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7 . £ ifv jfmJm 1 yalMfr - mbtfa w m i [V HKm Hr » wi ’s % 1 • 5 -, k « k y . F 4S£? y2 - mm ■ WgMK JLM J w ■ j — - -: rr T3 - . - - » ., ,r - . 1 Nancy J. Adams 1 7 1 Essex Avenue Wancy MEMORIES: Mathz, 4 23 80. Refugees: MOJC NAPLAMASLC. Go for It! 2 a.m. Niles Beach, CRAZY AS, YMBF! RMBR! LATBA! Summer ' 80, Mathz. “ALL " of those “LUDE " sayings and “POEMS " ! WORDS OF WISDOM: He who cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must himself pass. Tom Agostini 3 Glenmere Ave. Aggie MEMORIES: The stops on the way to school at the Oval, ask BO and BG. Camping in Maine, ask Ben and JM and the Blizzard of " 78” WORDS OF WISDOM: Never go to school unpre- pared. Kellie Ahearn 24 Atlantic Rd. MEMORIES: Anthony 4-12-80 — And all the great times. Thank H.J.; Long talks w JP and JD and LS. All the good times w JP and LS and DW and JD. Missing jumps w AW. Did I tell you about the sand shark? WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is too short to play hard to get. Linda Aiello 7 Cherry Hill Rd. Lou MEMORIES: Billy 5-1-79. All the good times; My family 1 (and LO) Willows people. " I know something you don’t know” ask John, C and K “Look whas behind us " ask SH. Florida 79, Laughs with DD, LO, TF, AH, R, R and R. The wedding, ask LF; Great times and long talks with Sheila. My dream; Aug. of 82? Ask Billy. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, HBC, Softball 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: If you try sometime you just might find you get what you need. Diane Alba 585 Washington St. Mario MEMORIES: Steven 2-15-78 Love ya Babe; GTS with Laura; Sue; etc. Girls’ nite Vt g. ask Sue; talks ab. the biz GSBW, ask LMGI. Great parties. Luv to Family My car, ask Steve ab. GSWS, TIP. WORDS OF WISDOM: To one life there is a straight road; to reach it you must try. Sandra Alba 585 Washington St. Sam MEMORIES: NAZIO 79 FIESTA, 9-1-80; TANK 78; Parties, Nugents Field DTSL DMW Fishing Pits Rockie Beach, KL JS BO 1 Ma Forever Naz WORDS OF WISDOM: I ' ve got one life to live, so I’ll live it the way I want to. Sandra Jeanne Amaral 89 Friend Street Lil Pete MEMORIES: My brother Mike No. 1, MP blud fiesta 79, 80, great time w friends LW, KC, CM, LM, buddy JS SO truck, Root No. 1 ask JM, BA, mec trips LW, KC, CM. Pass out on con ask CM all night ' s Ma 2 parties SFP DT Ed’s cruising w nuge, Segar, Giels, Halen, etc. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV Varsity Basket- ball WORDS OF WISDOM: I get by with a little help from my friends. Beatles Bernard Amero 44 Gee Avenue Bernie MEMORIES: Summer of “80” The Chevy? Northwood N.H. Busted on 128 ask Erire. Bud- weiser! Good Times with R.C. The Grateful Dead! Canal Club ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine Shop WORDS OF WISDOM: Trouble ahead, trouble behind and you know th at notion just crossed my MIND! — The Grateful Dead Eric Anderson Holly Beth Anderson 89 Western Avenue Holl, Hollis, H.B. MEMORIES: Tony, Jan, Cal-TFTM. “Our rock” 1 and 2, 15-Love! devens, I’m hanging on! W.A.B.? L,S, Are you cold? ROTC 4 — Eva, friends J.D., S.S., M.D., 1984 . . . T,ILY ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC 2, 3, 4, B.X.O. 4 Rifle Team 3, 4, Grenadettes 2, 3, 4, J.I.P.C. — (1st place) 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: A dreamer lives forever. Linda Andrews 41 Lufkin Street MEMORIES: Bruce 11-12-78. Skiing w Jonelle. Trouble on Rogers St. ask Karyn. Maine with Bruce. WORDS OF WISDOM: It’s not the road we’ve already traveled, it ' s the path up ahead that counts. Peter Andrews Sebastian Nick Aparo Way Road Nick MEMORIES: My friends; The Bands . . .? The canal club, finally getting a car, Up to Bowdoin during RUSH. A new Carvin. Nights on the town. WORDS OF WISDOM: Take my advice you’d be better off dead. Laurey Asaro New Way Lane MEMORIES: Good times w ERPTLMSWMCMB CCF, band trips Tor, Wash, Dallas, Fla, faces in the window ask PT; prickers ask MC; Charlie’s H-ween parties ask anyone; sprout ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-5, ROTO 1- 3, Librarian 1 yr. Michael Arvilla Rosa Avila 20 Linden Rd. Ro MEMORIES: “16” party, movies, dances, car rides, roller skating, pizza with Herb and Merv, Chem w C.C., Phy. w K.Y., lunch w M.M., H.M., Ro, and N.S. and good times w friends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Acad. Recog. Night WORDS OF WISDOM: Win or lose but never quit — Keep striving to be the best you can in life. Michelle Lauren Bader 19 Centennial Avenue Mich, Sarah MEMORIES ' 12 w AQ u s guys KaJuG F’s count sds ask Ka; What if? lost BC A 20 BR one of the girls GHB ACitLT Cheering F 9P Vday cln SFP FHL JQ Stones Dylan LC I guess Thanks Mom Dad Qs2 Dave ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rep. 2, St. Coun. 4, NHS Sec. 4, Cheer 4, Yr. B, Pep Clb 2, CRF WORDS OF WISDOM: Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, whate’er you may believe, — Browning Shannon Banks 9 Cliff Rd., Brier Neck, Glouc., MA MEMORIES: Trips to ME and Districts, swimming FOR FUN GC CADT, AT wDi. TwH, Mr. P. Camping and XX wKris, FLA80. Planning wJule, Sun. FB, Bio, parties wResh and Kath and EO. Montreal (le wow) . HR. Heartaches, tears, laughter w 1 friends, WORDS OF WISDOM: C’est tenement myster- ieux, le pays des larmes! Le Petit Prince 20 Mary Jean Barbagallo 10 Western Avenue MEMORIES: John. 5 2 80, White Lightening, NS 50 yd. line 6 14 80. P.B. in Future 13, 62 Sum. of ' 80. J.W. 1 Incredible! Raindrop Brek Beard 104 Bass Avenue " Shampoo " MEMORIES: Peggy 8 5 79. The Beach mad- ness with the Basic buds. All the good jams downstairs Bill’s party 79-80 what a laugh, Dirt Bikin it with T.P. — M.M. FLORIDA " 80” Ted. Excellent times up Art ' s. New Years. The old shack “78” that Jack built. The bomb fires F.M. — A.L. — J.S. — T.P. " Attic " The Point G.H. Beach. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Shop I, II, III WORDS OF WISDOM: The good times are for- ever, let the bad times fade away. Michael Beauparlant 49 Hartz Street Beaup MEMORIES: Good times with JC, The Gang, ask Sil, SP, SA, Remember SY (Danv) Old times with Sope, M.I.D. AWARD ask DS, Orioles, Vikes 1. HR w MB, SB, Bops ask TK. WORDS OF WISDOM: We can ' t all be heroes. Somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by. — (W.R.) Robert Beauparlant Susan Benson 26 Addison Street MEMORIES: Gus 7 17 80 — Bench Fiesta 6 27 80 D.Town SLMACWM ask Gus. Girls night 9 12 80 1 29 (right Mary) Talks with Diane about BLZ. Good times with friends D.A. A.F.C.T.and Fort. GITWC Lois. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1, Cheerleading 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: To live my life with laugh- ter and to keep sorrow far away. Barmak Besharaty 21 Bruce Blake 107 Magnolia Avenue Broochie MEMORIES: Party 9. Wizard, ask P.H.S. The grove, Pegasus. Fun N Games ask J.D. The River, Kev knows. Night skiing ask Brian. Holiday Northeastern Univ. Phyllis. The “T” WORDS OF WISDOM: All which was never will be again, for we the children have become wise and old. Julie Marie Borge 73 Perkins Street Jules, J.B., BORGIE MEMORIES: CHRIS 5 6 78 always and forever H.P., TR and Vega Rides w Hughey, TLT w Cheryl, J.B. who? ask Pauline, J.T. concert w Chris, good times w G.S., My first first car.TR-6, Thanks MOM and DAD. WORDS OF WISDOM: When you ' re down and troubled and you need a helping hand close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there, you ' ve got a friend. J.T. Robert Boudrow 3 Scott Street Bud MEMORIES: Middleton playground, Indian Rock, and Mickey’s ask JB, RM, JM, DS, SD, AP, SQ, JA, DC, RC, and MA. WFUBAR The Good Times in shop “Old Mother Hubberd " ask RM Fern- wood lake ask RM, NM, LV, DM, DM, PR, DS, 24 pictures on 20 Roll ask David M. Best times go to Patlee M. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Electrical 2, 3, and 4 Co-op and National Honor Society WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is great if you live it to the fullest. Derek Christopher Bowser 5 Highland Avenue, Annisquam MEMORIES: Sleepovers with the whole gang. The Canoe trip — 1 can — spaghetti in Sweden — Ossippee — Lisa ' s Diving Contest — Thespi- ans — New Years Eve 79-80 Don ' t Ask M.A. M.E. MS — ROSE — WORDS OF WISDOM. Be yourself not someone else. James Brennan Winthrop Avenue MEMORIES: The island (ask J.C., R.M., K.F.) Cape Hedge rocks (ask M.D., T.M., J.A., C.S., C. M.) Mornings in the cafeteria ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Indoor track 2, 3, 4, Spring track 2 NHS WORDS OF WISDOM: Can’t always get what you want. Laura Brodzinsky 213 Washington Street MEMORIES: Triumvers, Summers in Lanesville. pits, night divers’ tide pools, flop on GC, “drunks on the yellow line.’’, parties w BMCHDPBGCCJ D, baked stuffed sole, Montreal, YOO HOO, homme, 401, the civilised 10. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, track, beacon WORDS OF WISDOM: “On ne voit bien qu’ avec le coeur” 22 Jennifer Brown Randall Brown 475 Washington St. Randy MEMORIES: Long Beach, only w g. Friends, Pepsi, Phasphorescence, HOBIE, the “M " ' s, ask CE, The Sawns, ask RH and PB. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Soccer, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Remember yesterday and today as it was, for there may be no tomorrow. Warren Brown 26 Fuller St. Cracker MEMORIES: Rose 2 7 80, Magnolia Madness, the library, Zodka-Duke, Island Party, Cape Cod, J. Geils, “Hasagana”, Kep Party — Larry, the Pits, Good Times w BC, DS, JT, KS, CG, Snaps w Duke, Ma and Dad, Ryan’s Knee. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Oktoberfest 1 and 2, Academic Recognition WORDS OF WISDOM: The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away . . . J. Geils Jane Budrow 24 Linden Rd. " Janie " MEMORIES: Enzo — 1 1 3 78 — Italian Con- certs, Friends — NR, RN, AF, RC, MC, JULY 1980 — NR and AM, June, 1979 — RC and BN, School, talks w FC, New York — ask Nancy, Halloween Party, “79” w Enzo, Italy? Some- day!!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t let your heart go to your head. Ken Burbine 225 Essex Ave. MEMORIES: of August 14, 1980 with Pam and also memories of my ' 69 GMC with DH, RK, DS, WM, and the 3 good years I had in shop. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vocational, 1, 2, 3; Co-op; Football, 1, 2. WORDS OF WISDOM: He who goes through machine shop in some way always becomes a trilobite ask E.S. Julie Burke 16 Riverdale Ave. MEMORIES: Tom 10 27 78; good friends, Safari, Best Buddys MCLCESBR: Summer of ' 78; Music; Sr. Prom; We made it, Lisa!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: CYO, R-bow Cho- rus, Folk Group, R-bow Treasurer, Chorus Sec., Chorus President, District 1, 4; Flicker Staff H.R. Rep; Ensemble 1-4; NF, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: A cheerful heart and smil- ing face pour sunshine in the darkest place. Shannon Burke Tim Burns 412 Essex A ve. Burnsy MEMORIES: Nights at the Boulevard, up the school in West, all those Friday nights! Cage Par- ties, Swanckers, Wingersheek beach, rip her off. WORDS OF WISDOM: I’m as free as a bird and this bird will never die. Donna Byard R 16 Marble St. MEMORIES: 1 friends, hailing taxis, ask HV. 5th Lunch, ask JBCC, CC’s shorts, ask LM, JB; Flo- rida, Summer ' 79, Good times w K.D.; Tuna Fishing on SBII, FR, ST, KS. — CATC mid-bank, ooks BS. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball, Tennis 1, 3, 4; Pep club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Each Morning look back upon your work of yesterday and then try to beat it. Heidi Call R353 Essex A ve. MEMORIES: Tony 6 6 80 1 Friends ACSMPH DBHH H H Green Stamps, Whatayagonnado! laughs and tears w AC WINGMO ask SM, Ma Dad I love you! WORDS OF WISDOM: I took to the sea, reflec- tions in the waves spark my memory, some happy, some sad, I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had. — Styx Shelly Campbell 34 Mt. Vernon St. MEMORIES: Mark 12 25 78. Best times W 1 Friend Deb. Seger, ask D.C. B.F. K.M. me -n- fuzzy, mad fights w the boys, P.her paher ask Deb; Camero, ask Mark; and Deb, it was a rock. Oh, yeah, Luv ya, Mom -n- Dad. WORDS OF WISDOM: A friend is one who comes in when the whole world has gone out. Judith Canillas 52 Blueberry Lane Judy, Jude MEMORIES: Love you always Bob, Parties, field and Lane, shorechecks and Fires — EGS Sun- days — CUZ! Jealous people, ask B.S.; Tall Ships; Rollingstone; Lights; LF, X-Mas ’79 w Bob, Luv you Mom and Dad, Hey Lou, told you’d I’d make it! WORDS OF WISDOM: Live while you ' ve got life to live, Love while you’ve got life to give. Francine M. Capone 24 Washington Square Fran MEMORIES: I can ' t hear! Chris, are we there yet? Beep, Beep! Capt. to Gen. Pervo. Good times at the Cupboard. The “Poopsie Walk " ask anyone. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H.B.C. — 3. 4; N.H.S. — 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: In friendship it ' s the little things, the friendly word or smile, that adds such happiness to life, and makes it more worthwhile. SAWVRP ffuw TTtVO ft | V GLOUCESTER. MASS. 01930 Cynthia E. Carey 12 Marble St. Winkie, Cyndi MEMORIES: Michael. 12 30 79, 1 friends MND EJDJCDBHCAC3LBBMCH, DB 7: 10 irty feet, I couldn ' t have made it through Res Tech w o AE, Mt. Dew does it! Spirit B friends and others MTB PPFRN DETB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball 2, HR Rep. 1 , 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: The most wasted day of all, is a day on which you do not laugh. David Carignan 265 East Main St. Blind Arthur MEMORIES: Mince pie dog-eye eagle on the wind, I ' m searching through this garbage looking for a friend. Is it wrong to understand the fear that dwells inside a man? What ' s it like to be a loon? I like it to a balloon. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Red Tide guitarist, Toboggan team. WORDS OF WISDOM: The solution. John William Carr 57 Friend St. Jumping John, Huggy Bear MEMORIES: Sea Explorers, RCAC, nadiers, Washington D.C., Senator, Hollywood, Little blood and guts, Officers Ball, Arnold Exp. Woyages USCG Aviation “That Others may live” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: SES Truant Proud Lady Grendiers, Colorguard Lance Corporal, RCAC Long live the queen, Omm Fort Devens “Airborne!” WORDS OF WISDOM: Why not live and let live? Linda M. Carrasco 25 Willow St. Elsie, Flaky Joanee MEMORIES: Goodtimes w friends Summer 80. good time MJJFhose silly RR Tracks SK 9 13 80 Good start, Key S-tm. HEHE kat-times at Marina JC, Jack-n-Jill ask SC. GO FOR IT. I’m so con- fused SCRC. Yoh Shannon ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H.B.C. 3-4, Track 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: If you give the best that you have in life, you will never be called a failure. Mom and Dad THANKS! Mark E. Carrico 34 Hartz St. MEMORIES: NYASKPT, Curb 10; O ask JWFESF. High tides when 10 whtgb, Prickersla, Bandtrips, concerts, CF9 8 80, IWKHOOB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4, Drumma- jor 4, Winterguard 2-3. Laurel Carter 8 Apple St. Shorty MEMORIES 4th lunch w LB, JB, HH Sat in G- nrw CC RL ask LP Rm 321 w DB, CC " Shorty” see TH, JB, " Are you dumb or what” ask CC r2960,1 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Academic Recognition WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t let life pass you by, live each day as if it were your last. Patrick Cavanaugh Matteo Michael Ciarametaro 120A Western, Ave. MEMORIES: Will never forget my Dad. All the great times with Ralph, Le Roy, Cappy, and of course Thurston. Those oh-so boring band trips! Doing the Hawaii 5-0 dance. Fishing aboard the Vita Maria. All the good times with my friends, and those times to come. ACTIVITIES: Band, 1-4, N.E. Jr. District Band 78-79, N,E, Sr, District Band 79-80 WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is a Journey not a Destination. Regina Ciarametaro 16 Gould Court Gina, Gi MEMORIES: GDG, 4 29 77 — always! Glou. Hs. 16th b-day pty. Winter of ' 79 @ my house w KAJMSPMKSK.The good times — best pals — JAKM. Comare Julie Working! Spec, talks w KD. Cheering. Herbie! @ Jou. ILY-MD. Talks w M.V. IWALY J.G: a special person. WORDS OF WISDOM: Make all my dreams reali- ties. Rosalie Ciarametaro Catherine Ciolino 12 Cunningham Rd. Cathy MEMORIES: Party at Western Av ask M.N. JUN- IOR year, 4th blk table ask JB, LB, DB, LC. Out line Bio all night ask MN. B-Ball and S-ball teams, Gardner ask LC ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4. B-Ball 2. Varsity 3, 4. NHS, SAWYER MEDAL WORDS OF WISDOM: The way is hard that leads to life, and few people find it. MATTHEW 7. 26 Frank Ciollno 4 Beauport Ave. Hank, Frank MEMORIES: All the times down the B. R. Auto shop; ' 2 inchch wrenchch; ask J. S. The Cutlas; Hey Di, you see smoke? Far-out, ask C. H, ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Auto Shop, Co-op. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you ever lose your way, just pick up a hitch-hiker and he’ll show you. Marie A. Ciolino 26 Burnham Street. ReRe or Shino MEMORIES: Scott — Great times and those special moments together — The alley; When eyes met, He ' s cute, ask Patti. All night with the girls — Snoopy bus w Gaye — Fun times W family. 1 Mom and Dad, Love you always. WORDS OF WISDOM: Remember yesterday, Dream ' s of tomorrow, but live for today. Josephine Ciulla 6 Whittemore Street. Jo MEMORIES: Real friends KM, BF, KC. Caught some great bumblebees together girls, Secret talks, OH LOVE! 9 19 80 Tony, God children DP and RC, Styx, Geils 1, Ski trip and ghost stories, clouds ask BF, Fw nights ask DF, DT days, boat rides and dances, growing up ask KM, 1 Mom and Dad. WORDS OF WISDOM: Success is nothing with- out someone you love to share it with. Joe Clancy 100 Maplewood Park. Clance, Zeppy MEMORIES: Phillies World Champs, Good times with friends ask Beaup. The fight that never hap- pened, Beaup vs Duff. Swinging neck-breaker, ask Beaup. Gloria Stevens reject, ask Duff. B. Ball up Stone Court, ask D.S. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball Vas. 2, 3, 4. Fresh 1. Intramural B-Ball. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Lisa Clancy Deborah Clark 5 Rose Lane. Debbie MEMORIES: All my special times w danny 9 21 79. Talks, walks, tears and great times. No. 1. Scoobes, Tickle fights, ask D.M. ICTU, Waddles. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, it is yours, If it doesn ' t it never was. Danyle Cloutman 60 Mt. Vernon St. MEMORIES: 11 18 77 Robbie, Water Supply, ask RP KA and RP; What a laugh, oh no! But But But, ask Kim. Photo ' s, ask Robbie; being with ft 1 pal; MPG good times w friends. Talks w Kim. Everyday with Robbie; laughs with Julie. WORDS OF WISDOM: To love, and to be loved, and to make my parents proud of me. Steve Cloutman Karen J. Collins 148 Riverdale Pk. MEMORIES: Great times, Fiesta and Maine w Missy and Jude; Good times w BFKMKCand RPKDS; VA w DF; Summer 80; 8 25 80; party, ask MG JF; Sis Wed. 1l l 80; B-Cat; BRGC, ask JF MG Great times w Lori; my family ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman Softball JV 2, Varsity 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: The greatest gift my par- ents gave me, life. Tom Cominelli Kelley Ann Connors 29 Beach Rd. MEMORIES: Jamie: Thanks Mr. B!, BRGC — 8th hole, Times w CG and EH, skiing w “Big H " : Be seen! Rowdy doubles, piano, Awesome trip to FL. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis, Student Council, Dance Comm., French award, Type Awards WORDS OF WISDOM: Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. — Proverbs 16:24. Debbie Consiglio 22 Green St. MEMORIES: Chuck 1 20 79 luv you always, Bob Seger 80, ask best friend Shelly, parties w Toby, snowstorm w Bonnie, Hey Shelly, How’s your head?, Space invaders, ask Chuck, Laughs, crysw Chuck, Mom, dad, Selena, Fran, Frank WORDS OF WISDOM: Dream until your dreams come true. Jeannine Elisabeth Cook 22 Chapel Street MEMORIES: Salvi 10 26 78, Nights of unknown laughter w the 4-some, S-faced, single and Vi. Lambrusco eves . . . Freebio. The Accident, ask BW. Shorechecks, concerts. Camped at B B Rootbeer w Lisa. 1 friend Karen. 1 Mom and Dad, love always. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club, Junior Rotarian. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t walk in front of me, 1 may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Allison Corrao 535 Essex Ave. Al MEMORIES: Summer of 7 23 77, DF. 2yr, fa friends, HC, SM, KW, JC, CC, Whatareyougon- nado, SM, I love you, my friend KPU, all a boy RG. Some one I will never forget HC, I love you Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader, Field Hockey, Track, Softball WORDS OF WISDOM: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Pamela Costa 1 1 Summer St. Pam MEMORIES: Bob 8 80 Good times with BBDS — Rl — beefstew, NYE, Danvers State ask DS, Down river, Topsfield with BB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Print Shop 1, 2, 3 Color Guard t-5 WORDS OF WISDOM: To try to be the person you ' re not, is to waste the person you are. Lisa Craig 60 Spring St. Essex MEMORIES: Canada Safari ask JB. Good times and good friends, AB w NKTG, 12R BM 17R C and L’s Wed. We made it Julie!!! BRIAN ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3 and 4 Cho- rus 2, 3, 4 Treas. 3; VP 4; Merit Award WORDS OF WISDOM: Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird which cannot fly. James C. Crawford 134 Wheeler St. Jamie, Slug MEMORIES: Summer of ’80 ask SC, RC, TB, CL. J. Geils Trip — 14, Tickets for B. Seger — 28, Molseteers, the toyota. The Island, No Nukes 1. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Soccer 1-4; FYS, FYH WORDS OF WISDOM: “Take it easy, Take it as it comes” . . . “The Future is uncertain and the end is always near.” Nancy Cunha 2 Centennial Ave. MEMORIES: C Pt. ask JWMPCG, Toronto, Dal- las, Wash. CB, ask AM 8 27 80, Den Mar-Pier Summer of 80 ask JMJW, BSP, CR — Parties, Styx ask JW, ESP-JW, July 4th, ask JW, RM. DF Best Fr„ JW, Gt w jWMPCGCRRMAM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1, 2, 3; Winter Guard 1. 2, 3; Honor Business Club 3, 4 WORD S OF WISDOM: Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today Marc Cunningham 9 Traverse St. MEMORIES: Summers working on bost, Ice Hockey on ponds, 5th block lunch. WORDS OF WISDOM: To dream of the person you would like to be ... is to waste the person you are. Julie Ann Curcuru 122 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Jules, Ginny MEMORIES: 1 friends CJ, JD; LB RKPT; “What a Doody!” ask Arab, PVF?, obtenir, symp. ask fille perdue; raps w Kew, Sp. people: DE, A Mak, Ac, JQ. Seger — Thanx Ed! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal, Chem Award, Acad. Rec, Pres, NHS 3-4, St. Coun. 3-4, Fr. Club VP. WORDS OF WISDOM: A true friend walks in as the rest of the world walks out. Richard J. Curcuru 36 Mansfield St. Rich MEMORIES: Joan 10 11 80 — never boring, no common sense, ask J.D. Summer of ' 80, Toyota Gang, Molskateers ask SC, JC, CL, TB, JF. 4- wheeling, sigh stealing, parties and concerts. Fun times at CAM. WORDS OF WISDOM: We all want to change the world, but when you talk about destruction you know that you can count me out. (Lennon- McCartney) Stephen L. Curcuru 291 Washington St. Steve, Mound MEMORIES: Toyota gang, Friendlys, 3 7 80, Summer of 80 w friends Ann’s WC, Bray St. 4 wheeling, audi, parties RCJCVPTBCLJFSADBL CPDAEJP ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Mary Beth Curley 8 Ellery St. Mare, MB. MEMORIES: Good times w jWCFLMFEMCLA Band trips — Wash, TX. Toronto. Fla! Pla, Pla, Pla. ask CF, CF’s H-ween’s ask anyone. 2 2 80 EMH — Rkpt. The Pier. Jog-cf ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4, ROTC 1- 4, Winter Guard 1-2, Field Hockey 1-2 Capt. 1 WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t let it bring you down it’s only castles burning. Find someone who’s turning and you will come around. N. Young. Lori Anne Curtis 1 Locust Lane MEMORIES: Summer ”80’’ w Glenn; Shs Jr. Prom, those Parties! Toga? This isn ' t a toga, These are my underwear! REFUGEES ask AM AS NAMOPLJCGC, canoe trips Glenn! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S., Academic Honors, Colorguard WORDS OF WISDOM: Live each day as if it were your last. Monica Curtis 12 Gerring Rd. Mo, Money, Tesse MEMORIES: BF-RKMA, BC — HATD God P- Gloria, Bill Dad 8 5 79, " Zines” B-Day, Family, RF so? Good Times? BOSTON — TP TAHITI!!!! ‘‘Mom”. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: SEC WORDS OF WISDOM: You live for today, Don’t get caught living in yesterday; Memories are the answer. Karen N. Cusick 42 Hodgkins Street MEMORIES: Peter 8 13 78 — 12 5 81 Peter knows. Nites of unknown laughter, ask the four- some. Spring luncheons ask Pammie. Fla. 80 w PB. Tell me tomorrow and single Vs, ask JC. Times w PB. Many concerts. Lambrusco eves. Good pals JC, PF, my family. WORDS OF WISDOM: The world is full of Kings and Queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams, bs Marianne Cusick 3 Elizabeth Rd. MEMORIES: Grad, night 79, 80, 81. Long talks ask JB; Good times w Donna; Cold as Ice — ski trips; Friends; 27 slices of bacon; BLVD in GB ask AM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3, 4; GDT 2, cmdr. 3; Academic Rec. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something, set it free, If it comes back, it’s yours, If it doesn ' t, it never was. Grace Cusumano 8 Lookout St. Gaye MEMORIES: Great times w Charlie, 1 20 79. Salisbury veach, the truck, ask CF, LP, DT. 4 6 80 up Castle Hill, ask CF. Talks w jaye. The snoopy bus, ask Marie. 1 friends LP, GG 5 19 80 depression. All the best w Charlie WORDS OF WISDOM: No goal is out of reach, if it is truly desired. Pamela J. Dagley R133 Wheeler St. Pam MEMORIES: Summer ' 80, with No. 1 friends, AE, JP, HH, KW, DB. Bray St., BBS ask Anne. Hocked and CS Pig ask Mole. Anne’s bathroom, ask SA, SC, DB. The trip to conn. — was it really worth it? You Bet! WORDS OF WISDOM: You see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask — why not? Heidi Jodrey Dallin 39T-Thorwald — Atlantic Rd. Jodrey; Jod; Clancy MEMORIES: Terrace Nites; SBwPB; Ryan’s — Thanxboys! MEKKA! OK Laurey! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4; President 4; College Night 3, 4; Chairperson 3, 4; Chorus; Fr. Rotarian; German Club; Sawyer Med al; Har- vard Book Prize; Thespians; Flash; NHS; Aca- demic Recognition; HR Rep; Who ' s Who in Music; WORDS OF WISDOM: To make good more inter- esting than evil. Adelard Danjou 5 Marchant St. Bozo MEMORIES: CARLA, the cemetery 1 9 80, Rust ' s party, " SUPER " Bowl Sunday 1 20 80, Whoa Jimmy!, b-blast, my room or your room? Making Stools Our Colada, 5 , The hut ask J.M. T.W. G.S. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1-2-3 WORDS OF WISDOM: He who does not give of himself gives nothing. Christopher Davis 3 Carlisle St. Chris MEMORIES: Dlks 79, 80. Good times in Florida with R.M. Moped Riding with D.T. Butt’s Pit. ask R. M. Long night in Bev, ask P.L. Summer of 80. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1-4 Base- ball 1-4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Try to be successful in whatever I do. Carol Davison Karen Davis 9 Oceanview Drive Ka MEMORIES: BILLY 8 20 ghb I’ll tell ya TO: AQM BCWGCJIJF — THANKS! " our nite” All ESP w AQ daring adv. umnh umha cheering I DIN’ GET IT C heb!BRBC?BSEO @ GG’s SHOO- TING W?Br ILYM and D WORDS OF WISDOM: Take your time, think a lot Think of everything . . . you ' ve got. You may still be here tomorrow But your dreams may not . . . C.S. Jane Day 8 Riverdale PK. G.D. OR Tiny Bubbles MEMORIES: Good (and bad) times w “the gang " The KNACK! 10 1 1 79 " The man from Citgo” and “the putt putt” HC and " rosebuds” ask Kelly ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTS — 5, Grene- detts, Priae Squad and GDT WORDS OF WISDOM: “Don ' t let the music die . . BCR Mark S. Day 132 Centennial Ave. MEMORIES: Rollerskating Sweden w SO, AE, SD. Stage ford w DR Topsfield w ER, FJ, CR, HAFK Band room w FE, DR, MC, FT, ER, DP. DL party w DP, FE, DL, FW, MB, PM. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G.H.S.M.B. 1976- 1981, Thespians WORDS OF WISDOM: The only limitations are the ones you bring with you. Jennine DeBenedictis 9 Bass Rock Rd. Prudence; Penny, Beanie MEMORIES; TOGA 78; Hic-wom; Dou-Mop ask RP; ALL NIGHT LONG, ask AW RPKQ; RP Cloggs; B-fast thanks RW; Life Cerial Rice AWRP; Pool Hopping RPAW; Gd-x this sum. w JSKCMS; Pinks Place; My family; Concerts Maine ask AWRP; Talks and walks in the moon- light. WORDS OF WISDOM: Grow old with thee, The best is yet to be. Elizabeth Decoste 12 Norman Ave. Beth MEMORIES: PATRICK — the zoo. chaser at SF. Dreams, 1 Pal Pam. Summer of 80, the search, happiness and tears — thanks Greg Night with Coco, ask Pam, Bob Segar Concert WORDS OF WISDOM: Laughter is the shock absorber of life’s blows. Donna L. Demetri 3 Macomber Rd. MEMORIES: CURTIS — Monnites Swed80 Me. w CWBJTP Popeye and Olive ask wpeople Alon huh? Sheil “16 " Lou 3BS L and E screamin’ LO “Travlm " Man AH ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3, 4; St. Coun- cil 1-4 Treas.; Basketball 1-2, varsity 3-4, Track 2, 3, 4, HR REP 2; German Club 3, 4; Thespians 1-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Love looks not w. the eyes but w the heart. Shakespeare Diane-marie Dennis 31 Riverview Dl MEMORIES: Joe 12 21 78, Parties w the kids, BRG RHG, Oh my God? ask D.C. Ski Trip w jP, Wentworth semi 5 5 79 Camaro, 8 25 79 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-3 Chorus 2- 3, WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something set it free If it comes back to you it is yours if it doesn’t it never was. George Deveau Clark Dexter 1 Beauport Ave. Sparksta MEMORIES: 1FF ball team Mel, RM BithedayO HELLIONS 1 Roadies, Sybo. ILCFE! Clams down the park and Markus Salem Cable “BS” with wood. Smodey the M line to ESSEX. Go for a long ride and talk RM, Bong Hits DH, KA, Hay Carp. Here ' s a line for ya. WORDS OF WISDOM: Get a “higher " Educa- tion. Joan Marie Doody 5 Whittermore Street Jeanne Doodoire, “La Fille perdue’’ MEMORIES: Richard 10 11 80 — no doubt in my mind, “Yes, it’s TICKLE TIME!’’ Sois bon! ask RC. 1 palsCJ, JC: 7 4 — wrong car! Le " fran- cais. " GHB trips w Arab; Katmandu! biffe! obtenir, “flaky!” ask Ginny. Sp. Peo. RPPPCCSM — and RC! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, HAND Lib, 1, 2, 3, V.P. 4, French Club Treas. CYO Treas. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Onne woit bien qu’ avec le coeur.” Jeff Downs 13 Hesrerus Circle MEMORIES: The most memorable moment in high school was having my name announced for Battalion Commander. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Battalion Com- mander Gloucester JROTC, Member of the com- puter science team. WORDS OF WISDOM: It ' s a chance you gotta take. Susan Doyle 10 Marchant St. Sue MEMORIES: Best times w 1 friends. JW. LS. JF, TP. Talks with DM. “Go For it.” “where are my keys?” Roller skating in Sweden. New Bed- ford W LC. Betty Bomber, Ha Ha. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Academic Recogni- tion 3, Thespians 1, 2. 3, N.H.S. 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Days and nights come and go, but the memories last a lifetime. Scott Duffany 9 Elizabeth Rd. Duff, Brono MEMORIES: Going to W.M. with J.C. and K.C. Lunch, ask J.C. K.C. E.B. B.S. and T.L. Playing Flag Football in Gym, ask K.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sports Announcer for G.H.S. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is like a glass of beer, once it goes flat it’s lousy. Brenda Lee Eason 5 Lincoln Ave. Bren, Sunny, Boing MEMORIES: Pf my brother David . . . ya know that only the good die young. Artie!! Chris and Lisa — wasn ' t some Chinese fool L.M. for Pres. — right Donna? All my great friends, pen pals and memories!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Intra. Vol- leyball WORDS OF WISDOM: I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together ... the Bea- tles Tammy Marie Eason 424 Essex Ave. Tam MEMORIES: Richard 7 9 80. 1 pal Kat — 14 years, many more. SRCA, all the friends I’ve made there. Victory party — our hero! Special people — Mr. Parady, KB. CP, PE, DJ. GG. 1 pal Fred. Icecream fight, ask KB, PE. Erple! ask Kris. New friends in Fryeburg, tuttles, riding with Rich, my parents. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Who’s who, N.H.S. WORDS OF WISDOM: I really have enjoyed my stay, but I must be moving on. Sandra K. Ekborg 32 Beach Rd. Sam MEMORIES: E.G. S. — P.L. Swinsons, Sign Snipping, ask D.F. — Larry 6 19 80 — The Panther, ask D-F and L, STYX w C.M. B.S. in B.L. ask L.F. — Fiesta “80 " — Laughing w D.F. FW, FM, MW, MS, ask DF, Good times w every- one!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 1, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: To make my parents proud of me and go for everything I can get out of life. Christopher Favaloro 9 Sunset Hill Rd. Chris MEMORIES: Sunset, “the mills " , Jethro Tull Concert, being insulted in homeroom and hating it, ask Fizz; CE, and KF, Rust Island 6 5 80, the biology class, Fizzle’s party, 21. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 2, 3, 4; Var- sity 3, 4; Intramural Hockey 2, 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be a success in what- ever l do. Diane M. Ellard 1 Harbor View Court MEMORIES: INCESSANT LAUGHTER! Stop your cackling ask NJ. RS-ing w JF, HS — Brown overalls! Talks w CC and LR, Friends: AMD JC JD S.Mak. Sex fiend ask LC. Parties! Le wow! PREP!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, French Club — ■ Sec., Academic Recognition, HR Rep, Type Awards WORDS OF WISDOM: Becoming is superior to being. Anne Madalen Ellis 540 Washington St. MEMORIES: BBS, roller skating in Sweden, att ck, fishing w PD, the storm, library, w CC, SCAMP, the spirit? plans A-F, I can handle it! B. Str. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 2-4, NHS 3, 4, Academic Recognition 3, Thes. Sec. 4, Homeroom Rep, 3, Flicker. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Nothing is forever, this too shall pass.” Carl Erickson Crafts Rd. MEMORIES: Summers of 79, ’80 in NH.; 1,005 lb. Tuna, ask Buck; The Canal, ask RM; 3 18 79; 735,642.700,770. Not bad for a kid! Van Halen, Jethro Tull, Did you Call me, Ask GB; Long live Neil Young! Three of a kind, Long Beach. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Soccer, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning. Find someone who ' s turning and you will come around. — Neil Young Josephine L. Fatta 18 Harriett Rd. Jo, Cleo MEMORIES: Having fun w NJ, MJ, DE, JG, AMD, PS, MC and CJB; 82 pi. — NYC forever! DAVID, 8-30-80 — oh, yeah? Canoeing, N. Con- way; green sw. syn.; purring-NJ; DE’s great bio- rhythm ' s! Shaddup! “Did ya have a good time?’’, LC and MJ; “He doesn’t believe in soap, Meryl " , ask DB; thankx FIG; PREP! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, 4; Flicker Co- Editor; Track 3; Academic Recognition 3; Type Award, 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Make the most of all that comes, the least of all that goes. Pamela Marie Favalora 19 Holly St. Pam MEMORIES: Michael 8 25 79, The Hill, Spring Lunches, ask KC, Best Concert, Van Halen, Bob Seger, Good Harbor Beach, private end, surfing, the Net, The Hornet, La La La, ask M.J., the Hill parties, the Weidd, Good Times with P.B. and K.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV Softball 2; JV Softball 3; WORDS OF WISDOM: You have to give a little to get a little. Judi Favazza 6 Blueberry Lane Jude MEMORIES: Excellent times and long talks w 1 friend Missy; Summer of ' 80, Maine, Fiesta BRGC, B-Cat, ask MG and KC, Summer of ' 79, great times and long talks w SL; 8 25 80 ask TC, MG, KC Great times and many more w Tim Missy are they there? — ALL MY LOVE MOM. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Teachers Aide 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Some day your dreams will come true MG Mark Christain Favazza Harold Court Fizzie MEMORIES: Jethro Tull, Stormwatch ' 79, A, 80 ask RB, CE, CR, CS. German Trip ' 78; Up the pits, around 12:00! Pet “AIRHEAD” ask CE and JW GHS Always, Becket In August. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football, Soccer, Algebra 1, 2, 3; ROTC WORDS OF WISDOM: Protect and you’ll survive — Jethro Tull Kevin Figurido 33 Perkins St. Rg MEMORIES: Week long Buz in Maine, ask BC, GA. CF, MC, CD, JS, CA. KF, The old Green Street Parties; The Mad B Group Class. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Shop 1, 2,3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Forget the bad times, and let the good times roll. Kevin Flaherty Wheeler ' s Point MEMORIES: Road Trips, NH, Cape Cod, Butter!! 6th period Chem class; Saxophone madness, ask D.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country, Track, Intramural Hockey WORDS OF WISDOM: Indifference is the worse critic Jonelle Lee Flannagan 90 Mt. Pleasant Ave. " Vera” MEMORIES: Anthony — 7 3 80, Good times w KD, How do you spell PLO!? Skiing w LA and BW, VT. w Donna, WRJ-JM and Emrg, Brake, Breakwater AW-BOSS Thanks Mom and Dad WORDS OF WISDOM: We know what we are. but not what we may be. — Shakespeare Joseph Frontiero 50 rr Witham St. Jay MEMORIES: D.L. The Blue Fish, Halloween 1978, M.S. ' s Car, GillNetting with Cigar Joe; Long Beach with M.M. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry 1, 2, 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t always plan on what you wish. Madonna M. Fleming 8 Highland Place Donna MEMORIES: EGS Swinsons Pirates Lane — Par- ties THANKS MOM and DAD! Vt. Weekend — JF Eyes Elbows — LF Woods Bombing CALC- LP Heineken Fish — CM SISTERS! Boston — CM AF LP SE Booze Cruise ' 80 MMM-JC BS 180° on BackShore — CM SE SP “FW FM MW MS” — SE Souz’ How ’em I Doing — ED. " A " . WORDS OF WISDOM: If Music Be the Food Of Love, PLAY ON! — SHAKESPEARE Jane Fosberry 8 Colonial St. Foz MEMORIES: Sats at SE’s, NRSE DM RM SM BM CM MM; VB1-29 DMJB Surprise! Field Hockey, TpsFId., RSing, Maine, Movies, Summer of ' 80. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Flash 2, 3, 4; Editor 4; Beacon 2, 3; NHS 4; Softball 2; Student Gov. 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Know how to listen and you will profit even from those who talk badly. — Plutarch Chris Francis 25 Commonwealth Ave. MEMORIES: M.P. ' s Cellar, Week long buz, Maine, 17 Cases, 2 K ' s; The Purple Dots; RS AF 1C, Buzzzzz; KF GP WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is only what you make of it, so make the verses rhyme and all the pieces fit. There isn’t any time to make much sense of it, it soon fades away. — Ray Davies, Kinks Bettyann Frontiero 29 Fiverdale Park BAF, B.A. MEMORIES: Kim, Karen. Jo FRIENDSHIP, Ocean waves — Freedom, Love ya, Family; Dreams-mems. girls nite, Ilona Guackrib. ask Kim, Scam and Laughs ask K.M, R.D. P.K. Talks w PC, MN, X’s? Looks like we’ve made it — 81 — yo! Our lives have only just begun. WORDS OF WISDOM: " A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.” Laurie Ann Fleming 8 Highland Place MEMORIES: MA and DAD. Donnie 2 17 79 — NFLD and MNE: After the Lovin’ — It ' s the Diesel! Dancing — O ' the Hill Gang — VFW; Talk — CM; Parties — Gang 4 Signs CM LP SE DF Beth B F Easterlys and Rain — Don’t ask! Pass It Laurie — Top O ' Harbor; Jude A Car! SISTERS! Forever and a Day. WORDS OF WISDOM: Love gives not but itself and takes not from itself. — Kahlil Gibran Kathleen Frontiero Peter David Frontiero 7 Exchange Street. Pete MEMORIES: Going to FI. to FIT; MFRC’s wed- ding; Pinto experience, ask Ml; MIJF “PERFECT COUPLE”; Asking JG to Pr-DNC; Flying; Fin-ss; Sunbird; Toyota. WORDS OF WISDOM: “If the sky is the limit, then there should be no limit to what a person can do: " “REACH FOR THE STARS!” Peter P. Frontiero 7 Leslie O’ Johnson Road. Cousin Pete MEMORIES: FIESTA and seineboat champs. Joey P. Some crazy times with my best goombas, Char- lie and Steve. Disney World, Skydiver 100, never made it. The memory of J.A. will always be with us. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry 1, 2, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Always be who and what you are, not what others expect you to be. The FORT, Junior on the greasy pole. Rosalyn Frontiera 12 Beacon St. Roz, Rozy MEMORIES: SPZL tmz w RICH, alwz MVN ' ON, 114, BSTN, N.H. WId tvlz, Fmly and love. Knsts! “81 " Yo! 6th lunch, ask — M. meso? ask K-ka, GDTHMZ! PTZ and FMLZ w SNYRZ and RICH (IWALWZ L) GD and SPZL TMZ w FNDZ MC, JC, TR, AH, GS, (OFSRS, ZAP and MAK — WE MADE IT!) FG, ASK DT, K and KS, PR. BBTask TOBE! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track — 1; Class Pres. — 2, 4; SAC — 2, 3; S.C. — 2, 3, 4; S.C. Pari. — 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Seek the quality and you shall find the power of excellence. Robert Frost Bruce Fulford 5 Calder Street. MEMORIES: Shelly 3 11 79, Maine, Boston, Bikeride, getting bait w S.M. and S.A. Fiesta 80, bait fights w S.S. Melon, Tall Ships. Bonfire. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Shop. WORDS OF WISDOM: Get up sunrise, fish like hell, and make up lies Christopher Fulford 29 Lincoln Ave. Chris, Fu MEMORIES: Paula 4 11 79, JM’s Green Machine, I had an itch at 90. Happy Jack. JV B- Ball R.M. Theodore Buddies J.M. P.H. M.C. J.M. ADixie ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 1 and 4. Intr. Basketball 4 Intr. V. Ball Champs 1 and 2. WORDS OF WISDOM: Nothing is as easy as it seems. Frank Fulford 5 Calder Street MEMORIES: Hauli ng Gillnets at the bubbler in the Man Of War. ‘‘Lobster Madness.” Hunting and fishing. ' ROLLING STONE II — Maine Yards Vessel. ACTIVITIES: Carpentry Shop 1, 2, 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: A lobster in every pot. A flounder in every mesh. Geraldine Gabriele 5 Bellevue Avenue Jaye, Jerry MEMORIES: Lee, 10 25 79. 1 friends BN, AT. Spirit Bar. The Woods, ask Lee. Talks w LD, AT, BN, GC, LO, JG, BM. Hovey 78. New Years 79. Mag. beach, ask B.G. Saturday nights w Lee. Wingersheek. N.H. Fog — your welcome. MOM and DAD, MA two. WORDS OF WISDOM: In this world, it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich. Jacqueline Gibbons MEMORIES: J.D. Cousin, in N.Y., L.R. watching P.P., J.L. in Boston, HAPPY for M.K. M,K. ask them, " Bambi” ask M. Good times H and J. WORDS OF WISDOM: Anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the vision — it is the seeing of the thing that makes it so.” Hawthorne Fred Joseph Gibney, Jr. 75 Magnolia Ave. Steady Fredy MEMORIES: Gayle Mason Tender Love, Linda Little Flower, Paula Beautiful Person, Cathy Ten- derfoot, Holly Gentilesmile Weekends! YEE! Thanx Family, Webber Help. BRENDA E. let’s be friends! WORDS OF WISDOM: Time is irrelevant. God be with you. Mary Ann Gillis 27 Beach Road Missy MEMORIES: Good times w NO. 1 friend Judi, Summer of ' 80 — ME. FIESTA, Parties, BOB- CAT 1 22 80. Double D. ask MN, Jus’ missed ask RC, OH RIGHT! Dreams ask J.F., Lost ask K.C. 6 7 81 Ready girls? BLVD. MOM, DAD and Mem ILY. WORDS OF WISDOM: Wherever I go whatever I do, I’ll never forget my true friends. Gary Glidden 65 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: Camping in VT. 7 29 80 w LP. good times w best friend J.M. U.S. ARMY 6 18 81 so longG.H.S. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Art w Frank P„ Sports. Football, Track, Gymnastics WORDS OF WISDOM: Pray not for an easy life, but to be a strong person. Chris Glynn MEMORIES: MAGNOLIA 1 summers 78, 79, 80, ’’KKK”, H — shows ouzo, members, good friends, DS, FT, TW, WB, KB, Spup! M-Dot Eve, AB 8 80. Toga! Surf Boov! Ho Easy DS. WN„ windows 7 4 80, Deno, FMB, TF? WORDS OF WISDOM: There I was wide awake in bed, dreams and memories swimming in my head, I took a moment to wonder of the future and the past, and I think I ' ve come to a conclu- sion — It’s been one hell of a blast! Glenn Goodwin Chowder 1 10 Southern Ave. MEMORIES: Spring of 1980 getting my license. Summer of 1980 going lobstering and tuna fish- ing. Going to Nc Donalds. Going to parties on Friday and Saturday nights. Working on my cars. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Shop I, II, III. William Goveny 57 Woodward Ave. Billy MEMORIES: Sandy and the little tree hut, motion picthers and all the good times. Hay Bart I’m loaded out of my trees 45 minutes to light a smoke. All the blizzards with the WGG mostly Jukee. All the talks with Jukie, Sandy, and KC. Never forget WGG parties and ML. and all the good times. WORDS OF WISDOM: Treat people how you expect them to treat you. Cheryl Lee Greely 8 Atlantic Road Cherie MEMORIES: David 1 1 13 77 Semi formal 78. Washington 78. Who 79. My cavin w David. WW. NH-C. V 52’s SMU — kinks on the floor. David’s pool party. Belcher St. good times w MPCRNCDD. Millstone ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1, 2, 3, winter- guard 1, 3, H.B.C. 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it’s yours. If it doesn’t it never was. Gerald D. Greely Jr. 18 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Jay MEMORIES: G.A.C. 12 25 78 — forever golf course parties: Camp Becket — Football! Kitchen Witch ask Monte, J.C.J.M. Tennis w Faye — Bird Skiing w R.G., Nova Scotia w j.M., “GUBA " , AMY, 80, I, W, A, L, Y, G, A, C, ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 4, Var. Foot- ball 3, 4, Basketball 1-3, Var. 4, Inter. B-ball 1-4, Academic Recognition 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser. (Vince Lombardi) Bart Groves Amy Haich MEMORIES: 4 18 80. The boat, Gazeebo, 3:30 a.m. 1984. Seger, Kansas, 7 high schools — SCCS, AHS, OHS, DHS, VMHD, Midlakes, GHS, Moving On (Bad Co.) Les Jeune Filles. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Tennis, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Softball, Drama. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is only what you make of it ... so make it the best! Rhonda L. Haight LaRose Avenue, West Gloucester. Bull MEMORIES: Great times w Tim 76-80. Going to the Drive-in, ' summer of 79, ask DH, BH, AS. Fun going to R.I., ask Mr. Bill. Skimobiling up N.H. and MT. ANN, ask D.H. Hey Trish, we finally made it. WORDS OF WISDOM: To take each day as they come, don’t plan ahead. To make my parents proud of me. George Haight Cathy Grillo 1 15A Honeysuckle Rd. MEMORIES: of my super-fantastic interpreters, Roger and Sherry. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Signing. Casey Haight 20 Stanwood Ave. MEMORIES: The Best times w john. 1 Lifetime friends. Times w L.K.LB, BG, VL, DL, JV, YP, RT. Girls night ask DL, Fla. w PM. MN.WGG. 1 soap There’s just too many memories! JIWYA. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is one long process of getting tired for you have no time to stand and stare at yesterday’s thoughts. Thanks MA and DAD. Colleen J. Hamilton 12 Story Rd. Colleenie, Curtis MEMORIES: Montreal: le dix — BM, LB, SO. SP, CG, JW, BW, DP, CS, and me Yoo hoo! homme- Melson divers and Christmas carols girlie talks — hiv-virate; BM, LB, and me pit swimming, woods walking and tidepools flop in the freens. lice sucks ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; NHS, French Club, Beacon WORDS OF WISDOM: The sun doesn’t care. Scott Hamlen 204 Western Ave, Essex MEMORIES: JL Champs 80, Raids ask HN, Diane 2 22 80 goodtimes, Burkes Bazaar ask HN, Fair ask D.D. Rollerskating, ask HN, Codys, ask HN ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 3, Football 4. Holly Joy Hanrahan 5 Grandview Rd. MEMORIES: Good times with 1 pals Pam and Heidi, H H green stamps. Cousins Dee and Karen always listening! Mom and Dad “THANKS” long wild talk w Kathi at King’s, Patti used for a Chicden?? Pals LCLPFGAE Flo- rida 5, goofy! WORDS OF WISDOM: “Love all, trust a few, do no wrong to no one.” Hugh B. Harris Jr. 10 Macomber Rd. Tuna MEMORIES: Concerts Nugent, Bob Seger, and Queen, The Group EB, AJM, DQ, KY, PM at Fuller. Sunday football with the gang. All those nights. Jl. EB, JM, DQ. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: The future is uncertain and the end is always near. Morrison The Door’s Christine Harting 1 99 Essex Ave. Chris MEMORIES: Mike 9 16 78, Down the stairs with the kids. Summer 77 ' , 78’, 79. Essex. Robin Lee Hatch Belcher St. Essex Rob. MEMORIES: Gary! Skunk L. Treas, Mailwimen in the nite! FLA. w Gary, Those special moments. Loving my Nana and Gramp. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Christine Havener MEMORIES: Good times at Charlie’s alley, ask the gang. The AIRFORCE ask Mert. The field, ask C M., I.B. K.C. M.C. S.A.K.T. Salisbury Beach ask Jane, ron. and Mac. White Corvette Bruce ask janice. Burnhams Field Good time, ask Peg. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be what I want to be and not what everybody else wants to be. Ellen Hemingway 30 Decatur St. MEMORIES: FLA 3 81, K.C., Rowdy doubles and skiing. 8th hole, auction, ask C.G., D.S., Concerts all night Parties @ M.Q., J.P., at Spunky ' s. Friends R.A , G.B.. M.B.S., C.G., Wit not, Thanks Fran and Pete ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1-4 Capt. 4, Track 2, Soft- ball 2-4, Basketball 3-4, Treasurer 3-4, Student Advisory Council 4, Student Council 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: You’re a nut, but then again we ' re all nuts! Dennis Henderson 8 Eastern Ave. MEMORIES: How to have fun in school: Bonghits with K A. and C.D. Down Jack’s office the rest of the time, Essex Crewel Kinks. Todd Herrmann 49 Reynard St. Herm MEMORIES: rwb’s and PBR’s, Hemmer, Mis- takes, the Library, Oktoberfestlth, Green Death, Jethro, Magnolia, Fly, Cracker, Fuzzy, Opie, Rich, Dan, Ions, The Surf, Vesties, Neighbors, Father Go Easy! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 1-4, B-ball 1- 2, N.H.S., SAC to School Com., Student Council. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let it slide . . . We’re all Faced! — Magnolia Madness! Paul Hickey 12 Elizabeth Road Hick MEMORIES: Football 7-3, 8-2, JP, SO, RP, JO, DS. CF, JCM, Fun over MC house, Herms back- yard, RP can I have an ace, my head hurts, Fizzle, Coaches, TS, Shu, GH, Jay Poley mad- ness ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, Hockey 1-4, Baseball 1-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Stay in school play sports, be an athlete not a druggy be a thinker not a drinker. Peter Hickey 12 Elizabeth Road Hick MEMORIES: Wingearsheek Beach, Quick Sprint, $17.00 breakfast on N.M. ask Gummer, Camp Cedar, ITD, girls, Florida, tatoo, The Doors, Rockaway ask T, G, M, H, P. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football, Hockey 1- 4, Spanish 2B, Baseball 1-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t cry into the wind. Dylan. Karyn E. Hidden 204r Western Ave., Essex MEMORIES: Jay 4 7 79. Good times, bad times, with the best yet to come. Rogus, St., ask Linda. Dusty 7 6 80-10 3 80; Jr. year parties; Monster; Field Hockey Parties, Vo!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Basketball 1; WORDS OF WISDOM: To love and be loved, is one of the greatest gifts of life. Eric Hodgkins MaryAnn Hopkins Eric Horne Kelley A. Home 309 Washinton St. Kel MEMORIES: Sum. of ’80, Thanks Annie; Heinies and Straws — Bobbet and Tam. Cold Jou? No What Way? Cool shades are in Kris! Thanks Mom, Dad and Gram for all your support. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics Nec. All Star 2, 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: He that falls in love with himself, will have no rivals. — Ben Franklin John Hunt Gaspar Interrante 16 Lookout St. Gappa, Gap MEMORIES: ' 80 Prom with Jude. J. Geils, Cars, Goodtimes w friends GSDREHVFLHPAPFMJ, N.H. ask GS, AM. Parties. NOV ’79 ask GS. EH, UMASS ask GS, GSBW Ask DAGMLBCE, Finch’s field w SADA. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Project Adventure WORDS OF WISDOM: Dream on, Dream until your dreams come true — AEROSMITH Michael Iwanicki 28 Blynman Ave. MEMORIES: J.F., 00 and. DOWN THE BASE- BALL FIELD, down town Thurs., Fri„ Sat. nights. Ask P.F. The trucks rolling. The summer of “80”. Some day J.i. maybe this year. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine Shop, co- op. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t do the things I did, because I do. Nancy E. Jedrey 61 High Popples Rd. Nan MEMORIES: My best yrs w JO, AMD, DE, JH, MC and Derek. Alligator Mdns! Shat-tup Capri- corn PWR. Purring ask Jo Togas w the gang. PREP!!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Photography, JV Softball 79 WORDS OF WISDOM: Hold to a true friend with both hands. Peter Jenkins 15 Ferry St. Onga MEMORIES: Zeppelin, The Doors, Wake up Onga! all the mad men, vitamin B, Skull, the attic — what’s so funny?, P.M., rumble madness, Moonies ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Winter track 2, 3, 4 Spring track 1, 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Those who bring happi- ness to the lives of others cannot help but to be happy themselves. Julie Anne Imbrunone 22 Gloucester Avenue Jou Joug MEMORIES: Jimbo 6 30 79 . . . Special Days Forever, Thanx Kel atfa. Comare Gina, countless laffs w best of friends AQKRKDGCMB. CHEER- ING. OURNITE ASK KA, ILYMD. Jim, I’ll always wait because you ' re the one I love! WORDS OF WISDOM: If you can imagine it. you can achieve it, If you can dream it, you can become it. Ben Johnson 22 Atlantic St. MEMORIES: Riding around with JD. CD, BM, DM, CC, AND CM. All the fun at Citgo the Bread- water, Niles Beach, Good harbor Beach, Truant, and Paul ' s house, GHS A-v club WORDS OF WISDOM: If you want something bad enough keep trying. Girls never want what they can have only what they can’t. Diane Johnson 37 Cherry St. DJay, Di MEMORIES: 12 15 78 Nummy ask Reject 5 24 LJ ask TM, Que Hecho? 906 84 ask SK, Oran. Elep. Ask CM, Keep Right ask SB 7 1 80 ask LCKBSB, He ' s Cute the Dog Ask KB, Auntie M, EBOG ask KB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: CAST, CML, NHS, I. VOLLEYBALL WORDS OF WISDOM: To be able to sacrifice any moment what we are for what we may become. Kurt B. Johnson 33 Myrtle Sq. Rug Head MEMORIES: Diane 10 28 78 (Downstairs) Driving all Night, on the Bike with hoppy, up with the C, A, S, C 67 Camaro, 76 Cutlass Supreme, Led Zeppelin, (Beyond Deaths Door) Ask Dana P. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carp, shop 1, 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: No goal is too high if you climb with care and confidence. Go for it, you can get it. Meryl Ann Johnson 35 Norseman Ave. MEMORIES: FRN, Gr.Sw.Syn., Uh Oh!, Ger- many, Kings Grant 40, Special friends, JF, HD, We did it Jo! but who wants it? Did ya have a good time? JF, LC 11 7 80, FIRE! Not Again! I don’t believe in soap! DB Thanks Auntie Fig, Prep! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Co-editor Flicker, Spring Track 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: There ' s always tomorrow for dreams to come true. Daniel Judd 4 Beachmont Ave. Juddy MEMORIES: sitting in science asking Matt stuff, riding around getting some satisfaction, Down the park all the good times. Watching the snake. Riding the trails to Essex, up the house How to Be a donkey and a dingaling 44 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry voca- tional shop 1, 2, 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t Listen to anyone wearing a flannel neck tie. Betsy J. Juncker 6 River Rd. Bets, Beej MEMORIES: Tom 3 23 80 Hi Cutie! Maine Swe- den ask DD, 8 4 79 uh-oh ask HJBT " ticky- ticky " ask LMDDMB, B-skin Nk ask SSTP, Twig- man-KP, Look Out! ask GM, MC? Laffs w DJMF, Thanx Mom and Dad, Whole Bunches! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thes 1-4, NHS 4, Track 3-4, Ac Rec Nite 3-4 WORDS OF WISDOM: ... And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make. Beatles Kristian Keller 12 Burnham Ct., Essex Kris, Kris Kringle MEMORIES: The First Days were confusing, but people are nice here and they helped me to find my rooms etc. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Running Cross Country, Golf, Volleyball, Soccer, Thespians! WORDS OF WISDOM: More you know, more you ' re in doubt. Lee Ann Kennedy 6 Highland Place Lee Lee MEMORIES: Cabaret night most exciting!! All the good times with T.K., and D P. Good times in 218 with T.K., and D.P. Great times in softball W T.D.!! Best thanks to H.W.! Love to my family. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 1-4, softball 1-3, chorus 1, 2, 4 — Folk Group. WORDS OF WISDOM: Make each day your best; tor it just may be your last! Susan R. King 1 38 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Sue-Boo, Sking MEMORIES: Hubeeb, ask Cathy — Boat talks 2:00 am! talks w Jerry, Fresca and VSML ask Che, Clouds ask PO, RR-tracks ask LC, 906184 ask Di, letters to CP, Family, friends, ML, That Laugh . . . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics 2-4, Cheering 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Be Patient with yourself, grow in your own way, in your time. Tracey L. Knowles 35 Leverett St. Tray MEMORIES: 9 27 80 Bobby — 1 19-20 79 ask G.G., Cove, Friends G.G. T.D. D.P. P. B. R.T. L.K. P.H. — special friends, Vicki and Pamela, Mom Dad, Lanesville, George, Terry. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball 1, 2, 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . . God hath not prom- ised, sun without rain, joy without sorrow, peace without pain, God hath promised strength from above unfeeling sympathy, undying love . . . Daniel Kolodzik Robert A. Landoni, Jr. 1 13 Leonard St. “Gigs”, “Pucci” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band-ROTC 1, 2, 3 Most Improved Musician 78-79; Flash Photo staff, 1980. A-V club, Video Crew. Bruce Lane 9 Havard St. MEMORIES: Jim Wickey jokes, 74 words a min- ute, Accounting classes. All the lunch period conversations. Bill Oddie still lives! Being part of the greatest kids ever to set foot in G.H.S. — The class of 1981! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards 1, 2 Academic Achievement 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: If Something works don ' t fix it. Terri Lane 5 Southern Hts. Essex MEMORIES: N.H.; Fla; YV; CCP; the laundry basket; too much; the foght ask H.M. and K.D.; Fem boy Elroy; FO; the paper clip; October 80; hit and wait; are you alright? Just checking up on you; The haunted house 79; Blue dots; hit it. Vicki Lane 3 Cedarwood Road. MEMORIES: Danny 11 22 78. Good times w old friends CSAMJSJLJR. Long talks w 1 pal CS. Special times w Danny. WORDS OF WISDOM: To always be loved by D.M. and always love him. Robert Latassa 1 70 Hesperus Ave. MEMORIES: Pouring all of my co-op money into the stang. Wagon Trail excursions on Fri. nights, ask S B. 1980. Zepp’s woods bomber up crooked lane when I got hit in the head with a rock, ask K.R. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vocational 1, 2, 3 co-op. WORDS OF WISDOM: He who goes through machine shop will somehow become a trilobite by the time you grad, ask J. P. David K. Laurie 30 Highland Street. Dave MEMORIES: MT. Washington — Adams trips — off the trail ask S.P. S.L., FREEBIRD ask Miai, B.P. K.F., The S and S Goon Squad — ask the boys. 9 27 — Good Time ask R.C. Lisa Jeanine Legendre 100 Riverview Road. MEMORIES: SWEDEN ). Si or No! The Hay- neys — ML and EF. LAUGHTER, DARES and those BM’s ask Skip. EPL — what were their names? SS and SH. My very special friend Jane. Politics, Acting and Traveling. UNO! My Pinto, The Fi. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cl. Sec. 1, V-Pres„ 2, St. Cncl. 1-4, St. Advisory Cncl. 3-4. Thespi- ans 1-4, Flash 3-4, College Night 3-4. Who’s Who AAHSS 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: " From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever. " Chief Joseph — Nez Perce Santina Libro 14 Commonwealth Ave. Sandi MEMORIES: Canada! D.D. Csabaret night p.a.p. remember the B. want to go through that again. Good times w M.J. B. and P.A.P. MUSIC THE- ORY W P.P., J.B. and C.W. Great times w p.c. Bob and PAP and Nerf and M.C. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . . “Never waste or hesi- tate, get in kid before it ' s too late. You can wear a mask but it won’t last, live it long and live it fast. Christopher P. Lindberg I 76 Holly St. Chrispy, Chris MEMORIES: Molskateers, Toyota Gang ask SC RC, TB. 4 wheeling (what driveshaft) 3 7 80 ask SC. No Nukes 1 Bloody locker ask DB KW ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross-Country 1, 2. 4 Winter track 2, 4 Spring track 1, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t Be caught with your pants down when the lights come on. Erika M. Litchfield 9 Norman Ave. Bik MEMORIES: LEO! 5 18 79, sum. 80, J.Y.A.M.; LEO SIGNS w LO, JA, LW; Spec, friends: Lynne. Lisa; talks w Mom, Jb, BG, DD; sand fight GHB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4; Sawyer Medal; B-ball 1, 2, 3, 4; C. Coun 2; Tennis 3, 4; S. Track 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, V-pres 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: The doors to wisdom are never shut. B. Franklin Bobbet LoPiccolo 17 Riverdal Pk. Bob MEMORIES: Rick 8 5 80 . . . Always! Tammy all the talks wS.B. the big H running from the boys. The sum of 80 being w?Ricky. Cheering the laffs and tears. TM, KH, Hein the straw cheese and popcorn. Al Maine old orchard Beach let’s go. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleading 1, 3, 4. Jerome A. Lovasco 10 Cleveland St. Jerry MEMORIES: Mom, Dad, Lea. Great times and great friends at SJP. Patty. Goin for the green ask JP. Best of friends SDDTMLMBAMSMTMG STKSOJPKSSKPRJMJM. Stang. Wurzburger 9 27 hammered again, finishing it with Sat. Florida and Gina. ACTIVITIES: Football 1-2-3, Hockey 1-2. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let the good times roll. The Cars Donna Marie Lupo 2 Hampden St. Lup (s) , Lupie MEMORIES: Tiger 3 7 80 Always, Thanks Deb! Auction 78’ 79’. What happened Lisa? Mac’s Prom night and M. fight (TMDRDG) ST Fiesta TT Partyin w Gomare Faye, DDMKKLSPPH-Hili ILV — My family and Peewee, Gorilla ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: C. Country 2-4, In. Track 2-2, Spr. Track 2-4, Student Council 1-4 WORDS OF WISDOM: God gives the very best to those who leave the choice to him. Thomas Lupo Brian MacArthur Karen MacArthur 21 Whittemore St. Karen MEMORIES: To remember all the good things in life w my friends: JC BAF KC, all the RDPK, growing old w Jo. Moped Drusing, sem, ask BAF. Business Law 8th, love you guys, my family who I love Dearly; J. Geils, Bob Seger. WORDS OF WISDOM: To fulfill my life with hap- piness and love. Eugene R. MacDonald 21 Gee Ave. Sandy MEMORIES: Bob Seger 9 25 80, Port Me., Queen 9 26 80 Boston Garden, Good times w Hugh, Jeff M. Cyn, Deano, Good times @ the Mills, Canada, Wash. D.C., Dallas, Drives w TFT, parties, MDI! “73” Dod Wagon, Summers at Camp Smith Grove. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Captain 4; Intramural Hockey 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: To succeed in all my future endeavors and make my parents proud of me. Heather MacFarlane 86 Maplewood Ave. Gunther MEMORIES: Trp w JL, @NG w MM, TR, parties @ Shetland and Willows, talks w MM. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Y.B. ed. 1; NHS 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: The image of myself which I try to create in my own mind in order that I may love myself is very different from the image I try to create in the minds of others in order that they may love me. Rosalie Machain 20 Shepherd St. Ro, Rosie MEMORIES: Great Times w SW DJ SM LS GM TS JN, can’t Get No Satisfaction, ask anyone; 4 18 80; oh! no! ask anyone. Rhode Island 77, ask Hingy Bingy, ask SW DJ ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1, 2, 3; ROTC 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team 2. 3, 4; Shop, Electrical 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: The only way to have a friend is to be one! Caroline Maciel 26 Washington St. Cal, Mach MEMORIES: BGS 8 28 79, BGT, it’s mine! ask HAJH, 6th lunch Jr. Yr„ PVB w RMHADMNRK KJF — TBCGEAD ask RMSE, stiggy ask HA Redbook, as HA Canada ’80. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chorus 2, 3, 4; Bea- con 2, 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Though your wings are broken, the way is so wide open and the wind is waiting for you like an open door. — Gibb Weaver. Raymond Mansfield Janice M. MacKenzie 7 Stalen St. Jan MEMORIES: Paul 8 10 80, MA, Rl, Kim knows!. The Cars, 1 pals, BF, All nighters DL, Sen-yr- Pw. Paul and D and D, 3 15, 16, 17, — party, you wanna what?! Hello! Long talks w Kim, Thanks Mr. Sperry! WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my friend. Lynne Elaine Mackey 4 Woodward Ave. MEMORIES: RICKY, Blazer 622-cay, 9 19, Bolzzard, 1 friends Tammy P. Kim P, Michel M, Cassy P. stranded ask Tammy, Dead frog at everst we got the hint ask Kim. Summer of " 80’’. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me I may not lead, Just walk beside me and be my friend. Sheryl E. Mackey 311 Ess6x Av©. MEMORIES: FRANK 6 20 80 " 1985 " — FS G.L. to AG and KW talks w Mrs. G. whatyagon- nado ask FS, AC, HC " Stan " times w FSHCAC MMKCTG MOM, DAD, I LOVE YOU! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS Acad. Res, Type Awards FR Rep, Int. Tennis WORDS OF WISDOM: So it seems our destiny to search and never rest, To ride that ever changing wave That never seems to crest. Thomas Maniates 71 Western Ave. Essex MEMORIES: RENAY ALLEN 79-80 etc. Florida, goodtimes w DD, DR, BP, LS, CG, MM, GA, LP. The gang og the tracds. My plants are there. My license in 80. No school, bo every day. The red car. Dinds, Nugent, Kinds etc. Loveyha MOM! WORDS OF WISDOM: Sworn to fun loyal to one. Richard Mann 35 Beach Rd. Rich MEMORIES: The tree, the island, the Dead, the Brothers. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. Academic Recognition, baseball 3, 4, Cross-Country 3, Golf 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: The road goes on forever — G.A. Joseph Marino Lisa J. Marino 43 Shore Rd. Lis, Mom MEMORIES: Punchy w Mells, lau, Marg, Sis, tam, the B’s, the gang, Sweden, “Ticky-ticky”, plays — “Ado”, TM, thanx Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 2, 3, 4, Academic Recognition 2, 3, NHS 3, 4, Who’s Who Among American H.S. Students WORDS OF WISDOM: That day is lost on which one has not laughed. Richard M. Marino 4 Macomber Rd. Rick MEMORIES: Martha 8 5 79 good times Bong trips CHIC, NH w ccrgjpjhmjjs kaw, k-loons w JB, PN, BM Canoe Trip Swamp, WANAWANA ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 W.B1.2. 3, 4, RG WORDS OF WISDOM: if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don’t know Kansas Whitney Marshall 8 Holly St. MEMORIES: The libraries, Alison in biology, vss, LINUS, bring letters to school, working with Ann on Sunday afternoons. Tut, I Know it isn ' t in the high school but Lynne and her purple sand- wiches, Grapefruits, and pencils in ears. Jimmy WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t spend your time worrying about the future, time goes by too fast Ann Elizabeth Martin 53 Revere Street MEMORIES: Thanks Oleaana’s, OPEC, greem m M’s, celery, Great Summer " 80,” Styx, Joel, Kanasa, Toronto, Dallas, tuba, hockey, Rock, Nick’s, who knows, and my tank. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Treas. Thespi- ans, Treas. Band, Math Team, Sawyer Medal 1, Who’s Who in Am. H.S. Students WORDS OF WISDOM: He who laughs, Lasts. Neil Mathews 5 Angle St. Neil MEMORIES: LAURA 12 27 78 Dallas ask Laura Cohasset, when I, am old and gray ask LVJOTS 1-4-3 Laura Conomo Point ask Laura. Spud ask DMDSDMPRRM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Electrical Shop 2, 3 Co-op 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes then steal your dreams this is Heaven and Hell. Jerry McCarthy 45 Warner St. BIG GUY, Gerald Irons, Irish MEMORIES: PBRS, RWBS, Mag Beach, Westys, BRGC, GHB, Big Guy Camp, " Go Easy” " YouG- otTo " , “Let It Slide " , Fuzzy, Opey, Rich, Todd, Jim, Dan B-ball. Walkers, " My name is Bubba” . . . Oktoberfest 1, 2. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; NHS, Sawyer Medal, Boys ' State, Flash, College Night Comm., Aca- demic Achievement Night 2, 3, 4; German 1A Award WORDS OF WISDOM: No Pain Is Gain. James Menicocci 21 Acacia St. Mennie MEMORIES: Friends, GHS, Camping w Ben and butter, TA, TB, BG, AC-DC, made it. GG., May USN. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Gymnastics 1, 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: Never forget. James McGovern 1 Beach Rd. Jim, Biff MEMORIES: Lorette 11 24 79, sts, 107 m.p.h. ask K.S.; Parties; 2 8 79, 12 31 79; ask Angone; GHB all these nights out Pool Hopping, the police, the allnighter, Thanx Lorette. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Auto Shop and Car- pentry Shop WORDS OF WISDOM: There’s the known, and there’s the unknown. And what separates the two is the door, and that ’s what I want to be. — The Doors Ross McKenzie 9 Harbor View Ct. Roscoe, Slim Whitman MEMORIES: All the kiddies in romperroom. Golf course (ask CG RM MC) the Island, (ask JB BC PN) Eating Mexican Pig in a T-Bird; Jacking up the rear crank shaft over head compressor, on a Sunday afternoon. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: C.C. 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball; Shop 1, 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: If all else fails join the uni- fication church. James E. Melanson 4 Birch Grove Hts. Jim MEMORIES; Sweden trip 1980, Ca pe Ann Mar- ing and Gang. Samana People, Swift Kixx — Arthur Flesh, Someone stole my Pinto, ask Any- one. Parties on the Sandpiper. Best Friends: Kenn, Dorn, John, Tom and Sheep. Bye, G.H.S.! ACTIVITIES: G.H.S. Thespians WORDS OF WISDOM: Let the music do the talk- ing. Cindy Anne Mello 39 Maplewood Park MEMORIES: Special people, CRLNJBRMMHM BCPPDPCBBP football — CBRPCR, airport — LN, Olympics — JB, monkeys and rabbits — MHBPCB, VOLLEYBALL Bump CR, Thanks Ma! babies and birds — TL, talks, walks, jokes, MHRM, pictures — CR, garfield. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramural Volley- ball, Pep Club, Cheerleading WORDS OF WISDOM: In love, listen to your heart, it ' s probably smarter than your mind. ■ Anne Merckling Christine Militello 5 Corliss Ave. Chris MEMORIES: Snowstorm at sea, JPDL Vodka Highway Creamsickles, LOMSDG NCNH — the gang. Conn 79, JPMMSB (BOYS?) sad times — Bruce. Dave, Sweet 16 KF, “I’m so Con- fused " , Diane, " I musta got lost " midnight swim JPKFRP, Summer Nights WORDS OF WISDOM: To live fully is to live freely ... to take each day and make it all your own. Vmcie Teresa Militello 15 Sadler St. MEMORIES: Talks w Geri and Maria; X-Mas 1978; D.S. ask Dl; All the Good Times; 6th Block Lunch WORDS OF WISDOM: " Luck is often a well- planned accident " CNR Amy Beth Milne 25 Mansfield St MEMORIES: Grampy, Val and Juanita, old and special friends BA-VL, CYC. AC and T-BDJP-BJ, Florida — many times, Mom, Dad I love you and thanks ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheering 1-3, St. Council 1 and 2, Hr. Rep 1-4, F. ball stats 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: To know the rose is to know God, to know the faded rose will bud again is to know eternity. LN James Milone 29 Poplar Street Moses. J B Disco Jim, Mologna, Stogey MEMORIES Remember partying at the Black- burn ask J.R. Remember the McDonalds runs ask George Remember the head cracking foot- ball games ask the team. Remember Camp Becket, ask Skip. Remember the coaches. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G.H.S. Football, Photography, Weightlifting, 1976 and 77 Class Representative at O ' Maley. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t let anyone get you down in life. Remember you’re 1 Marcia Mione 1 13 Cherry St. MEMORIES: Good times and great trips w Heather, Janelle. Leslie and Toby, many more to come! Never forget the fun times in class with Miss Grace. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club, WORDS OF WISDOM: I once cried because I had no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet. 54 Marianne Moceri 8 Elizabeth Road MEMORIES: St. Peter ' s Church Youth Group. The Pope, Oct 79, Zappa and Moose, WRC. Road Races, Gray Cat, Wick, Tennis, Bowling w friends ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross-Country 2-4, Winter Track 2-4, Spring Track 1-4, Youth Sym- phony 1-2, Flicker Staff 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: When God is on our side, who can be against us? Ann V. Mondello 19 Mondello Sq. Mondy, Anniefannie MEMORIES: Jim 10-5-79, FWD Van, Summer ' 80 on BLVD. EUROPE 79, NS DB and TD, Fly- ing 5-26, refugees, 2AM-IAT! GB, In the sand at GHB, GCDRS, 900 z-1, WHEB, SKYDIVER — WHOA! Tew-MAC 6-6, BLACK MACHINE - LET ' S GO! WORDS OF WISDOM: To always look ahead with enthusiasm, but still be able to look back and remember. Marie Theresa Mondello 65 Taylor Street MEMORIES: Harry ' s Flip and Nood, Horsenfef- fer, Prop and Fav, BOOM, Spaz, 2 13 80, FB and H gm.s, taking pict. laughs, EGR’s, T. Calls 15m., Franz, Radio, babysitting, Bide 4-2, The Corner, Scoop — Mom, Dad, KYDSMMDMBM AMSTCRDRDD. WORDS OF WISDOM: Peace can only be achieved by understanding. Maria Jose Morais 10 Forest St. Merv, ZeZe MEMORIES: Pico, 6-79, 5-80, dances, friends, Pizza w FC and GB, Babysitting right Hit?! Rollerskating. " E uma caisa feia”, Ro, Ro, and Herb. WORDS OF WISDOM: Nao pecas de Mais a vida, aceita o que ela te da. Chuck Morris 455 Washington St. Chuckles MEMORIES: Times with BP. Brother and a at C.A.N.H. Working hard to get out of School early. Also good times with BJ, CD, JD, BM, LF. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC Grenadier WORDS OF WISDOM: People say High School is the best years of your life, I really think it was. I had a great High School year. Alan Morrissey 268 Western Ave. Arnold MEMORIES: Partying with JP, JL, GS, AND Bar- ney. " The Wagon " Seine Boat Champs 80. " Whimpy " " codyism " first place in liftoff. ■ ' Becket” FO you SOS. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 2-4, Hockey 1, Pumping Iron. WORDS OF WISDOM: Hit em in the cookies! 55 David Morrow 63 Summer St. “Poke " MEMORIES: Remember the Jr. Shop party every-one was crushed. About spud, ask DM, N.M., R.M., D.S., madness, talk about Hellions ask: B.W., N.S., R.M., J.M., R.M., R.C., C.D., — Roadie madness. ACTIVITIES: Electrical Shop, Track Team. Daniel R. Morse 48 Riverdale P.K. “Danny”, " Stan " MEMORIES: Vicki, 11-22-78, S.P.U.D. ask NM, DM, DS, PR, Riverdale P.K. 1, Good Times w I 1 pals ACTIVITIES: Elec. Shop, Co-op, Hockey 3 and 4, Intramural Volleyball WORDS OF WISDOM: “To never stop being loved by V.L.” Stacey Movalli 96 Friend St. MEMORIES: Billy 8 17 79 the boat powser fights ask DS, KR, BD, phone calls ask Deb. Summer 79 Gizz sleepovers ask DS, AR, the Gull and special friends (123) ACTIVITIES: Cancer Committee, Flicker, HR. Rep. Wayne Moulton Bonnie Mugford 12 Bond Street MEMORIES: Paul Dec. ' 78; Hey! Muise; surprise parties w DM, CM. RM, SE, NR, JF, Res Tech and Phys. Ed w Deb 6th lunch w MM, DR. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Friendship is to be pur- chased only by friendship. A man may have authority over others, but he can never have their hearts but by giving his own. " Thomas Wilson. Debbie Ann Muise 16 Green St. “Crash " MEMORIES: Hey! Mugford; Saturday nights w SE, NSR. RM, SM, Both Brennans: Guten Mor- gen!? Maine w Foz Canada ' 80 w LAK, Res. Tech, and Phys. Ed w Bonn; Surprise parties; SENIORITOS ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1, 3, 4; Beacon; Chorus Treasurer; Field Hockey Manager WORDS OF WISDOM: “See the work in peace instead of pieces (influenced by JB) 56 Deborah Muise 17 Maplewood Park Debbie MEMORIES: Summer of ’79, the best ask GF, MC, CT. TC, Oct. 30, the pit, ask GF, party of Oct. 25, 1980, the bast, ask BJ, CJ, MC, GF. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Volleyball WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something, let it go. If it returns, it is yours, if it does not, it never was. Laura Muniz 101 Eastern Ave. Essex MEMORIES: Ted 10 16 79, gd. times w 1 pal Lisa, TFCFTPMCFELANCJWRHNBFPFC, F. Chowder, ask NC; H-weens! MCDONALDS! Styx. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHSCG 2, 3, 4; JV B-ball 2; WCG 2, 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Tall ships and tall kings, three times three, what brought them from the founded land. Over the flowing sea? Seven stars and seven stones and one white sea. Matthew Muniz 140 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Munzie MEMORIES: Good times w ‘‘P” “B” and “Hug " , Oktoberfest II, Dawn, shades, Swinson ' s Beach Bum and Hockey, Hammer ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf Team 2, 3, 4; Capt. 4; Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Champs 2, 3, 4; Infra. B-ball 2, 3, 4; WORDS OF WISDOM: Confide in your strengths but respect that of others. Virginia Munroe 1088 Washington St. Ginny MEMORIES: Dec. 25, 1 1:30 a.m. Ring from John R. 99.8 99.9, ask Row M.; my trip to Maine with JR, MP. The Dodge and Chevy Van. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Accept me as I am so I can learn what I can become. Dan Scot Murdock 45 Bray St. Dan, Danny MEMORIES: Parties with friends; walks on the beach with Deb; Fun times through the years West Gloucester dudes are 1. Friends like TR, LW, GW, MJ, RM; Never forget Bonehead, Quake, Pizza, Space face, fuzzhead, Rit, Mound- head, Frick. Never GW ' s pose and most of all DC. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramural Hockey. 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Be happy ... Do your own thing " Kathleen Murphy 1 19 Riverdale Park Kathy MEMORIES: New York, ask Sheri, Barry, Kevin, Clam bake: ask Tony, Josephine, great times with Jane T, Carol; Kings Grant, ask Kevin, 1 24 77 Little Kevin; “TARD " . WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is what you make it. Bridget Murray 1094 Washington St. MEMORIES: ML 5 30 79, lice stinks, triumui- rate, Virg rolls, DPIost ane, Ml, Fair Lady. NJ, MOM D, look at those dvrs! sms zpg in Bos., leader megs w.LB, Montreal — yoogoo! CH, DP, LB, CG, JW, SC, SO “homme” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NGS. French club, Beacon, Brownies, Flash WORDS OF WISDOM: Om ne woit bien qu avec le coeur. William J. Neal 1 5 Western Ave. Essex Nealski MEMORIES: Disco Dave, Rico, skating 3rd, floor, Carlson Reagy, deck paint? Grenadier Valet parking. Rotesstag! A.M.A.N. Raid on Brennan ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Academic achieve- ment axd. Dept, of Army Sup, cadet awd. Reserve officers Assoc, awd. Bruni, Amvets, V.F.W. Awds, R.O.T.C. 2-4. Grenadiers 2-4. Cmdr. 4. Prize Squad 2-3, Cmdr. 3. Ft. Devens 2- 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is a roller coaster; Don’t barf at the peak; Laugh! Erik Nelson 8 Tolman Ave. Wimpy MEMORIES: Feild power sophomore 1st semes- ter. Escape from 4th block to Frank’s Variety for some edibles. Fun with H.W. until time. Parting with a foil boat mouring and many fish. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: In house hockey, Moto cross riding WORDS OF WISDOM: Take advice don’t be stubborn go to school get your diploma, work till dusk then go to college. Jonathan Nelson 51 Concord St. Nate, Jon, Nellie MEMORIES: 5, spirit, LD, MN, OLD Rel. Friends and great times, Top-Tair. R.S. Game, Combo A.G.T ' s w j.C., “80”s — team, J.D., M.N., Tut- ledstrike 3, Fund-108, Carrots, p-men, 1 G, K, spirit gang ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Capt. Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Intra. B-Ball and V-Ball. WORDS OF WISDOM: Only in America! Norman Neves 745 Western Ave. MEMORIES: Remember the nights up the hut BJ, BL. RW, JS, SN, SB, SKING, Bosting, Fishing ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey, Baseball. Lisa Nicastro 14 Old Ford Rd. MEMORIES: gtsicw DP, some bad, cops, sorry Di! CFCRVE, Best Cuz Sue, ftw JX, BA Wfr ask DP, Airport ' 77 w CM. summer ' ll w CDFSJAS, gtw CF, MOM, DAD, owal, Diane, cover your eyes! ftw AM-Bad, PEHMTL-ESSEX , TRIENDS! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball 2, Intra. VB WORDS OF WISDOM: You will never succeed at anything if you always give up. Roberta Nickerson 13 Gee Avenue Bert, Berta MEMORIES: Good times w 1 friends JG and AT. Talks w jL. Blvd. Mag. beach ask J and G. New year 79. (Spirit Bar) Hovey ' 78. " Break em up Jaye! " Wingersheek, Fog — Thanks J. (W.A.L.L.) MA and DAD! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3. 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: " Friends are people who can see through you and still enjoy the show. " Christopher T. Noble 471 Western Ave. MEMORIES: Elec. shop. D.T. 9 24 79, Li ' l Ed ' s ask E.W., Sum. of “79 " , Sum. of “80 " 1, Karve- les’s, Roll.Sk. ask E.W., S.A.; Hey man! Peace! P. Hop. Stop-n-Shop, Buzztober 80 — ah! ask anyl. Studly, ask K.S. Yo! Gretch and etc. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Electrical Shop 1. 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: Live a little, love a little. Meredith Norton Michael Nugent Herbie Nunes 77 Eastern Ave. MEMORIES: Pumping Iron, ask AM, JM, GH, SH, Dodyism, Arnold. The raids ask SH; Burkes Baz- zar ask AH; the few the proud; Beckett, ask any- one! Roll. skate, ask SH, Essex, 1980, JL champs ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 3, Football 4 WORDS OF WISDOM. Stay Hungry Lee Ann O ' Dea 12 Bellevue Ave. MEMORIES: Best Times: Matteo — 1 28 79; FLK w the Naz; Schoolyard Scandals; Don ' t worry ' bout a thing . . . NZ WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t let school get in the way of your education. Jennifer O ' Gorman Southern Ave. Essex MEMORIES: Summer Times, sailing @ K and S, MPAP, AMVETS @ T.J. RIP, Icestorm @ K and T, Munch at J. Geils, concerts, parties, the Cape, many good times, GBWTKTB. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Color Guard 1, 2; Field Hockey 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Live Life for Yourself. John David O’Hara 31 Lexington Ave. Magnolia Opie MEMORIES; MAGNOLIA. Blyman, Westies, Oktoberfest, J.D., Middleton Playground, W.I.L.D., Ma and Pa, Basketball at Library with the " Magnolia Boys " , NYC, 5-Star, Growin’ up w Dan, Rich, Warren, Mike, Bruce, Todd, MR, RWB ' s ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Basketball 1-4; Football 1, 2; Baseball 1 WORDS OF WISDOM: Earth is a taskgarden and heaven is a playground Lisa O ' Neil 162 Hesperus Ave. MEMORIES: JOHN 8 1 1 79, Styx’s " Babe”, ily! Auction ’78 ' 79, Can you remember, Lup? Brace’s Cove w jA, PW, LW, H-HILL. Swiping “Leo” signs, Erika. “Binky”, Lynne CFD w PT and DL Screaming, DD, SIL, LA ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2, 3 WORDS OF WOSDOM: I’ll take the good times I’ll take the bad times I ' ll take you just the way you are — B. Joel. Steven Oakes 80 Perkins St. Oaksie MEMORIES: Good Times w Tammy. Football ft 84, 7-3, 8-2. FAF w Jon. Jan. 1, 1980. Sun rise ask J.P. 7 A.M. The Beaches. Fiesta 79. The Doors — CTF. Good Times. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football and Base- ball 1-4, Basketball 1, 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: Success is the key to life, but without friends, success is nothing Melvin P. Olson III 6 Riverview Rd. Skip MEMORIES: Sweden " 80 " — ■ Roller-skating on cobblestones?!, LL — Do you have A head- ache?, Cisty sauce and Logs — MD and SC, Montreal “80 " — 401 steps up a cliff! Our suite! KM, JO, BP, RP, DP, LB. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: V.P. NHS, Pres - Treas. Thespians, Math Team, Sawyer Medal 1, French Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: It ' s only human to have your mind wander. The trouble comes when you follow. Mathz H. Olsson Nashua Ave. Ole WathZ MEMORIES: Nancy, 4 23 80. 1-2a.m. The Ref- ugees!! A-MICA-MOUSE. Those great 6th Block Urges. A-WAKA-D. Gotta have a cup of coffee. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: The " Flash”. WORDS OF WISDOM: Den som graver en grop at andra. Falter ofta sjalv dari. Michael Orlando 66 Sumner St. Mike, Mow MEMORIES: Anthony, 8 21 53-4 12 74, Gone but not forgotten; pizza boarding ask V.P.; WHAT PARTY? Mad Crusin ' BL CM and JG: the ol’ V-Dub, ask anyone. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Shop 1, 2, 3; Track 3; NHS WORDS OF WISDOM: Go Real Slow, You’ll like it more and more; Take it as it comes; Specialize in having fun; — the Doors. Cassandra Palazola 8 Stone Ct. Cassie MEMORIES: Larry 1 25 80, CAM, sum. ’80, rem. X-Mas pty.; 12 22 79, softball games, the bank, ask JF, times w Ct. gang, Salisbury Beach, Algebra and English last yr. ask CP, Chem., ask LC. WORDS OF WISDOM: Faith has been broken, tears must be cried. Let ' s do some living, after we ' ll die. — Stones. Michelle Palazola 26 Haskell Street MEMORIES: Cpt., ask NC, CG, JW; Tor. Dali, Wash, Cape Cod MM, Dorothy M’M, H.T. with NCJWCGCR; LR Party ' s; Styx, ask NCRGJWM CCGBLCR; Fiesta LB, ask LV, CR; Rock CGCR; GHB; Trips, Raisin Dal. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1, 2, 3; Winter Guard 1, 2, 3; Honor Business Club 3, 4 Joseph T. Palmisano 29A Commercial Ave. MEMORIES: Laura M. 7 9 79; FIESTA “79”, Saturday ' s, Greasy Pole, “The Fort " , J.R. Seine Boat Champs, ask Larry B., Paryies down Pavil- lion Lounge, Blizzard of “78” down Cape Ann. Pink Floyd, 6 2 7 77. Janine M. Parisi 6 Ocean View Drive Neen, Mole MEMORIES: My Family, Summer “80 " , The Beach, Bray St., Problems — ask Cheryl, Long talks w Steve, Hooked and C.S., Pig — ask Pam, KOH — ask Jenny, Trips to Conn. — ask PD, SC. What Raccoon? Fun w CD, PD, JF, KM, SA, SC, RC, JC, TB, KK. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something, set it free, if it doesn’t return it was never meant to be. Paula A. Parisi 1 8 Mason Court MEMORIES: Robert, Not Fade Away, Ran into a snowstorm! Thanx Mike. G.T. w Kat, Sandi and Margie; GRATEFUL DEAD 5 10 80. Paradise, ask Ann. Clayworks, oh, wow! Bye Jay! WORDS OF WISDOM: Sometimes we live no particular way but our own, and sometimes we visit your country and live in your home. Some- times we ride on your horse, sometimes we walk alone, sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own. — Robert Hunter. Thomas Parisi Brett Parker 1001 Washington St. Ensigh MEMORIES: Good Times with Chuck and David and Larry, Getting out of school At 10:21, Grad- uation Day, Good Harbor Beach Robert Parks 30 Holly St. Jawbone, Parksie MEMORIES: T-Bird, White Mts. NH, R.F. Lane Co., the moon, skiing, the path, Joe Knife ask S.P., GHB, Steel Derrick, the rabbit, SLKLBASO SPPT, First National Parties Cross-Ons, radia- tion hill, skull ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 4, Winter Track 3-4, Spring Track 3-4, Intermural Volleyball 3-4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Winners never quit. Quit- ters never win. I want to be a winner. Denise E. Parnell 9 Butman Ave. Meicy, Pooh MEMORIES: My family. Special friends Terry SSBMGGTK My motorcycle. Boat lobstering 41b lob. Lanesville, the cove, Hot Summer nights in the Emerson Pool ask T.D Softball B-Day with team 5 29 80 florida with T.D feb vac. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball 2, 3, 4 3 mvp jv’s Debbie Parsons 88 Wheeler St. MEMORIES: The civilized tern; le tour eiffel; ‘ommel; 401 steps; Great summers with AR and JC; 4 yrs. with my best friends: BM, LB, CH, CC, tennis w Skippo; M.o. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls tennis team, NHS, French Club, Math team WORDS OF WISDOM: C ' est la vie! Jane T. Parsons 4 Stanwood Ave. Janie MEMORIES: Ace 1 Sherry, Rene, Fla Summer of 80 Take a trip Throw Magnolia Snow Storm out at sea ask Diane. Summer of 79. All the time w the band ask SB Ipswich ask RC and SB. The crease ask Billy: N. Conway and The wench Bible 1 Soap for ever Fernwood: What Hap- pened to the snow on X-mas ask SB WORDS OF WISDOM: I do Believe Yes I do believe that a day will come when all mankind will take the time to understand. Stephen D. Parsons 24 Sayward St. Parsnips, Hobbit MEMORIES: 1977 C.C. Team, sum. of 79, GHB, Soph, year, The B.O. Barn, Ski trips, winter camping. The Moon, Steel D., White Mts, N.H., Who’s next? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country, Indoor and Spring Track WORDS OF WISDOM: You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need. (Jagger — Richard) Kim Patience 95 Wheeler St. Kimmie MEMORIES: Fourth of July Boat, field hockey buzzon Play, A.T. fallout of truck goodtimes M.G.T.GL.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, NEC All Star, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3. 4, Athletic Council 3, 4, Homeroom Rep 1. 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: To work hard and become the person I am. Lisa Patrican 157 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: 4 14 78, Good times w Dave. Concord St. DTTLMIDM. Salsibury Beach the truck HCCFDT. Essex Ave. madness catalina. Seger D.T. Christmas Eve JC 1 friends GC, TL. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Print Shop 1, 2, 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Into each one’s life a little rain must fall. Pamela Paul MEMORIES: Doobies w Beth. Vienna. Accident w Unice. King’s, ask Glenn. B-Farms H.A.F.G. Thanks Gay! Me and my music. G and P parties. Seger All the “P " from C and P. Public High ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Survived 3 years at G.H.S. WORDS OF WISDOM: What you want in life is out there. Find it! Kristen Payne 215 Western Ave. Kris MEMORIES: Kevin O. 1 26 79. Thanx Townley Summer of 80 best yet Sailing on Sebago F-ball at Bates w Rut rides in the lila O and all the laffs talks and times W. Chuckles WORDS OF WISDOM: You lose your love when you say the word mine Neil YOUNG Joe Paynotta Eastern Pt. Rd. Jivi’n Joe MEMORIES: Dreaming of spring clean-up. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.C.T. Toboggan Team, Road Trips WORDS OF WISDOM: Sure do think this whole world is cruel, Hey Himmler, keep the ovens warm for me, You’ve got to step on them before they step on you, There is no tie ballgame. Linda J. Pettipas 9 Dodge St. MEMORIES: Good Friends, funtimes. in Maine, ask C.P. Wingaersheek Beach, skiing, and Fam- ily Sap, Ask P.W. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal, Type Awards, Academic Recognition, NHS 3-4, Honor Business Club WORDS OF WISDOM: Never take the simplest of things for granted; the things you love are gone before you know it. Richard Philpott Yvonne Perrin 78 Maplewood PK MEMORIES: Florida — LUV ya Pat, 1 lifetime pal Pam Francis, BC, LOME ' S, FHLH, High St., SEGER 10 5 80, bummer snake, good talks w AK, DM, CH, PF, FI. ask DS — " palm trees”, B- day party at NUGES garage, problems solved w MA, Blanche, special godchild Elena Von, Late nights ask PJ. — Love ya Mom, many memories of good times and long talks w April WORDS OF WISDOM: Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. Christine Perry 16 Perkins Street “Chris” MEMORIES: Frank 6 6 80. Zippers, boy they hurt GD. times w F.C. Fran I can ' t see. I don’t remember this hill Is there a " twinkle in my eye?” N.H. with C.R. and the family " Never before” ask Charlene!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: BBall Cheering 3-4, Type award 3rd place 2-3 WORDS OF WISDOM: It ' s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. Diane Marie Perry 3 Derby St. " Di " MEMORIES: The summer, Good times w P.M. M. K. Room . . . asked L.K. at the beach w S.C. N. C. China sales Restaurant, the drive-in, camp- ing in New Hampshire, 6 Block lunch. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Awards night 1980. Intermural Volleyball WORDS OF WISDOM: I know of no way of judg- ing the future but by the past. Amy Peterson 7 Wesley St. ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1-3 (Capt) NHS 3-4 MEMORIES: Steve 7 30 80. Dreams do come true. I didn’t know but now I do. Schnoopin’ w Studly, M M ' s, Pegleg, My Family, Steve. WORDS OF WISDOM: There ' s a kind of love that ' s absolutely unconditional. The kind that says I love you because you ' re you, and just because you exist. Robin Ann Pickette 3 Thorwald Cond. Beach Rd. Pick, Pickette, ' ' charmer " ask RJ MEMORIES: My Family TLU Partying, Pink’s, all nighters! Toga 79 ' M HW, DMPA, JD and AW, TD. WBA, AW. Concerts! DD, TLTWCL 7 F, KQ. PH — TWU, JD 7 AH. Lit ' Girls, AH. GT ' s W RL! GFI! MY GOALS, WEN! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 1-4, B-Ball, 1-4, Class Sec. 2-4, HR Rep 1, Yrbk. 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: I’ll take my chances Babe, I ' ll risk it all. — Seger. Steven Pinkham Vincent P. Pizzimenti 14 Marina Dr. Pezzie MEMORIES: GHB w friends SQUAROO Ask MO Sum " 78 " the Boat ask RC, SC. “What the hell is that? " ask JM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow, Don’t Stop, it’ll soon be here, it ' ll be better than before, yesterday’s gone, yes- terday’s gone . . . Harold R. Poor Jr. Fernald Street Hal MEMORIES: Remembering the days of smoke hill. And the night at Kennobac after work with KN. Never forget that 180 turn after work on Sept. 1980. WORDS OF WISDOM: I’ll never forget Glouces- ter High School. Salvatore Pramas R24 Lookout Street Sal MEMORIES: Beauport Heist ask M.W. INFORM- ATION, " But I thought If you turned real fast " ask CS, " That’s what she said, " Cold nights — GH Beach as J.C., S.A., C.S., Rocky Horror ask PM, Goon Squad Material Sunfest 79’, Seger. Stones, Most Improved — M.B. No pride D.S., Look both ways ask S.A., Personalities, Summer B-ball. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity B-Ball 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Sawyer Medal Jonathan Pratt 1 Myrtle Sq. Pratty MEMORIES: Good times w Marilyn. Football s 7-3, j 8-2. Friends. S.O. A.M. B.A. R.S. M.D. A T. G.S. T.W. E.H. The sun rose on Jan. 1. ask S.O. A.M. Rock. 1-2. S.W. w P.H., Co. A.T. G.H. Doors. Saugus turns season. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, Intra. B-Ball 2-4, Intra. Hockey 1-3, Track 2, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Happiness is the key to life. A, BVt Stephen Putonen David John Quadros Saville Road Dave, Arnie MEMORIES: Good times with DC, FT, JP, JN, 9726780, The Church, The Fest 1, 2 “I survived the island” ask JC, AB, RM, 18 games 48 pts, Paradise, Weymana DAEHESOOM 7 Kyle ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Var. Hockey 1-4, Var. Soccer 3, 4 Var. Spring Track 3, 4 ACJ NHS WORDS OF WISDOM: The secret of success in life, is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. Anne Kiley Quinn 47 Centennial Ave. Annie, Anna-belle MEMORIES: Mark 1 26 80 1 pals KDMBJIGC rte Iw KA JQ sum 80 BSEO fun w BR break-in Katdaring adv Rob ask KDGC “musta got lost " w K and m our nite w j and K BC pty, talks w KA Mark: a special person always! WORDS OF WISDOM: May your heart always be joyful, May your song always be sung And may you stay forever Young Kathyann Quinn 3 Juniper Road " KQ”, " ANGLE- MEMORIES: MARK (STYX-SWEENEY’S) ; Let the Good Times Roll w R, J, A. “UM!” ash DT. I love You MOM AND DAD. I’m alright ask A and G. Giles and double dates w RP. Thanks: Mom, Dad, Sandra, Diane Julie. Friends = 1 ”23” SEGER ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS tennis 1-2-3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Set me free in a sea full of dreams and I ' ll sail on forever. Aurelia G. Ramos Prospect St. Lela MEMORIES: Born 6-8-60. Vero. Portugal Can- ada 7-79 Ask AVXAV. Anibal 1980. Sweet times Good times Portugal 6-13-80. Ask M and C and B and P. Down Stairs 10-5-80 PAVILLION BEACH 1-78 WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love somebody, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn ' t it never was. Chrisanne Marie Re 16 Beach Road Chris MEMORIES: GHS Years, fun we had, B-day card for Danny something special, Jr. year Intra Vol- leyball bump lunch talk w PM Art w jM. BE. Chairs on desk, football pictures, “snake” J.L. " Waddles”. Chinese Food w B.E. Summer dri- nin, Billy Joel " Turn it up " fun at work with D.B. water fights w C. K. 9 31 80 — fun w C. K ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intra. Volleyball, Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM: Arise, Go Forth and Con- quer Fredrick Rhodes 3 Ferry Lane Dusty MEMORIES: Florida, J. Geils Frank Zappa. Good Times w friends GS GIJMSLSHES, Gregs B-day party in Mag ask CG Parties working for Wac FjC Inc. WORDS OF WISDOM: It ' s good to be alive! Anne Richardson Beachmont Ave. Annie MEMORIES: Rocky Neck, E.H. 10 28 79 U.N.H., Joel @Paradise, pines cousins, N.H. charger, more Taylor years, applewine, Friendly. WORDS OF WISDOM: With all beings and all things we shall be as relatives THE SIOUX Kristin Robarts Lakeview Rd. Essex MEMORIES: Molson, G.W.’s, MK munch at J. Geils, MPAM, Rink, Killington, Dpwm rover., summer 1980, sailing with SW and JO, the Grove, Arizona with EB, to the pump! The Kinks NY with GB, EC, SH, CCC, bus to Repperd Smoke show w GJ, EB, MM and GB, ice storm w TJ and JO, Bat juice w Tf ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spring track WORDS OF WISDOM: Sworn to fun loyal to none. William Rochford 76 Shore Rd. Big Bill MEMORIES: Karen 8 20 GHB what are you thinking? shooting ' great times guysnite mag. Crew — fly, THPFJM sum. 80 weird times AQMBBS BRBC Thanks M and D. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Oct. test 1, 2, Spr. trek 3, 4, country 3, 4 ind track 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: When the winds pick up don ' t lower your sails, because all that wind you missed could have been your good bye kiss. Bruce D. Reardon 35 East Main Street MEMORIES: Sum. of 80, Fiesta. Gd times w Linda many concerts; The Who, Black and Blue Tour. R anc c ' s DFTL ask Bonz. Led Zep. Who Else! ask PW juice w the FORT. CardgamesS Conn. FDR ask JM MS, $187 ceiling. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Print Shop 234 WORDS OF WISDOM: Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings. Toby Ann Redmond 2 1 Dodge St. Tob MEMORIES: Running w the Pack — RF, GL, NT. seem ask BF, KM, RF, KC. Wing Beach — gl — PP — sch. Laughin g w HM, MM, JL, LW. B8T- ACD w RF, Summer of “78,” My family, B. Seger, Goodtimes w D.C., S.C. (DOORS!) WORDS OF WISDOM: Who wills — can, Who tries — does, who loves — does. Robert L. Rodgers 3 Ocean Ave. Magnolia Bobby MEMORIES: Linda all the times we were together. Love stinks don’t it, Poolie, Casual. BP, RC, ED ask Bob Go easy. All the gang BR and LW, AAF ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, AC rec. WORDS OF WISDOM: When I ' m tired and think- ing cold I hide in my music forget the day and dream of a girl that I used to know I close my eyes and she slipped away. Helena Rodrigues 20 Perkins St. Helen, Lena MEMORIES: Portugal, Gr-8 Summers, JC, SS meeting C and C ask Ro. TP 76-77 8 16 the beach w JC SDL ask AE. walks w RS, MC AR — 4 5, Rollerskating CB’SA Grad Party, Green I’s ask RO 1 cuz Friend Toni. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Through love one cre- ates his own personality and helps others create theirs. Jane Rose 369 Essex Ave. Rosie MEMORIES: Jay 9 14 79 and many more to come All the good times at Stone Pier. Camping with the Sweet’s ask Jay and Glenn. Good times at field Hockey ask Kp KH and all the rest. Work- ing down the boat great hours, ask Jay. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 1, 2, V, 3, 4 Softball 1, 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: The past is gone. The present lost as it arrives. There is only Tomorrow. Lori Ann Paterno Rose 22 Ocean Ave. MEMORIES: The pleasure of knowing the faith and trust my parents put into my life, but most of all love. Going to Vermont with Gary 6 29 80 and the good times together, forever . . . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gloucester High School Band WORDS OF WISDOM: Live and Love for today, and don’t throw all your tomorrows away by wor- rying what it will bring. Martha Ann Rudolph 18 Highland St. Griggles Rudolph MEMORIES: BUDDY 2 3 78! 3 15 78 2:15 a.m. only the shadow knows. Tryin to get the feeling ask Donna B.L. House with my " bestest” friend Bob. All those times riding and talking with Buddy (Lisa) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track 3, Thespian 1, 2, 3, Library 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Though darkness may fall upon you love will lift it and bring in the light! Kelly E. Rudolph 21 Friend St. Kel MEMORIES: Great Times w friends! Ask Kim About our ’‘DREAM " That Long Sunday! Sum- mer “77 " Camping ask Lisa Rt. 128 STRANDED! M.P.G? Concerts! wk-end Parties! ask DS, SS, EO, SM about " GIZZZ " ?! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Live, Love, Laugh! Always stay smiling! And forever be happy and Free! Paul Russo 8 Brightside Ave. MEMORIES: July 4. 1980 6:00 going out fishing. Ask Jerry S. and Jackie RE. Who ' d believe it! The flag and Big Pig ask K.S. D.T. Getting Ham- mered with the gang concerts. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey and Soc- cer, Electrical Shop WORDS OF WISDOM: Take it one day at a time. Gary Rust 52 Grove St. Essex MA Rust Never Sleeps. Rusty MEMORIES: Flakey Puff ask D.L. Cranes Beach ask T.F. M B. R.F. BA. Trip to N.J. oh no wrong was. Midnight Storms ask D.R. Times at hamton Beach and the C.C. ask T.F. M S, DR, BA Robi men ask T.M. MM. All goods time w T.F. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1, 2, 3. 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Ignorance is an achieve- ment I ' m an over achiever. Denise L. Ryan 8 Nikolane Way MEMORIES: Winston, horseshows, x-country. Dreams. Ascot Friends, talks w Lisa thanks. The Drive-in, the beach, the Rose. What!! 3900 M M ' s! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type award 2-4, German trip. WORDS OF WISDOM: Through all of these trials . . . Somewhere . . . there must be an eternal sun- rise — that we all must find. Eileen Ryan 1 1 Perkins Rd. MEMORIES. Topsfield w M.D., JF GK CR and SP. Stage Fort w jF BM MD Toronto CR, MT Jethro Tull A MD DL DP Dallas, Washington, Cape. When blue lights flash. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-5 WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something set it free, if it comes back it ' s yours, if it doesn ' it never was. James Aloysius Ryan III 996 Washington St. " Fly” MEMORIES: Okt. Fest 1, 2 Never again Herms feeling merry LIS LL Hammered right Thomas. U. M.L. DS, RP, JO, BR, WB, BD, faced CB, RM, MC, TM, the brothers (A) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Bskt-Ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Rep 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t get hung up on Dreams you’re never going to see G. Allmen Ann Marie Saco 516 Essex Ave. " Sace” MEMORIES: Mail WMN in PJS — WOE! ask RH C’S parties NAMOASPLJCLCAM-7 — 730 Talks w OLIE — urges! Fun w wancy poems ask the RCFS Sum Surg Last one! NOBD Rite patty? MOM and ned 1 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chorus 1-4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Good luck to all my friends Be Happy! Dean Salah 7 Stone Court MEMORIES: Orangemen: JC, KC, NATE, Beap, Guch’s Gang, Court: RM, SA, CP, JUG Chick LC, JC, Chester, SAS, New York, Mak. Mr. P, WBL (Sox 1) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Volleyball, elected National Honor Society. WORDS OF WISDOM: Win if you can lose if you must but always give it your best. Gregory Sallah 18 Liberty St. F.J., Habeeb MEMORIES: Amy 4 18 80, the boat, the Gaz- ebo, 1984 coming home at 3:30 AM ask Amy, The hut TW JM BD GOOD TIMES WITH ALL THE NUTS N.H. w AMGI $3 ring ask Al. Jogging w jB J. Geils ask Dusty, Talks w sis, BBBB, AMY!. . .? Time will Tell. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramural Hockey 1, 2, 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: " Let it Be " Rosalie Saputo Cheryl A. Sauve 592 Western Ave. MEMORIES: Dick, Best Friend Vick; all the spe- cial times with No. 1 friends WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is always best when it can be shared with someone you love. Jeanne Marie Sawyer 81 Bond Street Jean, Sponge MEMORIES: Good Times — skiing — Sugarloaf — LOOK OUT FOR THE MUD! Ask JS, LS Good friends — JF, SB, CT, DG, TE, KW, DC, DT — The Beach DT, CC ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV Softball 2; NHS 3, 4; Typing Awards 1, 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: I ' ve got a picture in my mind of the way I want to be gonna search until I find the inside of me. Michael John Schneider 729 Western Ave. Mike MEMORIES: Carol Ann and Renee playing foot- ball, moving to Gloucester, the first day at GHS, going back to St. Clair, going to West Point. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV Football, Honor Roll, Scholar-Athlete Award, Varsity Letter, Ten- nis, Who ' s Who In American H.S. Students, Intra. Volleyball. WORDS OF WISDOM: Remember who you are and who other people make you out to be Nelson Selig 46 Western Ave. Essex MEMORIES: Felicia; In the band room, shouting, The Gang, The Park we visit, N.H. cow in parking lot. Bob Seger, Rm 2, CD, 1 RM Birthday Party, All those Nights Sitting Stoned Straight, The Gang. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Canal Club! WORDS OF WISDOM: You will never be happy in life if you don ' t set a goal to reach. Daniel P. Shatford 18 Flume Rd. Dan MEMORIES: The Vikes — MB, DS.; DP’s in Mag. 5 12 80 — Cathy, I lucked out. Jim, Rev Ope, Hi, Fuzz, BIG Guy — SA, CG, GM. CLAFT-MF, GHB ask RP. Stud, GAB, ask CG, the Fest 1, 2; $200 — Surf. NP, Pramas. ACTIVITIES: B-Ball 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Jr. Pres., NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: Hope is wishing for a thing to come true; faith is believing that it will come true. — Peale. Jon Sidlowski 921 Washington St. Sid MEMORIES; Lester Lanes Cove Wall, Ask Luke. Johnson’s quarry with PH, RS, LB; all night long at Tugga ' s. New Year’s Eve 1980, party’s up the pits; need more kegs; Ben ' s wild animal farm. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Shop 1, 2, 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: lllegitemi non caborun- dum. David Silva Kevin Silva 3 Rockport Rd. “Huba " MEMORIES: Jay, look at that leal! " 79” The Fen- wick year of ”80’’. The 3 month pinto and the good times in it. Summer of " 79” on the rocks with the gang ask MF, SD. The “Bluefish” of ”79” ask MF, JF. MJ. Summer night on Long Beach and Joanne, Sue, Ed, (pooch) , and Jen and all the rest. The summer at Beaudette ' s. The weekend campout ask M F, SD, MM, and MM. Pott ' s Ket of ”79 " . The Duck up at StageFort and all the other good times to come. Deborah Anne Sears 13V? Rackliff St. Debbie MEMORIES: Keith 12 27 79; camp; CDG; 1 friends; YTY; Tl’79; Dulce; 62787?; my fmly; k 2, m2, etc.; Bos w DA; phnbth w SS; GdTms ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS; NESCL; Math Team; Spanish 4; Academic Recognition. WORDS OF WISDOM: I’ve been afraid of chang- ing ' cuz I built my life around you, but time makes you bolder, even children get older and I ' m getting older, too. Mary Lynne Silva 2 Norseman Ave. Mar, Hop-A-Long, Gimpy MEMORIES: 1 Friends. LBMGDGKR Basketball paryy ask Mona Summer tripl! Bum knees ask Lulu! Go-2S ask MG. Va. will always be 1 to me!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Soccer 2, 3. 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Varsity Softball 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Helia Maria Silveira 19 Harold Ave. Hil MEMORIES: Azores ■ ' 79 " gr-8 times and friends soccer 31. Hey merv movies JBFCRC Rollers- kating Wow! Frankie H.L.R.J. Lov ya! “Dances” C M. Portuguese Power! WORDS OF WISDOM: Live only for today, for tomorrow is a dream and yesterday is gone. Jack Silveira 5 Marina Drive Madjack MEMORIES: All the parties the summer of " 79”, " 80 " , the bridge, Doors No. 1, But, many kegs, ask B.B. T.P. E.S., S.L., Vz inch wrench, ask F.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Auto shop WORDS OF WISDOM: Take it easy baby, take it as it comes, don’t move too fast if you want your love to last. The Doors. Debra Dee Smith 439 Washington St. Deb, Debbie, Smitty MEMORIES: 1 pals, parties w gang ski trip w D MDFKBTRR, talks w DR Br. SS. Sw. Conn w PTLR 1DW MP Dad and Mom, YW ask Donna ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymn. , Softball 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: God granted serenity to accept the thing I cannot change will to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the dif- ference Doreen M. Smith 20 Acacia St. MEMORIES: Bobby, friends 4 ever! Fiesta 80, X- Mas, Seger, wends, w great friends — Sue, Gina, Stacey, Kel, Eva, Sum. 79 ask GL. My house GIZ, the shower. The Gull, Stacey you didn ' t!! The con. we almost made ask EO WOW! Thanx Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Dance Committee, Flicker WORDS OF WISDOM: Reach for the stars, but keep both feet on the ground. Mark Simon Shawn Smith MEMORIES: Reunited with sister Deb. Good times with Bob and Bev. Hi mom, dad (DKJEBK) . Smittie does it again. It’s great to be back. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer, Art. Keith P. Sousa 94 Friend St. Studly MEMORIES: J Giels. B. Seger, The golf course, ask D.S., The good times with Julie, at GHB, J.C.M. Studly ask C.N. Let the good times roll. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something let it go, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn ' t, it never was. Kevin Sousa 94 Friend Street MEMORIES: The night we get the flag, ask D.J. P R. The night we fought Big Pig ask P.R. D.T and good times in the Parking Lot at G.G. Octo- berfest. ask D.T. J.L. S.D. P.R. and the best sum- mer withC.L. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer team, Dance Committee WORDS OF WISDOM: The anger of lovers renews the strength of love. Phoebe Souza 20 Sayward St. Phee Sue, Phoeb MEMORIES: Good times with TJ, SG, SH, NS, MN, RT, GC! BWSC, chewing fingers ask soog. My family! Dry mouth ask EP, MN! Skydiver ask GayeH ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball WORDS OF WISDOM: “In life one and one don ' t make two, one and one make one.” Peter S. Spinney 27 Lufkin St., Essex Pete MEMORIES: “Capt. Carl’s Cosmic Physics " , 79- 80, ask Jim C. about “black holes”, summer 80 with NMFS, V-Ball at lunch, ask H.M., Premier of N.B. in a black Trans ' — what class! (Nackawic 80’). ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Sawyer medal. Stephanie Spinola 22 Madison Sq. Steph MEMORIES: Sum. 80 the mm! ask SH, LL. Best friends and times w Shelley, Lisa EPL — What were their names? Taking LL to a MD AGAIN. Excita! So rolling on my floor. Those ralphs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Ad Craft 78- 79, type contest Ac. Rec. Night. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind.” JL, PM Heiner Staub 1 Main Street, Essex Heineken MEMORIES: Whi cousiu Juli in Ziergiebel’s class. Llallo-eeu and the “dignity of a big belly. " Toga Party — ACUMEN ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Great times with GHS thespians: Fanny WORDS OF WISDOM: Was abes ist das groBte das ilir erlebeu konnl? De Stuude wo ihr sagt: Was liegt mi au usirein Glucke, es ist Dreck urd Schurutz und ein enodruliches Beliagelr! Mein Gluck aber solte das Dasein selber rechtLedigeir. Michael Susanno 36 Mansfield St. MEMORIES: Auto shop, Salisbury Beach, the water slide. Harold “the Bird. " Froggy, 73 Mus- tang, Mugup, Beverly. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vocational — 3 years, Auto shop. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never boast about tomor- row. You don’t know what will happen between now and then. Nancy Swanson 5 Viking St. Nance MEMORIES: M. Trips with R.J. and P.S., Candy House P.S., Party’s Art, summer of 80 with R. G., P.A. Trips WORDS OF WISDOM: Ask the green man where he comes from. Ask the old grey standing stone who shows the sun his way to be. Questions all have their ways and I earn the secrets that they hold. Walk the line of nature ' s plan, crossed with silver and gold. Shawn Sweet 7 Forest St. Hollywood, Mr. Movie MEMORIES: John and Tony at lunch, Tony and I calling John when he was sick. Glenn making prank phone calls, Mary Ann Hopkins, ask John Tony and his grunting ask John My surprise party thand for coming J.C. T.D. H.A. M.D. D.P. JOD AND J.H. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC A company commander. WORDS OF WISDOM: It ' s not for whom the bells toll. It tolls for thee. Thea Sytsma Paula Talbot 5 Hesperus Circle Talb, Paul MEMORIES: Chris 4 12 79 Moving, who needs it! Never again! Fiesta; Chinese Fire Drill, ask Lisa. Chinese food ask Chris. Connecticut trips ask Deb. Great times with Lynn! Vermont ski trip ask Chris ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 3. 4; Softball 2, 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: It ' s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice. Stephanie Taormina Pauline Mary Tarantino 37 Commonwealth Ave. MEMORIES: Summer 80, L Beach, Rkpt w CJ, JD, JC — Don’t touch that shade! ask LA — Never smile in New York, right Cre? GHSB trips, Florida, Bridgemen! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Band, Color Guard 1-4, Q.M, 2 CG Captain 3-4, Winter Guard. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you have two friends in a lifetime, you’re lucky. If you have one good friend, you ' re more than lucky. PaulineS. Tarantino 62 Holly St. MEMORIES: Canoe, don’t tip it Hut, Ice Cream; that was cold! HGB long talks, volleyball up the res. RUN! boysroom door — What happened? Ask Shelley J.B. who? ask Borgy Gd Friends KO TTKLSHAE ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HR. 1, 2, Pep Club 2, Acad. Rec 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Make new friends, but keep the old. Those are silver, these are gold. Out of a world of happiness, suddenly I’m sad. Cheryl Lee Tarbox 23 Bond Street Cher MEMORIES: Livin ' , Laughin’ and Lovin ' , talks ask Julie, Tina, Cath, and Renee TGA ask Annette, Pam and Shell, 15 years of friendship ask Theresa, Bob Seger, It’s all mised up . . . dreams . . . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HBC 3, 4, NHS 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Like a true nature’s child we were born, born to be wild, we can fly so high, I never want to die; Born to be wild . . . Steppen- wolf. David Tarr 81 Maplewood Ave. " Tarry” MEMORIES: MTDD Ghs, Flg-Bg PG with PL, Kun, Rz. umg w K-y An. “Gt HMRD” BB SGR W SD, JL, JM PR, KS, TG, TL. TK, Jl. OKTBRFST Dwn-BC w SD, JL, MB, PR, KS, TG, JM. HLP ME DVD sd RBN! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 3, 4, Soc- cer 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2. WORDS OF WISDOM: What you get out of life is what you put into it. Lori A. Taylor 21 Centennial Ave. Lor MEMORIES: Good friends, BG, ML, ST, MG, PD, TW. Summer! Long nights " boring garage.” On a school night? All those nicknames, best of all LL WORDS OF WISDOM: Be silent, secret and con- ceal, whatever you think, whatever you feel within your soul your dreams should rise, and set like stars and fill the skies. John R. Testaverde Orchard Rd. MEMORIES: Marie 3 21 80, Awesome. 3 21 85 Summer “80” with m.m. The Beach. Fishing on the Linda B. Good Times with 1 friends PR, AR, JE, GW, TM. Concerts with PR, JE. 8th row Sabbath, the Black Hole. Nights in Magnolia ask TM GW, BD, “M R. " The car M.M The hut PR, JE ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV. Varsity Hockey 1-4, Sawyer Medal WORDS OF WISDOM: Never try Never Win. Cathy Thibodeau 1 7 Revere St. Cath MEMORIES: Friends 1. B.G. 7 15 80 pits, par- ties, SUMMERTIME! Good times w Dana. Talks w Jackie. Que Sera Sera. Lanesville, cove, Jl, JA, SS, JO, HW, MS. Joanne, Bob Seger Night Moves, PCS: ask anyone, 3 yrs at GHS WORDS OF WISDOM: You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need. Carol Thompson 1 15 Wheeler Street MEMORIES: Rl, 11 16 78, Lory, Tufty, Burrell, Dwayne. Kevein, Vinnie, Do-Dah- Don. All the good times we had. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live and Let live. Frederick Thompson 3 Corliss Avenue Smokin’ Fred MEMORIES: it ' s so great to be alive — “He once was lost but now fondue, was blind but now ran- toul.” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.C.J.. Toboggan Team, Yellow Nova Attack Team, Roadtrips. WORDS OF WISDOM: I’ll be alright, someday? Jordon Thompson 10 Arthur Court SPIKE! MEMORIES: X-mas eve w jM, GS Fiesta 79 w JN, df. Firoy Airhead. Nugents party w BD, JM. Whites nights w BW, JC. The good and bad times w PS, SG. Choking Earl. Sunshine in school. Helping Dad get by. The best times w JC. MM, Phoebe, Susan, Steve, TW. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Football, Intramural Hockey 1, 2, 3, Intramural B-ball. WORDS OF WISDOM: Do unto others as they do to you! Renee M. Theriault 72 Perkins Street MEMORIES: Summer of 79 w PF, GT w Julie M., Fiesta 80 ' w Ct and cq, " It’s all mixed up” ask Cheryl GHB, wrong way! Ask LV, NM, and TF JHP w NS, RG — " Don’t throw it!” ask Nancy yrs. FSw PhoebeS. Good times w Tony WORDS OF WISDOM: “May you stay forever young” Bob Dylan. Joseph Tumbiolo 32 Harrison Avenue “Joe " MEMORIES: Maria 12 14 79, X-Mas eve at T.G. Camp Becket ask A.O., N.M. The Canoe Goom- bas J.V. D.F. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, Inter, Basketball and Volleyball, Weightlifting 2 Gordon Vanauken Laura Vannah 24 Harlow St. MEMORIES: All concerts, When we’re old and gray ask J.O., T.S., N.M., all night talk ask R.t. MESC, summer of 80 parties ask CR, over FanZ’s ask M.C. Dallas was the best, Umass ask Cheri like ask Renee ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Color Guard 1-3, Color Guard Captain 3, Field Hockey Manager 3 WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is never what it seems and every man must meet his destiny, Styx Matthew Verga Maria P. Virgilio 82 Cherry St. MEMORIES: Swinging in the gym w j. I. KD, Aq, Mb. Santa elves — Kd. Sk, VC, A good friend at Al-Diamonds ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleading 1-4 HR Rep 1-3 Vice-Pres HBC 3-4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Hope urges us on and tells us tomorrow will be better so make it the best, for tomorrow is today. Annette Trupiano 35 Granite St. “Troop” MEMORIES: Talk w JG. BN. Good Times w Kim 7 4 80 Rockport 8 29 80 the Truck SP. Silver- medal W LW.JG. moped wipe-out Spirit Bar, Seger, Juice Nef. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spring Track 2-3-4 Indoor Track 2-3-4 SC 2-3 H.B. Club 3-4 H R. Rep 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: What you get out of life is what you put into it, Dreams may become reality, but only if you want them to. Hallie Von Rosenvinge Edward Wall 449 Western Ave. Elvis, Ed MEMORIES: ‘ ' 73 " Lincoln, Lil’ Eds Game Room, Tally’s Hookers, Edward, Edward, Edward ask GK and CN The weasle ask SA, the S and S bunch. WORDS OF WISDOM: Do what you feel is right in life, regardless of what every one else thinks, because you’re the only one you have to live with. Michael Walsh 15 High Popples Rd. MEMORIES: Project Image, Cruising with PW and BB Camping with KH, Sportsmans club with DP Danvers with PW, BB, KH, AND RM. Lisa Warren Fernald Street MEMORIES: MIKE — 6 15 79, All the good times. NY every weekend. Running camp w Desi. and at relay meet, getting siked w Annette and Gouzie. Sailing w Kirsten. NY in trailer truck w Mike. B-b. Type w Kelley. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 4, Indoor Track 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t worry about the things you’ve done, Just think about the times to come. FLEETWOOD MAC Cathy Webber Washington Street MEMORIES: Special friends and family that make it all worthwhile. W. Gloucester, good times w ls and ms. Wed. movie, ask ma. all those dreams never to be forgotten. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you find something you really want you must set it free. If it comes back to you, it was really yours, if not it never was any- way. Patricia Ann Welch 6 Addison Lane, Essex Patti MEMORIES: GG Gang skiing with you know who! Braces Cove ask LW, LO. Take me to the Carnival! SAPWD Ask LP. Talks w jK. Parties, Friends, MOM, DAD. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business club 3, 4, Flicker 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Get up, get back on your feet. You ' re the one they can’t beat and you know it. Lynne Wentworth Old Salem Path MEMORIES: M and M, LJ and Mutt. Thanks. Talks w B and G, Good Times! 3B ' s ask EL and DD. C and S ask LO. Luv Stinks! ask KC 7 JC " spuppet” ask RP. Sum 80 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: FH 1, 3, 4 B-Ball 1- 4 S-Ball 1, 3 X-c 2 Track 2 NHS 3, 4 Stud. Coun- cil 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: The only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves. Joseph Wheeler 10 Say ward St. Trucky MEMORIES: 5-9-80 with Celia, physics with the Captain, Milty and the Dots, Vietnam with Vea- tor, Soccer game at Andover ask RB, DB, CS, MF, BB. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S., Academic Recognition 2, 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 4, F.Y.S. Coach, St. Peter ' s C.Y.O. Who’s Who WORDS OF WISDOM: Use every opportunity to your own advantage. Brian Ross White 37 Chapel Street MEMORIES: Beaches, Horseback Riding, Drive ins, ask anyone. The Fiesta, don ' t ask J.S. The accident, ask J.C. Oliver. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4; Historian 3, 4; J. L. Bowling Captain — Champs; French Club; W.C.G.; Math Team; Who’s Who in Music; Who’s Who Among American High School Stu- dents; Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Ne dit Jamais Jamais” — Styx Patricia White 330 Main St. Tricia MEMORIES: Tom 4 24 79 CANH-FV, RIVER- SIDE — once wasn’t enough. TL, PV, DP, — Manchester NH, Hit every mail — Sum 80 The ship 9 7 80 B-Shore, G-habor. Rhonda we made it. WORDS OF WISDOM: TAV, TAV, CHILD SAID THE DOUCHESE THERE IS A MORAL TO EVERY THING IF YOU JUST LOOK FOR IT. Alice Wonderland. Tim White 92 Washington Whitey MEMORIES: 1981 Pigeon Chest, Air Head, Rat Tail, Richy TNE Hut 1, 2, J.M. B.D. Karen, April 9, 1980 and so on. Skippy, Stone the Malisk, Rev moon Malone Camp Becket 1, 2, 3, The bear, Give me those melons. Bone Head. Baby face, Eddie Haskell ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 2, 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: You can ' t always get what you want Kathleen Anne Whitten Kat, Deen, Katmandu MEMORIES: 1 , Tam, Dot, Park. It could be worse — ask Rob. 6 19 — Fi — Pam — Dot. My lock? Geils. 5 miles at 6 a.m. ask Dorothee. Gimme 3 steps. If he can’t take a joke. Wedding — R. Stones. TMP — c.P. Rds. Beverly. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Award WORDS OF WISDOM: I will face the sun leaving shadows far behind. Bad Company. James Wickey 103 Langsford Street MEMORIES: W.J Max Productions, ask Steve. Dave and HR Bruce, Joe, Fred. Wongs and the Fav Bos. Bill P, Sam S, Shck, Ben, Ed, Reggies and B. Noof Hapless Frank P. and The Wong Beers are on Debbie. WORDS OF WISDOM: When I grow up, I want to be a Page Turner For Ray Charles. David Wilkins 39 Walnut St. Wilks, Willis MEMORIES: Nicatous, Me. “a.S. " ‘‘Magic” Summer 80 ' ' Capri” — UFSRLTW — Hunting C. J. Willette Glenn A. Williams Fernald St. Bonehead MEMORIES: All the good times with my triends going camping and playing tootball, sottball and being with good people. Lifting weights and going down the fish pier and enjoying life. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is like looking at the earth through a telescope, you see so many nice people. Sheila M. Williams 586 Washinton St. Sheils, She MEMORIES: Scream at Animal At of At of At. ask SAZ and BR; Manchester boys; light house beach; whistle stop phone; 76 sure sounds good; Ru and Deb; BC 200 RAY! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Grenadettes 1-5; Girls Drill Team 3; Rifle Team 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: It matters not how we live, but how we spend our time together! William Williams Cara E. Williamson 12 Stewart Ave. Spider MEMORIES: JRSF MA PV SB SA RM KR Bob ' s, ask Pat; 1st frndship w KD, Eire Wht Cloud; LE Joe John JCC GSW JJB PD Sea Breeze Kris Horses. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 1, 2, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: It takes half our lives to learn who our friends are, and the other half to keep them. Julie Williamson 7 Eastern Ave. MEMORIES: BSP, CR — party’s, Cpt, ask MP, CG, NC. Manchester friends, Boston, Dallas, Toronto, Cape Cod, Topsfield — JS, BJ, NC, Rockport — pier, DenMar B.M. ' s, Summer of ' 80, DF, GM, WD, — L— Stinks, ask N.C., Best friend NC. WORDS OF WISDOM: Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today. Glenn Wilson 1 1 Dalton Rd. MEMORIES; Bates College, T-Bird, The Black Hole, Black and Blue — “MR.” with JT, PR, JE, GHS, Hockey — The Doors, Arab, Bo??? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3, 4; JV Base- ball, Hockey, Soccer 1, 2; Varsity Baseball, Hockey, Soccer 3, 4; Acad. Rec. 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: The future is uncertain and the end is always near. — JJM. Kathy L. Wilson 130 Ledgeview Dr., No. Conway MEMORIES: TONY 5 12 79, life to go! AIWALY Prom 1979, Dec. 24, ' 79; PE ask T.G. 1 friends, CSMHC — GHS, SFPK ask T.G., floating Mon- tego; the Trees! lights out, ask Tony; X-Mas 1980! my ring, Thanks Mom, Dad. You ' re the best. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hosp. Vol. 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Typing Awards WORDS OF WISDOM: For A.G. — The most precious thing I possess is my life with you. Anne T. Wonson 18 Decatur Street Townley, Towns, Anne MEMORIES: Gary 6 28 79 CCSF 10 28 79, sailing, snowmobile, NY Trip; White Wonder ask RP. JD, KQ. TOGA w RP and JD. The Dream w RP. LTFKP. Talks w KP:JD. The Crew ask JD, ALWAYS the winner, ask GV, Thanks Ma and Dad. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball 2, HR rep 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 1. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never to fall into Narc is- sus ' pool. Bruce Wonson 22 Eastern Ave. MEMORIES: Linda 1 1 12 78 skiing w Linda, Jonelle, Billy; good times at Bill ' s; Maine with Linda. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 1, Carpen- try 1,2,3 Beth Xavier 250 East Main St. MEMORIES: DONNIE 5 7 80; Hot pink baby dolls; ask SW; sailing along 10 ft waves; ask JC and BW; flag wars, ask Diane ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Band 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Take time to make time, make time to be there. Kim Marie Young 25 Taylor St. Kimmy, Tutu MEMORIES: Steve 4 23 80, Prom ' 80, Roses, Dappa, Sappa, Zappa and Spaz, Horsenfeffer, EG, Rides, Hockey Games — How’s Life? Boom, football, Fav and Prop, Destino’s, yodel bear, Kimbowana, SWB ask MM, CR, MM. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheering 3, 4; NHS; Sawyer Medal 3; Acad. Recog. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you always do the best you can, no one can ask for more. Frank Bergmann 7 Acacia St. MEMORIES: 5 22 81 Water Fight At MV ' s, Lee ' s Halloween Party, Steve and his lady friend. Good times w MV, CJ, RB, CE, AT, TS. CJ’s window 1:00 a.m. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff, Cross Country 1-4, Spring Track 1-3. Kirsten afKIinteberg 1087 Washington St. Haagen Daz, Jelly MEMORIES: NH, JG, KA, RS, LK and Rob, Par- ties at SMU and Yale, Night after SAT’s, w Jen, Lisa and Mona, Summer ' 80, W Jen, Proms 3 and 4, Kinks, the Rock, St. Peter’s. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: X-Country 3, 4; Indoor Track 3, 4; Spring Track 3, 4; French Club, PA Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Success, fame and for- tune are merely illusions; all that is real is the friendship two can share. Scott Arvilla 14 Whittemore St. Kjetil Bakke Camera Shy Kenneth Amero 19 Addison St. MEMORIES: Kren, Essex 1, skipping, school, Bonghits, MM, DH, RC — working lifting, fords built tuff, ping pong, fuzz eyed, Fitz — Molsen, portions, catching butterflies, stoney landscaping, poems, H under G Buzz, CD, getting arrested, Nick’s LMLOTD, SA. RF, BB WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t Worry Gary Brown 40 Derby St. Zappa MEMORIES: Good luck at WCOZ, No Sir, Rhythm Guitar, keyboards, percussion, background vocals, YO! my new Gibson AMP. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let it be. Mary Hewitt 35 Green St. May MEMORIES: Keeping old friends near and Remember E.A. “79” WORDS OF WISDOM: Your life is what you Rose Marie Seaver 276 Western Ave. MEMORIES: A lot with Jessie, living everyday together. Leaving the good and bad times behind. Planning a lot for the future — pushing to succeed. Plenty of parties, f orever my good friend Heather, “Make the best out of life. " I love you Jes, you love me, let ' s have a good life!!! Kristopher Young 4 Youngs Rd. MEMORIES: Me and Sue and all the parties, too. Love is with us and hope it is with you. The MAD shop, EH, TP, FF, and the mad brawls. The Willow Rest is the Best, those who hang out there become possessed, and when you get there you get no rest. JN, TM: all nighters, yo!, The Doors, Budism. making new friends wherever life takes me. Waiting for this day to come. Thanks Mom, Lisa and Friends, make of it so make it a good one. May you find peace and happiness wherever you go. Baby Pictures Nancy Adams Kellie Ahearn Linda Aiello Dianne Alba Sandra Amaral Linda Andrews Laurey Asaro Shannon Banks Susan Benson Julie Borge Julie Burke Shannon Burke Donna Byard Heidi Jean Call Francine Capone Cynthia Carey Linda Carrosco Mark E. Carrico Laurel Carter Gina Ciametaro 84 Marie Ciolino Josephine Ciulla Danyle Cloutman Karen Collins Kelley Connors Jeanine Cook Alison Corrao Pam Costa Lon Curtis Karen Cusick Marianne Cusick Jane Day • • - ) Sue Doyle Heidi Dallin Karen Davis Brenda Eason Donna Demetri Diane Dennis Mark Day Tammy Eason Sandra Ekborg Diane M. Ellard Anne Ellis 85 Carl Erickson Frank Bergmann Josephine Fatta Christopher Favaloro Pamela Favalora Jane Fosberry Mark Favazza Janelle Flannagan Laurie Fleming Rosalyn “Roz” Frontiera Betty Ann Frantiero Peter Frontiero w Jay Greely Casey Haight Rhonda L. Haight Scott Hamlen Christine Harting Robin Hatch Ellen Hemingway Holly Joy Hanrahan 86 Gasper Interrante Todd Herrmann Mike Iwanicki Diane Johnson Julie Imbrunone Kurt Johnson Vicki Lane Lisa Legendre Terri Lane Susan King Karen MacArthur Sandy MacDonald Rosalie Machain Caroline Maciel Janice Mackenzie Lynne Mackey Sheryl Mackey Lisa Marino 87 Marianne Moceri Bonnie Mugford Debbie A. Muise Mat Muniz Cindy Melio Vincie Milttello Amy Milne Marie Morais Danny Morse Virginia Munroe Lisa Nicastro Roberta Nickerson Herbie Nunes E Michelle Pallazola Janine Parisi Bob Parks Skip Olsen Mathz Olsson 88 Amy Peterson Kim Patience Christine Perry Diane Perry Linda Pettipas Anne Quinn Kathyann Quinn Chris Re 1 Toby Redmond Helen Rodriques Billy Rochford Kelly Rudolph Rosalie Saputo Cheryl Sauve Jeanne Sawyer Debbie Sears Martha Rudolph Denise Ryan Gregory Sallan Mary L. Silva Debbie Smith Shawn Smith Stephanie Spinola 89 PaulineS. Tarantino Cheryl Tarbox David Tarr Renete Theriault Carol Thompson Annette Trupiano JoeTumbiolo Laura Vannah Maria Virgilio Shawn Sweet Stephanie Taormina Joe Wheeler Shelia Williams Brian White Lynne Wentworth Julie Williamson Brian Wonson Patty Welch Kim Young 90 Anne Wonson Beth Xavier i r,r Superlatives ACCIDENT PRONE Jim Mennicocci and Mary Silva BEST DRESSED Gina Ciaramitaro and Sal Pramas BEST ALL AROUND Gerry Gabriele and Daniel Shatford BEST LOOKING Jon Pratt and Kathy Murphy 91 CLASS DAYDREAMERS Greg Maliski and Mary Ann Hopkins CLASS INDIVIDUALS Ann Martin and David Carrignan BEST PERSONALITY Anne Quinn and John O ' Hara CLASS CLOWNS Greg Sallah and Ellen Hemingway CLASS SWEETHEARTS Vicki Lane and Dannu Morse FRIENDLIEGT Chris Noble and Kathyann Quinn FU8SIEQT Julie Imbrunone and Derek Bowser MOST ARGUMENTATIVE Cara Williamson and Paul Hickey MOST ARTISTIC Keith Souza and Michelle Bader MOST BASHFUL Eric Horne and Josephine Fatta MOST ATHLETIC Richard Philpott and Lynn Wentworth MOST DARING Missy Gillis and Tim White 94 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Skip Olson and Erika Litchfield MOST NAIVE Karen Davis and Chris Favalora MOST MUSICAL Julie Burke and Marc Carrico MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Rosalyn Frontiera and Jim Milone Most Sophisticated James Ryan and Donna Demefri Most Talkative Rosalie Ciaramifaro and Scoff Duffany Most Theatrical Jim Melanson and Heidi Dallin Class Flirts Robin Pickeffe and David Tarr Dedication The Gloucester High School Class of 1981 proudly dedicates this year’s : licker to our new principal, Mr. Richard French. Fr n the beginning of the chool year in September, Mr. French, along with the help of students and acuity, proposed and put through many new and interesting ideas, j Some of these new ideas have been: a soft drink machine in the cafeteria ilong with music, jungle murals painted in the first floor girls’ bathroom, a lew attendance policy, the Sunshine Fund, and appearances from the Air Force Band. The list could go on, and so does our appreciation and thanks awards one of the best and understanding principals GHS could ever hope p have. Again, Mr. French, thank you for a memorable senior year!! Class Officers Our 1981 Class Officers are: Rosalyn Frontiera — President Kathyann Quinn — V. President Robin Pickette — Secretary Ellen Hemingway — Treasurer Thanks and appreciation goe s to our class officers, who without their leadership and advising to Mr. French, we would have not had such a terrific year at Gloucester High School. Kathyann Quinn, Rosalyn Frontiera, Ellen Hemingway, Robin Pickette 1 98 1 Class Advisors During Stephen Sahl ' s first year at GHS, he was offered, thought about it, and accepted the challenge of sophomore advisor to our class; well aware of the responsibilities and risks involved. As he worked with our class, feelings were mutual and growing stronger and he decided to take on the ultimate — “our senior year.” Zap will always be remembered by us for his unique balance of humanistic qualities, his open mindedness, and his persistance which kept us in line with both feet on the ground. It was always important to him and made the difference when it came to ‘makin it’ or ’losin it all’ for us. He was very understanding. And in the future, when you think about our success, as well as its eternal spirit, you will remember Zap — a dedicated and devoted friend to the class of 1981! Susan Makkonen was an 8th grade math teacher at O’Maley. It was back then when she realized how strongly she felt about our class. Due to our misfortune of Ms. Donaghue leaving the teaching field and our class at the end of our Junior Year, we went scouting for Zap’s (Mr. Sahl’s) new partner. We found MAK! Surprisingly enough, she transferred up to GHS in Sept, of ’81. There was no doubt in our minds that she would be the one besides ZAP to work with our class. She became the official mother of the Senior Class of ’81. We will always remember her sentimen- tal values, and her motto, “Nothing but the best for the best, " that was usual as we look back, we know what she meant. She treated each and every individual equally. We will also remember her for dedicating most of her time to us and for never saying NO to any student who asked for help. Her sincerity was inspiring. This particular quality is a lesson to learn in itself! Senior Last Will and Testament I, Robert Boudrow, leave the class of 82 electric shop, this thought; “Agree w Mr. Sullivan — it might help. " I, Roberta Nickerson, leave Marianne Nickerson my 3 lunch blocks I, Gina Ciaramitaro, leave Rose Calomo, all my “Mary Kay " I, Erik Nelson, leave John Judd, the pleasure of being a senior and a lot of hope to graduate. I, Brek Beard, leave Cindy Smith “A Kiss”. I, Mary Hewitt, leave Suzanne Numan Holmes, my sense of humor, Cheap Trick Posters, and money. I, Laura, leave Brandy, to find me when I’m 23. I, Joe Palmisano, leave Laura McCarthy my first floor locker: l- 8. I, Janice MacKenzie, leave Helen Matter, the 1st and 3rd floor bathrooms, GOOD LUCK!! I, James Menicocci, leave Mike Oliver, my chicken. I, Jim McGovern, leave Mr. Harris 2 handfulls of DOTS!! I, Betty Ann Frontiero, leave Joy Clark, 2,000 pounds of meat. I, Jay Greely, leave Jim Montagnino my large collection of kitchen witches and my “Hide the Sausage” game. I, Kathy Frontiero, leave Brian Chipperini, my st-raw. I, Jaye Gabriele, leave Larry Cook behind. I, James Milone, leave Terry Silva, all my fat from my sophomore year. I, Tom Agostini, leave Bob Oliver, a locker of his own and all my DOTS from Milt I, Gary Glidden, leave Brian Glidden, my most worldly possession after my departure from GHS. I, Tammy Eason, leave Parky Eason, all my unfinished Spanish 5 homework. Buena Suerte!! I, Brenda Eason, leave GemmaAmero all my notes under desks. We, A-Group Carpentry Seniors, leave Ben and Tony to next years Junior and Senior Woodpeckers — Good Luck, You Need It. I, William Neal, leave Carl Geary, my Corvette and an empty bottle of whiskey. I, Josephine Fatta, leave my sister Jenny, my Moby Dick notebook. I also leave Cathy Reardon anything that has to do with the yearbook. I, MaryBeth Curley, leave all my jogging sneakers to Charlene Fanion. I, Todd Herrmann, leave my collection of drinking sneakers to Chris Good, Mike Connors, and Tom McAnn. I, Mathz Olsson, leave any blue Bullwinkle sweater to G.H.S. I, Nancy Adams, leave my red Bullwinkle sweater to G.H.S. I, Pam Paul, leave my spot in the grass to Heidi Thibodeau. I also leave my green jacket to Jackie G. I leave my Janis Joplin music to the library. I, Bobbet Lopiccolo, leave my Heinie, straws, and popcorn to Tammy Morrissey. I, Susan King, leave my mice for Patti O’Maley to remember me by. I, Maria Virgilio, leave 59 to Cheryl Smith — Good Luck. I, Lori Curtis, leave my toga to Patty Lovasco. We, Dan Shatford and Gerry McCarthy leave our Big-Guy T-shirts to Chris Good. I, John O’Hara, leave all of my afro-american phone numbers to Brian Carey. I, Ellen Hemingway, leave my baseball hat, doctor pants, basketball sneakers, and bandana to the tennis team. I, Herbie Nunes, leave my high-protein recipes to Jim Milone. I, Jim Ryan, leave the host ' s right of the annual Oktoberfest to Alex Bently — May his home rest in one peace. We, Eric Dahlgren ' s Research Techniques classes, leave all our copies of Moby Dick to the Big “E " . I, Paul, leave Anthony Burnham, Mr. Sullivan and shop. I, Neil Mathews, leave Anthony Burnham, Mr. Spittle and his work. I, Rosalie Machain, leave my rifle to the next rifle team capt. I, Jeanine Cook, leave Mr. MacEachern, Mr. O’Donnell, Mr. Femino, and Mrs. Davis, my deepest appreciation. I, Anne M. Ellis, leave Dorothes, all of my lip gloss. I, Missy Gillis, leave my sister Maureen, everything in my gym locker. I, Kris Payne, leave to Joe B. all of my Freda Payne albums. I, Michelle Bader, leave my brother David to GHS teachers to contend with. I, Chris Perry, leave my two years with Mr. Gleason to anyone who wants them. We, Joan Doody, Diane Ellard and Shannon Banks, leave an airplane to be hijacked to Portugal complete with LSD (for the pilot) , hand grenades and parachutes to Martha Brennan and Kathleen Banks. (Oh yeah, don’t forget les grandes moreaux — Le WOW!!) I, Pauline Tarantino, leave Kathy and Kelly to take care of Frank Petronzio. I, Susan King, leave my “Wo Babies!!” to my fellow cheerleader Pam to be CAUTIOUS with!! I, Jane T. Parsons leave my two extra credits to Candy Thomspon and Renee Croft and my long hair to Soog Gray. I, Holly Anderson, leave the cafeteria food to Arnie Ellis, my ESP to Mr. Hovey, and Sarge and Colonel to the next person who can appreciate them for the great people they are. Thanks! I, Julie Burke, leave my vibrato to anyone who can stand it. I also leave my locker to Jeny Beck. I, Phoebe Souza, leave my worn out shoes to Soog Gray. I, Christine Havener leave Janice Walkama my spot in the field. I, Lisa Craig, leave my dresses to anyone who wants to wear them everyday. I, Sue Doyle, leave Janice Walkama my fuzzy pencil. I, Bobbet LoPiccolo, leave Tammy Morrissey, w H down, WSH along w straws and popcorn cheese. I, James E. Melanson leave Tim Geary one naughty, naughty pen and a OUI Magazine. I, Debbie Smith leave Dawn Rochford, my pocketbook because she’s convinced she looks so good with it. I, Christine Perry, leave Cathy Reardon, my everlasting smile. I, Moe, leave Leroy Smith to Tony Corrao. I, Scott Arvilla, leave David Landoni 10,000 “John Entwistle” Bass Guitars. I, Cheryl Sauve, leave Lori Ruggles, my friendship. I, Donna Lupo, leave Faye Linquata, PeeWee to walk to school with so you won’t get lonely. I, Mark Favazza, leave Joe Favazza my room, stereo, cat and all possessions. I, Chris Favalora, leave Bruce Tarr my name “Airhead” and all my corny jokes, HE NEEDS THEM. I, Jane Day, leave Connie Cassidy all the whipped cream she can eat. We, Jane and Kim, leave Marilyn and Cindy to be co-captains for the field hockey team. I, Julie Curcuru, leave Ed O’Donnell, my " roommate”, my 1st floor locker, my broken X-mas ball and the fallen tinsel. Va facilment, Ed. I also leave Kevin Carey a bike trip to First National, My favorite Bob Seger record, many good raps, a lot of caring and one SHOOTING STAR. I also leave Laurie Cameron the following: 1. great nights 2. half a Jim Dandy on the front steps, 3. a free sprite at PaPa Gino ' s, 4. the use of my car for a night at Brace’s Cove with the date of her choice, 5. the only nightgown I could find, and 6. a talk behind the church in N. Conway. — OMFS!! I also leave Sue Makkonen, a gift certificate at McDonald’s, a blond afro wig, special memories of B-block Geometry, a lot of love and appreciation, and the knowledge that God shall hold me in the palm of his hand as I go on to follow that road which has risen to meet me. Until we meet again . . . We, Julie Curcuru and Joan Doody leave souvenir leaves and Branches from the American Legion, song on the ski-lift, an all-expense pain trip to Lake Tahoe and one gym bag containing cheese popcorn and twinkies to our “chere amie” Moira O’Donnell. I, ELVIS WALL, leave my sideburns to anyone in this school with enough class to wear them. Qeptember 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 158 days left for seniors. 5th Heard you were girl chasing at Camp Becket, Dean L. and Gary R.? 6th: Anne W. and Robin P seen leaving , Dead concert on a . mission from who? -1 From God! 7tlr Rough 2 days of school! Seniors already sick of homework- 8th: Rosalie C. comes to school not talking! What ' s the matter Rosalie, lockjaw? 91 h: Stone walls don ' t move — right Shan- non B.? toth: Dr Lane ' s look- a-like returns to halls of GHS. Welcome back. Timmy S. 1 1th: Seniors still lear- ning about the birds and the bees at 6th lunch. 12th: KD, AQ, Jl, and MV get into the swing of things playing Tar- zan and Jane on gym ropes. 13th: Who is it behind J those Foster Grants 7 ' Could It be Matt , Muniz? I4ih: Mystery man gives L L. ' s car a wash, but forgot the water! Who ' s the kind soul 7 1 5th: Lisa C. goes on a safari. 16th: Julie B. recovers from a lengthy safari. 17th: Tammy E does her impression of Gopher ot Cad- dyshack Trying to break Into showbiz 7 18th: Dave C. models tennis team suits. 1 thought they were green doctor pants? 19th: LW, EL. and DD can ' t find Lisa O. 13 stars on a (lag — right. Lisa? 20th: Football Team starts a rowdy season j smashing;! Newburyport. 21-13! j 21sl: R.P- smashes to a 7-5. 7-5 victory as E.H. chanted " The Beach. The Beach! " 22nd Yvonne and Pam come to school with Cool Pops. 23rd: Senior class is enlightened with their meeting of " The Duff- n-Stuff Show " . 24t h: Field Hockey team takes waterbreak but ends up doing sprints. 25th: All of Rockey Neck arrives to school in ONE car! 26th: " Career Day” — What happened to SM. DS. KR. KQ, and AW? Early weekend? 27th: Kathyanne. isn ' t 1 it a little late in the year J to go swimming? | 28th: Jim Ryan, heard you found your R.C. in East Gloucester? 29th: Amy P, dresses up for the N H.S. Tea!! 30th Nancy J.. Josephine F.. Diane E„ and Meryl J. all turn green!!! 106 Co-Captain Joe Tumbiolo George Haight Paul Hickey Peter Hickey GHS Visitor 0 20 Lynn Classical 20 13 Newburyport 8 15 Danvers 7 8 Lynn English 15 22 Winthrop 12 32 Beverly 0 27 Danvers 0 14 Marblehead 12 21 Lynn Classical Mark Favazza Gary Glidden Jay Greely Co-Captain Jon Pratt Front Row (l-r ) . Mark Favazza, George Height, Gary Glidden, Tim White, Jordan Thompson, Jim Malone. John Pratt, Joe Tumbiolo, Jay Greely. Richard Philpott. Paul Hickey. Alan Morrisey, Steven Oakes, Peter Hickey, Chris Good. Middle Row (l-r) John Scola, Alex Destino, John Ruberti. Jim Montagnino, Brian Tognazzi. Gary Rust. Ed Pasquina. Jim Wonson. Pat Silveira, Bob Wadsworth. Ed O ' Donnell, Rusty Smith, Roy Turner. Tom McCann, Chris Rose, Jim Lane, Dave Marrahnas, George Dennis. Back Row (l-r ) : Phil Verga. Ricky DaSilva, Larry Sussano. Mike Powers, Brian Chipperini, Dean Murray, Chris Pratt, Ernie Beauparlant, Anthony Bur- nham, Scott Blatchford, Willie Greek. Joey Marcantonio. John Interrante. Ray D ' Amica. Brian Colby, Kenny Mills, John Pallazola, Jim Sanfilippo, Phil Nicastro. Pat Schneider, Mike Rollins, Paul Pasquina, Steve McDonald. Randy O ' Neil. Chris Smith, Brian Carey Football Jim Milone Alan Morrissey Steve Oakes Richard Marino Richard Philpott Jordan Thompson Cheerleaders p Row: Karen Davis, Maria Virgilio, Sue King, Julie Imbrunone, Michelle Bader. )ttom Row: Alison Corrao, Pam Ellis, Sue Benson, Kathy Milne, Bobbett LoPiccolo, Ann Quinn, Kim Young. Bobbet LoPiccolo Karen Davis Captains Ann Quinn Maria Virgilio Sue Benson t I 1 ' tw ' ■ I ■i 1 «L 8 b Gloucester High School Sandy McDonald Laura Muniz President — Heidi Dallin V. President — Joan Doody Mark Day Eileen Ryan Ann Martin Mark Carrico Band President: Heidi Dallin Band Director: Jim Guter Drum Majors Band Officers tmL . . i 1 I . jga ! jf Bsf » ; -V ' MMjH JI, October 1st: Pam D. walked to school. Where ' s the car. Pam? 2nd: Warren did his Med Science oral report w help from Ellen? No guts, huh, Cracker? 3rd: Food fight in Cate, thwarted by galliant ef- fort of senior Bill Rochford. 4th: Laurel. Donna, and Cathy survive another week of Trig. th: Jeanine P. stilt ooking lor those who vandalized her locker?! Jh-oh! 6th: Sue Doyle and Mr Delisle do the tango in the main office. 7th: Dave Tarr ' s secret admirer reveals herself at 6th lunch. 8th: ‘ ' Cool Shades Day " — Those who who didn ' t- wear shades faced the fact that they are not cool!!! 9th: Mr. Favazza. Where ' s your 7th block Calculus class? NO PRIDE! 10th: Gentile seen wearing pocketbook and lipstick! To each his — her own!! 1 1th: Jethro Tull Con- cert — Eaves! il?th: 2nd Annual Jktobeilesl :elebrated bigger and letter! Who got close ;nuf to tell? 13th: George Harght seen drinking a quart of Motor Oil. 14th: Roz and Monika are 10 hours late for school. We want the truth — Did you really over-sleep? 15th: Pinto seen at- tached to a Van. 16th: Jon P. and Dave C. continue to peel carrots after 3 weeks! 17th: S.L. and R.L. thought it was National Skip Day! Good try! 18th: Halloween Dance — G.H.S. students reveal their true identities! 19th: Caroline M. liscovered the secret t her past. Is it worth epeating? 20th: Tracey K. finally gets her yearbook back from Jeanette. 21st: Tammy P. gets her license Everybody else turns theirs in 22nd: Dwayne M. sits in his favorite chair in the corner. Are you still waiting? 23rd: Phoebe Sousa wears shoes 2 days in a row! 24th: It rained today . . . Huh, Keith? 25th: Cheerleaders love to cheer outside but find it too cool. Cold. Jou? 6th: Stan Gleason •een sending Chris 3 erry a pizza. A love offering or a bet. Stan? 27th: Shawn Sweet seen bumping into walls. ' Hard night, Shawn? 28th: WELCOME BACK. DUSTY!! 29th: Mrs. Sinclair talk- ed about Physiology today? Could she be running out of stories? 30th: Duff. What hap- pened to Luke and Laura? or was that Lloyd and Lucy? 31st: Senior ' s last Halloween together: One egg fight for the road! 117 Girls Cross Country Back Row (l-r) : Marianne Moceri, Lisa Warren, Dawn Rochford, Amy Anderson, Donna Lupo, Jenny Beck, Lori Palazola, Coach Steve Sahl. Front Row (t-r) : Lisa Abdo, Laurie Gleason, Kim Rochford, Kendyll Pickette. The 1981 Girls Cross Country Team completed its most successful season ever. The Gloucester girls turned in a 7-2 mark, finishing third in both the standings and the conference meet and placing ninth in both the Northern Area Invitational and the Division II State Meet. Members of the team were, co-captains Sr. Don- na Lupo and Jr. Kendyll Pickette. Seniors; Lisa Warren, Kirsten af Klinteberg, and Marianne Moceri, Juniors; Jenny Beck, Dawn Rochford, Mary Judd, Lori Palazola Sophomores; Kim Rochford, Amy Anderson, and Kim Webster. Opp. Beverly Swampscott Salem Lynn English Lynn Classical Winthrop Saugus Marblehead Danvers 118 Lisa Warren Co-Captain Donna Lupo Kirsten af Klinteberg Marianne Moceri Boys Cross Country Back Flow (l-r) : Ross McKenzie, Bill Rochford, Dave Markowitz, Steve Parsons, Chris Keller, Tom Silvera, Jim Brennan. Front Row (l-r) : Frank Begmann, Rom Perrin, Bob Parks, John McCarthy, Toby Borge. The 1980 Boys Cross Country Team was relatively small and so it was harder to compete against the bigger teams but every boy on the team gave their all. Seniors on the team included, Frank Bergmann, Bob Parks, Jim Brennan, Bill Rochford, Chris Keller, Ross McKenzie, and Steve Parsons. Juniors were, Dave Markowitz, Ron Perrin and Toby Borge. Sophomores on the team were, Tom Silvera and John McCarthy. Captain: Steve Parsons Frank Bergmann Bob Parks Ross McKenzie Chris Lindberg Chris Keller Varsity Field Hockey Varsity Field Hockey — 1980 Coach: Debra Murray Asst Coach: Wendy Wintle Captains: Kim Patience and Jane Rose Highlight: beating Danvers 2-0, the undefeated team in the league, Lynn Wentworth: most goals for the season Lee Ann Kennedy — 8 shut-outs as goalie All-Stars: Kim Patience; Cindy Knutson All-Stars: (Honorable Mention) Lynn Wentworth and Jane Rose Roster Juniors Judy Rose (Forward) Marilyn Murray (Link) Cindy Knutsen (Halfback) Tammy Morrissey (Halfback) Diane Doyle (Forward) Seniors Paula Talbot (Forward) Kim Patience (Forward) Lynn Wentworth (Forward) Jane Rose (Link) Karyn Hidden (Halfback) Jane Fosberry (Sweep) LeeAnn Kennedy (Goalie) Karyn Hidden Paula Talbot Kim Patience Jane Fosberry Varsity Field Hockey — 1980 Record: 9-4-4 Score Result Marblehead 0-0 T Beverly 0-3 L Lynn Classical 0-1 L Salem 2-2 T Saugus 1-0 W Swampscott 2-0 W Marblehead 1-0 W Danvers 2-0 W Beverly 0-2 L Wmthrop 5-0 W Lynn Classical 3-0 W Salem 1-1 T Saugus 0-0 T Swampscott 3-0 W Danvers 0-2 L Wmthrop 4-1 W Rockport 1-0 W (Non-League) Lynn Wentworth Back Row (l-r) : Coach Debra Murray, Diane Doyle, Tammy Morrissey, Marilyn Murray, Judi Rose. Cindy Knutsen, Manager Debbie Muise. Front Row (l-r) : Annette Trupiano, Lee Ann Kennedy, Lynn Wentworth, Kim Patience, Jane Rose, Karyn Hidden. Paula Talbot. Jane Fosberry. mm 5 ? 121 JV Field Hockey Back Row (l-r) : Coach Wendy Wintle, Stephanie Sallah, Wendy Beck, Karen Sallah, Cece Glenn, Renee Jobe. Susan Kush Weser, Juanita Cope. Front Row (l-r) : Diane Eason, Cathy Degnan, Patti Lattof, Jeanine Cusamano, Cindy Smith, Kim Chick, Astrid at Klinteberg, Hollie Munore. Soccer Back Row (l-r) : Assistant Coach. Randy Brown. Mary Silva, Paul Russo. Anouphane Lengsavath. Steve Gentile. Scott Geary. Chris Sova, Kevin Sousa. Tim Kennedy, Dominic Coach Brian Tarr. Middle (l-r) : Pat Frontiero. Doug Bedell. Ignazio Sanfillipo, Henry DaSilva. Tony Gentile. Ron Pereen. Joe Aiello, Shawn Smith, Anthony Burnham Front Row (l-r ) . Chns Favoloro. Dave T arr, Glenn Wilson. Co-Captains Joe Wheeler and John Nelson. Dave Quadros, Barmak Besharaty. Eric Horne. Co-Captain John Nelson Co-Captain Joe Wheeler Barmak Besharaty I Back Row (l-r) Assistant Coach Brian Tarr, Assistant Coach Dominic Sanfilipo. Fmnt Row H-r ) Co-Captains Joe Wheeler, and John Nelson. Mary Silva Eric Horne Randy Brown Chris Favolora Carl Erickson I Shawn Smith Varsity Soccer 1st Round Gloucester vs. Swampscott Gloucester vs. Marblehead Gloucester vs. Beverly Gloucester vs. English Gloucester vs. Wintrop Gloucester vs. Classicall Gloucester vs. Salem Gloucester vs. Saugus Gloucester vs. Danver Kevin Sousa 2nd Round Gloucester vs. Swampscott Gloucester vs. Marblehead Gloucester vs. Beverly Gloucester vs. English Gloucester vs. Winthrop Gloucester vs. Classical Gloucester vs. Salem Gloucester vs. Saugus Gloucester vs. Danver Dave Quadros Gloucester vs. Rockport .Gloucester vs. Alumni Glenn Wilson (l-r) : Chris Davis, Scott Jones, Jim Ryan, Matt Muniz, Richard Mann, Mike Connors, Carl Ekborg, Tom Lupo. Richard Mann 124 Captain Matt Muniz GHS 11 9 4 4 4 GVz 8Vz Record Visitor 1 3 8 8 8 5Vz 3 ' 2 Winthop Saugus Salem Beverly Danvers Marblehead Lynn Classical Golf Team The 1981 Golf team had a successful season under the guidance of coach William Goozie. Senior Captain Matt Muniz was named a Northeastern Conference All- Star. Seniors on the team in- cluded Richard Mann, Matt Muniz and James Ryan. Other members were Chris Davis, Mike Connors, Carl Ekborg, Scott Jones and Tom Lupo. Golf Team Girls Tennis Back Row (t-r) : Jenny Fatta, Julie Oakes, Cara Muller, Tricia Philpott, Jenny Ciolino, Faye Linquata, Coach Lois Spitzer. Front Row (t-r) Donna Byard, Sandy Ekborg, Robin Pickette, Erika Litchfield, Ellen Hemingway, Kelley Connors, The GHS girls tennis team had an exceptionally good season achieving a record of 15-2. The 1 dou- bles team of Kelly Connors and Ellen Hemingway were undefeated all season, los- ing only 2 sets. Coach Lois Spitzer was a good inspira- tion to the girls who put forth their best season ever. Ellen Hemingway Ericka Litchfield Kelley Connors Sandy Ekborg 125 Robin Pickette November 1st: Did you win this weeks game, guys? 1 2nd 3rd: 4th Holly A. gets stuck- in her coat for life 5th: Jim, Rich, and Todd seen playing Duck. Duck, Goose Sat. night. What ' s next, boys? 6th: Congrats Kim P and Cindy K. — NEC Field Hockey All-Stars!! 7th: Friday madness sets off stampede of seniors who moe down teachers at 2:15. 8th: Daqurie Party — . Must have been Kelley ' s Birthday!! j 9lh For anyone in- terested. Rich Philpott does know more than five words! ' 10th: 11th: 12th: Congrats Ellen H and Kelley G. — NEC Tennis All-Stars! 13th: 14th: 15th: Donna B. puds ahead of her op- ponents _with those Check Pluses!! Right. Donna? 16th: KO is Still laughing with EH. KH. and TM about the BO. Red Herbie! 17th: 18th: 19th: Cate, serves ravioli for the 3rd week in a row. 20th: KF hasn ' t talked about sex all through lunch! Something wrong, Kathy? 2 1st: 22nd: 23rd: JF and MJ come to school to the disap- pointment of no year- book meet- tng. 30th: 24th: 25th: 26th: Alan M. has foot- ball party tor guys only — Right Jon P. and Peter H.? 27th: Meryl J. ' s Birth- day — What a turkey!! 28th: 29th: 127 Fanny The G.H.S. Thespians produced the musical FANNY in the fall of 1980. FANNY is the story of a young girl who marries an older man to give her child a name, while her true love follows his dream to sail the seas. Fanny was played by Betsy Junches and Eulia Flansen. Fanny ' s mother, Honorine, was played by Lisa Legendre and Eileen Fitzgerald. Fanny’s real love, Marius, was played by Timothy Geary. Mark Day was Panisse, the truly devoted and caring husband of Fanny and Jim Melanon, Cesar, was the father of Marius. FANNY Halloween Dance This year’s Halloween Dance turned out to be a huge success. Sponsored by the senior class, hundreds of students as well as faculty dressed up for an evening of fun and surprises. Entertainment as by the local rock group Swift Kix. The prizes that were awarded to Derek Bowser and Michelle Bader for most original costume were free year- books. All in all, the senior class raised the money we had hoped, and at the same time had fun do- ing it! Halloween Dance College Night The 1980 Gloucester High School College Night was a tremendous success due to the organizational efforts of Chairperson Heidi Dallin and Guidance Counselor Leon Spra- gue. Over 150 colleges were represented, the biggest college night in the history of Gloucester High School. Persons on the committee included: Guid- ance Counselor Leon Sprague, Chairperson: Heidi Dallin, Seniors: Julie Curcuru, Karen Davis, Ann Martin, Gerry McCarthy, Danny Shatford and Juniors: Richard Benoit and Jennifer Williams. December 1st: 2nd: Laurie Fleming learns how to french braid her own hair — Gina C. is out of work. 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th: Semi-formal - One wild and crazy night! 7th: For most of the seniors, today was REALLY a day of rest!! 8th: 9th: 101h: 11th: D.B. and C.C. apply for membership for 60 and below club with Pres. L.C. 12th: Jeanine Cook wears hair without bar- rens for the first time. 13th: 14th 15th: Gus Nunes looks at students instead of space!! 16th: Mr. Riley ' s girl goes to first Hockey game. 17th: Baby Lauren Riley recruited for 1st string! Don, you cradle snatcher!!! 18th: Mr. P ' s 1st block seniors steal his X-mas tree!! 19th: Laurel takes another day oft to decorate the tree!! 20th: 2 1st: 22nd: Unable to hear Roz on the squawk box — Must not have been Roz!! 23rd: Happy Birthday Kathyann Ouinn. 2 4th: Robin P. celebrates X-mas a lit- tle early — Coffee brandy, anyone? 25th: MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!! 26th: The basketball team pulls through again against Lynn English — Atright! 27th: Happy BirthdJ Nancy J. — frof You-Know— Whoslfj 28th 29th: Chris Noble and Ed Wall holds his se- cond roller-skating party!! 30th: B-ball team stops the Rams in their tracks. 31st: You could say Classical " Bit the Dust " , right Opie? 134 our compete m|Fi s hermen look onference meetl , 1 tor a new streak fThre Fishermer ame all-sta [St reaking hockey tea ml (knocks out Saugusl (Basketball team! NEC ins m overtime |W arren, girls track tea opples Marblehead, 56 - 26 | O Eight seniors honored ] k- -I before final game [Fishermen finish off Foote, 5-4 IPla voffs mT _ [Rifle team downs Catholic Memorial Hockey Top (Left to right) : Scott Geary, Ray D ' Amico, Gary Horne, Steve McDonald, Phil Giacalone, Brian Silveria. Middle: Don Riley, Wayne Deveau, Eric Russell, David Tarr. Gary Rust, Tim Kennedy, Jett Gove, Brandy Fennessey. Paul Riley. Bottom: Jon Lafata, Danny Morse. David Quadros, Peter Hickey. Matt Muniz, Bozo Danjou, Glenn Wilson, Paul Russo. VARSITY HOCKEY 1980-81 NEC 11-5-2 OVERALL 12-5-2 NEC Play — off Champs. The Varsity hockey team was a mixture of mostly seniors and sophomores. The team was suc- cessful because the upper- classmen lead the way with ma- jor contributions from the sophomores. The players accepted their responsibilities and played with great determination. After a so- so start, the team came together and won 9 of its last 10 games. Two of the wins were in the con- ference play-offs. The team was rewarded for its fine play by be- ing the first Gloucester team in 13 years to win the N.E.C. playoffs. The hockey team also received the Charles Carwin Award for sportsmanship. Coaches from teams in the NEC voted Gloucester the team to receive the award. It was a very successful year for Gloucester Hockey. Hopeful- ly, future teams will do as well. Peter Hickey. Matt Muniz, Don Riley. Bozo Danjou, Tri-Captains, and Coach. • - « I VH; ' ■ Danny Morse Bozo Danjou Matt Muniz David Quadros Peter Hickey Paul Russo Gary Rust David Tarr Glenn Wilson I I |jrj ' i- , 1980-1981 Record 12 Wins 2 Losses 2 Ties Gloucester 4 5 5 5 5 4 1 3 5 3 9 4 5 5 5 5 0 3 1 4 6 Opponent 1 — Marblehead 0 — Salem 3 — Shawsheen 4 — Beverly 3 — Swampscott 1 — Danvers 2 — Lynn English 2 — Danvers (finale) 3 — Winthrop 5 — Marblehead 2 — Lynn Classical 1 — Saugus 1 — Winthrop 2 — Salem 4 — Beverly 2 — Swampscott 4 — Danvers 3 — Lynn English 5 — Winthrop 6 — Saugus 3 — Lynn Classical Jay Greely Gerry McCarthy John O’Hara Rich Phillpott Warren Brown Sal Pramas Jim Ryan Dan Shatford Boys Basketball Back Row: John O ' Hara, Chris Good, Jim Ryan, Dan Shatford, Sal Pramas, Gerry McCarthy, Ricky Mar- shall, Coach, Joe Billante. Front Row: Warren Brown, Rusty Smith, Rich Philpott, Brian Carey, Jay Greely. The Gloucester High School Boy’s Varsity Basketball team completed its most successful campaign in 15 years. The team ' s overall record was 12 wins and 4 losses, putting them in 5th place in the Northeastern Conference. Seniors on the team included Co-Captains Dan Shat- ford and Richard Philpott, Jerry McCarthy, John O’Hara, Jay Greely, Sal Pramas, Warren Brown, and Jim Ryan. The highlight of the season oc- curred Dec. 29 against Lynn Classical as the Fishermen broke the 56 game winning streak of the Lynn team by a 59-58 score. As a reward for their outstanding play during the season, Dan Shatford and John O’Hara were selected as league all-stars. 59 58 Lynn Classical 62 36 Winchester 69 63 Lynn English 76 46 Winthrop 60 57 Beverly 61 42 Winchester 75 69 Everett 59 57 Marblehead 63 58 Danvers 64 74 Swampscott 59 61 Saugus 35 54 Salem 78 67 Lynn English 70 73 Winthrop 73 51 Beverly 43 45 Danvers 53 62 Lynn Classical 68 71 Marblehead 79 63 Saugus 61 67 Salem’ Standing: Dean Murray, Mike Powders, Jeff Fletcher, Dave Tetoni, Matt Babson, Brian Colby, Peter Lovasco, Timmy Collen, Drew Muniz, Jim Montagnino. Kneeling: Co-Captains Tom Ryan John Cecilio. ' mMmm Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Girls ' Basketball pp mr mm To a St { Mary Silva. Diane Pramas. Lynn Wentworth, Mona Glenn. Erika Litchfield, Wendy Beck, Ellen Hemingway, Robin Pickette, Kim Patience, Cathy Ciolino, Donna Demetri, Kelly Rudolph, Coach: Greg Smith. 1981 Basketball Record Visitor GHS Lynn Classical 42 43 Lynn English 40 59 Lincoln-Sudbay 47 31 Winthrop 59 32 Marblehead 51 40 Lincoln-Sudbay 52 38 Danvers 79 49 Swampscott 50 48 Saugus 53 50 Salem 56 40 Lynn Classical 63 57 Lynn English 48 68 Winthrop 54 38 Beverly 65 50 Danvers 49 35 Marblehead 47 25 Swampscott 59 62 Saugus 45 54 Salem 82 38 Cathy Ciolino Ellen Hemingway 144 Erika Litchfield Donna Demetri Kim Patience Robin Pickette Mary Silva : ! Kelly Rudolph Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Back Row (l-r) : Natalie Naves, Judy Wall, Colleen Martin, Renee Jobe, Denise Cox, Cece Glenn, Kim Chick, Cheryl Perriza, Coach Jada McRae. Front Row (l-r) : Sandy Muniz, Sharon Parisi, Phyllis Harmon, Diane Doyle, Tricia Malone. Winter Cheerleaders Row 1: Karen Davis, Regina Ciarametarp, Rose Calomo. Row 2: Bobbet Lopiccolo, Maria Virgilio. Cara Williamson, Faye Linquata. Row 3: Paula Talbot, Debbie Bacon, Cindy Mello. Row 4: Michelle Bader, Julie Imbrunone, Chris Perry. Row 5: Dawn Rochford, Anne Quinn. Co-Capt. Karen Davis Michelle Bader Julie Imbrunone l - Co-Capt. Bobbet Lopiccolo Cindy Mello Chris Perry Maria Virgilio Cara Williamson Paula Talbot Anne Quinn Seniors: (l-r) : Julie Imbrunone, Michelle Bader, Paula Talbot, Cara Williamson, Karen Davis, Anne Quinn, Bobbet Lopiccolo, Regina Ciarametaro, Cindy Mello, Maria Virgilio, Chris Perry. « : ■ : Co-Captains: Bobbet Lopiccolo and Karen Davis This year the GHS Basketball Cheerleaders were an especially spirited group of girls. They were genuinely concerned about their team and their school and it showed in their cheering, their sign making and their willingness to get involved. Wendy Wintle was again the cheer- leading advisor, supplying the girls with financial advice, organization, and doughnuts. Th e Basketball and Football Cheerleaders together, raised money through bake sales, candy and flower sales, and with it, bought a banner to be donated to the High School gym. Junior Cheerleaders: Front Row: Dawn Rochford, Faye Linquata. Back Row: Debbie Bacon, Rosemaria Calomo. Boys Win ter Track The 1980-81 boys indoor track team competed in 9 events: the shot put, high jump, 50 yard dash, 300 yd. dash, 50 yd. hurdles, 600 yd., 1000 yd., 1 mile, 2 mile and 4 x 440 relay. Seniors on the team were Jim Brennan, Steve Parsons, Kevin Flaherty, Bill Rochford, Bob Parks, and Gary Glidden. Back Row (hr) : Coach Bob Roland, John McCarthy, Richard Benoit. Pat Schneider, John Palazola, Chip Kistner. Front Row (l-r) : Dave Markowitz, Jim Brennan, Bob Parks, Bill Rochford, Alex Bentley, Doug Bedell, Matt Bolonsky. Jim Brennan Bob Parks Girls Winter Track 1980-1981 Scores Gloucester Opponent 27 55 Winthrop 56 26 Marblehead 53 29 Lynn English 56 26 Salem 20 62 Beverly 40 42 Danvers Back Row (l-r) : Kim Rochford, Missy Bertolino, Jenny Beck, Martha Brennan, Lauree Cameron, Bon- nie Townsend, Jenny Fatta. Cheryl Davis, Heidi Shea, Cathy Degnan, Coach Robert Byrnes. Front Row (l-r): Marianne Moceri, Martha Rudolph, Annette Trupiano, Lisa Warren. Donna Lupo, Kendyll Pickette, Kirsten at Klinteberg, Marlena Vizena, Cindy Knutsen, The 1981 Girl ' s indoor Track Team had its ups and its downs but basically it was a successful season. According | to our school sports officials, it was the biggest indoor track team in the history of Gloucester High School. Mem- bers included Seniors: Kirsten af Klinteberg, Donna Lupo, Marianne Moceri, Martha Rudolph, Annette Trupiano and Lisa Warren. Juniors: Jenny Beck, Lauree Cameron, Che- ryl Davis, Cindy Knutsen, Jenny Fatta, Kendyll Pickette, Heidi Shea and Marlena Vizena. Sophomores: Missy Ber- tolino, Martha Brennan, Cathy Degnan, Bonnie Townsend, and Kim Rochford. Kirsten af Klinteberg Marianne Moceri Kristen Robarts Martha Rudolph Co-Captain Donna Lupu Captain Lisa Warren Annette Trupiano 149 Student-Faculty Basketball The annual Student-Faculty Basketball Game was a success. Even though the final score was never determined . . . everyone had fun!! During the game, both teachers and students took out their frustrations — namely on the ball. It was an evening of fun and suspense!! I 50 Tri-Captains: Susan King, Jane Quinn, Francie Nicastro. Coach John Pastorello. The 1980-1981 Gymnastic season was a time of rebuilding for the Glou- cester High School gymnasts. Tri-Cap- tain Susan King was the only senior on the team and Tri-Captains Liz Orlando and Jane Quinn were the only juniors. Francie Nicastro, Liz Orlando and Jane Quinn were all named as Northeastern Conference All-Stars. Susan King Front Row (l-r): Jen Harris. Phyllis Moody. Patty O’Maley, Pam Greer. Maria Orlando. Frncie Nicastro. Robyn Powers, Coach John Pastorello. Back Row (l-r) : Erin Cote. Susan King. Liz Orlando. Jane Quinn. SCORES Opponent Gloucester 80.5 86.6 86.5 95.0 106.35 85.7 Girl’s Gymnastics Christmas Qemi-Formal The 1981 Christmas Semi-Formal turned out to be a huge success with over 300 couples attending. A Queen and her court were chosen with Kathy Ann Quinn as Queen and Erika Lit- chfield, Robin Pickette, Donna Demetri, and Rosalyn Frontiero as her “court”. The couples danced to the music of the rock band, “Mesa.” The dance was held at Woodmen’s Func- tion Hall in Essex, a tradition at GHS, hopefully one to go on for many years. January 1 2 3 | Happy New Year!! New Year cele- brated again for seniors. 4 Happy Birthday, Anne Wonson. 5 Hey, Ka, give Bill a tissue!! 6 Greg Salah is recovering well and it wasn’t from New Years. 7 Gary Rust starts season off right with 6 penalties. 8 For all you Geometry fans, today Mr. Propo- ski will give his " excitement of Geometry " lec- ture!! 9 Alan M. goes to library for 1st time. Do you get the green card back, Al? 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Gina C. found wearing an outfit twice in one year! Julie 1. breaks white cloud record — 6 times in a row. 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Judy Chiancola bumps into her 1 millionth door. John N. got it in gear. Ellen H. cele- brates release o ' the hostages bui with not just yel- low ribbons. 25 26 27 28 29 30 CO 154 Just what we’ve all been waiting for — midterms. Theater Arts Dept. heard arguing all over school. You’re not in court yet!!! Girls Gymnastics team wins easily against Beverly. Sandy E. has come to school all week!! Classical gets their revenge against Glouces- ter. The 1981 Gloucester High School Winter Concert was given by the Gloucester High School Band under the direction of James Guter and the Gloucester High School Chorus, led by music teacher, Alan Hovey. The evening was a beautiful time for all who attended and Mr. French’s appearance with the chorus added to Ms. Chamberlin’s ap- pearance, ended the evening on a special note. Winter Concert February 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 nne ' s little get- jgether was a tie too many gether? Kellie A. gets dis- missed for the 7th time. Isn’t it a little early for that? Ann Saco gets a stomach ache; she must have gym today! W.O.W.!! Holly Anderson misses target and hits Mr. French. Bullwinckle arrives at GHS, or was that “yest” Mathz and Nancy? W.O.W.!! 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 heerleaders uild up carboh- drates at Faye ' s r upcoming ompetition. Todd H. leads boys ' B-ball team in cheers at MHS competi- tion. Skip Olsen and Lisa Legendre seen taking bus — Where ' s the car, Lisa?! Maria anc nine sell Must be right? Jean- kisses. candy, KQ seen on time for school. Mr. White wonders what’s wrong. No bad luck today for seniors especially with vacation starting! Did you buy something for the one you love? 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 lany congratu- itions to the heatre Arts for utting on nother super lay! Hockey team whips Winthrop. Only 3 members of the staff showed up for a Y-book meeting — Teamwork!! Hockey destroys vers. team Dan- B-ball team par- ties hardy. Congratulations Danny S. and Johnny 0., the NEC B-ball All Stars! Congrats to Matt M., Peter H., and Gary R., the NEC Hockey All Stars! C J C J 23 24 25 26 27 28 HS Hockey earn — Winners I the NEC play- ffs! Kelly Rudolph was caught scor- ing baskets for Danvers — Which side are you on? Coke Machine appears in the cafe. But where is the Coke? Senior count- down begins. Francine C. hits the lobby floor on all fours! Sun finally shines after a week of rain! Relief! Everyone is dreading March — No vaca- tions!! 157 This year we had not only the Air Force Rock Band, we also had the Air Force Concert Band, due to the efforts of our principal, Mr. French and vice-principals, Mr. O’Maley and Mr. White. The Concert Band played a mix of classical music and soft rock. The event proved to be a welcome change from the daily routine. Air Force Band Concert Adaptations A short play on life. f sturing: Ann Ellis, Tim Geary, Ann Martin, Skip Olsen Announcer: Joe Billante The Senior Class Variety Show, sponsored by the GHS Flicker turned out to be an unexpected success. Mrs. Grace Figurido, advisor of the year- book casted acts such as Elvis, Charlie’s Angels, Adaptations, No-Name Band, The Blues Brothers and The Dating Game. Photographs were taken by David Benoit. Elvis Starring: Ed Wall Variety 9how The No-Name Band Charlie ' s Angels Featuring: Jim Melanson, Chris Noble, Mr. Dahlgren, Dave Landoni, singer Maureen Dexter. Starring: Jay Greely, Gerry McCarthy, Dan Shatford as the " Angels”. Also: Erika Litchfield, Donna Demetri, Todd Hermann, Donna Lupo, Jim Ryan, Lyn Wentworth. The Blues Brothers Featuring . Greg Salah and Jon Pratt The Dating Game Host: Mark Day Contestant: Jim Melanson 3 Dates: Missy Gillis, Donna Demetri, Ann Martin Vocal Larry Cook Pianist Brian White JtS March 1 2 Duff seen in cor- deroys — school in shhockkk! 3 Cindy C. makes a big heist. 4 5 Tammy E. comes to h.r. all week — Brenda doesn ' t believe it. 6 J. Billante ' s 6 block Marketing Class learns that ice cubes are made of water!! Smart, Joe!! 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Cathy F. seen coming out of boys’ room Kim Allen is seen with her boy- friend ' s brother again! What ' s going on here? Karen M caught blowing in B J.’s ear!! Meryl J. gets a call from the Big Rev. another mooney recruit — Huh, Meryl? Big Party down the New road!! Fine — but WHERE IS the new road? Frank Bergman seen eating pine needles — “Bad breath,” huh Frank? 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 ludy C. — A hat? Not driv- ng her red frog? Tammy E. and Kathy W. dis- cover the St. Pat- rick’s Day Hawk. Mr. French says NO kissing in school!!! Does that go for teach- ers too?! First Food Fight of the year — Students finally come to their senses. The senior talent show was a huge success — espe- cially Elvis! Joy G. gets sus- pended for hold- ing hands with herself. Remembrance of the Jim Melanson Variety Show. 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Shawn S. cracks jnder pressure ind apologizes o R.N. and J.G. Annette T tells everyone in the assembly to “shut up.’’ Roberta N. gets into her 999th fight in gym. Todd H. — How’s your Porche? 29 30 31 1 Happy Birthday, Julie 163 Cast One Cast Two Anne Frank — Cathy Wood Anne Frank — Betsy Williams Mr. Frank — Larry Cook Mr. Frank — Mark Day Mrs. Frank — Connie Cassidy Mrs. Frank — Thea Sytsma Margot — Tracy Cavanaugh Margot — Tracy Cavanaugh Mr. Van Daan — Brian O ' Connor Mr. Van Daan — John Myett Mrs. Van Daan — Shauna Francis Mrs. Van Daan — Susan Koch Weser Peter Van Daan — Gregg Knutsen Peter Van Daan — Kenny Gilbert Mr. Dussel — Mike Mulcahey Mr. Dussel — Sal Caruso Mrs. Kraeler — Katie Ahearn Mrs. Kraeler — Jane Day Miep — Kathy Whitten Miep — Erin Cote The Diary of Anne Frank 166 « 1 ' 167 1 2 3 April Everyone is full of foolishness. i 5 6 7 8 9 10 JC finally changes hair style — no barrettes. HA and VM get lost on Salem State Bookstore Excalrbur-Drawl! ' MJ, JF. DB. and LC get t+ieir ups and downs at the Raddisson. J and M finally find out what the ice cubes are tor. 12 13 14 15 16 17 SB gets a bum rap, students are behind her. but faculty? DS seen 4th block smiling — who was with you 3rd block, huh, Deb 7 Spring vacation — AAAAAhi 19 20 21 22 23 24 t Happy Easter! Stomache aches galore — thank goodness no school! FC falls on her face in lobby. Deutchland heir kom- men wirl! " Ich bin ein Bier! " Wasn ' t that a party? ask Diane. Jeanne and Debbie. ' 26 , 27 28 29 30 Back to school; business after pleasure. ’ 1 One more agonizing month go go. seniors!! . Girls seventh in Northern Area Theater classes present ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ Iennis team records 13th straight win Girls track © team runs wild softball team over English © Boys tennis team walks over English Five-hitter paces softball win Gloucester 169 Baseball Baseball Back Row: Coach — Mr. Parady, Ernie Beauparlant, Kevin Clancey, Rusty Lane, Chris Grover, Willie Greeke, Ron Pereen, Stacey Holly, Phil Nicastro, and Tucker Destino. Front Row: Brian Carey, David Carignan, Chris, Glen Wilson, Richard Mann, Chris Davis, Scott Blatchford. Coach: Roger Parady 1981 Baseball Team It was a season of rebuilding for the 1981 Baseball team and the boys showed a great amount of enthusiasm, determination and Gloucester pride. Many of the losses were by a slight margin and showed how much the boys tried. Senior members were, Dave Carignan, Chris Davis, Chris Fulford, Richard Mann, and Glenn Wilson. Dave Carignan Glenn Wilson Richard Mann Chris Fulford Chris Davis 1981 Baseball Season Gloucester 0 Baseball Opponent 4 Lynn English 2 Salem 10 Danvers 9 Lynn Classical 3 Georgetown 11 Swampscott 9 Saugus 6 Salem 4 Saugus 9 Swampscott 6 Winthrop 11 Marblehead 7 Lynn Classical 3 Beverly 7 English 10 Winthrop 3 Marblehead 1 Danvers 7 Winthrop 9 Reading 2 Beverly The annual mother-daughter banquet was held at Radisson Ferncroft this year. All agreed that an enjoyable evening was had. Dinner was chicken cor don bleu followed by desert. Entertainment featured singing by Julie Burke and Holly Anderson and also by “Elvis.” Special recognition was given to Mrs. Makkonnen and the Class Officers. This year’s ban- quet was one to remember by both mothers and daughters. Mother Daughter Banquet Back Row: Julie Powers, Tammy Morrissey, Cindy Knutsen, Mona Glenn, Phyllis Harmon, Coach Greg Smith, Front Row: Kim Patience. Cathy Ciolino, Denise Parnell, Karen Collins, Mary Silva, Ellen Coach: Gregg Smith Girls’ Softbal Mona Glenn Kim Patience Denise Parnell Ellen Hemingway Seniors Mary Silva r r - Girls ' Softball This year’s girls’ softball team, under the leadership of Coach Gregg Smith pulled off a final record of 8 wins and 9 losses. It was an impressive season led by senior girls: Mona Glenn, Kim Patience, Denise Parnell, Karen Collins, Cathy Ciolins and Mary Silva. The girls really pulled off a hard and demanding season with enthusiasm and pride. Next year’s line up proves very promising, also. Tammy Morrissey Julie Powers NHS Induction Newly Inducted Members, Back Row: John Testaverde, Mike Anderlon, Tom Ryan. Ed O ' Donnell, Rich Benoit, John Lafala, Doug Bedell. Jim Wheeler, Marty Donnelly, Alex Bently, John Ericson, Bruce Lane. Second Row: Bob Wadsworth. Jim, Erika Hansen, Sharon Fortado, Amy Parsons. Jennie Cialino. Patti Nealy, Marlangella Nicolosi, Maria Ferrante, Charlene Ross, Ed Pasquina. Third Row: Carl Ekborg, Katy Moynahan, Judi Rose, Tracey Cunningham, Tina Foss, Kathy Reardon, Jenny Beck. Maria, Justine Curley. Heidi Shea, Joy Orlando, Jim Maurey, Mrs. Erwin. Last Row: Scott Enos, Kim Lane. Kathleen Banks, Diane Doyle. Joann Doucette, Tricia Malone, Corinna Bowles, Cheryl Davis, Janelle Lumbard and Gerald A. Bruni. Advisor: Mrs. Erwin Speaker: Israel Horovitz This year’s NHS Induction ceremony took place in the auditorium where many new juniors were inducted by senior members. Senior officers, Michelle Bader, Skip Olson, Karen Davis, Julie Curcuru and Shannon Banks inducted new junior officers. Speaker was Israel Horowitz, a playwright in Gloucester. Mrs. Erwin as well as Mr. French and Dr. Lane con- gratulated both juniors and seniors. mm The Annual ROTC Military Ball was held at the Surf. Sponsored by the cadet officers, it was the major social function of the ROTC School Year. Over 120 cadets and their dates joined together for an excellent meal, fine dancing and an overall good time. This year’s King and Queen were C 1LT William Neal and C CAPT Sheila Williams. 177 Military Ball Boy ' s Tennis j Back Row (l-r): Tom Silveira, Jon McCarthy, Tiger Williamson, Mike Connors, Tom McCann, Scott Geary, Coach Steve Novak. Front Row (l-r): Tim Kennedy, Todd Herrmann, Dan Shatford, James Ryan, Vincent Pizzimenti, John Lafata. The 1981 Boys Tennis Team was the only Gloucester team during the 1980-1981 school year to reach the number one berth in the Northeastern Con- ference. The boys compiled an excellent record of 17-1, their only loss was to Marblehead in the first half of the year. (A loss which was later avenged.) Senior Members Todd Herrm- ann, Vincent Pizzimenti, James Aloysius Ryan and Daniel P. Shatford were truly dedicated players, performing to their highest standards. Other team members included Mike Con- nors, Tim Kennedy, John Lafata, Tom McCann, Scott Geary, John McCarthy, Tom Silveira, and Tiger Williamson. 1 Mm-.... Todd Herrmann mm Vincent Pizzimenti James Ryan Ufa Daniel Shatford 179 The 1981 Girls Spring Track Team compiled a winning record this year which enabled them to place third in the Northeastern Conference. Many records were shattered not once but twice and even three times. Senior members included Kirsten at Klinteberg, Donna Demetri (whose picture was not available) , Erika Litchfield (whose picture was not available) , Donna Lupo, Marianne Moceri, Annette Tru- piano, and Lisa Warren. Kristen at Klinteberg IK i 28 Lisa Warren Seniors (l-r) : Donna Lupo, Lisa Warren, Kirsten af Klinteberg, Marianne Moceriz, Annette Trupiano. Opponent Scores Gloucester Saugus 20 89 Danvers 49 60 Salem 37 72 Lynn English 30 70 Winthrop 47 62 Beverly 59 50 Marblehead 42 67 Swampscott 71 38 Front Row (l-r) : Kim Rochford, Donna Lupo, Jenny Fatta, Cheryl Davis, Cathy Degnan, Amy Greer, Jane Quinn. Middle Row (l-r) : Jenny Harris, Missy Bertolino, Phyllis Moody, Amy Parsons. Jenny Beck, Marlena Vizena, Lisa Warren, Francie Nicastro. Back Row (l-r) : Coach Steven Sahl, Robin Powers, Martha Brennan, Sandy Muniz, Kirsten af Klinteberg. Mary Judd, Marianne Maceri, Debbie Orlando, Dawn Rochford, Kendyll Pickette. Valerie Cook. Annette Trupiano. Girls Qpring Track Bob Parks L. h- 181 John Pratt Boys ' Spring Track Gloucester Opponent 72 55 Saugus 54 73 Salem 50 Vs 7 7 Vs Winthrop 64 V 2 62 Vs Lynn English 32 95 Beverly 40 78 Marblehead 92 26 Swampscott The turnout of this season of boys’ spring track was with a final record of 3-4. The boys had a strong and steady enthusiasm which helped them throughout the season. Coach Bob Byrnes gave seniors Kristian Keller, Jim Malone, Bob Parks, John Pratt as well as captain Steve Parsons undying support which gave each one lasting strength all season long. Boy ' s Spring Track Back Row. (l-r) Arnie Ellis, Dean Murray, Jim Wenson, Ricky DeSilva, Steve Gentile, Paul Pasquina, Roger Cressey, John Corcuru, Chuck Lewis. Middle Row, (l-r): Bob Wadsworth, Ted Testaverde, Doug Bedell, Chris Pratt, Mike Powers, Kevin Carey, George Dennis, John Ruberti, Coach Robert Byrnes. Front Row, (l-r) : Kristian Keller. Jim Malone, Ed Pasquina. Bob Parks, Rusty Smith, Jon Pratt, Steve Par- sons, Hernand Fortez. (l-r): John Pratt, Kris Keller, Bob Parks, Steve Parsons, Jim Malone, Coach Bob Byrnes l J Music Man CAST Marian Paroo — Heidi Dallin and Tracy Cavanaugh Harold Hill — Mark Day Mrs. Paroo — Bernadette Gerstner Wmthrop Paroo — Douglas Grimes Marcellus Washburn — Larry Cook Mayor Shinn — Tim Geary Eulalie Shinn — Ann Martin Zaneeta Shinn — Betsy Wiliams. Allison Sallah Amaryllis — Linda Arujo 184 The Gloucester High School Spring Concert is held in May of every year. First the GHS Chorus sings an ensemble of songs especially selected, including solos and duets, all directed by Mr. Hovey. After that, the GHS Band plays their numbers directed by Mr. Jim Guter. This concert is always a special occa- sion for all that come. Spring Concert Chorus .Ac ac L ?« :oanition n 9 tt Gloucester High School May 19, 1981 Academic Recognition Night is an evening to observe those students who have achieved an exceptional intelligence in a certain field of their interest. Students were honored if their grade average was of a 90.0 or above. Also, special awards were given in the fields of math, science, social studies, foreign language, art, and vocational studies. Each stu- dent honored received a plaque and a certificate. In the library, a film put together by Mr. French and a staff was shown to parents and students to show how far the school has come in just one year. Everyone was impressed with Gloucester High School students and their achievements. Academic Recognition Night 198 1 ROTC Field Day This year marked the 97th Annual Field Day. Ever since 1885 the Military Cadets of Gloucester High have assembled at the end of the school year to compete in individual, platoon and saber drill. Awards and decorations won throughout the year are also presented at this time. This Field Day marked the end of another successful year for the Army JROTC at Gloucester High and many students were rewarded for their hard work throughout the year. Field Day 1981 8enior Class Favorites 1981 Senior Class Favorites Holly Anderson Cadet Maj. John Carr Cadet Cpt. Jane Day Cadet 1 Lt. George Deveou Cadet 2Lt. Jeffrey Downs Cadet LTC Todd Walsh Cadet CpI. For the 96th year the Army Junior ROTC Pro- gram played a substantial role in the school com- munity of Gloucester High. The major function of the program is to develop leadership potential in students, im- prove their ability to com- municate both orally and in writing, appreciate the importance of physical fitness, and gain some familiarity with the history, purpose and structure of the United States Army. These learning out- comes are accomplished in a variety of ways. In ad- dition to the normal class and military drill periods, cadets are able to par- ticipate in ROTC spon- sored activities such as the school co-ed rifle team, male and female drill teams, attending the JROTC Summer Camp and participation in local civic and patriotic events. By participating in the basic program and other military and social events, students are helped in maturing, organizing, ac- cepting responsibility and taking their place as con- tributing citizens of the community. Sheila Williams Cadet Cpt. Company A: 1st Row (l-r) : Carl Geary, Jim Wheeler, Ed Pasquina, George Deveau, CPT Shawn Sweet (Com- mander) , Jim Officer, Charles Morris, Jamie Panniello, Gordon Van Auken. 2nd Row (l-r) : Mike Frazier, Todd Walsh, Paul Valadad, Scott Place, Mike Turner, Jon MacDonald, Dave Maranhas, Julio Vieira. 3rd Row (l-r) : Cleve Garron, Chris Smith, Dave Geary, Simon Corben, Arnie Ellis, Tim Ahonen, Wayne Coull. Battalion Staff (l-r) : 1LT Rosalie Machain, CPT John Carr, LTC Jeffrey Downs, MAJ Holly Anderson, SGM Fernando Valadao. Battalion Staff Rosalie Machain Cadet 1LT Charles Morris Cadet CPL Virginia Munroe Cadet 1LT Company A Shawn Sweet Cadet Cpt. ROTC Grenadiers 1st Row L to R: Mike Frazier, Paul Valadao, 1 Lt William Neal (Commander) , Fernando Valadao, Dave Geary 2nd Row L to R: Gordon VanAuken, Danny Place, Mike Turner, Carl Geary. Company B Grenadettes 1st Row L to R: Virginia Munroe, CPT Sheila Williams (Commander) , Jane Day 1st Row L to R: Holly Anderson, CPT Sheila Williams (Commander) , Rosalie 2nd Row L to R: Heidi Bauman, Sherry Machain, Jennifer Williams, Pam Silva, Machain Maria DaRosa, Cindy Camille 2nd Row L to R: Virginia Munroe, Terri Luzio 3rd Row L to R: Maria DaRosa, Pam Silva, Jennifer Williams Rifle Team Back Row (t-r) : Jim Wheeter, Simon Cor ben, Fernando Valado. Middle Row (l-r) : Gemma Amero, Jennifer Wil- liams, Sherry Machain, Holty Andersen. Front: Rosalie Machain Back Row: Mr. Breitenstein, advisor, Jane Fosberry, Steve Tebou, Jim Officer, Martha Brennan. Front Row: Bridget Murray, Laura Brodzinsky, and Coleen Hamilton. Back Row Bridget Murray. Astrid at Klinteberg, Susan Koch-Weiser. Missy McPherson. Martha Brennan, Tricia Milone, Advisor — Ms. Wendy Wintle. Mathz Otsson. John Carr. Tim Ahonen. Middle Row: Donna Demetri. Lisa Marino, Heidi Dallin, Karen Davis. Michelle Bader. Jane Fosberry. Chris Favalora. Gerry McCarthy Holly Anderson Front Row Matt Botonsky, Carol Maciel, Skip Olsen, Tara Khambaty. The Beacon The Beacon Staff involves group of students advised by M Breitenstein, puts together ar organizes a yearly publication. Th magazine that generally comes o in the spring of each year, is a gatl ering of various contributions of at photography, poetry and short st ries received by GHS student Much time and effort goes into th magazine which has always bee popular here. The Flash The Flash is the Gloucester Hig School newspaper produces papers a year. Ms. Wendy Wint has always done an excellent jc advising. There is also a staff of har working editors, but most of the arl cles come from students who ai talented in gathering informatic and organizing it all to form a we written article. The Flash combin? itself with 2 other school newsp pers, The O’Maley Outlook, an Fuller Focus. Jane Fosberry was th year’s editor, Michelle Bader the cc editor, and Mathz Oisson the ph tographer. The Wang Gang held a compe- tition once a month which con- sisted of three tests. Two of the tests covered information learned in weekly lectures. The third test had each student write his her own program in one day. Mem- bers of the 1981 Wang Gang included Sen Shannon Banks, Mike Beauparlant, Barmak Besh- araty, Bruce Blake, Jeff Downs, Erika Litchfield, Kris Keller and Skip Olson. Back Row: Debbie Sears, Shannon Banks, Advisor, Mr. Proposki, Skip Olson. Front Row: Jeff Downs, Mike Bearparlant, Barmak Besharaty, Kris Keller, Erika Litchfield. 195 Math Team The 1981 GHS Math Team proved once again that not all high school students despise any subject other ‘than gym, they even gave up all or most of their free time in order to improve their skills. The 1980-1981 Math team included seniors: Skip Olson, president, Laur ' a Brodzinsky, sec- retary, Ann Martin, Joan Doody, Bridget Murray, Debbie Parsons, Debbie Sears, Juniors: Doug Bedell, Chris Davis, Jon Ericson, Stephen Tebou and Jim Wheeler, Sophomores: Sal Caruso, Scott Jones, and John Myett. Back Row: Jon Erickson, Doug Bedell, Steve Tebou, Advisor, Mr. Sperry, Carl Ekborg, Jim Wheeler. Middle Row: John Myett, Ann Martin, Skip Olson, Debbie Sears, Barmak Besharaty. Front Row: Bridget Murray, Debbie Parsons, Laura Brodzinsky. Wang Gang Back Row: Advisor Mr. Dahlgren, John LaFata, Marty Donnelly. Front Row: Matt Bolonsky, Jon Erickson, Joe Wheeler, Steve Gentile, Ed Pasquina, and Steve Tebou. Chess Club This year the club did not com pete in meets but met with eacl other to test their skills. The clui was advised by Eric “Captair Ahab” Dahlgren whose corn; jokes provided some ligh hearted entertainment. Back Row: Advisor Mrs. Bradstreet, Diane Hopkins, Lindsay Harper, Cindy Andrews, Barbara Record, Heid MacIn- tyre, April Richard, Miss Johnson, Sandy Amaral, April Perkins, Debbie Spellman, Janice Walkama. Front Row: llda Menezza, Kathy Murphy, Joann Doucette. Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of 400,000 students who have taken or are tak- ing a course in home economics education. It is one of six national vocational student organizations. The Gloucester High School Chapter has 30 members. This year we had a student elected to the Massachusetts FHA Executive Council. Her name is Chris Menicoc- ci. She will represent Gloucester at a leadership training conference in July and again at the national meeting of the organization in San Francisco, California. Members of the chapter have worked on many bake, candy and a cook book sale to raise money for her expenses. Members have worked on other community projects including visiting nursing homes and the “Wanted Healthy Babies Pro- ject” in conjunction with the March of Dimes. 196 Back Row: Susan Doyle, Shelley Mattson, Linda Carrasco, Roberta Nickerson, Maria Virgilio, Cheryl Tarbox, Francine Capone, Annette Trupiano, Darlene Moulton. Middle Row: Linda Aiello, Marybeth Curley, Tracey Gallante, Laurie Asaro, Linda Pettipas, Michelle White, Michelle Palazola. Front Row: Patti Welch, Sheryl Mackey, Heidi Call, Jeanne Sawyer, Karen Collins. Cherie Greely. Back Row: Donna Lupo, Shannon Banks, Michelle Bader, Joan Doody, Ericka Litchfield, Holly Anderson, Bridget Murray, Heidi Dallin. Front Row: Julie Curcuru, Skip Olsen, Gerry McCarthy, Peter Spinney, Dan Shatford. it: Diane Ellard and Rosalyn Frontiero. JR. R0TARIAN8 The Jr. Rotarians, under the guidance of Mr. Frederick White, were chosen among the members of this year’s senior class. These students must at- tend regular monthly Rotarian meetings and each member must deliver a speech to the Rotarians, telling of their extracurricular ac- tivities in ' and out of the school. HONOR BUSINESS CLUB The Honor Business Club is for those students who are participating in Business Education classes and have maintained an 85 or above average. During the school calendar, the pur- pose of the H.B.C. is to raise money for scholarships and a final banquet. The club has succeeded in raising this money by selling various types of candy and baked goods. The H.B.C. also sponsors a typing contest for all levels of typists. Officers are voted by the members and approved by the adviser, Mr. Harvey Korobkin. The officers help to organize and handle the fund raisers. The officers were : President, Cheryl Tarbox; Vice- President, Maria Virgilio; Secretary, Roberta Nickerson; and Treasurer, Linda Aiello. The 1981 annual banquet was held at the Bali Hai Restaurant. Approximately 25 members and 1 1 faculty attended. We had a good year. NHS Members Linda Aiello Holly Anderson Rosa Avila Michelle Bader Shannon Banks James Brennan Laura Brodzinsky Robert Boudrow Warren Brown Francine Capone Catherine Ciolino Deborah Clark Lisa Craig Julie Curcuru Marianne Cusick Lori Anne Curtis Heidi DaWn Karen Davis Joan Doody Susan Doyle Tammy Eason Diane Ellard Anne Ellis Josephine Jane Fosberry Peter Frontiero Gerald Greely Colleen Hamilton Todd Herrmann Ben Johnson Diane Johnson Betsy Juncker Susan King Erica Litchfield Heather MacFarlane Sheryl Mackey Richard Mann Lisa Marino Ann Marlin Gerald McCarthy Marianne Mocerl Bridget Murray Lisa O ' Neil Melvin Olson Michael Orlando Debra Parsons Amy Petersen Linda Pettipas Salvatore Pramas Anne Quinn Kathyann Ouinn Robert Rodgers Jeanne Sawyer Deborah Sears Daniel Shatford Peter Spinney Stephanie Spinola Cheryl Tarbox Frederick Thompson Lynne Wentworth Joseph Wheeler Glen Wilson Kim Young John Testaverde Advisor: Mrs. Eileen Erwin The National Honor Society is composed of a number of seniors led by officers: President: Julie Curcuru V. President: Skip Olson Treasurer: Shannon Banks Secretary: Michelle Bader Librarian: Karen Davis Each member must have maintained a grade average of at least 84.5 and shown qualities of service, leadership, and character. Throughout the year, members are asked to bake for bake sales and sell raffle tickets to collect money for the 3 scholarships given to a qualifying member of NHS. NHS also visited a nursing home during the Christmas season with gifts and caroling. Teas in the library were also given a few times a year featuring a guest speaker. 198 German Club Advisors: Mr. Richard Chane and Mrs. Charlotte Chane The advisors of the French Club, Richard Chane and Charlotte Chane just started their yearly plans for going to Mon- treal, Canada with the members of the French Club. There were many fund raisers to have to minimize the cost of the trip and all members helped at bake and candy sales. French Club Back Row (l-r) : Mrs. Chane, Bridgette Murray, Skip Olson, Brian White, Martha Brennan, Laura Brod- zinsky, Ann Martin. Front Row (l-r ) : Jim Wheeler, Karen Davis, Julie Curcuru, Shannon Banks, Diane Ellard, Colleen Every 3 years, the German Club and students taking Ger- man go on a 19 day trip to Ger- many. This trip is sponsored by the German club and all their fund raising is one way to help pay for many of the expenses of the trip. Some of their fund raisers are bake sales and candy sales. The advisors of the Ger- man Club are Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chane. Back Row: Maria D’angelo. Bridget Mulcahy, Justine Curley, Caroline Maciel, Gail Anstess, Janelle Walsh, Heidi Hinckley. Kim Chick, Koleen Ahearn, Stacey Bouchier, Bernadette Gerstner, Kathy Fron- tiero, Phil Parisi, Scott Enos, Rusty Smith. Front Row: Liz Grillo, Sandy Libro, Ericka Hansen, Katie Ahearn, Tina Foss, Terry Deveau, Ann Sacoo, Julie Burke, Noel Reynolds, Scott Jones, Charlie Stratton. Front: Tammy Picone. Missing: Holly Ander- son, Richard Murray. Advisor: Mr. Hovey Officers: President, Julie Burke; Tina Libro. Erika Hansen, Debbie Muise. 200 The Gloucester High School Chorus is a spirited group of students who show a talent for singing. Throughout the year, under the new leadership of Mr. Alan Hovey, the chorus puts on many presentations and concerts. This year there was a spring concert, a winter concert and a production of Hair, which was such a great success, that it was presented again for the high school students at GHS. The officers worked hard at keeping the chorus plans organized and it payed off by having an excellent season of music and entertainment. The Gloucester High Thespians Nan Webber The Thespians of G.H.S. under the direction of Nan Webber, are a tremendous group. They put on two major musicals, Music Man and Fanny, and many other plays throughout the year. They work hard and diligently — giving up alot of free time. We ap- preciate what they give to us and the Gloucester community. Derek Bowser Heidi Dallin Mark Day Donna Demetri Ann Ellis Betsy Juncker Lisa Legendre Lisa Marino Ann Martin Jim Melanson Ski Olson Martha Rudolph Heiner Staub Thea Sytsma 201 Student Council Back Row (l-r) Julie Curcuru, Joy Orlando, Kathy Ann Quinn, Ed O ' Donnell, Larry Cook. Diane Doyle, Kelly Connors, Pam Greer, Martha Brennan, Charlene Ross. Middle Row (l-r ) : Lynn Wentworth, Ann Quinn, Donna Lupo, Anthony Randazza, Meg Montagnino, Michelle Bader, Moira O ' Donnell, Bets y Williams, Jane Fosberry, Susan Koch Weser Front Row (l-r) Lisa Legendre. Faye Linquato, Kristen Payne, Erika Litchfield, Donna Demetri, Donna Debenedictis. Missy McPherson The Gloucester High School Student Council played a very important role in the decision making at G.H.S. When Mr. French first came to Gloucester in September, he wanted to change things. He asked the Student Council to help him get things done and they DID! Among the many things accomplished this year were a Hi-C Machine for the Cafeteria, a relaxed study in the cafeteria for students with two absences or less and various other accomplishments. The Student Council helped to create a memorable year for the seniors. 1 ' ” ‘ • - - ' •-■tv ' . ' ' : --y ' _ , The 1981 Flicker Staff The 1981 Flicker Staff worked many long hours to create the “best year- book ever,’’ one that will help you to remember your senior year clearly. You were the best class and you deserve the best yearbook! We, the staff, hope you will enjoy your Flicker for many years to come. Our I thanks and gratitude go to Mrs. Grace Figurido, without her support we never would have finish- ed the Flicker. Good Luck Everybody. Co-Editor: Josephine Fatta Co-Ed ' rtor: Meryl Johnson Special thanks goes to the following people for their generous contributions to the Flicker: Kathy Reardon, Brian White, Rosalie Ciarametaro, Lin- da Carrasco, Donna Byard, Jeannine Parisi, Bob Parks, Chris Noble, Heidi Dallin, Michelle Bader — cover design, Jim Men- nicocci, Jim Melanson. Financial Editor: Missy Gillis Ad Manager: Frank Bergmann Advisor: Mrs. Grace Figurido 203 Pat Winchester, John Sidlowski, Peter Frontiero, Kevin Figurido, Erik Hodgkins, Tom Parisi, Frank Fulfold. Bruce Fulford, Jay Frontiera, Glenn Goodwin, Chris Francis, Mike Orlando, Brek Beard, Danny Judd, Kevin Sousa, Bruce Wonson. Carpentry Shop (l-r) David Silva, Robert Boudreau, David Morrow, Rosalie Machain, Neil Matthews. Daniel Morse Print Shop (l-r) Pamela Costa, Lisa Patrican, Bruce Reardon, Robert Lazmsky Electrical Shop 1981 Prom Sv ; v ,;v; Senior Sawyer Medals Todd R. Herrmann Deborah A. Parsons Elliot T. Parker English Book Award Heidi J. Dallin French Book Prize Shannon M. Banks Joan M. Doody German Consulate Book Prize Heidi J. Dallin Spanish Book Prize Rosa Maria Avila German Club Book Prize Erika M. Litchfield J. Franklin Hackett Educational Trust Scholarship, Inc. Ellen Hemingway Matthew Muniz Lisa Warren Glenn Wilson Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America Scholarship Rosa Maria Avila American Legion Scholarship, Lester H ass, Post 3 Robert L. Rodgers Deborah A. Sears Chargers Youth Program Scholarship Alison Corrao Christopher Favaloro Jeanne Sawyer Joseph Wheeler Michael J. Condon Music Scholarship James E. Melanson Bessie Cobleigh Memorial Scholarship Robert L. Rodgers Contractors and Builders Scholarship Joseph A. Wheeler Patty Cusomano Memorial Scholarship Kimberly Patience Capt. Cosmo and Alligator Scholarship Robert L. Rodgers Annette Trupiano Cape Ann College Women ' s Club Scholarship Heidi J. Dallin East Gloucestet Youth Program Scholarship Laurie Ann Fleming Matthew F. Muniz Mimi Ferrini Art Scholarship Donna M. Lupo First Baptist Church of Gloucester Service Award Laura Brodzinsky Fire Fighter — Elmer A. Hurlburt Memorial Scholarship Diane Marie Dennis The 1949 Mass. State Football Champions Scholarship Richard F. Philpott Louis M. Geller Scholarship Lisa O’Neil Tony Gentile Scholarship James E. Melanson 214 Awards Gloucester Football Boosters Club Scholarship Paul Hickey Steven Oakes Gloucester Business and Professional Women ' s Club Scholarship Holly Beth Anderson Town of Essex Award Jennifer O’Gorman Knights of Pythias Scholarship Award Linda Pettipas Gary Rust Industrial Cab Co. Scholarship Peter Spinney Linda Pettipas Everett L Meader Memorial Scholarship Patricia A. Welch William Ace Lander Scholarship Fund Jennifer O’Gorman S. Arthur Mears Scholarship Award Laurel Carter Essex County Highway Association Scholarship Laura Muniz Essex Fire Company Award Linda Pettipas Peter Spinney Gloucester Municipal Employees Union — Local 687 Scholarship Kimberly Patience Lynn Ann Doucette Scholarship Award Jennifer O’Gorman Gloucester Emblem Club 339 Scholarship Rosa Avila Gloucester Fisheries Association Scholarship Heather MacFarlane Gloucester Fisherman Wives Association Scholarship Annette Trupiano Gloucester Food Association Scholarship Thomas Comminelli Toby Redmond Gloucester High School Alumni Scholarship Derek Bowser Toni Curtis Mark Day Rosalyn Frontiera Holly Joy Hanvahan Deborah Sears Gloucester High School Student Council Scholarship Donna Demetri Rosalyn Frontiera Erika Mai Titchfield Gloucester Little League Scholarship Paul Hickey Gerald McCarthy Gloucester Lodge No. 892 Elks Scholarship Donna Demetri Joseph Wheeler Gloucester Teacher ' s Association Scholarship Ann Martin Mary Silva Gloucester Women ' s Club Scholarship Heather MacFarlane Harold Gould Memorial Scholarship James Melanson Honor Business Club Scholarship Linda Carrasco Diane Dennis Linda Pettipas Jeanne Sawyer James " Joe " Kyrouz Scholarship Debbie Muise Magnolia Lions Club Scholarship Warren Brown Todd R. Herrmann Erika Litchfield John O’Hara Lisa O’Neil Robert Rodgers Daniel Shatford Lynne Wentworth Salvatore J. Piscitello Memorial Scholarship Salvatore Pramas Gloucester Rotary Scholarship Donna Demetri Paul Hickey Sargent — Murray — Gilman — Hough — House Association Award Kathyann Quinn John G Silva Scholarship Donna Demetri James Melanson Toad Hall Scholarship Whitney A. Marshall Nancy A. Webber Scholarship Heidi J. Dallin Mark Quirk Scholarship Fund Cheryl L. Tarbox US Army ROTC Scholarship Holly Anderson National Elks Foundation Heidi Dallin Almon B. Cook Scholarship Donna Demetre Four-Year Football Scholarship Peter Hickey German Club Scholarship Erika Litchfield Soccer Scholarship Jonathan Nelson N.E. Deaconess Association Scholarship Cheryl Sauve Francis and Bessie Tarr Memorial Scholarship Heidi J. Dallin ever. A more beautiful day could not have been asked for. Even though the wind whipped a few caps around, it just added to the aura of excitement that prevailed. Promises and congratulations were ex- changed amid tearful hugs and handshakes. Our graduation was one to be remembered forever. 1 r The June 7th, 1981 Gloucester High School Graduation was the most successful one Class of 1981 Administration Dr. George P. Lane Superintendent of Schools Herbert Wostrel Asst. Superintendent of Schools Mr. Richard French Principal Mr. John Orlando Vocational Director Mr. Frederick White Asst. Principal Mr. Kenneth Stickney Vocational School Director Mrs. Diane Isenberg Administrator of Special Needs Mr. Jack O Maley Asst. Principal 222 Robert Benjamin Carpentry Angelo Bertolino Machine Shop Leo Amero Jane Avila Eleanor Beebe Auto Shop Foreign Language English Joe Billante Barb Bradstr eet Business Ed. Home Economics Paul Bradstreet Science Mark Breitenstein English Clifford Brooks Science Picture Not Available Robert Byrnes Science Maryellen Callahan Physical Ed. Verna Carbone Business Ed. Henri Caron Math Ann Caulton Home Economics Charlotte Chane Foreign Language Richard Chane Foreign Language Jacqueline Crews English Emmy Culter Aide Marilyn Clark Dennis Corkery Social Studies English Jean Dallin Clerk Kathryn Davis Business Education Ron Bielicki Special Ed. - V James Brennan Social Studies John Carter Social Studies Anthony Corrao Carpentry-Related Robert Delisle Physical Ed. 223 Bob MacEachern Business Ed. Susan Makkonen Math Debra Legg Art Carol Lyons Home Economics Gilbert Lane Print Shop Manuel Martins Librarian William Moore Guidance Counselor Carl McKenzie Science Don McPhail Social Studies John McPhee Math Judy Melanson Clerk Judith Nesson Job Placement C. Louise Kickas Social Studies Emily Nickerson Science, Pro. Adven. Augustus Nunes Math Bonnie O’Connell English Tom O’Donnell Business Ed. Frank Pertronzio Art Judy Peterson Librarian Aide Gerald O ' Neil Social Studies John Orlando Carpentry Ronald Pasek Social Studies Dana Perry Auto-Related Adeline Polese Special Needs Aide Helen Porper Sandra Powers-Weiner Bill Proposki Nurse English Math Beth Ramsey Guidance Counselor Don Riley Physical Ed. 225 IHiffl HASTINGS-TAPLEY INSURANCE AGENCY Village Center Essex, MA TONY’S VARIETY John H. Morrow 768-6644 STORE DEXTER’S HEARTHSIDE 185 Washington St. Eastern Ave. Essex Open 7 Days a Week 5:30 AM-11:00 PM O i j ' y! TH£ROPtST I cz fnd.£.xs.on i Dtoxiit 1070 WASHINGTON STREET Vl ' T GLOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 TELEPHONE 283-6825 l hum ' ll dud J by 768-7521 John and Miriam Kane 526-7961 Martha Anderson OLDE ESSEX VILLAGE ROUTE 133, ESSEX, MASSACHUSETTS 01929 PIKE FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. 61 Middle Street Gloucester Directors Harold N. Pike Dennis J. Dauiton 229 Dennis J. Dauiton ROY SPITTLE ASSOCIATES, INC. Electrical Contractors Commercial • Industrial • Residential 98 Centennial Ave. Gloucester, MA 01930 Phone 283-2299 Best Wishes Class of 1981 nu rite uuqy travel BROWN’S MALL Gloucester, MA Complete Travel Service - MAGNOLIA SURF INC. 56 Raymond St. Manchester, MA 01944 Complete Banquet Facilities Telephone 281-0560 For Groups From 25 to 300 Telephone 525-3313 CAPE ANN GLASS 216 Main St. Gloucester, MA 01930 Gerald E. Davis Office (617) 283-4732 Proprietor (617) 283-4748 GLOUCESTER TRANSIT MIX, INC. . . . CONCRETE . . . Tel. 283-2060 Emerson Ave. Gloucester, MA Congratulations Class of 1981 BOB GILLIS GOLF PROFESSIONAL GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK THIS IS OUR NEW SYMBOL Twin seagulls in flight to signify a dynamic, cooperative venture, high in purpose and ideals, free to explore new innovations while retaining the character of our shared local heritage. BASS ROCKS GOLF CLUB HARRY STRATHOPOLOUS INSURANCE AGENCY GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK- SS MIDDLE STREET, GLOU ESTER 191 Main St. Tel. 283-5000 Gloucester 231 y Cape cAnncMedical Center, Inc. MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION 4 Magnolia Ave. Magnolia, MA 01930 Tel. 525-3461 Good Luck to the Class of 1981 Congratulations Class of 1981 Blackburn Park Gloucester, MA 01930 Tel. (617)281-1500 JOHN A. JOHNSON INSURANCE CO. 1 Duncan St. Gloucester Best Wishes From Compliments of GOVES GULF STATION O’DONNELL-USEN FISHERIES CORP. (Gulf) Washington St. Gloucester Seniors Hit it Big Best Wishes DE MARCO CLEANERS FREDDIE S LOBSTALAND 103 Washington St. Gloucester, MA Tel. 283-4464 INC. Class of 1939 232 VISA and MC Accepted Tel. (617) 281-0100 WINGAERSHEEK MOTEL Nearest to Wingaersheek Beach Heated — Private Showers — Color TV Route 128 — Exit 13 46 Concord Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Continental Breakfast in Season Open All Year Our 24th Season Compliments of 73 Rocky Neck Ave. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 283-7967 DKD REALTOR Tel.: 283-3369 30 Harbor Loop Gloucester Mass. 01930 Open Wednesday — Saturday 6 P.M. — 1 A.M. Sunday 2 — 10 P.M. Closed Monday and Tuesday Daniel K. Davis, Jr. GRI ESSEX RADIO AND T.V. Compliments of 40 Main St. Essex, MA GREEN TAVERN TayloR, rental Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 One Holly St. Gloucester, MA 01930 130 Washington St. 281-3266 233 Donald Hiltz President HILTZ MOVING STORAGE Cape Ann Industrial Park, Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Tels.: (617) 283-2520 — (617) 599-5959 Congratulations to the Class of 1981 SUDBAY, INC. Pontiac — Cadillac — Buick Causeway St. Gloucester, MA turn 4-8 Parker St. Tel. 283-7800 m m Free Delivery Master Charge and Visa East Gloucester Shopping Center Gloucester, MA FAMOUS BRANDS rfot Lcaa TALLY’S AUTO SALES, INC Automotive Repair — Towing Service — Sales Exxon 2 Washington St. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Phone (617) 283-0549 0550 234 Telephone 283-5333 MIKE’S PASTRY COFFEE SHOP Specializing in Italian Pastry Take Out Service — Wedding Cakes to Order Also American and Italian Cakes to Order 37 Main St., Gloucester, Mass. 01930 GLOUCESTER DISPATCH INC. 274 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930 Telephone 283-1110 Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 GLOUCESTER GLOUCESTER FISHERMEN’S MUSEUM ENGINEERING Corner of Rogers and Porter St. Gloucester, MA 01930 Telephone 283-1960 Blackburn Industrial Park Gloucester, MA 281-1800 Congratulations Class of 1981 KAREM’S ARMY NAVY To the Class of 1981 Congratulations!! 159 Main St. Gloucester, MA 283-6180 Papa Ginos " Restaurants • KIDS COMPANY A SPECIAL SHOP FOR CHILDREN 10 Thatcher Road Gloucester Telephone 283-9707 45 MAIN STREET . . RICKPORT, MA 01966 (617)546-7093 235 Compliments Of ... . S LESTER L. BURDICK, INC. zjMta zce Administrators Of Accident Health Insurance for Business and Professional Groups Since 1922. LB personal service since 1922 10 POST OFFICE SQUARE, BOSTON, MA 02109 • (617) 426-0020 Underwritten by COMMERCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY 100 Wood Avenue South, Iselm. NJ 08830 • (201) 301-3800 , Best Wishes QUINCY MARKET COLD STORAGE AND WAREHOUSE COMPANY Established 1881 236 MOUNT PLEASANT MEMORIALS Congratulations EASTERN PROPANE GAS Danvers, MA Offset and Letterpress Printing 66 Summer Street Manchester, MA 01944 (617) 526-7131 INC. 22 Whittemore St. Gloucester, MA Mary Anne Greely (617) 283-7841 237 Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 Cape Ann Savings Bank GLOUCESTE R, MASS. " YOUR FAMILY FINANCIAL CENTER " 240 o£ s4t£ ' IVa.Ct Co ' TOa.Ct d ificCifty and “ uya (?cra tic ?lo vi " TOadl 7 etc TELEPHONE ' " pre £ati ttuCc4 - StfieiitHCcd “Tftc 283-3940 GLOVER ' S FLOOR COVERINGS, Sualitcj ‘Sefze td z (e Service TELEPHONE 922-6217 INC. 18 WHITTEMORE STREET GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 From mfZDire 171 Main Street, Glousester, Mass. Tel. 283-3212 Apparel and Accessories for Women • Clothing and Furnishing for Men Homeport for the World’s best Seafood (Formerly Cloucester Shrimp Co., Inc.) Congratulations Class of 1981 Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 ’S CLUB, WOODMAN’S OF ESSEX Rt. 133 Main Street Essex, MA L. Dexter Woodman President Lawrence D. Woodman, Jr. Stephen B. Woodman Lobster Trap Pub Function Hall Woodman’s Lobster Pool Clambake Catering 243 A FULL SERVICE PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER V Kodak film • Possport Photos (While U Wait) • Cameras Camera Repairing • Film Dark Room Equipment • 24 Hour Film Processing Available • Wholesale Photographic Supplies • Master Charge-Visa • Check Our Prices! 283-0870 ( L excited 400 Yardi from Ut Rotary towards GLOUCESTER) 179 Washington Street, Gloucester GLEASON REFRIGERATED SERVICE, INC. Nationwide Refrigerated Transportation U.S. and Canadian Customs Bonded Ken Gleason President 384 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 “It Always Pays to Use the Best” United 7ood £ Commercial Workers Sedt id Aed S cut 7 n l ern a lion a I Pinion DISTRICT UNION LOCAL 15 AFL-CIO 144 V 2 Main Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 UPON OFFICE TELEPHONE (617) 283-4100 CHARLIES CAPE ANN LIQUOR CHEST Next to Papa Ginos 6 Thatcher Road Glouscester . . . Nearest to Rockport . . . Ice Cubes Full Line of Gallo Wines Imported Liquors and Cordials Call 283-2845 CHARLIE’S PLACE 83 Bass Ave. Across From E. Gloucester Shopping Center Specializing in Home Style Cooking S erving: Breakfast, Lunch Dinners and a Variety of Sandwiches Breakfast 6 A.M. 283-0303 244 m Compliments of THE CUPBOARD Stage Fort Park Gloucester Salvatore Favaloro President Leonard Linquata Treasurer PROGRESSIVE OIL COMPANY, INC. 92 Grove Street Gloucester, MA 01930 Tel. 283-2000 a V Bicycles Sales and Service 232 Main Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 617-283-3603 Mopeds Sporting Goods RAVENWOOD SPRING WATER CO., INC. Chilled it’s Refreshing Makes Coffee and Tea Taste Better Paper Plates and Cups Tel. 283-1778 OPEN DAILY 9:30 to 5:30 Friday night ' til 9 p.m. DIVISION or H.C. BROWN, INC. 46 BASS AVE., GLOUCESTER, MASS. TEL. 283-2533 VISA ' Plenty of Fro Parking ||HdW Frort ' Rear 245 Compliments of BENJAMIN’S STATIONERS 129 Main St. Gloucester 283-0048 Best of Luck to the Class of 1981 RICHDALE DAIRY STORES 33 Western Ave and 427 Washington St. Gloucester, MA 246 CAPE ANN SURGICAL ASSOCIATES, INC. William Warren Babson, M.D. Robert N. Lundberg, M.D. Sebastin J. Aparo, M.D. Alexander N. Gunn, M.D. 302 Washington St. Gloucester, MA Expert Appraiser Code 617 542-3917 KENNETH R. PARK JEWELER 77 Summer St. — Suite 807 Boston, Mass. 02110 Successor to Diamonds and Rare Gems Frederick T. Widmer Antique Jewelry and Est. 1844 Silver Masonic Jewelry PARKHURST TELEVISION APPLIANCE CO., INC. Authorized Dealer for WJH RC 1 Magnavox 238 Main St., Gloucester Master Technicians Lie. 1726 CAPE ANN BOWLING CENTER 20 Air Conditioned Bowling Lanes Snack Area Weekdays 9 AM to Midnight Sunday 12 Noon to 11 PM ss I 283-9753 53 Gloucester Ave. Gloucester, Mass. Compliments of PAT’S PACKAGE PAT’S CENTER GROCERY, INC. 36 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01930 For Free Delivery Call 283-3437 Summer Hours 8:00 AM-11:00 PM Winter Hours 8:00 AM-7:00 PM Lot’sa Luck! From Gina tk J SAILOR STAN’S Drift-In Luncheonette Breakfast and Lunch 7 Days a Week Rocky Neck MODERN HEAT, INC. Sheet Metal Welding Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Products NOR’EAST CLEANERS Pete Sova 14 Burnham Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Tel. 283-5454 East Gloucester Shopping Center Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 283-454; 248 Congratulations and Best Wishes Tel. (617) 283-6662 GLOUCESTER TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, INC. AND MADRUGA’S PRIVATE LIVERY Wagons, Vans and Buses to Cover All of Massachusetts John P. Madruga, Jr. 14 Parker St. President Gloucester, MA 01930 NORTHEAST FORD ENGINES, INC. Kettle Cove Industrial Park Gloucester, MA 01930 GOOD HARBOR Marine Power Products REA LTY Joan DeBenedictis 146 Main Street Broker 281-3118 Gloucester, Mass. 01930 L 249 BENS WALL PAPER A PAJVT 130MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER 283 6541 California Paints Benjamin Moore Paints Complete Selection of Wallcoverings Armstrong Linoleum Mohawk Carpeting Standard and Custom Window Shades 283-6541 THE BREAKFAST NOOK VERNON AND MARTIN 14 Lexington Ave. (Next to the Bank) REAL ESTATE Full Breakfasts and Hot Luncheons 267 Main Street Gloucester 281-3727 NELSON’S CLOTHING MONDELLO’S SHOE REPAIR 248 Main St. Gloucester 283-5675 67 Pleasant St. Gloucester 250 E. H. BICKFORD, INC. Wholesale Dealers in Fruit and Produce Frozen Foods Frozen Seafoods Institutional Groceries Paper Products and Related Items 20 Maplewood Ave. Gloucester, MA Glouckstkk Daily I ' imiis ; Times extends best wishes to Classof ’81 Congratulations to seniors CHARLES BEAN MUSIC COMPANY 1598 Hancock Street Quincy, MA 02169 Five Big Stores Quincy, MA. Tauton, MA. Worcester, MA. Westerly, R.l. St. Petersburg, FL. TO. S- ‘SCtiacfavict JEWELER 125 Main Street, Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Children — Ballroom, Tap, Toe, Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatic, Baton. Adults — All Phases of Ballroom Dancing, Private and Groups. TINA’S SCHOOL OF DANCE 28-30 Burnham St. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 251 Telephone 283-8758 283-1583 hi 283-3720 283-2678 R. F. LANE CO. Excavating Landscaping Sewerage Systems Cleaned and Installed Ross Lane, Jr. 22 Leonard St. Gloucester, MA ORTHEASy SEAFOOft Head of the Harbor 281-3873 Fresh Fish Live Lobsters G. EVERETT MAHONEY, INC. 30 Harbor Loop Gloucester, MA 01930 Leo S. Chane, Manager 283-5131 FRANCO HAIR CUTTING SALON Congratulations 1981 Seniors 86 Main St. Gloucester, MA 01930 281-2905 Jan and George Webster PUNA’S CONVENIENT COUNTRY STORE 121 Eastern Ave. Essex, MA 01929 GLOUCESTER HARDWARE Jhml aJkui HARDWARE STORES 83 Main St. 283-5369 252 ROSE’S OIL SERVICE, INC. Rear Rowe Square Gloucester, Mass. Our Subsidiary for Home Heating Oil and Service: GEORGE H. TODD CORP Oil Burner Inst allation and Service Fuel Dealer R15 Railroad Avenue Rockport, Mass. 01966 546-6652 Best Wishes From ChrisLee DarRand 210 Main Street Gloucester, MA Congratulations Class of 1981 GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 147 Main St. 283-0610 7 Railroad Ave. 281-3030 Since 1796 Each depositor insured to $100,000. FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Souvenirs lii i i 1 i l i W Gloucester T-Shirts Jewelry at Discount Prices Nautical Gitts Genuine Torquoise Incense and Incense Burners Belt Buckles 40 Main Street (Corner Short St.) In Gloucester’s Historic West End Open Daily 10 am to 5 pm Tel. 283-0750 255 WIVE OFFSET. LETTER PRESS. WEDDING INVITATIONS. lisholvi GHuvt I8R WHITTEMORE ST.. GLOUCESTER TEL 283-0318 GLOUCESTER HOUSE ! : 1 . U SEVEN SEAS WHARF GLOUCESTER, MASS BLACKBURN TAVERN 2 Main St. Gloucester PALAZOLA’S 96 Main St. 283-9180 MR. BAGMAN BEARSKIN NECK Rockport, MA. (617) 546-7443 SERVICE ASE CALL cife etoMce COOKING APPLIANCES AND FOOD EQUIPMENT BOX 183 - REVERE. MASSACHUSETTS 02151 TELEPHONE (617) 227-7747 w WILLOW REST One Holly Street Gloucester, MA. CHAMPION PRODUCTS Factory Direct Pricing on All Athletic Uniforms JOSEPH QUARTARONE 95 Pembrook Road North Andover, Massachusetts 01845 Telephone: (617) 664-6422 i , 4 EXCAVATING SEWERAGE CONTRACTOR, inc - „ — _ . _ . A kADlO UlSP KH Hf P ' EMERGENCY SERVICE High Valocitf Wot0 ' 5noA« A RESIDENTIAL • • COMMERCIAL CESSPOOLS i SEPTIC TANKS • CLEANED • INSTALLED • REPAIRED OUR HEW EQUIRMEHT IS CLEANER. FASTI R A MORI EFFICIENT 122 A«« GLOUCESTER 283-0080 L d CREATIVE HAIR DESIGN by NICOL 98 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MASS. 283-0734-0735 37 MAPLE STREET DANVERS, MASS. 777-3066 - 3067 Nichols Ocixun. c Uonv CANDIES AT made right here at the gateway to “Gloucester by the Sea” HOURS: Mon -Sat 9-8 Sun 9—6 Route 128 - Crafts Rd. - Exit 12 - Gloucester, Mass. Telephone 283 - 9850 257 GLOUCESTER MUSIC 99 Main St. Gloucester, MA 283-9685 Enjoy lunch and dinner at the Gloucester House Restaurant . . . have a clambake or snack at our beautiful, award-winning, cafe seven seas . . . comfortably shaded and open to the harbor on all sides ... a beautiful dining experience you and your family will enjoy visit after visit. Dancing every Friday and Saturday night under the stars during the summer months. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail . . . watch seagulls dancing in the breeze . . . fishing boats underway and many other interesting harbor activities. For reservations call 283-1812. o ' 1 m W F, a It ' f 1 BL B - ' 1 W JV JK J V J ■L |yr h n r m Br j i -i Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1981 CLASSMIERKSInc. Available at Ancient Mariner Best Wishes From BUILDING CENTER 1 Harbor Loop 283-3060 C»40Mt SH9 MP $ •«. . DESTINO’S SUB SHOP The Best Subs in All of Gloucester n lii| 1 » IBJ ■ HUNGRY lAHT.I J L t 1 II ' i 1 1 ■ ' 1 1 i. ir m 11 J $9 i§ tuattiK n i H M MP rr iiwgiiMW n ' l I v-mw rr «Kt tun i i ■ I wwn« r ' jmm iwhi i ’■ 1 ttmt 71 1 » r in unm | [ ihhwim wri tin y immkr r ; ww-rjcj i r| Class Graduates emphasize iuccesses 1901 1 1 Scholarshi ps B 2 li today and tomorrow. AN INCOMPARABLE COMBINATION AfriencMssomS K to hang on to v Sunday, June 7, 1981 The good old daysl r ten it comes to great taste, 9 © everyone draws the same conclusion:! The graduates Really Fun Things in Life Elation, relief extraordinary i See you later, alligator. r sawi BKaa usaARY GLOIfCESTm MM.S. 1930 SCTfVE STORAGE SAWYER FREE LIBRARY 3 1655 00197 9339 1 w

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