS baseball. Due to the development of new fields at the new schools, the afternoon program will be too comprehensive to permit Duke to devote his energies to any one sport. First row, left to right: Picardi, Ciocca, Steele, Christodulu, Captain Grinnell, Richards, Ricco, Brown, Cozzolino. Second row: Colabello, Frazier, Tallon, Schaertel, Walrath, Blowers, Savarese, Harris, Waite, Simonds. Third row: Kelly, Riccitiello, Kennedy, Bowman, Alofs, Foster, Mc- Lachlan, Benton, Fear. Fourth row: Coach Miller, Charhonneau, Burns, Diana, Sweeny, Steele, Catanzaro, Cornell, Coach Woycik. 4 , , 1' awe .aiu 'tr '4 tt 4. 4 t A , TENNIS The forty members of the '52 tennis squad started practicing indoors during Easter vacation. When school started. however. practice was halted due to wet courts. Although the tournaments were, limited to only two with Northvillc, Coach Lucas feels that the squad acquired much knowledge and skill during the season. Two outstanding female competitors were Katherine Swart and Ellen Wood. Before the war. tennis was an important part of our sport curriculum. However, in 194-1, CHS had its last such team. and it was not until after the war. in 1951, that the tennis idea really got started again. At that time, Arthur Ritchko coached the team, and was integral in the development of the boys, interest in it. During that first post-war season, the team, with all its newness, lost only two games: those were with Northville. lt is hoped that in future years the teams will develop, and turn the sport into one which will be widely participated in. 6? M SPORTS O N - h TENNIS RECORD GHS NORTHVILLE Here ,f,,-----.--.--ffff ,,.,.,,, 3 2 There --,--,- First row, left to right: Richter, Wood, Swart, Wessendorf. Second row: Farhart, Fay, Coach Lucas. :nur R ...Aa get 5 0 SPORTS BOYS' BOWLING '52-'53 BOYS' BOWLING-First row, left to right: DiGiacomo, Collar, Simonds, J. Anadio. Pirro, Houghton, Mr. DiGioia, Mosconi, Marshall, Hoagahoon, Peugh, Ferrara, Montanaro. Second row: Chizek. McDonald, Catanzaro, Sammons. Goodemote, LaPorta, Conover, Malagisi. Cirillo, Hickery. Harris, Damiano, Mulone. Third row: LaFountain, Lince, Mulhall, Walrath, Cole, Fosmire, Kunkel, Jackson, Becker. The bowling season opened under the direction of Mr. DiGioia with a number of boys entering the sport. The following teams chosen for the first half of the league were! Pirro's, Simonds', Anadio's, Collaris. Nlalagisils, Mosconifs, Ferrerals, and Mon- tanarols. New teams for the second half of the year consisted of the following: Simondsl, Anadiois, Pirrols. Collar's, Hoagaboonls, lVlosconi's, Hough- tonls, and Faculty. During the year matches on a home and home basis were played with Johnstown and Amsterdam, which prepared the top ten to howl with some success at the inter-scholastic matches held at Albany. Meets were held every Tuesday afternoon at Klingls Alleys. BOWTLING AVERAGES J. Anadio D. Collar , L. Simonds J. Pirro W. Mosconi ., F. Hoagbovn j. Sammons . C. Catanzaro I. Marshall ,, 5. Fosmire . D. Houghton , 172.1 , 167.6 167.2 V 163.7 1150.1 150.5 ,, 147.4 142.6 140.5 137.1 137.3 SPORTS 952-'53 GIRLS' BOWLING Lillian Rc-ynolrls Marianne lflfrrico Mona ,laeobson Marguerita Grimm Rita Javarone Frances Kalil ,. , Donna Oare Marilyn Ferrara Marjorie Barter Lois Jacobson , This year, every Wednesday afternoon, eight girls' bowling teams met at Kling's Alleys. There, under the direction of Mrs. Craig, the girls practiced and improved on their bowling skills. Cvirls, bowl- ing has, in the last few years, had a definite increase in popularity, and during this season, approximately forty girls participated. Mary jane Rev:-sso Barbara Riclnmeyer 150 131 130 , 130 122 118 114 ,,,,, .114 111 ,, 111 109 ,, ,, 109 Although the Hstrikef' seemed miles away, the girls enjoyed themselves. and eagerly looked for- ward to their next bowling date. The perpetual bowling trophy was awarded to the C.H.S. girl with the highest bowling average, and medals were awarded to the tournament winners. ClRLS' BOWLING-First row, left to right: Ferrara, Richards, LaRowe, Stilwell, Crankshaw, J. Brown, Roberts, Fox, Berger, Tanner, Cleveland, Rose. Second row: D'Errico, Evans. E. lJ'Errieo. B. Brown, Boynton, Richtmeyer, Brothers, Mrs. Craig, Cornell, Day, McGuire, Tyler, Grimm. Recesso, Swartz. Third row: Kucera, Javarone, Jacobson, Dinehart, Foley, Hitchcock, Kaiser, Can- nizzo, Gage, Reynolds, Oare. GIRLS' SPORTS Vlfitli ilu- crack uf a liat. and the cry Hifs a lminvrfi tlu- V132 S1-asmi uf fi.ll.S. girls' suftlmll npr-m-fl at Lillzwur Fic-lil. Every Tues- day and TlllH'Sflfly afternoon under the uatvliful vyv of Miss llolly. the girls practiced and perfvrtc-cl their game. Some of the milstamling lc-ann me-nilmcrs wa-rv Donna Oarv. Gram- Sena. Joyce Brown, and 'afialyew Rry- nulfis. The smison un ilic whole was 11 wry sucvvssful one. SOFTBALL First row, lm-ft to right: Brown, Ss-na. Dililc-zza. Grimm. Leslie. Laird. S1-cuml row: Masala. U'Frrim, Gardner, Cage-, Barter, Bartlett. Oare. Sanges. was V-J i up .all A... GIRLS' SPORTS A little pluck, and a lot of skill and practice go into what is called a C.H.S. badminton player. While the basic rules and training are given in class, many girls go to the after school sessions where they perfect their game and learn the fine points. This year a new system, a ladder tournament, was used to find the winner. There were twenty-two couples participating in this elimination tournament. The winning couple and G.H.S. badminton champs are Delores Sanges and Crystie Com- bothekras. BADMINTON First row, left to right: Gardner, Gage, Kucera, Javarone, Leslie. Second row: 4Standing Miss Hollyl, Bartlett, Frederick, Thompson, Ligon, Ferguson 4Standingl. Third row: Diltlezza, Grimm. Chetwynd, Barter. Fourth row: Oare, Sanges, D'Errico, Sena, Brown. 'J First row, left to right: Javarone, Lawyer, Canfield, Husvk, Brown. Second row: Kaxauugli. Sm-ua. Vlscosi, Oare, P., Flansburg, Zeidner, Oare, U., Gage. Third row: Grimm, R+-wsso, Saunders. flom- bothekras, Puglfs. Streeter, Reynolds, Swartz. Fourth row: Barter. livarigvlista. Fox. Cassaro, DiMezza, M., Lauritano, Gardner, DiMezza, C. Fifth row: Thompson, Young. llitvlicovk, Tre-mante, Grant, Rinehart, Foley, D'Errico. Sixth row: Miss Holly, Kalil, He-lwig. Stilwell. Watson. Lair. Kucera, Cleveland. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Although the girls, volleyball team this year played one game only with another school, they did exceptionally well. In their tournament they beat Northville. The girls also organized themselves into k class teams for an interclass tournament. In this tournament the juniors were the victors, with the seniors second, and the sophomores third. The girls organized into four teams because of the large number of girls who went out for N volleyball. These teams met in the girls gym every Wednesday after school to practice. This year's volleyball teams had a lot of fun and gained valuable experience. GIRLS' SPORTS GIRLS' SPORTS An integral part of winter sports is basket- ball. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the nswishi' of a ball being dropped in for a ' basket and the referee's whistle proclaimed an 'S W, E exciting basketball game. A large turn out of - 5, A girls last year made it necessary to hold games 64, on both Thursday and Tuesday with four Qi teams formed on each day. ti ' X9 , After much practice and playing, an honor- N I team was chosen. As in previous years, this ' V X team developed an impressive record against T ' , its opposition. A highlight of the basketball st t, l season was that the refereeing was taken over I entirely by some of the players. Under Miss ' Hollyfs guidance, they learned the rules and ' Al became well qualified to referee each tilt. it 7 -Z' GIRLS' BASKETBALL First row, left to right: D'Errico, Evans, DiMezza, Oare, Foley, Sanges, Albanesc, Be-rry, Roscigno Publis. Second row: Miss Holly, McGuire, Reynolds, Oare, Grimm, Guiffre, Vecchio, Fountain, Kavanagh, Viscosi, Sena, Flansburg, LaVista. Third row: Gifford, Crankshaw, Swartz, Javarone, Kuccra, Gannizzo, Walter, Hamilton, Cornell, Paciolla, Fox, Wood, Stoddard. Fourth row: Lair, Kalil, Stilwell, Coolig, Leslie, Lawyer, Ligon, Wood, Beneduce, Kaiser, Barter, Brown, Hitchcock. .A v .an .4. A ..-ns. ..... STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council has completed another year of service to GHS under the capable leadership of President John Nicholson. The other officers were: Vice President. Paul Meyer: Secretary, Mary Cas- sedy: Treasurer, llarry Steele. Mr. Ferguson was the capable advisor. Besides the regular Tuesday morning duties, the Council has been concerned in the following activi- ties: sponsorship of the football hop, supervision of the annual circus, which finances spring sports. and the promotion and final acceptance of a new system of athletic awards. The Student Council has tried to adhere to its main objective of cooperation with the faculty. As representatives of the student body. they have worked for the improvement of CHS. Sitting. left to right: Gazzillo. Rowley, Wood, E. Wood, L. Stewart, Craziano, lJ'Errico, Abt-le, Mraz, Sweeney, Diana. Standing: Nicholson. Meyer, Casse-dy, Steele, Mr, Ferguson. Advisor. Semprevio, Huanno, Caruso. mlm at ' JOHN Nlt1HoLsoN President , 1 ...C . fsktiiify . . . 'ATQ-ff f fit . f . fem -ft.. Vzre President , fifivgj Y -. ,. . k,k...,. it .1?. ,..gwt ,x?,gl gtk at e at V T e ' .gs- MARY CASSEDY Secretary K, 'J . k k T-Jlaiff 'y . 'iv HARRY STEELE Treasurer 1, K it ACTIVITIES 9 .eb ACTIVITIES This year the Key Club had its most successful Under the leadership of President Ted Colson, season since its origin in CHS. Participating in a and advisor Leroy White, the club, indeed, had a number of events. and organizing many new ac- most successful season. tivities. clubwise and school-wise, it proved to be one of the most useful of the school's organizations. The club, which is sponsored by the Gloversville Kiwanis Club, held a dance in the early part of K December, and also sold score cards at the basket' ball games. Left to right, kneeling: Kunkel, Kerzner, Peck. First row: Abdella, Edelstein, Forrest, Tate, Colson, Farhart, Finkle, Mironer. Second row: Geisler, Wallach, Mazzone, Blumenberg, Gold- stein. Back row: Garlock, Benton, Lewis, Mr. White. f-if f- Q C 7 ff Xi QAQ .Wi s , ls 5 1 LEXYELT k U ' Qt? Wsf Q M , , 12 i ffffll - + 7 af.. First row. left to right: llerry, Coolig, Connolly. Coughnet. Wilkins, Sammons. Spraker, Hu-iinan Tylcr. Second row: Mcllrcgor, Visconti. A. Persico. Jacobson, licneduce, Tartaglia, Wood Holden. Richards. Crispin, P. Persico, D1-Santis, Stilwell. Third row: Miss Drury, Craziano Reynolds, Casscdy, Cilmartin. llaurcncc, Comholhckras, Fosniirc, Wessendorf. Kcavcncy, Con rick. B. Richtniyer, Rose, C. Richtmyer, Abele, Gage, Mrs. Robison, Coplon. Fourth row: Hill 1 Q Riscigno. Maliszewski, Tanner, Cazzillo, Cannizzo, Swart, Brown, Frederick, Teetz, Guenther. Potter, Barter, Gardner, Reynolds, Richards, LaRowe. Fifth row: Hi-lwig, Saunders, Tremante, Lauritano Clute, Vondcrahe, Brown, D'Errico, Evans, Albrecht, Loucks, Senzio, Rhodes, Frasier. v 5 . - Felicita got off to a good start under the guid- ance of Miss Drury and Mrs. Robison. The offi- cers were: President, Ann lloldeng Vice President, Ellen Woodg Secretary, Marilyn Richards: and Treasurer. Maureen Roberts. The girls worked at the hospital. and helped at the Senior Citizenls Club. They sold candy and ushered at the basket- ball gamcs and had charge of the side show at the circus. Fclicita truly carried out its ideals of service. ACT FELICITA CLUB lVl'l MOVIE OPERATORS First row, left to right: Mr. Male, Mulone, Tyszko, Cole, Weaver. Skiff, Merrill, Sammons M Hulirk. Second row: Gunderson, Hanson, Baurle. The movie operators under Mr. Hulick performed a great service to the school. The Projectionists' Club made up of about 35 Jlunteers, operated movies for all classes. They also operated the pub- lic address system for assemblies and ran movies at outside activities such as churches. Miss Schwartz and Mr. Male also gave the boys help and advice. All the projectionists learned a great deal about movies and performed a valuable service to the school and the community. This year, under the leadership of President ,len- nie Rosigno, and Secretary Anna Gazzillo, the Red Cross performed many services. To perform some projects, the girls split into two groupsg one group knitted mittens. and the other group made albums to send abroad. The girls also had charge of the membership drive in the school. The advisor this year was Miss Welsh, who su- pervised the girls at the meetings, and who was highly responsible for the succesful year that the club had. First row, left to right: Cage, Roscigno, Spraker, Sammons, Barter. Second row: Cannizzo, Alai'-. Combothekras, Tremante, lnsognia, Wilkins, Rocca, Westfall, Miss Welsh. Third row: lauritano, Oazzillo. Sang:-s Knowl.-Q Gardner, Swart. RED CROSS COUNCIL ACTIVITII S The Quadrille Club had a good year under the leadership of President John Hageman. The other officers were Edward Ilowley. Viee President: ,Ioan Paro, Secretary: and Hannah Wilkins, Treasurer. The club met onee a week to square dance and they also danced at many exhibitions. There were several well-known guest callers and many original dances were arranged. ACTIVITIES QUADRILLE CLUB Library Club did a great deal for the school this year under the leadership of Pat Fosmire, President, Pat Burgess, Vice President, Janis Spraker, See- retarylg and Sylvia LaVista, Treasurer. Under the guidance of Miss Thompson, the girls worked in the library, decorated the rooms for Book Week, and sent books to UNESCO. A Quadrille Club gives a great deal of enjoyment The club this year proved to be very worthwhile' to its members as well as to the people who watch them perform. First row, left to right: Stock, Jacobson, Sammons, Johnson. Second row: Gardner, Kaiser, Mat- tison, Fosmire, Miss Thompson, Burgess, Spraker, Richtmyer, Kohrin. Third row: Reed, Hale, Kavanagh, Garber, Berard, Craziano, Stewart, Alleock, Van Hoesen, Hayes. O'Hare Fourth row: Puglis, LaVista, Rockwell, Taylor, Ashe, Vaughn, Lanzlrio, Poylfair. LIBRARY CLUB ACTIVITIES ORACLE ORACLE STAFF RICHARD BLUMENBERG Editor-in-Chief Eflffor IIIII IIIIIIII IIII R I CHARIJ M. BLUMENIZERG Assistant Directors . MARY KEAVI-INEY The "Oracle" this year endeavored to produce an annual which would be a lasting memory to the seniors concerning their high school davs. Un- der the guidance of Advisor Mr. Check, and Edi- tor Dick Blumenberg, we sincerely hope that we have accomplished that aim. DICK LEWIS Assistant to Editor , MARILYN RICHARDS Business fllfvwgef .. . CYNTHIA Momli' Slam Editor ,,,, . ROSEMARY GRAZIANO Circulation , ,,,,,, H JOHN CROSS Senior Individuals .. ,, MARILYN RICHARDS lfast Will and Testament , PAT I-'OSMIRIQ UHSS Prophecy V I f,,, . .. .KATHRYN SWART Senior Ballot . ,,,, .. MARY C.-XSSICIJY Pl'0ff1i'l'f0PlU' ,,,,, ALAN NIIRONICR TYIW18 V f V I3Ii'I"I'YII SIfQIi'I'Y Art -f-----.- ggg.V Y Vg..t .ssssssss . . . TED COLSON ,m , ,. N, .5 ..5 1 . C P M. -. . 'N a 1 E M,- First row. left to right: Coplon, Visconti, Hamilton, Walter Rockwell, Paro, Woivml, Sigety, Stilwell. Second row: Shim ho, Ilrown, Tarlaglia, Wesse-mlorf, Richter, Blumenberg, Keaveney, Morey, Lewis, Cross, D. A. Jacobson, Laurence, Senzio. Third row: Mr. Check, Mouyios, Barone, Cend ...Y An.. ron, Fosmire, M. Richards, Roberts, Berger, Cass:-dy, La Rowe, A. Richards, D. M. Jacobson, Oare, Hermance Stock. Fourth row: Rhodes, Persico, Mironer, Forrest Colson, Geisler, Swart, Craziano, Holden, Brown. l I N " CYNTHIA MORI-Y Business .Ilnnnger IMPIRI IIA!! A First row, left to right: Richards. Wood. Lewis, Miss Con- nr-rs, Hold:-n, Nicholson. Farhart. Second row: Roths- child, Ifassm-dy, Rolwrts, Westfall, Zcidner, Antevil, Taft, Kolmrin, Frisch, LaVista. Third row: Garber, Larrowe, Ber- ard. litlcl. Cassaro, Ward, lacohson. Frederick. Cannizzo, Kavanagh, Lauritano, Harvey. Fourth row: llrown. Fitz- ,aix - 2 'Q I 'NN . ,. ,1 X' RICHARD LEWIS ITA 7 La IA Efliftff-tl!-f,llliFf ' 'SQL I THE HUSKY GROWL ' AIO ' Iflstahlished 1936i W Pulnlishvd five times during tht- school year mm' "H" by mt- mess citnis of GLOVICRSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Cloversville, New York f -L... AJJOCIATION nomo uv 'E we? Tub , , DICK LEWIS MARILYN RICHAIIIDS ICLLEN WOOD CAROL ANN HOLD!-IN JOHN NICHOLSON RWNINIONIJ l"ARHsXRT lfirr'l1f11ti4m .llurmgcr K.'X'l'lll':HlNI'f SWART Erlilur-in-Chief lfusiliess lfrlitor News lfllimr l'l6'Illlll'P lfflimr Sports lfflilor hllfilliflilll ffflitur . 1, 39 Q " '. 1. '2 - III Q x patrick, Tremante, Vondt-rahc, Meyers, lJ'Frrico, Brown, Cilmartin, Richter, Roscigno, Cazzillo, Re-cf-sso, Ye-cclxio. Paciolla, Piccionc. Fifth row: Wood. Geisler, Coltlstn-in, Tate, Geisler, Cross, Blunt:-nherg, Nlironer, llecker, llolf-, Harris, Dinehart, Peck. Eyange-lista. The Husky Growl under the direction of advisor Miss Conners, and Richard Lewis, editor, experi- mented with new features this year such as a calen- dar of coming events, a club column. student inter- views, a sports review column. and many pictures. Revolutionary was the origination of the l-'rf-ss Club, an organization furthering journalistic achievement. PRESS CLUB lift I.-KRIIS MARIINN Business ,llanngvr ACTIVITI ICS 69 French Club for second and third year French students elected Peter Cohen, President, Albert Nicolella, Vice Presidentg and Ellen Wood as Sec- retary-Treasurer. The members met the first lVlon- day of every month for lunch in the Green Room and then went to the auditorium for the meeting. The entire meeting was conducted in French. These meetings helped the members improve their French accents and vocabulary. First row, left to right: P. Persico, Beneduce, Wood, Miss Cassidy. Cohan. Nicol:-lla. A. Per sico. Second row: Gilmartin, Laurence, Fosmire, Richards. We-ssendorf, Holden, Keaveney. Con rick, Richtmyer, Boynton. Third row: Craxiano. Wilkins, Combotltekras. Farhart, Cersak, Harris Fleig, Texier, Sturm, Semprevio, Frederick, Abele. FRENCH CLUB As one of our schoolis newer organizations, the Booster Club has provided us with a new objective -Make everyone a Booster of CHS. Working with the Key Club for the common goal of service to our school, the Booster Club has proved to be a very important organization. lt handled all the publicity for the annual circus, secured buses for out-of-town games, and partici- pated in, or led the school's Pep Rallies. The officers this year were: Mary Cassedy, Presidentg Liz Cilmartin, Vice President, and ,lane Richter, Secretary. Mr. Spurza was the advisor. First row. left to right: Barone, Mouyios, Berry, Persico, Tartaglia, Mr. Spurza. Cassedy. Cil- murtiu, Richter. Pt-rsico. Heiman. Second row: Helwig. Beyer. Ragusa, Sang:-s. Laurence. Com- lvotliekras, Wessendorf, Keaveney, Reynolds, Richards.,LaR0we, Cordone, Gendron. lnsognia, 'ltnrd row: lloolig. Couglinet, Connolly, Clute, Anadio. Coplon, Tanner, Cazzillo. Mraz. Romano, l'iert'e. Stoddard, Canfield. Knowles. Fourth row: Saunders, 'l'r1-mantt-, Lauritano, Compagnone, Allcoclc, LaVista, Albrecht, Loucks, Brown, D'Errico, Sammons, Spraker. CLUB BOOSTER Acrivrrn s This year a great deal of work was taken out of the alwle hands of the faculty advisors. Mrs. Robison. Mrs. Fleig. Miss Drury, and Mr. UiGioia and given to this year's officers: President Cyn- thia Morey. Vice President Beverly Brown. Secre- tary Catherine Hichtmeyer. and Treasurer Kather- ine Swart. The sponsors of the handbook, Clovers- ville merchants. were gratified hy the excellent re- sults achieved this year. First row, left to right: Oare, Mctlregor. Richtmyer. Streeter. Morey, Persico. Berger, Senzio. Second row: Brown. Roscigno. Cannizo. Hose. llc-Santis. Hichtlnyer. Tre-manic. Myers, Keayeney iauritano, Rhodes, Cazzillo. Third row: Mr. Diliioia. lfliirrieo. llrown. Clute, Mouyois. Van- Allen, Swart, lloynton. C0lltlNblllt'lif2lS. fllrs. Fleig, Miss Drury. An important addition to our G.H.S. hand is the twirlers. They can he seen leading the hand in all the parades and were a big attraction at the foot- hall games. They helped the hand greatly in all its new formations. First row, left to right: hrecht, VanAllen. Clute, FOOTBALL HANDBOOK The head twirler this year was Marcia LaRowe who did a fine job. It would he hard to find a better group of twirlers anywhere. Hale, LaRowe, Tyler. Second row: Dt-Santis, Nloseoni. McGregor, Al- Amhrosino, Vincent. Simonds, Latza. TWIRLERS Att'rtvl'ri I-is W ACTIVITIES f GH? by 5 2901 S. J A I Km-4-ling: Romano. Del Signore. First row, left to right Frasier. Alwle, Brown. Hallenbeck, Sturgess, Swartout, Horn:-tt, Kaiser, Shankland, Westfall, Forrest, Teetz, jacolmson, Flanslmurg, Goodemote. Second row: Mr. Tay lor. Geisler, Steele, Mackey, Sleezer, Rossi, Richter, Feuer, BAND The band under the direction of Mr. Taylor had an outstanding year. They lent enthusiastic support playing at football games and pep rallies and they also marched in the parades. The band had some new formations this year, among them a compass with the twirlers forming the needle. As the needle pointed in different directions the band played appropriate selections. The new G.H.S. Dance Band also provided music for several dances. We certainly owe a lot to our outstanding band. 75 -1' " e I gp' , y Q f .y 1. ' 1 if I if i ii e. 5? '- my its Q . f I 4 'atv , - .sa Akh.,5,,,,n Hermance, Cruthers, Fitzpatrick, Cole, Tomek, Worley, Young. Third row: Brooks, Youngren, Sutliff, Goldstein, Chizek, Schermerhorn, Sweeney, Harris, Rumrill, Ns-Ikin, Prentice, Weaver, Edelstein, Selufsky. Fourth row: Law- rence, Rhodes, Stoffolano, Malagisi. ORCHESTRA Many organizations have thanked IVIr. Wolven and lhc orchcstra for the outstanding cooperation thcy gavc this ycar. They added a lot to such ac- livitics as thc Scnior I'lay and Prize Speaking con- tcat. Ifvcryonc cnjoycd thcir tnusic. I"cw In-oplc rcalizc thc amount of practice and rchcarsal that gocs into an orchcstra such as ours. Se-xcnlh pcriods thc strains of thc orchestra could hc heard coming from North Building. We cer- tainly want to thank our fine orchestra. ACTIVITIES fb ff Q by tai E j O 4 fx '-N First row. Icfl to right: Iicncslucc, Pcrsico, We-sscndorf, S. Ilaninntrcrc, Lurrowc. Frasier, Garhcr, Ilrothcrs. Sccond row: Sandford, If. lfatninarcrc. Ilogcr, Slovack, L. Wood Kohrin, Frisch, II. Richtnlycr, Boynton, Ilvangclistai Zcitlncr. Thotnpson. Worlcy, Iiartcr, Hazzard, Romano, Rccd, Gazzillo, Tylcr. Third row: Cole, Nclkin, Mackcy, Swccncy, Hcrmancc, L. Jacobson, Fitzpatrick, Sturgcss, Swartout, Forrcst. Fourth row: Rolmcrts, Ahclc, E. Wood, Hallcnhcck, Chizck, Rossi, Malagisi, Youngrcn, Rumrill, Goldstein, Mr. Wolvcn, Sutliff. Choir A composed of juniors and seniors added a lot to our school this year. The choir presented an assembly and sang at several other things. Seventh periods on Monday, Wednesday', and Friday. music drifted from the auditorium. It was lVliss Taylor directing the choir. Ellen Wood, Rose- mary Craziano, and Hannah Wilkins added a lot to the choir with their accompanying. This choir was really an addition to the school. Li-fr to right. kneeling: Persico, lleneduce, Chetwynd, Roseigno. Robbins, Tanner, Rhodes, Senzio, Rowley, Jones, Landrio. First row: Sangcs, Visconti, Tartaglia, llurgr-ss, Savaresv, Crispin. Wesscndorf, Craziano, Wood, Stilwell. Cilmartin. lJiNl:-zza. Goodliread. Second row: Nliss Taylor, ,lacolrson, Ruff, Cooligr, Coughnet, Meyers, Amlirosino. Hryniak. l3'Errico, Perrella, Compani, Loucks, RQ-cp-550, Lgjuritann, llcl Savio, ll'Errico, Gr3ytl0rl, Nlalls- ACTIVITII s CHOIR A .NL rara, Ralston, Comhothekras, llc-rry, Conrick, Hclwig, Jacobson, Brown, lJt'SllllOIlQ'. Tlmmpson, Evans, lluff. Fourth row: Oar:-. Potter, Phelps. Rossi, Wilkins, Von- derahe, Tremante, Sclilushcrg. Hr-iman, Rose, Stewart, Hammer, Cardinier. Lair, Tc-etz. Guenther. Fifth row: Landrio, Peugh, Agor, Catanzaro, Montanaro, Marvin, Rowley, Skiff, Perham, Hegarty. Tate-, Kelley, Cohan, Colabello, Pirro. zcwslci, Gazzillo, Rif-th. 'liliirtl row: Fosmirc, Berger, Fer- ,,,,,...a---new-' fa y . v l . J A tQf 1 ,Q- 'X 0.- M 3.22 F :O Koi ACTIVITIES CHOIR B First row, left to right: Hofmann, Miss Taylor, Giardino Tyrell, R. Miller, Salterlee, Schwed, Becker, Harris, tlifl ford, Denofrio, Potente, Becker. Second row: Crispin Rislca, Mraz, Nash, Allen, Cassaro, Antexil, Allcock: Berard, Malagisi, LaVista, lnsognia. Third row: Mattison Perham, Glover, Nicosia, Garber, Colalwllo, Robinsonl Tomek, Edel, Carofalo, Puglis. Fourth row: Fountain Quaclcenbush, Rothschild, Peck. Reese, Spelman, Miller Pierce, Stoddard, Dinehart, Harvey, Pcrrclla. Choir B also directed by Miss Taylor was com- posed of sophomores. This choir met on Tuesday, and Thursday and much valuable experience was gained by the people who will make up choir A next year. This choir gave a Inusic assembly for sophomores and sang at other functions. Everyone looks forward to hearing this choir which is such an important part of our school. SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE To tho Oracle Staff. and the senior Class for whom this volume has been prepared: Greetings . . . and congratulations upon successfully com- pleting your high school studies in Cloversville. May this issue of the Oracle serve to remind you of the fun. hard work, and achievement that has marked these busy years in Gloversville High. Few of us ever achieve all of the creative ac- complishment which is possible for purposeful hu- mans. It may be that it would not be well to spend all waking moments with purpose. Life should en- compass enjoyment, as well as production. But may you, in large measure, enjoy much, learn and do much as you begin again in the next stages of a successful career. FRED AMBELLAN First row, left to right: Mr. G. Alan Rothschild, Mrs. Nicholas Simon, Mr. Fred Amlic-llan, Mrs. Roger Haviland, Mr. Robert A. Reese. Second row: Mr. Richard Fitzpatrick, Mr. Otto R. Youngren, Mr. Fred Hundertmark, Mr. Edward Abdella, Mr. Donald W. Fox. Mr. Cray Taylor. ugllgm W P535 :wr L 9 am n 63? fl TJ KPHWXI? 23, N Tr , K 1? 5 M4' w--Q fl' I X V P 1? fx Q Q2 f FEP Lrg' 3 X3 fx I Z XI M ffl!-I until' 52 ST" f"'i G. H. S. ,XX First row, left to right: Mr. Ferguson, Miss Bussv. Svc- ond row: Mr. Lucas, Mrs. Shankland, Miss Connors, Miss Jones, Miss Sarantos, Mrs. Robison, Miss Cassvcly. Third row: Mr. Dockstader, Mrs. Hayward, Mrs. Hinkf-l, Mr. Woycik, Mrs. Flf-ig, Miss Anthony, Mrs. Craig. Fourth row: Miss Holly, Mr. Tattershall, Miss Thompson, Miss Welsh. O y fx- QQ wt Q -V i A 't . .ga -f' A ' fix? i Xi a ,f M' fr R ix N First row, If-ft to right: Mr. Boylan. Svconri row: Mrs. Rossi, Mr. Spurza, Mr. Hogan, Mr. White, Mr. Harrison. Third row: Miss Bc-van, Miss Capala, Miss Tyrrell, Mr. Chvck. Fourth row: Miss Stempfle, Miss Drury, Miss Mvritt, Mr. Hammes, Mr. Latshaw, Mr. Hulick. Missing- Miss Rolwrts. 4 I 'i a 'S -9 x ff' S I K FACULTY A i.-A xgi tw Left to right: Miss Anthony, Mr. Tattershall, John Swee- ney, Mr. Hammes, Jenny Roscigno, James Pirro, Beverly Brown. JUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class this year proved to be a group of spirit and high scholastic ability. Participating with zeal in every activity, this group proved that they will make algood senior class. The major activities of the 'year were the Junior Prom, and the election of class officers. A big event, too, was the obtaining of class rings. Next year. as seniors, this group will be a yet bigger asset to the school. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ,, 7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,e,,, . .v... Henry Buanno Vice President ,...,s ,,.,,........ R obert Miller Secretary ....,.,,,r.. .,,...,. A nn Quackenbush Treasurer ........ .t,.,te. J ohn Van de Walker 82 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PYCSICJCIII ............,..........,,,,..-...,,.,,,,,v,, John Sweeney Vice President ..... ,,,,,A, , James Pirro Secretary ......7..e,. .,,.... B everly Brown TI'C3Slll'6I' ..... ,,..,. J enny Roscigno SOPHOMORE CLASS As the new faces around CHS this year, the Sophomores proved to be a lively bunch of excited people, trying to establish themselves in new sur- roundings. During the middle of the fear, after the sorority initiations had occurred, and the newness of the situations had worn off, the Sophomores finally settled down to work. This group ended up the year by proving that they will be a very spirited bunch of Juniors. Left to right: Mr. Dockstader. Henry Buanno, Robert Miller, John Van de Walker, Mrs. Robison, Mrs. Fleig, Ann Quackenbush. UNDERCLASSMEN . if-Ti K i ffzgxf Abele. Janet Agor. Randall Alhrecth. Patricia Alrny. lVlary Amhrosino. Jack Ambrosino. Nancy Anadio. Carl Andrews. Shirley Arnold. Richard Babcock. Robert Bailey. Donald Baird. Audrey Baker. Charles Baker. Esther Baker. Mary Alice Barter. lVlarjorie Barter, Patricia Benton, Donald Berry, Diane Bowman, George Boynton. ,loan Brooks. Jean Brooks. John Brown, Beverly Brown. Veyia Buanno, Frank Burns, Larry Buyce. Eleanor Calabrese. Alfred Cannizzo. Barbara Chapman. Marguerite Chetwynd. Carol Cirillo. Theodore Cleveland, Patricia Clute, Barbara Coffey, Nancy Cohan, Peter Colabello, Gene Cole, Ronald Combothekras, Crystie Compani, Carol Connolly. Lynne Conrick. Gail Coolig. Ruth Coon, Douglas Cordone. Drew Coughnet. Patricia Covey, Sherrill Crowter. Barbara Cruthers, Dawn Cruthcrs. Donald Czech. William Damiano. John Davies. John DelSavio. Mary Lou D'Errico, Eleanor D'Errico, Katherine DeSimone. Sylvia Devoe. Buth Diana, William DiGiacomo, Joseph Duff. Christine Dunham. Bruce Easterly, Donald Edel, Louise Edelstein, Sheldon Edmonds, Robert Ellithorpe, William Evans, Valorie Farhart, Raymond Fay, Robert Fear, Robert Ferguson, Shirley Ferraro, Anthony Finkle, Norman Fosmire, Stanley Fowler, Patricia JUNIOR Frank, Donald Frascatore. John Frasier, lVlarilyn Frederick. Carolyn Gage. Beverly Garclinier. Patricia Gardner. Barbara Gazzillo. Anna Gersak. Tom Getman. George Goldstein. Kenneth Goode-mote. Richard Grayclon. Connie Grimm. Marguerite Guenther. Jeanne Guiffre. Delores Gunnison. Alvin Hallenbeck. Albert Hammer. Alice Harris, Lawrence Harris. Wesley' Hasbrouck. Eugene Hegarty, James Heiman, ,leralyn Helwig, Lois Hildreth. Barbara Hoagboon. Fred Hoffman, Harry Hryniak. Pauline Husek. Dale Jackson, lVlarvin Jacobson, Lois Jacobson, Mona Javarone, Rita Johnson, Rose Juedes, ,loan Kelley, Fred Kersner, Gerald King. Carole Knoblaucb, Dorothy Knowles. Patricia Kucera, Frances Kunkel, Allan Lafabregue. John CLASS Lair, Marion Lamont, Janice Landrio. Eleanor Landrio. La Verne Langlois, James Latza, Mary Ellen Lauritano. Gloria Laverdurc, Lois Leppcr. Joan Leslie. Marion Ligons, Queen Esther Lince. Walter Loucks. Patricia MacDonald, Edward Mackey, Donald Malagisi. Frank Maliszewski, Barbara Marshall. James Marvin, Langdon Massala, Julia Mazzone, Michael McCloskey, Lawrence McGuire, June Meinscke, Robert Meyers, Kathleen Miranda, Joseph Morenus, John Morgan, Janice Mosconi, Verna Mullins, Dona Nellis, Joyce Nicolella, Albert Nicosia, Sam Norelli, Joseph Norris. Slvia Oare, James O'Brien, Gerald Peck, John Perham, James Perna, Donald Perralla, Ann Peugh, Carl Phelps, Joyce Pirro, James Place, Edward Playford, Oliver Potter, Joanne Prentice, George Preston, Loretta Puleo, Joseph Quant, Patricia Ralbovsky, Donald Ralbovsky, Martin Ralston. Philomena Recesso, Mary Jane Rieth, William Richtmyer. Barbara Rios, Ronald Robbins, Joan Rocca, Evelyn Roscigno, Jenney Rose, Nancy Rossi, Joyce Rowley, Edward Rudolph, Bernard Rumrill, Kathleen Rumrill, Peter Salvione, Joseph Sammons, Jacob Sammons, Marlene Sanders, Dave Saunders, Mary Anne Schermerhorn, Richard Schlusberg, Jean Seelow, Iris Selover, Ralph Sicilia, Martha Skiff, James Skiff, Karl Snow, Keith Sovik. John Spraker, Janice Sprung, Patricia Starr, Carol Ann Steele, Clifford Stewart, Vida 5. pw-... ,N-aw. Streeter, Mary Swartz, Barbara Sweeney, John Tate. Jack Taylor, Lee Teetz, Ellen Teetz, Rosemary Thomas. Dorothy Thompson. Anita Tremonte, Natalie Tyler, Barbara Valvachovic, Mark Van Buren. Sybil Van Hoesen, Elmer Vietri, John Vincent, Patricia Vonderahe, Ann Lee Wagner, Lloyd Wallach. Robert Walter, Joan Ward, Charles Ward, John Wessendorf, Edward Wilder, Edna Wilkins, Hannah Young, Anna Mae Youngren, Ralph Abdella, David Abdella. Victor Albanese. Louis Allcock. Claudia Allen. Joan Ambrosino. Loretta Anadio. Elsie Anderson. Kevin Anderson, Sondra Antevil. Judith Ardon. Margaret Ashe, Robert Ashton. George Baker, Dorothy Baurle. Donald Beaulieu. Beverly Becker. James Becker. Richard Beman, Fred Berard. Dona Besaw. Janice Beyer. Barbara Blanchard. Don Bohacek, David Bonfey, Robert Boyd, Doris Boyd, Dorothy Bradley. Joan Broderick, John Brothers, Beverly Brown. Lewis Brown, Marion Brown, Robert Browne, Joseph Buanno, Henry Buanno. John SOPHOMORE Burns, John Busse, Shirley Cady, Audrey Cammarere, Salvatore Caputo, James Caruso, Anthony Cassaro, Angelina Chamberlain, Clyde Chancer, David Chatterton, William Cheney, Donald Cirillo, Peter Colabello, Norina Cole, Gary Cole, Mary Collar, Dominic Compaganone, Anthony Compagnone, Rita Cool, Larry Cordone, Barbara Cordone, Paul Cornell, Jean Cosselman, Larry Davis, Robert Day, Carolyn Del Signore, Guy D,Errico, Carmella D'Errico, Jack Diana, Charles DiMaio, Buth DiMezza, Gloris Dinehart, Barbara Donnelly, Patricia Donofrio, Dominic Dudley. Tom Dunning, Jane Dutcher, Janet Edel, Carol Evangelista, Della Fancher, David Farquahar. John Feinstock, Robert Feuer, Felice Fitzpatrick, Ellen Fogarty, John Foley, Jane Foley, John Fountain, Katherine Frederick, Milford Frenyea, Naomi Frisch, Carole Garber, Donna Garber. Zondra Gardner, Gloria Garofalo. Santa Lou Garlock. George Geisler. Mary Ellen Giardino. Tom Gifford. Lawrence Gifford, Patricia Glover, Jon Glover. Sandra Goode-mote. James Goodheim, Sandra Grant, Dawn Grant, Florence Gray. Geraldine Groff, Ann Guiles. Walter Gunderson. Edward Hale, Marlene Hall. Bena Handy. Donald Handy. Jack Hanifan. Jack Hansen, Charles Harris. George Harris, Robert Harvey, Kathleen Hayes, Madeline Hazzard, Frances Herrick, Hilda Herrick, Buth Hickey, Edward Hitchcock, Virginia Hofmann, Rolf Hohenforst, Doris Holland, Donald Hornett, John Horning, Jack Hough, Carol Hough, Gary Houghton, Donald Huskans, Leonard lngraham, William lnsognia, Patricia Jackson, Thurman Johnson, Delores Johnson, Donald Johnson, John Kaiser, Eva Kakareka, Helen Kalil, Frances Kavanough, Mary CLASS Kennedy, Roberta Kobrin. Sandra Knoblauch, June Kolberg, Paula Kreig, Marjorie Kucel, Edward LaFountain, Ted Lander, Richard Larrowe, Nancy Lauritano, Angel Lavista, Sylvia Lawrence, James Lawyer, Caroline Leonardi, John Leibenoff, Allen Lince, Paul Lloyde, Robert Loux, Burlin Luci, Richard Madden, Helen Malagisi, Lena Maliszewski, Tom Manchester, George Mattice, Gayle Mattison, Joyce McCoy, Harry McGregor, Betty McGuire, Patricia Meinecke, Paul Merrill, Jack Miller, Daniel Miller, Joan Miller, Robert Mosher, Sally Mraz, Joyce Mulone, Louis Naish, Joan Nicosia, Joseph Nicosia, Suzanne Nigro, Thomas Oare, Patricia Oare, Rosalie Oare, Roy 0'Hare, Joyce Paciolla, Mary Ann Parfit, Jack I Peck, Dona Pedrick, Kenneth Persch, Joan Piazza, Andrew Picdione, Frances Pierce, Marguerite Pierce, Nancy Pollard, Henry Potente, Micheal Poyfair, Mary Rose Pozefsky, William Puglis, Joan Quackenbush, Ann Quackenbush, James Ragusa, Vincie Ralston, Richard Reed, Patricia Reese, Jean Rhodes, David Rieth, Eleanore Riska, Barbara Roberts, John Robinson, Joyce Romaine, Walter Romano, Genevieve Rossi, Gary Rostran, David Rothschild, Susan Sandford, Edward Sanges, Anne Sardelle, Nancy Satterlee, Don Schermerhorn, Donald Schoolcraft, Patricia Schutz, Alfred Schwed, Morris, Jr. Semprevio, Richard Shepard, David Siebach, Loretta Simon, Barbara Simon, Nicholas Simonds, Marilyn Slater, David Sleezer, Richard Slovack, William Snell, Richard Sorento, Robert Soules, Beverly Spelman, Alice Stoddard, Joan Spencer, Barbara Steflik, Mary Ann Stoffolano, Harold Studenic, William Sturgess, Daniel Sturm, William Swartout, Carolyn Sweeney, Rose Marie Taft, Grace Texier, Alan Thorne, Philip Tierney, Stephen Tomek, Jo Ann Trembly, John Tyrell, Henry Tyszke. Gordon Unger, Leo Unger, Richard Van Allen, Joanne Van Brooklin, Walter Van de Walker. John Van Hoesen, Delores Vaughn, Lena Vecchio, Antinette Visconsi, Gloria Viscosi. Lena Vosburg, Beverly Ward, Julia Ward, Kenneth Watson, Noreen Weaver, Ronald Westfall, Barbara Whipple, Lee Wilson, Donald Wilson, Edward Winnie, Virginia Waltman, Teddy Wood, Lois Worley, Bettey Young, Janice Zeidner, Edythe 4296075 Q69 W or M952 vw' CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES From 966956 H. I. ABDELLA Gm SONS 06139919 MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 49 North Main Street Gloversville, N. Y Good Luck Class of '53 BERGER'S BAKERY Class of '53 G.H.S.-And Wishes I5 Church Sfreef Success To Every Graduafe HOUCK'S PHARMACY EARLL B. PORT-WILLIAM SPELMAN Props. II Wesi' Fulfon S+. Gloversville, N. Y. EARL W' HATHAWAY and SON PHONE: 5-2312 WE DELIVER Houck's Pharmacy Exrends Congrafularions To The Gloversville, New York Complimenfs of Bes+ Wishes To The CONGRATULAHONS I f I TO THE C Cass 0 53 CLASS or '53 NuchoIson's Candy Shop DELTA GAMMA DELTA SORORITY . In Johnsfown I+'s C""'Ff""'e"+S of FELDMAN'S FURNITURE STILWELLS GROCERY sl APPLIANCES 99 Norfh Main Sf. ll H005 Famous for Famous Brands SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF I953 wb Xi-Q N R E-S SF-: QS S X -Q if . S3 .ig!",. Q, K . pn. K . W ,ev 'swvdf 4 XCQQRSQ x NSS 'iss S xsgx SSN I xi - Q X wr 'x X S, S.. 'E' I was Our Hearfiesi' Congrafulafions To The I953 Graduafing Class E E. L. DURKEE 81 CO. COMPLIM NTS Reutlmgs F. D. Ostrander BIodgett's TREHER 6' JUNG, INC. PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES I5-2I Bleecker SI. CLEANERS 8: TAILORS 20 Church SI'reeI'-Cify No bofher, no work, no cIoI'hes +o press A well pressed suif, a fine finished dress: No reason fo growl, no reason fo scream, BIocIgeH"s will Iceep your cIo+hes Iooking clean. COMPLIMENTS OF Mildred Preston "A Specialfy Shop of Dis+incI'ion" OPPOSITE THE HIGH SCHOOL Our Hearfiesi' Congra+uIa+ions Class of I953 AGER and BANKER FUEL OIL-FURNACES-COAL OIL 81 GAS BURNERS-BOILERS CongraI'uIa+io ns and Besi' Wishes fo fhe CLASS of I 953 TRUST COMPANY of FU LTON COUNTY FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Q 'SKS' if we :af if S I ALISON SHOP Nor+I1 Main S'IreeI AL'S BARBER SHOP 2I5 N. Main Sf. ALTER, JAY W. II Wes+ FuIIon Sfreef BANDBOX CLEANERS 22I N. Main Sfreei' BECKER, F. W. 26 BIeecIcer S+ree+ BEMAN'S RECORD SHOP I43 N. Main Sireef BOWMAN'S MARKET 50 Eas'I Pine S'rree+ BUANNO'S SERVICE STATION 48 Wes+ FuI+on SI'ree+ BURTON INSURANCE AGENCY 7 S. Main S+reeI CASTIGLIONE GEM JEWELERS I4 Church S+ree+ CLUB DINER I4I N. Main S+ree+ FEAR 81 WHITE Broadway FULTON CO. MACHINE 81 SUPPLY C 7I Wes+ FuI+on S+ree+ GABELER'S INSURANCE AGENCY 8 Fremon+ SIreeI' GILBERT, ADDISON GIoversviIIe, New York GLOVERSVILLE CANDY KITCHEN I97 N. Main S'rree+ GRIFFIS, DEWITT 58 Helwig S+ree+ KASSON 8: KELLER, INC. 64 S. Main S+ree+ KENNEDY FUNERAL SERVICE I50 S. Main S'freeI KLINE'S INC. 67 S. Main S+ree+ LUNCH HOUSE 6 Wes+ FuI+on Sireef MARLENE'S SPECIALTY SHOP 38V2 N. Main Sfreef MATTY'S JEWELRY STORE I2 Wes'I FuIIon SI'ree+ MENKO SHOE HOSPITAL I75 N. Main S'Iree'I MOHICAN STORES. INC. II N. ArIing'I'on Ave. Phi DGITU SOVOVIIY CONGRATULATIONS Offers TO CLASS OF '53 Hs Besf Wishes To The Class of '53 A. CO. BETA CHAPTER BIodgett's Besi' Wishes and Success ADVANCED I-IEATINC SERVICE +0 'he CIN of 53 SHEET METAL WORK GLOVERSVILLE AUTO PARTS, INC G-t:LxtvI5Tl+oRI'S?. 20I Norfh Main S+. Gloversville, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU UPON REACHING THIS IMPORTANT MILESTONE May You Always Be As Successful In AII Your Fufure Endeavors MARTIN 8. NAYLOR CO. CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '53 LIBERTY DRESSING CO., INC. Manufacfurers of Fine Personal Leafher Goods New York-330 FIHI1 Ave. Chicago-36 So. Sfafe ST. ma i: .f , 'a'-.2 A J xlilj.. m ay f- ' l g.-M Q- . jg! I I' ' - 1' K , 'igjff x . JE: ' ll... FORMERLY E. J. WILKINS CO. in - Founded I898 Gloversville, N. Y. DODGE 8: PLYMOUTH Sales 8: Service H. 8: P. MOTORS, INC. I9 Elm St. BARNEY GALINSKY and SONS "Be Sure of Your Store" Congratulations to Class of '53 A. D. NORTON CO. Compliments of WASHBURNS DAIRY THE LEADER-REPUBLICAN and THE MORNING HERALD Are Your Newspapers BEST WISHES FROM JONES 8: NAUDIN 8: Company Congratulations To The CIass of I'-753 T. fr J. Appliances 30 West Fulton Street YOUR FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of The Class of l953 The Fulton County National Bank and Trust Company of GIoversviIIe MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS of LEO S. BIRDSALL Heafing Con+rac+or Class of '53 Congrafulafions, MARTIN BEST HAROLD R. BRYAN Op+ome+ris+S RADIOS O, Fig" RECORDS Animal PHONOGRAPHS liiilmul 32 Norfh Main S+ree+ RICHARD C. GREENE 10 cuuncu sr. PI-IDNE4-1922 GLDVERSVILLE, NEW YORK LAURENCE'S PHARMACY I Eas+ 8'rh Avenue GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK Congra+ula+ions +o 'rhe Class of l953 P. E. CONOVER 28 Sou+h Main S+. YOUR FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE GARLOCTCS GARAGE 68-74 Wes? Fulfon Sfreei' Gloversville, N.Y. U SED CARS BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF l953 May each and every one have a happy and prosperous fu+ure. BOLMAN'S, Inc. GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. MONTGOMERY WARD 8: CO. 93 N. Main S'rree+ M'S SUPER MARKET Exf. Oakland Avenue MUDDLE 8: MUDDLE INSURANCE I2 Wesf FuI+on S+reeI NESTLE'S FURS INC. 25 Wesi' FuI+on S+ree+ ONEIDA MARKETS, INC. 85 N. Main SIree'I PARKHURST, RICHARD B. 268 Kingsboro Ave. PECK'S FLOWERS I05 N. Main S+reeI' PYNE 8: SON, WM. 3 Lincoln S'rree+ QUALITY DAIRY 337 S. Main S+ree+ RINGLE, WM. M. 40 N. Main S+ree'r RITEWAY ROOFING CO., INC. 42 S. Main S+ree+ ROSSBACH'S SHOE STORE I0 Wes+ FuI+on S+ree+ ROY'S GREENHOUSES I02 Nor+h S'I'ree+ RUBIN 81 SONS 5I Eas+ FuI+on Sfreef SCHULTZ, VICTOR 35 Spring S'rree+ SENATOR'S RESTAURANT 8 Church S+ree+ SHELL, B. E. I39 N. Main S+ree'I SIMON, N. G. 37 S. Main S+ree+ SPICER, W. C., JR. II Church S+ree+ STEVEN'S GLOVES 85 Bleecker S+reeI SUPREME MARKET Broadway SUYDAM, INC., BILL I30 Wes+ Eigh+h Ave. TUTTLE'S BAKERY I8I N. Main Sfreei' WALRATH 81 BUSHOUER 5I Fremonf S+ree+ W E N T I340 on your dial WEST END SERVICE STATION 207 Wes+ FuI+on S+ree+ HUNTER GRANITE WORKS. Inc. WALLIS D. PICKETT All Kinds of Marble and Graniie Memorial On Display af Our Warerooms COMPLIMENTS of JUNIOR KIDDIE SHOP CompIimen+s Besf Wishes +o +I1e of Ihe Class of I953 Cameo Beau+y Salon CQI-IEN'S A sIyIe 'Io suii your 'Iype GJIOVGFSVIIIS-JOI'1nSI'OWn 93 E. Fulfon Dial 5-56l5 "WHERE QUALITY I5 NOT EXPENSIVEH CONGRATULATIONS AND SINCERE WISHES FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS CL, SS OF ' 3 COMPLIMENTS or A 5 PARSONS, Inc. ' J gf i nf Your Friendly Ford Dealer EH-M-vw-:LL -0- Gloversville, New York Phone 5-54I5 We Deliver Dial 5- I 8 I 4 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I953 from Hobbs Er Zeitler PHARMACY Cosmelics Candies Prescrip+ions STANLEY HOBBS CHARLES G. ZEITLER I Q 9 I G5 49 saw -il :gg...-,i HOLDEN LUMBER CQ OUR SERVICE MAKES IT EASY TO BUILD Congralulafions To The Class of I953 ALVORD 8: SMITH, Inc. Opposi'Ie High School Complimen+s of lVlcCUE'S AUTO PARTS Gloversville, New York Insure - ln Sure-Insurance BATTY INSURANCE AGENCY 32-38 Norlh Main S+reeI A. C. KINGSBURY 81 SON Jewelers and Opficians I3 Church S+. I Thvne S Drug Store CONGRATULATIONS + +I. OPEN EVERY DAY CLAS? O: I953 Licensed Pharmacisls , J. w. THYNE, REG. PH. PYNES R. H. THYNE, REG. PH. W. W. THYNE, REG. PH. 5-20I4 I47 N. Main S+. PLUMBING and HEATING I 0 Church SI'ree+ CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS or I953 FULTON COUNTY COAL 81 OIL CO., Inc. Serving I'he public over 65 years An+haci+e Coal and H ea'I'ing Oils "This is where our money goes, noI' only in'I'o Ihe vacaI'ion club, buf also in+o Ihe savings account" CITY NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Gloversville, New York COMPLIMENTS OF HAROLD JAMES SIMMONS 8. OAKSFORD Bur' . LUMBER CO. Heahng Confr-3cI'orS 0 DIaI 4-7I07 W. 8II'I. Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF MODERN ROOFING COMPANY I23 Eas+erIy S+ree+ SUCCESS IN YOUR FUTURE Graziano Bros. SEW AND SAVE WITH SINGER! May The fufure holcl prosperi+y and happiness For all of you. Sewing Center I8 Sou'rh Main Sfreef Gloversville, New Yorlc THE JUNIOR CLASS NOTIONS, FABRICS, PATTERNS OF I954 SEWING LESSONS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS of I952 GLOVERSVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 52 Nor+l'I Main SI'reeI' Gloversville Evelyn Gibbons PERSONALIZED EASI-IIONS Gloversville, New York OPPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL THE ORACLE of I953 STAFF appreciafes fhe splendid coopera+ion shown +o Ihem by +he MERCHANTS of GLOVERSVILLE Wi+hou+ your s upporl' This bool: could noi' h-ave been realized. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS QF '53 CONGRATULATIONS Mgglggfqnc wg? I ' 0 Jack and Jill Sho e All Kinds of Insurance pp 8 Middle S+ree+ Dial 5-22l6 This Friendly and Acfive Real Es+a+e and Insurance Agency CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF I953 "Insurance +ha'r In u sures "Assures and Secures" HERMAN A. CARBONELLI I9 S. Main SI. Dial 5-46 I 6 Gloversville EUGENE HOLLENBECK, JR. Ambulance and Oxygen Service HOSPITAL BEDS WHEEL CHAIRS Phone 4-76I5 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ! sl x N , X ,M f X, Q f 2 f V5f?4NwfX Q vi V X TN W 'qp'i s:1 3 my bl W' AMW KW X NN 1 lg' HF gg Q i ' f 1 fl',.,'V' is f i"' N '-- '-- --C'-N Q , Y iffy 'E film E7 E' El, HY HHH If N T61 L W 'E W-Iwffwf f ff Is 3 9, Zhii-fx m Y, I-Ting Q-"v I5 L -W 53 4 fa so of 0 v? 2 5 9 HHH M A ma 0 ooooQJ0A.Z0f:to,b:o -BLUES If is my WK ggi? -f""-73'b-5 III-P?Hfall4v9xf.,Ln'3,ctQmlE I 1 P Q' SQ ' 41'-S "Q'8QRbDNg 'T' 'ON , - 99- Q0 E- -1 0 UQXVKU fax Q.. 'U ml wgaivf T klorbg-E15-B511 . + We H73 Q6 'i xgiix f WW 'fW7'i'wf 5-Q95 W. f'Q+"430f M2 2 45 if X Q QV Ti ' aff WH ri F '-139 K Gig 3 QQ f n eo Ogbg-O 2 Y, . . 'f Q of .xx l , sq JN Vx If :nd ,r GLS mini " lglfxfgxfgxx aff'-J x 1 X - 1 if Q33 Ke " ' 'O 7 f X 1 4N , fit Q .,fxf""' '36 1 af' A fin .533 Q if . 555 + 12: fg- .in L'-'fix mm ails 1 N.: :ng ,Wy ?gQ ig. i B H K iL"x H if ff L, xf My I B-' N 7, iX,N-1 if I fx X 2545s A fi L? A X A i J -L -W-H'L E L fy ? XFTJH may mm N1 .--f -,sv 1, , - I Q l fr 4 'f 4W EHEf , Ak giff' M 5 FQU,'lfi?222 ?5?gQg?2 1gfgQll 1 E'-3 g ,gi 'E 53 if 'VH 'TW .M W e 00 .-' ff, 5 M E I 1 'f iff, x ' "'XffS55Q2Q WUU F N ' 1 K , 155,00 SiQ L ?W.!?Ig?f5g0 311 9 09 -5 IW, IJ 1' JA' gf QAY , bl' Q fxiil-Him: 00 0 f 295 5 QQ 'i-fi uma 6 '6f5M??W EL 1' 23.1, WA iii if MQWXIU . OANJG X S X 4 I' If df J Wx f q QQ ff W ig Q 'LJ fi. 1 ,mfg Bi giiififgffgr ZW Zaljmvb ax' ap? 55'f2fQf'Qw5ifffM 8 1 W i ,T?yO6Q29"' 'QU , gXFg9f"f9 95.30, rg-J' L f xxx 1 W X 'fu,:,:mf,f.f.w,P:af-21gifs--11.2 : .-,f .f',' fffi

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