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-V W. aHV Ip : X s ' mS . iij j j3BWl WW wt J nCKrc.1 • -ffv r y» i my i ■ - U on t you dock down upon me J esus You ' u got to help me m ofee oj stand You ' u€ Just got t(v see nt6 tfuougfi ancik i day Uy body ' s odtlng and my time t$ at kand And f won t ma£e ft any otk u way I’M $66« lfn and fu S66H ' ual f ' ye seen Sunny days tJiat f ffcougfet wouM neye t end f ' uO seen doneOy times udien f could not hind cu friend But f always ikouyluJb tfcat f ' cL see you again . James T ylo ' t $g§ajM§gf • 1 -- 1 El Assistant Principal MR. EDWARD W. ROEWER Principal MR. ROBERT NATTI Vice-Principal MR. ROBERT KARCHER 5 v Mr. William Gentile Mr. J. Vincent Elmer Mr. Paul Bradstreet Mrs. Ethel Mills Dean of Girls Mr. Vernon Hooper 7 Miss Donna Robinson Mrs. Connie Kennedy 10 Mr. Leon Sprague Guidance Department Head GuitWcft Dcfxwtwewi Mrs. Eleanor Cappon Mr. Paul Radcliffe Mr. Mark Haberland Mr. Kent Robarts Mrs. Betty Ramsey Mr Stephen Sutera Mr Joseph Schuyler M rs Sandra Renwick Mr. Dennis Corkery Mr. Bruce Flannagan Miss Eleanor Beebe Miss Arva Holt Mr James McComiskey Miss Charlotte Taylor Mr Ronald Atwood 12 Mr Robert Heilman Mrs. Mary Saratora Mr. Joshua Brackett Mrs. Martha Squires Mrs. Madeline Grillo Miss Helen Wilkins Mr. William Gentile Acting Department Head Mr. Joseph Grillo i. Mr. John Halmen Mr. Morton Sparer Mrs. Bonnie O’Connell 13 Mr. Alan Goldin Mr. Roger Campbell Mr. Salvatore Favazza Mr. Frederick Caldwell Mr. John Sperry Department Head Mr. Alfred Hagstrom 14 Mr. Augustus Nunes Uativ DepctAitowb Mr. William Proposki Mr. Henri Caron Mr. Dennis Veator Mr. John McPhee 15 Department Head Mr. John Carter Mr. Patrick Chorpenning Mr. Ray Brock Miss HoJJy Frost Mr. Ray Lane Mr. Donald McPhail Mrs. Kathleen Timko Mr. James Brennan Mr. John Furey Mrs. Marilyn Clark Mr. John Kama Mr. Gerald O’Neil Mrs. Louise Nickas Qo AoJl Otu h S Mr. David Wise Mr. Gregg Smith Mrs. Stephanie Bradley Mr. Wayne Baldwin Mrs. Bonnie Dominick Mr. Carl McKenzie Department Head Miss Barbara Stasium Mr. Thomas Pantages Mr. Francis Speck Mr Ronald Pasck Mrs. Myrtle Wardrup Miss Patricia Thomas Mr. Stanley Gleason Mrs. Eva Schneider Mr. Paul Riley Mr. John Mangan Mr. Paul Bradstreet Mr. Jack Leonard 19 Rvt tgw i i Mr Richard Chane Mr. Jaime Benalcazar Mrs. Charlotte Chane Mr. Vincent Elmer Mrs. Doris Baer Miss Mary Tarlian Miss Linda Lawrence Miss Julie Carpenter Miss Jayne Avila Department Head 20 Mr. Robert Wagner Mr. Paul Goodwin Department Head Mr. Milton Harris Mr. Vernon Hooper EC0 t0 ittCS Mrs. Patricia Wagner Miss Carol Laudano Mrs. Elizabeth Spellman Mrs. Joan Keegan Department Head Mrs. Jane Moginot 2 Mr. Robert Londergon Mr. Devon Bergcngren Miss Verna Carbone Mrs. Kathryn Davis Mr. Donat Femino Mr. Alge Vaitones Department Head Mrs. Jeanette Ortins Mr. Salvator Randazza BuStaeSS DfyOrdttoi Miss Bea Christopherson Mr. Tom O’Donnell Mr. Harvey Korobkin 23 Mrs. Maryellen Callahan Miss Susan Hooper PlujSvCcJ! GdujC itOtos UepctAhuwb Mr. Robert Delisle Mr. Eric Sills Mr. Robert Yates Miss Sally Bradshaw 24 Miss Mary Johnson liuSfo De|3(i tthie cfc Mr. Robert Puff Mr. Irving Anderson Ttaafct Aife Miss Nancy Webber A Miss Mary J. Nugent, Department Head Atfc Dypadrmdb Mr. Randall Darwell Mr. Frank Petronzio SAWYER FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 25 Mr Manuel Martins Department Head Miss Jacqueline Lynch Resource Center Librarian Mrs. Maroy Patrick Special Education Mr. William Weller Pupil Personnel Miss Janet Kilgore Pupil Personnel Miss Dorothy Lon dergon Head Librarian Mrs. June Greenwood Audio-Visual 26 Mrs. Helmie Johnson Recess Supervisor " Sarge” Mrs. Phyllis Whynot Recess Supervisor Mr. John Worth Chairman of Maintenance Mrs. Mary Flynn School Nurse Mrs. Dorothy MacLcan Health Aide Mr. Carlo Sinagra, Special Education 77 ' v- - ■ nw -»vVv .Vi ' ' 4 - - ' v • » .- • . i r 1 • • ' • ■• viV-. v „V j S uiss AJto, tii pfo stc f of 1 972 , aflfidH ucddy dedicate owv yearbook ta Ulss CW0ott 7ay(W has cteuofeflL hicuty ge us Ic t 62 to te bcfiX«« ofrBngkslv to students at Qtovuceste i f-ftgh Cckool. f-fe wow jpe tsonoJIJdb and spotting $eus of kum v make h v a pleasure to know , and we kope tkotmantj mate classes of Gtou ceste i f-figli students uM b€Kef fto (ie i kndlly wisdom, ike Qenlo Class uM always temembe u ke v wading of ' tC« cfc lA tuv Cfc tXstin(U3bS ' ' otw junior yeo uu£ most especially at ike 1 97 1 CWsWs assembly. DEDICATION 30 SUSAN JANE ABBOTT Sue 42 Me Pleasant Avenue REMEMBER: Sal 9 26 69 concerts — Jethro Tull — Rhine Garten — " Galf-a Hallon " — $64 question stoned pier ask Janice — Sugar Loaf ' 71 " — Hair fried eggs Bilbo Baggins and friends the S and S noise band chic-a-boom. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club — Type Awards — Student Secretary. WORDS OF WISDOM: If it makes you feel good, do it! DAVID ABBOTT Dave. Ab S Barberry Lane REMEMBER clean air and water surfing, hockey, iceboating; Thunder Corps. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS Member of the Rock. Winner of The Rookie of the Year award ■•1966 " WORDS OF WISDOM: Remember, people are iust animals, and animals sometimes become extinct. DAWN MARIE ADDISON " Pres. " I Grove Street, Essex REMEMBER: Chemistry ’70-’71, Bad Finger 71, Football, 5 8 70, Ipswich, skiing and Mac- Donalds, the Village, Elections, Swimming last days of school 71, New Year’s Eve. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Class Representative Junior Usherette, Pep Club, Open Campus Steering Committee, Senior Class President, Summer Leadership Workshop. WORDS OF WISDOM: Divine love is a sacred flower, which in its early, bud is happiness and in its full bloom is heaven. RAYNOR ADAMS. JR Ray Lake Road. Magnolia REMEMBER 4 4 70 island parties, hockey, getting crazed WORDS OF WISDOM: A working class Hero is something to be. CAROLYN AGOSTINI Carol Staten Street REMEMBER: G.H. 8 29 71 laugh and cries ask Mary Jane Apr. 17, 1970 Double Nov. 12 and 19 ask Mary Jane and Jack He’s looking for a friend ask them Yow! Kangaroo courts D.B.S.H O.T.K.E. blk thrills ask Mary Jane Hey Babes! WORDS OF WISDOM: Love means never having to say you’re sorry. ANNETTE AIELLO 65 Washington Street REMEMBER: Summer of " 71, " Rod Stewart, Maggie May, that nite at Gussie ' s, Ask Maria, sweet talkin ' guy as Eddie, you just wait til I get my license! ask Gary, gas tank, bubble gum and that ten speed bike ask Lee. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: " To forgive him for his past and pray for his future. " ROCHELLE ANN AIELLO ’’ Rocky” Sweeties Shore Hill Road REMEMBER: 9 25 68, Sunday night at the Drive-In ask Lola, Dawn and Joan ' s PJ parties, ' Parties at Crane’s Beach,” " The Pits, " Green and Blue Chevy, " Big Dick” Your Problem is obvious ask Dawn C., Mai’s gang, Hi men! Chocolate pudding. Black and Blue Pontiac. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Flicker, Student Secretary. WORDS OF WISDOM: " To be happy in a world of wonder.” SHELLY ALEXANDER 25 Maplewood Park REMEMBER: KEVIN, " first,” nature, lemon squeezer! 101-8-28, beaches. Playground!! O.T.K. mama! cop?? cloud 13 Anne! Cuddles, moons, 7 13 71, a surprise? ouu-Linda?? friends, that house! children! windy Saturday, music, " their " happiness, letter January!! AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team. Floor- master’s Assistant, Pep Club, Student Secretary. WORDS OF WISDOM: Without " you " I’m nothing, for I exist without a cause! EARLE AMERO " Rusty " 2 Lewis Ct. REMEMBER: " Crcedence " " Auroa " The Stooges Wicked Machine P.S. Mug-up Wipeout Still Looking ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Holding the lowest rank in R.O.T.C. Trying to hold a lot of largars. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Don’t Be Late In The Wrong Direction. " DEBBIE AMERO MIKE AMARAL Caesar ' s REMEMBER Summer of " 71 " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 2, 3. 4. Wanda WORDS OF WISDOM To be a better man than the other guy. But I ate my Wheaties, Ma. JAMES AMERO 4 Fuller Lane Magnolia REMEMBER: skiing, music, swimming, Austria parries. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: basket ball. WORDS OF WISDOM: You can’t always get what you want. LEO AMERO 8 Winchester Ct. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Dogging it, the stairs KIRSTEN JEAN ANDERSON 11 Poplar Street REMEMBER Shalom. March 3rd. RJM, May Ik, rehassles, morning Aug. II, Quincy, " I think we‘d better go home,” ask Karen or Dianne, attic 69-70, Winni, clumps. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: American Field Service I, 2, 3 (Treasurer), 4; Beacon 3, (co-editor) 4; Thespians 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; NMSQT Letter of Commendation. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Sometimes I feel like an eagle in the air. " RALPH ANDREWS Fuff 14 Leonard St. REMEMBER: J.E.E. Weld. Racko, Pine trees, Crone’s, skiing, water skiing, SAUNAS, St. Pc ter’s, Fr. Toste, J.G., C and G., 13ths, BROTH- ER! Canobie Lake ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS: Homeroom Rep.; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty 3, 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3; Drama 1, 2, 3; President 2, S.D. Committee 3, 4; Advisor to School Committee. WORDS OF WISDOM: Each of us must do the things that matter, All of us must see what we can see; you will be wel- come in my home. He studies? CATHERINE A ASARO Cathy 2 Fort Square REMEMBER MANNY. 4 2 71. To Always Love Him, his first Chevy, Fort Gang, HELP ' fire, John’s NYE Party " 71,” Sergeant’s party " 71, " the keys, ask Linda, HBC XMAS Chorus. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Honor Busi ness Club, AES, Type and Shorthand Awards, National Honor Society WORDS OF WIS- DOM Before Man made us citizens, great Na- ture made us men KATHRYN LAURA ASARO Kathy, " Kookics " 11 Marshfield Street. REMEMBER West Gloucester, Thanksgiving dinner?! Skip’s " gravy, " winter 68 69; " NAPPA,” Dykes, " bestest” friends (Linda knows). ”14.” SFP CHEEKS ' Brickwall, ask Cindy, KOO-KIES! Holy Cross, the wave! (3 28 71), Haskell’s, noddin ' out!, N.H MAINTAIN! Roller Skating, New Year’s Eve! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Homeroom Rep. 2, 3, 4; Flicker Staff; Sweet Shop 1, 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM LAGNAF! ROBERT E BARNES Bob, Badnews, Barnesy 43 Woodward Avc. REMEMBER P.G.? Dithout A wought on BouBbt Adout it up with the, FLYERS! S S, ask Pedro, Ahsue Eesue; Halifax, ask Curt; C.A.M., Make Peace with Greece! Hi there Cuck? Burn, Baby Bum. ask B.C ACTIVITIES AND HONORS ROTC, cpl 2, sgt 3, It. 4. LB T. Club. VICTORIA ANIIX) Vicki 376 Western Avenue REMEMBER My Luv Ambie, Alfred, Maine, Bridgton Prep, The Old’s, Spill the wine. My Big Blue Teddybear, My only Luv, Ambie AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Student Council. Student Faculty Advisory Member, and Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM; " Love is never having to say you’re sorry. " , JOHN ASARO Johnny, " El Johno” Giovanni 7 Madison Court REMEMBER Library " 69.” Driving around with Sal and Bryan, St Peter’s Fiesta, Bob’s car 11 10 71, Canada 1970, Those ”X” rated mov- ies, Espanol I, II, III, Bushwacking, Dances, Those Friday and Saturday nights, J’s Falcon, S’s Sunbeam, Bryan’s Valiant, Italy ' 71. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS To be a SENIOR at last! And finally Graduating (P.G.?) WORDS OF WISIX)M All I ask is that you accept me as I am, for what 1 am, or don’t accept me at all. BRIAN J BALL DAVID C BARR 39 School Street REMEMBER B L the old B -b. The Fallnights in " 68,” (— Strike) with F.P.P.S. Remember the telephone Pole F.P. ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS: G.V.S., Auto Shop, ROTC 1 year, 100 Brownie Points WORDS OF WISDOM: " How’s Life Treatin’ Ya!” FRANCES MARA BAYONA ' Frm. FVx Fut, Buuni“ GmoY REMEMBER 10 1 n ; " Which way you goin TYA. NY SummcT 70. 71. Beaches. The Blip at Nupa Ship Yards. Mommy; Sher- nan ' s Tank, cliffs ' fountains, being illegal. Bos ran. Flank ' s rm. Callahan ' s hole, gymnastics. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS " Air you kid- vkng , “ WORDS OF WISDOM " Sit in the sun. Man Look at the tires. " By Mary Bessom. TIMOTHY BELL Tim " Bner Road REMEMBER Thai night it happened. Getting rand The Bridge. Chiquita, (Oga son of Quisp) THE ROOM. — 1 won ' t though. " The tear we won it. " Lend me five so I can stay alive ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Golf Team L II. III. IV WORDS OF WISDOM: Speech is great, but silence is greater. LINDA BO DON I " Linda " 15 Elm Street REMEMBER: The rest of try life with Bobby, HIM, Sergeant’s Party " 71, ask Cathy, stealing crackers, " ask Chris, " Commodore, ask Berny and Patty, carnivals, Grassroots, sumertime, H BC, Xmas " 71, By now. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club, Shorthand and Typing Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: To have all my dreams become reality for peace in this world. WILLIAM BERGMANN " Bill " REMEMBER: Lana 7 Alpine Ct., Tony’s Place The comer — R D. WORDS OF WISDOM Stay in line, it pays. AMBITION: Get married 8 kids, and a happy life. PAUL BOHNWAGNER " Bushwacker " 17 Winthrop St., Essex REMEMBER 9 7 71; ask Peg or Sept 13, 1971. ask Donie, Red Gibson Trini Lopez, FENDER AMPS, the band, Electronic music lab Jr. years, accidents in the van!! (or Sat. nights). ACTIVITIES: Co-producer VGHS 4, ROTC 2, 3. 4. A-V 2. 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Smile and people will wonder what you’re up to. JUDY BEDARD ROBERT BENHAM 34 II NORMAN P BORGE ‘Mud Turtle " 73 Perkin St REMEMBER J V F P — 30F. N Y Pub . Agua Camp Milbruok, Duck Hunting, Blue Bomb, All Nighter . Daisy, Montreal, Diving, THE WATER. AND THE WOODS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Football I. 2. 3. 4. Rifle Team 2. 3, 4. Weightlifting I, 2. 3. R O.T C 2, V 4. Major Grenadiers 3. 4, Squad Leader WORDS OF WISIXJM To think and be my self no matter what changes take place around me JAMES G BRAGG ’Jay " 81 Gloucester Avc REMEMBER J V B P at N B . 30 below. N Y Pubs, Aqua panties. Pickle, Cow Path, cold nose. Lighthouse, Rockport, Heckle and Jeckle. G Block Chem , organ man, All-Nighters. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Football 1. 2. 3. 4. Tennis 2, 3, 4, R.O T C. 2. 3, 4, Company Com- mander WORDS OF WISDOM Nice guys finish last! GIUSEPPE BRANCALEONE " Joe, Giuscp, Joe Bunch-a-balony " 12 Tolman Ave. REMEMBER Mussolini ' s Black Bomb, Fort Devens 71 and 72 " don’t shoot! " Bang! Girls drill team " 71 " The elevator. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.T.C. Captain, Com mander of A Company and Grenadiers, 2nd Place Prize Squad " 70, " 2nd Place Haskell, " 70” 1st Place Prize Squad, " 71, " Outstanding Squad Leader of the year, " 71,” 3rd Place Haskell, " 71.” WORDS OF WISDOM: The good man prolongs his life, to be able to enjoy one’s past, life is to live twice. MARIA ANTOINETTE BRANCALEONE " Twan " •1 Lookout St. REMEMBER: CONCERTS, Sleeping in Bos- ton, talks ask Teresa and Gerri, Beatings ask Lisa, Pavilion Lounge, the corner, next left Strawberry Quick, spaced out. Laughs with Ro- seane ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Library Assistant 68-69. WORDS OF WISDOM: to be me. TONI FRANCES BORGE 133 Wheeler St REMEMBER ANTHONY. West Gloucester. Dikes ' Panties. Dark Hole, Haskell ' s, the bridge. 1970 Ford Pickup, that Marshall boy. 66 Sumner St., 9 2 70. Crewcuts, Navy boys. Lippc ans, The Who. Stephen Stills. Sha-Na Na. 8 6 70, " my coats all mud’, " Twcedle, Max. Sheba. My little fish, I wish I was crazy " CHARLENE BRANCALEONE " Charlie " 73 Concord St. REMEMBER: English 2 and 3 — ask Peggy. Reaching Ginny’s!! West Gloucester Woe ' oh ' oh! Patching things up, ask Peggy and Paul 1:10 ask Cincy. G Block — ask Arene LISBETH A BRANTLEY " Beth, Brants. " •17 Atlantic Rd. REMEMBER: Summer of 71, 1 16 71; the Rock (S.F.D.) Rides in the G-wagon (2 am) " Hotdog, " F.T.A., G.F.F., P.P.P. ask Janice. P S ask Carla. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Girls Drill Team Squad Leader, Homeroom Rep., Flicker, Pep Club, P.A.C.S., SAC., N.M.S.Q.T., Letter of Commendation. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Take your tyme, think a lot — think of everything you’ve got; for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not. " Hold him while you can! I 35 MICHAEL BRENNAN " Mike, Boll. Brennanj, Stump” 10 Beacon Street REMEMBER C.G., i ngjr hpi. Camp Millbrook 0, 71, chiquitas, P.T., 38. Wingy, Sat. night, Chinaport, whisk, " A” of Hearts, Friendly ' s, Norm’s party, D.S.T.B., B A ask Cheryl, Foot- ball. oranges 71, " S.O.M. 1.000, " It’s not all over.’’ walkers, " What’s the matter? " " Do you? " . . . I do, " lockerroom talk, 10-56-6, ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Football 1. 2. 5. 4, Base- ball 1. 2. 5. 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: " What can 1 say? " MARK BROWN 3 Winchester Ct. INTEREST: Sunshine, swimming, music. AC- TIVITIES: Baseball WORDS OF WISDOM: " To win you must accept defeat. JANE BROWN CHRISTINE BUCKLEY " Chris” 16 Ellery Street REMEMBER: People at Mt. Ida; Football, Taxi- ing, Good Harbor Beach, Papa’s, Hollywood, racing down black, swimming, Saturday nights, MP and MC. WH, Adventures — ask Di. HAP- PINESS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Prcsi dent of Pep Club, Class Representative 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, MASC Workshop, NEMDSC Convention, Treasurer of SAC 1, 2, Flash 3, Junior Usherette, Type Award I and H. WORDS OF WISDOM: Show the world all the love in your hcan and people will treat you better. MARY P BUCKLEY " Buck " 5 Ships Bell Rd. REMEMBER: S.W.S., 7 25 70, Big three, Lonely times, talks and tears, D.C., 9 . Wingaer- shcek, L.H.B., M.S. and LG. — that night, C-4, A.N. — ask Cindy, " taxi,” Hope!!, Big Mac’s V.C., U.S.C.G. “ long letters, that night — phone call — ask Sandy, fish??, flat tires, " My Biz.” Pits. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sec retary Pep Club, Student Secretary, S.A.C., Homeroom Rep., Type Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: Faithfulness and sincerity — the first of all! ED BUDROW 15 Holly Street REMEMBER Donna 10 15 71. Blondes. Vodka. Screwdriver, the hut, the wall, Friday nights, Oak Grove, Lanesville, the Willows Caught in the act DONNA BUNCE SANDRA S. BURGESS " Sandy " " Ace” 7 Gilbert Court REMEMBER: HIM 10 12 71, Sports, Long Talks ask Carole, I don’t gamble, Never ground- ed ask Carole. The drunk, one and one third ask J.C., No Parties!!! The tack ask The Beast and Jimmy A ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Pep Club, Athletic Awards, Co-Captain Basketball, Most Athletic WORDS OF WISDOM: E Pluribus Unum. I love you too, Pete! JANET LEE BURGESS " Little Beast” 7 Gilbert Court REMEMBER: Summer ”69,” First driving les- sons and accidents ask Jim, Backshore and wip- ers ask Carol and Sandy, Saturday nights ask Beast. I.C.FTTTTY 74, F blk Wist ask Tunic, SLAVE and MASTER, Beast tie. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Chairman Adver- tising, 3rd Floor Assistant, Student Secretary, Girls ' Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4. Pep Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: To make my parents proud of me, for them to say that’s my daughter. SHEILA J BURKE " Burkey " 16 Riverside Avenue REMEMBER: the beach, skiing, summers — ask J.A., weekends at N. Conway, the bomb bugs, 6, wingy, Castle Hill, E.P.Y.C., GOING mental, ask P.P., J.B. at F.T.’s with Nelly, Maur’s house, S.P. — 69, M.J.M.’S horn, long talks — wicked. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader, Drill Team, Social Ac- tivities Club, Typing Awards, Floormaster’s As- sistant, H R. Rep. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live life to the fullest and always wear a smile. STEVEN ROBERT BURKE " Burkey” 16 Riverside Avenue REMEMBER: Brigham’s, Beanies Bummer, ask Ronnie, Eastern Point, Conomo Point, Welles- ley (Kratz) Little girl, Katey house, Good Har- bor beach, my $100 car ask Jimmy, schlitz, kicks, police, yap, (Beanies Bummer) Vinny’s pool- room ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball, R.O.T.C. WORDS OF WISDOM: I want to prove to my parents that I can make something out of life. WILLIAM BURNHAM 37 WAYNE BURNHAM WESTLEY BURNHAM " Wes " 8 Country Rd , Essex REMEMBER: 64 El Camino, The Drive-in, the whole summer of 71, that little road off 128, those concerts in Boston, Ski Patrol at Hamil- ton. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cadet Sgt. in ROTC, Lt. Colonel Morse Medal, Rifle Team. Grenadiers. WORDS OF WISDON: If you can’t be with the one you love: Love the one you’re with! KAREN C BYRNES " Kitten’’ INTERESTS Tiger, Fatso, Booda HOBBIES: Changing Diapers, Wiping noses, skiing. ACHIEVEMENTS: Married 2 years, two chil- dren, finally finished!! MICHAEL CAMELIA DAWN DENISE CAHOON " Donka.” 59 Mount Pleasant Avenue REMEMBER: Valentine ' s Day 71, 5 21 71, MUSTANG; Rainbow-Jan.-May 71, PJ Parties — Visitors!!, Apple Wine 4 9 71, Ask Dawn and Robin, Stuffed Animals, Rochelle — Your Problem is Obvious!, McDonald’s again?, Long talks with Robin, We’re sinking!. Those phone calls!!, !!UP YOURS!! WORDS OF WIS DOM: Every minute I am angry, I lose 60 sec- onds of happiness. DEBRA E CAMPBELL " Debbie” 103 Leonard St. REMEMBER: The Beach, summers, roses and geraniums, sunsets and candles, Bad-Nancic knows, facing and accepting realiry, Moody Blues. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Typing Award. SAC WORDS OF WISDOM: If you smile at me, I ' ll understand because that is some- thing everyone does in the same language. Smile, life can ' t be all that bad. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? DONNA CARTER " Don " 30 Chapel Street REMEMBER: Number IF, 9 1 71, Marshmal- low Night, ask Dodi, L.G.S., Skunk Hill, Foot- ball, the doors chained! ask Kathy, 8 4 71, Sey- mour grows, Dodi knows. Walk Straight! Sure!!! Bruins 6. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Pep Club, Flicker Representative, Junior, Student Secretary. WORDS OF WISDOM: What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love! RODNEY ANDREW CARVETH " Rod, Mohammed " 80 A Middle Street REMEMBER: Squam Rock, under the AYC where’s the 3-horse? Losses to Rockport Otis’s lobster in the John. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Soccer 1, 2, 4, Football 3, Varsity Tennis 2, 4, JV Tennis 3, Track 3, Sawyer Medal, ROTC, Cpl. 2, Chemistry Award, RPI Medal 2, 1st Ranking Junior 3, Voted the 1971 Mo- hammed Ali Award by the GHS Soccer Team for Excellent Pugilistic performances. WORDS OF WISDOM: Hell, No, I won’t Go! MARIANNE CARDONE " Kid " 28 Fort Square REMEMBER: Summer of 69; Dave, Central, Ann and Hope, " Those Party’s " The trip that never was, ask Cicci, " The Hut " " 71 " Those Fights! All night talks, ask Rorie, " Don’t Stan”, F.S., " No " C.B., NUN! That’s my favorite, ask Ricky. Boulevard. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Secretary of Health, Activities Club, Sru- dent Secretary, Honor, Business Club, Type Award, Shorthand Award, Pep Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: To always go through life with a smile and to be happy with what I am and not with what I’d like to be. ANN C. CARROLL " Annie” 1166 Washington Street REMEMBER: Backstage — talking with Web, Christopher, Helen of Troy types, purple pock- etbooks in puddles, cast panies, crisp fall days, the puppet theatre, " Hey, Gray” — Fuzz? AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: President of Thes- pians, International Thespians, National Honor Society, Sawyer Medal, National Merit Letter of Commendation. WORDS OF WISDOM: Men were made for each other, teach them or bear with them. MICHAEL CARTER ROSEANNE CATANIA " Rosie " 6 Beacon Street REMEMBER: Year of ’69 Winter, the comer Red Smoke Summer Balihia Dolores knows, " Get Back, " The Lounge Snack Bar, Forgot him. Next Left Strawberry Quick, Rush, ten years Rolling Stones, The best yet munchies, coffee and Laffs with doody " Shut everything off” Free trips Not Adasko’s Marie I’m gone ask Connie All St. Peter’s Fiesta’s Pang ask Joanne, John got it Thonia’s Party You’re lying. WORDS OF WISDOM: To live love and Laugh. PETE CIARAMETARO " Pete, Patquaie " 1 20 A Western Ait. REMEMBER Lm Belle. S DO M I My House. Cotton’ House, Milbrook I. 2. S F P 75. K V . GHB. JL. ML. and JM. Hi Buddy. Sgli ' Patty, Grand Canyon, Chiquita Team. T V A Jack A. T M O ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Freshman Baseball, ask Jody and Wayne Played Plenty Football 1, 2, 3. 4. ROTC. Corp Yeap. Cass Clown WORf S OF WISDOM TO BE HAPPY PAULA JEAN CHAPMAN 9 Addison Sc.. Essex REMEMBER Idracab. 2 6 70. dam ' St. A — cx.L crushes and cryin. W V.B.F.M . Bus rides — SPIRIT 1 7 26 71 — scared, huh?. Eggs ' , ICO Parry ' ACTIVITIES AND HONORS, So cial Activities Club. Homeroom Rep . Junior Usherette. Pep Club. Political Action Club, FUcktr Staff. Co-Chairman Sports Committee, FUth Reporter. Sr. Class Advertising Commit- tee. Youth Committee for Gaspar Lafata WORDS OF WISDOM One Life, a little gleam of Time Between Two Eternities. Look into my eyes, my love. ROBIN CEO I.IO " Bobbin” R 129 Wheeler Street REMEMBER 3 8 71. " Road Runner.” 7 26 71. Apple Wine. Ia ng Rides, ask Dawn C , those double-dates. Summer of " 69,” Crane ' s Reaih ask Dawn A Good Friday 4 10 71 ask Dawn C and Dawn A . Just talking ask Dawn, Hockey at Lynn. 4:30 a m ask Dawn C. I LOVE YOU ' ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM " You make yourself what you are! " (to " TRY " to make my parents proud of me.) JOANNE L CF.LI.UCC1 Jo” 337 Essex Avenue REMEMBER: 7 21 71, oh yah?, 6 16 71 ask Bets, my car, Belcher St., ask Dani, football, nursing ask W.C., Green f iz ask Kathy, Peanuts, navy Stockings ask Linda, hockey, Good Enough, Saturday night! Trig ask Deb! Gold- fish ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Flicker Staff. Floormaster’s Assistant, National Honor Society WORDS OF WISDOM: " Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it! " JAMES B CHABOT " Pic’s " 124 Magnolia Ave., Magnolia REMEMBER: The pit. Causeway, McDonald’s Field, Friday nights, ask Bruce, Summer of ’70, Wingaershccl Beach, the Cellar Parties AC- TIVITIES .NI) HONORS: Sleeping ANTHONY R CHRISTO " Tony, Rigger " 161 Cherry Street REMEMBER: " Joannie, " Stone Pier, Mug Up, " 14 cups of glass M.F., " The Canal, " Summer of 71 " , Haskell’s, The Old Bomb, Automotive Shop. WORDS OF WISDOM " Just do it, " " I don’t get it. " ELEANOR CIARAM1TARO " El Buck 390 " 16 Gould Ct. REMEMBER: Happiness is Anthony, Buck fifty, 6 22 71 — 3 23 71, 143 Herman, Flip the Bird, Hey Ptxjpsie, ask Connie, His Lisp B Y K W.Y.C.D ask Cicci, Unde Albert. Tell me you love me no matter what Sergeants’ Party 6 4 71, Forest River Park 6 3 71, NHTI 6 23 71 ring, ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Shorthand Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: Give Peace a Chance. 40 KATHY CI.AMPITT h»rt Hill ACTIVITIES AND HONORS WORDS OF WISDOM " I sing talk and I dame when I can ' t walk he pians :n I can ' t Wanna come co my place? LINDA-LEE CLARKE " KWUZZIE " I2B Atlantic St. REMEMBER: 10 2 71, " Nutcracker, " Charlie Brown and Lucy (C C), Friends, Braces and Butts! Memories ask Cindy, teasing, ask Charlie, Walks and Talks — Laughter and Tears AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Ballet (BBC). Gymnastics, Type Award, S.S.F.C. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Dancing is what is easy for me. it’s my profession, my life ” KEVIN CLANCEY Kev- 110 Eastern Ave. REMEMBER Bike rides with Holly, Alice, Fri- day, walks on beach, February 2, 1967, fishing on breakwater with Di, Castle Hill, " G” block with Eleanor. 1975 ask her ACTIVITIES AND HONORS. National Honor Society WORDS OF WISIX)M: The words to " Deserada. " JOANNE MARIE COLBY JO " I Wise Place REMEMBER 2 6, Yap ' summer of ' 71. 8 2 ask Cherie, 11 13 70 — ask Beck, Bang O.J., boulevard. Moorland, ask Nat, Rick ' s Worms, Dot s lectures ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Typing Awards. Pep Club. Student Secretary WORDS OF WISDOM To remember One today is worth two tomorrows. LAWRENCE CLEVELAND " Larry " 2 Trask St REMEMBER The times up the corner, and the card games WORDS OF WISDOM Live out your life the best you can THOMAS COUGLIN " Tom, T.” 126 Prospect St. REMEMBER That little help from my friend MANDA, jamboree brawl. Phantom 45, night with Pete, parties, Bunyion, 2 2 70. |v year, 3 stooges ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Football 1, 2, Basketball I, 2, Baseball 1, J.V. Football Champs, Gym Leader 2. President 3, Student Council 3. S.F. 3. Most Friendly, Super- lative WORDS OF WISDOM " All you need is love ” LINDA COOPER 27 Revere St. REMEMBER: 4 16 71, Big Three. N.H.W.E., C.C. Taxi, phone booth — ask Sandi, Maine Mts., L.H.B., the ditch, M.V., 94 ask Mary, the boat, clouds, D.P.J.P, Cellar ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Social Activities Club, Politi- cal Action Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: There’s nothing half so sweet in life as Love’s young dream. i 41 PETER COUTURE ’’Bert " Cooch 3 Clarendon Street REMEMBER: PS. 10 31 69. Blind 69 Rookie! Mtl «4 3 D.N. Liar H 11 2- 33 F Canuck, B.F.D. S.P.H.S. Barnyard ball " Sweet Face ” AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Hockey. Soccer, Captain 4, C.A.S.L., Second All-Star Track, Foot- ball. All Backshore, R N T. Captain WORDS OF WISDOM FT. A. SHARON CRAAYBEEK 91 Maplewood Avenue REMEMBER: 7 31 71 ask Sparrow, fantastic, what a picture ask Roberta, charge, how about the other half? ask Norma, nobody gets away with this, ask Joanne, hey love, those walks and talks. Saturday night WORDS OF WISDOM As I dug around among my feelings, reliving past experiences that had hurt me deeply . . . MARLA ANN CULLEN 11 Carlisle Street REMEMBER: 14293L, you’re cute, summer ’71, Concord Exit, campaigns, " you blew it” ask Kate, talks and fights WUBFM, hockey. Bruins. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Editor Flash, Asst. Editor Beacon, Flicker, Political Action Club, Pep Club, Social Activities Club, Co- Chairman Semi-Formal Committee, Junior Ush- erette, Typing Awards, Secretary to Student School Committee. WORDS OF WISDOM: " True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in choice and worth.” CARMEN A. CRUZ 3 Haskell Street WORDS OF WISDOM: Poem: " A veces me pregun to que mi alma esta en sombra, pero te miro, sonries y digo este es el amor.” Song: " La Distancia Es Como El Viento.” CYNTHIA CURRIER " Cyndy” 19 Highland Street REMEMBER: HERB 1 11 70, Dykes Meadow, drive-ins, and flat tires ask Nancy, 10 p.m. dead- line ask Herb, summer " 69” ask E.B. and M.C., Sergeants ' party ’70, 71, Oh no, last again!. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. PHILIP CURCURU ERNEST R CURTIS " Ernie (Hermie) " 22 Rivcrview Road REMEMBER: Joe ' s house, the ponies, summa?, boilermaker, ask Joe, ic’s the mang! Banana Knives ask Rochelle, chocolate pudding, hmmm, what, ask Rich Canada, New York, Those were the Days, my friend. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pit. Sgt. A Company, Girls. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t judge yourself by other people, for always there will be lesser and far greater persons than yourself. The morning after the night before. f LOR AN R CURTIS " Lorenzo " Lorenzo Thurston ' s Point Road REMEMBER 9 2V68, 2 ponies, to the pits, Joe ' s playpen. Time Square ask Tim or Ernie, Green and Blue Chevy, No brake there, 68, OHC lived! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Varsity Marble Shooter Champ WORDS OF WISDOM: If you want to find out about life, live it DONNA MARIE CUSUMANO 69 Bass Avenue REMEMBER: Talks with Nellie! Prowling 7 24 71 ask Paula, Rotarepo, ask Cheryl, wounded in action. Summer of 71, Boston, the chain ask Ticbella. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Freshman Rep., Girls’ Drill Team, SAC, Cheerleader, Type II Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: Response instead of indifference, understanding instead of the closed mind, pa- tience instead of irritation. DEBORAH DANISH " Dubbi” 12 Beach Court REMEMBER: Summer ' 70, Mike’s party — ask Shelly, Ding Ding, Plants, Beverly ask Andi, Smiry, Wally’s Beep-Beep — ask Donna, Lex- ington, pool, China Port. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: SAC, H R Rep. ’69- ’70. WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the great- est happiness of existence. LINDA J CUSICK 1 Elizabeth Road REMEMBER: JMF 5 1 71, special moments, ’’Sweet and Innocent,” the beach, ”769” Strat- ford ask the Berts, long talks ask Joanne, slow gin fizz, Boleys white cleats, class 4-F, little squirt, ask Berta, ss vs cam " Oh, Yeah! " AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Drill Team, National Honor Society, Pres. Math League, Math Award. F icker Staff WORDS OF WIS DOM. " Somewhere, somehow, someway, some- day. MARY DALE ' Diddle Dale” Vine Street REMEMBER: Larry, May 71, pizza, the beach, the blueberry pie, ask Larry, the willows, ask Sheila, party of Spring ' 71, ask Brownie, long talks, ask Linda, the drags, heads in the bucket, ask Brownie ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing I Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let it be! DAVID DAVIS " RB " rr.357 Essex Avenue REMEMBER: Private Beach, parties, Winger- sheek, GH, S.F.P. YUP, Maine stood ask Mark, Strawberries ask Pam S. Reg. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team, ROTC, Soccer. WORDS OF WISDOM: To strive be happy and to grab for all the gusto in life. DIANA K. DAVIS " Diamun Di” 28 Grapevine Road REMEMBER: the Hollywood, Secret M. daffny. We’re caught, the adventures, Tyrol, PTAS, McDonald’s, football games. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Drill Team, SFC, Trea- surer — Pep Club, SAC, Gymnastics, Girls’ Bas- ketball Team, Jr. and Sr. Usherette. Watch it! r 43 HOLIDAY JEANE DAVIS " Goldie ' 161 Hesperus Ave., Magnolia REMEMBER: My Shweety R.H.C. — night or early morning visitors ask Germ — The old L., ask Jackie and Bonnie. Nurse ' s office ask Cindy — Crimson and Clover my little, shweety Fred- Boy ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Floor master ' s Assistant 1, Nurse ' s Assistant 2, Main Office Assistant 3. Student Secretary 4, Dean of Girls ' Assistant 3, 4, Jr. and Sr. Usherette. WORDS OF WISDOM: " You can’t always get what you want — but if you try sometimes you lust might find you get what you need, (by Mick It was love at first sight! MARK B DAVIS 26 Holly Sweet REMEMBER Summer of 71 Crash — July 17. Willows, the wall. S.H.D. — ask Danni. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: National Thespi- an Society I. 2, Asst. Stage Manager 2. ROTC 1, Navy — ROTC II. army. DIANE DAWSON " Dr 38 Mt Pleasant Ave. REMEMBER: 2 2 67. New York and A blk «rudy ask M C . sunrise, sunset, and full moon with Kcv. Pro-tennis ask Jane, bike rrips ask HF. 1973 ask " Him " WORDS OF WIS- DOM. " In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures For in the Jew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed " RONALD W DAY " Ron " 23 Lookout Street REMEMBER: Parties 71, The Ripper ask Beans, The palace, Brigham’s ask Steve, C-2, Plenty, S.M.L. Bashful Ask Theresa, The Beast, TIM’S PARTY, Black Beret, Saturday nights. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman Bas- ketball, J.V. Basketball, Freshman Football, ROTC, 1st Sergeant. WORDS OF WISDOM: To live my life with ambition and seek self- improvement. LINDA A. DAWE " Lin " 30 Reynard Street REMEMBER: ANDY. 12 8 69. A and P ask Nanc! Those panics! over the cliff, FF, ask Karen, The Mills, ice-creams . . . diet??? That’s close! Pooey, foocy, wise guy! That weekend, C.S. ask Bets, the bus, ask Jo, Cupboard, Good ol’ Matilda, smoke rings, W.W., The Cape. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Rain- bow. WORDS OF WISDOM: To succeed and make others happy. DEBORAH JANE DAY " Debbie” 41 Woodward Avenue REMEMBER: P.M. 7 10 69, Summers — " 69, " Mike ' s car — ask " Chickie” OHLP!! 3 hr. chase — ask Rick???, Beaches, Hotdogs — Bob? Oh! YEH, ask him?? long walks and all those talks. OH come on!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing awards, Pep Club, Flicker Staff, Home- room Representative. Social Activities Clyb. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never look back to the past with a frown, but into the future with a smile. See thif fist? You better run! PETER L DE CARO 30 Centennial Ave. REMEMBER: to be found SdtS (769) or Yan- kee Taxi, Good harbor Beach and Stage Fort Park on Sat. nites drinking rum. 166-64p, Foot- ball camp. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football I, 2, 3, Letter, R.O.T.C. 1st Lt. WORDS OF WISDOM: I hope everybody finds his goal in life. Mmm! Good! SANDRA DELTORCHIO " Sandi” 11 Hodgkins St. REMEMBER: Big Three, Those Panics, taxi, A.N., Pits, L.H.B., Phone Booth — ask Linda, Maine Mts., That night — phone call Ask Mary, The boat. Big Mac’s — D. and D. — ask Lisa. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Social Activi- ties Club, Pep Club, Political Action Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: You must look into people as well as at them. KATHLEEN L DE COSTE " Kathy " 8 Clifford Coun REMEMBER: DB. Grand Funk Railroad. 10 3 71, Summer 70, the rez, Santana, 10 11 71, walking in the rain, Mickey Mouse ask Donna, Bruins, hey little boy, ask Michelle. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing I Award, Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM: Love, peace, and happiness forever. To never walk alone. PETER DENNEN " Mun” 392 Essex Ave. REMEMBER: R.A.S., Penthouse Crew Poems, ask Paul. Tom let’s have another. Camp Mill- brook. " Hey Grcckic getting much!” " Ground- ed” ask Jenks, Buzzard’s 3, Frankenmun, " Hunt- ing” " Turtle " " doda doda”. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Building Inspec- tor 3, 2nd Lt. ROTC, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3. 4, N.E.C. Discus Champ ’71. WORDS OF WISDOM: To enjoy life and find friend- ship. happiness, and peace. REMEMBER: John, 6 15 69, " Christmas of 70”, 12 23 70, " White Buick and Mustang, " talks and tears, ask Faye, " socks!” ask John, those nights! 9 29 70, " Stage Fort Park. " AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Girls’ Drill Team, Homeroom Rep. 2, 3, 4, Social Ac- tivities Club. WORDS OF WISDOM " To al- ways have a smile.” ROBERT W. DEVLIN 8 Fair Street REMEMBER: N.B.P. and everything else. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. and Freshman Baseball, Freshman, J.V. Varsity Football, Elec- trical Shop, Stage Crew. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: Be yourself and not what people want you to be. And it happened like this . . . 45 STEPHEN DOE Dur 6 ()iio A vc . Magnolia REMEMBER The Square. Island panics, scnicc Rome, wheels with Newt, Maine. 16 Ft. Ames- bury water skiirtg. Triumph MO cc. skiing, sum- mer 71. the Comet, spring freshman year, going to wood shop. My Novic boat. Austria? only one run-in and that was at 12:00. Diane. AMBI- TION: Do things, restore the 07. 49 Leonard Street REMEMBER 9 18 71. L ' Escale Mam 111 — Harm, " Mama Moon Zappa Roosh.” ceramics — Frtronbo. Lisbce — " Speakeasy,” pickled mushrooms. Nina Simone WORDS OF WI£ DOM A man who works with his hands is a la- borer. a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman, but a man who works with h» hands and his brain and his bean is an anise Louis Nuer DENISE DOX " Dee Dee- Ledge Road REMEMBER B B. 2 83 ' s. Bunkie, Bruins 3-2. ask Bob. " ROOKIE, " 7 4 69, EPY.C, Friendly ' s wall, 3 min. ask Pat, 8 cars, Wingie 9 4 71 N.Y., Fyfe and Drum Mosquito, Hollfc, ask joe. P P.P , ask Dionne!?! tel 1-318-372079? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society, Pep Club, Fluktr Staff, Social Activities, Political Action for Concerned Stu- dents WORDS OF WISDOM Hope is Desire with Expectations!?! JANICE ELIZABETH DIONNE " Deeon " 132 Washington St. REMEMBER P77-banging U-ies, 3-27-70, sum- mer ’70, 64. ask Spidell, carnival 6-71, P P, D M, J P, TVA, Eng. Leather sniffs, nice bums, ask Joe 7-2-71, 12-18-71, 16, ask Dox, INSANE. GHB, PPP, long walks, ask Pat and Steph, vans and VW s, Dr. Dave, ask Di, 8 cars?!?! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Girls’ Drill Team, Sgt., Flicker Staff, Pep Club, PACS Sac WORDS OF WISDOM: When the bro- ken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer Let it Be Which one this time, Eelsie? CRAIG DOYLE " Leo” " Louie” " Craigy” Martin Street, Essex REMEMBER: Porsche Ivan and . . ., the black falcon, the morning buzz (Grillo), P.S., the lake dips, Rowley runs yah! Wimp $300, Mr. Schuyl- er, 37 Chevy, ask Louie, Hockey F.Y. Space, GFA, Crane ' s Beach (backside). My friends, best all around Mike Doyle, the pits Maaatt!, Sassy, Cheri (karwa), blocks and eggs, laughing, beer DAVID L DOYLE “Dive " 8 Sawyer Avenue REMEMBER The big red upset, lovely play, superior sailing, get me a chowder pot. combat photographer. Wap!j Who?, election Night JED; Hey Jack BJCCH ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer, ROTC Platoon Leader, Flash Stall, Flicker Stall, PAC, Academic Achievement Award, ROTC WORDS OF WISDOM My grace is sufficient for thee. KATHY DOYLE “Musk " 7 Duley Street REMEMBER: The cemetery. Having a BALL. WORDS OF WISDOM: Cover that girl with chocolate syrup and boogie till the cows come home. MICHAEL DOYLE DEBRA DUNN “Debbie " 20 Story Street, Essex REMEMBER: Howie, " 411” ) a.m., Sgts. Panics of " 70” and " 71”, December 19 ask Cindy, the summer of " 71” ask Howie, look out for Tr-Trs. ask Mary Quancrlies ask Joanne, Jo the Wop ask Bets ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS: Floormaster ' s Assistant, National Honor Society, 1971 Sawyer Medal, Type I Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: " If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again. " This is your captain speaking SUSAN EAMES “Sue- 28 Sumner Street REMEMBER: PAUL 2 6 71, our " 64” Olds Wadda ya kidden Me?? my ring, skiing, ILYH, My bad hurtchve!!Leroy, 4 16 71, Can I drive? New York — memories, Zeppelin Keeping warm!! Talks and Tears, Homeroom ask Pam. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Drill Team, Girls ' Gymnastic Club, Mr. Bradstrcet’s Office, HR. Flicker Rep., Student Secretary, Type Awards WORDS OF WISDOM When- ever the time may be, just call my name, and I’ll be there. PAUL EDMONDS ROBINSON E EELLS ' " Briar 6 Mason Sq REMEMBER Summn o 7U. Squam Rock, the Brmh. The Green Mobile. Parties, gulv mote Panto " ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS Soccer V 4. Band 1. Thcspunj 4 WORDS OF WISDOM " Keep on Chocglin " STEPHEN EHLER " E-Boy " 14 High St., Lanesville ALMY 12-24 70, " BIGS, " Carnival " 71” line ' s Cove. Maine camp, 30-30 Chmaport Washing- ton DC WORDS OF WISDOM To Change Collins to Ehler. PAMELA ANNE ENOS " Pam, Nella” 202A Washington Street REMEMBER W.J.G.. 6 12 70, Parties " 70 " and " 71 " skiing, K.G.’s party " 70, " " MARRE, " B blk. ask Nat, S.E.P.’s, Lynn Arena, B.A.E.H., Moorland. T.H.F.B., The change. Bee’s, You al- ways say that. 7 3 70, MUSTY ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Basketball Team. Flick- er Staff, Homeroom Representative, Pep Club, S AC, 25X Club. Superlatives WORDS OF WISDOM: To be content with what I have, in- stead of always wanting more. JANE ELIZABETH ERICKSON 64 Langsford Street REMEMBER R.L.A., Saddleback Mi., St Pe ter’s, the rocks, log cabins and fireplaces, Christ- mas Eves, OH BROTHER!!! formats, Roger’s tests, waterskiing, I28-87H, Graduation " 72! " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Homeroom Representative. Floormaster’s assistant. National Honor Society, Flicker Staff, Jr Volunteer. Stu- dent Council WORDS OF WISDOM " If you smile at me I will understand because that is something everyone does in the same language. " VERONICA FAHERTY " Ronnie” Hillside Road REMEMBER: Not another one! long Saturdays, Amherst, BCP IC, the rocks, SM — It’s burn- ing! Mateus, that first day ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Staff, National Honor Socie- ty WORDS OF WISDOM High above the forest lie the pastures of the sun, where the two that learned the secret now are on e. Justin Hay- ward JOSEPH FAVALORA Mike, the Wonder Dog 49 1 MARCIA JEAN HAVA LORA " Smiley " 116 Magnolia Ave REMEMBER The Cabin, Ask Barb. Tea Panic , ask (ierkm. Getting Zonked. Vodka, Wood . Farmhouse . Good, ’ H, " going into %pace, In the tub. ask Sue. Sues Bathroom, Re- member that long nite Ann ' The Stone Wall. Tequila, floating down the hill, ask Hans, Ann. Randy or R«» e WORDS OF WISDOM Bat. dnnk and be merry GABRIEL FERRANTE GREGORY FIGURIDO " Fig” 33 Perkins Street. REMEMBER: Vera, Marvelous Mai’s, Midnight Madness. C-Block study, Mun Ga. ask Charlie. AMBITION: To succeed in whatever I do, and make my family very proud of me. WORDS OF WISDOM Take each day as it comes, and face tomorrow with a smile TINA FITCH Essex, Mass. REMEMBER. The summer, Pany-Axcs, S.W.! African Eggrolls, Ask Janet. McDonald’s, James Taylor, SURE: " Jesus Christ, Superstar, " Grand Funk It’s the Right Time, Beautiful Bodies, Right Through the Rail, Dane Street Beach. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Teacher’s Sec tetary 3, 4, Type 11 Award WORDS OF WIS DOM: Who needs the world when you have the moon and the stars? MICHAEL A FAVAZZA JR " Mike " il Beaton Street REMEMBER KG 12 22 70, boat rides, ask Sam, Chevy 6 bomb, Drive-In, ask Karen, MUG UP. automotive shop, WINE " those parties, " G H and W S., the long talks. Eastern Point, Summer of " 70 " DVB Hey Bud, O K. LA. WORDS OF WISDOM To live and leam and be successful in the automotive field. KIM FAVAZZA 126 Ontennial Ave REMEMBER Mary. 7 22 70, the corner, the old plateau, private stock. Hockey, 3 23 71, Braves, the Mean six AMBITION To succeed in whatever I attempt and make my parents proud of me VALENTINA FAVAZZA " Val " 4 Liberty Street REMEMBER " Gabe " 12 23 70, Sergeants’ Party 6 3 71 Surf 9 24 71 Lunch with the girls " goosebumps, " ask Gabe! " Please " Hi Tootsie ' Those drive-in weekends, ask Debbie " Some- day. " ask Gabe ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS Guidance Secretary, Help Activity Club, Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM It is nice to be important but more important to be nice. To dream the Impossible Dream 49 CYNTHIA I FRANCIS ' ’Cindy " 58 Western Avenue, Essex REMEMBER: CHARLIE. 4 25 71 Blue Ford Galaxie such a skill, the new house RGR, Sweet Shop every morning? the train, Boston ask Linda W , Gloucester Hated it ask Peter, Officers Party, You ' ve had enough!!! ask Bob, Police- man’s Ball ask Billy, AQUALUNG Sergeants’ party 71 SFP ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Spanish Club, Type I Award. FRANK FRONTIERO 14 Beach Court REMEMBER: (I remember!) Summer ’71 Shagg (FOY) The Corner, the Bomb, Fiat, Car- nival 71, Rusty Cellar 3rd lunch. Ask Gabc. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: 1st Lt. in ROTC, Haskell and Prize Drill Competition Help Ac- tivities Club WORDS OF WISDOM: To try to achieve in everything I attempt and live a happy life. JOE A FRONTIERO " Josie” 13 Bertoni Road REMEMBER: Millbrook, skidmore, PAGHB and SFP. RAW, Bright. BS Football " 50 " Cheer- leaders, Break Water, Rookie, Nice Bumsee, Janice Dionne’s and DD Dox’s Hurt’n 3 stooges, the grid iron, honchole, tan vw, school nites at Friendly ' s chiquita squad presents certs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Frosh Basket ball. Football. ROTC. retired Private WORDS OF WISDOM: FTA, BFD BEWARE OF SUNDAY MORNING HANGOVERS MICHELLE GALANTE • ' Shell- 11 Forest Street REMEMBER Fenway Park, ask Deb and Sue, The Parry, (gsj) ask Debbie, all the dances ask Bpnnie, those long summer walks. Grant ' s known for values. Mr O’Donnell’s classes, ask Marian ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Secrc- ta y. National Honor Society, Honor Business Club. Business Manager, Flukrr, Shorthand and Typing Awards, Student Secretary. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved Where’s my Scotty? JEROME P FRONTIER " Jerry, Jay” 4 Nautical Heights REMEMBER: " Tcrrie” 10 3 71, Hey Bud sum- mer of ’71, Room 120 (OKLA) I heard it through the grapevine ask Phil, " 59 " Chevies go like — Mug up ask JB, Vocational Automotive, New England Dragway, 8 71 Let’s get goin’. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vocational Au- tomotive, ROTC Staff Sergeant. JOSEPH M FRONTIERO " Smallman” 27 Gloucester Avenue REMEMBER: Oct 8, ’’cougan” appeared at GHS, Sue Andrews ' party. Big Blast, Pavillion Beach, Mom’s anniversary. Greasy Pole. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC Grenadcrs WORDS OF WISDOM: 1 called out your name and I knew wherever you were, you’d come running, to see me again, you got a friend. CATHY A GALLAGHER 154 Prospect Street REMEMBER: Good times, 6 12 71 — crash concerts, PS, Drive-in, food! BRB, ask Kingus, sprinkles LGS fork skiing shoes ask Becky, BEBDGN. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Typing and Shorthand Awards, Student Sccre tary. Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM; To re member: Everything is beautiful in its own way so . Hard night, huh, Ann? LINDA M. GAYTON 40 Millett St. REMEMBER: Them: 8 14 70 ask Donna; Summer of ’70, Those panics, long talks ask Donna and Dcbby, laughing and crying 9 13 71 ask Chris, The Comer 1 2 71 ask Donna, F.Y.B. L.G.S. 9 16 71 D.G.N. ask Nancy, OOPS wrong room, Cathy, D.L.’s ask Henry, EP SUSAN D. GENEST " Sue” 43 Main St. REMEMBER: PETE HASKELL 11 28 69, West Beach, Panics, skipping, getting caught in everything, fights, phone calls, broken cars. New Year’s Eve 70. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Type Award II. WORDS OF WISDOM: To love the game beyond the prize. MARIANNE GIAMBANCO 32 Middle St. REMEMBER: Happiness Is Being Loved, Sum- mer ’68-’69 Pavilion Beach, Europe, B’Shack (working late at nite), skiing June 28, 1971, 9 1 71 — Dtown. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: A.F.S., Honor Business Club, Type Awards, G.B.C., P.A.C.S., Chairman C.A. Youth Concern WORDS OF WISDOM: To find the true meaning of life and happiness, to see this world that I live on. CATHERINE GARRON " Kate " REMEMBER: " Roses,” talks and tears, WYBFM Surel, O.T.O., B-r, 124-34P. 3DN- Heartless, PARTIES, Concord Exit-Maria, Friendly people — Roger, Empty, Burn, Thurs- ton’s Point. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Council 1-4, Representative 3, Vice Pres- ident 1-2, Student Faculty 3-4, Student Secretary, Junior Usherette. Pep Club. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: It’s easier to forgive than to be forgiven. JOHN GAY KATHRYN A. GERRING " Kathy " 3 Sunset Rd. REMEMBER: Summer — Slummerville Goober Beans and Harlequin — 47 Bananas and 97 Pra- pplcs, Priests on bicycles top, E.G.S., T.Y.A. Fri- day 13th, boos on Skunk Hill. Lions, P.S., N.B. Ooops wrong room again ask Linda. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club, Typing Awards. BETSY GILCHRIST " Bets " 13 Andrews Court REMEMBER: Smoke rings ask Linda, 7 21 71, oh yah?, 6 16 71, I don’t believe it, ask Jo, Good enough, ask Dani, Joe the Wop, that little black car. Pirate’s Lane. ACTIVITI ES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Spanish Club, Type I Award, Floormastcr’s Asst., National Honor So- ciety. WORDS OF WISDOM: Every minute of sadness is 60 seconds of wasted happiness. 51 » PATRICIA GIOVANNI " Patty " 3 Mansfield St. REMEMBER mornings in Matilda, Saturday nites in the--box, DIXIE cups ask Bcrny, T.F.O.U., Dinner party!? 7 71, 9 70, Boston. St. Patrick ' s Day, S.A.B., Cellar Parties, New Year ' s 71. Hello Dear ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS A.F.S., G F T WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t buy somebody else’s troubles DEBORAH J GOODICK " Debbie” 3 Forest Street REMEMBER: summer ' 70, night walking, " long talks,” ask Sue, Bruins, 7 13 71, Fenway Park, ask the gang, (23 x Club?), unicorns, " 106. " " nice or what! " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society, Vice Presi- dent Spanish Club, Flicker Committee Chairman, Floormaster ' s Assistant, Pep Club, Type Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM " What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? " THOMAS GOUZ1E " Beast, Winpic” 3 Macomber Rd. REMEMBER: THE BOAT, ASK Paul. Tim s housefash Steve, the NYFG arc GOOD!!! the marsh, the golf course, ask Steve, Photos. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 1, 2, 3, 4, JV Football Champs 2, Honors Conference Champs in Golf 3. WORDS OF WISDOM To always succeed m everything 1 attempt. COLLEEN MARY GRAY " Coll, Hey Gray, Cocamana " 393 Western Avenue REMEMBER: CFO. Shalom. 3 3 69, SM it’s burning! rchassles, " Rubber man,” Balcony, Sec- tion 103 Row 0 seat 3, The Church, TYA, cast panics, " Birdie, " dcaconate-ordination-RJM CLUMPS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Na tional and International Thespians Beacon, Flick- er. Pact WORDS OF WISDOM So far away, doesn ' t anybody stay in one place anymore? SARA LOUISE GCX3DHUE 34 Martin St., Essex REMEMBER Summer of ’71, truth, friends, Mona’s panics, East ind, wooden ships, B-town, peace train, who turned out the Lights? Spacin’ and Racin’ ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Jr Usherette. Flicker. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live SHEILA M GOSSOM 16 Arlington Street REMEMBER: !!Paul!! 9 2 71, A.Y.C., Dances, summer of ’68, ’71, " Chicago” Aqualung! Red bomber — ask Gail, Bahamas " 71?!?” ask Jane — St. Peter’s!! skiing, tennis, terns, whalers, " goldfish " — ask Jo, trains, " bartenders. " AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, H R Representative, Spanish Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never leave what you can do today until tomorrow! It fit this morning! 52 DEBORAH GRAY " Debbie " 51 Englewood Road REMEMBER REMEMBER The Square — Sieve and his new iruck, beardless — Debbie S. can tell you. It’s true ya know, Smitty and his specimen — US. Male — Summer of " 71 " — Jamie: A.B.C.D, Block Study WORDS OF WISDOM: Midnight Rambler — If it’s nice out, keep it out. NANCY ELLIN GRAY 6 Clarendon Street i » i MICHAEL W GRAY " Motar " 11 Englewood Road REMEMBER: The island parties, getting messed up, the square, Petty man: the Cuban re- fuge, Pretzel, a buck a night. Mush ' s space rides. NANCY J. GRAY " The Blonde One " 25 Won son Street REMEMBER: L.P. E Block Lunch, out at the canal, Ed Roewer — Where are you supposed to be? 2 demerits, " Cosmic Ray, " panics, over 21? right on-left off SPIF!. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians 11th, Open Campus Committee WORDS OF WISDOM: " Love is the ever only god.” — E. E. Cummings. LOLA GREEKE 55 Bass Avenue REMEMBER: 6 12 71 ask Cathy, Mystic Ave. Marcia knows. Mot, the Hill ask Stephanie, Fork, Drive-In, Sun. nights. Ant 10 31 71, Stick-up, Mister McGloo, Cuz, Mai’s. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards I, II, Student Secretary WORDS OF WISDOM: To err is human, to forgive is Divine. PAUL F GREEKE " Geek, Mun” 4 Juniper Road REMEMBER: Penthouse Crew, ask Pete, poems, " The Blue Monster,” the tree do, do, do, da. Grounded! ask Jenks, Dick, Boil, ho ' wd ya do, you no that one, WYFG, Butkus is bad! the beach, sorry I lost my head, Chem with Stan, Worms, Buzzard’s, Frozen Hamburgers, rookie, ACP. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 4, Stu- dent City Electrician, Gym Leader. I CARLA GRILLO " C Babes " " Grilli” 10 Abbott Road REMEMBER: Mayonnaise, impressions, big eyes, rides in the G-wagon (2 am??), great es- cape with Scratch, Moody Blues and James, morning buzz (Craigy), North Conway week- ends, h ' jckey, P.S. (Brantley), English leather. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vice President of Class ), 4, National Honor Society, Secretary ), Sawyer Medal, Editor of Flicker, Student Council, Delegate to NEMDSC and MASC con- ventions, PACS, Girls’ Softball Team, Girls ' Basketball Intramurals, Flash, Beacon, Literary Committee, Pep Club. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: Each day has its always. ROBERT GREEL Chico, Chico Maki WILLIAM GREEL - Ernie 19 Riverdale Park REMEMBER: Summer of 71 Prison blues, ask the inmates. JJD. the park, skiing NH, New Yorkers. 10:00-10:01. mug up Hockey, Boston after Dark, ask Jack. Novas, Give us a break. Go. tennis, brownies. JPD. Football. BGVS, off grounds ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ben Franklin Club Vocational A Squad Leader, Ser- geant. Career Essay Award. Hon. Mention. WORDS OF WISDOM Tomorrow is the first day of your new life. UNDA GREENWOOD REMEMBER Summer ’69. 70. 71, 1001 Italian Jokes, red lights? ' Martians ' October 12, 4970 DJ? Adventuring. Jan? flowers, inc., M E’s bottles. 1 a m 8 22 71. the great escape, some- place. Steph? Whippin’ 11 12 71 $1.75 phone bill J s driving lesson. WHS ' ? NANCY J GRIFFIN " Griff’’ 77th East 28th Street REMEMBER: The Cove, Bushes, you blew it big boy, righteous. Let’s have a ball, the munchies. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Awards. Student Secretary. WORDS OF WISDOM: Never again! They’re in the National Honor Society? NANCY ELIZABETH GREELY " Greels " 18 Gloucester Avenue ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Drill Team, 1st Sergeant, National Honor Society, Flicker Chairman of Class Calendar, Floormast- er’s Secretary, Spanish Club, PAC, SAC, Pep Club, Beacon WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning, just find someone who’s turning, and you will come around. Open mouth, insert foot. 54 ! ELISA ANN CiRILLO " Lisa " 6 North Kilby Street REMEMBER G D M 6 29 69. Summer ’69. ' 70 ask Debbie. P.C.P.L., those parties. Big Mac ' s and D D. ask Sandi. long talks, water skiing, " our " place, L.G.M.S., that night, ask Mary. Bahamas? ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Cheering, Social Activities Club, H R Rep . Type II Award WORDS OF WISDOM: Better to be small and shine, than to be great and cast a shadow. Her Windsong stays on my mind. CYNTHIA GROVER " Cindy " " Tinny " I Riggs Pt. Road REMEMBER: R A P, 2 19 71. The Market, res ' . Williston — we made it — ask Marian. Skiing — oops lost in Maine! Directions — ask Lisa. Can I pass? BUSHES! CHEESE!! CHEESE!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flash, S.A.C., P.A.C., Pep Club, Usherette, Na- tional Honor Society, Type Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. ELIZABETH KATHLEEN GRIN NELL Ledge Road REMEMBER Summer of 71, The Peace Train, Squam and Skid Row. THE MASK. Diamonds. Karen’. Skiing. BEST FRIENDS? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Cheerleader. Soph. Junior Class Rep , National Honor Society WORDS OF WISDOM People can be so cold. They’ll hurt you, and desert you. And take your soul if you let them Oh. but don’t you let them. (Carol King) CHERYL A NN LOUISE GUERIN " Gorilla " 16 Belcher Street, Essex REMEMBER. D.L., Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, " what’s-a-matter? " ROTA REPO, ask Donna, Smiling Faces 8 19 71, 3:30?, Wingy, C.F.T.T TT.Y , the Bomb, Bahamas?, a-hearts. Cherish. Dack, 21. WYBFM, SDIK. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader. Girls’ Drill Team. Flicker Committee, Social Activities Club. Junior Usherette WORDS OF WIS- DOM " Look to this day. for yesterday is al- ready a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision.” God Bless JOSEPH GUERIN PHIL M HARMON " Fizz " 31 Hodgkins Street REMEMBER: New York ask Linda. The Mills, Haskell ' s ask Gary and Steve, Green Glob ask anybody. Summer ”71” T.Y.A., Good Harbor ask Carrol, Vivian ' s Field, parties Linda’s house, Wallace’s, good times. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Football 2. ROTC. WORDS OF WISDOM: Born to be wild. She wears Windsong? TIMOTHY HARTFORD MAUREEN HASKINS " Sparrow” 630 Western Ave. REMEMBER: G.C. I hate to ask you this, but . . .! ask Sharon, Danes, ask Jane, Sharon, Joanne, Mrs. Parsons, ask Sharon 7 31 71, ask Sharon Ushtungalee, ushtungaloo, ask Joanne lldato ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Typing Award WORDS OF WISDOM: I ' m on my way. FRANK HAWKS 7 Ledge Lane REMEMBER: Cinny, royal purple peanut but- ter, Iron Butterfly, Grass Roots, New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee Mary (?) of Baltimore, gig at Woodward J.H., Bike Hike. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Boys’ State, tennis team, Ger- man Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Live for today, because tomorrow may never come. BRENDA S HEBERT 427 Essex Ave. REMEMBER DANA. S P C „ Those weekends ask Carol, Those panics at Wing, Bahamas 3 3 71 almost caught, N.H., 5 charges ask M.J., 4 30 71 is it 6:00, laundry ask Jackie, summer of -71 " ask Chris, flag football. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3. 4. Pep Qub, Jr. Ushemcc, H.R. Rep., Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM To always remember to have a friend, is to be one. Is that you Cyndi? CHARLES HAYES BRUCE HEISEY " Nip-a " 117 Magnolia Ave. REMEMBER: " Donna, " " meet Tom Wingacr- sheek, " the corner, pizza, " those nights at the field,” Mondays ' Austin, " Lamoo,” " Persey, " " Joe, " " governor,” hockey, football, Perry’s Nut House, T.D.G. of M. " Those nuisances, " line- ups in the hall, Stage Fort Park, ”2” 10 hands V. ”1300” WORDS OF WISDOM: Try and get what this world has to give and, do what I can with a little help from my friend. Do you always work this hard, Mrs. D.? CYNTHIA ANN HENDRICKSON " Cindy " I Kent Circle REMEMBER Happiness, Hockey 2), work shop people, AN — ask Mary, rides to LA. KX)KE! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Class Treasurer, Treasurer N EM DSC, Student Count il Vice President, Pep Club, Asst Editor — Flash, Sec. — Student Faculty, City Counselor — Jr. Municipal Day, Social Activities Club, Political Action Club, Jr Sr Usherette, Delegate to MASC summer workshop WORDS OF WIS- DOM Faith is the root of all good works, a rcxit that produces nothing that is dead NANCY HENDRICKSON 56 Washington St REMEMBER August 12. 1969, Rick. St. Peter ' s — beautiful people. May 1970 Senior Prom. Three Stooges B.U B A D. — ask Debbie, Leanne or Betsy. Hamilton friends, times spent in Boston ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: B.L.C., Homeroom Rep., Political Action Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . . and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make RAYMOND HILSHEY 1 1 Elizabeth Rd. REMEMBER New York, Parties 71, E.A.S.Y Santa ' s Here, The Panics, Hector’s! Day ' s Pond, Lynn Hcxkey, Dec 27, 1972, Big Jim. SUSAN HINES " Sue, Susie " Dalton Rd., Magnolia REMEMBER: Certain people, talk, Aggie, tick- ets, 10 10 71. Boston, two hours! Remember me? being late, those rides. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Beacon, Pep Club Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Reach out for to- morrow and follow your dream.” 57 DIANE HODGE " Dani” 343 Washington Street REMEMBER: Rainbow, 1 23 71, black bomb, Springfield 70, Castle ask Jo and Deb, St. Pe- ter ' s 69. 3 22 71 party? ask Bets, Jo the wop? Sgt .’ Party 71, Lynnfield ask Rick, LMSYB ask Jodi, 1HQ don ' t ask! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, Biology Club, treasurer, AFS, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Flicker , WA Type I Award WORDS OF WISDOM: Nothing Succeeds like Success. innocent LINDA E HORGAN " Landa " 19 Marshfield Street REMEMBER: DJA- 12 17 70. West Gloucester Dike ' s, People, Da Boof no . . . 14; Sweetshop Winter ’68- ’69, Private Stock, New Year’s Eve! Lobis, RR tracks. Thanksgiving Party, concerts, freedom 1 29 72, Bestest friends Kathy, Ras- slin’, maintain, Checks. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: HR Rep., National Honor Society, Honors English, PACS. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you. TIMOTHY HOLLAND DAVID HURD • ' Dave’’ 33 Warner Street REMEMBER: The Hut, Tony ' s Corner, BP at the tree, summer of " 71” the great chase ask Harmon, Festival of Moon, Couldn ' t get it up ask sully, a certain someone. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Too numerous to mention? WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t walk on the ice — you may fall in. 6 Adams Place REMEMBER GHBP. Beetz. Nootz, The BrawL the 3-Stooges. Scohingle, the Mountain, Sc. ftte’s Club. Rookie! BFD, SPHS, EPVCD. Hedges, FT A, Muffins, the Misfit, Camp Mil- brook 2 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Foot ball. Hockey. Track. NJROTC, Scholar Athlete. WORDS OF WISDOM: Watch out what you do today; for tomorrow you might be in big ROBIN HURLBURT 16 Hammond Street REMEMBER: Joe — 10 2 70, summer of ' 70, the piggy bank, that day in Rockport, ask Bev, Johnny Flip-out, The Picture ask Donna, the Stones, The bike — just made it!, concerts, win- ter of ' 70 — we five, the pool — 11 pm ask Bev, Lois, ask Antoinette WORDS OF WISDOM " Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. " JAMES HURD W ¥ h Ta Ilk ’ LI mmm TM 5 « ; Nice view, Beast! CARL JENSEN CAROLYN JOHNSON " Carly " Rocky Pasture Rd. REMEMBER: My shweety Gee gee Boy! Glo- 141 volch, wagoons, G.H. Beach, big brother Bob Londergon, laffs, at Tucky Wacky’s The good times with sister Cath, Kookoo juice, ask Threesa, " fibbies " only little ones, ask Davis J. and Judges permanent 2. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secretary for Mr. Londer- gon 4. Basketball 1. 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friends. They often don’t show the evil that lurks within. MARK T. JENKINS " Buzzard 3, Mun” 15 Ferry St. REMEMBER: Football. NYFGAG — ask Greekie, J.V. year, smartness and intelligence, Ray, Spleens, Peter, Paul and Mary, Rookie’n Out?, Football Camp 71 — ask Pete, friends and family and . freaks? Hi! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Baseball 2, Junior Rotarian, Student Council 3, 4, J.V. Football Co-Captain, N.E.C.J.V. Champs, Gym Leader WORDS OF WISDOM: " Let’s have another!’’ ROSEANN INTERRANTE ”Ro” " Ross” " Face” Papa Gino’s REMEMBER: Flo Contented Ross, Summer ”71” aha you pig! Concerts. " Illegal?” not me! I always get blamed for everything! 10 1 71, Haunted House, TYA Skippin’ C block, the great entrance, HEY FACE?! Making Babies, Did ya get a buz? ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS: Soph. Girls Basketball, J.V. Team. WORDS OF WISDOM: Which way ya goin, silly? ANTHONY IACOBONI CHRISTOPHER E. JACKSON " Chris” " Kit” 52 Shore Rd., Magnolia REMEMBER: N.W., A.P., A.C.C., D Meuse. D Marr, D Maguire CG., J.T., K.J.A . lunch blocks in the pad, B and C blocks in the lan- guage lab, great cast panics, famous loves and lives, Helen of Troy types. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sea Exploring, National Thespian Sociery, National Honor Society, Junior Rotari- an, Quarter Master Sword, Sawyer Medal, Rens- selaer Polytcch Institute Award, Harvird Book Prize. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Let Love be genuine. " MICHAEL JILLSON " Mike- 57 Riverdale Park REMEMBER: Kathi Oct 3. 1969, C.C 13. Beetz Nootz, RALPH, Boston Garden ask Dawn, SHS Brawl, L.H.B.M.M., G.H.B., git out of the car, B-tine stitches 3 stooges. Where are we going to say we went C.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Jockey 1, 2, 3. 4, Soccer 3, 4, Football 1. 2, Scholar Athlete ROTC SB WORDS OF WISDOM I can’t find the time to tell you. F.T.A. i 59 In trouble again, girls? CYNTHIA A JOHNSON " Cyndi. Cyn” I Maple Road RF.MEMBF.R ZENOS. SM. 343. almost fetching. (King with a friend ACTIVITIES AND HONORS l nkcr. Thespians I WORDS OF WISDOM To sin by silence when they should protest makes towards of KATHERINE M JOHNSON " Kathy” 102 Wheeler Street REMEMBER Rol, 6 12 70, submarines anti turtlenecks. SO, I.T.T.W.R., Secret Ms., Gat- way, talks with Jackie, Marion — G.I.P., " 1 was born there, " fcxitball games. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Co-Captain — Cheering Squad, National Honor Society, S.A.C., Type Award, Ideal Senior. WORDS OF WISDOM A cloudy day can never dull the brightness of a smile. MARQARET ANN JOHNSON " Mag, Maggie " 14 Perkins Street REMEMBER It’s good for your head, the bath- room. Bushes " Right Laura, " Hi!, my other half, you make me ILL!, tears. Sharing, ask Beth, Essex clams. Tiffany’s Darling WORDS OF WISDOM Never judge a person by who or what they are, for all men are created equal WAYNE JOHNSON " Down " 3 Harold Ave REMEMBER Hockey, 23, Bcctz Nootz, Ralph, C.H.. " Get out of the car,” L.A., G.H B P . Matinee, C.C.. S.H.S. Brawl, F.T.A., Bender, 3 Stooges, B-Tinc, 9 23 71, Sloppy Sec- onds, S.F.W.K., P’s. A., Beaver shooting, F. Fut- sou ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Scholar-Athlete, R O.T.C., SB WORDS OF WISDOM: Let all the world say what they may, speak of me as you find. JACQUELINE DEE JONES " Jackie” 147 Rivcrdale Park REMEMBER: S.J.T., Doug’s parties, scheming DAVID JONES with Marian, " Nigsey " Good Harbor, G.I.P. girls only, talks with Kathy, Pete — A!! AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards, Student Secretary. WORDS OF WISDOM: To know when a smile is respected and a tear is ex- pected. To make his ambition come true. NANCY L JORDAN " Smiley " 63 Story Street. Essex REMEMBER Summer of 71 , Boys ' c amp, Mac IXmald ' s, the party, axes, ”1 heard a loud noise, " ask Tina. Aug 28, recording for E.E.C.D.K B , Oct 26, the lake ask the twins, long walks, rain WORDS OF WISIX)M Rain drops keep fall mg on my head, but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red JOANNE JOSEPH " II Cleveland Si reel REMEMBER yawhnmw (ask Roberta), why ' (ask Sharon), when is the bis coming ' V 1 1 7 1 . (ask Norma), what ' s wrong with you ' always passing out (ask Maureen), What happened now, (ask Annette) always telling stories TFH (ask Ida) WORDS OF WISIX M Who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before. CHRISTINA HELEN JOSE PH SON ■ ' Stina " 34 West 52nd Street Commune REMEMBER The alamo. C.C. Head. 345. AC TIVIT1ES AND HONORS May Queen ' 63 ' WORDS OF WISDOM Sometimes me thinks all the world is queer save me and thee; and sometimes I think thee is a little queer. MARK E. JOYCE 26 School Street REMEMBER: August 28. 1971 ask B.J., L M . J.W., PS.. P.T., Usually Seen — ask PS.. Re member FLAT Rock that night (ducks milk) poor Bobbie, B M . P.W . D.F.? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: G.V.S. Automotive Shop, ROTC — Sergeant WORDS OF WISDOM " I ' m a Believer” You’re kidding! RONI JOSEPH ‘Brilliant, Roogmany” 34 West 52nd Street Commune REMEMBER I have amnesia ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Thespians, Youth Stxialist League, Photography Club, Rea con Hill Support Group, Student Mobilization Committee, Youth Liberation Committee WORDS OF WISIX )M Go to " and take your mother with you LISA ANN JOSEPHSON " Lisa- Belle, Bimbo” 1 Grandview Road REMEMBER: Apples and Strawberries, B3, INFO, Lynn Arena, WUBFM ' , 124-34P, " Cher- ish”. Little babies. May 25. H.F.S. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club, Girls ' Drill Team 1, 2. 3, 4, Sgt 1st Class 4, Flicker Staff, Social Ac- tivities Club, Political Action C. ' lub, H R Rep 1, 2. 3, Jr Usherette WORDS OF WISDOM FT A BRUCE JULIAN " Festus, Guinea, Gino, Juicy Brucy " 23 Forest Avc., Essex REMEMBER Football 102-0, Hockey, all the ones that got away. Summer of ’71, ask Whimp, those wonderful Fords, ask Mike. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 1, 2, Honors: not to live in Gloucester WORDS OF WISDOM Arc you hung up? VALERIE KANE i i 61 ( I DANIELLE KENNIE " Natasha, Sister Kennie” Woodward Avenue REMEMBER: Summer of 71, Pinecrest that cold morning, Beverly, beautiful experiences, winter of ’70, cold walks with warm people, growing pains, blue-eyed blonde babies, sparer- ibs, witchcraft, boblinski, peter pan. WORDS OF WISDOM; The true profession of man is to find his way to himself. Hermann Hesse. REMEMBER " JAGUARS " " Avwui " pushing bdy. " Sheila know bottle , horn pouts, dark hole. HaskrU ' s Dike ' s, an aal07 f.2Vi. Lippc- imis, ant-car WORDS OF WISDOM " You dunk so, but I know better " CAROL KING 12 Andrews Street REMEMBER Summers of ’69 and 70. slum- merviUe talks with Mike and Terry, ask Kathy, Good Harbor, ask Phil, ant man lemonade ask Norma, 47 bananas and 97 prapples, Zeppelin, Heiner Skciner, Bruins, Irv and Ging, Trinka and Nikku, the tank ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Chib. PAC Senior Advertising Comminrc. Group Committee. WORDS OF WISDOM Huh? Do I? LARRY KIRTON ROBERT KNOWLES " Bob” 12 Mt. Vernon Street REMEMBER: Home plate, Danvers ’69, schol- ar-athlete, My trash can. Rookie ask D.D. hand- kerchiefs, Hi, Bets, how the (blank) are ya? Chi- quita’s ’71, keystone 71, ask Mike, SML GHBP 13-83 70, BFD, FTA, Sec this hand? Clean mouth award ’70, RSOR, Gap shot ask Janice, Hickey, ask Paula ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Baseball, Football, ROTC. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let it all hang out. JANICE KNICKLE " Jan” 34 Mt. Pleasant Avenue REMEMBER. Hcdley, smiling, daisies, being myself, sewing, folk music, playing my guitar, " peace”, yellow and orange, orange volkswagens, Canada, rides (ask Linda), Natick-Northfield ’69 — Folk Group ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians. WORDS OF WISDOM: Spread a little sunshine to those in darkness. JON KORKATTI 2 Okay, guys, what arc you up to now? 1 MARY KUIJU 12 Chestnut Street REMEMBER: Fran M. 10 17. Rl. 2AM. ask Peg. 6 24. Those long talks, 10 23, 10 24, ask my friends, The Beach, OK!, Those rides. Them nites, The concerts, " Gee, it must be late, " Get ' ting lost, X-max " 70,” Summer of " 71, " Srude- bakcr. Siltin ' on a Rock, ask Denise ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS Typing Award. Student Secretary. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t for- get all the Important things! BEVERLY LAFLAM " Beva” 28 Cleveland Street REMEMBER: Summer of ' 70 — ask Robin, Rockport ask Mike and Robbin, M B. 8 71, S.D., of M l — ask kids S.F.P., Hie, ask Janet, the Beach G.H., Getting Crazed, Laundry, ask Brenda, Laughs, ask Josephine, SPC, 1 do ask Shauna, Hemmcr! BA. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Commander Girls ' Drill Team, Pep Club. H R Rep WORDS OF WISDOM To attempt and succeed. And I want a bike and a choo-choo train . . . LINDA KRATZ 23 Granite Street REMEMBER Big Kiss, $191 ask Barry, G H B Yeah ' 1 Plenty Ruky ' s ' 10:43, Motorlegs, Who’s Crying ask Steve. Yap ' 7 27 71, Boule- vard Times, BANG " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club. Typing Award WORDS OF WISDOM To have friends, you must be one first. BRUCE LAFLAM ’Zip " 624 Western Avenue REMEMBER: Pit, Pick his face. Field, Cause- way, MacDonald’s, the Wagon, Darkhorsc — Saugus, Three Stooges, Pizza. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cross Country 2, ), 4, Track 1-4. NECJV Champ " 69,” Sports, NEC " XC " Champs " 71,” 18th, K. of C. Baseball, Magnolia BB. 220. CATHERINE LAIACHINO ’Cathy " 14 Mansfield Street REMEMBER: R.B.L. 8 13 70, the Combardes, and long talks, ask Mad, 4 years? EGS talks, ask Rosanne and the kids, " Roby” Sergeants’ Party 6 4 71, that ring, S.F.P. What time is it? laughs with Chichi ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secretary, Pep Club, AFS, Typing Awards 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Let It Be DARLENE MARIE LAKE 87 Maplewood Park WORDS OF WISDOM: " When man regards wealth and power as fleeting as a cloud, it’s not necessary for him to be a recluse living in a cliff or grotto. When his fondness for natural scenery isn ' t so deeprooted as an incurable disease, he’s as if intoxicated with wine and absorbed in poet- ry ” SHAUNA LACEY 7 Friend Street REMEMBER Ghbp. R8 15 71B. CBI3M, spe, I do. ask Bcv. TWA? Janet But, If, And,? Mau- reen Advice? Kathy Smiling, Faces, Bummed Out. Summer of ’71 " 18, " Bum, ask Chris and Di 9 23 71. Getting Crazed! Volkswagens. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Co-Captain, Cheering, Secretary 2, Girls’ Drill Team WORDS OF WISDOM Never to look to the past with regrets, to live the present to its ful- lest, and to look to the future with a smile. 63 i EDMUND LAKEMAN KATHY LANE LEANNE RACHEL LANE " Lee” 9 Hazard Sc REMEMBER RWJ. Dark Hole, Summer. Ben. J Gcils. 2 14 71. Three Stooges. 14! ask Rob. concerts. Stonehenge. Haskell ' s ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS Orchestra. Honors Eng ksh WORDS OF WISDOM and the time •nil come when you see we’re all one and life flows on within you and without you SHERYL JEAN LANE Chkfcie 57 Spring Sc.. Essex REMEMBER Summers, 11 12 71, Mike ' s Car, ask Deb. The Pool, ask Rick. M.D.S 7-9-14 15, 7-1-1 25 NICE! ' ask Di. GFR ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club. Secre- tary. Class Representative for Flutter, Flutter Staff, junior Usherette. Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM Dismiss suspicion and replace it Good morning, boys and girls. FRANCIS E. LANGLEY 572 Washington St • . REMEMBER: Swimming, Summer of " 71 " WILLIAM LANGLEY Panics, Good Times, Bender ' s Pits, Cellar, ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine Shop. Water skiing WORDS OF WISDOM To live my life my own way . SUSAN MARY LAWSON ■ ' Sue ' ' 24 Hawthorne Road REMEMBER WSS. 2 7 W. the wave. " Bees " ask Pam, B 33 ' Strawberries, hotkey, 7, OTO, " (iinny Mobile, " Florida, Party at Kate’s. Good Harbor ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Curls ' Drill Team, Master Sergeant, Social Activities Club. Spanish ( lub, Secretary, H R Representative, Pep Club. Chairman, Sen tor (Mass Trip, Semi formal and Senior Prom Committees, Type Awards, Jr Volunteer WORDS OF WISDOM A true friend is a gift of ( od and only he who made heatts can unite them Who said my head was on crooked? C AROL LEAL 121 Riverdale Park REMEMBER SEP ask Jo, those talks with Sandy, Janet ' s wipers, " Whoops ' " summer ' 67, Friendly ' s, ask I-eslie, F- troop with Connie AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club. Student Secretary, Flnktr Staff, 23x Club, Typing Award, Superlatives WORDS OF WISDOM Never look back with sorrow but ahead with a smile THERESA F LEVESQUE " Teri” I Of Concord Street REMEMBER WA 10 18 71, Dietrich’s, 11 11 70 the donut, 12 3 69, Lane ' s Cove, Joe’s socks, ask Chris, the pits and parties, 10 31 71, these eyes, ask Deb, MM baby, what a Feed- Faaavorites. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Type Awards WORDS OF WISDOM Never to look back with sorrow, but look ahead with a smile To make my parents proud of me CONCEICAO LIMA " Connie " 36 Milieu Street REMEMBER Steve, Sept. 17, ’67, Christmas " 68, " Oct 3. ’70. 6 2 68, 6 3 70, ask Leslie, F Troop, ask Carol, Bruins ask Steve, Sergeants’ Party ' 69 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM: Love is never having to say you ' re sorry to some one you love (Steve.) To make my parents proud of me. GERALDINE A UNQUATA " Geri " 632 Western Ave REMEMBER " JIM, " 3 7 71, summer of " 70, " and " 71, " " C(X)L, " Hendrix. 6 27 70, 4 -Sea sons, 2 27 70, ask Bonnie, happy times, sad times, long talks with Cris, Senior Prom, Ser- geants ' Party " 70, " 1 17 70, Bruins ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS. Honor Business Club, Type Awards, Flicker Representative in Fresh- man year WORDS OF WISDOM Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters. 1 J 65 j PATRICIA ANN LLOYD Patti " 42 Grapevine Road REMEMBER: Good Times with the Big J. 1 17 71, ask the Baltimore kid, Rockport, the Backshore. My Little Buddy, 11 3 71, Canal, DVLB ask Craig ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS: Pep Club, H R. Representative 70-71. WORDS OF WISDOM: To watch a yellow summer turn into a golden lifetime. JOSEPH L. LOIACANO 34 Prospect St. REMEMBER: Lynn 1 20 71 Boston, ask Com- pardi Nicky. Long talks. My books ask Paul, Fri- day nites, the party. My 68 junk (SAF)-(SFP) Cape Cod. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gym. ROTC, Chefs Club. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: Time spent getting even, would be better spent in getting ahead. JACK LOMBARDO 8 Western Ave. REMEMBER: O.J.J. " 70” Nightriders ’70, ’71, Larry ' s parties, ask Sudsy, " Y " Churchyard, Mug-up, 10:00-10:01, weight-lifting. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Ben Franklin Club, Pla- toon Sergeant, Voc. A Company. WORDS OF WISDOM: " We ' ve only just begun.” LESLIE LOPES " Dopes " 171 Rivcrdale Park REMEMBER BILL. July ' 71, Sergeants’ Party, ask Connie, Friendly’s, ask Carol, March ' 70, EEFFOC ydnarb, April 17. ' 71. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM: Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. The gruesome threesome. SHARON LONGO " Sherry” or " Cher " 13 Harvard Street REMEMBER: E and F Block, lunch, ask Peg and John? C.S. Sergeants’ Parties ' 70, ' 71, Foot- ball games. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Junior Volunteer at AGH. Kitchen helper G.H.S. WORDS OF WISDOM: Smile even if it hurts. WILLIAM LOWER " Billy " 83 Southern Ave., Essex REMEMBER: Brad’s Truck, Crane ' s Beach, (The Barn) Strawberry Hill O.D., Midnight Ride " ESSEX " Brad ' s Wedding, Vctte’s Chevy Power!! Doubling ask FceFcc. JOHN LAINE 66 Wait till I get ahold of him. EUGENIE S LUCAS ■’Janie " )3 Grapevine Road REMEMBER: N.N.’s, all night " Captain R ” The Commander, charge. Crane’s Beach, the Hydaway, field trips. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S., Flicker, Junior Usherette. WORDS OF WISDOM There’s a sweet dream on my mind. There’s a song inside me. Take these chains away.” James Taylor DONNA MAC FARLAND " Don” 112 Mt. Pleasant Avenue REMEMBER. TONY. 10 20 70, the wall, summer of " 70,” " that ring, " 6 7 71, movies and pizza, ask BJ, JN and TP, EGS, the big flounder, tone-eec, the gang, all those years, ask Jean, long rides and talks ask Bobbie. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. WORDS OF WISDOM To follow that dream. ROBERT MACNAMARA " Mack. Bobby Fischer " 103 Western Avenue REMEMBER: Beating Bennett and for that matter everyone else. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chess Club, Captain, Military Science Award, Spanish Club, Grenadiers, Na- tional Honor Society, ROTC 2nd Battalion Ad- jutant, Stage Crew. JOHN LUKEGORD " Smoke, Capt. John " 1 16 Maplewood Avenue REMEMBER. D.B, the gridiron, shtingle, 3 Stooges, Saturday Matinees, Lance Lot Link Se- cret Chimp, pits, benders, 76, Millbrook I, 2, C.C.. Rookie! G.H.BP ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Football, Co-Captain, Frosh, Basket- ball. Sgt. ROTC Freezer Man 1 , 2, Scholar Ath- lete. Vassar WORDS OF WISDOM; Happi ness is making the best out of life. MARGARET LUNDBERG " Maggie (Mortis, Rigor)” )4 West 32nd Street Commune ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Thespians. WORDS OF WISDOM: " I respect kindness to human beings ... I don’t respect the law, I have total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the roads safer, the beer stronger, the food cheaper, and the old men and old women warmer in the win- ter and happier in the summer.” — Behan. JAMES E. MACINTYRE " Jim,” " Mac” Main St., Essex REMEMBER: PJA, my goal. Sept. ' 70, a harder Hinsdale, woods, Yamaha’s (lemons). May ’70, 4, " The " muster, damn bike! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey, Baseball. Football. GINNY MADRUGA " Gin Gin " 182 Washington Street REMEMBER My hobby H B, Club with Peggy and Sharon, Girl-talk with Charlie, three little kittens (1971). ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Roller skating ask Sharon, Ride to Spiro’s ask Maryrose, Assistant G.S. Leader, Babysitting and homework, pick-up by M.L.T., Parties! WORDS OF WISDOM: Stop, Look, and Lis- ten or Else. 67 { 1)1 BRA MAGUIRE " Deb” Friend Street REMEMBER Autumn, backstage, happy eccen tricity, long conversations, wandering, witch- craft. Tolkien, traveling. Boston ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Thespians, Beaton Co-Editor, Corresponding Sex ret ary, F nkrr, Quotes Editor, National Honor Society. Treasurer, International Thespian Society, PACS, NMSQT Inter of Commendation WORDS OF WIS1XJM f wer corrupts, absolute power corrupts abso- lutely JOSEPHINE MALTESE •Jo. Jos” 202B Washington Street REMEMBER 1 23 71 ask Nat., Grand Funk Concert, 10 3 71, Duke of Earl, ask Marda, Carda, and Grada, hut. Pit kittens, summer ' 71, beach, the ank. S.F.P., Carol knows, T.H F.B., Can ' t wait to go! ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS Pep Club. S A C , Flicker Staff WORDS OF W1SIX)M You can say, " I want to lx- free. " I can say, " Someday I will be " WALTER MANNINEN JOHN A MANSFIELD. Ill " Clam Man " 6 LrBaron Rd REMEMBER: " Nucky” Smith, Gappa, " Rat, " Sieve " Terror, " Freddie and a half a loaf of bread. Rhe.nhetk. N Y Big " O " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Essex Junior larague and Party. Pumping on the Esse x No 2 LEON W MAI.I.CX H " Lester " 381 Western Ave REMEMBER No knox, water skiing, fires on Ten Pound, 6 dory loads a day. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Machine Shop. WORDS OF WISDOM Eiffie, stop that thing! MARIAN MANN 3M Washington St. REMEMBER: D.S.P. " Summer of ’71, " schem- ing with Jackie! skiing, W A , " made it, Cini, " goin’ mental! ' , H.E.?, J.B. at F.T.’s with P.P. " Turn Around Quick! " Long talks. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS Girls ' Drill Team. Pep Club, S.A.C. Treasurer, Home Room Rep. Ush- erette. P A C . Type Award WORDS OF WIS- IX )M Keep |x ace with yourself in the noisy confusion of life 6 -i 0 BRUCH FRANK MARK " Stubs " 1} Riverside Avenue REMEMBHR Trip to California, All those- plays ' . Tony ' s Corner ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Ci.H S Thespians, International Thespian Society. Being transferred to G.H.S. after two yrs at St Peter’s WORDS OF WIS IX)M " The strongest man in the world is the man who stands alone. " — Henrik Ibsen DON E MARSHALL 500 Essex A vc REMEMBER Tonio T O N TO ACTIVI TIES AND HONORS German Club, Chess Club, Secretary, Treasurer German Club, Cap- tain Vice-President Chess Club — Not to men- tion multitudes of other nonsense WORDS OF WISDOM: Living is easy with eyes closed CHRISTINA MARSHALL " Chris " 120 Concord Street REMEMBER 7 3 71 " rides " Karen. Wingie, " Short walks " Brenda " S.W Flicks " " 6ft " Linda, castles, shoes on ' ask Hecta, recommend- ed places! NICHOLS ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Co-Chairman Bahamas, Pep Club, Flicker, Student Secretary, Beacon, Type Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: To love and remem her those who have gone. But more important to love and cherish the ones who are here JOANNE MARSHALL KEVIN MARTIN " Fred " 40 Macumber REMEMBER: Big " O” Knucky Smith The Lit- tle " Gappa” RAT, " Steve Terror " , Grandpa. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Dog Town. Whale’s Jaw, Willows. WORDS OF WIS- DOM Climbing up trees, should be left for the birds. MARCIA MARTIN 82 Hesperus Ave WORDS OF WISDOM: Take a new day. shed that fear, and bring out that hope for a brighter day. 69 LINDA FAVE MATTSON " Mac . Lindy Lou, Rat " 26 School Street REMEMBER: That Boy, 8 22 70! How’s your P.B. ask B The Summer of " 68” ask Paula, Never again — Yap!, " OUR” song, JENSEN 14), W.U.B.F.U.? Sure! Those talks and tears ask Jean, down Maine G.S., 8 21 71 ask Cheryl. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H R Flicker Rq ). Student Secretary ), 4, Pep Club 4, Flick- er Staff 4, Floormaster’s Helper 4, Main Office 4, P.A.C.S. 4, Usherette 4, Typing Awards 2, ). WORDS OF WISDOM: I ' ll reach out my hand to you, 111 have faith in all you do. Just call my name and Til be there.” WENDY MARTIN -Wat- I? Dodge Sow REMEMBER The btciks, green glob, the crew. Flaps uk Labbae. Old Os Rd ask Paula, and VaL Chau hit. Hsa, WC. Bruins. Boo- who Baby Cut maad. Let ' s go swimming, drinking. Honda 23 O Boston Common, licenses. Bass Rocks, mining. Undemanding. RIGHT! AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Basketball 2. 4. Type Award. Bikae Chib. Ski Patrol WORDS OF WISDOM Finding From Scutching? JEAN MASCOTTI " Little One " 4 Homans Drive. Essex REMEMBER: 10-speeds. Twalto’s! Greg. Con- certs. 12 25 12. walks and talks. Ask Rhonda. Bass Rocks. Summer of 71, Drags. Poems. Peo- ple. P.PR.C. kids. The Camp, Newbury port (LG.). Billy and Donna. 442 Rosco, Boontown, McDonald ' s. Crane ' s. PM Canal. Lake. Skh-hee the hydrant WORDS OF WISDOM To love and be loved and to make my mother and father (aboie) proud of me. MIKE MATHESON LAURA MATOS 9 Perkins Street REMEMBER: Summer of ’70, O.S.M., Fig da Foz, travelling, G.I.S., New Bedford, Howdy’s ask Rose, 6 22 70, 9 13 70, Claridade’s beach, my car. getting away, ask Mary Ann. WORDS OF WISDOM: To succeed in life to make my parents proud of me. MARK MARKUSON ROBERT MASON Bugs Bunny fan club. 70 1 — r ANTHONY MCCORMICK ’’Tony " My House (33 Cherry St.) REMEMBER 6 12 71. the Comer. Rocky Mountain, " Plivate Ploperty, " S.D., The Hut, Maine, " Barka Barka. " G.P.D., Bothering Mr. Ed ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Too Nu- merous to mention. WORDS OF WISDOM: You only go around once in life, so you have to grab all the gusto you can. When you’re out of Schlits, You’re out of beer! DEBORAH LEE MCGILLIVARY ’’ Debbie” 29 V3 Sargent Street REMEMBER: Half Moon Beach, ask Paula, Winter of " 70,” ask Paula and Bobby, Peanut Butter, Fight, ask Kathy and Nancy. " The Pest " ask Robyn. That Special Someone . . ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Typewriting Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: It is better to be small and shine than to be big and cast a shadow CHARLES E MCGOVERN " Charlie’’ I Beach Road REMEMBER CINDY. 4 23 71. Sergeants’ Party 71, Rm. 242zzzzz, New Year’s Eve ’71, 6 3 71 (wicked), Tuck’s ask Leslie, New House RGR, Lex., Wob, SALLY. Twins, ’Squarn Rock. Casper’s Jeep 9 10 69. 6 30 70 G.F.R., Rammer ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey, Baseball. Spanish Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: W — for a half hour at least. PHIL MCKAY ROBERT WILLIAM MCKECHNIE " Turtle " 367 Essex Avenue REMEMBER: Skiing, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. Black Mt., Vacations, E.C.C., Wingaersheek Beach, Rotsy, Dike’s, No. 4 Bruins. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, D Company Commander, Staff Sergeant, Politi- cal Action Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: To become a good M.D. and make my parents proud of me. RODERICK MCKENZIE GEORGE MCTIGUE " Fuzzie " 106 Magnolia Ave. REMEMBER: " The Field " " The Square, " Pit Stop! Smack up in shop, ask Mr. Jack Rabbit, Strawberry ask Zip, ' 37 Chevy ask Cuz. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be successful in anything I attempt. i irtl • 21 • m At it again, Becky! 71 I NANCY MEADOWS RICHARD MF.DICO " Dick " Vine Street REMEMBER: Parties at — Faulk ' s House, Jani- ce’s House, Elmer ' s House, Santa ask Hecta, Snake pit ask Dave or Hecta, " Swedish Sum mer " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Demer its. DEBORAH MELANSON ' Debbie " 4 Story Acres, Essex REMEMBER PETE 3 21 69, ripoff s. ask Jack le. Someday ask Pete. The parties, the shaker, woods, ask Pete, my car, 100,000, S.F.P., Freak, ask Karol, F.T.A., my elephant! 11 12 71, wait- ing, money! ish-t, ask Paula ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club. Flicker Staff WORDS OF WISDOM LOVE is the only strength which makes things one without de- stroying them! ANTHONY S MILITELLO 3 Corliss Ave REMEMBER The Sweet Shop and The Pool room WORDS OF WISDOM " Gubla boots, " are just fine if used carefully Peelc-a-boo! ( LINDA MARIE MEUSE 38 Millett Street REMEMBER: F.W., White Christmases, snowy days. To make my family happy and proud of me To help helpless people and animals. To work in the veterinary profession, and to be happy Jane Eyre, Rod McKuen. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Follow your star, " " do not feign affection, neither be cynical about love, " from " Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy ” CHRISTINE MILITELLO " Chris " REMEMBER Summer of ' 70, Horror movies, ask Sheila and Pat, stealing crackers! ask Linda, BACKRCX3M!! schoolyard struggle, ripped shorts!! D. ' s cellar. No rides, ask Charlene. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards WORDS OF WISDOM To do what 1 want, MY WAY 71 Make no mistake about that! I am the President! MARY JANE MILLIGAN JOANNE MISURACA 21 Church Street REMEMBER: Fishnets ask Marie, Richdale ' s ask the girls, Bumming money for a school trip, ask Maria, The cellar, ask Connie, Montreal, ask Lisa, Ten Years after. Pang, ask Rosanne AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Award WORDS OF WISDOM: To live my life my way with no regrets and to make my parents proud of me. MATTHEW MILITELLO ■ ' Matty. Mattco Green " 10 School Street REMEMBER Rockport, Nov 5, 1971. Aug 28. 1971, Electrical Shop, Michele, " I am white, " (he comer, ”J Giels. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS R.O.T.C MARIA MILLEFOGLIE 69 Eastern Avenue REMEMBER: After the gold Rush, Lounge, summers, fishnets, ask Marie, Strawberry quick, train ride, ask Joanne, St. Peter’s Fiesta, That sunshine, ask Tony, J’s, Stones, concerts, lost Sunday, ask Connie. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Type Award I and II, Shorthand Award, Student Secretary WORDS OF WISDOM: Learn from mistakes, remember experiences, and cherish the happiness in living. DAVID MILLS " Dave’’ } Woodman Street REMEMBER: Tonto, green Renault Dauphine with crank start. Tag puppy! Christoph der tol- len zer bbomber ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Vice president, German Club, secretary- treasurer, Chess Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: And he said to me, " I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give water without price from the fountain of the water of life. " MIKE MITCHELL " Melvin, " Don’t squeeze the charmin’ ” 16 Middle Street REMEMBER Big " 0, " J.C. Party, Nucky Smith, The little " Gappa” rat (Melvin), Nailed Puddgy on cross. Night Riders, Big Steve, Ter- ror Grandpa WORDS OF WISDOM: " Walt Bellamy. " 73 NANCY MOIR 293 Washington Street REMEMBER: MIKE, 6 1 69, Sergeants’ Party ’ 70,” Doubling with Steve and Lois, Christmas Party ”70, " " What’s a carburetor?” Wess, 12 23 71, ask Joanne. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secretary, Typing Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let me receive from life only as much as 1 have given to others. Mommy gave me a lollipop so I wouldn’t suck my thumb. JOANNE MONDELLO 9V3 Harmony Square REMEMBER: " GEM.” 8 24 70, sidewalks, ask Linda, ICR, ROME, " 769” Canada, our gang, ask Jim, Notre Dame, 3 2 71, MD, English with Mr. Sparer, campaign ’71, ask Cheryl. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Jr. Volunteer. Stu- dent Secretary, Type II Award, H R. Rep., Pep Club, P.A.C., Girls’ Drill Team. WORDS OF WISDOM: To stay close to God now. That is where I want to be in the end, because that’s where Sandy is now. STEPHEN L. MONELL Eastern Point THERESA MONTAGNINO ' ’Gracia " 18 Beacon Street REMEMBER: 3 J1 67. Long 5 years. Strawber- ry Quake nest left. Spaced out. Long talks ask Antonia, laughs with Lisa, MB those concerts, speed bib. E3 3 230; shot everything off! What’s coming ahead, ask Gerri, Babysitting! F.O.Y ask Lisa. Snack Bar, comer. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. Art. WORDS OF WISDOM Reach the clouds IAN W MOORES ' The big T, Moose” 117 Leonard Street REMEMBER: " People are everyone ' s best friends.” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Na- tional Honor Society, 2nd Semester Pres., Beacon, 3 yrs. Business Manager, Quasi Football Statisti- cian, General All-round piano player, PAC. WORDS OF WISDOM: " If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.” JAMES JOSEPH MOSES, JR " Jimmy " 230 Concord Street REMEMBER: Oincc, itchy " 61,” Chevy Impala convertible, Beatles ' songs with Jim and Dave, My long haired lady, West Gloucester, Fish market " 67,” In my room, lonely nights, Day- tona Beach, LIAR! ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: 2 Typing Awards, ROTC Band, Photogra- phy Club, Tennis, Karate, Track. WORDS OF WISDOM: To get the best or nothing at all. 74 JAMES MURRAY " Busty” 27 Lincoln Avenue REMEMBER: Sweet things, " S.S.,” the big " O, " " Gappa,” " Long-haired lady,” What an ef- fort, ”70-71.” East JE. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Captain ROTC, Color Guard, Staff Sergeant, Haskell Drill, Spectacular Drill, Car- pentry, Swimming. WORDS OF WISDOM: Always make an effort. ROBERTA MOSES " Beed” 120 Western Avenue REMEMBER 7 17 71 YMBF ask Joanne. 3 3 68, Talks with Norma, will it make it ask Sharon, those parties. Summer concerts, not again, lake, corner, 3 70. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: Last night I sipped the sunset — His hand in my hair — we are our own Saviors — as we stan both our heans — Beating life into each other. CHARLIE MULLEN " Jake-Chatter” Lookout Road REMEMBER: The oldest car in the school " 50” Ford Woody, Remember the Manchester dance ”71,” ask Kathy, the game with Essex 72-36, Fernwood Flyers, West Gloucester Football games. Bruins, the Beatles. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman Baseball. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let it be. ANN MUNROE SANDRA NAVES PETER MULLEN Doody’s supply for the week-end! SUE ANN MUISE " Sue, Susie " 17 Proctor Street REMEMBER: V.M., summer of " 70, " Pavillion, J.MPR, J.G. concert, ask Steph, no way?, blvd., parties, dances, " I don’t believe it,” J.C., " 66,” bci, mouthing off, " 71-72 " those fights, TEP, (ears, TDN, laffs, walks and talks, them, find- ing CL on blvd. WORDS OF WISDOM: If you can ' t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. 75 » 1 1 ALLEN R NELSON, JR -wr REMEMBER Military Office. Ft Devens. Fas cist Army, Airborne Ranger ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Boys ' Stare, Junior Rotarian, ROTX!, Brigade Commander, Rifle Team, Co- Captain. National Drill Comp., Washington DC, 1st plate Prire Sqd Cmdr. Malar, Out- standing Soph Medal, Outstanding Plat Sgt. Medal Platoon Drill, Cmdr., Grenadiers, U.S. Army 22 Cal. Expert Medal. Football, Baseball, Flag Day Exercises WORDS OF WISDOM ' War is very simple, direct, and ruthless. It take a simple, direct, and ruthless man to wage it. " — Patton STEPHANIE NICASTRO " Steph’’ 87 Western Avenue REMEMBER: Out of staters, headed for trouble, someplace, MM, Frank’s class, F Block, JG concert, ask Sue, WW in the snow — ask Patti, two kinds of tears, Halloween ' 71, TYA ask Janice, getting tripped, A Block gym, ask Steph, m. ride odobr, TDN, St. Peter’s dances, finding cl on the blvd. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: Don’t feel sorry about the way it’s gone, and don’t you worry ’bout what you’ve done. PATRICIA NICOLOSI " Patti, Pat " 1)8 Washington Street REMEMBER the beach, the wind, ww in the snow, ask Steph, two kinds of tears, victims of the insane, Boston Garden, Someplace, writing those late slips, ask Berta, throwing fortune cookies? getting burnt! Make Peace with Greece? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: NHS, Floormaster Assistant WORDS OF WISDOM " To catch the sun and share it. BERNADETTE NOVELLO " Berny " J8 Middle Street REMEMBER New Year’s ’71, Mornings in Matilda. TFOU, Why ' Sat. Nites in the Box, ask Patty. Dixie Cups!?! SAB, cellar Parties, old friends? Pretzels? Boston, Sept 70, Smiles. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: AFS, HR Rep OPT WORDS OF WISDOM If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t bother to say anything at all. JOSEPHINE M NICASTRO " Jo” 131 Western Avenue REMEMBER: SFP, BC» ask Tomi, Florida ask El and Ter, GOMN, Dracuit ask Jaccy, HD, WW Ja’s party I’m up to my knees in it, ask Bev. Reading ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Health Activity Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let us pause, and wonder in awe at God’s handiwork. MARGARET NICKERSON " Peggy " Blossom Lane REMEMBER: Paul, 9 7 71, English 2 and 3, ask Charley, hospital, ask Sharon and Linda, Club at Ginny’s, Big step 10 28 71, ask Paul, trailer — who’s Joany? Field Day 6 5 71. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Jr. Volunteer. WORDS OF WISDOM: To give my love to only those who give it in return. ROBERTA NOSEWORTHY " Berta, Bert” REMEMBER: Make peace with Greece, w32- 848, pf flyers ZOOM! Stratford ’71, ask the gang, WOW! Springfield ’70, ask Dawn and Dani — Don’t cry, ask Bert — Soap ask Pat and B-York Maine, Xmas Semi-formal — ask Nancy, Three Dog Night ask the gang. WORDS OF WISDOM: Those who love deep- ly never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young. Life of the party, huh, Grillo? 76 NICHOLAS J NOVELLO, JR " Nick, Nicky " 7 Gaffney Street REMEMBER- girls, ' 68 Impala, it ' s coffin. Sandpipers Inn. the Beach, My Beer. Right Bard, A good time, the boulevard, riding around, don’t break those beer bottles, C ' mon toots, TCAGFTS, ask Joe. Spring ' 71? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS ROTC, Phys Ed. Chef’s Club WORDS OF WISDOM A rolling stone gathers no moss! JANICE O ' KEEFE " Bunny " 11 Ellery Street REMEMBER: ? 4 26 69, T.W., New York. Montreal, Stoned Pier. Wanna Beer Teeth? Speed Racer, Malt Duck, Ask Sue, Sure! P C, Christmas ' 70. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type and Shorthand Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: To sail the seas and drop anchor in the port of success. ANNETTE ORLANDO " Andi " Harmony Square REMEMBER: Concerts, 1 71 ask Deb, Smitte, " Copecetic, " ask Cindy, him ask Cin, Sunday, ask Judy, the tape rec.. Time Twins, the names. Sept. 2 and 3, ask Cin, Action! BW ' ing in B, conference room, another victim, astrology nuts!! WORDS OF WISDOM: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Long distance to Venus. 1 MARGUERITE ANN OAKES Lawrence Mt. Road REMEMBER: Summer 1971, milk and toma- toes, Main, 25x club, those ten words, the ' crick- eting ' cricket. 4 71. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Spanish Club, Biology Club, Future Nurs- es, Rainbow, Floormaster ' s Assistant, AGH, Ex- plorers. CanH-Na. WORDS OF WISDOM " Let there be peace in our hearts, in our homes, and in our world. " GABRIELE ONORIO " Gabe” 8 Western Avenue REMEMBER: " VAL” 12 23 70, Sergeants’ Party, 3rd lunch, ask Frank, Surf 9 24 71, Drive-in weekends, ask Andy, Shagg (F.O.Y.) Rusty Cellar, " 57 Chevy. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC, 2nd Lt„ Haskel l and Prize Drill Competitor, National Honor Society, Help Activities Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: To live the life I’m living now and hope it will never change ANTHONY J. ORLANDO " Flounda " 66 Sumner Street REMEMBER: Toni, WG, Gladys, Fishmarket, Mo-Dike’s, Wallace’s, Haskell’s, " No boys, not cell 3! " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sweet Shop 1, 2, 3, 4, SFAC 4 WORDS OF WIS- DOM: Living is easy with eyes closed. JOSEPH ORLANDO 77 t JOANNE ORSINI 60 Cherry Street REMEMBER: Friend St. — " Santana, " WG — Haskell ' s Bonnefarm, Midnight Rambles, It fig- ures, Halloween " 70, ' ' Dunkin Donuts, " Com- mons. " Thanksgiving Dinner, Dark Hole, Binah, " Spot, " LC show 9 2 70, Sadie, what the hey. Stone Jug, Twon light is. ROBERT OUELLETTE EDWARD PALLAZOLA " Teddy Bear " 95 Pleasant Street REMEMBER: CS, the Canal at Lunch, Ser- geant ' s Party ' 71, " Uncle Bob,” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band, ROTC, Football, McDonald’s WORDS OF WISDOM: Put out the butts, here comes Rocwcr. BETSY PALMER Ma and Pa Kettle. PAULA JEAN PALAZOLA 10 Beacon Street REMEMBER: Talks with Nellie, prowling, 7 25 71 ask Donna, JB at FT ' s WooW!, Sum- mer of ’71, wounded in action, out of towners, " turn around quick, " ask MM, long talks, what am I supposed to do? the chain, ask Bridgette, it takes a thief, Boston, Harry’s, Zoo ask Sudsy, Castle Hill ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Drill Team, Corporal, squad leader, SAC, Vice Pres., H R. Rep., Jr. Usherette, Typing Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: You can’t live in the past nor in the future. Live now and be thankful. JOSEPH PALLAZOLA JEFFREY PAPOWS " Horse man " 20B Grapevine Road REMEMBER: hanging around the halls, 62, shooting in the rifle range during classes, Camp Millbrook, Bear hunting with Borgc. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS Rifle Team, Captain, ROTC, Lt. Colonel, Football, 1st Place Prize Squad, Weightlifting, Grenadiers, Scholar Ath Ictc WORDS OF WISDOM: No goal is too high if wanted badly enough. 79 Add just a dash of this. STEPHEN PAPOWS " Little Pap " REMEMBER: Grenadier vs Band football flame , bear huminfl with Borfle, Military Of- fice. Fort Devens ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: ROTC Corporal I, Staff Serfleant 2, Bri- flade Adjutant 3. Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Grena- diers 3, 4, 1st Place Prize Sqd. 3, Fort Devens, Army Expert Marksman Medal 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: The American flag, these colors don’t run. SCOTT PA RADY GILBERT PARIS ■’Gilbear” •11 Commonwealth Avc. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let it be ALISON LYNNE PARKHURST " Al,” " Flemming” 144 Essex Ave. REMEMBER: the Beam. Arials. Penn, skating, decisions, 10-spced bicycle, Fisher Jr. College, Disneyland. Fla. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Gymnastics, Thespians, Shorthand and Typing Awards, Honor Business Club, Student Secretary WORDS OF WISDOM: The sun shines brighter on the horizon. STEPHEN PA RADY WILLIAM PAR ISI " Bam Bam” 22 Orchard St. ALLEN PARSONS " Al” 8 Gardner Terrace REMEMBER Band trips, parade at North Adams, kangaroo court, end-of-year band trip to Connecticut and Rhode Island, Ducky Harris’s drafting classes. School ski trip to Austria. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Member of ROTC Band 4 years. Senior Year Band Execu- tive Officer, Participated in Fort Dcven Activi- ties Junior and Senior Year, Skiing, Boating, Waterskiing WORDS OF WISDOM Do not be set in your ways, accept change for it is the only way to success, prosperity and happiness. We’re goin’ to da zoo. FRANK B PARSONS 8 Young Road REMEMBER Friends HAROLD B PARSONS " Harry " 8 Bet k ford Street REMEMBER Big " O, " Nucky Smith. " Gappa " MARIA M PERITORE " Cicti, Cho-Cho” 8 Western Avenue REMEMBER: Summers of ’69 and 71, that cer- tain someone sp, those talks — ask Tina, bike rides to Rock port and Beverly — ask Cathy, Over the Hill Gang — ask Mr. Roswcr, trips that never happened — ask Marianne, panics in Cellar — ask Elly, Sunday walks — ask Connie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Honor Busi ness Club, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Shonhand Award, Treasurer, Health Activities Club WORDS OF WISDOM: To live for today and hope for tomorrow. MARYANN PERKINS " Mary, Perks” 6 Collins Avenue REMEMBER Nineteen B ., Mills, the Boat, the Point, the Cliff, Hedges, ask Carol, summer of " 69,” Hampton Beach " 70,” football games. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Ptp Club, Student Secretary WORDS OF WISDOM To love and be loved. TIMOTHY PAXSON " Tim” 125 Wheeler Street REMEMBER: Time Square, ask Ernie or Loran, 66 Fords, lived, 64 Chevy’s, forever, you outa, ask Sudsy, ’69 Ford Ranger, Nashville, ask Mike, Fuzzbun, ask Dave, Star Speedway, ’57, ask Gab, VAL WORDS OF WISDOM Try to be the best in whatever I choose. JOSEPH PEREIRA " Jody” 112 Western Avenue WORDS OF WISDOM Enjoy life to its ful- lest. ROBERT W PERKINS Bob. BP " I Day (ouri REMEMBER Tablet Roik ask Dam. Sea Lion Motel, ask Barbie, Sergeants’ Parly 71, West Gloucester, Where you been all night ' BA YDTM ACTIVITIES AND HONORS ROTC WORDS OF WISIX)M Try it. you’ll like it RIC HARD PERRY " Riik, Rnky Ticky, Perry " 37 Cherry Street REMEMBER Summer of 71, Monday nites, ask Little Wit, Ft Devens, night Maneuvers, the red Ford wagon. Band vs Grenadiers in football, Kangaroo Court, Friendly’s Fribble Munn, the elevator ACTIVITIES AND HONORS ROTC Band, Drum Major, ROTC Grenadiers, 3rd Plate Individual Drill, 3rd Place Prize Squad, National Drill Competition, Wash , D.C., Flag Day Detail WORDS OF WISDOM " 1 am he as you are me, and we are all together. " MARI ELLEN PERRINE MP. Harold- 96 Western Avenue REMEMBER Summers of ' 68, and ’70, SPOM1, ask 7, SFP, hot key and football games, skiing, MP and MC, WH, Hollywood, Sthfingle, CCR, We re taugh t. Ram ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS Pep Club. SAC, 23x Club. Flicker Staff, Type II Award WORDS OF WISIX3M Take things in stride and smile away WILLIAM R PERRY " Bill, Little Witt " 32 Reynard Street REMEMBER: Spring Concert 3 19 71, Fascist Army, " Airborne Rangers, " Beack " Good Guys, " Andromeda Strain ACTIVITIES AND HONORS ROTC, Superior Sophomore Cadet Medal, 2nd Place Individual Drill Medal, Out- standing Jr Medal, 1st Place Haskell Drill Medal, Academic Achievement Wreath, Nation- al Drill Competition, Washington, DC., Flag Day Exercises, Platoon Drill, 1st Bat. Comdr., Grenadiers, Soccer. WORDS OF WISDOM Try to see it my way SUSAN PETERS ’Sue " 38 Cherry Street REMEMBER: Summer ’69, Good Enough, Springfield, what a bummer, 13 in a toilet. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS PWA WORDS OF WISDOM Being able to spend my life helping the physically handicapped. To be as good a mother as mine and to make my family proud of me. DANIEL PIERCE " Jolly Johnny One Note, Danny” 1118 Washington Street REMEMBER: Devens, March ' 71, the swamp, ask Jeff P., Fascist Army, Devens, October ' 71, mops, ask Biff N. ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: ROTC Band Commander, National Honor Society, Jr. Rotarians, ROTC Medals, Superior Jr. Cadet, Highest Achievement in Mil- itary Science, Military Science Honor Award, Platoon Drill. 81 •V ROBERT PIRAINO Bob” Mansfield Street REMEMBER: OJI, summer Champs ’70, 3 sec- onds too late. Buccaneers, the old Y, Church Yard Comer, Street Hockey. Y-12, HG-O. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Frosh, JV and Varsity Baseball, JV and Varsity Basketball. WORDS OF WISDOM Being burnt by a buddy is a bummer. ANNE R POMEROY 63 Mt. Pleasant Avenue REMEMBER: NN’s, all night, the ' ' Captain, " the Hydaway, the " Commander, " Crane’s Beach. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society. DENNIS POIRIER " Denny, Pop and Fly " 13 Addison Street REMEMBER: Moose Champs ’71; Rookie of the year (ask Knowlcsy), Hovcy Gardens — Street Hockey (Against those bums from the Y), Pop and Fly, Gloucester Daily Times. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS; JV Baseball, JV Football. JOHN PORTER " Jack” 8 Short Street REMEMBER: Boston After Dark, ask Ernie, Jack, ask Scbby, churchyard corner, ask Jack. WORDS OF WISDOM: To succeed in any- thing I try and be good at it. PATRICIA PRATT JOSEPH PUGLISI, JR " Jay " 118 Mt. Pleasant Avenue REMEMBER: Sheila. 5 21 70, the square. Hi- tler’s Prison, ask Jack. Ernie. Danny. Mug up 10:00-10:01, ’65 Chcvelle, Bermuda 71, 6 12 72 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ben Franklin Club WORDS OF WISDOM Give peace a chance. NATALIE F PRINCE " Nat. Scratch ' 206 B Washington Street REMEMBER: T.H.. 1 25 71. ask Jos. Tony’s corner, hut, the Great Escape, ask Carla, 10 3 71, HDYF, B blk ask Pam. Mooreland, ask Joanne, Farmer, " Who us, " ask Sal. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club. SAC. Flicker Staff, " Class Clown. " WORDS OF WIS- DOM: " Don ' t be quick to judge people, until you have walked a mile in their shoes. " CAROLYN PURDY 9 Traverse Street REMEMBER: John, Summer of ’71, Chateau de Ville 71, Purple elephant. Eastern Point Blvd., G-Block, What you say? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: To fulfill the dream first most in my heart. SUSAN J. PUTAANSUU " Sue” 92 High Street REMEMBER: Oh la de da. ask Deb. The Bruins Rocks, long talks with Deb, Hot bomb and a bark, toothpaste and hats, " The Body.” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society, Treasurer Spanish Club, Pep Club, Flicker Staff, Floormastcr’s Assistant. WORDS OF WISDOM: " For you’ll still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not. " CAROL A QUADROS Saviile Road REMEMBER: That certain someone; SPC, Fri- day nights, those weekends ask Brenda. Flag Football, NH, D blk. Lunch, ask Nat, Bahamas, NY ’69, make it by 4:00. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Student Secretary, Flicker Staff, Typing Awards WORDS OF WISDOM: To be happy and to live each day as it comes. The one with the red hot pants on. •I i 83 if DIANNE QUIGLEY WORDS OF WISDOM " Ami I will direct revolutionary education teaching the politics of limbs, the economics of valleys, the psychology of the sea and the great disciplines of friendship and drunkeness.” — Lou Lipsiu. IH Oirunut Street REMEMBER " Winter of ‘70 " my crllar. Ten Years After. Led Zeppelin, the day I broke my :oc. What a Bumma. Especially the day I met Nmfa. May 10. 1971. May 14. and May 26. and Sergeants Party. June 4. 1971, The Colonial Inn. WORDS OF WISDOM To accept life as it is. and to try to improve it whenever possible. CYNTHIA RAMOS " Cindy " 10 Taylor Street REMEMBER CHARLIE. 2 28-69. laughs, ask Jane. k«ig talks, nurse ' s office, will you don’t, those moods, ask Carole. China Port, but Carole it ' s only 12 Chevclle No License ask Pam. JOHN RANDAZZA.JR " Do er " 18 Grapevine Road REMEMBER Walks at Eastern Point in the summer of 70 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: St. Peter’s Chess. Photography, Track, Student Council. Student Advisory Council, Student-Fac- ulty Advisory Council. WORDS OF WIS DOM: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you ' re sure to find you get what you need KATHERINE RADOSLOVICH 77 Mt. Pleasant Avenue REMEMBER tent 69. boat 69. ask Bev and Kathy, GHB, LB. Sat. afternoons, ask Paula, 10 16 71, summer ' 72, ask Diane, summer ’70, EPB, JA, MP, toptotola. Pickles, G BU. ask A. H, BKPI ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Girls’ Basketball Team 3 WORDS OF WIS- DOM Mellon Do you believe in the tooth fairy? I do. SALVATORE T RANDAZZA " Sal, Cy” 6 Western Avenue REMEMBER: that one special person, summer of ' 70. the corner guard. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS West End Corner, Student Council, Stage Crew? WORDS OF WISDOM 1 am trying to give, so I hope the world will give me a try. M TONY S RAO 10 Riverdale Park REMEMBER SANDY. It’s parry rime at Ka thy’s house. Sieve’s drunk. PS beer, Chuck, fix your car. Father John, Curl ' s red Beep Beep. All the kids. Cilia all those talks. Olds, Prom, Beach House, Omega and Friends, Sandy, pick me up. Don’t be scared Come back home I love you, Sandy ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Foot ball. ROTC, and Band WORDS OF WIS- DOM To love and be loved. Me first! RONALD ROBERTS " Chris, Ron,” 5 Madison Court REMEMBER: Homeroom with Edie and Vir- ginia Saturday Nights, Dances, Chinaport, Nick’s (The Palace) National Butcher’s General Manager ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1, 2, 1st place prize Squad Sophomores, ROTC 2, 3. 4, Second Lt. ”C” Company, " B” Company Platoon Drill 3. Haskell and Individual Drill 2, 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: How’d ya do? C-2 Favorites. To live a happy life and travel throughout the world. DONALD S. REED " Don, Donnie” 28 Dennison Street REMEMBER: C block English, ask Charlie, the ventilator — ask Janet, Good Harbor Beach 10 12 70, the airport — via Lexington, the Drive-in, Lighthouse, Squam Market and Mari- na. Tuck’s. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Na- tional Honor Society, President of Spanish Club, American Field Service, French II and III Book Awards, German Club, Foreign Language Tutor. DONALD ROBERTS " Donnie” 3 Madison Court REMEMBER: Music, People, Rainy Days, Rock, Blues, Jamming, Shooting Pool, Sammy’s Car, Leather Coat, Specs, Jimi Hendrix, The Stones, Chicks, Cold Turkey, Summer of 71, munching out, John Lennon. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1, 2, ROTC 3. Gym 4, to get out of G.H.S. WORDS OF WISDOM: Hey man. Now, that’s nice, be experienced. DANNY REED " Dan” 88 Maplewtxxl Park REMEMBER: 3 years in shop. Summer of 71, Cross-roads America McCormack, Hill, Vail (you can’t beat the system) Broken clock — Dona, Action, clean walls, busted — little giant - Maine Tech ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS: Ben Franklin Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2 , Soc- cer 4. Track 1, 2, 4. GAIL ROBINSON " Robi” R 740 Washington Street REMEMBER: Danjul p., " The Farm, " straight?, horseback riding, an, A.Y.C., Summers of ' 67 and 71, ask Sheila, skiing, Chicago, leather, somebody is always slow! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Homeroom Representative Fresh- man Year WORDS OF WISDOM: You can say I want to be free, I can say someday I will be. 85 JACQUELINE M ROWE cW 1B Riveidalc Piik REMEMBER Ricky 5 26 69. ripoffv ask Deb. bnt frauds ' talks with Marla. Sgtv ' Piny 71, WUBFU Suit ' Yuupp " gonna get Happy . " Where ' s Deb " doubling my bunny HFS, the woods. Spirit. ask Marla ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards, Shorthand Awards, ftp Oub. Ftmk Fbcktr Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM Today is the first day of the rest of my kfe CONCETTA RUSSO " ' Connie " 15 Summer Street REMEMBER: Happiness is JOE, 11 7 70. Summer of " 71. " Italy, ask Tina, Over the talks. Olds. Prom. Beach House. Omega Oscar ' . Full moons. Those Sunday walks, ask Cicci. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Honor Business Club (Pre si dent). National Honor Society, Student Secretary, Oii:standmg Junior in Business Educa- tion Award. Type and Shorthand Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: To remember that the sun will shine every day. KATHLEEN ANN SCALLI " Kathi. Kat” 19 Lin wood Place REMEMBER: MIKE 3 10 69, 13, Lynn Arena, " someday, " " C.F.T.T.T.T.Y.” windy oceans, " 1336.” " MICKEY MOUSE,” lovin’ friends. No Camillies!! ask Mike, " Plans,” Sgts ’ Panics, " Witches,” " Neato!!” Kabush Soccer, Muscles (Irish). ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Cheerleader, H R. Rep. 1-4, President So- cial Activities Club 2, 3, Plash, Reponer 1, 4, Beaton, Gymnastics Club, Delegate to Student Govt. Day ' 71, Type Award, Semi-formal Com. WORDS OF WISDOM: " The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay. Love isn’t love till you give it away.” ROBERTA ANN RUBERTI " Bobbie” 161 East Main Street REMEMBER: Those nites up at Stage Fort! " I see the light, " by Jimmy Marr, The club bubble gum! playing mcateasters, 8 26 71, dog bites ind stealing my car, ask Laura, the boulevard, Labor Day Party, 6:30 A M.! running out of gas, right Donna? WORDS OF WISDOM Happi ness VIRGINIA SAN PAOLO 18 Exchange Street REMEMBER: 7 14 71 Pavillion Lounge 68, July ’71, Tom’s House, Mateus, trips, 11:00 pumpkin time. Uncle MIKE, lights out, ask Mary Ann and Paula. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. WORDS OF WIS DOM: To live life with a smile. GARY SAULNIER " Anything you want to call me” 319 Washington Street REMEMBER: Monkberry Moon delight, back- stage, breakfast with wcedics, cheeks! Beautiful Gloucester, All my friends, actually I remember everyone in the World. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians WORDS OF WIS DOM: " See the trees through the forest.” " Come together.” We all need someone we can lean on WILLIAM SAWYER " Bill- 42 Reynard Street REMEMBER: Terry, Auto Shop, F-85 Olds, out of gas, keys, canal, Joe’s house. M Oh, shut up! MARY JANE SCANGAS " Janie, Ben " 70 Maplewood Park REMEMBER Boulevard, Good Feeling 19V, Purple Chevelle, J F B . Beginnings, BEVERLY, ask Sharrn, Up Ruthies ' , OH, my broken back, ask Karen, 5 charges. Jail!, ask Brenda, 4 14 70, 6 10 70, ask Rat, McDonald ' s, take a big wang, S.P.C., Cookie all gone. Oh, NO. NO, NO. Herbert " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM Color my world with hope in whatever I attempt ELIZABETH CARROLL SCHLECK " Betsy, Schlitz " High Popples Road REMEMBER Wurdy Durds, The Hut. " GFF, " quack. 11 7 69. 12 25 70. 11 8 71. 11. yeh and you, " 50, " certs, BST, Bull, rhing-a-maduky ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader, Senior Class Secretary, Assistant Editor Pinker, Associate Editor Plaih, Social Activities Club, Spanish Club, PACS WORDS OF WISDOM: Be of love a little more careful than of every- thing. IDA SCOLA 88 Washington Street REMEMBER Winter of ' 70. the )B ' s, ask Deb- bie. Boulevard. TFH, ask Joanne, Sat. nites, Debbie the Bartender, that rainy nite, ask Joyce, 2:30 that afternoon, Virginia get ready, ask Maria, the same route, those long rides? Bermu- da! WORDS OF WISDOM: Never to look back in sorrow, but to look ahead with a smile. IDA SCOLA SALVATORE T. SCOLA " Doody " 21 Hampden Street REMEMBER: Boston Gardon — Ten Years After, the football games, we won yeh! the Fort D.W.N.A.B., the Pavilion Loynge, Help Fire, summer of " 71,” (I ' m drowning) shut every- thing off, ask Rosanne. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Staff, Superlatives, Sports, Typing and Class Calendar, Most School Spirit- ed. Mascot, The Fishermen. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: To accept life as it comes and always to have a smile on my face. MARY ANN SCOLA 30 School Street REMEMBER: 7 24 70, art, traveling, 3 B’s, ask Geri, Food, those concerts, nit nit, getting roudy, good times, bad times, light out, ask Paula and Virginia, seeking a love. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vice Pres. Honor Business Club, Type Awards I, II, Pep Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: To make it worthwhile! CAROLE ANN SEARS " Ca " 38 Bass Avenue REMEMBER: LENNY, 5 15 70, ' 56 Chevy, 106-93R, Winter " 70,” Icicles, 9 20 70, lots of tears, Dunkin Donuts, Long talks with Cindy, F B I. ask Debbie, N.H., the Lake, 9 20 68, ask Sue and Pam, Scooch! S.H.P.S.S7, Rossy caught a fish, Janelle ' s parties, China Port, that’s close. WORDS OF WISDOM: To hope the future is as bright as the past. I’m warning you, Kathy! i ■ GLENN SEL1G " Scadog” 44 Riverdale Park REMEMBER KJ L. Hunting, " The 3 Stooges,” street hockey, Bamyarding, Oronoka, Lynn Arena 4 2. J.V Football " 69,” " The Tools of Ignorance,” Now! Are you Crazy? Rm 23. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Baseball. Foot ball. Hockey. Soccer, " B " Co, Commander, Jr. Class Rep .. " Mod Squad WORDS OF WIS- DOM Happiness is a warm gun PAULA SELIG 33 Riverdale Park REMEMBER: Pavillion Lounge ’68-’69, July 71, Tom’s House, Food, Mateus, Maryland, 6 3 71, good times, trips, 11:00, pumpkin time! Mt. Ann Park, Uncle Mike, Lights out, ask Mar- yAnn and Virginia ACTIVITIES AND HON ORS: Pfcp Club WORDS OF WISDOM: To live a free and happy life. JANE SEPPALA 78 Langsford Street REMEMBER: SKl-Trip, ask Kathy 2 12-14 70. Maine, The rocks and down Folly, 23X Club, Pro tennis? ask Diane and Kathy, bowling and Pizza, cemetery, ask Sue, Hola! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Jflnior Volunteer, Floormast- er’s Assistant, Spanish Club, National Honor So- ciety, Sawyer Medal, Spanish II Book Prize. WORDS OF WISDOM " While we’re on our way to there, why not shared? " PAULINE SHEEDY " Sheeedie " 10 Rocky Neck Avenue REMEMBER Me . — Never!, ask Karol, G.6.U.W.P.P. — ask Debbie, 3rd lunch with skinny Guinea, bike rides and things. Good Girls — Yeah! ask Barb ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spanish Club 3. 4. Pep Club, Senior Advertising Committee WORDS OF WIS DOM: Let your fear just pass away, then your love will fill your days. Love me or leave me! JOHN SENOS " Roast Beef " 14 Fair Street REMEMBER: Kathy, the good times we had. Sergeants’ Parties, etc.. Good times in Room 346, C block. The times down the Boulevard with kids, playing football, etc. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sports, Basketball, Freshman Yr. and Sophomore Year, Soccer Four years, ROTC, Junior Year, Sergeant, Prize Squad, First Place, Grenadiers 1st Lt. Senior Yr WORDS OF WISDOM: " Live not for today alone, but for tomorrow as well. " DIANE MARIE SHATFORD " Di” 18 Flume Road, Magnolia REMEMBER: Summer ’71, Bahamas, Ski-trips, panytime! Ml to the DB, The Stones, Concerts, African Safari, " Come on, Chief!” The square, Vod, Jimi Hendrix, 8 2 69, Southie, 10 13 71, O.J., Indian Rock, EP.Y.C,, the island, Xmas Eve ’70! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Basketball Team, National Honor Society, Flick- er Staff. Type Award WORDS OF WISDOM Love the one you’re with! SCOTT SHEEHAN " Chief, Tard " 170 Eastern Avenue REMEMBER: The bridge, the corner, com- mander’s Jet, ’63 Chevy in the bushes, ask Pete, Nugent’s barn, Clancy’s Volkswagen, ask Hec- tor, Concert’s with the Nugent, 3 yrs. of Jack Budrow ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Essay Award in Vocational English. AMBITION: To succeed in life and to keep happy 9 I i i Now or later? CATHY SILVA " Content " " Face” Papa Ginos REMEMBER: 10 1 71, the Last Daz, My you’re Funny looking! the beach, concerts, Nupa, Mrs. Alison? cliff, Pekinese dogs, falling in the street. Summer 71, Invented yet? Boston (the fountain) Bap! haunted house, Fikergoats, Should we get in? You Flip! WORDS OF WIS- DOM: All things must pass. RICHARD SILVA " Pee Wee, " " Sil” 13 Old Ford Road REMEMBER: G.H.B.P.! B-3 (who’s King?). 3-D-N Liar! B.F.D. Hurting, Governor’s Mo- bile. F-16 (J.P.), Rookies, 3 Stooges, Camp Mill- brook 1, 2, Goose, ask Moe, Far Away! 11 10 68, Marrie Sunday Matinees. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Scholar Athlete, Lieutenant ROTC, Vassar, Platoon Drill, 1st Place. WORDS OF WISDOM: Remember the world’s shortest ser- mon written on a thousand traffic signs: " KEEP RIGHT” F T A. CARL SINAGRA DEBRA JEAN SHIELDS " Shieldsie " 3 Butler Avenue REMEMBER: 2 27 60, ' 71, Summer Sunshine, Good Friday, 3 27 60, The Road — the scenic Route, S.S.. White Beach, Late Nights, the Stones. Concerts. BCN WORDS OF WIS- DOM It’s getting better all the time . DEBORAH A SILVA " Debbie” 100 Friend Street REMEMBER: OWEN 10 30 71, Dunkin Donuts, ’62 Wagon, Friday nights, ask Carol, Those cold mornings, ask Karen, STOP! that ti- ckles, Miami, Ask Karen, Wake-Up Pam, Baha- mas, N B A., ask Joanne and Val. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secretary 2, 3, 4, Typ- ing Awards 2. 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: To Love Honor and Cherish Him. And to love them as much as they love me. DAVID J. SIMON REMEMBER: Ask Larry what happened at the m! Ask Mona how funny it was when I fell for her tricks ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Out- side sports, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Bei ng with the girl I love, Mona. WORDS OF WIS DOM: TO MAKE IT BIG STEPHANIE C. SINAGRA " Steph” 62 Harrison Ave. REMEMBER: Talking, the wall. Ask Marcia and Cathy, Mai’s, the Hill, ask Lola, I laughed and giggled, don’t fall, ask Debbie 9 18 71, the wings, Sunday nights at Drive-in with L.G., M.K., and C.G., Food, Ask Them, Halloween ’ 71.” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Home- room Representative 1, Student Secretary 3. WORDS OF WISDOM: To live in a world of Love, Laughter, and Happiness. KAROL A SKOBY “Stubby, Skobs, Fish” I) Western Avenue, Essex REMEMBER Buddy! Biackbomb, Homeroom Ca2. Hamilton-Ral, Jud, Bob, Carol, R and N, Summer of 71, Camping, trees! talks with Phil S.G.. Pumpkin! ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: National Honor Society, Thespians, Mod- em Dance. Flicker Rep., Ski Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground, mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down. GIRARD SMITH JANICE M. SMITH " Jan " 10 Viking Street REMEMBER: 3 12 71, Summer of 71, Skiing in Maine, 25X Club, working(?) in Rockport, Naples, Me., " Love Story " , ask Jane E., 7 13 71, Lanesville friends, missing two buses (ask J.E.) ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, Biology Club. Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: " We’ve only just begun.” PETER SMITH " Smicry” 68 East Main Street REMEMBER: The Bridge, the comer. The Commander’s Jet! AMBITION: To be success- ful in anything I attempt. I didn’t like that at all! LINDA SMITH " Linny " 305 Washington Street REMEMBER: B.M. (fsst), a red rose, cards and poems, meetings, seals and St. Bernards, twist!, Summer, the beach 11 22 69, friends, lasting memories. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Class Repre- sentative 2, Class Secretary 3, Student Faculty Advisory Committee 4, Flicker 4, Flash 4, Student School Committee 3, Junior Usherette 3, Open Campus 3. 4, Pep Club 4. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: Love is all we need. BARRY C SOUSA " Ratelle " Unknown REMEMBER: Adams’ Place, cookouts, c.b.b.c.s., The snack, G.F.R., Farner, Boston B’s, school- yard, S.F.P. Parties, B-Tine, Beetz, Nootz, TAF- ETERIA too, Yacht Club, train bust, T.Y.A., MONTREAL in April, B D.P.H.T H , " How is the whole situation,” — ask Greg, 3 Stooges. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: President — S.Y.M.C., Karcher’s Commandos, C.A.T.F.L. WORDS OF WISDOM: " And man gave unto God a multitude of names, that he might be lord over all the earth when it was suited to man.” 90 So we’ll diet tomorrow! PATRICIA LEE SPIDELL " Pat,” " Elliott” 26 Taylor Street REMEMBER: talks with D.C. and Pooma, I’m gonna step on you, Keebler shoes, 6NB 4, 9 11 71, 5 minutes, H-mobiles, the Carnival, $30 of Chinese Food, Blue Banana! looking for S cars! banging U-ies, Mansfield at 9, Bruins Game, Friendly’s, Morolla’s, G-blk Chemistry. ACTIVITIES ANiP HONORS: Pep Club, Homeroom Representative 2, 3, Flicker Staff, P.A.C.S. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t let the sun catch you crying. ANN M. STICKNEY 11 Highland Court REMEMBER: Tull, Puerto Rico, the Who, GHB, 9 23 70, Cambridge. SC-TYA, 7 3 70, 10 24 70, Vernon’s, 3 8 69, the moon. Jay’s boat. Labor Day weekend. Half Moon, Phitt-ke. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM: . . let today em- brace the past with remembrance and the future with longing.” DAWN CHARLYN SOUTHWORTH 24 Grapevine Road REMEMBER: magic, dancing moonbeams on the ceiling, creating ACTIVITIES AND HON- ORS: Flicker Staff, Thespians I. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Set yourself earnestly to discover what you are made to do, and then give yourself passionately to the doing of it. This clear on- ward drive toward self-fulfillment is the length of a man’s life.” M.L.K. ROBERT JOHN SOUZA " Roadninner” 11 Adams Place ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Bookroom 3, 4, Biology Club Prize, Art Shows, Individual Squad Drill, Junior, Major in ROTC, Class Bookworm. WORDS OF WISDOM: Don’t take life too seriously because you don’t get out of it alive. ROBIN W. STEADMAN " Robbie” 131 Western Avenue REMEMBER: 4 16 71, Ask Cotton, " Shaft!” Sea Ire, there’s something about it, Steve’s Cellar, G.O.M.N., Ravenswood Park, CCR, 7 16 71, Everybody did well. Summer of ’70 and winter of ’70. G.P.F.U., the " LUV” machine. WORDS OF WISDOM: " What you see is what you get. So watch out!” KENNETH E. STICKNEY 91 1 ROBERT C STRESCINO, JR -Bob” 17 Liberty Street REMEMBER Vernon’s. S P.H.S.. the basketball and football games, Zorch-Harp, the night shift at Kennebec. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Master Sergeant. Assistant Drum Major, Band WORDS OF WISDOM " The spirit shall live forever.’ WILLIAM SCOTT STUART " Scon” 23 High Street REMEMBER SML. HOCKEY. G.H.B.P, 2 7 69, B-3, Ginny Mobile, Strawberries, The Wave, Who’s King? 3 Stooges, Mac’s, The states, Lynn Arena, Gordon. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class President 1, 2, Junior Rotarian, 2nd Lieutenant ROTC, Hockey 1-4, Football 1, 2, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3, N.S.H.L. All Star 3, 4, National Juvenile champs " 70,” DONALD K STRONG 122 Western Avenue REMEMBER: " GREEVES. " The pipeline and THE JEEP D AVID SULLIVAN " Sully” 250 East Main Street REMEMBER: Die Deutshe Verein, 6 12 71 with S.R.Y., Tonto, The Phantom of the Sewer, An Workshop, Der tollen Zerbomber, good times and past glories. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German Club President, Beaton Cover Anist, Editor of " die Dumme Dickc Deutsche Drucke.” AMBITION: To be outra- geously happy. WORDS OF WISDOM: Let it SALLY ANN SUDBAY Farrington Avenue ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Girls’ Drill Team. Squad Leader. Floor master’s Secretary. Po- litical Action Committee. Flicker Staff, Social Activities Club WORDS OF WISDOM " I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires.” ROBERT E SULTON " Httta ” 7 Blake Court REMEMBER Concerts. No problem. ”1 said,” No problem. I pot , D O A . V W Darby AC TIVITIES AND HONORS NONE! To be myself, not to cry so be something I ' m not. Not so be a FAKE, not to pretend I’m something doc I ' m not But so be myself and to be ac- cepted the way I am . . HECTA WORDS OF WISDOM He who travels fast travels GLENN P SUTHERLAND " Sudsy” 29 Ptrkins Street REMEMBER: ’70 and 71 Night Rides, Harry’s zoo, ask Paula, NIP-A, ’64 Chevelle, The corner, R.A.A., Larry ' s panics, " You ought A, " the " Y " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Machine Shop WORDS OF WISDOM If you really want something, get it. State Tourney 1, 3, 4. WORDS OF WISDOM: w ' W% r , Live for today — Dream for tomorrow — Learn l A V ' A, from yesterday. 1 W 1 }| m wP r kk ! S f Si H i Li II w m 1 JUDY SUTHERLAND ROBERTA SUTHERLAND " Berta, Ben " 10) Centennial Ave. REMEMBER PHD., walking the beach, washing dishes, those talks, ask Ellen, writing late slips, throwing fortune cookies, 6 13 69, bd-that nitc, lies! make peace with Greece, B P Soap Co., don’t cry, ask Ben, Oh, Yeh! AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ Drill Team, NHS, Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM: " What should 1 be but just what I am?” ROBERT SUTHERLAND ANNE SWANSON ) Pinecrest Avenue, Magnolia REMEMBER: RICHIE, nature, music, camp- ing, traveling, Niagara Falls, Happy times! July 29th, ask Patrice, " That House.” 13, those foun- tains, ask Shelly, That cenain person. Summer, New Hampshire, weekends. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Floormastcr ' s Assistant. WORDS OF WISDOM: To fulfill my life and others with love and happiness. HELEN SWANSBURG " Lynnie” 3 Lake Road, Magnolia REMEMBER: Washington trip in ”71” and April 2, 1969 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: At Melrose High Girls Club, G.A.A. (Girls Athletic Association) WORDS OF WISDOM: " Live for today, but remember yesterday, and think of tomorrow. " BEVERLY ANNE SWETT 16 Eastern Point Road REMEMBER: 5 27 71, 5, 5:30 6:18, Too Close?! Tuck’s, G.H.B. ’68- ’69, Pueno Rico ’70- V 71, Priest on a Bicycle, ask Kathy, P.S., B.K. S.C. at T.Y.A., 9 25 71, M., schteekuindabique, the boat. C.W.P., Lq.Sl, Rt 127 T O P V.C., ask Jo. a clown?! WORDS OF WISDOM: " You give much and know not that you give at all.” — K Gibran. VALERIE SWIFT 68 Harrison Avenue REMEMBER: John D., ’69, 70, 71 . . Frank ' s room 71, Linda’s, Dun kin Donuts, Beach. _ • I GREGORY P SW1NSON •’Greg " 8 Acacia Street REMEMBER Hockey, G.H.BP., Zubla, L.A., Millbrook, ROOKIE!. The Chase. 43 B.F.D., Their Hurtin ' , B-T1NE, N.Y.F.G., Chummin’, C.C., MATINEE. 10 2 71, Back Shore. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey, Football. S B,, Sgt. ROTC " Mod Squad” 2, 3, Scholar Athlete. WORDS OF WISDOM: Give just a little bit more, take a little bit less. KENNETH TARR " Ken,” " Tarry” 17 Harrison Avenue. REMEMBER: April 17 at 6:40 pm, down at Good Harbor Beach, first day of MAL’S Depart- ment Store, Cape Ann Sportsman ' s Club, shoot- ing skoet in the middle of the winter. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS: ROTC 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter and Regular Army, Football 1. WORDS OF WISDOM: Darby and What you sec is what you got. ROBERT TIBERT MARYLOU TO YE " Lou” 8 Norman Ave. REMEMBER: Doc’s cowboys, Bahamas, Rm. 100-A, the ski trip, C’mon, chief, sauce, PARTIES, the island, 10 13 71, O.K., the full moon, concerts, gening lost? " Southie, " Xmas eve 70, summers, D M to the D.B., African Sa- fari. ACTIVITIES AND .HONORS: Flicker Staff, Typing Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: " Don’t Let It Bring You Down!” PAUL TAYLOR Forrest Avenue REMEMBER: SUE 2 6 71, MY ANGEL. Our " 64” Twins, Skiing 3 a.m., N.Y., WHATTA HUGGER!! Amboy Dukes, Park City, 10 13 71, No, you can’t!! silent but Deadly!!! BARF CITY!! KATHERINE THOMPSON " Kathy” 3 Corliss Avenue REMEMBER: Ski trip, ask Jane, So quiet!, 12 18 70, M B., field trips. Shortcut, 25x Club, Hola, Rockaway, Fenway Park, Pro-Tennis? Summer ’70. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Junior Volunteer, Spanish Club, Type Award, National Honor Society. WORDS OF WIS DOM: " Believe in the power of thought to change things. " JULIA TIERNAN " Julie " Ocean Highlands, Magnolia REMEMBER: " Shalom, " Gleason’s Chem., Thespians, Mrs. Nickas’ C Block, Quincy Sing- ing. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Thespians, International Thespians, Vice Presi- dent Thespians 4, Flash, Girls’ Rifle Team. WORDS OF WISDOM: " If we only have love, then tomorrow will dawn.” To be or not to be. DONNA E TROY 4 Sylvan Street REMEMBER: JOE 6 4 71, Karen’s problems. " Dear Abby! " Ask Karen, that night 6 11 71, My Baby, Friday nights, S.F.P., " Oh, no you didn’t? " . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Award. WORDS OF WISDOM: Love is a memory that lasts forever. KAREN JANE VALASKATGIS 99 Magnolia Avenue REMEMBER: G.H.B., S.F.P., those Sunday mornings, long talks, ask Kate and Laura, the football games, hello " Dear Abby,” ask Donna, skiing, memories, B.F.S., " OH, NO! YOU DIDN’T? " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Typing Awards. WORDS OF WIS- DOM: " To take life a day at a time and live it to the fullest.” STEPHANIE M. VERRETTE " Stef” 109 Western Avenue REMEMBER: " Mickey, " 7 4 70, my rings, D D, the truck, trips with m.m., ask S.R., 12 25 70, 7 24 70, those panics, laughs with C.L. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Floormaster’s Secretary, Student Council, Color Guide, (P.H.S.). WORDS OF WISDOM: " Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Interesting, Gary? DAVID B TUOMIV1RTA " Tuommy” 16 Elizabeth Road REMEMBER: Snake pit, ask Hecta, Endicott bicycle, ask Dick, Halloween, Elmer’s House, Dick, Dave and Hecta (Stop! who are you?), the jet, the corner, faulky’s House Raid, " Swedish Summer,” Dead Head, ask Greeke, Panics, Ba- hamas. WORDS OF WISDOM: To be success- ful in anything I attempt. AMBROSE D. VERGA " Ambie” 5 Exchange Street REMEMBER: Comer. O.J.I., The old " Y.” St. Peter’s, Nubsy’s Panics, Handcuffs, Fish’s and Irish’s contests, 3 seconds too late. City Champs, Jamming at the church yard. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 3, 4 WORDS OF WISDOM: Everything is beautiful in its own way. KATHRYN VIDAL " Kate” 26 Harrison Ave. REMEMBER: BEM:498-98Z, WUBFM-sure, U Mass, Strawberries and Apples, 4 18 71, Hock- ey, HFS, GHB, 9, fights, One more time!, What! That?, My Hun, Panics, talks and tears. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H R. Rep., So- cial Activities, Pep Club, Political Action Club. Flicker Staff. WORDS OF WISDOM: In the end the love you take is equal to .the love you MARIAN VIDAL 63 Perkins Street REMEMBER: Boston, Ticker Tape, ask Linda, Bridge on Thurs.?, Domesticated NEVER!. Those talks, Rockpon, 254, B.F., ’SF, " Love Is A Many Splendored Thing,” ask AJK, The Profs, Over the Wall. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society, Honor Business Club, Type and Shonhand Awards. WORDS OF WISDOM: All kinds of people should get to- gether and talk to each other. 95 ill SUSANNB WALKAMA 6 Alpine Court REMEMBER CoiKtm, Shun ind Socks, Malt IXkK ask Jan. ice, skiing, panics, squirts and iuhct. ask guls. I ASF.H . Monkey Man. the room ' Summer nights, brains ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Gymnastics Club. Typing Awards. Shorthand Award WORDS OF WIS- DOM " It isn ' t what you get out of life, it s what life gets out of you MICHAEL WALLEY " Crazy " GURU Overlea, Cliff Road REMEMBER: Stan " C” Block, Viva la Canada. The Wrong One, The hook in the Stomach The Red Bomber. MW. PG. JA, The Smile?? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Chess Club 3. 1. Photography 2 WORDS OF WISDOM One Canadian is Worth Two Bruins AMOS WHITE " Chip- 106 Concord St REMEMBER Fribblcman. Fort Dcvens, 6 points, 6 shots but no deer. 3.01 Danvers. Pass the clams, Paula, Airborne Ranger Cadets AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Brigade Executive Office. Lt Colonel. Military Science Award, Track. Cross-Country, Grenadiers. WORDS OF WISDOM The Bear is strong but the Eagle’s divine ANN WHITE Top of the Harbor Apts. REMEMBER: The Tavern, Aug 9, 1971, ’68 Le- Mans, Stonehill (ask Nick), Rollerskating (DR). CHEEKS!. W.W (ask Kathy). Meeting People, (ask Rhonda), Nov 7, 1971, Led Zeppe- lin with L.C., The Bahamas??, Guitar, Music, an, Indians, Mustangs (Jeff). WORDS OF WISDOM: " If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving You. " JO ANN M WHITE 334 Washington St. REMEMBER: GOOD ENOUGH?? The Cas tie, din roads, ask the gang. Rainbow, orange juice? Springfield, the Black Bomb, Stratford, that’s close, rehearsals, a groovy peace trip. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS: Glee Club, AV, Chess Club, Softball, National Honor Society. WORDS OF WISDOM: " When things go wrong, a man ain’t got a friend — without a song " LAURA WHITMARSH MARY MARGARET WILKINS " Peggy " 12 Perkins St. REMEMBER: Summer-fall 71, Happiness, BP. BDD w HRD, YAP! WUBFM, RAC, fights?! G.H.B., THE car, Brains — Plenty. AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS; Pep Club. Flicker Staff, S.A.C., Homeroom Rep., Spanish Club, Social Activities Club. WORDS OF WISDOM: Look at today, for yesterday is now a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. Carroll, your mouth is open again! 96 ALLEN HOWARD WILLIAMS The Haskell House. Lincoln Street REMEMBER The little shack out back, ask Ted and Chns. Amherst weekend. Stretch, Oct. 11, 1971. Southern Comfort, mumbly peg. sum- mer 71; Concord Street telephone pole, ask An- thony. Christmas eve 70; the 69- 72 joke AC- TIVITIES AND HONORS Thespians. Venus. Soccer WORDS OF WISDOM Be come educated, be aware, be a thinking person, get high FAYE WRIGHT 34 Southern Ave., Essex REMEMBER: " HIM!” Sergeants’ Parry ’70 and 71; " my ring " ; 12 23 70 — ask Paul; The Beach; Hockey 4, 8 26 69; Talks and Tears — ask Kathy; P.S.S.HR. and WOW!! Ipswich Ones — ask Teri; Summer of " 71 " Memories — ask Deb; UMass — ask Wayne. " PLEASE PAUL!!” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type I and II Award; Student Secretary; Homeroom Rep.; Honor Business Club, Treasurer; Senior Adv Committee; Girls’ Drill Team; Pep Club; Flicker Staff WORDS OF WISDOM: " Some where, somehow, so meway, someday. " SUE CARREIRO KATHLEEN CURLEY Kathy 1092 Washington Street REMEMBER Wayne; Peanuts; Yellow Ca- narics, ask Carol. The Rez; Wakefield; fun with Mike + Terry; brothers and sisters; Herbie 2 that party?; flashlights?; pumpkins; friends green fizzies. ask Joanne; Poochie and Steve Cove; fun; W.A.G.L. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Pep Club; Typing Awards; Adver- tising and Group Committee. WORDS OF WISDOM Happiness is caring for those you love. 1NGEBORG KRISTIN AAMELFOT Kris 46 A bom Street REMEMBER C FO . Teddy; Stonehenge. MP. U.S.C.G , B Block, S. + A. + S.-W; Clumps WORDS OF WISDOM: God never shuts one door but he opens another. — Irish proverb KIRK WILLIAMSON " Duck” Rockholm Rd . Annisquam REMEMBER Fort Devens " 71” Back Seat, ask Ralph, The Big Red Upset, Little Green Bug, Take the latrine, ask Norman ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Varsity Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Master Medals 2 Silver 1 Bronze, Sgt First Class, Military Academic Achievement Award, Platoon Drill, Flash Staff, Head of Flicker Pho- tography WORDS OF WISDOM I want to be an Airborne Ranger REBECCA ANN WOLFE Becky 33 Eastern Ave. REMEMBER Good times, 11 13 70 ask Joanne, 1 must — ask Faye, Summer of ’70 and 71, spies — ask Donna; Brian K. — ask Faye; Cathy’s shoes, purple mushrooms — ask Terry, Dot’s lectures ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club WORDS OF WISDOM: " When things are not what they would seem, you must keep following your dream . . — Rod McKucn X-rated movies at GHS? What next? i ) PAMELA DORMAN Pam 10 Perkins Street REMEMBER Summer of ’71; Dunkin Donuts, ask Rosrann. the Boulevard, motorcycle ndes, PS , Sept 20, 1968, ask Sue and Carole, Panics, ask Janelle + Roseann, SH W , those Fnday mtes. St Peter’s Club, are ya cold. Deb Dum Dum, what do ya want ' , long talks, laughs and tears, homeroom, ask Sue WORDS OF WIS- DOM To always look ahead ' mto the future, in- stead of back into the past BARBARA LEE DULONG Lee (Stan) Wheeler Point REMEMBER " Charlie-frcd " . Cape Hedge. " C I M O P B " " Just one of those things " . My Pal. Craig + James, " ponies”, Joe ' s place, " One of the Guys " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS National Thespian Society. Gymnastics. WORDS OF WISDOM " Wisdom ?’’ JAY MOTT DANA W PATCH 29 Eastern Avenue. Essex REMEMBER Summer of 7 1. Muster at New York ' , Chevy power forever, Essex Comer, at Cranes Beath ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Basketball. ROTC WORDS OF WISDOM Pay as you go ' 9 $ Stop laughing! My girdle is killing me! r rm EDIE SAMPSON 6 Riverdale Park REMEMBER Summer of 71, Maryland, 11:00 Pumpkin Time, Uncle Mike. Trips — ask Paula and Virginia, Columbia MD, After the Gold Rush ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Type I. II. Shorthand I WORDS OF WISDOM Happiness GARY THURSTON STEVE SANBORN Beans 12 Riverview Road REMEMBER The Palace; the weekends here — B. Street, H Hill; S.F.P.; B.H.S , Brigham’s; 11 6 71, ask Steve; Pleny; come second; S.B., CF VAP ' . B R.G.C. — I Quit — ask Tom; E.C.C. Banski, Buddy, Pete, Ron — my favor- ites; Halloween ’70; Topsfield 3-1. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. 2. Golf 3. 4. WORDS OF WIS- DOM Live and let live. JEANNINE WHITE Jean 74 East Main Street 11 23 70-6 23 71; winter of 70; Xmas with them, All those years, ask Donna; swamp; V W ; GHB, talks, ask Linda, Tears, ask Edic, SGN; Bobbiemobile, Pearl; " Get the light " ; Never again, ask the crew, Austria. AMBI- TION: To have the understanding of my par- ents, the kindness of my sister, and the humor of my brothers. C Uki touto Sfiy FELICIA AIELLO Lena IS Commonwealth Avenue REMEMBER Summer " 69 " , Claire’s house, tall drink of water, talks with Billy, China Port; Joe Cool. B.F.; Snack Bar. Oct 1. 1968, " G B " Ask Jackie, " You ' ve Got a Friend " B.G. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. WORDS OF WISDOM " Live for today and love for tomorrow.” DAVID HAMER LACEY david spacey 10 River Road REMEMBER Cambridge night, California, pause, bicycle walk — mn — drive, under sail at peace; riding a " north cas- ter " , khaki, poems and furure. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS my activicy is to leam; my honor is that i learned other than what i was taught WORDS OF WISDOM one day soon i will walk away and turn back when behind looks better. MRS SHIRLEY ROY 239 Western Avenue, Essex REMEMBER David, 7 lV70, 7 21 71, G Block, going to Maine; 8 19 71; 7 16 71; Kismit with the twins; under- standing ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Type II Award; Shorthand I Award. WORDS OF WISDOM To keep David healthy, happy, and at home ANN E EZHAYA Annie 8 Gull Lane ACTIVITIES AND HONORS (at Kemtra American High School) Sophomore Class President, Tennis Team. WORDS OF WISDOM Don’t let it get you down, it’s only castles burning, you’ll find someone who’s turning, and then you’ll come around MIKE O’HARA Mobara 79 Lexington Avenue REMEMBER Keystone ’70. ask Homeplate, Millbrook, Skidmore ’71, 11 26 70; NYG PAT is G-O-O-D; Goose 10 1 71, ask Dick, 10 23 71 1, 141, DOOSH, goal line stand, that ten pounder; Grand Pubah, 11 6 71. ACTIVI- TIES AND HONORS Football, Co-Captain, Baseball; Junior Rotanan; NHS WORDS OF WISDOM: Loneliness is happiness 99 c p PENTRY SHop ' GLOUCESTER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE ELECTRICAL PRINTING GLOUCESTER V0CU10N4L SCPOOL 100 Mr. Kenneth Stickney, Director Mr. Gaspar Lewis, Related Subjects Mr. George Perry, Related Subjects Mr. Leo Amero, Related Subjects r • . Mr. John Orlando Mr. John Budrow Qhop 106 Kirsten Anderson, Ann Carroll, Rodney Carveth, Debra Dunn, Carla Grillo, Chris- topher Jackson, Leanne Lane, Ian Moores, Patricia Nicolosi, Stephen Parady, Jane Seppala, Roberta Sutherland j-loa yv Cociety Kirsten Anderson, Catherine Asaro, Ann Carroll, Joanne Cellucci, Kevin Clancey, Linda Cusick, Debra Dunn, Jane Erickson, Veronica Faherty, Michelle Galante, Betsy Gilchrist, Deborah Goodick, Nancy Greely, Carla Grillo, Elizabeth Grinnell, Cynthia Grover, Christopher Jackson, Robert MacNamara, Debra Maguire, Ian Moores, Patricia Nicolosi, Michael O’Hara, Gabriel Onorio, Maria Peritore, Daniel Pierce, Anne Pomeroy, Susan Putaansuu, Donald Reed, Concetta Russo, Jane Seppa- la, Karol Skoby, Roberta Sutherland, Katherine Thompson, Marian Vidal, Jo-Ann White, Rodney Carveth oitOiioL fiAjyub Qcko ctAslup LeJbt u of CotutouWottott Kirsten Anderson, Lisbeth Brantley, Ann Carroll, Debra Maguire Junior R fibojujCuti Joseph Guerin, Christopher Jackson, Mark Jenkins, Ian Moores, Allen Nelson, Mi- chael O’Hara, Daniel Pierce, Scott Stuart UowctA l Book Pi fop Christopher Jackson Cofifege U ftmeu ' s CWd KwwuL Kirsten Anderson Defegates fo Bogs ' Qtaiz Kevin Clancey, Francis Hawks, Allen Nelson Qbuuitot Advisor to ' Qckool Cow wtt b John Randazza (1971); Ralph Andrews (1972) D LR . Qood OfegfiKsI uf Aut ul Cynthia Hendrickson Tuui w t6 t of Cynthia Hendrickson Cjoa ou Gr ' uHJlo ' T a ua i CWy yendiickso v 109 arties When you’re a Ava faw « • liable fcedom , v Ae T ■ he havBB he Devil made me do you’ve come a long way baby. BUSTER 0 $ O ups hashes 9 • Hi, 1C trV H n Uevt .t Shooter. W hat c w .mt is each « th pvJ ' a ' c good -° n .„ • ' ’ loudmouth exphnv WMII ' fHVi l WHAT’S ' RIGHT tea ABOUT SEX be that WHY NOT FIND OUT FOR yourself? (ugh!) COCHc-o »o dii drink JN U UORW CoW James U. ELegctw , UCA (RLefc.) 1919 — 1971 Lt. Col. William Perry Capt. Stephen Papows Lt. Col. Jeffrey Papows Capt. Robert MacNamara Cadet Colonel Allen Nelson, Jr. Cadet Col. Lt. Col. Allen Nelson Amos White Major Norman Borge Capt. Robert Souza 119 Sgt. Emery C. Jones Sgt Richard Hubbard Sgt. John McNamara Sgt. Dominic Cannizzaro Sgt. James Critch Btigctcfe 120 R .O.T.C. Coiufxiwy CotiiuviciWfi is Capt. Guiseppe Brancaleone A Company Capt. Glenn Selig B Company Capt James Bragg C Company Capt Robert McKechnic D Company Capt. James Murray Vocational — B Company 122 o - o VoccdUmjoJl B CUwipOMjy Capt. Daniel Pierce Director Robert Puff 1st Lt. Allen Parsons 125 GVth’ DiM Tpm v 1st Sgt. Nancy Greely Master Sgt. Sally Sudbay Commander Beverly LaFlam 1st Sgt. Master Sgt. Commander Master Nancy Paula Beverly Beth Br Greely Pallazola LaFlam Sue La 1 Boys’ fitful Rx TfiAtvtS 127 t 1 Pofebcfij l Acfemt (pi Cotucemed Ctudetd s Pep OW 132 133 F Bask Qtudetcb Qupplly Chop fljnt uUXtoJ F (Ms S luiCfi G UutiUt Club 135 Au ko ' AsiuJl CAub QtjuuAjto d Couw o ll U(Ht04; BuSui SS 0 fiub 138 MofeotutJ Kottfw Society CWs (%b fiAjoJtk LfijoquPj tatatr« 4 |luw» . to pat pu unto hfRMAgVWlML ■KgkidMMWfM ' rift pur pauattft U EBBIE’S have a happy day p jrtMgsuL There are no little pans — only little actors 141 National Thespian Society WORLD ' The Little Foxes” Thespians " A Memory Of Two Mondays ' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” — Acting I The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ ' Suit the action to the word and the word to the action. and the Wardrobe’ ' The Lion, the Witch The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe A Memory Of Two Mondays The Life of the Arts far from being an interruption, a distraction, in the life of a nation is really close to the center of a nation’s purpose — and is a test of the quality of a nation’s civilization. J.F.K. " The Little Foxes” A ' r-4 is h fits right into your worid cn TV u BiQ Moms, Li The |j Bedroom || Brunch £ 5 §• aire beautiful. S Excitement. Big boy dTOmSI body r jSSSca o ns. r parkins’ U - Ta 4fe?} w |m c o se fcjQ RAZE d ■ f jRf Jf k You’ve got a lot to liv siSiPV¥ YOU KN)Y ' . Of. UBL’C PRJZB FIRST GRADE- OACC (just fa v you , Sf e wy) i 54 1. Karol Skoby 2. Danny Reed }. Pauline Sheedy 4. Janice Dionne 5. Robert Sulton 6. Robert Souza 7. Mike Walley 8. Joanne Cellucci 9. Robert Devlin 10. Maggie Lundberg 11. Joanne Orsini 12. Beth Brantley 13. Sara Goodhue 14. Norm Borge 15. Jon Korkatti 16. Rob Eel Is 17. Sue Lawson 18. Kathi Scalli 19- Colleen Gray 20. Donna Bunce 21. Hilary McKinnon 22. Carl Jensen 23. Rory McKenzie 24. Patti Nicolosi 25. Linda Cusick Nancie Hendrickson Joanne Colby 26. Carol Leal 27. Bobby Benham 28. Chris Jackson 29. David Davis 30. Nancy E. Gray 31. Mark Jenkins 32. Sue Carreiro 33. Janie Lucas 34. Nancy Greely 35. Linda Cooper 36. Kevin Clancy 37. Craig Doyle 38. Linda Horgan PidtuW fCfcy 39. Jimmy Murray 40. Dennis Poirier 41. Chuckie Hayes 42. Gary Saulnier 43. Mike Horne 44. Mark Brown 45. Sue Putaansuu 46. Pete Couture 47. Bob Piraino 48. Jimmy MacIntyre 49. Kenny Tarr 50. Larry Cleveland 51. Janet Burgess 52. Chris Buckley 53. Robin Hurlburt 54. Lee Dulong 55. Linda Mattson 56. Paula Chapman 57. Steve Monell 58. Di Davis 59. Judy Sutherland 60. Gina Powers 61. Ambrose Verga 62. Robert MacNamara 63. Robin Steadmen 64. Eleanor Ciarametaro 65. Linda Horgan 66. Nancy E. Gray 67. Liz Grinnell 68. Shauna Lacey 69. Kathy Radoslovich 70. Sharon Longo 71. DeeDee Dox 72. Dodie Barngan 73. Peggy Gibbs 74. Janie Lucas 75. Debbie Maguire 76. Carl Sinagra 77. Robert Sutherland 155 BOB PIK4IN0 BASKET BALL COACH PETE COUTURE hockey 158 COACH- MARK JENKINS FOOTBALL STEVE P00644S5 F0OTB4U. OtMS Cowtdtrvy Bruce LaFlam Captain 161 Rob Eells Tri-Captain , Bob McKechnie i 64 Mike Jillson Bill Perry Dave Mack Gabe Fcrrante David Doyle David Davis Rod Carveth 1 97 1 E liMbUXlv Fo tbcM IkiCMu Co-Captaim John Lukcgord Mike O’Hara 168 MCIIN ,jr ITf 1 1 i ri® jML° Lm 177 Betsy Schleck Sheila Burke Liz Grinnell Kathi Scalli Lisa Grillo Co-Captain, Tom Gouzie B osk tbcM Co-Captain. Glenn Ryerson 18 2 Diane Shatford Kathy Radoslovich Gifth’ VcwStty om I Jututw Vctrt tty Bask tbcM Captain , Sandy Burgess 184 C o-Ciif’liiin. Stott Stuart 86 Wayne Johnson Co-Captain. Peter Couture Mike Horne Head Coach, lim McComiskey 187 Mike Jillson Seadog faltfoubOu T tip I 196 p ' L_ i AlDfl Zcy, ‘ c ® l.£la ( . ftuftb " mo r ' K.f.flc. x OL Si " “Y ' N MARK H ° 4 p £ £ . I ■• - i o (?-£.m 3 1 ' « w N , M p ■r • ,0 Jr» % " K — ■ IJlF ¥? • ) ? £ 77 cju 3£ } £ l O y Woe ' s £ bu j$ ZP ' P . 0 L F) £ps § ✓U H V N 4, o srs £ c i ' % V 4 X P I £ r A p WL (l_ XJfi n Q gl L o s - E f, oil I V pH- L j i SP V S ' S Sot ' u Q’ • 197 £ ? ' ' ’ f e ► M v- I • § ' £jm tiuois-v ■ l V 1 c • CLASS OF 72 MASCOT P o C ctss Cdouws NAT " SCRATCH” PRINCE PETER CIARAMETARO o Happiness is . What a pair! PAM ENOS TOM COUGHLIN 204 " Try it — you’ll like it!” CARLA GRILLO DAVE HURD Uost Bashful CAROL LEAL MIKE O’HARA What are THEY doing behind the bushes? ► o,.- ' v.f- .. 21 I don ' t believe we ate the WHOLE thing! ludiuiduGtfa Msfib GuMibllto KATE VIDAL TOM GOUZIE 209 Mast SANDY BURGESS PETER DENNEN Ideal CenixyiS KATHY JOHNSON JAY BRAGG Muscle-man and Lightfoot Wo6bTc$iatlu MICHAEL WALLEY STEPHANIE SINAGRA Duh!! CJbss Cwmtkmis MIKE JILLSON KATHI SCALLI The only thing that will ever come beTREEn us! 21 1 f-fCtppy - Gfr- LvuckteSb Wo M fH P WKk 1 M, fl mm |p V? it MM Wk w J ii. it SiM m. J ■- £ We know we’re expelled, Mr Karcher! Uosfc Cotdydbuiiue DAWN ADDISON RALPH ANDREWS " HECTA ' Thar’s what happened to the class of ’72’s money! Who says we read them! CktSS BookuWUnS DEBBIE MAGUIRE BOB SOU A Uost Actid rf ' -Pwtie WENDY MARTIN WAYNE JOHNSON I knew we shouldn’t have played marbles, Wayne F telW Editor: Carla Grillo Ijttr.n ' , Advisor: Miss Eleanor Beebe Phot craphy Advisor: Mr Joseph Schuyler Bushnss Advisor : Mr Harvey Korobkin 7U U (vtfe tg •- Janice Dionne CHAIRMEN: Senior Section: Linda Cusick Ronnie Faherty Superlatives: Mariellen Perrine Art: Dennis Poirier Anthony Orlando Sue Putaansuu Activities: Betsy Gilchrist Faculty: Debbie Goodick Sports: Paula Chapman John Lukegord Diy-outs. Beth Brantley vL Berta Sutherland ' Jy ' , , Calendar Nanev Grcely Baby Pictures: ColleeTT Gray Advertising: Michelle Gallante Typists: Sheryl Lane, Michelle Gal Allison Parkhuhst, Faye Wright Rochelle Aiello, Carol Quadros Photographers: Kirk Williamson. Nancy Greely , Phil Justice, Michael Walley John Randazza, Carla Grillo Colleen Gray Cyndi Johnson Debbie Maguire Dawn Southworth Pat Spidell Otkm ' dm. P ‘Actors y. •Jtft A spcual thanks to the Gloucester Daily Times for the use of .pictures. ■»- _ David Abbott Mike Brennan Chris Buckley Joanne Cellucci Di Davis Dee Dee Dox Pam Enos Sara Goodhue Liz Grinnell Cheryl Guerin Cindy Hendrickson Susan Hines Lisa Josephson Linda Mattson Josephine Maltese Gabe Onorio Jody Pereira Anne Pomeroy Nat Prince Betsy Schleck Pauline Sheedy Diane Shatford inda Smith Sally Sudbay Marylou Toye Kate Vidal KTary Wilkins W 220 GORMAN REFRIGERATION CONNORS PHARMACY INC. REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING 76 Prospect Street Gloucester Free Delivery 283-2765 Congratulations From Good Luck Senior Class VIN STAN DUNKIN ' DONUTS BROWN’S OF GLOUCESTER SINCE 1885 Gloucester 186 Main St. Gloucester RANDAZZA BROS. APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE Servicing All Major Appliances Tel. 281-1006 7 7 7 7 itujtv l e Jou ij ' jti jt fmen in au ucn i nofoeb and cwnStlwTib President il) Cape Ann BANK fjfm and T rust Company T BEST THE BANK OF THE NORTH SHORE 221 Best Of Luck Seniors BENJAMIN ' S THE COFFEE GALLEY I 14 Main Street Gloucester 4 Pleasant Street Gloucester 2 2 2 Best Wishes Class of ' 72 ART JEWELERS Compliments Of THE CANDY SHOP Old Essex Village Essex HAPPINESS IS! Best Wishes To The Class of ' 72 THE CANTEBURY SHOP LUIGI ' S Rt. 133 Old Essex Village The Fun Place To Eat CARDS GIFTS 768-7532 Best Wishes Compliments of CHEESE CAROUSEL Lexington Avenue Magnolia CLICKEY ' S MEN SHOP Main St. Plaza Gloucester " Why not bowl instead? " JAMES C. GREELY FUNERAL HOME 212 Washington Street Gloucester, Massachusetts JAMES C. GREELY, JR. JAMES C. GREELY, III GERALD D. GREELY Telephone 283-0698 3 ° antes (P. (jreeltj Junera 212 WASHINGTON STREET l3Co ome CAPE ANN BOWLING CENTER LOUC ESTER, MASSACHUSETTS CAMERON ' S RESTAURANT LOUNGE 223 H 5 y HASKELL ' S Creative Crafts Old Essex Village Eastern Avenue Rte. 133 Craft Supplies For All Ag es Good Luck From BOB ' S HABERDASHERY I 34 Main Street Gloucester For All Jewelry Needs In Sales and Services W. E. BLANCHARD JEWELER Registered Jeweler, American Gem. Society 125 Main Street Gloucester HAROLD C. ADDISON PHOTOGRAPHER I Grove Street Essex 768 6924 Congratulations From ADASKO ' S FASHION SHOP I 58 Main Street Gloucester BARBARA ' S BEAUTY SALON Lexington Avenue Magnolia Congratulations From ANNE ' S YARN SHOP 99 Main Street Gloucester mum suiiffui I Clffff ■ C0ff(( (tlDCl mmi lUflintiT LUMUUiiM r mmiM mmm mmi " Best Wishes Senior s " BRIGHAM ' S INC. I 39 Main Street Gloucester DICK ' S SHOE STORE Main Street Plaza Gloucester Remember Us For Your Graduation Frames. STORY ' S CURIOSITY SHOP 7 Center Street Gloucester Custom Picture Framing Exotic Gifts, Stamps for Collectors 3 Duncan St. Gloucester KLH Stereo Equipment — Natural Foods — Records — Waterbeds Best Wishes Seniors NATIONAL BUTCHERS Compliments of NORTHSHORE TWIN THEATRE Main Street Gloucester Compliments of B. SCHRED FABRIC STORE 108 Main St. Gloucester Congratulations Seniors STERLING DRUG STORE Gloucester " For The Best Subs Anywhere " STEVERINO ' S Main Street Gloucester WATERMELON WORKS Old Essex Village Essex WEDGEWOOD PHARMACY INC. Best Wishes Good Luck 226 Dial 768 6631 Essex, Massachusetts Best Wishes to the Class of 1 972 YANKEE HOUSE So. Essex, Ma. Best Wishes Seniors THE EMPIRE c ape? Ann Savings Bank I 7 1 Main Street Gloucester Best Wishes From Bon Voyage From COSTAL TIRES APPLIANCES EPSTEIN ' S ART SUPPLY 2 1 0 Main Street EDWARD GRAVALESE EDMUND D. GRAVALESE JR. 10 Railroad Avenue Gloucester YIVICA CAPE ANN Y.M.C.A. Gloucester, Mass. 227 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF IPSWICH Lexington Avenue Magnolia GLOUCESTER CAMERA AND PHOTO SHOP 1 0 Pleasant Street Camera Supplies, Finishing Commercial Photography Custom Color Printing Compliments of GLOUCESTER DELICATESSEN I 5 1 Main Street Dial 283-4500 Best Wishes From HUDDER-PARSONS PHARMACY 50 Prospect Street Gloucester Best Wishes Seniors IMPERIAL CLEANERS 5 Railroad Avenue Gloucester KETTLE COVE THRIFT CONSIGNMENT Lexington Avenue Magnolia Best Wishes Seniors LARSEN ' S SHOE STORE 228 I 3 I Main Street Gloucester GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 147 Main Street 283-0610 AUTOGRAPHS 229 How shall I go in peace and without sorrow? Nay, not without a wound in the spirit shall I leave this city. Long were the days of pain I have spent within its walls, and long were the nights of aloneness; and who can depart from his pain and his aloneness without regret? It is not a garment I cast off this day, but a skin that I tear with my own hands. Nor is it a thought I leave behind me, but a heart made sweet with hunger and with thirst. Yet I cannot tarry longer. Kahlil Gibran Q fr saajisras ACTIVE STORAGE p mm vTf -

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