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r.. ii. ' uv ,A QQ 4- 1' 1' . L: h V f A X5 2 391 lf- 'F' Y .ik Q-. ,Q 5. 2 41' 'IE' "3 mi it Q11 an if Af Q- -Q., .,f.. ., . fn 1 I . f 3 in ,, 'f X2 if- 3521 GY i U - W ,, our-4. 39 ...T fi .fl ",, 'tnLl,W,4f'4. V, rL , Jeff M ,f. . 'Q VHF' 'au W 5 iv' IT' 'M' 'd"' 2'AA if - Q ' aw X L , A . I 3 g I Q i'V 'W 4 mls M E ' a ,,.,, 1 , I Hw,'M I Q X W' Q A vb ' ' ., . 4 AQ 4' .. 1 ,Ez G f I it K xx . ,. I t A I ,Sv , . gf .gl l. D, Ji ffl? "' , zf' fy? 1 f v f Mf , -A f Q, Q L, iff , g Q 'g wg. ' ,M ' L' L F A 1 m V X' 'ViY' f L J 'Lu ,Y P m.LWM 4.VvL I 'jx I wa 'W , , ia 1Q Q M. AQ 1 ZAAZ q g. 5 if ,pw ,Ea 'mf 5 g, M .,- I ,Fin , . Qi I wh. ' '-Q 14 F A. ,av -fx all., "Q 141. J V r 9 4,-1 V. 1 'J 'pie 'S H a .1 lv ..,,, -41.-9' - on , Q- 5 ' ' xr N P X , ' Q- 'J JM. 1 5 rf ' Env' .' " f' in-QfN,W K' , 4'Sf6'dnw " f ff ,.,, ..,F Ffh gf """ KWH-Psi, ,iq ln +1 i 4 'V Ji 'bi S H 4 O .ar g I .L ' " "' I I L 9 if X K K , xy Mx an K f QL 4 R 7 k V, in ix A 'F 'V at Y' M t 1 1 My L " ,rw A K 0 av X -M, lm ' 'L Q L. N ,Q Q Q Q' vw LM, A 'h., .,,,,L V3 A g I vii "ML 'N 3' 4' "" N" gif! we 7' 'QL LL vhinbw Lg 1 in ,Ng 4- 4 L A rt! I 9 A L Q vii NA sv Mk -w.-ga Ma. W :YW 4.9 , ' L 'L 4wQ'1l'- - L L -wwffg., ' , 'L 3 V -mm' L 1 L L ,,, 1 , -Lgdfgy, . L W' 2 m L - 'K Q ' "1 155 .f " -, L ' k " V L wa: ,L M f, '- kiwi, A - .M 4 L. ' L L f P A Lf .Li p L,gg Q A3 Y , ,gUM. W ,g I U - k - -v - f tw, Q , gr - -, f , - ' - ' ,I ff WL.. ' - -' X , .,' .-x A- wvvh ., x ..y'?", My . ., X, , A, , A f' K , -w . 'YK w' K.. ' . , , .Q . ' mf, . , , ,V . NIM l, ,L 3' --- -W V V- ,, ,,, W, --745 V K... , 1 , x H619 X878 Sw VD C7, SEL I Edited By The YEARBOOK STAFF Of 1951 GLOVERSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Gloversville, New York 5 . ,.- -. EWS 1 .A - , gf ,Y 'ij' . 5:1 133351 glywti ,557 ' 1 ara -M. .1 45 , s . 1 ll - fl s if wg V .- . F. ,-f.y,: t . 'J "-'g:"'Li'-'-1' i t -f f S . " s ""V'K' v- With great esteem and all sincerity the Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-one proudly dedicates this Oracle to Miss ESTHER M. JONES. She is, in the eyes of this class, an out- standing taculty member who has lent her exceptional talents to all our class activities. But above all, it is her fine character and good nature that won her the friendship and respect of our class. Although we of the graduating class leave Glovers- ville High School this June, weshall always associate her with our pleasant memories of GHS. A Ii..ffQ: f7ff M " 'U M 2 4 2 " my me I-1 , 41 1 1 I . Q va VZ ..........l1.,... was Gooilhl. Hit? 0 Q KN QE' 3 ,willy CHFETEHIH Rx A MW. mn 2 f 349 Inn M14 Suupsmli Iboppiimiuqr Albumin 5. Q . A '! ww . .KVI I ww? 'H , ...wi I H fn ' jf lim . ,fi 5'f'm. B W' s.g UQ. 1' 'a - A f I ' Q Al 'R I 4 'Jigga : A '-4: rf' 1' , - F . f cl ...xi , 1 rg 1 f ,DOS :ggi-'I' 5 fn? 'ar I Q- 159' Principal B.S. Illinois M.A. Columbia BERT H. CRANDALL ARTHUR FERGUSON Vice Principal A.B Albany it nfl-2 Qftuiil. if is 0 W J., , we . , . ., X W ik s sswatt' alitsp, i S - S S . zifigielz Q , . " M.A. Columbia fi gg rg, ll- '79 - 5 ff i f si 2. V '-i-'- its EE S il.. f , is ,l' 5 - l The Gloversville Board of Education has had several busy years in planning for the two new school buildings which are now under construction. Although it holds only one regular meeting each month, it has held eight special meetings during May and June of this past year to approve specifications, open bids, award contracts, and to plan for the sale of bonds for the new school buildings. The Board has 200 employees and is responsible for an annual budget of slightly over a million dollars. Such general policies as class size, the adoption of the school calendar, the offering of elective courses other than those mandated by state law, the policy with respect to athletics and intramural activities and many others are determined by the Board. Although board members are more apt to receive criticism than praise, they seem to get a great deal of satisfaction from their service on the board. FRED B. PAINTER Superintendent of Schools B.S. Spearfish Normal M.A. Cornell K- BOARD OF EDUCATION-L. to R. Sitting: Mrs. Roger Haviland, Mrs. Nicholas Simon, Mrs. Guy Johnson. L. to R. Standing: G. David Teetz, Robert A. Reese, G. Alan Rothschild, President Edward G. Abdella, Superintendent Fred B. Painter, Richard Fitzpatrick, Arthur E. Severn. 10 :tx -0 L RXQOR P Mark i QOR kd M ' "" GLOVERSVILLE HIGH af A IaL REPORT-Failing wirhifllgglgeriod Home Room, gpg! vamp, L-3,1 'lThe reaso s in my Opgggogl ag-is not Cloipg Satisfactory work wh Q-s-- ov nw' - These are my Su h .H ' Y -... . FZ V ggCSflOUSg nf ffefis W 02' 1' Z el Ivt 3,1 -f V . 5 as fs 1165! ol limi. of W' imma ,ff.aa1.f YW' t f E SQVIQR V, NX' C8001 C4 R i 24 N 1 D AME. , , NX f ADDRE 'Q -. 4 ' SH , ' ...., OVERSVHJLE H 7 0 O at -N .. y s ,GL lx t ..., , 21 , it PE M ,Af ."' war 9 M ' lp To 'Forum . ce Yo . Reddmn to class0S nslllt tu Us Oo Permits, permits, and more permits . . . . able sg .vie teachefdrmly ' . and You at clwdis 8 Wham I ackn Pe 1. Dragre These little slips by the dozen come, , owlwseegfgsfed gf: Add them up and they're quite a sum. Tardineu 7 . Z , receipt , . h Today cow . , Presse ' Teachers hate em but sign t ey must, l mmm To the many students they give their trust. Acct. my Study hall lines into infinity go, 2.5 r 28,jfM" gagged Why is it students like permits so? 'f Permits, permits, and more permits . . . l A To all these forms they must submit. -553 I .-8 if vgky 12 Ldf ,I JANET M. ANTHONY History A.B., Albany ALICE BEVAN Art B.S., Columbia LAURENCE C. BOYLAN Guidance A.B., Allegheny M.A., Cornell ADA H. BUSSE Mathematics A.B., Albany RUTH CAPALA History A.B., M.A., Albany CAROLINE L. CASSIDY French A.B., Trinity M.A., Albany JOSEPH J. CHECK History A.B., Hartwick B.S., M.A., Columbia MARY EVELYN CONNORS Speech and Dramatics B.S., Ithaca M.S., Syracuse RUTH L. CRAIG Science A.B., M.S., Syracuse B.S., Albany CARMELO DIGIOIA Commercial B.S.C., M.S., Albany DONALD DOCKSTADER Industrial Arts B.S., Oswego CATHERINE M. DRURY Commercial B.S., Albany WINIFRED C. FLEIG Commercial B.S., Albany MARVIN M. GLICK History A.B., M.A., Syracuse VALENTINE R. GLOCKNER Music Juilliard B.S., Columbia 6. H. S. LELAND S. GRAVES Music Troy Conservatory STEPHEN HARRISON Industrial Arts B.S., Buffalo BESSIE HAYWARD Glovemaking EUGENE HOGAN Mathematics B.S., Niagara MARGARET E. HOLLY Physical Education Cortland M.A., Columbia ESTHER M. JONES English A.B., Mount Holyoke M.A., Middlebury JOHN LATSHAW English A.B., Oberlin M.A., Columbia RICHARD A. LUCAS Science A.B., Middlebury M.A., Syracuse WILLIAM E. MALE Vocational Director B.S., M.S., Albany KATHLEEN E. MERITT Guidance Clerk A. B., Wellesley LAWRENCE A. MILLER Physical Education B.P.E., Springfield MARGARET K. PARSONS English A.B., Oberlin DOMENICA M. POLETTO Office Clerk ARTHUR RITCHKO Science A.B., Colgate M.A., Springfield RUTH F. ROBERTS English A.B., Elmira M.A., Syracuse FHBUIIU .JL 415 BETSEY A. ROBISON Commercial B.S.C., Albany ANN A. SHANKLAND Office Clerk ALAN SHAPIRO English A.B., Adelphi M.A., Columbia f If STEPHEN s. SPURZA A Driver Education 'X B.S., Oswego ,' ' EVELYN E. STEMPFLE i Latin l ' X A.B., Barnard fx M.A., Columbia ., l l ROBERT P. STONE Industrial Arts B.S., Oswego EDWARD TATTERSHALL History A.B., Lehigh M.A., Columbia EDWARD TAYLOR Music B.S., Ithaca M.A., Columbia TILLIE THOMPSON Librarian A.B., Keuka B.L.S., Syracuse M.A., Clark Q- 5 , 'l A 3 ,,' NELLIE , .fbvdi ' TYRRELL V Home Economics B.S., Albany MILDRED U. VICKERY Science A.B., Cornell EDNA WELSH Spanish A.B., Smith M.A., Columbia MILTON J. WOLVEN Music A.B., Eastman ,X gfgfv' ff' ' "f " ' ' M.A., Ithaca Drinking coke, boys? SchooImen's Association. F,B,l, in anion, l Dal r. 11. f 'WW "'m75 REPORT OF MISCONDUCT SH 3 D'1tcfqQY,3l,!S5I I .txi , --ul I li' Xzuxlk-.rnf.L.0'i'fQbKC1gU-ea .,,... Room... .. .A . N ulufc oi OH .shen-gssed.:too..mQmy...9lQ:ses.itXhQ5e. ........,... .... ..... . . ..... . .. . 'ell 'f I UE. O RC.-L-E. llispusit "'-eds.4li.rms,.s9ASecl..i.n.gcaiacl .,..,. ., mm' ' '11TTo..pu.T,LL5!. .E,.heY .Or R. SCHOLAR +P. .,.. SQx9AY,...A,, re "44..4 SHIP. -Hr e 4 esp 555 "'- fJi,?f8 HORT Jst :Un 21:2 --. ' AY N szuefgd ' R. NOAA!-ft, Y Kino . -. g.A- .. . M-.Nh - .. 331-epgx Min, . ' ' Rggyswmx " 0 G N BEDME mA 1? .' AME ev QUT SUBO e ' CARD Dal JECT L' '- OF NX :HER ROOMS' . xgtgyflgxv 'OD DAYSA Grades, Qrades, and finaUY dmxoma . L" bxeillkxxx Three Nong years have at Xast gone Y' Ri ' J. ' N "'-N., S .Ks u ' b cry. K 1 SZ-xsl XSL 'V-1: "XNe're HnaXW OUT WM e e 1 sts IN eu' ik'-1 xx' flfsxii 2- Goodbye T0 forms' goodbye To et I X ef e No W, Wm fhev be maxofhpgjgys 5 SQL NNN- ex-xx si so xong xo the happy study 5 . 1 'PHYS XE' -eeee - 3 XXX , L tshaw Q01 3 'we' caan rs '1-Sijfe - gre, ff, I, N0 wonder fi' mia' Hd Us goodbye, S1GNgDEFAFLx- -XX MSF S5!jIvexuS CQUEHE Wuh a Comemed sigh. xg -e.,.,x-by e eav ERS AND RNEDt1e'-. Te O - A Hunk ' 7.50 pRESlDEN1 Marv ""Vone VICE-PRESIDENT Anne Derby SECRETARY CLHSS UFFICEHS SITTING: Derby, Vice-President: Iacavone, Presidentg Frynn, Secrenry. STANDING: Miu Jones, Class Advisory Recesso, Treasurerp Mr. Latshaw, Class Advisor. Anne Flynn TREASURER John Reeosso DONNA ABBOTT 238 East Fulton Street Can be seen driving her big car-devil in disguise-can rot top-"Red." Red Cross Council 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Commit- tee. PATRICIA AGER 2l North Park Drive French horn soloist-good inter-city relations-must be those bi ra e es-"Pat" 9 9 Y Y - Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Felicita 2, 3, 4, secre- tary 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager 3, Business Manager 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, French Club 3, 4. LILLIAN ALBANESE 64 Montgomery Street Keeps study hall door open to see 202-biggest giggle in G. H. S.-full of vim and vigor-"Lil." Choir 4, Com- mencement Usher 3, Senior Play Committee, Football Handbook 4. EMILIA ALBlNl 144 East Fulton Street Nimble fingers on a piano -will certainly be on top in whatever she does-alive and vivacious- "Chick." French Club 4, Library Club 3. VITO AMBROSE 423 South Main Street Favorite expression, "don"t get excited,"-quick as a flash - likeable - "Flash." Husky Growl 2, 3, Movie Operator 2, 3, 4, chief 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Football 2, Senior Play Committee. BARBARA ANADIO 96 Lincoln Street Loaded with personality- full of fun and fancy free -Not another in a million -"Snooky." Felicita 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Senior Play Committee. BETTY JANE ARDIZZONE 63 Second Avenue Successful scholastically and socially-always ready to' help-certain to go far in future undertakings-"Bet." Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Laurel G. Committee 2, Senior Play Cast, Secretary of Class 2, Girls' State 3, Football Handbook 3. JOAN AVERY 61 Montgomery Street Short and sweet-Blondie's rival-wow!! "Stretch." Feli- cita 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4: Husky Growl 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. BEVERLY BALZANO 157 East Boulevard Quiet but gets around- Sweet to be with-"Port- able." Choir 2, Husky Growl 2, Red Cross Council 2, Library Club 2, Girls' Sports 2, 3, Senior Play Commit- tee. RITA BARONE 59 East State Street Peaches and cream com- plexion-Proved to be good natured-Her heart belongs to lust one-"Reetz." Choir 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Cheer- leader 3, 4, Felicita 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Football Handbook 2. JOAN BARTHE 88 Yale Street The gal with the looks and clothes galore-She's just wild about "Eddie" - "Sticks." Felicita 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Football Hand- book. Q! if ll YV. GEORGE BERARD 32 James Street One of the fun loving mem- bers of his class-Had much modesty which made him a fast friend with all - "George." O WINIFRED BLOW 31 North Judson Street A cute smile, a sunny face -Sincere in every way- "Winnie." Choir 4, Bowling 3. ROBERT BLUMENBERG 4 Fifth Avenue Well-dressed for every oc- casion-I don't ask ques- tions l iust have fun-Fa- miliar sight in a green truck--"Bob." Band 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basket- ball 2, 4. CAROL BOGER II2 Washington Street Hubba! Hubba! and Mass., too-Miss Mademoiselle of G. H. S.-"Bugger." Orches- tra 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, Oracle Staff. 'QF JAMES BOWN 37 Broad Street Friendly wit has made him a welcome addition to all class activities M A great asset to the Track team- "Jim." Bowling 2, 3, 4, In- tramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4, Key Club 4. HILDA BRESSLER II East State Street On top scholastically-ac- tive member of her class- certain to be heard from in the future-"H, B." Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Felicita 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Associate Editor, Girls' Sports 3, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play Com- mittee, Citizens Prize Speak- ing Contest 3, Senior Ring Committee. MARILYN BRIGGS II3 Fremont Street Flighty, carefree, but al- ways admired-A girl that nothing bothers-"Briggsie." Band 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Handbook 3, 4. RICHARD BROOKS R. F. D. No. 1 Lover of the great.out-of- doors-The boy with the weekend fever - "Red." Basketball 4, Football 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I. KENNETH H. BROWN 385 North Main Street Small boy-big brain-easy going and likeable-"Ken." Movie Operator 3, 4, Com- mencement Usher 3. gum . . .1 A, if i " it , .. - 2 0 it .. 'Ti' M ROBERT BROWN 94 West Street Chip off the old block-One of Ritchko's mighty men- small but powerful-"Bob," Football 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 4. WlLLlAM BROWNE 35 North Boulevard Never one to hurry-the man with the stoic attitude -"Bill." Bowling 2, Football 2, 3, Cross Country 4, Ten- nis 3, 4. MARION BUDINSCAK 20 Wilson Street A girl full of good ideas- likes to take trips-a figure fit for a model-"Boody." Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 3, 4, Football Hand- book 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. IRVING BUDOFF 74 Grand Street Romeo in summertime-will argue with anyone-tem- per! temper-"Irv." JANET BURD 58 First Avenue Smooth dancer-enjoys life to its fullest-Known for her walk-"Jan," Felicita 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. . . if!!! ' '--52.3 Y' ,L T' J g f 4' 1' uf fm- -2-Q .::t:' .f!'. f:':'5ffff.g EE? We , .Ps ,. ,agar if 4 If . ,-,jf f -. 1. KN' .9 A' in -t -'-rf:-.1 hc.. we .1 -Q 17 - f-ae X DON BURNETT 5 Van Wyck Street An outstanding athlete for his size - a man who's hooked but likes it-"Don." Basketball 2, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, lntra- mural Basketball 3, 4, Track 3, 4. JOHN BURR l6l Second Avenue Feet always in the way- woman hater-conscientious -"Boob." Band 2, 3, Oracle Staff, Quadrille Club 4, Key Club, Treasurer 4. MARIE CADY B Chestnut Street Her smiling face and good humor have brightened G, H. S.-"Marie" MAMIE CARUSO ll5 Second Street One of the class favorites -though rather shy - a friend to one and all - "Mamie." Oracle Staff, Com- mencement Usher 3, Senior Play Committee. PETER CARUSO ll2 Lincoln Street Easy to get along with- Fun to be with-Will gather friends wherever he goes- "Pete." JAMES CASE 144 Kingsboro Avenue Our friend: first, last, and always-Sky scraper Jim- "Casey." PAUL CASSIDY 29 North Park Drive Slave to his studies-self made philosopher - good humored-"Paul," Student Council 2, 3, Boys' State 3. RONALD CHASE 4 Orange Street Has interests in Fort Plain- likes to roller skate - 31 Buick - "Ronald," Bowling 2. ALFONSO CIOCCA 196 Bleecker Street Like the horses, he stars on the track - Easy going - Good natured-"AL" Track '3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4. ROSE CIRILLO l 107 Second Street Fulfills our appetites in the cafeteria - Could be Astaire's dancing partner- "Rosie." Twirlers 2, 3, 4, Library 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Quadrille Club 4. 20 pl h if fit f 'Q fi I1 JiAAYNARD CLARK 43 Washington Street A whiz with a football-A great asset to the team- Full of the devil-"Clarkie." Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, 4. JAMES CLAY 16 Market Street Shy-Unassuming-A great sport in all things-liked by all-"Jim." Bowling 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, lntramural Basketball 2, Track 3, 4. MARGARET COMSTOCK 132 Second Avenue Where you find horses you'll find Gail-A great kid-A girl who's got her man-"Gail." JOSEPH CONTE 79 Broad Street A wolf in sheep's clothing -Why worry, why fret- Holds his own-"Joe." PHYLLIS COPLON 291 North Main Street Likes the night life in Wash- burns - Busy little bee - Small, dark and attractive- "Phyl." Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Senior Play Committee, Football Handbook 3. CHARLES COUTURE 65 Division Street The soda jerk i?J of G. H. S.-Ardent movie fan-One of Uncle Sam's future air- men-"Charlie." Choir 3, 4, Husky Growl 4, Movie Op- erator 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Cross Country 3, Play Com- mittee. MARILYN COX 19 Pearl Street Her heart is young and gay -Likes to sing in the choir - Sweet disposition - "Shorty." Choir 2, 3, 4, Feli- cita 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 4, Oracle Staff, Senior Play Committee. CIRO COZZOLINO 28 Second Street Likes to call "Swing Your Partners"-Great gutter of the bowling alleys-"Chick." Bowling 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2. ELIZABETH D'AGOSTlNO 99 South Judson Street A girl who will circulate well in the future-Active on Husky Growl - "Liz." French Club 3, Husky Growl 2, 3, circulation editor 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. DOROTHY DARE 409 South Main Street Look for her name as an author in future fashion magazines-petite et iolie- "Dot." Choir 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Speaking Con- test 4, Football Handbook 4: Quadrille Club 3, 4. ,pw .nd MARTIN DAVIS 348 North Main Street Which is bigger, Martin or his tuba?-Our future flor- ist-Come on, Marty, who is she?-"Marty," Band 2, 3, 4, Boys' Tennis 3. JANICE DE LAURIE 72 Third Street A talkative little miss-The cuter one of the twins - Happy go lucky - "Jan." Felicita 3, 4, Library Club 2, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play Com- mittee. f MV LAWRENCE DE LAURIE 72 Third Street A basketball player-One of the best-Light on his feet - "Bubbles" Band 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Quadrille Club 4. JULIE DEL SAVIO 57 Steele Avenue A little package of dynamite -A sunny smile - Sweet disposition - "Del." Husky Growl 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. ROSE DEL SIGNORE 35 West Street Newberry's pride and ioy -Not as quiet as I look- "Rosie." Choir 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. 21 45' 'L I. ,. a ..-E., .3 Vu. gift FRED DEMAGISTRIS I9 Poole Avenue Has for his hobby, gym- His delight is football-His sorrow is homework at night-"Demo" Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY DEMAREST 39 South Main Street Third finger, left hand-I dream of him - "Denie." Choir 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. ANNE DERBY 21 Bloomingdale Avenue A very versatile young lady -As nice as she looks- "Derb." Felicita 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, Junior Prom Com- mittee 2, Senior Play Com- mittee, Vice-President of Class 4, Quadrille Club 4. ROSE D'ERRlCO 77 Second Street Perpetual toni wave - Worked hard on the play committee-Lively-"Curly." Senior Play Committee, Football Handbook 4. ' JEANNE DEVENPECK 34 Helwig Street Variety is the spice of life, -Our gal Sundae-Fit for an office career-"Blue eyes." Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4. MARY DIANA 30 South Arlington Avenue Short like her name-Works at the cinema-Adorable- "Mary," Red Cross Council 4, Senior Play Committee. SAM DIANA 30 South Arlington Avenue Girls don't mean a thing- Monarch of all I survey- Good humor man-"Sam." MARIE DI CAPRIO 205 West Fulton Street Quiet, peaceful, not much to say-Oh! those weekend trips to Amsterdam-"Mer." CHARLOTTE DOPP 7 Place Street At drawing things lespe- cially horsesl this girl is tops f-On her cello, she does play-l'm a big girl now- "Chuck." Choir 4, Orches- tra 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 4, Library Club 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. GLENNA DUNHAM 64 Walnut Street Beautiful heir-Sweet and lovely-Her heart belongs to one-"Glenna" Band 2, Oracle Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Football Hand- book 3, 4. S 'tvs I if i , ,ti K if ' Ag ji or 'fe , "' ,, '- .aff K, ' , ,far i 4 T . I it , , . ,iigln - y e a: 'ft -, 93 ,2 asf' X 'L 'J 't all ft ft , " 1' I gi . A, ak I- aa-ij '- 'ei ,,u-.- '. .MFI 352. , Wtfiamw . , X HARRIETTE EDWARDS l2O Forest Street "Number please," this girl says-The quiet type, no noise-"Bonnie," RlCHARD FINN 22 East Eleventh Avenue Always ready with the answer in class - His car came in handy many times -Easy going and friendly- "Dick." Husky Growl 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Commence- ment Usher 3, Key Club 3, 4, secretary 4, Track Mana- ger 3, Quadrille Club 4. JOHN FLANSBURG 85 Newman Street Quiet, but don't let him fool you-Helped out cross coun- try team achieve victory- "Johnny." Cross Country 3, 4. ANN FLYNN 99 First Avenue This girl has friends every- where-Five toot two, eyes of blue-"Flynnie." Oracle Staff, Felicita 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 3, 4, Commencement Usher 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, Secretary of Class 4, Football Handbook 3, 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4. DOLORES FOGGIA 395 South Main Street An active miss who is everywhere at once-Can always be seen with a smile on her face-"Dorie." Choir 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Com- mittee, Football Handbook 2. CAROL FOSTER 26 Wooster Street Fond admirer of the basket- ball courts - Super Duper with all her chums-Oh, can she wear clothes!-"Carol." Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, Husky Growl 3, 4, News Editor 4: Oracle Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. HAROLD FOUNTAIN 349 Bleecker Street On the track this boy's a flash-ln class he is always ready-An all around boy- "Hydrogen." Husky Growl 4, Bowling 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4. MICHELENA FRASCATORE 7 Maple Street Million dollar personality- Friendly in every way - Known to her friends as- "Mike." Senior Play Com- mittee. BEVERLY FREDRICK cfo Bleecker Stage Tall and slim-Always a grin -Nice word for everyone- "Bev." Choir 2, 3, 4. DIANA FREMMER 272 West Fulton Street Small and sweet-A girl who could never be beat- Addition to any class - "Diana." Choir 2, 4, Senior Play Committee. .vas 'Z L sig? 1-suv , ' 1 -l:.i .JT TS" f ,- , . I ni. A Ft , a "Ji AA s VB 'auf . DON FREMONT , . 35 Helwig Street Thefel-low with the angelic smile-Red, rosy cheeks- Active in all sports-Popular with opposite sex-"Don." Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4. DAYLE GARLOCK 26 South Park Drive Girl with lots of pep-Popu- lar with opposite sex - Watch that temper-"Gar." Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast, Speaking Con- test 4. MARGARET GENSER 26 Saratoga Boulevard Sweet and serene-Always smiling, never pouts-Liked by one, liked by all - "Marg," Felicita 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 2, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Safety Council 2, Senior Play Committee, Speaking Contest 3, 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4. JOYCE GETMAN R. D. No. I Meco Always dependable-Rather shy-A girl everyone likes to know-"Joyce." CHARLES GIARDINO 70 North Arlington Never worries-Never frets -The strong, silent type- "Chuck." Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. DIANE GIBBONS 100 South Kingsboro Avenue Always quiet but never meek-A girl who's got her fellar-Sure to win-"Dia." Choir 3, 4. BARTON GOODBREAD 57 East State Street Caesar's greatest threat - Always has a good time- Handy with those golf clubs -Popular-"Bart." Band 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Senior Play Cast. NORMA GRAHAM 67 West Fulton Street Overwhelmingly generous -Pretty hair-Always can be relied on-"Norm." Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 4, Girls' Sports 3, 4. NANCY GREENE 3 Mill Street Good relations with class of '49-lpana smile-Liked by all-One of the few mod- est girls inthe class-"Nan." Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, Oracle Staff, Student Council 4, Commencement Usher 3, Faculty-Student Advisory Committee 3, Junior Prom Committee, Laurel G Committee 2, Senior Play Committee 4, Vice-President of Class 3. JOHN GRIMM 24 Cortland Avenue At selling things this boy is great - Can usually be seen with his flash bulb camera-Small but not un- noticed - "Jack." Husky Growl 4, Movie Operator 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Bowling 4, Key Club 4. xm-:,,- 1 Q '....V ,.. iw 'QS gi kts? X is it Ask w gt .2 1 f,,f W . 3. . X ' sv 'B -'-.27 ll'vu , 7 I .JL -9 'Pi . vt' "1" HARLAN HALL IO Montgomery Street Makes a host of friends without a lot of noise-Fa- vorite hobby is playing bugle in the Yellow Jackets -"Harley", Choir 2, 3, 4. LARRY HALLENBECK 33 Bloomingdale Avenue Interested in the conserva- tion field-A light heart lives long-Likes to hunt deer K4 legged that is!J- "Larry". Football 2, Intra- mural Basketball 2. JACK HAWLEY I7 Summer Street Out for fun and frolic- Never frets - A cheerful smile and pleasing ways- "Jack". Choir 3, 4, Student Council 4, Baseball 2, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, Faculty-Student Advisory Committee 4, Junior Prom Committee.' IRENE HAZARD 34 Maple Street Sometimes serious, some- times gay but we all like her that way-Interested in people - Likes dramatics - "Renie". Choir 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. MARY LOU HEMENWAY 37 South Kingaboro Avenue Because of her fun loving spirit, was always a good gal to have around- Freckles are cute - Prefers the Navy-"Lou". Choir 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Commit- tee. EUGENE HIGBY 57 First Avenue Made good as our Quad- rille Club President-Remem- bers the mud of the Oneonta game l55l-At his best with a tennis racket or a football-"Bud". Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Quadrille Club 2, 3, President 4, Tennis 3, 4. MILTON HORNING 45 Montgomery Street Silence is a friend who never betrays-Girls irritate me-"Moe". Quadrille Club 4. BARBARA HOUGH 4 Sixth Street Extremely likeable gal, whom it was a pleasure to be with at all times-Hard working and dependable- Out of town interests are many-Oh those big brown eyes!-"Barbie" Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Felicita 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play Com- mittee, Football Handbook 3, 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4. BETTY HOUGHTELING IBI East Fulton Street Made a . group of fast friends, who remember her for her stead com anion U Y P ' ship-No end to B'etty's love for fun and frolic-"Shin", Red Cross Council 3, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Football Hand- book 3. GERALDINE HUDSON 138 West Fulton Street We have fun sixth period study hall in room 4 don't we?-She'll be somebody's secretary-A Miss is as good as her smile-"Gerry". Red Cross Council 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, Senior Play Com- mittee. Q 4 I 'snr 5 'la Q' ' , hi ' g -.1 I -t liz 'QF'-' ss It .iisxha - V.: it S- ...IIAHAEY A an 3 1 ni-sh ! 6 H. .-.-f 11 .rl MARY IACOVONE 102 Lincoln Street Outstanding member ofthe Senior class - This popular girl is bound to win fame- "Ike". Choir 2, 3, 4, Felicita 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Commencement Marshal 3, Faculty-Student Advisory Committee 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, Chairman, Junior Prom Committee, President of Class 2, 3, 4, Quadrille Club 4, Football Handbook 4. AUDREY JOHNSON 136 Washington Street Seen but not heard-She'll make someone a good wife -"Audey". Choir 4. CLAIRE JOHNSON 39 Fox Street Always willing to give a helping hand-A neat little miss - "Claire". Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee, Football Handbook 3, 4, Quadrille Club 4. FRANCES JONES 65 East Pine Street This girl is very verbose- As changeable as the weather te.g. boyS1-Vllhjf at shorthand - "FrannIe - Choir 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff. RICHARD JUDGE 32 Second Street Always in mischief-Never do today what you can do tomorrow leg. homework, -"Dick". Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 4, Bowling 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Commit- tee. 26 ELAINE KELLER RD 1, Box 113 Don't fence me in Glovers- ville-Her heart belongs to Fonda-"Stormy". Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 4, Li- brary Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 4. CALVIN KENYON 153 East Fulton Street Broad smile ancl pleasant disposition are never ab- sent-Always finishes what he starts-"CaI". MARGARET KIMBALL RD 1 Penny for your thoughts- Plans to have a business career- Likes to square dance-"Margie". Red Cross Council 4, Girls' Sports 4, Laurel G Committee 2. JOSEPH KOBUSKIE 22 James Street An outstanding athlete for his size-Pal to the boys- lndifferent to the girls- "Joe", Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4. ROBERT KUNKEL 20 First Avenue Tall, dark and shy-A lad who's a brain at math and history-Marks the beat for the bancl-"Bob". Band 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basket- ball 4, Commencement Usher, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Key Club 3, 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4. MARTHA LAFABREGUE 87 Oakland Avenue Beauty, brains, and talent galore-Easy going and witty - Our Miss Vogue - "Mart". Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Concert Mistress 3, 4, Fe- licita 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, French Club 2, 4, Husky Growl 2, Feature Editor 3, Oracle Staff, Editor-in-Chief 4, Girls' Sports 2, Faculty- Student Advisory Commit- tee 4, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Senior Play Committee, Football Handbook 3, String Trio 2, 3, 4, Quadrille Club 3, Secretary 4. NICK LANZA I7 Third Street Plays everything from bal- lads to bop on the piano- Well known for his pleas- ant disposition H Popular - "Nick". Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 4, Oracle Staff 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Track Man- ager 2, Student Council 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. RICHARD LE FEVER I6 Almond Street Varsity center on the Bas- ketball team-Tallest mem- ber ot our class-Likeable guy-"Leafy". Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3. BARBARA LEIBL 25 Franklin Street Sweet tempered redhead- Kind to one and all-"Barb". Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, Oracle Staff 4, Senior Play Committee. LORETTA LEWIS RD I Meco One of our pretty drum maiorettes-Has a liking for wavy hair-"Ret". Twirlers 2, 3, 4. 1? ...-4' 'Q fi' ,Q ,Q r , , ..- 1 " V 'Milf' V. K " I X 5 sh WR? t I 2, 1- 'Qgjstb " ,. 1 . :A f. -.M ' -nfs" , TM J gy NELLIE LEWIS I5 Saratoga Boulevard Attractive cheerleader--Full of life and lots of fun- Future nurse-"Babe". Choir 2, 3, 4, Cheerleaders 3, 4, Oracle Staff 4, Red Cross Council 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 4, Senior Play Commit- tee. RICHARD LONG I9 Wilson Street A friendly man has no enemies-You've seen him in the movies many times las an usherl-"Dick". Bowl- ing 2, Football 2. JOHN LONGHENRY 21 South Judson Street His little black truck is his calling card-A happy guy and a right good fellow- "John". Band 2, 3, 4, Bowl- ing 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Key Club 3, 4. PATRICIA MADDEN RD I Gloversville As steady as they come- We predict she'll get her man-"Pat". Senior Play Committee. PATRICK MAHONEY 7 Lark Street Life of the party-Admirer of beauty lfull womenl- Our little curly haired Irish- man-"Pro". Choir 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Bowling 2, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Boys' State 3, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 4, Treasurer 4. 27 PATRICIA MANSFIELD 323 West Fulton Street "Where goest thou, pretty maid?" Little noise and lots of poise-"Pat". Red Cross Council 2. LESLIE MASSAD l58 Kingsboro Avenue Brilliant record as scholar- Magnetic personality-Con- tributed a great deal to the school-"Stew", French Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Oracle Staff, Student Council Pres. 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Com- mencement Usher, Faculty- Student Advisory Commit- tee 4, Safety Council 2, Senior Play Cast, Key Club 3, 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4, Cross Country 2. ALICE MCCAFFREY I9 Grand Street Baseball enthusiast - As sweet as the candy she sells -"Tash". Choir, Husky Growl, Oracle Staff. JANE MCCARTHY 3 Kingsboro Avenue Our Dresden Doll-Handy with the jokes-She's found her man-"Mac", Choir 2, 4, Cheerleaders 3, Husky Growl 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Football Handbook 3. JOHN MCCARTHY 3 Kingsboro Avenue Lives in his car-Main love is eating candy-Usuallyl?l quiet-"Jack". Band 2, Red Cross Council 2, Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 2, 4, Bowling 2, Football 2, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Safety Council 2. 28 LORRAINE MCGREGOR Caroga Lake Stage This gal stamps on cards in the library-Geometry whiz -Scream when you get her going - "Punky". Library Club 3, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 3, 4, Pres. 4, Girls' Sports 3, 4, Com- mencement Usher. KENNETH MCLEOD 68 Sixth Avenue The shiek of our class-His blush is often mistaken for a sunburn-"Ken". Band 2, Choir 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, Intramural Basketball 2. LOUISA ANN MELE 110 Grand Street We meet her like a pleas- ant thought-Gay, lively, she has friends galore- 'Lou". Husky Growl 3, Library Club 2, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 4, Senior Play Committee. ROBERT MIKITY 38 Wooster Street Short stature but big heart -Isn't as quiet as he looks -Likes to play basketball- "Mick". Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. BRADFORD MILLER 47 North Boulevard Will be remembered for his dry humor-Ardent hater of all sororities-Acting ability -"Colonel". French Club 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, -Editorial Editor 4, Oracle Staff, Assistant Editor. Senior Play Cast. Speaking Contest 2, 3, 4, Key Club , 4, President 3. RICHARD MONTANYE '. A 79" ' 464 North Main Street A little shy, perhaps, but amiable-Calm, earnest and We genial- Dick . Bowling 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2. JEAN MORRIS 114 Oakland Avenue Some day we will see her name go up in the bright lights of Broadway-A mas- ter of the ballet-".leannie". Choir 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Advertising Manager 3, 4: Oracle Staff, Business Man- ager Girls' Sports 3, Com- mencement Usher 3, Senior Play Committee, Senior Play Cast. JAMES MOSHER 90 North Street He never troubles trouble, until trouble troubles him- Happy, carefree, friendly, and true-"Jimmy". Bowl- ing 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, Track 2. sg HOWARD NAISH 106 West Eighth Avenue Make haste slowly-Do they always think, who never talk?-Good natured Joe- "Howie". Movie Operator 2, Bowling 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. LESLIE NICHOLS 145 Second Avenue In publications this boy is great-Intellectual-Self re- liant-An ever ready spirit -"Les". French Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Editorial Editor 3, Editor 4, Oracle Staff, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Senior Play Cast, Key Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, Quadrille Club 3, 4, Treasurer of Class 2. JAMES NICOSIA 3 McKinley Place A woman killer without a doubt-His mental exercise is iumping to conclusions- "Nick", Movie Operator 2, Football 2. PAUL NICOSIA 3 McKinley Place The kind of fellow you like to know-Happy-go-lucky- "Paul". Choir 2, 3, Football 2, 3. RUTH NIGRO 113 Fremont Street No end to Ruth's love for fun and frolic-Plenty of get up and go-"Shorty". Girls' Sports 4, Junior Prom Committee. AVIS NORTHRUP Speculntor We meet her like a pleasant thought- Happy blending of everything nice-"Sis". Band 2, 3, Felicita 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sport Council 3, 4, Man- ager 4. ARLENE OARE 134 Spring Street Slow smiles reveal a shy sincerity - Small, gracious little body-"Shorty". Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. 29 GERALD OARE I2 Yale Street Rather be in the woods hunting f?D than anywhere - Modest in manner - "Jerry". Quadrille Club 3, 4. JAMES O'BRlEN 3l Pearl Street He pretends to be coy and shy, but watch him when the girls go by-So long worry - "Jimmy". Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. JOHN O'CONNOR I4 Poole Avenue When duty and pleasure clash, let duty go to smash -Oftener in office than in class-"Oakner". Football 2, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee. JOHN ORLOFF 47 Park Street Never in a hurry-His re- served appearance is de- ceiving - "Jay". Basketball 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 3, 4. FRED PALMATEER 9 Reid Avenue Silence is golden-So is this lad who speaks not of him- self, annoys not others - "Freddie". CLARA PANGALLOZZI 41 Grove Street Opens friendly doors wherever she goes-Gentle thoughts with calm desires -"Clara", Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 3, Senior Play Committee. KATHRYN PARILLO 53 West Eighth Avenue Her devil may care attitude has aided her in conquest of troubles and men- "Kitty". Band 2, 3, Cheer- leader 3, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council, Senior Play Cast. LYNN PARKER 183 Bleecker Street She softly speaks, she sweetly smiles - Bigger things are coming her way -"Lynn". Choir 3, Husky Growl 2, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast, Quadrille Club 3, 4. WELLINGTON PECK Peck's Lake Chauffeur for the girls of G. H. S.-Genial manner- When you're in need of help look for-"WilIy". Choir 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Junior Prom Committee, Quadrille Club 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4. DOROTHY PERRY Caroga Lake Stage For her pleasing manner and quiet disposition, we will remember her-A whiz in mathematics - "Dody". Library Club 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 3, 4, Girls Sports 3. 1. fi il A ! Q 9 V 'B' 'af .M -.P MARY PERSICO 70 West Eighth Avenue She can draw lots of things besides attention -"For it was Mary, Mary, sweet as anyone can be" - "Trixie". Choir 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 4, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Senior Play Committee. RICHARD PERSICO IO Western Boulevard A man who blushes is not quite a brute-Patience worthy of admiration- "Pers". Bowling 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. FLORENCE PETRAK 67 Sixth Avenue Natural and bewitching is Florence - Forever giggling -Our prize top dancer- "Flo". Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Felicita Club 4. ROY PIAZZA 18 Kent Street Sincere, honest, true to his purpose-He's tall and thin, no one gets the iump on him-"Leroy". Choir 2,'3, 4, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. NONA PITKIN 9 Orange Street To be a radio announcer is her main desire-We like to hear her pleasing voice- Directing ability - "Pit". Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, Girls Sports 3, Senior Play Committee, Student Director. GRANT PRENTICE 38 Eagle Street Plans to make his hobby iplaying trombonel his vo- cation-Man of varied in- terests-A grand guy to know-"Grant", Band' 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Bowl- ing 2, 4, Brass Ensemble 3, Hungry Five Band 4. ROBERT PROCITA 36 Maple Street Loves to walk around the "greens" calling FORE- Sturdy and tough but not rough - "Bob", Bowling 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. DOLORES PUGLIS 184 South Main Street Happy-go-lucky with a fetching smile-Silver streak -"Good sense and good nature are never parted"- "Dee". Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. BARBARA JEAN PURDELL 228 Spring Street A blonde little bundle of T. N. T.-Great oaks from little acorns grow- "Boobie". FRANCIS RALBOVSKY 29 South Boulevard Princely generosity for his friends-Straight from the shoulder guy-"Fran". Choir 2, 3, Movie Operator 4. -:'J-"3 'J 'N-nal? T -it AA JOHN RECESSO 31 North Hollywood Avenue Silent and sensible-Polite and thoughtful-We all think he's tops-"John". Band 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Bowling 3, Faculty-Student Advisory Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee, Vice-President of Class 2, Treasurer of Class 3, 4. DORIS RHODES 112 Wells Street Ready for work-To hear a ioke she'd go a mile- Plans to go to Cobleskill- "Doris". Band 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 4, Library Club 2, Oracle Staff, Senior Play Commit- tee, Football Handbook 3, 4, Quadrille ,Club 3, 4. MICHAEL RICCIARDI 4 Maple Avenue A neat dresser as well as a dancer-Mike in every one's opinion is one "Grand" guy-"Mike". Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4. CHARLENE RICHARDS 9 M:KinIey Place A measure of charm-Gen- uine in all ways-Stay as nice as you are-"Char". Felicita 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Senior Play Committee. DORIS RICHARDS 20 Chestnut Street Sparkling is the perfect ob- iective-Full of fun and gay as a lark-"Martha". Choir 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Council 2, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee. GERALD RIETH 443 North Main Street What ever is worth doing at all is worth doing well -A pride of Quadrille Club -"Jerry", Choir 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, Cross Country 2, Quadrille Club 3, 4. WILLIAM RORICK 7 Division Street Powerful in body, word, and deed-A better bowler could not be found-"Bill", Bowling 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. JERRY ROSE 'I9 Baker Street Noted for his flaming ora- tory and imagination- Often seen lining the ten- nis courts-He gives them all a thrill-"Jerry". Orches- tra 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, Track 2, 4, Senior Play Cast, Speaking Contests 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE ROSE 27 Steele Avenue A good sport from head to toe - Friendship buys his friendship - "Larry". Choir 2, 3, Bowling 2, 3. MARILYN ROSS I'I7 Fremont Street Her dancing eyes have a meaning all' their own- Cheering to her is doing what comes naturally- "Twerp". Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, Oracle Staff, Red Cross Council 3, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast. , I OSCAR RUBER 81 Division Street Crosby's greatest threat-lf success depends on the best, Oscar will win-He remembers his big scene iAct llli-"Osc". Choir 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, French Club 3, Husky Growl 3, 4, Feature Editor 4, Oracle Statf, Bowling 2, 3, Track 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast, Cross Country. FRED RUBIN 235 East Fulton Street Fred has all the qualities of being a sports writer-As easy and natural on the stage as off-"Fred". Huskv Growl 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Track 2, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play Cast, Speaking Contest 4, Key Club 3, 4 DON RUDGE 40 Steele Avenue The kid with the weekend fever-Aren't the girls at all interesting?"-"Capt", Bowl- ing 2, 3, 4, Football 2, ln- tramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. WALTER SALM 27 Sixth Avenue But really, it could be this way, because-Doesn't be- lieve in keeping his knowl- edge silent in class- "Count". French Club 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Senior Play Commit- tee, Key Club 4. ROSE MARIE SALVAN 73 Forest Street Being a Rose, Blushing comes naturally-Tall and thin-True to her purpose- "Rosie", BETTY SALVIONE 59 North Arlington Avenue Dainty and charming- Quiet, reserved and a wee bit shy-"Betty". JACK SANFORD 21 York Street Easy on the eyes. Can't you hear those sighs?- Classy basketball handler- "Ace". Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Football 2, 3. MARIE SCARELLA 125 Broad Street A lass of boundless energy, vitality, and ' cheerfulness- She lives the life she loves -"Marie". Choir 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sport Council 4, Senior Play Committee, Quadrille Club 4. JOHN SCHELMBAUER 15 Harrison Street Small but powerful - Na- poleon was little and so is John-"John". Husky Growl 2, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Key Club 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4. BERNARD SCHERMERHORN 9 Newman Street Trumpeter of merriment and mischief -Well aimed winks and flashing grins- "Bernie". Band 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 2, 3, 4, Cross Coun- try-Manager 3. CHARLES SCHERMERHORN 76 East State Street The "Star" of the track team -There'Il be a hot time in the old town tonight- "Charlie". Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, Track 2, 3. MALCOLM SCHLUSBERG IO7 Kingsboro Avenue All great men are dying and he's not feeling so well himself-Likes to raise the devil-"Mal". Band 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Husky Growl 2, 3, Oracle Staff, Bowling 2, 3, Senior Play Committee, Speaking Con- test 3, Key Club 3, 4, Ten- nis 3. MARGARET SCOFIELD 31 Beaver Street Peg of our hearts - The football field does have its attractions-Likes to work among books-"Peg". Band 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Girls' Sports 3, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play Com- mittee. ELLERY 'SHANDRO 9 Early Avenue Never lets those "Yankees" down-Ellery as manager has a great deal to do with the success of our teams- "Yank". Junior Prom Com- mittee, Basketball Manager 3, 4. PATRICIA SHANDRO 9 Early Avenue Pat's motto is-do unto others as you would have them do unto you -The apple of anyone's eye- "Pat". Red Cross Council 4. 34 f + ites J S 4 . A. e..e li- . 4 iz will -5,-is . . i f-i . V , sam U., . 5' wr . si 2 ft it AQ L-fest, A 4 S , S ff-. it A 5 741 2 is K s 4 W3 2 ,S 'mv . ., .s.. at " -muse M-of -. 'V is-.. fs, MARGARET SHIELDS I6 Fifth Avenue Winning manner- Lots of fun-Outstanding as a cheerleader - "Peggy". Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 4, Felicita 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, Oracle Staff, Ad- vertising Manager, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Cast and Committee, Speak- inlg Contest, Student Coun- ci 4. X DONALD SHOBLOM 56 Fourth Avenue Don in basketball excels- His blue eyes and blonde hair cause many hearts to beat faster-"Shobbie". Red Cross Council 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 3. SYDNEY SIGETY 9 Prospect Avenue Gay, lively, she has friends galore-Great liking for all sports-"Syd". Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Felicita 2, - Husky Growl 3, Sports Council 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee. 3, 4, Girls' BERNICE SIMAN 159 Second Avenue Quiet, but smart-An ardent student of French-May she never meet up with a real Frenchman - "Bernice". French Club 3, 4, Husky Growl 3, 4, Girls' Sports 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Football Handbook 3, 4. BERNARD SMITH T67 East Fulton Street A reasonable facsimile of Mr. America-More like Mutt than Jeff-"Speedy". Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, Cross Country. LEVERNE SMITH 32Vz Forest Street Fate tried to conceal him by calling him Smith-A boy for whom only good can be said-"Leverne". WILLIAM SMRTIC QD 100 Third Avenue A "friend" of every teacher -A fast man with cars and women-"Bill". Band 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 4, Senior Play Commit- lee. KATHLEEN SMULLEN 69 Bleecker Street Quiet in school but not out- side - Craves excitement- Good natured - "Kathy". Band 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, Girls' Sports 3, 4. MORROW SOLOMON 12 South Park Drive Self made Einstein-Proba- bly end up as President, when he gives a speech we can say, "We heard him first"-"Soly". French Club 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Husky Growl 3, 4, Bowling 2, Senior Play Cast, Speaking Contests 3, Tennis Team 3. HAROLD SPARKS 74V2 Third Street Harold makes those "Sparks" fly on the track- A real solid game guy- "Sparksie". Baseball 2, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, Track 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Cross Country 3 4 , . wif' Z 0 ff 11 an if VIVIAN SPRUNG I3 Walnut Street Vivian has her own "pre- scription" for love-Miss Olympus-Band couldn't do without her trombone- "Viv". Band 2, 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Quadrille Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Girls Sports Council 2, 3, 4. JOHN STEELE 46 Forest Street n li An industrious young chap -Truly woman is a vain, fickle, unstable and mar- velous subiect-"John". DONALD STRATHAUS 29 Van Wyck Street Always well dressed- Never loud-A nice dancer -What more could you want? - "Don". Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3. STANLEY SUVAL ll Curtis Street Friends marvel at his knowl- edge but forget his hours of research - Your friend when you know him- "Sam", Husky Growl 3, 4, Oracle Staff, Commence- ment Usher 3, Speaking Contest 3. NORMA TAYLOR 58 Woodside Avenue A voice like a dream-Just can't wait for history period -Quiet simplicity - "Nora". Choir 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Vocal Contest. 35 Senior Play Committee, VINCENT TRAMONTANO 142 Spring Street Vinnie will long remember the Senior Play Party-Adds to the life of any group- "Vinnie". Senior Play Com- mittee. LEWIS TREHER 23 Steele Avenue "A still tongue shows the wise head"-His broad shoulders come from carry- ing Leaders-"Louie", Com- mencement Usher, Junior Prom Committee. JOAN UNGER 91 West Fulton Street Have you ever thought of being an artist?-Silent but progressive - "Joan". Choir 4. SALLY VAN NOSTRAND 55 Walnut Street Fulfills a position which she deserves-At the head of the band - A smile for everyone - "Sally". Twirler 2, 3, 4, Leader 4, Quadrille Club 3, 4. CECELIA WAGAR 9 South Hollywood Avenue One of our very best typists -QUISL popular and sin- cere-Efficiency at its best -"Celie". Oracle Staff, Foot- ball Handbook 3. DON WAGER I97 South Main Street Ability to take things as they come- Popular, easy going without a noticeable care in the world-Both a good player and manager of sports - "Slim". Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Manager, ln- tramural Basketball 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. JOHN WALLACE Tribes Hill One of the Hot Rods Inc. gang-He dreams of Jeannie -Skillful ice skater- "Johnny". Football 2. MAURICE WEINER 165 Second Avenue Under his dry humor, Moe hides a vein of seriousness - Earnest student - Hard worker - "Moe". French Club 2, 3, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4. JULIA VIOLA JEANNE WHIPPLE IO9 Third Avenue 23 Lexington Avenue Pretty red curly hair-"Thy There's only one in her life modesty is a candle to thy -Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny! merit"-Soft spoken - "Vi". -Small and fair, she has no Senior Play Committee. cares-"Whip". Choir 2, 3, 4. CONSTANCE WHITE 22 East Pine Street In all seriousness Connie could be called a friend of the human race-Cute, for- ever smiling and always ready to help-"Connie", Choir 2, 3, Felicita 2, 3, 4, President 4, French Club 2, Husky Growl 4, Oracle Staff, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Com- mencement Usher, Girls' Sports 2, Faculty-Student Advisory Committee 4, ,dunior Prom Committee. 'N HARRY WICKSELL 59 West Eighth Avenue Harry will be fixed in our minds for his friendliness as well as his clowning - Big man around town - "Swede"L Intramural Basket- ball 2, 4. 'I 2 3 4 5. 6. 7. JEAN WICKWARE 238 South Main Street She intends to fulfill the slogan "Gloversville Gloves America" - Still water runs deep-"Jean". RITA WOLF 8 Judson Parkway Smartest girl in our class- A true friend-Rita's found her "Amour",-"Reet". Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Felicita 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Husky Growl 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Com- mencement Marshal, String Trio 4, Oracle Staff. r ,Q Weed CIuh's In session. Modest Mold. Whot's in the lug? Everyone deserves 'em. gl 1 ""' -'-M--N- ,,, :ll "The Pause That Refreshes." , i4- E r A' ' 'I '1 l Q He was u 97 lb. weakllng! f A as A nu cmkmg ln. is i, if. t ' 4 s f r 1 ' . W E- all H: - Ai B P lm! Q K . ui i 6 :3k4t'? H I ,L V an '- 5 . ,it T 4 ,th , 4 I ll I. ,f . ,' M-M""' '.-"'1---l-4f-'--m-- 1, ig., Left to right: Jean Morris, Oscar Ruberti, Marilyn Rossi, Bradford Miller, Nichols, Betty Ardizzone, Jerry Rose, Lynn Parker, Morrow Solomon, Barton Goodbread, Fred Rubin, Leslie Massad, Margaret Shields, Leslie Dayle Garlock, Kathryn Parillo. .V 3-if Connors: "A Success." Grand job, Crew! MJ.. ... :nm High Lama speaks. This year's Senior Play, "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton, under the direction of Miss Mary Evelyn Con- nors, assisted by Nona Pitkin and Margaret Genser, was the first attempt of any Senior Class since 1943 to present a serious play. Judging from the reaction of the audiences, the seniors felt that their play was a great success. The male lead of the American consul, Conway, was ably portrayed by Leslie Massad. Playing opposite him was Margaret Shields as Helen Briac, a student of Chopin. The remainder of the cast of the play con- sisted of: Fred Rubin as Mallinson, assistant to Conway, Bradford Miller was the High Lama, Barton Goodbread as Chang, an elderly Chineseg Lynn Parker as Miss Brinkelow, a woman missionary, Jean Morris as Lo Tsen, a beautiful Chinese girly Marilyn Rossi as Tashi, a Tibetan girl, Kitty Parillo as Ai Ling, a Tibetan servant, and Oscar Ruberti, a Tibetan. The cast of the Prologue and Epilogue consisted of Dayle Garlock as Myra, Betty Ardizzone as Elizabeth, Leslie Nichols as Wyland, and Morrow Solomon as Rutherford, ll The action of the play takes place in the main room of the Lamasary at Shangri-La, somewhere in Tibet. A large part of the success of the play was due to the excellent work done by the various committees. The realistic make up of the cast was a tribute to Janet Burd and her committee. The wardrobe com- mittee under Sidney Sigety did a terrific iob in col- lecting the costumes while Mary Lou Hemenway and her properties committee supplied the stage with typical Chinese furniture. The special scenery effects committee, under the direction of Miss Bevan and Chairman Constance White, created the artistic Chinese background required for the presentation. Things were kept in order backstage by the stage manager, Vincent Tramantano and his assistants. Because of the outstanding iob done by the Ticket Committee under Phyllis Coplon, and the Publicity Committee under Mary Iacovone, it was possible to have two showings of the play. A very attractive program was designed by Marion Budinscak and her committee with the aid of Mrs. Poletto, Rose Marie Salvan designed the cover. The programs were given out by the ushers under the chairmanship of Lillian Albanese. This year's Senior Play will never be forgotten by members of the class, for it was another great ac- complishment for this ambitious class. lllSl Hlllillllll Hd 'la .fer ' 'iw -ur-11 ' . if 1 N 'lil-g"l 4 23-10. ' ' ' 1 5 ' ,L FRONT ROW: Briggs, Scofield, Madden, Avery, Mele, Anadio, Delaurie, Frascatore, DelSignore, Diana, Dare, Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Sigety, Cox Petrak, Flynn, Burd, Ager, Albanese, Hough, DelSavio, Iacovone, Coplon Persico, Pitkin, Genser, Siman, Cozzolino, Tramantono, Coucher, Budinscak K last minute details. Rehearsal, Jerry? "Make-up!" Q Schlusburg, Demarest, Foggia, Puglis, Hemenway, Houghteling. THIRD ROW: Derby, Balzano, Foster, Lafabregue, Taylor, Scarella, Bressler, John- son, Mahoney, McCarthy, Smrtic, Ambrose, Piazza, Wager, Salm. an--u--av -1- l lIlllS ls there or isn't there a Shangri-La? Let us imagine that the Class of '51, famous for their originality, became determined to find an answer to this question. Soon after graduation they set out for Tibet. The results of this ex- cursion were made known to the world in a series of articles written by us. Leslie Nichols, prominent citizen of Glovers- ville and editor-in-chief of the Leader-Republican, agreed to publish them. Let us suppose this is the manner in which we depicted the great adventure . . . Rocketship X 2Y under the instruction of Kenneth Brown, piloted by Bernie Schemerhorn and co-piloted by Bubbles DeLaurie, who was always good at figures, shot from the earth promptly at the zero hour. Veto "Flash" Ambrose was on the spot "snapping" pictures with a moving camera. lHe still hasn't caught onll It was a known fact that there were many alumni of this ship, and it was believed that they reached Shangri-La, however, the belief remained unproved until the second expedition, Hotrods Inc., of which we were members, arrived there ten years later. The need for a road for the Hotrods arose, so we hired Harold Sparks and his Electric Kids, Howard "Livewire" Naish, and, of course, we have to put in a good plug for Jim "Volt" Nicosia. fWatt a manll They shocked everyone because they had the right connections. Although it was quite a iob to construct the road, which was marble, the Hotrods took it for "granite." The caravan of hotrods consisted of those wrecks of drivers: Billy "Cigaretts, Cokes, and Wild, Wild, Women" Smrtic, Willy "Which car is it now?" Peck, "l break all speed records" Garlock, Slim Wager, who has had some "narrow escapes", Jack "the Candy Kid" McCarthy, Grant Prentice, who for once wasn't having any car troubles, John Long- henry, in his truck carrying a load KTake it for what it's worthlj, Pat Ager, who is still breaking the speed laws, and "Laughling Girl" Petrak, who was driving them all crazy. The cars were loaded, too. We encountered many hardships on the iourney, for it was raining "cats and dogs", and the cars were forever hitting "poodles" as they sped along. Ciro Cozzolino, one of the passengers, exclaimed that water was getting in his eyes. lNow his pupils can swimli Unable to be on time for the departure of the rocketship, Kitty Parillo, "The Cheese- cake Gal", was caught hitchhiking by showing her gams. At the iourney's end everyone was accounted for ex- cept Walter "What if?" Salm, who, it was later discovered, had missed the cars, grabbed a ship, captained by Admiral Gerald Reith, and landed in Wales. His "Tears Flowed Like Wine" but Johnny O'Connor and Vinnie Tramantano were ready and willing with open mouths. Chic, hicll As we entered Shangri-La, who should we find guard- ing the pass between the mountains but John "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette" Burr and Ellery "l'm a Yankee Fan" Shandro. Walking on we saw up in' a tree a maroon letter sweater, and looking close we saw that it was in- habited by tiny Carol Boger. lRocketship X 2Y certainly had landedll As we approached the Lamasary, we met a group of our old.pals: Betty "I'm still in Circulation" D'Agnostino, Shirley "l'm engaged, I use Ponds" Demarest, Jimmy "I eat Wheaties" Case, Harry "I finally got rid of Judge" Wicksell, and Joe "l'll never talk" Kobuskie. Our rickshaw pulled up before the Lamasary with a jerk-Dick "Harry doesn't know it, but I'm here" Judge threw out the welcome mat which landed in Milton Horn- illPHElIU ing's face and crumpled his Camel. ln the hallway, Frances Jones, Chief Janitress, was throwing out the dirt. Bart Goodbread fought his way through the dust with his golf club in order to greet us, and led us around the ioint. First, we had an audience with the High Lama, Brad "Cooky" Miller, who was directing Jack Grimm's execution while engaged in a Chinese Checkers battle with Pat-c "always leave them laughing" Mahoney, the Court Jester. During this audience we informed Brad of all our pals back home. lt seems that Joan Barthe Petrak couldn't come because she was busy minding all her little Petraks, Morrow "Shet ma mouth" Solomon was still arguing with John Latshaw over the "Do we persist or have we disintegrated?" ques- tion. CTO you, dear readers it means, "ls we is, or is we 6iI'1'T?"lOurfriend Dr. Bob "I slay them" Blumenberg, who studied at Karlotfs Krematory, is creating a new Franken- stein, using Kenny "Sheik" McCloud as his model. fWhat an imaginationll John "l've got the Pull" Recesso was too busy with his dental practice. One of his maior problems is getting nicotine off Nona Pitkin's teeth, she is now an established radio announcer on the 30-day mildness test. Rita "L'amour Touiours" Wolf is teaching Le Francais in dear 'ol G. H. S. iMaynard Clark, Superintendent of Schools, wouldn't give her a leave of absencel. After this long iuicy discussion about home, we watched the court entertainers stage a show. There was a small Chinese orchestra of three people: Nick "Roll those lvories" Lanza was the pianist, Mike "I love St. Anthony's" Ricciardi was playing his licorice stick, and Charlotte "Don't fence me in" Dopp was sawing away on her cello, sweet and mello. They were playing that new Chinese melody "Slow Boat to China." At the crash of the six foot gong, struck by Johnny "Short, but Powerful" Schelmbauer, Jeanie "The sun iust tanned my nose" Morris bust through-the gong, not the curtain-to begin a fiery dance. QThat's a hot onelj Leaving the court room, we strolled down a hallway to visit the wives of the High Lama. A few of them were Joan Avery, Bev Balzano, Phyl Coplon, Anne Derby, Gerry Hudson ancl Mary Diana. They were all singing "Who's Got Him Now?" We walked through the streets of the city, and to our amazement we saw some more old pals. In a corner lot Jack Sanford was pitching a game Cof wool, and Jane Mc- Carthy was catching. There were other members on the team. Viv Sprung was up to bat with a rolling pin, while Bob Kunkel was running to first base. Jean Whipple was sitting in the dugout, while Johnny Wallace was warming up-to bat, match. Walking on a little farther, we saw Jerry Rose stand- ing on a soap box giving one of his famous speeches. Just then Stu Massad drove by in his red convertible which was filled with all his girl friends. We saw Freddy Rubin, who was still trying to find a way out of Shangri-La. The shock of finding Shangri-La and seeing all our old classmates, who hadn't aged a bit, was too much for us. We died laughing and found ourselves at St. Peter's Gate. However, St. Peter sent us back, he told us that there was only one place for us to go- CSigned, sealed, stamped, and censoredll The Prophets '56 Kb'-K' 5 ,much ngfcgg smexds , 3 OUT NM - ,- H J ., L 532 ,. . A, mx. N S L J ' A S , ,., A - Call . rf: Aw was , E Q X P 3 , ww my -'mira gym, Y 1 - . V, .. 'W mg as i img NWN W ,SEQ R vga N :S Masq 442 J , X ,Q 15" 71 .A Q 16, Tn K 4QvV M HATERS OF OPPOSITE SEX Miller and Perry .M ' A 'GEN'-1 ' 1- rl, my ,, i I O x R V Y x f 5 Y .mi Sm :Q W :A Q xiii? , fl x f ifiiz'-Q Q -W.. f R? , 5 ig'f'j'fl-'gg I '7 'gn ' iww ' 2 , may--W Q 1 PM is " P aw M N 51 5 3 1' . ' Q wi .4 2 sf 4' as 14 1 , ., L ,E by , ' T' I il 4 Y lawn ' i " Q xv ww Q Q QP Y' , Q- f 'xx if X D 1 W g ix.. W Recessougfguevgflb I fe W?'EiL K-P5 A L W WKLWWWW f S AT 'iWf5f?fiie 6 Y' Q N? Qwlfw? , A . .,.. ,X ..W,,,,. , LL,,, Wh Z , .g . , ww, - 1- 1 -f.--- - --'- I In .- ' M 4 S W QS soouwonms ' ' I X Suval and Wolf S TSTE , X o v was :mn mrfwcmvs GMS' Sax ' ff 1 "'. A 555 T , 55 5 , 1, 'if77'f7 W, Q S S S TET gg S ST T f cuss mssns My wg Hawle and Petrak S. . Y Q g ' ' ,M ' ' an 'Wx ii Tux ' A SJEKGV gg , S ,V ,, - M 551 4 'sm , Ar M 2 ax Q 5 is - " N WITTIEST MUST MUSICM Lanza and Albini . . SENIORS CUTEST COUPLE .M V00 WUNDERFW WM, M zwmwh Mahoney and Lacavone Sanford and McCarthy SEIIIU LONGEST TIME COUPLE Smnh and Oare if fd? Mosr Delaurfe PUPUIAR and Derby X42 ED 10 sniff 1 LTR!-U GenSe' mggssefw and CQMERS OFHQAS. llgf P er S350 Br0Wn an as :we mmuff-5 no 9, . - . MUTT AND JEFF - Schelmbauer and Scarella TEACHERS PESTS HLLUT .fra v Solomon and Morris J .. ' 1 . PERSDNALITY PLUS - . ' Ruberti and Iacavone mls? 1 Ynulrv-mms 1 If' A Clark and Jones E? 5w.,, Rm, 27 51514 if af 1 f E LA Judgezlfsr Simons and McCaffrey so rfkgo lv 5 v -Ml I ,I ws W' A5 2 V DANCING SHOES MR. AND MISS OLYMPIC Ricciardi and Anadio Sanford and A Wlfgwlm, 5400! I W0lF A 0 Con,,o,'f:7 WULFESS d Garlock -9 Q w 1 MR. ESQUIRE AND MISS VOGUE Sfrathaus and Barfhe gA1llE M081 vERLaiabfe9Ue Massad and 43 WL Our Mascot ' I Sprung Fever Our Dream Thus rs Chemistry m Llilim Trred feet D R locovone Qt e A"""iQ,gE Beutmg the faculty Three bumps on u log ., . .. W..- ,V-JVM . i +A ' i 5 .. We H 'gggw Mgr' S rr .:A, ie? et tak 9 Bushful Cupttul ,WA When we were young Corndor Creeps Down the hutch Pretty nifty et 'u:.f-fxgswvu' V " Dont say It Felicita Fun FRU' ' U' 9 l if Unllsff A fffywfji 6701.4 iiils I mym, ith 1 A " .LL YXIQIYIE' A---' H Ydsrnr A lla: --I-gg,--n 'C yi ,.:2 U54 C , N, ,1 : 2 "'l 4" 'l "'i' ' 'U' l , T: ffwizliiirrx I ,,. l':ir1fnt ur Giizxrrlism . A V, hy ,105 is V SWAN f My l ci. ll ?, dl aaa A Grad? 14,0 1 W W-Erw if , 1. ,i A 30l M,,LL,E.5 611751, mmiihlm ' .50 VN'lun17 N V X g c?b l. S 5 i , ,,,,,,4...--- - ' I 1.4112 5. . , I ?UllPUl'l0" L Ld .4 oi w1'I?1rf-nr llfiiy, 3' fail 1 'Qwe WW 1 f'Qf.Q.y :gg2n'1.,,5ii,ftiif ,I A ,,,, .- Q6 gym N I l lglfjgcnd mv --"'A',. y."' 0 fd ru' , M llmllmw ill """ ' 9 xvul In . 4 oogxso. Q- qexe?'001X9Gx.xqe ".-v. in-'I ,..' V ,, IO i M 4 toe? X92 '4,,., . . J to uss ss ss rara 9 l by i , ' is . - -t we . ,., ...44 4 1 'dial ' 0c! Q "QXaverS"Ne hy 'N4,. -- 4 0rBvf??1'f91"ff vii 09' . X '!Qe 9 " A',AA,. ' ',,,,----' 'Q1Q2,4?' y h " . 5 ..,. ,--L f 931333, srl frr P iw is r WC QM' 'W ,menu-1 ,,,..- A A, .- 227 VJ Q H -l lb Na ig WWI HID M S '.,,, ...- ev W jf . H. d X A ?6fI'g.jy Youre, lk-435-her' IWW -1 v'tl' ' fl I ' LL 5 "fl '1-fllz ll' U! JI B M WM ,l QVWME 0 ifgh Sch .Qf14f Reports, reports, reports . . . We start Senior high as green as grassy By our Junior year we're pretty fast. Geometry may stump usg this we know. On to iunior year and Health with Ritchko! We plow through History with Tattershallg ln our spare time we run thru the hall. Reports, reports, more reports lf they could only hear our retorts! SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRONT: Rowley, Secretary, Mrs. Glockner, Advisor: Haviland, Presi. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRONT: Grinnell, Treasurer, BACK ROW: Mr. Tattershall, Advisor: Miss Busse, Advisor: Miss Roberts, Advisor: Mead, President: Young, Secretary: Rossi, Vice-President. we Q, dent: Keeler, Vice-President. BACK ROW: Simonds, Treasurer, Mr. SllPHlllllllllE CLHSS FIRST ROW: Hageman, Hamilton, Harrington, Harris, Hasbrouck, Haviland, Hermance, Hill Hillburn, Hine, Gunneson, Mr. Shapiro, Mr. Glick, Mr. Ritchlfo. SECOND ROW: Frasier, Fred erick, Freeman, Garnier, Geisler, G. Gendron, J. Gendron, Gentile, A. Gifford, P. Gifford Gilmartin, Glover, Goodbread, Graziano, Greene, Guiles, Miss Stempfle. THIRD ROW: Cassedy, Beneduce, Buell, Ayers, Bartlett, Buyce, Canfield, Boger, Berger, K. Brown, J. Brown Bradf, Barone, Briggs, Cammarere, Fosmire, Foster. FOURTH ROW: Anadio, Bowman, Forrest, Ardizzone, Austin, Banovic, Brown, Blower, Barclay, Bandlow, Cady, Berard, Brink, Baurle Buchanan. FIFTH ROW: Chizek, Dickey, Chase, Flansburg, Cole, Chase, Comell, Christiensen, Collins, Cole, Alofs, Cassaro, Catanzaro, Forman, Davenport, Colson, DiScioscia. SIXTH ROW. DiMezza, DeSantis, Crispin, Cromer, Coplon, Crankshaw, Ferrara, DiMezza, Cl1eny, Cozzolino, Chequer,FavilIe, Cirillo, Dingman, Cross, Fleig. 1 -:-w - -- A11 -r 5 FIRST ROW: Norelli, Paro, Parkhurst, Oare, Morrison, Mouiois, A. M. Persico, P. Persico, Painter, Phelps Palmateer, Richter, Mr. Crandall. SECOND ROW: J. Paro, Nass, Pelcher, Muddle, Nicholson, Perrella B. Mosconi, Omstead, Mraz, Parillo, Nelkin, R. Mosier, Picardi. THlRD ROW: Marlitt, Hopkins, Leslie Q. E. Ligons, Lawlor, McCoy, McGregor, Moore, J. Ligons, Kennedy, L. Montgomery, Keller, Miss Welsh FOURTH ROW: Maland, Meinecke, Knapp, Morey, B. Morrison, Mackey, McLachlan, Manchester, Masala D. Lewis, Mironer, Marshall, Meyer, Mrs. Glockner. FIFTH ROW: B. Kennedy, Kitchen, Knoblauch, Knowles, LaMont, Langlois, La Porta, LaRowe, Laurence, Montanaro, L. Montgomery, Mele, Morrill, Mr. Lucas. SIXTH ROW: V. Hine, B. Hine, Holden, Hough, D. Houghton, M. Houghton, Hyde, D, A. Jacobson, D. M. Jacobson, Johnston, D. Jones, E. Jones, Kazmierake, Keaveney. 1 lIi lille ll-" lfa FIRST ROW: Selufsky, Spraker, Starin, Sigety, Simon, Simonds, Steele, Schrader, Shankland, J. Savarese, Snell, SECOND ROW: Semione, Warner, Sanders, Smith, Snell, Stock, Stilwell, G. Savarese, A. Savarese, Richards, Reynolds. THIRD ROW: D. Strauser, E. Strauser, Sprung Slovack, Senzio, Sena, Shimbo, Veghte, Tracy, Walrath, T. Valachovic. FOURTH ROW: Van Alstyne, Ward, Tanner, Wood, Swart, Visconti, White, Walter, Tomek, Watson, Tnrtaglia, Tallon, Winig. FIFTH ROW: Robbins, Ruff, Rhodes, Reynolds, Ricco, Sardelli, Ralbovsky, L. Valachovic, Sutliff, Youngren, Visconti, Zagin. SIXTH ROW: Rockwell, Rochat, Sanges, Rowley, Sammarco, Reffue, Rhodes, Betty Rieth, Barbara Rieth, Richards, Richtmyer, Roberts, Richter. FIRST ROWA Dunn, Garber, DiFiore, Frascatore, Diamond, DiPaIma, Deyan, Devenpecic, Dunham, Dutcher, Ecker, Elmer-idorf, Ermie, Edick, German, Earhart, L. Frascatore, R. Frascatore. SECOND ROW: Farrant, Bartlett, Blaha, Barclay, Albanese, Anthony, Best, Hudson, J-lorning, Anderson, Adams, Abdella, Bell, Ambrosino, R. Anderson, Becker, Frank, Acker. THIRD ROW- Frye, Barone, Banoyic, Arnold, Holly, lacovone, Henry, Jeffers, Bowler, Bonfey, M. Arnold, Austin, Allcock, Behlen, Bagans, Batty, Fischer, Miss Roberts, Miss Parsons. FOURTH ROW: Dorn, Jacobson Kerzner, Knapp, Gill, D. Herrick, J. Harnish, James Hamish, Hamel, Helwig, Goldstein, Grinnell, Johnson, King, Hryniak, Geweye, Amann, Esposito, Miss Busse. FIFTH ROW: Dettman, DeLaurie, Compagnone, Crocetta, Chancer, Budoft, Charbonneau, Culver, DelSignore, Daniels, Conover, Honeycombe, Hovan, Kolberg, Hayes, P. Herrick, Gentile. SIXTH ROW: Christodulu, Buchanan, Clay, Ciocca, Cohan, Cinelli, Colabello, Burke, Christiana, Dade, Burton, Cady, Boynton, Bradt, Dare, DeSimone, Ferraro, JUIIIIIII IIIHSS FIRST ROW: Ryder, String, Sprung, Scherrnerhorn, Rulison, Ruff, Rolf, Passino, Pepe, Rooney, Pastore, Sciacca, Rossi, Riccitiello, R. Landrio, Earl Montgomery, LaFountain, Ernest Montgomery. SECOND ROW: Muscato, Mosher, Naish, Wilson, Wood, J. Whitbeck, Stoll, Shutts, Smullen, Smalley, Sleezer, Skift, Steele, Starr, Sparks, Snow, Staedeli, Sutliff, Miss Anthony. THIRD ROW: Buyce, Rudy, Pollard, Ormill, Oathout, Darker, Perna, Vietri, Wood, Sweeney, Rettig, Reynolds, Oakslord, Weaver, Wilcox, Tanner, Welsh, Prahrn, Miss Drury. FOURTH ROW: Ballo, Sitterly, Schwed, Wessendort, Taglialatela, B. Whitbeck, Rurnrill, Semione, Salvione, Young, Zambri, McCue, Mills, Perham, Procita, Wedemeyer, Tierney, Walter, Vollero, Mr. Tattershall. FIFTH ROW: Seeley, Waite, Tramontano, Rice, Walther, Richards, C. White, Tartaglia, Siebach, Salino, Schaertel, Van Slyke, Rekemeyer, Taylor, J. White, Serviss. SIXTH ROW: Pomerantz, Krause, Norelli, Lander, Nellis, Lomanto, Lallo, Mead, Matuliak, Mosetti, Matura, Massad, Landrio, Kucei, Loux, Sanges, Royce. :' , 5, fl ' A"-A. 7 - .QL All 'l' -,',J2,sx-.. . -1 5 I, v w., , Y , ., l"' ' 'f 'P V " Wf 'E5'f'f5 5 vEf'm -X., , ' ,l,,.'p, MEX Y 124' 'Q7'-' s2 i'ai1?', -4.2 -X -1 wg : A 'f51'?l53l7i'5'4 , 'f " nd .. - ,rf .sa . Q, ' ,, A 1+ '11 .W W, H -up ,A N.-5.1 E :gA, :::,lyl V P r. T fi-in ,. :V p ' ,, 45,19 ,, ,.,,. , Q H 1 , nc? 0 6 e G+' H ' 'A 25 .. . 9 as we K 'l ex, 0 ' V J In L, ' ,f f - 'I 1 are 4 .- xc, 1' . ' nr e 5 ,VJ . ' ic? we 'f ei - Qc gg dl -ned' evo Xebcflio Qs I " J Quill? X6 -of uf, ees ,rl fl qw x Oc' x '90 I " W Qgzueo 6096! ff, I V' g A l ,rx figvfg' KY V Cb -"' V 0 rx! ' "mf as of 90021 ' or 0, we 'V Q0 Tw 0.95 ,ge A We eq. I V 0'-We ,x . 5 O , ' 3 a E P Q' -'fLlq5O Sr , ' Qzfefa GOUSTPC1 2 Cf . lCT'l'9-T2 4.9. , S 0 Jr 0 lg! TT Sr . Co- Cod H l E I Total Poirmgg 9 I Paws A i Dafehrs ,M ff e T ' Mer- ""Qrr1 . Cbudue I eacher' ' ,K T. S Na l' " -1. af 'rn me. ., ' . f T- 3 f ,fel Rea, eff bw Q Amee s 'I 011 Ex oct 'jf ra rib: Leng cused H or or Nu 5 fllf . -.,-- - ,ff I' ' sa 012662, O th of T. - ,qde me ...h- 8 O lo -1, "lo - K 'me E N -floq -9 4 ' lflf - ,94 so "lr S' 9 in sed W n 'SC H' ' V:--irif , 01.1 'swat Sch . I ' - ar-we f fgrI6 dere L..,,, an Ure 0fD OOIM G ' d . -k-- 'I 421 61 ""'v 0 ' 'Q .Q -A h :El 4',ql.rf-600, 50,667 cfoy or Nu . V f O 06100-L'9qp00p-010, rsemhc L " HQ! N, 'V-31-Z-1 ' Y J"'zf""?7 "few "we G T' I ea,.,,?,,ed 690 jg, f 6.760141 2,6 U v,,,u:f,,,o1 " QL Schedules, schedules, schedules .:.r',f.A X ,, ' y G' l ' f 'S-fel' V 69,941 XX Q19 1625967 reqftz 1m.f,g,5 It-WL of, td They lie us to a rule. l, . f lx- 7-I ' ' " ' 75" - - .'.?5iQr,"'i'El: QOIIZJAIQI fo,-Q,y I Q V e"'2f',Wl?"?.f,qd oth We cough, we rump, we murmur nhl "'-'F 141 4-'I NF- ' Q45 for 'W "0 Th d 1 ' vw hour hurrahl 4 pr I , -. ,J 7 .6 eh . e oc or srgns, e s , -Q ,WL 61, 0.0 64g av, - -A-ff --Q We T T F'-T'-we J? 'je 07,061 9,14 5 Q0 -. fwgab ieb . sb' Then Ws practice every day 37 2 J, M. h T, .,.NA,lr iI lifqfn obfqgf '11 , "fed X 6 . 3150 .lust to please our fans this wav. 11 Wfff"4e. 'KJ-.Qi le "ff A h . ., , . . re ,Ez XXXJJ! L U Q6 log, .t ig it ' 1 ......, ,H T, me 1 1 e season s en , we re m c over, 'yffb 'se Q 5260 aaa, -. ' . u lllr. Q T Then the Blue Cards stan all over. Il 4, '09 'X'-K9 of 'fire . A9022 e 5-f I 1 225' fab! - -V-Q , 'Qu " "'-lie' . l Schedules, schedules, more schedules EE, - 4' 'H ' T . ' -Q - 'ifsigil Q96 Q12 ' 'QS 'T ' They have millions-this school. A, flygnf 93 ' -P05 'ff l lf- Xa e T 00, ..A3!,,. T -NL , x t' h . - , f F A I - e ' FC? l " ., ' l T L lf 'en . 'S T -M lelo ll ' g ll FOOTBALL ROUNDUP The 1950 Huskies, a light, fast team ex- ecuting a lot of well-planned plays, finished the season with a record of three wins and five losses. The Johnstown game was the season's heartbreaker, which Gloversville lost to the Purple and Gold 32-6. This was largely due to the many penalties incurred by the Glo- versville Team. These penalties were "awarded" when they hurt most and had a demoralizing effect on the squad. The team fought exceedingly hard for more victories under Coach Ritchko's able guid- ance, but the height and weight of the op- ponents proved to be too much for the Huskies. Especially missed was Jack Sanford, the star quarterback, who was iniured in the pre-season practice. While there may have been greater G. H. S. football teams in the past, the 1950 Huskies were outstanding in spirit and team play. c f swf' 39K N4 FIRST ROW: Fremont, Richards, Grinnell, Salino, Bell, Satterlee, Baker, Burnett, Naish, Hawley, Meehan Mosher. SECOND ROW: J. Clay, Higby, Spinks, Cohan Christodulu, Goldstein, Mahoney, Steele, Nicholson, Ab- della, Burke, Blumenberg, Wager. THIRD ROW: Siebach Persico, R. Brown, Sutliff, Readdean, Marshall, Staedeli Ricco, O'Brien, Van Slyke, Pitcher. FOURTH ROW: Bu- chanan, R. Clay, J. Brown, Moore, Rolfe, Mosconi, Wal rath, Meyer, McLachlan, Miller. FIFTH ROW: Kitchen Mraz, Blowers, Bandlow, Harris, Pelcher. LAST ROW Coach Kirsch, Manager Anderson, Manager Mosher Manager Van Brocklin, Coach Ritchko. ...X lx S 1-M13 GV Lune Filh B I ...'---'16 len Falls ..----38 SepK.1'3""- 0 G1 Johnsqn clwll -H---36 , S,,,t.:'-0---f 0 'wW,,., 1 9 anyjof' ' """ ,,,...3'1 I Qd- lx lll- Fri Joh'-,510'Nn" illl In-'18 oa. il-"' 6 3 M, ns 1 18 ""--,l. 14 once 111 I oc' 4 """ 9 P-mS""l' ' .. Rx NOV' D' --J A R ' D Noll all .1 '19,:4'7 A, " ti! x X g 'T .1 tw at is Lwe2TfLmkm'l2avf.I tiLIsw.1..I4i1vUmh, I VHllSllll FIRST ROW: Satterlee, DeLaurie, San- ford, Shoblom, Kobuskie. SECOND ROW: Christodulu, Richards, Rossi, Seeley, Meehan, THIRD ROW: Manager Shandro, Manager Tartaglia, Recesso, Montgomery, Manager Sparks, Coach Kobuskie. This 'rf -. High School had. .. My Q. 5 ' e 'I - xx IHSHE was probably the fastest ever seen in it was one of the finest all around, teams that Rudolph with your nose so red, You really helped us get ahead. Equally of plays in The team Sanford drilled close up, was composed mostly of seniors led shifty, and had a large 'scoring punch orpduced a varied number all lookedostiperior. and Wore in perfect condition Most of the 1950-1951 RECORD Dee. Dee. Dee Dec. Dee. Dec. Dee. Jan. Jan. 2 8 9 I5 20 22 is goes to Coach Aamterdam ...,.......... 58 at Ilion ...................... 45 41 at Saratoga' ....,......... 58 61 Nott Terrace .............. 48 35 at Mechanicville' .... 44 32 Mechenieville' .......... 58 49 llibtt ............. .. .......,... 72 57 at St. Marys .............. 46 47 Draper' .................... You got to get in. If you're going to win, So fight, team, fight. 34 Jen. 19 Jen. 27' Feb. 2 Feb. 3 Feb. 9 Feb. 16 Feb. 23 Mer. 2 Mar. I0 'Clan B I! Johnstown' .......... 49 39 at Amsterdam ....,....... 50 54 Scotia' ...................... 67 55 at Nott Terrace ......... 43 36 at Draper' ..... ........ 6 9 47 at Johnstown' .......... 49 44 at Scotia' ....... ..,..... 5 8 51 Saratoga' -----Y-- A ....... 47 55 St. Marys ...A.............. 45 61 league Games I-Ill FIRST ROW: Pelcher, Anderson, Nicholson, Meyer, Coz- zolino, Tracy. SECOND ROW: Alofs, Siebach, Savarese, Passino, Bandlow, THIRD ROW: Coach McMullen, Picardi, Tallon, Schermerhorn, Budoff, Hageman, Coach Kobuskie. 5. JUIIIIIH VIIIISIIII During the season G. H. S. basketball fans could really be proud of the J. V. Team. The squad was composed of both tall and short fellows, but the emphasis was on a fast, snappy outfit. Coaches Jack Kobuskie and James McMullen did a fine iob directing this year's "Junior Reindeers." One good example of the team's fighting spirit was the first Amsterdam J. V. game on December I, 1950. The lead see-sawed back and forth with the final score 29-27. Taking their defeats as a challenge to win their future games, the boys developed good team spirit which explains for the fine season. 1950-1951 RECORD J-V VARSITY OPPONENTS Dee. Dee Dec. Jan. Jan. Amsterdam ........,..... 29 at Ilnen ...................... 34 at Saratoga .....,.......... 40 Nott Terrace .,..,......... 30 at Mechanieville Meeltanieville ............ 60 lllon .,........................ 45 at St. Marys ,............. Draper ..,...., ........,. Jan. I9 27 Jan. 27 35 Feb. 2 49 Feb. 3 34 Feb. 9 44 Fab. 16 49 Feb. 23 35 Mar. 2 34 Mar. 10 31 at Johnstown .........,., 47 40 at Amsterdam ............ 40 '41 Scotia ..........,.........,... 36 48 at Nott Terrace .......... 45 44 at Draper ,.........,.....,. 63 51 at Johnstown ....,,.,,.,, 45 49 at Scotia .,... ........... 4 9 50 Saratoga ..,.. ........... 4 5 40 St. Marys .................. 50 43 It's not iust Rudolph Our captain, Jack Sanford, helped too Just like fleet-footed reindeer, 'Tis our team in action. .ff . ca 'P .. " fig y e 1 US? ' 1 js:gil,Qifil'ASE.'sgj?'3:25l1313257-Qfgfiiifiiiiiwifi's.fLSi?ifi'fj?Fifi?-.ii'l25' 11i.Hg?t:fi5lXil2' . ff 'File fs if fl '5,,1W ,V.,,:fs1153vers-L2QgUiigQ'S1g5zitwlslgie25.2, 2 ,epic f -ff 'SRIE11.?i52fiEff3'li:i-3 iiffs' ' , if :tx .Q':+:f4,fsfsMf4tEQ:5f: ezealwiwe-M.,,..-zsremiwgi gif? -5 1?fLEfif.5s'f .. . ., .,,.,,. .. as .V W 2 f 1-Wezz-,iizmfafagekf 5 YK ' x ii-s.,.ii:T'3Qi45ffi?'.IT.:vi.4515if?'ffiic:ii's?:.3,,,,-WQ-gpgyx 'ffi .LE 951""i?"'ii"'7VJ7 - 5 :' .2 Q ,fi rg f me -f ,.,,,.s,.1.,ff , .. 3 f i L, - . Y- -I. , 31. 5 I :Jil fiyigizi .L ' Q F S . iifi'f3'1?fi E 5 i i 1- ii -. l x Q. SP ffl- 4202.1 si .. .f ,gg . -af ie 555, ' f ,A -- f L 5 1 Z SS fa ., Us is mmm, X ' if ' ef. ' ri qc, W 'A CROSS-COUNTRY RECORD Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. I4 Oct. 21 a FIRST ROW: Manager Jeffers, Schelmbauer, Browne, Bown, Sparks, Ric- ciardi, Fountain, Sigety, Manager Valachovic. SECOND ROW: Selufsky, Ambrosino, Frank, Waite, Riccitello, Schaertel, Flansburg, Chizek. THIRD ROW: Fleig, Palmateer, Knapp, Dickey, Schrader, Picciardi, Simonds, Hage- man, Coach Sinon. Interclass at Darling Field I. Seniors 2. Sophomore: Dual at Waterford 1. Gloversville Oct. 28 New York City l. Bishop loughlin 13. Gloversville Dual at Darling Field l. Gloversville 2. Waterford 2. Cornith Proctor Invitational at Utica Nov. 4 Invitational at Whitecboro, I. Mont Pleasant 1. Proctor 6. Gloversville Invitational at Darling Field l. Gloversville X 2. Cooperstown 10th N.Y.U. Run-427 teams! Nov. 'll 2. Glaveriville Sectional: at Schenectady Class B Section ll 'l. Glover-:ville 2. Glens Falls Van Cortland Park, 9 CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM Coach Sinon's harriers chalked up a brilliant season, the likes of which has been seldom seen here. They finished with a marvelous sea- son's record. Our Cross-Country team completed an exceptional season winning the intersectional cup and undefeated in league competition. They won the Class B Cup at Schenectady after running in the N.Y.U. Invitational in New York. "fs-Qi Dual Uohnstownl Glovanvilla Johnstown 10th Invitational lDarIing Fialdl Glovarsvilla Glens Falls Dual lGlovarsvillol Glovarsvilla Amsterdam lllllllll RECORD May 3 72-Ist 32-2nd May 6 49V2-ht 45-2nd May I2 701:-I at 29'l2-2nd TRACK RECORD Invitational Garatogal Bothlaham Central Glovarsvilla Triangular lSaratogal Glovarsvilla Saratoga Saetionals fKnox Fialdl Mont Pleasant Glovanvilla FIRST ROW: lllsley, Risedorph, Mulligan, Loveday, Kelley, Brown, Geweye, Meyer, Caruso. SECOND ROW: Wager, Sparks, Bown, Massad, Ciocca, Fountain, Haviland, Ricciardi, Schermerhorn, Coon. THIRD ROW: Manager Finn, Clark, Schelmbauer, Burnett, Clay, Rolf, Bell, Ambrosino, Coach Sinon. .ri ' M vit: May 27 . 37-lst X ' 'UM 25-2nd -V I v May 31 - R 'E 74V2-l Sl Mi' 50-2nd Juno 3 50-ht ..- . 9V:l-5th -: 9: J A I' Q If . tg' fi- ? .'Q ' .1 fi . , 'Q . 4 X 1 F. ,Ly few g -W C' TRACK Gloversville High really has earned a reputation as a track power. No wonder, iust glance at the record! Our boys really made the opposi- tion quiver with fear, for they knew our harriers formed a top-flight team. The highlight of the track season was the sectionals at Johnstown. Last year was to be no exception, but the skies opened up and Knox Field was a veritable quagmire. Beaten by the rain and stiff competition, G. H. S. had to settle for fifth place in Class A. But no matter how many years pass by, when the students of tha area recall great track teams, they will always think of the i950 Glovers- ville Track squad. , BASEBALL RECORD GHS OPP. April 25 ................ 21 Walls .............. ........... 0 April 26 .........,...... I 2 Northville ...... ........... 2 April 21 ........,....... 3 Northville ...... ....... 4 April 28 ................ l4 Wells, ................. ....... 4 May 3 ................ 2 Mont Pleasant .............. 3 May l .......,........ 12 Amsterdam ....... ....... 6 May I5 ................ 6 St. Johmville ..... ....... 2 May 17 ............... . 5 Johnstown ......... ....... 0 May 22 ....... - ....... 3 St. .lohnsville ..... ....... 9 May 23 ................ 2 St. Meryl .,.....,.. ....,., 6 May 24 ................ T0 Mayfield .... ....... 7 May 25 ................ 4 St. Marys ......... ....... 2 June 2 ................ 3 Amsterdam .... .......5 June 6 ................ 4 Johnstown ..... ....... 0 June 8 ................ 4 Mayfield .... ....... 5 BHSEBHll FIRST ROW: Rumrill, Brown, Benton, Lanzara, LeFever, Hitchcock, Cornick, Sturm, Sanford, Shoblom, Satterlee. SECOND ROW: Bacon, Burton, Meehan, Garguilo, Shaffer, Maida, Del.aurie, Richards, Recesao, Kobuakie. THIRD ROW: Coach Miller, Manager Baker, Grinnell, Colabello, Fremont, Blumenberg, Schaertel, Christodulu, Waite, DiGiacomo, Coach Ko- GULF L TO R: Pro Mattei, White, Almy, Sanges, Goodbrcad, Procita, Kunkel, Weiner, Grimm, Ferraro, Nichols, Conover, Mr. Check. buskie. GOLF RECORD 1950 Schenectady Municipal Course .......... Mont Pleasant ............................ Gloversville ..................... ....... Sacendege Golf Course ....... ........ Glovercville ....... - ,...................... Northville ..,................................. Schenectady Municipal Course .......... Nott Terrace ................................ Gloversville ................................ ....May 2 12112 2'V2 ....May 3 9 I ....Mey 4 I2 3 Sacandege Golf Course ........... ............ Ma yl0 Nerthville ....... .. ...... .... ...... ...... . 9Va Gleversville ................................ 511: Amsterdam Municipal Course ................ Meyll Gloversville ................................ II St. Mary'c ......................... Kingsboro Golf Course ......... ........Mey 16 Mont Pleasant ............. ........ 'I 3 Gloveraville ..................... ........ 2 Secendage Golf Course ........... ............ M ay 23 Gloveraville ....,............ ........ 9 Northville ................. ........ 6 Klngsboro Golf Course ......... ........ M ay 24 Glovereville ............. ........ B V2 Nott Terrace ................. ........ 6 Va Secandage Golf Course .......... ........ M ey 25 Glover-aville ................. ........ 1 5 Northvllle ......................... ........ 0 Nlclr Stoner Golf Course ......... .........A. .I une 6 Gloversville ................. ........ 3 Va Faculty ........,............ ........ 3 V2 Secandage Golf Course ....... .... J une I Gloveraville ....... .. ........... ........ 6 Va Nortllville .................................... 51h Troy-Section 2 Toumament .................. 1une10 First-Nott Terrace Third-G. tl. S. BASEBALL In a game that strives for teamwork, our baseball team proved to be a huge success. The one person who should gain credit for its large number of successes is Coach "Duke" Miller. No season could have started with a louder bang as our boys began the season by defeating Wells 21-0. They showed no let-up, finishing the season with a record of nine victories against six losses. The team really represented G. H. S. spirit by defeating our arch-rivals, the Purple and Gold of Johnstown, by scores of 5-0 and 4-0 behind the superb pitching of ace fireballer Jack Sanford. G. H. S. can be really proudof this team for its great accomplishments. GOLF The 1950 golf season proved to be one of the highlights of G. H. S. Through the courtesy of Mr. Mattie, the boys could call the Kingsboro Golf Course their "home" course. On June 6, an interesting match was played between the boys and the faculty. This match was won by the high school team. Our boys teed off against some mighty tough opposition in the Section Two tournament at Troy, and the boys came home in third place. This golf team, captained by Bob Procita, will long be remembered for its com- petitive spirit. BOWLING "Duke" Miller had the right idea years ago in promoting a bowling program for G. H. S. Today bowling is one of our high school's largest competitive sports with over one hundred and fifty boys participating in the program. Our teams had a moderate record in the area, losing, however, the sectional championship. They continued the unusual honor of not losing a dual match in years. BOWLING RECORD Colobollo ...................................,.................... 181.5 Giardino . ......... 177.13 Rerick ...... ......... 1 65.8 Proeill .... ......... 1 64.14 Pitcher .... ......... 1 63.20 Bowman .. ......... 156.18 Couture .. .......,. 151.5 Conolino .... ......... 1 50.7 Grinnell ...... ......... 1 44.3 lon ............ .., ..... 145.14 Longhonry ...... ......... 1 44.15 Kunkel ........ ......... 1 44.12 4 TENNIS The GHS Tennis Team, an organization last seen on the courts in 1941, was reorganized by several enterprising students. Handicapped by the team's comparative newness, the boys dropped the only two games played last Spring, and these were with Northville. The first "ladder" tournament put Jerry Rose on the top with Higby and Reke- meyer, second and third place respectively. It was natural that the first season would not have been so suc- cessful. It will take Coach Ritchko a number of years to develop a good team, which will re-establish the prestige of the GHS team of ten years ago. BUUHIHG L TO R: Spraker, Simonds, Colabello, Couture, Anadio, Grinnell, Couolino, Bowman, Bown, Procita, Coach Miller, Kunkel, Longhenry, Pitcher, Rorick, Holly, Giardino, Long, Rosa, Moxconi. lEHHIS L T0 R: Coach Ritchko, Rosa, Anderson, Davin, Higby, Solomon, Brown, Rakamayer, Rosen- berg, Chlncer, Budoff. TENNIS SCORES GHS OPP May 31 ........ ........ N onllvlllo-Hole-1 4 Juno 4 ........ ........ N onllvllle-Hors-1 4 57 Sllllllili FIRST ROW: Sanges, Oare, DiFiore, Dutcher, Brown, DeLaurie, Austin, Blaha. SECOND ROW: Hudson, Reynolds, Compaganone, Reyn- olds, Sitterly, Dopp. At the beginning of the school year, the Sports Council was elected. The manager of this council was Avis North- rup, assisted by Genevieve Compagnone. Each class had representatives to this council. The Senior representatives were Scarella, Sigety, and Sprung, Junior representatives were Sitterly and Reynolds, and Sophomore representa- tives were Oare and Sena. These elected girls .acted as the sports council for the Athletic Association for the year 1950-1951, and assisted in running all intramural sports Blllllllllli t. TO R: Rekemeyer, Hill, Compagnone Reynolds, Sprung, Northrup, Scarella Johnson, Gardinier, C. Johnson, Smullen Ardizzone, Graham, L. Reynolds, Sweeney McGregor, Flynn, Oathout, Roberts, Berg er, Krausse, Budinscak, Hemenway, Pitkin Hough, Albanese, Del Savio. for the school. Miss Holly organized the bowling teams late in Decem- ber, 1950. Practices began for the annual bowling tour- nament. Through her excellent instruction, G. H. S. girls were the champions of the 1950 Bowling Tournament. Tennis was held at the Darling Field courts under the instruction of Mr. Ritchko. A large number of girls par- ticipated. lEl1lllS L T0 R: Scarella, Blnhu, Johnson, Garlock, Derrico, Coach Ritchko. HRCHEHU :xf GIHIS' BHSHEIBHII Fiore, Reynolds, DeLaurie, Northrup, Scarella Sprung, 'Compngnone, Sitterly, Sigety, A Oare, D. Oare, Gendron. SECOND ROW: Rum rill, DeLaurie, Hryniak, Rosen, McGregor, A Savarese, Richards, Swart, Wood, Painter Comstock, Visconti, Brown. THIRD ROW Edick, Devan, Johnson, Tanner, Robbins, Slo- vack, Garlock, Stilwell, B. Sigety, Arnold, Ret- tig, Richards, Leslie, Ligons, G. Savarese, Hudson. .ll-'l x ra' X, T' SITTING: McCarthy, Rossi, Young, DiMezza, Albanese, Persico, Sena, Flansburg, Fosmire, Gill. FIRST ROW: Miss Holly, Budinscak, Di- 1 I FIRST ROW: Dade, Starr, Rossi, Gill, Kun- kel. SECOND ROW: Compaganone, North- rup, Krause, Scarella, Ford, Johnson, Reyn- olds. THIRD ROW: Miss Hall, Sprung. Soccer is one of the most exciting fall sports for G. H. S. girls. Under the instruction of Miss Holly the Honor Team had a very successful season. The manager was Marie Di-Fiore: she was assisted by Esther Dutcher. The Honor Team consisted of: Northrup, captain: Spring, Scarella, Loretta Reynolds, Lillian Reynolds, Campagnone, D. De- laurie, Sena, Oare, Dutcher, and Brown. It was another exceptional season for softball. A large group of girls ioined together once a week at Littauer Play- ground to participate in this sport, the best liked and most attended one of the school year. Again the girls were the champions in the Playday, winning first place. One of the most outstanding girls' sports is basketball. Twice a week the girls gathered in their gym to compete in this sport. There were four teams, evenly matched: therefore, the games were very exciting. At the end of the season, a winning team was named. This year the Basketball Playday was held in Gloversville. Archery was the first sport on the agenda for the girls last fall. They met twice a week after school under the direction of Miss Hall. The badminton tournament attracted much attention every Tuesday afternoon in the Girls' Gym. The girls played in open competition in a Ladder tournament. At the end of the season Northrup and Sprung, the champ- ions, were at the top of the ladder. GIHIS' SUFIBHII Rettig, Scarella, Sprung, Garlock. FRONT ROW: Northrup, Rossi, DiFiore. SEC- OND ROW: McCarthy, Johnson, Compagnone, lil ,-o-' BHDmlHlUH ld R ssl -l-'pouarsgflivngmie' 5, 0 ' taco ' , Gavi- E' Pollm' S'gelY' ROW- . ocean' 'ne Tnulidi-Lz0f"' MM . Yo-W9 cr . W1 Gill. OW: ,rw FW-51 if 5ecON'? funnel. 01:33, Sofung' Deuur 60111. wh, S A..-iQ'.2'R......p. if-2 6 I H I-S 1 S P U H '-ii. ' ' HollY- Volleyball is truly one of the favorite sports in school Team was named consisting of Scarella, captain, Sprung, in which the girls participate each year. Many teams were Northrup, Di Fiore, D. DeLaurie, Reynolds, Oare, and Sena. formed, and competed against one another during the The Honor Team had its third successful year. It was also season under the coaching of Miss Holly. Assisting them the winner of the Playday against numerous high schools ere Dorothy DeLaurie, manager, and Sidney Sigety, as- in the state. d of the season an Honor w sistant manager. Near the en VUllEUBHll N-..T,.Nk W-f-...M -Q... Fmsr Row. crow, er. 55C - Norfhru,?ND RQW: Ez Reynolda DT, Mm' Hl'do.r" TH1nnn:o3fL'B"": gzlncompaanan. o ' O 91 Sc-,ren ' UfCh 'I Sfggfyl Dill I' 'I Rich , Budlnligm FOURTH" Kollal' Rgaynolda, Flon b . - rown, 1 nga, Hud I urg, D. son, Que' u , G I nr ack, Srttnrly, Ren. Austin, Blah Ig' B"lIno. U' G"'1ier,Loalle I eo VHHSITU Sweeney, De Simone, Barone, Shields, Rossi, Garlock, Lewis. CHEEHLEHUEHS The cheerleaders began their activity in the fall of the year by competing in tryouts. Mr. Hogan, the supervisor, with the aid of others selected the members of the Va'rsity and Junior Varsity squads. Immediately thereafter the respective squads selected Peggy Shields as captain and Dayle Garlock as co-captain of the Varsity with Bev Rum- rill captain of the Jayvees. The next event was the calling of practices by the cap- tains. Although hard work was involved, the best was yet to come. The excitement of both football and basketball games was in the air. Rainy days through our football season did not prevent our cheerleaders from supporting our team. During both seasons, hops, pep-rallies, and other activities were spon- sored by the spirited girls. The cheerleaders are entirely grateful to the student- body as well as the faculty for their cooperation in achiev- ing school spirit. FIRST ROW: Barons, Rumrill, Sena. SECOND ROW: Bagans, Devon, Bohlon. RED CROSS COUNCIL. Under the able leadership of Miss Capala and Mrs. Vickery, the Council had done its best to perform useful proiects this year. Their theme seemed to be "to help others." A few of their many activities were the collection of Red Cross contributions, the making of albums for foreign countries under the supervision of Dorothy Perry, the making of afghans for veterans under the supervision of Lorraine McGregor, and the making of mittens for children under the supervision of Maureen Roberts and Jacqueline Rochat. QUADRILLE CLUB. Three years ago "Duke" Miller intro- duced the Club to Gloversville. This club was organized RED CHUSS CUUHCIL FIRST ROW: McGregor, Mouyior, White. SECOND ROW: McGregor, Shimbo, McGregor, Persico, Diana. THIRD ROW: Smullen, Norelli, Hamilton, Puglis. FOURTH ROW: Hayes, Shandro, Bradt, Graham, Kimball. UUHDRHlE CLUB f0UlBHll HHHDBUUH FIRST ROW: Arnold, Scarella, Briggs, DelSavio, Miss Drury, Swart, Hough, Johnson, Albanese. SECOND ROW: Dade, Dare, Dunham, Cady, Smullen, Devenpeck, Young, Shutts, Morey, Dare. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Fleig, Allcock, Siman, Slade, Flynn, Schwed, Budinscak, Iacovone, D. Rhodes, N. Rhodes, D'Errico, Foggia, Mrs. Robison. to teach the teenagers of Gloversville various square and folk dances. Quadrille members met Wednesday nights. Exhibitions were given throughout the year. The officers were: President, Eugene Higby, Vice-President, Harry Persson: Secretary, Martha Lafabregue: Treasurer, Pat Mahoney. FOOTBALL HANDBOOK. The sponsors of the handbook were gratified by the excellent results achieved this year. A program backed by merchants was sold at each game. These sales helped to cover part of the deficit encountered by the sports. A great deal of credit is due the Com- mercial Department. g '!VAA- fi . ?'1h'1 I i mV", ' i t ,uf - A V ' 0995569 :U I H - 'wifgzg JC A J 3-pb isa if me 1 be for ig, wt' C, ' on 08 on T if 15' ft? ov Wt' ' ,, .- AVQQTS vgff V BO t?wowi'5!'E me ffm T T OK Nor SJ' J 1 -'T DEPTPPE T a. we O-'L Ox 0' x 1 had-yJ,,.-J -, R 1-LQ You are Sc , Name gt M ff Qfml - , ef we ,, -iam EHJDUE U . , - w 6 5 I EE? ?gQEk'iOD UO J se siizsglyen 8 f CE 'Y f T know? 'mt .Y 01 0 Daz xffa ,T . Til' one - 20'eaaaaFwW '- , an I . on .kx,y, I -K WF if up FI will' ' , if A,-. E N 8 T . T ' -,Q,3,,,'L T e a rec ,gif A. A loving charge against 1-Q attend to the matber you are not sup voseo to borrot env more b olss until :Lt 11' cleeren -qfmun f.00Dete Incur lfkll ,:. iff f A lf' Programs, programs, programs Everyday it's a different one- A lot of work when clubs have begun. They make us shout, they make us cry They make Us laugh, we almost die. But then again those forms to fill, They're enough to make Us ill. Programs, programs, more programs They receive their share of petty slams SlUDEH1 BUUHCIL On September 1950, the 1950-51 Student Council was called to order for the first time with a determined ob- iect, to familiarize the student body with its functions and to be more rep- resentative of their desires. To head his body of stalwart legislators were its President, Leslie Massad: its Vice- President, Constance White, its Secre- tary, Martha Lafabregue, and its Treas- urer, Joseph Pepe. By receiving the challenging problems put before it in this manner, the Student Council has not only been a credit to the school, but also one of its greatest prides. One of the most useful services per- formed by the student is working in the library. To do this the students loin the Library Club. The Club under the direction of Miss Thompson consisted of thirty members who met regularly each month. The officers were Joyce Honeycomb, presi- dent: Audrey Shimbo, vice-president: Marilyn Richards, secretary, Sylvia Hovan, treasurer. Services performed throughout the year were the shelving and mending of books, the collecting of overdue books, and the buying of many new books for the library. FIRST ROW: Haviland, Massad, White, Ligons. SECOND ROW: lacovone, Cassidy Lafabregue Mead, Nicholson. THIRD ROW: Lomanto, Shields, Greene, Myers. FOURTH ROW Pepe Rumrill Anderson, Lanza, Staedeli, Mr. Ferguson. UBHHHU CLUB FIRST ROW: Weaver, Swart, Richards, Honeycombe, Miss Thompson, Shimbo, Hovan, Burton, Rockwell. SECOND ROW: Rowley, Crispin, Visconti, Fosmire, Goodbread, Stock, Salvione, Snell, Landrio, Massad, Jacobson, Reynolds, Keaveney. THIRD ROW: Graziano, Jones, Paro, Smullen, McGregor Perry Hillburn Bartlett Rochat f 1 1 1 - SITTING: Rubin, Finn, Schlusberg, Fountain, Grimm, STAND- ING: Mr. Stone, Miller, Nichols, Salm, Forrest, Suval, Long- henry, Massad, Solomon, Shankland, Kunkel. MUVIE PHUJECllUHlSlS FIRST ROW: Mr. Male, Mr, Stone, Kuehner, Waltmari, Perham, W. Marlitt, D. Marlitt, Mironer, Reed, Fredericks, Moore, String, Ambrose. SECOND ROW: Grimm, Miranda, Greene, Guiles, Ralbovsky, Wilson, Hopkins, Daniels. HEU CLUB The Key Club, the key to the future, is building leaders for the next genera- tion. Sponsored by the Kiwanis lnterna- tional it acts as a service organization in high schools everywhere. Mr. Stone and Coach Kobuskie are the advisors of the local club. Present officials are: President, Harold Fountain, Vice-President, William Shankland, Secretary, Richard Finn, Treas- urer, John Burr. Projects sponsored by the Key Club were the publication of the Basketball Handbook, providing ushers at athletic contests and public activities. The Board of Directors consisted of all the officers and Leslie Nichols, Joseph Fleig, Bradford Miller. The group called Movie Proiectionists was just as much aippreciated this school year as it was when it was organ- ized six years ago. Mr. Stone again served as director of the group. Candidates for operator's license first receive a tem- porarv license. After they have proved themselves, they receive a permanent license. Then, with a year's service in high school, the operator is awarded with a chenille letter. This group has received much in the line of practical experience for the future. At the same time they have had much fun and enioyment in working with Mr. Stone and Miss Schwartz. - --Q WU Editor-in-Chief ,.,..... Associate Editors ....... Business Manager ......... FIRST ROW: lacovone, Budinscak, Petrak, Morris, Bressler, Lafabregue, Ardizzone, Shields, Hough, Genser. SECOND ROW: Parker, Ager, McGregor, Graham, Cox, Delaurie, Barone, Coplon. Rhodes, Rossi, Garlock, McCarthy, THIRD ROW: Wolf, Flynn, Burd, Mele, Wager, Scarella, Lewis, Hemenway, Foster, German, Derby. FOURTH ROW: Mahoney, Massad, Lanza, Rubin, Peck, Ruberti, Suval, Salm, Finn, Schlusberg, Mr. Check. MARTHA LAFABREGUE Editor-in-Chief JEAN MORRIS Business Manager ......Martha Lafabregue .......Hilda Bressler Bradford Miller . .......... Jean Morris Advertising Manager ..,....,,,.,,, Margaret Shields Typing Editor ........... Slam Editor .....A. Last Will ........... Senior Ballot ....... Class Prophecy ...... c.. .......Cecelia Wager .........Barbara Hough .......Marion Budinscak ........Betty Ardizzone .......Mary lacovone Senior Individuals ....., ...... M argaret Genser Picture Articles ......... ......Florence Petrak Uliilllli The 1951 Oracle Staff began working on the issue in the spring of l95O. After endless discussions at noon and after school, the staff produced its present yearbook. The fall and winter of i950-51 saw us eagerly working with Mr. Check to collect all necessary materials before deadlines arrived. The increasing costs on a yearbook made it imperative that the advertising staff succeed in its efforts. Through the tireless efforts of some soliciting seniors much of the goal was realized. The merchants were splendid in their response. The book's attractiveness has been improved by a colored section, a pictured cover, larger senior pictures, new sport's section, and pictured ads. Oracle Staff completes plans for the yearbook. FIRST ROW: Reynolds, Morris, Foster, Miller, Nichols, Mr. Shapiro, Ager, D'Agostino, Brown, SECOND ROW: Jacobson, Gill, Anthony, Diamond, Dare, Compagnone, Reynolds, Hough, Banovic, Briggs, Del Savio, A. Persico, P. Persico, Barthe, Smullen, Wessenclorf. THIRD ROW: Coplon, Gilmartin, Bradt, Scarella, Bressler, Budinscak, Grimm, Wood, Persico, lacovone, Starr, Keaveney. FOURTH ROW: Schwed, Rettig, Wood, Serviss, Sweeney, Morey, Stoll, Coplon, White, Oathout, Swart. FIFTH ROW: Albanese, Brown, Holden, Dade, Johnson, Balzano, Kerzner, Massad, Landrio, Keller, Wood, Berger. SIXTH ROW: Devan, Arnold, Krause, Pomerantz, Finn, Mironer, Fountain, Ruff, Rubin, Suval, Paro, Hough, Salm, Sigety, Fosmire, Graziano. HUSIIU lillll llll .,...Zm. The Husky Growl opened the year with a new, smaller newspaper, more convenient in size and continued throughout the year introducing innovations. Prominent among the new features were an advice column to the Iovelorn and a revitalized music section. A new subscription note for the entire year was also in- troduced. The Growl continued with its regular features-edi- torial page, gossip columns, news and feature pages, sports columns, and pictures depicting school life. Under the capable direction of Mr. Shapiro, adviser, and Leslie Nichols, Editor-in-Chief, the Husky Growl had a banner year. PATRICIA AGER Business Manlgor Leslie Nichols ..... Patricia Ager .,.... Jean Morris ......... Oscar Ruberti ...... Carol Foster ....... Walter Salm ..... N Bradford Miller ..... Husky Growl Staff seems pleased with their latest issue. Betty D'Agostino ...... Q- 'C 't ' :ia STAFF .......Editor-in-Chief .. .,... Business Manager ......Advertising Manager .......CircuIation Manager .......Feature Editor ......News Editor ,.....Sports Editor .....Editorial Editor 67 Q FIRST ROW: Tanner, Skiff, Miss Cassidy, Ageg White, Genser, Derby, Bressler, Wolf, lacovone. SECOND ROW: Barone, Getman, Burd, Dipalma, Kerzner, Massad, Ormill, Matuliak, Petrak, Sirnan, Johnson, Sitterley, Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Ardizzone, Budinsack, Sigety, Cox, DeLaurie, Schwed, Diamond, l Jacobson, Shields, Batty, Gill, Crouse. FOURTH ROW: Lallo, Hough, Honey- combe, Hoven, Arnold, Wood, Rettig, Lamonto, Compagnone, DeLaurie, Scarella, DeSimone, FIFTH ROW: Behlen, Nellis, McCue, Devan, Rosen, Dade, Gentile, Rumrill, Semione, Oathout, Sweeney. FEIIIIIIH IIIIIB The Felicita Club, under the guidance of Miss Cassidy and Miss Drury, has revised its system of membership by opening its meetings to all Junior and Senior girls who wish to ioin. Felicita, the oldest service club of G.H.S, in existence, is noted for its ready cooperation in all school and civic affairs. It provides usherettes for many social activities. At Christ- mas, baskets of food and toys are contributed to needy families. The Carnival held in the spring of 1950 to raise money for the cheerleaders was so successful that it was decided to make it an annual affair. Every June Felicita has offered a gift to G.H,S. This year's club was headed by: President, Constance White: Vice-President, Margaret Genser: Secretary, Pat Ager: Treasurer, Anne Derby. IIHUIH H Choral singing for T950-5'l has encompassed a wide variety of projects and included works by many of the great masters. This year saw the expansion of Choir to such great num- FIRST ROW: Unger, Smalley, Taylor, Rhodes, S, Dare, Bagans, D. Dare, Hemenway, Gill. SECOND ROW: Greene, Jacobson, Persico, Boynton, B. Barone, Arnold, Ardizzone, Coplon, Cox, Foggia, Demarest, Budinscak, Bradt, Banovic. THIRD ROW: Taglialatela, Landrio, Gibbons, Serviss, Albanese, Burton, Dade, Cady, Christiana, Oathout, DeSimone, Edick, Fremmer, Morris, Devenpeck, Oare, McCarthy, Getrnan, Petrak. FOURTH ROW: Lanza, Ruberti, Schwed, Sleezer, Stoll, Whipple, D. Delaurie, Young, Anthony, Semione, bers that it necessitated establishing a Sophomore unit, independent of the upper-classmen. By and large, both groups study the same works with the ultimate obiective of merging as a large single unit comprising 170 voices. N. Lewis, Mills, McCue, DelSignore. FOURTH ROW: Blow, Allcock, E. Wood, Walter, Behlen, Jones, Matuliak, lacovone, McCaffrey, DiPalma. FIFTH ROW: Leibl, Geweye, Ermie, Dopp, Tanner, Skitf, D. Tanner, Scarella, Richards, Procita. SIXTH ROW: Way, Peck, Schaertel, Holly, Tartaglia, Rolf, Pitkin, Hazard, R. Barone, Sklansky, Albanese, Esposito, Couture, Van Slyke, Frye, Farrant, Rose, Piazza, Colabello, Ferraro, McLeod, Rieth, Becker, Hall. Y N.. 1' 0-' FIRST ROW: lacovone, Dade, Nichols, Miss Cassidy, Bressler, Wolf, Siman. SECOND ROW: Kerzner, Ager, Morris, Rosen, Wood, Schwed, Diamond, Le Cercle Francaise, commonly known as the French Club, has functioned for four years and has improved steadily over the years. Second and third year French students, who were interested in speaking the language more fluently, attended these monthly meetings and conversed in French crm Sophomore Day saw Choir B present their premier per- formance. Choir A sang for the W.C.T.U. at the First Metho- dist Church. At Christmas time both groups did Carol sing- ing in an informal "Sing" for GHS. Upperclassmen presented a Christmas program for the Schools of the Air over WENT. FIRST ROW: Beneduce, Berger, Cassidy, Crispin, Garnier, Hillburn, Sanges, Holden, Jacobson, Johnson. SECOND ROW: DiMezza, Burgess, McGregor, Painter, P. Persico, Fosmire, Ferrara, D. Jones, Savarese, Snell, Bartlett, Ayers, Gendron. THIRD ROW: Lawlor, Oare, Rochat, Senzio, Tartaglia, Graziano, Watson, Rieth, Ruff, Chase. FOURTH ROW: Savarese, G. Persico, kifkst sii, .X 'L Matuliak, Anthony, Sweeney, THIRD ROW: Miller, Ruberti, Salm, Errnie, Honeycombe, Massad, Cohan, Solomon. H CLUB The officers, who were elected early in the year and were chiefly responsible for the success of the club, were: La Presidente, Hilda Bresslerg Le Vice-President, Leslie Nichols, La Secretaire, Rita Wolf: La Tresoirier, Nan Dade, La Maitresse, Mademoiselle Cassidy. RB The second school semester both Choirs merged in a large project and presented the well-known and loved Gil- bert and Sullivan comic opera, H.M.S. Pinafore. This was thoroughly enioyed by not only the cast but also the audiences. Laurence, M. DiMezza, D. White, Rowley, M. Richards, Reynolds, Tomek, Stiwell. FIFTH ROW: Pelcher, Mosconi, Frasier, Wessendorf, Visconti, Shimbo, S. Snell, Tierney, Robbins, Rhodes, Jacobson, Gilmartin, Montanaco. SIXTH ROW: G. Greene, Perrella, Catanzano, Savarese, Steele, Cozzolino, Cassaro, Austin, Winig, Tallon, J. White, Straite, Sardelli, Dingman, .L I .1 it s A. FIRST ROW: Muddle, Rettig, Behlen, Lafabregue, Beneduce, Boger, Persico, Wessendorf, Johnson, Tanner, Dopp, Hough, Welsh, Perham, Rosen. SECOND ROW: Nlr. Wolven, Wolf, Cammarire, Boger, McCoy, Slade, Best, Slovack, Ruberti, Reffue, Rurnrill, Richards, Hamilton, Bartlett, Wood. THIRD ROW: Ager, Forrest, Bressler, Batty, Foster, Hermance, Young, Ricciardi, Shankland, Hagaman, Judge Nelkirt. FOURTH ROW: Mosetti, Prentice, Grinnell, McLachlan, C. Schermerhorn, B. Schermerhorn, Barclay, Johnson, Matuliak. An outstanding organization . . . This can truly be said of the high school orchestra, under its new director, Mr. Wolven. This musi- cal group comprised of about sixty members met three times: twice for ensemble work and once for sectional practice. The orchestra made its initial appearance in conjunction with the senior play performance of Lost Horizon. For this performance the orchestra provided Oriental music lending an atmosphere of mystery. Other performances were given at the Citizen's Prize Speaking Contest, the Littauer-Horwitz Contest, assembly programs, and at graduation. Each spring the orchestra ioins with the choir to present a concert to climax its work of the year. Mr. Wolven organized two string quartets in addition to the traditional string trio. These groups per- formed at various civic functions. ln addition to weekly school rehearsals the different sections of the orchestra met with instructors for practice. The string sections met with Mr. Theodore Stein, these people also met with Mr. Wolven for lessons during free periods. Once a week the Woodwinds could be heard practicing, the clarinets and the oboes with Mr. Batty, the flutes with Mr. Riedel and Mr. Taylor met with the brass. Without the music furnished by the high school orchestra many of the activities would not have been so attractive, for music lends beauty. Mr. Wolven and his assistants are to be greatly commended for their splendid work with this organization. THE URCHESTRH 71' i i re 5 . r -,fe tg, 1 I Fa P ,iff 1 sm, I ,. lHE BHllll FIRST ROW: Matura, McGregor, Mead, Van Nostrand, Prahm, Parker, Honeycombe, Ormill. SECOND ROW: McCoy, Krause, Johnson, Buell, Batty, Richter, Houghton, Haviland, Hermance, Young, Foster, Hough, Rosen, Brown, Wolf, THIRD ROW: R. Muddle, Mr. Taylor, Freeman, Nelkin, Schlusberg, Pornerantz, Bressler, Longhenry, Hageman, Blumenberg, Shankland, C. Schermerhorn, Geisler, Grinnell, B. Schermerhorn, Frank, Landrio, Smrtic, Forrest, Kunkel, Johnston. FOURTH ROW: Sutliff, Davis, Jones, Seeley, Siebach, Ager, Sprung, Keeler, Barclay, McLachlan, Chizek, Rhodes, Ricciardi, Pepe, Readdean. FIFTH ROW: .l. Ander- son, B. Anderson, Chequer, Harris, Selufsky, Prentice, Kennedy. The band under the direction of Mr. Taylor was very successful in planning a well-rounded curriculum. At football games the band marched on the field during the half and ac- complished difficult maneuvers. The cheer- leaders appreciated their support at the games and at pep rallies. This organization also gave two concerts, one in March at Fonda and the other in May at our school, In addition, the band received requests to give concerts in various cities in the surrounding districts. As usual the band marched in the various parades in the city. A new system of governing the band was inaugurated by Mr, Taylor. Each section sent a delegate to a meeting where they discussed the problems of the band. The class of 51 wishes to give thanks to an organization which among others has pre- served our old Laurels and added some riew. ,,,..fv"4. t - ,ffl 1 ,14..4,-A x .l .wg x . L' 1. , - - y W ,1,,.,, s - 1 1' ', I ,Q sr.- fi' ' x 1 ., 1 SCHll0l LIFE Fire bell walk meets the spot. What's the strategy, Duke? Can't you do better, Jane? We missed your passes, Jack. Glamour in the Bugle Corps. Expectations-a success, of course. Getting more dirt, Mr. Hogan? "Oh, Sugar" lSandyl. "We fix them, you see them.' Don't be afraid, Mary. Don't let Mrs. Vickery see you! .,: 13.51 y:,,.y,,,, M., .1 1 sf: X- --'vu-'-.n1.,4 ,..,..,, . 1-1 72 , ' f -man' 'Qty-seiifw-'1-P 1 wf'112.1l:.:.. 5 ' vs 11:33, :Af f 1-Gfaiff-.-:1'f'if-e+11 :Q E Q- w f 451: I 2 1 - ,gag .ig my-:.gfg:-,Q-,ffi 1 r 55. ,-.,wl..:.j,- ,f...5z5-'1g,5w,,i-M.-.A.31Q,,-zcgia ,k ,, ,E W fig' a 1- jk jf,'i'Z','fff,1,i' ffL,TY'11:-f2A.zT.i .,-:ut ,nm ,-,,1.,:311a - W 1- fr. rsfrrfxag-.1-5" ' 11'-f 13" 513 , 'W 'X sg X Q, Lk" 1 , . " HA WPLW Vw is 1. V 'Rx ' .. W. In if - hz idx- . 11 1 2 ,, - .X i , l' 1 if 1. , r , F L 'fx ' U' - 1 , ' M 1 Q1 we , . --fr ,,sa.,,,, A 4 ,I ,,,Q,-,Yuma A ,qfffggx in .K mu . y f 1-.1-311.51 1 " -,JZ'?1Q'l?TQ:1,i'giff4ff:'f,.???i?si"f I -, .iw-.1-to . we ie . , ' 1-t.s.sf-5+-..1 '.-+ 11ff'g,,A Af rf' X gay!-:.:3 .e 32121 f f-,rr Af' x :fe EDWARD SEILER PECK'S FLOWERS SEILERIS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CURTAIN AND DRAPERY SHOPPE GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. lOpposite High Schoolj Slip Covers, Venetian Blinds, Curtains 163 N. Main gg. - . HUNTER GRANITE WORKS. Inc. All Kinds of Marble and Granite Memorial on Display at Our Warerooms In Business at This Location for Sixty Years Good Luck Class of '51 BERGER'S BAKERY I5 Church Street Gloversville, N. Y. ln Johnstown It's CONGRATULATIONS rei.oMAN's FURNITURE To THE CLASS OF 1951 Cr APPLIANCES 'A' Il Floors Famous for Famous Brands over 58 Years CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES From H. I. ABDELLA Gm SONS MEN'S AND B0-YS' CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 49 North Main Street Gloversville, N. Y. MILSTEIN'S MEN'S SHOP MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING and W"-'-ARD W- DANN FURNISHINGS INSURANCE Cloversville, N. Y. Dial 4-8312 THE LEADER-REPUBLICAN Compliments of PETER J. QUINN and IN ' I THE MORNING HERALD QU N S MOTOR SALES ARE YOUR NEWSPAPERS Packard Studebaker Why not buy or sell your HOME through The CARBONELLI Real Estate Agency? CONQRATULATIQNS TQ THE CLASS We Have Cash Buyers OF 1951 I-IERMAN A. CAR-BONELLI fm' Real Estate and Insurance HOBBS Cv ZEITLER PHARMACY That lnsures, Assures, and Secures Stanley Hobbs 19 South Main Street Dial 5-46l6 CLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. Charles G. Zeitler WE CONGRATU LATE the CLASS OF 1951 'A' GEORGE J. DORFMAN Gm CO. Compliments of MILDRED PRESTON A SPECIALTY SHOP OF DISTINCTIONH Opposite the High School CONGRATULATIONS AND THE BEST OF LUCK! QUALITY DAIRY Montgomery St. Dial 5-47lO Compliments of HAROLD J. SMITH LEATHER CORP. -kp SKILLS i E J E A Bcg GUIDANCE - balanced train- ing - activities. Placement in key positions in business, professional and government offices. ALBAIIY BUSINESS COLLEGE 126 - 134 Washington Ave., Albany 6, N. Y. State Registered - Veteran Anoroved um i s ' ,o p 4 2 ffl'- ' X In Y' 5 A 7 :is l aku' 45 5 iezq-.. - - - O HOLDEN LUMBER CQ OUR SERVICE MAKES IT EASY T0 BUILD EUGENE HOLLENBECK, JR. AMBULANCE AND OXYGEN SERVICE. Hospital Beds Wheel Chairs Phone 4-7615 MANUFACTURERS or FINE PERSONAL LEATHER cooos New Yofusaao Fifth Ave. Chiccso!36 So- Steve S'- blf D --f , . ' alba ' "" '-,Sl if "N 11- .. 'Q '3' -f ,Q be . J 'UL 'L - .Q 'f5r'F?f7"f' gif ,- M3? -Qifii ,.f,,'?: ' P FORMERLY E. J. WILKINS co. A FOUNDED 1999 ' ' '-V' E I srvun IV ki GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. Play . . . it pays! GLO-VERSVILLE SPORT SHOP l5 E. Fulton Street Cloversville New York Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of l95 l TRUST COMPANY OF FULTON COUNTY Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Barbara: "This would make a grand graduation gift." Vincent: "Yes, it would be nice to take to college next fall." Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 W. S. ARGERSINGER G' SONS "This is where our money goes, not only into the vacation club, but also into the savings account." CITY NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation C-loversville, New York X Congratulations COAL COMPANY OF FULTON COUNTY and FULTON COUNTY OIL CO., Inc. FOR ALL YOUR FUEL REQUIREMENTS "M 5 GLOVERSVI LLE NM I arion knows where to buy her gowns." Making studies attractive! Boys, watch the experts. Mr. Stone's short circuit class. Mechanical drawing at its best. Do we know them? COMPLIMENTS AND AUTO SERVICE .IINK'S SERVICE 258 North Main Street REUTLINCIS AUTO SALES 78 South Main Street AUTO SUPPLIES STRAUSS STORE AUTO SUPPLIES I6 South Main Street AUTOMOBILE AGENCIES CORLETTE-MANACAN MOTORS 5I3 N. Perry Street, Johnstown IMPERIAL AUTOS OF FULTON COUNTY, INC. SI West Fulton Street SHEPARD MOTOR COMPANY I9 ELM STREET BAKERIES DE ROSA AND SALINO, ITALIAN BAKERY 35 North Arlington Avenue FELDMAN'S BAKERY I5 Washington Street TUTTLE'S PASTRY SHOP I8I North Main Street BEAUTY SHOPS CHANCER'S BEAUTY SHOP 6 Cedar Street SILHOUETTE BEAUTY SALON I3 West Fulton Street BEVERAGES N. C. SIMON 37 South Main Street BUILDING MATERIALS ART STONE COMPANY 296 South Kingsboro Avenue CANDY AND ICE CREAM BENS SODA BAR 222 North Main Street NICHOL5ON'S CANDY SHOP 42 East Fulton Street SHIRLEY'S ICE CREAM BAR 33 South Main Street CHIROPRACTORS RIEDEL HEALTH EMPORIUM I4 Church Street CLEANERS AND DYERS TWIN CITY DRY CLEANERS 479 N. Perry Street, Johnstown BEST WISHES FROM CLOTHING-CHILDREN IDEAL KIDDIE SHOP 87 North Main Street DECORATING CARLSON'S Drink and be merry 23 South Main Street DRUCCISTS F, D. OSTRANDER 7 North Main Street ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT B. E. SHELL 139 North Main Street ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES MONTANO'S ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 160 South Main Street whintle while you work FLORISTS ROY'S CREENHOUSE IO2 North Street DAVIS FLORAL SHOP 348 North Main Street FUNERAL DIRECTORS CLARENCE BROWN FUNERAL HOME 3OI North Main Street FUR LINING MANUFACTURERS GRAHAM FUR COMPANY I3 Burr Street GIFTS tr STATIONERY STORE LATHERS cv PYNE IO8 W. Main Street, Johnstown Studies make us happy. GLOVE MANUFACTU RERS RUBIN Cr SONS 5I East Fulton Street VAN DER ESSEN EMBROIDERY, INC. 85 Bleecker Street GROCERIES AND MEAT DEALERS ACME MARKET ' 235-45 North Main Street BETOR'S C-ROCERY IO4 Broad Street BILL'S MARKET 28 Bleecker Street CLAUDE H. PETERS I87 South Main Street DE LAURIE'S MARKET I94 South Main Street DRAKE'S FOOD MARKET 34 East Eighth Avenue What's the offense? Wlno's Who? Compliments of SENATORS 8 Church Street Compliments of EARL W. HATHAWAY AND SON Congratulations to the Class of '51 C 0 H E N ' S "WE SELL Fon LESS" 38-40 Church Street-GLOVERSVILLE 128 West Main Street-JOHNSTOWN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 ALVORD Cr SMITH, INC. Opposite High School I. HEIMAN, INC. Chrysler and Plymouth MOTOR CARS DIAL 4-7149-4-7140 GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y. 'Pi I F 2551 -L V I PIIQIDUIW, I IEA' f' 1 , X , SEW AND SAVE WITH SINGER! SINGER SEWING CENTER 18 South Main Street Gloversville, New York Compliments CONGRATULATIONS TO THE of CLASS OF '51 EI L A , . LIVINGSTONS G S ER GENCY Inc ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Quality Furniture I Glove Theatre Building Gloversville Dial 5-2216 Best Wishes Compliments and Success to the of Class of '51 PETERS OIL CO., INC. GLOVERSVILLE AUTO PARTS, Inc 201 North Main St. Gloversville, N Y Compliments of GEN'S FASHIONETTE 2 East Fulton Street C-loversville STARK'S JOHNSTOWN'S LEADl NC- DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of WALRATH 8- BUSHOUER, Inc. FUNERAL DIRECTORS PHlL'S MARKET Choice Meat at Low Cost 30 CHURCH ST. Our Heartiest Congratulations Class of 1951 ACER AND BANKER Fuel Oi I-Furnaces-Coal Oil Burners-Boilers--Stokers CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 'k JACK and JILL Compliments of CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE C-MC CARl.OCK'S GARAGE 68-74 West Fulton Street Cloversville, N. Y. Dial 4-7109 COMPLETE SERVlCE FOR YOUR CAR Compliments Compliments THE BEMANS of FRED BOB JUNE THYN ES' DRUG STORE The Friendly Neighborhood Store 147 NO. MAIN ST. For the "Latest Hits," Stop At BEMAN'S RECORD SHOP 143 N. Main St. l 'll , N, Y. D'l -124 DIAL 5-2014 Coversvi e ia 5 3 Open Daily 10-6 Friday Until 9 Be sure to visit our new Yarn Dept. JGNES and NAUDIN Cr COMPANY KLlNG'S RECREATION EIGHT ALLEYS Phone 9-4515 19 Elm sneer CONCRATW-AT'0N5 TO THE CLASS OF '51 Since 1860 FoR PAPER BOXES- PAPER SUPPLIES JOHNSTOWN TANMNG CORP OF ALL KINDS J. W. SISSON and CO., INC. 93 So. Main St. Tel. 4-71 19 - GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y BARNEY CALINSKY AND SONS "Be Sure of Your Store" Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of THE CLASS OF 1951 THE FULTON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF GLOVERSVILLE 'A' Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations to Class of 1951 JUNIOR KIDDIE SHOP cr-uLDREN's WEARING APPAREL 25 North Main St., corner Church Telephone 4-9324 Cloversville, N. Y. iQ?- rvvfz Compliments and Best Wishes 'Lxs"""' .Nxlfffx -Nl K 1 tj T U 7 fig Iinwliilq FREE FLOWERS BY 0 BRIEN Q Q RSA!-W-U01 Pl-AN 99 E. Fulton sneer Dial 4-9117 ,,...+ Booics AWN PLANS RE.M?,E.E.- KINGSBOR0 LUMBER CO. Gregory Street DEVOE PAINTS Compliments of R. LOMANTO Cf SONS WE DELIVER Phone 5-1419 142 West Fulton St. SUCCESS TO CLASS OF 1951 vlfree Delivery Magazines Compliments GENTlLE'S SUPER MARKET of Beverages - Groceries - Vegetables THE RITE WAY ROOFING CO. 42-44 South Main St. 3. Dealer in Grand and Spinet Pianos FRED N. LUNKENHEIMER COMPLETE LlNE OF FROZEN FOODS 278 E. Fulton St,, Gloversville, N. Y, DIAL 4-7725 Tops in Entertainment OI'1 WENT Dial 5-52l8 l34O ON YOUR DIAL 207 Ni Main St. Gloversville, N. Y. "Hear them all on CBS-WENT" RADIOS M Aggl M-Af,,Z- RECORDS 'ggi-gmg OUR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS PHONOGRAPHS nur TO THE l95l GRADUATING CLASS Q VLl E. L. nuance: cf co. 32 North Main Street Gloversvme E Drink INSURE- IN SURLTNSURANCE BATTY INSURANCE AGENCY """"""' in Bottles 32-38 North Main Street GLOVERSVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING C0 Dial 4-85l CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH AND UPON REACHING THIS IMPORT May You Always Be As Success Future Endeavors 'k EVERY ONE OF YOU ANT MILESTONE ful In All Your. MARTIN Gm NAYLOR CO. I I Y Last minute information. Betty GrabIe's menurements??? , - A' I kg Y! Q A I is . I V ,L if I W A 516 L , J A I-ge.. fl? fs . -- .. asf.: s., ,. , W L..k 5 Q7 it if Rf! ' I ' III . 'C' ' g -, . ew, ' H " .- - W gf ,. ,Z V k LLV- sg . - W ff . . ,. ., nd. . - ,pi I 'X 0,10 Nelson and Snead. wr Compliments of Charlie McCarthy ' Jane and Jack's Uncle, GROCERS Cr MEAT DEALERS HOLLY'S MARKET I8 Delaware Avenue KINGSBORO FOOD MARKET I79 Kingsboro Avenue MYZAL MARKET GLOVERSVI LLE and BROADALB I N ONEIDA MARKET 85 North Main Street STlLWELL'S GROCERY 99 North Main Street HEATING CONTRACTORS LEO S. BIRDSALL 485 North Main Street INSURANCE BURTON INSURANCE AGENCY 7 South Main Street GABELER'S INSURANCE AGENCY 8 Fremont Street MUDDLE AND MUDDLE I2 West Fulton Street WILLIAM C. SPICER, JR. 8 Church Street JEWELERS F. C. DENCE, Jeweler 2I Church Street KNIT GOODS CHARM FABRICS. INC. I2th Avenue LEATHER HARRY NEIVERT I5 East 9th Avenue THE MARTIN-DEICHSEL LEATHER CO., INC Harrison Street SMITH-MCCARTHY LEATHER CO. I22 South Main Street LINOLEUM PlTKlN's APPLIANCES AND FLOOR COVERING 22.South Main Street K... . :,- - -.1-15.5. -.',-qv - . 2 MACHINE SHOPS FULTON CQUNTY MACHINE AND SUPPLY CO., INC. 71 West Fulton Street MANUFACTURERS UHRER AND ADD GILBERT I4 Broadway FRED F MONUMENTS KLOHCK'S MONUMENTS Opp. Fern Dale Cemetery NEWS DEALERS KRAUSE NEWS Sl East Fulton Street OPTOMETRISTS JAY W. ALTER ll West Fulton Street REALTORS ELMER E. WOJCICKI 20 Hawk Street RESTAURANTS CIRCULAR GRILL I3 South Main Street CLlFFORD'S TOWN RESTAURANT I40 East State Street ESQUIRE TAVERN 21 South Main Street LUNCH HOUSE 6 West Fulton Street TONY DELGIACCO 97 W. Fulton Street RUGS GEORGE SKI NNER 2ll North Main Street SH EET METAL WORK BLODGET'l"S ADVANCED HEATING S ERVICE 67 West Fulton Street SHOE REPAIRING JOHN DeSANTIS I66 North Main Street SHOES ROSSBACH'S SHOE STORE I0 West Fulton Street STOCK EXCHANGE COHEN, SIMONSON G COMPANY 4 East Fulton Street WOMEN'S APPAREL MARLENE'S 38V2 North Main Street WISE SHOPS 5 North Main Street WOOL FACTORY RICHARD PARKHURST Hprrison Street Drifting and gebbing. "DuIdy's Little Girl." ""-fm N -W bi' nigh'- .1-,,, rms- 1. 4. Music planks an fun. , T, , 1 r F Compliments of HOTEL JOH NSTOWN Congratulations to the Class of 'Sl TRASK'S CIGAR STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l95l T. Cr J. APPLIANCES 30 West Fulton Street YOUR FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE Compliments of LIBERTY DRESSING CO. Inc. Congratulations to the Class of 1951 GLOVERSVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 52 North Main Street CLOVERSVILLE May the future hold prosperity and happiness for all of you THE JUNIOR CLASS PHI DELTA SORORITY offers its best wishes to the Class of '51 Beta Chapter EEF, , f F L.. A nv - i G' 5 ,u I 6 'J fo O,:.' is Q 0 0 MI! liii3 im E iw x Q K , za' .l in 5 H :M QU? ' nf., ' K i N ,gif-:":f , . ' 5 . . ffi'?? "? H A - f Yu 4 5 ' P6 Uk, 5. '-Qi a, Y xxx W5 L I l',L f 4 4 FF.. ...M Y, .. V. ., f an . , A 'f Lg ' x .1959 iii lffxuffllw ji Q www N 1 ifw-Litif S3-PL? ' L , f '14 Lg , fy ,AWFW W' ff' f :wwfzmf 1 V O , ff 5 gs 2 , .V , , V , f U: :ze g '12 ,S ,sf1"'W . L 1 v 1. fi - .2 2 EI:-Z, hi ' f..,aq

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