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C Tv ' G 3?o. Editor’s Page Instead of having the Editor ' s Note at the end of the Book where it max be lost or forgotten, we ' ve pul it up front and made a few changes. The (-over is a little different and we are experimenting with a blue background. We have included the underclassmen and we’ve increased the number of pages. The Yearbook is " one of the largest in the Northeast.” boasts advisor. Tom Walsh. The work of a great number of people went into the making of this yearbook and we ' d like to take this page to thank them. First of all, we managing editors, along with the associate editors, and everyone else on the staff, want to thank our advisor. Thomas Walsh. Without him we wouldn ' t have known WHAT to do. let alone HOW to do it. Another big contributor was photographer, Terry Bleiler. who came to every function we had. Big or small, with no complaints. We also want to thank our associate editors. They were there when we couldn ' t be; helping new members learn layouts and picking up the slack when others were slow gelling their assignments in on time. If they hadn ' t, we would have had to bring sleeping bags, instead of just dinner and caffeine on the nights before the deadlines. Last of all. but not least of all, we want to thank you, the students, teachers, parents, and patrons of this year ' s Flicker. Without you none of this would be possible. With the formalities out of the way, it is our pleasure to give to you the best possible rememberance of the 1988 high school year — THE GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL 1988 FLICKER! L to R: Inez Garcia, Melanie Rose, Liisa Nogelo. Standing (I, to K): Jennifer Paris!, Nicole St. Laurent, James Fosberry, Michelle Pallazola, Inez Garcia, Leeann Vcrga. Sitting (I, to R): Alessandro Casagrande, Petrina Katsikas, Melanie Rose, Jacqui Virgilio, John Vinagre, L.iisa Nogelo, Malt Roark. And this is Sara-Jane Leavitt who was put here all by herself because she missed the group picture. We think she did it on purpose to insure at least one solo shot. I we, the Class of 1988, proudly ded- icate this year ' s Flicker to Ms. Antoinette konaxis and Mr. Kevin Hutchinson. We would like to express our gratitude for the time, effort and patience which they have so graciously volunteered as advisors to the Class of 1988 over the past three years. They have guided us to establish a reputation as a “class with class.” With their help our class has been filled with enthusiasm, pride and orig- inality. Also, in them many of us have fcynd guidance and friendship. For all of these reasons, we wish to thank them. Their memories will always remain alive as a part of the Class of 1988. Dedication . . . i f •aa kl r ■ unit! TABLE OF CONTENTS .Baby Pictures 19 Seniors 25 Superlatives 79 Faculty 93 Undergraduates 06 Vocational 137 Organizations 1 3 Fall Activities 131 Winter Activities 133 Semi-Formal 138 Spring Activities 183 Sports 211 Prom 272 Graduation 281 Just Plain Fun 292 Sponsors 315 , Russ Smith and Andy Antrobus Ann Eastman, Janelle White, and Emily Kennedy, and Lisa Michalski Mike Ryan and John Vinagre. Serena Belong Liisa Nogelo, Chris Lovasco Chris Novello Brenda Grace and the Class of 2002 i CLASS OF 88 l 9 I he Joe Havener Fan Club, Marcy Monlagni- Keilh Francis, Jackie Slowell and Amanda McKay and Fred Mor- gan and Kristin Garry and Sheila Joseph and Laurie Calto Emily Kennedy and Peter Lucido, Annemarie Beyer HUTCH IN THE BEGINNING ! MS. KONAXIS 19 David Adams Teresa Adams Justine Anderton « John Arabian I .auric Callo Deborah Brown Donny Burnham Steven Carter Alessandro CasaRrande Peter Ciarametaro Aaron Ciluffo John Braz Pamela Cabral Stephen Cefalo Rachel Herdman Gina Copone Bryan Church P V. Tammie (Cabral 20 Siobhan Conley Maureen Dion Buddy Doucetle Shari-Lyn Dutton Ann-Marie Eastman Lisa Galante James Gallant John Gallant Katrina Fuller Jennifer French Inez Garcia Trace Gilliss James Garron Nichole Gasper Bethany Grace Jon Gatlinella Brenda Grace Grace Giambanco Tina Harvey 21 David B. Adams. Jr. O Highland Street MEMORIES; DAWN, 1 NEED A FAVOR. Good Times with JR. JT. SC, BB, thespian Trips. GE- M ENTERS 87. 1 showed up John ACTIVITIES; Thespians, Homeroom Rep 4 yrs. INSPIRATION; Don ' t forget your good second wind — B. Joel You have to have faith — G. Michael Teresa Adams 171 Essex Avenue " Thumper " MEMORIES; Eric + Teresa Forever + Always 6-7- 87 GTW . LS.RS.BG. WA.MF. The Best of Times U ith Eric. I Love You. Thanks to Mom+Dad for making me who I am today. INSPIRATION; Don ' t watch everyone else Live Your Dreams Live Them Yourself. AMBITION. To succeed in everything I do! David .Almeida 23 1 2 Mansfeild St. ACTIVITIES; Tom Petty and the Dead shows, v egging out in economics classes. Remember Par- ties and good times with MP,TS,AM,GL,MA,Lurch and all the rest. INSPIRATION; the toumaments.concerts.partying. Stevie Nicks.Tom Petly.and the Dead. Antonio F. .Alves 1 Beach Ct. Tony MEMORIES; GTW all my friends n f MO! Thakx for every thing Mrs.D The crystal ball W MN JT RB BE N Y MARCY! I Love you MOM DAD! you too Dave ACTIV ITIES; football 1-4 NEC Champs S-BOWL ripped off INSPIRATION; You only live once but if you live right once is enough Jacqueline Amaral 1 9 Hawthorne Road Jackie Great Times With KD! m KD 88!@ IJD! Hi and good luck to everyone in Peer Ed. “88” is 1!!! Wendy Anderson 10 Echo Ave. “Wendetle” MEMORIES; Summer 86 87;After close At Miles “Bob it’s my lurn ' ’Best Times w KLbj,jm,sc,MR,BK Gang;N. Adams wkns Wild Berry; “The Window " ask SP; BJ Grad I“feel no.? " INSPIRATION; Sometime in our life we all have pain; we all have sorrow, but if we are wise we know that there is always tomorrow Justine Anderton 12 Chapel Street MEMORIES; Never Forget:R J 9 86w CD AO SUM.86(L L)I.ightning Strikes Berea 86 Stevier. A.L.Tour CLCDSBNK DACA:Thanks Rocks TUSK 10 11 87 The MAC’S TANGO Tour SISTERS OF The MOON J K’Thc ones who sing at nighl”L.A.waits Mick SAYS This is Just One More Link in the Chain . . . INSPIRATION; Dreams Unwind Loves A Stale of Mind S.NICKS75 John Arabian 19 Laurel St. MEMORIES; Lisa, Good Times w Gus, Cozmo, Joe, Jackie, Dom, Kevin, Jason, Jim Summer of ’87 Late nights Thank you Mom+Dad INSPIRATION; The one who Dies with the most Toys wins! Shannon M. Arabian 19 Laurel St. MEMORIES; BOTW CN,CM,EW,BP,EG,AB,MI,BG, GT,DB,VM,ETC. NFTGT WTSFP — AB! It’s a long walk home NOBLE! 1 2-10-87 W CN! 88 BDS — BG! GERKIN! Hey, Mr. D! ERIK-N- SHANNON! 12-3-87 ILY Mom Dad,Thanks for being there. INSPIRATION; I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my des- tination 88 Elsa Marie Ascenso 2 Gilbert Rd. Elsapelle MEMORIES; BTW DKTFDHJMMNRSDLACJFJPMB SB!Sum87TF,JM — Festa Beach Boat!DH,Paublo Puz- zle?Yo! Faith Wan tSome?DK- Breaks WentUp!7 4 9 5 t o 9574DoubleYo!F F,OK?ByTheJesusMan!JM — Speak French?DerGoof!BestCousEver! INSPIRATION; The Sweetest Flower That Grows I Give To You As I Part For You It Is A Rose For Me It Is My Heart — Dean Klopotoski John M. Avila 20 Linden Rd. MEMORIES; GREATMOMENTSWITH GREAT PEOPLE TA BF TR DK JP PM GW DC EH BM KP RF MN ELJP HI MOM SUPERBOWL87HOW ABOUT that!THE BAND OF THE HAND SPRING FLING ROCK BEST MOMENTS WITH AMY C. ACTIVITIES; FOOTBALL,TRACK INTRAMU- RAL BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL INSPIRATION; MONEY,MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND. Peter Avila 20 Linden Rd. Pete MEMORIES; GTW RB KH JG RF SZ JH (151) And the rest of ’em GTA Rob’s House, Won- derland w MN JC SM Bushmen Hoop! Don’t for- get plans for summer of 1989 RF SZ Thanks Mom Dad, I Love you. INSPIRATION; If you knew what life was really worth, you’d look for yours here on earth. B.M. Hey Mon Mi helcue Itagley 3 Hudson ltd. MKMOKIKS; O T W — SI., JH, ;k, AK, SB, Cl), Jl), AW, I I IK KOCKPORI PEOPLE, A ALL THE BUST!; HALIBUT PT.; INK SUNRISE B 22 H7; CRAPE JKI.I.O A l)HY CLEANERS — 1 I B8; HAI.CII I.AKK; MY IIOUSK — ASK ANYONK!; REGGAE AT I IIK CASH. K; SAHA — THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THKKK. INSPIRATION; WHY NOT CO OUT ON A 1.1MB? ISN’T THAT WIIKRK ALL FRUIT IS? — LS Courtney S. Baker 134 Last Main St. MLMORILS; Jll on Roc ky Nec k Skiing w YC 1 ,2,3 BEVLA86 Swimming in the soup w AO Remember SI.L ALL of them BJ — 1 2 27 86A6 27 87! CA w JA,BL,NC. Let’s lake a walk around the block SS. Charlotte remember DDASI). INSPIRATION; Do whatever floats your boat. Thanks MomADad I Love you! Kristen A. Baughn 50 Magnolia Ave. Bon Bon MLMORILS; BEST LRIENDS MISH SINAGRA GRAY PEEK GREAT TIMES w MAGNOLIA CREW NASSAU w PEEK B HIT A T BB REM SLY THANKS MISH REM LIMO w JD MW SB MOM ICE CREAM w CM HALLOW- EEN BEACH PARTYS ISLAND ACTION “87” THANKS LOR EVERYTHING MOMADAD LOVE YA! INSPIRATION; A FRIEND IS A PRESENT YOU GIVE YOURSELF. Serena M. Belong 48 MapleWood Park “Binky’Rene’Fluffy” MEMORIES; b T W — Joanne — Madonna “87” Amy Razz7 Amy Llygs “RAW” Why Us? — ShariDog — FelipeAThe Gang — Lg, KM,MB,NG,LM,TR Parlies at the Boss’ House CEF Time of my Life I luv you MomADad — GrampA NanaA Domino’s ACTIVITIES; N ILS. INSPIRATION; “The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth which you have given. Robert Bertone, Jr. 4 Harvey Place Robert Bruce Berube 12 Perkins Rd. MEMORIES; U.S. Marine Corps Parise Island June 20, 1988 Semper Fidelus Some people live year to year Some live day to day. I live from second to second, out on the edge ... no regrets I live for fun, I live to surf. Anncmaric Beyer 61 Kivcrdalc Park Anne MKMOKIKS; GOOD I IMPS W PS,I)S,S(; AT dogtown. great times always w pam. Ill TWEET, I 1.0 V K YOU! PKTKR-N- ANNKMAKIK. 12-26-86. INSPIRATION; I HANKS MA! AND TO PK- I KM, WHO WAS ALWAYS II I KM K KOM MK. Marla C. Ilionilo 93 Western Ave. MKMOMIKS; IIKA: Jo-Aim and Rosalie Falherson Holy Spirit Glw TO MA JP I.M SN CM MAN I ‘ " rin- Pink Ladies of " 88’” i Partying buddy Leslie A. Hern talks w? Lisa M. 1 love you Mom, l)ad,Joe,l.arry ACTTVITIKS; Cheerleading2 INSPIMATION; Don’t think in terms of forever. Think of now and forever will take care of itself Christina Bodoni 108 A. Concord Street Tina MKMOKIKS; (food Times with Julie, Carrie, Kddy, Kelli and Maria I love Jimmy. Francis Marie Bouche 97 Kiverdale Pk. MKMOMIKS; 12 10 87 was fun w As At the S. Formal, U.K. a special Person As.n years 87 was great partying w Ks. Many Parlies to rem. up Lisas ACTIVITIES; Working out INSPIMATION; There are two paths you can go by but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on — LED ZEP John Braz 18 Honeysuckle Road Donald Stanton Beck MEMORIES; AIN’T I A STINKER, YOU BOCCLE MY MIND PETE! WATERSKIING, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE. GOOD TIMES WITH — PC,PH,BD,JV,CL,LN,RB,BM,LS,PL. ACTIVITIES; JV VARSITY ICE HOCKEY. 11 4 87 First Honor Roll. INSPIRATION; Life comes onee,live it to the fullest. Live for today not for tomorrow. JB LN John R. Brennan Top of the Harbor 416 “RAMBO,” “BIC GUY,” “55” MEMORIES; MAGNOLIA 1 BEACHPARTIES REMEMBER THE ISLAND PARTY. W RH.JH CHMRFMLLJGCI — SGKKTHEBOYSMGT NMCCBMWSBMOSS l DAMNGd.TMS AT DAM W TDJPDP GOJTCPTRBOGHBAMN TheGirls.“88”JOHN LVS RACHEL. Ft. Ball 1 " RWP’The Tops. I LOVE YOU MA AND DAD THANKS! JB-N-RH 10 25 86 INSPIRATION; DON’T BE A ROCK AND NOT ROLL!!! Deborah Joan Brow n 1 Reauporl Aw. Debbie. Goofy MEMORIES; Michelle Remember The Party at Kevin ' s house? I -turn- Rem all the great limes. Never forget vou Bobby, hood times with l., PN.l.M.MM.KH.KS.MS.CM.CM.MA, RC„TO.PO.MO. MO.Sft .GS.CW .BOJP. Bobby-n- lVbbie 6 13 87 INSPIR ATION; To live all my dreams to the fullest. Brvoe Budrow l Essex Street ACTIN 1T1ES; Inlermural B-Ball + Vl-Ball MEMORIES; Gift JS VG JF DH AM AT BBall field + Cemetery GTA Greasy Pole + Camping ft JS Mad TA 3L)W concert W GT + FJ Never Forget times at mall + DS W Gang Always Bern JKO -t-BBsitiing RFM GT+Car INSPIRATION; Don ' t lead a boring life make an exciting one. Gordon C. Burnham 13 Elizabeth Road Donnv MEMORIES; BEST TIMES WITH — V M.MM.JP.MB.GT,JB,SA,CW,GP,PC. GT I’ll quit poles if you quit Irees.Hey Vasaris where’s the fill? JB never forget the night after MOTLEY CRUE! 29 it ' s all yours! Vail — VM.DB.MB, and GT INSPIRATION; Good luck to everyone in my class. Thanx for your support Mom, I Love You. Marcia J. Burns 1 1 Youngs Road Marciamello, Burnsie MEMORIES; GTS W PI,MF,HC,JP,KJ,etc. REM TCF ll ASK MF, RIA BF LA12! NFBT’s ft PAUL 9-14 NFY MONTREAL! LOVE YOU MOM DAD FI FI — MJACSM! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; FH 1, 2, 3, WHOSE WHO UNDERWATER BASKET WEAVING 1, 2, 3. 4 INSPIRATION; YOU WILL NEVER KNOW ft HAT COULD HAVE BEEN ONLY WHAT WAS. Pamela J. Cabral 20 Milletl St. Pam. Ham MEMORIES; Todd 11 9 85! 1 Love You 4-Eva Rem. Mad TMS W Dion, BMM Lit, Cat-E, DPJS, COBPEM — I GETCHiALF! " THE CONTACT” ( .anal Bound again ' MDCTDP!SUM 87! f LEET- ft (X)DMAC 10 30 87! ENG-MD!!! THANX MA DAD. LUV YA INSPIRATION; Nobody’s right all the lime, and a fool never knows what he’s leaving behind . . . Stevi« Nk-ki Tammk A. (Cabral 6 Haskrll Si. 30 Cina M. Capone 302 Essex Avenue Ciggies MEMORIES; Rem Welcome Hack Dance “87” with Rob S. Always Remember Stairway to Heaven Rem pea soup W MI KA CTW’s W PS.SC, KS,MI’,BC Good luck in Germany Becky Thanks Mom and Beth and Tricia ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; BAND 124 Indoor track 34 Spring 34 X-Counlry 4 INSPIRATION; never give up too quickly Suzanne Carignan 58 Poplar St. Suz, Suzy Ha-Ha MEMORIES; REMEMBER Al L THE JAMS, CANDLELITE, SUM OF 86 — N.H. W AH JRHLPMKR.REM THE REZ W?SYG,REM N.H.W PAT.GOODTIMES IN W.GLOU., RIVERDALE PK., ALWAYS REM MATT JEN- KINS. I WILL ALWAYS REM SANDY. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE PAT. I LOVE YOU MC LG INSPIRATION; HE THAT CANNOT OBEY, CAN- NOT COMMAND! Harriett Elizabeth Carr 57 Friend Street Harry, Chicken MEMORIES; Fr. yr. the statehouse askC.B. GitlsB.R;B.M. M.L. RL Montreal wkends w M.P;M.B.J.S,Tent party Never forgetMB’spty esp JG U-2 Never again M.P.-n-H.C. 11 17 86 I Love You Mommy and Dad. ACTIVITIES; FieldHockeyl-4co-capt.NEC All- Star , Bask et Bal 1 1-4 Spring Track Nr.EastemAllState INSPIRATION; Life is like the sea - it always remains the same only its color changes. — G.W. Stephen M. Carter 21 Clearview Ave. Chief MEMORIES; great limes in Brennans 6th block World Problems class in ’87. The Cement Hogs, 12th place isn’t that bad is it guys.Hanging out at the elevator with DA,JF,VG,AM,JS,TA,DHJC, BB.Piggin out in the back room at S+S. Cement!! Reggie Hogg! Zimbabwe! Yo chill out dude, it’s over thank God! Yo 88 Buzz On!!! Alessandro Casagrande 53 High Popples Road Alex, Bandro MEMORIES; Jim, you need a pilot’s license to fly! Harris 38!!! Dean, the truth shall set you free! Gillnetter meeting at one a.m.!! Yes Mrs. Daley, we’re almost done. Ha!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 3, 4 N.H.S. 4 Gillnetter editor 4 INSPIRATION; “Gonna have to make the first time last” — Billy Joel Laurie Estelle Catto 26 Quarry Street Laur MEMORIES; Jackie S. 1 Friend I Luv Ya Billy! GTW JS,SA,FH,SJ,BR,SR,FB Hi Darlene ! Thank You Bunny INSPIRATION; While the world is running down, make the best of what’s still around Stephen J. Cefalo 376 Washington St. Cef, Steve MEMORIES; Real friends, gumby, Kools. Hugo ' s, Kaos, Beach parties. Changes, no way man! Sick, Ski, The Edge, Brothers, mom + dad, LoveNLife, The guys, mostly, you ' ve gotta love to laugh INSPIRATION; It makes you learn, makes you laugh, makes you cry makes you high, makes you fall, but grab it all — LIFE. Bryan E. Church Dennison St. Churchy MEMORIES; Tra Bry 3 10 86 Jim at dance New Years Govey: good luck after CHS SK ACTIVITIES; Shop, Hockey INSPIRATION; One always remembers his mis- takes but always forgets his triumphs. Peter D. Ciaramelaro 107 Cherry St. Chima MEMORIES; Rem the GANG. B Otimes w JV,JB,LS,CI„PH,ML,AR, LV.RB — What class!JB - You boggle my mind — rem TCT ' s! LS slop crying.JV — see you at SH!Maybe? Rem leaving l or G. Harbor w PO. How did I gel upstairs! JV+B Spring Break Ft. LI). Here we come! It’s time for a shed run. GHS Fball 1.1 love Lauren Don’t Slop Believ’n Rebecca E. Ciaramelaro 1 Beach Road Becky, “Beck ' s” MEMORIES; GTW HF.EM.MB.Gc ... in band — R.I.,M.F.,M.J.W.D.C. ThanksJH; Chane gang Wow! — My Sr. year in Germany!! Vielen Dank Herr und Frau Chane mil Liebe ACTIVITIES; 1,2,3. Band,Track,German INSPIRATION; “Ask not what your country can do for you;but what you can do for your country.” — JFK Aaron Cilluffo 30 Exchange Street MEMORIES; BEST TIMES W PAM, CL, JV, PH, ML.BD, RB, etc. GERMANY SUM“87” BLACH LAKE — CL “WHERE’S THE LUCKY CHARMS” PB 10 86 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, X-C (1- 4)MVP(3,4) S-TRACK(l-4) MVP(3) W-TRACKfl- 4)MVP(3) GC INSPIRATION; ON BORDERLAND WE RUN STILL WE RUN, WE RUN DON ' T LOOK BACK — I ' LL BE THERE TONIGHT; A HIGH- ROAD OUT OF HERE — U2 I LOVE YOU PAM Joseph Marc Ciolino 1 2 Cunningham Road MEMORIES; Great limes with To ' Patlio Matt John and Nose Rem cruising in GTO Middleton hoops Remember Pattio and my addia! Mr. Run DMC and Corm but mine’s better! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Basketball 3 and 4,Varsily Golf 3 and 4, Intramural Volleyball Appetite INSPIRATION; We are oblivious to the most ob- vious thing! Salvatore Ciolino 4 Summer Street Tory MEMORIES; Great Times with PE. SG, OB, KG, OH. AP. JA. RD Remember Camp NH. Rugs ask PW. Boat Hits Ask PumP 1 Mom Dad 88 1 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: V-Baskelball 3, 4 V- Baseball 3, 4 INSPIRATION; To Achieve all of my Goals and have a Fun Time Ooing It. James Coohems 584 Western Ave. Lydia Cooney Ferncliff Heights Lit MEMORIES: Sal (8 28 87) ILY. GTW RHONDA, S, SYG. ALW.REM. “LFH” ASK DION. EM GONNA MISS YOU RUSTY (7 28 87) NEV. FOR. CDS, T0.33, NOOO. CC ALF. MAD PARTIES. LEO, ZEPPELIN . . . STH. THANX MOM DAD ... I LOVE YOU. GO LUCK TO O 88. 1 MADE IT. INSPIRATION; NOTHING LASTS FOREVER BUT THE EARTH AND SKY . . . Matthew Cooney 1028 Washington Street Mad-0 MEMORIES; BACK IN THE SADDLE NAN- TUCKET 87 RC, GOOD HABOR BEACH RAS- TAS MUSHMINDS. TOOK A BIG CHANCE AT THE HIGH SCHOOL DANCE. KAREN, MY MID- NIGHT QUEEN CAME LIVE YOUR SECRET DREAM. ACTIVITIES; CAPT. OF THE CANAL CLUB. INSPIRATION; IF YOU WANT TO GET TO HEAVEN YOU ' VE GOT TO RISE A LITTLE HELL Anja Corben 43 1 Essex Avenue “Onion,” “Unnie " MEMORIES; KEY WEST.BLUEFISH YA GOTTA LUV EM FRED FLINTSTONE 10 87 GOOG LUCK BUNS STUD BUDS AR MR CD DL RS GAFFMOBILE? LIL ' HITLER TAKES OVER THANX FOR PUSHING ME MOM DAD. ILY ANNETTE SIMON INSPIRATION; IF I LAUGHED AT ALL OF MY MISTAKES I ' D BE LAUGHING ALL MY LIFE. Stephen L. Corbett 4 Brighlside Ave. MEMORIES; GTW PL JT MR DK JS ESP AN- GELA PL REM TRIP TO MERRMAC GT ON YOUR BOAT 400L BS GT LOBSTERING W DK TRIP TO NANTUCKET STAKE OUT ANG REM GT AT SEMIFORMAL INSPIRATION; TO CONTINUE WITH ELECTRI- CAL AND RECEIVE MY LICENSE. Jonathan German 22 Honeysuckle Road MEMORIES; GREAT TIMES W JC. PM. PLAY- IN ' B BA! 1 ALL THE TIME GTW GPD DUR- ING THE SUMMER WHERE AM I GOING? I DON’T KNOW HI T KEEP DRIVING NO MORE ARTICHOKE BEEF ' S JC INSPIRATION; NO ONE SEEMS TO FORGET HEN V 01 RE U HONG. BI T NO ONE SEEMS TO REMEMBER WHEN YOU ' RE RIGHT. James A. Curcuru 40 1 2 School Street Lvnnanne Curcuru 75 Perkins St. Lynnie Ca-Ca L.A. MEMORIES; B F F MN GTW MN.VW, EP. MC, AE. MM, MP. MS — " The Guys " First love — JP 12-24-84 Parties at VW ' s That special someone 12-28-86 Happens! Ma Dad I love you. Brittany 1-4-88 ILY Austria 88! Boston w EP, LA, JH INSPIRATION; You never know what you’ve got till it ' s gone! Dominic Curreri 34 High Popples Rd. Dorn. Eskimo MEMORIES; D D, GT W Dean: Heather: Chris: The Crew: Stage Fort Park: Be Bluint! Ca RS w DC: stone walls: June 17, 1989 ((DC HJ)) 1 1 6 87 Semi-formal w HJ! Mom, Joe, Nina, and Umberto — thanks for everything! I LOVE HEATHER! INSPIRATION; To live in New Hampshire and have a small house, a truck and a mastercraft with Heather Jameson. Rose Cusick 29 Cleveland Street Rosary MEMORIES; GTw HP, JM, SA, EJ, DB, MM, BA, AW, KJ. HJ G real times with Andrew I love ya, baby! Heather, right turn! Not left. Never would have made it without you Andrew or anyone’s help at home, love ya all! HP remember 12-31-87 with DN, SP INSPIRATION: If you believe in yourself you can capture the world alone. Francisco J.M.S. Da Rosa 1 7 Harold Ave. Chico MEMORIES; Sum. 86 Love you Pam! Movies, din. beach, semi, prom, obrigado Pai e Mae heart ACTIVITIES; Band 1-4, Jazz 2-4, rotcl 2. Gren- adiers I 2, Rifle team 2-4 HONORS: Haskell silver INSPIRATION: l»ve will cairn your fears, love will made you smile in times of sadness and love will make you forgive. Christine M. Dailey 28 Haskell Street Christy MEMORIES; Summers on GH Beaeh LG ' s 10:30 a.m. wake-up calls BOWIE 9-3-87! Limo Ride (splfd.!) Semi-frml. morning Sludy w AR, MR, AC Reggae @ Castle 2 NYC wknd. Skiing w NS 9- 13-86 w JA AO CS burning pillow! INSPIRATION; You ' ve got to ery without weeping, talk without speaking, seream without raising your voice . . . Paula Davidson 9 Adams Rd. MEMORIES; GTW; KG, AP Ragt.AP-n- BS;BS LS, SF. GS KP B + M Always CN WG.EM R; The get together 7 87.MGTW:EJ,JM,AS, Rem. 7 86 7 87. Hey Diane, Rem Roger!!! Kurland Paula 7 20 87 BS Rem; 11 20 87 — G.T. JF INSPIRATION; “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” — M. Dolenz — Jeanine DeGagne 4 Brierwood St. MEMORIES; You have a friend = oo, BR CF! Hove youLC in TX! Thanks JB, BR talks burning pic+ .JD stay away from the windows. Hello MR. HuddelstonIMR grinch! Summer 87 w SG, JH, EH, M?, Pits and pools — Wingarsheek. A trip w BP. Mich — 50’s cone. w BP and RS — they were the AH’s. Big mac attack with SG. I love your per- sistence TT! Miss Ma ZI love you Josh — good luck TDJLJ — Thanks for Mom! Maureen Dion 14 Wells St. Mo, Dion MEMORIES; DARREN 6 25 86 When mountains crumble to the sea there will still be you and me — ILYF! Mad times with Haml; Bmm Cat-e! JSBPCO to 3AM — ht rn! Canal bound-DP-igertch! Mis- erable! Alf! Eng — PC!Thanx Coop! Imade it! INSPIRATION; There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are THE DOORS. — James Douglas Morrison William A. Doucette 32 Trask Street Buddy MEMORIES; The car. My car, the battery, skiing, waterskiing, yellowsubmarine.Phil rem. the trip to Allen St. I will always remember Phil’s mom. GREAT TIMES W PH,JB,PC,JV,RB, CL,AM,ML,BM,LV,AR,LJ,DJ, MM,JB,CC, Give me paw JB! INSPIRATION; Live your life the way you want to live it! ACTIVITIES; Capt. Rifle Team Shari-Lyn Dutton 48 Langsford Street MEMORIES; CN 4 25 86,143, KM’s PAR- TY,THAT TAXI RIDE, OLIVE JUICE, NORTH CONWAY, PUCGY, FISH RESCUE, RSASFP, THANKS MOED! G T W — AR in NH, CD THE STOVE, CJ YACHT RIDE, SB, JW, IG,LN,AF. TENNIS WITH CH KM. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: TENNIS, SECRE- TARY, NHS, JUNIOR ROTARIAN, SAWYER MEDAL. INSPIRATION; MOM, DAD, AND “THAT MAN " I’M GOING TO MARRY! I Ann-Marie Kastman 67 Bond Street Ann, Annie, “Slilep " MEMORIES; I love you, Tony! 5-2-86 Never forget ya. BFF Marey LYLAS Secrets T A ! ! ! ATW MMJ W,GG,CG,I.C,MP,KM.VW,TL, LA-8- 87 C-camp 87! Austria, P-ladies, I I - 1 5-86!! Chow- der Queen Jen! ACTIVITIES; FB,BB cheerleader. INSPIRATION; You ' ve given me Love, Support, Respect, and Happiness. Thank you Mom and Dad! ILY Jason Edwards 1 14 Eastern Avenue Spicoli Maria Favazza 4 Malcolm Rd. MEMORIES; GTW MARCIA, KG,KJ„ MB, REM. TCFAII AND LA 12! BE — MARCIA — NFGT, LS — RNHS (G-MARY-AF) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NATIONAL HON- OR SOCIETY, UWBW INSPIRATION; BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, NOT WHAT PEOPLE EXPECT YOU TO BE! John M. Feener 16 Macomber Road Feenzi MEMORIES; Good times on the bowl. To the right. Football was a ball. Good limes with GO BO CP CS GI CR JP BA TD GH EM TR VG PB CJ CP MR JC KL DM LW PT MC KS. INSPIRATION; The noble secret of laughing at oneself is the greatest humor of all. Vito S. Ferrara 23 Reservoir Road GTW Jamo, Gap, Kev, Nico, Pete, T. REM. parties Nico Jamo REM. JC! REM. Dances and summer of 86! “THE DREAM” INSPIRATION; To attend college, gel a degree, find a job, and be successful! Most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT!!! “YA RIGHT” Guy Morrow Fiero 121 Ml. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES; Dual Rubberband PORSCHE- ACCORD PASTAFEST WE BAD LABAS You wanna go tra-la-la-ing,l have some daisys? PARTY (a) Mu Mu Mu. Draw-offs J Flin it at CAF Good limes w JR RAR END KP JG SJL AW MBP P- FESTERS JTK — LEG KS INSPIRATION; The heart knows the secrets of the days and nights, but the ears thirst for the sound of the heart’s knowledge Brian 1). Firming 8 Highland Pl ace “Hina” MEMORIES; Amy 11 5 86. Gary’s’Tm oul of lu‘re " Band of the Hand. Chosen few — lost at sea. Superbowl. Summer nights w the boys. I miss you Dad Good litnes;TATRJAJPKPBMDGPM DKE- I.ASGWKI1SM — etc. ACTIVITIES; f-ball 1-4 eapt. 4 track 2-4 all NEC. Intramuals INSPIKATION; Hang on to the things that are dear to you. Amy Lee Flygare 208A Washington St. “THE AVON LADY” MEMORIES; BTW SEREN A RAW WHY US? REM PC’S LM.NG.TM. TR NEW YEARS EVE DD W STJ CRAIG LUV YA FOREVER! 1)1266, CM CVRMS “THE MUSTANG.” FE SB,NG,LM,SD,NG,TR, JW,MR,AW,JC,CH ACTIVITIES; DANCING LOVE YA MOM.DAD.BILLY DANIELLE INSPIRATION; TOO MUCH DREAMINC ABOUT TOMORROW WILL ONLY RUIN TODAY. Caitlin Elise Foley 40 Ferry St. South MEMORIES; JVMMKCIC WINTERQUESTERS ROADTRIP 88. MAND JESS, ILY. NMH. JARED WHEN THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO DO JUST SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. YIMH. MOM,DAD,BILL, ROB THANKS FOR LETTING ME GROW. I LOVE YOU. INSPIRATION; MEN, SAID THE FOX,HAVE GUNS AND HUNT. IT’S VERY ANNOYING. THEY RAISE CHICKENS, TOO. THESE ARE THEIR ONLY INTERESTS. LEPETITPRINCE Darlene F. Foote 39 Mount Vernon St. MEMORIES; GTW LS EM CC VF MB LN DM MC CC FT SC PS DF BE PAUL 10-22-85 ILYF! MNBATC W LSVEMBLN SAM. WAN ASK FMC- CLS SUPERQ ASK MC FT LS CC NYE“87”W LCLSCC VF MB 7-11 WAW C F FREAKING OUT W LSDM MDCCMP LIN 36FEET A WALL! 11-85 BFF L1N VARIANS TREE ASK BILLY!! HDUSB?ASKCCLS MOM DAD THANKS ILY! INSPIRATION; TIME WILL TELL IMY ALITA James Fosberry 8 Colonial St. FOZ MEMORIES; FOZ FOR PREZ,THE JEEP,BOBBY SPILL WATER, May pal Al, Grace, CAM INSPIRATION; And in the end, the love you lake is equal to the love you make — The End Abby Road Keith L. Francis 134 Mount Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES; I will always remember you CS! Good times at FLEET. Times w SC BA DG GW; Eth’s, Wilsons, Dan’s Tony’s; Good Time in ski trip; Germany! Great times at Beach! and through school ACTIVITIES; Fr. Football, volleyball INSPIRATION; Your friends may pass because life is just a marking but you must finish what you started! Richard Francis 4 Foster St. Rich MFMOKIKS; GTU SZPAJ HJCPLCL. Bush- menhtHip. 1 he f t oc.C ' .k S.i I SlullmgBowls.SOS ask SZJH. Thanks Mo in and Dad lloveyou. kimS 1 5 87 Isn ' t This (.real YoBu jtOnSal. The kjuarteral Nick ' s. NECChamps. That ' s NyiceaskSZ Bal CTI IT l FIS ; Baseball 1234 Football 234 Intra- mural Rhall ball INSPIRATION; Live life for yourself and be your own person. Jennifer French 40 Revere Street Jenna. " Brat " MEMORIES; All the good times w LS3 CCKGTAKJ RWE INN v MF. BITJ. Dances, Guvs. Joyriding in Rkpl. looking for guys . . . Ask Lisa A Cara. Thank U Mom Dad I love U guys. The class w class — 1988! INSPIRATION; The only v ay to see a rainbow is to look through the rain. Lori Ann Fronliero 98 Riverdale Park MEMORIES; Mike, ILYF. Playing w your mind — ask Trina. Prom of " 86. Thanks DP TM, That s enough. Camping w MA GC MT, CSE. Montreal STS Ask Jean. Maria PSCO. Janette, our fights for TS Mike WTTBCOGBJS. X-mas Eve 87 “Renee, whal are you doing? " Girl ' s night out at JC s — ask TF RM JC NM DR. Thanks Annette Moolch. I miss U JF. Jeremy Scott Frost 6 Perkins Street Germ MEMORIES; Wild Times w SM,PO,JV,TA,DC,MN STEVE 2 on 1 — 1 at a time RITA:PAUL GETS MOST UGLIES.W HAT HAPPENED AT THE V1S- TA?PAUL,25 and counting I LOVE YOU MOM DAD INSPIRATION; GO AS FAR AS YOU CAN SEE CAUSE WHEN YOU GET THERE, YOU CAN GO FURTHER. John Frost 23 Thatcher Road FROSTY MEMORIES; Remember the good limes with BB JS AM VC GT SL DH. ARE WE LOST? ASK GT.BB HEY GT DO YOU REMEMBER THE TREE? Boston and Three Dog The BBA Ask JS about car troubles What fun Let the good times roll. INSPIRATION; Do it up because you have nothing to lose. Katrina M. Fuller Englewood Road MEMORIES; — Eric — I’ll Ixive You Forever. Adventures w ES.Prom“8f ISO. Montreal Sts Je- an“YLI.”JC all nighlers.I ori,we’ve been through it all. Ere YME Girls N.ghi Oul w JG DR NM LP JC IT Best of hmes w I.K JG JG I.P NM DR YF DA — rem all those plys. Summer of “87 HSN. I I m. YOU MOM AND DAD! Lisa Galanle 44 Wheeler St. MEMORIES; DDConcert — J.S.N — Thank You Them — CJ Sum86 w SI., OF.JK CD’S Roat — CS — the boy next door? SFL POINTER — TW Skeletons in the closet — Ann is Quam — Louis — Drops of light — Thanks KM Who ran spell passion? — JT Summer of Madness Dragged me up an alley for the fire on a stranger’s smile. INSPIRATION; Let yourself lay back within your dreams. Vito Galati 89 Pleasant St. HONORS: NHS member ACTIVITIES; Intramural Basketball 1 Year MEMORIES; Remember good times with: JS BB DH AM JF — BBA JF anyone else I had GT’s w . Roekporl chase with: SG TC JP REM. Physics with Hound. INSPIRATION; To be happy and successful attain my goals. James M. Gallant R69 Maplewood Ave. “Jim” MEMORIES; GTW Gang. Parties in the van. Luv ya always MB ACTIVITIES; Track, Boxing INSPIRATION; If you always try someday you will succeed. John Gallant 69 R Maplewood Ave. MEMORIES; GTW SC,BA,GJ,KF,PARTY OVER GJ’S, WHY DON’T YOU CALL ME? BA HAT MANY GREAT TIMES WITH YOU. INSPIRATION; PEOPLE ALWAYS REMEMBER WHEN YOU’RE WRONG BUT THEY NEVER REMEMBER WHEN YOU’RE RIGHT. Inez Garcia Overlook Ave. Nez Doug MEMORIES; Pull over, pull over — MK,LH,CP thanks — JVSDMM DG — ILY Cal 87 w JV NYE — Disaster PM — Crash ACTIVITIES; Fld.Hky. — 1-4 Capt.; B-Bal! 1- 4;St.-Ball 1-4; NHS; Jr.Rot. — Sec.; 88 VP; Yearbook 3,4 — ED. INSPIRATION; Live life to its fullest because you only pass this way once. Thank you Mom Dad! ILY! James Michael Garron Larose Avenue Jimi MEMORIES; NEVER FORGET THE DANCE WITH ELVIS AND SUPERDUCL. SUPER BOWL!?! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: FOOTBALL, VAR- SITY 3 4. JUNIOR ROTARIANS, MACHINE SHOP ADVISORY COUNCIL. INSPIRATION; THE MOMENTS MAY ONLY BE TEMPORARY BUT THE MEMORIES ARE FOR- EVER. Nicole Ann Caspar 665 Western Avenue Nikki, Nikki-Doo MEMORIES; NEW YEARS 87 ASK TRLMNRBB REM ANN AND HOPE ASK TR LMSN REM PC ADK AF LMTRTM PARTIES AT BB’S NF TRLMAFNRBBSNIGGCAWRSTMSBJWJC THANKS MOM DAD FAMILY MANY MEMOS TO COME ACTIVITIES; CHEERLEADING, SOFTBALL, KARATE, PT — JOB INSPIRATION; THE MAIN THINGS IN LIFE IS NOT TO BE AFRAID TO BE HUMAN. Jonathan Galtinella 320 Washington St. MEMORIES; LABAS, BABUSHKA, PALA FEST MMANT1PASTA CAMP BRACES COVE FUN ON HOLLY ST. “PUSH” INTREPID QUESTS B.HOLE SURFERS FRIENDS? JER, ROB, AW, SARA, ARUNI, DAVE, GUY THANKS, MUM MRS. ROSS JOHANNA?’@» @!! RE- MEMBER, PHA DUAHOEP — MRCOPDBYD- DEBJNEBI ELXES INSPIRATION; WE DO NOT SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE, WE SEE THINGS AS WE ARE. DEREK FOXX GEARY ROCKHOLM ROAD “D” MEMORIES; YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND D BIRDS AL. ASK EH. MEMORIES OF DK, RR, AL, JP, GW, KP, BM, TA, BF, JA, KS, TR, SC, MB. NO MORE LABELS ACTIVITIES; HOCKEY; 1, 2,3,4. TENNIS 1,2,3,4 INSPIRATION; DON’T INFLUENCE THE MIR- ROR. BIRDY, DEITH JARETT.MLK Stanley Gelasakis 8 Allen Street Grace V. Giambanco 52 Middle Street Chella MEMORIES; 2-6-87 ILYF DUNCAN! GTW — AW, JW,JP,MM,AE,NG,TL,KB 8-4-87 CHEER- LEADERS NIGHTMARE! S. BEACH 7-17-87 A DR,JW,ED. SUPERBOWL 87’ I LOVE YOU MOM, THANKS ROSARIA HARRY!!! ACTIVITIES; F-BALL B-BALL CHEERING; TRACK 1-4, YRBK STAFF INSPIRATION; IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING SET IT FREE, IF IT COMES BACK IT IS YOURS, IF NOT IT NEVER WAS. Sharon E. Gilbert 7 Ryan Rd. MEMORIES; REMEMBER THE PIZZA HUT D D WITH KIANA. PAM I WISH U WELL. GT W AL, DRAC,THEO,GAR,BREA, LYN ACTIVITIES HONORS: ELICITOR.WE DID IT! N.H.S. ANY C.Y.O INSPIRATION; THE FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND ARE MINE Tracie L. Gilliss V 2 Williams Courl T Tra MEMORIES; ILY BRIAN 3-21-86 EXIT 16 n FJ.JOHN PINKLAD1ES THANKS 4 GRUB Ml) 12 27 3 BOSTON ESCAPADES! BEE KATE AND TAMIE GTW LC Til MS MR MG BP RB Kll I’A CL VW SUGARKISSES CHIN ARITH SUCK- ERS! THANX MA CHARL1E ILY INSPIRATION; ITS ALWAYS THE SAME OLD STORY — YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU ' VE GOT ' TIL IT ' S GONE!!! David H. Gove 129 Cherry Si. Govey MEMORIES; New Years 86 al KC’s, Closed up in a couch al GW ' s, " The coach is here " ask GW — 1G I ' m so glad I woke up — GTW MJSMPLPMM GWDGKE mostly w Bryan, Thanx Nal, Mom and Dad ILY ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1-4; Capt. 3 4 INSPIRATION; " I can’t change the world but I can change the world in me” Bethany Joy Grace 1 4 Stanwood Ave. Beth MEMORIES: GTW DJ, SG, KM, MZ, MJ, JA, CB, BC, SJ, RM, PC, SK, LUV U DAVE ALWAYS 10 31 85 Thanks for everything Mom Dad KM Rem the BEE toilet papering w TW “I’m so em- barrassed " c o88 Never forget you Rusty “It could of been” ACTIVITIES; Yearbook, track, theatre arts INSPIRATION; All the promises the future gives will come if we keep our ideals. Brenda Lee Grace 3 Maple Street " Bren " MEMORIES; Matt 1 31 87 BOTW — SHAN- NON 88 bud, LYNNE MS, MM, RL, MK, EU- ROPE — HM, SA — CT Adventure to band which house is it? Many sad happy times w Julie Mikie — Alfie Shannon, Oh Thanks’ ask Punky Thanks Mom Dad ILY INSPIRATION; “The noble secret of laughing at oneself is the greatest humor of all” (Anon.) “1988 " Robert W. Grover 100 Friend Street Grover MEMORIES; The day Brian Church got caught for running around the school Honors of having Brian Church, Jim Garon, Brian Ellis, Brian Silva, Sean K. and Gus Surett as my best friends in my three years in school. I’ll see everybody in three years after I serve in the army. Kurt A. Gustafson 417 Essex Ave. MEMORIES; Eati, Flaming Caddy, PAULA KURT 7 20 87 Daniel H. Hand SI Maplewood Pk. I ' nole Dan Pablo MEMORIES; Football at cemetery, BBA, Spic class. Volleyball. Good linn ' s w JS. AM, VG, JF. BB Don ' t forget TV! INSPIRATION; To bo a good father, husband, and to li e a successful life. Hey Mom. here ' s your diploma! Christina S. Haney 35 Fuller Street Tina MEMORIES; GTw BFS: MRkOkMDMkM- CASCD6 FLA " 85 " we’re going down, stay cool SC. Sum 87 w DM. kO — Who us?kO — BFA! KM TH Help us! NF SAYING G-BYE 8 86 LUV MISS U. TONY. AUSTRIA! INSPIRATION; Hold on to your dreams, through they seem far away. Those dreams will come true, somehow — someway. ILY MA DAD Philip E. Haney. HI Cedar Lane Phil. " Felipe” MEMORIES; Mary, water skiing, JB. JV, PC. CL, AC. SB. JW. AR. LS. RB. RS, LV, HC, MM, LN, etc.. Bud. SS-BOOM!. Great Woods ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track ln- door Ouldoor INSPIRATION; Friends and Family. lain Hautala 19 Derby St. MEMORIES; Summer of 85, ’86 — PEDSTER OAK TREE THIS COUCH . . . SWTTCH IT W. ASH ED AWAY! — Mk CYN — JD The beach EEL GRASS — NEZ PM, JC, and the guys. " GOP " CRASH — PM F F w TL. Never Forget Matt INSPIRATION; There is no security in the world — only opportunity. Rachel Dawn Herdman 407 Western Ave. " Ray.” “Muskey” MEMORIES; At the DAM! w TI) DP JP BA TR JT JK GC — At Beach: Magnolia — CH JH JB MR FM LC JG Cl NS GK KK BM WS BM GT NM SB. CT — EW, LK, Best Friend “Lisa.R” — John Brennan I LOVE you forever and always 10 25 86 OV you FR!! Mom and Dad lhanx for not pushing I learned on my own. INSPIRATION; I learned to smile at the world, the world will smile back! Craig W. Herrmann 49 Reynard St. Herman BTW ' DH. MR, CL, PO, SC, AR, AW, JE. MM, i RED, CS, Beach Parlies, The legends, FUN- NELS 1 RASTAFARI LIVE!, THE CUMBIE?!, Inner sanctum sessions You know who you are. I’m going to rn i ' - - you Duke Morn arid Dad I finally made it”! INSPIRATION. Why won’t you let us be to live in harmony we’d like to be free like birds in a tree. April Suzanne Hicks I I Cedarwood Rd. Ape MEMORIES; Great limes w Fam, Gail, SC, TE — SUM of 87 — The concerts sum of 86 — N.H. w SC PM JR HL KR AJK 9 14 87 I love you Kris 10 14 87. 1 would have never made it without you! Thanx Becky Greg. I love miss you mom INSPIRATION; You’ve got to go through hell be- fore you get to heaven — S.M.B. Kevin M. Horne Pew Ave. Horne, Klusak, Stork ACTIVITIES; JV basketball, intermural basketball MEMORIES; GTW.KS, MS, MM, MP, RS, DH, especially DO. Hey guys also remember the party at my house and what happened. Mom I love you for getting me where I am. Ethan N. Hughes 4 Nashua Ave. Toehead Hugo Eshkih MEMORIES; Just a couple of crazy kids from Philly: moondance SPIN beach WATER supply BACKSEAT brawl SICK mf gumby PASTA hull TO the WOMEN, thanks MRS Ratray DAD, love, MOM, Sean SWITCH onik a BEAN bird men gals BROTHERS pool hopfen way wet buggies QM ROCK scottue CHANDELIERS + BAND my sons my joy IN: Hey guys I got one baBAba . . . Heather B. Jameison 8 Wesley St. Heath — Schmoo MEMORIES;Dom! gtw DC,AA,DC.JP,DG, CL AL,RM,AN,MR,SS!! Always rem. my yachts! The beach! FCPR w KW. Dust in the Wind — Kanas! Heather Tarr — WT. Natasa — y — thanks to Dom, Friends, esp.Mom Dad I love you! Per sempre Domenic! ACTIVITIES; Child Care — Beeman School. INSPIRATION; To be and feel free! Christa H. Johnson 35 Norseman Avenue XTA, Ggrsta MEMORIES; DA,NA,NA,NA!Forget DD?Never!I sort of rem. NS’S car Leeza w pizza the OJ! Wayheyhey ... — NS. New Yr. in NY Aaahh!Was that Nik?Thanx SD!Contrived?Hope not?Me belt!Do you still . . . Thank U Them!Lardo=pop 7609 I love you Mom Dad! INSPIRATION; You don’t have to dream it all just live a day.Copyright88SLB Debra Johnson 19 Bray Street Deb MEMORIES; LV,AR, Hockey Games, JC’S Parly New Years Eve Wow! The Beach, Mike you’re such a peach! Ask ML, Lenny you maniac! Ask LJ, Worst Driver.Love Ya BG! Best times with Rachel. Hello? Help!Ask RS. Woow! THe mall! Oh my God! Riv- erside ask MG,BB I’m soaked! I Love You Mom and Dad. Lendall Johnson Thurston I’t. Rd. Lenny " Capl. Crunch’ ' MEMORIES; My 78 FireBird 305 The rolory 3 spin. The Wall. The Head on Crash with a truck, (dad and lucky to still he alive. Dee. 26 87 Barrys Weekend BASH Wendy, Never Forget. ACTIVITIKS; Ski Trips With gang Building the ear. INSPIRATION; Mr. Smith, Wendy, Life Natasa Jokanovic 502 Washington St. MFM0K1KS; Exchange Student from Yugoslavia. Lunches with Ana Thu and Teresa. Semi Formal with Steve 11. J. P.S. S.C. I..N. C.C. C.M. C.G. and all my friends. Thanks to Mrs. and Mr. Wilson for letting me stay with them. INSPIRATION; Go back to Yugoslavia but visit America again. Sheila Anne Joseph 1 4 Starknaught Ills. MEMORIES; BTW BG KG DB GJ HE KM MDG- ANG sum friends nfjs Ips to Montreal skiing pis at GH CM gng to Con. Thanks KG Wound up It’s a Russel an warship GTNSW GJ Boom, Boom! Club 281 ask KG’BG hky gmsw DB sum. of 86 NE LM Shweewah! Swjs!! INSPIRATION; To my family, I LOVE YOG!To live today, love tomorrow, and laugh FOREVER! Good- Luck88 kathie Lee Joyce 3 Roekmoor Terrace MEMORIES; Travis and Kathie 1 16 87 1 LOVE YOG! Good Times w JF LS MB MF BM. Great times in child care and at Beeman School working w lhe children. Thank you Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOG! INSPIRATION; To live my life to the fullest and hope my dreams come true. Daniel Kariores 24 Haskell Street Petrina M. Kalsikas 84 Washington Street Tri-Tri, Dingleberry MEMORIES; Great times w friends — DL — BR — MG — AV — I MISS YOG VALLEY! GFAT! WWW-GGG! GEEK GOON — THE NOTES — GSSR86 — REM.JGANITA ELIAS — THANK YOG MOM AND COLETTE — I LOVE YOG! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: BBCHEER 1- 4,GAPT. 3-4.FBCHEER 2-4,SPRTRAK 2- 4,WINTRAK 4, NHS, YRBK INSPIRATION; Some say it’s holding on that makes you strong — sometimes it’s letting go. Sran A. Kelchopulos 24 High Street Daniel Scull King 33 Eastern Avenue Dano, Daniinal, Commie MEMORIES; FUN IN THE SUN WITH THE BAND. ASSUME THE POS. MIDNIGHT EX- TK ESSE EN WAY. S U PE K BO W L. GTS’ W DG.GW, I’M, I K, El I, KM, K I’, J I’, T A, BE, KS, KKIGYN! 1 1.Y . K EK,J AGEE. LET’S Al l. GO SICKINM;! LATER.GOTTA EI.OSS MY TOES! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: E-BALL, B- BAI.I„NHS,STUI).C()UNCI1 ..TRACK INSPIRATION; Whose Baby is llialVI’ll buy ihal.Whafs your angle? Debra Kilchenmasler 2 Morion Place MEMORIES; Rem. Summers of 84,87. GTW ADR BE, CG, AM, DC, DS, MS, MT. Cheese Pizza ask Ihe gang and Kielh. WITR1TB, w Ali, E M Re. Boston and North Adams 5 22 87 I Love You Kietb. I Love You Mom Thanks INSPIRATION; Be true to the one’s you love. Amy Lynn Klopotoski 169 Magnolia Ave. MEMORIES; Quebec + Crew “The lime of my life” — It was the best! GE Movie Meetings = Violets Parties, Caroling on RN+WP, Chinese fire drills with DK,MM,NS. Dances + Rmzzi. Love you Aunts + Uncles! ACTIVITIES; N.H.S. Jr. Rolarians, Thespians, Elicilor INSPIRATION; There is no sun without shadow it is essential to know the sun. Dean T. Klopotoski 299 Essex Avenue Deano MEMORIES; Kelly Ann 12 31 87; YMCA with Mall, Jean-Michel, Mike, John J., Ricky; Elsa 5 22 87; Great times w Jen, Nicole, Amy, Matt, Turbia, Fuzzy; Varsity Soccer; Rkpt. Pcci INSPIRATION; No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back. Karen Ann Komi 42 Friend Street [ -in Ha Krrsrskic 5 Millctl Street MEMORIES; Sleeping over C.P ' s house (ash tailin ' ) Best limes w Trina rein: Hash ' s house w I lash. Mike,Sleve.+T rina Good times w I-aurie I he Hl.W A rin k ask Trina waiting lor you Joe INSPIRA HON. A ou can ' t always gel whal you want but vou ran trv sometimes and you might find you gel whal ou mill II. I Mom+l)ad Kathleen C. 1-allcrly I I Highland Si. K I . Kaey MKMOKIKS; CSN ' DEAD Kxlravaganza — K I. KINS — Montana. ninth gr. fias cos, I). Kassels, 1 1 87. Chile, Everywhere was a sound and a celebration — S.87 — TH ANKS;MM.MS,CB,EH,NS,1 love you M.DES. INSPIKATION; If you want to sing out.sing out. If vou want to lie free, I k ' free. There ' s a million things to be you know that there are — CS. Hollie l-aFlam 152 Maplewood Ave. CTW JC SC JR PM R I) RC SYC JC N HL Forever 6 27 87 I KUV YOU JOHN.Thanks for your sup- port Mom+I)ad I love you both. INSPIRATION; If you tie two doves together.even though they have 4 wings they still cannot fly. I love JC 4-EVER! Di ana Ann Lawson 10 Summit Street Deanalein MEMORIES; Where’s Johannes? Germany! The US Army at the Malibu — ask RS Never forget the limes w RS, PK, AC, EA, EM, BG, RS, JL, Frog + the Aluminum Knight Hey Phil, 2.3 times! The notes — G Fat! INSPIRATION; Friendship doubles our cares, and divides our worries. Sara-Jane l avilt 14 Linden Kd. MEMORIES; “Superfriends " — MB, GF, LG, NS, AK, CO, CL Rkpt people. Cure Heads, Reggae at the castle. Sunrise 8 22 87, Halibut Pi., Grape Jell-o. BM ' s cabin Maine, What ' s dry cleaning, NYC New Year’s Eve, Quebec, MB’s summer par- ties, the Grove, II.Y Mom + Had. ACTIVITIES; Student Council, Elicitor, Flicker, Thespians INSPIRATION; Smile! Paltianne LeClair 2 Harrison Ave. Patti Blueberry MEMORIES; Best of times w KK,KS,DO,SZ,JH + KK. MA, TK, and everyone else rem. Closin ' for vKlirn- " AAAAHHHH!! Thanks Morn and Dad for everything!! ACTIVI TIES; Champion of the I Breaking Con- test?! INSPIRATION Let the music do the talking and follow your dreams!! Artnund LeFrancois 94 Maplewood Avenue Ann Marie Lemoine 42 Riverview Rd. Mammary MEMORIES; Best times of my life with Melanie, Chris, Frank, Alison, Cathy, etc. Love you all! Quebec ’86 P. Young 3 7 87 Mow’d I gel under the table? Ritz-Carlton owner Thanks Mom Dad, 1 love you!!! INSPIRATION; I called on my god but he was sleeping on that day, I guess I ' ll just have to depend on me. — T. T. D’Arby Peter V. Libro 19 Eastern Ave. Libbs MEMORIES; G T with JT, MR, SC, esp. Michele. Great times w my boat + my grandfather’s boat over the years fishing. It was the best. SC rem. the Merrimac. The lobstering. How about the drag we made. GT, SC, JT, JS, and the Shop. Thank u Ma + Dad. PL +ML forever INSPIRATION; Remember when the air was clean Mary Beth Livingston 27 Warner St. MEMORIES; Phil. Best times w HC — Parties, Montreal wknd — where are we? Skiing, camping w U2 the best, but not that last one! The beach — peach hiccup syn! ask AR, LV, BM, ULT. wknd in Maine summer w PH, BD, PL Baby Nick 87 Love you Mom + Wayne. ACTIVITIES; Field Hockey 1234, Basketball 123, Softball 1234 INSPIRATION; Chase a dream. Adam Loring 77 Leonard St. Chunky, RP WHAT NOISY CATS ARE WE — DGEHBM RPLKSHLGRG B. A. D., Burlington B lizzard — RD.TBIPSw NS,DS,SI;Texan kind of Lover — WHITE HEN 1 1 87 — THE“D”WORD — AL- LISON! BSCove9 12 87!ILYBLDIITS — Light house discussions ICEBERGING IN SQUAM R.E.M. I’LL BE LEAVING NOW — HI MOM! INSPIRATION; A DAY WITHOUT SUNLIGHT IS LIKE . . .NIGHT — SM Christopher Lovasco Edgewood Rd. MEMORIES; FUGI-CHOP! What’s funny?A Joke Ask The Balch Lake Crew! MAT-MANIA!!! GREAT TIMES W GANG! THE NAUTI BODY!!! NEVER FORGET: Brenda’s Box VINAG ASK FRESHMAN AMY’S Trip (OIL?!) MATT’S FLOR- IDA FUN Rena’s field Trip! SENIOR ROMAN CE KEL RUDY(MOM)!!! INSPIRATION; LIVE LIFE TO THE FUL- LEST,DAY by DAY Christopher Lucido 9 Gould Court MEMORIES; I LOVE YOU LISA 4 16 87 Fri Sat NIGHTS w Li GHB PE NEVER forget GHB at GRAD PROM 87 LAESIW TM4“89“ — “90” PE GIVE ME YOUR KEYS OK REM. ASKING, U- N O THE Secret GT w JC RF GS JC BTWMIHONEY INSPIRATION; To succeed in my field of CAR- PENTRY AND MAKE MY PARENTS PROUD OF ME THANKS MA AND DAD I LOVE YOU ILIL Michael P. Lucido 2 1 Commerical St. Mike, Muffin MEMORIES; HEY BARRY Check your oil,rem. times at playground SAL is that blood? THE GT. LIVES! THE PUPPY. 3 13 87 j.j. It look 7 months, OH WELL IT HAPPENED. L.S. Should have won BOB MAC has got to go. You ' re a MOOK DOUG. THANKS TO MA I MADE IT, THANKS MA INSPIRATION; TO TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES Dean Luvera 10 Englwood Rd. Magnolia Deano MEMORIES; CANAL CLUB Going to see RUSH Partying in MAGNOLIA Rock Climbing INSPIRATION; WORK STUDY Thanks Judy for HELP Michele D. MacArthur 33 Lyndale Ave. “Mac” MEMORIES; The Parties GTW ALL MY FRIENDS MP BJ DB DP KH M+ KS CM RS RB BG. I MADE IT. THANKS MOM+ DAD. You got me where I am today, because you were always there for me. I LOVE U both a lot NEVER forget the times together MARK? INSPIRATION; To find someone who will show you the real meaning of TRUE LOVE Lisa Marie MacNeil 16 Concord St. MAC MOMDUCK Gigs MEMORIES; New Years 87 partyn ' w .BobaskTRNR NGPapaGi- nos=NGTRAF TMANN Hope=TR NG SN Sum85Thatwuzlhebest Helpn ' SM w Trig.Aust riaw Tory88YeeHa!NF TMAFNG TRBBNR- SMAMCL SBJWIGLNBDMORE2COME ACTIVITIES; FldHOC2 — 4 CoachesAward B- Ball Sft-Ball — 4 VolBall INSPIRATION; 2pursue mydreams oblainlhem w wholwanf whicheva waylwantLUVUMOM DAD Cosmo Marcanlonio 661 Western Avenue Coz MEMORIES; Jo-ANN 9-11-87 Our love is like a circle! That smell — Skynard Good Times with JA, GS, JS, I)D, FC, BF, LC MAD PARTYING — cruises scuba + skiing I love and miss you DAD! INSPIRATION; Any fool can spend money but it lakes a wiseman to save it — Capt. Joe Anthony Marcello 1 1 ) Magnolia Ave MEMORIES; THEPARTIESW BAMNGOCP THE BAND W J K A M M P K E N E V E R K O R G E T ALLTHEGOODERIENDS INSPIRATION; TOSUCCEEDINWIIATEVER- ICHOOSE TODO TOHAVETHEGREATEST SUMMER! Jean Michel Marnoto 65 Friend Street Fuzzee MEMORIES; SOCCER. TEACHERS, GOOD FRIENDS, YMCA WITH DEAN, KEITH, MIKE. NICE GIRLS LIKE TURIBIA.MARIA AND ELSA. INSPIRATION; VIVE LA FRANCE! Corey James Marques 4 Gee Ave. MEMORIES; Great times w EW. MM, AN, M+KS, KH, JS, RC, MB, DO, RS, My Pearl DS ACTIVITIES; Bowling, Christmas Party, The Band (we ' ll find a name), Celtics games 1 INSPIRATION; My Mom, Thanks for slicking it out when times were at their toughest. I Love You! Stephen W. Marshall 6 Gould Cl. MEMORIES; Good times with; ML — Rem Friday JF — Rem The Oula F.I.D. DT JF Rem Marshfield RL Whatever PM JR Rem All the Fights LM — Rem studying for Trig TA — Rem HW the Carnival of Freaks TA TR — Rem the talk or lines in Marcy’s bathroom ML — School nights play Pictionary Superbowl “87” 10-0 Peter Martin 8 Calder Street MEMORIES: CIRCLEJERK AND THE AUTO- MATIC SHOOT GUN, THE FOOTBALL SEASON OF 1987 ESPECIALLY SUPERBOWL WEEK ACTIVITIES; FOOTBALL Vasaris Martinonis Eastern Point Blvd. Ves MEMORIES; GOOD TIMES WITH DB,GT, MB,BS,CW,RT,JP HEY DONNY WHERE’S the SOLO NEVER FORGET JS IN STUDY ALWAYS REMEMBER PRACTICE LOCKED IN THE BASEMENT 29 IT IS ALL YOURS BITE ME? INSPIRATION; NEVER TEAR YOUR FACE OFF FOR IT CAUSE IT’S ALWAYS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE Kristen Jean McCollum 3t 8 W ashington St. Kris Krissie Spuds MEMORIES; Brian 1 1 - 1 4-87GTW BC.BG.SG.J A. MJ.DJ.M .DS.KM.JW ,BF.REM. J A ' SHOUSE Cl FS I ' .AB. 1 ' PINGW 5G. PING. WHF.RF.S BRI? W Mil 1 FI Y.YOl RF GONF 11 A YA MOM. ACTIVITIES; THESPIANS 1-4 INSPIRATION: TO PROVE SOME W RONG TO PROVE SOME RIGHT NEVER BE IN THE Sll ADOW S U W AYS IN THE LIGHT Amanda Anne McKay 5 Adams Place MEMORIES; LETTERS IN THE SAND. SPBRK-87 " W THE 3 JS! N. ADAMS W DKBF ADRCG.MONTR EAL W SJ. TIMES W CP KB.LOVE TO MOM DAD! ACTIVITIES: STUDENT COUNCIL.TRACK1-4 INSPIRATION; TODAY WILL SOON BE TO- MORROW. TOMORROW W ILL SOON BE YES- TERDAY. YESTERDAY IS GONE WILL IT BE FORGOTTEN. Meredith McKenna 105 Leonard St. ODB — KL.MS.CB IT ALLBECAN WITH THE COLDHUNGRY JOURNEY . . . PIESCAM THE BIG FIASCO ' OK THE PARTY ' S OVER” NY87 D-HASSLE CSN DEAD EXTRAVAGANZA ELKINS MAGIC BEADS PASTAFEST LIGHTY LY — MOM DAD FEET ON THE GROUND. HEAD IN THE SKY IT’S OK I KNOWNOTHING’S WRONG — TH INSPIRATION; WHEN THE WORLD IS RUN- NING DOWN YOU MAKE THE BEST OF W HAT ' S STILL AROUND Heather McLeod 7 Mondello Sq. MEMORIES; NFGT — W.EM.GR.MI.MD.MS, AB.HS.HL.SC.TF.LF. BG.SP.DP.JP.EW.DS.MT, PB.John.Europe.No Boom-boom at Gina’s ask girls. GT@ DB ' s, Mi’s hair. Dude-n-the screen door! Class of 1988! Thanks Mom Luv ya! INSPIRATION; A hundred-thousand miles in a 747. lake it all in style if you want to get to heaven!! Lauren C. McNally 1 Beaupori Ave. MLWORIES; ITS BEEN REAL FROM 1984 TO 1988! MEMORIES OE ALL MY FRIENDS WILL ALWAYS LINGER WITH ME SPECIAL THOUGHT OF CLENN STANTON 4 19 87 I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD! INSPIRATION; LOOK AT EVERYONE AS A FRIEND NOT AN ENEMY Rachel MrTipje 35 Cliff Rd Ray Ml MORIES: B F FPAULA R TM.BG,PC,NF,REM JUN. 20 87 ' AISOP F EM.CE.R PC SCAR W F.S NY SW PC.JR.TM MM.FB TOM oAPT.SKIINC.ANDPC ' s ASA SI MM EH OF 87 ITS BEEN 9 YEARS LOVE YA r »M THANKS mom AND DAD INSPIRATION; TO SUCCEED AND BECOME THE BEST AT » HATEVER I DO. ALSO TO B W T F. Lia Medeiros 18 Fair Street Marie MEMORIES; Good times with some friends and especially with Mike Taormina Eric Melanson 167 Essex Ave. MEMORIES; Eric + Wendy 10 31 84 I love you! Paula — keep quiet! 4th block talk w JP+I.C — want some ML! Thanks AP, PD, JC, JS You’re all great! Thanks Mom+Dad! ACTIVITIES; Band 1,2, 3, 4 Drum major 4 Scott C. Merchant 34 Mansfield St. Mr. Mushroom MEMORIES; Grt. Times w JM.SA.JR.CM.BH. es- pecially,Michelle and GG.RD. INSPIRATION; I’d like to see the world become a better place for all. Reach out your hand. If your cup is empty, If your cup is full, may it be again! JG. Karla Messier 1 1 Woodward Avenue MEMORIES; Psy ch oe ne r get ics 1 h e te states wisdom art=I keep my visions to myself Beauly the Beasl Misha lam=URGENT! a LG Sing till it hurts;sis moon=JA=LA HIGHWAY- MAN=JR=A violent rider can nev win Schem- ing3=LG THANKS ELISEiDGFDEJEM INSPIRATION; Days when the rain + sun are gone — Blk as nite — You’ll find me only by the lite of the moon Lisa Beth Michalski 43 Lookout Road Lisa- Lisa MEMORIES; BFF JULES GTW CA CA MI MB MM AETLSCMDMPCRMSMTMS KMDSMNTGAW +BNPSNPCPAJAJGTAMJAKHELJWKRBLNTYBF! NF SUM’87 @ ghg,blvd,PF,W MB,LA+TM. THINK PINK 10-31-87. Thank you Mom and Dad — I Love you. INSPIRATION; What we anticipate seldom occurs; what we least expect generally happens. Kathryn Militello St. Anthonys Lane Kathy MEMORIES; Purple snowmen? Look out for the rock! GTW RS M JS BS RC JS RZ NP TT PC! N F NP Summer 87 — : Beachnighl ask RC BS. Little fuzzy men with no feel? I finally made it through! Thanx Mom and Dad I luv you both INSPIRATION; We are leaving our footprints on the sands of lime. Grace C. Moceri 6 Caslte Hill Rd. Gray, Fedicine MEMORIES; mag l js Rem THE BOYS; PS — I lev you 1 1 15 85! PS rem L rern KB HALPARTY 85-87! lsl. action " 87”! IGREAM kb? secrets wbf JS! Bros. KJ DM JM 1L. Thanks Mom and Dad I lov You! Always Rem Gram and Peter M. INSPIRATION; What a long strange trip it has been (GDEAD) Live now pay later — DS Sebastian Moceri Jr. 41 Farrington Ave. Busty, Sebby, Beastie MEMORIES: FLASHBACK: poolroomsumma SURF keg BAD squam FENWAY spindabeach DOUNUTS ski-gumby W PINK palace RED LIGHT Keith barney UCLA? munched AT braces COVE miss U pete Room SERVICE 3 kids IN a TUBE nicks CAR ACTIVITIES: sunbathing SURF sit on sidelines WATCH TV GROW THINGS INSPIRATION: ALWAYS fight back even if your brother is bigger than you are. Adam Mondello 32 Ocean Ave. MEMORIES; GOOD TIMES IN Tank.Summer“87”PETTY, BOSTON Con- certs. Zombie Land in Economics W DA. Rem.JS,JF,AD,DH and The Rest. Some classic limes!Dunn and Shakers. Beatles!Stones! “BIG ADAM”! ACTIVITIES; CC-2,lndoor Track — 3, Spring Track — 4 INSPIRATION; Get out of Chemistry! Be Happy and Successful. Marcia J. Montagnino Way Road Marcy — Karema MEMORIES; B F A AEJW GTW — TLG GCGMPLMMS sum87 Mov.House EPCVLCMN The Boat ask JW sum86DDaskAE TRBFTABMKPELPC — SCBASM All Nighler @my house askAELCMN Austria Think Pink TA I’Ll ABCFY BFHS GTW — JDSDJD MACCMNFTS I love you Dad+Mom Thanx Meg,Amy,and Jimmy INSPIRATION; The best gift my parents have given me — LOVE Frederick A. Morgan R 1 1 4 Magnolia Ave. MEMORIES; 5-17-87 LORI; BURKES FLD;Sum- mer of 87 ALWAYS RMBR.GT’S LL, JG, CM, SB, MW, MR, LP, ML, TC, SG, DT, MN, BN, RH, JB,; PAUL REVERE ASK LL; SKI 93; HOOP; WHAT GOES GOOD W CHICKEN KIEV?; H C; CAPT. MORGAN!; 77 NOVACAMPING 87 — CANOE- ING ASK LL, JG, CM, SB, MW WHAT LOBSTAS; THANKS MOM DAD LOVE YOU; FRED AND LORI F-EVA Christopher Morin 7 Holly St. MEMORIES; Good times with Linda AC- CIAVATTI Lori S Stan C Dan M Kevin W Fred M INSPIRATION; If you can imagine it you can achieve it. Kelly C. Morris 12 Mondello Sq. MEMORIES; Kelly and Krank 4 1 86 Remember great times with JM,MM,KK,CM,PN,FT,PL,REM That Nice girl Jenn I Love You Krank! INSPIRATION; One must have the right to choose. Even to choose wrong, if he is ever to learn to choose right I LOVE YOU MA AND THANKS! Patrick M. Morrissey 14 Riverview Rd. Morris, Paddio MEMORIES; Best of times — JC JC CN MM LH 1G MK MR TC JA KW LN BB NS B-ball,ski trip.Ncz — crash, I didn’t gel arrested — beach, Cells Sox gatnes.Thanks Morn Dad ACTIVITIES HONORS: Varsity Basketball, volleyball, tennis.NHS, newspaper staff INSPIRATION; You can’t have everylhing.where would you put it? — Steven Wright Charlotte A. Moses 391 Western Ave. MEMORIES; W P.H.J.M.D.M.J.D.K.M.D.B. — D.M. be careful w bz — don ' t forget M.B. in b- boinber! n forget D.C. beach + f.moons! I Love You Paul! INSPIRATION; There is a past that is gone forever, but there is a future that is still our own. Love You Ma + Dad Matthew Moynahan 50 Eastern Point Rd. Mono, Matt MEMORIES; Superbowl 12 5 87=“ROBBED” 10-0, Thanks Coach Silva Roland GTW:DK,JC,PM,MR,NEX,MK,JL, LORI — HAL- LOWEENS? PROM ACTIVITIES HONORS: VARSITY FOOT- BALL,BASEBALL,TRACK NHS,SAWYER MED- AL THANKS MOM DAD,I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU. INSPIRATION; WALKINC SLOWLY DOESN’T MEAN GREAT STRIDES CAN’T BE TAKEN — 88 Kelly A. Muise 1 1 Sylvan St. Mark Andrew Muise 10 Elwell St. Premia l.« Mullen 5 Slanwood A c. MEMORIES; The Gang!Chris,Chris. oh Chris . . . W hat’s funny’Balch Lake — Thanks 4shoes laces Rudv Sorrv vour dop died . . . (..rash! U pot a problem boy?ask Mandopeach Hiccup Syn. - nThal ' s nyice Rahiem3-2-l Good night Amy INSPIRATION; I don ' t tell u what to say 1 don t tell u what to do. so just lei me be myself. That ' s all I ask of you Philip J Muller 3 Plume Rd. Scooter MEMORIES; ( ' .apt of the Midnight Express — thank OK GW .Spring Fling @ the rocks w the BAND. Wet Bubble. Assume the Position @ DK EH TR GW. New Yrs. Eve " 86 " Thanks Phyl Ily ACTIVITIES; B-ball 1-4 Tennis 2-4 Bowl INSPIRATION; You cannot satisfy everybody so ou might as well satisfy yourself. Kathleen A. Muniz 12 Harrison Ave. KATE MEMORIES; ALWAYS REMCTW TH MR MD YW ND AE RB KH TL AB Ml +TRACIE + TAMIE — BFF GOOD LUCK GUYS! NF STEVE 1987 ILYA!THANKS4 — GRUB — MDHC-CAMP 87 w ROOMIE+VWWR — N1TE W TJAB+ GUYSTH+KM — help!AUSTRIA!P — LADIES 88! THANKS MOM+DAD.LUV YA! ACTIVITIES;CHEERING INSPIRATION; DREAM UNTIL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. Stephen M. Muniz 140 Ml. Pleasant Ave. BREEZE MEMORIES; Summer 87 at BR PV w SR PG Good Times w KFDGMNAAGW PMJTSRPGJC ACTIVITIES; Golf 2-4 Capl.4 BASKETBALL 12 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INSPIRATION; Discipline is doing what doesn t come natural — the key to success Jennifer L. Munro 1 1 Holly Street Jenn MEMORIES; BEST OF TIMES W MM.KM, CD.HP.KR.RC.AN.KJ SA CM +DM. ANYONEnot mentioned was paid. GT in CC THKS RW. I LOVE YOU MOM+DAD. Thanks MelLssa + Kelly for being there. GTW HPQUINCY INSPIRATION; MOST OF US SPEND A LOT OF TIME DREAMING OF THE FUTURE, NEVER REALIZING A LITTLE ARRIVES EACH DAY. David Thomas Murphy 9 Albion Cl. New Wave Dave MEMORIES; Remember, Rumline, Hospital .Great times with C M J P. J.M. M.P. D A. M.H. G.D.T.L. B E FIRST TIME WITH R.M. All those mornings waiting for J.P. Mad talks w TH C.M. INSPIRATION; I owe it all to my friends and family. If it wasn’t for them then I would not be here today! Erin P. Murphy 14 Ashland Place MEMORIES; Happy campers.OH NOlThe Hike ask SC Killington 86 — F ACS,skiing?Flying leaps. w MSESC HOUSE Parly 85 — The wall? CD Kit.ask MS SC LC PC.CRAZYDAZEIGONZO! But MIS.I.GATW ask SC love you Mom’Dad.Spfd.Hall Sum 86BEST TIMES W HM MS SC Ml JP PC LC EW DS JM GL DV INSPIRATION; The only thing that remains cons- tant is change. Bryan Thomas Nelson 16 Trask St. Matthew W. Nickerson Rear Pond Essex MEMORIES; Best times with rob tony curtis stud- ying. remember at thehouse with the crystal ball. CEF’s NEW YEARS. WE HAVE PROBLEMS RB TA and JT. WONDERIAND W Pete and Joe. The Breezer I’m quitting after the weekend. Thanks Ma Dad Ana Peppy. INSPIRATION; LIVE FOR TODAY.TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME Crystal Nicolosi 6 Shore Hill Rd. Cryssi Crys MEMORIES; REM; Mrs. P. thurs nite pizza party! DOMINOES! W PD, DB, EJ, JM, AS, AP + Long Lake, ME ’86, ’87, ’88 GT @ STS w everyone Luv Ya MOM + DAD Michele + Josie INSPIRATION; We create our tomorrows by what we dream today. We should enjoy here while we’re here cause there’s no here there. Aaron William Noble 14 Sayward St. Bilbo MEMORIES; Good Times with Ticker, Drip, Jim, Adam, Cindy, Janice, The Firebird and the Caprice. Driving to Jim’s house. Cruising up the mall. Adam’s Pacer! and his Grenada and Pat’s vert Chevy Power Holly 4-barrel! Liisa Ingrid Nogelo 608 Western Ave. Lee Legs Liise MEMORIES; Thank you Em! Never forget — RUDY, KW, LD, JB, SD, THE GANG. Window, RB? LL KLL in the jungle! Whites w TA. Seasons — S. SPGRP-JV. Duck+Gin 6! F F ILY Dad, Mom, and Lexi ACTIVITIES; B-ball Cap!., S-ball, NHS sec., Yrbk. Ed. INSPIRATION; You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one Adam Noseworthy 553 Washington St. “Mr. Nose” MKMORIKS; GT in the IROC-Z Psycho-Pacer. Is that a Fence? OOPS! GT at DD w HJ, DC, RM, + EVERYONE. The Partymobile=I975 FG. Turn on the Radio, What Radio? OOF! Fubda! Hey Pat, Let ' s go hit a basketball. INSPIRATION; If all else fails, lower your stan- dards; If you don ' t like the weather . . . MOVE!! Christopher Novello 9 Seaview Rd. MEMORIES; Thank you SHARI. Moped, 1st K at KM’s, SFP “PLEASANT,” SKI NC + JPeak, Fish Rescue, CHK CHK Straight On, Mush Kiss R, 5648099, + Of Course 143. GT ' s w Morris, Mono, Dominin, JC + EVERYONE ELSE. GUN- NERS + Spike crew 1. Thanks BS. ACTIVITIES; S. Council, Newspaper, Baseball, I n- tra Hoop + V-ball INSPIRATION; The GIRL that I love. Sandi Marie Novello 34 Commonwealth Ave. “Sands” “San” “Booba” MEMORIES; Joe 11 16 84 first love I love U JOE! Never Forget JP, LM, MB, CR, TR, L. Mac, NG! Talks w MG, TT, Others Pink Ladies of “88 " A H ask TR, NG, L. Mac Summer of “87” Ambulance Parties ask JB, JP. Thanks for everything Mom Dad I luv you! INSPIRATION; The seasons end and time moves on but true love never dies. Maria Nunes 29 Taylor St. Charlotte Olsson 6 Gloucester Ave. Charlie MEMORIES; Remem USA “88” Lost in Boston, Sailor Stans, Clam Chowder, Semi-Formal, YMCA, New Year; English Class; HP; JM; AT; GC; NJ; Thanks to CHS; All Teachers; Dr. “S”; Love You Amy, Jen, and Mom, What ever happens I will always rememb you and thanks for everything INSPIRATION; Reach for the stars and settle for nothing less Garrin T. Orlando 94 Centennial Ave. Gabs, Gabber MEMORIES; the Great times with BO, CP, MR, Tex, BA, JP, TD, TR, JC, JF Especially LP Miss those dam Parties 3 Nuns a Hatchet ACTIVITIES; the maze, Just Hangin’, Staring at the Big, Brown house INSPIRATION; The future is close, but the end is ALWAYS NEAR. Paul Orlando 1 5 Chest nu l Street MEMORIES; Summer of “87 " What class John? Two in one night. M y Toga parly. — JVJFSM CLM OTOGSJGSWBWJBML SLPCLSBMRBBODBL MC W “ Red” JBJFACARLV — KM JRMH BDPH — Pals Game — Tanya R. — Rem. New Years Eve? I Don ' t — July 3 wlio drove my ear home? Rem the hotel. Ask CLSZJV JC Thanks Mom and Dad INSPIRATION; Never do more than you need Julie Anne Palazola 7 Summit Street Jules, Jou, Jul MEMORIES; Joe I love you! 8 15 87 always. Rem summer of 87! Cruizing in the “STANG”! Good times w Best Friends Lisa NPCRSNMBMINDLC N F XMAS Semi-Formal limo! RM at LBH REM The Pink Ladies! " Morgans " 1 Mom and Dad I Love You! KPCK INSPIRATION; Who says you can’t always gel what you want? Keith S. Palazzola 10 Perry winkle Lane Michelle Palazola 22 Madison Avenue Mich, Sugar Babe MEMORIES; Joe I Love you 11-24-84 GTW CG LC MD GG AE VW GR MT DP MS SS NF “The Guys” “Hampsters” — DP “Pink Ladies” of “88” Austria 88 “Bah " — VW Joe will the real one ever come 12-25 I Love You Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES; Cheerleader 2,3,4 Capl.4, Superbowl “87,” Softball INSPIRATION; To gel the most out of life Heather A. Pallazola 8 Blynam Avenue Heathe MEMORIES; Camping 4yr. 3 Femdale — Skiing, C.Vac. Rem. Mrs. Reeg and Mrs. B’s Class GTW: CO, CG,RC,JM,CJ+DC,SM,DR,DL,MG+ Scott! Better than the voc Pat Ford Elite 12-26-87 “Are you Serious?” Uno w LP, LM,SP+ME July 5, 1986 JM+CO Lost in E.Wey Rem. seventeenth JM+CO. Thanks Mom,Dad,Nana+Scott I Love You all! I want a cookie! Leonard Pallazola 79 Riverdale Park Lenny, Len LenPal MEMORIES; GTW:dug, Brad,and Al, Jen+rob, Heather+Jay Avery(ick) Sf with SC. Long life through superior fire power! Life, the universe, and everything =42 Def Leppard.Stryper Petra, Steve Taylor and some band, ZZ top. Yes, It’s twen. It was Glue! Siblings die! Cruisin ' , Plmouth,nahunt 2:45 on Phone Vincent Pallazola R63 Western Avenue Jay MEMORIES; Good times in food » T A.GO. BN. CP. Remember the dough on the ceil- ing. 1 love you Mom and Dad and Tracey. ACTIV 1T1ES; Varsity Baseball 2.3.4 Basketball 4. MIS INSPIRATION; Live life to the fullest; Enjoy it while you can. Dawn Parisi 24 Hampden Street MEMORIES; Yuda — 9 15 86 The best of times w lhe best of friends; DS MS.MT.AB.HM. MP.EW .EH.EM.LF 1 made it! God ' em? ask MD.PC.BMM Canal Bound! Elorida 86 ask DS.AB Austria 88 Thanks Mom and Dad 1LY INSPIRATION; I ' m not here to change the world that’s blow in ' in the breeze, some may call me lazy but 1 call it ease ... — Joe Casey Jason Parisi 1 Pascucci Court MEMORIES; " .All of the wild things JA+GS tried to gel ourselves into " Also going camping + skiing with Patty Goodtimes; sneaking around with secret lovers. Accept behind Patricia ' s back, never forget you (Po Ba) Love you MOM DAD. Jennifer J. Parisi 8 Ocean View Dr. Jenn MEMORIES; Peter 3 8 87, Sum — 86! NYE — 86. B f LeeAnn. Julie, Maria! Never forget times w JD @PB ' s house, NYE, (Julie’s baby?) Talks w DK: Gt ' s w LV, shut off twice! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track l-4,Capt. 4, EH 2. Cheering 1,3,4 (SUPERBOWL 87) NHS, Yrbk. INSPIRATION; I ' ll wail for better times, but time waits for no one! dea Mark A. Parisi 23 Riverdale Park MEMORIES; Rem all the good times on the hill, and at school w DA TS RK JL TH MM KH KS MS RS TK VB. Rem: Good limes at the concerts. THANKS MOM DAD Nikki R. Parisi 1 32 East Main St. Jack 4-20-87 I LUV U! CTW — JP.CRLM, SN } ' LG. Gl . Kirn.CC — NEVER 4-GET SUM- MER OF “87 " 8-15-87 My 17th — FITTER " FATA " ask ' JULES” Thank you for everything Mom Dad — You are the best! I love you — Baby Jack, Nino, Peter, Grandpa Gramma(»)=P G! David B. Pasquarelli 7 Atlantic St. Rmbr: The Immaculate Conception : MJ R, AM,JTB,I.M,AW,JB. Roadlrips to N. Andover; Late Night and Mail-box Baseball, Splif, The Blues broth- ers, Zip-Zip, Fender Mustang, The Tomb,Tequila.ILKB.In the land of the blind.The one-eyed man is KING! INSPIRATION; “It is the true profession of man to find his way to himself — HH Joseph M. Pasquina 44 Grapevine Road Joe MEMORIES; That 87 SUPERBOWL, No-Tunes, Spindabeach, Wetbubble, Chosen Few, The Band“Who know who they are,” B’s,D’s,’E’s,Squam Rock, Love You Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES HONORS; Treasurer, NHS, Track432,Indoor3Capl.2, Football432 1 ,NEC Champs,Moonspun,B-n-G,AC INSPIRATION; Don’t let others control your own destiny. John Joseph Pata 16 Oak Street Good Times with DB GT VM MB VG SA CN TF MN EA KS DT CW RT and everyone else DB GT Rem Rockport 3 cruisers 6 cops. INSPIRATION; Never give up on your Dreams because Dreams do come true. I love you Mom and Dad and Thanks. Good luck to the guys in vail, may you accomplish what you set out to do. Someday KS William L. Peacock 24 Fuller St. MEMORIES; A few pineapples and much snoober. Philosophy or bottle bombing 6thblock studyhall.The couch is in front of the door.Ski trips,lunchhacks,TheDead and CSN shows. Egg- plants Live! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: VarsityHockey,NHS INSPIRATIONS; A peacock that sits on its tail feathers is just another turkey. Live what you want. Dawn Marie Perry 21 Wonson St. Rock Neick Bradley Peterson Jr. 501 Washington St. Brad, Studly, Big Bad Brad MEMORIES; GTW: AL,Jen,Len, Seth, Rob, Chadwicks.Wed. Fri. Nites,Jay,Wug,Avery (Ick!), 42, Ret, LAWRENCE LOWELL The Beans Word (Ick), Watchband, Heart, The Cars, Huey, Gp40, Just Remember It’s Twew! Jacqueline H. Pino I I Vulcan Si. Jacque MEMORIES; Making DM Wail. GrealCroup Talk w EM,l)M,EB,LC,GM. Great I’iiiies w MII. Lunch w l)M,CM,JM, Sometimes 1.(1, MB,ME. INSIMHA TION; II you cannot find happiness along ihe way, you will not find il al llu end of the road. Richard B. Pino 1 I Vulcan St. Good Times With Mr. Marlin and Electric Shop Good times Wilh JC JT JG BE BS Gil and with Eanesville Crew Jennifer Piscilello Oxford Road Jen Jenimafa Fa Jenima MEMORIES; Memorable moments with the " gang,’’ once upon a time. Thanks for everything MOM DAI)!! love you guys so much! I love you Doug! You filled my life with Love and Happiness. Accountants here I come! Troy Porper 38 Cleveland St. Christopher S. Porter 21625 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, California MEMORIES; CTw GOMCLPDSJPBAJEBOTRC HTDI LOVE YOU MISSY!! It’s a Roach! Kill it! INSPIRATION; Live l.ife expecting it to change or end! Amy L. Randa . a 64 Washington St. MEMORIES; GTW The Gang! esp. SB,LV,JW, N E Canoe w Jo! Ski trip SW LV,JW,DR Peach Hiccup Synrorne ask BM,LV,ML VTW KB,JO,MR I Love You Mom,Dad,Mike+Tim!! INSPIRATION; Your first breath is taken and into the world You are oast. You long for tomorrow while living each day as your lust. Bryan Adams. Jodi Anne Randazza 19 Mason Street MEMORIES; Going over Tom ' s apartment and never forget the night of 6-5-87 All the great times at Dad ' s house. Remember the times with Pau- la. Frank. and Manny at Celebrations. Good Times with: Paula Costa, Rachel McTigue. INSPIRATION; To have a future with Manny, he ' s my sweetheart. Amanda K. Reardon 8 Cunningham Rd. Mandy Man-D Spike MEMORIES; JULY 13 SUMMER 86 — DEREK — RKPT — SHADES — ICE CREAM STORE — NGTS ON FRONT BEACH — 10:27TRAIN — SNKING HOME ALONG WASH ST — PRET- TY GREEN PURSE — MRNING PHONE CALLS — LRNING TO DRIVE STNDRD — SHAR- ING:THNKS:ILYD.HI KIDS — VIETNAM SSAIGON — INSPIRATION; In 3 words I can sum up all I learned about life: it goes on — R. Frost Lorrie Diane Reichow 7 Foster Street Anthony B. Remington 123 Cherry St. Tony, Rem, " REMDOG " MEMORIES; Best of Times; Never forget you Ann. Great Times w THE BAND Rem K. Shea. Spring Fling 86 on the Rocks MADTIMES at Dan- nos, Wilsons.Ethans, Dad’s Pad. Turn on the AC KP. JOIN THE CHOSEN FEW. Spring Break 87 DAYTONA MIDNIGHT MADNESS IN Boston RED LIGHT SUPERBOWL BOUND THE BIG RIP OFF . . . INSPIRATION; LIFE IS LIKE A BED OF ROSES WATCH OUT FOR THORNS. Robyn A. Rhodes 19 St. Louis Ave. Bean MEMORIES; LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM. INSPIRATION; I ' M READY FOR LOVE. DON’T FORGET TO GO. Daniel Robinson Top of Harbor 11-2 61 Allison Roderick 1 1 K ' enley! MEMORIES. STUD BUDS: ACC. MR K PM F RKM GOLF COURSE the RABBIT POST DRIP — ASK TW K KR FORCKT BW! CH MACIC KINNH SUMMER 87!! B-COVE SEPT! ADAM5E1 ATION A1LYMBSAYSB, I LOVE YOl MOM. DAD. THANKS SQl AM INSIGHTS. INSPIR ATION; Tilings at worse will cease or else climb upward to wlial they were before. Melanie Lynn Rose 94 Friend Street MEMORIES; STEVE 30JULY87 G85 Q86 NY86 M87 VM MI STING — WHAT A WASTE! — DR GET IP. CATHY. SWIM! CHINESE FOOD AT COREY S ROASTBEEF AFTER WHITES- N K b 3 STOOGES WITH DILL DON BOSCO SARAH I II AN K U MISS U, TONY 4EVER MORE. CHIEF! LOVE U. MOM PAPA MONO CHICK POX INSPIRATION; I ' M ONLY HERE W AITING TO LEAVE — DALE BEAVERMAN KYLE STEVEN LE BLANC Traci Ann Rose 667 W estern Ave. Tray MEMORIES; 2-9-86 I LOVE YOU NICK! REM I ' t .’ ASK NG LM AF AH ASK SN NG LM GTW NRNGLMAFSNJWSB I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD! ACTIVITIES; FLDHOC SFTBL CHRLD HONORS: W HO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOLS INSPIRATION; DON’T LET THE PAST GET YOU DOWN LIVE FOR THE PRESENT! Jeremy Ross 1 054 W ashington Street MEMORIES; PASTAFEST!! SKIING P-mag on s- Irip Arum Homework? Aunt Nat Peer Ed. Don’t you love my sipa sipa Phil? You coming over today John? LA BAS! GodforbidcycleM ARVEL RULES YoYo hey wob what ' s happenin’ ziti, there is no substitute. INSPIRATION; All for one and one for all — The Muskateer salute unglaublich — Nighlcrawler Bye Bye. Catherine Russo 26 Church Street “Cacki” MEMORIES; PAUL I LUV U!2-21-86 JULIA POPA BOiKrista rem the rink talks w Pally OIIYA 1 2 Julia knows Rem old times w Julnp SN LM MB AS ' LOVE YOU MOM-n-DAD I LUV YOU Lim ianaT CR AZY ” INSPIRATION; THE MOMENT IS ONLY TEM- PORARY BUT THE MEMORY LASTS FOREV- ER! I.aurie Ryan 90 Maplewood Park Scooter MEMORIES: (.BEAT TMS W MICHELLE GOOD TMS IN SCHOOL W MD MIZ LC MIZ I LOVE YOl ANDY FOREVER I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD MICHELLE NEVER FORGET 526 NEVER FORGET THE RIDE HOME FROM CT ALMOST GETTING KILLED ASK ROBERTA THANX MOM AND DAD!!! INSPIRATION; TO ALWAYS REACH YOUR MMLS AND HAVE ALL YOLR DREAMS COME true:. Michael Philip Ryan 15 Emerald Street Dorninin MEMORIES; Best of Times — PM, CN, BB, MM, DK, JV, SM, RS, CL, WHAT A WIN COIN’ TO SEMI? SKI TRIP, M=W. ACTIVITIES; HONORS: Varsity Soccer (3,4) IN- TRAMURAL HOOP, Volleyball, NHS INSPIRATION; Two men look through the same bars; one sees the mud, the other the stars. — Frederick Langbridge Michelle C. Ryan 1 7 Ellery Street MEMORIES; Best times ever with Jack 10 4 85 CTw Tina KM MM TG TJ AE JW ND AUSTRIA I love you Mom and Dad! ACTIVITIES; Varsity BB Cheering — 3 INSPIRATION; The thought that keeps me going every day is that I know you love me; I love you more than words can say! I LOVE YOU JACK! FOREVER! Accursio Sanfilippo 48 Eastern Point Road “Gus” MEMORIES; Good limes with JA, JP, JS, JC, DD, KP “Parties” Summer of “87” Waterskiing. Great Times with John, “Cosmo” and I INSPIRATION; “If you don’t succeed the first time try and try until you shall succeed” “When they say ‘no’ they really mean ‘yes’ ” Never forget you “Lorie” Let’s go row — Joe. I love you Mom and Dad Dominic Sanfilippo 10 Allen Street MEMORIES; Deb, I LOVE YOU! 7 21 85 Never forget Xmas of “87” Great Time in Marty Class MR, SG, TP, MH, RO, DEBBIE. Remember after the Semi-Formal and the HT Fiesta of ’87 ASK MY GIRL. THANKS MOM AND DAD, I LOVE YOU! INSPIRATION; You have to go through Hell before you get to Heaven! Gasper J. Saputo 3 1 Granite Street “GAP” “Sky 1” “SAPPY” MEMORIES; ROBERTA 9 12 87, GTw SF, KR, JS, JT, NB, JC, JT, PC, SC, AND ALBINES. THE TRUNK IS REALLY COMFORTABLE, EURO- CONNECTION INSPIRATION; THE MORE I DRINK THE BET- TER I LOOK. Amy Saulnier 28A Friend Street Rebecca Schiffman 13 Wonson Street “Beck” MEMORIES; FUNNY TIMES WITH D.L., E.A., A.C., A.B., P.B., N.G., T.R.; L.M. REMEMBER: “THE KISS, " SPROUT, FROG, PORKY, TWANG, + ALUMINUM KNIGHT! BEST TIMES WITH: DEANS BABY. 1 LOVE MIKE. Rachel J. Schwartz 12 Finch Lane “Rach " MEMORIES; Germany, Sum “87. " US Army. Ask DL, BF LC, GTW LC, LS, CP, AR. LAV, DJ, AC, BM, etc. Outside at study with LeeAnn and Debbie. Fireworks over EP. Ask AC Hello? WOOW Ask DJ, LC. Party with DS. Mr. B. and Mr. D. smoke cigars. ACTIVITIES; Field Hockey, Spring and Winter Track HONORS: German Club Roseann Marie Scola 20 Warner Street MEMORIES: Purple snowmen! ask KM. GTW: KM, JL, WO, ST, CG, PT, JUDY Should we take the Jaguar or the train? How do you get to Oz? Ask PT Hugoi Look! FUZZY PEOPLE W oul FEET! What’s so funny? 1 LOVE YOU MOM N DAD! INSPIRATION; If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it. Amy B. Seppala 16 Hickory St. Aim — Sep MEMORIES; LIIS we’ve got so much to tell. Vtree sign in Silva’s — Cross St. St. Peters Roxbury New Years 85-87 LIES! Devious champs GTW GM,JR,LR,TC,GC BTW Dan 1 27 86 Always luv Jo — Broonie Rem. Boston +3 15 86 Intensive agony! Nautilus at Y thanx Mom + Dad for horse and understanding everything. Achieve the impos- sible. Pamela Joyce Sheedy 399 Western Ave. Pam, PJ MEMORIES; Rem. Writing class, 1,2,3. Gung-Ho Missed the Pizza Hut — and we made it home! Good lime w KS, SG, CN . . . INSPIRATION; “If you ran dream it, you can achieve it. " Brian K. Silva 906 Washington Street Karen E. Silva 6 Williams Cl. MEMORIES; Mad limes in llie multi colored fire- bird. Mad-o king of the might lime world. Come live your secret dream! KM.BG.DO, R Mislerlonghand. I must lx ' in the front row! Russin ' martians? Nantucket " 87 " w MC ll.l! INSPIRATION; Only time can cure a broken heart. In time you may realize it was better off broken. Eove you Mom+Dad Anthony Sinagra 34 Perkins Street MEMORIES; GTW PC.SL.OF all the summer par- ties. Bye.bye CHS INSPIRATION; Many dreams come true some with silver linings. I live for my dream with a pocket full of gold. Kristin F. Sinclair 127 Wheeler St. Chiquita MEMORIES; Rem. the good times in HR. Keep in touch PS, DM, SC. All of studie. I plan to hang on to you for a long time Duog. Love you. Thanks Mom.Dad. PS you look mahvalous. INSPIRATION; Live life to the fullest and if that don ' t work screw it! Linda Skinner 79 Maplewood Park Shelley Smith R28 Millett Street R. Russell Smith 54 Leonard St. MEMORIES; (Amid popping flashbulbs and yelled questions) “I have no statement at this time.” 65 Nicole Si. I _ui rent 15 Clean iew Ave. Nick MEMORIES: KEEP THE FAITH REM. Howie Pete and Dave! Hi PM Ski w CD . . . Baby Hang on! — CJ 2nd Studv — LG Col any food SL? I love ou guvs! Thank you for everything Mom Dad! Hey sista I ' m gonna miss ya! A ZOO! CDF ACTIVITIES; MIS. Yearbook, Newspaper INSPIRATION; Life goes on within you and without you. TB Kevin St. Peter 1 Homans Court MEMORIES; 75 Apollo Home ' s cellar; Fishin ' trips; Good times with MS.KH.RS.MM.DO, EW.PS.RS.DB.BO. and MP. Bungie: “Banned at O’Mallev " ; 180; Ski trips; Designated driver; Mu- sician Magazine; Thanks Mom and Dad — I love you! The tree! HONORS: Power award INSPIRATION; Live life to the fullest — cause you only get one chance! Michael J. St. Peter 1 Homans Court Mike MEMORIES: Maine — R Camp knot yours!! Re- member parties at Horne’s! Good times with KS.KH.MM.RS.MP.VG.DO.PS.DB.BO.CM, and special K; Golf; Extension; Dad, Jeff — “I won!” Remember the cars!! Love ya Ma and Dad. HONORS: Power mech and electricity 2 award. INSPIRATION; Don ' t worry . . . just do it! Glenn M. Stanton •17 Warner St. MEMORIES; Good parties with all my friends I will always remember. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help. Love Ya! Special memory of 4 19 87, Lauren+Cienn. John Stilwell 47 Prospect Street MEMORIES; Good times in the Tank. Rem. Boston concert “87” Cemetery F-Ball and the BBA — Don’t go to McD’s for 3 hours ask JE. Rem. Physics with “the hound.” Never forget AM,BB, JE.VG.SL.DH.AC or anyone else I had a good time with. INSPIRATION; To be happy and successful. Jacquelyn Stowell 1 2 Colburn Street Jackie MEMORIES; Laurie never forget all the great limes, (rood Luck w The hoser! ( rood Times with: I.C.E II t.VI. ' J RM G B! We made it! BL,JS. Remember E W.D. with V.M. Thanks for caring so much. Mike. I l ove You! Meatball Tammy Susanno 20 Could Ct. MEMORIES; Peter. A. 9-27-85 I.YA! Best of limes w PA. RG, PM, C CM, HL, JM, RD, E L, J C, ALLthe rest! Good l.uek to all in the future at CHS! Thanx Pete for the determination all the help! I.uv U Mom Dad. INSPIRATION; Remember The Good Times And The Bad. We Learn From Our Mistakes! C O “88 " Aim Margaret Sulera 10 Riggs St. “Smiley " MEMORIES; Neva 4-Get Summer " 87” Misery Is Land: Ask Darlene. 1 Gino Callino AH AH All!! Boston, 87 C.O.TC Always Rem. Claudio Peppy - le-Pue. Ask Kelly. The “T” is anyone silling here?!! Hey Vern!! The Green Line, ask Amanda. INSPIRATION; Learn from yesterday. Live for today. And Hope for tomorrow. Thank you jRT ILU Lorie F. Sutera 6 Cherry Hill Road MEMORIES; The Best Times w JF, TA, KS, MF, KJ, MB, JF “I ' m not playing " MF Rem. The National Honor Society (What A Blast) OH MY HEAD! I’Ll always remember you guys! INSPIRATION; To succeed in life you must accept the past as it has happened; and face the future with an open mind. Thank you Mom Dad. I Love You! Denise C. Sutherland 1 Howard Road MEMORIES; Best times with DP, MS, MT, HM, EM, DK, Florida 86 ask Dawn and Amy. June 88 California Skiing Trips, What’s in that closet. Ask LV Parties at GR, BB. Ask DP+MS. Breakfast ask MS+MT Scooping INSPIRATION; Work as if you’ll live forever Love as if you’ll die tomorrow. I Love You Mom Dad! Thanks 4 Everything! Melissa Sweet 22 Revere St. MEMORIES; Summer of " 87” Bahoen Yahoen, ask MT!HT-USA — ski trip “86” ask EM SC! (RAAAYM)ask MT EL. Austria. “HUUN- NGRY. " Harvard. Best times:w MT EM DS DP HM DK LC MP PC MI Thanks mom dad. Luv ya. INSPIRATION; It’s our only chance of living, lake all you need to live inside. — Ellon John — Joseph R. Taormina 6 Highland St. Joe MEMORIES; GTW PL,SC,RP,MR,and the rest of the guys in ELEC SHOP, rem.the “BLACK- OUT”and hanging libbs out the 2nd floor win- dow. GTW MN,MF,RB,TA,DM and the rest of the boys partying everywhere. Rem. the kings court and the “BIGHOUSE” afterwards!!! INSPIRATION; He who snoozes while intoxicated gets arrested. 67 Mike Taormina 2 1 Elm Street MEMORIES; good limes with SZ,DT,GS,BD, JT.MR, Belter limes with and always Lisa Medeiros. Throwing rolls of tape in Art room JLJM. Having fun in Homeroom with GT SZ JV MR GS Melissa Tarr 40 Grove St. MEMORIES; Never forget good times w MS DS DP HM GR MI MD TF EM DK AM ESP.KH and PA?EL? and sum. Gang Rem. “USA” “BAHOOIN”“88 " HOPEFUL INSPIRATION; Don ' t try to save my soul from destruction, I’m never going to fall. Don’t offer me a piece of the action I’m going to take it all! Robert Harris Tarr 9 Rocky Neck Avenue Robbel, Harris MEMORIES; Ramona!! Movie meetings, superbowl. Drunk German in Munich and the long- est 4 KMS! Lame gum injuries. Bustin Bottles on golf team! Buzz another slalie at 75,Sandro! THE FINAL FRONTIER! ACTIVITIES; NHS.Golf TeamJr.Rolarian, Ger- man Club,Gillnetter. INSPIRATION; Oh I believe in yesterday. Rosalia Testaverde 50 MtVernon S t. Rose MEMORIES; Great times at GHS with MM CO PC MT CT RT FT KM LR JG DO PS JG I LOVE YOU MB Never forget the great times and thanks Mom and dad for helping me throughout the school years. Love you. INSPIRATION; Gelling out of school and finding a good job Dave Thibedeau 6 Forest St. MEMORIES; Good limes with JP DB MS VG. Rem. communication workshop with Dahlgren JP DB GT. Rem. Acad computer with Kistner VG MS and JB in our Junior year. INSPIRATION; To lead a long wealthy and pros- perous life. Douglas Thompson 122 Adams Ave. Dougie Keans MEMORIES; Hockey, Rifle Team, R.M.,C.W.,the elec. s h o p , D . G . C O A C II Curley, the b u g , I. . N . , B . M . , F . S . , D . H . , B.B.,V.G.,K.H.,G.C.,.G.M.,D.G., L.S.,S.W.,A.M. INSPIRATION; To become rich and successful Elizabeth Tolinan 655 Essex Avenue Liz MEMORIES; Andy Liz 11-6-85 Good Times Always SUMMER OE86 THE CAMRY AND THE TREE ALMOST MAKE THE CONNECTION — MC FRIENDS COME AND GO BUT THEIR MEMORIES NEVER FADE AWAY. INSPIRATION; DON ' T TRY TO BE SOMETHING YOU ' RE NOT. YOU MAY WASTE THE PERSON YOU ARE. Anh-Thu Tran 1 5 Proctor Street MJ MEMORIES; LIFE IS JUST A PARTY AND PAR- TIES AREN’T MEANT TO LAST DON’T LOOK BACK. GOODBYE G.H.S. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL MISS YOU ALL THE FOREICN AND EXCHANGE STUDENTS THANKS MOM THANKS G FOR THE STRANGE TRIP IN BOS- TON LOVE YA CLASS OF 88! Gregory S. Tucker 10 Rio Drive Greg — Tucks — MEMORIES; g ts w VM,MB,JF,DB,RT,JP,BS, CW.AH, THE TREE DON. Remember: Down to WH. Let’s Play Quarters VERS Mad Practices. Vail 4EVA. Wendy your dads gonna kill me. Grace, I won ' t forget you babe. INSPIRATION; “You Catholic Girls start much too late . . . only the good die young.” “Billy Joel — The Stranger” ask GP Christine Turner 7 Summit St. “DEAN” BMM! MEMORIES; Best lmsw Ham,BMM,Lit,Bern,JS Red — CO — T03AM — There’s me! — NO — Canal bound! Shack life — 85 — ANGIE ILY!AR — “REZ Partys” w-Lit, Red! John — MYBF ALL NIGHT Jams — SHC — 88 — Pride — Imade it! INSPIRATION; Life is very short and there’s no lime ... for fussing fighting My friend! Lennon shines on — after the glitter fades — Nicks LeeAnn M. Verga 1 7 Pine St. Lee Lee, Flash MEMORIES; B F Jenn Amy! NFTW BM.DJ, CL,JV,BD,RB,SZ, AC,PC,ML,PH. Rem ski- ing ask AR; Pch Hie Syn Ask BM,ML,AR. Rem partying @ beach w Frnds NYE “88” Rem tlks w Jenn; I Love You Mom Dad Thanx Don- nie Joann! ACTIVITIES; Track 1-4.FH 3-4,Yrbk. 4 INSPIRATION; If 1 fail or if I succeed, at least 1 live as I believe. John M. Vinagre 8 Staten St. Donald Stanton Beck, Vinags MEMORIES; Fuji-Chop! What’s funny, Chris? A joke! What class?F Paul. The gang! Blach Lake, Maine. 5. 6.7. 8. Gel up, Chris! I Love U MOM! Officer! I don’t know these people! EURO- CONNECTION !! INSPIRATION; Thanks Mom and Dad! Life LIFE with no BOUNDARIES because SURVIVAL is an ART! Jacquelyn Virgilio 9 Ronna Road MKMOKIKJ ' . t ..»r 9 21 85 I ' ll always remember you! 1 It n EMIA1 V N » Y ears eve. eve: Cin duc sow herrtn rs, Calif.sunsel:Sum.trip ' 88; Sweet- sieAMe Againsies.l.v; Winter QuesuDealing » ii.TIumk you Dad.Mom.Mary.JtH ! INSl’IK V 1 ' ION; Victory is not in miles but inches. in a little now. hold your ground and later win a little more. Angela Vitale 18 Conanl Ave. JoAnn Wallius 19 Willow St. “Jo " MEMORIES; Best limes w SB.AR.LV,LC,TL, J B . Y 1 . S D . k M , M B , S L , P H , 1I.. BD.RB.BM.JB.RS.DL.DK.JV.CL.CN. AC AFLMTRNG JW — etc. REM; CT in study — Lib Football at Brown ' s Friendly’s — etc. ICNWATGT ABTIHSTTYWAMFAE Thanks: Mom Dad — ILY INSPIRA DON; There is only one success — to be able to live your life in your own way — Morley Tammy Marie Walsh 14 Fenly Rd. Tam MEMORIES; k PB on Semi-Formal Rem. coming in at 3 A M. It was worth it. Great times W Ali, Rem Golf Course The Rabbit! Never forget you Ali! Glenn you ' re my biggest inspiration. I Love You Mom And Dad. Thank You! Summer of 87 INSPIRATION; I went to the sea to see what I could see but all I could see was the sea! Michelle Ward 88 Pleasant St. Mish MEMORIES; Halloween + Beach Parties Island Action " 87” B.H. A.B. B SLY — Ask Bon-Bon Limo w John, Shawn, Kristin, + Ivy B.S. T.W. S.B. K.B. J.S. G.M. R.H. + Magnolia Crew Love Ya S.B. 6-14-86 INSPIRATION; A good heart is belter than all the heads in the world. Annemane Elizabeth Wentzell 22 Mason St. MEMORIES; Never 4-get Doug Denis 4 22 85 I Love You! BTW — Grace TL JP NG KW“Whal? no classes " " TURBO” ask Tam “Wenchmobile” ask K W “CHEERLEADERS NIGHTMARE” 8 4 87 Summer of 86 Guy Talk w-JP ND Thanks Ma+Dad ACTIVITIES; KB, BB Cheerleader 1-4 Capt. 4 INSPIRATION; Remember yesterday, dream of tomorrows, but live for today. Janelle M. While 26 Exchange Si. Jen MEMORIES; 1-16-87 1EY Erik! GTW — MM. GG, AE, CG, MR.KI) The Roal ask MM 8-4-87 CHEERLEADERS NIGHTMARE! “CHOWDER QUEEN” AE VW SB — ED.GG.DR Austria! N F 7-2-87! I Love You Mom, Dad and Ali! ACTIVITIES; EB, BB Cheering 2-4 Yearbook INSPIRATION; To love is to admire with the heart; To admire is to love with the mind. James Whitehead 23 Marina Dr. Whitey MEMORIES; Good times With G.W. T.P. R.M. W.C. J.A. C.M. and never forget the laughs in Mr. Martins class INSPIRATION; It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Chris Williamson 200 Concord St. Willy MEMORIES; MG.AN.RC.LF, TC,EE,CE,GP,EL,DT,MM,MC,DB, RO.VM.GT, DB.RT.MH.BB, MDJSJW.KC, Matt’s car behind CHS! ask AN The time is now 5 min of 9 ya right! Bob’s house? Back room talk? Feedback is such a rush! Stonehan Cinema + CVS runs! Yo! INSPIRATION; Never go out the way you came in. Thanks Ma Gary M. Wilson 1 1 Dalton Rd. MEMORIES; Jacqui 9-21-85 Great limes with The Band. Phil at the Surf. “Who is dat” — KS Jigsy Sht Flatbed — EH. Midnight Express; Assume the position. MM leaves a mess. DC — Are you sure? Danos, Rems, Hugos; Dan’s feet — 2x. ACTIVITIES; V Hockey Tennis 2-4; NHS INSPIRATION; There are no miracles — just discipline. Kirk Wonson 39 High St. MEMORIES; GTW SK,RP,JO,MP,BH, The Par- ties at Vernons INSPIRATION; You can always change the road you’re on. Callie R. Woodrum 37 Rocky Neck Ave. Ramona!, Classy MEMORIES; Hi Kids! Vietnam — SSaigon — The Longest 4 Kilos! Remember the play’s the thing — Summer of 86 — Traveling Around This Big World — 11 24 86 I Love You Busty! — Remember the movie meetings! And Pastafest! 12 10 87 I had the time of my life — so much to say too little space! Quebec — Callie a la mode! INSPIRATION; Harm none and do as you will! Salvatore R. Zerilli 53 Fort Square Sal, Otis. Rahiein MEMORIES; Of BM RF JH ML JC CL JV LV AR PA The rest of the gang — The F rog — That’s Nyice — S.O.S. — Yo Rich Buzz on — Ms. Potato Head ask BM — 2+2 before Fujiehop — Sum 89 WRFPA INSPIRATION; Satisfaction is a lowly thing. How pure a thing is joy? This is mortality this is eternity — Future holds no mystery you ' re in control of destiny. Thanks Mom I Love You! MEMORIES OF FACES UNKNOWN Marie Elizabeth .Allen 204 Concord Street Allie MEMORIES; Remember all the great times in Alliance ask Amy. Remember fainted lately?Ask Pam and Amy.G T W AS,BH,PL,DB,JP,never forget you Amy and Pam! INSPIRATION; Thanks Mom and Dad Love ya Ma and Dad!Loveya Nina and Nathan!Love ya Judy! Brian B. Ellis 1 5 Spring Street Ellis MEMORIES; W Mr Pino Jimma C. Ziggy and also skillsaw with Churchy. Can’t forget Gina! Thank you Gus Surelle. faaxi luck to Everybody in class of 88. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn I been real fun! This is the path where nobody goes! Be careful but don’t slop partying! TO THE fOOTBALL TEAM: You all went sick, you proved our class. YO! Christian Leissner 52 Grove St He is there MEMORIES; Annette! CJ Tara!! June 15, 1985 to forever Times with Bear, HJ, DC the good times in 6 block study ACTIVITIES; Running in the woods with Bear and the Scouts INSPIRATION; My wife pushing me to go back to school. The lessons I have learned from my mistakes. My mother. I will not quit! Patricia Orlando 12 Alpine Court Tricia MEMORIES; “Tamp stoge in Bev!” KL — JS Rem Jan. 16, 1987! I ' ll never forget April 19, 1986! Amy Rem. CHUCK’S PARTY!! Never forget the parties with the gang! thanks Mom-Dad for everything. INSPIRATION; “Let the good limes roll” by the Cars 72 CAMERA SHY Joseph DaCruz Karen Longo Anthony Pallazola 73 In Memoriam Alita Marie Darcy 1970-1982 There was such speed in her little body. And such lightness in her footfall, It is no wonder her brown study Astonishes us all. Her wars were bruited in our high window. We looked among orchard trees and beyond. Where she look arms against her shadow. Or harried unto the pond The lazy geese, like a snow cloud Dripping their snow on the green grass. Tricking and stopping, sleepy and proud. Who cried in goose, Alas, For the tireless heart wihin the little Lady with rod that made them rise From their noon apple-dreams and scuttle Goose-fashion under the skies! Hut now go the bells, and we are ready. In one house we are eternally stopped To say we are vexed at her brown study. Lying so primly propped. In Memoriam Roy Rusty Dare 1970-1987 H ■ , mUS7! I want to begin by telling you how Rusty touched my life, and others that he knew. When 1 first met him I felt a special friend had come into my life. He was always there when 1 needed to talk, he was a great listener. I only knew Rusty for a year, but I can tell you that I am very happy that I had a friend like him. I think our friendship was really unique. You see 1 was much older than Rusty. 1 saw Rusty to be like a little brother, and he felt I was a big sister. As I talked with Rusty’s mother, she told me as far as she can remember, he was the type that wanted to get the most out of life, and to learn about life as much as he could. She even said that Rusty once said those very words to her. Rusty had a special way of dealing with people in his life, he was strong willed, and had a very promising outlook on his future. Rusty ha d many dreams, and some may even have come true. He wanted to be either a professional hockey player or a water skier, and I know he enjoyed both of these sports tremendously. I remember when Rusty bought his boat, all he would talk about was all the good times everyone would have on it, and teaching those of us who couldn’t water ski. Rusty loved his mother and grandparents very much. That love has made them stronger, and has reflected on those of us who loved him. Rusty ' s mother told me great stories of Rusty’s childhood, and he lived it just as any little boy would have. He played Little League Baseball, football and hockey. It was times like the hockey game I went to, that Rusty was able to release the pressures of growing up in times like these. When Rusty started to date Melanie, I saw a definite change in him. Rusty began to know love in a different meaning. He was beginning to mature. Melanie, you were a big part in Rusty ' s life, and I thank you for bringing him so much happiness. Rusty had many friends from school, and down at the store corner. For me, and most of you. Rusty was the first person to pass away that was a close friend. I know that my reaction was anger and emptiness, but because of knowing that Rusty ' s friends were there, I began to feel strong and able to accept that he was gone. As Rusty would have said: “Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I’ve ever known, like a drifter I was born to walk alone.” Rusty was born Wednesday, May 27, 1970. Entered into eternal life. Tuesday, July 28, 1987. From a friend 77 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS Yugoslavia is the country in which I am from. I must admit I was not quite certain what the U.S. was truly like. Gloucester was not exactly my idea of an ideal place to live in. It is very small and there really is not loo much nightlife, something I really do miss from Yugoslavia. Perhaps a city like New York or Los Angeles has all 1 had heard of . . . and maybe the affluent lifestyles lived by individuals in those cities was something I greatly anticipated in Gloucester, only on a lighter note because of Boston. Gloucester High was a great experience. My teachers were all great people (nice, intelligent, and understanding). I would like to thank them for their encouragement. My fellow students were very nice and very entertaining; I will miss my good friends after my departure. As for being an exchange student is concerned, all these memories and experiences will be cherished. I would recommend a similar experience to my American peers. Most of all I would like to thank the Wi Isons, the family which was kind enough to take me into their home for the duration of my stay in America. Natasia Yokanovic Hello. My name is Charlotte Olsson. I am from Partillo, Sweden. I know it is hard to believe, because you guys think that most Swedish people are tall, blonde and blue eyed. But, I’m glad to show you that there are all kinds of people living in Sweden. I came in September as an Exchange Student. I was nervous to start school. The reason I came was, I wanted to spend a year with my wonderful American family, which I met 5 years ago, and of course, to learn better English and more knowledge of the American culture. I like Gloucester and the High School. It’s different, but school is school, and it doesn’t matter which country you live in. This year has been a learning year and 1 will always remember it as a very special year in my life. The best things I like about Gloucester High School are the students and the teachers and how they made me feel welcome when I felt lost and homesick. Thanks to the girl who asked me if I was lost and helped me find my class, and to the people who helped me to open my locker. A special thanks to Heather Palazola, who was a great friend from the first day of school. My advice to all of you, is to get out into the world and experience different cultures and lifestyles as I did this year. You can learn a lot, and it is a good experience. So, go out and try it for a year! I am from Norway, and I chose to be an exchange student for a year in the U.S. A. My organization just placed me in Gloucester, but I like it here in Gloucester. Tom Ustgard 78 BEST ALL AROUND DAN KING INEZ GARCIA MOST GULLIBLE Leeann Verga John Feener CLASS CON-ARTISTS Ethan Hughes Busty Moceri Meredith McKenna WORST DRIVERS Anthony Marcello Brenda Mullen BEST LOOKING Caitlin Foley Bill Peacock 82 MOST ARTISTIC Amanda McKay Guy Fiero MOST ARGUMENTATIVE Grace Giambunco Busty Mocen MOST ATHLETIC Phil Muller Harriet Carr MOST INTELLIGENT MOST TALKATIVE Sandi Novello David Pasquerelli BEST DRESSED Joe Pasquina Michelle Ryan CLASS CLOWNS Matt Nickerson Roseann Scola MOST LIKELY TO HAVE 2.3 KIDS Pam Sheedy Chris Novello CLASS SWEETHEARTS Shari-Lyn Dutton Christopher Novello 88 MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Jennifer Piscitello James Fosberry MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Gary Wilson Liisa Nogelo MOST POPULAR Kate Muniz Ethan Hughes WHAT’S HOT . . . GROUP SINGER 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Whitesnake 3. U2 4. Journey 5. Beatles 6. Bruce Springsteen 7. George Michael 8. Aerosmith 9. Boston 10. Heart ACTOR 1 . Patrick Swayze 2. Eddie Murphy 3. Charlie Sheen 4. Michael Douglas 5. Jack Nicholson 6. Hulk Hogan 7. Robin Williams 8. Bruce Willis 9. Tom Cruise 10. Mitch Gaylord SONG 1. Is this love? — Whitesnake 2. Candle in the Wind — Elton John 3. She’s Like the Wind — Patrick Swayze 4. Don ' t Stop Believin’ — Journey 5. Hotel California — The Eagles 6. Where the Streets Have No Names — U2 7. Born to Run — Bruce Springsteen 8. Crazy for You — Madonna 9. I Can Dream About You — Dan Hart 10. Stairway to Heaven — Led Zeppelin ACTRESS 1 . Molly Ringwald 2. Demi Moore 3. Cher 4. Cybill Shepard 5. Marilyn Monroe 6. Heather Thomas 7. Meryl Streep 8. Glenn Close 9. Vanna White 10. Kathleen Turner RADIO STATION 1. WZOU — Z94 2. WBCN — 104 3. WCGY — Classic Hits 93.7 4. WZLX — 100.7 5. WXKS — KISS 108 6. WFNX — 101.7 7. WODS — Oldies 103 8. WAAF — 107 9. WBOS — 93.5 10. WERS — 88.9 CLASS 1. Personal Growth 2. Study 3. Gym 4. Class of 1988 5. Accounting 6. Peer Ed 7. International Relations 8. Lunch 9. English 10. Communications Workshop FOOD 1. Pizza 2. Chinese 3. Mexican 4. Italian 5. Pasta 6. Chicken 7. Junk Food 8. Cheeseburger 9. Lobster 10. Hot Fudge Sundae HANG-OUT 1. The Beach 2. The Boulevard 3. The Mall 4. The Basement 5. The Paint Factory 6. Friendly’s 7. The Fiero’s 8. Home 9. The Fort 10. Boston TV SHOW 1 . Cosby Show 2. Growing Pains 3. Moonlighting 4. ALF 5. late Night With David Letterman 6. Cheers 7. Star Trek 8. McGuyver 9. The Oprah Winfrey Show 10. The Mort Downey Jr. Show MOVIE 1. Dirty Dancing 2. Fatal Attraction 3. Raw 4. Platoon 5. Breakfast Club 6. Three Men and a Baby 7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 8. Good Morning Vietnam 9. Top Gun 10. Animal House 90 CAR 1. Porsche 2. Lambourghini 3. Mustang 4. Corvette 5. Monte Carlo 6. Jaguar 7. Ferrari 8. Saab 9. De Lorean 10. Mercedes ALBUM 1. Ths Joshua Tree — U2 2. Escape — Journey 3. Greatest Hits — The Steve Miller Band 4. Led Zeppelin II 5. Expose — Expose 6. Dirty Dancing — Soundtrack From the Film 7. The White Album — The Beatles 8. Live — The Eagles 9. Slide It In — Whitesnake 10. Sign o’ the Times — Prince EXPRESSION 1. Zog 2. Well, isn’t that special! 3. Fetch this! 4. What’s Up? 5. Wanna Buy? 6. Bitchin’ Camero 7. It’s twew 8. Oh my head! 9. Get a life. 10. Hey Dude! WHAT’S NOT . . . GROUP SINGER 1 . Michael Jackson 2. Tiffany 3. Bonjovi 4. Culture Club 5. Motley Crew 6. Pink Ladies 7. Whitney Houston 8. Prince 9. Run DMC 10. Madonna ACTOR 1. Pee Wee Herman 2. Kirk Cameron 3. Sylvester Stallone 4. Clint Eastwood 5. Sean Penn 6. Bruce Willis 7. Michael J. Fox 8. Mitch Gaylord 9. Arnold Schwarzenegger 10. Don Johnson SONG 1 . Any Michael Jackson Song 2. Shake Your Love — Debbie Gibson 3. Could’ve Been — Tiffany 4. Pop Goes the World — Men Without Hals 5. 1 Wanna Dance With Somebody — Whitney Houston 6. Got My Mind Set on You — George Harrison 7. Living on a Prayer — Bon Jovi 8. Who’s That Girl — Madonna 9. Lost in Emotion — Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam 10. Changes — David Bowie ACTRESS 1. Madonna 2. Cybill Shepard 3. Molly Ringwald 4. Cher 5. Vanna While 6. Mia Farrow 7. Joan Rivers 8. Heather Locklear 9. Jane Fonda 10. Brooke Shield RADIO STATION 1. KISS 108 2. WROR 3. Z94 4. OLDIES 103 5. WJIB 6. WBCN 7. WISH 8. MAGIC 9. AM Radio 10. WFNX CLASS FOOD HANG-OUT 1. English 2. Gym 3. (D) Effective Writing 4. Chemistry 5. Humanities 6. Social Studies 7. Typing 8. Algebra 9. Accounting 10. Physics 1. Liver 2. Cafeteria Food 3. Spinach 4. McDonald’s 5. Egg Rolls 6. Fish 7. Yogurt 8. Pizza 9. Sloppy Joes 10. Tofu 1. Arcade 2. The Fort 3. McDonald’s 4. The Mall 5. School 6. The Boulevard 7. Downtown 8. Home 9. The Mills 10. The Beach TV SHOW 1. ALF 2. Dance Party USA 3. Moonlighting 4. The Brady Bunch 5. Small Wonder 6. Dallas 7. Sledgehammer 8. Miami Vice 9. Family Affair 10. The News MOVIE 1. Couch Trip 2. Wall Street 3. Cobra 4. Ernest Goes to Camp 5. Howard the Duck 6. Chariots of Fire 7. Who’s That Girl? 8. The Gods Must Be Crazy 9. Baby Boom 10. Batteries not Included CAR 1. Camero 2. Yugo 3. Pinto 4. Station Wagons 5. Hyundai 6. Gremlin 7. Volkswagen 8. Dodge Dart 9. Ford Grenada 10. Aries K ALBUM 1. Bad (Real Bad!!) — Michael Jackson 2. Thriller — Michael Jackson 3. Tiffany — Tiffany 4. Whitney — Whitney Houston 5. Slippery When Wet — Bon Jovi 6. Eat Em’ n ' Smile — David Lee Roth 7. Hallowed Grave 8. True Blue — Madonna 9. Billy Ocean — Billy Ocean 10. Slide It In — Whitesnake EXPRESSION 1. Oh my head! 2. Der 3. Cousin 4. Buzz on! 5. Who’s got ’em 6. What, I ain’t? 7. Yo! 8. Hey Dude! 9. By, now! 10. Ya, right! I • • • My favorite subject in school was ADMINISTRATION Alphonse J. Swekla Superintendent of Schools Malcolm Patterson Assistant Superintendent Josh Arnold Administrative Assistant Christine McGrath Director of Special Needs Welcome to the Faculty section of the 1 988 Flicker. What we have in store for you is 2 1 pages of all those faces you hoped to forget over the summer, but you just can’t get away from. This part of the section deals with the administration. Some of these faces you may never have seen and some you may have seen just too often. A new face in the picture — Mrs. Erwin. Last year, you may have had her for English and now she holds the title of Vice-Principal, left open by the transfer of Mr. Kennifick. We also have a member of the administration leaving us, but you’ll find out more about that as you read on. Charles Symonds Principal, Latin Frederick White Assistant Principal, History Eileen Erwin Assistant Principal, f rench William Waddleton Vocational Director, Military Science Eleanor Cappon Algebra Who sets up meetings with colleges, runs the SATs and ACH tests, writes you letters of recommendation, makes up your transcript, and sends it all out for you? Gloucester High’s Guidance department, who else? You may take them for granted, but you’ve got to admit that they do get all those things ready for you and you don ' t even have to pay for it. Good deal, huh? Mark Haberland Social Studies William Moore Social Studies Donald Nichols Social Studies John “Jack” O’Maley Geometry My favorite subject in school was . . . GUIDANCE LIBRARY Manuel Martins Algebra Jean Dugan English NURSE READING ESL Jeri Markarian English Carolyn Marietta English Alicia Noriega Languages Mary Jacobson English 97 My favorite subject in school was . . . BUSINESS f Edward Callahan Phys. Ed. Kathryn Davis Sewing Don Femino Football Harvey Korobkin History Thomas O’Donnell Gym Robert MacEachem Lunch What can we say? The Business de- partment has just been doing it’s usual great job that there is not much we can say except for, “Keep up the good work!” Sam Randazza Accounting PHYSICAL EDUCATION Casey Clarke Trigonometry Maryellen Callahan Science Robert Delisle High School? High School?, z-z-z-z-z Peter Dench Gym, of course Shelia Tranguch Phys. Ed. Robert Roland Gym ALLIANCE Kim Tegler Judith Lyons Gym Kathy McLear History 99 My favorite subject in school was . . . ENGLISH Helen Chandanais Latin Natile Daley Science and Languages Grace Figurido English Erik Dalgren English These twelve people you see on the pages before you are our beloved English department. These are the wonderful ones who teach you grammar, literature, make you read books and write essays. But, you shouldn’t hold that against them. They’re wonderful people once you get to know them. Trust me. Mark Breitenstein History Dennis Corkery History Lynne Cassinari Art Nancy House Geometry ART Judith Cooper Art MUSIC THEATRE Phil Swanson Music James Wrynn History On this page we have a mixture of teach- ers here. We have the three lovely ladies of the Art department, a permanent Music di- rector, the theatre director, and his camera dodging technical assistant. What a creative bunch. They are the wonderful group who keep GHS pretty, whether it be by showing great pieces of art in the trophy case, from a band, or an interpretation of a piece of literature. And still letting us have some fun while we’re at it. 103 • • • My favorite subject in school was SOCIAL STUDIES Thomas Flannagan English Donald McPhail History Gerald O’Neil History Gregg Smith certainly not math Kevin O’Maley International Relations with CEMENT!! James Brennan Aeronautics If you really think about it, the History de- partment is made up of the best story tellers in the city. We mean that in a nice way. They tell the stories of our past and what may happen to us in the future if we’re not careful. A new program has come to this department by the way of Phil Salzman — Peer Education. It’s different, but what can you expect from Phil. No matter who you get for history, you can always depend on a good time with this bunch. Louise Nickas English Phil Salzman Marriage and the Family 104 Miss Louise at the helm of her ship. David Wise History Roger Parady World History David B. Smith History As you can tell, we did this section a bit different from the rest. It was a classic photo and we could not pass it up. Well, it was the Constitution’s anniversary, right? • • • My favorite subject in school was VOCATIONAL Robert Benjamin Anthony Corrao Angelo Bertilino History John Orlando Paul Goodwin Dennis Martin TV MAINTENANCE 106 Dana Perry English Well, the Vocational shops are do- ing that same great work with yet another house built. They will be los- ing two men from that department, but that should not stop them at all. These great teachers have kept their idle hands on fixing plumbing, cars and just about anything else you can think of. — Thanks, guys! Joseph Paynotta J Francis Sullivan William Martin Physics 107 • • • My favorite subject in school was MATHEMATICS Mary Angelini Music Diana Fallon Math KTio are the people in this building best fitted to work with those eurvey figures? The Math department. Shame on all who were thinking otherwise. Then again, who would want to? Whether they’re teaching math, helping us to learn the computer keyboard, or telling a good war story, these mathematical whizzes keep our brains moving at warp speed, but not always with math. Dianne Jacobson Math Salvatore Favazza U.S. History John McPhee Lunch 108 109 Mary Matson Chemistry Richard Moore Physics William Proposki History John Sperry Math History Dennis Veator Recess • • • My favorite subject in school was SPECIAL NEEDS Robert Alves History Ronald Bielicki Roger Estella English Ralph Giles Psychology Catherine Howard «L- _ r® custom ppimeoB5V| - ' jjlTh 8 t.-rf i Jeanne Linehan International Relations with Jimbo B. Well, the Special Needs department has seen some changes in the past year. Many new faces have blessed us here at GHS and the de- partment has expanded to accommodate them. Unfortunately, Mr. Bielicki had to take a leave of absence. We miss him and hope he comes back to us real soon. On the opposite page, along with other Spe- cial Needs teachers, are the Industrial Arts men. What a great bunch of guys teaching us skills such as Power Mechanics, Cabinet Mak- ing. Photography, and Mechanical Drawing. All great pre-vocalional courses to take and fun, too. Wendy McGrath Karen Maniglia American English Lit. Carol Patterson Zoology Christine Soucy INDUSTRIAL ARTS Kevin Hutchinson Geometry Charles Kistner U.S. History Steve Smith Souping up a ’61 Chevy John Sulton Vocational Auto Shop (that’s all I took) 111 • • • My favorite subject in school was SCIENCE Rosemary Banks Languages Clifford Brooks Math William Brundage Biology The Science department has gone through some changes this year. A few new faces and some mid-year changes. Unfortunately, Mrs. Sinclair left us for a while and Mrs. Ingram left us to help rise the population. We wish them both wel l. New faces: Dr. Rapaport and Scott Carlson. Even though they turned some stomachs with those dissections, they made the human body more than something nice to look at. I think. Scott Carlson Choir John Ciarametaro History 1 12 ] 13 Susan Ingram Raymond Rapaport English Patricia Sinclair Math Jada McRae Health Thomas Walsh Chemistry Linda Nickerson Biology My favorite subject in school was . . . HOME ECONOMICS Deborah Bartnicki Math Bernadette Donoghue English Well, an impressive year all around for this Home Ec department. Not only do they teach the most necessary skills needed to survive in this world, they have established a restaurant up on the third floor for the teachers of this build- ing, run by the students. We’re lucky that they’re here. None of us could ever use a microwave before, let alone cook an actual meal. Joan Keegan Nora Wojciak History 1)4 RETIRING TEACHERS Mr. Angelo Bertilino Mr. Bertilino has been with the Gloucester School system for 13 years. He trained at Fitchburg State over the course of 10 years by going to night school and Saturday training sessions. Mr. Bertilino first started teaching at Peobody Higgins Junior High School and has decided to retire at the end of this school year. He would like to travel once the summer is over. Asking him if there was one thing that he would want to change here at GHS, Bertilino said he would want some new equipment for the vocational shop. Mr. William Waddleton Mr. Waddleton, the first real Marine, will also be leaving us at the end of the school. He is the Director of the Vocational Department. Mr. Waddleton trained at Clarke University in Worcester where he received his Bachelors and Masters degrees. Coming here 3 years ago, he planned to leave us to retirement. He started his academic career at Auburn High School as a coach. Mr. Waddleton plans to take a year off, regroup, and possibly work in the admission field of high education, but so far no plans are definite. Mr. Waddleton would like to see the return of the JROTC and wants everyone to know that he loves and will miss all the great students here at GHS. 115 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OFFICERS CLASS ADVISORS BECKY HART TREASURER MIKE McLEOD VICE-PRESIDENT COREY GRAMMAS PRESIDENT CARLOTTA McCARTHY SECRETARY 117 MRS. WATERHOUSE CLASS ADVISOR MRS. KOCHMAN CLASS ADVISOR CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OFFICERS CLASS ADVISOR CHUCK KARVELAS TREASURER NICOLE JOHNSON SECRETARY KIMARA JEBB PRESIDENT ANN MARGARET FERRANTE VICE-PRESIDENT MR. STEVE SMITH CLASS ADVISOR 118 CLASS OF 1991 CLASS OFFICERS CLASS ADVISOR PETER CAMP TREASURER hedi McGrath VICE-PRESIDENT (NOT PICTURED) MS. ROSS CLASS ADVISOR SHARON BURNHAM SECRETARY LIZ PORTER PRESIDENT STEN AF kuntererc. LORI AIELLO Kb KCCA M LEM JOHN ALVES KRISTEN AMAR J AQiEUNE uno BETH .ANDERSON AND ANTRORl S ANNM ARIE mcomNO DIANE BAILEY AVERY KAKK ' I KITH BENOIT JOHN BERNIE AM BERTOUNO HEATHER BOKJOOME MKHELLE BOICHER MARC BOUCHIE PETER MAGG DOM1NENI BRANCALEONE SARA BRODZ1NSKI JACQUELINE BROUN U ILL! AM BROWN ANTONIO BRUNO LETT RAH BUCK U ALTER CABRAL PETER CAMERON S1EI EM CARDONE MICHAEL CARPENTER LUO CARUSO JON CH ADWICK CAROLYN CHICK SALVATOR CLARAMETARO EDWARD CIARAMITARO PA1 1- C1 ARAM TARO SHANNON CONNERS I J A COKMAN Joijik GORRA0 ROBERT COULL MICHELLE a SGURU APRIL DAWSON NICOLE DEMETRJ JENNIFER EKBORC BORA ERDOS PETES FAVA2ZA NATHAN HJJ JfS MARY KAY FI LOS MICHAEL PLAsemr Tl.RJBIA FRADOCA pern FTCONT1EKO JUNIORS 120 CLASS OF 1989 CANDICE FROST MARK FULFORD KELLY CALANTE PAUL CALANTE KRISTEN CARRY NINA CAY ERIC CENTLEMEN RICHARD CIARLA GAIL GORDON STEPHANIE GOULART COREY GRAMMAS ELIZABETH GRIFFIN CHERI GUARRASI TOBY HAIGHT KRISTIAN HALE CATHERINE HARRISON CINDY HASELGUARD REBECCA HART JOSEPH HAVENER JOHN HERRON BRIAN HIGGINS JON HOWARD MARY LOU HUBBARD CAROLYN HUNT KEVIN ILGERS NICOLE IMBRENONE MICHELE INTERRANTE SAMUEL INTERRANTE DEREK JACKSON THERESA JORDIAN CYNTHIA JOHNSON JOANNA JOYCE WENDY JUDEN JONATHAN KELLY KENNETH KEYS ANDREW KIPPEN LORNE KIRKMAN MICHAEL KOLOODZIK MICHELLE KORTHAS BRAD LACERDA WENDY LARSEN STEVEN LE BLANC MARIE LEAMAN JUDE LEFAVOR NICOLE LEGENDRE JOSEPH LENTINI JENNIFER LEWIS ERIC LOIACANO TYLER LOPES 121 JUNIORS ROSEMARY UWRENGO MELISSA LON ASOO RkHARD LOWE RICHARD MAC1EL IOREDANA MACCIORE ADAM M ARCELLO GHMSTN MARIV KENDAL M K ' l ES JlSTINl MARK clinton MARSHALL JAMES MARSHALL CARLOTT A Ml CARTHN VIOLET Ml GARTH N GEOFITJn Ml CILLOCH kARFN Mi kA 1 ! Mlkb MC LEOD LAI RIE MELANSON LAl ' RA MICH A US I CHERYL MONDELLO MM HAB MIUTELLO HEIDI MICFORD DARLENE Ml ISE DAVID Ml RRNN TRACY -LYNN Ml RRAY COREY NEUM AN KATHLEEN NICA5TRO TRACY NICKERSON CATHERINE NOBLE ERIC NOBLE ANNE NOTO MICHELLE NOVELLO PETEK NOVELLO AMY OLSEN ERIN 0 SLLUVAN ROBERT ORLANDO VETO ORLANDO Rl BERT PALAZOLA DEANNA PA1-AZ OI-A TRAO PALMER JAMES PARLSEAU CYNTHIA PARLSI GRACE PARLSI GWENDOLYN PERRY JAMNE PERRY KATE. PERRY S4 -AN PHIIJA TT KEITH PI LACE JACQWEIJNE POW ERS XHA RAMOS 122 JUNIORS CEOrTREi AC KEN y RE VRAM MICHELE U U JEW ALLACE s OTT U ARREN U VTSON ERICA V VTSON MATHER 1 E BSTER HI IIHER WHALE! GLEN WHEELER PETER R ICKEY KEITH 1LLLAMS KRISTA WILLIAMS V l ERIE VI IliJ MS KELLi V 1 ATT SHERRI YOUNG MELISSA ZULKOWSKI BRENDA ALBERTSON JASON ALLEN MICHAEL ALLEN DEREK ALVES STEPHEN AMARAL CHRISTINE ANDERSON DEAN BABINE RONALD BENJAMIN NIKKI BERTOLINO ERIC BICHAO LOUIS BIONDO MARC BOLCOME DONNA BOUCHER MELANIE BRACKETT AMY BROWN COLLEEN BROWN DANIEL BROWN JASON BRUNI PAUL BUCCHERI LEAH BUDROW JULIE BURKE SHAWNA BURNHAM KIMBERLY BURNS HELEN BUTEAS JOSEPH CALOMO EDWARD CANN JEANNINE CAVANAUGH GEORGE CARR BRITTANY CHURCH JONATHAN CHURCHILL MARY CIARAMITARO JOSEPH CILUFFO ELIZABETH CIOLINO LISA CIOLINO NICOLE CLAYTON JOSEPH COLLINS JENNIFER COMEAU TALIA CONLON MELANIE CONRAD MATTEW CORBETT SCOTT COTTER ROSITA CROMOSINI JOHN CUNNINGHAM JOHN DAHLMER NOEMIA DA ROSA LISA DA SILVA STEPHEN DAILEY BRENDON DOYLE JOHN DOYLE CLASS OF 1990 125 MAR ANNK M NN JASON EDMONDS TAV A ENOS HEATHER FA! k ESIELA FAMA MICHELLE FAT M ORA SHAU NA FAV ALORA BR! AN KAN AZZA MU HAEK FAVAZZA thomas FAVAZZA SCOTT FEENER J ASON KELLOWS ANN MARGARET FERRANTE CAR. A KERRI N I CLAl DIA FI LOS MOMQUE FORGETTE JEFEER1 FRANCS JEFFREY FRENCH SALVATORE KRONTERA JOSEPHINE FRONT! ERO RENEE FRRONTIERO CH AD FROST ALEXANDER FULLER TRACI GALLO BILLJE JO CARELJCK ELIZA GARRISON SUZANNE GILBERT KATHLEEN GODWIN PATRICK GOOD J ASON GOODHUE CRIA GOI I.ART T AH A (X)VE SHELBY GRACE WENDY GREEKE MARY GROSS AMY HART ADRENNE HAYES KIMBERLY HEARD MATTHEW HEWITT MICHAEL HINCHEY NANCY HO BUS DAVID HOW ARD EDWARD HUBBARD M KHALI M KHAN ERIN JARVIS umara mm NICOLE JOHNSON CH ARILS EMILY KENNEDY SOPHOMORES 126 CLASS OF 1990 WILLIAM KYROUZ MONIQUE 1.ANNON FRANCES LA ROSA DAVID LANK LAURIE LARSEN GENE LATTANZI KEVIN LAWSON MICHELLE LIBRO BRIAN LINQUATA CHRISTINE LINQUATA JOSEPH LOMBARDO PETER LOVASCO JUSTIN LOWE PETER LUCIDO BRYAN MAC DONALD MICHELLE MAC DOWELL JAMES MAC DONALD MELISSA MADISON RONALD MADRUGA JOHN MAHONEY TERRILL MALVESTI GREGORY MARCH JEFFREY MARCH PAULO MARNOTO CHRISTY MARQUES JEFFREY MARR JED MARSTON ERICCA MARTIN JOHN MAZZEO COREY MC COLLUM GREGORY MC COLLUM LOUIS MC GRATH DAVID MC RAE MARK MICHALISIN JENNIFER MILLER LARA MILLER MICHAEL MITCHELL CHAD MOORE LISA MOREY RUSSELL MOSES JANELLE MOSES JESSICA MOSES JEFFREY MOULTON ERIC MOUNTAIN BRENDAN MOYNAHAN ROBERT MUISE JENNIFER MURRAY WILLIAM MURRY SHAWN NELSON 127 SOPHOMORES JOSEPH NKASTRO MELISSA NKASTKO MICHELLE N KERRI NORMAN D KATHI NOSEWORTHY DEANNA ORLANDO CASPAR ORLANDO JANICE OSkl ANNETTE P.ALAZOLA RORERT PALK MICHELLE PALLAZOLA JEFFERY P RISEAl A NO PARSONS NICOLE PARSONS BENJAMIN SARGENT MARY SAINDERS ROBERT SAINDERS LAL REL SEAVER LALREN SCHWARTZ BARBARA SOORTINO MIKE SOOIA JAMISON PAYNE JOHN PI9C I1H 10 MICHELE PISCITELLO RONAl D PISCITELLO ER1KKA PISTENM.AA MICHAEL PISTENM.AA S AM POOL JEANNINE PORTER J ANET POWERS SH Al N POWERS W1LLLAM POWERS JONATHAN RATCL1FFE DEREK REED FRANK RICH MATHEW ROARK CHRISTINA ROBERT- N GILBERT RODERK k SCOTT ROWE USA Rl 5SELL M ATTEO RLSSO CATHERINE RYAN DANIEL RYAN HOLLY TO an MELANIE SADLER SCOTT SALAH JOSEPH SANRUPPO MAR JANE SANnuppo GAIL SANTIPALLA CLASS OF 1990 ERIC SERMUKSNIS JOSHUA SEVERANCE LAURA SHEA ERIC SIEBERT ELDAR SILVA ALLISON SKINNER SCOTT SKINNER AMY SLOCUM DANIEL SMITH AMY SNYDER PAUL SONIA CANDICE SOUZA PAMELA SOUZA CARLA SPINOLA ROBERTA ST. JEAN MELISSA STANTON LISA STROPLE REBECCA SWEET MARK SYLVAIN LEONARDO TAORMINA NICOCO TAORMINA VITA TAORMINA CINDY TARANTINO JAMES TARBOX DANA THOMPSON JASON THERIAULT MARIA THORNTON ERIC TOBEY ROBERTO TOCCO TRACY TREEFUL PAMELA TUFFLEY ELSA UHLENDORF HEATH VACHON MICHAEL VEATOR MICHELLE VIENOT NICKY VITALE KATHLEEN WENTZELL REBECCA WETMORE KATHLEEN WINCHESTER RICHARD WINCHESTER ROSALIE ZAPPA 129 FRESHMEN EDm ARD ABELL ROBERT U1£N LAX ME ANDERSON Jl UE ANDEXTOM GUY ANDO BETHAM APTT LENLA ASCENSO BETHANY BAKER MICHF1JE RKKK AM BEUAE.AU JODI BEUAE.AU REBECCA BELL I 06 BENSON CHRISTOPHER BODON1 ALEXANDER BORGE NHA BRANCALEONE MICHAEL BROWN RICRARD BROU N SHARON BURN HAM PETER BURNS PETER CAMP MELISSA CAMPBELL DAVID CANNING JILL CARPENTER JOHN CARRANCHO MICRAEL CARTER GREGORY CHRISTO JOSEPH CLARAMETARO DEBRA CIARAMITARO JESSICA ( khamit.aro LEO ClARMfT ARO USA CIARAMITARO DEBORAH CILLFFO KAMTAH CONLEY DLANE CONNOLLY ANDREW UX PER ELIZABETH COOPER FRANCES COTTONE MICHAEL DANTONK) PENNY DAVIDSEN JARED DEM ITRI MICHAEL DENNIS KATHRYN POP— 3 i DUKE DOUCETTE DAVID DOUCETTE TARA DUTTON fZlREEN DUTER JENIFER EASTMAN FRANCIS EDMOND’S 130 CLASS OF 1991 KELLY FLEMINC TRACY FROST KRIS CALANTE PAMELA CALLACHER KATRINA CIACOLONE CUSIE CIAMANCO MICHAEL COSSOM KRISTEN COULART SEAN COVE ROSE CRILLO TOBI GROVER DANIEL HALE JAMES HAUTALA WENDY HERDMAN SCOTT HOUDE THOMAS JOHNSON CHRISTOPHER JONES MELISSA KILGOUR RUTH KINGHORN JOHN KIRTON DAVID KYROUZ SARAH LAFFERTY JEAN-PAUL LA FLAME JEREMY LANGLEY SCOTT LANNON CHRISTOPHER LEAVITT DANIEL LEE JAMIE LE VIE ERIKS UCIS MARYANN LINQUATA JOSEPH LOIACANO SHELLEY LOVASCO NISSA LUNDGREN MOLLY LYCETT ALISHA MAC LEAN JUUE MADDEN JASON MANGER ANDREW MANISCALCO ROBERT MANNINEN JAMES MARSHALL RACHEL MATZ KIMBERLY MC CORMACK LAUREL MC DONALD HEDI MC GRATH RICHARD MESSIER JOSHUA MEUSE KEITH MINEO TRACY MONDELLO DANIELLE MOORE 131 FRESHMEN KRISTEN MORASH RISSEU MORRIS SH AN NON MORRIS RENEE MOSES AMANDA Ml ISE ROBERT Ml ISE W1LUAM Ml ISE ERIC Ml NIZ CATHERINE MUNIZ SHERRY MIN ROE T AMM M UNROE MATTHEW Ml RRAY MEUSSA N1CASTRO SAMI D NICASTRO KRISTA NORTON ROSEANN NOTO ' l M TINA OUELLETTE SHERRY PACHBOO LONI PARISIEN K ACEY POLLOCK ELIZABETH PORTER BRANDON PRATT KASSANDRA QIIMBY REGINA RANDAZZA TIMOTHY RANDAZZA ANTONINA RANDAZZO BETHANY RICNEY JAMES ROBERTS JOHN RODOLOSI LAURENT RODOLOSI SEAN RYAN MEUSSA SALLAH VENUS SA1J.ES JANELLE SAWYER NANCY SCOLA NICOLE SCOLA SALVATORE SOOLA FAYETTE SEVERANCE DAWN SHEAHAN MEUNDA SHED AVNE SHEEHAN TAMMY SILVA CHRISTOPHER SNVTH DEANNA SMITH NICOLE SONIA DAVID SOUSA HEATHER STANDLEY l RJ STEPHENS 132 4 ■ t • — g Bi ■■ I VOCATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK During National Vocational Education Week, the vocational students get the chance to show their excellent crafts- manship. They put some of their work on display in the lobby of the High School for all the students and faculty to admire. Products from all four vocational shops are put on display — electrical, auto- motive, carpentry, and machine shops. The displays are very impressive. 138 if kt- rfc Giouccsrtt muc SCHOOLS in i — - THE HOME BUILDING PROGRAM The Home Building Program is a program for vocational students to learn how to use the skills that they have learned in shop. The carpentry students build the house, and the electrical students do all the electrical installation. The students feel it is a fun yet learning experience. This year the house is on 23 Maycomber Road, the will-be residence of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Curcuru. The students fulfillment in their accomplished work will be felt by the owners with pride. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front: Nicole St. Laurent. Aar- on Cilluffo, Inez Garcia, Shari- Lyn Dutton, John Vinagre, Liisa Nogelo, Gary Wilson. Amy Klopotoski. Gallie Wood- rum. Middle: Dan King. Elsa Ascenso. Lorie Sutera, Serena Belong. Grace Giambanco, Anja Corben, Pat Morrissey, Mike Ryan. Jacqui Virgilio, Me- lanie Rose, Pamela Sheedy, Deana lawson. Mrs. Rosemary Banks. Back: Jennifer Parisi, Justine Anderton. Alessandro Casagrande. Robert Harris Tarr. Phil Muller. Ethan Hughes. Dean Klopotoski. Matt Moynahan. Joseph Pasquina, Guy Fiero, Bill Peacock, Ste- phen Muniz. Missing: Maria Favazza, Lisa Galante, Vito Ga- lati. Sharon Gilbert, Petrina Katsikas. Vincent Pallazola JUNIOR ROTARIANS Front: Jennifer Piscilello, Ethan Hughes, Guy Fiero, John Vinagre, Robert Harris Tarr, Amy Klopotoski. Back: James Fosberry, Jeremy Ross, Gary Wilson, Shari-Lyn Dutton, Inez Garcia. Missing: James Garron, Accursio Sanfilippo, Dominic Sanfilippo. I U STUDENT COUNCIL Front: Kimara Jebb, Ann Margaret Ferrante, Guy Fiero, Lori 1 1 au tala, K. C. LafTerty, Dan King, Chris Novello, Sara-Jane Leavitt, Steve Cefalo, James Fos- berry. Middle: Scott Houde, Michelle Favaloro, Michelle Boucher, Joanna Joyce, John Bernie, Bora Erdos, Susan Turner. Back: Donna Boucher, Mike McLeod, Christine Linquata, B. G. Brown, Shauna Favalora, Danny Brown. Missing: Lenia Ascenso, Rebecca Bell, Julie Burke, Sally Da- vis, Cory Grammas, Jean Paul LaFlam, Melissa Ni- castro, Krista Norton, Lisa Porter. THE GERMAN CLUB Front: Aaron Cilluffo, De- ana Lawson, Anja Corben, Robert Harris Tarr, Rachel Schwartz, Jeremy Ross. Back: Mrs. Chane, Heather Standley, Eliza Garrison, Melinda Sheedy, Kristin Costa, Lenny Palazola, Jon Gatinella, Mr. Chane. 145 THE GILNETTER Front: James Fosberry. Jean-Michel Mamoto. Rob- ert Harris Tarr. Alessandro Casagrande, Matt Moynahan. Chris Novello, Lenny Palazola. Paulo Mamoto. Middle: Michelle. Amy Klopotoski. Heather Bolcome, Taya Enos, Mrs. Natalie Daley. Pat Morris- sey. Elsa Aseenso. Kristin Costa. Amy St. Laurent. Back: Sara-Jane Leavitt, Nicole St. Laurent. Bora Erdos. John Vinagre. Andy Antrobus. Jeremy Smith. BAND Front: Ben Sargent, Wend y Juden, Eric Melanson, Heidi Mugford, Missy Rankin. Taya Enos. Mid- dle: David Souza, Maryann Linquala, Jeanine Worth- ley, Joe Lombardo, Leo Ciaramalaro, Dawn Web- ber, Krista Norton. Back: Paula Davidson, Amy Par- sons, Jessica Ciaramalaro, Janelle Sawyer, Mr. Phil Swanson. 1 THE ELICITOR Front: Rebecca Hart, Jen- nifer Piscitello, Malt Web- ster, Amy Klopotoski, Guy Fiero, John Vinagre, Jer- emy Ross. Middle: Mrs. Doreen Ross, Kristen Morash, Sara-Jane Leavitt, Kristin Costa, Kristen Gar- ry, Pamela Sheedy, Ms. Antoinette Konaxis. Back: Benjamin Sargent, Bill Kyrouz, Ethan Hughes, Andy Antrobus. Missing: Rob Berube, Sara Brodzin- sky, Sharon Gilbert, Jeremy Frost, Pamela Tuffley. CHORUS Mr. Phil Swanson, Jeanine Rhodes, Tammy Silva, Lera Miller, Lesa Scopa, Lisa Russell, Christian Leiss- mer. 147 THE GLOUCESTER ACTING STUDENTS Front: Usa Scopa, Rebecca Hart. Colette katsikas. Suzi Gilbert. Middle: Guy Ando. Da id Adams, Gallic Wood- rum. Jean Paul LaFlam. Amy klopotoski. Back: Mr. Roger Gay Ion. John Inline. Ed Abell. Marc Bolcome. Greg Christo. Pamela Tuf- fley. Adrienne Hayes, Sara Ahearn, Kristen Garry, Jamie LeVie. Mr. James Wrvnn. ALLIANCE Front: Remy Dello Russo, Kelly Sharac, Jimmy Young, John Ramos. Back: Mary Silva Mr. Roger Es- tella, Julie Parisi, Amy Saulnier, Marie Allen, Judy Lyons, Darice Doucette, Fred McCarl, Kristin Amar, Michelle MacDowell. lifi Front: John Vinagre, Michelle Palazola, James Fosberry, Alessandro Casagrande, Liisa Nogelo, Inez Garcia, Melanie Rose, Sara-Jane Leavitt, Jen- nifer Parisi. Middle: Melanie Sadler, Carla Spinola, Joanna Joyce, John Bemie, Matt Moynahan, Matt Roark, Michelle Boucher, Karen McKay, Jac- qui Virgilio, Caitlin Foley, Grace Giambanco, Tracy Murray. Back: Kimara Jebb, Megan Shore, Susan Tur- ner, Andy Antrobus, Nicole St. Laurent, Christy Dailey, Janelle White, Carlotta McCarthy, Kristen Garry, Taya Enos, Tommy Favazza. September September 3 — Party at Mecca!!! Dirty dishes at Denny’s. September 3 — Michial Baryshnikov dances at Great Woods! September 3 — David Bowie!!! JB. CD, GH, CJ, NS September 6 — Singing in the rain w LC, TG, RB, KH, PC, VW, + MS September 7 — No. Julie, her teeth weren’t black. She has shark sheet. — Saudi September 8 — Jay and Serena ' s break up. — Freedom at last!!! September 8 — " Hey guys, wanna go over the rocks?” — Ask Razz September 9 — Serena borrows Bob ' s car. September 10 — Remember the River Fantasy? September 10 — " The bear has lost its claw ... I repeat . . . September 1 1 — Michelene Bagley in homeroom: “Do you realize that was the last first day of school we’ll ever have again?” September 12 — " What ' s up. Buddy?” “Not much. Dude!” “Way cool!” September 12 — Jen and Amy’s Restaurant — Napkins and F rames September 15 — E. Hughes plays football. But wait . . . No! September 15 — Dr. Bertone finally pulls Marcy’s baby tooth out!!! September 18 — Serena borrows Bob’s car again. September 18 — Oh no! Joann’s going to be late for school! September 18 — Remember “The Good Luck Girls.” — Jo, Rene, and Lee! September 18 — Dave Gove stayed in on a Friday night. September 19 — “Hey Jim, remember that pole that WAS straight up on Hartz St.?” September 19 — BCN Fireworks — Loved the ride home! September 19 — Once again. Amy almost killed us with her unique technique of driving. — Jo September 19 — Tony’s party. — Ask the Chowder Queen! September 19 — Happy Anniversary Secret Lovers! September 19 — “Yo Basil!” September 19 — “I want to have your babies!” — Ask Eric L. September 20 — “Hey Alex, How’s Betty? Woof, Woof!!” September 21 — Happy Anniversary Gary! ILU! September 21 — 5 year anniversary of the “Tent Escapade” — Ask LC, TG, KM, TJ September 22 — Heather and Jenn get lost in Quincy. “It’s a one way!” “No, it isn’t!” “Then why are the cars coming at us?” “It’s a highway.” September 22 — The gathering at Rudy’s pool. September 23 — Serena totals Bob’s car! September 23 — Happy Birthday Matt! — Love, Karen September 23 — Happy Birthday Rich! September 23 — Marybeth tries to fly and fails. September 24 — Dr. Rapaport, if it’s -40° Celsius and -40° Farenheit, is it the same temperature? September 24 — Rob breaks a bottle, and the “Four All-Stars” get busted. September 24 — Happy Birthday Shari! — Love Serena September 25 — “Hey Tony, are you still going out with Mar- garet?” September 25 — Amy Rozz got a 100% on her chemistry test!! September 26 — Bippicity in the GHS Gymnasium. — but it was fun. September 26 — Lynn Classical Destroyed!! September 28 — Godename: Earlybird and Packrat! September 29 — Library Doubling Up — J, A, G September 30 — Debbie J goes on all fours during cafe study. October October 1 — Amy says “Jesus is Cool.” October 1 — “Flair ' em! Twist it!” — ask JP, PK, AS, LH October 1 — Chris says “John, don’t pull it. It won’t get any longer.” October 1 — Justine and Lisa reveal the skeletons in Karla’s closet. Who was that man in the window, anyway? October 2 — Lisa and Justine decide never to return again. October 2 — Cef completely freaks out on a fly. October 2 — FOLIAGE! October 2 — Michelene writes “Sex” on Serena’s notebook. October 2 — First independent purchase — . The air of a twenty-one year old.” October 2 — Having a ! in Al’s car! — ACARMR October 3 — At Wendy’s house — NIL!!! October 3 — Up all nite w LG at G DF’s! — CD October 4 — Happy Birthday John Braz — Love The Gang Bang October 5 — The New Hampshire weekend is planned. October 5 — Matt Nickerson offers to BUY notes from Debbie Johnson!! October 6 — “Mary, what would you say if I said I loved you?” “I’d say you were in deep x ?@!!” October 6 — Lynanne — Only 4 days left to get a date. October 6 — Happy Sweet 16 Little Doggie! October 6 — “My God Lisa!! The car is GONE!!! October 7 — Ethan says “I love you, Mr. Brooks!” October 7 — Happy Birthday Kate! F Tracie and Lynanne! October 7 — Tam Ann open their own airlines. October 7 — Happy Birthday Sheila. — Love Jo and Serena October 8 — Derek Geary once again shows his ignorance to all. October 8 — 5th period — “Matt, Where are you?” October 8 — Lisa and Karla trapped in the woods of Annisquam? What does CHOKE mean? October 8 — Derek gets his hair cut, FINALLY!! Patti takes pictures! October 8 — Destruction of the NH weekend plan. — LG CD October 9 — Happy Birthday Serena! October 9 — Happy Birthday Serena! — Love, Jo Ann October 9 — Lisa and Sara finally make up!! I’m so happy!! October 9 — Christy singes her right eyelashes. October 9 — Derek got butchered!! HA HA HA HA HA!! October 9 — Becky Clarametaro steals a beermug from the REAL Oktoberfesl!! October 9 — The Oktoberfest Swgalong Band w DK October 9 — Nicole and Sara go insane with something that starts with “M.” Sara refuses to have a real conversation with anyone! October 10 — Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down! — Ask GL — JK October 10 — Puffafafafa lump! — PK, JH, VB October 10 — “Where’s Mr. Pumpkin?” — BK, PK, MG October 10 — Spiderwomen — TG, LC, TH — 7th Block. October 10 — “Caught on your thing.” October 11 — Happy Birthday Clama “61” — Love the Gang Bang October 13 — Hot dog day at Desiree’s house — Ask that Noid October 13 — “Put the mushroom on your head!!” October 13 — Happy Birthday Jason! F Lynanne and Tracy October 13 — ‘Where’s the BLARRIN?” October 1 4 — Herr Chane finally has a lesson plan! October 14 — Happy Birthday Chrust! Edge of 17! — Love Justine October 16 — Muffler destruction by evil spirits in the speed bumps at Ashbury Grove October 16 — Jeremy Frost: “What’s the total now? Just give us a guestamation!” October 17 — Michael and Harry’s anniversary. — One year with the Hookey Dookey! October 18 — Redasepalleben! — JA, JP, AS, PK October 19 — Robb Tarr is enlightened by a Freshman! October 20 — Cassanova Casagrande!! October 21 — PS — Rememer KS “blacking out” in third block study? October 21 — Kim Bums debuts as “Tina the Ballerina!” October 21 — Shrieks of surprise from Sheila — “Ugh, it’s hamburgers!” October 22 — “I don’t think they speak English. Yea, we have to translate. What are they calling the baby? Baryshnikov?” October 23 — “Puf-fa-lump? Puffalump!” — Ask VB, TH, PK October 23 — “Help! I didn’t study!” — Ask LN October 24 — It all began with “Kill the Cop!” — Ask K,K,M,R,C October 24 — “State Trooper? Where???” October 25 — Pumpkin Party at Sara Jane’s! October 26 — Paul Orlando brought home a Text book!! October 26 — Schenectady invades 3rd period communications workshop. October 27 — Nat Daley hits the big 5-0! October 27 — “Wow, Paul Orlando really did bring home a text book!!” October 27 — SL (2) MM October 27 — Heather finds surfing a very interesting sport. October 29 — Donna Lane rose from the ranks of the work force to see Kristen S. October 29 — Sandi, did you remember to take IT out? October 29 — Mr. D. Smith wears a Leprechaun sweater!! October 29 — Lisa, Justine, and Wendy DO NOT sing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.” October 29 — “Tomorrow night — Live at Boston Garden — Sold Out — Fleetwood Mac!! Shake the Cage Tour of 1987!” — J, K, D October 30 — Everyone gets a shock in Mr. Brooks’ class. October 30 — Amanda and Sheila wound up in Montreal at Club 281 — Wrapped!! October 30 — “Hey JA, What are you?” “Do I care?” October 30 — The Mac at B.G.! “They are poets, and they are priests of nothing, but they are legends . . . and I thought that there was a connection . . .” Limo chasing to the Four Seasons. — Karla, Justine, and Dawn October 30 — FIRE DRILL!!, FIRE DRILL!!, FIRE DRILL!! October 30 — We Bowl! October 30 — Party CANADA!! October 31 — “And if Sophia would just . . .” October 31 — Thanks for the grub Michelle D. October 3 1 — The Pink Indies make their “Grand(?)” appearance! October 31 — “What? Watching home movies on Halloween night?” October 31 — “What’s in the bag?” — Ask BR, PK, VB, MG October 31 — Concert 2 — Sound check at the Garden — J, K, and D “OHH — Don’t you look back” Halloween night with the Mac! Mick in his coffin has Stevie in her witch hat! “This is the only night of the year I get to say this. Happy Halloween!” October 31 — “Hey, where did J and L go?” ALL SPORTS Excitement, fun and exhilaration were had by all that attended the pep rally ! Once again the seniors came away w ith the trophy for great decorations! All the teams were excited about their fall season, but the main focus was on the football team. As a result of the pep rally the spirits of both the teams and students was at an all time high! PEP RALLY 42 S3 £ 153 Exchange Student Tea The Student Council invited the Ex- change Students at Gloucester High to an informal Tea, which was held in the li- brary This event was arranged, to get the exchange students more familiar with the students, the school and the faculty. Ac- cording to the students, the Tea was a great success. OCTOBERFEST Jennifer Ekborg eating pie, Dan King playing guitar, volleyball games, 4-way tug-of-war contests, water balloon throw- ing contests — only part of all the fun that happened on this eventful, first an- nual, Oktoberfest at Gloucester High. All students of the school came together on this sunny, fun-filled day to play games and to just take time off from their reg- ularly scheduled classes. OCTOBERFEST Halloween Spirit Day November December November 1 — “One gold — One silver — How tacky!” — Ask BH, PK November 1 — Concert 3! Fifth row Civic Center! J, K, D Last night of the Fleetwood Mac weekend. “If it’s all I ever do ... I want you to remember me . . .” S.N. “Next Time!” November 2 — Bomb scare!!!. Bomb Scare!!!, Bomb Scare!!! November 3 — Fire Drill!!, Fire Drill!!, Fire Drill!! November 3 — Mr. MacEachern gels jealous over Mr. Femino once again. November 3 — Lenny Johnson tries to drive over the Rotary. Good try Lenny! F Debbie November 4 — Felipe Harvey loses his steering!! Wheee!! November 4 — Rain, lightning, and Erika “Ch” “Ch” “Ch” Thunder Watson. November 4 — “No, Callie . . . It’s not the fifth.” November 5 — One day without her and we got spoiled!! CIJ November 5 — Harristarr?? November 5 — Serena looses her hose. “Jo Ann, Are those yours?” Crazy kids! November 5 — Darlene Foote is embarrassed when the girls say “Speed Bumps.” November 5 — “Brian Fleming, are you so poor that you have to steal?” November 5 — Disrupting noises in accounting. November 6 — “Felipe, can I whisper Tunisia in your ear?” November 6 — “Sandi, what color thread do you need for the material you don’t have?” — Ask DB November 6 — Dump on Sandi Day!! November 7 — “Yeah, Pull over! Pull over!” — Ask MK November 7 — “Doopie, Doopie!” — Ask LC, TG, KM, TJ November 7 — “Why did you do it?” November 8 — Because it was H — November 9 — Happy Birthday Michelene! — Love Serena November 9 — Dean K smiles a real live smile! November 9 — “Serena, there’s nothing on the other side of that truck if you want to pass it!” November 9 — “WAK, she’s a hoe!” November 10 — " Wheels Bagley, Because so much is riding on your tires.” November 10 — “Grab the watermellon . . . Chicken, and run like hell!” November 10 — “Infinity cubed DWARFS infinity squared!” — Sandy Favazza November 12 — PERFECTION!! November 14 — Snowbattle ’87 — Team USA — Ask L+M November 15 — “Yo! Happy birthday ta da Becksla!! (Surprise!)” November 15 — Happy Birthday Bud the Stud. — Love the Gang Bang November 16 — Jo Ann put her finger in a light socket — “Look at her hair!” November 16 — All-nighter at Ann’s house. — Ask TR November 16 — 3 years of pure whoopie! November 17 — She wasn’t here again! Oh Yeah! November 17 — “Aaron that’s not my pocketbook! It’s Deana’s!” — Library — Jo November 18 — “Jo Ann — I’ll kick you with my pointy toe!” — Bink November 18 — “Three of you, one of me. What are you afwaid of?” — Cef November 18 — Happy Birthday Lisa Lisa! November 18 — Happy Birthday Kendall! F C, K, K, + J November 19 — Remember Shim and the long legs. HR LV JW SB Novmeber 19 — Silting w GS — Torture and 1 2! November 19 — The quest for address! November 19 — Calgon take me away!!! November 20 — Cef s thirty dollar gold plated pen runs out of ink 2nd block! November 20 — Hey Guys — You @($ % !@ % !! November 20 — “This is Gloucester High School returning your call . . . Oh . . . Sorry Ma.” November 20 — Alex finally gets a date!! Good job Big Guy!! She’s cute too!! November 21 — I had a little too much, but Dr. Thorton helped me! November 21 — Newman and Farrannelt at U Lowell! “My ears are ringing.” November 21 — “I swear I’ll never fall asleep driving again!” — Rene November 22 — Inex had her last day of work and was sad! November 22 — Happy Birthday Marcy!! November 24 — Callie and Busty 1 year! November 24 — “Hey, Tony, Ho’s life at Mansfield Beauty Academy?” F Rosie and Leslie November 25 — “Cuz it looks sooo good!” (In flashing neon lights.) November 26 — Football team wins first NE Crown outright!! November 26 — SUPERBOWL BOUND!!! November 26 — 10 and 0 Turkey Day!! — congratulations GHS November 26 — UNDEFEATED! November 28 — PT’s in Beverly w ML. What a night! November 30 — John Avilla: “Is the bus moving yet?” Wednesdays — S1.99 all you can eat pasta at Papa Ginos. See you there every Wednesday! — The Pasta Crew December 1 — Secretarial practice 5th period — “If, for the 750th time you have no succeeded, try again and again, and again ...” — Sheila J December 1 — Harry wears jeans. December 1 — Michelene sings once again in homeroom! December 2 — “You’re busier than a one armed paper hanger with poison ivy.” December 3 — BK, CK, and EG have a FOOD FEST at Packrat’s. “Eclaire, anyone???”) December 3 — Smoooke on the waaater!” December 3 — It’s finally over! Or is it? Maybe we’ll have to wait two more months? — Ask K, K, M, R, C December 4 — “BRASSMAN, we love you!!” “Can you believe we got an audience?” December 5 — GO, GO, GO Gloucester! Kick butt GHS Football Team! Decmeber 5 — SUPERBOWL SATURDAY!!! “What? SAT’s???” December 5 — Ref s decide the game!!! How could they??? Decmeber 7 — Everything’s fine in Fisherman Land!!! December 7 — Happy Birthday Kate! December 7 — Happy Birthday Tammy! December 7 — Lynanne, only 3 days to get a date! December 7 — How’s your head Amy? December 8 — Lynanne, only 2 days left to get a date! December 9 — Lisa M. drives into the bush! “How’d it feel?” December 9 — Lynanne gets a date!! December 10 — “I Had the Time of My Life!” — Thanks Guy, Ethan, and All you others!! December 10 — “We love you!” — Wesley, Citire, Bernard, and Perfection December 10 — “Let’s go stud guys. Oopps, that’s Stag! Sorry!” December 11 — Walsh questioned on Yearbook Procedure. December 12 — “Attention customers, will Tracy Rose and Lisa MacNeil please come to the layaway desk — Someone is waiting for you.” — Sandi Nicole December 12 — First night out since October! December 12 — 5th period Physics wonders “Where’s Anja?” (Centerfold session??? Meeting with Gary Hart??? Gay rights movement???) — Only Grace knows for sure!! December 14 — Happy 17 th Petrina! December 15 — “Miss Nasal Passage Class of 1988!” December 15 — The Legend of “Little Ben” lives on. December 16 — Goldfinger is generous to his love, Smiley Face. December 16 — “John Bernie Day!!” December 16 — Grace says “Her boyfriend is the best boyfriend in the world!” December 16 — Hey Packrat — “Break out the Jubilee roll and let’s PARTY!!!” December 17 — Matt Moynahan goes to Detention December 18 — Happy Birthday Lisa M! December 18 — “What are you doing tonight, Ann? Going Duping?!??” December 23 — Jo Ann is worried about private baths at college. December 23 — Jaqui misses her puppy when she goes away! December 28 — Coca wants a little zingada — zingada!! December 29 — “Cait, we shouldn’t give up so easily! Come on. Ski!!” December 31 — Dan says: “Cindy, shall I rub your back?” December 31 — “Pete give me just a minute!” December 21 — Remember under the table, Jenn and Charlie! December 22 — Rose, watch out for that drink!! Thanks Rose! Happy Birthday Heather! HaHa! December 23 — Met Mark at Kevin’s party. December 24 — Congratulations Linda and Gina! December 28 — “Is anyone going to see these pictures?” “No, just Diane,” 161 January January 5 — “Why does Brian Fleming wear that hat all the time?” “Because he ' s going bald. " January 5 — “Hey, DA. where are you?” Januan 6 — " I’m slipping. It ' s I.ori ' s mother. Oh no! He’s going to kill me! " — Ask AW. TL, KW January 6 — “I ' m slipping!! " — Ask GG, AW, TL, and KW January 6 — Kiss of Death applied to hockey team by Inez! January 7 — Who’s Mr. B Rach — I ' m not telling you! January 7 — Read it in the Book of Lists REF. 031.02 Pe Vol. 1 Pp. 315-316 January 7 — Happy Birthday Mich! January 7 — “Color blind people are used as scouts to spot snipers. " — OK Dave! January 8 — Celt ' s game. “Hey DA, you ruined my Walkman!” January 8 — GMC gets acepted to Roger Williams College! January 9 — When will Inez go out with the Girls? January 9 — $21.00 for a movie, Jim? January 9 — The Big. Big Oops! 6AM! January 11 — Mrs. Daley: “Oh no! That was my only key!!” January 11 — Mr. Favazza finally gets a Final answer. January 11 — “Jo Ann, You savage!! ROAR!! " January 11 — Chris leaves his car running . . . with the keys locked inside!!! January 12 — Chris has his millionth peanut butter and jelly sandwich. January 12 — Hummina, Hummina, Hummin, Hummina, Hum- mina, Hummina!!! January 13 — Fire Drill!!, Fire Drill!!, Fire Drill!! January 13 — Mr. Dahlgren tries to explain “pushing " film . . . again and again and again . . . January 13 — Hey Rob, What’s an aluminum can made out of? January 14 — “Phil, My heater is broken!” January 14 — “I am the God of Fiction!” January 15 — SQ — Ask MP, AE, and MM January 15 — “In the end. Pessimists are correct, but Optimists have a better time on the way.” January 16 — 1 year for Jen and Eric January 16 — “Summer Trip ’88” — JV, CF, MM, KL January 20 — “I LOVE PAM!” January 20 — Dan, Dan The Literary Man! January 21 — The Girls Track Team gets a show at Beverly! January 22 — “Jim, What’s wrong with the car?” January 22 — Amy and Nicole stranded! January 23 — Like those guys in Sweatpants, Huh, Nicole? — Sandi January 23 — Hey, Nicole, Would it be possible to ideal copy that man? — Sandi January 24 — Sal’s DDT does Dental Damage to John V! January 25 — What a weekend, hunh Jenn? January 25 — “Jim, the car died. YES!!” Foz killed the car! January 26 — Casagrande, Tarr, Kiopotoski, and Klopotoski take the Lowest Calculus scores. January 27 — The two Liisas lead the Girls Basketball Team in rebellion against Burger King! . . . MOO! January 27 — CM — Have a nice fall outside of “The Place?” January 27 — Chrome Dome — Ask CM or JJ January 29 — Jogging to the beach ... To do What?? JV, CF, KL, EH, BM F ebruary February 1 — DA+SC get blown away by a Subaru! February 2 — Ne ver knew midterm exams could be so tiring, did you Mike? February 3 — Joe dumps a plate of „ r on Rob at Pastafest. February 5-7 — Remember Norwich weekc. February 5 — CRASH!! — ask MT and MS February 6 — Joanna — Beware of the Purple Brush! February 6 — Hey! Hey! Surprise Earlybird — Happy Birthday! February 6 — Disco Inferno lives! February 6 - The Dynamics kick some butt at the BBT February 6 — One year for Duncan and Grace! I love you, Duncan! February 6 — Leeann, Remember OKO? “WORD” f Jenn February 6 — All, Where are the Chippendale Dancers? February 6 — Serena’s car blows up — This makes 2! February 6 — New Man at the BBT was the best time I ever had! — Thanks Frank February 6 — Frankie’s my little drumemr boy! February 8 — Happy Birthday Ann! February 10 — “A live human skeleton” — Ya, right, Foz February 11 — “Kelly, what’s this yellow button do?” “No, Heather don’t!” “Oh” February 12 — Hey Dave, did we just pass a cop doing 75? February 13 — Happy Birthday Nicole — f Christy February 14 — Happy Birthday Frank, my Valentine baby — Serena February 14 — It’s Sweet Sixteen Lisa February 14 — Sesame Street Fever! February 15 — Christy and Lisa get INXS tickets February 16 — We’re stuck! Let’s back out OK? February 17 — GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! February 18 — Let’s get weird at BU February 19 — Another dynamic night at the BBT with the Dynamics! Thanks Frank f SB February 19 — L, M, and P hit Nautilus — some day we’ll be strong February 20 — Checking up on your boyfriend? February 20 — CD’s “new” car takes it’s first trip to McDonald’s — “Please speak clearly or I won ' t be able to take your order.” February 20 — See this finger, see this thumb, see this fist you’d better run! February 20 — Make it home in your car alright Petrina — The Rascals February 20 — How about another chase? — ask NG and SN February 21 — R I I I I P P P P!!! February 22 — CD and JA decide it’s too early for school and opt for the breakwater February 22 — Somebody tell that girl she’s not on vacation anymore. Gloucester is too cold to wear sandals in February. February 23 — Peer Ed leaves for a Night to Remember! February 23 — Happy Birthday to Dan King February 23 — Great tan! and so well hidden underneath that see through summer outfit. I hope she doesn’t catch pneu- monia. February 25 — Because your eyes are red? MB, CM, JJ February 25 — Happy Birthday Jennifer — Leeann February 26 — Congratulations Rebecca! Good luck with Jon- athan Philip! February 27 — Happy Birthday Corey! February 28 — Cat leaves Malt a surprise in his book! February 29 — Best of luck to the Dynamics at the Channel! February 29 — Reapplication Denied! 162 WELCOME BACK 1987 The Class of 1988 sponsored a Welcome Back 87 Dance inviting last year’s seniors back for one final dance. Many of last year’s seniors showed up. Some of them were Erin Pratt, Kristine Testaverde, Julie Barusso, Tim Michel, and Steve Cote. This was a great success as well as a chance for the 87 seniors to get together again. IM G loucester is for real GHS Fishermen make us proud Cl — Gloucester at Lynn Classical Gloucester 41, Lynn Classical 0 The Fishermen were in total control -oughout the game, their second aight Friday night contest. The d .-fj ise held Classical to only 109 hing while the offense pile ' rds on the ground. % Marshall (10 carries, 10 " the first and secop ' ’ . fjv . oucester a 14-0 k eming, who r V shes as the " A j in the third added a tally y -ie Lynn Class) _ in the game AV ' a the Gloucester Scoring Summary 3 - Marxian (6-yard run). PAT - Sutera ► 3 - Marshal! (2-yard run). PAT - Sutera 3 - Fleming (13-yard run). PAT - Sutp 3 - Fleming (1-yard run). PAT - Sut ' 3 - Gallant (5-yard run). PAT - Sut 3 - Scola (33-yard run) PAT - ki ' ’cester ster °ading lng0 he Fisher- ' g came °nse. he ared tw J ad A .ore _-d the rv a t downs al oflense ds rushing ds passing ises its a naltie ' ■nbl ' mbiw erceptb. •• ■d ' jp. JS — 4 4 jUCES " ▼ A A ..;,r October ’ igus at G ▲ - aces ter " For the first tk itself trailing, 7-0 terback Marc F an 18-yard p score called because been th ' theT JS01 f belon| nd Matt S from Pasc ourth quarter wn the bigger iree times. Pas or a 52-yard si . the Times’ Playi » ' 13 yards. Loiacano sc run. ad jar- a with another quarter Scorer Gloucester Lynn Cla? ignr Glot. -ngl ' Once agau ,ce? ' shone, holding t. jog ' of total offense. Ly». nr ▼, yards in the first halt a- a 14-0 lead on two-y? by Joe Pasquina am’ John Avila had season in the sf jaunt on a trap Marshall ' j scored another te .d quarter and Lo , 99 yards) scored in the fourth quar ere named the Tir eek. .ICS yards; Fleming 8 for 1 , Sutera 2 lor -2. Totals 30 fi aids; Watkins 2 for 9; Sewell 2 fo r -2; Sorbello 10 for -21 . Totals 38 fo PASSING -7 for 38 yards; Sorbello (R) Sof-7 for 40 RECEIVING Reminolon 3 for 16 yards Urwnalun 1 tor 31 Witch trial at Newell Stadium me yard ( ; No problem, Fishermen No. 1 nummary PAT pass failed . . PAT - Marshall run. run). PAT - rush failed .rd run) PAT - kick failed Score by quarters Gloucester 6 8 6 6 — 26 Gloucester destroys Marblehead CD ( ) CO Fishermen roll over Bulldogs 166 Team made winners of us all G ' ouC to?= Glo Glouc This was tht 0 conference cleare .. Glouce the f c-rior »- Fishc . JV running 1 ' second erne , ' ’ CM S ' -«er _ mthrop the £ . -meffetem P game was move more than ’ e -v ft y Newell Stadia, storm. Winthrop Lf) gained 250 VV yards. He pass the T T but it wa X j fourth c Loia iS)l on nr M the T (N ek m n a thi 0 o yarr fou 17 1,«, in Glou. Gloucestei offense. eason j went ne onl’ jerfor j yar Gloucester at F Gloucester 14. Gloucester suffer of fumblitis, cor seven times, ly Fishermen al hind, 7-0, afte But Glor 1 the half. The ' ' lies’ F the Wer j, held Blue M A offens jck Jami pass. ere led on of •ies, 165 yard eluding a bear .ner in the fourtt ied 131 yards on a ies. Gloucester had yau mg. Co j, held 3 $ ' £rChQOS X ©y d L Gloucester 167 Christmas Semi-Formal December 10, 1987 Think back. December 10, 1987. The Christmas Semi-formal — Rte. 114, Danvers. Jimmy’s Allenhurst. Upon arrival, seniors and their dales, cuddling near the Christmas tree were photographed by Steve Smith and Bart Piscitello. Reserved tables — remember going blind trying to find your place card? Awaiting the Crystal Ballroom festooned in holiday spirit with garland center pieces and red and green balloons. Mistletoe, hung from the doorway, tantalizing young couples who freshened their breath with candy canes found at every table setting. Treasurer Joseph Pasquina welcomed 360 people and encouraged them to have a good time and then . . . dinner was served. Energy — excitement — anticipation. Dr. Symonds’ announcement. Lockers?? Tonight or tomorrow? In a suit or an evening dress?? You’ve got to be kidding! Regardless, the pulsating music urged students and chaperons alike to dance, dance, dance. Back at the high school, while a wise few cleaned out their lockers. Phil Salzman and crew manned drinking and driving hotlines. It truly was a night of nothing less than the best for the Class of 1988. 169 “CHARLEY’S AUNT” 1 t L J i i CHARLEY ' S AUNT Presented by Gloucester Acting Students Kriday, December 4 and Saturday, December 5 James M. Wrynn Colette Katsikas Roger Gayton Betty MacDonald Ed Abell Jamie LaVie, Lisa Scopa, Callie Woodrum, David Adams, Keith Thompson, Charlie Clarmetaro, and the Theatre classes THE CAST Stephen Spettigue Jean-Paul Laflam Sir Francis Chesney Amy Weiner Jack Chesney Ethan Hughes Charley Wykeham Jamie LaVie Lord Fancourt Babberly Guy Fiero Brasset Chris Wilson Donna Lucia D’alvadorez Callie Wodrum Amy Spettigue Lisa Scopa Kitty Verdum Amy Klopoloski Ela Delahay Becky Hart Director Assistant Director Theatre Aide Costumes Stage Manager Stage Crew ♦ «y • ♦14 :♦ Comical, amusing, and entertaining; These are only a few words that can describe the fun-filled “Charley’s Aunt” put on by the Gloucester Acting Students. The play takes place in England, with the always comical plot of boy meets girl. Jack Chesney (Ethan Hughes) and Charley Wykeham (Jamie LaVie) wish to have some young ladies over to their dorm for a visit, but dorm rules specifically say that there must be a chap- eron present during any co-ed gatherings. Charley manages to arrange for his aunt (Callie Woodrum) to chaperon, but when she is detained, one of the boys’ friends. Lord Fancourt Babberly (Guy Fiero) poses as the aunt. From this point on the production was a slap-stick comedy. Many laughs were had by those who attended the humorous “Charley’s Aunt.” 175 GOING OVERBOARD WITH OCEANOGRAPHY Twice this year — in October and in March — Mrs. Banks’s science students took to the sea for an ocean-research experience aboard the vessel Enviro-Lab. During their 2V2 hour trip on this floating classroom, students tested the water of Salem Harbor for its dissolved oxygen and salt con- tent, temperature, clarity and color, and pH level. They also studied the living things of the harbor by collecting plankton and hoisting a trawl net full of algae, skates, flounder, crabs and other invertebrates. The data from all their sampling was sent to the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and added to similar data from trips by other groups on the Enviro-Lab. Gloucester students are now able to compare their findings with those of other classes on other days. 177 MAG RAG” Dance The second annual " MAG RAG " Dance almost wasn ' t! A snowstorm on the Friday before the dance was supposed to be held postponed it until Saturday. Jan. 16. It was a huge success its it was last year. The gym was decorated with black and while, and the faces of the theater hung from the ceilings. The Elicitor magazine is published twice a year, and so far it has gone over very well, as did the dance!!! January 16th 1988 VALENTINE’S DANCE r 180 FEBRUARY 6th, 1988 The Valentine’s Dance, spon- sored by the Class of 1989 was a great success. A new DJ, John Bichao, introduced a new type of music to the high school — RAP! The week before the dance, the Juniors sold carnations, hoping to spark up new romances. Many people showed up to the dance to dance the night away! 181 MARCH APRIL M.irvh 1 — Sara. Katie, and Ann Marie reveal tlieir criminal dealings to a cop in Imperial Marina. March 1 — What ' s a matter was it tired? Ask L.NT March 1 — SA PI Sen ice — Stake out on Washington St. — Sitt ' n on the dock of the hay! “Sheila it’s a . . .?” March 2 — Gordie joins the Tennis team involuntarily in room 221 during 5th period. (W rit, for Pub.) March 2 — Gallic, my mother’s Mastercard — do you want Chinese food? AML March 3 — S A Skipping Sen ice ... A dizzy juvenile delinquent corrupts the mind of a poor, innocent school-go-er. Kidnapped from CHS parking lot. March 4 — What ' s a matter Saudi, got vour watch stuck in the typewriter! Ask SN and TR March 5 — Win ' d you guys leave me out there all alone for? No. really, why did you? March 5 — Karen, is Jed eating a bagel. March 5 — An image is ruined — Joe Pasquina burps. March 5 — I fell down the stairs, cracked my head open in a head-on collision, and a huge rock fell on my knee ... it hurt. March 7 — When you are going nowhere in life, be jealous of a girl with sandals and a great tan!!! Man ' ll 8 — Senior Class Ski Trip — Intense! Man-h 8 — There ' s Serena behind those orange earrings! March 8 — Hey. how did your knee get scraped — Amy March 8 — Rendezvous with destiny? When? Man-h 8 — " Steve . . .? Call Liisa.” March 9 — 1 dare you BR! (PK) ask AM (not MG) God help us! March 9 — Keeping the faith — still. March 10 — Gee. Andy, are you feeling O.K.? March 10 — Joann had dream! Psyche March 10 — Keeps me guessing. With a promise, 1 know we can come together — But the question is WILL WE EVER? March 10 — 50 days left for Seniors! March 10 — Fish fry committee meets and plans first and only attack. March 10 — Happy Birthday Mary — Serena March 11 — 1988 Senior Breakfast 1 — Gotta Luv It!! March 11 — 49 days left! March 12 — Remember Red Rob E.J., Rich, Ron, Scott, Matt — Serena: Are you a cop? ask — SB. AF, PK, AR JUGTOWN!! 34 or 43? March 12-19 — Hooray for Hollywood! — Joann March 13 — Happy Anniversary Mike! ILY! March 1 4 — “The Excrement Factor” in Ceremony March 16 — Matt eats his knees up to Boston and Sandro eats his knees on the way back as Amv discovers cruise control!!! March 16 — The faith is lost — (for a while anyway ) — BEEP — HONK-HONK. March 16 — “Let ' s start throwing quarters at him.” Ask Mr. Smith’s 5th block class. March 16 — Terrence Trent D ' Arby at the Metro! March 17 — Squeeze! ask Ethan March 18 — RIP! ask MS March 19 — Happy 18th B-day Cef! Live the life you love. Love me! Love those lips. March 20 — Malt Moynahan looks death in the eye while innocently riding his Moped down Essex Ave. Ask DK, PK, MM March 21 — 1NXS at the Worcester Centrum 7:30 pm “How the are you?!!” “This is dirtiest song that I sing!” March 22 — Amy Razz wins $500.00 big ones on a scratch ticket! March 22 — Steve Cefalo says “DAH-AH” March 22 — EuJ — 3EullE. Just kidding! March 23 — Warning to the wise . . . Beware of that Jones woman. — Rene March 24 — Michele Mac. gets thrown out of class. March 24 — 6th period — What no classes again today? Let’s go sit in Lori’s car! March 25 — TAP TWICE, Hit your nose — Mr. Ed — !AML,SJL,JC,DS,CS March 25 — A Bu, Ba, B . . B . . .! Try again Cathy! AML March 25 — Cathy wishes she had a cherry — so does the guy serving us! — AML.CS.SL March 26 — FACE to FACE and the Del Fuegos — Major bomb. Ask Jo! h 26 — What does a yellow light mean? SLOW DOWN! — It’s a joke Cathy. — AML March 26 — Remember Mono — Jim! March 26 — Hey Sara, I’ve been to Birch — have you? — AML March 26 — AML searches frantically for a fishing hat in America’s favorite department store! March 26 — Ixwk a NERF ball! POP! Thanks Sara — AML March 28 — Ann Marie! 1 have a pimple on my face. Is this something new? No Sara, people have been gelling them for centuries. March 29 — Hallelujah, Sister Nat! March 29 — Sorry, I left rny “sense of adventure” home this morning. March 3 I — Andy A. feels sorry for someone — only “figuratively” though. March 31 — It was a great trip Dave — Thanks, Serena April 1 — Serena your new car blew up! April fools! — Joann April 2 — Happy Birthday John Daughrty Naniotl. Love Serena April 2 — You make my thinggobingo! April 4 — Serena gets another new car. Isuzu I Mark — Yee-hah! April 4 — Mark Parisi goes to Hartford to see the Dead Show, and leaves me home. April 5 — 1 am stuck on bandaid, ’cause bandaid is stuck on my c. April 6 — Congratulations to the Dynamics! Love Serena April 8 — Gary “Can’t Get no Satisfaction . . .” on the clarinet. April 8 — I’m never in no yearbook! This is to you Kathy from Serena. April 9 — “Hey, that girl Kim kinda’ looks like an ONION!” — JV,LN April 9 — Watch out Frank’s got a gun — and bullets too. — Joann April 9 — Remember Singing Beach. Serena and Frank. Come Sock and the Rocks. April 10 — Scrappy Doo — I love you! April 10 — Happy Birthday Amy! — Serena and Joann April 10 — Frank — You’re a quarter of a century old. — I love you April 11 — The Hair Bears — Serena and Frank April 12 — Happy Birthday Inez! April 13 — Mrs. Muffin - How does it feel to be stuck between a cement wall and an iron fence? April 14 — Cliffy baby “baptizes” first block Adv. Chem Physics Class. April 14 — Moonspun Volleyball Club celebrates victory again — Hutch’s famous spaghetti and his world known mint brownies! April 18 — When did it say his birthday is? What a coincidence! Maybe it means something! Wait! Take a picture! April 19 — Ouch, my bum . . . it’s on FIRE! April 19 — We can call him “Little Jackie” — he has the same unruly hair and the same brutality abilities. Wait, what movie was he in? April 19 — The power of SUPERGROVER is absorbed. April 19 — “Hello I Love You” at Studebakers. She asks: “Did I really do all those things?” April 20 — Watch out for the island! You are now on the island! Holy ! ! Ask JJ and CM April 28 — Student Election is void because of a complaint by someone (Foz) April 29 — “Well, you have cans under yar car too, are they yours?” ask TH,MR,JW,GG and HL April 29 — “My father is gong to kill me!!” ask MR April 30 — Happy Birthday Duckie! Love, Ginger 182 INTRAMURAL 1. FINAL STANDINGS INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL — 1988 Spikecrew 50 2. Moonspun 49 ' 2 -CHAMPIONS— 3 Iatbumbashi 45 ‘ j 4 VI Ls-siori Impossible 44‘ 2 5. Demolition 44 6 Untouchables 40 7 Armageddon 36 8 G’Bodis 30V. 9 The Norumo 27 ' . 10 The Hypnotic 26 1 1 Psychedelic 24 12 Armageddon Pasta Festers 22 ' 13 Heimlich Maneuver 22 ' 14 Bubba Bomber 20 ' 15 TKe Bomber 20 ' . 10 AmmaJ Crackers 17 17 The Gunner 17 18 The Expletives 12 19 The Kamikazees 8 20 Sail and Pepper 4 ' I PA VOLLEYBALL “88” For the second year in a row, Moonspun came back to cap- ture the title for Intramural Vol- leyball 1988. Spikecrew was in the same position as Team USA was last year — having the most points. However, Moon- spun came back to win it with scores of 16-14, 15-17, and 15-11. The members of the team were: Inez Garcia, Wendy Larsen, Phil Muller, Jon Corman, Derek Geary, John Avila, Tony Alves, Joe Pas- quina, Jacqui Virgilio, and Mr. Hutchison. The games lasted three weeks, and the compe- tition was fun for all!!! 185 STUDENT-TEACHER BASKETBALL GAME TEAM PICTURES — (L to R) Front Row: Chip “The Stilt” Kistner, Peer “The Henchmen” Dench, Guch “The Guch” Tranguch, Lynne “The Cutie” Cassinari, Karen “Boom Boom” Maniglia. Rick " The Slick " Moore. Back Row (L to R): Sandy “The Kid” Favazza, Roger “The Dodger” parady, Greg “The No Mouth” Smith, Tom “The Fatso” Walsh, Dave “The Who” Smith, Susan “The Taloo Lady " Haller. The student-faculty basketball game made a sparkling return to Gloucester High School this year. The outcome was a thrilling 40-39 faculty victory over the students. The contest will al- ways be remembered for the Mr. Walsh in- cident. While Mr. Walsh was dribbling the ball down the court, Craig Herman applied pressure defense and accidentally caught his hand onto Mr Walsh’s shorts. Mr. Walsh was exposed, and to say the least embarrassed. All in all, the 1988 student-faculty basketball game was a great time, not to mention a showcase of superb athletic ability. WATERVILLE VALLEY, N.H. MARCH 11-13 »»r t. St. Patrick s Day Dance I ' M) JAZZ DAY — MAY 9th On Monday, May 9th, Gloucester High School was honored with the presence of Jazz greats, young and old. Two former graduates of Gloucester High, Herb Pom- meroy and Dave Landoni, came back to perform for students and faculty of GHS. Juan Olivia of Spain was on drums, and Mike Mohnagan was on sax. It was an enjoyable afternoon, and it was different from most things we have had at Gloucester High. Many students participated in Jazz Day, also. Hopefully we can keep this a tradition at GHS. 192 OUTRAGEOUS DAY The Outrageous Day Dance, sponsored by the Student Council was a huge success. Members from every class showed up. Most people showed their spirit by dressing in wild costumes from spray painted T-shirts to gi- ant Class of 88 earrings. No matter what people wore, though everyone had a great time and sent Spirit Week out with a blast. 194 AUSTRIA TRIP 1988 The 1988 Austria Trip was a great lime for all who went. The days were filled with skiing and var- ious trips, while the nights were saved for dancing and fun. It was an exciting adventure for all! HAWAIIAN DAY DANCE MAY 13 th, 1988 JUNIOR EVENT Although bad weather caused The Junior Event to be held indoors, it did not dampen the spirits of the members of The Class of 1989. The event was a success, and eve- ryone had a good time. After the meal, a dance for the whole school was held, and many people showed up to add to the ex- citement of the evening. All in all. The Junior Event was a big success for The Class of 1989. 202 GLOUCESTER FISHERMEN — Botiom Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT); Muller. Steve Marshall. Mall Moynahan. Jim Garron. Co-Captain Brian Fleming, Co-Captain Dan King. Tony Remington. Rich France . Peter Ciaramelaro. John Gallant. Second Ron (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT! Mike Klolod ik. Mike Sutera. Mike McLeod. John Feener. Joe Pasquma. John Avila. Tony Alves. Joe Havener. DurmnH Sanfilippu. Eric Ixnacano. Ia uic McGrath. Third Ron (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Mike Seola, Peter Lucido. Joe Ciluffo, Dvi lime. I hil Synder. Traits Roland. Corey Parsons, Derek Richards. Tony Aiello. Dick Winchester. Back Ron (FROM LFFT TO RIGHT) Marl Syliam. Dana Thompson. Lou Biondo, Ron Benjamin. Mark Michalsin. Justin lame. Danny Broun. Derek Reed. Mike Jackman, Brian Linquala. Mark Bolcome. Rcmom Photo GLOICFSTER FISHERMEN COACHING STAFF — T« . K,.« iFHnM LEO l ) Hit. Ill) Mike Brennan, M.kc France . Mike Cloonei Botiom Ron (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Boh Roland. Tom ttalsh. Terry Silva. Peter DeCruz. 1987 was a super year for the F ' ighling Fishermen of Gloucester High. This year’s F ishermen were ranked num- ber 1 after the end of the season and earned a berth in the (Eastern Mass. Division 2 Super Bowl. Though they lost on a disputable call, the Fishermen showed a lot of poise and a lot of class and represented Gloucester High School with dignity. The team accumulated some very impressive figures over tF»e year. They averaged 30.8 points per game while their superb defense only allowed an average of 6.8 points per game. The veer offense was the main drive for the football team. It averaged 334.2 total yards per game, with 261.6 average rushing yards. The main person responsible for a large amount of the rushing yards is senior Steve Marshall, who ran for 1,139 yards in the 10 games. He was not alone in the backfield, though He was teamed up with Senior Co-Captain Brian Fleming and Junior FLric l oiacano, who both had fine seasons Yet. the only way for the running backs to lx able to run is to be able to get through the defense. The Gloucester offensive line performed excellently, allowing the running bar Its to get through the line and run for large gams The line also gave Senior quarterback Joe Fasquina plenty of time to pass. The offense vo red the points but the defense kept the otFier teams wore very |ow The defense shut out their opponents in the first three games of the season and in the firiaJ game of the season against Danvers. The defense was led by OeT-aplain Danny King, and was one of the best in the Division. The team was led by an excellent coaching staff, led by head roarh Terry Silva. Coach Silva had a terrific coaching •Oaff. ( ' nesting of Bob Boland, Tom Walsh, Peter DeCruz, Mike Brennan. Mike Francis, and Joe Biondo. Gloucester made it to iFie Super Bowl but lost, 2 I - 1 4, on a disputable aJI. yet the Fishermen worked hard and made a whole rny pr ' od and happy. _______ Top Photo: Co-captain Brian Fleming, Head Coach Terry Silva, Co-captain Dan King. 1987 Boy’s Varsity Football Team Record CHS. Opponent 1-0 won G.H.S. 12 Reading 0 2-0 won G.H.S. 26 Lynn English 0 3-0 won G.H.S. 41 Lynn Classical 0 4-0 won G.H.S. 48 Salem 21 5-0 won G.H.S. 28 Saugus 7 6-0 won G.H.S. 14 Swampscott 7 7-0 won G.H.S. 39 Marblehead 8 8-0 won G.H.S. 40 Beverly 12 9-0 won G.H.S. 38 Winthrop 13 10-0 won G.H.S. 22 Danvers 0 Top Picture: FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS — Top Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): Mascot Kelli SUva, Annemarie Wentzell, Nicole Gaspar, Jennifer Parisi, Grace Giambanco, Tamie Johnson, Kimberly Bums, Kate Muniz, Nicole Demetri, JaneUe White, Emily Kennedy, Petrina Katsikas, Mascot Lisa Pallazola. Front Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): Grace Parisi, Valarie Williams, Cheri Guarrasi, Annette Palazola, Deanna Palazola, Michelle Demetri. Sitting in Front: Michele Pallazola. Middle Left Picture: SENIOR FOOTBALL CHEER- LEADERS — Top Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): JaneUe White, Jennifer Parisi, Nicole Gaspar, Petrina Katsikas, Kate Muniz. Bottom Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): Tamie Johnson, Ann-Marie Eastman, Michelle Palazzola, Annemarie Wentzell, Grace Giambanco. 215 SUPER BOWL TEAM PICTURE — Bottom Row (RIGHT TO I EET): Lisa Macneil, Mary Livingston, Inez Garcia, Uremia Mullen, Harriet Carr, Jacqui Virgilio. Mid- dle Row (RIGHT TO LEFT): Tracy Murray, Jill Sinagra. Jackie Amero. Rachel Schwartz, Lee Ann Verga. Caillin Foley, Ruth Beroit. Top Row (RIGHT TO LEFT): Denee DeC.oste (Assistant Coach), Adrienne Hayes. I ,ui ren Schwartz, Mary Gross. Kathleen Winchester, Mary Ann Linquata, Sheila Tranguch (Head Coach). Il was a lough season for ihe Fish- ermen Field Hockey leant this year. They ended ihe season al 5-8-2. Four of the losses were by one point and could have easily fallen in iheir favor. The lies against Marblehead and Swampscott could have very easily been wins for the Fishermen. They were a belter team than the record shows and definitely played up to their ability. 1 1 w as a great year for Harriet Carr and Inez Garcia. They were both elected to the Conference All-Star Team. Each had 6 goals and 5 assists in the season. Goalie Huth Benoit was an honorable mention to the All-Star Team. CAPTAIN COACH PICTURE — Denee DeCoste (Assistant Coach), Inez Garcia, Harriet Carr, Brenda Coach) Mullen, Sheila Tranguch (Head Record G.H.S. Opponent 0-1-0 lost G.H.S. 2 Sagus 4 1-1-0 won G.H.S. 4 Salem 1 1-2-0 lost G.H.S. 0 Marblehead 1 1-3-0 lost G.H.S. 0 Bishop Fenwick 1 2-3-0 won G.H.S. 4 Winthrop 0 3-3-0 won G.H.S. 3 Swampscott 0 3-4-0 lost G.H.S. 0 Beverly 6 3-5-0 lost G.H.S. 1 Danvers 3 3-6-0 lost G.H.S. 0 Saugus 5 4-6-0 won G.H.S. 5 Winthrop 0 5-6-0 won G.H.S. 2 Salem 1 5-6-1 tie G.H.S. 1 Marblehead 1 5-6-2 tie G.H.S. 0 Swampscott 0 5-7-2 lost G.H.S. 0 Beverly 1 5-8-2 lost G.H.S. 1 Danvers 3 Top Row: Coach Tim Perry, Sieve Zelk, Eddie Hubbard. Mike D ' Antonio, B, G. Brown, Keith illiams. Rick Messier, Erik Tobey. Bottom Row: Rob Palazola, John Alves, Peter Favazza, Jean- Michael Mamoto, Dean Klopotoski, Mike Ryan, John Bernie. Joe Lentini. The 1987 G.H.SA. soccer team had a disappointing season. Under first year head Coach Tim Perry, the Fishermen finished their season with a 1-16-1 record. There were, however, some bright spots during the Fishermen ' s season. The Fishermen were a young team, en- tering the season with only three seniors. The senior co-captains Dean Klopotoski and Mike Ryan provided good leadership for the team. The other senior, Jean Michel Marnoto was also a starter and made many contributions to the team throughout the season. Being a young team, the Fishermen can look forward to an improved season next year. The juniors on the team were David Murray, B. G. Brown, Keith Williams, John Bernie, Eddie Hubbard. Rob Palazola, Jim Pariseau, Joe Lentini, and Peter Favazza. Their ex- perience and ability should help lead the team to a victorious season next year. Although their season was not a winning one, it was a time of learning and experience for all the players. The team always played hard and never gave up when things got lough. The team showed consistently high effort which should prove promising for the success of next year’s team. 220 ' -HEv.rcey Coach Tim Perry with co-caplains. Dean Klopoloski (left), and Mike Ryan (right). G.H.S. Varsity Soccer G.H.S. V OPPONENT RECORD G.H.S. vs. WintHrop Lost 0-1 G.H.S. vs. Lynn English Lost 0-2 G.H.S. vs. Lynn Classical Tied 0-2-1 G.H.S. vs. Salem Lost 0-3-1 G.H.S. vs. Saugus Lost 0-4-1 G.H.S. vs. Swampscott Lost 0-5-1 G.H.S. vs. Marblehead Lost 0-6-1 G.H.S. vs. Beverly Lost 0-7-1 G.H.S. vs. Danvers Lost 0-8-1 G.H.S. vs. Winthrop Won 1-8-1 G.H.S. vs. Lynn English Lost 1-9-1 G.H.S. vs. Lynn Classical Lost 1-10-1 G.H.S. vs. Salem Lost 1-11-1 G.H.S. vs. Saugus Lost 1-12-1 G.H.S. vs. Swampscott Lost 1-13-1 G.H.S. vs. Marblehead Lost 1-14-1 G.H.S. vs. Beverly Lost 1-15-1 G.H.S. vs. Danvers Lost 1-16-1 Above: L TO R: Bryson Coles, Eric Licis, Capt. Aaron Cilluffo. Mall Roark. Jean Paul Laflam, Leo Ciaramilaro. Right: Aaron Cilluffo. Far Right Above: Leo Ciaramilaro. Far Right Below: Eric Licis. Coach Dave Dunsky’s Boys Cross Country tallied a 5-4 winning record in 1987. The season was highlighted by the end of Aaron Cilluffo ' s career at Glouces- ter. It was also marked by the promise showed by the younger runners. Cilluffo’s list of awards was impres- sive. He was the first Gloucester runner to go undefeated since 1969. f or the third year in a row he was a conference All-Star and in 1987, the conference champ. He was the runner-up in Eastern Mass. Division 2. Aaron was also in- volved in the statewide playoffs. Coach Dunsky ' s younger runners will be together for years to come. The oldest runner. Matt Koarke is only a sopho- more. Hoarke is a good solid runner who will be called on to lead the team in coming years. Bryson Coles and Eric l.icis have shown great promise. Jean Paul I-aflam and Leo Ciaramilaro are both solid runners. 222 Above Left: Capt. Aaron Cilluffo. Above Right: Matt Roark. Far Left: Bryson Coles. Left: Jean Paul Laflam. 1987 G.H.S Varsity — Boy’s Cross Country (lowest score wins) Record G.H.S. Opponent 1-0 won G.H.S. 21 Winthrop 34 2-0 won G.H.S. 24 Saugus 33 2-1 lost G.H.S. 35 Marblehead 22 2-2 lost G.H.S. 41 Beverly 20 2-3 lost G.H.S. 43 Swampscott 20 3-3 won G.H.S. 20 Lynn Classical 38 3-4 lost G.H.S. 34 Lynn English 23 4-4 won G.H.S. 20 Salem 35 5-4 won G.H.S. 21 Danvers 34 223 Top Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): Coach J. D. MacEachern. I.aurie I-aursen, Heather Standley, Amy Hart, I-enia Ascenso, and Regina Randazza. Second Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): Leah Budrow. Wendy Creeke, Wendy Laursen, Gina Capone, Michelle Boucher, Vita Taormina and Donna Boucher. The 1987 Girl’s Cross Country Track team had a very good season. Out of eight meets the team won seven, losing only to Winlhrop, their first meet of the season. The team placed second in the North- eastern Conference and ninth out of the stale. The team consisted of members of every class. The only senior was Gina Capone. The juniors were Michelle Bou- cher and Wendy Laursen. The soph- omores were Donna Boucher, Leah Budrow, Wendy Creeke, Amy Mart, I-aurie laursen and Vita Taormina. The freshmen were Lenia Ascenso, Regina Randazza and Heather Standley. Their coach was J. I). MacEachern. This year’s most valued player was Donna Boucher. Coach J.D. says to the team. “Great season girls. Best of luck to our one senior. I am looking forward to a great season again next ■year.” Congratulations to the Girl ' s Cross Country Track team of 1987. 224 " i Record 0- 1 lost G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. Opponent Winthrop Lynn English Lynn Classical Salem Beverly Swampscotl Marblehead Danvers 33 50 TEAM PICTURE — Front Row (LEFT TO RIGHT): Meredith McKenna, co-captains Shari- Lynn Dutton and Susan Turner, Susan Philpott, Carolyn Hunt. Back Row (LEFT TO RIGHT): Coach Maryellen Callahan. Ann-Margarel Ferrante, Liz Ciolino. Janet Powers, Tara Dutton, Lisa Morey, kimara Jebb. Shelly Lovasco. The G.H.S. girls tennis team had an excellent season, finishing 14-4, their only losses to Swampscott and Beverly. The whole team made a tremendous ef- fort throughout the entire season. Eve- ryone played consistently well. They took advantages of their opponents mistakes and worked hard to win. Janet Powers and Lisa Morey were named Conference All-Stars for second doubles and honorable mentions for the Northeast Conference went to Meredith McKenna, Shari-Lynn Dutton, Susan Turner, Susan Philpott, and Carolyn Hunt. 226 Left: Coach Maryellen Callahan with co- captains Shari-Lynn Dutton and Susan Turner. Center: Senior Shari-Lynn Dutton. Right: Senior Meredith McKenna. 1987 G.H.S. — Girls Tennis Record G.H.S. Opponent 1-0 won G.H.S. 5 Winthrop 0 2-0 won G.H.S. 5 Lynn English 0 3-0 won G.H.S. 5 Lynn Classical 0 4-0 won G.H.S. 4 Salem 1 4-1 lost G.H.S. 0 Swampscott 5 5-1 won G.H.S. 4 Saugus 1 6-1 won G.H.S. 4 Marblehead 1 6-2 lost G.H.S. 2 Beverly 3 7-2 won G.H.S. 4 Danvers 1 8-2 won G.H.S. 4 Winthrop 1 9-2 won G.H.S. 5 Lynn English 0 10-2 won G.H.S. 5 Lynn Classical 0 11-2 won G.H.S. 4 Salem 1 11-3 lost G.H.S. 1 Swampscott 4 12-3 won G.H.S. 4 Saugus 1 13-3 won G.H.S. 4 Marblehead 1 13-4 lost G.H.S. 1 Beverly 3 14-4 won G.H.S. 5 Danvers 0 OS J TEAM PHOTO — Top Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): Coach Rob MacEachem, Rob Tarr, Andy Anlrobus. Eric Noble. Pal Good, Scoll Ryan. Bot- tom Row (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): Jeremy Ross. Malt Nickerson. Steve Muniz, Guy Fiero, Joe Ci- olino. This year ' s Golf Team was led by junior. Conference All-Star and number one player Scott Ryan. His 7-2 individual record led the team with senior captain Steve Muniz (a 3-year letterman) giving the team leadership. Sophomore Pat Good, the number two player on the team this vear had an individual record of 6-2- Along with the contribution made by Scott Ryan, the two other juniors made many important contributions to the team. The two juniors are Eric Noble, a second year player and Andy Antrobus, a first year player. The rest of the team was made up of seniors, including Steve Muniz, the Cap- lain. Rob Tarr, a 3-year letterman, Joe Ciolino, Mall Nickerson, Jeremy Ross, Guy Fiero, all first year players. The 3-5-1 record does not show the hard work the team put into the year. " The team had many close matches with everyone making key contributions dur- ing the season,” said Coach MacEachem. The seniors will Ik- missed but the team is hiking to improve on this year’s record. tSZ ’ ■ ♦iV- ; r n fe ‘ r ; : - — Top Left I’liolo: Coach Hob MacKachern and Senior Captain Steve Muniz. m Z h C.H.S. Varsity Golf Won or lost G.H.S. VS. Beverly Lost G.H.S. vs. Lynn Classical Won G.H.S. vs. Lynn English Lost G.H.S. vs. Marblehead Won G.H.S. vs. Danvers Lost G.H.S. vs. Salem Tie G.H.S. vs. Saugus Won G.H.S. vs. Swampscott Lost G.H.S. vs. Winthrop 3-5-1 record Lost r o o Bark Rem (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): David Poole, Mark Sylvain. Jeff March, Sandy Interente, Paul Ciametaro Middle Row: Coach David Curley, Chris karvelis. Coach Jan Collins. Jerry McKay, Chuck Karvelis. Eric Bichao. B. G. Brown, David Cooper, Dominic Brancleone, Mark Michaelsin, Coach Jim- my Douglas. Mike Milletello, Coach John Conant, John Karvelis, Coach Tim Perry. Front Row: Dick I .owe. Bill Peacock, John Braz, Co-Captain Derek Geary, Gary Wilson, Brian Church, Co-Captain Dave Gove. On the following page: Co-Captain Derek Geary, Coach Dav id Curley, Co-Captain Dave Gove. The Gloucester Fishermen didn’t have a superb season but they stayed together and fought hard. Led by senior Co- Captains Dave Gove and Derek Geary, the team finished the year with an 8-10-0 record. Despite the record, the team played right down to the end of each game, never letting up or calling it quits. Two Gloucester players, Brian Church and Derek Geary, were named Northeast Conference All-Stars. Derek led the team in scoring, and had one game where he scored five goals. The team gave Gloucester a memorable season and eve- ryone looks forward to next season. 230 paramitaro t WviPf i : 0 yS i X O Above: Back Row (L to R): .Asst. Coach Anthony Passanissi. Mike Sutera, Kris Hale, Joe Ciolino, John Feener. Jay Pallazola. Pal Morrisey, Tory Ciolino, Pete Albano. Kevin Ryan, Head Coach Bob MacEachem. Front Row (L to R): Tri-Captains Mike Murray, Dan King, Phil Muller. This year ' s Fisherman Basketball team was a better team than their 4-14 record indicated. In the always tough North- eastern Conference, they played many teams closely but just couldn ' t come out on top. The team was led by Tri-Captains Mike Murray, Dan King and Phil Muller. Murray and Muller averaged 15 and 13 ppg. respectively, which led the team. Tory Ciolino led the team in rebounding, as well as playing good defense. Pat Morrissey also did a solid job all season. Next year, Murray’s All Conference performance (highlighted by a 38 point effort against Lynn English) will be need- ed again to lead the team. Head Coach MacEachem is optimistic about the team ' s chances and anticipates an in- tensive off season effort from the team. 232 Above Left: (L to R): Asst. Coach Anthony Passanissi, Tri-Captains Dan King, Phil Muller and Mike Murray, Head Coach Bob MacEachem. G.H.S. Varsity — Boy ' s Basketball RECORD G.H.S. OPPONENT 0-1 lost G.H.S. 62 Saugus 72 0-2 lost G.H.S. 68 Swampscotl 77 0-3 lost G.H.S. 67 Marblehead 80 0-4 lost G.H.S. 46 Beverly 51 0-5 lost C H S. 57 Winthrop 62 1-5 won C H S. 78 Lynn English 69 1-6 lost G.H.S. 35 Lynn Classical 66 1-7 lost G.H.S. 41 Salem 67 1-8 lost G.H.S. 79 Saugus 80 1-9 lost G.H.S. 72 Danvers 73 2-9 won G.H.S. 62 Swampscotl 61 2-10 lost G.H.S. 67 Marblehead 71 3-10 won G.H.S. 56 Beverly 51 3-11 lost G.H.S. 65 Winthrop 68 3-12 lost C H S. 40 Lynn English 69 3-13 lost G.H.S. 64 Lynn Classical 80 3-13 lost C H S. 54 Salem 91 4-14 won G.H.S. 85 Danvers 61 O JH L C H E E R L E A D E R S Above: Back Row (L to R): Kathleen Wentzell, Kim Burns, Jennifer Comeau, Capt. Petrina Katsikas, Jennifer Eastman, Shawna Burnham, Elsa Ulendorf. Front Row (L to R): Heather Lewis, Michelle Favalora, Tina Marr, Deana Palazola, Michelle Korthas, Regina Randazza. TEAM PICTURE — LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Marie Pavini, Cathy Ryan, Captain Cheri Gur- rasi, Shannon Morris, Heidi McGrath, Janet Powers. The GHS Gymnastics Team tried hard again this year. Although they needed at least two more people for their scores to be comparable in com- petition, they went to meets and had fun. Captain Cheri Gurrasi and Cathy Ryan performed well again this year. Two freshmen. Shannon Morris and Heidi McGrath had a good season. Janet Powers was unable to compete for the season due to torn ligaments. Hopes are directed towards the future when the current team members will return and will be joined by some promising newcomers. Back Row: Coach Mary Ryan, Lisa Morey, Laurie Larsen, Laura Michalisin, Lisa MacNeil, Jill Sinagra. Liisa Robertson, Inez Garcia, Mary Kay Filos. Front Row: Captains Wendy Larsen, Liisa Nogelo. The 1987-88 Girl’s Varsity Basketball Team finished their season with a 3-17 record. Despite their record, the team had an exciting season. The team played under the guidance of head coach Mary Ryan and assistant head coach Lisa Olsen. The Co-Captains of the team were senior Liisa Nogello and junior Wendy Larsen. They worked con- sistently, hard and provided good lead- ership throughout the season. The coaches’ award was presented to the senior Inez Garcia. The team con- sisted of seniors Liisa Nogello, Lisa MacNeil and Inez Garcia. The juniors on the team were Wendy Larsen, Laura Michalisun, Liisa Robertson, Jill Sinagra and Mary Kay Filos. The two sophomores on the team were Lisa Morey and Laurie Larsen. Although they suffered many losses this season they gained experience which the returning players can carry over to next season and prove useful to the suc- cess of the team. 2:i6 Captains Wendy Larsen and Liisa Nogelo with Coach Mary Ryan. 1987 G.H.S. Varsity — Girls Basketball Record G.H.S. Opponent 0-1 lost G.H.S. 30 Saugus 67 0-2 lost G.H.S. 34 Swampscott 64 1-2 won G.H.S. 38 Marblehead 30 1-3 lost G.H.S. 20 Beverly 36 1-4 lost G.H.S. 28 Lincoln-Sudbury 51 1-5 lost G.H.S. 33 Winthrop 52 1-6 lost G.H.S. 17 Lynn English 48 1-7 lost G.H.S. 31 Swampscott 59 2-7 won G.H.S. 56 Lynn Classical 29 2-8 lost G.H.S. 29 Salem 60 2-9 lost G.H.S. 28 Saugus 49 2-10 lost G.H.S. 24 Danvers 54 2-11 lost G.H.S. 24 Bishop Fenwick 64 2-12 lost G.H.S. 29 Marblehead 39 2-13 lost G.H.S. 35 Beverly 54 2-14 lost G.H.S. 25 Winthrop 48 2-15 l08t G.H.S. 49 Lynn English 65 3-15 won G.H.S. 56 Lynn Classical 10 3-16 lost C.H.S. 27 Salem 47 3-17 lost G.H.S. 27 Danvers 51 In the group photograph, lop row left to right, there is Ben Sargent, Brad Lacerda, Travis Roland, Bill Kyrouz. Bryson Coles, and Chris Jones. In the bottom row, left to right, there is John Gallant, Phillip Harvey, Adam Mondello, Aaron Cillufo, Matt Moynahan, and Jim Gallant. The members of the Boy’s Indoor Track team were: SENIORS — Aaron Cillufo, Jim Gallant, John Gallant, Phil Harvey, Adam Mondello, and Matt Moynahan; JUNIORS — Brad Lacerda, and Travis Roland; SOPHOMORES — Bill Kyrouz, Ben Sargent, and Heath Vachon; and FRESHMEN — Bryson Coles, and Chris Jones. Their coach was Mr. Dave Dunsky. The team won four meets; lost only five. They placed six out of ten in the conference. Their captain was Adam Mondello, he also was selected Most Outstanding Performer. All Star members were Chris Jones, 300 yd., Adam Mondello, 600 yd., Aaron Cillufo, 1 mi., Bryson Coles, 2 mi., and Jim Gallant, John Gallant, Adam Mondello, Matt Moynahan, all for the mile relay. Mr. Dunsky said they were two points short of a winning season and had a very successful conference meet, (9 entries, 7 all conference). 2 ' 58 239 In the top lefthand picture there is (left to right) Brad Lacerda, John Gallant, and Matt Moynahan. In the top righthand picture there is (left to right) Aaron Cillufo and Captain Adam Mondello. 1988 BOY ' S INDOOR TRACK Record G.H.S. Opponent 0-1 G.H.S. 15 Beverly 71 0-2 G.H.S. 21 Marblehead 65 1-2 G.H.S. 52 Saugus 34 2-2 G.H.S. 52 Salem 33 3-2 G.H.S. Lynn Classical Forefeit 3-3 G.H.S. 42 Lynn English 44 3-4 G.H.S. Winlhrop Forfeit 3-5 G.H.S. 28 Swampscott 53 4-5 G.H.S. 54 Danvers 31 H P3000Z ' - ' C }h o TEAM PICTURE — Top Row (LEFT TO RIGHT): J. D. MacEachem (coach), Adrienne Hayes, Heath- er Bolcome, Krista Norton, Susan Turner, Pam Tuflley, Donna Boucher, Vita Taormina, Regina Randazza. Bottom Row (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jen Ekborg. Petrina Katsikas, Jacqui Virgilio, Rachael Schwartz, Lee Ann Verga, Jen Parisi, Gina Capone, Brenda Mullen, Amy Klopotowski. The G.H.S. Girls Indoor Track Team had a competitive and successful season this year. They ended the season with 5 wins and 3 losses. This ranked them fourth in the conference. They had a small team but ran hard and came up with the winning season. Four runners qualified for the states: Lee Ann Verga, Vita Taormina, Donna Boucher, and Regina Randazza. Donna Boucher was named an All-State mem- ber. 240 COACH CAPTAIN PICTURE — (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Jen Parisi (Co-Captain), J. D. MacEachem (Head Coach), Lee Ann Verga (Co-Captain). 1988 G.H.S. Girls Indoor Track Record G.H.S. Opponent 1-0 won G.H.S. 44 Salem 42 2-0 won G.H.S. 52 Lynn English 34 3-0 won G.H.S. 72 Lynn Classical 14 3-1 lost G.H.S. 34 Marblehead 52 3-2 lost G.H.S. 34 Winlhrop 52 3-3 lost G.H.S. 38 Swampscotl 48 4-3 won G.H.S. 47 Beverly 39 5-3 won G.H.S. 54 Danvers 32 241 TEAM PICTURE — Back Row (LEFT TO RIGHT): Coach Waddleton, Eric Williams, George Carr, Keith Place, Robert Saunders, David Doucette, Doug Thompson. Front Row (LEFT TO RIGHT): Daniel Hand, Co-captains Peter Ciarametaro and William Doucette, Douglas Thompson. The GHS Rifle Team had another excellent year, finishing second in the league with 8 wins and 4 losses. Coach Waddleton is very pleased with the results and is looking forward to next year when four of the team members will return. Lead by freshman David Doucette, who was second highest in the league, the entire team shot well throughout the season. 243 Above: Top Row: (L to R) Dick Winchester, Peter Lucido. Jeff Marr. Middle Row: (L to R): Coach Matheson. Ted Rose. Peter Novello, Mike Sutera, R. J. Ciarla. Marc Bouchie, Mr. Bielicki. Bottom Row: (L to R) Mark Fulford, Travis Roland, Sal Zerelli. Tory Ciolino, Eric Loiacano, Joey Haevener. The 1988 Fighting Fishermen Base- ball Team had a roller coaster season. While beating the conference powers such as Swampseott, the Fishermen had trouble beating the easier teams. Throughout the season leadership and fine play were provided by seniors; Jay Falazolla, Rich Francis, John Feener, and co-capts. Tory Ciolino and Sal Ze- relli. The pitching staff was a mainstay all year — highlighted by a no hitter by R. J. Ciarla and two two hitters thrown by Mark Fulford. The Fishermen improved over the 87 team; despite being a very young team. Thus, the future is very bright for G.H.S. Baseball. ' Avr Far Left: Top to Bottom: Coach Matheson, Seniors Tory Ciolino, Sal Zerelli, Rich Francis. 1988 G.H.S. Varsity — Baseball Record G.H.S. Opponent 0-1 lost G.H.S 2 Beverly 7 0-2 lost G.H.S. 1 Winthrop 8 1-2 won G.H.S. 5 Lynn English 1 2-2 won G.H.S. 7 Ipswich 3 3-2 won G.H.S. 8 Lynn Classical 7 3-3 lost G.H.S. 2 Salem 9 3-4 lost G.H.S. 0 Saugus 10 4-4 won G.H.S. 2 Swampscott 1 4-5 lost G.H.S. 5 Marblehead 6 4-6 lost G.H.S. 0 Danvers 12 4-7 lost G.H.S. 0 Andover 12 4-8 lost G.H.S. 9 Beverly 11 5-8 won G.H.S. 11 Winthrop 4 5-9 lost G.H.S. 2 Lynn English 5 6-9 won G.H.S. 21 Lynn Classical 1 6-10 lost G.H.S. 0 Salem 2 6-11 lost G.H.S. 4 Saugus 11 6-12 lost G.H.S. 2 Swampscott 11 7-12 •late game won G.H.S. 7 Marblehead Danvers 6 245 TEAM PICTl RE: Back Row: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Rulh Benoit, Jill Sinagre, Wendy Larsen, Kendal Marques, Sue Philpolt, Liisa Robertson, Greg Smith (Coach) Front Row: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Grace Moceri, Inez Garcia, Lisa MacNeil, Liisa Nogelo, Mary Beth Livingston. Brenda Mullen. Injuries have been keeping the G.H.S. varsity iftball team off balance this year. The team has showed some great games but has also suffered some lapsc s W eather has been a problem and vhedule c hanges have prolonged the season. The players have been keeping their spirits high and they know that they can finish the season strong. 2 U, COACH CAPTAIN PICTURE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Liisa Nogelo (Captain), Greg Smith (Coach), Lisa MacNeil (Captain). Record 0-1 1-1 1-2 2-2 2-3 I 2- 4 I 3- 4 4- 4 4-5 I 4- 6 I 5- 6 5-7 I Opponent Beverly Winthrop Lynn English Lynn Classical Saugus Saugus Swampscoll Marblehead Beverly Lynn English Lynn Classical Saugus won lost won won lost n TEAM PICTURE: Back Row: (L-R) Chris Jones, Bryson Coles. Andrew Cooper. Heath Vichon, Eriks Licis. George Carr, Mike Seola, Corey Parsons. Middle Row: (L-R) Josh Parsons, Nick Vitale, Dan Brown. Mark Michalisin, Chuck Karvelas, Mark Sylvain, Eric Tobey. Nick Taromina. Front Row: (l.-R) Dan King. Adam Mondello, Co-captains John Gallant and Malt Moynahan. Aaron Ciluffo, Phil Harvey, Joe Pasquina, Travis Roland. The G.H.S. Boys Track Team had the most successful and first winning (5-4) season in eight years. There were a lot of great performances by the highest turn- out the boys track team has seen in many years. Eighteen of the 24 members were underclassmen and the future looks strong. These underclassmen proved their worth by coming in second overall at the Freshman-Sophomore Meet with 96 points. Co-captains Matt Moynahan and John Gallant showed great leadership throughout the entire season. All of the seniors left a winning attitude In-hind for the future track teams which. Coach Silva stated, is important in any sport. 2 W Top Row: Coach J. D. MacEachem, kimara Jebb. Janet Powers. Liz Cooper, kale Donnely, Donna Boucher. Heather Standley, Lenia Ascenso, Jen- nifer Eastman, kathy Ryan. Asst. Coach Soucy. Middle Row: Heather Bolcome. Taya Enos, Lauren Schwartz. Carla Spinola. Pam Tuffley, Vita Taormina. Eliza Garrison, krista Norton. Bottom Row: Beck) Harl. Gina Capone. Jennifer Parisi, 1-ee Ann Verga. Rachel Schwartz. Jennifer Ekborg, Susan Turner. The Girls spring track season got off to a slow start this year with many meets being postponed due to rain. The team, through determined efforts, had success- ful results, winning 5 of their first 9 meets. The team was led by seniors Jennifer Parisi. Lee Ann Verga, Rachel Schwartz, and Amy Klopoloski. The coaches this year were head coach J. D. MacEachern and assistant coach Chris Soucy. The team finished fifth in the North- eastern Conference meet. In the meet the Fishermen had one first place finish. Freshman Lenia Ascenso won the 440 with her best time of the year, 62.2 seconds. The Fishermen also had three individual second places in the meet. They were Janet Powers in the long jump, Donna Boucher for the 2 mile and Lee Ann Verga in the 220 with her best time of 27.9. Also finishing second was the 440 relay team of Powers, Verga, Kale Perry and Jen Parisi. The team worked hard throughout the season. Their determination and consis- tently high effort led the team to a suc- cessful and fun season. 250 MB TEAM PICTURE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Cal- lahan. Phil Muller, Andy Antrobus, Derek Geary, John Vinagre. Jeff March, Bill Peacock, Gasper Sapulo, Greg March. The 1988 Boys Tennis team had a great season this year. The team spent the latter part of the season looking for- ward to the State Team Tournament. The team consisted of seniors Derek Geary, Phil Muller, Bill Peacock, Gasper Saputo, John Vinagre and Gary Wilson. The juniors were Andy Antrobus and Ix rne Kirkman. The rest of the team were Sophomores: Greg March and Jeff March; and freshman, Shane Kirkman. The team was lead by Captain Derek Geary. They had a superb season. Coach Maryellen Callahan says thanks, espe- cially to the seniors, it couldn’t have been done without you. 252 Top Left Picture: Captain Derek Geary and Coach Maryellen Callahan 1988 M S Bovs Tennis Opponent ( G.H.S. CHS. G.H.S. G.H.S. CHS. G.H.S. (, H S G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. G.H.S. Record Beverly Winthrop Saugus Lynn Lnglish Lynn Classical Salem Saugus Swampscotl Marblehead Beverly Lynn Knglish Lynn Classical Salem 1-0 8-0 0-0 10-0 I I o L’o 13-0 o w It doesn’t matter if you win or The last touchdown has been caught, the last goal scored and the last homerun hit. The 1987-1988 athletics season has ended. Some of the teams this year had winning records and some of the teams didn’t, yet all of the teams from the Northeast Conference Champion Football team to the Golf team, made everyone stand up and take notice. All of the teams made Glocester and Gloucester proud w ith their achievements and class they showed at every sporting event. All of the athletes wore the Gloucester ‘G’ with pride. Thanks to all of the athletes for an enjoyable. GLOUCESTER’S BEST FOOTBALL Dan King — NEC All-Star, All Defensive Player Steve Marshall — NEC All-Star, Div. 2 Player of the Year Matt Moynahan — NEC All-Star Joe Pasquina — NEC All-Star Eric Loiacano — NEC All-Star Joe Havener — NEC All-Star SOCCER FIELD HOCKEY Dean Klopotoski — NEC All-Star Inez Garcia — NEC All-Star Harriet Carr — NEC All-Star GIRLS TENNIS BOYS BASKETBALL Janet Powers Lisa Morey — NEC All-Star Mike Murray — NEC All-Star GIRLS BASKETBALL HOCKEY Wendy Larsen — NEC All-Star Derek Geary — NEC All-Star Bryan Church — NEC All-Star BASEBALL SOFTBALL Jay Palazola — NEC All-Star Mike Sutera — NEC All-Star Wendy Larsen — NEC All-Star BOYS TENNIS GOLF Derek Geary- NEC All-Star Phil Muller — NEC All-Star Gary Wilson Lome Kirkman — NEC All-Star Gaspar Saputo John Vinagre — NEC All-Star Scott Ryan — NEC All-Star I . " • . ' w i ' ?KJ ?% x m tK ' ■ ■•,,, • 257 Welcoming Remarks Amy Klopoioski. Chapter Co-President Mr Alphonse J. Swekla. Superintendent of Schools Dr Charles G Symonds, Principal of doucestet High School Reflections on the Sherman B. Ruth Chapter Inez Garcia Candlelighting Service Amy Klopoioski, Co-President Gary Wilson. Co-President Liisa Nogelo. Secretary John Vinagre. Treasurer Shari-Lyn Dolton, Librarian Pride and Promise Mrs Rosemary Banks. Advisor Presentation of New Members The National Honor Society Pledge Address to Members and Guests Mr. William B. Squillace. Mayor of Gloucester Announcement of Scholarship Winners Mrs. Rosemary Banks Conclusion Amy Klopotoski Refreshments in the Cafeteria flero members 2 Seniors Jeanine de Gagne Vito S. Ferrara David H Gove Bethany Grace Daniel H. Hand Jennifer A Ptsruello JoAnn Wallius Juniors: Andrew Antrobus John Bernie Michelle M. Boucher Domenic Brancaleone Sara Brodzinsky William G. Brown Kristin Costa Bora Erdos Kelly Galante Kristen Garry Charles Gleason Rebecca Faye Hart Teresa Jardin Joanna Joyce Adam J. Marcello Carlotta McCarthy Michael M. McLeod Karen M McKay Laura Michalisin David Murray Tracy-Lynn Murray Roselle Randazza Bonnie Reardon Jeanine E. Rhodes Erika Schernig Megan Shore Jeremy Smith Michelle M Soma Amy F St Laurent Joseph R Taormina Susan Elizabeth Turner Glenn Wheeler Special Thanks To: Mr Philip Swanson Mrs Diana Fallon Ceremony Coordinators The Gloucester High School Woodwind Trio Taya Enos. Flute Eric Melanson. Clarinet Krista Norton. Flute Officers: Seniors: Present members 259 Amy Klopotoski, Co-President Gary Wilson. Co-President LiisaNogelo, Secretary JohnVinagre, Treasurer Shari-Lyn Dutton, Librarian Patrick Morrissey Matthew Moynahan Philip Muller Stephen Muniz Vincent Pallazola Jennifer Parisi Joseph Pasquina William Peacock Melanie Rose Michael Ryan Nicole St. Laurent Pamela Sheedy Lorrie Sutera Robert Harris Tarr Anh Thu Tran Jacqueline Virgilio Cal lie Woodrum Justine Anderton Elsa Ascensc Serena Belong Alessandro Casagrande Aaron Cilluffo Anja Corben Maria Favazza Guy Fiero Lisa Galante Vito Galati Inez Garcia Grace Giambanco Sharon Gilbert Ethan Hughes Petrina Katsikas Daniel King Dean Klopotoski Deana Lawson Senior Banquet May 5, 1988 Caruso’s Diplomat was the site of The Class of 1988’s Senior Banquet on Thursday, May 5, 1988. Tables be- decked in blue and white beckoned sen- iors and their parents to the festivities. President James Fosberry welcomed all guests to an evening of family spirit and fun while Vice-president Inez Garcia and Treasurer Joseph Pasquina made poetic tributes to the fathers and the mothers. Secretary Shari-Lyn Dutton urged all in attendance to eat, dance, and be merry. DJ Don Shallow spun endless records from all eras ensuring that the dancing was fast, furious and non-stop! (We hear the parents had to be dragged off the dance floor!) As all who attended can attest. The Class of 1988’s Senior Ban- quet was the best. 260 i Scholarships • all Saw er Medal w mtu-rs since grade 8 members of lalion class. Sawyer Medals were first awarded in the 8tfTgrade to .V ' U Y Al It is caBsK mar trt announce j the lollowing top students. Inez Maria Garcia l.iisa IngriJiNogelo — l.orte Frances Sulera — Gary M. Wilson Vi the endifohe th grade the wtjre awarded to the following top students who had not already received a Sawyer Medal, hlsa Marie 54teo — ilo Gal.iti j— Sharon E. (»ill ert — Amy| Lynn Kl opotoski I " IL Gallic Kainuna Wots I rum " TT ' ' In the llHIu 1 lilt and l-th grades they were awarder! to the lop boy and jjrl lor each year who had not previously received a Sawyer Medal. G. ade 10 — Shari I yn Marie I Hilton — K. Ik ' iI Harris Tarr M BJi Grade 1 I — Matthew Patrick Moynahan — Melanie Lyn l osr tirade 12 — Anja Maty Gorb«ii$ Dean Klopoloski Swinish. Book ft Cennanfimsulate Book Ah ard I ' .tetualumnl Relations (Honors) Auard uu ' fni ian Cogh Arttsls Materials Auard The Hr as Hu st ness Oeptirlmenl Auard FJliot T. Parker English Book Auard J0% m m uards and Scholarships J. Franklin Hacketi Educational Trust SFhMarAup, Inc. Auard jt § ddts m Gilbert Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Addison (ulberl Hospital Alumnae Association Scholarship in Memory of Irene C. Spittle Friends of Rtr Raskelb ill Scholarship John H. Higgs, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Agnes T. (R ar, Ion i Hropln 1em Cape An The C ip rship College Women ' s Club Schf UUtip Ann SOU Scliolai • Imlarghip ir (■ape Ann Pee- U re Football Clteerleading Program Scholarship Capt. Cosmo £■ Alligator Scholarship Cape Ann Youth Hockey Association Scholarship ( harper ' . ) ruth Program S holanMfi ' Frances M Christopher F.mblem Memorial F(ind Auard The Hr sue (. ohlngh Memorial SuhoUirship 1 Mirharl J. Condon Music Scholarship Contractors and Huitders Association of Cape 4| M (.laylon Cunningham Memorial Music Sell Palls ( .u sumano Memorial Scholarship Busts I hire Memorial Srhobirship Fas! (Artur ester Youth Program Scholarship The M mu Fernni An V holorship " " lani Scholarship ; hip 12,500.00 each $500.00 each $500.00 $150.00 and a one year membership lo ihe National Organization for Women Justine Ruth A tide rt on l.iisa Ingrid Nogelo Robert Harris Tarr Cary M. Wilson Aimmarie Beyer Guy Morrow Fiero Sheila Anne Joseph Liisa Ingrid Nogelo Gary M. Wilson Matthew Patrick Moynahan Philip John Muller Liisa I ngrid Nogelo Lee A mi Marie Verga Tracy Ann Rose Tracy Ann Rose DanieLScoll King Patrick Michael Morrissey Philip John Muller Vincent S. Pallazola. Jr. Inez Maria Garcia Daniel Scott King Matthew Patrick Moynahan LeeAnn Marie Verga Pelrina Marie Katsikis Christopher James Lovasco Amy Lynn Klopoloski Crystal Jo-An Nirolosi V ■ Mt 1100.00 Ann-Marie Kastman 500 00 each Cosmo Marcantonio 250 00 |j| David H. Gove 1,000.00 each Anja Mary Corben Inez Maria Garcia James M. Garron Nicole A. Caspar Bethany J. Grace Lisa Marie MaeNeil Brenda Lee Mullen Philip John Muller Tracy Ann Rose C. Nicole Si. Laurent 1.000.00 Amy Lynn Klopoloski 200.(K) Adam J. Mondello 100.00 Sharon E. Gilbert 100.00 Philip John Miller 100.00 Daniel Kariores 500.00 Craig W. Herrmann 400.00 Daniel Kariores 100.00 Pelrina Marie Katsikas 250.00 David H. Gove 200.00 each Tracie Lee Cilliss Cfni-iophcr Novello 500.00 each Christine M. Dailey Christa It. Johnson Amanda Anne McKay W igmdiQ I nm.% Club N holarship Th ' Massachusetts State Foothill Champions, Scholarship Peter J Moceri Memorial Scholarship ■; The Judith Smrgent Hfurrtvs Auard iehoJas Ol(aua Memorial Scholarship 0 Salvatore J Pisckellv Memorial Srholu, Up Riverdalc RoclittS u rc Football Chrcrt ng $c 1 1 i i alc Ross Athletic Scholarship Stunt Ann School AmirM N Peter ' s Club ScholtM •J91 ■ » c. Silva Scholarship J Sons of Italy Scholarship The Donald P. Steele Scholarship Toad Hall Scholarship I a, .1 (..ntncil U). Degret of Pocahontas Scholarship in Memory of Mabel Petlipas Douglas Dm rem r Memorial Scholarship sponsored by ihe Vielnam Combat Veterans of the North Shore, I Clean H If lute Memorial Scholarship Arthur and Harriet Wright Memorial Scholarship Corton SCC Scholars Progam (.ape Ann Market Scholarship Auard V. AMDs PRESENTED PRIOR TO SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT Elsa Marie VmciiSO Arm I nn kl | oloski t-alln Ramona W ondrum SCHOOL COMMITTEE SCHOLARS (Top 5% of the (.radualion Class) f Isa Mane Ax-enao Alessanriro Casa grande Anja Mar ( .orb n Shan-I.yn Marie Dutton Sharon f Gilbert Nalasa Jot .movie Arm l.vnr klopotoski I Van K l | Manlier Pathrlc Moynahan l-nsa In ( ' rid Nogrio • harlot i ' Olsaon Metafile Lynn Rose Ruberl Hams Tarr John Manuel Vinagre Jaerjuelyn Ann Virplio Cary M Wilson ( Ramona Woodrurn 600.00 Michelene Bagley 600.00 600.00 600.00 300.00 300.00 250.00 250.00 ,.jp Sharon E. Gilbert Craig W. Herrmann Philip John Muller Grace Catherine Moceri l.iisa Ingrid Nogelo Nicole A. Caspar Adam J Mondello 250.00 Daniel Scott King 200.00 each Grace Catherine Moceri Sebastian Moceri, Jr 250.00 Denise C. Sutherland 500.00 a Harriett Elizabeth Carr 100.00 Alessandro Casagrande 100.00 Janelle M. White 500.00 Philip John Muller 100.00 Bond Matthew Patrick Moynahan 1.000.00 each Grace Catherine Moceri Michelle Ann Palazzola LeeAnn Marie Verga $660.00 each Vito Galali Grace V. Giambanco LeeAnn Marie Verga $200.00 Richard Paul Francis $250.00 Brian Douglass Fleming $500.00 William L. Peacock $200.00 Amy Lynn Klopotoski $300.00 $300.00 Peter Donald Ciarametaro Janelle M. While $300.00 Brian Douglass Fleming $1,500.00 Francisco JMS daRosa $1,000.00 each Elizabeth Alice Tolman Anh Thu Tran $1,000.00 James Edward Fosberry Massachusetts Commonwealth $1,000.00 Scholarship Massachusetts Commonwealth ' e, 000. 00 Scholarship Trustees Scholarship from New York $12,500.00 Full Tuition Universityeach year Academic Recognition Night Class of 1988 Cumulative Average of 85% or above Justine Anderton Deana Lawson Elsa Ascenso Patrick Morrissey Serena Belong Matthew Moynahan Bryce Budrow Philip Muller Alessandro Casagrande Stephen Muniz Aaron Cilluffo Liisa Nogelo Anja Corben Vicent Pallazola Jeanine DeGagne Jennifer Parisi Shari-Lyn Dutton Joseph Pasquina Maria Favazza William Peacock Vito Ferrara Jennifer A. Piscitello Caitlin Elise Foley Anthony B. Remington Lisa Galante Melanie Rose Nicole Ann Caspar Michael Ryan Grace Giam banco Nicole St. Laurent Sharon Gilbert Pamela Sheedy David H. Gove John Stilwell Bethany Grace Tammy Susanno Daniel Hand Lorie Sutera Lori Ann Hautala Robert Harris Tarr Ethan Hughes Elizabeth A. Tolman Natasha Jokanovic John Vinagre Petrina Katsikas Jacquelyn Virgilio Daniel King Joann Wallius Amy Klopotoski Gary Wilson Dean Klopotoski Callie Wood rum Top three in class at end of the Junior Year Cape Ann College Women’s Club Award — Gary Wilson Holy Cross Book Prize — Liisa Nogelo Harvard Book Prize — Amy Klopotowski Class of 1989 Kristen Johanna Amar Laura Michalsin Andrew T. Antrobus David Murray John Richard Bemie Tracy-Lynn Murray Michelle Boucher Michelle Ann Novello Domenic Bran cal eone John Ramos Sara K. Brodzinsky Roselle Randazza William G. Brown Bonnie Reardon Kristin Costa Jeanine Rhodes Bora Daniel Erdos Brenda Russell Turibia Fradoca Scott A. Ryan Kelly Ann Galante Erika J. Schemig Kristen Marie Garry Lisa Marie Scopa Richard J. Giarla, Jr. Megan Damon Shore Charles B. Gleason, Jr. Jeremy G. Smith Rebecca Faye Hart Michelle M. Sonia Teresa Luisa Jardin Amy St. Laurent Joanna E. Joyce Joseph R. Taormina Adam Marcello Elizabeth A. Tolman Carlotta E. McCarthy Susan Turner Michael McLeod, Jr. Glenn Wheeler Karen Marie McKay Valerie Joy Williams Class of 1990 Cumulative Averages of 90% or above Erie Biehao Nicole Johnson Tava Enos Paulo Mamoto Thomas Favazza Brendan Moynahan Ann Margaret Ferrante Michelle Pallazola Cara Ferrini Matthew Roark Claudia Filos Benjamin Sargent Patrick Good Vita Taormina Kimara Jebb Lenia Ascenso Gregory Christo Andrew Cooper Kathryn Donnelly Darice Ann Doucette Kelly Ann Fleming Kris Marie Galante Jean-Paul LaFlam Class of 1991 Cumulative Averages of 90% or above Alisha Maclean Rachel Malz Krista Norton Melinda Joyce Sheedy Heather Standley Dawn Webber Eric Williams Christopher Wilson Department Awards Outstanding Achievement in Art Freshman Art Melissa Kilgour Stephen Zelck Sophomores — Painting Jeff French Ceramics Nicole Parsons Ceramics Maureen Dion Bora Erdos Guy Fiero Susan Turner Drawing and Painting Michelene Bagley Christie Dailey Amanda McKay Jamison Payne Gwen Perry Roselle Randazza Commercial Art Peter Novello Photography Outstanding Achievement in Business Jodi Ramos Most Outstanding Senior Jennifer Piscitello Outstanding Achievement in Shorthand Outstanding Achievement in Secretarial Jennifer French Procedures Sheila Joseph Outstanding Achievement in Accounting Marcia Bums Outstanding Junior Outstanding Achievement in English Carrie Burnham Seniors Liisa Nogelo Gary Wilson Jeremy Ross Juniors Sara Brodzinsky Jeanine Rhodes Sophomores Kimara Jebb Michelle Pallazola Freshmen Gregory Christo Heather Standley Vocational James Garron James Sanfilippo Outstanding Achievement in Home Economics Occupational Childcare Annemarie Wentzell Clothing Pamela Cabral Foods Michelle Pallazzola Child Development Outstanding Achievement in Foreign Language Kristin Sinclair Spanish Liisa Nogelo French Justine Anderton Elsa Ascenso German Robert Harris Tarr Deana Lawson Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics Calculus Honors Natasha Jokanovic Robert Harris Tarr Gary Wilson Advanced Basic (Computer) Thomas Favazza Melinda Sheedy Pamela Sheedy Pascal (Computer) Robert Harris Tarr Outstanding Achievement in Science Biology Jeanine Rhodes Advanced Biolody Lisa Galante Chemistry Thomas Favazza Advanced Chemistry Liisa Nogelo Physics Michelle Boucher Bausch and Lomb Science Award David Murray Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies World History Heather Standley U.S. History Thomas Favazza 20th Century World Karen McKay Vocational Social Studies Vito Ferrara Outstanding Achievement in Industrial Arts Cabinet Making Glen Wheeler Graphic Arts William Hartwell Mechanical Drawing Bryce Budrow Power Mechanics Electricity William Doucette Surveying Philip Muller Outstanding Achievement in the Alliance Program Outstanding Academic Achievement Kristie Jameson Most Athletic James Young Outstanding Attendance Kristin A mar Outstanding Community Member Mary Silva Most Improved Dean Luvera Outstanding Achievement in Vocational Automotive Outstanding Achievement Stanley Gelasakis Dominic Sanfilippo Most Improved Armand LeFrancois, Jr. Mark Muise Carpentry Outstanding Achievement Christopher Lucido Gus Sanfilippo Most Improved Craig Herrmann Electrical Outstanding Achievement Vito Ferrara Timothy Sampson Anthony Sinagra Most Improved Douglas L. Thompson Machine Outstanding Achievement Bryan Church James Garron Lewis D. Ryan 271 Long white limosines. Tails and black tuxedoes. Blue satin, white silk and peach taffeta party dresses. New Friends, the band. Bring back memories? It should! The stupendous, colossal, awesome Senior Prom of the Class of 1988 was held at Danversport Yacht Club. Prom-goers were welcomed by advisors Kevin Hutchinson and Antoinette Konaxis and were beckoned by a chandelier bestrewn ballroom festooned with banana, crystal and white balloons and rose-colored flowers. Couples mingled with classmates in the ballroom and out on the balcony while others checked in at the door or stood in line to pose for romantic prom portraits. After dinner, the real party began. New Friends, the best dance band in New England, rocked the walls for GHS 1988’ers. Nothing less than the best for this class. First song up — “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince and we certainly did. Not one couple could stay in their seats while Luke, John, Arthur, Tony, Eric and Gerry were on stage. Did you see Ms. Konaxis on the dance floor jamming with the lead singer? Hot, hot, hot! And who can forget Rachel Schwartz — now in high demand by the band to do vocals — when she grabbed the microphone and belted out a funcky rendition of “Push It” on stage? Remember Rob Tarr and Mandy Reardon dancing (?) with Rob endlessly throwing Mandy up in the air and then down on the floor? How did that dress stay so clean, Mandy? When the time came to crown the king and queen, it was Jim Garron and Inez Garcia who made quite the royal couple. They were attended by courts of Amy Klopotoski, Melanie Rose, Roseann Scola, Tony Remington, Rob Tarr and Gary Wilson. Hutch, did you ever get that tiara to stay on her head? King, queen, princes and princesses took to the floor to Dirty Dancing’s “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” and everyone else joined in. The band rollicked on till midnight and many couples stayed right down to the end to “gel down” with the band (overheard “I lost weight I danced so much tonight?”) As limos wailed and couples sauntered out to the parking lot at the end of the incredible evening, the night’s stars winked down upon the members of the best class ever to graduate from GHS, the class with class, the class of 1988. Now aren’t you glad you were there? DO YOU REMEMBER . . . Who had the longest limo? (Tony and Tony! at least ten people got out of it!) The phone number for the prom hotline? (283-6066) Rob Rhodes’ hairdo? (he looked just like Robert DeNior in Angel Heart) Callie and Melanie boogeying to Mony, Mcny? Busty Moceri’s crunchy hairdo? Steve and Rosey on the balcony? Novello and Vinagre wiggling eyebrows? Danny which Hand was broken? Jon Gattinella’s high top black boots? Ethan’s peach colored sneaker laces? King Dan and Cindyrella? Domenic Sanfilippo saying “I told you so!”? Chris Lucido taking more pictures than the photographer? Losing your key, John? Racing for the Men’s or Ladies’ room? Forgetting your tickets? All the girls 273 L THE KING AND QUEEN AND THEIR COURT ( o as p tf ffrwAuUlayv cerci e Jleiae l Otac uims Ou icJa s, ayt 12 1 A - 1:30 .m . 4 ' d r Eazo lL j ll " n ' l " ’ ™r. ' 1 •■ r -; . | ff. t tiif-il! K TM r S r i; i 0 - |» - H SCT 53. - ■ t • r r ™!f 3 .V ' . : «®» ' wsar . •• 0 - Colleges Attending David Adams Salem State College Jean-Michel Marnoto France Justine Anderton University of Rhode Island Eric Melanson University of Lowell Shannon Arabian North Shore Community College Karla Messier Utica College of Syracuse University Elsa Ascenso Bridgewater State College Grace Moceri Roger Williams College Michelene Bagley University of Massachusetts at Amherst Busty Moceri University of Massachusetts Serena Belong Salem Stale College Adam Mondello Wentworth Institute of Technology Robert Berube Marine Corps Marcia Montagnino Assumption College Annemarie Beyer Butera School of Art Patrick Morrissey University of New Hampshire John Braz Wentworth Institute of Technology Matthew Moynahan Williams College Kristine Baugnh University of Connecticut Brenda Mullen Bridgewater State College Bryce Budrow Wentworth Institute of Technology Phil Muller University of Massachusetts Gina Capone Northeastern University Kate Muniz Southeastern Massachusetts University Harriet Carr Framingham State College Stephen Muniz Holy Cross College Steve Carter University of Lowell Jennifer Munro Mass College of Art Alessandro Casagrande Worcester Polytechnic Institute David Murphy Eastern Air Lines Peter Ciarametaro Stonehill College Crystal Nicolosi Regis College Aaron S. Cilluffo University of Lowell Aaron Noble Essex Agricultural Technical Institute Joseph Ciolino Westfield State College Liisa Nogello Wellesley College Siobhan Conley Northeastern University Christopher Novello Boston College Lydia Cooney Essex Agricultural Technical Institute Sandi Novello Elizabeth Grady Anja Corben Boston University Charlotte Olsson Sweden Jonathan Corman Lydon State College Julie Palazola North Shore Vocational Francisco daRosa Northeastern University Michelle Palazola North Shore Community College Paula Davidson Saint Joseph’s College Jay Pallazola Springfield William Doucette Salem State College Len Pallazola Army Shari-Lyn Dutton Boston College Jennifer Parisi Assumption College Brian Fleming Plymouth State College Dave Pasquarelli The College of the Real World James Fosberry Northeastern University Jennifer Piscitello Salem State College Rich Francis Salem State College Amy Randazza Framingham State College Lisa Galante University of Rhode Island Amanda Reardon Salem State College Vito Galati Wentworth Institute of Technology Melanie Rose Salem State College John Gallant Air Force Tracy Rose Worcester State College Inez Garcia University of Rhode Island Jeremy Ross University of Massachusetts at Amherst James Garron University of Lowell Michael Ryan Providence College Nicole Gaspar Worcester State College Nicole St. Laurent Bowling Green State University Jonathan Gattinella Franklin Pierce Gasper Saputo Franklin Institute of Boston Grace Giambanco Boston College Pamela Sheedy University of Massachusetts at Amherst Tracie Gillis Burdett School Kristin Sinclair Essex Agricultural Technical Institute Dave Gove Southeastern Massachusetts University John Stilwell Northeastern University Bethany Grace Essex Agricultural Technical Institute Tammy Susanno Essex Agricultural Technical Institute Robert Grover Army Lorie Sutera Salem State College Daniel Hand Salem State College Denise Sutherland Bridgewater State College Lori Hautala University of Massachusetts at Amherst Russell Smith Maine Maritime Academy Rachel Herdman Essex Agricultural Technical Institute Robert Harris Tarr Worcester Polytechnic Institute Craig Herrmann New Hampshire Technical Institute Lee Ann Verga Southeastern Massachusetts University Ethan Hughes University of Vermont John Vinagre Stonehill College Christa Johnson Pratt Institute Jacquelyn Virgilo Boston College Debra Johnson Dean Junior College JoAnn Wallius Framingham State College Sheila Joseph Marian Court College Janelle White Worcester State College Petrina Katsikas Boston College Callie Ramona Woodrum Tisch School of the Arts — NYU Dan King Harvard University Annemarie Wentzell University of Tampa Debbie Kitchenmaster Bridgewater State College Sal Zerilli Hofstra University Amy Klopoloski Syracuse University Kathleen R. C. Lafferty Colorado Stale University Sara-Jane Leavitt Emerson College Ann Marie Lemoine Johnson Wales College Mary Beth Livingston Salem State College Michael Lucido Burdett School Lisa MacNeil Forsyth, School for Dental Hygienists Amanda McKay Syracuse University 287 Cast mm . David dams. leave Dawn Burke my video cassette library of Moonlighting episodes, and my BMW 635csi. . W endy Anderson, leave Roselle Randaza a life time supply of unexcused blue slips. . Justine Anderton, leave Atom Eynon all my extra credits, lie ' s going to need them. . Shannon Arabian, leave Cathy Noble walking to the bus stop, alone. . Klsa M Aseenso. leave Turibia Fradoca all the gringos, the don’t be ridiculous, and definitely all the very kinky times of yesterday and the tomorrows el to come!! . Miche ene Bagley. leave F.riks Licis with one thought — only 3 more years! . Kristin Baughn, leave Jill Sinagra my picture of SLY for her locker. . Serena Belong, leave my brother Steve my loud mouth and my obnoxious laugh. . Robert Berube, leave my surf board to Rick Silva. . Annemarie Beyer, leave Pamela Blanchard all the nice looking buns of the young men of G.H.S. . Bilbo, leave the twisted remains of my turbo laser to Peter Favazza. . Maria Biondo. leave the one and only last criminal mind to Pam Marino. . Fran Bouchie. leave the Canal “Crew” behind for Christine Catania to check out! “Live it up at G.H.S.” Christine, because once you’re out of here it gets harder. . John Braz. leave Mike McLeod my friendship, wisdom, and the 10 dollars 1 owe him for the concert. . Bryce Budrow, leave Shannon Connors total control of the elevator shaft. . Pam Cabral, leave Jeanine Rhodes the remains of my hiccups. . Gina Capone, leave my sister Patricia all the teachers I had if they are still around for the class of 2001. Suzanne Carigan. leave Jeanine Rhodes the chicken coop driveway to fall down all she wants if she don’t hold on to my arm again. Harriet Carr, leave my little bro, Jo Jo, the keys to the infamous chicken mobile, all the hairstyling gel you desire, and my pink alarm clock for early arrival to school. Steve Carter, leave Mr. Brennan, “Jimbo, " my cement block, Sean Cucuru’s hammer and sickle, and the solution to the problem in th e Middle East. . Alessandro Casagrande, leave Mr. Brennan a Rosetta Stone so that he can read my writing. , Peter Ciarametaro, leave Lauren Scwhartz all my love. , Aaron Cilluffo, leave Bryson Coles and Eric Licis my locker, track sneakers, the double hooker, two big loops, and Big Dave. . Joe Ciolino, leave my physics desk to Corey Grammas, so he can sleep next year. , Lydia Cooney, leave Jeanine Rhodes my cedar chest that she tried to steal. , Siobhan Conley, leave Susan Philpott the strength to deal with those GIRLS in this school. Especially A. B. , Anja Corben, leave Tracy Murray all my excuses for getting off-grounds passes. , Jonathan Corman, leave Joe Ciluffo the train schedule, so he can tell if the train is coming or going. , Lynanne Curcuru, leave Michelle Curcuru to carry on my Pink Ladies name. . Francisco daRosa, leave Noemia daRosa a lot of hard work and the best of luck. Love ya! , Paula Davidson, leave Ben Sargent my car and Amy Parsons my license. . Buddy Doucette, leave all my credits over 102 to Jeremy Frost. , Shari-Lyn Dutton, leave Tara Dutton a bottle of flat Coke, a year’s supply of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and a Run DMC tape. , Brian Fleming, leave all my love to Amy Snyder. , Foz, leave Dr. Symonds 10 minutes. , Rich Francis, leave a roll of toilet paper to Peter Lucido. , Jim Gallant, leave my extra credits for any underclassman who needs them to graduate. , John Gallant, leave all my sweaty jocks to Marc Bolcolm — I know they will come in handy. . Inez Garcia, leave Miss Konaxis a new clock, so maybe she’ll be on time for once. I think her old one is broken. , Nicole Caspar, leave Kelly Fleming my gyrn locker and gym clothes. , Jonathan Gattinella, leave Aaron Wonson a drill bit, some snot, a shoelace, an axe, and a used match. To Bora, Suzi, and Kristen — my Brennan report. Anil (Testament I, and I, Derek Geary, leave CHS will) many rivers to cross. I, Grace Giambanco, leave Kettie Buck all my clothes so she won’t have to call every day. I, Tracie Gillis, leave Heather Lewis the Pink Ladies name to carry on! I, David Gove, leave Richard Lowe my shattered cup and the hope that you see Juden’s shot, because I sure the hell didn’t. I, Bethany Grace, leave Shelby “LOVER BOY” with the awesome body that comes with him, and the babe in my locker. I, Robert Grover, leave all the good times to the seniors of 1989. I, Daniel Hand, leave my hockey equipment to Frosty, my citizenship to Luf, my HR’s to Stilts, my shorts to Mr. Bud, and my height to Adam. I, Rachel Herdman, leave Lisa Russell my x-bo! I, Dan King, leave Cindy Parisi my 3 studies per day in the auditorium (plus some writing for pub. time, loo). I, Debbie Kitchenmaster, leave Cathy Noble a roll of toilet paper. I, Amy Klopotoski, leave Roselle Randazza, the smart one, the world — although it is not mine to give. I also leave Jean-Paul LaFlam the Thesmobile. 1, Dean Klopotoski, leave Kelly faithfully. 1, Christa Johnson, leave Amy St. Laurent the pursuit of the perfect elephant sound and the Pratt sticker on her inherited St. Laurent Mobile. 1, Debbie Johnson, leave Marc Generazio my laugh, memories of Boston, memories of being scared to death driving on Route 1, my tissues, and Marc!! I, Nalasa Jokanovic, love Gloucester and its wonderful people. 1 will miss them and remember. 1, Sheila Joseph, leave Cathy Noble the privilege to B M and to have coffee breaks in office procedures II. I, Kathleen Lafferty, leave Sarah Lafferty the will and humor to make it through good of GHS! 1, Hollie LaFlam, leave you, Jeanine Rhodes, the best of luck in your senior year, and all of my problems. I, Sara-Jane Leavitt, leave behind to Chris Leavitt a reputable family name which he better not tarnish. I, Ann Marie Lemoine, leave Andrew T. Antrobus all the episodes — past, present, and future — of “AMERICA’S FAVORITE TELEVISION PERSONALITY.” I, Mary Beth Livingston, leave Dr. Rappaport and couldn’t be happier. I, Michael Lucido, leave Joanna Joyce Joe cool and the Wingaersheek beach concession stand. I, Michelle Mac Arthur, leave all my knowledge in cabinet making to Sulton, so he can get his act together. I, Lisa MacNeil, leave the official name of “Speedy Spuds” to Lisa Robertson who is a cool party animal. I, Amanda McKay, leave my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to Jackie Amero. I, Corey Marques, leave all my unfinished Pascal work to anybody who wants to finish it. I, Karla Messier, leave Ricky Messier all of my worse nightmares so that he can gain some insight. I, Lisa Michalski, leave Michele Interrante to carry on where I left off and good luck in the Pink Ladies 89. I, Grace Moceri, leave Jill Sinagra a girls night out — I’m buying! I, Sebastian Moceri, leave Flounder all the pictures of hot chicks in my locker. I, Adam Mondello, leave any left over Doritos in the cafeteria to anyone who wants them and my passing grades in chemistry to GHS. I, Marcy Montagnino, Heather Lewis, all the useless giggles and the control of the gossip in GHS! I, Matthew Moynahan, leave Travis Roland some lower hurdles, the Roland theory, and a roast beef steak. I, Brenda Mullen, leave Mr. Greg Smith a box of tissues for all the crying he does. I, Phil Muller, leave Gloucester High School without watching “Birdy” in its entirety. I, Kate Muniz, leave Valerie, “The Babe!” to herself next year. I, Jenn Munroe, leave Jada McRae a warehouse once owned by Wrigley’s. The keys are in the main office. Enjoy. I, Cryssi Nicolosi, leave the thursdayniters the right to order as many Domino’s pizzas as necessary, and to gab all night. I, Liisa Nogelo, leave Rudy (M — ) Benoit a bottle of red, red wine and a warm night on the beach. Thanks, Rudy. I, Adam Noseworthy, leave Fred McCarl the right to spray paint flames on a car, preferably a Grenada. I, Christopher Novello, leave my brother the “ragging ability” so that he will continue domination over all. I, Sandi Novello, leave Michelle Novello my Pink Ladies jacket. I, Maria Nunes, leave to Turibia Fradoca and Cheryl Mondello more children for their senior year and lots of fun with them like this year. . Charlotte Olsson, leave Jennifer Hubbard my outstanding grades and my great ability to gel lost finding classes. , Michelle Pala ola. leave to my sister Deanna, my Pink Ladies name to carry on. , Jay Pala ola. leave to all the juniors on the baseball team Coach Matheson and all his wonderful ideas — Don ' t forget your pickups! , Julie Pala ola. leave Nicole Demetri permission to do “anything " Rob doesn’t let you do! . LenPal. leave Jenny ... a boot to the head! And to Doug 1 leave ... a boot to the head! Finally, to Brad I leave my entire vast . . . boot to the head! . Jennifer Parisi, leave Amy St. l-uirenl a month of physics classes with all the guys, and leave Mike Murray a new set of pencils for accounting. . Jennifer Piscitello. leave Kristen and Lori my knowledge, these wonderful halls to gel lost in, and Gloucester ' s finest school lunch. , Brad Peterson, leave my trains to Seth, my scanner to Rick, and finally, to my brother, I leave a boot to the head! , Amy Randazza. leave Dr. Rapapport with just one question, " What is molarity?” , Amanda Kimberly Reardon, leave my tight Glosla cap at the bowling alley. , Melanie Rose, leave Steve LeBlanc all the special times, thoughts of Kyle, and worse possible end to the best ten months of my life. Forever and more. Dill! , Tracy Rose, leave my brother Mark all my extra credits. , Mike Ryan, leave the school my abundance of New York Times. . Dominic Sanfilippo, leave David Souza trombone lessons for ever how long it may take him to blow it right. . Gus Sanfilippo. leave Andrew Maniscalco all the young girls to observe. . Gasper Saputo, leave Lome Kirkman all of my tennis abilities. God knows he ' ll need them. . Nicole St. I urent, leave Amy the St. Laurent Mobile to travel the city in. . Pamela Sheedy. leave the WFP class to Ms. K., finally. , Kristin Sinclair, leave my spot on the grass to Cindy Haslgard. . John Stillwell, leave “Bubba " Joe Taormina in charge of the volley ball team. . Tammy Susanno, leave my good friend, Pam Blanchard, my attitude and all the hope in the world. All my notes are to be left with a responsible erson. . Anne Sutera, leave Darlene Muise my outstanding ability to attend school faithfully every day and I leave Nicole Parsons here for the next two years and want them to enjoy it. , Lorie Sutera, leave Jen, Pam, and Nina three bus passes to get to school. , Denise Sutherland, leave Susan Philpolt her own identity and not mine. . Robert Harris Tarr, leave Jamie LaVie the right to find another senior for whom to buy ice cream. , LeeAnn Verga, leave Kate Perry my 7 field hockey shirt and Susan Turner all the underclassmen on the track team. . John Vinagre, leave Jeremy Frost all my credits over 102 so he can graduate. , Jacqui Virgilio, leave to Joe Virgilio the Mr. Magoo mobile and the weekly ritual of washing the Giz. , JoAnn Wallius, leave Amy St. Laurent all my study halls and library passes. . Tammy Walsh, leave Carrie Burnham all by her self! , Annemarie Wentzell, leave the “Wenchmobile” and the legacy of the “Pink Ladies” 90 to Kathy Wentzell. . Janelle While, leave my sister Allison a smile and patience because she’s go ing to need it! And I leave Heather Lewis my nickname as “C. C. " hoping you ' ll earn it. , Callie Ramona Woodrum, leave all the people who are unafraid the strength to be who you are and what you are. All my love. , Sal Zerilli, leave Jake Curcuru one broken Stretch Armstrong, and to Joe Havener, all my clothes that he was “planning to return.” We. Callie and Melanie, leave David B. Smith with that note from 9th grade and the option to model for us. We, [.eeAnn and Jennifer, leave Marc Miehaelson and Mike Murray a month of class without us, and Mr. Korobkin 2 empty desks in his 6th block class. We, the founding trio, leave the spread of Zog to Marty Bolcome. V The Best of Times Written by Dennis De Young, Performed by Styx Tonight’s the night we ll make history Honey you and I And I ' ll take any risk To tie back the hands of time And stay with you here tonight I know you feel these are the worst of times 1 do believe it’s true When people lock their doors and hide inside Rumor has it it’s the end of paradise But I know if the world just passed us by Baby I know, I wouldn’t have to cry The best of times are when I’m alone with you Some rain, some shine We’ll make this a world for two Our memories of yesterday Will last a lifetime We’ll take the best, forget the rest And someday we’U find These are the best of times The headlines read These are the worst of times I do believe it’s true I feel so helpless like a boat against the tide I wish the summer wind could bring back paradise But I know If the world turned upside down Baby I know You’d always be around • • 291 May Max 1 Film day! Sana ♦ Gallic belly down on the skateboard. Max 2 — Kidnap! Max 3 — ZOC! Mi 3 Happx Brnhdax Karla Messx Hair. Love Serena Max 3 — Happx 18th b rtbda Karla . F Justine Ma 5 — Haw birthday Messy Sweet! — Surprise” Max 5 — llapfn birthdax Grace! Max s — ZOC! Max 5 — Rich. »x hx are you still dressed up! — Serena Max 5 l .MxvPto.OJ.SCJIi.RS, ami J escape the Jaxxs of the Towers and complete the trek to Denny’s at 3 in the morning. Max 5 — " Can I haxe a Grand Slam over hard please?” Max 5 — 31 here ' s dessert Max 5 right. left, thrust. Did! ask SN.TR.NG.LM Max tx — Oh no, she ' s having a BABY! Alax o — ... and Prvgo was her name-o. Max 8 — Dominos Pizza delivers Max 8 — Calculus for six hours! Alax 9 — Serena hasn ' t made it on a Monday in months! Alax 1 — Ames. I found my bills. Eat ' em. Alax 9 — Just call me Miss Champagne Breakfast! — SB Alax 9 U ivkend preview rap session homeroom 111. Alax 9 Hanging out + being cool with Harris. Ramona J.P. in Mandy ' s nifty convertible. Alax 9 — hat do xou say we skip again Serena? — Flygs Alax 9 — Thanks for helping us pax for the Depeche Mode tickets Jean-Paul! — LG+CD Alax 10 — Serena, why is it when you blow in my ear, my eyes fog up? Alax 1 1 — Happx birthday Rudy! Max 1 1 — Lisa. Don ' t puke — It ' s only hair! — Serena Max 11 — Can we talk — Let Alax 1 1 — AC. Reg. Nile — the sneeze cheered her up! ask K.C.RJ Alax 12 — Ten more days! Alax 12 — The Great Graduation Speech Caper!?! Alax 12 — Laisa — hat did you do to poor John in Adv. Chein? — Nez Alax 12 — Jim makes Administrative decision, school dismissed at 1:48 p.m. Alax 12 — Mr. Smith is suffering from PMS. Alax 12 — Jim Fosberrx dead at 1:49 p.m. Alax 12 — Hex Tracy are you sure that isn ' t Nick? ask SN Max 13 — Nine more days left! Alax 13 — Surprise party!? Where is everybody? Alax 13 — Lisa Christy head back home to NYC for the day Max 13 — Are you gays Pro-lifers? asks Andy Max 13 — Inc. is founded Alax 14 — Sandi. will you shut the . . . up! F LNTNP Alax 14 — Alelame ends it! Friday the 13th! The good luck day ! Alax 1 4 — The Bruins (snore) Grace + Lee (snore) Oh and Pete too. Max 15 — The Ride " with Courtney “Hey Nellie " — “If we come any closer, every car on the right will be minus a couple of doors!! ’ Max 16 — Eight more davs! Max 16 — ZOC! Alax 16 — I ' m not sure but I think Mrs. Jones smiled — SJ.NA Alax 16 — He pulled a Chris Hillman on me last night. May 17 — I finally got a new job! May 17 — Seven more days! Max 18 — We could lake a taxi!!! PK-CG-DC Max 18 — Smokin ' in Baslams ask — LC.PC.SN.AS May 18 — Six more days! Max 19 — Fixe more days! Max 19 — “That ' s a isser!” May 20 — Nobody ever shows up! Sorry Michael! May 20 — But it’s always raining — Serena May 20 — 6 a.m. Where is everybody!?! May 20 — 6:30 a.m. Where is everybody!?! Max 20 — 7:00 a.m. I’m gonna ' kill Serena! F WT May 20 — ZOG! Max 20 — Robert Plant + Stevie Ray Vaughn at Great Woods 7:30 p.m.!!! May 20 — Four more days! May 21 — “Hey Jim! I ' m a light bulb, turn me on!” — EA Max 21 — Aiex " inadvertently ” lakes a bath + guess what John Paul does? Max 22 — All songs published by Welsh Witch music Max 23 — Lele and Mac-a-doobie for President and Vice President in the year 2010 AD May 23 — ZOC! May 24 — Images bigger than life! May 24 — Are we really graduating? May 24 — Oozy machine gun into a supermarket — Mr. Wise May 24 — It s that truck again! ask MM.MP.MS.MR.MT.TG Marcie, where’s the list? May 24 — “You know, diesel engines hardly use any gas. " May 24 — I wonder if they know their house isn ' t for sale anymore? May 24 — The hair bears are at it again Max 24 — Where is everyone? — I thought this was supposed to lx- a scavenger hunt — Oh, but it is Max 24 — Nicole, what a weekend I had!! Ask me about last night!! Oh wee! Max 24 - Hex Tracy Nicole, is Boh feeling okay?? He wants to take me out Friday night — ask MAG May 24 — Yo. no computer test, alright — HAHA — you were wrong Felipe! Max 24 — Three days left! Alax 24 — ZOG! Ma. 25 — Cariotta you’ve got the common sense of a cheeseburger! ask MLJJ.MB.AS May 25 Natasha. why ar e you going to Washington Slate? ask Grace G. May 25 — Serena — Gonna lie there this lime? May 25 — Two days left! Ma. 25 M locker ' s going to lx- naked without any books in it. Pretty sexual, huh? " — MB “Yeah just like your fascinating octupi! " — EA May 25 — Elsa ' s in love with a Morman. May 25 - The faithful believers in the tradition of Champagne Breakfast Rene, Mac. Nic, Tracy, Flygs Ma- 25 - Do you really think I need this keychain? — Felipe May 25 — Hr musnl forget Michael max 25 — Michael, doggy ' — SB May 26 — a fin May 26 — One day left! May 26 — l ok al all those cars! Ma 27 — O’Maley eal our dust! — “88 " Max 26 — TV Lltimale Champagne Breakfast! May 26 — Are you satisfied Mike? May 26 — Sr in the night lime! — Yo Max 26 — Thank you Peer Ed.! Max 26 — Seniors rule, etas of “88 " May 26 — I’m alright. I ' m O.K. — Sheila Ma. 26 T n» sshool will never see a Ix-tler lass than that of the year 1988! Max 26 — V Ma ' ia. don ' t iom! — Serena May 26 — ZOC! M . 26 He, Justine Happy Eighteenth Birthday!!! (000-lcgal!) CD M-,- 26 Smile feli li t almost over — you can have her back!!! May 27 Karhrl grU mad again Doe anyone rare? May 27 (Jirm lyxvdo says. " Why take finals when | ran gel paid! " Ma. 27 — rrs over a June June 1 — Nicole, Will you stop worrying it’s almost over! F L T June 4 — Paul 0. gets yet another Red Head!! June 6 — A romantic walk in Rockport and a night on the beach. Gary ILY! June 8 — Obligation madness! June 9 — Pages to fill! June 11 — Money abounds — who will wrap it up? June 12 — Graduation ’88 292 Eeek! Pass me ihe Compound-W! 2 I am not a Communist! The mind is a terrible thing to waste. looking forward to next year, Dick? Time out! Time out! I have to go, RIGHT NOW!! Oh, whal a feeling!! Nuke ’em all! Take a cold shower, ladies. Would you buy a car from this man? 295 It’s lhatto ' way, three trees down. It’s been 4‘A minutes; we’re done. Rb Sr f Zr NbMo Ru Rh Pd AgCd In Sn Sb Te I X, So lo HI To W Re Os Ir Pt Au Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn to Ac Rt Ho Ce Pf Nd Sm Eu Gd Tb Dv Ho Er Tm Yb lu Th Po U j Esfm.v.tNci. Yes, I want to teach Social Studies like Mr. Smith. Boys, I could have been a contender. Short people get no respect! Freddy s back! I can’t take anymore rejection! 2 ‘ Pick it again. Having a good lime yet, Jim? What, I’m not God? Mud Mask makes me pretty. Thank God for plastic surgeons. TOO Ke ommendalions will be ready . . . next week. Dave, wait for me, I have to go back and get my skis, loo! Field hockey is my life. Take me for what I am ... or just take me!! 30] And the band grows to two! And the band continues to grow . . . up to one. Let’s make a deal! 302 I didn ' t do it, daddy. Who needs Nautilus? Jim, the devil made me do it! Come on, Fred, you lost how many pounds? If you tell Mary, I’ll kill you! I got a little confused, am I in school or bed? There’s enough of it there, lake all you want! t » Warm up the rotors! Who’s wearing the mask? For outstanding achievement in art . . . 3 04 Skoal, brother. Off with her head, please! You rang? She’s going to be a mother someday? Mama told me there’d be days like these. What do you mean — 22 more laps to go? 305 Hey, I’m a guest here. Really, I was invited. Dah, which way did he go, which way did he go? Who loves you, baby? Two great minds working together can accomplish anything. 307 You want lo dance AGAIN? Please don’t get kicked out of the play, too. Sara — Some who can won’t. Oh, please don’t whistle guys! Hey, little boy, want some candy? :io t Oh my head, I just met the best looking Guy. All together now, J-U-S . . . This really was my prom dress. When I grow up, I want to be principal. Jim, you’re nothing. Quasimodo returns! 310 .zzz zzzzzzz A face only a mother could love. Mary says, “Jah, man!” It’s better than dancing by ourselves. He told me to do it! 100.2 98.6 104.8 108.9 I ' ll do it, real cheap! Still need a date for the prom Jim? Before the movie, there was . . . No Marcy, the bucket DOESN’T fit in Gary’s mouth! 311 I jusl woke up and my face looked like this. Wheel Wheel Hey, this is fun! This is the way they do it in F rance. Eat your heart out, Eddie. Wake up, Mandy! You’re on stage. SPONSORS W I Andrews Plumbing Heating Company Union Hill Bakery Coffee House Daisy Catering Service Mrs. Leslie Dare Mr. and Mrs. S. Corbett Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dilluffo Mr. and Mrs. L. Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Pallazola Mr. and M rs. Joseph B. Novello Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Morrisey Mr. and Mrs. Gelasakis Mrs. Robert Klopotoski Sadie R. Palla: Bruce and Ros [r. and Mr: uth ancUft rs. Micha ian Mr. and Mrs. Stanle fi. Fe eger , Ronald and Hannal Barbara A. Conley Mr. and Mrs. Salvatorl Mr. and Mrs. Maikuel P. Silva Deboral Palnprand Louis bionao lunfela and Forrest Si Mr. and Mrs. Clemente Palazzola - gjnl£ K _ ’jaW? ■ Mr. and Mrs. John Nicolosi Hoorn Phones Phone (617) 281-3410 WALL PAPER S PAINT 43 GLOUCESTER AVENUE GLOUCESTER Vista Motel Ultra Modern, Overlooking Good Harbor Beach Margaret Harold Woodruff, Owners 22 Thalcher Road Gloucester, MA 01930 Tina LaFlam 28 Burnham Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 283-6541 Coach of “A Full Service Wallpaper and Paint Store” Champions The Gorton Group A Division of General Mills, Inc. Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 3 I K B5S5S5 Essex 3 Convenient Locations Main Office 147 Main St. Gloucester 283-0610 Cape Ann Market Plaza 7 Railroad Ave. Gloucester 281-3030 Vinnin Square 600 Loring Ave. Salem 741-4600 THE BANK THAT DOES MORE FOR YOU Member F.D.I.C. PETER RUCHMAN 617-283-4694 building center GLOUCESTER ROCKPORT 48 BASS AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 319 Bass Rocks Motor Inn COASTAL BEST WISHES OFFICE SUPPLY W. E. BLANCHARDS: Free Parking • Free Delivery 25 Main Street SWINTEC • WILMER FORMS JIM JEAN FAVAZZA DEALER AVAILABLE family Cighting A LIGHTING STORE AND MUCH MORE 2 PonrJ Street P.O. Box 1435 44 BASS AVE. Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 (617)283-9398 uLUULfcb lER, MASS. 01930 (617) 283-5022 - GOOD NEIGHBOR THAT JUST HAPPENS BANK What can we do to be helpful to you this week? CAPE ANN Lighting your way to a snug harbor SAVINGS BANK 109 MAIN ST. 38 ROGERS ST. • Tel. 283-0246 BEACH ST., MANCHESTER • Tel. 526-7122 K . - MEMBER FDIC D1FM 321 BABSON-ELWELL SANDY BAY DAVIS, INC. APOTHECARY, Inc. 94 MIDDLE STREET • GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 SINCE 1854 GENERAL AGENTS BROKERS ALL LINES OF INSURANCE Peter Q. Woman, Wfr. CHANDLER N. DAVIS CHANDLER N. DAVIS JR. President Vice President CAPE ANN: 283-1561 BOSTON: 284-5232 WHISTLE STOP MALL ROCKPORT, MASS 01966 “THE INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS OF THE NORTH SHORE” US TEL. 546-7521 l A,.,,., | CINT J 1 JjTl J r DICK JjJortetde (Ef|0ftider House MARIANO 6 Inc. BEARSKIN NECK ROCKPORT, MA 617-546-7045 featuring CHEVROLET — OLDSMOBILE AMC — RENAULT and JEEP TRUCKS also LEASING and DAILY RENTALS ; £ x — -- - 1c K CnC y C 7 r r d i c cm y V N TVic " c Vic ' dv 1 c O L t i 322 ' Congratulations “on the edge of the sea” Christy! We love you — PEG LEG INN AND RESTAURANT Mom, Dad, and Steve Rockport, Massachusetts Best Wishes Class of 88 Esta Stella Inn Open Year ’Round Restaurant Open mid April Through October Nickas Mkt. • INN 546-2352 • RESTAURANT 546-3038 (Market place) 156 Prospect St. Gloucester, MA Your Host and Hostess are Bob and Lillian Welcome Painting by Frank Beatty } r b 1 — I 9 LIQUOR CHEST . = - — i ■ — b WHILE IN GLOUCESTER VISIT WITH US CHARLIE’S PLACE 83 Bass Ave., Gloucester Across from E. Gloucester Shopping Center Charlie’s Specializing in HOME STYLE COOKING Cape Ann Liquor Chest 89 BASS AVENUE GLOUCESTER . . . nearest to Rockport . . . Serving: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner a Variety of Sandwiches BREAKFAST 6 A.M. 283-0303 Imported Liquors Cordials CALL 283-2845 323 E. H. Bickford Inc. 20 Maplewood Ave Gloucester Mass. Tel. 283-0416 Wholesale Distributors of Fruit and Produce Dry One On for Size Great New Exciting Designs Uniquely Imprinted T-Shirts, Canvas Bags, Visors and Much More! First Quality and irregulars at Incredible Lowest Prices ever! 2 Pond Road, Gloucester, MA 283-0543 2SBSS? E AUTO BODY YACHT INC. Insurance Estimates • Collision Repairs Overall Refinishing • Mass. App. Lie. No. 1156 Steve Jerry Burke Pone Road Industrial Park 283-2300 Gloucester, MA 01930 Best Wishes to Amy Flygare and the class of “88” Love, Mom and Dad Bill and Danielle “ 4 ' ZOviCct ‘Dt exettce ' REALTY WORLD Fleet and Bernie 315 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01930 283-7177 THE RESULTS PEOPLE: 325 SHIP AHOY RESTAURANT 99 MAIN STREET ESSEX, MA 0 1 929 768-7711 Family Style The Finest Seafood Available All things pass away. Love lasts forever. we love you Michele Mom Dad Os KAREM’S ARMY NAVY 159 MAIN STKKKT Cl.OUCKSTKK, MA 01930 283-6180 Best Wishes Class of ’88 Good Fuck in the future % Sully’s Auto Body COMPLETE COLLISION WORK INSURANCE ESTIMATES TEL. — 283-3829 PROP. MARK SULLIVAN 16 MANSFIELD ST. GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 Batstenfeld Engineering Co., Inc. Gloucester Engineering m CHRISTA AND FRIENDS . . . CONGRATULATIONS! MUCH LOVE! MOM! DAD! REAL ESTATE G.R.I., NOTARY PUBLIC “ON THE PIER” 77-79 ROCKY NECK AVENUE BUS.: 617-283-6470 GLOUCESTER, M A 01930 RES.: 617-283-5123 HEVftr MKE Thanks jt r making us SO PROUD LOVE, Dad f Ma GOOD LUCK!! DOCKSIDE GYMNASTICS PORT-A-GYM Browns Mall P.O. Box 1132 Gloucester, MA 01930 283-9549 MARIE PAVINI President ■] TbeTc££ery Children’s Consignment vv M Shop Tues. Fri. 10-5 Sat. — 10-4 Diane L. Winskowicz 32A Lexington Avenue Magnolia, MA 01930 525-2005 Other Stores Salem Danvers Telephone Gloucester 283-0880 C. F. TOMPKINS CO. 67 MIDDLE ST. Gloucester, MA DAVID A. ROSE i2H Compliments of CAPE ANN MICKEY’S GAS STATION BOWLING CENTER 85 Washington St. WHY NOT Dial 283-1262 283-1298 Est. 1902 BOWL — INSTEAD — DEERING ELECTRIC CO. INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS HEATING — VENTILATING — AIR CONDITIONING S. D. DEERING, JR. 15 Washington St. General Manager Gloucester, MA 01930 G.M.F. LOBSTER CO., INC. WHOLESALE — RETAIL Bill Toppan, Manager (617) 281-6240 R54 COMMERCIAL ST., GLOUCESTER 329 - COMPLIMENTS OF: f% f 617-281-4874 (Yf U u LI® GLOUCESTER MUSIC TAPES, RECORDS, VIDEO AND MUSIC ACCESSORIES BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER SUSAN S. EMERSON 210 MAIN ST. PROPRIETOR GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 50 MAPLEWOOD AVE. GLOUCESTER 281-0258 SPINNEY FUNERAL HOME INC. Good Luck Class of “88” 36-38 PLEASANT STREET GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 From BRIAN C. SPINNEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR TEL. 617-283-7788 Dr. John Hickey D.D.S. AUTHORIZED INSURANCE REPLACEMENT AUTO GLASS SPECIALTIES CO. Congratulations Ad SUN ROOFS, MIRRORS, TABLE TOPS, PLEXIGLASS Love, ALUMINUM DOOR WINDOW SALES SERVICE Mum ALBERT R. CARRASCO — PROP. 61 MAPLEWOOD AVE., GLOUCESTER 283-6695 330 Whale Watching Sightseeing Cruises .■ m Capt Fred Douglass (617) 283-51 10 1 2 Clarendon St Gloucester. MA 01930 GLOUCESTER HARDWARE CAPE ANN SHIP MODELERS GUILD 83 Main St. Gloucester, MA 01930 Phone: 283-5369 Good Luck Class of ‘ 88 ’ President: Leo Webb 281-0827 Treasurer: Dick Marsh 283-8976 Vice President: Joe Santapaola 283-0816 Secretary: Ed Leavitt 281-4652 Incorporated 1985 GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS “Congratulations” MARCY! We love You! Mommy, Daddy gloucester dispatch, inc. James V. Montagnino President © © Dodge CHRYSLER! Dotlqt I rucks Plymouth BOLEY’S OF GLOUCESTER, INC. 67 EAST MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 ARTHUR J. KANELLOS, JR. 150 EASTERN AVE. GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 TEL. (617) 283-1110 GLOUCESTER TEL. 283-9200 NORTHSHORE TEL. 744-6611 331 Way to Go, Amy! Love, Mom Dad vjTolb j Qrycpier RESTAURANT 325 Granite St. Rockport (Rte. 127) Serving Luncheon and Dinner on the Ipswich Bay Our menu features sandwiches, salads, quiches, seafood, beef 8c poultry. In the dry town of Rockport (bring your own spirits, setups provided) Reservations Handicap 546-6568 Access f For Peace of Mind . . . come under our protection. Mahony Insurance Age ncy Inc. 283-5131 30 Harbor Loop Gloucester, MA MIGHWMAC. OUTERWEAR FOR MEN, BOYS AND GIRLS VISIT OUR FACTORY STORES Gloucester, Massachusetts - Emerson Avenue Phone: 617 283-4064 Hours: Sunday 12:00 - 5:00 Monday - Saturday 9:30 - 5:00 Kittery, Maine - Kittery Outlet Center Route 1 Phone: 207 439-6533 Hours: Sunday 9:30 - 6:00 Monday - Saturday 9:30 - 9:00 mm-mc T-Bar instantly tells you it’s a MIGHTY-MAC 332 N . I I I I l°f°f • ' Parkhurst’s 3ape Ann Video Center 238 MAIN ST.. GLOUCESTER YOUR COMPLETE VIDEO STORE TEL. 525-3771 f4 ' Pvuaanat ‘Scanty Senvtcc " If an 43 ul extn toH 4 uchuc T ftaynaita, 7ft aaa. Of 730 GOODfVEAR UNIROYAL firestone KELLY SPRINGFIELD TONY’S HOUSE OF TIRES Congratulations Class of 1988! MLS Morse Industrial Park — Pond Road Gloucester, MA 01930 Denise M. Vadala Realtor (617) 281-1111 ON SCENIC ROUTE 133 283-9851 283-3331 QUALITY USED CARS 73 ESSEX AVE. TONY TALLY GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 281-5480 382 Main Street DOMINO’S PIZZA DELIVERS FREE. Our drivers carry less than $2000 Limited delivery ire . ©1986 Domino ' s Pizza. Inc 333 1 Northeast Seafoods of Gloucester Restaurant Seafood Market Lobsters Serving Breakfast Lunch OPEN 5AM-3PM 7 DAYS A WEEK Indez — - HARRIS BOATWORKS 45 MITCHELL ROAD, IPSWICH, MA 01938 Best of luck! Love Always! Tarr Mom, Dad, Nana Cruz, and Nana Muniz (617) 356-2026 (617) 525-3461 Congratulations Class of 1988 MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Yellow Sub Shop 73 Pleasant St. 4 MAGNOLIA AVENUE Gloucester, MA 01930 MAGNOLIA, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 Expert Repairs Domestic Foreign Whitehead Motors 40 Poplar St. Gloucester, MA 01930 WARREN WHITEHEAD Tel. 281-3202 Glover’s Floor Coverings, Inc. 18 WHITTEMORE STREET GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 CHUCK STERNS 283-3940 Compliments of ROBERT C. HILTZ INC. Moving Storage Cape Ann Industrial Park (617) 283-2520 (617) 599-5959 WARE AND CONLON ED ' S MINi MART ATTORNEYS AT LAW 46 MIDDLE STREET P.O. BOX 1674 GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 (617) 281-5477 Groceries Lottery Tickets Video Center Baseball Cards Coffee Sandwiches DWIGHT A. WARE Ed Wall 283-2191 89 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01930 335 Congratulations Bethany and The class of 1988 Grace Alarms Gloucester 281-0261 GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK “YOUR HOMETOWN BANK FOR HOMETOWN SERVICE” WALK IN SERVICE 281-3930 Mon. -Sat. 281-3931 Mitchell, Panama Jack, Image BROWN’S MALL • GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 Raphaels we carr y Paul skin care cuts blowdry Perms SALON ONE- 1 manicures nailtips ear piercing waxing frosting cellophane calibre Elizabeth Grady Prod. 336 337 TUB PINK LADIES — V» k Row: Tanjje Johnson, Kale Muni .. Julie I’ula olajjjLytiai ie turcuru, Nikki Parisi. 2nd Row: Maroy Monlugnino. Tammy Lewis, SandylNovello. 3rd Row: Michelle Palluzola. Janelle Wlaicj Lisa Miclialski, Tina Harvey. 4lli Row: Trade Gilliss, Ann Eastman, M lt’felle Ryan, Maria Biondo. I ♦ Congratulations to the class of ’88 Gloucester Rental Center 130 Washington Street 281-3266 TELEPHONE 283-2000 OIL BURNER SALES AND SERVICE PROGRESSIVE OIL COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR — SHELL OIL LEO LINQUATA 92 GROVE STREET TREASURER GLOUCESTER, MA Congratulations Grace V. Giambanco xbr Brown ' s Mall from Romeo’s Vessel Corp. GLOUCESTER BUSINESS EQUITIES IMPROVEMENT TRUST B B Cleaning Casual Shop Dawn ' s Dance Studio Donna Mello, M.S.T. Dockside Gymnastics Easy Elegance Electrolysis— K. A. Sears Elm St. Automotive Repair Exercise Emporium Fabric Arts Fiddler ' s Change First Rite-Way Travel Office Center C. Perry— Stained Glass Ragdolls Raphael ' s Hair Design Savory Skillet Squire ' s Barber Stylist Studs ' N Stones Boutique Tanorama Uechi Karate School White House Uniforms 186 Main St., P.O. Box 206 Gloucester, MA 01930 (617) 283-5404 339 Back Row (LEFT TO RIGHT): Melissa Tarr, Missy Sweet, Katrina Fuller, Dawn Parisi. Front Row (LEFT TO RIGHT): Heather McCloud, Erin Murphy, Denise Sutherland, Siobhan Conley, Lovi Frontiero. 4U ». - Best Wishes and Good Luck David Amero S. J. Favazza Insurance TONY’S CARPENTRY Quality Workmanship Free Estimates BEVERLY, MA GLOUCESTER, MA 927-9407 or 283-9972 sL ALCO APPLIANCE SALES SERVICE PARTS T? PETROLEUM P.O. BOX 1 108 GLOUCESTER, MA 283-0210 46 BASS AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 (617) 283-0934 F UEL OIL AND HEATING EQUIPMENT I. to R: Jeremy Ro»h, Amy Randazza, Maria Biondo, Brenda Mullen, Heather I -ewi , ( ' . hrix l ovaaeo, Janelle White, Sarajane l-eavitt, Lori liautala. Kale Ferry, AnnMarie Lemoine, Melanie Roae, Mark Generazio, I’arn Blanchard. On Anchor: Tony Rem- ington, Jim Gallant, John Vinagre, Keith Pallazola. PROJECT ALLIANCE Alliance: LEFT TO RIGHT: Kristin Amar, Amy Saunter, Marie Alien, Sandi Giglio, John Ramos, Dean Luvera, Remy DelloRusso, Mike McCormick. Years tolreasure There ' s no better way to remember these times than to wear your class ring. We carry ' the very ' best, ArtCarved. For exciting style and unsurpassed quality, there just isn’t anything else. Come in any time and let our expert sales staff show you. You’ll have the ring that ' s right for you. . . at the right price, too. IKK71FVED V CLASS RINGS Y ART«r JEWELERS ‘ 117 MAIN ST., GLOUCESTER 283-0092 ! Congratulations Class of ’88! From the Local Programming Department Channel 12 N.E. Cable Vision Beauport Ambulance Service Inc « i A LOCAL SERVICE BY LOCAL PEOPLE LOCAL LONG DISTANCE TRANSFERS WHEELCHAIR VAN SERVICE © Q AMBULANCE Q g) DIRECT BILLING TO ALL MAJOR INSURANCE CO ' S 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 283-8670 Rear 18 Whittemore, Gloucester 347 1.1 ' t It . ft . r Phone: 283-1455 SJ ' s HAIRSTYLING 31 Main St. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 The Roifler Styling System Your Family Hair Care Center MILENA ' S SUB SEAFOOD FRIED SEAFOOD AND SANDWICHES, HOMEMADE SOUPS, SALADS EAT IN - TAKEOUT 324 MAIN STREET 281-4212 EO MILENA ENOS RANDAZZA BROTHERS APPLIANCE TV SERVICE 64 WASHINGTON ST. GLOUCESTER, MA 617-281-1006 Congratulations v xc floA Sk ore Uendint muiemen t Wackines J, nc. CjameS, C igarettes, Ififlusic snachs, Soda machines Call flow Dor Jtl your Vending Weeds Ddenrg pina, president C ompfimenls of jbaviJ %J Co. ROBERT M. MALLOY adeutChi MOTOR INN ( jfoui tiler rflaii. 283-2940 125 ATLANTIC ROAD BASS ROCKS GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 617-283-0014 inc. OMBIIK Box 368 Essex, Massachusetts 01929 768-7519 356-7438 4-8 Parker Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 ELECTRICAL • HEATING • ELJER PLUMBING • HARDWARE BERKO ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES • NUTON HOUSING PRODUCTS MILWAKEE TOOLS 283-7800 R YAN’SIT ' XPRESS CAR H j WASH 20 Railroad Avenue Gloucester, MA NEW! • 4 Self Serve Wash Bays! • Open 24 Hours A Day! We Use All Turtle Wax Products 349 PALLAZOLA ELECTRIC Our Business Is Built On Satisfied Customers RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL NEW HOUSES • REMODELING ADDITIONS • UPGRADING Prompt Professional Service 281-4363 EXPERT BODY REPAIR FRAME WORK V T AUTOBODY, INC. • Foreign Domestic • Complete Paint Jobs • Insurance Estimates • Class Repairs ' Matching Paint 1 7 Mansfield St. Gloucester, MA 281-0159 AMES Self-Testing Diabetic Center AUTHORIZED JOBST DEALER HOME HEALTH CARE SUPPLIES INC. 30 WHISTLESTOP MALL ROCKPORT, MA 01966 CAMP BRACES SUPPORTS 546-3454 MASTECTOMY FITTINGS M Beverly Savings Bank • Loan Centers Banking Loan Centers: 175 Cabot Street Beverly 927 0333. North Beverly Plaza Office 927 3880 Cape Ann Office Mam Street Gloucester 283 3640 Loan Centers Only: 63 Park St Village. Andover 475 2330 188 Cabot St Beverly 927 0333 Best Wishes From Convenient Food Mart 50 Maplewood Ave. Gloucester, MA Beer — Wine — Subs — Deli — Megabucks — enmasler, Kristen McCollum, Sheila Joseph. 352 LEFT TO RIGHT: Michele Pal- lazola, Ann Marie Eastman, Marcie Montagnino, Janelle While, Kate Muniz, RoseAnne Scola, Tina Harvey, Grace Giambanco, Lynanne Curcuru, Tammy Lewis, Michelle Ryan. GREAT HOME COOKED FOOD Served in the Friendliest of Atmospheres Congratulations Grads! You’ve grown up. us too. Stop in and see. 15 Lexington Ave. Magnolia, MA 525-3975 Open 10 a.m.-lO p.m. 7 Days A Week Tel. 283-6662 Compliments of JEBB CORPORATION GLOUCESTER and Development Investment Firm TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. William T. Jebb, Jr. President 16 Parker Street Gloucester, MA 01930 Sadler Street Extension Office: (617) 281-0216 Gloucester, M A 0 1 930 Home: (6 1 7) 28 1 -2830 Buses and Cars 24 Hour Wrecker Service CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988 Salt Water Seafood Inc. P. 0. Box 1263 Gloucester, MA 01930 Office: 281-5230 Plant: 281-0508 Seafood Specialists THREE LANTERNS SHIP SUPPLY INC. 3-5 PARKER ST. GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 281-2080 at nil iff company Blackburn Center Gloucester, MA 01930 (617)283-6300 John D. McNiff Cape Ann redemption CENTER No Amount Is Too Big For Us... “We pay 5 cents for almost all brands of bottles cans” Wholesale Retail Cases of Soda Discount Cigarettes • Lottery Tickets • Candy Mike Castellucci 43 Gloucester Avenue, Gloucester 281-5492 Machine products manufactured to highest quality standards LIBERTY MANUFACTURING INC. Sportswear Collections for Men and Women Ken Joyce President Kettle Cove Industrial Park Gloucester, MA 01930 617-525-3416 28 Bay Road South Hamilton, MA 01982 617-468-1933 Beach Main St. Rockport, MA 01966 617-546-9552 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 from THE GLOUCESTERMAN I I -y 1 » 35 THOMAS B. VAWTER ATTORNEY AT LAW 20 BASS AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MA 01930-3118 (617) 281-1603 Cape Ann Laundromat Dry Cleaning 7 Railroad Ave. 127 Eastern Ave. Gloucester, MA 01930 All work done on premises — Tayloring Shirts Service Self-Service Laundromat 283-9786 283-5622 Hours: 7-10 SLENDEEIZEES ® Good Luck Seniors! SLENDERIZERS OF GLOUCESTER 101 WESTERN AVE. GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 (617) 281-6076 (617) 281-1662 Forrest L. Sweet 22 Revere St. Gloucester, MA 01930 STEEL SPEc Mt 5 ' (JsD F. L. SWEET SON High Quality Heli-Arc Welding Process Piping and Flow control CONGRATULATIONS GRACE the CLASS OF 88 Soft 7oue6 " Dan Gaye Burnham PARADISE PET Retail Pet Supplies Services Special Treatment Outstanding Service (Walk-In) Friendly Haridressers Trustworthy Staff Total Hair Care Operator Expertise Unisex Salon Convenient Parking 281-5500 75 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01930 Tel. 283-6693 fTHiMIhM [OUTBOARDS | Hair Plus — Waxing, Skin Care, Massages, Manicures 22 WHITTEMORE ST. GLOUCESTER STERN DRIVES INBOARDS ANKEE ENGINE SERVICE, inc. Parker Street. Gloucester. Mass. 01930 Tel 617 283-6296 VOLVO PENTA 357 I Front Row: Michelle Nicolosi, Julie Burke, Gina Capone. Back: Patti Ann LeClair, Crystal Nicolosi, Amy Slo- cum, Carolviator, Mary Saunders, Josephine Frontiero, Kristin Sinclair, Pamela Sheedy. 359 Stephen Carter, John Frost, Adam Mondello, John Stilwell, Daniel Hand, Bryce Budrow, Vito Galati. Lottery Sandwiches Silva’s Variety 43 Bass Ave. Gloucester BICYCLES SALES AND SERVICE ?iles of loucester 232 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 617-283-3603 Monogramming SPORTING GOODS 617-281-0324 Good Luck ’88 Yankee Travel Bureau Patricia Q. Morgan, Pres. Two Pond Road Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 U.S.A. BENCO Precision Machining, Inc. RON BENJAMIN (617) 281-2055 13 POND ROAD GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 of GIFTS — JEWELRY FRAMING — POSTERS — PRINTS CAPE ANN BUSINESS SERVICE 14 Main St., Gloucester, MA 01930 Tel. 617-281-1624 lEAHOniO MARINE ELECTRONICS VCR Service Paul E. Boucher 55 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 Telephone: 283-1050 Sinant ial Management Service for Small Suiineiiei 173 EAST MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 617-281-0034 361 Congratulations to the Gloucester Best wishes for a healthy and success- ful future. From the world leader in the de- velopment of ion implantation equipment used in advanced semiconductor fabrication. ..Varian Extrion. We’re providing bright opportunities for talented individuals in the Cape Ann area. We are an equal opportunity employer. ovarian extrion division :u,2 We’re Going To Miss You! GOOD LUCK! Liisa, Brenda, Sal, Pete, Amy, John John V., Chris, Phil, Mary, Buddy, Debbie and LeeAnn Love, Rudy and Lauren 283 9032 M M. 38 GLOl 283- - LR CESfl 71 ( , I (• ' ■ ' [ ) ( A ) AVENUE E i, MA 01930 lower 5 fop SCHULTZ TRANSIT, INC. REFRIGERATED SERVICE TO ALL U S POINTS LTL TULL LOADS Full Cafflo Insurance DAVID PALAZOLA 283-0865 — 281-2141 334 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 283 9846 (617) 283-1771 THE (Ear js ljop INC. 27 MAPLEWOOD AVE FRED BEVINS, President GLOUCESTER. MA 01930 FLLEN BEVINS, Vice President FAULK BROTHERS MASONRY CONTRACTORS ROLAND H. SMITH III Pres - Treas. A DIVISION OF R H SMITH 35 WHITTEMORE ST. CONTRACTING. INC GLOUCESTER. MASSACHUSETTS 01931 ■» LEFT TO RIGHT: Dawn Parisi, Annemarie Wenl- zell, Lisa Michalski, Tam- my Lewis, Katrina Fuller, Melissa Tarr, Maria Biondo. 365 Timberline ENTERPRISES INC hOy LUMBER fcf BUILDING MATERIALS POND ROAD • 283 - 0195 GLOUCESTER, MA TEL. 283-5130 EASTERN AVENUE COFFEE SHOP RESTAURANT 210 EASTERN AYE., GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 Michael Patil Vice-President Treasurer COCKTAILS SERVING LUNCHES AND DINNERS 7 DAYS A WEEK — 11:00 A.M.-9:00 P.M. BREAKFAST — SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 6:00 A.M.-l 1:30 A.M. THE ANCIENT MARINER 48 Rogers Street Gloucester, MA 01930 (617)281-2242 A cosmopolitan gift shop with gifts indigenous to the area. 367 (Mjl H A N D A Dt POtCElA W. J. Goodwin Paper Products 5 Pond Road Gloucester 281-2440 Come Visit Our Showroom! — Balloons — Cake Decorating — Costume Rentals — Invitations Party Paper Goods — Bridal and Baby Shower Supplies We also carry a Complete line of wholesome paper and Janitorial Supplies BEST WISHES Class of 88 from HAROLD N. PIKE Womens Clothing Accessories Blossoms 222 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930 Telephone (617) 283-0109 HI TECH AUTO REPAIR 5 POND ROAD GLOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 Dave Asaro Complete Auto Repair 281-4909 BEST WISHES to the class of ’88 Tony’s Variety 185 Washington St. Gloucester, MA 01930 283-0161 Joe Orlando 369 id03sr..JSi b ' ' • " ws w mr ' m (L TO R) Front: Cindy Parisi, Matt Webster, Caitin Foley, K C Lafferty, Jon Gattinella, Meredith McKenna, Derek Geary, Dan King. Second: Michelene Bagley, Rob Rhodes, Christy Dailey, Tracy Murray, Anja Corben, Lori Hautala, Alison Roderick, Adam Loring. Third: Lisa Galanle, Karla Messier, Sara Jane Leavitt, Mark Genarrazio, B. G. Brown, Mary Kay Filos, Ethan Hughes, Guy Fiero. Fourth: Megan Shore, Megan’s friend Steph, Jeremy Smith, Amy Klopotoski, Aaron Wonson, Dave Pasquerelli. Back: Jeremy Ross, Corey Moody, Sue Turner, Sara Brodzinsky, Craig Herrmann, Bora Erdos. — CONNORS PHARMACY 76 Prospect St. Gloucester, MA 283-2765 Free Delivery KAREM’S ARMY NAVY 159 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 283-6180 Best Wishes Class of ’88 Good Luck in the future WHOLESALE • RETAIL ROBERT GAMBLE SEACOAST FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING LARGE SELECTION | OF FRAMES • CUSTOM FRAMING MATTING • MOUNTING • SHRINK WRAPPING • » H H7C 131 j Tgi 283-4700 FRAMES PLUS main st.. Gloucester LEXINGTON AVE.. MAGNOLIA. MA 01930 (617) 525-3221 (617) 526-7114 Congratulations and Good Luck Lynanne! TELEPHONE 617-281-4660 THE PAYROLL COMPANY DIVISION OF RACKLEFF CARR, INC. 2 BLACKBURN CENTER GLOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 TOURIST INFORMA TION A V AIIABU •JEWELRY - n Sterling Sil II Jcv •Clo •Faahion F.amnfi •NAUTICAL GIFTS " BRASS •SKASHELIS ' SUNGLASSES ( ' I • FILM A POSTCARDS •fre:e: ear pie:rcing •WEDDING INV ITATM BRIDAI ACCESSOR I ES SHOWER l MBREI I A RENTALS m K Cfjristmag Bo be George Edythe Ingerman 14 BEACH STREET P 0 BOX 297 ROCKPORT, MASS 01966 DEWING TRAVEL SERVICE CAPE ANN’S LARGEST FULL SERVICE TRAVEL AGENCY AIR CRUISES TOURS RAIL BUS GROUPS NOW WITH THREE OFFICES TO SERVE YOU 2 Duncan St. Gloucester 283-8310 Sally Roberts Owner 15B Broadway Rockport 546-3463 Isabel Coleman Manager 65 Eastern Ave. Essex Towers Essex 768-6156 Holly Hanrahan Manager 370 - Easy g Elegance Catering “No party too small " FOR TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS CALL WISE TRAVEL AGENCY 281-5434 7 PLEASANT ST. 283-1434 GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 A FULL SERVICE AGENCY 50 SCHOOL STREET GLOUCESTER, MA 281-2727 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ‘88’ COMPLIMENTS OF: J AND P TRUCKING H ASTINGS-T APLE Y INSURANCE YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN THE BUSINESS AND A FRIEND IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD 57 RODGERS ST. 283-7024 57 Washington St. P.O. Bos 1233 Gloucester, MA 01930 OFFICE HASTINGS-TAPLEY INSURANCE AGENCY INC 271 Camb St Camb 876 7510 Connecting All Offices Toll Free - Dial " 1” Then — 800 842 1218 15 Elm Danvers 774-0191 111 Main St Gloucester Appleton Professional Ctr Ipswich — 356-5711 352 Boston Av Medford 396-9210 348 Park North Reading 942-0565 32 Chestnut Quincy 472-2100 458 N Main Randolph 963-3944 174 Haven Reading 944-3090 605 Broadway Saugus 233-9550 68 Mt Auburn Watertown 923-9050 317 Main Woburn 933-4800 Government Dept Toll Free - Dial " 1” Then — 800 222-5963 Professional Liability Dept Toll Free - Dial " 1” Then — 800 842-1357 372 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Kay Filos, Tammy Lewis, Lori Hautala, Cindy Parisi. 373 W m- _ £ € LEFT TO RIGHT Christa Johnson Christy Dailey Sara-Jane Leavitt Amy Klopotoski Justine Anderton Michelene Bagley Lori Haulala. XU r-r (LEFT TO RIGHT) Back: Jeremy Ross, Sara Brodzinski, John Bernie, B. G. Brown, Aaron, Jon Gattinella, Mall Moynahan, Craig Herrmann, Lori Haulala, Chris Lovasco, Dan King. Middle: Ann-Marie Lemoine, Mark Generazio, Wendy Anderton, Lisa Galante, Nicole St. Laurent, Amy Klopotoski, Michelene Bagley, Guy Fiero, Sara-Jane Leavitt. Front: Ethan Hughes, Melanie Rose, Jus- tine Anderton, Karla Messier, Callie Woodrum, Christy Dailey. BILL JEWELL MARGE JEWELL VISAS. MC ACCEPTED TEL (617)281-0100 W INGAERSHEEK MOTEL NEAREST TO WINGAERSHEEK BEACH HEATED-AIR CONDITIONED - COLOR TV ROUTE 128 -EXIT 13 46 CONCORD STREET GLOUCESTER MASS 01930 OPEN ALL YEAR Lottery Variety Best Wishes Class of 88 Dave’s Variety 132 Washington St. Gloucester, MA 98 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MASS. 283-0734-0735 rs O FORD M J TRUCK REPAIR INC. BU. 281-5592 RKS. 927-1726 JOE CASTELLUCCI 43 GLOUCESTER AVE. GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 Good Luck Class of 88 YOUR LOCAL KEY AMERICA STORE Part of a 600 Store Chain «y (. V MODERN HOME APPLIANCE SALES A V) T t 283-0783 V® BILL BELLINO 1 34 Mam Street Gloucester, MA What’s the Scoop? Olivers Market Meat, Produce, Groceries Old time Store with Old time pride 158 East Main St. East Gloucester, MA 283-0712 National Butchers 121 Main St. 283-2852 MEATS — PRODUCE — GROCERIES DELIVERY SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 88 374 Congratulations Class of 88 D. SCOTT NOBLE . . . Electrician . . . License No. E28975 Tel. 546-2455 " Enjoy Gloucester s Most Spectacular Ocean View " Lunch Dinner 7 Days a Week Weekend Lounge Entertainment For your Dancing Dining Pleasure Open until January 15th i - 4 ■ CONGRATULATIONS from atlantic discount oil, inc. Full Service Company 24 HOUR SERVICE 281-5795 BOB JONES JONESY NEWELL Gloucester, MA VISA MC Accepted 375 ROSE REAL ESTATE RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES CONDOMINIUMS • APPRAISAL SERVICE SEASONAL YEARLY RENTALS " LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU. SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU.” _ m UJAltOtJ 1 ’ ' ' MLS Q 283-2600 324 MAIN ST GLOUCESTER GREAT ’GRATS AND LOVE TO THE GRADS OF ’88 • Groceries • Clothing • Music • AT YOUR SERVICE LASS AILBOAT I DOWNTOWN GLOUCESTER. MASSACHUSETTS 283-7818 • Stereo Sails Service • LARGE SELECTION ON- NEW USED CARS PONTIAC BUICK CADILLAC GMC TRUCKS • COMPLETE SERVICE FACILITY • AUTO BODY WORK • PARTS • RENTALS LONG TERM LEASING CAPE ANN - 283-4730 LYNN 593-4747 BEVERLY 927-7414 VIRGILIO’S ITALIAN BAKERY ITALIAN ROLLS BREAD — WHOL RETAIL BREAD OF THE FISHERMEN ITALIAN SPECIALTY FOODS 29 Main Glo 283-5295 featuring Certairileed CH Roofing Siding Vinyl Windows Seamless Gutters GOOD LUCK C O 1988 Hurst Builders 39 Derby Street Gloucester, MA 01930 (617) 283-6467 — 281-4082 Jim Hurst Owner Good Housekeeping PROMISES OR REFUND THIS SEAL APPLIES TO ALL Certairileed SOLID vinyl SIDING AND WINDOWS NOT INSTALLATION 378 Ill HI MASTER lie. NO 7725 Jerry Noble ELECTRICIANS INC. DON ' T GAMBLE Your WIRING! ELECTRICIAN RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL 4)1 Wnlcntn CLOUCESTER 283-0750 Best Wishes From Convenient Food Mart 50 Maplewood Ave. Beer — Wine — Subs — Deli — Megabucks Congratulations Class of 1988 from the Yankee Clipper Inn Rockport, MA 546-3407 TELEPHONE 283-5454 IMI ill’AI INC Jfo 14- 14 u?L4iJui ' m Ulte t cllcrucedteA, j? 01930 Sheet Metal Fabricators Congratulations to the Class of “88’ Congratulations Class of 1988 from Salah’s Sub Shop 2 Highland St. 281-4269 MARK ADRIAN SHOES QUALITY SHOWS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY PAUL SCHAFER t£ PORT YACHTS ROCKPORT • REEBOK • NATURALIZER • AVIA STRIDE RITE • FLORSHEIM • CLARKS • BASS 9 WEST • TIMBERLAND • ADIDAS • WEEBOK SPERRY TOPSIDER • DOCKSIDES • FRYE NURSE MATES • GRASSHOPPERS • CAPEZIO HERMAN SURVIVORS • DANIEL GREEN DOCTOR’S PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED 103 Main Glou 283-4343 77 ROCKY NECK GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 (617) 281-4441 380 N 1 Congratulations Class of 1988 from the Cape Ann Food Co-op 26 Emerson Ave. 281-0592 vaneo Dakota f OF GLOUCESTER, INC. “MOVIES FOR A BUCK” VCR’s • TVs • CAMCORDERS AUDIO EQUIPMENT • COMPACT DISC PLAYERS ] QUALITY • VALUE • SERVICE • AT EVERY DAY LOW PRICES! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK [w MON - SAT 10-8PM; SUN 12-6 PM l = 127 EASTERN AV. (RT 127) GLOUCESTER 281-6770 381 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1988! Good Luck! MOTEL PEG LEG • Cable TV With HBO Double Beds • Color TV Each Room Is Done In Ethan Allen “New England” Style Comfort 1 0 Beach Roc 546-6945 .182 Congratulations ’88 DOUBLE EXPOSURE A Notch above the Rest OFTEN IMITATED.... NEVER DUPLICA TED HOUR Full Selection of 35MM Cameras Camera Repairing Passport Photos (While-U-Wait)- Film Dark Room Equipment Wholesale Photographic Supplies Check Our Prices! A11 ,. nnAOP „ ni . in Kodak Dealer QUALITY PROCESSING Custom B W Printing Available + NEW " VIDEO TAPE DUPLICATION SERVICE REG 8 SUPER 8 OR VIDEO TO VIDEO • SLIDES TO VIDEO TOO! 283-0870 ( Located 400 Yards from 1st Rotary ' OCA (MasterCard) towards GLOUCESTER) 179 Washington Street Gloucester 383 Find Out More About Our Complete Array Of Banking Services Bank of New England CeJ Member F D I C •==. CONNECTING ALL OFFICES 283-3131 154 Main Street, Gloucester NEAREST BRANCH OFFICES GLOUCESTER 86 Bass Ave. 281-2222 224 Washington St. 283-0721 IPSWICH 110 Central St. 356-5171 MANCHESTER 17 Union St. 526-4994 ROCKPORT Whistlestop Mall 546-7411 The Good Harbor Beach Inn Salt Island Road 283-1489 Best Wishes to The Class of 1988! i Diuctly on the sands of -Cong i Beach EACH ROOM WITH PANORAMIC VIEW OPEN YEAR ROUND ONLY 2 MILES FROM RT 128 VIA RT 127A ON GLOUCESTER ROCKPORT LINE 33 Rockport Rd. Gloucester 385 Congratulations and Good Luck to The Class of ’88! compliments of 386 186 Main Street Gloucester Business Equities Improvement Trust 283-5404 The “Class With Class” bids G.H.S. “Farewell!” LOOKING GOOD, TOM Before . . . Hi, My name is Tom, and I’m a food-aholic. I love a man with a belly. I do not have chubby cheeks. After . . . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! LOVE, FLICKER STAFF 88 I 387 I love a man 1 can pul my amis around even better. Yeah, I lost 40 pounds — piece of cake. This could be the start of something big — watch out, Tom. fill 1 1 «fc i 1 SENIORS BID IVaxad Ktva ' C ViUm Jr. Twm Vnn (Unu Mane K Mien IVitid I ' Almeida SnKvw K he JjtAjuWiiN M rir Amaral Vkeiidx jr«n VihWimhi •J uxiinr Ruth l dfrtW John Pultun SIuiukw M.iik r«k«n ' Kfca Mjnr Untso John M foil IWf Avila ' Mwhclrnc K io l Hii 1 m iuh Raker krvxtm Kiughn ' Srmu Hcknig Rahffl W Hcrtonc Ruhrrl Bruce Berube Annmane Bever Oirtvliiu M Hodoiu Krarvr B«hh Jik‘ John Kraz ' BfMT Hudron (• vdon C. Burnham Maria Jane Bums Pamela ( ahral ( ' .in Maria ( afMMM Suzanne Mam (angiun Harnett Elizabeth C-an Stephen Matthew Carter • Mrvandro (as grande I auric H 4rllr (alto Stephen J. Cafalo Brian K. Church Peter Donald Ciaramelaro Rebecca ( ' .laramrlaro ' (iron Shaun Cilluffo Joseph Mari (aolino Salvalorc (aolino. Jr. Smbhan B. Conlri Lydia Cooney Matthew (i. Coonri ' Anji Man (lorlirn Stephen Corbrtl. Jr. Jonathan D. Gorman James A. Curcuru Lvnanne Mane Curcuru Rose- Marie Cusick Francisco JMS daRosa Chnslme M. Dailey Paula Flame Dawdsen Jeanme Carolyn deGagne Maureen Dion illiam Anthony Doucette. Jr. ' Shan-Lyn Marie Dutton Ann- Mane Kastman Jason Mnards Brian B. Kills ' Maria A. Katazza John Mill hell Keener ito Sal Ferrara Cu» Morrow Kiero Brian Douglass Heming Am» l ee Flygare ( aitlm Klise Foley Darlene Faye Foote James Mnard Fosberry ' Keith l_ Francis Kichani Paul Francis Jennifer Man French Lori Ann Fronliero John Barr Frost. Jr. katrina Marie Fuller ljsa M. Calantc •Vilo Galati James M. Gallant John A. Gallant ' Inc Maria Garcia James M. Garron ' Nicole A. Caspar Jonathan Callinella Derek Foxx Geary Stanley (ielasakis ' Grace V. Giantbanco " Sharon E. Gilbert Trade Ian Cilliss ' David H. Gove ' Bethany J. Grace Brenda la o Grace Robert W. Grover kurt Anders Gustafson ' Daniel H. Hand Christina Sarah Harvey Philip Eliot Haney III la ri Ann Haulala Rachel Dawn Herdman Craig W. Herrmann Kevin M. Horne ' Klhan N. Hughes Heather B. Jameison Christa H. Johnson Debra A. Johnson la ndall R. Johnson " Natasa Jokanovic Sheila Anne Joseph Kathie Lee Joyce Daniel Kariores ' Petrina Marie katsikas Sean A. ketchopulos ' Daniel Scott king Debra A. Kilchenmasler " Amy Lynn Klopoloski " Dean Klopoloski Karen Ann Komi Linda J. Kreseskie Kathleen Carol l afferty Hollie Lynn I F ' lam ' Deana Ann Lawson Sara-Jane Leavitt Paltianne LeClair Armand Lefrancois, Jr. Christian Thomas Leissner Ann Marie I emoine Peter V. Libro Mary Beth Livingston Wesson Adams Loring, Jr. Christopher James Lovasco Christopher M. Lucido Michael Patrick Lucido Dean Luvera Michele Diane MacArlhur Lisa Marie MacNeil Cosmo Mar -anlonio Anthony G. Marcello •Jean-Michcl Marnolo Corey James Marques Stephen Wayne Marshall Peter Martin Kristen Erin Jean McCollum Amanda Anne McKay Meredith Elaine McKenna Heather Ann Mcl eod I-auren Christine McNally Rachel McTigue Lisa M. Medeiros Eric P. Melanson Scott C. Merchant Karla Irene Messier Lisa Beth Michalski Kathryn Marie Militello Grace Catherine Moceri Sebastian Moceri, Jr. Adam J. Mondello Marcia Jane Montagnino Frederick A. Morgan Christopher T. Morin Kelly C. Morris ' Patrick Michael Morrissey Charlotte A. Moses " Matthew Patrick Moynahan Mark A. Muise Brenda Lee Mullen " Philip John Muller Kathleen Andrea Muniz ' Stephen Michael Muniz Jennifer Leigh Munro David T. Murphy Erin Patricia Murphy Bryan T. Nelson Matthew W. Nickerson Crystal Jo-An Nicolosi Aaron W. Noble " Liisa Ingrid Nogelo Adam Noseworthy Christopher Novello Sandi Marie Novello Maria C. Nunes " Charlotte Olsson Paul M. Orlando Tricia Orlando Julie A. Palazola Keith S. Palazzola Michelle Ann Palazzola Heather Ann Pallazola ' Vincent S. Pallazola, Jr. Dawn Marie Parisi Jason Parisi ' Jennifer Jean Parisi Mark A. Parisi Nikki Rose Parisi David Brandon Pasquarelli ' Joseph Matthew Pasquina •William L. Peacock Jacqueline R. Pino Richard Pino •Jennifer A. Piseitello Troy M. Porper Christopher S. Porter Amy L. Randazza Jodi Anne Randazza Amanda Kimberly Reardon ' Anthony B. Remington Robyn A. Rhodes Daniel James Robinson Allison Marie Roderick " Melanie Lynn Rose Tracy Ann Rose Jeremy Garrison Ross Catherine Russo Laurie Ann Ryan ' Michael Philip Ryan Michelle Catherine Ryan Accursio A. Sanfilippo Dominic A. Sanfilippo Gasper J. Saputo Amy Saulnier Rebecca Cullen Schiffman Rachel Jayne Schwartz Roseann Marie Scola Amy Beth Seppala " Pamela Joyce Sheedy Brian K. Silva Karen Eliabelh Silva ' Anthony Sinagra Kristin F. Sinclair R. Russell Smith III Shelley Smith ' C. Nicole St. Laurent Kevin J. St. Peter Michael J. St. Peter Glenn M. Stanton ' John C. Stilwell, Jr. Jacquelyn Slowell ' Tammy Susanno Anne Margaret Sutera ' Lorie Frances Sutera Denise Christine Sutherland Melissa Diane Sweet Joseph P. Taormina Michael Taormina Melissa Tarr " Robert Harris Tarr Rosalie Testa verde Dave Thibedeau Douglas L. Thompson ' Elizabeth Alice Tolman ' Anh Thu Tran Christine Turner LeeAnn Marie Verga " John Manuel Vinagre " Jacquelyn Ann Virgilio Angela Vitale •JoAnn Wallius Tammy Marie Walsh P. Michelle Ward Leonard D. Weldon, Jr. Annemarie Elizabeth Wenlzell Janella M. White James Whitehead Christopher C. Williamson " Gary M. Wilson Kirk Wonson " Callie Ramona Woodrum Salvatore Richard Zerilli %Valedictorian Gary M. Wilson Salulatorian Liisa Ingrid Nogelo " High Honors ' Honors SAWYER FREE LIBRARY 655 00 772 active storage ACTIVE STORAGE SAWYER FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 vlH L Mif ' r K! pm t w ggUj 1 T Mg , " ( KaSth-il Ffm wM Li ipk m 1 i ' jjfc ' 1 . [HI rW H I 1 Jj , E y vi K t A f w Jr, jfl| ‘ | 04 ' -J WMf » ' ffflT ■ ■ » v J fjjfiB W i ? r £BE lfp vow j S T SijgHjK i I • ' j ' WkxT J 0 v S » jBHJ - ' ■fcg I 5 v k SpB ; afe- Tftj v „ A ' ' |X j JSMkAJL.. SSm J PK3 ' is 4 BBS - ytffififf M k ff5f r § aSI | » ' fc sR H ! ■»«» m ■H ,My; jj J 3 v yA ' ▼4 ' f ” V | f M F y 1 jp jjr ■ WUf

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