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SAWYER FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 7 O. ' T Superintendent of Schools Dr. Calvin E. Eells Assistant Superintendent of Schools Herbert J. Wostrel mC [mv 1 Jr . JaT ■ ■ « W i t m. i • :ii 7 f 4L 7 ■ |f grampSjr lJmSxS- ' - L » r rflL 1 . _ K |S j r ' fit W ' kF 0 ' L - " " ' Wtr ' ■ ' % wm M ,;A : S 1 n. bf Mrs. Kay MacEachern Mrs. Linda Hewitt Mrs. Kay Gaspar 6 Mrs. Catherine Francis 7 — Who art a light to guide, a rod to check the erring, and reprove. — ■ Wordsworth comes e cat feet. The fog on litt It sits looking over harbour and city on silent haunches and then moves on. Carl Sandburg William Gentile Vernon Hooper Floormasters Mr. Mark Haberland —Very few men are wise by their own counsel; or learned by their own teach- ing. For he that was only taught by himself, had a fool to his master. — Ben Jonson Mr. Leon Sprague 12 Dr. Michael Fabien Chairman of Guidance Department Mrs. Susan Hoague Mrs. Eleanor Cappon 13 —Language is the memory of the human race. It is as a thread or nerve of life, running through all the ages, connecting them into one common, prolonged and advancing existence. — William Smith Miss Claudia Perry Chairman of English Department Miss Bonnie Andrews Yearbook Advisor ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 15 Mr. Gus Hagstrom Chairman of Math Department MATH DEPARTMENT 16 ’’The many make the household, But only one the home.” J. R. Lowell Miss Carol Laudano Mrs. Joan Keegan Chairman of the Home Economics Department HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Elizabeth Spellman Mrs. Christine Hamor 17 Miss Janet Michaels Mrs. Doris Baer Miss M. Javne Avila Mr. Philip Waring Chairman of the Foreign Language Dep artment H IHI Mr. Jaime Benalcazar FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT ' Life is a Foreign language; all men mispronounce it.” Christopher Morley Mr. J. Vincent Elmer Miss Julie Carpenter Miss Mary Moore, Mr. Paul Duchane Mr. A. Joseph Kleinmann Mrs. 0. Myrtle Wardrup Mrs. Marilyn Hibshman Mr. John Leonard Mr. Manuel Martins Mr. A. Lovell Parsons Chairman of the Science Department SCIENCE DEPARTMENT " One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind. " Neil Armstrong Mr. Paul Bradstreet, Mr. Francis Speck Mr. Stan Gleason HISTORY DEPARTMENT The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of Freedom ’ Mr. John Kania George W. F. Hegel Mr. John Furey 22 Mr. Carlo Sinagra, Mr. Kenneth Smith, Mr. John Butlrow Criticism comes easier than craftsmanship ’ Zeuxis VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT K»r ytP, iHH? Mr. Kenneth Stickney Chairman of the Gloucester Vocational School SAWYER FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, r MA 01930 25 Mr. Salvatore Randazza, Mr. Devon Bergengren Mr. Alge Vaitones, Chairman of the Business Department Miss B. C.hristopherson, Miss Verna Carbone BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Shirley LaFrance Miss Jeannette Oi l ins, Mrs. Eleanor Blanchard, Mrs. Kathryn Davis Mr. Harvey Korobkin, Business Advisor to the Flicker Mr. Thomas O’Donnell Mr. Donat Femino ’Then the black-bright, smooth- running, clicking clean Brushed, oiled and dainty type- writing machine, With tins or ribbons waiting for the blows Which soon will hammer them to verse and prose.” John Masefield 27 Mr. Irving Anderson Chairman of the Music Department Mr. Robert Puff Director of the Band ’’Music is the universal language of mankind . . Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ’All the world s a stage, And all the men and women merely players ’ William Shakespeare 28 Miss Nancy Webber Chairman of Speech and Dramatics Department Mr. Bill Weller, Instructor, Mrs. Maroy Patrick, Aide Works, Skills, Experiences Program Miss Dorothy Londergon Librarian ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT " Win without boasting, lose without excuse. " Albert Payson Terhure Mr. Kent Robarts, Miss Kathleen McKenna, Miss Rita Araujo Mrs. Maryellen Callahan, Mr. Robert Delisle Mr. Robert Wagner Mr. Raul Goodwin Mr. Milton Harris (left to right) Mr. John Worth, Chairman of Maintenance; Mr. Vernon Hooper Chairman of the Industrial Arts Department Mrs. Alice Child Cafeteria Supervisor at G.H.S. Mrs. Marion Forbes 32 School Nurse Mrs. Gladys Burbank Dietician of the Gloucester Schools CAFETERIA " We may live without friends; we may live without books; But civilized man can not live without cooks. He may live without books, — what is knowledge but grieving? He may live without hope, — what is hope but deceiving? He may live without love, — what is passion but pining? But where is the man that can live without dining? " Edward R. B. Lytton 33 DIRECTORY Administration Guidance Department Secretaries English Department: 14-15 E. Bonnie Andrews R. L. Atwood Eleanor Beebe Jane Benes Dennis Corkery William Gentile Joseph Grille Madeline Grille James McComiskey Julie Merowitz Bonnie O’Connell Claudia Perrv Sandra Renwick Morton Sparer Stephen Sutera Charlotte Taylor Helen U ilk ins Mathematics Department: 16 Frederick Caldwell Salvatore Favazza Alfred Hagstrom Carl McKenzie John McPhee H. Augustus Nunes, Jr. William Proposki William Raymond John Sperry Dennis Veator Home Economics Department: 17 Christine Hamor Joan Keegan Carol Laudono Elizabeth Spellman Foreign Language Department: 18-19 M. Javne Avila Doris Baer Jaime Benalcazar Julie Carpenter J. Vincent Elmer Janet Michaels Philip Waring Science Department: 20-21 Paul Bradstreet Paul Duchane Stan Gleason Mrs. Marilyn Hibshman A. J. Kleinmann John Leonard Manuel Martins Mary Moore A. Lovell Parsons Francis Speck 0. Myrtle Wardrup History Department: 22-23 James Brennan Raymond Brock John Carter Marilyn Clark John Furey John Kania Raymond Lane Edward McCaffrey Donald McPhail Louise Nickas Gerald O’Neil John Radcliffe Gregg Smith David Wise Vocational Department: 24-25 Leo Amero John Budrow Horace Gibran Casper Lewis George Perry Carlo Sinagra Kenneth Smith Leroy Spittle Kenneth Stickney Harvel Vail Business Department: 26-27 Devon Bergengren Verna Carbone B. Christopherson Eleanor Blanchard Katheryn Davis Donat Femino Harvey Korobkin Shirley LaFrance Thomas O ' Donnell Jeannette Ortins Salvatore Randazza Alge Viatones Music Department: 28 Irving Anderson Robert Puff Theater: 28 Nancy Webber School Nurse: 28 Marion Forbes Special Education Department: 29 Maroy Patrick Bill Weller Athletic Department: 29 Rita Araujo Maryellen Callahan Robert Delisle Kathleen McKenna Kent Robarts Librarian: 29 Dorothy Londergon Art Department: 30 Mary Nugent Frank Petronzio Industrial Arts Department: 31 Paul Goodwin Milton Harris Vernon Hooper Robert Wagner Cafeteria: 32-33 JOHN BEAIJDETTE — President DENISE HEBERT - Treasurer KATHRYN HEMMER Secretary SENIORS 1970 WARREN ADAMS NEIL ALBERTSON ALAN ALEXANDER CYNTHIA ALLEN MARK ALLEN JACQUELYN ALMEDIA LOIS ALVES BRUCE AMERO 36 MICHAEL BERTOLINO PAULA BERTOLINO VITA-MARIE BERTOLINO CHARMAINE BORGE THOMAS BORGE ARTHUR BEVILACQUA DAVID BLANCHARD 40 DENISE BOUCHIE LUCIA BHANCALEONE ROBERT BRADFORD FRANCIS BREWER CYNTHIA BRIGHAM KAREN BOWSER EARL BARNES JOHN BRISBOIS DEBORAH BROWN SUSAN BUCKLEY JAMES BROWN MICHAEL BUDROW CANDACE BROWN LINDSAY BROWN GARY BURKE RICHARD BURTON MM SHARON BURKE ROBERT BUNGE MICHAEL BURBRIDGE JACQUELYN BURNHAM NINA CALOMO SARAH CHIANCIOLA WAYNE CAMPBELL STEPHEN CELLUCCI MERRY C.ANILLAS JACQUELYN CHERMESINO LOUIS CATALINI JOANNE CARTER I NANCY CHISHOLM FRANCINE CIARAMITARO JEROME CIARAMITARO JOSEPH CIARAMITARO SALVATORE CIARAMITARO CHRISTOPHER GARCIA ANTONINA CILUFFO LAURA CILUFFO 45 RICHARD CORBETT MAUREEN CRESSEY WILLIAM CROSSEN NANCY CROWN- INGSHIELD LINDA COMEAU ROBERT COONEY JOANNE COOPER 46 GEORGEANN CURRIER DEBORAH CUSHING RONALD CUNAH PHILIP CURCURU JANELLE CUSICK MICHAEL DALEY BETSY DEERING MARIA DaSILVA JOHN DAVIS DEBORAH DAY CAROLE DeCOSTE MARY DeCOSTE JOANN DANIELS EDWARD DEVLIN AUDREY DUNPHY COLLEEN DuPONT STEPHEN DUSSORD NANCY DUSTON PAUL DeMARCO ADOLPH DENNIS RICHARD DeVEAU SANDRA FERRANT JOANNE FRONTIERO JOSEPHINE FRONTIERO CAROL FRONTIERRO PAULFERRIERO THERESA FORT A DO SUSAN FORTIER JOAN FRONTIERO SUSAN GAR RON PIETRINA GENOVESE VI NCI E GENOVESE DONNA GENTILE JOSEPH FRONTIERRO LINDA FULEORD MARIA GAIPO KEVIN CASPAR MICHAEL GILARDI MICHAEL GILLESPIE ANNE GILARDI NANCY GOLDMAN GEORGE GOODHUE SUZANNE GOODICK CYNTHIA GOODWIN MICHAEL GOULART JUDITH GOODWIN VIRGINIA GOODWIN LINDA GOULTER KAREN GREELEY 55 CURTIS GREENE THERESA GRILLO MARY HARNISH RUSSELL GRINNELL ROSE MARIE GUARRASI SANDRA HARTY CHRISTINE GUITTARR RICHARD HESSE THOMAS HI EL SANDRA HAWORTH MARY HINKLEY WILLIAM HENDRICKSON LOIS HILTON CHARLENE HILSHEY KATHLEEN HASKINS JEFF HOBBS PATRICIA HINKFEY CYNTHIA HODGKINS EFFEN HOFFAND LAWRENCE INGERSOFL THOMAS IOVANNE ROBERT HUBBARD GEORGE HOLMES LAWRENCE JORDAN KATE KIDDER MIRIAM KALINA LINDA JOHNSON DAVID JOSEPHSON SHARON KEARSEY CLARENCE KING ROSEMARIE KECYK BARBARA LANDER STEPHEN LANE THERESA LANE SALLY KNOWLTON SHELLEY LAUTZENHEISER PAULA LaFLAM CYNTHIA LAWSON PHILIP LAIDLAW SEBASTIAN LO VASCO YVETTE LUMBARD COLLEEN LESTER EDITH LINSKY DOUGLAS LOW GARY LOVETTE 62 JAMES MacKENZIE DEBORAH MARCHANT MARK LUNDBERG CHRISTINE MAKI ANGUS MacFEELEY 63 JOSEPH MARCHANT MARGARET MARK KAREN MARTIN DEBORAH MARKHAM WILLIAM MARSHALL BRAD MARQUES PAMELA MARTELL ROCHELLE MARQUES ROGER MATTSON SEBASTIAN McDonald dana McCollum COLLEEN McGRATH ELEANOR McGRATH JANICE McKAY SMITH McKAY SANDRA MELANSON KATHRYN MERCHANT MARILYN MEADOWS WILLIAM McKECHNIE vJ WILLIAM McLELLAN MICHAEL McNAIR 66 JOANN MOCERI SUSAN MIONE BRENDA MITCHELL JOSEPH MISURACA BARBARA MOORE RICHARD MORRIS RICHARD MUSE VENCE NICASTRO JOHN NICASTRO MARYANN NICKERSON DONALD OAKES RICHARD OBERLING ROBERT OBERLING DONNA O ' BRIEN 69 STEPHAN PALAZZOLA CASPAR PALLAZOLA DONNA PALAZOLA MARY PALAZOLA ANTONINO ONORIO ROBERT O’MALEY 70 NALD PALMER PHILIP PAR LSI ANITA PARISI HELEN PARSONS G. JOHN PARISI 71 LYNNE PARSONS ANDREW PASTAGAL KAREN PEARSON MARK PELOQUIN CATHY PER RIGO DIANA PERRINE SHEILA PERRY RA LPH PERRIN 72 DOUGLAS PIKE THOMAS PHINNEY RALPH PIERCE BARRETT PETT STEPHEN PINA ROSALIE PISCITELLO MICHAEL POWELL KATHERINE PSALIDAS 73 DAWN READER KATHLEEN PURDY MICHAEL PURDY JAMES REDMOND ALBERT RICH DANIEL RAYCROFT 74 KATHLEEN RUGGLES RICHARD RODGERS MARSHA RUNDGREN PAULA RUSSO ELIZABETH ROLAND LINDA ROSE 75 JEFFERY RUTCHIK SHARON RYAN MARIA SAN PAFO GREGORY SARGENT ANDREA SATAMA MARCIA SALLES ROSE SANFILIPPO CHARLES SALAH 76 CHARLES SCANCAS MARY SCHLECK CATHERINE SHARAMITARO ROBERTA SHEEDY CYNTHIA SILVEIRA MICHAEL SAVILLE CHRISTINE SAWYER DAVID SAULNIER 77 WILLIAM SPINNEY TERRY SOUZA THOMAS SPITTLE EMILY SIMONDS ELLEN SOYA BONNIE SMITH LARRY SULLIVAN RAYMOND SUTHERLAND STEPHEN SWETT SUZANNE STANTON CHERIE SILVA DAVID STENBURG ROBERT SWINSON MARY TEDESCO STEVEN TELLES CYNTHIA THERRIEN BRENT TARR DIANA TARR PAULA TARR 80 KENNETH TITILAH JOAN TOMPKINS DIANE TROY FORREST TUCKER GLENN THURSTON DOMINIC VADALA DONALD VADALA EDMOND VALLEE 81 LAI KI VICTORINE MAUREEN VIEIRA LAURI WALEN CYNTHIA WALK AM A HUGH WAYNE JOHN WELT 82 CAROL WHYNOTT ROBERT WHITE DIANE WHITE LESLIE WILE SUSAN WHITE THERESA WILKINS ROSS WISUTSRIE FAYE WONSON JANE WOOD WAYNE WOODRUFF WILLIAM WORCESTER RONNIE WOODINCTON HAROLD WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS JON WILSON 84 SUSAN JANE SARGENT Dec. 27, 1 9 52 -April 30, 1968 Brief were my days among you, and briefer still the words I have spoken. But should my voice fade in your ears, and my love vanish in your memory, then I will come again. And with a richer heart and lips more yielding to the spirit will I speak. Yea, I shall return with the tide. And though death may hide me, and the greater silence en- fold me, yet again will I seek your understanding. And not in vain will I seek. If aught 1 have said is truth, that truth shall reveal itself in a dearer voice, and in words more kin to your thoughts. — Kahlil Gibran 86 GLOUCESTER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL 87 PRINT SHOP Under the direction of Mr. Harvel R. ail, the boys in the print shop are taught the basic funda- mentals of the printing industry, including hand and machine set composition, the operation of hand-fed and automatic platen presses, automat- ic cylinder presses, and offset presses. Bindery and stock-cutting procedures are also included in the course. The related classroom work consists of layout and design, printers mathematics, and trade science. Upon graduation, the student may ex- pect to be placed in the industry. CARPENTRY SHOP The students in the carpentry shop are in- structed in the skills of woodworking and in the proper use of machines and materials involved in the trade. Framing, stair building, inside and outside finishing are also included in the shop work. The related classwork includes the study of small house plans and construction details, and the estimating and purchasing of materials. The graduates of the carpentry shop are able to suc- cessfully handle most carpentry jobs. FISHERIES SHOP The fishing industry is the oldest means of employment in Gloucester. Under the direction of Mr. Carlo Sinag- ra. the boys are taught marine technolo- gy, the fundamentals in the operation and maintenance of diesels, seamanship, navigation, and the construction of nets. Related classes consist of the study of modern seamanship, general related mathematics, boat construction, the his- tory of the sea, and the latest develop- ments in the fishing industry. Upon graduation, the students are ready for positions such as mates and engineers. ELECTRICAL SHOP The pupils of the electrieal shop, under the direction of Mr. Roy Spittle, learn methods of house and industrial wiring, sig- nal and telephone work, and the testing, repairing, and rewinding of motors and generators. The classroom courses provide sound training in the study of many types of electrical circuits, magnetism, and induction, meth- ods of electrical measurements, direct and indirect currents, ele- mentary electronics, and the stan- dards of the National Electrical Code. 94 AUTOMOTIVE SHOP Opportunities for employment in the automotive repair field are plentiful. 1 he boys in the automotive shop are given valuable training in this field under the direction of Mr. John Budrow. The course includes repairing transmissions, clutches, brakes, wheel alignment, and general repair work on live automo- biles. The many phases of a motor are thoroughly covered in the related class- room work. MACHINE SHOP The boys of the machine shop, under the instruction of Mr. Horace Gibran, are taught to run machines such as lathes, millers, grinders, shapers, plan- ers. and drill presses. The related course includes theory be- hind the machines, their uses, and the work they do. The students also learn mathematics concerning problems they will face in industry and how to read blueprints. After the completion of this course, many students seek employment at such places as United Shoe, Sylvan ia Co., and General Electric. 98 IDEAL SENIORS TINA PSALIDAS ROSS WISUTSKIE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED DEB CUSHING BILL HENDRICKSON 02 MOST BASHFUL LINDA COMEAU DANA BARRATT MOST SCHOOL- SPIRITED DONNA PALAZOLA JEFF HOBBS 103 CLASS SWEETHEARTS SANDI FERRANT TOM IOVANNE CLASS FLIRTS ELLEN SOVA MIKE McNAIR 104 MOST ARGUMENTA- TIVE CANDY BROWN BILL McKECHNIE FRIENDLIEST MARY ANN (NICKY) NICKERSON JOHN WELT MOST DARING PEGGY MARR ED VALLEE CLASS CLOWNS KATHY HEMMER BILL ADAMS 106 MOST SOPHISTICATED EMILY SIMONDS MARK LUNDBERG BEST LOOKING DAWN READER PHIL PARISI . jr tm m JP r W — ' I % 107 MOST POPULAR JACKIE CHERMISINO JOHN BEAUDETTE BEST DRESSED UISA O ' MALEY SKIP GRINNELL MOST GULLIBLE NANCY CHISHOLM BRAD MARQUES CHARMAINE ' CHARLIE” BORGE MIKE BUDROW MOST ATHLETIC 109 CLASS INDIVIDUALS SARA HARMON DAVID BLANCHARD MOST TALENTED VICKY BAYLISS ADOLF DENNIS 1 10 HONORS TO THE CLASS OF 1970 SAWYER MEDALS. Marv Anderton, Victoria Bayliss, John Beaudette, Deborah Cushing, Cheryl Edmonds, Cheryl Favalora, Pietrina Genovese, Vincie Genovese, Suzanne Goodick, Denise Hebert, William Hendrickson, Eleanor McGrath, Katherine Psalidas, John Welt, Diane White, Wayne Woodruff NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Lois Alves, Mary Anderton, Sally Azevedo, Victoria Bayliss, John Beaudette, Arthur Bevilacqua, Candace Brown, Nancy Crowningshield, Deborah Cushing, Joann Daniels, Cheryl Edmonds, Valentina Favazza, Theresa Fortado, Pietrina Geno- vese, Vincie Genovese, Suzanne Goodick, Mary Grillo, William Hendrickson, Patricia Hinckley, Theresa Lane, Douglas Low, Eleanor McGrath, Nancy Murphy, Donna Pallazola, Sheila Perry, Katherine Psalidas, Richard Rodgers, Linda Rose, Marsha Rundgren, Emily Simonds, Bonnie Smith, Stephen Swett, Lauri Walen, John Welt, Diane White, Ross Wisutskie, Wayne Woodruff NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS OF COMMENDATION: Victoria Bayliss, Deborah Cushing, Kathleen Faherty, Emily Simonds, Bonnie Kay Smith JUNIOR ROTARIANS: John Beaudette, W illiam Hendrickson, William Jones, Douglas Low, Mark Lundberg, Barrett Pett, Ross Wisutskie, Wayne Woodruff HARVARD BOOK PRIZE: W ayne Woodruff COLLEGE WOMEN’S CLUB AWARD: Deborah Cushing DELEGATE TO GIRLS’ STATE: Nancy Murphy DELEGATES TO BOYS’ STATE: William Hendrickson, Wayne Woodruff STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY DELEGATE: John Beaudette D.A.R. GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD: Eleanor McGrath OUTSTANDING TEENAGERS OF AMERICA: Deborah Cushing, Eleanor McGrath, Barrett Pett III It was September, 1969, the students were restless; the faculty, worried. As ten- sions rose, Pres. John Beau- dette called a closed meeting in the GHS auditorium. The dress code, once again, was the issue. With the full sup- port of the student body, the Council successfully pre- sented our case to the Ad- ministration, and the dress code was abolished. NATIONAL " HONOR SOCIETY Early in November National Honor Society members were seen scurrying in and out of Miss Perry’s English office carrying strange looking parcels. Had the club finally invented the bigger and better candy bar? What would happen at the regular monthly meeting? It wasn’t a tea they were preparing for, but an excit- ing auction. A.F.S. " All right— who stole Karen ' s boo- merang — just for that you don’t get any vegemite and you have to sell stationery for the next three years.” That’s how it went at the AFS talk-in. J) h i S j any+hi ng about Chicken We’re from Gloucester High School and no one could be prouder!Vi7 Being: a mascot is hard work! I ' ve been flying around this school for years, and not once has anybody even opened a door for me. At least the kids on the BEACON appreciate me. Every issue I get a nice two-page spread; and those poems positivelv inspirational — not to mention the prose and artwork . . . 118 drill TEAM A HAPPY GROUP PRESENTS A HAPPY PLAY BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE THIS WASN’T MY IDEA OF A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM! 121 CHESS CLUB MATH LEAGUE Faster than an IBM computer, more powerful than a speeding slide rule, able fo complete tall equations in a single bound — SOCIAL ACTIVITIES CLUB o o QOOOOOOOOOOO 129 MEMBER OF THE Why you got a lump on you head as big as an egg! 130 ACTING I CLASS Janice and Jarvis show Frankie and her father and John JJenry and his mother the ring. I didn’t get elected to your club — get off my property . . . WEDDING BY CARSON McCULLERS Lots of okra, peas, fresh from my garden. No, it jest don ' t do GIRLS’ RIFLE TEAM HEALTH ACTIVITIES CLUB LATIN AMERICAN CLUB 133 GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB GLOUCESTER HIGH FLASH FLASH - Eleanor McGrath, mild-mannered reporter, seen stepping into a phone booth outside the Gloucester Daily Times. FLASH - Bruce Tobey emerges shaken after a conference with Mr. Natti about last week s editorial. FLASH - Debbie Marr is mugged in GHS lobby — assailant seen wearing yellow pants and pink sweater. FLASH - Nobody knows who’s who. FLASH - Bill Hendrickson, good sport, covers the latest basketball game from the bask- et. FLASH - — So that you’ll know where the action is. MAJOR MAJOR STEVEN TELLES JOHN BEAUDETTE LT. COLONEL LT. COLONEL CADET COLONEL RUSSELL GRINELL DOUGLAS LOWE BARRETT PETT MAJOR LT. COLONEL WAYNE WOODRUFF STEPHEN CELLUCCI COMMANDER WILLIAM CROSSEN ROSS RON BILL DANA TOM TIM WISUTSKIE PINO CROSSEN BARRETT BORGE SANBORN Where am I? SERGEANT MAJOR MICHAEL McNAIR 139 COMPANY COMMANDERS t -im L i m t m |j - 1) Hi w . ■» ■ Mht .If £B ■ . ' I i IV ,mm: •« ' ® - ™ Commanders are, left to right. Back nnc: Capt. Richard Anderson, Capt. John elttA-apeARichard Morris, Capt. Douglas Pike, Capt. Alan Alexander, Capt. Thomas Spittle. Front row: Capt. James Favalora, Capt. Dominic Voda- la, Capt. Ric hard Corbett, Capt. Bruce Amero. 140 BAND LEADERS 1st LT. STEPHEN LANE CAPTAIN WILLIAM McKECKNIE GRENADIER COMMANDERS . . • . ssjss i m 1st ET. JACK PARIS CAPTAIN WILLIAM HENDRICKSON 141 COLONEL THOMAS H. TAYLOR SERGEANT RICHARD HUBBARD SERGEANT EMERY C. JONES SERGEANT JAMES CRITCH R.O.T.C. SERGEANT RICHARD HUBBARD COLONEL THOMAS TAYLOR SERGEANT EMERY JONES SERGEANT JAMES CRITCH SERGEANT DOMINIC CANNIZZARO SERGEANT JOHN R. McNAMERA 143 OFFICER S PARTY PRIZE SQUAD 1st: BAND, WILLIAM SCHULTZ 2nd: D CO., BRUCE AMERO 3rd: E CO., R. ANDERSON 144 INDIVIDUAL DRILL 2nd PLACE: WILLIAM HARMON 3rd PLACE: RONALD BATSON 1st PLACE: ROBERT McEACHERN 145 SCORES 69-70 BASKETBALL FOOTBALL Gloucester 22 Lvnn English (Jamboree) 27 Gloucester 8 Swampscott 42 Gloucester 67 Lynn Classical 70 Gloucester 8 Newburvport 36 Gloucester 57 Beverly 54 Gloucester 20 Marblehead 26 Gloucester 59 Lynn Classical 73 Gloucester 7 Peabodv 28 Gloucester 54 Saugus 52 Gloucester 20 Beverly 16 Gloucester 46 W inthrop 74 Gloucester 16 Woburn 33 Gloucester 58 Marblehead 75 Gloucester 8 W inthrop 22 Gloucester 39 Newbury port 77 Gloucester 28 Amesbury 30 Gloucester 58 Amesbury 38 Gloucester 28 Danvers 38 Gloucester 43 Swampscott 64 Gloucester 35 Danvers 41 High Scorer — Abrose Orlando Gloucester 43 Saugus 53 6 touchdowns Gloucester 58 W inthrop 80 Gloucester 46 Marblehead 49 Gloucester Gloucester 47 64 Newburvport Amesbury 57 35 HOCKEY Gloucester 45 Swampscott 69 Gloucester 57 St. Peter’s 45 Gloucester 7 Salem 0 Gloucester 37 Danvers 57 Gloucester 7 St. Mary’s 0 Gloucester 4 St. John’s 5 High Scorer — Mark Lundberg — 272 points Gloucester 3 Lynn English 2 NEC Scoring Champio nship — Mark Lundberg Gloucester 0 Peabody 7 Gloucester 1 Malden Catholic 3 Gloucester 3 Lynn Classical 0 Gloucester 1 Beverly 3 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Gloucester 1 inthrop 2 Gloucester 0 Saugus 3 Gloucester 30 Rock port 53 Gloucester 3 Swampscott 3 Gloucester 14 Rockport 55 Gloucester 0 Marblehead 2 Gloucester 22 Lynn Classical 19 Gloucester 5 Amesbury 2 Gloucester 33 Salem 61 Gloucester 6 Danvers 4 Gloucester 34 W inthrop 24 Gloucester 24 Salem 47 High Scorer — W ayne Saunders Gloucester 32 Lvnn Classical 9 12 goals 7 assists Gloucester 20 W inthrop 40 Gloucester 40 Georgetown 31 High Scorer — ’’Chari ie” Borge — 99 points 146 x Ko BASKETBALL l b uj ill G-OUil E I IVSHL WISE » CR ? R I M M a TIM H c COMISK e X C Jj c pucK TRACK 8 ’ v TEMs IS ' u WKW.V Rl CI i r r CO CH t q U y o L FOOTBALL 69-70 MIKE BUDROW ROSS WISUTSKIE TRI- CAPTAINS BILL CROSSEN 150 ERLEADERS JANE DONNA CHARLIE LIISA JACKIE TINA CHEERING SQUAD - Standing: Tina Psalidas, Donna Palazola, Jackie Chermisino, Lisa O’Maley. Kneeling: Dina Caulfield, Joanne Nicholson, Nancy Andrews, Faye Doyle, Lee Doucette, Debbie Meuse. 156 BASKETBALL 69-70 ALAN ALEXANDER CAPT. MARK LUNDBERG A JEFF LYNCH 157 JOHN BRISBOIS RALPH PIERCE JEFF RUTCHIK wm _ CO-CAPTAIN ROSS WISUTSKIE CO-CAPTAIN DANA BARRETT BRAD MARQUES iT ,••• ’ «JV, «• v.. e.fc ' syt 2 ?: K ' - di I ‘ ‘IX • s % ' «vri i • .« ii,» »v.mwv«: • • j • ; • r r . ✓ . ' J • I; I ' • • •• J I.- V- . W .Y r ■Vr-a " -V ; “’ •■••5 •«.. . _ u, s. a •: JMT ' , . : ■ ■ • ■ f • ! » ' i- » .t | . v | § ?« ' ■ " i • «•• MUM • ., gg?cv - - • •••:■• r ; :y- .:.-, j t § p8$ f • " -!■ ill • %. •f-i i V Hl - ■“ • ' ? • ' • ,VVA ...... .v •‘.•••i V «“ :,v: r " : ■tilj A ’V taaraK ' . ' . ... .... ‘•‘‘ ’-- i :huK y4k VN. ' ■ ' “•• • .«»• .V- ‘‘“i •K t •. . • [ V . v v . atw. i ‘.iVif f ' ' ‘ t 1 i « ,. , ». k r . • • • it % us • • • ' a •• • 4 • « • n tv " ••••-••■• 4 x r j ' • i yjl A . • •r i ■» u V ' " . i , •V ■V-7- , ' j y5» i Cfo i y ”“ ,v , . M . . .-J. »4 Hi . % ' till] ' x SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER QJ -c JE -Q 3 Qj QJ 2 o £ .”3 QJ c« 2 -, QJ _C -3 3h C 4- 3 cd a «- -C bL 2 V- CD -a 4- 3 3 C £ 2 £ 0J 2 - o-— _ c £ 3 3 _Q 3= 03 . 1 “3 J 2 — i ' u ! S a rs DECEMBER hfi .5 C cO B. C D O •- CJ a j c 3 o o t ' b a , w 5 _c o 4— i- cO •“ s- — O c 3 i c " O qj c 03 u 03 C 3 03 U bJj tL c Sm 03 O CJ CQ CD — = 60 CO 3 X 1 1 i — o o o. 03 O. r c 3 Uh £ S O u - 03 3 C 03 o QC O " CJ 03 03 s -S b£ 03 S— 03 C 3 r q ’ qj 3 03 -C tac CQ IS CJ CD ' V S— qj O i— -Q qj G are C 3 ■£ -c £ E c 03 ha C D g q o ,ts C 3 CO x ' J-. qj o — «c qj CJ 03 u E Vh CJ t © 3 2 © D- 03 c 3 _ .22 03 C 03 ° FEBRUARY THE CLASS OF ’7 I PRESENTS " THE GRASS ROOTS” VY 177 ALAN A. ALEXANDER, JR. " Ace” " Al” I: Diane; Basketball; Good Harbor Beach; getting psyched; I.W.T.P.B.; Nice or what? Legs; parties!; Turk; Wrong side of the road??; P.A.G.H.B.; skiing. Act: Basketball; Tennis; Cross Coun- try; Prize Squad; Individual Drill; Thes- pians. H: Company Commander of " C” Company; Student Council Representa- tive. Am: To live life to its fullest without yielding to any man except to God and njy father. CYNTHIA A. ALLEN ’’Cindy” I: DANA; 6 11 69; the moose; What ' s that?; Yih!; yana snoogal; smile; 12 25 69; Rockport; promises; no money?!; pinkie”; Big-Brother?; sum- mer ' 69; memories, ask Ann, Chris; shooting stars; " I got idea”; talks with Andy; 7. Am: To never let the sun catch me crying. JACUELYN J. ALMEIDA ’Jackie” I: Mouse; 5 30 69; Green Slime”; Sand-pebbles — Joanne; Roast Duck; State; A.C.; Lynde”; Mac’s; China- land; sisters; N.H.; you shtarted; three Is; Kyle; 1 22 70; boulevard; The Cave; toofuu; Roberta! Bali-Hai-Babies; 7 8 69; Help, Barrv! H: Type Award. Am: To make the most of every mo- ment with him. LOIS ALVES I: The gang, riding — ask Diana; Uncles, balistics, C block study; talking (sometimes); M.M. — fun(?); dismissed; Paula’s Parties; football games — ask Kim; common; The Canteen — ask Candy. Act: Flash ; Flicker Committees; Thespians. H: National Honor Society. Am: To do something worthwhile BRUCE D. AMERO I: LINDA; 5 10 68; skiing; 60 Chevy, summer 68, 69; ’’you see it Good” ask Bob, guitar, music; LePa- ge’s?; the old group. Act: Freshman Football; J.V. Base- ball; Gym Leader. H: Captain; D Companv Command- er; Prize Squad; Typing Award I. Am: To graduate from a teacher’s college, get a job, and get out on my own. HUGHES S. AMERO, JR. Hughie” I: Summer " 69”; the pits; 62 Chevy; Salisbury Beach; parties; go carts; base- ball; hockey, girls, summer " 68.” Act; R.O.T.C. Band. H: Platoon Sergeant. Am: To succeed in whatever I at- tempt to do and to make my parents proud of me. KIM VICTORIA ANDERSON 1: Summer ’67; that ride; raincoat — ask Yvette; Chinaport — ask Paula; Uncles; PJ parties in " pig alley”; Pau- la’s Parties. Act: Drill Team; Spectacular Drill; Floormaster’s Assistant; Pep Club; Girls ' Intramurals; French Club; Flick- er, Flash. H: Staff Sergeant. Am: To face all mv problems with a smile. PHILLIP A. ANDERSON ’Andy” I: Football; Hockey; Tony’s Pool Hall; Villa; Essex 2; Cindy’s long talks; King’s Grant; Crane’s Beach; The Lawrence Guys; the Newburyport Guys. Act: Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Am: Change my life to fit the world of tomorrow. RICHARD A. ANDERSON I: June 6, 1993: Halloween 68; Crane’s Beach; OB; 3 lunches; The Villa; The Rink; Art’s Pool Room; off grounds; Seattle Patriots. Act: 25 Times Club; Detention; Prize Squad 68, 69, 70; Individual Drill; Haskell Drill. H: First Place Prize Squad 68; Capt. E Company. Am: To be me. TH ELTON ANDERSON " Thel” 1: Baseball, basketball, chess; " Ecal- pemos”; Marsh’s wagon; The mighty ebony monster; ask Terri. Act: Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 2; Baseball 2; Orchestra 2, 3. H: Sawyer Medal; Chess Club Trea- surer 2, Captain 3, Coach-Captain 4; S.F.C., R.O.T.C. Band 4. Am: To find the way in. MARY JEAN ANDERTON ’’Maya,” " Mare” " MJ,” " Suzi” I: MARK: ’63 Dodge Dart; GT III; summer of ’67; class of ’68; the castle; ask Dyanne; 8 11 68; Boston; My car — Mo!; No way; huh, Debbie?; " it died”; Ffup’s Squeakers; 2nd floor supply room; GMAB; Signs — ask Sandi; 11 10 68; dumdeedumdee”; NJ RU; The Bathroom; el creepo. Act: Audio Visual; Rainbow; Special Books Class. H: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Soeietv. Am: To find myself. RONALD ANSTESS Ronnie” I: Surf; Camel; Nookie; T-Bird; Free- ky things; One time; Point Judith; The Rock. H: Corporal in R.O.T.C. Am: To make it in the world. THERESA MARIA APTT " Teri,” " Sarge” I: Teri’s trips; ask Cheryl, Pat’s Homemade Bomb, Jewish MacDo- nald’s; ask Marilyn, N.H., laughing spells. No. 4, Boston, I guess!, Chinese Restaurants, Good Tymes, People; Hockey. Act: Girls Basketball Team; Pep Club. H: Typing Awards. Am: To make my life, and the people around me happy. CHRISTINE VINCENTIA ARNOLD " Christy” I: LIFE; people and places; traveling; the trip; summer ’68; " On the Rocks”; colours; The Corner; Cookie Monster!; Rebels; Chinaport; Jamboree ’69 (HA!); Rm. 347; Parties; Hyper-activity; TWO! Act: Frank ' s Room!; Thespians I; " Flash I.” H: Treasurer of Picassoettes. Am: To share with mankind all that I am. SANDRA JEAN A R VILLA " Sandie” I: 5 28 67, Dave, weekends; Wed. nights, C.S. 1 , 2, 3 Red Lights. $3,000. Garrison House; souvenirs; Seacroft; LETTERS!; Itakesathief; Spving — ask Kathy?; Chateau de Ville, ”69.” Act: Girls ' Basketball; Student Secre- tary; H.R. Representative; Pep Club; Flicker Staff. H: Typing Awards; Gymnastic Achievement Awards; Delegate for S.G.D.; Honor Business Club. Am: To walk with HIM through the path of eternity. SALLY AZEVEDO 1: Is that a brook?; ask Bobbie; Dec. 12; Friendly’s; New York!; MacDo- nald’s; Sunday Rides!; Ernie and Bill; Beach; Doc. Act: National Honor Society; Honor Business Club. H: Typing Award. Am: To remember: Today is the first day of the rest of my life. PHILIP PAUL BADONI " Phil” " Bodiui” I: Music; dances; Hello Dolly; John B’s Variety; Ford Shelby GT’s; MacDo- nald’s; Go Bruins; Go Red Sox. Act: Skating; Softball; trying to play Basketball. H: Squad Leader. Am: To walk in this beautiful world and to make peace for whomever I meet. DANA R. BARRATT " Dane” I: Lynn-arena; 11; Loggin; Drive- in; Gip’s parties; signs; area; Barnyard Ball; Feeble” U.F.C.; Summer ’69; I sideroad; Flicus; Boston Garden; Nuck- | ie; Bud; The States; Jones ’es Greek. Act: Hockey; M.P.’s. H: Co-Captain, Hockey; Gym Lead- er; Sergeant. Am: To get a good job and be suc- cessful at it and to make mv father proud of me. KATHERINE SUSAN BARRATT " Sue,” " Myrtle” " Blue-Meanie,” " Doonka” I: TommAy! See it? mmm? (ask Jane); Doonki!; Nyow! Beep! Beep! (ask Rhoda); ’ Webbie”; ’ Hipherni”; High- way (ask Karen); Newburyport bus (ask Sue); Fweddy”; R.L.; Halloween 69; Acting. Act: Thespians; Y.P.F. H: Secretary Thespians; President Y.P.F. Am: To pursue a career in dramatics i with Karen. BONNIE MARGARET BARRY ’Benny” 1: That Certain Someone”; A.G.H.; Mac’s; Those Rides to Manchester; ask Joan; T.O.D.; ask Edie; 11 22 69; | Music; New York; Tardiness. Act: Junior Volunteers 1; Future Nurses of America 3; Student Secreta- ries 3, 4. H: Tvping Awards. Am: To spread happiness wherever I g°- VICTORIA BAYLISS I: Dancing; Oral interp.; Puck; Books; People; File Card Points! Act: Thespians; Gloucester Heritage j Scholars. H: National Honor Society; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commenda- tion; French III and Latin III Book ! Prizes; Voted Most Talented. DIANE E. BEDARD " Choppa,” " Lucy” I: the freak; 12 26 69; corner; | SMILE!; Blivetts; wheerie — Chris; | black puddle jumper; mind and soul; | They’ll make you happy”; cups — ask Pete; freckles; " now . . . please”; Bos- j ton; octopus; understanding; oh . . . wow — Deb; avlisetep; the face; gorilla? 178 Act: Floormaster’s Secretary. Am: To be rather than seem. JOANNE FLORENCE BERTOLINO " Joey” ”Hey Joe” I: BRUCE, halloween night; goo baby; Pearl ' s; Jed’s Dog — ask Upper; June 13, 69 ask D.T.; all Lindsay’s troubles; Parties of " 68 " ask Geor- geann; Snap Snap and dinasours. Act: Girls’ Basketball Team; Student Secretary; Jr. Volunteers; Pep Club; In- tramurals; Flicker Staff; Usherette. H: Tvping Awards I and II; Jr. Vol- unteers Award; Floormaster’s Assist- ant; Homeroom Representative. Am: It’s important to be understood, but more important to understand. MICHAEL A. BERTOLINO " Birdie” I: The W.E. Corner; Girls; Drug Store, Joe Monty’s; sports; Beach, P.S.; MacDonald ' s; Back Shore Ride; Skat- ing; Skiing; Hunting; were am I! SHOP; What did you get today; Ask Fran. Act: Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; Early Corner Guard. H: 2nd Lieutenant R.O.T.C. Am: To make my parents proud of me, and to succeed in the electronics field. VITA-MARIE BERTOLINO " Vee” " Bert” I: Him; Boulevard; Good Harbor Beach; Crane ' s; 3 22 69 and 1 29 70; ask Marsha; summer of " 69”; P.J. Parties; ask Judy; 11 P.M. Breather; 11 22 69; Wow!; The Rub down. Act: Pep Club; Social Activities Club; Student Secretary. H: Typing Awards. Am: To succeed in life. A. ARTHUR BEVILACUA " Art " " Artie Bee” " Smiley” I: Debbie Markham; October 18, 1969; Down River; Sailing; the Bridge; the Hill; 1:30 on that rainy night; the shop; electronics; things that break; the Framus; Koi Shimasu; 83 years. Act: Freshman Math League. H: R.O.T.C. 1st Lieutenant; National Honor Society. Am: To try hard and to prove to ev- eryone that I can do something right. DAVID BLANCHARD I: already?; Crane’s Beach; Blues; hide and seek; electric banjo; Blue meanies; water; strawberry; Oct. 15, 1969; hungry muchies. Act: Smoking Behind the Gym. Am: To find out what it is that I’m looking for and to get off. CHARMAINE M. BORGE " Charlie” I: PETE; 11 8 68; 85; Whistle; Plum Cove; sports; Peter and Chick; 00 + 25; M.O.B.S.; everything; all times; nookie bubbles. Act; Cheerleader; Girls’ Basketball; Softball Teams; Gym Leader; Student Secretary. H: Typing Award; Physical Educa- tion Awards; Co-Capt. Girls’ Basketball Team. Am: To reach the eternal goal of my soul and to walk hand in hand across the endless sands of time forevermore with h e who loves. THOMAS FRANCIS BORGE " Tom” " Orgy” I: Betsy; 5 10 69; Mondays sum- mer 69; Saturday nights; football; hock- ey; signs; loggin; barnyard ball; flicks; halftime talks; " Hang in there baby”; Boston Bruins; O.B.; sled; solo; Chicago Bears with Burke. Act: Football; Outward Bound. H: 2nd Place Prize Squad; M.P.’s; Staff Sergeant. Am: To live as I see fit. DENISE M. BOUCHIE I: Black Bomber; Summer of ' 69; R.P. Rd. — Flying Saucers; Bonnie’s prayer; s.m. 1.; K.H.’s Gang; 1-2-3 red- lights; Itakesathief; All night out Seaire — gonna ' leep?; " G-ing” — ask Kathy; C.S.; knees; bing!; midnight. Act: A.F.S.; S.A.C.; Pep Club; Stu- dent Secretary; Flicker Staff. H: Typing Award; Delegate to Stu- dent Gov. Day; Floormaster’s Asst.; H.R. Representative. Am: To greet each day with a smile, to be happy. MICHAEL G. BUDROW " Mike” " Bugga” I: P.R. 10 27 69; FOOTBALL; Weekend at Conway; " AREA”; Millbu- ry girls; parties at Wingy; K.J. 6 6 69; shoulder; fortune cookie; Alex??; C.S.; 1 win, 8 losses. Act; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3; R.O.T.C. H: Co-Captain Football team; N.E.C. All-Star Football team; All Scholastic Football team; Sergeant; First Lieuten- ant R.O.T.C. Am: To become more independent and to succeed. ROBERT JAMES BRADFORD " Bob” " KID” I: 9 4 69 the chase; 72 on apple; Good Fridav 69; Hey Doug; 325; " Pale Face”; DRUMS; AREA. Act: Football 1; Basketball 1; Puffies Marauders. H: R.O.T.C. Band, Drum Major, 1st Sergeant. Am: To go through life as an Easy Rider and not get shot down. LUCIA A. BRANCALEONE " Lu” I: people; Julius Caesar; music; Goo- ma; Wolfeboro, N.H., 9 21 68; Roch- ester Fair, Ask Ginny; 11 29 69; For How Much?; Talks. Act: G.F.T. Club. H: Typing Award. Am: To live in a world of peace, not violence; to live in a world of love, not hate. FRANCIS P. BREWER, JR. " Frank” I: The Merc; Summer of " 66” and ”68”; girls; Ro-Ro. Am: To be a success in life, and to make my mother proud of me. CYNTHIA ANN BRIGHAM " Cindy” I: All those crazy nights; big ideas, ask Linda; Saturday afternoons, ask Mary; 12:00; last summer; lOOw; " You know!” " You silly savage!”; Blvd; " What do you think this is, Christmas?” Am: To take the chance my parents never had and try to achieve my goal and not to lose the trust they have in me. JOHN RAYMOND BRISBOIS Bris” I: J.C.; BUT I DON’T -!; Pugsley’s Room, Hey Pecker; Ponderosa Pines; 19 A’s; Corner; g.r.r.; L.A. Act: Baseball; Basketball. H: Commander of Color Guard. Am: To succeed at my most ardent tasks. CANDACE S. BROWN " Candy” I: Uncles!; Rod McKuen — " Sloo- py,” G Blk. Chem. - LABS??; U.F.; selling candy; sensitivity; smiling eyes; SURPRISE; el Creepo. Act: Flicker Art Editor; " Beacon” Artist. H: National Honor Society; Superla- tives. Am: Just to know that those I love are happy. JAMES BROWN " Spotlight” I: Sports; music; TRAVEL; Girls. Act; Track Team; Football Team; Gym Leader; New York Sweenys. H: Co-Captain of Track Team. Am: To travel around the world. LINDSAY BROWN Lynn” " Kokomo” I: FLY; PURPLE UNDER- WEAR??; sharing Donovan’s tanger- ine; 4 10 68; That Blessed Hearst; 12 23 68 talks with Oda; Kidnapped by a dirty hippie; bumping noses in the night; UNITED. Am: Stay loving and giving, and to keep the faith, putting sunshine in my loved ones lives. SUSAN JEANNE BUCKLEY " Sue” I: 6 3 69; talks with Betty; water skiing; St. Peter’s; hockey, basketball; get psyched; summer; Boston Bruins. Act: A.F.S.; " Flash”; Pep Club; Flicker. H: Typing Awards; Youth Fitness Achievement Award. Am: " To share between friends of loves, of words, of sorrow, and of joy.” GARY RICHARD BURKE " Burk” I: Wendy 11 15 69; Journeys to Wellesly; Pn. Stock! The Hunt; S.P. (69), T.W.W.; Al’s Lake 8 20 69; Hockey, W.N.’s W.N.D.; Conomo, ask D.W.; A " Bug” Haircuts; PLENTY! A. R.A.’s. Ski! Nicks? Act: Basketball; Football. H: R.O.T.C., Platoon Sergeant. Am: To be successful in whatever I attempt and to make those I love happy. JACUELYN BURNHAM " Jackie” I: May 1968; Saturday Mornings; " Oh, no! Vacations; ask Laura; 8:15 train; C Block study; " White Socks” Room 343. Ask Linda; Riding around; bowling; Lvnn Arena; SWOLLEN WRIST; You dance cool. H: Typing Awards. Am: To make the most of life. To succeed in everything I attempt. RICHARD BURTON " Rich " I: Sandie; S R’s; overnighters; Sunbeam Alpine; almost; u-turns; elec- tronic organ; S.F.; Science; 1 4 70; Wow!; " Will it flv?”; Rambambler; " The Zoo.” Act: Sailing; Track; Rifle Team; Thespians. Am: To understand more. NINA S. CALOMO " Neen” I: Dave; our card games; 67 Impala; Dick’s; " soul”; Diamond Happiness 6 26 69; " My personal dream”; Disneyland; Betty’s; boulevard; tears; 64 malibu; memories; corner; 343; dancing; bowling; St. Peter’s Club; a CLIFF! Act: Homeroom Representative. H: Typing Awards. Am: To once again find true happi- ness and love and never let it go; to know in my heart that yesterday is only today’s memory but tomorrow is today’s 179 dream. WAYNE KENNETH CAMPBELL I: The Alleys; B.P. ' s; Pouring it out; Ha!; The Plant, ask Chuck, O.K.!; Celt- ics; BOWLING; Sports; 1 8 70; Tenn. 330; Wonderland; Topsfield. F.F. Act: Variety League; Doubles League. H: Staff Sergeant, Squad Leader; 2nd Lieutenant, Platoon Leader. Am: To become a success in whatev- er I mav venture. MERRY CHRISTINE CANILLAS " Merry” I: PETE; Art; The Family " ; Back Shore; Psych. E Blk.; THE CHURCH; wind and rain; seotamot; Boston; Hev Gu . how va doin?; Ask Doug and Gail; music; poetrv; Come Together; Hang in there! Peace. Act: Thespians. H: Typing II Award. Am: To create with every moment. JOANNE M. CARTER " Jo” I: " Brucie” Ask Theresa; summer 67; No. " 40”; ask sis; Red Sox; 10 14 68; 11 8 69; fights with Joan; ask Bonnie; No. 8; being absent; ask Leslie; Room 207; ask Edith; " Love”; flowers. Act: Pep Cluh. Am: To spread peace, love, and hap- piness throughout the world. STEPHEN DAVID CELLUCCI " Steve” I: SPORTS; girls; OB; Beach " 69; Dancing; R.O.T.C.; gymnastics; ask Steve. Act: V. Football; Track and Cross Country; Grenadiers; Gym Leader; Rifle Team; Prize Squad; Individual Drill; Intramural Sports. H: Captain, Rifle Team — Expert Medal, 1st Place Prize Squad, 1st Place Platoon Drill, Class Officer. Am: To achieve the highest goal in life. JACUELYN ANN CHERMESINO " Jackie” I: J.B.; Ponderosa Pines; But?; Pug- sley’s room; Netsie’s T. Party; Lez; Fusgs; Saunas; the Haunts. Act: Cheerleader; Girls ' Drill Team; Flash , Flicker; French Club; Chairman of Superlatives Committee; Student Council Representative; Youth Adviso- ry Council H: Head Cheerleader; Class Treasur- er 1, 2; S.F.C., 2nd Squad Leader Girls’ Drill Team; City Delegate; Junior Ush- erette. Am: Success, intelligence, and un- derstanding. SARAH JANE CHIANCIOLA " Sally” " Sal " I: B.A.D. 6 30 67; I am a Barbi- zon Girl”; E.P.Y.C.; Conomo Pt.? ask Nanc; 11:30; 1 27 70; talks, ask Crownv; The path; Itakesathief; Rail- roads, ask Sharon; Stay in school? Act: Girls ' Drill Team; A.F.S.; Flash. H: Commander Girls Drill Team; Junior Usherette; S.C. Rep.; H R. Rep.; Floormaster’s Secretary; Typing Award; Spectacular Drill. Am: To help someone” tollow a path of happiness to a destination of suc- cess. NANCY LOUISE CHISHOLM " Chis” I: V.G.W.; Julv 4th; mulled-up; 6 7 67; Ipswich stores; Ski Trips!; Harvev; flyin-scratchin wobblers; poi- son oak, E.P.Y.C.; Baskerville Hound- dorms?!; cemetery. Act: Girls’ Drill Team; Flash: Flick- er; Homeroom Representative; Floor- master’s Secretary. H: Typing Awards; Spectacular Drill. Am: To have my Impossible Dream come true. FRANCINE CIARAMITARO I: Kenny-Buddy?; Sergeant s party ' 69; December 12; That Saturday night! Ask Sally!; Summer ’69 — Doubling with John and Donna; you Grub!; Our Special place; Lobsters? — ask Pat! Act: Honor Business Club. H: Typing Award. Am: To live for the future and re- member the past. JEROME CIARAMITARO Jerry” I: EDIE; 1-20-70. E Block study. Ask Pam; Rip off; That’s ( lose; C Block study; 69 Animal Farm; B-Block Eng- lish; Good Times; Beatles. Am: To live in the future so that I will not regret it when it is in the past. SALVATORE J. CIARAMITARO " Sal” I: Sexy Rabbit; HORN POUT!; " Pearl’s Place”; Kathy’s fits; Cartoons with Marie; Haa-baa-chee!; All night at Wingersheek, Zeppelin; A.B.U.; Mohair Bathingsuit; Haunted House; Bottles — empty or full; Krishna; Uart from the pantry; " Black is Beautiful.” Am: To pursue new experiences. CHRISTOPHER CIARCIA " Bronson” 1: God; motorcycles; Chemistry; math; Marine Biology; and Girls. Act: Grenadiers; Marine Biology Cluh; West Gloucester Congregational Church Youth Group. H. M ember of Grenadiers; Buck Ser- geant, LT. (J6) G Company. Am: To devote my life to Jesus Christ and do whatever he wants. LAURA CILUEFO " Lau” 1: Joe; 7 20 69; S.E.B.; Summer ’69”; Midnight; work; cold nights; that night; 1 3 70. Act: Honor Business Club. H: To walk the road of happiness with joy in my heart for the future and a tear in my eye for the past. LINDA JEANNE COMEAU " Lvn” I : J R W .: 2 1 70; Iliya hiya mucka hiya!; hockey; SKIING; tonsapaper!; ask Nick; Greystone 14; 3:07; O.D. d; E.P.Y.C.; Siamese twins — AL- WAYS. Act: Drill Team; Student Council Rep.; Pep Club; Outward Bound; Flick- er Staff. H: Squad Leader; Spectacular Drill; Junior Usherette; Delegate to N.E.M.D.S.C. Convention; Nat l Ski Patrol. Am: To be happy. ROBERT COONEY Bid) " " Coon " I: 9 2 69 The Chase; Parties at Wingy; F„ D.; The Heaves; AREA; Detention; Buckv’s Office; Silver Bul- let; Ski Weekend at Conway; Transmis- sions; Doug’s Parties; 3 lunches; Skiing; Skating; Hockey; Good Friday " 69”; Hey Doug. Act: Hockey; Freshman J.V. Varsity. Am: To be successful at whatever I attempt. JOANNE COOPER I: Summers; Rockport; " 1970” plan- ets?; beach; S S; T.B. " 69” spaced?; Drive-in; underledge; sometime maybe? Am: To know, to love, and to be. MAUREEN CRESSEY " lard " I: Jimmy; 6 8 68; ’56 Chevy; Or- ange; B + B’s, ask Colleen; " Are you digging it,” ask Linda; 5 28 69; " Be- cause” OUR SCRAPBOOK; U.S.A.E.; J.B.; my watch and stereo. H: Typing Awards. Am: To understand and to be under- stood. WILLIAM P. CROSSEN " Bill” " Will” I: Football; Hockey; lobstering; flicks; halftime talks; Drive-In; Gip’s parties; lifting; barnyard ball; Doc’s of- fice; beating Beverly; Bears; area; B.P.L. Act: Football; Track; R.O.T.C. H: Co-Capt. Football; N.S. All- Scholastic Team; M.P. Commander; Outstanding Soph. Cadet; Outstanding Cadet Corporal. Am: To play college football. NANCY CREIGHTON CROWNINGSHIELD Nance” " Crowny” " Nancy Pants” I: J.J.P.; 8 10 68; Double Trouble; Hiva hiya mucka hiva; Dunk’s Dive; Farkels; Buckv’s Bunch; tent. Act: Girls’ Drill Team; Flicker; Pep Club; A.F.S.; Floormaster’s Assistant; Junior Volunteers. H: National Honor Society; Staff Sergeant; Typing Award; Honor Roll; Spectacular Drill. Am: To grow up unafraid, serene, and unashamed; whatever may happen. GEORGEANN CURRIER " Geo” I: JOHN — Hey Babes; specials; memories; 4 6 68; Back Seat; center- field; MacArthur’s park; 64- Malibu; parties; errands for John; talks; ask JoAnn; Diet; cuddles. Act: Rifle Team. Am: To walk with a smile for the fu- ture and a tear in mv eye for the past. DEBORAH BRADSTREET CUSHING " Deb” I: Oral interp.; travel; summer sports; people international affairs; Pink Kitty; the gallery; File card points; ducklings. Act: Flicker, Editor-in-Chief; Flash, Editor; National Honor Society; A.F.S., President and Vice President; French Club, Secretary; City Councillor, Junior Municipal Day; Action tutorial pro- gram; Beacon. H: National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation; Outstanding Teen- ager of America Award; Sawyer Medal; Latin II Book Prize; 2nd Prize, Editori- al and Feature Writing, Awarded by Boston Globe; Voted Most Likely to Succeed; Typing I Award. JANELLE CUSICK I: RUSS; heybabe; Friday the 13th; A.C.; S.F. G.R.; News!; Ask Joanie?; Boulevard; motorcycles; Saving Pennies; 65 stang; Lighting the Candle; ask Cathv?; 20 Blyman Ave., 9 13 68; Rm. 301; no accidents for me right!; Laughter and Tears (9 19 69 Sur- prise!); Little Brothers. Act: Riding motorcycles. Am: To surprise him on Sept. 13 and be on time! JOANN DANIELS " Jo " I: Inside-out-house; Itakesathief; 79 t; neutral installment plan; diseased rabbit; z; napkin please?; 192-wousy; TCB; Summertime; The April Fool; 180 mas o menos; Bracketts; Tuppcrware. Act: Pep Club; Flicker Staff. H: National Honor Society. Am: To build a dike of courage to hold back a flood ol fear. MARIA BERTA da SILVA " Berta” 1: Portugal (Azous), U.S., G Blk. study — ask Connie; Shagurgalas — ask Connie and Maria; T.hicos guapos” - right ao? The Spanish language; the yellow car and the kids; Gym class; Dances at the club with F. and T.T. — ask Connie. Act: Spanish Club. H: Spanish Book Prizes — 11 and 111 years; Typing Awards. Am: To always keep God in my heart. To make my parents proud of me. JOHN J. DAVIS Dutchy” ’’Henry " I: 61 Comet, All sports; M.W.B., C.C., The field, golf, sleeping, 21. Act: Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4. H: To succeed and to have a ball all through life. DEBORAH LOUISE DAY " Debbie " I: BOBBY; 1 30 70; Mumps; Crane’s Beach and the Castle; Rainbow; Rm. 122 — Mr. Perry; Machine Shops; 12 19 69; Boston; Gumbv and Pokey; Summer ’69; Reverse?, ask Mary; Farn- ham’s; Eat at Joe’s. Act: Honor Business Club; Student Secretary; Pep Club. H: Tvping Awards. Am: To make all my parent’s dreams come true. CAROLE ELIZABETH DeCOSTE I: RICHIE. 11 8 68; Sergeant’s and Officer’s Parties; 67 Chevy, Itak- esathief; that accident, that hockey game, ask Theresa, Peanuts; ask Betsy. Act: Girls ' Basketball and Softball Team; Girls’ Drill Team; Student Secre- tary; Pep Club; Office Assistant. H: Stall Sergeant; Spectacular Drill; Typing Award; Gymnastic Achieve- ment Awards. Am: To create a world of happiness around me. MARY LOU DeCOSTE ”Mar Lou” I: Singers; Modern dance; Sunsets; beach; long walks in the rain; riding on motorcycles; XKE — Someday!; mod- eling; loving people; understanding and having fun; PURPLE SKYFOGG; Beatles; 8 2 69. Act: Student Secretary. H: Typing Award. Am: To make the ones I love feel loved. BETSY DEERING I: D.B.T.; 6 21 69; 4 A.M.; Cape Horn; stars; 56 Chevy; desk hockey; itakesathief; G.S.; ask Sue G.; Bucky’s Bunch. H: Floormaster’s Ass ' t. Am: To always he happy and to be myself and not what someone wants me to be. ADOLPH J. DENNIS, JR. I: Big Red Dog; Tablerock Ml.; Lov- ing My Water — brothers; leacherg; Marsapial Girl; Ustinoff; up-center; The Red Vi itch”; The Barn ”; Fami- lies.” Act: Thespians; Industrial Arts. H: In! ernational Thespian Society; To have many true friends. Am: ”1 am waiting for the day that maketh all things clear.” AUDREY T. DUMPHY Red” Honeybee” " Ingabore” I: RHW; 6 28 69; Grevstone 14; Skiing; Hiva hiva mucka hiva; Drive-in; 9 12 69; F. T. ask Mil: 6 16 68; Itakesatheif; E.P.Y.C.; mashed concord grapes; Good Harbor; Conomo Point; ask Donna! Act: Flicker Staff; Pep Club. H: Physical Ed. Award; National Ski Patrol. Am: To hope, whatever I do, I do wisely, and think ol the consequences. COLLEEN PAULA DuPONT " Coll” ’the little one” I: Hiva hiva; 5 5 68 sa; 1 26 69 dj; Hart House; my big sister; Who’s got the cards?; all-nighters; Fuses- Where’s Coll; Buekv’s Bunch; the hut; rat patrol — ask Ellen; XMAS EVE 69. Act: Flicker Staff; Pep Club; Drill Team; Student Secretary. H: Spec.; Principal of St. Peter ' s; Jr. Usherette. Am: To remember it is better to be small and shine than big and cast a shad- ow. NANCY ANN DUSTON ’Hannah” I: P.N.C.; sailing; cat ' s away; Hiva Hiva; It takes a thief; 2 7 69 Christen the Atlantic; Sid ' s house — all 6. Act: Beacon ; Flicker Committee; Pep Club; Softball; A.F.S.; Floormast- er ' s Assistant. H: Representative to Student Coun- cil. Am: To look upon tomorrow with sincerity and back upon my yesterdays with a smile. CHRISTINE DITCHER " Chris " I: That certain someone; Red lights; Sirens; TOP!; Boston; Expresso pizza; Ask Joe!; Christmas ”68”; MacDo- nald ' s. Beach Parties; Purple Lights. Act: Student Secretary. H: Typing Awards. Am: To make those who I love proud of me and to make those who love me happy. CHERYL EDMONDS " Sherry” " Claud” I: The Phantum; Miss Me; The Prophet; Groking; Hedda; Tuna Fish and Tomato Soup; McKuen and Fer- linghetti; A Child’s World; Indian Rub- ber Woman; Cat’s Cradle, 226. Act: Thespians; Vice-Pres. A.F.S.; Co-Editor Beacon; Flash; Chairman Flicker Activities Committee; N.H.S. Am: To realize the good in myself while discovering it in others. GAIL C. ENOS I: GEFF, 4 19 69; room 12; The Last Hours; Someday; S + M, where are we? That night in Beverly; ask Helen; Skiing; Circles. Act: Honor Business Club; Pep Club; Student Secretary. H: Typing Awards. Am: To fly into the sky of happiness and find the star of mv dreams. KATHLEEN M. FAHERTY ’Kathy” ’Kate” " Snug” I: -sh!; Friends; TCC; hockey; people. Act: Jr. Volunteer; Thespians; Flash, Beacon. Flicker, Math League. H: NMSQT Letter of Commenda- tion; Math League Awards; Internation- al Thespians. Am: TGMAM ROSE MARIE FARQUHAR Roe” Rosev” " Miss D. " ’’Dimps” I: Hugh; 11 2 69; writing; New Year ' s Eve " 69; ” A.G.H. gang; that carnival; parties; Echo Avenue; 1st floor gab sessions; that " pole;” ask Sandy; music; Long talks and walks; week-end at Camp Riverside. Act: Beacon; Guidance Office; Jun- ior Volunteer. Am: To live for today and love for to- morrow. CHERYL FAVALORA ”Cha” I: Jack, Three Musketeers, Woods- tock; the Stones; Stage Fort Park; Sum- mer ' 68 " ; Hamilton, Ask Ann; Stars, Silva C.T., HalfMoon, ask Roberta; 306, KNOCK! SIMPLE SIMON HAS TWINKLE TOES. Cindy Knows; 8 14 68; Peanut Butter and Bananas, ask Pam; lines came. Bob knows; STELLA BURGNINE! Christy! T.C. ask Edie, G.H. JAMES A. FAVALORA. JR. " Jimmy” 1: CINDY; 8 3 68; " My Girl " ; Hockey; Skiing; ”12 to l”;The parties; ”7 to 4”; Christmas Eve 69; that night in Rockport 68; the fights. Aet: Football 1; Basketball 1, 2; Ad- vanced Gym. H: Company Commander of B Com- pany, Sergeant, 2nd Place Prize Squad; Typing Award. Am: Plan for the future, learn from the past, and live dav by day; to always be with a certain one. JOANN FAVALORO " Jo” I: DAVID; The 9:15 train; Red Light; Fire Hydron; Crash; Ask Donna; Expresso’s Pizza; Boston; 10 31 70 Sirens! Ask Chris; That Certain night; Eastern Point. Suzi’s hotels. Road cones! 5 31 71. Hev Man! H: Type Awards. Am: To live, to love and to learn. JOHN FAVAZZA " Jose” ’Johnson” I: MARIA, cars; JoeMonte’s; West End: The Corner; The late night shift; The Drug Store; 2 18 69; Those week-ends; you know bov. Act: Prize Squad F Company. H: Second Lieutenant. Am: To fulfill my dream, and to make mv parents proud of me as I am of them. VALENTINA FAVAZZA ’Val” I: Room Service; Masters; Sunapee- no skiis; Tragedy 6 6 69; Canada ’68 Expo 2 a.m.: Summer ’69. Cool it. Act: Student Secretary, Usherette, Library Assistant. H: Tvpe 1 1: National Honor Society; Honor Business Club. Am: Mv theory is to enjoy life, but the practice is against it. SHARON ELIZABETH FEENER " Sha” ”Lahd ” " Toots” I: N.M. 1 1 69: Hivahivamucka- hiva; Ponderosa; Skiing; buntakoobie: Farkel; Love on a rooftop — ask Newt: mv little sister; mine; N.B.; Dunk’s Dive; Finch, 6 7 67; 5 24 69: Rail- roads — ask Sally. Act: Drill Team; Flicker; Pep Club. H: Squad Leader — Spectacular; H R. Representative; Secretary. Am: To be what I am; for that is all I ever will be. SANDRA LOUISE FERRANT ’Sandi” I: Tom; 12 21 68; the path: P.K.C.: G.E.C.; S.D.; weekend fights, ask Chris; P.F. dunki; dav in court; jamboree. Act: Pep Club: HR. Representative; f 81 Flicker Staff; Senior Usherette; Girls ' Softball Team; Student Secretary. H: Gymnastic Achievement Awards. Am; To be me. PAUL HENRY FERRIERO 1: The old pig; 6 V 2 trees; J.L.; E.M.; The Villa; The Point; Parties; The Dunes; Rose on the mirror; " Never mind;” " Tell me;” River a t midnight. Act: Tennis; Track; Rifle Team. Am: To have a good time in life. THERESA FORTADO " Terry” ’Terri,” " Terese,” " Cissy” I: Diving; the sea-Jacques Yves Cous- teau; Christmas; New Year’s; horses; dolphins; New York; 8 28 69 — Beverly Music Theatre; Star Trek — W.S., L.N., D.K.. 1 SPY - B.B.C. - ask Karen — That tape. Act: Chess Club; Biology Club; Jun- ior Volunteer. H: National Honor Society; Typing Award; Secretary-Treasurer; Chess Club. Am: To become a marine biologist, but most of all to make my parents proud of me. SUSAN MARY FORTIER " Sue” I: Feb. 68 ; skiing; The Village Rest; hockey; blue; the ocean; basketball; peo- ple; friends; reading; rings and things; the truck. Am: To remember that life is too short to waste. JOAN FRONTIF.RO " Joanie” I: DONNIE: 6 8 68 ; argue? — not us!; room 343 — no zoo right?; talks and tears — ask Marianne; pits; S.P. 68 ; S.F.G.R.; those summer nights — ask the girls; A.C.; Chinese food!!; save some for me!; too sensitive; dub; too many problems; news; — ask Janelle; innocence. H: Typing Awards. Am: Happiness JOANNE FRONTIF.RO " Gentle Ben” 1: JERRY; 6 27 69; " State;” " Sandpebbles” — ask Jackie; cave re- frigerator, you sharted? Boulevard; Tav- ern — N.Y.E.; Mac ' s; A.C.; pits; S.P.C.; Bali-Hai Babies; Burglars — V.O.; N.S.; Oh Geraldine! too-fuu!; D.D.; Talks — Carole, Nancy; S.A.B.; There he goes! H: Tvp e Awards; Honor Business Club. Am: To always be happy and smiling. JOSEPHINE FR0NTIF.R0 " Joy” I: " HIM,” C.A., B.F. . . .not much, P.S. someplace, switch — P.J. party — telephone calls — ask Roberta, S.D. — ask Paula, Pavillion Lounge — foil over light — ask Candi — ZILCH! H: Type Awards. Am: To meet everything that con- fronts me with a smile, and frown upon sad ness. CAROL JEAN FRONTIERRO " Son” 1: the stairs; Central; guitars; beach; summer " 69;” Nina’s parties; Sept. 11 — June 28; good times — ask Ida; Se- cret talks — ask Kathie; those days — ask Joanne; castles (cliffs — wishing wells — brakes!). Act: Pep Club. H: Type Awards. Am: To live, love, laugh and be happy. " Que Sera Sera” LINDA FULFORD " Lynn” " S.B.V.” I: 5 28 69; it’s not cool! 9:13 train; " This Magic Moment;” U.S. Navy; memories; impossible dream; summer 69; those nights; make it, sailor! my butterfly; swinging; hey man! angel; crushed phalanges; fingernail polish. H: Typing Awards. Am: To live my life without any re- grets. MARIA C. GA1P0 " Qao” I: Julv 30, 1969; " the hippie;” the band; Mals and the gang; Cosmo (T); the back room and the big eater; Cuatro anos de Espaiiol; New Year’s Eve " 69”; Portugal; D-Blk Chem. Class; The po- gagees; Soccer and the team; the club and its uprise; that car and the kids; Big " B” ask Theresa; chicos guapos ask Maria; speaking Spanish; " estoy enfer- ma” " the twins.” Act: Spanish Club. H; Spanish Club Treasurer. Am: To live and let live. To make my biggest wish come true and make the ones I love proud of me. SUSAN GARRON " Sue” I: RICK; 6 10 68; summer ' 69 and S. D.B.!! good times; talkin’ to Bets; bubbles!!!; THAT AUGUST DAY - T. D.D.!!; hockey! — 5; Fergie?? — laffs in Bucky’s office; Ittakesathief!; ’61 Chevy — memories; the park; that nite — ask Pooch and Karen; talks — Kate. Act: Pep Club; A.F.S.; Flicker Staff. H: Typing Awards. Am: To live each day as if it were my last. KEVIN D. CASPAR " Kev” I: 6 20 69 with my Nova; Gold Rope; P.J.’s; summer " 69”; Long talks; twins; 4 5 69, those forties, B.S. ask Sue, Desoto. Am: " To accept the things I can not change and to have courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.” PIETRINA ANNA GENOVESE " Pat,” " Patty” I: Rome ’68-’69; UFO’s; novels; 12 18 69 — ask Vincie; checkers; sisterly love; " memories” — never for- get; Simon and Garfunkel; Long talks — ask Kevin; OH SHOOT!!; first every- thing. Act: Student Secretarv. H: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Society; Tvping Awards; Honor Busi- ness Club. Am: To live in a world of peace and happiness. VINCIE MARIE GENOVESE " Vince” I: Italy 1968-69; poetry; 5 3 69; a friend, dancing; play cards; memories; Fiesta time; togetherness. Act: Student Secretary; Office help- er; Honor Business Club. H: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Society; Typing Awards. Am: To guild a world of hope, love, and happiness. DONNA A. GENTILE I: Ittakesathief; brakes 8 20 69; E.P.Y.C.; Napkin Please!!; Hockey 69- 70; As Hard as Stone; z; F T ask Mil; Drive-In; swimming; R.O.T.C.; week- ends; $25; Toes; Good Harbor; Cono- mo Point ask Audrey; Hiyahiyamucha- hiva. Act: Flicker Staff; Pep Club. H: Type Awards. Am: To make cheerfulness a habit. ANN MARIE GILARDI I: HIM; Summer 69; Boulevard; Long walks; Good Harbor; Talks and tears — ask Nicki; music; Mac’s; Drive- Ins-Special memories, the rock; week- ends; our place; Beverly; Salisbury; P.S. Summers 66-67. H: Typing Awards. Am: To live a life of happiness and to make my parents proud of me. MICHAEL GILARDI " Ju-Ju,” " Mikoo” I: West End Corner; 4-F club; skiing; four in the Head; skating; Never say die; A girl named SHIRLEY; Joe Monte’s; Rated " X,” so that’s nothing; the beach. Stage Fort Park. Act; Football 1; Baseball, Track, R.O.T.C. Corner Guard. H: 2nd Lieutenant Am: To take up where Einstein left off. MICHAEL F. GILLESPIE " Ernie” 1 The pier; culls; the square; squid; 5 30 69; Mun! Gip ' s Party; S.M.L.; ; footfall; Russ; LED: T-bird; 12 31 69; rove; ripped off; Clip; the island; Harry’s Classes. Act: J.V. and Varsity Football. H: 2 nd Lieutenant R.O.T.C. Am: T be a success in whatever I at- fcmpt. NANCY DALE GOLDMAN " Sid,” Nance” I: Hiya Iliya; Bucky’s bunch, ice cream cones, cat’s away; oops; It takes a thief. Act: Flash, Beacon, Flicker H: Second-in-command Girls’ Drill, Pep Club President, Type Award, Stu- 1 dent Council Representative IV, Trea- | surer USY. Am: To find what I am seeking, to seek what I have not yet iound. GEORGE GOODHUE " Rick " " Roger” I: The Chase 9 2 69, AREA. E.D., weekend at Conwav. parties at Wingv, Dentention, G.F. Act: Junior Varsity Baseball; Varsity Baseball. H: Sgt. First Class, Platoon Sgt. Am: To find in myself what I admire in others. SUZANNE GOODICK " Sue” " Suzie” I: Juicy Fruit summer; Nut house 13; one special friend; letters; Crazy Day; ; memories; Big Jump; fire extinguishers; I; Do you know him? Act: Pep Club; French Club. H: Sawyer Medal; National Honor j Societv. Am: To be honest, warm, and real. CYNTHIA JEAN GOODWIN " Cindy” " Scoops " I: WAYNE; 10 18 68; Sergeants ' | Party ”69”; HOCKEY; 6 14 69; D.T.C.; Good Harbor; sunshine; foot- ball; 3, 34; 12 25 69; Park; talks j and tears; D.L.T.S.C.Y.C. ask Sue; ft lousy right; Beatles; Chevys; summer ’69; that night; bubbles. Act: Pep Club, Student Secretary. H: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Am: To be a success for those who love me. JUDITH A. GOODWIN " Judy,” " Jude” I: 11 p.m. breather; ask the gang; UM, ask Sheila; discipline reports, ask linda; 1-10-70, Sunday afternoon rides, ask Marsha and Vita. Act: Pep Club, Girls’ Drill Team, So- cial Activities Club, Floormaster’s Sec- retary. 182 H: Typing Awards. Am: To always bring happiness and cheerfulness to everyone I associate with. VIRGINIA LEE GOODWIN " Ginny,” " C.T.-621X” I: PETE; Wolfeboro, N.H.; 1 24 70 Ghecbacco Lake Road; J.O.; Boulevard; the Donut — A certain green Mustang; Psveh class; Rochester Fair, ask Lucia!; W.C.; last summer!; The G.D. and S. During D blks. What a mindblower! Act; Pep Club; Student Secretary. H: Tvping Awards. Am: To find mv cloud 9 and hold onto it for ever. MICHAEL A. GOULART " Mike,” " Mickey” I: Those Special Ones; Back Table (Ask the Kids); Culinary; ’66 Mustang; Peg Leg (ask Tom); Eli (Ask Busty); The Brown House. Act: R.O.T.C., Grenadiers; Cafeteria, Office Worker; Service Club. H: Type Awards; Honor Business Club; 1st Lieutenant, E Company; Homeroom Representative. Am: To live in peace. LINDA M. GOULTER I: Bobby, 12 29 69; Why Now?; 4 vrs?; mavbe yes; Hivahivamuckahiva Helen; Buckv ' s Bunch; yours and mine; Mono 6 20 69 - 10 20 69. b Act: Pep Club; Honor Business Club: A.F.S.; Student Secretary. H: Tvping Awards. Am: To always have a smile for ev- eryone and everything. KAREN J. GREELY " Creels” I: HivaHivaMuckaHiva; Farkle sis- ters; skiing Sugarloaf, 6 7 67; Bunta- koobie; Clams; Wingaersheek; T.W.M.T., L.N. Rock; Whose got the cards?; diamonds, ask Liz; E.P.Y.C.. the freaks, N.B.; straw berry; fields forever: crazes; I.P.; cemetery; bombing. Act: Flicker, Flash. 25X Club. H: Student Council Representative. Am: To have an open mind. CURTIS L. GREENE " Greenie” I: Cars; trucks; summer of ”69;” Camp; that drive in; VW; CHERYL; The First Time; the truck; six kids in a VW bus at a drive-in. Act: Automotive Technical Course; Band; Sergeant. Am: To learn how the World is — to start with nothing and come out on top like mv father. THERESA GRILLO " Tracv” I: BATS; 12 24 69 and 12 31 69, ask Bob and Frank; 12 31 68 - 1 1 69 ask Marsha and Graeme; 7 7 69 ask Kenny H. and his motor- cycle; 12 24 69 ask Peter; 11 1 69 Salisbury Beach; Gil’s House. Act: Social Activities Club; Home- room Representative. H: President of Honor Business Club; National Honor Society; Typing Awards; Poetry Awards. Am: To take the road less traveled on and see if it really makes a difference. RUSSELL GRINNELL " Skip,” " Uncle Gip,” " Gip” I: Hockey; football; The Place, I II; oceanoraphy; onions; RL.; E.G.A.; E.P.Y.C.; Nathan’s; 8 29 70; Big Ann; Tree House; AREA — Ponderosa Pines; p ' raps. Act: Football team; Paul Duchane’s Bull Training; Asst. Student Supervi- sor; Living and Learning. H: Lt. Colonel — 1st Btn. Command- er; 1st Place Prize Squad Commander. Am: To find happiness and a purpose in life; to always be myself. ROSEMARIE A. GUARRASI " Ro” I: DANA; April 13, 1969; talks with Barb; future; soul music; Psych class; " our decade,” huh?; B.S. T. Act: Spanish Club. H: Typing Award. Am: Peace of Mind. CHRISTINE L. GUITTARR " Chris” I: 6 7 67; E.P.Y.C.; Wingaersheek; 6 20 69; Peanut Hill; Gungadin; skiing; Sugarloaf; Dunk’s dive; Farkle sisters; I.B.T.C.; N.B .; corruption; ask Peg; 11 7 69; the freaks; 12 13 69; crazes; discussions; Ipswich packy, L.H.C. Act: Spanish Club; Flicker. H: Vice-President Spanish Club. Am: Simplicity and happiness. MARY ELIZABETH HARNISH " Betsy ,” " Pearl” I: TFB, 57; SKIING; Greystone 14; 5 10 69; SATURDAY NIGHT ' S " Orgy” Winniahdin; Mon- days summer ”69”; N.Y. ' 68; Sugar- loaf; Drive-In; Itakesathief; E.P.Y.C.; football-hockey games. Act: Vice-President Pep Club; Vice- President Social Activities Club; A.F.S.; Flash, Flicker. Student Coun- cil, Junior Usherette, Delegate to EMDSC, National Ski Patrol. Am: To judge less and understand more. SANDRA LEE HARTY " Sandie,” " Sam” I: RICH; S R’s; Summer " 68” — Singing Beach; ' TEDDY BEAR!”; 1 4 70 — with him; Chinese fire drills; " Old Macdonald” ask deb; " Mr. Tur- key” — ask Barb. Act: CYO, Pep Club. Am: To live to see this world in peace instead of pieces. KATHLEEN G. HASKINS " Son” I: 12 25 69; Spring St.; Bands; Summer ’69; Long talks; " P.E.,” ask Carol; Bud; Skiing; Nina’s Parties; Castles 4 69. Act: Pep Club. II: Tvping Awards. Am: To make today’s dreams tomor- row’s reality. To be able to live with my- self but not by myself. SANDRA LOUISE HAWORTH " Sandi” I: " The Pearl’s Shack”; Sergeant’s Party " 69”; 7 23 68 - ask Ricky; LEGS; " Freddy ' s Freak-out” — ask Gale; Year -one; " Does Henry give you big kiss?” That special someone. Am: To make my family proud of me, and to make a success of mv life. DENISE A. HEBERT " Heeeee-bert” I: SKIING; HOT DOGS; 2 28 68 TOPSY AND SWIFTY; 11 24 67; 4 24 69 nightflicks; 1-2-3 red light; E.P.Y.C. — bellywarmer; " C.S.”; THE KIDS!!; Farkel Sisters N.B.; hiyahi- yamuckahiva; Alex! ?OB?;LAW. Act: Drill Team; Biology and French Club; Social Act. Club; A.F.S.; Basket- ball and Softball Team; Pep Club; Flash Tvpist; Flicker — ROTC Chairman; Spec.; Student Council; 25 times Club. H: Junior and Senior Class Treasur- er; Student Council Treasurer; Student City Councilor; Junior Usherette; Rep. to N.E.M.D.S.C. Conventions; Nat’l Ski Patrol. Am: To serve all, but love only one. KATHRYN L. HEMMER " Kath” I: T.E.M.; 10 31 67; Miraclework- er; Q-ing; leepin; 1-2-3 red lights; Menas Memngue; Billy Bumblebee; C.S.; Itakesathief; ( " Change of Heart” 10 29 69); Antics; Yeharrumba!; 1975?; Garrison, Little River; Winger - sheek. Act: Drill Team; AFS; Pep Club; Flash — Tvpist; Flicker Committee; Student Council; Social Act. Club; Stu- dent Secretary. H: Tvping Awards; Pep Club Secre- tary; Class Secretary 1, 2. 4; Class Rep- resentative 3; Student School Commit- teeman; Student Council Secretary 1; Drill Team — Spectacular. Am: " To accept the things I can not change; Courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the differ- ence.” WILLIAM HENDRICKSON " Bill” I: Uncle Ben’s; G.D. Times; 0-9: Big Al; Halfmoon; French jeunes filles; Panit; someone; Sox; Pats. Act: Captain, Soccer Team; Sports Editor; Flash; Rep. — Student Council; Gloucester Heritage Scholar; Track; Fr. Club; Grenadiers (68-69). H: Pres., N.H.S.; Sawyer Medal; Rep. Mass Boys State 1969; Captain — ROTC; Junior Rotarian. Am: To do something for everyone and to know people. RICHARD HESSE " Ricky” I: Cars; Bikes; Guns; turtles; Friday nights; fishing; Hunting; Nurse’s Of- fice; marvelous Mai’s. Act; Boy Scouts; Turtle Club; boat- ing; Bradstreet’s Office. Am: To live in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed, and to make my parents proud of me. THOMAS HILL " Tom” I: Pool; racing boats; traveling; mak- ing money without working; skiing. Am: To travel around the world. CHARLENE HILSHEY " Hinkv, Hilch " I: R.D.; July ' 68; S.F.P. Lighthouse; ask Karen; Parties; New York; Boston; Revere Beach; whip cream. Act: Student Secretary. H: Tvping Awards; Honor Business club. Am: To walk in the right direction in life and to see things as they really are. LOIS A. HILTON I: Addison St and Central 68-69; Spring St. 69-70; Ravenswood — Ask Patty; Dale Ave. — Ask Barb; floating with Steve; Those seances — the kids, J.L. ask Nina. Act: Pep Club. H: Tvpe Awards. Am: To be happv and to succeed in life. MARY HINCKLEY " Hink” I: " him”; 12 27 69; midnight; 8 3 69; cold nights S.F.P. : summer- time; double dates; Memories. Act: Student Secretarv. H: Tvpe Awards; Honor Business Club. Am: To see with mv eves what is beautiful; my mind, to know what is good; my heart, to love what is true. PATRICIA HINCKLEY " Pat, Pattv” 183 I: Special people; days off; Agatha Christie; books; quiet; talking; children; music; dancing. Act: CYO; Library Asst. H: Typing Award; National Honor Society. Am: To light just one candle in the dark. CYNTHIA HODGKINS " Cindy” I: Working at the castle; Not really, just rumors; Horses; Paul’s partv; the twins; Life!; just being me. Act: Pep Club. Am: To make my parents proud of me. ELLEN HOLLAND I: hiyahiya; 7; word games; " butterflies” bpb; red roses; Bucky’s bunch; fergie. Act: Student Council; Spanish and Pep Clubs; Floormaster’s Assistant. H: M.A.S.C. and N.E.C. Delegate Student Government Participant. Am: To fill my moments with enrich- ing experiences that will give new meaning and depth to my life. GEORGE EDWARD HOLMES " Gig” I: Sports: Baseball, Football, hockey; Nick ' s; S.W. boat: New Year’s Eve ’70; sleeping; Older But Wiser. Act: Colorado Outward Bound, Solo ’68; leader’s club, morning dips. H: Color guard. Guidon F Troop. Am: To serve, to strive, and not to yield. LAWRENCE H. INGERSOLL ’’Larry” Polecat ” I: Donna A. (2nd lunch) 10 11 69; Montreal; bowling; 2nd home on Bea- con Street; drums; Rock Music; 326 Tempest; late to bed — late to rise. Act: Ben Franklin Club. H: Treasurer, B.F.C. Am: To conquer all challenges that I may meet during life, and to always do my best. THOMAS JOHN IOVANNE " Tom " I: Sandi; 12 21 68 tl; thumbin’ out; SD; Nick’s; China Port; placin ' party; BFT; the path; hullo; day in court; good Friday. Act: Prize Squad; Thespians Stage Crew; Football. H: 1st place Prize Squad; ROTC Ser- geant; Color Guard. Am: To make myself and the people around me happy. NANCE L. JILLSON ’’Jill, A. J.” 1: Skiing; Niles beach 68; MOBS Rocky Point Reservation; Lighthouse parties; Crane’s, that barrel, ask Pat; 6 28 69; Bluehills; Sharon. Mass.; Solo; Lost; Goose Cove???; CHEESE!; Oh wow! Act: Pep Club; Rifle Team. Am: To find myself and to serve, to strive, and not to yield. LINDA JOHNSON I: West Gloucester; Rh; parties - Hubbards, Gael’s; SIB; Wingaersheek Beach; Drive-in; Oct. 25; Halloween; Michigan, ask Sharon; winter of ’68, ask Carol; weekend of Sept. 14; GOOTs. Act: Pep Club. H: Typing Awards. Am: To travel; to Understand and be happy with life. PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON Pattie, Hipcheck” I: JEFF: 17; 11 16 70; OH WOW!; George’s; Ticklie Rays; BE- CAUSE”; Good Harbor: Who’s Frank? ask Linda!; 1 27 70; Get that Fish! Duc-a-Dar” I’m sorry; the Marol- las???!!!; Hev, do you chase cars!? Goose Cove; It won’t stay down, ask Nance!; " Gullible.” Am: To live for today because tomor- row never comes. JUDY L. JONES I: Joey!; 12 31 68;those fights - " it’s all right.”; Sergeant Party ’69; tears — ask Linda; long talks — ask Garland; Smile for me!; boulevard; BML. Act: Student Secretary. H: Typing Awards. Am: To pay back the happiness my parents have given me and make " him” happy. LAWRENCE JORDAN " Larry” " Clem” I: Diane; summer of ' 69; West Gloucester; Wingaersheek Beach; a.b.; the gang; 61 Chevy. H: Platoon Leader; G Company. Am: To go to my grave knowing I did something constructive in life. DAVID A. JOSEPHSON " Gentleman Stretch” ’’Joe” I: M.R.; Maine; Slab City; Great Pond; Jeeps; Hart House; Reb; Good- wins; Deer Slaver; Big Gun; RTF 302; Horace’s Playhouse; Rm. 114; 2 months Wolfing; Trapping; The Lov; Broken Vertebrae 4. 5, 6. Cell 2; Hi Pal, cd. H: Lt. ROTC. Am: To fill all mv dreams. MIRIAM E. KALINA " Mimi” I: BOBBY: Nov. ' 69; Rockport, The Wharf; Doubling with Molar and Janice; New Year ' s Eve; Sue and GeneGunga Rot; Parties; Lizzie Fritz; Tommy’s Island; Driving; Rumors!; Summers; weekends. Am: To graduate and get mv car. SHARON KEARSEY I: STEVEN; Boston Apt. 15; Castle Hill; Flashes and candles; Art and music; The Band; the Blue and long talks (Marsha); Oh Wow; Right on! Ver- mont; Donovan; Flowers and the sky. Act: Student Secretary. Am: To keep peace with me always. ROSEMARIE ILONA KECYK " Ro” I: ”Suzi-Q” ; Miami; the rocks; The big show-Summer ’67; Shopping Cen- ter; special people, ask Linda and Shell; Days off; Traveling, Germany, Hawaii. Music.; Clothes. Act: Pep Club; Vice President, Ger- man Club. Am: To make the most of Germany. KATE KIDDER " Katie” I: Hiya Hiya; Hiya; Bucky’s Bunch: ’The April Fool; itakesathief; The 747. Act: Pep Club. H: J unior Usherette. Am: To see the world. CLARENCE F. KING I: Music; Art; K.H.; Those rides to school; Essex; Weekends; Traveling with that crazy bunch; Food. Act: Art Committee Flicker; ROTC. H: Type Award. Am: To put my best foot forward in all I attempt. SALLY M. KNOW LTON " Legs " I: moonies; hang worms; 3-spoon nites; Harry’s; not getting caught; puddles; B — !; music; art; colors; friends; C.B. ' s Dylan; G.L.L. Act: Candid-eye. Am: Never to say no when someone needs me. STEVE J. LACEY I: LOIS; good old days; sleeping out, ask J.F.; having good times, all the time; The Carnival . . . Act: ROTC. Am: To be hall the man my father is and to have the outlook on life my moth- er has. PAULA LAFLAM I: Summer 69: B.B.; 9 29 69; ask Cindy; Friday nights; ask Lois; 69 Cam- aro; Florida; ask Donna; Marada; Dunk- ins; Boston; Rockport Road; F.V.; Lit- tle Headache July — Room 343, ask Janice; Not even psyched!! Am: To understand people. PHILIP LAIDLAW " Phil " I: Cars; college; summer of 67 and 68; my Dodge Dart: Beth; Road Run- ners; R D; Harry ' s Room, Frank ' s Room; and where it’s at; the Art Room; most of all, racing. Act: ROTC. H: MSG - ROTC. Am: To become a good draftsman, and make my parents proud of me. BARBARA ANN LANDER Beagle, Barbie” I: DAVE; Long Beach; Anker-In; Rockport; summer ’69; Sally and Pete; Party in Marblehead, ask Diane; N.Y. rm. 294; 10 11 69 N.H. ask Bob; WVCA; hail storms; S.A.H.; Twins; Bottle of Wine ask Rick; yellow car; old I friends; DeSoto. Act: CYO; Student Secretary; Home- room Representative; Pep Club; Flicker Staff. H: Typing Awards. Am: To travel before settling down. STEPHEN A. LANE ’’Laney” " Steve” I: Black book; T.K.O.; 12 11 69; Mission Impossible — never!; Mini Golf and hockey — Right Phil; 427 Corvair wagon — what guard rail: O.J.; S.I.B.; that girl. Act: Band; Baseball 1-4; Flicker ; Puffies Marauders. H: Band, Executive Officer. Am: To do my own thing and still make my parents proud of me. THERESA ANN LANE I: Hammv; B.A.D.?; 12 3 66; Mac- j Donald’s; 65 Pontiac; Snap, Crackle, Pop; 10968. Act: Flicker business Manager; Girl’s I Rifle Team; Student Secretary. H: Honor Business Club; National 1 Honor Society; Tvping Awards; Out- j standing Junior in Business Education. Am: To return the love and under- standing my mother and grandmother [ have given me through the vears. SHELLEY ARGYLE LAUTZENHISER " Shell " I: piano; art; my eight kids on Sun- day; reading; W.W.; Ha. Ha, Vickv! Tom, Dick, and Harry, ask Linda and I Rosie; Yours truly; The Rock’s. Act: German Club; Thespians; Glee I Club. am: To become a nurse who is some- I one special to her patients. CYNTHIA JEAN LAWSON Cindy” I: That certain someone; J.V.’s Place, 384 ask Bouchie; 9 29 69, ask Paula; (VISTA), ask Donna; the Corner; (B.B.) again; 8 8 68, ask me. Act: STUDENT (and that ' s enough). H: Tvping Award. Am: To graduate! COLLEEN A. LESTER " Coll ' ' " Leen” I: " BUTCH”; Summer of ' 68; Tony’s; 65 G.T.O.; E- U-LUV-MA-A-DU-Tak-E-Bak; Happy and Sad nights; ask Gaye; ’’My Wish”; B + B’s; ask Maureen; " pinches”; 6:00; W.S.; Arl.; C.I).: " STORMY.” Am: To be as successful in marriage and parenthood as my parents are and to make the ones I ' m proud of, proud of me. EDITH LESLIE LINSKY " Edie” I: The lab; ask Bonnie; ride to the fort; ask Joan; those rides to Manches- ter; Nurse ' s Home; ask Bon; music; the beach: 1 29 70; E blocks; rides to Beverly. H: H onor Business; Typing Awards. Am: To make my parents proud of me. GARY CLARK LOVETT " Pete” " P.J.C.” I: Sports; girls; that certain bridge; 9 12 69; Ob’s Hamburger Shack and Knucky; those great parties; music; barnvard ball; the rink; Fern wood Flyers. Act: J.V. Baseball. 2, 3; Jr. League Baseball; DeMolay; Acolvtes. Am: To be a bridge builder. DOUGLAS GILMAN LOW " Doug " I: Boston and Maine R.R.: 10 2 66; Vermont; 3 11 67; Endicott; 10 30 68: B M G.P. - 9 1707; 10 28 67; October; 4 25 69. Act: R.O.T.C.; Beacon Contributor; H-Co. Prize Squad. H: Junior Rotarian; Lt. col.; Vice- Pres. National Honor Societv; Excel- lence in Military Science 1968; Out- standing Junior 1969; 2nd Place Prize Squad 1969. Am: Mav I always have a goal. YVETTE T. LOMBARD " Maggie” " Yve” " Gina” I: MY RAINCOAT”; Cherrub; Those rides!; Curl Free, ask Kim; sum- mer 69; Walks in the Rain; Talk to me!”; Babysitting, ask Diana: Paula’s Parties; S.S. Memories; The Gang; TWO!; SEA WALL. Act: Floormaster ' s Assistant. Flicker Stall ' . H: Tvping Awards. Am: To always be aware. MARK R. LUNDBERG " Lummy” I: Basketball; Tennis; A.Y.C.; L.B.; 221 B; EvuSeevu; The " Crazed” Raven. Act: Basketball 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Cross Country; Epicurean Society. H: Tennis Captain; Junior Rotarians; Master Sergeant R.O.T.C. Am: To get as much out of this world as I possibly can. CHRISTINE MAKI " Chris” I: Jack 8 19 69; spiffy, ask Sue; toots; the beach; the rocks; Hey Joggers; Lanesville; the pits; EELS!!; wrong again, oh ya?; 5 22 69, ask Val or Katie; Rockport; Drive-In; Summer of ' 69. act: Pep Club. H: Typing I and II Awards. Am: To live with happiness, love and understanding. JOSEPH MARCHANT " Joe” I: Sports; BEATLES; Some people; baseball: C; PJ?; Hey Jude; J; Back Shore; Someday; R and D; yes; A Day in the Life; ONE. Act; Varsity baseball; Varsity Foot- ball. Am: Make it better. DEBORAH LEE MARCHANT " Deb” " Debbie” I: " GRANITE SNAKES?!” " Kyoot”; P.S. — I love you; " Chick!”; Blivett; Oct. 70; C..L. — ask Chris; " Pe- nelope?” " Maggie and Lucy”; cups — ask Pete; " Curls” — ask Diane. Act: Flicker , Floormaster ' s Assist- ant, Prank’s Room. Am: To always value the friendships I have and those to come; to keep my hopes high. DEBORAH JEAN MARKHAM " Debbie” " Debs” 1: Arthur Bevilacqua; Sham; Poctor; Horses; October 18, 1969; Headlights to that car; OH! OH! 1:30; Morgans; Summer of 69; Those 83 years; the cloth; the ribustrobin Koi Shimasu. Act: Assistant First Floor Supply Room, Secretary of Science Depart- ment. Am: To make the people I love proud of me and to have 83 vears of happy ful- fillment. BRAD MARQUES " Spook” " Brad " I: Hockey; Spacemen; Gip’s parties; Bruins; Area; highsticking; Cold Tur- key; Assist to No. 4, Orr 1; Barnyard hall; Ladyfinger; 4F men; Sandler’s Cinema (Rent-a-flick). Act: Hockey; R.O.T.C. H: 2nd Lieutenant; NEC Champs 67-68; State Tournament 67-68; 68- 69. Am: To strive for excellence. MARGARET ANN MARR Peg” " C.C. Rider” " Pegamatic Vegimarr” " H.M. " I: Greeks; skiing; summertime; New- port; Siamese twins — EVERY- THING!!; " The Rock”; Sugarloaf; Far- kels; Crazes; L.N. Rock; N.B.; " Ust like a Van Schnizel”; Strawberry Fields. FOREVER! Act: Drill Team, A.F.S., S.A.C., Spanish Club. H: Spec., Outward Bound. Am: To have my cake and eat it too! WILLIAM F. MARSHALL " Bill” I: Jane; summer of ' 69; 1 1 28 68, ask Walt; shacking-out; paddling a row- boat; Pumpkins over the bridge; riding good Harbor against the tide; Bray St. — ask Steve. Act: Hockey games over Steve’s house. Football, Barn-yard Ball, Mozart and Beethoven. Am: To be successful in all my en- deavors. KAREN MARION MARTIN " Bart” " Midget” I: BUDDY; 3 7 69; (SEP-APT); parties - ask CHOPPER; Andrea; adopted sister?; laughs with Janice. Act: Pep Club. Student Secretary. H: Type Awards; Junior Usherette. Am: To walk through life with a tear in my eye for the past; and joy in my heart for the future. ROGER T. MATTSON I: Rockin out in Rockport, ask Tom; Plenty; J.C. and G.; Half; Y.A.I.G.; B. S. and T.; Three Dog Night; 3 — pack; Good-Talk; The Jewel. Act: Freshman Basketball. Am: " To accept the worst, but strive for the best. ” ANGUS MacFEELEY " Gus” I: Ham Radio; Sailing the Monomoy; Surf boat team, 1969; Music; 1 5 meters C. W.; S.E.S. HESPERUS. Act: ROTC Band; Stage Crew. H: Cadet Sergeant; Quartermaster Scout. Am: To remain as a free individual. JAMES STUART MacKENZIE " Jim” I: L.J.C.; Summer of ' 68 plus; A al- most B; 18 M.D.; Little sister; E.P.Y.C.; Ask Lummy; " Corner”; Weavers; Jimi”; SML; baseball; L.H.C. Act: Baseball 4; Basketball 3. II: Captain, J.V. Baseball ’68; 1st Sergeant ROTC. Am: To catch the elusive one and live happily ever after. DANA McCOLLUM I: Canada; buying at S.S.; sideburns; Starfire; It’s so special” — sure!; buddies; B.I.W.G.; You see it!; Con- certs; coin; (licks; tipping. Act: R.O.T.C.; Freshman Basketball. H: Platoon leader, 2nd Lieutenant E Company. Am: To live a happy life. SEBASTIAN J. MacDONALD " Busty” I: KATHY, Addison St.; Central Grammar and Spring St. — ask Pete; (EC) ask Mike; Someplace; A.M.F.; Fri- day nigh ts; ask Pam and Joe; Parties (K.H.) (J.T.) (N.C.); Maria’s; 99 t a pound, ask Kathy. Act: Social Activities Club. H: Typing Awards. Am: To gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding throughout my life, and to do what I want, when I want. COLLEEN McGRATH I: 7 25 69 — Last summer - Bracketts — N.H. — N.Y.T. — The ship — Koole — White socks! Act: Student Secretary; Pep Club; C.Y.O.; Basketball; Senior Usherette. H: Treasurer C.Y.O. (2), Treasurer of Pep Club, Type Awards. Am: To remember no matter how bad things turn out — things could be worse! ELEANOR B. McGRATH " Ellie” I: Skiing; GDT; Leo; Contacts; Tor- gand. Act: Student Council Representative, AFS Secretary, Main Office Assistant, French Club, Biology Club, Flicker. H: Flash Editor, Beacon Co-Editor, National Honor Society Treasurer, City Clerk — Junior Municipal Day, Named an Outstanding Teenager of America, WBZ-TV Student Reporter Program, Sawyer Medal. Am: Peace of mind. JANICE A. McKAY Jan” 1: PETE; 8 16 70; 61 XLCh; that sub — ask Linda; Laffs and tears — ask Karen; 343 with Lois, Paula. Nina; Summer of ”69”; The Club; ask Janelle the Alca-hell. H: Type Awards. Am: To make my parents proud of me; to get married and live a happy life. WILLIAM E. McKECHNIE " bill” I: Sherry — When I am straight??; 185 Orpheus; Unde Ben’s; Solo; J.B.’s and Worm’s dasses; 2 — ton station wagon??; Sophistry?; Sybarites!!; Peter J. Camp and Bridges?! Act: BAND: Demolay; Chess Club; French Club; Beacon; Flash. H: R.O.T.G.; Band Commander; Third Place Prize Squad; Colorado Out- ward Bound. Am: To serve, to strive, and not to yeild. WILLIAM McLELLAN ' •Bill” I: SHARON: Les Habitants; Hen- drix; Mendes; It must be true idiocy; Sports; Worm; Big " T”. Act: R.O.T.C., Beacon. h; platoon Leader, F Co. Am: To make my parents proud of me; to make that certain someone happy. KENNETH MICHAEL McNAIR " Neggy” I: Surfing; Skiing; Ball Park; alleys; King for a Day; E.P.Y.C. Good Friday; S.B. Kneds — ask Denise: High 180 area; ' Dorn, a few lagers.” Act: R.O.T.C.. Prize Squad; Grena- diers; N.S.P. H: Corporal; Sergeant; Sergeant Major; Brigade; First Place Prize Squad; Third Place Individual Drill; Haskell Drill; Tvpe Award. Am: To have fun and be happy the rest of my life. MARILYN HELMIE MEADOWS " Marilyn” I: the art spirit; visual perception; the daster; 2001. Act: Frank’s room; Saturdays in Bos- ton. H: President of Picassoettes. Am: To succeed in art. To save enough money to send my father on a trip to Finland. SANDRA LEE MELANSON " Sand, Sandy, Sharon” I: Ronn — summer ’69; Practical Yank, Mary; these cracked marbles; Ffup’s squeakers; Hold that pole, ask Rose; Battle Royale Colours; G.M.A.B. — where put mobile — ask Di; N.J. — THE Bathroom W. Gloucester — flat T. Dolly; SILVER! Act: Orchestra, Rainbow; Glee Club; A.V. Am: To do my best when needed. KATHRYN ANN MERCHANT " Kathy” I: Busty; Friends; Summer 69; Bou- levard ask Shelia and Sharon. Back table ask Sue or Barb. Act: Student Secretary; Pep Club; Service Club; Social Activities Club. H: Typing Awards; Floormaster’s Assistant. Am: To find that someone special and be as happy as my parents. Always wear a smile. SUSAN MIONE " Sue” I: 6 18 69 Gram ' s attic; " bj 66- 70”; 5 15 69 and 9 17 69 Rings; " 4th of July sleeping on Plum Cove” ask Diane; Volkswagen Bus; worrying”; " Donovan’s Concert 10 19 69; over- night at North Station”; Halloween Night; Kaloon’s ask Paula. Am: To learn to accept people the way they are. JOSEPH P. P. MISURAC.A " Joe” " Mizzy” I: West End; weekends; summer of ’69 - 6 12 69, 12 13 69; Pavillion Lounge; Rook. Being there was half the fun; Stage Fort Park; where am I; Dana’s parties; and especially JOANNE. Act: W.E. Guard Duty. H: First sergeant. Am: Live, love and to have both my parents be proud of me. JOANNE MOCERI " Kink” I: Oedious Rex; dreams; music; goons; horseback riding; Goo-ma; poet- ry; blue; for how much? Act: Guaranteed Future Travellers Club; Beacon; Beta Beta Biology Club; Detention. 11: Tvpe Award. Am: To cop out whenever I feel the need; to become a professional mourn- er. BARBARA MOORE " Barb” I: Jeff; 8 28 67, 11 17 67; " Canshe?” — ask Michael; when I’m 64; talks, ask Ro; Bath and Tennis ask Brenda; being different; hamsters; huh?; Post Office; SS Caddy, Chevy ’64. H: Type Awards. Am: Peace of mind. To make my par- ent proud of me. RICHARD E. MORRIS JR. " Rocky” I: GIRLS; Yoinka; 57 Chevy; the beach; the Orange Bomber; Babes; Hey Dad — Any Fires; Civil Defense; Demo- lay; J.H.B.; Stage Fort Park. Act: Band — 1; Grenadiers — 2 and 3; Flag Day Activities; Prize Squad; In- dividual Drill; Stage Crew. H: Grenadiers, Master Sergeant; Company Commander, G; Type Award 1 and 2. Am: To be my Dad’s boss. SUZANNE BRIDESON MORSE " Opheilia” I: eyes; Dylan; people, — C.B.’s get- ting caught; music, infinity and tomor- row, hangry-worms, 3 - spoon nites, Harry’s, puddles, B !, KALEIDO- SCOPE, Art, G.L.L. Ad: Flicker staff — candid-eye. Am: To love and understand all that I can. PAMELA JEAN MUISE " Pam, Elbe, Muiseson” 1: JOE! (3 28 69) Friday Nights; Fights; parties; tears! Laughs! ask Carol; the gang; Central-Spring; S.A.F. Talks, ask Joanne; " Happy-Face,” ask Patty! Act: Student Secretary; Service Club. H: Type awards. Am: To have the love and under- standing my mother has; and to be as ambitious as my father. JOHN MUNIZ " Jack” I: Sammy’s class; cool; Selma’s, Haunts; Lemon Duster; D-block music; Friendly’s; Zeplin; Hockey; Detention; Knute; Egor; Hendrix; D.A.; Good Times with Bud; Cupcakes; Flashers. Act: Freshman Basketball; Fresh- man Baseball; J.V. Basketball. Am: To succeed in whatever I at- tempt. NANCY LEE MURPHY " Nance” I: Tom; happiness; 8 11 69; 9 3 69; talks; adventures?!; somedav; Boston deli’s; ask Laurie; Hi!; Did you see that? " What happened?” What’s he following me for? KALEIDOSCOPES — " What happened.” H: National Honor Society; Delegate to Mass. Girl’s State. Am: To live, love, and always be happy. THOMAS EDWARD MURRAY, JR. " Tom. Tommy” I: Her; The Path; Picnics in book- keeping, ask Kathy; Soe; Gross outs with Nicky!; Peg Leg; Town Landings; Santa; 3rd Lunches; Santa; 23d lunch- es, ask Sue! nookie lover, ask Jane. Act: Homeroom Representative. H: First Platoon Sergeant of H Com- pany; Squad Leader; Grenadiers; Tvp- ing Award. WILLIAM MURRAY I: Leslie, Vetts Choppers; Mode’s old Place, on Friday nights. H: Platoon Sergeant R.O.T.C. Am: To make a go of life and live good. RICHARD MUSE Rick, Dick” I: Hockey; L.S.T.N.T. — ask Diane; one call home; Rockport; O.K., who did it?; Man-over board; girls; the board- walk, skiing; W.G.O.I.T.B.S.? Act: Prize Squad; Individual Drill; Haskell Drill. Am: To lead a successful, useful life. JOHN NICASTRO I: Corvettes; Chicks; L.F.; Skiing; The great West End; Pavillion Lounge; (Bali Hali); HAIR; Kings Rook; Joe Monte’s. Act: Benjamin Franklin Club; Cor- ner Guard; Wine and Dine. H: Program chairman for B.F.C.; Staff Sergeant; Squad Leader. Am: To do some world traveling; and to make my parents able to say that I’m their son. VENCE D. NICASTRO " Vinnie” " Red” " Rusty” I: b.s.; " CLOWN 6 34 69”; Sweet W ine J-34; My God Sammy; that party?; ask Kathy; I’D RATHER BE . . . THAN . . .; those parties; remind Joann and Karen; beatings down the j boulevard; ask Chris; YO. Act: Pep Club; Homeroom Repre- sentative. Am: To be busy being born, not dying. MARY ANN NICKERSON " Nicky” I: Hayley’s; Skiing; Sugarloaf; Jeep; Hockey; Bud; Winniahdin; Stump; ask Ronnie; Drive-In; Tonsofpaper; ask Linda; Friends; and especially Pierre. Act: Pep Club; Social Activities Club; Basket ball; Softball; Flicker staff; Flash staff. H: Outward Bound; Tvpe Awards; ; Nat l Ski Patrol; Student Council. Am: To make 100 proof. To always i have two things in my heart: LOVE and GOD. RICHARD E. OBERLING " Dick” " Obie” " Repeat” I: ’63 Volks; parties after work; I water fights; ’62 Dodge; 9 18 69: i 6 5 69: Vernon’s Pit; spooks; wres- tling. Act: ROTC Band; DeMolay. H: Sergeant First Class. Am: To be around in the year 2052 ] ROBERT H. OBERLING " Bob” " Obie” I: Vernon’s Pit; G.H.?; After work parties; 5 30 68; S.M.L. " Pinch”; Drive-In; Mike ' s Christmas Party; Bus Rumbles. Act: ROTC; DeMolay. H: Corporal, Junior vear; St. Ser- geant, Senior vear. Am: To do what I want, MY WAY. I 6 LIISA A. O ' MALEY 186 " Moota” I: swimming — WSI; Mr. R.; I tak - ■sathief; NB; sugarloaf; MB; The Sun Jod; Q!; " The Great Peacemaker.” Act: Cheerleader; Spanish Club; Stu- lent Council; Drill Team; Flicker ; ' • ' lash. H: Type and Physical Education Wards; 1st squad leader. Spectacular; l outh Advisory Board; Vice-President f class 2, 3. and 4. of Student Council k Junior Usherette. Am: Fulfillment. ROBERT B. O ' MALEY " Bobby” I: Linda; Rookin’ out; the band; notel weekend; 3 Dog Night; practice?’ INH. Act: Benjamin Franklin Club; Flash eporter; Vocational Flicker committee; itudent Council. H: Secretary, Benjamin Club; Vice- Yes. Benjamin Franklin Club; Staff iergeant; 1st Lieutenant. Am: To someday learn to find and inderstand the answer to the question, ' Why now?” ANTONINO G. ONORIO " Tony” " Tino” I: Music; " Fountain of youth”; Jody; iports. Act: Help Activities Club. H: " D” Company; 2nd Platoon reader, 2nd Lieutenant. Am: To succeed in life and make it vorth living. DONNA PALAZOLA I: 1, napkin please — ask Chris, ports. Ice Skating, Good Harbor. Act: Cheerleader, Girl’s Drill Team, dirl’s Basketball and Softball Teams, Flash”, Flicker Committee, A.F.S., " rench Club. H: National Honor Society, Co- iaptain Girl’s Basketball Team, Presi- lent’s Fitness Award, Typing Awards. Am: To be happv and successful in he years ahead. MARY ELIZABETH PALAZOLA " Beth” I: MIKE, Mr. Hooper’s Office gang, ind those parties; the cat and x-bird, I O.R. Cal. Records, FUN! Framing- tarn C Carosel and T.J.! Act: S.A.B.; Floormaster’s Assistant. H: 1966 Reading Achievement Ward; Floormaster’s Secretary. Am: To achieve higher education; to re competent and dependable in life. STEPHEN PALAZOLA " Mai” I: Sports, Stan’s, Chalk it up. Lemon, Irv’s D Block Class, art talk. Act: J.V. Basketball, 2:30 Detention, istening to Sammy, be in homeroom tefore the bell. Am: To finish my education and make my parents proud of me. CASPAR J. PALIAZOLA " Gap” 1: Basketball — Celtics — Computers — Im — Ex business — Jazz — Tempta- tions — Brubeck + Mulligan — Piano Lessons — ” Groove” Holmes — Sax — " Boots” R. Summer of 69 — VW - B.S. T., Get it? Act: Intramural Basketball — St. Pe- ter’s Dance Band anil Glee Club — St. Peter Varsity Basketball. Am: To be a Champion and disciple of good. DONNIE PALMER " Farmer” I: " JOANIE,” The Farm, Wickeys, Horaces Play House. Act: Squad Leader H: Sergeant R.O.T.C. Am: To succeed in what I attempt. ANITA PARISI I: Winter 66; Mala; pisces; evol; Summer ’69; Daze; ENS, Hey Colleen, Susie; Do you know him?? Fun rides. Act: Flicker ; Biology Club; Student Secretary, " Flash,” Senior Usherette. H: Tvping Awards. Am: To remember: " Happiness adds and multiplies when we divide it with others.” G. JOHN PARISI " Jack” I: Music, summer fun, sports. Act: Rock Group, officer R.O.T.C. H: Prize Squad. Haskell Medal, Com- mission Officer, R.O.T.C. Am: To get out of Gloucester High and get INTO College. PHILIP FRANCIS PARISI " Phil” I: Robie; Snake song; TANK; Lui- gi’s, Nick’s, THE ARENA, The BEACH, Doug’s Party, E.P.Y.C., Dou- bling with Tom, FM, Good Friday, Sova’s Sauna — Rocky Mountain. Ser- geant’s Party, ’69; TKO at Steve’s Act: Prize Squad II: Platoon Sergeant, 2nd lieutenant. Am: To live my life to the fullest. HELEN PARSONS I: SANDY; 7 1 68; that night in Boston!; Summer of ’68; that Room; Beverly, Where are we, ask Gail; skiing; o.c.c. Act: Pep Club; Tennis Team; Student Secretary. H: Type Awards Am: To bring back the true meaning of loyalty, honesty, fidelity, and integri- ty- LYNNE E. PARSONS ' Lynnie” " Loo” I: BOB. 2 24 68; Waterville Valley; Skiing; Hart House, Lovell, Maine; B.P. — What’s that? Light House Beach; C.B.D. — R.L.O.T.T.T.; Squam Rock; talking about problems, ask Nance; real hard! Our journey to Boston — ask Cathy. Act: Girl’s Basketball Team; Typing for the " Flash” and Flicker ; Composing poems? Home Room Representative. H: My friends; Typing Award. Am: To live, to be free, happy and in- dependent in thought. ANDREW PASTAGAL " Andy” I: baseball, football, music, Sports, Room 346, Girls, Architectural Draft- ing, Water Skiing. Am: To make my parents proud of me and to succeed in life, and go on to school. KAREN PEARSON Of Cabbages and Kings”; Skip; eco- logy; I.K.; " I Spy”; Porsche; Simon 4- Garfunkel; Donegal; Bill Cosby; castles; Sheldon L.; Guv; W.S.; Amerindians; Donegal; Mr. K.; Mr. G.; U.K.; the Sea; good old Terry; Prisoner; tape record- ers; Woods Hol e Act: Chess Club. H: Typing Award. Am: to understand. LOIS PEAVEY " Lolo” I: Tony, 11 28 69; Dunkin’s; The pines; long talks — ask Paula; F.V.; Summer of ’69; Frankie Barboo and Fog; Marada; Red + White 62 Olds; my baby; I love U; Wlittle Headache; not even psyched! Am: In the future to see two friends get together. MARK PELOQUIN I: Sharon; skiing; P.O.I.; cran- berries; The Drive-In; Some place; P.S.; blondes; 352-fires; summers; beach ball; Purple that. Am: To succeed at whatever I at- tempt. CATHY PERRIGO I: SKI; Cannon; N.E.C.M.; Sports; TRUST; The Point — " Shall we say, sometimes !” Crane’s; Colorado; Indi- ans; LBDRLOTBT! Alcatraz; Essex lads. ”Aw, Uncle Charlie . . .” Justre- lax! T.W.P.; 2 4 70 — ask Lynne! Au revoir, G.H.S.! Act: 1970 Flicker ; " Flash”; Basket- ball; Volleyball; National Ski Patrol; G.F.T.; Girl’s Drill Team 1, 2. H: Junior Usherette; Type Award. Am: To help the poor; to have an open mind. RALPH L. PERRIN " Ralphie” " Zeeke” " Crazy” I: Art, music, guitars, swimming, the outdoors, the ocean. Act: NCI 7 Outward Bound, Deten- tion. H: Graduation from G.H.S. Am: To succeed as a guitarist and be- come satisfied with myself as a person in future years. DIANNA PERRINE " Di” I: sea wall; S.S. Memories; baby- sitting, and Gina; THE GANG — ask Ro; summers of ' 67 and ’69; Oh! — beach parties; DUNES; PIOS. Act: Pep Club, Social Activities, Flicker staff, Floormaster’s Assistant. H: Typing Awards. Am: To do what I want and to do it well. SHEILA M. PERRY I: Candy’s uncles; I’m nervous!; U.M.’s; parties; beach; 11 P.M. breath- er; Andy’s advice. Act: Social Activities Club; Flicker staff; French Club; Floormaster’s assist- ant; C.Y.O. H: National Honor Society — Librar- ian; Chairman Faculty Committee — Flicker ; President — Social Activities Club. Am: To graduate from Merrimack College; To someday find in myself the qualities I admire in others. BARRETT S. PETT " Barry” " Moe” " Putte” " Barrence” I: ask Captain Cocky! That party at Gip’s! go fast? 114 interchange! Friend- ly’s. bump-em cars! Dimples? that Leba- nese nose? Act: Soccer; Thespians; Prize Squad; Flicker ; Junior Rotarians. H: Cadet Colonel, Junior Rotarian, 1st place Prize Squad. Outstanding Teenager of America. Am: To become a successful architect and to prove myself worthy of my wonderful parents. THOMAS PHINNEY " Tom” I: Girls; Rocking out, ask Rog, Bob, or Jack; PLENTY; Lagers; Buddies; dances, pool; BST; JC + G; you make plenty; my girl?; the big party; B Class; R ickport Summers. Act: R.O. T.C.; Prize Squad; individ- ual drill; A.S.P.C. H: R.O.T.C. Officer; prize squad; in- dividuals. Am: To strive for success. RALPH PIERCE I: Basketball, Celtics, Mets! Valenti s. Running to Boston, Ringside, Last 5 87 Summer, 8 4 69, The Car, Memories. Fun with the kids. Act: J.V., Varsity Basketball. Am: To strive for perfection, and to make those who have had faith in me feel that their faith is not wasted. DOUGLAS S. PIKE Doug " " Fairbanks” I: House parties; WORMS, 10- 29-69, Wingy Parties, 4-5-69, E.D., AREA, Nathans, Ice Cubes, The Cellar, Dash’s House, Surfing, Skiing. Act: Company Commander. H: Captain. R.O.T.C. Am: To be successful and happy in all that I attempt. STEPHEN BRIAN PINA " Steve” " Lip” I: Days off, Christmas, Fancy Places, Good food, winter ”69” " Grass Roots 70” Old Friends — ask Al; long nights; and my new car. Act: R.O.T.C. F Company. H: To be a senior, at last. Am: To succeed in whatever I at- tempt, and do what I put my mind to doing. ROSALIE PISCITELLO " Ro” " Rosebud” I: Summer 68-69, S.F.P., Beach Parties; S.S. memories, The Gang ask Di, Seawall; ask Nick, Who’s next, ask Hink; G.O.T. ask Vette. 2 9 69 wow! Act: Flicker Representative. H: Typing Awards. Am: To climb the mountain of happi- ness and reach the peak of success. KATHERINE PSALIDAS " Tina” I: Rainbow; friends and people; C.A.M.; . . . BUMMER! oops. I forgot, smiles and sunshine. Act: W.A., Rainbow; Cheerleader; Floormaster’s Assistant, Student Coun- cil, Student Advisory Board, J.V. Bas- ketball, French Club. H: Sawyer Medal; French II Book Prize; Secretary, National Honor Socie- ty. Am: To be cheerful today, and with equal cheerfulness await tomorrow. JOANNE PUCCIO Joey” -Son -! I: Joe, 12-24-68; Spring St., Dou- bling, THAT FORD, Franklin Insti- tute, 2 23-3 24, Bahamas, those cries, ask Carol and Pam, Navy! almost, P J. parties, mv testy! Act: C.Y.O., Basketball, Softball. Am: To dive into the sea of happiness (with him) and reach the pearl of suc- cess. KATHLEEN SUSAN PURDY " Kathv” ’ Orba” I: Daniel, SUDS. Cycles, Animals, Summer, Sea, Cocktail Hour, Bob Dylan, A.H.S.C. 1974. Act: Biology Club, Flicker. Am: To appreciate everything I have before it is gone, to be able to find beau- ty in all, and to make those I love proud of me. DANIEL RAYCROFT " Dan” I: A nice girl; A big boat and a lot of booze; lemon cakes; a ziltch; Boston Common; water skiing; flying; Marine Biology; the attic; Art; St. Phillip; 1st lunch. Am: To follow the yellow brick road. DAWN EL ETTA READER " Dawn” I: Halibut Point; Showing the Horses — E.S.E.; " I am a Barbizon Girl” — 8 15 69; E.P.Y.C.; 6 20 69; It takes a thief. Act: Student Secretary; Girl’s Bas- ketball Team; Flicker. H: Physical Education Awards; Type Award; Miss New England. Am: To be a success in modeling; to be happy. ALBERT LORING RICH " Al” I: Dancing; Ice skating; Swimming; Opening night plays; Music; Good Foods; Winter ’69; Spoon; Cake ’68; Tilly; Big Brother; Steve; Couch; T.V. Act: ROTC G-Company. H: Typing Awards; being A SEN- IOR; AMEN! Am: To make my parents proud of me; and to succeed in my dancing. RICHARD P. RODGERS " Rick” 1: Football, Hockey, Basketball; Barnyard at Gordon; The Square; Li- brary; The Island. Act: Football, ROTC. H: National Honor Society, Junior M.P., Junior Sergeant, Second Lieuten- ant. Am: To be the best in whatever I plan to do. ELIZABETH A. ROLAND " Betty” I: The Hill; Basketball; Wildcats; Siggv; 13,909; Ohio Weekend; Soul; " Catch”; the beach; barefeet; cam- paigns; E.E.E.; Times Square — happy (?) Cool It! Act: Girls’ Basketball Team, Student Secretary, Flicker. Pep Club. H: Type I and II Awards. Am: To grasp some settled peace wherein I can he content. LINDA ANN ROSE " Lvn-Ann” I: 11 pm breather — 6 6 69; New Year’s Eve; Boston summer of ' 69; Jude’s PJ parties; pizzas; those talks — ask Marian; N.Y.C. Suzi-Q. Act: Pep Club, Flash, Main office as- sistant, floor-master’s secretary, student secretary. Social Activities Club. H: N.H.S. Honor Business Club; Typing awards. Am: To laugh a lot and cry just a little. KATHLEEN A. RUGGLES I: Herb; 3-27-67; those talks and nights; McDonald’s my special ring; New Year’s Eve; our place F8C. H: Typing Awards. Am: To do for my family as they have done for me, and to make a special guy in my life the happiest. CHARLES J. SALAH " Chuck” I: Sports; girls; summer of ’68; ring- side; Celtics; 16:29; O K.!; running to j Boston; F-block study 68-69; forget it. Act: Cross Country; Track. H: N.E.C. Cross-Country Champs — 68 . Am: To make the most of life. MARCIA ANN SALLES I: Dennis; 1 1 21 66; parties; steak!: 79 T; inside-out -house; bread and butter: neutral installment plan; napkin please: summer; Brackett’s; deodorant; Big red letters; z; N.U.; Itakesathief; TCB. Act: Flicker Staff; Pep Club. Am: To marry the guv who makes the big time coin. MARSHA RUNDGREN I: HIM; 11 p.m. breather; PJ parties; Ask Jude; BOULEVARD; The Blue; those talks — ask Sharon; N.Y.C.; 2727 70; ask Doug; Crane’s — ask Vita; 12 31 09. Act: Social Activities Club; Pep Club; Student Secretary. H: National Honor Society, Vice- Pres. Honor Business Club; Type Awards. Am: To live a life of love and happi- ness. PAULA FAYE RUSSO I: " BUGGA” 10 27 69; 6 ' 4 " , Pa- villion Lounge; " Hey Jude”; Sad memo- ries; My two homes; Rm. 226; June; New Year’s Eve; Five long years. Am: To never look back with sorrow; always ahead with a smile. JEFFREY RUTCHICK " Meyer” " Jeff” I: Pat; Jan. 27; Morollas, barn-vard ball. Mod Squad. Leaves; P.H.I.R.; long, lonely walks, Castle Hill, Nappa; Hogan’s party; 4 turned on at Gonza- ga; Wild Goose Chases; DUK-a-Dar eyes; Oh, WOW! Act: Hockey, baseball. Freshman Football. H: Varsity Hockey (Mod Squad), Varsity Baseball. Am: To always be myself. To do what I want, when I want, the way I want, with who I want. SHARON RYAN " Lou” " Beep”; I: Summers of ’68 and 69; R.L.; (Ask Linda and Carol) Wingaersheek Beach; Drive-In; black cats, parties; SIB; traveling; G.O.O.T.S.; Michigan; West Gloucester; Hubbards Arizona. Sept. 14. 69; Bruins. Act: AFS, Pep Club. H: Type Award. Am: To find real happiness, and to travel. ROSE ANN SANFILIPPO Rosie” I: St. Ann’s C.Y.O.; Girls Basketbal team; Volkswagen Bus. Act: Basketball and Softball C.Y.O.; Student Secretary. H: Graduating. Am: To become the person I’ve al ways wanted to be, and to do what mv heart desires. Also, to be eternally happy. MARIA ANN SAN PAOLO I: JOHN - 2 18 69: Pavillion Lounge; shops at ten; Oh Really? S.A.B.C.; " Crimson and Clover " al that wailing . . . Hey Sister!? food; thal someday. Act: Freshman Biology Club: " Flash” typist; Flicker typist. H: Typing Awards. Am: To be myself and to make every one I love happv. GREGORY SARGENT " Greggie” " Grog” " Jolly” " Sarge” I: Summers on Lake Niagara, A. M.C. Cardigan, Squam Rock, rippling j Squam market and Marina. K.B.. Hum mah farm. Franconia Notch. Skiing, be havior, bud, ecology, looking lor the genie at the bottom of every bottle j Genghis Khan, Gunga Din, Thor Cruel, la De Ville, Dan and St. Phil. Act: Freshman. J.V.. Varsity, Ba - ketball; J.V. Cross Country. H: graduation from Central Gram mar and Gloucester High School R.O.T.C. master sergeant. Am: To enjoy and build lile. ANDREA LOUISE SATAMA " Andie” " Louie” I: DANA; 1 17 69: Summer 68 69; S.F.P.; Spring Street; Pizza S[K nge: (you Brat!); parties; Karen Adopted Sister?”; 12 24 69 Drive In; (yellow); his house; S.M.A. Act: Pep Club. 188 H: Being a Senior; Type aw ards; Jun- ior Usherette. Am: To live on Happiness Street, corner of Sunshine Square. MICHAEL H. SAVILLE •’Mike” 1: Hev, " 61” — bleep — Falcon; wide-open spaces; A Block Study; Fat knee caps; Colt; Acid-rock music; sum- mer; unwrinkled Volkswagens; " Where the water tastes like wine.” H: Sergeant — C company. Am: To find my route to happiness, without any more dead ends. CHRISTINE A. SAWYER " Frankie” " Chris” I; KEV IN; 4 4 68; summer 68 69; hockey; Tiger; parties; nights with our bottle; St. Peters; Squam; puddles — ask Carole; D-block; that wink; Stage- fort; Lvnn Arena; dances; that eorvair; talks — ask Kevin! Act: Pep Club. Am: To always be able to find the right nose! MARYLOU SCHLECK Louie” I: New Jersey; Wordy Durds; Orange Marmalade, Wassell; lake; natives; FarnRams; McDonald’s; islands; exper- iments; the Drive-in, DumDum the fish- erman. clink. Act: Flash. Beacon, Social Activities Club, Spanish Club. Pep Club, AFS. Am: To be at peace with myself and my world. CATHERINE SHARAMITARO " Katie” I: GEORGE KING; 7 1 67; the property; Rockport; 1 12 70; U.S.C.G.; 5 22 69; Ask Chris or Val: Governors Island. New York (12 5 69); 9 29 50. Act: Pep Club. H: Graduating, being a senior. Am: To walk down the aisle, remem- ber the past, and look at the future with happiness. ROBERTA SHEEDY Bobbie” I: Earnie and Bill; week before Hal- loween; Snot-Poo!; Hey, do you know him?; summer ’68 and 69; February 70; ask Sally; is that a brook?; Sunday fun rides; Friendly’s Dub; Virgo. Act; Spanish Club, Biology Club. Am: To inherit a million, tax free. CYNTHIA SILVIERA " Cindy” L RIQ, 1 19 68, spjoky, lake!, gog, hev Joggers! natives gotta meet him — ask Lou. weird! MacDonald ' s, o.j., spiffy! Act: Secretary of AFS. Flash, stu- dent secretary, Honor Business Club, Home Room Rep, Social Activity Club. H: Type Awards. Am: To understand myself and to make the most of what I have. EMILY SIMONDS " Dummy” 1: Orange marmalade; Wordy Durds; Wassell, Tuna Fish and Tomato Soup; Hernia; Zieg-Fried; Farnharns; Duke of Earl. Act: Thespians, AFS, Beacon, Out- ward Bound. H: National Honor Society, National Merit Letter of Commendation. Am: To make someone happy. BONNIE K. SMITH " BONNIE” I: Bruce; the advent of seasons; classi- cal music; stimulating conversation; kites; boats; swimming underwater; co-ed softball; volleyball; badminton; warm wind; accepting, reflecting, searching for truth; friends; memories of summer and fribbles; Georgetown; Speech; books; exotic, far-away places; food! Act: orchestra; Math League; Chess Club; Flicker ; literary committee; MIA. H: NMSfJT Letter of Commenda- tion; National Honor Society. Am: To find Peace. ELLEN LOUISE SOVA " Shakes” " Eyes” I: 6 15 69, C B ARE DEAD; Love on a rooftop; Goosaumie; Buntakoobie; Farkels; Rat Patrol; Ask Col; Sugarloaf; Dunk’s Dive; White Whale; Fuses; Cove Power; Ask Netsy; SEEDS?; talks with big T!; hiyahiyamukahiya; B the B’s; Hemmies and Shackles; The Haunts; WHOSE GOT THE CARDS? Act: Flicker. H: Junior Usherette. Am: To always see through the truth. WILLIAM SPINNEY " Bill” " Billy” I: Sherry; The Corner; Chicks: Cer- tain person; Vettes; Skiing — the car; Freaky Posters; Psychedelic music; snow; RIPPLE: H.R.V. and R.H.R.F. Act: Benjamin Franklin Club; Print Shop, 1, 2, 3. H: Squad Leader; Platoon Leader; Staff Sergeant; 2nd Lieutenant. Am: To be good so my parents can say, " That’s my son.” THOMAS LEROY SPITTLE " Tom” " Leroy” I: " SUE " ; 8 14 69, weekends; Sova’s Sauna; " Parking”; " 1 8th Clean Sweep”; SPORTS; Summer of " 68”; beach; dances; " I doubt it” (ask Nancy); T.K.O. Act: J.V. Basketball; J.V. and Varsity Football; Weight Lifting; Club. H: Prize Squad D-Company; Ser- geant; Captain G-Company. Am: To graduate from college and become successful. SUZANNE STANTON " Suzi” I: MY SPECIAL PERSON; Hey- man, ask Donna; Ice!; Summer ”69”; 200,000 horse-power!; U.S. Navy; Good Harbor; 1 + 1 =3?; Sports; Swin- gin; P.S.; Good-advice, ask Linda. Act: Honor Business Club; Athletic Achievement Award; Type Awards; Student Secretary; Pep Club; Service Club; Intermurals. H: Vice-President Honor Business Club. Am; To have a tear for the past and a smile for the future. DAVID F. STEINBERG " Ditto” I: Skiing; Agriculture Agronomy; U. Mass, weekend; Gip’s Party — all parties; Sept. 13, 1968 ask John and Jim; Gidding’s Farm; 64’ Cuda; Coot Shootin; The Storeys. Act; Football; Track; Rifle Team; R.O.T.C.; Coach Duachane’s Bull Club. H: George H. Morse. Jr. Award; Colorguard; Tri-captain Rifle Team; Student Supervisor to Bull Club. Am: To graduate from college and ski in the Olympics. LARRY SULLIVAN " Sully” I: cars; skiing; The Shed; Gunstock; very large snowstorms. H: Platoon Sergeants D-Company. Am: To be Happy. STEPHEN W. SWETT " Steve” I: surfing; skin diving; the Beach; Rm. 311; shops; Fords; " Hi-Pal”; hunt- ing; boats. Act: Rifle Team III. H; National Honor Society. Am: To be a success in everything I attempt. ROBERT J. SWINSON, JR. " Rob” " Bob” I; sports; Celtics; Running to Boston; B.P.’s; " Pouring it out " ; Summer of " 68 " Wild weekends; Moons; Nathan’s N.Y.N.Y. 12 15 69; Chink eyes; Al- leys; laffs, Hendrix. Act: J.V. Baseball. H: Sergeant; 2nd Lieutenant; 2nd Platoon Leaders — H Company. Am: To lead a successful life. BRENT TARR " Artie” I: Sports; Peter Jew camp man; Bridge; ice cream fight; ask Gary; Stage Fort Park; Little River; ask Kathy; Beverly cheerleader; Where the money is!; ask Bonnie. Act: De Molay; R.O.T.C.; Band. H: 1st Sergeant. Am: To be a success in life. DIANA TARR " Diane” I: DOUG; Good Harbor; That special night; June 13 — ask Joanne; memories of the square; The Donut; TOP; Bud; 1 19 70; I ' ll kill you for that!! — ask Doug. H: Type Awards. Am: To live, love, and be loved. To fulfill my only dream. PAULA MAE TARR I: A.L.B.; three years to go!; those problems and talks — ask Sue and Shel- ia; TTBB: Union Jack; How’s Herman? — ask Al; Summer of 69. Act: A.F.S., Pep Club. H: Type Award. Am; To fulfill my long awaited dreams, hopes, and ambitions. MARY TEDESCO I: Picasso; jeeps; orange marmalade; Cruella DeVille; Frank’s Room; Wob- urn; Half Moon Beach; ziltches; Charles Olson; blue eyes; airplanes. Act: Beacon ; Flicker; Thespians. Am: To meet a million people. STEVEN TELLES " Steve” " Nigsy” I: 4 9 69; the Chase; Cheese; Doug’s party; parties at Wingy; Cool; Hendrix; Zep; Beam Sandwich. Act: Grenadiers; Prize Squad; Indi- viduals. H: Cadet Major; 1st place Prize Squad; Individuals — 1st place. Am: To be happy in life. CYNTHIA ANN THERRIEN " Cindy” I: Jacky; Booga-Booga; ask him; Gunky Love 68, 69. 70, etc. Silly Hall 2 28 68, 3 19 69 — about Steve, w ill he? ask Lee; Trailer style. H: 3 Type Awards. Am: Not enjoyment and not sorrow is my destined end or way but to act that each tomorrow finds me farther than today. JOAN ANNE TOPKINS " Joni” I: Peabody; ask Benny; Lab; ask Edi; Friday nites; ask Mary; summer ' 69; ask P.M.; New York; Beverly; ask Roe; Rt. 1; those fights — ask Jo. Act: Junior Volunteer Future Nurses of America; A.F.S.; French Club; Flick- er; Future Travelers. Am: To light one small candle in the world of darkness. 189 DIANE MARIE TROY " Frenchie” I: 2 1 69 - 6 5 69; ANKER INN, ROCKPORT; DAVE’S FRIENDS; MAMMA LEONE’S - ASK BARB, STAGE FORT PARK: McDonald’s bird’s, ask Ther- esa, " ELLY GALUMPSCIOUS,” PINK TEDDY BEARS; " HIMS,” " REPEAT AFTER ME, " SUGAR PLUM”; THAT SPECIAL SOME- ONE; 143; TEARS; S.A.H. Acl; Pep Club; C.Y.O.; Flicker staff. Am: To fulfill the dream firstmost in my heart. DOMENIC VADALA " Dom” " Gunner” " Oscar” I: Basketball; Chicks; C.M. 12 12 69; Vets; CBali Hai, Beach; NICK’S; Hockey games; t-o-p making up hours for H.R.V. 14. Act: Basketball. H: Captain of Basketball Team; Cap- tain of Vo. — A company. Am: To graduate and to become more independent. To make my parents proud of me. DONALD VADALA " Donnie” " Don” 1: Barb; Oct. 18, 1969, Mullen’s old place; 63 chevy; (B.S.N.) D.B.E.C. Act: Freshman Football; H-Squad leader. Am: To be successful in whatever I attempt to do. EDMOND A. VALLEE " Ed” I: TOP - 7 17 69; 4 28 69 - 18th Clean Sweep Nick’s; G8 — The SNAKE SONG; Sova’s Sauna; I think it’s your turn John?; Summer of 68 15th Tee — 11 16 68; Just Dig- ging it; Sports; shine on Wine. H: Most daring. Am: To find the real truth, happi- ness, love and peace in the years to come. LAURI VICTORINE I: Music — Dylan; McCartney; Fields; ME; sleeping; Hair; W.C.; Al- usive. 60 Old’s; India-Ravi Shanker; Wine; Skiing; Golf; Donovan. Act: Gentile’s rehabilitation Class; LIFE: Freshman and Sophomore Cross Country. Am; To take life as it comes and to finally succeed in it. LAURIE JEAN WALEN I: Hi!; New Hampshire Adventures; Riding around; sports — hockey and the Bruins; Mac’s; Boston delis! ask Nance; " What ' s he following me for?” Did you see that?”; Kaleidoscopes — " What Happened?” H: National Honor Society; Type Awards. Am: To make today’s dreams become tomorrow’s realities. CYNTHIA ANN WALKAMA " Cindy” I: THE TIM, 8 15 67; the Cellar; 306; Knock, Knock; 4 A.M.; The Beatles; Jan. 31; ask Bob; Attack of the Big Toes; Get ’’EM; ask Cheryl and Pam; Gums plays Drums; Cheryl Knows; those weekends; Getting Psyched; ask Neil. Am: To make my dreams come true and be happy. JOHN DAVID WELT " Farmer” I: Ski Bunnies on Vt. Mts.; Sue, Donna Audrey, Vinnie, Cathy, Nancy, Joanne, Dawn, etc.; Outward Bound — not Linvilee Gorge, ask Steve. Act: Football. Track. R.O.T.C.. H: National Honor Society, Sawyer Medal, Co-captain track, Superior Cadet Medal. Am: To serve my Lord and to enter and graduate from West Point. DIANE CAROL WHITE " Dy” I: the castles; 8 30 68; ask Maija; GMAB; meen greens; Sandie knows; 227B; F-ups Squeakers; parties; Rain- bow; choir; dippy; certain people. Act: AV; Glee Club; Orchestra; Math League. H: Sawyer Medal; N.H.S. Am: To realize the needs of others. ROBERT .1. WHITE " Bob” " Paws” I: Skiing; WVCA; New Hampshire; the drug store; hail storms; Summer ’69; Wildcat; Effa-saf; pupper-mouth; cool; out of sight. Act: R.O.T.C.; C.YO. H: Staff Sergeant. Co. A. Am: To be happy and to make my parents proud of me. SUSAN ANN WHITE " Sue” I: L.D.: Spiffv, ask Chris; EF.L!; toots; Fire extinguisher; fight, ask Cindy; we’re Angels; Hockey talks with Charlene. Act: Student Council 1-3; Girls’ Drill team; Pep Club. H: Typing Awards, Class Represent- ative — 1-2; Class Secretary, 3; Junior Usherette; Spec. Drill. Am: Climb the Mountain of Happi- ness; reach peak success. CAROL JEAN WYNOTT I: the path; summer of 69; sad stories, ask Karen; G.O.; 3rd lunches; passing out slips; ask Billy; good times homeroom (?). Act: Pep Club; A.F.S. Am: To try to make people as happy as I am. LESLIE WILE I: Bridgeton; ask the Kramers; the lake ask John; Old movies; ice cream sodas; day dreaming; ask Joanne; Eng- lish, ask Tommy; Bookkeeping 11, ask Bonnie; Long walks; Sitting on the wall talking, ask Edie. Am: To find happiness and share it with as many other people as I can. THERESA WILKINS " Terry” " Tressa” I: Basketball; Mai’s; Summer 69; 25 X Club; the hippies — ask Maria; F blk. — all girls!; TCIF; dances; B Blk. study; Monday morning blues, passing chemistry. Act: Pep Club, CYO; Senior Usher- ette. Am: To succeed in whatever 1 at- tempt and to make the ones I love proud of me. ALVIN R. WILLIAMS " Al” I: Sports; Hunting; Boating; Linda; weekends; " the beach”; Pink sweaters; that Tempest; the guys; the Bruins. Act: Gym leader 1-4; ROTC Grena- diers 3; Prize Squad 3; Individual Drill 3; Book Room worker 4. H: ROTC Cpl. 3; ROTC Sgt. 3. Am: To become a success in life and to make my parents proud of me. JON DANIEL WILSON " Cuddles” I: Belinda, Pine Palace; Sergeant’s Party night; ask Binnie; MARTY’S; Myopia Hunt Club. Act: flying, swimming, horses, ma- chines. Am: To make my parents proud of me by getting my instrument rating. JOHN ROSS WISUTSKIE I: L.J.C.; Feb. 1, 1970; 3:07; Drive- In; Summer Hockey; Flicks; Barnyard Ball; Halftimes; B.P.L.; lobstering; Teeing; Bruins; Beating Beverly; STATES, 2-1. Act: Hockey; Football; Youth Advis- ory Council. H: My Parents; Capt. Hockey and Football Teams; National Honor Socie- ty; Junior Rotarian. Am: To do what can’t be done. FAYE WONSON I: Champ, S.C.: 2 14 69; backstage; Fromp family; off grounds; guidance department; Lanesville; hey horse 8 3 69. Act: Thespians, Flicker staff. Honor Business Club. Am: To be able to say You’re Wel- come, and not Thank You. JANE C. WOOD " Woodsey” I: Bill; buntakoobie; Itakesathief; black book; on time; Liisa?; 9 2 69: chicken little; ask Dunk; nookie I bubbles; " Hermie” and Sue; clamflats:] I peanuts; ask Sara; 6 7 67; skiing. Act: Cheerleader; Basketball; Soft- ball; Flicker: Spanish Club; Floormaster j Secretary. H: Nat l Ski Patrol; Secretary, Span- ish Club; Hr. Rep. Am: To work things out. MARILYN M. WOODINCTON " Bonnie” 1: SKIING; Sugarloaf; Jeep; I 1 13 66 Greystone 14; Hartford, | Conn. 3; Big brother; IDRACAB- NOR — wousy; pick-up; " hey little I girl”; Drive-In; gog. Ac: Student Council Pep Club; Flick- er Staff; Homeroom and Flicker repre- I sentative; Student Secretarv. H: Junior Usherette Tvpe Awards; Senior Representative; Nat’l Ski Patrol. j I Am: To cherish yesterday and to I make today’s dreams tomorrow’s fu- j ture. WAYNE WOODRUFF " Wayne” I: Cougar XR - 7; MS8369X; 1 Homeroom periods; last block off. Act: Junior Rotarian Lt. Col., ROTC ' Brigade; National Honor Society; De- molay. H: Sawyer Medal; Outstanding Soph- omore Medal; German III Book Award;! I Delegate to Mass. Bov’s State. Am: To reach every goal I aim for! and surpass it. WILLIAM T. WORCESTER " Bill” 1: Annisquam (summers): Traveling: | H.R. 106; Rm. 141??; Swimming; boating; AYC; Feb. vacation abroad. Act: Vice-Commodore — AJYC; As- sistant Stage Manager — AVHA; Lan- guage Lab Assistant. H: Vice-Commodore — AJYC. Am: To obtain a degree in Hotel Ad- ministration at Cornell Universitv. LINDA ELAINE WRIGHT I: D-Day; ask Tooty; Bookshop; the Cove; Tracyor Bill: Buswell’s; B + l BLK study; W.W.; Christmas ' 68; The DUCK: Candid Camera! Act: G.F.T.; Social Activities Club; I Language Lab Assistant; Flicker. H: Type I Award. Am: Make my parents proud of me and discover the important things in I life. 190 The Class of 1970 Wishes to Express a Special “THANK YOU " to All the Advertisers for Their Support Congratulations From Best Wishes ADASKO’S FASHION SHOP Class of ' 70 158 Main Street Gloucester ART JEWELERS Good Luck Seniors BARBARA’S 1 3 Lexington Avenue Magnolia Massachusetts BEAUTY SALON BILL ALLEN Good Luck, Seniors TRUCKING CONTRACTING BULLDOZING HOT TOPPING COMPLETE SEWERAGE SERVICE NEW SNOWMOBILES BEACON MARINE BASIN 21 1 East Main Street Southern Avenue Essex, Mass. Dial 768-6900 BENNY THE FLORIST Best of Luck to the Senior Class 1 8 Eastern Avenue Gloucester APPTT’S ICE AND OIL SERVICE Burner Service For All Jewelry Needs in Sales and Services 138 Prospect Street Gloucester Dial 283-0218 W. E. BLANCHARD JEWELER REGISTERED JEWELER, AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 125 Main Street Gloucester 191 THE CAPTAIN’S CHEST CAPE ANN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 1 54 Main Street The Bank of the North Shore GIFTS - CARDS - JEWELRY - FOOD SPECIALTIES Martin Street Essex Best Wishes Seniors CIOLINO’S PHARMACY 390 Main Street Gloucester CLEVELAND FUNERAL HOME ESTABLISHED 1929 Thoughtful Care and Dignity Characterize Our Service Martin Street Essex Massachusetts Dial 768-7722 Dial 283-1262 Est. 1902 DEERING ELECTRIC COMPANY Electric Contractors S. D. DEERING, JR. 1 5 Washington Street Gloucester THE EMPIRE 171 Main Street Gloucester Congratulations CLEANERS AND DRYERS DEMARCO’S ESSEX TOWN SHOPPE 1 03 Washington Street CAPE ANN SAVINGS BANK 1 30 Main Street Beach Street CONNOR’S PHARMACY, INC. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 1 1 2 Main Street 76 Prospect Street Gloucester Dial 283-0078 Free Delivery Gloucester Manchester Compliments of EAST GLOUCESTER PHARMACY DESTINO’S “The future Destino’s — you can’t beat it” DICK’S SHOE STORE Main Street Plaza 195 85 Middle Street Congratulations to the Class of 1 970 THE GLOUCESTER CO-OPERATIVE BANK Gloucester GLOUCESTER HOUSE RESTAURANT INC. 63 Rogers Street Gloucester GRAY’S It ' s Gray’s for Quality Sports Equipment GOLDMAN’S 197 GOVE’S GULF STATION 132 Washington Street Gloucester JAMES C. GREELY FUNERAL HOME 212 Washington Street Gloucester Massachusetts JAMES C. GREELY, JR. JAMES C. GREELY, III GERALD D. GREELY Telephone 283-0698 THE BUILDING CENTER STORES Gloucester Rockport Best Wishes From HUDDER-PARSONS Compliments of Compliments HASTING5-TAPLEY INSURANCE AGENCY E 93 Village Centre Essex Dial 768-6644 INDUSTRIAL CAB CO. INC. Western Avenue Essex, Massachusetts THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF IPSWICH Essex Office Martin Street, Essex, Mass. MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. JOHN A. JOHNSON, INC. Insurance of Every Description IVAN’S TEXACO STATION 1 Duncan Street Gloucester, Massachusetts Telephone 283-0016 Causeway, Essex Compliments of JOE KENNY’S MARKET 1084 Washington Street Lanesville, Mass. LARSEN’S SHOE SHOP 131 Main Street Gloucester We Sell New Steel LINSKY BROS. LUIGI’S We Buy Junk Cars 199 200 Compliments of LEPAGES Gloucester, Massachusetts LOU’S CLEANSERS 1 59 Prospect Street Gloucester, Mass. DON LOWE BUILDER Box 24 Magnolia Best Wishes to the Class of 1 970 MITCHELL’S DRIVING SCHOOL 3 Washington Street Best of Wishes MacDOWELL’S STATIONERY INC. Office Supplies Printing Equipment Telephone 283-7604 141-143 Main Street Gloucester G. EVERETT MAHONY, INC. Insurance LEO S. CRANE, Manager 46 Pleasant Street Congratulations MALEN’S SERVICE STATION 1 23 Washington Street Dial 283-9702 ! I Compliments of MAPLEWOOD AVENUE BARBER SHOP MARIA’S PIZZA Best Wishes, Seniors STEVERINO’S SUB SHOP MICHEL’S CAPE ANN DINER 2 1 6 Main Street Gloucester Congratulations, Seniors MR. CHARLES HAIR STYLIST MISTY ACRES RESTAURANT Telephone 768-6613 Essex, Massachusetts Best Wishes, Seniors NATIONAL BUTCHERS Route 128 Crafts Road Gloucester 1 42 Main Street NICHOL’S CANDIES Exit 12 Rust Island Massachusetts 201 T« P n ,,x SI A FOOD Mister Ed BREAKFAST - LUNCHEON - SEAFOODS SANDWICHES - DAIRY BAR B3BASSAVE. GLOUCESTER, MASS. Compliments of PARISI PLASTIC FISHING GEAR Commercial Street Gloucester Massachusetts Congratulations, Seniors NORTH SHORE AUTOMOTIVE 295 Main Street Gloucester W. S. PIKE FUNERAL HOME HAROLD N. PIKE, Director FLOOR - WALL - TILES UPHOLSTERING LINOLEUM - CARPETS CUSTOM INSTALLED SLIP COVERS 61 Middle Street 283-0884 NORTH SHORE FURNITURE CO. 161 Main Street Gloucester 283-0094 NORTH SHORE TWIN THEATRE RELIABLE MEAT MARKET 50 School Street O’CONNELL’S VARIETY STORE RUST’S GULF STATION Fountain Service 89 Washington Street 202 y Main Street Essex, Massachusetts B. SCHRED FABRIC STORE 1 08 Main Street Gloucester SKIPPER’S GALLEY INC. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY Main Street 83 Main Street Essex Massachusetts Gloucester Massachusetts SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 1 59 Main Street ARTIST SUPPLIES PAINTS WALLPAPER SHIP-AHOY Gloucester Main Street Essex Massachusetts GEORGE W. THURSTON, INC. 1 30 Washington Street Gloucester 203 Congratulations Seniors STERLING DRUG STORE Gloucester TEEL MACHINE STEVENS MOTOR SALES COMPANY Cape Ann ' s Largest Auto Dealer 43 Gloucester Avenue Tel. 283-8500 Western Avenue Essex, Massachusetts SUDBAY PONTIAC — CADILLAC BUICK INC. Gloucester Massachusetts Compliments of UNCLE MOE’S SNACK BAR AND VARIETY STORE 67 Maplewood Avenue, Gloucester Tel. 283-4730 Causeway Street Compliments of VICTORY BEAUTY SALON WADES STATIONERY 204 8 Center Street, Gloucester 1 1 4 Main Street Gloucester WEDGWOOD PHARMACY INC. KING’S ROOK AT IPSWICH Dial - 768-6631 Essex, Massachusetts Folk Music Coffee House Dancing Every Fri. and Sat. Night Best Wishes to the Class of 1 970 4 South Main Street Route 1 -A Ipswich, Mass. WONSON’S GREENHOUSE, INC. 77 Longsford Street Telephone 356-9754 Compliments of YE OLDE VILLAGE BAKERY WOODMAN’S, INC. Main Street, Essex Essex AUTOGRAPHS GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 147 Main Street Dial 283-0610 “Central Grammar Girls work out on the trampoline’’ GLOUCESTER Y.M.C.A. 206 Accepted season after season, year after year, a proud product with visible and lasting intrinsic merit. MIGHTY-MAC®is a registered trademark of MIGHTY-MAC, INC., GLOUCESTER, MASS., U.S.A. • BOATWEAR • KNITWEAR • LEATHERWEAR • OUTERWEAR • RAINWEAR • SKIWEAR NEW YORK OFFICE 4514 EMPIRE STATE • CHICAGO 801 MERCHANDISE MART • LOS ANGELES 626 FOREMAN BUILDING 207 Space allows us to acknowledge onlv the efforts of the executive staff, but we are sincerely appreciative of the work of the many people who assisted in the pro- duction of the 1970 FLICKER: editor-in-chief: Deborah Cushing literary editor: Bonnie Smith art editor: Candy Brown student photographers: Barry Pett, John Blanding, Ian Moores Chairmen: activities: Cheryl Edmonds class calendar: Kathy Fahertv r.o.t.c.: Denise Hebert senior section: Ellen Holland advertising: Theresa Lane candids: Sue Morse typing: Cathy Perrigo faculty: Sheila Perrv sports: Faye Wonson school photographer: Purdy Studios — Nick Harris publisher: Taylor Publishing — Bill Rowan 1131 ■4 v ■ ' ' ' . . . .. f : ' 1 : jj|||» • ••• •• • iib •. : . v.v. wKWI v , ■ ; : Vv - .. . ' . ■ •.- • . .• ■ ' ■ .•,•.■ ' ,• • •. ' .•.V. ' iv.’ .t’. ' 5§jj §ij ■ m iiii : : ’ - ‘ -- ft! iiSaM Wf. ' ■ | 6 |Mf J J , » , n ‘{! ‘v •’ » ' w.v.v rmm®.

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