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Memorium The Class of 1984 remembers J. Scott Hughes with joy and admiration. He is remembered for his devotion to the welfare of students, friends, and family members. Scottie was a friend as well as a counselor to nearly all who come in contact with him. He took pride in the accomplishments of others without acknowledging the vital aid he always contributed. We shall cherish forever the unique contact that was established and maintained between Scottie and the Class of 1984. 2 DEDICATION 1 984 Flicker Dedication We, the Class of 1984, proudly dedicate this year’s edition of the Flicker to Mr. Tom Walsh. We wish to thank him for all of the time, effort, and patience that he has volunteered over the past three years. He has helped lead the Class of 1984 to overall achievement and success. He has also been a valuable asset to the G.H.S. faculty. He enthusiastically accepted the role of our class advisor, and he has helped to clearly define the term P-R-l-D-E for all of us. It is evident that we have become better people as a result of his guidance and valuable friendship. Once again, Mr. Walsh, we wish to thank you. We will never forget you. The Class of 1984 I J j w y f ; V M r I ALtw _jk « 1 BBk|s HL %jf ’ 7 _— . VBB . uri mgkm m? J u£ Mb in f , -- fl H . W Jd if M ( 1 flj HkJ Greta af Klinteberg 1087 Washington St. Gert, SMU, Gert-face MEMORIES: Friends: Pam P., Kate M., Big Guy. Renee ' . Hollie, Astrid, and Elin Sailing lesson in Fol- ly Cove ask KM. ACTIVITIES: H.R. Rep.. Flicker, Student Council, S.A. Council, N.H.S., Field Hockey 2 and 4, Winter Track 2 and 3, Softball 2. 3, 4. INSPIRATION: Todays youth are the hope of tomorrow so give them something to believe in. Angela Aiello 22 Reservoir Rd. MEMORIES: BRAD. I Love Ya! 3-19-82 I will always remember the great times we had together “Red Light " ask Beth. INSPIRATIONS: To make people 1 love happy. Luv Ya Ma and Dad Marc Aiello 3 Beach Court Marco MEMORIES. The Fort ’83’ “Seineboat Champs” The Accident 10 21 82 I ' m not as Think as You I Am Occiffer ACTIVITIES: Auto Shop and Co-op Tally’s Angela Alsup R974 Washington St Brian Keith Anderson 146 Riverdale Park “Gordie” MEMORIES MY Family I Love. And Playing Foot- ball Remember the good party over Mike House with Brian. Louis. Jim. Mike William G. Anderson 15 Marble St. Kevin Anderton 30 Chapel Street Kevin MEMORIES: LEA 10 5 83 - Friends: SE, JF, JW, CL, SA, RG, BP, FP, SL, CT, JG, DM, MC, TH, RS — 69 Camaro Ask SE — Rookie Sensa- tion: Ask SA, CL: Pats to the Bowl? — BP, SA, CL, RG Police At Sullivan: SE, TB, KL, JR — SAFETY BELT: SE, MM; Intramural Hockey: FP, JP, JW — Slve: U2, INXS, Police, Pete Townsend — MTV Marathon: SE, JR — I Elate Martha Quinn — Well, College NT. INSPIRATIONS: Our Love will grow older, While Never knowing ’Til I Die’ INXS James M. Aparo Way Road “Reverend” MEMORIES: Jamming at the shed with, MP, CK, SV, Moon. Good times with Bonnie. Memories of Uncle Tom’s Green Machine. Colt. Wild soccer season Fiesta “83” Madness with DS, DJ. DB, PR, slob, Joey-Joey, The Fort Crew, The Pines. The “Rustang” Thanks to Mom and Dad Love to Bonnie. Lauren Asaro 1 1 Mansfield St. Lisa Marie Asaro New Way Lane MEMORIES: CRAIG 10 15 82. In the shower, rm 117, In RI. ask CF, TP, JS. “Gumby” getting lost, ask CH. Trips, Tor, Fla., Wash., RI. ask CH, CF, Tp, JS, FT, DS. B F Christine. Best of times w Craig. Luv You Mom and Dad. ACTIVITIES and HONORS: Band 1-4, DM 2-4, Pres 4. INSPIRATIONS: Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, but live today. Marietta Auditore 12 Ashland Place Danette Babine 98 Maplewood PK Danny MEMORIES: My Best Friends are: Graceann M., Donna C., Denise B., Colleen C., Stacey S., Jen- nifer B., Melissa M. Liz C., Kristine A., Kathy G., and Nancy M. Have a great Summer Yo! Party’s Best of all Dana and Danette. I had a great year at school. Tamara Faith Baldwin R69 Eastern Point RD Tammy MEMORIES: Tom 10 12 82 I Luv U Friends Hope Karen Joanne Cousins and Sisters Alison TB and TL, Farleys Aug. 19 Summer 83, GHS 81-84 Art, Cross country, and Track, Souix Falls SD Boating in the KB 2 All the great time w the McKenzies and Friends!! T-n-T Forever INSPIRATIONS: Life is too short to be Inhibited. Jennifer Mary Banks 9 Cliff Rd„ Brier Nk. Jen, Jenny, Nifa MEMORIES: my Family . . . mince pie 82! Germany — thanx Web! PROM NIGHT! Heath and Jack- Vokies! Flaw H, NY, s eve-ROLL! ask Jane, Spin- drift kids, bibulous, culpritive adventures — Whit, Lynne and Sue! SWATT TEAM! party @ GHB! GT’s w Mara!?! laughs and tears w Kath, KA and Shan-ILY!! Yo 84!! INSPIRATION: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Philip Barnes 341 Washington St. Bryan L. Barreiro 952 Washington St. “Toast” MEMORIES: Many an outrageous, illegal time with Joe N., Tim G., Dave B., Peter K., cux, Kim, Marybeth, Dave M., The P.A, crew, The Lanesville crew “The C. Club 84”! A Tribute to some of the people who made this world a mad one Jimi Hen- drix, The Who, Zeppelin, the Doors, Edgar Winter, Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, and Dr. Timothy Leary Christina Bates 1 Pickering Ct. Essex Bates, Batesy MEMORIES: Fine ... on the lawn; SCRW!; Bting- LO; 1 Pals — Oakie, Raz, Melf, Lou, Pat, Appy, Virgil, KV, Ro; 7 6 83 — Gr. St.; Bcrdi Snks+; Deers; No BLLS!! (HKU-HKU); Police - Roxxx- ane! — Lou; MtLF; The Grove; Yo vokie — SMK ’EM UP! — HR; Fribbles; Work-Dexters: BS GRL5 in BNDG; Hold out your hands; whip Shaving cream; Ice skating w KA and FP; Oct. ’83 — Rob- bie; Death ride — GHB; Denny’s — Jen, Whit, and Lynne; Feather — Vokie Vow; AFVA! Richard Beaulier 7 Dodge St., Essex David Beauparlant 14 Allen St. MEMORIES: C Club 84 Out there in the field Bryan B., Joe N., John G., Tim R., Pete K., Kevin C., Dave M., Marybeth, Kim PA madness, Rip-Roaring HoHa “Green Street’’ Field Kenneth S. Beck 13 Cedar wood Road Kenny MEMORIES: Good times w ME, BA, JF, JB at Football. Fun times in autoshop with the boys. Never forget Summertimes and funtimes W Lisa 5-27-81 Hockey games and work with KM ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. INSPIRATION: No one is a failure who is enjoy- ing life! Gary Philip Belanger 19 Linden Rd. MEMORIES: The Weekend Weekend with The Crew Bob Seger 6 10 83 Robert Plant 9 6 83 Great Times Trans AM Cnel Club 81-84 Auto Shop 1 2 3 Led Zeppelin Bab Company The Doors Never Forget Dad and Never Forget Friends Luv You Mar. INSPIRATION: More for the Class of 84 ... Born to be wild. Steppenwolf Theresa M. Benson 68 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Tree MEMORIES: Wheat thins + Bob Seger, sur- fimawesome! LiF red datsun, B F — ES, MC, KP, B — cruise ask anyone, 4 1 the hut! What’s your brand? Canobie L. don’t ask MM, sum 81, we’ll make it John 4 7 83, THANKS MOM ahd DAD INSPIRATIONS: God granted sereinty to ac- cept the things I cannot change, will to change to change the things I can + the wisdom to know- the difference. Joseph A. Billante 98 Maplewood Ave. Joe-Jewjew B MEMORIES: So long to my fellow students. It was a real year. The great times out at the canal studying. INSPIRATION: To be the richest man in the world. Having a partying life with " 84.” Robert Bishop 1 16 Western Ave. Erik Bocelle 101 Cherry Street BO MEMORIES: WENDY 10-2-82 Prom ngt. “83” SNWSTRM; NH " 80“ BLZRD stuck for wkd. with HH JI LD FACE what a trip it was; times with WENDY BM JB JL DC MP MI: Tin Hut, DAGO shoes, DA Go where you go!K ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine Shop 1, 2, 3, Co-op VARIAN. INSPIRATION. If my thought and dreams could be seen they’d probably stick my head in a guillotine Heather Anne Boyle 624 Webstern Avenue Boyli, Otah, Ho MEMORIES: Where ' s the car? ABHSLJ; Same as it ever was! More like 1:30! KAKD, Here ... if not keep it and have fun! SK; no shrimp boats? HRJB; 2 Boyles to go. Pumpkin? Vokie vow 84; PFMMH; Slish! KD; GHB fun, PYT, Adlos FVOA. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics 2-4; Spring Track 3-4; NHS?? May be! INSPIRATIONS: To catch that falling star and keep it shining. Daniel Thomas Brown 5 Plum Court Lester INSPIRATION: Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Daneen J. Brown 4 Stuart Rd. Danni Dan MEMORIES: Robby ILYF! BC’s Boc — and Jay S Salem cops ask KFGA JS Bob M. — ask BRCC Ding (B) RJ- 1 UM1 INSPIRATION: I think the highest and lowest points in life are the important ones All the others are in- between I Guess I just want the chance to ex- perience everything at least once. James Morrison Paula Jean Blaisdell Essex Park Road, Essex MEMORIES: Jamie 7 16 83 Moby Baby Ask San- dy; Howell Witchenkatt Ask Heidi; Friends HS, HM. SL. KM, DC, DB; All The Good Times w Everybody. HONORS: Sawyer Medal 1; N.H.S. 34; N.B.C. 3- 4, Sec. 4; Academic Recognition 24; Who’s Who 4. INSPIRATION: To Make Those I Love Proud of What I Do And What I Become. I luv u Mom-n-Dad!!! John Blatchford 16 Chapel St. MEMORIES: S.K. 10 8 83 “Fiesta,” Summer of ' 83 on the Adventura, Lobstering. With Kihgy on middle Bank, and that 1 a.m. Steam to T.P. I., all those shorechecks, and the B W.L. 4 83 ask B.R. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry 1, 2, 3. Denise Germaine Bruni 14 Cunningham Road MEMORIES: Pat 9 6 83 Great times with best friends — Kathie KG Gets dragged away from par- ty, ask Kathie The pumpkin, ask Stacey Finally own shiek Good times with: SS, KG, PB, HH, TP, CG, and KP ACTIVITIES: Honor Business Club. INSPIRATION: Don’t look back, for what you’ll see, may not be what you want to remember. Carrie Ellen Budrow 9 Essex Street MEMORIES: Best friends Cathy; Nellie: Remember all the good times together all our goofing off. Don’t worry Cathy “It will all work out.” Ask Karen F. about the camero’s! ask Carin C. about no neck- sweatpants: HP lives! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club; Chorus Vice Pres. INSPIRATIONS: Its more interesting to live not knowing than to have a wrong answer. Tracy Lee Burnham 16 Harvard Street MEMORIES: Police w TRE Prom 82-83 w MA JF 233 w Trina, CHEER’S, ONE WAY ask JE, Sum 83 ROSK w TL, KP, WS, TC, TM Lost @ TFF w LH Hat mall w MG Good times w TBKLKPMGLBHDKB LB’s Party ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track 2; Flicker Staff; Semi-Formal Committee; HBC. Alison Burns 11 Youngs Rd. “Big Guy” “Suds” MEMORIES: H-DANCES Adv Bio — HCL Hey Guys! Pumpkin fest — The Hole — Yellow — j Dr. Heather Hey Ho Suds Slinky MaMa put your foot down; Surf’s up, Vudk Rubber chicken; what a wkend; where’s the car? Tip-n-Dip; GT w HSLTHBLBMDS. ACTIVITIES: NHS; Track; Gymnastics; Cheering. INSPIRATIONS: “never play big Guy when the re is a couch behind the window you’re jumping through!” Lisa Ann Byrne 36 Englewood Road Creepmouse MEMORIES: Always remember the good times w Kenny 5-27-81 ILY! Fun times in HR w AB KC HB GT’s in Magnolia Fun in the summertimes w BC Mexico 83 My Crazy Parties, ask anyone! Happy Halloween! Fun Dances! ACTIVITIES: Track 1, 2; Football Cheering 3, 4; H.R. Rep. 3,4. INSPIRATION: Work as if you were going to live forever, Love as if you were going to die tomorrow. Donna Marie Cabral 30 Granite Street Do-Do MEMORIES: Good times with Grace Ann also with Danette and hope we will have a lot more in the future. Had great times at 4th block lunch. Had a lot of fun in Mrs. L’s room and Mr. B’s math class in 1 1th grd. Hope to see everyone outside of school. INSPIRATION: I’m just glad to get out of school this year. Thanks a lot for the good times CLASS OF “84”! Kimberly M. Cameron 22 Revere Street Kim MEMORIES: “Peter” 8 13 81, never forgetting; cookouts, skiing, our stars and great talks dreams coming true! Roses, wow! who’s Leroy? All those cars all those places and that deep puddle! . . . xoxo! Thanks Mom and Dad! INSPIRATION: “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it hardly becomes any of us, to talk about the rest of Victoria Cardone 28 Fort Square Tori MEMORIES: Frank 7-7-81 86 The Hill ? WN GSKB Narc ask Ann Great times w Footie Anns C- Gulls ask Frank The Munch ask Jules Sum 80 Cape Ann ask CARLA P No 1 Pals JSCJDK; Sue Bang better ask kelley Pizza fight ask Frank accident KP COPS DONT PANIC! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football Cheering 2- 3; HBC 1-2. INSPIRATION: To h-y to make the ones I love happy. Michael J. Carrancho 347A Essex Ave. Crunch, Spiderman MEMORIES: Sophomore year, Bobby Blade, Ver- nons Pit, Gazebo Blue Belt, White Comet; Oh no Stanly Gleason for 3 years in a row. Almost INSPIRATIONS: Never wait till Homeroom to write your inspirations or you’ll wind up writing something like this. Carin C. Chamberlin 1 12 Concord St. C3, BonnieJean MEMORIES: BF — 10 yrs — DB, SPIDERLEGS NONECK ask Carrie, GLS NITE w DAN-N-ROB, FBALL+BBALL. Wild Times! West Gloucdudes R No. 1: Ya SP Ya Name funny ask Karens awesome pals: Dan-n-Rob-Bud-Fav-TooIs- Troop-Nin-Mo-TLG-Jay-Mich-Hopalong-3 rd 1- Shels- Brian-Thanks mom and Dad I Love You! INSPIRATION: . . . The moments may be tem- porary but the memories last forever. Elizabeth Mary Chick 18 Hutchins Ct. “Beth” MEMORIES: Mike 10 22 81 Ipswich not a thru way L.N., J.W., J.A., J.Q., T.K., Never Forget Trip down Strawberry Lane R.H., M.M., T.Q., A. I., C.R., R.D., M.N., L.C., Good times up the Hill M.P., C.R., F.S., T.C., J.R , S.P., G.H., D.B., J.F., S T.. B.R., A.A. Never forget thru the Red Light Brad + Angela INSPIRATIONS: The Greatest Happiness in the world is to Love and be Loved Stephanie Chick 35 High Street Steph MEMORIES: Here’s to good friends! Kim, Kym, Missy, Kristine, Jane, and Kris . . . Jim in the morn- ing ask Missy. Summer of 82. Jane, a pig grabbed a chicken by the head! Summer of 83. Lanesville pirate party. BUCKWHEAT! ask Kim. AV-AV I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD. INSPIRATION: . . . Fate has been broken tears must be cried . . . let’s do some living, after we’ll die . . . Mick Jagger Felicia Ciaramitaro 39 Decatur St. Licia MEMORIES: Jeff — 2 26 82 I’ll Love You Forever! Got you CP’S? ask AD. Fiesta 6 26 82 ask him! The Best times partying w the girls, all those talks w Anne (a friend 4- eva!) Laffs and tears w Jeff. ILY FAMILY INSPIRATION: Your fortune is your life’s love, anytime you think of leaving think about what you know think about it before you let go! ILY JL Kelly M. Ciaramitaro 49 Perkins Street MEMORIES: Great times with great friends: JF, MN, AI. The girls night! Fort action! Remember the General, ask MN. The key to Aunt P’s ask every 1. GSP w JF, MN, CC burning the “BIG ONE.” Times w NJ, MN, CL, NL, JD, JS, JB, ST, SR @ the Donut; making slushes w my Pal I LU MOM and DAD. INSPIRATION: There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on . . . LZ Lauren S. Cilluffo 30 Exchange Street MEMORIES: GHS — 84 — Great times w friends! Diane — Michelle — Parties — the guys — Dance — Chpt — Rkpt — Sum — Bonfire — Gdhb — St Ft — ferwd — Bud — movies — mall — dates — lunch — Who! ACTIVITIES: V-Field Hockey 1-4; Basketball 1; Softball 1; V-Winter Track 2-4 Coaches Award; Volleyball; Honor Business Club; Flicker. INSPIRATION: To live life to its fullest, suc- ceed, and to make me! Luv u Mom + Dad. Nicholas A Ciolino 9 Morton Place Kid MEMORIES: Lockerroom talks, laughing in the back, rem Rocky, upon the horse, cochs losing games. Partying Every where football parties Flippers ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football; Hockey. INSPIRATIONS: To be successful in everything Ido. Nina Marie Ciluffo 4 Washington Street Nee MEMORIES: Good old times partying down the FORT w the kids Summer ’82 up SFP w RP RC FT RO How we getting home wheres Beep- Beep which way did he go Summer ’83 Friday nights w RP LR KL FIESTA “83 Why him 10 30 3am 57 105 why them Best Buddies RP The King BW INSPIRATION: So near so far away we pass each other by but we don’t know what to say Christopher Cluett 54 Perkins St. Big Ron MEMORIES: Good Times w Kin. It was good while it lasted. Don ' t forget me. Good Times w ST, PB, and TN AT work. Thanks Dean, Bob and Paul. ALA W-HELLO My Friend. INSPIRATIONS: To go forth and spread my Valuable knowledge. Mom and Dad — Thanks for everything you have ever done for me. Especially your help. I love you both. Thanks Caryn, Cathy, and Rob. Diane Marie Colby 19 Ryan Rd. MEMORIES: Summer of 83 great times with 1 buddy Lauren Partying Fern. Michelle 1 got to go — bonfire — Good Harbor — Braceys — movies with Bud the Dance — then China Port — lunch w EK, IL, AJ. KS — Just flying by I Love you Mom + Dad — study with Mr. K. ACTIVITIES: Track 2; H.R. Rep. 4; Yearbook 4. INSPIRATION: Happiness isn’t something you ex- perienc e; it ' s something you remember. Kevin M. Collins 82 Maplewood Pk. “Cucks” MEMORIES: All the mad times St G.H.S. C-Club “84” Lunch time “Yo” “HA” ask Joe or Spoon about it. P.A. Madness the rowing, climbing, camp- ing, and the trips, ask BB. DB, TH, JS, JN, KM, LR, DM, etc. Halloween Party at Vernon’s Pit Ask Anyone. Fiesta Time great action ask Mike P. Rochester Trip “YO” “HA ” Frank Consiglio 22 Green St. YANK MEMORIES: PARTIES: AT — IDAIN — Rock - Goodtimes with Dano — Tim — Dave — Rem GRATEFUL AND DEAD DANO — Rem Good- times in class Ask GW. TR I’ll always Remember. INSPIRATION: The Good Times Last Forever The Bad Times Fade Away. Dana Scott Cooney Ferncliff Heights MEMORIES: Good Times w DW, KF. JB, TP. PR, AM. PF, JS, PS. AD. HD, LS. CF. GI. SE. SA, DB. DL, DR. JA, TP, GA, KA. SW, NM. JL, DM. Amazon punlados rua do carmo airwhale The fiat hey Tony where ' s the chicken man Beating on Weiner’s Car Galinha new bedford linguica rainbow. SPORTS: Varsity Soccer 4. Annette Jean Corben 431 Essex Ave. Netts. Netsy MEMORIES: Great times w WEND, KATH, TINES. TWA 10 eng. Sweats never Die’ Tumowkoks? I love you Mum and Dad! BBC — First Prize Goose! “Jow-)Jxk)R=2(l+coso)uou! “SLIMY SWANKERS.” CLAMMING AFTER 10. Regi Ball ' G T’s with Bring — Puddle Plopping! " We’ll Miss you Wendi! Rem. Our Nu Sandwiches! ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1; Track 1; Bike Club 3. 4: Rifle Team 4: H R Rep. 3x0x0. Rosalie Marie Cox 15 Sadler Street MEMORIES: Great Times with MIKE 2 23 83 B F A JA SQ TT DC KS NH Bound w JA SQ etc. MT’s van party on wheels outrageous summer w Sarah N Fayzee " BLZRDS " DOORS l Prod Adv w KMMSLRJG INSPIRATION: No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence Kimberly A. Crosby 25 Langsford Street Kim MEMORIES: Here’s to good friends! Steph, Kym, Jane, Kris, Missy, and Kris . . . Summer 82, Kym, Remember — How am I doing and so much more. Summer, 83, P.D., A.P.P..W, B.E., Pirate Part 4 — ask Amy! Lanesville. Halloween, 83. A.S., remember the good times ... 1 LOVE YOU ALL!! Marci A. Cunningham 9 Traverse St. MEMORIES: Sum. of 81. Tubes in EG. Spacemobiles ask TB and KP. Lone Ranger DP and TB. Get home MM! WW w Nelle ask PH. 7-4- 83: BF? Surfem’! SEAGER! Ken RMKPJSCPMM. Smash JB! BB! Afternoon Del! BLACKOUT! NH. B-cruise! “BR” wheat thins! I Love You Mom and Dad INSPIRATIONS: May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future. Lisa Marie Curcuru 122 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Cookie MEMORIES: Trip down Strawberry Lane ask RHMNMMAICRTQCRD. off to see the ask MMMN. “olivia” ask the gang Partyin’ down the fort Nope, no problem here boys! ask the girls. Aft. MADNESS BB’s and CS Scoop! Spent “Cookie” HEY RENEE! GET WILD! INSPIRATIONS: I want to learn what life is for, I don’t want much, I just want more Phil Curcuru 159 Washington St. MEMORIES: “Summer of 83” “The Pits” Big Pit Every Day with SR TM MC “The Room” Many Par- tys in the winter “Many strms down the cellar Remember Tom” — n — MAINE ' INSPIRATIONS: Its over, it comes so slow and ends so quick enjoy while you can “Life” John Michael Curley 96 Riverdale Park Curls MEMORIES: Great Times w NN, FG, Jl, KF, MV TW. WEEKENDS, B-ONS, W the BOYS. FLORIDA, CONCERTS, CANOBOE LAKE, SUM- MER OF 81 ASK NN, FG, JI, RD, PK 1 w BC, TW, MV, BF, BL, SQ. THANKS M M THE STONES 1981 U.S. TOUR. HI CURLS MARIA PAL. INSPIRATIONS I CAN’T BE CHAINED TO A LIFE WHERE NOTHING IS GAINED AND NOTHING IS LOST. TIME IS ON MY SIDE. THE ROLLING STONES. Nancyann Curley 8 Ellery St. Nance, Nanski MEMORIES: DAVID 10 24 81 Great times with PP, WB, JW, KV, VI Friends ask JW. Florida 84 Fieldhockey, H. Dance with David I Luv U Mom and Dad Thanx Mr. and Mrs. H. Luv-Ya! Thanx Pam and Joan “LET IT BE” INSPIRATION: Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow Don’t walk behind me 1 may not lead Just walk beside me and be my friend . . . Sandra Jean Currier 19 Highland St. Sandi MEMORIES: Times w KM Sue, Meb, Jen; meets, Con. meet Will We make it. Smile ask Lori; Flygare Face ask Judy Sum “83 " ; “important” ask SPM and Sue; Death wish; off 2 ask Kell; 2am oh no! Lost Lowelask GR Sue and Jef oops Thanx Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HBC 3, 4; Yearbook; C-Country, Winter Track 4; Spring Track 3, 4. INSPIRATIONS: To live life to its fullest and suc- ceed in what 1 do! Lisa Ann Dahlmer MEMORIES: Andrew G-28-81-82-83-84, Concerts with, AR, SE, MN, RN, BE, LD. and J. Child care, friends SE, KR, BP, LS. Good Times at the pool. Tug boat Parties and the whaler. Hampton Beach- 4-ever. Mom look I made it. INSPIRATIONS: Andrew and my mom. Patrick Dailing 2 Wise PI Little Fug MEMORIES: The Big Bin DC. Peppilopez. CNERTS, P. Breake, 3 18 83, S.C. INSPIRATIONS: The only way to accomplish ago is to Reach for it. Michelle A. Dammeyer 6 Bray St Shell MEMORIES: Good Times w JG, LC, DC. Running through electric Storm ask JG. Parting w LC, DC. GHS Dances. F you F you too! 6th lunch w TG China Port ask JG, LK,. G Tms. w FP. Exsp. CW. Sports. Swinson Field running through the woods ask JP, JG, KP. Good Friends KP. TG, CC. KL, LC, DC, SJ, DJ, JG. I love you Mom and Dad. I miss and love you sis. Janet M. Davis 29R Hartz St. Davis, MOM, MONA MEMORIES: Dean 10 83 The Pier W BEMETEEGBR Stephs house w l-you Motown up RGC W BEFPPBJRSHMN-RGC ha I. Prt. w DPCCHC Great times at RGC ask DP and BE — Long talks w B thank — Dad wish you could see me now! INSPIRATION: Remember me w smiles+ laughter but if you can only remember me w tears don’t remember me at all! HONORS: Pres, of HBC. Steven Day 14 Corliss Ave. Spike MEMORIES: God Save The Queen! Ask PO At The Fort W POCGRW Torture Sessions 1st, 2nd. and 3rd block ask AHSNW Fun in The library. INSPIRATIONS: Look To The Horizon and The Sky, and Not The darkness of the Past Christine J. Decaro 17 Maplewood Ave. MEMORIES: All the good times w good friends AT CD BE NJ LC LF. Remember the boat ask AT and NJ. AM 4 4 81 TB. Ann Always remember the van W DT. Journey ask AT NJ BE. Thanks Mom and Dad! Cathy De Coste 9 Fair St. Gloucester, MA 01930 Steven Paul DeCoste 9 Fair St. MEMORIES: Keeping it in the family! Right Kel- ly? Lynn cops aren’t so big ask A.E. and N.S. “Boston for last C” but it’s 3:00 in the morning ask A.E. JED this doesn’t look like Worchester ask M.O. “Geils Out” w M.O.J.M.T.M. AND D.S. b — Cruises on the “no Way” w A.E. And R.M. “She’s a J.A.P.” WORDS OF WISDOM: If you don’t try you can’t fail. Susan Jeanne Decoste 12 Norman Ave. MEMORIES: one night ask SMGHSC: Thank u — GHSCSM from, RDSD. Back Packs and Lit- tle kids for Adam and Warys; ask SMGHSC. Just a friend, Guess who Thanks mom and Dad. ACTIVITIES: Spring Track 2-4; Winter 4; Year- book 4. INSPIRATION: Be the best at what you are and give your best at whatever you do and no one can look for more. Juliana deHaan 1063 Washington St. Julie, Juju, Jules MEMORIES: Thanks NLM, KJ, JE, CS, BP, WD, WEBB for helping me to grow. NLM: oatmeal. H and M, leather pouch. Wish I’d known. KJ: Thanks for everything. Catch this thought JE: May 1! talks, baspww Audrey — love you Giovanni. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Theatre 1-4; VP Thes.; Math Team 2-4; NHS. INSPIRATION: The soul walks not upon a line neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals. — Kahlil Gibran Caterina Delisi 383 Washington Cathy MEMORIES: Remember the good times with LS, AT, PT,JR, RO, ST. " Fights ask Maria. Call culator Remoer. HBC TONS OF CANDY” “Wise Class talk back” B-Ball JV Varsity McDonalds. Busted Bus. INSPIRATIONS: Remember the good times. Take the future and make it the best possible. Joelle Kristin Dias 14 Harvard St. MEMORIFS: Jack 2 12 83 (sssh) Quarter of! ask Nancy BFA-Ann; From BW TBD To Secrets — F? — Rem: Y.B.O.!! w F and D Doub. Date w J and M! FRENCH FRIES?! REM: Phx. Miss You Mom I DID IT AUNTIE!! INSPIRATION: What We are today is God’s gift to us, What We are tomorrow is our gift to God. Rosemarie Dias 17 Commercial St. “Ro” MEMORIES: Joe — TE AMO forever 10-17-81 unusual eve. Rem. Lit. Yel. man NEY YERS EVE w Nick+Tina 83 mas PJ parties Trip down strawberry lane concert Buddy TQ Guys where not gonna make it — T we made it 3-11-83 my Brother Mat 9th gr was somethin else huh cuz f tmcrlamba ma zap — Drums G J L+A Joe: you should have become a doctor. ME. INSPIRATION: It is good to forgive, but best to forget. Amy Theresa Dreier 183 Hesperus Avenue Amos MEMORIES: Got you CP’s? — LC, DL: Steven — a merry X-mas 82; pdl w Beulah, TR, MC — S and T: SWMN w MB, LS: going ’w the girls?; wingnut? FLA-4? 83; sum 82 SFP and Dego Tina, you nut! f’nA! ch. pop? Police, ask Denny; Noodle - SFRB: times w KL LR CL KG ML; ILY — Ma and Dad, Bob and you too, Steve. INSPIRATIONS: today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. Kelly Ann Drohan 32 Hodgkins St. Kell MEMORIES: KEVIN FOREVER 1 9 82 Great Pals: PP, MH. PH. LL, VI, SK. KS, WG, SB, SD. Kev’s wake up calls thanx Mr. H. Keep it in the family right Steve. 1 give up is this a game ask PP and LL. Martha Quinn (Vin). Weekends in the “Bommer. " Great times w Kev, (VBUUH). “One day at a time.” Luv Ya Babe. Jone ' s Class w KS “Whaat.” God bless you Mary! Sorry Mom and Dad for Me. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gym 1, 2, 3; Track 2,3. HBC 3. Warren W Durgin 3 Millett St. Sgt Slaugter MEMORIES Great times with Bart, Julie, Webb, of course Nance (I Need 2 llamas!) I won’t forget 5 ' 2, Kris Junker. Thanks for the great people I met dur- ing High School. Thank God and of course Mom and Dad I love you both. ACTIVITIES: ROTC 2 Yrs; Thespians 5 Yrs.; Chorus 2 Yrs. INSPIRATION: If you fail pick up yourself and try again, you will improve. Elizabeth R. Edmonds 120 Magnolia Avenue Betty MEMORIES: The best times with Al, a true friend, my pal 4-eva always rem. SP; G — Town — “hull”; grad night; tetramaniac; Fiesta ' 83, nite; ’Howdy;. Chinaport and everything else. I will always love you Mom and Dad. ACTIVITIES: HBC 3, 4 INSPIRATION: A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out ■■p John D. Ellard 1 Harbor View Ct. Elwood MEMORIES: Summer 83 madness partying w B.O., J.W., B.O., C.M., P.B., and Chaz. the mad vw! C.A.M. Softball game “AWESOME” Cassie 8 28 183 1983 Concerts ZZ TOP, JOURNEY, BLACK SABBATH. G.V .S. 1 Vockies Maching shop, B. Group. Great times in Shop w Gusser and Mr. B. Remember the Green Monster, and the food fights at China Port. INSPIRATION: If all else fails, Join the unification church John Nichols Ellis 1110 Washington Street Giovanni “Anni” MEMORIES: The greatest times with Ultimate friends! Boston!! PW, Mag. Audrey-Nopain, nogain — JH — JMGQ, Empire — RF, MOE, FF. That is so TACKY! Very Critical Criticism! XMAS Always — all those talks! JDH, BW, TG — I Love you so very much — Mom, Dee. INSPIRATIONS: . . . individuality comes from those who love you . . . I’ll make it. Stephen J. Ellis 27 Highland St. MEMORIES: Thanks, to all my teachers who managed to survive me these three years, Amanda, Ellen and all my friends. Kevin when are we going to get mufflers on that car? Remember, Kev, Always wear your safety belt! Mom and Dad I made it after all! INSPIRATION: Success is not permanent; the same is true of failure. Mark Alexander Enes 3 Cedarwood Road MEMORIES: Hockey 123, Football 123, SHELLY, NEC Hockey Champs, Wingersheek beach. INSPIRATIONS: Your only As Small As You Feel Harold E. Ercolant 89 Eastern Avenue “Happy” MEMORIES: Standing By the Gym During Lunch with GS, PM, SN, GM, DK. INSPIRATIONS: Take each Day As It Comes Julia Marie Fatta 18 Harriett Rd. JuFat, Jules MEMORIES: Joe 9 7 82, ILY!! “I don’t want to spoil the party!” GTW KCMNAI $ the GENERAL! GT@ SRB w JGCLJCMLSS. GSP w KC MNCC burnin’ the “BIG ONE!” “We’re making slushes!” ask KC and MN. Aunt P’s Key — ask everyone! Never forget GTW ES. ACTIVITIES: Var. Tennis Team 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; Homeroom Rep. 4. INSPIRATION: To have my dreams and be a suc- cess and never forget G.H.S.! Kenneth Favaz 2 a 6 Mystic Ave. Benny MEMORIES: Good Times w Good Friends — JC, NN. JJ, FG, AT. AR. SUMMER ' 83 POLICE - FIXX. THE ALBAT ROSS. QUOTES: But, YOU’RE A GOOD KID. OH I LOVED IT. FOR N03 ASK JI NN. All MY LIFE I NEVER REALLY KNEW ME TILL TODAY, INSPIRATION: NOW I KNOW WHY. I’M JUST ANOTHER STEP ALONG THE WAY - JUSTIN HAYWARD. Fay Marie Ferrara 23 Reservoir Road MEMORIES: Joe 10 1 83 Celebrations w JREFF- FG and TN and VT, P Summer — “80” w gang G-Harbor Beach Heather eligible guys Great Times in Judy’s Office w JMPGWWLDJLMK Never eva 4-get the Pillsbury Dough B y Eugene’s Office Pro- cedures Class w Linda ACTIVITIES HONORS: NHS; Honor Business Club 3, 4, Treasurer. INSPIRATIONS: Forget what you regretted in the past and look to whats ahead James Fialho 49 Magnolia Ave. Kuck MEMORIES: Good times in Magnolia with Tim, Scott, Shelldon, Bush Poole, Jeb. Camping ' 83 No Dice. Football at the pit. Shop with Beck Moose Grace Marco and Brooks The Pumpkin Fext ' 83 Knok on Wood. Mattie Jean Fialho 14 Sumner St. MEMORIES: Don’t Forget my Yelio Bomber and XMAS Trees Ask Buffy Robbie Remember the Trips 83-84 w CF W. VA: Ask Jennie Humphrey Bogart, Toots RKPT CHAMPS Hammered Huey, FT Ball Games, Mom, 1 Love You ACTIVITIES, HONORS: Band 1. 2. 3. Secretary 2; Softball 2. INSPIRATIONS: ALL OUR LIVES PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CRYING OVER DEATH. BUT WHO KNOWS, MAYBE IN DEATH WE WILL BE CRY- ING OVER LIFE. William Flygare 18 Concord St. Flygman MEMORIES: Remember the good times with CH NR BM GS DF JM DS TR FM SP JA Shop. Lunch, Band, Mug up. Flashing lights ask NR DF. Remember the trips with CF LA MF JA INSPIRATIONS: You only live once, go for it! Joseph F. Foote 39 Mt Vernon St. Joey, Footie MEMORIES: Band 2, 3, 4; Band Competitions; Trips To Washington DC., West Virginia, Lunenberg N.S.; Talking to the Girls; Football Games, Parking Cars At G H.B INSPIRATIONS: To Be A Police Officer Or A Politician Christine M. Fortado 27 Sumner St. Chris MEMORIES: Ricky grad nite? 83 w MM+Ralph. Gumby takin’ showers in rm 117 in Rl. SAT OcT29 a BF’s Lisa Teresa Jeannie Tues. nites a work W MF trips ask DS TP JS LA B F Lisa. Summer ’83 Yahooey! ACTIVITIES: HONORS: BM 3, 4, VP 3, 4; Acad. Reg. 2, 3, 4; NHS 4. INSPIRATIONS: The only way to discover the limit of the possible is to go beyond it into the impossible. E. Sam Fortado 877 Washington St. MEMORIES: The summer of 83 up the pits. Class of “84” Best friends — FP KS BS BA BA RB. Carpentry Shop The house Room 311 WORDS OF WISDOM: If you want to succeed in life you will, if you won’t. John P. Fortado New Way Lane MEMORIES: Thanks to Mr. Sulavan and Mr. Veator For 3 Good Years Remember: shop, math, and Mr. Spittle Guy Fossiano 17 Hammond St. GuyBo MEMORIES: Parties down the Fort, Slams ask MODBDJDSTMTMSSDM. Tueyl — 2 Ask Rick C. Football. Halloween “82” Ask Mr. Greely. J. Geils New Years eve, Day’s Inn. The Bible Ask MO Kenneth J. Francis 134 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Bauanja MEMORIES: Summer of 83 THE GIANT. THE B-CRUISE Ask RK. THE “DEER” Ask BM RK. 1 FRIENDS BF, RK, BM, PD, AM, VI, KD, The “Gang.” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramural Sports. INSPIRATION: Quitters never win winners never quit. Jane S. Frederick 77 High Street Yane MEMORIES: Spending Sundays with Sonny down Flatrocks. Going Crazy with special friends I will never forget any of you! Many sum- mers spent going mad with a bunch of SKULLS! Steph, a pig grabbed a chicken by the head! THE HALLOWEEN BUS! AV-AV INSPIRATION: Age rules over all things, Fate rules over hope — Gentle Giant — 29 Julie Ann French 40 Revere Street “Jules” MEMORIES. I LUV STEVE 7 9 82 ALL THE GOOD TIMES W TCFSCRMPBCMNGHDBBMNB JRCP BUT MOSTLY W ST PARTY! “MNCHS " ASK TORI. THE SHUNK ASK ACTC ALL THE TIMES IN RKPT WITH STEVE ! “TAKE OFF HOSER. AY!” ASK TCFSST FINALLY MADE! THE CLASS OF 84. (I LUV YOU MOM AND DAD) INSPIRATION: A TRUE FRIEND IS A FRIEND FOREVER! Michael T. French 31 Forest Ave. ACTIVITIES. Soccer 14; Hockey 14. Baseball 14. INSPIRATION: In skating over thin ice. my safety is my speed Joanne Frontiero 12V2 Hampden St. Joseph Paul Frontiero 7 Exchange Street MEMORIES: Building the House w vocational Elec- tric and Carpentry kids. Partying w the gang at SPS after work. Going to the SPS and school Dances. Dining w special friends. Taking trips to FL. NY. WAW Family Sports. Waterskiing Skydiving INSPIRATIONS: Go For It, get what you can out of Life, and be yourself! Making My parents and Fami- ly Proud. Janine Marie Gallant 69R Maplewood Ave. Janie, Dustmop, ' Bird ' ' MEMORIES GTW MGMDJFJLVSAR SRB- MUFKPCUC MD (FYFYT) " THE TELEPHONE POLE” KA LK ALWAYS REMEMBER DB “CRASH” AR AUSTRIA OREGON ITS ALL VP TO YOU! CHINAPORT W LKMD NEWYEARS EVE JL FB S ESSEX CLAMS BCTOSKKAMF- TFTGF SEE YA ' LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD ACTIVITIES FC 4; BBC 2. 3. 4. Only Sophomore Left 1 BBC Captain 84; HBC. HRR. WW. Chorus 4. Softball 3. INSPIRATION EXPERIENCE IS THE NAME EVERYONE GIVES HIS MISTAKES Michele Marie Garron LaRose Avenue Fang MaMa Twee " MEMORIES: GTW LMUGJFLS BottomsUp and SPLASH BACKS ask LYNNE 9 17 83 Two N One No Go " The day after CB @’ @ I I ' ll stumble for ya‘; Slob ask Lee Love Ya Mom and Dad Thanks!! ACTIVITIES And Honors: Football Cheering 4. Basketball Cheering 4; Honor Business Club INSPIRATIONS The Moments Maybe Temporary but the memory lasts forever! John R. Geary 5 Cedar St. MEMORIES: Dave and the crew outside. Many a mad times Feild 1 1984 C. Club Member Yo! JG+LS 9 30 82 ZEPPEIN FOREVER GOING TO CALF. YOU CHICO . . . Peter Gelasakis 8 Allen Street MEMORIES: YO CLASS OF 84!!! Frank P. Gentile Jr. 17 LedgeMont Ave. MEMORIES: ANN 12 24 83 - Love Ya Always. GreasyPole Fiesta 83! Good times w NNJI- JCMVKFTO — REM THE TRIP TO RICKS - WHO ARE THEY? Ask Fred — Police concert — Foxboro — Aug. 10, 1983 — Queen — Boston GARDEN. CYO Ski Trip - Sense Ask TOJSDL SV. Love MOM+DAD. INSPIRATION: All we are saying is give peace a chance - JOHN LENNON Wendy Gibbs 139 Riverdale Pk. MEMORIES: Brian 1 1 26 80 GTSW BCMVMORGMOBLSOMO RDPK 1 DFRCMVBFGGMOJOMVTWSOBLBCMOPM, LOKI. GC Camping trip “Peter Pan a SK SWDPBCMGSFRWBWTFMF Mecedes. 25, ask SWMV Smash ask MVGFML Prom “83 " SS ask BCDJAI Summer of 83’ Bonfire 1 Detectives, Big Bus ask SWBCDP. John Gibney 75 Magnolia Ave. MEMORIES: Sophomore: Yo! Stabbred Junior: V 2 way. Blue Beet, BUDD! Gazerbo, B.B. Summer!! Capout — Yeah, D.B. Pary out at Rays DB Best ever Senior: BFD BY BY BEST EVER GOODLUCK 84 You’ Reout the Door, Don’t just get by you’re alive just die. You may say that doing things like this is just Giving death a kiss so what we’re free. ’84 Don’t rust yeeaahh!! Jo-Ann Marie Giglio 16 Cedarwood Rd. Jo MEMORIES: David 10 9 81 thank you for everything! ex.tms. w gd. frds Vernon Pit. Campin July 8, 9, 10, ask FSAHCMKKPTSFCMGS - Topsfield’ 81 ASK Kym L. One Sat. Nite w TB and DS Rem. tms w Dave, bekshore drvs, rainydays and rainynites. Evalasting friendship and Love. To Renee — and Scott: Welcome aboard! Gd. luck EB and WB. INSPIRATIONS: Dreams are for those who sleep. Life is for us to keep. Lisa Marie Gilbert 7 Ryan Road MEMORIES: ‘FIDDLER”, AGYG-THES. Life goes on, LCMG. LL, AR. NLM, WC. DC. and company Yo! — Parties M$M’s and ice Cubes! Math team — co-captains: LG and TH ICE CREAM take us to those Golden Arches ' SUBARU LIVES ON — SKI SUGARLOAF!! NHS — Spaghetti galore. INSPIRATIONS: Life is the stretch of time to live and grow yet we must struggle to survive, so do so by living to the fullest. Jodi Goodhue 129 Riverdale Pk. MEMORIES: MEGAN 8 20 83 F.B. games w D.C.. L.S., V.S., 10 17 81 and 12 19 81 w J.R. in bathroom during Alg. It ask C.F. Track and McDonald ' s w 11 Good Harbor Beach ' 82 4th Luch 81-82 w J.R N.C. D.H. 5th lunch 82-83 w D.C. J.F. T.N. French and English w C.F. and M.L. Shower at M.L. ' s 11 1 82 ask D.C. Timothy J. Gorrell 77 High St. Gloucester Garrellogram MEMORIES: Loving everyday In high school for they were the best days of our lives!! Aim High U S. Air Force good luck and best wishes to all the students of the class of 1984. The best class to Graduate from GHS. Matthew G. Gove 139 Cherry Street Slime; Govey MEMORIES. Gretchen; 4 13 82; Never will forget the good times with her. varsity hockey; 3 yrs. Ten- nis; 2 yrs; hundaus; ski trip with the gang; g.p MH MG VUDA JL HALLOWEEN on Golf Course. F. Troop; Granites eye; Hockey Party ‘‘83” INSPIRATION: The future holds the key to success. Gregory Grace 29 Mansfield St Mark Grant 29 Dennison St. Blink; Granny MEMORIES: MARA 3 27 82 Remember all the special times. Mad times in shop w the boys. Friends — Matt. Mike, Lasley. and Coot. Halloween! ACTIVITIES: Mach Shop 1. 2, 3; Hockey 2 Mara — Love ya always Thank Mom and Dad. INSPIRATION: Like a true nature ' s child you were born to be wild, you can fly so high and you’ll never die. Stephenwolf James E. Griffin 26 Honeysuckly Rd. GIF MEMORIES: GREAT TIMES WITH THE CREW THE MOE MEN LIVE AT THE AMVETHALL THE KP’S ASK ANY ONE NIGHT ASK CMJIJCSLSF IF THEY CAN REMEMBER. INSPIRATIONS: MUSIC, MY DAD, LI. £ IN GENERAL AS JIMI HENDRIX SAID I’M GO- ING TO DIE WHEN I DIE SO LET ME LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT TO. Cheryl Ann Hall Top O’ the Harbor Che 2 MEMORIES: Good Times with the crew! Sum- mer of 83! camping — August 12-18 ask: LR AH MS KM KK TK LP KL BK BS TL BK MS CK — feeling free on July 4th Ask: LR MB KM KL BK — Times with MJ 5 29 83 I Love you Mom! INSPIRATION: The noble secret of laughing at oneself as the greatest Humor of all. Thomas Hall 3 Marble Rd. Tom T. MEMORIES: TLM and SLI; SF GM: Quiche, ask JL, RC, CA; Mac’s w CA, JL, L; AC active wear w GP DW; EpParm. ask JH; Ice Cream; SH, SH, DA, Kiddie Calculus w SF; BioBob ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Indoor Track 3, 4; Outdoor Track 3, 4; Math Team 2, 3, 4; Jr. Rotarians; etc. INSPIRATION: Sometimes life treats you un- fairly. It’s at these times that a person must sit back and laugh at life ' s kickbacks. Barbara Hand 84 Maplewood Park Squeaky, m-n-m’s MEMORIES: Dave!, good times at Roller Palace, does it move? ask KM tapes, tapes! ask DS. Paul, thanks for everything. You poured it on me, why? ask MC, PP, DM Halloween dance, Baby! ask DS, MD Kev, I miss ya! I can’t believe I did! ask HP, DR. Friends DSBSTJGCHCHB 2Vz years I can’t wait no more ask anyone. Mom, See, I told you I ' d make it! Michael Edward Harmon 31 Hodgkins Street Mike, Easy MEMORIES: Great time with GPMGPGMGJL Skiing! Anyone got a helmet? Easeomeletmobile a SK Duke, Slime. Granite, moot, or Surgio Wingaersheek — Here comes the sun! ask TT RAM. ROD. Shaft and Twinky ask Twinky, ARDW Love Ya Mom and Dad Yo Skully ask MG and JL. ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4; Hockey 1-4. INSPIRATION: Live life to the fullest today for tomorrow may never come. Jane E. S. Haseldine 649 Washington Street MEMORIES: My Family and good Friends, laughter! dreaming, acting, Forever changing but Always the same, All the pictures tucked away in the pocket of my mind, starry nights, keeping the Faith; GOOD LUCK. INSPIRATIONS: Great God. I ask thee for no meaner pelf than that I may not disappoint myself, that in my action 1 may soar as high as I can now discern with this clear eye. Lynne M. Hemingway 30 Decatur Street Hem; Herr.a MEMORIES: DAVID 11 27 81! Army Adven- tures. Gus! O. squid, E.P.Y.C. Summer of ' 81 — ask Whit Muw — ask VI, WR, Rowdy — doubles snakely skiiing, dadoop, dadoop — ask Mara! The good Times w CS, AM. Proms, Concerts, and gt ' s with Chicka! Ask Whit about Alex’s! Always rem. the class of ' 84! Thanks Fran and Pete! INSPIRATION; To live a snakely life one must be culpritive!!! Audrey Jean Heussi 27 Addison St. Aud MEMORIES; To The ones 1 luv. Where did the Day go? “Summer “82” Dance Mighty Jo! CM The Spill! Sebago Madness! “a’s” 83 EGlou. Crew. Cool Can. Field Act! Vem’s, Tin Hut, These are the Best of Times! PK I Luv you Mom and Dad!! INSPIRATION: I Gave To you A Rower w Pedaloh so soft, and in the center lies the seed of the rose thats never lost. AUD Patricia Hickey 12 Elizabeth Rd. Patty MEMORIES: Marc 1 6 83 Good Times w MM MCKPJSCPHBLSRMSN The Crash Our Party, wake up Kel May 29th Big Secret! Scoop! The Fall, ask MC I love you Mom and Dad! INSPIRATIONS: To Love and be loved is one of the greatest gifts of Life April M. Hodgkins 550 Essex Avenue MEMORIES: Norway Toby, Fred. Great times in Germany and France w NM. KL, SL, TP, MP, TJC, GA Camera, Needles, Bandit sew anything lately? The French Metro. Thanks Beams I love you Mom and Dad. INSPIRATIONS: If you look for the best in life that is what you will find. Kathleen M Hodgkins 47 Wheeler St. Kathi, Kath. Ralph MEMORIES: Anthony — 9 16 83, Two Hearts Beat as one. The moonlit Beach, All the Blazing Times, ask him. Rem. the Fair the Game. Caddy nights! No dinner at the table. A 98??? I Lost my Gum ' Sem., Ra., Prom, all other great times to come! stay mine Time w best friends will never be forgotten Thank you SP, JG, PT, CP. AA. RB For being so special Love and Thanks always to Mom and Dad Jeffrey Holmberg 12 Commonwealth Ave. Richard James Hopkins 16 Wells St. Hoppy Bird MEMORIES; 12 31 82 J Geils Days Inn the Port Parties the Playground ZZ Top Gut um Halloween 82 What a War Castle Hill w DM PP Going to Maine, The Shed, Rush, Outlaws INSPIRATIONS: . . And so castles made of sand fall in the sea . . . eventually. Jim Hendrix Paul Louis Hubbard 47 Harrison Avenue Hub MEMORIES: 2 15 83 PJH Up the Tree With Rice Crispies, JN, SF, GJ, KJ, DR, GI. Riding on the old Rockport road. ZZ Top in Worcester, With Vincie, SF, DR, KM. Cape Pond with SF and Dr. Best of times with my girl. I’ll remember everybody. INSPIRATION: Tomorrow is always too late. James Hurst 39 Derby Street MEMORIES: Beth 10 27 83 Good Times with Brian and Mike INSPIRATIONS: One thing leads to another George Iacono 54 Salt Island Rd. MEMORIES: Remember the good times with the Gang from Witham St. Never Forget the Mad Par- tys w SF, KM, GC. The Boys from Charlies — JB, ME, PH, JO, MO, DR, PC, LC. YO!! Great times w the soccer team, Including the Porugee Mob ' SOCRE ONCE MORE FOR “84” Joseph Paul Iacono 46 Beacon St. Jo Jo Dodger MEMORIES: All the good times with MV. SL. NN. FG. JC. KF. Police Concert, MV. I will miss sports, and all the fun that goes with High School. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 3, 4; Var. Baseball 2, 3, 4. INSPIRATIONS: A day for toil, and hour for sport, but for a friend is life to short. Emerson. May 1 be successful and happy at what I do and am. Vinny Marie Imbrunone 22 Gloucester Avenue Vinvin, . Martha MEMORIES: Best friends always — Sa. All the GT’s w SA, PP, KD, LL in “THE BOMMER” Traperin SB car ask LL, PP, and RD. MUW and SUM 81’ ask WR and LH Eng. in 89’ w B and F Ask Sa. See You There Wtetch! Thanks M and D INSPIRATIONS: If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. Patricia Ann Jacobs Fernald Street Patty MEMORIES: Never forget the good and bad ones w EMMFAABHSO. ask EM or BH About the sink. The boats flying Kites Thanks MA I luv Mark 3 20 83 I Love You don’t forget Camping my MA Fornwoods the guys PSDLMSGDRG We, RE gonna Make it Tari he is.. Love Ya Mark Puddin. INSPIRATION: To give Love another chance until it works. (Mark). Matthew P. Jenkins 15 Ferry St. Bufid T, Sick MEMORIES: Grateful Dead Aug. 81 Goodole Glou. Diving @ The Pits. The old Neighborhood gang. Firehill Lo Sp. Fball. Jr Y R 1 Kerrs. My Family, SKANK NH Run on Sun. Moonies Camping Sum. 83 MAINE Musn’t Forget The gals The Barn Old Grandad Runking + getting Runk Nana + Bumb. BS Bank. BEN C-Club 81-84 GHS Jail. All Niters 84 Last of a Dying Breed INSPIRATIONS; All we are saying, is give peace a chance! LENNON Ricky Johnsen 317 Washington Street MEMORIES: During art “understand” “SHUTUP” ask George L. John C. spending my summer with Kelly 5 28 83! INSPIRATIONS: When the dragons grow to mighty to slay with pen or sword 1 grow weary to the battle And the storm I walk toward RUSH Leah Kathryn Johnson 35 Norseman Avenue LJ, Leahila, Slinky MEMORIES: Yo Vokie! HR HB, JB Slinky, Suds. Hey Ho ‘‘Where ' s the Car?” Summer ’83! New Year’s Eve Chmpgne? Who now Heather? Luaving 2 Sara’s! Skipdip 6 25 83 Cozy w 3 PARTY IN WESTWOOD! Cruisin? “HEY BIG GUY. Look out for the . . The doctor is in. Wrong Leah, who’s Artie?” Flees to New Hampshire INSPIRATION: Hope is a waking dream Nadine Lee Johnson 33 Myrtle Square MEMORIES: All the good times partying — The Gate-Vern’s pit — First time for everything — Go for it! ST summer ’83 — Fiesta — ATRWI? You bet — Hard times come and go — Stairway to Heaven — Thanks for listening — Fight for what you want in life The best times are yet to come — Love, ya Ma and Dad — Made it, thanks to my family — CW and C — Fayes car is taking a vaca- tion — the stupid fights — BD Killer — BR shower Kristine Marie Joseph 14 Starknaught Hgts. Kris, Krissy MEMORIES: LOVE YA MOM AND DAD! Great times with 1 friends! RR, KM, SC, KC. JF, SJ, SS, SF, DR, GI, MF. Never forget the good times with Joe! Best concerts — ZZ TOP, BOB SEGER, GRATEFUL DEAD. Summer 81. 82, 83 - Best times - HUT. NET, TREE, LANE! Shelley A F U! The races ask KM. Kris are you dead? ask KC. SC Coffee? ask KM. PARTY YO! “84” INSPIRATION: Never walk where a dance will do! Chris Kariores 24 Haskell Street Burnster MEMORIES: Good Times w BK, BH, BV, MP, SV, JA, MOON. C-Club “84” You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. INSPIRATION: Will it burn me if I touch the sun? Hendrix Steven Kecyh 4 Becker Lane Cynthia C. Kelly 247 Eastern Ave. Cindy MEMORIES: Times w HR, JM, SM and NM and “Donuts” “Him”, “Rem, the “Brother” F- Ball games, Tennis w JM, Going to the Cape, Buddy’s Daren and Pete. Fluffy, Going to Iowa to see my bro. 4 Pete. Merna Rem. special times w PH,JM, and HR. ACTIVITIES: Honor Business Club 4; Flicker 4. Robert M. Kennedy 28 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Ted MEMORIES: The Best Times With The Girls (LALALOPR- CBMVMFJgetting PAULA’SDummyw Lou.and Appy No Parking Sign . GreatTimesWith TheBoy s (KenAlZimChipBalch) DearHuntingAsk:Ken- ZimAl LisABatesMr Walsh Heather, And Jackie AndJane. So Long Fellow Voices of America. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football; Hockey; MY LOVE FOR HEATHER. INSPIRATION: You are what you make yourself. Kim Marie Kerr 8 Perriwinkle Lane Bima, Kerby MEMORIES: We made it! Rem. all the great times at t tin hut! ashes ask MBSCOLA I LOVE YOU JACK! Good times are forever!!! Night in the rain! Hey camping Buddies! Faye Marie ICU! YO MA YEE HAW! Ex. Friends: KM- MSAHLR . . . HEY Pammy baby! The gate crew! CHOW! INSPIRATION: Always remember to forget the things that made you sad, never forget to remember t things that made you glad! William Kerr 8 Perrywinkle Lane Joseph Klyce 3 Maplewook Park Dawn Korthas 9 Winchester Court MEMORIES: The best of times w the best of friends! PT. JM, BB, KK, KM, LR. MS. SP. KH, LL, DV. EW. CM, JL, TT, MM, KW. AA. MP. AH, AP. Memories of JL and all my love to JRLIII! The Can. My Office — ask JM it ' s better in the Bahamas! 2 much sno this year! ask BB where did the day go? NY! Love to PK! — INSPIRATION: There is a reason why even the angels never give up! — S. Nicks Katrina Elizabeth Lafata 64 Centennial Ave. Kat Trina Tre MEMORIES: Brian 10 24 81 GF CPJP- JLTBLSEW BFA-KEL Sum 83 Police w TB Skiing. Stast, 10pm- 10am allw P 2 5 82 W CPKP R46w LSKCBM Special times w Bri (143) Thanx Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading 1, 3. 4; Yearbook; Stu- dent Council; Flash. INSPIRATION: Take a chance like dreamers can ' t find another way: don’t dream it all just live a day — Duran Duran Mara Jessica Lambert 1 1 Fort Hill Ave. MEMORIES: MARK - 3 27 82 Great times!! Fun w good friends! Lynne. Whit. Jen. Rowdie doubles and snakely skiing. Hey Lynne, da doop da doop. Times w Pal Becca B! ACTIVITIES: Student Council Pres. 84; Tennis 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Rotarian; NHS; Love ya, Mark Thanx Mom and Dad. INSPIRATION: Yesterday ' s dreams are tomor- row ' s beginnings Chris Lane 397 Western Avenue Arnold ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Baseball 1-4: Pump- ing Iron 14. Carpentry Shop 1-3. Gregory M Lane 397 Western Ave. Judy M. Lane 3 Curtis Sq. Rude, Jolly MEMORIES: YO HO MUFFY! LSV O — EW, JP, KP, JG! SWITCH! CSEM! Mr. Policeman! Margret! Rm 3 - LS, PM, TL, LR, RM. HC Tent — KS, PM, LS. SMEGMA — KS, LS, Pictures! Ugh — BAA — Goat — FOADAEGS My House — Dance - EW, JP, LS, KL, KP. PARA. — EW JQ+KP! GT’s w Keith — G. Luck! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HBC 3, 4. INSPIRATION: Cherish it all now, for soon it will be a memory. Sandra Marie LaRosa 65 Washington St. Bugsie MEMORIES: Germany Lives! Paris! Go For It, Ask Roomies 325 “STARTTALKING” GR. Juice, Let- ters and L. Pops ask Karen Tell Joanne — J. Rain- bows w JC and AR — 9-25-82 “playing” JOURNEY, (Whats the question?) and BEING HAP- PY MIKE KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT! ACTIVITIES: Thes. Wardrobe (Why?). INSPIRATIONS: We weep for what we may never lose — Faust Aimee T. Lee 7 Corliss Avenue MEMORIES: Frank I L Y A: Great Times! Journey, B+M, R. Sox, Celts, prom, 0.0 Beach Maine, S. Beach N.H., rt. 128 Fanuiel Hall, G. Island + Ferry, Swim acr. Breakheart, MHS Soccer, S. Willows, surf, 82-83, 4 12 82 BF: EM, CP, FI, SL, KD, SL HONORS: NHS; BHS; Student Council 2, 3; Stu- dent Congress 1, 2, 3; Class Sec. 2. INSPIRATION: The moment is temporary, the memory is forever. Steve Paul Levasseur 18 Pearl Street MEMORIES: The chosen few: MV, FG, JI, NN. Can I drive? “Benny”,JC. Summer of 83, Beach, whata job. FOOTBALL, knocking heads. All the parties, there were many. “JULIE” MEGA POLICE CON- CERT, where are we. Where has time gone? INSPIRATIONS: We are merely players per- formers and portrayers, in each others audience, upon each others stage Phyllis M. Leveille 3 Doanne Rd. “FI” MEMORIES: RICH LUV YA! Good Times at the CEM and THE gate G.H.B. “83” girl talk with Cathi XMAS “83” Fasting HA! Poes Hill ask M.J. Yo Girls night out!!! Kidnapping A.L. Study w L.A. fun w YELLOW BOMMER CREW! ACTIVITIES: Co-Capt. F.H. Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Track, Winter and Spring 1, 2, 3, 4. INSPIRATION: Dream until your dreams come true! Aerosmith Karen Jeam Levin 4 Stewart Ave. Bonzo MEMORIES: The Grad. Bash — you can’t take you anywhere! CLNWTSMLJM SUMMER BATS DBTBKB Joy HM — oregeno gold! Fun w R and G Europe! Brkbl Souvs — ask Ah and NM “bear John” letters ? Bugsie — ask SL JMC — KJL ACTIVITIES: Flash; F licker; Thes. 4, Wardrobe; (Why?); College Night Chairperson why not? INSPIRATION: If I laugh at any mortal thing ’tis that I may not weep. Lord Byron Denise Michelle Lewis 10 Hillside Road Denny, Dennis, Dizz MEMORIES: B F A CL, AD, TR, LC, MP. KL, LR. LS, ML, KG, JP. Got your CP’s ask LC and AD. Faithful Caryn. JOURNEY don’t ask Tina. CH-POP POLICE w AMOS. TINA YOU DRIVE. Going out with the girls? Scott’s office ask the girls. AA meetings ask EL. Thanks Mom and Dad. INSPIRATION: If I can only make one man aware, one person care, then I ' ll have done what I set out to do. Nikki Lewis 36 Riverview Road MEMORIES: Good times w SG, JG. TK, NE, GHBORHOOD, Up the hill ask anyone my family, Big bro. Chuck: You can’t always get what you want, But if you try sometimes you get what you need yea! Michael J. Lezynski 165 Concord Street SKI MEMORIES: Don’t forget all the good times at the beach in 83 w AL JC BM CL EP TA Good times on Sat. Nights. Mad times down the Arcade w MBDM- JCALBASWFPCPPMCLSCSNBBSFKCTAEP- FCBMCC. Many parties MM ask Jamie and Brian. INSPIRATION: One thing leads to another. Kathy R. Libro 1 1 Blake Court MEMORIES: CHRIS 6-11-82 LUV YA ALWAYS Great times w girls; TR, AD, DL, MP, JP, LS, KG, ML FIESTA ' 83 ask LRNCRP THANX AMY! Last but not least, Chris 12-11-82 C U IN BEDROCK BARNEY AND BETTY! THANX MOM AND DAD. ACTIVITIES: HBC; HRREP INSPIRATION: For some, to be said to be different is wrong; for others, to be the same is worse. Caryn Ann Linquata 13 Hampden Street Lynx; Little Piasan MEMORIES: IWALY BOBBY 3 19 82 B F A DLADMLTRLCJQ CHC-CK ask Dily Dad Mom Faye; Chester Parties GHBN KPJCDAKD " Never gonna say g-bye” Bobby Faithful Denise PC ask Amy! ACTIVITIES: HRR 3, 4; SC 3. 4; VB 1, 2, 3; BD 2, 3.4SCTY INSPIRATIONS: Try to be the 1st 1 up the moun- tain try to be the highest fly’n eagle if someone tells you you can’t do that show them it’s a lie, all you have to do is try Leah C. Livingston 45 Harrison Avenue MEMORIES: Dave E. Leah 10 7 80 LUV YA HUN! (Blazer) All the great times together CM DY RN TP CP JS EM KK TD EA CC TM FS Richard Parties Gate MBF Eric only 1 over TB’s alway ' s football TFE MOM The Mills POOL 84 INSPIRATION: To be successful in life and always be with Dave. The good times are forever, the bad times fade away. (M) Howard John Lodge, III 8 Marble Street Howie MEMORIES: GOOD T IMES WITH ”DOM” AT THE FOOTBALL GAMES, REMEMBER THE FIGHT, EUGENE WHERE’S THE CARDS!! JD YOU RAT ”MAO” THANKS MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU. Sandra J. LoGrande 12 Riverside Avenue Sandy MEMORIES: GT’s w CP, LM, KM, KS, AL, THE PARTY!; W and C Nites; “Boppm,” “Whoo-Ha”; Fiesta — ask CP; Bowling? Norman? — ask LM. “ONE-WAY” - DON ' T ASK! THANKS AND LOVE YOU, MOM, DAD, AND 1 FAMILY! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal; NHS; Who’s Who; Academic Rec.; Thes. 1, 2, 3; H.R. Rep. 3, 4; ’84; Flick; Prom Com. INSPIRATION: “The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in how we make use of them. Montaignev Dominic Loiacano 6 Malcolm Rd. Dorn MEMORIES: HOW SWEET IT IS, CHUMPS: the Big Guy, Harv, Steve, Munz, JD, Stain; YEAH, GHS Football and Hockey games You! You! You! What are we crazy ?1? Lov e you Mom and Dad INSPIRATIONS: I don’t care what you say anymore this is my life — go ahead with your own life and leave me alone. Billy Joel Gregory Scott Lord 2 Southern Avenue Greg, Jack, Chuck MEMORIES: Fun times in BSCS w TL MC rem. “The Pencil” ask TL MC Scream HA HA Trip to Wash. TOGA!!! Riding in rabbit w ME PB RS!?! At Mall w RS LR my IDOL!!! ask LL MA be Times in Chem w LL ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Trip to Wash. Closeup Rep. INSPIRATION: To always do the best 1 can and to never ask myself what could have been Leah Christine Lovasco 10 Cleveland St. MEMORIES: Good Times w RFKMML 8 19 83 REM. THE TENT? THE DOG DID IT! SAT. NITE CRAZIES ASK RD GETTING LOST IN BEV ML Always REM. AGWES ASK ANYONE WHO KNOWS Great Times w SCOTT I LUV U MOM, DAD, JERRY THANXS!! INSPIRATIONS: It takes half of our lives to find out who our friends are, and the other half to keep them. Steven Low 4 Thurston Pt. Rd. Steve MEMORIES: Summer Jam G.S. and J.G. Maine- Fort C.M., J.C., S.F., J.I. NORTH ADAMS (Shopp- ing cart) YOU BLEW IT HUGH NEVER FORGET THE HUT w C.M., J.G., R.C. And ALL THE GANG. THE GAZEBO (recovery) w T.B. and ALL THE GOOD TIMES w THE CEMETARY CREW AND UP THE GATE. Ski Trip w G.S. and T.T. MUSHING ASK FUDGE. I’LL NEVER FORGET ALL THE MAD PARTIES WITH THE CLASS OF ’84 Daniel Jon Lukegord 1002 Washington Street Dano — Luke MEMORIES: THE GRATEFUL DEAD — PORTLAND FC, LESTER THE VAN — DM, FC, TO, EL. MC, TB, JH, RP YARDBIRDS, CREADANCE PINK FLOYD. INSPIRATION: Hendrix Hello my friends, so good to see you again, been all by myself, don’t think I can make it alone, keep pushing ahead, from straight ahead Lisa Annemarie Luongo 59 Holly St. Peppi. Sipp, Lis MEMORIES: Steve — I’ll never forget you! The Bomber, TP, S.B.’s car Ballon ask CM, NH ask KM, John Thanks for everything!! A hole ask AB, “I’ll rip her lips off” ask SV and BE, Love you always MOM and DAD — WC ACTIVITIES: Winter Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1,2, 3, 4; N.H.S. INSPIRATION: If you love something, set it free If it comes back it ' s yours, if it doesn’t it never was. Michael S. Lupo 2 Hampden St. Mike, Lupes MEMORIES. PUMPKINFEST, SMU, GARY, SEE ANY STRANGE LADIES ON GHB LATELY, MAYBE JACKD DID? AND 2ND PRIZE GOES TO STEVE. C’MON MAC GO FOR IT. IT’S FREE. M- PROM, WHAT A MESS, DOUBLE DRYF DID THEY SHAVE?! 7 ASK MIKE, GET YOUR HEAD IN THE WINDOW, ASK ARCH, JOHN, TIM. LET ' S CASH OUR CHECKS MIKE, WHERE’S MY TIRE! AM ... HI PUPO M PAL! INSPIRATION: While you see a chance, take it Christopher MacDonald 123 Prospect St. Kristin Ann MacRae 1024 Washington St. Kris MEMORIES BUDDY 1 1 82 I LOVE YA G.T. W Kym Steph, Missy. Jane, Kim, Kris, and Lisa. NH W L.L The Races ask K.J. Summers of “82” and “83 " . Camp Lanesville Parties The Boat PCS. Toad Coffee? Ask Kristine Kym SMASH! Hey Dave HIJACKIT Got anything for fork wounds 7 ask Jane Boom Boom Out Go the Lights K C. S.C. Thanks Mom and Dad! Kevin J Mahoney 34 Burnham Street MEMORIES: Concerts, vans, the good times in shop, house, co-op. Phil ' s cellar, mopeds, the field, ski trips, pits. Salisbury ask BB+MB working with PM, DP, JEMC.+CM Explosion in shop ask MB Maine w PC. SR. and TM Mac’s class FRIENDS: SR. MC. TM PC, JS, TM, MS. JK. CR, PC. DB. WW. JH. MB. BB. PM Michelle C. Manninen 3 Blake Court MEMORIES: Gdtms w Great Friends; KP PH MC JS AR CJP GLOUCESTER ROCKS REVERSE, M M, 37, 5-27-83 SCOOP, CRASH and SMASH Gene-Gloria. I LUV YOU MOM and DAD MNGOLF INSPIRATIONS: From those we love we learn the painful truth of learning things we don’t want to know. But we need to experience the truth if we are to grow! CS Michael Maranhas 5 Linden Ave. Mike MEMORIES: Great trips with GHSSC: Toronto, Florida, Washington DC, And West Virginia. Spain in 81 — Germany in 84. The summer of 83 with RC, PD, CL, And The Big B. Carlene Marino 4 Macomber Road MEMORIES: Mad concerts (the dead, Neil Young) Progress! ask Law All those wild times W Mary and Lois. “Times going by so slow!” ask Carol — unreal evenings; my hohner blues harp; NH-MI-TE-JO with the gang — the spill; Eriks window; dogtown and all the great times — Rock-N-Roll on! INSPIRATION: Peace and Trust can win the day despite of all your losing. Page and Plant Paul Francis Marino 4 Macomber Road Shag MEMORIES; Lisa!!! my only love 2 18 82 to forever Mr. Music. “V TUB” Broken Honda, Boat Roses each month 18th Wed. Nights and Weekends Electrical Shop 1,2, 3 Basement and C, ask Sal and Kevin INSPIRATION: Don’t give up until you drink from the silver cup and ride that highway in the sky. “America” Darlene Martin 302 Main St. Russell Martin 8 Story Road Marion Mathews 5 Angle Street MEMORIES: All the good times down the fort with the Gang. Rem. B-day pts. Ask “T” can’t forget v c Juice ask Ro. Rem. Trip down strawberry lane with the girls Rem. the shooting star ask RH MN CR Rem. FIESTA weekend ask the Smurf. BFA Qdget thanks for the great times I’ll never forget them, oh ya “T” rem. Xmas Eve and the sunrise Ro can’t forget the drums and ZAP. G C AnnMarie B FILC Kathleen McGrath R1048 Washington St. Katie MEMORIES: Crazy Times w SL. BH, PB, HM, LM, LL, MH, JG, JD, MM — “BOP. THE Message” R. skating Ask SL. LM. BH, HM. PB Lanesville — PegLeg — ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS; Flicker; Beacon Acad. Recog. INSPIRATION: If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Nor put the foundations under them — Thoreau Christopher C. McKay 6 Awesley St. Bunky MEMORIES: Pam 5 13 83 Good Times with the crew CEM. Trips to Maine ask JC, SF, SL, JI, HH, Into’s place Runk Great Parties of 84 MAD TIMES UP THE HOUSE WITH THE SHOP VICE PREZ. AAE Club ACTIVITIES: CARP 1, 2. 3; GHS Hockey 1, 2, 3. INSPIRATIONS: To make my father proud of me Jacqueline Ann McKay 41 Commonwealth Ave. Jackie MEMORIES: Rem. Fun w SM HR CK NM. Rem fBAll games CK Rem “him” and the BROS Rem Halloween fun w HR SM NM AM CL Fun at sleepovers Rem fun at lunch W HR, SM ACTIVITIES: Flicker; Beacon; Honor Business Club. INSPIRATIONS: Always rem. GHS and your friends, lets keep in touch. Margaret Marie McKay 5 Adams Place Me. M M’s MEMORIES: love always PGF, Trip to Virginia Great times w Steph, Hey Dude! chicks and the pier w Doug and Coona, we made it J.D.! Love you Mom and Dad. CLUBS AND HONORS: HBC 4; NHS 4; Hr. Rep INSPIRATION: Where there is life there is hope and where there is hope there is always the chance for a miracle. Hope Marie McKenzie 79 Eastern Pt. Rd. MEMORIES: DAVID 6 8 83 Friends KB TB AF JF KL KM FL EG JM AM AM Farleys 1 IHM DAY Aug. 19 Ralph and George June 21 Jun 23 Charleton 83 Swimming in Maine NYOC+9 SFSD INSPIRATIONS: Be uninhibited and take your shoes off 1000 yrM Shelley Ann McKown 11 Riverside Avenue MEMORIES: Great Times with: JM, HR, NM, CK, AM, CL. Remember: Sleepovers, football games and great parties. CLUBS: Honor Business Club, Flicker Staff. INSPIRATION: to be the best person you can be. Daniel C. McMullen 2 Atlantic Street Bruce, Fuj, Little Cat MEMORIES: The good times at the corner with Bubba, Goob, and the rest of the gang — NO WAY! Fighting in the Yard — It’s really not a bad school! ’Ya-HOO! INSPIRATIONS: Live your life to its fullest — try your hardest, and never stop hoping. David McPhail 28 Acacia St. McHale MEMORIES: Greattimes withthegang.Partysover Bk’Shou- seandupthehill.Halloweenovermikeo.Goo- dtimesincarpshop — Tony Baby, AskCMMJRB DHECBSRWTP.PATrips — NewyearsEveat Tom, S-SundayFootball,Vocsk:Trip. Remember the,SebagoLake,Latenights,andprettygirls. GoodtimeswithKimM.TomyMomwhosealwayss onmymind — willienelson INSPIRATIONS: Thereare2PathsUcangobybuti- nthelongrunUcanstill changetheroadyouronLEDZEP Heather Ann Mello 1 1 Plum Street Ham MEMORIES: Goodtimes with EM, DC, PB, KM, Ask PB bout HH ask EM EE, HE DAS BOOT I CAN’T BELIEVE WE MADE IT ACTIVITIES: NHS; HBC; Aced. Recg. 3, 4; Flicker “84”; Beacon “83”, “84”; Hr. Rep. “84” INSPIRATIONS: Life is like this trumpet. If you don’t put anything in it, you don’t get anything out. W.C. Handy Myles Milham 954 Washington St. MEMORIES: Good Time W DS JG MC Fooling in the Halls INSPIRATION: Take life as it comes because you can’t change it; that’s just the way it is. Graceann Millefoglie 12 Smith St. Gray MEMORIES: Are Frank and Grace Forever and ever. Gtw DB, DC, MB, TL, AT Girls In Childcare Class. Melissa and Tim Louie-Lori Chinaport Nancy Ann Milone 29 Popular Street Nancy MEMORIES: Rem. Fun W SM HR KK SD DB DC KT NM Thanks INSPIRATION: To Rem. all the good times of Gloucester High. To get a lot, you have to give a lot. Nanci Lee Milone 18 Cherry St “Nan”, “Baloney” MEMORIES: Long talks w FDKJJM, at the rock Thank you for everything Mom and Dad I couldn’t have come this far w out you. ACTIVITIES: Secretary Thespians Int, Thesp.; Flash; Flicker. ( INSPIRATION: 1 honor the place in you where the entir e universe resides. 1 honor that place in you where if you are in that place, in that place in me, there is only one of us — Nomaste “So be closer to believing, though your world is ton apart, for a moment changes all things, and to end is but to start” Thanxs Web William T. Minton 73 Gloucester Ave. Zimmer MEMORIES: W S.K.A.M. and in television KM, RK. RM, DM, RB, intramural Basketball. The Green Bomber. GHS Hockey Homeroom elemen- tary Schools Ask Sarah Friends: SK, LO, LA, PK, AM, KM. MR and MRS Murray Nice Chilli! Dex’s Locker Deffective — Writing Trig and great friend the Makkonen’s Remember Mak. INSPIRATION: “To hurdle each and every challenge given me” Wayne E. Mitchell 9 Knowlton Sq. Twitchell MEMORIES: Class of “84 " the best, Beth 6 6 82, good times at the A.G.H. ask BD, JA, AA, JR, JC, MU, MA, DS, GB. KP “RIBBONS " INSPIRATIONS: I made it Mother. Timothy P Moriarty 46 Fort Square MEMORIES: Good ole times down the FORT and partying down the playground ash TM, RH, GW. BR. SS. GUYBO BUCK FIESTA, BLZD " 83” TM. JM. NM, BS, DB, DJ, AND JB. Erika Morris Thurston Pt Rd. MEMORIES: JIM 11 10 81 LUV YA F E.E.R! Great times w the “crew” up the cem. 7 Gate, Mr. M and the Subway ask Cath, WK end at sugerloaf w Jim, summer of 81-83 GHB AND THE PITS Girls Nite out and Lamb ask, CPPLTDALPH. Black Sabbath 83 and Steve R’s mad van MOON ask JM INSPIRATIONS: Life is but a game and you cannot enjoy it unless you play. Kimberly Ann Movalli 96 Friend Street Bim m a MEMORIES: G Tlmes at SEbago Lake. Evicted again. Sum 83 w no 1 pals: MBScola, AH, LR, KK, CH, GA. Partying up the tin hut. Where did the DAY GO. I miss you Jack. GHS is the best, sock of fleagulls. Sals beach open door’s, ask Aud. G Times w E. Glou. crew. Hey Burnzie, PA. Madness w MA, LR, DB, BB, JN. YESSA your a funny guy BRY. I LOVE YOU MOM + NANA I made it out!! Elisa V. Mugford 12 Bond St. Buffy Mugsy MEMORIES: Remember all the good times with HM, MF, DA, and all my other Buddies. Ask HM about HE EE DAS Boot. I will never forget EMMI E. ACTIVITIES AND HONOR: JV Softball. INSPIRATION: There are two things to aim at in life; first, to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. LaRayne F. Muise 17 Maplewood Pk. Ray, Rayne MEMORIES: Chris, Bcruise W PH, JB, KP, MM. Dorn’s B r ask PH. Deb’s house Hockey game ask CP, KP, MC, JS, MM. Good Times with SQ, MA, CO, Chucke Cheese W CO Miles Beach Ask CR, LW Old times with JF, fluffy. Lit. meanies. Parked car, bletchers ask SQ. Robert E. Muise 8 Stuart Rd. Mooose!!! MEMORIES: Good times W CM AM MP MA GB JF KB (Mopar) Reuniti and A Boat ride ask CM AM AH MD — over the side at the mall W CM She was 10% off! The Volare, Look out! The Drive-Thru At MacDonalds (How Many do you want? Speed Limit D. Driving. Who Me? INSPIRATION: You may not get a second shot at life, why not give it your best the first time. Mark Muniz 140 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Dart Munzie MEMORIES: Good times w ML JP. GHBDA, Glou. Grand. Prix, Dr. Funk, P-Fest, ask JD, HC. weekends. ACTIVITIES: B-Ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 4; Intra. Volleyball 3, 4; Intra. B-Ball 2, 3, 4. INSPIRATIONS: To do well at whatever I attempt, in the future. Adam Munroe 33Vz Sargent St. 8 Lisa Ann Munroe 202 Washington Street MEMORIES: 1984!! Senioritis w SL, KM, JS. Goodtimes W Phil, friends, cheering, WHO, f-ball games, 5th lunch W KP, SL, LA, KM, JS etc. WIRE HANGERS!! Skating W LB, KM, AD, LA, CC, SL etc., cinema, BCHN ask LA, “Don’t ever bowl” ask SL. The Door ask LB! Boppin’ ask anyone! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS; Flicker; Flash; Sawyer Medal; Academic Rec.; Football and Basketball Cheering 3, 4; Beacon. INSPIRATION: Gopher it!!! Alan F. Murray Jr. 13 Fenley Rd. A1 MEMORIES: W LINDA, won’t ever forget you! In- telivision W Zim. Intramural B-Ball and Hockey Friends Zim MM, DM, RK, SK, DW, DC, SE, KF, Now Serving 1, 2, 3; SOCCER. Lettered 3; Dex’s Locker; Hi Ma and Dad; Jones Class, Cow Tipping W DW, MF, GP; See Ya Mak. Yo Vocy!! Hi Fred RB INSPIRATION: To live life to the fullest Dexter Murray 16 Russel] Decka MEMORIES: Good Friends, Esp. Deem Hubbard Murray, Mike Powers and Chris Pratt. Also Seve, Bear, Jim. Thanks Mark E. your a good friend. Col- lins Crush. Football W Mike, Mark Nobody will touch you. Brother Dan. Jon Pratt in the gym; Toots INSPIRATION: To be honorable, and to be w the ones you truly love, if you aren’t what else is there? Joseph M. Nadeau 7 Marina Drive Nadage MEMORIES: Countless outlandish times at GHS with nobody but the best; Rhonda, Bryan, Dave B., Dave M., Kim M., PA crew, Cux, Ross, Pete, Marybeth, Joe K. INSPIRATION: Rhonda pickin-n-a-grinnin with VEETS, MIKE and Sam. BURNS . . . And so castles made of sand melt into the sea . . . eventually JMH WHERE DID THE DAY GO Kristine E. Nelson 8 Tolman Avenue Tina MEMORIES: TWA, ioeng, Summer’83, Nantucket, Sweats never die!, S. nts w Wendi, AB w MN Searspklot — WP, Gttimesw Gang Wgsk B., BBC, all those yrs. w LQ, I’ll miss you ’84; Wen, An- nette, AR, KH, JW, KC ACTIVITIES: Rifle team; Flash Co-Edt.; Bike Club; NHS Pres.; Junior Rot.; Flicker; Acad. Rec. INSPIRATION: Go placidly among the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence XXOO Rhonda Ann Newman 50 High St. MEMORIES: ASK WENDY W ABOUT - RB’S PROBLEMS GREEN, DON’T WALK NEAR TALL BLDG’S, BANDAIDS. KOWLOONS - NEVER KNEW WHAT HIT US. LOST IN OLD SALEM PIZZA-REIDN., MOUNT K. WW. MARRY CAME AS HIMSELF. “THE WISDOM MAN.” ALWAYS FUN PICTURES OF THE GUYS - SCARED AT SP FESTIVAL BAP RB’S DAD, THUMBS, BLON- DIE, WHO? FRIENDLYS - SK, RH NWBRYPT SOFTBALL ALMOST HIT BY RB LD TALK TO RB. DELISLE, MOORE, DREAMS FOREVER 48 Marianne Nickerson 13 Gee Ave. MEMORIES: Great times with great friends: girls nite ask KC JF A1 and the girls down the Fort; the General; Trip down strawberry Ln. w AI CR TQ RH LC MM RD BC; close call @ GHB W AI: Key to Aunt P’s ask EVERYBODY!! I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS; Academic Recognition. INSPIRATIONS: The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away . . . J. Geils Timothy J. Noble 471 Western Ave. J. Daniel Noseworthy 553 Washington St. Gargamel Nicholas A. Novello 32 Fort Square Nick, Stoga MEMORIES: TINE-ILU NEW YEAR ' S EVE w RO+JOE+T. THE FORT! FIESTA 83 GREASY POLE ASK FRANK. GT’s w FGJIJCMVSLKF-THE TRIP TO RD’s HOUSE, ASK FGJISLRD — WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? POLICE, QUEEN 1 BST. WST. AND BLUE CAM w TINA ELY BELLY-JI BASEBALL 1, 2, 3, 4, C.C. INSPIRATION: Do not succumb to lust of the rich mans gold, all you need is in your soul. — L.S. Lisa Jane Oakes 80 Perkins Street Oakie, Oaksie MEMORIES: Great times w CB, PR, LA, MV, MF, PW, LA Summer! Pullover ... on the lawn, signs, The grove, do we need this ice? Alright MV 7 6 G. St. B-drop. SCRW, safaries, Bt-ing, death ride GHB, JWL 4 2 RK, NO blls (haiku, RK) deer capers: Rob, Ken, Zim, Oakes, Bates. Bats, easter ride, WGSB moby. work w CBKAMM, BS grls in bndg, sunkist — mag. I can’t drive! fribbles! AFVA!! Terrence F. Oder Beach Rd. Big Al. Terry MEMORIES: SUMMER OF 83: THE GULL GT ON THE BEACH w AP, RP, JDP, JS; THE POLICE PROV HIGH WAY — ask JD skiing w DUKE, SS, MG, MH, ME; Dave Wise - ask Scott; THE CARD — A GREAT MONEYMAK- ING SCHEME INSPIRATION: Beware the Antichrist! Jesus Saves! Pathrik L. Olsson Nashua Ave. Glou. MA Pat MEMORIES: Wear me I ' ve got: stripes Bright pink leaves I’m a checker Board PAT-n-CHARLENE 3 28 82 until the end of forever! yo! Chorus pirates Boyfriends anything goes ROTC James J Orlando 14 Brightside Ave. Jim MEMORIES: Wall Supreme Retchid Slimepie. Len- ny Cowgnowski. Charlie’s beatings on PC, PH, King of the Fryolaters. Alphy-PH Mark E. Oliver 10 Hammond St. Blueberry MEMORIES: Christmas Eve ask Dt. Stew, UMass No air” ask Bob The hotel after J. Geils, " Blue LABLED” ask Jed. “Does anyone want to do a few Pepe Lopez’s tonight?” Good times at the fort and also with Anne. Hi Nan!, Halloween ' 82 the Audi race ask P.R. Fiesta ' 83 “Jammed fingers in the door ” ask sam How’s your car? ask D.B., T.M. shro m head ask D.S. G.R. D.B Joanne Orlando 66 Summer St. Jo Philip David Officer 6 Nally Ave. Twinkie MEMORIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 on the sidelines with A.R , B.F M.H. D W. Soph. Camp — Becket Bomb Blast, who did it? Beaver patrol with N.C. A.T. Michele Orlando 305 Washington Street MEMORIES Bobby — 5 20 81 — Love Ya Forever Rem. Good times with MV, JR, AA — Par- ties — The obscene picture ask TQ, MM. JR. RD. RH etc Summer of 83 — Down the parks and The beach with DR, GG. MV, and the kids. CC with Ann. NC, CC. LS. LC, RO. CP. AB The fb ask BL. Liz Thanx Mom and Dad — RLMP MCL Jeanne M. Palazola 40 Beacon St. Johnie MEMORIES: Great times w Good Friends — KPEWJQJLKL Sum of 83. The pits w Ric V and O don’t ask JLEW. Pushing car ask KPEW — Dilberts XMaseve JQJL Riding home on moped 2am KPEW. Bouncing around over Rude’s, ’st time Gail’s ask JWCP. INSPIRATION: A man who has any good reason to believe in himself never flourishes himself before the faces of other people in order that they may believe in him. Maria C. Pallazola 31 Middle Street MEMORIES: BRIAN 1 22 82 LUV YA FOREVER! G-TIMES W DMMG- JBHPNTLRGWKLJPDL SUMMER 83 CAMPING W ST1NKY-YOKY-COMMITY NEW YORK CITY W BRIAN, DEB, STAN REM THE BLZD! SCOTTS OFFICE ASK THE GIRLS. THE MT. ASK KIM G. FIESTA “83” THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MA. I LUV AND MISS YA DAD! INSPIRATION; Life is always better when you share it with someone you love. BG James Panniello 3 Blossom Lane Pansiefellow MEMORIES: Great times in Grenaders and theater ask Tsqw, GW, KL, MP, NM, AH INSPIRATIONS: “No dumb person ever won a war by dying for his country HE won it by making another poor dumb person die for his country” Gen. George S. Patton Anthony Parisi 8 Ocean View Dr. Kyle MEMORIES: Kathi, 9 16 83, ALWAYS TOGETHER, Down by the sea. Blazers never die! rem. Topsfield, The game, Fleetwood night, at table ask her. 91 in chem.? Where is the Gum? Good times to come Sem, Fla, Prom Don’t worry! Years gone by with MM, GC, Milk on the walls, conser- vative forever! A.C.N., Ashes on the rug at sabatical’s house! Timothy M. Orlando 29 Mt. Vernon St. MEMORIES: REMEMBERING ALL THE GOOD TIMES, FRIENDS, THE MANY WEEKENDS, THE DARES, THE MANY JOYOUS DAYS AT SCHOOL AND DETERNTION, HA! THE JOKES THE JOKERS, GOING TO COLORADO!! SKI TRIP ART CLASSES. OH THE FUN LO HO HO! LOVE YA MA+DAD. INSPIRATIONS: All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be . . . Pink Floyd Susen E. Osier 30 Rocky Neck Ave. MEMORIES: GOOD TIMES WITH PJ, TL, TF, LP. Hay Buff Remember 10th Grade Study. Don’t forget childcare with Mrs. Keegan. INSPIRATION: Live today for tomorrow may never come. 51 Pam Rose Parisi 27 Andrews Ct. Spam, Pam MEMORIES: Steve 5-14-80 Laconia N.H. 2AM breadfast runs, RT. 202, skiing, sherms (M-S) Steel Hill - Harley, ELEPHANT SHOES (EASONS) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS; J. Rotarian; Yearbook Editor; Machine 2, 3, 4; S+ B-Ball 1, 2; Field Hockey 1,2. INSPIRATION: Your only young once so do what you want while you can, for some day you will not be allowed to. Teresa M. Parisi 13 Madison Ave. MEMORIES: TAKING SHOWERS IN RM 117 IN RI. FUN AT FHL HOUSE w CHRISTINE, LISA, JEANNINE. SKIING. HAVING FUN AT RC IN PORTSMOUTH NG WITH DAVID AND HEAN- NINE. YAHOOEY BLUE BLUE CHEVETTE. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3,; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Pamela Jean Parsons 394 Washington Street Pam, Pamski MEMORIES: The Bomber, Best Pals; KD LL VI SA NC FI; TP SB’s Car; Field Hockey, Track, Year Book Staff, Class TR, Florida; June Fest at GHB, 5 oclock; 3rd blk. office THANKS JUDY! Good- times at GHB; BC+W The Mills crew Balioon Day! Dances + other mad times at GHS, Special Thanks to NANCY, KELLY. MR. WALSH. L. DAVIS INSPIRATION: It’s the herdmen who win battles and freemen who win wars I LOVE YA — MOM + DAD! Matthew O. Paulsen Sunset Point Road Matt MEMORIES: Thespians, Germany! 1983 “Fiddler on the Roof” “Friendlys” BJ, CB, SC, I had a great time! Remember “Dennys” “ 5 83 to early “ 6 83. “Hey Bob, I can’t wait until Curts house” INSPIRATION: “Life can only be understood backwards, But it must be lived forward” Wendi Loreen Paxson 125 Wheeler Street MEMORIES: Great Times w Teen, Nets, Vick, and all. Summer ' 83 TWA 10 Eng, Vermont, Clamming after 10, Fla. — 2nd home Cow tipping. The Best Years Of My Life, Many Thanks for MOM, DAD, and God. NV — Tim times ACTIVITIES: Rifle Team; Soccer Yr.; Flicker; Flash; Senior Class ’84; NHS; Lots of Homework. INSPIRATION: Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! Psalms 133:Ixxoo ’84 MISS YOU ALL Fred Peeler 6RR Acacia St. Joyce Pelosi 6 Addison Street Joy MEMORIES: Bruce 12-4-81 Love Ya Always My B-Day, R. Waldo, Pine Acres Wknd. 1-29 Wht Night, Turtlebites ask Bruce. B’S, Good Times w MP LRKLLSDLGW, Scott’s office ask The Girls, Ski Trip w MPLSTRAD, Castlehill, Thanks MA + DAD INSPIRATION: Days and Nights come and go, but the Memories last a lifetime. Dayne A. Perruzzl 320 Western Avenue MEMORIES: Kathy 5-2-81 moped, SW, SB, and Drive-in. Break water whale 81. Bandl’s house — Big pick YUP truck. Car troubles ask KB. Hot tub in the winter with KB, CP and JR Teasel 3-10-83. 8-83 Canada. Getting lost in Dogtown! Thanks Ashey — 16 lb. Blue fish. Stranded at FC Hunting blind deer! 2-14-83 Journey Concert Bingo with GRAN. Big Jims class ask NECK — Thanks for everything Mom and Dad John Dana Perry Jr. 23 Friend Street JD MEMORIES: PUMPKIN FEST, GOOD TIMES WITH ARAN, VUDA, AND SEAH — SUM- MER ' 83 POLICE CONCERT — ASK TERRY AND ARAN, COMBAT ZONE ASK A.P., R.P., TO. ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1, 4; Chest Club; Uncle Fester Fan Club. INSPIRATION: To be, that is the answer. Victoria Perry 21 Wonson St. Suzanne Pescatore 9 Squam Rock Road Suzie MEMORIES: All the good times and special Friends; The Tin Hut; Las Vegas wk end, Ber- muda, California too, but IT’S BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS! Where did the Dago? INSPIRATION: Cherish the good times, for these memories will inspire us and keep us together always Kelley J. Peters 51 Beacon Street Kel MEMORIES: INFY-KEVIN. BFA-KL THE POLICE 1 Pals JQ, JP, TQ, ERNIE AND BERT — ASK SUE Cntr Fid. w Frank ha ha Tori! Sue Bangem better? Acdnt — I’m ok! — ask TC 2 5 82 - CP, KL Skiing, STAST, MPIS:LOPM-LOAM ALL W Trina IFHMBones Julie Prty’s al-night long w Carla, Ric Sum 82 I LUV YA MOM and MARK. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1-4; Tennis 3; Co-Capt. 4. 53 Carla Jayne Peterson 2 Fort Square “CJ” MEMORIES: Gail’s House JPJQ “I WMFP” CA TC 2 5 82 KELLEY AND KL Mandm KP MINI GOLF KP MM TC THE POLICE CONCERT NO. 1 GLOUCESTER ROCKS MM Roastbeef KPBO JS ' s Party! KP’S Parties Sum 82 I LUV U MOM AND DAD! “You will see light in the darkness. You will make some sense of this. You will see joy in this sadness. You will find the love you miss.” The Police Timothy Philpott 215 Hespirus Avenue Tim MEMORIES: Good Times in Magnolia w JF, SS, KP, RB. BF, GR. IL Camping trip in NH Laughs in the Man. P.D. ask MLandar — Gloucester Grand Prix ask John ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4; Basektball 1-4. INSPIRATION: To be the best 1 can be at what I do. Kelly A. Pierce 18 Traverse Street Piercey Bing Gene MEMORIES: Sum of 81 BS ask MCTB space mobile the tubes E.G. 7 4 83 BF aftT dlght PH get home MM clp smash JB BB ya! Ken RMMCCP- JSMMM and MRB CPBO Minigolf CP bvw ask SW What happened? 7 29 83 Wheat Thins surfem FAKING IT MM SCOOP! GHBVO J1MC- TBMC PTY B-Cruise Y snow GHS tictac JLLS I LUV YA MOM AND DAD INSPIRATION: Smile away your tears, for they are only for you Frank S. Pizzo 1 27 Story Street MEMORIES: Machine Shop, Good Friends with good times Being in the last Essex Generation to go through Gloucester High School Always memories for Phyllis Now and Forever, The laughs between friends such as Craig R., Bill V., Kevin P., Special thanks and good times in class with Mr. Surrette INSPIRATION: To get by on what I have not what I don’t have! Kevin Poole 2 Lexington Ave. Pooly MEMORIES: SUMMER OF 83 IN ENGLAND, GOOD TIMES WITH, SSJFGRTPRBFDMBHTCR RIL. GOOD LAUGHS AT AGH WITH SHEMP KNOWS AS GB EX TIMES IN MACH 1-3. INSPIRATION: You Only Go Around Once In Life So Go For The Gusto! Gary Porter l 117 Cherry Street Porter Duke MEMORIES: Gfeatest 4 yr of life, so far. Tennis, Soccer — good times. Parties with friends — Eez. Legent. Govy, Moot etc Mara — King Poop. Skiing ovemighters — Yeeha!! Down the PITS Hunting on the marsh Dances “ 84 ” P. Attendant — Wing, beach — Girls more parties — YO we ' re seniors! INSPIRATION- Dream on Edmond G. Pouliot 4 Springfield Street “PUNK” MEMORIES: I’ll behave OK Janet! I’ve learned quite a lot this year and have found something very precious to me. Something which I’m going to keep. LOVE Catherine Mary Powers 27 Gee Ave. Cathi MEMORIES: SID LUV ’YA Girls night out good times up the Cem and the Gate Girltalk w FI SUM- MER 81-83 YEE-HA!!! Bucket Fiesta 82 and 83 W SID It looks ignorant! Platonic relationship ask Barb. The subway ask E.M. Thanx Mom and Dad INSPIRATION: Take it as it comes, specialize in having fun. Lori Michelle Quigley 15 Poplar Street Lo4 Law MEMORIES: Lev B F A. Always rem Brances, “it’s them” TWG, Moo, CKDH, HBRF, OGRIL, and parties! Trips up EMR, luv that house strawpagne! MPF and glass. R-night. Mn swim GH. “Wicked Boo Boo” tn rem FF and “ah” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spring and Winter Track, Co-Capt.; Cross Country; Flicker; NHS; Math Team; Ack. Recspanish Award. lNSPIRATION:Sometimes you just gotta say what the Risky B Tina Marie Quince 265 Essex Avenue MEMORIES: N1CK-ILU-NEW YEARS EVE W RO and JO ex NICK: THE trip to strawberry lane!!! The buddy system — CR Concert buddies — RD; MARION’S B-DAY PARTIES 82-83 Partying down “THE FORT” with the Gang! Blue Cam w NN Christmas Eve Sunrise over Mar. Pool Parties on Ju- ly 7th. Secret talks w Ro where not gonna make it — Ro 3-11-83 Julie M. Quinn 1 1 Hampden Street “Qulnny” MEMORIES: BRUCE 9 4 83 - great times - Luv ya BJ. 1 friends JPKPCILNJWLSSA. Kowloons, Moons and shaving cream ask work force thanks Norm I did it! Arthritis — still got it Lisa? How about a Dilbert — JP Two in one night ask JL it was after 12:00 CP we get to the carnival! Laugh and talks w Kel IWMFP-CP LUV YOU MOM AND DAD all the wonderful memories W BRUCE John Daniel Powers 20 Edgemoore Road Hambone MEMORIES: HC keep your on; ask MM GHBDA- DR FUNK, PARTY (pumpkin FEST “83”) “ask ML+DL” If you this will be you next weekend” ask MMTPKPMLKL SMU — Sorry about the atari Mark; ask ML Jim ACTIVITIES: Capt. Track +CC (Mup-Chess Club) 1; NEC Debate Team; GHBDA. INSPIRATION; I’m going to live till I’m old because only the good die young Paula Randazza 273 Washington St. RAZ MEMORIES: Good times With Great Friends — Pat, Oakes, Bates, Lou, MELF, MAV, Appy; SUM- MER OF 83; A-Nighters 7 6 G-St, GHB- DEATHRIDE: Whit, Jen, Hem; DENNY’S RUNS (2 am?) 7 22-THE GROVE! — ALL RIGHT! Fine . . . On The Lawn; Do We need This Ice? PULL OVER!, EDDIE! WRETCH Sue and Vin - 5 MINUTES Ask Patti — GSF FEATHER, P.W.? AFVOA ACTIVITIES: Flicker 1-3, Editor 4; Hr. Rep.; Flash; Track; Field Hockey 4 Salvatore Randazza 19 Mason Street MEMORIES: Voc. English Down the P.C. Dellar G.T. w l friends; PCTMMCKMJS, Maine, 10 pound is land, the pits, fort fiesta time, summer of 83, Rockport ask MC up the house? Mug-up co-op, St. Anns, on the rocks of bass rocks Burnhams field, gym Class, Mac’s run Hydro-plane’s ask: TMMCPC Heidi Reardon 8 Cunningham Rd. MEMORIES: JM NM SM CK ME: JM rem 83 Sum: NM rem fun x; SM rem bball gms; CK rem dor-way bmp. PS Don’t forget buns, football games, and GEORGE! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 2; Chorus, Sec.; Close-Up; Flicker; NHS. Robert Reardon 35 East Main Street MEMORIES: Remember all the parties down the Fort ask Sammaretto Tim M. Dan M. Jim H. Also remember up Sam’s Hill, ask Joe S. and Mike S. INSPIRATION: You only live once; have the best times of your life while you still have a chance Kathy Record 2 Willow St. Kristina K. Remington 123 Cherry Street Tina Beulah MEMORIES: GT’s w Amos, Lucy, Dizz, KLLCGWCLMPLSMLKG Thanx The Pdl NYear’s ‘81’ ask LR S+T ask MC NY w AD Goin w the girls? Parties at SFP Don’t forget Stone Pier Denise, you drive JOURNEY don’t ask DL POLICE “84 " F’N “A” Go for it Amy! 1LY and thanx MOM, DAD, TONY! INSPIRATION: If my mind can conceive it, my heart can believe it, and I can achieve it!! Craig Renales 55 Cherry Street MEMORIES: Machine Shop. Jeanette Forever Wheelies ask BV Close talks ask A+D INSPIRATIONS: To succeed with all my dreams and goals David C. Repyak 11 Cliff Rd. Dave MEMORIES: HALLOWEEN PARTY AT VER- NON’S PIT W K.J., MR. 1 BEST FRIENDS: PH, VS, SF. KM, KG, RR, JN, JB, CC, ME, JO, JC, GI, JA, MJG, JG. CAREERS: A DRAF- TING JOB AT BOMCO. W PH+TAKING ART CLASSES AT MONTSERRET. FAVORITE BANDS: ALLMAN BROS., ZZ-TOP SKYNYRD, LED ZEP. INSPIRATION: “You are never given a wish w out also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.” Special thanks to J.C. Laverne Reynolds 7 Alpine Court Lovey MEMORIES: Goodtimes w Chez. Reka the snowbank, falling asleep, GTS camping Sebagolake. w KM, MS, CH, AH, etc. Aud remember the guys from NY. Parties up the Hill.w The crew GTS w Moe Will always be remembered. The Tin Hut. Where did the Daygo. We miss ya. PA Pals. KM, KK, MS, RC, BB, DB, DM, I love you Mom thank you. xo INSPIRATION: May we all be free forever. Beth Ann Roberts 563 Essex Avenue Rob MEMORIES: Best Friend DB — I wish you hap- piness!! BC’s forever!! DB BR JS RA LC KF GA AND MM UMH B.O.C. the place to be! Best of luck VS and PH. DEF Lep! Remember cruisin’ — RJ 6th lunch BC — Parties Great memories with — DB — CC — LC — SS - VS - MM — JS — RA — KF — GA = Always Friends — West is best good times down the pond. Thanks Mom and Dad for always being there — I love you! Heather Jeanne Rogers 1039 Washington St. Feather MEMORIES: Family + Cuz Jackie — Yo 84 VOKIES - HB, JB, RAZ, RN, TK. LJ, OAKIE SA-CAT Understands PROM NIGHT — 83 TwinLts. no shrimpboat ask HB JB PARTY IN WESTWOOD FLA w Tam+Steph+Neefa TKS Buck+Muff+Natt+Jack+Raz ADIOS FVOA ACTIVITIES: Sr. Class President; Jr. Rotarian; NHS; St. Council; Field Hockey 1-3, Capt. 4; B- Ball; S-Ball 1-4. IMSPIRATION: To a valiant heart, nothing is impossible. Lisa A. Rose 19 Green Street Rosey, “Lucy” MEMORIES: RALPH 12-31-81 I Luv ya hon! GTW Beulah, Amos, Lebes, Deny, MP- JPLSKGGWML NYE ’81 ’82 w BUD “T” (thnx) FIESTA ’83 ask KLNCRP Glou. House ask KL Special times w Ralph See you in Bedrock Fred and Wilma! Thanx and ILY DAD, MOM AND SHELLY!! ACTIVITIES: HBC 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Hr. Rep. 2, 3, 4. INSPIRATIONS: “Life” Itself; and the people I share it with!!! Annette Marie Rubino 122 Washington Street MEMORIES: Fun times Cheering “GAG HER” ask JG. AB CRASH ask JS. JG, LS, KP Reverse ask MM. JS Polka-dots ask KP. LS, JL 1 FRIENDS JS; TN. JG LOVE YA MOM AND DAD!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Bskt Ball Cheering 3.4; H R. Rep. Soph. Vice-Pres.; Student Council. Sec.: Std. Coun. Rep. 1. 2. 3, 4. INSPIRATION: The past is the time to cherish, the present is the time to live, and the future is the time to hope for. Archie Rudolph 1 1 Lookout St. Arch MEMORIES: PUMPKINFEST! GTW Jen: Some goof at the Party, ask JP Ram. Rod, and Shaft, Ask DW. MH. Gtw With TP. ML. AT. Twinkie, SS ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2. 3. 4. Baseball 1, 2. INSPIRATION: To enjoy the greatest gift my parents gave me: LIFE!!! Carla M. Russo 8 Brightside Ave. Smurf MEMORIES: Mike 11-29-81 Trip down Strawberry lane w TQRDLCMMRHAIBCMN. The Buddie system ask Tina. Good times W TCFSSTJFAABR- JRCPMNGH I Love You always Mom and Dad!!! INSPIRATIONS: Don’t hang on nothing lasts forever, but the earth and sky! Kansas John Thomas Ryan 33 Witham Street John John JR MEMORIES: 10 12 81 JODI 8 20 83 MEGAN, Long Rides with Dean and Barry, Summers with Body. Gummer, Ongong, at the pit. Don ' t forget. V WBugs never die! Never forget football camp and the snaps in the dark, ask John Parties with the gang. Good times with Tracy and Rachel. Whitney Jane Ryan 966 Washington St. Whit MEMORIES: The best W Lynne, Jen and Sue Swat. CULPRITS, ADVENTURES. Summer “81 " W LH and VI EPYC. Gus, Alex’s. RR Triva. Snakely, Denny’s. Hey — W Lynne B. Club FLA W M and M FUN W MONBMHSM Cassies 1 and 2 W CPPT TALLS, Bibulous. DEATHRIDE - Bate’s Car, GHB Cam pouts. POLLY THANX MOM AND DAD ILY, Jim Too!! INSPIRATION: That day is lost on which one has not laughed! ' Michael P Salah 449 Washington St. MEMORIES: BEST PARTIES W the Van Summer ‘83’ Beach pits Toe Head Vs. The Thrusters Club Great times at camp. Rag ' s day Sam’s hill. Ask SYFO. Triumph nite INSPIRATIONS: If there is a will there is a way, every dog has his day Rosemarie Sanfilippo 48 Eastern Pt. Road Joseph John Sarofeen 1 1 Burnham Street Joey MEMORIES: Remember all the good times with BR, MS, PC, BB, TG, RT, DM. PA — Remembering all the mad trips, the ski trip, and more madness to come . . . The C-CLUB of 84 ... I’ll always remember GHS. INSPIRATIONS: Stay young as long as you can . . . Good times bad times you know I had my share . . . LED ZEP . . . Stephanie Lyn Saulnier 4 York Rd. Steph MEMORIES: 9th grade w Mr. Indeck, Canobie lake Park w KS — 10th grade lunch w KS and CG Summer of 1982-83 w Troy Yacht club dance, drive-in niles beach, boat ride, Nugent stretch, O’Maley, Rockport Prom-Kings Grant INSPIRATIONS: To attend college and study cosmetology. Also I hope to marry TW and have children some day. But most of all to enjoy life and be happy!!! Stacey Saunders 456 Washington St. Linda Salmi Woodman St. Vic toria Sampsel 21 Beach Rd. Vickie MEMORIES: Go Gateway High School “Gateway and Gators” Good luck to all the years to come. INSPIRATIONS: If There is something you really feel in your heart is right don’t let anybody change that feeling for it’s you who knows not them. 59 Aldon Sawyer 44 Riverdale Park Heidi-Ann Sawyer 24 Atlantic St. Little, Holly MEMORIES: FunW Jamie and Howell Witchenkatt ask Paula and the guys ask shellie. godspell, hair, pirates, the boyfriend Anything goes, Canada- Kansas, Good times w SDPBLCMCALMAMB, etc. Rainbow 4eva! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hns; Chorus: NHS: HBC; Ricker; Who ' s Who. INSPIRATION: Never stop searching for rainbows or chasing your dreams. Thank Mom and Dad. I love you! David Scott Schmidt 10 Norman Ave. Scott MEMORIES: Marie, gd. times w KP. RB. TP, JF. BR, GR. AR, PO Gunstock Camping Excursion, No-Dice! The mad Ski-Runs W TO, KP, MH, JD. GP. DW, JF. Football Practice W Ram, Rod and Shaft: Remember the Few gd. Times at Football camp. DYSLEXIC HEBE ask, TO! ACTIVITIES: Football 3, 4. INSPIRATIONS: He who snoozes, looses! Mary Elizabeth Scola 662 Western Abe MEMORIES: Great times W Bob 3 13 83 Sebago Lake; were evicted again! outrageous times w E. Glou. Crew 1983 prom what a night, do it up Avd! Good times and parties at the tin hut. where did the daygo; I miss you. all night parties, ashes, what ashes, ask KK. 1 Friends. BiMa. HG, LR, CH. RC. WE, MADE IT! Mad TM’S w PA:KM:DB:LR:JN:WHAT A CREW! Kis Semkim I love you Mom and Dad. Joanna M Scuderi 8 Wells St. MEMORIES: Jimmy 5 27 83 Mine + PH Party: Crash; Halloween Dance 82; W BAKDOVE. MM, KP. CP. AR; REVERSE W AR. MM, SN, KP. PH. CP, MC. Our Secret, G+G Bag. 1 Friend AR I Love You Mom+Dad, Paul, Nonna, I Luv Ya JB; 84 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rep 1. 2, NHS; Secretary 3, 4, Std. Council. INSPIRATION: He who gains intelligence is his own best friend; He who keeps understanding will be successful Emma Sears 30 Trask St. Randy Scars Rocky Neck Ray Hutch Cp CC MEMORIES: Gazedo, Home Revere beach. Thanks for awareness to BS LC LJ MC JG MS DS MS FZ. Life is not always as it seems. Please find me my Maybelive This ones dedicated to the people who helped me make a stand who helped me make it through. Dean K. Selig 44 Witham St. Kitch, Deano MEMORIES: Best Friends JRx2 Long talks W John Sues House concerts GRN Hornet W Alpine Mad crush on LA Oct-Dec? Good- times: DSASAMBERRBORS Re: Cam Cassie: Thank for the Memory! Jason and Jeremy Earls Trapping Craze Rons Class Bad Luck May-Oct LIPS! up the pines wail to the limit tad talk Earlness INSPIRATIONS: I’ll Remember High School Always Thanks GHS You ' re The Best. Jeannine M. Selig 46 Western Ave., Essex MEMORIES: Soco and Big B! Rmll7 in RI, Shower, mad times W Christine, Lisa and Teresa. NYC-TP throw ing corn at GUNGA! Bob and his mexican hat, on trips W Dave, Chris and Teresa — YAHOOEY! Bummin — W Dave Summer 83 W Doris, Mike, Jane and the Camaro! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Band 1-4, Chorus 2-4; NHS. INSPIRATIONS: You can never win or lose if you don’t run the race. — Richard Butler Heather Liisa Shea 839 Washington Street Heff, Hey MEMORIES: Larry 11 20 82; Summer ‘83’ ’Luauing w Sara! That’s right! cozy w three!?! Hey, Ho, Loinky, suds: Skippy Dip 2AM?! Shere’s the car? Yes sir. No sir; confused much? w who? Pumpkinfest, PV, Dr. H.; Cruisin’ on empty . . . ACTIVITIES: V-Pres. 84; NHS; Student Coun- cil; Gymnastics 2-4; Track 2-3. INSPIRATION: To prove just once . . . that fathers aren’t always right! Lisa Marie Sholds 16 Millett St. MEMORIES: All my love John. Never Forget the good times w A.M. Your always there. J.G. and L.S. 9 30 82 Hope we make it through life together. Thanks for helping me through the Bad times. A.M. and J.G. Brown Brace ask A.M. and J.G. Good times up at K’s and Q’s 80- 81 Ask K.S. Peppermint ask A.M. B. Party Ask AM Jg BB DB TA TG All Good times Remember Lauri Ann Silva 100 Friend Street Lau MEMORIES: Mike 12 1 81 Luv Ya! The weekend before HA! GHB w AD AND MB Car- Wash never agn ask LC ML The change TR. Didya see it ask LR 3-82 don’t ask. Those exp. nites w DL and KG. Couldn ' t of done it w out ya KL. Hop’s one night; Let’s party ask TR. Jan. aftn Brrrask Mike. Thanks Mom and Syl Love you both! INSPIRATION: The moments are for seconds, but the memories last forever. Micheal M. Silva 7 Taylor Street MEMORIES: ALL THE FUN AND MEMORABLI TIMES IN THE LRC WITH JUDY P. AND MFh AND ELEANOR B. STANS CLASS. GLOU AMERICHANS INTRAMURAL BAD MINTOf ' 1983 WITH DELISLE THANKS TO MFM, MRS NICKAS. JOHNNY Z, WENDY WINTLE, DENNY AND MR. ELMER FOR GOOD IMPRESSION ' AND EXCELLENT TEACHING INSPIRATIONS: Give life all the breaks you can Don ' t let life get you down be happy! Eugene Silveira 5 Marina Dr. UE, Gene MEMORIES: MAD Parties at Nugents. Nickies, Thu beach, and Ray’s house with the boys Me and Bren da forever! Super Nova; Bondo, Eariness, itch. Marry. G.S. and B.W. INSPIRATIONS: See you later; hopefully. Paul Soper 19 Pierce Ave. Carol Soucy Pond St. Essex MEMORIES: LITTLE BLUE CHEVETTE 1 Ask JS, TP, CP. WOW.. I’M ASLEEP!!! ASK PO AND SP Wear me I’ve Got: Stripes, Bright Pink Leaves: Checks etc. . WH and Good times Yo! Summer of 83 with all my friends! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Band 1-3; Chorus 4. Kimberly Spellman 4 Story Rd. Kim MEMORIES: GOOD Times in PA ask DY, DF. HH, DC! PA Trips are the best! Good and Bad times with Bobby. Never forget Heide or Cruisin’ around. MSW, K+R, H+J - cars 8 and 9 - fun with CB. CM. PG! Heidi and Kim — best Buddies forever! 4-K I love you Hon! The stones no. 1 YO! Good time with HH. GC. MM. AK. DG. DF. DY, CM, LW. El. SR. PK. BT, AND MR BAKER! CM+SL HH+BW KS+-BT J+L. John E Sperry 14 Green St. MEMORIES: OH The Joy of Being Alive! Good times with All my Friends Camping No 1 Busted, No 2 Great Arts and Energy Festival Simon and Garfunkel Police CYO Skitrip-Madness summer of 84 Colorado INSPIRATIONS: Jesus Christ All we are saying is give peace a chance ' Beatles The answer my friend is Blow’in in the wind the Answer is Blow ' in in the wind. Peter. Paul and Mary PS I Love You Mom and Dad Linda Faye St. Jean 171 Essex Aue MEMORIES: PAUL 12 31 82 Yo Muffy! Great times W gang JL JP JQ MM KP PH MC JS AR KL KP Hey Jude I’m just joking Bud — JL HC AND Htub W JQ PM HC W PMJLKS Baa Ugh - JL Mes — JLLRMD H-Tel W PMJLTL ATTACK PM-JLJF FOADAEGS Rm. 46W TL Pictures — JL Special Times W Paul — ILU ACTIVITIES: NHS 3; NBC 3, 4. INSPIRATION: The moments may be tem- porary, but the memory is forever. Richard Allen Steiner 347 Western Ave. Rick MEMORIES: C and C Sum. of 83. H. House w JCKK-PTY? Hal. Dance w - B HEY KATH! Wee HRS. — THRMT PH — FORGET It!! TTM MCD’S; WRONG ONE GREG SKI ANYWAYS!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Yearbook Editor; Jr. Rotarian; NHS 4; Out. Ach. Acc. 3. INSPIRATION: The most unfortunate thing that happens to a person who fears failure is that he limits himself by becoming afraid to try anthing new. Daniel Sullivan 10 East Main St. Dan, Skully MEMORIES: gt w RL, BMRB, Times down the fort and down the lane, PRTY ' s at Both Plances remember all the concerts VH 1 many more good times with TM, TM, and RB down the fort and the good times in new bedford remember the SC lines ask PC and anyone there and the good times at the shed ask VMT. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry 1, 2. INSPIRATION: You can’t always get what you want — THE STONES Jeneen Surad 178 Washington St. MEMORIES: KEITH 3 24 83. CC, BM, LA, LB, CA, LM, PD. SUMMER 1983, Spring, CRUISING, OZ, GHB. FIESTA, 1 Ask CC, ’ TA, O (Ask CC), Lots of Fun WITH KEITH And the Gang, ICE CREAM “WHAT A DAY!” (ASK CC), THE 2 12 83, THE HAR- MONETTES, AND ALWAYS THE CLASS OF 1984! INSPIRATIONS: “Your friends may pass because life is just a marking, but you’ve got to finish everything you’re starting.” George W. Spoon 12 Acacia St. Spoonie MEMORIES: The tin hut the cellar w JMPRDJ Hurting Remember good times w RMBCDMEBCMJB Hey Erie Laugh til you . Hey Rut, Keep on R idin “Deigo” Jack, we all love ya. I Love ya Mom and Dad I told ya I could do it. INSPIRATIONS: Love and Peace For all Live a long and happy life. Katherine Ann St. Cyr 9 Abbott Road Kathy, Kath, Kat, Vick MEMORIES: CARL 11 13 81 FOREVER! GTW SSWPACTNSLKD Trips to VT.. and “TUBBY’s!” P-wknd ’82 Lost in the clouds. Regi-Ball-Here we come! “Tumowkoks?” ask Wen and Nets “Whaat?” ask KD God bless you Mary! Thanx Mom, Dad and Nan. 1 love you! Carl: You have given me so much love and sup- port! Thanx, Babel Luv Ya! We’ll miss ya Wen! “LHAMA-LIPS’ ask Carl and Wen. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HBC 4; Hr. Rep. 2, 3, 4. 63 Vincie Ann Susanno 20 Gould Ct. MEMORIES: PAUL JEROME 2 15 83 Being w PAUL. ZZ TOP CONCERT W P.H. K.M. S.F. E.R. 9th GR. Summer w J.G. K.M. FIESTA W FRIENDS. J.G. B.R. K.M. K.M. 10 31 81. Brian Swanson 5 Viking St. Anna Maria Taormina 8 Stone Court MEMORIES: Good Times with FTCPDSSCGFCPSTDGSA. Good Times at work with FTSAAAWMJO And times putting up with Nancy. Great time at Lee’s wedding with DS Times putting up with Fin and Chris Fighting. Good Times at the St. Peter Fiesta. YO CLASS OF “84” INSPIRATIONS: The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away. (J. GEILS) . . . Timothy Edward Tarr 10 Cedarwood Rd. Tim, Squanto, T2, Mack ACTIVITIES: J.V. All Star Soccer 2, 3, 4; ROTC Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Hacky Sack 4; R.R.P. 4; 95 Bravo M B F.C :S.S. K.H. A.F. J.W. C.S. Mutant Cadets From The Grenadiers “Clyde " INSPIRATIONS: The mind and the Sword are one; When the mind is right the sword is right. Don Pendleton Pamela Jayne Tedesco 10 Shephard St. Glou MEMORIES: Mike Great times with great friends: DK. JL, FS, JG, DS, TB. SP. KH, AH. MS, KK. EW, CM MI-TE-JO! Summer of 83 J- Giels Fleetwood, Tampa “82” Rem. Dego, Les. YY, RP 6 Lunch! The clan Bahamas! INSPIRATIONS: This is only the beginning. Chapter 1, in the book of our lives. Maria Tzioumas 275 Main St. Richard T of uri 4 Town Farm Road MEMORIES: C-bound with Scott, Burns and Spike, Good times at the shed and remember the “The Strawberry Jam.” Roaming the point with my good friend Chris. Any many a good times over the beach with Chris, Bill and Dan. Remember the trip to Hog Island And let the good times grow. James L. Tolman 94 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Hymie MEMORIES: Halloween G.B. Room Ask Ruthie D. Boston Mark R. Filming on cold Sundays Good times with R.M. and M.A Rides home with K.T. and without A M. Bad times at work HA1HA! Hugs M.D. L.R. R.D. C.S. J.S. H.S. Phone Home J.S. The RFFF L M.N M L L.J.T. After Work with C.S. Strange happenings at 12:00 A M. Future Plans: College S.M.U. “84” Kendra Tolman 129 R Wheeler St. Ann Grace Trupiano 35 Granite Street MEMORIES: Van DT, Ask CD, NJ: Best of friends: CDNJBECDLCLF 11 8 83 MG.N F Y The Boat, ask TB, CD, Thanks Mom and Dad INSPIRATION: We all fall for someone we all need someone we would all be someone if we would love someone without love we are nothing without love we are no one Anthony G. Trupiano 35 Granite St. Troops MEMORIES: Good Friends AR, NC, KF, JC, PO. Many laughs w JD. Good times w Curls, KF Foot- ball 1 and 2, Becket Weight lifting 2 AR. Boring times in t he Rat hole. INSPIRATIONS: Live for the future not the past. Don’t look back, look ahead. Life is only what you make it to be. Marc Anthony Verga 5 Exchange Street MEMORIES: MARIA, Nov ’82 Friends - S.L., J.I., F.G., N.N. POLICE CONCERT W. J.I. Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars Dancing — Boston. INSPIRATION: One thing leads to another. Bill Verge 4 Cunningham Rd. MEMORIES: Machine Shop Goodtimes at the shed; SV MP BK CK BR BK CK BH C-Round with Bums SPIKE HUMPHREY AND STRAWBERRY JAM Scott Frances Vita 101 Washington St. MEMORIES: 1 didn ' t mean to take up all your sweet time, I ' ll give it right back one of these days’. 1 didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time. I’ll give it right back one of these days. If I don’t see you again in this world I ' ll see you in the next one don’t be late, Don’t be late! Jimi Hendrix Brian N. Wall 449 Western Ave. Brian Ice Cream MEMORIES: Anne 10 10 83 My MG The Ice Cream man Great Times Down the Arcade with Jamie and Mike INSPIRATIONS: One thing leads to another. Gina Wall 1 1 Proctor Street MEMORIES: Darren 2 18 83 I LOVE YOU DAR- REN SUMMER OF 83! Best buddies, TRLCKLLR- RMMPDMMMGADJBMLKGLSDL DARREN over- nighters break! ILY great tms. at fort! Good Luck guys! Miss you, Jack! 1LYF MOM AND DAD! ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics; Track. INSPIRATIONS: If I could live out all my dreams, the nicest ones would be with you! I’ll love you forever, Darren! David Merton Webster 9 Langsford Street MEMORIES: Ram, Rod and shaft ask AR+MH and of course twink: Jay look out for the Pole 1 ask Bags. RC and FP- cashew Nut? Fred remember Hartford? “We can’t stop here, this is bat country! " FP. RC. JG. MP. BM. ACTIVITIES: Football 1. 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4. V.P 4; NHS; Jr. Rotarian; Uncle Fester Fan Club; U S. Senate. INSPIRATION: “People try to put us down’’ David Chales Welch 640 Essex Ave. Dave. Airwhale ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Soccer 2, 3, 4. Capt 4; Track Winter and Spring 3, 4 MEMORIES GIMME A “G’ ' for field H, the blue bomber and Airwhales are forever: Cafe antics W DC AM SE KF PD Mutants all of us W GP TH MF AND TT: It was one heck of a time ' I ”84 Can ' t be beat! ' ’LONG LIVE G.H S INSPIRATIONS: Life is just a candle and a dream must give it flame — Rush — Wendy Elizabeth Wickey 103 Langsford St. Wicks, Wen MEMORIES: BAP, Kowloons, almost killed by RB RB’s Prob., Harry came as himself, SK looks, pizza with Reid — RN, Lynnfield drives, Rhon’s shock with RB. “Wisdom Boy”, Happy times with Delisle, LD at mall, the Duke!, Gordo!, B-Day cards, Freeze, Who?, “Chest”!!, RB!!, Softball, drawing, Babyfairy, Thumbs!, Practices, and games. All the above ask Rhonda N., Spider!, ask Whit R. DREAMS WILL COME TRUE RN!!! Lori Wieckowski 102 Pleasant St. MEMORIES: 1 Pals; CRCMJSRMGCRG YFDMKS “He’s so cute” ask CM VALENTINOS and MMM Ask Chris Handcuf fed ask RM CR LH Cruising down the oval with RG RW Never forget AD Hey Wendy Hows GK 1LLHADB Chris Never got my Birthday present Where is he Kim Jodi, lets play spoons Fooling YF ask JS KS Erika Lynne Williams 30 Atlantic St. Reka, Ric, Eureka MEMORIES: Good times and Parties! W Lovey up Varian, stlcar — JPKP-JPJLKP, para-JL, N.H. 8 12 80, Whiti, the pits w JP, Where’s the dago? — miss ya, always rem DD Led Zep, “Little Wing” I luv U Mom and Dad. INSPIRATION: Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you got for you will still be here tomor- row, but your dreams may not . . . CAT STEVENS. Darlene Young 316 Main St. CAMERA SHY Richard Brooks Alexander DaSilva Jeff Diamond Mike Ellis Katherine Gove Heidi Hinkley lan Lake Eddie Lannon Alison Lifson Randi McKay Chris McLaughlin Brad Robertson Louis Silvera Ronald Troy’ Brian Williams Shann ?il Se qa5 Exchange Students Karin Spranger — Karin comes from Ansbach, Bavaria in West Germany. Gloucester High School is very different than Karin ' s school back home, where she had 12-14 courses per week. Karin has ad- justed to life at Gloucester High. She has made many friends here and shares a special link to the other exchange students. Karin misses getting together with her friends in Germany. Francisco Hernandez — Francisco finds Gloucester different from his hometown in Col- umbia. Columbia is a large city and he misses the excitement. In school Francisco ' s work load has been cut in half. In Columbia, he studied 13 subjects. At Gloucester High, Francisco has made many friends who have made his year enjoyable. Yet, he still misses his friends and family in Columbia and is anxious to return. Maria Saldina — Maria is visiting Gloucester High School from Equador She finds Gloucester is quite different from her hometown. She lives in a rural town which is located inland. Maria enjoys the scenery of the coastline of Gloucester Maria studied 17 subjects in school in Equador. She feels the topics are about the same here in the United States. Her only difficult subject has been English. Maria has made many friends at Gloucester High School. She feels the people are very friendly and hospitable. 68 1984 Class Officers Heather Rogers President Joanne Scuderi Secretary Heather Shea Vice-President Pam Parsons Treasurer Ron Bielicki, Tom Walsh Advisors 69 Calendar September 5 — Hey Moby. How was football camp? 6 — 1st day for sophomores. Happy Birthday Betsy R. 7 — ' 84 begins its rule!!! 8 — Death ride at Good Harbor Beach 9 — Govy and Vuda — sirloin tips at 3 A. M. ???!!! 10 — What do you mean the keys are locked in the trunk??!! 11 — Matt is an egghead 12 — P. D. Q. 13 — Patti Bates, Patti Bates, Baker’s man . . . 14 — P. Y. C.; Everybody ' s got a hairy • - - 15 — Oakes searches for her lost fruit 16 — 1st Pep rally — Seniors show why they have a trophy in their name!! 17 — I don’t care what anyone says — that plant’s ugly 18 — Fishermen over N. Andover 33-7!! Happy Birthday Raz!!! 19- Feel the Baby Kick!!! 20 — Jenny Banks is in my ears and in my thumbs 21 — Go ahead mike — trump!! 22 — Hey Patti — got 5 minutes to spare?? 23 — Appy and Mike are down ten 24 — Greg’s a mistake 25 — CC buys “UM!” shirt 26 — Lou — that’s easy — L O W., right whit? 27 — Happy Birthday “Lusty” 28 — First Ballooning of the year 5 block Happy Birthday Bates!! 29 — Mare — awright!!! 30 — What was that, a fuz ball?? October — Kelly starts Keven’s wake up calls — His name is Matt but they call him Eddie — Doin’ it all for Lena — Huh Patti??? — Chinaland Dec 21, 1993 Everybody be there!! — Hey Zim!! How’s your radiator?? — No p.p. Oh? There it is! — men love scrambled. — Football with the Magnolia Mini-mafia — “I’m going to kill you Billy”!! — CB and LO cry “We’ve been Robbed!” — Everyone shows up at the JV game with a green ’’LISA” on their hand. — Ted turns in 86 — Happy 17th Nets!; B. Day party in the cafe. — Get outa my way! — S B night. Trivia — who did we talk to?? — “Excuse me — did you say M.V. ran the wrong way? Final score Win- throp 27 - GHS27. — 1 give up Lisa, why were you at a gas station? — What do you mean there’s wates here!! — More mobility — thanks J.S. — So Bates . . does he live up to his name? — Did the wheel fall off yet? — Pull over! (Delayed reaction) — SWAT team VS Diaper Men at Halloween Dance — Where’d you have that sweatshirt — in your pocketbook? — Is his face green or am 1 nauseous? — Cozy with three — LAH — Ken Francis elected " King of Spain” — What did Bates do to earn the title " Electrolux?” — Mara and Lynne Debut — in the last match of the season!! — Alison, Heather, Heather, and Leah ask “Where’s the car?” — Hey Wendi! There’s a good pick-up!! — The birthday of Howell Witchenkatt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 72 ■npp tMiti I MA msm mm ’{ f VOCATIONAL ® Automotive Shop Gary Belanger Robert Muise James Fialho Richard Brooks Mark Aiello Group A Group B Gregg Grace 76 Machine Shop SUPERLATIVES z % ife- k V ' CLASS SWEETHEARTS Paul Hubbard — Vincie Suzanno BEST ALL AROUND Dexter Murray — Heather Ro gers BEST PERSONALITY John Dana Perry — Katrina Lafata 88 MOST ATHLETIC Mark Enes — Jeane Palazola MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED John Ellis — Mara Lambert CLASS FLIRTS Chris Cluett — Gina Wall PRINCIPAI MOST FRIENDLY Gary Porter — Vinny Imbrunone SCHOOL SPIRITED Joey Foote — Nancy Curley MOST GULLIBLE Alan Murray — Laurie Silva MOST ORIGINAL Steven Day — Heidi Reardon MOST INTELLIGENT Tom Hall — Alison Burns CLASS SOCIALITE Mike Lupo — Amy Drier BEST LOOKING Marc Verga — Kathy Libro ORGANIZATIONS Front Row: Amy Momborquette, Mara Lambert, Tom Hall, Lori Quigley, Lisa Gilbert Back Row Sal Menola, Walter Carey, Daniel Carey, Roger Lee. Patty Currier, Math Team Flash Left to Right: Dom Loiacano, Tom Hall, Tina Nelson, Lisa Munroe. Haseldine. Amy Momborquette, Alenda Nizzari. Wendi Paxson. Nanci Milone. Karen Levin, Jane Front Row: Annette Rollins, Donny Carpenter, Andy Bertolino, Roth Durgin, Alfred Zadig, Mary Jane Favazza, Leslie Melanson, George Wood Middle Row: Lynda Lafond, Gayle Anderson, Doug Grimes, Jill Burnham, Jamie Paniello, Lisa Gilbert Back Row: Tim Perry, Karen Levin, Sandra LaRosa, Jane Haseldine, Jamie Tolman, Namci Lee Milone, Walter Carey, Warren Durgin, Dan Carey, Steve Day. 95 Back Row, L to R Terry Oder, Rick Steiner, Mara Lambert, Ffeather Rogers, Tina Nelson, Jane Haseldine, Tom Hall Front Row, L to R: John Powers, David Webster, Dexter Murray, Mara Enes, Pam Parsons, Nancy Curley. (Missing: Pam Parisi). Junior Rotarians Thespians Heather Mello, Jackie McKay, Heidi Reardon. Beacon German Club Front Row, L to R: Linda Jones. Joanne Coirao, Debbie Mahoney. Katie Van Auken. Back Row Mr Richard Chane, Pat Donnelly. John Fosberry, Bonnie Schmidt. Kim Bertolino, Michelle Sova. Kathy Hodgkins. Mrs Charlotte Chane 96 Honor Business Club Student Council First Row: Rick Steiner, Sandi Currier, Fay Ferrara, Janet Davis, Heidi Sawyer, Paula Blaisdell Second Row Catrina Delisi, Betty Edmonds, Kathy St Cyr, Kelly Drohan, Joanne Orlando, Darlene Cor- coran, Heather Mello, Cindy Kelly, Marie McKay, Kelly Pierce, Shelly Muniz, Lisa Rose, Kathy Libro, Michelle Garron, Wendy Rose, Renee Horne, Traci Burnham, Christina Bates, Jackie McKay Last Row: Dominic Loiacano, Carrie Budrow, Nadine Johnson, Lisa Oakes, Mary Ann Virgilio, Lauren Cilluffo, Tori Cardone, Michelle Dammeyer, Janine Gallant, Shelley McKown. First Row: Nancy Curley, Heather Rogers, David Webster, Pat Donnelley, Annette Rubino, Mara Lambert, Heather Shea, Joanne Scuderi. Second Row: Bonnie Schmidt, Kari Payne, Amy Clifford, Julie Cooney, Diane Cuello, Susan Asaro, Sylvana Nicolosi, Marianne Khambty, Greta af Klintenberg, Last Row: National Honor Society First Row. L to R Heather Mello. Wendi Paxson. Tina Nelson. Jenny Banks. Mara Lambert. Christina Bates. Lisa Munroe. Katie McGrath Second Row. L to R Jane Haseldine. Tom Hall. Lisa Gilbert. Christine Fortado. Lori Quigley. Rick Steiner. Lisa Rose. Alison Byrnes Third Row. L to R Rhonda Newman. Heidi Sawyer. Paula Blaisdell. Sandy Logrande. Lisa Luongo, Joanne Scuderi, Heather Shea. Marie McKay. Beth Roberts Fourth Row. L to R David Webster. Gary Porter, Heather Rogers. Jeanne Selig. Marianne Nickerson. Greta Af Klintenberg. Heidi Reardon. Faye Ferrara. Anthony Parisi Ben Franklin Club Front Row. L to R Craig Hamilton, Bill Flygare, Nick Rodolosi. Amy Hancock. Marybeth Ingersoll. Kim Patrican. Lauren Asaro. Sandy Home Back Row Bill Melanson. Bob Lezynski. Michelle Lovasco. Kathi Williams Flicker Staff g Front Row: Heather Mello, Lori Quigley, Sue Asaro, Whitney Ryan, Jenny Banks, Lynne Hemmingway, Nanci Milone, Traci Burnham. Second Row: Shelley McKown, Lisa Munroe, Sandi Logrande, (Editors: Rick Steiner, Paula Randazza), Christina Bates, Lisa Oakes, Mary Ann Virgilio, Karen Levin. Third Row: Cindy Kelly, Katie McGrath, Patty Weir, Lori Adams, Joey Foote, Carla Peterson, Lauren Ciuluffo, Diane Colby, Sandi Currier, Last Row: Tina Nelson, Wendi Pax- son, Jackie McKay, Greta Afklintenberg, Heidi Reardon, Michelle Manninen, Kelley Pierce. (Missing Editor: Pam Parisi) NOVEMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 =36 wins Cindy and Heidi ' s best buns contest Advanced Bio. holds spitting contest: The winner — " Big Guy " Good Harbor Beach — " Robbie, keep your pants on! " Kelly and Kathy decide to go to the same college — oh no: Ray earns nick-name “Iron-Clad Stomach " People Revolt in LRc. led by Mr. Dalgren upon Mr. Martin’s removal of the lounge Yoda. you sound like 5. 4. 3 more days! KSACWP " I w-ant to see Micheal J. die ' " — ask Chris Oakie seen sprinting from Bus. Law with a book over her Bottom! SWAT team goes on 2 A.M. prowl on Brier Neck BC ' s go to SV ' s house We experienced the mobile life Frank is an awesome skank The girls are back — " Here come the Norwich Twins’ Tell us Joe B. — are our ornaments cheaper? Pass the binoculars — let me take a look at those A date that can not be surpassed Show me your right angle Joey M. Give him his clothes back! No! 1 don ' t want to! Tim asks " What ' s that in your pocket. Ken. a banana " Dodge Dart seen idling in the parking lot for 6 blocks GHS watches Benny Hill football Mell likes heat — Bates likes friction What time is it? 6:09 of course! A.P. yells " Hey dudes " You say he slept through the cars concert? What a wimp What! YOU stand! mi The bus is leaving N Bouchie yells " you call this a burger? " DECEMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 31 Keliy, N:kki, and Dianne ask “Mr. Burrs could we talk on a mole-m ole b asis? ' Mr. F. gets his second black dot First snowy morning of the season Santa makes a guest appearance Hath and Tina’s birthdays Blue flies 9 Chnstmas Shopping Florida here we won t come! Snow Please ' In the stall — “pass me the white ashtray Lisa” So this is what we look like the morning Carla are your feet suil wet? The " Katy Gibbs Girls are separated again (stop socializing) Linda gets a muff tor Christmas Are you an isolate 9 . . " Hey. Bates’ Where’s your car 9 " “Don ' t ask KP. AT. or BF " Jeannett ' s party’ E!in and Lauren freeze — forget it Clayt! Lauren and Diane remember the fence Billy F has a “Smurfy " day lnvention " of the first cabbage patch kid with cieavage Lynn classical. Tyrone, what a cutie. Musical Youth Poor House Merry XMas. Pam goTa cabbage patch dofl ' Judy gets attacked by a goat Orange guard rails. Wait do I hear geese? Who is that climbing through the window? 12 45 — we messed ft e New Year: kiddie-t’—ie at t e Goods Football i!3L tkfu a x t.; j. VXSSP? Bottom Row. Left to Right James Fialho. Brian Swanson, David Webster. Mike Harmon. Archie Rudolf. Mark Verga. Steve LeVasseur. Mark Enes. Guy Fossiano. Scott Schmidt. Tim Philpott. Phil Officer. Kenny Beck. Bnan Anders Mike Salah. Matt Jenkins Middle Row. Left to Right Jeff Parsons. Frank Piraino. Matt Good. Jay Curcuru. Jon Hale. Mike Francis. Joey Morrissey. Jim Balestraci. Wayne Moms. Rick Cusick. Anthony Hamson. Mike Gentile. Billy Fra Mike Williams. Jody Chadwick. Luis Avila. Glenn McEachem, Rob Bouchie Top Row. Left to Right Steve Silva. Chip Smith. Scott Tarr. Billy Edmonds. Tim Oakes. Joe Souza. Danny Jackson. Steve Sutera. Austin Sutera. Enc Sw Mike Rhodes. Nick Taormina. Joe Moceri. Dave Bouchard. Joe Biondo. John Biacho. Busty Bologna. Anthony Parisi. Gerald Rose Brian Anderson Coach Terry Silva Tri-Captain — Mark Enes Kenny Beck m m m fl 3U Q2 Tri-Captain — Dexter Murray Tri-Captain — Steve LaVesseur Nick Ciolino THEY THAT GO ' OWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS James Fiahlo Guy Fossiano Mike Harmon Matt Jenkins Phil Officer Timmy Philpott Seniors 1983 FIGHTING FISHERMEN The Gloucester High School fighting fishermen finished with a very successful season. Coach Terry Silva’s 7-3-0 record was his best in 3 years as head coach. The fishermen were led by tri-captains Mark Enes, Dexter Murray, and Steve LeVasseur. The Fishermen surged over Danvers in a Thanksgiving Day thriller. This was their first win in several fears!!! «■! R13 ■ ■ imm ■Li j [ ■ f ■ 1 n Wk mm ! i [ • Archie Rudolph Brian Swanson Mike Salah Scott Schmidt David Web Alison Burns Michelle Garron Tri-Captain Tori Cardone, Tri-Captain Trina Lafata, Allison Burns, Tri-Captain, Lisa Byrne, Amy Clif- ford. Back Row: Michelle Garron, Lisa Munroe, Janine Gallant, Paula Dion, Jeannet Leveille. TRI-CAPTAINS — Tori Cardone, Katrina Lafata, Lisa Byrne Wendy Wintle Lisa Munroe Janine Gallant Field Hockey Back JoAnn Coirao. Paula Randazza. Pam Parsons. Mary Ann Virgilio, Greta afKliteberg. Lauren Cilluffo. Wendy Rose. Coach Elz Spofford Front Katie Van Auken. Bonnie Schmidt, Theresa Pansi. Phyllis Leville. Heather Rogers. Debbie Mahoney. Patti Weir. Mimi Jackson. Michelle Dammeyer 106 Heather Soccer A David Welch Tim Tarr Alan Murray Dana Cooney Matt Gove Francisco Hernandez 108 Front Row. L R Dana Cooney, Tom Hall. Matt Gove. Gary Porter. Dave Welch. Alan Murray. Mike French, Jim Aparo, Tim Tarr. Francisco Hernandez. George lacono Back Row. L R Coach Sam Bertolino, Tim Peiry. James Witten, Joe Linguata, Tony Pata, Paulo Rodnques, Jack Braz. Nick Marcantonio, Dan Leeman. Andy Bertolino, Steve Wilson. Doug Grimes. Eric Mitchel. Rob Moraias. Assistant Coach Dana White Coach Bertolino Coach Bertolino, Tri-captains David Welch. Alan Murry and Mike French Assistant coa Dana White The 1983-84 fighting fishermen Soccer Team fought through their 83 soc- cer season under the guidance of first year coaches Samuel J. Bertolino and assistant Dana White. This year’s team was comprised of eleven seniors, seven juniors, and seven sophomores. Tri-Captains: Mike French, David Welch, and Alan Murray. Their wins in- clude victories over Winthrop, Lynn Classical and Saugus. ■I — 1 ' 1 1 1 ■ ■ ■ S m 1 ! ■ 1 1 ii | ■■ i ‘ ■■ [---= 4 - Girls Tennis First Row: Kelly Peters, Julie Fatta, Mara Lambert, Lynne Hemingway, Vinny Imbrunone. Second Row: Noelle Nickerson, Kristen McCormick, Bet- sy Rich, Katie Connors, Colleen Grover, Coach Leal, Kim Greely, Lee Scola, Susan Asaro, Jennifer Silva, Kaela Porter. 110 The G.H.S. Girls’ Tennis Team had a successful 12-6 season. First year coach, Bob Leal, provided the girls with the inspiration necessary for such a season. Captains Kelly Peters and Julie Fatta, along with returning seniors Vinny Imbrunone, Lynne Hemingway, and Mara Lambert, helped the team to finish the season with excellence. Captains Kelly Peters and Julie Fatta with Coach Bob Leal Lynn Hemingway 111 Bottom Row, L to R Jim Ciolino, George Swanson, John Powers, Pat Donnelly, Steve Verga. Paul Genovese Top Row Coach Bob Byrnes, Allan Fosberry. Kevin Ross. Angello Rallo, Tim Bailey, Jim Silveira Coach Bob Byrnes and Captain John Powers John Powers Boys Cross-Country In 1982 GHS lost five of its top seven runners to graduation. At best the young and generally inexperienced team was expected to break even in the win loss column. Led by Senior Capt. and three year NEC all-star John Powers, the team transformed an average season into a third place finish in the NEC. The season was highlighted by three-“come from behind” victories VS. Winthrop, Lynn English, and Saugus which boosted the team record to 6-3. 113 Girls Cross Country Bottom Row, L to R Karin Spranger, Sandra Currier, Lori Quigley. Susan De Coste, Kari Payne Top Row: Amy Powers, Erika Coles, Kristie Anutala, Pam Baldwin, Ruth Wibberly, Cindy Tedesco, Julie Barusso, Coach J D MacEachern Co-Captain Lori Quigley, Coach J D. MacEachern, and Co-Captain Kari Payne. 1 M The girls cross-country team had an extremely successful season, finishing the best it ever has for this school. Their record was 5-3. The team was led by Co-Captains Lori Quigley and Kari Payne. Conference all stars were Kari Payne and Amy Powers, Seniors were Lori Quigley and Sandra Currier. Juniors were Kari Payne and Karen Spranger. Sophomore was Ruth Wibberly. The freshmen should also be mentioned for their great contribution to such a successful season. JT y . Lori Quigley 115 J. D McEachern Susan Decoste Sandra Currier, Lori Quigley, Karin Spranger WBr- Sandy Currier Boys Basketball Front, L-R: Co-Capt. Kevin Blatchford, Coach McEachern, Co Capt. Joe Iacano. Back, L R: John Curley. Jon Hale. Frankie Ciaramitaro, Tim Philpott, Mike King, Brian Swans Chip Smith, Joey Morissey, Anthony Saputo. Missing: Sr. Mark Muniz. 1 6 John Curley Mark Muniz Tim Philpott Brian Swanson The 1983-1984 G.H.S. Basketball Team had a 7 win — 11 loss record this season. The team was led by Co-Captains, Senior, Joe Iacono, Junior, Kevin Blatchford and Coach Bob MacEachern. The highlight of the season was the team’s victory over Marblehead, in which the Fishermen set a school record of scoring 97 points in a single game. They proved to be a competitive, hustling team through the contributions not only of the Co-Captains but also through the contributions of Seniors; John Curley, Mark Muniz, Tim Philpott, and Brian Swanson. Girls Basketball Coach Ron Bielicki with Tri-Captains Mary Beth Inger; Jeannie Palazolla, Heather Rogers (missing). Back Row, L to R: Catrina Delisi, Katie VanAuken, Bonnie Schmidt, Kelley Peters, Joanne Rudolph, Mary Jane Favazza, Theresa Parisi, Coach Ron Bielicki Front: Mary Beth Ingersol, Jeannie Palazolla Jeannie Palazolla Theresa Parisi Kelly Peters 118 Catrina Delisi The girls’ basketball team, captained by Mary Beth Ingersoll, Heather Rogers, and Jeanne Palazola, finished the season with a 4-15 record. Many records were broken Dy the seniors during the 1983-84 season. Although the team lost an outstanding player Wendy Beck, it gained another, Mary Beth Ingersoll, only a junior. The team’s j-ecord itself does not reflect the individual accomplishments of each player. However, the girls played to their potentials and had an excellent season. i Heather Rogers 119 Basketball Cheerleaders • ' Captain Jeanne Gallant Lori Quigley Alison Byrnes Lynne Menicocci Kellie Amero Jeannet Leveille Karen Favaloar Lorina Barry Vincie Susanno Lisa Munroe Lori Quigley Annette Rubino Janine Gallant Captain Alison Burns Annette Rubino Vincie Suzano r- w life Lisa Munroe Captain Jeannine Gallant — Advisor Wendy Wentle 120 Golf Coach Bob MacEachern and Captain Mark Muniz The Golf Team was led this year by Cap- tain Mark Muniz, with the support of Coach Bob MacEachern. The team, comprised of a freshman, five sophomores, six juniors and one senior, had many close matches this season. They, being a young team, are predicted to be in contention for a top rank- ing next year. w Rifle T earn 1 984 METROPOLITAN RIFLE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS The GHS Rifle Team went through the season undefeated. They finished the season with a 10-0 recorc within the Metropolitan Rifle League plus a non-league victory over New Bedford High School. Team Cap tain Kristine Nelson plus Juniors Germain Wheeler and Andrew Roberts were selected for All Star honor: based upon their overall shooting averages for the entire season. Kristine Nelson — Captain 1 Colonel Silva Front Row: Amy Monbourquette. Annette Corben. Wendi Paxson. Tina Nelson. Robert Foley Back Row Andrew Robers. Ger main Wheeler, Steven Silva. David Marshall. Tim Tarr. Jay Mondello. Tim Tarr Annette Corben Wendi Paxson 122 Hockey Chris McKay Tri Captains: Mark Enes Nick Ciolino Chris McKay Matt Gove Mark Enes 123 Nick Ciolino, Paul Genovese, Rick Cusick, Bill Crowley, Brooke Sumner, Mike Muniz, Steve Wilson, Chris McKay, Doug Grimes, Jerry Ciaramitaro, David Jewell, Joe Favazza, Mark Enes, Rick Gerring, Jerry Cusumano, Matt Gove, John Dana Perry, Ryan Patrican, John Bichao, Bob Kennedy, Mike Harmon. Coach: Don Riley Asst. Coach: Mike Horne John Dana Perry The 1983-84 ice hockey season had its share of surprises, such as the action packed wins over Winthrop and Danvers. Tri-Captains Mark Enes, Chris McKay, and Nicky Ciolino led a young team comprised of 9 sophomores, 5 Juniors and 7 seniors. This leadership along with the guidance from the experienced coaching staff of Don Riley and Mike Horne, concluded the season with a 6-8-4 record. Good Luck to the seniors and a special thanks to Mr. Riley for his years of dedication to a fine program. 124 Mike Harmon Nick Ciolino — Tri Capt. Robert Kennedy .v Don Riley — Coach ■4 J 125 « ( Boys Indoor Track Front Row. Left to Right Matt Rochford, Eric Sauliner. Anthony Parisi. Gerald Rose 2nd Row: Jim Silvera, Andy Bertolino, Joe Linquata. Mike Gentile. Eric Lawerence. Paul Spinola 3rd Row Coach Dana White. Ken Beck. Pat Donnelly. T om Hall. Dave Welch. John Powers. Mike Rhodes. Jim Ciolino 4th Row James Witten. Alan Fosberry, Sean Ross. George Swanson. Tim Bailey 126 Co-Captain Kenny Beck. Coach Dana White, Co-Captain John Powers A season of long hours, work, and training has paid off for the Boys’ In- door Track Team. Many goals were met as well as individual achievements accomplished. Superb performances were displayed by all. This year’s team was led by Seniors, Captain John Powers (MVP), Captain Kenny Beck, and David Welch. Kenny Beck David Welch Tom Hall 127 John Powers Girls Indoor Track Front Row, L to R Sue Fosberry, Holly Sinclair. Lori Quigley, Lauren Cilluffo, Lisa Luongo, Kari Payne. Sandra Currier. Amy Clifford Middle, L to R Christine Bur Michelle Sova. Marie Powers. Mary Ann Muniz, Ellen af Klintenberg. Katja Litchfield, Karen Spranger. Nichole Mackey, Kristin Rochford Back Row, L to R J MacEachern, Lisa Williams, Julie Burusso, Laura Manning, Amy Powers, Phyllis Monssey, Kelly Ekborg, Lisa Warren (Assistant Coach) Clayton Dyett (Coach) Coach Clayton Dyett. Tri-Captains Kan Payne. Lisa Luongo. Lauren Cilluffo, Assistant Coach Lisa Warren This year’s team did not finish with the most successful season. Yet, spirits were high and a lot of personal goals were met. The team was lead by Tri-captains Lauren Cilluffo, Lisa Luongo, and Kari Payne. The many excellent achievements promise a successful season for the coming year. Lisa Luongo Sandi Currier Lauren Cilluffo Gymnastics Co-Captains Heather Shea, Heather Boyle, and Coach Jan Addison. Heather Shea 130 Left to Right: Ann Libro, Jessica Flynn, Susan Kopanon, Jill Haberland, Ann-Marie Cody. Heather Boyle, Jan Addison — coach. Heather Shea, The Gloucester Gymnastics Team worked hard and attained a great deal of improvement, through the guidance of Coach Jan Addison and assistant coach Lynn Lee Jordan. The team suffered from lack of many members, but the pep of the team and support of Co-Captains Heather Shea and Heather Boyle kept spirits high and made it an exciting year. Heather Boyle 131 Baseball A Coach Kevin Goodhue, Mike Smith, Phi) Minio, Jamie Murry, Rich Cusick, Tom Eady, Mike Leavitt, Mike Francis. Steve Verge Front Row: Wayne Morris, Mike French, Marc Verga, Joe Iacano, Brian Anderson, Nick Novello, Jon Hale Co-Captain Joe Iacano, Coach Ke Goodhue. Captain Marc Verga Joe Iacano Mike French I Marc Verga 132 Brian Anderson Nick Novello The G.H.S. Baseball Team had a “growing” season this spring. First year Coach Kevin Goodhue, assisted by Co-Captains Marc Verga and Joe Iacono, led the team in a positive direction. They finished the season with a 6-12 record. Yet, they show great promise in sportsmanship and skill for the next season. , Softball Coach Ron Bielicki, Terry Deltorchio, Mary Beth Ingersol. Jill Burnham, Greta afKhntenberg, Mary Ann Virgilio, Patti Weir. Katja Litchfield. Heather Rogers. Coach Gregg Smith Front Row Kristin McRae. Lisa Aptt, Mary Jane Favazza, Hilary A nderson. Thereasa Parisi. Ro Novello. Katie VanAuken Christine Olson Co-Captains Heather Rogers and Theresa Parisi The 1984 Girls Softball Team posted a successful 8-8 season. The team was led by co-captains Heather Rogers and Theresa Parisi, along with the two other seniors, Kristin McRae and Greta AfKlintenberg. The remainder of the team was composed of seven juniors and four sophomores. All con- tributed and made it an enjoyable season. m SENIORS Girls Spring T rack Front Row, Left to Right: Pam Baldwin. Kaela Porter, Lisa Luongo, Lori Quigley, Lauren Cilluffo, Sandi Currier, Tracey Mueller Back Row: Assistant Coach Dana White, Marianne Muniz, Kelly Amero. Linda Jones, Holly Sinclair, Shelley Huett, Marie Posers, Coach Clayton Dyett. Boys Spring T rack Back Row: Coach Buffy, Eric Saulnier. Angelo Bertolino, Veil Parmisean, Peter Ciaramitaro, Rob Bouchie. Steve Silva, Mike Calchems, Tommy Tarr, B-onion, John Asaro, Coach Muffy. 2nd Row: John Powers. Mark Enes, David Welch, Tom Hall. Frank Cifalo, Howie Lodge 1st Row: Matt Rochford, George Swanson, Alan Fosberry, Tim Builey. D W. Gibbs Coach Erik Dahlgren, Co-captains John Powers, David Welch. Coach Bob Burns 138 The Boy’s Track Team, led by Co-Captains John Powers and David Welch, completed a fine rebuilding season after the graduation of 14 seniors in 1983. Losing its first three meets, the team pulled together to win five of the last six to post a 5-4 record. The team placed second in the Northeastern Conference. 139 Boys T ennis Back Row: Coach Bob Leal, Tom Flanagan. Sean Ross. Jamie Turner, Steve Barkhoude, Greg Harvey, Chris Brown, Busty Scola. Front Row: Jim Silvera, Angelo Rallo, Frank Ciaramataro, Gary Porter, Sean Nickerson. Kevin Blatchford, Scott Falk 140 Christmas Semi-Formal G.H.S. Chorus Winter Concert On December 14, 1983, the chorus held a fascinating performance at their Winter Concert. Songs varied from the soft sound of “Green Sleeves” sung by Jeannine Selig, to “A Sentimental Journey Thru the 40s” choreographed by Jen- nifer Levitz, the Popular hits “Never Gonna Let You Go” was sung by Janine Gallant and “A ll Night Long " was performed by Carrie Budrow and Steve Day. 146 January 1 — New Year’s Day, 84! 3 — CB seen scraping vanilla shake off her windshield at Macadus 4 — Terry reads the pieces of the note. How big do we feel? 5 — What is the window made out of? Ans — Glass! 6 — Lone Cuzzin goes to Florida 7 — Where is Fanuel Hall? Yeah! What she said! 8 — Cuzzins have a Tea-Party; play baseball in the living room 9 — Kistner is awarded the “True Blue Smurf Award” 10 — Lauren and Elin run in shorts 11 — Carin’s Birthday 12 — Give him his back! But Raz . . . 13 — Gloucester B-ball beats Danver! PIGS IN SPACE! 16 - OMIF, HB, HS, LT 17 — MH — “All right then I won’t write you a letter!’’ H.B. 18 — GHS Hockey team visits the Turkey Farm, Gobble! Gobble! 19 — Turkey farm line’s getting longer! Baby Pac, are you done yet? 20 — Funga Faces in Lynn! JC, Jl, and JM 21 — Cuzzins again, party at Gary’s, teatime! 22 — Humanities class — Terry sings Hawaii Five-0 23 — LJ and HS — off for another weekend 27 — Happy 18th Benise 28 — Kellie and Jeannet almost hit the showers with a little help February 1 — Lauren meets KM 2 — Wendi and Annette — get your eyes out of the gutter! 3 — DA-DOOP: DA-DOOP! 4 — The dance that lingers on . . . 5 — 2 Yrs. ago 6 — Betty and Lauren remember Randy and Pete . . . (oh no!) 7 — It won’t be Long Now Darlene. 10 — Happy Birthday Mike Harmon! 11 — Vinny, there’s food on the wall 13 — HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!! The car fell it really did!! 14 — Pam finally gets a rose from Steve. It only took 3 years. 17 _ VACATION BEGINS!!! 18 — PARTIES!!! 23 — Sue, Pam, Vinny, invade West Field, It will never be the same!!! 24 — After 2 hrs. Lisa and Linda finally make it down the slopes!!! 25 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE 28 — A certain math teacher confesses to dealing — was it a dream??? 147 GHS Chorus Presents The G.H.S. Chorus under the Musical Direction of Allen Hovey Presented Cole Porter “Anything Goes” starring: Carrie Budrow as Reno Sweeney. Janine Gallant (Bonnie), Jar Haseldine (Hope Marcourt), Jeannine Selig (Mrs. Marcourt), James Tolman (Billy Crocket Warren Durgin (Moonface Martin), Steven Day (Sir Evelyn), Chris Leissner (Purser). The musical was staged and directed by Jennifer Levitz. This takes place aboard an ocean liner in the early 1930’s on its way from America 1 England. Anything Goes March 1 — Cookies!! 2 — A den of forty thieves 4 — Hey Kathy, take me home I’m warm and cuddly. 6 — Pam and Pam fall asleep in Jr Rotarian meeting 8 — I always feel like someone is watching me. 9 — Ski trip, surprise John 12 — Wrong way down a one way street. 14 — Poor Bubba — He ' s gonna get stuck like that 16 — Watch out below!! Florida will never be the same!!! 17 — HAPPY ST. PATRICK ' S DAY!!! 18 — Denise ask another one 19 — St. Joseph Day!!! Laurie is still there!!! 22 — Get these chips off my face. Vinny!!! 27 — Seniors panic, grades close. 31 — Deposits on driveway. April 1 — Fi win’s Mega bucks. Jeanie how’s the poolside. Looks good Huh!! 3 — 31 school days to go 4 — Let’s go to Filenes, Excuse me could you tell me where the dept, is? 5 — Gloucester is floating away!! Judy finally makes it back to the hotel!! 6 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE, LOVE PAM 7 — Judy and Linda return in one piece 9 — Cool hat and Shades Day 10 — Peace, love and your parents. (60 days) Hey Judy, we’re almost there. 11 — Pam’s Birthday and she wants Rick is there anything under your toga. 12 — (luau day) Is this the place where we get free leis?? 13 — Balloon Day. Dreams come true for Susan. 15 — Hi Mom and Dad, Love Linda 16 — Vacation!! 17 — Germany, watch out here comes the class of 84! 20 — Tina is time to go to bed yet!!! No it’s time to go to work!!! 21 — Great time at the sauna, wouldn’t you like to know. 22 — Happy Easter!! 23 — P P., you have nice buns. 25 — John Powers could you show me how to bond (federal bank) 26 — JoAnn Giglio finds out when the big day will be 27 — Zim, Mike. Ted, Chris. Dave, Gary go swimming in canal 28 — Cartwheels on Good Harbor Beach 29 — Motorcycle ride to Salem Willows. 30 — Vinny are you dessert after the prom? Happy B-Day Dad, Love Lisa Retiring Teachers Mr. Baker is also leaving Gloucester High School this year. Mr. Baker received his degree in Music at Boston University. While teaching music, he attained a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling at Tufts. Once he received his degree, he began counseling at O’Maley School and the high school. Now he is turn- ing in the New England climate for a warm Californian one. Mr. Baker will be missed. Miss Beebe has been teaching for twenty-nine years. A native of Boston, she attended Simmons College and Boston University. Of Gloucester, she says there’s no nicer place to live. The dedicated teacher says she is leaving teaching because she “doesn’t want to die in a classroom.” Mr. Gleason is a good man and teacher. He ' s leaving the high school after many years of dedication to the students of the science department. During his years at the high school he has taught his students well, while creating a friendly air. Mr. Gleason is leaving the high school to invest his time in his prospering fishing supply business. 160 Administration Mr. Alphonse Sweckla Assistant Superintendent of Schools Mr Herbert Wostrel Superintendent of Schools Mr. James Delaney Director of Operations and Administration Mrs Diane Isenberg Special Needs Administrator 162 Dr. Charles Symonds Principal Mr Frederick White Assistant Principal Mr Mark Kennefick Assistant Principal Mrs. Judy Melansen Secretary Mrs Catherine Gaspar Secretary Ms Terry Milton Secretary 163 Maryellen Callahan — Phys. Ed. Verna Carbone — Bus. Ed. Richard Chane — Foreign (Dept Head) Marilyn Clark — Social Studies Anthony Corrao — Carpentry Natalie Dailey — English (Dept Head) Clifford Brooks — Science (Dept Head) Robert Byrnes — Science A Charolette Chane — Foreign Lang. Dennis Corkery — English Mark Breitenstein — English James Brennan — Social Studies Jean Abbot — Guidance Lee Baker — Guidance Anqelo Bertolino — Machine Henri Caron — Science Judith Cooper — Art Eleanor Beebe — English Robert Benjamin — Carpenti Ron Bielicli — Special Ed. 164 Judith Joyce — Foreign Language Grace Figurido — English Albina Gentile — Title I Mark Hickey — Band Director Paul Ingram — Science bandra Jones — English Eric Dahlgren — English Kathryn Davis — Business Ed. Bernadette Donoghue — Home Economics Eileen Erwin — English Stanley Gleason — Science Mark Haberland — Guidance Susan Ingram — Science Jennifer Johnson — Art Joan Keegan — Home Economi cs Chip Kistner — Industrial Art 165 Joan Kitsis — Psychologist Harvey Korobkin — Business Ed Jeanne Linehan — Special Ed Linda Lombandi — Special Ed Manuel Martins — Librarian Donald McPhail — Social Studies Emily Nickerson — Science Gus Nunes — Math 166 Peter Mooney — Voc. Director ■ Richard Moore — Math John McPhee — Math Jane Moginot — Home Ec Gilbert Lane — Print Shop t Robert MacEachem — Business Ed Dan Lederman — ROTC Susan Makkonen — Math William Moore — Guidance Louise Nikas — Social Studies Bonnie O ' Connell — English Tom O ' Donnell — Business Ed Helen Porper — Nurse bill Proposki — Mainemaucs Nancy Saul — foreign Language James Schoel — Project Adventure Gregg Smith — Social Studies John Sperry — Mathematics John Orlando — Carpentry Jeanette Ortins — Business Ed. Ronald Pasek — Social Studies Dana Perry — Auto Donald Riley — Physical td. Phil Salzman — Social Studies Warren Silva — ROTC Patricia Sinclair — Science Jean Stone — Special Needs Francis Sullivan — Electrical Gerald O’Neil — Social Studies F f Russel Parsons — Electrical Jack O’Maley — Sebastian Parisi — Automotive Business Ed. 167 John Sulton — Industrial Arts Gus Surrette — Machine Margaret Turner — Special Needs Dennis Veator — Mathematics Janet Webster — Special Needs Wendy Wintle — English Steve Sutera — English Thomas Walsh — Science David Wise — Social Studies Nancy Webber — Theatre Art John Ziergebel — English Sheila Tranguch — Physical Ed. 168 May 1 — Junior Rotatarian invades the Blackburn Tavern!! 2 — Auntie Pammy 3 — Senior Banquet 4 — HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARYN!! Talent Show 5 — Judy and Jeannie seen in the Blackburn!! 7 - H.B.C. Banquet HAPPY BIRTHDAY “BULEAH!!” LUV “LUCY” 8 — Academic Recognition night!! GRADUATION REHEARSALS BEGIN!! 9 — Bill Verge, you gorgeous thing you. 10 — Barbra, the popsicle stick tastes good. 11 — Judy and Linda getting dismissed again!!! 12 — Boogie Wendy Boogie 13 — Lisa, Please no more junk food!! HAPPY B-DAY Shelly — Love Lisa 14 — Pam and Steve Make 4 years!!! Yeah!! 15 — 36-26-33 who could that be!! 16 — Susan’s Birthday 17 — Don’t tell me it’s going to Rain!! 18 — You’re such a stud Joe B. 19 — Carlene can you fly bee’s 21 — HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! LOVE LISA 22 — The list begins on who has an appointment with the canal 23 — WE ARE OUT OF HERE!!! BUT WE WILL MISS YOU G.H.S. 24 — HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LISA!!! PROM ’84!!! 25 — Does it lay eggs 26 — Baby Huey!!! 28 — Happy Memorial Day June 1 — Field Day 2 — Make sure you pay your obligations seniors!!! 3 — GRADUATION DAY!!! YEAH!!! 4 — Rick Steiner ’s Birthday!! Have a good one Rick!!! Senior Banquet M H ° ' UI May 24, 1984 99th Annual ROTC Field Day PATROLMAN A PHILLIP BOUCHIE AWARD - Cadet LTC Timothy Tarr OUTSTANDING BANDSMAN AWARD — Cadet CPL Jeannie Selig ALFRED E. BRUNI MEDAL - Cadet 1SG Bartol Piscitello HASKELL SILVER MEDAL — Cadet SFC Jennifer Cavanaugh HASKELL GOLD MEDAL — Cadet 1SG Timothy Perry EARLE D. GOODICK MEDAL — Cadet CPT Stephen Silva SERGEANT FIRST CLASS RICHARD J HUBBARD AWARD — Cadet 1SG Bartol Piscitello 1LT FRANK D’AMICO MEDAL - Cadet PFC Glenn Perry LT COL ARTHUR G. DEWER MILITARY SABER Cadet CPT Stephen Silva VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS COMMUNITY SER VICE MEDAL - Cadet CPT Chris St Cyr DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION MEDAL — Cadet SGT Yvette Imhof SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION MEDAL — Cadet 1LT James Panniello CADET LT WILLIAM J. NEAL AWARD — Cadet LTC Timothy Tarr SUPERIOR CADET MEDAL — SOPHOMORE — Cadet SFC Jennifer Cavanaugh JUNIOR — Cadet CPT Stephen Silva ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FRESHMAN - Cadet PFC Nancy Vicari SOPHOMORES — Cadet PFC Glenn Perry Cadet PFC John Harvey JUNIORS — Cadet SFC Daniel Carey Cadet SFC David Marshall SENIOR — Cadet LTC Timothy Tarr LTC GEORGE H MORSE, JR MEDAL — Cadet CPT Germain Wheeler LTC SAMUEL L DUNLOP MEDAL Monbourquette — Cadet CPL Amy MST WILLIAM E. DAILY MEDAL Perry — Cadet 1SG Timothy GLOUCESTER SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEDAL Cadet 1LT James Mondello CITY OF GLOUCESTER MEDAL Wheeler — Cadet CPT Cermain JROTC DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP AWARD Cadet CPT Stephen Silva STOREKEEPER 1CL DONALD SMITH MEDAL SGT Elizabeth Mason — Cadet ALBERT W. BACHELER MEDAL Silva — Cadet CPT Stephen CHARLES D CORLISS MEDAL Williams — Cadet SGT Michael CAPTAIN DAVID W BOWMAN MEDAL Timothy Tarr — Cadet LTC 183 G.H.S. J.R.O.T.C Lt. Col. Warren Silva S.A.I. 1st Sgt. Dan Lederman BTN STAFF Capt. Chris St. Cyr (operations officer). Major Tim Tarr (BTN Cmdr.), Jamie Panniello (supply officer, 1st Lt.) COLOR GUARD Andy Roberts (Cmdr.), Warren Durgin, Glen Perry, Doug Grimes, Yvette Imhoff CADET OFFICERS 2nd Lt. Jay Mondello, 1st Lt. Steve Silva, Capt. Chris St. Cyr, Major Tim Tarr. 1st Lt Jamie Panniello, 1st Lt. Jerry Wheeler, 2nd Lt. Kevin Hinkley. SENIORS: Jamie Tolman Warren Durgin Pat Olson Tim Gorrell COMPANY A 1st Row: William Low, Jerry Wheeler (Cmdr.), Kevin Hinkley, Tim Perry. 2nd Row: Dan Carey, Beth Mason, Kelly Leissner, Chris Moore, Robert Lycette, Doug Mcloed. 3rd Row: Robert O’Donnel, John Harvey, Scott Hinkley, Ann Marie Hunter, Kim Stewart, Anthony Pallazola, Annette Rollins. COMPANY B 1st Row: Mike Williams, Steve Silva (cmdr ), Jay Mondello, Bart Piscatello. 2nd Row: Belinda Mackey, Steve Day, Doug Grimes, Chris Russel, George Wood, Brett Sonia. 3rd Row: Walter Carey, Yvette Imhoff, Ruth Durgin, Jon West, Rich Rossow, Glen Perry, Jon Reid. 2nd Lt. Kevin Hinkley Pit ldr. 1st Lt. Steve Silva Co. Cmdr. 2nd Lt. James Mondello Pit. ldr COED DRILL TEAM 1st Lt. Jerry Wheeler (capt.) 1st Row: Tim Tarr, Yvette Imhoff, Chris St. Cyr, Jerry Wheeler, Jen Cavanaugh, Beth Mason. 2nd Row: Dan Carey, Andy Roberts, Walter Carey, Dave Marshall, Glen Perry, Kevin Hinkley, Steve Silva Tim Tarr G.H.S. GRENADIERS Capt. Chris St. Cyr (capt.) 1st Row: Jerry Wheeler, Andy Roberts, Steve Silva, Walter Carey, Chris St Cyr, Dan Carey, Kevin Hinkley, Tim Tarr. Jamie Panniello 185 Graduation Day I9| f 7 ir • Sawyer Medals Grade 10 — Thomas William Hall Grade 11 — Mara Jessica Lambert, Terrence F. Oder Grade 12 — Faye Marie Ferrara, Salvatore Randazza, III Departmental Awards Rosalyn Hammons Book Award — Jane Eyre Shaw Haseldine French Book Prize — Christine Marie Fortado German Consulate Book Award — Leah Kathryn Johnson Italian Book Prize — Marc Anthony Verga Spanish Book Prize — Anthony James Parisi Elliot T. Parker English Book Award — Thomas William Hall Awards and Scholarships J. Franklin Hackett Educational Trust Scholarship Inc. Award — Mark A. Enes Heather J. Rogers American Legion Scholarship, Lester S. Wass Post No. 3 — Kenneth Francis Maria Catherine Pallazola The John H. Biggs Junior Memorial Scholarship — Thomas William Hall Heather J. Rogers Friends of Boys Basketball Scholarship — Joseph P. Iacono Mark R. Muniz Timothy James Philpott Agnes T. (Reardon) Brophy Memorial Scholarship — Marc Anthony Verga Cape Ann College Women ' s Club Scholarship — Aimee Theresa Lee Heather J. Rogers Cape Ann Lodge Loyal Order of Moose No. 1471 Scholarship — Heidi-Ann Sawyer Cap’t. Cosmo and Alligator Scholarship — Maria Catherine Pallazola Paula T. Randazza Chargers Youth Program Scholarship — Annette Jean Corben Mark A. Enes Alan Frederic Murray Jr. Dexter H. Murray, Jr. The Bessie Cobleigh Memorial Scholarship — Elizabeth Ruth Edmonds Contractors and Builders Association of Cape Ann Scholarship — Kevin J. Mahoney Patty Cusumano Memorial Scholarship — James L. Tolman East Gloucester Youth Program Scholarship — Kenneth Francis Denise Michelle Lewis The Mimi Ferrini Art Scholarship — Heidi Lee Reardon David Charles Repyak Fiesta Five Road Race Scholarship — Mark A. Enes Lori Michelle Quigley 195 Scholarships Fire Fighter — Elmer A. Flurlburt Memorial Scholarship — Gary L. Porter Louis M. Geller Scholarship — Wendi Loreen Paxson Gloucester Booster ' s Club Scholarship — Michael Edward Harmon Dexter H Murray, Jr. Marc Anthony Verga Gloucester Business and Professional Women ' s Club Scholarship — Sandra Marie LaRosa Gloucester Lodge No. 892, Elks Scholarship — Jane Eyre Shaw Haseldine Salvatore Randazza, III Gloucester Emblem Club 339 Scholarship — Nanci Lee Elizabeth Milone Gloucester Fishermen ' s Wives Association Scholarship — Paula T. Randazza Salvatore Randazza, 111 Gloucester Food Service Association Scholarship — Lauren Susanne Cilluffo Dominic J. Loiacano, Jr. Gloucester High School Alumni Scholarship — Jennifer Mary Banks Lauren Susanne Cilluffo Janet Mary Davis Kelly Anne Drohan Lisa Marie Gilbert Aimee Teresa Lee Lisa Ann Munroe Maria Catherine Paliazola Annette Marie Rubino Lauri Ann Silva Gloucester High School Student Council Scholarship — Greta N. af Klinteberg Annette Marie Rubino Gloucester Little League Scholarship — Howard J. Lodge. Ill Dominic J. Loiacano. Jr. Heather J. Rogers Gloucester Municipal Employees Union Local 687 Scholarship — Aimee Theresa Lee Gloucester Teachers ' Association Scholarship — Heather Anne Boyle Jeannine M. Selig Gloucester Rotary Scholarship — Maria Catherine Paliazola Heather J. Rogers Gloucester Woman ' s Club Scholarship — Kristine Ellen Nelson Harold Gould Memorial Scholarship — Sandra Jean LoGrande Home Owners Federal Savings Loan Association — Heather J. Rogers Honor Business Club Scholarship — Nadine L. Johnson Richard Allan Steiner John Scott Hughes Scholarship — Warren Wayne Durgin Charles A Lowe Memorial Scholarship — Cynthia C Kelly 196 and Awards Magnolia Lions Club Scholarship Heather Anne Boyle Amy Theresa Drier Lisa Marie Gilbert Aimee Theresa Lee Timothy James Philpott Pietro Mola Scholarship — James L. Tolman Nicholas Ottaway Memorial Scholarship — Nancy Ann Curley Salvatore J. Piscitello Memorial Scholarship — Dominic J. Loiacano, Jr. Sergeant-Murray-Gilman-Hough House Association Award — Pamela Jean Parsons Saint Ann School Award — Salvatore Randazza, III John G. Silva Scholarship — Alison Burns Michael Edward Harmon Toad Hall Scholarship — Lauren Susanne Cilluffo Utica Council 46, Degree of Pocahontas Scholarship — Annette Marie Rubino The Nancy A. Webber Scholarship — Jennifer Mary Banks James “Joe” Kyrouz Memorial Scholarship — Sandra Jean LoGrande The 1949 Massachusetts State Football Champions Scholarship — Mark A. Enes Essex Teachers’ Association Scholarship — Jeannine M. Selig Outstanding Business Education Student Scholarship — Janet Mary Davis AWARDS PRESENTED PRIOR TO SENIOR AWARDS Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Plymouth State College Achievement Awards Women ' s Auxiliary to the Addison Gilbert Hospital Scholarship Kiwanis Scholarship Mighty Mac Union Scholarship NIGHT Aimee Theresa Lee Steven M. Low Joanna M. Scuderi Joanna M. Scuderi Lauren Susanne Cilluffo Warren Wayne Durgin Howard J. Lodge, III Kevin J. Mahoney Salvatore Randazza, III Heather J. Rogers Joanna M. Scuderi Good Citizenship Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution Knights of Pythias Scholarship Award Essex Lions Club and Shipbuilders Baseball Team Scholarship Gloucester Fraternity Club National Honor Society Scholarships Mara Jessica Lambert Michael T. French Gregory Scott Lord Jeannine M. Selig Nancy Lee Elizabeth Milone Wendi Loreen Paxson Richard Allan Steiner Last Will I. April Hodkins. leave Kim Cooney a box of writing paper and a pen. 1, Patty Hickey, leave Mr Haberland thankful that I was the last one in the family. i’ Lynne Himingway. leave one King Combo and a Bonnie Tyler tape to Katy Connors. Kristen McCormick and Noelle Nickerson for after every Tennis match they don’t play. We. Sandy. Lisa, and Aimee willingly leave the excitement!?) of Gloucester behind us — Thank God! I. Mike Harmon, leave my ' ' eel ' ’ to Joe Sanfilipo! I. Tom T Hall, leave my sympathy to next year ' s soccer team and Advanced Chem class. I also leave all frog beach scenes to any senior of next year who has enough guts, ingenuity and originality to top it. I. Matthew Gove, leave my nickname " Hundaeus " to my sophomore brother. Jason. 1. Lisa Gilbert, leave my Math Team slogan “Ski Sugerloaf " to the Math Team of “84-85. I. Janine Gallant, leave my voice to Ruthie Durgin for the two years to come 1. Julie French, leave my ex tra credits to Joelle Dias I. Steve Day, leave my originality, in all its awesomeness, to Walter Carey. 1, Janet Davis, leave Mr MacEachern a roll of scotch tape for the Gestetner 1. Michelle A Dammeyer. leave Lauran Stickney and Joanne Giacalone with 88 " c and to keep increasing it. 1. Sandra Currier, leave my track workouts and sneakers to anyone who wants them 1. Erika Williams, leave Laverne Reynolds in the snowbank to drown 1. John M Curley Jr., leave hope to the classes of ' 85 and ' 86 who just don ' t have the class we have Sorry Maybe Next year ' But I doubt it. I. Annette Corben, leave my prized pinchers to Dunes to use when 1 m gone I. Diane Colby, leave Elin Afklintenberg all our worthy discussions with Mr Kistner 1, Lauren Cilluffo. leave Elm AfKlintenberg all the track and field hockey workouts for her future years at G.H S I. Carin Chamberlin, leave Steve Veator my 1st floor locker to store all of his gym clothes in. where my sister Laura can keep careful watch over him. I. Michael Lupo. leave my cousin. Diane, and Julie all my uncashed checks ' I. Kristin MacRae, leave Lisa Aptt hours of exciting softball practice I, Carlene Marino, leave my Hohner Blues Harp to Kim Movalli 1. Russ Martin, leave my love to Lynda Arauio I. Pam Parsons, leave my cousin. Jeff, the yellow bomber, my father to the vokies of G.H.S.. Susan Asaro a free trip to Westfield to visit Joe. Bob. Joe. etc . 1. Heather Rogers, leave Mike Rhodes, regretfully. Susan Asaro my Voki Vow. and Pat Donelley my 00734 handbook I. Joanna Scuderi. leave Silvana Nicolosi without a science partner in Advanced Chemistry. I. Heather Shea, leave Christine Burns her mother ' s car and whatever may be found in it. We. Erika Williams and Jeanne Palazola. leave her parents ' car without them knowing we took it I, Brian Wall, have my MG to anyone with enough class to dnve it I. David Welch, leave my cheerleading for the fieldhockey team to the 85 soccer capts and lots of luck for the class of 1985 We, Jan. Steph. Kim. and Kristine, leave Mrs Donaghue a tea party! I. Vinny Imbrunone, leave James Ciolino and Jim Sperry and Susan Asaro for 1 am her only friend I. Michele Orlando, leave Mary Verge my morning butts I. Teresa Parisi, leave D.F. and G.S. my ski poles. I. Caryn Linquata. leave Kari Payne a cooler. Julie Cooney a carton of orange juice. Dianne Aiello any piece of chocolate cake. Kelly Davis a flashlight, and to all of them a special night on Good Harbor Beach 1. Annette M Rubino. leave Alicia Rubino my cheerleading pom-poms, blow dryer, and machine gun (not to be used in the library) I. Nancy Curley, leave Ant Harrison his car We. Michelle. Marci, Annette. Joanna. Kelly, and Patty leave Silvana Nicolosi 101 apology notes to be written out after any other in- cidents like May 27. 1983 1. Sandra Currier, leave Angelo Rallo all my luck I. Susan Osier, leave all my unchewed gum to Tina Lannon I. Joanne Orlando, leave Sarah Kinghorn her own locker on the first floor equipped with keys to go to Friendly ' s during exams and a full length skirt 1. Carol Soucy. leave Mrs Sinclair my rods and cones I. Jeannine Selig. leave Dave Stowell a mess of soco and a trip to Portsmouth. NH s ropes course!!! I. Heidi Sawyer, leave Shellie DeGagne all of Mr Hovey’s tremendous arguments I. John Sperry, leave the spirit of freedom to all the miserable souls who have to be here next year I. Heidi Reardon, leave the memory of my clothes, make-up. and fingernails 1. Greta afKlinteberg. leave Elin the pain of homework. Mimi Jackson the future field hockey coaches (to do with what she pleases!. Mr “Yuk " Proposki my severe case of “Senioritis. " and Katie Moore my half of the bedroom (in case she needs it). I. Erika, leave Terri Deltorchiomy turn in quarters 1. Kelly Drohan. leave to Mr Haberland hours of free phone I. Marianne Nickerson, leave Annette Interrante my key to Aunt Polly ' s 1. Phillip D Officer, leave Bill Fraga the Baboon I. Wendi Paxson. leave Mr Favazza ' s “dunes " to any deserving underclassman, and my name, being the 6th graduate of GHS in the Paxson family I. J Daniel Noseworthy, leave anything that we don ' t use on the prom to the Junior class I. Lori Quigley, leave Jeannet Leveille all the orange guard rails in Lanesville that she can get her headlights around 1, Heidi Sawyer, leave Mr Hovey, the fun memories of Rich. Greg. Archie, etc 1, Tina Quince, leave Renee Horne in charge of bippy control 1. Laverne Reynolds, leave my tardy and absent notes to Terry . 1, Lon Quigley, leave Allan Fosberry a book on the shortcuts to mathematics I. Carla Jayne Peterson, leave Lynn Menicocci my first floor police locker to start the day off seeing Andy. Stew and Sting 1. Lisa Sholds, leave all my extra credits to whom ever needs them 1. Lisa Rose, leave to my sister, Michelle, my never ending complaining attitude to carry on in Mr MacEachern s room 1. Beth Roberts, leave any suicidal tendencies to Karen Favalora in hopes that she puts them to good use I. Joey Foote, leave all my love to all the lovely girls. 1. Julie Fatta. leave Annette lnterante Marianne ' s “Aunt Polly s keys! I, Carol Soucy. leave Shellie DeGagne my engagement ring. 1. Joanna Scuden. leave my brother. Paul Scuderi. my locker and the books concerning how to be an academic and school spirited individual I. Lori Quigley, leave Julie Davis Puffy puffy doo-doo pip-pip 82. 83. 84. 85. 87. the Police, and a copy of “Shave your head I. Mattie Fialho. leave my quick temper to Dianne Asaro 1. Julie deHaan. leave Gayle Anderson Simon and John for her to take care of. 1, Ken Favazza. leave Joey Favazza a big ashtray from my van. 1. Pam Tedesco. leave my Chic jeans and Testament I, Lori Quigley, leave Lorinda Barry, Jon, from Swampscott and all the REBOUND shots she can get We, Patty Hickey and Pam Parsons, leave Mrs. Sinclair a muzzle for Jim B I, Pam Parisi, leave my Drafting Book to Baby Huey. We, Judy Lane and Linda St. Jean, leave an old goat to Mrs. Jones. I, Lisa Munroe, leave my abusive habits to Danny Jackson. I, Tim Tarr, leave the “Yellow Man” suit to J A F.U . and the remains of Stir Fly to Chris St Cyr. I, Gary Porter, leave the ashes of my burned calculus book to Mr. Favazza 1, Kevin Anderton, leave Stephen James Ellis my high school study habits I, Jennifer Banks, leave my “little” sister, Kara, a life size poster of J.G , a replenishable supply of cadbury eggs, a good view of Paul ' s legs, and a guardian angel to keep her company throughout her high school career I, Steve Low, leave my “Welcome to Miller Time” hat to Nancy Buotte I, Lisa Luongo, leave Kari Payne hours of fun track practices. I, Dom Loiacano, leave making pizzas at Maria’s to Aaron Patrican I, Denise Lewis, leave Michelle Lewis all my extra credits I, Karen Levin, leave my brother, Michael, my “Hi Gus” sign for computer class and the key to 325 I, Phyllis Leveille, leave behind the team room key to Patti Weir We, Sandy and Aimie, leave our main St mischief to anyone who wants it I, Steve Levasseur, leave all of my quick one liners to Rick Cusick We, Kathy Libro and Amy Dreier, leave Michelle Lewis all guest rights to the Nasser residence I, Whitnew Ryan, leave Mr Dahlgren a lifetime supply of Bermuda Onions, hoping he will put them to good use I, Aimee Lee, leave behind my brother who has two more years left (Hah Hah). I, Sandra LaRosa, leave my sister, Linda, my locker with a picture of “Tommy” in it. 1, Patty Jacobs, leave this school forever, and Sandy Johnson one long year. Yo! I, Paula Randazza, leave Appy her Bing Bongs, MELF down on the river, Lou and Virgil on the lawn, and Patti to choose five minutes or a lifetime with Leyna I, Vinny Imbrunone, leave my rake and a " No Parking” sign to Susan Asaro I, Frank Gentile, leave to all the upcoming seniors all my blue slips, dismissal slips, and forged notes I, Jim Griffin, leave sophomore, Chris McCullum, one set of used Ernie Ball guitar strings and a torn amplifier speaker I, Erika Williams, leave school to go out into the real world and find what’s out there 1, James Tolman, leave James Mondello a personal valet for his senior year. I, Heidi Sawyer, leave Carlene Marino my trusty fingernail file. 1, Ann Turpiano, leave Jennifer and Missy the 3rd floor bathroom and Ryan Mark to April Good Luck 1, Mark Harmon, leave my free pass to the Chicken Farm to Aaron and Patrican for future services. I, Tina Remington, leave I, Licia Legendre, leave Ciaramitaro. I, John Powers, leave happily. I, Rick Steiner, leave Mr Walsh the feeling of great accomplishment and a new year of long hectic hours ahead. I, Kelly Peters, leave one trip to the South to Cindy Silva. I, Katrina Lafata, leave one smashed moped to Philip Mineo and Salina Mayo to pick up down police station I, Heather Mello, leave Darlene Corcoran all my absences. I, Denise Brum, leave Carol Spanks, my empty seat in Office Procedures. We, Laurie, Tina. Amy, leave locker 69 to three other saps to share I, Laverne Reynolds, leave Erika Williams in the car with Dean. 1, Kathy St Cyr, leave my locker to any underclassman who wants to start their own photo album, and my seat in Mrs Jones’ class I, Jenny Banks, leave Mr. Brennan’s International Relations class to any junior who wants to take it. I, Tina Nelson, leave Sgt. Lederman a plug with a homing device, Mr Sutera a year’s supply of articles, and Colonel, regretfully I, Cindy Kelly, leave behind 3 great years at G.H.S. I, Kelly Pierce, leave the skull behind to suffer another year. Good Luck Dan 111 I, Sandy Logrande, leave a double dose of senioritis and all of my “must’ve been a sophomore” wisecracks to all entitled future seniors 1, Mike Silva, leave the control of the APPLE II and Library overdues to Alan Fosberry I, David Repyak, leave my paint brushes to Sal Frontiro I, Tori Cardone, leave all the girls in the class of “85” to Joe Souza I, Kim Cameron, leave Kelly Amero and whoever is foolish enough to go, the pentathalon at B C I, Daneen Brown, leave Karen Favalora’s mother the directions to the Webber II wing at the A G Hospital I, Paula Blaisdell, leave Darlene Corcoran everything at Gloucester High School, inc the beam and the H B C I, Theresa Benson, leave Mike King a book on yawning and its many reasons I. Danette Babine, leave the beef to Sarah Bearplarnt I, Alan Murray, leave all my things from Sweden to Zim and Cluett I, Mark Muniz, leave to Chip Smith, all leftovers (4th’s) 1, Lisa Munroe, leave Benny Hill football, “the Star Spangled Banner” and Pigs in Space to Jeannet Levielle I, Dexter Murray, leave 3,240 empty milk cartons to Louis Avila I, Elisa Mugford, leave my books behind and also my chewing gum! I. Marie McKay, leave my 6:30 wake-up calls to all those unsuspecting, incoming sophomores I, Nanci Lee Milone, leave a year’s supply of lumpy oatmeal, Harry, Mortimer, and a certain Tuesday night in July! I, Rayne Muise, leave Jeannette Salmi a blue sweat shirt, but not a white one I, Katie McGrath, leave my coffee to all those who hate to get up in the morning. I, Robert Muise, leave my $1 .29 sunglasses to Fred Parisi. I, William “Zim” Minton, leave Alan Murray all small packages in my home, all my bandanas to Sarah E Kinghorn, and my library card to Mrs Bert — I’ll miss the class of “84” so I leave fond memories!! 1 I(Q As the editors of the yearbook, we sincerely hopeijt at we have suc- cessfully captured the wonderful times that the class of 1984 has shared together. The memories will linger on till eternity. Good luck and thanks to all who participated in the production of what we believe to be a well thought out and organized yearbook. We hope all of you will enjoy this book. A special thanks to Mrs. Lisa Davis, for without her time and dedica- tion, this book would ftot be possible. Yours truly, Rick Steiner Pam Parisi Paula Randazza the Flicker st; I iff- ' SPONSORS 1. Mr. and Mrs. Neal J. Steiner 2. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Parsons Jr. 3. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Parisi 4. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Low 5. Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Lodge Jr. 6. Mr. Richard Tofuri 7. David and Nancy Rose 8. Mrs. Mary Parisi 9. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Milone 10. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lukegord 11. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Mello 12. Lorraine J. Mello 13. Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Munroe 14. Mamassco, Inc. 15. Mr. and Mrs. John Leville Jr. 16. Dominic Loiacano Jr. 17. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tarr and Family 18. Carol Lord 19. Mr. and Mrs. George E. French 20. Gail Saunders 21. James and Dorothy Blaisdell 22. Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Pizzo 23. Mr. and Mrs. Walter McGrath Jr. 24. Mr. and Mrs. Al Olson 25. Richard and Roberta Peterson 26. Mr, and Mrs. Richard Schmidt, D.C. 27. Mr: and Mrs. GTeratd N. French, Jr. 28. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gallant 29. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Garron 30. Mr. and Mrs. James P Officer Sr. 31. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Quigley , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chick Jr. , Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Kelly . Gail Enes . Mara Lambert , Damon and Melissa Cummings-deHaan . Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J. Ellis Sr. . Gus and Carolyn Foote , Harold and Nancy Ercolani . Mr. and Mrs. Cardone , George and Beverly Burnham . Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fialho , Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bates III , Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bocelle Jr. , Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Francis , Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Asaro , Mr. and Mrs. George E. Drohan , Mr. and Mrs. James Hurst , Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Imbrunone , Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Johnson , Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cilluffo , Mr. and Mrs. Collette and Kenneth Beck , Mr. and Mrs. Peter Burns Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Currier Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Cluett Mr. and Mrs. William L. Rubino Mr. and Mrs. Roy Scuderi Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wall Mr. and Mrs. Orlando 205 NICKAS MARKET 156 Prospect St. Gloucester Robert and Ruth Snider VISA and MC Accepted Tel (617) 281-0100 WINGAERSHEEK MOTEL Good Luck Class of 1984 THE YELLOW SUB SHOP 73 Pleasant St. Gloucester, MA 01930 Nearest to Wingaersheek Beach Heated — Private Showers — Color TV Continental Route 128 — Exit 13 Breakfast 46 Concord Street in Season Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Open All Year Best Wishes from STeLLYN LARSEN’S SHOE STORE T1re$t0!ie TonyTally 131 Main St. TONY’S HOUSE OF TIRES On Scenic Route 133 SEW-N-SAVE Tel. 283-9851 — 283-3331 Quality Used Cars 142 Main St. 73 Essex Ave. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Best Wishes! GLOUCESTER FIREFIGHTERS Local 762 206 GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE RANK This is our new symbol. Twin seagulls in flight to signify a dynamic, cooperative venture, high in purpose and ideals, free to explore new innovations while retaining the character of our shared local heritage. GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK 85 Middle Street, Gloucester Best Wishes Your Local Key Co-op Store Part of a 350 Store Chain FREDDIE’S LOBST ALAND INC. MODERN HOME APPLIANCE SALES Class of 1939 Bill Bellino 134 Main St. Gloucester, MA Tel. 283-6662 Compliments of GLOUCESTER TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. 16 Parker Street Gloucester, MA 01930 Buses and Cars 24 Hour Wrecker Service 207 Congratulations and Best Wishes G.H.S. Class of 1984 MASSACHUSETTS COASTAL SEAFOOD, INC. Cape Ann Industrial Park Magnolia, MA 01930 G. EVERETT MAHONEY, INC. 30 Harbor Loop Leo S. Chane, Manager 283-5131 ’ Cllbinpkins Co. SALEM • DANVERS ■ GLOUCESTER Quality Furniture Serving the North Shore Since 1902 David A. Rose General Manager — Gloucester Store Best Wishes to the Class of ’84 (and a Special Wish to Lisa Rose) 209 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 CAPE BOWLING ANN CENTER SUDBAY, INC. 20 Air-Conditioned Bowling Lanes Pontiac — Cadillac — Buick Causeway St. Gloucester, MA Snack Area Weekdays 9 AM-11 PM Sunday 12 Noon to 11 PM 53 Gloucester Ave. Gloucester, Mass. 283-9753 APRIL SHEARS Hair Styling for Men and Women Appointments and Walk Ins April M. Jackson 89 Bass Avenue 283-7317 Gloucester. Mass. 01930 Best Wishes from BUILDING CENTER Telephone 283-2060 Residence 283-5267 GLOUCESTER TRANSIT MIX, INC. . . . Concrete . . . 1 Harbor Loop 283-3060 Emerson Avenue Gloucester, Mass. 210 Mass. License No. 016197 Chisholm Hunt Inc. OFFSET AND LETTERPRESS PRINTING 14 Whittemore Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Phone 283-0413 7 Scott st. Gloucester, MA 01930 Tel. 283-3631 CHRISTIAN MOLLY ANTIQUES Burnham’s Corner Essex, MA •aofcaip Gloucester Mass 617 281 3305 Quality Fabrics Quilting Supplies Classes Workshops Ellen Nelson Jane Noble THE OLD MILL Gameroom and Ice Cream 410 Washington St. EMPIRE FISH CD.. INC. WHOLESALE FISH DEALERS Producers and Packers of Fresh, Frozen and Cooked Fish P. O. Box 1148, 11-13 Harbor Loop Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Telephone [617] 283-0840 Telex 95-1038 211 WS OFF " ,. Cape Ann Savings... for helping the coins I deposit grow with ii Ever since I ' ve had my paper route. I ' ve been coming to Cape Ann Savings and depositing the coins I get for tips into my savings account. It ' s sure great to know that my savings are in a hometown bank and are growing, by having interest added to them. “HATS OFF ' ' to you Cape Ann Savings... for helping me save. nterest. CAPE ANN SAVINGS BANK Lighting your ay to a snug harbor 109 MAIN ST 38 ROGERS ST - Tel 283-0246 • BEACH ST MANCHESTER - Te 526-7122 212 estaurant INN 546-2352 f WlW ri ' i T-UiH i w Your Host and i-iostess are Bob and Lillian Welcome Painting by Frank Beatty on the edge of the sea " 9 f • INN AND REST A URA NT Rock port, Massachusetts Open Year ’Round mid April Through October • RESTAURANT 546-3038 .5 • ill THE CUPBOARD OF GLOUCESTER HARDWARE GLOUCESTER Stage Fort Park Gloucester ( Thjfol n0jio 83 Main St. r 283-5369 V HAROWARE STORES Phone: 283-5590 VICTORY % HAIR SALON 03 8 Center St. Gloucester, Mass. m iNkHCHi ' S B ir l wall paper paint — Azi-r-n. STREET GLOUCESTER 283-6641 California Paints Benjamin Moore Paints Complete Selection of Wallcoverings Standard and Custom Window Shades Joe Mitchell 283-6541 213 ANDREW’S PLUMBING HEATING CO. INC. 21 Reynard St. Gloucester, MA 01930 283-0645 Reg. 5590-8123 Best Wishes AUNE’S YARN SHOP 112 Main St. Gloucester, MA 283-4687 CHUBBY’S AUTO PARTS, INC. 34 Railroad Ave. Gloucester, MA 01930 Nichols ' OdXUTi C l yrnj CANDIES cricket press nc Offset and Letter Press Printing 50 Summer Street Manchester. MA 01944 (617) 526-7131 Hours: Mon — Sat 9-8 Sun. 9-6 Route 128 — Crafts Rd. Exit 12 Gloucester Telephone 283-9850 214 V (617) 283-1771 FAULK BROTHERS, INC. Masonry Contractors W. E. BLANCHARD JEWELER ESTABLISHED 1913 125 Main St. Gloucester Herman A. Faulk, Jr. Pres. — Treas. (617) 525-3461 35 Whittemore St. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Member — American Gem Soc. GLOVER’S FLOOR COVERINGS, INC. MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION 18 Whittemore Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 4 Magnolia Avenue Magnolia, Massachusetts 01930 Mark and Foster Glover 283-3940 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Lively Class of ’84 GLOUCESTER AUTO SCHOOL 123 Main St. 283-9253 Wear seat belts and live a lot! 215 CAPE ANN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY BABSON, ELWELL DAVIS INC. INSURANCE 94 Middle St. Gloucester, MA 01930 283-1 Chandler N. Davis John D. Cunningham 216

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