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L 1 I 1 1 AH ?®V J II PlMaJf GLQUC Flicker 1980- 1 — L 4; Gloucester, Massachusetts Editors Note With our high school career coming to its end the Flicker staff hopes that this edition of the Flicker will serve as a continual reminder of our happiest years at G.H.S. Many of your fellow students have greatly contributed to this Flicker, and it is difficult to list them all, however special recognition should be given to Carole Ellis, our assistant editor, Steve Smith, our financial editor, and a very special thank you to Mrs. Grace Figurido, our advisor. These people gave countless hours of their time to the creation of your 1980 Flicker. Thank you all, Lisa J. Pereen Editor 5l V 7 a ■ • 1 Ltt] ag v v Vin - i a A . ' — MggHj IbiSJb -- a® r - ' iiiiii [j i SS 1 fllij ' Hit ; Si’tii • ' M i if (Iff i |Hl|lfi ! mill I i mm: I in mi iiifffif I IIII ' SS , 1 i iiii ' i ' !!!!!!!! F, i iii iiii iisi f|j k 1 |am5 v 1 m5s£ ' iji !S fe Sia 8 ia 5 g« L»a M viSSBslsaSH " ai5li SENIORS Thelma Jean Adams 22A Taylor St. TJ MEMORIES: 3 26 78 B.S., B.S., and dl with John all the good times in " 78” camping lunchblocks Argu- ments in school picnics the first car Amityville Hor- " ror House John scared secret valentines sent, Valen- | tines night 4 Kirsten Af Klinteberg 1087 Washington St. it 41 Stephen M. Aiello Beach Ct. ve-O • ' .MORIES: St. Peters Fiesta 79 Jr. Seine Boat ■amps FORT! 4-0-1 regular season champs, Aiellos aiders ask DN boat rampask JEDB how ' s your car Fweedle? Tally ' s Hookers 1 ask DB Pavillion lounge, bonfires ask the FORT don’t get ugly ask DB I thanks Marvin ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Auto Shop. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you can’t be the one you want to be, then be the one you are. Jeffrey E. Amero 2 Hawthorne Lane Jeff MEMORIES: E. Glou. the trailer, wars and the net. V.W. and the 9:00 call TRC Summer from the gazebo the beach. Kinks Vito 4th of July at the golf course TGIF Punk luckyno. the neck WORDS OF WISDOM: If a bug smiles at you, don ' t frown back Kenny Amero 19 Addison St. Essex Kim Amero 33 Grove St. MEMORIES: Dan 6 23 78, Hikes, NH FLATTOP! Val’s house ask VOJGLMLC WILLOWS, THE ROCKS ask JGTMSC Soph. Yr. ask JGBO! A-HEM ask LM CONCERTS NEIL YOUNG Advisors ask RSSA Christmas Show ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sec. of Honor Busi- ness Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something set it free, if it doesn’t return it was never meant to be. Patricia Anderson 42 Riverdale Pk. Pat MEMORIES: Toby 9 26 76 We made it Family Par- ties ask Toby Chinaport ask the gang 1-2 ask np good times ask LHVFJP Concerts ask LHVFGLEH The Heater ask Jayne, George Madozie ask VF Ivy Fakon Christina ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 1-4, Bas- ketball 1-2, Softball 1-3, PA 1. WORDS OF WISDOM: You learn a new thing every day Dan Aparo Way Road Rief MEMORIES: Working at s s Ed’s car, 10 12 79 Tony ' s class Mr. B Mr. O E glou Sq 67, 68, 69 PSAF Swin’s field Moorland Hill VLA 17 David Apptt 23 Holly St. MEMORIES: Jan, Willows, O.Y.E.N., Allman Broth- ers at Lenox, The Who at the Garden, Nugents field. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine Shop 1-2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: To someday have a lot of money and leisure. Stephen S. Arnold 9 Babson Court Arnold-Berry MEMORIES: “Gus in Math” ask G.N. OK? Allright? M.W. Indian Rock ask 1-B S.P. Making the list for the 20th time ask K.S. “Stud " ask L.N. " 1st date " P.M. and A.M.; " Wanna go in my tent?” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 1, Intermural Basketball, Night League, NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: Age is a matter of mind, if you don ' t mind, it doesn’t matter. C.L. Dana M. Asaro 11 Marshfield St. MEMORIES: ALL NIGHTER: Ask J.A. Steel Derrick; Ghia, hit from behind, ask Quincy. 65 Comet. San- tana, Eagles, Allman Bros., ain ' t that right Jon. Acci- dents G.H.B.-W.B. Bev., very special people: J.C.M., S. Mak; Mom and Dad. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1-4, Soccer 2, Intramural Hockey 2-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: You see things as they are; and ask " WHY?”. But I dream things that never were and ask “WHY NOT? " . — Robert Kennedy Julianne Asaro 11 Marshfield St. Julie MEMORIES: Paul 11 21 78 — forever, BEN, Maine and Canada ask Sandy. Skiing 79 ask PALJCKS. GHB, GHBPL, BC, SFP W? w Paul. Christmas 78 — my ring. Sr. Prom 79. Long trips to N.H. Friendly’s ask BP and PC — CAM and GHS — special people — Mom and Dad. WORDS OF WISDOM: " time is endless, therefore what does today, tomorrow and now mean?” (KAQ) Thomas C. Atwell 92 Magnolia Ave. Tom MEMORIES: S.F.P. ask J.K., D. M. B.J., N. B„ C.S. 18 rounds of the Herring fight. That wild ride home one Labor Day. 4 wheeling at W.B. the next morning. Pat who’s corrupting Kev. The Fools (1886 House). Can- ris Collection, ask P.F. Smoke Stack 80. Winter hut of 79, Swimming 77-79 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: YMCA Swim Team, Photography, JROTC, Guitar. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t measure your wealth with material possessions or you’ll find yourself pos- sessed by your own obsession. Andrew Auditore 12 Ashland Place Sheila J. Ball 16 Pickering St. Essex MEMORIES: N.H.; good times; water skiing; poor peoples pub; good friends — CPLJLOBP; Pina Cola- das — ask Patty; walking in the rain — remember Gram. Boston subways ask GP; my family. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Volleyball, Flicker, Essex Softball Team. Alexander Ballarin 136 Eastern Ave. 18 Dominic Barbagallo 10 Western Ave. Scabooch MEMORIES: Auto shop — - summer 79 Deskmessages in Fourth Blk. 6Blk lunch — anybody tell you today — sideways through Parking lot — good times in Dsnd ' s class ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Auto Shop Co-Op Tal- ly’s. WORDS OF WISDOM: Go For IT Glenn Barnes 43 Woodward Ave. Barnie MEMORIES: Judie HEY Tim better hurry or we ' ll be late 11:30 w TCCG HOGANS HERO ' S Company Hey Chris where ' s my Vega gibby snow storms Thanks Scott! Right Jay WORDS OF WISDOM: I ' M as free as a bird now! and this bird will never change Scott Barusso 150 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Bruno MEMORIES: 1 friends, Oh No the car won’t start ask DA AE Ghb WBLB in Falcon ask Ants and Raron, TUBES w Johnny Ming Monty’s ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1-4 fishing. WORDS OF WISDOM: To build on the wheels of life before I sit back and roll on them Danielle Beaulieu 924 Washington St. MEMORIES: 1 13 79, 3 19 79 Scott best friends, Heidi and Tommy MI-TE-JO all the gang! Long talks and tears — HCKOTGCMB graveyard ask Heidi EJ’s, parents and friends ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track 1-3, Junior and Senior Council. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never take the simplest of things for granted; the things you love are gone before you know it. Taryn Beck 16 Fenley Rd. MEMORIES: Mark 5 26 78 good times w Sherri dawn remember the times in wg racing! NYw Mark skiing w JMJRMPFC which key Donna BG walks down the bridge Special times w Mark 4 1 79 N.H. summers and friends ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV Softball. Michael Belanger 19 Linden Rd. Tweettle MEMORIES: Beach Parties, WParish School gang, mad games Hogan’s Heroes J. Giels Band Le Man’s Endicott Tree thermet ask RO Go for it, Thunder Lynard Skynard, Concert tours Hockey Games, Camaro RS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Automotive Shop 3, Co-Op Varian Extiron. WORDS OF WISDOM: There ' s only one road you can go by in the long run Brenda Marie Benham 9 Summer St. MEMORIES: Frank 9 30 78, Hey Nearis rmb WP day’s dct me and BOB? late nights thanxxScal. G- nites, Bco sum. 78 Thunder Road DSJBADBFL, D, Z ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sr. Stu. Council, M D Ban. Comm., Flicker. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you dance to the music don’t you know you’ve got to pay the piper. C.O.B. David P. Benoit 12 Castle Hill Rd. MEMORIES: Fun w Larry and Lauren. Hey Bill I forgot Morris. Linda have you checked the children, fantasy Ring any Bell Boy ' s State. Salty and Breezy Day Dream Believer. 19 Larissa Bentley 968 Washington St. Whiskers MEMORIES: 10 7 78, trips to the Bahamas, Calif., N.Y., U.S. Open Tennis, good times with friends, GHS Football and Basketball games, a great person. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Academic Honors, JV Softball, Typing and Shorthand Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: Work hard, learn from your mistakes, don’t take life too seriously, enjoy it. Tammy Bishop 115 Concord St. MEMORIES: Timmy 5 12 79 Summer 79. Parties in Essex. We are not sisters, ask Edie, Donna A. Mar- shall Tucker Band, Cars, Good times with Felicia and Edie. Aug. 10, — T.H. Maine friends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chorus 1-3, Girl ' s Ensemble. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it ' s yours. If it doesn’t it never was. Estrela Borges 1 Jacques Lane Connie MEMORIES: To-B 3 12 79 The sweet times rides to MANCHESTER ask HR RS " Give me a break " TP 76-77 PORTUGUESE POWER. 4 1 79 SFP locked out ask HS. Papa Gino’s ask MM MS. The gr-8 ones and more to come. WORDS OF WISDOM: Open your eyes, if it’s not real, there’s no reason to frown. Open your eyes, let’s not let what never was bring us down. Ganine Bouchie 3 St. Joseph Lane MEMORIES: Mag., Ray 2-16-79, Cape Cod, ICE- CUBES, The ' Thons, 3 in bed, lets die, ask Robyn, DBEC, 5-mph, Crepes, Katz and Cray, 20$ Watermel- lon, Oodles, Newport w Gin, Rowboat, Yes, The Who, Agency, HSR, JT, Spofford. WORDS OF WISDOM: The times when we are happy are the times we never try. Paula Jean Bovio 21 Lufkin St. Essex PJ MEMORIES: Sum 79, BB; Carol P co; Golly GEE, Mr. Bill and JD; Manchester gang, JC in Andover; Mac in Frisco; theater with Flo, Terry, Martha, Connie; directing Oklahoma. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, Beacon, ROTC, Pep Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is what you make it. Tim Bradley 4 Englewood Rd. Joseph P. Brancaleone 15 Beacon St. Branc MEMORIES: All the great times I had throughout the years in school. And all the good friends I met in school. WORDS OF WISDOM: Remember all the good times in school because they only happen once in a life time. Gary Brown 40 Derby St. 20 Janine Brown 31 Beach Rd. MEMORIES: My Christmas Party 12 23 78, Get outta that closet! Do Drop Inn, Rowing through the cut bridge, ask Diane THUNDER ROAD, You stupid little dreamer . . . weekend in the Wilderness, Actors of Castle Hill CSDS Rocky Neck ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, Typing Awards 1-2, M D Banq. Com. WORDS OF WISDOM: I ' m the one eyed seed of a tumbleweed in the belly of a rolling stone J.T. Karl Brown 26 Fuller St. Farmer Brown MEMORIES: 12 people in one boat, Jeffro, Dean, Keith, TWWBDSLM, chess games w Larry upstairs w the giant board, Dan and Matt good friends Nor- bert Peace WORDS OF WISDOM: It ' s a wise man who rules the stars and a fool who ' s ruled by them. Nanci Lee Brown 5 Plum Ct. Smiley MEMORIES: George-Easter 79, U-Mass-Grateful Dead, Summer — Beach, Wed. Plum Cove, The Van, Mag. Island Big Pit Bandi, Skunkly 9 1 Half Moon, Steel Derek ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics 2-4, Cheerleading 1-4, Spring Track 4, Sawyer Medal 1, NHS 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. Dana A. Bruni 14 Cunningham Rd. MEMORIES: Trip To GERMANY — 4 79, 9 s.m. D-Day w Bob, Lunch, Oscar in New Bedford. All Happy and Sad times of my years in High school. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: If it’s easy, don ' t accept it or take it, because you learn nothing. Lauren Burke 16 Stanwood Ave. Belinda Burnham 13 Elizabeth Rd. Dennis L. Burnham 10 Pickering St. Den, D.B. MEMORIES: ESSEX, JL CHamps 78-80? Canada, Wingaersheek w Carrot 10 20 79, Goodtimes E.O. FLORIDA w ssc ask KWKWMOSS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1-2, Hockey 3, Soccer 2, Baseball 1-4. James Patrick Burnham Jr. 1 Mason Ct. Jamey MEMORIES: Eilein, 4 15 77, 5 29 79, King’s, Vam- pire Blood, ask Mike, Papa Gino ' s ask Ms. Gas Sta- tion, Sal. Beach, Can. Lake ask ESMSCH, Tadco ask MJSPDBRMT, Summer of 79 ask Eileen. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ben Franklin Club 1-3, Print Shop 1-3, Photo 1, Darkroom. WORDS OF WISDOM: One of the real joys in our lives is having friends and keeping in touch with them. 21 Toby Burnham 60 Riverdale Pk. MEMORIES: PAT, 9 20 76, Frank’s room, printing, walking to school and getting there early!! Running out before homeroom ask PAMH WORDS OF WISDOM: Come together and let it be. David W. Burns 163 Washington St. MEMORIES: Y; BRGL; Golf, B-Ball; Skiing; Golf Banquet; ask SALSTCTT MWTBSCSPPR, Math Team, Annapolis, RPI, Westboro. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal, Letter of Commendation, Junior Rotarian, Academic Rec- ognition, VP — NHS, Golf Team 1-3, Spring Track 1, Math Team Church Lector, Intramural Volleyball and Basketball, Certificate of Appreciation. WORDS OF WISDOM: An Honest answer is a sign of true friendship. Debra Jeanne Burns 412 Essex Ave. Debbie MEMORIES: Special times with family, Parties and Concerts of 78-79, Good times with Friends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC Drill Team 2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Nature does not demand that we be perfect. It requires that we grow. Marlen e Burroughs 513 Essex Ave. MEMORIES: Best Friends KTBBGBRAHCJAPKCG, good times, Js ask DB, I’m in Love ask RA, Cruisin ' ask KT — Screebies ask KIKT, Tals ask CGKT visits w SB, the mug ask CP, GHB ask KTEM the scream ask DB Florida w the g ' s. Fam. and friends WORDS OF WISDOM: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, and courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Mark Byard H16 Marble St. Valerie Cafasso 6 Plum St. MEMORIES: Old Days spring and sum — 79 con- certs! cheering — laff tears. LTGLR. Parties GHB, special friends Karin, so many more, AB w Nicky Senior Year Songs, chases, ski trip, mom, dad thanx GHS ’80 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheering 3-4, Flicker, Hosp. Vol. 1-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: I will never be burdened with more than 1 can carry. Carla Paige Cahoon 59 Mt. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: CRAIG . . . June 21, ' 78, Kowloons, my ring, ' til Indians Day of Eternity and more!! MOM, Dad, all the best times in the world. My Fiat. Great times with Kathy O. and Claire and friends I’ll never forget! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Honor Business Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: A person who does not give of himself, gives nothing. Mark T. Cahoon 10 Grove St. MEMORIES: Chevy II, Nova, Ace, Bomer, Time, BE, Ted Nugent concerts, Chevys and Mustangs with PKDP, Parisi’s cellar, Cape Ann ' s KP ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . . living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all you see, It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out, it doesn’t matter much to me . . . (Lennon-Macartey) 22 Diane Marie Campbell 34 Ml. Vernon St. Di MEMORIES: Waller 11 29 78 Great times down BR. RH and Mountain. Party, Party, ask P.C. Oh my God and skiing, camping, Beatens right frizz. Parties at DD ' s, Hey Pal ask JL, times w ES, MS, VS. GOOD BYEGHS. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, Honor Busi- ness Club 3-4, Flicker, Senior Council, CYO — vice pres. WORDS OF WISDOM: Each morning look back upon your work of yesterday and then try to beat it. Valerie Ellen Campbell 94 Maplewood Pk. Val MEMORIES: All the good times at GHS. Concert down the Cape ask Carol. Funtimes w Lisa and Carol. Oh no she fell ask Anita. He’s hummin ' ask Glenn, No way Elliott. No problem, Riverside ask Lisa. Catch ya later GHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you wake up and don ' t want to smile if it takes just a little while. Open your eyes, look at the day you’ll see things in a different way. Timothy Canillas 75 Magnolia Ave. Cheryl Carey 8 Old Ford Rd. Che MEMORIES: Louie 11 25 78 All the fun, the Fiesta, Christmas 79 with Lou, 1 friends AP, EO, JD, BL, KM, RF, baby, G-Annette street talks w Eileen. Con- certs AE SFKP. Paul Carignan 26 Corliss Ave. Tracey Carlson 13 Maplewood Pk. John Castino 141 Essex Ave. Marc Cecilio R129 Wheeler St. 23 Marilyn Chapman 120 Riverdale Pk. Lynn MEMORIES: Spike 11 8 78, House 1-2, Bills car, Spikes car — then another. 7th blk. Rat. LB Elton’s class, Lauri, DED, Gail good times long talks ask KI, Chris V. Boston, Hus and wife, short cut. Good Luck class of 80. There ' s just too many memories. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: OOC Child Care, Adv . CC. WORDS OF WISDOM: Love ya Mom. Alfred B. Chianciola 63 Maplewood Pk. MEMORIES: Lenox, the Allman Bros, the screen house, Pits, Dogtown, Middle Path, W.B. Grateful Dead, BillyGoat, “You’ll eat NOW! " “Bether me tomorrow, " " Do me a favor, don’t bother me too much tomorrow.” WORDS OF WISDOM: “You can get anything you want at Aliees Restaurant.” Margaret Chisholm 171 Western Ave. Peggy, Chis MEMORIES: Good Laughs and great times, 1 pals, Fla. 78, ask LL, my family, Feb, vac. 79 — “gove comp " Prom 79, see nights out w friends to remem- ber. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Award 1-2. WRODS OF WISDOM: Cherish yesterday . . . dream tomorrow . . . live today. LeeAnn Ciaramitaro 4 Hayward Rd. MEMORIES: Friends, Gail. " Stage Fort Magazine " ask CC, AP, SD. O ' olony, ask Ko, drive to Hamilton. Xmas eve, gray paint. Pull over, too late, the car is blowi ng up, stop laughing. Lisa Ciarametaro 23 Trask St. MEMORIES: 1 78 FIREWORKS! car — ask Sandra, friendly smile — ask BS, vicious fights, searches at WB, gray puff, mag — long walks and talks w Rob, accdnt! Looking 4 SP — ask any 1, leaving pizza ask — GB, RSBGMRTHRSR, STAYING ALIVE!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker, Stu. Counc. 3, Grmn Clb 2, Sftb. 1-4, MDBC. WORDS OF WISDOM: Persistence is the key to shc- cess. S. Michael Ciolino 6 Kirk Rd. Mike MEMORIES: Halloween, the sub shop, M.D. Bay State Champs, Festive, Swimming — ask Rich. BJ, Z. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4, Chorus — Historian 80, Ingals Award — 1st 79, Beacon Editor 79. WORDS OF WISDOM: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. Thomas Ciolino 12 Cunningham Rd. MEMORIES: 1st blk. Trig. Hitting the card ask AA SA and JB sat. sun. afternoons blockheads gossip coming home from basketball games sak M H J O and RP ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Basketball 1-3- 4, Intramural Basketball, NHS. Elizabeth Clement St. Louis Ave. MEMORIES: Sum. 78 79 good times friends parties GHB WB GEISH SCLMJHA LONG BEACH JIMMY ROCK AWAY VAL’S WAATS THAT ASK L M K A J B MY CAR BOSTON nite 79 Roche, robin R.C.H. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track 3-4, Type Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: A new day a new way, carry on — CSNY Kimberly Ann Cloutman 27 Riverdale Pk. Kim, Kimmy, Clout MEMORIES: Mike 2 3 79, Sunrise Sunset, Wing. Beach, Born to be wild — Shell, GHB, friends Betty Ann — thanx, girls night BAEKMKCJC, Forge, All the great times RDPK, my brother Steve, Ma, and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS. Cross Country 3-4, Spring Track 1-2, NHS 3-4, Academic Recognition 2- 3 Flicker WORDS OF WISDOM: Eat, Drink, and be Merry — Robin Hood Gloria Ann Cochems 68 Perkins St. Bags MEMORIES: The Kingsmen ask Colleen! me ski!??! 1 25-26 80! The music and talks ask Kandi! Billy Joel — he’s playing my song! Holy Cross ask Pauline, New Year ' s Eve, the Mafia! Philly, Toronto, Wash- ington, Dallas, the band — Bay State Champs, the Wiz — always 1. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4, Winter Col- orguard 1-3, Homeroom rep, Flicker. Warren Coleman 546 Essex Ave. Kathy Collins 82 Maplewood Park MEMORIES: 1 Friends KLAVKSPMIMMC, Good times, my family, all our dates, SSGSAFDMLHJSJCSC, child care 78-79, ask AVPM, coffee ask PMJMAV, long talks, writing letters, confi- dence. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live each day to its fullest and don’t depend on the future. Mary-Clare Condon 10 Bond St. Mary MEMORIES: Sweden, no, no, no, band trips, Wash. Trip, 7-Up cans, nice leaves!! ask AMD or PJS. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-2, College Night 3-4, Close Up 3-4, Football Stats 4, Thespians 1- 4, Academic Recognition 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Mike, I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and love today — Love Always Mary Kandi L. Conrad 7 Spring Ct. MEMORIES: Kevin, H-B Riding w Kev, long rides and talks w Gloria, Good times w Tam and Jac, Ma and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3_4 Flicker WORDS OF WISDOM: If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I must be travel- ing on, now, cause there ' s too many places I ' ve got to see. Benedetta Corrao 14 Trask St. Bunny MEMORIES: Mike 2 14 79, Floating snowman, ice skating?, Norton’s, shooting stars, 10 31 78 ask ANCK. Sisters, us?, ask Ann Bun-Bun, ask MA, King wasn’t was she ask Julie. WORD OF WISDOM: Always be yourself, life is short; so, make the best of it, and be happy. Anthony Costanzo 14 Harvard St. SAWYER FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 Tobey Ann Creaser 45 Woodward Ave. MEMORIES: FRED 8 23 77 — Cape ann Mkt., the cellar and beach, cruisin, girl talk, a picnic w w compare and growing up ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, Honor Busi- ness Club Treasurer, Outstanding Junior in Business. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t stop thinking about tomorrow. Don’t stop it’ll soon be here I’ll be here better than before. Yesterday’s gone, yesterday ' s gone. Marcie Elizabeth Cullen 25 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: Good times w Cathy and Maria, 12 23 78, ask Maria, the drive-in ask CEMCBCPPNC, 6 12 79 GHB, MD20 ask CEMCBCPPMC Shirley VP ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track 3, 4, Flicker WORDS OF WISDOM: . . . God hath not promised, sun without rain, joy without sorrow, peace without pain, God hath promised strength from above, unfeeling sympathy, undying love . . . Sharon Curley 7 Puritan Ct. Curl MEMORIES: Steve 9 12 77 Lanesville, Fanny, the cove, boat rides, talks, rabbit hutches, the barn. Par- ties up the clearing, pits and lakes, ask Lori canoeing, horseback riding, storm — 78 Rocky Neck the ice, ask Steve Don’t hit the leaf, ask Linda WORDS OF WISDOM: Live life one day at a time, be yourself and you will succeed. Karen Curtis 12 Gerring Rd. MEMORIES: Dad 1935-1979, Blizzard ' 78, ask MMM, CB Kojack, How crazy Bob, Black Caddy, MTSBMCST, Ann’s MAMK, MFC Helen DF, Mary, Monica, Sue, Ann, John, my family, Zine’s 78-54. WORDS OF WISDOM: The Lord replied, ’’the times when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child is when I carried you " Frank D ' Ambrosio 671 Western Ave. MEMORIES: Good times w Sue, 5 16 78, soccer, BW play, talks w AO., Ben ' s lectures, Crazy Ruth, Mary w the ring, canoe trips, DEEP SEA FISHING, Didn’t think we would make it ask SSNSDFTB, All of my 1 friends WORDS OF WISDOM: Live life one day at a time, Don’t look back on yesterday. Paul D’Antonio MEMORIES: School after 5 16 80, Darney and the boys, go see it, something is burning, good times, X- Mas SF, GB House, Tom, and the Great Ghuru, HH.H., Summer ' 79, the jobs, rides to school, FS, dog- town. Antonio Bernando Medeiros Serpa da Rosa 15 Willow St. Tony MEMORIES: Deven’s, Holly hang on, Romantic eve- ning w psycho chicken, Tony for Pope, Granedeirs, Sgt ' s Party. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Commanding the Bat- talion 4, Close Up, Boys’ State 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Advice is not a gift, but a debt the old owe to the young. Norberto da Rosa 15 Willow St. MEMORIES: Good times w LOGDLBYCYDLW, the best of times w GHS band, competitions, especially at Wash. D.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Band, Soccer, Basketball. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Laisser le bon temps rouler. 26 Rosa da Silva 13 Staten St. Ro MEMORIES: Bikeride to Rkpt.w JDSO, Rides to Man ask CHRRJB, Gio 11 5 78, Pit 3 ask JD All the Tos ask HRCB lCuz and Friend Rosie Green I’s ask HR. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: No man is an island we wer- en’t born to be alone life is made for sharing and love is gonna find you home. DS Marilia da Silveira 3 Willow St. MEMORIES: Azores 79, the Port w friends, D B ask RSCBMM. Soccer 77 ask HS. Train ride ask AsLC — Portuguese Power, 1 Cos, LA Salete and Walter WORDS OF WISDOM: The future no one can see, the road you leave behind, Ahead lies mystery. William W. Dagley R133 Wheeler St. Bill MEMORIES: Jane, Times at the Res., Pat and I driv- ing our boats to the Merrimac River with a bunch of friends. Visiting Friends in New York JFMFRF, Put- ting up with Dusty at work. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine shop 1-3, Machine Shop Co-Op. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is what you make it. Sandra Davenport 117 Riverdale Pk. Sam MEMORIES: Pudgy 5 14 78, GoodTimes at CAHN, Girls night off ask SMAMRMGC, Rememberance (Turn the page) Bob Segar w Ann, Parties at STDDTSLSHP, Good Times WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something very very much let it go free ... If it does not return it was never meant to be yours. If it does . . . Love it forever. Ann Marie Davis Presson Pt. Rd. Lee R. Davis RR 357 Essex Ave. MEMORIES: All those July 3 ' s ask JC Wing, parties, New Yrs. 79 the wig ask BMMN canoe riding ask JE, Lechemere ask JN the Satalite, Bray St. ask KC, MJN, Tops Fair ask Jc, the wheel horse, water ski’hMonte ' Carlo Jaye, wh. cat, RM Carp Shop ask Bob. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 4, Carpentry Shop. WORDS OF WISDOM: You only live once! so enjoy life and fulfill your dreams. Stephen M. Davis 29 R Hartz St. MEMORIES: Rowing, Jams, BW, Driving YM Coleen Day Woodward Ave. ShortcskG MEMORIES: The park, sum 78-79, B-Blk, GHB The night life, Long walks, Cruisin, Mom, Pa, 1 Friends ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 3, ROTC 1-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Far beyond these castle walls where I thought I heard tiresias say, Life is never what it seems and every man must meet his destiny. 27 Dana DeCoste 2 Hodgkins St. Freemo MEMORIES: The van show w Tim, W. Glou. The School, the Cabin, The Kids, Debbie, Wingersheet Beach ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1-4, Soccer 1- 2 . WORDS OF WISDOM: To do what I want in life. Janet DeCourcy 137 Wheeler St. J.D. MEMORIES: Meeting Buck, 3 Musketeers, good times w Sue and T erri, my B-Day gift ask Jeff pit and pit, letters to John ask Rosa and Sue, beach parties ask Gin, Fla. and Wash. 1 grandparents. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker, Close-Up 3-4, Teacher’s Aide 3, Academic Recognition. WORDS OF WISDOM: To make my parents as proud of me, as I am of them. Bruce Del Torchio 7 Lake Rd. Manuel Demitri 16 Mason St. David Dennis 31 Riverview Rd. Robert Dennis 41 Chapel St. Moo-Moo MEMORIES: EGS, football games, 8-2A“Star”, Swinson’s, Pierce, O ' Connor’s nose, Aarron, Lips ©Pierce, Alison and Tracy Rkpt. Sue, AFT- MMRASTSLLSMPSBE, Sam 78-79, Camaro, Con- certs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football, Track. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never give up on things you want. Mark Destino Rocky Neck Tech. Jesse James MEMORIES: Endless laughter, Cate have faith, Bo B. Dill on trips, griffo to blow, JL’s, Shifting winds, Blood on the tracks, Thank you, I beat the system! Parading about . . . It’s all right Ma, it’s life and life only ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, SAC 3-4, Chairman 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: If my thought dreams could be seen they’d probably put my head in a guillotine. John Deveau 8 Sunrise Ct. MEMORIES: July 4, JW, sum of 79, skiing ask SS, Dracula, Dermit, Jimmy, Rocky, Eight gang?. All the show Sunday Football w gang, Brawl at Saugus, Mac’s, Bottle, caes and teeth ask MS. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, Football 1- 2, Hockey 1-4, Track College Night. WORDS OF WISDOM: Step forward and achieve your goal. 28 Anastasia Dexter I Beauport Ave. Shirley Digou 92 Maplewood Pk. MEMORIES: Adam 8 25 78, Leave, good friends, concerts, lunch, getting lost with PW, Ice water doesn’t work? train rides, I think we got a flat!!! WORDS OF WISDOM: Dream on, dream until your dreams come true Aerosmith Annette M. Dion 14 Wells St. MEMORIES: Good times w friends, mom and dad, prom ' 79-MS, summers of 78-79, Ang, “Thunder- road " , ask BBBFJBDS Mr. Z, or spruce, bikerides and Frisbee games, x-mas party, 16th b-day, concerts, long tlaks w 1 friends ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleading 3-4, H- Room Rep. 1-2. WORDS OF WISDOM: If I cannot do big things, let me do small things in a big way. Laura Doyle Maple St. Essex Twiggy MEMORIES: Twigmobile; friends, clams yoo!! family Deutsch land Reise!!, Band trips ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: F-Hockey 3-4, German Club 2-4, NHS 3-4, Band 1-4, D-Major Winter Guard. WORDS OF WISDOM: For all the sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, It might have been. Barbara A. Duest II Maplewood Pk. Barb MEMORIES: Rocky 4 1 79, 1 friends, BSDMFNTFCV. Remember one sat. night ask Frank, Rubbles, Christine, Claire Bobby. Looks like we made it ask CV. YO!!! Class of 1980. Nice, sensible talks with Rocky, Heaven must of sent you ask Wanye Pop Muzik. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t stop thinking about tomorrow, don’t stop it will soon be here better than before, yesterday’s gone. Fleetwood Mac Joann Dunajski Eastern Ave. Essex Jo, Joei, JD MEMORIES: The Best BORACKK, Whitebox, raid- ing, WGBL knows, HGASP, KU KUB’s, FS ask 0, 1:15 ev s, B-day, NF thanks AR, JD shots arguments, w Ant. WORDS OF WISDOM: You tell me that I ' m crazy, It’s nothing that I didn ' t know, just trying to survive. Fleetwood Mac Mark Duval 15 Salder St. Duke MEMORIES: Stugardi on the half shell ask TVMP, Boston and $20, about Red ask TV and PO about the Conn. Girls, working for DPW, JS parties ask GS about the Y„ ask PA about Frenchie WORDS OF WISDOM: I am on the threshold jour- neying to see what the future will bring to me. William E. Eason 55 Summer St. Bill MEMORIES: N. Conway w the gang ask PSJQBGKFRGLFCM Brown Monte KF — Fernwood Duna-Bad Co., mad nights-school kids and Hogan, Who cut off my sock ask GB, Remember times with good friends Wa. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Walking down this rocky road, wondering where my life is going rolling on . . . to the bitter end. B.C. 29 nriiiv r Ann Marie Edmonds 6 Beauport Ave. MEMORIES: Excellent times at JRP and Grad ask PCCMRMKMLM, Summer of 78 w MT, What are you doing?, ask CT„ Pineapples and caotie oats ask LB school walks ask CC, fun ask PT, Mrs. S.. 1st blk. ask PTLJ. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Winter Track 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you’ve got, you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not. Brain Ekborg 32 Beach Rd. Hex MEMORIES: All the great times I won’t forget, and all my friends, nights at Swinson ' s E. Glou. Sq., Ricky ' s apt. and most of all the friend that I won’t see again. WORDS OF WISDOM: To enjoy life to the fullest and to grab all the gusto I can. Anthony M. Ellis 3 Babson St. Ants MEMORIES: Lunch, rain, sleet or snow ask TP, Kinks, Allman Bros., ask TP, comet ask DASB, 6th breakfast ask MP, Tubes ask BDSBJA ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey, Golf 2-4, NHS3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Hell is empty, all the devils are here! Nobody but yourself can achieve your goals. Carole Ann Ellis 22 Hampden St. MEMORIES: 1 Friends JFSDHL, Talks, Tears, and Laughs, Epswich, parties, chase, Klub, WW N’vr keep a man wt cf ask JF, RM 347-J.H S-talking, Dal- las, N.J., Mike, My Family, NTME, BCPC, MD BC, the route, Crash’s new arrival, way to go Shell. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Assistant Editor, Sen- ior Council, GHBCG 1-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: When care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but don ' t quit. John J. B. Ellis 540 Washington St. MEMORIES: The station wagon, Wing., the Spirit, Bray St., w the gang, OAMEGO Speed Way and the Canadians, ask " NIP " , Autoshop, Star speedway, N020th, St. Paul Girl WORDS OF WISDOM: Take each day as it comes, don’t worry about tomorrow’s problems. Ann-Marie Enos 2 Haskell Ct. Ann MEMORIES: Billy, Sum. of ’79, TCWMI, Long Talks, Best of friends, Party down, Beth knows, x-mas eve, ask Gina, big sister Steph, Taxi chase, concerts and confusion and Cheryl Girls nite w BJGLSSSMDS. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics 2-4, Cheering 1, NHS. Jay Enos Ledge Rd. John F. Farrell 4 Sylvan St. 30 Mark Favaloro Brier Neck Ave. Tav MEMORIES ' . Surfing w the seal! ask PH? BLMMEMPH, ask Pete, Greg, Randy, watch out for the puddle. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Shop. WORDS OF WISDOM: Be exactly what I want to be. Ann L. Favazza 21 Addison St. MEMORIES: Anthony — 6 10 77, “boy Talks!” ask JB, parties, fiesta parades, coffee, ask the “kids”, Italy 77, ask SB, “sas”, ask MTKCMC. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Homeroom Rep 2, NHS 3-4, Teacher Aide 3, Senior Council 4, M D Banq. 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Benjamin Favazza 4 Malcolm Rd. Ben MEMORIES: Ski trios w Joe and Dean, young kids seine boat crew, Beach Bums 79 Oh! Those brown eyes. Guiseppe bocku, there he is — Cody. Fantasies, ask Dean. Dean do you believe that haircut? MC remember tose pen fights, Bubber. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1, Photogra- phy. WORDS OF WISDOM: Winners never quit. Quitters never win. I want to be a winner. Stephen Thomas Favazza 44 Middle St. Fsz MEMORIES: Kim, Pavilion, Jr. Seine Boat Champs 79, My Pad — 3:00 Dave where’s Rudi Karen? Bruce w JVMNBP, Worm Me, Baron, Louie-FFU’er, Good times w TFDNJMJT. Kim did I really quit? SPLHCB — Beatles. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine Shop 1-3, Football 1-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: To hope to be a success. Thomas Favazza 6 Commonwealth Ave. Tom MEMORIES: F-Ball madness, All the Great times in the fort, JA will always be w us guys, Gombas DNDLJT, Pink Floyd 6 27 77, winning the seine boats — 79. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4. Alan Feener 9 Hammond St. A1 MEMORIES: Meeting CR, Hey Dave (offshore gill- netting), 7-28 Vega, 78 Grand Prix — ask DA, T-Fish- ing, Papa Gino ' s ask TM, Cody, Tunes in the Pack- ard, F-Bird, member SB 1-2, what ' s the cooler for! What Gray Manor Inn — I don’t remember. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1-4, Baseball 1 Soccer 2 WORDS OF WISDOM: Live for today, tomorrow may never come. Virginia Fialho 49 Magnolia Ave. Ginny MEMORIES: Chinese FD; MAL, Mis. TS-OD party; spot’s driving! C-C, Henry, RT, Mudpies, TGH, MHeartattack, W. Tales, close friends — TCDJGJABT — 79. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Academic Rec- ognition Night 2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: God Bless my friends for they give me wisdom, strength, and most of all, love. Amy Suze Tiverton Fish 7 Granite St. Rkpt. 31 Robert Fitzgerald 28 Pickering St. Fitz MEMORIES: SUMMER! The " Cars " , - why me, Boutch, flips, downtown, long nights on the corner, Kenny, Fri, nights, weekend at Rust ' s house, Days down the tracks ask Mitch. MA, Thanks for every- thing, the Camp Cedar and Becket. New Year ' s Eve 79, MM SPURS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-2, Varsity 3- 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you give the best that you have in life, you will never be called a failure. Patrick Flaherty Wheelers Pt. Pat MEMORIES: BETH, Sunny Beach Days, the zoo, Dreams, Wing., The 64 Olds, N.H. w CC, $5 shirt, sm. get togethers w MPSFPKF DBCC. Concerts, train- ride, Hey Mike it ' s in!, Jeep ride and jump. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track 2-4, HISEM, State Decathalon. WORDS OF WISDOM: Irish Diplomacy. Steven Flanagan 101 Leonard St. Lillian Anna Fortado New Way Lane MEMORIES: All MR Petranzious help in Art, Thelma. Great Friends, teachers and counselors! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Art, Rockport Art Association, Cooking. WORDS OF WISDOM: Things which one works the hardest for in life, are appreciated the most . Peter Foster 4 Elizabeth Rd. P 6S | g MEMORIES: 78 season New Eng, Dragway, 69 Road Runner, 3 time class winner. Smoke shows on the hill, Brade down lane ask Walt, Good times during the weekends WORDS OF WISDOM: Give it all you got at all times. Julie Francis 134 Mt. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: F-Ball games; the car ' s on fire!; Suffolk Downs ask JZLP; It ' s Fiesta time!; Red Truck: Soccer games w LP, 4 13 79-10 13-79; 007 ask MI; Kathy; all my friends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 1-2, Math Team 2-4, NHS 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Keep a smile on your face and a rainbow in your heart. Roberta Frederick 77 High St. MEMORIES: To last a life time. Sharing them with the people who helped create them. Enough with the past, for it is the future which adorns us with life. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flash, NHS, Project Adventure Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: May your dreams be as boundless and rich as the treasures of the universe. Joanne M. French 40 Revere St. MEMORIES: My family, favorite things, good friends, AGH, Oink! ask my dad; Mother talks, Dear Abby, long rides, the zipper! ask KP, movies, etc. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chorus 1, Sawyer Medal, GDT 2-3, Student Council 3, NHS 4, HR Rep. 3-4, Academic Recognition Night 2-3, Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM: No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. Wm. Blake Christina Frontiero R SO Witham St. Tina MEMORIES: Weekend at Jigger Johnson’s (Barney Fife), the Net, Dangamangied, Summer cook-outs, MN’s apt., Peekin ' -Geekin ' , Rock Lobster, Best Pals CSLAPFKN, Good Times up the Hill, Good times w TE. WORDS OF WISDOM: Nothing’s a waste as long as you make it a memory. Dean J. Frontiero 11 Riggs St. Bubba MEMORIES: Toni, 9 16 79, thanks Joe, Skiing 78-79 ask Ben Joe, and Mark. Beach Bums 79, Throw her in the canal ask toni, Oh did you see those eyes!! ask Ben, Brown Cow, ask Frank D. and Andy O. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-3-4, Base- ball 1-4, Basketball 1-2. WORDS OF WISDOM: Take time to be yourself. John Frontiero 31 Chestnut St. Patricia Frontiero 4 Nautical Hts. Patty MEMORIES: Scott, 4 2 77, All the AGH Gang, times w Scott, that won’t ever be forgotten, so much Love!!, Mom, Dad, and family. Looking forward to 10 26 80 ask Scott. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club, Shorthand Certificate. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t be a carbon copy of everybody else, make your own impression. Learn how to say no. Rosemarie Frontiero 12 Hampden St. Rose, RosieTu MEMORIES: The Hill, long talks w Laura, Wo, Babe, ask K L, girls nights out BORJACK, laugh and lifelong memories DM, DB, 1 1 9 23, KPSP, White- box, KO’s BC is marked. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Tennis 2-3, Varsity Track 2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM : Weekend were made for spe- cial times and special friends. Thomas Frontiero 27 Gloucester Ave. Chocolate, Tom MEMORIES: 1978 GHSB, GHB ask DIJBJA, The Great Blistex Routine!! ask CVBDJODS, Kennebec. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Math Team 1, ROTC 2, Flash 2, Beacon 2-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Get up off your Gluteus Maximus and show the world you can handle any- thing. Always expect the unexpected as you strive toward accomplishments! William Frontiero 29 Riverdale Pk. Charles David Frost 46 Cherry St. Bonont MEMORIES: Gaye — 1 20 79, 2 Week sessions at Pooley’s house, summer of 75, Gaye’s first walk at Castle Hill, 1 7 79, ask her. The Fiesta, Great times at the fort. Anthony ' s new years party, the refrig., Holly and Phil’s Wedding, The WHO — 79. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine Shop 1-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: To live life to its happiest and fullest extent. Julie Garrisi 11 Cleveland PI. MEMORIES: Good times ATJCPMASSM, Tugboat, “What happened to my keys”, ask CH, talks w l friend Sherri, many laughs, mesclito, tablito ask Jean, Oswego w SWTB, partying w the Canadians, Thanks Jim, Florida, SW, Fill em up ask Casper. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey, Basket- ball, Softball. WORDS OF WISDOM: Cherish yesterday . . . Live today . . . Dream of tomorrow . . . George Garron Jr. 5 Carlisle St MEMORIES: 1 19-20 79 ask TR, Good Friends — DPTKKGSS, The car ask JM, Lanesville, Great Times!, Beach Bun, SS, oh no they both came! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC 1-3, Colorguard 1-3, Comm 3, Prize Squad 2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: If it is to be, it is up to me! Phyllis L. Garron 5 Carlisle St. Sis MEMORIES: FMBM, all those times we had, Ft. Devans 2 ROTC, JF my sen. yr. feeling good. 6 22 79, fishing at Reservior, things I never did before, I caught a fish!, making that fire! John-F-ball, you ok!, movies — John. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never Try, Never Win. Christopher Gentile 7 Curtis Sq. John F. George 13 Walker St. MEMORIES: The old 57 truck, Working at By Bon, then CE, Gus class talking about the trilobite’s. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vocational Machine Shop, Co-Op at Gloucester Engineering. WORDS OF WISDOM: Trilobite’s get nowhere in life. Richard Geraghty 106 Magnolia Ave. Sefatia Giambanco 52 Middle St. MEMORIES: Of the years that pass, like the weekend of Thelma, ask Linda W., different conversations, ask Joann e V. Different times of being chased by grandma, ask EvaO. But most of all remember the years we spent helping and caring for each other, always being there, lets never forget ask CG. WORDS OF WISDOM: It ' s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. Gina Giovanni 44 Granite St. MEMORIES: Star gazing and flower picking, Niel Young, Eugene, Provie, Charlie and Bip. My house and cellar. 1 McCann’s Jeanne, Steve, Nicole, All- man Bros., Sherry!, Steph (lippo). Never forget KL, WORDS OF WISDOM: If I am wise I will begin to build a better and truer world from within. 34 Russell Glenn 119 Western Ave. Jennie Gossom 1047 Washington St. Jennifer Gouzie 8 Macomber Rd. Gouz MEMORIES: Good times w friends: KALKVCTHCO, Trip to Alton Bay ask Lau, Kim, Concerts, Neil Young, Eagles, 6 26 78, ask JPKAVCLK, sum 78-79, in N.H., friends soph, yr., Willows, sports, Val’s house, ask KALCLMACO, Bayview ask SMFHCM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 2-4, Spring Track 3-4, Cross Country 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let me be more concerned with what I can give to the world, instead of what I get out of it. Teresa Fay Gove 8 Linden Rd. Terri Tress MEMORIES: Saga Class ' 80, friends, 1 Cuz-KO, Whiplash w HD, Framed? AP, Deutchland ’79, the folks at home, Temperamental Car ask anyone! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class Pres. 2-4, St. Coun. 1-4, Parliament 2, State Stud. Gov ' t. Ma. Board Ed. Rep SAC, Jr. Rotarion, St. Jude ' s Vice-Pres., GDT 2-4, Staff Capt. 4, Sup. Cadet, DAR Awards, German Club, Thespians, Chorus R-Bow, Pep Club, Flash, Flicker. WORDS OF WISDOM: For where your treasure lies, there your heart will be also Matt 6:21 Daniel Scott Greeke 4 Juniper Rd. Cummer, Gumsie, Dell MEMORIES: My Father, “Dell " , the weekend up U- Mass ask Mark, Halloween — 5 of us vs. the town of Rkpt. ask Peter, Blk’d punt, Chem. 2, 3, 4, Foods ask Paul, Toga Party over Rust’s house. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Inter. Hockey 2-4, Inter. Basketball 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: You only go around once in life so go for the Gusto! Jim Greely 8 Atlantic Rd. Jimbo MEMORIES: GHB Madmen ask Jeff and Derek, nights w Joe, Dapper, I eat moonies for breakfast, No Nuking it at the Beach Club. Nutty Nights w Ravis, Salah, Jethro, Mad Men, Hackey ask Malloy, Reisy ' s Machine, Yacht life ask Slob — Sloshed? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 2-4, JV B-Ball 2, Tennis Team 3, 4, Stud, Coun. 2. WORDS OF WISDOM: Love your friends, like your enemies and despise Ed King. Maria Grillo 16 Granite St. MEMORIES: Sum. of 79 in Italy, 6 28 79, Kawarib 8 15 69, 16th B-Day, 1 Pals AFCLCMSKKB, Letterf f friends, IWINFAF-MEL-FR ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics, German Club, Senior Coun., NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: Give the best you have to the highest you know, and do it. Cathleen L. Grover 2 Riggs Pt. Rd. Cathy MEMORIES: Good times, skiing, long talks w LD tennis. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal 2, Pres. NHS 3-4, Academic Recognition 2-4, Spanish Award 3, Girls’ Tennis Team 1-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. 35 Lance Halloran 16 Exchange St. Dale Hanrahan Grandview Rd. MEMORIES: Beaver Call in the Hall, ask Alex B. the breakroom at work, going skiing in N.H. with a group of friends, Sitting on the Bench after Lunch with Fav. Bonehead and Dave Tarr. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Voc. Sch. Thomas Harmon 6 Morton Place Tom MEMORIES: Julie B. 10 27 78, The BR and Gang, Tony ' s class, Fire Hose ask PC, Ski trip, LOOK OUT! Drive-In ask ES and JB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry Shop 1-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: In this world, It is not what we take up, But what we give up, that makes us rich. Jeanine Harris 7 Elizabeth Rd. MEMORIES: N.Y. City 12 78 ask JHRWHA, Gang at the Castle!, Man at Window ask RWJHHA, Tennis!, Laughter, Talks, and Tears w JHSSDS, WE MADE IT!!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 3-4, M D Ban. Comm. WORDS OF WISDOM: As I leave this place I remember all the friends that I made and all the times that we had. I have a smile on my lips and a tear in my eye, The Smile is the warmth I feel when I remember. The tear is the sadness I feel because it’s over. Shalom, I love you, Jeanine . . . Janis Ann Haselgard 58 Granite St. Jan MEMORIES: N.Y. City 12 78, PBTDLACNH, ask Betty and Tom. Eve. Mag., China Pt. 17th, officer ' s and Sergeant’s parties, BG’s 8 28 79-BT, Pen-Pals, Grenadette comp and parades, parties, Florida 1980 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC 2-4, Gren. 2-4, Prize Squad and Platoon 3-4, Beacon. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live, Love, Laugh, and be happy. Peter Heningway 30 Decatur St. MEMORIES: Skiing up Country w w BBMEDH, Surfing at night w Greg, Fav, Arty, Bill’s Party, Mr. Newton on bass, Mad James over beards, Rick ' s party on the rocks, Camp Nardello. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpentry 2-4. Laurie A. Hendrickson 326 Washington St. MEMORIES: Mom, Dad, Many great Concerts, good times, Rdpk, Mts., NGFCPTGHSAGHGHB Summers 10 19 79, Slouts Tpitts, Great Parties, GBOB ask JPPAKTVFEHGI, Mark’s Broken ankle ask SM. Future times, cranking around dave, WB yrs. ago. Sports. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live for today, use what you learn wisely and don’t look back. Georgia Hill 5 Page St. George (to Aud, Porge) MEMORIES: Tears and pebbles in my pockets, treh and the right key, butterfly, escape to Harry’s deli, trivia — ask Julie. Berea. Hearts’ needles, ABIO w Eva games people play, Thanis AGH, BJL and ERC. WORDS OF WISDOM: Everyday is lost in which we do not learn something useful. Man has no nobler or more valuable possession than time. Beethoven. 36 Jeffrey Hill 5 Page St. Jeff MEMORIES: Robyn, B.O.N.G., inconsistent hames of glance, 11 2 79 ask XB or ZG, being ask to writ 3 years worth of memories in 65 words or less. Beating the system, only to lose in the end. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Math Team 2. David Hinckley 9 Shepherd St. MEMORIES: Summer of 79 in MM’s car, and down tli6 beach WORDS OF WISDOM: Those who forget the past often repeat it. Jacqueline Holmberg 12 Commonwealth Ave. Jane Holmgren 839 Washington St. D.S. MEMORIES: Being in the thespians with all the won- derful people. My journey to New York, To embar- rass Heidi and Hank, American School lunches?! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, Soccer. WORDS OF WISDOM: Gor Nagonting, au dina drommar. Maryanne Hopkins 16 Wells St. MEMORIES: All the excellent times spent with the greatest friends, 1 Friends always sandra and Jac- qui, ILDS, the football games, Boston ask Sandra, Neil Young Concert w RASP, Do it in NY, it ' s differ- ent!, Nights at the cottage doubling . . . escape at 5:00 am ask Jac! Meeting at GHB and Wing. The letters!! Great Action the reunion at last ask SP. WORDS OF WISDOM: No distance of place of lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each others worth. Mark Hubbard 47 Harrison Ave. MEMORIES: The " Y” with “P " and " B " . Duke and the Magnolia express. Dan don ' t snap. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, B-Ball 1-3, Var. B-Ball 4, Inter. B-Ball 1-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: No man has the right to do as he pleases, unless he pleases to do right. Heidi Hughes 210 Washington St. MEMORIES: Barry, 4 7 78, Good times 78-79 . . . Oh @!?$@, softshoulder (3am), times w Pam, Joe, Barry, Hi-Ho, 1,2. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3, Pres. 4, Student Coun. 2-4, STA 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: The best thing to give to your parents is deference and conduct, that will make them proud of you; to yourself — respect. Eric Hutchins 9 Rocky Pasture Rd. MEMORIES: Moorland, Bridge parties, cook-outs at home, My charger chopper madness, ski trips w Oscar, Rock climbing with Hill, Taylor Years. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t let me pass out. 37 rr Laura Hyde 77 Magnolia Ave. Stephen Iwanicki 28 Blynman Ave. Ronald J. Jabba 48 Witham St. Jose MEMORIES: 1 13 79, Annette, Parties, double nights, climbing Mount Wash., camping in NH, 6 1 79, Lou Reed ask MS, ARTHUESA, Camp Becket, Cabin 8, Elvis C. as AB, the Boss, B-Day party at Nugents. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, H R. Rep. 1-4, Inter. Volleyball 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Learn as if you were to live forever, Live as if you were to die tomorrow. George Stevens Jenkins 15 Ferry St. Rusty, Rutman MEMORIES: TOGA!, Looie, Looie, 75 Sox, Rutman, Hubman, MacMan, Braeburn, Animal house, BC ' s face ask PM, Allman Bros. Concert, ROGER DICK! Boneless Rumps. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class Vice Pres. 3-4, Jr. Rotarian, Stud. Delegate — Chap. 622 Meetings, Vol- leyball 3-4, Cross Country 2. WORDS OF WISDOM: You can ' t always get what you want, but if you ' ll try sometimes, you’ll find you get what you need. Beth Johnson 42 Millet St. MEMORIES: Laughs and tears, NFC Champs, Par- ties, Ann knows, the good and bad times, ask Gina, Dean 9 29 79, Big Sisters Steph and Cath. Fla., girls nights w SSDSSMEGL. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheering; Gymnastics 2-4, NHS Treasurer 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life, and there is nothing better . . . Pascal Constance K. Johnson 24 Corliss Ave. Connie, Arab MEMORIES: Shh the girls, Toga, Arab jokes, SWMMSN WOW!, Raul, Talks w PT, flat tire at Wingy, Doodoire, GHB, Comps, Toronto, Coconut, Lies, Snorts, Pinky, True Friends, PTBSHDJDDSLATG and Emmy ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band, NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: Friendship improves happi- ness and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief. Steven Joseph 31 Starknaugh Hts. MEMORIES: Trips to NH over the summer ask BMMN, Parties, 4th of July in my yard, the net, Hal- loween, weekend up at U-Mass, The Grateful Dead at Nugents Field 79. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life’s like a candle when it’s over you fizzle out. Ronda Lee Joyce 35 Levertt St. Dear Abby MEMORIES: Follow that truck ask Dee, Ice Cubes at Papa Gino ' s ask Diane, S. Pacific, ask Penguin, Flow- ers For Algernon ask Dee, Senior Pictures ask Mum, Long Conversations on the phone, ask Diane. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: FHA — Heroes, Child Care. WORDS OF WISDOM: To make my parents proud of me. If you like me, I’ll like you back. 38 Lori Julian Forrest Avc. Essex MEMORIES: Summer of 78, Nova Scotia PEI, Paddle Boats, Volleyball ask BE, Heighbeams — Cops, CPDHMMSB, What’s that?, No light, Who?, MF 1TSEE 1 Hr. phone call, 1st blk. class ask AE, the bus 3s)c CP ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Volleyball 1, Writing Club 1, GDT 2, Flicker. WORDS OF WISDOM: Do not follow where the path leads, go where there is no path and leave a trail. Juliana G. Kanegis 10 Plum St. Julie MEMORIES: Mom, Dad, family, Best Friends, Long talks, going to Boston, in GHBP, ice cream, walks, the Caribbean ask ALHIKING, in Maine Special Songs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker, Academic Awards, NHS 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is a journey, not a desti- nation. Christopher A. Kendall 8 Columbia St. Chris MEMORIES: Sue 1 25 78, Great times forever, The car she gave me! ask SN, pit, ask JO, Halloween 78 ask SN, Linsky ' s junkyard good work MCJM, Green Chevy ask SN and MR. Mrs. N. My LTD, Oh No not another one? all those special times w Sue. WORDS OF WISDOM: When all things are down never say die, there ' s always tomorrow. Timothy Kelly Top O’Harbor Barbara Kennedy 7 Plum St. Scott Kerr 8 Perriwinkle Lane Pogie MEMORIES: Allman Bros, at Lenox, Chasin ' w com- fort, sumo wrestling, the old neighborhood, cruises in the executive, megabucks, Summer Bingo 79, Going around the Cape in Dadey ' s boat, Aptt’s Pink Blephant, Excursion ' s to Carson City, Hanging around Jenkins, Good ole’ St. Louis, Mulligan Stew, Hambone, Seabrook runs, All niters’ in the Olds ' , Laughing Gull. Donna Killam 43 Addison St. Essex MEMORIES: The Kinks, Baby Bears, Summer 79, Spy Alley, MSK, Nelsons Pit, Parties, bus stop, signs, the pool, All yaga, MMLMJMGKBATRTJPREXTBBR WORDS OF WISDOM: When you play, you pay. Pamela Kimmence 30 Laurel St. Pam MEMORIES: Joe 11 21 76, Tigger, Manchester, ask Toni, Football games w JPHHTM, Toni what’s wrong with my car!, NH weekend, ask Joe, " nice” ask Toni — Rude, Crude, sociably unacceptable, ask Toni, good times w friends family and most of all Joe. WORDS OF WISDOM: You just call out my name . . . You ' ve got a friend!!! James Taylor. 39 Gretchen Klett 144 Main St. Essex Grett MEMORIES: Summer ' 79 Rowdiness w Donna, my attic, KINKS, spy alley. MSK, Woodman’s, friends Down River, Joano, Rink. Piggy Pig. no biggy, Times tunes w Bruce and Dannyo, My Parties ask LP.. Punks, Steves, signs, yo thanks Mr . K. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, Ad-Craft, Beacon illustrations. WORDS OF WISDOM: It takes a fast car lady to lead and double life. — Cars Donna Marie Knowles 13 Woodward Ave. MEMORIES: Mom. Dad. Family., " Can ' t walk upstairs " , " Can ' t talk " ask M.P. Preston., Vt. and champagne., “It’s dark down there " ask C.L., “Oh Boy! " , “Hey Babie! " , The gang at A.G.H., good times with close friends, Uncle Von. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Look to this day, for yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. " James Knowles 144 Cherry St. MEMORIES: Willows Crew, Galaxy rides. Rain walking around the res. ask Chuck. ACE ask Seymour. Lunchtime at Frank ' s. Jake ' s hut. N.H. runs. Gallagher’s pool room, Amherst the dead, Lenox concerts. Dylan in Boston. Cook- outs at the Willows. K.Y. Jagged fools on the river, oval, par- ties up the middle path. Pink Panther at Gossom ' s. Pogie’s Heidi Anne Knutson Wolf Hill Road Heidi MEMORIES: 10 3 78, the new system, keep trying, whatever happened to that smile? innocent children. Grandparents, backpacking, knowing He cares, that joy, good friends, my family, J.W. hope ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 2-3. Cross Country 3-4, Track 1-3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: The best things in life are given to you, love and forgiveness. Marcia J. Kopanon 125 Essex Avenue Marcie, Sir, Marcha MEMORIES: Deutschland 1979 — Blasius, Mathaser, Stern — ask Ollie and P.T.; Sum, V.W., Yom Kippur 1, II, Sanies etc. ask Di-Doing up U. Mass.!, Parties ask T.M.; C.P. days ask D.O.; P.F. — Cape and Maine; 6 23 -9 23 — Dream On . . .; Much love to J.E.K. C.M.K.; Summers and the beaches; G.F.I.! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class T reasurer 2-3-4, Student Council 1 (treas.) 3-4, NHS 3-4, NECHSB. Sawyer Medal, Deutsch Klub 4 (v.p ). WORDS OF WISDOM: This above all: TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE. W. S. Heidi Lacey 23 Elm St. Hi-Ho MEMORIES: Neil Young: Boston; SP. VC, RA., Wingersheek — GHS-SFP, Beatlemania — Expedites — JPSemi — Formal, — CM, nights — JPVCSPADICPAGEMSHHJS — Mid-night ride! MS Magnolia — GB — RA “T " — Ed LO ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader 3-4, Stu. Council 4, Flicker Staff 4, Mother-Daughter Banquet 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Importance lies not in having but being. Catherine Lafata Birch Grove Heights Cathy MEMORIES: FLORIDA 79, Fiestas, The Old Celtics; Ernie D. 1 friends MDLSAG, 5 78 D[W, Summer 78; Marina, HADE-NVF. MIDNIGHT SHOW, Summer 79, GHB, " Nice Feet " ask EVGASTAG. Why? Does it bother you? Sheli knows. SFP. BLVD, YMCA. Crazy times with Lisa. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never leave hold of what you ' ve got until you ' ve got hold of something else; the past, the family, and love Andrew Lake 4 Linwood Place MEMORIES: ROTC, J.V. baseball. Plum Cove beach, Annette, Debbie and Linda in George truck, at Gina ' s w lood and April, Sam Linda, Cooney. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC, J.V. baseball, Prize Squad. Prize Platoon. 40 Laurel Ann Lake 217 Hesperus Ave. Laurie MEMORIES: " field day " 78 (AMD, PS); getting lost (MP); Mark: best friend and more; Tops, fair (MP.AMD.CF) Eric ' s cookout; bonfire July 4; Sweden; all my friends — (KPBWDWSODTSTJMSISTEHBKPLILAB); thanks and love to my parents ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 2-4, Yearbook, Coll. Night. WORDS OF WISDOM: " , . . And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. " Donna A. Lane 13 Bennet MEMORIES: Dana 9 4 78, Pididle, Ski Wknd., friends, D.S., M.L., D.P., what ' s B.S.? kite, I don ' t Know., What are we doin in Quiney?, Band trips. Bay state champs!, Germany, concerts, parties. Doug, laughs, tears, promises, Fanuel Hall. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4, CA Symphony 3-4, Drum Major 2-4, German Club 4, Who ' s Who in Music. WORDS OF WISDOM: catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world . . . B.B. Edward George Lane 24 Pickering St. (Essex) MEMORIES: Dawn 10 28 77 The Celtics games, 15 Tree Hill, Summer 78 ask Dawn, Party at M I. Florida 78 Lam- brusco and beach towels and walks along the beach. Waiting for the weekends this school year. 10 28 79 2 years . . . For- ever! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Hockey 1-2-3-4, Soc- cer 2, Football 1, Intramural Weightlifting. WORDS OF WISDOM: Nobody really dies if there is some- one left who remembers. If there is no one left who remem- bers than we are all together again. Shelley Ann Lane 21 Holly Street Shell MEMORIES: Sophomore year, YC Cruises, Steel Derrick GHB, Fishing, Summers! ask Amy. GHR TOM 7 28 79. Canoe, Hut ask Pauline. Good times (BSBPKLJBMMJSKOETC) Tina. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker, Track 4, Mother- Daughter, Pep Club 3, Cross Country 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Friendships that have stood the test. Time and Change, are surely best. Farewell, we shall meet again. HJS Steven Lane 3 Curtis Square Eileen Leal 121 Riverdale Park Melissa F. Lebas 10 Oakes Ave. Magnolia Ma. Emmy MEMORIES: Danny 12 5 78 We climbed a mountain ask DS, DP + DL Raul ask Con. Pelotas, Kel? Hey Bagels, ask Pam Haynes LM + Eileen. Pigeons. Scott? Le Bass Mobile. Punchy w Kisa. Donna, what ' s BS? NY Life. Bay State Champs, plays. Howdy Doody, ask Mom. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 2-3-4, Band Sec., Thes- pians 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . But for those who love it, life is eternity. " Regina Libro 11 Blake Ct. Gina MEMORIES: Good times w l pals, the night to forget ask Doreen — Long talks, laughs, and tears, thanks for listening Doreen — Summer nights — the boat!. Bad Co., lost keys, Kelloggs + cucumbers — all the memories good + bad, Beth Knows friends forever. That Christmas eve ask Ann, gym- nastics 10-0 Vista! good times w Dean ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics 2-3-4, Track 1-2, Cross Country 3, Cheering 1, NHS, Academic Recognition. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end in life. 41 Robert Charles Lindberg 13 Ferry St. Slob Bob MEMORIES: Roger Dick, I mean Murray: The Toga I missed, Pogies Pleasing abode in Aug. 79, Elks mania, G.H. Prison — Mr. Chlor. — Colonel Clink, Major Melanson. “MOOSE LINES EM UP " L.S. LIVE AT THE FOX, Bob Segar, Outlaws, The Allman Bros. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Indoor Track 2-3-4, Spring Track 2-3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: If your first GEAR doesn’t work use your second GEAR?! Carol Lopiccolo 17 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: Hammonds Castle w Judi, Sheri, Walks and talks w Judi, Pizza and subs, All the peo- ple at AGH. Gym w JFKOPE, JFCDSLJWTKKOPFDCLH Bye GHS!!! WORDS OF WISDOM: Only those who risk going far can possibly find how far they can go! Diane Lopiccolo 5 Sunset Hill Road MEMORIES: Tommy 8-6-79 W.B. W. Glou. Fern., The Pit, Take a TRIO in Mag. w J.P., Boston Fiesta T.B., R.C., M.H., Horrorizing, Quince ' s Pool Parties, N.H. w the gang! “82’’ Big Year — T.B., British Accent, Fla. ask D.L. SNOW storm out at sea ask C.M., J.P., Girls Night. Dave Lovett 207 Essex Ave. MEMORIES: DOMA 6 78 — 9 79 D.F.W., B.O.C. 9 21 79, Fla. ask Merel. The weekends, F.O. it won’t be the last time it will happen — huh Bill. WORDS OF WISDOM: It seems it’s all been SAID. If you must leave then go ahead. Should feel SAD. But I really believe that I’m GLAD. Beverly Ann Low 4 Thurstons Point Road Bev. Bevlow, B.W. MEMORIES: Best friends — J.D., E.O., A.P., C.C., K.M.; girls nights out!! White box 1; WG-Jo knows; Midsummer Madness!; many great times; those green bottles! HEY, IT’S BEEN REAL!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 1, NHS 3, SAC 2-3, Student Council 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: The most utterly lost of all days is one in which you have not once laughed. — Mark Twain Lorette A. Lumbard Proctor St. MEMORIES: Times w l pals, my family, Feb. vac. 79. Glove comp!, Fla. 79, 6 79 Did smbdy say 80? 3:00 am ask J.S. Sum. 79-8 18 79 FKFFBM. It ' s MAD w DAN ask J.S. 9 14 79 “WeYe Lost! " ask S.A. 10 12 79, S.A. (H.D.), Joan — 1 1 80 hopefully WORDS OF WISDOM: I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today. Jean Marie Luoni 17 Old Ford Rd. Theresa Luoni 17 Old Ford Rd. Terry MEMORIES: Jimmy 2-19-77(11-10-78) good times, Thunder island 77-78, Nick ' s 1 Friends (hill kids). Highway JM, DT, LP, lookout!! boulevard JM, BL, LM, Stage Fort Park, green camaro, back shore G.H. is that your key Jim? Dad 74, special friend L.P., and good times 77- . . . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Print Shop 1-2-3, Ben- jamin Franklin Club Secretary 2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today. 42 Picture Not Available Leon William MacDonald 134 Fast Main St. Tiger MEMORIES: Commando Raids ask D.A., parties up Swinson’s ask D.M., A.F., P.S., B.S., D.P., Ant Vega Z 28 " it still runs " , chats w Heidi, Tuna fishing on the Four Roses ask B.S., A.F., D.M. ACTIVITIES AND HNONORS: Varsity Hockey 3-4, Intermural Hockey 2. WORDS OF WISDOM: To make the best of what I’ve got and always work towards advancement. Patricia L. MacDonald 11 Harrison Ave. Tricia, Trish MEMORIES: MOE 7 2 78 . . . always!, summers, 7 20 79, " Our Place”, late nites, talks, laffs, walks. Let- ters, UMO weekends, Hockey games 4, WM 15, 4, 3, Good times ask MM, RD, AT. " I know " ask Rose. You did? Cheering ask Pam. My special best friend Moe! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, Cheering 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: To love and to be loved is the greatest of existence. Chuck Mackey 888 Washington St. MEMORIES: The rides in the galaxie 500. The All- man Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Middle Path, Dirt Road, Appt’s chev up the pines, Seabrook runs, Beeper’s Car, on two wheels in pogie ' s car with youngie, the mad brawls in Gallagher’s house. Belinda Major 335 Main St. MEMORIES: Fitz Hugh Lane. Armory ask SC, LB, PA, LA. Stage Fort Park, blood sisters ask SC, ROTC, Ft. Devens ROTC parties, Revere ask JD, getting stuck on the beach! movies w Mark, dance 10 13 79, Grenadettes, Sue and Jane you are my Best Friends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. Grena- dettes, prize squad, prize platoon. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something let it go, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t it never was. Florence Major 335 Main St. Flo MEMORIES: The Willows, ask Theresa, New Year ' s Eve, Thespians, GHB w John. Bike riding ask Q.M., work ask B.P., Niles Pond 2 Jim Alabama Billy T. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sg. Major. 1st and 2nd Prize Sq., ROTC 1-2-3, Thespians, Stage Crew. WORDS OF WISDOM: Love is the most beautiful thing, share it whenever you can. Veronica A. Makkonen LaRose Ave. Vickie MEMORIES: Garth — 11 30 76 — RL — trip to ME — ask Doug and Sue, camping in N.H.; W. Glou. and good friends — Fernwood! Okie and his dog; the con- certs, my Ma; good times w Garth; the best years! WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something set it free; if it returns it ' s yours, if not, it never was. Peter J. Maltese 202 Washington St. MEMORIES: The hut fluries ask Jerry, the Mountain, all nighters, U.M.C., concerts, Pits, W. PO. D. Hoot- man. WORDS OF WISDOM: To find what I want out of life, and to go out and get it. Marcie J. Manion 10 Grapevine Rd. MEMORIES: 1 26 79 famous last words . . . I’ll never have a party like that again. Le feule de teoo. Lisa- Joyce, G.H., Wing., Duck D.S., A.R. remember? Mr. Rue, SS. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 1-4, Soc- cer 1; Track 1, Student Gov. 2. 43 Judith Manninen 18 Warner St. Robert B. Marchant 6 Youngs Road Link MEMORIES: Julie “79” Willows boys, middle path blazes. Ride to Lenox 8 19 78 ask Mike Glou. 5, Win- throp 0 1 1 78 ask Riley Grateful Dead, Muddy waters, OH YEH! Sheep pond w seymour, whew! outragousness w Youngy, Ride back from Lenox ask Julie and Buck. You only live once right Jules. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 2-3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: What you get out of life is what you put into it. Lisa Marques 99 Maplewood Park “Snooky” MEMORIES: John, I’LL LOVE YOU ALWAYS! 17th Birth, at Kowloons. Christmas Eve " 78” ask John. Pumpkin Thieves ask J.O., W.L., M.S., B.L., V.M., G.A. Rolling J.B. G.H.B. “The Cops!” ask G.C., S.M., A M. The night in pouring rain 2:00 a.m. N.W.L. (cold) ask S.M. Good times-n-talks w Tim and Lynn. Magnolia times ask M.M. Dory Trip (boneheads) ask C.M. Needlemyer, Cherrymyer ask D.S. Canoe Trip (soph, year) P.M., K.M., B.M. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Homeroom Repre- sentative. WORDS OF WISDOM: Take one day at a time, leave the future behind. Lisa Martin 981 Washington St. Matilda MEMORIES: Jack 7 25 79 — “GEISHA”, Summer “79” — Florida ”79”, in fatuation! Anne, cut it out! Girl’s night — LC, KA, VC, I love me too, KA. “Myr- tle”, couz-Tracey + Kelly Nelson’s DK, Hello world, Friends — John Stud. The dove, Hallie + Jeff. Food, Rolls, ask AH. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life’s too sho rt to play hard to get! Gayle Anne Mason 8 Day Court Masonette MEMORIES: Summer 76, Maine. Plum Island. The phone talks with Fred. The Big Date, ask Allyson. The goodtimes, ask Scott The name, ask Steph. The movie, ask Lynda. What up? as Fred Mary Mason 8 Day Court MEMORIES: Tommy 7 7 79, All the good laughs with Barb, Walks along the beach, Sunday wrestling matches ask Barb, Mad rides ask Lisa, Summer of “79” with Tommy, Maine “79” WORDS OF WISDOM: To live, love and be happy Michael Mason 6 Stanley Court Joseph Mathews 5 Angle St. MEMORIES: being with K.B. partying down on pavilion lounge, going with everyone. Conn. 186 worth, ask BR, MS, IS, Seeing many more bands late night with Mike. Winning J.R. seine boats with the fort. 44 Paul Matta 27 Starknaught Hgls. MEMORIES: Dory trip around Cape w Project Adv. ask AB, Going to Zoo Mass with the gang to see Greatful Dead, driving home w Lori After — no help from Nooan. My 8th grade at O, Maley. Going blue fishing w MN RT ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1, Intermural Hockey. WORDS OF WISDOM: There is something out there for all of us, I hope you all find it. Anne McCann 9 Essex Ave. Ann McCarthy 8 Marina Dr. MEMORIES: 1 Friends — LP DW JZ JF. GER- MANY Bike rides — ISFD ask JZ or DW Rock talks ask Deb. Hit the deck ask JZ The Blue Van. 4G Plan — Burt TGT S Shoulders. Ski trips The cars on fire! Football. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Math Team, Pep Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Joy is the essence of life. Robert McComiskey 514 Essex Ave. Bob MEMORIES: All of the good times with I.D. and hopefully many more, The Van Tempest, Parties, and Essex Ave. Toni McCormack 9 Springfield St. MEMORIES: Dean 9 16 79; Thanks Pam n Joe! Vista ' 79. Pam what’s wrong with your car NOW? Socially unacceptable, ask Pam. Football games w good friends P.K. S.C. J.P. H.H. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class Officer 2-3-4, Student Council Sec. 4; Gymnastics 2-3-4, Mother- Daughter Banquet, Flicker. Kristen McGary Ferry St. MEMORIES: Jim; WB, Braw, SC — back to Mustang, ctr. fid; Girls night out; 4 moons, SP, KP, its in D, raiding — ask OAPJOBLRFCC: NA weekend — red- car, skiing, talks — ask O; summers at pits. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: CA Swim Team 1-2, Volleyball 2-3, NHS 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life’s a daring adventure or nothing at all. Kelly McKay 85 Maplewood Pk. MEMORIES: Jody — I’ll wait FOREVER! 1 Friends JHLKKLSKBBLM Annette and Little Ronnie, QUITZ To all my family (I told ya I’d make it) Dad and Uncle George the best, Ma thanks for everything, Shane and Shawn. Jay McKechnie 55 Wolf Hill Lane MEMORIES: Karyn The year of 79 Parties at Erie’s house ask Dusty, Kris, Karyn and Scott — THE TEAM — Fri and Sat nights at W.B. — JH and SP ask Me and Dusty. Cody’s gym ask Mike. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Electrical Shop 1-2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Do what you do best and have fun doing it, because you can only do it once. Stephanie McKinney 370 Washington St. MEMORIES: Tommy 2 11 77, Remember the Rock and Talks, the gang, 1 friends, BT w Gina, Cellar, Girls ' night, AZGMBSFPGCAMMRSD, Florida, bro- ken ankle, partying. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Winter Track 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Once you ' re gone you can’t come back, when you ' re out of the blue and into the black. Neil Young Michael f. McKinnon 2 Stanwood Terrace Gary J. Medeiros 559 Essex Ave MEMORIES: Robin; YMCA, music, Spring Water ask Ben, the flare ask Tony, Heartside, X-Mas Party ' 78, Shurky Soup Man, My 68 Javelin. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chorus 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: If a man does not keep pace with his companions, let him keep his own pace. Gail Marie Merchant 44 Wheeler St. MEMORIES: W. Glou. NH w gang, Fern. Quinie’s pool parties, Lauri’s in Aug. Girls’ night, 10 19 79, Beach, X-Mas w family. WORDS OF WISDOM: In life you will meet friends and have laughs; Treasure them for it sometimes doesn ' t last. Judy Marie Milne 1 Bose Lane Yudy MEMORIES: Friends SOCAMDBBTCBKIL, 78 and 81 Ghost at FHL, Brian, noses, gossip w TG, Tape recorder under bed, LT and mag. WORDS OF WISDOM: I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and love today. Louie A. Mitchell 16 Middle St. MEMORIES: 11 25 78, meeting Cheryl and having good times ever since, Fighting, Great action always, remembering Jong Anderson, The schoolyard DVJPGJB, Great times. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be a winner not a beauti- ful looser. Michael Mitchell 19 Pickering St. Thomas Moore 2 Hickory St. Seymour, T-Moore MEMORIES: Willows Crew, Middle Path Cookouts, Pogie, Suncat, Luckout, Temm. Lunch, best beeper, linkletter, What a long and strange time it ' s been. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 2, Track 2. 46 Brian Mountain 242 Main St. Paul Movalli 96 Friend St. Moe MEMORIES: Good times at Middlton, f-ball, b-ball, YMCA, Easterly, The summer, B-ball, League, getting 2nd place ask SPSA, My 69 Nova. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intra. Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Badmiton. WORDS OF WISDOM: To succeed in whatever I do, and make my family proud of me. Steve Moynahan III 50 Eastern Pt. Rd. MEMORIES: DB — Physics, 9, JO and his hurts, JS, Comp. M. TL, Geo, Gussys candles, ED, Benz and Boat, AL, Chess, Nitro, Gunpowder, Chem, Mr. Kania, Mr. Proposki ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Academic Recogni- tion. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never test the depth of water with both feet. Nicholas Joseph Moceri 15 Corliss Ave. Nicky, Nick MEMORIES: Christina 7 12 79, Goombas DFJTJVPFAO, Tippy ' s Yard, AO, Camp Becket Thanks Mom and Dad ILY, Parties and good times w boys and Christina ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, Intra. Hockey and Basketball 2-4, Beacon. WORDS OF WISDOM: There comes a time in life when you have to grab the bull by the horns, and look him straight in the eye. Joan Muise 5 Cogswell Ct., Essex Joano MEMORIES: Bobby, 3 17 79, Aug 24, Summer of 79, DKGKTRJJJMUB, Parties, Ghost hunting, my B-day, Woodman’s Parking Lot, Bonfire, Henry and Luke, Coaty, Jogging. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country Daniel J. Molloy 249 East Main St. Dappa, Mallery MEMORIES: Sword fishing 79, Capt. Don, Russ, Gino, Abel Mabel, Hill Parties Gone, Storm, Noonan, Mike, Chris Reisys Rocket, Lumbo, Focky Neck Tech, Cookout, Baron. WORDS OF WISDOM: Tom and Bob are 1. Paul Muniz 140 Mt. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: Good times with good friends, MGPHDGJM and B, Hockey ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Golf 2-4, Capt. 4, Varsity Hockey 2-4, NHS 3-4, Intra. B-ball 3-4, Stu- dent Advisor to the Athletic Counsel. WORDS OF WISDOM: “. . . You don ' t need a weath- erman to know which way the wind blows. " Dylon Linn Nelson 104 Pleasant St. 47 Kim Marie Newman 5 Homans Ct. Dean Nicastro 7 Russel Ave. Deano MEMORIES: Beth, Pavilion, Grateful Dead, good times down the Fort, Seine boats, Joey P. on the G, Pole ' 79, My goomba strikes again the worm. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, Machine 1-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be the best at whatever I do in life, and to please as many people as I can. Michael S. Nicastro 14 Old Farm Rd. Mike MEMORIES: The Blue Tempest, Baseball, The Elks, 1; Weekends, Wing. Bray St. Parties, WPS, CHO to go Yo! ask JCLKJN, The wig ask BMLD, good times at the spirit ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 1-4, Soccer 4, Carpentry Shop. WORDS OF WISDOM: Men of few words are the best men. Shakespeare Michelle Lee Nicastro 87 Western Ave. Red, Shell MEMORIES: Larry 1 28 79, Footstock 79, Chitcha ask PTCT, GHB, X-Mas concert, Turn! Turn!, ask Kim, Fiesta and Skiing w Larry, L i 1 ' Chitchas, Thanks Mom and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spring Track 2-3, Cross Country 3-4, Softball, Flicker. WORDS OF WISDOM: We ' ve come to the end of our rainbow. There ' s something I must say out loud ... I love you. Commodores Suzanne Nicastro Shone Hill Road Sue MEMORIES: Chris 11 25 79, Great times, friends Janet, Terri, 3 Musderteers, Best Cousin Lisa, FFE, Florida 79, JD, Halloween 78, the falling roof ask BC. All those special times with Chris. WORDS OF WISDOM: Eat, Drink, and be Merry! Catherine Nickas 36 Grapevine Rd. Cathy MEMORIES: Good times with family and friends, good friends, especially MGAFDD, Goya, Norwich! Remember Pierre 1 and 2 No . . . Maris!?. Skiing, Summer ' 79. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Council 2-3, HRR 1-3, Rainbow. WORDS OF WISDOM: Reach for the highest and succeed! David Scott Noble 471 Western Ave. Scott MEMORIES: Patty, 4 2 77, lil Ed ' s, CNEWFLBC, Elect. Shop, SQJMMMBFJTSLPF, Wonder if I can wait ' til Oct. 26, Patty, Ace Quanity ask SN, Moisure Hi onp acL Rrnnp ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Elect. Shop 2-3, Co-Op Varian 4, ROTC 2-4, Sp. Track 1. WORDS OF WISDOM: Set a straight road and to live for what you believe. M. Douglas Noriega Iron Gates Malcom X ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, Math League 4, Academic Recognition 2. WORDS OF WISDOM: If a man empties his purse into his head, then no man can take it from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best inter- est. Franklin 48 Marcoa O’Brien 8 Sargent St. John O ' Connor 17 New Way Lane Oakie MEMORIES: Lisa — Oct. 26, 11 Man ride to Maine ask TSDG, Famous Bike Ride ask DL, Sauna ask NSWILM, Hiking ask VMGAMADA, 8th grade, Mini Mafia, The Chair — ATRD, Barn ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football, Track. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is like a hockey game, you have to take a lot of shots to earn your goals. Sheila ). O ' Connor 271 Essex Ave. Sheila-Bell MEMORIES: Ho|o’s, icecubesw fries, in eyes, GRIT, MA, PA, Br. John, mountain, JD Gordon Call Short- cut — Jim Rkpt. and pistmuts and fudge, OJkat para- dise and latren duty. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: College Night 3-4, Vol- leyball 3-4, Thespians 2-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: It takes one white crow to prove that not all crows are black. — WJ Fred A. O’Dea Jr. 12 Bellerve Ave. MEMORIES: Tobey, Semi-Formal, the b-day pres- ent, snowed-in, Mt. Jacob, Parisi ' s Playroom, Fern- wood, the dam, 71 LeMans, Sc 100, my party hat, a lesson learned WORDS OF WISD OM: For the one that survives the winter, spring shall bring a new life. Eileen V. O’Donnell 36 Edgemoor Rd. MEMORIES: 1 Friends AKJCBR, Good times w special people 10 23, Raiding, circles thanks A, Cucko Blast w RJAP, NYE, it’s in D, talks w K,BBask A, SFKPSP, street talks ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Set me free in a sea full of dreams and I ' ll sail on forever. Lisa M. O ' Gorman Southern Ave. Essex PT Licbschon MEMORIES: Sehrgut-The Tiger — Uter — DOMK, 1- 3 a.m., Munich — Voni and Harold ask Joan. Ger- many 79 great, Disco — DWJSAMID, great party, JSLLPC 10 12, Sum. 79, secrets ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball, German Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Laughter is the shock absor- ber of life ' s blows. James O’Hara 70 Lexington Ave. Jamie MEMORIES: Magnolia, games w E. Glou., down Brown ' s house, the Pier w the wood pecker, Octo- berfest ask Fly, B-Ball at library, Auction 79, the Surf, Blyrman 69, ask Duke ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball, Baseball, Football. WORDS OF WISDOM: Dreams die hard, but they die easier if you kill them yourself. Katherine J. O ' Maley Choate St. Essex Kathy MEMORIES: My Friends and family, the good times, IP not once but twice!! ask MSLS, That caar is marked ask RF — Crane ' s beach Best times with Laura, Mary, Rose, Lisa. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 2-4, Track 2-4, Student Council 2-4, Treas. 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Only those who risk going too far can possibly find how far they can go! Kelly O’Maley 31 Story St. Essex MEMORIES: Essex and all the 1 People, ask any- body, Florida and Colong ask Lee, Good friends: JMSDDBLACCL, Talks w Z-man, don’t ask! the Rookie, parties, Patty G. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . . and life goes on . . . Richard A. Oakes 80 Perkins St. Dick MEMORIES: Cheryl, the Pub, go-karts, GABC and Fugly, Dot-Time, Elks-Mania, the corner, ask Kh and BL, Bike trip, Review sessions Schnapps ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, ACAD, REC., Baseball 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: It’s not what we have but what we know that makes us rich. Susan E. Oakes 15 Conant Ave. Sue MEMORIES: Jim 7 4 78, Fla 79, TDHC ask, Carrie, Dom, Mark, Fred, Gotcha, 89 ask Carrie, 4AM ask Jim, Talks w Carrie, notes for RO, Rkpt ride w Ro, Janet ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, HBC 3-4, Fr Award 2, Type 1-3, Flicker, Academ. Rec. WORDS OF WISDOM: Waste no tears over griefs of yesterday. Euripides Diane Marie Oliver 25 Story St. Essex Di.Ollie MEMORIES: Deutschland 79, Blasius-Mathaserstern, Diddy, Boats, Sinks, ask Marcia PT, Montana, CP w APMK, Cruisin with LDMS, 12 78, NYE, oh what a night, GS ask LO ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Germany Trip 3, Ger- man Club, Honor Business Club 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Go for it!!! Karin Olsen Sumac Lane MEMORIES: Rocky Neck — Friends, is it true?, kon ' t Tull me!, Frank Zappa, Old Farm Inn, Varerie, Hie, April, 10 lb. island, Gross food, Hiltop ask Val, Andy. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live for today, hope for tomorrow, don ' t dwell on yesterday. Andy Orlando 26 Granite St. MEMORIES: Pam, last day of the St. Peters Fiesta. Topsfield Fair, haunted house, Pumpkins, Apple picking, getting back together down GHB, Football camp, canoe. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football, Basketball. WORDS OF WISDOM: Be yourself, work hard for people you love. Carlo Orlando 305 Washington St. John Orlando 16A Myrtle Sq. 50 Mary-Ellen Orlando 15 Hawthorne Rd. Moose MEMORIES: Good times w ME, the light house ask AF, Cops don’t ask dumb questions, GHSBWS, Beaches, Murmac, good times w friends, parties, candle light supper ask LA ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Print Shop 1-3, Ben Franklin Club 1-3. WORSS OF WISDOM: Life is full of surprises, so take each day as it comes, Thanks Mom. Christopher Palazola 27 Green St. Sandra Palazola 40 Beacon St. MEMORIES: Great times w friends, GHB, SFP, Wing, Long talks w Maryanne and }acqui my cars ask MHJGLCFC, Accidents will happen Lisa, Foot- ball games, Boston ask MH. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader 1-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . . tomorrow see the things that never come today . . . Young. Anthony Pallazola 19 Hampden St. Ants MEMORIES: Good times at wing, little get togethers at Flats house, good times in Dud’s 64 olds, good times to come with SFDBCGPF — many memories w my sister ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 2-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: The only thing that is going to beat you is yourself. Michael Joseph Pallazola 19 Hampden St. Mike MEMORIES: Kellie, 6 1 79 — All the good times we had the summer of 79, I’m looking forward to the winter of 79-80, and the rest of our lives, all the times in Dad’s car ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track, Cross Country. WORDS OF WISDOM: Forget the bad times and let the good times roll. Nancy Papows 20 B Grapevine Rd. MEMORIES: Gymnastics, Eastern Gym w best friends, Frank and Mag, Anne and Dave, Away meets, Regionals — RI, and adv. yrs, GHS 10-0, Ski- ing w Raw, horizons, dances ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleading 1, Gym- nastics 2-4, MVP 2-3, NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: The significance of man is not in what he attains, but rather in what he longs to attain. Gibran Annette Parco 263 Western Ave. MEMORIES: Ronnie 1 13 79, New Year’s Eve, Indescribable Friendship JDEODCKMBLRF, Cook- out,. W RI and FO, Eileen these circles, Jo’s B-day, last, RB, Pub, ask Eileen. The wrong car Cheryl, 4th of July with Ronnie. Joseph Parisi 16 Poplar St. Joe MEMORIES: Pam; 11 21 76, Football, 79 Camp Becket ask the team, the boat ask Joe B Gui ask Ben, Dean, DKI-NH, weekend ask Pam, Easy Riders, all the good times with my friends, especially Pam. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1-4, Track 1- 4, NHS 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Looking back at the faces. I’ve been, I wouldn ' t have done it any other way. Jim Crode. 51 Theresa Parisi 2 Alpine Ct. Jane Parsons 4 Stanwood Ave. Janie MEMORIES: Ace l Sherry ... 1 Soap, “For the love of Fer nwood " . . . Snowstorm put at sea and that night ask Diane and Chris. Trip through Mag. ask Diane. The cress ask my brother Billy. Kimberly Parsons 36 East Main Street Laurie Pascucci 16 Witham Street Lau MEMORIES: Dot, 1 friends; DRAMIRDRJE, NY, FL, Sassafras, red truck, drive in 78, the car ' s on fire, 5G plan, skiing, football games, tele, calls. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Soci- ety 3-4, Honor Business Club 3-4, Academic Recogni- tion. WORDS OF WISDOM: Friendship can never be lost, no matter how many miles separate you. Susan Patience 95 Wheeler Street Soupy MEMORIES: Dirtballs! Boston to NH, Late to work? Summer “79”, many labels? You wasn’t wrong you was right. F-Hockey, taking the states w Rockey, Remember Mr B-Lulu last lunch. Tennis ask nw, KH and SB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 1-2-3-4, Softball 2-4, Tennis 1, Basketball 1. WORDS OF WISDOM: There are always two roads to travel pick one and always respect your choice. Danielle Patican 157 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: Camping in NHw BP and family, The brook (washing our hair) ask Bet. Long walks up the Mts. Swimming in the lake, Beeman taxi ask summer youth gang. Driving lesson for Bet ask LP. Janice Patrican 157 Riverdale Park Jan MEMORIES: All the great people I’ve met and become friends with. Good times w Marty, Donna and Mary. Many times w Linda, Richard and the kids. All the kids from the hill. Cars concert. All the great times w Gary. WORDS OF WISDOM: Have the very best Life you can, make the most of what you already have. Paul M. Pelletier 158 Riverdale Park Pelletier MEMORIES: Christine, Stacy and Kim. All the kids at RDPK, the yrs. of 77 and 78. 6-17-77 Pooh and Pig, meaningful vacations in Canaan. Fri and Sat PR ' S. Oval w PFYPPFCT, Chink, Jb, Aggies parties and camp, special people Betty-Ann and Kim and Ivy. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never expect to be some- thing you weren’t meant to be. 52 Lisa J. Pereen 12 Lufkin Street, Essex MEMORIES: John, best friend Laura, good times w LMCEMCJS, day after the prom, x-mas semiformal, Maine, N.H., Wing. Beach, pompets ask Julie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Editor 1980, Volleyball 1-3-4, Type Award, Basketball (S.K.) 3-4, Jr. Council. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Tut. tut, child,” said the Duchess. " Everything ' s got a moral if you can find it. " John D. Pereira 112 Western Ave. lay MEMORIES: Six years with D.P. in H.R., Watching Ben getting himself upset over stupid things. Trying to teach to a class that is half asleep. Way of cough- i ing through the period. And all the things we learned in English. 13 yrs. w great kids. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Certificate of Merit, i Academic Achievement. WORDS OF WISDOM: Keep in contact with the Old i Man. Stephen Michael Perrin 6 Forest St. j Jimmy Carter MEMORIES: Cross Country 77, States, Holiday Inn, j yo!, New Year ' s Eve 79, Spring 79, Mt Wash. Bruce Springsteen 78, 79. Lost in the clouds on Mt Isol. Indian Summers and long walks. Allman Brothers. Summer 79 ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 2-3-4, Winter Track 2-3-4, Spring Track 2-3-4, Close Up 3-4. j WORDS OF WISDOM: All that is gold does not glit- ter. David B. Perry | 3 Derby Street MEMORIES: Parting with good friends, 66 Chevelle, MC’s Nova, Ace Bomber, Bong hits, Parisi’s cellar, T- d Nugent 6 3 79, Good times w Hoppy ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vocational machine shop 1-2-3, Co-Op Program. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Who loves not women, wine, and song; Remains a fool his whole life long.” Eugene Perry 16 Perkins St. Raymond Peter Perry 81 Wheeler St. Ray, Pete, Vic MEMORIES: The violin ask GG, Fort Devens 2-4, Sarges Cookout. Ankles Do The Perry, Chops, Offi- cers Sgts Party, My Car. Breakfast table, driving Range ask SM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Superior Cadet 3, Teenager of the Year 79, 3rd Place IDR Grenadier 2- 4, Commander 4, Prize Squad 2-3, Commander 3, Rifle Team 3-4, Metropolitan League Champs 3, Staff 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: You should always make new friends, but never lose the old ones. Tom Perry 8 Amero Ct. Beth Peterson Wesley Street MEMORIES: Peg leg friends and laughs, deep talks w MD, hard times lived through 5 18 79, " That night " Remember Ang?, Boston w JK, days in NH. walks and talks w VC, JK ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls Tennis Team 1- 2-3-4, NH 3-4, Academic Award. 53 Cheryl A. Pettipas Dodge St. Essex MEMORIES: TM, Maine 10 31 79 drive-in w CPSPDP, high beams, opps, bus, askLJ, friends — SBLPMMRDLJMD, 12 summers in Maine, Juf-Tob, Loon Mt. ask SP, CP, family. Boston-subways, ask SB. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Volleyball 1, Type Award, Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something; set it free. If it returns it’s yours, if it doesn’t it never was. Russell James Phillips 41 Webster St. Rusty MEMORIES: Country Joe and the fish. Nights w SS, good times, days, nights at Long Beach. Parties w the boys ask Jim and T.V., don’t forget Ing. or RA Zim- mermen. Remember days of Pink Elephants. WORDS OF WISDOM: For a man to be reborn, he must first die. Bob Dylan Dave Pierce 18 Fraverse St. MEMORIES: Walks to Rockport w Mary. Excellent times up Swinson’s, football games, parties. Old times Dog fish gutting, D and B lobstertrap builders. Labor Day weekend up Peter’s, Good times up Mooreland and Rockaway. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be able to face all chal- lenges head on, and make the right decisions. Dominic Piraino 14 Orchard St. Juile Piraino R458 Washington St. MEMORIES: June 9, flying, touch football; W.B. w LL, PC, HH, HL, PK.; Manchester, 79, Til Md ask l Denise, Micheal, my Knockmobile, ask HH, flying “Fribles” 3sk K RV ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HR Rep., Student Council, Mother-Daughter Banq. Com. WORDS OF WISDOM: I wanna laugh while the laughing is easy, cry if it makes it worthwhile. Seals and Crofts Paula Jean Piraino 14 Orchard St. MEMORIES: The hockey rink ask Brian, “The Life of Brian” ask Rord, 11 6 79, driving school, the frog ask SPW, JD, long talks w 1 friend, the quitter Tumbi. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chorus 1-2, Pep Club 2-3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t give up something you really want without putting up a good fight. John Dougless Pizzo 27 Story St. Essex MEMORIES: 3 26 78, B.S. B.S. DI w Thelma. Good times in ' 78, Christmas ' 78, camping lunch, Argu- ments in school, picnics, first car, making TJ jappy, Essex kids are the best, Ask Thelma in 2 yrs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love someone tell them now, later may be too late. Betty Place 246 Washington St. MEMORIES: Camping in NH. There’s a bear out there! My first skiing trip, Fla. ' 80 ask JH, weekend trips ask my Fam. Chinaport and the rest of the gam- blers. Special people. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Award 1-2. WORDS OF WISDOM: Our opinion of people depends less upon what we see in them than upon what they make us see in ourselves. 54 Fred Place Top-O-the Harbor Apts MEMORIES: Bruce 1-9-59 to 6-18-79 (only the good die young) Fernwood — Summer 79, Small Bonehead. Chicken Wings “71 " to ring, Footstork “79 " ask Arty. Snow ask Mike. Davy Marshall. All Nighters. The Sandbox, W.G.G. WORDS OF WISDOM: Going West. Watch out for the Coy- otes. Donald C. Poole R86 Friend St. Don, Fool MEMORIES: My " car " ask BS, SC " SWEDEN " All the great shows, Summer of 79, Let ' s Go for a Spin ask BS, LM, SC, MA, EH, Fog Devens, Fool Patrol, Heads up! Clouds, Whee- nie Roast, Witch Laugh, fill, " Idi " , " Movie " , My mechanic ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 2-3-4, ROTC 2-3-4, Prize Squad and Platoon 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Keep living life from day to day. Karen Poole 2 Lexington Avenue MEMORIES: Times at GHS, ALit (passion — JF), unexpecta- ble (E ' S), Sept — Oct. (R.M.), Senior year w friends (esp. JF), Springfield (maintenance) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GDT 2-3, Academic Recogni- tion, Flicker Committee, NHS and Tutoring. WORDS OF WISDOM: No act of kindness, No matter how small is ever wasted. William Porper 9 Madison Ave. Billy MEMORIES: 7 25 79 Dawn, MT Bound, Screenhouse Par- ties, RDPK 1. Dory Trip 79, 1st night Phil, John, and Dean. Concerts: Bob Seger, Springsteen and Bad Co., Parties WORDS OF WISDOM: What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been. Dana K. Powers 726 Western Ave. MEMORIES: Donna 9 4 78, 1 friends Dan, Melissa, Mike, Zero!, Band Trips, Fish scales, Maine ski wknd. Kite, Does it Fly?, Fanual Hall, Choc. Chip cookies, Freddies, Bay State Champs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Who’s Who — Music and Academic Recognition, Band, Jazz Band. WORDS OF WISDOM: The grass is always greener over the septic tank. E.B. Zoe A. Powers 38 Haskell St. MEMORIES: Good friends, great times. Gymn. NEC champs, Vista Germany 79, Alps Boar hunt, Fortress, Blausius — LD, DR. Mardi Gras — TBBRGC. Summer fun X-mas w family ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics 2-4, Pres., Sawyer Medal. WORDS OF WISDOM: Keep your personal integrity and humanity with you in whatever you pursue. Mark Pratt 30 Green St. Pratty MEMORIES: Good times w friends, Good times in my Chevy wagon, Many Good Parties ask Anyone up the hill. No. 9, Boxing, Deb, Neil, Linda, Bob, Cristy Lee 4 25 78 WORDS OF WISDOM: In the End the Love you take is Equal to the Love you make . . . Beatles Tom Pratt 1 Myrtle Sq. Barron MEMORIES: Lunch rain, sleet, or snow ask Ants. Concert and Parties. The hut and all good times we had. GHS foot- ball, Camp Ceda and Becket. Madness at Gilson Hall ask Tom F., Dean, Dusty, W P O D. the night w Halloween Mas- sis. Tango Juice ask Ant ' s Scott Who’s Guttem ask anyone. Fitzy capt Clam ask Steve, Louie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Football. WORDS OF WISDOM: The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be experienced. 55 James S. Puff 37 Gloucester Ave. Jim “Puff MEMORIES ' . Friends, Jenn, Summer, music, No- good times. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball, NHS, HR Rep., Northeast Sr. District Band. WORDS OF WISDOM: Every day there’s someone asking, “what is there to do? Should I love or should I fight, is it all the same to you?” “No”, I say, “I have the answer proven to be true. But if I were to share it with you, you would stand to gai n and I’d loose.” Oh, I couldn’t bear it so I’ve got nothing to say. Robert M. Purdy 7 Caladonia PI. Bob MEMORIES: To remember all the mad times at Swinson’s field, the weekend we went out on Jim’s boat the " shattered” during the Fiesta, the times at “Deer camp.” on Maple Ridge, the mad times at Brunsmyr ' s and at the school. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spring Track — Let- ters. WORDS OF WISDOM: Always to do my best in life and to live it to the fullest. Sebastian Quince 265 Essex Ave. Sandy MEMORIES: DONNA 9 3 79 All the first times in the little hut ask BG. The Kinks ask JE,AE,PR. " Fern- wood” the " pit” “Dark Hole”. Remember all the par- ties at my house. “Feelings " ask MR — good times at Wingarsheek. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Electrical Shop. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn ' t it never was. Megara Ann Quinn 52 Taylor St. Quinny, Diana, MT MEMORIES: MIKE 6 17 78 NH 79 friends, good times @MP my swish cublets, talks w KR,SM Please stop choking you’re embarrassing me ask Jade. The raisen ask Pam X-Mas 78 ask Mike. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls Drill Team 2-3, Competition 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: I get by with a little help from my friends. Brett Andrew Ramsey 31 Sumner St. Hoss MEMORIES: Weekend in Conway NH w EP,LB,CP,AF RR. Summer of 79 w the W.G. Gear- heads. Famous fights w Mr. Ben. WORDS OF WISDOM: Stay out of Gloucester! Marie Rao 10 Riverdale Pk. Hershey MEMORIES: MONTREAL w BEMC Linda’s GG Celar go west — the show 1 Steph all -t way! Con- certs New Year ' s 77 SH-Feelings-Sandy. SD Chevy car. Those talks w JWDBNB. MA PA, Beans and Jet. M-Doobies dancing, party at my house. WORDS OF WISDOM: There is no such thing as best in a world of individuals. Patricia A. Reynolds 62 E. Main St. “Patti” MEMORIES: All the good times that we had at the wall, the field, Charlies yard, the Brown ' s cellar ask MC,SS,SD,CH,RH,AB,GB,MB,JB-all the parties at GHB. Summer of 78-79 w Peter (NOH) Homeroom ask PR,TR,WR,PR,DR,MR. WORDS OF WISDOM: To reach out and grasp for something and to find out if it has left with no rea- son. (ME) Tom Richards 45 Atlantic Rd. 56 Wayne Rose 22 Ocean Avenue Dean C. Rossi 22 Eastern Ave., Essex Dino MEMORIES: Kinks, JL, North Conway, Talking Heads Club Casino, Addison Sq. Garden, life in the fast lane, " I survived the summer of 79.” WORDS OF WISDOM: To morrow may rain so I ' ll follow the sun. (Lennon and McCartney) Pamela Rowe 79 Western Ave. Pam MEMORIES: Hippie, the Kinks, the window, the invasion of Hamilton ask Essex, TJ,SM,JR,PM, my friends, summer of 79, Macho-man, SOS ask Tracey. The cake party ask Grett. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live life — be yourself, you can ' t live life for anyone else. Tracey Roy 1 Southern Heights, Essex MEMORIES: PAT 12 31 78, the KINKS, YaGa ESSEX, the rink, ker it, the window ask Pam, sum- mer of 79, me and superman, my parties TJ,PR and all my friends Woodman’s, the cake party ask Grett. WORDS OF WISDOM: You gotta live life that’s all you do, nobody’s gonna live your life for you. (the KINKS) Pam Rudolph 11 Lookout St. MEMORIES: ANDY 10 13 78, last night of Fiesta 79 ask AO, all the very long talks w Trish, tell me the whole story: Pam, is your grandmother deaf? Always remember Kelly, Paula, Julie, TM, Rosie, my best friend Philly, Babe, Hey Pal, Seger 78, Beatlemania 79, All the best w Andy. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: There’s a kind of love that’s absolutely unconditional. The kind that say ' s I love you because you’re you, and just because you exist. Colleen Marie Ryan 24 Haskell St. " Butch” MEMORIES: Deutchland 79, Toronto, DC, Dallas, B S Champs, Clam friends, summer 79, BC,JO,FL,BF,JL; Billy, CG.MP, 4, 83 — The Wiz, Styx, Yes, Dob- bies, Kingsmen, GC, MM.GT in Rock and Man; TW! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-2-3-4 — Hist. 3, Pres. 4, Winter Colorguard 3-4, Field Hockey 3-4, Softball 2-4, Germany Trip 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: People think I ' m crazy, but it keeps me from going insane. Pamela Saco 516 Essex Ave. Rebecca Lane Sargent 22 Dennison St. Beck, Becky, Sarge MEMORIES: Wing, Parties — ego, cruisin’, crazi- ness, sumra., GHB sights, TBTCAK — Eggin, spray- paint, sh-the girls, MM, Squam gang, long talks, eter- nal friends, close moments, dreams ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cr. Country 3, NHS 3- 4, Stu. Council 3, GDT Camp 2-3, Flicker. WORDS OF WISDOM: The pursuit of truth will set you free, even if you never find it. 57 Christopher Sargent Wolf Hill Road Patricia Saulnier 156 East Main Street Patty MEMORIES: Of the summer of 79’ at B.C.S., fights with SL.JN, talks with J.S..S.L.V., and E.C. Walk in with D.T. Dates with D.T. Remember dates with ex- when SL lost ring in back seat. Remember long walks with SL. “It ' s too big” WORDS OF WISDOM: Live for yourself, Live for life then you are most truly the friend of man. Susan Savage 30 Grove Street Sue, Sav, Suz MEMORIES: GHB, wing., skiing Ayup ask M.W. ask RL,DS,BP,SM,BF., There’s no turning back . . . and all other craziness ask DS, Firedrills! Ebineiser ask CC, Duck talk, ask? Friday nightsup BP ask DS,SM,AE,BJ,JD,BL ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball 1-2, Field Hockey 2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Enjoy life to its fullest James R. Sherbahn 64 Middle St. Sherbie MEMORIES: All my years at the churchyard with my friends. Jeff and me and BC. Remember Booth- bay harbour with Jeff. I ' ll remember Pam Francis and all the good times we had together. I ' ll never for- get her. Remember Louie and Theresa and Turkey and Yvonne and Robin. And remember friends like SI- WORDS OF WISDOM: All do good things in moder- ation, but do them good. Douglas C. Shatford 18 Flume Road Magnolia 1 Ma. Shadow MEMORIES: 1961-? Magnolia at BH,KKK,GHB,SFP Peir House and ask Duke, Jeffro, Deano, Cracker and the Irish Man. 7 12 78 All the wonderful times with Robyn. Muffin, Little pebbles, MT, walks on Gray Beach, and 3 in a bed. Sun Devils 1 1980 Ask A Audi and Keith! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Cross Country 1-2-4, JV Basketball 2, Intramural Basketball 3-4, Var- sity Tennis 1-3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Let the good times roll! " Peter M. Shoares Jr. 17 Highland St. Refete MEMORIES: “Did I ever tell you " , Sue McPhail 2 14 79. Labor Day Weekend ask FL,DS,DP,MR,SM “Gillnetting Action " Beware of Dogs, Salsbury Beach. Hey Al, hows the Moorland Inn. Hey Freddie, look? it’s snowing a blizzard in Glou. Yo! WORDS OF WISDOM: Jealousy is good to have but over jealousy may lead into a heartbreaking situa- tion. Michael Sikorski Thatcher Rd. MEMORIES: ENJOY Mabel; ask Dan M. and Chris J. Hill Parties: We’re all gone. Summer and Winter Adventures to New Hampshire. Lou Reed concerts with CJ, Friends Filomena Silva 9 Derby St. 58 Laurel Anne Silva 2 Norseman Ave. L»3 U 0 MEMORIES: Steve!2 23 79, 1st Ski trip, CR’s party, Drill Comps ROTC, Canobie Lake — RP, The Black Junk, Fishing — SM, JM, Skating Rink Sundays — ROTC gang, Spitting — PS,RP, The Library — MM, Walks — SM, Flaky Water skiing, Putnam Pantry, ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 3-4 — 2nd ID Regional 3, Company Comm. ROTC 4, Grenadettes 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: You may forget those with whom you laughed, but you will never forget those with whom you wept. Mary Jo Silveira 10 Morton Place “Mare” Jo MEMORIES: Great friends Good times, 1 pal Col- leen, BR — Mountain — RH — Oval, Good ol ' days, skiing — pig pile — kleenex dispenser! Party — Party — Party — ask PC — Camping 8 24 79 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 2, Flicker Staff 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Tomorrow may have the answers I seek but I must have the freedom to learn and remember to laugh and to cry, Give me the free- dom to share, Give me the freedom to love. Christopher J. Simon 7 Cleveland Place Joe MEMORIES: Freshman year at Salem High! DM in 78 Lots of good times, New Friends, New Adven- tures! Having lots of fun! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing 1 Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: Set a goal for yourself and reach it! Learn all you can to make yourself even bet- ter. Diane Simon 7 Cleveland Place MEMORIES: Remember all the good times we had in school ask TF,DM,RD,JG,MS,DM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gloucester High School Marching Band 2-3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let it be! Daniel G. Smith 5 Linden Road Dan MEMORIES: Melissa 12 5 78. Ski weekend in G.B. with Melissa, Dana, Donna, Barn people. Don’t drink the water! Ma. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-2, Treas. 3, V.P. 4, Jr. Rotarian. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . . And though I have oft passed them by, a day will come at last when 1 shall take the hidden paths that run east of the sun, west of the moon. J.R.R. Tolkien Robin Smith 60 High St. Steven David Smith 429 Washington Steve MEMORIES: Rise and shine JSDQCRCG Short cuts ask Ethel. I’m not in heaven Hull warm water Barca’s shadow 75 miles ask Joe PMS ask ML gotta get a gun all band trips flat tire at Wingy My family and friends ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-4, Flicker Financial Editor. WORDS OF WISDOM: to find the end of the rain- bow; to seek until I find Ronda Snow 110 Prospect St. 59 David Soper 15 Maplewood Park Soap MEMORIES: Getting pushed into Brown’s Mall win- dow by A. A. Locker Kisses by R.S. ask L.O. Fixing T.P.’s muffler. Summer of 79 with Y.T.Y. Gregg W. Sousa 3 Kirk Rd. Angela Souza 5 Smith St. Gela, Ang MEMORIES: Special times w David, Fall 78 meeting DRW, 5 25 79 Determination LD wkend ask Ang G 9 8 79 9 23 79 DM’s wkends away, 10 13 79 wtt ask DRW. S.F. Always losing Donna 10 21 79 ask Mei- sha 5 18 79 good time? Beth? 3 9 79 bfftwC 4 4 79 first nite w chariot ask anyone hey Freddie! Where’s Momma? Joan F. Souza Mussel Pt. Rd. Joanie, B.J., Olw MEMORIES: Times w l Pals and Family 79 — Feb. Vac. — glove compartment always Unc Jim Munich 4 27 1-3 A.M. “Sehr Gut, S.G.” — Harald Midnight Knockers ask Leg " Did smbdy say 80?” (3A.M.) LO, JM,PC,KS,LL,SA,DA,KS,Phee ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 3, Basketball 2- 3, Germany 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: To know is nothing at all — to imagine is everything. Jeff Spinney 62 E. Main St. Scott St. Cyr 9 Abbott Rd. MEMORIES: Summer of 79 w TP, Bearskin Neck ask Bets and Tim, OJ for brkfst?, S of M, opening nite ’’blah’s " , Mt. Wash., Giraffes and Penguins, a Green ask DJ and SO, Image w Jen, The Great Climb ask melis, Shes drowning! ask LM, Psst ML!, Thanx Ma and Dad ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, Jr. Rotarians 4, Thespians 1-4, Thes. Sec. 4, Coll. Nite 4. Andrew Stachiewicz 213 Western Ave. MEMORIES: Poland “78 " . The Attic “79”. Gradua- tion “80 " . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics, National Honor Society. Paul Stachiewicz 213 Western Ave. MEMORIES: Thumbing and Freedom, Summer of ’79; Bar Harbor, the Grateful Dead, and the many people; C.C. in N.H. The Beatles, the Attic: BP, TA, and DM. Skiing (Face in snow), ask RS. Summer b- ball, SA, SP. Weekends in Newton. The Pope, Oct. ' 79. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Graduation 80, NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: “America eats too many goodies. " J.B. sr. 60 Michael Stanton 16 Beacon St. Mike MEMORIES: Conn. ' 79, 186 ‘‘Boy are we gonna get it tomorrow!” ask JM„ and Br. 5th-12th ask J.B. V. — Blood Molson late night JM KL JN. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Print Shop 1-2-3. Todd Stanwood 33 Riverview Road Toby MEMORIES: Washington 1976, Shower door, Dallas (Mafia) Toronto, Styx and Tull concert Always 1st. Good times with J.O.P.T., T.P., M.C., J.G.,R.G., etc. Bike trip to N.H. ask J. Sem-Formal with T.G. Hersey Kiss. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 2-3-4, Drum- Major 4, W.G. 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t look back at the past when the future can still bring forth more pleasures. Mary R. Stavros John Wise Ave. Essex Charlie MEMORIES: Greg — The good and hard times we shared. I.P. not once but Twice! ask L.S. K. O. Skinny dipping?! ask L.O. Summer of 79. Shining moon. L.O. Get in Lisa! Nights with K.O. WHOA . . . Baby!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball, Track, Beacon. WORDS OF WISDOM: Champion the right to be yourself, dare to be different and to set your own pattern; live your own life and follow your own star. William C. Steadman Wood Drive Essex Bill MEMORIES: Essex No. 1 and Nobody can deny. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball, National Honor Society 3-4, Acad. Rec. Laura M. Stelluto 21 Brier Road Memories: Rich 8 15 77 the hard times — the good •times. Light house, on the run. Ipw. not once but TWICE! jinks K.O. and M.S. long talks w R.F. Great times w b of friends, Wow baby! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis 3-4, Track Team 1-2-3-4, NHS, Jr. Rotarian, HR Rep., Academic Recognition 2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence. Scott Stewart Norseman Ave. Julianne Strong 84 Friend Street Julie MEMORIES: Good times w Jerry 10 21 78. Animal house, meeting up w coach Hart, ask Jc. SA. MS. The rides and the crazy things that happened. What about the rock? ask SA The laughs and long talks w Kelly. The playground; " The Kids " 1975-1979 WORDS OF WISDOM: To seek better days but to never forget the best of Yesterday. Ronald Summit Western AVe. Essex 61 Eileen Marie Sutherland 29 Perkins St. Eye MEMORIES: JAMEY 4 15 77, 5 29 79, BR.RH.MT — Ski Trip, C.Y.O. Meeting Jamey. Will you be my best friend? ask Di Papa Gino’s ask (BDCMS, Favorite Restaurants. Salisbury Beach ask JBDCWP My cat Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Sum of 79 w JB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: CYP President, Flicker Staff 4, Senior Council 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: One of the real joys of our lives is having friends and keeping in touch with them. Jacqueline M. Sova 17 Apple St. Jackie MEMORIES: Traveling — Innsbruk Feb. 78, Germany April 79, Europe Feb. 80, skiing — Sugarloaf, Dunk’s camp, unfor- gettable winter weekends, family, friends. Driving on Sat. night — American Graffiti. Soccer — Varsity and F.Y.S. — Photography. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German Trip. WORDS OF WISDOM: " When I reach the Autumn of my life, may the reflections be of a wise man ' s journey.” Jay Sweet 14 Concord St. David K. Taylor 1 Decatur Court MEMORIES: The bridge, EH,JH,MF,)G,JC,ST,KC; Mt. Wash- ington: 70 Caddie and Tomma — the " MAGGOT " , Goetem- ann, Moorland Parties, applewine, the shop kids, R.O.C- K.A.N.D.R.O.L.L. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS, GUS, NHS. WORDS OF WISDOM: Today is only yesterday ' s tomorrow. Mary Grace Terranova 7 Orchard St. Mary T MEMORIES: Italy; best friend Karen, Monica, Ann, Sue; St. Ann ask KCAFASLCKO, the Curtis ' , Canobie Lake — bumper cars; study ask SBJB; Italian ask AF; Rome — train ask VT; Thamaspuna . . ., working w Linda — false teeth; Maria ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, Senior Student Council. WORDS OF WISDOM: " The Lord replied, ‘the times you saw only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you’. " Theresa M. Testa verde Orchard Road MEMORIES: My friends . . . girls nite w Julie, Beth, Babs, Valerie, Karin. Good friends — GH, JK.BP.KO. Party w ML. Special math class — remember Georgia? SMAK 213 — who could forget? My family . . . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS 3-4, Academic Recogni- tion Night, Ad Craft Award 1979. WORDS OF WISDOM: To accept with patience and toler- ance whatever life has in store for me. Michael S. Thimmer 4 Butman Ave. Mike Zero MEMORIES: GHS Band Philly 76, Toronto 77, Bed breaking in 5 min. D.C. 78 J. Homestock w the submerged lawn furn. at — 20 . . . Texas 79 Frank V. Good times w Dana P. Dan S. DLML. " I can’t take it anymore I ' m going to kill myself ' Drewl. Bye GHSB and Jim G. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band L-2-3-4, Jazz Band 3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Sheli Thompson 107 Mt. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: Tony 10 27 77 — I love you best, stairway, hearthside, ernie, rocky, burt, daisies and roses; why, does it bother you? cathy; talking to mirrors — pam; my mum, best in the world! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: District Chorus 3-4, Ensemble 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Tigger is allright really. Everyone is really. That ' s what I think; said Pooh. " But I don’t suppose I’m right. " “Of course you are,” said Christopher Robin. Carla Rose Tocco 26 Addison St. MEMORIES: George 1-5-79 forever. Winter nights? I’m freezing! Making those great bets and times I ' ll never forget. Waking up grouchy. Little surprises, are you still mad? Going shopping is impossible — a birthday to remember. Summer, drowning, playing chicken and the boat. Good Friends — LBLWLOAFSBKA! WORDS OF WISDOM: Love is the rising sun on a day that’s been dark. Suzanne Tolman 92 Wheeler St. Aunty Suesue MEMORIES: Times w Lori, Timmy, Tina, Tommy. The Trip to Athol and the doll. All the great times w Mel and the trips to Cape Cod. Working w the same nutty people at SMT, IGA. WORDS OF WISDOM: Be yourself, not what other ' s want you to be; I could not have made it without you Mom and Dad! Michael Townsend 133 Riverdale Park Aarron Trefry 139 East Main St. Christifor M. Vaccaro 28 School St. MEMORIES: Makin’ it through school, having good times w my friends, and Matie we were the best — class of 1980 WORDS OF WISDOM: All chairs are green and no chairs are green. Christine Vaccaro 28 School St. Chris, Chrissy MEMORIES: Scott, the van, always Fleetwood Mac at Maplewood Park, 78 ask BD Good Harbor 10 79 Don’t remind Penny! Magnolia ask MH about the Robot. Fence and Fuzz, laugh at DM and BS. Do you remember Micheline’s DM BD and BS? Never forget the cops Friday — 10 19 79 WORDS OF WISDOM: I’ve been a devil but I’m nobody ' s fool and I sure know something ahuh! KISS James Verga 17 Pine St. JV MEMORIES: Friends: the goodtimes at Wingaer- sheek, Red Sox game ' 77, the Hill, Pool room. Springsteen concert, give me a lite — ask BP and NM, That special week. The new regime 1980 champs ask JT, Talks at lunch ask ko JT KQ CC. STYX and Eagles — JA and DQ. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV Basketball 2. WORDS OF WISDOM: For the Good Lord to give me guide in whatever I seek. Joseph Virgilio 82 Cherry St. Joe Memories: the beach, football at the school with FC, GB, MB, SB, JR, JS, TC, JR, JM, RO, TG, DG, DD, CG. RN, JG ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Working on Co-p zs for Mr. s and learning a good trade. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you love something set it free, if it comes back it ' s yours if it doesn ' t it never was. 63 Paula M. Walkama 7 Marchant St. “Walka” MEMORIES: Dan 3-28-78, great times 7-27-78, Bad Co., Halloween w Dan — much more . . . friends new and old: those weekend nights ask sd lc lk, Talks Laughs w LC. Getting lost w SD lets get Rowdie ask LC, LK 5-15-79 w JG. Seger 9-22-78. Soph. yr. what a time — my love — keep smiling. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Council, Yrbk Staff, Track, Intra. Volleyball 3-4, Homeroom Alt. 1- 2-3, Homeroom Rep. 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: As time goes by let the sun rise, until we meet again . . . Sherri Warren Fernald St. MEMORIES: Steve 5-26-77 flat tire 4:30 ask sw and mk, NO ask JM JG and Mr. Koropkin, Mayor Mark jv 77, go for it ask anyone. Friends good times w SW TB MK MW BD DH JW GI, Bruins game ask SW JG BD! races, NY ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Softball, Bowling. WORDS OF WISDOM: Mom and Dad I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I want to accomplish as much as possible and take life as it comes, now and in the future. Linda Watson 11 Wall St. MEMORIES; Summer 79 ask EO SG CG. The trailer, chicken pie ask CV KA. Blue junk car, the highway ask SG EO about the flat. Every morning in school ask EO. Stagefort ask ef eo ps rm rt WORDS OF WISDOM: Let the good times roll. CARS Edith Watters 35 High Popples Rd. Edie MEMORIES: Summer 77 My best friend FR, Wood- man’s " KINGS” twice! Yagga! Essex is better than Glou. anyday. concerts (love them). Rink, Amvets, the lake, Austria, U-Mass, Amherst, my brother, weekends, Ipswich, the Dandelion WORDS OF WISDOM: Dream on; Dream on until your dreams come true — Aerosmith Tom Wayne 25 Norman Ave. " The Duke " MEMORIES: MM, KKK, Snaps before B-ball at Library. Bruce and E ST. Band. Gold and J. Geils, Crack, Bernie, Mike, Chris. After B-ball games 78-79, Zodka. Octoberfest ask Ryan. Mag. beach, Rich, Oppie, Dan and Dean. MAD Irishman. TIGERS. Zig Zag — Karl ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1-2-3-4. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never try, never win!!! Jill Webber 22 Middle St. MEMORIES: Bob 10-7-79. the curb ask Red, MC so what do you think? ask MB Bonnie’s apt., ask CR MB, Cohasset ask PT, WOW, DEJA VU! Concerts, Jogging ask CF and CF ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1-2-3-4, Winter Guard 3, Field Hockey 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t let it bring you down. It ' s only castles burning, Find someone who’s turn- ing, And you will come around. N eil Young Jay Welch 1044 Washington St. Red MEMORIES: Kaw ask Zack and Nuge, W. Rest, Grateful Dead, 5-12-79 9-2-79 5-27 ask Beeper WORDS OF WISDOM: Will I live tomorrow? Well I just can’t say, but I know for sure I’m gonna live today. J. Hendrix Peter Wenander 6 Millett St. " Dum Skalle” John M. Wheeler 10 Sayward St. MEMORIES; Working down the shop, riding Last summer w Steve and Mike. Dumping the bikes in the grass Workin’ at the store, riding to Vermont. Shop party, working w Carl, and times w Ann M. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Soci- ety. Les Whipple 32 Laurel St. Nip MEMORIES: Auto racing, 20 ask PF, JE, SA , Boa- tramp, Auto shop, Sideways through the parking lot. Oswego Meatloaf, Sherri, Jogging in snowstorm at 3 A.M. ask MM. Beaver Call ask Tweetle. Perry’s class J.B. PF, JE, SA, DT, DB WORDS OF WISDOM: You can do anything you want to, all you have to do is try hard enough. Jean Marie White 74 East Main St. Jean MEMORIES: Kids at AGH, Canobie Lake ask RW. Laughs ask Patty, talks ask Jeanine, Paper clips ask TK, Tears ask Shelly, Winnipasaukee Weekend, X- mas w them. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HRR 1-2-3. WORDS OF WISDOM: To know that I’m loved by those who count and to do my best for them all through my life. Mark White 106 Concord St. Whitey MEMORIES: " Northern Area Champs 77”, 77 Cross Country team, Pan-Man, Gardiner Holiday Inn, ask Bob. Indian Rock The cops Run ask Steve, " Bony Buns” ask Donny, China — Port ask Pauly Stones 1, Working down Teels, JC, 9:56 — Harvard, Span. — Becky Robin Lee Willmonton 30 Water St. Essex Ro, Rob MEMORIES: Camp Wapanacki; 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, Camper JIP, CIT, JC Jorge V„ Chester, Tom, Straw- berry Hill, 7 2 79, 8 11 79, Thunderstorm, NYC 12 7 78, Man in 6th floor window, rubber band, shower, bed ask JH HA, Wash.Fla.Cal roller coaster JW. Matt Witham 7 Hovey St. Julie Williams 44 Mount Vernon St. Scott Wilson 96 Riverdale Park MEMORIES: All the good times down the park. Ask BO, SL, DC, JF, DF, BP, SL. This means you. on the Wisdom, Earls mooning up Dtown, Ask RO, KA, EP. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gloucester Vocational School House Building. WORDS OF WISDOM: If at first I don ' t succeed I will try, try again. Donna Marie Wonson 82 Mt. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: Moe 9 14 79 Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, Bobby Who? BLT. The rock, they caught us Carl, Yellow toy ask Carla ' s nose, Out w dirt. Summer 78 G17. Sunburns, Cruisin’ in redfiat. Nicks. Joel, Gela’s 1st accident. Wee Wee hours in cemetery. Winga. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 1. WORDS OF WISDOM: Counting time is not as important as making time count. Deborah Ann Wright R82 Mt. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: 1 friends AMJZLPJFDA, Deutschland trip — TW, Black, AD1DO, V’s bro, 0 1000, geil, always M + M — AM, Gi’s, las, amoeba, Bull ' s eye! 10 13 79 4G plan, Ron, Burt, Bertha, TGT, shoulders, Red, walks, rock talks, Hawaii, f-ball games, Hinden- burg! safari ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Pres, of JOYC, Ach. in KOP, Pep Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Go for it! Janine Zager 89 Mt. Pleasant Ave. MEMORIES: 1 friends AMLPDWJF, $G plan, TGT, Burt, Ski trips, Red truck, Bl. V, Suffolk Downs, BB hit the deck, Pass to Skip, 10 13 79, Bull ' s eye, Crui- sin FF, The car ' s on fire! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS. Acd. Rec., Type Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you believe, there’s a mountain you can climb, cause if you get it wrong, you’ll get it right next time. Donna Marie Amaral 903 Manor Rd. Beverly Animal Don MEMORIES: Friends; soph yr. — DM; gov’t agent — NT, DM, AS, TA; Nune’s — AMD, AS, DM; Mal- colm ' s computer — PS, DW, MN; 12 21 77 — sis Robin; Globetrotters — MC; Toby ' s party; BEV- ERLY?! grey hair? It’s alive — DW; Dawn o t Dead — TB, Boston — DK, Betty, we’re n relat., mom. Andre F. Benedek 217 Hesperus Ave. MEMORIES: NY taxis; FM at Boston; Sw. dnes insane JAVAS!; Big loop (TR8FR); sont fous ces, ricains; OKLA: super; Rllskates (CH.R); c ' est le pied!;, mes futures escapades! Miss y ' all; BXL, Papy, Mamy et Cathy et Ka of course. Gd. Kl, to y’all, les coreaux ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Thespians. WORDS OF WISDOM: Ai mer, comprendre, donner, supporter, accepter et pardonner . . . Grace F. Ciluffo 11 Cleveland Street Gaye MEMORIES: Lots of love to Steve 5 16 76, 1 friends LMSMAMSDMK. Special Thanks Pat + Frenchie for all the love + care, twin boys — Mar- yann. Girl’s night GHB, SFB, talks w Lisa, boulevard, SM,AM, Look, Ma I made it! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: YB Staff, PA. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t ever stop saying I love you because someday someone will say it back. La-Salete do Rosario Costa 36 Granite St. 2nd FI. MEMORIES: ELVINO 6-5-79 Canobie Lake and GHB w friends. Azores 78 w CC, AS, and FM.S A walks w AS, AC, MS,MC WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is like an “Oasis” in the desert of “illusions”. Tina Doucette 44 Sumner Street Tuna MEMORIES: All the good times with David, esp. walking the breakwater. Man in the window, ask DB, The truck July 3rd ask AM, All the good times and discussions w Mom, 4 WD Van ask Coma. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Vice Pres. 1. Pep Club, Gradu- ating Jr. Year. WORDS OF WISDOM: Love and Communication are the keys to happiness. 66 Johan Fors 161 Western Ave. c o Korthas Too Tall MEMORIES: Thank you guys in the Thespians and Chorus for making this year so fun and memorable for me ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, Chorus. WORDS OF WISDOM: I know what I like, and I like what I know. Tim Harrell Eastern Ave., Essex MEMORIES: Parties at the grove. The Carolina run ask JS, AN The Cottage. The Midnight attack at Den- nys ask George May 12, 79 Summer of 79, Cars. MTB Tammy. Gone to NY lately? Ask Mallo. Best of all 8 10 79. Most of all my mother wish. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be happy with any deci- sions I may make. John Karlen 11 Western Ave. Peter Kovacs 633 Western Ave. Lena Zacks c o Harling 551 Washington St. MEMORIES: Rollerskating in Boston, Swedish eve- ning, Manchester 21 Oct., all the friendly people in Thespians, bowling in Worcester ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 4, ASSE. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Be what you are not what you pretend to be” " Odet ger oss slaktingar, vanner va valjer vi sjalva. " Johanna Lehro 15 Woodard Ave. Thomas Mackey 311 Essex Ave. Tracy Roberts Fernald St. 67 Thelma Adams Donna Marie Amaral Dana Asaro Julianne Asaro Scott Barusso Danielle Beaulieu Nanci Brown Brenda Marie Benham Connie Borges Paula Bovio Carla Cahoon Bunny Carrao La Salete Costa Tobey Ann Creaser Valerie Campbell Peggy Chisolm Dana Bruni Lauri Burke Debbie Burns Valerie Cafasso Kim Cloutman Kandi Conrad LeeAnn Ciaramitaro itnf ' Lisa Ciaramitaro 68 Sharon Curley Frank D’Ambrosio Rosa da Silva Marilia da Silveira Lee Davis Barbara Duest Janet DeCourcy Annette Dion Tina Doucette Laura Doyle Ben Favazza Ginny Fialho Ann-Marie Edmonds Carole Ellis Ann Favazza Amy Fish nti Roberta Frederick George Garron Phyllis Garron Joanne French Chris Gentile Rosemarie Frontiero John Frontiero Gina Giovanni Dan Greeke 69 ftfli Superlatives co Z O Scott St. Cyr Ann Marie Davis Superlatives H Cfl O 2 SUN MON TUE SEPTEMBER WED THUR SAT 1 5 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4 3 2 1 First day of School Brenda B. wears her Jailsuit Thank God it ' s Friday 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Donna Lane seen conducting in her sleep. Students get their mug shots taken Football team wins its first game at New- buryport 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Sherri Warren found not talk- ing on the phone Zero walks out of band practice Football team loses but they put up a good fight 23 30 S ' Band wins in Hull 24 25 26 27 The 1980 flicker gets underway 28 29 Football team puts up another good fight Football MARK DESTINO AARON TREFRY JOHN O CONNOR DAN GREEKE RON JABBA NICK MOCERI The 1979 season showed the pride and determination of the Fighting Fisher- men. The football team battled back from a 1-2 early season record to finish with an 8-2 record. The offense was led by the passing of Andy Orlando (1,001 yds.) and the running of John O’Connor (683 yds.). The offense line, led by sen- iors Joe Parisi, Nick Moceri, Rob Fitzgerald and Dean Frontiero, put in a consist- ent season. Defensively, the Fishermen got better and better, the defense shut out its last three opponents, including highly ranked Danvers. The defense was led by sen- iors Dan Greeke, Dean Frontiero, Rob Fitzgerald, Joe Parisi, Dean Nicastro and Mark Destino. The season included come from behind victories against Newbryport, Sau- gus, and Marblehead. The greatest day for Gloucester came on Thanksgiving. Dean Frontiero ' s third period field goal put the Fishermen on the board for the only scare of the game. The victory left the Gloucester rated number three in Massachusetts Division II-East. Tri-captains John O’Connor, Rob Fitzgerald, and Aaron Trefrey provided the inspiration to make the 1979 season a great one. JAMIE O’HARA ANDY ORLANDO DEAN NICASTRO DEAN FRONTIERO BOB DENNIS COACHES Kneeling: Gerry Hart, Standing Tom TOM FAVAZZA ROB FITZGERALD TRAINER SHEILA TRANGUCH ASST. TRAINER PAULA SILVA JOE PARISI V Walsh, Jay Polly, Bill Goodwin, Bob Schiedmeier, Terry Silva Football Cheerleaders The 1980 Cheerleaders help the football team get off to a great start. ANNETTE DION, BOBETTE LOPICCOLO, PATRICIA McDONALD, PAM RUDOLPH. KAREN DAVIS, VALERIE CAFASSO, AMY MILNE. SUSAN KING, NANCI BROWN, HEIDI LACEY, MARIE VERGILIO, KIM YOUNG, ANNE QUINN PAM RUDOLPH ANNETTE DION VALERIE CAFASSO HEIDI LACEY w. ti SECTION COMMANDER JILL WEBBER HEAD DRUM MAJOR DONNA LANE DRUM MAJOR LAURA DOYLE DRUM MAJOR TODD STANWOOD « a Gloucester High School Marching DRUMS BY THE SEA FIRST CAPE COD SHOW FIRST BEST DRUM MAJOR BESTCOLORGUARD BAY STATE FIELD SHOW CHAMPIONS SOMMERVILE SHOW FIRST BILLERICA SHOW FIRST BAY STATE PARADE CHAMPS BEST DRUM MAJOR BESTCOLORGUARD PAULA MARQUES TEACHER AID JIM CUTER DIRECTOR DANA POWERS MIKE CIOLINO NORBERTO DAROSA PRESIDENT COLLEN RYAN VICE PRESIDENT DANNY SMITH TREASURER RICKY GERAGHTY Band and Colorguard SECRETARY MELLISA LEBAS COLORGUARD CAPTAIN PAULINE TARANTINO MIKETHIMMER FRANK VENTIMIGLIA ASST. DIRECTOR BRIAN WHITE HISTORIAN DIANE SIMON TOM PERRY Field Hockey Back Row: Laura Vanah, Alison Corrao, Cindy Knutsen. Lynn Wentworth, Daren Hidden, Shannon Burke, Jane Rowe, Front Row: Paula Talbot, Laura Doyle. Sue Palience, Kim Patience, Colleen Ryan, Pal Anderson Patty Anderson Coilen Ryan Laura Doyle Sue Patience Back Row: Donna Amaral. Diane Doyle. Marcie Manion. Marilyn Murraphy. Rosalie Ciametaro. Front Row: Tammy Morissy, Jane Foseberry. Leanne Kennedy. Jennifer O ' Gorman, Judy Rose J.V. Field Hockey Soccer Back Row: Mr. Perna. Chris Sauve, Tim Kennedy, Henery DaSilva. Agnazio Sanfilipo. Ron Pereen, Doug Bedell, Mr. Lodge, Middle Row: Randy- Brown. David Quadros. Mary Silva. Henry Shamburger, Dave Tarr. Scott Guyer, Glen Wilson, (on Nelson, Jamie Crawford, foe Wheeler. Chris Favo- lora. First Row: Johanna Lehro, Jane Holmgeren. Laurie Silva. A1 Chimaoioia. Frank D ' Ambrosio, Lee Davis. Mike Nicastro. Bill Steadman Frank D ' Ambrosio Mike Nicastro The 1979 Soccer Team had an unusually bad season. The team was made up of mostly sophomores, juniors, and only four seniors. Therefore the team suffered from lack of experience, and size. Although the Fishermen were outnum- bered. and overpowered, we still maintained an enthusiastic attitude. The Fishermen started off poorly, but the team was, still green and we hoped we would get it together. Since our team was small in size, the opposing team would take advantage of this in the final quarter. Our players would be tired, due to con- stantly playing, and the other teams realized this and mono- polized on it. 90 OCTOBER SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 6 Barb. Duest hits the hit list 499 time. Football team wins 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 G.H.S. Band takes all in Barnstable Kathy O ' Matey has a stiff. We are saved Ants. Ellis seen without a con- cert T-Shirt for the 2nd day in a row Happy Birthday J.D.! Band takes back Bay State Champs Our team wins again 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Band wins in Sommerville G.H.S. students recover from the weekend Mark D. seen playing fireman in the main lobby Gretenan Klett falls in love with chocolate cake Band wins 1st place in Biller- ica Fishermen swap swampscott 21 G.H.S. Band holds town competition 22 B.S. missed last week’s party at Wingersheek 23 Pete Hickey and Dan Greeke were inducted into the food fight Hall of Fame 24 25 S.J. Valy seen without a girl. Losing your touch 26 Chris is not in gym. Poor Sue! 27 Ding Dong the witch is Dead 28 29 30 31 Band takes 2nd place in Beverly 92 Flying Pumpkin seen coming out of 308 alright A1 Halloween madness down at the fort Boys Cross Country I Back Row: Ross McKenzie. Richard Mann. Steve Perrin. Middle Row: Bobby Lindberg. Billy Roachford. Steve Perrin, Jim Brennan. Mark White. Kevin Flaherty, Front Row; Ron Perrin. Steve Curcuru. Toby Borge Girls ' Cross Country Back Row: Joan Muise. Kim Cloutman, Michelle Nicastro, Heidi Knutsen, Kirsten AfKlintenberg, Jennifer Gouzie. Middle Row: Maryanne Moceri, Donna Lupo, Dawn Roch ford, Pauls Wakama, Chris Menicouchi, Mechelle Mineo, Front Row: Mariangelo Micolosi, Kendyll Pickett. Mary In only its second year of existence, the Girls’ Cross Country Team had a highly successful sea- son. Not only did it finish with an excellent record but also was the highest team in the con- ference. Their dedication to workouts, including Saturday morning 10 mile runs and their team spirit were the key to their success. The team was led by captain Heidi Knutsen who placed 3rd in the conference on 20th in the Class 1 States. Seniors Jenifer Gouzie and Joan Muise consistently placed in Gloucester ' s top five and will be missed as will senior Kirsten Af Khnleberg. Michelle Nicastro, Kim Cloutman, and Paula Wakama. Despite losing seniors, strong running sopho- mores and juniors return next year. The group led by co-captain elect Donna Lupo who placed 4th in the conference and 30th in the state. Mar- ianne Moceri and co-capt. elect Kendyll Pickett with a summer of road racing and training ahead the Girls ' Cross Country is looking forward to another successful season. 94 1979 Girls’ Cross Country 6 Wins 3 Losses G.H.S. 44 Beverly 17 G.H.S. 23 Salem 33 G.H.S. 21 English 40 G.H.S. 15 Saugus 50 G.H.S. 37 Swampscott 21 G.H.S. 18 Classical 45 G.H.S. 32 Winthrop 27 G.H.S. 23 Marblehead 33 ' G.H.S. 23 Danvers 34 Conference Meet 4th Class 1 States 14th Golf Team The Gloucester High School Golf Team, coached by Will Gouzi% finished with a surprising 8-2 record. The team, co- captained by Paul Muniz and Anthony Ellis have a chance to go to the State Tournament this year. Paul Muniz played the number one position and finished with a 5-4-1 record. In the number two slot was Chris Davis with a 6-3-1 record. Co-captain Anthony Ellis was the number three man and had a record of 7-3, his partner Matt Muniz who played with consistency was 9-1. Seniors Steve Flanagan and Dave Burns played the fifth and sixth spots, they were 8-2 and 9- 1 respectively. Steve Tucker played the number seven spot while Mike Connors, Chris Good, Tom Lupo and Carl Ekberg all shared the number eight position. Left to Right: Matt Muniz, Chris Good. Chris Davis, Mike Connors, Dave Burns, Paul Muniz, Anthony Ellis, Steve Flanagan, Steve Tucker, Carl Ekborg, Tom Lupo Co-capt. Anthony Ellis Steve Flanagan Coach Will Gouzie Co-capt. Paul Muniz 95 BETHANN PETERSON ‘CAPTAIN AMY PETERSON DEBBIE PARSON ERIKA LITCHFIELD KATHY ANN QUINN CATHY GROVER LAURA STELLUTO The girls varsity tennis team had so many girls try out this year that coach Ann Ziergiebel had to expand the size of the team from twelve members to fourteen. The size of the team did nothing to harm the team, as every player com- peted in at least two varsity matches. The lack of varsity playing time mattered little to those members it affected, for they provided the moral support and team spirit needed so much by the team members competing. This team effort enabled the girls tennis team to compile a nine wins, five losses over all record in the northeastern conference. The record was the same as last year’s, which was the best in the team’s history. The team accom- plished this winning record by commitment and determination to do the best they could, not for their own personal gain, but for that of the team. The only teams to beat Gloucester all tied for first place in the conference, so although the girls had some disappointing losses they should all be proud of their achievement. TRICIA PHILPOTT JENNY FATTA KELLEY CONNORS ELLEN HEMINGWAY FAYE LINQUATA DONNA BYARO ROBIN PICKETTE Rifle Team The Rifle Team has a record of 9 wins and 1 loss. Because of their exceptional record they qualify for the State Champion- ships. METROPOLITAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS G.H.S. 883 Acton 834 G.H.S. 856 Billerica 683 G.H.S. 869 Weymouth 791 G.H.S. 870 Watertown 735 G.H.S. 862 Malden 811 G.H.S. 897 Cath. Mem. 860 G.H.S. 872 Holbrook 840 G.H.S. 900 Braintree 903 G.H.S. 892 Wayland 874 Front Row: Shiela Williams, Kim Parsons, Ray Perry, Holly Anderson, Back Row: Jim Wheeler, Paul Valadao, Gordon VanAuken, Pam Silva. Sherry Machain, Fernando Valadao Raymond Perry Kimberly Parsons NOVEMBER SUN L MON TUE WED THUR FRI . SAT i Research Papers Due Thus end- ing attempts to blow up Mrs. Erwin ' s home 2 Teresa Gove celebrates her 18 birth, w 2 Teacher friends at the Surf 3 Football Team wins in Beverly 4 G.H.S. Band wins comp, in East Bridgewa- ter 5 Happy Birthday Gail Merchant 6 Mrs. Erwin ' s 5th Class is in a frenzy waiting for Research Paper 7 Mr. Brennan gives Mary Stevros the “White Chalk Dust Award” 8 " Powder Fight” Steph turns white 9 Gina C. found sleeping in the lobby Der Gina 10 Football Team wins another one 11 G.H.S. Band wins Westwood competition 12 Rifle Squad has mud fight on the field at West- wood 13 Mabel Pettipas 70th Birthday 14 15 Annual Contest to see how many hairs on Chris ' s Chest 16 Six days left football team getting intense 17 18 19 Nick Moceri breaks in to 7R class M M jar was it worth it Nick! 20 Football Team ready to go 21 22 Football Teams win the Thanks- giving game 23 Football players recover from their 3-0 win 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 G.H.S. Band Sr. Class offi- wins the Bay Brenda Benham cers see State Parade 4 gets a job!! " DOTS” before yrs. their eyes Gloucester High School Thespians NAN WEBBER — director Peter Wenander First Row, Left to Right: Sheila O ' Conner, Laurie Lake, Don Poole, Jon Deveau, Scott St. Cyr, Belinda Burnham, Skip Olson, Mary Clare Con- don, Peter Wenander, Pam Sace, Ann-Marie Davis, Marjorie Bagley. Jim Melanson, Erika Hansen, Florince Major, Justine Curley, Chris- tine Silvera, Laura Barker, Mike Aderlon, Mark Day, Teresa Gove, Tim Beary, Mark Strengman, Melissa Lebas. Larry Cook, Warren Durgin, Mathz Olsen, Matt Bolorsky, Ginger Gray, Eileen Fizgerald, Fred Gibney, Kevin Beaulieu, Sandy Currier, Second Row: Rick Man- nin, Julie de Ham, Barbara Hall, Alison Hagstrom, Courtney Ellis, Lisa Munroe, Betsy Williams, Berna- dette Williams, Lisa Legendre, Jennifer Williams, Kevin Anderson, Aaron Patrican, Cheryl Smith, Greg Knutsen, Sal Carusa, Leslie Melanson, John Melanson, Third Row: Betsy Junker, Donna Demetri, Heidi Dallin, Ann Ellis, Lisa Marino, Catherine St. Cry, Linda Leford, Andre Bendek Julie de Ham Florence Major Ann Marie Davis ' aula Bovio 99 OKLAHOMA! Aunt Eller Lisa Legendre CAST OF CHARACTERS Andrew Carnes Mark Day Ann Ellis Cord Clam Mike Anderton Curly McClain Scott St. Cvr Ellen Connie Cassidy Laurey Williams Heidi Dali in Chrissy Marjorie Bagley Ike Skidmore Mark Strangman Ado Annie Ann-marie Davis Fred Fred Gibney Lisa Marino Slim Skip Olson Sam Andre Benedek Will Parker John Deveau Jess Peter Wenander Jud Fry Jim Melanson Chalmers Matt Bolonsky Ali Hakim Tim Geary Joan Pam Saco Bessie La urie Lake The Dots Concert Hock Concert: The ' Dots " Rock concert was held on Nov 30 at the CHS auditorium. The event was worked on for three months, planned and prepped by the Senior Class Officers This was Ihe first concert in a few years at Gloucester High, drawing many Gloucester youths to its audience. The " Dots " are a group who have toured many years with professional rock musicians around the country. Their objective is to provide the youth with knowl- edge of their music. They are working on an album that will be out in a year. Nationally, they have been warm-up bands for Seger. J. Geils. Foghat. and many more. So. after drawing hundreds to a local concert, the " Dots " made their debut in Gloucester The Senior Class proved right in their faith of a concert to raise money. The treasury increased nearly $1,000.00 forwarded to the many Senior Class ( ' t . t y ( ■ . ' THE DOTS 4 GLOUCESTER HIGH GYMNASIUM FRIDAY, NOV. 30 8-00 PM TICKETS ISO Cl AM O AT TMC DOOR SPONSORED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Senior Class Advisors Mr. Ronald Pasek Senior Council First Row: Mr. Ronald Pasek, Marcia Kopanon, Teresa Gove, Toni McCormack, Second Row: Maria Grillo, Diane Campbell, Mary Terranova, Ann Favazza, Jim Puff, Nick Aparo, Third Row: Joanne French, Danielle Beaulieu, Brenda Ben- ham. Carole Ellis. Eileen Sutherland, Janine Brown Student Council i mg , f|f!» i . i i !b First How. Mark Destino, Teresa Gove, Laura Stelluto, Bcv Low. Toni McCormack, Kathy O ' Maley, Heidi Hughes, Marcia Kopanon. Julie Piraino. Jane Fosberry, Second Row: Faye Linquata, Gina Ciaramitaro, Rosali, Ciaramitaro. Annetie Trupiano, Rosalyn Frontiero. Erika Litchfield, Kathy Frontiero. Tracey Has- kell, Doena Demetri, Kathy Reardon. Lisa Legendre Mrs. Maryellen Callahan The Student Council is an organization which sponsors activities and raises money to benefit the school. Some activi- ties that were held were: Blood banks, spirit Week, the Student Council basket- ball game, elections within the school and other fund raising events, with the money that is raised the student council is able to offer two scholarships. These scholarships are given to two seniors who are active student council members. The student council is made up of 10 elected members from each class, includ- ing 5 students who were elected to the stu- dent advisory council to the school com- mittee. Class Officers jit 1 ' 7 1 1 Missing: Rusty Jenkins Vice President Student Advisory to the School Committee Student Advisory to the Board of Education mmm Teresa Gove MarkDestino Front Row: Rosalyn Frontero, Lisa Legendre. B ack Row: Kathy Frontiero. Mark Destino, Heidi Hughes 105 DECEMBER SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT ! Cathy Lafate wears her “I love NY” shirt for the 3rd day, wake up Cathy you ' re home! 2 Scott S. and Mark S. seen coming out of 3rd floor dress- ing room. What’s goin’ on? 4 Dapper Dan Malloy asks “What’s going on this week- end? It’s only Tuesday, Dan! 5 Marcia O’Brien takes a cab to school. Made it 2 days in a row, Huh Maria? Wow! Alan Feener seen in King’s buying a case of oil. The ole Vega’s back huh, Al? 7 Mr. Veator caught flirting with Ms. Wintle. Need a date this weekend Vea- tor? 8 9 10 Pam Saco takes it all off! (. . . braces, that is). 11 Thelma throws 25 people out of school. Can she DO that? 12 Nicky M. drives Ms. Avila crazy for the 3rd con- secutive day! 13 The cleaners lose Chris’s suit jacket. Will he and Sue make it to the semi-for- mal? 14 X-MAS SEMI- FORMAL AT WOODMANS. 15 Students rest after a hard night — but it was worth it! 16 17 4th block phys- ics wonders ‘What’s in the back of the room?’ 18 John Deveau makes a mis- take. Is that POSSIBLE? 19 The lobby crew heard singing X- mas carols dur- ing lunch. Give us a break! 20 Entire GHS stu- dent body wishes for the “Blizzard of ’79” to hit. 21 75% of students start X-mas vacation early. 22 23 Senior class decides it ' s too late to have a X- mas show. 24 ' Tis the season to be jolly! 25 MERRY X-MAS 26 Pam R. tells Mr. Billante off for taking the whole gym. 27 B-ball team wins Wakefield Tournament — with 14 less fans. 28 Cheerleaders win another competition. Way to go! 2S 30 108 31 Seniors prepare to greet 1980 . . . (with a smile!) Hockey msr £ lHk J AARON TREFRY BOB MARCHANT DANA ASARO PAUL MUNIZ SCOTT BARUSSO MARKBYARD tiger McDonald ANTS ELLIS Front Row: Aaron Tefrey. Dana DeCoste, Leon (Tiger) McDonald, Eddie Lane, Anthony Ellis Back Row: Paul Muniz, Dana Asaro, Mark Byard, Robert Marchant, Scott Barusso, Alan Feener 1 10 First Row: Mark Byard, Paul Muniz, Dana DeCoste, Aaron Trefry, Robert Marchant, Leon (Tiger) McDonald, Eddie Lane, Dana Asaro, Second Row: Coach Don Riley, Paul Hickey, Bozo Danjou, Anthony Ellis, Scott Barusso, Alan Feener, Pete Hickey, Coach Paul Riley, Third Row: Co-capts.: Aaron Treffry and Bob Marchant. Coach: Mr. Riley Girls ' Basketball From Left to Right: Donna Demetri, Janine DeBenidictus, Kim Patience, Mona Glenn. Cathy Ciolino, Coach Greg Smith. Erika Litchfield. Lisa O ' Neil, Lynne Wentworth, Kelly Rudolph. Mary Silva, Front: Robin Pickette, and Captain Jennifer Gouzie The girls basketball team, coached by Mr. Greg Smigh, turned out to be a very spirited team. Out of the eleven team members, only one was a sen- ior. This was Captain, Jennifer Gouzie, who proved to be an asset to the team as she pro- vided good judgement and spirit for the other team mem- bers. Due to the fact that there is only one senior next year’s team should be exceptionally good. Co-capts.: Jennifer Goozie and Robin Pickette Coach: Gregg Smith mCESTER MONA GLENN ERIKA LITCHFIELD CATHY CIDINO JENNIFER GOUZIE ROBIN PICKETTE KIM PATIENCE DONNA DEMETRI LISA O’NEIL Boys ' Basketball U L c, l e. First Row, L to R: Tom Ciolino, Greg Sousa. Tom Wayne, Marc Hubbard, Jamie O’Hara, Second Row, L to R: Ricky Marshall, Rich Philpot, Chris Good, Jerry McCarthy, John O’Hara, Brian Carey, Sal Bramas The 1979-80 basketball team was perhaps the most spirited basketball team representing Gloucester in many years. The four senior squad members played major roles for the team this season. Captain Tom Wayne was the main man for G.H.S. Coach Joe Billante Captain Tom Wayne Tom Wayne Marc Hubbard Greg Souza Tom Ciolino Danny Stafford Rich Philpot Basketball Cheerleaders Wakefield Christmas Basketball Tournament Champs Kneeling, L to R: Kim Young, Julie imbrunone, Karen Davis, Anne Quinn, Standing, L to R: Trisha MacDonald, Wendy Lee Wintle, Val Cafeaso, Amy Milne, Bobbet LoPicclo, Mario Virgilio. Kathy Ann Quinn CAPTAINS Trisha MacDonald and Valerie Cafasso This year’s Cheerleading Basketball Squad consisted of eleven girls. Although the girls did not maintain their four year championship title in the Northeastern cheerleading competition, they did win the Wakefield Christmas Bas- ketball Tournament competition for the second consecu- tive year. Girls’ Winter Track Gloucester 51 Marblehead 31 Ghoucester 37 Danvers 40 Gloucester 22 Swampscott 51 Gloucester 46 Classical 35 Gloucester 27 Winthrop 36 Gloucester 33 Beverly 49 First Row: Paula Walkama, Taryn Beck, Kirsten as Klintebeg, Donna Lupo, Heidi Knutsen, Laurs Stelluto, Second Row: Col- len Hamilton. Annette Trupiano, Laura Brodzinski, Josephine Fatta, Marianne Moceri, Lisa Warren. Rosemarie Calamo. Third Row: Tammy Morrseey, Marlena Vizena, Val Cook. Mary Beth |udd, Kindyl Pickett, Dawn Rochford, Missing: Jenny Fatta Girls Track Boys Track Back Row: James Brennan, Anthony Randazza, Pete Jenkins, Mike Orlando, Bob Parks, Steve Par- sons, Front Row: Brian Appt, Mark White, Richard Fish, Pat Fl araghty, Bill Rochford, Kevin Flar- aghty. Missing: Gary Glidden MARK WHITE PAT FLAHERTY RICH FISH 118 I_ 7m r First Row: Beth Johnson, Rosalie Orlando, Kelley Horne, Ann Enos, Nanci Brown, Second Row: Gina Libro, Susan King, Zoe Powers, Jane Quinn, Debbie Smith, Back Row: Mr. John Pastorello This year the gymnastics team was coached by John Pastorello, who taught both the boys ' and girls’ team, captains for the girls’ team were Beth Johnson and Tammy Papows. The boys’ team was led by Andy Sta- chiewica. All three captains were the main support of both the boys’ and girls’ gymnastics team. Gymnastic m m This year’s boys gymnastics team had a successful season due to the hard work and determination of both the team members and their coach John Pastorello. By the end of the year Kevin Carey had an average of 6.8 and Andy Stachiewicz had a 6.5. Both quali- fied for the state meet. Although Parky Eason did not compete he was an asset to the team. Chris Rose showed an impressive 5.3 on floor for a first year gymnast. Much of the success was due to the team spirit as well as the hard work put in by the team members. Left to Right: Parky Eason, Chris Rose, Mr. John Pastorello, Kevin Carey, Andy Stachiewicz 120 Christmas Semi-Formal An annual event at G.H.S., the Senior Class sponsored the X-mas Semi-Formal. This year it was held in the Woodman ' s Function Hall in Essex on Friday, Dec. 14. Nearly 100 couples danced to the rock-n- roll of “Quitz” ’til midnight. The queen and her court were chosen: The court consisted of Gloria Cochems, Kathy O’Maley, Lisa Pereen, Beth Johnson, and Queen: Laura Stelluto. A holiday time festive event, the X-mas Semi-Formal proved to be a well-planned turnout for another Senior-sponsored class. QUEEN Laura Stelluto and Richard Smith; “HER COURT” Gloria Cochems, Lisa Pereen, Kathy O’Maley, Beth Johnson 122 JANUARY 1 2 3 4 5 HAPPY NEW YEAR! VA CA TI ON 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 VA CA TI ON 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Welcome back to . . . hummm watchami-call it . . . Oh yeah! SCHOOL! Games of Cosmic Wimp-out resume at 4th period lunch! Peppermint pick up? What ' s that Janine? 20 21 Mary Breck says " Who’s next?” for the 1,000,000,000th time 22 Cheerleaders are awestruck when a Beverly referee says he APPRECIATED them! Hooray! 23 Pat Flaherty seen going into the girls’ room. Is there some- thing we don’t know? 24 Dean tackles Toni in the hallway. Are you okay Toni? Toni .? 25 Ron Jabba caught stealing brownies from Bake Sale. Wasn’t two lunches enough, Ron? 26 27 28 29 30 31 124 Eric Hutchins seen walking straight into school. Greg Solza slips the Kinks into the pre-game music at the b- ball game. Alright! Marcie H. seen eating junk food?! Mark Des- tino is in ecstasy. Boh Dylan’s gonna be on Sat. Night Live! CHORUS OFFICERS President Shell Thompson. V. President. Marcia O ' Brian, Secretary Julie Burke, Treasurer Lisa Craig, His- torian Mike Cilino 1st Row, L to R: Miss Chamberlin, Sheli Thompson, Sandi Libro, Sue Lohnes, Diane Dennis, Stacey, Lisa Craig, Barara Height, Charlene Fanion, Keith Milne, Mike Ciolino, Noel Reynold, Phil Parish Caroline Maciel, Fay Rowley, Mellissa Lebas, Teresa Gove, Debbie Muise, Tina Foss, Tammy Picone, Erika Hansen. LeeAnn Kennedy, Gary Medeiros, Dan Whitten, Tammy Bishop, Donna Amaral, Robin Hatch. Nicolina Ferrara, Carol Davison, Ann Saco. Holly Anderson, Julie Burke, Terry Devean, Johan Fors, Marc Carrico. C. {. Willette Chorus — GHS Chorus The GHS Chorus has planned a wide range of activities for the year. The highlight is an exchange concert with students from Paris Ontario. Canada. The Canadian stu- dents will spend three days in April in Glou- cester performing and sightseeing and will stay in the homes of chorus members. Glou- cester students will do the same in May. The choruses will combine on several musical selections which will form a total of almost two hundred singers. Chorus members are raising funds for this trip by selling raffle tickets, Christmas gifts, posters, candy and a special performance called " Cabaret Night. " The " Cabaret " will feature a complete buffet dinner as well as an evening of entertainment by chorus members from O maley and CHS. O ' maley will perform music from ' The Muppet Movie, " and Gloucester High School will do selections from GODSPELL. Special staging 3Dd lighting will bring out the costumes choreography designed just for this per- formance. The chorus will conclude a buissy on May 8 when they present their spring concert. Accompanist Caroline Craig ROTC BATTALION STAFF 1st LT Paula Bovio, MAJ Teresa Gove, SGM Florance Major. 1LT Dana Bruni. LTC Antonio da Rose. CPT Ray- mond Perry COLOR GUARD Gregg Knutsen. John Carr. Donna Record. Charles Morais. Paul Valadao, Careton Geary This is the 95th year for the Army Junior ROTC Program here at G.H.S. Although the basic course consists of Drill and Class periods, the key to the program’s continued exist- ence is in the many and varied other programs within the Mili- tary Department. Activities such as the G.H.S. Rifle Teams for both the boys and the girls, training opportunities at mili- tary installations, Gymkhana Night, Field Day, the Memorial Day parade, New England Regional High School Drill Competitions, Flag Day and the Sergeant ' s Party offer more than just a classroom environ- ment. The value of ROTC training becomes more apparent to the cadets after graduation from G.H.S. Regardless of what stu- dents decide to do after leaving G.H.S., be it college, the Armed Forces or immediate employ- ment, most of them feel better for having been exposed to ROTC. The solid support of the School Administration and the entire city of Gloucester has allowed the ROTC to live and grow for almost a century at G.H.S. and this is appreciated by the thousands of students who have passed through the program. DANA BRUNI FLORANCE MAJOR LAURIE SILVA ANTHONY DAROSA TERESA GOVE DAVID BENOIT First Row, L to R: Carlton Geary, Jeffery Downs, William Neal, David Benoit, Donald Poole, John Carr, Scott Guyer, Second Row, L to R: Gregg Knutsen, Burton Cutler, John MacDonald, David Morris, Tim Ahonen, Charles Morris, David Marannas Front Row, L to R: Holly Anderson, Belinda Major, Laurie Silva (co. commander), Kim Parsons, Jan Haselgard, Phillis Garron, Second Row: Pam Silva, Catherine Reardon, Sherry Machain, Sheila Wil- liams, Kathy Collins, Constance Cassidy, Third Row: Donna Record, Maria daRosa, Jennifer Williams Virgina Munroe, Jane Day, K. Lee Burns, Joy Giacalone BELINDA MAJOR ROTC MASCOT C Company Girls ' Drill Team °p V: George Deveau, Ed Pasquina, Tom Atwell, D. Scott Nobel (Co-Commander), Danny Place, Shawn Sweet, Fernanao Valadao, Second Row: James Richon, Henry Shamberger, Todd Walsh, Wayne Coull, Cleve Garron M ' ke Fra, zer. Third Row: Joe Saulnier, Paul Valaoao, Will Kilmer, Gordon Vanauken, Scott Place, James Wheeler, James Officer First Row: Pam Silva, Belinda Major, Laurie Silva, Marianne Cusick (Commander), Second Row: Coleen Day, Catherine Reardon, Jane Day, Sheila Williams, Kelly Rohan First Row: William Neal. David Benoit, Raymond Perry (Commander), Anthony DaRosa, John Carr, Second Row: Paul Valadro, David Morris, Carleton Geary, Fernando Valadro, Charles Morris Grenadetees Grenadiers First Row: Sherry Machain, Laurie Silva (Commander), Kim Parsons, Jan Haselgard, Second Row: Donna Record, Maria DaRosa, Pam Silva, Holly Anderson, Sheila Williams GYMKHANA NIGHT Due to the extended Winter Vacation this year’s Gymkhana Night took place on 12 Feb- ruary. The fact that this was also registration night for the Adult Education program insured that a large crowd was on hand. American Legion Post 3 medals were awarded to the winners of the Individual Drill Competition. 1st Place — Florance Major, 2nd Place — William Neal and 3rd Place to Kelly Rohan. Prize Squad medals are donated and pre- sented by the American Veterans Post 32 and were awarded to: 1st Place — Company C, commanded by Edward Pasquina, 2nd Place — Company B, commanded by Sheila Williams and 3rd Place to Company A, com- manded by William Neal. The LT COL JAMES M. REGAN plaque is presented to the cadet who, without seeking reward or recognition, has done the most for the ROTC PROGRAM. This year ' s winner was Cadet Capt. Ray Perry. FEBRUARY SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT i 2 Mr. O ' Donnell walks out of his 8th block class. He was last seen whipping chalk at the door. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Jeanine Harris measured for a cap and gown and informed that one shrunk an inch! Mark D. caught sniffing at Ber- ta’s neck. Is that Chanel or Jon- tue? Ginny Flaiho is bummed out because she got a A- on her Bio. exam! Trage- dies! Brenda comes to school. Ms. Schneider is shocked! Paula and Mar- cia stay after school to put up Valentine deco- rations. How sweet! 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Gloria and Rusty get thrown out of chemistry class. Teresa Gove and Connie J. are discovered as the Harvey Bristol Creme seductresses. Ben Fauozza pulls ahead of Joe Parisi in the moustache race. 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 V A C A TI O N 24 25 26 27 28 29 132 Aaron and John are seen playing hide-and-seek in the hallways. Aren’t you boys a little old? Last day for sen- ior cheerlead- ers. Val and Trish can’t wipe the smiles off their faces! Th underchild The Winter Competing Color Guard consists of 22 core members selected by audition in November of each year. The Guard competes in the New England Scholastic Band Associa- tion Color Guard Circuit each year. There are 12 competitions in this cir- cuit and three classes. The classes are Junior High School, High School and High School — Open Division. Gloucester has always been a leader in uniform drill design in the highest competitive class — the open division. THE GLOUCESTER THUNDER- CHILD Nanci Cunha, Tracy Burnham, Michelle Pallzola, Pauline Tarintino, Marc Carico, Danny Smith, Kim Greely, Cheryl Sauve, Laura Vannah, Laura Muniz, Cherie Greek, Mattie Fialho, Jill Webber, Richard Beniot, Charlene Fanion, Phil Parsi, Brian White, Melssa Lebas COLORGUARD CAPTAIN Pauline Tarantino COLORGUARD INSTRU Frank Ventimiglia and Cindy Drake German Club Every three years, the Ger- man Club and students taking German go on a 19 day trip to Germany. This trip is spon- sored by the German club and all their fund-raising is one way to help pay for many of the expenses of the trip. Some of their fund-raisers are bake sales and candy sales. First Row: Rick Geraghty. Mr. Chane, Erika Litchfield. Lisa O ' Gorman, Second Row: Laura Doyle, Diane Oliver, Maria Grillo, Marcia Kopanon, Zoe Powers, Mrs. Chane, Third Row: Lisa Legendre Math T earn Front Row: Skip Olson, Ann Martin, Debbie Sears, Brian White, Back Row: David Burns, Malcolm Noriega, Julie Francis, Zoe Powers, Ann McCarthy 135 Flash The Flash, the high school’s newspaper printed four issues this year. The publication cov- ered news and current issues from the school, the nation, and the world. The advisor was Ms. Wintle; the editor, Georgia Hill; photographer, Davud Benoit; and other staff members, Bev- erly Low, Jane Fosberry, and Barmak Besharaty. Included in the paper are the O ' Maley Out- look and the Fuller Focus. Front Row: Jane Fosberry, Roberta Fredrick. Back Row: Miss Wintle, Geogia Hill, Bev Low, Wendy Lee Wintle — advisor; Georgia Hill, Beverly Low, Alex Bently, Jane Fosberry, Foberta Fredericks Beacon In keeping with the long and honored tradition this year’s Bea- con put a spotlight on some of the school’s most shining examples of writing and art work. As a result of the fine photography program at GHS; more photographs have been finding their way into the Beacon pages. 1979-80 BEACON STAFF Left to Right: Debra Muise, Janice Hazelgard. Janice Harris. Caroline Maciel. Mrs. Mackie-Ketcham, Laura Brodzinsky. Jane Fesberry. Tricia Malone. Bridget Murray 136 National Honor Society First Row: Connie Johnson, Laura Stelluto, Tobey Creaser, Diane Campbell, Rosa da Silva, Maria Grillo, Ann Favazza, Theresa Testaverde, Georgia Hill. Second Row: Mark Hubbard, Marcia Kopanon, Cathy Grover, Zoe Powers, Julie Francis, Janine Zager, Ann Enos. Beth Johnson. Gina Libro, Third Row: Tricia MacDonald, Kristen McGary, Eileen O’Donnell, Joanne French. Laurie Pascucci, Debbie Wright, Julie Kanegis, Mary Terranova, Mrs. Erwin, Fourth Row: Paul M uniz, Tom Ciolino, Anthony Ellis, Steve Arnold, Dick Oaks, Malcolm Noriega The National Honor Society, advised by Eileen Erwin is a highly active group. This club holds three teas during the year, a formal induction ceremony, six bake sales, and nine monthly meetings. The money they raise is put towards five scholarships given to five members, and a final banquet at the end of the year. 137 Members of the Honor Business Club, must maintain an average of 85% and carry at least four business courses. The club’s main fundraisers throughout the school year are bake sales and their annual candy drive. The money they raise is given to two exceptional busi- ness students and helps defray the costs for their end of the banquet. Several members of the senior class were chosen to be Junior Rotarians this year. These students must attend the regular monthly Rotarian meetings and each must deliver a speech to the Rota- rians telling them of their extracurricu- lar activities in and out of school. Front Row: Heidi Hughes, Kim Amero, Tobey Creaser, Back Row: Babs Kennedy. Lau- rie Pascucci, Diane Oliver, Kandi Conrad, Patty Frontiero MEMBERS: David Burns, Laura Doyle, Teresa Gove, Georgia Hill, Rusty Jenkins, Scott Noble, Dan Smith, Greg Sousa, Scott St. Cyr, Laura Stelluto Jr. Rotarians Honor Business Club Future Homemakers of America Front Row: Pat Anderson, Jennie Gossom, Edith Waters. Josephine Ciulla, Christine Heavner, Second Row: Kathy Collins, Jancie Walkama, Anne Richardson, Lisa Dionne Benjamin Franklin Club Back Row: Tony Nicastro, Joe Aiello, Jamie Burnham, Mary-Ellen Orlando, Casey Height, Brian Mountain, Wayne Williams, Mike Stanton, Front Row: Tony Gentile, Terry Luoni, Lisa Patrican, Bruce Reardon, Dean Dionne 139 Student Faculty Basketball Game First Row. L to R: Donna Demetri, Mary Stavros, Marilyn Murry, Kevin Carey, Second Row, L to R: Roberta Fredricks, Erika Lichfield, Kelly Rudolph, Jay Greely, Third Row, L to R: Bob Limberg. Paul Movalli, Steve Arnold, Paul Muniz, Jimmy Tarintino iM WZa f m % 1 f JyM First Row, L to R: Ms. Crews. Ms. Wintle, Ms. Arvilla, Second Row, L to R: Mrs. Chain, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pasik, Mr. Burns, Mr. Chain, Mr. O’Neil, Third Row, L to R: Mr. Goodwin. Mr. Hughs, Mr. Sahl 140 CHEERLEADERS L to R: Ms. Arvilla, Ms. Crews, Ms. Wintle. Ms. Gusterly, Ms. Erwin Each year the Student Fac- ulty Basketball Game is sponsored by the Student Council. More than 800 peo- ple attended this popular event to watch seniors, stu- dents of the council, and high school teachers battle against each other trying to win the game. Because of the high enthusiasm, this year Student Faculty Basketball Game was the most success- ful ever! ! ■ - ■ MARCH SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI ' SAT Flicker Staff Lisa Pereen Editor — Back Row: Toni McCormack, Theresa Gove. Sue Oakes. Cheryl Pettipas, Shiela Ball. Shelly Lane, Gloria Cochems, Kandi Conrad. Paula Waikima. Eileen Sutherland. Front Row: Annette Dion. Joanne French. Steve Smith. Lisa Pereen. Carole Ellis. Diane Campbell The Flicker Staff would like to give special thanks to: Grace Figurido, our Advisor. Terry. Mr. Delaney and Taylor Publishing. All the businesses and individ- uals who sponsored our year- book. Kandi Conrad, Annette Dion, Joanne French, Gloria Cochems. Paula Marques Cover Design And the Class of 1980. Carole Ellis Layout Editor Steve Smith Financial Editor Mame Auntee Mame — Belinda Burnham Vera Charles — Paula Bovio Beau Burnside — John Deveau Sally Cato — Laurie Lake Patrick Dennis — Skip Olsen Mother Burnside — Melissa Lebas Norah Muldoon — Pam Saco Brian O’Bannion — Scott St. Cyr Miss Gooch — Ann Martins Automotive Shop A Group Front Row: Mike Ballenger, Donny Barbagallo, Back Row: Les Whipple, John Ellis, Dave Taylor, Steve Aiello, Peter Foster SENIORS: James Burnham, Brian Mountain, Mike Stanton, Theresa Luoni, Joe Mathews, Mary Ellen Orlando Carpentry Shop A Group Front Row: Lee Davis, Robin Smith, Brian Francis, Mike Nicastro, Back Row: Dave Dennis, Pete Hemming- way, Tim Kelly, Warren Coleman Back Row: Dale Haenderhan, John Pereira, Front Row: Bob McComskey, Dan Aparo, Frank D ' Ambrosio, Dana DeCoste, Tom Harmon, Scott Wilson B Group 152 Bill Frontero, Steve Lane, Sandy Quince 153 A Group Front Row: Anthony Constanzo, Anthony Reboca, Jay Welch, Back Row: Jay McKechnie, Mike McKinnon B Group Electrical Shop Machine Shop A Group Front Row: Bill Dagley, Dean Nicastro, Steve Iwanicki, Back Row: Charlie Frost, Steve Favazza, Ron Camille, Dan Aptt B Group John Wheeler, David Perry, John George, Joe Virgilib, A1 Chianciola April 1 April Fool’s Day Senior Class comes “as is!” 2 3 Jim Ruff seen wear- ing a new sweats- hirt. Is Jen back? 4 5 6 7 Carla Cahoon seen wearing her turtle- neck with “the hearts” 3 weeks in a row. What are you hiding? 8 Aaron and John seen shooting squirt guns in the halls. What next? 9 Tom Pratt gets dis- missed but doesn’t remember why . . . 10 11 Anthony Ellis attacks his girl- friend in the lobby (again . . .) 12 13 14 J. Milne is bommed out. Don’t worry Judy, he’ll be back from Sweden in two weeks! 15 Julie Marcia K„ and Heidi H. leave student council meeting early to pick up ‘Hie.’ 16 Ron Jabba wears his Charlie Chaplin suit on dressup day. Cute! Ron. 17 Seniors win the frisbee-throwing contest. What tal- ent! 18 Peter Cohen dresses up for 60 ' s day, but no one notices the differ- ence! 19 20 21 22 Va 23 cati 24 m 25 26 27 28 Paula W. seen with a smile on her face. How’s your love life Paula? 29 Louie Mitchell is sent to the office for saying a bad word. No, no, Louie!! 30 Rick (Bode) comes to school with a dutch-boy haircut, (and wishes he never had!) ■ r- tf- ' Girls ' Softball Back Row: Greg Smith — coach, Ellen Hemmingway, Julie Garisi, Mona Glenn. Second Row: Kim Patience, Cathy Ciolino, Lynn Wentworth, Tammy Morrissy, Front Row: Phyillis Harmon. Mary Silva. Karen Collins. Patty Anderson Baseball Back Row: Chris Davis. Brian Carey. Paul Hickey. Glen Wilson. Rusty Lane, Dave Carigan, Joe Clancey, Rich Mann. Roger Parady — coach. Front Row: Seniors — Mike Mitchell, Ron Summit, Jim Puff, Mark Destino, Dennis Burnham, Dean Rossi. Mike Nicastro, Jamie O ' Hara Girls ' Track ijpi me m Annette Trupiano. Valerie Cook, Lisa Warren. Lauree Camer on. Maryanne Mocerie, Lori Pallazola, Marilyn Murry, Mary Judd. Debbie Orlando. Erika Lichfeild. Kendall Pickette, Zoe Powers. Amy Peterson, Kistin Robarts, Jane Quinn. Donna Demtre, Besty Junker. Rose Calomo, Cindy Kanutsen, Jenny Fatta, Nancy Papows, Donna Lupo. Jennifer Gouze. Laura Stelluto, Kisten Klintenburg. Martha Ruddolf, Josephine Fatta, Marlina Vizina. Jennifer Beck, Dawn Rochord 166 Nancy Papows Zoe Powers Laura Stelluto Kisten A. Klinteberg Jennifer Gouzie Standing: Alex Bently, Steve Parsons, Bob Parks, Chris Rose, Frank D ' Ambrosio, Mike Orlando, Dave Quadras, Chris Sauve, Pete Jenkins, Kneeling: Jim Mennicouci, Chris Lindberg, Frank Bergman, Ed Pas- quina, Joe Parisi. Mark White cv !ai Boys ' Track May Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. 1 Happy Birthday " Bubba” Dean! 2 Laurie Pascucci seen running through the Mall with an empty birdcage. Where’s the bird, Laurie? 3 A record no. of people show up at Stage Fort Park. Summer ' s coming! 4 5 Aaron runs out fc of " It ' s a girl” 1 cigars. Oh well — maybe next time! 6 Joanne French is hit in the face by the boys room door. No peeking! 7 m Ann McCarthy can’t find her bus home. One of those days, huh Ann? 8 Tom Atwell caught flirting with Miss Captone during Type class. 9 Annette Dion finally gets a date to the prom. Is that why you ' re smiling? ioI Grenadiers raid Mr. Brennan ' s room at ! gunpoint! f 1 11 1 Brenda B. has a rough day in Maine. 12 Beth Johnson announces that the Dead concert was " excellent! " 13 Rose Frontiero claims she doesn’t know anything about the orange spray paint! 14 Help! Senioritis and finals don 7 mix! 15 One more day and we’re FREEH 16 LAST DAY! Seniors celebrate with 6 a.m. " breakfast " at Good Harbor Beach. YEE-HA! 17 1 18 | and on the ; seventh day the : seniors rested. 19 20 21 22 The senior prom at Danversport is a success! 23 Keg party, up Stage Fort Park!! 24 Baseball team upsets Saugus 8- 4! Wonders never cease!! f; 25 ■ 26 27 28 29 30 31 A record no. of seniors are presented with awards at Senior Awards Night. Boys ' Tennis Jim Greely Bruce DelTrochio Greg Souza Bob Frances, Greg Souza, Tom McCann. Chris Good. Bruce DelTrochio, Jim Greely, Jim Ryan, Dan Shattford, Vinnie Pizz, Tim Kenndy, Mike Connors, Todd Herman, Hugh Harris. Marty Odonellen, John Lafalta KIM AMERO TRICIA MacDONALD ANNETTE DION KANDI CONRAD " 1980 " Senior Prom With: The " Queen ' and Her Court TERRI GOVE QUEEN Left to Right: Kandi Conrad, Kim Amero, Teresa Gove, Annette Dion, Tricia MacDonald L to R: Kevin Mackey, Kandi Conrad, Danny Murphy, Kim Amero, Teresa Gove, Paul Muniz, Annette Dion, Tricia MacDonald, Moe Montgomery The Class of 1980 held the annual Senior Prom at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA on Thurs- day, May 22nd, 1980. The evening consisted of a prime rib dinner, dancing, and music provided by the rock band, " Eternity,” and much socializing amongst the members of the senior class. As always, a queen and her court were chosen by the male guests present. Teresa Gove was chosen as 1980 Prom Queen. Anette Dion, Kandi Conrad, Kim Amero, and Tricia MacDonald were chosen as members of the court. Lasting from 7:30-12:00 p.m., the Senior Prom proved to be a fun-filled memorable evening for all. Mr. William Gentile started his teaching career as an English teacher at the high school from 1960 to 1971. For two of those years. 1965-66, he was president of the Gloucester Teachers Association. From 1969-71, he served as an English teacher and floormaster. Retirement Mr. William Gentile Principal Gloucester High School 1975-1980 % A Gentile served as head of the h English department from 1971 to n 1975. He succeeded Robert Natti as principal in 1975. The class of 1980 says goodbye to Mr. Gentile and wishes him the best of luck in the future. Awards STUDENT COUNCIL. Beverly Low Katherine O ' Maley LITTLE LEAGUE Richard Geraghty Richard Oakes lames Puff MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES UNION — LOCAL 687 Anthony Ellis CTA SCHOLARSHIP Belinda Burnham Jennifer Gou .ie WOMEN ' S CLUB Lillian Fortado HAROLD GOULD MEMORIAL Donna Lane LOUIS GELLER SCH. Richard Oakes HONOR BUSINESS CLUB Diane Campbell Tobey Creaser Susan Oakes LESLIE O. JOHNSON SCH. Janet DeCourcy MAGNOLIA LIONS CLUB Virginia Fialho Richard Geraghty Laura Hyde Laurel Lake VIRGINA NAVES SCH. Betty Place SALVATORE PISCITELLO Dana Bruni ROTARY SCHOLARSHIP Joane French JOHN SILVA SCH. Gloria Cochems Mark Hubbard GORDON TYNE AWARD Cathleen Grover Susan Oakes SARGENT-MURRY-G1LMAN- HOUGH HOUSE AWARD Teresa Gove WOMEN ' S AUX. A.G.H. Valerie Cafasso CLASS OF 1949 FOOTBALL Dean Frontiero WM. ACE LANDER SCH. Mary Stavros INDUSTRIAL CAB CO. William Steadman TOWN OF ESSEX AWARDS Diane Oliver Ronald Summit KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS Sheila Ball Katherine; O ' Maley ESSEX TEACHERS ASSOCIATION William Sterdman Laura Doyle Ronald Summit Edward Lane EVERETT MEADER MEMORIAL Lisa Pereen C. NELSON HARDY TRUST FUND Laura Doyle FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH SERVICE AWARD David Burns CHS PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL Melissa Lebas ESSEX FIRE COMPANY AWARD William Steadman Laura Doyle DAD HAGEN SCHOLARSHIP Judy Milne 1980 MERIT SCHOLARSHIP SWEETHEART PLASTICS Diane; Campbell HISTORY DEPARTMENT PRIZE Joanne; Fre;ne;h of 1980 Herbert Wostrel Asst. Superintendent of Schools Jack O’Maley Asst. Principal Frederick White Asst. Principal 192 Kenneth Stickney Director of Vocational School Dr. George P. Lane Superintendent of Schools Diane Isenberg Administrator of Special Needs William Gentile Principal Faculty and Administration Joan Keegan Home Economics Ted Kessler Art Charles Kistner Industrial Arts Karen Kochweser Guidance Harvey Korobkin Business Education Gilbert Lane Print Shop Debra Legg Art Robert Longdergon Business Education Carol Lyons Home Economics Brooke Mackie- Ketchum English Susan Makkonen Math Manuel Martins Librarian Carl McKenzie Science Donald McPhail Social Studies John McPhee Math Judith Melanson Clerk William Moore Guidance Judith Nesson Placement Counselor Louise Nickas Emily Nickerson Augustus Nunes Bonnie O’Connell Thomas O ' Donnell Social Studies Science Math English Business Ed. Gerald O ' Neil Social Studies John Orlando Ronald Pasek Dana Perry Frank Pertronzio Judy Peterson Helen Pino Carpentry Social Studies Auto-Related Art Librarian Aide English 195 Adeline Polese Special Needs Aide Helen Porper Nurse Sandra Powers Weiner Special Needs Aide William Proposki Math Elizabeth Ramsey Guidance Donald Riley Physical Education Amy Rosen Vocational Tutor Steven Sahl Science Nancy Saul Foreign Language Eva Schneider Science LTC Warren Wilva ROTC Patricia Sinclair Science Gregg Smith Morton Sparer Elizabeth Spellman John Sperry Leroy Spittle Leon Sprague Social Studies English Home Economics Math Electrical Guidance Martha Squires Reading Francis Sullivan Electrical John Sulton Industrial Arts Eugene Surrette Machine Related Stephen Sutera English David Theodorowicz Industrial Arts Sheila Tranguch Dennis Veator Agnes Viatones Nancy Webber Robert MacEachern Wendy Wintle P hysical Education ?6 Math Clerk Theatre Arts Business Education English Best Wishes from CRISLEE DARRAND crafts i few sM 2 1 0 Main St. § . . Gloucester, Mass. inilllnn 1 THE CLASS SAILBOAT Chinese dnd mttu riC feeds he use uures m tiSfixii supplies sterevs rv records V f ' euvlnv clptfilr c 3 DUNcAN ST. 23 3-7313 ItlJ DOWNTOWN GLOUCESTER. AT y OUR service PUNA ' S COUNTRY STORE Essex, Mass. S. W. ROBERTS 197 GORTON ' S of GLOUCESTER Wishes The Cl a ss of 1980 The Best of Luck General Mills 198 VILLAGE RESTAURANT Good Luck Essex, Mass. to the Class of 1980 Best of Luck to the Class of 80 Compliments of MAC ' S ITALIAN SPECIALTIES AND SUB SHOP 75 Washington St. Sponsors Helen Porper Grace K. Nicastro Elizabeth H. Ramsey Kay Gaspar Judy Melason Agnes Valtones Judy A. Peterson Thelma Souza Mr. Stickney Mr. and Mrs. James Creament Mr. and Mrs. Gerald French Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald French Sr. Mrs. Kay Davis Bob Burnes Annie M. Ninez Shelley Lane May Lake Laurie Lake 199 Congratulations to The First Class of the 1 980 ' s Gloucester Auto 123 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930 283-9253 Drive First Class (617) 283-5915 A. J. McCANN CO. PAINTING CONTRACTORS - CARPENTRY ART McCANN 9 ESSEX AVE GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 SHIP AHOY RESTAURANT 99 Main St. Essex, Mass. CAPE ANN GLASS 2 1 6 Main St. Gloucester, MA 283-4732 " Glass for All Purposes " -7 , ) 1J 1 Best Wishes r ssr 1 Full Steam Ahead to the Class of 1 980 From the 1 30 Washington St. 281-3266 TANYA L. PIGEON COVE Congratulations to the Class of 1980 THE GALLEY OF GLOUCESTER A FRIEND 118 Main St. Gloucester WMWMMM Have you tried the best subs on Cape Ann yet? The Finest Victuals Libations and Diversions at RICO ' S SUBS French Fries — Fried Clams Onion Rings GLOUCESTER ' S CROSS ROADS 2 Main St. 283-9108 90 Main St. Gloucester 202 3) i’ledly on the sands of Jdong dBeack 4 • PRIVATE BEACH • NEW COLOR TV ' S • PRIVATE BALCONIES • WITHIN TWO MILES OF MANY TOP RESTAURANTS • WALL TO WALL CARPETING • 15 KITCHENETTE ROOMS • VIEW OF FAMOUS TWIN LIGHTS • ULTRA MODERN BATHROOMS • BLUE LIGHTS ILLUMINATE BEACH AT NIGHT • NEWLY RENOVATED 33 Rockport Road, Gloucester, MA 01930 Telephone 283-3720 R. F. LANE CO. Excavating Landscaping Sewerage Systems 22 Leonard Street Ross Lane, Jr. Gloucester, Mass. NORTH SHORE ARTS ASSOCIATION OF GLOUCESTER, INC. Incorporated 1923 JERRY NOBLE ELECTRICIAN, INC. 47 1 Western Ave. Tel. 283-0750 Best Wishes From MISS QUIG ' S BEARSKIN NECK PINO SHEA COUNSELORS AT LAW Two John Wise Avenue Essex, Massachusetts 01929 (617) 768-7152 Ralph C. Piro Michael C. Shea General Practice, Real Estate, Criminal, Corporations, Wills and Estates, Domestic Actions I 32 PLEASANT ST.. GLOUCESTER 01930 OIAL 283 5100 4 JEWETT ST.. ROCKPORT 01966 DIAL 546 3778 CONVENIENT CUSTOMER PARKING ARTHUR S. MURCM, JR. EDWIN J MCKAY STEPHEN F OEXTER PRISCILLA M ZAGER Best Wishes to the Class of 1980 Commercial Fishing Supplies Marine Store Netting — Chain Hydraulic Hose Rope THREE LANTERNS 108 East Main St. Gloucester, Mass. Tel. 28 1 2080 Matt Parisi, Jr. 205 GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK r- Best of Luck to the Class of 1 980 Btfatheson Kr Gas Handling Equipment " FIRST IN SPECIALTY GASES " ERNIE’S SERVICE STATION Essex, MA P O BOX 1147 61 GROVE STREET GLOUCESTER. MASS 01930 (617) 283-7700 Best Wishes from Compliments of O ' DONNELL-USEN FISHERIES STERLING DRUG STORE CORP. Gloucester, MA 206 178 Main St. Glou. o EMPIRE FISH EH, INF. WHOLESALE FISH DEALERS Producers and Packers of Fresh, Frozen and Cooked Fish 11-13 Harbor Loop P.O.Box 1148, Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Best Wishes From flmfottt tonv t AL uy Floor — Wall Tiles Upholstering Linoleum — Carpets Custom Slip Covers Installed Tonij’s House of Tires ON SCENIC ROUTE 133 TEL. 203-9051 - 203-3331 QUALITY USED CARS NORTH SHORE FURNITURE CO. 1 Telephone 283-0094 161 Main Stree Gloucester, Mass. 01930 i 73 ESSEX AVE. GLOUCESTER. MASS 01930 GLOUCESTER PAINTS, INC. 2 Harbor Loop Marine, Industrial and House Paints Door Step Parking Compliments of PAT ' S CENTER GROCERY AND LIQUOR 36 Washington St. Gloucester 20 208 1 9 Walker Road Beverly Massachusetts 01915 Flocked or Embroidered Emblems Celluloid Buttons Decals Imprinted Sweat Shirts T-Shirts A Superior Line of Products Mail Order Only Write for Free Information and Samples Mr. and Mrs. Ron Pereen Sr Congratulations Class of " 80 " Especially, Lisa " and " Friends ' One Holly St. Gloucester, MA 01930 HARRY STRATHOPOLOUS INSURANCE AGENCY CIOLINO PHARMACY INC Good Luck Class of ' 80 191 Main St. Gloucester 283-5000 Prescriptions and Hospital Supplies 209 4-8 Parker St. Tel. 283-7800 Free Delivery Master Charge and Visa RAVENWOOD SPRING WATER CO. INC. Chilled It ' s Refreshing Makes Coffee and T ea Taste Better Paper Plates and Cups Tel. 283-1778 EAST GLOUCESTER SHOPPING CENTER Gloucester, MA Stick with Iedage ' s A Toast to the Class of 1980 KELLEHER ' S 6 Porter St. Gloucester 210 pl96 l 7 TELEPHONE 283-3940 ' Iliad (9 Tl all (? tpcfixy a«et " pret £dii u CcA - £xpetit ced ' TtCen ” (Zvuimic plo yi " TO all " Jilt TELEPHONE 922-6217 GLOVER ' S FLOOR COVERINGS, INC. 2. KzliUf DefrCHda (e Service 18 WHITTEMORE STREET GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 Compliments of GLOUCESTER TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. John " Toot " Madruga and Drivers ESSEX RADIO AND T.V. 40 Main St. Essex, MA D CXt lXr IJuviiJtjridjL ' SERVING LUNCH DINNER MONDAY THRU SATURDAY CLOSED ON SUNDAY Clark Dexter ROUTE l33,ES3tX,MX5SA,CHUSETTSC 768 - 6002 Tony ' s Variety Store 1 85 Washington St. Open 7 Days a Week 5:30 A.M.-I 1:00 P.M. Best Wishes to the Class of 1 980 GLOUCESTER FIRE FIGHTERS LOCAL 762 Telephones: 283-2775 - 2776 Gloucester Marine Railways Corp. Gosnplele Mode. An SltofUfasicL tyacilitieA. rf-oA. Buildintj, Repoi Uny. and QeneAai Goe iUaul FIVE MARINE WAYS MAIN OFFICE - WHARF STREET GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS ESTABLISHED 1806 C. F. TOMKINS CO Quality Furniture Salem — Danvers — Gloucester Nichols’ Qotam. c MorruL-, CANDIES -T w _ made right here at the gateway to “Gloucester by the Sea L ;W5g; ; r v- « mm HOURS: Mon -Sat 9-8 Sun 9—6 ■fi J IP Route 128 - Crafts Rd. - Exit 12 - Gloucester, Mass. Telephone 283 - 9850 CAPE ANN BOWLING CENTER 93 Gloucester Ave Gloucester 283-9753 213 Congratulations to the Class of 1 980 From THE " FINAST KIND " Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1980 CLASSMIERKSbic. PO BOX 419 GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 Compliments of MAGNOLIA BIKE SHOP I I Lexington Magnolia, MA 525-3756 ( ) m wtn y PRINTERS PUBLISHERS 31 COMMERCIAL STREET GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 01930 2)4 Oii m ?i1 a nd operated by 768-7521 John ami Miriam Kane 526 7961 OLDE ESSEX VILLAGE ROUTE 133, ESSEX, MASSACHUSETTS 01929 Best Wishes FREDDIE ' S LOBSTALAND INC. Class of 1 939 Compliments of Main St. BENJAMIN ' S STATIONERS Gloucester real estate career? • How much can you earn as a real estate professional? • What kind of career security can you look forward to? • Is the work enjoyable and satsifying? • How do you get started? • Can you get the necessary training to advance rapidly if you ' re qualified? A booklet with as many straight-forward answers to these and other questions could be a best seller, but it ' s free! So call or write today for your copy. Compliments of HAROLD N. PIKE Best Wishes fHALffril i Ml i 0f +0 C0u»rt0 DESTINO ' S SUB SHOP The Best Subs in All of Gloucester 221 83-2299 ROY SPITTLE ASSOCIATES, INC. Electrical Contractors 98 Centennial Ave. Gloucester, MA 01930 Compliments of GOVESGULF STATION Gloucester Washington St. EDDIE DONOVAN Bearskin Neck Rockport, MA 01966 222 JAMES C.GREELY FUNERAL SERVICE INC. Four Generations of Distinctive Service, Quality and Dependability Since 1884 Serving All Religions ! Completely Air Conditioned 283-0698 2 1 2 Washington St., Gloucester CALLAHAN ' S RESTAURANT On the Causeway Essex, MA JOHN S. WEBBER INSURANCE 63 Main St. Gloucester, MA Personal and Group Life and Health Insurance Tel. 283 8480 Compliments of ESSEX RIVER HOUSE MOTEL Essex, MA 768-6800 WISE TRAVEL AGENCY, INC. 30 Washington St. Gloucester, MA 01930 281-2727 Tra vel the Wise Way — Travel With Us Congratulations From HAMILTON HANDICRAFTS Essex, MA 768 7480 223 Congratulations 1 GLOUCESTER Class of 1 980 DAILY TIMES GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 147 Main St. 7 Railroad Ave. Since 1 796 Whittemore St. 283-7000 S. J. FAVAZZA INSURANCE AGENCY INC. COMPLIMENTS O F Tel 283 3369 1 19 Main St. P.O. Box 568 Gloucester, MA 01930 Tel. 283-3950 H DKD REALTOR J 224 GLOUCESTER CAMERA PHOTO 1 0 Pleasant St. Gloucester, MA 01930 Phone 283-5959 GLOUCESTER K h si;,,- .OUCESTER, MASS OVERLOOKING THE WORLD FAMOUS FISHING FLEET 283 1812 THE GLASS SAILBOAT Chinese enJ naturaC feeds hcuseii ' arcs r in usieen sup piles sic reus i rccerJs iv f leu ' cln clotfutvi J V. 3 DU Ni AN ST. 283-7818 DOWNTOWN GLOUCESTER. AT SOUR SERVICE STAN GLEASON ' S BAIT TACKLE SHOP L _ QUINCY MARKET ? pruce anor Cold Storage and Warehouse Company Jm£ rLC. JLI lL ana (fueit Houie 141 Essex Avenue Gloucester, Moss. 01930 Route 133 — Exit 14 from Route 123 John and Morie Costino Rogers Street Gloucester Division Headquarters Best Wishes GOLDMAN ' S -r AK ,j4s 199 Main St. Gloucester Compliments of GREEN TAVERN 226 • 3 Waterfront Facilities With Direct Pierside Access for Ships. • 1 Facility inland on Private Rail Siding. • Most Modern Blast and Plate Freezing Facilities. GREEN TAVERN ’ f! I? 3 . GLOUCESTERSHRIMPCO..INC. 1 TELEPHONE 283-5454 INC. JTo. 14 - c)WbnAayrn cft ufat cjjfljTucedteA, .ylfajAj 01930 227 SERRIN GIFTS Bearskin Neck Rockport, MA 0 1 966 546-7204 Open May 1 5, 1 980 for Our 23rd Season Compliments of JULIAN BROS., INC 7 3 ROCKY NECK AVE. GLOUCESTER. MASS. 01930 283-7967 99 Essex Ave. Gloucester 283-0038 OPEN WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY 6 P.M. - 1 A M. SUNDAY 2-10 P.M. CLOSED MONDAY AND TUESDAY 7nU WILLOW REST icc CRcnm SHOPS SANDWICHES! One Holly Street Gloucester, MA 228 . " r ' ' " -JT i - ■ - : ' IL pf - ' • ■» _ 1 . . »a - TSLii. ir t ' .iM r ■■ " ■ . •- •■ ' h 3 ■ 1 «• y t ’m.% - ■ ■ an jp jr« »• £4 . • " •- y. ' vi»%. ., » «, ■ -. 5 saff, N _ v-v. .: ■-- _ _ -■ r r“- -» • . .• x -« •. ' •; ;i% , .» ' ., . - . « . £ V.Wp • ' . ' ' ' - ' , 6, m m mm GLOUCESTER TRANSIT MIX, INC.: Emerson Ave. and Whitemore St. Gloucester, MA -W ' „ --■« « W - KjHSfe MALLY ' S LOUNGE 36 Maplewood Ave. Gloucester, MA Color TV Tel. (6 1 7) 28 1 -01 00 WINGAERSHEEK MOTEL Nearest to Wingaersheek Beach Heated — Private Showers Route 1 28 — Exit 1 3 46 Concord Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Continental Breakfast in Season Open All Year Compliments of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Take-Home 90 Bass Ave. 283-3211 SINTERED EVJ E T K LS, INC BLACKBURN INDUSTRIAL PARK GLOUCESTER , MASSACHUSETTS An Equal Opportunity Employer 229 AUDREY ' S FLOWER SHOP 38 Railroad Ave. Gloucester 283-2 1 7 1 Congratulations Class of 1 980 LANE ' S APPLIANCE SERVICE I I Maplewood Ave. Gloucester, MA VICTORY BEAUTY SALON 8 Center St. Gloucester Jt la dc yiJ dcm SHOES " Cape Ann ' s Family Shoe Store " 103 Main St. Gloucester 283-4343 Featuring such famous brands as — Bass, Frye, Florsheim, Naturalizes Adidas, Krone and many more. Salvatore Favaloro President Leonard Linquata Treasurer PROGRESSIVE OIL COMPANY, INC. 92 Grove Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 0 1 930 Telephone 283-2000 Shop the Catalog Way Tel. 283-2555 SHOWROOM Jewelry, Radios, T.V. Luggage, Housewares Electrical Appliances Typewriters Div. of H. C. Brown, Inc. 46 Bass Ave. Gloucester, MA M dkd HHH J REALTOft J Best Wishes ART JEWELERS Always First Quality MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION 1 0 Magnolia Ave. Magnolia, MA 1 1 7 Main St. Gloucester 283-0092 Best Wishes to the Class of 1980 DORIS ROBERTS Bearskin Neck, Rockport 1 TERMINAL GARAGE, INC. IVAN ' S TEXACO Essex, MA teAco {Wj 1 6 Martin St. Essex, MA 231 ROSE ' S OIL SERVICE, INC. REAii HOWE SQUARE GLOUCESTER, MASS. Tel. 283-3334 283 3335 283-0280 Petroleum Products Marine Machining Marine Shafting Marine Fuel Oil N S Our Subsidiary for Home Heating Oil and Service: GEORGE H. TODD CORP. Oil Burner Installation and Service Fuel Dealer R I 5 Railroad Avenue Rockport, Mass. 01966 546 6652 655 00230 093 SAWWJt a EE LIHULRY GL VGmivmr MA«S. ' Cl 930 ACTIVE STORAG0

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