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They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters. These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep. For he commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves thereof They mount up to. the heaven, they go down again to the depths: their soul is melted because of trouble. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits end. Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distress. Psalms 107:23-28 A Dedication and special thanks to Robert Karcher Blackburn Annex 1970-1971 We ' d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to us. Wed like to be the help that you ’ve been always glad to be. We ' d like to mean as much to you each minute of the day as you have meant , old friend of ours to us a- long the way. We ' d like to make you feel as rich as us, who travel on undaunted in the darkest hours with you to lean upon. Edgar A. Guest 3 Published by Senior Class Gloucester High Gloucester Massachusetts A tribute to Gloucester s 350th anniversary from the Class of 1974 Getty o SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Dr. Calvin Eells ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT Herbert Worstrel PRINCIPAL Robert Natti VICE PRINCIPAL Robert Karcher VOCATIONAL DIRECTOR Kenneth Stickney ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Edward Rower DEAN OF GIRLS Ethel Mills 14 Linda Hewitt Kathy Gaspar SECRETARIES Joan Dallin 15 Eleanor Cappon Leon Sprague Mark Haberland, DEPARTMENT HEAD Paul Radcliffe Joseph Grillo 18 Bonnie O’Connell ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Allen Sanderson Stephen Sutera Grace Figurido William Gentile DEPARTMENT HEAD Morton Sparer 22 Jo Ann Buccigrosso James McComiskey Dennis Corkery John Worth Helen Wilkins Erik Dahlgren Charlotte Taylor Eleanor Beebe Sandra Renwick 23 Paul Gregory Jaime Benalcazar Charlotte Chane LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Vincent Elmer r :rx:: FLAX Jayne Arvila DEPARTMENT HEAD Richard Chane 24 Alfred Hagstrom DEPARTMENT HEAD Dennis Veator MATH DEPARTMENT William Proposki Salvatore Favazza John Sperry SAWYER FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 Gus Nunes 25 I Louise Nickas Patrick Chorpenning Gerald O’Neil SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT John Carter DEPT. HEAD Ronald Pasek 26 Gregg Smith David Wise Donald McPhail John Furey John Kania James Brennan 27 Isabel Jordan Mary Ball Martha Raymond LIBRARIAN AIDE Madeline Grille Manuel Martins AUDIO VISUAL Dorothy Londergon LIBRARIAN June Greenwood AUDIO-VISUAL SECRETARY Martha Squires 28 READING DEPT. Jean Nugent Carol Kuzminski Frank Petronzio MUSIC THEATER ARTS Nan Webber Claudia VonCanon Robert Puff Irving Anderson tq t j 1-1 fi tn Patricia Thomas Carl McKenzie DEPARTMENT HEAD Stanley Gleason Emily Nickerson Wayne Baldwin I 30 Eva Schneider Frank Speck Paul Bradstreet Thomas Pantages Myrtle Wardrup 31 wm Milton Harris INDUSTRIAL Paul Goodwin DEPARTMENT HEAD Carlo Barbara ARTS Joan Keegan DEPARTMENT HEAD HOME ECONOMICS Carol Laudano Elizabeth Spellman Ann Marie Caulton 32 Sally Bradshaw Robert Delisle DEPARTMENT HEAD PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Maryellen Callahan DEPARTMENT HEAD Patri cia Deal Robert Yates Al Sanders Skip Favazza EQUIPMENT MANAGER 33 Kathryn Davis Harvey Korobkin Thomas O’Donnell BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Verna Carbone Alge Viatones DEPT. HEAD 34 CLASS OFFICERS 1974 Treasurer Steve Melanson Vice President Mona Favazza President Bob Alves JAN EDITH ADDISON Grove Street, Essex WHISPERS: " Untouchobles, " 2 16 73, M-U times jivin, let ' s wildcat, don ' t cry Deb, van, Tull, Chicago, Party? B-shore, Scola Gardens. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, N.H.S. 3, 4, Student Council 1, Intramurals 3, Flicker 4, Floormasters Assistant 4, Cheerleader 1 . ME: To set my goals and reach them. ROBERT DAVID AGOSTINI Brother 1 5 Staten Street DEBORAH ANN AHEARN Deb 24 Atlantic Road WHISPERS: Keys, remember Joan, P. J. parties, short bike rides, sure J. B., summer of 73, the beach, where ' s Essex Chris? Ice water, huh Mindy, YEHI Car- ol’s Place, Semi-Formal 12 21 7 3. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Jr. Hospital Vol. 1 , 2, Pep Club 4, Civic Action 1 ME: A friend is o gift you give yourself. MICHAEL AIELLO GLENN ALTO 2 1 Wheeler Street WHISPERS: G.H.B.P.A. What a swell bunch of guys, turtle ask Gary Gung are ya? Gymkhan night 73, buck hunting skiing, pong tournaments, Fu — " that s my gold, " ask Biz P and C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Captain Rifle Team 4, B Comp. Com- mander. MARK ALLEN 1 8 Winthrop Street, Essex WHISPERS: Cinderella, English 1, Chris, my favorite people, Danielle my friend, the Canal, E.P.O.D. Pundt ' s parties. Curse of the ring, revenge of the Bun- go ' s, sure I does. Hotel Tennenbaum, Melissa. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German Club 1 - 4. ME: I wont to make me proud of myself, and find my place m the stars. ROBERT JOSEPH ALVES Bobby 55 Perkins Street WHISPERS: Blackburn, football camp, cabin 5, thrus- ters, Wash., D C. ask Phil, S.P.N. who ' s crowded, bluebeard, getting caught, ask Lisa, AVO Lets switch ask Borgie, SFP, summer 73 Honest officer ask Ron- nie, DTB ask Robin, Beach Boys Con. ask Kris, 43, PA, Chiquitas, Stella? Richdale. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle team 2, 3; Grena- diers 2, 3, Jr. Rotarians 4, Student Council 3, 4, Class President 2, 3, 4, Type Award. ME: To except the bad and to cherish the good for without the bad life would be heaven. DARLENE MARIE AITKEN Dini 47 Perkins Street WHISPERS: Skiing ask Mary and Ter, Rinky Dinky ask Jane flat tires (73), the park Dave ' s not here, having coffee, keep your pants on ask Sheilo W. Brakes work fine ask Sheila Mac. Having fun at the zoo (D Block with Jer). DEBORAH L. ALLEN Debbie 33 Reynard Street WHISPERS: Summer 73, (Kubby hole 8 10-17-73 omp Bomp Leroy Brown, lost on golf course — ask loncv Sharon, I ' m stuck to the telephone pole. Flash- ig yellow light ask Hannah. 1 1 6 71 ask Rene, -lane let ' s throw it on the floor Brace ' s Cove? AE: Friends are like the warm blue sea. They splash PETER S. AMARAL Sparrow 89 Friend Street WHISPERS: July, Fri. 1 3 — what’s that stuff Mike? Sept. 19, Reg, — ABC — my place, all summer, Earl ' s, G. T. 7 letters of quality Fri. and Sat. nite at Bills — Henrietta, Annibell — before the game ME: To make big bucks but not to work. iONIA YVETTE ANDERSON 42 Riverdale Park )VHISPERS: Bebo 8 10 72 semi-formal, the pits, 10 |l5 72, Ruff summer of 71, 73, Boston ask Deb, hicken, SS, the Annex BTCA, the Island, ask Sherry lbout the center strip. Just being with him. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club ME: You got to get up every morning with a smile on •our face and show the world all the love in your ■eart. PAULA FRANCES ANDREWS 48 Story Street, Essex WHISPERS: Steve 8 5 71 Ipswich, Mass. Epping NH, Sat. nite at the racing, Rowley the parties ask Steve, John, Babie, camping in New Foundland the moose ask Babie, riding around in cars, ME: To love and be loved. And to make Steve and my parents proud of me. BRIAN D. AMERO 36 Holly Street WHISPERS: Eastern Point, the lighthouse ask Nancy, OLDSMOBILE, none better, skiing, the |eep, ask Doug, Devens, the Brickyard Dogging-it ask Ralph. DeMolay 2 3-6 30, sailing Hunting ask Mark, 2 3 73 Free con- certs, Electric shops, the bike, the brotherhood, Rainbow ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC Band 1 4 ME: To be successful at my career and enjoy my life to the utmost LINDA ELLEN ANDERSON 3 Bray Street WHISPERS: JC, JMV, III, C.A.S. Spindrift 73, Blackeye, V.B , Rockport, B F A. earwigs, other half, squeeze you, see the moon, gotcha, " Delta Dawn, " chauvinism?, one way, P.T.L. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: AFS 1 - 4, CA Skippers, West Gloucester Fellowship ME: " Don ' t let anyone think little of you because you ' re young. Be their ideal, in your love, your faith, and your clean thoughts, " Timothy 4:1 2 YNTHIA LYNNE ARNOLD indy, Busta Shute 5 Chapel Street WHISPERS: Nicky; 286; 7 1 72; Sgts. Party 73; Iza oy ask Ken,- who ' s got the Maalox? ask NG or JW; lusical rooms; OH. ask Judy; EGS, Skunk Hill SD; up ■N s house, ask Judy or Nancy; wet stairs ask anyone CTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 4E: Make my parents proud of me. Not to see with our eyes, but with your heart. DANIEL ALAN ARSENAULT Dan 54 Poplar Street WHISPERS: Nimm dir zeit-und das Leben. Let ' s hear it for the CAM (boo-his-bah). And never confuse asthma with passion. Music, and that good old genus Mya (clams) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: AV 1 , CA Youth Orch. 2, 3, German Club 1 - 4, ROTC Band 1 - 4, German Club Band 1 - 4 ME: Now when I wish, I wished I hadn ' t wishes what I had wished before when I wished; which makes me want to wish well wishes. Channy caught reading a love letter instead of studying. 41 PAMELA JANE ASARO Pam 26 Prospect St. WHISPERS: PETER 12 23 71, 16 roses and the green gem, “The Cuda " , rides back from Saugus, “Diamond Head " A.Y.C., Quickies — L.N. (rookie) StageFort Park — G.E. The Weekends — ask Pete. Hockey games ask Joan. Tryouts, football games — ask Grace. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleaders 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Intramurals 2, 3, Student Secretaries 1 , Varsity and Jr. Varsity Softball 1 . ME: It ' s nice to be important, but it ' s more important to be nice. PETER W ASARO Pete 26 Prospect St. WHISPERS: “The Foot " , Bon Fires, Pavillion Lounge, Morry ' s Bachelor Party. “Girls " , Sports, Cars. ME: Wisdom is knowing you ' re not always wise. ROSALIE ASARO Lee 2 Fort Sq. WHISPERS JAY December 11, 1971, G.A.R., Ver- mont 1973, grades 1-12 ask Maryann, First motor- cycle accident ask Jay. ACTIVITIES: Honor Business Club, 2 and 3 typing awards. ME: To always be happy with life. STEVE PAUL ASARO Stubby 6 Loma Drive WHISPERS: Newport R.l. 71, Watkins Glen N.Y. 73, Maine skiing, long talks on the beach, TULL 3 times, summer thing. Gold. All sports, girls. ACTIVITIES: Jr. Vars. Baseball 1 , 2, and 3, Football 1 , 2, and 3. KAREN LOUISE AULD 5 St. Joseph Ln. Magnolia WHISPERS: Disney World, Fla., Saugus Mass. Sat. and Sun. nights, ask Fran or Denise; Accounting; Scungi, Fishery Products Inc., Chinese food, Dusty: Whatl I tell ya, ask Fran, Banana ' s ask Gail: Neal. Typing award. ME: We ' ve only just begun to live. RICHARD A. BARLETTA Dick 35 Trask St. WHISPERS: First Flight, Summer vacations. Deep sea fishing party, " Patriots ' ' weekend, ask Trask gang, Florida “73 " Boston Whaler, baseball, traveling, eat- ing, photography, 72 Vega. ME: To always have friends and greet tomorrow with- out sorrow. DEBORAH JEAN BARNES Debbie 43 Woodward Ave. WHISPERS: Well — if that ain ' t something, California, Florida, parties, Barnes Lemons, Mexican, cabin, Dylan, “Remember the number " , goofy, S D illegal, 69 70, Mul ' s speed shop, the roof, S.R.P., Pedro, the bull, S.S. ask Ann and Joanne, Tom ' s trailer ask Carol ME: To walk across the golden sands, without my feet, on just my hands. ELLEN G. BEADETTE 20 Highland St. WHISPERS: " JEM " : Turrialbo, Costa Rica: Rome. ACTIVITIES: A.F.S. 1, 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 4 ME: " Vo id mon secret; on ne bein qu ' avec le coeur. L ' essential est invisible puor les yeux Saint Exupe’ry LePetit Prince. B3U SCOn STEVEN BECK Scottie 1 3 Cedarwood Rd. WHISPERS: Fort Devens Kangaroo court. Band trip " 77 " . Hawaii 5-0, Fire watch at Indian Town Gap ask j " Rick or Bob " , getting a nip or two ask Joanne, ploy- 1 ing cards ask Joanne or Debbie. Drum Major, ACTIVITIES: Football 1; G.H.S. Chorus 4, R.O.T.GF Bond 1, 2, 3, 4. ME: To make progress in life. To go into the Air Fore© and become a pilot or a co-pilot. . tsio t - r n qolijf o | 9 dll 42 KATHY BELCHER CHRISTINA LYNN BELL Chris 34 Pickering St., Essex WHISPERS: Sr. Class Picnic, that bike ride, huh Deb?, Mindy ' s p.j. party. Girls ' Drill Team Banquet, Twist Joa- me. I ' ve got a topicll? Tennis, bicycle riding, skiing, bowling. ACTIVITIES: Flicker 4, Girls ' Drill Team 2, 3, Commander 4, phys. ed. intramurals 3, 4, Sr. Usherette. ME: I hope to make myself a success by helping those less fortunate, thus fulfilling my life and that of others. )AN CAROL BENJAMIN lanie Wheeler St. HISPERS: the beach 71, 72, 73, Keys ask Deb., ill Team Banquet, Twist Chris, Weirs Beach, N.H., tow was Mike? ' ' , " How was Ross? " , Flo., Sr. Class .nic. Music, skiing, bowling for the handicapped, ce rides, E.K.G. dept., crafts. The Cape with C.P. lTIVITIES: Cape Ann Youth Orchestra 1, 2, 3, icker 4, Girls ' Drill Team 2, 3, squad leader 4, phys! . intramurals 2, Usherette 3, 4, Civ. Act. Club as. 1. £: I want to laugh while the laughing is easy. I want cry if it makes it worthwhile. DEBBY RUTH BENNETT Bennett 24 Sumner St. WHISPERS: Chuck, so much. Prom 73, Beachboys concert. Summers 68-71, Rockport, SACKEDI mov- ies, my jeep, Jan, the crutchl " Don ' t cry " ask Jan, TR- 3, Wildcat, Switzerland 68-69, Skiing. ACTIVITIES: Gymnastic Team 2, 3, 4, phys. ed. intra- murals 1 , Vars, and Jr. Vars. softball 1 , track 3. ME: The greatest love a man can give a friend is to give his life for him. JESUS. FRANCES BERTOLINO FRANCIS PAUL BERTOLINO Paul Macomber Rd. WHISPERS: S.F.L., motorcycles, " Guinea Bird, " ask Milt, baseball, hockey, photography, mechanics, HONDA 125, motorcrossing, the pipeline, ask Jay, dead battery ask Sharon, " 1972 Pinto . . . SMASH ask Dave, Vernon ' s Pit . . . ask Micky. ME: To become a successful airline mechanic; to make my parents proud of me. 1 v LUAM J. BERTOLINO y skout St. HISPERS: Joanne, summer 71, 3 long years, " Tie a c low q ribbon around the Old Oak Tree " , Cheram., ,1 Sal — ask Cathy, ask April 1 1 22 72. y ortment 9 5 73, parties, Ma., N.H. vad, all over Browns, Nursing Home the friends, the fun and l r «[ " «mber the year of 1 973, " Chere AMI. " ' f: " Take my hand II folk the sea and sand . . fh moonlight making day of night; t barefoot down the beach, ' ll skip and run . . . R B til you and me can find happiness and peace and make my parents proud of me. JOSEPH CARLO BIONDO JOSEPH E BIONDO Joe 36 Beacon St. WHISPERS: 3 1 73, Camp Cedar, the " SHAVE, " ask Naz, Perry ' s Nuthouse, 1972 seine boat champs, " Pinta, " THE FORT, " Quarter Pounders, " Pavilion Lounge, playing hockey at midnight hours. Defense Specialists ask Mr. Baldwin. Machine Shop. ACTIVITIES: Football 1 , 2, 3, 4, Hockey 1 , 2. ME: To serve, to strive, and to conquer. JOHN H. BEVILACQUA Jack 6 Sumner St. 43 CHARLES HANSON BISBEE Charlie, " The Kid, " Biz, Chuck 69 Wheeler St. WHISPERS: 6 1 73, allota Colds My garbage, " Cancer Sticks, " mod. goe , Good Times, Pop, ask Skip, The Annex ask R.A , Govy, woo, Devens . Shaft!, Ragtime, Suds, D, C, Cops, " Grandson " ask M.B., Spiks, duck hunting, MA-BOO-DAY, 9 22 73???, W.T.F., gymkhana " 73 " , “I ' m going crazy " , GO-GO-GONG, it ain ' t no tho, C.C. (T.A.) ACTIVITIES: Grendiers 3, 4, 1st Place I D., Prize Squad, Platoon Drill, 2nd Place Haskell Drill, Flag Day Exer- cises, Nat ' l Drill Comp , Wash. D C., Academic Achievement Award, 1 st Lt. A Comp , Best Comp. 2, 3, Pep Club 4 ME: There’s always a first time. ERNEST C. BISHOP III Skip 1 3 Chapel St. WHISPERS: JAYNE, 1 7 73, Jr. league Champs ‘73’, Working hard for 350th surprise for someone S.P.E- .C.I.A.L., Romeo in math ask J. Sperry, SILO in German 3 ask Charlie S., Vincente Romo ask C. MacKinzie, German Class, h.r. 2, 3, 4, All Sports, Boats, Sailing, Swimming, Painting Cranes for G.I.C. ACTIVITIES: German Club 1 , 2, 3, vice-pres. 4, Jr. Vars. Basketball 1, Jr. Vars Baseball 1, 2, N.H.S. 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Intramurals 2, 4, Golf Team 3, 4, Weight-Training 4 ME: To use my abilities in a way in which others will benefit from them as well as I. MARTIN DAVID BOLCOME Bolcy, Bunga " Portuguese Hill " WHISPERS: Liebframilch, cruise of " 71 " , Station Sto« Room, " No goofin ' off, " I ain ' t doin ' nothing, BWBBC Sgt. Party, Acabolco. Never Before Diving, Ronny’s Ro Rides, Sr. Picnic What Happened? C.Y.O " Schoolyard " , out of school sports. ACTIVITIES: Boys ' Rifle Team 2. DEBORAH CLAIRE BOUCHIE Debbie Mt. Vernon St. WHISPERS: Ginny, Annex year, B.T.C.A., who chick- I ened out?, Sonia, goombas, looking for fuses, game of I passout Cherylann?, Skipper kisses, showertimel, jiven, i my twin, this is the house, puddles, we re drowning, other mothers love me too, gymnastics. ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics Vars. 3, 4. ME: Just smile at me, I will understand, that is something ' everybody does in the same language. TERRY A BORGE 1 35 Wheeler St. WHISPERS: Bill Sawyer, 7 26 70, Sr. Prom 72, 74, Datsun 240-z, Drive-In, MacDonald ' s, Squeaky 6 2 73, Canobie Lake. 44 STEVEN JAY BRADFORD Steve, Hey Youl 8 Colder St. WHISPERS: 7 24 73, 6 21 73, Mitchells, The Ride through Rockp ort, The people out at the canal. The con- certs at E.H.L., Architecture, to design something really BIG, Listening to Cheech and Chong. ME: who?? THOMAS BRENNAN VNDA JEAN BROOKS j-ek |5 Eostern Ave., Essex ' ■MlSPERS: MARK, march 10, 73, N.H. Little green car « f Kim, Volkswagens are uncomfortable, June 14, 73, liool ask Nick and Mick D block, making a noise Far « tl. Skiing, parties, screaming and yelling, hitting red • s, and camping, eating mash potatoes and rolls. To be with him and make him happy the rest of my CHRISTINE M. BROPHY Broph 85 Riverview Rd. WHISPERS: David, climbing Mt. Washington, Hockey 4, Castle Hill, Kay-ice cream, Horror movies, Black- burn Annex, ice skating. Camping, candid Crane ' s Beach, Friends, Creeps, Quick Hide, laughing. Bike rides. Snoopy Skiing?l, McDonald ' s P.S. Dave. ACTIVITIES: Track 2, 3, 4 — . love the game beyond the prize, Flicker 4, M.D.B. Committee, H.R. Rep. 2, 3, 4, D.A.R. ME: I live for those who love me, and the good that I can do. RICHARD ROBERT BROWN Rick 9 Summit St. ' EGG DEAN BROWN Riverside Ave. ' IISPERS: Austria 72, ein Bierl, Accidents in Maine, (l Tally, “71 " Datsun — totaledl ask Doug, Big Cliffs! Mr. Delisle, 8 21 73, ask Diane, skiing, anything ■ Ho with the wilderness. 1 ' ■ To be half the man my father is; To do what I want vsn I want. To be the best game warden around. I SHEILA ANN BROWN Brown 1 5 Holly Street WHISPERS: D.M.O. the good times with Mort; Captain Courageous, the Cut, Remember REBB Horses, riding on the beach, 9 17 73 China Port, ask Sheila W. Little girls room ask Beth E. Winter ice skating ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3, Type II Award. ME: To live the days of my life getting along with people and hoping someday I ' ll see my dreams come true. TIMOTHY BROWN GHS — It’ll do it to you every timel MARK FRANCIS BUCKLEY Buck 3 Orchard Road, Essex WHISPERS: Summer of 73, Tom and Charlie trying to get me water skiing, York Beach Clambake in Boston, Hockey in the art room ask Tom and Cook, hockey, scuba-diving, painting, sketching, clamming, water skiing and fishing, camping. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German Club 2, 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ME: " True peace and happiness throughout the world cannot be gained, unless, first achieved within the individual. " DOUGLAS BURGESS JANE BURGESS 8 Kirk Road WHISPERS: I do nothing, what you do? JACK 2 17 73, Fluffy sheep dog ask JD, Boulevard, Dunkin Donuts, UM-M-M Jane ask Chris, Linda, Stage Fort Park Pits, Schlitz, Tavern ask Joanne, My very own putt-putt ask JD, Backshore Gnat ask Dorothy, Kathy, skinyate. ME: Remember yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. TIMOTHY P. BURKE Tim ! 34 Bass Avenue WHISPERS: Fort Devens, Kangeroos Court, India gap. Wash., DC, Drill competition 1973, Debbie th spotted bird, Lexington parade 5 miles long with th cotton guard snow and water skiing, skating arr boats, talking to different people, bike riding, wspoc working, camping, traveling. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Grenadier 3, 4, Jirr place prize squad 2. Second Place 3. ME: To someday travel around the United Stqte anc to be happy. 46 MICHAEL H. BURNHAM Mike 8 Country Road, Essex WHISPERS: Skiing, music, loon, Stowe SSC ask dot, Cape Cod, summer 73, ragged as Kim, Beach Boys, ask Wes and Paula Judy Collins ask Kath, Cranes osk Kim. ME: You ' ve got a friend. CYNTHIA CAFASSO Cindy 6 Plum Street WHISPERS: Mike, 8 26 71, Maggie May, 1 1 :00 ask Cheryl, finally! 9 25 71, Ten Years After, twice (?) " Who said that? " moving over, " It ' s going now " — ask Dale, Yacht Club Dance New Year ' s Eve 72. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Jr. Hospital Vol. 1 , 2,- NHS 3, 4, Regional Advisory Council 4 ME: A mind can blow those clouds away. MARK BRIAN CAHOON Darky 59 Mt. Pleasant Avenue WHISPERS: Boating, water skiing, fast cais. New England Dragway, ploying my guitar, girls MacD- onalds. ME: Carpentry shop,- Room 311, my chevy nova 65 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chess Club 1, R.O.T.C Band 1 , 2. THOMAS JOSEPH CAIN Tom Tommy 3 Hickory Street WHISPERS: Zambom, lobster boat race what kind of fish you got? Ask Wonson ha, ha, ha, wail til you try to run that boat. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman Football I j v. Hockey 2, the rink. ME: To reach my goals. To help others as others have helped me. WILLIAM H. CAMPBELL Will 103 Leonard Street WHISPERS: M. R. TRIDENT " (Earl) " , 4 tappers 7 17 73, bootin it around the block, booze cruise, sippy, wingy in the dingy, table parties, (Weasel) CITJ — Pistol DF, Rowing to Cranes, hold the Burs Mur, FTSP ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1 - 4, Golf 2 - 4, SLSP 1 and 2. ME: Don t mind about the future leave tomorrow for tomorrow think about today instead. DOROTHY M. CANILLAS Cornelius 21 Hammond Street WHISPERS: CFO; Bikin. Beach, white towels ask Kathy; snugglepuss MURPHTUT; Braces Cove back- shore; cabbagehead peanut butter and jell how old are you? What are you dom? The Venusian Rot, ask Kathy, Tony; March 23, 73 — golf courses riding, hockey, campm, guitar, animals, Mr. Crabtree. ME: Love with all your might, before it is too late. CARMEN ANTHONY CAPILLO 66 Harrison Avenue WHISPERS: Never try, never win, hoy boy, watch out for green v w ' s the robarts; to the hunt; don ' t play that game with me; hot dogging the Point; SPIT shine; that ' s what she said; skiing, scuba diving, photogra- phy, trick drill hunting. Sergeant ' s Drill the Grand March. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon Photog. 3, 4, Cross Country 1 , 3, 4, Flag Raising Detail 3, Grenadi- ers 2 - 4, NHS 3, 4, Adjutant Personnel Officer, Var- sity Letter, Proficiency and Outstanding Junior Awards, Drill Compet. 2 - 4. ME: To ascend into my manifest destiny. LISA JEAN CARLSON 7 Grove Street, Essex WHISPERS: Jimmy; Greek dances and picnics hey Vrel wash. DC-73-74 Cranes; IBTW; modeling. 7 7 73, doubling, that Bruthiel Cmon baby ' ask Maria; Grenadettes comm, every summer; freshman year; RAATHER! mughl school dances,- friends; parades, Michigan; ask Mary — Ishbittlieottendotten bobobit- tendatl ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Gymnastics 2, Grenadettes 3, 4, Honor Business 3, Pep Club 4, Stu. Secretary 4, Stu. Supply Shop 2. ME: To live for today and love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a fool For tomorrow is promised to no onel MICHAEL CARLSON CHERYL ANN LAKICK Sherry 463 Western Avenue WHISPERS: JOE 1 22 72, 7 25 72; Altitude ask Joe 4 4 72; J s. P. B. s 63 olds, ask Barbie; winter “72 " ; VW, AYH 9 22 73 80 « Boston. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleaders 1 . ME: To become Mrs. Catulo and to make my parents proud of me. TJ 47 MARY ELLEN CATTO 26 Quarry Street WHISPERS: Michigan ask Lisa, Brandy Florida; California; D Block Lunch ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Chorus 1, 4, Gymnastics Club 2, Student Supply Shop 2. ME: We all have problems; some of us just have more than others. CHRISTINA DONATA CELLUCI 357 Essex Avenue WHISPERS: 4 1 73; 1 1 3 73; Mudhole ask Linda; " Rug " ; " 2 " ; Frisbee — Good Harbor Boulevard; what you do Jane? Jungle Bunny; 2 28 73; 3 28 73; Spying Kiggys and Sneaky cars — ask Jo and Sheila; dancing — Ever- ett; Half-moon; " Qui-fi " Cambridge, pitts — ask Linda and Jane; Movies??l? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 3, Flash 3, French Club 1, International Club 1 . ME: To hope that today ' s dreams will be tomorrow ' s future. To visit Europe. NAVEEN S. CHANDER " NCS " 12, Jalan 11 10 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia WHISPERS: Life in Malaysia 56-73; May 12, 1956; success 19 3 73; Bangkok, Tokyo, Seattle, NY 20- 22 7 73 Welt ' s Kitchen 1 a.m. GHS 6 9 73; people badminton, field hockey reading, music, traveling ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: AFS 4 — Foreign Exchange Student; Stu. Council 4, Soccer Team 4. ME: " Be yet wiser " To accomplish my goals in life and to make my parents proud of me. Also to see the world at peace. Hare Krsna, Hare Rama. DONALD ROLAND CHAREST Don 7 South Kilby Street WHISPERS: Summer 73; the Valley, the pits, parties. Plum Cove Beach; the resevoir, Saturday nights, buzz buddies ask anyone, K’s field; arch, draft skating, swimming baseball. Making friends, environment, fishing, music. ME: To reach my goal in life, and not fall anything short of it. WALTER S. CHIANCIOLA Chick 72 Centennial Avenue WHISPERS: Sgts. Party 73, tripling, Tung Bear, Buy- ing in Colins; Diamond head, have another woo woo woo. Camping ask RC, DC, JS RCHABG, Memorial Day ask Jack, the Hookers (Frankie) ask Greel Moro- nica. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey, Baseball, Soc- cer 2, 3, 4, 3 Stooges, Jr. League Elks 892 First Place; SHC at Caesars 350th Anniv. Basketball Champs. ME: Not to let those down who have faith in me. JOSEPH S. CIARAMITARO 46 Fort Square WHISPERS. Dede 73; PD ask Charlene, Help Fire Fort Lounge; Booze parties; Sargent ' s Party ask Kenny and Dira; Fiesta,- Junglebunny ask Leroy, Charlene Kniggy Naggy ask Charlene; Dede’s graduation party, girls, money, moral values, future, involve- ment. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC. ME: To be a business type of a person who will enjoy life. MARY CIARAMITARO MERCURIO CIARAMITARO 1 20o Western Avenue " Untouchables " The Gang; Long Beach; Drive-in SFP, 2 16 73; 9 15 73 Hey Bruisel Birthday Party?! Scola Gardens, Almost didn ' t get in. Six in the kitchen . . . Summer ' 73 ; Potty ' s at 1:00 a.m. 1 1 73 the beginningl Dia Hd. skiing with Aunt Rose Tull. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team; Basketball and Softball; Pep Club Sawyer Medal. ME: To stride with pride. ROSALIE ANGELA CIARAMITARO 10 Linden Road WHISPERS: ' 70 girls room ask Denise; glancing eyes, broken rear ask Kathy, picnic ask Janine Mary are you ever on time? those forever gaining 10 lbs. Mamma mechanic ask Jackie; 6 8 73 Spanish Clowns ask Carolina, wedding ' s anyone lengthwise ask MaryAnn. ME: To give to others what others have given me. RICHARD EARL CLAYTON Rick 37 Warner Street WHISPERS: CINDY, Lil Earls after concerts ask Gerry, | Saturday ' s patriots game and night before drinking in I blizzard ask Cindy, First Gear Concert, 10 days in the | hospital, all sports, chess, dating, money lots of it, hav- j ing a good time of life. ME: To live my life as I please and make my own des- I tiny. 48 i DOREEN ANN CLEVELAND Kid 2 Trask Street WHISPERS: E-Block in the library, Billy in the corridor,- a Block 72; John at Grants; Cash ' s squeek and Dave in the 50’s — Cashman 72-74, Goal! Bobby O ft, Hamlet, Haven ' t you heard of reverse? ask Cash; GHS Soccer 73 74, Yea Pony. Scot at Annex. Duarte. Music, guitar. Soccer, hockey. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Stage Crew 3, ROTC 3 — first Sgt 4 Lt. ME: Stay Gold. CAROL R. COCCHIARELLA 65 Farrington Avenue WHISPERS: 4 9 71 ; EGP ' s, 7 4 72, Mustang, where to girls? My teddy bear, heart to heart with Pomeroy Sallys Big B Good buzzes, HI, parties? 9 28 73, Epigeons Summers. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: International Club 1, Ski Club 3, 4. ME: Mine is the world; free as the air . . . And for me there is not tomorrow, nor yesterday, I forget the good and the bad alike, there is nothing I desire, nothing I regret. Jose De Espronceda [NA RACHEL COHEN ge Road IISPERS: LS, West Van Calling, workshop people. HVITIES AND HONORS: NEMDSC — Treas. 72- Pres. 73-74, Stud. Council, CAYO, Thespians, Pep b, SFAC, Washington Workshop Congressional linar, member, NASC Ann. Conv. in Colorado, SC, Exec. Board, PACS. MASC Leadership Work- »p. Junior Councilor 73, JMD School Comm. Cape Youth Orch. 3, Flicker 4, Stage Crew 1 - 4, Stu- ct Council 1, 3, 4. All can hear, but only the sensitive can under- s .d. CATHERINE M. COOK Cathy R77 Magnolia Avenue WHISPERS: Sunshine Superman, ask Mary; Tull, 9 29 7 3; Apartment at the top of the stairs. Good Harbor Beach, Trip to Nowhere, California 73 and 74, 3rd Cottage, Niles Beach, What does Magnolia have to offer at 1 .-05? Something for nothin. ME: He who says he understands has never under- stood for that which is to be understood is beyond understanding. DAVID ALAN COOK 224 Atlantic Road WHISPERS: Remember the Endless Summer surfing, cooking, building, hockey, painting, sketching, fishing. ME: Hope to enter the Mason and Jointers Union in Boston. Hope to make a trip to Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. MARIE ANNE CORKUM Corky 1 7 Corliss Avenue WHISPERS: 7 4 73 — S.a.; Virginia Beach — Pts. — O, I, white vet half a hundred Pecos — the villas in Spain A.A.N.I SUMMERING IN " 73 " , Foxhunting, traveling, tennis rackets. ME: To give to the ones I love, just even half of all the happiness they have given to me. kRREN DALE CORLISS Wheeler Street HISPERS: Chuck, the good timesl (Drunk) Remember Annex. The Mills, Hi Mary! Hi Terryl Chuck remem- the camp. Gregg the D-l. Hockey cars, racing hunt- , , NH, girls. r I : Try today, cause tomorrow may never come. The |l with the pastl the hell with futurel but take it as it nes. WAYNE DAVID CORLISS 1 7 Wheeler Street WHISPERS: TO, MW, DA, thanks for everything; drag- way compouts, ask Linda, Steve, Shari, 67 Opel, Junk it, Annisquam, ask Glenn camp party, ask GL, SW, CB, BS, EN, SL, RS,I?I; in love? ask Chuck, " Mills " Gull hunting ask Ed, Scott, No numbers! ask Steve. ME: Live a life you’ll like to live, not the way others would like you to live it. ANNA LEE COSTARITA Anna 30 Perkins Street WHISPERS: CARLOS MEMEZES Always — 6 1 70 Summer of " 70 " the Christmas ring, the runaways ask Robin and Eddy, Talks ask Kathy; Roadrunner 70; Pennsylvania, side by side 1 28 ask Nan and Jerry Love, remember Sally Carlos, horsebacking together- ness. ME: To make Carlos happy the rest of our lives, and to be grateful to my parents for everything they have given me. I love them both. PATRICIA MICHAEL CRONIN Pat, Hawkeye, Patti 58 Harrison Avenue WHISPERS: $34.33 1 3 each ask AD, Fire Where ' s Pat, ask JT, Amherst ask KJ. Young! Washington DC ask KD, Oopl Sorry Sgt. Score Irish Pizza. PP and BB Parties that miss sunrise Pulling JT ' s C Block lab part- ner of the year award. ROTC. Is that all there is? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 4, Flicker 4, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, International Club 1, Pep Club 4, Phys. Ed. Intra. 3, 4. ME: To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. 49 DONALD SCOn CUNNINGHAM Edgemoor Road ANTHONY CURCURU Hi Ho Silver! DANIEL F CURRAN Danny 26 Beach Road WHISPERS: G.H.S., G.Y.Y , G.H.B., Search ' , " Over- nite " " encounter " the Tavern. Beit Libnan, ask Lisa Dawn, Liz. Rome 4 14 72 " Jagunga? B W. 13, 16, 22. GEM. football, hockey, swimming, boating poetry, people. ME: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; for what is truly essential is invisible to the eye. KATHLEEN MARIE CURRAN Kathy 26 Beach Road WHISPERS: Europe 72, 73, elevators, RAC, 5 1 | ways ask Maryanne, our Padre CLOD ask anyone, O grossl G Block ask Denise, RM. 315 ask Lee, the pac gym ask Rosalie, Sat. Nights. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: International Club 1, P«, Club 4, Student Council 1 ME: To help the little people with little problems so the don ' t grow to be big people with big problems. ROSANNA J. CURCURU Rosanne 6 Burnham Street WHISPERS: 9 23 72 up the park, Chitcho ask Lisa, those long cold nights, ask Gina; Boulevard gang, up R.R. Winter 71-72 ask Donna; the Beach, Hey Deb those little girl days, ask Kitty and Joie, what a hunk, loco, Elton John, Grand Funk, Edgar Winter, C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Phys. Ed. Intramurals 1, 4. ME: Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standinq in our own sunshine R W F SALVATORE PETER CURCURU Sam 273 Western Avenue WHISPERS: Rita, 8 11 73, the hut, Fridays down th I tracks, ask Sam; J.T. concert ask Tony; the Aug. Blitz 1 I thunderstorm jogging with the Red Terror, Music, Stree I Hockey, softball, A.G. Hospital bowling. ME: To always have consideration towards my fellox , I being ' s feelings and to help when they are in need. 50 MICHELE F. CURRIER Shelly 1 9 Highland Street WHISPERS: Semiformal, summer 72 and 73, B.H., EGS, Carol ' s house 1 2-21 -31 , Semi-formal, nine in a mus- tang? C.C., backshore J.P and M.O., Whoopsll No . . . I J.C. and A.M.O., concerts, watch out ISLAND in the middle of the road? J.D. and J.P. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 4, Flicker 4 DONNA MARIE CUSICK 3 Elizabeth Road WHISPERS: 3 12 72, snowball fights, ask N.B BRE, MM I, Rm. 1 8-X Rated Pictures; Uncle Charlie ask DL, ferris wheels, blueberries in the rain unbelievable! Friday nites " sonigapap: ask Terrie, you knowl? boys, water and snowskiing sunshine, walks along the beach, clouds at sunset. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, JV and Vars. Basketball 3, 4, JV and Vars Softball 1,2, 3. ME: Respect must be earned, not demanded. JDITH A. DAGLE di indy Bay Terrace IHISPERS: D.P.M., August 3, 1971, Salisbury Beach 1, EGSG, Skunk Hill, SD up SN ' s, ask Nancy; dancing •ar, 64 VW, Gertrude and George, ask DM Oops :ked out, waterfall ask David, those sneaky islands, ' k Shelly, Thursday nights at the drive-in, ask Powder- ff, wet stairs and oh, ask Holy Joe. -TIVITIES AND HONORS: Keep on smiling, and don’t the sun catch me crying. DOREEN JEAN DAGLEY 42 Centennial Avenue WHISPERS: CARLO, " Babydoll " " 73 " National " oops ' ' ask Carol, Bear Mt. " Pine " " Don ' t run just drive off: ask Terry, Tammy and Chivaliar. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal, Honor Bus- iness Club, Two Type 1 Awards. ME: To try to be as bright as people think I am. biARA DANJOU kie i irchant Street ' Long roads — A.Y.S. ask Donna S.E. 6 you ' re crazy, 7 9 71-72 J.C. " 9 25 72 they thepur iof forever " ask Donna the seal, ask Donna and ' • Lanesville " G.S. " those Friday and Saturday vb ' ' Ms Going to Mel’s " ask Janice. ' Fo always have a smile, and to make my parents mssolwL of me. CHANDLER NELSON DAVIS JR. Chan, Channie Adams Hill Road WHISPERS: A.Y.C. the drive-in, Stowe Vt. Europe, win- ter m Germany, Hannover 72, Market, barhopping 73, Waterville Valley, getting crazed, poor things, N Y C. 72; booze cruise, catching the rays, Madrid, Lighthouse beach, Squam Rock Pasture, the Park, Godan ' s Lodge skiing, tennis, sailing languages, traveling, partying. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: AFS 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, International Club 1 , Math League 3, NHS 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Sawyer Medal 1 , Harvard Book Prize 3. Will you marry me? 51 THERESA MARIE DAVIS Terri 28 Grapevine Rd WHISPERS: Skiing, ice creams, O.M.S., T F The White House, another one? Going mental. ACTIVITIES: Girls ' Drill Team 2, 3, Gymnastic Club 2, Senior Volunteer 4. BRIAN MICHAEL DAY 8 Riverdale Park WHISPERS 6 1 73; Band Trip ' 73 (ask the Band); " You know people " , E Block lunch; " Hawaii 5-0 " , A P; football games,- long talks. XO Band; German Club Band. ACTIVITIES: Nat. Honor Society 3, 4, R O.T C. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 ME: To be transformed to the image of Christ and reflect his love onto all men. Back off fans! JOHN G. DECARO 20 Cleveland St. WHISPERS: The Fort bonfires. Seine Boat Champs " 72- 73 " . Go Navy, ask Minit Rummers. Hey Ralph. Doodys Bond, POW, Malibu SLICKY, The wanderer, stairway to heaven. He ain ' t heavy, DASW, BMF, laugh, I can’t wait. DURR. Football, girls, anything that ' s a challenge. ME: To take the waves of life as they come, and reach that endless horizon. KATHERINE MARIE DeCOSTE Kathy 61 Bond St. WHISPERS: G.H.S. 4 A M., 10 Speed Wheels — Hey, girll Joe Cool — got the points, yeah, yeah man. Aso Dox. Doubles champs?? Ask Jan. D without D-mg a D Is that all there is? Washington D.C., ask Pat. Pulling J.T. Those parties. Hey baby. Shake it easy Thursday nights, cuz Pere, ask Joanne. Having fun with friends. ACTIVITIES: Flicker 4, Girls ' Rifle Team 3, 4. SHARON DEERING MARIA DEMETRI 1 7 Commercial St. WHISPERS: Sewing, cooking, talking to my friends and also to my teachers. Miss M. Ball and Mrs. Jordan, driv- i ing my car, walks, babysitting. ACTIVITIES: Work Study 3, 4, Cemetery Restoration 3. I ME: I want my mother and father to be proud of me. 52 GEORGE TAFT DeVERE 30 Magnolia Ave. Magnolia WHISPERS: " The German Clique " , Chem Lab. F blk. lunch, (Skiff and Pabst, Draft, Paradiddle, Boo, Boo ), M.C., DeMolay 74, Pres. J.A. 73, Sec. -Trees. German Club 73-74, Editor, German Club Newspaper 73 ACTIVITIES: German Club 2, 3, 4 ME: To be successful in whatever endeavors I undertake and never to " get worried about it. " JOSEPH JAMES DeWOLFE Snapper 5 Maple St. WHISPERS: Luninburg, Conada, nurse, Left cheek 5, Right one 4, parties, Burnahams Field Boys, Washington D C. 1 972, football camp, hit coach, Roland in face with football, freshman year, Blackburn annex (first good piece) football. International Dory racing, R.O.T.C. boats, ARMY ACTIVITIES: Color Guard 2, 3, Grenadiers 3. ME: To improve myself in whatever I may do and try to be the best in it. Never give up ( NELINDA ANN DOANE indy 6 Choate St., Essex II HISPERS: Talks and tears ask Lisa, parties, Mickey Ikouse, S.S. ask Leslie, My Shoe!!, Ushers ?!! Haw- (eye. Carnivals, ask Pauline. I.N.D. ask Moody, sum- mers of " 73 " , Cranes Beach. CTIVITIES: Flicker 4, Girls ' Drill Team 2, 3, Squad • Bader 4, M.D.B. Committee, Pep Club 4 E: Yesterday’s hurt is today ' s understanding, iwoven into tomorrow ' s love. GREGERY W. DOE Carmel 6 Oakes Ave. Magnolia WHISPERS: Canal Duty, Mid-Winter beach parties, Tonofpoo Inn, Allman Brothers Band, Movies — Crane ' s Beach and Watkins Glen, Get It Onl Janitor Rights, island Party, " Cook out " . White Beach, Stinky ' s in the Ruff, 59 mile, short cut, MORE BEER, getting Dill Mobzie, Shorty ' s Bar and Grille — Enter- tainment Nightly, Woody M.G.B., photography, music. ME: " Eight Miles High . . . And When You Touch Down You’ll Find Out It ' s Stranger Than Known. " KAREN L. DOUCETTE Ralph 32 Pickering St. Essex WHISPERS: GORDON 7 12 71 Canky, ask Mary, Sgt. Party " 72 " , you’re flying, BSC ' s House . . . Those long talks ask Sue, SUNSETS!!! First Gear, Pum- mey, my close friends beaches, football games, poetry. Room 209, Bible time, . . . hate again?, ask Mary, miniature golfing, hockey games, MONKEYS! ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 4, Flicker 4. ME: To know the truth and to live it is to know God and love him. MARY CHRISTINE DOUGLAS Marre R. 108 Western Ave. WHISPERS: " us " Mr. Londergon says . . . , Baby cakesand 109, ask Pat, I ' m fine how are you?. Funny how — Go outside, droppies, Karen? Apple crisp. First Love, hockey, if you can ' t be careful. — C.B., ask C.D , Excursions, ask Cher, late again. I ' ll be there. ME: To have the saddest days of my future, be no worse than the happiest days of my past. Ml TEVE J. DOUGLASS ack 2 Clarendon St. iVHISPERS: JOAN, 8 18 70, sports, going crazy, at J-Mass, w Scott, PeeWee, 5 1 9 72, Drive-in, w ihick, " The Cottage, " G-H-B-P, R-Madness, w Dave, immy, 350th Anniversary, Junior A — hockey Dan- ers, N.S.H.L., Boston Garden — Lynn Arena, China ’ort, Capt. Boozer, N.H., with Joame, 8 11 73 ask oan. ACTIVITIES: Phys. Ed. Intramurals 4, J.V. Football 1, ' ars. Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4, All Star Team t-’, 3, 4, Capt. 4. AE: To get more out of life tomorrow than I have oday. ANDREA JEANNE DOX Doc, Ande Ledge Rd. WHISPERS: bombing and skiing in N.H., and Austria, ask Josie, $34.33 Vb Gullible!, all P.M.C. ' s fault, ten speeds — Wheels! Hey Girl!, 4:00 A.M., G.H.B., 3 kinds of shifting, stick shift schick? WOOO! those par- ties, Hey Baby! Shake it easy. Joe Cool, Got the points yeh, yeh, man! All sports, having fun and Mud-Bud. ACTIVITIES: Flicker 4, Gymnastic Team 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Tennis Team 3, 4. ME: Know yourself. MICHEAL L. DOYLE 7 Duley St. WHISPERS: Cemetery, Fairlemon 5000, Ronco shoe Untier osk Glenn I want to be your Mattress Man ask Sue, Essex, Free Flowing, M. F ' s., Titilah Villa, White lightening, Whirlaway. ACTIVITIES: Thespians 3. CHERYL ANNE DUNN Cheryl 5 Day Ave. WHISPERS: " Us " , Things will get better — ask Mary, You ' re fine, now am I?, First love, Chile, Little One, Mr. Londergon says . . . , C.B. ask M.D., Excursions, East- ern Point ask S.K., funny how — you’ve got a friend ME: If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain. 53 DIANA DUNN IRENE CAROL DUWART Renee 17 Sadler St. WHISPERS; RALPH 7 18 70, fun with GUMBA! Chateau parties, skiing!! off grounds, talks, ask Deane Strippers? rare. Bruins Playground, sisters? ask Sandy B G ! Basketball, Details, ask Claire C.A.S. DSCM, CYO F.W.M.F.F. Smilel! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Drill Team 4 ; H.B.C. 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Student Sec. 3, 4, CYO Sec. 2, 3, Type 1 Award. ME: To have patience, love, and understanding. To make my parents proud of me. WILLIAM FRANCES ELLIS Bill 540 Washington St. WHISPERS: Laconia " 73 " Devens 72, 73; leaving the Drive-in early, weekend parties, Jimbo, Genoda Park 73; Penn. 72; free blocks ask Bob, my first car, boats, cars, football, weekend movies. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.T.C. Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 ME: Become a success in whatever field I choose. LAURINDA LEE ENOS Laurie WHISPERS: Terminal Garage, Midnight Rambler; dancing in the moonlight at White Beach, Magnolia Beach, and Brace ' s Cove,- Misty Roses; Parisi-New- man Case; minister of affairs; the sunsets of summer ' 73. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cemetery Restoration Project. ME: " For lions and tigers slaughter is the only means of sustenance, whereas to you it is superfluous luxury and crime. " Pythagoras GARY E. ERCOLANI 1 4 Cedar St. WHISPERS: Drinking and broads, ponies, dogs, cards and works. CATHERINE ANN ERNEST Cathy 23 Liberty St. WHISPERS: That special someone memories, Summer or 72, ask Puddy, the schoolyard, ask Cindy, the good old times, ask Gracelyn and Chucky the long walks and the long talks. ME: To enjoy life while I can, and be with that certain someone. Make my mother proud of me. To find out what life is really like. RONALD DWIGHT FANION Ronzola 1 0 Englewood Rd. WHISPERS: Plainville, Stage Fort carried home? Pud- dle ask Mary, Ripoffs, Pits, bust on extension, Camp Ceder, cats, drunk, terrorizing. Big Pig, WisenHimer wise for German football, hunting, trouble girls. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1, 2, 3,4. ME: Almost never counts except in, horseshoes, hand grenades, atomic warfare, brain surgery, darts, check- ers, and dancing, Mary. JOANN FALLICA 39 1 Western Ave. WHISPERS: Henry, J.C., T.C., G.M. ask Jane! Not now, later! Nov 18, 1972 Section D, row 19, seats 8 and 9 The first time! Dec. 24, 1972. Dunkin Donuts. The movies! our own apartment fluffy sheep dog! skin- yate ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3. ME: Beauty is that which attracts the soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive. Brier Neck Ave. WHISPERS: F.A., Sgts. Party — S.S., knock it off M.M. — What ' s the matter, Rockport, Girls’ State ' 731 — Summer “73 " Sadie Hawkins Dance — Football Games — ask Mindy — Bike rides. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Jr. Hospital Vol. 1 , 2, Pep Club 4, Secretaries 2, Sen. Volunteer 4. ME: To always make people happy, to get where I ' m going and make my parents proud of me. 35 Mt. Pleasant Ave. WHISPERS: Mug Up — 2, 3, 4 10:00-10:01 Blast at the ludlow — (Studio) Harbor 1 :00 am. troubles — off grounds — Rower — ask Reardon, football, golf course, hockey, R.O.T.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ben Franklin Club 2, 3, 4, R.O.T.C. Band 1,2. ME: To live a happy and successful life. RAMONA M. FAVAZA Mono 34 School St. WHISPERS: D.J.S.; 6 27 69 4 yr. o and o; Doubling, getting stranded ot 12, ask Rozzi; Treat you to a drink, ask Robin; S.F.P. ‘72 " ; Salsberry Beach, ask Phil; talking, problems, solution, lost in the woods, ask Sgerri; B O T W , hopefully ‘‘75” O.K. what did you do now ask D.S.; S.p.a.r.; parties. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class Vice President 3, 4, Flicker 4, Honor Business Club 3, 4, Pep Club 4. ME: Don ' t ever judge anyone about anything, until you look at it from their point of view. CARLO M. FAVAZZA 4 Warren St. WHISPERS: St. Peters, sprints, Lundberg ' s parties, B-ball, the Burnham Field Boys, Tull, Santana, the little chimp- munk ask Parker, 1 T.D. in 6 games J.V. defense. Cancer 3 31 73, Mike ' s Garage, Leo ask Joey, quitter. Good Harbor Beach, starting. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1 , 2, Basketball 1 , 2, 4, Phys. Ed. Intramurals. ME: To love the greatest gift my parents gave me, life. I)RA FERRANT ROSE FERRANTE 54 Mansfield St. WHISPERS: Summer of 1971, Italy, fun, fun, fun; Laughing, singing and concerts, ask Chorus gang F block lunch, piano, driving, tennis, talking with my friends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 4, Flicker 4, G.H.S. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Hon. Bus. Club 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4; Stu. Secretaries 3, 4; Type Awards I and II. ME: Life ' s completeness and richness depends on the things we share with our loved ones and friends. JAYNE LORING FIFIELD Jayne Salt Island Rd. WHISPERS: “BiFi” ask S.B. Skippers, Blue Eyes see H.R. Math Leahue — Helpl talk to C.P. " Dweed ”. Sis- ters — see M.F. English with S.S. Caribia 1 7 73 Wakefieldl Sailing, horseback riding, animals, the wcean, music, skiing. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G.H.S. Chorus 3; Math League 4; Softball 4; Girls Ice Hockey 3, 4 ME: Plan to go to college; get the most out of life) Life is fun, keep smiling. KEVIN GEORGE FLANAGAN K-Boy 101 Leonard St. WHISPERS: Squam Rock, Trident, around the block camping, fishing, hunting, football the wild outdoors. ME: To accomplish what I most want in life. AMAEL JOSEPH FONTANA Vr 7 Washington St. os SPERS: " Michele Gossomll " (I LOVE YOU) 2-2-72 Iti -p 1 r ° m (C C) Be Good, dogging it, Chateau De Ville I ey football, Electricial field, swimming the beach nn Cove) camping and hiking ask Tony pool, Chi- ; iH food ask Shellie. To receive my master ' s degree as an electrician. PAMELA MARY FORTADO Pam (spify) 877 Washington St. WHISPERS: The racetracks homemade blueberry pan- cakes, those walks down the back shore dynimight Summer of “73 " ask Jack Those lemons and pickles ask Mary the Marina ask Debbie, Jack, To make the one I love happy. ME: To do whatever I want to do as long as I ' m not hurting anyone. BARBARA ANNE FOSTER Barbi 35 Reynard St. WHISPER: My coke ask Cathy history of ' ' 72“ ask Amy Sea Shell Party (Surf) I won ' t wear the shoes Tuna Fish Frappes ask Ricky, IT WON’T COOK ask Cathy 3 3 72 Military Ball — Steve — drawn butte ask John sitting on the wall, ask Marianne Gook Times and Bad Times Cricket. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: M.D. Banquet Com. 4; Stu. Secretaries 4. ME: To make my parents proud of me. JOAN MARIE FRAGA Red 1 1 Colonial St. WHISPERS: STEVE — 8 18 70 6, hockey games ask Pam, Fiesta — ask Sue; sumthin for nothin ask Grace, Carla, Ma ry; Drive-In; U-Mass, talks and tears; 9 22 73 that night, Sr. Picnic, Diamond Head, baby- sitting; my sisters and brother, the one and only, (my mother) New Hampshire with Steve; 8 11 73 ask Steve. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; M.D. Banquet Com. 4; Treas. Pep Club 4; Class Sec- retary 1 , 2, 4; Type I Award. ME: Live for the present, for the past was yesterday and the future will be tomorrow. 55 MARY FRANCIS KEVIN MELBORNE FRENCH Frenchie, Mustard 39 Revere Street WHISPERS: Lanesville; Plum Cove Beach Summer of 72 and 73, the pits, camping FLIPPED; Mt. Rushmore,- OJ’s Garage the Bay View Lounge; Buddies,- Pygmy Land; Ha Hal; GHS. Hefty J’s, ME? Stiff? Cemetery Restora- tion Project. Sherrel, skating, cars, reading, swimming. ME: To understand life fully and enter a successful career. CLAIRE ANN FRIEND 1 2 Ryan Road, Magnolia WHISPERS: C.A. Raidll Summer of 72; Jujubes? NY as Diane; skiing Renee knows. Gumba-Chateau! G.H everyday. Surprize! 73! Friends! ask Sandy. B, B, Dash Long Talks. Senior picnic — ask anyonel T.W.M.D.R. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, NHS 4, Pep Clul 4; Floormasters Asst., Type I Award, Treasurer CYO. ME: To always be myself. To keep smiling and make th- most of every moment. BRIAN FRONGELLO PETER FRONTIERO Pete 4 Prospect Street WHISPERS: ‘The Fort ' 1 Bonfires, PALVILLON Lounfj Freshman year at Fuller 70-71 Manny ' s Bachelor Par 1 972 Junior League Baseball champs (Curley Cl girls, sports, other places, movies. ME: To enjoy life, cause there is only one chance to li ' | RONALD JOSEPH FRONTIERO Ron 1 0 Riverview Road WHISPERS: " The Fort, " Pavillion parties and bonfires. Moonshine at McDonald ' s. Skating at Gordon Col- lege, 30 below zero. Irene, you talk a lot. Caught on 114. Drinking with the gang, the Starchief bomb. Sports of all kinds, girls, pooh-bear, lumping. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV Baseball 2. ME: To live my life day by day, doing the best I can. SANDRA ANN FROST 26 Riverdale Park ME: If I knew myself. I’d run away. NANCY J. GERRING 3 Sunset Road WHISPERS: C.M.J. — 9 1 71 " How Come?? " MY LOVEII 69 Le Mans, Sgts. Party 72 EGSG, skunk hill, that broken key, S.D. at S.N. ' s ask Judy, Granite Pier, wet steps ask holy Joel! Special promisesll ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Pep Club 4, Honor Business Club 3. ME: Nice to be important; but more important to be nice. MICHAEL FULFORD JAMES A. GALLAGHER Jim 77 x Eastern Avenue, Essex WHISPERS: Perry ' s nut house, Horaces Playground, machine shop, clam digging. ME: To live as long as possible and get the most out of life. l! mmvm n i K tjfjt it] i How big do you want to be? JOSEPH GIACALONE J Gig 234 Main St. WHISPERS: The Fort Lounge " March First 73” The orange lemon concerts, Alice Cooper, Led Zeplin, Porky, play pen, Kennebec play house, J.B.E. Concerts, Plymouth, Uncle Horace, machine shop, hairy car ' s, bonfire. Chicks. ME: To see the world and succeed in life. ANTHONY GIAMBANCO F £ £ L X A to F L Can I lick the spoon? ROSARIA GIAMBANCO JOHN GIGLIO NOREEN LAURA GILLESPIE " The Nor " 9 Norman Ave., Magnolia WHISPERS: 6 25 71; summertime 0123; Manches- ter woods; partying; get it on ; White Beach; 7 14 73; Glip; Ten Years After; quick weekends; 7 28 73; Watkins Glen ; I can ' t make it; OZ ; Ernie; J35-34; girls night; 6 26 71; spacing; the beach; bogus; Aer- osmith; Sisters. ME: " I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failture ... try to please everybody. " MICHAEL J. GILLIS 27 Beach Rd. WHISPERS: B.R.G.C. " 73 " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Golf 2, 3, 4. MARY ANN GIOVANNI 3 Mansfield St. WHISPERS: Kubby Hole, Aug. 10-17, Bomp Bomp Leroy Brown, Spain disasters, ask Tina; D.Y.G.S. ASK Nancy; " Yeah Lauga, " ask Nancy, Debbie, Toni; " I ' ll throw up, " ask Debbie; A.G.H , B.V.G., cellar parties. Diamond concert, ask Peter. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3, 4 STEPHEN HERBERT GOODICK 1 4 Corliss Ave. WHISPERS: 1 28 killed almost, Sugarloaf 71 , 72, " 73, " Dunk ' s, go any time. Class Party " 73 " Bromley, ao ' s, what stop sign?, Rt. 30, skiing, water skiing, dirt bikes, sailing, carpentry. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 3, 4 ME: To follow in my old man ' s footsteps and try to do everything once. ;:BORAH L. GOODWIN ! Norman Ave., Magnolia ;E: Dance tant gue tu peux danser inse autook de la terre mse tant quetu peux danser »ns le bal esf ouvert. ITIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S. 2, 3, Pres. 4 ; Jr. ■tarians; N.H.S. 3, 4. GILBERT C. GOSSOM Gil 1 047 Washington St. WHISPERS: Foreman Capt. Courageous, mono-sum- mer 73, Canada 67, 68, 69; 7th grade held absent record 1 1 5 days. Print Shop. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ben Franklin Club. ME: To be original. DENISE GOULART 8 Was hington St. WHISPERS: New Hampshire. St. A s, Nina feels it, Kiley + ? Donna ' s wedding L.G.G.H.! Sommer of " 73 " M B., talks, long talks, Neil Young, Celica, Canal 6 5 73, what ' s the matter Tardy Junior Year, Back Shore. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. and Vars. Basket- ball 1 , 2, 3, 4, J.V. and Vars. Softball 1 , 2, 4. ME: With all its shame, drudgery and broken dreams, KENNETH GOSSOM it is still a beautiful world. PRICK JOESPH GOUVEIA r Choate St., Essex HISPERS: Remember Manchester Mall. S.P. Nan- kett. Mass., Vicky Newspaper office, cars, kids, 1 sic, art. 1 : Going into my own business. Commercial artist. JOSEPH GRACE CAROL JANE GRAY Josie 6 Clarendon St. WHISPERS: E.G.P., July 4, 72, 4 27 73, bowling?. Outward bound s.p., Wednesday at 12:00, B.F.H.S. Flash floods; football game where are the players? bought, party?, where are the keys? New Year ' s Eve; Summer of 73. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: International Club 1 ME: " Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the differ- ence. " R.F. CHRISTOPHER GEORGE GRAY Caveman, Grog, Grayman, Chris 393 Western Ave. WHISPERS: 6 17 73, S.M. eyes, scrub, Atlantic City " oh those nightsl " yep suuurell " Red Bomber " con- certs A. P. ' s eyes Half Breed right E.T.S.? Nervous? Why? R.E.C.? " Sadistl " blue or hazel eyes? " Crazy? " " Speak English? " , girls, Cheech and Chung, Carlin, " 73 " Firebird Trans-Am G.F.R.R. Soc- cer, Hockey, Telephones. 59 RODNEY GRAY LINDA GREEKE 4 Juniper Road WHISPERS: Johnny, July 4, P.S., mudhole ask Chris, 2 28 73, fish ask Jane, Jungle Bunny, Half Moon, bowling. Parties, the pits, going down 1 28, upside down, WHAT YOU DO JANE? Cambridge, Front seat. Milk on the rocks. Jacks bar, Halloween Night Dancing; the chase, Drive-IN, Junior Achievement, fingernails, bruises. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type I Award, Honor Business Club 4, Rifle Team 2, Gymnastics 3. ME: Be kind to others and others will be kind to you. JULIE ANN HARDY 79 Maplewood Park WHISPERS: work with little children. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Kindergarten Vol. 3 Cemetery Rest. 3. ME: I want to travel, to learn different languages an to see how other people live. I also want to study hair dressing. SHEILA FAY HANRAHAN 48 Grove Street WHISPERS: Dodge Chargers Sisters? ask Nancy; talks with himl ask Ellen, Boulevard; NOSEII BOO-HOO, J.D., Sat. nights, BREADSTICKS, Manchester kids; First Gear, First Words 9 22 73. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hon. Bus. Club 3, 4, Floormaster ' s Asst., J.A. Business Manager — Flicker; Flash 3, Jr. and Sr. Usherette, Sec. to Mr. Budrow. ME: He who has not looked on sorrow will never see joy. CATHY L. GRIFFIN Grif 7 Vulcan Street WHISPERS: Stevie 7-7-73 Camping, N.H. ask Steve Farmers ask Lois, Grand Prix, Muchadoo, booga- booga Talks with Mich. Summer of 73, 6 24 73. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics 2. ME: To always be happy. KATHERINE A. HALLETT Kathy 33 Beach Road WHISPERS: Jimmy, skiing at Waterville Valley, with Val and Chris (72 and 73) The Rudder, St. Maartens (73) Good Harbor, Little River and Jones Creek tennis, horseback riding. ME: To be awake is to be alive, and I’m awake and living. (I think?!) DANA ROY GRIFFIN Grif 46 Perkins St. WHISPERS: " Keep quiet about it. Remember 9-24-73 and 4-18-55 sports. Arts and Crafts, Boating fishing the beach, and fun. ME: Voc. Carpentry Student. Hoping to become a tradesman. SUSAN LESLIE GREENWOOD Esq. WHISPERS: Black silver red; 466-69z,- NIGEL, white Beach; 23 minute J-bar ; " got any M? " far out soothing organic bogus eat it; ELTON JOHN, space riding; STONES: ACE I want to be your mat- tressman, the Sensuous Car; Highway Star; Manches- ter woods 7-1 4-73. TERESA LOUISE GUERIN Terry 63 Martin Street, Essex WHISPERS: " Clish " , Band Trip 73 Gotcha!, Spindrift (whist champs), skunks, Delta Dawn, ask Linda, Squeeze You? F.J.C., Rm 332, Average, YOO-HOO. overnight 71, ask Sharon, B.F.A., Nifty Prize. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cape Ann Skippers Hockey Rock. Leg. Band, Track 2, Phys. Ed. Int. 1 - 4, R.O.T.C. Band 2 - 4, J.V. and Vars. Basketball 1 4, J.V. and Vars. Softball 1 - 4, N.E. Conf. Champs, ' 73. ME: Make the best of your life and be happy. ELENA M. GRILLO 6 North Kilby St. WHISPERS: 1 1 73, 1 31 73, Cranes Beach The cape, O.M.S., the white house, T.F., Hockey games, 72, S.F.P., Shaft, Come on Scurve, R.A.S. ask Liz, The cape P.B. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 2 - 4, Type I Award, Senior Vol. ME: To worry is to put today ' s sunshine behind tomor- row ' s clouds. 60 I nard, Benny : Beacon St. IVlISPERS: McDONALD ' S: Joe McCormack The It, Led Zepplin, Lenny’s party. Bill L., Maria G. S. i Nazio and Stago, Matt ' s Parties, The Verge Sdding, Bonfires, Flintstone down Pavillion Lounge i Nazio, " I ' m Baffled " JIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; l.eball 2, B-Ball Intramural Volleyball. I: To en|oy myself to the fullest, for life is so very Brt. SHEREE ROSCHELLE HUTCHINGS Sher 362 Magnolia Ave., Magnolia WHISPERS: P.L.O. 12 23 72 — 5 9 73 (Love) Tears and Laughs: ask Betty 8 16 72, 6 16 71 — 6 23 71 Walking the beaches Right? Memoriesl Motorcycles! My moodsl " 1971 gang " Surel pick-up trucks. Drive-ins. Saturday nights. Wow, manl Those crazy talksl Poetry, cooking ME: To Succeed in all I attempt, as well as to make those I LOVE Happyl JORGE G. IBANEZ HOLE M. ISAACSEN C Reynard St. N ISPERS: Life, Sioux, N and O., 5 9 73 ask Sally, f ’6 73 S.O. ' B, N.H. Oops wrong carl ask Pam, Pit, osrnith, 12 2 72, 9 10 73, ask T.K., fishing, Sjin, drags, Boston, Partying, 3 A.M. swim ask Bob, Vchcraft, C. Serawop 7 4 73, Sunnyside, P.A. f , Quick Hide, Right Brophl — Nope!, M M, Hey lerl JIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 4, Senior Volun- t 4, Chess Club 1. f " I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yes- t lay and I love today. " KAREN DALE JACKSON 608R Western Ave. WHISPERS: N.K. 7 6 72, Field Hut Lo cker 48 " Fights " with Sharon, F.C. Room 107 B.A., R.A.R.L. German, Biology J Blk. Linda B ' s Party. Hockey Stick. P.M. Summer " 73 " Halloween party. 71, Neil Dia- mond concert, S.S. Moody Blues, James Montgom- ery. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S. 2, 3, Varsity and J.V. Softball 1,2. ME: We can make each other happy. I hate It but I buy it. 63 MATT PETER JACKSON 90 Woodward Ave. WHISPERS: Bowling Alleys, the Cut at 1 1 :00, the Wall, Getting a Double-Fault, Bowling Alleys, 644,000, the setl K-2 Competitions, More Bowling Alleys, the car, Grapevine Road Rockport, Sunday night concerts, skiing, tennis, shooting, fishing, swimming. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis Team 3. ME: To be able to do the best you can, in whatever you do! SHARON MARIE JENKINS 46 Grove Street, Essex WHISPERS: B F A Ask Linda, Terry, Alison F.J.C., CAPE ANN SKIPPERS, Paper bag ’71 J O. clothes ask Karen, — Ham Dance, Summer ' 73 Chem. ask Katie, she ' s a lady — ask Linda, mowing lawns, sports, bikes, hockey. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Phys. Ed. Intramurals 1 - 4, Softball 1 - 4, N.E. Conf. Champs. ' 73. ME: A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity. Prov. 1 7. 1 7 WILLIAM JENSEN JAMES W JILLSON Jim 57 Riverdale Park WHISPERS: KATHY; 9 17 73; only three words, 90 ripoff, Bromley, Sugarloaf ' 72 and ' 73, WHAT RED LIGHT? Rt 30 Go any time, 5 B ' s, Broken facec- loth, — 30 clod, huh Steve?? skiing, dirtbikes, flying, good times, long winters. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS, Soccer 1 4, Hockey 1, 2 . ME: My life is mine to live as I please. I will pick my path and achieve all goals. CHARLES JOHNSON MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON MJ 59 Riverdale Park WHISPERS: facing reality, the pumpkin hour, hoopla headqtrs. three ' s, best buds, detours, H P V., Magic H n., mingling, G.H.B., the countdown ' s onl ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Staff, Type Award, German Club 1, 2, Jr. and Sr. Usherette, Sen- ior Vol., Track Team 3, Pep Club — Treas. 1, Secre- tary 4, Hm. Rm. Rep. 4, ME: You give little when you give of your possessions, it is when you give of yourself, that you truly give. K. Gibran NANCY LOUISE JOHNSON Breadstick 88 Eastern Ave. WHISPERS: Friday nights at my house, ask Sheila and Ellen, the cramp in Ellen ' s big toe, MY KLUTZ, BOO and PEANUT, The doughnut. R.T. that horn, the boule- vard, Getting Soggy, ask Ellen. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team, Flicker. ME: God is with me, God is helping me, God is guiding me. KATHARINE M. JONES Kate 738 Washington St. WHISPERS: So good, PP and BB, D.C. sailors, N.Y. BYOBBBBBB, Ifmtoph; Snowball fight, hunting with thorn. Blue Bomber, Trunk Driving, Deny itl All night- ers. Gross? Good times with Chas, Doubling, Run to me. Hatch back Nova, Oregon. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Staff, Pep Club, N.H.S. 3, 4, Rifle Team 2, 3, Capt. 4. ME: Hold back the tears and don ' t let them know it hurts. JANET MARIE JORDAN 63 Story St., Essex WHISPERS: Beach Boys, guitars, butterflies, daisies and rocks that bite, axes, sad songs and laughter,- to wipe away the tears of the world. ME: More than yesterday . . . less than tomorrow. JOHN JORDAN 80 Eastern Ave. WHISPERS: Skiing, Oaring, " The Hut " , parties. East; ern Ave. Schoolyard, Fort Devens, Kangaroo Kour Summer ' 72 ' 73, (Fr. Year) S.F.P.? $3.10 my fr iend 1 FLYING, The lobster ask Doc, Out of gas " Screwball " , The Club, my cosine, R.R. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football (Practice) 1 1 ROTC 2, 3, 4. ME: To be half the man my father is and to be a strong as my mother is. 64 s ANNE THERESA JUDD S 4 achmont Ave. riSPERS: Doug, 6 28 73 I.V. T.S. ' s — L.L.D.O. K) — T.B. and D.B. " B.L. " " A.S. " Ask Di, Roc. and w. D. ' s — ask Jen and Chris, oh, zee babyll C.C. • WATER? Woodman ' s Good friends! 8 24 73, iiiks girls. JkjIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker, Grenadettes 4, h Rep. Asst. 4. | f You don ' t appreciate what you have until it is g » I PHILIP DANIEL JUSTICE Phil, Fiat Marble Road WHISPERS: Sat. night, Cloumbo, Blues Harp, Elton, Leon, Nikron, Dream on, A separate reality, aven- wood. Braces Cove, Tequila, N.N.l.T.O. Diving. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Phot. Ed. 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, (Discus). ME: A little of everything, and a lot of nothing. KATHERINE R. JUDD Kathy 10 Caledonia Place WHISPERS: " Rob " my mkaloink! Steph, How were you? Remember P.B., M.K.? P.M.?? My tank. That concert, ask Deb, McDonald ' s, Oscar, you ski! Sub in the stocking, Mark, quick tie my shoe! Those nights! Ask Merch, The Gang, R.F. bites. ME: We re all free to go where we wish and to be what we are. PETER JUDD 4 Beachmont Ave. Phew, I feel better! 65 ALICE KANGAS R33 Hartz St. JILL KARLEN 1 7 Western Ave., Essex WHISPERS: Suds 9 1 72 Popular St. ask Ed I think there ' s something dragging Daily Planet ask Mel Good I ' m glad The hearse Third hand cars. Gone nuts ask Dana. Thanks pal ask Cindy I care No longer do I wish to go along with the program. What program? ME: To finish school. Someday be someone. STEVEN KENNIE DEBORAH MARIE KINCADE Debbie 40 Millett St. WHISPERS. MARK 4 26 73 7 7 73 69 Bonneville FLORENCE ROSE KINGHORN Flossie 8 Proctor St. WHISPERS: Summers of ' 71,; 72 and ' 73 June 19th ask Lisa June 1 Lisa and Marie, Lunch ' 72 Talks ask Mary WOW! ask Marie ‘‘The Gang " Maria, Lisa, Karen Blackburn Annex. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Pep Club 4. ME: Everyone is entitled to his opinion, however it often behooves one to keep it to himself. PETER JEFFREY KOPANON 42 Western Ave., Essex WHISPERS: Essex, The beach, clams corner who 1 Falls at sixteen caterdome crash. Five, The spit. ME: To make six. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH KRUEGER 2 Winchester Ct. WHISPERS: Running Shooting Scuba diving ping pong Travel, Boating Swimming. ME: HIGH SCHOOL: 1. Sly cunning deceitful timid fearful searching 2. interests: expand Rifle Team Cross Country ASTEPiin right direction 3. Eager to go on Building ROTC Road Races 4. Search ended reached plateau satisfied for the moment fixed in ways. ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Chess 1 . PETER ALEXANDER LAGOS 408 Essex Avenue WHISPERS: Rose Ann and me up the tracks 6 26 72 class trip to Austria, Freedom at last, going on to col- lege for two years seeing this school change. ME: I hope to look upon these years in high school later in life as fun years. FREDERICK LAKEMAN Fred Highland Road MARIA CYNTHIA LANDER 1 3 Lufkin Street, Essex WHISPERS: Being with John, the party 1-1-73 modeling, cig, doubling, cranes, I love you, so D P say Bruce ask Lisa long talks, tears 2-18 ' dances with John 1 0- 1 -74 oh well. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Grenad- 3, 4, Pep Club 4. ME: Never look back on tomorrow in sorrow, look to the future with the strength to make al dreams of him reality. ' Hi 66 jr ANTHONY THOMAS LOIACANO Tony, A 54 Prospect Street WHISPERS: Soph — HR OUT ask Robin, hockey, the occult, do you smoke menthol? ask Steve, the dogs, drinking, lost in the woods, riding around, our fantas- tic volleyball team, the 66 Wonderwagon, six people to roll, BangBang LULU ask Lee and Steve. ME: To live a happy life and succeed in whatever I attempt. WILLIAM LONGWORTH JOSEPH LOPICCOLO LARRY MARC LINQUATA Missing Link 3 Lowe Drive, Magnolia WHISPERS: Space riding in LI49 — cruising the street pf Magnolia, Partying at Crane ' s beach with the red tye, all along the watchtower hang around the ■ ' ibrary smoking, cooking, eating, and spacing on nusic, watching a cartoon, come to life. I DONALD GARY LANE Gar, the Duke 1 5 Wheeler Street WHISPERS: 6 1 73 — lemonade? Pres. Day 6 1 9 73 eeyough. Duke ' s walk, Ft. Devens, Military office the lot — WASBOG ask the PA ' s, Bweeige, ask Glenn DeMo, hockey games. Wash, D.C., 5 19 73, creepers vs. triangles — handball. Brickyard Ml. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Grenadiers 3, 4, R.O.T.C. Battallion Comm., Nat. Drill Comp Wash, D C., Supe- rior Jr. Cadet Medal, Academic Achievement Wreath, Jr. Rotarians 4, R.O.T.C. Band 1, 2, 3. ME: To be successful and achieve the highest goal possible SHARON ANN LANE 23 Addison Street WHISPERS: JAKE, June 23, 1972, getting chased ask Sherrie. A night ask Sherrie, S.S.S. ask Cindy. Horse- back riding at 1 2:00 ask Cindy. Where did ya get the car? ask Sherrie. Whoops sideswiped ask Jake, parties 2 a.m., ask Sherrie, sleeping out ask Cindy, getting kicked out ask Sherrie, flat tire, people. Misty, Animals, traveling. ME: To be what I want to be and to do what I am interested in doing without any hassles. AMY BETH LEVIE Hop-along Edgewood Road WHISPERS: " Deutschland 73, stuck in the sand a GHB ask Tim, sure I does, Ralph, Rainbow, . Sept. 21, 22, 23, wein, wein, nein, ich bin verlobt, ask DB, Horace ask AR, that walk back from UGAU, Quel un gros morceau, werner Drive-in ask TB, ShaNaNa. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S. 2, 3, 4 short-term Exchange Stu. German Club 2, 3, 4, G.H.S. Chorus 1, N.H.S. 3, 4, Thespians 1, Sawyer Medal, Rainbow Worthy Adv. ME: I believe in the sun Even when it is not shining I believe in love, even when I ' m alone. I believe in God even when he is silent. RICHARD LIBRO Rickathe 1 Kent Circle WHISPERS: girls, getting HAPPY. Canal 2, 3, 4, B.J. 4 Corner, S.H. DONALD SCOn LAURIE Donnie 9 Trask Street EDWARD LeCLAIRE JAMES PHILLIP LOWER Jim 85 Southern Avenue, Essex NANCY ANN LUMBRUNO 1 5 Lincoln Avenue WHISPERS: JERRY SCLAFANI 4 28 73 2 28 73 Annette and Jack s Wedding ask Jerryl 1 28, Side by Side ask . Anna, Carlos 1 970 Mustang The TRAMP E.C.C. Ask Jerry Winter of 70 and 71 S B. ask Joanne CARMEL, N.Y. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flash 4, Pep Club 4, Student Secretaries 3, 4. ME: Love wasn ' t put into you r heart to stay. Love was put there for you to share. Love isn ' t love until you give it awayl Best Buds MATTHEW MASON LUNDBERG Matt 5 Bridgewater Street Annisquam WHISPERS: Squam Rock The Band, tappers He needs a few bongs. (Sevu) Evu-Sevu, doing a loop (Pistol, will, Mark, k-boy) Table parties with May Definitely Goldenl Tickling the ivovigs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: JV Basketball 2, NHS 3, 4, Phs. Ed. Intramurals 1, Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespi- ans 3, 4, Vars. Basketball 3, 4, Sebago Lake State Park Excursion 1 , 2. ME: The irrevocable Hand that opens the year’s fair gate, doth open and shut the portals of our earthly des- tinies; We walk through blindfolded and the noiseless doors close after us. SUSAN LOUISE LYNCH Sue Pond Street, Essex WHISPERS: ? MAINE, Uncle Tom ' s Cabin, friends. Banc W, being, Bayview Cemetery, B-Y?, mania, my buddy, Taylors, being free, Nigle, Lightfoot, B-I-L’s, guitars I rainy days, sittin a round the shanty, truckin. ME: To understand, learn, experience and enjoy life tc its fullest. SANDRA F. MacDONALD SHARON MacDONALD 1 8 Chapel St. WHISPERS: Kubbyhole August 10 thru 17 ' 73; ask C bie. Skunk Hill. M.O. K.C. ask Debbie M. Stage Park 72 Summer of ' 73. Squts. Party ' 72, ' 73. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. ME: To be able to never find the day that will starl end of my life. «| f • 68 SHEILA FAYE MacDONAlD Sheil 2 1 Gee Avenue WHISPERS: Summer 72, St. Pete Beach ask Han ; Cruism on Porpoise Drive; saying goodbye — SFP, pump- kin time, Boofa Friday nites; outhouses; I, talks with Ter; July 73 at Smith Grove; songs, many chases, races, playing lifeguard ' 73, the leverones; coffee at Donna ' s, so. I ' m little, spying ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Pep Club 4, Student Council 3, Type I Award ME: Do not walk behind me — I may not lead. Do not walk in front of me — I may not follow. Walk beside me and just be my friend. NORMAN MacFARLAND NANCY MADRUGA Mac 31 Reynard Street WHISPERS: JOE: 3 20 71 Sargents Party 71, 72, 73? my steerings gone ask Joe (Kubby Hole Aug. 10-17, Bomp Bomp Leroy Brown Lost on the Golf Course ask Deb) OK Deb, let ' s step in it too, DYGS ask Mary Ann, girls night ask MG and DP, PB ask Karen. ME: Put a little into life, after all you ' re taking out a bit. IARLOTTE MacINTYRE ddy John Wise Avenue, Essex HISPERS: Steve, thanks for the memories, Essex 1, |.) Play ball ask Mag; Buried Ipswich, " 73 " champs, ; Beth. I want to watch the movie ask Steve. Burtha 1-0996; 1 1 A 72, I love you Steve. Parties, all kinds, mg what comes naturally, and loving every minute of , : To keep my feet on the ground while reaching for stars. J CE L. MALLOCH y 3 Western Avenue VjSPERS: JOE 3 13 73 the car; ask Joe, those long v ;s ask Marcia, the gang 71 Oct. 26 ask Nancy, S jeant ' s Party 73, 74? M Y O B ask Val; March 1 ask Joe, my own way; R J, ask Martha, Tavern 7 all those fights, ask Colleen, TABLOW — ask Ral- p Jimmy and Colleen, having my own horse. A IVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 3, Flash 3, Phys. E tramurals 3, Student Secretary 3. h Never pass through that lonely and lonely road for tF » is no end. MARY MALTESE 202 Washington Street WHISPERS: Sunshine Superman, 3rd Cottage Room at the top of the stairs, U-10 No Marr, trip to nowhere, Black top something for nothing, Mt. Ann Park 8 31 73 " Stones " , Tull 9 29 73 Festival of Moons, cruising, Little Grubs, Nat ' s Laughs, space rides, Dylan ' s 1 15th Dream, the tree, tigers, 3 stooges. ME: I don ' t know where I ' m going but I ' m on my way. Look into my eyes. 69 EDWARD D. MANN Eddy 28 Atlantic Rd WHISPERS: Hi Guys! Yes, I will. Chocolate covered raisins? UNBELIEVABLE! NITMUCK? Call it what you will. GONZOI! A-O, A-O! I didn ' t! Hockey, Bruins, North Stars, basketball, photography, rock music. ME: As the great knute rockne once said: hit ' em hard and hit ' em soft, hit ' em hard and hard and soft. — DR ANDREA MARCHANT 1 26 Riverdale Park THERESA MARINO Terry 265 Washington St. WHISPERS: Days gone by. Summer, Graduation 72, S.F P. raftsleepers — popular nitwits watswtrs, 5 5 73 stairway to Heaven, Y.R. ' s double shota sebago, J13H 2 0 Pleasant Mt. high. Reflections — 11 11 — California bound? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class Treas. 1, Flicker ME: " There is no misery in loving but in not loving. Once in a dream I saw the flowers that bloomed in Paradise. " SCOn CHARLES MARKS 67 Bass Ave. WHISPERS: Thunderbird the Bull — Aerosmith and Leon Russell concerts — the night to forget — The slum — the world’s worst volleyball team — Zap da cliques — " starship trooper " Father Headlamps and friends The mght to remember " It is all iwelevant! " The million dollar recordings Dylan Burton ' s Magno- lia. MARY JANE MARKUSON Grace ' s Daughter 29 Harrison Ave. WHISPERS: Traveling incognito, ask Faye lost in the piggery: Earl ' s girls: VFO ' S: Canoeing: just be home: Elite 1. ME: He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his whole life on one leg. SALLY A. MARSHALL Sazuki, Sweet P.S.A.M. St. Louis Ave. WHISPERS: 7 4 71 In the ditch ask Carol J.T. 7 4 72 wrong way Haskell Hill, Foosh squd, EGPs G. room nite, ask Jane C.E.R.N.T.C. weekend night at E.P.T.S.H. TENT NIGHTS watch out for trees ask C.B.T. nights what ' s his name Hannah. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: International Club, Ski Club. HANNAH SUSAN MARTIN Han 1 Myrtle Sq. WHISPERS: July 20th " 70 " St. Pete Beach, ask Sheil lost Dr. Scholl, Beware; Yellow Flashing lights, ask Deb. July " 71 " ask Maur, good songs, ask Sheil + Ter Outhouses, Good Harbor Beach ask Keith Many chases. Braces Cove. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker. ME: I had rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad. TERRIE ANN MARSHALL 1 20 Concord St. WHISPERS: 10 27 72 ask Colby, Softball " 73 " Northeastern Softball Champions, ask Willie; M.T B C. S.B. + L.F.; gym and the gym teachers ask Paula; M.M.I. first |ob (blah) ask Cusik; driving around and talking Friday nights ask the Nicastros; sports; Cape Ann Skippers; JV ' s basketball champs " 72. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: V. Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball J.V. 1, 2, Capt. 2, V. 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Leadership 4; Hon. Bus. Club; Flicker. ME: To make the best out of life and make my parents proud of me. Always keep smiling when things are down. SHERRIE MARTELL Sugar 1 86 Washington St. WHISPERS: Summer " 72 " 6 3 73 The island Good Harbor Beach S.F.P. 10 28 72 Quick throw it out the window ask Ann and Sonia, This this; ask Bobby. Follow that car; Riding down centerstrips; THE BOMB ask Ann, Mary, and Nat. Tont ' s ; Tree; Rm — 114-209 ME: Look at today, for yesterday is now a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. DORINDA KATHLEEN MARTIN Dori 60 Warner St. JOSEPH A. MARTIN Gilligan 253 Eastern Ave. WHISPERS: JOYCE 3 13 73 sgts. party 73, 74?, China Port 3 25 73, shop, mug-up, fixing toasters, Gilli- gan ask Puddy, in the walls. Tavern + summer " 71 " ask Jim, Pumpkin Patch — gas pedal ask Joyce, Brians party, rotary ask Rick + Pete Drive-in ask Coleen, 1 1 28 72 remember, washing dishes, sleep-out ask Jim, 24ov. zapsl R.O.T.C. 72, 73, 74, electrical shop, demolay, skiing, rockets, candle making. ME: You don ' t know what you really have until you no longer have it. WILLIAM MASCOTTI PAULINE BURNS McCOMISKEY Stella 514 Essex Ave. WHISPERS: SUMMER BREEZEI 4 7 73, PARISI 2 16 17 3, S.P. Towel is needed. Intense, snaps, 5 a.m.. Bathroom crashing ask Monjello, Cruzing, ask Hines, Yeal ask Carol, Sen. Picnicll, Hands, ask the Eskimo, long talks with Stella, ask Bob and the Nose, Apples, ask Mary J. Carnivals, ask Doane, Headaches — ask Moody, FRIENDSI, SR. YEARN Semi-formal " 73 " Chums, 12 21 -31 73 — ask Redl ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Co-Editor FLICKER, Drill Team 3, 4, H.R. Rep. 3, 4, M.D. Comm. 4, Pep Club 4, Student Council 4, J.V. Basketball 2, J.V. Softball 1 , 2, V. Track Team 3, 4. ME: " I will be unafraid especially, I will not be afraid to be happy to enjoy what is beautiful, to love and to believe that those I love, love me. " I BIN MASON I ' ay Court MISPERS: Alan, 11 3 72 Summer " 73 " Hampshire and Conn., 12 16 72. Maine, BERT DANA McCORMACK I Bob .Trask St. MISPERS: The night of the Bull, Mendon, 9 27 73 nmander Bond, 7 15 67 Bowling alley, Niles M, sports, F.F., T.H.L., S.M.L., S.C. I ■. Make the right choice before it is too late. SHARON MARIE McEACHERN Sha 22 Marina Drive WHISPERS: J.C. 9 22 73; S-S — Christmas Party 72, Heck’s office, ask G.B. The gang of 73, " April come she will " : Arena Day; Blackburn Annex Fresh, yr.; birthday parties, ask Joanne and Meryl; long chemistry quartlies, ask Joanne,- chemistry WE PASSED — Thanks to S.E.G. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Pep Club 4, Guid. Office Helper 1, Floormaster ' s Asst. 3, 4, Type I Award 3. ME: To keep God always in my heart. Jealous Kevin? 71 gerard c. McFarland Gerry, " The Bull” 1 5 Dodge St. WHISPERS: TBA, THL, TFL, the hill, ask Ripoff, Pavement Prince, Dole and White Owl. Football, hockey, base- ball, fishing. Rolling Stones, Edgar Winters, pool. ME: To further my education and use it to live a happy, successful life. DEBORAH LEE McGRATH Debbie R 1048 Washing St. WHISPERS: — life — " muchachos " 73 — ask Paula, " summer fever, " bike ride around the Cape. 9 23 72 — weekend. " All those ickies. " The Wedding — ask Cit. ACTIVITIES: Junior Hospital Volunteers 1, National Honor Society 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Girls ' Track Team 2, 3, 4, Office Worker 3, 4. ME: " The present disappears into the past and becomes the future all too soon. " DENNIS McGRATH ALLISON JANE McKAY 39 Atlantic Rd. WHISPERS: Mountain climbing, skiing — walking down Ragged Mt., little flowers in little test tubes, noname. ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society; secretary 3, 4, Film Review Board 2, 3, Principal of G.H.S. on Stu- dent Gov’t Day, Gymnastic Team 4, Judo Award, Office Worker 3. ME: I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion. Thoreau CINDY LUCIE McKAY Luce 96 Western Ave. WHISPERS: Darkhole WR. B.B.S.C., ask Sharon. Billy and Pam, speak French, ask Jackie, Beverly dances, ask Pam. Tide ask Jill. Daily Planet. Boys in the street, ask Janine. September 8. Eric, ask Dale. ME: " Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow only a vision. But today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " DEBORAH ANN McKAY Debbie 4 1 Western Ave. WHISPERS: Football games, Breadsticks — ask Nancy, Getting Soggy — ask Ellen. Monchestu kids skiing, Mt. Cranmore. ALEX 9 9 73. ACTIVITIES: Flicker 4, J.A. 3, Pep Club 4, Type II Award. ME: To always wear a smile. JOHN FREDERICK McKECHNIE Wolf Hill Lane WHISPERS: Hockey, T.B.L., G-BIk. Lunch 3, Canal, Tertian ' s Spanish Class, put that food back! Finally waking up by 10:51. ' 67 Red Sox, Wadkms Glen, H. Aaron ' s 715th " Brian ' s Song” Freel Fall, Wind blowing, sun shining, camping, walking, look- ing, meditating, boats, swimming all sports, music, 8 track tape, concerts. ACTIVITIES: J.V. Baseball 2. ME: Stay cool. Do a little bit of everything. Be an indi- vidual, but not a lot of anything. LOLA M. McKINNON 2 Stanwood Terr. WHISPERS: " Ralph.e " 1 1 5 73, Nellybell, 9 1 8 73 thanks Ma. C.W. Ladies Day, 99« Ask the gang. G.H.S. Concerts ' 73. All the good times ' 70, ask Paula. The Beach — " meatball, " roller skating and bowling ask the gang. Lazana, ask Ralphie. ME: Hold your thoughts on something you ' ve always loved. Jonathan Livingston Seagull STEPHEN JOSEPH MELANSON Phantom 25 Starknaught St. WHISPERS: The beach, 71-2, the summer of 73, Blackburn Annex, Neugents Field. Baseball, Fri. nights. Sat. nights. You picking me up Bob, how about Phil, maybe Pezzi. Girls, parties, boats. Raising cane. ACTIVITIES: J.V. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Phys. Ed. 3, 4, Football Tri. Capt. 1, 2, 3, 4, R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4. ME: To capture that golden ray of sunshine and save it for rainy days. KEVIN PAUL MENICOCCI " Menna " WHISPERS: Trip to London, England, Sportsmans! Award, rocket ship, the golf tournament, excursio Soccer, baseball, hockey, traveling Ten Stones. ACTIVITIES: J.V. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Phys. Ed. Intrar rols 1 , Soccer Team 3, 4. ME: Slow down and think about it. fmi ROBERT EARL MERCHANT Yogi Bear 44 Wheeler St. WHISPERS: Bev.; Cozy Pine Snoodum ' s, ask Bev Good Harbor " 73, " the mills. ME: To live my life my way. DALE MEUSE AREN LOUISE MICHAEL ,2 Shepherd St. VHISPERS: March 30, 1972 (Billy Band aid) John — alks at stage Fort Park. I ' ll always remember the ay the Bandaid climbed out the window. Karen urad — the dark day (Bond St.). Taking walks with hn — . E: To make my parents proud of me in whatever I 3 and spend lots of time with John. SALVATORE MILITELLO 5 Corliss Ave. WHISPERS: Aerosmithl B.W.P., St. Peter s Fiesta down the dugout, ask Jim. Driving in Essex, ask Mouse. Remember Skid Row, ask Steve L., Glen L., and Steve H. Lord Thunder in Jesus it ' s Uncle Dick, ask Jim. Remember the MILLS, ask ANYONE. ME: If you can’t be the one you want to be, then be the one you are. AVID EDWARD MITCHELL itch I Dodge St. fHISPERS: R.O.T.C., Grenadiers, Ft. Devens Indian- wn Bap., Girls, Looking. CTIVITIES: Color Guard 3, Grenadiers 3, 4. •E: Veteran Gook Squad. Favorite Jobs — Browns. SONYA HOPE MITCHELL Cashman 3 Beckford St. WHISPERS: Elks ' 72 and ' 73 — almost; Rabbit — sick? Don ' t be cute, kid. Soccer ' 73, Goulters goals — all of themll S.l. 4, R.C. 9; SK — 3824. Feb. 1, 72 Mike; S.F.P. summer ' 72; DONALD, C.R. ' 73- 78. S S, M.M; R.S. lighthouse walk. Hockey, soccer 73, baseball. ACTIVITIES: Girls ' R.O.T.C. 4, Stage Crew 3. ME: Take each day as it comes and face tomorrow with a smile. STEPHEN MILONE Steve 29 Popler St. WHISPERS: Not the way you shoot fella (ask Dave), 20 gauge (ask Tim), Salisbury Beach, Vets vs. Rook- ies Goat (ask Gary). Grendadiers, S.G.S. with M-M- Mike, Girls, cars. Goats, 2 qts. Screwdriver. ACTIVITIES: Grenadiers 3, 4, R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4. ME: Don ' t ever let anything or anybody get you down and just keep working at what you want in life. LAWRENCE MISURACA Qf= SHy DEBORAH MOIR CYNTHIA ANN MONDELLO Cyndi, Mongello 1 9 Mondello Sq. WHISPERS: Europe 72, 73 " Search, " TOM S OPEL 2 4 73, EGSG. The walks . . . Fun with everyone! Firecracker Hands ask the eskimo. Bathroom crosh in. 9 22-23 73 T.T., R.G., P.C., Reunions, football 73, OUR PADRE. Secretarial Work, bagpiper, basketball PEOPLE. ACTIVITIES: Flicker 4, M.D.B. Committee 4, Pep Club 4, Student Council 3, Student Secretaries 3, 4. ME: To help others to love God as I do, and appreci- ate what he has done and is doing. 73 KAREN LEE MONDELLO 10 Mondello Square WHISPERS: CMT, 3 2 70 summer and winter of 69 ask Judy, MGB ask Chris, troubles ask Chris, long walks ask Judy, the Blvd. Bermuda 2 18 73 Art. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gymnastics. ME: Go to art school, travel around, do the things I want to do right and to be happy. LISA ELLEN MOODY 5 Kirk Road WHISPERS: Bob 12 1 72; talks and tears, ask Mindy; headaches ask McComiskey, IND, ask Doane; DEAR ABBY those parties; LILY ask Bob, 8 20 73 ask Mary. Carol ' s Parties, Semi-formal " 73 " . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader 1, Flicker Co-editor 4, Girl’s Drill Team 1st Sgt. 2, 3, 4, Jr. Hospital Vol. 1, NHS 3, 4, Mother Daughter Com. 4, Pep Club 4, Homeroom Rep. 2. ME: Whatever there be of sorrow. I ' ll put off until tomorrow And when tomorrow comes, why Then it will be today. And |oy again. STEPHEN JOSEPH MOORE Seymour 2 Hickory Street WHISPERS: Public painters water skiing a Little River, Jones Creek Stage Fort and Sat. nites Ozzie Organic. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country and Track 2, 3, 4, Math League 3, 4, Soccer. ME: To live and do everything at least once. JOHN ROBERT MORSE 3 1 Gee Avenue WHISPERS: 9 26 73, Horace ' s playhouse, stomp re | necks, Saturday mornings, ask Knowman, Dogtov , Common, Machine Shop, the Canal. ME: Love life to its fullest extent. Stop it I love it! 33 Thatcher Road WHISPERS: Sept. 72, ask Arene being with the gang, movies, going out to eot, bowling, July 73, Montreal Can. Assembly, Bon Air Camp Ground, thanks gang. Drama, Poetry, and the Bible. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Stage Crew 2. ME: To gain the blessings of the field ministry and to be baptized in Natick someday. 1 27 Riverdale Park WHISPERS: Having a few with the savages, look out I that corner (crash) (we lived) fire ask Pugsly the bair i hero, what happened to the park boys, DO, campin the meadow ask Lopesy or Pete. Boardin in the river. | ME: To be me and to be proud. I CHARLES A MUISE Chucky 1 Clifford Ct. WHISPERS: " Sharon " , those stupid questions, the gong " Ginsue " (ask Victor); the music room (ask anyone), “MARVI " (ask Linda) C.C. ' s, " Julil " Ask the gang, " Little pains and big aches ' " , IHK CLUB, little brothers, " cold nights " , those parties, " music " " leave her olonel " (ask Joan). ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1 - 4, Chorus 2 - 4, International Club 1, Thespians 4, Junior Achievement 4, Sec. Lieutenant in ROTC 4 ME: Helping bring light where the darkness wasl PETER MICHAEL MUNIZ 26 Hartz St. WHISPERS: E.S.Y. Playground, Wolf ' em down, N I, Eastern Point, Stage Fort, ask Chick, Donny Pickam, Grand Funk, concerts 71 . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball, Baseball, Girls Hockey, Golf, Football, Bruins. ME: To live a happy life. I didn ' t do it! M IRENE MUNROE 1 East Main St. HISPERS: 8 5 71 — 8 3 73; The office Dana; the hch " gang " ' ; 6 25 72, R.C. and L; Steph and Sher: 2 7 73; Florida; C.C. — 4 26 73 and 6 6 73; Do hat?; Sherrye and Bob; Hang it!, T.T. 7 24 73-9 14 13; frigidl; Be Nice; WANT TOM CTIVITIES AND HONORS: Eep ka on ya uckin tral : It isn’t much, but it ' s the best I can do. gift is my song, and this one ' s for you. ANTHONY MURPHY Murph 29 Fort Square WHISPERS: Snugglepussy, Hey Stan How about some peanut butter and Jelly? What are you doing?!? JUJUBE. Braces Cove. " THE RED BOMB " " THE ODE CLUB " " The Creed Ask Dorothy " Mickey Mouse Hands Ask Bob 3 23 73 " Queer sort of a duck " The song ask Greg, Kathy, Dorothy. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS. Hockey, Football, Base- ball, C.F.O, Miss Appleby Tennis — 3, 4 " FORT. " ME: Love all your might, before it’s too late. S ' HANIE ANN MURPHY S ' h 41 arrison Avenue W SPERS: G.H.B. — 71 ; E.A.S.; Campaigning!!; Con- — Ask Z; F.H.A., huh Barbz?; Those you love with you — 7 3 70, 11 13 71 Corners AND HONORS: Beacon 4, Flicker; Mother- jhter Banquet Committee; Pep Club; Student Secre- |1, 2, 3, 4; Student Supply Shop 3; Thespians 3; ' Crew 3, 4; Civic Action Club 1 . I did not laugh I should die. " BRUCE PAUL NICASTRO 69 Pleasant Street WHISPERS: THE FORT and GIRLS winning the greasy pole. ME: To live. LISA GRACE NICASTRO 87 Western Ave WHISPERS: CHITCHA, ask Rosanne, R.R. in the snow ' 71 and 72, ask Gina, The Park ' 71 and 72 Ride to N.H. F G blocks, ' 73, with L.S., D C. R.B ask Donna. The Great Swim, after the Fiesta, ask Rusty, Oh Dear Lordll The land of oz., The boulevard gang, photography, tennis, zeppelin. Stones, and Geb. ME: if you try sometime, you might find, you get what you need. ' ' MJ. SERAFINA NICASTRO Joy 69 Pleasant St. WHISPERS: The gym. Turning around and talking to somebody I don ' t know; ask Sally, Gibing someone an ange,- ask Cathy The gym teacher’s office; ask Tuwie ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. and Vars. Softball 1 - 4, J.V. and Vars. Basketball 1 - 3, Phys. Ed. Intramurals 4. ME: To be what I am and not somebody else, to make my parents proud of me. ROBIN JANE NICHOLS Rob, Robs 26 Linden Road WHISPERS: R.cky, 4 29 72 10 6 72, the parties, ask CAM. the hut, ask Mike semi formal ' 71, Sgt. Parties, 72, 73, 74, 11 24 72 My dress ripped!!, Camerons ask Cheryl I’m impressed D.L.M.D., Christ- mas Eve 3 a.m., 72, ' 67 Chevy, Craindre G-block study, ask Ali Volksbuggy, NYSH. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rainbow, English Honors 1,2 ME: Don ' t let me down. DAVID JOHN NOBLE 7 Sadler Street WHISPERS: C.A.V. Glass Company, Parker Street, C Rose Junk John ' s Ranch, hockey football, baseball. ME: To become a success in life. DALE ANN NORRIS Hesperus Ave. WHISPERS: an Irish setter, Normans Woe Cove; Abbadia Mare, super guide? sailing on the Cytherea; Rowing in the Snail; tennis, swimming. Art. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National and Interna- tional Thespians. ME: " But you must have hope, and you must have faith. You must love and be strong, and so,- If you work, if you wait, you will find the place where the four-leaf clovers grow. ' ' DENNIS J. NORRIS 9 Mechanic Place WHISPERS: Mary, 17 and 17, “Private Stock " , the JOINT? Plum Cove, Nuts and Tuns forever. Someday we ' ll be together for good, hockey, working, Bikes, 750 kn. Camping out. Walking with the one you love. ME: To make things work out. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH OAKES Katie, Kate Lawrence Mt. Road WHISPERS: Rainbow 4 26 69, June 26, 1971 ask Cindy, Maine 8 1 7 1 CANH, 3 8 72 Bikes; car, Aug. 72, 2 13 73, Explore 9 24 73. ME: To succeed in what ever I attempt, and make my parents proud of me. PATRICK JOSEPH O ' DONNELL Pat, Cardinal Man 36 Edgemore Road WHISPERS: Caddying, my buddies Dave and Robbie, First homer at Wiffle Ball park ask Greg S., Billy T., Good times — Dave, Kim, Meatball, Rooting at games Who ' s gonna win the cup, ask Chick, Robbie, Dave Goal scored by 1 4 Bruce MacGregor, Big Bob. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country, Track 3, 4, Student Council 1 - 4, S.F.A.C. 2 - 4. ME: To be as nice a guy as Jean Ratelle. RENEE OLIVER 1 4 Silva Court WHISPERS: J.A.N. 1 1 29 72, S.F.P., the garage, graduation ' 72 ask Terry, raftsleepers B and C, Popu- lar nit-wits Sebago, G.H.B.P. 1 1 6 71 ask Debbie, 9 18 73, 10 76 ask Joe. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Civic Action Club 1, Flicker Staff, Drill Team 3, 4, M.D. Banq. Com., P.A.C.S. 3, Student Sec. 4, H.R. Rep. 2, Asst. 3. ME: To dream the impossible dream and reach the unreachable star. THOMAS ARTHUR OLIVER Tom 25 Story St., Es sex WHISPERS: summer time. Cranes Beach, I think I go! live one, scuba diving, backpacking, water skiin ' hockey. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Phys. Ed. Intramurals : 4. ME: To live a happy life. ♦X L 76 I JOSEPH ORLANDO Don t knock it till you’ve tried it. Colonial Sheer WHISPERS: ANTHONY 1 1 25 72, McDonald’s, ootball gomes, ask Pam gulfs, popcorn and candy, ie Dummy ask Kim, “something for nothing, " aces I remember with him. CTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Staff, Cheer- ader 3, Co-Capt. 4. iE: The love in your heart wasn ' t put there to stay, ve isn ' t love till you give it away. CHARLES PETER OLSON Charlie O 77 Mt. Pleasant Ave. WHISPERS: Led Zeppelin, cuz, 1 10 and still going, Mighty Moose — ' 73 Champs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 1 4, Cross Country 2, Hockey 1 - 4 ,T Covoj Mil HATR l KAREN B. O ' MALEY Crafts Road WHISPERS: Swimming; W.S.I., Stage Fort Park; Double shot of Sebago; Pleasant Mountain High, R.H. ' s ask Josephine, cuz, Florida, the Rocks ask Terry. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Civic Action Club, Pres. Sophomore Class Vice Pres., Girls’ Drill Team 2, Student Council 3, Senior Volunteer. ME: Now you are ready for the most difficult and the most fun of all to fly straight up and know the meaning of kindness and love. Myrtle Square HISPERS: Summer of 72, Friday nites, S.F.P., Talks ik Mary and Sheila, Surferboy ask Sheil, I.H.B.L.G. II; Gay 90 s ask Colleen; Skiing ask Mary id DINI, Auto, Class of 71, CHUCKII, Flat tires and filing NHNG Ask Sheil, B.R. ' s W.G. Fire barn ask teil and Han; cars, Songs. CTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader 1, 3, Co- jpt. 4, Flicker Staff, H.R. Rep. 3. E: If you love something, set it free. If it returns it ' s •urs, if it doesn ' t, it never was. RRY A. O ' NEIL ANN ORLANDO PHILIP ORLANDO Ganzo 31 Granite Street WHISPERS: Salsberry Beach, ask Mona; Aug. 1 5, ask Cathy; J.C. Party ask Frank; Skin situation, ask Bob; Bite the bird, ask Cathy; Rockport Dance as P.J.; Micholob beer, ask Melanson. Are you sure you had good Time, ask M.F.; Football “73”; 2, 2 ask Robin S.P.A.B. ME: Why do people act different and not like themselves. STEVEN ORLANDO " Steve " " Guppy " 66 Sumner Street WHISPERS: Friends, never to be forgotten: quickies! West Gloucester (14) barhoppm, having a balllll Fish- market. Sweetshop 2, 3, 4. 7 and 8 Bw K.S., A.S.I Haskell ' sl " cold hose " D. group (L M) wading at 1 a.m. Stone Pier Ship Ahoy — Dark Hole. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Print Shop 2, 3, 4, Art, meeting people Ben Franklin, President 2, 3, 4. ME: To be there when needed and to make that certain someone happy. C. D OVELLETTE JOSEPH PALLAZOLA ELIZABETH MARY PACKER Betti, Max 6 Holly Street WHISPERS: Hoopla Headquarters, getting P.O. in auditorium freshman year, September 1973 " JETRHO TULL, " that color blue, 6 A.M. fishing trip, GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERT, vicious 7:00 phone call. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Friends, JRP, music, making sad people laugh, German Club 1, 2, Stage Crew 2, 3. ME: Nothing else matters half so much ... To reas- sure one another To answer each other . . . Perhaps only you and I can listen and not laugh. — Ugo Betti — DEBORAH CAROL PALK Debbie 631 Essex Avenue WHISPERS: Gordon College ask Holly and Alison, The bats ask Marion, The ticket. The shortcuts ask Ali- son, Crystal Lake and Rumney, J.M., The galley. Summer of 72. ACTIVITIES AND AWARDS: German Club 4, Interna- tional Club 1 . ME: I Corinthians 13:3-8 ANDREA PALLAZOLA 24 Granite Street WHISPERS: " UNTOUCHABLES " 7 29 72 ask Goo- mar. 3 dogs and a cat, to the huntl, jivin. Long Beach?, lost till 2:30 a.m., S.F.P., Scola Gardens, Sow Strips Parties, the sandman, tearful Sunday ask Fran, lost earrings, B.S.E. 73. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Flicker, Type I Award. ME: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by whot we give. MARY ANN PALMER 956 Washington Street WHISPERS: Pete; Summer of " 73,” The Pits, Bill, Bos- ton " Don ' t Worry About Nothing, " " Bad Dogl " Chi- nese Food, 8 18 73, ask Bill, " Excuse me, but! " ask Dottie, " Ya Know, " " Substantiall " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flash 1, G H.S. Chorus 1, 4, International Club 1, Thespians 3, 4, Type I Award. Music, Swimming, Acting, and Daydreaming. ME: To get married; raise a Family; and to make HIM proud of me. CATHERINE PALMISANO HARLES W. PARADY Charlie 7 Prospect St., Essex VHISPERS: All my Friends; " Hey Goldie " ask Skif ) RIP TO GERMANY " 73 " ask Ralph; Grand Centre | itation; Thunderbird; Being " DerKapellemeister tarring in Movies ask Marcos. . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 1, 2; Che: | Hub 1,2,3, President 4; Kapellemeister Germc ( ;iub Band 3; Math League 2, 3, 4; Study trip to Ge fiany 3; Phys. Ed. Intramurals 3, 4; Junior Rotarians " My aim is to be happy in whatever I do. That ' -hat life is for. " 78 SALVATORE A. PARCO Sal, Sam 28 Exchange Street WHISPERS: The T. Bird that eats a lot of gas. What a crazy driver, ask Tony and Sam. Rocky MT, the gang, J , F , J., Culinary Arts, and to become a very good cook. Mercedes Benz. ME: To make the best out of life. LESA SUSANNE PARIS 41 Commonwealth Avenue WHISPERS: Peter 7 21 72; New Hampshire; Helicopter. That night 5 12 73, Talks ask Mary; The D.O Cindy knows. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleaders 1, Flicker 3, 4, Girl ' s Drill Team 2; Girls ' Gymnastic Club 2, H.B.C. 3, 4, M-D. B. C. 4; S. Secretaries 4. ME: To do what I feel is right. lARIANNE GRACE PARISI Williams Way WHISPERS: Aerosmith. B.W.P. ask Patsie. You ' re shut F.L.L. ask Mary. C.A.S. five A.M. The Mills F.L.A.F. etting Buzzed. Long talks ask Karen G.H.S. 7 8 73; ding " 72”. E: Doubts are the things that unite mankind, convic- ns separate them. PHILIP A PARKER Phil 1 Kings Court, Essex WHISPERS: Fag Whites, The Danvers choke. The J.V. Cushion, CFM. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1 , 2, 4, Intra- mural Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis. ME: you can always spot a well informed man, his views are the same as yours. PHILIP MICHAEL PARISI Phil 3 Webster Street WHISPERS: Trip to Austria " 72 " (Those nights) That night in Wenhem (ask Joe) Laughs with Andrea in Math Class. The Back Shore Affair (ask Bill). ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: French Club 1,2; Interna- tional Club 1; N.H.S. 3, 4. JUDY PARISIEN f .PH PRESCOTT PARKS, JR. nksy ( Winchester Court MISPERS: Don ' t Bull The Bull June 19th " Chopped " ' isted " long lunch hours; Frankenstein; dogging it. 5 w job ask Mr. Spittle. ? TIVITIES AND HONORS: Electrical Shop; Scuba ting. 41 I DEBORAH ANN PARSONS Dap-B — 2 Stanwood Avenue WHISPERS: Jimba, Sat. 6 16 73, 9:30 p.m. ask Jim. Girls night ask Nancy or Mary Anne. Watch the Bull ask Robin I. K. I ' LL TO U. ask Mary Anne Just help themselves ask Mary Anne. The Marina ask Pam. ME: You can ' t live in the Past nor Future; Live now and be Thankful. MARY KATHERINE PARSONS Ma, Mary K. 1 9 School Street WHISPERS: Drawing, Reading, Horseback riding, and chess. ME: I can do more alone but I enjoy it, too. STEVEN JOHN PASCUCCI Garf 19 Grove St., Essex ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ski Club. 79 GAIL PAYNOTTA WHISPER: ? 1 1 17 3 that Capricon, Niles Beach, B. Dylan, Strangers in the night, full moon, soap dish — silly shower. Tequila, Who ' s on the roof Jeanne? 3 3 73, sunshine, IDBMBDT — Sue il hits, field trips — ceme- tery, cloud 9, summertime, the canal. ME: Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. ARENE ALMA PECKHAM Renie 8 Bray St. WHISPERS: September 1 , 1 973, Kerry, Helping others attain true peace and happiness. ME: To be vigorous in the Missionary work. Smokey the graduate. How’s he look?! DOROTHY M. PEREEN 29 Orchard St. WHISPERS: A Blk. Type class ask Joddy and Joann The 350th Grand Parade. Stu Secretary, Explorers — Vice President Rainbow (Springfield) Making new friends at C.A.N.H. Sewing, Reading, Knitting Work- ing with the old and the young. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secretary 4. ME: To become a nurse and to help those people around me, that I love. EDWARD M. PERREN Eddie 29 Orchard St. WHISPERS: Mug up 9:55 Type wash fights ask Eddie L. Broken foot Aug. 73 C.A.N.H. Played first Soccer game 72 Street Hockey fights ask Sam P. N.C.O. Club; War books Modle building Bruins Street Hockey. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ben. Frank. Club 3, 4, Football 1 , Equip. Manager Hockey 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3. ME: To go my own way ond to do my own thing. VICTORIA ANN PERES Vicky 21 Mansfield St. WHISPERS: MIKE 3 21 72 ' ' Summer of 72, " ask Digger Movies, ask Mike, ask Judy Remember Hawt- horne School Ask Sheree. Remember Roewer Bar- bara ' s meetings Ask Kathy, Ask Judy guitar, children. ME: To become a P.T. teacher and to make my par- ents proud of me. JANE LOUISE PETERS 58 Cherry St. WHISPERS: Sargents Party " 73 " Summer of " 73, Bermuda " 72, " Maine, Talks with Curt, Foxboro bur galo, C.A.M., Rinky-Dinky ask Darlene, " We nee ice " ask Mary, Soph, year. To each his own. Sue an Bud M.M.A. Side-Swiped ask Michelle. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleaders 1, Gei man Club 1 ; Drill Team 2, 3, 4. ME: To become a nurse and make my Mom and Da proud of me. ’Vi . Ir, : 80 Who is it this time Deb? STEPHANIE ANN PIRAINO Steph 6 Blueberry Lane WHISPERS: ROB, 12 27 72; Football 38 those fights, n.y.c., your Beatles, my Stones Cookies; ask Rob " Hey Jude " But mine is longerll numbness. C.A.N.H. out to lunch — ask Ruthiel laughs and tears ask Rob " poogas " ask Dawn, summer of 72; I wanna bitel ME: We arrive in this world alone, we depart alone, this time called life . . . was meant to share. FRANK PISCITELLO 48 School St. WHISPERS: All the good stone parties; The " Fire Ball " , J.W.; March 1 of 73, Shopsl; All the good times; the Fort. ME: To be successful in a trade; to make the best out of life. JLNNA MARIE PISCITELLO ‘ Washington St. V ISPERS: Summer of ’72 ask Gail and Gracie 10 15 B.B. That certain someone who always makes me s«. The MACH I; ask Paul Summer of ' 73 Mrs. Mills Cce. A TVITIES: Student Secretary 2, Dean of Girls Secre- h 3,4. ft to always keep on smiling and to help those who bed me. to be successful in what I may attempt, e Kkilly to make my parents proud of me. PETER CHARLES PISCITELLO Pete 35 Derby St. WHISPERS: Perry ' s dancing school of basket weaving, 3-m solvent and A34 Tib People, life animals, a natural high, shop and pipes Money. The canal. ME: I want to live as long as necessary and learn as much as possible. ONY PAUL P1ZZIMENT1 I -jwanna ur. Remember Austria " 72 " The Frogs ask e The Italian comer, Sr. Picnic; Long Beach, Rock- S(. R usty " 72 " , The Boats, BJockbum Annex, " 70, 1 Zomp Mi 1 1 brook " 71, 72 " Camp Cedar " 72, 73 " , ding Boats, Fishing, weight lifting. Dances, Travel- g cenk views. Beaching it. CTTIES AND HONORS, J.V. Basketball 1, 2, Foot- l.2,3,4;ROTCl, 2,3,4. E Career in the Coast Guard and an odventurous BARBARA ZOE PIESS Bars 35 Chapel St. WHISPERS: edgamocation,- ke cream. Freak; coolo — ask Steph, tee, hee, tee while you ' re at it; spoon; john tearing how to cook; KAOPECTATE: love ond inno- cence, ask des the scrubs; F.H. of A. ask Sam, thinking ask des G.L ’s professional screening jobs; giggle, Peter, giggle. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Stage Crew 3, 4, Thespi- ons 3, 4. ME: " Enthusiasm is a volcano on whose top never grows the grass of hesitation. " f ANN MARIE POLIZZIA 23 Whittemore Street WHISPERS: The dinner that almost was. Thurs. nites ' camping " ? ask Joanne, Gl-Joe at GHB; WCWLTW " 73 " Finish just this One ask Sherri Those talks, laughs, and cries askth Joanne, " The Bomb " — (Nat, Mary, Sherri) 6 2 74 ask Roseanne and John, theth Pumpkin Rm. 209 ME: To always remember to have a friend is to be one first. JANE E. POMEROY 65 Mt. Pleasant Avenue WHISPERS: 4 9 71; 7 4 72 ? Foosh squad heart to heart talks with Crafty; Haskell Hill (wrongway) ask Sally, my dog; where to girls? Tull 11 1 72; 9 28 73; E.G.P.D.; Stones, Sally ' s house and D.F.T. alerts, the tent, walking into trees BTB on the Cape, askth Sally and Carol; any parties? dress then up but don ' t take them out; G. room that night, ask Sally; frosting and water, ask Carol, I.C.; I.S.; HI? ME: In the midst of winter, I finally learned That there was in me an invincible summer. — Alber Camus DOROTHY LINDA POOLE Dottie 1 89 Hesperus Avenue, Magnolia WHISPERS: BILL, Nov. 5, 1972 Summer 72; 7 9 73 ask Mary First Gear Concert, Cromwellth ask the boys, excuse me but . . Ryan ' s Jim; Charles; Dave; Feb. 28, 1 972 semi-formal, Northfield Cheekwood ask Roger, Joseph Writing, reading, traveling, acting, singing, thinking and having fun. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 3; Flash 1, 3, 4, GHS Chorus 1, 4, International Club 1; Stage Crew 4; Thespians 3, 4 ; Type Award. ME: To always impress life with a pen and paper and to be pleased with what I do. JEFFREY POPE 1 6 Marble Street WHISPERS: Fair enough: Dial-a-joke (G. Taft) Wie ge es in Africa? Silos ask Skip, where ' d the volleyball tea go? and what ' s a Drucke? Hey Hopalong, D.D.D.D, LOTR and Behmg Blue Eyes, fried clams, ya but only you look at it backwards people, things and ideas. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chess Club 1, Germc Club 2, 3, 4; JV Hockey 2; Sawyer Medal Winner; E German Newspaper 4; Intramurals 3, 4. ME: To be only what I will be and nothing more. MICHAEL PORPER ELIZABETH S. POWERS Mike Liz 1 4 Forest Street 20 Edgemoor Road WHISPERS: The Canal — Jethro Tull China Port — Fri, 1 3th Sibone — Arme — Grizzly — Brownie Stubbies Car; Eng. with Sanderson, Leanords class Summer 73 — Horrorizmg teachers Columbo. Fiesta. ME: To get all I can out of life. I 82 scon POWERS SANDRA JEAN PRATT Sandy 1 7 Friend St. WHISPERS: Great timesll Ski Trip!! GUMBAII Volks? F.W.M.F. Parties Chateau! Memories! Laughs! Sisters! Ask Renee, Cousins, C.S.R.M. Pool! Friends! R.C.D.M.I! Sleepouts! Sisterly love! Crazy days!!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, C.Y.O. Vice President. ME: To live with the luxuries of life is one thing, to live with love and happiness is mine. To make my parents proud of their big girl. LIS. PREZIOSI 1 )alton Rd., Magnolia WSPERS: GIRLS NIGHT, partying at White Beach, best ever " , 10:45, F.A.C., M.G., summers, the b»:h, kleevex ask Kim, heart break kids and Dale, kins Glen U.S.A — I just can’t make it! ask N ' een, Ann ' s problem, promises. Fiesta ”71 Well ALRIGHT! " M To live is the rarest thing in the world — most FRED D. PURDY pole exist — that is all. ANTHONY PUGLISI 43 Dennison St. JEANNE RAO JO J RUSSELL REILLY STEVEN REIS Ru 19 len St. WI.PERS: Remember 6 71? Hey Dana Remember n-. Remember the sewer rat too. music, girls, base- ! a lockey, reading. AC ITIES AND HONORS: H R. Rep. 1 . VE omg to be a sportscaster or a disc |ockey. Give oe ' a chance, live a little, love a little. DONNA LOUISE RILEY 10 Hickory St. WHISPERS: Eddie 10-15-71, Fri. nights at MacD- onalds, Sat. nights at the McCormicks, long talks with Donna. Boobala?? 3 week coffee breaks?! M.S., M.F.B., PSSW, M 2 M. Living! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type II Award. ME: To be able to help the helpless for at times every- one needs help. DOUG RITCHIE Raw Man Norwood Hgts. WHISPERS: Summer of " 72 " Christmas Vacation at Chips, Rado Express, D, B, H, Blocks in Rado Express with Co-Pilot, Henry, Horrorizing anywhere anytime, fall at Nelsons Poor Thing, marching to the canal, mus- ter, Sanderson ' s English Class, visiting Harvy, lost in school, Ronk, Skiing, babbling, T V., To commit horror. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football Co-Capt. ME: Grab for Gusto! 83 STEVEN DOULGAS ROADEN Rodney, Dexter, Steve 2 Morton Place WHISPERS: The backroad wall. You should see George bowl, alright MW, we don ' t drink do we? Bob? do you like menthol ask Tony, we always have a good time ask Bob. Lulu 9 16 73, music, making people laugh. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker 4, Civic Action Club 1 . ME: To be a good person like my uncle (above) was. ALISON LOUISE ROBERTS Bob 600 Essex Avenue WHISPERS: Crystal lake — ask Debbie, street hockey games, that night at Terry ' s; those two canoe trips, Gordon College 72, Brickyard and all the initials — ask Amy, Hardy Mt., soccer games. Spindrift 73, — whist champs; the outdoors. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cape Ann Skippers Hockey, A.F.S. 2, Track 2, 3, 4, German Club 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Softball 1 . ME: I John 1:9 I Corinthians 1 3:7 (Reach Out) FRANK ROSE III Flankie Lowz High Popples Road WHISPERS: I ain ' t dom nothin, Liframilch Boky ' boa- tride 72, Boys ' State Devens German Boats, Sgts. Party Hailstones, them Rabbits, N, NE, E, 350th sou- venir programs, roof-top rides ask Bok, Senior Party, who knows. Female sie symbols, sailing, soccer goo- fin off, hockey, 2 wheeled machines. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer 2, 3, 4, co-cap- tain. ME: To be successful and still have good friends. ELIZABETH ANN ROY Betty 239 Western Avenue, Essex WHISPERS: KEVIN 31 21 71 2 7 72, Christmas Parties J.B. and Water, Maria ' s, Kevin ' s Bike , Jan ' s parti Scott’s Wedding, Pool parties, Kevin’s purple bug. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3. ME: To love those around me and make them happy. To succeed in life. MARY JANE ROY 239 Western Avenue, Essex WHISPERS: Jan ' s Party, Ask Steve, Ship Ahoy. ME: Just being myself and making the ones around me happy I MICHAEL ROCHA Mi Hair i .4 ALICE SAMPSON WHISPERS: Train Mania, CB, Diamonds on the water, days off, Mary and Harve, 7 3 71 . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team, Student Council, Stu-Fac Adv. Counsil, Stu. Secretaries. ME: I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any Kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. DANIEL JOHN RUBERTI Danny Top O ' the Harbor WHISPERS: To all the good times in and out of school I ' ll always remember all my friends. Having the best of times whatever I do or go. ME: To get the best there is out of life and living. JOHN JOSEPH SALAH Jay 1 3 Hammond Street WHISPERS: Remember the Hookers, Camping, Chick ond Douglass, Nugents ask Chick, Remember the drive in, Robin, Cold Duck Boom ask Curley, Rockport WALK ask Bob A. on the Rocks ask Thompson. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. Hockey 2, 3, 4, Captain Football 2, 3, 4, 1st Sergent prize squad 1st place. Cross Country and Track, Tennis Team. KIM ELLEN RUSSELL 35 Leverett Street WHISPERS: ROCKPORT, vans, Elton John, my wish, THE wall, Bob, Basketball, (slow dancing ha ha) Go Johnny gol DF Football games, II to I, the Headlands, Granite Pier Partiesl a jokel the water tower, 7 13 73, the pits, ask Maryl Steel Derrick Northfield and CE, 50 ' s music. Monster Mashll smile, ask Lisa. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Flicker. ME: To get my wishes and to always smile. JAMES SAROFEEN PAUL SASSONE Paul 41 School Street WHISPERS: I.C.; Sawyer Free Library, Football, Coaching, Softball, Concerts at Fitz Hugh Lane House, Parties at Skips. J.K. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sports, Concerts, I.C.; Gym, Skipping Classes. ME: To make my parents proud of me in whatever I attempt. S HILIP SASSONE ROBERT SANFORD SAULNIER Butch 26 Exchange Street WHISPERS: What ' s wrong with it now? The green lemon, let ' s go to MacDonald ' s! What ' s up the mall? The heavy chevy Violence, skipping classes, camping, bowling, just plain hanging around. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Audio Visual 1 . ME: I hope to have my own family. MILDRED ANN SAUNDERS Mimi 1 5 Wishart Rd. WHISPERS: “If you could read my mine " The Annex, d Como se dice en Ingles? Hawaii 5-0 Description of a pain = Marion Harris. Bass man and Space man. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Track 2, 3, G.H.S. Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 4, R.O.T.C. Band 4. ME: Wisdom, is the principle: therefore, get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding. Psm. 4:7 DAVID SAVOIE 3 SHy L. vUSTIN SAWYER JOAN SCHLICHTE WHISPERS: Muriel ' s blue velvet ribbon, sunlight spill- ing on stage, red roses for a blue lady. Polymer III, there ' s always Pooh and me, my Bubba. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, International Thespians, National Honor Society, French IV Book Prize. ME: " Behold, this dreamer cometh " Genesis 37:19 KIMBERLY SCHRAMM Kim 907 Eastern Ave., Essex WHISPERS: Hampton Beach " 72 " M ' Head, Whiskey — ask Brooksiel Everyone ' s gone soft. Gotta Push! If you can ' t find em grind em — Good Harbor Beachl Sorry — no more Caufering Wanda! Hey Snob! ME: To enjoy life as much as possible. " Games are to be played with toys " — Sly IDA ROSALIE SCOLA Scol 20 Mason St. WHISPERS: 7 29 71 M.G.W., Talk to me! Ask Marty, Weekends Eastern Avenue School We made it — together " 72-73 " Ask Bridget; Our School Blackburn Annex; Our night out, ask Marie. 8 24 73; Hurry-up, Walk faster, Ask Terry; Ah Ha — Got away with it again and again and again. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3, 4, Student Secretaries 4. ME: Always think things through before you make that final move. MICHEAL SCOLA NINA SUSAN SCOLA 1 7 Beacon St. WHISPERS: Untouchables, 7 29 72 ask Andrea Carnivals, The Gang, SFP, Sow, Long Beach, N.H. ask Denise, 7 24 73 c.o.m.. Beach Boys, Tull, “73 " a.s.i.n.f., skiing. ACTIVITIES: Class Secretary 3, Homeroom Rep. 2, Sr. Volunteer 4, Floormaster ' s Assistant 4, Type I and II Awards, Stu. Secretary 3, Intramurals 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Flicker, Gymnastics 2, 3, 4, Stu. Council 4. ME: If you stick your neck out for someone who needs it, you will find you can hold your head up higher. Was she blond or brunette? ROSALIND SCOLA Rossi 34 Prospect St. WHISPERS: MICHEAL 7 6 7 2, hats; baby-sitting; first date; no radio; drive-in; Canobie Lake; our discussions; S.P.G.H.A.M.; P.M.O.L.H.; red wagon; simka,- 12 25 72 ,- B.W.F.G.; 61; S.F.P.; Nies; Braces; R.I.M.F.T. G. S.: one nite out; screwdriver; getting sick together; dou- bling; getting stuck at midnight ask Mona; Hopefully " 76“ " 75 " . ACTIVITIES: Pep Club. ME: To just be myself and be happy. SAL M. SCOLA Brillo 662 Western Ave. WHISPERS: Getting it on. Darkroom, Cranes Beach A Passion Ploy Wayne? 9 5 73 down shorty ' s Harvey wall Banger ' s 9 5 73 missing walkins Glen Hey Mom yes Sam I ' m coming (ask Tom) Records, Concerts, Talk- ing Pictures. SEBASTIAN P. SCOLA Rock 24 Pine St. WHISPERS: My Portages,- B.T.C.A., The Fort, Pavillion Lounge, Fisherwomen, Fiats — plenty of Room old man. Baby carriage. Don’t touch me, People spying on us It’s raining on the inside, tanning through the windshield. Is it still raining. Puddle ' s in my car. Chickened out S + D Bath ' s + showers, I lost it. ME: To travel the world over. JOSEPH A. SENOS Joe 1 4 Fair St. WHISPERS: 4 23 73 Summer of 73, Sgt. Party, Bolbie: boat ride. Fort Devens, going all the way? 350th Bas ketball champs Sr. picnic. The Hill, C Blk. class. All kind ' of sports, the beach, making new friends. ACTIVITIES: Soccer III, IV. ME: To live cycle until the circle comes fully closed. 86 DALE MARY SHATFORD 1 8 Flume Road, Magnolia WHISPERS: 7 1 4 73; Manchester Woods; S.T. White Beach; get it onl Summertime; the beach S.E.G.; Heart break Kids; Girls ' nites; " the best ever!”; F.A.C.; sisters; Ten years After, fiesta ' 71 ; Saturday nites; left behind, W.W. ; 6 23 73; quick weekends; best friends; parties 73; " well alright! " ME: If you love something set it free, if it returns it is yours, if it doesn ' t it never was. SUSAN E. SHATFORD Sue Shaddock 27 Ferry Street WHISPERS: Montreal, foush squad, I.F.C. G.H.B. — under the chairs. Fiesta — ask Joan S.F.P. — F.A.S., summer 73, caught again double shot of Sebago, Pleasant Mt. High, c.u.i.y.c. — false alarm, popular nitwit Killer, stww, S.D.W.B.T., slzt. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Civic Action Club 1, International Club 1, Class Treasurer 2, Student Supply Shop Pres. 3, Junior Achievement Treasurer 3. ME: There is no need to discuss or understand me. I won ' t ask of myself to become someone else. I ' ll just be me. 4RION SIBLEY Jump Jip jump, Jip jumped! EBORAH SHEEDY ieeds 0 Rocky Neck Ave. HISPERS: BSBSHM, Tyngsborol? Yellow peeps " I $t my shoes " Tangueray Mary ' s birthday party; Who ' s afraid of trucks " ; breezin; peanut butter and ananal CTIVITIES: A.F.S. 1, 2, 3, 4, Flicker 4, International lub 1, N.H.S. 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Phys. Ed. Intramu- 1 1 s 1, 3, Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4, Summer Theatre orkshop 1 . iE: We shall never cease from exploration and the pd of all our exploring will be to arrive where we arted and know the place for the first time. CHERYL ANN SHIELDS 5 Butler Avenue, Magnolia WHISPERS: TOM,- Jan. 7, 1972 — forever. Fiesta 71; It ' s really bigll Long rainy walks — ask Cindy M M ' s; Only 2 weeks after? VW beautiful presents from T V.; the silly goose. LOVE — " Italian " Style. Mmm ... ACTIVITIES; Jr. Hospital Volunteers 1 , 2, Type I Award 3. CYNTHIA ANN SILVA Cindy 4 Cedar St. WHISPERS: Long walks anu talks ask Cathy the wall, the good old times on Sargent St.; ask Karen M. Driv- er ' s Ed.; Those special kids, 209 the " coke " ask Karen South Carolina, ask Sue. ME: To always be kind and understanding, to live life to the fullest and to be successful in whatever I attempt to do. CYNTHIA ANN SILVA I 1 8 Grove St. WHISPERS: RICKY, Riding horses all hours of the night, ask Sharon. Hanging around up the Willow’s Being happy — Ask Sherrie and Sharon M. — Drinking in a blizzard — Ask Ricky. ME. I ' ve learned that I must have confidence in myself and with it I will make it. DEBORAH CLAIRE SILVA Debbi 133 Riverdale Pk WHISPERS: Amsterdam Holland, N-Berg Germany Switzerland, flowers, fields and haystacks. Big Brown eyes!, my flanket!?! Hullo Hulla ask Lopes, concerts, Boston, Tull, Summer days. Sunshine, That special day at the Res 9 9 71 — 2 9 72, That 8 hour phone call New Year ' s Eve " 72 " Dudley Duwright!?! 8 30 73 Backshore drive with L.F Photography, music, certain people. Traveling DENISE JEAN SILVA Dena 1 6 Long Beach Rd WHISPERS: KENNY: 10 6 72 Salisbury Beach, " my car ' s gone " ask Kenny. The Sergeant ' s Party " 73 " talks and tears with that certain someone. " 66 " Blue Chevy " : " one can " ask Madith ME: To marry and keep the one I love " HOME AT NIGHT " , " to make my parents as proud of me as I am of them. KATHLEEN PATRICIA SILVA Kathy 1 8 Abbot Rd. WHISPERS: " JUNIOR " 1-3-70, " The Hut " Sgt. Party ' 72 " stuck in the snow, ask Junior, our Mass together, " twin talks " ask Mary, watch — watchl! ask Kim, that talk ask Anna. ME: (Junior) Always in my thoughts. Forever in my heart! PAUL SIMON MA MARK ANTHONY SILVA Sunshine, Stretch 29 Englewood Rd., Magnolia WHISPERS: Sharon 8-26-73. and all the great times together LOBSTER and parties, $18 of Chinese food. Ft. Devens, IGMR, KANGAROO COURT, MEDA:S. Sgt. and Officer Parties Rifle matches and parades. Volleyball, Our Team vs. B.T., 1 5-0 We Wonll ACTIVITIES: ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sgt. 2, Staff Sgt. 3, Maj. on the Battalion Staff 4. Color Guard Cmdr. 3, 4. Rifle Team 2 Co-Cpt. 4, Gremdiers 4. Boys ' State Del- egate. 1st Place Prize Sq. and Pit. Drill 3. Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer. A.V. 1, 2, 3, 4. ME: To do my best, in what I do, in the years to come and to make that someone happy. MARY SILVA CARLA R. SINGRA Carl, C 28 Riverside Ave. WHISPERS: John; Summer of 71; 73; GHBP Sunday afternoons; Skiing ask Mary,- That weekend in N.H. Something for nothing, ask Joan, Grace, Mary. ACTIVITIES: Flash 4, Drill Team 2, 3; M.D Banquet Com.; Pep Club — V.P. ME: Color my world with hope of loving you. God Bless. Picture Not Available SANDRA LEE SINAGRA " SAS " 83 Leonard Street Annisquam FRANCINE SINAGRA Fran 1 9 Riggs Street WHISPERS: Untouchables; Boxborough and Upton? Tull the gang, SFP, 10 30 71 J. Joplin? Long Beach, the van, 6 with cab, ask Mary, 73 — ASINF, Tear- ful Sunday ask Ann, Sowstrips partiesl ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Flicker, Honor Businss, Type Award. ME: You ' re not measured by how much you love oth- ers; but by how much others love you. LLIAM E. STANTON y Beacon St. HISPERS: Bond Street and Magnolia Ave., ask Ralph d Brian. " The sink, " ask Electric shop. " Dogging it " Jot me " " Arond the Cape " ' Don t be late for jtero " TIVITIES: The Electric Fiels. • I hope to have a little bit of luck in everything I LISA IRENE STEELE Rocky Parture Rd. WHISPERS: Summer ' 73; 6 A.M. fishing trip, ask Betti; L E. and E.W.??|?; Marvin ask Cheryl; Good Harbor Beach; N.T.B.; 8 5 73 27, ask Joanne C.; Face, ask Max; good friends and good times — memories. ACTIVITIES: Typing I Aword, Flicker, Cheerleaders 1 . ME: v It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. " Atoine de Saint-Exupery GABRIELLE B. SMITH G.B 5 Walker St. WHISPERS: Bob, July 18, 73, thank-you Lori Heck ' s office, ask Sharon, Dec. 18, 71, Virgil ask Barb, basket- ball game ask Lisa, our freshman year, ask Joanne, Barb, Debbie and Sharon. ACTIVITIES: A.F.S. 2, Guidance Assistant 1; Floormaster ' s Assistant 3, 4 ME: to live in happiness knowing there has to be times of unhappiness. If they really knew what was in itl ICHAEL KEVIN SONIA Stanwood Ave. ' HISPERS: Harley ' s, music, having a good time, red- rads. E: Cloud 9 and still goi ng. ELLEN MARY SOUZA 53 Concord St. WHISPERS: The Boulevard, talks and fights, " Nose " getting soggy Sheila football games. First Gear Con- cert, Sweetums, Manchester kids. Forget itl (T.R.) ask Deb Breadsticks, Cemetery ask Paula, WHA-HOOII ask Sheila. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club; Flicker; Floormaster ' s Asst.; Flash; Jr-Sr. Usherette; Beacon; J.A, International Club. ME: We may change with tne seasons, but the seasons will not change us. STACIE E. SOMERS Way Rd. WHISPERS: Austria, The E.G.P. ' s. Having Hoopla, The Pumpkin Hour Best Buds. 3Ts. Summertime, the BEST, " The flip of a coin. " Plans A, B, and C ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, 3, 4 Pres., Stu-Fac Adv. Council 2, Jr-Sr Usherette Treas. of Ski Club 3, 4, Girls Track Team 3, Pep Club, Flicker Staff. ME: In the solitude of our minds we must look to the the future; for we know what we are but not what we may be. LEE STEPHENS BARBARA V. STEWART Barbie 18 Maple Street, Essex WHISPERS: Ipswich MA, Saturday nights at the races, 9-22-73 ask Marie, Newfoundland — 72, ask Paula, Her Moose, Apple fights in the orchard, ask Paula, Is the door locked? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club 3. ME: To love and be loved, and hope everything ' s right in the end. CHARLES STODDARD ROBERTA JANE STONE 88 Magnolia Avenue WHISPERS: Work with elderly people. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Jr. Hospital Vol. 3, Ceme- tery Restoration 3. ME: I want to go around the world and see how peo- ple live. I want to be a cosmetician. CAROL ANN STRESCINO 1 7 Liberty Street WHISPERS: MJH 5 18 72, D.T.B., SemiFormal, ask Frank, Dave ask Rosalie? Summer of 72, Chocolate Chip ice cream ask Parco Florida " 71 72 " Those par- ties ask MaryAnne, Michele, Lisa, and Deb, " Buffy the Dog " ask Kathy, Yea ask Polly, Fresh, and Sr. year. Senior Picnic. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 4, Type 2 Award. ME: To be successful in life. LINDA J. STRESCINO 4 Commonwealth Ave. WHISPERS: " A day in the life " , Millie, being with my friends Christmas and New Years 73, Tuffy and Tarnya, bookends, sliding in the cemetery with Deb, bike-rides at night, Nights in White Satin " the hut, cement shoes. Thanksgiving night at Betti ' s. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club 1, Student Sec- retaries 2, 3. ME: You see things as they are and you ask Why? But I dream things that never were and I ask Why Not? George Bernard Shaw CYNTHIA HELEN STUART MARK SULLIVAN Cindy, Cit 23 High Street WHISPERS: 1 1 72 Bunny, SFP, B-Ball games, Lily Pond, Ginnymobile, Sadie Hawkins 72-73; ask Sta- cey, GPL, HOOPLA HEADQUARTERSI ask MJ, GHB — Sunshine, Ladies night, SPC Excellent! Sha Na No Beach Boys, crazedl Hockey skiing, HP V Idos Rays. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader 1 , Flicker 4, Jr. Hospital Vol. 1, Pep Club 4, Phsy. Ed. Intramurals 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Sawyer Medal Winner, Floormaster Asst. 4, JR-SR Usherette 3, 4, Secretary Ski Club 3. ME: It is chance that makes brothers, but hearts that make friends. Von Geibel DIANE ISABELLE SUTHERLAND 29 Perkins Street WHISPERS: Raid CA, Summer of 72, Sleepouts, NY ask Clairel Parties, Ski Trip, talks GUMBA CYO, DTB, Laughs, the gang, Inchy; stiches? Senior Picnic ask anyone. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club President 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Squod Leader, HBC 3, 4, Stu. Sec- retary 3, 4, NHS, Flicker, CYO President 1 , 2, Type I, II Awards. ME: Foce each day with a smile, and always be happy. ELLEN MARIE SUTHERLAND 103 Centennial Avenue WHISPERS: Castleton, ask Terri, the White House, OMS, N95, July 1 9, 73, Wingy ask Maur T.F. ' s 6 28 72 the drive in, sandwiches, BB, Leaving in a hurry Whinny dog field, CS No Secrets, going in circles, hit it. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Home- room Rep. 2. JAYNE ANNETTE SUTHERLAND Big Jan 2 Puerto Drive WHISPERS: Summer of “71, " Spring of " 73, " 3 17 73; the school yard; laughs, tears and HH talks with Jean; " Hear that candy? " ask Jean; Blvd., Oscar J, 1 2 Days: 7-7-73; 8- 1 9-73 Rockaway. KIMALEE ELIZABETH SWEET Kim 61 Western Avenue WHISPERS: JAN 9-10-71, Niles Beach, the " Dummy " ask Grace, McDonald’s; the Gulfs. That Ring. Watch, watch ask Mary. Vermont? ask Almy and Dave. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type I award. ME: To live life to its fullest and to make him happy. OHN JOSEPH SWINSON ack, Bag ' 92 Washington Street ✓HISPERS: Eileen 8 11 72, 9 16 73; Pete, sports; Se beach shooting stars; K.S. tokin Trynamakeme- otseeyo? 8 70; U-haul. AE: Your old road is rapidly aging. So please get out : f the new one if you can ' t lend your hand, for the mes they are a-changin. — Dylan PETER JOHN TARBOX Pete 102 Bass Avenue WHISPERS: Summer of 73, good times, long talks S and S, Christmas party 12 16 72, the beach, travel- ing High School years. Special memories, cookouts, laughs. Bruins, Sports Music. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ben Franklin Club 3, 4. ME: Learn from yesterday, live for today and to dream for tomorrow. DAVID TELLES MARY ANNE TELLES 28 Sayeard Street WHISPERS: Europe 72, 73. The elevator, R c, Room 411, ask Kathy; EGS gang; Drunk Hell; the search — friends; our padre; BE-OU, oh gross Buzz off; the bath tub; put the light out ask Fozz. BBA ask Jamne. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Award, Pep Club. ME: We are here to add what we can to life,- not to get what we can from it. AICHAEL DAVID THIBODEAU Aike 7 Revere Street VHISPERS: 409. BBLUJ ask Jack; Knowlton’s wall, nek ask Scott, on the run in 72-73, Junior year ask es. Hulk sulk, melon ask Kevin, architectural draft- ng, corvettes, hockey. AE: To be a successful architect. ROBERT DAN THIBODEAU Danny 1 7 Revere Street WHISPERS: 33 Friend, Steph, 56 Nellis 409, DRKS, School yard, back shore, niles Beach, Wiffleball park, Machine shop. ME: Stay alive. JANET MARIE THOMPSON Thon 3 Corliss Avenue WHISPERS: So good, baby Gorillas; Doubles champs ask Kathy; doubling ask Kate; PP and BB; duck Hunt- ing; BYOBBBBBB; GHS at 4 a.m.; blue bomber, NY osk Kate, LLLL; Mesquitos,- trunk driving; Deny itl Gross? Sunshine shifts; Cupcakes. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: N.H.S. 3, 4, Rifle Team 2, 3,4. ME: " Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you. " KATHERINE MARY THOMPSON Kathy 6 Nautical Heights WHISPERS: CFO, backshore Flo, we ruined society stealing X-mas trees, LBT, Shoes! DDH, Braces Cove Heartbreak Hotel, wrecking Filenes, you ' re walking too fasti my great shorts, tornadoes BB UN ode Pea nut butter and jelly — NO, quack, hot chocolate asl Dori Brachs, Lewis and Clark, back and forth, thi business ask Lindal ME: Let love bring sunshine into your life. 91 WALTER THOMPSON Jimmy Cliff Road, Long Beach WHISPERS: Mary Ann, Jill Summer ' 73 ' ' ask Pete, Gronblads pit, ask police Good Harbor Beach Club, R.A.A. 7 4 73 the hut sunnyside, ask Jay, Boardwalk, Jill ' s house, ask Mark Sports, liquor, girls. ME: To achieve my greatest goal of All Self-happiness. CAROL LOUISE THURSTON Thurston Point Road WHISPERS: " Summer 69 " Montreal ask Cathy. Long Talks ask Linda, P S., " Dogs " ask Sheila BOSTC Hockey. ALFRED ask Karen. Mill, Summer 72: Funny Water ask Linda, letters ask Steph. ME: To see with my eyes what is beautiful; know in my mind what is right; and in my heart to love what is true. HEATHER LOUISE TITILAH Titilah Villa WHISPERS: Summer 70, my favorite gungamoose; Lon- don; shore road — Winchester and Magnolia; aaddies — G35 and E4; nightime; Lightfoot; paintings not pic- tures — ask Glenn let ' s get it on — ask Lynne, dancing in the moonlight — ask Santos; silver lincolns; Essex and art. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 3, 4. Thespians 1, 2, 3, Photography Club 1 . ME: " the niflht will slip away like sorrow or a tune. " 7 Blossom Lane, Magnolia WHISPERS: Spain ' 73 ask Debbie; Spam ' 72 4 a.m " little talks " ask AH, LCG, M.M.D.D 3 17 73 would I swipe your drink? you better believe it, 6 hour wait ask them; cemetery; ask Ellen, languages. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Chorus 3, 4, Interna- tional Club 1, PAC 3, Spanish Club 3, Office Assistant 2, 3,4. ME: To succeed in the field of modern languages and fulfill my dreams. Do as you say, say as you do TONIANN G. TOCCO Toni 1 3 Madison Court WHISPERS: DOMINIC: wooden bridges; long tal j summer of " 71 " 8 11 73 and 7 27 73 Paul Sim Isaac Hayes; Cemetery walks; secret hiding plac ; Joshua Jon,- Sittin in the halls just playing my guitar I mas concert,- were livin and learnin, ask None; So m i people, ask Sue, Nag Stuck in the mud, twice, i " ChCh " ask Anna, Lisa Lisa ask Deb. ME: " You ' ve got to live for today there is so much i see in so many ways. Rusty 6 Ellery Street WHISPERS: Ronda, Rolands school yard, 6 21 7 5, , Rondo, Florida parties, Earl ' s, Adam ' s Cellar foo I games, working. Having a good time, " song-words ' j ME: Hope to achieve all of my dreams that I hav , the future. SUZAN TUPMAN 89 Gloucester Avenue WHISPERS: First things first Grand Funk, CB, daisies, freshman days, days off, 7 3 71 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secretary 4 ME: Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it will elude you; but if you turn your thoughts to other things, it will come and softly sit on your shoulder JEANNE LOUISE TURNER JT: BGT 8 Highland Street WHISPERS: HONEY: those nights in Rockport; 7 8 73; Summer of 73; " the dogbar " , Tuborg GHB; Paris. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: AFS 2, 3, 4, Beacon, Editor 4, Pep Club 4, Political Action 2, 4 ME: " Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ships out on the open sea Cast away our fears . . . ' Seals and Crofts Surprise!! EPH JOHN UNIS ‘How Street [SPERS: How ya? Put it out Rower’s Coming; what a (a I ' m gonna lean on ya; the animals up the store; the Fort Gang; what you do sports, Copt. Joe. AND HONORS: J.V. Basketball 1, 2, Foot- 4, Tri-Captain 4. life as it comes. Keep smiling when you stop, ballgame. RICK D. VANNAH 24 Harlow Street, Essex WHISPERS: Washington in April 72-74, White Mts., ballgames. Fort Devens, 72-73 Fort Myer, 73. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flag Raising Detail 3, Gre- nadiers 2, 3, 4, Commander 4, Football 1, 2, ROTC CpI. 2, SEC 3, XO 4, Prize Squad 2, Superior Soph. Cadet, Outstanding Pit. Sgt. of the year 3. ME: " There is nothing more powerful than the truth. " Daniel Webster. 0- NE A. VERGA E iange Street YFPERS: Winter 70, 71 (SB) (Nancy) " Camping " Vn(Gl Joe) SFPark, the Dinner that almost was. SS f 3C where ' s my cap? Friends (Talks, tears, laughs, nc3s) (Ann) Italians JS and AP, 90 mittens? SC Pic- ' C, ntrol your fist (Sherry). IE friend is o person who comes in when the whole ’oi has gone out. CARON MARIE VERGE 4 Cunningham Road WHISPERS: the music room, OLIVER, Sharon ' s MRS. JOHNSON, I’ll never forget her. Hot summers and David, project image, Whopee, the creation. I ' d do any- thing, Jimmy Arsenalt, Geraldine, Linda, Chris, Chucky, Sharon, Juli, and Puff, Hugging Dez, Aladdin, Web, Props, TONY. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: GHS Chorus 1 - 4, ROTC Band 3, 4, Thespians 4. ME: To be good at what I want to be and to marry the one I love. CAROL ANN VIDAL Carol 26 Harrison Ave. WHISPERS: Charlie! Summer of ' 71 and the purple toilet, the white glove test! Don ' t worry hun! My family back- stage! Thank you. Deb!! Waiting for Rory to come home! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Stage Crew 3, 4 ME: " Take your time, think alot, think of everything you ' ve got, for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not. " Cat Stevens THERESA M. VOGEL Terry 56 Bray Street WHISPERS: BLT — 4 28 73, Florida, the Rocks, Ask Karen, O.M.S., The White House, Silly, L.S.T.N.T.? R.O.: Ask Maur, Shaft, T.F. ' S Come on Scurvoe, Winter ' 72, Little Neck, Center Strip, Ask Sandi, Bow legged Woman ask Bub, the odd squad, P.W. ask Dale, " no. 1. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Senior Vol. M.D. Banquet Com., Gymnastics 2, Civics Action Club 1, 4. DEBORAH WALKAMA Debbie Alpine Ct. WHISPERS: Whataday! Remember R.S. ' 71, Keep Smiling, Peeking out the window ask Val No one knows, ask Cynthia, Those rainy nights, ask Donna, A.S.H.A.H. I love him Hey toots. Yes dear Hanging over the fence. Ask A. OH Darling!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: To numerous to mention. ME: Be what you want to be, not what everyone else wants. ARTHUR DANIEL WARNER JR. Danny 1 3 Atlantic St. WHISPERS: J.F., bowling alley Teddy Bear Club in Boston, Basketball. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vars. Basketball 2 - 4. ME: Do whatever you can while you can. JOANNE RUTH WELT Jo 52 Magnolia Ave., Mag. WHISPERS: 5 4 71 C.T.O " no. 4 " 3rd brother, 7 21 73 Thursday nights with Cuz Pete, Yeah Kath Chem Tutors for Gleason Ask Sharon, HIP CHECKI SEG ' s Chemistry — WE passedll NTHD. Fasti, Mediuml FOOTBALL " Gluucester on the warpath oohl ahhl ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader 1, 3, Gym- nastics 1 - 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Intramurals 3, 4, Type Award. ME: HE will give you the strength to endure. II Corint- hians 1 :76 ELIZABETH J. WHITE Liz 31 Commonwealth Ave. WHISPERS: P.J.R. 1 13 73, O.M.S., H-95 winter, hockey games ' 72, Hit itl 1 12 74 Come on Scurve, m.c. prom, c.h.. Cranes Beach, Shaft R.A.S. ask Lena, THE CAPE P.B.? " Peter " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Council 2, M.D. Banquet Com., Senior Volunteer. ME: Felicity . . . RANDALL TUCKER WHITE Professor 534 Washington St. WHISPERS: the Brotherhood, Saturday Morning Con- fusion, horror society, visitations, the highway 9 17 73, priory meetings, Arielle, the Annex Bertha, I — Block Biology Lizard Ray, music, life, DeMolay, driv- ing. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal, Cape Ann Youth Orchestra 1 - 4, N.H.S. 3, 4 ME: Fight for what you think is right; never sound retreat; and, above all, live your own life and be your- self. NELSON WHYNOTT 5 Harvard Ct. WHISPERS: The tree, Isaac Hinkly, school?? Festival of moon, the mountain. Watch out for that treel ask Appty The corner, Mt. Ann Park. CAROLYN VIRGINIA WICKERS 21 Addison St., Essex WHISPERS: Summers of 70-73 in N.H., The S.P. and my car ask Patti, the sweetshop ask Mary and Betty. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secretary 4. ME: To always remember good friends and happy times. HELEN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Liz M 32 Bass Ave. WHISPERS: RAY: HOW CAN I TELL HER?? The gorillc I don ' t believe you! Bowling, Pickles? Ask D. Biolog 9 19 73 Washington and tears Watch itl You mighj I have to swim to bed. 7 1 can ' t wait. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: International Club 1 , Gr ; nedettes 3, 4, D Company Commander. ME: To marry the one I love. I I 1 11 «li 94 THOMAS GREGORY WILLIAMS Tom 67 Gloucester Ave. WHISPERS: Remember the reso and the midnight riders 6 3 73, ask Denis, Cranes Beach ask Carol, New Hampshire summer of 72, The Bull, Chinaport, C.A.M. make peace with grease. The Greek Picnic, hockey, skiing and swimming, painting, photography, nature, camping. ME: To live life to its fullest and to be myself. SHEILA WILLIAMSON ENDY WILLMONTON 5 Chestnut Street HISPERS: J.F.C. 6 4 71. AE: To make my dreams reality and to be able to live ith myself but never by myself. DONNA WILSON 9 Winchester Ct. WHISPERS: Billy 10 30 71 Long roads — A.Y.S. ask Barbie, Lanesville, Sick Seal, ask Barbie and Beth 4 1 1 17 3, Those rainy nights ask Kebbie, Poor Barbie has to wait till Sunday, " G.S., " Friday and Saturday nights. ME: To live my life with happiness and keep smiling. ave C. winchester jay witham Yearbook! What yearbook? arbs 2 Beacon St. HISPERS: Sadie hockey, midnight Auto sale. Girls AE: To be what only I can be andHawkins Dance 72, sk April, Hovey School all the times out backll, DEB- IE Time in the hospital and Tamalas Dana and Her- ert, CANA, When will I quit. All my friends in Ames- ury, cars, football, street hockey, midnight Auto le. Girls E: To be what only I can be and to make that spe- ial one very proud of mel 95 LAWRENCE H. WOLFE Larry 67 Hesperus Avenue ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chess Club, Physical Education Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ME: Retreat Gracefully. MARY THRESE WONSON 25 Mt. Vernon Street WHISPERS: R.W.M. — 12 26 72 — summer ‘72’, skiing — class of ‘71 !!! — GH6 — Long talks — Eastern PT. Lighthouse — 2 — szz ' s?!!! ask Cathy — F Block with Cool Ray — Those nights at the Park! 8 20 73 — Go — Louie — Go. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flash 3, Flicker 4, Pep Club 4, Student Council 3, A, Student-Faculty Advisory Council 3, Student Advisory Board to the School Committee, Open Campus Committee, Homeroom Rep., CYO-C, Representative, Student Government Day. ME: " No man is so foolish as to desire war more than peace: for in peace sons bury their fathers, but in war fathers bury their sons. " SUSANNA MARIA VON CANON Top O’ the Harbour ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon 4, G.H.S., Cho- rus 4, Girls ' Gymnastic Club 4, International Club 4, Spanish Club 4, Stage Crew 4. WHISPERS: Fred Astaire, Sidney Po.tier. MICHEAL YOUNG DONNA MARIE BALESTRACI 1 8 Granite St. WHISPERS: Tony, 6 10 71 Tony 10 1 73, Maine, The corner, the tree. Rocky Mountain, Friday night laughs and fights, ask Donna R., long talks, the sum- mer of 73, ask Donna and Eddie. ME: To have a good life with my son and husband. BARRY BURNS 230 Mt. Vernon St. WHISPERS: Mary, Aug. 1 1, 1973, ask my wife, Di kin Donuts with Joe, 5T-3840, doubling with Ni and Joe, Barhopping with Al, Bachelor party — go filmsl, automotive shop, Schlitz, 23 Mt. Vernon St. Apt. 2. ME: " You only go around once in life so grab for the gusto you coni " CHERYL HUTCHINS 9 Rocky Pasture Rd. ”74 " Thanx Mr. Natti, Cameron ' s with Robin, Lil Earl ' s; Marvin, what a trip, ask Betti, Good Harbor beach. C.A.M. Devious minds 6 16 73 ask Rob 8 4 tool RONALD JOHNSON CAROLINE SHAW Does anybody know what day this is? 97 i Awards 1974 % o 0 £l%, .V S fcN X£ John Budrow AUTO SHOP Horace Gibran MACHINE SHOP Robert Benjamin CARPENTRY SHOP Frank Sullivan ELECTRICAL SHOP Naveen Chander Our A.F.S. Student To the Staff and Students of Gloucester High 1973 74 It has been a pleasure to be associated with the members of Gloucester High 1 973 74. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all of you for helping make my year at G.H.S. a very successful, enjoyable and memorable one. For me it was a year of new experience in a community quite different from Malaysia. My warmest and best wishes go with you. Terima Kaseh, Naveen Chander c 104 Flicker Staff Flash Home Room Representatives Beacon Junior Rotarians Office and Guidance Assistants 108 Ski Club 109 Junior Achievement Student School Committee Student Secretaries National Honor Society American Field Service U L Honor Business Club Spanish Club Math League in G.H.S. Chorus Thespians 112 114 119 Candidates Day rr 73 ■ MOST ATHLETIC Terry Marshall Jay Salah MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Joanne Welt Charlie Bishee 0 CO CO IfOCM] Steve Douglas and Joan Fraga Time is filled with promises . . . and only time can make them come true. Tony Puglisi Terry Marino Pat O’Donell Mary Ciaramataro BEST ALL ROUND Stacey Somers Steve Melanson MOST LIKEL Y TO SUCCEED Dana Cohen Randall White IDEAL SENIORS Chris Brophy Bob Alves 128 BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS Joan Schlichte Matt Lundberg Sue Lynch Steve Bradford CLASS RADICALS MOST CONTRIB UTIVE CLASS INDIVIDUALS Mary Markuson Rick Hunt Mona Favaza Phil Orlando 129 .A MOST SOPHISTICA TED Mary Wonson c L 0 W N S Channie Davis Doug Ritchie Francine Sinagra 131 CLASS ROMANTICS Lisa Carlson and Joe De Wolfe Rick Brown and Mary Silva M 0 s T " This little piggy . . . Pam Asaro Peter Muniz 132 MOST ARTISTIC Tom Williams Mindy Doane MOST DARING Sue Shatford Mike Porper " You aren’t keeping us in studies! " They shall not grow oUf as we that are left grofaoid. j V Age shall not weary them N nor these years condemn: At the going down of the sun . and in the mbrning ' fK j We shall remember them , A ; 4 1 Steve Ivey In the darkest shade of night the moon tells me of simple occurances of nature Of waves that twist and weave through rocky shores Of calm waters that draw gulls under the moonlight of a warm summer night And of the soft breeze that blows off the waves that forms sand into natural mounds by Karen Silva Karen Silva 138 139 Paul Melanson Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Paul Hayes To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance A time to love and a time to hate, a time of war and a time of peace — r " 142 Identifications 1 . Karen Jackson 2. Steve Melanson 3. Bill Ellis 4. Dana Cohen 5. Linda Strescino 6. David Telles 7. Sheila Hanrahan 8. Rose Anne Ferrante 9. Pauline and Philip McComiskey 1 0. Steve Roaden 1 1 . Peter and Pam Asaro 1 2. Heather L. Titilah 1 3. Lee Preziosi 1 4. Mary Anne Telles 1 5. Darlene Aitken 1 6. Noreen Gillespie 1 7. Nancy Madruga 1 8. Kathy and Danny Curran 1 9. Janet Thompson 20. Greg Brown 21 . Debbie McKay 22. Cindy Stuart 23. Terri Vogel 24. Sharon McEachern 25. John Jordon 26. Leslie Favaloro 27. Kathy DeCoste 28. Allison McKay r - A. " V Identifications 1 . Marty Balcome 2. Diane Sutherland 3. Debbie Barnes 4. Robert Saulnier 5. Denise Rose Goulart 6. Tom Williams 7. Francine Sinagra 8. Steve Douglass 9. Alice Kangas 1 0. Carl Strescino 1 1 . Renee Duwart 1 2. Stacy Sommers 1 3. Kim Howlett 1 4 . Chris Brophy 1 5. Mark Sullivan 1 6. Karen Doucette 1 7. John Decora 1 8. Debbie Ahearn 1 9. Mary Wonson 20. Sandy Pratt 21 . Claire Friend 22. Joanne Welt 23. Melinda Doane 24. Joan Benjamin and Stephanie Murphy 25. Bob Alves 26. Gary Lane 27. Mary Ciammetaro 28. Lisa Carlson ' " " Timm ! -’in r 143 Identifications 1 Debbie Allen 2 Phil Orlando 3 Lisa Nicastro 4 Dave Winchester 5 Rick Vannah 6 Paul Simon 7 Ann Polizzia 8 Terry Guerin 9 Alison Roberts 1 0 Rick Clayton 1 1 Andrea Pallazola 1 2 Nancy Johnson 1 3 Jeanne Turner 14 Nancy Lumbruno 1 5 Susan Greenwood 1 6 Donna Cusick 1 7 Mystery Guest 1 8 Patricia Cronin 1 9 Sheila MacDonald 20 Steve Goodick 21 Mona Favaza 22 Rosanne Curcuru 23 Lisa Moody Identifications 1 Scott Beck 2 Cyndi Mondello 3 Terry O ' Neil 4 Mary Johnson 5 Terri Marino 6 Sharon Jenkins 7 Nina Scola 8 Amy Levie 9 Steve Reis 1 0 Kim Russell 1 1 Hannah Martin 1 2 John Giglio 1 3 Grace Orlando 1 4 Debbie Palk 15 Sharon MacDonald 1 6 Mike Ciaramataro 1 7 Andrea Dox 1 8 Rosalie Ciaramataro 1 9 Mary and Steve Hines 20 Carla Sinagra 21 Charlie Bisbee 22 Joan Fraga 145 SPORTS ' X Kris Krueger Steve Moore 150 Boys’ Track Team T .£ W - 1 r ' ' -f- .1 ' dm if Girls Track 152 “Parco” Manager • A --’- Coach Susan Hooper Seniors Mary Johnson Cindy Stuart Stacie Somers Alison Roberts Pauline McComiskey Chris Brophy 153 Girls Softball s Coach Sally Bradshaw 156 Lisa Hendrickson Joy Nicastro Terry Marshall 157 Terry Guerin Sharon Jenkins Jayne Fifield Soccer Team Co-Captain Frank Rose Frank Rose Joe Senos Walter Chiancola 1 58 Jim Jillson Kevin Menicocci Steve Goodick Steve Moore Co-Captain Steve Moore Girls ' Gymnastics Coach Miss Lynn Fitzgerald Co-Captains Debbie Bennett Jan Addison 160 Seniors Nina Scola Andrea Dox Debbie Bennett Allison McKay mm Jan Addison 161 Donna Cusick 162 Terrie Marshall Girls’ Basketball Coach Sheila Tranguch Joy Nicastro Denis Goulart Terry Guerin Lisa Hendrickson 164 Cheerleaders Co-Captain Terry O’Neil Co-Captain Grace Orlando Joanne Welt Kim Howlett Pam Asaro Maureen Hemmer 165 166 Bob Roland Bob Yates Wayne Baldwin Assistant Coach Head Coach Assistant Coach 1973 Fisherman Football Team Joe Unis Co-Captain Steve Melanson Co-Captain Doug Ritchie Co-Captain GHS vs. Score Danvers 5-2 Peabody 3-4 Winthrop 5-1 Beverly 4-6 Swampscott 0-2 Lynn Classical 4-3 Marblehead 2-3 Salem 6-2 Saugus 2-0 Lynn English 5-5 Danvers 4-2 Winthrop 1-4 Beverly 2-2 Swampscott 4-2 Lynn Classical 2-1 Marblehead 7-4 Saugus 5-2 Salem 5-2 Lynn English 2-3 Peabody 5-1 Seniors 173 Hockey " 74 ” Coach James McComiskey Captain Steve Douglass Charlie Olson Seniors Tony Gentile Jay Salah — 174 ST n 11 Vi i t ■! JRJ HjEOg If there ' s someone you can talk to Someone no one can replace If there ' s someone you can laugh with Till the tears run down your face If there ' s someone you can turn to When you need a helping hand If there’s someone you can count on To advise and understand If there ' s someone you can sit with And not need to say a word If there ' s someone you can trust To keep each confidence they ' ve heard If there’s someone you think more of As each year comes to an end . . . You ' re a very lucky person For you’ve found a Special Friend! Doris Faulhaber l ' , ' 1 - i ' J, 1 ■Art 176 Office Staff Lt. Col. Brophy Sfc. Hubbard Sgm. Cannizzaro Sfc. Critch 178 Cadet Major Richard Vannah Cadet Major Mark Silva Cadet Lt. Col. D. Gary Lane JROTC Staff 1 79 Cadet Captain Carmen Capillo 180 Cadet Captain Christopher Krueger Cadet Sgt. Major Anthony Pizzimenti Cadet Captain Robert Alves A Company Cadet Lt. Charles Bisbee B Company Cadet Lt. Stephen Melanson and Cadet Lt. Micheal Hogan Cadet Captain Glenn Alto 181 C Company Cadet Captain Joseph DeWolfe Cleveland Cronin D Company 182 s Band Color Guard Cadet Captain William Ellis 183 mnmnnuini! 1 Individual Drill Winners 18 7 1st Place 2nd Place Senior 3rd Place Commander Chris Bell Girls Drill Team 188 Master Sgt. Master Sgt. Sgt. 1st Class Master Sgt. Mary Ciaramitaro Milinda Doane Joan Fraga Joan Benjamin Master Sgt. Diane Sutherland 2nd in Command Lisa Moody Sweet and Innocent? Look, just one hand! Is this how you play volley- ball? Hark, was that the bell? Whoal Ah, what did you say we were selling? 189 St. Valentine Day Massacre Chicago Seymour, Lucky Lepre-Chawn, Sugar boy Brown, Lover Boy Goodick, Skitz Funion, Da Bozz Frankie, " Machine Gun Corliss,” Fingers Bisbee 191 1 2 September 6, 1973 School reopened today and all the seniors agree that the summer was too short. September 11,1 973 Mrs. Mills seen doing a cart- wheel down the corridor. At least someone ' s glad to be back to school. September 15, 1973 MacDonalds invaded by G.H.S. September 1 8, 1 973 Steve Melanson and Bob Alves seen at a Pep Club meeting. Football getting too rough for you guys? September 22, 1973 Senior Picnic is invaded by ANTS! September 26, 1973 Seniors rebel against studys and take a dip in the canal! September 28, 1973 Matt Lundberg seen in the lobby during lunch. Resource center must be closed. September 30, 1 973 Mary Ciaramitaro is on time for the first time in her life. The whole school stands up and cheers. October 2, 1 973 Andrea Dox gives Mr. Rower a big kiss after they win the double tennis tournament. October 4, 1 973 Michael Henry Horgan shaved off his beard. Alright Henry! October 9, 1 972 Pen machine is broken, every- one is seen with new ink pens. October 12, 1973 Class President seen sleeping during Govt, assembly. October 1 9, 1 973 Joe held Lisa’s hand! October 22, 1973 Step 1 . Chris Bell moves her locker. October 24, 1 973 What ' s a Sally Marshall with- out freckles? October 31,1 973 The Senior Class celebrates Halloween by dressing up like students! November 3, 1 973 Mark Allen makes an obscene phone call to his mother. November 6, 1973 Someone tells a joke and Nina Scola gets it — alright Nina. November 1 1, 1973 Karen O ' Maley gets lost crossing the cut bridge. Alright Karen. November 15, 1973 Mike and Smokey announce their engagement. November 18, 1973 Joe finally let go of Lisa ' s hand. November 21,1 973 Mary Ann Telles has her knees lifted. November 25, 1 973 G.H.S. Senior Girls join the Bust Developers Club. Things are beginning to shape up! November 27, 1 973 When both editors were asked how the Flickers were coming, both replied at the same time, " What Flickers? " November 30, 1973 Sandy Pratt is caught with her belly button showing. Bad girl Sandy! 192 December 3 Darlene Aitken brings a suitcase to school. Going on a trip Darlene? Ohl It is her purse. December 5 Terry Marino goes to school today singing the Moun- ties hymn " 1 always get my man. " December 7 Pauline McComiskey seems to get in every- bodys way. 1 wonder why? December 8 Tony Puglisi seen riding around Harty St. Who are you looking for, Tony? December 9 Deb Barnes still isn ' t in school! Is she still alive? Are ya Deb? December 1 2 The fence fell in front of McKay house. Ellen, Sheila, Debbie and Nancy have no place to stand. December 1 3 Ellen Sutherland is having a mail box installed in the main office. December 1 4 David Telles gets 1 6 boxes of Pro- tein 21 — David you look simply marvelous! December 1 5 The Cape Ann Skip- pers win Champion- ship undefeated! December 2 1 Semi-formal! Ever- yone wants to know where the Christmas tree went. January 1 7 Senior night at York Steak House is invaded by the boss and the mob. January 1 9 Renee Oliver is not speaking to the Senior Class because she was elected Class Grind. January 24 Ron Fanion forgot his knife today! January 26 Peter Muniz seen coming out of the custodians room . . . with a custo- dian! February 8 Ann Polizzia came to school with her eyes all red. What’s the matter Ann? Hay Fever! HA-HA! February 1 4 Steve Douglass is seen running down the lobby with heart undershorts on! February 1 7 Sue Shatford is becoming a stew- ardess. She is practicing Coffee, Tea or Me! February 20 Cathy Cook mountain climbs in Austria out of windows! February 27 Any day and every day most Roman- tic?? Terry and Danny. March 4 Jay Salah and Steve Moore take dip in canal. March 8 Joe Unis seen staring at Sheila MacDonald ' s feet! March 1 2 Lisa Paris seen dragging out of the gym. Another hard day huh Lisa! March 1 7 Debbie Moir streaks down bou- levard carefree! March 31 Gloucester High hockey team almost made it. We are proud of you boys! WINTER 193 S O April 5 All girls get asked to senior prom. You can ' t always get what you want! April 6 Temperatures hit the 80 s. Everyone crowds to the canal for a spring celebration. April 1 0 SNOWING! April 1 8 Jeanne Turner lost her matchbox. That’s O.K. Fear- less, we’ll buy you a new one. “The Gang " April 2 1 Hannah Martin completes a whole job in one block — Type 3. Yeah Hah! April 23 Lisa Moody is seen walking slowly down the hall. What’s the matter Lisa, iron poor blood? April 25 Grace found half a worm in her apple. Was the other half good Grace? April 27 “Sagamore” Mon- dello is finally getting a lift out of life. Keep it up Mondellol! April 29 Terry Vogel ' s hair is out to Mars. She got her finger stuck in a light socket. May 3 Doug Ritchie finally realizes he should use cream rinse on his hair. May 7 Mary Hines is bringing dog bis- cuts to school. Is that puppy still fol- lowing you? May 8 Mother and Daughter Banquet — Mothers finally realize that their daughters have grown up. May 1 2 Deb and Sib fight over on what to write on the Boy ' s Room wall! May 1 4 Chris Brophy seen smiling, another letter from David, maybe?? May 1 7 ' z of the Senior Class is seen at CVS buying suntan lotion, alright! May 1 8 Claire Friend is getting up in the world. You can take your 2 inch platforms off now, Claire. May 19 Mindy Doane seen trying to catch flies out in the High School parking lot. Who are they for Mindy? May 20 The library ' s crowded with Seniors. Marks close. May 21st. May 21 Seniors are finally free from G.H.S. Back to summer jobs. Early! May 23 Walter Chianciola has not left the North Shore Thea- tre for 3 days. Chester Morgan must be there. May 25 Seniors are seen coming to practice with ice packs on top of their heads. May 28 No one shows up for Graduation practice — Senior Camp must be too much. May 29 Senior Boys are seen down Good Harbor Beach soaking up the ??? June 7 All Seniors are seen out every night. Hope they make it to GRADUATION! June 9 GRADUATION DAY!! A massive streak movement alright, Seniorsll Though high school days of telling tales and biting nails are gone, we know in our hearts that the memories will ■ =s- J 194 Sewing Circle. Which way to the beach! President of the Girl Watchers. 195 The Stock Exchange Channie? f m-.dde Sd 7 ? f fOd,l £ % Q,t 4 " jjo.fcb,e 4 - qc Say4r)LM.0 A rs 9 Jd- ' - ' g ' 5 . ' v - y T c V .,„ “• fldln c - nr ' € -of- r On t ANb On V ' Jfc i l(llA , . . r?v . s- ' r JSV {?% ) ' C ' X s I % A 0 . „ Y . XsnCtA JO v ? S;A)Skv £ Ar. JO ' -S° e O, (.• V ' Pe ' K ho - ' ( P ,pU T Pjl ' ’JpZ 1 r 0- 0, O x v x v N Q C V oc ■V 5 vO - v J 3 =o c lb % ' 0 0 v 75 c g " 5cf rou Jri Yfri i( 6 M ' S r ? Jt o a oA Wa . -T. . .-■ . « V 1 [s. ,x ' fi rAt : Flicker Staff 1974 Co-Editors: Pauline McComiskey Lisa Moody Assistant Editor: Chris Brophy Advisor.- Mrs. Grace Figurido Business Advisor: Mr. Harvey Korobkin Business Manager: Sheila Hanrahan Chairmen: Art: Mindy Doane Senior Section: Sheila MacDonald Activities: Debbie Sheedy Baby Pictures: Leslie Favaloro Sports: Terry Marino Class Calendar: Joan Fraga ROTC: Pat Cronin Divider Pages: Joan Benjamin Faculty: Claire Friend Photographers: Tom Williams Debbie Silva Purdy Photographers A special thanks to the Gloucester Daily Times for the use of pictures Other Workers: Sharon McEachern Diane Sutherland Irene Duwart Chris Bell Stephanie Murphy Andrea Dox Terry O’Neil Steve Roaden Lisa Carlson Roseanne Ferrante Mary Wonson Stacey Somers Mary Johnson Ellen Souza Karen Doucette Nancy Johnson Life — so they say Is but a game and they let it slip away Love — like the Autumn Sun Should be dying but its only just begun Like the twilight in the road up ahead They don t see just where we ' re going And all the secrets in the universe Whispers in our ears and all the years will come and go And take us up, always up We may never pass this way again Dreams — so they say Are for fools and they let them drift away Peace like the silent dove Should be fly in but its only just begun Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ships out on the open sea Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up, always up We may never pass this way again So I wanna laugh while the laughing is easy I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile I may never pass this way again Seals and Crofts 199 fl m wt m m -s I ' - V: ’ ■MM k 1 m Mr ) i 1 if pM — m ■- | 3 mv W «®v .. ' ' -%j| ifsig y.y • JP A ajM H E li fllt© ' ' T .; .,. m sT;. 1| fj wXj€ W f i!t ™ EE M v R j Zf M iv -Hr JR wf M m.y ■ ' C. e vv. i 1 pE PEv |jE 1- p. O n v " V We would like to express our sincere thanks to the staff, advisors, photographers, and all those who helped to make this one of the best Flickers to ever come out of G.H.S. We hope that this yearbook symbolizes the friendships, good times and all the many happy memories which we all have experienced during these four years. With love and friendship, ' tfc x. ' hhjus Lisa and Polly I 202 MARINE ARTS COMPANY 140 Main Street Essex, Mass. f BU P re j GLOUCESTER POCKPOPT Best Wishes Class of 1 974 CHRISTOPHER W. B. GURSHIN Compliments of Best Wishes and Good Health SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 3 Southern Ave. So. Essex, Mass. 83 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. WEDGEWOOD PHARMACY VILLAGE Dial 768-6631 Essex, Mass. CANDY SHOP Best Wishes to the Class of ' 74 Old Essex Village Compliments of Compliments of CLICKY ' S MEN SHOP McDOWELL ' S Main Street Plaza Glouce ster, Mass. STATIONERY, INC. CAPE ANN AUTO BODY COMPANY Congratulations Class of ' 74 from the 1 9 Grove Street Essex, Mass. 768 7333 GREELY FAMILY James C. Greely Jr. Gerald D. Greely James C. Greely III 203 Compliments of BENJAMIN ' S I 14 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. Best Wishes Class of 1 974 For all jewelry needs in sales and services ART JEWELERS W. E. BLANCHARD JEWELER Gloucester, Mass. Registered Jeweler American Gem Society 1 25 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of B. SCHRED ' S FABRIC SHOP WINGAERSHEEK MOTEL 105 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. Congratulations CONNOR ' S PHARMACY, INC. AUNE ' S YARN SHOP 76 Prospect Street Gloucester, Mass. 99 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. 283-2765 Compliments of SKIPPER ' S GALLEY Essex 205 ALEXANDER INSURANCE AGENCY 593 Essex Ave. Gloucester, Mass. 283-9074 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 CAPTAIN VITO CIARAMITARO Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of 1974 BOB ' S HABERDASHERY LARSON ' S SHOE STORE I 34 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. I 3 I Main Street Gloucester, Mass. Best Wishes from STERLING ' S DRUGSTORE DEXTER ' S HEARTHSIDE 1 09 Eastern Ave. Rt. 1 33 Essex, Mass. I 78 Main Street Gloucester 207 In Memory of our son Randy — " May we wish each of his fellow classmates all the goodness life can hold and may your ambitions and dreams be rewarded with success and happiness. " CHRISLEE DARRAND 2 1 0 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Telephone: 28 I -282 I Eddie and Bev Re Art Supplies — Permenant Pigments Winsor and Newton Weber Paints — Cloverleat Colorizer Frames — Domestic Foreign 208 Wallpapers — Imperial GOLDMAN ' S GOLDMAN ' S Compliments to the Class of 1 974 Main Street Gloucester CALLAHAN ' S RIVERSIDE HOUSE 1 1 7 Main Street Essex LUIGI ' S MITCHELL ' S MOVING USED FURNITURE 1 1 8 Main St. Gloucester The biggest used furniture store in Gloucester Lexington Ave. Magnolia, Mass. CAPE ANN GLASS 2 1 6 Main Street CONGRATULATIONS Gloucester, Mass. 0 1 930 CLASS OF 74 Tel. 283-4732 " GLASS FOR ALL PURPOSES " Dial 283- 1262 Est. 1902 DEERING ELECTRIC CO. INC. Electrical Contractors GLOUCESTER CAMERA PHOTO SHOP S. D. Peering, Jr. 1 5 Washington Street Gloucester 1 0 Pleasant St. Gloucester, MA HASTINGS AND TAPLEY INSURANCE COMPANY Congratulations! MONDELLO ' S SHOW SERVICE Village Center Essex John H. Morrow 67 Pleasant St. Gloucester 209 SERRIN GIFTS Rockport and Essex Congratulations to Pauline McComiskey and Classmates Mike Paula Good Luck FISH TOWN U.S.A. Weekly Special Tropical Fish and Supplies Pets and Supplies We Set Up Tanks in Your Home Lay-a-way Plans Repair Tanks Gloucester, Mass. I 1 2 Main Street 283 4848 9:30-9:00 Daily 210 Compliments of Cape Ann Lodge No. 1471 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE 26 Pleasant Street Gloucester, Mass. 01930 - HASKELL ' S CREATIVE CRAFTS Old Essex Village Best of Luck — Class of ' 74 OLD TIMERS TAVERN Jesse and Gunga serving you SHIP AHOY Essex OLD ESSEX VILLAGE Essex, Mass. LAND OF OZ Walter Dyer — LEATHER GOODS GREEN THUMB THAI-HOUSE JEWEL BOX CANTERBURY SHOP 212 Good Luck Class of " 74 " JOHN A. JOHNSON INC Insurance of Every Description AUDREY ' S FLOWER SHOP I Duncan Street Gloucester, Mass. 80 Pleasant Street Gloucester, Mass. SA.-WS UR E gl ( Sr 01930 i0 UC ST5 %CVMt STORAGE A

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