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; ' ■ Vi ' ; ' 35 They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships That Do Business in Great Waters: These See the Works of the Lord and His Wonders in the Deep. • • • ' -v». ■--I, m . V Contents Dedication Seniors Faculty Vocational School and Alternative Ed. Sports Activities, Events and Honors Ads 6 7 Destiny is not a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. W. L. Bryon s !,. I. while others judge us by what we have done. " — Longfellow We j udge ourselves by I what we feel capable of doing. Sunrise, Sunset 5 Sunrise, Sunset Swiftly Fly the Years; One Season Following Another, Laden with Happiness and Tears. The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be experienced. Van Der Leevin DEDICATION The Class of 1977 is proud to dedicate this Flicker to Mr. George Perry. He was born on September 10, 1909 and attended the public schools here, including Gloucester High School. He attended Beverly Trade School and Fitchburg Teachers College where he received his Bachelor’s and Mas- ter ' s degrees. In 1943 he came to Gloucester High School as a teacher in the Vocational Department and has remained a member of the faculty for the past 34 years. Respected by his colleagues and students, George Perry’s cheerful, soft-hearted ways will be missed in the High School. The Class of 1977 wishes to extend their best wishes to him upon his retirement. 18 STEVE ABBOTT 42 MT. PLEASANT AVE. HEY YABBIT ! MEMORIES: The H. And F. Affair, Backstage, Nora and Toruald ask Joan, " West Side Story, " " Camelot " , CAST PARTIES! ask Bob. China Port and the Klepto, coat, sed and as such, ask Rella. " prisoner " Stop and Shop, Friendly ' s " Raisin " , The casually evil woman ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 2, 3, 4 International Thespian 4 THOUGHT: And if I laugh at any mortal thing ' tis that I may not weep. Byron JOYCE E. ADAMS 77 EASTERN AVE. ESSEX MEMORIES: Buba, going for walks, ask Any, T.A.S.P. Summer of 75- T.W. our problems, ask Sue, Talks and advice, ask A.J. Sum- mer of 76, partying, good times ESSEX. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Var- sity Softball 3-4 THOUGHT: Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Emerson FELICIA ADAMS 80 MARTIN ST. ESSEX MEMORIES: The summer of 75 " 5 20 75 ask Lee. Friday and Saturday nights!! The winter, over J.G. ' s - the barn, and all those good old days Lee and the J.D. - ask anybody but him. Party ' s up C.G., and the hut days, and up the field . . . THOUGHT: To live for today to for- get yesterday, and wonder tomorrow JUDITH ADAMS 22A TAYLOR ST. 20 WILLIAM AHERN 27 LIBERTY ST. MORGAN! ! ! MEMORIES: The old summer, parties, concerts, the mountain. Going to Canada ask Cooky, Chris, Gouse, Many other trips ask Scott , The Park ! ! ! I Told Everybody!!! That I’d Make it. (A Little Late But . . . ) THOUGHT: To Live the Life I want to without nobody bother- ing. MARY ANN ALBERT 16 DAVIS STREET MALBERT MEMORIES: BRIAN, 2 16 76 Goodtimes w B,B,J,J,J,J,L,K,L, J. Tull - Mackonald’s excite. Paint Fac- tory, W. Wagon Nights out at BM ' s Laughs with Kath, 13 yrs. EGS, Feb 16 w BBJ, You ' re mad ask Laura, Mr. Stubs ask Ron. BP ask Ja CRAB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Orill 2-3-4, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Office Asst. 2 - 3 THOUGHT: A child passes through life and disappears into an adult. JON AIELLO 5 ACACIA ST. MEMORIES: Fitz Huge Lane House Ask Gary, Xmas Eve Party at work, G H A S F, Reporting Soccer games, THOUGHT: There comes a time in every man ' s life when he must take the bull by the horns and face the situation Squarely! W. C. Fields Yetteb This place is amazing . . . Next week we teach him to eat with a spoon! ERIN ALDRICH 15 ABBOTT RD. MEMORIES: G.H.B. 75 ' .Tirps. Steele Derick. The T-party. CooCoo Punch, The Stix - Sleeping out. 1 31 75 Wasted. Tull, J. Giles, yes. Neil Young PINK GLOYD TRIP - OUT!!! The Golden Haven. The Apart- ment. Reefer Cambrise- Beverly ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rainbow, Canal Club 2-4. THOUGHT: Live for today - not tomorrow Pink Floyd JOHN ANDERSON 28 SCHOOL ST. JACK MEMORIES: Celtics - Bucks sixth game once more and you ' re gone ask Nick G.H.S. Football ' 74 ' . Those crazy days and nights Oh Yeah; The Patriots. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramural Hockey 4, Intramural volleyball 4. THOUGHT: The only failure that lacks human dignity is the failure to try. I told you I ' d make it Ma! DOUGLAS AMERO 16 APPLE ST. DOUG MEMORIES: Camp cedar, Maine Cabins 2 and 5, times up at camp, ask Jimmu, Mark, John; Tull, Aerosmith, Ten years after. Sunset hill Thanksgiving keg; Beating Salem; Huts Gang bang ask Joe and Billy Intramural Basketball champs Fighting Irish Pool hopping over back- shore Rose ' s truck on Halloween Night. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramural Basketball 2, 3 and 4, Varsity and J.V. Football 2, 3 and 4, Track and Field 4. THOUGHT: To live and let die. THOMAS W. ALVES 10 HARRISON AVE. TOM MEMORIES: Tull and Aerosmith concerts. J.L. Champs 75 ' Red Sox 75 ' The Cliff - Riverview, 2nd Lunch, RAMPARTS! ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Base- ball J.V. and Varsity 2, 3 and 4. THOUGHT: To have a good time and succeed . MAIA R. APARO WAY ROAD MIA, RENE MEMORIES: Jeff, 2 1 75; Hockey Season’s the longest. Summer — 75 — 76 — Lighthouse Beach, Good times and best talks with A1 and our Friends F. and H Towering Inferno ask Pam, Sheedy and the hockey team — Rene-baby, Doona, D-block and that crazy park Swept with Cheryl, Randy and Jeff The folks at Home ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Varsity and J.V Field Hockey (cap- tain) 3 and 4, Flicker tri-editor 4, College Night Chairwoman 4 THOUGHT Still round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate, And though I oft have passed them by, A day will come at last when I shall take the hidden paths that run, East of the Sun, West of the Moon J R R TOLKIEN ARDEN L. ANDERSON 11 POPLAR ST. MEMORIES: Phil 10 25 75, mad- damp, boy-next- door . G.H.B. DISHEVELED, nagging, C.F.O. foo 75’ ask Donna, Maureen, Paula, " the wall " ask Phee, December 3, alp, friends, the show. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother- Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Typing award 3, Flicker 4. THOUGHT: Two roads diverged into a wood, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the differ- ence. CRAIG ANDERSON R6 LANGSFORD ST. KEVIN P. ARABIAN 296 MAIN ST. ARAB. AHAB MEMORIES: The odd Couple, West Side Story, Washington D.C., Getting lost at Devens ask Major Dingho, Sergeants Party, Officers Party, Shooting at Walla ces ask Chris, Slimy ask Scott, Japs! ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle 4. C. Guard 2, 3, FR Detail 2-3, Gren. 2-3-4, 1st place Prize Squad 2, Thes. 3 - 4, A Compl. Comm. 4, Gold Haskall Medal 2, 3rd place prize squad commander 3. THOUGHT: It has been said, what is past is gone forever. And yet that which we hold so dearly, memories: are nothing more than the past . JULIE A. ARNOLD 25 CHAPEL ST. JU JU MEMORIES: Lar, 128, Malb Sue, Dreams jetty Kath, Egs. FB. Nan. M D Brown’s Cindy. P-P Ken Sail w Pudge K.W.K. 73” BJM ' s CB W Russ. Pat BZM. Scott T.T Trip ask Rusty, Where ' s 1st. Gram ' s charge. HW. Bub, 131 MS W.B. Tug. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 4, Mother Daughter Banquet 4, Pep Club 4 Office Assistant 4 THOUGHT: Live for today, for tomorrow may never. DANIEL P. ASARO 11 MARSHFIELD ST. DANNY MEMORIES: LIZ 11 29 75; THE HUT; Camp Cedar 75-76 Cracker Brown’s garage and CC ask any- body; Ham ask Duchane; Many BEERS!! ask Duchane again; Bomber Chicks, Talk to Polizzia and verge; Mrs. Geary and the cops, ask Fred T. April Vacation, Drunk Again! ! ! ask Joey, EAGLES - FLEETWOOD MAC WITH LIZ. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Var- sity Football 2-3-4 The Hut Beer Drinking Team 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Let it be . . . JOHN AUDITORE JR. 6 GILBERT RD. MEMORIES: GERMANY! Mitty, Wagon, Enemy Drunk, " Poopsie” L.D.S. Backstage, bugs. You Know, S? D-Block with Connie and Miss A . What? Paraplegics ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ger- man Club 2-3-4, N.H.S. 3-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Stage Crew 2 - 3 - 4 , Thespians 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Sometimes you wait to say things you wait too late. Days that one sees so slow, how fast they go. P. JANE C. ASARO 17 GLOU. AVE. JAIN ASAFRO, ARUHO MEMORIES: 10 12 75 I.L.Y.J. forever, E.A.S.Y. Horgan ' s hut, excuses, cccccc! j.c. the red R.D., D.G. Semi Formal, senior prom. Bass Rocks, our spot. N.H. picnic, Villa Lounge Ron’s car. the bird ask joe. Marina, Lil ’ Earls? Tell ' em you!! Ralph and Rick. Talks tears and laughs, J.F. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field hockey 2-3 Office Assist. 4 THOUGHT: I haven ' t got time for the pain. ANN ARNOLD 21 CALDOR ST. NICKY AVELIS 31 CENTENNIAL AVE. MARK BABSON 13 McLELLAN ST. BABBO BABBA MEMORIES: ADRIENNE 8 16 75, Tull, EJ 7 4 76, The hoop, MACK, Spain 73 ' Lanesville Rides Home from Wakefield ask coach, the usual, Carl ' s place. Ma, Earls, Sauna, New York, Halloween 75 ' ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vol- leyball (intramurals) 3 - 4, JV Bas- ketball 2-3, Varsity 4, Lanesville Athletic Assoc. 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Do you ever get the feeling that the story is to Damn real and in the present tense, or does it seem like everybody ' s on the stage and you ' re the only per- son sitting in the Audience? RICHARD BAPTISTA 12 DOANNE RD. ANNE BAGSHAW 13 WONSON ST. ANNIE MAE, (worms) MEMORIES: JIMMY, 11 22 75, Crazy times ask Amy and Joanne, Wait a minute you guys! ask Tammy and Serena; Villa; EAGLES CONCERT. The House skiing, ask amy and toni; Ten pound island; Joe Fuzz; g-Block girls Room and the talks ask Judy; Joanne and Prissy. Captain Courageous; friends; family. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, J.V. Softball 3, Var- sity Field Hockey 2-3-4, H.R.R. 4, Bicentennial Awards Scholarship Committee 3. THOUGHT: Life is a journey - not a destination . Now would you like him tall and dark or tall and blond or MICHAEL B. BARKER 239 EAST MAIN STREET MIKE B.R.G.C.: the 8th hole ask Marty; Burger King ask Roger! P-town, the Surf Club; Fred - look up at DK ' s: John she ' s here”, Lynn English loss. Do you think he’s mad? THANK Y-O-U-U-U V-E-P-P! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vol- leyball (intra) 2 - 3 - 4, N.H.S. 3, J.V. Football 3, Golf Team 2 - 3 - 4 THOUGHT : The moment a person realizes what life is about is the moment he realizes he can ' t win by himself. SCOTT W. BARNES 43 WOODWARD AVE. " RED” " SCOOTER PIE” " BAR- NEY " MEMORIES: Tuesday Night Bender, Hard Hats, ask Tim " PEEKABOO, Ask Bob” " I’ll Get his Hawg! " wicked Tung bath, 2nd Annual sleepout - Almost! , BEER! YO ' s DEVANS: SLIMEY, JAPS, R.T.N.D.B.I.M.B. Ask Jays or Joan P., 133 ' s Big Ten Inch. DRUNK! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vol- leyball (INTER) 2 - 3 - 4, J.V. Football 3-4, Track and Field 2 - 4, R.O.T.C. 1st Sergeant 1st Place Prize Squads 2, 3rd place Prize Squads 3, Cross Country 2, F.R.D. 2 THOUGHT: " Shake it but don ' t break it, Wrap it up and I ' ll take it " DONNA BALESTRACI 14 EXCHANGE ST. MEMORIES: 7-5-76 ' Sparky ask N.A., partying, Nugents, F. T.I.T. ask Paula, Chinaport ask Cookie, Eddie; and Bob. " Mad- ness " 4-15-74 Ask Sheryl, camp- ing ask Donna, " No Thanks we will walk " Ali ask Pet, 8-25-75, G. H.W.P.B.T.H.S. Cape Cod, The Go-Carts ask Bobby. G.H.A.W. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Softball 2, Office Asst. 3-4 THOUGHT: To enjoy life and take each day as it comes. ALISON DAWN BEARD 104 BASS AVE. AL, ALI MEMORIES: Y.M.C.A. (camp, too) sailing, skiing, Swimming, rowing ask a . b . Bike trip ask A . B D.M Florida. The Villa, Eagles Concert 7 25 76 Ten Pound Island - I smell smoke! ! ask A.B I’m not in love lOcc - Why me?? C.V.S. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.M.F. 2, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, Volleyball (inter) 3, J.V. Field Hockey 4 THOUGHT: For every window a flower and every life a dream. STEVE BERTOLINO 3 SMITH ST. MEMORIES: Getting busted by Gentile smoking gold as NICK. The last four blocks of every year ask mole. Picking up ounce in coens car ask Jim. Partying ask anyone. Falling in on P. A. ski trip ask J . M . THOUGHT: To make use of what I have CHARLES BISHOP 115 CONCORD ST. CHUCK MEMORIES: Kathy, waterskiing in Maine, 9th grade in the O’Maley THOUGHT: To succeed in life, by reaching my goals. CYNTHIA BLAIR 63 BOND ST. SUSAN E. BLANDING 1 NIKOLANE WAY SUE MEMORIES: Summer of 76, JL, Ger- many, houseboat Wurzburg ask Beth and Meil, riding, Lanesville, Jimmy Cliff, breakfasts ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. THOUGHT: Sitting here in limbo . . . TIMOTHY A. BEAUPARLANT 7 HAROLD CT. TIM MEMORIES: Ravenswood Park, Beatles, Jethro Tull (Aqualung), Aerosmith, Dr. J. , Captain Cou- rageous - " nappy dishes, " The Three Stooges, House of Mitch, Working Class Hero, N.F.L., Montreal Olympic Games, Psy- chology ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 3 - 4, (J.V.) Bas- ketball 2, Track and Field 3-4 THOUGHT: " You Can If you Think You Can.” - Norman Vin- cent Peale CHERYL ANN BENHAM 9 SUMNER ST. LITTLE RAT, KLEPTO MEMORIES: RANDY 2 15 74 13 16 The MARINA, Mere Knows. " We need a bigger boat! " Candy A ! " ask cookie and Randy. 7 4 74 Felix, S.P. The memories and good times thanks Ran. Finally a real Capt. 17 punkins, cute ask M P - Town calls 12:30 p.m. THICKERER. B.B. HOCKEY. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: PENNY SALE COMM: 2-3, Mother-Daughter Banquet Comm. 4, Intramurals (Volley- ball) 2, St. C. 3 - 4, St.-A.-C. 3-4, H.R.R. 3, CO. Sec. 3 THOUGHT: We are our own savi- ours as we start both our hearts beating life into each other. - Jethro Tull. THAD. BERNARD 30 RIVERDALE PARK BAD MEMORIES: S.N., a good mem- ory. A lot of problems not so good. A lot of good times with people who care . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G . H . S . Chorus 3 THOUGHT: Who am I. I think I know LEONARD BOUCHER JR. 13 HIGH POPPLES LENNY MEMORIES: DIANE - 11 7 75 and 7 15 76. the mall 75 ' Flags Marina ask Steve, Danny. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pies. Ben- jamin Franklin Club A. PHILIP BOUCHIE JR. 4 BLOSSOM LANE BUSH MEMORIES: R.O.T.C. Fort Devens, 1, 2. 3, The Boiler Room. The Sink, The Cellar, The Attic at the 75-76 House, Electrical Shop, This is my Rifle This is my gun. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team 2, J.V. Football 2. THOUGHT: A problem cannot be over- come until it is faced. ■ JUNE BODONE 15 ELM ST. JUNO MEMORIES: May 76 ' , waiting for David on Elm St. Joan and Eddie, Jodi’s pots and pans, Paula and Rick, fighting with Mari, Games in the Attic. Most of ALL D.S and " THAT LADY " F Ask anyone Daaad - Tomorrow. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 3 - 4 THOUGHT: " I am so glad that you are here, It helps me to realize how beauti- ful my world is " FAYE MARIE BRADSTREET 3 CLIFFORD CT. MEMORIES: K.W. 6 22 76, Sunday afternoo, west Glou. Dark hole, about eight, the crickets, ask Ellen, Eagles, munch is on ask Joanne, Ke, Ke Rice it ' s cole out here, Deb’s V.W., Pit, oh Black water ask Jo, Florida 76, The car is gone. THOUGHT: To get one step higher, in life, to get where I want to go. PAMELA BRADSTREET 1257 WASHINGTON ST. PAM, MEIL MEMORIES: Deutschland 76 ' - houseboat, Wurzburg mit dem Dachshund , remember Beth and Suep? From party Rm 5 Unteram- mergau. Food cupboard Bogarts!! Gruss Gott!! Dirsch Cherries and hiter Glasses. Ohhh pantomime horse, hes champs de ble ' s. Harliquin ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ger- man Club 3 - 4, N.H.S. 3 - 4, Madrigal Group accompanist THOUGHT: " Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words. PAULA BRADSTREET 1257 WASHINGTON ST. MEMORIES: Deutschand 76’ R.D. , playing whist, Gruss Gott, bogart - ask Beth or Miel, stroll through Vergnugungsviertel Mun- chin, Lebenknodel - yuk! Die Mathauser, Fruhlings Fest, Unterammergau , Wicked! Rat tan, Ascot, D ' Artagnon, " I can be strange if I want to. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ger- man Club 3 - 4, N.H.S. 4. THOUGHT: " For where the treasure is there will the heart be also. " GEORGE BRANTLEY 47 ATLANTIC ROAD MEMORIES: Deutschland 76 " Munchen Wurzberg Unteramma- gau German Club Intramural Volleyball Being with Friends Dory Trips. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ger- man Club 3-4, Volleyball (Intramurals) 3-4 THOUGHT: Leaving G.H.S. with the feeling I have accom- plished something . r. i niirfTQTCD Ui 3C m aln SCOTT DANA BROWN 18 RIVERSIDE AVE. BROWNIE MEMORIES: Partying - every- where , White punks on Dope ask E.A.S.Y. Tonys Corner, 240-z ask Mike, Bunghole, N.E. Blues Festival ask Sully, Concerts, G- ead ask Ralph, What do you want from life? The Tubes Canal Award 73-74-75-76-77 the Har- bor. THOUGHT: Hell is empty, and all the devils are here . " Theoretically Speaking . . JOANNE BROWN 40 DERBY ST. MEMORIES: B.R. munchin! ask Faye, daily gatherings at canal!! Cruising P.V. Mirror ask Tracy - Areo Smith!! The Castle ask Faye. Florida 75 ' 9 5 76 29501836 . . . The home work that never got done. Rockey Mountain High . . . THOUGHT: The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time . KEVIN G. BUCKLEY 3 ORCHARD RD. ESSEX BUCK MEMORIES: York Beach 72-75, " The Gang " The " Hut " swivel ask A.L. G.R. B.P. Lynn Arena, G.H.B. " Philly 76” card games, cigars. Hockey puck, ask Joanne, " Apple Stroodlenoodle” Band practices, Meny meeting lake, Julie bubblegum Searg. party, off party. Junior Prom - LB . Getting lost in Lynn ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 3, Flag R. D. 3, G.H.S. Chorus V.P. (4) 4, Vol- leyball (Intramurals) 2-3-4, Band V.P. 3 - 4 THOUGHT: To arrive at an impossible dream you have to know the past and look to a chal- lenging future. PATRICIA E. BROWN 9 SPRING ST. ESSEX PATTY MEMORIES: Monday night out; ski- ing; back shore, ask jodi. New Hampshire, the point beach road. Winter 75-76, Camaro or Fire bird? the home; Sure you ' re from Califor- nia! which way is right? J.L. games ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, NHS 3 - 4, Pep Club 4, Volleyball (inter- murals) 2-4, Basketball j.v. 2 - 3, Track and Field 4 THOUGHT: The Language of friend- ship is not words, but meanings, It is an intelligence above Language - Thoreau JULIE BRENNEN TOP O ' HARBOR 4-16 FRANCES, BEANS MEMORIES: JOHN 7 7 75 Gusto 1 ask john. Jugs and Tootsie ask Malbert Beans ask Betty. Norman ask Doug. Stage Fort ask the Kids. Schaffer Concerts. Patriots games. Red Sox. Boulevard ask Sheila. N.H. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 2-3-4, Sec. Comm. Guidance Assistant 2-3-4 THOUGHT: A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. SERENA K. BR1EN 35 EASTERN AVE. MEMORIES: " 75 " all the talks, tears, and laughter ask Tammy. H-Block-75 ask Eileen. An order of Sum Yung Gai and Prowling in the night ask R.G. It ' s TRUE!!! ask S.L. and C.G. , FLAT!! Suffering Bast - Horny Mechanic ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 3 - 4, S.C. 4 THOUGHT: ' Tis better to remain silent and thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt. GARY BROPHY FERNWOOD LAKE AVE. GARY MEMORIES: Grenadiers, ONE, 2-3 - 4. Washington watch me do a quad! Web!! Odd Couple (Two Pages?)! West Side Story, twice! Wagon! Good friends! Hagstrom ' s class-trig? ohboy ilu vitiluvit ! ! French class - wake up, Kris. GHS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chess Club 2, Color Guard 2-3, Grenadi- ers 2 - 3 - 4, Math League 3-4, Sawyer Medal 3, R.O.T.C. Band 3, Thespians 2-3-4, Treas. THOUGHT: " We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done. " - Longfellow MARY LOU BURNHAM 1 MASON CT. MEMORIES: Central: Family ask M.D.K.G.P. Fiesta: Golden Summer: ask Gray, Maria; Revo- lution no. 9 ask Ro; Railroad Tracks ask Roach; Mag-gets; Sis- ters; M.M. Car Hockey Games ask Danny; Noises ask Mary; R-M did it, Busted ask Gray; The bike ride ask Irene; Jody; Good Time ask G,S.D,J,D,N,S,R,J,I. THOUGHT: Life is either a dar- ing adventure , or nothing . THERESA BUDROW 24 LINDEN RD. GREGORY CAMPBELL 105 LEONARD ST. G-BOY MEMORIES: 14 Game 6 thanks Joe B, O ' Maley gym, Y, my yard, N.E.B.S. in the desen, N.E.C. All Star, 75-76-77, N.E.C. Champs? Tech Tourney, Smithy; Tennis 33-2 N.E.C. Champs? Desi, Crans swim- ming, Squam gang, gasing up, J,D, Hawk, 45 pushups Leal is unreal; Billy, Deb, mom ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: V. Ten- nis 2 - 3 - 4, V. Basketball 2 - 3 - 4. THOUGHT: Who can ask more of a man than giving all within his span? Giving all , it seems to me , is not so far from victory . I shall persevere . TONI MARIE CAMILLE 47 HARTZ ST. MEMORIES: " It ' s so peaceful here " and cruisin ' ask amy. Christopher 8 3 76, Eagles Concert. Stars ask Chris, Dream Weeble, good times alway ask Anne. Advice ask Todd, Joe? (I had to write that) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Color Guard 3 - 4, G.H.S. Chorus 4, Mother Daughter Comm . 4 THOUGHT: The imponant thing is to sacrifice anything I am for what I could become . SYLVIA CAMILLE 15 HARTZ STREET COOKIE MEMORIES: MICHAEL 7 7 76, starry! deb, our corner, thanks j.j. talks - D.G. L.M. Kevin, my!! Mahogany 76 ' Lions in Africa come ?! Strawberries? michael knows. 9 28 75 ask shelly my family. HONORS AND ACTIVITIES: Color Guard Band 2 - 3, G.H.S. Chorus 3-4, Drill Team 3-4 Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4. THOUGHT: I hope that I will have my own little choir of angels following me everywhere, forever. STEPHANIE CAPONE 24 WASHINGTON SQUARE MEMORIES: 11 24 73 ask C.J.T. . . . WOW . . . The talks ask R.S. . . . 22 ? 74, Salem Fb ' Game everyone. Especially JP . . . Honest . . . We WON!! Testing 6 22 76, ( F. Bab-W2) . . . Correc- tion ... Ah day off . . . THOUGHT: Learn from yesterday, live for today and dream for tomor- row. Or live life to the fullest and find happiness in every day. 27 IRENE CARDONE 21 FORT SQUARE MEMORIES: RONNIE - Summer of 73’ 4 22 73, 12 8, Cape Cod Steve Miller Bike ride ask Jody and Mary Lou. Liquor Closet. Ron I have a headache . THOUGHT: The contents of a circumference is whatever you make it . SHEILA FAY CARIGNAN 26 CORLISS AVE. MEMORIES: PHIL 9 2 75. Is this your ear? Cat. Stevens - ask Phil. The camp ask Rhonda. Boulevard Bovlevard at 7:00 ask Julie. Me no poutha - ask Cathy! Handkerchief - ask Malbert. Camping out at Wallacos - ask the Image crew! ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 2-3-4, Squad Leader. M.D.B.C. 4, St. Coun. 3, Office Assist. 3 THOUGHT: Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our fool- ishness. Put a little Moore into your life! PAMELA CARREIRO 4 TRASK ST. PAM BUMBELS MEMORIES: G.H.B.B., S.F.P.S.C R.C. FOREVER! Nights to remember or to forget ask June . Wounder Woman, 7 12 75, I ' m a spy? The glass slipper, ask Lisa, Whoa slow down! THOUGHT: Be civil to all, famil- iar to few. enemy to none, friend to one. For remember you have few friends and many acquain- tances have mind enough to know the difference . KIM MARIE CECILIO 11 SADLER ST. KIM, DING MEMORIES: J.W. 11 22 75, A.B.C - FOREVER! ! ! Summer 74, 75, 76, Rockport 1 Pal - Nancy: ask her about the spider plant. A million and 1 favors ask Jann. Let ' s drop these dudes! N.B. ask mom. Doorbell Sisters. Talks, Tears and many good times . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: P.C.C 2-4, Flag Squad 3-4, Type Award 3. THOUGHT: If fun is good; Truth is still better; and love best of all Thackeray PAMELA CARIGNAN 58 POPLAR ST. PAM MEMORIES: Joel 11 4 74, con- ce rts, the canal, madness; esp zaps, Chinaport ask joel, M.P, Dogtown common , the tree , High- way 99 I.P.B ask Kathy, Heppa, The great escape ' ask Cory, Sum- mer of 74, 75, 76 ... F.F.F.P.A. ask Ziggy, Rushimore Hill California. Traveling incog- nito THOUGHT: Peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding . TODD CAVANAUGH 28 NORMAN AVE. MAGNOLIA ' ' DICE ' ' MEMORIES - KATHY - 5 3 75; The gang; Central; Camp Cedar 2 -3-4; Lifesavers, ask Kathy; The hammer and claw, ask foster; Pro- tein - ask anyone; Just 5 more pounds, ask Kathy; Saturday Night movies, ask Kathy; All Fiestas with the Gang ask (P.P,J.S,D.L,J.C,M.M,T.B, T.B, V.O.S.S,K.K,PQ.V.G,T.J, K.H,) Seine boats; Weightlifting; Milk; and (good times with the gang)! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Foot- ball 1-2-3, Capt. 4, Basketball 2-3. THOUGHT: To maintain a stable mind and body to help overcome problems on the road to life . JO-ANN CECILIO 206 WASHINGTON STREET JO MEMORIES: DANNY 2 18 76, Summer of 75,76, Jain ' s not here ask J . A . EEEEE ask D.G. J.A. R.D. Fasisticated ask Jain " at 17 " ask Deb. Talk ' s n ' Tears ask the girls. 18th Tee ask J.A. Cook - Keys ask D.G. " Concerts " H.H. Easy. Accidents ask anybody. 12 23 75, 4 30 76 - 3 B ' s ask F.B.D.M M ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: P.S.C. 2 - 4, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4. THOUGHT: True Friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Golf 3 - 4 THOUGHT: Play clean, Play hard, but boot their asses! ! JOHN CAREY 9 FAIR ST. CANORY ROGER MEMORIES: B.R.G.C. Hogans, Campgrounds N.H. Brigette and Debbie, Robert Plant, Conny ' s party remember Lassie, Eight hole, party July 13th Sorry Jeff Davis ' mother, L.L.R. Party ask Gillis, Jedrey. The States; Teams, individuals. Patsy, Sue at B.K. L.Z., Aero Smith, Kiss. SPIKE LOVES HOCKEY!!! Yaaaaaaap! ! Losing to Lynn English, How low ANTHONY PAUL CIARAMETARO 120A WESTERN AVE. TONY MEMORIES: The Flame, STILL got a long way to go. Partying, Concerts, my blue barbecue LADIES, A.R. good times with good Friends, H.P. ask the Juice. Doing T. ask him too. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: P.A. 3 - 4 THOUGHT: To be myself, make my dreams come true. - ROBERT CHAREST 7 SOUTH KILBY ST. " TEDDY " MEMORIES: Band in Philly ”76 " All the good times on Saturday nights ask M.S. All the good times at Friendly ' s, and band practice on Monday and Wednes- day All the fun at the Drive-In on Saturday nights ask M.S. and S.S. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.T.C. BAND 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To accomplish to the fullest what I start in life, and not accepting anything less. FRANK CIARAMETARO 16 GOULD CT. POPCORN MEMORIES: May 25, 76 ask J.N. and P.C. and A.T. The Fort, the park- ing lot, the Hut, Pavillion Lounge, Vito ' s cellar, Popcorn ' s Beach, The summer of ' 73 ' , Ganzaga and red pickup, and Shop. THOUGHT: To do what my Father did in half the time . ROSELLE CIARAMITARO 12 WARNER ST. MEMORIES: 4 9 76, Jamie ' s party, ask Bob, Jennifer 7 8 76, Ipswich. Concerts, The Who ask B.B. (Beau- ty’s) Up Cheryl ' s ask Annette ' s and Gait. Tripping around town Clicque tie (narc) A. A., G.G. Rider ' s Rocks. His at work - Cherie, Lou. (Sugar Draws) Vodka ask Mary, Capz. Cod ask Gouse, Girls. My party for Bob. 8 21 76. KEGS, HI’S! ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Canal 4 - 5 - 6 - THOUGHT: Keep Smiling and remember we were Born to be WILD! ! ! ANNETTE CIARAMATARO 10 STEWART AVE. MEMORIES: H.A.M. " Big Red” T.B.A.B.I.T. ask Patty. 1 mo. Ask Tish, 9 18 76, G.H.B. Stage Fort Park, Keg Parties, Mountain Rhine Vermont, N.H. THOUGHT: Don ' t worry about tomorrow. Live for today . DIEDRE CHAISSON ANN CAPEL 403 WESTERN AVE. JUNE CLEVELAND GREGORY ISLAND PARK CARL A. COCCHIARELLA 65 FARRINGTON AVE. MEMORIES: In the white huh. ask Jim and nick at lirly J toue, ask Rob. aleps, the woods bombers; N.R.J. S., V., concerts, the canal SO LONG. . . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 2-3 - 4, Golf 2-3 THOUGHT: Don ' t look back to what you have done, but look ahead to what you can do. MICHAEL COGNATO 10 MYRTLE SQUARE MIKE MEMORIES: That Saturday night with old Grandad, ask frank; " What are you laughing about? " , ask Tim; Friday night in the Eclipse, ask Tony, Mike and Billy Good times before and after work, ask chris, Billy, Dave, Tim and Frank; 2000 Light years from home; the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Foot- ball 3, Track and Field 3. THOUGHT: To find happiness in the future, for without happiness one can not truly live. JULIE COLBY 19 RYAN ROAD MEMORIES: M.D. led to Silver chase, Mary Alice ' s car, " IT ' S THE BEST. " F.F. the Big T, 6 23 76, 5 28 76 - Meeting Mark, FOR’s Lorna S.T.Y. Maryanne ' s parties, S.A.T.Y.W.J. Working!, " My head is going to fall off, " ask Ann Marie, " no more! " " to Much! " Good times - Talks and Tears. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Ski Club 2, Type award 2. THOUGHT: Nothing is a waste, as long as it makes a memory. DARLENE CLARK 5 ROSE LANE JULIE ANNE CLAYTON 26 SAYWARD ST. JOLIE, JULES, LITTLE SLATER MEMORIES: " YANAROS, " 1 31 75 - Mark, New York Rain drops ' " Who " secrets - " RC, " E.C. pier, Lanesville, parties, V L, Peg, Leg, friends JCAMCCJR, concerts, ILMCB, favorite Pas- time 11 cape girls and sharing - " cous " , i love you mom and dad. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: M.D.B.C. 4, J.V. Basketball, j.v. Softball 2,2. Office Assist. 3-4, L.B.C. 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Don ' t walk behind me. i may not lead Don ' t walk in front of me. i may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend . BRETT CLARK 15 NORMAN AVE. MAGNOLIA ELIZABETH COLEMAN 546 ESSEX AVE. LIZ MEMORIES: Sebago 75-76, ask anyone, the keys ask wendy and Judy. G.B.O.H. Friday nite Rowdieness whoops we ' re lost. The park ask the gang. February vacation ask Sandi. Parties, Salibury Beach C.L. E.E.D, N.N. Long talks ask Vic. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4 DAN CONTI 65 WESTERN AVE. MEMORIES: Bar rooms and Pool rooms, all night parties, Concerts, Train Rides, Crazy Summer, Many Broken Bones, Always experiencing life. To much work, Ask anyone. THOUGHT: To keep on Inhealing and exhealing, Drinking. Gambling, Paint- ing and learning about life. Always thinking Ironically, Having faith in another world and live my life the way that I choose . CORINNE A. COOK R77 MAGNOLIA AVE. MAGNOLIA CRY MEMORIES: ??? traveling incognito, W.B. , Great Escape , D . C . Rushimore Hill, madness. Heppa, Brain Food. M.P., Weasels, California!! F.F.F, I.P.B. ask Kathy. Zapl! Esp ask Pam Highway 99, Tull, The Who Summers! ! THOUGHT: I know you believe that you understand what I said; But I ' m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. ROBERTA I. COOLIDGE 10 NIKOLANE WAY " BERT” MEMORIES: Maine, the summer of " 75 " ask Carol; The Horse Shows; Eat- ing out w A.L. and J.R. Hockey Games; Track S.S. and McDonalds; Skating. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: TRACK AND FIELD 3 - 4 THOUGHT: " THERE are only three days that matter in anyone ' s life, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. " ANTHONY CORRAO JR. 535 ESSEX AVE. TONY, CRAUNCHO CIE, MEMORIES: G.H.S. BANK, sixty-eight parades, 200th Birth, North U-SS Lexington and Con- cord 75-76, " PHYLLY " 76, Camping out, Salem Football game " 75 " " CHIP " , 82 mile Bike Hike (3) " H ' s " Offices Party Carol, Sgt ' s Party Sun. Night. Sen. High - 2nd little Karon O ask Glen. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team 2 - 3 - 4, C.A. Youth Orchestra 2 - 3 - 4, R.O.T.C. Band 2-3-4, Track and Field 4, Thespians 2-3-4. KELLY CORRAO 38 EASTERN AVE. DOREEN COSTA RITA 30 PERKINS ST. MEMORIES: Summer " 74, 75 ' Salisbury, Steel Derek - Party! ask Sha , Sae , Di Topsfield - Stall! ask Ethel, " CHEERING " I don’t want to go home ask C.S. S.S New England Dragway ask pam (Chicky) Playground, Cookie. Whisky ask Roach, Many more. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleaders 2-3-4, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. THOUGHT: To have love, hap- piness, laughter and to make my mother and father proud of me for they have made me proud of them. E. M. Gerus JANET L. CURCURU 155 WASHINGTON ST. MEMORIES: 6 12 76. Girls night out! Senior Prom Oh what a night! ! Skiing . . . Mt. Abram; " Neil” Summer of ' 76 - 8 22 Yeah! Cheer- ing; Sgts. Party ' 74; Nelsons, " Gen- eral Lee ' s Army ' ' K.S.M.D.K.M.L.G. Karen . . . EVERYTHING! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheer- leaders 3-4, Mother- Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Volleyball (Inter) 3-4. THOUGHT: Life begins when you begin to unfold you into the person you have it in yourself to be. JOSEPH CUCURU 6 BURNHAM ST. DENNIS CRAWFORD 73 EASTERN AVE. DENNY MEMORIES: I don ' t usually like to look into the past but this is a special occasion so I will. All that I like to remember is back in the lower grades waiting and wondering when this year would come. THOUGHT: To me the only pleasure in thought are the good things and the future. I would much rather look and think about ' the ' good things which will occur in the future. This way I can conquer both pleasures at once . PHILIP CUCURU 13 LINDEN RD. MEMORIES: Bear hole the hut. Stage Fort 6 23 76, Aerosmith ask N.B., The canal, goldless summer, Bottom O ' Wheeler ask Flem, Parties at Tarrs, balloons on the hill ask Ida, Tull with Columbian ask Doug, Sunset, ask Bruce. J.V. Football. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Football 2 THOUGHT: Life will never be easier. MICHAEL D. COTTON 6 EASTERN POINT RD. MIKE MEMORIES: Ben, Isham, Roy, Chino, Ect. Remember Rellas Merc; " Who called the cops ' " ask Bill. Boosters; Philly: Lunenburg 1 ana II with St. Peters Bagpipe Band, ask anyone; Boston Library, ask Dawn; Summers with Cathi, Cindy, and Colleen . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German Club 2 - 3, G.H.S. Chorus 2-4, Volleyball (Intramurals) 3, G.H.S. Marching band 2-3-4, Stage Crew 3, St. Coun. 2, Thespians 3-4, German Club Gand 3, G.H.B. Sec- retary 3, R.O.T.C. 2 - 3 - 4. THOUGHT: One must take his life, just as it is. RICHARD S. COUTURIER 947 WASHINGTON ST. RICH OR RICK MEMORIES: Summer of 75 and 76 ask Dana and Ed. L.B.C. Not enough Kegs yet. Snow Tires - Chev II and The Pines . . . 650 Triumph 6-12-76 Kate Aqua 12- 6-80 THOUGHT: Think of how it would be if you lost everything and suddenly found it again. STEVE CURLEY 8 ELLERY STREET MOUSE MEMORIES: Paula 3 10 75, N.H. ask the boys. North Adams ask Laney, Homeroom ask Mano, Chinese food ask Paula, Summer of 74-75, Wimpy Bars, Penny Sales 75’ ask Paula, hoppies hole, Tull, Blue Bomber, Waik- iki, MacDonald ' s Bozzaka, Paula ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 2-3-4, J.V. Hockey 3, Soccer 2-3, Carpentry shop 2-3-4. THOUGHT: To take my life as it comes, to the fullest, without having any worries that can set me back. On a scale of 1 - 1 0 . . . Whad y ' think. DANIEL K. DAVIS III 28 GRAPEVINE RD. MEMORIES: Skiing, Stowe Vermont Week My sister ' s V.W. ask, 6th Hole. Who broke my glass carl, Long Beach, Xmas Eve ”75 " Yachting in my sieve, KEG PARTIES: ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 3 - 4, Golf Team 3 THOUGHT: Live for today, but remember yesterday, and think of tomorrow . PATTI CUSUMANO 69 BASS AVE. CHRISTINE M. CUSUMANO 8 LOOKOUT ST. CHRIS, MANO MEMORIES: DAVE: Summer of 76 2 21 76; " L " Someone older; Jose- phine knows; Beanies ask the girls; H.R. ask Steve; Lips ask Nina; Since Aug. 71 ask Deb Din ask Rhonda; " Dream On " Michelle knows. ACTIVITIES AND H ONORS: Mother- Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Home Room rep. 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read . IONI L. CURRIER 19A HIGHLAND ST. MEMORIES: Around the cape ask Julie. Summer of 73 " P.A. Totel ask Beets YANAROS Rain- drops, " Huh” Nights in E.G. ask malbert - Sharing - Tears and Beers ask Cous. Lollipops ask Packey - V L - Lanseville Days at school? ask Dale? " Red Eyes” ask Annie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: L.B.C. 3 - 4 THOUGHT: WE MAY CHANGE WITH THE SEASONS, BUT THE SEASONS WILL NOT CHANGE US. K. GIBRAN SALVATORE D’ANGELO 40 MIDDLE ST. SAMMY MEMORIES: R.M. 209 ask Josephine . Soccer Team " Rome 75 " what are you doing here? ask Nofrie. Rocky Neck 73-74. ask John, Matteo Vito. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer Team 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To go on in life doing my best and to make my parents proud of me . FERNANDO M. DASILVA 13 STATEN ST. FREDDIE: PORTUGESE MEMORIES: IT ' S The GREEN CAMARO; ask Dave. Rides after school in my father ' s car; ask Elja, Doris and Mikel Smook show at O’maley; ask Doris and Dave. Good old occiffer Madruga, YOU ' RE BUSTED!!! Remember the Rotary Dave. LINDA DAVIS PRESSON POINT RD. " ROCKET " MEMORIES: I ' m Dick ' s little sis- ter A6 (and A10) - XC Skiing and dories, all the president ' s men - " Where ' s Beauparlant?” " Pri- thee peace! " Moon lighting, X- C - phasphorus, Ken and Bunny, PA and Mr. Z - WSS (ooblie-oo!) no poofters! (rule 6) Flag days: colonial baloney - living out in the sticks. Wait ' ll my memoirs; n ' cest-pas ! ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.M.F. (Sec.) Beacon (art ed. 123, ed. 2) 2 - 3 - 4, C.A. Youth Orchestra 2-3-4, Cross Country 4, German Club 4, N.H.S. (Pres.) 3-4, Spanish Club (Pres.) 3-4, Winter Track 3 - 4 , Thespians 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Alis Volat propriis ROBERT DAY THURSTON PT. RD. ROB MEMORIES: THE VEGA HATCH H. Castle, The Cove with Sae partying - Concerts Renegades 1 Stowe VT - Don ' t sleep ask Carl Curfew - Benched Craig? First 4 against English DAD. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: V. Hockey 2-3-4, V. Basketball 2-3-4, Soccer 2-3 THOUGHT: There are two ways of spreading light; to be the can- dle, or the minor that reflects it. - Wharton FAYE DAVIS R357 ESSEX AVE. WILLIAM T. DAVIS 43 MAPLEWOOD AVE. SLIM MEMORIES: Loma 6 22 76, Just fat one ask Jack or Nick, Harry ask Lora, Lanesville, you talken to me, California, P.A. with Ebel, Drink- ing with Jack and Dave, Attack by chopsuey ask skull bone . THOUGHT: To have fun in my life and make something out of it at the same time. SHERMAN DEERING 286 WASHINGTON ST. BUD. BUDDY MEMORIES: Trip to U. Mass ask Rick. Those long rides on the motorcycle - ask sharon. The weekend in Vermont ask Scott. (Bush Babby) (Spinach Chin) My first Wipe-out - ask anyone. The shocking moment in chorus - ask sebby ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G . H . S . Chorus 3 - 4 , Stage Crew 3 , Thespians 4 THOUGHT: The Things are mighty few on Earth that wishes can attain. Whate ' er you want of any worth. You’ve got to work to gain. MELVIN DAWE 30 REYNARD ST. MEL MEMORIES: Machine shop where ' s the road ask Jim. Where you from brother ask Dave (Black Magic) weekend parties dark shadows ask Sue Maine and N.H. fishing trips (lookout) Coon hunting ask Tom. THOUGHT: Live your life the way you want not the way others do . LAUR1 A. DAY 41 WOODWARD AVE. MEMORIES: Summer ’ ' 74” B.H.B. " Secret Squirrel” Ark. 76, Munroe ' s Pub and McDonald ' s - ask Patty, " THE PEN” - ask Jody K, The Doll House - Tish, Concerts, Parties, New Year " 76” P.S. ask anyone, P.A. THOUGHT: Every day should be passed as if it were to be our last . GERARD DELANEY 118 CONCORD ST JOSEPH WAYNE DIEFFENBACHER 6 SUMMIT ST. JOSE MEMORIES: Ho Toy N; LTM; Wurz- burg; Fruhling Fest, McDonald ' s ask D.S. Red Rock: Humdrum, Wyo- ming, Plushy; Dot; Volleyball; LD; Life in W. Glou. Kite Flying; Bow- ing; JT. Hey Toots! Candy. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German Club 2 - 3 - 4, Jr. Rotarians 4, N.H.S. 3 - 4, Volleyball (Intra) 3 - 4, P.O.A.C. Students 2-3-4, Boys’ State Rep. 3 THOUGHT: Human beings can be awful cruel to one another - Clemenl RICHARD DUCHANE 4 TOLMAN ST. RICK MEMORIES: E.A.S.Y. Party in Hamilton " 75” ask Dan. The Hut, Tell ' em YO . (PARTY ! ! ! ) E.A.S.Y. parties, weekends in N.H. The Concerts, spaced without a trace (Fenway Park ask R.L. , F.P. D.G. R.G. Jailbait) Many beers ask Ham. Carnival night ask Mike P. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Football 3 THOUGHT ; If I ever get out of here MARYANN DUNAJSKI 306 WESTERN AVE. MEMORIES: 6 12 76 - Girl ' s nite out!! General Lee’s Army - KM.GKSJC - the SS ! ! 17 Punkins! ! ! ask " Rat " Cheryl. Mt. Abram. Cheering. New Year ' s Eve - Jay D. Old friends - Lee G. and Karen M. Summer ' 75 SO MANY GOODTIMES ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheer- ing 3 - 4, N.H.S. 3 - 4, Tennis 2, Mother Daughter Banquet Comm. 4, Volleyball (Intram) 3-4 THOUGHT: Children of life are we, as we stand with our lives uncarved before us. Doane MARY ALICE ENOS 2 HASKELL CT. MEMORIES: M.S. Silver chase. " It ' s out of oil again; 6 30 76 the night we got lost; 7 20 76 Honk the horn, Flat tire; 8 25 76. M.D. Wearing dresses; Barbra Streisand, Dynamite; " Mittens, " Julie ' s house the night her car blew up; Ann Marie ' s new personality; Ang’s horseback riding, DD; For 6 23 76 at the beach. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3-4, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, Guid- ance Assist. 3, Type Award 2 “You want to run that by me once more. " PAUL DENNIS 41 CHAPEL STREET CHOPPER MEMORIES: Stage Fort Park, Diggen good music (Hendrix, Aerosmith and Frankenstein), The Dory Trip ask Buzzy and Dan, Flying High ask Ed. Foot- ball (Camp Cedar " 75”) 67 " The Mallet and Plunger " ask Joe and Tony, Partying at the mountain; That is using your head ask Hubby and Carly. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle team 2, Hockey intramurals 2-3 - 4, Football 2 - 3 - 4, J.V. J.V. V. THOUGHT: To succeed in life and enjoy it as it comes. VITO DEMETRI 17 COMMERCIAL ST. MEMORIES: Alvin Lee, Window Pain. " He ' s All White " (HA HA) " ask Mike and Sam. Straight Smith is! I hurt my knee Wicked! ask Nicky and Billy. The loud speaker in the Lobby ack ask sal. Sam. The cellar ask the gang. Pavillian Lounge Keg Parties " Fair Lane 500 " THOUGHT: Getting ' HIGH " everyday is easy! ! (Hendrix) JAMES DESTINO 24 WONSON ST. STEVE B. FERRANT 46 HARRISON AVE. U.F.O. MEMORIES: Days in craze, Fred ' s Steel Derrick Sperry, McComskey, sleeping out, backshore " 74 " Bik- ing, Kelly, shop E.N Summer, 8 21 the castle Traveling, remembering, thinking alone, 1 Garden ask Dave, Rob, the beach full moon with Karen, accidents, cliff Dwellers, Canoeing No. 3 ' 5 with dave. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Canal Club 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To those on the Caravan to Nowhere: And then there was light ! ! KELLY M. FLANAGAN DICKERING CT. ESSEX KEL MEMORIES: ROBBIE, 2 14 75 what choo doink? drive in parties smelting season, ask marcia, all at once, and blube top ask Sebby - shake your boobie ask Wendy, Proms, sergeants parties, and fun ask Robbie, J J, sweetheart, sadie hawkins dance ask Yogi ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Audio- Visual 3, G.H.S. Chorus 3-4, Drill Team 4, Jr. Hosp. Vol. 3, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Thespians 2-3-4 THOUGHT: You never know how much you love a person till they ' re gone. MICHAEL A. FORTADO 877 WASHINGTON ST. " SPOOK” GUMBE " MEMORIES: MY FAMILY - CHRIST- MAS ' S California trip 7 months . . . The High School - Rock throwing ask B.C. Mother dear - Flea bag ask Mary Baseball 69 ' 70 ' 76 ' (77?) M.M. Kaal ask Greggy right Dave Ozzie der, FAT MAN Ha Lar! ! $ 2.00 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Baseball 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To become what I ' m best in. The Salvation of man is through love and in love . Viktor E. Frankl MICHAEL FRANCIS 68 RIVERDALE PARK MIKE MEMORIES: BRL Champs, J.L.C.A.M. streaking at Fidos Pool, Ask Harris, Asaro, Fido. Long talks with Ethel, Moonshots, at Macs ' ask Joe and Tim Up on the Hill with the boys, So Ftie Roodied out ask Harris, and Fido, J . P. J . P . M . H . T . R. J . L. Jodi, Judy, Neicy, Edna, Sally!!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: (Intra) Volleyball 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To Travel the best path in life. MIKE ERCOLANI 89 EASTERN AVE. MIKE MEMORIES: Beach Club ask DF. JF, FP, RD. - HEY WARDEN ASK FOOTE and Turk Trips to win- throp You almost killed me, twice ask D.P. - THE SKUNK ask Donna and Jimmy THOUGHT: Enjoy each day as it comes, because .omorrow may not be as good . MAUREEN F. FARRELL 4 SYLVAN ST. MEMORIES: Summer at Winngar- sheek Beach , Hey Harvey ! ! Ask Barbara, AGH gossip, Football games. Good times with friends; ask lynda. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 3, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Stu- dent Secretaries 4, Office Assist. 2, Guidance Assist. 4 THOUGHT: The deepest feeling always shows in silence. DAVID ERCOLANI 89 EASTERN AVE. ERCO. P.H. SHOP KID. MEMORIES: Remember the green camaro. Ask Fred and Mike. Remember ociffer Madruga let me see your license and Registra- tion you ' re Busted, ask Fred and Mike. You ' re all High ask. J. Pierce THOUGHT: If everybody liked the same there wouldn ' t be enough to go around . FAITH FREDA 23 BEACH ROAD MEMORIES: G.H.B. 73-77, T.D. and good times. The ditch, ask Mary- Ellen (S.F.P) outing. Indulging Con- certs, Summer of ' 73 and the great Escapes! ! ! Green Belly buttons, Lieb Fraumilch, Hands? ask Lisa (slow motion) ask anyone . THOUGHT: you can ' t always get what you want but if you try some- time you might get what you need. - Mike Jagger MAUREEN FRONTIERO 12 HAMPDEN ST. MEMORIES: BOB 12 30 75 M.A.D - D.A.M.P. G.P.C. " 74 75” Kow- loon. Longbeach - P.D.J.D, Vic ' s weekends in MAINE, G.H.B. 75. " THE TREE " ask Paula. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother daughter Ban. Comm. 4, (Intra) Volleyball 3,4?, Flicker?? 4 THOUGHT: " Do not follow where the path leads, . . . Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail.” MICHAEL FRONTIERO 11 GLOU. AVE. MIKE MEMORIES: Remember all the good times we had. Ram island, Remem- ber staying on straismouth with the Z (Ziergiebel) Remember all The Interesting . Times in P . A . THOUGHT: Today is only yester- day ' s tomorrow. PAUL FRONTIERO 13 BERTONI RD. ROLLO MEMORIES: 1975 and 76 Party Boat Fishing, Hat fights, Hey! Boo Boo, Bombers and Blach hawks almost Perfect season ' s What are you going to do ask Mark, Yellow clown Oh no it ' s the B.R. Gang. BLACK DIA- MOND, Joe ' s Italian Pants. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Benja- min Franklin Club 2-3-4, (Intra) Hockey 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Do unto others before they do it first. SAMMY FRONTIERO 7-9 LESLIE O JOHNSON RD. SAMMY MEMORIES: 12 Long Years; Alvin Lee and Win Dowpane ask Mike and Vito; All man Brothers ask Jody; The Fort - Pavillion Lounge; " Getten the car " ask Billy, Linda, and Sylvia; " SCHOOL ' S OUT FOR EVER " THOUGHT: To get out of School and start an Exciting Life, and have a good time at it. GEORGE FROST 3 HARVARD ST. SKIP MEMORIES: Jior League Champs 2 Years in a row. Party Boat Fish- ing 76 " Chef Class ”76 " ask Mike ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: (Intra) Volleyball 4-3, R.O.T.C. Band 2 THOUGHT: Thinking into the future ROBERT FRUSTERI 48 CLEVELAND ST. ROB MEMORIES: THERESA 2 28 75 The Cliff ask Steve, The daily buzz-on, New Hampshire. The toy. Nuggut ask Theresa - Pine Pit. munchin out. I want it my way. Bike Riding ask Theresa. Ice for the beer, ask Steve. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: (Intra) Hockey THOUGHT: Learn from Yester- day, Live for today, and dream of tomorrow. To be successful in the field of machinery. JOSEPHINE GABRIELE 5 BELLEVUE AVE. " JO” MEMORIES: BOB 11 16 74 35, Cress) s Beach! Beany ' s House " Blue Bomber ask the girls " Some one ' s Older ask Chris; " Pep Talks " ask Michelle; " Back Roads " ask Deb; " Checking out the Scene " ask Nina; " Which one is it ton- ite? " ask Rhonda ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. THOUGHT: To live fully, we must learn to use things and love people . . . not love things and use peo- ple. JOHN SALVATORE GENTILE 17 LINCOLN AVE. MEMORIES: mahaa? - Ahaa? The backroad wall, el bono , Hey " P, " street Hockey, Bruins of 72, We ' re all wasted. Dr. J. , Three stooges, the card. Hot Tippers, L.A. Rams and 7, The Holy Grail, Scaramouch, Scara- mouch will you do the Fandango THOUGHT: Don ' t spend your time looking around for some- thing you want that can ' t be found . RICHARD GALLAGHER 154 PROSPECT ST. Quick . . . It ' s the lunch! MICHELLE JEANNE GAGNE 5 SCHOOL ST. SHELLIE - PGNES ME MEMORIES: DONNIE 6 6 76 - Car- nival " 74” Help! Pool Party " 75” pumpkin time ask Maura - Shells, Scott, Rick star. Ask Cookie - Dances? 10 25 75 Knights in white satin!! Sir your . . . is he nice? Half a dozen dice!! Salt shakers, Karen Knows PHILLY , the room nyelloooo LuLu? slaw gin, ask toni - phone calls, ask mike - just ask donnie ! ! ! Laughs talks tears and memories, ask anyone! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band Flag Squad 3 - 4 , Drum Major Drill Team 2-3-4, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Glou. High Marching Band 3-4 THOUGHT: To understand what it all means, and to use that knowl- edge to improve my future . LINDA MARIA GEER 5 PERKINS RD. SMILEY MEMORIES: DANA F. ROSE, Sept. 76 P.B. Top Field Fair Oct. 9, 76 (B.L.B.C.M.) Dana Rose July 21, 76 Italian Villa Lounge Expressway Bobby O’Maley ' s Band " Paper " Empire Fish ask Keith, Bab. Oct. 26 76, " 143 " Oscar " Sailing " Sept 7 76 " Boat " Don. K. " 76 " " Stage Fort Park” O.B. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.T.C. BAND 2-3-4, Ben. Frank. Club 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To be myself, in what I do and make my parents proud of me to find that very_ special person. CYNTHIA GAY 126 MAIN ST. CINDY MEMORIES: 2 7 75; ask Mike Col- leen and the gang. W.G.W. ask Judy; Barb still bumping trees. Weekend at Weir beach. N.H. ask Ma Pa. Ski, Dory. Boston and Solo Trips with Proj. Ado Museum School Jim and Cellist. E block lunch. Backstage gang. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 3-4, Stage crew 4, Thespi- ans 4, Project Adv. 2-3-4, Sherpa Program 3-4 THOUGHT: To make each day count . 38 ALICIA GEORGE 25 MARSH ST. MEMORIES: SUMMER (The first time) of 72 " (R.D.) holding on to yesterday; Wild Horses, G.H.B. Stage Fort, Keg parties, getting crazed, Michelob, the Allman Brothers Band, Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper. Led Zeppelin, " Stair- way to Heaven”, Madness What a bummer Spaced Out, " Witch- craft” I ' m gonna cast a spell on you! (It ' s magic) Falling in and out of love , bearing sorrow , hav- ing fun. Sunshine, laughing and dreaming . . . THOUGHT: We are changing, always changing . . . JOHN GIBBS LAROSE AVE. VITO GIACALONE 13 ADDISON ST. EPSTEIN MEMORIES: Cential, Seine boats " The Kids,” Camp Cedar " 39 to 67, Xmas Eve, ”75 " Central V.S. Irish always, weekends and good times. Turk, Flea, Mike, and Dinty Moore. Football - Gladys, Nancy, Cinderella Who will be flea ' s best man? How much does it weigh? 152 lbs! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football Vars. 2 - 3 - 4, Int. Volleyball 2 - 3, Int. Basketball 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To make my parents proud of me . DIANE GIOVANNI 3 MANSFIELD ST. MEMORIES: VITO 12 13 74, V.W. vans, laughing fits, girls nights, ask Lous. Fri. 13th bad luck? ask V.F. ki pint. Cougar Xr7 Cobra II St. Prom 76, Dancing in the moonlight. Champagne, Wing. Lounge, 10 16 73 ask Brenda, 12 31 73 ask sal and des, the hut, fort hill rd. ask Nof, I.L.Y. Vito. Pep Club 4 THOUGHT: ? DAVID GILARDI 15 COMMONWEALTH AVE. GILADA MEMORIES: 1st Annual February Fling, Flat Tire, we ' re not staying here, ask Hoppy-Cat. Laneybird; I ' m in Jail! Hoppy ' s Hole, one wimpy Bar to come, ask mouse. Summer ' 75 behind the 8 ball with george and Eric. N.J. ' 75 N.H. 76 " wasted days in the rock. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intra Hockey 3-4, Student Council 2-3 - 4, Soccer 2-3-4, Treasurer of St. Coun. 3, Leadershop 76 ' Mem- ber College night steering comm . 4 , D.D.C. Neighborhood Comm. 4, Treasurer NEMPSC, St. Government day 3-4, Junior Achievement 2 THOUGHT: To pick up where Ein- stein left off. PAMELA GILZINGER TOP O ' THE HARBOR PAM MEMORIES: JON 5 25 74 - Florida 75 - How’s your neck? ask Maia - Zeigerbels class ask A1 and Sheedy The camaro, Another mile to go. ask Di Scola Our talks ask Al. It ' s goodbye to the old days ask Jeanne. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gym- nastics 2 - 3 - 4, M.D.B.C. 3 - 4, Flicker Tri-Editor 4, Type II Award 3 THOUGH f: Resolve to be tender with the young. Compassionate with the aged. Sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these . KEVIN GLENN 119 WESTERN AVE. MEMORIES: RAM Island and other excursions, A.G.H. the boat s a n k . . . The museum of sci. There ' s gotta be more TOMMY; Sam Knows! Coaching and get- ting elected. Canoeing; Private class Trip Madness interesting insanity ! THOUGHT: Un Vlemished let me live and die unknown; Oh, Grant an honest fame, or grant me none ! - Ibid le . 523 DAVID GRACE 75 HOLLY ST. DAVE. GRACIE MEMORIES: Lobstering, the Willow. Gate, China land, Cruisin ' ' with J. Giels It’s my Birthday, Hunting in ME., " Working Class Hero " The Drive in 5 6 75 steel Derick, The Balcony, S.C.B. and C. N. S. T . S .S , L.G. , C.C, 1100 and 30-30 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Math League 3-4 THOUGHT: To be successful while making my family proud of me. DEBORAH M. GREELY 8 ATLANTIC RD. DEB MEMORIES: G.H.B. THANK YOU ].!.!! The " Twins " 74, 75, 76 . . . Saki in papa ' s our corner, 9 5 74 What!!! ask Cook, SFP. Philly 76 ' Spams 1st and last party, my parents. Long talks w C.C, P.M., 1. G, N.O. , S.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Color Guard, Drill Team 2-3-4, Com- mander, Mother- Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, Spanish Club 2, Flicker 4, Type I Awards, Piano THOUGHT: I am nourished by understanding, warmed by friends, Fed by loved ones, matured by wis- dom, tempered by tears. MARK GOSSOM 1047 WASHINGTON ST. MOUSE MEMORIES: 1975 76 Party Boat Fish- ing, B.F. Club, Hat Fights ask Paul, Riding bikes up the res. ask Kris and Dan, Eleven years of camping in the white mountains, Canada, New York State. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Benja- min Franklin Club 2-3-4, (Intra) Hockey 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Keep on Trucking and never stop looking . CAROL A. GREENWOOD 328 ESSEX AVE. C.A.G. MEMORIES: Summer ”76 " , Rain- bow, Spain ”73 " , Gitchee Gurnee ask the gang at camp, talks ask Patty, G.A. ask Patty, good times and good friends ask anyone. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 3, Treas. 4, M.D. Banquet Comm. 4, Spanish Club, Flicker staff 4, W.A. Sept. 76 ' -Ian. " 77 " Sawyer Medal, Type I Award. THOUGHT: You know how I feel, You listen to how I think, you under- stand . . . You ' re my friend . CHERYL GROSSI 172 EAST MAIN ST. CHA MEMORIES: 1 1 76 ask Patty But she can ' t get it clown who patty monday night Lay Hay Hady Hay, 7 3 74, special song 5 26 75 ask C.M. Blue Berry Manner Ask C.M. 73 74 75 who could forget ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother-Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4. THOUGHT : Live for those who love you for those who are true for the heaven that smiles above you and the good that you can do. CHERYL L. GROVER 2 RIGGS POINT RD. MEMORIES: Friends, Spain ask Nancy, Summer " 73” rowing - long talks. Sweet 16 - PB, K-911 ask Stan, Summer " 76” ROW- DIE, 5 21 76 Finally, Big Mac, Stakeout and feflexes ask cous, SENIOR YEAR! ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: C . A . youth Orchestra , 2 - 3 - 4 , Penny Sale Comm. 4, Drill Team 4, Mother Daughter Ban- quet Comm. 4, Pep Club Sec. 4, Office Assist. 2-3-4, Flicker 4, Type I award 3 THOUGHT: Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend . Camus Whit. . . orNitWhit? BARBARA HAIGHT 368 MAGNOLIA AVE. BUCKY MEMORIES: 4H Quarts ask Bar- bara and all the fun that I have with the kids in West Glou. Who I hung around with . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gre- nadiers 2 - 3 - 4, J.V. Softball 2 THOUGHT: To climb the stair- way to heaven: live free or die. DORINDA HAIGHT LA ROSE AVE. AD MEMORIES: GARY A 23. Calls to W.M. ask Shell. Pines ask EB. GHS dances ask Barb. F.L. ask A.F. , Er. M.L. Great times in N.H. ask Shell. Missing Gary and Dupe ask shell A 12 with GT . G.D, ask Shell Lonely nights! ! ! THOUGHT: To accomplish my plans for the future and to make my parents proud of me. JONATHAN D. HARNISH 125 RIVERDALE PARK JODY MEMORIES: Prince 1 ... 2 . . . 3 . . . ask Deano and Puinnie, Tennis Team. Mooning B.L.L.T. Busty ' s G.H.B.S.F.P, ' ' The Tapper " ask D.L. Cookie, Fido, I already told y a 1 ! " HAY!! " Good Music and good friends, M.H. M.F. Fido Leals, B.D, L.P. and many others. " ICE CAPPER- ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: TENNIS TEAM! ! 2 - 3 - 4 THOUGHT: Accomplish some- tliing today that you didn ' t do yesterday. Whv MICHAEL HARRIS 143 RIVERDALE PARK MEMORIES: Breaken em. Moose Party, Don ' t Break em ask F.F. Fido. Softie ask Puddin. Pork Chop Hill. Camp Cedar Cabin 4. The Mallet. Jaws. 85 Cae- sar. Pickles Comer. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football Var. 2-3-4, Track and Field Varsity 2-3-4 THOUGHT: " We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loy- alty. " B . K . Chesterson BRUCE J. HARTWELL 33 MAPLE WOOD PARK BRUCE MEMORIES: Remember Medieval Manor ask Bill, Joe Sam, Summer of " 76” ask John C. , Odd Couple two pages skipped. Shaving Credmask Tony P. , MeMullins see Joe ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Home- room Rep. 2, Thespians 2-3-4 THOUGHT: As I leave here I look back at all the great times I had in Thespians and I would like to thank the gang and Miss Webber. WALTER DANIEL HEINONEN 4 RIVERDALE PARK DAN MEMORIES: School?? Bowling. Pin- ball, 143, 362, Summer of 76, All the Good Times. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Math League 3-4, N.H.S. 3-4. THOUGHT: To become a success and to enjoy life as much as possible RUSSELL HEMEON 36 EASTERN AVE. ADRIENNE L. HEUSSI 27 ADDISON ST. MEMORIES: MARK!! 8 16 75 Sau- nas, Kenny ' s pit, Carl, grapefruits and mayonnaise, Fire trucks. GER- MANY!!! ask Herr Chane 4 20 76 Elton John ask Mark, yup, L.N. M.C. Tull Concert. 8 8 75 don ' t ask. Sweet dreams ' n all that stuff. Me February ask An, D.R. M.B. Halloween 75 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GER- MAN CLUB 2-3-4, Vice Pres. Mother Daughter Banquet Comm. 4, Track and Field 3, Thespians 2-4 THOUGHT: To go through life with a tear in my eye for the days gone by and a smile for the days to come. WILLIAM HINCKLEY 3 GARDNER RD CYNTHIA HINES DALTON RD CYNDI ALISON LEE HODGKINS AL, CHET, ALI, ALI-BABBA MEMORIES: ROSIE 7 24 75, Get a $% - pac and get 6-faced! I was gonna say that! Our pals Fred and Henry - Maira, What ELSE are friends for? I ' ll be there - Law. Twitterpated? US? Get CAUGHT? NOW what can we play? Don ' t get your hipes up too hogh! Dave DANCED! Ho-Ho Farm N.H. One of these nights! We need a bigger boat! Christ- mas! Why don ' t you just move in? My goodness! ! Let ' s go park- ing. All my Grandparents and parents, too! and Pu-4-2 S. Hawkins. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Field Hockey 3, 4, V.P. ' 77 4, V.P.S.C. 3, Track 2, 4, H.R. Rep. 2-4, Flicker Editor 4, St. Gov ' t Day 3, 4, P.s.Comm. 2 - 4, M D Banq. Comm. 4 THOUGHT: Reach out in the darkness and you may find a friend . . . 4 it PAUL HOLT DOLLIVER’S NECK MEMORIES: Good old days (nights). Pirates Lane. T.M., M.N., P.P., D.B. AND REST OF WEST GLOU. Beavers in our Mill pond. To the cove. J.P. sum ' 76. Nights out with the xousins and D. Midnight at the beach. Glou. Carnival. 1st. MX of season bent forks. Manchester bon- fire, XBTD. Listening to Tubes. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Audio- Visual 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 3, Flag Raising Detail 3, German Club 4, Drill Team 3, Stage Crew 2, Thes- pians 2 THOUGHT: Death won ' t be MY end CAROL HOWARD 275 EAST MAIN ST. EBEL MEMORIES: Tim 1 15 76 N.P.A. Canoe trip ask Tim D. , New England Drag way, T.S. and P.R. , chicken wine sauce ask Liz and Lorna , Camping in N.H. ask Dorinda. East Gloucester Pines The ice dream on the windshield, ask T.S. and T.D. and L.C. Party 1 18 76 at my house . THOUGHT: To stay in touch with reality. TODD HOWLAND 104 DENNISON ST. JOHN HUBBARD 47 HARRISON AVE. t CAROL L. HURST 13 BEAUPORT AVE. MEMORIES: Riding in Rockport, bas- ketball, Horse shows, Topsfield, Good Times with C.A., R.A., J.P. etc., Maine the summer of ”75 " , ask Roberta ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls ' J.V. Basketball 3 THOUGHT: Happy is the man who dreams a dream, works to make it come true, and is successful. STEVE HURST 26 ELM ST. LORNA JACKSON 608 WESTERN AVE. , MAGNOLIA MEMORIES: Good Times with Steve, his boats, Softball - good times, and laughs, the caddy ask J.C., girl talks, You’ve got that sexual look! laughs with H. W. I. L. O. I.? T. T.I. W.I.N.E. - Midnight Blue, let ' s go to Manchester, 4 5 75 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Volley- ball Intramurals 2, Varsity and J.V. softball 2, 3, 4. THOUGHT: Since I was first so happy as to know what love meant, I was never one day free from hope and jealousy. GARY JOHNSTONE 34 GLOUCESTER AVE. MEMORIES: The Alligash Lacross team, The Rockaway House, the basketball games, football games, The " Y " , 2nd Lunch, The Trips, Maine, Tennis, Golf, and " BYF " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Lacross, Intramural Football THOUGHT: I enjoyed the past 3 Years and hope for even better in the future . GLEN H. JOHNSTONE 34 GLOUCESTER AVE. MEMORIES: Beverly, " The Alligash " Enock, A fire, mov- ing, Rockaway House, foot- ball. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 3, 4, Intramurals 4, Football 2,4, Varsity Lacross THOUGHT: After twelve years I have learned enough to learn more. JEANNE JONES 23 CHOTE ST. ESSEX MEMORIES: The trip to Ger- many, Basketball " 75”, E Block Gym W Mrs. Callahan, Field Hockey practice. Oct. 7, 1976. Badminton tournaments. June 13, 1975 - never again. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German Club 2, 3, 4, M D Banquet Comm., J.V. and Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Field Hockey 4. THOUGHT: To go through life and remember the good times and learn from the bad. AMY JOHNSON 5 HAROLD AVE. MEMORIES: 6 30 74; Talks and advice ask Joyce; going for walks - 11 16 74 Joyce knows: What are you doing? T.A.S.P. Summer of 74; Good times and E.R. take me home ask K.F. - Essex ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother- Daughter Banquet Committee THOUGHT: To depend on my own thoughts and noj count on anyone else. » DAVID JUDD 42 GRANIT ST. BUGA MEMORIES: Football. Camp Cedar Cabin 2 1974 75 76 WEIGHTLIFT- ING ask M.P. Softball and the V.F.W. keg parties, drinking, ask anyone. JUDITH JORDON 462 ESSEV AVE. JUDIE , JUDY. JUDE MEMORIES: ANYTHING’S possi- ble. Parties, the park, Sebago, ask the gang. G.B.O.H. " that night " New Year ' s Eve, B.B. Captain Bob, Wendy!! Boogie Pizza, Beverly, ask Fudge. Muf- flebuff sister! ! Keys, ask Wendy, Liz. Cruisin ' , ask Big Red Eyes, Curbstone kid. Sparkling eyes, ask Sandy. 1 31 Joy ' s Wedding. THOUGHT: Everyone deserves a little caring , a little love , and a smile. JODY KARLEN WESTERN AVE. , ESSEX MEMORIES: Ed ' s off his chain, steamers tch, tch, Sunday Binges with Doyle: the pen . . . ask Laurie: keg parties, " Boob-BA- La? " musters attacked by yel- lowjackets . . . ask Kathy. " R.O. " Wild Muff, Good Mon- key . . . ask Susie: Dazed and Crazed . . . ask anybody. THOUGHT: " Though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea. L. Zeppelin MARK JOSEPH 32 STARKNAUGHT HIGHTS HARRY MEMORIES: THE MOUNTAIN, the Glad pad, the hut, and Pandora ' s box, and Cracked actor. 12 24 76. 3 17 76 Salsbury Beach? The Piggery, ask T. THOUGHT: Time may change me but I can ' t trace time . . . NANCY A. JUDD 4 BEACHMONT AVE. DONG MEMORIES: " Us " What happened? Best Pal, Kim. Parties on girls ' night ask Jen, Kim, Ruth, Ellen and Diane. Eagles " Let ' s drop these dudes! " ask Kim. Hot Lips ask Craig. Rich. 72 and 73 Sal 1 22 76 Ding and Dong, Encounter. More good times to come. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 3, 4; Flag Squad 3,4. THOUGHT: To succeed in the medi- cal field, to keep the faith, and to face tomorrow with a smile. 44 SUSAN KENDALL 8 COLUMBIA ST. MEMORIES: S.A.T. ' s What a day. Nothing ' s right ask Karen; 5 15 76 CRASH: Temper Mom ask Bill and Chris. Work and Ice cream: ask Flossie 6 19 76 Patton Park ask D . K . , C . K . , H.C., and M. Going Lez. Thanks Mom. THOUGHT: A beautiful family and dear friends are the most important gifts the world has to offer. KRISTAN H. JUNKER 6 RIVER ROAD KRIS MEMORIES: I.H.O.B.S. H-77. 8 3- 9 7, Little White, 5th at D.C. Sauna, Drill Comp., " Watch me throw a quad, " Physics, Park at 35. ask D.K. Moors class ask Eileen Winging Drunks on Fernwood lake ask K.A. Radio Watch. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Audio- Visual 2, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 2, 3, Flag Raising Detail 2, Grenadiers 3,4, Thespians 3, 4, 1st place haskell 2, Color Guard Comm. 3. THOUGHT: To serve, to strive, and not to yield . TIMOTHY KENNIFICK 83 MT. PLEASANT AVE. TIM MEMORIES: Pantages workouts! to the benches Jakes, Harvard square, ask David and Peter, Driving Yul, B. Cruises, Mrs. Johnson, The Cabin on Chicow- rara, Cheap Thrills. Beatles Proof. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Co- Captain Cross Country 3-4, Grenadiers 3, Track and Field 3 - 4 THOUGHT: To be successful in whatever profession I choose . PAUL E. KRUEGER 2 WINCHESTER CT. MEMORIES: Summer of " 76 " , Sauna, Colt, GT. Eastern Point, Honda 400, Music Theater. DEVENS, R.O.T.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team 2-3-4, Color Guard 2-3, N.H.S. 3 - 4 THOUGHT: Victory, Union, Faith, Identity, Time, The indissoluble, compacts. Riches Mystery, Eternal Progress, The Kosmos, and the mod- ern reports. This then is life. Here is what has come to the surface after so many throes and convulsions . :-;Wk I ' m on Candid WHAT? PATRICIA LEE KNOWLTON 26 REVERE ST. PATTY MEMORIES: G.H.S.B.C. Ram Island Sue, Gary, DREAMING: Music. " Champagne Don’t drive me Crazy " " Sheila, Dede, Gemini, Birthdays! ! ask everyone. Pavillion Beach, Sheila. Sue. Cruises. Monsieur Totenberg. Young Zeppelin, J. Giels, ZEEP! ! Morse ' s reception - Goodtimes! ! ! " Things go best with COKE Sue, Columbia. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Canal Club 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To have all the people line in peace and line with the youth not against. DEAN S. KINGHORN 8 PROCTOR ST. MEMORIES: The sauna; Prize squad and Gymkhana 76 ' " Did you see his Head " ; " Wanna talk through the window, Please " " Ever see a Nova Kiss a Duster? " " I Did " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gre- nadiers 2-3-4, Cross Country 2, Rifle Team 2, H.H.S. 3-4, J. R.O.T.C. 2 - 3 - 4, 1st Place prize squad Comm. 4, Boys ' State 3 THOUGHT: Remember your friends and all the good times you had with them . JERRY KUNKEL 10 SOUTHERN AVE. ESSEX MEMORIES: Me and Smitty, eat- ing milk duds, out by the canal. Getting Buzzed ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Jr. and Senior Intra. Basketball. JAMES J. KONAXIS 24 DECATUR JAY, BONA, BONES, SPOOK, JIMMY BONA, JAYBO MEMORIES: " Soph, year Nic, Spooka. " " Billy Bona " " Greece " Hey Dr. " Spook my car: Watch out!! Skiing at Cranes . . . Hey Guerin " Nel " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: V. Hockey 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To think of the future before I remember the past . LEE KORTHAS 2 BRAY ST. RADAR MEMORIES: Jo-ANN 5 76 - B.W. - The Races, shop - Ralphs Superett L.P. O ' Maley halls G.E. motorcy- cles and Woods Booms (Junk Cars) F.L. J.L. the panthor, Parkard, and McDonalds Model A ' s THOUGHT: To succeed in my life ' s goals and to try to make my parents proud of ME! ! ! also to ful- fill a promise to a certain person in 2 years. S 45 — TERRY KUNKEL 10 SOUTHERN AVE. ESSEX MEMORIES: Beverly High - No. 1 H.S.: The fine print on Bentley War- rens 18 Wheeler; The Grove St. Guerillas; No. 1 softball team in Essex; Being kicked off of Richdale (Pledge: " Move Along Boys " ) And moving to the Antique Shop. The Yes Concert; The rented cabin in the summer of " 76 " . Smitty ' s parties (Yeeaah! ) THOUGHT: Hoping to live in youth forever. SUSAN LACEY 23 ELM ST. SUZI, SISTER BLUE. SIS, SQ. MEMORIES: GHBC , RAM ISLAND, CHAMPAGNE, FLORIDA 2 14 76. N.Y. 73, 74, 75. F.H.L. ANGIE ASK I.C., SUMMER OF 74, 75. LITTLE IOHNS ANYONE COFFEE BRANDY AT 9 A.M. 7 21 76. PAVILLION , SW and PK, 3 AM ASK C.B. . . . STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. GOLDFISH. TRACKS, MADE IT! ! THOUGHT: " they are free who do not fear to go to the end of their thought. " JOSEPH M. LAFATA 6 BIRCH GROVE HTS. JOE, JOSEP MEMORIES: Summer of " 76 " , Put- ting out a fire with a watermelon, ask I . S . and I . M . , I wish I were blind, ask L.M., The trailer, ask J.S., J.M., D.L., T.G. The Heavy " 7 " Sgt. Party 75, ask Adrienne, Officers Party 76 Ask lulie, The Bou- levard, Joe ' s Mustang, Airbom in Gator ' s Toyota. The Rambler Rogue. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Flag Raising Detail 2 , Grenadiers 2,3. THOUGHT: To one day, be the man my father is. GILBERT LAIDLAW 587 WASHINGTON ST. MEMORIES: Schafer Stadium, E. John, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Par- ties in Lanesville. Practices at Wayne’s, 5 11 76. Parties in the field, J. Tull, Starship Concert, Gilberts got a?? Rocky Mountain Way. Bigfoot, Alice Cooper Getting High! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 3, 4. THOUGHT: To succeed someday in life as an architect and travel the world over. IOHN R. LAKEMAN HIGHLAND RD. JACK MEMORIES: Kingfisher, Silver- lining, The Creek, ask Jul and Pat. O ' Maley steps O. RKPT. RD. Model A ' s. 10 15 ask J.A., B.M. , F.L. , M.S. , C.E. , S.M., Tel-books, Bonnie and Clyde S.F.P., Up Cyn’s THOUGHT: Take today before you take tomorrow . GARY LAMBERT 1 THOMPSON ST. MEMORIES: 3 crazed days on " the Island, " Canoeing down the river, ask Steve, Kevin, Mike, and Dave. Concerts, THE WHO, best friends, the back road buzz. Remember the " Green Thumb, " Cannibus Cultivator. Everybody say " EFFA,” SCORPIONS, keg parties, bonged-out ask the neighborhood. Don ' t bother me it ' s Monday. MADNESS, Mau- reen you are walking funny! ! VINCENT LAMBERT 11 FORT HILL AVE. CYNTHIA LANDER 461 WESTERN AVE. CINDY MEMORIES: Partying with the gang. TONY 11 29 75. Thermet S.F.P. 1 14 76. All night long. MDI Braces Cove, I.T.M.O- .T. A. HLB - BP. 3 11-13 76 EXCELLENT WEEKEND. Red Sox ROWDIE. J. Giles Ips- wich, N.A.T.S.S. Zombie ' s flying tonight? Talks, Times, No ' s ask Theresa. Pines ask Cindy, Marys ask Kathy, Curb calls ask Sheila. Camaros ask Cookie . THOUGHT: To Have my one and only dream come true . ETHEL LANE 19 RIVERDALE PARK TROUBLES MEMORIES: Blueberry picking ask D.A.; Talks with Mike: Topsfield ask Doreen, Stage Fort; switch ask Deb. C.A.M.P. ask PPSCEP not CB, I hope again. Thanks TR 9 25 76. Drive-in we opened it ask D.C. , TR - Smile!!! Dumb things, D.L. knows. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny sale committee 4. Office assistant 3. Mother- Daughter Banq. 4. THOUGHT: Sing with me if it’s just for today , maybe tomorrow the Good Lord will take you away. - Aeros- mith DANA LANE 11 PLUM ST. DON ' T CALL ME LATE FOR BREAKFAST MEMORIES: Boston 200 Parade, O ' Maley, Fuller Studen t Coun- cil, Parties, Mug-up list: Bagels, cream cheese, ham and cheese, lobster. Under the table money. Oh, my hand, ask Cucuru. Print shop . Top of The Hub . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Audio-visual 3,4. Beacon 3, 4. Ben Franklin Club 2, 3, 4. P.S. Committee 2, 3, 4. Gymnastics Team 2. S.C. 2, 4. S.A.C. 2, 4. J.A. 2, 4. Flicker. THOUGHT: Blessed are the bold, for they shall be the stars of the world. Cursed are the humble, they will be stepped upon by the conquerors. LORA L. LANE 37 SPRING ST. ESSEX MEMORIES: ’’The Party” ask Linda, Faye, Jenny, " The Pumpkin” ask Sue M., Carol, Talks With Eileen, Old Orchard ”75 " ask Beth, Shoo tin the . . . ask Denise , Tennis ask Sue D., E Blk. lunch " 75 " , Beach Boys concert ask E . N . , S . B . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intra- murals, Mother-Daughter Banquet Committee . THOUGHT: On the road of experi- ence, I ' m trying to find my own way. Sometimes I wish that I could fly away. - John Denver Who says Blonds have more fun? PETER LANE 3 NALLY AVE. LANEY, HATMAN MEMORIES: N.A.S., Ski Trips. S.A.C. Workshop, Rocky Mt., Wimpy Bars, Beaches, Night in Jail, Jr. League Legion " 75 " , Keg par- ties, Seabrook Dog Track, Concerts, You Loser! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 2, 3, 4. Intramurals, Student Council Parliamentarian 3, 4. Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Soccer Tri-captain 3, 4. President 2, 3, 4. J.A. 2., S.A.C. to State Dept, of Ed . 4. THOUGHT: Life is not measured by the time we live, but by what we accomplish in that time! Be an Indi- vidual ! DIANE LANE 3 CURTIS SQUARE MEMORIES: GHBB, 4 24 76. Destruction Incorporated, ask June, SFP, nightmares and dreams come true , ginger ale? ask Lisa, Pam R C, 9 24 76, The U.N. Octopus ask June, those talks , Lisa . THOUGHT: Remember yester- day, look forward to tomorrow, but live today before it has passed . DEAN M. LATTOF 22 LEDGE RD. " DEANO " MEMORIES: Marina Job ask J.H., S.R., M.Q., and C.B. Prince 1, 2, 3askJ.H., AND M.Q., " Trapper " ask J.H., V.C. That night in my caddy ask Bill, Tequila ask Jody - GHB, the comer, the Rocks, TENNIS TEAM, " My Racket " ask J.H. - L.P. - Honda 350, Keg Parties ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis Team 3,4. Varsity football 3,4. THOUGHT: To be a success in what- ever road I may follow, and to someday meet that certain person. TIM LEHR 80 MIDDLE ST. MEMORIES: Let’s hear it for the slobs who held up the walls. Bout time you got a diploma " Darby.” It could have been worse Jeff. Blah. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: None of the above . THOUGHT: School is like mountain climbing, I do it because it’s there. DEBBIE LATTOF 90 WESTERN AVE. MEMORIES: Eddie, Good times. Pink meat ask E.R., W.L., talks, laughs, tears, E . M . E . R . R . D . , all the dumb things ask Ethel, Leadership ask M.R.D.O., K-Party ask Paula, Drill team banquet ask W.L.E.M. Salesbury ask Lisa, Summer of " 76 " , friends. G. Damn you ask Smitty . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 3, 4. M D Banquet Com- mittee 4. Student Council 3, Treasurer 4. THOUGHT: You never realize what a good memory you have until you try to forget someone . FRANZ PETER LAUTZENHISER 4 OAKES AVENUE STEPHEN A. LEVIE EDGEWOOD RD. STEVE, LEVI, SOUP MEMORIES: The " Hut " , summer of 75, Philly 76, Anne 7 17 76, New Durham and York Beach, C.A.M., Good Harbor, S.P. 5 28 76, Swivel ask G . R. B. P. , K.B., W.G. Fellow- ship, Room 325. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 2, 3, 4. C.A. Youth Orchestra 2, Band 2, Treasurer 3,4. Intramurals 4, Track and Field 4. THOUGHT: To be half the man my father was; to be as strong as my mother is; to take the good with the bad and stay happy. SHARON L. LILIENTHAL 152 HESPERUS AVE. MAGNOLIA MEMORIE . ' ’ John 7 4 76 Life ' s amtition! 1 1 76 C.A.M. " T.W.W.W. " - T.T. Chem ask Cheryl and Serena (it ' s true!) Queen!!, GHB, Pool, Good and Bad times. My " sister " Jeanne. Plays, shows, (Grooms) and Frank! " Dia- mond Lil " - " Roger Dodger " . S.P. (76) b.s. (fly!) Summer. Our thoughts . . . Todd remembers. Pa. and Dad. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespi- ans 2, 3, 4. THOUGHT: How long it’s been since yesterday , What about tomorrow? What about our dreams, and all the memories we share? - John Denver DAVID LEAL 121 RIVERDALE PK. DANIEL LINDBURG 13 FERRY ST. MEMORIES: Cross Country, Ravens- wood Park, I hate that place now. Winter track, Ivan M. the lover. Hurdles with Mr. Perna, My knees still hurt. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 3, 4. Winter Track 3, 4. Spring Track 3,4. THOUGHT: When you ' re in school you look forward to the day you leave. But, when you leave you wish you didn ' t have to leave so soon. MICHAEL LINDBERG 74 HOLLY ST. MIKE. HENRY MEMORIES: COOKIE. 77 76 The sheligh ask d.m. Philly ask B.L. Dance to the Music ' , Lions ask S.C. or C.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 2, 3. D.C. G.H.S. Band 2-3-4. G.H.S. Chorus 13-4. R.O.T.C. 2-3-4 THOUGHT: MUSIC! ! ! BRUCE LIVINGSTON 64 MT. PLEASANT AVE. MEMORIES: Is there a cover charge? ask Doof. Carlos ' party boat and Z- 28 Cross Country ASTC ask Sid. Gleason ' s Chemistry. Hagstrom for Math 3 years in a row! ! ! Motorcy- cles. Pantages for Physics Punky Smith for History. Tim O Tim. Too many people in the car ask CG, RR, KC. J.W. K.Q. Candy Bay Estates. The shop and Dad. My friends and Family. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 2 - 4, N.H.S. 3 - 4, Intra Hockey 2-3-4. Track and Field 2 - 4 THOUGHT: One must always strive to achieve higher goals WENDY M. LOHNES R5 LUFKIN ST. ESSEX WINDY MEMORIES: MAINE 1 17 75, THE PARK Captain Bob. Judy. R.C.A.F. ask Mikey. Tull ask Cindy!! N.H. Races. The BB, Sova ' s Camp. Y.S. Brenda Knows. Fernwood, the Cel- lar, Right Linda. Keys?? N.Y.E. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basket- ball 4. softball 4 THOUGHT: We should tell those around us how much we love them, before they drift away and we have to tell them how much we miss them. MIKE LONGO 600 WESTERN AVE. MEMORIES: The Band room ask Hen- ery the party at the cottage ask Buck. Remember PHILLY Sgt. Party Maura 1976 Telephone calls with agnes A.T.B.R.T. The Closet ask Mr. White - Franks Bar D.C.A.M. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band - Chorus - R.O.T.C. THOUGHT: Getting to know myself from others AMY E. LOPES 29 a LANGSFORD ST. MEMORIES: " Old Days " Joe 5 17 75 (M.T.H.C.) PCB , Eating out 2 RC , Drive-In, 311 - C.G. C. - Art Track, SS and McOlds, 1 20 75 Walks, Break-in at the lake ask D.T. VITO ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 4, Track and Field 3-4, type I award 4 JACK LoPICCOLO 13 HOLLY ST. PICKLES MEMORIES: EAT ME PLEASE!!! ask J.T. The Big Big Bumble Bee: Ask Rene M. STARSKY and Hutch; Pork Chop Hill: " 25 " ask 3Js: Trophy Case. Rockport Dance No Score ask Fido Yeah Yeah ask Flea. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramurals (Volleyball) 2 - 3 - 4, St. Council 2, Varsity Basket- ball 2-3-4, Track and Field. SUSAN M. LOVETT 207 ESSEX AVE. SUE MEMORIES: KHS-YVBFFAE; HTS : BTv 11 12 74 Unkist orange; " So much for bombing in. " Hiking - Miebain, LS otM; ENGLAND 75; Jumper cables? Canoeing, PYW, WSS Camelot Pop Goes the Weasel The T.C. ' s Blood Mr. G. CVS S and G BOTW Linda you are ! ! ACTIVITES AND HONORS: Bea- con Asst. Ed. 2 - 3 - 4, French Club 2, German Club 3-4, N.H.S. 4, Thespians 3-4, Flicker 4, College Night Steering Committee Sawyer Medal 9th LINDA MARCHANT 6 YOUNG ROAD LOU MEMORIES: Willows people . . . MY KIND OF PEOPLE! Memories can ' t be written down without leaving someone out. So, to my friends;:; Every time 1 see your faces they remind me of the places We used to go . . . Buzzon, Be Happy forever LOU THOUGHT: Friendship is like wine, the longer you keep it, the better it gets. • GREGORY LOWE 87 WESTERN AVE. MOLAR MEMORIES: Getting Giped out with the Gippers, DAK, Concerts, The deals with Andrew, Riders Rocks, Many Keg parties, Going to sleep and Going to bed, The out of town cruises, Mickey with the human head. THOUGHT: I hope to be successful in everything I do, and to have a good life. PETER MARSTON 8 MARBLE ROAD PEDRO KATHY MALAQUIAS 67 WESTERN AVE. MEMORIES: 4 28 72 JC; Coo, Hid- ing Place ask Jerry; Starship tickets ask CC and CH, F.F.F., The Who, heads or tails ask CC, The castle ask KJ THOUGHT: When You ' ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there, and the time will come when you see we ' re all one, and life flows on within you and without you. I will not skip (58), I will not skip (57), I will not skip (56) . . . MARLENE MARTIN 17 DODGE ST. MEMORIES: Beach Boys Concert. Ping-Pong with Billerica, ask Donn. " The Munge " . You don ' t mean Yoga? D.A.R.C.M.H. All the lies, the Island ask Russ, Moe. 1000-4, Gallo! Hey Scout. Candy. X- cellent?! up at 6:00, ask " Them " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Office Assistant 4; Flicker 4; Flash 4. THOUGHT : People live from day to day but they do not count the time. They don’t see their days slipping by - neither do I. ELIZABETH MACDONALD 123 PROSPECT ST. BETH MEMORIES: Tull, Yes, Young and Stills, Pink Floyd, etc . . . Steel Derek. Coo Coo Punch. Crystal T Party. R. Madness. Film. Blotter. Cambrige. " Birth " The Golden Haven. Mitch. The apartment. Tie Stix. And much more . . . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Canal Club 2,3,4 THOUGHT: Every junkie ' s like a setting sun on the dark side of the moon. See you tomorrow. PATRICIA ANN MACFARLAND 112 MT. PLEASANT AVE. PATTI MEMORIES: My vacation ask Cindy; B C Everybody knows; Wiped out NOT ME; Bobby; She can get it up ask Cher; John where ' s my watch; 9 17 76; Swivel Chairs ask KS; your Par- ents are here ask JA; Tub ask CB ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3, 4; Mother- Daughter Banquet Comm. 4; Intramurals 4; Pep Club 4; Office Assistant 2; Type 1 award THOUGHT : Make today your best because Tomorrow, today will be the past and the past keeps lurk- ing in the shadows . RONALD MARTIN 5 CARLISLE ST. RON, RONNIE MEMORIES: Wiffle ball; Jackson and Tanama ' s Cruising; Pizza and Three Stooges: ask Dave Hi HO; Ask K.Q. and S.P.; Hot Dish Rat; Beach Nune ' s Class ask M.F. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soc- cer 2, 3; Track and Field 3 THOUGHT: To be what I ' ve always wanted to be will be the toughest assignment in life . GERALD MCCARTHY 31 FULLER ST. JERRY MEMORIES: Nabbed at the shack, ask Med Lobstering In the " X- RATED " R C ' s at Lunch, Ask DON- NIE BEATING THE SYSTEM THOUGHT: To live life to the ful- lest and find happiness in each and every day. DONALD ROBERT MASON 104 MAGNOLIA AVE. DONN DONNIE MEMORIES: 6 6 76 SHELLY ' N.H. Jay ' s shalee ask Henry. Marina, ask Bret. Winter a Kerry ' s " Gold ' ' right whittee. Rote; I caught it Dean!! Field Day - Me? Sgt. Maj?? you sure he said it right? Sg. Hubbard - Rifle Team " 74 " DEVENS - Boiler Rm. 99 Times around the barracks. Me and Foote got em ' all. Jump Tower. Hooking ask Dave and Chuck. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track and Field 3, Rifle Team 2-3-4. THOUGHT: Interests? None until thought about much Contem- plation, now where do I go? DAVID MASON 104 MAGNOLIA AVE. DAVE MEMORIES: The great times we had in machine (Next to the River) Winter Track in the 3rd floor Hall. And a great guy and Coach Ser- geant Hubbard . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle team 2-3-4; Track and Field 3 - 4 THOUGHT: To think how nice the High School Could have been until " Sugar Bean " took over and Screwed up the whole system. He should have stayed an English Teacher. MARY MCCARTHY 8 MARINA DR. MEMORIES: ENCOUNTER, MARA- THONS, ask Lois, Joanne, Sheila, Dawn, Special Friends (J.F. S.T. L.M. B.M. D.R.L.P.S.J.) G.H.B.P. Scare! The Bridge is up!! Ski Trip. Summer 76; Folly Hill, ask Joanne, Midget and Winks - Sheila knows, Nurses?? B.S. ask Beth Miss America " But I have my high Shoes on " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Jr. Hosp. Vol. 2, Mother Daughter Banquet Comm. 4, N.H.S. 3 - 4 Pep Club 4 Office Assist. 4. Type I award 3 THOUGHT: THE GLORY OF GOD IS MAN FULLY ALIVE cynthia McCarthy 254 ESSEX AVE. MEMORIES: Cross Country 73 Spain 73 Timmy and his apartment ask LE. BC Tip to Maine 75 Ipswich ask C.G. Long talks ask D.R. The Bear ask T. B.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban . Comm . 4 THOUGHT: You can ' t please ever- ybody all of the time. BRENDA J. MASON 98 BASS AVE. MEMORIES: Summer of " 76 " Beach Boys ask Dawn " I Don ' t believe you said that " Workin ' Sunday afternoons ask Win, S.F.P., Nickas Market, Toyota Crusin ask Kathy and Barb. That party ask Kathy " CLAP " !!! Lush- ness!!! Florida " Slow down ask Girls, G.H.B. K.P. B.P., D.R. B.O. M.M. C.M. L.M. S.T. Sadie Hawkins or a 6 pack ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother- Daughter Banquet Comm. 4, Pep Club Pres. 4, Spanish Club Treas. 2, H.M. Rep. 2-3. Office Asst . Mrs . Mills 2 THOUGHT: To go further on in life and make my parents proud of me. Not to set the world on fire but to create a spark . 51 EDWARD McCULLUM 5 HIGHLAND ST. MAC MEMORIES: Debbie, Summer ' 75; Hey, Hey Ed, ask D.J. Blondsberry beach, ask AT, TS, SR. Late hockey games, ask Bruno, Giger or Aaron. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 3,4, Baseball 3,4, Soccer 4. THOUGHT: Life is an L of a thing with a big if in the middle, not a bowl of cherries, but a bunch of rai- sins - raisin ' heck, raisin ' kids and raisin’ money. KATHY McCORMACK 24 TRASK ST. BUTCH, MAC MEMORIES: D.L. don ' t ask me. Maybe 18, Sharon (Turkey!) Kissing Cousins, Dawn. Hey Ma! Don ' t bogart that etc .... Keg Parties, Few brain cells left. BTBW. as- picker. G.H.B. White Mts. , Maybe again. Gonna get K.J. PATTY!! Puuuuuu. You sk. HI S! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls ' Drill Team, Type Award, Softball, B-Ball. THOUGHT: I don ' t think about the future it comes too fast. And forget the past with its many sorrows. susan McCarthy 15 MYSTIC AVE. MEMORIES: FLA - It was great; sun- rise , R74 Red Molly - 4 22 76 Danny. 7 9 76 N.Y. and even Lib- erty; ' ' That feeling " Camping - fishing? Getting out of Gloucester, ”1 must have got lost " " Truckin ' off to Brooklyn " " I never found the time. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 4. THOUGHT: I look into a forest of trees and I see only one tree, he ' s dynamite, but I can ' t see the rest of the forest. The greatest need of an unborn seed is to be touched but never possessed. CHARLENE McFARLAND 15 DODGE ST. MEMORIES: KEVIN 8 22 75. G.H.B. 75, MHPDA How about some candy? Ask Marl. 8 22 76. The munge? W.B. ask Kevin. Eagles and Giels concert. Duke and the Drivers. The Hunt. Niagra. Semi- Formal 75. New Year ' s Eve. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H.R. Rep. 3, St. Coun. 4, Type Award. THOUGHT: We can never know about the days to come, but we think about them anyway. Brenda . . . Studying . . . at lunch? BOB MEDICO 11 VINE ST. MED MEMORIES: G.H.S. BC, Gettin ' Burnt, 56 days. Muddy Waters; " Kansas City Here I Come " John Mayall; " Room To Move,” The shack. Gold, Advice from room 330, All those slips in Fred ' s files. Talks with Fred; Frank Speck ' s Bio. class. THOUGHT: Looking around me and seeing the world, everyone trying to fit into that standard set by someone else. When will they come to their senses and live? ROBERTA McKAY 7 MAPLEWOOD PK. ROBIN MEMORIES: Tommy, Florida ' 76; Green Barrell ask Kelly, Kurt, Tom. Cemetery ' 76; Who ' s in the closet, ask Tom; Long talks, ask Gayla; Kurt, ' 75. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: M. D. Banq. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, Guid. Assist. 2. THOUGHT: To fulfill that dream my father always had for me; and to always be with that one cer- tain person, " Tom.” VICTORIA MEDEIROS 559 ESSEX AVE. VICKY. FUDGE, BICKY MEMORIES: John, Sebago. Fri. night rowdieness, oops we ' re lost, ask J.R. L.C. J.T. Sals- berry Beach. Beverly, parties, G.B.O.H. Mufflebuff. We ' re both equally crazy, ask Kathy, Good times , ask Liz . THOUGHT: Every picture tells a story . DAVID MELANSON 25 HIGHLAND ST. MEMORIES: Stage Crew, Thespi- ans, C Company, Tully, Marcus Hubbard, Prisoner, W.S.S., Camelot, Lute Song, Rifle Team, Oedipus Rep. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team 3, 4; Grenadiers 2: Stage Crew 2, 3, 4; Thespians 2, 3, 4: Capt. C Company (Commander) 4; International Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4; Sharpshooter 3; Excellence in Military Science (David Bow- men) 3 . THOUGHT: I am Free, for the truth has made me so. FRANK MILES JR. 20 DALTON RD. MAGNOLIA FRANK ' O MEMORIES: Alice; Friday night vodka Craze, Island Parties and Wild Beach Parties, Sailing, and going overboard, Fun City, last day of school. Shop Week, Sleeping on the Beach and walking the beach, The Pier and The Boat, Seeing Alice at the WHO concert. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Benja- min Franklin Club 2, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4. THOUGHT: Live a successful and happy life in the future . DIANE E. MELANSON 489 WASHINGTON ST. MEMORIES: Summer 76, Eagles, Talks and tears, ask Deb, Ellen, Jo, M ' liss, Nancy, Deb ' s Car, P.A. 74, G-Get th-hat tul-ip! ask Kim, Left! Crash!!! ask Ellen, Don’t we all sometime? ask Deb, Muz? ask Sillio, AGH gang. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 4, Mother- Daughter Banq. Comm. 4, Pep Club THOUGHT: To find my happiness by achieving my goal and to make those I love proud of me . ROBERT MILONE 29 POPLAR ST. BOB MEMORIES: Locking Benji in the outhouse, ask Kevin and Bill, ' ' 76” Making the night shift ask Tom and Kevin, cruisin with the gang, stone pier, Ha Ha! Where are we, home Bob ask Stump. THOUGHT: To do the incredible and to finish what I set out to do. LAURA MILLS 3 WOODMAN ST. COLLEEN MARIE MELTON 101 HESPERUS AVE. MAGNOLIA CHICAGO! MEMORIES: Peter, Living together, skiing in Springfield, It’s never too late to go back, 1st day back. Magnolia pier. A., P. , (Mink), Trip, at motel ask Joanie, Burnhams field. Cape Cod. Mardi Gras, Partying, Busy Bee Champs, P, at, L.B. stereo ask Buck, Talks with Mariann, Jodi, Maryke, Lori, Kendra, Apt. Cleaning with Pat. THOUGHT: To live an exciting and happy life , with whomever it might be . SEBASTIAN MINEC 29 GRAPEVINE RD. HENRY MORGAN CLIFF RD. HANK MEMORIES: Tammy 6 18 76, The roof, ask John, The swim, ask Rod- ney, Fun with the Rockport " Boys” ask John, The Burial 9 18 76 ask Tammy, Summer of ' 76, Up the " Rock " ask George. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Hockey 2, V. 3, 4, Soccer V. 3. THOUGHT: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ROBERT MORRISSEY 268 WESTERN AVE. MIKE MEMORIES: Central, football camp, Cedar, sein boats, going out of town with the gang, Christmas Eve, sum- mertime, vacations, weekends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intra- murals 3,4, Football 2, 3, 4. THOUGHT: To never give up trying for what I desire . AMY MORTON 4 RADCLIFFE ST. AMOS MOSES, AMES, AMOS. AIMEE MEMORIES: 6 23 76 " It ' s so peace- ful here” ask Toni, Cruzin’ . . .! Red Moons! Sticks, Car and Sis 9 18 76 ask Fran, Hiiii! Crazy Times, ask Annie, Friends, Minquer, ask Sheedy . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 4, M.D. Banq. Comm. 4, J.V. Field Hockey 2, capt. 3, V. 4. THOUGHT: Remember me with smiles and laughter, ’cause that ' s how I remember you. CECIL MOULTON 50 WARNER ST. JENNY MISURACA 38 A LLEN ST. MEMORIES: M M and ice cream, ask Linda, Faye, Lora. Summer ' 76, Mills, ask Grace. Poses 3 floor window case . , ask Judy. 7 4 76 down Philly and Banquet, modeling, (Gang). ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 2, 3, 4, M.D. Banq. Comm. 4, N.H.S. 2, Type Award 2. PAM MITCHELL 9 WARNER ST. ANN ELIZABETH MOORE 2 HICKORY ST. ANNIE, BIG RED, CRANSHAW MEMORIES: Wayne ' s, Yanavos, Rush, Concerts, Summers, Friends, twin sisters, right Scalli? I.L.M.C.B. ask Julie. I. G.D. Cove ask P.R. 1 9 76 - surprise. Peg Leg, L.B.C., Sleep-outs, Crazies! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 4, M.D. Banq. Comm. 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, J. V. Bask. Ball 2, 3, V. 4. J.V. Softball 2, 3, V. 4, Thespians 2. THOUGHT: On ne voit bien qu ' quec le coeur. L ' essentiel est invisible pour les yeut. JEAN MUISE 17 MAPLEWOOD PARK IVAN EDWARD MUISE COGSWELL CT. , ESSEX IVAN-HO MEMORIES: Larry falling off the roof, throwing akies in river, Trip to the saw mill. The Muises in J.R. H.R., Compound fights, Once you get your license you think you ' ve conquered the world. By Mr. Orlando. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 2 , 3 , 4 , Track and Field 3,4. THOUGHT: I’m as good as anybody else or better and I will not follow any gang. DONNA MUISE 4 STUART SQUARE MEMORIES: 2 7 75 - 4 1 76, the button, ask Mary, Summer ' 74, Donny Osmond, Birthday Party ' 75 ask Eddie, Mary, and the gang. Don ' t trip, ask Beth. Semi-Formals with Eddie. China Sails and Jaws, ask the gang. English 221. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S. V.P. 4, N.H.S. Librarian 4, Aca- demic Rec. Night 3, 4, Who ' s Who in American High Schools Student Awd .3,4. THOUGHT: Moments I ' ve shared; Friends that I ' ve made; These mem- ories I hope will never fade. JUDITH BELINDA MUISE nVi ELM ST. JUDI, JUDE MEMORIES: I-Lone-Her, New Jer- sey, this is my side of the bed, that’s your side of the bed. Eating peanuts at 1:30, ask Grace. Are you going to type, ask Jenny. Are you working on it, ask Donna, TBVARD. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: M.D. Banq. Comm. 4, Student Sec. 3, 4 THOUGHT: The heart hath its own memory, like the mind. And in it are enshrined the pre- cious keepsakes. PATRICIA ANN MULCAHY 17 MILK ST. , ESSEX PAT MEMORIES: Minnesota, ask Joyce, Football games, band, " Philly " ' 76 GHBSF 9 18 76, Dances, ask anybody, Mike 10 11 75. " Got the story straight?” ask Michelle. Go ask Steve, Nancy, Bruce, Scott, Beach Boys, " Wouldn ' t It Be Nice.” Talks, ask A.H. Who broke the lamp? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flag Squad 3, 4, Intr. Volleyball 2, Sr. Class Christmas Show, M.D. Banq. Comm. THOUGHT: The impossibility of yesterday has become the luxury of today and the necessity of tomorrow . DAVID MUNROE 202 WASHINGTON ST. DAVE, HOWARD MEMORIES: Demolition Derby at Harvard, Elephant skin, bones, Pugsly, Bombers, and Black Hawks 2 and 20, Nubs, Football games against Tony ' s, Tull Con- cert, Yessongs, Caddying, Decathlon, 76-77, Jamie Home- work, St. Meet, Tito Bandito, High hurdles, Dinsdale Pirrahna. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cr. Count. 4, Intra. 2, 3, 4, Sp. Club 2, Soccer 2, 3, Track and Field 3, 4, Indoor Trk., 3, 4, R.O.T.C. 2. THOUGHT: Life is like a mara- thon, you can either experience the thrill of victory or the agony of de-feet. DEBRA MUNROE 550 WASHINGTON ST. DEBBIE MEMORIES: Good friends, talks and tears w D . M., J.C., M.B., F.B. Cruisin ' partying, At 17, ask Jo- Ann, Doubling, ask Faye, Oct. sunsets and Tequilla sun- rises. " It’s smoking! " ask Diane. MY CAR! ask M.B., J.C. B.S. 8 76 A time for joy and partying (partying 9 ) J.I.L.Y. THOUGHT: " I ' ll get by with a little help from my friends . . . " - Beatles DOROTHY ANN MUNROE 105 MARTIN ST. , ESSEX DOT. KILLER MEMORIES: The pig, ask Debbie, Cranes Beach ask D.V., R.T., J.B. Yellow camaro, The Essex, Acres and Terrace Gangs. Aldana’s parties. The investigators ask Sandy. 4 20 76 ask John. All the good times together, the bands, talks and tears ask D . V . , S . K . , Speeding on Singing Beach, ask S.K. , D.M. , J.B. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 4. THOUGHT: No goal is too high if we climb with care and confi- dence. EILEEN J. NEAL 15 WESTERN AVE. , ESSEX MEMORIES: Summer ' 75, Mary- land, Senior yr. ! LONG talks and BIG problems with Judy. Mr. Londergon. Beach Boys, S.B., J.N. , L.L. , J.C. , P.C. 35 days absent? H-Block ' 75 with Serina, Ipswich with Eddie, Drill " The accident” with Judy. 9 24 76, " What ' d I say?” 4 19 75-2 18 76 Gary. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 2,3, Type 2 Award, Busi- ness Law Awd. THOUGHT: Unspoken anger is never regretted . JOAN MUNROE 5 OCEAN AVE. , MAGNOLIA JOANNIE MEMORIES: Nora and Toruald, ask Steve. Casually evil. Where ' s P.J.M.? " West Side Story " Gee, thanks daddy-o! ' ' Prisoner” How much is x Harry? The president. Backstage. " Camelot " Chinaport. All the good times. Senior yr. Good- bye G.H.S. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 4, Thespians, pres. 2, 3, 4. THOUGHT: The important thing is this - to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. MICHAEL T. MYETT 6 GERRING RD. " SPIKE " MEMORIES: " Kiss Concert " Gene Simmons Blood and Fire? Donny ' s house, breathing fire, Kung Fu. B.R.G.C. , 8th hole, sleeping out. $1 Nassau with Gunther, Chumpy, J.C. John ' s cappy. Andover C.C. , morning after. No, I hit it on the toe, Gim. Declarations: S.S., D.K. M.B. Notches, (3), Happy Valley. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intra. 2, 3, 4, Tennis Team 2, Track and Field 3, Golf Team 4. THOUGHT: To succeed. FRANK NEAL 15 WESTERN AVE JOHN NASSER 78 MAPLEWOOD AVE. MEMORIES: Yvonne, Pull down the shades ask Bill, The mourn- ing visit with Ed R. Good Har- bor Beach ' 75, Going to N.H. , Good times with Danny, Anti Ed ask Carlie, Going to con- certs. THOUGHT: To succeed 99 % of the time and smile even when I didn ' t. SANDRA NELSON 6 FRIEND ST. GAIL NEWMAN 633 ESSEX AVE. MEMORIES: Hikes - ask Dawn, " Love your way” - David, 10 31 75 , LLTYP - ask Sandy, Char- lie, Silver car, LZ - ask Dave, Harleys, " Seasons in the Sun " - Dawn knows, 6 23 76; D.P. always Livin ' , Laughin ' and Lovin ' . . . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Office Assist. 3. THOUGHT: " May the longtime sun shine ' pon you all love sur- round you and the pure light within you guide your way home . " The Incredible String Band " No way is this Apple juice. " DANA NICHOLS 149 EASTERN AVE. , ESSEX PEWE, SEAWEED MEMORIES: The Hut, Essex, Man- chester, N.H. ask Bub, Donna, 4 28 75, Diane 9 28 76, The Musters, Crane ' s Beach and keg parties, T . A . S. P. , Mecca THOMAS NICOLOSI 158 WASHINGTON ST. TOM, NICK MEMORIES: Hunting, " Crows " ask Chico, G.H.W.F. MADNESS!! " The Swamp " ask Mike, N.Y. S. S. concert, Lifting weights, T. C.D.O.R.I. , ask Gary C.A.M., " Back Room Conversations " THOUGHT: " Though we rush ahead to save our time, we are only what we feel . ' ’ Neil Young JUDITH NICHOLS 26 LINDEN RD. JUDY, " LITTLE DO-DO " MEMORIES: PMN 9 7 73 - 5 24 76; C.A.M. ask Helen My Volksbuggy 9 24 76 ask Eileen, G-block, girl ' s room ask Anne; N.Y.E. ' 75, Sum- mer ' 74 LYLE!!, " Stairway to Heaven " TALLYS! " Where’s my stick?” My new " Love " ! FRIENDS! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type 1 and 2 Awds. THOUGHT: Being 2 is no better than being 99 as long as 1 is still in the picture . 57 GRACEMARIE NICASTRO 35 MOUNT VERNON ST. GRAY MEMORIES: CENTRAL 72-77, Nick ' s apartment Central D. - P.K.D.D.M.M. - GHASF R.R. Tracks w D . M . P . W.D.A.W.N. - The Marsh, Rev. 9 - Rozanne Golden Sum- mer w Maria and Lou: crazed Braces Cove, K.G., good -years C.T. a.s.p. Florida, ask San- dra . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H.R. Rep. 2, 3. THOUGHT: It is always sensible to have a clear view of what ' s going on inside us. GRACE NOVELLO 38 MIDDLE ST. GRACE MEMORIES: That rainy day in December, ask Diane and Con- nie. Fiesta ' 75, ask Connie. Number 24. The Hill, Keys, Sept. 1, in Lynn. THOUGHT: To do the best of my ability in the field of medicine. SAL NICASTRO 131 WESTERN AVE. MEMORIES: Cape Pond Ice, S.F.P. wasteland PA, Highest scorer 3, hopefully 4 too. Walkers at sunset, Dwight, Punky, Jay. Curfew, Jay Bo ' s driving . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 2, 3, co-capt. 4. THOUGHT: Have confidence and always think positive. SARA NOVELLO 5 TOWER RD. SAE MEMORIES: H. Castle party - pie eating, ask Rob, Manchester lifesav- ers, F.B.B., ask Mitch, Salisbary, Cheering!, Fiesta boat ride, Steel Derek - ask Sha . , Di , Dor , The End. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheer- leaders 3,4. Future Travelers 3. THOUGHT: Oz never did give noth- ing to the tin man that he didn ' t already have. - America JEANNIE O ' DEA 12 BELLEVUE AVE. MEMORIES: Germany, M and M ' s, Lithuanian Kid, Turkey, Flo, Rocky, wir mussen gehen! , lasagne, castled, campsite. Kilometer, Bruce, Monty Python corrupt, ice cubes, 1 30 76, the station. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 3, 4; French Club 2; German Club 3,4; Math League 2, 3, 4; M D Banquet Comm. 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Thespi- ans 3. THOUGHT: " Live each day as if thy last. " - Marcus Aurelius MARCIA NUNES 77 EASTERN AVE. ESSEX MARSH MEMORIES: Bob 7 22 76, Maura ' s birthday party 10 18 75, councilors weekends 7 16-18 76 8 20-22 76, basketball. Band, Philadelphia Room 20, Rides home from band, " insta- cam, " " It ' s snowing, " Mr. Hag- stroms classes, the locker room, Jer- ry ' s passes ask Cathy R. , smelting season ask Kelly . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Color Guard 2, 3, N.H.S. 3, 4; Basketball J.V. 2, 4. THOUGHT: Accept me as I am for I know not how to change; Then maybe we ' ll get along better. MAURA JEANNE O ' GORMAN 67 SOUTHERN AVE. ESSEX MEMORIES: Carnival 74, Help! pool party, dances? ask Agnes, N.H. ask Patty, " Knights in White Satin, " pumpkin time, Sir . . .I ' ll take Vi dozen! Philly! Nyelloooo . . . Lulu? bus rides, bliuits and zippers. Watch my lips, good times, ask anyone. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band (Flag Squad) 2, Capt. 3, 4; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; M D Banquet Comm. 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Band 2, 3, 4; Girls ' Basketball 2, 3, 4; Softball 3,4. THOUGHT: " That person proves his worth who can make us want to listen when he is with us and think when he is gone. " DEBBIE O ' BRIEN 66 CENTENNIAL AVE. JOY O ' CONNELL 33 WHEELER ST. MEMORIES: A block Chem - Mr. Erg, Springfield Ma. 75, 76, 77? The Ha Ha Gull, Beach anyone? Flo- rida 75, Sergeants Party 75, 76, 77? J.P. Labor Day weekends, The Amory again? T.S.O.S. TWWW ask Deb. How did we get in Malden? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 4; French Club; Grenadettes 2, 3, 4; M D Banquet Comm. 4; Prize Squad 3; Prize Platoon 3. THOUGHT : To be or not to be that is the question? MARY-ELIZABETH O’HARA 79 LEXINGTON AVE. MAGNO- LIA O’HAROLD, BETH MEMORIES: Friends, waterski- ing, " Sarah Bara from Mara- chara!”, Summer 76, Football games locker room ask Dawn, Fumberland Cumbies ask Kathy, Lifeguards G.H.B., X-country skiing, Nurses B.S. ask Mary, Kava Birds in Chinaport?? ask Deb, N.Y. City w Claude, Dave ' s parties, l.d.w. m.m.. Is the door open Dawn?, Chicago, Only the beginning? Bald Coaches I, B.S, Y. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S. 3, 4; Jr. Rotarians 4; M D Banquet Comm. 4; H.R. Rep.; Flicker 4; Football manager and trainer 3, 4; Who ' s Who in Amer. High School students. THOUGHT: The changing of sun- light to moonlight . . . reflec- " Qo this is a textbook. " BASIL R. OLIVER 288 WESTERN AVE. BUZZ BUZZIE MEMORIES: 360 ask Brady, Wingersheek, Kim, Washington, Devens, Stairway To Heaven ask Marshmellow. Eva saying . . . " Look at all the goodies! ” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gre- nadiers 3, 4, Intramural Hockey 2, 3, 4 THOUGHT: I shall pass this way but once, therefore, any good that I can do, or any kindness I can show, let me do it now for I shall not pass this way again. TRACY ( ' NIEL 9 MYRTLE SQ. MEMORIES: The beach, My hat! ! Josephine the Bean! Freakies ask Jain; Mr. Postman ask Sherri; P.V.M., Cruisin ' ask Joanne; the wall; B. Monkey ask Cathy S., the canal ask anybody, My Oin Choin Party, Speed Buggy ask Sue, Fitz- Hugh Lane house, Donuts ask Jo- ann. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Banquet Committee 4 LAWRENCE G. OLIVER III 149 RIVERDALE PK. BUTCH MEMORIES: Nick, the Rubbish Man ask Otto, Brian. Sue and Gary ' s wedding 6 27 76. Keg parties at the tent, Steppenwolf, J. Geils THOUGHT: To succeed in what- ever I do in the future. JODY ORLANDO 21 COMMERCIAL ST. MEMORIES: Good times (JOHN) - Bottles of wine ask Irene - Breakwa- ter and koo-koo juice - Vito ' s cel- lar, Pines ask Sharon, John ' s MG, the " Cape " ask Sandy and Linda, Parties - concerts - the magnet ask Lynn - the playground - Steel Derik, Bike ride ask Marylou. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION!??? THOUGHT: Where ' s that CON- FOUNDED BRIDGE??? DEBRA J. OLSON 6 RIVERVIEW RD. DEBBIE MEMORIES: 8 18 76; Gymkhana ' 76; MUSAR; Salem V.F.W.; Sergeant ' s Party ' 76; 8 22 76; the Larc; Mr. Erg; Steve and Larry ask Joy; coffee in a blen- der; the 3 H’s; officer ' s Party ' 75, ' 76; Florida. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Bea- con 3, French Club 2, German Club 4, Grenadettes 2, 3, 4, Mother Daughter Banq. 4, N.H.S. 4, Intra. Volleyball 2, Prize Squad 2, 3, Prize Platoon 2, 3 THOUGHT: Smile, it makes people wonder what you ' re up to! JOSEPH M. ORLANDO 6 COLONIAL ST. JOE MEMORIES: Auto shop, " shop kids, " ' 67 Mustang, ' 67 Chevy II, Nova, ' 75 Harley-Davidson, See the hill, see the smoke, see the Mustang leave. " Smoke Hill fever " at the lights ask John! Sleeping in ' 65 Che- velle ss, wake up! ask Glenn, Dunken the Drivers ask Jill , summer of ' 76, New England Dragway, Chevy 1 , Boulevard parties ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.T.C. 1st Lt. 2, 3, 4 THOUGHT: To be successful in everything I do. And to take it how it comes. MATTHEW J. OSBORN 9 LUFKIN ST. , ESSEX OZZIE MEMORIES: Skiing Killington Ver- mont moguls, the glades. Coopers cabin. Pickles Barrel, Wobbly Barn; going up country in Steve’s Pinto, mountain climbing, THE STONES, J.L. CHAMPS ' 76, Johnny Mat. Essex Youth Hockey Champs ' 76, Monty Python and Rm. 222; Rock concerts at Rons. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track and Field 2, 3, 4. THOUGHT: To serve, to strive and not to yield ! ROBERT PALLAZOLLA 22 WESTERN AVE. BOBBY MEMORIES: Coke Machine ask Steve, Baseball game ask Dan and Rick, Grenadiers, Fort Devens ' 75, ' 76, Washington ' 75 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Grena- diers 2,3,4 THOUGHT: To succeed in Life and make my parents proud of me. BARBARA PARIS 11 COMMONWEALTH AVE. BARBARA MEMORIES: Summer of 76, cruisin BMKPDRBOLMMM (the gang) friends (clap) they ' re married again, BM shot up! 20 m in RP ask CC. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheer- leaders 1, 3, 4; Mother-Daughter Banquet Comm. 4; Student Secretar- ies 4 THOUGHT: Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make their dreams come true. Lookout world here I come. ANTHONY J. PARISI 27 ANDREWS CT. HEY TONY MEMORIES: Auto Shop, Nova Mad- ness, Halloween, Beach Bombing 747 NOVA ask Dave F. Red Camaro SS ask Ken, Thermet, N.E. Drag- way, Get on it, Smoke Hill, Tica Brom Eek ask Joe, Who Put that tele- phone pole there 340 Dart, Sergeants Party and Liz Foster ' s ask John, St. Peter’s Fiesta, Little White Nova. The Fort, Boulevarde, St. Fort, Shut Down ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gym- nastics 2, 3, 4; J.V. and Varsity Football 2, 3,4; Auto Shop 2,3,4 THOUGHT: To expect the unex- pected. To think ahead of time and to make the best of what I have. GRACE MARIE PARISI 22 ORCHARD ST. MEMORIES: I couldn ' t, I wouldn ' t, I shouldn ' t, but I gotta ask Tammy, 1 out of every 3 ask Judi our nightly stop, hey guma, my future sister-in- law, those babysitting nights ask Tammy, B.C. and G.R. at beach ask beth and Tammy, The Donut night ask Jenny; Stop shaking my car ask June and David. How do I know how to put air in tires? ask Judi ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HONOR Business Club Vice-President 3, 4; N . H . S . ; Student Secretaries 4 MICHAEL PACHECO 6 PERKINS RD. MEMORIES: Joan 9 15 75, our trips ask Joan, Field Day ask Joan. Slimey ask Steve and Scott B wines stories, ask Steve and Ron Fort Devens, the dodge ask Joan. Basketball ask Tim ROTC ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Color Guard 3; Cross Country 2; Grenadiers 2; J.V. Basketball 2; H.R. Representatives 2; Haskell Drill 2nd and 3rd; Gymkhanna 3; Gymkhanna In Drill 3rd THOUGHT: To do the best I can at whatever I try to accomplish in life. ANN MARIE PALLAZOLA 19 HAMPDEN ST. MEMORIES: Danny, M.D. 2 14 75 silver chase Mittens snowball fight, maroon car, lunch Mary Alice ' s car. Birthday parties Alaska, " out of oil,” Julie and the duck, Angie at Rockport Beach 6 30 76, FOR, D.D. 8 23 76 Barbra Streisand ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother-Daughter Banquet Comm. 4; Pep Club 4 THOUGHT: Don’t walk in front of me, Don ' t walk behind me; just walk beside me and be my friend . JON PALLAZOLA 24 GRANITE ST. " ZIFFLE " MEMORIES: Gus ' ; Schoolyard; Tard’s cellar; Fiesta; Tull; Dick and Junes ask M.L.; summer, J.V. bench ask J . L . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 3, 4; J.V. Basketball 2, 3; Intramurals 4 THOUGHT: To make good of myself and have a good time. IDA MARIE PARJSI 4 RIVERVIEW RD. BUNS MEMORIES: April and July of " 76”, Bermuda - half and half, B.F. ask F. C. 7 12 76 S.F.P. , P.L. , C.B. . 6.S. S.F. P.M. 11 5 76. S.H. twice ask Lesa S.D. 3:00 A.M., parties, concerts, Aerosmith with Paul, long talks and laughs. Nov. " 76 " ! ask P,L,D,S. " Boats " ! ask Lesa and Fanny. TENT -, nudies at G. H.B., funny people, great times with great people. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Field Hockey 2 THOUGHT: You can tell more about a person by what he says about oth- ers, than by what others say about him. JOSEPH PARISI 197 WASHINGTON ST. SANDRA PARISI 5 MILLET ST. JEFFREY PARKS 30 HOLLY ST. JEFF MEMORIES: Summer of " 75 " , Li’l Earl ' s at 14 ask Ken, Changing Flats with Linda 9 24 76 Linda Why won’t the car start 9 25 76 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Carpen- try Shop THOUGHT: My mind is all mixed up, my thoughts are puzzling. Where do I belong. Will I ever find someone to want me as I need her. Will I ever find myself??? LYNETTE PARSONS 8 YOUNGS ROAD MEMORIES: MAINE 75 ' 76 ' Friends " Room 813 come on In! ! move over the cottage” our Fire bird! ask Sandy, Round the cor- ner Stage Fort 76 ' the cliffs’ Fri. and Sat. Nights; THOUGHTS: To be a pan of the beauty, happiness, and sadness of the rewards of failure and suc- cess. ‘ II MARY ELIZABETH PARSONS 394 WASHINGTON ST. BETH MEMORIES: Tunafish 74 ' " Truhling Test” 3 5 76 Lucky star? Christmas in a snowbank, weekend with Robert Redford, Wurzburg - houseboat ask Mue, Suep, Good Vibrations ask David ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ger- man Club 3-4, Grenadettes 2 - 3, N.H.S. 3-4, Tennis Team 3 - 4, D-Company Commander THOUGHT: Now you are ready for the most difficult and the most fun of all - To fly straight up and know the meaning of kindness and love . . . STEVE PARSONS 8 GARDNER TERRACE STEVE MEMORIES: Skiing Weekends, Killington! look out below! Fon Devons, P.A. good times E.D. ' s Photo class. Lunch time ask Mike; K.R. 5 24 73, Barnes ' jokes. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gre- nadiers 2, Intramural Hockey 2, 3 and 4, R.O.T.C. 2, 3 and 4, 1st Sergeant, Marksmanship Award 3 and 4 . THOUGHT: To be able to live near a mountain and listen to what it has to say . KEVIN PERRIN 73 MAPLEWOOD PK. KEVIN MEMORIES: Partying with the staff, Wright ' s Pond, A smashed pick-up truck. Whack my shins and get it over with. Digging expedi- tions. Why do today what you can put off ' till tomorrow? A token visit to the cemetery . JENNIFER PAYNE 215 WESTERN AVE. JENNIE MEMORIES: Cap, Kip, Karl, Skip, Sues, Flash 1, Elf, Mike, Deutsch- land - Mathaser, the dynamite duo, W.S.S., Fern, R.O.A.M.S. X-C, Well girls. Bell! Flash 2, fruitflies and everything else, Linda . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S. 3, 4; C.A.Y.O. 2, 3; Cross Country 4; German Club 3, 4; Math League 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 4; St. Council 3; Track and Field 4; Flicker 4. THOUGHT: Manchmal, oft, ver- stehe ich Leute nicht ! W.O. LISA PETERSON 45 DECATOR ST. KEITH PERRIN 73 MAPLEWOOD PK. MEMORIES: " Kiss” Concert, ask Sandy, Image Summer and councilor parties. The Putas! My reliable black V.W. Johnson ' s Party. Aeros- mith? Good times up the cemetery, O’Maley. The time up the tracks. That Rockport dance. P.W. The C + S. Mixed-up. Canal. THOUGHT: To get in a good college and find a high paying job. Long distance to Mars! WALTER PECKHAM 7 BRAY ST. CYNTHIA E. PERRY 132 WESTERN AVE. CINDY MEMORIES: Cranes Beach and apples; Fernwood; Shopping and China Sails; green, white, and a gold Sgts. Party; Officer ' s Party; Cressy ' s everyday; a sensible per- son?; an unforgettable X-Mas in 74 Jaws; Semi Formal in a snow bank; hunting down ads always waiting a sparkling smile; water skiing at lin- da ' s Boston at night; ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3-4, Pres. N.H.S. 3 - 4, Flicker Business Manager, Typ- ing award Academic Recognition Night 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Well something ' s lost, but something ' s gained in living ev’ry day. Joni Mitchell KATHLENE PHILPOTT 7 TOWER ROAD KATHY MEMORIES: Weasels ask C.C. Bats, 8 mile walk ask Cyndi, Sanford Me. The Barn, Fumber- land Cumbies ask Beth, AUSTRIA 76 ' Scotch Club, Hotbrauhaus ask J.R.L.W.R.S. yes Concert, J.S. and V. ask Cyndi, Long talks ask Cory, Summer 75 ' 76 Beach Par- ties! ! ! Girls Nights??? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Canal Club 2-3-4, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4 THOUGHT: " You have the free- dom to be yourself here and now. " 62 J.L.S. GERARD PIERCE 23 PINE ST. MEMORIES: Auto Shop. " Under- ledge”! 67 and 68 Camaro, Cruisin ' 127 R. F. 66 Chevy Van. O’Connell ' s Boulevard, Hovey School Church yrd. Par- ties, at Oval, granite St. Pines, The nights with the scanner, ask the kids. Smoke hill. Mug up. Drinking. Vernovs.: " look at your car. Ask Thompson. License and Registration please , ask Ron- n ie Mudruga Topsfield. No Gas. Tires Bald. Ask Tony. JOSEPH POLIZZIA 23 WHITTEMORE ST. FIDO TROUBLES MEMORIES: Water Skiing ask Foster The Ski trip, ask SCSHMBPLDG . Streaking at the pool ask MHMEDA Gailbait ask FIDO. Pickles how about the " 50 " HOCKEY, MOCHA, Red lights ask Laney Don’t Break ' em ask anyone The Mountain mouse will tell you! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 3-4, Penny Sale Comm. 2 -3-4, Intra Volleyball 2-3-4, St. Council 2-3-4, Varsity Hockey 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To be half the man my father is. MICHELL PIERCE CENTENNIAL GROVE MIKE PIERCE 18 TRAVERSE ST. MEMORIES: The Baseball and Foot- ball games down East Gloucester Ask E.M. B.J. S.F. Pond Hockey ask C.M. B.C. B.P. S.S. My 6th grade class. Good Harbor Beach 76 The V.F.W. 76 ask B.J. Weight lifting my trip to San Diego. My 18th Birth- day ask D.L. ACTIVIT IES AND HONORS: Intra. Hockey 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To live a good life, make a lot of friends and have a good time . KATHRYN H. POMEROY 65 MT. PLEASANT AVE. KATHY MEMORIES: " Streets " Dreams Jetty N.I. w Julie 10 4 74 Beet ' s 73 Talks w CLJ. Laughs W Malb 13 years. Short Stories w Cath EGS PM for VC Hubby " SS laughs W Billy Where ' s Kings W J.C. Tape Laura, Billy Ernies Party " Thanks Bumper " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 4. Mother- Daughter Ban. Comm. 4 THOUGHT: This above all, to thine own self be true. JOHN " CHRIS " PIERCE 18 TRAVERSE ST. SPEEDY MEMORIES: It never rains on a football field. Hey frosty ask Nick. A 9-1 Football Season. Watching Cheerleader tryouts. Judy, Jodi, Neicy. Pumping Iron ask Butch. Parties at Good Harbor Beach . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: (Intra) Volleyball 2-4 Varsity Football 1 - 3 - 4 Track and Field 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To be the best at something. PAULA PISCITELLO 27 GRANIT ST. MEMORIES: STEVE 3 10 75, Penny sale " 75” The Party Sue Knows. Florida " 75 " B.D.’s ask Linda Chinese Food, 2nd Sunday, ask Nancy, Semi-Formals, Sadie Hawkins Ask Steve, Good times. C.A.M.P. ask Ethel. Waikiki, my rose, ask Steve. S.F.S. J. I I.C. s With Eliane . Steve .... ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 2-3-4 Honor Busi- ness Club 3-4 Mother- Daughter Ban. Comm. 4. St. Council 4, H.R. Rep. 2 Vice-Pres. Class Off. 2 - 3 THOUGHT: To turn today’s dreams into tomorrow ' s realities. 63 FRANCIS V. POOLE JR. 2 HARLOW ST. ESSEX BUBA. BUMPA MEMORIES: " The hut " - Joyce - keg parties all summer - Junior league burnouts - playing hockey - getting loaded with Savoie and Pewe - Clicks ar e really great, Huh? To the pump - Hey, there ' s a keg up the grove ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity and J.V. Hockey 1 and 2. THOUGHT: G.H.S. = T.A.S.P. DANA PRATT 16 CENTENNIAL AVE. GARY POWERS 725 WESTERN AVE. LINDA PRATT 21 CENTENNIAL AVE. MEMORIES: JOE 1 6 75, My FATHER Sonny, Salisbury beach, Wingersheek, 10 31 75 Pumpkins ask Jtess, on the roof ask Joe, Window in Bradstreet ' s rm . , McDonalds, (N.H., DT, Castle, pits) 65 Chevy, Stones, J. Geils, (Spastic fits) Good times and Bad times, (Photographs and memo- ries), Soph yr. Temper, Temper ask Joe, Dylan. THOUGHT: Be thankful for what you have now, you don ' t know how much it means to you till it ' s gone. SUSAN CLAIRE POWERS 20 EDGEMOOR RD. SUE MEMORIES: JOE 6-21-74 Vito ' s party, Paula knows. Confidential talks with Jane. Semi-formal ' 75 and its aftermath, ask Chris. Ten o ' clock, where is Joe? Check old Timers. Flats and stuck in ditches, ask Joe, Good times with G.N., S.R. , M.B. , P.P. , J.O. , I.C. Merry Christmas! Here ' s your muf- fler. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H.R. REP. 2, Class officer - secretary 2, Penny Sale comm. 2, 3 and 4, Mother- Daughter Ban. comm. 4. TOM POWERS 20 EDGEMOOR RD. JODI LYN PRESUTTI 16 MAIN ST. ESSEX MEMORIES: Monday Nights, 11 23 75 - 3 13 76 smiles and tears, Pat ' s advice, Sure you ' re from California ask Pat, lock this chariot Pat? M.G. ' s and bush- whackers - which one? J.L., Games, the low key kid, fate. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother-Daughter Ban. comm. 4, Pep club 4, Intramural volleyball 2, 3 and 4, Tennis team 3 and 4, Track and field 2 and 4. THOUGHT: You never realize what a good memory you have until you try to forget someone . ANDREA PRETZLER 16 QUARRY ST. ANDY, PRETZEL MEMORIES: Lanesville, Cove, Clearing, Stonehores, ask Lisa. " WHAT " 4:30 a.m. ask Becky. Screwdriver, ask Jo. 2 29 76 Ford Killed. Crying, ask Joan F.I.C. " I.G.N. " ask Laurie. Waterskiing, ask Patty. Beer, ask Timmy. " Ma " . Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.: " Camp " Tull, Aerosmith. " I made it” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 3 and 4, L.B.C. 2, 3 and 4, Moth.-Daugh. ban. comm. 4. THOUGHT: To be half the woman my mother is. KEVIN J. QUADROS SAVILLE RD. MEMORIES: Norway ' 75, Norwegian Blondes; Montreal Olympics ' 76, " Are we really lost?” Hockey games, Midget Hockey Champs ' 76, Hockey Parties; Cruising; " Give her a 9.9; " Ft. Devens - " Who flunked boot camp? " Fellow Comrades. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 2, Spanish Club 3, Varsity and J.V. Hockey 2, 3 and 4, Soccer 3 and 4, R.O.T.C. 2, 3 and 4. THOUGHT: Thoughts lead on to pur- poses; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny. Tryton Edwards KENDRICK D. RATTRAY JR. 105 MAGNOLIA AVE. " KEN " RAT ' MEMORIES: " Summer 76 " last night of Fiesta, 68 and 70 Camaros ' : The race car garage, ask Tony P. The guardrail ask Jim W. " Stopped " on west End, ask Tony, Jade, Jean. Big Blocks ' ' 369” Auto Shop Sat. at Thermet . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle team 2-3 THOUGHT: " To learn from experi- ences and not make the same mis- take twice” " Come on girls — look again, that ' s not Mr. Atlas — that ' s Mr. Yates. " ANTONINIA PURPURA 4 LIBERTY ST. MICHAEL QUINN 3 JUNIPER RD. MEMORIES: Hunting with Dave and Phil , cold as hell . Shop kids , staying after school for Mr. Stickney. Never forget Diane, A lot of good times everynight, didn ' t come home. Dean and Jody drinking and spying. THOUGHT: To live a long and happy life, also to make people proud to be my friend . SHARON RANDAZZA 12 RIGGS RD. MEMORIES: Good times: D,S,D,M,I,J,P,S, Comer, Rocks, K.G. askL.G.S., ROACH, " Cheer- ing " Good times always with Sal, Steele Derick ask sar, Di, Dor. work I , L Fiesta ask Di, Sar. (GHS) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheer- leaders 3,4- Co-Captain. THOUGHT: " HOPE " WESLEY PREVOST 31 WESTERN AVE. MEMORIES: Sophomore year, Canal club ask Fred. Cape Cod, ask Mark, John and Fred. Christ- mas Eve, " 75 " ask Lou and John. School yard teenage wasteland ask Pete. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Hockey 3, J.V. Football 2. THOUGHT: Surest way not to fail is to be determined to succeed . PATRICIA J. RILEY 10 HICKORY ST. PATTY, SMILEY MEMORIES: Mike 1 17 75, Girls Day July 8 75 Cranes Beach, NEIL Young CONCERT, PARTIES, LANES- VILLE Screwdriver ask anyone, Band C Waterskiing Mikes Car member jo. Halloween MT.DT.EC.DC. The cops 9 8 75 Rocks and stick ask Seal Poems ask anyone Yipping the Cove ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter ban. comm. 4 Office assist. 4. L.B.C. 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Those who bring sun- shine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. MYLES REARDON JR. 199a WASHINGTON ST. MEMORIES: May, 1976 Ger- many, Ein Mai Bi He! Castled! Washington, Rifle Team Min- gola, Reno Devens, Colt GT-101 Performances, Orders, Hihing the skids . . . Shiny Cheve III and GRENADIERS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team 2-3 Flag Raising detail 2 German Club 3-4, Grenadiers 2 -3-4N.H.S. 3-4, Boys ' State 3 Battalion Comm. Mil E xc. Soph. Superior Junior Cadet THOUGHT: " Remember one man ' s ceiling is another man ' s floor ' ' Paul Simon GLENN ROBERTS 600 ESSEX AVE. DONALD REED 40 SOUTHERN AVE. ESSEX ROOTS MEMORIES: The summer of 76 ' with the Grove street gorilla ' s The trips to Maine. Riding around in the toyota. Smitty ' s Barn. The field during E block lunch. Richdal ' s corner. THE HUT The parties at Cranes Beach The muster ' s ESSEX KANDY ROBERTS 96 FRIEND ST. CATHY RILEY 37 HIGH ST. ELAINE M. ROBIDOUX 279 WASHINGTON ST. LAINY THOUGHT: A wise old owl lived in an oak tree, the more he saw the less he spoke , the less he spoke the more he heard, Why can ' t we all be like that bird . AURELIA ROCHE 201 WESTERN AVE. , ESSEX RELLA JEANNE L. RODGERS 3 OCEAN AVE. MEMORIES: D.C.W. 8 27 76. Aust- ria Germany ask W. D.P. and R.S. 8 10 74-6 24 76; Magnolia Sq W.B. T-4 Florida ' 75 ask C.S. Summers of ’73, ' 74 and ' 75 PARTIES B.B ' S and Sativa Lenerd Sdynerd, Allman Bros. THOUGHT: . . . And so castles of sand fall into the sea . . . eventu- ally. DAWN ROSE 369 ESSEX AVE. " ROSIE " GEARLESS MEMORIES: GREG! ' G.H.B Night and Day Bagpipes Novy 74-76 S.L M Wash. D C B K Lifcguardin Winn G.H.B TWF huh B 1st Beers, B K, " Just Looking " B.B.BKL.M Beach Boys ask B. Football Trainers " Boys Lickcrroom B Bald Coaches YISB NorthEastern Door’s unlocked Long talks L-G. Best Friends Lois MY PAR- ENTS " ! Love you Greg. Tears shared, L B Prayers. Nana Quinn GOD ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Cheerleader 1, H R Rep 2, 3, Basketball J.V 2, 3, Softball J V 2, Track and Field 3, 4, Football St Trainer 3, 4, Flicker 4. W Track 4 THOUGHT I won’t be afraid Lord, because you are with me Your Shepherd’s rod and staff keep me safe. DIANE ROCHA 72 FRIEND ST. " ROACH " MEMORIES: JIMMY, Steel Deric ask Sha. Dor and Sae; SPAZZ Ask Jodi, Karen, and Xathy: M.M. Xar and hockey games ask Lou. Fiesta Boa- tride ask Lou, Sharon and Sara. Xheering parties S. Beach ask Maria Dor and Bev. You ' re gonna Die! ! ask Gray, Party Poopers: Good Times always, ask Jimmy. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheer- leader 3, 4 THOUGHT: The noble secret of laughing at one ' s self is the greatest humor of all ! ! Salada JULIE RODRIGUES 22 CHURCH ST. REAGAN GILLETTE MEMORIES: 6 25 76: MAINE: Nova Scotia w Bemadette, Mark, Dimbo, Friday nite ROWDINESS OppsM We ' re lost! w JT. VM.LC. Fiesta - 1975 w V.A. Laughing Horrors V? DR.DC.JT.BB. Danberry Flats w FSFD Cruising, talks w DRLF: Par- inti: O ' Maley Rink. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chorus 1 Mother Daughter Banq. Comm. 4 Grenadettes 2, Office Assist. 2, 3 N.H.S. 2, 3 THOUGHT: God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change , the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference . DAVID LEWIS ROSE HIGH POPPLES RD. ROSIE MEMORIES: AL 7 24 75 North- wood N.H., Ho- Ho Farm, Pigs, Chet, Pigs and Pumpkins, Get a $‘7o -pac and get 6-faced, bas- sackwards - Robbie, Wanna check it out? Wheeta. Look at the moon - Tammy! Snowballin ' - X-Mas Semi-75. Putting up the soccer nets - Craig amd Carl, A1 - maybe with a little practice? or a little patience? I was gonna say that! Yah, Sure! Summer of ' 76 - Roughing it at Winger- sheek. Hey help me push my boat! There GOES your boat, long swim , huh A1 . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 3, 4, Soccer 2 Capt. 3, 4 THOUGHT: A little experience often upsets a lot of theory. KATHLEEN A. ROSE 65 PERKINS ST. KATHY MEMORIES: ROME 9 27 75 - 10 4 75, " The Mana ata the wheel. " Washington D.C. 73 Philly ' But we only had two hair dryers going . RM . 24 Band . Ban and B.D. ask N.J. Summer ' 76 S.S. ask K.C. JG. Where do I go? ask N.J. Do you gove may- onnaise on your sandwich? ask Jo - Jerry ' s passes ask M.N. That certain night over D . K . house ask T J. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G.H.S. Chorus 2-4 Drill Team 3, 4 Mother daughter Banq. 4, Spanish Club 2 Flag Squad 3 , 4 THOUGHT: The good thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time. STEVEN ROSS 32 WARNER ST. NATE MEMORIES: Mr. Speck ' s class, Mr. Proposki, the coke machine, Brannan ' s Class, Dory Trip, The " Y " Tennis in the summer, Brun- hams field Larry ask Jon, K.S. THOUGHT : Learn as if you were to live forever Live as if you were to die tomorrow. A man may make mistakes, but he isn’t a failure until he starts blaming someone else . JANET ROY 118 MARTIN ST. ONOFRIO J. RUSSO 35 SUMMER ST. NOFRIE MEMORIES: Give me my tic- tac back ask angela; Seine Boats 73-74-75-76 Someday we ' ll be famous ask Dominic What are you doing here ! ! ask Terri. Where ' s my car!! Aprils Fools 74, ask Dominic Italy 75 ask Phil Rome 75 ask sammy THOUGHT: To succeed in what ever I do so my parents will be proud of me, and to go on in life doing my very best. STEVEN MARK RUBERTI SEA HORSE ATLANTIC OCEAN STEVE MEMORIES: Summer 74 ' Stolen car, D.D. and DTI, You didn’t know me. I ' m your fairy god mother, D.L. and S.K. " The great Ice Capper " Gov. D. S.B., D.L. M.Q. J.H " Cruising 500 " " STUFF " S.B. and D.L. Beach I didn ' t get her name! C.A.P. and Out of town Girls! S.B. Let ' s get? Parties, Beer, Girls Girls! S.B. and D.L. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Fresh. Baseball. Football Var. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. THOUGHT: Through all the beer and comfort we drank. The stupid stunts and Pranks we made it! ! ask Steve B. KATHERINE L. ROWE 8 BASS AVE. KATHY MEMORIES: Cruisin’ in " Fufus, " Nalley ' s Alley W.T.E.K.? B.F. A. , Long talks ask Joan. 5 24 74, N.A. B.W. T.I.T.T.L. Pistacios. Gloks ask Cookie. " Crazy " , Vicky knows. " FLASH " 4:00 a.m. Robin Knows. Since 1st grade ask Sheila " um " 9 13 76 Long walks and talks rick knows. BANANANAS! ! ! • - MICHAEL RYAN 15A TAYLOR ST. DEBORAH A. RUDOLPH 11 LOOKOUT ST. DEBBIE DEB MEMORIES: 2 4 75 J35 Blue bomber and Beany ' s House ask the girls. Backroad ask Josephine. H.O. 9 11 76. " August 71 " ask Christine. 16th Birthday, Everynight out (Alone) ask nina. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type I award. THOUGHT: To enjoy the greatest gift my parents gave me: " LIFE " " When you ' re hot you ' re hot. " LAWRENCE J. SABATO 8 ORCHARD ST. LARRY LAYS MEMORIES: Intramural Hockey •75 CHAMPS 76. 77. Street Hockey New Year ' s Eve party ask Tom, Bruins Beatles, Super Sox, Big Ball Bowling Big Dipper, Jr. Seine Boat Crews Black Jacks and Young Bloods, Celtics do it again. 76 ' Fog Hat, B.E.E.R. F.D. ask Joe, Nights down Tom ' s ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intramurals Hockey 2-3-4 Vocat. School Carp. 2-3 THOUGHT: To make many friends and get all i can out of life. STEPHANIE SASSONE 41 SCHOOL STREET MEMORIES: TIM 12 19 74 my father; Soph year 3rd floor girls room; fri and Sat. nights! " Stuckagain ! ' ' ask L.P J.T. " Lost another ring!” ask Tim, Salisbury Beach. Those Fights! ask J.T. andL.P. D.T. andE.P. B.C. ask Tim. 65 white Chevy, It ' s his birthday ask J . G . THOUGHT: To appreciate ever- ything I have before me and before it ' s gone, to always cany a smile , and to make those I love proud of me . RHONDA J. SALAH 4 WEBSTER ST. MEMORIES: STEVE, 5 21 76, AUSTRIA GERMANY 76 J.R. LW. CP. The camp, ask Sheila The Bou- levard move, ask nina beach boys and Chicago, Concerts where ' s Ethel? which one is it tonight. Ask Josephine. The little L. ! ! 7 28 76 I made it marys little lamb (Marilyn) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill team 2-3-4, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 3 - 4, N.H.S. 3 - 4, St. Coun. 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Whatever My secrets are, remember when i entrust them to you they are part of me. CRAIG C. SALAH 13 HAMMOND ST. MEMORIES: " Renegrades " are seine boat champs ' 76 ask Crew. OH " we ' re sinking, ask J.K. Partying at Glou. Ice. ask R.D. All the concerts ask R.D.T.A.C.C.D.R.P.S.B.M. Putting up the S. Nets ask D.R. R.D. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Var. Hockey 3-4, Var. Soccer 3-4 THOUGHT: To be successful in whatever I do and to never give up. CHERYL ELIZABETH SABO 6 BRIER RD . TISH MEMORIES: I wish . . . Beep- Yooh, G.H.B. Lady, Stage fort, big red, Irish and Tish Co. inc. Long talks, rainy days, the Comer, fry by , Porch Court , Concerts , Keg parties, and the petra. THOUGHT: Our love is like a dia- mond imbedded in a sea of gold. CYNTHIA SAUNDERS 137 PROSPECT ST. DOMINIC SANFILIPPO 13 BEACH CT. MAY MEMORIES:ay 16, 1975 at the cof- fee shop in front of the church. THE FORT " Seine boat races. The Computer Room and the Bio Lab. " FRUIT FLY " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer Var. 2-3-4 THOUGHT: It is never too late to be what you might have been . 69 DAVID O. SAWYER 43 PLEASANT ST. MEMORIES: Jone. Pontac and wall to wall. Sultin ' s hot puppies. E. Street, a grouch. Friends. Connors Pharmacy, The Joggers and com- pany. Machine Shop and Shop kids Summer 76 ' ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 2-3-4 KATHLEEN SCHENK 30 PROSPECT ST. KATHY MEMORIES: STEVE 11 22 75. STAGE FORT PARK, Villa and the house ask Steve. New Year ' s Parties, what a blast ask Cathy. I want to remember all the good times with steve and the time we were Bzed together. Bzeo much munches at macdonalds ask Cindy. THOUGHT: To achieve in anything that I am going to be doing in the times to come GEORGE SCHLICHTE 63 WITHAM ST. MEMORIES: Danvers Hockey Game 76 ask Fat Sal J.V. hockey party, Fat Sal ' s Van at lunch working for city, moons out of soccer bus. J.V. champs in 75 ask anyone. Concerts. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Hockey 2 - 3 , Soccer Var. 2-3-4 SALVATORE SCOLA 24 PINE ST. SAME FLEA MEMORIES: DOREEN 9 18 76 Cen- tral, Seine Boats, Camp Cedar 2-3 - 4 28 Saugus game 75 ' ask D.Q. Finally got a car, what time is it? where did we go ask D.Q. The gang Jc. Vg. Mm. Ss. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: (Intra) Volleyball 2-3-4 Var. Basketball 2-3-4 Var. Football 2-3-4 Track and Field Var. 2-3-4 DAVID SEARS 30 TRASK ST. STEVEN SEARS 1050 WASHINGTON ST. BOOGZIE MEMORIES: Mr. Butts ask Caino and Frank Fishing " Betty N. " 76. Swan Boat " you Donkey” ask Slatter. God Dam Reel. Soccer How we getting home Ivan ask Moe . Making A buck to Stay Happy ask Sue. All for one and one for all and Everman for him- self. " The Lanesville Boys” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey, Var 2-3-4 Soccer Var. 3 - 4 THOUGHT: To keep a steady course in life no matter how rough the waters may seem . TAMMY SEARS 16 SILVA CT. TOE TOE RAT MEMORIES: HANK: 6 18 76 5 21 76 Finally ask Cheryl. " The Burial " ask Hank. " Bubbles " ask Pam, Jean. " Reflexes " ask Che- ryl. " The Stake Out” Summer of 76 ROWDIE. " Suffering BAST - Horny Mechanic” Talks S.F.P., G.H.B. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 4 Drill team Squad leader 3-4 Mother- daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club Mas. 4 St. Coun. 3-4 Type 1 award Art Award. St. Gov ' t Day THOUGHT: All these places had their moments with lovers and friends, I still can recall, some are dead and some are living. In my life I loved them all! Mm . . . Mm . . . Good? JOANNE SHEEDY 10 ROCKY NECK AVE. SHEEDY, JO, STILTS?? MEMORIES: Simon ' s Rock ask Pete C A, W W G.H.B. Hi, Buttons, ask Donna E.P.Y.C, Sapz Fits w Curtis, Suffering BAST. Homey Mechanic. Friends Minquer ask Amos Rosey ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny Sale Comm. 3-4, Drill Team 3 - 4, Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, Mas. St. Coun. 2 - 3 - 4, Var. Field Hockey 2-3-4, Var. Track and Field 3-4, Class Officer Fresh. Treas. Co-Editor, St. Hand. 2-3 Delegate, Reg. St. Ad. Coun. 4, Type and An award St. Govern. Day 3-4 THOUGHT: If you can ' t dazzle them with your Intelligence, baffle them with your bull $ ‘ DEBORAH ANN SILVA 22 FULLER ST. DEBBIE, DEB MEMORIES: 76! B L.D.W.: N.Y. MAG. Pier; Dogs fences - ask Chuck. J J - " Lean on me, I smell Clean! " ask B.O. Chinaport, AVAKM; F.U.S ask Claud; Lost, Ken? Panies! ! 14 Skunk. C.A.M. 11 6 76 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.M.F. 3-4 Mother daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, Office Asst. 3, Flicker 4, Usherette 4, Christmas show comm . 4 THOUGHT: Set me adrift in a sea of hope - I ' ll set my sail to a new hori- zon . RANDALL MARK SILVA THURSTONS PT. RANDY MEMORIES: CHERYL 2 15 74. A 9 wiley bluefins, Cookie two. Rene- gade 9 13 75. P-town! P- Bills wk. Ends at C.A.M. 9 19 76 w rat. 7 4 74 our own fireworks! ! ! " Those seagulls are necking!” ask CB and CM. S.P. 76. Hockey. " Last chance to meet a real Capt.! " Cookie knows. B.G. Two fin Blunas. Thicker, Yeah! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Var. Hockey 2-3-4, Soccer 2 THOUGHT: I never think of the future It comes soon enough. Einstein. SANDER SHARIMITARO 14 HASKELL ST. SANDY MEMORIES: Good Harbor Beach " 76 " " Kiss " Concert ask Keith " Aerosmith? " Dory and Seine boat races, canal, parties, buzz, B.R.G.C. Hole in one 5 1 76, Crazy fair weathers!! Monty Python ask Leo Good times with old friends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Golf team 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Dream on Aerosmith MARYANNE SHATFORD 39 HARTZ ST. MEMORIES: JOEL 8 25 74, Summer of ”74” G.H.B. Pink Charlie, ask Lori and Bonnie. T.H. Parties. Look at all the customers, ask Joel, Jeanne, and mike. Keg Parties at Nugents Robby and Joel, ask Karen it was all her fault. Getting into trou- ble our specialty, " huh Karen? " C . B . ask Lisa . THOUGHT: To begin and end each day with a smile. SUSAN JEAN SELIG 44 WITHAM ST. SUE MEMORIES: WAYNE, Wurzburg, Augustine’s the fruhling fest. " Monsieur Currey” ask Dot, 12 31 74 ask J.J., Dave, Tennis 8 23 76. ask Larry D. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ger- man Club 3-4 Mother- Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, N.H.S. 3 - 4 THOUGHT: Doing an injury puts you below your enemy; revenging one makes you but even with him; forgiving it sets you above him. DONALD KEITH SHATFORD 22 FLUME RD. KEITH MAN MEMORIES: " 76 " Stumble in 1:30 ask lenny Audi Coolidge Pt. ask Himie Red ants, ask Mary Magnolia, the island, Jethro Tull 3 13 76 ask Pase Mac ' s ask Jody, Dean; Good scare; Freak show Mon 3 on!! ask Lenny, Audi COWBOYS 74 Minnesota 0 Break- fast in bed ask Lenny ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 4, Future Travelers 4, Intra. Basketball 2-3-4, Tennis Team 2-3-4, J.V. Football 3, Track and Field 4 THOUGHT: I ' ll still be here tomorrow. But my dreams may not. ROBERTA SILVA 18 GROVE ST. JOHN SILVEIRA 10 MORTON PLACE MEMORIES: Remember the B.R. Rocky mount, and B.P. Remem- ber Pizza at Pepa ' s ask B.P; Remember the lights ask Hoe Remember the Gree ride ask Tony Remember smoke hill now you can see it now you don ' t ask shop kids . THOUGHT: If tires could only last forever JOSE SILVEIRA 8 EXCHANGE ST. SID MEMORIES: 16 1st- half 0 second half, Dory trip Frampton L.C. vs R.T. Grand Prix, Waves at G.H. ask Howard, No sweat pants. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Bas- ketball J . V and V . 2 , 3 and 4 . THOUGHT : Believe in yourself or nobody else will. CATHERINE L. SINAGRA 28 RIVERSIDE AVE. CATHY, SANT’GRI A MEMORIES: Micheal, 8 1 75, Lowell; Cornflakes and teddybears - long stories short!! ask K.P. apron strings, lighthouses ask Mike, Col- lege! ! Dick Talk to me!! Officer ' s meeting ' s long time friends; toots ask Mike His littl e girl. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Penny sale comm. 2, 3, 4, Honor Business club 3, Class Officer Treasurer 2, 3 and 4. THOUGHT: Just call my name and I ' ll be there. BARBARA SKINNER 32V4 ELM ST. GIGGLES MEMORIES: Water hose fights ask Cathy. Taxi Driver ask Julie. F.L. Sliding. Talking through windows ask Heidi. Walking the dogs ask Jo- Ann. 4 V 2 quarts ask Barbara. July 19, 1974. 1975 The Best! ! Ask anybody. H.T.C. Ask Josephine. The sounds of Silence. 25 Ice cream cones ask Sally. Long Beach ask Robin. Oct. 11, 1975. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G.H.S. Chorus 2, 3 and 4. Rainbow 2, 3 and 4. ROTC 2, 3 and 4, Softball 2. THOUGHT: To save time in a bottle each and every day until eternity passes away. DONALD E. SMITH JR. 95V$ CONCORD ST. DESI, DR. SMITH MEMORIES: 74-76 lunches, with Kathy Hight times in the field. Fris- bee Intramurals Hockey, Playing guitar No cooth! ask Gary. P.? the hut, M.D. 20 20 Fighting ask squeak and Keith, Concerts. Neil Young. Steve Stills P.M. and Wings, Par- ties, All my friends at G.H.S. THOUGHT: To climb the highest mountain and to find you have reached your goal. DAVID SMITH 5 ANDREWS CT. DONALD SMITH 95H CONCORD ST. BRADY KAREN R. SMITH 60 HIGH ST. MEMORIES: MLWJ . . . Summer of 76 " Neil " 6 12 76 JML Know! Cheering. 9 26 75, 8 21 22 " Gen- eral Lee ' s Army " GIRLS NIGHTS! ! ! ask JCMDKMLG jerry Janet, THERE’S SO MUCH! ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheer- leader Co-Capt. 2 3 4 Mother- Daughter Ban. Comm. 4 (Intra) Vol- leyball 3 - 4 H.R. Rep. 2 - 3 THOUGHT: Life is a preparation for the Future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none . ALDA MARIA SOARES 21 MT. VERNON ST. MEMORIES: The dances at the D.E.S. ask Rosie, Remember 10 12 75, The party. Christmas Eve 75, Remember Kevin Rosie, The long walks with the kids, and Paul. The one with good looking face. " The way we were, " ask Robin. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Grena- dettes 2-3-4 THOUGHT: To make my parents proud of me. And to someday find that special someone and make him happy And to be happy and enjoy life to its fullest JODI SOUZA 10 ACACIA ST. HERBERT STILLMAN 27 LIBERTY ST. SCOTT STANWOOD 5 WALKER ST. DAPPA MEMORIES: " PHILLY 76 " Good Harbor. F.W. Lake Rm . 325. Conomo Pt. on the Lawn ask L. B. The summer of 76 the Drive in ask the kids " The prickers " ask B.W.B.G.B.C. S.D. K.B.L.R.S.L. ask all of them about Chemistry ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J. Rotarians 2 - 3 - 4 G.H.S. marching Band 3-4 THOUGHT: " Go on in life - looking ahead not in the past, and Learn from your mistakes. " KENDALL STONE 5 JOHN WISE AVE. ESSEX STONY MEMORIES: Essex 2 Musters Take another lap. Parties at the point. Championship basketball team. Essex Jr. League champi- ons. John Matt. OH JESUS! ! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Var- sity Baseball 2-3-4, Varsity Basketball 2-3-4 THOUGHT: Try to do good in everything I do. WILLIAM SWEET 61 WESTERN AVE. " SWALKA " BILL MEMORIES: Cape Cod J. Giels Bos- ton Garden A . S . S . W . zz top Rocky Mountain. The Green machine, working for the city, The Canal, Sweet shop. The Hut, Good Harbor Beach 75 THOUGHT: To succeed in every- thing I do . DAVID W. SWEKLA KENT ROAD DAVE, SWEK. MEMORIES: Life at the B.C. Wif- fleball, BRL, Salisbury Beach ask RM , MacDonalds ask W.D. Aw Hell, Cape Breton 71, 75 I’m no fool! PIZZA, Three Stooges, Japs, Dozens of um!! Oh my god!! it ' s holt! ! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Intra Volleyball 4 THOUGHT: " Your sole Contrib- ution to the sum of things is your- self” Crane " Hey Mike, smile for the photographer. " JOYCE TAYLOR 21 CENTENNIAL AVE. MEMORIES: Good Times (L.B., D.T., E.P) McDonalds, Salisbury Beach, Pizza ask Steph Soph. Year, (Photographs and memories;) Embarrassing or what? ask S.S. and L.P. (Spartic Fits) ask Kevin Never on Time ask (S.S, L.P turtle) MAX - KM, Flying Saucers J.G. W. Chevy, 3rd fl. girls room THOUGHT: If you love something set it free If it comes back it ' s yours, if it doesn ' t it never was. ROBIN STURTEVANT 7 GILBERT CT. MEMORIES: Backstage 75-76 going down the sweet shop at E- Block lunch Special Camping Techniques in the rain. Ask Larry and Dave Mr. Specks Class 74-75. Ask Mark ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: THOUGHT: To never stop growing inwardly and to share with others my self and my happiness. O • iC Q RAYMOND TANNER 234 WESTERN AVE. KAREN L. TEBORR 90 CENTENNIAL AVE. STRETCH MEMORIES: YA! Friends TS. SK, ST, KR, always the Hair (hmph) Main Street those two guys? the KISSER!! ask Theresa, spas! ask susan. Sue? ERIK 9 11 74 G- Susie, Sheila ' s night, the NOSEL oops! use my mitten ask Theresa, Brendon 6 18 76, It ' s Te-Bou! Laughter ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Senior Banquet Comm. 4, Christmas Show Commit tee 4, Typing Awards 2 RICHARD SUTHERLAND 2 PUERTO DRIVE " DICK " , RICK, RIT, SUDSY, RICH MEMORIES: Skiing 2 17 19 75, Cranmore, George ' s Jokes, Pack- ets full. 2 17 18 76, (the fan, Lisa Stage Fort Park, Nobody up here, Ya It ' s pretty high) ask Mike, CVS 62 The field Hey Laudano, Summer 75 Salisbury beach, Fri. Nights. THOUGHT: All you ' ve got to do is win. SHEILA TELLES 28 SAYWARD ST. MEMORIES: Everlasting Friend- ships. M.M, J.F. , L.M. , D.R. , K.R., K.T., Since the first grade ask Kathy. Bridge is up again? ask Mary or Beth. Karen ' s night out; Canada ask Dawn or Lois. " The Midget - Winking Mary " ? Checking ask Rick. Sheila you ' re Great Peace always be with you Dawn. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. THOUGHT: Our time is short the lines allotted us are few, the page on which we write is quickly quickly turned. We strive in vain to write with many words when one will do. That word is Love. JENNIFER L. THOMPSON 3 EASTERN PT. ROAD JENNEY FERN MEMORIES: KENNY: Summer 76 Rount Mushmore, Eagles 7 26 76, The gudder, T-time, ask Stickney Coke and Sympathy, High Popples, East Glou. Pines 5 forest St. ask Lenny, Hagin, Healter Skelter, the toker ask Ace, Please Mr. Manager ask Dale, T.A.S.P. Dr. Obscene, wasted days and wild nights, Being thick as a brick, Keepin ' on THOUGHT: Life’s just a game, fly a paper plane; there is no end. JOANNE THIBODEAU 17 REVERE ST. JO, JETHRO, TIBBS MEMORIES: Halloween, Red Toyota, Screwdriver Bienvenue Au - ask Denise, The Losing End - Neil Young, Ma ' s Want a ride? Ask Becky, Gipe, Folk masses, 10 25 76, The night we took mikes car ask patty, 8 13 76 Long talks, ask Becky FINALLY ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, L.B.C. 2 -3-4 THOUGHT: To be afraid is to believe in evil more than you believe in God. JOSEPHINE TRUPIANO 31 WASHINGTON ST. JO, GREGINNY FRAC MEMORIES: BILLY 8 28 76. White and Loon MTS, ask B.F.A.F.E.R. Mt. Washington, ask Billy. Friday nite " Rowdi- ness " oops! we ' re lost ask J.R.V.M.L.C Talks and Tears, our dreams, ask Julie. BOULE- VARD. Double dating, ask Julie, Am i making you blush, ask Julie. Oh Black water, ask Faye. MARYELLEN THOMPSON 10 ARTHUR ST. GOUSE MEMORIES: Eric; Mitch, Ask Sandy C, I don ' t believe it, ask J.A. O ' connells Corner, ask Nick, Joan, Sandy C. Space- walking , ask Ken- dra. Busy Bee softball 14-1 Keep it up girls Fudge it ask Sharon, good times at J.D ' s Lounge, ask Sharon M. and Cindy C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gym- nastic Team 2, (Intra) Volleyball 2 - 3, St. Coun. 2-3, SFAC 2, H.R. Rep. 2-3, Office Assist. 2-4, Guidance Assist. 4 THOUGHT: To live life to its fullest and stay happy while I ' m doing it. 75 4 intra . it ' ii y dcbra i ii. 1 1 u vi I ' i ' i i 1 1 100 WESTERN AVI:. DEBBIE, DOlilir MEMORIES RAY 7 01 78, The. Yellow Carnaro and the l ' l j . 0 14 78 a k Ray. ESSEX friend Rarty ' Cranes Beach, New Enp land Drapway 0 10 70. Thermit, I ' ' ini la Sunrlxe . " Ray, Inn I at 1 1 1 do " D.V. and R.T. " If only a drt Am” Mk J.l , K,W. o ll 70. N.H. a»k Dot, Talk and ' l ean auk D, M, S . K . THOUGH ' I " Candle only burn once " IM VII) VIDAL 28 HARRISON A VC. MEMORIES Deb , Steve, Kelly, Sue, Mike, Kevin, Gary, Doub, George, ett:. The Great Canoe Trip Ihy I red) Number • ' ! ' The Darlck The |) The Ca lle Tamordk Diking to Carmen ' THOUGH ' I ' Alright llrriblandlo EDWIN IOESRII VANNAII IR. 0 CARI.ISE VI . El), I 1)1)11: , CAS ' CD, I AST I I) MEMOEIC. IHI, II One of tllCS ' nights a k Joe Seine boat champ Renegades aek Ion. Button and Con rad and Dorle Mayb ' Next year. Dave I ' arty a k Julie, ' MIC Cl.ll I , HUT 80 Camp Cedar Cabin 4 Tup 01 war ' harrip . The beach In the •Itmmer. hanging around with Dub arid Conrad ao i men s and honors v. loot ball. I ' . 2 - ;i 4 THOUGH ' ! To try and succeed In lib and trial " my family and friend proud of me . ICAHMARIE VERr.A 88 I ' l R KIMS S I . JEAN YEAN, MEMORIES Irbnd:. lie " Hubble " a k lay and Ram. Horn. Maili. k SI) " Rboula I ' re " aik I brat the play ground ipaln 70, Cape Cod a»k mu- I In r.AIIAI. aek anyone. Ralfttlng a k lain and lo. Danvcr Rartylng, l mg talk ask Cathy, Robin DTII ask Tl. or Lb SI R Sap z ask D.R. I.S ACTIVITIES AMD HONORS Re liny sab- comm, ' 4, Drill ioiiii . ' ! 4, Rep club Treat. 4, St. Conn. ' ■ ' ), ' lass officer Secretary. Office A«slet , . ' I 4, Type I award . ' I CANAL CLUBS 4 I IIOIM. Il l you can ' t always pet what you want, but II you try some times you Juki mlpln find , , . You’ll pel wliai you need . K A Till I ' ll II VI I " , A f, EX ' . HANOI ST . KAY MEMORIES DAVID, 78 and 4 evei. Tuesday ' Christmas, Eddy, I ' .R. House, ya know, where ' s here? Clamsll ask Kathy, Graveyard energy, Sr rudlo Donna ' s Salshcrry 11 11 78, Victorian I H IO 78 Afternoon Delight, S.l ,R. How many movies? Central 71 7b, Talks with Donna, M.R. A.O. A.C. K . A . A.R. in NNA VI I " . I 4 CUNNINGHAM RD. Ml Mill ' ll S DISTRACTED? Mad Damp. Good times with friend . Oood Harbor Bench. S.l .R. Summer nlplits. ' " Che Mimpe ' ' I’lnp Roup with lllllerlca (Marl). G.I’.C. 74 70, (Arden and Maureen) Mad love Idles. Taxi (Ratlin) 1000 4 (.allot I Up at 8:00 ask loc and " Them.” Af .17 Vi l li ' . AND HONORS Mother Daughter Hail. ' .OIIIIII. 4, Office Assist . .’I 4 1 1 li ke r 4 THOUGHT " There can he no rain how without a cloud or a storm. " It ' s the " tuesday after the long week- end " blues. BRIAN VITA . ' Hi WASHINGTON SO. SUSAM VOLLER 152 RIVERDALE PARK SUE MEMORIES: KELLY 3 15 74 The wingdings ask pewe The big sur- prise! ESSEX and all the fun 1, 2,3, Buddiesxz ask Joyce. By the way thanks for all the help Joyce ! ! riding in the toyota ask Roots Gary and Sue ' s Wedding and the tape recorder ask Kelly THOUGHT: To find love and friendship wherever I go in life. LAURIE WENTWORTH OLD SALEM PATH MEMORIES: 6 28 75. P.P. Auction " 75-76” Easy and sleazy - Austria, German H.B. ask J.R., K.P. and R.S. D.G ' s boat 7 4 76. Buzzon!! Grateful Dead " 76 " G.G ' s and Wine - Magnolia Sq. 12 28 75 THOUGHT: " Don ' t let it bring you down it ' s only castles burning, just find someone who ' s turning and you will come around " n. Young ANNETTE WALKAMA 7 MARCHANT ST. NETS MEMORIES: Hovey School " Cops " keg parties harbor. 2 15 and 4 4 and 5 75 Burr! ! those winter nights, walks talks, laughs and cries ask Sande. Summer of 75, ask C.C. Never forget those weekends ask S.W. the night in Manchester ask SS J SP DW 72 74. THOUGHT: We come and we cry and that is life, we yawn and we depart and that is death! ! To make something out of the life I lead. BRIAN WHITE 50 RIVERDALE PARK " BRI " MEMORIES: MARY, Skiing N.H. 2 18 20 75, P.A. dory trips, Base- ball, Stagefort Park Fri and Sat. Nights, 3 4 74. Burnhams Field ask Steve, J.V. Football, Betty the Ban- ger ha! ha!, Volleyball N.H. Big Bad B ask Mary . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. football 3, Var. baseball, 3-4 THOUGHT: It is great to win but take your defeats. DANA WHITE (J) 37 CHAPEL ST. (WHEETA) MEMORIES: Soccer, Ga Ga 4 12 75, T.C. The Fighting Irish, Crazed, Cruisin ' Concerts. B. Ball with Joe B. Junior league, J.B.P. (J.B., J.P., R.R., J.S., D.D., D.C., B.E., R.M.) Maine Florida, Can- ada, Penn. Family. B. Ball intra- murals, Motorcycles. Wd. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.E.C. All star 1, Gary Cusic Memorial, Basketball Varsity 2, Soccer Var. 2 - 3-4, Track and Field 2-4, Intra. Volleyball 2-3-4 JOHN WATTERS 35 HIGH POPPLES RD. BUCKET MEMORIES: East Gloucester; G.H.B. Eastern pt. Fire Bam, Pines also Nugent ' s Jetliro Tull 7 76, the " boat,” Mt. Rowe, Dory trip 6 76, THE party boat, Camaro Z 28 the cooler, the dance, AEROSMITH: KCs, BL, TK and the gang, Dozens of friends made at G.H.S. Life, that ' s " the thing " ! ! THOUGHT: Go for broke, you only live once. FREDERICK H. WHITE III 152 WASHINGTON ST. FRED MEMORIES: Notch 6. The 8th hole. BR. GC. Burgers. Donny ' s house, Choke artist Exit 35 ask Canary. 114-594 What street is this?? " I ' m still the longest driver in the N.E. Conference " Size 46 neck muscles. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 3-4, (INTRA) Volleyball, Basket- ball 2-3-4, Golf team Var. 2-3 - 4 THOUGHT: To succeed in whatever I choose to do . BRIAN WILLIAMSON 12 STEWART AVE. LINDA WICKERS 21 ADDISON ST. LINDA MEMORIES: N , Y . N.Y, N.H. MUSIC, Cannibis, Skiing, " I ' m not mad " right john. Cathy and Being Trady. M.P. and N.J. Loon Mt. " Ain ' t no blueberries in them woods " ! ! Canoeing ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G.H.S. Chorus Pres. Thespians 2, All City Gloucester Choral 3 - 4 THOUGHT: If I ' m not honest with my friends, world, and myself . . . then who am I kid- ding! " Keep me hanging on!! " For what is life without a good party every now and then and again. BRUCE WILLIAMS 437 WASHINGTON ST. MEMORIES: Behind the rink, 1 - 2-3, Rainbow show - ask B.G. the parties, Conomo Point ask M.C. BAND 76-77 PHILLY - WELCOME HOME, dance - dance - dance. Room 325 Sat. 9 25 76 ask Scott. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Audio-Visual 2, German Club 3, Glou. High Marching Band 2-3 - 4, Band Historian 3 THOUGHT: Life is what you make it and I plan to make it the best as possible . SHEILA WILSON 91 DENNISON ST. MEMORIES: G.H.S.B.C. Cham- pagne don ' t drive me crazy, ask Patty did, Cherokee, Pavillion beach ask Patty and Sue , Crispy Cri- tle Cruises, Rockport ask Donna, Buzzbuddies, KASHMIR The harbor ask Tammy, Trucking through the woods. 8 28 76 P. A. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: CANAL CLUB 2-3-4, Girls ' Track, Track and field 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 THOUGHT: To be happy and live my life the way I want to. GARY J. WITHAM 7 HOVEY ST. " B " MEMORIES: Nugents, Steppenwolf, the who Craxe, Steel Derek, C Block 75, ask Ron or Greg, Annual boat cruise ask Greg or Dave, Getting gyped. THOUGHT: 12 Long hard years, but many a good time, and many more to come in the future! ! DONNA WONSON EASTERN PT. BLVD. MEMORIES: Summer 1975 SHS, IS, LF. KG. RA. RD. MD. SR. May 26 April 12 Having good times. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club THOUGHT: I should Laugh but I cry because your love has passed me by you took me by surprise, I didn’t realize that you were laughing. LINDA J. WONSON 82 MT. PLEASANT AVE. MEMORIES: " The party " ask lenny Lora and Faye, remember S.B.K.D.T.S.K.W.E.D. Crub, Kickers, Thur. S.E. hops English, 75 G.H.B., Tennis: M.D.I. " Hey Goombadey " Celtics 5th game 76 ' type, football A block. E Block Lunch. S.C. 76 Grand A ' s Super Beetle. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Mother Daughter Ban. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, Type I award 2 THOUGHT: . . . How sweet it is to love someone, How right it is to care, how long it ' s been since yes- terday, what about tomorrow? J.D. CAROL YOUNG 10 ORCHARD RD. TIM WOOD 10 COLLINS AVE. UM Late Arrivals DANA BURNHAM 8 COUNTY RD. MOSE. MOSEY MEMORIES: Germany, Matiza, St. Blasia, Castled, 5, 6, Buzz, Cranes Beach, Skiing, Washington, Conomo Point, Salt water taffy fight, setting a trap for the man, Columbus day weekend colors, ask Jeanne. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German club 3 and 4 (President), Grenadiers 3 and 4, Intramural Volleyball 2 and 3, R.O.T.C. 2, 3 and 4 (Captain). THOUGHT: Mann muss das Leben eben nehmen, was das Leben eben ist. LAWRENCE FLEMING 25 WHEELER ST. LARRY, FLEMANN, FLEM MEMORIES: Rich, Sal, Gary - Gone but not forgotten, remem- ber the hut. Kegs and cases, S . M . ask Joe , Sunset ask Phil , parties at Tart ' s, 67 El Camino, that long ride ask Cathy, 69 Tempest ask Steve, Barbie good times Maine ask Hooker or Rich ! THOUGHT: To keep my feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. BARRY LAGOS 480 ESSEX AVE. JAMES COBLE 112 BASS AVE. JIM MEMORIES: G.H.S. . summer of 76. 9 20 76, S.F.P. , 8 1 76, Rosanne, Florida THOUGHT: To succeed and to be happy. Camera Shy DAVID FUREY 23 FLAME RD. MAGNOLIA MEMORIES: Magnolia. Coolidge Point and Shlitz Valley ask Keith and Himy, Himy ' s Tiny ' s, Tull Concert ask Keith, cranked at the Who, Lobstering Business, Talk to Tino, Island Parties ask SQUARE CREW, stoned Boatsman ask Frank-o, BEER- " Golden " nectar. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis Team 2 and 4, Var. and J . V . Football 3 . THOUGHT: You only go around once in Life, so you ' ve got to get in as many good times as possible! KEVIN CASEY PREINTISS RD. DOOF MEMORIES: " 65 " Falcon - Party in cellar, ask D. michols and D. Reed - Mariner Lounge, ask S. Robertie, One or Two slowly, ask Carlos, Busnt Toino - Buns, ask Quadrose ACTIVITES AND HONORS: J.V. Hockey 2 and 3. THOUGHT: Whenever possible, Bend, Fold, spindle or mutilate . JOE MILITELLO MEMORIES: Friday morning, Pancake House, ask Kandy, Karen, Joanne, Bonnie, Andrea and Scott. Rick, and Linda and my Godchild Mandy. It ' s B-block and the sun is out, let ' s go . Ask Wound y . I’m 19 , ask Kathy THOUGHT: Do not accept everything, Things can be changed . 80 Let youp bending in apchep ' shand be fop glad ness fopeven as he loves the appow that flies, so he loves also the bow that is stable. Sammy Scola Faye Davis MaryLou Burnham Ann Moore — i 9 ; v Danny Asaro Debbie Rud olph Jeanmarie Verga Pamela and Paula Bradstreet Linda Wonson Dominic Sanfilippo Joe Polizzia Jeff Parks Cheryl Grover Roberta Coolidge Mark Joseph Kim Marie Cecilio Kathleen Philpott Debra Verrette Adrienne Heussi Jack LoPiccolo Jon Pallazola Kathy Pomeroy 83 Cheryl Benham - ' 4g Mary Ann Albert • i Dawn Rose Steve Curley k ' vi 1 o J Janet Curcuru Patty Riley Paul Krueger Amy Morton Beth O ' Hara Cindy Blair Cathy Sinagra Mike Francis ■» ' " a Debbie Silva ♦ 4 Jodi Orlando Rhonda Salah Maryann Dunajski Dorreen Costa Rita Anne Bagshaw Danny Davis Dorothy Munroe Mike Barker Karen Smith Sheila Carignan Andrea Pretzler Gilbert Laidlaw Judi Muise Jain Asaro Patty Cusamano Diane Melanson 0 Jo-Ann Cecilio Josephine Gabriele Erin Aldrich Sharon Lilienthal Pat Mulcahy Debbie Munroe Amy Lopes Marlene Martin Carol Greenwood Donna Muise Diane Lane Mary Alice Enos Sue Lovett Maureen Fontiero 85 Peter Lane — v " 1 1 1 ; , , i Norrie Russo Serena Brien Gracemarie Nicastro Beth Parsons Lora Lane Tom Nicolosi Todd Tinkham Susan Selig Maureen Farrell 86 Barbara Paris Faculty " No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half in the dawn- ing of your knowledge The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his lovingness. " Kahlil Gibran Herbert Wostrel Assistant Superintendent of Schools Dr. George P. Lane Superintendent of Schools Mr. William Gentile Principal ADMINISTRATION Mr. Kenneth Stickney Director of Vocational School GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL Miss Shirley Coen Assistant Principal Mr . Frederick White Assistant Principal 89 Joseph Gnllo Counselor Mark Haberland Guidance Coordinator Jack O ' Maley Project Adventure; Counselor Marc Murray Counselor Leon Sprague College Counselor Betty Ramsey Counselor Guidance Administrative Secretaries Judy Melanson Mary Breck 91 ENGLISH Stephen Sutera Eileen Erwin Eric Dahlgren John Ziergiebel Charlotte Taylor Terese Case MATH Gus Nunes Alfred Hagstrom William Propowski John Sperry ■ ■■■■■■ Dennis Veator Salvatore Favazza Emily Nickerson Paul Bradstreet Mary Scofield Eva Schneider Patricia Sinclair Tom Pantages Donald McPhail John Furey Patrick Corpenning Gregg Smith HISTORY Louise Nickas John Carter Gerald O’Neil Marilyn Clark James Brennen David Wise John Kania Charlotte Chane Richard Chane Nancy Saul FOREIGN LANGUAGE 100 Vincent Elmer Thomas O ' Donnell Kathryn Davis Robert Londergon Donat Femino Verna Carbone BUSINESS Harvey Korobkin 101 102 Frank Petronzio Ted Kessler Joseph Billante MKI MaryJ. Nugent MUSIC James Guter Janice Yavner ECONOMICS HOME Elizabeth Spellman Carol Lyons 105 Rick Anderson - Options for Learning 2 3 4fe 9 10 111 6 17 p ' Paul Goodwin Milton Harris Qpecial Education Jock Sulton Ronald Bielicki Isabel Jordan Alternative Education The Elliot T. Parker Resource Center The Fellows Library Helen Porper - Nurse Grace Nicastro 107 Jacqueline M. Lynch " T " I b r a r i a n s Vocational Department and Alternative Education KENNETH STICKNEY Director AGNES VIATONES Vocational Secretary Related Studies GEORGE PERRY Dana Perry ANTHONY CORRAO LEROY SPITTLE 109 ◄ Automotive Shop LEO AMERO Print Shop Electrical ► Shop Francis Sullivan Gilbert Lane 1 10 ◄ Machine Qhop Angelo Bertolino ▼ Carpentry ► Shop Robert Benjamin John Orlando 111 mm fall and winter §Hjg)© 112 The Museum School Director - Options for Learning INNER HARBOR NUMBER 2 Alternative Educaion 1 976-77 G.H.8. Football Team Dave Smith, Head Trainer Student Trainers and Managers Beth O ' Hara Dawn Rose Tri-Captains Todd Cavanaugh Mike Morrissey Joe Curcuru Head Coach - Bob Yates Gloucester 0 Newburyport 41 J Gloucester 6 Marblehead 12 Gloucester 6 Beverly 2 Gloucester 6 Winthrop 28 Gloucester 12 Lynn English 22 Gloucester 7 Lynn Classical 14 Gloucester 20 Salem 12 Gloucester 7 Saugus 8 Gloucester 13 Swampscott 14 Gloucester 0 Danvers 6 Skip Favazza and Son Equipment Manager Mike Morrisey Steve Hurst Todd Cavanaugh Joe Curcuru Sam Scola Vito Giacalone Jim Destino Ed Vannah John Pierce David Judd Dan Asaro Tim Sexton Glen Johnston Doug Amero Steve Ruberti Paul Dennis 119 Karen Smith Co-Captain Janet Curcuru 1977 Cheerleaders N.E.C. Champions Maryann Dunajski Sharon Randazza Co-Captain 122 Sara Novello Doreen Costa Rita Barbara Paris 123 Gloucester High School Marching Band Honors Mass. State Parade Champions Quincy Christmas Festival Parade Class B - 1st Place Bay State Marching Band Competition 1st Place - Class B M.I.C.A. Mass. State Marching Band Class B - 2nd Place Mr. James Guter Drum Major - Michele Gagne Color Guard Captain - Maura O’Gorman 124 Seniors Co-Captains Dwight (Mo) Montgomery Peter Lane David Rose Coach: Angie Perna V v Soccer 126 ))I David Rose Dana White Peter Lane 127 Steve Sears Craig Salah Carl Cocc Ed McCollum Dominic Sanfillipo Li r Manager Alison Munroe and Captain Maia Aparo Assistant Coach - Sheila Trangouch Head Coach - Catherine Clark 129 1976 - Varsity Team - 1977 1976 - lunior Va rsity Team - 1977 Anne Bagshaw Amy Morton Alison Hodgkins 130 Joanne Sheedy Jeanne Jones Maia Aparo 1 » 1 |» fatMKtil Fred White 1976-1977 Golf Team John Carey Mike Barker Mike Myett 132 1976-1977 Tennis Team 133 c r o s s 1976-77 Cross Country Team c o u n t r y Seniors Co-Captains Tim Beauparlant and Tim Kennifick 134 Tim Beauparlant Tim Kennifick David Munroe Linda Davis Joe Pollizia 135 Jennie Payne Danny Lindberg Mark nabson Jose Silveira Kendell Stone David Leal Joe Piraino 137 Girls Basketball 1976 - Varsity - 1977 139 Head Coach - Sheila Trangouch 1976 - Junior Varsity - 1977 Tri-Captains Jeanne Jones MO Maura O ' Gorman Ann Moore Carol Hurst Marsha Nunes Coach: John Pastorello Captain: Kevin Perrin Kevin Glenn 142 j Tony Parisi Dave Geoteman J Kevin Perrin J Tim Lehr 143 Coach: Cathy Clarke Co-Captains: Pam Gilzinger and Mary D ' Amico Managers Diane Foster and Amy Sidlowski 144 f i g| .. «g ■ Naomi Bean Pam Gilzinger 145 wm Jay Konaxis Randy Silva Joe Polizzia Ed McCollum 147 Mike Harris Matt Osborn Doug Amero Ivan Muise John Carey Craig Oliver Paul Krueger Khristian Juncker Myles Reardon Kevin Arabian 1976-1977 Rifle Team Activities, Events, and Honors Two roads diverged into a wood, « .9 _ 0m I took the ,one -less travejed by , (And that has mad all 1$e difference I Robert Frost ' ' r 1155 Valentine ' s Day Dance wm 160 Benjamin Franklin Club American Field Service German Club Honor Business Club 163 Junior Rotarians National Honor Society I 1 64 Student Advisory Committee Student Advisory Council to the Mass. Board of Education 166 David Melanson Officers 174 The Gloucester High Qchool Marching Band urn Color Guard IJk Percussion Section Mrs. Eileen Erwin Good Luck and Best Wishes. From the Senior Class Advisors and Officers Mr. Dennis Corkery Peter J . Lane Alison Hodgkins 176 Cathy Sinagra Jeanmarie Verga National Honor Society Joyce Adams Ann Moore John Auditore Donna Muise Susan Blanding Marcia Nunes June Bodoni Jeanne O’Dea Pamela Bradstreet Maura O’Gorman Paula Bradstreet Debbie Olson Pat Brown Jon Pallazola Linda Davis Grace Parisi Wayne Dieffenbacher Mary Parsons Carol Greenwood Jennifer Payne Daniel Heinenen Keith Perrin John Hubbard Cynthia Perry Glen Johnstone Myles Reardon Dean Kinghorn Glenn Roberts Paul Krueger Julie Rodrigues Gilbert Laidlaw Rhonda Sallah Bruce Livingston David Sawyer Susan Lovette Susan Selig David Melanson Carol Young Eligible NHS Seniors Theresa Budrow Judith Jordan Mary Alice Enos Tracey O’Neil Steven Ferrant Donald Reed David Grace Karen Tebou Russell Hemeon Honors and Awards Sawyer Medals Pamela Bradstreet Paula Bradstreet Linda Davis Carol Greenwood Paul Krueger Susan Lovett Mary E. Parsons Jennifer Payne Susan Selig Connie Smathers Maryann Dunajski Keith Perrin Gary Brophy Debbie Olson Junior Rofarians Debbie Olson Dean Kinghorn Myles Reardon Gary Brophy Jennifer Payne Maura O ' Gorman Beth O’Hara Pamela Bradstreet Cape Ann College Woman ' s Club Jennie Payne National Merit Scholarship Letter Jennie Payne Franz Lautzenhiser Lt. Colonel James M. Regan Award Dean Kinghorn DAR Good Citizenship Award Gilbert Laidlow Delegate to Boys ' State Myles Reardon Dean Kinghorn Gary Brophy Franz Lautzenhiser 181 Superlatives Best All Around Joe Curcuru Jeanmarie Verga No applause just nickels, dimes, dollars . . . Class Flirts Pam Mitchell Steve Ruberti Forget the money! 182 Most Daring Tom Powers Jody Orlando Quick! Light it before she comes. Think there ' s a chance of promotion; Most Likely to Succeed Jennie Payne Franz Laufzenhiser Class Clowns Scott Brown Joanne Sheedy Is this your idea of a joke? Class Individuals Dana Lane Jennie Thompson Yes we are individuals. Most Athletic Might makes right! Most Talented Patty Knowlfon Charlie Swift Dawn Rose Sam Scola Play it again Charlie. tmwm Most School Spirited David Gilardi Tammy Gears A little help from a little friend It’s even better than eating. Book Worms Gusan Lovett Gary Brophy 186 Friendliest Friendly . . . yes we are very friendly . . . Jane Asaro Vito Giacalone Class Sweethearts David Rose Alison Hogkins David my love I promise I won ' t bite any more. 187 I’ll fight you in the parking lot and if I ' m not there in 10 min. , start without me. Most Argumentative Marcia Nunes David Melanson G.H.8. I 90 Christmas Concert Girl’s Double Trio Chamber Singers G.H.8. Concert Band and Ensembles I Mrs. Yauner Librarians Officers (Missing - Kevin Buckley V. Pres.) i A AaS C as ' r ’ nr , N V oro Id ) £j o ■? + K 4 y ‘ P j .AA co K r l( 7 0!p £ kJ U ynP -- . ' ' ' v ' ■‘y -M «l£ t " A Aa x A .A ' A 7 A . 0 d ;: o A) C‘ -V ' V A 0 A $L ,J v. - A A -a a r T S A :. A V •«■ ■ A ,? (. c “ . sP " v) X 4 V, o A A LAuA (Mj • (( {Dtn ' Wi ' ll» (jXfl W)D. )(M, QMjA f?p L l ;V V J, • w ■ P. A ., ' „ A o- K V 5 • • . -A o a- -V V ' H-f Cf A a t • £ £ ;• o 6 AA -O 0 AAA „ -$ w«- 0 rt t : f . , ' • C A col V X ,cA. ■ V H, 0 T ru yA 2 K 4-0 Cd looe +eZ PK n ' f Q i’l-5 --a ,i , K ' ; U , " . ; , A A-. i . ' ; [fcote -j v A J— f -ZT oo! j hdipf.. aJort i f)a Pt - CtA k gfteeyi Tot, , , « rnFt y c? v H r o- _ % ° rjc e, v ' " i ? c 4e ] J c OEp . v %%. j 9 ' } - R $ I J m (O MA 6 ANM 3? --1 :n fiE BABftA r , p PENNEY L g g :r - ' V, ® L «AT • U O. Z 6 2 -7f 17 rati’ ax tocic !!! -t; .„oOlA‘ pVJ rtfiffiV™ P v (j)«- v ° ' wr ' l (j 1 " TRACK c 77 Tv 0 c: " U)«- S0We4 -tV. -track ' ■ • ' Cl. i cF-pif . 5 A £ .ar on v? TT0C£,C:T Z ! fel. C tt V r «eu) VOolA V.e AO v e U ; i r -i i | VO c V. ' T T s iV . a w ©.fct . r aen Cheese P opi, ■fell ' Wt a e s € r •rt Vs ii 0 ,e s ,V 6 y 0 ' o c Jk oiloa y.%. 1 ? ' vs ' F - 2f- _ y [Y)d( ber 3 .5 r T a. souo SHEE’OY H N ' V ,o D ' rr ojM rc f - Ao r ° o ' D rA ofi- ■ ' Z. i , r ™§ ei 0 w- 0+ £ Tvic. a fjq Y C. . i b n K s jls. better -fo J hai e (xod lO£ }- 4han nei £r „ y y hai p Invejj " ' L. bfiforp -rich - P " ) vJ°. p i yV N y ' c o n s A % C: £ h ; y " 5 .6 6,-. ( ft o 3 £ T y y , , y° r " e d c KO W SU Ka - +W iJ ■ ;k£ , (Jot-. c5o r r: ‘ ,0 AJ u u 3 dP ' q : SUSK ft A7 ' L -7- e. ll TV «- ecxwv 3 AV e. KmO _ jhi i 1 1 !u nuJ (ltj‘:A- 1 r - ' ‘nonve. rCiOrt . f -,1 s Seo£ «W? . - - ' iff ! npi3 ' ' - ,, C(, ' n Mpo IJ 7 C J U.O.Ajt( ' r °77 ✓✓ MQ- ■ ' £ c A Q(f V 2 R srM.nvhir i ujKin ui g r si ' s " y pyai ; o o • • • I • - rws I J73 Ji-31 10 IMP 3 r a ai . d‘d Kno M j o au f Ros Ar ie ) yf e cs — di ' dfl ' J- yiyn i OfX) n Ajz. ! DL J2a±t Wl[[ and dyzi.iam.Ent f tfiz 2[c °f 1977 .ai.i. We the class of 1977, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following . . . The class of 1977 leaves Dave Gilardi. Dave Melanson leaves his " The Right to Keep and Bear Arms " Belt buckle to Mr. Brennan. Sue Powers leaves all her brothers and sisters to G . H . S . Kendell Stone leaves his size 20 basketball sneakers. Doreen Costa Rita leaves her platform shoes - one for every day of the week! Amy Morton leaves her permanent magic marker with which she has left her permanent marks at G.H.S. Randy Silva leaves an infinite number of heartaches. Debbie Greely leaves her drill team. Carol Hurst leaves her obligations for six gym locks. Arden Anderson leaves . . . much to the relief of everyone ! Danny Asaro leaves his " Beer Drinkers make better Lovers " mug and an empty case. Maura O ' Gorman and Michele Gagne leave their white boots. Marlene Martin and Charlene MacFarland leave Eric Dahlgren for th e next fools to be co- editors of " The Flash. " Pam Mitchell leaves a pair of red and white saddle shoes and her rank book. Paula Bradstreet leaves her memories of the 1976 German Trip. Judi Muise leaves her miseries of chemistry (sorry Mr. McKenzie). Grace Parisi leaves behind her silly little giggle. June Bodoni leaves Mark Sawyer to do his own typing. Sheila Carigan leaves her red ankle socks and white gloves! Patty Riley leaves all her turtlenecks to Deb! Frank Miles leaves his vodka to Alice. Joe Curcuru leaves his stomach to science . Todd Cavanaugh leaves his muscles to science. Mike Morrissey leaves Dr. Duff and his knees to the Smithsonian Institution. Linda Wonson leaves her " blue bug " to anybody that can fit in it. Joe Polizza leaves his little black book to Scott Phinney. Alison Hodgkins leaves her hair to Dr. Lane. Brenda Mason leaves a pair of gold hoop earrings and a bottle of blue nail polish. Jimmy Destino leaves his buzz. Dave Rose leaves extra copies of accident insurance for Timmy. Cheryl Grover leaves her car to the G.H.S. parking lot. Mary McCarthy and Sheila Telles leave their locker and all the fights that went with it. Barbra Paris leaves her cheerleading shakers and bloomers. Cathy Riley and Joanne Thibodeau leave Mr. Sperry sane this year. Rick Baptista leaves his brain to Mr. Z. Ida Parisi leaves her supply of turtlenecks. Sara Novello leaves Mr. Kessler ' s skeleton ... in the raw! ! ! Joni Currier leaves her roach clip to her cousin. Maryann, Janet, and Karen leave their party spirit to Jude. Ethel Lane leayes her good attendance. Dawn Rose leaves those lost pounds to Mr. Yates. Donna Muise won’t leave her Donny Osmond records, pictures, pajamas, hat, etc. ! ! Student Trainers leave smelly socks, practice shirts, and water bottles behind. Joanne Sheedy leaves her height to Donna Caravella. Beth O ' Hara and Debbie Silva leave the " weekends that were made for Michelob! " Maia Aparo leaves her yearbook mini-planner (bible) to Grace Figurido. Kris Junker leaves 200 copies of the New York Times to Mr. Brennan. Franz Lautzenhizer - To any collector of trivia: His membership card to N.H.S. which has been revoked. Also his 2 pet turkeys Tom P. and Stan G. Gary Brophy leaves five broken grenadier rifles from Mark Foote. Paula Piscitello leaves her typewriter. Mark Babson leaves MACK to Howie and his corner next to 106 to whoever gets it. Dave Leal leaves his Research Techniques report, compliments of Mrs. Erwin. Greg Campbell leaves all his career points to Dave Quinn and his autographs. Jose Silviera leaves his seat at the end of the bench to Tim Good. Linda Davis leaves 100 Geranium cuttings: and Don Quijote to Spanish V. Sue Lovett leaves her PUNy wit to Karin Nelson for further PUNishment of Herr and Frau Chane (you may PUNch me). Jack LoPiccolo leaves his hair to science. Jane Asaro leaves her hair too! Dana Lane leaves a small gift: his intelligence! ! Mike Francis leaves his ultimate charm and wit. Andrea Pretzler leaves her math book to Mr. Sperry. Amy Lopes and Roberta Codege leave locker no. 71. Dana White leaves an empty soccer net. John Carey wishes to be buried with his golf clubs. Mike Barker insists that KISS play at his funeral. Fred White leaves his golf clubs to anyone foolish enough to accept. Jeanne Jones leaves her lollipops to Mr. Delisle. Senior Cheerleaders leave their gratitude to Mrs. Erwin. " All right Eilleen! " Lora Lane leaves her hairdresser. Dave Gilardi leaves his many nicknames to a kid with straight hair! Mike Harris leaves his crutches. Tim Beauparlant leaves his jock straps. Scott Stanwood leaves his trombone to Mr. Guter. Laurie Wentworth leaves a coat hanger (we had to Laurie!). Pat Mulcahy leaves her great marching ability to Elaine. The Flicker Staff leaves all their yearbook supplies for the next " ambitious " group. Pam Gilzinger leaves her chemistry book to Mr. McKenzie. 197 Class Calendar Sept. 9 - Vacation ' s over. The party ' s just begun. Sept. 14 - Seniors decide they liked summer vacation better and go home. Sept. 18 - Newburyport arrives at G.H.S. . . . they leave their rocks at home . Sept. 21 - Soccer season opens - " Dr. Sanfillipo " starts a roaring season. Sept. 23 - Jack LoPiccolo sets up his seat at the door to the cafeteria - good view Pickles? Sept. 24 - 2nd tennis match - Jodi Presutti buys sixth new tennis outfit. Sept. 28 - Doreen Costa Rita makes homeroom - Miss Coen faints in surprise. Oct. 1 - Pep Club Rally - well they haven ' t improved with age. Oct. 2 - Fishermen beat Panthers and the Band plays their heart out. Oct. 5 - Flicker Staff wakes up and decides to get going. Oct. 9 - Jeanne Rodgers is seen smiling in anticipation of a good ole ' Magnolia night. Oct. 14 - College Night - college? Oct. 19 - Craig Salah loses the flip for trays for the 10th consecutive time. Oct. 21 - Maia Aparo gets a goal! The Field Hockey team dropped dead in surprise. Oct. 23 - Declared " Be Kind to Midgets Day. " Tammy Sears was measured for caps and gowns at 5 ft. with 2 inch advantage . Oct. 25 - Jimmy Destino, Todd Cavanaugh, Joe Curcuru, Danny Asaro and Sam Scola hold a " Fight for a Safer Life” convention. Oct. 27 - Debbie Silva announces the Great Pumpkin committed suicide on her front steps. Oct. 30 - Halloween Dance, everyone goes as they are. Oct. 31 - Happy Halloween! ! Nov. 2 - Research Techniques paper due - don ' t breathe a sigh of relief yet, now we start our 2nd paper. Nov. 3 - Seniors come in early tonight - SAT ' s tomorrow. Nov. 6 - Field Hockey team takes a group shower with their clothes on and the locker room floats out to sea. Nov. 7 - Someone reported tripping over object in the lobby identified as Diane Rocha ' s false eyelashes. Nov. 10 - First snowfall of the year. Nov. 11 - Thursday - Sharon Randazza wears her captain ' s sweater - Sharon we know you’re co-captain. Nov. 12 - R.O.T.C. Candy Sale begins; Myles Reardon claims he won’t sell any - pulling your rank Myles? Nov. 16 - Turkey Shoot begins - Paul Kreuger walks away with half the turkeys. Nov. 19 - Sharon Lilienthal and Dave Mehnson seen practicing their lines at lunch. Big Show tonight? Nov. 23 - Senior Class raffle begins - George Schlicte ' s beer can collection is the hottest item on the list. Nov. 25 - Happy Turkey Day! Dec. 4 - Donkey Basketball game. Battle of the Biggies. Dec. 6 - Julie Brennan court marshalls another recruit. This isn ' t the Army Julie. Dec. 8 - G.H.S. students tell what they really think in the Class Survey. Dec. 9 - Rhonda Salah misses detention - " But Miss Coen, I thought it was in Room 406. " Dec. 11 - Scott Brown proposes to Miss Coen. Dec. 13 - Mr. Sperry suffered from acute shock as Jodi Harnish appeared in 1st block math to find out what we ' ve done so far this term. Dec. 15 - Jane Asaro submits an intensive report to the National Hair Association - " How to Care for Your Afro. " Dec. 16 - Dear Santa, all 1 want for X-mas is a date to the Semi-Formal. Dec. 17 - V.F.W. pulls a fast one as the semi-formal gets shoved to the 21st. Dec. 20 - Students show their appreciation for the administration by distributing 300 cupfuls of peanuts over the entire cafeteria. Dec. 21 - Peter Lane gets his share of hugs and kisses and Dawn Rose gets Queen - all right! ! Dec. 23 - Vito, Danny and Joe steal the senior Christmas Show as the latest Rock Stars while Randy Silva sings, " I Ain ' t Getting Nothin for Christmas. " Dec. 25 - Merry Christmas! Jan. 1 - Today is the first day of the rest of your year. Jan. 3 - Ida Parisi gives Mrs. Cohen a late X-mas present by not going to physiology class. Jan. 5 - Charlene McFarland and Marlene Martin work in dark room with Eric - oh yeah! Jan. 7-14 - Seniors thank anyone for the extra week off. Jan. 15 - Senior Class gets the bill from the V.F.W. for 200 candles, 6 tables, some silverware and one waiter. Jan. 18 - Mrs. Schneider put Jeanne O ' Dea and Dana Burnham in her aquarium; she thought they were guppies. Jan. 20 - Debbie Greely gets a headache as half the drill team forgets to wear their uniforms - inspection is going to be lulu. Jan. 21 - Marylou Burnham wears the same outfit in a 2- week span. Jan. 22 - Beth O’Hara seen with helmet, whistle and flippers. How many more days till summer Beth? 199 Jan. 23 - 64 pages of the Flicker are due - too bad we only have 25 done. Jan. 25 - Dave Gilardi sports his new haircut - he went to Corliss Brothers in Ipswich - hedge clipping department. Jan. 28 - Danny Asaro announced his acceptance to P.C.U. (Pepsi-Cola University). Jan. 30 - Anne Bagshaw comes to school wearing her Captain ' s Courageous uniform - late night last night Anne? Feb. 2 - Ground Hog Day - Mike Francis saw a shadow - he forgot to shave! Feb. 5 - Tim Beauparlant seen running to math and to English and to physics . . . Feb. 7 - Gary and Glen Johnston seen running to school - car trouble with the ole wagon. That ' s the breaks. And the carburetor, engine, battery, etc. . . . Feb. 9 - A Fiji Islander is seen on the Senior Floor - no, it’s Cindy Blair, she forgot to blow dry her hair. Feb. 11 - Sue Blanding spoke today. Feb. 14 - Valentines Dance - Alison Hodgkins got Dave Rose to go and he danced! ! Feb. 15 - Serena Brien is absent today - must be dress day for drill. Feb. 17 - A miracle occurs - Slyvia Camille smiled and her face didn ' t crack. Feb. 21 - Senior Hall is quiet - you can tell it ' s been a long weekend. Feb. 25 - Sheila Carigan flashing her diamond - claims it ' s only a friendship ring. Feb. 28 - John Carey seen walking his golf clubs today. March 3-18 more days until spring. March 4 - Arden Anderson whistled at a boy today. Didn ' t know the moon shined during the day, did you Arden?? March 5 - Waterville Ski Trip - 7 injuries in the 1st run. March 9 - Spring fever ' s hit - Mr. White seen patrolling the parking lot, canal, etc. March 10 - Band wears their uniforms - we thought we were being invaded by the Navy. March 14 - Dandy Conti is having his desk moved into Miss Coen’s office - and his bed, his dresser, his wardrobe, etc. . . . Happy Birthday Maia, the big 18 eh?! March 17 - St. Patrick ' s Day - Nofri Russo seen wearing green. March 18 - Frank Miles takes the bus today for the first time in three years. Where ' s the car Frank?? March 21 - Carl Cochiarella is seen with his eyes open. March 23 - A bright flash blinds everyone in the senior hallway today. Janet Curcuru put on a little too much lip gloss. March 25 - Cyndi Hines seen walking the halls in a daze. Greg coming home tonight?? March 28 - Dana White seen at a keg party. Wheeta - woe! ! March 31 - Desi Smith gets nabbed by the dog catcher. April 1 - April Fools contest - Dana Lane unanimously is voted the winner. April 2 - Cousin It is spotted in the cafeteria - NO, it ' s Laurie Wentworth. April 3 - Keith Shatford dressed up today. Can’t part with the ankle high red sneakers can ya Keith? April 5 - Maureen Frontiero is in the girls room pinching her cheeks - rouge is getting expensive. April 9 - Cathy Sinagra visits the High School. Mr. Gentile won ' t give her a visitor ' s pass. April 10 - Dawn Rose accidently throws her discus in the river. Goodhue would be proud of you Dawn! April 11 - Karen Smith shows up in her cheering uniform - Karen, basketball and football are over. April 13 - O ' Maley Rink soon to put up its tennis courts. Julie Rodrigues, what will you do now? April 15 - Paula Piscitello wears dungarees - seniors get out their cameras for a memory shot. April 18 - Ethel Lane now has a different outfit for every day - call the Guinness Book of World Records. April 21 - Mike Morrissey singing in the hallway, " If I only had a brain. " April 24 - Maura O’Gorman and Michele Gagne seen marching in their sleep - it’s been a long year. April 26 - Sal Nicastro and Robbie Day seen practicing shots in the parking lot. Planning to come back next year boys?? May 5 - Joanne Sheedy ate 265 worms - they go down easier when fried Jo. May 10 - Maryanne Dunajski seen cheering at a baseball game - it ' s hard to leave a good thing. May 12 - Gary Lambert leaves President of Canal Club to worthy Junior. May 13 - Pam Gilzinger seen doing back walk-overs down the Hall. The season ' s over Pam! May 20 - Last day for Seniors! ! ! All classes held at Good Harbor. June 8 - Graduate Banquet - " Senior Sow Day, " who says tears and beer don ' t mix?? June 5 — Graduation: We made it, we’re finally here at long last or was it that long ago? Remember the first day of school this fall. Our first joy was not having to climb the stairs any more to get to homeroom. The first week was a mess of books, teachers, kids and incorrect schedules; but after that the days began to follow their regular old familiar pattern - only now we had many more things to think about. S.A.T.’s and college applications loomed ahead. Review math, physics and research techniques; the dreaded senior courses were here . But these were happy days. Before anyone real- ized, we were making Halloween dance costumes - followed quickly by the annual Sadie Hawkins dance. Pretty soon the football games and pep club rallies were done as. Thanksgiving came. 10 lbs. heavier we all returned for the three weeks before Christmas vacation. Gowns for the semi-formal began to take priority at the table dur- ing lunch - then we wound up going on a school night. As 1977 began, we found ourselves buried under 4 feet of snow and out one week of school but that didn ' t dampen school spirits one bit. As February wore on and turned into March, the famous question " Have you heard from any colleges yet?” became the stand- ard greeting. With March came the first smells of Spring and the first rash of senioritis. The trip to Bermuda - a trip to remember. Gowns and tuxedos once again monopolized talk as the date for the Senior Prom neared. Finals for sen- iors came at last - and then - the last day of school ! Rehearsals for graduation started in between the beach and jobs of course. Graduation day was here ! And so here we are now - Graduates of G.H.S. There’s a funny feeling that settles inside us as we realize that it ' s over. Some of the best times of our lives lay behind those walls in the High School. Our future lies ahead with many new roads and exciting times - we can remember the past - but we must look ahead to tomorrow . We will all go our separate ways in the time to come, but every one of us will remember the " CLASS of 1977” and the years we spent at G . H . S . - Maia Aparo Flicker 1977 Advisor: Mrs. Grace Figurido Editor: Maia Aparo Assistant Editors: Alison Hodgkins Pam Gilzinger Dawn Rose Beth O ' Hara Staff: Arden Anderson Donna Verge Debbie Silva Sue Lovett Business Advisor: Mr. Harvey Korobkin Business Manager: Cindy Perry Assistant to the Manager: Beth Parsons Staff: Jennie Payne Linda Davis Maureen Farrell Mary McCarthy Thanks to: The Gloucester Daily Times for Photographs Mr. Dahlgren — Photography Taylor Publishing Co. — Mr. Jack Delaney A Special Thanks to: Grace Figurido and Terry! Autographs Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and it is .. important, in some respect whether he chooses to be or not to be — Nathaniel Hawthorne Autographs " How can you ask if I ' m happy going my way you might as well ask a child to play. There ' s no need to discuss or understand me I won ' t ask of myself to become something else I ' ll just be me. " — Paul Qtookey 205 You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression 207 WILLIAM L. MITCHELL One Man and the Sea With His Brush He Communicates Gallery: 54 Rocky Neck Avenue Gloucester, Mass. 01930 283-5119 Ou ned (i mi operated h J of in and Miriam Kane 768-7521 526-7961 OLDE ESSEX VILLAGE ROUTE 133, ESSEX, MASSACHUSETTS 01929 Shops of Distinction (617) 283 1771 FAULK BROTHERS, INC. MASONRY CONTRACTORS Chisholm A Hunt OFPSST AND LCTT« r l ; I % HERMAN A. FAULK, JR. Pres. • Trees 35 WHITTEMORE ST. GLOUCESTER. MASS 01930 WHITT © fnubjT ' " ‘f - OLOUCRSTER. MAM. OltSO — H©N 2S1-OSI Compliments of BEARSKIN NECK COUNTRY STORE Rockport, Massachusetts 01966 Coal Burner Sales and Service JOHN ALDEN-GRIFFIN COMPANY Range and Fuel Oil INCORPORATED Whittemore Street, Gloucester, Mass. P.O. Box 418 Tel. 283-0282 KB.STMnG EXCAVATING SEWERAGE CONTRACTOR INC. rc c g 1 EMERGENCY SERVICE Electric Snake ' Our New Equipment Is Cleaner-Faster 5, Can Pump Anything CESSPOOLS SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED . INSTALLED • REPAIRED 283-0080 122 Western Ave., Gloucester N GLOUCESTER ITS - 5 ie iim nr i ■■ inc. tip ' 1 ftsd - ' Sen food at its Best! YOLM HOST — GEORGE DEMAKES T:-_ rr Neat the Fisherman ' s Monument 283-4200 PHARMACY ROBERT C. ALPER, B.S., REG. PH. FREE DELIVERY SURGICAL tr HOSPITAL SUPPLIES • PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 24 Hr. Prescription Service 525-3564 2 LEXINGTON AVE., MAGNOLIA SPINNEY FUNERAL HOME 38 Pleasant Street Gloucester, Massachusetts Tel. 283-7788 Brian C. Spinney Director 209 KING NEPTUNE GIFTS 283-8860 Brown’s Mall 186 Main St. Carol and Jack D’ Antonio, Props. Gloucester, MA Phone: 283-3590 VICTORY BEAUTY SALON 8 Center St. Gloucester, Mass. Tony Tally Tonies House of Tires ON SCENIC ROUTE 133 TEL.. 203-9051 - 203-3000 QUALITY USED CARS 73 ESSEX AVE GLOUCESTER. MASS 01930 AN ARTISAN SHOP " BooT MOCASSINS HANDBAGS BELTS SANDALS FRYE BOOTS HANDCRAFTED SHOES Write for catalogue SMDAL ' i 6 DOCK SQUARE. ROCK PORT, MASS OlSbC l tes Bearskin Neck Rockport, Mass. 01966 Jewelry - Gifts - Imports TEL. 546 3702 Compliments of ilcs of loncester 230 Main St. Gloucester, Mass. 283-0783 East Gloucester Shopping Center Route 1SS, Essex Massachusetts 019t9 Exit 14 from Route 128 MODERN HOME APPLIANCE SALES . } Jh Sfiell, an i ( € tnd( of .JiccJc toi , . UnuaoAuoeUi ANTIQUES GIFTS, and HOME FURNISHINGS Bill Bellino Gloucester, Mass. Tel. 768-7510 ■f ai and fudy .RandaU 210 THE GALLEY RESTAURANT BREAKFAST LUNCHEON DINNER Coffee Shop - Bakery Demi-Deli - Food Store " EVENTUALLY, THE RIGHT PEOPLE DISCOVER US! " Bearskin Neck, Rockport 546-3721 Open Most of the Year Best Wishes MATHESON OAS PRODUCTS 61 Grove St. Gloucester, Mass. CAPE ANN LODGE NO. 1471 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Best of Luck Class of ”77” Compliments of OMNI-WAVE ELECTRONICS CORPORATION 26 Pleasant St. Gloucester, MA Blackburn Industrial Park Best Wishes to the Class of ”77” GLOUCESTER ENGINEERING Blackburn Industrial Park Gloucester, MA Success in All Your Endeavors Compliments of Class of ” 77 " GLOUCESTER EMBLEM CLUB No. 339 DEGREE OF POCAHONTAS UCITA COUNCIL NO. 46 Compliments of Compliments of the WINGAERSHEEK TRIBE NO. 12 RED MEN WOMEN OF THE MOOSE CAPE ANN CHAPTER 896 Best Wishes Best Wishes GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES HARRY STATHOPOULOS INSURANCE AGENCY Whittemore St. Gloucester Gloucester Compliments of Compliments of JOHN A. JOHNSON INSURANCE NORMAN OFFICE SUPPLY 1 Duncan St. Gloucester 25 Duncan St. Gloucester Congratulations Class of ' 77 Best W ishes BEAUPORT ENGINEERING GEORGE P. CHICK AND SONS REAL ESTATE Kettle Cove Industrial Park Magnolia 5 Pirates Lane Gloucester 212 Gloucester Best Wishes From GLOUCESTER POLICE RELIEF ASSOCIATION 197 Main St. Gloucester, MA Best Wishes MAGNOLIA BIKE SHOP Best Wishes NEW ENGLAND FISH COMPANY Compliments of INDUSTRIAL CAB COMPANY, INC. Western Ave. Essex, MA 214 Compliments of GLOUCESTER GROCERY BOAT SUPPLY INC. 17-21 Rogers St. Gloucester , MA Interior JOHN F. FARRELL PAINTING 283-6593 Exterior h ' Kvf ' .- Residential Commercial Compliments of ESSEX RADIO and TELEVISION SERVICE 40 Main St. Essex, MA 768-6652 Compliments of Compliments of DAVE ' S AUTO SHOP THURSTON ' S DODGE 163 Maplewood Ave. Gloucester 130 Washington St. Gloucester Good Luck From Compliments of MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION COVE ' S GULF STATION 4 Magnolia Ave . Tele. 525-3461 132 Washington St. Gloucester, M A Best Wishes Class of ”77” Good Luck Class of ” 77 ” WORK ' S CHEVY-OLDS ERNIE ' S SERVICE STATION 50 Maplewood Ave. Gloucester Essex, MA w Congratulations From CHUBBY ' S AUTO SERVICE Best Wishes From MONDELLO BROTHERS SERVICE STATION, INC. 34 Railroad Ave . Gloucester Frank and Gene , Prop . 44 Bass Ave . Gloucester , M A Compliments of WILLIAM H. BUDROW, INC. TALLY’S 1 Tires - General Repair Work - Batteries 11 Rogers St. Gloucester f 2 Washington St. Gloucester H w 283-9846 1 215 Compliments of Best Wishes From the Class of ’39 BOB ' S CLAM SHACK FREDDIES LOBSTERLAND 128 Causeway ' • Compliments of SINTERBOND DIVISION Best Wishes ANN SHEINWALD FASHION BOUTIQUE Blackburn Drive Gloucester 35 Broadway St. Rockport jg ■ | Best Wishes Best Wishes Class of ”77” QUINCY MARKET COLD STORAGE AND WAREHOUSE CO. GRANITE SAVINGS BANK " The bank that makes good things happen . ' ’ Gloucester Rockport, Mass. 217 Gloucester Congratulations From ESSEX RIVER HOUSE MOTEL Essex, MA Compliments of BOB ' S HAB Compliments of THE SURF 134 Main St. Gloucester, MA 56 Raymond St. Magnolia, MA Compliments of Compliments of Best Wishes From GLOUCESTER CAMERA AND PHOTO SHOP 10 Pleasant St . Gloucester, MA RUST ' S GULF SERVICE STATION BOLEY ' S CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Main St. Essex, MA 67 East Main St . Gloucester ! - DOUGLAS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Free Delivery Compliments of B. SCHRED ' S FABRIC SHOP A P Plaza 283-3330 108 Main St. Gloucester, MA Best Wishes to the Class of ”77” Best Wishes From DEERING ELECTRIC CO., INC. JERRY NOBLE ELECTRICIAN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 15 Washington St. Gloucester 471 Western Ave. 283-0750 218 Best Wishes a nr a k ik i a hati ita a n Best Wishes NORLAND SALES CO. CAPE ANN ArO 1 HbCARY OF BOSTON INC. 173 East Main St. Gloucester Bob Howlett Best Wishes Best Wishes EMPIRE FISH CO. INC. SANDY BAY APOTHECARY 11-13 Harbor Loop Gloucester Wistlestop Mall Rockport Best Wishes Compliments of CONNORS PHARMACY O ' DONNELL-USEN FISHERIES CORP. 76 Prospect St. Gloucester Gloucester Compliments of OCEANCREST SEAFOODS INC kT 88 Commercial St. Gloucester Best Wishes STERLING DRUGSTORE 178 Main St. Gloucester r 4 1m i n Best Wishes Best Wishes Class of ' 77 WETMORE RENSIT RULE INDUSTRIES INC. 26 Emerson Ave . ;; Gloucester w jfe” a Cape Ann Industrial Park Gloucester 219 Best Wishes From Compliments of THE VILLAGE RESTAURANT CALLAHAN ' S RESTAURANT Essex, MA j 112 Main St. Essex, MA Compliments of Best Wishes From HAMILTON HANDCRAFT BILL ' S TRUCKING CO. INC. ssex, MA 768-7480 Essex, MA Compliments of Best Wishes | TERMINAL GARAGE INC. ESSEX PACKAGE STORE 6 Martin St. Essex, MA. Main St. Essex, MA Best Wishes From IVAN ' S TEXACO : ( HASTINGS AND TAPLEY INSURANCE COMPANY Essex, MA Village Center Essex, MA s«f 1 If C • iw ■ WEDGEWOOD PHARMACY, INC. CHEBACCO PACKAGE STORE ial 768-6631 Essex, M A Route 22 Essex Best Wishes to the Class of ' ' 77 " ; ||f T : " Fine Wines and Liquors” S ■ | ■■■ 221 Best Wishes CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS 25 Rogers Street Gloucester Compliments of ATLANTIC SEAFOODS INC. Fresh and Frozen Fillets Best Wishes ANCIENT MARINER 48 Rogers St. Gloucester Best Wishes Class of ' 77 PIKE FUNERAL SERVICE 61 Middle St. Gloucester Harold N . Pike 223 Best Wishes Congratulations BENNY SUDBAY ' S THE FLORIST Causeway St. Gloucester Gloucester Compliments of Best Wishes GOLDMAN ' S RAY BEEF CO. 199 Main St. Gloucester Gloucester Compliments of jj;i mi: II I i Compliments of CUNNINGHAM AND B.P.O. ELKS 892 KERR INS. Robert Dion Exalted Ruler Il l Main Street Gloucester 224 We dont make promises. We make guarantees. With all the options and offers we can make, there ' s no earthly reason why we ' d guarantee you something we can ' t possibly deliver. And we won ' t. If we guarantee you Europe, start listing all the places you want to see. So you won ' t forget any when you get there. Everything we guarantee will be put down in writing. In a legal document that you get a copy of. (If you sign for computer training and the Delayed Entry Option, it will all be spelled out in language you can understand.) We 11 also give you a card. On the front is what you signed for. On the back is an address to write to in the Pentagon. Just in case you didn ' t get what ' s on the front. We think today ' s Army has a lot to offer you, and we ' ll try to convince you of that. That ' s our job. But we ' ll never try to mislead you. That ' s our job, too. If you want to find out about some of our offers, call or see your local Army Representative. Today fe Army wants to join you. SFC JODY JORDAN Post Office Building Gloucester, Mass. 01930 283-1088 Congratulations Class of ”77” YELLOW SUB SHOPS HOME OF THE MINI SUB Rockport Gloucester West Gloucester ESSEX STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES 159 Main St. Gloucester 226 Compliments of GLOUCESTER DISPATCH 274 Main Street Gloucester Compliments of THE BUILDING CENTER Harbor Loop Gloucester Compliments of GLOUCESTER MARINE RAILWAYS CORP. Main Office - Wharf Street Gloucester SEW N SAVE 142 Main Street Gloucester Compliments of J. K. SYSTEMS INC. ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS 135 Main Street Gloucester Complinlents of CAPE ANN MARKET 7 Railroad Avenue Gloucester DESTINO ' S Gloucester - ■ THE STEELE STAFF DOES MORE THAN THEY REALLY HAVE TO DO! CARROLL K INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 0 p s BEALr DKD REALTOR Tel.: 283 3369 30 HARBOR LOOP GLOUCESTER MASS. 01930 DANIEL K. DAVIS. JR. GRI varian extrbn division p.o. box 1 226 blackburn industrial park gloucester, ma 01930 (61 7) 281-2000 C. MELANSON ' S MILL 17 Cole Ave. , Gloucester 617-283-3083 Lobster Pots and Pot Stock Any Size - Priced Right! Congratulations Class of ' 77 Congratulations Class of " 77 " ROCKPORT NATIONAL BANK ”A Friendly Bank in a Friendly Town. " CAPE ANN GLASS 216 Main St. Gloucester, Ma. 283-4732 " Glass for All Purposes " 16 Main Street Rockport 37 King Street 228 For All Jewelry Needs in Sales and Services. • • C.H. RICH AND CO. INC. Est. 1871 CAPE ANN BOWL NG CENTER 53 Gloucester Avenue Gloucester Gloucester Main Street Plaza PALAZOLA ' S SPORTING GOODS CARLO ' S 406 Washington St. Gloucester 96 Main Street Gloucester 229 28 Hancock Street 230 SQUIRE WILL ' S PUB 71 Middle Street Gloucester CAPE ANN YMCA Gloucester CENTER - 4WB3 i " " ? f as Best Wishes to the Class of " 77 " MASSACHUSETTS COASTAL SEAFOOD, INC. Cape Ann Industrial Park Post Office Box 77 Magnolia, Ma. 01930 231 Best Wishes NEW ENGLAND DEACONESS HOSPITAL Compliments of GLOUCESTER NATIONALS BANK ,-r . - Bl s • RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL • INVESTMENT • APPRAISAL REAL ESTATE • SALES • RENTALS • MULTIPLE LISTING — RESIDENT BROKERS — CAROLE DANGERFIELD PAMELA WINNINGHOFF GLOUCESTER OFFICE 19 PLEASANT ST. 232 S 283-4671 UNNEMAN CO IhC • REALTORS I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You Off-shore , by islands hidden in the blood jewels and miracles, I, Maximus, a metal hot from boiling water, tells you the things you ' re after may lie around the bend Charles Olson (Glou. Poet). In memory of Charles Olson By a friend . (617) 283-0710 CB’s JAMES C. GREELY S unera( Sc eruice Directors James C. Greely , Jr. James C. Greely, III Gerald D. Greely John W. Greely Four Generations of Distinctive Service, Quality and Dependability Since 1884 SANDY BAY COMMUNICATIONS 272 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Serving All Religions • Completely Air Conditioned 283-0698 212 Washington St. , Gloucester Joe Enos, Jr. Scanners TV’s Craig Morrill Stereos Best Wishes Class of 1 977 Cape Ann Savings Bank GLOUCESTER, MASS. The Full Family Financial Center 233 . V-. ' SL ' ,-i. . ... - . ■ : Vi -a ROBERT C. HILTZ, INC Gloucester, Ma. DUNKIN DONUTS 205 Main Street Gloucester 281-2909 234 SHIP AHOY Essex, Ma. rtf I’ll! 1 I Best Wishes L ' lL EARLS ' Main Street Gloucester 235 ! 1 Best Wishes Best Wishes GLOUCESTER FOOD DICK ' S SHOE STORE SERVICE ASSOC. A P Plaza Best Wishes Gloucester Mass. GLOUCESTER SUPPLY CO. Compliments of PLUMBING HEATING ELECTRICAL GLOUCESTER PAINTS 4-8 Parker St. Gloucester 283-7800 INC. 2 Harbor Loop Gloucester Doorstep Parking Compliments of BEACON MARINE BASIN INC. 211 E. Main St. Gloucester Compliments of V Compliments of MAC ' S ITALIAN SPECIALTIES TONY ' S FRUITLAND 75 Washington St. Gloucester 281-1411 10 Railroad Ave. Gloucester 236 CAPE ANN MARINA LOUNGE Open 4 Seasons Live Entertainment Lunches and Dinners Eating and Drinking in the Midst of an In-water Boat Show Food and Drink Served Until One a.m. Function Room Motel Accomodations Charter Boats Pool Side Parties Route 133 Gloucester, Mass. 01930 283-5544 283-2112 Best Wishes Best Wishes CAPE ANN LIQUOR CHEST BENJAMINS East Gloucester Shopping Center 129 Main St. Gloucester 237 334 Main Street Best Wishes Best Wishes Class of ”77” VIRGILIO ' S ITALIAN BAKERY AND GROCERY THE COFFEE GALLEY 29 Main Street Gloucester 14 Pleasant St. Gloucester Compliments of Happy Years Ahead for the Class of " 77” BILL ' S BARBERSHOP THREE G ' S SUPERETTE 184 Washington St. Gloucester 274 Washington St. Gloucester Best Wishes BEN ' S WALLPAPER AND PAINT Congratulations to the Graduating Class PROGRESSIVE OIL 130 Main Street Gloucester 92 Grove Street Gloucester Compliments of Best Wishes ROBERT A. STRONG CO. CHRISLEEDARRAND Grove Street Gloucester 210 Main Street Gloucester Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of ’ ' 77 " HODGE ' S BATTERY STATION Maplewood Ave. and Shepherd St. Gloucester B. F. GOODRICH GENERAL PRODUCTS CO. 239 Gloucester Best Wishes to the Class of " 77 " GLOUCESTER T.V. HOME CENTER 17 Cleveland Place Gloucester AJioy! Congratulations Class of 1977 All hands aboard the " Good Ship L B " wish you every success. LUFKIN BROWN, INC., REALTORS Moored at 222 Washington Street in the Salty Port of Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 242 UP DOWN FLOORCOVERING Elm Street Gloucester Best Wishes Class of " 77 " Cape Ann BANK and Trust Company Gloucester Manchester Rockport Best Wishes GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK Gloucester 85 Middle Street Mass. Tel. 283-8200 PATRONS RAVENSPUR MRS. JOSEPH A. BOUDREAU MR. AND MRS. RICHARD A. PERRY BERTHA J. SNODGRASS CRUNCH CRUNCH, JOSEPH ”114” (DEUGE) SILVEIRA LESLIE H. LANE THELMA E. MADDIX CLARA M. ANDERSON ETHEL M. LANE HELEN C. LANE LITTLE RIVER GROCERY TONY’S HOUSE OF TIRES HOD GABRY MASON DUKETTE MACHINE AND TOOL MARTELL’S BIRD HOUSE MAUREEN F. NOBLE THE SIX HAIGHTS JOJO WHITE JACOBS W. PARISH THE CHARGERS BEATRICE W. GIBBS BERNICE L. CAHILL FRANK PETRONZIO MARTHA SQUIERS GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE JAKE’S SUPER JOCK SHEILA P. HUDDER THE DUARTS DOREEN SPOON SANDRA SPOON RUSSELL A. LANE THE BAEZ’S MR. NORMAN MACFARLAND MRS. NICHOLAS GROSSI MARILYN BLATCHFORD JOAN CIOLINO MARLEANE PLACE BOB HERRICK CONGRATULATIONS! BARB PARIS LOOK! THERE’S BOSTON! LOOK! THERE WAS CHELSEA MR. AND MRS. FRANK MILITELLO ”IT ' S POSSIBLE” M. HARMON DICK FIORAVANTI EVELYN FIORAVANTI RICK CUSICK FRANK’S VARIETY LUCIA SILVEIRA CHERYL AND STEVE PEANUTBUTTER OR, MARSHMELLOW PUMPKINS! NANCY FIORAVANTI BE NICE! (FRIENDLY’S) B. PERRY AND J. SILVEIRA TRUE LOVE THE GREAT BACKROAD! ! ! ANTHONY TRUPIANO ROSE HARDY KIM AND JESSIE JOSEPHINE TRUPIANO BILLY AND JO FRANK’S D BLOCK CLASS MEMO DES AND GHB SL.JK.EL.JD. 76 COLLEEN CALL KIM! ’’POOR BUTTERFLY” GHB 10 10 76 MARY, P. , FLOYD, ME! MARK ADRIAN SHOES GOLDMANS UP AND DOWN FLOOR COVERINGS DAVE SAWYER ELECTROLUX GARDEN OF EATIN RESTAURANT B.M. MR. AND MRS. DONALD SKINNER AND F.M. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR HELMIE JOHNSON ALGEJ. VAITONES GRACE K. NICASTRO SANDRA JONES ANTHONY PALLAZOLA ANNE PALLAZOLA EMILY H. NICKERSON JAMES J. BRENNAN JOAN M. KEEGAN THOMAS O’DONNELL CHERYL MILLS JUDY MELANSON ”A FRIEND” E. W. BEEBE 244 DEVON BERGENGREN PATRICIA A. SINCLAIR BETSY SPELLMAN DON FEMINO THOMAS PANTAGES JOHN HARVEY JOHN J. KANIA DENNIS F. CORKERY CHARLES PISCITELLO GILBERT MARCHANT OF CAPT. N. W. CO. STUD’S STONES BOUTIQUE KING NEPTUNE GIFTS BRIEF AND COUNTER INC. FIDDERS CHANGE COFFEE GALLEY BROWN’S SHOE STORE THE SUN DECK BOUTIQUE LUIGI’S DESIGN-A-THING STUDIO 7 BALLET MODERN DANCE BOB’S HAB. MARTHA BROOKS JIM FRANCIS, JIM FRANCIS JESSE HAUN MELBOURNE F. MOUNTAIN MICHELENE TARBOX GEORGE JOHNSON REALTY WORLD - WILLIAM D. LIZZLE JERRY D . COOK COASTAL TIRE APPLIANCE INC. BARISARA AGOSTINI SAILOR STANS STAN AND SUE ROBERTS MARJORIE P. MONDELLO CARL SIKORSKI PAULINE WALKAMA DAVID S. MCKECHNIE MR. ELWOOD SWEET RODERICK C. MACNEIL JR. TAYA ENOS MR. AND MRS. G. S. CLEVELAND WILLIAM W. LAFOND II EDWARD A . JOHNSON MR. ARNOLD ELLIS LILLIAN BRAGG MRS. WILLIAM H. FLYGARE MR. AND MRS. JASON CHAMBERLAIN MANUEL SEARS MR. AND MRS. CHARLES CALL RORY MCKENZIE MR. AND MRS. ARTHER DAVIS MABEL R. MADRUGA RONALD MADRUGA CLARENCE ROSE TOOT MADRUGA SHARON AND ROSCOE KNOWLES ELIZABETH BARRIGAN NATALIE BARRIGAN SUSAN AND TOM FLANNAGAN TOMMY, LIMA, AND PADDY FLANNAGAN MR. AND MRS. ROBERT E. MCKECHNIE JACK CASSIE MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR COLBY HEADLY THOMPSON PHILIP CURCURU III STEVE ROSS JON AIELLO A FRIEND RALPH MITCHELL COMPLIMENTS OF A LADY MRS. ALBERT HEMMER MRS. NATALIE NOSEWORTHY ANONYMOUS BLUE EYES LTC. MARY R. O’BRIEN RET. MR. AND MRS. ROBERT C. DELISLE SHY-MAE MOK-WELL MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM FITZPATRICK MR. AND MRS. ROBERT T. JONES MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH SAUVE MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR DAMIKAS RICK COLBY MS. IRMA COHEN JOHN GALLAGHER PAULINE MARY TARANTINO The beginning and endings p ll’b bi yLinderstandings building of a house, the wuittpg i( l ( the emolitio! eminently, the finisfyjpf a voya§ PATOWaUt BRS E W3W. 4SY GLOIfGEST , MASS. 0193© ACTIVE STORAGE

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