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Mrs. Ethyl Mills Dean of Girls Mr. Robert Karcher Vive Principal, Gloucester High Acting Principal, Annex Mr. Edward W. Roewer Assistant Principal % 3 Mrs. Joan Dallin Mrs. Marjorie Poreino (Secretaries Mrs. Callu ' rine Caspar Miss Kar ‘n 0 Kr l( Mrs. Eugenie Sampson Miss Catherine MeEaehern Mrs. Joan Haberland Mrs. Margaret Maki Annex nnex 5 Mr. .Mark Haberlarui Mr. A-on Spraguf; Mrs. Eleanor Cappon Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey Annex Mr. Paul Radcliffe Annex Quicfance Dr. Michael Fabien 6 Mr. Paul Bradstrrrt Mr. J. Vincent Elmer Mr. Vernon Hooper, Annex Jfoormasiers Mr. William Gentile 7 Mr. Ronald Atwood Mr. Joseph Grillo Mr. Dennis Corkery Mrs. Madeline Grillo Mrs. Mary Saratora Mrs. Gwendolyn Barraclou " h Miss Catherine Frontiero, Annex ■Miss }{elen Wilkins, Annex Mrs. Bonnie O ' Gonnell Mr. Stephen Sutera 10 Mr. James McComiskey Mrs. Jane Benes Mr. William Genlile Mr. Robert Gibbons, Annex Mr. Joseph Sehuvier M iss Eleanor B M ' b( Miss Charlotte Taylor Mr. Philip Waring, Drj)iuiincnt Hriitl Cjn fis£ T)epar menl Mrs. Sandra Ren wick Mrs. ElizalH ' lli Slimac Mr. John Katiia .Mr. Ravmond Brock Mrs. Miclicic Hcrliliy, Annr Mr. f r» i Smith Mr. James Brt ' mian .Mrs. Kalhha-n Timko Mr. John Carter, Dcparlincnt Head Mr. Gerald O ' Neil Socia S uc ies T)eparimeni Miss Holly Frost Mrs. Marilyn Clark Mr. Ra mond Lane, Annex Mr. John Furev Mr. Donald MePhail, Annex Mrs. Louise Nickas Vi ■ ' Mr. Francis Speck Mr. Lovell Parsons, Dcpartmcnl Head Science T)eparimeni Mr. .lack Leonard Miss Patricia Thomas Mr. Carl McKenzie, Annex Mrs. Eva M. Schneider Mrs. Bonnie Dominick Mr. Stanley Gleason Mr. Paul Bradstreel Mr. A. .loseph Kleinman Mr. Kent Robarts IS Mr. Alfred Hagstrom Department Head Mr. John Sperry Mr. Roger Campbell JKai£ T)eparimeni Mr. H. Augustus Nunes, Jr. Mr. Alan Goldin, Annex Mr. William Raymond, Annex Mr. William Proposki Mr. Dennis Veator Mr. Frederick Caldwell Mr. Salvatore Favazza Mr. Johti MePhee Annex Annex 16 GERARD FRANCIS BURKE Jerr . Capp” INTERESTS: D.D. Supers. Fuolball, 6 13 71. D.S.T.B. My Ncace. Bud Raoul. TEBOE BURKE AUTO BODY. Plaslic Ono.. Rorkport. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Foolball 1. 2. 3, 4; R.O.T.C. First Sergeant; Scrub Club; Track 2, 3, 4. " ITs heavy.” AMBITION: To be as smart as my brother. USUALLY SEEN: In my car. SHEILA BURKE HAPPINESS IS: 3 14 70 — down the up; bridging it — ask Eileen; Toronto " 75 " ; SKI Stowe; Logan after 12; " dear fred " — Europe; Wish I had a •••; ask Sue; Sad ads; the summer of ?; 9 3 69; de " Our House, " whodunit? Y.B.D.I. BRENDA JEAN BURNHAM LAURIE BURNHAN HAPPINESS IS: 3 2 0-3:00; Summer ’69; Traveling; Shoes; Zepplin; Marvelous Mals; Sewing; Horoscopes; Friends; Big Sister afraid of spiders; 11 2 0. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type II Award. AMBITION: To understand why things hap- pen; to give my family and my mother up above something to be proud of. NEIL CAMPBELL SUSAN BURGESS " Sue " HAPPINESS IS: MT.; Uitan Lunatiet. aok Sheila; purple suede pants; The Raft. Moo. ask Judy; Greece; Floating Pepperoni?!; Sly; skiing. Mt. Tom; Power Plays. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls RiRr Team; Junior Volunteers; Thespians; Floor- masler ' a Assistant; Flicker; Type Awards. Posing for a Halloween Pumpkin, Ron? WALTER Bl ' RBRIDCE III H.APPINl S IS: Skiing, diving, water skiing. Weekends, chicks, BCN. 3 12 70, scenic route, trailing, bikes, lunch. Strawberry Fields. Magnolia Square, pavdav. " Nice day for a mustache.” AMBITION: To find my place in life. USUALLY SEEN: In a truck. ANGELA CARDONE " Ann, Ang” HAPPINESS IS; BOBBY: Summer " 69 " ; the drive-in; the pils; Creedance; " the Hul, " ask Marianne Dave; B.O.B.S., ask Bob July 2. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; Flicker staff; Shorthand Award. AMBITION: To make my parents proud of me, and to make that certain someone happy. GERALDINE B. CAUFIELD " Dina, Gerry " HAPPINESS IS: S.S.A.; Cem 1. 2. 3. 4, GTH; Vincies; Ruff, Ruff. Those bus rides; Jose- phine S.; Gonna vizit me? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheering; Drill Team; Spanish Club; Spectacular Drill; Squad leader; Junior Usherette. " W.Y.B.F.M. — Pleeze? " AMBITION: To find the bridge over troubled water. USUALLY SEEN: N.O.Y.G.D.B. — In Beth Ann. ROBERT CANNON " POP’S " HAPPINESS IS: Racing, Bog’s, carpentry shop, Wednesday afternoon. Basketball! Mog- up, B M W. AMBITION: To be a success, to further my education in carpentry, to travel. USUALLY SEEN: Room 311B.C. Jim ' s Ga- rage. " I say a little prayer for you.” MARYELLEN CAPEL " Oda " HAPPINESS IS: Europe — skiing, oceans (all of them); Heinlein unlimited; How my Friends; Fare. 8-70; Podkane A Mars?; lind- say-jay; walks in the rain . . . Frank’s room; Evil?; Scandinavia. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians. AMBITION; To see as much of this world as 1 can. USUALLY SEEN: On earth. SANDRA CEURVELS " Sandv-Iggnol” HAPPINESS IS: Summer ' 70. Robert 10 3 70 Ask Eileen, Boston. Europe, . sk Linda, Democratic partv. Bruins. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Civic Award; Stage Crew; Flicker Staff. AMBITION: To be better than I am. " He who is not busy being born is busy dying. MARILYN CARREIRO " Izzy. Iz " H. PPINEiSS IS: Winter of " 69 " ; New Hamp- shire. ask Theresa!; Bermuda; EPYC; Rip. 115-97H ask Carol; bl oodstock; S.S.A.; Bo( - a-boog-a; You bum!; Summertime. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Award; Junior Usherette, Pep Club. Flicker Commit- tee. " WY.B.FM.? " AMBITION: To be as I am; not as another is. USUALLY SEEN: Good Harbor SYLVIA M. CAPILLO " Sil; Sylvie " HAPPINESS IS: Skiing-Sunapee; Pine Cones — ask Cindy Peg; water skiing; football games; Those Pep meetings; Those parties; memories. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Su- perlatives Committee; Semi-formal Decorating ComTTvittee; Student Secretary; Junior Usher- ette; Chairman of Class Calendar; Homeroom Representative; Type Awards; Shorthand Awards; Girls ' Drill Team; Student Council Representative. AMBITION: To sail the seas of happiness and land on the shores of success. 34 " 1 wanted lasties!” SUSAN MARIE C.HIANCOl.A " Chink " . " Sur” HAPPINESS IS; Thr R. v 10 31 70. R.if, thal ni hl. Salunlav nighln in Man hr lcr; auk Lid! 3, H.L., Riding ihruugh Brt. — 214. R.H S.. A R.! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sohhall; CYO; Banktibail; InIramuraU Typr AuardK. " The Big Balhin!! " AMBITION: To sucfcrd in a fii Id of modi- cino. USUALLY SEEN: MikrV ANTHONY J. CIARAMITARO " Shagg-Cinny " HAPPINESS IS; Fountain of Youth. B.P., New Hampahire. Rusty Cellar. 51 Chevy. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: " B " Company Platoon Sgt. 1st Place. " B " Company 2nd Lieutenant. " Tard. Don’t tickle. Bass. " .AMBITION: To succeed in life and make my parents proud. USUALLY SEEN: Rockport. FRANK A. CIULLA " Franky " HAPPINESS IS: Chicago. Blood. Sweat and Tears. Lance Link Secret Chimp, maps, girls. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS:, Staff Sergeant C Company. " Great play Sh " AMBITION: To do the best 1 can in anything I do. USUALLY SEEN: The " Y " . BRADFORD CHISHOLM " Bushman " HAPPINESS IS: Earth. Pollution, Music, free- dom. Crazes, wild country, beaches, the Ocean, wooden ships. Ecology, Sports, bi- cycles, small faces. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chefs Club. " Earth: Like it or get off. " AMBITION: To do what I want to do and enjoy what I ' m doing. USUALLY SEEN: Where ever I am. CHRISTINE ELIZABETH CIARAMETARO " Chris " HAPPINESS IS: Drinking? VO RO ' s Car. Hal- loween 68, ask Sandy. Rollyhouse, Magnolia, V.W.. Pupu Plahers. ask JoAnn, 9 25 70. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary: Girl ' s Basketball and Softball Teams; 1 Type Award; 2 gymnastic awards; CYO Bas- ketball Team. " Do you want a wack? I didn ' t see thal. " AMBITION: To be high in my mind with peace and happiness. USUALLY SEEN: Skipping School. LINDA R CIARAMITARO " Lyn " HAPPINESS IS: Summer ‘68. Europe; 10 31 70. K.W.; Bo lon. Pink Suede Pants; ask Sue; N. Y. ' 69, Jones Beach, Fire Island. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Pep Club; Flicker; Rifle Team; Spanish Club; Future Nurses of America; Drill Team. AMBITION: To help and bring happiness into the lives I touch. USUALLY SEEN; Aqu! y AIK LINDA CLARK " Lil " HAPPINESS IS: TOP. • Munchies. The Mills. Green Clob. " Hair.” Those parties o er Goofs ask Fred. Taking OFF!. That night in thr river. Horseback riding. Those cabs — ask Marv, Salisburv Beach — ask Cart. Detours, Haskell ' s " L.G.S. " AMBITION: To make it to Mexico or the " Island. " USUALLY SEEN: The Mills. " 35 DEBORAH CLARKE HAPPINESS IS; Butterflies and mushrooms; strawberries; pecan pie; " Ride the Wind " ; Ka- leidoscopes; my room; mirrors; Talkein; Alice in Wonderland; Africa; fantastic fantasies. " Good-bye World!” AMBITION: To live my life for art. USUALLY SEEN; Cloud Number Nine. DIANE COLBY HAPPINESS IS: Alan — 5 16 69; Chinese Food; " Comfy, Cozy”; Twins, Ask Donna; Keys-Senior Prom ’70; Good Times; Thirty- six; Fifteen. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Main Office Assistant; French Club; Pep Club; Flicker; Na- tional Honor Society. AMBITION: To make little times into big times and save them all for bad limes. DONNA LEE COLLINS " Tootsie” HAPPINESS IS: Bobby — 12 19 68; 9 12 70, ask him; Summers of 69-70; Beach; The Bull ' s; ask Janice; Talk over ' s, ask Linda; Hey Babes; Camaro. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Award. " I don’t care.” AMBITION: To live a long and happy life with him. USUALLY SEEN; With Bobby, the Corner. TIMOTHY C. COLLINS " Tim, Bampy, Judy” HAPPINESS IS: Skiing, Mooloo for a certain person, writing, Friday night under the Bridge, B.O.B., WSR, dogs! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Freshman Bas- ketball; Track. " Of y T.T.! " AMBITION: To find the true meaning of life and happiness. USUALLY SEEN: Not. CYNTHIA COMEAU " Cindy " HAPPINESS IS: MacDonalds, laughs, the mighty murk, G H block. Sweet Shop, tardi- ness?, the train station, summer. Cranes Beach, the truck. HONORS AND ACTIVITIES: Type Awards; Flicker Advertising. AMBITION: To be happy. " What ’cha got. Dan?” JAN COLLINS " Unger, Ears” HAPPINESS IS: Parties. Halloween. Summer of 70, Games at Ward II, Hockey P.S., . rt Talk, Scoring, pancakes. Getting caught. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: J.V. and Vars- ity Hockey. " Pass Out.” AMBITION: To go on to college and make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN; Doing nothing. 36 LEE COTTONE HAPPINESS IS: " SumiTUT of 68 " ; Thost Sat- urday nights; " Feb. 14. ’70 " ; Gracing 5 30 70; That Night at Gussie’s: ask Mary; Itakesathief; ask Bobby; Farmer Mac; Sweet Talking Guy: Ask Annette; Oct. 24 — Mike. " Your rile ill. " AMBITION: To be able to turn today ' s dreams into tomorrow ' s realities. BRIAN CONRAD " Shorly " , " Connie " , " Stretch " HAPPINESS IS: Salsbury Beach; The Pines Wednesday nights; Music. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tennis Team; after school sports. " Love will abide. " AMBITION: To become a teacher and help others as others have helped me. USUALLY SEEN: In my car; The Junction; The Essex school. EILEEN E. CROSSEN HAPPINESS IS: Sports, modeling. Academic Moderne, N. Y. summer. Bruins gym. The Stuffer, Aquarius. Ireland 71. Tennis, cam- paign 70. Boston 8 a.m.. bull, G.H. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Spanish Club; Orchestra; Rifle Team; Varsity Basketball; Softball Manager; Hr. Rep.; Jr. Usherette; Flicker; Civic Award; Athletic Award. " May the wind be always at your back. " AMBITION; To go on to college and enter the teaching profession. USUALLY SEEN: Hither and which, thither and yon. ANTHONY CURCURU " Shrk. Boils " HAPPINESS IS: The small white machine. The Boulevard. Hey Jude, Billy’s House at 8. Hockey, The Bruins. Marvelous Mai’s Harrv’s Zoo. Beep Beep. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC Ser- geant. " That’s close. " AMBITION: To lead a happy prosp ’rous life. USUALLY SEEN: In the small white ma- chine. SANDRA COMEAU " Sandy " HAPPINESS IS: e.G.-jays; S O M F F.; those Saturday nights, ask Deb; Parties at Wingies: huh Sheila; Chuck you Farlie. " Right on, " " Not Bad Huh? " AMBITION: To go to Arabia and marry a prince of a fellow. USUALLY SEEN: ' The Blur VW " DAVID R. CUNNINGHAM " Dave " HAPPINESS IS: J.M.; J.K.W.; Alfa; Oscillo; 1750; Fr; Red Snirk; Santana; Brisiol-Rhodes- Whaling; The Poss; Oye Como Vaj Sank Pa Ti; Quiet ponder; AYC Block; Mother ' s daughter. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Math League; Spanish Club; Photography; Tennis Team; Music. " Interest is defined as lack of apathy or there- abouts. " AMBITION: To finish and succeed at whatev- er I start. USUALLY SEEN: Rm 108. " Bring back my car.” 37 CAROL CURTIS " Crash " HAPPINESS IS: Weekend of 7 10 70; U- Mass; S.S.A.; Banana Bummer; Accidents 1, 2, 3. ask Judy and Donna; 115-97H; You’re under arrest!; What’s trump!; Trips — ask Candy; tuna fish sandwiches; Seacroft. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Main Office Assistant; Homeroom Representative; Pep Club; Flicker Staff; Type I Award. AMBITION: Accomplishment. USUALLY SEEN; 115-97H. ANTHONY CUSUMANO " Captain Midnight " HAPPINESS IS: Girls, That certain person, Saturday nights, P.S., ask Fran. Andy and Steve. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Stage Crew; Greniders; Company Commander of VOC B Company. " Plastic City, Mickey Mouse world. Big Zero, Ant man. Cartoons. " AMBITION: To fulfill my goals in life. USUALLY SEEN: O ' Connell’s. NINA MARIE D AMICO HAPPINESS IS; Jimmy; fall of ' 67; 1 27 68; " Love Theme " ; St. Peter ' s High; USC; C.C.; Star; Saturday nights at the movies — ask Joanne; Bananas!; talks and fights BT; 8 23-28, 1970 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class Secretary; Student Council, Secretary; National Honor Society. Secretan; Honor Business Club, President; Nominee for Outstanding Teenager of America; Daughters of the American Rev- olution Award; Secretary to Northeastern Mass. Division of Student Councils; Junior-Senior Usherette; Type and Shorthand Awards; Outstanding Junior in Business Course Award; Youth Advisory Council; Mass. Association of Student Council Summer Workshop; Member o f Mass. Advisory Council on Education; Student Secretary; Flash typist and reporter; Chosen by the class, " Most Contribulive.” AMBITION: To make a friend of everyone I meet. SUSAN DALEY " Sue " HAPPINESS IS: M. 11-27-69; M.J.’s no way! Ask Donna; oh, those fights! S.O.M.F.F. the rings. 11-27-70 1 year (that ' s a long lime) Chuck you Farley! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Com- mittee; Pep Club. " Get going! RIGHT ON! " AMBITION: To be someone special. USUALLY SEEN: Friendly’s 150-212 LINDA CURRERI HAPPINESS IS: Jerry!; 72; June 29. 1968; The good old days; Jo and Corry; The Drive- in; the gang; that day to come; impala 70. AMBITION: To succeed in the right way! USUALLY SEEN: Wherever Jerry is. CYNTHIA CURRIER " Cindy” HAPPINESS IS: Bob; 3 7 69; Those confus- ing nights; Pit slops — ask K.M.C.; summer " 70 " ; The parlies; The three of us; Our pig. Maverick; Good Harbor; Skiing; Swimming; M.L.O.; Bermuda; That Foreign Car; B.T.T.O.A.S.; Winnie-the-Pooh. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. Girl’s Drill Team; Flicker Committees; Chair- man of the Semi-Formal -Decorating Commit- tee, Spectacular Drill. AMBITION: To have a lot of success and hap- piness in life, especially with that special per- son. USUALLY SEEN: 429-926. 38 PATRICIA DAVID " Pat " HAPPINESS IS: 5 19 70; West Gloucesh-r; Mustangs; Fernwood Lake, ask Bobby. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing. AMBITION: To forget the past, work for the present, and think of the future. To make my parents proud of me. " Well I never. " USUALLY SEEN: West Gloucester. DEBRA DAVIS " Debbie " HAPPINESS IS: E.G.S. Gang; D.D.W.B. ask Karen or Jane; laughs from comets; Swim- ming; Skating; pungums, ask Yvonne; C.F.D.’s; pools now and then; Snow!; Summer 67; Car 7. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club, Pres- ident CYO. AMBITION: To make something out of my life and enjoy il. USUALLY SEEN: E.G.S. Bottoms up! NICHOl.AS DAMKAS " Nuk " HAPPINE.SS IS: Ni.k ' ,. J.C. nml C Pm.l, THE HUNT. Pill i liff., SHIPPY 8. « P.S.. PLENY E ' l. SPEED C-2. AS-S.-t ACTIvmt:S AND HONORS: Ritl.- T.-ani; R. O.T.C. " Pleny Gachu: Strawberry Who’os " AMBITION: To go to college and make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Nick ' s. Friendly ' s Logged S. F.P DAVID R. D’ANTONIO " Doc " HAPPINESS IS: Girls. Cars and in life itself. Carpentry Shop. " Got to keep on that road. " AMBITION: Make my parents proud of me. And to live in the way the world turns. USUALLY SEEN: Room 311, Lanesville, Bay View. Essex, and everywhere but home. PHILLIP JOSEPH DANNA " Byrd " HAPPINESS IS: People; mutiii, K,J.; GoimI amoke; C.F.; Jam Hessions; Fomi (should l e punished for sin of Gluttony!) Summer of ' 69; Football Good trips; Raiding the refrigerator at 5 Riggs St. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R O.T.C. 2; Gym 1. 3, 4; J.V. Football; Type I " WOW! ' AMBITION: To be rich and always happy in my villa. USUALLY SEEN: Where 1 like to be. JOHN D ' ANTONIO " J.D. " HAPPINESS IS: Valerie " 68. 69. 70 " ; Chevy 427. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Going off for lunch every day this year without getting caught once. " Ripofr " ED! ED! ED! " AMBITION: To get out of school so I can go to work to make my father happy. USUALLY SEEN: Bay View or East Glouces- ter. 39 KATHRYN C. DAVIS " Kathy " HAPPINESS IS: 1 1 70, Skiing, U-Mass. 1, 2. 3. 4 — G.T.H. P.T.A., Yacht Club, goin mental. P.C. at Angies, Those gay rides, ceme- tery. VINCIES. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Secretary to the Pep Club; Sophomore representative to Stu- dent Council; Junior Volunteer; Spanish Club; Gymnastic Club. AMBITION: To love the game beyond the prize. USUALLY SEEN: in the Beth-Ann ROY B. DAVIS " Leroy” HAPPINESS IS: S.D.B.; Barratt’s Bar; East J.; Wingarsheek; Lagers; H.O.; China Port. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rifle Team. " Pleny; sure; B.F.D.” AMBITION: To do something worth while which will make my parents proud of me and to finally be someone. USUALLY SEEN: Nick’s decaftihs DAVID R. DENCH " Dave, Curvy " HAPPINESS IS: Sports, Football, Hockey, Canada, N.B., Pizza and Fudgecicles. S.T.B. Walkers, Old Cow. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer; Hock- ey; Baseball; Co-Capl. Soccer Team; C.A.S.L. All Star. AMBITION: To regret what I haven’t done, not what I’ve done. ROBERTA MARIE DEXTER " Robie” HAPPINESS IS: Phil. 4 12 69; Ipswich; pests; The beach; Friday 13lh; F.D. head- aches; P.C. meetings; E.P.Y.C.; D-blk. study 67’; art. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker com- mittee; Pep Club; Typing Awards. AMBITION: To accept the things 1 cannot change; change the things 1 can, and wisdom to know the difference. USUALLY SEEN: 63’ Chevy. DAVID DEVEAU " Chink " HAPPINESS IS: Roberta, Nights at Stage Fort Park, 1970 car, June 12. Ask Ken. " Don’t bum me out. " AMBITION: To be half the man my father is and to make him proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: At the corner, next door Roberta. DONNA DISTEFANO HAPPINESS IS; HOTS; 12 29 68; Falcon; 10 31 69; Gang; Ask Sue; Those fights! .Au- gust ’71; Fork! The Big Hoax; N.H.; 9322; Rings. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Siu- dent Secretary; Type . ward; H. R. Represent- ative; Flicker. " Right on!” AMBI TION; To be someone. USUALLY SEEN; 151-67H " You mean I get an A for breaking my wrist? " NEIL DEACON " Deke " HAPPINESS IS; Tennis, All sports, cars. Gui- tar, Music, listening to Bealle records. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; 2 against 9 in 67; try ing to move that car! Capt. of Tennis Team. " Seriously Now. How are ya pal ’’ AMBITION: To succeed to help where it is needed. 40 DARLENE D. DOWNEY " Dar " HAPPINESS IS; S.H.Q.. P-6. J16. All niphi on Long Island, ”WaIdo ' . WingeTshepk, Talk., and lean — ask Drb, 10 22 71 — What happened? Eggs. Oranges. ' ' Rip‘ 4lh of July. 1-4-3. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Flicker Staff. " What? Hugh? " . AMBITION: To be rather than M em. USUALLY SEEN: 115-97H FAYE ANNE DOYLE HAPPINESS IS; Fri. 13lh. " Squauh. " 9 28 68, The place. Florida. Wheat, the beach. 6 a.m.?, Bermuda, Headaches, ask R.D., Not again! Woodstock at V. Pit. E.C.A. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader; Jr. Usherette; Jr. Homeroom Rep. AMBITION: To reach the goal of happiness and understanding through the one I ' ll love. USUALLY SEEN: On the 20 vard line. SHEILA DORMAN ' " Twin " HAPPINESS IS: Horses, Swimming, summer of 69. Boating, The lake, ask Lois. Cindy ' s Party, ask Paul, The Croup, Horse shows. Essex Beach, ask Nancy, skiing. J.M.. Hay- ride, ask Bonnie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary. " Thanks loads. " AMBITION: Just being me and make my par- ents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Uughing. SHIRLEY EDITH DORMAN " Shirl " HAPPINESS IS: Horses, Boating, Waterski- ing, Snowmobiling, Summer 69 a 2 a.rn.. ask Lois, Aug. 70. ask Bonnie, Horse Shows. Silky. Tonia, Sunset, Friday, N. J. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Seen- lary " Lower the Volume. " AMBITION: To further my Education and try to become a Vet. Assistant, and make my par- ents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Doing Homework. KATHRYN DOUCETTE " Kalhi. Kalh. Pokey " HAPPINESS IS: Bob; summer of 68; T.F., ask Sally; You ' re going fishing again?; Halloween; bowling; tuna subs; Midnight Confessions; that ferris wheel. " Are you serious? " AMBITION: To find my bag. USUALLY SEEN: P40-896. LEE ANN DOUCETTE HAPPINESS IS: J.N. " It ' s very expensive " _ ask Candy. Bermuda. S.S.A., Wingie, S.D.. Woodstock at V’s. going mental, visiting. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader; Student Council; Girl ' s Drill Team; Flicker; National Honor Society: Type Awards; 1st Squad Leader; Spectacular Squad; Senior Class Representative. " W.Y.B.F.M.? " AMBITION: To find sunshine on a cloudy day. USUALLY SEEN: N.O.Y.G.D.B. DF.NISF. IM)RMAN HAPPINESS IS: pm.; 12 18 67, Dunkin Donuts Parking 1.4)1; (mmhI Harbor Beach (winter time); 65 Chevelle, the gang; those fights; ask Pete. ACTIVITH:S and honors: Tvp.- Awards. AMBITION: To make my parents as prouil of me as I am of them. USUALLY SEEN: Down the donut with Pete " Goe. he’s gol nior shoulders . . . ” 41 JOHN DOYLE HAPPINESS IS: GIRLS!. Chevy’s, Hockey; grudge, ask Mary 9 years ask Yvonne, car 7, EGS gang, football!. CAMganie; Saturday nights. Pool hopping. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Head Price Change Cat S S. " GNA-BUNA-CUNA. SUNA HEY! man freak! ’ AMBITION: To succeed in whatever I may at- tempt and make my father proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: S S. East Gloucester Square — ask Jimmy JOHN R. DUNN JOHN ELLIS " Kent " HAPPINESS IS: VICKI — 4 12 69. Nc als car. Hols car, Donna Hols. Bal»vsitting, Denny’s Parly. My Mother and Father and Family, getting my licence, getting a bike, Scr- gent’s Parlv . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman Football; Glee Club 1, 2; Class Rep. 2. " Take it easy, cruising for a bruising. Louie . " AMBITION; To be a plumber or electrician, to make everyone happy. KEVIN ELLIS HAPPINESS IS: Art; Skiing, music; bubblin at .H.; scrumping at C.R.; S.H. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker; Stu- dent Council 1. 2; Drama Club. " Nahl " Sucker. AMBITION: To be a successful artist and to make people in my life happy. RICHARD C. DOYLE " Lurch. Dick. T.D.R. " HAPPINESS IS: Girls, Denise, Linda. Boats, skiing, l oodcraft, summer of 1970. 4 o’clock in the Bay, My blai k bouy. Crane’s Beach. The old Bomb. Physics class. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Prize squad. R.O.T.C. 2nd Ll. of A Company 2nd Platoon; Staff Sgt.; 1st Sgt. " You only hurt the ones you love. (Nanev) AMBITION: To make my mother and father proud of me. To gel rich and take it easy. ROBINSON EELLS NEAL A. ERICKSON HAPPINESS IS: Janelle. Tuna Fishing, BRUINS Summer of ' 70, Three of a kind, ' Sejuam, shooting. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: DeMolay; Cadet Colonel, R.O.T.C.; National Honor Soci- ety; Junior Rolarian, Superion; Junior Cadet; Student Council. AMBITION: To find satisfaction in teaching and helping those whom I can. USUALLY SEEN; With Janelle. Waiting . . . 42 MARIK KRWIN HAPPINESS IS; Ealron; You DikIo; Thr rock; The R- Culleclluit: Stupid; EM; Sno at U.N.Y.; H.T.J.A.; 6 24 70; Tan- grnie; Anli«fuing; Shut up; Y.P.f ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: German Club; Thespian! ; National Honor Socicl . AMBITION: To find a peaceful land and a peaceful life. GLENN ALLAN FALLK " Dude " HAPPINESS IS: U’ingp; Hog Island; Light- house; P.S.; Fearsome Foursome; Golf Course; B. Co.; Freak. Conomo Point; Essex. Maine; Skiing; Golf; Soccer. Horses; O.D.; Judge. " Plennvf Thai’s Close! " AMBITION: To sunive and enjoy life to the upmosl. KATHERINE k-ST " Kalhir. Chink " HAPPINF-SS IS: CEC; MYB. UITCM . Re.i Buildie ; S.S A , Si ho( r . Jane ' : ' . W H. Il » oxer. July 70; 0.1. H . 10 24; I nmdr ' ; Orien. lal; K.C., ViHMUiiMk at Vn. ACTIVITH:S and honors Hrp Student Council; S.C.. Pep Club; A C.. Flu ker, " Oh! My Cad; E 0. " AMBITION: To haxe a «mde for exery friend and a friend for every smile. CHRISTINE FAVALORA " Chris " HAPPINESS IS: " JELLY . . . sticks!!!; The luck!!!; My front!! ask Joy; (to the eon- venl7:7!!) AL 5 yrs. Chopjiers!!; Louie 9 14 69; Dicky ' s talks; Loneliness; Senior Prom Sergeant’s Parly ’70; Him; " Happi- ness ... " where ' ' Do . Freaks!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Sgt ' s Secretary; Type Awards. MARY J. FAVALORO " Freak. Marijuana " HAPPINESS IS; 9 26 69 — cemetery; Black; Thr Market; Green Glook; 13; 4 24, 25 26 70 — higher; experiments; emotional scars; 5 24 70 — " honest, that ain’t mine " ; Road Runner. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal; N.H.S.; Rifle Team; French Club; Spanish Club; Junior Volunteer; Thespians. " Why not!?’’ AMBITION: To travel, be free, and get off. GAYE FAVAZZA HAPPINESS IS: WALLY! 11 14 69; 64 Chevy; Wild Honey — ask Colleen; Heart ' s Flower ' s (gang); 10 25 69 — ask RoRo; That night — ask Marijayne; Memories; " Roek-apl. " BIKES!; W.U.V. AMBITION: To make my father almve proud of me and to make my mother happ . JOSEPH FAVAZZA " JoJo " HAPPINESS IS: That certain girl, thi Stones. 11 29 69. B.J.. R n B, playing music loud, SPF. summers ' 67 and ‘69. Going to St. Pe- ter’s. " Mai he cosa e?. Va rasa. Oh Happx Da . AMBITION: To live a long and happx life along with my wife. Oh, he’s not that handsome. 43 Happiness is . . . STEVE FEENER " Bif! ' M " HAPPINESS IS: Football. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football. AMBITION: A tarorr in the Air Force. RUSSELL FIERS " Rusty " HAPPINESS IS: " Louise 1969 " ; 9 28 53; Horseback riding; Cars; Pool; Coif; Thumbing to Essex; Ping-pong: New Jersey; Cards, Carni- val — 1970; Wed. nile card games; ' ater skiing. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC; Golf Club. AMBITION: To do my best at whatever I at- tempt and be satisfied. YVONNE FIGURIDO " Fig " HAPPINESS IS: E.G.S. Gang; Skating; D. P. Purigums; Ask Deb; 8 years; Ask Mary; " 6 8 " Ask Jane; Karen’s parties. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Pep Club; Sec- retary of O.L.G.V. C.Y.O. " Love is a memory that lime cannot end. " AMBITION: To have tny heart opened to what is beautiful, and my heart to love all that is good. ROLAND FEENER " Dude " HAPPINESS IS: Kathy J.; Hockey; BPS; " Submarines and Turtlenecks " ; GRP; ask Steve; " slinginit with Don " ; " THE WALL " ; June 12. 1970; Swinson’s Jokes; Gruesome Foursome. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Platoon Ser- geant; Soccer Team. AMBITION: To achieve my set goals and enjoy life. DAVID M. FERRANT " Nib. Nub " HAPPINESS IS: Electronics. Shortwave lis- tening. Baseball. Bowling, Bouncing Boulders. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sergeant — D Company; Individual Drill; FLICKER Layout Editor. WAYNE FIGURIDO " Fig " HAPPINESS IS: Mary. Off Grounds; Cars. AMBITION: To get a good car. " Oh. Yeah! " KAREN ANN FAVAZZA HAPPINESS IS: Backstage; Music; Dancing; Knitting; Keeping busy; Our pad; Having fun; Htrrtense: Boston; Painting bricks; Making pap T mache mushrooms; Webbie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians; Sec- retary: Flicker, Spanish Club; National Honor Society; International Thespians. " Life is but a dream; All the world ' s a stage. " AMBITION: To have love and peace through understanding. 44 JANICE H. FORTADO " Jan. Janri HAPPINESS IS: Erid; sunimrr " 70 " ; Those walks — ask Pam, 6 3 70 — ask Cindy; A.G.H.; You owr me a nirkel. ask Mary; Those sayings; A.V.; Someplace; My litlle Portugueys; MY BIG SISTER!; Lunch Block. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary. " I died. " AMBITION; To make the ones I love happy and to grow ten more inches. ROBERT FRANCIS " Bob " HAPPINESS IS; 69 Dodge Charger, Harry’s Zoo, D.S.T.B., Black Tuesday — summer ' 70, AMF. Who’s that No. 66? " All right, everybody out of the car.” AMBITION: To design a better world for ev- eryone. JANET E. FRANCIS HAPPINESS IS: Rockporl; summer people; those summer nights; VW ' s; 9 29 70; Frank ' s room — D Block; Chocolate Puddin — Ummm!; Swimming — the R»)cks; N. Y.; daisies; Friends; hi Honey!; witches; sailing. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Com- mittee. AMBITION: To find my place in life and be happy and successful in it. NANCY FRAZIER " Nanc. Stanley” HAPPINESS IS; Art, music, sports, " Chased; ask P.M. O.B.; " Peanut Butter fight: ask K.M. D.M. " Got a quarter for a lollipop " ask O.B.; " Knock it off, Kathy. " AMBITION: To make my family proud of me and become a nurse. CHARLES FRITHSEN " Chuck " HAPPINESS IS: B.R.G.C.; S.T.B.; Friendly’s; Another accident?!; Gus ' s fiy; Street hockey; Golf, Pink Panthe r; Wing); Three Stooges. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Captain of Golf Team II III; 1st Lt. ROTC; Golf Team; Soc- cer Team; ROTC. AMBITION: To do what I want to do. ARTHUR C. FLEMING " Artie " HAPPINESS IS: Goodlimes; Neil’s parlies; weekends; 7 69; Bruins; offground ; ECS; H.V. ' s hours; Mimiones; Late for schtiol? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ben Franklin Club; ROTC st|ua l leader. AMBITION: To be happy, successful; to be like my parents and follow their example. JOHN MICHAEL FLEMING. JR HAPPINESS IS: Rosanne, ramparts, E.(».S., Slop Shop; Bull sessions with Booga Gang, We need a long talk; I hope, " 769 " . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball 1 A 2; Ben Franklin Club. AMBITION: To keep my delerniination to make it; to keep m faith in Gmi for that is where it ' s at in the end. 45 CHARLES FRONTIERO " Chuck " HAPPINESS IS: Cars — {-iris — 340 Dust- ers. " Stand — Thai ' s Close.” AMBITION: To have a w» ll-known name in Dra News, KAREN FRONTIERO HAPPINESS IS: W-P.C.; ' 70 summer; Boston, Top of the Prudential; Hair; Neil ' s House; B.P.H.; 4 22 69 ask Faye; forceas; " Man with the hat” ask Jada; Nile ' s Beach. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; H.R. Representative; Pep Club. Flicer; Nurse’s office; Social Activities Club. AMBITION: To face life as it really exists without tears of despair. MARYROSE FRONTIERO ”Mar . Taro " HAPPINESS IS: Steve. Nezzo, You Owe me a nickel — ask Jan; .A.G.H.; summer ' 70; Full count — ask Sally Linda; Friendly’s — ask Sue. those teachers ask Ginny, 107. BFHS. ■■Right. " AMBITION: To see the world through my own eyes, and what it’s really like. GIACOMO FRUSTERI " Jack " HAPPINESS IS: CINDY — 68. 69. 70. 71. etc.; Get off! Gotta find that beach; 2 28 68; 4 13 70 — ask Gunk; C.A.T.; Travel; " Cool it " ; The hunts; who shot woody now?; Draft, Canada’s out!, ”71 vet. " " Riiiiiight! " AJVIBITION: To always be myself. To do what I want, when I want, the way I want, with whom I want. DEBORAH CASPAR " Debbie " HAPPINESS IS: DOUG 9 5 70; summer 69- 70; ask Lisa; Chucky’s hat; New York " 69 " ; PARTIES; Cottage " 70”; The Slue; Flat Rocks; Water skiing; Bermuda " 71 " ; Mervin; Mini Biking; PC Ball Field. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. AMBITION; To walk through life never being afraid of tomorrow. DONNA GARRON " Dinaling " HAPPINESS IS: BILL: 8 30 ; Summer of " 69 " ; " teasel " ; D.V.; ask Diane; 7 18 71; Mousam Lake; Ask Diane; " Pontiac " ; Barb Pickett; Take that Hat ofT; ask Chuckie. " Blow my mind. " AMBITION; To listen before opening my big mouth. DONNA GEDDES HAPPINESS IS: SCOTT. 4 29 67; the roof ask Terry , rigarretles jocked laws; ohoh!; p.s.; Chucky’s hat; who called the cops? ask Sandy. Billv ' s love bug. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: To close my eyes and awake to a world filled with peace and love. Some guys have all the luck. 46 LAWRENCE CILARDI " Larry” HAPPINESS IS: girls; bike riding; machine shop, digging the Stones and Jimi Hendrix records. mug up. Joe ' s corner, fooling around. " Ya hoo. mug ' up Bill.” AMBITION: To own a machine shop. USUALLY SEEN: Hanging around Moe’s cor- LINDA A. GIOVANNI " Ernestine " HAPPINESS IS: Knid. ask Linda: 10 31 70; Parties; Beach; 4 69; Mustache; N.H.; sum- mer; spending money; getting bombed; happi- ness; luving; J.R.P.J. 9 8 70; Fish, ask Laurie Freedom; long talks; memories. " I dunno AMBITION: To live a fulfilling life and die happy. KEVIN LEE GOODHUE HAPPINESS IS: POOCH, bastball. football, sports, Milbrook-W ' oodstock, D.S.T.B., P.O.B.. Hair. Bill-Spill the wine, crumbs, not enough puns. Trapuca. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; ROTC Junior Rotarian; N.E.C. All-Star Base- ball Team: Hon. Meni. All Scholastic Baseball Team. SCT ROTC. " Huh? Huh? " AMBITION: To use my past to build a future. EILEEN P. COSSOM HAPPINESS IS: R.N.; A.Y.C.; 5683. Eringa Bragh! riding. Beatles, bridging it — ask Shei- la; (C.P.B.!) " Fearless Fly " Boston, ask Sue! Daddy Warbux. 11 26 69 316 B, Europe. J.P.Mc; 1 1 70; Worm; That Path. Sum-Fun — ask Chris. J.Y.C.; Logan after 12; Y.B.D.!? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Super- latives, G.F.T., fioormaster ' s assistant Senior Class show chorus. AMBITION: To look over the rainbow and find thit pot of gold. USUALLY SEEN: Here, there and every- where. WILLIAM J. GOODWIN " Musty " HAPPINESS IS: P.A.E. Lynn Arena; Feb. 27. Sgt. Parties! Nella; Hey Kev. Spill the Wine; those nights with Beilv; the Corner; A.P.A. Bridge; D.S.T.B.; POB: ' " MARRE " 6 12 70. Joe Montv ' s; P.S.C.M. — Woodstock; Pamela. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football; weightlifting, Bench 2. 3. 4. Track 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 3; Pres. Scrub Club; Sgt. ROTC Guaro Duly. D.P.W. D.B.M.A. AMBITION: To be free, and to be anything my parents are. USUALLY SEEN: off grounds. NANCY GOULART " Goofy " HAPPINESS IS: Dave; those parties; Baggv Blues ask Kathy; summer of ' 70; Rockport; Puddle; ' 66 Comet; 9 19 70; C.C.; Manches- ter; My party? . . . Jerrys ' Party!!! bummer; W ' eek-ends; What? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary Typing Awards. " I ' m not hungrv. " AMBITION: To take the path not taken. USUALLY SEEN: Mills. TERESA GENTILE " Terrv " HAPPINESS IS: M. O H.; 5 29 70; The C«.r- ner; Cookies!; Chuckle’s " hat " ; Friendly On the roof — ask Donna; N. Y.; Summer 70; 3 s a crowd; Ask Cindy; Poor Babv; Quiet thoughts. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Pep Club. AMBITION: Never to be turned away from those I love. Cedric Hill, Most Artistic 47 RICHARD GREEKE ' Ricky. Woodhead” HAPPINESS IS; Dory Raring. Traing. Playing ball. Street Hockey. " One”. Biker Beating up Ants. JACKIE. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: First Sergeant. " Easy” 1 needed that. AMBITION: To win. USUALLY SEEN: The corner " critts.” BARBARA J. CREEL " Barb " HAPPINESS IS: Bicycle rides, subs. EFB Pol- itics summer Willow Rest, Walks. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Po Ulical Action Committee; Flicker; American Field Service; Thespians; National Honor So- ciety; French li Book Prize; NMSQT Letter of Commendation. AMBITION: To live long enough to see peace in the world. DEBORAH CREEL " Debbie " HAPPINESS IS: Those Apples, summer of 70 slight parties. CHB talks ask Darlene, gink- gink, good week ends thanks to MS and JB Second family. Lake M. Annisquam Bridge, Beverly Huba-Huba-Huba. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Busi ness Club; Type Awards; Pep Club; Junior Usherette; Girl ' s Drill Team; Homeroom Rep- resentative; Flicker Staff. " It was loo funny”? AMBITION: To go through life with a smile for kindness and an open mind for under- standing. USUALLY SEEN: 115-974 MAUREEN GROGAN " Mau, Groggie” HAPPINESS IS: J.R.H. 6 1 68 conomo point Woodstock V ' s M 5 at Seaire; Friday 13th, Wingie, going mental; SSA. Football, Hockey, PRACTICALLY: Bermuda. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Pres.: Pep Club; Junior Usherette; Student Secretary; Type I Awards; Flicker Staff; VP SSA. AMBITION; To travel and meet many people of the world and to always walk through life with an open mind. USUALLY SEEN: NOYGDB SHARON A. CREEL " Sherry " HAPPINESS IS: RLH gang; VW two wheels; summers; TJ’s Politics, Walks. S.U.L. rides, dunes. Movies; orange groves; rotary; prac- tices; the rocks; rubber tracks, the beach. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: American Field Service; Pep Club; Political Action Commit- tee; Flicker; French Club; Thespians. AMBITION: To accept the challenge. RICHARD GUARRASI " Rick, Myer” HAPPINESS IS: LINDA Nowhere; no place; carpentry shop; playing football in the mud; Lunchtime cigarette. Beach 68-69 Rowing in Canada, outstanding. HONORS: 2nd Lieutenant. " He crazy sir.” AMBITION: To hold my life for something worthwhile. USUALLY SEEN: Nick ' s Poolroom. " Let me in.” 48 Mrs. Doris Baer Department Head Miss Mary Tarlian, Annex Mrs. Dixie Root, Annex ) Mrs. Linda Lawrence, Annex 9-c orei n lOan ua e T)epartmeni « • Miss Julie Carpenter Mr. Richard Chane 17 Mr. Salvatore Randazza, Annex Miss Jeannette Ortins Miss Verna Carbone Mr. Harvey Korobkin M iss Bea Cbristopberson Mrs. Kathryn Davis ie ncfusiriaf CMris Mr. Paul Goodwin. Department Head Mr. Carlo Sinagra Mr. Robert Wagner, Annex Mr. Milton Harris Jlfome Cjconomics Mrs. Christine Hamor Mrs. Jane Moginot, Annex Mrs. Elizabeth Spellman Mrs. Joan Kegan, Department Head Mr. Irving Anderson Mr. Robert Puff Mrs. Mary Johnson, Annex Depar men ■V Miss Mary Nugent, Department Head Mr. Frank Petronzio U£eaire Cnrls Mr. Randall Darwell, Annex 9Kusic T)eparimeni Miss Nancy Webber 21 Miss Faye Miles, Annex Mrs. Maryellen Callahan Mr. Robert Delisle Miss Mary Shea CP iysicaf cfucaiion )epar m en Mrs. Susan Sills Mr. F. Eric Sills, Annex 22 Miss Dorothy Londergon, Librarian Mr. John McNamara, Proctor Mrs. Mary Flynn, School Nurse Mrs. Marion Forlx ' s, School Nurse At Annex Mr. William Weller, Special Education Mrs. Tamai Shoshan, Librarian at Annex Mr. John Worth, Chairman of Maintenance Mr. Manuel Martins, Audio-Visual 23 ¥ V 4 « - - 1 I . • 1 j 1 fi ■nr iBV 1 t W® 1 r «» m ? " j; .„. « ►»« 1 mi r 9 .. 1 9 jS ' -m 4ii -T r v?i BC. ' f!.T?SB? ‘ j ' ■2 ; - ' M. 1 t BJ .H W% 1 j B 1 jjfl f 1 i SSEw KAREN E. ADAMS HAPPINESS IS: Slrawbrrr) Eirldtt 9 3 70; Wful Glou i ' »i r — Fisthnurkrt; Zonkril! Gulilrn, Darkhotc; Grrt n CKxik; Br Skill!; Memories; The Whipper — 11 1 70; Hask- ells; That Saturday Nile. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS. GixU RiOe Team; Girls ' Soribali tram. , AMBITION: " To strive for peaie and happi- ness and to live a meaningful life. " STEPHEN AIELLO JANICE AGOSTINI " Auggie — Bull " HAPPINESS IS: STAN 9 10 68; Walk and talks together; Flag-football, ask Donna — - Our ilreams and future, ask us. " Hey Bull! " AMBITION: To make everyone prouil of me and to live a happy and wonderful life with Stan. JUDITH AKERS " Judy " HAPPINESS IS: B.C. grass, Rippert, ask Soe; Paint it Red; Coco Socks; Pink Velvets; Frogs and Blueberries; Y.B.D.; 3 D Night; 110. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls ' RiHe Team; Softball Team; Flicker; P.E. Awards; Floormaslers ' Assistant; Marine Biology Club. AMBITION: " Seeking to find, finding to know, knowing in order to do. " " ... Wherefor art thou Romeo?” SCOTT D. ALEXANDER " Alex " HAPPINESS IS: L.M.S.: Elevators; Dike 10 10 70; Conomo Point; D.S.T.B.; The Sticks; Skiing; P.M. Tankard Old Cow P.O.B.; Drive-in; Honda’s Parties at Wingy. HONORS AND ACTIVITIES: Freshman Football and Baseball, J.V. Baseball. Soccer 3, 4; Rifle Team 3. 4; Captain 4 Grenadiers 3, 4, Sergeant 1st Class, Flag Day Exercise Haskell Drill; Flicker Staff. AMBITION: To gain wisdom, truth, and knowledge throughout my life. USUALLY SEEN: Up the creek; The lounge; Bucky ' s office. LAUREL ANN ALLEN " Laurie " HAPPINESS IS: T.L.H.; The Cape; Valley ' s (late late movies, 4 a.m., ask Scoot!); Junk Yards, ask Elmo!; Halloween " 69 " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society; Honor Business Club. Treasurer; Flicker Business Manager; Homeroom Repre- sentative; Student Secretary; Type I + II Awards; Shorthand I Award; Delegate to Flicker Conventions. AMBITION: To Remember: " Loneliness is a terrible thing especially when you don ' t have anyone to share it with. " h: E LIBRARY 0:330 27 HARVEY ALTO HAPPINESS IS: Sports and Boating. A CTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society. AMBITION: To further my education in math and science. Excuse me!! JOHN D. ALVES " Jack” HAPPINESS IS: Music; Walking in the rain; Walk r ' s Deep Hole Quarry Pit; six o’clock; W.M.E.X. Forever " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball; Spanish Club; Biolog) Club; Grenadiers; " Ban the Midi”. AMBITION: To go to Saskatchewan. USUALLY SEEN: Walking by the Hospital with Donna. JOAN AMERO HAPPINESS IS: David. Sullivan’s Field, jun glet band. Crane’s Beach. N. Y.. 4 15 70. " Cinnamon Sunshine, " Eastern Point, Odd Squad, " later, later. " Whiltle Stop. Pot Luck. " Count your blessings. " the kid, macaroni + cheese?, sailor sudduth (sx). " Peace " AMBITION: " To follow the vellow Brick Road " . SALLY ANNE AMERO " Sally. Sal " HAPPINESS IS: SKIP; 10 23 70; Summers; " 2 " ; Terrifies, ask Kathie; 7 22 70; Talks, ask Frank. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Awards; Student Secretary. " Right, That’s Cute. " AMBITION: " Not to let the past bother me or the future scare me but do something with the present. " KAREN ANDERSON HAPPINESS IS: Creedence; Summer of ' 70; water-skiing; blue bugs; Boston at 8:15 A.M.; Midis. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; French Club; AFS. AMBITION; Happiness. MARK ANDERSON " Andy " " Carolina " HAPPINESS IS: Soccer, Basketball, Music, Math. Ch ess. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sawyer Medal 3; N.H.S. 4; Chess Club 3. Captain 4; Soccer Team 3, 4; National Merit Scholarship Com- mendation Letter 4; Math League 3, 4; Or- chestra 3, 4; Chorus 3. AMBITION: To fool all of the people all the time. RAYMOND ANDERSON " Gravi " HAPPINESS IS: Chevy ' s, horses, and badmin- ton. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Zip " Ban the Midi " . USUALLY SEEN: The Pines. AMBITION; To go to Saskatchewan and de- fine a goal in life. 28 ROBERT ANDREWS " Rabbi " HAPPINESS IS; The Galley; Grand Prix; swimming; golfing; C.C.R.; getting lost; W ' eek- ■ ' ends! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spanish Club 2, 3; Biology Club 2; Chess Club; R.O.T.C. Major. USUALLY SEEN: Sleeping in class. PETER A. ASARO " Pete " HAPPINESS IS: " Freckles, " getting crazed, summer " 69 " , parties. Sunday ariernoons, July 19, 1970, January 1, 1970, July 31, 1970, Lagers, Hampton Airport, O.D., Nah, you ' re a baby. Parson ' s Weekend Nights, Food. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman and Sophomore class President; Chefs Club. " You burn me somehow. " AMBITION: To stay out of trouble. USUALLY SEEN: Everywhere. CLAIRE ANSTESS HAPPINESS IS: Wine Crazes; Bermuda; My cottage; ask Sue; MOTHS; ask Jada; Jung Let B and; BOOOT; Owls; T.F.I.; Memories 1966-70. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H R. Rep.; Typing Awards. FAVORITE SAYING: thsssssssssssssss; It ' s all in your mind. USUALLY SEEN: Under The Table. AMBITION: Never to look back with sorrow; but to look ahead with a smile. SHEILA MARIE AVELIS HAPPINESS IS: 10 22 70 — What hap- pencd?; " Going Mental, " Parties at W ' ingies; " Cars " ask S.P.; Bermuda; Summers. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. Flicker, Basketball. ‘’Ain’t that hard!” " Right on " " I know Marvin I know? " Howdy. AMBITION: To climb the mountain of today and reach the peak of success tomorrow. USUALLY SEEN: BVD NOYGDB. ARTHUR BALESTRACI NANCY ANDREWS " Name " HAPPINESS IS: T,L; 1 1 70 Conomo Pt. SSA; 2 13 70; civili alinn; P.CM.S.; ank Ange; W ' mgy; The Oasii ; Trips to Maine; Vincies; Praetieallv. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Cheerleader; Girls ' Drill Team; fltrkrr. Spectacular Drill. " Kind of; " W.Y.B.F.M " USUALLY SEEN: N.O.Y.G.D.B. AMBITION: To find happiness, love, and ful- fillment. PAUL R. ANDREWS " Sid " HAPPINESS IS: " Cindy " ; Sgt. Parties; 4 11 69; eating subs at a Navy yard; horse- back riding: Tropical Fish; July 31, 1970; The Gang. USUALLY SEEN: Commodore and Andy ' s Inc. AMBITION: Just being me and to make my parents proud of me. " Pilot to Bombardier” 29 ANTHONY BARBARA JR ' Tony " HAPPINESS IS: Photography, art Dylan ' s Harp, Canned Heat. 10 24 70 Berry, Presley Remington, Smoking with Rollie, Going up the country, Crackerjacks Beer, Blue jeans Football Sweaters, Pot-ash. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker staff; President of GHS Dylan Fan Club. " Geltin’ Much? " AMBITION: To be the world ' s second greatest artist, only second myself. KAREN BELL " Tinker " HAPPINESS IS: Vincie’s, Wingy. S.S.A., skiing. Rides in Beth Ann, Visiting. Alberta’s pool, Student government, smiling, talking, laughing, at Mrs. C.’s jokes. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Vice-President of class 1, 2. 3; Representative of class 4; A.F.S. 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of A.F.S. 4; Girl ' s Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; 1st Sgt. of Girl’s Drill Team 4; Junior Usherette 3; City Auditor on Student Government Day 3; Temporary Vice-President of Student Council 4; Delegate to Masc Convention 3; Pep Club 4; Flicker 4; Flash 3, 4. AMBITION: To dream the impossible dream and reach the unreachable star. DONNA BARNES HAPPINESS IS: Mull ' s Speed Shop; Techni- cal Puddin’; Ann’s cooking, ask Marcia — Li- brary Books! Scrooge. Wallaces. Miami. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Typ- ing Awards; LBT Club. " Well — If that ain ' t something.” AMBITION: To remember ' That behind the night there is plenty of light and things are al- right and I know it.” USUALLY SEEN: in Brighams with Dint . DONNA JANE BENJAMIN " Benji ” HAPPINESS IS: Walking in the rain, " Sand- castles,” a friend to be alone with; " forever. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class Treasur- er; German II Book Award; National Honor Society; Office Assistant; Literarv Editor Flicker, Girl’s Drill Team; Spectacular; Stu- dent Council . . . ’69; Convention Del ate; Type 1 Award. AMBITION: To share my happiness. USUALLY SEEN: Smiling. KATHY JEANNE BENNETT " Kathy " HAPPINESS IS: Finnish Russians; palms; Cayce; orange; art; Tree houses; Switzerland; the crazy and my dog; turtles. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Member of the L.W.A. AMBITION: To figure it all out. GLENNA JEAN BERKANDER HAPPINESS IS: Frank; 8 30 70; Ipswich bummer; 5 10 69; Junglel band; D.P.; " Honey " ; Rail Road Tracks; L.P.; MufTy; Vampires; Laundn, ask Gail; Bruins; M M’s; Z.K. New York. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Awanl; Student Secretary. " I ' m so embarrassed! " AMBITION: To make my father proud of me. ANGELO J. BERTOLINO " Andy-Greniielli " HAPPINESS IS: " Fountain of Youth " ; Girls; " 70 " Summer; N.H.; THE BOMB; Rusty Cel- lar; Quarter Mile; Elect. Engineer. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: 1st Lieutenant; Help Activities Club. " Come On! Hey Goomba.” AMBITION: To make my parents proud of me and to succeed in life. USUALLY SEEN: O’Connel’s — Charlies. Don’t feed the animals. 30 LYDIA BERTOLINO " lu " HAPPINESS IS: Sm«iihr(l (able, ank Jomt! Saturda nighl». aak Sur! Prabo l ' 1970 ' Europe, auk Ro; Thr Rr«!! HONORS AND ACTIVITIES: Honor Busi Club; Typing Awarda; Prp Club; Sludeni SeerrUry. H.R. Rrprrsenlalivr. AMBITION: To makr m parrnl! promi of me and lo aucerrd in whal 1 allrmpi. USUALLY SEEN: Mike ' s place ROSANNE BIONDO HAPPINESS IS: JOHN; ramparts; ihal Hng; Col a problem: talks, ask Calhy; CAM CaCa ' s. ask Sheila; 8 9 70; What can ' l say? CFD; ask Debbie; car 7. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Pep Club; Typ- ing I Ai»ard. " U nabunacunasuna. " AMBITION: To remember the past and live for ihe future. USUALLY SEEN: East Clouresler Square; with John. JOHN BLANDINC HAPPINESS IS: Nikons; Heineken’s; Down- town Lanesville; Halibut Point; Chapt. 90, Sec. 17; Walking in straight lines. AMBITION: ? GEORGE P. BONO " Uncurl, George Sauar " HAPPINESS IS: Joe Monte ' s. W.E.C.. Stage Fat Pork, Summer 70, Girls, Greasy Pole. C.S.N.Y., L.M. Sunday football games. Draw- ing. Private Stock’os, Scrub Club. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1, 4; Basketball 2. " Don’t Start " . AMBITION: Make that trip to. USUALLY SEEN: West End Corner. Sr» « Ifeiw i PETER F. BORCE " Scoop, Catusha, P.B. " HAPPINESS IS: Only one 37-22-35. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: 1st Lieutenant ROTC, Flicker Staff, Sport Editor — Flash, and unquestionably the most intelligent per- son in G.H.S. " How ' s the Colonel ' s wife.” AMBITION: To seek, to strive, and not to work. USUALLY SEEN: In the unk. and at SFL. SALVATORE BERTfU.INO " Sammy” ”B«ne« " " Sal " HAPPINESS IS. An and craft . Hm k mu K, her ACTIVITIES AND HONORS ROTC Suff Squad Leader " I ' ll never speak In you again " AMBITION To beiome one of the famous Craft teachers of this lime, and mavlie leaf h at CHS USUALLY SEEN: At dance or in the librarv during studies. WARREN L. BISBEE " Chip. Biz” HAPPINESS IS: Sf|uam; Sailing; The Truani, The Non parril, 4 26 68. 1960 While Df dgr (The Tank); (25X Club?) 56; a stiff breeze, (a dragging bowline?). ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Math league 2. 3, 4. Vice-President. National Honor Society 4. Class rep. 4; Officer, SES Bounty; Milton Fuller Citizenship Award. AMBITION: To be a giant in my own way. " You ' re Bananas!” Sing along with Bill and Fly! 31 PETER BOTT " Pede, Pete, Porka” HAPPINESS IS: Art, Ha)stack-Hinckle), Skiing, Woods, feelin’ alright, ceramics, Leslie West, Maie West, Music, Summer ’70. James Taylor, Concerts, An Rm.. Old Men’s coals. Lighthouse Beach, Cranes. ZeezeredI! fields, overalls, Maggy. SNOW! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians " Wicked!! " AMBITION: To become an Artisl. LSUALLY SEEN: Annisquam. EILEEN BRADSTREET HAPPINESS IS: " Summer of 70 " ; S.S. Laffs. ask Linda!!; ANCHOR IN E.C.F.W.T.G.; He Chink???; Dr. F. Office: Which Kathy???; Ask Dianne, Remember the Dances!!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girl’s Softball Team; Typing I Award. " What an Armpit. " AMBITION: To find my place in the sun and to always have a smile for everyone and to prove to my parents that I can do it. MARILYN FRANCES BRADSTREET HAPPINESS IS: BOBBY. 12 6 69; Winter of " 69 " ; Summer of " 70 " ; Cherry Street; That parly: ask Lois; Dream; Those weekends; Music. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Busi- ness Club. " You’re right nuts. " AMBITION: To get a good job and to make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Lloyd Street. RALPH BRADSTREET HAPPINESS IS: The Blue Buzzard, Summer of " 70 " ; B.G. ' s, July 4th?, Those walks along the beach, Rockport. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sgl. Junior year. " Why not. " AMBITION: Not to make the same mistakes twice and to be one step ahead of the other gi y- USUALLY SEEN: Dances. OLIVE MARY BRIEN " 01. Ollie " HAPPINESS IS: Sports; NAVY " 71 " : Tom’s car; N. F. smoked Helloween " 69 " ask S.M.; Boston, S.M.P.M.D.S. ; Summer of " 68 " : Creamfight; riding, triple dates, chased, ask P.M.; But Why!; ask Mrs. Miller. Bullwipe, ask P.P.; M.H. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Typ- ing Awards. " You’ll gel over it! " AMBITION; To make my loved ones proud of me; and to travel around the world. USUALLY SEEN: Fair Street. BONNIE BETH MACCUISH BRUCE HAPPINESS IS: " Don " ; Summer ’69; Long talks, ask Deb; Long rides to anywhere; L. K. L, R; That ring; 3 24 70; Motorcycles; Cranes Beach. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Bea- con; Floormaster’s Helper; Typing and Short- hand Awards. AMBITION: To keep him healthy, happy, and home. Cheatin’ again Linda? BRUCE JAMES BUCKLEY " Buck” HAPPINESS IS: Senior Lounge; Parties, Woodstock II; NG talks, Wingersheek Beach; Freckles; Get Psyched; Those weekends; SPHS, The Wall. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 14; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4. " To each his own. " AMBITION: To live a successful life filled with love and happiness. USUALLY SEEN: Friendlies. 32 STEPHEN M HARMON " Slrvr, No " HAPPINF:SS IS: " Collrtn " (ORBP) auk; Four rar pilr up??? ank Jor; Thr Mali (BP). Barnyard ho4 ' kry; BoHton Arrna and ihr l.olly popkida?? (Going lo School)? Thr tummrr of 1910? Talking wilh " Crorgr Linroln’7 AMBITION: To succrrd; make my parmU proud of mr; and lo be myarlf. " Tony’s Corner. " JACQUELYN HARRIS " Jackie " HAPPINESS IS: J.T.M. August 67. c block ask Sue, Navy; Lunch ask Cathy; Chinese Food 10 28 70 D.B. 70 Those exciting talks ask friends; Late night phone calls. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; Type Awards; Floor Masters Assistant; Flicker. " Really " AMBITION: To judge less and understand more. ROBERT HAWES " Bob " HAPPINESS IS: Girls, automotive shop. " Puss Nuts " . AMBITION: To make my family proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Drinking. SUSAN W ' . HERRICK " Sue, Crash” HAPPINESS IS: Nov. 27. 1969 ask Cathy; AGH the Gateway and St. Peter’s Club. The collage; ask Claire New York; someone? TFI Besifriends W ' endy and Jeff; Bermuda ask Marilyn; Pol Louie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Guidance Of- fice Assistant. " The-s-s-s-s " AMBITION; To go lo California; try for the airlines see the world and enjoy life as it is and understand it. USUALLY SEEN: Wegei ' s. NINA C. HERDMAN " Nine, Normie " HAPPINESS IS: Summer of " 69 " Wingaer- sheek Parlies. Seacrofl, S.S.A. What’s trump. It doesn ' t taste like cherries anymore. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Sen ior Representative Student Council; Flicker; Girl ' s Drill Team. " NOYGDB " . AMBITION: To find peace within myself and happiness throughout life. SUSAN JANE HARVEY " Janey, Suey, Sue, Tiny " HAPPINESS IS: Summer 1970. Pine Acres Why? ask Jackie. HUH! Nanc PEOPLE. Times in Braintree. Those little but meaning- ful talks, Rainbow. " The Store. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; Flicker; Pep Club; Basketball 3; Floor Masters Assistant. " I’m sorry. " USUALLY SEEN: " Around " " The Store. " AMBITION: To never say 1 can ' t. 49 PAULA E. HERSHEY HAPPINESS IS; Summer 70, Salem Willows 3 1 70, ask Chris, Davers C.M. Beverly 6 27 70, Blvd. Mileage??? Our talks ask Shei- la. the chase, are you following me??? Tall Crass, Hey Pal, Camping 70, ask Sheila, The Black Bomb, A.Y.R. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Pep Club. AMBITION: Live, Love and be Happy. " Fantastic”. BRUCE WAYNE HILL " Hilliard " HAPPINESS IS; Chicks. Music, Good Giving, West End, Weekend, wheels, Montes. 8 to 5 coffee break. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honorary Member of Ben Franklin Club. AMBITION; To be successful and prosperous and to establish my own business. USUALLY SEEN: West End, Downtown " Are you ready, can you dig it.” JOHN HILL " Jack " HAPPINESS IS: Surfing, water skiing, snow skiing — annual change over — it ' s never too cold to — ? " outstanding.” Rowing in Canada. Beach 68-69. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: 1st Lieutenant Temporarily. AMBITION; To make the most of life while I’m still able to. USUALLY SEEN: Everywhere but home. " The devil made me do it.” GARY J. HILTZ " Gar " HAPPINESS IS; Weightlifting, guitar. Lynn Arena, Woodstock 69, vets. Harvard Stadium. Summerlhing, H.O’s, Handkerchiefs, Fight- ing. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4; Type Awards 2, 3, 4. AMBITION: To become successful in what ever I attempt. USUALLY SEEN: YMCA W C, On the Ice, O.D. " Hi Ya Ron, BMP Mr. Porper.” " I’d rather fight than switch. ' CEDRIC HILL USUALLY SEEN: Eating " My Mother.” BELINDA K. HICKS " Chunkie, Binnie” HAPPINESS IS: Butch. Lisa. Maria, Hot Fudge. Parady Award, Rubber Ducky, Parady House, Wow Lobster, Summer 70. Ovsters. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Type I Awards. AMBITION: To make him happy and my par- ents proud to say that’s my girl. 50 " Are you sure?” CHRISTINK B. HOWl.ANI) ‘‘Chi» " " Chrin " HAPPINESS IS: A Y.C., li.ncr.; »kimg; rid- ing; R.F.; Miiling; Europr; 5 17 70; Frarinm Fl ; •‘Thai Path " ; Y.B.D! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pmndmi Spanish Cluh; National Honor Sorirty; Thm- pian» (back Htagc); FloormaKlrr ' it ansinlanl; G.F.T. AMBITION: To nmilr at whalc rr lifr given NANCY ANN HULL " Nance " HAPPINESS IS: TIM. 4 24 69; FOOTBALL 70 " My pearl” Sergeants’ Parly 69 70, " Fred Wilma " T.L.M.B.S. " This darn car D.T.C. — talks, " Rootbeer Pops. " BULL. S.S.A. 14-3. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. Vice- President; Junior Senior Homeroom Repre- sentative; Flicker Committee; Decorating Committee for Semi-Formal. AMBITION: To understand the answer to the question: Why?? USUALLY SEEN: With Tim. ROSEMARIE INTERRANTE " Ro " HAPPINESS IS: " Him " ; Maria’s party, ask Mike — His letter — That night, ask Debbie; Canobie Lake, The Store — Lexington, ask Ida and Donna — Sheraskey — Fights. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. Stu- dent Secretary. AMBITION; To make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Boulevard. KAREN HUDDER HAPPINESS IS: BILLY — 1 28 70; T-Bird Burn it! Chicken?! just ask Sheila; laughs, call on Janie; Favors That’s Dib! E.G.S.; gang WOW! Graduation 71’! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Awards. " U ' nabunacunasuna. " AMBITION: To enjoy life in the future as much as I have in the past. USUALLY SEEN: E.G.S. SALLY EVANS HUBBARD " Sargf " HAPPINESS IS: " 70 " ; Rainbows; Full count; AGH; Those talks; Tiger; Friendly’s, ask Sue; Piclure.s, ask Karen. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Honor " Business Club; Typing Awards I. 11. " Oh. my God! " AMBITION: To be an Airline Stewardess, and to be someone special in the eyes of the ones I love. JILL ELIZABETH HOGAN HAPPINESS IS: T.H.C.M D A.. Rainy day •paced out; Sunshine — ask Jayne; Sharon’s car; Monkev man; jays; gotnl time last sum- mer; doggte-RO. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S.; Home room Rep. " I.S.F.H.. really! " AMBITION; To experience. 51 BRYAN IVEY HAPPINESS IS: DEBBIE 12 7 68. Music Guitar, Happy Days, CALIFORNIA. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Class Sweet- hearts. AMBITION: To travel around the world. USUALLY SEEN: Rocky Neck. " Heavy Duty. " DONNA F. JOHNSON HAPPINESS IS; Bein’ silly, laughs with Bill, whitey, twins, ask both Diannes, decisions, plans. Fifteen, Those nights. Talks, grins. Memories. Iceland, AGH. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; French Club; Thespians; Pep Club; Flicker; National Honor Society. AMBITION: To do something worth doing and do it well. " Happy Together” CARL JOHNSON HAPPINESS IS: Bonnie chevy, to build a hot one. AMBITION; To be successful in whatever I decide to do. USUALLY SEEN: Rockport Pigeon Cove. Gloucester drive-in. " Wicked ain’t it. " DIANE B. JOHNSON " Sard " HAPPINESS IS: Henry David Thoreau; Hisse Russia; Tenny Boppers Heroes, conairs; Feb. 23rd, Check Berry; Alvin Lee and TYA; Yoan Beaj; 10 24 70. Attics Dans and Dawns; VA. AMBITION; To find a Walden Pond of my own; to appreciate the I ric Remington. USUALLY SEEN: Thumbing with Dawn. " 1 Hated it. " KAREN LENORE JOHNSON HAPPINESS IS: THCMDA W ' oodstock; Power Ridge Partying, that rainy day conettes, the airplane ride, ask Kathy, Miame. space people. Summertime; good times with Mark, and the fight Boston Common 68 Sharon’s Car. Music jay. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Junior Usher- ette. AMBITION: To get the most of my education and in life, as I possibly can. KENNETH CHARLES JENKINS " Ken Spiro " HAPPINESS IS: SIUYA, mom and dad. sum- mer of 70. atta boy saville. Party at JENKINS, The cemetery, parking, pissa. campaigning, clean that room? Joplin, Screwing around the good times, all those great kids. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chess Club; Audio-Visual; Student Council; Thespians; Flash. Flicker Sports, Chairmen. Vice-Presi- dent Senior Class; Outstanding Squad Leader Medal; Captain ROTC. D Company Command- er; Vice-President. Student Council; City Man- ager, Junior Municipal Day; Junior Rotarian; Delegate NEMOSC; Most Contributive Senior Boy; Prize Squad; State Representative Stu- dent Gov’t Day. AMBITION: " To bring back the unity in America. " Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing. CHRISTOPHER JOHN JOHNSON " Chris " HAPPINESS IS: Anne, Trip to Ipswich, Bink Easy, Summer fun, the came, Jethro Tull, gui- tars, The Stones. Heavy Vibes. Honbeck Mour??? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National and International Thespians; 1st Lieut. ROTC C Company. AMBITION: To obligate my life to the enter- tainment of people. USUALLY SEEN: Down the Canal. " Everything doesn’t like something but no- body doesn’t like 2nd lunch? " 52 CATHRYN JOHNSON " Calhy " HAPPINESS IS: Summrr 70. HafHm k a.k Prir, ihr Inin a k Skip, Prir Charirnr Bncr’a Covr, long walk on ihr brarh. No- vember 27lh a»k Sue. Antique lamp . F.I.C. S.C. Summer 69. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Typing Award . " With il.” AMBITION: Fuinilmenl. THERESA I. JORDAN " Terry " " Lillie kid " HAPPINESS IS: Winter 70. N.H. — a k Mar ilyn; Those Apples; skiing; " LHC " — ask Kale and Lisa; Pep Club Meclings; Cymnaslir Prarlices Iltakesalhief. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Tram; Spectacular Type Awards; SludenI Sec.; Jun- ior Usherette; Sophomore Rep.; Pep Club; Bndsireels Office; Gymnastics Club. AMBITION; To make my parents as proud of me as i am of them. To travel and find happi- ness. MARIJANE KEREPKA " Scooter " HAPPINESS IS: That certain soneone. 1 1 69, late late show 4 a.m. ask Laurie, Summer 70, Blinking lights, Halloween 69, that night — ask Cave; CENST. ACTIVITIES; Mr. Elmer ' s Office. AMBITION: To be fortunate enough lo love and be loved. " Thai’s Close. " ANDREA KOURLETIS HAPPINESS IS: EDDIE 69, Superbaggy Bos- ton — the elevator ask Ed — Balony sand- wich 68. Big Mars ask J.L. and D.M. Let’s leave ask Fnnny Birthday party ask Mike. Ed ' s cellar — Snowstorm ask lessee — Greet- ings November 23 ask Ed. AMBITION; To live with the ones I cannot live without. " Don’t gel silly. " MICHAEL KECYK " Aussie " HAPPINESS IS: Girls, Drive-In; sticks, " the pit " surf. New York, Bruins, 10-31-70; skiing. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer Team; R.O.T.C. " K.Y.H.O. " USUALLY SEEN; Cloud 9 AMBITION: To succeed in whatever I at- tempt. SANDRA JOY KING " Sandy " HAPPINESS IS: Steve. 4 5 70 those phone calls. Cape Cod. Write me? Horses — the Gal- ley. Singing Beach. Happy limes ask Low. Those Shoes, ask Vickie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Floormasier as- sistant; Flicker; Honor Business Club; Nation- al Honor Society; Type and Shorthand Awards. AMBITION; Ma king that special trip lo Cana- da. " Gag! Nice Huh. " STEVEN J. JOHNSON " Steve " HAPPINESS IS: Nancy. Plymouth, Makes it! No thanks, I don’t drink! A.M.F. The female SEX. The summer of " 70 " , Good Job! The Cemetery J.M.O. Which way lo W ' oburn?, bowling. " Roast Duck! " USUALLY SEEN: The Donut. AMBITION; To beat the untrodden path! 53 ALAN J. KUCONIS " A. J. " HAPPINESS IS: Historical homes; classic vin- tage and modern cars; skiing; dancing theatre. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flash. Spanish Club; R.O.T.C. Sergeant, Major; Junior Roiar- ian. " Oh. the pain! " AMBITION: To become an interesting person. RUDOLPH LAHTI " Rudy. Chuck " HAPPINESS IS: 11 18 68; Sunday — New England Dragway; bouncing boulders, DRAI- NO; " Little street machine. " " It’s the White Knight! " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker; ROTC Sgt. B Company. AMBITION: To make something out of myself in this world, and to make my parents proud of me. JANE KYROUZ HAPPINESS IS: ' ' 1968 " ECS gang, long talks with Karen and Deb. skating, summer of 69. wild thing ' s B.S.S., football and Hockey games. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Tvping Award. USUALLY SEEN; E.G.S. AMBITION; To have as much happiness as in the past. MICHAEL LALLY CANDACE M, LANE " Candy " HAPPINESS IS: J.M., S.S.A.. Pep Club Meet- ings? Wingy — ask Rose. Vegliano, b.t.l.o.a.s.. S.S.. the path, beach. Lawrence SD those pit stops — ask c m. Oh no! It’s verv expen- sive! ask Lee P.S.; Bermuda, trips — Ask Carol Those confusing nights. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Homeroom Representative 1, 2, 3, 4; Spectacular Drill; Pep Club; Flicker Staff; Decorating Committee for Semi-Formal; Girl’s Drill Team. USUALLY SEEN: At the Pavilion! AMBITION: To understand, — and always be happy. LOUISE A. LANE " Lou " HAPPINESS IS: RUSTY 1969; Mitchellettes, dancing; 9 2 53; horses; talks w San; D.O. ' s; The Pool; Fun Times — RM; 3168; Ask Beth; Hooper’s Pigeons. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Floormasler .Assistant; Typing . wards; Flick- er Advertiser; Honor Business Club. " Can I drive; huh? " .AMBITION: To Love and be Loved. DAVID LANG " Charlie IX’ang " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Rat farm; 62 chevy ROTC Grenendiers; Seeking justice. Corporal, staff Sgt; Sgt 1st Class; And then my hair touched my ears so nothing. AMBITION; To enlighten myself with the knowledge that will bring peace. What’s Trump? 54 KAREN JANE LARSEN HAPPINESS IS; C.S.S.. 7 24 69; " Dumb Qursliun onr yrilow rosr. The Plans — Ask PtHM ' h; Brother Bill; Now? — Hrv Prpe!, S.U.S., Park The Other Bull. A Speela- tor. The Mountain; seeret Ann. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Seerr- lary; Pep Club; Honor Business Club; Type .Awards. .AMBITION; To remember it is better to be small and shine than bif; and east a shadow. JEAN LAURIE HAPPINESS IS: " jefr. skiing, tennis — Deutschland 70. basketball. 34 legs, piano. Si. Anns CYO Band, organ. Chinese food, bikes. German. 6 ft. 4 in., painting. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: President of the German Club, July 70 in Freiburg, Germa ny. USUALLY SEEN: With Jeff. AMBITION; To have and keep happiness. DIANNE L. LEAVITT " Pearl, Di " HAPPINESS IS: Bob 6 22 70 — Summer of ”70” Mousam Lake. That week end ask Linda, Those talks ask Eileen. Aug. 1970 ask Bob. The hot dog ask Donna. ”1 would if I could, but I can’t, so I won ' t.” USUALLY SEEN: Barb Pickett ' s pad. AMBITION: To hear what people say. before I speak. JAMES LEGALLO " Jim” HAPPINESS IS: Girls, Sports horses, B Parties in Maine; ask Billy, Southern C; ask Tony. Maine to Ispwich in an hour; ask Rich and Paul. " Hell, I don’t care! " USUALLY SEEN: Barn. YMCA. AMBITION: To be Free and Live Life the best I can. CYNTHIA I. LATTOF " Cindy. Little Lou” HAPPINESS IS: Certain M»mr«nr 6 3 70 Thing in her milk? E BIk Orgy! ' ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Audio Vi.ual Club; C.Y.O. Girl’ Ba«kelball Team; Girl ' Softball team; Student Secretary; Typing Award ; Che Club; Flicker Staff. AMBITION: To understand all that I love, and to love all that I undentand. And some that I don’t undemland. " Hey. Mista. doe oo wanna rookie?” PAULA JEAN LAWSON " Paula Roo. Nut. Pooch” HAPPINESS IS; Bobby 3 21 68 that Perfect Spot! Miss America, ask Kathy M. Jtj, Half- moon! ask Debbie M. Kathy G. Grrentt Ma- roon! " Hurry up I gotta go! " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Awards; Student Secretary. " W ' hal a fugee!” AMBITION: To make my parents as proud of me as I am of them. Into it? 55 DAVID LINSKY HAPPINESS IS: Brain Sui er Photography, organic gardening, writing confusing Essays for Mrs. S — that even confused me; golf Girl watching. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Getting activat- ed; Type merits; Staff Sergeant; Student; Carry ing machines for Miss C. ' " Don’t Ever tell anybody 1 didn’t warn you!” AMBITION: To write the Great American Novel. USUALLY SEEN: Communicating with Fowl . . . Ask Carl! NANCY LONGWORTH " Pepe " HAPPINESS IS: Windshippers. Tavern, back- room. bank — don’t ask Nancy, Ceasar — Harriet. Phily, pictures, papercup. ”I’m going to work. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H.B.C. Office Secretary; Home Room Representative; Stu- dent Secretary; Typing Awards. ROBERT LONGWORTH " Bob” HAPPINESS IS: My banged i p car. girls, beaches at night, girls, football, girls, football games, girls, fixing my banged up car. and more girls. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Off Grounds 40. Lou. " OH! No!” AMBITION: To graduate from High School and to make the best out of my life. USUALLY SEEN: Lou’s or Diane’s house. JANICE LOVASCO " Gumma” HAPPINESS IS: Tommy P.W, 11 26 68 62 66 Chevy’s. 10 25 69 ask Tommy- Just a little, red stocking ask Jada. Big Mac’s Breeoskee. Parties at Mike’s 10 30 70. Pass out! Ask Barrv or Jan. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; Homeroom Representative; Typing Awards. " Pass Out!” AMBITION: To go through life with a smile; to be loved and happy always. EUNICE LOW HAPPINESS IS: That big 25 in the sky. Phili. Hev Hey Purple and Blue, Missv GS The sea, ever moving ever free, though from GF; We are all children of God and nothing. W ' here the day loves the night and the night loves the day. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians; Na tional Honor Society; Spanish Club; Marine Biology Club; Girl ' s Rifle Team. Oh! no! I forgot my Polygrip again! JOYCE LoPICCOLO " Pic” Happiness IS: That Certain Someone, Strawberry, Chocolate. Vanilla ask Sandy Those long talks, ask Brownie. While Buick; 4 7 70 Rite ( " I love you”) ask Sue. Blvd. ask the gang. DIMDR. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Type I Award. " (Really)” AMBITIO.N: To make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Willow Rest. DALE E. LOVETT " Del” HAPPINESS IS: Sports; urk; No. 3; No. 4; Fernwood Fivers; Ressies; Solitaire; Strato-F B; Elks. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman Baseball. " He who sits on tack is much better off.” AMBITION: Help fight organized crime so to better the world, what’s left of it. USUALLY SEEN: Up Fernwood Lake skating with the Flyers. 56 NANCY JKAN U!STKR ’Nanrr ' HAPPINICSS IS: Sprnal frimili [jinr»vil)r (hr rock, Oop»? Blur mankrd | o(d(ur« ' : : ' : ' Bunny, (hour Malk . Sahnhury Brai h. Man rhralrr. Krrp ihoftr Irllrn ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Bum nrMi Cluh; Brari n; Studrni Srrrriary. " Havr a happy‘:7? AMBITION: To live. To lauf(h. To forgrt ihr limr. and live forrvrr. J. CARLTON Mac AULEY " Carl " HAPPINESS IS: Bruins, Socerr, K. C. Chiefs, Stanley Cup. The Big Blue Maehine, 8 10 70 sports. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer Captain: 2nd Lieutenant; Soccer; Baseball; Staff Sgt. R.O.T.C.; B.R.L. Coach. AMBITION: To have a very successful future and give the extra effort. USUALLY SEEN: S C H 0 0 L PATRICE MacFEELEY " Fruitie " HAPPINESS IS: That certain someone. Sum mens. The snow, those parties, ask Gail, lot of laughs, brainmobile. AMBITION: To find why life is worth living. DONA MALISKl " Deen " " Arlo " HAPPINESS IS: People, trip to Ipswich with Ted and Chris, garbage women, pen pals. Hey Harry! Deb and her interest partner. Swim- ming with Sue. Amherst, you grub. Poetry, Acting and Webbie. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: With the Inter- national Thespians and the Vice-President of the same. CHRISTINE D. MARCHANT " Chris " HAPPINESS IS: DOMMIE 12 12 69; Rcnk Concerts; the Chase; ask Roberta; TRIPS: ask the girls; December 68. The gel away; Top. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Award. " What did you say. " AMBITION; To live my life my way, not the people’s way. USUALLY SEEN: Cher-Ami ' s With Dorn THOMAS C. LUCIIX) " Belly " HAPPINt!SS IS: N.A. Lvnn An ' iia; The Cor- ner; Joe Monty ' s; P.S.; Ijle Njghi Shift; My Herliic; M A.D. S |uam Boy’s. ACTIVITIt:S AND HONORS: Football 14; Vice-President of Scrub Club; Bi-nch -k; Guard Dut . " DBM. A. " AMBITION: To succeed in whale er 1 at- tempt. USUALLY SEEN; Off Grounds at the % ‘sl End. ANDREW M. MacINNIS HAPPINESS IS: Chopper;.. AMBITION: To talk to Jimi, be righteous, and know all there is to know. " The road goes ever on Now far ahead (he road has gone I must follow. Pursuing it with eager feel Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet And wither then? I cannot say” JRR Tollkein Let’s make no bones about it! 1 ANTHONY J. MARINO " BuU ' h ' HAPPINESS IS: Pholofjraphy and clcclronirs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Sgi. R.O.T.C. AMBITION: To make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Where I don ' t belong. " Uncle Tobey wants you!” BARD MARQUES " Barney” HAPPINESS IS: D. S. f.B. Gus ' s fly. street hockey; ping pong. OH JESUS: Musey’s milk wagon. Friendly’s, the gang; old tnenn)ries; The Pink Panther. Foitthall camp; The Three Stooges. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football; Hock- ey; Baseball; National Honor Society; Junior Rotarian. AMBITION: To live forever so that life is worthwhile, for death leaves one with no memories of the past experiences. DEBRA MARR HAPPINESS IS: Thespians. President atid Treasurer; Fla h. assistant editor; National Honor Society; National Merit Letter of Com- mendation, Youth Advisory Council; Beorom Flicker; French Club. " Don’t take any wooden nit’kejs.” JOANNE P. MARINO HAPPINESS IS: Sammy 5 30 69. 7 21 69, summer of ' 69. Pavillion lounge, swimming and hanging around. Rock Concerts. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Award; Student Secretary; Pep Club. T said no!” AMBITION: Health, happiness, and mon« ' y, and to live long enough to enjoy them all. USUALLY SEEN: With Sammy. ANTHONY ALEXANDER MARKS " Bruno” HAPPINESS IS: Film making. The Blessed. Boston. Plymouth Byrds. Salem Stale Do It. writing WVCA Cast of Thousands. VoUo, Christ it is New Years. The Big Ball. AMBITION: To be a good camera man and an effective w riter. FRANCINE GR.ACE MARQUES " Frannie " HAPPINESS IS; Him. Springfield College; gym. 8 Pine St., ask Claire; Bob ' s, ask Janie; Lounge 68-69; The Y-KH Christmas 68; that day 10 9 69. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. AMBITION: To dive into the ocean of happi- ness and bring up the pearl of success. USUALLY SEEN: Boulevard 68-70. ask Ther- esa. " Ain’t that hard. Oh. but it is. Shameful.” FRANCIS J. MARTIN " Sid” HAPPINESS IS: Saturday nights, fast ma- chines. girls but one special girl, sports PS. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Stage Crew; Freshman and JV Basketball and Freshman Baseball. AMBITION: To fulfill all my ambitions and live the life my mother would have wanted me to live. USUALLY SEEN: O ' Ccnnell ' s. 58 1 was never so humiliated! BONNIK ANN MASON HAPPINtLSS IS; AnUr In 12 25 W " ' A»li Carnl. T.S.. N.N. knn»«. J.N.I) ACTIVITIKS AND HONORS: Thr ll.mor BuninoM Cluli; Sluiicnl Sri rriary: Thr KlM ' k« r; Girl ' VarKily BaMkrihjtl Tram; Cirl ' ii Soflhjll Tram; 2 Typ ‘ A anU; 2 Cymnaniir A%»aniii; Pnliiiral Aiiion Club; Thm|»ian»; CirlV C.Y.O. Bankrlball. AMBITION: To find lhai «pr ial prrHtn and ill my lifr wilh lo r and liappinrM. JOHN j. McCarthy " Mac” HAPPINESS IS: Hockey, Baseball, Basket- ball. Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox. " You kidding me.” AMBITION: To command my own ship. USUALLY SEEN: Yellow Ford. Blue Plym- outh. While Chevrolet. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society; N.J.R.O.T.C.; Drama Club; Intermu- ral Basketball. SHEILA McCarthy HAPPINESS IS: Another first ? It ' s giggle lime! Summer " 70”; It comes natural!! Talks Sea Croft; P. Lane ? 10 31 70; Embarrassing Moments — Ask Judy!!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Busi- ness Club; Typing .Award. AMBITION: To find my place in the world. USUALLY SEEN: Ask Judy ' ? CARLO MASON " Mr. Lathe” HAPPINESS IS: Hunting, fishing, and shoot- ing. muzzle loaders ' ? " Yes! 1 11 do it. AMBITION: Carpenter USUALLY SEEN: Walking the Causeway. WAYNE A. MATTSON " Neck” HAPPINESS IS: Hunting, fishing, Linda and going on to school. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Shop. " Is that right. " AMBITION: To work, to go to school, and gel married. USUALLY SEEN: Rockport or Gloucester. WILLIAM McCOMISKEY " Bill. Willy " HAPPINESS IS: Hockey. Soccer, Shop girl watching, Joe Willie Namalh, While Cleats, Barnyard Ball. Get my elbow fixed for hockey. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey. Soccer All Star Team. " Ten Four, Think about it, AMBITION: To achieve the goals I have set for myself. USUALLY SEEN: Gym, Hockey Rink. ROBERT W McEACHERN " Bob” HAPPINESS IS; The Place, baseball. B ' s Bar and cocktail Lounge, those weekend parties, long bridges and Big Trucks, and Bill and Dann, E.B.B. .T.VD.E.L.P.. Conn. Slate Bull. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Qptam ROTC; Band Commander; 1st Place Individual DrdI; 1st Place Prize Squad; 3rtl Place Prize Squad; Varsity Baseball. " File it under ”E . AMBITION: To always do my best in anything I attempt. 59 JO ALLISON McGARY " Jo " HAPPINESS IS: Joe, 2 27 70; skiing; drive- in; The first ring, in the river; 9 18 70, Sum- mer 70; California; that long drive; The Bear; Construction; The 1.40 special; Browsing. AMBITION: To know the ones I love most are happy. RONALD McKinnon " Thorn. Ron” HAPPINESS IS: Studdering H.O.’s My sneak- ers; handkerchiefs; football; hockey, weigh- tlifting; T-Bird. Summerthing, O.D.. top; fight- ing. activities and HONORS: Football 1. 2. 3, 4; Hockey. AMBITION: To succeed with what ever I may attempt. USUALLY SEEN: Dead. " Cata Cu Neeeeet Hubbada Hubbada, Juice, Hey Gar. " KATHLEEN HELEN McGILLIVARY " Kathy, Bubbles, Nancy” HAPPINESS IS: George: B.S. 10 15 69 Mag- nolia Hydaway ask Geoi ina; Intoxicated water??? Green and Maroon??? ask Paula and Deb’s. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type Awards; Home Room Representative; Dean of Girl’s Assistant. AMBITION: To find the real me and make my parents proud. " What you doing my love. What’s the slorv?” DEBORAH ANN McKAY " Deb, Debbie” HAPPINESS IS: G.K. 8 21 70. Summer of 70 The dozer?? Creedence; 9 18 70 WPTR ask Steph — Big Mac’s ask A.K. and J.L. ’8 years; ask Mary — S.D. Week ends Deb’s Car, B.L.R. ask Mary and Jane. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. USUALLY SEEN: With him. AMBITION: To be important and worthwhile in life. JADA McRAE " Jard " HAPPINESS IS; Owls, sports; thhsss — just a little; red stockings? Ask Janice; Camping — Mountains of N. H.; Boool Breeeoskee? N.D. May 10th What A House.??? cutes, lits, dits . . . t. Dots, my brothers; Nick’s TeePee. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girl’s Basket- ball Team; Intramurals. AMBITION: To whisper words of wisdom. " Don ' t worry about it?” " But, Mr. Femino!” ROSEMARY A. MENDES HAPPINESS IS: Pep Club meetings; U ' ingy — ask Candy; Piasana, S.D. Drive-in The Bug. SSA Good Harbor. BBTTOAS Bermuda. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Flicker Staff; Drill Team; Spanish Club; Homeroom Representative; Spectacular Drill. AMBITION: To make that big step in the right direction. USUALLY SEEN: NOYGDB " w.y.b.f.m.?” 60 DK.BRA J MK.RCHANT HAPPINESS IS: Him. 10 25 69. Apl. 13; PraihrH; launton; Gym 69; Brmumia Hay Fayr; 12 Camt; MuiUiv Sargca irn party; Chi- nrnr Food; CIA. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ba-knliall; Softhall; Flifki ' r; Tonnia. AMBITION: To be able to fare life always with I ' ouragr and a aennr of humor. USUALLY SEEN: KFC " FANTASTIC " JOAN MERRILL HAPPINESS IS: Mike; 3-26-70 chocolate pudding — ask Dawn Crane’s Beach summer 69 8 70 smelly fish you’re turning white ask Robin, Boby Blue Alpines do get stuck in sand. Last Winter; 3 dog night, missing cat? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Floormaster Assistant, Thespians. AMBITION: To beat Mike in a game of mono- poly. USUALLY SEEN: With my other half. " If there was jello there you’d eat it.” LINDA SUE MICHAEL HAPPINESS IS: Backstage, Reading. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespian; Main Office Helper; N.H.S. Treasurer; H.B.C. Sec- retary; Type and Shorthand Awards. AMBITION: To be a success at whatever I at- tempt. USUALLY SEEN: M.O. running through the corridors seen weaving notes. " Oh good grief.” STEPHEN MIDDLETON ”TT ” HAPPINESS IS: Sports, Scumping at C.P. The bridge. Noises, SOS, HO’s the pearl, king. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Basketball; Chefs Club. AMBITION: To make my mother proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: In Clou. " Nah, ucker, cala coo.” DEBORAH MEUSE ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians, rep- resentative; Cheerleader; Drill Team. AMBITION: To always fight the desire to re- main the same. ROLAND A. MICHEL " Rollie " HAPPINESS IS: Grapefruit, beaches. 64 Val- iant. $ 30,000 ask Tony, Music — Niel Young. Arlo BCN Corduroy coat, Don’s place, dungerees. Rockport Road, Kools, wooden bridge. SHA ' HA’HA. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC Corpo- ral, Sergeant Major. Brigade Adjutant. AMBITION: To go places I’ve never been be- fore. USUALLY SEEN: Flipping out in my wagon. " Where the heck are we.” " What’s he after?” 61 A JOY MILONAS SAMUEL MISURACA " Sarntti) ' HAPPINESS IS: Jet 68. The apartmcnl on the road. The Sands, Long drives — S.F.P. Music any kind — Slunod Niknud. The lake, band trips. Got your goqes. Peggy- ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC; Band; Drum Major — First Sergeant. AMBITION: To give a damn about my fellow man. " What” THOMAS J. MISURACA " Mizzy " HAPPINESS IS: Skiing, hockey, football, baseball, tennis, swimming. Loon Ml. N.H. vacations, the beaches. The Blue Bomber. Week ends in the red house. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Chefs Club. AMBITION: To grow up to become a good person and to live everyday as it comes. " Sore. Super HO’s What’s up. Cul-the coo.” MICHAEL]. MONDELLO " Mike Who " HAPPINESS IS: Beth Dark haired girls. 62 Red-while oldsmobile. March 3. 1968. Sep- tember 7. 1967. Trips to Boston. Ask Mary Low and Billy. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC Captain; 2nd Battallion Adj. GDT, AMBITION: To be happy forever and make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Beth’s house. " Eef ask Steve.” BARRY S. MOORE " Morris " HAPPINESS IS: J.A. blue jewel, the beach, cranes. Good Harbor, Basketball, baseball, street hockey. Dances at the high school. Mac- Donalds. Friday nights. The drive-in, those nights. AMBITION: To be successful in whatever I at- tempt, and to make my parents proud of me. GARY L. MOORE " Moose” HAPPINESS IS: Peabody girls — ask Sal, all sports. The Strike. 6 6 70. That’s some spee- dy meat ball, ask Rick, NCR ask Uncle Willie. Bruins ask Moosey. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC. SFC. 1st Lieutenant; Flicker. AMBITION: To be a part of the man my fa- ther is. USUALLY SEEN: Friendly’s FNS. " Stop and Shop.” 62 RICHARD J. MUISE " Rick; Dick; R.J.; Richie " HAPPINESS IS: SUE; ’61 Vcl " Milkwafjon " ; Parlies; Summer ’70; SDB; God ' s Counlrj; the gang; Races lo Hockey Practices: D.S.T.B.; P.O.; Having fun with Bud and the boys; hock- ey 5; football 37; those good times up the mountain; Hev Jim — whose number 1? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1. 2. 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3. 4; Senior Activity Room; Demerit Club; 2nd Lieutenant ROTC; ’71 Graduation; Playing Hockey with Jim. AMBITION: To try to make tomorrow better than today. SANDRA JAYNE MUISE " Poochii-” HAPPINESS IS: KEVIN; Dumb Question 58 Big Plans; Crumbs; Slaying home!?! Cleo; Too many puns; Hollow leg; Sausage; Mission Possible; Spectating; Fat Faces. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; Pep Club; Honor Business Club; Typing Awards. AMBITION: To pul foundations under castles built in the air. WILLIAM MUISE " Bill. Muise” HAPPINESS IS: The Who Hendrix, summer " 70 " in the Van; ask Boop. Drums; Bikes; Hunting; skiing; Cranes Beach; Winter " 68” Johnny Winter Jamming with Fly and Nick, Haskells and Dark Hole. " See Sue; skill; But Bud; sure will; your fare. " USUALLY SEEN: West Gloucester; on my bike; in the Van. In the Ship Ahoy Kitchen. ' Tm Neandathal man.” CAROl, MOUI.TON HAPPINESS IS: STEVE! 5 30 67 Ch.rj.h; ask him! Monday and Friday mghl ; Eanler " 70 " Halloween " 70 " ; ask Deb; Private Si m k; Bruins. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; Type and ShorthamI Awards. AMBITION; To walk with him through ihi path of eternity, To make those I love prou l of me. JAMES MUNIZ " Jim, Muntzie " HAPPINESS IS: Sports; Girls; Rangers; E.A.S.Y. on Sunday mornings; Giants; Gusto; Ray Mckay; Cool George; Yanks; $72.00; mis- sion possible; L.A. Lakers; Ed Giacamin; ask Pooch; N. Y. for 3 days. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman Football 1; Golf 3. 4. AMBITION: To have fun for the rest of my life and to have the rangers win the Stanley Cup. MARY MOORE HAPPINESS IS; Billy; 7 4 70; BCD; Ask Bren; " Morris Din-Din”; ask Jane Bermuda; ask Sheila Karen; 8 years ask Yvonne Deb; BLR; ask June Deb car 7. " Unaliunacunasuna " AMBITION: To pul a smite on the face of one who is saddened. USUALLY SEEN: EGS; ask Jimmy. 63 ELBERT E. MURPHY JR. " Elbie” HAPPINESS IS: Revolution; motorcycles; wild parties; Hendrix; The Who; Florida expe- rience; California next, grun ies all around; sunshine; Love. " It’s Never too late.” USUALLY SEEN: In my Van. AMBITION; To build my home on a cloud, and live in happiness. RAYMOND S. NEWMAN ”Newv” HAPPINESS IS: 10 31 70; Lincoln Ave. — ask Aussie; The pit, SML; 396 Rambler; ir2 " Strip; The surf; The slicks " Hev, There Lonely Girl.” ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Electrical Shop and ROTC. AMBITION: To succeed in the electrical field. USUALLY SEEN: The sticks. JOANNE NICKOLSON " Jo, Sparkle” HAPPINESS IS: That someone; theatre, shop- ping center — ask Nina. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Head Cheer- leader; National Honor Society; Treasurer; Honor Business Club; Vice-President; Typing awards; Shorthand Award; 3rd place Typing Contest; 70 Senior Class Rep.; Flicker; Flash; Student Secretary. AMBITION; To remember: " It’s not who vou love, or how you love, but that you love. " ROSE MURPHY " Rosie, Rossi” HAPPINESS IS; Blues — Johnny W ' inter; Strawberry Fields; 38 Fort Square; Janis Joplin; Don ' t Bogart me; the rnunchies! Take a pill! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing and Shorthand Awards; Student Secretary. AMBITION: To live by my own beliefs and not be influenced by others. LAUREL NELSON " Laurie” HAPPINESS IS: Tennis; Skiing; Santana; Poems; Ipswich; 3 27 70 — 3:00; 12 24 69; Tallyhoe; 64 Ford, ask Pete; RMLA, Tricia knows; Cookies; Those talks; Diane, you don ' t know. Bazooka Cun. ask Vickie, quiet spots. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; Type I Award; H.BC; Flicker Typist and Staff. " I could dig it. " AMBITION: To watch every sunset in all cor- ners of the world. JOSEPH NICASTRO " Joe " HAPPINESS IS: Jack Daniel; Midnight foot- ball Bruins; Football in the Mud; Summer of " 70”; The cellar; Robs House; sleeping out; Led Zepplin II; Hey George; The organ. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Freshman Bas- ketball. " Dynamite. " AMBITION; To make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Nicks Pool Room. PATRICIA NEAL " Pal " HAPPINESS IS: Dana Bradley 8 18 70; 8 26 70; oh-wow!! " My Invalia” Oh my god — what a car! Manchester beach?? Spending Money!! swimming; bowling; tennis; TALK- ING! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student secre- tary; Typing Awards; Pep Club. " Oh — my word!! " AMBITION: To be an understanding wife and mother, and to raise a warm, happy family. USUALLY SEEN: 1st floor lobby; at my cash register? Blahh. 64 ANCKU NIKMl " Angf” HAPPINESS IS; S.S.A.; Vin«ir ; Wingir; 11 10 70; Brrmuila; 2 18 70; J. lo A.; C.B.S.; Woodslork •! Vs; viziiing; Ed w.a.y.g.??; mrnlal!; ridrs; " That Cig”; ol‘ B lh Ann. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Homrruom Rrpre»rnUli r; Prp Club; Flicker Slaff; Chair- man; A.F.S.; Treasurer S.S.A. " Kind of AMBITION: To search for knowledge, happi- ness and truth. USUALLY SEEN: N.O.Y.C.D.B. PETER NOBLE " Nibble. Oscar " HAPPINESS IS: Class company; 10 31 70; Lincoln Ave. — ask Ray; Sg. Peppers’ Lonely Heart’s Club Band; The pit; private slock; hoi cars; Hey Jude; Baseball. AMBITION: To succeed in whatever I attempt to the best of my ability. USUALLY SEEN: The sticks. WAYNE NORRIS HAPPINESS IS: Thespians. The Castle Sum- mer of 701! the party? music dancing, singing, the pool, the beach, backstage, taking long walks, traveling, bike riding, watching movies. AMBITION: To do everything to the best of my ability, and lo make my parents proud of me. GEORGE GERALD O BRIEN " O’B " HAPPINESS IS: " Wine, women and song. " antmen, " Strawberry Fields. " Doc’s " Killing- ton. " 427 Butch, Grand Funk. " Beardo " " K.Y. to the M E. " AMBITION: To get ahead in life as easily as possible. USUALLY SEEN: At Desiino’s for lunch. KEITH NIKOLA " Nick " HAPPINESS IS: Skiing; Frying the Big Chick; 3 12 70; 3 27 70; Those certain nights; Magnolia; Different people; A change; 1 1 70; Those different wines with strange names. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Prize Squad. " Brown Ya. " AMBITION: To succeed in something. LILLIAN CHRISTINE NORMANSELL " Lil " HAPPINESS IS; Europe, summer of 1969, Rod McKuen — " Sloopy” Tuna subs with tomatoes — ask Sheila; Charleston, South Carolina: traveling everywhere. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Nurse ' s Aide; C.A.N.H.; Reading; 88; Drawing. AMBITION: To become as fine a nurse as my mother. EDGAR NOSEWORTHY " Eddy " HAPPINESS IS: " Chemistry " , R.O.T.C., girls, music, football, boats, waterskiing, skating. " Pontiac Judge " , Chevelle 396, WMEX, Three Dog Night, Officer, S.E.S. Bounty, Truant, " The Barn " . AMBITION: To succeed my ambition in life. USUALLY SEEN: " The Mills. " 65 THOMAS C. O BRIEN ' Tom” HAPPINESS IS: Girls; Cars; Money; getting " zonked”. " S.O.M.F. J.M.O. A.M.F. " AMBITION: To serve, lo stride, and not to yield. MARGARET L. OAKES " Peg” " Sis” HAPPINESS IS: Sewing; sports, traveling, people; Bermuda, Wow! Those confusing nights; pit slops, ask cc; c.l. maverick! " The three of us”; CC knows; B.W.; laughing: Good harbor. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girl’s Drill Team; Pep Club; Flicker Staff; Floormaster’s Assistant; Chairman Semi-Formal Decorating Committee. AMBITION: To always be myself. To learn from the past and live for today. CHRISTINE ORLANDO " Chris” HAPPINESS IS: One week lo be free! Site seeing in N. Y. Ask Charlene; " Pavillion Lounge " S.P.C. S.D. G.E.C. G.M. What acci- dent? Ask Sandi " Summer of 70” 1,2,3, (4?)! Co-pilot!? 12 o’clock; being mischievous. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Type and Shorthand Awards; Pep Qlub; S.S. " Ya. But!” AMBITION: Happiness. USUALLY SEEN: Boulevard DEBORAH JEAN ORLANDO " Debbie” HAPPINESS IS: " That certain someone " " Lexington” ask Ida and Donna; " Sheras- kwy”; Bottle of Wine!!; Getting Psyched; ask Ro. Maria’s Party! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: H.B.C.; Pep Club; Student Secretary; Typing Awards; Flicker. AMBITION; To make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN; Boulevard. PATRICIA ANN O ' HANLEY " Pal, Pally " HAPPINESS IS: GARLAND: Spring Si.; Cookies — Ask Terri; good ole parlies, 5 17 69. tears — ask Joanne; Nick Sign — Ask Carol; Mister Turtle — Ask Lynn. " Did you see THAT?” AMBITION: To be honest, warm, and real; and make Doi proud of me. AMBROSE ORLANDO " Irish " HAPPINESS IS: Football. Girls; Esp. VICKY; Stage Fort Park " Summer of 70 " LeMans; p.s. s.m.l.; Rem. Maine Dave Drive-in right; Rem the party Sam? ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Co-capiain Foulbail Team; Basketball Team; Track Team; All-Star Football Team; Most Athletic. " D.S.T.B.” AMBITIO.N; To make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN; WE; Stage Fort Park; J.M. JOSEPH C. ORLANDO " Joe” " O.L.” " Blood and Guts” HAPPINESS IS: The big blue machine; Balti- more Colts, cass, Bruins, 311, Shop; mugup 19, and we won; Minnesota Vikings. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.T.C.; Bas- ketball; Corporal 2; Outstanding Cadet Corpo- ral 2; Sergeant 3; Grenidiers 3; Captain 4. " Thai’s close.” AMBITION: To Succeed. USUALLY SEEN: In the big blue machine. 66 ROB N EU.ANOR PACKER ■Rob " HAPPINESS IS: CU»rmnunn lu»n; Tio; Irllrrs; Slonrhill Workshop; C BIk rdmil); Sdiulia- sllrt; homr; propir; Mkiin({; ( rnly ihrrr. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Editor Elukrr; Student Counrd Trrajiuprr; Clav R» ' pri rnla live 3. 4; National Honor Society; Delegate to N.E.M.A.SC. Convention; M.A.S.C. l ' ork- •hop. Flicker Conventions; Outstanding Teen ager of America Award; Friendliest; City Trea surer Student Government Day; Youth Advis ory Committee; Type I Award; Pep Club. AMBITION: ' To love, love, and love again. " USUALLY SEEN: Being me. LINDA PADRE " Lindy " HAPPINESS IS Rirk, T DT. 9 13 , smdr. noplace, Summer. Don ' t push me. I ' ll jump ' . Dance; ask Joanne, The parly. M A P.. shaker, football, 7 29, basketball, piua, T B ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Mr? AMBITION: To see the world in peace and not in pieces. To have Rick stop smoking. USUALLY SEEN: Browns, While car, B iule- vard. EVELYN ANN PALLAZOLA HAPPINESS IS: Crewelwork; the rock; Satur- days, el hable espanola; Woman ' s Lib? 2001. long talks with special people. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: B -aron; Span- ish Club; National Honor Society; Sawyer Medal. " Que’ lasiima! " AMBITION: To find a spot of sanity in this mad, mad world. USUALLY SEEN: In the Language Office. ROSEMARIE PALAZZOLO " Ro " HAPPINESS IS: 6 4 67, that year, 11 8 68 the Great Escape, ask Ollie, parties, W.O.W. Beverly, that exciting feeling, Saturday Nights, ask Sue long talks. The Future Travel ask Lydia, the rides. Cracking up, 3 sum ask H.B. about it. " the Lid " " the chink " " Christmas Eve. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Type Awards; Student Secretary; Honor Business Club. " It ' s unbelievable. Hey! you got something there. Cop out! Get with it. " AMBITION: To succeed in making my par- ents proud of me at whatever I attempt. USUALLY SEEN: At Creel’s and down Mikes. CHARLES PARISI " Chucky " HAPPINESS IS: MCA; bikes. Cape Hedge; painting, P.S. AMBITION: To do a little lovin ' . USUALLY SEEN: Kathy ' s, and Cape Hedge. VITO PALAZZOLA SHEILA PARISIEN HAPPINESS IS: Jay 5 24 70 7 4 ECS gang, car 7 chicken? ask Karen; CAM the GaCa ' s ask Rosey, BERMUDA 71! 8 years ask Yvonne. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; M.B. ' s Office; GRADUATING. " Unabunacunasuna. " AMBITION; To take things as they come and accept them. Que sera sera. USUALLY SEEN: E.G.S. ask Jimmy. 67 SANDRA PARKS " Sandy” HAPPINESS IS: FLIP; Corner; Hay Moon; Cemetery; Ravenswood Park Kenny Ryan; Pepsi can?; 7 3 70; 6 19 70; Brace’s Cove; T-Bird, He bit me! Laudromal Parties ask Ann. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards. AMBITION: To live on Happiness Street, cor- ner of Sunshine Square. EDWARD JAMES PARNELL JR. " Ed " HAPPINESS IS: ANDREA — weightlifting — boxing — rowing. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: RiOe Marks- manship, Lt. Col. G.H. Morse Medal; Gym Leader. AMBITION; To live peacefully and happily or not at all. VINCENT PASCUCCI " Lou " HAPPINESS IS: Hot Ones. Friday Nights, R.G.C.M. Sports, " Taura " . " Better than that! " AMBITION: To be on top in anything I do. MARK CARLYLE P.- TRICAN " Pal, Marcus " HAPPINESS IS: Wicca, Ghost stories, the oc- cult, making new friends and keeping old ones, walks on the beach at night. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Thes- pian Society; Flicker Superlatives and Class Calendar; Honor Business Club; Tvpe I -Award. .AMBITION: To understand the outer dark- ness beyond the flickering circle of light. USUALLY SEEN: Invariably. PAUL STANLEY PAYNE HAPPINESS IS: Locomotives, steam engines. Mercedes Benz WI25. Cord, Rolls Royce, Duesenburgs, Model railroading, lobstering, fishing. Leonard flyrods. Salmon. Tolkien, Black velvet, golf. Bugattis. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Platoon Ser- geanl; National Merit Scholarship; Top 290. AMBITION: To use any abilities to the best possible advantage. LANCE M. PELOQLTN " Alworlh " H.APPINESS IS: S.H.. 1st and 3rd lunches. E block with Uebby. G.B. Things to do at the canal. The Hoona I. Someplace, Summers. Skiing. Boating and all sports. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soph omore. Cadet Corporal; Junior. Cadet Sergeant; in ROTC Graduating from G.H.S. in the class of 1971. " Are you kidding? " .AMBITION: To find the world where all peo- ple are free and live in it. USUALLY SEEN; The Mooring or the Mag- nolia teen center. L CHERYL ANN PINO " Sherrv " HAPPINESS IS; • ' Billy " 9 9 67; Dotted VW; the corner; Elasler " 70 " ; Halloween " 70 " ; tapes; skiing; happy sad limes; spoiled; ask- ing questions; MS; Mon. nights. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Staff; Pep Club; H R. Representative. " Where were you!! " AMBITION: To go to a modeling school, so someday my parents can say " That ' s our daughter there. " USUALLY SEEN: With Billy or Debbie. JOANNE PINO " Jo " HAPPINESS IS: " Dane " , weekends at U- Mass. 717 American Flag?. 5 29 65, 2 15 70; getting lost, the house. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Floormaster’s Secretary; Typing Award; Student Sec.; Flick- er Staff. " I don’t know " " gel going " . AMBITION: To Remember: It is belter to be small and shine; than big and cast a shadow. RONALD B. PINO " Ron, Don " HAPPINESS IS: M A N., Har ry ' s Zoo, " Green Bay " area, " SD " . Parties at Wingy, skiing. Hockey, summer " 70 " who’s 66. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Co-Captain Track Team; M.P. — R.O.T.C.; Football ' ' ? " Thai’s what she said. " AMBITION: To push forward where others failed, and when all looks lost. USUALLY SEEN: Jeep. SALVATORE J. PIRAINO " Sal” HAPPINESS IS: Art, Beverly Dances. Sports. The strike. Slop Shop — ask Gary, The F.I.A.S.T. people. Good oil ask John, Ser- geant’s Parly " 70 " The carts, Uncle W ' illis. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 1; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Sergeant. " Thai’s what she said. " AMBITION: Go to College. USUALLY SEEN: First National — Friend- ly ' s. STEPHEN J. PIRAINO " Steve " HAPPINESS IS: The corner, Harries Room. W.M.. Saturday nights. B.S., Good Harbor, girls, sookie, G.H.S. dances, summer ’70. Pebbles Beach, Raiders. Giants, Derek. Fair Lane. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker; Soc- cer. " Mickey Mouse " . AMBITION: To take what life gives me and be happy. USUALLY SEEN: O’ConncM ' s. JOANNE L. PEKRIN " Jo " H. PP1NESS IS: That certain someone. Sum- mer 69 70; Camp. Corner Parties, Foaling Out, Pits, Quietness. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: The Honor Business Club; Typing Awards; The Pep Club. AMBITION; To have a happv and successful life. USUALLY SEEN: Anywhere. WILLIAM J PERRY. JR " Bill, Skip " HAPPINESS IS: Football; D.S. T.B.. Area, Harrv’s Zoo. Camp Milbrook. the Sled; Ramp C.U ' ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: ROTC, Major; Sgl. Major; Band Pn e Squad; Football; K ' eighllifling Club. " We didn ' t look that bad. " AMBITION: To make my parents as proud of me as I am of them. 69 SALVATOR P. PIZZIMENTI " Sam, Pizz " HAPPINESS IS: C. W.: Summer of 70; Fri. 9:00 Sun. Mornings; Storkos; 5 4 69; comet; 6 6 70; Drive-In; B.C. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football; Bas- ketball; Track; Co-Capl. Track; Commander B Company; MUP 69. " Who’s a Ham " AMBITION: To reach the highest I can ob- tain. USUALLY SEEN: Stagefort Park, Friendlies; with her. JASON POLISSON " Spatis " HAPPINESS IS: The Drags, 57 Chevies, the Donut, Hole Shots — Both kinds, Girls, the woods. Mini Bikini, Hunting, Raising Hell, Lanes Cove. Wickeys. AMBITION: To make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: The Donut. " This is my favorite.” ROBERT PORPER MICHELE PRATT " Shelly " HAPPINESS IS: 2 13 70, civilization? Cem. 1-2.3-4-G.T.H.!, Ruf-Ruf, P.C.M.’s at Angie’s, S.S.A. Vincie’s, Wingie, c.b.s. Beth-Ann, Ed, w.a.y.g.? " viziling " Woodstock at V’s. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Team; Pep Club; S.S.A. President 3 4; Spect. 3 4; Jr. Usherette. " Kind of. " AMBITION: To travel to the hearts of cities and people. USUALLY SEEN: N.O.Y.G.D.B. DEBORAH ANN REARDON " Debbie” HAPPINESS IS: Art-345, Clay, Wooden bridge. Summertime, Lighthouse. The Blue Bomb, Saturday nights! ask S.C. " J’s " Getting out of this school! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Member of the O.O.A. AMBITION: To become a truck driver. ROBERT JOSEPH QUINN DONNA MARIE REED " Big D., Gvpsy, Mama Hen " HAPPINESS IS: MY FRIEND. 7 16 69. Ma’s House, " Going to the Moon, " ask Dar- lene. R.R., Bird’s House. Joe ' s House, ask Shirley, crazies, ask Kathy. " Nick Nick " , ask Cindy. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing I II. " I’m so • ! " , Goon’ AMBITION: " To get ahead, be a head, while I can. " USUALLY SEEN: Moe’s Corner. 70 CHARLENE RENALES " Chari’ HAPPINESS IS; One werk to br fror! sight- seers. N. Y. ask Chris and Sandy; Co-Pilol. SPC-CM; MrKuen; Candles; Train (Listen) 8 25 70. ask Cathy; Seared? ask Sue; Pavil- ion Lounge; what lime? ' round every corner; ' 61 Ford; rI7 Reynard — 3 months; N.A. loo man tears. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards. Student Secretary. AMBITION; Tranquility. KEVIN RICCI HAPPINESS IS: Giant hairy Bikes; Crane ' s; " Child’s Garden " . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; I was in ROTC for a while, and they made me a Sergeant for three weeks. " Phorsnorus " . AMBITION: To be an Indian Chief. DAVID RICH " Dave " HAPPINESS IS: Music, Guitar. George Wash- ington, The Midnight Rambler, 2233-932, West Gloucester, A1075. Uncle Moe’s, Hunt- ing. AMBITION: To be what I want to be. and do what I want to do. USUALLY SEEN: West Gloucester; Uncle Moe ' s. DONNA ANN RIOUX " Rio " HAPPINESS IS: M.C. 11 8 68. Taunton 6 15 70, 7 15 70, Peaches, summer " 70 " , sports, Heg Deb. that’s close, probably not. ru- mors. " PUnjeves, " " Gym 69”. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Girl’s Drill Team. 4 yrs.; Girl’s Softball Team; Sr. Drill Team Squad Leader: H.R. Rep. 2 yrs; Youth Advisory Committee. " Oh my God. " AMBITION: To walk hand and hand with him in a world of peace and happiness. PAMELA RICHARDS " Pam " HAPPINESS IS; LEO; 6 22 69; " Mighty Murk " ; Crane’s Beach; Salisbury; Thai 25 , ask Cyndy; McDonnals; G and H block; N.H.; Savoir faire is everywhere; D.F.; Sweet Shop; Tardiness. AMBITION: To be happy and to make others happ). USUALLY SEEN: I ' m noi. EDWARD RIVERS ”Mudd River, Sabapo " HAPPINESS IS; Certain someone, some sum- mer of " 70 " ; winter of " 69” " 70” Annie’s House, ask John " ; " 63 " Chev . " Snak-Bar " ; (M.A.B.). ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football ROTC. " Wanna gel zonked; that ' s close. " AMBITION; To be a success not a failure. USUALLY SEEN: Cherr-ami, Joe Montey ' s, The beach, 9:00 o ' clock Mass on Sunday. HARRIET A. ROBEY " Happy HAPPINESS IS: Making people happy. The Family; Understanding, Charles the goose; being me; Floners; Designing old clothes; art- ists Miles Davis — Tiger s Club. " He ' ll Do! " 1 Don’t understand.” AMBITION: To be ultimate existence in the union of the sky. the earth and the sea. USUALLY SEEN: Holding Someone, trying to make them smile and be happy. LEONARD K. ROSS ”Nucky ‘ HAPPINESS IS: 56 yellow Chevy 3% Carole 5 15 70 J.B. Food, To win an argument with Mr. Budrow. Parties with Hecia. ACTIVITIES. Cape Ann Raceway. ' That ' s Close. Nothing Serious Gut a Dollar? Wait a Minute.” AMBITION: To burn the length of the Boule- vard. USUALLY SEEN: Dunkin ' Donuts. LINDA J. ROSS HAPPINESS IS: BRUCE; 5 10 68 Parties — 69.70, Skiing ' ingaersheek. The Island! KNIP — ask Fish, Short Stop. 12-1, long walks. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Awards; Shorthand Award; Pep Club; Honor Business Club. AMBITION: To make my furthermost dream come true, and to always be happy in life. MARY E. ROWLEY " Nuppie” HAPPINESS IS: DANNY. 7 20 68; Parties of 69. 70 ask Barb; 11 13 70 S.F.P. H96- 396; Pizza; fixing tables at 1:00 A.M. Jr.; orking w ith Dave; Drive-In. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club. AMBITION: To make the one I love happy, and make my mother proud of me. JANE E. RUSSELL ' Tahetian; B.B.B. " HAPPINESS IS: Friday — 13ih; ulks — Bren Endicott, Popo knows; Mothers; ask Mary; B. C. — Kathie; Two way streets Deb Good times; p-in; January — ask Big jim D.D.; Preisl; Car 7. .ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hicker Staff; Treasurer C.Y.O. 3, 4. " Una Muna Kuna Suna.” AMBITION: To take a sad song and make it better. USUALLY SEEN: E.G.S. " I’m not hiding anything! " SANDRA M ROWE " Sandv, ’hitey” HAPPINESS IS: jiM 2-i69; Why me. Ralph?; balloons, Hotburnv Gunshots; Bache- lor Parties; Sgt ' s Partv 69 70; Handles; Who called the cops ma? .Ask Donna. .ACTIVITIES: Thespians; Beacon. -AMBITION: To be the brightest star in some- one’s world. 72 WAYNE RYERSON TIMOTHY SANBORN “Ncandrrthal Man’ HAPPINESS IS: Nanry; 4 24 69; FOOT- BALL; D.S.T.B.; Sergeanl ' s Parly 69 70; Sled; D.T.C. talks; Fred Wilma; T.L. M.B.E.; Camp- ' oodslork; " Roolbeer Pops”; this darn car; P.O.B. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Co-Captain Football; M.P.; First Sergeant Football 2, 3, 4; Weightlifting 2, 3. 4. AMBITION: To live life to its fullest and al- ways aim high. USUALLY SEEN: With Nance. " But Neal I drove last lime.” KAREN RYAN HAPPINESS IS: Joe C Mker; PaMlIimi Lounge; Bermuda; who is cur; S.O.M F F.; Plent) Gauho; L.L.; Bopper Corner; Guess what; Memories; Chueh you Farlie! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Typing Award; Flicker Staff. “Right on! ' AMBITION: To go through life with a smile and never tears in mv eyes. USUALLY SEEN: 150-212; Bvd.; Fnendiv’s SHARON RYAN HAPPINESS IS: Guess; Bermuda; who’s gang parties at W ' ingy; irofmocnerhtuos; S.O.M. F.F.; ah-so, Chuch you Farlie; B - 69, Gutless; plenty gauho. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Typing Award; Flicker Staff. " Right on, Get going; What do you mean Mar- vin?” AMBITION: To remember " It ' s nice to be im- portant, but more important to be nice.” USUALLY SEEN: Friendly ' s; BVD 150-212. JUDITH SANBORN " Judy” HAPPINESS IS: Another first?? It ' s giggle time! Summer 70; Telephone Poles — ask Carol Dover Smoker — Ask Teri! CLOSE CALLS!!! It comes Natural! talks; sea croft; P. Lane; 10 31 70 S.S.A.; W oodstock! EMBAR- RASSING MOMENTS - ask Sheila! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Pep Club; Flicker Staff. AMBITION: To make someone happv by being myself. USUALLY SEEN: Ask Sheila! BONNIE JANE SARGENT HAPPINESS IS; LIFE. FAMILY FRIENDS. Bruins, Red Soxs. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Student Secre- tary; Honor Business Club; National Honor Society; Shorthand Award; Tvpe Awards I and II. AMBITION: To attain satisfaction within my- self and to give satisfaction to others. 73 KENNETH SAROFEEN " Sara HAPPINESS IS: Bowling and racing and Hockc). Music, Baseball, Football, Basketball. " You want to Bet. " AMBITION: To become a chef and to live in Florida. USUALLY SEEN: The Park Corner. The Bowling Alley. WAYNE SAUNDERS " Sunshine. Who-who, Zeetza " HAPPINESS IS: CINDY; Hockev; barnyard; football camp. (Woodstock); D.S.T.B.; Parlies; T.K.O. at Saugus; Bruins; Plastic ono; Doc ' s Office. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey; Foot- ball; Baseball; Student Council; Sr. Class Rep.; Prize Squad. " Goal bv 4- Orr. " AMBITION: Not to let down those who have faith in me. USUALLY SEEN: Green Dodge Dart; 206x. WILLIAM H. SCHULTZ " Bill " HAPPINESS IS: DeMolay; Bein’ Silly; Haunt- ed House; King for a day; E. J.. Pleny; Dvlan. Cocker. B.S. T.; Wingy; the Palace. ACTIVITIES : ROTC band 1. 2. 3. Grenadiers 4; Individual Haskell prize drill 2, 3. Pla- toon Drill Commander 3. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Grenadier Commander; 3rd place prize squad 2; 1st place prize squad Commander 3; Sergeant 1st Class; Master Sergeant; Captain; Type Award. AMBITION: To leave my footprints in an un- trodden wilderness. LAWRENCE!. SCOLA " Larrv " HAPPINESS IS: Black Tuesday, 62. Chevy. T.O.R. Nova Scotia " I Would " That Night at Mary’s " I did " J.J., Southern Comfort, M.A.D., tipping a Few Lagers B.B.M..4. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: St. Peter ' s 1. 2. 3 N.R.O.T.C.; Football 1 4; Secretary Scrub Club; Bench 4. " Ain’t to Marty P.O.S. " AMBITION; To make my parents proud of me and be what my sister wants me to be. USUALLY SEEN: " Off Grounds, " A.D, MICHAEL SAWYER " Gump " HAPPINESS IS: People-Sporls-Old Corner- Schoolyard-Indivisible, Good Times; Pan- cakes; Getting caught. Having a (ouple; Steep- ing, taking off. Getting in late-Games-B and $. " Let ' s Have a Few. " AMBITION: To become a success on mv own. USUALLY SEEN: Around. LORRAINE SAROFEEN " Lori " HAPPINESS IS: Special one; Spring 70; The Pines; the Moon; Those nites; The fcynn apt; upstairs; The Beach; siarlite; bail; Florida; half moon; 11 21 69 Boston; 5 2 70 Swiz; Zub. " I ' m Tired. " AMBITION; To be Free and happv for my whole life through. USUALLY SEEN: Sala-Den. 74 PATRICIA SCOl.A " Pjl " Palli " HAPPINESS IS: Nnv. ’67; Jdnuan 15. l‘X)8; FOOD; A! k ChriH, Drc. 21. lQ68 ' Jamiar 1, 1969; Cn rn Di lla 88, A ll Rt Mr; Long latk» with RoH ann; Canilr ' s Apurlnirnt . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS CirFu Bankn- ball Tram; Soflhall Tram; T ping AwartU. ’ Thal’!i closr. " AMBITION: To finil out what ihr word " happy " rratly mran i. SAMUEL SCOLA " Sam " San m " HAPPINESS IS Mum. !; R.m k Blur,.. Gui- tar, Frmlrr Stralora lrr. " Jimi Hrn.lrii. " at thr Caritrn 6 27 70. Slonr - Frrd Town- dhrml. the Who Alvin-Lrr; Ten Yran. Afirr. Jamrft Gang. " O.K., Man. ya. Big-limr . rool, " AMBITION: To improvr 8k a guilari»l. to at- tain my goal. To br frrr from rrHponKibililir». to Iravrl and know propir. USUALLY SEEN: An v.hrrr I frr! likr Itring seen. S S. B.C. M.A. Mac’s, and C M, STEPHEN SERRIN HAPPINEISS IS: Haskells scramblers, triumphs; trail bikes, beaches, dad ' s boat, West Cloucrsler; hunting, campers. Vermont; fishing. " Let’s have another. " AMBITION: To make my parents proud of USUALLY SEEN: Haskells, Jocks. Beach. Around. LEONARD J. SHARMITARO " Leo " " Mac " HAPPINESS IS: PAD; Pool. Golf; Girls; and winning a neighborhood football game. " No Stan " Fair, Poor, Leiningen vs. the Ants. AMBITION; To get out of school. USUALLY SEEN: At the pad. or down dirts. KENNETH SILVA " Kenny " " Ken " HAPPINESS IS: MM; 10 25 69; West Gloucester; BYOB; " Summer of 70 " Black plague!; Nights at C.A.M. with the " Gagas”; Those friendly dates-oh yeah. Right on! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.T.C. Band; Spanish Club; Flicker Staff; Action Tutorial program; Captain 1st Battalion Staff. " You Freak. Shmack Me!! " AMBITION: To wake up each morning and see the sun shining. To face each day with a smile. MICHAEL SILVA " Squash Pat -h " HAPPINESS IS: Sports, science fiction litera- ture, girls, of course. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Football 9. 10. 11; Baseball 9. 10. 11; prob. 12: Student Council 9; HR Rep. 9; Class Treasurer 10; Class Secretarv 11; Hockev 9; Newspaper 11; R.O.T.C. " Do what you want to do. " AMBITION: To be a success in the eyes of so- ciety — ' to be something in the world. USUALLY SEEN; l’here 1 shouldn ' t be. 75 PAUL SILVA JR. " Peanuts ' HAPPINESS IS: Drafting; Drawing; shooting Barratts Bar and Co(ktail Lounge; Wingar- sheek; EJ; chinaport; Milts’ class. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Captain — ROTC; Rifle Team. " File it under E; plenty. " AMBITION: To be myself and succeed in whatever 1 attempt. USUALLY SEEN: Nick ' s. PAULA SILVA " Sliv” HAPPINESS IS: Skiing; summer " 70 " ; K.J. ' s Parly; Sports; Campaignes. esp. " 70 " ; 10 3 70; 9 26 70 ask Bruce; Sergeants Party " 70”; Wingarsheek Beach; Algebra ask Mark 6 5 70 May We!; Ham Rougil ask Marla; Chinese Food. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girl’s Varsity Softball and Basketball; Flicker Staff; Flash; Junior Usherette; Political Action Comm.; Pep Club; G.O.P. Campaigns; Intramurals; H.R. Rep.; Sr. Class Rep.; Youth Advisory Comm.; Type I Award; Basketball and Softball Awards; Phys. Ed Awards; Treasurer Pep Club; Student Council Convention. " That’s close. " AMBITION: To try to change a world of con- fusion into one of understanding, through hap- piness and success. DEBORAH A. SINAGRA " Deb, Debbie” HAPPINESS IS: J.M.. cem 1. 2, 3, 4, G.TH. summer ’70 Wingersheek, " Cars, bang! " DRACRAB Beth ann. Holy Moldly Man! parties. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; (gymnastics. " Really, no Sir,” " Burn. " AMBITION: To make my parents proud of me in everything I do. USUALLY SEEN: C.P. Friendly ' s. NANCY SKOBY " Skobs” HAPPINESS IS: Physcology, tennis. R.C.; skiing, walks, muchaheighls, Andover, July 22, 1970, " just gotta " N. Y., Yuki, C.M., D- um-o. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians; Floormaster’s Helper; Senior Class Show Co- Producer; Campaign Work; Student Council Representative; Miss Essex. " Let it be. " AMBITION: To find the way. USUALLY SEEN: Doing my thing. JULIA SKINNER " George " HAPPINESS IS: Taking long walks, bowling, moves, summer of " 69”, Like to visit Texas. " Get out of here!” AMBITION: To make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Talking to my friends. STEVEN R. SILVA " Steve " HAPPINESS IS: skiing; teapots. 10 30 70 campaigning 8 28 70; Wingersheek; 10 23 70 Urk; Ch. Ch. Ch! ‘64 Nova; Old Salem; May we; Sgl.’ Party 70; Restaurants; mur sekor; talks with Marla. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Political Action Committee; Flicker Committee; ’70 Campaign Home Room Representative; Sgt ROTC. AMBITION: To learn from yesterday’s mis- takes. and live only for tomorrow. JOSEPH P. SLATER " Slater Martin " HAPPINESS IS: Debbie; summer of 69. 70; 61 Buick; camping, ask Deb, Sargeanl’s Party, Look out, where’s Deb, sand lot Football, we beat the barflys (10-0) ask Ed, Slapify, Shop. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.t.C. 2nd Lieutenant. " What a ripoff. " AMBITION: To build that certain house, and make my dreams come true, and to make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: With Deb, or sitting on the wall on Centennial Ave. PATRICIA CHRISTINK SNIDKR " St hniiU, Pat " Happiness is: Dj c, Srarrofi. I.F., Drivr-in, S.U.Y..A M.. Sin infc Brj« h 10:00 P M.. " Thr Crrjl Ewapr " — Carol. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Drill Ti-am; Prp Club; Fliikfr Staff; Baskrtball; S(|tiad L« ad ‘r; Sprctarular Drill; Sportn Chairman of Flicker; Type Award; Varsity Baskrlbalt. " W.Y.B.F.M.r AMBITION; To attempt thr ridiculous to achieve the impossible. USUALLY SEEN: IIS-OTH. RALPH STANTON HAPPINESS IS: Electricity, going to work at 4:30, Collin ' s P.S. ask Mike. " Come on I’m in a hurry, Oh Cheesus, You Dogging it. " AMBITION: To shock a lot of people. USUALLY SEEN: Lime Green car. O ' Con- nell ' s, Collin ' s. DEBORAH P. STEWART " Debbie” HAPPINESS IS: BRYAN. 12 7 68. " Sum mer of " 68 " . Boston Common” Birthdays, ask Rob; Roller Coasters " Chuck you Farley.” AMBITION: To become what I have always dreamed of and travel far and wide. USUALLY SEEN: Rocky Neck with Bryan, on the Beach. JAYNE CANDACE SPINNEY HAPPINESS IS: An. Powder Ridge 9:30 A.M. Sharon’s Car off grounds, sunshine. Out- ward Bound. Rainy Days at S.S., High ' s con- certs, " J’s, Monkey man. (shoes socks) ask girls. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Award. AMBITION: To contribulf as much as I can to make this world a better one. LAWRENCE C. STANWOOD " Yogi " HAPPINESS IS: An. " Do unto others as they would do unto you if they had got the chance! " AMBITION: To lead a long, long life. JANELLE ARLENE STEW ART HAPPINESS IS: Neal; Candada; people, skiing; the ocean; sewing; Bruins; Tatama- gouche; summer of " 70”; C.C.R.; D.T.C.; music; Gypers; boating; smiles. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society; Sawyer Medal; French Club; Flicker Committee Chairman; Pep Club. AMBITION: To lead a life of happiness and fulfillment. USUALLY SEEN: With Neal. ROBERT W . SPANKS JR. " Bob, Bobby” HAPPINESS IS: VICKY; Debbie; Jan; A C Blocks ask Milt, summer of 1970, ask Vicky Audio-Visual Room, Feb. 27, 1970 Till Sept. 18. 1970. SOMEPLACE!!! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Staff Sergeant in A Company. Junior year; Second Lieuten- ant C. Company: Social Activities Club. " What is somatter.” AMBITION: To get married and raise a family and face the everyday problems. 77 GAIL SWANSON " Pookie. Brian” HAPPINESS IS: Whal’s il all about " — ? ' 9 6 70: Brain Mobile; Summer of " 70” Those panties! " Happy Days” Ask Carol Good Harbor Beach; Dynamite in B verly Lui gis; The club, skiing, surfing. " 1 could dig il. " AMBITION: To travel and seek new experi USUALLY SEEN: The beach. DONNA MARIE TELLO " Dawn” HAPPINESS IS: That Guy: Su mmer of ’68; winter summer of ' 70; roller skating, ask Maria; Lexington ask Ida; Bottle of wine, where ' s Debbie; Maria’s Parly, Great! ask Rosemarie; Parlies up Jimmie’s. Good limes, ask Maria; the Station Frank Steve; joking with Dicki; Sunday mornings with Russell Pat. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Stu- dent Secretary; Typing Awards. " Any Parties?” AMBITION: To make my family proud of me and to be happy. USUALLY SEEN: Boulevard. DOUGLAS R. TAYLOR " Doug” H.APPINESS IS: hockey; W ' aterxille; SF; 1-2- 3-; spacemen; Drive-In W’ingarsheek; Montre- al Canadians; Lynn Arena; " Out of the car!” ' you turkey!”; the pond; B’s B ' s; cross-over. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 2-34; Golf 1-2-3-4; Sergeant ROTC; Knowing Jim Brown. " My favorite!” AMBITION: To live. USUALLY SEEN; Lynn Arena. SUSAN TESTAVERDE " Due” HAPPINESS IS: East Gloucester, ask Diane; Halloween " 69” ask Sue; Ipswich ask Mari- jane; N.H., W’ingersheek Beach. Those parties ask Laurie. Crane’s Beach ask Terry; " Durts Place! " " Bum!” AMBITION: To see what there is to see in life and to be happy! USUALLY SEEN: Boulevard. MICHELLE THOMAS " Missy” HAPPINESS IS: John; Pooh. Garage W ' om- ans; all those guys!; Drums, Sposes, Halloween 69; Cape Hedge; Bothering people. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians; Typing Award. " You mean I have to get ilirty?” AMBITION: To open my own kind of busi- ness. USUALLY SEEN; John. MARY THOMPSON HAPPINESS IS: Life. " G.N.” ask Lisa. Soph yr.. Sports-W’.P. Beach, 10-31-70 Dubba " ' ? U- Mass, T.C.. PuPu Platter. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Thespians: Future Nurses; Typing Awards; National Honor Society. " Eyeball bones!” AMBITION: To have RN after my name and MRS. before it. USUALLY SEEN: Talking ROBERT THURSTON " Bob " HAPPINESS IS: KATHI; Heat Treating Pizza; 57 Chevy, Machine Shop; Mug up; Keeping my car going. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Off grounds ev- eryday and never caught. " Night gang did it. " " B.F.H.” AMBITION: To own a new car. USUALLY SEEN: With Kathi Everywhere. 78 BRIH ' .K rOBKY HAPPINESS IS: ' 71; PolilirA: 2 18 70 nr rr agjin! 6 1 1 70 al ihr Dri r ln, ulkn anil fighlfi Mtih N.D.. Ml«mdnil r; Ora) Inlrrp ' Hinninj ; GOP; Old Salrm. iiui jmlrn . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Prrsiilml of Cla»t 3. 4; Sllidml CiiuiU ' i); Pn- ' tuifnt 4, Vif« -Prr ndrnl 3; Etiilor of Flash; Ptrsidml of National Honor Sm irly; 1.1- Colontd. Int Rallalion Coninundrr; Junior Ro- tarian; National Mrril S4 ' holanihip; S« mi‘Finalit«l; Drlt-gali to Mav«. Bovs Suit ; Cil) Counnilor. Junior Municipal Da ; Drlrgalr to NKMDSC. ( ' MDSC; Beacon; Flicker; OiilHlandin Teenager of America Award; PrujiHl NUVA Ad i»or Coinmiltee Pri e Squad; Grenadiers; Individual Drill Haskell Drill; Flag Da Eaereises; Polilical .Action Croup; Cho sen bv the class Most l.ikelv to Succeed; GHS Dt ' legale to Presidential Classroom for Y’uung Americans. AMBITION; To be calletl peacemaker. KEITH W. TREFRY " Billy. Will " HAPPINESS IS; Hockey. Bimbo. Bruins. McCartney. Space-Cadet. Richie ' s Milkwogon. $748 damage. Mono. Lovoll. Me., gas pumps. Boarding the Bus to Boston, the night in W ' at- erville, P.O., D.S.T.B.. Biting the puck. 3 stoo- ges. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4; State Tournament. S.FC., 2nd Lieu. ROTC; Playing hockey under Jim McComiskey and Jim Brown. .A.MBITION: To remember. It’s nice to be im- portant. but more important to be nice. MARIA TRUPIANO HAPPINESS IS: PEOPLE; laffs: surprises; football; " Summer of 70 " ; Chevys. alks talks; blvd.; (him) ask Sue Donna Pavillion; Memories; some day soon! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; A.F.S., Student Secretary; Flicker Committee; Flicker Typist; Typing and Shorthand Awards. AMBITION: Love. Success. Happiness. Un- derstanding; Intelligence. To fulfill every one of my dreams. DAVID M. TULLA " Dave " HAPPINESS IS: Soccer. Wingaerseek Beach, Big A.; Rotsy. Mult and Jeff. O.B. Dikes. No. 22. Bruins. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Soccer. Co- Capt. Rifle Team; Freshman Football; Flicker Staff; R.O.T.C. — Grenadiers, 2nd Place Prize Squad. Platoon Sergeant, Outstanding Sergeant Medal. Major 1st Battalion Staff. " Z ' AT right. " AMBITION: To do my best and not to give up in whatever I attempt. JESSICA VEATOR " Jesse” HAPPINESS IS: STEVE (garbage)! Skiing, beaches, sunsets, cottages, week ends sum- mers. at Wingacrsheek Beach Cottage. Fall, Mateus. and Italian Bread. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society; Typing Awards I II. " Fantastic!!! " AMBITION: To get it together. USUALLY SEEN: With Steve at W ' inarsheek Beach. MADELYN VENTIMIGLIA " Lyn, Mad " HAPPINESS IS: Summer of 67; Ipswich — ask Lori; Week ends with Sqiz!; Cherry St.; The Pines; ask the kids; 25 — liugh! B.F.; Co- mardis — ask Cathy; 11 21 69 Boston; Half Moon. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Future Nurses Club; Spanish Club; Thespians; Flicker Com- mittee. " Hey Baby! " AMBITION: To live a happy life and make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: The Boulevard. Rub a dub dub . . . 79 TARYN LOUISE VIEIRA HAPPINESS IS: B.W. 6 20 69 Volvo; Fri.U) nites! The 427! The SQUARE; 9 6 70 field; Piece of Fish! Whopper; Whipperwill; Scenic Route; 8 2 69 X-MAS eve 69!!; Grandfunk; Dark Road! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Homeroom Rep; Pep Club; Varsity Basketball; Flicker Chairman. AMBITION: To share uith everyone all that I am; for that is all Fll ever be. CHARLENE WALKAMA H-APPLNEISS IS: Ponder Ridge 9:30 Spaced out; Sharon’s car; That rainy dav; T.H.C. and M.D.A.; monkev man; concerts; chocolate chip; ask Jayne; Friday nites; ask Karen; parties; Beaches. •T.S.F.H. " AMBITION: To further mv education and travel around the world. MARILYN WELT " Mic, Micky " HAPPINESS IS: Cakets; football games; walk- ing; 10 31 70; July third — ask Joanne; horses; Vermont; swimming. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Soft- ball; Student Secretarv; Honor Business Club. " Looks aren’t everv thing. " AMBITION: Do my best in everything and try to accept people as ihev are. USUALLY SEEN: I’m not!? RICHARD DOUGLASS HYNOTT " Richie. Dick " HAPPINESS IS: Carole; Camp Milbrook; D.S.T.B.; 11 8 68; Omega; Zeetza; Zubla; Plastic Ono; The " Wall " M.A.D. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Haskell Medal; Prize Squad 2, 3, 4; Ser- geant in ROTC. AMBITION: To succeed in whatever I attempt to do. SHIRLEY WITHAM HAPPINESS IS: Midnight skulking, poetry. Cummings, Tolkian. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; Thespians — Treasurer; National Merit Letter of Commen- dation. " Don ' t lake any wooden nickels! " AMBITION: To have an ambition; to build a better tree. PATRICIA WHITTEY " Pat, Trisha " HAPPINESS IS: M.D.G. 4 4 70; S.S.A. 64 Ford and R.M.L..A. (remind Laurel) clippin; J.J. " Dozed and confused " " Burn " ; P. Lane. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Flicker. " Your Mental.” .AMBITIO-N; To go to Australia. USUALLY SEEN: Yeah! MARTHA WILKINS HAPPINESS IS: Cousin Brill, ask Chink, summer of ’70. Drive-In movies. Butch Cassi- dy and the Sundance Kid. " I ' ll drink to that.’ little old ladies. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girls’ rifle Team; 2 yrs. Girls’ Softball Team. " Love, it comes in all colors. .AMBITION; To succeed in anything 1 at- tempt. USUALLY SEEN: In a Rambler with Chink. 80 THOMAS WOLFE ' Tom " HAPPINESS IS: Thratrf and Scirncr. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Thes- pian Socioty; Chess Club; National Honor So- ciety; Band. AMBITION: To learn how to think. USUALLY SEEN: Somewhere back there. BARBARA JEAN WORTHLEY " Barb-Nuppiel " HAPPINESS IS: Donnie 10 18 69. 10 71. 3 20 70. that special ring. Vets. Chinese Food. Sargents party 70. fixing tables at 1:30 a.m.. ask Mary!! shopping, telephone conver- sations, friends. Jr.ll ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: To Graduate. " Later — Much later " AMBITION: To walk down the aisle remem- bering the past — and looking towards the fu- ture with a smile. USUALLY SEEN: With Donnie. RICHARD A. WORTHLEY " Rick " HAPPINESS IS; Girls. Vets, bikes. Friday nights. Mull ' s place — the I..ake. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: To Graduate. " Easy " AMBITION: To succeed in whate er I attempt and to make my parents proud. USUALLY SEEN: At work. STEPHEN WOLFE " Steve " HAPPINESS IS: Sailing, swimming, skiing, hiking, mountain climbing. ch( ss. God ' s work. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spanish Club 2, 3. 4 (President 2 years); Chess Club 2. 3 (President); A.F.S. 4 (President); Math League 2. 3, 4; National Honor Society; Saw- yer Medal; A.F.S. Student to Finland; Harvard Book Prize; Spanish Book Prize; Top Math League Scorer; National Merit Scholarship; Letter of Commi-ndation; Junior Rotarian. AMBITION: To be on my own and to be happy about it. USUALLY SEEN: Doing something weird. WENDY LYNNE WONSON HAPPINESS IS: G. G.. Halloween; Stuffed animals; sad paintings; sailing, skiing; lone- some roads, smiling faces. Rod McKuen, times gone by. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Girl ' s Drill Team Commander; Class Secretary 9. 10; Class Representative 11, 12; A.F.S. 9, 10, 11; Superlative Committee Chairman. " I beg your pardon! " AMBITION: To overcome evil with good. LOIS E. WOLFE " L«. Rr.I " HAPPINF.SS IS: Summer ”69, " the gang, classes with Jan. motorcycles, those horses, swimming, skiing, guess who! Clark ' s field, taking walks. Cindy ' s party, the ambition to win, ask the twins. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Typing Certifi- cate. " Co to , Help! " AMBITION: To succeed and make loved ones proud. USUALLY SEEN: Eating. DANA E ttOl.FE " Covote” HAPPINFivS IS: Jill G. — Private slock ask Rollie, trip to Conn. — bridges, stale bulls, bathtubs — ask Bob. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Band 1. 2. 3. -V; Executive Office 4; Spanish Club -I; 1st Place Band Prize Squad 3; H R. Rep. 3; Haskel Drill. " Plenty " AMBITION: To succeed in whatever I attempt in life. 8 ) JEFFREY T. Z. GER " Jeff. CZAR- HAPPINESS IS: W W. 4- S-. Bruins. Playing Ball, 3 stooges, E.C.C., 3rd Base. R.S. — " Honk Tonk Woman " (H.R.) " Zip " ; (P.M. Tankard) Godd Fuw!I friends, PHYSCHED. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Baseball; Bas- ketball; Soccer Ll. Colonel (Executive Offi- cer); R.O.T.C.; Member National Honor Soci- ety. " Ulial can I say? . . . This is true. But . . . " .AMBITION; To succeed in whatever I at- tempt. MAC S. BELL AMBITION: May we rest in Peace. DANIEL WRIGHT " Dan " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Spanish Club III and IV Language Lab Assistant. " Who do you think you’re kidding? " AMBITION: To always be happy. USUALLY SEEN: The Pallazola’s house. SANDR.A YOUNG CYNTHIA ANN WRIGHT " Cindy " H.APPINESS IS: 5 4 69; Cookies; 6 6 70; Football; B.C.; P.S. and HelpI; 9 6 70; 32; The Neck; Friday’s 9:00; 44; Terry?? (Nick in). ACTIVITIES A.ND HO.NORS: Drill Team; Spectacular Drill 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Pep Club; Social Aciiviues; Flicker Saw- yer Medal; Math Award. " Oh! Nothin’! " AMBITION: To live by God ' s good will and earn the love and respect of others. MICHAEL BRIEN LISA A. ZELLENK.A HAPPINESS IS: " Babv legs " — ask Man; sports!! B.B.; ChinaPorU Falcon; J.L.; shut up; L.A.; D.E.; 68- ' 69 U.M.; 11 21 70. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Future Nurees; Spanish Club; Thespians; Pep Club. ' The Devil made me do it! " . .MBITION: To be a successful me; to get mv R.N. USUALLY SEEN: . i Fenwav Park!! 82 DAVID COLARUSSO DENNIS CROSS RANDOLPH CARR PAULCILUFFO " Paul " HAPPINESS IS: Cokes, Chemislr . Asirono- my. Meteorology, Records, 13. Solitaire, Music. AMBITION: To be successful in whatever I do. and make everyone proud of me. ANTONIO COGNATO •Tig " HAPPINESS IS: Bea.h, A.C.H. cronies. N.Y. nights at Salisbury. Vernon ' s, Oak Grove. Pam’s house, back shore. Chinese food. ACTIVITIES: Hunting, Fishing. Raring, Leather Work. USUALLY SEEN: Cape Ann Sportsman ' s Club. " Get funny, why don’t ya!” AMBITION: To make something out of my- self. BRIAN CURLEY JOYCE bull(x:k " Mnulh” HAPPINESS IS: Mr, Unely, 6 9 70, 3.30 Rush Coffee, Shifting 11:30 P.M., Upslaim. the rounds, wailing, ask Sylvia. Big Plans, ask Denise, that terrible night. The last night, the long walks, ask Sylvia. F.ggs, ask Denise. " See you later, bye; Hey. " AMBITION: To help those little children who can ' t help themselves. USUALLY SEEN: Essex B3 PAUL CURRAN CHERYL C. FISCHER " Cee-Cee " HAPPINESS IS: Allan; summer ’70; ihc cot- tage; parties; Popovers; Was it really haunted D.J.? Herman Johnson? and his Easter Ben- nett? " Boot it Harry! " PCBP. Charlie’s barn; colors; C.B.?? " W ' hat can I say?” AMBITION: To find love, and peace within mvself. USUALLY SEEN: Daydreaming LINN DOYLE RUSSELL FIERS " The devil made me do it” NANCY GOULART 84 RICHARD HAWORTH DENISE M. HUTCHINGS " Dc-Dc " HAPPINESS IS: Thai sprcial someone; 2 10 68, 2 26 68, Big Plans, ask Joyce, summer of 69. ask Janine, That moonlight swim, those fights with him; laughs and tears, 5 3 69, that talk; ask Bobltv, Drive-Ins. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Gregg Short- hand Award and Two Typing Awards. " So what’s happening. " AMBITION: To always be myself and make those I love happy. USUALLY SEEN: In the sticks. JANINE H. HUTCHINGS " Jeannie” HAPPINESS IS: BOBBY FIERS, black 63 Chevy. " August 71. " that dav. ask Dimise. Cuddles. I LOVE YOU BOBBY, going out to eat? ask Gerri. The moonlight swim, ask Den- ise, those fights. Those Blueberries ask Den- nis. ha. stupid, the tears and the laughs. Arc you drunk again? " Oh for heaven ' s sake. " AMBITION: To make my parents proud of me and to make Bobbv happv. USUALLY SEEN: ' With Bobby UILI.IAMK HARMON " Bill, Will " HAPPINESS IS RO.T.C.. fooiUll. Donna. Walker ' s. U outUliM k II. the Item h. Pro IltMik, ask Dave. St. A nn ' s Banii. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS Kimiball 1. 2. 3, 4; Track 3. 4; Baseball 1, R O.T.C.; Grena- diers 2, 3; Individual Drill, 2nd Place 3; Lt. Col. 4; Rifle Team 3. 4; Team Captain 4. " Pudding. Oh, hi. " AMBITION: To accomplish what ever I at- tempt. USUALLY SEEN: Here, there and every- where. EDWARD HENDRICKSON GERALDINE HUTCHINGS " Gerri " HAPPINESS IS: Dinnie Martin, A special 65 Chevy. 4 speed. May 67. June 4. 1970. July 1971, August 25. 1970. Caught on the Boule- vard! ask Dennis. I love you. Dennis. W ' hatt! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; Two Typing Awards. " What ' s the matter, Dennis. Keep it up. " AMBITION: To make my parent.t proud of me. and to make Dennis a good wife. USUALLY SEEN: With Dennis. 85 KURT JACKSLAND LINDA LEE JOYCE HAPPINESS IS: Barkshore, Seotamot; Hock- ey. Library Books, ask Donna. U’ater and Rocks. Colorado. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Pep Club; L.B.T. Club; Typing Award. " Thai’s really redundant " AMBITION: To see to toui h lo know a hint of darkness a hint of light before it’s time to go. RICHARD LOWE " Dugar, Dick " HAPPINESS IS: T.L.R., Hockey, 3 14 69. football, our place. Mac’s with Teri, Lynn Arena Swampscotl Game 1970. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Hockey 24; Football 3. 4; N.E.C. Allstar Team 24. " Dugar " AMBITION: To be first in whatever I Irv. USUALLY SEEN: With Teri at Mac’s. " May 1 help you? " MARK LAGOS THERESA Ma. DONALD " Terry " HAPPINESS IS: T.A. bowling, basketball games. Library D block, usual route, ask Shei- la and Busty. April 3, 1971, ask Sheila. AMBITION: To succeed lo the best of my ability in whatever I decide to do and to make my parents proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: Boulevard. TIMOTHY McCarthy " T im " HAPPINESS IS: Those parties, ' 61 VW Camp Milbrook, hitting the sled. 5-1-70, ping- pong, woods, flowers, and grass, buttons! ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Flicker Staff; Student Council Representative; Math League; North Shore French Film Club; Thespians; Football; Varsity Award; Baseball Varsity Award; Scholastic Scholarship Award; E.M.D.S.C. Delegate; National Merit Scholar- ship Letter of Commendation, National Honor Society; Aurilium Latium, Cuni Laude; Honor Roll. " Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. " AMBITION: To find my place in the world, or make one. USUALLY SEEN: Cooking at V.J. 86 CARY MARSHALL HAPPINESS IS: 70 Chrvrilr; lhal rrriain iomronr; £ bik orgir ; Mnil in thr back, H Blockn, ihingH in hrr milk. a«k Jan; Big M!! A-V Room. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Ch.n» Club; Audio ' Vifiual; Malh league; Prruidrnl of Ch M Club. AMBITION: To do »hal 1 brlirvr in and lo briirve in whal t do. USUALLY SEEN: Doing an much an I can gri awa with. BRUCE METZNER DAVID MITCHELL RICHARD MOALLl " Crilter, Mo‘ HAPPINESS IS: Jagger. thr Who. Nirk ' s Wil- lows, Hecta. New England Dragwa , Chevys, Bruins, Red Sox. All sports, liquid diet, get on it! somebody special summers on Niagara. Drive-in, Dunkin’ donuts. New Year’s Eve. " Swanny Will.s It!” AMBITION: To be experienced. CAROLYN MURPHY EILEEN JANE M.CR.ATH " Lee " HAPPINESS IS: .Anli(|ue«, dancing, acting. Walooboro Me 1970, " Dark Shadows " Witch- ery, R. fencing. " Green, Green, Crass of Home, " Counirv music. Spv vs Sp . ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Thespians; A.F.S. " I’m not in the mood. " AMBITION; To keep on running and running until I catch my " Never Dream. " 87 m MURTHA STEPHEN NICKERSON JOHN A, PARISl ’’Fingers, ask Sudsy " HAPPINESS IS: Sports, Music, Dances, Bev- erly. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: R.O.T.C.: Prize Squad; Street Hockey; Baseball. (Outside of School). " Hi Boobs, ask Chris. " AMBITION: To live my life to its fullest, and with a little fooling around on the side. USUALLY SEEN: O ' Connells corner, the Beach. HANS PUNDT GARY PIMENTAL DENNIS PURDY 88 BRUCE ROBERTS " Buck " HAPPINESS IS: Bikes, scrambling. Wednes- day aflernoon. 305, hockey, Cape Ann Rifle Club. 3 3 70, Big Al’s Class. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: National Honor Society: R.O.T.C. Band; Master Sergeant; Na- tional Merit Scholarship Letter of Commenda- tion; Flicker; Activities Committee. AMBITION: To do something I like and be good at it. USUALLY SEEN: Building Center; Haskell’s. CHRISTINE ROCHA " Roach " HAPPINESS IS: Mike; 7 29 70. " 69. " 70. summer nights; Jan. and Feb. " 70. " ask Donna; Moe’s, the ramp; mind and body thing walks and talks with friends; crazes, anything for a rush; S.K.F.; concerts at Harvard Stadi- um; daily canal gatherings. " Censored " AMBITION; To pursuit mv happiness. USUALLY SEEN: The ramp. TERl ROSS GARY RUSSO HAPPINESS IS; Oral Interp, People, talking. International affairs, eternal act, books. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS; American Field Service; Audio-Visual; Stage Crew; National Thespian Society; Chefs Club; Beacon; Flash; Flicker; Cape Ann; Tutorial Program; Heri- tage Scholar. DANIEL RYAN THERESE LYNDA RYAN " Tcri " HAPPINESS IS: R.K.L.. " Mittens " ; sopho- more year; 3 14 69; S.S.A.; hockey; " the goal " : " Dover Smoker. " ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: A.F.S.; Pep Club; Flicker; Future Nurses; Jr. Volunteer; Jr. Usherette; Freshman Class — - Rep.; Flash; Gymnastics Club. " You know? " " " AMBITION: To remember; " Met.iory is the mother to all wisdom. " USUALLY SEEN: W ith Dickie! AUGUSTUS RETALIS 89 LINDA SUE SILVA " Smolhrrj " HAPPINESS IS: Slexc; summer of " 70. " a Joanne. Neu Hampshire. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Honor Bu ness Club; Pep Club: Typing .Awards I and " Oh. my Cod. " .AMBITION: To have a surcessful and hap life and make the ones 1 love proud of me. USUALLY SEEN: The ramp, ask Chris. JOSEPH SIMON LYLE SMITH JOSEPH F. SOUZA H.APPINESS IS; Surfing. Music, Traveling Granny, ' oods. Ocean. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Stage Produc- tions. .AMBITION: To help bring about Universal peace through peace. USUALLY SEEN: Good Harbor Beach. " The Rock. " K-AREN SWINSO.N " Fred " H.APPINESS IS; The Mills; Green Club: rid- ing through the mill riven ask Lil; Faleon 124-21L: Haskell s. Hair " : those parties over Lifs, and Goofs, Horse back riding. " Out House " AMBITION; To go where the water tastes like Wine. USUALLY SEEN: The Mills. DAVID TREMBLAY RICHARD SILVA HAPPINESS IS; Riding Bikes. Hunting. Mo- torcycles, the tracks. " You are a ripoff. " AMBITION; To get ahead in life. USUALLY SEEN: Maplewood Park. 90 7 onors io ifte Glass of 1971 G an tjer TKefa s: Mark I. Andt ' rson, Micharl (airran, M. ,1. Fa al()ro, Marltara (irccl, I’at lloiilr, Linda Michael, K id n Palla .ola, Janelle Slewart, Ste|dien W olfe, C nlhia W ri lil yCational JIonor Socie iy: Laurie Allen, Har e Alto, Mark Atuhnson. Donna Benjamin, Warren Bishec ' , Diane (’.olhy, Michael Cnrrati, Nina D ' Amico, Lee Doii- eelle, Neal Lrickson, Marie Erwin, Mar Kavaloro. Karen Fa a a. Barhara (ireel, Patricia Houle, Christine Howland, Donna johnson, Sandra Kin i. Eunice Low, Bard Mar(|iu ' s, Debra Marr, ' Fim Me( ' arth , Linda Michael, Joanne Nicholson, Hohvn I’acker, Evel n Palla- zola, Bruce Kolcerts, Bonnit ' Sargent, Janelh ' Stewart, Maiw Thom|)sou. Bruce Tohe , Jessica V ' eator, Ste|)hen WOKe, Cynthia W right, Jeffrey Zager fCational TKerii ScJio arsJiip Jtna isi: Bruee Tohev fCaltonal Merit Scfiolarsfiip Better of Gommenfation: Mark Anderson, Peter f ' . Borge, Barhara J. Greel, Patricia A. Houh ' , Debra J. Marr, Tim McCarthy, Paid S. Payne, Bruee A. Roberts, Shirley J. W itham, Stephen J. Wolfe fun tor Rotarians: Neal Erickson. Kevin Gookhue, Kenneth Jenkins, Alan Kueonis, Bard Marijiies, Bruei ' Tobey, Stephen Wolb ' ffaroarJ CPrize: Stephen W olfe Go fe e Tfomen ’s GfuS Mwarcf Linda Michael ■Defepates to ffops State: Ambrose Orlando, Bruce Tobey Ife epates to Mt. A. c 5 . G. L0orf:s 2op: Nina D’Amico, Robyn Packer Student fouernment T)ap Defepate: Kenneth Jenkins D.A.M. food Giitizensjfiip Award Nina D’Amico Gutstandinp Aeenapers of America: Nina D’Amico, Ambrose Orlando, Robyn Packer, Bruee Tobey A.J.S. GxcAanpe Student to finfand Stephen Wolfe QA. S. Student Senator: Bruce Tobey 91 98 99 on a o ii must ( e 10) T reserue your memories . . 103 Jerry Burke Co-Captains Ambie Orlando and Tim Sanborn Bill Goodwin Kevin Goodhue Bruce Buckley George Bono no Bill Hannon Dick Lowe Bard Marques Tim McCarthy Ricky Muise Bill Perry Wayne Saunders Larry Scola Ron McKinnon Sam Pizzimenti Belly Lucido Richie hynott in Lee Doueettt Joanne Nickolson Dina Canfield 112 113 Debbie Meuse Nane Atuirewes Miss ilkins Fa e D() le c hi oacnes Head Coach John Furey Assistants: Ira Yavnar; Tony Marine; Don Femino 114 1 1 . " " 1 y ■ ' -= Kt . ' ' tejjrf Mac Bell David Tulla David Dench — Co-Caj)tain 118 Carlton MacAuley — Co-Captain Jeff Zager Chuck Frithsen Coach Sills c soccer Q e 2 or T aijers Roland Feener Bill McComiskey Mark Anderson Scott Alexander Carl Jensen Glenn Faulk Mike Kecyk Billy Trefrv 119 J?.0.7.C. Lt. Col Jeff Zagcr, Maj. Roland Michel, Maj. Robert Aiulrewi;. Maj. Alan Kueonis. Maj. ' illiam Perry, Sgt. Maj. Tim Sanborn, Col. Neal Erickson Col. Neal Erickson 122 Sgl. Richard Hubbard, Sgt. Cominic Cannizzaro. Sgt. Critcb. Sgt. .Jones. Col. Regan Qjoucesier TJocaiional ScJioof 130 Mr. Lpo Amero Related Subjeels Mr. Caspar Lewis Related Subjects Mr. Kenneth Stieknev Director Gloucester Vocational School Mr. George Perrv Related Subjects O u omo iue Mr. John Bud row 35 V Mr. John Orlando Garpenirt Shop (jjfOjJtD p A0} r 0 V of i fy Q K f l I N A ■ Y rr r C3r Qj y4yrhQp y r 0J eKJMV " L iO- sc 1 aoj ‘ Z A r t7| 4 » ' ‘ S3 | ' AfS ' r ' ? -V y. . ' n(hfl " i | ■ € + « ' V ' li OqRtS: ' • T v So V a] Si 5 o ' O 7[- y°P ' S- " V (O ' I Xcx-C Q5o iL ' f 0 SO tv ?i D €. e 6 I (jh -f- U A- o 0 OO ' PS ■T ' CD fsl 6 d-RfeL. ro fe Cr " " o) ' O ' ,0 fr " T ' ' e, 0 i) C e5” U S 137 :r LlAr 5 ' AGHl SAUCJ v lAr; iRGi R N . la C . - -r a I- ' : “ V : •i-A ' T ' E Ser ' i1 ' ' aily A •: -ar- ei 3 -ream F: I 3ti KilK ' -Xjl. vJIs’ Prui . Juice Green Salad Frosted C:.k.e Milk nv- AT T ursuin the irutfi is p ' aniic ancf cfisturSin as welf as rewa rding 140 145 incfin oursefoes, a moment per iaps. Sut fo or German C u6 de ss 0 ssem6 y 155 C)hrisl nas J r rom r ' -. 157 J ofiticaf Jlciion y eacon oom oo 158 Impressions of you and I alike We can laugh more clearly now, though not out loud. It takes time to soften faces to glisten eyes. Are we photo copies of each other with deadened ears? Or are we flashed from a separate light? Come close to me. What I seek is undefinable too. It takes time, (and experience) But there’s a glint in our eyes . . . Mai 2uieiesi yfapp ucj iesi KATHY DAVIS BILLY GOODWIN " Our hope is ever livelier than despj our joy livelier and more abiding than our Sorrows are. " WAYNE NORRIS CINDY COMEAU TItosi afeniecf I ' llis week tln rr Itlasill” I Ilf 0(1(1 (.()ll[(lc. " Doing ( ' asilv what others lltid ditlicult is tahait. " T E D H E N D R I C K S 0 N 1 TITosi C )oniii6ulwe NINA D ' AMICO KENNY JENKINS V ’62 t- ' Thf rcalK know how to dish it out. JItosi a j aiioe " I count myself in nothinj else so happy As in a soul remembering my good friends.” Can I sa just one thing? . . . JIMMY MUNIZ KAREN BELL nenoiiest BILLY TREFRY ROBYN PACKER Glass Siveeilearis BRYAN IVEY DEBBIE STEWART L«‘l s rult noses like (he Eskiinosesl THIS is So[)histiealion ' . ' ' " All is sweet, Given or returned. Common as lijj;ht is love. And its familiar voice wearies not ever ... " JKosi Soph ' s h ' caiecf o WENDY WONSON BRUCE BUCKLEY rfisL Gfa DEBBIE MARK c ED LIMA J acfica JUICE PORPER Gfass ScaiierSrain " Life is change. How it differs from the rocks I’ve seen their wavs too often for my liking. " ANGELA NIEMI RONNIE McKinnon JANE KYROUZ Oooh, I just love FISHERMEN! I’m the first one on my block to have tm er own knijih- tress in shining armor. Cj ass yfuslfers JANE RUSSELL JERRY BURKE But( h Cassi(l and the Sundain «■ ' . ' ' Gfa. C o owns MARGARET OAKES BRYAN IVEY ucceco BRUCE TOBEY DONNA BENJAMIN le secret success is constancy to purpose. I M M 1 BKKJHfc AFTER Li ing proof that rlrarasil dors uondrrs. MAUREEN GROGAN es It’s a bard, it’s a maureen, it’s Superbuddies! Faster than an edrower, More powerful than a garyhiltze. Able to leap billyshultze in a single bound . . . BARD MARQUES CTirouncf Gfass ncfioicfuaf PAUL CURRAN LAURIE BURNHAM 7i JAosd woufcf Se a man mu si Be a nonconformisi. PRIVA PARKI TINANTS 170 CO — captain Kevin Goodhue Joe Muniz Bruce Buckley Sam Pizzimenti 172 John Alves and Mike McCarthy •t, M r Desn ' i: our poor reco l9)e s i f lacf a husifin Saff cfuS. 175 180 Bill Trefry Rick Meuise Dick Lowe 184 (5 ucfen Council union otar uans Socia ciioiiies G uS yfonor Cn, asm ess GfuS G uoen Secre ar es 185 CROCHEJBO Hat ickCVS «?» ' € ON crocheted Scf livtsl i‘ 3le IN H 6heK 6MS Ot-der oov td $100 ffaU H. DcitCR. nl Me ' .C 196 tXXK XXXXXKXk. £ ixxsxxixK xxxx NK»KK _ r-lMi ' ‘ " Take my hand We’ll walk the sea and sand . . . With moonlight making day of night Run barefoot down the beach. We’ll skip and run . . . Ross Burton Editor — Robyn Packer Literary Editor Donna Benjamin John Blanding CHAIRMEN Senior section — Paula Silva, Angela Superlatives jiy Barbara Pat Snider. outs — Lab Ferra j yn Vjerr|y The Class of 1971 Wishes to Express a Special " THANK YOU " to All the Advertisers for Their Support. ROCKPORT and ESSEX Local Arts and Crafts SERRIN GIFTS 203 £This Scat GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 147 Main Street Dial 283-0610 GLOUCESTER Y.M.C.A. 204 WONSON ' S GREENHOUSE. INC. 77 Langsford Street Complimenfs of SKIPPER ' S GALLEY INC. WOODMAN ' S Main Street, Essex Main Sfreef Essex, Massachusetts VILLAGE BAKERY Essex Compliments of Compliments of VICTORY BEAUTY SALON 8 Center Street Gloucester Cape Ann Lodge No. 1471 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE 26 Pleasant St. Glouchester Massachuseffs TERMINAL GARAGE Martin Street Essex TEEL MACHINE COMPANY Western Avenue Essex 205 THE EMPIRE 171 Main Street Gloucester ESSEX RADIO AND T.V. Compliments of ERNIE ' S SERVICE STATION Main Street Essex SERVICE Best Wishes ESSEX RIVER HOUSE MOTEL Main Street Essex Compliments of GLOUCESTER TRANSIT MIX, INC. JAMES C. GREELY FUNERAL HOME Emerson Avenue Gloucester 212 Washington Street Gloucester, Massachusetts JAMES C. GREELY. JR. 1 JAMES C. GREELY, III ' GERALD D. GREELY j Telephone 283-0698 Compliments of THE HOLLAND HOUSE Rocicport, Massachusetts |l ( I GLOUCESTER CAMERA AND PHOTO SHOP i 10 Pleasant Street CAMERA SUPPLIES FINISHING 206 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY CUSTOM COLOR PRINTING CAMERA SUPPLIES. FINISHING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY CUSTOM COLOR PRINTING WEDGWOOD PHARMACY INC. Dial 768-6631 Essex, Massachusetts Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 Congratulations Seniors STERLING DRUG STORE Gloucester RUST ' S GULF STATION Main Street Essex, Massachusetts CLEVELAND FUNERAL HOME ESTABLISHED 1929 Thoughtful Care and Dignity Characterize Our Service Martin Street Essex, Massachusetts Dial 768-7722 MRS. HA RRY CLEVELAND Manager 4 A, . I , GOLDMAN ' S Best Wishes Seniors NATIONAL BUTCHERS LARSEN ' S SHOE SHOP 131 Main Street Gloucester 207 Congratulations From ADASKO ' S FASHION SHOP Best Wishes Class of ' 71 158 Main Street Gloucester ART JEWELERS For All Jewelry Needs In Sales and Services Good Luck From W. E. BLANCHARD JEWELER BOB ' S HABERDASHERY Registered Jeweler, American Gem Society 125 Main Street Gloucester 134 Main Street Gloucester Congratulations Fronn CAPE ANN BANK BROWN ' S of GLOUCESTER AND TRUST COMPANY 154 Main Street 1 86 Main Street Gloucester The Bank of the North Shore Compliments of Compliments of CAPE ANN GLASS CO. CLICKY ' S MEN ' S SHOP Main Street Plaia DOREL SHOPS THE Bearskin Neck Rockport, Massachusetts BUILDING CENTER STORES Gloucester Rockport 209 DICK ' S SHOE STORE MAIN STREET PLAZA Compliments of NORTH SHORE TWIN THEATRE Congratulations, Seni lors MR. CHARLES HAIR STYLIST 142 Main Street 210 Best of Wishes MacDOWELL ' S STATIONERY INC. Office Supplies Printing Equipment Telephone 283-7604 141-143 Main Street Compliments of WOODMAN ' S DINER Main Street Essex Compliments of WILLOW REST 211 March, 1971 Hi! As the year comes to an end on the Flicker it makes me wonder where the year went. All the hours of work, the frustration, and enjoyment. It is gone, but what is left is a book which perhaps will tell our story. A thank-you to John Blanding for his pictures that will try to speak the memories for us. A very grateful thanks to a very helpful advisor, Mr. Grillo. Also thank-you to Donna Benjamin for her creativity and work; and thank-you especially to the kids of 1971 who made everything ours. Sincerely, close the book; Hitthe past slides to haunt me And it seems wherever I look Phantoms of irreclaimable happiness !unt me. .l C. D. Leivis PAWfiR BREE LIBRARY MASS. 01930 KQwf storagi

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