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.jr K ' f Jj I ' L 1 ri • i r ■ j!v IbC ) ►AWYER FREE L: .GLQ R. IV To the Class of 1986 7 It is a rare opportunity to be invited to write to a group of Gloucester High School graduates. It is even more rare given that this particular letter will be around for you to read for quite some time. I have, in this case, taken a signifi- m - 4 f ' can t amount of time to prepare this letter. 1 hope that you will find it of some value to you ... if not now, then later. All high school classes identify themselves with the events, the cataclysms, the music, and the tempo of the times in which they graduate. For my class (Class of ’64) it was the “Camelot” of Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy, the Htl Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of JFK, the Beatles. Martha and the Vandellas, and Chubby Checker which defined those times. There was something about that year and those times which made me feel our class was unique. We were not like those which preceded us; nor, were we like those which followed. Music, style, politics, the values of society shifted as we pro- gressed through adolescence. For those of us who continued into college, the release of the movie The Graduate in Spring, 1968, the spring of our senior year in college, reinforced that opinion. Our music, our behaviors, our dress and our values bordered on the edge of the old and the new. I think the same to be true of the Class of ’86. Your maturation has been accompanied by shifts in music, fashion, and dance. New wave, punk music, punk art, street dancing competed head to head with rock n roll, hard rock and the music of the seventies. You experienced a new interest in each other, for safety, and a new respect for drinking and driving. At the same time some students became seriously involved with drugs and alcohol. You experienced the governance of the nation under the conservative president Ronald Reagan. The “new right” and the “new morality” swept significant portions of the country. Pride in the nation’s economic system became a well marketed commodity. You suffered a major disaster in the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger and with that disaster the disillusion. Electronic gadgetry abounded in 1986, while computers and robots were on the cover of Time Magazine. It appeared that you were heading into a vortex of technological explosion the extent of which no one today can imagine. I’m not floating a claim that your time of growing up was like mine. All times are different. There are, however, some parallels which contribute to my feeling for you as you have experienced these three years at Gloucester High School. It is upon reflection of these parallels that I will take the chance to think that what has been important for me, as a product of my times, may also be important for you, as a product of yours. There are few people whom we meet in our lifetime who make a significant difference in our personal goals and values. We may meet them through work; some we meet as friends; and some we meet through school. But overall, given the number of acquaintances we have, there are dam Jew special ones. Those few individuals who are special to us, however we encounter them, cause us to reflect on ourselves and our directions. In a high school experience then, it is consistent to say, only a few of those teachers whom we meet will affect our directions very significantly. I would like to tell you about the teachers who were, for me, significant. Marion Benvie, Evelyn Abrahams, Mr. Lundgren and Dr. Sinches helped me to look beyond my yesterdays. They were all, in their own way, demanding teachers. It was not, however, that demanding quality which made them special to me ... it was the fact that they were an inspiration. They suggested to me that there was a world beyond Lynn, Massachusetts and that I had only begun to discover my talents for understanding and dealing with that world. Mr. Lundgren, in the eighth grade, drove me and five other students to the Peabody Museum at Harvard University as a reward for good grades. Ms. Abrahams taught us the difference between a Cezanne and a Van Gogh, although I ' ll bet that particular lesson was not in the Latin curriculum. Ms. Benvie plucked me out of a classroom one day, put me on stage and said “You can do it. Symonds” .... and I did it. Dr. Simches took me aside after a French class and told me, who did not write very well, that I had explicated a passage from Tristan and Iseult in a very sensitive manner. I was lucky enough to thank Marion before she died. 1 saw Mr. Lundgren last year at my twentieth high school reunion to thank him for that trip. I told him about how I had journeyed to the Museum on my bicycle six more times in the next three years and about how much I enjoyed taking my son there as well. I have not seen Ms. Abrahams or Dr. Simches since school days. I think about Ms. Abrahams whenever someone holds up a painting and 1 say to myself “I know who did that " . . . about Dr. Simches when I write as he gave me the confidence that I had something worth saying . . . about Mr. Lundgren when I take my son to a museum . . . and about Ms. Benvie when I see a thespian production or any other play. These people helped me to believe in myself . . . they helped me to dream and to look beyond things as they were and to envision what they could be ... . This is a long winded way, and I hope it is not done in vain, of inviting you to return to see the carpentry shop teacher, the science teacher, the business teacher, the theatre arts teacher or whichever teacher or counselor helped you to look beyond. Thank you for being with us. 2 Athletics i 5 9 Spring Activities 181 Prom .... TT . 208 Graduation 214 Just Plain FUN!!! 229 Sponsors 237 ■ . - ■ Clifford W. Adams Jr. 14 Seeall Streel Cliff MEMORIES: FT LAUDERDALE — 84; JEN — 8 18 85 — WELP; LIKE MY HAIRCUT? THE AMAZING NEW THANKS MOM AND DAD — ILY; ALSO REM YCD ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Swimming — 2, 4. INSPIRATION: NO PAIN, NO GAIN Wendy Marie Agoslini 3 Glenmere Ave. MEMORIES: Tim ILY 3 12 85 7:00 a m. on the boat. J-Sals ear Best times w the gang up the hill. Pultin out the fire. Who ' s your buddy? And what 4th Block! 1LF-D. KM rem Maine. Cramped in car-side lot. JM P F Toast! OJ Bar I miss you Dad ILY INSPIRATION: There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there ' s still time to change the road you’re on. Michael Aiello 13 Commonwealth Ave. Mike MEMORIES: LORI. MAD PARTIES DOWN THE CELLAR. ASK, DB, NS, ES, CP, MT, SP. AND MS. SUMMER OF " 84 ' ' IN HYANNIS ASK DAN. REM BOOZE STUDY ASK DREW MAD TIMES DOWN THE FORT REM THE SPACE SHIP ASK SP REM GOD ASK MT INSPIRATION: WIN IF YOU CAN, LOSE IF YOU MUST, BUT ALWAYS CHEAT. Glenn Aikens 5 Scott Street MEMORIES: Good times w BA, MC, at ' ground FIC, “Hey Bob, phone ' s ringin’ ”, Ask BS, KL ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity B-ball; “Who’s Who,” NHS INSPIRATIONS: “All the world’s indeed a stage and we are merely player’s, performers and portrayers.” — Rush Maria Francesca Alba 585 Washington St. MEMORIES: Mark E. Always ILYH! Fla ask LA “scrump” 7-11 Girls night out Lea where’s the CR? MT’s w Fort gang MYJ NF Talks w WS. MH CRIMINAL MINDS Love you Mom and Dad INSPIRATION: Hold on to your dreams, though they seem far away. Those dreams will come true somehow — someway. Corina Jean Allen 204 Concord Street “MOM” MEMORIES: I love you Sean and Nathan Always. Never forget good times w CD. AC, DS, DH, JO, AC, good luck Traci w your baby. I love you Sean through good and bad. I Love you Mom and Dad Thank you for everything and you’ll never know how much I love you. Chrissy never forget talks we had. Amy you’re a godmother. INSPIRATION: My Inspiration is Mom and Dad. Barry Steven Amaral 89 Friend Si. Animal MEMORIES: Danos — what’s the wealher D C. Greal limes al the ground with D.C. M.C K.S. S.K. G.A. “I-afataaa " Whal are you doing in ihere Amaral ask K.S. Buds ask DC. F .F S.C. Ml. and Sal bo. E.M.B. pus do you chas. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES: Tried for B-Ball INSPIRATION To live life the best I c an Scott Amero 2 1 Pine Street MEMORIES: SNOWSTORM 1 1-23-85 ASK TONY MARTIN The Great Chase — Gel me out of here 2 down 1 to go CAR 9 AC- DC Look out below Tony-chris Good Times at NORTH-Adams How ya feeling Hughie? Crosby, Stills, and NASH Summer 85 GT W HAZEY-WEST All things must pass. Thanx MOM AND DAD. Suzanne E. Amero 35 Gee Ave. “Chestnut” MEMORIES: Good times w all my friends at G.H.S. M.N.. K.E., L.C., J.S., C.T., G.S., S.A., C.B. Parties at Di’s house! Vernon’s on Halloween “Don’t trip, Bea!” Summer of “85” spliff!!! Thank ’s MOM and DAD! INSPIRATION: “Don’t cry unless you’re happy don’t smile unless you’re blue never let that lonely monster take control of you.” Prince Leslie F. Anderson 5 Hudson Rd. MEMORIES: HEY MAN I’M FREAKING OUT! 4A JC FLA. ASK MA SCRUMP ' HOW a EC THE FORT BLUE JAY MOTEL — JB CONCERTS W AM TRASHED AEROSMITH THE 3-PIGS BOSTON GIRLS NITE OUT — 7 11 1999 OLIF! HEY CUP- CAKE! SEE-SAW-KS! THANX MOM + TOM INSPIRATION: All that’s to come and everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon. Kristin Jane Arnold 23 Chapel St. Dianne Michele Asaro 1 1 Marshfield St. Di, DiDi, Dee MEMORIES: W MM, KM, MM, MB, TC, JO, esp. W KC and GF at lunch. Kevin rem. the good limes W EC and TF. Best of times W EM, EE, and ME “Let’s not Forget all the db’s Gina! Cheese?! " Such big flakes” ask KM and MM. I don’t know ask KC, I bet he knows! INSPIRATION: “A new day will dawn on those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter.” 19 Timothy C. Bailey 324 Essex Ave. MEMORIES: Breakfast Club lakes it inside; RAHP Lives; Christmas Dinner; Bill Murray is Buddha; Why didn’t you run Teddy? Reagan is a living intellectual Dunkirk. Cement!! BaBoomsky!!! Down with Apartheid!!! INSPIRATION: My mother drunk or sober; my country right or wrong!!! Andrew Scott Baker 134 East Main Street Baker, Baked. Q MEMORIES: JD at the club, Liisa The Band 1 unlisted? Mad par- ties at Jays. Maine “85 " STRBYJAM. Skulls grad, parly 85. Love my drums M. Rebl. Friends: Melissa, Drew, Chris, Bill, Dennis. “Party Hardy 86 " INSPIRATION: To make my parents proud of me and to be the best damn drummer ever. There ' s still time to change the road you’re on. " Led Zeppelin " Mary Ann Baptista 12 Doanne Road MEMORIES: Rem. Great times w The gang. LS, DC, VF, DF, FM, DA, LN. The guys. 4th Block and What?! Where’s Ding and Dong? I made it! Thanks Mom and Dad. I Love you INSPIRATION: If you want to succeed in life, give it your best. If that doesn’t work, try harder. Stephan Barkhouse 20 Corliss Avenue Steve, MEMORIES: Good Times with ML, RB, THE HILL and JM. JS, TB, TM, PS. BR, AND THE OTHER GUYS. INSPIRATION: TO LIVE A LONG and SUCCESSFUL LIFE. Ernest R. Becker III 1 5 Becker Lane MEMORIES: Be at my house x-mass 87. Rem. good limes Alan, Jo- Jo, Kim, Jen, BH, RS, DC, Cally? AC, GS. Lisa. Always rem. Fitchburg AF, JC, JT, GS, semi-formal? 18th birthday WOW! The Chane gang. Jen in a dress? yup. Alan + his rabbit? TLA! Hey Alan: Rising to the challenge is the challenge. UGH fball. I love Lisa! + JT + SF + + INSPIRATION: One must rise to the challenge or utterly fail without ever trying!!! Kim Marie Bertolino 548 Essex Avenue Bean MEMORIES: Wild times w Sepp, JT, AF, KM, SM, MK, DM, RB; TEDDYBEAR. KM and Cars; Thanks Alan GERMANY ’84; ME-SFJT Sepp — You ' re the best. Much love and thanks to my family: Mom. Dad, Andy, Nikki and Kamblan. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff, NHS — Librarian. INSPIRATION: Friends can never be lost, no matter how far away they are. John Bichao Jr. 12 Summit Street JohnnyB, Bic, “B " MEMORIES: CTw Chief Muskrat, Murtz, Ed”D, Spank, Bongovi, Frankie “D”, Surfski INSPIRATIONS: I love you Mom and Dad!! Cheri, I love you!!! The only way to disc over the limit of the possible is to go beyond it into the impossible. For some to be said to be dif- ferent is wrong; for others, to be the same is worse. Joseph A. Biondo 8 Arthur St. MEMORIES: MICH. THE LOCKER ROOM and the guys. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: TRACK 1 Football 1234 Sebastian Bologna 86 Cherry St. MEMORIES: Hasty Pudding Rules! Past Events Party at golf club. Free candy at C.S. Doug to Jeff “You’re getting backed up” The Doug stare. Jeff, You have socks on. Pee Wee at dance. INSPIRATION: Leaves have fallen all around, time I was on my way, and thanks to you Fm much obliged, was such a pleasant stay, the time has come to be gone now. r . Paul Brancaleone 3 Oceanview Drive “Spank " MEMORIES: SUMMER ’85 CHRIS B. and the BACKHOE, POWS UNDER THE BRIDGE, ALL THE CONCERTS WITH JGBP, MIHP THE WAVE TOUR ASK KL BLIND GUY; ASK BRIAN THE WAR WAGON: SC, EN, MM, CB. INSPIRATION: “ALL THE WORLDS INDEED A STAGE AND WE ARE MERELY PLAYERS, PERFORMERS AND PORTRAYERS EACH ANOTHERS AUDIENCE ABOVE THE GUILED STAGE. " — W.S. Paul F. Brancaleone 15 Beacon St. Joaquim J. Braz 18 Honeysuckle Road ACTIVITIES: 2 yrs. Varsity Soccer. INSPIRATIONS; It’s easy to learn, but hard to remember 21 Paula-Ann Brigham 25 Bass Avenue MEMORIES: Hem. all ihe mad limes w all my friends LP, KL. TM. JD. Don ' t ever forgel TM. TB. MA. PB at your house, all the East Gloucester Gang SP. JE. TC. W us KL. What do ya got “windows New York w Laurence DH Whatadream! The drk rm w negs won’t be forgotten YWGAC How bout it KLI NO u won’t forget scary times MA knows I don’t Like ThaTCAMALIMYLIFE No Amy AiRHEAD! Du Fus Rem your getlogather! — RAY — der — AMY from NY never forgel the Aero Smith LMFNYILY Miguel A. Brito Puerta Canseco 49 S C de Tenerife Canary Islands. Spain MEMORIES: Carnavales ‘83 3 11 84 Summer of ' 84 GB " HOME” Gloucester. MA USA ' 86 " A Bunch of NUTS for Friends” ACTIVITIES: Thespians, Cross Country, Track INSPIRATION: Try everything, why not? Do as much as possible, then choose. " Don’t cry baby, the tears won’t let you see the stars. " Christopher E. Brown 18 Ellery St. Chris, Chief Muscrat MEMORIES: Partners in Crime MM BP Riv w Ed, Scans War Wagon. Golfcarts w RP, PM PJ. Proctor w Team Psyco, Backhoe w PB Work at BC CAM w BP Snake Bile:MP, Good Times w Bongovi, SA, AL, RG. JC, JB. SR, FS, KS. MM. KC. NN, BR, Decon ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society INSPIRATION: Stay out of sight and you slay out of trouble. Anne Marie Bruce 399 Essex Ave. Kevin Bruni 1 4 Cunningham Rd. MEMORIES: HANGING OUT ON THE VOCKIE PRIDE BENCH 5TH BLOCK. ALL THE GOOD TIMES I HAD W ITH BO, MP, CM. AND THE REST OF BRO VOCKIES. SKIPPING ON FRIDAYS TO PLAY POOL AT CHRIS’S HOUSE W SN, TM, AND JL THE AUTO SHOP LIVES ON. INSPIRATION: LEARNING IS EASY. IT’S REMEMBERING THAT’S HARD David Allen Burbine 225 Essex Ave. Peanut MEMORIES: Motorcycle Accident on Laurel St. with Kenny’s 850 special. Great Times with MD BH DC RM RD MAD Concerts Motley Crew Deo Mad Parties in west. Driving around in BOB H V-8 Vega Blown Camarro 4wheel Gremlin Good times at the Bab- son Res. MEMORIES of Chris Hart. INSPIRATION. You are only living to have fun. Rail David C. Burchard 518 Washington Street Todd M Burke 7 Woodward Ave. MEMORIES: 10 Grand over my head INSPIRATION: My ambition in life is to be successful in whatever I choose to become or do with my life, but most of all to be happy. Daniel Scott Burnham 28 Green St. Dan, Dano, Danso MEMORIES: -Jean- Parlies down Mike’s cellar w all the guys. RELEI M REEB!! Hyannis Summer of ’84 Van Halen ' 84 ask ES, NS, JG. Halloween Dance ’85 4EEHAA!! Good Times w all the pirates. So long GHS INSPIRATIONS: To pursue my dreams and to obtain them with who I want and whichever way I want — Thai ' s Freedom Jill A. Burnham 16 Harvard Street MEMORIES: Jeff Grt tms w JP, CB, JC, Mk. WL, MG, ST, LS, JR. ME. DM. EL. MM, LM. ETC BUS GIRLS-MMMPKLCB Ex- punged! Sum. 85, Smile JP rm. 102 pyrex melts? drwnng in BS Moonshn — CB Beware gorilla x-ing ACTIVITIES HONORS: SC 2-4; Class Rep 2-4; V-FIdhcky, b-ball Cpt ts-ball 1-4; D D 3-4; NHS; Hsly Pdng! H P Hood Club INSPIRATION: To be true to my dreams. Christine l ura Burns 1 1 Youngs Road Burnsy, Bunsai MEMORIES: NH “85” w KE, MN, KL. TOOLBOX? TOOL! Share the Wealth MK, JC, DM. Junction Oops — not again. Smurrium Hurt Me! Keep Laughing! FiFi sorry. ACTIVITIES: NHS, Student Council, Field Hockey, Hasty Pudding. INSPIRATIONS: Not to shatter the world, but to shake it; To do something worthwhile, yet inconspicuous. MARJORIE H. POWERS Kevin P. Burns 412 Essex Ave. Burnsie MEMORIES: All The Good Times in West Parties at Fernwood Nights at Stone Pier ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry 1, 2. 3 INSPIRATIONS: You can’t always gel what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need. “The Stones” 23 Melissa Cadan 95 Atlantic Road Missi, Sadie-Mae MEMORIES: CHRIS — 2-22-85 ILYB!! 1 Pal-Jenn b t:LI 83 Buzzy Moto, Alper, Lost WKnd 8 84, Bingo Night Mondays! 123 Merry XCC DBMD! NY-CSW-MT! FTFE! 1218-SSWJ Laur-10- 2! PIZZA-PAN-SS-AP-JR-i mucarl — The Crew — Andy Everyone! bnjmnc4ever I told u DAD-u-2-MOM INSPIRATION: When no 1 else cared — u were always there! Than Babe! ILU!! Marie Cafasso 6 Plum Street Mimi MEMORIES: Island Rd. AOBBSFKO; sygtghs ask Amy P; a purple hat, I know it out the window to Beth slosine Amy O has an idea ami you are friends of mine; nerveous, KC? AMjwtb in fog; Rob good times and bad wokolgwta; thanx dear; younger men ask AK; brothers G ask mine play me a song INSPIRATION: Dream on, but don ' t imagine they ' ll all come true — Billy Joel Douglas Campbell 14 Ml. Vernon St. MEMORIES: EMB ASK BA MATTY, MO KING OF EMB I LOVE YOU MARY-ELLEN DON ' T FORGET THE GOOD TIMES GUYS! (TIME TO MAKE THE DOUGHNUTS) BA-VC HA!HA! MARY-ELLEN + DOUG A F JOURNEY IS 2 GUYS MEG IS 1 RIGHT-MEG? B-BALL UP MIDDLETON IS BEST ASK CA, BA, MC, SK AAATIE!! HAHA BYE BYE GHS Christopher Carroll 1 17 Maplewood Ave. Chris MEMORIES: Never forget T Plays esp. 12th Nile Dom Never Figet my Fridays and watch out for those fire hydrants and scary movies! Great T ' s w MT DM NR MF MM(2) DR ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society, Thespians INSPIRATIONS: To succeed generally in life and to have fun while doing it. Michael R. Carter 3 1 Warner St. Mike MEMORIES: CHS memories w BA, DC, GA, RD, SK, and SF. Senior Prom; Graduation and champagne breakfasts. The BREAKFAST CLUB starring CV, MV, TF, TB, AM. Thanks alot Dad. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: “86” Cross Country, Track, Honor Roll. Thanks Coach and Al. INSPIRATION: Cherish what has been given to you in life and ac- cept what is taken. Jennifer A. Cavanaugh 28 Norman Ave. Jenzo, Kitty MEMORIES: Great Times w CS, KB, KK, CW, GS, CM. Hey Kinky, edible undies! Meow! My brothers home She doesn ' t get it! Crash, how’s the car? I meant to do that! Thanx Mom and Dad, I Love You! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: International Thespians, Thespian Pres. Hasty Pudding, The Proof is in the Pudding! INSPIRATION: Don’t be afraid to fall. Jerry A. Ciaramitaro 7 Perriwinkle Lane MEMORIES: G T With The Neighborhood Gang On The Roof With The Guts Summer Jam 85-F Always Remember Matt and The Good Times. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey Capt. INSPIRATION: It’s easier and faster when you fall cause you just can’t have it all. Angela Marie Ciolino 20 Reservoir Road MEMORIES: Never forget that night over Cathy’s house Mom and Dad thank you for everything I Love you! I never forget my friends: AC DS JO CA SF RG CD DH TC JE WP KM LC LB BS DC I will never forget it’s a girl Felica. Cathy Good Luck. Class of 86 1 INSPIRATIONS: You will never get anywhere if you don’t try. Geraldine A. Ciolino 9 Morton Place Dina Mrs. E MEMORIES: Gerald 12 24 84 I LOVE YOU! Team Phyco Party w BF KO RA ADR TK DK FM CG JF and Geb Sal-let it spill rem: lost in the woods w James and Beth the beach w the gang I Love You Mom and Dad INSPIR ATIONS: Live for today, tomorrow may never come. Amy M. Clayton 9 Beach St. MEMORIES: Dana 10 27 84 ILYF! C T wTOLBcoffeepot JODH and GGTCAC SebsCa + SF + Nathan good luck CDTKDC Amy J Sum " 84” KPSum of " 83” JPDPJB schyd gang never forget Cathy Thanks Hockey Pictures and games I love you Mom and Robyn Thanks New Yrs and " The Barn” JO and The talks INSPIRATIONS: Without friends you have no one but yourself! Good Luck to c o 86! Catherine Cluett 54 Perkins Street Cathy MEMORIES: Keith 8-6-85 I Love You — Best time ever! B T w BFA SPAZ CC, EC-GD life story — " I’ll tell ya Lisa " CC’s car — " Cris lhals a gas pump!” Spaz! — " I’ll drive” Ma! it’s 2am BH " I feel better with it off’ ask KS SR-BFA NFY Thanx — Mom and Dad, Caryn, Chris, Rob 1YA. INSPIRATION: Life is only what you make it to be. Ann-Marie Cody 15 Friend Street Annie W r , Lynda, Kim? Memories: STEVE 4 6 85 — LY G T W , KLNNKCJQMM- JLKMBRKTCV " THE GUYS” deke SB, nfMR GHB-s over F-tire N B letsPretend KM; BUS GIRLS L-benchMM switch ask NN;HCwkend, “dbkc " ! summer ’85! Thanks mom and dad, J J. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 234; Gymnastics 1234; Hasty Pudding, Flicker 4 INSPIRATION: If you worry loo much about the person you want to be, you may waste the person you are. SAWYER FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, MASS. Paul Douglas Comeau 20 Proctor Street Comeo, Com MEMORIES: High-Low at Ant’s House He’s looking! The Beach with CP, LH, EH. RS, AM. MK. TL. CT in Figg’s class hey. hey, hey! Good Friends with; Rick I) Ant M The Wave! A1 Z John C Clint L Michele L P.C. L C.P. INSPIRATIONS: Too many cameras but not enough food! Driven To Tears Music: Styx REM U2 Kiss concert! Rd. CL, MO Hasty Pudding Class 86 yo! Crist in E. Connors 23 Beach Road Cris MEMORIES: Consti 6-1-85 ILY! Best of Times w KSC- CLSECLAMO Thanks Karen FAV. PT- GDW KSCCECLSLAMOBONFIRE 84! Summers w Lex “NASTYGIRLS” 6 BDTS — Knives! I didn ' t see it. List com- pleted 5-86 Parking at Santarpios! Not the toilet C!DINTS! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: VFB Cheerleading NHS INSPIRATIONS: Life is like a bridge — Cross over it but do not establish yourself upon it Love You M D Kathryn Elizabeth Connors 29 Beach Road Katy. K.T., Spill, Sam, (H R.) MEMORIES BEA-JLMMNNBRKLKMACSAPCJQ-L U A PAR- TIES w ”The Guys” and “Mag Girls,” GHB — all nighter, HCSFIJM-M. “OPCT”, “DBAC”, Rd. Trips — HC and UVM “OUT OF CONTROL” ask KJN, Fla. 84, Pt. Sis, “IMT " — BM, Was it in? — NN. NYEBAM, l L U M D ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 2, 3, 4, yearbook staff, main ingredient INSPIRATIONS: Time may change me, but I can’t change lime. — David Bowie Traci Lynn Cooper 135 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: John 7 4 84 Thankyou for being there when I needed you. I will always love you. Rem: July 3, The Fire Works, Stage Fort (Well we still have Orange Juice!) April 1, being in the rain (I can’t stop laughing). You’re my number one friend! Friends are forever: JE, DH, GG, JO, AC, LB, AJ. CA, BS, AC, DA, BH. Thanks Ma and Dad! I love you!! Class of “86” 1 Matthew M. Corignan 58 Poplar Street MEMORIES: All the Great Times with S.Y.G. Summer of 85 Parties up the REZ OAK CROVE CEMETARY 1 LED ZEP INSPIRATION: Always remember the Best times with my girlfriend RHONDA MATT and RHONDA 9-1-84 FOREVER. Joanne V. Corrao 535 Essex Avenue JO-JO. Sepp, YO-YO MEMORIES; + UBERMENSCH KB, JT, AF, DM, MK, RB, CB, AB, TB; ALPS ’84 Sum. 85 w ANKE and GG; Fun Times since Man. 4 27; Rowdy 5 Blk; Goodnight DHS; Sunlessrise; 123 clap BEAN! Vielen Dank Herr Chane mil liebe To my famiy; I love you all. THANKS! ACTIVITIES: Mayor ’85, Fldhcky 1-4 capt. Pres SC, Jr. Rot, Girls’ State, Hasty Pudding INSPIRATION: SNAP. CRACKLE, POP! Scoll Costa 6 Harold Cl. MEMORIES: C T With AXCEL, JACK I). UP ON THE ROOF and IN RE ' S CLASS W AXCEL BAGGAGE JERRY JON l P THE HOUSE W SKULLY BEN AND THE GANG WHALE WATCH- ING W HICK and AXCEL EGGS INSPIRATION: MOM and DAD THANKS. Suzanne Ixiuise Cote 18 Old Nugent Farm Su .ie; Suzie-Q; Sue MEMORIES: LIFE WITH CHRISTINE; PARTIES IN MY VOLVO; NORTH BRANFORD HIGH; C.H L.P.; L K .; T.D.; C.A ; N.C.; BUS.MGNT. T M ; K.II ; E.C.; FASHION YEA! ASK J.M ; G P .; J.C., FOODS B R ; A.F.; AM, JAMIE 10 85 INSPIRATION: IF YOU CAN T BE WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE, LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH Kathleen Coull Essex Ave. Heidi Beth Crosby 25 Langsford St. MEMORIES: Michael 2 1 85 “luv you” rem all the great times! Lanesville parties, the cove, sea side, cin, rem all those — nights up Quarry St., Cleveland St., sum. of “84” Pirate parly. That wet nt down the cove (a) KM. fourth of July wknd — Thanks MT INSPIRATION: Never walk where a dance will do!!! William M. Crowley Jr. Forthill Ave. “Burley Bill” MEMORIES: Hugo, urbanvehlcle, Housewrecker, DF, SH, KG, MH. RP, SS, BB, MM, EO, AP Abuse till the end, Boston Pigs, Roadtrip Florida, comatose ACTIVITIES: GHS Hockey 1, 2, 3 Rotary, Karate, Bernard Celts Reagan Man Your Post Nixion INSPIRATION: To move to the Carribean and become a pearl diver or street bum. coledge work money world travel Ferrari Elisa Ann Curcuru 28 Rejervoir Road “lisa, Lee, Noelle MEMORIES: Ken 5 20 84 Love you — Schrimjhaw2 Wea Kerl GTW “the girls " Triumph w Ken 7 11 at Sue ' s “Saints we aint” Austria w Bush. The Kape w An Leslie How? GD with KS, CC, CC-Deb, “let me shorten it” ask MT, DR N F GTW: Jo sum 83 84 thanx Ma and Dad, Luv you ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 4 Hasty pudding 4 INSPIRATION: To make all my dreams come true! “86” Elizabeth Cusumano 25 Mansfield St. MEMORIES: Jay 3 12 84 Going by, want a beer. Slaw, parties at the cottage. Dancing! 2:00 surprise. Walking on the beach. Your fantasy some day. On vacation at Kings Grant!! 1 LOVE YOU, JAY. Best Times w T.M.A.M.L.L.S.J. Peck H.M. INSPIRATION: To make use of my life. Jerry Cusumano 21 Taylor St. MEMORIES: Dawn ily 4 4 85. Rem Wayne’s sleep over ask him about the closet. Ha ha Agnes didn’t know Christmas eve 84. RG + KH, streetcleaner. G.H.S. Hockey w JC, RG, KH, DJ, JG, CL Come here baby? INSPIRATION: Only the good die young. Janette Ann Cusick 76 Wheeler Street Jet Gette Liz Qu MEMORIES: GIRLS NITES OUT MUMZY w MO CN LL YOU’RE IN DEB! HERE MARG Saint’s we aint 4a LA NOT ME BABY! Bstn F-wks Drew toss the broccoli! 7 11 Sue’s hs HEART m t’s down the FORT. NO 1 WON’T N F Talks w GC and MO at camp “C” OOMD! ILY SEAN! I MADE IT! THANKS MOM AND DAD ILY ACTIVITIES: CHEER 13 and 4 INSPIRATION: I WANT TO KNOW IF LOVE IS REAL!?!? ‘THE BOSS” Susan Daley 1 4 Palfrey Dr. MEMORIES: Always Remember the GOOD TIMES w BW, HM, CS, JH. Summer of 83, Ask BW. Fourth block and WHAT? Never forget Steve Love YA! Thanks MOM! INSPIRATION: Better to have loved and lost than never to have lov- ed at all. Anita Marie Davis 26 Holly Street MEMORIES: DAVE 12 14 84 I LOVE YOU! GTw CGCDK M HCI LCSCBSG and especially w DT. Walks and talks. The party ended three hours ago!” Wingaersheek Beach and the Cove. Hockey and Football Games. The Fiestas. Ask CG. 4lh Block Ask CS. Thanks MOM AND DAD LOVE YA! ACTS AND HONORS: VP-HBC SEC-Jumor Rotanans INSPIRATION: “Who needs the world when you have the moon and the stars?” Timothy Scott Dawson 10 Burnham Street “TIM” MEMORIES: G T in RE’S CLASS. ON THE ROOF w the GUYS. FOOTBALL. KRISTY 3 15 85 28 Christina De Freitas 204 Concord Street “Chrissy " MEMORIES: GTW-AC, NS, JO, MD, HI). DH, AC + DS and esp. SF + CA — good luck w NF, also, good luck to TC + baby. Rem. Pee Wee — VFC! Rem. 4th. per. “And what” Best of limes w Mike Parisi — 9.7.85. Mom, Betsy, John, and family — ILU and thanks lots!! MF.MORIES: Life is always belter when you share it with someone you love — J. Michele DeGagne 4 Brierwood St. Mithow I B.B. MEMORIES: Tuna fish 4th who burnt you? Red W — Will you stop touching me! 1 + 2nd study, Burnhams Field, Ruthie, Dorothy, Mike, roses. Party Time! ACTIVITIES: Chorus. Theater, Sargent 1st Class Terri Dellorchio 41 Hodgkins St. MEMORIES: Sum of “84” w GMRHJF, can you say yea? RH “151 and 101” purple feel. Hey buccad have ya eva met captain Morgan, slippery steps ask AMRH. Austria I’m in! yummy “w” ask JFRH Parties w the crew! Luv ya MOM and DAD, thanx ACTIVITIES: Basketball — 1234 — softball — 1234 INSPIRATION: I’ve tried everything in my life, things I like I’ve tried twice yea you got that right! L. Skynard Lisa Deveau 17 Pine St. Richard Devlin 5 Fair St. “Rick” MEMORIES: Best Memories w DEBBIE JULIN. GT w WJB, MR, SB, PM, at football camp. GT in SBBL w AP, TO, J-H. Remember the train track MC, BA, DC. BEST WISHES TO MY MOM, I LOVE YOU. INSPIRATION: Set a goal for yourself and expect nothing else but your GOAL. Rick Doucette 100 Maplewood Avenue “Flounder, Hey You!” MEMORIES: Island Life with GK and BN, Hey Bryan; “BFD!” “Planeride” “The Dock” “NUDE BOMB” “Bite the wax tadpole; I ' m a jelly donut!” “Sled Bombing” “Frying Gregg’s clutch!” “Huh!!” “Neighborhood” Germany — 85, Quebec — 86 “Hey Putz!” “Sunshine” “Wang Dang . . .!” INSPIRATION: If at first you don’t succeed; CHEAT!” “Win at all costs!” MOM and DAD 29 Rulh Ann Dupuis 3 Milled St Ruthie, Dufus MEMORIES: GTW — Michele, MD, CD, JS. Amy. PB TC, KH and TD, SM. AL, AM, CM, KC and never forget Dorothy! Thanks Mom and Dad . I ' ll always care Kevin! Luv ya ACTIVITIES: Thespians, ROTC, (2 Lt ), Chorus (pres ), ROTC Drill Team . . . Never forget the Germany Tour! INSPIR ATION: As a great one taught me, " There are no little parts, only little actors! " Love ya Web! William E. Edmonds Jr. 6 Beauporl Avenue MEMORIES: Great times with JC, KH, RG, PM. NT, Spike, JT, JC, DR, DE at all the K-G Parties Never Forget the Concert on the Commons with JC, DR, DORY RACE with JC and Coach Geno. Snow Storms TM Never forget Little Cheri G. The Haunted House w BM Julie Anne Elwell 1236 Washington St. Jul Juls MEMORIES: Rusty 7 13 85 Summer of 85!! California! Nov. 85 We made the right decision!! Love you always Rusty!! Fri. Ngt. Times spent alone! Pis at CE apt.? Thanks to my entire family! Luv ya all! Fun and laughs w super Pals: JDJOLLGFSFACD- SRGDSACBSFCBSKHW PPM! The pits — The eel INSPIRATION: Live for today and hope for tomorrow ' MUM! 1986! Katherine G. Ericson 41 Gee Ave. Katy MEMORIES: THE BEST OF TIMES WITH MY FRIENDS! ALL NIGHTERS! NEW HAMPSHIRE CREME delaCRUTCH!ZAM- BON1S! PURPLE CRAYONS! SKI SUGARLOAF! MA-JOHN WON ' T CUT IT OUT! ACTIVITIES: NHS, St. Cl. RIFLE INSPIRATION: WHEN YOU ARE UP TO YOUR BUNS IN ALLIGATORS IT IS EASY TO FORGET THAT YOUR MAIN OBJECTIVE WAS TO DRAIN THE SWAMP. Brian C. Erwin 450 Washington St. MEMORIES: Great times with Jim, John, Jamie listening to Led Zep tunes and mellowing out with the " Munro Doctrine.” Crui zing around in LeCar (The Assault Vehicle). ACTIVITIES: Tennis, Golf, Skiing, Camping (What do they do up there?) INSPIRATION: Trying to gel good grades to go out on weekends. " Silence is golden, " Where’s that confounded bridge? LZ Sherry Lyn Estes 9 Acacia St. " SHER " MEMORIES: Mad times in P.A. ask S.L., J.P . MOAN. C.B.. J.B., DAGS and P.A. Staff. Always remember red dots runnin’ thru the woods. Champagne BFGF Mad times at friends ask K.L., C.K., C.W ., P.B., C B , B.S., P.M , and the " BETHER.” Remember the Blue Bomber. INSPIRATION: Let the good times roll, let them thrill your soul. — HENDRIX Scott W. Falk 10 Juniper Rd. MEMORIES: Good times with “friends for life:” EH, TG, RI), TB, TF, GA, JT, GS, SR, RL, MB. Summer of 84. Good luck, class of 1986. Luv ya Mom and Dad. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook staff. Tennis, NHS INSPIRATION: The key to knowledge is awareness. Gina K. Favazza 6 Commonwealth Ave. “Gi Gi” The dude — STYX Iwys! MEMORIES: Fiesta 85 Tommy won Hurr prty-talk to me — AK, CK Hlwn prty — PRDSLPSH Prom 85-BS the classics -TJ GD Hbr Beach I drove-me, LT, CF Ing tlks St. w pwdakc chmpne BF-MJSE The bush-KM To all my buds STAY GOLD Pete I miss you movie star!! (xo) Paul -ily? INSPIRATION: It ' s Just a Grand Illusion Cause deep inside we’re all the same — STYX Mary Jane Favazza 13 Knowlion Square M.J. SWISH GOO MEMORIES: Thanks Lisa summer league 85 LD, LD, BE, BB, JB,- donuls! -lunch w AH, MH, SM-MEM. day weekend — Mike — France in 83 — flowers are red — see you in NH! ACTIVITIES: Varsity basketball, softball capt. JR, ROT, Pres-NHS Vp -hasty Pudding- INSP1RATION: Your final reward will be heartache and tears if you’ve cheated the man in the glass. Peter Favazza 17 Allen St. Janine Lisa Ferrant 46 Harrison Ave. MEMORIES: Hey Buccac ' mokaoint adk ReRe G t w RH, TD Luv ya Babe “magic Bus” Terri, check out that forearm! Grazing in the grass is a gas! Spain, 84 I ' m freakin out Thanx for making it a good year seniors! ACTIVITIES: Senior Prez, NHS, Student Council, Hasty Pudding INSPIRATIONS: FORGET YOUR LUST FOR THE RICH MANS GOLD ALL THAT YOU NEED IS IN YOUR SOUL. SKYNYRD Drew Fiero 121 Mt. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: Treefrogs, ask Chucko, Parties at Raymonds, Does anybody remember Gaughter, Tanglewood forever, J-D at the club. The 3 Musketeers, Pudding, The ski trip; Semi, B.Study w MA, Jason and Katy’s mad parlies. GHB “85”, the band, BH with Tuwi and Bakes. Drinking BD w JM, SR, PO, AB, AM, GH, KB, JC, ND INSPIRATION: If a man hasn ' t discovered som. He will die for, he isn ' t fit to live. 31 Carla A. Figueiredo 4 Maple Street MEMORIES: Joe — I love you, 10 13 84! CT w JS, RS, LS. AC, DD, LS, CF, ILC, CV, MS, MC, PT. FM. ST, GS, BS, AM, CC. Gi AT Palace, ask DD, AC, AM, SC. Crace N., REM. 995-DNG, and the TWO Bottles of Champagne! I Love you mom and dad! ACTIVITIES: Honor Business Club INSPIRATION: Smile even though your smile is sad, Because sad- der than your sad smile is not knowing how to smile! JC2f John Figueiredo 4 Maple street " Figgs” MEMORIES: Mad times at GHS-remember the sessions at the oval — ask Wayne NS, MS, CP, WL, MR, CL — stage fort. INSPIRATION: Life is a beach-party till you die. Remember: only the good die young. You only live once but if you live it right once is enough. Sworn to fun loyal to none. Alison Fitzpatrick Coggeshall Rd. MEMORIES: Frank-85 The summer of 84 Good Harbor- parties. Jamming to the B-52’s! The “cigar!” TM’s, KL ' s, EN’s, KR ' s bashes Boston-concerts-“out to sea” on the train! Camping-M-ch-l- b Unbeatable times w Elise, Kristen, Kalja, Nina, Julie, Ruthie, CS, FC, SC. AM. BR. KC. MP. JPMBM, KN Luv ya Freddy INSPIRATION: Frank, I love you forever and ever!!! Best of luck to the class of 86. THOMAS J FLANNAGAN? 321 Essex Avenue GOON MEMORIES: BREAKFAST CLUB 85; RAPH LIVES — ASK DAHLGREN THE COFFIN DEAL (WHERE’S MY 12 BUCKS?) X-MASS DINNER 85; WHICH IS NICE; SHEET. 72; CHILL OUT! TWISTED GOON! DO THE WALK OF LIFE. INSPIRATIONS: WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH STICK WITH IT AND YOU’LL BE TOUGHER. LIFE LIFE DAY BY DAY AND TOMORROW WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. BILL MURRAY. Timothy J. Flannagan 90 Ml. Pleaesanl Ave. Tim MEMORIES: Berda, RayRay-n-Punky GF be sensible LAA! Thanx Mom Dad, GoldShoes; EwipsBF — Michelle N forget you lov ya GFETBSCKAKRem. Ravenswood Gina shut up! Skinmexicosings- ingsing 1234 NYC Don’t let it rain on my parade; Boston Karat- Ble for8Paulohere! TheschRPPflumewet Michcredit car- dRhodelsIand Rain INSPIRATION: A wall is there to slop you! If one gets in your way of life knock it down. ME Robert E. Foley 40 Ferry St. South Axel, Bob MEMORIES: G TW Scott C Jack D, UP on the Roof w The gang, RE’S w Chima, Baggage whale watching w Hick and Scott, Eggs, Attitude Adjustments ACTIVITIES: Boys ' State Jr. Rotarians INSPIRATIONS: Tough times make tough People, Semper Scrodum (Always on the ball) Thanks Mum and Bill for all you’ve done for me, 1 Love You Both dearly. 32 Marilyn Portado New Way Lane MKMORIES: Good limes with K M. J R. C.C. D.H. M M and M M. D.R. D M. MASYN?? ACTIVITIES + HONORS: National Honor Society INSPIRATION: To be a success in what I do and to learn how to drive! ALAN W. FOSBERRY 8 Colonial St. MEMORIES: GREATTIMES WITH JO-JO, CS, KB, JT, SF, JF, AB, ERB. AND EVL SUNLESS RISE, BUOY19 HALLOWEEN IN AUGUST? GUESS WHAT?, “KEEM,” ON. 3 THANKS GUYS. . . ACTIVITIES + HONORS: SPRING TRACK (1-4), CAPT. (3- 4), MVP (3. 4). WINTER TRACK (2-4), CAPT (4). MVP (4), CROSS-COUNTRY (2-4), CAPT (4), MVP (4) INSPIRATION: EVRY HAND ' SA WINNER + EVRY HAND ' SA LOSER. — ILY M + I) Debbie A. Fowler 14 Ml. Vernon St. MEMORIES: All the good limes in the bathroom, with S.H.N.L.B.P.K.A.J.M. INSPIRATIONS: All the good times on PA trips, with S.E.S.L.K.A.J.V. ' 84-85 DON ' T FORGET ABOUT BOSTON!!! HAHA! Brenda R. Frontiero 4 Nautical Heights Bren Brenda D MEMORIES: Times with SJ. RT, AH. LW, PG and others at 6th blk in 84. Good times in 85 w AH in type and SJ Good limes at Pata w CD. Times out w SF. Saturdays w PN. This is it! Thanks Mom and Dad. ACTIVITIES + HONORS: Honor Business Club 1985-86 Academic Recognition 1985 INSPIRATIONS: Don ' t follow the crowd; live your life for you. David A. Frontiero 7 Exchange Street MEMORIES: Chrissy 10-8-85, RUSH 12-13-85, HEART " What a trip it was " July 4, party, Gerring Road ask R.G., K.H.. J.C., Down the buses. Skiing, Florida another great trip, N.H. ask J.C., D M., K.H., R.G., W.M., Florida 10-20- 85 GTW C.M., J.H., P.M., J.C., J.C., BE., J.M., PM, A N., W.M., H.M., M L. ACTIVITIES + HONORS: INSPIRATIONS: There are two paths you can go by but in the long-run there is still lime to change the road you ' re on!!! Dennis P. Frontiero 525 Essex Avenue Bassman MEMORIES: Remember Partying and Jamming In the Attic with Sam and Jim. Two-Man-Jam, The PA Equipment and The Band! (which never started) Good times with Opie, Gino and the Tank! Remember the RC with SF, MM, TG, DK, MM and B-d. Other Times with: GM, MB, SV, AB, BA and CK. Plan to make it big in music and revolutionize the music industry! WATCH OUT WORLD! 33 John Frontiero 10 Marina Dr. Sean D. Frosl 6 Perkins Street “DAD” I LOVE YOU MOM + DAD MEMORIES: Never forget the gang BA, DC, MC, GA Sk. Always remember the rock. Best times with CA, CD, AC, DS. GOOD LUCK DS + AC. AC INSPIRATIONS: I will always love Corina + Nathan. Look into the future and think of all the bests times to come. GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS Maryjo Galanle 12 Prospect Street “Cuz, Jo” MEMORIES: Mike 1 1-13-85 I love you! DD w M.A and J G. GT W C.S., J.G., C.S., L.C., C.V.. and ESPECIALLY w M.P.! N F our laughs and cries w J.G.. C.S.! Sisters are forever and we proved it. Joanne! Lunch Crew w I.L., N.S., G.P , J.M., K M Well Mom 1 made it. Thanks to you! I love you MOM. DAD. Paul. Mike and my family! ACTIVITIES + HONORS: INSPIRATIONS: Dream until your dreams come true! Ronald A. Garron (.arose Avenue Ron " Twee” Garron •TWEEZER.” " TW IBEANTZER” ACTIVITIES + HONORS: N.H.S . HASTY PUDDING MEMORIES: Bio. w Jason G., RPRCKLSH swissy you’re a marked man! Goodtimes w CB MM CL MH PB DJ PB FS ES FRAN HAVE A CLUE!! Chern. w Chris, Wayne and Marie " Icutmyfinger!” INSPIRATIONS DO YOU FEEL SCARED? I DO BUT I WON’T STOP AND FALTER! " THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER! " Thomas A. Generazio 229 R Concord St. Tom MEMORIES: Kara B 9-6-85 ILYB GOOD TIMES WITH: JS SF BE JT SR AM EH MV LM GH TB LL U2 ODIE MR THANKS MOM FOR EVERYTHING. ANIMAL CRACKERS TASTE GOOD. ACTIVITIES HONORS: YEARBOOK. GERMAN CLUB INSPIRATIONS IT’S MUCH EASIER TO RIDE THE HORSE IN THE DIRECTION HE ' S GOING. YOU ' RE A MEAN ONE MR GRINCH. Richard Gerring 101 Magnolia Ave. " Scully " MEMORIES: Don’t forget Beverly guys! How is your car Phil? Watch out for the ghost cars! All the parties up the hill!! Chima and the boat. Phil ' s in jail again! Harris ' awesome keg. Yuk!! The WPS and the piece are gone forever. Skiing at college. ACTIVITIES + HONORS: INSPIRATION: Life isn’t worth living unless you live it to the MAX! Kenneth S. Cleason 13 Rockholm Rd. G lease MEMORIES: Benlly C. SS, SH, Suburban ramp out MH, BB. Wr, Rumbie Team Physco MI). Court SS, GJ. MH, NH. Run MH, GJ, SG, 85 Food C. AC, AD, DR, Buzz Levels S.H., G.H., B.L., H B Suburban, Blazer, Lamborghini, Jetsky INSPIRATION: Live for today for death is tomorrow Colleen Gove 630 Western Ave. Donald F. Gove Jr. 23 Ferry St. Don MEMORIES: Good Times w THE NEIGHBORHOOD GANG, remember the TOGA and HART CONCERT WE ALL MISS YA MATT! INSPIRATIONS: ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. THANKS MOM AND DAD. Jason K. Gove 139 Cherry St. Peach Gove ' s Gulf Bongovi MEMORIES: ALISON 6 27 84, SUMMER OF 84 THE TIME OF MY LIFE. BEST FRIENDS, SEAN BROOK. GOOD TIMES MUMU, JCRPSMPS, Ml ALERT. ACTIVITIES: HOCKEY 1234, GOLF 34, MIHP. INSPIRATION: THE REASON FOR FIGHTING, I NEVER DID GET, I LEARNED TO ACCEPT IT. ACCEPT IT WITH PRIDE, FOR YOU CANT COUNT THE DEAD WIND, WHEN GODS ON YOUR SIDE Stephanie Marie Gove 8 Linden Road “Stef, Stefness” MEMORIES: Tom — Love ya always! Great friends — you know who you are! What a crew! Many mad times. Summers. The word is: CASUAL. Long talks. Escursions. Matt — miss ya! “Hey guys, we made it!” Family and Friends Chow! ACTIVITIES + HONORS: Sec. 234 Drinking and Driving Comm. Ricker NHS INSPIRATION: Take life as you find it — but improve it if you can. Jean C. Griffin 26 Honeysuckle Rd. MEMORIES: DANNY ILY, Hey Man I’M FREAKING OUT, Talks w Marg, How do you do it? ASK LS JCLA-PRINCE LA. MO. JC. LS — Girls nights out! Semi-Formal 84 and 85 PROM — CLASS OF 86!! The-3 Pigs — Boston INSPIRATION: Everybody ' s so different we’re all the same — JW 35 Jill Haberland 23 Stanwood Ave. Barry Hanrahan 5 Grandview Rd. MEMORIES: The good limes through ihe H.S. years. Good times in Law with AP. BE, KH — Art — 38. Sum. 85 with AP, PW, SD. BP. BR, — Russels Babe ' s — 3B paint the Nat’s 1. Aim, thanks for the " nice” mess I was in, it wasn ' t that bad. Keith Daneil Harris 10 Macomber Rd. MEMORIES: concerts, Tom Petty, ACDC. Billy Squire W DF, RG. LA, AM. JC. Great Trip to Florida W DF. Great times W RG, JC, PM, BE. DF, ST, RN. Keg Parties w RC, JC, DF, PM Where ' s Phil, ask RG, JC. Best of times w Rosa. 6 84 Don’t let LA use the phone. ACTIVITIES: Hockey 3-4. INSPIRATIONS: The future is uncertain, and the end is always near. J. Morison, Doors. Gregory Henry Harvey 35 Fuller Street Greg (suave) MEMORIES: C T with SH SR DF JM TG TE MR PO I will always remember and love my true friends. Semi Formal with HM. U2, The Beatles. Pink Floyd. Parties! I LOVE MOM AND DAD . . . FOREVER. INSPIRATION: “YOU MAY SAY I ' M A DREAMER. BUT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE, I HOPE SOME DAY YOU’LL JOIN US. AND THE WORLD WILL LIVE AS ONE.” John M. Harvey 526 Washington St Eric John Hautala 19 Derby St. MEMORIES: The Best — SF GS TC TB RW BE JS TB MB GH AZ SH TF PC AM MK CP RS Beach ’84 ' 85 ev ' ry day — AMSBY — Rebel-N.Y. 84-85 never forget it! Ski-bash Le Car ACTIVITIES: Track 1,4 — Yearbook staff INSPIRATION: This path has ended and a new road has been paved Kristen Beth Hautala 134 Eastern Ave. Kristy MEMORIES: GT at the beach pits w the crew. Fri Nights — JKK Lady B KMO, What’s the gig? AKT w TR. Skiing. Boston — MR. KM, KS, HK and w TI). Spain 5 84 TIM 3 15 85 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 3. 4; Spring Track 1; Cross Country 2. INSPIRATION: To find a silver lining in every cloud. Debra-Jean Hawley 141 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: GREGG 5 85 I Love You Babe 4eva Rem. Janine Drowning at the Pit. Quarters. Thanks to my close friends. You are very special. TC, JE. JO, LB, DS, AC, CA, BS, AJ, Chaz. Rem. the great times. Never slop plying. I Love You Ma and Dad. Thank You! George INSPIRATION: Mirrors on the ceiling. Pink champagne on ice, we are all just prisoners here of R own device. (EAGLES) Class of 86 1 Paul A. Hayes 19 Brierwood St. " HAZY” MEMORIES: Head games with Mr. Symonds and staff, smoke bombs, food fights, cellar. Humorous limes in P.A., strange times with S.A. and J.W. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Endor class. Live for the weekends! Strive to survive. INSPIRATION: To leave my attitude at C.H.S. " Ya, Mon.” Michael Joseph Heanue 168 Hesperus Ave. Lurch MEMORIES: GR and mad times w and all skiing; mud buds (5) mdntct-kgssgb; GH, Mag, Lt Haus Bch; Lyau Poc, Auc, Rumb, Camping 84 and 84 w MLA-J, Physco, URB and Yama; Macduffy Buffies; Ski it; NY Run; zoner; Holy I nd, Eur Trap; wkend warrior; hail Ken, Burly, Hug, SCan, DJ, Dib, Cuk, Yale and all other ravers! INSPIRATIONS: Too poor to paint, loo proud to white wash. J. Clampelt " Good Man” Kevin E. Hicks 50 Riverdale Pk. MEMORIES: Wingaersheek by day and night GoodHarbor Beach Frank go fly a kite! 1 did DSBSFCSGDSDLMYBSJO- JEDHACSFCA Sam + Frank up them all MA OH! Life story my mother thinks? DANA Cruising by car + boat my Nova just there my Camaro see thru Good Harbor Beach CANDI first snow Mom won’t let you go! Sure the lobby at lunch girls Thanks Dad + Mr. Perry Darlene E. Hildebrand 27 Sumner Street ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff HONORS: Being an ' 86 senior INSPIRATIONS: My family; which I love dearly. Ebony Catherine, my chosen career in fashion and life in itself. My hopes for myself and others; Happiness, success, prosperity, friendship, love and families. Good luck to all, what ever they may attempt! 37 Scott A. Hinckley 9 Sheperd St. Barry Hodgkins 550 Essex Ave. MEMORIES: Remember the German trip ”84” Also remember ski trips to NH with. TK. BK, AH. KG. and Tom Shea’s ski trip “Why is it so dark in here” Sandy Home 1 2 Centennial Ave. MEMORIES: Remember all the good times in 1st floor bathroom special thanks to Nicole, Missi, Debby and Beth to help me make it through this year DK, NL, BE, MC, JB, SS, JM, and etc. Class of 86 1 LOVE YA. MA and DAD Amy Elizabeth Hubbard 47 Harrison Avenue MEMORIES: ALWAYS LET IT BOUNCE. A J YOUR UNIT IS SAFE W ME. BEST OF TIMES W MK, AJ, MF. CO AND DUFUS. SUMMERS IN L A CHAKA’S CONCERT. AMY — WE HAVE ANOTHER TEST TUBE FOR YOU SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FAMILY. ACTIVITIES HONORS: TRESOF NHS, SOFTBALL 1-4 INSPIRATION: THE WORK GOES ON, THE CAUSE ENDURES. THE HOPE STILL LIVES AJ D THE DREAM SHALL NEVER DIE. Sean T. Hughes 4 Nashua Ave. MEMORIES: CTW BC, KG, BS, SA, RC, JG, CL, EH. WH, JK, anyone else I forgot (you know who you are) NEVER FORGET: BENTLY, RALPH at North Adams, Comastose! Brothers Floor, shut off the light on 84 ski trip, P R. I., SWITZERLAND and WPSS INSPIRATION: NOTHING is worth dying for ’cause you won ' t be around to feel pleased with yourself. (MSH) Michelle Hurlburt 6 Causeway St. MEMORIES: Girls Night Out w AMWSMTLLAGDRLMTM. I’m not wrong a Ann. Long Talks w Ann-BFA; GHS one big party w AMLLMTJNDMWHY WE AIN ' T Long Walks + Talks w MA + WS. Love U MIKE so far I’ve lived and loved in pain. Miss U Lisa INSPIRATION: A true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Keri Ann Hurst 39 Derby Si. Cherry MEMORIES: Peter Love Ya 3 3 84 Scrimshaw 2-Wea Elisa 7 1 1 Girl Night 7 13 Stu ' s House w DS, SH. JC.MO, RM FRI NIGHTS at Sue ' s w CT, TP. PR I owe you my life Sue! SUM. 85 Beaching it a WEE, LA, JW NF GTW GRACE Saints we ain’t Love ya Ma + Dad INSPIRATION: A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Elaine M Ireland 2 Birch Grove Heights MEMORIES: GT CM, TK. SM, NR. SP. Summer of 85. Baldhead- ed Rock — the ant. Always remember GC, JS. Love you Shawn! INSPIRATION: Love is like the spirit of life, it never dies. Danny Jackson 2 York Road AJIyson Faye Jenkins 15 Ferry St. Al, A1 Faye J MEMORIES: Moving holders w Mike, Love ya. — Growing up in the neighborhood, the only way to go — The many lessons I’ve learned from Matt — Concerts on Commons, You ' ve got a friend — Love — Thanx to family — friends — c’mon up, PM JM TK ACTIVITIES: Sec of NHS; Flicker Staff; Drinking + Driving Comm. INSPIRATION: Please be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet David S. Jewell 53 Dennison St. Wally MEMORIES: Beth ACTIVITIES: Hockey, Skiing, Scubadiving, Lobstering INSPIRATION: To scubadive around the world and to get the most out of life that I can. 86 HP Bucklo — Bags No. 1 1 Susan Joseph 16 Slarknaught Hgts. MEMORIES: Peter 10 17 83-3 84, 3 3 85 I Love You Forever! Best times w Peter. GT’s w S.J., J B„ + L.M. Falling down to Main St. + Julie’s BA on the sidewalk ask J.B + M.M. Cruising w Sheila " The Green Hornet’’ Twisting slow motion Mom + Dad I Love You INSPIRATION: Believe in yourself and you will get everything you want. 39 Amy Josephson 4 Grandview Road Aim, Aims MEMORIES: Kevin 6 22 84 I Love You GT’s w Great Friends: WOHMSWPMDHJRJMAC Kevin’s car Hey Heather There They go Where? Towards Magnolia Flat tires at 4am ask Shawna Look a Fox ask Jen 1 . Jen2 Long talks w Wendy Hey OB When are visiting hours, Thursday?. Chem class w PMKS Never a dull min. Huh Pam? Thanks Mom and Dad I Ix»ve You Both. Ronald Kimmence 30 Laurel St. Trish Kitchenmaster 2 Morton Place MEMORIES: Neva 4get x-Mas Eve 84 Times with the crue: ADRKMJDDCBFCMFM Bonjovi’s what? AskCMKL CG sum of 85 w crue, CMEIGLMLCTLN the SDS watch out Boston Theshella 357 Blastoff REM All of JD’s Parties 2 84 Now the Moonies got it ask CT and KF the chase: JLLNU5JC Vteam a “G” — something went the first time I hurt U the lights went out and the memories began to fade — sorry! Steve D. Knowles 14 Marchant St. Eddie, Knowlsie MEMORIES: Flashing Red 1 My Kramer, Pardon Me ask Joe Link and Murph Cardone — Baby. Animal, Mikie — Dude, Mike C. GA, SF, KS, SUMMER OF 85 1 EMB, Middleton Gang! ACTIVITIES: Winter Track 4, Inlra B-Ball 2-4 INSPIRATION: You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough. Naowarat Kongkaew 18 Pearl St. Murriam Jean Khambaty 6 Flume Rd. Smlimam, Rum, Indira MEMORIES: " Superfriends” — DM, CB, JC, KB, AF, JT also AH. JB, KE, KM and " The Guys " " How are ya?!” Bunsia — " Hurt Me!” New Year’s Eve 86 w AEH — Who’s straight? Germany 84; ILY Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES HONORS: SC 1-4 Pari. 4, Flic. Ed.. NHS, D D 3-4, S. Medal, HASTY PUDDING! INSPIRATION: " The positive ALWAYS defeats the negative: Courage overcomes fear. Patience overcomes irritability. Love overcomes hatred. " SSS 40 Kimberlee Ann Laflam 28 Burnham St. Kim MEMORIES: REM A LLG 00 DST 1 M ESI N E . G LO U W PB ES PT U F W J ETC RE M I) K HOUSE U PST WEGOPOGET AWAYPB, REMALLTHEGTIMESWWESRDKDCTKESPAEROSMITH THERESANDALLTHEFUN! REM. HEAVEN! 85 REM- JOESSTORETBRACREM DEEBPPARTY! INSPIRATION: IE YOU LOVE SOMETHING SET IT FREE IF IT COMES BACK IT’S YOURS IF IT DOESN’T IT NEVER WAS. Linda Ann Larosa 65 Washington Street MEMORIES: GTw BN. KC, PM. JE, CT. Bobs locker. I know sum-1 who likes u!-a ct. GHS F -ball 72. LLN? What s the G? a EM. In Chelsea. Ick the dr! WHY?? Oh a SM. KG’S shorts a KC. H-school dance ’84. Goodbye GHS. c o ’86 1 Thanks MA and Dad ILU. INSPIRATION: I’ll risk it all. I ' ll win your love or I’ll take the fall. Matthew Lafata 20 Apple St. MEMORIES: Never forget the Great Times with RB, SB, PM, RG, SA, KL, CL, AE, WW, CE, PF, TP, AW, JM, BE, SS, RL, BUB. MM, EN, RP, BP, Hampton Beach, Baseball, The BOSS in New Jersey — 85, Animal, Shish, Brown Eye, Cathy, and many great adventures. INSPIRATION: Everything dies. Baby that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies, someday comes back. — B. Springsteen Julie Ann Latassa 170 Hesperus Ave. Jules, J MEMORIES: BFF-KCKMNNKLMMACBRJQ “The guys” — GHBSIeepoulw KCNNKMAC Rd. Trips — HC UVM oulacontrol F.85? Fla. 84-6 The Pt. Sis. “U” Gr. Eur. “OPC.T” ask PCJC GHBParties — SOAMH NF NH gang Peter “OTWT” Luv ya Mom and Dad Thanx Katy ACTIVITIES HONORS: NHS, HBC, Flicker INSPIRATION: Look towards the future for the past is just a cherished memory! Karen Lattof Hillside Road Liz, KK MEMORIES: Great times w MMKCNNJLACKMBRJQCBKT- JBEP, “The Guys” REM: Sum 85, GHB Parties, sleepouls, BU and HC, OPCT ask PC and JC, Deacon don’t condition! P. Sisters. Where we gonna sleep JQ? — COVER — SAS DAYS ACTIVITIES HONORS: NHS, HBC, and Hasty Pudding Club INSPIRATION: Don’t fly any higher than you’re willing to fall! Daniel H. Leaman Jr. Great Hill Road Commando, Danny MEMORIES: Karen 7-23-85 working w Whitten; GTw Jamie, PF, DL, JM, JL, the whole soccer team. Remember the whit trip to N. Adams — Mammal don’t forget the trees at the In- dustrial Park: “Gotta have it " — Whitler’s “Blvd. Grocery” — JS Stud ACTIVITIES HONORS: Soccer 2-4, Capt. 4, NEC All Star 3, Int-V-Ball 3-4 INSPIRATION: It just doesn ' t matter . . . JW 41 Michael Leavill 84 Washington Street Bools MEMORIES: LEA: 6 29 85 Ix ve Ya! Dano Best Friend l arry Sum. of ’85 Ski Trips Dan and Wayne Basketball MacDonalds CUP ask DJ. WM, CV, PM LEA Forever! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything Roger G. Lee III 7 Corliss Ave. “Killer " MEMORIES: Class of 1986 Remember the Great People from the c o ’85 Goodlimes w EH, ES, JT, SF, CL, RD, RP, TG. SS, MR. DJ, SH,MO. MB, BE, RBJM, CV. and AZ. GTW c o 85; MP, RS, BF, GM, JB. LA, SV, and the 85 football team. Thanks to MR. S, MR. B, MR 0, MR. K. MRS. M, and Cement! ESP: MOM and RL, TL. INSPIRATION: “When the going gets lough the tough get drunk.” OFF TO ATLANTA! CTECH!! Nicole Lefavour 6 Centennial Ave. Christopher Lewis 10 Hillside Road MEMORIES: Great Times w SCOTTA, TONY M, JERRY C, Remember “THE CHASE " ask SA. TM Hurricane Gloria ask TM, Blizzard of Dec. 14 ask JERRY C DAWN M. MAJOR MEMORY. Mom ILY, Buzzy! ask Phil Mineo ACTIVITIES. CHS Hockey w JG, DG, JC. MM INSPIRATION: Only the good die young! Joseph P. Linquata 99 Cherry St. Joe, Crash MEMORIES: GTW MM, EM, RS, AC, LS, JR, AM. JA. and SOC. T; REM PC and CP (NOISY); “HEY RACHEL WHAT’S A MAT- TA YOU” ALS REM T G1RLS; 12 28 85 CRASH; I DON’T NEED THEM MATT; SHE’S UGLY; LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD ACTIVITIES: NHS; YB.ED.; SOCCER 2, 3, CAPT., C.A. 4; TRACK 2, 3, 4 INSPIRATIONS: YES THEE ARE TWO PATHS YOU CAN GO BY, BUT IN THE LONG RUN, THERE’S STILL TIME TO CHANGE THE ROAD YOU’RE ON. LZ Louis Keith Linquata 9 Maple St. “LINK” MEMORIES: Bad jokes? Cathy I Love You!!! YWABSTMBYATBT- TEHTM The Wave GPPGJK The tour! Thank You CVS! Back- hoe IWT I caused it? INSPIRATIONS: You can’t get away with the crunch because the crunch always gives you away Capl. C-He who thinks holds the truth of life and love TAPAOM! I Love You MoM and Dad! THANK YOt !!! Katja Litchfield 9 Norman Ave. Katj, Katchki, Wasted MEMORIES: Chip 12-28-84 ILY, MAC. GIRLS KRAFENJPNB- JDRP, Mich ' s, summers, all those parties! Fredzo, S S, the Red Nova, GHB, M E. special times with Chippy, lunch soph. year. E. Glou. Girls, MB, Prom — 85, sin-a giant clam! The Big Chill. Thanks AM. ILY Mom ACTIVITIES HONORS: Track. 23, Softball 1-4, Field Hex key 1-4, Bus Girls, Hasty Pudding Club! Michele Karen Loomis 7 Pearl St. MEMORIES: My buddies that always made me smile LT SM AH KS PB KJ AR BA and my best friend until the end of time Rulhie. Spain, Ricky yabba scully, squidbrealh, incognito, slant, BVI), porkchops and applesauce, etc. . official member of the quedus family Erik and Michele 6 3 85 I love you!! INSPIRATION: Life is not a destination, it is a journey. Isabel C. Ixiurenco 20 Ferry St. MEMORIES: Best of times w NS JC CL MG CF CS JC WA CS DP PT. 1 don’t know! ask MG. N F-Haunted House, tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumm, Dip + shi- This is F-in wonderful! What ' s it taste like John? ask NS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business club. Pres. Junior Rotarian David Lovasco Edgewood Road INSPIRATION: The road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began Now far ahead the road has gone. And I must follow, if I can. Pursuing it with weary feet. Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say. JRRT Laurie Lovasco 26 Acacia St. MEMORIES: Ann line em up ask AG, MH. Gret tms. w t Fort Gang. MUMZY ask JC, MO, and JC. Mad t. Aerosmith and Joe Walsh Front Row! Capt. Mo. w Sue at her house, risen w KH Sum. 83 and Fla. w Marg. Mill R. w MO. “RCIII” Joe M. long time ago. Her Dar. Scott and Frog TIMMY 4 25 84 I.L.Y. I won’t Forget ya! Ma and Dad I made it! — 86 INSPIRATION: Live your life for you not for someone else John Salvatore Lucido 2 1 Commercial St. MEMORIES: Autoshop and Mr. Perry throwing wrenches at Joe C. — Buzzy’s theory class and Chris talking back to Buzz and Kevin 43 Robert Bruce Lycett 22 Butrnau A ve. “Bruce” Douglas MacArthur 33 Lyndale Ave. Scott Macintosh 26 Summer St. Tory Alida MacNeil 16 Concord St. Red RaggedyAnn Toots MEMORIES: GTw Darren May 85 4x4 in Muck. The Net TRAIN- TKS WT MANBeach. Newengdrags Lobstenng DlOHalloween- Nite Weekends w Lass and Niki Nug 59Caddy FeelLike- Jello STOPSIGNS ask Sue C BigTaiks ask Liz GTw DHDBMNFGRKWMLM ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 3 and 4 Softball 2 3 and 4 INSPIRATION: If you give a smile you’ll get a smile! Thanks for everything. Love you MOM and DAD! Jeana JMB Maciel 10 Staten St. MEMORIES: Come back to Aruba, Who’s Ya Buddy Who’s your Pal Late Nights T and D BBB-WDD JUNCTION Cramped in the car- Side Lot-WA-Puttin ' out the Fire. P-From Toast! OJ B-R 1LY Mom. Only the good die young — Billy Joel I miss you Bob. INSPIRATION: Sing with me just for today maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away. Wayne Perry Madruga 8 Sunrise Court MEMORIES: GTw Agnes JC DM up Mt winter 84. Ml ALERT Jason. Blvd 4cruisers ask RL. B r Drinkers and Hell Raisers Phil. 360 ° behind GPD and Rotary ask Agnes and Jerry Cous. Hi Agnes Juicyfruit. My Little Girl a Mac GTw Laura PM RG DF KH JCiam NS MS PF MA Thanks for everything Dad and Ma Love Ya TB INSPIRATION: The future is uncertain and the end is always near. The Door’s 44 Jill Maguire 2 1 Mason Street MEMORIES: JEM Canabely Park ALways Remember 7-11-85 at Sue ' s w the girls Saint’s we ain ' t, Saturday nights after work Pee-Wee and Hack-A- Mania will live forever. Never Forget the fun times with NS, KH, KS, EC, JC. PM, JM, KL, Bk — Hooky 4 never forget the summer of ' 85. ACTIVITIES: Hasty Pudding! INSPIRATION: Live a day at a lime for tomorrow brings another day. Debra Ann Mahoney 34 Burnham St. Debbie, Deb, Web MF.MOR1ES: Steve Great Times w JC, MK, CB, KB, TB, JT:SUPER FRIENDS! Girls night: JD. KV, PW, PD, MV; Skiing — best of times: Germany ' 84; Rem. our Moon Steve ILY: lifeguard shed ask SW; I Love You Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES: F-Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 tri-captain, softball 2-4, D D Leader, Yearbook, Hasty Pudding INSPIRATION: Cherish the past, hope for the future, but live for the present. Julie Marcantonio 1 Ocean Avenue MEMORIES: spr dance ask GP FLASH BOSTON ask Ml) GP YEAH! — GPSCJCCT Greedy bast-SM GP BFA-GINA- Rem “the VINE” “JAW” and slawwt! 4 sum-84-nbjis GT ' s 3 blk Thanks Mom and Dad INSPIRATION: You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone! Kristin Marchant 126 Riverdale Park Rosalie Marino 8 Baker Street MEMORIES: B T w MB. MO, JB, LA, JF, LS, MA, JG, KS, GC, EC. Fort, criminal minds, 1 can feel you thinking JB. Where ' s Rosalie? N. Adams MB , I dare you to. Austria, summer of 85! 7 11 GN. 1 love you Mom and Dad. INSPIRATION: To me, life is God’s gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to God. Make it a FANTASTIC one. — Dr. Leo Buscaglia Kellie Yvonne Martin 47 Langsford St. “Kel” MEMORIES: GREG, Rem. the wonderful times i.e. STING 9 19 85, summer ' 85. Never forget all the great times with best friends. Heidi, Rem. the “wet night” at the cove and others. Also AD, CG, CS, BC. INSPIRATION: When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around — STING 45 Anlhony Phillip Marlin 6 Slone Cl. Tony MEMORIES: Chris L. = HURRICANE GLORIA = Si Pelers Fiesta “Crusader’s, 84, 85” Rem. Florida vacation Dave F’ Keith H Ralphs Z28 Carmo “Smash” “The Bar” 22nd Home Addison Gilberl Rem. Snow Storm the weekend of 1 1 22 85 Scoll Amero The Chase ask Scoll A. He got away INSPIRATIONS: To graduate for my mother and father Elizabeth A. Mason 6 Stanley Court “Beth” MF MORIES: Remember the good times with Kris, Kim, Kelly, ED, TM, CM, Christina, Rosa, all the times in the van. I love you! Rem. the S S gang and in my car, the floor. Never forget them. ACTIVITIES: ROTC 4 years, carpentry 3 years INSPIRATION: It’s belter to love and lose than never have loved before. Todd Vincent Mazzeo 65 Wheeler St. MEMORIES Pam 1.4.3. The past is gone, it went by like dusk to dawn . . Aerosmith. I have my highs, I have my lows, but nobody knows which way I’ll go . . Molly Hatchet. Ain’t no crime to let your feelings show . . . Eric Clapton. INSPIRATIONS: So many dreams that will never come true, they don’t have no chance at all. Kristin McCormick 35 Haskell Street Kris, T’s, Mabel MEMORIES: GARY 11-23-83 ILY BT’s w KCJLNNACKLBRJ- QMM GHB Allnighter WO ask NN AMC-LetsPretend SkiTrips UVMandVolvo w Gar. FLA-84 Semi — Than Matt Prom 86 Love Ya Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES and HONORS: V-Tenms 234 Co-Capi. 4 Flicker INSPIRATIONS: The moment is temporary but the memory lasts forever. Stephen Michael McGovern 1 Beach Rd. Steve MEMORIES: Surfing-N.H. w M.M . Lunch w R.P., M.M., C.P. Thanks a lot. Good Times w J.M., G.P.(BAST) VW. PEACEMAKER, ASK JASON GINA. 6 YOU DID IT MOM! INSPIRATION: BLESSED ARE THE MEEK FOR THEY SHALL INHERIT. Carleton B. McKay Jr. 5 Adams Place Chip, Carl MEMORIES: w SJDJBBBFMDTCJBRTCWMGAHS- JDBCMRSRCLFDBRandBMCTPT RFKMACDKMMWCDH- J M A M S J CSS W SCand M W OSFST . DJSJPT BFBB Never Forget summer camp 85 " The house” SJ R T How many more days till “Florida” TO MY BEST FRIEND SJ w love CM. Thanks Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS. Yearbook, Prom Club, HR Rep INSPIRATION: If at first you don ' t succeed try try again. 1 1 Douglas A. McLeod 7 Mondello Sq MEMORIES: REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES IN LANESVILLE ON WEI). NIGHTS WITH GW, KR, KR. I)H, FH, BP, AL, CM CM, AND PA Jeanlne McDonald 9 Rockholm Road Nean, Neanie MEMORIES: Sept. 9, 1985 GOOD TIMES with CF, DP, DB.YI RC, MI), RD, JH and JR. Fun limes at Papa Ginos, Thanks Mom Dad and Mike I LOVE YOU John Ryan. INSPIRATION: Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet Lisa Marie Medeiros 1 8 Fair St. Fred Melanson 2 Dexter Place Joseph Mendola 7 Commonwealth Ave. “Joe” MEMORIES: ‘‘ON TAP” w SQ, S. baquet, great times w C O ’86, GHS staff. Led Zeppelin RULES! ACTIVITIES: V. soccer, guitar INSPIRATION: “It’s time I was on my way. Thanks to you I’m much obliged for such a pleasant stay. " — LED ZEPPELIN Garth A. Michael 10 Trask St. ‘‘Sir Garth " MEMORIES: So this is America? Mata Usi! Good morning to: KM, JM, KS, DF, KE, MBN. PO, KW, CF. CB, SK, AP, AML, AC. JR, TG not in that order. Shoes this high. Yah! Goodbye NZ; Goodbye Donna. Chris Michaud 3 Lyndale Ave. Melissa Millefoglie 12 Smilh Street MEMORIES: GTw JR DH KM the crew at McDonald’s TF RI) MM CM MM MR SM, the summer of 85, the Rascals, Canobie I ake Park, my 18th birthday party, Mandy R. I will neve forget the Ber- da Club INSPIRATION: To accomplish great things we must not only act but dream; not only plan but also believe. Jason B. Miller 3 1 Decatur Street “JayJay” MEMORIES: ILV Kel! toss the brol! Not me baby! No you won’t! The green death. To grow with Chuck, Drew, Harv, Ed, Garth! Wicki, Wicki! Summer at GHB, tree frogs. Bashes last year! ILV Mom, Dad. and Beth, You’re the best. INSPIRATION: People talk, I don’t care what they say, in the long run gonna do it my way! Eddie Money Anthony Peter Milone 29 Poplar St. Ant, Ant-Mantony MEMORIES: Breakfast Club Lives, High Low with the gang. Fig; Hey. Hey, Hey! T.B. CHILL-OUT SHEET 72” WHICH IS NICE BEACH WITH PC EH LH RS CP MK A Z GOOD FRIENDS; PC ES JC AZ EM 4 bl w CV PC SQ TB TF ES MC BH MV PB Thanks X-MAS DINNER C O Sedv. Chip ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Flicker, H Pudding INSPIRATION: " Dream until your dreams come true” Aerosmilh Philip R. Mineo 15 Ellery St. MEMORIES: ’360’ MCCLRG-RKPT-OMALEY-WATCH THE GUARD RAIL — THE TELEPHONE POLE! THANKS ALOT RICK 2IN1 MONTH-STEAL THE FIRE HYDRANT! NEVER FORGET THOSE LONG TALKS WITH KM WAYNEO HOUSE RIP-BANC OOPS SOMEONES CAR GOT IN THE WAY- LEAVE? YUP! DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT RC? ILTFGADAAN YYYY. A ONE-TRACK MIND IS NOT BAD-IF THE TRACK LEADS SOMEWHERE Eric Mitchell 1 2 Cove Ledge l-ane MAMMAL MEMORIES: Good Times with: AM BP RS PC JL MM AC ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gloucester High School soccer 1, Tennis team. INSPIRATION: To go around the rotary backwards. 48 Marlene Mitchell 9 Know I ion Square MEMORIES: RICK; Mad limes in Sum. of ' 85 — ihe BOMB! Fun Times at ihe beach; ruling around — Masyn?? Never forgel ihe WALL N.IL! The Berdas-hanging around al McDon ald ' s; Rascals; litlle blue MG ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: MIS, Flicker. Sawyer Medal INSPIRATIONS: Fade away, vanish into small; fade away, break ihe crystal ball — B.S. Joseph C. Moceri 41 Farrington Ave. Joe Moe. Malaria MEMORIES: BOSTON CITY-Cellys!!w Consli and Matly and Joe B and TheReslolTheBoys! The SeaCull ask EricS ThePoolRoomCang. The Fori — Cood Times w Clamy and Markie and Guypo Remember The Parties and my first love LLN FC ousin Peter Moe AlwaysLoveyouMAandDAD! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1. 2, 3. 4 Ini. Basket- ball 1.2. 3. 4 INSPIRATIONS: Codmay besophisticated, bullheisnot- Malicious. Albert Einstein Kristen Moceri 1 Babson Street MO MEMORIES: CTw the crew! Summer parlies the beach Always w Kenny 2-25-84 Mills pits What’s the gig? Camping garage blvd. AC DC w KS, BA, SF.CD! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: X-Country 2 Spring track 1, 2 Hasty Pudding 4 INSPIRATION: Hey you, don ' t tell me there’s no hope at all, together we stand , divided we fall — Pink Floyd. Heather Ann Moore 10 Caledonia Place “Heath,” “Ham " MEMORIES: Remember all the good times W BW, SW, SD, CS. Summer of ' 84 slenching w BW, and the beach w Paul! Fourth block-and what? Dec. 6, BAD LUCK! Never forgel Paul 8 12 84. Love you MomandDad! ACTIVITIES: field hockey and softball INSPIRATION: I’m as free as a bird now and this bird you ' ll never change. (Lynyrd Skynyrd) Ann Morrissey 84 Ml. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: Girls Niles Out: LLMHAGMTDRWSKGTM Debs Blackout a Marg Laur, line ' em up! AGMH summer “85” ask: WS KGMT shmar! talks w MH-BFA Fort “Daze " w The GANG GHS, 1 Big Parly a JNLLDMMH-why we ain ' t? Fiesta! Fla. Spring Bk “ILY " MOMandDAD Joes ' ?! Friends 1st “I’m in!” Luv and Miss U, Frankie INSPIRATION: I don’t want to be just another useless memory — 1 don ' t want to fade away. — Bruce Rebecca M. Morrissey 1 4 Riverview Rd. MEMORIES: Summer 85, July 85, a-ha, TKNME, SASOT, homeroom, masyn, Norwegian, Fri. and Sat. nights, and all the laughs. Oh, what a lard. Tia 84-85. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Comp, club, Spanish club, year- book staff. 49 Karen Moses 250 Concord Si. MEMORIES: FLA w LA FR BSE BRUCE! sx Aerosmilh CAINE M w PM. SL-NH scruffy! Frklifl!? PRSCH. Bnsfarm. B-rnicH HdlyHighliners-PMmmm m m Endless talks vv MF, WA in ME., LANSEVILLE JTKPMM SAKE, PR Bisuieki Shlfacd! PM GMSL ILYA! 2285 oh well! cutlass, FREEBIRD MOM and DAI) 1 LOVE YOU INSPIRATION: 1 prefer to revel in my fantasy rather than glance back at reality. Pamela Ann Movalli 9 Sadler St. Pam. Pamness MEMORIES: CPW JM-BBF. BBB WDD — The Neighborhood - NT -54-Beefboy Sitting on the rock w JM and being out numbered! JMW ADPAJSGTKJTNTJOTRJCMP ILYMAandDAD ACTIVITIES HONORS: NHS; Sec. HBC; Academic Rec ; Var FBandBB Cheering — 3. INSPIRATION: There are two paths you can go by but in the long run there is still time to change the road you ' re on. Dawn Elizabeth Muise 81 Maplewood Ave. MEMORIES: Jerry I’ll Always Love You ' 4 4 85. The night over Wayn’s and Agnes didn ' t know. The rug and door. Balloons, ask JH. Candyeanes. ask MP And Whaat? GS and MP esffAA Christmas Eve 84. Baby Tugs Come here! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS cheering 85 capt. GS INSPIRATION: To make all my dreams come true. Laurie M. Muller Atlantic Rd. MEMORIES: Great timesw AMMTAGDRLLWSSJ Fair in NH-ask AM+LL Girls night out — " Hey Cookie! " ask BB walks on breakwater — ask BR Celebrations — talks w KS + LA Mon. + Tues. before 4. Later piller I owe you, BR Thanks ACTIVITIES: Honor Business Club Cross Country Track Team INSPIRATIONS: 20 years from now, may we all say we lived up to our dreams luv u D + C. Marianne Muniz 140 Ml. Pleasant Ave. Z. MIL Manny, Edna, Dawn MEMORIES Great Times w KCNNKLBRACJBPCSMKM J EPKVJLKTSASRMP " WMU BYGG-ASKNN " busgirls " L- BENCH-AC Sleepover JL, BU and HCR806-NNBR Good Times W THEGUYS” “THE MG’S " LinksRD-JB, SF1JAHCM-KC GH Beach Parties! LOVE YA Mandl) ACTIVITIES: I DT rack 2, 3. ODTrack 2. Field Hockey 1. 4 Year- bookstaff. Hasty Pudding INSPIRATION: It’s nice to be important but more important to be Michael . Muniz 12 Harrison Ave. Munzi. Murtz MEMORIES: Great times with; Bri chief Muskrat Brown, Jonn B, Paul Spank. Ed, tweeza. Ryan, Govena, Hey Ed I can kick the box. everybody will remember the backhoe, POW’s under Good Harber Bridge, the war wagon, the Riv. and the Boat (98) ACTIVITIES and HONORS: Hockey — 1 , 2. 3, 4 INSPIR ATION: If you can’t inspire yourself who will. John C. Minim Jr 1 1 Holly St. The “Edge " MEMORIES: B E., J.T.. J.S., Camping. MUNRO DOCTRINE. " GREAT TIMES WITH MELISSA ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: TRACK. NHS INSPIRATION: “What is and what should never be " — Zeppelin Edward Paul Nasser 5 Vale Court EDDY. SMEDLEY, NAZ MEMORIES: Great Times w Karen. Chief Muskrat, Murlz, John- nyB, SMW, SPANK, JOEMOE, Hey Murlz, I can kick the ceiling, warwagon, RIV, SKITRIP, BONGOVI, H H BLOCK. COL- ORADO, w KS. KAREN I LOVE YOU . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Hockey, 3 and 4, JR SKI 86 mph w JGDSJCDJ . HASTY PUDDING LIVES! INSPIRATION: Getting there isn ' t half the fun. It ' s all the fun . . RTILY MOM AND DAD Shirley R. Nelson 6 Amero Ct. Becky MEMORIES: GTW SE, LD, MB, LL, KC, PM, TC, DH, CA, SF, ML, PB. I Love You Stacey (more) 7 29 85 “Stinky " PVT. JK. to all my Friends-Good Luck! Thanks to my family for all their support. " Excuse me " ASK LL. Ealing out at Charlie ' s Place ask SE, DB, Rem. “69 " PVT JK INSPIRATION: Live, Love, Laugh Scott C. Neves 7 Rose Lane MEMORIES: Tom Petty w JC MO DM PG AC DC w DM DS JF JN BANG YOUR HEAD a JARED Wake and Bakes Road tps Lug nuts a HA AH Nik H-ween Dance-Hooker ABOOHA Bronco ' s flip easy a Darren, Joe, and Jr. Headlines R-trip Hamton Beach w JM and DC Never Forget Suasan! ILY MOM AND DAD NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE! INSPIRATION: YOU GOT TO GO THROUGH HELL BEFORE YOU GET TO HEAVEN. STEVE MILLER Noelle Grace Nickerson 24 Calder Street Stella, Elisa, F, Jane MEMORIES: GTW BRKCJLKMACKLMMSAMPSRJQJBEPC- VKT, Mag Girls, The Guys; FT ACBR; 1 1-3-84 1 B N; Squeegi MP;WMUBYGG MM;WO KM;Swi- tch BRAC;GHBSO JLKCACKM;UVM KM JLKC.BU MMBR- RM806; DRBHMB? MP; 8 29 85; WSOGA! What ya say? — KC. Thanx Mom and Dad. Luv ya Sean! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 234, NEC; Flicker; Hasty Pudding; NHS INSPIRATION: We do not see things as they are. we see things as we are. Christine B. Noble 377 Magnolia Avenue MEMORIES: Joe 10 19 84 B T W The Girls — PINK Mumzy ask MO, JC, LL. Aerosmilh and Heart! (Look out for the guardrail Margaret!) You snooze You lose. Austria — We ' re In! “86” Semi-formal Prom I Love You Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES: N.H.S. Softball 3 and 4, Field Hockey 1 and 3. INSPIRATION: Give all that you have and in the days to come, you will have what you gave! Mary Elizabeth Noseworthy 553 Washington St. MB; Spike MEMORIES: w all my friends. New Hampshire “Cream of the Crutch!” ask KB + CB. Allnighters at Katy‘s — Diana ' s. The garage! Jen + Doug, what a gas!! Luv ya Ma!! INSPIRATIONS: On the day your mentality catches up w your biology, it drives you mad — Morrissey Agnes-Anne Novello 65 Gloucester Ave. MEMORIES: REM. GTW The “GIRLS” NEVER FORGET winter “84-5” UP THE MOUNTAIN-DOWN THE BUSES. HI GUM- DROPS! ask Wayne. The KAPE w LC. Saints we ain’t GTW WM, DF, CM. JH, AT The mall w GP and JM INSPIRATION: FRIENDSHIPS LAST — WHEN THEY ARE PUT FIRST. Jared Noyes Way Rd. MEMORIES: GHS one big party. Morrisson and the Doors! Miss u Tonia! Concerts — JGeils, Sabbath, ACDC, Clapton, Petty, Aerosmith, Preisl, Deep Purole! LLAMMHMTDMSN. Why we ain ' t! INSPIRATIONS: Let ' s just say I was testing the bounds of reality, I was curious to see what would happen. Thai’s all it was, just curiosity. James Douglas Morrisson. Bruce M. O ' Connor 271 Essex Ave. Winslow MEMORIES: Kim 7 27 85 Good times with: Kevin, Mike Pal, Como, Brian, Scott, Sandborn, Branc’s, Brother Voc’s, Pats Super Bowl? Coop Gloucester Engineering Machinist. Greatest Moments with Kim Laflain! 86, Ed + Baker, Uncle Elmer, Teachers MRB, Surete INSPIRATION: Moments are for seconds, but the Memories last forever. Patrick C. O ' Connor 18 Rackliffe St. Patissimos MEMORIES: PARTIES AT RAYMOND ' S w SS, CHUCKO. DF, JM. GM, GJB, OZ, KE; LONG LIVE TANGLE; BREN’S CLASS, " HOW ARE YA. BABY”; SEMI w SK; PHOTO w GREC; HACK-TOM, “JU EV A LUCH IN YO’ EYE . . CE, IT WAS FUN; GERM. THESPIAN INSPIRATION: " AND SO CASTLES MADE OF SAND MELT IN- TO THE SEA, EVENTUALLY ...” — J HENDRIX; “MOST MEN LEAD LIVES OF QUIET DESPERATION.” — H. D. THOREAU Timothy R. Oakes 15 Conant Ave. MEMORIES: The “great” limes w Kerrie! 1-29-85, I will always love you, ski trip, “The UKE is everywhere!!” April vacation. Press Box w MW, The swillers are no. 1 ACTIVITIES + HONORS: Baseball 1-4, Football Champs, NHS, Jr. Rotarians. INSPIRATION: To repay the ones who have tried so hard to see me succeed. — Thanx MandD Melissa K. Officer 6 Nally Ave. Missy MEMORIES: Trashed!! “1999 " w JCLAJCLS, GN 07 11; CRIMINAL MINDS " Busied " 8 84 ask RM + KS. I m freak in out! Boston, ihe 3-pigs always rem. Casper! Hello, Lance! Ski (rip 86 Love you Mom + Dad. ACTIVITIES: Cheering 1, 3, Capl. 4; V.P. 3; Hasty Pudding INSPIRATIONS: Dreams are only reality separated by irrelevance. NEOS Janine Marie Oliver 147 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: John Nov. 85 The walks and Talks at Long and Cood Harbor Beach, Pirates Cove and many more — I love you Dollface — Rem. all my friends who made me smile; AC, DS, JE, DH, CG, TC. AC, CA, SF, DS, LI), CP, KP, Duke, BS, AB. I ' ll never forget u Doug. Rem. The Beach. The Ptys, school yard. The Blvd., etc. ... I love you mom and Dad! INSPIRATIONS: Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky! Constance Orlando 98 Prospect St. Connie MEMORIES: GTW AS, LS, RO. AH, GT. AT CAM with AH. JS, RD. KM, PB Rem. pbf ask VO. 6lh block lunch with Maria, AS, LS. REM CC with everyone. INSPIRATIONS: Live each day to the fullest for tomorrow may not come. Love you Mom and Dad Dominic A. Orlando 75 Concord St. MEMORIES: Great T’s w MM MM MC VA DR MT DS. Chris, I ' ll never forget the way you used to shop at the mall, especially when I poured cologne all over you. INSPIRATIONS: To go to college and succeed in life. Also to gel that Trans AM that I always wante d. Margaret M. Orlando 26 Granite St. MEMORIES: GIRLS NITES OUT MUMZY a JC, LL, CN TONY 8-24-85 gotUbabe Deb’s blackout a Ann talks w Jean CTw Wen NF The Bags FORT DAZE w The gang AEROSMITH HEART w DR, CN, JC Zaps garg. " M " OOMD Sum 83 w LL Mill R. a laur Fla 84 RC NoNoNo DARREN HERE JET 1LY MOM AND DAD INSPIRATION: A wound gets worse when it’s treated with neglect Don ' t turn around there ' s nothing here to fear Stevie Nicks Mark L. Orlando 15 Chestnut St. Mosi MEMORIES: RD JM BO MH KH BS MB RT CP AM PC Pal’s games KB PW GP SG Class of 86 1 Cousin Bo, Brother Po, Super Bowl Bound! DB, PL. INSPIRATION: “I get by with a little help from my friends. " — Beatles. 53 Denise O. Palazzola 10 Perriwinkle l.ane Olivia Sharp, Jairnie MEMORIES: Kumbakto Aruba JM-Toks (T J) semi-TR thanx for the memos! Tuna-KK-Bro Joe! who will be next — the FSCNYE 84 and B-day Pty! HillWallfllstrp F-Ball 83 AJKeepTheFailh! — MATTP-on-Fire-wajm Hi dmjllf-W I don ' t give a PH! The Neighborhood INSPIRATIONS: I don ' t care what you say anymore this is my life, go ahead with your own life, leave me alone! B. Joel SW Anthony Pallazola 16 Washington St. MEMORIES: Hanging around with: MB, AB, SV, PS. Parties at Stage Fort Park and every place else. Halloween Dance and Mr. Pasek ' s psychology class. INSPIRATION: To try as hard as I can to succeed in life and make my parents proud of me. GREATEST INSPIRATION TO ME: BILLY SQUIER Wendy Palmer 1236 Washington Street Anthony Parisi 13 Madison Ave. ART MEMORIES: Always remember; P. Pie. Don’t eat the CB PINK HAIR Pie JVVO = 16 RDOO-12 PW’s parly, grel limes in 345 with GR EDS w BE BH KH Times w PW CR RD QUEEF! ACTIVITIES: Football 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Baseball 4 NATS 1 INSPIRATIONS: Live Love Laugh Brian D. Parisi 24 Hampden Street MEMORIES: BACKHOE ask CB. MM. PB. KL. CAPTAIN “E” WHAT ABOUT HIM 198 5 Snowbowl 7-6. MUSKR AT SLEEPS SOUND! GT w CL, ES, Twee, Master, Spank and my lit- tle Communist, never forget ya Maresol. HI SHELIA THANKS MOM AND DAD MR AND 2B ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: V F-BALL 3 and 4, Bar and Grill Hoop INSPIRATION: ALWAYS APPEAR TO BE SOMEONE BETTER, YOU KNOW THERE WILL ALWAYS APPEAR TO BE SO- MEONE WORSE. Gina M. Parisi 15 Washington Street MEMORIES: Spr. Dance ask Julie F. FLASHER AND BOSTON w MD JM tS w MG N F Steve LY HYDE! WandA?? YEAH ask JM SC CT JC Sum 84 NBJIS w AandP G. BAST ask SM BFA- JULIE the vine! Thanks MOM. DAD and Phil Luv Ya! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, HBS INSPIRATIONS: Only time will tell. Scotl Philip Parisi 122 Bass Ave. MEMORIES: W V. Wash DC.. HI. Niagra Falls, C.A N.J. ANYTHING GOES B. A. C.- ALLENTOWN-84 4-LUNCH Lad- derll. Sat. nights w B. S, J-our favorite wairress North Conway 85 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band — treas., See.; Chorus VP; ln- tn ' l Who’s Who; Condon JR Music Awd BOSTON CRUSADERS INSPIRATION: A quitter never wins and a winner never quits!!! Sometimes you . . . Antonio J . Pata 42 Millett St. “Tony” MEMORIES: good times at GHS — Remember — the times at Stage Fort Park, ask Paul, MS. NS. CP, PS, JC, MT. SL, FM Never forget the merry go round ask Fred. Best times — with Trish — Remember what I asked you at the beach, I meant every word, and I ' ll never have second thoughts INSPIRATION: Dream on until your dreams come true — Aerosmilh Kim M. Palrican 157 Riverdale Park “Kimbe” MEMORIES: Rem all the good limes with Beth, Kristen and Kellie. Rem the good times in shop Kristen and Kellie. Kristen rem the door at Friendly’s smash. Beth and Kristen rem the car in the park. ACTIVITIES: GAL AND CVS 3 years INSPIRATION: If you love something set it free if it comes back it is yours if it doesn’t it never was. Ryan J. Palrican 109 Bass Ave. MEMORIES: Heather 8 8 85 Beach 7 13 85 GT w SM, MM, BC House wrkn party w BC SM Surf Good Harbor with Steve, Golf course Bass Rocks w prec Grl Road Trip ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Hockey 12 3 4 INSPIRATIONS: What times has such illusions created? What significance has this enprinted? What shades has this influenced? One will not know such illusions of time — RJP Jennifer Peacock 24 Fuller St. Mag. Jen MEMORIES: tim 7 9 82 I love you! Great Umes w KR, KL, NB, AF, EN, HH, RP, JD and The EG Girls! Summer Fun! Parlies at KL’s. ACTIVITIES: CC, 4 spr track, 134 ID track 2, 4. Hasty Pudding — Main Ingredient! Yearbook Staff. INSPIRATIONS: All Animals Excepting Man Know That The Prin- cipal Business Of Life Is To Enjoy It! Thanks Mom and Dad Glenn E. Perry 81 Wheeler St. Perry G MEMORIES: Good times with JW . MO. AH, AR, SS, EM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: LTC, ROTC, Rifle, Eagle Scout. HPC, Drill Team. Ruthanne Phil brook 44 Lexington Ave. MEMORIES: Rob I luv you! GTW Kristen, Nina, Jen, Alison, Elise. Katja! Rob rem. The socks and who sings Dream Weaver? Rem. The summer, accounting, track! Good luck to all of my friends! Mag. Michs! the concerts, parlies and beach! ST-SB! Yuk! ACTIVITIES: track. Theatre. German club INSPIRATION: “Time may change me but I can’t change time.” David Bowie Sean Porj er 9 Madison Ave. Niger MEMORIES: Mad Parties down the cellar ask MA NS MT MS CP DB ES Good times down the Fort. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: 1st annual drink off ask MT ES SO RL HOP INSPIRATIONS: The Space Ship ask MA The Pirates Live On! Tonia Marie Porper 38 Cleveland Street MEMORIES: MB you keep me smiling Great times with great friends BFF-SHCTGC Fri. nights — CBR Sat. mornings-work 7 1 1 girls night GH summer of " 85” Bos. 3AM Fiesta " 85 " Mr. Wonderful go home! We ' ll laugh 40 yrs. from now! Thanks Mom and Dad 1LY! INSPIRATION: Make new friends, keep the old; One is silver, the other is gold. Marie V. Powers 20 E dgemoor Road MEMORIES: Rob-ily! gtw Shelly, Jen. Kiley and NN. MM, BR, JQ, KS, CC; Days with GO 84; Julio; NN, RB, had MB; step away from the car! A Rob; Bus Girls! a FHT; squeegie a NN; unforget- table ride w SR, JL, RB; BU and BWS: Thanx Mom and Dad! ACTIVITIES HONORS: F Hockey 1-4; Track 1-3; NHS; Flicker; Pudding INSPIRATION: It is not the ability of a person that counts, it ' s the ef- fort they pul into it. Charles Pratt 1 Myrtle Square Laura Anne Pratt 23 Story Street MEMORIES: NINO - 6 9 85 FIESTA 85 -FISHING? BCN FIREWORKS - “MAGICBUS” A TF DA. ROBERT PLANT AEROSMITH-HEART-NEVA BTW TF. DA, YF, JW, NSDRES, LF. MA SUMMER OF 85 MA CELLAR WHERE IT ALL HAP- PENED! LAMYAB! RWCYJFEF! FLORIDA 85! PART1ES-M1SS U STEVE IMYN. LOVE U-MOM AND DAD! INSPIRATION: IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING SET IT FREE IF IT COMES BACK TO YOU IT ' S YOURS IF IT DOESN ' T HUNT IT DOWN AND KILL IT! ' ! Steven Quince 6 Addison Si. MEMORIES: DAW IN. DRUMS, SEINE BOATS, BREAKFAST Cl l B. INDOORS FOR TO DIWI R ACTIVITIES HONORS: STUDENT COUNCIL. WORK, PER SONAI ACTIVITIES INSPIRATIONS: “THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD; A GREAT BIG UNIVERSE. AND WE KEEP LOOKING THROUGH THE EYE-GLASS IN REVERSE " PEART Julie Anne Quinn 3 Juniper Road Quinine D ' y Diane MEMORIES: BFF SMEPBRMMKCACNNKMJL- JBSRKTKVKL and the guys “B.U.” KL PROM- 85JIM22 29ILYF " U " gr. GHBparty S. over Eur. kuc’s SkiTrip New Year’s-Murph. JI B.House-jbmesm-83 Hallo- ween I) I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD AND FAMILY Huey I ( Ion ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Treasurer 1-4 Cheering 2-4 Cross-Country 3-4 Skiing Figure Skating INSPIRATION: A FALSE FRIEND AND A SHADOW AT- TEND ONLY WHEN THE SUN IS OUT . Deborah R. Randazza 38 Grapevine Roa d Debbie MEMORIES: Girls Nites Out MUMZY I ' m in now The cat a MT Parlies at Zap’s shorten it a EC; MT NF the fort and CC 1LY, Tom P Heart Aerosmith a MOJCCNLLLA check my nose a WS. You bublick. GTW LP 83 my blackout a MOandAM. Love you Mom and Dad Austria and we’re in! ACTIVITIES: Cheering 1 Field hockey 1 INSPIRATION: May my future be as good as my past Heather Ratcliff 1175 Washington St. MEMORIES: Never forget the summer of ' 85 with Jay, Rebec- ca and Collin. Michael C. Rhodes 3 Ferry Lane •‘Mike’’ MEMORIES: Good times in CHS. “85 " Seine Boat races in the fog. The Snowbowl. Great Friends, PD, MA, EL, SB. Hang- ing around with righteous people. “MANDY” 5 6 84. “I’ll never forget you " Thanks Mom and Dad. Standard car. G.F. + Tw SB + AMC ACTIVITIES: F-ball 1234 Track 234 INSPIRATION: Fear is the lock, and laughter the key to your heart. “Shephan Stills” Elizabeth Ann Rich 43 Haskell St. “Betsy " “Skip " “C” “Jackie” MEMORIES: GT ' S W NN, EP, KC, MM, KM, KL, JL, JQ, JB. CV, KT. AC, MP, SR-MGS-Guys. 1 1 3 84 Mike (NN) BU- 806-NWSOGA-MBC- 1 3-Vista33-N FNYEW Runt- DynamicDuoNNBR -Moose HC-G 1 G2TWAGHBS.Over- Fla85-S + M-N FMAK-ILYM + D + Family. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 234 NEC Hasty Pudding Club — Flicker INSPIRATIONS: As we go down life’s lonesome highway, seems the hardest thing to do is to find a friend or two — L. Richie 57 James W. Robertson Rowley Shore J . Jaeques-Guillaume MEMORIES: July 85, A-Ha Sasot what a lard! Luru h the obsession 4M’s and MM2. K. C. G. Approach w intenl to speak. Masyn. Quelle heure esl-il? ME and DD ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Theatre I, Outstanding Achievement 1. type 2, Sawyer Medal 3, Outstanding Achievement 3, Hasty Pudding 4, Yearbook Staff 4, NHS 4 INSPIRATION: To be. To have. To do. Jennifer Robinson 1 3 Juniper Rd. Jenn, Shweetie MEMORIES: with Tweelie Tisparky and Jon-Jon! J M. Never forget- Gutta butl-Eroggy princess! KH Never forget Ti and Wi. Always friends with KE MR Sue Leri Chris and the gang!! Manchester and the beaches. Love you Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Council Gr. 10 INSPIRATIONS: Live life to the fullest! ' Kristen Rochford 76 Shore Rd. Christian W. Rodolosi 2 Spring Street RODO INSPIRATIONS: “Ear away in the sunshine are my highest aspira- tions. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty believe in them and try to follow where they lead.” — lx uisa May Alcotl — Paulo G. Rodrigues 20 Perkins St. MEMORIES: 9 28 85, meeting Cara and having good times ever since. Great times RMPKTPJBTEBBf Good Harlvor Beach maddness w Tim, Michelle and Cara. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1.2.3 INSPIRATION: " To love is the risk not being loved in return.” And that ' s all right too. You love to love, not to get something back, or it isn’t love. Gerald Rose 22 Ocean Ave. MEMORIES: Great times w Dina, James. Bill. Rob TP SM HR KP WM SW MH, Camping 84. 85. Most Valuable Camper, Team psyco parlies. Skiing on New Years Eve, 84.w Team psyco, THE Shaft, ask Consti. Queeffly Quaf ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football. Baseball. Winter Track INSPIRATIONS: Live every day like there is no tomorrow Michelle A. Rose 19 Green St. Shelly MEMORIES: Tirn 8-16-84 Luv Ya! CP ' s w CC NFY GTW Marie, Jen and J( BR MM KC NN KM KL KS JL JWTYM?? TNKC!! ask JQ WKND @ BU + BW — ask MPJL — NORMAN!! Laughs + Tears w MARIE + JEN-JULIO!! NF SUM ' 84 SPECIAL TIMES w TIMILY AND TEE MOM. DAI) + LISA! ACTIVITIES: NHS, HBC, Hasty Pudding ' 86 INSPIRATIONS: To Succeed With All My Goals And Dreams. Dorothy Ross 3 Milieu St. Sean Ross 1054 Washington St. CHUCKO MEMORIES: TREEFROGS W DF. RAYMONDS; JAY, DF, SS, PO, AB, GH, TG, KE, KS, ILJC FOREVER; ABIO W SPAZ, MO, LA, LS; BECKY; PUDDING; JD AT Club BAND; SKIING; 3 MUSKETEERS; RAMBO; PARTIES at KE and JM; U2 rules; BEACH CLUB 85; SEMI W LM, JMandKB; WANT A MEDAL; THANX MOM ' LUCK to AM, MARKET FRIENDS INSPIRATION: Does anybody remember laughter? Robert Plant Kristen A. Rowe 46 Cherry Street “diddum ' ’ MEMORIES: Rem all the good times with Beth, Kim, and Kellie Beth rem the car, floor, and the van and don ' t forget grow up and act your age. Tim-N-Kristen Belh-N-Ed forever. Beth don’t forget the good and bad times. ACTIVITIES: Graphic Arts Club GVS 3 years INSPIRATION: It is belter to have loved and lost than never loved at all! Grace Jacklyn Russo 6 Mason St. “Cupcake” (Frank only) MEMORIES: Frank 7 27 83 I LOVE YOU FOREVER summer of ’83 the best. New Y ' ears Eve ' 83 was awesome. G T W some of the Fort Gang. June 20 1987 Ask Frank. Keri, wanna go shopp- ing? I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD, Thanks Nancy and A1 I laugh at you M.O. INSPIRATIONS: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. David Sanborn 12 Riverview Rd. Buckers MEMORIES: good times with Bruce, Winslow, David J., David B., in shop: Robiel, G.J. don’t forget The Ski Trip Ed, Jason, Jerry. David 110 dollars 86 MPH ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: CAPT. Golf team. Hockey, Baseball, walerskiing, skiing, scuberdiving INSPIRATION: To be myself and not what other people want me to be. 59 mmmm Beatrice Saunders 155 Riverdale Park Bea MEMORIES: John.O 6-9-84 Thanks for every thing Sweetheart LOVE YOU ALWAYS! Lost in NH ask SC talks w AJ, JO, locked in at Santana ask PM Chinese Hats w NL, toag w carebears, neighborhood INSPIRATION: You get your life planned carefully but, you left out one detail the hidden hand deals just one round and the winds change prevail J.S. Thanks Mom and Dad Kimberly M. Saunders 456 Washington St. Kim, Kimba, Kimma, Kimi MEMORIES: RKPT. w John The years have come and gone so fast but the memories forever will last. Even when we’re old and gray we won ' t forget how we fell that day 9 25 83 Thanks to Mom and Dad. GFKJ, SJ, JB, KM, KB, ML John and Kim “Islands in the Stream” I love John Ryan forever and all eternity! Best of luck to my new niece or nephew. Good luck to my original class. Sean Michael Scanlan 9 Crowell Ave. Scraps MEMORIES: war wagon, Boston, Midnight CT.-w Fellow muddies: PJ, CJ, KG, MH, AR, KB.TD? — PJ. Raver:Turbo BlazerLancia, MCB, Glos, U2 APARTHEID STINKS ACTIVITIES: JV Tennis, HPuck, BIKING, Stu-cou. INSPIRATION: “When it comes time for me to die, I do not want to look back on my life and find that I have not lived. " Thoreau Bridget Sclafani 28 Middle Street Bridge MEMORIES: good limes in N.Y. spchlssnsw Sutera U ' s guys talk funni!-Lobsta Wata Seen ya! pk the KA in hvd yard! semi ’85 Prom ’86 Fnds; JQ, SR, MM, SS, LM, MB, DD, MV, WKNER, SP, MM n-lots more ! Take care ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, track 4 INSPIRATION: TCH-WL, SH MAK SUT HIC CHS S-PART!- fmds, Fam-Wookie Luv and Kisses 2u — Mom and Dad Thanks! PD — Io amo Tu! 4E Roseann Sanfilippo 1 24 Prospect St. Ro MEMORIES: CT and mem W RM, CS, CS, LL, JS, AC, ML, JQ, CF, LS, LS. MS. FG, CC, 1L, MM, GR, KM, MT, CF, JR, MB, SP, KC, JM, + all my other friends I didn ' t mention. LLN? INSPIRATION: Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday! Anthony Sanfilippo 120 Washington St. Nino MEMORIES: Good times down the cellar w the gang MA ELS CP MS DB MT Remember the seine boat race Lost in the fog ask; JC GJB FS DJ MN JC DJ VM FP AL JB The Easy Riders INSPIRATION: If I don’t meet you in this world, I will meet you in the next so don’t be late. 60 Rosalie Linda Scola 34 Beacon Si. Lee, Pee Wee, Slam MEMORIES: 7 11 GNO-BO ask SH Parties and Concerts Fort, ' Maria, where ' s the car?’ see saw-we saw! ask RM, LA- Freakin out! BTW LAKSMOECOCJCMAKH SRJMRM- JCSH, 7 1NFP. ‘My NC’ Olif ask KH. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hasty Pudding Club, Spanish Club, Tennis 1-2-3 INSPIRATION: Lost But Not Forgotten, From The Dark He Art Of a Dream, Life is a Reality of Which it Seems. ILU M + D Paul A. Scuderi 8 W ells St. Skids MEMORIES: Ekoms tou stage fort “85” Remember the mad times PF TP MT MS NS WM SL JC — The Free Loader CP AEROSMITH SUMMER OF “85” Mad parties over Aiello’s house CLASS OF ' 86 INSPIRATION: You can’t always get what you want. Rolling Stones Earl Selig 44 Witham St. Christy Silva 26 Green Street MEMORIES: Marco 2 6 85 I’ll love you forever and always. Great limes in English w SW BW BA RL PM DM DP CS JM KL WA SD HM “AND WHAT” Lunch w JC GS CM AW SS BA ML Never forget Nestles crunch bar, ask JC MJT JG NM SH TG Mom and Dad and Cindy thanks for always being there when I needed you INSPIRATION: Live life to the fullest for tomorrow may never come Love you Marco! Cindy Lee Silva 26 Green St. Cuz, Mrs. Robert Rich MEMORIES: BOB 4-26-85 I LOVE YOU! gtw MG, JG, CS, HM, BW, SD, and especially W BOB. BABY YOU’RE ALL THAT I WANT. Never forget our laughs and cries w MG. Summer of 85. Lunch crew w SW, DP, WA, JM, 4 AND WHAT? WELL HONEY I MADE IT! Thanks Mom and Dad and Christy, I love you. “THE COPS” w MG ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: B-Ball, Honor Business club. INSPIRATION: Live life to the fullest. 86 David Silva 88 Riverdale Park 61 v, m i John F. Silva III 6 Williams Cl. Manvel P. Silva 906 Washington Si Mannv Silva Antonio Silveira 39 School Street James Silveira RIG Reynard Street MEMORIES: Camping out at Dogtown; Some music, some drink some machines, a warm fire, and my friends. Driving in LE-CAR- BE, JT. “As it was, then again it will be though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea.” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Var Tennis, Cr. Country, Track 2-3-4 INSPIRATIONS: Do the best you can and you will always feel good about what vou do. James Sinagra 6 Overlook Ave. Mike Smith 8 Andrews Court Robert A. Sonia, Jr. 41 Warner St. Boneyard MEMORIES: l.ed Zeppelin Deep F’urple The shop Oh Boy? F’artys and being wild! MO CM RS JC NT The CANO INSPIRATION: Live life to your fullest, never regretting something you never got a chance to do. I love Cyndi forever Joseph A. Souza 5 Smith St. Joe MEMORIES: great times w Dan, Scott, Jim, Joanne; Scott breaks the wall with his head. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football, Intramural B-BaJI INSPIRATION: “I ' ll get by with a little help from my friends.” Karen M. Spinola 22 Mansfield St. “Spaz” MEMORIES: Eddy 5 2 83 Best of times! Ily! GT w BFS: CC, CC, EC, AN, MP, MO, Chucko! ’C I’m Driving! Feb. Vac. 85 Cathy, Not on the slopes! Lee, HYFI? Seesaw — LA Saints we aint — EC Cris, the GP. GBDTS List complete 5 86 Prkng (2) Sanlarpios!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S.: Cheering: Hasty pudding! INSPIRATION: Experience teaches slowly at the cost of mistakes. Ily, Mom, Dad, Carla Natalie Spinola 33 Friend St. Nat MEMORIES: Best of times with IL, JC, CL, MG, JM, CT, KC, KW, LA, LS, CG, JH. EC, AP, PM, JM, WA, MC, n f Haunted house 11 1 85 Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Dip and Hit, " What does it taste like, John?” “All fall down, " This is f-in wonderful; ok fine, thanks Mom, Dad, Dom INSPIRATION: No goal is too high, if you climb with care and con- fidence . . . Gary Stanton 47 Warner St. Gregory Stevens 322 Washington St. Greg MEMORIES: Good Times up the hill. How about the toga? WOW? WTiat a mess! Crazy nights at GoddHarbor Beach with Eric H. and Scott F. The PALACE! " A " GIRLS Heart and Cheap Trick Con- cert in Boston, what luck! Bio Class! — 85-86! ACTIVITIES: CHS Band (Duck) Hi Guys! Clay and Photo INSPIRATIONS: Take life one day at a time. It’ll get better. 63 Stephen Sutera 8 Havard St. MEMORIES: Great times w Danny, Joe, Shelly, Betsy, Tim, and the memories of Mrs. Makkonen’s Ski Trip ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football. JR Rotarian, Class Will committee INSPIRATION: Live for today for tomorrow may never come. Thanks, Karen Eric P. Sweet 7 Riggs St. MEMORIES: Best times down the cellar w the gang. Remember all the limes we forgot w SP, DB, NS, MS, MA, CP, MT, Road trips in the TA and Slang INSPIRATION: “I might get rich I might get busted. " The Steve i Miller Band Austin John Sutera 10 Riggs St. MEMORIES: good times last summer and through the year with JC, RB, JL, SP, PS, CM, JP, BM, FROG, BINKIE, EC, MA, MT, NS, MS, JOJO, JS, CP, RL, WM, JB, good times at the Fort, " THE RAT HOLE, " GT out in the boat with Brooksie, Johnny cupcakes, J. Lucido I LOVE YOU FRAN INSPIRATION: There are two paths you can go by but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you go on — LED ZEP Gina F. Sutera 3 Madison Ct. Gi MEMORIES: The cops ask C.S., N.S., M.T., Camp 85 SS The shower, " gas is his life " ask Jill, Halloween Night, B R W E Good times w CMDMJHAWNSCSCSSACFMNRDKHWPMP-Tks Mom and Dad ILU-Tks Ma ACTIVITIES: B-ball cheering 3, 4 capL, f-Ball Cheering 3, 4 capt. INSPIRATION: Does the song of the sea end at the shore or in the ■ hearts that listen to it? GF Kenneth Stewart 3 1 East Main St. Ken, Jomes, Stew MEMORIES: E ' ebruary 25, 1084, Labor Day Weekend ask SR, What Are you doing in there, Amaral? June a, Boston trips, the rock, August 30 The garage. Good Times with BA, KM, GM; Cellar Dwellars, ’No It ' s my friend” Ask Garth ACTIVITIES: Hasty Pudding Club INSPIRATIONS: " From every mistake we must surely be learning” — The Beatles Nikki J. Stuart 8 Perkins Street Miss Nik MEMORIES: Best limes at Image with CD and the gang GOOD LUCK, Corina + Sean! 1 LOVE JOHN! 11 20 84 To all my friends Love ya! This year is going to be great! Always keep in touch! INSPIRATIONS: The worst can only gel better! Love my family. Get better Dad! 64 Nicolo S. Taormina 6 Sunset Hill Rd . MEMORIES: REMEMBER THE MAI) TIMES WITH THE GANG TR JO JC JT SE DR + BROWNER. MAD SUM- MERS OF " 84 " + " 85 " CONCERTS ON THE COMMON THANKS MA + DAD. NEVER FORGET PUSSER AND THE GREAT TIMES. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: FOOTBALL 2, 3, 4 INSPIRATION: TO TAKE EVERY DAY ONE AT A TIME AND LIVE IT AS IE IT’S YOUR LSDT! Mic hael A. Tedesco 10 Shepherd Si. Mike MEMORIES: REMEMBER ALL THE GREAT TIMES DOWN THE CELLAR W THE GANG. COOI) TIMES W MA, NS, MS, SP. I)B. JW, CP, ES, RELLIM REEB “GOD” ASK MA. GRACE INSPIRATION: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO ENJOY Charlene Denise Teel 84 Concord Si. Cheri, Cha’ MEMORIES: Are you Alright?! a JMandJC Mad Times w JLMLMGLGJMGPWOMNSABSMHTK boys! I No Sum-1 who likes U! a LL Semi-Punch 1 Cuz Be wish things could be better! SNB I say Yea! 3rd block PW IHYBYKIRLYAMYAAF!! Love you Mom and Peoples INSPIRATIONS: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all Mary C. Testaverde 15 Orchard Rd. Smar MEMORIES: Shaun 3 29 85 Luv ya A F G T w GIRLS- PARTIES! Fort!-WSAMDRLMMHKGTMN F " THE STORM " w WEN SAandMOO 7 Va WOW! FLA. 85 JAN- FEB-MAR SPRING-BREAK! The Cat-DR SM Ann camping-Sum 85-w SA! Baaa ask MH N F Sum 84 Luv Ya Mom and Dad AEROSMITH w Ang MISS YA WEN 1)1 B F A WS " No woman no cry” BM 1NSP.: The good times are 4-ever the bad limes fade away. Jennifer C. Tibbo 183 Washington St. Tibbs ( Teddybear) MEMORIES: " The Gang, " Buoy 19-exclusive. VOLLEYBALL!! Always CAPT. Foz. Thankyou everyone! BE true. " 4 " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hasty Pudding Club, Flicker, Softball 2. INSPIRATION: Live for today for it is all an experience for tomorrow. Paul Tognazzi 354 Essex Ave. Michelle Trudel 281 Concord Street Mich MEMORIES: Mad Times w MM, KM, MM, CM, JO, CC and esp. Scott! Never forget the tx mb w Marl and Me. Sum of 85, the best! Fun times at the beach and riding around. Never forget the wall in N.A. w Murl. Don ' t forget ChKy’s C’s! Mad lime at 5lh lunch w Krissy. Table ! INSPIRATIONS: Live life to the fullest unl nuclear war. F C Salvatore C. Trupiano 2 Morion Place Sal MEMORIES: GREAT TIMES WITH K.K. I LOVE YOU! k.K MR. CORRAO IS THE BEST Jamieson F. Turner 9 Honeysukle Rd. “Jamie” MEMORIES: Rem Good times with: JS, BE, JM Camping. Old Friends: JM. JW, PO. SF. all the Parties 3 yrs. of Mrs. DALEY ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Tennis; VARSITY Golf; WINTER TRACK; Yearbook staff INSPIRATION: IN THE DAYS OF MY YOUTH I WAS TOLD WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A MAN. NOW I’VE REACHED THAT AGE. I TRY TO DO ALL THOSE THINGS THE BEST I CAN. LED ZEPPELIN Marie Theresa Vadala 8 Lewis Court MEMORIES: BFF-WK, CFC-WKEMDKMMSP, MHD 11 28- MMWKEMWJLM, DC WVA R1 NF NJ-GHS Band, 101 . . . WKEMDK, HaHaHa . Dah-TLDKWKFD, H-MMWK. Boley ' s (7am)-EMWKTR, And What?-CSCSHMSWRL ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4, Lib 12. Treas 3, Pres 4, NESBA 2-4, Who ' s Who 3. Acad all-Amer 3. Rep 2, Math Team 1, Yearlwok 1 INSPIRATION: Remember it ' s a grand illusion and deep inside we ' re all the same — STYX Ly-MOM. Dad and John Michael F. Vagos 1 1 Oceanview Drive MEMORIES: BREAKFAST CLUB LIVES! THE DUKE STRIKES AGAIN CROSS ANOTHER ONE OFF THE LIST. SUAVE BOLLA HARV. NEVER EORGET CRUISIN THE MALL. BUT WHERE ' S THE PARTIES? AT BC “BUT WHERE ARE ALL THE GIRLS?” 86 RULES INSPIRATION: THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR, IT WILL ALWAYS LEAD ME HOME WHERE I BELONC. -BEATLES-(THANX MOM AND DAD). Antonell Verdiglione 1 9 Commonwealth Ave. 66 Gregory Paul Verga 66 Perkins Street Greg MEMORIES: K.M.-KEL, THE BEACH, STING, REM DRIVES TO BOSTON THE WAVE AND GOOD FRIENDS-P B , K.L., FA Z, GJ, AND P.O’C ACTIVITIES HONORS: VICE PRESIDENT “86” INSPIRATIONS: “WHEN THE WORLD IS A MONSTER KICK THE CLAY THAT HOLDS THOSE TEETH IN” REM Carlos A. Vergas 43 Warner St. MEMORIES: GOOD TIMES WITH BREAKFAST CLUB; I still have not got busted, ask Mike; I don ' t ever want to go to a car wash where there is a camera, ask Mr. Walsh ask Tom about the coffin deal. INSPIRATIONS: Slay away from settling down as long as possible and try to pick up as many hints from the real world as you can so when you do, you will succeed. Joan M. Viator 94 Maplewood Avenue “MOAN " MEMORIES: MAD TIMES IN P.A. ASK JP, SE, SL, DF, CB, JB. JS, TH, AW. JB, DAGS, AND PA Staff! ALWAYS REM the beefstew w footprints on the “85” MT. Kearsarge trip. GTW My horse “nambo” the best looking Albino Morab. REM fun times at AGH W KL, TL, AC, RS, KM, KB, AND DH. Thanks for evt MOM AND DAD. INSPIRATION: LIVE AND LET LIVE! Steve E. Veator 9 Orchard Street Shawna Walen 22 Calder Street MEMORIES: 10 18 85 BA All the great times with LF, VB, BA, HM, JR, CM, BF, RG, CS, BW, DP, TD, WA, JM. Remember the Frank Street Parties NH, Oh no Bernie! The I.M. Parking lot! Be Careful! BAIT WAGON! Lisa and Vinnie RATT!! Bernie POCO GRANDE. Thanks MOM and DAD I Love You. INSPIRATION: The future is uncertain and the end is always near. JDM John Richard West 522 Washington Street MEMORIES: PH, SA, AP, NR, DR, BC, MC, CB, TM Rem. CSN AT THE COMMONS INSPIRATION: MONEY, GET AWAY GET A JOB WITH MORE PAY AND YOU ' RE OK! MONEY, IT’S A GAS GRAB THAT CASH WITH BOTH HANDS AND MAKE A STASH. PINK FLOYD 67 ■■i Brenda Whitehead 23 Manna Drive MEMORIES: Remember all the good times w HM, SD, CS, SW, Summer of ’84 Stenching w HM. Fourth block and what? Always Remember Gene, Love You. Thanks Mom and Dad! INSPIRATION: Our memories of yesterday will last a life time we’ll take the best forget the rest and someday we will find these are the best of limes. Ross Wonson Macomber Road MEMORIES: Remember the good times with MT, MM, MM, MM, PM, BC, SS, DF, JC, BE. JQ. KM, PM, CB, WC, MOUNDS — Girls LR, LO on MT. U2, Skull. All the good limes at Good Har- bor, West and singing beaches ACTIVITIES: 2 years of Hockey, FB and Soccer INSPIRATIONS: If you live to its fullest you only need to live once. George Jamieson Wood 43 Langsford St. “George of Da Jungle” MEMORIES: Remember the Good Times w ; DH; RR the MD, DM the DM, CM, IU, GK. RR, AD + W, FH, AL, C + CM, MM. BP. PJS!. DL + SD, WTC + DGC, AND REM’D Alumni ACTIVITIES: Theatre; GHS Thespians, German Tour, Quebec, Musicals and Shakespeare INSPIRATIONS: Youth Group, The BEST Pals on Earth, YES- 90125 “Through honesty, — STRENGTH; Through brotherhood, — PEACE " Peter A. Wright 12 Mystic Ave. MEMORIES: Always Remember — CR behind bars RKPT Good Times in cooking w WM, JC, TP, AS, RP The teachers pies 84 JV Bball 84-85 “0-16” RD-0 for 12 — Ed’s class w GR, RL- Creat times w AP. RD. JS, PF, CR, MO, BH INSPIRATIONS: Don’t live life in one day AJ T. K. Zadig, Jr. 104 Dennison St. MEMORIES: DJIBOUTI! The Beach! CHILL OUT! STAND BACK! YouGEMOKE!HEY COZZ Good Friends: PC. A M. T.B. E.H. R.L. S.F. C.V. G.S. M R. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track, Cross Country, Key Club, Yearbook Staff FAR OFF BROADWAY INSPIRATION: " NEVER LET THE ESTABLISHMENT BRAIN- WASH YOU INTO CONFIRMITY.’’ Peter Zappa 17 Cleveland St. Zippa MEMORIES: Having fun on the weekends with JLGS and others. INSPIRATION: Live eveyday just like it’s your last day. 68 AND HONORS Charles Frank Brown Lori Ann Brown jlseph A. Ciaram itafo Richard Dehaan Michael Duval Robert Jolly Tom Kilmer lorn Kiliner Robert Lovasco Consti Lumbruno Darren Marques Christine Parisi Fred Parisi James Patrican Shawn Reynolds Jodie Riley Paul Salah James Sargent Gary H. Saunders J Pamela Wpnson 00m- UNKNOWN FACES MEMORIE James A. Sargent 1 1 Hickory Street “Jimma” MEMORIES: Having a good lime a team from Middleton. Dan CB JC Larry. Good luck to all m friends INSPIRATION: To do the befct I can . s house wliat a v. Rebecca and weekends with our team toiui for you. “Keep smilin tli the all my good friends up the Canons at you hold on to it real tight nr you will m u " " 1 libus SfVder 10 ( ;T IT I E ; AN . DM PTB EDAUB I UBACOOBA. ' DSW Ill lloMI MODI DISGUST! " asklhe GANG MUGABl [l nsktlir PI H. HEW WALCLUB 1 COMATOSED“ask K ' »l ,mwd |K WKSOME ANCUS ' RIT .ES ’PA CREW BXD ' tol |(M(( S inn HAIHA! K t “ ' lOOITOOr M ION ( IKMM s ,u | iorKVER-A. COOPER. EM A PROBLEM it win mw ii D t ; im : MEMOR1 s r 1 love you Nicola 4 ever great limes: at work ask RM. RT, I.M. R. Good time at work on halloween Night in the backroom -and and Dad INsl’IB I ION ' ' The Grateful Dead St. Neplum with a rose in and oul of the garden in die wind and rain Where ever he goes the people all iomplain. lest me. tot me! -Win don’t you arrest rite? — Day destroys the night Nighl divides tin- day . . break on through Just one inure thing that I got in - av I need a miracle every day. ' Exchange Students I live in Finland and I’m here for my junior year. To be an exchange student is a great opportunity to meet people and see different places. There is only one thing that I don’t like. There should be some kind of club or some place where teenages could go and have fun. Sometimes I miss my family, friends, and the big city. I’m having a lot of fun here with my friends here. If you ever have the chance to be an exchange student, don’t wait. Take advantage of it. Sami M. Salonen I came to the United States because I wanted to learn how Americans live and how life here differs from life in Germany. The first few weeks here were very good. No school and everything; it was just like vacation. But when school started and every day was like the other, I sometimes thought that it was better in Germany. Over there I have more place where I can spend my time after school. Here there is hardly anything; no discos, or just a place to sit with a group of friends. At the beginning, I found it hard to make friends. The people already had their friends to hang around with, and it seemed as if they weren’t interested in becoming friends with me. Now I have friends, and they told me that most of the people were afraid of becoming friends, because I will be going back to Germany any ways. Having these friends makes it alot easier here. The best thing about being here, is that I’m away from my family and friends. I have become much more independent because of these. I enjoy being here, but I also want to go back to Germany. Maybe, in a few years, if I have the money. I’ll come back. Sandra Goken I live in the Canary Islands (Spain) and I’m in the U.S. for my senior year. I don’t know why I decided to be an exchange stu- dent, but I liked the idea of going abroad, meeting people and seeing places. It’s great. Sometimes I miss my family but I know I will see them in the summer. Gloucester is a quiet town. Sometimes I miss the noise and fun of a big city. I especially like Stage Fort Park. My only complaint is the weather, it’s too cold. If you ever have the chance to go abroad as an exchange student and you think you can do it, don ' t doubt it. It is a lot of fun. Miguel Brito 70 Dedication . . . For the past twenty years Nancy “Nan” Webber has been working with students at the O’Maley School and the High School. She has produced many fine productions and twice as many fine actors and people. She has built the Theater Arts Department to one that is requested to tour in such places as Germany, Sweden, and Paris. This year the culminating per- formance will be in Quebec in April. This performance is more than a culmination of twenty years of dedication, determination, and love, it is the last pro- duction of a great lady. This performance in Quebec will mark her retirement from the Gloucester School System. Nan Webber has been a tremendous asset to the Gloucester School System, both as an educator and as a friend to many. Her retirement will end a very special time for the Theater Arts Department. All are saddened to see her leave. Nevertheless, all wish her the best of luck. Because of the overwhelming respect, and partly the sorrow of her retirement, the 1986 Flicker has been dedicated to this fine person. SEPTEMBER 4. Steve Quince spits his food out everyday during 4th blk. 5. Everyone asks, " When is our 1st vacation? " 6. M-l Alert, Where’s Gove and Madruga? 7. Hey Sepp, Where is Neugierig George? 8. Wow! Isn’t that Kristen Marchant wearing “black " jeans? 9. Pirhanna is born. 10. Too obscene to print. 1 1. Seniors: “But when do we get out of here? " 12. Debbie H. asks for Charmin. 13. Jen Peacock, wearing white pants, sat on a Swiss Roll at lunch. 14. B.E. asks “Who’s Swiss Roll?” “I wish it was mine! " 15. Marie and Shelly robbed of their B.U. weekend. They settle for Dick and Jane’s. 16. Laurie screams, " There he is! " 17. Christine Burns gets her first yellow card. 18. Can you see anything? ask KC 19. A truce is finally made! 20. Jen are you shure you ' re 18? 21.4 against 1 “Greg we didn ' t do it! " 22. Missy. Leslie, and Lee discover pedipalps. 23. Where ' s B.U.? Wait much? ask SF “The Dancing Bear” (JQ) 24. Gina F.’s parents leave. Freedom at last. 25. First day of calculus. 27. G-L-O-R-I-A!!! 28. EL, AK, CK, JR left GF to stroll all alone through the fallout zone. 30. Shelly finally catches the butterfly. OCTOBER 1. Senior class meeting — Decision on Semi-Formal is final . . . Seniors, say hi to the gym!!! 1 • Oh ! at DHS ask CB, JC, DM, JB 4. “Hot Times” at AC’s with NN, AC, KM, and JL. 5. Floor it Julie! ask BR and NN 6. “Stop Kelly’ ask KL. On second thought, don ' t! 6. 1 year ago “Jinxie” died ask MM 7. Where are you runt? 7. Ruthanne swallowed her tooth at lunch. 8. We lost the tennis match against Marblehead, but the food was a success. Happy B-Day Suzie! 8. Ann gets a yellow card. 9. Karen S. whistles through her nose. 1 1. JQ. KL, PB named A-Z champs. 1 1 . Bus girls rag on Rhonda F. ask MP, AC, MM, JB and KL 1 1. Mr. Dahlgren it ' s Hasty Pudding Time. 12. Katja has party! Hey: MM, BR, JQ, KC, KL, JL, KM when are we going to be old enough? 13. Shelly R. I told you that it was 43. You must have been talking to the wrong JQ. 1 5. Bus girls get the nets for a week. 15. Puffing cigars at Good Harbor footbridge. 15. Happy Birthday Kristin from the girls. 16. Do the bus girls make the paper? 16. Christine Burns found face down on field hockey field. 18. BR, JQ, MP, CV, and MV already? It’s only the 1st term. Watch out MV! 18. Bus girls can live now, the week’s over! 18. Jill B. strangled a Salem Witch 19. “The Girls” chew Mike F.’s tobacco at Karen L.’s. 19. The girls play Bull . Hey Deacon where’s the list? 19. Kim Bertilino opens her own locker. 19. Noelle chews tobacco. 23. Glenn Aikens’ thumb remains yellow — Adv. Chem. 24. He approaches J. with intent to speak. 25. Good night Danvers Field Hockey! 26. Missy Officer goes bippy- napping at the dance, Yo! 26. “Boxer Shorts” ask BR, KL, NB and KR. 26. Tom Flannagan loses 12 dollars in the Coffin Deal! 27. Seniors want to beat up Mr. Walsh for being a Bippy Lover! 28. Jim Silveira “warms up” Kristin McCormick! 29. Chuck shaves the beard. 31. -Last Match- It was a great 3 years Noelle. 3 1 . Jenn says “I can do it better if I concentrate!” 31. Mr. K. plays trick or treat. Chris Brown Melissa Cadan Katy Connors Janette Cusick Rick Devlin Susan Daley Tf 7 Rick Doucette Diane Asaro Dave Burbine Cliff Adams Danny Burnham Mike Carter Joanne Corrao Anita Davis Tim Dawson Leslie Anderson Jack Braz Christine Burns Cristin Connors Elisa Curcuru Terri Deltorchio Marie Cafasso Kim Bertohno Joe Biondo Jill Burnham Ann-Marie Cody Heidi Crosby Suzanne Amero Traci Cooper 74 Carla Figueiredo Sherry Estes Bob Foley Alan Fosberry Debbie Fowler Keri Hurst David Jewell Susan Joseph Amy Josephson Trish Kitchenmaster Janine Ferrant Mary Jo Galanle Greg Harvey Michelle Hurlbert Murriam Khambaty Steve Knowles Kim LaFlam Linda LaRosa Julie Latassa Robert Lycetl Tory MacNeil Jill Maguire Debbie Mahonev Julie Marcantonio Rosalie Marino Belh Mason Todd Mazzeo Krislen McCormick Chip McKay 1 Melissa Millefoglie Marlene Melinda Mitchell Eddie Nasser Noelle Nickerson Karen Moses Pam Movalli Marianee Muniz Christine Noble Mary-Beth Noseworthy Tim Oakes 76 h ' i iT 81 Class Individuals MaryBeth Noseworthy Tim Flannagan Most Intelligent Glenn Aikens Katy Ericson 83 Best All Around Mike Muniz Marie Powers Most School Spirited Steve Quince Allyson Jenkins 84 85 Most Likely To Succeed Murriam Khambaty and Tim Bailey Worst Drivers Greg Verga and Christine Burns Class Sweethearts Eddie Nassar and Karen Spinola 86 Most Bashful Agnes Novello and Anthony Pallazola Class Clowns Christina Ferrara and Sean Porper Most Argumentative Steve McGovern and Margaret Orlando 87 NOVEMBER DECEMBER 1 . KC and BR almost crash at GHS parking lot. 2. Daring at flat rocks w Jason, Drew, and Sean. 2. Happy Birthday Jim! 5. Waking up with hangovers. 6. Kate you’re such a Yo-Yo! 6. Debbie Mahoney greets proposal to plant sloppy kisses on Tim Bailey’s thigh with hope and desire. 7. Katy “Hoover Ralph " Connors ' Birthday® 4 17” Finally 8. Paul! Did you get burnt!! (Gi) | i 8. Jen Peacock swears! 13. Big Pig is watching you! Out at the Canal! 15. Happy Birthday Gregg! f Deb 15. Happy Birthday Karen, from the Girls 18. Jim Brennan decides to hold 10 keggar at hiSalloul shelter but guests have to bring their own survival gear and sub-machine guns. Cups will cost 8 lbs. of Plutonium 19. Aruni returns! 19. Advanced BIPOLOGY class, ask Tom W. 20. The Great While and The Big Fig in championship mudwrestling Mania Friday Night, GHS gym. Tickets sold during all lunch blocks! 20. Argyle Stocking Day!! Sponsored by Table 1 20. He loves you Christine. Keep Dancing! 23. MM, BR, and NN journey to BU NN saves BR’s finger? Billy Brooks’ and Calvin Hall ' s room at 2:30 Be There! MM recites a verse from Valley Girl 24. BF arrives from Florida and the best has yet to come. 25. “I don’t know! I’m sorry, I don’t know! It just HAP- PENS” Mr. TW 26. “I think I KNOW” Mr. TW-5 books and 3 teachers? 26. The Breakfast Club brings it indoors. Turkey Dinner 26. Mr. TW introduces Adv. Bio. to nasal reproduction. 26. FIRST Snowfall of the year!!! 27. Katja’s house and on to the PEP Rally. KR. NN, and LL pass it on. 27. PEP RALLY . . . SENIORS Rl I K!!! 27. Party at the Vista room 33. Touch the glass. Weed swallowed the quarter and rink 28. It’s the janitor! Who would have figured? (ask MM) 29. I love NOelle 29. The class of ’86 welcomes back the boys from the class of ’85. Girls still haven’t grown-up. 30. “One Pork Chop Tony " ask JSC and PC 1 . Julie and Marianne need coffee BAD!! 1. Janine O. now who? 2. Mrs. Figurido — “Comeau, you told me you wouldn’t be an idiot this year! " 2. Fifth blk. Nat Daley gunned down by Paper B-l Bombers in Yearbook Staffroom 5. Mrs. Callahan wore a skirt! 5. SJ’s Mom finds strange visitor in HER car 6. “Nobody can read a dead president ' s mind.” — Int. Relations 10. Miguel — Are VOU HUMBLING?! 1 1 . Traci C. almost passed out. I can’t see. Deb! 1 1. SJ, How manv days ’til Florida? 12. ByeRye BF 13. Karen S. harpoons Carlos! Carlos Bleeds for two weeks! 13. SJ. CM. and RT find they ' re not going anywhere 13. The beginning of " DAMM 13. Christine B. — " American Woman” ( 14. Katy E. dislocates herself in gym 17. Missy’s bumming because she found a brown hair. Don’t worry Missy, Marilyn M. jihad brown hair too. 17. Fourth Down — KL. EP. MM, BR 18. Greg ' s fatal crash on W ashington St. 11 18. Debra Hawley — The Breaks! The Br We re gonna die. 18. Tim Bailey caught putting on lipgloss in Adv. Bio. What’s your favorite flavor Tim? 18. Sean Ross forgets deodorant and the wall begins to peel. 19. Maria As Hairy Be 1 1 v Button 23. Hey Scott B. How’s it feel to have slush in 25. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 3 1 . Amis — Who ' s Straight? I NBELIEVAB the dust. 1 OH NO! int on the iur face? ■■ Vv- Alphonse J. Swekla Superintendent of Schools Malcum Paterson Assistant Superintendent of Schools Christin Mcgrath Director of Special Needs Josh Arnold Administrative Assistant DR. CHARLES SYMONDS PRINCIPAL MR. MARK KENNIEICK ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. EREDERICK WHITE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL CATHERINE GASPER — SEC MARY BRECK — SEC. JOAN DAHLIN — SEC JUDY MELANSON — SEC. AGNAS VAITONES — SEC. TERRY MILTON — SEC CAROL ACKERMAN FOREIGN LANG. ROBERT BENJAMIN VOC. CARPENTRY HARVEY KOROBKIN BUSINESS ED. MARY ANGELINI MATH MARTY BERNSTEIN SPECIAL NEEDS JENNIFER BREITENSTEIN ART DEBORAH BARTNICKI HOME ECONOMICS ANGELO BERTOLINO VOC. MACHINE SHOP MARK BREINTENSTEIN ENGLISH JAMES BRENNAN SOCIAL STUDIES ROSEMARY BANKS SCIENCE RONALD BIELICKI SPECIAL NEEDS CLIFFORD BROOKS SCIENCE MARY BRYAN JOB PLACEMENT COUNSELOR MARYELLEN CALLAHAN PHYSICAL EDUCATION ELEANOR CAPPON GUIDANCE CAROLYN CARAISELLA HOME ECONOMICS EDWARD CALLAHAN BUSINESS EDUCATION VERNA CARBONE BUSINESS EDUCATION 92 If LYNNE CASSINAR1 ART DENNIS CORKERY ENGLISH KATHRYN DAVIS BUSINESS EDUCATION JEAN DUGAN LIBRARY JOHN CIARAMETARO SCIENCE feK HELEN CHANDANAIS ENGLISH MARILYN CLARK SOCIAL STUDIES ANTHONY CORRAO VOCATIONAL ROBERT DELISLE PHYSICAL EDUCATION EILEEN ERWIN ENGLISH CHARLOTTE CHANE FOREIGN LANG. CASEY CLARKE PHYSICAL EDUCATION ERIC DAHLGREN ENGLISH PETER DENCH PHYSICAL EDUCATION SALVATORE FAVAZZA MATH RICHARD CHANE FOREIGN LANG. JUDITH COOPER ART NATALIE DALEY ENGLISH BERNADETTE DONOGHUE HOME ECONOMICS DON FEMINO BUSINESS EDUCATION 93 GR ACE FIGURIDO ENGLISH ALAN HART MUSIC THOMAS FLANNAGAN SOCIAL STUDIES MARK HICKEY MUSIC PAUL INCRAM SCIENCE LISA JOINER ALLIANCE PROGRAM SUSAN INGRAM SCIENCE SANDRA JONES ENGLISH CHARLES KISTNER INDUSTRIAL ARTS JOAN KITSIS SPECIAL NEEDS ANTHONY GENTILE THEATRE ARTS MARY ANN HINES HOME ECONOMICS JOE JACOBS SPECIAL NEEDS JUDITH JOYCE FOREIGN LANG. MARY KOCHMAN ENGLISH KEVIN HUTCHINSON INDUSTRIAL ARTS DIANE JACOBSON MATH JOAN KEEGAN HOME ECONOMICS JEANNE LINEHAN SPECIAL NEEDS MARK HABERLAND GUIDANCE 94 JUDITH LYONS ALLIANCE PROGRAM MANUEL MARTINS LIBRARY KATHY MCLEAR ALLIANCE PROGRAM DONALD NICHOLS GUIDANCE JANE MOGINOT HOME ECONOMICS SUSAN MAKKONEN MATH MARY MATSON MATH DONALD MCPHAIL SOCIAL STUDIES RICHARD MOORE MATH LOUISE NICKAS SOCIAL STUDIES CHRIS MCDONALD SCIENCE JOHN MCPHEE MATH ROBERT MACEACHERN BUSINESS EDUCATION 5 W ILLIAM MOORE GUIDANCE EMILY NICKERSON SCIENCE GUIDANCE JERI MARKARIAN READING ■I WENDY MCGRAPH SPECIAL NEEDS JADA MCRAE SCIENCE MICHAEL NANIA ALLIANCE PROGRAM ALICIA NORIEGA ESL 95 RON PASEK SOCIAL STUDIES DONALD RILEY PHYSICAL EDUCATION ACUSTUS NUNES MATH ROGER PARADY SOCIAL STUDIES GERALD O’NEIL SOCIAL STUDIES DOREEN ROSS ENGLISH THOMAS O’DONNELL BUSINESS EDUCATION JOHN ORLANDO VOCATIONAL SEBASTIAN PARISI VOCATIONAL HELEN PORPER NURSE KEVIN O ' MALEY SOCIAL STUDIES JEANNETTE ORTINS BUSINESS EDUCATION PHILIP SALZMAN SOCIAL STUDIES RUSSELL PARSONS VOCATIONAL WILLIAM PROPOSKI MATH 96 JOHN O ' MALEY GUIDANCE ALBINA PAPOWS READING DANA PERRY VOCATIONAL SAM RANDAZZA BUSINESS EDUCATION NANCY SAUL FOREIGN LANG. 1 ' 1 ALMASHARAMITARO ART GREG SMITH SOCIAL STUDIES ROBERT STRUTHERS VOCATIONAL STEPHEN SUTERA ENGLISH THOMAS WALSH SCIENCE WARREN SILVA R.O.T.C. JOHN SPERRY MATH FRANCIS SULLIVAN VOCATIONAL SHEILA TRANGUCH PHYSICAL EDUCATION PATRICIA SINCLAIR SCIENCE ARGYRO STRARAS FOREIGN LANG. JOHN SULTON INDUSTRIAL ARTS EUGENE SURRETTE VOCATIONAL DAVID SMITH SOCIAL STUDIES JEAN STONE SPECIAL NEEDS WILLIAM WADDLETON VOCATIONAL DENNIS VEATOR MATH JOAN WATERHOUSE ENGLISH NANCY WEBBER THEATRE ARTS JANET WEBSTER SPECIAL NEEDS 97 ANTONETTE KONAXIS ENGLISH JOHN ZIERGIEBEL ENGLISH DAVID WISE SOCIAL STUDIES LYNN WOODARD R.O.T.C. LOUISE BAMBACE BARBARA DAVIS KAY ORLANDO PAULINE TARANTINO GRACE FA VALORA JOANNE AUDITORE DONNA CIARAMITARO ROSEMARIE ASARO ROSALIE AUELIS BARBARA HERRICK KAY DECOSTE ROSALIND NOVELLO CATHERINE GENOVESE CAFETERIA STAFF Advisor, Mr. Corrao From L to R: Janine Ferrant, Greg Verga, Mr. Sutera, Stephanie Gove, Julie Quinn. Secretary, Julie Quinn 100 Treasurer, Stephanie Gove SENIOR OFFICERS President, Janine Ferrant Vice President, Greg Verga Junior Officers and Advisors From L lo R: Advisor Mrs. McGrath, Secretary Christine Burke, Treasurer Lori Mon- bourquette. Vice [’resident Amy Powers, Advisor Mrs. Papows Absent, President Kelly Ekborg. Advisor Mrs. Papows Advisor Mrs. McGrath Sophomore Class Freshman Class krom L to R: Secretary Brenda Mullen, President Jim Fosberry, Treasurer Joe Pas- quina, V. President Inez Garcia. From L to R: President Julie Corrao, V. President Michelle Curcuru, Treasurer Cindy Parisi, Sec. Nicole Demetri. Advisor Toni Konaxis Advisor Mrs. Matson Advisor Ms. Ross 101 GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB: Sandy Horne, Kim Larkin, Kris Rowe, Kellie Brown, Kim Patrican, Sheila Simmons, Belh Ellis, and Bob Slruthers. Graphic Arts Club Junior Rotarians JUNIOR ROTARIANS: Isabel Lourenco, Anita Davis, Edward Nasser, Robert Foley, Tim Oakes, Steve Sutera, Wendy Agostini. Front row, L to R: Sean Ross, Katy Ericson, Mary Jane Favazza, Marie Cafasso, Joanne Corrao. FLASH: L lo R: Steve Sayess, A1 Zadig, Stephanie Gove, and Arunas Martinonos. FLASH STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL: Back row: Catherine Harrison, Sara Brodzinski, Carlotta McCarthy, Nick Novello, Amy St. Laurent, Jennifer Ekborg, Peter Favazza, Gareth Soones. Middle row: Joanne Corrao, Sean Ross, Sean Scanlan. Erica Coles, Patrick Oder, Amy Olson, James Fosberry, Inez Garcia, Shari-Lyn Dutton. Front row: Tim Bailey, katy Ericson, Christine Burns, Murriam Khambaty, Jill Burnham, Janine Ferrant, Patrick O ' Connor, Greg Verga. Thespians Back row, L to R: Drew Fiero, Ethan Hughes, A1 Zadig, Cuy Fiero, Jennifer Cavanaugh, Pat O ' Connor, Anthony Pallazola, Tim Flannagan, Ruth Dupris, Amy Hubbard, Sylvia Milone, Nancy Roberts, Chris Hadley. Sara Brodzin- ski, Violet McCarthy, Amy Klopotoski, Frank Militello, Bart Piscatello. Middle row. L to R: Kristen Kinkade, Mike Randazza, Sara-Jane l evilt, Wendy Anderson. Nicole St. Laurent. Next row, L to R: laurel Ackerman, Johanna Brodzinski, Cal lie Woodrum, Donna Lane, David Adams, Ruthanne Philbrook, Melanie Rose. Front row. L to R: Becky Hart, Alison Landoni. Ann Marie Lemoine, Jennifer Piscatello. Honor Business Club Back row, L lo R: Michelle Rose, Julie Latassa, Isabel Lourenco, Jeana Maciel. Front row, L to R: Anita Davis, Karen Lattof, Pam Movalli. Chorus Mr. Wise, Brian Erwin, Carlos Vergas, Hariet Carr, Mary Beth Livingston, Eric Hautala, Alan Fosberry. Back row, L to R: Tim Flannagan, Donna Lane, Mr. Hart, Roseann Sanfillipo, Ann Marie Argentina, Marie Leaman. Front row, L to R: Scott Parisi, Ruth Dupuis, Michele De Gagne, Melissa Millefoglie. 1 1 15 Bike Club 4 German Club GERMAN CLUB: Back row, L lo R: Kim Bertolino, Murriam Khambaty, Christine Bums, Ruthanne Philbrook, Steve Quince, Ernest Becker. Front row, L to R: Debbie Mahoney and Joanne Corrao. National Honor Society NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Bark row, I, lo R: Michelle Rose. Noelle Nickerson. Marie Powers. Karen l altof, Julie l tassa. Chris Carrol, Cristin Connors, Chris Brown, Karen Spinola, Ronald Garron, Michele Loomis, Kristin Haulala. Middle row, L lo K Mrs. Erwin, Jill Maguire, Tom Flannagan, Carlos Vergas, Anthony Milone, Pam Movalli, Glen Aikens, Michael Vagos, Sean Ross, Marilyn Forlado, Allyson Jenkins, Denise Palazzola, Amy Hubbard. Front row, L to R: Tim Bailey, Katy Ericson, Christine Burns, Murriam Khambaty, Jill Burnham, Janine Ferranl, Mary Jane Favazza, Kim Bertolino, Stephanie Gove. Hasty Pudding Club THE MAIN INGREDIENTS: L to R: Paul Brancaleone, Sieve Quince, Jason Gove, Eric Dalhgren, Katy Connors, Edward Nasser, Betsy Rich, and Jennifer Peacock. R.A.H.P. !! They know who they are !! 1986 Flicker Staff «nrnam UUJ1L Top row, L to R: Kali Ericson, Debbie Mahoney, Julie Quinn, Julie Lalassa, Ann Marie Cody, Kristin McCormick, Betsy Rich. Marie Powers. Middle row, L to R: Murriam Khambaty (Editor), Allyson Jenkins, Stephanie Gove, Scott Falk, Tom Generarazio, Noelle Nickerson, Katy Connors, Carlos Vergas, Marianne Muniz, Jennifer Peacock, Chip Mckay, Lisa Thomas. Bottom row, L to R: Eric HautaJa, Al Zadig, Tim Bailey (Editor), Joe Linquata (Editor), Brian Erwin, Anthony Milone, Mike Vagos, Kim Bertolino, Jen Tibbo, Jay Robertson, Al Fosberry. 1 1U Nikki Stuart Robert Lycett Ruth Dupuis Doug McLeod Robert Foley John Harvey Elizabeth Mason Glenn Perry R.O.T.C. BAND Front row L to R: Wendy Juden, Bridget Sclafani, Marie Vadala, Laurie Melanson, Paula Davidson, Wendy Karieres. Middle row: Mike Bacon, Shayne Canning, Missy Rankin. Erik Melonson, Heidi Mugford, Dan Karieres, Michelle Machain, Francisco daRosa, Greg Stevens. Back row: Scott Parisi, Sam Ciarametaro, Lenny Palazolla, Becky Ciaramelario, Dianne Crudden, Rick Maciel, Heather Jameison. Scott Parisi Briget Sclafani Director — Mark Hickey Greg Stevens 113 Marie Vadala PROJECT ALLIANCE Top row L lo R: Jonathan Kelley, Chandler Ray, Rick Silveira, Sten afKIintenberg. Glenn Robertson. Johnna Santos. Dawn Stanton, John Ramos. Middle row L to R: Thomas Scola, Frank Johnson. Robert Kippen, Laura Rowe, Debbie Fowler, George Clancy. James Patrican. Paul Hayes, Amy Saulnier, Lisa Joiner, Joe Dehaan, Jim Towers. Bottom row L to R: Toni Burbine, Kelli Cavanaugh, Aaron Williams, Billy Hartwell, Kathy McLear, Stephano Mola. Mike Nania, Sherry Estes, Joan Viator. 115 JANUARY FEBRUARY 1. Murphy’s house! 4. BR and MF stall for NN and MR — not too bad either!!! Is Bill a liar? 5. KC and JQ skid off highway 6. JQ asks for a cheeseburger with cheese! 6. Mike learns the truth!! 7. KL tells KR, JP, NN, KM, AC, and JB about “Joe Stubs” 8. The day we found heat in Room 219 9. Shelly and Marie bum out; Tim and Rob are on their way to the Orange Bowl 10. The beginning of a terrible weekend! Ask MM, NN, BR, KL, KC, JQ, JL, ML, MF, LA, and JC 8 hrs. to Canada! Bill won 20 20 11. Tornado Bowl Championship. Q-bert, lasagna, Rob, and World War III TAG TEAM QUARTERS YEEEEES FU,FU,FU! 12. The PATS squish the fish! What Jinx? 12. UNO for 3 hrs., more lasagna, no milk, no coke, bad water, a burnt towel, and GOOD-BYE FOREVER! You ' re so good, You’re the best — Give me AIR!! 13. Lasagna in cooking class. NO more! 14. 13 is finally mine! 14. Betsy finally roots for the Patriots 14. Tim refuses to reach puberty until after he graduates 18. Watch out MR and JQ — There goes my parents car. The O-hand UNO match, “The Vent” — JQ’s! 23. Th Breakfast Club takes it out for Chinese food — Carlos smashes into some lady’s car! From the BACK! 24. Hasty Pudding doesn’t show up for the hockey game. RAHP has triumphed! 25. Tag Team Quarters with free pizza — KL’s house 25. Betsy dares. 26. It’s a beautiful day for a Super Bowl ask NN 28. Hey Kris — Why are you all snowy? 29. Tom SCOOPS!!! 31. Betsy, who changed you? “Don’t look at me!” Right Skippy? Fiona and Shaka hunt for Carot Street, but they never found it! The Roily Punker gets her name! 31. Tim “Yearbook Editor” Bailey admits he has no idea what is going on!!! 3. Mr. W. can you put these five pieces together to make a square? I did it yesterday ... OH NO! I don’t remember how! 3. Miguel, Spaniards CAN get sickle-cell anemia too! 3. Katy almost reaches the pinnacle, needs to make a Friendly’s run. 5. Mrs. Jones laughed 6 blk. for the first time. 6. Battle of the sexes begins in the yearbook staffroom 8. Have you seen any tow trucks lately? Ask DM and JC 8. A1 finds a woman! Tim and Tom still desperate 11. Takes Missy 10 minutes to figure out what nasal snow is. 12. Ed Nasser — First male to conceive test tube baby — a Ann M. 13. Mr. Brooks enters opera singing contest in the rear of rm. 102 14. For a good time call A1 the Pal . . .281 14. Pam M. joins the FS club 14. “The Last Dance” — ask Katja 18. Cards anyone? 19. Jill and Krista get their feet wet at GHB 1 9. Cards again? 20. Wanna play UNO? 21. Sleep much Erin? 21. How about UNO? 22. “You ' re as cold as ice — Noelle ' 22. Spit? 23. Maybe Rummy 500 24. How about Strip Poker? 26. Missy O. “I ' d rather take tylenol capsules than listen to Foreigner” WBCN 28. Brian Erwin gets exposed by the ominous Christa Cunningham. Ask Brian 28. One stinking bottle cap gives away the whole thing — ask MK On January 28, 1986 the space shuttle Challenger exploded leaving seven people dead and a nation in mourning. The crew was diverse in race, sex and aspiration, but they embodied the ideals of America. The Yearbook Staff would like to pay tribute to the crew: Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Francis Scobee, and Michael Smith. A . v i j ' rj RALLY R55 Qp fl8b Air Force “Twelfth Night " tells the story of the twins Viala and Sebastian, who are shipwrecked and unbeknownst to each other, washed, healthy and alive, upon the shore of Illyria. Viala disguises herself as a boy named Cesano and finds employment as a servant to Orsino, Duke of Illyria, and falls in love with him. To further complicate things, Orsino is in love with the countess Olivia, and she, in turn, is interested only in his servant, Cesario (Viala in disguise). Abetting this comical situation are the mischievous antics of Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek. The prank they play on poor Malvolio would be cruel, indeed, if it were not for Malvolio’s pompous attitude which in- vites a take-down. “Twelfth Night” is one of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies, and it demonstrates two of the Bard’s favorite devices: a girl disguised as a boy, and confusion caused by identical twins. 120 TWELFTH NIGHT Dramatis Personae Duke Orsino of Illyria . Patrick O’Connor Sebastian, brother to Viola . Jason Miller Antonio, a sea captain . . . Frank Militello A sea Captain Michael Randazza Valentine Ethan Hughes Curio David Adams, Guy Fiero Sir Toby Belch, Uncle to Olivia .... Bart Piseatello Sir Andrew Aguecheek . . Tim Flannagan Malvolio Chris Carroll Fabian . . . Rick Doucette, George Wood Feste, a clown . . . Alison Landoni, Nancy Roberts A Priest Miguel Brito Olivia Ruthann Philbrook, Callie Wood rum Viola Dorothy Ross, Kara Banks Maria . Ruth Dupuis, Jennifer Cavanaugh Pages . . . Jennifer Piseatello, Becky Hart Sailors Anthony Pallazola, George Wood, Rick Doucette Ladies in waiting . . Johanna Brodzinsky, Dawn Burke Wendy Anderson, Nichole St. Laurent Country Wenches . . . Laurel Ackerman, Silvia Milone First Officer Alfred Zadig Second Officer Michael Morse Third Officer Drew Fiero 127 y r Em » n MARCH 1. Denise sets new record and is proclaimed Honorary Hood Ornament. 1 . Can Shelly successfully gel in the ski lift? 2. The Mogul 3 are initiated 3. Birdie, birdie in the air. Why d you lurdie in my hair? Janine 5blk 5. Murriam makes her preference for huskies and sterile rats known 6. Tim gets ripped off of 8 bucks in the Friendlys deal! 7. Katv is he really a policeman? U-Lowell 7. Massive masking tape fight in the yearnook room 8. OH MY GOD. it ' s purple! Is il real? Flesh Dance LIVES! 11 8. " Al. I ' ll save your dignilv!” Low Dad. 8. Scum and Karen dance the night away 10. Happy B-Dav Murriam! 10. Mrs. Sinclair says " Pass!? " Consti replvs " good and you?” 10. Yes kat it does look like a purple banana! 10. Chris Brown says that Cristin Connors was excellent, large “tonsils " How do vou know Chris? 10. Jeana swears she’ll never join the club 10. At Dunkin Donuts, it’s a bust Sue. Heather, and Jill! ask C. Symonds 10. Seniors: " Anyone want to buv a pen? " 11. Janine F. flunks her Nth Pre-Cal test of the year! Good going Girl!! 13. Katy does ■ the blood drive lblk. to avoid what Symonds (Simon) says 13. Watch out for peeping Cliff. Alan! 14. Al . kisses some chick. Find out her name yelJ Al? 14. " Bagged " — 8 of us — stranded in Rockportl 1 16. Surf s Up!! — Prom dress shopping 17. Murriam has gungy breath and sits in Bio leatingW toothpaste. YUCk! Buv some certs. Rum! 20. Munch. munch, munch McNuggets, Munch, munch, your fries. When you’re done munc hing your lunch, Guess what? A surprise! The car won ' t start, We Itave no way to part, Katy. Debbie, and Rum will have to thumb. 23. Mike. I knew you should have driven to the library instead of me. 23. Al loves extra cheese after getting shut off at the phone-a-thon 24. Breakfast club meeting in Fred’s office third blk. ask JM and AC 24. Anthony M. asks the same question lOx. but Chuck refuses to answer Didn ' t you want to hear about the at- tendance policy anyway. Anthony? 25. Entire Senior class makes “Deal of the Cen lury” w Charlie! “1,2, 3, 7, and 8 or it ' s off 26. Whole Senior class absent due to pneumonia caught yesterday 26. Fourth blk.: Mrs. Jones LAUGHS! APRIL 3. John Monroe Day 3. Pokadoma ask Cathy, Katy, and Marianne 4. " Bagged " again ask KL.BR.KC. JQ 5. “Slip-sliding away " on the seaweed. Get that frisbee Janine!! 5. Started early (a Lou ' s, Ended early (a Cathy ' s. Marianne s was in-between. " Z almost sufficated b her " friends " 7. Christine — V here is ' vour sister? Choo-Choo Train dow n the stairs 8. Drew and Andy provide a men ' s fashion show! 8. Joe gets ripped off in the limo deal, ask PC. MM. and AM 9. Tim — W here are you? Rough NIGHT? 17. " Big Guy " Walsh dresses up and tries to remember the Pledge of Allegiance! 18. Outrageous Day " Flipper Rules!” 1 8. The I )EAL ' s off. Seniors loo noisy 18. Drew, how do you like Kristen ' s clothes? 25. Purple Crayon Day 28. The day Breities Humanities DIED! 60%. 55%. 50% 29. The Deal ' s back on! 29. Tempus Fugit! 30. So is ham, but you eat it! It was the gutsiest performance ever, the players didn’t know the word quit. We always came back the following week and gave a hundred percent, every game, every day. One of the best 2-8 football teams that I ever coached. The determination relates to the strength of the co-captains, and the leadership of the seniors that graduated. The team never got depressed, even in the event of Joe Biondo’s injury. If Joe Biondo were healthy, he would have been one of the best running backs in the conference. The other captain, Mike Rhodes had an excellent year, playing defensive tackle and being the only Gloucester player to make All Conference. Gloucester 12 Reading 28 Gloucester 0 Beverly 13 Gloucester 8 Winlhrop 14 Gloucester 0 Lynn English 7 Gloucester 0 Lynn Classical 14 Gloucester 28 Saugus 7 Gloucester 0 Swampscott 35 Gloucester 6 Marblehead 14 Gloucester 7 Danvers 6 140 Coach Silva Capt. Joe Biondo CagLMik Rh es Top row: D. Jackson, N. Taormina, E. Sweet, B. Parish J. Moceri, T. Oakes. Bottom row: A. Parisi, B. Edmonds, S. Sutera, M. Rhodes, C. Lumbruno, J. Souza, G. Rose. 1st row: M. McLeod, M. Flaherty, J Ciluffo, J. Taormina, J. Dalmar, T. Roland, G. Thorton. S. Cardone. P. Snyder. 2nd row: Coach DaCruz, R. Qoull, J Havener, R. J. Randall, C. Parsons, P. Frontiero, J. Chadwick. E. Enos, C. Hale, E. Iaconno, N. Braneleone, L. Gallagher, J. Taormina. 3rd row: C. Thompson. T. Favazza, E. Noble, T Knowles, M. Militello, M. Fulford, I) Richards, M. Sutera, D. Sanfilippo. G. Orlando. Back row L lo R: Dawn Muise, Michelle Palazzola. Petrina Katsikas, Melissa Officer, Cindy Asaro. Cathy Virgilio, Nicole Detnitri, Tammy Johnson, Cristin Connors, Jill Haberland. Front row L to R: Maria Biondo, Ann Marie Wenlzel, Janette Cusick. Gina Sutera, Ann Marie Eastman, Karen Spinola, Grace Clooney. Missing: Debbie Randazza. Jill Haberland Christen Connors Dawn Muise Capt. Melissa Officer Debbie Randazza Capt. Gina Sutera Karen Spinola Jeanette Cusick fcOOHOKJJ U SB fcd W BS J W Q W ec cn The 1985 Soccer team was plagued by Problem after problem throughout the year. After the second game the Head Coach resigned and Assistant Coach Jon Nelson took over. Then in Nelson’s first game as Head Coach The Fishermen won 5-0 over Winthrop. As the season went on the team improved and grew due to the change in the coaching staff Their 3-13-2 record wasn ' t the best but was the most successful in three years. It was also one of the best for morale because of the coaching change. Although 13 games were lost eight of them were only by 1 or 2 goals. In these games against English, Salem, Swampscott and Beverly, the Fishermen played but lost towards the end. This year’s team was led by Senior Tri- Captains Joe Linquata, Dan Leaman and Busty Bologna. Other Seniors were Paulo Rodriguez, Eric Mitchell and Joe Mendola. They received the following awards; Joe Lin- quata, Coaches Award; Dan Leaman, Most Points; Busty Bologna, Unsung Hero; Paulo Rodriguez, Sportsmanship; Eric Mitchell, Most Improved and Junior Jim Muniz, M.V.P. Gloucester 1 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 5 Gloucester 2 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 2 Gloucester 5 Gloucester 2 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 4 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 3 Gloucester 1 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 2 Gloucester 2 Marblehead 6 Beverly 6 Winthrop 0 English 4 Classical 1 Salem 2 Saugus 4 Swampscott 4 Danvers 3 Marblehead 9 Beverly 2 Winthrop 1 English 1 Classical 3 Salem 3 Saugus 4 Swampscott 4 Danvers 2 Capt. Joe Linquata, Coach Jon Nelson, Capt. Busty Bologna, Capt. Dan Leaman. Ol UU 144 Front row: Eric Mitchell, Paulo Rodriguez, Busty Bologna. Dan Leaman. Joe Linquata, Paul Figuredo, Joe Mendola, Back row: Coach Jon Nelson, Dave Witek, Brian Duncan, Joe Piera, Jim Muniz, Mike Reardon, Jerry Ryan, Ralph Cunha, Armando Moronoto. s o G.H.S. FIELD HOCKEY The G.H.S. FIELD HOCKEY TEAM had to adjust to a new coaching staff and a new system of offense and defense during the 1985 season. Each game showed im- provements on defense but a lack of offen- sive power. Hard work, enthusiasm and will- ingness to sacrifice showed results when the team defeated Danvers in the final game of the season. It was the 1st victory over Danvers in 5 years and also stopped a 13 game winning streak. It was the highlight of the season that will be remembered as one of the greatest victories in G.H.S. history. The team was led by TRI-CAPTS and SRS — Debbie Mahoney — Most Dedicated player, Marie Powers — Most Valuable player and Northeast Conference All-Star and Jo Jo Corrao — Best Offensive player and Northeast Conference All-Star Honorable mention. The other seniors were — Christine Burns — Best Defensive player and Nor- theast Conference Honorable mention. (Team Comedian), Jill Burnham — Most Versatile, Ann Marie Cody — Most Improv- ed, Katja Litchfield — Unsung Athlete, Mary Ann Muniz — Most Inspirational and Tory MacNeil — Goalie and Sportsmanship award. Next year’s team will be led by Tri Cap- tains — Lisa Sutera, Kim LaFlam and Elaina Loiacano. Sutera and LaFlam receiv- ed the Coach ' s award for underclassmen who contributed the most to the Field Hockey Program. Other varsity players were: Jrs. — Christine Burke, Elaina Loiacano. Sophs. — Harriet Carr, Marcia Burns, Inez Garcia. Freshman — Tracy Murray. 146 «■ L-R: Coach — Teresa Parisi, Debbie Mahoney, Coach — j Bielicki, Marie Powers, Assl. Coach — Nancy Curly. Kne Jo Jo Corrao. 1 sl row: Grace Parisi, Catherine Harrison, Ruth Benoir, Marcia Burns, Tracy Murray, Harriet Carr. 2nd row: Jill Sinagra, Caillin Foley, Jackie Powers, Sara Fitzgerald. Ann Crowley, Melissa Sumner, Tracy Rose. 3rd row: Lisa MacNeil. Jackie Amero, Jennifer Parisi, Mary Beth Livingston, Brenda Mullen, K. C. l afferty, Jacqui Virgilio, I .aura Manning, Coach — py Curley. ,J r. -i The 1985 Boys Cross-Country team finished fifth in the New England Con- ference with a 5-4 record in the regular season. However, they finished third in the NEC meet and was a single two points away from a three way tie for first place. This young team, led by Captain and MVP Alan Fosberry, got off to a 1-4 start. The team consistently improved after that. The consis- tent running of senior Mike Carter and sophomore Aaron Cillufo, along with Fosberry, helped pace the way for the Fishermen. Junior Peter Ciarametaro and sophomore Adam Mondello also made solid contributions and showed promise. The team thanks Ernest Becker, Greg Harvey, and Miguel Brito for their support. RECORD (low score wins) Gloucester 28 vs. Beverly 27 33 vs. Winthrop 23 18 at Saugus 43 38 vs. Marblehead 17 30 at Swampscotl 25 17 at L. Classical 46 21 vs. L. English 37 15 vs. Danvers 50 15 vs. Manchester 50 148 Front: Mike Carter, Captain Alan Fosberry, Jimmy Silveira, Middle: Coach Dunsky, Peter Ciarametaro, Tim Bailey. Back: Greg Harvey, Richard Becker. Eric Saulnier. Aaron Cilluffo. Adam MondelJo. Tim “The Stud " Bailey Alan Fosberry Greg Harvey Jim Silveira Rich Becker Mike Carter PQ O Co-Captain Erica Coles The Gloucester Girls Cross-Country team had a good season over all. The team finish- ed with three wins and three losses. They beat Lynn English, Marblehead, and Salem. But they lost to Beverly, Winthrop, and Swampscott. Three schools — Danvers, Lynn Classical, and Saugus did not field teams. Their final record was 3-3. Each member showed sincere effort and did well. The team was led by co-captains Julie Quinn and Erica Coles. Their team- mates were: Freshman Michelle Boucher, who placed 8th in the Northern Area meet — jr. varsity and 16th in Northeast Con- ference meet. Sophomore Maresol Milham who placed 19th in the Northern Area meet — varsity and 2nd in the N.E.C. and All- Star N.E.C. Juniors Margaret Hale, Pam Baldwin, and Beth Bertolino. Seniors Jen- nifer Peacock and Laurie Muller. All of these girls were coached by Mrs. Erwin, who did a fine job. Lynn-English — 18-40 Marblehead — 19-36 Salem — 24-31 Beverly — 23-32 Winthrop — 25-32 Swampscott — 25-38 150 Top row: Pam Baldwin, Erica Coles, Belh Bertolino, Michelle Boucher. Bottom row: Coach Ms. Erwin, Jennifer Peacock. Maresol Mtlham, and Julie Quinn. Missing: Laurie Muller and Margaret Hale. G I Senior Jen Peacock Co-Captain Julie Quinn n in r 1 This season Maryellen Callahan coached the Girls Tennis Team to a winning season of fourteen and four which qualified them for the State Tournament. The varsity singles squad was made up of first singles, senior and co-captain Kristin McCormick, second position, freshman Susan Turner and a split third position be- tween juniors Amy Olson and Kelly Ekborg. The varsity doubles league consisted of first doubles senior and co-captain Betsy Rich and senior Noelle Nickerson, in second position were senior Katy Connors and junior Kerrie Callahan. In the junior varsity were juniors Jane Rich, Kathleen Murray, and Lori Monbour- quette, sophomores Meredith McKenna and Sherri-Lynn Dutton and freshman Carolyn Hunt. Overall the girls had an energetic and successful team. Each player showed their ability and strength in the game throughout the season. Gloucester at Marblehead - 4 Marblehead at Gloucester Beverly at Gloucester 4- 1 Gloucester at Beverly Gloucester at Winthrop 5-0 Winthrop at Gloucester English at Gloucester 5-0 Gloucester at English Gloucester at Classical 5-0 Classical at Gloucester Gloucester at Salem 5-0 Salem at Gloucester Gloucester at Saugus 4- 1 Saugus at Gloucester Gloucester at Swampscolt 1 - 4 Swampscotl at Gloucester Danvers at Gloucester 5-0 Gloucester at Danvers 152 Bac k row: Amy Olson, Kerrie Callahan, Jane Rich, Sherri-Lynn Dutton, Kathleen Murray, Meredith McKenna, Lori Monlxnirquetle, Carolyn Hunt, Susan Turner. Kel- ly Ekborg and coach Maryellen Callahan. Front row: Betsy Rich, Katy Connors, Noelle Nickerson and Kristin McCormick. Co-Captains Betsy Rich and Kristin McCormick Callahan dth Coach Maryellen 0 L F This year the Golf Team had a very good season under the direction of Coach Bob MacEachern. The team was one of the largest in recent years, comprised of seven seniors, three juniors, five sophomores and two freshmen. It was led by Captain David Sanborn who also represented Gloucester in the Northeastern Conference individual match in Beverly. This year was particularly pleasing for Coach MacEachern because all of the team members made a contribution to its success. The highlight of the teams season was beating Beverly 6V2 to 5 2 in one of the most important matches of the year. Next year’s team will have six returning lettermen which should make the Golf team a contender for first place in the Northeasten Conference. Captain David Sanborn and Coach Bob MacEachern. MIKE LEAVITT JAMIE TURNER BRIAN ERWIN SCOTT FALK JASON GOVE From L lo R, Row 1: Chris Lewis, Rick Gerring, John Biochao, Mike Muniz, Ryan Patrican, David Jewell, Jerry Cusumano. Jason Gove. Jerry Ciaramitaro. Keith Harris Row 2: David Gove, Coach Dave Curley, Assist. Coach Jan Collins, Assist. Coach Mike Horne, Nat Smith, Mark Teixeira, Dan McRae, Nick Michaelson, Greg Perry, Mike Jewell, Armando Marnoto Row 3: Derek Geary, Brian Church, Billy Peacock, Eric Bichao This year’s varsity hockey team record does not indicate the progress and success that the 85- 86 season saw. Certainly the contributions of many seniors will be missed next year, but have laid the foundation on which future hockey teams will build. Some of this year’s highlights included the con- sistent offensive production of David Jewell (5 goals- 1 game) and second highest goal scorer in GHS history. His linemates, Capt. Jerry Ciaramitaro and Rick Gerring. The consistent defensive play of Ryan Patrican and John Bichao was instrumental in all team victories. The ability of next year’s team to fill the posi- tions vacated by senious Jerry Ciaramitaro, Mike Muniz, Jason Gove, Chris Lewis, and Keith Harris will determine how successful the 86-87 hockey team will be. Won-6 Lost- 10 Tied-2 Tri-Captains Ryan Patrican, Jerry Cusumano, David Jewell with Coach Dave Curley M C) O X John Bichao Keith Harris Jerry Cusumano Rick Gerring David Jewell Ryan Patrican Chris Lewis uniz The Boy’s Basketball Team for 1985-86 worked their way through a rebuilding season. With only 2 returning lettermen the inexperience of the Fishermen cost them many close games in the early part of the season. The second part of the season was marked with a great improvement in Gloucester’s play with the highlights coming in exciting wins over Marblehead 56-54 and Beverly 49-47. The team was led by the fine play of Seniors Glen Aikens (co-captain) Dan Jackson (co-captain), and Mike Leavitt. The Junior members of the team were Brien Anderton, Scott Fulford, David Jones, Mark Noseworthy, Mike Oliver, and Mark Provost. The sophomores were Dan King and Phil Muller. The one Freshman was Mike Murray. The following awards were received: MVP. — Mike Leavitt, COACHES AWARD — Glen Aikens, 1NTERRANTE AWARD — Dan Jackson, and the PLAYERS AWARD — was given to Mike Oliver. The leading scorer for this year’s team was Junior Mark Provost who averaged 12.3 ppg. With the experience gained by this year’s Fishermen look for things to improve greatly for the 1986-87 Boy’s Basketball Team. Danny Jackson, Coach Bob McEachern, Glenn Aikens Lynn Classical 73 Gloucester 53 Gloucester 48 Salem 38 Saugus 67 Gloucester 58 Gloucester 53 Winchester 77 Swampscotl 75 Gloucester 59 Gloucester 61 Marblehead 66 Gloucester 51 Beverly 67 Gloucester 5 7 Winthrop 73 Lynn English 67 Gloucester 58 Gloucester 55 Lynn Classical 71 Danvers 68 Gloucester 54 Salem 75 Gloucester 52 Gloucester 64 Saugus 77 Gloucester 65 Swampscotl 80 Marblehead 54 Gloucester 56 Beverly 47 Gloucester 49 Winthrop 87 Gloucester 70 Gloucester 55 Lynn English 80 Gloucester 61 Danvers 81 158 Back row: Phil Muller, Scoll Fulford, Mike Murray, Mark Noseworthy. Deacon Jones, Mike Leavitt, Dan King, Mike Oliver. Mark Provost. Brian Anderlon. Coach Bob McF.achern. Front row: Co-Captains Glen Aikens, Dan Jackson. Glenn Aikens Mike Leavitt Danny Jackson r i B A S K E T B A L L C H E E R Julie Quinn Gina Sutera Dawn Muise 1st row: Cathy Virgilio, Dawn Muise. Lorinda Barry (J.V. Coach). Mrs. Asaro (Coach — Varsity), Gina Sutera, Julie Quinn, Gay Parisi. 2nd row: Michelle Palazzola, Ann-Marie Eastman, Gail Gordon. Petrina Katsikas, Nicole Imbruone. Ann-Marie Wentl. Nicole Demetri. 3rd row: Jackie Amero, Sue Greely, Diana Palazzola. Michelle McAurthur, Genele White, Sheri Guarasi. 4th row: Traci Rose. Lucy Caruso. Kelly Bagle, Amy Watson. Nicole Gasper, Michelle Demetri. Back Row. L to R: Francisco da Rosa. Peter Ciaramelaro, Colonel Silva, Anja Corben, Dan Hand. Front Row, L to R: Roy Sutherland, Miguel Brito. Katy Eric-son. Ben Ferrini, Buddy Doucette. The Gloucester Rifle Team had a surprisingly successful season this year. With only two return- ing shooters, and eight new, the team won the Metropolitan Rifle League championship and the trophy for the third year in a row. The team unfor- tunately broke a 26 match winning streak with a bad at Braintree. Gloucester also defeated New Bedford in two out-of-league matches. Junior Ben Ferrini had a marvelous season and often pulled Gloucester out of close matches. He also was the fourth best shooter in the league. Ex- change student Miguel Brito was a pleasant sur- prise who shot a constant high score. Captain Katy Ericson, Peter Ciarametaro, Buddy Doucette, and Roy Sutherland also helped a great deal in the matches. Tim Sampson, Anja Corben, Francisco da Rosa, and Dan Hand contributed their share to the season. SCORES Gloucester 795 Opponent 784 Braintree 814 757 Bedford 812 825 Malden 843 834 Boston Latin 794 798 Braintree 863 800 Bedford 839 829 Malden 841 835 Boston Latin R I F L E T E A M Colonel Silva, Katy Ericson — captain 161 If: Despite a misleading 4-14 record, the G.H.S. Girls Basketball team played an ex- citing and eventful season. It was a season during which Coach Ron Bielicki stressed fun and enjoyment of the game. Gloucester was a competitive team and was also a spoiler. Two of the team’s wins were against Lynn English and Danvers on the last two games of the year. The win against Enlish ruined their state tournament hopes. The win against Danvers was a home game and the last for the seniors and for Coach Bielicki. The team was led by it’s four seniors, co- captains Jill Burnham and Mary Jane Favaz- za, Terri Del Torchio, and Colleen Gove. Juniors on the roster included N.E.C All Star Beth Bertolino, Lisa Sutera, Christine Burke, Kim LaFlam, and Lea Doyle. For the first time ever a freshman, Wendy Larsen got her feet wet playing in seventeen Varsity games. The season was one of improvement. Seniors Burnham, Del Torchio, and Gove all came alive for over 100 rebounds. Bertolino threw in over 200 points. It was also a record breaking season. The team broke it’s all time season rebound record grabbing 810 and shots taken with 1117. Individual- ly, Mary Jane Favazza leaves G.H.S. holding the season assists record (110), free throw % (60%), consecutive games played (38), assists for a game (13), and career assists (176). 1985-86 G.H.S. Varsity — Girls Basketball Record G.H.S. Opponent 1-0 won G.H.S.39 Classical 31 1-1 lost G.H.S. 35 Salem 52 2-1 won G.H.S. 46 Lincoln Sudbury 44 (o.t.) 2-1 lost G.H.S. 35 Saugus 56 2-3 lost G.H.S. 30 Swampscott 57 2-4 lost G.H.S. 33 Brockton 51 2-5 lost G.H.S. 39 Marblehead 40 2-6 lost G.H.S. 41 Beverly 58 2-7 lost G.H.S. 33 Winthrop 56 2-8 lost G.H.S. 41 Lynn English 47 3-8 won G.H.S. 51 Lynn Classical 31 3-9 lost G.H.S. 56 Danvers 60 3-10 lost G.H.S. 49 Salem 70 3-11 lost G.H.S. 41 Saugus 67 3-12 lost G.H.S. 50 Swampscott 52 3-13 lost G.H.S. 45 Marblehead 50 3-14 lost G.H.S. 27 Beverly 46 3-15 lost G.H.S. 47 Winthrop 60 4-15 won G.H.S. 49 Lynn English 34 5-15 won G.H.S. 50 Danvers 35 162 Coach Bielicki, Jill Burnham, Mary Jane Favazza, Coach Olson. Front row. I. to R: K laflam. T Dellorchio. J Burnham. M Faca za. C ( aw. LSulera. Back row. I. to H: Coach Biclicki. I. Nogelo. W Larsen, J Virgilio. I. Dovlc. B Ber- tolino. K Cunningham. C Burke. Coach Olson. TERRI DELTORCHIO COLLEEN GOVE MARY JANE FAVAZZA JILL BURNHAM The team had a winning season with a record of five wins and four losses. They were the only winning team during the winter season. They started off with four tough teams: Winthrop, Swampscott, Bever- ly, and Marblehead, and lost them all. But the team kept a steady head with the guidance and support of David Dunsky and came through the rest of the meets with well earned wins. These wins included a spec- tacular win against Danvers at the end of the season where everyone on the team gave their all and succeeded in doing the best that they had done all year. Winthrop Swampscott Beverly Marblehead Saugus Lynn Classical Salem English Danvers 164 Capt. Jim Silviera with Coach Dave Dunski and Alan Fosberry Jim Silviera Alan Fosberry Scott Falk Joe Linquata Back row: Scott Barry. Mike Rhodes, Anthony Parisi, Mike Carter, Rick Becker. Steve Marshall, Adam Mondello, Aaron Cillufo, Coach Dave Dunski. Front row: Steve Knowles, Joe Linquata. Brian Erwin. Capt. Jim Silviera, Alan Fosberry, Jamie Turner, Scott Falk, John Munroe. B 0 Y S I N D 0 0 R T R A C K Mike Rhodes Anthony Parisi Steve Knowles Rick Becker 165 It was a very enjoyable season but, unfor- tunately not a winning one. Every member of the team worked hard and improved markedly throughout the winter and many of them will return to run next year. The team awarded a Most Valuable Player Award to Margaret Hale, due to the fact that she scored in every meet, and a Most Improved Player t o Freshman Kristen Costa. Michelle Boucher received the Coaches Award. SEASON’S RECORDS Gloucester Opponent 36 50 Marblehead 52 34 Salem 51 33 Lynn English 39 47 Danvers 36 50 Swampscott 26 58 Beverly 24 62 Winthrop !op, 1 lo R: Lisa Warren. Michelle Boucher. Susan Turner, Bora Erdos, Kristin Costa, Jennifer Ekborg, Cindy Johnson, Lee Ann Verga. Donna MacDonald Bottom L to H: Margaret Hale. Jennifer Parisi, Julie Barusso, Ruthann Philbrook, Jennifer Peacock. Erica Coles, Pam Baldwin. Jennifer Peacock From left to right: Coach Lisa Warren, Captain Ruthanne Philbrook, Captain Jennifer Peacock, Assistant Coach Donna MacDonald. Ruthanne Philbrook The Gloucester High School Gymnastics team had a season of hard work, and some well deserved results. Spirits were high and it showed! Much thanks to our senior co- captains Ann-Marie Cody and Jill Haberland who both did a good job. Special congratula- tions go to Ann Libro for placing third on balance beam at the Northeastern Con- ference meet. During the season, each team member participated on a variety of the four events: floor exercise, vault, balance beam and uneven bars. Two members, Ann-Marie Cody and Ann Libro were All-Around com- petitors. This years newcomers show much promise for the future. Jill Haberland Ann Marie Cody Ann Libro 168 Jessica Flynn Kellie Coonie ■■I GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS TEAM: Left to right: coach, Marie Pavini, Ruth Benoit, Ann Libro, Jessica Flynn, co-captains, Ann-Marie Cody and Jill Haberland, Lori Hautula, Charri Guarissi, Kelly Cooney. Front: Cindy Parisi. The 1986 Gloucester High School Baseball Team’s season was a disappointing one. It’s record was 3-15 in the Northeast conference and 3-17 overall, the team played two non-league games with Billerica. Even though it was a disappointing year for the Fishermen and Coach Kevin Goodhue, there were a few bright spots. The Fisher- men were a young team with little varsity ex- perience but have potential for future years. There were only five seniors on the team. However, they took the responsibility of be- ing team leaders and they provided consis- tent play. Another bright spot was the play of junior second baseman Scott McKay who received the MVP trophy and was named to the All Conference Team. Even though the team only enjoyed three wins, they never gave up throughout the whole year. They started out slow, losing their first ten games, but came back winning three out of ten in the last half of the year against the always tough Northeast Con- ference teams. The co-captains Phil Mineo and Dan Jackson had a fine year and pro- vided good leadership. Not only were they good hitters but also were outstanding in the field. The other seniors were Tim Oakes, Anthony Parisi and David Sanborn who all started and contributed throughout the season. Being a young team, the Fishermen are looking forward to next year. There were five underclassmen who started. They were infielders Deacon Jones, Scott McKay, An- thony Lucido and Jay Pallazola. Also, juniors Scott Fulford, Brian Porter and Dan- ny McRae did some of the pitching for the Fishermen. Jones and Jackson also pitched. The fighting Fishermen showed character throughout the year and also kept a positive attitude. They never let down when the going was tough. They consistently bounced back and played hard. They should be proud of themselves and be commended for their efforts. Won 3 Lost 13 f ront rov . I. In R Tim Oakes. Anthonv Parish Dan Jackson. I’hil Mmeo. Davit) Sanhorn. Poach Kevin Goodhue. Back row. I. lo K: Dan McRae. Ja Pala ola. Scott Kulford. Deacon Jones. Brian Porter. Anthonv I.ucido. Anthonv Parco. Stoll McKav - ■ " , - « ■ The 1986 girls softball team had a decent year in what proved to be a tough Nor- theastern Conference. The final record was 8 wins and 10 losses but the record does not indicate the effort the girls had to make and did make throughout the season. The team was led by seniors Colleen Gove (catcher), Terri DelTorchio (2nd), Mary Jane Favazza (right), Jill Burnham (left field), and Tory MacNeil (outfield). All made a big contribution to the team, and in recognition of her performance, Mary Jane Favazza was named a Northeast Conference All-Star. The season was a mixture of convincing wins and disappointing losses. The team bats could do wonders in some games, and then seemed to go silent in others. However, the team was not eliminated from state tour- nament participation until the final week of the season. Girls who gained experience this year and who will be counted on next year include Kim Laflam, Elena Loiacano, Lisa Sutera, Wendy Larsen, Brenda Muller, and Theresa Asaro. Although this years team did not possess a great amount of talent, it did possess the willingness to work hard. Each player gave what she had, and the result was a com- petitive team that never gave up. CHS OPPONENT 2 Lynn English 5 10 Lynn Classical 3 6 Salem 16 6 Saugus 7 21 Swampscott 0 11 Marblehead .1 7 Beverly 2 10 Winthrop 5 5 Danvers 11 0 Lynn English 7 17 Lynn Classical 5 4 Salem 8 3 Saugus 12 16 Swampscott 4 11 Marblehead 1 7 Berverly 8 1 Winthrop 6 2 Danvers 4 Won 8 Lost 1 0 front row. I. to R: Coleen Gove, katja Litchfield. Teri DelTorehio. Jill Burnham. Tors McNeil. Mary Jane Fasazza. Back row, L to R: Teresa Asaro. Janine Scole, Bren- da Mullen. Lissa Nogelo. Kim LaFlam. Lisa Sutera, Wends Larsen, Flaina Loiacano, Coach Greg Smith. Mary Jane Favazza Tory McNiel Terri DelTorehio Coleen Gove Coach Smith s 0 f t b a 1 1 173 The boys spring track team finished the season with a 2-7 record. The team was led by seniors Alan Fosberry, Mike Carter, Steve Sutera, Miguel Brito, and Rick Becker. Sophomores Aaron Cilluffo, Joe Pasquina, Adam Mondello, and Matt Moynahan teamed up with juniors Nick Michealson, John Asaro, Cory Shore, and freshman Ivan Ularich to complete the team. They had some good individual perfor- mances, but lacked experience and depth. Coach Matt Abatessa enjoyed the season and wishes the best of luck to the seniors next year. Won 2 Lost 7 Bark rim. I. to K: C ' .oach Marsellm Callahan. Phil Muller. Cars Wilson. |)errk Gears. Busts Bologna. Front row. L to R: Brian Frwin, Jason Miller, Greg Harvey. Jim Sthiera. Jamie Turner. Scott Falk. Krir Mitchell. Aaron Ciluffo, Corey Shore Steve Sutera Miguel Brito Alan Fosbery This year’s girls spring track team was young and inexperienced. Many of the girls were new to track and although the team had talent, and the will to do well, they did not have much luck. They only won one meet out of the nine they competed in but their ef- forts and growth was outstanding. Coach Lisa Warren helped to make the season en- joyable and the team thanks her for that. Jen says “Good Luck” to Jigaboo! Won 1 Lost 8 176 Back row. L lo R. J. D. MacEachern, Coach Lisa Warren. Michelle Boucher. Keely W ebster. Liz Griffen. Leanne Verga. Jennifer Parish Melissa. Cand] v-orben, Cindy Parisi. Rebecca Ciarnataro. Coach Annette Trupiano. Middle row: Mamie Brown, Rosie Lourenco, Celeste Neisner, Christa Johnson, Peti Amanda McKay, Harriet Carr, Susan Turner. Bora Erdos. Front row: Beth Bertolino, Amy Olson, Jen Peacock, Ruthann Philbrook, Erica Coles, Jo-Jo Corrao, i Foster. Kristen Cooper, Pam Baldwin. Jennifer Peacock Joann Corrao 1986 Boy’s Tennis Congratulations to the Boy’s Tennis Team for their outstanding season. They placed 3rd in the Northeastern Conference with a 14 win and a 14 loss record. They qualified for the State Tennis Tournament and the first round lost a very close (2-3) match to the 4th seeded Arlington High School. Arl- ington then advanced to the finals and lost to Lynnfield High School. It was the first loss for Arlington in 75 matches. Team Line up and Background 1st Singles Senior Captain Jim Silveira played at first singles for three years. 16 wins and 2 losses in 1986, 14 wins and 4 losses in 1985. State individual tournament — 1986 advanced to 3rd round. Nor- theastern conference all-star 1st singles, and Team MVP 1986. 2nd Singles Senior Scott Falk, 13 wins and 6 losses. Honorable Men- tion at 2nd Singles — Northeastern Con- ference. 3rd Singles Sophomore Derek Geary, 10 wins and 3 losses, Honorable Mention at 3rd Singles — Northeastern Conference 1st Doubles Seniors Brian Erwin and Jason Miller, 13 wins and 5 losses. Ad- vanced to 3rd round in State individual tour- nament, Honorable Mention at 1st Doubles Northeastern Conference. 3rd Doubles Sophomores Phil Muller and Gary Wilson, 13 wins and 3 losses. Advanced to 3rd round of State individual tournament. Nor- theastern Conference All Star Runners up 2nd Doubles. Rounding out the squad were Seniors Busty Bologna, Eric Mitchell, Jamie Turner who filled in varsity matches during the season when needed. Gloucester Classical Salem Saugus Gloucester Marblehead Beverly Gloucester Gloucester English Gloucester Gloucester Gloucester Swampscott Gloucester Gloucester tnthrop Danvers English Gloucester Gloucester Gloucester Swampscott Gloucester Gloucester Winlhrop Danvers Gloucester Classical Salem Saugus Gloucester Marblehead Becerly Gloucester Gloucester 178 Coach Maryellen Callahan with Co-Capts. Jim Silviera and Greg Harvey Jim Silviera Scott Falk Brian Erwin Jason Miller Back rove, L lo H: Joseph Pasquina. Corey Shore. Frank Militello, Ivan L ' larich. Adam Mondello. Middle row. L to R: Matthew Moynahan. Robin Rhodes, Brian Parisi. Aaron Cilluffo, Ernest Becker. Phil Harvey. William Doucette. Coach Matt Abalessa. Front row, L to R: Miguel Brito. Alan Fosberry, Steve Sutera. Eric Mitchell Greg Harvey Jamie Turner Busty Bologna May 7. Lee, where’s your bippy today? 13. Happy B-Day Shelly 13. John Monroe gets a $2000 obligation 14. But why can’t we have “Freebird”? 14. I was born a scene. 1 was born, and it was a scene 17. Happy B-Day Marie 20. Happy B-Day Marianne 2 1 . Seniors hold classes at Good Harbor Beach to play some V-ball and take in the rays. Underclassmen, Eat your hearts out! 22. Seniors Last Day 7 Katja, and Betsy get “BOOTED” 22. Greg Harvey makes a break for it, but Fred White always gets his man 24. Happy B-Day Rosalie Linda 25. Happy B-Day Katja 26. Don’t forget to shake ask JQ and AC 29. Happy B-Day Ann and Carlos 29. PROM!!! June 1 . Pass it on . . . ask MM, AC, KM, KL, and KL 2. Happy B-Day Amy H. 4. Caps and gowns all around! 4. Girls, Can’t you sing a little bit louder? 7. Senior Awards Night. MJ you might need to build a bookcase! 8. GRADUATION ’86!!! 8. Mr. W. says Senior Class forgets their friends! 10. Sand storm at the Beach 1 1 . The Olivia’s meet the Eric’s under their tree. 180 n.» 184 SPIRIT This year’s Spirit Week was different than any other year. A contest was held between the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes. Each day, people would sign up for their class if they were dressed in the costume for that particular day. At the end of the week, the class with the most points received a discount on tickets to the Outrageous Day Dance. In the beginning of the week, the Junior class was out in front. However, the Senior class made a terrific come back. The Freshman and Sophomore classes were com- pletely washed out of the competition. Very few people from these classes were dressed in costumes. The Senior and Junior classes fought it out to the bitter end. The competition resulted in a tie between the Seniors and Juniors. It was a fun week as usual with the competition increasing the excitement. 186 Present Members Officers: Mary Jane Favazza, President Ma rie Cafasso, Vice-President Allyson Jenkins, Secretary Amy Hubbard, Treasurer Kim Bertolino, Librarian Seniors: Glenn C. Aikens Timothy Bailey Chris Brown Jill Burnham Christine Burns Chris Carroll Cristin Connors Katherine Ericson Scott Falk Janine Ferrant Giacomo Ferrara Thomas Flannagan Marilyn Fortado Ronald Garron Pamela Gleason Stephanie M. Gove Kristen Hautala Murriam Khambaty Julie Latassa Karen Lattof Joseph P. Linquata Michele K. Loomis David Lovasco Jill Maguire Kristin Marchant Anthony Milone Marlene Mitchell Pamela Movalli John Munro Noelle Nickerson Christine Noble Tim Oakes Denise Palazzola Gina Parisi Tonia M. Porper Marie Powers James Robertson Michelle A. Rose Sean C. Ross Karen Spinola Michael E. Vagos Carlos Vergas N.H.S. INDUCTION Neu Members Seniors: Miguel Brito John Frontiero Roger Lee Mary Beth Noseworthy Patrick O ' Connor Alfred Zadig Juniors: Laurel Ackerman David Jones Alicia Aiello Wendy Kariores Kara Banks Kristen Kincade Johanna Brodzinsky Sandra Kopanon Donald Brown Kimberly Laflam Kellie Brown Elaina Loiacano Mamie Brown Kerry Looney Frank Capone Anthony Lucido Amy Carroll Scott McKay Erica Coles Frank S. Militello Kristen Cooper Nancy Newman Stephen Cote Mark Noseworthy Ralph Cunha Patrick Oder Krista Cunningham Jerome Ryan Eric Dombrowski Corey Shore Joanne Favalora Robert Standley Benjamin Ferrini Frank Storniolo Jessica Flynn Ralph Tarbox Susan Foster Mark Teixera Michael Gaipo David Witek Michael Jewell Pam Wright ACADEMIC RECOGNITION Outstanding Achievement in Art Scholastic Art Awards John Harvey Jennifer Tibbo Alfred Zadig Ceramics Darrin Merchant Photography Joseph Linquata Robert Slandley Jennifer Tibbo Alfred Zadig Commercial Art Kerry Looney Drawing Amanda McKay Gallic Woodrum Painting Rosalie Marino Outstanding Achievement in Business Most Outstanding Senior Anita Davis Outstanding Achievement in Shorthand Transcription Brenda Frontiero Outstanding Achievement in Office Practice Michele Loomis Outstanding Achievement in Accounting Timothy Oakes Outstanding Junior David Witek Outstanding Achievement in English Seniors Mary Jane Favazza Juniors Krista Cunningham Susan Kopanon Sophomores Liisa Nogelo Justine Anderton Grace Giambanco Freshmen Michele Boucher Jeremy Ingalls Poetry Contest Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Jennifer Cavanaugh Amy Klopotoski Robert Tarr Outstanding Achievement in Home Economics Outstanding Achievement in Occupational Childcare Keri Hurst Gina Sutera Outstanding Achievement in Clothing Rosalie Marino Outstanding Achievement in Foods Mary Beth Noseworthy Outstanding Achievement in the Alliance Program Outstanding Achievement in Outdoor Skills Joan Viator Outstanding Alliance Community Member Sherry Estes Outstanding Achievement in Leadership Skills Jim Patrican Outstanding Academic Achievement Mary Moore Frank Johnson Most Athletic Team Player Aaron Williams 190 NIGHT Outstanding Achievement in Language Excellence in German Laurel Ackerman Excellence in Spanish Benjamin Ferrini Erica Coles Excellence in French Shari-Lyn Dutton Wendy Kariores Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics James Robertson Glenn Aikens Computer I, II Miguel Brito Jill Burnham Katherine Ericson Scott Falk Mary Jane Favazza Kristin Merchant Steve Quince Sean Ross Kenneth Stewart Miguel Brito Outstanding Achievement in Science Jill Burnham Gary Wilson Robert Tarr Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Biology Miguel Brito Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Chemistry Glenn Aikens Outstanding Achievement in Physics Alicia Aiello Outstanding Achievement in Biology David Murray Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry Gary Wilson Bausch and Lomb Award Robert Standley Outstanding Acheivement in Social Studies World History — Grade 9 David Murray U.S. History — Grade 10 Elisa Ascenso 20lh Century W ' orld — Grade 1 1 Sandra Kopanon Outstanding Achievement in the Vocational Department Most Outstanding in Automotive Program Kevin Hicks Outstanding in Automotive Douglas Mac Arthur Outstanding Achievement in Electrical Program Jerome Ciaramitaro Outstanding Achievement in Electronic Theory John Frontiero Outstanding Achievement in Electrical Application Nicholas S. Taormina Outstanding Achievement in Carpentry Program Wayne LaFond Outstanding Achievement in Carpentry Theory Beth Mason Outstanding Achievement in House Building Program Gino Motillaro Outstanding Achievement in Machine Shop Joseph Walsh Bryan E. Church Outstanding Achievement in Machine Program Michael Jewell Most Conscientious Student in Machine Shop Francis Gibbs Most Improved in Machine Shop John C. Burroughs Excellence in Graphic Arts Brian B. Ellis Kellie Brown Elizabeth Ellis Kim Palrican 191 197 hi M .. I % m -4 Wmm: t m J»r — ... . GRADUATION EXERCISES Class of 1986 GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL Sunday June 8, 1986 1:30 o ' clock w mmm . i » •. . 1 . Mr. Anthony Corrao Class Officers resident — Janine Lisa Ferrant Secretary • ' " ice President — Gregory P. Verga Treasurer W h:M Julie Processional — Pomp and Circumstance u. 6 a. Gloucester High School Band Direction of Mr. Mark Hickey • J •• ••• Dr. Charles Symonds Invocation . Rev. Eugene Alves Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key I Senior Class and Audience w. Present the Class of 1986 Flag Salute . . Greetings from the Laty Address Class Song: Senior Class Members Led by Cadet ColoneHGlenn E. Perry • V. Mayor Richard R. Silva PatricMKpTConnor • . “Theme from Mahogany” fected by Mr. Alan Hart Debra A, Mahoney President of the Cl J|s of 1 986 Janine Lisa Ferrant • Jf J. President of the Class of 1987 Amy Powers Address . . 11 . . MM . Eilfl| H Awards and Chairman of the School Committee — Richard Josephson Superintendent — Alphon Sweklaj Principal — Dr. Charles wmorids . . v . . ■ ■ ■ ■■ Alfred T. K. Z|(fig$p7 Recessional i • • ..... • " ' 5 -,. Gloucester High School Band Address Presentation of Class Gift ... Acceptance of Class Gift Congratulations to the Class of 1986! Clifford W. Adams Jr. Brian Christopher Erwin Laurie A. Lovasco Tonia Marie Porper Wendy Marie Agostini Sherry Lynn Estes Consti Lumbruno Marie V. Powers Michael Aiello Scott William Falk Robert Bruce Lycett Steven Quince Glenn Clement Aikens Gina K. Favazza Doug MacArthur Julie Ann Quinn Maria F. Alba Mary Jane Favazza Jeana JMB Maciel Deborah R. Randazza Corina Allen Janine Lisa Ferrant Tory MacNeil Heather A. Ratcliff Barry S. Amaral Christina-Marie Rosa Ferrara Wayne Perry Madruga Michael Charles Rhodes Scott Amero Drew 0. Fiero Jill E. Maguire Elizabeth Ann Rich Suzanne E. Amero Carla Alexandra Figueiredo Debra A. Mahoney James W. Robertson Leslie Fay Anderson John P. Figueiredo Julie Ann Marcantonio Jennifer C. Robinson Timothy Curtis Bailey Alison T. Fitzpatrick Kristin Marie Marchant Christian W. Rodolosi Andrew S. Baker Thomas J. Flannagan Rosalie Marino Paulo G. Rodrigues Mary Ann Baptista Robert Edward Foley Jr. Darren Christopher Marques Gerald C. Rose Stephen P. Barkhouse Marilyn R. Fortado Kellie Yvonne Martin Michelle Ann Rose Ernest R. Becker III Alan William Fosberry Elizabeth Ann Mason Dorothy Frances Ross Kim Marie Bertolino Debbie Fowler Todd Vincent Mazzeo Sean Christopher Ross John Bichao Jr. Brenda Renee Frontiero Kristin Lynne McCormick Grace Jacklyn Russo Joseph A. Biondo David Anthony Frontiero Jeanine Marie McDonald Paul Salah Sebastian Bologna Dennis P. Frontiero Stephen McGovern David C. Sanborn Frank Paul Brancaleone John Anthony Frontiero Carleton Bruce McKay Jr. Anthony Sanfilippo Paul Frank Brancaleone Sean David Frost Fred Melanson Roseann Sanfilippo JoaquimJ. Braz Mary Jo Therasa Galante Giuseppe Mendola Johnna Rae Santos Paula-Ann Brigham Ronald A. Garron Jr. Darrin Keith Merchant James Anthony Sargent Miguel A. Brito Thomas A. Generazio Christopher W. Michaud Bea Saunders Christopher Brown Richard A. Gerring Jr. Melissa Millefoglie Gary H. Saunders Jr. Frank Brown Kenneth Shawn Gleason Jason B. Miller Kimberly Michelle Saunders Kevin J. Bruni Colleen A. Gove Anthony Peter Milone Sean Michael Scanlan David A. Burbine Donald F. Gove Jr. Philip R. Mineo Bridget Maria Sclafani Todd M. Burke Jason K. Gove Eric Christopher Mitchell Rosalie Linda Scola Daniel Scott Burnham Stephanie M. Gove Marlene Mitchell Earl Selig Jill A. Burnham Jean C. Griffin Joseph Carlo Moceri Cindy Lee Silva Christine Laura Bums Jill Elizabeth Haberland Kristen M. Moceri Christy Anne Silva Kevin P. Bums Barry Keith Hanrahan Heather Ann Moore David A. Silva Melissa Anna Cadan Gregory Henry Harvey Daniel S. Moriarty John F. Silva III Marie Kathleen Cafasso John Marshall Harvey Ann Morrissey Manuel P. Silva III Douglas C. Campbell Jr. Eric John Hautala Rebecca Marie Morrissey James M. Silveira Matthew M. Carignan Kristen Beth Hautala Karen Jean Moses Jaime Sinagra Christopher P. Carroll Debra-Jean Hawley Pamela Ann Movalli Michael Smith Michael R. Carter Paul. A. Hayes Dawn Elizabeth Muise Robert Arthur Sonia Jr. Jennifer Anne Cavanaugh Michael Joseph Heanue Laurie M. Muller Joseph Anthony Souza Jerome A. Ciaramitaro Kevin Edward Hicks Marianne Muniz Karen Michele Spinola Joseph A. Ciaramitaro Darlene E. Hidebrand Michael Wallace Muniz Natalie Marion Spinola Angela Marie Ciolino Barry E. Hodgkins John Coleman Munro Jr. Gary J. Stanton Geraldine A. Ciolino Sandra J. Home Edward Paul Nasser Gregory M. Stevens Amy M. Clayton Amy Elizabeth Hubbard Shirley Rebecca Nelson Kenneth James Stewart Catherine Ann Cluett Sean T. Hughes Noelle Grace Nickerson Nikki J. Stuart Ann-Marie Cody Keri Ann Hurst Christine B. Noble Austin John Sutera Paul D. Comeau Daniel R. Jackson Jr. Agnes-Anne Novello Gina Frances Sutera Cristin Elizabeth Connors David S. Jewell Mary Elizabeth Noseworthy Stephen Anthony Sutera Jr. Kathryn Elizabeth Connors Allyson Faye Jenkins Jared Noyes Eric Paul Sweet Traci Lynn Cooper Robert J. Jolly Timothy Robert Oakes Nicolo S. Taormina Joanne V. Corrao Susan Jeanne Joseph Bruce M. O’Connor Michael Anthony Tedesco Scott M. Costa Amy Beth Josephson Patrick C. O’Connor Charlene Teel Suzanne Louise Cote Murriam Jean Khambaty Melissa E. Officer Mary C. Testaverde Heidi Beth Crosby Thomas Kilmer Janine Marie Oliver Jennifer Christine Tibbo William M. Crowley Jr. Ronald B. Kimmence Jr. Constance Marie Orlando Michele M. Trudel Elisa Ann Curcuru Trish Kitchenmaster Dominic Anthony Orlando Salvatore Christopher Trupiano Janette Ann Cusick Steven D. Knowles Margaret M. Orlando Jamieson Forrest Turner Elizabeth L. Cusumano Naowarat Kongkaew Mark L. Orlando Marie Theresa Vadala Jerome Cusumano Matthew J. Lafata Denise Olimpia Palazzola Michael F. Vagos Susan J. Daley Kimberlee Ann LaFlam Anthony Pallazola Gregory P. Verga Anita Marie Davis Linda Ann LaRosa Wendy Jean Palmer Carlos A. Vergas Timothy S. Dawson Julie Ann Latassa Anthony J. Parisi Joan M. Viator Christina M. DeFreitas Karen Lattof Brian D. Prisi Shawna Walen J. Michelle DeGagne Daniel H. Leaman Jr. Frederick Joseph Parisi John R. West Francesca DeGregori J. Michael Leavitt Gina Marie Parisi Brenda Whitehead Richard “Joe” DeHaan Roger G. Lee III Scott Philip Parisi Aaron Williams Susana Dias Nicole Lefavour Antonio J. Pata Pamela A. Wonson Terri Deltorchio Christopher David Lewis James M. Patrican Ross M. Wonson Richard E. Devlin Joseph Patrick Linquata Kim M. Patrican George J. Wood Frederick H. Doucette Jr. Louis Keith Linquata Ryan John Patrican Peter A. Wright Ruth Ann Elizabeth Dupuis Katja Anne Litchfield Jennifer B. Peacock Alfred T. K. Zadig Jr. William E. Edmonds Jr. Michele K. Loomis Glenn E. Perry Peter Zappa Julie Anne Elwell Isabel Cristina Lourenco Ruthanne F. Philbrook Katherine Grace Ericson David Lovasco Sean M. Porper 217 Class 1. Lunch 2. Personal Growth 3. English 4. Study 5. Advance Biology 6. International Relations 7. Cooking 8. Acounting 9. Gym 10. Mech. Drawing Radio 1. WBCN 2. WZLX 3. WHTT 4. WXKS 5. WZOU 6. WHEB 7. WCGY 8. WMJX 9. WFNX 10. WROR Car 1. Porsche 2. Camera 3. Ferrari 4. Lambourghini 5. Jaguar 6. B.M.W. 7. Mercedes 8. Trans Am 9. Corvette 10. Volvo Extracurricular 1. Partying 2. Volleyball 3. G.H.S. Thespians 4. Sleeping 5. Dancing 6. Guitar 7. Tanning 8. Eating 9. Skiing 10. Singing 218 Sport 1. Football 2. Softball 3. Tennis 4. Basketball 5. Field Hockey 6. Skiing 7. Soccer 8. Volleyball 9. Baseball 10. Track Hangout 1 . Good Harbor Beach 2. Fort 3. Boulevard 4. Mall 5. Friendly’s 6. Reymond ' s Beach 7. Side Lot 8. Pool Room 9. Rich’s Cabin 10. McDonalds Food 1. Pizza 2. Chinese 3. Lasagna 4. Steak 5. Lobster 6. Mexican 7. Ice Cream 8. Clams 9. School Food??? 10. Chocolate Saying 1 . “How are ya?” 2. “One Pork Chop Tony’’ 3. “And What? " 4. “Hey Man, I ' m Freakin Out” 5. “Wayla” 6. “What ' s Up?” 7. “This is true " 8. “Buy for me” 9. “Don’t truck and W.A.F.A.” 10. “What the . . .” T. V. Show 1 . The Cosby Show 2. The Monkees 3. General Hospital 4. Family Ties 5. Miami Vice 6. Three s Company 7. Hunter 8. Highway to Heaven 9. Guiding Light 10. Cheers Actress 1 . Molly Ringwald 2. Meryl Streep 3. Marilyn Chambers 4. Ally Sheedy 5. Jessica Lang 6. Phoebe Cates 7. Linda Lovelace 8. Heather Thomas 9. Goldie Hawn 10. Joan Collins Album 1. Whitney Houston 2. Born in the U.S.A. 3. The Eagles Live 4. Zeppelin 4 5. The Big Chill 6. Under a Blood Red Sky 7. Dark Side of the Moon 8. Back in Black 9. Steve Miller’s Greatest Hits 10. Dream of the Blue Turtles Actor 1 . Clint Eastwood 2. Rob Lowe 3. Richard Gere 4. Bill Cosby 5. Eddie Murphy 6. Tom Cruise 7. Ronald Reagan 8. Charles Bronson 9. Sylvester Stallone 10. Tom Selleck Singer Group 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Whitney Houston 3. Bruce Springsteen 4. Aerosmith 5. Van Halen 6. Heart 7. U2 8. Dire Straits 9. Police 10. Doors Movies 1. Pretty in Pink 2. Sixteen Candles 3. The Breakfast Club 4. Back to the Future 5. Scarface 6. Breathless 7. Officer and A Gentleman 8. Raiders of the Lost Arc St. Elmo ' s Fire 9. Risky Business 10. The Color Purple Song 1 . “Stairway to Heaven” 2. “Dream On” 3. “Greatest Love of All” 4. “Freebird” 5. “I Will Follow” 6. “Hotel California” 7. “If You Leave” 8. “Helplessly Hoping” 9. “Beautiful Girl " 10. “Secret Lovers” 219 Last Will I. Joe Mendola leave all my Spanish homework to Krista Cunningham. She ' ll need it! I, Kellie Martin leave Heidi Crosby the blue bomber. I. Jason Gove leave my Dylan shrine to Derek G. I. Tonia M. Porper leave Cindy Tedeseo the Breakfast Routine. I. Keith Linquata leave Judy Linquata my grades, hopefully she will impro ve them. We, Gina P., Lee S., Julie M.. Elisa C. leave Carlos Vergas to bang his bongos alone. I, Gerald Rose leave Glenn Chatwood the quarter I owe him for the donut that I look from him. I. Maria Alba leave all my graduation troubles to Susan Hancock. I. Todd Mazzeo leave Pixie Cabral, my buddy. I, Margaret Orlando leave Grace Clooney and Josie Cottone to carry on the Mumzy tradition. I, Debbie Randazza leave Josie Cotone and Grace Clooney to carry on the Mumzy tradition. I, Janette Cusick leave Grace Clooney and Josie Cottone to carry on the Mumzy tradition. I. Doug Mcleod leave behind all the classes that I failed to anyone who wants them. I, Scott Falk leave Miguel my waffle racers and any other item he borrowed from me during the year. I, Marianne Muniz leave Julie, Kristine, Cathy and Erin lots of boring nights to drive around Gloucester. We, Leslie, Missy, and Rosalie leave Jo Ann Barbagallo and Maria Biondo Criminal minds. I, Tim Oakes leave Kerrie Callahan the weekend nights to stay in and do her homework. I, Elizabeth A. Rich leave my infatuation for Peter Avila to Erin Pratt and Jamie Rich. I, Tom Flannagan leave Mrs. Makkonen my grey polka dot tie. I, Eric Mitchell leave Mr. O’Maley alone. 1. Mary Jo Galante leave Kelly Muise to find her long lost boyfriend Jerry. I, Anthony Milone leave Eric Saulnier all my Christie Brinkley posters for his locker. I, Jo Jo Corrao leave Kristen Costa my tie-dyed boxer shorts and luck in the 880. We, the German 5 class leave Kristin Kincade any seat she wishes to choose and good luck in German 5. I, Chris Brown leaving nothing because I’m going to need it next year. I, Nikki Stuart leave senioridise to all the underclassmen and the power to the seniors. I, Alison FitzPatrick leave Frank Sanfilippo the material girl and the mouthpiece on the phone!!! I, Brian Erwin leave 20-50 lb. bags of cement to J. M. Brennan along with a forearm shiver. I, Jennifer Cavanaugh leave Kara Banks and Kristen Kincade all the Score candy bars and lollipops they can handle. I, Drew Fiero leave all my cut slips to my brother, Guy. I, Mary Jane Favazza leave to those following in my footsteps of “Jello” all the Strength and stability necessary to accomplish it. I, Chris Carroll leave 20 old issues of the NY Times to the class of 1987 who gets locker 1-142. I, Debbie Mahoney leave Jacqui Virgilio and Gary Wilson car keys to provide their own transportation. I, Katja Litchfield leave Tim Michel permission to wear his brother’s clothes. 1, Marilyn Fortado leave the fate of the earth in Mr. Brennan’s care. We, Leslie, Rosalie, Missy leave our criminal minds to Joanne Barbagallo and Maria Biondo. 1, Sean Frost leave the broken radio and all the clay to Duke, Moleman and Shane. I, Julie Latassa leave all of the leftover ambrosia to Amy Crowley. 1, Michael Rhodes leave Scott Barry and Deacon Jones my quickness off the ball. I, Kim Palrican leave Kellie Brown to the boring fourth block lunches and the aggravation of Mr. Struthers. I. Carlos Vergas leave my seniority to all the juniors and a “tang " a piece to all the guys. I, Ann-Marie Cody leave Deacon Jones a bottle of hydro-brophine hair conditioner. I, George Wood leave Ivan Ulraich all of natural charm and wit, and charisma, good luck. I, Kaly Ericson leave Arunus Martinonus to a state of total craziness and absurdity. I. Mike Tedeseo leave my love to Grace. I, Christine Burns leave my rubber chicken to Ruth Benoit. I, Steve Quince leave the squeeze bottle I stole to engage in water wars with fellow seniors on outrageous day to Mr. Brookes, " Thanks Dad! ' I, Jill Burnham leave my upper anatomy and a roll of economy brand to Wendy Larsen and Therese Asaro. I, Greg Verga nothing. I’m taking it with me. I, Jill Maguire leave Beth Kilmer the will power and ambition to stay awake during her classes. I, Joseph C. Moceri leave all the “Bips” to brother Busty Moe. I. Marie Vadala leave Daniel Kariores the key to the broom closet. I, Paul Comeau leave Cindi Parisi a pair of elephant shoes. I, Julie Marcantonio leave Josie Cottone my pink lipstick to use during first period study. I, Mark Orlando leave Joe Giacalone all my insults to use on Peter Bragg. I. Janine Oliver leave all my memories to my friends and John and never forget R.N.P.L.! I, Al Zadig leave my great liberal views to one Arunas Martinonis. I, Karen Lattof leave Deacon Jones mountains to make molehills out of . . . And Testament I, Anthony Pallazola leave Mr. Dahlgren the poster of Billy Squier and photos of Alice Cooper that are hanging in my locker. I, Heather Moore leave Judy Melanson all the left over filing cut slips. I, Mike Muniz leave Deacon Jones a manican to lead him about. I, Kristen Moceri leave Anthony Marcello my locker and a guitar pick. 1, Joe l.iquata leave my toe to the soccer team. 1. Gina Sulera leave title boss 2 to Grace Clooney. I. Rebecca Morrisey leave all my lost pens to whoever can find them. I, Melissa Cadan leave Jennifer Browere the best of luck in 1 987!!! I. Angela Ciolina leave Lucy Caruso to look at all the boys she wants but don ' t touch them. I, Dina Ciolino leave Beth and Ali Cheese pizza. I, Kathryn Elizabeth Connors leave Scott Berry (pork chop) one bra to be worn at all baseball games to prevent black eyes. I, Tory MacNeil leave Dawn and Jane eating cookies off the floor. I, Suzanne Cote leave Anne Manninen the dish pan she never uses and my creative dough dolls. I, Natalie Spinola leave Kelly Muise reluctantly behind. I, Christy Silva leave Kristen Orlando my pin “Go to hell world I ' m a senior! " I, Michelle Rose leave happily, graciously, and more willingly. 1, Linda Larosa leave Brian, Pam and Kim my (Bob’s) locker. I, Isabel leave Rosey to Diane gratefully. I, Allyson Jenkins leave Amy Klopoloski the pursuit of knowledge in this fine institution. I, Amy Hubbard leave my little sister Mary Lou my first floor locker in 3 years. I, Trish Kitchmasler leave Ali Dello Russo and Beth Fraga at all those wild, righteous parties. 1, Sandra Horne leave Beth Ellis my seat in the bathroom. I, Cindy Silva leave my toatrie rail pops to Ann-Marie Eastman. I, Noelle Nickerson leave Julie Barusso a night out with the girls. I, Frederick Doucette leave Fred White my 79 cent Bic lighter. I, Sherry Estes leave Kathy Mclear the power and control of the alliance program (P A.) Ha! I, John Munro leave a fifty pound bag of cement and a MIRV workhead to “Jungle " Jim Brennan. I, Ruthanne Philbrook leave Dawn Burke behind with one last year to go. I, Elisa Curcuru leave Jennette Thomas to Mr. K faithfully in first block study. I, David Lovasco leave my short jokes to a person smaller than Joe Linquata. 1, Melissa Millefoglie leave my arguments and opinions to a very deserving part of the class of 1987. I, James W. Robertson Jr. leave 180 days to the juniors. 1, Lee Scola leave Mike Giapo my new car to drive if he ever gets his license. I, Dan Leaman leave my nickname “Speman” to Mammal, White Shadow, Boo Boo. Schentady Boy, Creeping Horiac, Green Apple and the rest of G.H.S. Varsity soccer team. I, Denise O. Palazzola leave Trina Kerr in charge of the “bippy busters” T-shirts and Chris Rich in C.V.S. I, Cliff Adams leave Paulo Rodrigues a full can of mousse and a tube of hair gel. 1, Corina Allen leave the nickname “mom” to Kristen Arnold and all the good times with friends. 1, Tony Pata leave Maria the yard lady the keys to my car. 1, Jennifer Peacock leave Bill Peacock all the courses I didn ' t lake and all the marks I didn ' t get. I, Carl McKay leave this place for the second time and to my sister my skiing lessons. I, Darlene Hildelbrand leave Ebony Catherine and all jewelry to my sister Charlene, my money to my parents and all my love to all my family. 1, Ryan Patrican leave Jake. I, Janine Ferrant leave all of the headaches of being a senior class officer to Kelly Ekborg. I, Glenn Perry leave my knowledge of trick drill to Chucko DaRosa in hope of rebuilding the Grenadiers. 1, Elizabeth Mason leave T.C. and Ben to next year’s seniors. I, David Frontiero leave my Trans Am to all the skull heads. I, Marie Powers leave Amy and Jackie, finally! I, Scott Parisi leave “The Janitor” 1, Amy Clayton leave Dana Sargent behind for all the girls to look at! We, Mary and Terri leave Jo-Ann Barbagallo in charge of Bippy control. I, Dan Burnham leave Mike Smith to eat whatever he wishes. I, Becky Nelson leave Lesia Deveau all my extra credits that I don ' t need. 1, Karen Spinola leave my sister, Carla, all of her favorite animals to dissect in biology. 1, Jamie Turner leave to the class of “87” Chuck Symonds’ deal. 1, Paul A. Hayes leave my attitude to haunt and horrorify any of faculty who have troubled me in the past. I, Christine Noble leave Cathy Noble to follow in my footsteps and set an example for all the bippies. I, Jamie Sinagra leave my typewriter, that typed these pages to my girlfriend Elisa C. Colleges Student Cliff Adams Tim Bailey Kim Bertolino Chris Brown Daniel Burnham Jill Burnham Christine Bums Chris Carroll Jenifer Cavanaugh Geraldine Ciolino Catherine Cluett Ann-Marie Cody Paul Comeau Cristin Connors Katy Connors Joanne Corrao Suzanne Co te William Crowley Elisa Curcuru Janette Cusick Anita Davis Terri Deltorchio Frederick Doucette Katy Ericson Brian Erwin Scott Falk Mary Jane Favazza Drew Fiero Tom Flannagan David Frontiero Jason Gove Amy Hubbard Allyson Jekins Murriam Khambaty Patricia Kitchenmaster Julie Latassa Karen Lattof Daniel Leaman Joe Linquala Keith Linquala Katja Litchfield David Lovasco Tory MacNeil Jill Maguire Debra Mahoney Julie Marcantonio Rosalie Marino Kellie Martin Elizabeth Mason Kristin McMormick Carleton Mckay Joseph Mendola Darrin Merchant Mellissa Millefoglie Anthony Milone Eric Mitchell Attending College Northeastern University Tufts University Middlebury College Stonehill College Undecided Boston University Maria College Salam State College Regis College Fisher Junior College Framingham State College Dean Jr. College Wentworth Institute of Technology Stonehill College Plymouth State College Saint Joseph’s College Endicott College Wentworth Institute of Technology Essex Agriculture Institute Bay State Jr. College Marian Court Jr. College Essex Agricultural College Salam State College Cornell University St. Michaels College University of Vermont Smith College KGB Ithaca College North Shore Community College Wentworth Institute of Technology Bendey College Salam State College Tufts University Bay State Jr. College University of Vermont Plymouth State College Keene State College University of Lowell Framingham State University of New Hampshire University of Lowell Blain Hair School Simmons College St. Joseph’s College Becker Jr. College Endicott College Suffolk University ATI. Stonehill College North Shore Community College University of Lowell Alferd University of Ceramics of New York Computer Processing Institution Northeastern University Brewster Academy Colleges Attending Student College Joseph Moceri Northeastern University Heather Moore Burdett School Rebecca Morrissey University of Mass. Laurie Muller Bryant College Marianne Muniz Plymouth State College Micheal Muniz Southeastern Mass. University John Munro Saint Joseph College Edward Nasser Plymouth State College Noelle Nickerson Southeastern Mass. University Christine Noble Essex Agricultural Technical Institute Timothy Oakes Stonehill College Patrick O’Connor Cornell University Mellissa Officer Salam State College Dominic Orlando North Shore Community College Margaret Orlando Bay State Jr. College Mark Orlando North Adams State College Denise Palazzola Gerry Garcia’s Institute of Roses Anthony Pallazola Michelob University Gina Parisi Salam State College Scott Parisi University of Lowell Ryan Patrician Alabama State University Jennifer Peacock Champlain College Ruthanne Philbrook Salam State College Tonia Porper ATI Woburn Marie Powers Tufts University Steve Quince University of Lowell Julie Quinn University of Mass. Heather Radcliff North Shore Community College Debbie Randazza Bay Slate Jr. College Micheal Rhodes Curry College Elizabeth Rich Southeastern Mass. University James Robertson Brandeis University Christian Rodolosi Castleton State College Gerald Rose Wake Forest University Michelle Rose University of New Hampshire Sean Ross Brandeis University David Sanborn North Shore Community College Lee Scola U. of Main of Orono Cindy Silva North Shore Community College Jim Silveira New Hampshire College Jamie Sinagra Bradford College Karan Spinola Holy Cross College Natalie Spinola Newbury Jr. College Nikki Stuart Monsarette College of Art Gina Sutera Endicott College Mike Tedesco Hesser College Mary Testaverde Essex Agricultural Institute Jamie Turner University of Lowell Gregory Verga Berklee School of Music Carlos Vergas Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Brenda Whitehead Marion Court College George Wood Salam State College AJ Zadig University of Mass. 223 Scholarships Awards and Scholarships J. Franklin HackeU Educational Trust Scholarship , Inc. Award American Legion Scholarship, Lester S. I Voss Post No. 3 Friends of Boys Basketball Scholarship Agnes T. (Reardon) Brophy Memorial Scholarship Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Cape Ann College Women’s Club Scholarship Cape Ann Lodge Loyal Order of Moose No. 1471 Scholarship Cap’t. Cosmo and Alligator Scholarship Chargers Youth Program Scholarship The Bessie Cobleigh Memorial Scholarship Michael J. Condon Music Scholarship Contractors and Builders Association of Cape Ann Scholarship M. Clayton Cunningham Memorial Music Scholarship Patty Cusumano Memorial Scholarship East Gloucester Youth Program Scholarship The Mimi Fen-ini Art Scholarship Fire Fighter — Elmer A. Hurlburt Memorial Scholarship Louis M. Celler Scholarship Gloucester Business and Professional Women’s Club Scholarship Gloucester Lodge No. 892, Elks Scholarship Gloucester Emblem Club 339 Scholarship Gloucester Fishermen ’s Wives Association Scholarship C H S. Alumni Scholarship In memory of John H. Biggs, Jr. G.H.S. Football Boosters Club Scholarship Gloucester Little League Scholarship Gloucester Municipal Employees Union — Local 68 7 Scholarship Gloucester Teachers ' Association Scholarship in memory of J. Stanley Thompson Gloucester Woman’s Club Scholarship Harold Gould Memorial Scholarship Home Owners Federal Savings and Loan Jill A. Burnham Alan William Fosberry Glenn Clement Aikens Timothy Robert Oakes Glenn Clement Aikens Daniel R. Jackson, Jr. Michael Leavitt Jill E. Maguire Roger G. Lee III Sean Christopher Ross James W. Robertson Julie Ann Marcantonio Gina Marie Parisi Jaime Sinagra Joanne V. Corrao Ronald A. Garron, Jr. Barry E. Hodgkins Debra A. Mahoney Jennifer B. Peacock Scott Philip Parisi Salvatore Christopher Trupiano Scott Philip Parisi Carleton Bruce McKay, Jr. Jason B. Miller Ann Morrissey Rebecca Marie Morrissey Eric John Hautala Joseph A. Biondo Stephanie M. Gove Glenn Clement Aikens Stephen Anthony Sulera, Jr. Joanne V. Corrao Steven Quince Cindy Lee Silva Mary Jane Favazza Scott Philip Parisi Christine Laura Burns Christina M. DeFreitas Thomas J. Flannagan Alan W ' illiam Fosberry Ronald A. Garron, Jr. Barry E. Hodgkins Amy Elizabeth Hubbard Daniel R. Jackson, Jr. Roger G. Lee III Joseph Patrick Linquata Debra A. Mahoney Heather Ann Moore Michael Charles Rhodes Jill A. Burnham Timothy Robert Oakes Joseph A. Biondo Stephen Anthony Sutera. Jr. Joseph Anthony Souza Gina Frances Sutera ‘ Roger G. Lee III Timothy Robert Oakes Sean Christopher Ross Sean Christopher Ross Stephen Anthony Sutera. Jr. Roger G. Lee III Scott Philip Parisi Scott Philip Parisi 224 and Awards Honor Business Club Scholarship John Scott Hughes Scholarship Kiwanis Club of Gloucester Frances R. Kyrouz Memorial Scholarship James “Joe " Kyrouz Memorial Scholarship Charles A. Lowe Memorial Scholarship Magnolia Lions Club Scholarship The 1 949 Massachusetts State Football Champions Scholarship Peter J. Moceri Memorial Scholarship Nicholas Ottaway Memorial Scholarship Salvatore J. Piscitello Memorial Scholarship Sargent-Murray-Gilman-Hough House Association Award Saint Ann School Award John G. Silva Scholarship Toad Hall Scholarship The Nancy A. Webber Scholarship Utica Council 46, Degree of Pocahontas Scholarship Sawyer Medals It is customary to announce all Sawyer Medal winners since grade 8 who are members of the graduation class. Sawyer Medals were first awarded in the 8lh grade to the following top students. Glenn Clement Aikens, Crislin Elizabeth Connors. Kristin Marie Marchant. Jill A. Burnham, Katherine Grace Ericson. At the end of the 9th grade they were awarded to the following top stiidents who had not already received a Sawyer Medal. Mary Jane Favazza, Marie V. Powers. Marlene Mitchell, Karen Michele Spinola. In the 10th, 1 1th, and 12th grades they were awarded to the top boyjand girl for each year who had not previously received a Sawyer Medal. Grade 10 — Kim Marie Bertolino — Christopher P. Carroll Grade 11 — Murriam Jean Khambaty — James W Robertson Grade 12 — Christine Laura Bums — John Anthony Frontiero Departmental Awards French Book Prize ▼ II German Consulate Book Allard Spanish Book Prize KaMM % Elliot T. Parker English Book Award Roger G. Lee III Jason K. Gove Timothy Robert Oakes Sean Christopher Ross Michael F. Vagos Jennifer Christine Tibbo Carleton Bruce MrKav, J ■ Alfred T. K. Zadig. Jr. c Roger G. Lee III Julie Ann Latassa Michelle Ann Rose Julie Ann Marcantonio Katja Anne Litchfield Eric Christopher Mitchell Joseph Anthony Souza Rosalie Linda Scola Anita Marie Davis Glenn Clement Aikens Joanne V. Corrao Karen Michele Spinola Richard E. Devlin Amy Elizabeth Hubbard Heather Ann Moore Jennifer Christine Tibbo Jennifer Anne Cavanaugh Frederick H. Doucette, Jr. Allyson Faye Jenkins Mary Jane Favazza Kim Marie Bertolino Giuseppe Mendola Glenn Clement Aikens Mary Jane Favazza Mary Jane Favazza Patrick C. O ' Connor International Relations (Honors) Award ’ C ' ‘ pi AWARDS PRESENTED PRIOR TO SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT Gloucester Fraternity Club Scholarships National Honor Society Scholarships Almon B. Cook Scholarship Award Curry College Grant Northeastern University Grant Ithaca College Scholarship Bryant College New Hampshire College Tennis Scholarship Endicott College St. Josephs College-Maine Salem Slate Stonehill Scholarship Massachusetts State Grant Massachusetts State Grant Boston University Academic Grant Middleburv College Academic Grant Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Tufts University — Naval ROTC Scholarship (full tuition for 4 years) DAR Good Citizen Award SCHOOL COMMITTEE SCHOLARS Glenn Clement Aikens Kim Marie Bertolino Miguel Brito Jill A. Burnham Christine Laura Burns Christopher P. Carroll Katherine Grace Ericson Mary Jane Favazza Janine Lisa Ferrant John Anthony Fronliero Murriam Jean Khambaty Michele K. Loomis Kristin Marie Marchant Timothy Robert Oakes Marie V. Powers James W. Robertson Karen Michele Spinola Richard E. Devlin Marianne Muniz Michelle Ann Rose Amy Elizabeth Hubbard Allynson Faye Jenkins Stephen Anthony Sutera, Jr. Michael Charles Rhodes Kenneth James Stewart Thomas J. Flannagan Roger G. Lee III James M. Silveira Rosalie Marino John Coleman Munro, Jr. Brian D. Parisi Timothy Robert Oakes Mary Elizabeth Noseworthy Kristen Beth Hautala Jill A. Burnham Kim Marie Bertolino Carlos A. Vergas Timothy Curtis Bailey Joanne V. Corrao RETIRING TEACHERS Ms. Carbone came to Gloucester High School in 1961 with a B.A., and M.A., in Business Administration from Boston University. Since then she has taught in the Business depart- ment, teaching mostly typing and notetaking. She has been very active in the school, participating on the executive committee of the Gloucester Teachers Association and other teacher’s com- mittees. She was also the secretary of the Faculty Advisory Board and the advisor of the Honor Business Club. Ms. Carbone has loved her time at Gloucester High. She says that her time here has been “most enjoyable. 1 shall always remember my happy years here.” Ms. Carbone will be moving to Bradford but says she cannot stay away from Cape Ann and will return often. Mr. Nunes came to Gloucester High in 1954 to teach mathematics and has done that and has taught computer for 32 years. Mr. Nunes came to GHS with a B.A. and M.T.A. in mathematics from the University of New Hampshire. He par- ticipated in many extracurricular activities including tennis, which he coached for 21 years. Mr. Nunes will remain on Cape Ann for his retirement. Editors’ Note . . . Managing Editor: Murriam Khambaty Associate Editor: Tim Bailey Editors’ Note: To make a yearbook reflect a school is a difficult job. As the editors, we tried to make the Flicker mirror the class of 1986 and the Gloucester High School. If the book does indeed cap- ture the spirit of the 1986 spirit then we have succeeded and members of our class will be able to drift back to their senior year when they read the book. We think we have succeeded. The creation of the ’86 Flicker was essentially the work of a large, diligent, cooperative, and friendly yearbook staff. They should take the credit for a good book. With them is our ad- visor, Thomas Walsh, whose guidance was the oil of the year- book machine. To these people and everyone else who helped on the 1986 Ricker: Thank You. To the senior class: Good Luck. To GHS and its faculty: Good bye. Special Thanks to: Terry and Jay Bleiler and Purdy Studios Paul Delaney for his advice Mrs. Papows for the cover Mr. Proposki for his computers and knowledge Jenifer Tibbo, A1 Zadig Jr., Carlos Vergas, and Julie Quinn fo r their photographs Gloucester DPW. 228 Financial Editor: Joe Linquata ' If Tim Bailey ran for President, I’d Vote for him. Ronald Reagan Just Plain Fun 229 231 The missing link Don ' t feed them after midnight. Where’s Leah, she missed another picture. GLOUCESTER HIG I I I Ughhh . . . FOOTBALL! 232 233 235 Watch-out Brian, Christa’s on the prowl! Quick, eat it before it crawls away. America, What a country! Anyone who still needs a prom date, please come to the front of the bus 1986 Flicker Staff Advisor Mr. Tom Walsh Editors Tim Bailey, Murriam Khambaty, Joe Linquata Staff Kim Bertolino Eric Hautala Marie Powers Marie Cafasso Darlene Hildebrand Julie Quinn Ann-Marie Cody Allyson Jenkins Heather Radcliff Katy ConncAs Julie Latassa Betsy Rich Kaly Ericson Jeana Maciel Jay Robertson Brian Erwin Debbie Mahoney Jim Silvers Scott Falk Anthony Malony Lisa Thomas Tom Flannagan Kristin McCormick Jennifer Tibbo Alan Fosberry Rebecca Morrissey Jamie Turner Tom Generazio Marianne Muniz Mike Vagos Stephanie Gove Noelle Nickerson Carlos Vergas Greg Harvey Jennifer Peacock A1 Zadig 236 SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. William W. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano Brancaleone Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brown Gail Burchard Mr. and Mrs. Peter Burns Mr. and Mrs. Sam Calomo Mr. and Mrs. John P. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ciolino Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Corrao Mr. and Mrs. Howard Costa The Codys Linda May De’Courcy Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Russel Del Torchio Mr. and Mrs. Bob Doyle Mr. and Mrs. W. Leonard Falk Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Garron Mr. and Mrs. John Geary Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gleason The Hanrahan Family Toby Higgins Francis Hughes Joint Trawlers USA LTD Mr. and Mrs. John J. Latassa Mr. and Mrs. Abdullah Khambaty SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Linquata Nancy Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marcantonio Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Marchant Shelia Moore Mr. and Mrs. R. Morrissey Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Nasser Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nickerson Mr. and Mrs. David O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. William O’connor Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Orlando Leonara Parisi Mr. and Mrs. Vito Quince Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rafter Doreen Ross Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sanborn Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Silva III Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Silva Mr. and Mrs. Russel Silveira Mr. and Mrs. Claude Souza Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spinola Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sutera Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Sweet Whitehead Motors Ontuifc 21 Co RATHBUN REAL ESTATE 57 Eastern Avenue Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 Business (617) 283-2990 m MIS Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1986 from MICKEY’S EXXON 85 Washington St., Gloucester Have it printed by Cape Ann Ticket and Label Co. P5 222 EASTERN AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MA Tel. (617)283-2686 GLEASO v-, FISH LOBSTER ★ OPEN DAILY ★ WE SHIP LIVE LOBSTERS ANYWHERE ★FRESH NATIVE SEAFOOD OUR SPECIALTY ★ RTE 128 TRAFFIC LIGHTS 42 EASTERN AVE GLOUCESTER Compliments of: STRONG GROUP, INC. Strong Leather Co. Strong Holster Co. Strong Graphics Co. Strong Cutter Co. Low Key Corp. 105 Maplewood Ave., Gloucester, MA 01930 240 Good Luck Graduates IT’S A GOOD TIME FOR THE GREAT TASTE 150 Maplewood Ave. 281-0258 Peacock Communications, Inc. Best Wishes 24 Fuller Street, Magnolia, Massachusetts 01930 Phone: 283-5590 VICTORY HAIR SALON 8 Center St. HAROLD W. PIKE Gloucester, Mass. From Paradise Pets LINDA DeCOURCY PRESIDENT Everything Your Pet Will Need MAYLIN CORPORATION BUSINESS EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES BUS. 574-0696 HOME 281-4963 ROBERT L. SNIDER VISA MC ACCEPTED RUTH M. SNIDER TEL. (61 7) 281-0100 WINGAERSHEEK MOTEL NEAREST TO WINGAERSHEEK BEACH HEATED — PRIVATE SHOWERS — COLOR TV ROUTE 128 — EXIT 13 46 CONCORD STREET GLOUCESTER, MA. 01930 CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST IN SEASON OPEN ALL YEAR Dan Leaman Landscaping Co. Inc. Great Hill Rd. Gloucester, Mass. 283-6196 Gloucester Used Furniture 53 Main St. 281-3116 Estates bought and sold Highest Price Paid for used furniture. CHUBBY’S AUTO SERVICE INC. 34 Railroad Avenue GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 PHONE: 283-2300 Best Wishes Class of “86” The McCormick F amily YOUR LOCAL KEY CO-OP STORE Part of a 350 Store Chain 242 GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK 85 Middle Street 283-8200 243 Best Wishes Beverly Camera Photo 132 Dodge St. North Beverly Mass. Best Wishes to the Class 922-2007 of 1986 Vinny Libro Staff Compliments of © Foster From Gloucester Inc. pruce nor 107 Eastern Ave. ■ ll |4| Essex Avenue Gloucester. Moss 01930 Route 133 — Exit 14 from Route 128 Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Marine Sales a Service — Complete Marine Facilities Awlgrip Painting a Custom Fiberglass Work 2B3-1 131 A Evinrude JmL VW ENOS MARINE, INC. 75 ESSEX AVENUE — GLOUCESTER. MASS 01930 TELEPHONE 281-1935 Marine Store r vv L LARGE SELECTION OF FRAMES • CUSTOM FRAMING • READY MADE FRAMES MATTING • MOUNTING • SHRINK WRAPPING • 283-4700 JIM CURCURU ANTHONY CURCURU ALSO HOBBIES • CRAFTS - JOKE GIFTS 118 Main Street Gloucester Congratulations to Gloucester’s First Kindergarten Class From, Miriam Maguire WHOLESALE - RETAIL SEACOAST FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING LEXINGTON AVE., (617) 525-3221 MAGNOLIA, MA. 01930 (617) 526-7114 We are not the biggest, but we are the best Stained Glass 1 DONNA M. AMERO 51 EASTERN POINT ROAD GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 __ TEL. (617)283-4041 CUSTOM WORK — GIFT ITEMS V National Butchers 121 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. 283-2852 249 ALCO APPLIANCE SALES SERVICE PARTS 46 BASS AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 (617)283-0934 Good Luck from the Gloucester Firefighters Local 762 I.A.F.F. P.F.F.M. COLOR PATTERN PAINT • WALL PAPER • CARPET • DRAPERIES 1 MAPLEWOOD AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 TELEPHONE (617) 283-4020 Weddings — Parties — Seminars — Banquets June — Sept. — Oct. RALPH WALDO EMERSON INN An Inn of Distinction Phone: (Area 617) 546-632 1 Gary L. Wemyss, Manager Pigeon Cove, Mass. 01966 250 Best Wishes to the Class of “ 86 ” From Richard W. Gray 381 Magnolia Ave. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 283-2947 a Cape Ann Opticians Best Wishes to the Class of ’86 O Parrelli Optical • Registered Opticians W 78 Main Street in £ Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 , rc ew Bn land lablcvision, Inc. 38 BLACKBURN CENTER GLOUCESTER MASSACHUSETTS 01930 o w ■ uj (617)281-4514 Boston • Everett • Chestnut Hill • Norwood • Foxboro • Danvers • Beverly Frances (Sue) Lafata I ' JJJV Left to right: Dominic Orlando. Amy Carroll, Rebecca Morrissey. Paulo Rodrigues, Michel Trudel, Cory Mondello, Melissa Millefoglie, Jay Robertson, Kristen Marchanl. Marlene Mitchell, Chris Carroll, Dorothy Ross, Melinda Mitchell, and Doug McLeod Jr. jCH)0’5’ HBER SH 0 WASHINGTON STREET Kay state David S. McKechnie Financ ial Corporate and 2! Personal Financial Planning Services 99 High Street Boston, MA 02110 (617) 542-0553 The Toggery Children ' s Consignment Shop Clothing, Toys. Furniture 32A Lexington Avenue Magnolia. MA 01930 525-2005 RANDAZZA Brothers Appliance TV Service 64 Washington St. Gloucester, Mass. 617-281-1006 Video Cassette Repair 256 Magnolia Variety open 7 DAYS a WEEK Groceries, Frozen Foods and Hardware Hours 8 A.M.-9 P.M. everyday (617)525-3461 BEST WISHES MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION 4 MAGNOLIA AVENUE MAGNOLIA, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 40 Main St. (Comer Short St.) in Gloucester ' s Historic West End TOURIST INFORMA TION A VAILABLE •SOUVENIRS - Largest selection in town •T-Shirts ‘Mugs •Placque ‘Glasses •Patches ‘Bumper Stickers • Ashtrays •JEWELRY - •Italian Sterling Silver •Shell Jewelry •Fashion Earrings •NAUTICAL GIFTS ‘BRASS •SEASHELLS ‘SUNGLASSES (• ■» Price) •FILM « POSTCARDS •FREE EAR PIERCING with the purchase of earrings •WEDDING INVITATIONS BRIDAL ACCESSORIES SHOWER UMBRELLA RENTALS -tv ART v y JEWELERS P 117 MAIN ST GLOUCESTER 283 0092 A Class of 86 Top L to R: Dina Ciolino, Robin Apll, Ali DelloRusso, Jenn Robinson, Julie Duwarl. Bolloin: Trish Kitchenmaster, Beth Fraga, Debbie Kitchen- master, Colleen Gallagher, Kristen Moceri. EAFQO 281-3873 NORTHEAST SEAFOODS OF GLOUCESTER LIVE OR BOILED L OBSTERS FRESH FISH — SHRIMP — SCALLOPS LEE DONAHUE GAIL ENES 2 EAST MAIN ST. GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 R YAN’ST XPRESS - CAR n WASH 20 Railroad Avenue Gloucester, MA 283-9819 BABSON-ELWELL DAVIS, INC. Good Luck Class of 86’ John Phyllis Latassa 94 MIDDLE STREET • GLOUCESTER. MA 01930 SINCE 1854 GENERAL AGENTS BROKERS ALL LINES OF INSURANCE CHANDLER N. DAVIS CAPE ANN: 283-1561CHANDLER N. DAVIS JR. President BOSTON: 284-5232 Vice President “THE INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS OF THE NORTH SHORE” HENRY’S SEAFOOD SUBS HOMEMADE SOUPS CHOWDERS SEAFOOD DINNERS SUBS Eat in-Take out 324 Main St. Gloucester. 281-4212 259 OUR BEST WISHES DISCOVER YOUR TRUE COLORS 1 617-283-4694 ■A FULL SERVICE PHOTO LAB 48 BASS AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 We are designing and building some of the Finest Solar Additions in New England. SOUTHERN EXPOSURES inc. 32 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia, Ma Q1 930 Featuring Products By • Brody Sun • Solite Solar Systems • Northern Sun • Habitant • The Sun Room Co • Solorclosure Inc 61 7-525-351 A GOOD LUCK CLASS OF “86” From FAULK BROS. Mason Contractors i Waller W. ASSOCIATES INC 57 Washington Street. Box 1233 Gloucester, MA 01930 PHONE 281-4357 BMW AUDI ETC. anna INTERNATIONAL AUTO REPAIRS FOREIGN CAR SPECIALISTS ROBERT CURRERI 7 POND ROAD GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 BEST WISHES to the class of 86 Tony’s Variety 185 Washington St. Gloucester. MA 01930 283-0161 260 Project Alliance Johnna “Cabby” Santos, Dawn " Cheeks” Stanton, Joan “Moan " Viator, Donna “Li’l Bean " Brien, Toni “Scooby” Burbine, Kelli “Froggy” Cavanaugh, Aaron “Sly” Williams, Stefano “Roach " Mola, Debbie “Dub Dub " Fowler, Paul Hayes, Joe DeHaan, Jim Patrican, Sherry “Sher” Estes FRESH FISH TEL. 617-283-1065-6-7 PRODUCERS FISH CO. WHOLESALE LISH — BLUELIN TUNA DANA CURCURU (TREAS.) COMMERCIAL ST. JOSEPH CURCURU (MANAGER) GLOUCESTER, MA III A GYMNASTICS GLOUCESTER, M A. 261 L to R: MaryBelh Noseworthy. Kaly Ericson, Jason Miller. Patrick O ' Connor. Andy Baker, Drew Fiero. Sean Ross. Kim Lambert. MARSHALL’S FARM STAND — Green Houses — Fresh Vegetables — Annuals Perennials Hagstrom Co., Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 241 EASTERN AVE. ALAN HAGSTROM GLOUCESTER, M A 0 1 930 PRESIDENT (617)283-0322 Best Wishes THE CAPTAIN’S LODGE 237 Eastern Ave. Gloucester, MA 01930 1 Holly Street “at the Willow Rest’’ 283-7950 art supplies, framing, restoration... ... we’re here for all your artistic needs. WE HAVE A FULL LINE OF PROFESSIONAL ART MATERIALS • J. GREEN ' S watercolor paper • BLOCKX oil paints • WINDSORNEWTON paints • D ' ARCHES watercolor paper and much more • Custom framing in WOOD • METAL • 2 JK GOLD LEAL • READY MADE FRAMES CUSTOM MIRRORS CIRCLES OVALS • REGULARS NON GLARE GLASS MATBOARD S CUSTOM MATTING • PACKING S SHIPP ING SERVICE • DRY MOUNTING • SHRINKWRAPING • Restoration of works ot art OPEN: MONDAY-SATURDAY 8:30-5:30 11 School Street, Rockport 546-2825 1,,-lt u» Kiftl.i: Uctsy Rich, Noelle Nickerson. Join- Quinn. Kristin McCormick. Marianne Muni .. Ann-Marie Cody. Kal Connors. Shelly Rose. Julie Calassa. Marie Powers. Karen I, allot. 283-7744 Wilson Aluminum Products ALUMINUM PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME JUD WILSON 60 SUMNER ST. Owner WEST GLOUCESTER. MASS. 0 1 930 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 86 FROM 83 Bass N9X " ° Avenue uq Chest Specializing in Home Style Cooking Breakfast • Lunch • Dinners and a variety of Sandwiches - Tel: 283-5956 ‘Tfta iute Sufr Mcf (A subsidiary of The Belinda Co., Inc.) 184 Washington Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 MONO FILAMENT GILL NETS. HEAD ROPES. LEAD ROPES AND FLOATS. HYDRO-SLAVE POT HAULERS SALES AND SERVICE MISCELLANEOUS COMMERCIAL FISHING SUPPLIES GINNY MADRUGA, Mgr. BK, L to K: Allyson Jenkins, Christin Burns, Debbie Mahoney, Jeana Maciel, Murriam khambaty, Denise Palazzola, Amy Hubbard, Jo-Jo Corrao, Mary Beth Moseworthy. FR, L to R: Tom “Spike " Flannagan, HERBERT JOSEPH REAL ESTATE Residential and Commercial Sales TEL. 281-3822 28 EAST MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER. MASS. 01930 IB. REALTOR Congratulations “Class of 86 ' CHISHOLM HUNT, INC. OFFSET AND LETTERPRESS PRINTING 14 WHITTEMORE STREET PHONE 283-0318 GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 283-0413 Tools Equipment for Home Industry — Contractor 130 Washington St. Gloucester Tel. 281-3266 UNIROYAL T ' ircsronc TONY TALLY KELLY SPRINGFIELD TONY’S HOUSE OF TIRES ON SCENIC ROUTE 133 283-9851 283-3331 QUALITY USED CARS 73 ESSEX AVE. GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 Best Wishes From The Congratulations to the Beef Class of “1986” 1 T Compliments of -IN- Bun Jimmy Robertson Disc Jockey Tel. 281-2892 the family tree MATERNITY BABY BOUTIQUE GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 283-8048 Miriam and Arley Pett WISHING YOU GOOD HEALTH THROUGH PHYSICAU ' FITNESS ( cmarata at P a (o a fr af 9 ' 6 fitness center north shore na 37 BLACKBURN CENTER, GLOUCESTER, MA Best Wishes to the Class of “1986” From W. LEONARD FALK MASON CONTRACTOR 10 JUNIPER ROAD GLOUCESTER, MA (617)283-7822 268 GUNG HO. (WORKING TOGETHER.) THE TERM “GUNG HO” COMES FROM THE ORIENT AND IT MEANS WORKING TOGETHER. THAT PRETTY MUCH SUMS UP WHAT WE AT CAPE ANN SAVINGS ARE ALL ABOUT. WORK- ING TOGETHER ON CAPE ANN. HELPING EACH OTHER OUT WHEN A HELPING HAND IS NEED- ED. SO WHY NOT COME DOWN TODAY AND SEE ONE OF OUR FRIENDLY LOAN OFFICERS ABOUT A HOME IMPROVEMENT LOAN TODAY. AND LET’S " WORK TOGETHER” ON GETTING YOU THAT EX- TENSION ON YOUR HOME. “WORKING TOGETHER AS A TEAM. 99 CAPE ANN Lighting your way to a snug harbor, MEMBER FDIC and DIFM SAVINGS BANK 109 MAIN ST 38 ROGERS ST. • Tel. 283-0246 • BEACH ST., MANCHESTER - Tel. 526-7122 E. H. Bickford Inc. 20 Maplewood Ave Gloucester Mass. Tel. 283-0416 Wholesale Distributors of Fruit and Produce Compliments of James C. Greely Funeral Service 212 Washington St. Gloucester Mass. WHOLESALE RETAIL King Sons Fishing Co., Inc. FRESH FISH LOBSTERS (617)283-5255 281-0564 12 Cleveland Place Gloucester, MA 01930 (617)281-1933 Beauport Ambulance Service , Inc. 24 HR EMERGENCY SERVICE LOCAL LONG DISTANCE WHEELCHAIR VAN SERVICE HOME HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS RENTALS, SALES 24 HR SERVICE INVALID SICKROOM SUPPLIES OXYGEN RELATED EQUIPMENT GLOUCESTER 283-8670 OUCESTER TRANS CO Mike Smith, Sean Porper, Wayne Madruga, Danny Burnham, Mike Tedeseo, Mike Aiello, Eric Sweet, Chucky Pratt, and Nino Sanfilippo ■v- ' ; Le Baron Hazen Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 86 617 . 281.2034 C.A.R.S. CAPE ANN ROD SHOP 130 Washington Street Special Congratulations to Marlene Melinda Gloucester, MA 01930 273 DAWNKIST seafoods, inc. Seafood Products from Worldwide Sources ICE! ICE! CAPE POND ICE EMPIRE FISH CO., INC. WHOLESALE FISH DEALERS Selling Ice and Offering Work to Youth of Gloucester for over 100 Years. Commercial St., Fort Wharf, Gloucester Producers and Packers of Fresh, Frozen and Cooked Fish P. O. Box 1 1 48, 11-13 Harbor Loop Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Telephone (617) 283-0840 Telex 95-1038 274 E ON AUTO TV UCK REPAIRS MODERN EQUIPMENT 24 HOUR TOWING ROAD SERVICE u MOOIIOI 4 oau ntu OUMOP HOtlA MtOftUN 40WW •OAD AIO 283 - 0549 ] saw CMNBCIftM ' 2 1ASWNGT0 ST GlOWttSTTR BHCTTTTn Kin OKI Congratulations Class of 1986 r mmU- PHARMACY Inc. SICKROOM DIABETIC SUPPLIES SUPPLIES WE HAVE FILLED OVER 1,000,000 PRESCRIPTIONS Yellow Sub Shop DELIVERY SERVICE 283-2765 73 Pleasant St. 76 PROSPECT ST. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 GLOUCESTER DESTINO’S A WHALE OF A MEAL Since 1959 — Over 12 Million Sandwiches Sold Free Salad While You Dine Free Homemade Soup While You Dine Party Platters for All Occasions 129 Prospect Street, Gloucester. Open 7 days, year round. Summer: 5:30 am to 1 1:30 pm Winter: 5:30 am to 10:30 pm 283-3100 DINING ROOM p or FROM 4 PM TILL 10 PM . r SUN THRU THURS enjoyable 4 PM TILL 1 1 PM FRI SAT dinin g • • • LOUNGE 4 PM TILL 12 PM 7 DAYS A WEEK MEETING ROOMS • BANQUET FACILITIES WEDDING PARTIES — UP TO 275 Easy Elegance 525-3313 56 RAYMOND ST. MANCHESTER MA 01944 Plastics for all occasions MADELINE CAMPBELL 6 CENTER STREET (617)281-5434 GLOUCESTER. MA 01930 Good Luck to the Class of ’86 Compliments of Dr. Mrs. Walter J. Powers F amily 276 «8gSS8«88 !«e3SS £338Sg83SS3gS838SSS A FULL SERVICE PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER • Full Selection of 35MM Cameras • Camera Repairing • Passport Photos (While-U-Wait) • Film Dark Room Equipment • Wholesale Photographic Supplies • Check Our Prices! • Kodak Dealer 1 HOUR QUALITY PROCESSING ★ NEW!! VIDEO TAPE DUPLICATION SERVICE REG 8 SUPER 8 OR VIDEO TO VIDEO [Lb 283-0870 OTA VISA (Located 400 Yards from 1st Rotary towards GLOUCESTER) Mo « »Cord 179 Washington Street Gloucester sssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssss sssssssssssss Best Wishes From _ st rite uuoy trove! JtftMOIV 65 mgin street gloucester. mossochusetts 01930 281 0017 , tJJ £. Congratulates the Class of 1986 277 Best Wishes From G.M.F. CORP. NOW SELLS LOBSTERS! Wholesale-Retail Live or Boiled Shipped Anywhere Open daily 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. R 54 Commercial Street Gloucester 281-6240 or 6241 Best Wishes to the class of 86 F rona ICOCKT AiL S lUr ■Jf " ' 1 — M Ijig priit y Freddies Lobsta Land), WSSSSSi. ' Open April-Thru-November ■ • 278 Best Wishes to the Class of 86 From w sMS 406 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01930 The TUCK©INN 17 HIGH ST., ROCKPORT, MA 01966 TELEPHONE: (Area Code 617} 546-6252 279 e Memories, Mak! ister School System has been Mrs. Susan Makkonen (Mak). but also a friend to blessed vdt Mak wa ju so many, ehts with her love and hope, notacaused her to be less suppor- 61ass advisor to the ’81 class and dents on spring ski trips. Mak has school function, whether it was a W ic awards ceremony, she’s am be counted on and because of The jnany years oM aching hi tive of school activities. She was has continued to take groups of s also been involved with any type dance, ’ a sports banquet, or an always there. 6he is a perspn tha this we kive her. We are sorry sbe has decided to leave, but we do wish “nothing but the besjtybr the " ' Just remember Mak “W miss you ?| A OTftffi EE LIBRARY 655 00197 9370 SAW ® BRSE LIB 5 LA.RY GLoucas ' ftm, mass 01930 ACTIVE , t as?. trS2M Kk ' HUt flHBHHr Vw «A - 1 (■ Ik h w . sKMj v ] v jr

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