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« ll ( 111 »»»!»• Kl f »» Il ' tV • lt i FOREWORD No one ever knows what happens at all the activities unless he himself is a part of the action. Neither will we remember for years to come all the myriad events and faces of our high school days. We hope that someday this book will serve as a refresher of those memories of 1969. 2 CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS ACTIVITIES SPORTS R.O.T.C. SUPERLATIVES VOCATIONAL SCHOOL CLASS CALENDAR ADVERTISEMENTS 3 DEDICATION Mr. J. Stanley Thompson We, the class of 1969, wish to dedicate our Flicker to two outstanding school adminis- trators who served the Gloucester Public Schools with great integrity. Mr. J. Stanley Thompson, Superintendent of Schools from 1962 until his death in 1968, served Gloucester for twenty years in the interest of making our schools run smooth- ly- Mr. Harold B. Geary, director of Glou- cester High ' s Vocational School for seven- teen years, served the City of Gloucester in various other posts for a total of forty-five years. Surely Mr. Geary will be fondly remem- bered by all who were associated with him. 4 Mr. Harold B. Geary FLICKER EDITORS AND ADVISOR Many people have helped in the prepa- ration of the 1969 Flicker. We, the edi- tors, should like to thank those who helped us: Mr. Rowan of Taylor Publishing Company for his valued assistance; Mr. Flora and all the fine photog- raphers from Loring Studios; Mr. Korobkin for his efficient finan- cial management; Mr. Vaitones for his cooperation with typists and typewriters; Cynthia Nicholson for the cover de- sign; Our staff for their faithful work; And most of all Miss Andrews for her advice and encouragement. Mr. Korobkin and Gail Beaudain manage the Flicker financially. 5 ADMINISTRATION SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, MR. CALVIN E. EELLS TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1969 A Superintendent of Schools in a system as large as ours regretfully does not have the opportunity to get to know but only a small portion of the student body. However. I know something about the society you are soon to join as an independent self -developing individual. It is a world that needs you. It needs your questions, your enthusiasm, your talents, and your willingness to involve yourself in its problems. May I ask you all to make your education count; to make your life count, by first gaining the truth, by considering your course of action along democratic, intelligent lines, and then by acting upon your beliefs and decisions. To try and avoid any of these steps is to act irresponsibly and to fail yourself; to fail those who have worked to bring you where you are today; and to fail your fellow man of all faiths and hues. My congratulations and best wishes go with you. Sincerely, ' (— ' CZ-io-L -» CALVIN E. EELLS Superintendent of Schools 8 MR. HERBERT WOSTREL, Assistant Superintendent of Schools. GLOUCESTER SCHOOL COMMITTEE The Gloucester School Committee is a governing board of seven men elected directly by the people of Gloucester to administer the public schools of Gloucester. The members (1968-69) are, left to right: Mr. Richard D. Wilson, Mr. John Olson, Mr. David Murray, Mr. Calvin E. Eells, Superintendent of Schools, Mayor Joseph Grace, Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Richard Silva, Mr. Winslow Parkhurst, Dr. Hamer Lacey, and Mr. Herbert Wostrel, Assistant Superintendent of Schools. ur Jhere is no power on earth which setteth up a throne or a chair of state ? in the spirits ancf souhs of men ? ancf in their cogitations ? imaginations ? opinions ? ancf Se fiefs ? fut hnowfecfpe ancf earn in cp ” — fit aeon MR. ROBERT H. NATTI, PRINCIPAL TO THE CLASS OF 1969 It has been a pleasure to be associated with the class of 1969. You are In the midst of a revolutionary period In which many of the accepted values on freedom, law and order, right to dissent, and the democratic process are being challenged. I hope the years In Gloucester High School have given you a basis for making reasonable Judgments. I wish you peace, security, freedom and happiness In the coming years. h ROBERT H. NATTI Principal MRS. PAULENE VADALA, secretary in the main office. MR. ROBERT KARCHER, VICE-PRINCIPAL MISS CATHERINE McEACHERN, Secretary to Mr. Karcher MR. KENNETH E. STICKNEY, DIRECTOR OF VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Best wishes to the Class of 1969: Our efforts over the past twelve years have been aimed at guiding and preparing you for interesting and realistic goals in life. Our success, or lack of it, will soon manifest itself as you embark on an adult course of experience. The training you received while with us will form the foundation upon which your future will be built. We pray that we have done well by you as we hope you will do well by us. The true reward of a teacher ' s life is to see his students use the knowledge received to the benefit of the community, of the nation and of self. We wish you happiness and success In your endeavors. Sincerely, Kenneth E. Stlckney 0 Director XES:map MISS MARJORIE PORCINO, Secretary to Mr. Stickney. FLOORMASTERS MR. VERNON C. HOOPER Mr. Hooper serves Gloucester High as a teacher of me- chanical drawing and also as third-floor Floormaster. It is Mr. Hooper’s duty to keep order on the third floor as well as to check on tardiness, attendance, and discipline. He is also in charge of the busing of the Essex students. All the graduates of G.H.S. will remember fondly their days as Freshmen and Sophomores with Mr. Hooper. MR. EDWARD W. ROEWER This year, in addition to his duties as an instructor of Spanish, Mr. Roewer has taken on the responsibility of being first-floor Floormaster. His duties now include checking tardiness and attendance, enforcing discipline, and seeing that all matters on the first floor run smoothly. Mr. Roewer h as won a place in the heart of the Class of ' 69 for his fairness and for his outstanding character. MR. J. VINCENT ELMER Mr. Elmer’s most important duty is to maintain order on the second floor. In addition to this responsibility he is also an instructor of Latin. Because of Mr. Elmer’s infinite patience and his sense of humor, the Class of ' 69 will remember their days on the second floor as Sophomores and Juniors under Mr. Elmer’s supervision. 13 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Miss Ruth Marshall The Guidance Department at G.H.S. is staffed by four fine counselors, Miss Ruth Marshall, Mr. Leon Sprague, Mr. Mark Haberland, and Mrs. Eleanor Cappon. They are always available to help us with our problems ranging from election of courses to application to college. No matter how small or how complicated the problem, there is always a counselor willing to assist us. The guidance counselors have also been val- uable friends to us as well as respected edu- cators. We will never forget these four who have done so much for us. Mr. Leon Sprague 14 Mr. Mark Haberland Mrs. Mary Latassa, Secretary Mrs. Eleanor Cappon »T THEY SERVE US Our Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Gladys Burbank is the dietician in charge of the GHS cafeteria. Planning our meals as well as those for all the students in Gloucester Schools are but a few of her many tasks. Mrs. Sally Olson, our school nurse, whose door is always open to the ill students of GHS, relieves our minor aches and pains and dispenses any needed sympathy. We should like to thank her for her valuable services. 16 Without the help of the vast world of literature and reference material found in the Ernest W. Fellows Library, the Class of 1969 would have found it very difficult to suc- cessfully complete four years of high school. Miss Dorothy Londer- gon has served us efficiently and cheerfully as our school librarian. 7 E BONNIE ANDREWS Salem State College, B.A.; Freshman English; Flicker advisor. RONALD L. ATWOOD Rollins College, B.A.; Sa- lem State, M.Ed.; Univer- sity of New Mexico; Cani- sius College, Buffalo, N.Y.; University of Buffa- lo; English. ELEANOR W. BEEBE Simmons College, B.S.; Boston University, M.A. English. JANE M. BENES Sig- tuma Folkhogskola; Uni- veristy of Wisconsin; Bos- ton University, B.A.; En- glish. MARY E. BRADLEY Emmanuel College, B.S.; English; Flash advisor. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT No matter what kind of career we decide to pre- pare for, some degree of knowledge of the English language will be indispensible to us. The English De- partment, under the direction of Miss Claudia Perry, has imparted to the Class of 1969 a deep and lasting respect for the world’s great literature, and an interest in a wide range of extracurricular activities. The ac- tivities of the English Department include the National Honor Society, the Special Books Class, the Thespians, the Flash, Flicker, and Beacon, and the annual trip to Stratford, Connecticut for the purpose of viewing a Shakespearean play. DENNIS F. CORKERY Boston College, B.A.; En- glish II, III, IV. WILLIAM W. GENTILE Boston College, B.S.; Sa- lem State College, M.Ed.; English JOSEPH J. GRILLO Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, B.A.; English. MADELINE L. GRILLO Emerson College, B.A.; Reading. LOIS C. JORDAN Gor- don College, B.A.; Fresh- man English; Sophomore IIB English; Cheerleading Advisor. 18 JULIE G. LARKIN Gou- cher College, B.A.; Brown University, M.A.T.; En- glish. DOROTHY LONDER- GON Emmanuel College, B.A.; Boston University, M.A.; Librarian. BETH B. LONDON Uni- versity of Massachusetts at Amherst, B.A.; English. JAMES W. McCOMISKEY Dartmouth University, Bos- ton University, B.A.; Wor- cester State College, M.Ed.; English; Head Hockey Coach. CLAUDIA PERRY Rad- cliffe, B.A.; Oxford Sum- mer Session; English; Na- tional Honor Society; Po- etry Contest; Special Books Class. HOWARD T. ROSEN- FIELD Brandeis Univer- sity, B.A.; Business En- glish III; Speech I; Ad- vanced Speech; Thespians. MORTON A. SPARER Boston University, B.A.; Boston State College, M.Ed.; English. STEPHEN A. SUTERA Boston State College, B.A.; English. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR University of N.H., B.A.; Middlebury College, Bread Loaf School of English, M.A.; Yale Shakespeare Institute; Interna- tional Summer School, Univ. of Lon- don; International Summer School, Oxford University; Beacon. MILITARY DEPARTMENT The Gloucester High ROTC Brigade is staffed by Major Chester S. Rup and his capable staff of non-commissioned officers. In the photo above are, left to right, Major Rup, Master Sergeant John R. McNamara, Sergeant Major Dominic Canizzerro, Sergeant First Class James R. Critch; and Sergeant Major Joseph Dwelley. The Military Department prepares the boys of Gloucester High School for military service by teaching courses in leadership, Military Science, military courtesy, and marksmanship. The Military Department also offers many extra-curricular activities, including the Boys’ and Girls’ Rifle Teams, the Girls’ Drill Team, and the Grenadiers. 19 SALVATORE T. FAVAZ- ZA American Interna- tional College, B.A.; Mathematics; General Math; Algebra I, Math I. carl a. McKenzie Beloit College, B.S.; Mathe- matics. FREDERICK J. CALD- WELL Salem State Col- lege, B A.; Algebra II; Re- view Math. ALFRED U. HAGSTROM Providence College, Ph.B.; Boston University, M.Ed.; Modern Math; Trigonom- etry. JOHN J. McPHEE Sa- lem State College, B.S.; Mathematics; Science. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT A solid background in mathematics is necessary to almost any vocation. It is the mission of the Mathematics Depart- ment, headed by Mr. Alfred U. Hagstrom, to provide the students of G.H.S. with this kind of training. The Math Department sponsors the Math League, in which our out- standing math students compete with their equals from other schools. DENNIS VEATOR The Citadel, B.S.; Mathematics. H. AUGUSTUS NUNES, JR. University of New Hampshire, B.A.; M.S.T.; Modern Algebra; Modern Geometry; Tennis Coach. WILLIAM J. PROPOSKI Marist College; Merrimack College, B.A.; Geometry, General Math; Algebra II. WILLIAM RAYMOND St. Francis College, B.A.; Math; Geometry; Algebra I; General Math. JOHN W. SPERRY Uni- versity of Massachusetts, B.S.; Modern Algebra I and II; Algebra I; Math League; Golf Coach. 20 JOHN J. LEONARD Bridgewater State College, B.A.; Biology. The Science Department of G.H.S. offers courses in Gen- eral Science, Biology, Physi- ology, Chemistry, and Physics. Headed by Mr. Robert W. Card, this Department gives us the comprehensive range of courses which is necessary in today’s science-conscious world. The knowledge of science gained here will be ever helpful in our years of higher education. MARILYN HIBSHMAN Westminster College, B.S.; Chemistry. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MANUEL F. MARTINS Providence College, B.A.; Boston College, M.Ed.; Physical Science, Grade 9, General Science; Audio- Visual Co-ordinator. A. LOVELL PARSONS Northeastern University; University of Wisconsin; Fitchburg State College, M.Ed.; General Science; Senior Class Advisor. PAUL E. BRADSTREET University of Maine, B.S.; General Science, Chemistry. RORERT Bowdoin, Physics. PAUL R DUCHANE Southern Connecticut State College, B.S.; General Sci- ence; Freshman Football Coach. STANLEY GLEASON University of New Hamp- shire, B S.; Chemistry; Chess Club sponsor. EARLE B PRIDE Uni- versity of Maine, B.S.; General Science; Biology; Basketball Coach. FRANCIS W. SPECK Tufts College, B.S.; Marine Biology, Biology. W. B.A , CARD A.M.T.; O. MYRTLE WARDRUP, RN Shepherd College, B.A., B.S.; College of Swedish Massage; Salem State College, M.Ed.; Bio- logy; Physiology; Future Nurses of America; Junior Volunteers. 21 JAMES J. BRENNAN University of New Hamp- shire, B.A., M.A.; World History; International Re- lations. JOHN C. CARTER Har- vard University, B.A.; A.M.T.; U.S. History; World Geography; Mod- ern Democracy; Sponsor of Student Council. MARILYN CLARK Illi- nois Wesleyan; Morning- side College, B A., M.Ed.; World History; Modern Democracy. JOHN J. FUREY Boston College, B.S., M.A.; Social Studies; Head Football Coach. JOHN J. KANIA Boston University, Salem State Col- lege, B.A., M.Ed.; World Geography; U.S. History; Problems of Democracy. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Thanks to the Social Studies Department, headed by Mr. John C. Carter, we the class of 1969 will be ever prepared to participate meaningfully in the changing world that confronts us. We feel that the knowledge of geography, history, democracy, and international relations imparted to the students by the Social Studies Department is without a doubt necessary to being a competent citizen. RAYMOND S. LANE University of Massachu- setts, Salem State College, B.A., M.A.; World Geogra- phy; Junior Varsity Base- ball Coach. edward f. McCaf- frey University of Mas- sachusetts, B.A.; World History; U.S. History. DONALD T. McPHAIL Boston University, Salem State College, B.S., M.Ed.; World History; World Ge- ography; Stage Crew Ad- visor. GERALD A. O’NEIL University of New Hamp- shire, Salem State College, B.A., M.Ed.; U.S. History; World Geography; Direc- tor of Athletics. JOHN A. RADCLIFFE University of Wyoming, B.A.; U.S. History; Modern Democracy; Freshman Foot- ball Coach. 22 LOUISE NICKAS Uni- versity of Maine, B S.; World History, U. S. His- tory. GREGG SMITH Tufts LJniversitv, B.S.; Freshman Basketball Coach; World Geography, U. S. History, World History. DAVID S. WISE Har- vard University, B.A.; Modern Democracy, Ameri- can History, World His- tory; American Field Serv- ice Sponsor. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT The Foreign Language Department under the direction of Miss Mildred Frostholm strives to give students a well- rounded exposure to the language, literature, artwork and customs of France, Spain, and Germany. Latin courses offer a history of the Roman culture. This year the departm ent has expanded its teaching methods with the use of the new language laboratory. DORIS BAER Radcliffe College, B.A., M.A.; French Club; French. M. JAYNE AVILA Emmanuel College, B.A., M.A.; Spanish. JULIE B. CARPENTER Indiana University, BA.; Middlebury College, M.A.; Sorbonne (University of Paris) French. J. VINCENT ELMER Amherst, B.A.; Harvard, M.A.; Latin. MILDRED FROSTHOLM Wellesley College, BA, M.A.; Spanish II, III, IV. JANET MICHAELS Em- manuel College, B.A.; Ger- man Club; German. JUDITH A. WOSETH Hamline University; Span- ish I. 23 DEVON BERGENGREN Tufts, B.A.; Typewriting Business Practice. LYMAN BUTLER Salem State College, B.S.; Ec- onomics, Sales, General Business. VERNA M. CARBONE Boston University, B.S., M.Ed.; Co-Sponsor of Honor Business Club Note- hand, Typing I, II, III. BEATRICE R. CHRISTO- PHERSON Salem State College, B.S.; Service Club Typing I, Machine Practice. ELEANOR R. COTTI Sa- lem State College; Busi- ness Education; Personal Type, Type I, General Business. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The Business Education Department, under the direction of Mr. Alge Viatones, offers both terminal and preparatory training for its students. The gradu- ates are prepared to enter the business world as typ- ists, stenographers, bookkeepers, machine operators, and general clerks. Students are also given the train- ing necessary for entrance to business institutions of higher learning. DONAT B. FEMINO Sa- lem State College, B.S.; Business Education. HARVEY M. KOROB- KIN Suffolk University, B.S., MS.; Business Ad- visor to the Flicker; Busi- ness Practice, Bookkeep- ing. THOMAS J. O ' DON- NELL Salem State, B.S.; Typewriting I, Shorthand II, Transcription. KATHRYN DAVIS Sa- 24 lem State College; Business Education; Sponsor of Stu- dent Secretaries; Typing II; Shorthand I. • , ' • ' fv-. 4 r ait-rU.. . .-.,8 .sgallo " narrmO A ALGE J. VIATONES University of Maine, B.S., Boston Oniversity, M.S. Ed.; Honor Business Club. LEO AMERO Fitchburg JOHN F. BUDROW HORACE J. GIBRAN State College, B.S.; Auto- Fitchburg State College, Machine Shop, motive Related Subjects; B.S.; Automotive Shop. Director, Adult Education. PAUL GOODWIN In- GASPER J. LEWIS dustrial Arts. Salem State College; Northeastern University; Fitchburg State; Carpentry Theory; Math; Drafting. VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Founded in 1940, the Gloucester Vocational School, directed by Mr. Kenneth Stickney, strives to offer the best vocational training possible to the boys of Gloucester High. Its programs in- clude training in Automotive Repair, Carpentry, Machines, Printing, and Fisheries. A recently completed addition to the vocational school pro- vides much-needed space for the many students enrolled in this program. GEORGE PERRY Fitch- burg State, B S., M.Ed.; Machine Related Subjects. CARLO SINAGRA Fish- eries Course, Related Sub- jects. KENNETH SMITH Car- pentry. LEROY SPITTLE Elec- trical Course; Shop and Related Subjects. HARVEL R. VAIL Fitch- burg State, B.S.; Printing shop and Related Sub jects; Benjamin Franklin Club; Driver’s Education; Faculty Manager. SAWYER FREE LIBRARY 2 s GLOUCESTER, MA 01930 MUSIC DEPARTMENT ELEANOR F. MOORE New England Conservatory of Music; Director of Music Education; Music Theory; Music Appreciation; Glee Club; A Capella Choir. ROBERT PUFF Boston University; Florida State; University of California; Salem State College; B Music, M Music Educa- tion; Band; Orchestra; In- strumental Music. Miss Eleanor Moore, Director of Music Education, directs the Glee Club and the A Capella Choir. In addition to her duties as Department Head, Miss Moore also conducts classes in Music Theory and Music Appreciation. Mr. Puff directs the orchestra and the ROTC Band. ART DEPARTMENT The Art Department, directed by Miss Mary Nugent, enables the students of G.H.S. to de- veolp their artistic ability to the fullest. The subject matter covers fine arts, applied arts, and industrial arts, with special attention given to creative ability and appreciation to fine work. MILTON HARRIS Me- chanical Drawing I - 1 1 ; Machine Drawing I-II. VERNON C. HOOPER Gorham State College; Mechanical Drawing; Third floor Supervisor. MARY J. NUGENT Sa- lem State College; Boston University, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed.; Art I; Art Appre- ciation; Crafts. FRANK P. PETRONZIO Cleveland Institute of Art, B.F.A. Boston University, S.F.A. A. 26 LOUISE CARLSON Rus- sell Sage College, B.S.; Physical Education. ROBERT DELISLE Uni- versity of Massachusetts, B.S.; Gym Leaders; Intra- murals; Assistant Track Coach. KATHLEEN H ARRIS Slippery Rock State Col- lege, B.S.; Physical Edu- cation. KENT ROBARTS Bos- ton University, B.S.; Health Education Instruc- tor; Gym Leaders Club; Intramurals; Football Trainer. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT With today’s stress on physical fitness, Miss Louise Carlson, Miss Kathleen Harris, Mr. Robert Delisle, and Mr. Kent Robarts are busy teaching the pupils of G.H.S. the use of various gymnastic equipment. Mr. Robarts also instructs classes in health education. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT The aim of the Home Economics De- partment is to prepare its students to become efficient homemakers. The girls prepare and serve refreshments for many school functions, under the super- vision of Mrs. Joan Keegan. Many girls in this department have been rec- ognized for their accomplishments by receiving various state awards. CHRISTINE H A M O R Western University, Sim- mons College, B.S.; Home Economics. ELIZABETH S. SPELL- MAN Queen ' s College, B.S.; Hnmemaking, Cloth- ing, Family Living, Family Living Club. JOAN M. KEEGAN Framingham College, B.S.; Homemaking, Foods I - 1 1 , Advanced Foods. 27 «1 •«««£» •• 3 5i ;.7 ' 2Ui i« Was! Li ' CHARLES ROBERT DELTORCHIO, JR. Bob, " Del " Interests: R.O.T.C.; Sports; N.C.P.D.; skiing; Post Halloween; Tic Toe; E.P.Y.C. dances; Solo; 27 Belts; Bridges. Activities: Student Council; Delegate to E.M.D.S.C. Convention; ROTC Grenadiers; Individual Drill; Prize Squad; Haskell; Outward Bound; City Councilor; Young Republicans; Biology Club. Honors: Cadet Colonel, 4; President of Class, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, Student Council, 3; President of Student Council, 4; Delegate to Mass. Boy ' s State; Prize Squad Commander; Outstanding Sophomore Cadet; Alfred L. Bruni Medal; 1st Place Fort Devens; Flag Day Delegate; Outward Bound. Ambition: Always to aim high. RHONDA McCALLUM Interests: S.W.; ANG; 5 12 67; 5y?; Hill; ping; hate= love!!; 7 2 68; T.N.; 13 plus; respect — just a little?! the House; future? Activities: Student Council; Pep Club; A.F.S.; Leaders; Spanish Club; Flicker Committee Chairman. Honors: Vice-President of Class, 3, 4; Secretary of Class, 1; Junior Usherette; Delegate, E.M.D.S.C.; President of Pep Club; Vice-President Student Council; Representative, Student Government Day; 1st Floor Supply Room Assistant; Bombers. Ambition: Love, happiness, and wisdom. CYNTHIA LEE MacKENZIE CINDY Interests: B.L.J.; walking the beach; future; smiles; people and friends; 10.5; ice cream; sports; cheer- ing; afternoons; B.B.; Janet’s clothes?; Rockport pits; summer. Activities: Student Council — 3 years; Delegate to E.M.D.S.C.; Cheerleader; Floormaster ' s Assistant; Girls’ Leaders Club; Flicker; Girls’ Softball and Basketball; French Club. Honors: Class Secretary: lunior Municipal Day School Committee; Student Council Secretary. Ambition: To be a friend. REGINA R ATTAYA Ginger Interests: SNAKEDOG: Sunapee; Thut-Stephanie Democrats; Sister; Ya Huddum; Hockey; W.B.; Love = Hate; Gliko; Theze; Egg; Conside Ration; Boobala. Activities: Girls’ Leaders Club; French Club; Biology Club; Girls’ Drill Team; Cheerleader; Flicker Com- mittees; Flash; Student Council; AFS. Honors: Secretary, French Club; Commander, Girls’ Drill Team; Spectacular Drill; City Delegate; Class Treasurer; Treasurer, Student Council; Delegate to E.M.D.S.C. Convention; First Floor Office Assistant. Ambition: To give to and gain from life as much as possible. 32 JOHN JOSEPH AIELLO Interests: Ask Karen; Joe Monte ' s Pool Room; Boulevard; Andrews; Boss Five; Sgt.’s Par- ty; My corner; She said; Com- plete madness; those talks; Sat- urday nights; friends. Activities: Football; Baseball; Ice Skating; Bowling; Weights. Ambition: To succeed in life and make my mother and family proud of fine. HOLLIS ALLEN Skip Interests: Art; Snoopy; 10 29 68; The Supremes; Char- lie Brown; Drawing; Music. Honors: National Honor So- ciety; Sawyer Medal. Ambition: To live my life for art. EUGENE AMERO Chuckie Interests: 68 yellow Chevie II; Vets; O.K.L.A.; J.B. for lunch bunch; treehouse; snap-snap and dinosaurs; poopdeck; HEG’s parties; Ann’s pad; the place; R.L. Activities: Auto Club; ROTC Band; Flag Day Exercises. Honors: Doctor of Motors Award; Company Sergeant of " B” Company. Ambition: To find out what the rest of the world is like. DONNA LEE ALLEN Interests: G.S.; Scars; green alligators; PC.; B.C.; Novem- ber 5; 10 21 68; G Clef; Big Brother; Bizit; Sergeant’s Party 68; MUNY; The Big Hedge. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Pep Club; 25 Times Club; Gym Leader. Honors: Drill Team Spectacular; Type Awards. Ambition: To be happy. GAYLE S. ALLEN Interests: Smiles; the beach; summer days; Maine ’66; real- ly?; ask Valerie; 10 31 68; rid- ing in the dark!; the pool; kids; ESSEX; Good one!; B.H ; is it okay?; what??; laughing out loud. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Honor Business Club, Treasurer; Student Secretary; Pep Club; Home Room Rep. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To remember, " It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice. " JOSEPH AIELLO Olleia Interests: R.O.T.C.!; RF.EB; you yoyo; Harry ' s class; Water Boy; girls; Bud; Fords; 1 1 30 73; NEWT; Milton; Sandy’s in Beverly; B.Y.O.S.; F Troop; parties. Activities: Prize Squad; Grena- diers; Haskell; Individual; Com- pany Commander, F Company. Honors: ”2” Place Prize Squad; F Co. Commander. Ambition: To please my father and to find my final goal. BARBARA AMERO Barbie, Barb Interests: DONNIE; Laurel Lane; Ask Linda; Long walks; under the bridge; coffee and cigarettes; " nothing! " ; August 29, 1968; over river!; fireplaces; " Get Off My Back " ; Oswego; cold hands; carry on. Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: To learn, to live, to love. LINDA J. AMERO Interests: The art spirit; spe- lunking; croquet; incredible HULK; egophobia. Ambition: To live for the glories of the world, take the cash, and let the credit go. JOHN ANDREWS Jack Interests: Water skiing; long hair; and girls. Activities: Golf Team III. Ambition: To become an archi- tectural designer. CLAIRE MARIE ARABIAN Interests: BOBBY; Nurse ' s of- fice; Cher-ami’s; the fights with him — ask Frank; remember Sat. nights; Christmas 1968 from Bobby; Sunday night, the car — ask Gail. Ambition: To make that certain someone happy and to make my parents proud of me. 33 Who are you kidding? SUSAN J. BAGLINI Bags Interests: Mack; that summer; Love Child; 10 25 68; ask Laurie; Driving lessons; Eastern Ave.; " My Honey Baby”; 1-2-5- basements; ACCIDENTS; neon lights . . . Finch time?; ducks; you nitwit; ask that crazy gang. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Softball Team; Student Secretary; Pep Club. Ambition: To remember all that glitters is not gold; to walk hand in hand with him. RONALD E. BATSON Leech, Batty Interests: Drill?; you yoyo; U.S.N.; C.J.F.; Spring St.; K.M.A.; FIRE!!; D Company; Harris ' s Hatchery; Playmate of the month; No pussyfooting; Boulevard. Activities: Grenadiers; Prize Squad; Haskell Drill. Honors: Prize Squad, 3rd place; Staff Sgt. Ambition: To fulfill my father’s wishes, to see the world as it really is, to be myself, and to join the Navy. GAIL BEAUDAIN Interests: LET ' S BE WILD; Rook; N.D T.; Rascals; Scrogg; Hendrix; 11 16 68; What time was that, Jordan?; Ipswich Dairy, ask Denise; U.F.O.’s; Florida; E.S.P.; OK. — Flex! Activities: Pep Club; Honor Business Club; Student Secre- tary; Teen Board; French Club; Flicker; Floormaster’s Asst. Honors: N.H.S.; Shorthand and Type Awards; Olivetti-Under- wood Award. Ambition: To find the brightest star and make it shine for me. PAULA J. BELEZOS Walka, Pauler Interests: SNAKEDOG; baby robin egg; Sunapee, line-2; zubwb; ya huddum; soul sounds; sisters; theze gliko. Activities: A F.S.; French Club; Pep Club; Girls ' Drill Team; Girls ' Leaders Club; Flash; Flicker Committees. Honors: Right guidon — Girl’s Drill Team; First floor office as- sistant; Bombers. Ambition: To smile with my future. ANN MARIE BENNETT Ann, Annie Interests: Vacations; G.B.S. 67; games; yaright; suepee bds; Dr. Ed.; ask J.L.; lunch; chickens; S.S. 68; NT. 67-69. Activities: Biology Club; A.F.S. Ambition: To make the most of life. JOANN BELL JoJo Interests: ANG; respect — just a little, stringbeans; 7 2 68: zub; Sunapee, 68; E.B.S.; monkeys; prairie; SPI; hockey; little sisters; kosher; boobala. Activities: AFS; Chairman, Flicker Photography Committee; Girls’ Lead- ers Club; Spanish Club; Thespians; Girls’ Drill Team. Honors-. Type Award; Treasurer, A.F.S.; Finalist, A.F.S. Americans Abroad Program; 1st floor supply room; spectacular squad; Bombers. Ambition: To remember: " By nature all men are alike; but by education, very different.” DAVID LEE BENJAMIN Benjy Interests: Beautiful mornings and peaceful nights; sax; blues; bowser; N.S.M.V.R.; Sundavs; skiing; " Benjy, Live " ; Squam Rock; big Harleys; my bridge; life; music; Purple Haze. Activities: Band; Rockport Le- gion Band; Blue-Sax Inc. Honors: Band; Solo Clarinet; Master Sgt. Ambition: A life of producing the art of music. JANE KIDDER BENTLEY Interests: Silver Sands; Rainbow; W.A.; Lynn Arena; Stratford; August 1; Oh, you kids; Snoo- py; reading; leaky cars? Activities: Beacon, Junior Edi- tor, Co-Editor; French Club; Floormaster’s Asst.; Flash; Main Office Asst. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Na- tional Honor Society, Secretary; Typing Awards. Ambition: To graduate from the University of New Hampshire. 34 ELIZABETH ANN BERTOLINO Betty, Bet Interests: 10 26 68; Ipswich; Rook; N.B.T.; Boys; 65 Cor- vair; Did you tell yet; ask Kath; the corner; hey guys; hey Arty; hoppers; beach; dur- dur- durluka; B.M.M. Activities: Pep Club; Student Secretary; Flicker Staff. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To see this world in peace instead of pieces. STEPHEN BOHAN Steve , Bo Interests: Guitar, all types of music; 63 Pontiac; The Doors; 2nd gear; the gang; know it?; I wrote it!; Gibson; reverb; Hammond Castle; really fine; you got insurance? Activities: Composing. Honors: Type awards. Ambition: To do what I want to do for a living, and do it well; to be happy. ERIC FRYE BERGENGREN Barney Interests: Turtles; DeMolay; poetry; stereo hi-fi; boats; Air- planes; Spinach; Copy Sheets; French Picnics; Poles; Princie; Parnassus; messing around; Har- vard Square. Activities: N.H.S.; French CL; Thespians; Stage Crew, Math League. Honors: N.H.S.; Sawyer Medal; Jr. Rotarian; Flicker Co-Ed.; Hon. Men., Jeremy Ingalls Poet- ry Contest. Ambition: To be objective to- wards myself, and subjective to- ward all others. ANGELO BERTOLINO Andy, Angie Interests: Fishing for sport; Red Sox; Girls. Honors: National Honor So- ciety. Ambition: I hope to become an oceanographer like Jacques Cou- steau. Jag up to your lackers. XAVIER F. BERTOLINO, JR. Savy Interests: Bikes?; Hendrix; clicking; Perkins St.; Scotts; Day in Court; Brubs; June 15; N.F.B.; F Troop; Good Look- ing; Spin em!; Old but wiser; Star witness. Ambition: To lead a good life and make my parents proud of me. THOMAS BOUDREAU Tom, Bond Interests: Telephone poles at Wingaer-sheek— ask Jane; 67 Nova; G.H.S. dances; Ginger- bread; Cottage — ask Kathy; all- night parties; baseball; bowl- ing; skiing; long talks; " Sure!”; King’s Rook; Health Suite with Debby ? Activities: J.V. Baseball. Ambition: To live my life in a worthwhile way — having girls, money, and love. JULIA ANNE BLANCHARD ]ulie Interests: JIM; 8 8 68; Bev- erly; Mac’s; Lowell Tech; Nook; F.P.Y.C.; pushing V.W.’s; kick- apoo; carnival with Katie?; Ford wagon; Vanilla Fudge; Union Gap; " Midnight Confession’’; " Born to be Wild”; Friendly s; Drive-In; Cute-guy; Zippy?; Newspapers???; Hey, Doreen! Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: To have a smile for every friend and a friend for every smile. DANA BLATCHFORD Bub Interests: Hunting; 56 Chevy; Twinkle; Football; her big brown eyes; my tots are with you; the corner. Ambition: To make my parents as proud of me as I can. 35 Did everyone enjoy the movie? JACK BRANCALEONE Jackamo Interests: " Liz”; August 11; Ed- die’s party; Moose call; 62 Chevy; trashbarrel; MacDon- ald ' s; pits; Sergeant ' s Party; Flag football. Activities: Football; Basketball. Honors: Football Team; Ser- geant, ROTC. Ambition: To pay back all the happiness my parents have given me. PHYLLIS BRANCALEONE Interests: DOUGIE; 6 14 68; pandemonium (the Salt Water Tea); Salem Willows; Little Red Volkswagens; Dreams; Se- crets; Andrews; News, ask Car- lyne; California " 66”; New York!; Summer of ' 66. Activities: CYO; St. Ann ' s Band; Spanish Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To find goodness in everyone. JOAN BROWN Brownie Interests: June 15; ask Paula; Broken nose; ask Sue; Nahant; Boston; ask Louise. Activities: Horseback. Ambition: To make the best with what I have in life. VALERIE BROWN Val Interests: Colorado; Outward Bound 68; basketball; ask Gayle; P.S.; swimming?; S.M.L.; smile! Activities: Pep Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Girls ' Basketball Team; Spanish Club; Floor- master ' s Assistant. Ambition: To develop my po- tential as fully as possible. BEVERLY BURGESS Interests: Memories; Ugh’s!; 26 DDD. — ask Faye; 10 28 68; Magnet Avenue; come back once more — Diane; ugly 57; No Bumma; Rook; G block — 67; first landmark; neon lights; walks; j7 pretzels; 1-2-3 base- ments. Honors: Type awards; Student Secretary. Ambition: To find that onion that doesn’t make me cry; to fulfill my future dreams and ambitions. THOMAS BURGESS Tom Interests: Drive-In; E.P.Y.C.; Heg’s parties; barrel; twinlight; sunup; lifting; long sidyes; girls; going wild; W.G.W.; dances. Activities: Flicker Committee; Lead ers Club. Honors: Company Commander of D Company. Ambition: To succeed at what- ever I may try, and to go the right way in trying. ROBERT J. BURNS Poop, Bobby Interests: LINDA; Epping; Chevys; Drive-In; 16 months; no dummy right? Activities: Ben Franklin Club; Band 1, 2, 3. Honors: President, Ben Frank- lin Club; Company Sergeant; 5 year man. Ambition: To make as much money as Mr. Vail, and to make my parents proud of me. JOANNA CAMILLE Jo, Joanne Interests: JACK; Aug. 67; crushed ciggies; " hey Buggs!”; 3 9 68; Are you kiddin ' !; ask Kath; daisies; April showers 68; " Happy Days . . .”; Equals. Activities: Pep Club. Honors: Type I Awards. Ambition: Above all to make my Dad above proud of me; to trust, love, and believe in the " Happy Days ...” to come. 36 EDNA R. CARBONARO Interests: Eagle!; spaghetti; Mr. Ed’s Boomers; count those cal- ories; olives; Hey Girls!; BB 5; nice or what?!; skinny eyeballs; hockey. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; French Club; Pep Club; Flash; Flicker staff; 1st floor supply room assistant. Honors: Squad leader; Girls’ Drill Team; Spectacular Drill; Junior Usherette. Ambition: To find my cloud 9 and treasure it forever. BONNIE LEE CAMPBELL Bon Interests: Sunshine; flowers; happiness . . . and especially him; " Gentle on My Mind " ; The " Family " ; Home, sweet home; spring 67; the future; the ever-present fullness of ex- pectation. Activities: Beacon Literary Committee; Flash; Floormaster ' s Secretary; Student Secretary Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To look to this day, for yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. SUZANNE MARIE CAPEL Sue, Susie Interests: Football games; walk- ing; sailing; skiing; skating; drawing and painting; Boston; the Common; New York’s vil- lage; traveling someday; " S’’?; horseback riding; the Cause- way. Ambition: To reach my high- est goal and to be happy always with what I am and not with what I’d like to be. CECILIA ROSE CECILIO Celia, Cel Interests: VALENTINO— ask Stevie; McDonald ' s; Renault 68; Booth — 18; Christmas 67; Mer- rimack College; that night; talks with Norma; laughing with Nancy; and looking with Sue; sexy Ed. Activities: 1st Floor Office Asst.; Student Secretary; Thes- pians; AFS; Pep Club; Home- room Representative; CYO. Ambition: To always have a smile on my face and always have someone smiling back. You’re supposed to dissect it not eat it. DONNA MARIE CHAPMAN Chapo; Chippy Interests: " 88 ' ' campaign; talks and tears; S.S.S.; E. Fun; oh! I ' m so embarrassed; probably not!; Mr. Ed; C and C; funny water; PIP. Activities: Girls ' Drill Team; 1st Floor Office Asst.; Girls ' Leaders Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Flicker Representative; Main Office Assistant. Honors: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Society; Cheerleader; Junior Usherette; Drill Team Spectacular; Vice-Pres., Sophomore. Ambition: To be cheerful today— and with equal cheerfulness await tomorrow. M. EILEEN CARROLL Interests: RUSTY; Nov. 23; Love Letters — ask Ruthie; Army; three’s a crowd — ask Ruthie; Beverly; " I’m absent today — ask Denna; wedding bells — ask Ruthie and Rick; Hey Guys — ask Celia. Activities: Junior Volunteers; Pep Club; Flicker Committee; First Floormaster ' s Assistant. Ambition: To be one of man- kind’s servants and eventually marry and make my husband and children forever content. JANE CHISHOLM Ch ' ts Interests: Bushes; stairs; poison ivy; E.P.Y.C.; 3-25-65; yellow jeeps; 6, hockey ; the pines; July 4th; Harvey; swimming; set-up mulled. Activities: French Club; Guar- anteed Future Travelers; Flicker; Beacon. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: Caveat emptor. ROSEANN CIARAMITARO O’Toole Interests: DANA; 10-10-67; 10- 10-68; TEARS — ask Sharon; Those nights; B.B, F.S.. and 8 26 68; my swinger; Margie’s 9 28 68; Summer of 66; win- ter of 68; 10 6 67. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To look for the good in others and to try to under- stand the worst. To always be myself. 37 Monday morning. VINCENT JAMES CIARAMITARO Jimmy Interests: Debbie; 4-25-68; Ser- geant’s Party 68; Woman, Woman; the Union Gap; F Block Study 68; Animal Farm; D Block English; Good Friday 68; B Block Study; C.B. Activities: ROTC. Honors: Staff Sergeant, G Com- pany 68. Ambition: To be happy in life. DANA CLOUGH Cluffy Interests: DONNA; skiing; dome, ask Bob D.; the pines; New Hampshire; Post Hallow- een; Rkpt; L.B Drive-in; B.F.D.; What! Who said that!; hunting; 60 Chevy; the wall; Stafford ' s and the Hippie. Honors: ROTC Staff Sergeant; Sergeant First Class; Company Sergeant; Prize Squad; Indivi- dual Drill. Ambition: To make a success of myself and make the best out of life as possible. SAMUEL ALDEN COFFIN Sam Interests: DeMolay; photography; backstage; $ c; 220-10SA; Clyde Crashcup; Alice ' s Restaurant; 2:25; Maria ' s bull sessions and politics; big promotions; rotsey?; Veeeeery INteresting ! Activities: Thespians; Stage Crew; French Club; Flicker; Beacon; Tennis Team. Honors: National Honor So- ciety; Major, ROTC Staff. Ambition: To understand my- self and other people; to find truth and health, happiness and wealth; and to attend the 2052 World’s Fair. ABBY COBB Interests: Potter} ' and People; reading the paper; writing let- ters; taking walks; talking. Honors: National Merit Com- mended scholar. Ambition: To live in a warm and sunny place. ROBERT JONATHAN COOK Bob Interests: Marsh jump shoot- ing; the book; fishing; Water- witch; watching PATS St GREEN BAY; graduating; hunting; punching Fat Albert; great white chick-a-dee hunter; Port LaTour. Activities: Football Team. Ambition: To succeed, to go on to college and graduate. ALAN COHEN Benny Interests: Football; sideburns; Heg’s parties; Drive-In; the barrel; twinlights; W.I.W.A.B.; Doc’s Office. Activities: Football; Baseball; Leaders Club; Outward Bound. Honors: ROTC MP Sgt.; John- son and Johnson Type Award. Ambition: To serve, to strive, and not to yield. PATRICIA CODY Deechie Interests: Week at Stonehill Col- lege; G.T.O.; S.A.H.; New York; Surprise!; Chinaland; D. Cravats. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Y.C.S.; CYO; flicker Commit- tee; Spectacular Drill. Honors: National Honor So- ciety. Ambition: To make myself use- ful to society and to make others happy. SALVATORE A. CORRAO Sal, Sandy, Sally Interests: Her; G H.S.; B.F.D.; Girls; 12 buddies; Essex; THE CORNER; the Rook; Topsfield Girl; just one; Not Now! Now! reeb; N.Y.; Albany; NANCIF; 36-24-35. Activities: Basketball; Soccer; ROTC Band. Honors: Sergeant First Class; First Sergeant; Drum Major. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt and to always have a smile. 38 1 PATRICIA CUDDYER Patsy Interests: Tuck ' s; Rockport; S P. 68; skiing; ask Lynne; S.A.B. 1 1 66; S T- — ask Linda; listen- ing, ask JoAnn; 7 26 68; stag- ger much?; Don’t he scared!; Drive-In; no gas Beth. Activities: Pep Club; Drill Team; Flicker Staff; Student Council (SAH); Spanish Club Honors: Type Awards; CYO Secretary; Spectacular Drill. DEBORAH C. COULL Interests: Summer of 68; Cot- tage — Hansel and Gretal?; Orange Life Guard boats; Big Brothers; Lily White; What — no DUB?!; 10 18 68— but, such a little corner!!! Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To seek, to find, to strive, and not to yield. JAMES EDWARD CROWLEY Jim, Jimmy Interests: Hunting; fishing; swimming; archery; rifle prac- tice. Activities: Football; Track; Rifle Team; Thespians; Architectural Drafting Club; Driver’s Ed. Honors: Squad leader; Rifle Team Manager and Assistant Coach. Ambition: To help build my country. We dogs must stick together. ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Bob, Bubba Interests: Sailing; sailboat racing; A.Y.C.; driving the Intrepid; tennis; hockey; Bruins; summers in Squam; sunshine; late to bed, late to rise; going places; grins; Simon and Gar- funkel; Billsville. Activities: Math League; Varsity Ten- nis Team; National Honor Society; Beacon, Business Manager; Student Council. Honors: National Honor Society, president; Sawyer Medal; Commander E Co.; Junior Rotary; Student Ad- visory Council. Ambition: " Climb high, climb far, my goal the sky, my aim the star.” CAROI.E J. CURCURU Kooks interests: Bein’ silly; depot at 7:00; D.D.; the M; Boston; T.C.’s; discussions; notes; mem- ories; crackers and cake, ask Margie; N.Y.C.; Calif.; Chinese fire drills. Activities: Pep Club; Flicker; Biology Club; Floormaster’s Asst.; Flash; Office Assistant. Flonors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To take one day at a time. CHRISTINE G. CURCURU Chris Interests: Summer and Winter of 67; dancing; flying kites?; long walks; buddies; big blue eyes; memories forever and al- ways; Kathy?; Fine; Wow!! Unbelievable; him, Hey Uin- nie!; " N”; Good old S.A.H.; C.Y.O. Ambition: To accept the things I couldn’t possibly change. JOHN B. CURCURU Bookt r T. Interests-. G.P.; summer of 68; 7 22 68; sports; bike rides real- ly throw me; day in court; older but wiser; Niles Beach; the Fox; 61 Chevys; DM s; Marvelous Mals?; Wait a min- ute . . . ; Parties at Ed’s house; Rumors. Activities: Grenadiers; C Co. Prize Squad; Flag Day 67. Honors: ROTC cadet major Ambition: To gain my impos- sible dream while making the ones I love as proud of me as I am of them. KATHRYN ELAINE CURCURU Kathy Interests: ' IPSWICH ' ; Rook; Sully (?); Summer 66; hey men; boys; N.B.T.; Rascals and Hendrix; the corner; Hey Guys; 10 23 67; N.H.: New Years; C.B.; parties; Boppers; Cor- vairs. Activities: Pep Club; Student Secretary; Office Assistant; Flicker Staff. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To always remember that life can be enjoyed best through the heart. 39 Three Diamonds Brand — Fancy Tuna. JEROME CURRERI Jerry, Jay Interests: Nora; N.P.; 5 25 68; surfing; football; basketball; hockey; Bruins; 65 Black Im- pala Convertible; watching the huge surf during northeasters. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me by succeeding in high school and also in college. DAVID CURTIS Dave Interests: ROTC Band’s Bass Player (?); O.B.S.; A G.H.; money; 1954 Lincoln; Yellow Lights. Activities: Outward Bound (N.W.) 1968; Boy Scouting; ROTC Band; Audio-Visual Club; Stage Crew; School Pho- tographer; Thespians. Honors: President of A.V. Club; Stage manager of Stage Crew. Ambition: To serve, to strive, and not to yield. To be what I am and nothing else. PHILIP CUSUMANO Flip Interests: Suzi; 68 Caprice; get- ting psyched. Activities: Grenadiers; Individ- ual Drill; Haskell Drill; F Company Prize Squad. Honors: Third place Prize Squad; First Lieutenant, F Com- pany. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to keep that special one happy. ALAN G. DAVID Interests: Joyce; Chev; Mr. Perry’s trips; long drives to the beach; Jan. 17, 1968, ask Joyce; Shely Hays. Ambition: To be good in every- thing and do as my parents ask. To make my life a success. TIMOTHY J. DAVIS Tim Interests: Sports; Hice ream; Houp Han Hanwish; oink, oink!; Mr. Wise and his soccer; Just like Essex. Activities: Baseball; Soccer. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt. PAUL DAY Interests: GALE; Magnolia; summer 68; " with ice”; senior prom 67; Sgt’s party 68; paint- ing the fence; hanging around with the guys; Jimi Hendrix; " My Girl”; dances; G.L. Activities: Rifle Team. Honors: Sergeant, Squad Lead- er. Ambition: To be a success at whatever I attempt and make everybody proud of me. LINDA R. DACRUZ Interests: West Glou.; Dikes; B.H.; Apr. 68; Castle Hill; Ore locks; ask Bob; talks; cars; summer of 68; mole; ask Lori; Concord, Mass.; Arlington Heights; H.Sq; guitar practices; dances; summer of 67; Rock- port; those parties; ask Steph and Cilia. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To please that special person and to make my parents proud of me. THOMAS C. DAVIS Tommy Interests: Sports; music; N.S.; competitions; 9 17 68; Califor- nia. Activities: St. Ann’s Band. Ambition: Always be happy, to succeed in whatever I try, and to make my family proud of me. 40 LINDA ANN DENCH L.D. Interests: Depot 7 P.M. — where’s Jane?; til 1819; " poor baby”; saint-walks?; L.F.V.; party buddies; accidents; no knee’s there!; Nat’s parties; Mt. Ann; What time was that, Jordan ? Activities: Stu. Sec.; Floormas- ter Ass ' t; Pep Cl.; Stu. Coun Honors: Type I and II Awards. Ambition: To find a smile at the saddest moment; to follow the path my parents have trav- eled. STEPHEN A. DOMINGOS Rabbit Interests: Basketball; baseball; C Block study 67-68; Hi Steve; Hice ream; houp hand han- wich; good times with Bud; the Club; Egor. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Track 2, 4. Honors: Squad Leader G com- pany. Ambition : To lead a successful life and make my parents proud of me. RUSSELL DELTORCHIO, JR. Skip Interests: Basketball; V.P. of Mis- Fit Weavers; Mills; Sue ' s House; Nick ' s; Wickeys; all summers; beich; pits; 64 Sprint; 59 Ford; senior c amp; PSYCHED; pool hopping; Drive-In; YE; Older but Wiser; surf ' s up?!;, wild weekends; what’s up? A ctii ities: Ba sk etba 1 1 ; Gym Leader; Company Sergeant, E Company; Prize Squad. Honors: First Sergeant of Com- pany E. Ambition: To become half the man my father is and to be happy the rest of my life. DEBRA DEMARCO Debbie Interests: E.F.; 9 11 64; the M; no depot at 7:00; why not?; friends; memories; California; tree trunks; wings; Drive-In; Stop it!; Fishermen 69: discussions; I ' m embarrassed!; Sarge’s house. Activities: Student Council Repre- sentative 2, 3, 4; Pep Club; Flicker Committee Chairman; Homeroom Representative; Student Secretary; Delegate to E.M D.S.C. Convention; Flash : Biology Club. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To always remember yard by yard life is hard; inch by inch, it ' s a cinch. To keep that promise. I love you too, Paula. ELIZABETH ANN DENNIS Beth Interests: Bruce; 7 21 66; scratch; N.U.; depot at 7:00; Ya?; M ' s investigation; S.N.I.; no gas, Patsy; If you do ...; Friendly’s; Drive-In; the fox; hockey 67-68. Activities: French Club; Lead- ers Club; Girls’ Basketball Team; Flicker; CYO. Honors: Type Awards; CYO Vice-President. Ambition: To live in a world of love and laughter. LORI JEAN DENCH Interests: TOM; 12 1 67; Hold this please!!!; ask Pat; those conversations; ask Fran; THE SNAKE; S.C.; ask Lynne; that ' s a no-no! Sunday nites; April 16, 1968. Activities: Pep Club; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To love and be loved, to want and be wanted, to need and be needed. ANN DILIBERTI Annie Interests: Ten Pound Island; Gail’s House; FISH; isn’t this fun; S.P. 68; 2-4-67; Drive-In; Rascals; Sports; Friendly’s; Good Harbor Be ach; Mary Tic- Toc. Activities: Guaranteed Future Travelers Club; Flicker; Student Secretary; Pep Club; Corridor Proctor. Honors: Typing Awards; Jun- ior Usherette. Ambition: To make my dream world a world of reality. LISA DOUCETTE Lee Interests: Rockport; " Beast " ; the green bomb; Fords and Chevys?!!; Ask Shar; A.GH.; R.D.; N.G.; ask Sharon!; Fri- day; weekends; hockey; " Pea- nuts”; Y.C.S.; long talks; let- ters ! Activities: Future Nurses. Ambition: To be a success for those who love me. For the dreams I dream now to come true. 41 You GARY DOWNEY Randoob Interests: KRIS!; Blessed; dreams; smile — Bodomolal; ups and downs; " Better get going”; Good Harbor Beach; " Think Spring”; " W — this”; 56 Chevy; Aug. 2, 1968 — Boston?; Gas Mask Bag; Our Place; Beck; Clapto n. Ambition: To do my own thing, and to do it well. KEVIN KEATING DOYLE Hey Kev Interests: Summer 68; Snack Bar at ECC; Molly; J.W.; 60 Buick; 58 T-Bird; 68 Tigers; scuba diving; hunting; music; weight lifting; CB radios; TV gang busters. Honors: Private, ROTC; Typ- ing Award. Ambition: To further my educa- tion in any way possible. DOREEN DOYLE Clarx Interests: Hey, Julie!”; Bch; Lanesville Bell Ringers; the Nash — in snowbanks; Cup’s house; ski trips; N.B. — J.L.— ask Debs; football. Activities: Pep Club; Flicker Staff; Beta Beta Biology Club; A.F.S.; Thespians; Offgrounds. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To serve. CRAIG S. DULONG Interests: Hesse; Eisley; Siddaf- tha; Harlem; backstage; Lanes- ville; W. Gloucester; C.B.; The Road; Mayall; Blues. Activities: Thespians; Cross Country; Stage Crew. Ambition: To mine own self be true. RICHARD H. DOUCETTE Dick Interests: All different kinds of sports; girls; school. Activities: Freshman Baseball; Gymnastics; Basketball; and Three Years of Drill in D and H Companies. Ambition: To go to work for a while helping my mother, to go on to make a successful ca- reer in either baseball or basket- ball, and then to serve in the Air Force and make my mother proud of me. AYUNE EMILY DOUGLASS Interests: 5 15 68; Harry’s; 7 3 68; ask Prudence; the cove; Good Harbor Beach; Rook; cold days; Weinprober; Rasen; ski- ing; tennis; sailing. Activities: Thespians; Girls ' Drill Team; Beta Beta; Leaders Club; Flicker; Beacon. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To be happy and give happiness. DONNA JEANNE DUMONT Interests: MIKE; summer of 68; F.I.B.; Saturday’s; the Lagoon; Pebble Beach; " Tiger”; 68 Mali- bu; " Ant”; Spooked; Boston; My Hootie; 7 12 68; " The Look of Love.”; our album; ask Ollie; ask Deechie; Red Sox. Activities: Pep Club; Student Secretary; Mr. R. ' s Office. Honors: Typing Awards; Short- hand Awards. Ambition: " To dream things that never were and say, why not?”; To make the one I love the most, and my father up above, proud of me. JOHN CLEMENT DUNCAN Drunken!, Dunk Interests: Gidget; 10 2 68; sum- mers of 67 and 68; ask Andy and Sherry; gun cases; weight lifting; No Moose there; right Dave; COOT shootin’; who?” Eagle Lake; Crane’s Beach; half hour before sunrise; skiing; hockey. Activities: Band; Track; Cross Country; Baseball; Rifle Team. Honors: Captain, Rifle Team; Cross Country Duel Meet Champs; Corporal; Sergeant. Ambition: To turn my dreams into reality. 42 KAREN FEENER Interests: PHIL; that Thursday night; ask Toni; " W.G.; Rook; March 68; parties; long talks; pizza; 62 Chevy; 6 26 67 — Dri ve-In; ask Ann; silliness; Mac ' s; V.; L P. Activities: Honor Business Club; Pep Club. Honors: Shorthand and Type Awards. Ambition: Never to look back with sorrow; but to look ahead with a smile. CAROL EARLE George Interests: Bruce; I dunno; Pi- dies; Kid; Easta; cos; Derek; ’57; ' 56; Patt; Brothers, Wally, and Jim; art; poetry; Rod Mc- Kuen; Rugman; Ain ' t that slick!; A-Block Etudie; Gocha ! Activities: Thespians. Ambition: To serve God; Alas- ka. KATHARINE L. EELLS Kay Interests: April 15 th; Lanes- ville after party; Putney, Ver- mont; Holly in October; George of the Jungle with Kurt; green sun at Halibut Point; Rosie’s Fairy God Mother; June 69; Killington ' 68; 23 horses all summer; V.W.’s; saunas. Activities: Thespians; Flicker Activities and Senior Section Committees. Ambition: To be an art teacher after college; to be on the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team. JEFFREY FAVAZZA Jeff (Hamster) Interests: Barb; 327 Chevy; Aug. 30, 1964; Nov. 10, 1967; sleep- ing out. Ambition: To make my family and friends proud of me. JEAN A. FAVAZZA Interests: T.O.R ; summer of 66; YEA MAINE!; walks and talks; STARS; skiing at Rowley; Musky; the beach; Rockport; Aconee County High, Ga. Activities: Technology Club; Leaders Club; Pep Club Honors: Poetry Contest (2nd prize). Ambition: It is better to be small and shine than to be big and cast a shadow. BRUCE MICHAEL EMERO Interests: Bonnie; special times; memories; the wind and rain — that night; our walks; April; 4 5 69; good friends; George- town; Christmas; dreams; phone booth; holidays; those parties; movies; foggy nights. Activities: Cross-Country; Chess Club Ambition: " To learn while teaching others.” VICKI ERNEST Crendel Interests: Certain Someone! sum- mer 68; " Are you kiddin’ me?”; Y.M.C.A.; Mrs. Spellman’s Room — 301; Rockport — ask Dot; long talks; 59 Chevy; sew- ing; dancing; laughing; school- yard; Good Harbor Beach; H R. 106. Activities: Homemaking Assis- tant. Ambition: To live, love, laugh, and be happy. Two good eggs, but who likes eggs? STEVEN ENOS Steve Interests: Connie; lunch; the boys; arch. Draft.; 6 2 68; Hice Ream; houp hand hanwish; C block study 67-68; sports; last Christmas; good times with Bud. Activities: Company Command- er. Honors: Company Commander of G Company; Rifle Team, Sophomore Year. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to have a happy family with that certain girl (C.L.). 43 STEPHEN FIGURIDO Steve, Fig. Interests: Carol; Dew; sports; hockey games in Lynn; summer time; having fun with kids over Hunns. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I do, and prove to my parents I can ck something right. MARIA FONTANA Interests: 6-7-68 (memories); " Hey Guys”; ask Sandy; 65 Ford; Cal.; Nova Scotia (65- 66); Rome 68; " The Four Sea- sons”; ask JA; VW Bus; Sum- mer of 68; Loud Mouth Sue. Activities: St. Ann ' s Band; CYO; Basketball Team. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To meet that certain someone and to live a life of happiness. BONNIE IE AN FOSTER Interests: Teddy bear!; VN No- vember 5, 1968; talks — ask Marilyn!; riding around; cry much?; laffs and tears; Johnny Mathis; " Drunken Pumpkins!”; skinny eyeballs?? Activities: Pep Club; Nurse’s helper?!; Future Nurse’s Club. Honors: President, Future Nur- se ' s Club. Ambition: To go through life with a smile on my lips and never tears in my eyes. JOANNA MARIE FRANCIS Interests: GREG; 4-18-68; Sum- mer 68; Rock-port; Late, Again?!; T.A.L.G.; Really?!; Where’s Nancy?; Tuesday nites; moods; Hey, Girls!; those little old roads; L.W.L. Activities: Vice-President of Honor Business Club; Pep Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards; Olivetti Underwood Award. Ambition: To always know the joys of happiness, the sorrows of sadness, and the beauty of love. VALERIE FRANCIS Veil Interests: John; 4 19 68; the property; ROCKPORT; cold feet; the Lanesville Bell Ringers; sing alongs; the Bridwatchers; cream puffs; long discussions; double cheeseburgers; Boston; the place; that night! Activities: Pep Club; Off- grounds. Ambition: To watch as my dreams become reality. SUSAN E. FOSTER Sue Interests: G.A.S.; 8 1 67 — 7 2 68; summer of 67-68; St. John ' s Prep; Plum Cove; Win- gaersheek Parties; " beaching”; Harvard Square; Castle Hill; big brown eyes; Oct. 68. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: Happiness and ful- fillment; loving and giving. ELJA FREITAS Interests: VITO; 6 21 67; the view! 2 yrs.; 64 Ford Pokey; dieting!; ask Joanna; Where’s Nancy?!; Me, Brownnoze!; Big mouth Suzie; " Special Angel,” jealousy; apple pie; that first date; ask Chris. Activities: Pep Club; Student Secretary. Ambition: To always keep love and God in my heart. And to make Him and Mom proud of me and my dad up there. BRIDGET FRONTIERO Gidget, Twin, " Walker” Interests: JOHN; 10 2 68; Groovy Baby; 10 6 68; " Floor- show”; Hey Hunk!; Red cars GO; Mrs. Drunken?; Hey Twin!; ask 5 AM.; Hey Kathi — No Tears — Right?; We? Made It? Unbelievable!; Surf’s Lip; Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Activities: CCD Teacher. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To make the most of my existence. 44 WILLIAM GILLIS ANTHONY KELLY FRONTIERRO Tony Interest!:: Aviation; running; swimming; the Park; the Beach; the mile; the 880 and 2 mile?; Star Trek; Union Gap; the last 220?; " gunning out”; " Fire!”; (CR 12.1 38) ; 15 straight; " the mereemaries.” Activities: Cross-Country; Track. Honors: Captain, Cross Country Team; 1967 and 1968 N.E.C. Cross-Country Champs. Ambition: To go beyond my destiny. BRUCE GENEST Interests: ANNE; a certain 58 Chevy; girls; summer of 68; why Fords don’t go; blue 68 Corvairs, too!; Shop too, it ' s unreal. Ambition: To graduate from col- lege and retire at age 40. It’s what’s up front that counts! JOSEPH A. GINN " Gin,” Beer-Belly-Tig • Interests: The ocean; boating; " Sunday mornings”; millions of sand; racing; my machine; " Es- sex Corner”; " Outward Bound.” Activities: Color Guard; Staff Sgt.; Commander; Outward Bound. Honors: Typing Awards; Out- ward Bound. Ambition: To be able to go where I want and to do anything I want at any time. To fulfill my wants for myself and others. SUSAN D. GOODHUE Suzi Interests: A.C.; Gumma; S.A.B.; creamcheese, ask Janelie; N.S.; Dugout — ask Ida; gannetts; little boys; signs?; Gracie’s pad; parties — ask Cathy; Obie; too- fool !; Get Happy! Activities: Student Secretary; Girls’ Drill Team. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To learn, to know, and then to do. PAMELA ANN GOODICK Pam, Pami Interests: R.S.B.S.; horseback rid- ing; bowling; swimming; camping; sports; Friday nights; summer 68; long walks; riding around; flying; shy much!!; New Hampshire; late again ! ! Activities: French Club; Main Of- fice Assistant; Homeroom Represen- tative; Tutor — Community Action; Junior Volunteer; Choir. Honors: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Society; Librarian; Flicker Co-Editor. Ambition: To live in a world of light — not a world of darkness. To make my parents proud of me. DONNA GOULART Interests: L.K.; tears; " Time to go”; E Fun — f (g (x) )=con- fusion; " Get in line!”; " I’m hungry”; C C; P I P. Activities: Cheerleader; Fresh- man Club, Secretary; Flicker Superlatives Chairman; Leaders Club; Floormaster’s Assistant; French Club; Student Council. Honors: Head Cheerleader; Na- tional Honor Society; Type I Award; Representative 4. Ambition : Essayer. JEROME G. GOULART Jerry, Hiram — Feerless Fly Interests: Jane; 60 Ambassador 330; store; baseball; " Jerk and a half”; " Wanna Coke, huh?”; " Pick Two " ; C.Y.O.; Delta 88; " What?”; " Don’t start what?”. Ambition: " To reach the un- reachable star.” 45 RALPH EUGENE GOULART, J R - Ralph, Smiles Interests: Football; sports; the gang; Doc ' s office; " Harriett”; ! Hay ! ; Norton; Saturday nites; the game; morning talks. Activities: M.P.; Football Team. Honors: Sergeant, ROTC; Var- sity Football. Ambition: To live a full life and be successful in whatever I try. KATHLEEN E. GREEL Kathy Interests: The Presidency; God ' s Country; Plum Cove; Chalk ' em up; Barrj ' and William F.; Hoc- key; I don’t blush; KEG to EWR; E Fun. Activities: French Club, Vice- President; National Honor So- ciety; Beacon; Pep Club, Secre- tary; Flash; Flicker, Sports Com- mittee Chairman. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Na- tional Merit Scholaship Letter of Commendation. Ambition: Never to see, hear, and be silent. NORMAN GRAVES Hobbit Interests: Laurie; music; reading (Watts; Vonnegut; Barth); The Hill; " diggin ' it " ; Dr. John; " 2001 " spaced out; the Com- mon; Newport. Ambition: To accept what is. WILLIAM R. GROGAN Bill, Grogs, Willie Interests: Skiing; guard rails; CMH; 083; H-blk ' 66; Sugarloaf; Post Hal- loween; Wait a Minute — ARGO; T- bar; SL — Shhh.; sun up; the G’s; Drive-In; 9 21 68; TSWL 9 1 67; about 1 2 ; Peanuts; Candy. Activities: Prize Squad; Flicker Staff; Saber Drill; 25 Times Club; Student Council Representative. Honors: Squad leader; Corporal; Ex- ecutive officer, 1st Lt., C Company. Ambition: To make big time coin; and to look forward to a future of bigger and better things. J. DAVID GUARRASI Davie Interests: Her; " weave it”; 40 sec; Cher-Ami; " Mookey”; the corner; Bopper Corner, Maine; West End; Love Child!; " no party there,” right?; school yard; Rockport; PGS; no trouble; ru- mors; JMD; Jones; Smile when you say that. Activities: Basketball Team. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to reach the endless road. GLENN GUITTARR Interests: no skunk there; wait a minute; who said that; TUH; day in court; soul music; JMO; BFD ' s; sobering up; late nights; " Weave It!” Activities: Skiing; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Leaders’ Club 1, 2, 3. Honors: ROTC: D-Co., Corp. 2; G-Co., Sergeant 3; H-Co., Com- pany Sergeant 4; Third place prize squad 3; First platoon drill 2 . Ambition: To be free, have no holds, follow each new step with another, and never look back. TIMOTHY HANRAHAN Tim Interests: Hockey; girls; Lynn Arena; drafting; summer of ' 68; shutout?; alleys; Boston Bruins; Hotinhere!; Hemi Valiant? Activities: ROTC Band; JV Hockey; Varsity Hockey; Soccer Team; Gym Leader. Ambition: To succeed in the field of drafting. To see the Bruins win the Stanley Cup. IRENE SUSAN HARDY Spooky Interests: Traveling; typing; working in G.H.S. library and cafeteria; talking with Mr. Ha- berland; babysitting. Activities: Swimming; Boating; Snowball Fights; Sliding; Family Games. Honors: Typing I. Ambition: Secretary or waitress. Where’s Boopy? 46 GI-ENN L. HAROMAN Interests: Hockey; Bud; B.P.; Street Hockey; Lvnn Arena 6 A M.; Girls; Hotinear. Activities-. J.V. Baseball; Soccer; Freshman Football Ambition: To remain " myself” and to succeed in whatever I attempt. PAUL R. HEISEY Butch Interests: 50 Fords; baseball; football; hockey; Uncle George ' s Roo; 9:30 mug-up; Chubby ' s; Borneo; Four Corners. Ambition: To further my educa- tion; and to make my parents proud of me. STEPHEN HILDONEN Esteban, Zip Harry, G.l. Joe, Reeves Interests: N.S.H.L., U T.; Lynn Arena; rm. 325; summer 68; chicks; the rocks; music. Activities: Boys Glee Club. Ambition: To become one of those earthly nobodies who make up the most important part of society. Oh, Herby! HOLLACE ANN HOUDE Holly; Beanie Interests: Ask Donna; brothers; cute times; cravets; the Willows; skiing; Boston; e.s.; late?; no gas; gumby’s; sticky fingers; the folks; S.J.; J.D. Activities: G.T.F.; Future Nur- ses; Junior Volunteers; Pep Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To learn to serve. SUSAN ELAINE HOWARD Sue Interests: Cottage; summer 68 — - Bud; best friends; F.J.V.; depot at 7; Onion; memories; Niles Beach; sunrise; B.D.; H.I.F.; orange alligator; H.W.; orange lifeguard boat; What a joke!; coke machines; D W. — ask Nan- cy; summer of 65. Activities: French Club; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To be ab ' e to face life and the world as it is in reality. MARILYN HUDDER Manna Interests: Pete; " August of 66 ' ; " the bridge”; cafeteria; ask Sarah and Sue; " By the wool”; G.D.H.; SAH; " Just Ducky”; " Big Sis.” Activities: Charm School. Ambition: To always be there when " HIS” feet are homeward bound. Keeping aged young. DONNA HEINONEN Don Interests: 63 Meteor; ask Holly; Boston; cravets; cute times; ask Cheryl; NO!; skiing; Dec. 1967; es; tbwrm; late?; no gas; gum- by ' s; sticky fingers; work. Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: To understand peo- ple. ELIZABETH HERRICK Liz, Tish Interests: That certain some- one; GTO; those football games; that weekend; THE GAME; Salisbury; Beverly; S.M. Run; ask Di; midnight; that party; detention; silliness; It ' s up to you? ask Hil. Activities: Pep Club. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To graduate and to find that freedom, happiness, and love. 47 DARLENE L. HUTCHINGS Di Interests: GARY; Feb. 12, 1968; that weekend; " midnight”; ask Liz; matronites; ask Ter; deten- tion; silliness; S.M.; those foot- ball games; run; Beverly; Salis- bury; Chevys. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To graduate, make my parents proud of me, and to make that certain someone happy. ROBERT A. IOVANNE " Big Boy " Interests: Records; girls; stamp collecting; coin collecting; his- tory. Ac ' ities: Dances; Football; Soc- cer Basketball; Baseball; Hoc- key. Ambition: Work at odd-jobs. MAUREEN ELIZABETH JENKINS Mo Interests: " Kinda Dumb”; ask Mary!; A.G.H.; little gold bugs; " Chicken!”; F blk Chem; music; teaching; the kids; little sisters; the hea ' th suite. Activities: Orchestra; Chess Club; A Capella Choir; Nurse ' s Helper; Audio-Visual Club. Honors: President of Orchestra; Secretary-Treasurer of Chess Club; Milton L. Fuller Award. Ambition: To get to really know people, and always be near those I love. BRUCE MICHAEL JOHNSON Up Interests: Hockey — B.C. — Lynn Arena; Summer League 68; P.E.C.; 13,909 Nick’s; Street Hockey; Flags " Feeble”; space- men; " hot in here”; that date. Activities: Hockey; Tennis; Soc- cer. Honors: Sergeant; Squad Leader. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt and to make my parents proud of me. DUANE L. JOHNSON Interests: The drug store; basket- ball; baseball; L.L.; Celtics; " Too late!”; 14:03; Red Sox; 1; Detroit 69; z-z-z-z-z-z. Activities: French Club; Fresh- man Basketball; Cross-Country; Track. Honors: Northeastern Confer- ence Cross-Country Champs — 68; Cadet Corporal. Ambition: " Never to lose sight of the distant horizons.” Maurie’s Harem FRANK JARMOLOWICZ Ja]a, Ski Interests: Hunting; fishing; weekends; drags; David Wise Soccer Team; 64 Chevy " Ma- chine”; good times. Activities: Soccer Team. Ambition: To graduate from G.H.S. — to be the best at every- thing I do. WAYNE E. JENSEN Interests: DONA; guitars; Pe- guarder 68; rowing; ask Gor- don; summer of 68; the Pits; oldies; ask Cat and Wal; the Square; the Greene; motorcy- cles; Navy; Shep hunting; fish- ing; sailing; water skiing. Activities: C-Company Prize Squad; International Dory Races; Intramural Soccer; Sea Explor- ers; Drawing for the Beacon; Freshman Football. Honors: Staff Sergeant; Platoon Leader; Individual Drill. Ambition: To see the world united under God. 48 ERIC JOHNSON Jawa, Ju ft he ad Interests: Communist motorcy- cles; Southeast Expressway; GTHAFG; J.P. blowing my own horn. Activities: Prize Squad; Grena- diers; CYO; Band and Color Guard Competition. Honors: Cadet Corporal; Mas- ter Sergeant; Captain of Grena- diers; second place prize squad in 67 and 68. Ambition: To open as many doors as I can and never let distance get in my way. GLENN BRUCE JOHNSON Interests: DeMolay; weekends; 111; 220; AGH; plans; people; certain games; talks; laughter; dark room!; labs; back stage; the shore; SIE; fun. Activities: National Honor So- ciety; Stage Crew; Flicker Staff; German Club; Chess Club; ROTC Band. Honors: National Honor So- ciety, President; Sawyer Medal; Cadet Corporal; Cadet Sergeant; band letter. Ambition: To leave my foot- prints in the sands of Time. LENDALL R. JOHNSON Lenny, Leonardo Interests: Girls; 57 Chevy with a 283; Harris ' s zoo; the drags; Epping NH; Hurst; The Stones; Chevies; MacDonalds; Crash!; Boulevard; " It’s hot in here " ; Competition Speed Shop; El camino’s; NHRA; Red Sox; OK! Activities: Drill. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I may attempt and make my parents proud of me. LINDA MARIE JORDAN Interests: " HIM”; " Let’s Be Wild " ; how’s the water; winter 67; secrets; talks and tears; ask Linda; ES; " Micky”; ask Do- nuts; PS; 10 28 68; SML; New York; Get Psyched!; The Time Was .... Activities: Homeroom Represen- tative; Corridor Proctor. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To prove to my parents someday that I’m a " big girl " ; to travel and make those many dreams come true. DONALD E. JOSEPHSON Don, Donnie Interests: DEBBIE; tank; skiing; Javelins Hart House; Lighthouse Beach; Fords; Hart’s Rule; the Hummah gang; ILD; BP. Activities: ROTC Master Ser- geant. Ambition: To ski the steepest mountain of all, the mountain of success. To live a comfortable life, Deb and I. MAUREEN JOSLIN Javelin, Moe Interests: Halloween 67; don’t start; PFS; this is true; ask him; tiny; WG gang; the Rock; the Square; WYOOS; Yoob; right Beege ? Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: Not to look back in sadness nor forward in fear but around in awareness. DAVID M. KAIN, JR. Dave, Captain Crunch Interests: LINDA; VW; drags; ask Larry; OK, LA.!; FOOD!!- 10 28 66. Activities: Football. Honors: Co-Captain, Football; ROTC MP. Ambition: To succeed in life and make my parents proud of me. LINDA LOUISE JONES Lin, Jonesey Interests: DAVID; 10 28 66; VW; sleepy head; 6 7 67; Fu- ture; ask Barb; L D; football; Go go go. Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: To have Thee beside me, and me beside Thee. Future secretaries? 49 SHIRLEY J. KAISER Skirl Interests: Youth; music; Water- ville ’68; te-e-erible; New Hampshire Storms; Taylor City; ESP; Steve ' s song; Harvard Foreign Exchange. Activities : Pep Club; Flash; AFS; Flicker; Main Office As- sistant. Honors: Type Award; Honor- able Mention. Ambition: To know myself; to understand, and to assist man- kind. GARY RICHARDSON KARLEN Interests: California; photogra- phy; some girls; the mountains in New Hampshire; meeting people from different states; " My Home away from Home;” " Wine crazes. " Activities: Ski racing; surfing; skiing Tuckerman’s in the spring. Honors: ROTC Color Guard Corporal. Ambition: To do something worthwhile with my life. DANA KANGAS Interests: Hunting; tuna fishing; hockey; girls; baseball; Province- town; BP ' s; waterskiing; run- ning up on marshes; triple C; MM League; Twin Buick Wild- cats; " The Coot”; WW 8081; 10-4; O ' er. Honors: Squad leader, H Com- pany. Ambition: To further my edu- cation in a field of interest, and get a good occupation. JAMES KENNEFICK Jim, Bull Interests: Doom!; Judy; Bruins; Sam — Ann ' s; Lynn Arena; Foot- ball; Giants; ' 64 Mustang; ' 67 Buick; baseball; aerosol; be- tween classes. Activities Intramurals; Track; Stage Crew. Ambition To make my parents Droud of me. RICHARD KEREPKA Rich Interests: The Boulevard; ' 67 Chevys — 283; 427 Chevell; foot- ball; baseball; Magnolia; the wall; those nights. Activities: Drill; Gym Leader; F Block Study; 2nd Lunch. Honors: 2nd Lieutenant; platoon leader. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I attempt and to make my parents proud of me. STEPHEN GLENN KINNER, JR. Far] ale Interests: Aerosol and Com- mence? 52-D; amigos; between classes; I.W.T.G.T.C.; Selfir. Activities: Rifle Team; Prize Squad; Individual Drill; Has- kell Drill; Track; Cross Country. Honors: Lieutenant Colonel ROTC; Lieutenant Colonel George H. Morse, Jr. Award; Lieutenant Colonel Samuel L. Dunlop Award; 2nd Place Prize Squad; Rifle Team Letter. Ambition: To excel in whatever I may venture to attempt. ANNE M. KINSELLA Interests: Skiing; summer days and nights; " Australia”; Good Harbor; California; Storms; counterfeiting at Expo; Stones; Chinese fire drills — ask Margie; reality; jeeps 6 26 67; 101 — Florida, ask Faye. Activities: Student Secretary; Floormaster’s Assistant. Honors: Type and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To travel everywhere and to meet all kinds of people. LYNN DIANE KINGHORN Interests: Gar-who-hilts; say hi to the Baby!!; Are you Fr-r-riendly ?; ask Kathy!; Boule- vard; ask " Peppermint Patsy”; Hey-hey-hey; S.C. ask Lori; strickly nitty gritt. Activties: Girl’s Drill Team; Pep Club; Flicker Committe Chair- man; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Type I II; Shorthand I; Pep Club Treasurer; Home- room Representative. Ambition: To always remember, " Silence is Golden.” 50 FRFDERICK KIPPEN Fred, Freddie, Kip Interests: M.E.C.; 3024; money; girls; electronics; 68 Dodge Coronet 300; Montage; Cherish; the Association; Girls from Ver- mont. Activities: Glee Club. Ambition: To be an electrical engineer. ROBERT ANDREW KLOPOTOSKI Klop Interests: Mo; the bug; 175; trail; 227B; A.G.H.; 2 26 68; the Farms. Activities: Chess Club; Math League; AV Club; Orchestra; ROTC Band; Chorus. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Rens- selaer Award; Harvard Book Prize; National Honor Society; Junior Rotarian; N.M.S. Com- mendation. Ambition: To graduate from M.I.T. ANTOINETTE KONAXIS Toni Interests : 7 2 68; Flippy; $7; " I can’t see nobody " ; the prairie; soul; buddy; " Little Children. " Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Floormaster’s Assistant; Future Travelers.’ Club; Pep Club; Girls ' Leaders Club; French Club; Flicker. Honors : Girls’ Drill Team Spec- tacular. Ambition: To Remember: " A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.” KENNETH KORTHAS Kenny Interests: Talks, ask JoAnn; weavers; Heg’s parties; summer jobs?; loong synies; Drive-In; Barrel; lifting; W.IW.A.B.; twin light. Activities: Basketball; Flicker Staff. Honors: M.P.; Sergeant ROTC. Ambition: To seek and achieve success; to make myself worthy of my parents. Hi Ya Babies! ELAINE MARY KTISTES Mud Interests: MUSIC!!; camping; 325; someday; squeakers!!; guitars; those long walks; sing- ing; arguments; South America! Activities: A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Chess Club; Spanish Club; Orchestra; Thespians; Rainbow; Scouts. Ambition: To find a paradise in a world of troubles. LINDA MARIE KYROUZ Interests: " Boop”; 16 months; " Let’s be Wild”; talks and se- crets; ask Linda; summer of 66; 10 28 68; P.S.; get psyched; Hey men; 1-4-3. Activities: Student Secretary; Pep Club. Honors: Typing Awards 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To walk with a smile on my face for the future, and a tear in my eye for the past. And to make my parents proud of me. LAURENCE KLINE Larry, Kliney Interests: A certain someone; 57 Chevy; drags; time to go; OK.I..A.; Good Harbor; F Troop; to win an argument with Mr. B.; water skiing; hunt- ing; drag racing. Activities: Freshman Football, ROTC. Honors: Company Commander, A Company. Ambition: To have a successful career in the field of aviation and to make my parents proud of me. MARILYN A KNOWLTON Interests: OLLIE; Rowf; 60 Pontiac; summer 65 — ask Kathy; those long journeys; laughs and tears; football games; horseback riding; long talks; and good times. Activities: Pep Club; Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To find true happi- ness, and appreciate always fami- ly, friends, and the little things in life. 51 NANNETTE LACHANCE Nan, Mabs Interests. Stans; those talks, ask Cindy; July 4, ’68 — ask Brenda; Beverly Rally 68; that weekend; ask Chris: E.S.A.B.A.T.M. Activties: Pep Club; Leaders Club. Honors: Doc’s secretary. Ambition: To further my edu- cation and be as happy as I can. DOUGLAS LANGLEY Doug Interests: Sniffy; whisper; face- cloth; summer of 68; Mustangs; Torinos; Bill D.; Bulbs; US Navy; Harry’s class; Boulevard; 4 69; 7 69. Ambition: To be as nice a guy as my father, and to be able to hold on to money as well as mother. DOLORES MARY LARKIN Del, Mike Interests: Que pasa; guitars; the house; backstage; wall; peanuts and the movies; books; BC.; camping; T.T.; bottles (?); walking; proving to them; talk- ing. Activities: Thespians; CYO; Girls’ Basketball Team; Girls’ Softball Team; Spanish Club. Ambition: To learn what I can, and someday to teach what I learned. KAREN M. LARSON Interests: P.C. 67; Wingaersheek parties; California 68; S.J.P.; Gunstock; weekends; Castle Hill; N.Y.C. Activities: French Club; Thesp- ians; Flicker Staff; Luther League. Ambition: To accept challenges without the fear of failing. KATHRINE J. LAHTINEN Kathy, Kit, Kat Interests: GINO — 1436; cupid 66; 7 14 68; 10 21 68— flow- ers?; " someday”; aggravating; summer of 65 — ask Marilyn — those safaris; D. " Trouble” G; summer of 68 — ask Terry — mis- takes ? ? Activities: Pep Club. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To live with " him” in a house of love, to become as understanding as my Mom, and have him become as great a guy as my Dad. LORETTA ELIZABETH LANDER Pander Interests: DAVE; Groveland; Camaroes; 114; Grand Prix 64; 54 Ford, ask Dave; windows in 57 Ford, ask Nancy; bowling; volleyball; good times. Activities: Volleyball. Honors: 3 Type Awards. Ambition: To travel and see what I can before I settle down and make him happy. To make the people who love me proud. DENNIS E. LATHAM Den, Denny Interests: MARCIA; guard rails; D D; 11 21 66; C.M.H. 8 + 2; Drive-In Post Halloween; wait a minute; hockey; A — GO — ; Branded. Activties: Bank; Flicker Staff; Prize Squad; Saber Drill; 25 Times Club; Student Council Representative. Honors: Platoon Leader; Master Sergeant; Company Commander, Captain; Individual Drill. Ambition: To make big time coin. NANCY E. LEAL Interests. JIMMY! " you know”; Here I am ! Ask Joanna and Elga; Surf ' s up; ask Kathy; talks and tears; buttercups; 12 01 71; P B!! sunshine. Activities: Honor Business Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To realize, to under- stand, and to never lose faith. 52 Dot sneaks one in. DENISE LEE LEAVITT Interests : 3 13 68; Nuppy; Scrogg; Let ' s Be Wild!; RES; 4-S; How ' s the water?; 11 1 68; NH; March St.; Ipswich Dairy — ask Gail; SP — 68; 11 9 68; pj parties; 1-4-3. Activities: Student Secretary; Flicker Committees; Floor- master’s Assistant; Pep Club; Girls’ Drill Team. Honors: Typing Awards 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS LEWIS SUSAN JANE LIVINGSTON Sue, Susie Interests: HOCKEY; eagle; nice or what!; poyt peevis; Jack’s girl; fungi; Are you fr-r-iend ly ? play it cool; hey girl!; apple pol- isher?; talk much??; spaghetti. Activities-. Cheerleader; Girls ' Leaders Club; Thespians; Bio- logy Club; Girls’ Basketball Team; First Floormaster’s As- sistant. Honors: Type, shorthand awards. Ambition: To close my eyes and awake to a world filled with peace and happiness. JANE MARIE LLOYD Janie Interests: Talk much?; Mr. Roe- wer’s Boomers; skinny legs; football; Beverly Rally ’68; bas- ketball; Boston; Val’s lectures; hey, hey, hey. Activities: Pep Club; Spanish Club; AFS; Flicker Comm.; 1st Floor Supply Room Asst.; Flash Staff; Homeroom Rep.; Biology Club; Leaders Club. Honors: Junior Usherette. Ambition: To remember: It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice. DONALD LODGE Don Interests: Sports; baseball; bas- ketball; soccer; summer of ’67; sock it to ’em; Band; Hey George. Activities: Baseball; Band; Soc- cer. Honors: Assistant Drum Major; Drum Major. Ambition: To have a six-month vacation two times a year. GRACE DIANE LOVASCO Diane Interests : Bobby — My Bumma; Magnet Avenue; Rook; ask Gerri; silly things; GDLAB; 1-2-3 Basements; Saturday nites; May 23rd. Activities: Student Secretary. Ambition: To make the impos- sible, possible. No bods there ! ! ANTHONY LEWIS, JR. Bud, Lov, Tony Interests: Sue; Football; base- ball; 9:40 AM; 1960 Ford; 8 17 68: suffering in 311; the stairs; US Navy; electronics. Activities: Football. Honors: M.P.’s. Ambition: To get a good career job in the Navy. GORDON W. LIND Lino Interests: Sailing; football; soc- cer; hockey; thumb; weightlift- ing; farming; Sea Scouts; row- ing; surfboat; skiing. Activities: Rifle Team; Freshman Football; Track; Soccer; Dory Races. Honors: Platoon leader; first place prize squad; Outward Bound. Ambition: To sail the seven seas. 53 MILENA LOVASCO Lana Interests: D.L.; " Summer of 66”; Hey Men; H BIk; P.S.; 15; Nat ' s Parties; Mt. Ann; " Let ' s Be Wild”; " How’s the Water?”; talks, ask Donuts and Nat; No, Don ' t; S.M.L.; Hey Boo!; " 083”; 10 6 68; 2 yrs. and 2 to go. Activities: Pep Club; Flicker Staff. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: Que sera sera ! NANCY LUKEGORD Interests: MAC ' S; 8 1 68; sum- mer of 68; lollipop; the parties; Oops the Cops; ask Sue; Should we???; Rambler 64; that Sun- day; Hey Guys!; ask Celia; Ipswich; ask Kathy. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To live in a world of happiness. PATRICIA DIANNE LOWE Pat Interests: CHUCKY; 10 24 66; Sharon ' s; Rochelle ' s; Bunches; handkerchiefs; Hold this please — ask Lori; S.O.P.P.; R-road; No tears. Activities: Student Secretary; Beta Beta Biology Club; Pep Club; Flicker Advertising Com- mittee. Honors: Shorthand Award; Typ- ing Award; Honor Business Club. Ambition: To have the light of happiness lead me through the world of darkness. PAUL A. LUNDBERG Interests: A board and a passion; t.s.t.; Blues Power; the castile; 22 IB the days of wine and roses; Kooper, Clapton, Bloom- field, and Lee; olde Will. Activities: Thespians; Stage Crew; ROTC A-V Team. Honors: President, Thespians; Junior Rotarian. Ambition: To widen the narrow minds. NANCY ANN LYNCH Interests: TONY; 11 25 66; Zuth; H.T.G.; sisters; cartwheels and Robin; 3; jinx; O.W. ask Sue; Elbe; December 10. Activities: Girls Drill Team; Pep Club; French Club; Biology Club. Honors: Squad Leader, Girls Drill Team; Spectacular Squad; Typing Awards. Ambition: To be happy. BERNIE MacDONALD JR. Interests: Girls; ROTC; playing pool; Dunkin Donuts; cars; hunting; SHOP; Army; dating; roller skating; riding around a big city at night. Honors: ROTC Officer — First Lieutenant. Ambition: To succeed honestly in life with what is available and to make my parents proud of me. SUSAN E. McGARY Sue Interests: Waterville 68; bet your sweet bippy; s kiing; look that up in your Funk Wagner; paint- ing; Who? Hummah! Hit the boards ! Activities: Gloucester Heritage Scholars; Pep Club; Thespians; AFS; Flicker, Y.E.S. Ambition: To paint the world a better picture. BARRY S. McKAY Tuiggy Interests: Snow skiing; water skiing; Football; hockey; girls; C.D.; East Gloucester Fire Barn; Fred ' s class; 8 A.M. Field Trips; money; bud. Ambition: To succeed in my chosen field while living a long and happy life. 54 VICTORIA ANNE MAJOR Vickie Interests: Rainbow, Worthy Ad- visor; 8 22 68; reminiscing; " Oh, you kids!”; long talks; " no peddlers allowed " ; dozen red roses; 8 23 68; leaky cars?; last- ing friendships; U. Mass.; bowl- ing. Activities: Beacon; French Club; Flicker; Orchestra; Floormaster Assistant. Honors: National Honor Society, Treasurer. Ambition: To have a smile for every friend and a friend for every smile. CHRISTINE MALISKI Kris Interests: Randoob; Gary; Smile; our place; " Think Spring”; Bet- ter get going; " Blessed”; " W — this”; " Summer Time”; dreams; UPs and downs; Botamolia; 56 Chevy; Good Harbor Beach; Aug. 2, 1968 — Boston?; S.F.P.; lunch; acting. Ambition: To do my thing and be happy. FRED W. MARKHAM Interests: Carol Ann; day after S. Party 68; 60 Dodge; S.ML.; Essex corner; hunting; D.T.; (living it up). Activities: ROTC Color Guard. Ambition: To go to college and make my life successful. JEROME D. McKAY Jerry Interests: Girls; Chevys; 55- 283; Epping; Lighthouse Beach; Yoinks? Bud!; hockey; Holly- wood and Vine!; dates; I can’t stand it! Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to make my life worth something. JOHN WEATHERS MARSHALL Interests: Essex corner; the Beach; G.I.T.; Drive-In; " Your under arrest”; " Do you wanna go?”; that certain any- one. Activities: C.H.S. ROTC Color Guard. Ambition: To gain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding throughout my life. CHARLES STEPHEN MARTELL Charlie Interests: Jada; 63 Chevy; Soul Music; B.U.D. Activities: ROTC; Rifle Team. Ambition: To go to college, get a good job, and get married. What — No spaghetti? SUSANNE McKAY Sue Interests: CHUCK; sports; Nan- cy’s party, those pants — ask Chuck; 12 midnight, ask Nancy; summer of 68; laughs with Nancy and Kathy; Should we ask Cecilia??? Traveling; Oh yeah ! ! ! Activities: C.Y.O. Ambition: To always keep smil- ing no matter what happens and to make my mother proud of me. GEORGE MALETSKOS Scow Interests: 56 Fords; the pits; " Bud”; Wickey ' s; Stoney’s hut; C Block study 67 and 68; all summers; the Pines; Drive-In. Ambition: To have a lot of laughs and be successful in what I do! 55 DENNIS F. MARTIN Den Interests: Gerri; Mother Mago- go; Powder Puff; up Hutch’s house; 62 Chevy; drags; OKI. A.; Room 120; Chevys for Ever; weekends; the gas sta- tion. Activities: ROTC. Ambition: To build a Chevy that goes, and to be a Registry Offi- cer. MARCIA PAIGE MELANSON George Interests: Cove; Good Harbor; Rook; T Wharf; Pineapple sher- bert; Lance’s; Harry’s; 5 A M.; dancing!!; New London craze; 7 3 68; letters; Schraubenzie- her; politics; procrastinating. Activities: Flash Staff 1, 2; AFS; German Club; Flicker; Pep Club; Mr. Roewer’s Office; C.C.C.A. Honors: Gloucester Heritage Scholar. Ambition: To know; to love; to be. WAYNE MASCOTTI Interests: Cars; Fords; Mus- tangs; skiing; swimming; lift- ing; (sports); splash!; Hastings House; the farms; The Brook; C Block with Harry. Ambition: To find happiness and success in whatever I do. SHARON MELANSON S.A.M., Shag Interests: Mike; Felix; " Class of 69”; Room 304; G Block; 57 Chevy; " The Hearse”; Cream; " The Gang”; schoolyard; dances; West Gloucester; the point; the depot; " Oh Really”; " parking”; " Ask Sheila”; Sheila and Dave. Activities: Homemaking Assist- ance. Ambition: To find happiness and fulfillment in whatever I choose to do. LINDA METCALF Lin Interests: Long talks; ask Nanc; 11 12 67; LA; guttapercha; D.B.? H.K.E. !; 6-18-55; W.C.; 170; Just drivin’; My word; clown; Help!!; Not C.P.S.T.K.! Activities: Pep Club; Girls Bas- ketball Team; Girls Leaders Club. Ambition: To find my mind. SHARON ANN MICHAEL Shar, Midge Interests: Cars; clothes; Willy; Twiggy; Cooking; books; THE PEARL; boys; really?; Twin; Complete freak; 10 28 68; rao- torman; Ralphie baby; match- box; disgusting; experimenting in spaghetti sauce. Honors: Shorthand Award. Ambition: To become a success in life and always make my family proud of me. NATALIE MINEO Nat, F.D.; Dum-Dum Interests: D.A.; 8 24 67; Wow!; How’s the water?; the Pits; talks, ask Milena and Do- nuts; No, don’t!; PJ parties; beach at 8 A M.; Those letters; Popcorn. Activities: Pep Club; Student Secretary; Flicker Staff. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To never have to fake a smile and to be as good to my daughter as my mother has been to me. ADA LOUISE MITCHELL AT T, The Other Half, Fada Interests. Parties; rings; music; walks; horseback riding; dancing; those nick- names; Ask Faye; the Group; talk. Me?!; Boston and " that bulletin board " ; " May you always have a cause to fight for!; " Don’t forget the handiwipes " ; Rockport, ask Pat; the Castle; Pittsburg; What time is it? Campaign 68; triangles; 3 15 67; Summer 67. Activities: Chess Club; Rainbow; Or- chestra; Chorus; Pep Club; Glee Club; A Capella Choir; AFS; MYF; Cape Ann Concerned Citizens; Youth Committee; McCarthy Committee; McCarthy Committee; YES; Medical Technology Club; Choir. Honors: Typewriting Awards. Ambition: To always care and never be apathetic. Where’s your jacket Gary? 56 PAUL MITCHELL NANCY MOORE Interests: B.M.; " Summer Hoc- key " ; long talks; " ask Linda”; FANCY FRUIT; ask Betty; that night at the park; " ask Geor- geanne”; " Nursie’s Office”; those PARTIES; summer of ' 68; 4 23 68. Activities: Nurse’s Assistant; Flicker Representative. CHRISTINE MORTON Chris Interests: Drama; children; La- bor Day Weekend; Hey Jude; Keys; the Matchmaker; C. Co- lombo; The Mix. Activities: Thespians; AFS; Spanish Club; Junior Volun- teers; Floormaster’s Secretary. Ambition: To live in Italy. RUSSELL MOSES Moe Interests: Triumphs; Janelle; wheelies; A-M-F; New England Dragway; Boulevard; J-M O; Machine Shop; choppers; -343-. Honors: Private, ROTC. Ambition: To pull a wheelie the length of the Boulevard. Pull that stomach in, Dave! MARION MOULTON Min, Minna Interests: KEVIN!; " Groovy Kind of Love”; Rings ' n Things (9 21 68); blue Chevys; red Chevys and muddy roads!; 1, 2, 3 basements; GG ask Toni and Karen; Counterfeiting — ask Anne; " Come on, be a guy!”; Drive-Ins; 6 26 67; ask Toni and Karen; " silliness? " Ambition: To make the ones I love as proud of me as I am of them. To have a long, happy, and prosperous life. JANE EDITH MOVALLI Interests: Depot at 7:00!; ... what ... this!; Compton; memories; best friends; RAD; Look at that skirt!; Petey; ooo — ah. Activities: Pep Club; Flicker; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Junior Usherette; Minn. Outward Bound School. Ambition: Fulfillment. TONY MONDEI.LO Finer Interests: " ANDREA”; good times in ’67; CHEVYS’ FOR GO; the garage; You wanna run it; Dome; A.M.T.; Brace ' s Cove; L.P.; ask Mimmy; Bar — - boo. Ambition: To be half the man my father is. WILLIAM E. MOORE Bull Interests: Nanc; hockey; foot- ball; those parties; hunting; fishing; ’63 Falcon " sled”; weight-lifting; the Essex bus. Activities: Rifle Team. Ambition: To accomplish every- thing I attempt successfully and to make my family proud of me. 57 CHRIS MUISE Crazy, Meak Interests : " My Mother " ; Hey Gail Hag!; JOEL; Best PJ party ever, ask " BUD " ; UAO North Atlantic— no piggery!; Our Memories; " Mookey " ; Timmy. Activities: Pep Club; Flicker C ommittee. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: Happiness. LINDA NOBLE Lin, Pooh Interests: " MED " ; June, 1969; 56 Chevy (BLAH CAR); ulcers maybe?; poohscak!!; I doubt it?; Ercolani ' s; Dec. 2, 1967; Rock- port (Front Beach); Ask Sue; Yesterday’s tomorrow; " Wanna Run it? " ; Me, GRADUATE, impossible!! — FACE; " Good Grief, Charlie Brown!”; CHER- ISH.” Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To always be with him, to make my parents proud of me, and to always walk in the eyes of God. JAMES NOVELLO Jimmy, Chipper Interests: That girl; SPNTGGI- TW; class of 69; (I like HER!); Boulevard meetings; Hey Ray; HTHAY; wait a minute; NCBT; “the PARTY”; Lynn Arena; BUD; 3-4 years from now; " C-2.” Honors: Platoon Leader C Com- pany. Ambition: To see my impossible dreams come true. MARCIA MURRAY Cha-Cha Interests: Swimming; acting; Music of the 60 ' s; bowling; horseshoes; Religi ons of the world; People! Activities: Thespians; basketball; softball; Biology Club. Ambition: To always remember dreams never come true unless willed and worked. CYNTHIA PATRICIA MUISE Cindy, Junnie Easter Pig Interests: JIM; Gang on the Flying Marimba; Scouts; An- nisquam, summer of 67; " Yeah Crew!”; backstage; our church; Webbie; " Listen here, George " ; RUV; Cass; " Shut up, Glen.” Activities: Thespians (3 years). Honors: Vice President of Thes- pians; National Honor Society. Ambition: In new ways to be the fool I ' ve always been. CYNTHIA JEAN NICHOLSON Cindy Interests: Figure skating; P.F.; for- eign languages; Sorbonne; music; ballet; " Le guichet”; Cinderella; Grenoble. Activities: French Club, Vice Presi- dent and President; Beacon, Co- Editor; Glee Club; A Capella Choir; National Thespian Society; Gloucester Heritage Scholar Program; Flicker; Community Action Tutorial Program. Honors: Biology Book Prize: French II. Ill Book Awards; Gloucester College Women ' s Club Award; Delegate to Mass. Girls ' State; Na- tional Honor Society, Secretary. Ambition: " Those having torches will pass them on to others. " ROBERT ALLYN NORMANSELL Bob. Norm ■ Interests: Help; V.W.; FNS; Friend- ly ' s; group; out there; oink!; and just about anything else; esp. SISU. Activities: Stage Crew; MS; grene- diers; individual drill; prize squad; Haskell Drill; Devens Drill; ROTC; sports. Honors: Grenadiers; outstanding Cadet Corporal; platoon drill; 1st place prize squad, soph, and junior years; 1st place Devens drill; 3rd place Haskell Drill; Type Award; M Sgt; Adj. Major. Ambition: To finish whatever I start: to try and stop saying " I don’t care. " JOHN NOVELLO Interests: Lil; Boulevard; 160 Scrambler; Over here over there; BUD; Corkery’s 4B; NFB; F- Troop; Fire; Milty’s Funny Farm; Cycling Wipeouts; Ask Joe; Hot in Here. Activities: F Company Prize Squad. Honors: C Company Squad Leader; F Company Platoon leader. Ambition: To make the most out of every moment. KAREN JEAN O ' BRIEN Interests: California; E.M. Club; K.C.; " Caledonia Kids”; GG; 9 2 68!; Beverly; 2 22 68; " See you tomorrow!” ask Jeanne; 56! t.b.; Quackers; sum- mer of 66 and 68; Pear, ask Pud; The Rook; Sambo ' s, ask Jeanne. Activities: Pep Club. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To be helpful to man- kind; To find that black Volks- wagen. CYNTHIA MARIE O ' HANLEY Cindi Interests: Bob; Ralph and Zelda; " Cherish”; Teddy Bears; The Hulk; Sept. 1, 1966; Daisies; Ponce de Leon; " Me”; Nit-wit!; Ice Cream!; SF; Ravenswood Pk; Boston; Train Schedules?; LUV; Long Beach. Activities: Student Secretary; Service Club. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To be more under- standing and patient and care for those I love. 58 MICHAEL O ' HANLEY Mike, M.O. Interests: SHELLY; 10 18 67; " 64 Ford”; Boston; Bud; A.F.S.; Bippy; summer of 68; strung-out; the stairs; ask Doug; Boulevard; warm weekends; Karcher’s office. Honors: Platoon leader; prize squad. Ambition: To be twice the per- son my parents expect me to be. RICHARD WARREN OLIVER Dick Interests: Sports; Varsity Lea- gue; golf team; Davey’s Soc- cer Team; J.B.D.H.; nobody; oink!; PC; Zip!; I Don ' t Care. Activities: Varsity League; Soc- cer Team; Golf Team; Varsity Basketball. Ambition: When I become old, to look back on my life and be proud of what I have done. LINDA O ' MALEY Interests: Cottage; summer of 68; Niles Beach; Coke Ma- chines; blonde curls and blue eyes; telephone pole; inactivated molecules; Nancy Goat; S.O.M.F.; Lester; N.I.F. Activities: Pep Club; French Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To live. PATRICIA JANE O ' LEARY Pattie Interests: C. T. HOPKINS; August 67; dreaming; " Those long talks with T.J.”; TOP; ask little sister Kathy; California 69; Hansel and Gretel; " Little Shanty;” only to be happy; Lake Niagra. Ambition: To succeed in life and make my parents proud of me. HILARY OLIVER Hil Interests: THURPRISE; the cold Ford; ask Roe; the corner; S.A.H.; 12 30 67; ask Diane; Little Angel, ask Diane; The Rascals Renegade; " its up to you” ask Liz; Boston. Ambition: To untangle all the webs I have woven. ANGELA ANTONIA ORLANDO Gina Interests: John; Italy; dancing; language; Guidance Office; Summer 68; T.O.D.; G.H.S.; the world; Wisconsin; Friday Oct. 24; " Easter 68.” Activities: Honor Bus. CL; N.H.S.; Stud. Sec. Honors: Typing Awards; Presi- dent of Honor Business Club; Member of N.H.S.; Home Room Rep. Ambition: To reach the un- reachable star and make him and my parents proud of me. JOHN CHARLES ORLANDO ]ohn C Interests: What else?, girls, cars, in that order; having a good time, and traveling to as many places as I can. Activities: Art Jewelers — part time job. Ambition: To further my ed- ucation in the field of Busi- ness Administration; to succeed in life; and to make my parents proud of me. KAREN O ' KEEFE Interests: Skiing; summer of 67; E.G.A.P.; Rosie’s; F.F.; Tri- umph’s; R.G.; that weekend; Rantoul Street; Lighthouse Par- ties; Mac’s; Squam Rock. Activities: Student Secretary; Sailing Club. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To find my true identity. PATRICIA A. OLSEN Patt ; Chief Interests; C.O.S.; pidies; Ain’t that Slick!; Mr. C.; the gang; Mr. R.; Yea, Crew!; Camp Plum Cove; seagulls and J.H.; R.M.; Mbweebwee Wabooba; The Rev’s; Gotcha; Worms. Activities: Thespians. Ambition: To be me. DOUGLASS OPIE 59 LINDA A. ORLANDO Lyn Interests: " Frankie”; 5 6 67; H L.P.; J.A.O.; GREAT TALKS; ask Carl and Pat; " In ten minutes;” ask the kids!; S.S.P. 68; weekends; Mary; Sam Ann ' s; N.B.; The Beach; S.T.; ask Patsy; " Sisters”; Cathy; Deb; B.U. ask N.P. Activities: Student Secretary; Flicker Staff; C.Y.O.; S.A.H.; Language Office Assistant. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To love, as my par- ents loved, and give as my par- ents gave. REGINA MARIE ORLANDO Gina, Reggie Interests: Summer 68; Long Beach; Boulevard; Rockport; him, me too!!!; Nova Scotia 66; Long talks and old mem- ories, ask Joann; the pits. Activities: C.Y.O. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To honor the past and serve the future. MARY JANE ORLANDO Interests: " 8 " ; Cal., N.S. (650 66); N.H.; 5 A.M.; Who?; Pink; Study—; week- ends; friendly doors, ask Pat; Notes; Bananas; S.P.H.; R.; Fords; Orange signs; eggs; story acres, ask J.D. Activities: CYO; YCS. Honors: Shorthand and Typing Awards; Honor Business Chib. Ambition: To find out WHY. CARLA RITA OSBORN Ozzie, Champ, Zak Interests: Outward Bound; sports; JD.; summer 68; build- ing houses; gym; football games; T.W.M.D.; Health Class; N.H. 68; SO!; jets; ZAP!; swimming; anything within reason. Activities: Girls Bsktb. Team; Softball Team; Gym Leaders CL; Intramurals; Togging CL; Tennis CL; GOFER. Honors: Typing Awards; Girls Badminton Champion. Ambition: To serve; to strive; and not to yield. MARK A. OSBORN Ozzie, Stumps Interests: Beating Beverly; A.D.; Doc’s Office, Bud; Essex; Poolroom; B.P.A.B.; Baseball; Sports; locker room; Ma and Pa Cohen; Gonlet?; Oct. 26-27; H.R . 122; Gurples; Lilly Pond. Activities: Fb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bsktb. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bb. 1, 2, 3, 4; De- tention; Gen. Math League; Outward Bound. Honors: Plat. Ldr.; Pres. F.M.W.; N.E. Conf. All-Star Team. Ambition: To make my life worth-while; to make my par- ents proud of me; TO PLAY BALL! Bull Food HERBERT STEELE PACKER Herb Interests: Stowe, Mass.; Gren- oble " 72”; travel; skiing; golf; " Winning” at bowling; the Supremes and the " Motown Sound”; French; swimming. Activities: French Club; Na- tional Honor Society; Action tu- tor for elementary school child- ren. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Na- tional Honor Society; Honor Business Club Typewriting Award. Ambition: To become a teacher and pass my knowledge on to others. GAIL PARISI Interests: " Sunny Florida 68”; My House?; Hockey; Y.C. — N.I.S. ! !; Fox; hey Craz; D.M. ' s?; " That Date”; U.S.A.; the Good Friends; Ten Pound Island; Best P.J. Party. Activities: Honor Business Club; Student Secretary; Beta Beta; Biology Club; Advertising Committee. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To live life and to always be happy. MARIANNE ROSALIE PARISI Interests: ANDREWS — the gang; P.J. Parties; whoopee; olives; talking; family prob- lems; AMP. J.A.P., ask Pat; California; summer of 67; Memories!; SAB. DRA S — ask John; CHRISTMAS TIME; ask Joanie and Phylliss. Activities: C.Y.O. Honors: Student Secretary. Ambition: To make my parents as proud of me as I am of them. 60 MATTHEW S. PARISI Mike, " Matt " Interests: The Blessed”; Jeff Beck; sports; weight lifting; Lily Pond with Bud; Is that the moon, ask Tom; the Chase; Lily Pond Sunday; N.P.H.A.A.B. or H.L.Y. Drive-In; Benny was there. Activities: Squad leader; Prize Squad; Flicker; Football 1, 3; MP; Band; CB; Driver. Ambition: To wake up in the morning happy with what I have and proud of what I am. CAROL LEE PARSONS Interests: Beethoven in the woods; Hendri; Squam; selling the deerhead; that journey; space women; purple; the Florida experience. Honors: Having the friends that I do. Ambition: To do my thing whenever or wherever I want. ROBERT PARSONS Pars Interests: Sports, especially baseball and hockey; Vettes; Auto Racing; Oswego; The Poor House; ’68 Classic; the Black Shore; driving; walking; thinking; the sticks. Activities: Baseball; hockey. Honors: ROTC Platoon Leader. Ambition: To be a success at whatever I may attempt. NANCY MARIE PARSONS Nanc, Lovalle Interests: " The Chase” by M P.; no Comet there!; Shoulders?; 52; 7 p.m. at the depot — where ' s Jane?; Russian Pota- toes; Casey Jones; Look at that Skirt!; B.U.— ask L.O.; Mt. Ann; U.P.D.S.E. Activities: Pep Club; Student Secretary; Biology Club; Flicker Committee. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To live on happiness street, corner of sunshine square. LINDA L. PARNELL MT Interests: April 17, 1968; Rambler; Room 301; Backstage; fights with Al; ask Sue; the boat; ask Cindy; Algebra class. Activities: Thespians; Basket- ball sophomore year. Ambition: To always keep a smile. To make the ones I love proud of me. LAURINE MARIE PARSONS Laurie Interests: Sal; that certain wink; skaty-eight million; old mem- ories; Bud; is that right; going places; ask Bags; the Pad; those wild parties; J.F. ask Sarah; those long talks; MY ANGEL; sports. Activities: Pep Club; Student Secretary; Girls ' Softball Team; Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To fulfill all my dreams and become a good Nurse and make him very happy. TONI PATA Toni Interests: " That Thursday Night” ask Karen; W G.; Rook; Europe 68; Drive-In, ask Grace; " Mac ' s”; " Caves”; " silli- ness! 2; 6 26 67; ask Marion. Activities: Student Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To find happiness, overcome sorrow, and make my parents proud of me. MICHAEL STEPHEN PATIL Mike Interests: Kathy; North Miami Beach; Wickey Specials; Sau- nas; muy grands pescado; The Pits; Poopsie Woo; hockey. Activities: Boys Leaders Club. Honors: 2nd Lieutenant, Execu- tive Officer, G Company. Ambition: To go to college. Ain’t she cute! 61 LOIS FAYE PEAVEY LoLo Interests: Him; winter of 67; Wayne’s house; Let’s leave, ask Rose; " Let’s Go up the stention, eat some pissgetti in a luminum bowl.”; D.G. Camp, ’’Bud’’; Frank’s Car; 2nd Floor Girls Room; ask the gang. Activities: Boys. Ambition: To be as kind as my Mother, and as ambitious as my Father. HELEN A. PERRINE Hel Interests: Spaghetti; olives; Eagle; hockey; Hey, Girls! Clams; Oh my! — salt water and onions and butter and schtingle; Kasplurch! — Egh! Are you kidding ! Activities: Flicker; Girls ' Drill Team; Pep Club; French Club; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Typing Award; Spec- tacular Squad, Girls’ Drill Team. Ambition: To do something worth doing, and do it well. SHARON ANN PERRY Shaa; Skippy Interests: Skippy Jar; Depot at 7; kin; one pt. ?; 52; PB; caught ya; never again; cute ear lobes; L.L. Activities: Student Secretary; AFS; Girls Leaders Club; Flicker Committees; Pep Club. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: Not to plan but to live each day as it comes. DENISE PELOQUIN Interests: Sailing; MB T; " Groovin’ ;” Nepenthie; Big Sur; Bitterswtet; T-birding; walks; B.B.B.B. Raspberries! Activities: Pep Club; AFS; French Club; Thespians; CYO. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To find my place in the world. DAWN G. PETERSON Tappi, Taps Interests: Maine, 4 28 68; FBI.; Castle Hill; ask Sid!; long talks; Ivy and Sid’s, Chevy Bomber, Summer 68, THAT KID!; Psyched or What!; the gang; Digby; Boston; WVCA and Pomegrante’s; ask Jet; Rm 346. Activities: Thespians 2 and 3. Ambition: To go where my brothers have gone before me; to make my parents happy. RALPH PHILLIPS Bubba Interests: Girls. Activities: A l l sports. Ambition: To make a career out of the Army. JANICE POOLE Boot Interests: 56 Fords; Eric; par- ties; Joe’s pizza; guitars. Activities: Horse racing; polo; skiing; skating. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I may attempt. ELLAINE F. POWERS Interests: Guitar; music; poetry; art; Dogtown Common; Paper Flowers!; California 66; the Galley and crew. Honors: Type Awards and a Poster Prize. Ambition: To reach the eternal goal of my soul and to walk hand and hand across the end- less sands of time forevermore with he who loves. ( SHELDON ARNOLD PETERSON Pete Interests: Charlene; Cars; Elec- tricity; " Ask Henry!”; summer 68; 60 Ford; boating. Ambition: To be an electrician or an auto mechanic. MARY I. PISCITELLO Mair Interests: Ten Pound Island; Gail’s house; Drive-In; Florida 68; Sgt. Party 68; to remember; summer 67; nagging wink; E S. Friendly’s; Good Harbor; mother at TicToc; questions; hockey 67-68. Activities: Girls Drill Team; Stu. Sec.; Pep Club; Flicker. Honors: Spectacular Drill; Squad Leader; Typing Award; Junior Usherette. Ambition: To make many friends; and some day to open my eyes to see that there is no longer prejudice. 62 STEPHANIE JEAN PRATT Steph Interests: Long talks with pal; thut — Ginger; all right; fan- tasies; 2 Cokes, please!; What a freak!; S.A.H. and S.A.B.; Calif. 66; Too many laffs !; love that song; Apart. G.R.; theeze; thungeda; 6 15 69- Activities: French Club; Flash; A.F.S.; Pep Club; Flicker Class Roll Committee Chairman; Cor- ridor Proctor; Student Secretary. Honors: Office Assistant; Type Awards. Ambition: To excel. PATRICIA ANN RAGUSA Patty Interests: " 8 " ; psyched or what!; him, who?; Story Acres; friendly doors; train walk; pink; ask M.J.O.; S.A.H.; S.P.H. — talks; bananas; STUDY??? — weekends; B. N.H.; showers; ask Judi; Stonehill 67. Activities: Y.C.S.; St. Ann’s C. Y.O. Ambition: To turn today’s dreams into tomorrow’s reality. JAMES A. PRESTON Moose, Jim Interests: Parties; weekends down the Cape; down with the " big gun!” — ask John; W.B.’s at Storey ' s; Long Lake, Maine; Friday the 13th dance — ask Dave; ducks; cootshoot; Satur- day mornings. Activities: Rifle Team; Miss Beebe ' s 25 times club. Ambition: To do what makes me happy and to be happy with what I have to do. FRANCES MARIE PUGLISI Interests: Oct. 1, 1967; those conversations — ask Lori; Red Sox; April 16, 1968; angels; I.W.I.; satin; S.O.P.P.; short or over. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Pep Club; Flicker: Honor Busi- ness Club. Honors: Type, Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To put a foundation under the castle I have built in the air. SALVATORE P. RANDAZZA, JR. Snady, Sal Interests: Laughs with FLOSSY; shore road to Gloucester; Progressive’s Wharf 68; Cher-Ami ' s; lost in Maine; summer of 67; what a laugh; Mrs. Friend " walks” again; 63 Chevy. Ambition: To always remember the past and to strive for my goals of the future. VERNON RAFTERY Vein Interests: Judy; Gumby; sports; billiards; cars; boats; hunting; traveling; bowling; gorilla milk; Patriots ;Celts; Bruins. Activities: Billiards; hunting; bowling; making nic nacs. Ambition: To reach a goal in life and make my parents proud of me. To be a good machinist. ELIZABETH REDDING Betty , Farmer Interests: U.Y.G.G.W.A.M. Casey Jones; 52; N.G.S.O.L.; Russian potatoes; Sally Brown; S.L.— shhh!; 28 lbs; problems — ask Linda and Nancy; moths; drawing; skiing; B.C.; the big hedge. Ambition: To find happiness. JACQUELINE J. RIGGS Jackie Interests: Skiing; " 54”; F.G.A.P.; the Rock; those week- ends; our place; Rook; E.P.B.P.; summer of 67; your all right, the world’s all wrong; that sound; who me?; dancing. Activities: Sailing Club. Ambition: To work towards a goal that is interesting and ex- citing. DONALD RILEY Donnie Interests: Hockey; football; Drive-In; Heg’s parties; sailing; W.I.W.A.B.; Barrel; Twin Light; Loong Sydies?; that game in the garden; State Tourney. Activities: Hockey; Football; Flicker Staff. Honors: Capt. Hockey; Co- Capt. Football; Junior Rotarian; Company Sergeant. Ambition: To attend and to suc- ceed in a good college. GARY RENALES Earsey Interests: Skiing; U-Maine; Tavern?; 10 11 69 — 30 days; don’t be scared; who said that?; I can hear Roy now; the good willbox; repeated perform- ance; D D; day in court; 60 Olds- mobile; Nick ' s Pocket Pool and B ' llnrd Parlor; education; political science; bowling. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Miss Bebee ' s 25 Times Club; Flicker Committees; Spanish Club; Student Council. Honors: Vice-Pres. Freshman Class; D-Company Corporal, prize squad; squad leader; Executive Officer, E- Company. Ambition: To seek, to find, and to conquer. 63 GLENN M. ROSE Interests: Cars; girls; all sports; Fomoco Rules; Danvas Ford; Epping Dragway; Boulevard; Manchester Flats; Hey Bat; O.H.C. 6 Sprint; Machine Shop; Hot Renault. Ambition: To join the Navy and to make my parents proud of me. ROSEMARY ROWE Rose Interests: SCOTT; motorcycles; Boulevard; those rides; ask Janelle; Army 11 12 68; 7 21 66; " You Gumby;” 2nd Floor Girls Room; Let’s Leave; ask Lois; " What a Dum Dum " ; Cute times; Party lights are on tonight. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To prove to my sister that I can do something worth- while. To make my parents proud of me. PATRICIA ROCHA Patti Interests: 68-69; the Hill; par- ties; Shopping Center (ask Deb- bie); Jan’s; summer of 65; Snack Bar; the Playground. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To live my life to the fullest and make my parents proud of me. BONNIE ANN ROGERS Interests: Depot at 7:00; N.G.S.O.L.; M’s Investigation; P.B.; Sally Brown; kin; G.P. + U.G.; 13 plus. Activities: Homeroom represen- tative; AFS; Flicker Committee; Floormaster Assistant. Ambition: To love the game be- yond the prize. LEE MUNROE ROBERTS Interests: Skiing, Snow!; hockey the fink; the Bruins; soccer; Coach Wise; drums; Band prac- tices; Ford trucks; Esses; the gang; Conomo Point; Art’s Pool Hall. Activities: ROTC Band; Soccer Team. Honors: Corporal; Sergeant. Ambition: To be able to face the future with a smile. CAROL ANN RYAN Interests: Fred; 2 26 67; sat. nights! parties; long talks with Sue; Warlocks; Rook; passing chemistry!; How I spent my summer vacation; memories. Activities: French Club; Biology Club. Ambition: To know what I want and to always be happy. JEANNE C. RYAN ]eani Interests: Summer of 66; fish- sticks!; August 1; Friday nights and cherries; sister; " bowling”; memories. Activities: Flash; Student Sec- retary; Flicker. Ambition: To paint the gray sky with yellow daisies. MARJORIE J. ROBERTSON Margie, Mags Interests: Groovy; D.D.; the Beach; Boston Crackers; Drive- In; tc’s cake, ask Carole; the Doors; Donovan; bein’ silly; memories; Chinese fire drills, ask Anne. Activities: Floormaster’s Assist- ant; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To live the future so that I will not regret it when it is the past. KENNETH ROSE Buddha Interests: Cars; girls; Danvas Ford; Ron’s Hipo; 442 ' s Buie; 57 Chevy; waterskiing; Epping Dragway; 396 Chevells forever; hunting; hockey; 326 Firebirds are rats ask Ron; the Boulevard. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I try and make my par- ents proud of me. SUSAN J. RUSSELL Pauli; Sue Interests: ALLAN; June 21, 1968; 55 Dodge; 59 Plymouth; Pipeline Road; Dogtown Com- mon; August 69; Backstage; Yeah Crew!; Summer Theater 67; Room 301; people, places, and things; outdoors. Activities: Thespians. Ambition: To know, love, and serve Him. 64 ARTHUR J. SAMPSON Art Interests: DeMolay; Music; G.F.D.; stand by; bowling; A.G.H.; Fenway; I.U.; False Alarm? Activities: Glee Club. Ambition: To have an ambition. WAYNE SARGENT Will Interests: Mildred; good year; " C” block; Honda; OK R.K.; Don ' t break ’em; good school; s.o.m.e.; never give anyone an even break. Activities: Grenadiers. Honors: Cadet Major; 1st place at Devens; 3rd place Individual Drill; 2nd, 3rd place prize squad. Ambition-. To be chief of the chiefs of staff; somebody. JOHN SAVILLE Interests: Dona; Falcon Wagon??; Mail Room; leaves; You love it!; Summertime 68; Larry’s; Railroad Tracks; Eng- lish IV. Activities: National Honor So- ciety; Chess Club. Ambition: To win the important ones. MAURICE SANDLER Maurie Interests: N.C.P.D.; skiing; 27 Belts; The " BUSHES”; Can- dlewick Inn; P.S.; " Post Hal- loween”; Offgrounds permits; Happy Wanderer. Activities: Student Council; ROTC Grenadiers; Prize Squad. Honors: Corporal; SFC; lieuten- ant; squad leader. Ambition: Go to college, grad- uate and make my life as happy and successful as possible. JOANN MARIE SAWYER Jo Interests: HIM; summer of 68; Calif. 66; Dances; 1st 4 roses; SHY?; 10,28,68; Beverly dance — ask Sheila!; Memories — ask Gina; room 204; Boulevard; 61 white Corvair; long walks; S.A.B.; Nova Scotia 66; D.T.C.; " Sweet Pea.” Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To make today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality. STEPHEN PETER SCHULTZ Steve Interests: DeMolay; Pilgrim Fellow- ship; field trips; " The Corner; " bus rides. Activities: ROTC Band; French Club; Marine Biology Club; Bea- con: Flicker: Individual and Has- kell Prize Drill. Honors: DAR History Award; Ca- det Corporal, 2nd Lieutenant; Band Executive Officer; Band Letter; Storekeeper 1st Class Donald E. Smith Award; Outstanding Junior Cadet. Ambition: To be aware of both suffering and beauty; to share sor- row and create hope; to think and respond beyond my wants. ANDREA LYNNE SCANDALITO Interests: Depot at 7:00; N.G.S.O.L.; M’s Investigation; 52; P.B.; " Best Friend;” " Sally Brown.” Activities: Student Council, Flicker Committee; AFS; Home Room Representative. Honors: Shorthand Award; Stu- dent Council Representative 2, 3. Ambition: To someday obtain satisfaction and contentment. ROBERT SCHWANDER Bob Interests: The Corner; week- ends; sports; listening to the Juke Box; " Get Psyched;” Mc- Donald’s; " Beak;” I.L.S.T. Activities: ROTC Drill. Ambition: To make good in the world and make my parents proud of me. AMBROSE D. SCOLA Ambie Interests: Val; Joe Monty; West End; hunting; sport fishing; the Corner; Officer’s party; ice skat- ing. Honors: Lieutenant in ROTC. Ambition: To make every one close to me proud of me. CAROLYN I. SCOLA Carol Interests: That certain someone; A.C.; J-3-tripIe trouble; June 1 — August 17; get happy; Gumbie; bucket seats — problems; a car floor — ask Collette; p.j. parties — ask Ca- thy; Renumba; not me; Boulevard; California, Arlington — ask Kathy M ; S.A.B.; Mustang; third gear; another car?; signs— 3sk the Girls. Activities: Student Secretary. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To live my life of happi- ness and sorrow always with a smile. 65 GARRETT JOSEPH SHOARES Garry, " Eef Interests: V.C. ' s place and THE GIRLS; summer of 68; boats; reed organ; racing; driving. Activities: A Capella Choir; DeMolay; Haute Saone Priory. Honors: 3rd place prize squad. Ambition: To become one of those who are respected the least, but are the most important in today’s world, a teacher. CHRISTINE SILVA Chris Interests: Hendrix; Squam; gui- tar; " electric head " ; those jour- neys; witches; Florida experi- ence; too many colors!; purple (haze?); " Space woman” (flip out); Donovan; wine crazed; sleepless nights; food freaks; Boston; The Commons; the cemetery. Activities: Thespians. Ambition: To work out my own destim and solve my own doub MATTHEW SEARS Micky Interests: " Cindy;” P.S.; B.C. 6 22 68; V.W.’s don’t go; the APARTMENT; Southeast Ex- pressway; 9:40 A.M.; suffering in 311. Activities: Freshman football. Honors: Sergeant ROTC. Ambition: To find my island in this ocean of confusion. SUSAN CAROLE SHACKELFORD Sue Interests: Bears; J.B.; no!; Devil Dogs; Indian Blankets; memories; only one; E.M.L.A.C.; where to, S.F.P.?; really? Activities: German Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Flicker; Pep Club; Girls Drill Team; Lead- ers Club. Ambition: To be satisfied. MARY ANN SIMON Simps Interests: " By the wool;” 8-16-68; at 319 — ask Pattie; ask Geri; 10-26-68; G.D.H.; S.R.’s ask Sue; 6-20-68 to 7-6-68; THAT way; just a rumor; ask Lisa; huh?!;? summer of 68. Ambition: To use my fullest potential to succeed in whatever I do. ELIZABETH SEINIGER Beth Interests: Rush; the hill; it cer- tainly is Oily; walking down the beach; Concord-Carlisle; big brother; Chautaugua; O.S.M.; guess who’s staying at our house?; sneakers. Activities: Flicker; Thespians; French Club — Program Chair- man; Flicker Representative; Beacon; Gloucester Heritage Scholar. Ambition: To retain the gift of youth and enthusiasm so that I may share it with others. JOHN SHIELDS WILLIAM E. SHOFNER Bill Interests: DeMolay; Haute Saone; Pat; The Gang; Mr. Hooper’s Office. Activities: Band. Honors: Band Letter. Ambition: To live my life to the fullest, and never regret anything. JOHN SKERRY SHARON SILVA Shar Interests: JOHN; dancing; Rockport; St. Peters; ask Lisa; " I’m so psyched;” Y.C.S.; A.G.H.; ask Judi! " My Girl; " July 4, 1967; Berlin, NEI; Fords ! ! Activities: CYO, YCS, Future Nurses Club. Honors: Secretary of Future Nurses Club. Ambition: To teach Lisa to spell " psyched, " and to make the people I love proud of me. LINDA SPANKS Moose Interests: A certain somebody — ask P.S. J.R.; Haverhill Skateland; those football games; that homeroom?; Mac Donald’s; Beverly N.H.; That day. Activities: Student Secretary; Pep Club. Honors: To be a Senior. Ambition: To graduate from G.H.S. first, then to become a successful hairdresser. JOHN R. SPEROPOULOS Dr. Speck, Scratch Interests: Chevys; go-go-go; Chevys eating up Fords; one lost cause; Ask Rich; Good bye; rin nnn; one big mess; ok Rkes; one fist truck; " Chevys for ever” they eat up Fords. Activities: Ben Franklin Club; Print Shop. Ambition: To take any chal- lenge that comes forth and make my parents proud of me. MARY-BETH SPITTLE Beth, Bethie, " Hippy " Interests: Witchcraft; grave- yards; theatre; summer 67; Webbie; " We are the E.A. Gang!” ask everyone, esp. Judy; N.S.T.; Rook, Boston, everything ! Activit ies: National Thespian Society; Beacon Staff; Cape Ann Historical Scholar. Ambition: To survive, to suc- ceed, and to serve. DANA A. SPONAGLE Sponge, Pie eater Interests: Cars; girls; you yoyo; Boulevard; Fire!; S M.A.; ask the YoYo; B.Y.O.C.; bulbs. Ambition: To become a drafts- man and to prove to someone I’m not lazy. MARGARET ANNE STANTON Peggy, Pieg Interests: The G.G. and R.S.; Mary would know; Skateland and China- land with Lin; Farqat ' s Fabric Store, and B. the DOM; the Room; community sewing machine; sewing; POYTPEEVIS ! ! ; C.Y.O.; " 68 " football games (Beverly); FUNGI; T.R. Activities: Pep Club; Honor Busi- ness Club; Saint Ann’s CYO. Honors: Type and Shorthand Awards; Secretary of the Honor Business Club. Ambition: To carry as parte smile and a pocketful of joy for everyone. CHRISTINE JANE SMITH Chris Interests: CHARLIE: July 18, 67; dancing; bowling; skiing; no fooling; Stage Fort Park; the party; long walks; Army Sept. 10; See ya later; " I don’t care” ask Joanne; the haunted house. Ambition: To make my mother and father proud of me, and to live a long and happy life with HIM. DANA J. SMITH Thee Interests: Hunting; fishing; horses; fast cars; Chevy Power; C.D. — 64; girls; hockey; out- door life; camping; N.R.A.; winter of 67 68; stock car racing; drags; " Time Machine;” Montana. Ambition: To work for the gov- ernment as a Border Patrol or game warden, and to make my parents proud of me. JACQUELYN ANNE SOUZA Jackie Interests: Ogel Heimer; Austra- lia; Photography; Arts; " The Cruiser " died; Fuzzie Grannie. Ambition: To go to Australia. GLORIA STANTON Interests: Chris; Architectural drafting; Harry’s Room; Fuji; Coaticook, Quebec; 1-6-66; 5 year men. Activities: Stage Crew. Ambition: To remember that it is better to be small and shine than to be big and cast a shadow. SHEILA IRENE SOINI She Interests: Special people; HOCKEY!; cherished mem- ories; 4 26 68; Ramsden ' s; SISU; dreaming; two kinds of teardrops; problems; long talks; candles; carnations; Gone with the Wind; 1973. Activities: German Club; AFS; Pep Club; Girl’s Leaders Club; Floormaster’s Assistant; Flicker. Honors: Senior Class Represen- tative. Ambition: To understand and to be understood. 67 ELIZABETH LOUISE STEADMAN Beth Interests: Rich — Feb. 22 — May 4— June 7; winderbar!; N.E.C.M.; 3rd floor; U.G.H.; Scotch tape??; War- ren Estate; " Cosi Van Tutte;” Cas- tle Hill; Piano; Oil painting; horse- back riding; water skiing; Room 10 — ask Cathy; Fluffeled ruffles; big red mouse — squeak; the tare caker. Activities: German Club; Thes- pians; Senior Fellowship. Ambition: To graduate from college and become an airline stewardess. JACQUELINE KAY STEINER Jackie Interests: Art; Music; Boys — • especially Mario and Dave; stuffed animals — ask Chuck; Boston; traveling; the wind. Ambition: To enter the field of Commercial Art and to live a good life. WALTER L. STEVENS Bud , Buddy Interests: Christy; cookie mon- ster; the car; the corner; foot- ball; baseball; pop corn; Drive- In; getting even!; all those girls!!; Long Beach; subs; those long week ends. Activities: Football; Baseball. Honors: M.P. ' s. Ambition: To do what I always wanted to do and later to do it better. HEATHER M. STEADMAN Interests: SNAKEDOG; Grog- gie; respect — just a little!; cotti; 7 2 68; Depot at 7; M-5 at Seaire; Flippy; T.N., Zub; 2229; N.G.; nyu-ah-ah. Activities: French Club; Flicker; Guaranteed Future Travelers Club; A.F.S. Honors; N.H.S.; Type Award; Honor Roll; First-Floor Supply Room Asst.; Bombers. Ambition: I will enjoy today drinking what wine I have to- day; tomorrow ' s sorrow I will endure tomorrow; college. GRAEME RODNEY STEWART Interests: Traveling; Canada, Europe, U.S.A.; camping; hik- ing; Marine Biology; skiing; people; photography. Activities: American Field Ser- vice, President; Home Room Representative; Beacon advertis- ing committee; Thespians. Ambition: To listen and under- stand with interest. SUSAN ELIZABETH STUART Interests: Tinamalin; Cheetah; " Bonne Bell Time;’’ endless summers; Gunstock; mixer; Nutcracker; Eng.; blackberries; Prep; dunes; jdagio. Activities: French Club; Beacon; Biology Club. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Na- tional Honor Society; Squad Leader — Girls’ Drill Team; Junior Usherette. Ambition: To make mankind my barre; life, my studio; and the world, my theatre. DANA SURRETTE DENISE SUTHERLAND Pud Interests: 2 28 68; " Caladonia kids;” long talks with Rick; 7 26 68; R.M.; 10 12 68 ask Sue; summers o e 66 and 68; problems, ask Sags; Neck, ask Betty; " Oh Yah! Oh Yah!;” Revere Drive-In; ask Ted; " Quackers.” Activities: Pep Club. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To never regret what I do and to never hurt my father. GARY STONE COLLEEN ANITA SULLIVAN Clinka Interests: " Magnolia Gang;” Beverly, Mass.; 1 9 67 — 3 10 67; " Cutie pie;” Manchester; talks with Moe; ask Holly; Summer 67; skiing in N.H. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To be a friend to everyone; to travel; and to be always happy. 68 BRIAN C. TARR E P Interests: DeMolay; weave; the gym; What ' s the story; Here ' s the score! boats; floats. Activities: Soccer; Gym Leader; Band; Baseball; Basketball; Hockey; Student Council Rep- resentative. Honors: Band Commander; Cor- poral; Staff Sergeant; First Lieutenant. Ambition: To succeed to the best of my ability and prove myself successful. ANN TELLO Interests: Dances; football games; boulevard; winter and spring of 68. Activities: YCS at Saint Peters CYO. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To make my family proud of me; and to succeed in life. RICHARD ALAN TEBO Dick, R.A.T. Interests: 55 Chevy 283, 4- speed; 59 Pontiac 40 4, 4-speed, Posi.; girls; drag racing; Epping NH; sports. Activities: ROTC. Ambition: To do a good job in whatever field I try, and to make my parents proud of me. KAREN ANN TESTAVERDE Interests: " IT;” certain some- one; " Warm Wine;” beach walking ask John; Dec. 29, 67; summer and winter of 67; R.S. D.j.g.j.; " 8 boys?!;” flying kites, ask them; Boulevard; psyched or what?; P38 — 733; telephone talks, S.A.H. Activities: C.Y.O. Ambition: " To walk down the path of the future with a smile on my face and my head held high.” KATHLEEN J. THOMAS Kathy Interests: MAC’s; the parties; " you ' re soft.”; red light; 7 27 68 — ask Nancy; Friday and Sat- urday nights; Summer 68; " YOU KEEP ME HANGIN’ ON;” Simon and Garfunkel; letters; barefeet; flowers; e.s.; AGH; " The Sounds of Silence;” Beverly vs. Gloucester. Activities: CYO. Honors: Shorthand and Type Awards. Ambition: To find the answer to the question " why.” ROBERTA DIANE TYNE Interests: 7 4 68; Bobby Vin- ton; Boston; long talks; ask Lulu and Barb; football games; Ravenswood; front steps; boat rides? summer of 67-68; Roy Orbison; Boulevard; What’s it to ya? Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: To make my brother above proud of me; To remem- ber: Success is seldom achieved by people that contemplate the possibility of failure. DAVID T. VADALA Dave Interests: The post; P.S.; swim- ming up the pits; July 68; D.M.N.H.; CAM. bowling; fishing; money; the Drive-In; donuts down the beach. Activities: Prize Squad. Honors: Staff Seregant. Ambition: To visit California. JAMES JOSEPH TEBO Jimmie Interests: Hockey; the states; " sunshine;” " Friday the 13th; " 7; the Habs; " best friend;” 305 Scrambler; Oswego, N.Y.; International Classic; the Poor- house; " the little deuce;’’ bunyacks; T.A.B.S. Activities: Hockey Team. Honors: 1967-1968 N.E.C. Champions; M.P., ROTC. Ambition: To live. CHARLES W. THOMAS, JR. Interests: g.h.s. — B.F.D.; kitty shunt; T.A.B.S.; Here come da Snatch; E.S.; The Bruins Bobby ORR; Simon Garfunkel: jazz; Earl Grant; Rog G; ?Como esta ud? BRGC; THE ESTABLISH- MENT; Ramsey Lewis Trio. Activities: French Club; Spanish Club; Grenadiers; Company Com- mander of H-Company; golf team; prize squad; Beacon committee. Honors: Captain of golf team; Commander of H-Company. Ambition: To seek, to strive, and not to yield. To take the less trav- eled road. BARBARA THOMPSON Barbie Interests: One boy; 11 5 68; ask Elaine; movies; roll-a-skat- ing; parties; ask John; 10 26 68; ask Marsha; summer of 67; cars; ask Dennis; one night long ago; a Ford; ask Sal; S.A.N. then G.H.S.; Ipswich; Bells; the bosses. Ambition: To follow my guilded star, and to make my parents proud of me. 69 JOANN T. VERGA Mugzy, Jory Interests: Drive-In; Good Harbor Beach; Cheering; E.S.; Rascals; Hockey 67-68; G.S.; Ten Pound Island; Friendly’s; Skiing; Calif., N.S.; The T bar; ask Grogs; Isn’t that awful; Hey Chi!; ask Ann; Gail’s house; that smoke; that wink; talks, ask Kenny. Activities : Cheerleader; Student Council; Homeroom Rep.; Corridor Proctor; Flicker; Student Secretary; S.A.B .; C.Y.O. Honors: Junior Usherette; Typing Awards; Leaders Club; 1st Floor Supply Room Asst.; Bombers. Ambition: To accomplish, to the best of my ability, every challenge I face. PATRICIA WAYNE Pat Interests: How do you get to — ?; 4-year-old genius; had in- fluences; Sport Cola and Seven- Up; looking for blue V.W.’s. Activities: French Club; Math League; Pep Club; Flicker Staff. Honors: National Honor So- ciety; National Merit Scholar- ship Letter of Commendation. Ambition: To succeed. DOROTHY WILKINS DEBBI WILLIAMSON Donuts Interests: Tony; summer of 66; Hey Men!; P.S.; Nat ' s parties; How’s the water?; talks — ask Milena Nat; Mickey; G.S. — - ask Ky; 10 28 68; Let ' s be Wild; March St.; Wuffs?; Good Vibrations; 11 24 67; 100 handkerchiefs. Ambition: To become as fine a person as my mother, to know when a snide is respected and when a tear is excepted. FAYE WEBBER Wabbit, The Other Hal f, Fada Interests: Dancing; music; drawing; parties; college mix- ers; 10 25; Emma girls; ask Linda; I don’t talk much, ask Ada; nicknames; Triangles for- ever!; summer 68; 316B; lead foot — never!!; long talks with Sheila; Lost again, Pat?; Rec- ord Breaker. Activities: A.F.S. 2, 3, 4; Glee Cl. 1, 2, 3, 4; A Capella Ch.; Pep CL; Flicker; Jr. Vol ; Fr. CL; Floormaster ' s Ass’t; C.Y.O. ; Cit. Con. Youth Comm. Honors: Typing JANET WILLIAMS Crazy Jan, Me Interests: CD.; Webbie; grave robbin?; Mr. R; Dirty hippie; H Square; rotsey; J.H.; Alice’s Restaurant; Haskell’s; spiders. Activities: Thespians. Honors: National Honor So- ciety. Ambition: To understand what I love and to love what I un- derstand. ROBERT H. WILSON III Bob, Pickett Interests: Poorhouse; N.F.B.T.; Oswego; BUD; sports; Friday nights; wait a minute; summer- time; class of 69; senior camp; hockq ' games. Activities: Baseball. Honors: Squad leader, C Com- pany. Ambition: To see the world be- fore there is none, and to un- derstand the people in it. KATHRYN LYLE WISUTSKIE Kathy Interests: Gar-who-hilts; say hi to the baby!!; Are you fr-r-riendly ? ask Lynne! Boule- vard; Hey hey-hey; Strictly nitty gritt; hockey; count those calories; spaghetti. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Pep Club; Flicker Chairman; Beta Beta; Floormaster’s Assist- ant. Honors: Typing and Shorthand; Spectacular Squad. Ambition: To find true hap- piness and share it with others. PAMELA G. WHITE Pam Interests: Respect — Just a Little; 7 2 68; red devil; M-5 at Seaire; depot at 7; snake-dog; cotti; coroggie; Nyu-ah-ah. Activities: Student Council Rep.; A.F.S. ; Flicker Commit- tee; Girls’ Leaders Club; Flash; U.S.Y. Honors: Junior Usherette; 1st Floor Supply Room Assistant. A m b i t i o n: To understand through my own existence. WAYNE WHIPPEN Interests: Get psyched!; Big Blue; is straight; " we’re gonna die;’’ 9 6 miles; Walker’s; K.M. 68; Coffee Breaks, ask P.L.; dark room; Cranes; The Castle; The Village Hall; Reno’s pool; N.Y. Subway; champs. Activities: Var. Track; Var. Cr. Country; S.S. R.O.T.C.??; Stage Cr.; Thespians; Photographer. Honors: Var. Trk. Cpt.; N.H.S. Jr. Rotarian; Sawyer Mdl.; Cr. Count. St. Meet Place. Ambition: To make up for my high school experience KATHY WONSON Sberm Interest!,: Weirs Beach; Skiing; WV; Well helloo Dehb ' e!; 4:30?; Jeff’s; Size 12?; Pizza Pete!; Gunstock— 60m; the garage; driving the Mustang; HOJO ' s; Sally who? Activities: Student Secretary. Honors: National Honor So- ciety; Typing Awards. Ambition: To go to Switzer- land. JOHN C. WORTH Interests: B.H.; 8-30-68; I Hate it!; no lump there right?; egg- rolls; Field Trips? — !; reeb; 10-25-68; Good morning, Sir!!; BUD ' Activities: Grenadiers; Prize Sciuad; Haskell Drill; Freshman Baseball; Cross Country; JV Basketball; Tennis Team. Honors: 3rd place Prize Squad; Corliss Medal for Military Ex- cellence; Battalion Commander; Major; Tennis Letter. Ambition: To strive for a goal of originality and promise. CAROL ANN XAVIER X Interests: Rocky; ”69”; guitar; Rainbow; Sept. 28-29; Those all night parties; lollipops; Wash ’n ' dry; Chemistry 68; H block study corner seat; Niles Beach; D-block study; SOPP. Activities: Thespians. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I attempt. STEPHEN B. WOODMAN Steve Interests: RMc; sports; 51267; 5y; hey Bris ! ; 7 2 68; ping; 3 musketeers; beach; boat; B.M.; frankly. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Flicker Committee. Honors. Junior Rotarians; Com- pany Sergeant; Basketball Cap- tain. Ambition: To know and decide. JOSEPH TESTA VERDE " Stepin-shalf, T etsy” Interests: Cycling; wipe-outs; USN; Bopper Corner; Corker} ' s 4B; NFB; you yoyo; Watch It Dad; Fire; Over here over there; Funny Farm; F-troop; King Bud. Activities: F Troop Prize Squad; Older But wiser club. Ambition: To design and build my better world to be used as a model for humanity. ELLEN NIEBERLE Interests: BILLY 7-13-66; cry much??; keep smiling; people; what is love?. . Nursie’s Of- fice; Flowers; Little girls and boys; Christmas 67; Rm 301; The Village (Work much?) Babe; Gonna be good?; Daddy ' s Buick; 6 5 68; Sum- mer 68 — Ask Jan; Many Dreams; the Drive-In. Ambition: To optimize and remember that with God all things are possible. SARAH DIANE ZERILLI Interests: Those friendly Greeks!!; milk bottles — - CRASH BANG!!; Scott Tissues . . . ask Cheryle; " Smile for Me; " PLEASE " ?; Motels and talks ... ask Gerri; Wow! Ain ' t you cute!; OUCH!!!; It hurt so bad!; Memories always and always. Honors: Typing awards I and II. Ambition: To open my eyes and to see what it beautiful; my mind to know what is true; my heart to love what is good. HUGH PARKHURST Interests: 59 Chevie; Wild cars; electric guitars; Simon and Gar- funkel. Ambition: Computer program- mer. ROBERT SAVILLE Bob, Bobby Interests: Her; 34-25-35; Bud; Dogtown; Ambulance; Rock- port; root beer; 2 28 66; Cherry Street; 12 25 67 sum- mers; 10 29 68; That girl; special memories Boo on Fibs! Activities: Varsity Rifle Team Co-Capt.; Squad Leader. Ambition: To be myself and to find what makes me happy. LAURIE AMERO Simp, Luru Interests: " THE SPOILER”; Bout Come Un-glued; the kitchen table; year of 66; theater; singing; acting; Dusty; those weary dawns; week-en s; silent voices; Polynesian; Mal- ibu. Activities: Thespians. Ambition: To live forever. JOSEPHINE FAVALORO KENNETH MUNROE JOHN ORLANDO 72 J fonors to tne Gfass of 1969 lawyer TiTedafs Hollis Allen, Jane Bentley, Eric Bergengren, Donna Chapman, Robert Cunningham, Pamela Goodick, Kathleen Greel, Glenn Johnson, Robert Klopotoski, Cynthia Nicholson, Herbert Packer, Susan Stuart, Faye Webber, Wayne Whippen. Rational Jfonor Society Hollis Allen, Gail Beaudain, Jane Bentley, Eric Bergengren, Angelo Bertolino, Donna Chapman, Patricia Cody, Samuel Coffin, Robert Cunningham, Pamela Goodick, Kathleen Greel, Glenn Johnson, Robert Klopotoski, Vic- toria Major, Cynthia Muise, Angela Orlando, Cynthia Nicholson, Herbert Packer, John Saville, Heather Steadman, Susan Stuart, Patricia Wayne, Wayne Whippen, Janet Williams, Kathy Wonson. , Junior Rotarians Eric Bergengren, Robert Cunningham, Robert Klopotoski, Paul Lundberg, Donald Riley, Wayne Whippen, Stephen Woodman. Ration a f TRerii c 5 c 20 ars iip Joe iters oj ( J oznm en cfation Kathleen Greel, Robert Klopotoski, Patricia Wayne J fa roar d ) oof J J fze Robert Klopotoski Defecate to dirfs ’ State Cynthia Nicholson Defecate to Roys ’ State C. Robert DelTorchio Student dooernment Day Delegate Rhonda McCallum D. A. R. dood Citizen Award Cynthia McKenzie Rensselaer Rofytecfnic Jnstitute Award Robert Klopotoski 0d. S. Student Senator C. Robert DelTorchio FLICKER STAFF Activities Juperfatiues JoAnn Bell, Chairman Pam White Paula Belezos Ginger Attaya Bonnie Rogers Heather Steadman Toni Konaxis Sharon Perry Donnie Riley Bill Grogan Kenny Korthas Stephanie Pratt Samuel Coffin, Student Photographer acuity Debbie DeMarco, Chairman Carole Curcuru Susan Shackleford Sheila Soini Frances Puglisi Vicky Major Jeanne Ryan Stephanie Pratt ( ass A a Stephanie Pratt, Chairman Ginger Attaya Patsy Cuddyer Sharon Perry Bonnie Rogers Sheila Soini Ay piny Kathy Wisutskie, Chairman Debbie DeMarco Stephanie Pratt Pat Wayne Lynne Kinghorn, Chairman Frances Puglisi Sports Kathy Greel, Chairman Donna Goulart Donna Chapman Rhonda McCallum Steve Woodman Mark Osborn Alan Cohen Bill Grogan Sharon Perry Beth Dennis Ann DiLiberti Bonnie Rogers 7I.O. AG. JoAnn Verga, Chairman Mary Piscitello Ann DiLiberti Patsy Cuddyer Steve Schultz Dennis Latham Bill Grogan Sue Shackleford Kenny Korthas Nancy Parsons 7 )ocationaI Steve Schultz, Chairman JoAnn Verga Mary Piscitello Donna Goulart Ginger Attaya Donna Goulart, Chairman Donna Chapman Kathy Greel Rhonda McCallum Kay Eel Is Sharon Perry Stephanie Pratt Debbie DeMarco Advertising GaiDBeaudain, Chairman Betty Bertolino Gayle Allen Kathy Curcuru Joanna Francis Nancy Leal Denise Levitt Milena Lovasco Pat Lowe Natalie Mineo Gail Parisi A lose w o wor eef hardest Cynthia Nicholson Stephanie Pratt Frances Puglisi Lynne Kinghorn Steve Schultz Jeanne Ryan JoAnn Bell Sharon Perry Donna Goulart Rhonda McCailum Debbie DeMarco 75 8ft . k M jf m 1 NnA $ B jh ffk J 1 §4 «?L i b ' ) ' v K« HKL g ■ r n UBl -w KL.- •■r |V P m NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Sherman B. Ruth Chapter of the National Honor Society aims to stimulate an enthusiasm for scholarship, to create a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, to encourage the development of character in pupils of Gloucester High School. Following the induction ceremony, there is a reception for new members. Each year the chapter awards a scholarship to a member planning to continue his education beyond high school. At special chapter meetings during the year, outstand- ing speakers present programs. The chapter sponsors the Exhibit of the Week from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, maintains a stamp machine in the main office, and engages in fund-raising activities. FLASH STAFF The Gloucester High newspaper, Flash, is printed regularly in the Gloucester Daily Times. LJnder the direction of Miss Mary Bradley, the students learn the process of printing a paper. The Flash has won literary prizes and should be congratulated for bring- ing Gloucester High news to the attention of the city. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of G.H.S. is composed of class officers, and representatives of each class. This is an organization through which the students can express their feelings toward the school government. The council is under the supervision of Mr. John Carter. JUNIOR ROTARIANS The Junior Rotarians are selected by the faculty to rep- resent Gloucester High School at the Rotary Club Meetings. Each member attends the Ro- tary meetings during a speci- fied month of the year. 83 HONOR BUSINESS CLUB Under the direction of Miss Verna Carbone and Mr. Alge Vaitones, the Honor Business Club recognizes honor business students and develops business leadership. A student must achieve and maintain an average of eighty percent to qualify for admission. The Honor Business Club sponsors various fund-raising projects, among them are the selling of book covers and portf olios to the stu- dents of Gloucester High School. A typewriting contest during the school year gives awards to outstanding business students in the graduating class. STUDENT SECRETARIES Seniors in the Business Department use their various typing, duplicating, and filing abilities to help the faculty of Gloucester High School. Under the direction of Mrs. Kathryn Davis, the secretaries gain valuable experience which will help them in future years. PEP CLUB The G.H.S. Pep Club is made up of senior girls who go to the football games as a unit, to back up the cheer- leaders and to cheer on the team. BOY’S LEADERS CLUB The Boys’ Leaders Club is under the direction of Mr. Robert De- lisle. These upper-classmen give up their study periods to help super- vise the Lreshman physical educa- tion program . aJCB Sfr 85 Cl— •- ' r ■ - BEACON STAFF The Beacon is the G.H.S. literary magazine. Finder the direction of Miss Charlotte Taylor, stories and poems written by the students are published. The Beacon has won many awards for literary excellence. MATH LEAGUE The Math League enables the students of Gloucester High to show their mathe- matical ability. Under the di- rection of Mr. John Sperry, the club competes each month with other high schools of the North Shore. 86 SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, sponsored by Miss Mary Avila, is composed of students who wish to learn more about the culture and customs of Spain. The club meets once a month. l i •JgjHS. 7 i | , fl i j LWm ff T , 1 , . j FRENCH CLUB Under the supervision of Miss Doris Baer, the French Club con- ducts monthly meetings. The club enables members to utilize their knowledge of the French language and customs. The club supplies the prizes for the annual French II and III Book Prizes. 87 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE The Gloucester Chapter of the American Field Service Junior Committee is a member of the International Field Service whose motto is " Walk together, talk together, O ye peoples of the earth; then and only then shall ye have peace. " Linder the direction of Mr. David Wise, this organization has enabled many of our students to go abroad and those from other lands to come here. Br. r 1 ' ' - i 5 ? ■ -4r 1 •vfi STAGE CREW Linder the supervision of Mr. Manuel Martins, the Stage Crew members work long and hard to meet the Stage and Classroom audio- visual needs of the school. 88 A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Miss Eleanor Moore, is an advanced group of singers. Members of this group are selected for their tone quality, ability to harmonize, and ability to sing unaccompanied. Members of the A Cappella Choir are chosen as soloists for Glee Club productions. ORCHESTRA The students participating in the G.H.S. Orchestra are an as- set to our school. They have proven their ability and have shown their interest in the field of music. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Puff, they enter into musical competitions and festivals during the year. 89 SERVICE CLUB The Service Club has both served and represented the students and personnel at the school. Students who have earned ten credits re- ceive a Service Club " G,” a coveted emblem of serv- ice to the school. Service Club members work as of- fice assistants, student sec- retaries, student librarians, and cafeteria assistants. JUNIOR VOLUNTEERS The Junior Volunteers are a group of students who do volunteer work at the Addison Gilbert Hospital. The group is under the direction of Mrs. O. Myrtle Wardrup. f T £ ' JtUG 1 90 FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA The Future Nurses of America, under the direction of Mrs. O. Myrtle Wardrup, enables girls who plan to pursue the nursing career to obtain valuable knowledge about the career. Each month, the girls meet to discuss related topics, hear guest speakers, and visit hospitals. All in all, the Future Nurses have a most active year. Outstanding boys with at least a " B” av- erage, who are recom- mended by Mr. Vail, are eligible for mem- bership in the Ben Franklin Club. These boys are given the op- portunity to further their knowledge and training in the field of printing. This worth- while club is respon- sible for our football programs as well as a large number of ad- ministrative forms, etc. used in Gloucester High School. The pro- ceeds from the sale of the programs are placed in a scholarship fund for some senior boy. BEN FRANKLIN CLUB 91 ' fly a L i- 1 W A ' S 1 r 1 ■ u i | Mm ? m jfl ) 1. GIRLS’ RIFLE TEAM Good sportsmanship, good marksmanship, and safe handling of firearms are all traits of the Girls’ Rifle Team. The members fire in the N.R.A. postal match and compete against various high school teams. The club is under the supervision of Sergeant Major Dominic Cannizzaro. BOYS’ RIFLE TEAM Under the direc- tion of Sergeant Major Dominic Cannizzaro, the out- standing marksmen compete with simi- lar teams from all sections of the Unit- ed States. 92 NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Students of G.H.S. who have an interest in dramatics find the National Thespian Society a stimulating activity. As a member of this group, one learns not only the techniques of acting but also costuming, make-up, set-designing, and lighting. This organization has been a fine representative of Gloucester High School with its public performances of such plays as " The Crucible.” The industrious sponsor is Mr. Howard Rosenfield. 93 THE THESPIANS PRESEN THE 1968 Despite a disappointing scoring season, the Gloucester High School Fishermen were memorable for their undying determination and individual talent. Their competitive spirit and moments of success will not be forgotten. Our co-captains, Don Riley and Dave Kain, provided outstanding leadership and play throughout the season. Dave was a mainstay on the charging line that was largely responsible for the Fishermen’s scoring. Playing a variety of positions, Don Riley was outstanding at them all. Offensively, Don was a continual threat with his pass-receiving. As a safety man on defense, he was noted for his savage tackling. At the season’s end, Don was awarded the Philip B. Curcuru Memorial Trophy as the most valuable player. Our senior players were always fighting; always displaying spirit and hustle on the field. Mark Osborn was a two-way threat with his accurate passes and tremendous rushes into the end zone. Ralph Goulart was always dependable at center. Mark Deltorchio, Bud Lewis, and Robbie Cook were all regulars on Gloucester’s driving line. The underclassmen on the squad often gave sparkling performances. The talents of Ross Wisutskie, Bill Crossen, and Mike Budrow were recognized when they were chosen as next year’s tri-captains. Sophomores Ambrose Orlando, Sam Pizzimenti, and Raoul Requejo provided terrific speed, Ambie being the team’s lead- ing ground gainer. Sportsmanship and hard play characterized the GHS Fishermen. We are all proud of their efforts on the field. 98 MARK OSBORN Quarterback DON RILEY Fullback, Co-Captain RALPH GOULART Center THE SCORES Gloucester 12 Swampscott 34 Gloucester 6 Newburyport 54 Gloucester 12 Marblehead 8 Gloucester 6 Woburn 16 Gloucester 13 Beverly 12 Gloucester 6 Peabody 31 Gloucester 12 Amesbury 14 Gloucester 20 Winthrop 24 Gloucester 16 Danvers 33 SENIOR BUD LEWIS Left Guard DAVE KAIN Left Tackle, Co-Captain MARK DELTORCHIO Left End PLAYERS ROBERT COOK Right Tackle KEN MUNROE End 101 ■ DECEPTION I ' m just giving you a fair shake. . . . DETERMINATION Ambie scrambles DOWN BEVERLY 13-12 103 Coaches Paul Duchane, Jack Radcliffe, John Furey, Ed Roewer, Tony Marino. Cheerleaders Pep Club Crowd Band. 105 THE 1969 CHEERLEADERS Left tu right: Tina Psalidas, Charlie Borge, Jane Wood, Jackie Chermesino. Liisa O’Maley, Donna Palazola, Head Cheerleader Donna Goulart, Donna Chapman, Cindy MacKenzie, Ginger Attaya, JoAnn Verga, Sue Livingston. THEY THAT GO DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS At every rally, football game, and basketball game, our cheerleaders displayed ceaseless school spirit and enthusiasm in supporting our athletes. They were always effective in cheering successes or bolstering sagging spirits. During the summer months and before every game the Fishermen’s most devoted fans spent hours in practice and prep- aration. New innovations in their cheers made them the best squad on the North Shore. The 1969 GHS Cheerleaders were excellent rep- resentatives of the entire student body in their loy- alty to our teams. 106 DONNA GOULART GINGER ATT AY A SUE LIVINGSTON DONNA CHAPMAN JOANN VERGA CINDY MACKENZIE SENIORS 107 THE G.H.S. HOCKEY TEAM Back row, left to right: Coach Jim McComiskey, Wayne Saunders, Bruce Johnson, Don Riley, Dana Barrett, Gary Hiltz, Ross Wisutskie, Doug Taylor. Front row, left to right: Dick Lowe, Bill Trefry, Bill McComiskey, Jeff Rutchick , Wayne Johnson, Brad Marques, Scott Stuart, Glenn Selig. As the youngest team in the NSHL, a gloomy season was predicted for the Fishermen, but to the surprise and de- light of GHS hockey fans, the team went on to post an outstanding 10-3-2 record. The first game of the season against Amesbury was a preview of things to come. The Fishermen overcame the Indians 3-1 on goals by Don Riley, Scott Stuart, and Wayne Saunders. These three continued to be the leading scorers throughout the season. Captain Don Riley’s goal was made after he stick-handled from mid-ice through a pair of defensemen — the first of many solo dashes. After romping Danvers 4-1, Goalie Dick Lowe played an outstanding game shutting out Woburn. The game was won in the last nineteen seconds on the lone goal of the game by Wayne Saunders. GHS continued unbeaten by tying Winthrop and surprising Saugus 3-1. In games against league-leading Marblehead and Malden Catholic, the Fishermen held their own although losing 3-1 and 2-0. Outstanding defensive work by Riley and Ross Wisutskie kept these games close throughout. Gloucester bounced back to drub Lynn Classical 4-1. Captain Don Riley had Gloucester’s first hat trick of the season. The Fishermen beat St. John’s 2-1 on a goal by Dana Barratt in the last two minutes of the game. The Fishermen played a nearly perfect game — Bruce Johnson excelled as always in his forechecking, his linemates Bill Trefry and Brad Marques played well both ways, and the first line of Barratt, Stuart, and Saunders smashed shot after shot to the cage. In a real thriller, the Fishermen overcame a 3-goal deficit to tie Lynn English 4-4. The game was nearly won on a shot which deflected off the goalie by Scott Stuart in the last second of play. The continually improving team finished the season with a four-game winning streak. Wayne Saunders registered a hat trick against Beverly in that 4-1 win. The season was ended in fine style with a 5-1 trouncing of Danvers to win a place in the state tournament. The young Fishermen made a valiant effort in playing top-seeded Needham, but could not overcome the more experienced players including the leading scorer in Massachusetts; but this defeat does not detract from a great season. Congratulations! 108 SENIOR PLAYERS BRUCE JOHNSON Center Vp 1 1 v Jj j £. J . ■ Captain DON RILEY Bruce wins the face-off. A sizzling Riley slap shot. mi THE BEST COACH IN THE NSHL - JIM McCOMISKEY A SUCCESSFUL SEASON Gloucester 3 Amesbury 1 Gloucester 4 Danvers 1 Gloucester 1 Woburn 0 Gloucester 1 Winthrop 1 Gloucester 3 Saugus 1 Gloucester 1 Swampscott 6 Gloucester 1 Marblehead 3 Gloucester 0 Malden Catholic 2 Gloucester 4 Lynn Classical 1 Gloucester 2 St. John’s 1 Gloucester 4 Lynn English 4 Gloucester 4 Peabody 1 Gloucester 2 Salem 1 Gloucester 4 Beverly 1 Gloucester 5 Danvers 1 I GO GHS! The star and his predecessor. Something wrong, Don ? Move it, Ross. Do those senior girls bother you, Scott? Up controls the puck. INDIVIDUAL SCORING PLAYERS GOALS ASSISTS POINTS Don Riley 13 9 22 Scott Stuart 5 7 12 Wayne Saunders 9 3 12 Dana Barratt 4 3 7 Bruce Johnson 1 5 6 Bill Trefry 5 1 6 Brad Marques 2 3 5 Ross Wisutskie 0 3 3 THE NSHL SURPRISE . . . What puck? That puck will never make it to the cage. The most reliable defenseman a team could have. I 14 1 PlBwssgs mm £Mij «■ Killer Saunders. GHS FINISHES THIRD . . . Stay with him. This could be your big chance. AND ON TO THE STATES THE GHS BASKETBALL TEAM Back row, left to right: Coach Gouzie, Jim McKenzie, Dave Toivanen, Co-Capt. Skip Deltorchio, Mark Lundberg, Alan Alexander, John Brisbois. Front row, left to right: Ralph Pierce, Mark Osborn, Co-Capt. Steve Woodman, Dave Guarrasi, Gary Stone, Dom Vadala. The GHS basketball team began their season with a four-game winning streak, due in large measure to the outstanding play of the senior players — Captains Skip Deltorchio and Steve Woodman, Mark Osborn, Dave Guarrasi, and Gary Stone. The Fishermen did not have luck with them throughout the season in losing some close matches. Scoring champion was Skip Deltorchio with a total of 240 points in 19 games. Even though he played guard, Steve Woodman was able to finish second with 196 points. Steve was our tremendous clutch player when the score was tight. These two were followed by Junior Mark Lundberg with 192 points and Dave Guarrasi with 188. Mark hit double figures in six of his last seven games. Our two stars from Essex, Mark Osborn and Gary Stone, scored 150 and 126 respectively. Gary excelled all year as a great play-maker. For their fine performances we congratulate every member of the squad. COACH AND CAPTAINS Steve Woodman, Coach Will Gouzie, Skip Deltorchio. THE SCORES Stony up for two points. Gloucester 67 Beverly 64 Gloucester 75 Lynn English 64 Gloucester 64 Marblehead 49 Gloucester 80 Swampscott 68 Gloucester 69 Saugus 83 Gloucester 81 Woburn 68 Gloucester 65 Newburyport 69 Gloucester 86 Amesbury 58 Gloucester 49 Danvers 61 Gloucester 50 Winthrop 66 Gloucester 78 Marblehead 58 Gloucester 37 Swampscott 64 Gloucester 52 Saugus 69 Gloucester 79 Woburn 63 Gloucester 71 Newburyport 72 Gloucester 63 Reading 62 Gloucester 87 Amesbury 50 Gloucester 53 Winthrop 56 Gloucester 40 Danvers 47 Our leading scorer. SENIOR PLAYERS . . . GARY STONE Right Guard MARK OSBORN Left Forward STEVE WOODMAN Left Guard SKIP DELTORCHIO Center DAVE GUARRASI Right Forward 118 . . . A TALENTED QUINTET What style. Such finesse. Karate Yell 375. Sometimes coaches worry. Don’t tackle him, Ozzie. We win. You can jump higher than that. You can’t hold him down. HIGH SCORERS Woodman’s Specialty. Next year’s high scorer? 120 Skip wins every jump. Dave can score from any position. WE HAVE OUR UPS . . . No, no, don’t do it. It’s in there somewhere. . . . AND DOWNS 121 HUSTLING You missed it, boys. The dance is Saturday night, Mark. Now that s guarding. 122 SCORE! Steve’s making faces at the camera. Cross your fingers, Steve. 123 Sometimes we don’t all agree. About face. JUNIOR VARSITY THE SCORES Basketball is a game of strategy. Gloucester 51 Beverly 48 Gloucester 47 Lynn English 58 Gloucester 70 Marblehead 50 Gloucester 38 Swampscott 48 Gloucester 67 Saugus 69 Gloucester 30 Woburn 43 Gloucester 42 Newburyport 53 Gloucester 38 Amesbury 22 Gloucester 46 Danvers 41 Gloucester 48 Winthrop 44 Gloucester 50 Marblehead 39 Gloucester 61 Saugus 56 Gloucester 56 Woburn 41 Gloucester 50 Newburyport 58 Gloucester 56 Reading 61 Gloucester 62 Amesbury 29 Gloucester 46 Winthrop 31 Gloucester 62 Danvers 48 125 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Back row, left to right: Capt. Tony Frontierro, Bruce Emero, Joey Frontierro, Duane Johnson. Front row, left to right: Wayne Whippen, Chuck Salah, Amos White. Tony and Wayne plan another victory 126 COACH DAVE DUNSKY N.E.C. MEETS Gloucester 26 Marblehead 31 Gloucester 20 Swampscott 35 Gloucester 22 Saugus 35 Gloucester 22 Woburn 35 Gloucester 22 Newburyport 35 Gloucester 22 Amesbury 34 Gloucester 16 Winthrop 43 Gloucester 20 Danvers 35 The GHS cross country team had an outstanding season this year. They were undefeated in dual meets in the Northeastern Conference and won the NEC meet, finishing ahead of eight other teams. The team also placed fourth in the state cross country meet in tough Di- vision II competition. They posted a remarkable record for a team of only seven members. Second year coach Dave Dunsky has led his teams to 15 straight dual meet victories in two years. The GHS Harriers were sparked by the Superior performances of Captain Tony Frontierro and Wayne Whippen. Tony was beaten only once in NEC competition, and Wayne was con- sistently among the top three in every meet. The cross country team has been a source of great pride to the school. We wish Coach Dunsky and all the underclassmen who contributed to this victorious season continued success. 127 During the fall months, soccer has become a popular sport at GHS. Under the direction of Mr. David Wise, the team had an active season. Several scrimmages were held as well as many spirited intramural matches. The team sponsored a demonstration by a member of the Boston Beacons soccer team. Because of the interest displayed by the members of the team, next year soccer will become a regular varsity sport. We hope that interest in soccer will continue to grow at Gloucester High, and that the team will have many successful seasons. Snow and ice are not obstacles to the avid player. THE SOCCER TEAM GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Is she on strings ? This kid has talent. Try both hands, Dolores. 129 • - M Where it is a duty to to be a crime to examine s ' M « ■ MAJOR C. S. RUP Under the able command of Major C. S. Rup the R.O.T.C. brigade has progressed to become the most active and the sharpest looking unit ever at G.H.S. Cadets are instructed in military orga- nization, good school and community citizenship, history, courtesy, training, and policy. Twice a week, during field drill periods, cadets have the opportunity of displaying their military bearing and precision of movement. MILITARY INSTRUCTORS SMG JOSEPH DWELLEY SFC RICHARD HUBBARD 1 SG JOHN R. McNAMARA SFC JOSEPH CRITCH SMG DOMINIC CANNIZZERO 133 MAJ. JOHN CURCURU MAJ. SAMUEL COFFIN LT. COL. STEVEN KINNER COL. ROBERT DELTORCHIO MAJ. ROBERT NORMANSELL MAJ. JOHN WORTH The officers in this photo are. left to right: Back rou: Lt. Col. Steven Kinner, 1st Lt. William Grogan, 1st Lt. Michael Patil, 1st Lt. Maurie Sandler, 1st Lt Da id Kain, Maj. Robert Normansell, Capt. Bernie McDonald, Capt. Steven Enos, 1st Lt. Gary Renales, Capt. Joseph Aiello. Front rou 1st Lt. Ralph Phillips, Capt. Brian Tarr. Capt. Eric Johnson, Maj. Samuel Coffin, Capt. Dennis Latham, 1st Lt. Phillip Cusumano, Capt. Charles Thomas, Capt Robert Cunningham. Capt Thomas Burgess, and 1st Lt Richard Kerepka 134 BRAVO COMPANY CHARLIE COMPANY Where am I? CAPTAIN DENNIS LATHAM 137 DELTA COMPANY CAPTAIN THOMAS BURGESS Table manners. 138 ECHO COMPANY CAPTAIN ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Yum. FOXTROT COMPANY CAPTAIN JOSEPH AIELLO What’s your excuse? GOLF COMPANY What? Real food? CAPTAIN STEVEN ENOS 141 GIRLS’ DRILI FIRST LT. REGINA ATTAYA MASTER SGT. PAULA BELEZOS Left to right: SFC Susan Stuart, SFC Mary Piscitello, SFC Nancy Lynch, SFC Edna Carbonaro. 146 KliliSI M.P.’S COLOR GUARD 148 RIFLE TEAMS AUDIO-VISUAL TEAM 149 Ili it JlCost IBiJzefy t o Succeecf TCaijSy S reef 71 o Seri ( j unn incj i am She ' s got hotels on Boardwalk — watch out ! I thought we had until tomorrow JlCosf 2 ) epencfa6fe CPam TtoocScJt C ' c SBercjenyren 8 What do you mean my tie doesn ' t match ? ! ' OSesi J3oo£ina TJSreti 7 law Aes , Jacltie (Sousa ' JSest 2 ) resse cf Susan S iac feforcf SJohn 7o)ort i Beauties in the balcony. J P7Tos CPltJifetic Garfa OsSorn JKar£ G shorn Jjest C Dancers [Paufa OSe ezos J)o6 7. h son The Flying Osborns BJICosf Sc lOOjB Spiritecf Cranny BPuy isi Brian Barr Now let’s try the bubblegum machine. Did you bring the alarm clock, Brian ? Glass Siveel hearts Bonn a Boufari Barry JCfine 156 I ' I II JKost 5 lrgumen- iaiive ' JoCftnn Jerga Uom 03 urgess So it’ I have the wrong number. That proves my point! JICos Ua featiue JSynne DCiny iorn Qfenn 9uittarr G c ass Casanovas Denise heauiti IPauh DIC itch 2 ff Don t you think it’s absolutely marvelous ? ? ? First the Scope, then the kiss! Glass Gn diui duals Uaferie JlTeans OCorm Graves Confucius say . . C7rien cfliest Gincfy JItc JCen z e CBiff Grocjan What do you mean Cynthia’s a funny name? ! ? ! 159 Glass Jg)i s Connie CRogers DCenny GCor Aas Gfass G oivns 160 JICos faring Sharon CPerrg [Joe S inn p, and away! Was BasJjfuf OCancy J3eaf JlCarJt Def Uorc iio 161 Really, we won a trip to Italy ! 162 JKosl ■ QuJfitfe c yCaia ie JKineo JKaurie Sancffer JKost O orye fuf JlCary CPisci ef o ar y Qaru S one i Paul, don’t be so dramatic! ! ! OUf-CQ, »» - mf. ' W Nv ’ « ■ GLOUCESTER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL The Gloucester Vocational School was established in 1940 for the purpose of training qualified, mechanically talented boys to enter highly skilled trade occupations after graduation from high school. An alternate course is now offered to prepare the more academically inclined vocational student for entrance into a technical school after graduation from high school. In order to receive a vocational school certificate along with his high school diploma, a student must satisfactorily complete the entire three year vocational school program of training. 166 AUTOMOTIVE SHOP Opportunities for employment in the automotive repair field are many, especially for men with sound fundamental training. Serv- ice stations, general repair, body repair, wheel alignment, electrical, ignition, and automotive jmachine shops are a few of the specialties in which a man trained in auto repair work may seek advancement. Students are taught all phases of automobile repair and service work on " live” automobiles while in the shop. Automobile theory, including tools and equipment, en- gine repairs, all types of clutches, transmissions, rear axles, brakes, steering gears and wheel align- ment, ignition and carburation are thoroughly covered in related classes. 167 CARPENTRY SHOP Carpentry is one of the oldest trades known to man. It is a clean, healthful occupation offering much outdoor ac- tivity, good pay, and reasonable oppor- tunities for advancement. Students are taught the proper use and care of tools, machines, and mate- rials, and the process of construction ' from cellar to roof. Framing, stair build- ing, inside ana ' outside finish, and some cabinet making are included in shop work. Related courses include the study of small house plans and construction details, and estimating and purchasing of materials. Many of the carpentry graduates will eventually operate small contracting businesses. ELECTRICAL SHOP New developments in the electrical field are offering a variety of opportunities for employment to the electrical graduate. Former students are now employed as li- censed electricians on new construction, in- dustrial, marine electrical work, appliance sales and repair, and radio and television installation and service work. The course provides a sound training in the fundamentals of electrical theory and practice. Pupils study many types of electri- cal circuits, magnetism and induction, meth- ods of making electrical measurements, di- rect and alternating current motors and gen- erators, elementary electronics, and the standards of the National Electrical Code. Work in the shop includes the various methods of house and industrial wiring, signal and telephone work, testing, repair- ing and rewinding of motors and gener- ators, and the installation and servicing of various types of appliances. 169 FISHERIES SHOP The fishing industry is one of the oldest in the nation and the backbone of the City of Gloucester. It has provided profitable employ- ment since the founding of our city, but the new age is dawning for fishing technology, and the de- mand for skilled men has been greatly increased. The Fishing and Marine Tech- nology course is providing the knowledge and skill in fields of marine electronics, diesels and the fundamentals in operation and maintenance, seamanship, naviga- tion, net construction wire and rope splicing. Related classroom instruction in- cludes the study of modern seaman- ship, diesel engines, general trade mathematics, boat construction and the whole natural history of the sea including the latest developments in the world fisheries. Experience is the best teacher, but it comes slowly. We must prepare our future skippers, mates, and engineers with all the skills possible to pursue this highly profitable trade that awaits them. 170 MACHINE SHOP The industrial plants in this area of- fer many employment opportunities for machine graduates. There are also a few local plants that employ machinists. Em- ployment is usually steady and the work is inside under good working condi- tions. While in school the pupils learn to service, set up and operate machine lathes, shapers, milling machines and drill presses, various types of gridding machines and other hand power tools of the machine trade. In related classes they learn to plan and lay out the work to be machined in the shop. Properties of vari- ous metals, heat treating, hardening and tempering are also studied. With expe- rience, graduates may advance to be- come toolmakers, diemakers, model makers, and foremen. ■ 171 PRINT SHOP Printing is one of the oldest and most important arts of modern civ- ilization. As an industry, it ranks first in almost all the large centers in the United States and sixth among the occupations of the world. Boys who successfully complete the course may expect to be placed in the industry as the work is not localized or seasonal. The course includes all types of hand composition, platen press and automatic cylinder press operation, cutting of stock and bindery opera- tions. Various kinds of machine composition are also used on some of the work. Students are taught design and layout, printers’ arith- metic, including the point system of measure, and a study of paper, inks, and color printing is included. A high degree of mechanical aptitude is required as well as a good basic knowledge of English. Instruction in Printers Trade English is included in this course. The requirements and the standards of work are exacting but the working conditions in the 172 trade are good. Nice ... or what? Quick . . . hide the Skippy jar. SEPTEMBER 4 — C-2 for everyone, back to school. 5 — Seniors begin to look forward to June. 13 — Andrea Scandalito is voted Betty Crocker of the year for her famous " Birthday Frosting.” 16— Donna Chapman orders cheering sneakers made with lead bottoms; it has to be the sneakers! 17 — Chris Morton calls someone in her Algebra class; must be a test tomorrow. 19 — Natalie Mineo bumps into the wall and is found DUMB founded on the floor! 20 — We did it! We won our first jamboree game. Congratulations boys! 24 — Billy Moore is voted class bull. It was one of his good days. 27 — Linda Dench and Maurie Sandler suffer through the day without an offgrounds. Hey Nance, where’s Bull? Welcome back Ed. 176 OCTOBER 1 — Maureen Jenkins is seen carrying Robert Klopo- toski’s briefcase after school, must be true love. 4- — Nancy Parsons and Mike Parisi go through the day without a fight! 7 — Pat Lowe has a good excuse for not being in school today — Chucky’s coming home! 11 — Senior girls meet at 7:00 P.M. at the depot, but where’s Jane Movalli? 12 — Mark Osborn passes the ball. Did it slip Mark? 17 — For all those interested, Jane Bentley has been accepted at U.N.H. 21 — Mr. Roewer tells Carla Osborn to clear the gym and go home. Carla says, " But I am home!” 25 — Everyone gets psyched at the Beverly Rally; the Pep Club really went all out for this one. 26 — The rally did its job well, and everyone is in high spirits at the Beverly Victory Dance! 27 — Beth Dennis keeps the phone off the hook all day. She was expecting a call from the F.B.I. And now we’ll hear from our all-time favorite. Edna’s in the wrong ball game. " G” for goodness. NOVEMBER 1 — Bombers go to China Sails. 5 — The tradition begins for Ed Norton Day. Boys are seen wearing bow ties and sneakers. 6 — Linda Orlando’s day of silence. 8 — Ralph Goulart wasn’t smiling to- day. Do you believe it? 11 — Day off for Veteran’s Day. Every- , , , one’s glad to have a rest. 13 — A lost parent left over from last night’s op en-house was found this morning. Seems John Curcuru di- rected him to the elevator. 14 — Lynne Kinghorn, Kathy Wisutskie, and Frannie Puglisi picket the bus to Romeo and Juliet. They want to go too! 18 — Miracles never cease! Pat O’Leary is in school today! 21 — Nurse’s office is invaded after Mr. Robarts shows his educational health film. You didn ' t have to hit her so hard Donna. You’ve come a long way, babies ! Couldn’t you take the movie, Carol Ann? 178 Towards the end of the season, Coach Furey turns in desperation to DECEMBER 2 — Kathy Curcuru was in such a rush for school today that she forgot to put on her make-up. 4 — Nancy Moore and Ellen Neberlie invent a new disease. Nurses Officeitis. 6 — Dennis Latham realizes too late the disadvantages of that " Silly millimeter longer.” 9 — Betty Bertolino and Karen O’Keefe are seen on the Ipswich Road. " Going to another party, girls?” 11 — Arthur Sampson is asked to write for GENERAL HOSPITAL. 12 — After using her DISCREET methods, JoAnn Verga finally gets her knockout! 13 — Friday the Thirteenth — Helen Perrine and Edna Car- bonaro decide to stay home. Julie’s shedding ! There’s Bridget or is it Gidget or is it Theresa or Terry. Christmas Spirits (under the tree!?). JANUARY They ' ll do it every time ! Who Me?! National Honor Society? 1 — Everyone was in high spirits to welcome in 1969! 2 — Ann Deliberti swears she’ll never have another New Year’s Eve party — until next year. 6— Debbie DeMarco claims — " But I didn’t DESERVE it!” 8 — TRAGEDY — Gail Beaudain lost her comb! 10 — Jimmy Novello asks John Worth how he got the black eye. John replies, ' Td rather fight than switch!” 13 — Dave Guarrasi is seen practicing his half court shot. 14 — Stephanie Pratt and Donna Dumont weren’t their old selves today. They came to school on time! 16 — Kathy Greel is Gloucester High’s first woman astro- naut. She took a flight to the third floor supply room — via the elevator. 17 — Sue Livingston claims she has a built-in microphone. 21 — Sharon Perry loses her Skippy Jar — forever. 24 — By popular request, senior girls pull another depot at 7:00. 31 — Kay Eells is in a fog today. Guess whom she’s going skiing with this weekend ? 180 Never again, never again ! FEBRUARY 3 — Pam White changes from gas to oil — McHenry’s, that is! 7 — Sue Stuart’s poem gets published in the Beacon. 9 — Heather Steadman is seen taking orders in the ticket booth — but for what. 10-11 — Where were you when the lights went out ? ! 12 — Carol Ann Ryan and Fred Markham take advantage of all the snow and come to school on a " sled built for two!’’ 13 — Because the beach parking lots weren’t plowed out, Gloucester High looked like " grand central station” tonight. 14 — Senior girls shed a few sentimental tears at Mr. Roe- wer’s going away party. Don’t cry girls; he’s only moving next door. 17 — Tony Frontierro and Wayne Whippen are seen run- ning in the snow. Gotta keep in shape! 19 — " Crazy” Chris Muise gets an offgrounds to go to Mai’s — she brings Gayle Parisi along to get a discount. 22 — Steve Woodman and Rhonda McCallum leave for their trip to Florida. Are they really meeting his parents there ? 24-28 — Cindy Nicholson and Herbert Packer still come to school — even though we have 41” of snow. 28 — Officer’s party cancelled. But that’s the boy’s corner, JoAnn. Was cupid here again kids? GORILLA MILK. MARCH Mutt and Jeff. 5 — Vacation is extended one more day. Who cut the fan belts? 6 — Back to school after a long vacation. 7 — Hockey game. Everyone on the senior bus has a nervous breakdown while Kenny Korthas enjoys himself. 7 — Seniors take a trip to the Arena; but which one? Lousy — right?! 10 — Flicker Deadline! 11 — John Curcuru seen at Boulevard 7:00 in the morn- ing. Wonder what he was doing! 12 — Ginger Attaya wears her tan to school today. 13 — Mr. Natti claims, " Here he is folks — your friend and mine, DONNIE RILEY ! ! !” 14 — Freshman girls get psyched over " your friend and mine.” 17— St. Patrick’s Day — where are all the seniors? Xavier always wins this one. Stop! In the name of love. 182 Doing Larry’s homework again Donna? APRIL Happiness is sleeping in class. Is Claire telling those jokes again? Holding up the corner? 1 — Linda Spanks sells Brylcream to Mr. Karcher. April Fools! 3 — JoAnn Bell is employed in the " Information Booth.” 7 — Tommy Boudreau is seen in school on Tues- days and Thursdays. Still looking for that pro- motion, Tom ? 10 — Rescue Squad called to the High School. Sue Howard caught her hair in her locker. 11 — Senior Prom. 14 — Donna Allen and Betty Redding play the old " switcheroo” trick! 17 — Beth Seiniger stays in Gloucester for a week- end. Concord’s loss is our gain. 18 — Joe Ginn leaves school to speed up his day. Very Interesting. 21 — Paul Mitchell gets the leading role in Show- boat. 22 — Toni Konaxis has another belt! 24 — Patsy Cuddyer asks Skip DelTorchio: " Hey, Skip, what’s new besides ho! ho! ho!” 25 — Gary Stone and Mark DelTorchio are GHS’s Siamese Twins. Maybe that’s why they have a hard time dancing! 29 — Bonnie Rogers gets her long eyelashes caught in the file cabinet. Do you believe it? It worked for me ! 183 MAY 1 — Mr. O’Neil takes out his rake. 2 — The big question this year is whether Bob Parsons will be " the hero or the goat.” Wicked, huh! 6 — Sam Coffin is still skimming over the State Laws. Still want to wear your sandals, Sam? 7 — Mr. Butler is having a rough time keeping his B and E block classes awake. Spring fever hits again. 9 — Bruce " Up” Johnson keeps praying for some cold weather. Sorry Up, the ice is gone till next year. 12 — Tom Randazza is heard singing " I Feel Pretty,” through the corridors. 13 — Senior Boys are seen down Good Harbor Beach soak- | ing up the ? ? ? 15 — Mr. Rosenfield goes MOD! 20 — Billy Grogan has a soft heart and tries to rub off some of his good nature on Melena Lovasco -MIS- SION IMPOSSIBLE. 22 — Donna Goulart goes on a fruit diet. Larry Kline ap- proves. 30 — F Company forgets to show up for the Memorial Day Parade; what happened, Joe? Fountain of Youth. Oh, No, Miss Perry, We never touch the candy Military Police?? Senior Slobs??? JUNE 1 — Glenn Guittarr is seen still riding around with his skis on his car. 2 — Chuck Amero, head mechanic, knows all the parts of the body. 3 — Showers in the girls’ locker room are finally cleaned. 4 — Mother and Daughter Banquet — Mothers finally realize that their daughters have grown up. 5 — Donnie M. explains to Barb Amero " Age is only a number.” 6 — Field Day. 6 — Sergeants’ Party — Seniors come home from party red-eyed. But was it from the tears? 7 — Yvonne Rebitski and Kathy Wonson begin pack- ing for their trip to Europe. 10 — For four years we’ve been wondering, Klop — What IS in that briefcase? 11 — Senior Banquet. 12 — No one shows up for Graduation practice — Senior Camp must be too much. 15 — Graduation Day — Seniors receive diplomas with tears in their eyes but joy in their hearts. Up Skip And a Jump. Hey Ralph. Up the Down Staircase. -0 c _ •A 4- 0 £ C-a fa X v . ►! t? (.o njancff ' fV .O ' r O (V r ' ofa w j yy o o o _ Kho c p AM N D K 1 1 Jane jOAnn i an M 9 , 5 KL ■SieE’HAMIE £ O H A RHOfiDA 6 a D ft A ,, L i o weather £ ft gto tfoAAsrV ( ju?t cuKAflLt JL o G E w l) Q ) £9 G ' « 7 O 69 Kao. v D C , ouu_ UJ c C 3 C c: u 4- O-C 4 uo O -cT 3art o.f. I - ' - ' " H CkIA AjIL. to 190 to Vr THEY THAT CO DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS V v 4 - 7 . • ‘ 9 +- • . yv IN MEMORIAM CHRISTINE ELIZABETH CARTER August 24, 1951 — March 17, 1968 As the time approaches for graduation of the Gloucester High School class of 1969, we pause to remember one of our classmates who departed before us. Christy Carter was killed in an automobile accident on March 17, 1968. Her life ended suddenly but her memory lives on. To her family and classmates, Christy will always be remembered as a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoyed life. She always had a smile. She enjoyed ice skating, and she was an excellent swimmer. She played the piano and the trombone. At Gloucester High, her interests were in shorthand and typing. She looked forward to a career as a secretary. As we go out into the world, let us remember that life is but a short stay on earth, and we should live it to the fullest. If there is anything that Christy’s death has taught us, it is how precious our lives are and how much we should treasure them. The Class of 1969 Wishes to Express a Special " THANK YOU " to All the Advertisers for Their Support Congratulations From ADASKO ' S FASHION SHOP 158 Main Street Gloucester Best Wishes Class of ' 69 ART JEWELERS Hi? Good Luck Seniors BILL ALLEN TRUCKING CONTRACTING BULLDOZING HOT TOPPING AND COMPLETE SEWERAGE SERVICE Southern Avenue Essex, Mass. Dial 768-6900 BENNY THE FLORIST 18 Eastern Avenue Gloucester BARBARA ' S I 3 Lexington Avenue Magnolia Massachusetts BEAUTY SALON Best of Luck to the Senior Class APPT ' S ICE AND OIL SERVICE Burner Service 138 Prospect Street Gloucester Dial 283-0218 BEN ' S WALLPAPER PAINT CO. 115 Main Street Gloucester 283-6541 196 For All Jewelry Needs in Sales and Services W. E. BLANCHARD JEWELER REGISTERED JEWELER, AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 125 Main Street Gloucester GOOD LUCK from BOB ' S HABERDASHERY 134 Main Street Gloucester Better Buys From BOLEY ' S BROWN ' S of Gloucester Since 1885 Compliments of THE BOULEVARD GROCERY BEN AND ELEANOR PARSONS Best Wishes Seniors CIOLINO ' S PHARMACY 390 Main Street Gloucester Compliments of BUDROW AND SCANT I I Rogers Street Gloucester Compliments of CLICKY ' S MEN ' S SHOP Main Street Plaza THE CAPE ANN SHOP 220 Main Street Gloucester Massachusetts CONNOR ' S PHARMACY, INC. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 112 Main Street Gloucester Dial 283-0078 FREE DELIVERY CAPE ANN BANK TRUST CO. 154 Main Street THE BANK OF THE NORTH SHORE ESSEX RADIO AND T.V. SERVICE Compliments of DAVIS AND DOUCETTE CARPENTERS 29 Fort Square 283-0772 281-1435 GLOUCESTER CAMERA AND PHOTO SH ' 10 Pleasant Street CAMERA SUPPLIES FINISHING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY CUSTOM COLOR PRINTING Dial 283-1262 Est. 1902 DEERING ELECTRIC COMPANY Electric Contractors S. D. DEERING, JR. 15 Washington Street Gloucester THE EMPIRE 171 Main Street Gloucester KEN ELWELL OIL SERVICE Range and Fuel Oil Essex 768-7741 CAPE ANN BOWLING CENTER Gloucester Avenue Accepted season after season, year after year, a proud product with visible and lasting intrinsic merit. MIGHTY-MAC® is the registered trademark of CAPE ANN MANUFACTURING CO.. GLOUCESTER, MASS., U.S.A. • BOATWEAR • KNITWEAR • LEATHERWEAR • OUTERWEAR • RAINWEAR • SKIWEAR NEW YORK OFFICE 4514 EMPIRE STATE • CHICAGO 801 MERCHANDISE MART • LOS ANGELES 626 FOREMAN BUILDING 199 !s m- ' ft Is . fUjjif ; fi ■|v ft ' ' i- 1 . fen , it M £ % ji t ■Ss fc - " W V; ft i a ullfe ' • ' 1. CAPE ANN SAVINGS BANK 1 30 Main Street Gloucester Beach Street Manchester 1 Compliments Compliments of the of FRIEND STREET GENTILE EATON MARKET SERVICE COMPANY, INC. of GLOUCESTER MAGNOLIA 284 Main Street Lexington Avenue 283-0764 525-3771 Best Wishes, Seniors! GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES 200 Compliments of GLOUCESTER DELICATESSEN 151 Main Street Dial 283-4500 DESTINO ' S GLOUCESTER HOUSE RESTAURANT INC. 63 Rogers Street Gloucester GOLDMAN ' S GRAY ' S It ' s Gray ' s for Quality SPORTS EQUIPMENT JAMES C. GREELY FUNERAL HOME 212 Washington Street Gloucester, Massachusetts JAMES C. GREELY, JR JAMES C. GREELY, III GERALD D. GREELY Telephone 283-0698 GOVE ' S GULF STATION 20; 132 Washington Street DICK ' S SHOE STORE Main Street Plaza HARBOR LOOP GIFTS 69 Duncan Street Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1969 From THE GLOUCESTER COOPERATIVE BANK 85 Middle Street Gloucester, Massachusetts nAvjpln n L TO Essex, Mass vy Route 133 Exit 14 Rt. 128 MARTHA AND STANLEY DEVINE Best Wishes From HUDDER-PARSONS, INC Compliments of INDIGO INDIAN Boutique Magnolia Massachusetts GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 147 Main Street Dial 283-0610 JOSEPH ' S COFFEE SHOP DINNER SERVED VARIETIES 65 Maple Avenue Gloucester Compliments of A FRIEND GOOD LUCK, SENIORS! Compliments of INDUSTRIAL CAB CO. INC. Western Avenue Essex, Massachusetts 204 Best Wishes Class of 1969 JULIAN HOMES, INC. JOHN A. JOHNSON, INC. INSURANCE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION I Duncan Street Gloucester, Massachusetts Telephone 283-0016 KENNY ' S MARKET 1084 Washington Street Lanesville, Mass. Compliments of LEPAGES Gloucester, Mass. •f GLOUCESTER BOY ' S AND MEN ' S CLOTHING 168 Main Street Tel. 283-5700 DON LOWE BUILDER Box 24 Magnolia BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1969 Good Luck, Seniors R. F. LANE CO. 22 Leonard Street LINSKY ' S SERVICE STATION Maplewood Avenue Gloucester Congratulations MALEN ' S SERVICE STATION 123 Washington Street Dial 283-9702 LOU ' S CLEANERS 1 59 Prospect Street Gloucester, Mass. G. EVERETT MAHONEY, INC. Insurance LEO S. CRANE, Manager 46 Pleasant Street 206 Best of Wishes MacDOWELL ' S STATIONERY INC. OFFICE SUPPLIES PRINTING EQUIPMENT Telephone 283-7604 141-143 Main Street Gloucester Compliments of MAPLEWOOD AVENUE BARBER SHOP MARIA ' S PIZZA Congratulations, Seniors MR. CHARLES HAIR STYLIST 142 Main Street m I " MITCHELL ' S DRIVING SCHOOL 3 Washington Street NORTH SHORE AUTOMOTIVE 295 Main Street Gloucester Best Wishes Seniors NATIONAL BUTCHERS Floor — Wall — Tiles Linoleum — Carpets Installed Upholstering Custom Slip Covers NORTH SHORE FURNITURE CO. 161 Main Street Gloucester 283-0094 NICHOL ' S CANDIES Route 128 Crafts Road Gloucester Exit 12 Rust Island Massachusetts O ' CONNELL ' S VARIETY STORE FOUNTAIN SERVICE 89 Washington Street 207 Compliments of PARISI PLASTIC FISHING GEAR Commercial Street Gloucester Massachusetts CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS W. S. PIKE FUNERAL HOME HAROLD N. PIKE, Director 61 Middle Street 283-0884 SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY B. SCHRED FABRIC STORE 108 Main Street Gloucester LAWRENCE S. SHANKS REAL ESTATE Western Avenue Essex, Mass. 768-6502 SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO. RELIABLE MARKET 50 School Street RUST ' S GULF STATION 159 Main Street Gloucester ARTIST SUPPLIES PAINTS WALLPAPER SIMON ' S SPORT CENTER Main Street Essex, Massachusetts 268 Main Street Gloucester Massachusetts 208 WADE’S THE WAITING STATION typewriters OFFICE SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS SOUVENIRS TOYS- HOBBIES REUGIOUS GOODS NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES CONGRATULATONS, SENIORS STERLING DRUG STORE Gloucester THE TAVERN 30 Western Avenue. Gloucester Compliments of UNCLE MOE ' S SNACK BAR AND VARIETY STORE 67 Maplewood Avenue Gloucester Tel. 283-4730 Causeway Street SUDBAY PONTIAC-CADILLAC-BUICK INC. Gloucester Massachusetts Compliments of VICTORY BEAUTY SALON 8 Center Street Gloucester TEEL MACHINE COMPANY Western Avenue Essex, Massachusetts WADES STATIONERY 114 Main Street Gloucester 71 Middle Street Gloucester, Massachusetts Compliments of WOODMAN ' S, INC Ma in Street Essex WEDGEWOOD PHARMACY INC. Dial — 768-663 1 Essex, Massachusetts BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1969 WONSON ' S GREENHOUSE, INC 77 Langford Street LUIGI ' S 210 CONGRATULATIONS! AND THE BEST OF LUCK! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in making your class book a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo- graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer you will con- tinue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring por- traits, you are sure of the f inest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices. LORING STUDIOS New England ' s Leading Portrait and Yearbook Photographer l T J . X

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Gloucester High School - Flicker Yearbook (Gloucester, MA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Gloucester High School - Flicker Yearbook (Gloucester, MA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Gloucester High School - Flicker Yearbook (Gloucester, MA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Gloucester High School - Flicker Yearbook (Gloucester, MA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Gloucester High School - Flicker Yearbook (Gloucester, MA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Gloucester High School - Flicker Yearbook (Gloucester, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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