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mm F, | 1 r " " k- r £ r r‘ r • Er - j . .«• - H- JkVl i ■ 4 r ✓ j :1 r a | ' W i i .4 B . Wi «L- .. Siv f «vm m fe y 1 wi| V f ) a s53 L ' 3BI li r PI Etfl r - ■! i p» " m » r 7 L-, SAWYER PR GIX)UCESTER4iyygjfej|M ' - rwvn mm mf® liiijjj IUji Td Edward T. O ' Donnell 36 Edgemoor Rd. Eddo, Bill Memories: Bud Hill Boys, " Hey this car broke down ' football; walkers; skiing; GHB; fiesta 81; Tom ' s house; chrldrs; gc; The Stones; Pres; Shan; The Van; BRBC; " and Parky ' s House " Mag Girls; Thanks Mom, Dad, and God Activities Honors: Ftbl 2, 3, 4; VP 3; Prez 4; Std Cncl 3, 4, NHS Prez; HPC 4 Inspiration: If you drink and drive make sure you have a car Robyn Bouchie I ' ll eat anything as long as it doesn ' t come from the cafe! Mary Beth Judd 4 Beachmont Ave. Memories: 6 5 81 mom gt w t gang girls-night, HD- JBBDCWTBSJFKM strikes again! L-T w J, M, C, Best Friend? Kendyll ' s C-Party xxx B-Farm f-d w KP ST 80-81 long-w Hot-damn! good times good friends TFFF Activities: C-Country 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Indoor 2; Class Secretary 3, 4 Inspiration: How often do priceless things come into our possession in dreams, yet when we awake, our hands are empty. Edward Pasquina 44 Grapevine Rd. Ed Memories: " white shoes, " good times w PPJYV- JRBVVGD, Becket-Ticonda- roga, 1st prize squad, HACKERS, Sub 5 mile. Res. Tech. Activities: Track Captain 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, class officer 1, 2, 3, 4; NHS; In- tramural basketball; Hasty Pudding; yearbook Inspiration: To play the game, whether you win or lose Timothv Ahern Josef P. Aiello 4 Gilbert Rd. Joe Memories: 1 friends DSDSSA, Jug, Alley 4 overhand? Ask DSMC. Rotary 55 mph, DSMC. Parties at St. Ft. Westfield w SC. Just one kiss, 10 17 3rd exit? SC par- ties. JO 10 22-8 4 thanks for the mem Activities Honors: Ben Franklin 1, 2, 3, 4. Co-op 4 Inspiration: Learn the wav of the world and be vourself Joseph L. Aiello 7 Cherry Hill Rd. Joe Memories: SG ' s Bird, WOW, CAPS ask the guys TK, BC, JL, SG, PF, AB, MF, DB, Doug ' s Brot night w the guys. He will return. Burrp, ask the buys. PF ' s hair cut. SG get flused. Pat ' s 22 KL Star, Back of the bus w AB, SG, PF, BC, CS Activities Honors: Golf 4; Soccer 3 Inspiration: To succeed and make my parents proud of me. Kimberly L. Allen 347 Main Street Kim, Crim Memories: JON 9 20 80 — 1 FOREVER! Huzaro? Con- certs — Kansas A KA, KR, Marys w Crew, My Dreams A MQ, Yo Dani? Uffa JS did it! Pss! A LO, All the time w Jon, Ma — Dad luv ya! Activities Honors: HBC; HR Rep 3, 4 Inspiration: To arrange the puzzle of life precisely, so one day I ' ll live my dreams the way the pieces tell me to. Shawn Aitken Renay Allen 4 Eastern Ave., Essex Memories: Tom 11 9 79 Special memories (and spankins). Good times w Essex clan, dancin at Edies, 1 pals CMMBDBMM and all others, summertimes, B-days twin red convertibles. Kinks, Giels, dida, graduation! Activities Honors: Gymnastics Inspiration: Don ' t worry about it! George Almy 272 Main St ' Memories: Fridays, times out, food fights, toga partying, smurfs Kimberly Amero 34 Webster St. Kim Memories: Chuck, old times at MP w KA, KR, JS, PC, Concerts — Foghat, Outlaws, etc, Lila ' s party 5 29 81. Mary ' s house, Boston w Lila, summer 81 Inspiration: The past is gone, the future is near, decide what you want and let nothing stand in your way! HI-C does strange things to people. David Anderson 388 Essex Ave. Memories: NY w BA, selling shoes down Mark Adrians, Good Friends, w JG band, DM, CP, CW, LG, BA, AE Robin Anderson 31 Story Street Memories: Good times w Jimmy 6 18 81, the FORT GWTMRBRPBRMMRBNC, the Party of 80, CMPESMRMKD, Braces Cove w JT, FF, PG, great times w KBACSGNCKLPLPM, Gina at Bertha ' s Inspiration: Make the great times with your friends last. Michael Anderton 30 Chapel Street Mike Memories: Mikes car, Vanhalen, AC DC, Sum 81, Fleffs at Mall, Sit in the water, Stanish, Howard Johnsons, TBTGKCGB, Joanne, slave. Don ' t get huf- fy! Cement! Activities Honors: NHS, Baseball 3, 4; Soccer 4; Ger- man Club Inspiration: Better late than never Cynthia Andrews 41 Lufkin St., Essex Cindy Memories: Buff, March 13, 1981; St. Patricks Day; Buffen Buff; Silly Goose w Heidi; Being GG ' s; going to Ipswich w Lori and Judy; Double knots w Sue. Going to N.E. w Jeri. The weekend in Maine w Buff. Brian K. Aptt 23 Holly St. Memories: Bus ' s room, work- ing in the shop, the barn, Northwood NH trips, rides in the boats, being w Linda, Lanesville parties, Dylan Concert, skiing, woods rides Activities Honors: Machine shop 1, 2, 3; winter track Inspiration: To have a job I like and have a happy life always. Angela Asaro THE MOD-SQUAD 18 Steven James Asaro 17 Gloucester Ave. Steve, Fuzzy Memories: No. 1 things: JQ, Raiders Young Kids 80-81 etc. The Old Gang: Golf Course, " 81 " ask JFPELRDBMB Court: DS Chick Jug, Chem — PR WF1, Trap, ask DOC Activities Flonors: Honor Business Club; Intramural V- Ball 1-4 Inspiration: What the cater- pillar calls the end of the world, the Maser calls a butterfly. Pamela Atkins 55 Bond St. Pam Memories: Mr. O ' Neils class Judy. Good times w JCLCSLCARPACNC. May 1, 1980 decided to finally get a higher education w Judy. Thanx mom dad. Did you get wet ask LC. eny meany before ROTC. w Judy. Long talks w best friends Inspiration: Live each day to the fullest for tomorrow may never come Oh No! They got me . Matthew Miller Babson 13 McClellan Street Babo, Babs Memories: All the great times w Kingsley, all my friends you know who you are, Kim 7 15 74 forever and always. Ask Emily Spinach. Midas Welby. My affection for silver compounds. Var B- ball, Tam and Mar. Truck Ride Activities Honors: Basketball 1-3; Volleyball 1-4, HBC; Photo Award Inspiration: If I could do it all again, I wouldn ' t change a thing. Well Deborah Lynn Bacon 39 Englewood Rd Debbie, Sizzlean, Deb Memories: Cape Cod and Disney World w Dad. REO Concert w Pop. TNT-T Dynomite a JQ My Policeman a CVS Comp Prac. ETHA! Friends — RAKDKHDRRCTPRB MEMS — TTBFSLMPHE Looking for 10 ' s at 6th a RA. New Jersey The Boss Activities: Cheering 8-1-2-4 Inspiration: Everybody needs a second chance — Loverboy Lillian A. Balbo 19 Addison St. Lila Memories: Jeff 5 20 81, the Bash, Oofa Bay TO hold it Mary ' s house a crew. Cruises — check the tire Lizo! Fiesta " 81, " V-day X-mas eve " 80, " Don ' t put the Mirror away, a ROCGJSLO. Concerts Let ' s take a trip! Activities Honors: Member of CC 10, 11, 12 Inspiration: It makes you learn, makes you laugh, makes you sing, makes you run, makes you fall, but grab it all — LIFE Kathleen Banks 6 Cliff Rd. Memories: John, Matt ' s card, the Datsun. Bismarks and bb games w Di. It ' s too cute! a Che. Down on the Farm w JQ Shuffling w JF, LR, SB. Laughs w CB Cowpatty, ask Jen. My family — thanks. Inspiration: We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend Laura A. Barker 7 Ocean View Drive Memories: John 12 7 79, Forks and Bananas ask HM, JR Pengun. Don ' t ask CE But Rusty you don ' t understand Bang! Races, Holidays and other good times w John. Senior year wicked madness. Activities Honors: N.H.S. Inspiration: I ' m 18 and I don ' t know where I ' m going — A.C. Jim Barrett 96 Friend St. Chuck Memories: Mr. McCormack — Ml, Kowlns. Lobstering, hrc, tost, stoffers and others. Times up MPG, FB B-Ball wt Ls MF JB LS JA AR Midg, SD Rides WT PM Keiths JC CS No Pride! East. CC Inspiration: I swear I ' d drive all night again just to save you some shoes, and to tast your tender charm. Kevin Beauileu Claire Beauparlant 11 Maplewood Park Benny Hill Memories: Thanks to you ma and dad I made it! Picture time. Little River, " Click " ask Jo-ann Best Friends RM ML JG CG BT MT IB CM MB TP Remember all the good times with Mike. Yo Class of 82 Inspiration: You are never given a wish without also be- ing given the power to make it true. Ernest Beauparlant 75 Maplewood Park Ernst Memories: Turn the page kc jb Beatin Danvers St. Fort MO Bells, Feather, the cards ask JB Cement 78 79 80 81 82 Activities Honors: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4; Letter in Baseball and Football. Spurs 1 Inspiration: Many receive ad- vice but only the wise profit bv it. Ohhh Mr. Riley . . . " Let ' s get physical " Jennifer Beck 60 Harrison Ave. Jen Memories: BFA Tina Foss 12:30 pm? " 4 Seasons " w TF " Bald Spots " Chinaland w AP HM CL DB " Coca-cola. " Activities Honors: N.H. S.H. B.C. Cross Country 3; Winter Track 3; Spring Track 2, 3; Pep Club 2 Inspiration: What we are to- day is God ' s gift to us — what we are tomorrow is our gift to God 20 Lynne Becker 15 Becker Lane Memories: China Land AP CL HM JB cola Being with real friends Wanting the trip to Europe with EW Solomon Wed. before Thanksgiving 1982. Inspiration: Know what you have when you have it. Douglas Bedell 4-B Winthrop Avenue Doug Memories: AOW nomina- tions on Mondays, Ground Round, New Year ' s Eve, ask the guys. Activities Honors: Soccer 2- 4; Ind Track 3-4; Spr Track 3-4; Math Team 1-4; NHS 3-4; Stud. Coun. 4; Volleyball 1-4; Swyr med. 1; Chem Awd. 2 Rich Benoit 12 Castle Hill Rd. Dick Memories: Night swimming with Mike. Germany 1981 Rockport with MD LC BF Beach, Fishing, Boating, 1981-82 Activities Honors: Band, NHS, Who ' s Who Inspiration: My inspiration throughout high school has been my family and friends Dorothee A. Bergmann 396 Essex Avenue Memories: CARL! Long talks w Jen. alwys in trbl ask JB. Spcl. friends CD, JP, JF JB, KD, CP — prtyg w them! or something ask CE. Dirty pants ask Jo. Activities Honors: Football Cheering 1, 3, Basketball Cheering 1, 4; NHS 4 Inspiration: Although you cannot control the winds that blow you can always set the sails. Who was that masked man! Alexander Tetlow Bentley 968 Washington St. Memories: Fun w volvo. Blackburn bike trips 80-81 shed parties green death. Midnight scrabble, road trip TD w DBPE CRUI, fun in roc Big w red racing stripes. Activities Honors: Bball 1, 2; soccer 1; Track 2, 3, 4; NHS President; Sawyer Medal 8th gr.; Jr. Rotarians; Flash GHS SHPL Charter Member Inspiration: Your cat is your best friend Anthony P. Bertolino 83 Prospect St. Paul, Bert, Bird Memories: All the good times Parties 20th concert summer 81 ask RT TA PS EF PV MC JP Rough Fishing trips aboard VM Ask MC TC Activities Honors: Football 1, 2, 3; intramural Basketball 4; intramural hockey 4 Inspiration: Life is to Live not to survive. Gisela Billante 98 Maplewood Ave. Memories: Rose 11 28 81 HH H R 126 R G 132 a night to rem THE HUT ask TM LB DC GF JH. The Fiesta 81 PA trips Summer times at Stage Fort Stone Pier Inspiration: Remember the good times make the best of the rest of your life. Bonnie Bishop 15 Concord St. Prop 2 ' A . . . Smaller Band Scott Blatchford 6 Ocean Highlands Scott, Body Memories: Parties The App Summer of 81 good friends RS JM KC The " Bug " (Dr. Tuth) going to Micks ask CG Thank you mom and dad Activities Honors: Football 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball (Spurs) 2, 3; Int. Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Inspiration: Chance favors the prepared mind. Matthew Bolonsky 3 Page Street Matt, Bonsky, Pooky Memories: gh6 w the boys, hips shopkid dives 9th hole wrestling Castle Frisbee dune jumping Quebec jet-aime Pigmania JB war wapaint Mt. Ahn AB BC DB JE your alright. Endless summer Activities Honors: Hasty Pudding Club, Track, Flash, Flicker, Beacon Inspiration: Live Dangerously Toby Borge 135r Wheeler St. Mouse Tobert Memories: What I remember of summer 81 w. RC JC JF and some CL SC Julies wedding Rockport Trips (Ok get out of the car) Almost Florida Activities Honors: x Country 2-3; Volleyball 3-4 Inspiration: Seeing is believ- ing, but doing is proving. John Boudrow 3 Scott St. Corinna Bowles 61 Quarry St Corinner Crina Memories: Jack and Jay w TM CBF TBF KBF night of 9 19 ask PE BS LR TM JF mess after 3 81 ak LC Giggles w KB LC KB MB MM Always Amhert Summer of 81 Activities Honors: Softball 1, 2; NHS 3, 4; AC REC 3; Flicker 4 Inspiration: Love is patient, love is kind, it does not brood over injuries but rejoices along with the truth Love never fails . . . Lisa Brayton 527 Washington St. Kathleen Brazier 3 Blymman Ave. Kathie, Kath Memories: gts w l pals klsg sumslcrcmklslrskkbbcms- gjgjs 2-2-82 klbaw klehbudgang yohuh? shes w cpkgklrcphlabsw sldldbjdkl ap ' sw ackbklftbw mvravwspkh portsw l pals asfp ghbbzep?! Dead? Doors! Activities Honors: Track 1 Inspiration: F C 7 5 — " Tiem Everlasting " BOC Mom and Dad Dave Robin L. Briand 479 Western Ave. Sparrow Memories: 1 Palsask Cheryl, Hill m-ped Pid Fiery Crash Summer of 81 Parked cars cp jw fs Rescue court Joe Road Trips ski bums talks w Joe Friens you can count on. k- party of 81 FF JW CP Activities Honors: Softball 1-4 Inspiration: Make the most of each day for it may be your last. David S. Brown Rowely Shores Memories: Julie Anne 11 16 80 Applepicking Santa GHB Green Death Fv. some rooftops R. McCall. Dave is Grayt Brown 3 Totaled Bowl- ing noght Activities Honors: Hasty Pudding Club charter member Trade Brown 125 Mt. Pleasant Tab Memories: " Michall " Jr. Prom Senior Keg baldwils pond Reimers, JP Tree Conn. Activities Honors: Distributive Education Club (DECA) Inspiration: Half the fun of having a friend is being one yourself. The senior class has to be desperate to sell these T-shirts Eileen, been out to the canal lately? Gerald A. Bruni 14 Cunningham Rd. Broozer, Blotto Memories: Samuri: Frogman, MA RM Marty ' s locker LC GJ BR All the good times at GHS w the gang 6th period lunch 80-81, GD BW ST Activities Honors: National Honor Society; Int. Volleyball; Babe Ruth Baseball. Inspiration: To set a goal in life and try my best to reach it, and once I ' ve reached my goal, to set a new goal in life. Joanne M. Burns 1 1 Youngs Rd. Memories: Mom, Dad and Sisters HOPGHB ask MO DI and maine and Bowling w no 1 friend Tracy Long walks and trbles — DOT Spacecadet Lockermate CD MD in CEM REEF JC JO Carlos Ma Grad 82! Activities Honors: HR Rep. Honors Business Club Inspiration: To be happy is not to process much, but to hope and love much. Katharine Lee Burns 163 Washington St. Lee Memories: 4th and 5th blk Fanny Diary of Anne Frank, 1 teachers Mrs. Clark, Miss Webber and Mrs. Webster. Act. 1 Personal Growth Class Job at AGH Activities Honors: Thespians 3; JROTC 2, Student Congress trophy 1; Jr. Volunteer Inspiration: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Thomas Callahan 1027 Washington St. Memories: Kathleen Byrne 36 Englewood Road Kathy, Little Girl Memories: Summer 81 Swinging, singing Beach; cc good Times myc w the gang; ILY DI MR WB TW WM 5 and 6 skipdays ML GTW HB RP golf course 18th mac ' s our country EB Quarries Bonfire BR VB JC F-Ball games Inspiration: No one is a failure who is enjoying life. Rosemarie Calomo 6 Michael ' s Ln. Rose, Rosev RD Memories: John remember the good times Sum. 81 Friends Doll ADBG MEET- MRSS FDR The tent Nebs Party My wonderful family The prom California, Semi- formal Festice was ping WTF! Activities Honors: Cheerleader 13, Capt 4, W ' inter-Spring Track 2 Inspiration: Set me free in a sea full of dreams and I ' ll sail on Forever. 24 sW ' « mi Armanda Carrapichosa 103 Prospect Street Mandy Memories: Helder 11-80 Lovya? Fantastic sum 79 REUNITED w old Friends. Notty Times in MAC ' S class w PN, DM, DS, PM — Donuts. Sum 81 interesting New Acquaintances at KG ' S w MB, ML — Weak Knees? Talks w RC about HM and SC (twins) Activities Honors: Honor Business Club Inspiration: Learning is Easy — it ' s remembering that ' s Hard. Lauree Ann Cameron 22 Revere St. Lawrence Law Memories: Sum 79 The mess after CB DD BR VGERMANY LOLWELDD THANKS MUT- TI 7 81 LWLO MTWTFSS ask KB 11 25 81 CBOMFS JCDE Activities Honors: Field Hockey; Winter, Spring Track Inspiration: Treat your friends as if he will one day be your enemy and your enemy as if he will one day be vour friend John Camillo 23 Langsford Street Brian Carey 8 Old Ford Rd Bill Memories: Pattie, Bud Hill R McCann Dave is gay GHB Bowling Night SMYB Nudo Fire Drill Mass BB Hubert Porch Patty Blotto — PM Cover for me RWB B DOOR MAN; BH Boys — TM, PE, JF, LR, DB, EO, KC: MA and DAD: TBO: Sense Chamilion? Meow Activities Honors: V-B-Ball; Baseball, Football, W-T; Hasty Pudding Inspiration: When In Doubt . . . Bowl Kevin Carey 8 Old Ford Rd. Memories: HT, BAD COM- PANY, Good times with Bri, Scott, Row, JL. Beatles conv. Julesberry, Ma, Paul, Dad, Tanya, Woburn, Reading Activities Honors: Gym- nastics 2, 3, 4; Intra. Basket- ball 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 2, 3, 4 Inspiration: Passing time brings a wiser mind. Bad Co. Brian Carragnan 58 Poplar St. Caragona Memories: Parting with the gang going to concert rem. the Kinks Ask BM, DD, VM, RM, Safty cooler rookie night ask the gang Activities Honors: Inspiration: In my time of dy- ing want no onr to moan zofo k : 4 What do think of the President . . Christopher Cecilio Judith M. Chiancola 89 John Wise Ave. Judy Memories: Lee — 1 1 81 w Rose, Sue, Bep. 3rd block w Cindy and Heidi. Room 133. w Shannon, Ghost and Lee. 1st block w Pam — Juuuddv! YO ESSEX PARTIES 1 . Rosemarie Ciaramitaro 13 Apple St. Ro Memories: Sal 18-80 Love ya! Fantastic times in New York. W S.C.A C S C M C. Talks w A.C. about H.M. and S.C. (twins) shopping w A.C. for H.M. (green pants). Inspiration: A true friend is someone who dares to dream your dreams with you. Frances Ciaramitaro John Cecilio 206 Washington St. Cil, Ice Memories: STACY — Times with S.A.S P P.M.K.S.D.S. B.E. with M.E.J.M. Young kids Champs. 71 Ford B-Ball. 6 29 81 7 3 81 never made it midnight swim S.M. your mother S.S. with M.P. Activities Honors: Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 4 Inspiration: To always be with Stacy 1 29 85 Rose Ciaramitaro 24 High Popples Rd Memories: 6-14-79 B.N., Sweet-sixteen, Fiesta, Roller- skating, N.Y., 6-12-80 Fishing Toaramina B, X-Mas Activities Honors: Academic Honors Inspiration: Happiness is en- joying life. I have a dream 26 Lawrence Joseph Cilluffo 30 Exchange St. Larry Memories: Great times w Bob, Dick, Marty, Jim, Jay, Heidi, Trich, MN, Katja. Pum- pkins, S. Cream — Marty — Rockport w Cliffy Craig w M Police Partying Activities Honors: Germany 81 German Club; Track; B- Ball; No Honor Society Inspiration: Use all of your abilities and resources to ac- complish your goals. Angela Ciolino 9 Morton Place Ang Memories: Good Times w Friends, ICWTL ask AP, Who is she, ask SG KI KB, China port what a trip Friends Forever MV CC Boston — Laughing ask SS Activities Honors: CC 2, 3, 4 Inspiration: Walking down this Rocky Road wondering where my life is going rolling on to the bitter end. B.C. Kevin Clancy 100 Maplewood Pk. Memories: G T in the van w RS JM SB Monty ' s Apt. Wheelchair ask RP Sum Win 78 O ' MAL G T JBMDMKL Orangem en 1 Turn the Page ask EB Activities Honors: Baseball 1-4; N.H.S. Inspiration: Courage is the latter on which all the other virtues amount. Caryn S. Cluett 54 Perkins St. Memories: Paul 6 27 81 Fiesta Summer of 81 best time of my life. Thank you Katrina! Camping Best Friend Cul Inspiration: To please both Mom and Dad; and to be w that special someone forever. Jennie Marie Ciolino 4 Beauport Ave. Jen Memories: $1 on the rocks. Watch me do gymn J J surp. DA ask JO NSCC wed night what a shock ask DG MD IN THE CEM. w JO, JB, RS at sfp Pudding through a straw ask Jo JB DG Good times at lunch w JO JF KG CP KM. Activities Honors: Tennis 3, 4; NHS Inspiration: Obstacles get in your way when you take your eyes off your goal. Joy Lynne Clark 25 Granite St. Memories: AL 7 17 79 Luv Ya Always 1 Pal BAF Many good Times, Talks BS CK? 1 Times Willows Pits, Dead Ashby Ma, Dylan, w AC SBA! Times w AC MF Patrick Talks w LW AC Here ' s to all the good times and happiness to come! I Love You Dad Inspiration: It takes time to pick a place to go. The Dead 27 Dana Craaybeek 60 High St. Memories: Tank up, the coun- try club, Jammin winter bomb. The P.O. Free Kegs Getting out of school. Activities Honors: Electricity 1,2,3 Inspiration. You can ' t lose what you never had. Allman Bros. Paul Crudden Make yourself comfortable — Mona — Fay Costanzo 14 Harvard St. Memories: Purple, The Gerds, Enza, FAY, GER1, NINA, 1980 4-5 block Dino ' s, Papa Gino ' s WOP Boston Subway. 1980 Good Harbor, Niagra Falls Lunch w Margaret. Liz Sweet sixteen. Rem Com. WI Activities Honors: Honor Business Club; Typing awards 1 and 2 Inspiration: Life is being hap- py and having lots of friends. Juanita Cope Fort Square Memories. Finding truth in friendship, great times w good friends! Summer of 81. Always A D Politics Wash DC MOM Reaching goals with enjoyment. Activities Honors: Class President 1981. Student Council; HR REP.; Field Hockey; S-Ball; F-BALL; SATA Flicker Asst. Editor Inspiration: Achieving the Ultimate goal — INDEPENDENCE!! Valerie Cook 626 Washington St. " Val " " Cook” Memories: Ski trips in M E. Special mem. w Mel (C.C) Am I dreaming? ask M.T. Do you want a kiss? D.B. NY 10 4 78 More concerts and trips? Old and New friends always remembered Mom and DAD Activities Honors: W S — Track 2, 4; H R Rep 1-4; Intra. basketball 2; Volleyball 1; PA 4 Inspiration: To face the future w an open mind. Accept the past as it happened. Michael J. Connors 39 Beach Rd. Mike, Manix Memories: Oktoberfest, No girls allowed, Camping w Rich, Chris and Todd, 213R ' s and RWB ' s Golf course madness, the Gang; Herm ' s house, dhrld. and Toms Activities Honors: Golf; Ten- nis; Hockey; Intra. Volleyball; Hasty Pudding; Natl. Honor Society Inspiration; To vacilate my aerebral ascillation 28 Martha Cullen 25 Riverdale Park Marthala, Bunny Memories: KEVIN 6 17 80 All the good times 1 friends AL DS BB JO JC AF PT Waiting for Sept. 1984 Activities Honors: Student Council 1; Yearbook 1, 4; Typ- ing Award Inspiration: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can ' t change and change the things I can. Tracy Cunningham 9 Traverse St. Tra Memories: Friends BGD- DADLLRCDO SFP — Gang Ring JJ — BAE Summers — GHB Gull Stine Pier Ask Julie Good Times API ask KBDJ 1981 BFS DJKBSBJC Canada Ski ask Dianne Kath laughs w Beth Activities Honors: Span Award 1, 2; Academic Honors; NHS 3, 4 Inspiration: Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark. Rosemary Curcuru 13 Linden Rd. Rose Memories: Summer of 80 Rink Molson Good Times w SLJCCABPDRBPCMRA Kristins Party Guys party Judy ' s Party ask Sue. Trips to Boston. Franks Trip stage fort. Judy Sue and Brian (Bep) Foreigner Florida ask Judie Cath and Mary. Inspiration: Imagine all the people living life in peace. John Lennon Justine Marie Curley 16 Myrtle Sq. Jay Memories: Kevin 10 18 78 CASymphony, AF Band, Fiesta, Beaches, Trips=Dallas, AGH Activities Honors: Band 1-4; Drum Major 3, 4; Lib, Thes. Treas.; International Thes- pians; Winter Guard; Sawyer Medal; Who ' s Who; NHS Inspiration: However far we travel wherever we may roam the center of the circle will always be our home. Linda Curley 7 Puritan Ct. Memories: Buddy 12 24 80, Camping w scsp and BH in NH and Maine, Canada W the family. Did you get wet? ask PA and SL Paties down AT ' s house and the van, good friends RHTEHESHPASLTCAT, Remember GTown the show ask DA and HW Jose Da Silva Really??? Micheal Dagley Maria daRosa 40 Gove Lookout Rd M M ma da Memories: Noemia chico ILY; GOVES ILYA Friends: jdhajh- jwtdndchmbcbpcfnrrdr wll MF ST secretary image 8 21 81 FN TIATLY MA DAD THANKS; 1.1. s.k. Thanks k.s. Thanks Acct. II w pc Activities Honors: ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Grenedettes 2, 3, 4 Inspiration: It’s a chance you gotta take. J.D Henry Da Silva Christopher Davis 29R Hartz St. Davis Memories: All the times at the BRGC w JD, JC, CE. and Sj Activities Honors: Golf 2-4; Pres; No Honor Society 4; In- tramural Volleyball 1-4 Inspiration: To live out what my father wished me to. Gary Davis Cheryl A. Davis 9 Ocean View Dr. CHECHEBVVOO Memories: Friends: JPJFCD- JBDBMOCPKCPHKM; 8 8 80? ask Jen Raccoon ask Neen Dead in the road ask Jen Elsie? ask Jen, Ro; yo Carla! our car right Janine? R-Rated Locker mates spacecadet ask Joanne Cheer- ing line — ask Heather, Party ask Paula si talks with neen Jennv Thanks Mom and Dad ILY ' R O T. whaaat??? 30 Denee DeCoste 2 Hodghins St. Little Freeman Memories: Good Times W LH BL TT EB and BM Bob (Hi) Lauries Party Best times w Bob the Beach the talks, the tears and the laughs L A The Drive-In. BAND the bus rides catch that van comp. w LP BS BM Talks w TC. Activities Honors: Field Hockey 1-3; B-Ball 1-4; S-Ball 1-4; BAND 3 and 4. Inspiration: LOVE all and hate none!!! George Dennis 41 Chapel Street Memories: The Fiesta Sand- boat Racing “Late Arrivals " Semi Formal With Paula ask Anyone But Me! Stories at Lunch ask EB PL RO and TED! Football 53 THANKSGIVING DAY GAME MVP!!! " The HACKERS " Carpentry shop BL RH CM BMMNRL. Activities Honors: Football 1-4; Basketball 1, 2; Track 3, 4. Theresa Deveau 8 Sunrise Ct. " TJ " " Ter " " Terry " Memories: Summer of 81 ' with AJ muise! " The DEPERADOS " Mom ' s Grad, and Party! Skimobiling " Ar- chie ' s Band Sounds like a ra dio! " 1 Pals DP JL AM HAIR! Flor w D Activities Honors: Softball 1; Theater 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; BAND Inspiration: The important thing is, to be able to sacrifice what we are; for what we could become. Maureen Dexter 1 Beauport Ave. Mo Memories: Sum of 81 yee ha. Lisa and Bon 1 Friends. Always remember my EG pals 77 ' Cutting Onions; ALL NIGHTERS 1st row scalpers Kansas and Molly Hatchet Arts Gold Guita R. " Not Quite " Many Parties at Stage Fort and Good Habor Four Wheeling and West Search- ing ask Lisa. RR and JC. AnneMarie Dias 600 Western Ave. Anarie, Annie Memories: Josh 1-4-3 Mom Ping: BGLLDORCTCDDEF Jumping fences a BG Lush Jay Prom Lies and Roses Knee deep a bs BFD to SFP Thanks for the party guys 8 3 81 G T W Trip A BG NP Auntie I MADE IT! Inspiration: If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it. Dean R Dion 14 Wells Street Memories: 12 yrs. Str Thr. school Safety Cooler Rookie, the REZ The schoolyard Kids. Riding dirtbikes with the gang. 9 28 81. Ask Naz about the Mauerick. Lanesville Country Club (Tank-Upl). Activities Honors: Print Shop Vice Prez B.F.S. Inspiration: In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man Led Zep. Mr. Hughes presents . . . Italian Gold . L 31 Kimberly Dione 9 Grove St. Memories: Chris 11 9 80, Cheering, " Rosebud,” " Wonk. " KO, PE, HT, TH — " Grease Pit, " DB, PR, Skiing, " Pretzels, " " my Lawn, " " Mushroom, " " gas Guage, " eagle house, " Trouble. " Activities Honors: Football Cheering; School Letter; Honor Roll. Inspiration: " TMC " and Inex- pensive way to improve your looks is to smile Lisa Dionne Shore Hill Rd Little one, Rinkatink Memories: To all the special moments With E.H To all the Breakfasts and Dinners w My father and to all the great times at. the Tavern. Activities Honors: Chorus 1, 2; Child Care one Inspiration: To all the in- spiration and support my parents gave me in these last years. Mary Dort 131 Riverdale Rd. Mary Memories: Great times in WG ask Bj Summers w gang wild — Best times ever up Club ask BJ, PJ. Rem. all cookouts w friends BM, PJ, DH, BL. Ask CIL about bowling Hap- piness Always. Activities Honors: Bowling, Softball, Basketball Tom Doucett III Main St. Memories: Parting with the gang from East all nighters with the boys. Camping at Shubago lake, shows Activities Honors: Electrical shop 1, 2, 3, House Building 1, 2; co-op Inspiration: Life in the fast lane. Sworn to fun loyal to none. Dull blade Curtis. Martin J. Donelly 2 Ferry Lane Marty Memories: Sanht Blasius Balloons Shaving Cream, Orange shorts. Activities Honors: Hasty Pudding Club 4; NHS 3, 4; Volleyball 1-4; Tenni 2; Ger- man Club 3-4 Inspiration: To B.S. my way through life. Jo Ann Doucette 44 Summer St. JoJo Memories: Good times w band friends MP, PN, TD, Loan Mountain ask Dr. Chinaport smuggling coke ask GD, Childcare ask DH, Mom and Dad Thanx. Activities Honors: NHS 3, 4; HBC 4; Academic Awards 3, 4 Inspiration: Life is too brief to let it slip by so enjoy it while you can because you ' ll never be by this way again. 32 Carleton P. Ekborg 22 Hartz St. Captain Memories: The best year I ' ve had yet, with the best yet to come. S P A M, has united. Activities Honors: NHS; Hr Rep.; Golf Team. Inspiration: Never Believe every word anybody says. Myles Parkhurst Eason 424 Essex Ave. Parky Memories: JF, TM, ANY RECESS? 9 69 to . . . Hookie PM, UM 5 81 w 1 Co. KIM, Fog, 65, CMR and LT W JF, Ski W M.Fem and Co. DM, McStickup, RTRP, TD, Hill, B ' s and Blottle, SRCA, CP, TE, RR, McCann Clan, Thanx Padres, NFD and B, AND my house, PP, KG, swim. Hub, FF, TBO, CH Activities Honors: V. Gym- nastics 1-4; HPC Inspiration: Why not bowl instead. Fred Ellis 7 Madison Ave. Memories: Camping in N.H. ask CR, PB, a good time at the beach, ask JW. MS. MB. CF. Camp, at lake W. ask MB. JW. SM. RM. Stealing pumpkins ask CR, ML, RB Activities Honors: Band 79-82 Inspiration: One bad day isn ' t the end of the world, get back up and fight. Pamela J. Ellis Orchard Road Memories: Good times w Deb, Stage Fort wonk, PHCP " It ' s alright! " Good Friends DDPGKDDPPH. PH " Got Any goods? " Cheering w DD PG KD PF CG. Good times w David. Activities Honors: Basketball 1, 2; Cheerleading 3, 4. Inspiration: Smile! It gives your face something to do! Yohhh!! Courtney D. Ellis 27 Highland St. Memories: EG Square; The Party ask BR; corrupting LB; Swinson ' s Lane; Penqums — don ' t ask LB. Luck to my friends always; Love to my Family forever; especially Dad, Thank You! Inspiration: . . . Then leaf sub- sides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief. So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. — Frost. Diane M Doyle 26 Maple St. Essex Di Memories: The gang: BGLLRCDOTCADFFTM: SFP The Doyle mobile; Skiing W PE BG TC: GERMANY — Kase! — It ' s my hat! MD, Thanx mutti; saint amselm! 1-4-3! Family! Activities Honors: V NHS 3, 4; SC 3, 4; Treas 4, B-Ball 1-3; F-Hockey 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2; G-Club 4, D-Day 4 Inspiration: I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar. Scott Enos 27 Commonwealth Ave. Garfield Memories: Jane 5 8 81 Prom, ice cream, movies. Sat. nites w JF NR AS DM KN SM GG RH NA MAINE ' 81 w the SUNSHINE FAMILY. Activities Honors: NHS; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Flash 3, 4; HBC 4. Inspiration: And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make — The Beatles Charlene Fanion 21 Mansfield St. Charlie Memories: Summer Jogs Pits " Lady " Fiesta, Halloween, Cohasset, Flying bottles and Moons ask PT GIN! Ma. Music, Curb and NH w FE- JVVMC 7 C-S-N-Y Activities Honors: Band 1-4; Sec — 3; Pres — 4, Winter Guard 2 and 4 Inspiration: Cherish Every Friendship you have. You ' ll never know how much value it has until it ' s lost. Jenny Ann Fatta 18 Harriett Rd. Nen, Jen Memories: " Billy” 7-2-81 MMM — HMMM! Thanx Dot! 8-8-80! Ask Woo! Friends: CDDBJPJBCPKGMO etc. Dead in the road. Hey Jo! get some more PS! Long talks w Dorothee. Got something for me? Carroll, the usual. Breaking ' em in. Activities Honors: Tennis 2- 3-4; Winter Track 2-3; Sp. Track 2-3 Inspiration: Don ' t fly any higher than you ' re willin g to fall. John Favazza 4 Malcolm Rd Memories: KATH — Fiesta ' 81 KBSBLR, GHB Babo ' s card, the Datsun. Hill boys, Which way to Parkv ' s house? TMLRBCEO UMASS (BB.) — Sense chameleon? ' Tom ' s House " the McCanns, Niece Nicole. Walkers ' , Pigmania, Castle Hill, TBO Sun Bowl- ing IT JUST DOESN ' T MATTER! Chris Elwell 32 Mt. Vernon St. Memories: Bloopers ask R.M. and M.A. East Glo. Parties ask the big Guys. Wkends in N.H ask MA and RM Splif- fers ask FF and CM N.Y. ask MA Inspiration: May the rest of my life be as good as the past was. John Erikson 41 Gee Ave. Memories: Tam — A hundred-plus What? A 5 some? — No Way! A1 — where ' s Ed? Beached out! The Big One! Castle Hill! Al ' s Hut! Skiing! Tammy! Activities Honors: NHS; Math Team; Chess Team; 82 Yr. Bk. Staff; Hastv Pudding Club. I ' m with Rusty. 34 r i Kristine Feener 9 Hammond St. Kris, Feener, Phenobarb Memories: Peter M, May 9 Summer of ' ' 81” North Adams — Nov 28, 1981 Sat nght. Gimmie the ball — Parakeet and Pit, the laughs on my rock — Pete is it big- ger than a bread box. Activities Honors: Colorado O.B., P.A. Inspiration: To do all things I want to do in life Maria Ferrante 39 Prospect St. Memories: Chem, MD ask CR; The Bike Ride — HaHa ask sn. It Classes ask MM; lunch stories ask MN; good times w great friends JF, MN,SM, CR, MM, MH Activities Honors: Homeroom Rep — 3; Year- book Staff — 1, 4; NHS; HBC Inspiration: The Unexplored areas of the world aren ' t in the continents or the seas, but in the hearts and minds of Vincie Ferrara 6 Exchange St. Enza Memories: Good Times w FCFFNSGMRem sum of 80 a the GERDS Never forget Boston w Harriets Canada Sum 81 Rem Italian class w Ms. Avila " PURPLE " " SWEET 16 " Rem Ms. Grace w NS REM COM and WI Activities Honors: Typing Awards 1-2 Inspiration: Happiness is be- ing and laughing w good friends. Tammy Lee Filfalt 10 Montvale Ave. Memories: Steve for always. Parties ask the gang, com- mador, flowers every Mon- day ask Steve. Future plans, Marina ask ZLMD, many friends like PNMD- JFLFZLPRKS. Thanks to them all. McChickens ask Mary, my loving family, thanks for all your help. Inspiration: Look towards the future, the past is just a cherished memory. Jill Fitch 93 Western Ave. Essex Memories: horse babies ask DL 3 27 80 rolling tire ask JFBP potions ask Noel treehouse ask CPTR taxi pizza spotlight ask PMJF Hippo Gipe friends DLCCLBSSCRMWJGRMJF Inspiration: To make my parents proud of me - v MM Julee Fitch 93 Western Ave., Essex Memories: All 1 friends JGSFDLKFJGJFTF Long talks w AD — wrong way Tam — Rolling tire a BPJF — Piaaa by taxi 1 hr srch light on a JFPM — Egghead a JF — He ' s a man! a DL — I ' m cold a AD — Ready for gym, Liz I love you mom and Dad! Inspiration: To take one day at a time; Life is too short! Gee, whiz. Jennifer L. Fortado 27 Sumner St. Jennie Memories: All the great times w the band. Spain in Apr. 82. When red lights flash. Oct. 31, 1981 ask Justine, Snort that swill. The night w CM, JS ask Mattie. The interesting people at BPL All the great times and all the 6 ' s. Activities Honors: Band 1-2-3- 4-5; NHS; NESBA; HP Club Inspiration: Take each day as it comes and make the most of it. Linda M. Fortado 877 Washington St. Memories: I is I am 1 are, FOG ask Mary Rodgers, on radio ask Wick Good Friends DR, SM. MA, FG, SE, JG, Thanks R, you ' ve helped me to realize a lot about myself, SF have you figured it out yet Suz? turtle Shady COZ ask SS, 3 daisies Inspiration: Peace of heart is at the heart of peace. PP VI John Jeffery Fletcher 11 Summit St. Crash MEMORIES: The 4th w MF, DS, JB, MANCHESTED, The Girls! U-Mass ask Tom Tim Friday Nites w MT JD not DC. Early years w RT B-Ball at " Y " V-Ball Champs Vega AM. Tunes JB, TR, GH, Free Party, at the rock! Sat. Nt. WK, wT.G.C.P. ACTIVITIES HONORS: Baseketball 4, Football INSPIRATION: Dream until your Dreams come true. Sharon Fortado New W ' ay Lane Memories: Thanks to: JG, JF. JF, DH. SS, LF, KF. JG. KF, CR, and TM Remember all the good times. Pep rallies etc. Remember Art w Mr. Hoagland Thanks for all the Help. A special thanks to Frank Petronzio for having faith in mv work Earl Foote Eileen Mary Fitzgerald 188 Atlantic St. “Fi " Memories: NGAH! cmping w fam. Swd80 Gr. Death and VH ask Che Vandals — ask TM SFP w GMSSDOBGADHRLLRC — Havney, LL PP Wins — L. ask EH. BB Laughs — Cheeky . . . Moe Activities Honors: Int. Thes; Thes; Stud. Coun. Inspiration: When the time comes. When I can no longer cry over the sheer beauty of a rose, then life will not be worth living, for the ability to love God ' s beauty is what life is all about. Come on Milt . . . not another microdot Tina Foss 29 Haskell Ct. Louise, Tuna Memories: BFA. Jennifer Beck, " 4 Seasons” w JB Cham Break. Stage Ft. 12:30 p.m? Sailing w JB " Bald Spots " Activities Honors: National Honor Society; Basketball 2; Sawyer Medal; Academic Achievement 2, 3; G.H.S. Chorus Inspiration: You can only get out of Life what You put into it Pamela Francis 25 Commonwealth Ave. MiMi Memories: 1 Lifetime Pal Yvonne, camping Yehi! Memories of Jim. Best times w ak, YP, DM, RM, LJ, LK, Summer " 80 " hate N. ask YP Long trip! Essex! J. Geils 4 21 80 Foreigner w AK, KICK EM IN THE ! Talks w BR Oh No! Luv ya Ma. Inspiration: Laughter is the cure to all life ' s blows. Robert Francis 134 Mt Pleasant Ave. Bob Memories: Summer of 81, Googan Patrol to Rockport MD? Deutschland, Sankt Blasius MD ' s Balls, Sorry I fell asleep ask MD, Bauanja! Best Buddies LCMDRBJMJD, Moses and Joy! Thanks LC Activities Honors: Football 1; Tennis 2; Track 4; German Club; German Trip Inspiration: Quitters never win and winners never quit. Kathy Ann Frashier 8 Pierce Ave. Little Red Memories: Brian Forever, AM, JC, BE, and BF Boston KM, HE, LC Buddies Do It, Texas, Patriots Game w Bruce, Laura and Brian. AM, KF, Gang Corrupted Forever, Old Flames, Summer Of 81 Inspiration: Within me lies the power to seize the hour and live my dreams! James Frontiero What about my boots! Katja Frank c o Werner Hesperus Ave. Magnolia Katja Memories: Thank you for a wonderful year 1981 82 will make an everlasting impres- sion on me and I ' ll never forget all the people helping me to enjoy America. Activities Honors: Fid Hockey; Winter Track; H P Club; Flicker; Flash; German Asst.; Washington Trip Inspiration: Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling. Patrick S. Frontierro 57 Holly St. CHICO Memories: Sharing good times w JA, TK, MF, and AB. PARTIES, cards. Hoc. Sea. Halloween Dance ask WC KP " The A-Holes " A.O.W., Ground Round, New Year ' s Eves, Sun. Ftbl. Activities Honors: Soccer; Winter Track; and Elec. Shop; Tobaggon Club Inspiration: To get my license within the next 5 years and move on to different fields Brian Fulford 5 Calder St. Spez Memories: Good Times with the gang and times out tuna fishing and fishing. Activities Honors: Auto Shop 2-3-4 Inspiration: Like a true nature ' s child you were born to be wild, you can fly so high and you ' ll never die Stephen Wolf Kelly Gallant 34 Grove St. Kel, Lagant Memories: Steve 10 4 80 ATGTS BF - Carla DDW CPCL 5 29 81 What a nite! ask CP Fri. Girls nite out w CPKBLP. 12 4 81 ask CP YO huh! Thanx Guys, GFS CKL KJCK Yo Aunt Bon! Seger 80 — Petty 81 " I ' m there " ask CAJ sum. 81 great Sum. 80 w KLKB Thanx Mom and Nana Inspiration: Even the losers get lucky sometime — Petty Cleve Garron You can always plead insanity! Tracy Galante 44 Wheeler St. Tray, Sticks Memories: Friends forever — Joanne and Deb GT w KLTMKMLO " Water- fight " a Darren KINKINESS a NT CANH gang — RMPTR Times w Brian P and B a Kim D and D ' um a Ma To my family whom I love very much Tears and Talks w Ma Activities Honors: HBC 3. 4 — President; Type Type Awards Inspiration: Like a river to a stream. It ' s the famous final scene. -Seger Careton T. Geary Jr. 7 Marshfield St. Ducky, Chubs Memories: KATHY! Summer with BM, Abdhul, Grenadiers. Music Man, Guvs and Dolls — ' Tough Chicks " Tim and the Gang Activities Honors: Jr. Ro- tarian 1; Grenadiers 3-2-1: Commander 1, Outstanding Squad Leader 2: A-Companv Commander 1 ROTC; French Club 2; Thespians 2, 1 38 Timothy M. P. Geary 12 Stanley Court St. Patrick Memories: ABDHUL Strikes, The French Revo — Plays; Emp ' s Clothes, SP, Temp O K. Hobbit Fanny MM 0 ' s and D ' s Sweeden ' 80 WEB Carl Mike Belinda Activities Honors: Interna- tional Thespian President; Thespians 7 years Inspiration: " All that is Gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost. The old that is strong does not wither. Deep roots are not touched by Frost . . . Anthony J. Gentile 17 Ledgemont Ave. Tony Memories: Good times at G.H.S. Remember — The Bmobile, ask RM, TL, DT, PR, KS, LC, JM, SM, First Concert, Seger, Put me in — MP, KA camping — ask TL, DQ, RG Activities Honors: Class Clown 1-4; Thespians Inspiration: A friend means well, even when he hurts you. But when an enemy puts his arm around you — watch out! Bernadette Gerstner 3 Norseman Ave. Berna Memories: The Summer, TG, SWEDEN, All the Plays, Nights out, cruising, strawberrries! Laundromat, Rochester, Gordon, LR, HM, RJ, AA, BM, etc. Activities Honors: Thes. 1-4; Int. Thes. 4, Ch 3-4; YG 1-4 Inspiration: Take your time, don ' t live too fast. Troubles come, but they will pass. Find someone and you ' ll find love but don ' t forget the someone above. C. Jill Giacalone 54 Grove St. Memories: Having your friends stick with you through it all. Chasing G.H. around with Denise. Dancing w Katja. Pep rallies w the gang. Activities Honors: G.H.S. Thespians Inspiration: Take one day at a time!! Cheryl Giammanco 218 Atlantic St. Memories: Friends: RS, DI, Motel Hell, Beach, BS Talk, Chem, JP, PT, MP, LM, PGTRIP, BPL, The long and winding road. Inspiration: Best Years? We ' ll see . . . Marybeth Gibbs 178 Essex Avenue Beth Memories: The " Gang " ADD- DTCDOLLRCEF Sum. Mopeding w AD. Jumping fences, chased ask AV. shoes? DD got stopped, that was close! Getting giped again, hey Deb? H-dance. 1-4-3, Mom, dad and Daisey. Inspiration: The most utterly lost of all joys is one in which you have not once laughed. Mark Twain. I should have graduated early Ramona Glenn 114 Western Ave. Mona Memories: CeCe, Like the corner of my mind. Mad times w Katie Killer oneway . . . Thanks for the party 7 CG, KM, HH, SB, MH, TH, TH, KA Activities Honors: Basketball 1-4; Softball 1-4; Fieldhockev 4. Inspiration: It has been said, what is past is gone forever. And yet that which we hold so dearly, memories, are nothing more than the past. Brian J. Glidden 65 Riverdale Pk. Memories: Summer of 81, Aggs Camp, 99, TB ' s Face ask TA -n- Ben M. good times at G.H.S. Class of 82 1 C.C. Activities Honors: Carpentry 1-2-3 Inspiration: To be successful. Christopher J. Good 7 Decatur St. Joe, Chris Memories: BRGC, MCTM- JFLRABMBAM, PBR ' s, Devo, B-52 ' s Activities Honors: Basketball 1-2-3-4; Football 3-4; Tennis 2; Golf 2; Track 1, 4; MVP and MCP — Football Inspiration: When a problem comes along, you must WHIP IT! Glenn Goodhue 6V$ Winchester Ct. Spook Memories: Remember Her- pies Hat Line SSJW . . . All the fun in Franks class last block. And the Great Kenya Raid Activities Honors: Certificate of award for " Keep Gloucester Clean " Poster Inspiration: Don ' t ever estimate Jurk, you ' ll go far. Jeffrey G. Gove Susan Giglio 16 Cedarwood Rd. Sue Memories: Kris 11 25 79 Love Ya! g times w KB, KL, AC, PM, PL, AP, Summer of 80 w Kris, Paper Cut at AC Lick the razor @ Krist and Carl Ex. time w Kris Aug. 5 81 Activities Honors: Softball 1; Canal Club 2-3-4 Inspiration: Someday you ' ll find that I ' m gone — tomor- row may rain so I ' ll follow the sun. Beatles I look up to you! Christopher Grover 2 Riggs Point Rd. Chris Memories: Hey Kev, Let ' s go! 6th block lunch w Ted. New Year ' s Eve at Gina ' s, 1981. 1st date with Diane, Stage Fort, Good Harbor! 200 youths at Golf Course? Activities Honors: Baseball 1-2-3-4; Hackers 1 in 82 ' Inspiration: A ship in a har- bor is safe — but that is not what Ships are for. Lonnie Guest 16 Laurel St. Loony Memories: The School GB, JR, TC, TM, CC, JS, JA, DG, DC, CE, MB, CJB, BE, JM, KB, M M, BM, The Drive-In, The Garage Activities Honors: Auto 2-3-4 Inspiration: Now the tale that couldn ' t be told, my freedom I hold dear. Lisa M. Harloff 15 Fair St. Memories: Best times with Gary since 2-14-80 and Gary Jr. since 6-29-81. All the laughs in Hr. w MG and PH. Accounting w PA, Great Times in Biology w PH, SS, JC, TD Typing w MD Activities Honors: Honor Business Club Inspiration: Live each day to the fullest for tomorrow may never come. David Haight Lawrence Haight “Larry " Kevin Hand Tickets 3 for a $1. Phylis E. Harmon 31 Hodgkins St. Phoo — Phoo, Phildo Memories: The old mill, friends LD, ND. KS, JW. LP, DD, LH, CL, JM, JG, CM, HM, PE, MG, LH, SL, SL, JL, EB, KL, The Locker Room, with JV Basketball team. Party! Noodles! sixth block lunch with MO, TH, LB, CM, MA. Activities Honors: JV and Varsity softball; JV and Varsi- ty Basketball; Intramural Basketball; Volleyball. David Haselgard Tracy Haskell Stacey R. Hawley 12 Grove St. Essex Memories: Afternoons w KW; PWO ask SM CR CM; Ger. Class w JR GJ; Before School w CM RO CR; Golf w CR TH SM; JV Baseball w SO and Nellie; BPL w CR JR SB CG; Orangeman 80-81 w Seve, Nellie, FU, DS, Joe KC Activities Honors: Varsity Baseball 81-82; Sportsman- ship Award; J.L. League Champions 80-81; Chess Club Co-Capt. I just won a Big Mac! ' Gregory J. Harris 10 Macomber Rd. Greg Memories: The Hill, sum " 81 " The Kinks, Foreignor, Pty of 8-18-81, Rocks, The New Road. SWIWI. Ofcr A. ask JR Good Times w AA, FS, TC, MN, BC, MP, CR, DH, RM, BR, DT, CO, BM, AG, CP, RB, JR. Inspiration: If there ' s a will. There ' s a way. Russell Haselgard 12 N. Kilby St. Russ Memories: Carpentry ' shop. Lanesville. Clearing Nights. Seaside Cem. Activities Honors: Carpentry 1-2-3 Inspiration: Places I remember all my life — though some have changed . . . some forever, some for better, some have gone and some remain Lennon-McCartney 42 James Hinckley Robert Hinckley Tricia Hull 31 Ocean Ave. Memories: SKI TRIPS CLYWRKS 7-block b-h b-e YT 12 24 2 28 go for it and never give up. SUPERB remember- ing the E-crew Free girl Scout cookies from the Vt. bartender ask Tracy! Inspiration: The secret to Happiness isn ' t just to enjoy the things you like to do, but to enjoy the things you have to do. James Interrante 26 Beacon St. JIMBOB Memories: CONCERTS — The Kinks ask Bob and Dean Safety-Cooler Night ask Schoolyard Gang Up the Res — camping — White Mts. Remember 8 25 79 Rotary- Red Rider — ask FI Bolivia Bound ask BC Activities Honors: ACADEMIC RECOGNITION AWARD Inspiration: If you want to change the world, change yourself. Mark Ingersoll 133 Cherry St. Pugs Memories: The Hill, New Hampshire ask TP BA BF Thermet Nol Pontiac 400 1 The Catalina good times ask DT BF LP fire hydrant ask SB BF CL BL The garage many good parties. The Grandville good times Activities Honors: Auto 1-2-3 Inspiration: To think is an idle waste of time. Well GooolllyM Diane Hopkins 16 Wells St. Di Memories: ARI 3-24-81 Con- certs: Bob Seger — The Kinks — Beatlemania, Memories and Double-dating ask PN, fun times at G.H.S. Nursery School ask JP, Special talks and letters ask Pn, Good times and problems with my car ask SMMBRNPN Activities Honors: FHA — Outstanding Achievement in Child Care; Typing Awards $ Gregg Jaeger Karen J. Joseph 16 Starknaughts Hghts. Memories: California here we come! ask P.M. Bruce Springs- teen, 12 17 80, my favorite. Best Mom and Dad. Good Times with good friends, P.M. MJM, M.V., the hill kids. Inspiration: Believe in yourself and you can ' t go wrong. Glenn Justice " DOOMY " Thomas J. Kennedy 7 Plum St. Tim, T.K. Memories: Wheel Chair ask RP, A.O.W. ask any A-hole BURP, That ' s B.S. ask MF, New Yrs. Eves w t JLJAPFBCMFABCSSG Activities Honors: Hockey 1-4; Soccer 1-4, Capt. 4, Ten- nis 2-4 Inspiration: When Ye Great Scorer comes to mark upon your name. He marks not that you ' ve won or lost, but how you ' ve played the game. Tara Khambaty Will Kilmer Ops! 1 shouldn ' t have said that! 44 Laurie Knowles 144 Cherry St. Laur Memories: Friends of the past, the present, and especially those that last. Concerts, vacations, parties, and Rock and Roll Inspiration: ' ' The future ' s uncertain and the end is always near " J.D.M. Cindy Knutsen Wolf Hill Road Yidnick, Knute Memories: 1 pals, Down The Cape, Thoughts for the week, 4th block lunch. Plans, Don ' t help me ask KT Activities Honors: Field Hockey; Thespians; Softball; Basketball; W S Track; I. Volleyball; Am. High School Athlete; NHS; Hm. Rep. Inspiration: If you ' re looking for something that ' s not there, you ' re never going to find it Is that gum in my hair? Graig Kondelin Jon A. Lafata 39 Woodward Ave. Memories: A.O.W. (Monday Nominations), Ground Round, New Year ' s Eves, cards, ask any " A-hole. " Lynn Arena 1981, " G.H.S. " Playoff Champs. Activities Honors: Hockey 1-4, Capt. 4, Tennis 1-4; Volleyball; P.B. Award 12 4 Inspiration: To repay with pride, all of my parents ' sacrifices. " No good deed goes unpunished. " Peter Lake 217 Hesperus Ave. Memories: Sprngfld 81 w KH EM TT, Florida 79, 82 w SP and girls, Wkfld sum. 81 ask Sue, Parking lot F- Mats, Ham. girls 3 day A.A.U. meets, good friends w MB 76-80, Manchester 81 ask Missie B.I. I hate swim parents Activities Honors: Vice Pres. NHS; int. volleyball 1-4, swimming Inspiration: Big Brother is watching you . . . Bruce Landergren 16 Feynard St. Memories: 1970 TEMPEST 389, " Racing at New England Dragway and Thermet. Get- tin ' Loaded with friends, ask ZM, LH, SS, GQ, Madman, Roundy Rounds in Mi ' s Pon- tiac 400. Activities Honors: CARPEN- TRY 1-2-3 Inspiration: Sworn to fun Loyal to none. David Landoni 113 Leonard St. " Dave " " Dave The Mad Bass Player " Memories: " Not Quite, late night hams. Lane ' s Van — ask MD, JM, CN, SL, New Fender Bass — Parties on the " Sandpiper, " " Robot Puppy Dog " Activities Honors: GHS Band 77-80; Rock Band " Not Quite " Inspiration: The World Is Full of Kings And Queens, Who ' ll Blind Your Eyes And Steal Your Dreams . . . It ' s Heaven And Hell Rusty ' Lane 397 Western Ave. Activities Honors: Varsity Baseball 1-4; Carpentry ' Shop 1-3 Douglas Lane James Lane Memories: Machine Shop, capt. Carl ask MTDHMSBA- JC. Summer of 81 ' up green St. Playground w DP. Foot- ball camp Partying w good friends. Activities Honors: Machine Shop 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3 Inspiration: To give my all and to Succeed in everything I do. Kimberly Lane 21 Holly St. Kim Memories: P+B, Fri. the 13th ask Tracy Picnics! Concerts AFBBRGSLJLPT. RS BL ask Liz Is it leaking? ask Katie The Cupboard ask Ann. X- mas Eve KFC Crew. G.T. w Sandra FSPask Pattee. Thanks and love to mom and dad. Activities Honors: NHS; Pep Club; Teachers Aide Inspiration: To have a friend, you must be one. What ' s a nice kid like you doing in a place like this? Chris Lasley 44 Reynard St. Chris Memories: Justin Jams Little river runs, BA and JA parties The Bridge 1st concert Finally done! Ipswich Bad news Em- barrassing nights ask Ted Horses Special times w Gramp Long talks w Mom Love and thanks mom. Dad, Mike and Family. Inspiration: To be my own person and not let anyone ' s opinion stand in my way r . f J Jeffery Legenre Kym Levasseur 18 Pearl St. Kymba Memories: 1 23 82 w KK and RS, C and KYM, I LUV U Sherri, Steven, Scott — Sisters a Kathy B-all t g times, girls night out a Sue G. (B F KB, SG) it ' s all a trip a DS and JG. SNOWCAINE a Kel Marines a MB s f Carla and Kelly KM SO DL DB CM RS JS BB PL PM SP PJ BA EH KY (SAM) Mom and Dad (James Douglas Morrison) (Jimi Hendrix) BUD SHAMAN ' S BLUES . . . Inspiration: BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE, AND SO ARE WE!!! Lisa Ann Leveille 17 Essex Ave. MEMORIES: 1 Friends DORC FDR w DORCPM HD N Great a DORC- TMSSEFADECPM BG DD tomorrow a Deb 3 13 81 Deb ' s Party BLAST GTS w Jay Luv-ya Mom Dad. Talks w DD. Don ' t forget the hein ' s ask Tam. Thanx Donna. INSPIRATION: IF YOU CAN ' T BE WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE, LOVE THE ONE YOUR WITH! Faye Linquata Thomas Logrande Susan J. Lohnes R5 Lufkin St. Essex Sue Memories: Kirt. I ' ll love him always. Rink 80 Snowstorms ask Kirt Christmas parties ask Rose Prom 81 Talks w Judy parties yo! New Year ' s Eve 80 Musters Killington. Hallo- ween bummers Great friends RCJCLCCAPA Inspiration: K.I.L.Y. 2+2=5? Laura Loiacano 112 Eastern Ave. Memories: GOOD TIMES with MB Saugus 1 7 18 81 ships and walls don ' t clang snowdays ask Lisa, V and L, Let ' s go for a swim ask Sue, It ' s getting late Trac (so what!) Good Times at swin- sons 2PL Mad walk in a bliz- zard ask Moo. Great ski trips. Why are we leaving? BF MB 242. ' Activities Honors: Track cc Inspiration: LIVE a little love a little. move it, or lose it. Denise Ann Lord 2 Southern Ave. Essex Denis, Bernice Memories: GT ' s w JFJGJF- J G S F KKFSELLCLSLDSMWSAM- BJMKM. Train — a JM Sum 81 ' Calling GH 8 5 81 — GAB — 10 13 81 Activities Honors: Type awards 1, 2; Honors Business Club Inspiration: If you want something you have to go for it, you can ' t just sit back and expect it to come to you. Celia R. Lourenco 20 Ferry St. CE, CEL Memories: 5-9-80 and always with Joe. 1 friends JWC- CAPCGHM Chinaland and ask APHMJBLDCAM friends. MR MacEachern ' s class. Times to come with JW. Activities Honors: Honor Business Club 2 yrs. V-Pres and Sec 4 Inspiration: Think pleasant thoughts; Your life is what your thoughts make it. Patricia Lovasco Edgewood Road Patty Memories: Erik 2 12 81 Valentine ' s wm8, GLM16 VM7. All the ex times and Ml w Erik. All the TRS and crazy time w Paulette and Teresa. China Port — why? Talks in the room w Pm. The Field GH Parties Great times W Friends. Peter Lovasco 300 Main St. Memories: Good times down the YMCA w RM when younger Mem 2onl and Lockers, going out of town. Kings Grant min golfing havin a few w PS RM RT. Activities Honors: f-ball Var 4; B-Ball Var 4; Int B-Ball; Int Hockey Inspiration: Dream until your Dreams come true. Mary E. Lowe 87 Western Ave. Mear Memories: Party ' s up MG ' house w ST BG LT and th. rest of the gang. 48 Rosemarie Lucido 21 Commercial Street Rose, PortChop Memories: Jack 11 7 81 PS Puppy Ruff magician, 11 20 83! SEFF Loosers LPC about SCMH, Look at the sky! ask Michel. 8:15 I ' m dead now! FD @ GM ' s cartwheel ' s ask Kim. Pruple men Ping — 4 sbs ask Marianne and Traci Inspiration; If music be the food of love — PLAY ON! — Shakespeare — Janelle Lumbard 8 Vine Street Memories: Willows people, Steve, pines 9 6 81 Nick and Fox NH w Les, Trip up the res w Heather, purity body and flavroask Marcia, coffee brewin ask Robyn, DEAD CONCERTS! Activities Honors: NHS Inspiration: So on and on I go, to the seconds tick the time out, there ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. Scott Luongo 59 Holly St Memories: GT with Good friends. Van Halen 7 24 81 Summer parties everywhere, Voc, pincis at stage fort GT in MR, C ' s class ask BN BG BP Going to NH ask PM Riding up the Res. Activities Honors: Voc. Carpentry Inspiration: Live your life to the fullest and don ' t hold back. Thomas Lupo III 2 Hampden Loops Memories: Partying w DQ TG RM DT PR LM LC SM JM TD WB KS. Camping with the guys Fri Sat nights, r t toj c my family, sports, concerts. Lunch with rm. Summer of 81 ' . Activities Honors: Golf 2, 3, 4 Inspiration: We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done. Janet Marie MacArthur 21 Wittemore St. Memories: Summer of 81 ' True friends Kathy and Heather " Thanks for everything " Sun nites Kathy " Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel. " Love ya Mom and Dad Inspiration: I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. Daniel Thomas MacDonald 322 Essex Ave. Danny Memories: FORDS! The garage — DABALGBA; Clams — MMWHIP, Rick ' s House, Drags, Campin — NCW, " rookie " SSW MHL, The Band — JGPBSP, moving, WPS, Carrol, Dots, 5th lunch — 1 Roadie Activities Honors: Fresh, and JV Hockey Academic Honors; Intermurals. Inspiration: This is the wonder of Devotion I see the torch we all must hold! Zeppelin. See what winning the 50 50 can do for you. Jonathan MacDonald 123 Prospect St. Memories: Fr, Devens, Camp Becker ask anyone times down the Hill or up the Hill The stairs Germany 81 ' ask JC, BF, MD The hellos, Goodybyes. Activities Honors: Football 2, 3, 4; Intermural Basketball 3, 4; Greinediers 4; Volleyball 1, 2,4 Inspiration: Winning is not every thing. Russell W. MacDougall 7 Springfield St. Rut Memories: Camping up the white Mount, with the School yard gang. Safety cool night up the Rez, with 1 gipers. Activities Honors: Print shop 1, 2, 3, Benfrankilin Club. Inspiration: To make my parents proud of me. Heidi J. MacIntyre 7 Grove Str. Essex Memories: The Kinks, Seger and NH w TL. Whiteheads at llw BP Silly-Gooses! ask CA " All my Kids " Bart! Nancy P, (good-luck and Thanks) Cranes Beach; one cold nite. Thanks Mom and Dad, Dreams come True Activities Honors: Close-Up Trip; Jr Rotarian: FHA Inspirations: Alis volet pro- priss. (ShadowLand) Richard Madruga 24 Grapevine Rd. Rick Memories: Summer of ' 81 — Gd times w l pals Living it up The Hill, The new Road — RH w DH, FS, JR. MP.PD BC, MN, BC, CO, BM, TC, CG. BB, CP, BR, — Rides w CA, The Bike, and Jo-AnnF always. Inspiration: Look at the future, laugh at the past, and live for today. David MacDougall 7 Springfield St. Memories: MICHELE 9-26-80 Good times and parties up Varian Rez Ropes Course Oval. Camping — rez a BMBCJJMDGSJIFIRM trailriding a day " MA " a mp Schoolyard still alive! J. Geils Concert w Michele and Kids Snowstorm — my house csem a MP Yo, I finally did it Ma! Inspiration: Yo, School ' s finally out! Forget it Delisle, we don ' t disco Sherry A. Machain 18 Hampden St. Memories: David! Aug 17, 80 Good Harbor Chrisy Sheila 1 pals good Times w gang Camping ask Ro ROTC 79 ' Best year Fiesta 78 ' 1970 Mustang Mark 1 pealing out. Activities Honors: ROTC 1-5, Capt. 1-4; Grenardetts 1-5; Prizesquad 3 yrs; Rifleteam ID drill 2 haskell medals. 50 • Patricia I Malone Winthrop Ave. Trish, Mugsey, Moses, Colonel Sanders Memories: The Sankt Blasivs, ein bisschen blau, chicken chokers, D-Jay, Lion, Coll Koch, M.D.L.C., R B , B F. (The gang) TBF is . ice fight KN and Aners, Jack and Jay W CB sum- mer 81 most important Mom and Dad. Activities Honors: Academic Honors 1-3; Flash editor 3; NHS Secretary; Sawyer Medal; Hasty Puddings; German Club officer; NHS Secretary Inspiration: Hope for the best expect the Worst Life is a play, were unrehearsed. — Mel Brooks David Maranhas David Markowitz Richard Marshall 120 Concord St. Ricky Memories: Dawn, Sum 79 I like Doing them. The safe what ' s in those bags, motor Cycle parts? The car PA The Beach Concerts Pool Room Activities Honors: B-Ball 1-4; F-Ball 4 Inspiration: You don ' t measure a man by the number of his failures but by the number of times he picks himself up and tries again. He said WHAT!!! Lawrence B Marcantonio 661 Western Ave. Larry Memories: LEIGH 5 7 81 Summer of 81. Simon ask Warren, Sports, Love and Life. Tom Petty. STRANGER. Hey Babe ask Leigh. Last night of summer! All my goombadis. LABOR. I love and miss you DAD!!! Activities Honors: Weight lifting 1-4; Flag Football Inspiration: Darkend door- ways, the strangest things can happen. Jefferson Starship James W. Marshall 89 Wheeler St. Jim Memories: ERIKA (11 10 81) Gang parties, ask EBJGCM- JIPHOSL Poles Hill, ask AL, EM, SL. MD 20 20 ask Pam In the trunk at Georgetown, ask JL, DH, MF. What the hell is that? ask VP. NN CM JT. Tom Petty (aug 81) ask DH, CM, LD, TL Activities Honors: Track 1, 2, 3 Laura J. McCarthy 13 Mystic Ave. Memories: Joe P. 7-9-79 Love Ya Babe! or Sun.S w Mc JP apples? FL. w CMKF Sis scubadipping! Go for IT, all nighter I ' m in M Y Itsa Bliz- zard! ask CM Dad — gone but not forgotten — I love you! Inspiration: There is only one success to be able to live your life in your own way. Marie Ann Martin 8 Deactur St. Spent Memories: John 3-21-80 Blackhole 1 Friends NT CS VL JL GM. TG Vac. at Kim F. Jeff 11-27-81 sh Prerogative GSOMM ' s ask KP CF ask CS BD DB Siamese Twins ask Che, DM ask CS and RS — Laughed all day. Bumming out. Inspiration: If you can ' t be with the one you love, love the one you ' re with. Michele L. Martin 8 Deactur St. Shimel Memories: MIKE 2-17-81 1 friends KPRLKF Alngtr frnwd Miks adkKF, RP " Dvo " ask KP 8 13 81 SFFF LATS MLMMFHHSB ask RL, Sh — Prerogative! ask JLMM 12-5- 81 CCIMZ 890 HHM, LT w PFBS Pza Ht Mscln w MHRPLM Teddy Bear MHILYA. Inspiration: I once cried when I had no Shoes but then I saw a man with no feet. Barbara Mattson 8 Caledonia PL Shelly Memories: Talks w RN- JBMBNTHAPN, CLOWNS, Twinkle — Boats ask BESARNCE Hlwn., CH BR w HANTRN, GYM w LR, IM, MECW Activities Honors: Honor Business Club Inspiration: Tomorrow may have the answers I seek, but I must have the freedom to remember to laugh and to cry. Give me the freedom to live. Give me the freedom to love. Hey, check him out! Ralph Martin 6 Stone Ct. Budman Memories: Fayzee 2 28 81, The Budmen 81 sciene boat races. Sat Race w-DTSMPR Men Budmen KSTGLCTL- JMDTSMPRLM Lunch w TLThe Cult w DTPRTL. Inspiration: Get out while you ' re young because maybe you were born to run. — Bruce Springsteen Thomas John McCann 9 Essex Ave. Himmer Memories: Kathy, TMSHw 4, B-Hill Boys, UMASS Chemaleons, Newtom, Is he alive? J Gay ' s, JF, BC, PE, LR, Walkers, Where ' s our clothes? F-Ball Pride, thanx ma. Art and Terry. Oct 18, 1980, Ski, Bowl, B.F. ask BC, F.C., GC — Party Des Ask BC Activities Honors: F-Ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Track 4; In- tramural B-Ball. Inspiration: Always Speak From Your Heart. 52 Ginger Mckay Holly Mckay If he says another word I ' ll kill him! Susan McPhail 4 Clay Ct. Sue Memories: Pete Shoares 2 14 79, Luv ya Babe! Best times w Pete, Let ' s go for a ride! PF. HELP! Ask Vin, Trac, AL. RKPT! ask DM V and L — Swim down PL, ask DM LL, ATL-MT, ask Pete. V- Blast! B and E, ask BS, TS, PS, GF Moo. Swin. PL — Good times! SHANE! Inspiration: Live your life with the one you love! PS Paula Melanson 20 Woodward Ave. Memories: Ken B. 8 14 80. Fun in shop w Lisa, Pam Poopsie, the ACDC Concert ask PC, LP. Good times w friends CN, RD, DH, Holloween Party up Cookies ask KB, WM. Activities Honors: Voc. Print Shop 1, 2. Inspiration: Don ' t rush the good things in life. Craig B Mello 6 Cogswell CT. Memories: P.W.O. T.B ' s D.D Essex — JUNIOR LEAGUE CHAMPS 79-80 80-81 81-82 Activities Honors: Carpentry shop; Baseball Ilda Menezes 8 Mystic Ave. Memories: Mike 3 7 80 All of my love to you — we ' ve hd many gd times together — many more to come — 1 pal CA-AL the diff h-ng outs Let the Gd times Roll — Gd Luck. GIRLS N. w MGKCBNJF — EJs Sum of 81 was great — better to come — Luv everyone up W espec M Inspiration: You may say I ' m a dreamer but I ' m not the on- ly one. Christina Menicocci 21 Acacia St. Chris Memories: Mom and Dad lov- ing times w Danny 2,26,80 Never forget sum " 80 " RN 1 pal Sherry Me and D-a and behind closed doors ask A1 many parties and many good times. Activities Honors: State of- ficer FHC-HERO; soph Cross Country. Inspiration: I always think better with my heart than my brain. Geraldine Militello 5 Orchard St Memories: Tony — July 80 The Gerds ask FC, NS, EF, FF Talks w Fran. 9-3-81 w Tony Fiesta 81 rem. Sergio w the gerds Sum of 80 w Tony " PURPLE " double dating w AP and FM. Activities Honors: Typing award 1,2;HBC. Inspiration: Love isn ' t love until you have given it away. Beth Miller 31 Decatur St. Memories: Fran 2 12 81 Friends I ' ll never forget, PMKBTGLPAC Keg parties ask Fran Canada RP prom what a night! Cruisin in the Pinto. R.W.E. ILY Fran. Thanx Mom and Dad. Inspiration: You can ' t change yesterday. Just live today and don ' t worry about tomorrow. Michelle Mineo 4 Lowe Drive Min Memories: BFA Rob and Trish Mag. girls Gd Times w Rusty all nites, 1MD, 2CR, 3DC, 4SW, 5SLH, MTC ask TP Girls nt 1 and 2, The Kinks FT Me and T ' s KP MID Thanx Mom and Dad Activities Honors: X-coun. 2; Var tennis 4 Inspiration: I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and love today. Paulette Misuraca 21 Church St. Memories: All the TRS and Crazy times w Patty and Teresa ChinaPort — Why? Talks in the room w PL Party and Great times w Friends The Field G.H. Inspiration: Set me free in a sea full of dreams and I ' ll sail on forever. I can ' t help it if your M M ' s melted in your hands. Kathleen Ann Milne 62 Perkins St. Kathi Memories: 10 23 81, A N w TM, Baystate CJB ask Cherly D Gd Times W DJ, ME, BK, JA, CB. Double dates ask ME. cemeteries, Ipswich W BT, MM, SG, KR Bobby M and his band giggles ask Tony, parties at DJ ' s stage fort and good harbor Activities Honors: Chorus 2; Thes. 1, 2; F-ball cheering 3 and 4. Inspiration: Live each day like it was the last. Joseph Mitchell Allison Mondello 18 Riverdale Park Memories: DEAN 11 2 78, good friends, purple soaps stories wanda puppins type cards hide me get it? ask DS NH ME summer of 80 and 81 old orchard camaro 90 2nd block ask BB, Rainbows, unicorns, betsy, concerts, ask DM Inspiration: Dream on dream until your dreams come true — Aerosmith — James Montagnino Way Road Monty Memories: Good Times w JG, JC, RS, SB, KC, TN. My Family Memories in my Mercedes 250C, apt parties, the Van, GC Par, GH Beach Happiness w LW TR HP SM and at the pits w MG. Activities Honors: Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 4 Inspiration: The Moments may be temporary, but the memory is forever Brain Moody Herbeta Maria Morois 258 Washington St. Herbie, Beet, Berta Memories: Sum of 81. Fiesta. Pass the straw. Good Times w TP, MM, RA, LA, HT. Private Beach PG? Talks w RO and Cassie. Laura ' s Banana. Chinaland w JB, CL, and AP. Activities Honors: NHS 3, 4; Honor Business Club 4, Honor Roll 1-4; Academic Award 2, 3 Inspiration: Remember yesterday. Dream about tomorrow, but live for today. Allison Morrissey 84 Mt. Pleasant Ave. A1 Memories: Matt 2 14 81. Good times w LKLJP. Lila ' s house. Boston. Liz, times to go home, PLEASE Castle Hill ask candy camping w VLM Sq boat ride — TRI-AL Hey Chris, Behind closed doors, ask Dan Inspiration: Give to the world the best you ' ve got and the best will come back to you Are you sure I didn ' t take this test? 55 Tamela Beth Morrissey 268 Western Ave. Tammy, Hanna Memories: Steve: TIME WILL TELL! H.C. W Steph Bingo! Surprise MM Feather G.M.Y Hema Let ' s dig JEEP and Heinekens H.D — N ask S II.E.C LR D. I Love U Ma and Dad. Bobet and Kel. Activities Honors: Field Hockey and Softball V 1-4. Inspiration: Try to live my life without you babe, is the hardest thing I ' ll ever do (Steve): Seger. Vincient Mortillaro 17 Exchange St. Vince Memories: Canal Club 2-3-4 Good times w b f 1 8 w Buzz, Naz RM. It ' s almost Friday. How I get home last night. Doubling up w BN LR Good times w Ann. Who ' s the real slob Cromozone were are the parties Mad Concerts at the Garden. Inspiration: To go out in the world and try to reach all your goals, however hard they may be. James L. Mourey Jr. 73 Woodward Ave. Jim Memories: Summer of 81 ' Dick ' s van, times down F B I., the kinks concert Activities Honors: Inter- mural Tennis and Volleyball; National Honor Society. Inspiration: " You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.” Heather E. Mugford 12 Bond Street C.P.R Memories: Cheering for the G.H.S. Football Team, Cheryl don ' t forget the line! NEVER forgetting the great times w Morgan, having a friend like Janet who I can depend upon and trust. THANX Activities Honors: Football cheerleading 4 Inspiration: A true friend is a good friend to have. Darlene Moulton 50 Warner St. Memories: Lunch with PR- RPMMRD Parties at the fort, remember the beach — Rab- bitt — Good times at the Pier ask KCPAPL and friends " CRASH " 81 ' ask RP Bev. on CB ask KC and Buddies Activities Honors: Honor Business Club Inspiration: Think about what you have, not what you could have. Katie Elizabeth Moynahan 50 Eastern Point Rd. Kate Memories: Times w Mona Kath @ Kel GHBeach 81 ' the island one way ask MG Bowl- ing Bob Seger concerts Clay: Mr Hoalgand, any leaks? ask KL Unicorn. Salty. NY 4 80 swing SF Park ask Spencer Inspiration: " The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it. " W. James I love U Mom and Dad. 56 Archie Joseph Muise 16 Green St. A.j., Hendrix Memories: The Bands I ' ve been in ask Anybody, My 68 ' Chevelle, 59 ' Ses Paul?? The Kinks concert ask RMTWG- GCE, The gigs ask GM Duane Allmanllives on. Slide Guitar Southers Rock 1! Activities Honors: Jazz-Rock Ensemble Inspiration: A winner never quits and a Quitter never wins. Stephen E. Muise 7 Stuart Sq. Memories: The Ground Round ask TK PWP Concerts; AC DC REO Ann and Hope ask MF (it was only a hic-up) ask SG, Kings, Pacer X foot- ball on Sunday afternoon lit- tle men ask CM He ' s a clam ask SH Inspiration: Life is a tough course to pass, but those of us who pass will succeed. Paul Muller 3 Flume Rd. Memories: A lot of fun play- ing sports after school and on weekends with D M., F.N., B.T., R B , Great time on Ger- man Trip. Ac t i v i t i es H o n o rs : In- tramural Basketball; In- tramural Hockey; Academic Recognition Award Inspiration: Be original and do it your own way. Sandra Muniz 140 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Sandy Memories: Times w Steve, the " N " pit ask NB, CC, SA, MM. Good times w NBCC- JBSA. J.P ' s house — NBJPCCRM Activities Honors: Basketball 2, 3; Spring track 2, 3, 4; winter track 4. Inspiration: . . . the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. Pro- verbs 4:18 Jeffrey Brian Muise 17Vi Elm St. Jeff, Muisy Memories: Great times w Patti 11 15 80 MOM. Parties 2 RMLR SMDTPR1SSTL, young kids LM 7 20 82 end of my civilian days, winter 81 San- dy M. 7 the Doors Activities Honors: Winter track Inspiration: The ones you love will always be there when you need them the most PVVA Timothy J. Muise 10 Neptune PI. Memories: The Best Times with the best people. PRO- JECT ADVENTURE TRIPS. The classics, Hendrix, Zep- pelin Weekends in General You Got Em? Activities Honors: Project Adventure Inspiration: 1 Got My Own Life To Live And I Ain ' t Gon- na Copy You — J Hendrix First Gloucester, then the world! 57 Russell Munroe Jr. 550 Washington St. Rusty Memories: Bray St. Spirit Bar. Stella Maries, all the concerts. Kinks nite, Concertmobile, " Stratman, " the band, AM; friends CEMAFEAMTN and GREAT TIMES. The Square and Lane, Semi-formal and AGH X-mas party. Inspiration: Live life to its fullest, you may not get another chance. Mary Jo Murphy 21 Thatcher Road Memories: Sum. 81 ' , Marlena, Great times w gang: MH, KM, AM, KJ, AC, RP, KF, MV, RS, Fri. nites over T.R. house. Rockport. Big Dipper ask MV, RS, Family feud ask Kim. Talks w nan. White w one the rocks, ask JK, MV, KM 10 29 81 KJ, MV. Life goes on ask MV. Patricia Murphy 21 Thatcher Road Memories: Summer of 81 ' , fun times w friends KMKLBMMH, FSP ask Kim, concerts, Sally B. ask SS and AC, Best times with Phil, fun times in Boston. Parties up Stage Fort w friends. Activities Honors: Type Award I and II Inspiration: Ambition has no bounds. Marilyn H. Murray 16 Russell Ave. Mar Memories: Jon forever 8 15 81, 7 15 81: JJ, Thanks Mom and Dad, Good Times with good friends, the beach, X-mas 81 ' Activities Honors: Cheering 1; field hockey 2, 3; gym- nastics 2; spring track 2, 4 Inspiration: Don ' t worry about the things you ' ve done, just think about the times to come. Richard Murray 93 Wheeler St. Rich Memories: Great times w JCCMSHCCJFJFPQ. Buzzer ask SH. Stop, go — ask SHCC Fights w CMCC. Tacos ask JFCC. NILES BEACH ask JCPQ. Muym ask Justine. Seeing TB again. Activities Honors: Yearbook staff; Homeroom Rep. 2, 3; Alt. 1, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Honor Business Club. Inspiration: Don ' t Sweat the small things. Thanks MOM! Richard Wilson 51 Perkins St. Memories: Good times past, and the ones to come. Oh No! My shoulder collapsed 1 58 Robert Nasser 78 Maplewood Ave. Naz Memories: Good times LRALVM ' ' ABE " Cars ask MPAGBO, Atlantis 81 ' , 76 Datsun, 9 28 81 ask Dean, Kinks, schoolyard safety cooler VMRMRT; all summer long SDR, 3 at once! slob!! Activities Honors: Carp. Voc. 2, 3, 4;Int. Hockey 2,3,4 Inspiration: Be successful and then you can dream a whole life time. Patricia Ann Nealey R31 Hartz St Patti, Melt Memories: Rick 9 16 81, Queen, Seger, Kinks, Beatlemania, Mississippi Dates ask DH, Popular de- mand ask JD, lunch talks w friends DHJDMCRNSM; thanks Mom and Dad. Activities Honors: NHS 3 and 4; HBC 3 and 4; Academic Recognition. Inspiration: Take good care of your future because it ' s where you ' re going to spend the rest of your life. Anthony Paul Nicastro Jr. 7 Russell Ave. Tony Memories: Camping at WM; w RMPMDCGIJIMDDDJJ: Rush concert w RM, J Giles, Outlaws, BOC and Foghat w WM, the BLAck and BLue, Kinks w RMWMCEAM; Bad Co. Activities Honors: Ben Franklin Club President, Print Shop 1, 2, 3. Inspiration: To love and be healthy in my life. To work hard on whatever I do. Mariangela Nicolosi 582 Western Ave. MN Memories: The deal w Trish, be the aggressor! The Sauna w JM; moral support Activities Honors: Sawyer Medal; NHS; Flash; Flicker; Beacon; Academic Rec.; Cross Country 2. Inspiration: “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I know I can achieve it! " Paula Newman 633 Essex Ave. Memories: Camping w my parents and brother and sister. Good times w TFBPBMDMCDGWLA and RALW and D Weed of 12-1 1 12-13 ask Lorrine, Don- ning, Belinda and David. Inspiration: To always make new friends and to be good friends forever. To be suc- cessful with whatever I do and be happy. Philip Nicastro Nice Guy But that itch! Ture Nyman 8609 Dornoch Ct. Dublin, Ohio 43017 Memories: My senior year on the basketball team and the good times I had with them, and the Coach. They are a group of winners that I ' ll never forget. Activities Honors: Varsity Basketball Inspiration: The most com- mon thing in our society to- day is unsuccessful people with potential. Michael O ' Dea 12 Bellevue Ave. Memories: Fridays @ George ' s, Down East crowd, CJ, skulls, smurf. The Who! Cycle madness, Suzuki GT 550 Activities Honors: Electrical Shop 2, 3, 4; House 2, 3, 4. Inspiration: ' ' Live for today, never tomorrow; the good Lord may take you away. " Korvid Nizzari Are you going to let her get away with that? Ralph O ' Maley 31 Story St. Essex Memories: Good times with the Essex kids, concerts. Hockey, Hunting and dirt biking TB ' s — DD Activities Honors: In- tramural Hockey; tennis; Machine Tech. Inspiration: 4th of July ask PE. Michael J. Novello 32 Fort Square Mike Memories: The Hill in 81 ' , parties, Kinks, Foreigner and Macs, ask BCGHAAMP- FSTCDTNNCOBMBR: Work- ing w Ben. Activities Honors: Carpentry 2, 3,4. Inspiration: Do what you can while you can. Rhonda Lee Nunes Harry Hamans Drive Nunesy Memories: GW DC talks W CMSMWMPN 9th good- times ask PNDHAC Sum. 80 ' w CM ask BCJKTPCM; Winter SM: Sum. 81 ' boat. Inspiration: There is a time in life, when 1 feel a growing in my heart. I ' ve gone from worst to best, but there is still one thing that I will always cherish, the meaning of friendship and love. Julie Anne Oakes 15 Conant Ave. Jules Memories: Dave 11 16 80 Dis much, Elios out, being w you ask DB. 1$ Rubberman, con party. Rib, mascara, chit ask JC. MD in cem w JCJB. lunch w JCKGCPKMJF. Activities Honors: Tennis 3, 4; Yearbook Inspiration: Don ' t worry about yesterday or the future yet to come, live today for tomorrow it ' s gone. James P. Officer Jr. 6 Nally Ave. Memories: Dawn of the dead, never forget, can ' t wait till 6 11 82; Time flies when you ' re having fun. Activities Honors: ROTC 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team; Grendiers; Beacon; Student Trainer Inspiration: Always look ahead. ANWISAWW There, there, we ' ll find those stolen brooms! Robert Louis Oliver 149 Riverdale Park Bobby, Ollie Memories: FSN 9 27 80 " Luv Ya, " Sum. 81. Fiesta ask KT; the Cars ask BNMOMP the beach as BG Concerts, Rvdle Pk. 1 BOF — EFBGBNDMK TTASWPBTWPSRT — Class of 82 Activities Honors: Carpentry 3, 4. Inspiration: To succeed in whatever I do in life and make my Mom and Dad proud of me. Mark Oleson Christopher Paul Orlando 6 Colonial St. Chris Memories: September 12, 1981, the first day, Becky and I met, and the goodtimes we had together. The Hill Kiks Activities Honors: 1 Auto Shop 2, 3, 4 Inspiration: I ' ve been looking too hard. I ' ve been waiting too long. Debra Orlando 13 Church St. Deb Memories: Party 3 13 81, Summer of 81, Best, FDR w Rose, Lisa, Phyllis. Stagefort w RCLL BGADD- DTM, Lisa ' s tent A RC Tomorrow A LL.H. Dance sorry RC, LL Ping! A AD Activities Honors: Track 2, 3. Inspiration: The only gift is a portion of thyself. Elizabeth Orlando 305 Washington St. Liz Lizo Memories: The Goodtimes w Pat always Sum 81, GHB, UFFA Jules did it, X-mas 80, SNOWTIME ask KLB, JS, RO, CG, Lila ' s Bash, Mary ' s house, Psst ask KA, concerts, ma and dad, Good friends and Great times. Spray it ask KA. Inspiration: " And when the night is cloudy there ' s still a light that shines on me, shine until tomorrow let it be " Lennon Eva Orlando 9 Church St. Memories: Joe 1st party, I Love You. SNOW, Chinaport, Concerts, laughing, Gizz, Ex- cellent times w l friends KAKRSSDS and Bow. Camp- ing b wRussian, DS never bits. Holidays thanks Mom! John Orlando 12 Perriwinkle Lane Johnny O. Memories: Ford Granada, much dots in Milts room. Lunch block w DM, PB, CA, RM, JG, listening to the JG BAND Mad Hockey at O ' Maley and Essex. Activities Honors: Inter- mural Hockey; Intermural Volleyball Inspiration: " As We wind on down the Road we will always remember our High school years " Lori Palazola 40 Beacon St. Memories: summers 79 and 80, talked w JQ, JO — AFA, Times w KM — sis. apmts — 49 close calls FIGHTS! stuck in Salem! Parties — SFP, GHB — flat tire! The good ol davs — ask JQ Activities Honors: Bsktbl I, 2, 3, 4; Crscntry 3, 4; Trk 2, 4: Type award. Inspiration: People who w ant by the yard but try bv the inch should be kicked by the foot! Joy Orlando 3 Gloucester Ave. Memories: Friends Heidi, MN, Lori Sharing the good times with someone special. Activities Honors: National Honor Society; Student Council; Junior Rotarian Inspiration: A person ' s reach should exceed one ' s grasp. 1, 2, 3 slide it ' s called the swing. Ann Pallazola 129 Essex Ave Memories: GHS, great times KM. PH best friends — 10th grdae llth grade DS, LP many good talks DS Cooking — funny times DPKA Art classes with Frank best teacher Best of all CM my boyfriend. Anniversary July 19th been 2Viyrs. (yo) My one and only sister MP the best. Inspiration: To make my parents proud of me! Dina Pallazolla 22 Western Ave. Dean, Wina Memories: — My love to you Dearest Tom 10-17-78, the many Fun and Wonderful times spent w each other, I Love You — my great family and friends, Maria, a true friend, my Pal. Crazy times over the house, a fun Bunch, Partying w the girls. Never w out a smile — He can always make me happy! (Der Tom) Inspiration: And here I am with open arms hoping you will see what your love means to me . . . open arms. Give me a gun . . . Joseph C Parco 44 Beacon St. Parco Memories: Machine shop, @ lunch, Friday nights down G.A. Co-op ask RP, 5th Block food fights. The Grateful plum. Many party ' s and grt. times ask RPGAMOTDC- CWWJPMBMLEB The Cave. Inspiration: Become a voc. and get a head start in life. Ann Parisi 18 Mason St. Memories: All the g. Ptys. w tp and BUD gang! Ropes Course. The Attic! ICWTL! trip ask AC Pty @ CP W KBACKBKL Fried Night @ Caths. W KTHTCQJD DOORS! BUDDHISM! Paradise ask Pauls. Bye Jay! Inspirations: Take it easy baby. Take it as it comes. Don ' t move too fast. If you want your love to last. The Doors Philip Parisi 15 Washington Street Phil Memories: My whole Life!! Activities Honors: G.H.S. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Guard 2, 4; Sec. Commander 4; D. Capt. 4; Who ' s Who Award Inspiration: To complete the goal that has yet not been completed. Ann Parce 24 Flume Rd. Sparco Memories: Gook t ' ms w Gd. Friends, Sugar Magnolia 1, right handman L R onward ask B.J. Hill — Madhawks Danny 7 80 Buddies D.S., N.P.L.M.D.P Mad dashes. Activities Honors: C. C. Inspiration: There is a road, no simple highway between the dawn, and the dark of night and if you go, no one may follow. That path is for your steps alone. Robert Hunter Carla Jo-Ann Pallazola 8 Harold Ave. Jo Memories: CHRIS — 5-29-81 YO! MGTs! Sat.nts! DDw KGSC Sum. of 80 w MPLMRN and gang. MGTsw KLKB GNO, F. nts! YO! Kel! 8-7-81 PETTY, YO AB! 12-4-81 ask Kelly and KBLP, 12-6-81 OH WHAT A NIGHT! PTSw KJCJDCKK- KLCSJT! Sum. of 81 G.MEMS! THANX MOM AND DAD1- 4-3, YO HUH! Activities Honors: Inspiration: LIVE FOR TO- DAY, TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME. 63 Amy Parsons 24 Sayward St. Memories: Good times w friends Jen, Herbie, Celia and Joe, Celia — the mat- chmaker, Thanks, Steve, Cheering — sleepover, 10 21 81, Chainaland w JBLBHMCL Activities Honors: B-Ball 1, 2; Pep Club 2; Sp. Track 2, 3, 4; Cheering 4; NHS; HBC Inspiration: If you want something bad enough and you work hard enough some- day you wil l get it. Theodore Paxson Ronald Perren Jr. 12 Lufkin St. Essex Ron Memories: Spanky and the gang. The stake outs. Save the caps, ask, DQ, NUSF, bus trips. Summer time, the wheel chair all the good times with TKMFCSSGBC; the Iranian ask GVVDQCS Uh! I forget the name of the book! Activities Honors: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter BBall 2, 3, 4; Academic honors. Inspiration: " to the American way of life. " April Perkins 896 Washington St. Memories: Kurt 10 22 81 " So Fine, " " Champ " Rolling Stones Con, Phili. Penn, family, friends: MM. JP, RM. Parties @ Cove w MM 3 vrs GHS all the great times w KJ " the hungry Dog” ask RENE! Activities Honors: Field Hockey 1 Inspiration: You can ' t always get what you want. Rolling Stones. Nancy Peavey 14 Sadler St. Nanc Memories: Being w An- thony, Hburg ask Deb. K, Parties, FEEDTACK VA BBall, Summer of 81, Don ' t jump ask AL Beatles, BC Bev Skip- day ask girls B.A. Beauty Van. Inspiration: Don ' t be afraid you were made to seek the world, forget your troubles, don ' t cam ' the world upon your shoulders. Antonio M. Pereira 32 Warner St. Tony Memories: Maria 11 30 80, " Let ' s make it 50 years " the fun in Portugal the good times with JSFPMMRSHM; thanks Mom and Dad. Activities Honors: Machine Shop Inspiration: Life is always best when it can be shared with someone vou love. But what do you mean?? 64 James Piraino Patricia Ann Philpott 215 Hesperus Ave. Mag. Tricia, Trish Memories: BFA Rob and Min, Mag girl nite — DRMKJFM, Gt ' s w Phil, Allnighter KR, 2MD, 3SW, 4DC, 5SL, Mtc ask MM, Kinks ft, M M, comps, B B ask RB, Prom 81 w PH, Born to Run — WYHM Rob, Thanx MOM, Dad and Nana Activities Honors: Tennis 2, 3, Cap. 4; Flicker Inspiration: Cherish Yester- day; live today; dream tomor- row . . . Tammy Lyn Picone 162 Western Ave Memories: John 1.4.3. Forever. Honeybunny MB Sp. M and Paries. Thanx Mr. and Mrs. E. I love you MOM AND DAD Activities Honors: Band 1-3; Chorus 1-3; Yearbook Assis- tant Editor; Rpt Chorus; HPC; Flash Pick it up or forget it! Ronald G. Perrin Jr. 6 Forest St. Ron Memories: Remember the good times for what they were. Accept the others and understand them. Best Con- certs Police, Black and Blue, Yes. Vocs. 1 Best friends. JCP, JP, MO, GA,WW,TD,CC, KM,MB,BK,ML,EB,JW. and the Charger. Activities Honors: Inspiration: " I don ' t care what they say, every dog has its day. " Kendyll Ann Pickette 25 Thorwald Condu Wen, Oreo Memories: Mom and Dad ILU. Talks w Rov-mbf! Con- certs! 1 g-nite! Canadians! Paradise — MJ! Ej ' s all nighter @GHB! Skiing — flo — tnt! JFKM! Renegade! FSC — BSCS Hal-dance! L, T and GT ' s w DR. and spec, friends! Activities Honors: x-ctry 2, 3; Tennis; Win Spr Trk 2, 3, 4. Inspiration: And so it seems our destiny to search and never rest — Seeer. Rosalie Peterson 2 Fort Square Ro Memories: Fort 6 13 81 AN- TR GKDBJT 1 pals MCM- MGRGWFRR- DDMDKDBRPMD 9 7 81 GW b-day ANTR Crash 10 1 81 DM Roach it NC Rock it GR Petty lites NC L.L.F. RA Summer 81 times Goat ask PR NC ralph JS 11 7 81 Fall NCJR talks w DK goodtimes w NC. Activities Honors: Inspiration: Don ' t stop think- ing about tomorrow. 65 Scott D. Place 246 Washington St. Memories: Camping with 1 Friends ask PVFYDP going up ne highway in FV and PV. Road Runner, Hay ride, Florida with DPFYPV Henry getting his fast car he always wanted. Inspiration: Forget what you regretted in the past, and look to what ' s ahead David Potter Diane Pramas 24R Lookout St. Memories: My family, special times w Chris. fun times w TMKP. Lone Ranger rides again, ask MC. Tennis Courts, ask CG forgot to byt your poppa-sloppa. NMOTNHS. Faye, you Italian Greeks are great Activities Honors: Varsity Basketball: Intramural Volleyball and basketball Inspiration: In idle wishes fools supunely stay Be there will, — and wisdom finds a way. Daniel Place Kimberly Ann Porter 25 Beach Road Porter; Kim Memories: JIMMY 1-5-80 IWLYF — Stagefort, Playground, Long Beach, C and T H-telephone, Camaco, Corvette, DVDR, SH Prerogative ask MM Engage- ment 12-24-80; 6-5-83. Talks at Niles Beach, Boulevard — off limits, rides to N.H. WOFTW JIMMY! KITTG — BYE! Inspiration: If two people have a true love they have everything! It’s like talking to a wall. Julie Ann Powers 20 Edgemoor Rd. Angie 3 15 80 Jeffrey, x-mas semi — formal 2nd date " do you pluck your eyebrows? " , Cook-out at B.C., " Kinks, " Boat party w MZAC and D??? Activities Honors: Cross Country 1; Winter track 1; Softball 3, HPC Inspiration: You can never plan the future by the past. 66 Michele Provost 29 Derby St. Mich, Shelly Memories: DAVID 9-26-80. ASF BOS w LMPRBTRNTG " MA " a David Parties — Varian, Rez, Oval, Cem Mascara @ GHB a SSLM Sum. 80 w CPLMPR S SY Kids Doors, Zep, Geils, B.Co. NY EMGS! talks w Lee, Phyl, Deb, Mic, Lum. I did it Ma! Inspiration: Love comes once and when it comes ya better grab it fast, geils Mike Puccio 1 1 Beach Ct. Pouch! Memories: Paries, Hill, Sec 78 Jump FS Popcorn GGISSZ Gettin stuck BR I love my smurf Carla R. Inspiration: Who is gonna make it we ' ll find out, in the long run. Eagles Robert S. Puglisi 118 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Puga Memories: EG, Sq., Carp. 80, Jake, My parties, my keys, what keys??? Pirates Lane, Swinsons, the Van, SS. Mellon II Tuna Fish!! Fiesta 81, Courtney ' s back yard. Activities Honors: Carpentry 2, 3, 4; Academic Honors 3. Catherine M. Quinn 150 Cherry St. Cath; Quincy Memories: Gary, 9 7 80, Luv ya babe — move it on over Boston, HTJDAPCT, 3:00 and we ' re still going. — Mad snowstorms w GH, HT — 8 the art ask Heidi — Hallo- ween party w sexy, ask Gary, " Carmen pretty bird " Mo other V 2 , Dan. Activities Honors: HP. CLUB Inspiration: No one really ap- preciates what they have, un- til it ' s gone. Daniel A. Quinn 150 Cherry St. Danny, Quinnie Memories: MARIA 10 30 81, Maria are you o.k.??? Remember all the exc. times together. Good times DDW Mike and Pam. USMC 1 See you there next year Pat. Pat. and Jack 1 friends. Cath my other V 2 . My new niece Liz the nomad Activities Honors: Hair Band, Jazz Band Inspiration: Semper Fidelis. Jane Marie Quinn 47 Centennial Ave. Juana Hane Memories: My family — thanks. Annie " 22, " MB GO- JFKM Strikes again . . . run, down on the farm KB, B-farm. GHB w Wen, ugh. Gt ' s w beast of friends, LP, Hal dance, DR, MM, TP RB. gym- nastics, the gh boys. Activities Honors: Gym- nastics Track 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader; Flicker Inspiration: Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. 3 years and I still can ' t turn it on. Patricia Ann Quinn 13 Short Street Patty Memories: Trips! Dallas, Toronto, Florida, W. Virginia 1, State Champs! Summer 81, friendships that will last forever! Mar) ' Ruth who?! Someday FS! Thanks everyone! Activities Honors: GHS Band 1-4; ROTC 1-4; NESBA HONORS BAND 4; Winter Colorguard 4 Inspiration: We create our tomorrows by what we dream today. Anthony Randazza 38 Grapevine Rd. Ants Memories: Marianne 12-21- 81, Good times w l friends JTPGPRJEDSJR, golf course. New Year ' s Eve 79, Senior prom " 81, " concert, the Pinto Mobile, ask PG Activities Honors: President of sophomore year class; in- door track; intramural hockey Inspiration: Admit your mistakes, but don ' t brag about them. Catherine A. Reardon 199 Washington St. Cathy Memories: GHB — DSPPJFJC — Toronto, Orlando, CC, mustard RI ask DS; EVERLASTING SMILES — ask CP; NYE 81 TGCK; FIC- TG; DA, Paul Activities Honors: Flicker 3, Editor 4; NHS 3, 4; HBC 4; SC 2, 3; Sec — 4, SAC 4; GHB 2, 3, ROTC 2, 3, DC 4; BBSK 4. Inspiration: It ' s nice to be im- portant, but it ' s more impor- tant to be nice . . . CP Barbara Record 20 Webster St. Memories: I love you, Bobby 7 20 81. " HIM. " THE PARI- TY. Nicknames, UNG. Sin Con. want not want. This, that, other thing. Nea Nea, Gd. Friends CELBTHAPADBT. I do! Letters, phone calls, weird times! Words of Wisdom: In my life. I ' ve loved you more. Donna Record Scott Reed You put your right foot in — you put your right foot out 68 Noel S. Renolds 32 Washington Sq. NSR Memories: SAT NITES at SE w SEASDMJFKNGG, Maine w ASSEJFDMKNSMBH, FLA w ANN SACO, My Favwah Activi ties Honors: GHS Chorus 1-4 Inspiration: A ship in a har- bor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for. (Thanks Mom) Dawn M Rochford 76 Shore Road Memories: Being w Ricky 1 24 81 mag, my family ski T, T w DS Soph Y Cmp. w Ken. GC PAR. 1st GN ar Min Kim and Ber. Help me N Flo. REO, Kinks B FRDS R JKTRMFM, BFARM CAPS w ANAGHB Activities Honors: X-Ctry 2, 3; Win Spr Trk; B-Cheer 3, 4; Ten 4 Inspiration: To dream of a person you would like to be is a waste of the person you are. Christopher Rose 78 High Popples Rd Rosey Memories: Kim 11 9 80, All A ' s and B ' s, Kimmy Jean, that ' s Rugged, :23: Ken O., Radical, Mustang GT HT, the Boogie Man, Skin that Coon. Activities Honors: 3 yrs Foot- ball; 2 yrs Gymnastics; Honor Roll Inspiration: The best ways to make your dreams come true is to wake up. Andrew Repyak, IV Cheat — No we used the same notes Craig R. Roller 31 Grove St. Essex Memories: Good Times w FECMRBSHRPRSSHMD; Trips to Fla. Dallas, Toronto, Camping w FERB — (72 HRS Remember) MBHD w sh; FYY A ask RBLC; What Registration? ask SH, RS Activities Honors: GHSMB 1-4; NESBA Honors Band 1981-82 Inspiration: There is always tomorrow for dreams to come true. — JR Judith Lee Rose 369 Essex Avenue Judie Memories: Glenn, 1 Friend Jana Summer of 81, thanx Bugga, 1 Love Snow! Skiing, J- Geils Concert REO Florida ask GB Thanx Leslie. My Bug! Class of 82 1 Weddings, Parties, Florida w CQ MR RC The School w GBTCJFJVJRJMTM- MMBJGDBE, I Love You Mom and Dad Activities Honors: National Honor Society; Field Hockey 8, 1-4; Hasty Pudding Club; Work Study; Academic Rec Sewing; Honors. Inspiration: You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need. The Rolling Stones Charlene Ross 13 Taylor St. Charlie Memories: Good time w KYDRCPMMSMFMWSP, Beep Beep DR, GTP MF, NH w Perrys, Rides, the Drive in w KYMM, The Prince, 14, Love ya Mom and Dad Activities Honors: Sawyer Medal; Stu. Coun; Flicker; AC Honors Inspiration: Hope for the best, expect the worst. Life is a play, we ' re unrehearsed. Dawna Marie Rowe 24 A Eastern Ave. Memories: All my 1 friends: Remember the Camra and JO asked CR. How did he go Heart Attack talks about HD asked Sue, And all the long talks w MB; thanks for everything MOM Activities Honors: Flicker Staff 4, CUDC program Inspiration: Life is full of sur- prises: Don ' t let anything stand in your way of ac- complishing your goals in life. Fay Rowley Memories: The pleasure of knowing the faith, trust, and love my parents put into my life, and to achieve every goal in life and be successful, to make the ones I love proud of me. George 9 14 70. Treasur- ing all the good times forever together. PS I Did it mom. Thanks for everything; all the good times working in the library. Lori Marie Ruggles 165 Hesperus Ave. Memories: Best Buddies APAL; TRIPS, Summer life. Watch Out Suds! Fire H. Stay in control LMNPDPGTIMES w BNUM flying high, EFBO, " BLIZZARDS, " DOORS 1 Activities Honors: CC Inspiration: Life is too short for fussing and fighting my friend! John Lennon John Ruberti 68 Riverdale Park Memories: I survived Becket, Football, SCFCJWEPBWGD, the Hackers, BW Drives. AHHH! The Great Peanut Chase, Mom and Dad Wadsworth Activities Honors: Football Vi, 1, 2, 3, 4; Acc Rec 80 Inspiration: Tomorrow will soon be today, today will soon be yesterday, yesterday is gone, will it be forgotten? Mary A. Russo 8 Brightside Ave. Memories: This one ' s for you Dad! Harold the Lobster, " 79 " Bubs van, SMBFVB, My house, 10 11 81 Kinks, Seager, Pass-out, I won Don ' t ask, Mary Mobile, Square Dudes, paint the town. Fiesta 81, Rockport? Activities Honors: HR Rep; Flicker; work studv; Member of CC Inspiration: Burdett, You don ' t have to touch to feel love. Hey, let me see the centerfold! 70 Thomas R. Ryan 15 A Taylor St. Rye Memories: Getting the hook, JFJM. b-ball, fletch, ICE, Bab U. Mass, TKJF (Bus), Gooses w GH MAX. Gr times w MT. Vega trips, crash, paper place, DMJFGHB BRGC Activities FIonors: Basket- ball; Jv co-capt 2, 3, Var 4; baseball 1; NF1S, Academic Rec. Inspiration: Life goes on and on. Don ' t quit with a couple mistakes. Ignazio Sanfilippo 14 Western Ave. Parties up the hill 8 18 81. Party up DL house, teasing " hair head, " all the fights up the hill ask DT Activities Honors: Soccer 1-4 Inspiration: You don ' t have to be first, but make sure you ' re not last Annette Santos Joseph Sauve Activities Honors: Fresh b- ball; Intra b-ball; v-ball 1 Inspiration: " time may change me, but I can ' t change time " Allison Salah 13 Hammond St. Memories: All the w and crazy times w TSMRSMVBLL and the gang. MR ' s. the walks and talks ask Ali. Bratty Chris?! Nah! Just tired ask DB. Thanks and love to Mom, Dad, Nan, and Family, RTF Mary and Fam. Activities Honors: Thespians Inspiration: Live and let live is fine; but live and help live is better. Well I thought I knew how to turn it off. Lawrence W. Ryan 15 A Taylor St. Memories: BUD HILL BOYS JTBEPMAJ and Parky ' s House, TJBE toms House — McCanns Swimm JPMDS fiesta 81 GHB WALKERS, our clothes JT Chrld nite JMPEB G-course STONES bowling JBTMP skiing IT JUST DOESN ' T MATTER 71 O K. Cathy . . . O K. Cathy Kathleen M. Sawler 97 Maplewood Ave. Kathy Memories: 1 pals Janet SAELLSKMSSLMGOO- DTIMES. 1 concert foreign MPS, ask SSSALS Riding Around ask SALS I see it! NH ask SAELAB camping KM Wed, the pits ask JWBJ Amy Bvd Jim, Morrison ask LM. Talks w Jan. sum 80, 81 Sam snowstorms, trips, all the par- ties, love u mom Inspiration: Keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel, JM Sandra Sawler 97 Maplewood Ave. Sandy Memories: Goodtimes TP w. 30 w. Mood Concert, Parties, X-mas eve BRMSKUPLR w. mood GB 2nd friends GHB nol w Mood KSGBRSMSK keg hiwav a MOOD WTDWFTS a MOOD EJ ' S Mad P. HPD a Lr Fri 1 3, no brakes a stroodles stfp CANGRTTMTMDNWTLGU MMG Inspiration: Don ' t rush the good things in life. Teresa Scola 20 Warner St. Memories: Remember all the crazy times w Paulette, Patty, all the TRIPS at China Port — why? all the fun at the house. Inspiration: To look toward the future and hope I do bet- ter than the past. Heidi L. Shea 839 Washington St. Memories: SophYr. w. my Swedish Sis — help thru my HS career from lifelong pal JOY. Jr Yr Deutschland and Sweden; buddies JPMNTMLCRBHTMD, broadening my horizons w someone special . . . Activities Honors: SM9; Acad Ach 1, 2; GM Club: NHS; Flash; W-Track 1,2 Inspiration: To get the best I can from whatever life offers me. Bob Scola 18 Commonwealth Ave. The Bonz! Memories: THE FORT, PAVILLION LOUNGE, SNOWSTORMS ask MERV, THE TRIPS ask JMBR, 45 concerts WHO, TULL, OUTLAWS, etc., OVERALLS ask RD, OFFICER FILEY ask JC Inspiration: " And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer ' let it be ' . " Ream P. Scotti 8 Mt. Locust Place Memories: 10 kegs at Nugents, ask everyone; the pipeline, ask DPMBWPCM: elect shop w everyone Activities Honors: Electrical shp 1-3; Passing Geometry; Running the Bases Inspiration: All the Rock and Roll . . O.K. Cathy . . . 72 Jeff Sheehan 170 R Eastern Ave. Shegan Memories: 1 Pals BSSD, Grt Times at the cellar, ask BS, Remember the Semi Formal, ask Debbie Inspiration: Life is made to be lived to the fullest so live it up. William Shields 14 Perkins St. Shieldsie Memories: 1980-81 Seine Boat Champs, The Young Kids, LMJMAMJMTMSAS- AJCBFGHTD. “ALLISON " Summer 79, Cellar, 1 Friends — TDMMPFCMSASCRCJS, 10 13 81 TG Activities Honors: weight lifting, seine boat racing Inspiration: You only go around once so go for all you can and make it count. Antonio Pedro Rodrigues Silva Silva 32 Warner St. Pete Activities Honors: Soccer; winter track; NHS Michael Silva 75 High St. Mike or Spike Memories: up at the hut w the guys. Working for Anheuser Bush. Snow Storms w Jackie. My 18th. Thanks mom Activities Honors; Machine shop 1-3 Pamela Jean Silva 29 Englewood Rd. Pam, Pammy Memories: FERNANDO AND FRIENDS, ROTC CAMP, MY PARTIES, JOJO ' s, GOOD TIMES AND ARE YOU READY! w JEN TIMES w PV AND JO, GANG, ROAD RUNNER, I WANT TO BE AN AIRBORNE BUNNY 1 LOVE FV, MAGNOLIA Activities Honors: RIFLE TEAM 2, 4; GRENADETTES 2-4; PRIZE SQUAD 3; COL NIGHT; ROTC SUMMER CAMP GRAD, ACADEMIC EXC. w. CORLISS AND D ' AMICO MEDAL Inspiration: Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible. Patrick Silveira 5 Marina Drive Pat, Sil Memories: Liz, the good times, all the grt times in school, 82, partying w friends. Bud, Those Trips, ask the boys, concert ask the bouncers, summer 79, Cape Cod, ask Roy, remember the cellar, the Pits, God Bless MA, Good Friends last a life time Activities Honors: Football 3, 4, Intra BB; Hockey Inspiration: Time may change me, but I can ' t change time: Bowie Oh yea? I thought this was a study 73 Julianne M. Sinagra 34 Perkins St. Jules Memories: The Crew Summer 81, Camping 70-78 GSP and MP good times OOPHA Lo did it ask KA M. Lou ' s car LB Mr. House LB bash. Ma, 1 made it GP LM Shows at the garden ask KA Activities Honors: CC Home Rep 9, 10, 11, 12: 1 Office Worker Inspiration: Take it as it comes, specialize in having fun . . . Doors Cheryl Smith 243 Eastern Ave. Cheeky Memories: Summer, The Beach, camping w ' ' The Family " LE w GM, Fi ' s X-mas Eve Party, swimming at 12:00 ask KB, Onion Soup w MM, VanHalen, The Kinks, Fla w GM in 79 ' , w KB in 80 ' , My Family, the cats and Ginger Activities Honors: YMCA Diving Team; Thespians 1, 2 Inspiration: What ever is meant to be will be. Deborah D. Smith 5 Walker St. Debbi Memories: Dana 4 27 79, ' 69 Firebird, Wing. Beach, Sals. Beach, Tops. Fair, CIP Island, Blankets ask DM, the van, our song, purple rose, go for it, shirt tails, MY phone booth, nickname, standard — that ' s out, 1 pals, puppins, soap talk Inspiration: You don ' t know what you have til it ' s gone. Sharber W. Smith 50 Middle St. Rusty Memories: Bridgewater " 00 " Football VanParties, State w DW w PH TW JT Good Times w JM SB BS KC, " 81 " Football JM ' s APT. Fort- Party w MM PV TP, Kinks Concert ask JM, Vt. Road Trip w RD TH BD, Thanks Dad and Sally Activities Honors: V- Football 3-4; V-Basketball 3-4; V-Track 3-4 Inspiration: Live for today, tomorrow mav never come. Frank Anthony Souza 5 Smith St. Memories: The Hill, good friends CO, JR, GH, MP, MN, BM, GF, BR, DT, DH, RM - New Road — RM ' s House, good times with Tori, Off. A. ask Joe, Party 8 18, Mope d — P.I.D. ask Robin, how ' s BB Brad, ask Mike Set. 78 Let ' s jump, disturbed child. Mad Hermit ask Chris Inspiration: You Can ' t Win! Tracey Souza 10 Acacia St. Memories: V-Blast B and E Squeak SM P’S BS. Good times w AF. What! ChN. Sue Vin. Hey Laura it ' s gettin late! You known huh ALB MEB D Z. Bridge Moo, FF SAB Ziffs, Swin PL sum 79 Good Good Sparkv! 1 Friend M A Love ya! Inspiration: Tomorrow see the things that never came to- day . . . Young Wait till these get in the teachers mailboxes ■-V 74 Christopher Michael Sova 17 Apple St. “Pete " Memories: Spanky and the gang. The A-holes, Rebek without a cause. Steak out. Save the Caps, Bus trips, BoBo, The Big Makk, Arine, PH, Day one German Trip Activities Honors: Soccer 1- 2-3-4; Spring Track 2-3-4; In- termural Hockey; G.H.S. Toboggan Team Inspiration: My Goal in life is to be a Chip off the old Block, The American Way of Life. Are you sure the computer parts are washable Robin Spanks I8V2 Perkins St. Memories: Rick 8-20-78, Great times w pals MV, MM, DM, KF, RP, SS, KJ, AC, All the great talk about GH w gang. All the good talks w MV, MM, BIG DIPPER! ask MM, MV. All the good times w Rick Inspiration: Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Suzette Diane Spanks 17 Youngs Road Sue, Suz Memories: Rainbow, Float, Drac, Big, Miracles, TBC, Friends — M W - JFNRSECRHAHSSF AGH — C.S.R. — " My Friend " zuc- chini — ask — MVSADP, and The Doc, HL ask Lf and MB " Stick em up " belly button. Thanks Mom, Dad, Munch, RJP, MUB, LS and MS Inspiration: You are never given a wish without the power to make it come true. Deborah Spellman Domenic Spinola 33 Friend St. Ida Memories: Sum ' 81 ' Mid- dleton. rem. all G T ask JB, JM, MM, JS, JF, AR, MF, MJ, BS, AR, SD, JA, RC, DC, LS, MT, SQ, Cellar Parties ask BS, JB, AR, TS, SD, Scott ' s house, 1st time ask JS, BJ, SB, RW, JB, AR, Midget, MT, CONCERTS, Indian rock, AR HOUSE and Thursday nights. Camping ask JS, BJ, SB, JB, AR, Love Mom and Dad Goal: To be a meteorologist. Brian F. St. Cyr 9 Abbott Rd. Rocky Memories: Fun with, brother Don, being with J.M.M. all the great times. Sweden with SC and DP and JM and all the gang. Activities Honors: Voc. Stu- dent Ad visory Committee Inspiration: My Father. 75 Antonina Storniolo 6 Myrtle Sq. Nina Memories: Fiesta ' 81 Rem Sergio w GM, FC, EF, FF, Sum of 80 at GHB w Gerds Mr. Hughes Office w GM, EF, FF " Purple” Rem 6 Period Italian Class w Ms Avila Rem Ms. Grace w EF Rem COM and WI Activities Honors: Typing Award 1-2 Inspiration: Happiness is en- joying your life. Susan Swanson 3 Pinecrest Ave. Sue Memories: Frank 5 16 78 forever. Great times w Cm and NC 7 4 81 CRUISE: Remember Carol I ' m next! Special moments w Frank. Talks w DR and MW, Talks w l friend about GH, Thanks Mom and Dad. Inspiration: Looking for beauty tomorrow; finding none today; You have lost the joy of living along the way. Hank Taft Eastern Pt. Blvd. Crank Shaft Memories: I loved you H.S., KC, CR CT with Kevin. VH, Kinks, AC Dc, 69 Must., Mid- night Outings Boston w Brett 2:30 am Boat Rides Activities Honors: JV Hockey; Hasty Pudding Club member. Inspiration: Achieve your goals. Don ' t let a Blizzard kill them for you. Sal Tarantino 62 Holly St. Gear Head Memories: Last day of School 6 19 80, Niles Beach ask Dan Q . , Summer ' ' 81 ' ' " FIREBIRD, " Explosion at Stage Fort Park, All night Ant runs w the Green Bird Inspiration: Laugh at the past. Live for today. Dream for tomorrow. Linda Stanton 16 Beacon St. Linda lou Memories: Dylan ' 81 w Brian A. , JC, AC, Good Times at B. Ball ask DC, M " R " N, JW, LP, LD, WB, etc. Canoeing; ask KT, MC, TM, BT, MD, EC, JK, RD. Rowing Newbury port Activities Honors: Varsity Softball and Basketball Inspiration: To make it through life knowing I ' ve achieved something. Diane Louise Sutherland 1 Howard Rd. Sudzy Memories: Of the great times w CC, dory trip ask Lori, bye Dina pancake house with LR, AP, NP, LPDP, Keep Smiling Pam Linda and Phoebe Activities Honors: Horseback riding; Skating; Office Worker Inspiration: It ' s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all I ' m not sure what it was, but it went down easy 76 Bruce Tarr 80 Essex Ave. Bert Memories: Intramural Left- overs 1 (ask GW, DO) 226 After School, ask ED, St, MB, Cement! Cold nights at treeland. Ask MD, Melville symbolism, ask ED Activities Honors: Charter Member Hasty Pudding Club; Intramural Hockey 2-3-4 Inspiration. Look into the future with hope and you will not be misguided. Steven Tebou I told you grapes won ' t put hair on your chest. Suzanne Tedesco Ted D. Testaverde 13 N. Ferry St. Memories: Remember the weekends away in Hotels and icefights. Skiing in ' 82. Sum- mer of 81; sneaking in at 3 am. College: Coed Dorms, YES. Activities Honors: Varsity Football (Pride), Spring Track (N.E.C. 1) Swimming (the women), Weightroom (ask the guys) Heidi Thibodeau 17 Revere St. Hide Tibbs Memories: ROBIN 6 10 78 Luv Ya! Art 1 Jay ' s Room ask CQ — Move it on over BOSTON CQ, CT, JD, AP, Yo Snow! — Thanx Rob — My 18th! (thanx Cath) Parties! — Halloween Don ' t stop Dan- cin ' — ask anyone — Cards Anyone? ask Herb, Good times. Talks, Julies — sittin ' RND. The Shanty — ask Rob. Inspiration: Go FOR IT! Kandy E. Thompson 212 Main St. Kansis T.R. Memories: Alex 11 25 81 the Rose forever lasting friends LBCMCTPSTRMC. lost them all that summer night, EF thanks for “Being There DF " Number 1 Dad and mom 11 18 81 DF the Rose, love ya Meredith Activities Honors: Student Leader for Project Adventure 1-2-3 Inspiration: To seek and find myself and to love and be kind at the same time. DF Michael P. Thompson 66 Grove St. Mike Memories: Good times with BA, JC, DH, MS, and Jimbo. In the shop. It was a mad TRIP! the Junior year. Special times with Denise 11 25 80 Always remember times w JF and TR. Don ' t forget that Fri- day Night with JF, JB and DH in the Toyota. Activities Honors: Machine 1-2-3; Machine Shop Co-op. Inspiration: Time will pass but will you? Brian Tognazzi 118 Magnolia A ve. Ta g Memories: Nellie 5 30 81 VP in the Tent ask JW, BJ, BC, Camp Becket 79-80-81. Schooner Race " 1978” Champs. Playing B-Ball up the library. Parities at Al ' s and Tom ' s house ask the foot- ball team. At last, Magnolia Activities Honors: Football 1-2-3-4; Baseball 3-4; Int. Hockey 2-3-4 Inspiration: To do the best in whatever I ' m doing. I wonder whose locker this is? Roy Turner 19 Maplewood Ave. Buzzer Memories: All the good times w the Basic Buds. An Vt of an ounce. w Ricky M. Naz and Vince. Cape Cod ask Pat. S. Madness with Paul B and Earl. " Concerts " the People I know and love at GHS, Buzz! Activities Honors: Canal Club 2-3-4 Inspiration: I just want to get my kicks before the whole sh-house goes up in flames — JDM Paul Valadao 11 Gould Ct. Memories: Camping ask SP, FV, DP, Havride, Topsfield Fair, roadrunner. Nights out with the girls, racing up the H-way 160 mph. dates, PAR- TIES, and the officers party " Graduation Day " going to Florida, Danny Fernando and Scott Activities Honors: Greinadeers; Rifle Team; ROTC; banquets Inspiration: Reach for the stars. Marlene Vizena 8 Morton Place " z ggy” Memories: Good times w r ith AC, MM, RS, KT, Topsfield Fair, boat party ask Julie! Par- ties, China Port, ask AC Cruising with KJ, MM, Km 10 29 81 MM KJ Activities Honors: Winter Spring Track 2-3-4; Cross country 4 Inspiration: Yesterdays dreams are tomorrow’s new beginnings. Bob W adsworth 23 Derby St. Memories: Great Friends. Pride. G.H.S. Football. Being a member of the Best High School and class in the U S A. Activities Honors: Football; Field and Track; History Award; Sophomore, Juni or Rotarian; Football Tri- Captain; High Academic Standing 1980-81; National Honor Society Sawyer Medal 1980-81. Student Athlete 1981 Inspiration: Greatest Parents. Best Friends. Pride. Jennifer Lynn Williams 5 Riverview Rd. Memories: It ' s been an an ex- perience . . . THANKS G.H.S.! Activities Honors: College Night Committee 1-4; Chrprsn. 4; Rifle Team 3, 4; Grenedettes 3-4; Thespians 1-2; Prize Squad.; Hasty Pudding Inspiration: If you get something set it free. If it comes back to you it is yours if it doesn’t it was never meant to be. Janice Walkama 7 Marchant St. Buzzy, Jan Memories: Mike 10-19-78 FI w Mike. stairs 76-77 TPJFSD My Family 1 friends Seger all the good times out at the Canal, The Shed, ask GBP- PAAT don ' t forget 7th Block Good Luck 82 YO Mort. Activities Honors: Homeroom Rep 3 yrs.; member of C.C. 3 yrs. Inspiration: I get by with a little help from my friends . . . Beatles Leslie Watson 115 Cherry St. Memories: Tim 12-15-79, 12- 21-79 N.H w Janelle, Tim and Beeper. Many great par- ties on the Dirt Rd. and up Middle Path w l friends Janelle, Marcia and Heather — LAUGHS Great Talks w Judie and Joy Inspiration: Give what you have; to someone, it may be better than you dare to think. J James D. Wheeler 10 Sayward St. Jim Memories: Montreal Quebec, CG, BM, CH, DP, LB, SO; Emolsonal rescue; Rifle Team Matches; Rifle Team Banquets; Fort Devens, YOU OWE ME SCREW!!, Push ups ask CG, Spiv Baby, C-Rations, BUFU Activities Honors: ROTC 2, 3, 4, Plat. Sergeant 3, Bat. Exec 4; 2nd Prize Squad 3; Superior Cadet 3; outstanding Platoon Sergeant 3; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Capt - 4; Nat. Honor Society 3, 4, Academic Recognition 2, 3, 4; Math Team 3, 4, French Club Inspiration: Man ' s flight through life is sustained by the power of his knowledge. Michele White 14 East Main St. Michie Memories: Winnipesaukee w them, talks w Mom and Dad, X-mas w them, typing ask SS 1 friends . . . My 18th Birthday Activities Honors: Honor Business Club 3, 4; HBC Treasurer 4; Typing Award 3. Inspiration: To know forever that those I love will always be with me. Dan Whitten G-I-R-L-S . . . Girls Scott Williams Fernald St. Memories: Road-burning w Will, The 400, Going up to the bike shops. Hanging around the Depot with Will and the Gang; Working at The Surf; Twisting Backroads; WCOZ “82 " Graduation Day Inspiration: LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL. Wayne Williams 44 Mt. Vernon St. Memories: Fri. Kegs. Air Force Band, 52 Elevator, shop Srs. Last Day, Canal Lezy, totals sickness Activities Honors: Voc. Ad- visory Committee; Ben Franklin Club 1,2,3; Head of Field Trip Committee; Print Shop 1, 2, 3 Inspiration: Once you ' re gone, you can ' t come back, when you ' re out of the blue and into the black. . . . Neil Young Simone Demasi 353 Western Avenue Sisi Memories: The Experience of Being a YFU Exchange stu- dent in U.S.A. My families 1 Pizza, ice cream and popcorn with friends Snow and travels. Inspiration: " You have always to see all the situa- tions, how they really are, bad or good ones, put the fear aside, and keep these situa- tions like experiences of life to your life. " Paul Giacalone 10 Lookout St. JIGGA Memories: Summer of 81 TW MG lunch w DG, JB, KM, DN. RM, IM. MR D and Moby. MPC. Tom Petty, AC DC, Boc BS RS Joe B BLRT AR JICW W HT, CRJS. The Moody Blues The outlaws Activities Honors: HPC Inspiration Eat. drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die. Pardon me? Do you have any red crayons? Jim Wonson Eastern P. Blvd Memories: Football EP, GD, JR, BW, Viper, S.C.C., JW, TW, MW, JW Activities Honors: Football 3-4, Intra. B.B. Inspiration: Reach for the Stars Michael Frazier 80 John Griffin I ' m skipping the pages of a book that takes ages for foreword to end, a triangular cover concealing another aspect from view. My relative motion is just an illusion of stopping too fast (the essence of being) these feelings I ' m feeling I just want them to last. Love to R.C. Erika Hansen Frank Interrante 16 Lookout St. Memories: Red Ryder Rotary, Nice guardrail, good times in the skylark, is that " light " you having? Yes. Ozzies madness, safety cooler rookies, osh schoolyard kids. Blackburn summer camping trip. N.H. Camerons crew Inspiration: I look inside myself, see my world and know that it is good Bruce Jacobs 765 Western Ave. Summer of 80, 81. Down the rocks in search of party ' s Fri night withJMRWJSDS Wild cat ski trip DJ dndo. 3 13 80 Jut party onward through the fog. Camping Cheeseballs ask SB Mogoes. Inspiration: All the good times all the bad times. The bad times fade away the good times last forever. Michael Jacobs Morton Jennson Answer another question and I ' ll hit ya! Philip Parco 29 Granite St. Sergio V. Memories: October 14, 1980 — 19 years old. Best cousin I ' ve ever had. Activities Honors: Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4. Inspiration: To be the greatest in whatever I do. Debbie E. Taylor 1 Decatur Ct. Deb Memories: Jim 4 10, V and T w Vic, Girlsnight w AR and the rest. 7 1; SS to NG — sorry camp out back. KC basic pines, green st. RN — Ham- burg NPVW Zappa, REO, Pet- ty Trip to Bev. PKBA ' s van. Mad Fitchburg 1 some Thanks EH M and M MT my cuz RN ' 78 Family Inspiration: Dream til your dreams come true. Scott W. Boyle 624 Western Ave. Memories: 11-9-78, Th. after FB, Wendy sum- mer of 81, OZY, Foreigner, Auction, Wally ' s Senior year, nights, risking, Mort, Bebee, Kania, Led Zepp, the hut. Western Ave. FE Activities Honors: JV Hockey; Football; Baseball Inspiration: Snibbler sitting there he ' s snib- bling says the wizard David P. Collins 82 Maplewood Pk. Dave Memories: Rhonda, concerts RKRTEF, 45 Park SLDBJJJK, Kinks RKRT, Good Harbor RKFJJK. summer 81 ask SF, Park, N.Y., Bam Trip, MA Inspiration: Believe in getting into hot water: it keeps you clean. Kevin Silva 5 Rockport Rd. Hubba Memories: Smash! The wall 5 10 81 ask BMCC, Fires and good times at Long Beach w the kids MFSDLCJREC (POOCH) MM and the rest. WAANT ask MF and MM Those long, long, summer days, right DAD? Mr. Wise ' s fain- tales. Inspiration: Last year should have been the year. Are you sure 3+4=10? Just take it slow and easy ' 82 Brief were my days among you, and briefer still the words I have spoken. But should my voice fade in your ears, and my love vanish in your memory, then I will come again. And with a richer heart and lips more yielding to the spirit will I speak. Yea, I shall return with the tide. And though death may hide me, and the greater silence enfold me, yet again will I seek your understanding. And not in vain will I seek. If aught I have said is truth, that truth shall reveal itself in a dearer voice, and in words more kin to your thoughts. — Kahlil Gibran John Knowles 1964-1977 Leo Amero Jane Avila Lee Baker Eleanor Beebe Robert Benjamin Auto Shop Foreign Language Guidance English Vocational Angelo Bertilino Machine Shop Joe Billante Barbara Bradstreet Paul Bradstreet Business, Boys BBall Home Economics, Head Science Ron Bielicki Special Needs, Girls BBall Mark Breitenstein James Brennan English, Beacon, Student Council Social Studies Clifford Brooks Robert Byrnes Maryellen Callahan Science — Head Science, Track Coach Physical Ed. Verna Carbone Business Anthony Carrao Carpentry Henry Caron Mathematics John Carter Social Studies Charlotte Chane Foreign Language ■r ' Richard Chane Catherine Clarke Foreign Language, Head, Physical Ed. German Club Marilyn Clarke Dennis Corkery Social Studies, Close-up English Eric Dahlgren English, Hasty Pudding Katherine Davis Business Lisa Davis Special Ed. Tim Davis English Robert Delisle Physical Ed. Joseph Dionne ROTC, Rifle Team Vincent Elmer Glen Elton Eileen Erwin Sandy Favazza Don Femino Foreign Language Art — Head English, N.H.S. Mathematics Business — Head Grace Figurido Stan Gleason English, Flicker Advisor Science Pat Grace James Guter Mark Haberland Business, Senior Class Advisor Music — Head Guidance — Head Milt Harris Industrial Arts Jay Hogland Art Alan Hovey Chorus Scott Hughes Job Placement Paul Ingram Science Sandra Jones John Kania Joan Keegan Joan Kistis Charles Kistner English Social Studies Home Economics Psychologist Industrial Arts 87 Harvey Korobkin Gilbert Lane Business, H.B.C. Print Shop Jean Lineham Special Needs Linda Lombardi Special Needs Manuel Martins Librarian Rober McEachern Business, Senior Class Advisor Carl McKenzie Science Donald McPhail Social Studies John McPhee Mathematics Jane Moginot Peter Mooney William Moore Louise Nickas Home Economics Vocational — Director Guidance Social Studies Emily Nickerson Project Adventure Gerald O ' Neil John Orlando Social Studies Athletic Director Vocational i:: .as t: N Judy Peterson Frank Pertronzio Librarian Art Gus Nunes Mathematics Jeanette Ortins Business Bonnie O ' Connell English Ron Pasek Social Studies Thomas O ' Donnell Business Dana Perry Automotive 88 John Ziegiebel Jean Stone English, Test Wise Tactics Special Needs Picture Not Available James Scheol Project Adventure Leroy Spitte Electrical Peggy Turner Special Needs Stephen Sutera English Dennis Veator Mathematics John Sperry Mathematics, Math Team Gus Surrette Machine Picture Not Available Helen Porper Nurse Bill Proposki Mathematics Don Riley Physical Ed., Hockey Nancy Saul Foreign Language Lt. Col. Warren Silva ROTC Grenadiers Pat Sinclair Science Mort Sparer English Tom Walsch Science, Asst FBall Coach Nan Webber Theater, Thespians Janet Webster Resource Room Greg Smith Social Studies Frank Sullivan John Sulton Electrical Industrial Arts Wendy Wintle David Wise English, Flash, Cheerleaders Social Studies Marcia Young Home Economics 89 Herbert Wostrel Superintendent of Schools Diane Isenberg Administrator of Special Needs A1 Swelka Asst. Superintendent of Schools Victor Anido Director of Operations and Administrations Mark Kennefick Asst. Principal Richard French Principal Fred White Asst. Principal Mary Breck Secretary ' Joan Dallin Secretary Kathy Gasper Secretary ' Judy Melanson Secretary Anges Viattones Secretary 90 Retirement This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Babson m t Four very dedicated men, John Carter, Vincent Elmer, John Kania, and Frank Petronzio will retire this year. These men have always strived for excellence while teaching and they have proven themselves superior educators. We wish them good luck, fortune, and health in their retirement. 1. Josef P. Aiello 2. Kim Allen 3. Renay Allen 4. Kim Amero 5. Steve Asaro 6. Robin Anderson 7. Pam Atkins 8. Debbie Bacon 9. Lila Balbo 10. Laura Barker 11. Kevin Beaulieu 12. Ernie Beauparlant 13. Doug Bedell 14. Jennifer Beck 15. Dorthee Bergmann 16. Gisela Billante 17. Robin Bouchie 18. Corinna Bowles 19. Robin Briand 20. Gerald Bruni 21. Dave Brown 22. Joanne Burns 23. Rose Calomo 24. Lauree Cameron 25. Brian and Kevin Carey 26. Mandy Carrapichosa 27. Rose Ciaramitaro 28. Rosemarie Ciaramitaro 29. Larry Cillufo 30. Angela Ciolino 31. Kevin Clancy 32. Caryn Cluett 33. Valerie Cook 34. Mike Connors 35. Fay Costanzo 36. Tracy Cunningham 37. Justine Curley 38. Linda Curley 39. Cheryl Davis 40. Terry Deveau 41. Maureen Dexter 42. Ann Marie Dias 43. Kim Dion 44. Joann Doucette 45. Diane Doyle 46. Carl Ekborg 47. Pam Ellis 48. Chris Elwell 49. Parky Eason 50. Scott Enos 51. Charlene Fanion 52. Jenny Fatta 53. Maria Ferrante 54. Enza Ferrara 55. Tammy Filfalt 56. Jill and Julie Fitch 57. Eileen Fitzgerald 58. Jennifer Fortado 59. Tina Foss 60. Bob Francis 62. Kathy Frashier 63. Kelly Gallant 64. Tracy Gallant 65. Bernadette Gerstner 66. Jill Giacalone 67. Beth Gibbs 68. Brain Glidden 69. Kirt Griffen 70. Erika Hansen 71. Diane Hopkins 72. Tricia Hull 73. Mark Ingersoll 74. Karen Joseph 75. Mary Judd 76. Tim Kennedy 77. Jon Lafata 78. Douglas Lane 79. Kim Lane 80. Lisa Leveille 81. Kym Levasseur 82. Sue Lohnes 83. Dave Landoni Picture Available These Pages Sponsored by: The Parents of Brian K. Aptt 1. Faye Linguta 2. Laura Loiancano 3. Denise Lord 4. Celia Lourenco 5. Rosemarie Lucido 6. Tom Lupo 7. Dan MacDonald 8. Heidi MacIntyre 9. Tricia Malone 10. Jennie Ciolino 11. Michele and Marie Martin 12. Tom McCann 14. Ilda Menezes 15. Christina Menicocci 16. Beth Miller 17. Geri Militello 18. Kathi Milne 19. Michelle Mineo 20. Herberta Morais 21. Sandy Muniz 22. Rich Murray 23. Mary Jo Murphy 24. Patricia Nealy 25. Paula Newman 26. Jeff Muise 27. Mariangela Nicolosi 28. Julie Oakes 29. Ed O ' Donnell 30. Chris Orlando 31. Debbie Orlando 32. John Orlando 33. Joy Orlando 34. Liz Orlando 35. Ann Pallazola 36. Dina Pallazola 37. Carla Pallazola 38. Ann Parco 39. Amy Parsons 40. Ann Parisi 41. Tricia Philpott 42. Kendyll Pickette 43. Tammy Picone 44. Ron Pereen 45. Antonio Pereira 46. April Perkins 47. Julie Powers 48. Rosalie Peterson 49. Nancy Peavy 50. Kim Porter 51. Catherine and Dan Quinn 52. Anthony Randazza 53. Cathy Reardon 54. Noel Reynolds 55. Dawn Rochford 56. Chris Rose 57. Charlene Ross 58. Dawna Rowe 59. Mary Russo 60. Lori Ruggles 61. Tom and Larry Ryan 62. Sandra Sawler 63. Heidi Shea 64. Debbi Smith 65. Billy Shields 66. Pam Silva 67. Cheryl Smith 68. Tracey Souza 69. Suzzette Spanks 70. Robin Spanks 71. Nina Storniolo 72. Diane Sutherland 73. Sue Swanson 74. Debbie Taylor 75. Marlena Vezena 76. Leslie Watson 77. Jim Wheeler 78. Jennifer Williams 79. Wayne Williams Superlatives MOST ATHLETIC BRIAN CAREY AND MONA GLENN MOST ARTISTIC KATIE MOYNAHAN AND LARRY RYAN BEST ALL AROUND CLASS CLOWNS TAMMY MORRISEY AND BOB WADSWORTH TONY GENTILE AND JULIE SINAGRA This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs William Borge 96 Superlatives the BEST DRESSED KIM ALLEN AND JON LAFATA MOST INTELLIGENT MARIANGELA NICOLOSI AND ALEX BENTLY Parents of Dave Brown BEST LOOKING BOBBY OLIVER AND LORI RUGGLES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED JOY ORLANDO AND DOUG BEDELL This Page Sponsored by 97 Superlatives MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED ED PASQUINA AND JUANITA COPE MOST THEATRICAL TIM GEARY AND ERIKA HANSEN 98 CLASS SWEETHEARTS JULIE POWERS AND JEFF GOVE MOST MUSICAL MAUREEN DEXTER AND ARCHIE MUISE This Page Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Philip Curcuru, Jr. mJtk n TSk «- H m mum ? ' 4 a The class of 1982 proudly dedicates their yearbook. The Flicker, to Mr. Frank Petronzio. Frank has taught art at Gloucester High for 10 years. We want to thank you, Frank, for everything you ' ve done. THANKS The Class of 1982 This Page Sponsored bv Dr. and Mrs Robert E Blatchford 100 September 8 — Maureen and Eileen are on time! It can ' t be true. 9 — Jon falls in love . . . again. 10 — Big Mac finds out, so does the whole school. 11 — Gus Nunes lays it on the line for his students. " He ' s not trying to be tough. " 12 — Seniors enjoy first weekend . . . 13 — Oh, no!! Not school . . . 14 — Monday morning blues . . . 15 — Things are beginning to look up, uh, Cath. 17 — Kinks at Boston Garden. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! 18 — Hearts are being broken, blame Joe. 19 — Cheryl has a gleam in her eye. What ' s his name? 20 — Have a nice trip Laurie. 21 — Football team is working hard to beat Salem 22 — Only 7 months till the big 18 . . . 23 — Looking for a date . . . already??? 24 — Seniors measured for caps and gowns. Graduation only 170 days away. 25 — Mr. Z. tells his class about Nick ' s visit. 26 — Mona Glenn seen with a bottle of Bufferin, tough weekend Mona??? 27 — A flat tire didn ' t ruin a " kinky " night in Boston for R.B., T.P. and M.M. 28 — Barry becomes chickless. 29 — Which way did he go Sue? Oh, heart attack. 30 — Joe B. while flirting with young girls shows off his wiggle. October 1 — Hey Dina, see ya later. 2 — Pancake house six pals. 3 — Scott flushed his troubles away. 4 — Good going Nanc. 5 — Six pals . . . L.D.N.A.L. 6 — What a day. 7 — Ed Pasquina asks, " Is this the book? " 8 — Chris makes big mistake, how was the party? 9 — Heather and Janet and the potion. 10 — MN and Cathy C. defeated Sandy and Denny in a grueling tennis match 6-4, 2-6, 6-4. 11 — What happened to Jim and Paul at Topsfield Fair??? 12 — Mary, Kendyll, Faye, Donna, and Robin go on a long awaited journey. 13 — Someone made her debut on the intercom, what did she say? 14 — Heidi M. looked at John while walking to school. 15 — Student body asks Mr. French to turn down those yellow socks. 16 — 5th block FOOD FIGHT!!! 17 — Mike ' s first date in 6 months; everyone break out the hipboots 17 — G.H.S. Hasty Pudding makes its deb ut at the football game. 18 — 7 girls seen taking pictures at the Man at the Wheel, in the rain.?? 19 — Alex B. looks like a handsome stud, now who wrote that?? 19 — JFKM strikes again!! 20 — Erika H. talking about murder ... do you know Dianna Taylor??? 21 — One hundred and forty three forever . . . John. 21 — CLHMJBAPLB — go to Chinaland and order " Coca-Cola " 22 — Parky and Dave go for a " dip " at Kings Grant. 23 — She found out the hard way. 24 — Cindy and Dave one year. 24 — Carl G. finds out the hard way. 25 — 17 candles on a lemon meringue pie. 26 — School clocks still not fixed — Joe B. waits . . . 28 — The gang went to Boston and Carla couldn ' t reach. 29 — Chinese fire drills at Liberty Tree Mall . . . ABABBCJFTMLRPE . . . minus the clothes. 30 — Wonder Woman seem roaming around the halls of the high school today is that BC or MC??? 31 — Liz Orlando seen at the library . . . that ' s a first. 31 — Happy Halloween!!! 101 Football (L-r) Tim Philpot, Dave Maranhas, John Ruberti, Bob Wadsworth, Tom McCann, Brian Carey, Terry Oder, Randy O ' Neil, Willy Greeke, 2nd: Ed O ' Donnell, Brian Toqnazzi, Sam Fortado, Mark Enes, Scott Blatchford, Jim Montagnino, Mike Powers, George Den- nis, Phil Officer, Nick Ciolino, 3rd: Dave Francis, Chris Pratt, Tucker Destino, John Interrante, James Fiahlo, Pat Silverla, Rick Mar- shall, Ken Favazza, Mike Harmon, Archie Rudolph, John Pallazola, Mark Verga, Dean Murray, Jim Wonson, Steve Levasseur, Ed Pas- quina, 4th: Jon McDonald, Brian Swinson, Brian Colby, Anthony Burnham, Dexter Murray, Paul Pasquina, Rick Dasiwa, Ken Mills, Ted Testaverde, Phil Nicastro, Brian Anderson, Shawn Aitken, Ernie Beauperlant, Phil Nicastro, Paul Bertillino, Chris Good, Rusty Smith, Shawn Aitkens, Ted Houage. Captain Brian Carey Captain Tom McCann Captain Bob Wadsworth 102 ■■I Seniors Scott Blatchford Ed O ' Donnell Ernie Beauperlant John Ruberti David Maranhas Ed Pasquina Rusty Smith Chris Rose George Dennis Ted Testaverde Jim Montaqnino Chris Good Pat Silveria John MacDonald Peter Lovasco Shawn Aikens Brian Tognazzi Jim Wonson 103 Ricky Marshall 105 Football Cheerleaders Seniors: Kathy Milne Pam Ellis Heather Mugferd Cheryl Davis Kim Dion Amy Parsons Juniors: Debby Dion Gidget Russo Sue Moynahan Paula Hamilton Cindy Greely Pam Greer Advisor: Wendy Wintle Field Hockey Danvers 7 GHS 1 Bedell Only Point GHS 5 Swampscott 2 Scorers: Morrissey, Glenn (2) Knutsen, Rogers. Marblehead 4 GHS 3 Scorers: Glenn (2) Morrissey GHS 5 Winthrop 4 Scorers: Beck Sallah Glenn, Rogers, Morrissey Mona Glenn, Heather Rogers, Jeanne Bedell, Tammy Morrissey, Nancy Curley, Teresa Parisi, Cindy Knutsen, Astrid Afklintenberg, Stephanie Sallah, Wendy Beck Tammy Morrissey Diane Doyle Mona Glenn Lauree Cameron Cindy Knutsen Kat a Frank 106 Soccer Morten Jennsen, Mettias Johnson, Ignazzio Sanfillipo, Tim Kennedy, Henry DaSilva, Doug Bedell, Ron Pereen, Mike Fronteira, Steve Gentile, Mike Anderton, Chris Sova, Chico Kennedy, Phillepe Parco, Scott Geary, Barry Clifford, Erika Morias, Coach Tarr, Coach Bertilino, Steve Ellis, Dave Welch, Pete Ramano, Joquin Silva, Mike French, Enzo Scalifani, Timmy Tarr, Alan Murray, Peter Silva. Chris Sova Ron Pereen Pat Fronteiro Mike Anterton Ignazzio Sanfallipo Morten Jensen Phillipe Parco Doug Bedell 108 Tim Kennedy Girls Cross Country 110 Boys Cross Country Scores Gloucester Opp. 35 Beverly 22 47 Swampscott 15 42 Lynn English 17 46 Marblehead 17 19 Lynn Classical 40 25 Salem 31 26 Winthrop 30 22 Saugus 36 30 Danvers 28 (L-R) Coach Bob Byrnes, George Humphreys, Dave Quinn, Mike Lupo, Matt Paulsen, Jon Powers, Neil Williamson, Jon Curcuru, Roger Cressy, John Doe, Jim Donnely, Capt. Tom Silveria Although this year ' s Cross Country Team was not as large as the 1980 team, it rated high in quality. With only 2 return- ing members (John McCarthy and Tom Silveria) the team lacking only in experience. Lead by conference all-star John Powers and John Curcuru, the boys won three of the last four meets, losing the fourth by only 2 pts. Since the entire squad will be returning next season, Gloucester is expected to be among the top of the conference for 1982. Matt Paulsen Jim Donnely Neil Williamson Capt. Tom Silveria Dave Quinn John Powers John Curcuru «HKfl The G.H.S. girls Tennis Team had a very successful season. The team achieving a 10-8 record, placed 5th in the Northeastern Conference overall. The team consisted mainly of seniors who filled most of the varsity positions. At first singles was Tricha Philpott, 2nd singles Jenny Fatta, 3rd singles was shared by Michelle Mineo and Faye Linquata. At first doubles was Jennie Ciolino and Julie Oakes, in 2nd doubles w ere Kara Mullin and Debbie Giacalone. Also playing this position were Dawn Rochford and Kendyll Pickette. As well as being a very competitive season, it was a lot of fun. A verv special thanks goes to the girls coach. Tammy Mentus. 112 Girls Tennis GHS 1-4 Beverly 0- 5 Marblehead 5-0 Salem 4- 1 Lynn English 5- 0 Winthrop 5-0 Saugus 1- 4 Danvers 0- 5 Saugus 1- 4 Swampscott 0-5 Marblehead 2- 3 Beverly 4-1 Winthrop 3- 2 Lynn English 0-5 Swampscott 3- 2 Danvers 4- 1 Salem 3-2 Lynn Classical Golf Team The 1981 Golf Team proved to be a sur- prise for rookie coach Joe Billante. The Fishermen were picked to finish near the bottom of the Northeastern Conference but with great individual effort the team finish- ed in second place. Individuals who performed well were: Capt. Chris Davis, Mike Connors, Tom Lupo, Joe Aiello, and Gary Horne. Paul Marques, Scott Jones and John Sperry won some key points to help salvage important wins for the freshmen. The Fishermen were rewarded for this suc- cessful season by qualifying for the Mass. State Tournament. Record W6 L2 T1 Finish 2nd in NEC Hasty Pudding In this, its year of incep- tion, the Hasty Pudding Club has proven to be a worthy and valuable component of Gloucester High School. The group, advised by High Satirical Mentor, Erik Dahlgren, has on many occa- sions over the duration of the past year, been meritoriously present at several athletic events in the guise of full regalia. Marked by the wear- ing of two different shoes in addition to a mask, the attendance in full regalia of athletic events, and the deliverance of a verbal demonstration of aptitude in a court ceremony, entrance in the Hasty Pudding Club has in the past been a moving ex- perience. It would appear, as a result of its collective vir- tues, for all intents and pur- posed, that the Hasty Pud- ding Club shall remain in years to come a sovereign organization. Mike Connors, Martha Brennan, Alex Bentley, Hank Taft, Jim Officer, Paul Giacalone, John Ericson, Tammy Picone, Corrinna Bowles, Ed Pasquina, Matt Bolonsly, Erik Dahlgren, Matt Babson, Jennifer Williams, Meg Montagnino, Mariangela Nicolosi, Lauree Cameron, Heidi Shea, Katcha Frank, Liz Grillo, Maria D ' Angelo, Julie Oakes, Tricia Malone, Jenny Fortato, Justine Curely, Traci Cavanaugh, Betsy Williams, Bruce Tarr. Carlton Geary, Ed Pasquina, Jim Wheeler, Bob Wadsworth, Joy Orlando, Kathy Banks. Justine Curley, Sharon Fortado, Alex Bently, Jeff Gove. Junior Rotarians The Junior Rotarians, under the guidance of Mr. Frederick White, were chosen among the members of this year ' s senior class. These students must attend regular monthly Rotarian meetings and each member must deliver a speech to the Rotarians telling of their extracurricular ac- tivities in and out of school. 114 November 1 — Seniors make it through Halloween. £ 2 — Sandy returns. 3 — Debbie Orlando seen working . . . what ' s next?? 4 — C. R. don ' t sit on the prickers. ' is 5 — Happy Birthday Jennifer. 6 — Cooking makes you feel good all over . . . Jeff, Julie and Parky . . . 7 — Joe B. defaults the game away. 8 — Happy Birthday Faye. 9 — Mary, how ' s your head this morning?? 10 — Happy Birthday Amy. 11 — No School!!! 12 — Beth Gibbs passes out before they got the blood. 13 — Happy Birthday Chico, from your 37 admirers. 14 — Parky Eason gets cut from cheerleading. Better luck next time. 15 — Celia wants no lobster sauce. 16 — What ' s on your locker Mary??? 17 — Heather gets a flat tire ... boys to the rescue. m • A I kj affi 18 — Frank ' s t ip to Boston. Way to go!! II 9 — - Research Techniques to Boston. Yoh!! Chinaland. , 20 — Mr. B ' s 3rd block class is the best. { m , IpF „„ 21 — GetTwinked . . . 22 — Mr. Gleason ' s 1st block chem class sees the Easter Bunny. A little early isn ' t it. 23 — Lisa Leveille has an accident in chem. That will be 42.95, please. 24 — Girls screams heard from where?? 25 — T. Wiggles gets herself a guy. 26 — Football team ended the season in style . . . baking the Falcons. 27 — Guys and Dolls is now just a memory, 28 — Everyone resting from Thanksgiving. 29 — Only 15 days tillX-mas vacation. Seniors can ' t wait. December 1, — Ten days for tickets! Oh God! 2 — Heather Rogers polishing her surfboard . . . Daytona style. 3 — Jon Lafata receives the " P.B. " award. 4 — She ' s all happy. He ' s bach, he ' s back. 5 — Room 205, 6th block . . ask Sue? 6 — Linda S. sees spaceships at Stagefort. 7 — Charlene, remember the tie in the door. 8 — JFKM strikes again. 9 — Noel, Terry and Jamie have some ups and downs. 10 t- Yes, He said Yes!!! Finally . . . 1 1 — Basketball cheerleaders have their first 4 hour practice . . i need a little work. 12 — A stranger in the hall at 7:42. Is it Robin??? 13 — Beep to the Jeep. 956th . . . uhjTammy. 14 — Craig teaches Terry!! Uh. | i Ifc 15 — Last ditch attempt for dates girls. I 16 — Mr. Femino get stuck in the dumpster. 17 — Still dazed and confused . . . ask Mike. 18 — Lila with a flag. Feeling patriotic? 19 — Semi-Formal . . . what a night!!! 20 — Everyone resting from last night. 21 — Boys pull off a win over Beverly . 1. Go for it. 22 — Mrs. Keegan ' s room gets cleaned . . . ? 23 — Mabel tries to poison us before vacation. 24 — Vacation!!! ml- 25 — MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 26 — Pete Lovasco records his stats against Lynn English. 27 — Here ' s to you the CLASS OF 82!!! 28 — Bored . . NEVER. 29 — Research . . . what??? 30 — Paul gets a phone call from who??? Guess? 31 - NEW YEAR ' S EVE!!! Boys Basketball Varsity (L-R) Coach Joe Billante, Ture Nyman, Mike Powers, Jeff Fletcher, Pete Lovasco, Rusty Smith, John Judd, John Cecilio, Brian Carey, Rick Marshall, Jim Montagnino, Ball Boy Jay Pallazola, Co-captains: Tom Ryan and Chris Good. J.V. (L-R) Tim Philpott, Nick Novello, Mark Muniz, Arnie Ellis, Dave Swinson, Brian Colby, George Humphreys, Joe Iacano, Dave Welch, Dean Murray, Dexter Murray, Frank Gentile, Co-Captains Paul Scola, Drew Muniz. Scores Gloucester Opponent 60 Beverly 53 62 Winthrop 68 64 Lynn English 74 51 Lynn Classical 61 55 Salem 71 50 Saugus 55 87 Swampscott 102 68 Marblehead 66 72 Beverly 70 53 Danvers 72 58 Winthrop 67 66 Lynn English 76 75 Lynn Classical 85 70 Salem 72 65 Saugus 66 76 Swampscott 104 74 Marblehead 75 63 Danvers 62 116 Chris Good Tom Rvan Rickv Marshall Bnan Carev John Judd John Cecilio 117 Peter Lovasco Jeff Fletcher Ture Nyman Mike Powers Rusty Smith Basketball Cheerleaders 119 Seniors: Rose Calamo Faye Linquta Dorthee Bergmann Jane Quinn Dawn Rochford Debbie Bacon Amy Parsons Juniors: Cindy Greely Paula Hamilton Sophomore: Janine Gallant Advisor: Wendy Wintle Girls Basketball Varsity (L-R) Denee DeCoste, Heather Rogers, Leigh DelTorchio, Lori Pallazola, VVendv Beck, Denise Cox, Phylis Harmon, Mona Glenn, Cindy Knusten, Coach Bielicki J.V. (L-R) Jeanne Bedell, Theresa Pansi, Pam Pansi, Rene Jobe, Jodi Wall, Natile Naves, Kelly Peters, Kim Chick, Julie Quinn, Lee Anne Pallazola, Jeanne Pallazola Scores Home Opponent 34 Beverly 54 44 Wintrop 65 60 Lynn English 42 46 Lynn Classical 63 41 Salem 60 54 Saugus 62 53 Swampscott 58 54 Marblehead 56 43 Beverly 36 54 Danvers 73 40 Wintrop 74 52 Lynn English 45 43 Lynn Classical 60 52 Salem 56 50 Saugus 65 68 Swampscott 58 46 Marblehead 57 58 Danvers 80 120 Cindy Knutsen Mona Glenn Phylis Harmon Lori Pallazola Leigh Deltorciho Wendy Beck Denee Decoste Heather Rogers G.H.S. Thespians Present Guys and Dolls 122 On November 20, 21 and 22 the Fuller School Stage was alive. The GHS Thes- pians rendition of Damon Runyon ' s musical fable, Guys and Dolls, was a fun- filled event full of shady but delightful gamblers, hot box strippers, and Salvation Army missionaries. Suave Sky Masterson (Larry Cook) the consumate gambler makes a bet with Nathan Detroit (Tim Geary) that he can take the head of the missionary. Miss Sarah Brown (Erika Hansen) on a date with him to Havana. Romance inevitably follows and the two opposites fall in love. Nathan meanwhile has been engaged to the main dancer at the hotbox Miss Adelaide (Eileen Fit- zgerald) for 14 years. In the end love triumphs over gambling as Sarah and Adelaide vow to " Marry the Man Today. " 123 s ||§i »,1 - Mz 3 Chorus Heidi Reardon, Andrea Heussi, Erika Hansen, Merri Brown, Gail Anetess, Kathy Record, Donna Record, Bernadette Gersnter, Heidi Sawyer, Suzanne Holmes, Terri Deaveau, Sany Thompson, John Myett, Phil Parisi, Kevin Bealeaui, Paul Pasquina, Dick Murray, Keith French, Mark Tolman, Jammie Tolman, Noel Reynolds, Scott Enos, 124 Concert Band 125 Michelle Beauleiu, Jill Burnham, Justine Curley, Alicia Daniels, Ali DelloRusso, Jennifer Fortado, Marie Vadala, John Asaro, Lisa Asaro, Kevin Beauleiu, Joey Foote, Christine Fortado, Amy Mon- bourquette, Jeanette Salmi, Joe Taormina, Heidi Bauman, Charlene Fanion, William Flygare, Michael Maranhas, David Stowell, Nick Taormina, Dennis Frontiero, Mike Mulcahey, Mark Carrico, Richard Beniot, Bridgette Mulcahey, Hilary Anderson, Dene Decoste, Fred Ellis, Robert Melanson, Teresa Parisi, Jeanine Selig, Mattie Fialho, Frank Taormina, Jeff Brown, John Monroe, Lea Doyle, Scott Parisi, Paula Marques, Donna Record, Sam Frontiero, Darren Mer- chant, Craigh Roller, Adam Monroe, John Myett, Richard Ciloino, Chris Craft, Craig Hamilton, Robert Orlando, Phil Parisi, Gret Stevens, Nick Rodolosi, Mike Rowe, Mike Cochems, Ronald Frazier. Student Council First row: Meg Montaginino, Faye Linquita, Diane Doyle, Cathy Reardon. Second row. Missie Bertilino, Terry Oder, Mike Lupo, Steph Sallah, Amy Drier, Lynn Hemingway, Whitney Ryan, Doug Bedell, Janine Gallant, Chris Bates, Annette Rubino, Juanita Cope, Charlene Ross. Third row. Dave Ellis, Dave Webster, Francie Favoloro, Jen Harris, Robin Powers, Eillenn Fitzgerald, Randy O ' Neil, John Ellis, Cheryl Davis, Joy Orlando, Heather Rogers, Jim Wheeler, Paul Pasquina, Chris Pratt, Martha Brennan, Ed Pasquina, Rich daSilva. The Student Council became in- creasingly involved in all aspects of student life this year. The year was filled with events and ac- tivities that related to the educa- tional, social, and communal life of Gloucester. In 1982, Council members ran a School Committee meeting and participated in each School Com- mittee meeting through its Stu- dent Advisory Council. The pro- posal to weight grades at G.H.S. was initiated by the Student Council. Members also took part in the State Advisory Council arid Student Government Day dealing with issues of state and national importance. With Student Council assistance a Government Intern- ship program was also planned. Council members can be very pleased with their ac- complishments. It was not just a year of all work and no play however. Spirit Week got off to a slow start but finished with an outrageous " Outrageous Day. " A costume dance featuring " Points North " was a great suc- cess. The Council also hosted the Faculty-Student basketball game that left the Faculty All-Starts tired and worn but triumphant. A high point of the year has to have been the Community Courses Day. When residents of Gloucester came to the high school to share their expertise and talent with the students. The hard working " Blood Drive Commit- tee " did an outstanding job of draining the student body. Gloucester High School can be proud of its " living " gift to the community. Not to be forgotten is the " musical event " of the season when Council and Chorus members caroled at the elderly housing projects throughout the city at Christmas time. Congratulations on a terrific year!!! STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL Steph Sallah, Meg Montaginino, Cathy Reardon, Doug Bedell. This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Myles Reardon 129 German Club Mr. Chane, Bob Francis, Allison Burns, Heather Shea, Robyn Powers, Cindy Greely. Shelia Hall, Cathy Reardon, Jane Quinn, Tricia Malone, Diane Doyle, Tim Ahonen, Rich Beniot, Mike Anderton, Karyn Kuchenbaur, Vicki Hawks, Eria Morias, Katja Frank, Heidi Shea, Marty Donnelly, Maureen Ellard.Col- len Martin. All students currently or previously involved in the German program at the High School are eligible to become members of the German Club. The Club was formed for two reasons. First to en- courage the learning of German language and culture in a setting out- side the formal classroom, and second- ly, to develop a positive friendly rela- tionship among students in the various German classes. Each year at Gradua- tion, the club offers a scholarship to a graduation senior. This year we have had German speaking evenings (dinner parties), talks bv Katja Frank, the Ger- man exchange student, the tutoring program and we attended a german movie in Boston. In addition, the club is working towards promoting the Ger- man Overseas study trip for 1983. The officers for the 81-82 school year are: Tricia Malone — President, Diane Doyle — Vice President, Cathy Rear- don — Secretary, Treasurer and Mr. Richard Chane, Faculty Advisor. Steve Tebou, Scott Jones, Jim Wheeler, John Ericson, Tom Hall, Doug Bedell, Martha Brennan. Shelia Hall, Mr. Sperry, and Mara Lambert. Math Team The 1982 G.H.S. Math Team proved once again that not all students despise math, they even gave up all or most of their free time to improve their skills. The 1981-82 Math Team included seniors Doug Bedell, Jon Ericson, Steve Tebou, and Jim Wheeler. 130 This page sponsored bv Mr and Mrs Ronald L Francis January 1. Recovery. 2. LB stay calm only 2 days left. 3. Lost and found! My car! 4. Back to school, how many days till vacation? 5. Yearbook staff threatened to death if deadline isn ' t met. 6. What ' s what? ask Sandy. 7. Hey, Jen! Where ' s your ring ding? 8. Kelly tells Carla to bring her license. What ' s up? 9. Tribute to Ture form some vocal girls! 1 0. Senioritsis sets in. 1 1. Debbie Orlando mistakes perfume for lipgloss. 12. Where ' s Julie? No one has heard her. 14. Feliz strikes again. 15. Mary where are your paper towels. 16. Kim R. still smiles even after falling down. 17. Carla and Kelly got good tickets to J. Geils. 19. Tracey Souza arrives at 12:00. 20. Seniors nervously await to hear from college. 23. Hockey team on a winning streak. 24. Not on Sunday Joe B. ! ! ! 25. Flicker stats pushing chocolate!!! 27. Gymkhana night. 29. It ' s almost over. 28. Hubba gets a haircut. 21. Jen, did you sit on chocolate today. 26. Janice W. tells everyone how she spent her childhood in a draw. 18. Good bye Moby Dick!!! 22. Tom Ryan get salesman of the Year. 13. Does the answer lie at the bottom of the sea.??? February 1. Kyn and Kelly come late Again. Great way to start. 2. Sandy are you sleepin in??? 3. Bird, what ' s in your hand??? 4. Pam, I ' m lost! 5. Cherly and Eileen see sophomores in the dark. 6. Snow in N.H. Yoh!!! T.M.S.S.F.C. E.H. 7. G.P. ask CC and SM 8. Jim H. out of school again. 9. Carla caught puttin notes in lockers. 10. Jules, why did you walk home last night? 11. Archie gets a valentine. 12. Lollipops. 13. Julie you ' ve a secret admirer! Who??? 14. Happy Valentines Day!! 15. SM and DC together again. 16. TFH From Cannon to Beverly! Chris, Graigh and Scott. 17. Vacation!!! 18. Sleep. 19. Research what??? oh, yea, papers . . . 20. Happy Birthday Rich. 21. Oh, no Not school 22. Paul gets a late valentine. 23. J. GEILS!!! 24. Greg dropped what where? 131 Boys Indoor Track The Boys track team had a ver successful season. Team members in elude: Jim Wonson, Larry Marcan tiono, Doug Bedell, Tom McCanr Larry Cilufio, Bob Francis, Roge Cressy, Antionio Silva, Henr daSilva, and John Powers. Bo Roland was Coach. Girls Indoor Track ; ii _L X § 4 m m 1 V I Ifeil Mnfl jk, ■ (L-R) Bob Byrnes, Tammy Baldwin, Sandy Muniz, Greta Afklintenberg, Jen Harris, Val Cook, Kim Rochford, Kendyll Pickette, Diane Colby, Clat Dyett, Missie Bertillno, Wendy Paxon, Lauren Ciluffo, Marlena Vizena, Francie Nicastro, Pam Parsons, Bonnie Townsend, Tracy Burnham, Steph Sauliner, Lisa Luongo, Michelle Prose, Katja Frank The Girls indoor track team had a successful season. Under Coach Byrnes ' direction they compil- ed a fine record. The team was led by seniors Sandy Muniz, Marlena Vizena and Kendyll Pickette. 133 Home 3 Scores Swampscott Opponent 3 3 Beverly 1 8 Salem 1 5 Marblehead 3 17 Classical 1 3 Saugus 3 4 Winthrop 6 14 English 7 5 Danvers 5 1 Swampscott 2 7 Berelv 2 7 Marblehead 3 10 Classical 4 3 Saugus 6 4 Winthrop 6 8 Salem 2 4 English 0 5 Danvers 7 A A 14 Hockey Members of (he 1981-82 team are Jeff Gove, Tim Kennedy, Mike Connors, Phil Giacalone, Steve MacDonald, Phil Xicastro, Brandy Fen- nessey, Eric Russell, Mike Frontiera, Ray D ' Amico, Garv Horne, Barry Clifford, Scott Geary, Greg Cooney, John Lafata, Barrv McKay, Mark Enes. Don Riley was varsity coach of the Fishermen. 134 This page sponsored bv Mr. and Ms. A. Kilbv Gove Jr R.O.T.C. A COMPANY Scott Place, Pam Silva, Carl Gearv, Dave Maranhas, Dave Gear) ' , Dave Wheeler, Valerie Cook, John MacDonald, Joe Saluliner, Lesle French, Mike Turner B COMPANY Ferndando Y ' alado, Maria daRosa, Sherry Machain, Leslie French, Chris Smith, Ketih French. ROTC Colorguard LTC. Ed Pasquina BATTALION STAFF Jennifer Williams, Mike Frazier. Jim Officer. Ed Pa - quina, and Jim Wheeler. T. j 1 JM i 1 |! 1 Ijv , r V ' L Twrm m I 712 4 ’m Home 853 Scores Bedford Opponent 847 832 Acton 847 879 Way land 872 847 Marlborough 878 873 Bedford 852 867 Acton 845 854 Wayland 883 873 Marlborough 871 843 New Bedford 766 RIFLE TEAM Fernando Valado, Sherry Machain, Pam Silva, Jen Williams, Jim Wheeler. Jim Officer, Carrie Budrow, Bart Piscentello, Gemma Amero, Tim Ahonen. Wayne Coull, Simon Corben. 138 ■ ' ROTC Jim Officer Carl Geary THE GRENDIERS Paul Valadao, Carl Geary, Mike Turner, Mike Frazier, Dave Gerary, Chris Smith, Jim Officer, John MacDonald Ed Pasquina Jim Wheeler Jen Williams Dave Maranhas Valerie Cook Maria daRoss Pam Silva Sherry Machanin John MacDonald Joe Sauliner Mike Frazier This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. G. Earl Frazier 139 Vocational Open House The Vocation school students were so busy with their numerous projects this year that it was extremely hard for the yearbook to catch them still. However, we captured them at their annual open house held in May. 140 This page sponsored by the parents of Chris Elwell. Student-Faculty Basketball • " ALL STAR STUDENT TEAM Paul Pasquina, Bob Johnson, Unknown, Ken Mills, Glenn Justice, Brian Colby, Drew Muniz, Larrv Marcantonio, Dave Harrison, Ed O ' Donnell, John Ruberti, Bob Wadsworth, Cindv Knutsen, Cath Reardon, Faye Linquta, Wendy Beck, Nancy Curley. " •ALL STAR FACULTY TEAM " Bob Roland, Tom Walsh, Steve Suterea, Chip Kistener, Mr Aiello, Paul Ingram, Gregg Smith, Sandy Favazza, Tim Davis, JoJo Billante, Joe Billante. This page sponsored bv the parents of Bob Wadsworth. 142 Z H m Ahonen, Justine Curley, Scott Enos, Colleen Martin, Alex Bendy, Tricia Malone, David Asaro, MN icolosi, Heidi Shea, Katja Frank, Tammy Picone, Martha Brennan, Miss Wintle. Flash The Flash, which contains both the O ' Malev Outlook and the Gloucester High School Flash editions, was published three times during the 1981- 1982 school year. The staff hopes it wa: both informative and interesting. Mara Lambert, Steve Bailey, Tim Ahonen, Dave Asaro, Tammy Picone, Martha Brennan Tricia Malone Kevin Beaulieu. Absent: Steven Gentile. Beacon The Beacon had a good year. Fine student art and photograhy helped to produce a fine edition which demonstrates the creativity of Gloucester High School Students. 144 This page sponsored bv Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A X’icolosi March 1. Cheryl and Eillenn seen scarf chasing. 2 Geri where all the " gold ' go. 3. Debbie meets her policeman. 4. Who left school? 5. Senioritis strikes at 6th lunch. 8. Live from Florida its Heather and Tammy. 9. Lets get Physical. 10. A’ fisherman! ( Whats next. . Hands get out of my house. 1 Z faye . . . purple hails. . 15. Beware the id|s oFMSrch. V 16. Dan Quinn enlisted in the U2TM.C. . . . 17. Dan has second thoughts 18. ThtJ-V a ' cup w hen ? 19. Ed O Donnell remembers to bake for the bake sale . 22. Seniors attached with water by juniors. 23. TheGoogen Partrol rlported borrowing what? 24. The girls are b ack but r not for long . . . FOOl£ spray paint girls, its bad for the image 1. No sc 2. Ditch 5. Spring 6. SNOW 1 " 7. SNOWf 8. A long weekend. 9. The snow is melting oh no!!? 1 2. He said what! 1 3. Talent show is a big success. 14. National Honor Society Induction. 1 5. Mother Daughter Banquet 16. Spirit Week Dance. 19. Too bad the go-gos missed a beat. 20. Mark is bacK 21. Tom " bachelor” McCann seen with Robin " always late 22. Cathy celebrates 18th in New York. 23. Googen patrol rides again. 26. Flapas at track . . . ask SM, PR, CC. 27. Hey Archie, we made it. 28. Hey Faye who scared you . . . 30. Field trip . . Permission slips . . . r J_ — J " v a a Bouchie. % This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Ron Pereen 145 Boys Tennis The boys tennis team had a successfi season the teams seniors Mike Connor Tom McCann, Tim Kennedy and Joh Lafata did an outstanding job. Wit many sophomores and juniors retun ing next years team should be just ; good. Unfortunately final scores were nc available. (L-R) Tim Philpott, John McCarthy, Scott Geary, Coach Steve Novak, Tigher Williams, Barry Clif- ford, Mike Connors, Tom McCann, Tim Kennedy, and John Lafata fM 146 This page sponsored bv Mr and Mrs. Lefov Ross First row: Bob Wadsworth, Erika Hansen, Kathy Banks, Marty Donnelly, Tricia Malone, Alex Bentley, Gerry Brum. Second row: Cindy Knutsen, Jim Wheeler, Doug Bedell, John Ericson, Joanne Doucette, Patty Nealy, Justine Curley, Jenny Fortado, Rich Benoit, Ed Pasquina. Third row: Charlene Ross, Heidi Shea, Sharon Fortado, Mariangela Nicolosi, Cheryl Davis, Tracy Cunningham, Diane Doyle, Kim Lane, Katie Moyhanhan, Herberta Morias, Jennie Ciolino, Jim Mourey, Back row: Scott Enos, Tina Foss, Maria Fer- rente, Joy Orlando, Cathy Reardon, Kevin Clancy, Corrine Bowles, Tom Ryan, Laura Barker, Mike Ander- ton, Janelle Lumbard, Jen Beck, Amy Parsons. N.H.S. The National Honor Society, ad- vised by Eileen Erwin is a highly active group. This club holds teas, suppers, and a formal induction ceremony, plus 6 bake sales and 9 monthly meetings. The money they raise is put towards 4 scholar- ships that are given at the end of the year. Front row: Joanne Burns, Kim Allen, Jill Giagalone, Armanda Carriposa, Herberta Morias, Bea Ekborg, Kim Lane. Middle row: Steve Asaro, Dorthee Bergman, Patty Nealy, Joanne Doucette, Maria Orlando, Jen Beck, Lynn Becker, Janelle Lumbard, Muareen Ellard, Maria Ferrante. Back row: Scott Enos, Denise Burns, Darlene Moulton, Patty Quinn, Cathy Reardon, Shelly Mattson, Tracy Gallante, Mr. Korobkin, Celia Lourance, Michelle White, Matt Babson, Amy Parsons, Fay Coztanzo, Enza Ferrera, Rich Murray. H.B.C. Members of the Honor Business Club, must maintain an average of 85% and carry at least four business courses. The club ' s main fundraisers throughout the school year are bake sales and their an- nual candy drive. The money they raise is given to two exceptional business students at the end of the year. This page sponsored by Mrs. Albert Konoelin 147 Boys Spring Track Members of the 1982 track team we Chris Pratt, John Ruberti, Jim Wonst John Judd, Paul Pasquina, Chris Good, B Wadsworth, Ken Mills, Arnie Ellis, Mi Powers, John Powers, Ari Levine, Da Maranhas, Doug Bedell and Ed Pasquii The Coach was Bob Byrnes. 148 This page sponsored bv the parents of Scott Reed Girls Spring Track Scores Home Opponent Winthrop Lynn English Salem Saugus Swampscott Marblehead Beverly Danvers Paula Hamilton, Missie Bertilino, Holly Parsons, Sandy Muniz, Lauree Cmaeron, Marilyn Murray, Katja Frank, Toby Falkluad, Francie Nicsatro, Jen Harris, Robin Powers, Astrid Af Klintenberg, Cheray Curtis, Shila Hall, Tracy Burnhan, Collen Martin, Pam Parsons, Paula Randazza, Beth DeCoste, Kim Cameron, Laurie Silva. Coaches J D. MacEahern and Clat Dyett. This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Repyak Mwm Talent Show Jr : 150 The Mother Daughter Banquet I I 11 In ft IV IJ 1 1 r i vM V _ 1 The Mother Daughter Banque was held on April 15, 1982 at thi Radison Ferncroft in Danvers Three Cheers for a beautiful eve ning made possible by Trao Cunningham, Rose Calano, Am Dias, Tracy Galnt, Lisa Leville Kelly Gallant, Jennie Ciolino Debbie Olrando, Tricia Malone Lauree Cameron, Carla Palazola Martha Cullen, Corrina Bowles Eileen Fitzgerald, Robin Bouchie Mar ? Judd, Joy Orlando, Mari Ferrante and Miss Patty Grace. 152 This page is sponsored bv the parents of Denee DeCoste 153 r h is page sponsored by the parents of Ramona Gle n n Thespians Tim Geary Eileen Fitzgerald, Eridka Hanse Justin Curley, Tony Gentile, Carl Geary, Be nadette Gerstner, Sue Gray, Mattias Johnso Morten Jensen, Larry Cook, Betsy WUliarr Shauna Francis, Chris Silverira, Erin Cole, Trai Cavanaugh, Cathv Wood, Bart Piscitello, Warn Durgin, Ross Braver. Walt Carev, Dan Care Jamie Tolman, Ketih French, Dough Grimes, Ti Perry, Manci Milone, Lislei Melanson, Li Gilbert, Jill Giacalone, Lisa Munrow. Future Flome- makers of America Julie lithch. Debbie Spellan, Diane Hopkin Tina Douce to. Chris Menniccui Phvlis Rodilos and Mrs Brad street 154 This page sponsored bv the parents of Garv D avis and Fugenia Silva G.H.S. Marching Band DRUM MAJORS Lisa Asaro, Bridgete Mulcahey and Justine Curley. 156 This page sponsored bv the parents of Mark Ingersoll National Honor Society Induction The annual induction ceremony of the Sherman B. Ruth Chapter of the National Honor Society was held Wednes- day, April 14th in the auditorium. Fifty members of the junior class, who maintained an 84.5 average were inducted. Officers for the 1982-1983 school year are Martha Bren- nan, President; Scott Jones, Vice-President; Paul Pasquina, Treasurer; Rebecca Richardson, Librarian; and Kristen Michel, Secretary. 158 This page is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. C arleton T. Gearv, Sr 11 May 1. 20 left . . . 5. Hampton Beach Cruise. 6 Mrs. Sinclair gives her annual " life” speech 13. Academic Recognition Night. 14. The senior class enjoys " Prom Night " starring Sandy • • • 17. Happy Birthday Ed . . . 18 Finals . . . who cares. 19. Cathy and Cheryl take whose car . where??? 20. Mrs. Jones how ' s Dominic . . . rarara 2 1 Last day for senior s . fH T?rvfm?7e ,ll u ll p Vcm71a pwm ' 23. PROM NIGHT!!! 26. Don ' t ask,. Happy Birthday Paul. 28. Some of us still recovering . . . ff3 wmi m j 3. Last rehearsal, pick up caps and gow 4. Officers Party. ROTC LIVES!!! 5. Awards Night. 6. GRADUATION. Good bye, Good luck and Thank you. The Class of 1982 Jun « ! r-.l k m;m ■ ■ a I -i - $ Mi vVji ?o k iM ' -i This page sponsored by Mrs. and Mr. Robert Quinn and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Parco 159 Coach Parady, Willie Greeke, Dean Murray, Nick Novello, Dexter Murray, Phil Nicastro, Joe Iacanno, Coach Parady and Captain Stacy Hawley Tucker Destino, Brian Carey, Kevin Clancy, Rusty Lane, Stacy Hawley, Ron Pereen, Scott Reed Baseball This page sponsored bv the parents of Rusty Lane Softball Members of the 1982 girls softball team were; Tammy Morriesy, Julie Powers, Lin- da Stanton, Mona Glenn, Katie Moynahan, Phylis Harmon, Cindy Knutsen, Ann Gilardi, Jodi Wall, Theresa Parisi, Heather Rogers and coach Smith This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Carelton Ekborg Jr. 163 1 64 This page sponsored by the parents of Julie Fitch. Costume Dance The Costume Dance spoi sored by the Student Counc was a huge success. Poin played for over 400 students i the high school gym. The ev ning was excellent for bot students and the council. Tf costume dances plans for ne: year are already being made. This page sponsored bv Mr and Mrs Russell Monroe 168 Class Officers and Advisors Class Officers: Ed O ' Donnell, Robyn Bouchie, Mary Beth Judd, Ed Pasquina Class Advisors Bob MacEahern Pat Grace President: Ed O ' Donnell Vice President: Robyn Bouchie Secretary: Mary Beth Judd 169 - 171 rh is page is sponsored by the parents of Michelle Mineo. June, 1982 Greetings Before the 1982 yearbook concludes I would briefly like to thank the following people for their special contributions: Judy Rose, Lisa Leville, Beth Gibbs, Charlene Ross, Tim Geary, Dawna Rowe, Katja Frank, Mariangela N ' icolosi, Joy Orlando, Corrina Bowles, Cheryl Davis and Jane Quinn. There are still more that deserve special recognition. They are Tammy Picone, Assistant Editor, John Eric- son, Layout Editor, Ed Pasquina, Financial Editor, John Ruberti, Sports Editor, Paul Pasquina, Dave Asaro, Chris Pratt, Bob Menicocci, and Martha Brennan, Layouts. Maria Ferrant and Rich Murray helped, also, with layouts and advertising. I wish to express a very special thank you to Juanita Cope; for without her I never could have finished. There are adults also who have helped: Mr. Femino, Mrs. Dallin, Mr. French, Mrs. Grace Figurido, Advisor, Mr. Delaney of Taylor Publishing Co. and especially Terry and Jay Bleiler of Purdy Studios. Most of all, though, I want to thank the class of 1982 for making it a successful year. I hope you enjoy the 1982 Flicker. Sincerely, Catherine Reardon Editor P S. Good luck to the class of 1983 and Mrs. Davis!!! This year ' s senior prom was held at the Danversport Yacht Club on Tuesday evening May 25. The queen, Robin Bouchie and her court Marilyn Murray, Beth Gibbs, Lori Riggles, and Tricia Philpott were escorted by the king. Bob Wadsworth, and his court; Brian Carey, Larry Marcantonio, Tony Gentile and Bobby Oliver. Everyone had an unforgetable evening. 174 This page sponsored bv the parents of Diane Sutherland This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Tarr This page sponsored by the parents of Heidi Thibodeau This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Dan Whitten This page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wonson v.v « » f 9k ' Uh. The Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1982 I, Dina Pallazola, leave all my laughs and best wishes to Mr. Sparer. I, Chris Davis, leave my presidency of the No Honor Society to Jim Donnely. We, Kathie Brazier and Sue Giglio, leave Vicki Wallen many good times in the falcon also the memory of J.M. and the 60 ' s. I, Julie Powers, leave my lips to Heather Rogers. I, Mary Russo, leave being late to homeroom to Mr. Korobkin. I, Tammy Morrissey, leave my Holland imports to Steph and Meg. I, Chris Sova, leave all attitude problems to coach Bo Bo. I, Richard Beniot, leave a trip to Rockport with friends to meet Cliffy to Jim Donnelly. I, Debbie Taylor, leave all my extra credits, to Jim Hinclely. I, Chris Rose, leave 10 pounds of chuck to Leroy Baker. I, Judy Chianciola, leave my case of senioritis to all interested juniors. I, Tracey, leave my brownie and Pepsi, to Gillie. I, Kevin Burgess, leave all my mushrooms, and fish to Frank Petronzio. I, Sue Swanson, leave my memories of locker no. 1-323. I, Jeff Muise, leave Larry Cook in charge of all the future Budmen. I, Lisa Dionne, leave my headaches, heartaches, and homework, to Ms. Nickas. I, Michelle White, leave my Moby Dick book to Mr. Dahlgren. I, Robin L. Briand, leave my favorite hobby to the remaining member of the Phantom 5. I, Ignazio Sanfilippo leave grease gun, to Stan Gleason. I, Mary, leave my Pass-Out game to Julie. I, Rosemarie Calomo, leave my locker with all the pictures and decorations to my baby sister Sandy. I, Jon Lafata, leave all the headaches and defeats to 1st singles to Scott Geary. I, Faye Linquita, leave all my valentines from Mr. Mac to Caryn. I, Larry Marcantonio leave my corner to eye the new sophomore girls to Tucker Destino. I, Shelly Mattson, leave Mark Enes to be watched closely by Nina Testaverde. I, Shelly Mattaon, leave all my late passes from Mr. K. to any future Joe B. student. I, Pam Silva, leave my poker game and bottle opener to Paul, Chris and Swain. I, Doug Bedell, leave the black van to Roger Cressy. We, Rose Calomo and Beth Gibbs, leave Cracker Brown to Cathy Silva. I, Sandy Muniz, leave a hubcap to Cheray Cutis. I, Bernadette Gerstner, leave the character roles in plays to Shaunna Francis. I, Kyn Levasseur, leave my alarm clock to my brother Steven. I, Pam Atkins, leave my heart shoe strings to Lee Mederios. I, Caryn Cluett, leave my lunch money to my brother Chris Cluett. I, Celia Lourenco, leave my typewriter, and correction tape to Bob. I, Heather Mugford leave my unfinished homework to my sister Elisa. I, Cathy Reardon, leave the Student Council to the next poor secretary and the yearbook to the next foolish editor. I, Mathew M. Babson, leave to Martha Brennan my well used knee pads. I, Julie Sinagra, leave G.H.S. Echo to be heard forever. I, Tammy, leave John, Dave, Peter, Babbo, Matt, Alex, and Mr. Dahlgren to anyone who wants them ... on second thought I ' ll take ' em with me!!! I, Matt Bolonsky, leave Martha one new house key. I, April Perkins, leave all the cute and handsome guys to Rene Merchant. I, Cathy, leave Joanne Mark, Bob, Steve, Jay and all the other " friendly " boys. I, Robin Spanks, leave my " Screaming Yellow Zonkers " to Marlena, Karen. I, Diane Pramas, leave my place in Miss Wintle ' s English class to my brother Chris. This Page Sponsored by the Parents of Mary Dort. I, Simone Demasi, leave Ms. Jones and one more year of English projects and all that FUN!!! to Traci Cauanaugh. I, Eileen Fitzgerald, leave Mark Verga, regretfully! I, Steve Asaro, leave my senior year Chemistry class to any future senior who needs it to get into col- lege. I also leave my beard and Hawaiian shirt to anybody who can survive Cape Ann Market for three years. I, Lori Palazola, leave the task of being on time to my sister Jeanne. I, Trisha Malone, leave Sheila Hall, many National Honor Society bakesales, and laughs with Herr Chane. I, Lisa Harloff, leave all my teachers at G.H.S. to my sister Brenda. I, Robert Oliver, leave all the headaches and miseries to Bob Benjamin for the house project of " 83. " I, Carla Pallazola, leave my three sisters the car. I, Charlene Ross, leave the privilege to continue the battle against Salmonella to Bob " Doc " Melansen. I, Jennifer Fortado, leave my family history (to be read only after midnight) to Micheal Maranhas. I, Eileen Fitzgerald, leave — Thank God! I, Suzette D. Spanks, leave my dead dandilions to Mr. Pasek. I, Diane Sutherland, leave all my unfinished homework, and an extra five days extension on their absentees to Danny and Denise. I, Kathi Milne, leave my French book to Dave Tettoni. I, Eileen Fitzgerald, leave Maureen Fitzgerald all of my overdue Library books, my locker, and my book " 101 ways to get out of trouble a t G.H.S. " I, Denise Lord, leave all my untold jokes to Mr. Femino. I, Jennie Ciolino, leave the rest of my doritos and you know what else to Moira O ' Donnell. I, Kevin J. Beaulieu, leave my Honda with my sister on the back to Billy Flygare and my Beard to John Myett. I, Sue Giglio, leave G.H.S. with all my friends. I, Justine M. Curely, leave my whistle to Carol Soucy. I, Joanne Burns, leave One payphone credit card and my last black study to skip to Alison Burns. I, Simone Demasi, leave the excitement of a prom date, to Elizabeth Williams. I, Rosalie Peterson, leave two long years to Nina Ciluffo. I, Linda Fortado, leave the notes from study to Wendy to do whatever she pleases. I, Henry David Taft, leave one goat, and two cows to Brian Moulton (Have Fun). I, Sharon Fortado, leave my copy of Moby Dick to Mr. Dahlgren. I, Angela Ciolino, leave to Robin Clayton my book Graduate in Three Easy Lessons. I, Scott Arvilla, leave 10,000 Jimmy Page guitars to Korvid Nizzari. I, Annemarie Dias, leave my Wicked good friend to Arnie Ellis! I, Julie Fitch, leave Mr. Sparers class to anyone who can handle it. I, Tricia Hull, leave Traci and Kara (hands) the Croakwood Kitchen Staff, " Keep ' em in line girls! " I, Kathy Byrne, leave my beautifully decorated first floor locker to Micheal Lupo. I, Maria Ferrante, leave my old info, Moby Dick notes, and my hall space to Paula Blaisdell, Joette Beaupalant, and Janelle Burnham respectively. I, Cheryl Smith, leave my camping equipment to Cindy Smith, Maureen Fitzgerald, Karen Salah. I, Maria da Rosa, leave all my good times to Joy, Kathie, and Debbie. I, Danny MacDonald, leave my Ford Truck to Mr. Bradstreet. I, Bruce Jacobs, leave my mints to David Jedrey. I, Jill Fitch, leave fun memories and long talks and stomach aches to Chris Cilluffo. I, John W. Orlando, leave my position and as 1 Grad to John Judd. I, Patti Nealey, leave my shorthand notebook and accounting papers to April. I, Tammy Filfalt, leave all my English books to Mr. White. I, Tricia Hull, leave " the jock " to Traci Cauanaugh to steal her heart. We, the class of 1982, gladly leave Gloucester High School. 183 Senior Award Night Sawyer Medal Winners: Alex Bently Cheryl Giammanco Jeff Legendre Mariangela Nicolosi Steven Tebou Doug Bedell Sharon Fortado Tina Foss Charlene Ross Heidi Shea Patricia Malone Michael Novello Justine Curley Robert Wadsworth Erika Hansen James Wheeler Elliot T Parker English Book Award Patricia Malone Mariangela Nicolosi Doug Bedell Jim Wheeler French Book Prize Jim Wheeler German Consulate Book Prize Heidi Shea Spanish Book Prize Herberta Morais German Club Book Prize Patricia Malone Rosalyn Hammons Book Award Charlene Ross Special Social Studies Award Katja Frank J. Franklin Haskett Educational Trust Scholarship, Inc. Award. Brian Carey Ramona Glenn Chris Good Tammy Morrissey American Legion Scholarship Lester S. Pass Post 3. John Ruberti Bob Wadsworth Chargers Youth Program Scholarship Lynne Becker Doug Bedell Tim Kennedy John Ruberti 184 Michael J. Condon Music Scholarship Bernadette Gernstner Bessie Cobleigh Memorial Scholarship Debbie Bacon Patty Cusumano Memorial Scholarship Michele White Capt. Cosmo and Alligator Scholarship James J. Interrante Jr. Larry Marcantionio Cape Ann College Women ' s Club Scholarship Steven Asaro East Gloucester Youth Program Scholarship Robert Francis Allison Morrissey Mimi Ferrini Art Scholarship Katie Moynahan First Baptist Church of Gloucester Service Award Jennifer Beck Fire Fighter Elmer A. Hrulburt Memorial Scholarship Carelton P. Ekborg III The 1949 Massachusetts State Football Champions Scholarship Chris Good Louis M. Geller Scholarship Dian Doyle Gloucester Boosters Club Scholarship John Ruberti Bob Wadsworth Gloucester Business and Professional Women ' s Club Scholarship Sherry Machain C. Nelson Hardy Machian Scholarship Tina Foss Knights of Pythias Scholarship Diane M. Doyle Essex Teachers Association Scholarship Tina Foss Everett L. Meader Scholarship Kim Dion Ronal Pereen William Ace Lander Scholarship Craigh Roller Lucille Blackwood Saltberg Scholarship Denise Lord Essex Service Unit Salvation Army Scholarship Pamela Ellis Denise Lord Essex Fire Company Award Tina Foss Craig Mello Gloucester Emblem Club 339 Association Chris Davis Gloucester Fisheries Association Scholarship John Orlando Gloucester Fishermen ' s Wives Assoc. Scholarship Juanita Cope Gloucester Food Service Assoc. Scholarship Steven Asaro Joy Orlando Gloucester High School Alumni Scholarship Steven- Asaro Kathlenn Banks Chris Davis Jeff Gove Sherry Machain Shelly Mattson Julie Oakes Gloucester High School Student Council Scholarship Juanita Cope Diane Doyle Catherine Reardon Gloucester Little League Scholarship Larry Cilluffo Jeff Good Tom Ryan Gloucester Lodge No. 892, Elks Scholarship Mariangela Nicolosi Charlene Ross Gloucester aMunicipal Employees Union Local 687, Scholarship Bruce Tarr Gloucester Teachers ' Assoc. Scholarship Sandra Muniz Gloucester Woman ' s Club Scholarship Carl Geary Harold Gould Memorial Scholarship Justine Curley Honor Business Club Scholarship Steven Asaro Janet Chiasson Maria Ferrante Celia Lourenco James Kyrouz Scholarship Kendyll Pickette Magnolia Lions Club Scholarship Mariangela Nicolosi Peter Lake Michelle Mineo Patricia Philpott Dawn Rochford Brian Tognazzi Salvatore Piscitlello Memorial Scholarship Larry Cilluffo Gloucester Rotary Scholarship Catherine Reardon Bob Francis Sargen Murray Gilman Hough House Assoc. Award Charlene Ross John G. Silva Scholarship Juanita Cope Carl Ekborg Toad Hall Scholarship Larry Cilluffo The Nancy A. Webber Scholarship Tim Geary Leslie C. Johnson Scholarship Mariangla Nicolosi Leon C. Sprague Jr. Scholarship Gerald Bruni Mariangela Ncilosi Vietnam Combat Veterans of the North Shore Scholarship James Officer Gloucester Kiwanis Club Scholarship Justine Curely Thomas L. White Scholarship Geral Bruni Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Herberta Morais National Honor Society Kathlen Banks Jennifer Beck Alex Bently Patricia Malone 185 X v ★ Hr rocjrant 187 cm £ j L r -v r r I W H i Congratulations to The Class of ’82 GLOUCESTER AUTO SCHOOL 123 Main Street Gloucester, Ma. 01930 283-9253 G.A.S. and the Class of ’82 Will Make the Difference! ® varian ext rior DIVISIOI 192 GORTON’S OF GLOUCESTER Wishes the Class of 1982 The Best of Luck General Mills 542-1902 Lester C. Peabody President PEABODY OFFICE FURNITURE CORP. 234 Congress Street Boston Massachusetts 193 Best Wishes! GLOUCESTER FIREFIGHTERS LOCAL 762 GLASSlilERKSInc TIM GUEST p.o. box 419 gloucester, massachusetts 01930 SHOWROOM " SHOP THE CATALOG WAr " OPEN DAILY 9:30 to 3: Friday night ' til 9 p.rr DIVISION Of H.C. BROWN. INC. 46 BASS AVt., GLOUCESTER MASS. TEL. 383-2333 Plenty of fro® Parking fron’ A Rear 1-617-281-3338 CHRISTIAN MOLLY ANTIQUES NICKAS MARKET Burnham ' s Corner Essex, MA 156 Prospect St. Gloucester 194 Congratulations to the Class of 1982 From CALLAHAN’S RIVERSIDE HOUSE RESTAURANT 112 Main St. Essex, MA 01929 Tel. 283-6662 Compliments of GLOUCESTER TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. 16 Parker Street Gloucester, MA 01930 Buses and Cars 24 Hour Wrecker Service TONY’S MARKET 185 Washington St. Tel. 283-0161 Open 7 Days a Week Compliments of ESSEX PACKAGE STORE, INC. Main St. Esse, MA 01929 195 Congratulations to The Class of 1982 Compliments of DUD’S BAIT, TACKLE AND HOBBY 133 Washington St. Gloucester, MA 01930 Tel. 283-4882 Since 1796 G. EVERETT MAHONEY, INC. GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 30 Harbor Loop 147 Main St. 283-0610 7 Railroad Ave. 281-3030 farh depositor iimurfd to f 100,000. MOflAl Of OSlT iNSjIASCf C0 0 A T i0N Leo S. Chane, Manager 283-5131 196 Good Luck to the Class of ’82 From CAPE ANN’S PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL REALTORS REAL ESTATE BARBARA ERICSON 63 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MA. 01930 (617) 281-0904 CAPE ANN BOWLING CENTER 20 Air-Conditioned Bowling Lanes EDDIE DONOVAN’S LOBSTER POOL AND FISH MARKET Snack Area Weekdays 9AM-11PM Sunday 12 Noon to 11 PM 53 Gloucester Ave. Gloucester, Mass. 283-9753 Bearskin Neck Rockport, MA Tel. 546-2800 Our Specialty Is Cooking Lobsters 197 Com mercial O orders International Pinion DISTRICT UNION LOCAL 15 AFLCIO 144 V 2 Main Street Gloucester. Massachusetts 01930 UFCW OFFICE TELEPHONE ( 617 ) 283 4100 Congratulations TO RICHARD AND THE CLASS OF 1982 MRS. ESTHER CONNOR Tel. 283-9236 Best Wishes ATLANTIC SEAFOODS, INC. Fresh and Frozen Fillets Breaded IQF Fillets AUNE ' S YARN SHOP Robert J. Ryan President 5 Fish Pier Gloucester, Mass. 01930 112 Main St. Gloucester. Ma. 283-4687 Shoes 4 You $ BRANDED QUALITY FOOTWEAR 191 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 S17-281-3377 NELSON’S CLOTHING 8 Railroad Avenue Gloucester, Ma. 01930 281-3575 248 Main St. Gloucester 283-5675 Congratulations ST. PETER’S CLUB, INC. 23 Main St. Gloucester CHUBBY’S AUTO SERVICE, INC. 34 Railroad Ave. Gloucester, Ma. 01930 GLOVER’S FLOOR COVERINGS, INC. 18 Whittemore Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 283-3940 Mark and Foster Glover 199 EMPIRE FISH CD., INC WHOLESALE FISH DEALERS Producers and Packers of Fresh, Frozen and Cooked Fish 11-13 Harbor Loop P.O.Box 1143, Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Telephone 283-0840 SatanSS A Full-Service Hair Salon for Men and Women Also Eyebrow Arching, Dyeing, Manicures and Waxing 153 Western Avenue Essex 768-7200 A EASTERN PROPANE GAS inc. 131 WATER STREET, DANVERS, MA 01923 CHARLES V. CLEMENT. JR- President 617 774 1930 M A. 1-800-322-6628 N.H. 1-800-225-0715 THE CUPBOARD OF GLOUCESTER Gloucester I ' sed Furniture _ . iiA Antiques Stage Fort Park Gloucester BELLA SANDLER Off 7 DAYS ANTIQUES SECOND HAND FURNITURE BOUGHT 6 SO 53 MAIN STREET, GLOUCESTER MA01930 281 - VS Yv Chisholm ' a Viunt inc. 08VRI- AND LSTVeARAMS Best Wishes From MISS QUIG’S 18 W H I TTCMO m 8-S fr f OLOUCC8TER. MASS 01990 Bearskin Neck ANONt 4S-OV8 GENERAL BUSINESS SERVICES Good Luck Class of 1982 CAPE ANN MARINA CORP. 200 50 Main Street 75 Essex Ave. Gloucester 283-2112 GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK This is our new symbol. Twin seagulls in flight to signify a dynamic, cooperative venture, high in purpose and ideals, free to explore new innovations while retaining the character of our shared local heritage. GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK 85 Middle Street, Gloucester THE • j cricket press 1NC . Offset and Letter Press Printing 66 Summer Street Manchester, Ma. 01944 (617)526-7131 BABSON-ELWELL DAVIS, INC. INSURANCE 94 Middle Street Gloucester, Mass. Phone 293-1561 Chandler N. Davis John D. Cunningham 201 mfiDTre 171 Main Street, Gloucester, Mass. Apparel and Accessories for Women • Clothing and Furnishings for Men Tel. 283-3212 FRIENDS OF GLOUCESTER HIGH COMPLIMENTS OF FARNHAM’S NORMAN OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. Everything for the Office 25 Duncan Street Gloucester, MA 01930 CAPE ANN GLASS Auto Glass Installed While-U-Wait Glass for Every Purpose Authorized Insurance Replacements Bait i Tackle FRESH FISH Mirrors Touraine Furniture Tops Paints Glass Shelves Aluminum Screens Shower Doors and Windows Repaired Movtd to. 42 EASTERN AVENUE 283 4414 LIPMAN MARINE PRODUCTS CORPORATION State Fish Pier Gloucester, MA 01930 U.S.A. 216 Main St., Gloucester 202 Best Wishes QUINCY MARKET COLD STORAGE AND WAREHOUSE COMPANY Established 1881 ' i (617)283-1771 Telephone 283-2060 Residence 283-5267 FAULK BROTHERS, INC. Masonry Contractors GLOUCESTER TRANSIT MIX, INC. . . . Concrete . . . Herman A. Faulk, Jr. Pres. — Treas. 35 Whittemore St. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Emerson Avenue Gloucester, Mass. Best Wishes G L FARMS FREDDIE’S LOBSTALAND INC. Class of 1939 Vegetables and Fruit With Character Located in Friendly’s Parking Lot 203 Compliments of JAMES C. GREELY FUNERAL SERVICE INC. 212 Washington St. Gloucester, MA JOHN A. JOHNSON, INC. INSURANCE THE PERFECT SETTING Lexington Avenue Magnolia, Mass. 01930 All Phases of Hair Styling for Men and Women Ruth M. Mineo 525-3612 R. Emily Abbott Gloucester, Mass. 283-0016 ERNIE’S SERVICE STATION Main St. Essex 768-6081 General Auto Repairs Official Inspection Station FELECIA OIL CO., INC. R78 Commercial St. 204 Congratulations and Best Wishes G.H.S. Class of 1982 MASSACHUSETTS COASTAL SEAFOOD, INC. Cape Ann Industrial Park Magnolia, MA 01930 CAPE ANN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Each Depositor Insured to $100,000 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of NORTH SHORE ART ASSOCIATION Good Luck to the Class of 1982 Blackburn Park Gloucester. MA 01930 Tel. (617)281-1500 206 Jacobs wind energy conversion systems Sales, Installation and Service FortIer ElNERqy HArcdwARE Inc. Main Street, Essex ( 617 ) 768-6211 TWENTY SEVEN LEXINGTON AVENUE MAGNOLIA, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 Expert Appraiser Code 617 542-3917 KENNETH R. PARK JEWELER 77 Summer St. — Suite 807 Boston, Mass. 02110 Successor to Diamonds and Rare Gems Frederick T. Widmer Antique Jewelry and Silver Est. 1844 Masonic Jewelry i Refrigerators — Washers — Dryers — Dishwashers [ AL’S APPLIANCE REFRIGERATION SERVICE 283-0934 Air Conditioners — Disposals — Gas and Electric Ranges 207 W. E. BLANCHARD JEWELER ESTABLISHED 1913 125 Main St. Gloucester Member — American Gem Soc. Compliments of JULIAN BROTHERS Builder of National Homes MIKE’S PASTRY COFFEE SHOP Specializing in Italian Pastry Take Out Service Wedding Cakes to Order Also American and Italian Cakes to Order 37 Main St. Gloucester, . Mass. 01930 Tel. 283-5333 Best Wishes Class of 1982 MERRIMACK BUILDING INSPECTION COMPANY Residential and Commercial Inspection Fire and Storm Damage Appraisal 22 Ballard Road Michael S. Nicolosi, Sr. Lawrence, MA 01843 (617)683-7316 73 Rocky Neck Ave. Gloucester. Mass. 01930 283-7967 HENRY’S GREAT SUBMARINE SANDWICHES 324 Main St. Gloucester LARSEN’S SHOE STORE 131 Main St. DRYCLEANING BY RAYMOND Best Wishes HAROLD W. PIKE 208 Lane Peacock NELSON S CLOTHING President 248 Main St. Gloucester 283-5675 mm Peacock Communications, Inc. 24 Fuller Street, Magnolia, Massachusetts 01930 Telephone 617-525-3463 x jks m Tel. 745-2500 745-2501 T ,, r 745-2502 BRAKE CLUTCH, INC. 745-2504 Automotive Warehouse Distributors Fisher Plows and Parts Sales and Service 63 Bridge Street Frank J. Livas, Jr. Salem, Mass. (617)525-3461 GILES OF GLOUCESTER 232 Main St. MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION 4 Magnolia Avenue Magnolia, Massachusetts 01930 CAUSEWAY COFFEE SHOP 78 Essex Ave. Septic Tanks Pumped IPSWICH SAVINGS Septic Systems Installed and Repaired Backhoe Work R. F. LANE CO. BANK Martin and Pickering Sts. Essex, MA 22 Leonard St., Gloucester, Mass. 01930 283-3720 24 Hour Service 283-2678 209 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’82 hi Mil Leggat McCall Werner Commercial and Industrial Real Estate ' 60 State Street, Boston, MA ( 617 ) 367-1177 56 Raymond St. Manchester, MA 01944 Complete Banquet Facilities For Groups From 25 to 300 Telephone 525-3313 FOR SERVICE PLEASE CALL Cafe Service COOKING APPLIANCES AND FOOD EQUIPMENT P.O. BOX 183 — REVERE, MASSACHUSETTS 02151 TELEPHONE (617) 227-7747 o Eclnvci jxLst 199 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER MASSACHUSETTS 01930 OcOXK 1 kc. Fresh aud Frozen Fish - Nh m rJbert.a- HATCHER. JR. Controller TeL 281-0232 Gloucester, Mass. 01930 SAL’S HAIR STYLIST THE ROFFLER STYLING SYSTEM MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN QUALITY MEATS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES RELIABLE MEAT MARKET HOMEMADE ITALIAN SAUSAGE FREE 210 DELIVERY RAVENWOOD SPRING WATER CO. INC. CHILLED IT ' S REFRESHING Makes Coffee and Tea Taste Better 283-1778 on the edge of the sea” PEG LEG INN AND REST A URANT Rock port, Massachusetts Inn Open Year ’Round Restaurant Open mid April Through October INN 546-2352 • RESTAURANT 546-3038 ur Host and nostess Bob and Lillian Welcome Painting by Frank Beatty Your Local Key Co-op Store Part of a 350 Store Chain oay if „ V MODERN HOME 5 APPLIANCE SALES T Tel 283-0783 Bill Bellino 134 Main St. Gloucester, MA Nichols’ Octane CANDIES ‘ " ' V — -Al- cj ' 1 ■ • T_ Hours: Mon — Sat 9-8 Sun. 9-6 Route 128 — Crafts Rd. Exit 12 Gloucester Telephone 283-9850 ' h u.-.l .III J .ijvr.lf.-J 1 ohn and Miriam Kane 768-7521 Tel. 283-0750 JERRY NOBLE ELECTRICIAN INC. WIRING • LIGHTING • ELECTRIC HEATING OLDE ESSEX VILLAGE KOI I t 1 33, LSStX M SSAC HI St I Is 01929 Shops of Distinction 471 Western Avenue Gloucester, Mass. 01930 211 SAILOR STAN’S LUNCHEONETTE Rocky Neck Open 7 Days a Week Year ’Round -r ■ mi Congratulations Class of 1982 ST. PETER’S FIESTA COMMITTEE Gloucester, MA fir«$ton Best Wishes From Tony Tally TONY’S HOUSE OF TIRES On Scenic Route 133 Tel. 283-9851 — 283-3331 Quality Used Cars 73 Essex Ave. Gloucester, Mass. 0193 212 Phone: 283-3590 Robert and Ruth Snider VISA and MC Accepted Tel. (617)281-010 Victory HAIR SALON WINGAERSHEEK MOTEL Nearest to Wingaersheek Beach Heated — Private Showers — Color TV • Culn SI. Gloucester. Maes. Route 128 — Exit 13 46 Concord Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Continent! Breakfai in Seaso Open All Yet Congratulations Class of ’82 ROSE’S OIL SERVICE, INC. George H. Todd Corp., Subsidiary and ROSE’S TRANSPORTATION, INC. Best Wishes From STERLING DRUG STORE 178 Main St. Gloucester Compliments of PETER SMITH PUBLISHER 6 Lexington Ave. Magnolia. MA 01930 DESTINO’S SUB SHOP 129 Prospect St. The Best Subs in All of Gloucester Woven into the legend of Gloucester is the sea and the men who sail her. SAVINGS BANK 3ERS • Te 283-0246 BEACH ST MANCHESTL • iC Sl- 1 ▼ H t if » H , B B i K i:t yi r jraw ’ Lr, M a 1 u B PBt B. P B nJL a A 7 po tv nr P A£ JS v f L B WjT KT 4bftf 1 ■v i A y . f baI. Vj JJ a SAWYER FREE LIBRARY M w§ . » M f v V j J “3 4fRaflk m • - " t V 7 jS IP ■ Jjp m JtM I ft i I | bt ' r m ■1 - V Bl [ 1 ? vMl M iwl 4 1 b Tfc. jflv ' . . " 1 iHe aNTjII 7J k T 1

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