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y- . sit- iM ic ESTER HIGH SCHOOL ' ;-yf -ttfr ' ■’ • ; ' ' jr ,, ' i ' ’ TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Administration Faculty Class Roll Honors Activities Sports Vocational School R.O.T.C. Superlatives Class Calendar Memorial Advertisements FaEE URRARf GLOUCESTER M.A 07530 3 DEDICATION FLICKER EDITORS AND ADVISOR Because the 1968 Flicker has been prepared by many, we should like to thank the following people who have assisted us: Miss I.arkin for all her help and encourage- ment; Mr. Korobkin for his efficient business man- agement; Mr. Rowan for all his advice; Mr. Flora, Mr. Emerson, and all those from Loring Studios who helped us in any way; The Business Department for typists and type- writers; The Gloucester Daily Times for pictures loaned; Karen Allen for the cover design; All those members of our staff who have worked diligently to prepare the 1968 Flicker. J aqLUZ; Mr. Korobkin and Janet Linsky manage the business end of the Flicker. Co-Editors 5 " Teaching is to me th most adventurotH PwSjQMt exciting, the most thrilling of professions — I had rather earn my living by teaching than in any other way— I love to teach.” William Lyon Pheln jr 4 j Superintendent of Schools, Mr. J. Stanley Thompson TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1 968: I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you through the pages of your Flicker. You are leaving Gloucester High School during critical periods of our Country ' s history. You are going to have extremely difficult choices to make. Hope fully, the education you have received during your four years at Gloucester High School will help you to make the choices which will be in your own best interests. The way ahead Is not going to be easy, but I have tremendous faith that you young people will meet the challenges and go forward . Your graduation from Gloucester High School will be the only common experience which you will share. I hope it has been both pleasant and profitable. Congratulations! Sincerely yours Mr. Hebert Wostrel, Assistant Superintendent of Schools. 8 Mr. Robert H. Natti, Principal To the Class of 1968: It has been a Pleasure to be associated with the Class of 1968. It is my hooe that Gloucester High School has given you a basis for thoughtful Judgement, has allowed you to explore your interests, has developed your talents, and has provided an academic or vocational bacltgronnd to help you face the world with confidence and good con- ftobert H. Natti Principal Mr. Natti is aided by his able secretary, Miss Hodg- kins. 9 Mr. Robert Karcher, Vice-Principal Miss Catherine McEachern, Mr. Karcher’s hard-working secretary. Miss Gaye Curcuru, secretary in the main office. 10 FLOORMASTERS Mr. Richard C. Bergeron Among Mr. Bergeron’s responsibilities are discipline, ab- sence, and tardiness of the first floor students and teaching numerous English classes. As a result of his geniality, fair- ness, and patience, he has won the admiration of all GHS students. We seniors will forever be grateful to Mr. Ber- geron for his help in making our senior year a memorable one. Mr. J. Vincent Elmer Aside from teaching Latin, Mr. Elmer devotes much of his time to the stud ents of the second floor. Due to his vast understanding and sense of fairness, he has gained the admiration and respect of all. f | i I f| 1 I h j !j 1 Mr. Vernon C. Hooper Mr. Hooper’s duties include maintaining order on the third floor and teaching mechanical drawing, as well as co-ordinating the bus transportation for all Essex pupils. Mr. Hooper is to be congratulated for the fine job he is now doing and did for us when we were freshmen and we wish him every success in the future. II Mr. Leon C. Sprague Jr. Guidance Department The combined efforts of Miss Ruth Marshall, Mr. Leon C. Sprague, Mr. Mark Haberland, and Mr. David S. Watts supply us with an able guidance department. They are willing to counsel and advise us at any point during our high school careers. Whether it is a decision of which subject to take, which diploma to work toward, the choice of a college, business school, or vocational placement, it is certain to be a con- sidered and, hopefully, successful selection. We wish to express our great appreciation for all the assistance we have received. Miss Ruth Marshall 12 Mr. Mark Haberland Mr. David S. Watts Miss Mary deWolf Secretary 13 THEY SERVE US Our Cafeteria Staff Without the help of the vast world of literature and reference material available in the Ernest W. Fellows Library, the class of 1968 would have had a difficult time indeed completing four successful years at GHS. For the great variety of ma- terial offered, and most especially the cheerful and efficient assistance given by our school librarian, Miss Dorothy Londergon, we are grateful. Miss Helen W. Morton is the die- tician in charge of our cafeteria. Planning our meals and seeing that the cafeteria runs smoothly are among her tasks. Keeping the stu- dents of Gloucester healthy is cer- tainly a full time job. Mrs. Olson, our school nurse whose doors are always open to the ill stu- dents at GHS, alleviates our minor aches, pains, and complaints, dis- penses sympathy, and is able to as- sist us in any emergency. We should like to thank her for her service to us. 14 FACULTY “Hi fill I ■■ I I II I 15 Hi ELEANOR W. BEEBE Simmons College, B.S., Bos- ton University, M.A.; Eng- lish RICHARD C. BERGERON New England College, B.A., Salem State College, M.Ed; English; 1st Floor Floor- master MARY BRADLEY Emmanuel College, A.B English; Flash Sponsor WILLIAM GENTILE d Boston College, B.S., Salem State College, M.Ed.; English JOSEPH J. GRILLO University of Pennsylvania, A.B.; English English Department The English Department, under the supervision of Miss Claudia Perry, presents to the students of G.H.S. a well rounded course of study through which the students learn to appreciate their language and litera- ture. The activities offered by the English Department are the Special Books Class, the National Honor So- ciety, and the annual trip to Stratford, Connecticut for the purpose of viewing a Shakespearian play. MADELINE GRILLO Emerson College, A.B.; Eng- lish JULIE LARKIN Goucher College, A.B., Brown University, M.A.T.; English; Flicker sponsor ANN LIEBMAN Mount Holyoke College, B.A.; English DOROTHY LONDERGON Emmanuel, B.A.; Boston University, M.A.; Librarian 16 JAMES W. MCCOMISKEY JANE MONTAGUE BONNIE P. OCONNEL CLAUDIA PERRY MORTON A. SPARER Dartmouth University, A.B., Sigtuna Folkhogskola, Uni- College of Notre Dame, Radcliffe, B A.; Oxford Boston University, A.B., Worcester State, M.Ed.; Eng- versify of Wisconsin, Boston B.A.; English summer session; English; Boston State, M.Ed.; Eng- lish; Head Hockey Coach University of Wisconsin, National Honor Society, hsh Boston University, A.B.; G.H.S. Poetry Contest, Spe- English cial Books Class STEPHEN SUTERA Boston State College, A.B.; English CHARLOTTE TAYLOR University of New Hamp- shire, B.A.; Middlebury, M.A.; English; Beacon NANCY A. WEBBER Boston University, B.F.A.; English, Speech, Drama; Thespian Sponsor. Military Department The Gloucester High School ROTC Brigade is directed by Maj or Chester S. Rup and his able staff of non-commis- sioned officers. Major Rup, besides being Senior Army Instructor, teaches Military Science I, II, III and is the advisor to the band. Major Rup’s staff from left to right: Master Sergeant John R. McNamara teaches Military Science II, III and is the assistant Senior Army Instructor as well as assistant military property custodian. Staff Sergeant James R. Critch instructs Military Science I and II in addition to being advisor to Gloucester Grenadiers. Sergeant First Class Oneil G. Saunders serves as Advisor to the Girls Drill Team, assistant supply NCO and Military instructor I’ ll- Master Sergeant Billy J. Marks instructs Military Science I, II, II, coaches the Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity • Rifle teams and is administrative NCO. Missing from photo is Master Sergeant William J. Cronin teacher of Military Science I, II, III and serves as coach for the Girls Rifle team. 17 FREDERICK J. CALDWELL Salem State College, B.A.; Algebra II AARNE A. FRIGARD Dartmouth, B.A.; Geometry, Review Math ALFRED U. HAGSTROM Providence College, Ph.B., Boston University, M.Ed.; Modern Math, Trigonometry CARL E. MCKENZIE Beloit College, B.S.; Mathe- matics Math Department The Mathematics Department, headed by Mr. Alfred U. Hagstrom, gives the students of Gloucester High School a well-rounded background in both tradi- tional and modern math courses. Be- cause of the increasing number of ca- reers that have developed in the field of mathematics today, a person with a well-developed background in math has a very good chance of succeeding in our complex world. H. AUGUSTUS NUNES University of New Hamp- shire, B.A., M.S.T.; Modern Algebra, Modern Geometry; Tennis Coach JOHN SPERRY University of Massachusetts, B.S.; Modern Algebra I and II, Algebra I; Math League, Golf Coach NORMA TARR Bucknell University, B.A.; Algebra I, Geometry JOHN J. MCPHEE Salem State College, B.S.; Mathematics, and Science 18 JAMES J. BRENNAN University of New Hamp- shire, B.A, M.A.; World History, International Rela- tions JOHN C. CARTER Harvard University, A.B., A.M.T.; U.S. History, World Geography, World History, Modern Democracy; of Student Council MARILYN CLARK Illinois Wesleyan College, Morningside College, B.A, M.Ed.; World History, Mod- ern Democracy JOHN J. FUREY Boston College, B.S., M.A.; Social Studies, Head Foot- ball Coach JOHN J. KANIA Boston University, Salem State College, B.A., M.Ed.; World Geography, U.S. His- tory, Problems of Democracy RAYMOND S. LANE University of Massachusetts, Salem State College, B.A., M.A.; World Geography, Jun- ior Varsity Baseball Coach Social Studies Department The Social Studies department, headed by Mr. John Carter, gives to the students at Gloucester High School an excellent orientation to our position in the world geographi- cally, historically, and politically. Throughout the year, films are pre- sented to the various classes and a trip to the United Nations is planned so that we will graduate from Gloucester High School social- ly educated and socially conscious. EDWARD F. DONALD T. MC PHAIL MC CAFFREY Boston L ' niversity, Salem University of Massachusetts, State College, B.S., M.Ed.; B.A.; World History, U.S. World History, World Ge- History ography; Stage Crew Advisor GERALD A. O ' NEIL JOHN A. RADCLIFFE University of New Hamp- University of Wyoming, shire, Salem State College, B.A., U.S. History, Modern B.A., M.Ed.; U.S. History, Democracy; Freshman Foot- World Geography; Director ball Coach of Athletics DAVID S. WISE Harvard University, A.B.; Modern Democracy, Ameri- can History, World History; American Field Service Spon- sor 19 PAUL E BRADSTREET University of Maine, B.S.; General Science, Chemistry; Freshman Baseball Coach ROBERT W. CARD Bowdoin, A.B., Harvard, A.M.T.; Physics STANLEY GLEASON University of New Hamp- shire, B.S.; Chemistry; Chess Club Sponsor MARILYN HIBSHMAN Westminster College, B.S.; Chemistry MANUEL F. xMARTINS Providence College A.B.; Boston College, M.Ed.; Physical Science, Grade 9, Audio-Visual Coordinator The Science Department, under the guidance of Mr. Robert Card, presents to the students of G. H. S. a well- rounded course of study ranging from General Science and College Physics to Physiology and Marine Biology. Through the Science Department, extra curricular activities such as the Marine Biology Club and the Beta Beta Biology Club are offered. Science Department Robert McAllister a. lovell parsons Norwich University, B.S.; Northeastern University, Biology Science; Assistant University of Wisconsin, Football Coach Fitchburg State, M.Ed.; Gen- eral Science EARLE B. PRIDE University of Maine, B.S.; General Science; Basketball Coach FRANCIS W. SPECK O. MYRTLE WARDRUP Tufts College, B.S.; Marine Shepherd College, B.A.; Biology, Biology Salem State, M.Ed.; Biology, Physiology, Senior Class Ad- visor, Beta Beta Biology, Fu- ture Nurses of America, Jun- ior Volunteers 20 MARY JANE AVILA Emmanuel College, B.A., M.A.; Spanish I, II; Spanish Club DORIS B. BAER Radcliffe College, B.A., M.A.; French I, III; French Club JOANNA BIBLE Earlham College, Keene State College, B.S.; French J. VINCENT ELMER Amherst College, Harvard University, B.A., M.A.; Lat- in; Floormaster, Second Floor ISLAS CAN The Language Department, under the supervision of Miss Mildred Frost- holm, presents to the students of Gloucester High School a well- rounded course of study, through which the student is introduced to not only the language but also the music, art, and literature of a coun- try. In a period of history when inter- national rapport among nations is vi- tal, this introduction to foreign cul- tures is a perfect beginning for this mutual understanding. Language Department MILDRED E. FROSTHOLM Wellesley College, M.A.; Spanish I, III EDWARD W. ROEWER KATHLEEN MCGRATH Dartmouth College, Boston University of Massachusetts, University, B.A., M.A.; B A., B A.; German I, III; Ger- «Spanish; Assist. Football man Club Coach 21 DEVON BERGENGREN Tufts, B.A.; Typewriting, Business Practice VERNA CARBONE BEATRICE ELEANOR R. COTTI Boston University, B.S., CHRISTOPHERSON Salem State, B.S.; Business M.Ed.; Typing I and II, Salem State College, B.S.; Education; Cheerleader Spon- Notehand; Co-Sponsor of Machine Practice, Type I, sor Honor Business Club Service Club KATHRYN DAVIS Salem State, B.S.; Business Education Each year the Business Department sends forth stu- dents who are highly trained and capable of meeting the demands of modern business. Mr. Alge Viatones is the head of the department which is the sponsor of such activities as the Honor Business Club, and the Student Secretaries. Business Department HARVEY M. KOROBKIN Suffolk University, B.S., M.S.; Business Education; Business Advisor to the Flicker ETHEL MILLS Salem State, B.S., Boston University, M.Ed.; Book- keeping I and II, Type II THOMAS J. O ' DONNELL Salem State, B.S.; Typewrit- ing I, Shorthand I M. EVELYN OLIVER Salem State, B.S.; Typewrit- ing I, Shorthand I ALGE J. VIATONES University of Maine, B.S., Boston University, M.S. Ed.; Office Practice, Type; Honor Business Club 22 LEO AMERO Fitchburg State, B.S.; Re- lated Automotive Subjects JOHN F. BUDROW Fitchburg State, B.S.; Auto- motive Shop HORACE J. GIBRAN Machine Shop GASPAR J. LEWIS Salem State College, North- eastern University, Fitchburg State; Carpentry Theory, Math, and Drafting GEORGE PERRY Fitchburg State, B.S., M.Ed.; Related Machine Subjects. Since the founding of the Vocational School in 1940, it has offered Glou- cester High boys training in the fields of Automotive Repair, Fishing and Ama- rine Technology, Carpentry, Printing, and Machines. Mr. Kenneth Stickney, co-ordinator of vocational studies, hopes soon to see the completion of a new fisheries shop and a larger automotive shop to accommodate the many students involved in this program. Vocational Department CARLO SINAGRA Fisheries Course, Related Sub ' ects KENNETH SMITH HARVEL R. VAIL Fitchburg State, B.S.; Print- ing Shop and Related Sub- jects; Benjamin Franklin Club, Drivers’ Education, Faculty Manager 23 Picture Not Available ELEANOR F. MOORE New England Conservatory of Music; Music Theory, Music Appreciation; Glee Club, A Capella Choir ROBERT PUFF Boston University, B. Music, M. Music Education; Band, Orchestra, Instrumental Music. Music Department The Music Department, under the direction of Miss Eleanor Moore, offers to the students of G.H.S. a chance to develop their music ap- preciation and ability. Among the activities offered to students are the A Cappella Choir, the Glee Club, and the orchestra. Aiding Miss Moore in carrying out her program is Mr. Puff, the head of the orchestra. HOWARD A. CURTIS Massachusetts College of Art, B.S.; Art I II, Fine Arts. % MILTON A. HARRIS Mechanical Drawing I-II, Ma- chine Drawing I-II. MARY JEAN NUGENT Salem State College, f Boston University, B.S., M.Ed.; Art Appreciation, Crafts VERNON C. HOOPER Gorham State College; Me- chanical Drawing; Third Floor Supervisor Art Department Under the supervision of the talented Mr. Howard Curtis, the Art Department enables the students of G.H.S. to develop their aesthetic gifts. There are many courses available in this field such as crafts, fine arts, and art appreciation. Every student who completes one of the art courses, leaves inspired and motivated. 24 MARYELLEN F. CALLAHAN Boston University, Sargent College, B.S.; Physical Edu- cation; Girls’ Leaders Club, Coach Girls ' Athletics ROBERT C. DELISLE LIniversity of Massachusetts, B.S.; Physical Education; Gym Leaders Club, Intramurals, As- sistant Track Coach KENT ROBARTS Boston University, B.S.; Phys- ical Education; Gym Leaders Club, Intramurals Home Economics Department Under the guidance of Mrs. Joan Keegan, the Home Economics Department offers enriching experiences that will help the girls of GHS develop their skills in sewing, cooking, and family living. By preparing and serving the refreshments for the N.H.S. teas the girls acquire poise and charm as hostesses; thus the students are instructed not only in the culinary arts but those of gracious living as well. Physical Education Department The Physical Education Department, supervised by Mrs. M. E. Callahan, Mr. Kent Robarts, and Mr. Robert Delisle, offers a well-rounded physical fitness program in which a variety of sports are available. Next year girls must take four years of gym to maintain their fitness which will be possible because of the variety of sports and added space. HELEN W. MORTON Framingham State; Home Eco- nomics; Director of Cafeteria. ELIZABETH S. SPELLMAN Queen’s College, B.S.; Home- making, Clothing, Family Liv- ing; Family Living Club. CHRISTINE HAMOR Western University, Simmons College, B.S.; Home Eco- nomics. JOAN M. KEEGAN Framingham College, B.S.; Homemaking, Foods I-II, Ad- vanced Foods. 25 aaaKi " If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours ... If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau C c ass veers HAROLD JOHN ROGERS Bucky Interests: Sports; Outward Bound; Shi- shido’s Glacier; S. H.; " The Great Peacemaker”; Red Sox and Yaz; U.F.O. ' s; Brothers, 1992. Activities: Outward Bound; Sport’s Edi- tor Flash; Sport ' s Editor Flicker; Stu- dent Council; Delegate to E.M.D.S.C.; R.O.T.C. — Grenadiers; Individual Drill; Prize Squad; Haskell Drill. Honors: Senior Class President; Student Council President; Representative to Mass. Boys ' State; Junior Rotarian; R.O.T.C. Corliss Medal to Sophomore for Military Excellence; 1st Place Fort Devens; Sergeant First Class; Master Sergeant; Major Adjutant. Ambition: That they may know thee. SUE ANN FOSTER Interests: B.J.; Crane’s Marty Moorland; moons; trying; water’s edge; buddies; Big’s cottage; 1970; brat boy; Hawaii; kak; Alfie; E.S. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Biology Club; Pep Club; Corridor Proctor. Honors: Junior Usherette; Student Coun- cil Rep. Ambition: To understand. NANCY ANNE MOUNTAIN Nance, Morgan Interests: Windadin; Lily Pond; H.G. Rides; Water ' s edge; CRASH; U.F.O.’S Crane’s Beach; brother’s; Beach 1 A.M. Swim. Activities: Pep Club; Beta Beta Biology Cl ub; Student Council. Honors: Class Treasurer; Junior Usher- ette; Delegate to E.M.D.S.C. Conven- tion; Delegate to State Student Council Convention; Student Council Secretary; Floormaster’s Assistant. Ambition: To remember that love is sunshine and hate is shadows. DARRYL DELTORCHIO Del Interests: Cape Hedge; 6125165; Lily Pond; N.H. NAT. Really, you did?; Scouting; Hockey; windadin; meatball; P.S. Activities: Student Council; Biology, Spanish, French Clubs; Flicker; Pep Club: Class Ring Committee; Thespians. Honors: Right Guidon — Girls’ Drill Team; Secretary of Class; Junior Usher- ette; Main Office Assistant; Spectacular Drill. Ambition: To wish everyone the happi- ness I ' ve found in life. THOMAS ABBOT Tom, Rabbitt Interests: Marie, 6 7 66; Ko-Ket-Ipswich; Whits ' , Weir ' s Beach; (6. 6. Stan- ly); horses The Old Lady. Honors: Guideon Ambition: To live a life of happiness and find my sole purpose in life. WALTER THOMAS ANDERSON Tom, Tommy Interests: J.M.; Summer ' 67; ask Jan; 1 A.M. Drive in; beach; ask Ed; surfs up; Rook; Essex; day in Boston, Jim; Brace ' s Cove, ask Skip and Nancy; the Sea. Honors: Letterman. Activities: Football; Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To follow the Sea, and love that girl. KAREN MARIA ALLEN Interests: Living Every Minute; " You dirty Hippie; You!; Bos- ton; Skiing; Rook; A guy; R.M. 304. Honors: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Society. Activities: Beacon, Co-Editor; Flicker, Art Committee — ' 68 Cover Design; French Club. Ambition: To find my place in the Sun. MILDRED ELIZABETH ALLEN Milli, Beth, Micki Interests: reading; knitting; sew- ing; ferris wheels; " you’ve Got to be kidding!; embroidery; merri e-go-rounds; lollipops; dances, ask Anita. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Secretary of the esses Methodist Church Sunday School; M.Y.F. Ambition: To make him happy every day of his life. MARY JEANNE ALVES Interests: Joseph’s; cem; Ro ' s Olds; Apt 10; we five; Doin ' All Right; fire; V.C.; nothing- ness; Summers. Honors: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Society; Spanish II and III book awards; Gloucester Col- lege; women ' s Club book awards. Activities: Spanish Club; secre- tary; Beta Beta Biology Club; CYO. Ambition: To live and learn. LAUREEN FAYE ALLEN Laur Interests: GIL; sewing; cooking; knitting; dancing; swimming; long walks. Honors: Honor Business Club; Typing Awards. Activities: Student Secretary; Service Club. Ambition: To make the ones I love happy; and always remem- ber there is a better life coming. JENNIFER LEE ALMEIDA Jenna Interests: Alan 6 30 67; An- drews; California " 66” Luen- burg; S.A.B. castle; Coo, ask Linda; " 14 " Smile Cathey; fabu- lous Mals; dr ive-in " Go Red Sox " ; " That night: ask LuLu.” Ambitioh: To travel, to make the one I love proud of me. CAROL ANDERSON Interests: PHIL; Jan. 28, ’67; C.Y.O.; Skiing; tennis; skating; swimming; W.G.; Gang ' 66 ' " The barn " ; P.J. Parties; Ask Diane; Football games. Activities: Pep Club; A.F.S.; Beta Beta Biology Club; Girls’ Basketball. Ambition: To carry a smile in a gray paper bag. DIANE ARLENE ALLEN Interests: Lost cousin; Dilo- jo: S: Right; Get Off; Off Grounds — again?; D-M. Honors: Type Awards; Honor Business Club, President; Service Club; Floormaster Assistant; Stu- dent Secretary; Junior Vol- unteer; .Girls ' Rifle Team. Ambition: . NEVER TO WALK ALONE; " Que Sera Sera. " WAYNE ANDERTON The General Interests: Saturdays; J.L.; M.J. Wed. nights; B-BLK ; G.Blk; M.L.S.C.; F-troop Demolay. Ambition: To move for- ward with times. Honors: Rifle Team Letter; Band Letter; S Sgt; Lt. Col. George Morse Medal; Ex- pert Marksman. Activities: Band; Rifle Team; Orchestra. 29 re a xmy an enjoy summer JOAN ARNOLD Joni Interests: B.B.; jamboree ’66; those talks; ask Judy; A. G. H.; ’56 Buick; Honda 90; East Glou- cester. Honors: Type Award. Activities: Floormaster’s Assis- tant: Student Secretary. Ambition: To teach Judy how to say boulevard; to make the " ones I love proud of me. MILFORD WALTER ATWOOD, JR. Skip Interests: SHALI; 8 3 67; Mum; P.F.; C.Y.O.; " Snow on Sand”; P.V.R.S.; H.J. 147; Summer ’67; ’61 Chevy; ’63 Ford; Honda 160; NorthField; Amherst 303; The Field; weekends; ask Tom and Jan. Honors: Two Year Student Council Member at P.V.R.S.; Squad Leader — G Company. Ambition : To love, b efore and after the urge for travel has gone. VINCENT PHILIP AUDITORE Huck Interests: Sports; Jets; 76er’s; baseball; hunting; fishing; al- ways remember Ray. S.M.; W. nots; The Port. Ambition: To go to college; to make a fortune before I become 27. JEFFREY T. BAGLEY Scrags Interests: West Gloucester, Dykes Meadow; Girls, the gang; Jud’s; ’54 Chevy; The Drive-In; that week-end; Maine. MARSHA JEAN BALESTRACI Shoelace Interests: Joe; dancing; hunk; Hey guys; 4 19 67; Atlantic City; problems; ' Ask Nancy St Peter’s; Who me?; Guess what, Chris! Beaches; DKW ' S; Right! Summer gang. Activities: Thespians, Biology Club, Homeroom Representa- tive. Ambition: To make the most of my existence. ANTHONY J. BAMMARITO Tony, Bam Interests: JUDY ; 427 Rambler; Honda Scrambler; Boulevard; Drive In; A.G.H.; Scrambling; Racing; the Drags. Ambition: To move to the West Coast and become successful. ROBERT BELL Bob, Ding Dong Interests: Sports; tank up; hog- wild; AAA; cars; Drive-In; Psyched; beach; studebaker. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I attempt. EUGENE A. BARRATT Interests: Hockey; Sports; Lynn Arena 11; Al ' s truck; (Flag’s, pumpkins); some on Paul; hog- wild; F.W.S.; Getting Psyched; Brown ' s Barn; L.B.S. parties. Ambition: To be successful and see the Bruins win a Stanley Cup Game. Honors: Hockey, Co-Captain; Gym Leader. Activities: Hockey; M.P.’s. ANITA MARY BENNETT Nin Interests: Mojo; 6 3 65; LOOK; FREDDY; ask Ina; 11 26 66; T.G.; Mals’ gang; 7 7 68; ask Sharon; D.M.; GTO. confidently footing for war cf to a year of JACQUELINE BENNETT Jackie Interests: blueberry parties; Moulty’s; wicked zebras?; holey moccasins; " yas-yas-yas”; groovy places. Activities: Biology Club. Honors: Homeroom Representa- tive. Ambition: To have someone need me and feed me when I’m sixty-four. LOUISE DOANE BERGMAN Louisa Interests: BILLY; 9 18 66; 6 2 67; My diamond; Fun times; antiques; Friend; Marion. Activities: Girls ' Rifle Team; Leaders Club; Sailing Club. Ambition: To make HIM as happy as he makes me. INA FRANCES BERTOLINO Mustang Sally Interests: That certain some- one; rifle practices; 3 16 66; 4 14 67; summer ”67”; Ain’t Love Grand ! Activities: Girls’ Rifle Team; French Club; A Cappella Choir; Chorus; Glee Club; Future Teachers of America. Honors: Captain of Girls’ Rifle Team; Typing Awards; Trophy for Best Shooter. Ambition: To make HIM as happy as he has made me. URSULA MARIE BODONI Interests: Joppy; July 2; Ask Donna; Mr. Hooper’s Office; Blonds; Honey; DM.; Bob, Fairs; Brown Corvairs; Waps. Activities: Honor Business Club. Honors: National Honor So- ciety. Ambition: To make life worth living. CHRISTINE BOLCOME Chris Interests: HIM; " everybody”; Andrew’s Corner; sports; getting " psyched”; ask Colleen and Pat; Problems anyone??; Mook!!; H.Y.S.B.; ask Elja, Joanne, and Kathy; CYO. Activities: Spanish Club; Lead- er’s Club; Basketball; Softball. Honors: Homeroom Representa- tive. Ambition: To keep two things in my heart; God and Love. GRACE BOMMARITO Interests: People and places; stuffed animals; 6 3 66 — ask Fatima; dreams; We Four; " Duhl”; traveling " Grinch”; short or over? Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Honor Business Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Shorthand and Type Awards. Ambition: To see the world and understand its people. VINCANT M. BONO Jimmy Interests: Girls; Cars; Diesel En- gines; Joe Monte ' s West End. Activities: Fisheries Shop Club; NAVY ; Diesel Mechanic. Ambition: To follow in my father’s foot steps. What a couple of HAMS!. Hard cvorA and excitement, lie iiaue readied Everyone ' s surprised at Bucky — he looks like he ' s ENJOYING physics for once! JOSEPH BRANCALEONE Joe Interests: THE SHACK; endless summers; Mrs. B.; Paintings by R.W.; PARKING; Women; E.P.Y.C.; THE KAK; Warlocks. Activities: P. Sgt.; Color Guard. Ambition: To live life as best I can. RONALD A. BRIGHAM Ron Interests: Chevies, Hi-Perform- ance Mustangs, GTO Eaters, Epping, 442 ' s GTO Eaters, Girls, Weight Lifting, Geom- etry, OK! Ambition: To go ahead in whatever I challenge. AUGUSTUS B. BOUCHIE, JR. Gus Bernie Interests: Girls, especially Shar- on; the Mills; ' 64 Plymouth. Ambition: Raise a family and make my parents proud of me. SUSAN JANE BRADFORD Sue Interests: Salem; L.W.T.; Army; Ask Cathy and Joan; Ray?; Good Friends. Ambition: To make my parents as proud of me as I am of them. EDWARD BRADSTREET Ed Interests: Girls; Cars; Hell ' s Angels; J.D. and the Dimen- sions. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me in everything I do. LINDA BRIEN Hoss Interests: Paul; Superdud ! 7 4 65; R.S. and M.T.; " Never My Love " !!!; Oct. 16-17; Chinaland; ' 56 Silver Mercury?; the House??? Activities: Home Room Repre- sentative. Honors: Typing Awards Ambition: To remember " all that glitters is not gold.” IVAN BROWN Ives Ire Interests: JACKIE— 7 30 66; Sports; Apartment; Ask P.R.; Pretty Sure; 21; Endless Sum- mers; Coolies; The Youngster. Activities: Basketball. Honors: E Company Executive Officer. Ambition: To live in a world of love and laughter. 32 ife en cf of our four years in fiiy i sc hoof, LAWRENCE BROWN Larry Interests: Sports, water skiing, basketball; parties?; The Rook? Activities: Basketball, Track, Soccer. Honors: Company Commander, 3rd Place Individual Drill, Jun- ior Rotarian. THOMAS BROWN Brownie Interests: 2nd Gear, ask Robes, sunbeam; Older But Wiser, The Beach Parking Lot. Activities: Prize Squad, Grena- diers Individual. Honors: 1st Place Fort Devens. Ambition: To live life as it was intended; To be liked and to have many friends. WILLIAM GLOVER BROWN IV Interests: Hockey: Lynn Arena: Shaffs O.D.B. Brown ' s Forum: Soccer: Ne v Year ' s Eve ’66; Summer ' 66, August 24th 3 Lost Weeks. Activities: Hockey, Soccer, Ten- nis; Boys ' Leaders Club; M.P. Honors: M.P. R.O.T.C.; Champs Rec. ' 66, Co-Champ Rec. ' 67. Ambition: To skate smoothly the endless line of life. ROBERT BRUNI E. Bob Interests: Denise, Bearskin Neck, 283 sleds, Sanpi, Etc. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. WILLIAM BURBRIDGE Bill; Burga; Beach Ball Interests: Magnolia Beach; Sing- ing Beach; Manchester Square; Archies; The Drugstore; Girls; Photography; the car; Deby; people; Friday and Saturday Nights; The Hamlet. Ambition: To be broad minded. FAYE MARIE BURGESS Interests: Those talks; 2 sum- mers; K’s G with LB; 23 DDD, ask Bev; the fence — Bob! MEM ORIES; CMWMPH; " I ' m knocked out!”; Cox’s!; Special one; Letters from Mike. Activities: Student Secretary, Modeling Classes. Honors: Typing Awards, Short- hand Awards. Ambition: To look for the good in others and to try to under- stand the worst. To always be myself. PAUL BURNHAM Paul; Hey Paul Interests: Girls; Baseball, Bas- ketball, football; little sister and brother. That’s Just Peachy; WOOPEE-DING. an cf we mu si now Senior girls are competing for a spot in the Pepsodent commercials. Joanne WINS! THEODORE H. BURNHAM The Ted, Sebastian Interests: The Byrds, dances, Rook, Bread; Doors ' greasy spoon, The Clan, Spoonful, ZIZO, grog, guitar; Airplane, long hair. Honors: Private, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To get rich. CAROL LEE BUTLER Red Interests: BILLY; " Never my Love " ; 9 17 66—8 21 68; Green Pontiac; " The Cheater " ; Mr. Perfect. Activities: Honor Business Club, Student Secretary. Honors: Type Award, Shorthand Award. Ambition: To find sunshine on a cloudy day, with him. STEPHEN BYRNES Side, Tiger, Banjo Interests: KITTEN: Fo Mo Co; The Burnt House; L.B.; skiing; weightlifting; Jimmy’s; Wickey’s Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Boys Leaders ' Club; De- Molay Luther League; Accolyte — St. John ' s Church. Honors: Beta Beta Biology Club Program Chairman; Platoon Sergeant; 3rd Place D Company Prize Squad. Ambition: To make my parents and my family proud of me. SHEILA A. CALLAHAN Churd Interests: Scouting; water and rocks; Wingaersheek; Crane’s; endless summer; Shalom; hoc- key; E.P.Y.C.; Foot in mouth disease; Windadin; a fist; Great ain’t it; Vanilla Fudge; Hippy. Activities: Flicker; Beacon; Spanish Club; Biology Club. Honors: Spectacular, Squad Leader, Girls’ Drill Team; Na- tional Honor Society. Ambition: Satisfaction. prepare for ifie future. IDA N. CALOMO Interests: BOBBY; 6 30 67; Danc- ing; Doing the Phi I ly Dog and the Funkey Broadway; 10 31 66; An- drew’s gang; West End Boys; The Supremes; The Temptations; Biggy Boo! Activities: Student Secretary; Girls’ Basketball Team; YMCA, Girls’ Club; Honor Business Club; C.Y.O. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To become a success in the business world. ELIZABETH CARREIRO Beth Interests: making money; winning bets; teasing sweety; keeping in touch with E.M.F. and N.Y. Activities: Biology Club; Future Nurses. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To be happy, healthy, and wealthy. ANTHONY D. CATALINI Winky Interests: 101 Club; females; The Clan; grog; greaseyspoon; Fazz; The Rook. Ambition: To lose an argument with Mr. B.; To go into the Para- troopers. CHERYLE CHERMESINO Cherie Interests: " DON”; Aug. 4, ’67; that certain little mustang; me — GOD- MOTHER?; overnite parties — ask Jo; Motorcycles ask Sarah; argu- ments and Tears; " RESPECT " " Nerve Pill, quick!” " My girl, uh!” Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club, Service Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To give more than to take . . . CAROL LEE CHISHOLM Chis Interests: Cape Hedge; windadin; UFO’s; N.H.; Nat; Hockey; Light- bound; Meatball; Marty Moorland; Scouting; P.S. Iilypond; E.P.Y.C. Activities: Beta Beta Biology; Span- ish Club; Future Traveler’s Club; Pep Club; Flicker Staff. Honors: Junior Usherette. Ambition: To live an endless sum- mer! MANUELA J. CARRANCHO Nella Interests: D.G.T.Y.M.; Friends; Portugal; Popcorn; Music; C.Y.O. ; Traveling. Activities: French Club; Beta Beta Biology; Spanish Club; FLICKER Advertising Committee. Hortors : National Honor Society; Librarian. Ambition. To have a smile for every friend and a friend for every smile. EDWARD FRANCIS CARROLL Eddie, Ed Interests: Swimming; Golf; Tennis; Chess; Bowling; Bridge; Trombone; Driving; Watching Spectator Sports; C.Y.O. Activities: Chess Club; Band; A.F.S.; Junior Varsity Tennis. Honors; Corporal; Assistant Drum Major; National Honor Society; Chess Club Secretary. Ambition: To succeed in doing something to improve the world. ROBERT BRUCE CAVENDER Bob Interests: skiing; cars; boats; girls and anything that’s fun; Squam Rock; summer; The market. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I undertake. ALICE JANE CHISHOLM Interests: CLARCH!; " Here, There and Everywhere”; Syerat; Lynn Beach; Misery; Cape Hedge; The End; Boston Nights; Sailing. Activities: A.F.S.; Thespians. Ambition: To remember always to smile. MICHELLE ANN CIARAMETARO Moppy; Dusty Dustmop Interests: P.K.P.L.: 23 Pine; Baby Jackie — ask Judy; More Love; Too cute; Be Serious. Activities: Leaders’ Club; Girls ' Basketball Team; Y.M.C.A. Club; Softball Team, Girls’. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To live a life of happi- ness. 35 Me amj Oj as are ANGELA MARIANNE CIARAMITARO Angie, Ang Interests: The gang; parties; my car; clams, dances; friends. Activities: C.Y.O.; Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To learn to live for today and not to worry about tomorrow. PAUL CIARAMITARO Interests: ’55 and ' 57 Chevys; girls; friends; Elockey games. There’s nothing to get fresh about Carol. RUTH ANN CLARK Interests: J.C.B.; yellow blan- kets; cowlicks; scouting; Win- dadin; poems; 504; Big Bro- ther; Cape Hedge; 5. Activities: Drill Team; Cheer- leader. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Second Place Ingall’s Poetry Contest; Spectacular Drill. Ambition: To become a realist. JUDY CLARKE Judci Interests: TONY ; East Glouces- ter; ” ’56 Buick”; Ask Joan; " Honda 90”; party ’65; A.G.H.; " the gang " ; summer of ’66; cer- tain comets. Ambition: To learn how to say " Boulevard” and to make my brother Richard proud of me. CAROL ANN COOK Cookie Interests: 4 8 67; problems — ask " Ce”; twins?; FRIGUS UNUS; Sam’s dime; Fishface?; Cry Much?; Pillows!; Mr. Marsh- mallow!; hubcaps; Big Ed; Calif. Activities: Cheerleader; Class Representative; Floormaster’s as- sistant; Student Secretary. Honors: Junior Usherette; Type and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To treasure the most insignificant things. CHRISTOPHER PAUL COOK Chris Interests: Colorado; Avalanche lilies; 6-5 odds; sports; 1st lunch; having voluntary drill; " 67” Red Sox. Activities: Outward Bound. Ambition: To serve to strive and not to yield. KENDALL COOLIDGE, JR. Ken Interests: Bios Mare; Ralfsia; truism; Magnatone, Salphs and Crebus; Krandall? Activities: Beacon Lit. Commit- tee III. Ambition: A PhD in Marine Botany, later Oceanographical Research. CHRISTINE M. COONEY Chris Interests: Summer ’67’; Snuff; waves; The Point; guitar; ski- ing; mas; " The Men”; " We Three”. Activities: Girls’ Leader’s Club. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To climb the moun- tains of ectasy; swim the seas upon reality. busy filmy co feye applications. RICHARD COOPER Dick, Hands Interests: Snatch; P.S.; UFO ' s; Outward Bound; Solo ’67; Sports; Sauna; Walker’s; Morn- ing Dip; Girls. Activities: Football; Baseball; ROTC M.P.; Gym Leader’s Club. Ambition: To serve, to strive, and not to yield. STEPHEN L. CORBETT Steve the Kid Interests: girls; cars; cute weekends; COLT. Activities: Prize Squad. Ambition: To make dreams come true and my mother proud of n THOSE all my make CHRISTIAN P. COSTA Chris Interests: Golf; football; base- ball; tennis; Magnolia gang; the good old days at Bass Rocks. Activities: Golf Team; Fresh- man Football Team. Ambition: To be myself and never forget my place in the world. RICHARD COWAN Rick, Robbie Cohen? W ' ile E. Cohen Interests: Truisms; Let’s not be hurt. Trucks; Fish; Oslo; Ham Radio; R.O.T.C. ? Activities: A.F.S.; Tennis Team; Beacon ; Intramural Soccer; French Club; N.H.S.; Marine Bio Club. Honors: National Merit Com- mended Student. Ambition: To find my true am- bition. MAUREEN CURCURU Moe Interests: Summer of ’65; Bev- erly; McDonald’s; Hamilton; the INN, ask Cathy; M.G.; L.I.A.H.O. Ambition: To travel beyond my fondest dreams. To make my parents proud of me. SHARON CHRISTINE CURRIER Shar, Sherry Interests: GENE; 3 19 66; Rifle range, ask Ina; ’61 Ford; ’65 truck, ask Gene; LOOK, ask Anita. Activities: Girls’ Rifle Team; Service Club; Biology Club. Honors: Co-Captain of Girls’ Rifle Team; Typewriting Awards. Ambition: To LIVE. DAVID CURTIS Dave Interests: Art; Painting; writing; Basketball; sailing; swimming; Room 304; Weave it; P.O.T. T.C. Activities: Basketball Team. Honors: Poetry Contest (2nd Prize). Ambition: To find my own Walden Pond and paint. You’ll never get by with an invisible corridor pass, Nella. Others are completing their CHARLENE DANNA Chi Chari Interests: March 64; shopping center; ask RoRo; See you in September; Russia; ask Chris; Help me Ronda; W.E.G. Activities: Student Secretary Honors: Type Awards Ambition: To be half the wom- an my mother is and to make my father proud of me. SANDRA DANNA Sandi Interests: R.M.S.; 10-8-66; Snoo- py; Stocking Legs; Searching for Gold; Mona; Roller Coasters; Beep-Beep. Activities: Biology Club; Pep Club. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To remember that if I am no use to myself, I am no use to anyone else. THERESA D’ ANTONIO Terry, Georgey Interests: B.C. 67; I ' M no air- port; Plastic People; I’ve al- ways liked prunes; Summer 65- 67; There’s nothing to do here. Ambition: To live without t he question why. LESLIE DAVIS Lee, T.O.F., Les Interests: Questions to answer; talking; friends; walking; ask Laureen; sewing; animals; why; Love a Duck; 66-68 Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To always find some- one I can make enjoy life more. To make my parents proud of DAVE DAWSON Dave Interests: Carpentry Shop; 57 Chevy; boats; girls. Honors: Corporal. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to succeed in my field of trade. SALVATORE DECARO Sammy Interests: Fighting Misfit Weavers; football; baseball; ’58 Ford; St. Pat’s Day 67; " Young RascaU”; Nicks; Y.M.C.A.; Red Sox and Browns; Running to lunch; Carol’s dime. Activities: Basketball. Honors: 2nd Lieutenant; Prize Squad. Ambition: To reach a long sought after goal. BARBARA DECOSTE Barb Interests: Mike; summer ”67’’; 62 Chevy; " Tims”; Town Land- ing; " Ma’s " house; M.C.; Gym. Activities: Girls Basketball Team; Softball Team; Girls ' Leaders Club. Honors: Typing Award; Student Secretary. Ambition: To be ambitious and to never walk alone. THAT’S Debs! 38 preparation or a career. Gee! Can I have a bite? GLORIA DENNIS Interests: Ask Leslie and Barb; those days in school; ask Leslie; weekends; General Science; ask Barb; water fights. Ambition: To make my mother proud of me. KERRY DIGOU Interests: P I N K-PANTHER; Whip-a-round; ESP; " Let it All Hang Out”; Helen; Baseball; Moose. Activities: Machine Drafting and Designing; Track. Ambition: To serve my coun- try; make friends and family proud of me. RUSSELL DENNIS JR. Buggsie, Rusty, Russ Interests: Running; " Get Tough!”; The park; toilets?; GUT IT OUT!; 4:29 6; Di- ane; Gayle; Pantha; 56 Pon- tiac; " Whip Around”; 2 LMG the pin. Activities: Cross-country; Track; Football; Prize Squad; Spanish Club. Ambition: Serve God, Man, and Country; Make those who love me proud. NANCY DODGE Dapper Interests: Rockport, N. H.; Summer 67; packy; cemeteries; those Sunday nights; bud; geiked; this, will ya? Rok. Activities: Girls Leaders ' Club; Sailing Club; Soccer. Ambition: Laugh and hope for the best. BRYAN DENCH Ace; Fred Neff Interests: M. J.; Hockey; Music; Sports; 6 27 67; Drums; " Let’s not be hurt.”; Marine Biology. Activities: Ice Hockey; AFS; Bea- con; Soccer; Tennis. Honors: Boston Globe All-NSHL All Star Team; NSHL All Star Team; Lt., R.O.T.C.; Treasurer, AFS; Student Council Rep.; Hon. Mention; All Scholastic Team. Ambition: To purge society of hy- pocrites and phonies. CYNTHIA BARBARA DENCH Cindi Interests: Rock; Valentine; water ' s edge; E. S.; Mutt and Jeff; water and rocks; c’mon; the House; Al- fie; 7 4 72; K? Activities: Cheerleader; Drill Team; Student Council; Spanish Club; First Floor Supply; Leaders’ Club. Honors: Commander Girls ' Drill Team; National Honor Society. Ambition: Uniqueness. Soon we are reaccusiomecf to the Carol ' s being mobbed — I wonder what her secret is? SUSAN DENISE DOUGLASS Sue Interests: " Georgetown?”; ask Linda; Rook 11 3 67; us four; Hoods; Fairview; Razz; Sum- mer of ' 65. Activities: Student Secretary. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To follow in Rip Van Winkle’s footsteps. LAWRENCE E. DOYLE Larry Interests: Baseball; the Barn; the Beach; Money, Freedom Activities: Color Guard Com- mander; Sgt.; Cpl.; Baseball; Hockey. Honors: Shum Medal; Outstand- ing Cpl. ' 66. Ambition: To be happy and to make plenty o f money. BARRY J. DOUCETTE Interests: Skiing hard and soft. Ambition: To be successful in everything I do; to make my family proud of me. DANA THOMAS DOUCETTE Dana interests: A certain Girl; Janet; 57 Chevy; ask Nicky; the gods; The Woods; ask Bob; THE FUTURE. Ambition: Satisfaction within myself. JACK DOUCETTE Duce Interests: fishing; hunting; ears; Poker; Girls; skiing. Ambition: To build a fast car. KURT A. DOWNS Interests: HER; 390 GT; Ser- enades; Nites at Don ' s; Fel- lowship, summer ' 67 ' ; CASC; Speck ' s Backroom. NORMAN J. DULONG Beaver interests: 55 Chevies; 7 + 7; Nick ' s; Racing; Stones. Activities: Prize Squad; Rifle Team; Grenadiers. Ambition: To become me. 40 routine of study, homeworA , and tests. PAIGE LEWIS DULONG Interests: Art; theater; The Point; walks and talks; cries; " We Three;” Boston; Brother S; " The Men " ; friends; mas; Yeah Crew ! Activities: Thespians; Beacon Art Chairman. Ambition: To live life — to be me. MICHAEL EASTMAN Mike; Lassie Interests: Marilyn; Chevys; Har- ley Davidsons; O.K.; L.A.; Cap- tain American, ’283; " Flash”; N. H. R. A. Ambition: Not to blow my cool. MICHAEL A. ENOS Enee Interests: Barb; ’58 Plymouth Sports Coupe; ' 62 Chevy; S.F.P.; Dover, N.H.; R.R.; Laughing with Sal; The Bomber. Activities: Electric Shop; Auto Shop. Honors: 1st Platoon Leader. Ambition: To become just half the man my father is. EVA LOUISE ERCOLANI Interests: Michael; 1 17; my mother and father; B.S. Mio; home; gnash; Harrie; 24 hrs.; friqus unus; raincoats; talking; carson bankings? Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Girls Softball Team; Flash; Girls Basketball Team; Flicker; Pep Club; Rifle Team. Honors: Type Award; Home Room Representative. Ambition: To be as ambitious as my father and as kind as my mother. CARLA FAVOLORA Interests: " Bengie”; 30 6 66; Window Talks; Smile-Kathy 201; Pistol, Guns, and Cannons — P.G.; " Coo” — Jenna Activities: J.A.R.’s Student Sec- retary; Pep Club; Future Trav- elers Club; Service Club; C.Y.O. Honors: Honor Business Club; Shorthand and Type Awards. Ambition: To have complete happiness forever. DONALD DUNSKY Don Interests: running; coins; beach; Boston Garden; football; Satur- day’s; Boston Activities: Cross-Country; Track. Honors: Captain Cross-Country; Co-Captain Track. Ambition: To graduate from college and earn lots of money; to keep running. DENNIS EKBORG Den Interests: Boots; Manhattan ’67; Yonkers; Hot Chevy II’s, Sub Shop; Winter of ’67; Rascals Ambition: To find my place in life. Do I have to carry your books EVERY day, Brian? 41 After the climax of GERALDINE R. FAVAZA Gerri Interests: RONNI; ”55 Chevy”; Silly things, ask Diane; " Our this and Our that”; Summer of ' 66; time to hide; Rockport and the Beach; that night. Activities: Pep Club; Represent- ative. Ambition: To finally have one thing turn out right. MARTHA E. FEENER Maggie; Stacey Interests: Harvard Square; E.S.; David’s; stick with me; P.S.; Conomo Pt. ; Marty Moorland; Buddies — yellow houses; hub- caps; Cape; KAK; 15 2; Wom- an; Colorado; Shalom. Activities: Junior Usherette; Sec- retary, Pep Club. Ambition: Consistency. MARY FRAGATA Interests: " COELHO”; summer ’67; C.Y.O.; TALKS AND TEARS; 9 5 67; " COSTA NOVA BEACH”; " Get Psyched”. Activities: Student Secretary; Flicker; Office Assistant. Honors : Honor Business Club; Typing Awards. Ambition: To be as I am, not as another is. LAURENE DIANE FERRANT Laurie Interests: P.F.; Cherish; Impos- sible dream; Those nights; the gym; ask Barb; Hot peppers — Barbie; Talks — Ruth; The gang; Mamas and Papas. Activities: Leaders ' Club; Soft- ball Team. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt; to always be happy. LINDA SUSAN FLANAGAN Lyn Interests: Matty; 6 21 66; The beach; coo; ask Jenna. Activities: C.Y.O. Ambition: To remember: It is better to be small and shine; than big and cast a shadow. GLEN F. FEENER Interests: " FLATHEADS FOR- EVER”; yeah, right? Drug Store; Antique cars; Epping; 1932 Pontiac; Dance?; L.I.A.H. O; you idiot ! Activities: Rifle Team. Honors: Rifle Team Letter, Expert Medal. Ambition: To become a Marine Biologist. CHRISTINE FERRANT Ma; Chris Interests: Pa; 17; " Him”; " C.A.M.”; boys; ask Pat; Sum- mer of ' 66; Horses; Friday nites; Moose; REEB, " side- ways”; getting psyched. Activities: Honor Business Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To understand and be understood. ■■■■ SUSAN MARGARET FORBES Sue Foster Interests: swings; Good Harbor; 7 in one; E.S.; remember when?; Q; buddies; KAK; choosing; hit and run; a younger girl; P S. Activities: Leader’s Club; French Club; Girl’s Drill Team; Pep Club; Flicker Staff. Honors: National Honor Society; Junior Usherette. Ambition: Fulfillment. 7 - cMs Is that sign language for something, Carol : a yreat football season KATHLEEN MARY FRANCIS Kathy Interests: Jacky; Andrew’s Cor- ner; Okay Carla; those classes with J. Radcliff; " psyched”; H.Y.S.B. ask Joanne; Chris and Pat or " Mocky”; CYO. Ambition: To be faithful in the eyes of God and my parents. Activities: Student Secretary. ¥) WALTER FREDRICK Jed Interests: Ouspekskaya apts.; Harry’s; PIRANHAS; Trip to Maine; mortician; Parties; court reunion; April 30; Manchester; " We are the E.A. Gang”; Marne Parking lot. Activities: Thespians. Ambition: To find a perfect so- ciety. JOSEPH FRONTIERO Jo-Jo Parental care. Interests: Joe Monty’s; That cer- tain someone; Billiards; West End; Pool; N. C.; Gang; Uncle George’s Room; Horace’s Shop; 201 Club Activities: Prize Squad, B Com- pany. Honors: Platoon Sergeant. Ambition: To reach the summit of what I attempt in life. ROSEANN FRONTIERO Interests: Curls!; WOW!; Green!; GUAP!; Mixed up?; I. L. W.— WATCH!; What no gas!; Good Times; Memories forever and always. Activities: A.F.S.; Junior Volun- teer. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To make the most of every moment. ELIZABETH FRUSTERI Liz Interests: Beverly, ask Donna and Ursula and Pat; Long talks, ask Janet G.; Horseback rid- ing, ask Lind. Activities: Student Secretary; Service Club. Ambition: To live a long life and make a million. DALENE CAROLE FULLER Dee, D.C. Interests: Sounds; saucers; Po- etry; Skiing; ZAP!; Purple Ta- bles!; I DID AN OBVIOUS! Activities: French Club; Beacon Staff; Pep Club; Flicker Type Chairman; Homeroom Rep- resentative. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To study and utilize all of man’s communicating arts. JUDITH ANN GALE Jag Interests: Green-gold eyes; re- ality; witches and black cats; the yellow house; orange room; ocean; blowing bubbles. Activities: Thespians. Honor: National Honor Society. Ambition: To find the world. we anxious ij await tne debuts I ' ll bet that you guys don ' t catch ANYTHING! JUDY E. GALE Interests: HIM: 1 17 67: Jack- o-Lantern: cabin 27: Walks and talks: ' 63 Bonneville: memories I’ll never forget. Activities: Student Secretary; Service Club. Honors: Shorthand-Type Award. Ambition: To make the most of life: to make my family and him proud of me. ANDREW J. GALLANT, JR. Panda Interests: girls; that certain someone; DONIES the COR- NER; Crane ' s; the Rook; the lake; water skiing; BOATS; CHEVIES; Ipswich; HAMIL- TON; MIMI. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt to do. JUDITH GALLANT juicy, Juds Interests: " tiny”; camping; Es- sex gang; Password; ask " Bump- kins”; wipeout rides with the gang. Honors: Shorthand and Typing Award. Ambition: To finish whatever I ' start. DONNA MARIE GENAWESE Interests: ' 56 Ford: H-I; Judy 2; Pete; Summer ‘67, Tan Cor- vairs: John: Waps: Ask Ursula; ' 59 Chevy. Activities: Biology Club. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To live my life with- out any regrets. JANET L. GEORGE jail Interests: DANA; 6 26 67, Summer of ' 67; Dreams; Long Rides; Double-dating; ask Dona; Talks; Ask Peggy; Weekends; Memories; Oil Painting. Ambition: To take life in stride. JULIE ANN GIBBS Julie Interests: That Boy; That Girl; Oscar’s house; July 6; my re- verie; brown eyes; Donut Land and far away places; Sadie Haw- kins. Activities: CYO; Library; Sen- ior Band; Choir; Troop Leader. Honors: Honor Society. Ambition: To live in a world of peace, not a world of pieces. of promising £oc£eu and basnetba f teams. CHRISTINE ESTHER GILLIS Christy Interests: Sure Thing; Poetry; Drive?; days-off; not me! Activities: Beacon Co-Editor; French Club; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: National Honor So- ciety. Ambition: To remember: It ' s nice to be important, but more important to be nice. SANDRA R. GIBRAN Saudi Interests: Jack; 3 ll 67;N.H.; Secrets; Florida; Tell Buckets; Hunna-Deen; Summers of ' 65, ' 67. Activities: Student Secretary; Flicker. Ambition: To be the Queen in someone’s kingdom. Caught you by surprise DIDN ' T we? ELLEN GIDLEY Interests: MIKE; Summers of ' 65 and ' 66; fishing; " E 67”; Ask Becky; streak; YMCA; not again!; Mr. Fav, and Mr. D; Bass Rocks; ILY; I ' m sorry. Activities: Pep Club. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To make my father above proud of me. GREGORY N. GIBRAN Leb Interests: " All mustangs”; Love-ins; girls; Drags; Florida; R.O.T.C.; ' 56 Chevies; hang- outs. Activities: Football. Honors: First Sergeant. Ambition: To succeed in my endeavors and strive to reach the highest point. DANA JOSEPH GONSALVES " Rex ”, The Ham, C.C. Interests: Ouspenskaya Apts.; Finding carefully hidden chew- ing gum; " We are the E.A. Gang” PIRANHAS; Maine; BSA; Babes; Art — Photography; Parties — Court Reunion; " Hat- lo’s History.” Activities: Spanish Club; Thes- pians; Beacon Art Committee; Flicker Advertising Committee. Ambition: To seek so that I may find. BRUCE EDWARD GOODWIN Sugar Bear Interests: Beth; hi, buddy!; J.C. (ask Pete?); 7 21 66; Nicks. Activities: Tennis; Basketball. Honors: 2nd Place Haskell Drill; 3rd Place Prize Squad; Grenadiers; 1st Place Fort Dev- ens; Prize Squad Commander SFC; 1st Lieutenant; 3rd Place Science Fair; President CYO. L. BONNIE GRAY Interests: THE SHAM; 6 16 67; B.M.W.’S; White Beach; Ask the gang; huh Bos- ton Ambition: Always to be the brightest star in someone’s sky. A unno ecemoer. we KATHLEEN M. HARRIGAN Kathy Interests: Music; whoops; blue and green; pluribus; Norwegian; Donovan; Rockport, Frost; gui- tar; w.f.c. Boston; Oberon; Kas- sandra; P.D. guitar; 12 2(5 66; Vt.; U. Mass. Activities: A.F.S.; Thespians; Beacon. Honors: Jeremy Ingalls Poetry Contest, Third Place. Ambition: To believe in dreams. HELEN ELIZABETH GRINNELL Interests: Summer of ’64; Win- dadin; P.S.; who; E.S.; light- bound; no certain someone; scouting; dun Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; French Club; Pep Club; Flicker. Ambition: To see and under- stand the world. PAULA GULUZIAN Interests: t.c.; 11 25 66; Feb- ruary vacation; pistols; guns, and cannons; 3 8 70; g.c.; the beast. Activities: French Club; Flicker. Honors: National Honor So- ciety. Ambition: To develope my po- tential as fully as possible. PAUL J. HALLORAN Halite Interests: Pam; bikes; ’61 Ram- bler; 6 16 67; bo-ing; drive in; Chevy’s for go; drag racing; Peachie; Harold the Gyrine; M.M.; Camaro’s; wild ride to Lynn; Red Wings. Activities: Football; Basketball; Baseball. Ambition: To be what I want to be — a success, and make up for all I have done and will do — right or wrong, now and then. BRIAN HAMILTON Horrible Interests: Anything to do with art; painting; movies; BSA; " HOOO”. Ambition: To be a success in my own eyes, to make my par- ents proud of me. MICHAEL T. HANLON Mike Interests: Oct. 1, ' 67; Her; Ec- static Attic; buttons; parking cars; B.B.; Medford; Frank Street, Burlington; Gloria and Mr. R., Rockport. Mr. Karcher will never think of looking for us here. CHRISTINE GROVER Chris Interests: Russia; ask Chi; se- crets; Gannetts; D.H.; dancing; W.E.C.; tears; boxtops; snow; happiness; C.M. Activities: Student Secretary. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To go through life with a smile. ( )offeae 7) oar a Examinations. KAREN JANE HILDONEN Interests: D.J.; Conomo Point; ask Janet; queer pony cart rides; P.S.; 12 8 64; buddies with Murph; Volkswagens. Activities: Girls ' Drill Team; Drill Spectacular; Pep Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Junior Usherette; Thespians; Spanish Club; Flash; Basketball. Honors: Squad Leader. Ambition: To live, love, and be loved. WILLIAM A. HILSHEY Bill Interests: D.J.; skiing; back- seats; Rocky shores; Horseback riding; Lex; ask S.M.; square; people; Rockport. Activities: Flicker; Gloucester Grenadiers; Prize Squad. Honors: Junior Rotarian; Na- tional Honor Society, President; Sawyer Medal; Commander of C-Company; 1st Place Ft. Dev- a ns; Biology Book Award. Ambition: To live to the fullest while being myself. SALLY HINES Sal Interests: BOYS; The Happen- ing; all those tears; That Place; ask Barb; Ask Linda; Linda’s car; " Group”; days off? parties; Quit it; Boston. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To have fun, travel, and make something of myself. JEANNE MARIE HAYES Interests: " The shadow of your smile”; Dikes; May 20; Sam- Ann’s; talks with Fran; Rook; Andover; kids. Activities: Biology Club; Sail- ing Club; Homeroom Rep- resentative; M.Y.F. Ambition: To make someone " very happy forever.” ALBERT HOWARD HEMMER JR. Butch, Flaymar, Haym Interests: Hockey; bein ' silly; The Big Chase; Captain; $74; Haunted House; Newburyport vs. Gloucester. Activities: Hockey Team. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To live for tomorrow by the way of today. CAROL HEDETNIEM1 Interests: The barn; Black- smiths; Cloudy; Moose; THE KID; P. W.; summer ' 67; Rock- port; those horseshows; that night; V.W. ' s go; The Drive- In. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To find a goal in life and to fulfill it. Is he cooking soup or planning to blow up the school? MICHAEL W. HOBBS Weasel Interests: Sports; football 31; locker room laughs, F troop; playing pool; golfing with Skip and Sal; hamburgers; Red Sox; Yaz. Activities: Football; Base- ball. Ambition: Success and hap- piness. DONALD JOSEPH JOHNSON Don Interests: Cheryle; Mus- tangs; " My Ginny”; drags; Liberty Street. Activities: Carpentry Shop. Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy, and wise, and to make someone besides my- self happy. As the fio icfciij CATHERINE ANN HOWARD Turnip Interests: B day; Montreal midgets; Bikes; Akerleys Ranch ouasamotos; chicken wing fes tival; melons; Little Caesar prude scene, fire alarm. Honors: Typing Awards. Activities: Biology Club. Ambition: Vivre. EDWARD P. HUBBARD Eddie Interests: PUD; summer of ' 67; July 3rd; football; hockey; sports; Red Sox; Yaz. Activities: Squad Leader; Foot- ball. Ambition: To make my life worth living, and to marry that certain someone. JOHN J HUDDER Jack, J. J. Interests: Chess; Bowser; big yellow trucks; 10 3 67; hob- bits, bookroom; Peanuts; money; reading. Activities: Chess Club; A.F.S.; Math League; Flicker. Honors: Chess Club President; Ingalls Poetry Award. Ambition: To live a life without strong misgivings. season approac. ' An es , NANCY PAIGE HOLMES Herb Interests: S.B.S.; yellow; Cape Pond; 6 22 66; swings; " Till Then”; Cranes; remember when; " I know it”; someday; 1. Honors: Junior Usherette; Girls ' Drill Team Spectac- ular. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Basketball; Pep Club; Flicker; Nurse’s As- sistant. Ambition: To walk through life with a tear in my eye for days past and a smile on my lips for those to come. CONSTANCE HOWARD Connie Interests: Sisters; Andrews; ask the gang about Norma; New Year’s Eve; 2 12 68; Beverly; 10 3 67; the cellar. Ambition: To reach my ultimate goal. KENNETH A. HUBBARD Ken, Hen Interests: Girls; sports; Red Sox; Yaz; ' 58 Ford; West Glou- cester; Dykes (Band); nights (ask the fellows). Activities: Squad Leader; Gren- adiers; Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To succeed and make my mother and father proud of me. ANN MARIE JEAN Ann Interests: That certain someone; skiing; 206 ask Jim; Bumpy; B.G.; summer of ’65; the shack; U.N.H.; Wildcat G.N.H. Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: To suc ceed in what- ever I attempt and make my parents proud of me. SHARON ANN ILGES Shar Interests: Danny 143; 10 26 65; first bridge; our car; TAB; charms; sweet talk; long walks; canoeing; parties. Honors: Shorthand and Typing Awards. Ambition: To find happi- ness with him. 48 cue eayer ij await oar C )hristmas ROBERT P. JORDAN Bob Interests: West Gloucester; the group; the gang; most sports Ambition To succeed in whatever I try and to make my parents proud of me. ELLEN RUTH JUSTICE Interests: Dance; Boston Conservatory; Chopin; Art in the Theatre; Mt. Au- burn St. -Harvard Sq; THE ART OF LOVING. Activities: National Thes- pian; Beacon; Girls’ Lead- ers Club; A.F.S.; Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To choreograph my life into an endless dance of joy and signifi- cance. JO- ANN KIMMENCE Interests: Sandy; Little blue corvair; Summer of " 66 " ; SFP; GHB; Ramb- ler vs. Comet; that: winter walk; ask Terry; Betty’s; those Stripes; Calif.; that Room; Homeroom. Ambition: To be myself. RONALD E. JOHNSON Ron Interests: " 5” Chevy; West Gloucester; Dikes; Girls; The Gang; Drive-in. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to succeed in life. JENNIFER A. KITE jenny Interests: Impressionism Dramatics; Black V.W.’s; 110’s, 210’s, Tennis; Fris- bee. Activities: Thespians, Bea- con Art Staff. Ambition: To enter into the " land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas.” MARY ANN JOSEPH Mear Interests: We Five; V.C.; " Frenzy”; Apt 10; Clar- ence — ; beaches; Joseph ' s cem; R’os old; nothing- ness; Really! Activities: Spanish Club; Biology Club; Flicker; C.Y.O.; Pep Club; Thes- pians. Ambition: To commun- icate and then to help. WILLIAM E. KESTERSON Bill Interests: Cycles; Girls; money; F.N.S.; K.R.; The Shack; 304; Rockport; R.A.A.; B.S.N.; C.B.; 160. Activities: Stage Crew; Service Club; Corridor Proctor. Honors: 1st Place Prize Squad; Vice-President Stage Crew. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I do, and make my parents proud of me. NANCY LEILANI KINNER Interests: D.T.Y.M.!; Greek Cypriots; Sugar- shack and Goon Platoon; Genesis 8:17; Sacre Bleu! Activities: Orchestra; Sec- retary, Treasurer; Beta Beta Biology Club; Girls ' Leaders’ Club; Softball Team; Varsity Basketball Team; Main Office Assist- ant; Flicker Advertising Staff; National Honor So- ciety. Honors: National Honor Society; DAR History A- ward. Type Awards. Ambition: To leave foot- steps in the sands of His- tory. WALTER JOHN JOHNSON, JR. Wall Interests: BONNIE; 59 Ford; U.S.N.R.; Crane’s Beach; Canobie Lake; 7 26 66; " Ma’s”; " Be- cause”; New Hampshire; Demolay. Activities: Cross Country; Prize Squad. Honors: 1st Place Prize Squad, H Company. Ambition: To be twenty times smarter in twenty years. DANA MICHAEL KNOWLTON Interests: Hockey; Habs D.B.; Snatch Blana; Pool; 13909 Flags; Signs; C’mon Paul; Lynn Arena; Un- believable; UFO ' s. Activities: Hockey; Lead- ers’ Club; Soccer. Honors: Hockey Co-Cap- tain. Ambition: To find a sub- stitute for my utopia when condition prevents its exist- ence. 49 ffe ex cite m en of tne 7 )acation. They’ve put on a happy face. STEPHEN LANE Steve Interests: Basketball; Tech; B.F.G.; Girls; Navy? Passing Military Science; Red Chevy’s Go; S S; Flat tires; Mor- gen Memorial on ice EGGS. Honors: Grenadiers; Staff Sergeant; H Company Commander; 1st Place Fort Devens Drill. Ambition: To reach my highest goal. DENISE LINDA LATHAM Interests: DEN; summers; Hey Gail! Physched; The Gang; Blue Chevy II; Dances; Con- nors; Pardon? 10 21 66; Boots; Friday nights. Activities: Student Secretary. Honors: Shorthand and Type Awards. Ambition: To put a smile on the face of one who is sad- dened. SCOTT R. LAURIE Interests: Rose; Skating; bikes; Having fun in school. Ambition: To make my life worth living. JO-ANN LEAVITT Interests: KEN; Summer 66, Yacht Club; dances; beach; The Rook; Night in Essex; Hog; " out tree”; C block; drive-in; Nat ' s parties; The Head, Doubl- ing; V.F.; are great Milignia — chaperone ’67. Ambition: To fulfill my every ambition. RICHARD LESTER Rick Interest: " 63 " Chevy; Honda; NYC; Stranded; B-Town Sum- mertime; P.B.; W.S., Soul . . . Ambition: To keep my light burning and do the best in everything I attempt. KENNETH SCOTT LANE Interests: Football; hog-wild; half times; the gym; Nicks; The Rook; Getting psyched. Honors: Platoon Leader. Ambition: To get as much as I can in life. ROBERT BARRETT LANE Bobby Interests: Print shop; Rambler; Baseball; softball; Girls — no certain one. Activities: Benjamin Franklin Club, Vice-President. Honors: Corporal; B Company Guidon; Ambition: To make my mother proud of me and to go to college. winter sports is partially COLLETTE JOYCE Leveille Interests: " TOMMY " ; 6 10 66; Herman Gladys; Valiant; Bel- vedere; Honda rides; talks, G.H.S. parties; Jah ! ; tears; Fairlane; Rainbow. Gym — ask JoAnn and Denise. Honors: Typing Awards; Short- hand Awards. Ambition: To reme mber the past, reach for the future, and smile always. JACQUELINE ANN LEVIE Jackie Interests: BONE; " 64”; V.C.; HUH?; the Renault Vespa; " Middle Name ' s Grace!”; A can and a half. Activities: Biology Club; Pep Club; Superlative Committee — Flicker. Ambition: To be graceful ! MARY FATIMA LIMA FiFi Interests: Munchkin — (J.M.); White Tales; Guitar; 6 3 66— ask Grace; WE FOUR; Huh!; Someday ? Activities: Honor Business Club; Student Secretary; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Type and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To accept life as THE challenge; to make my parents proud of me. LEWIS LINQUATA Louie Interests: Joe Monte’s; West End; Dirty Dozen; and especial- ly Paula. Honors: Commander of Prize Squad in 1%7; First Sergeant. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me, and to succeed in whatever I choose in life. RUTH M. LINSCOTT 1 Voosie, Wuzie Interests: DOUG; MacDon- ald ' s; The Rook; Talks with Barb Laurene; Go Red Sox; Fishing; Fights with Doug-the- Bug. Ambition: To be happy. JANET L. LINSKY Jan, Linsk Interests: A.G.H.; D.T.Y.M.; Some- one; ' 56 Chevy; Rainbow, ask Nancy. Activities: U.SY.; Stage Crew; Honor Business Club; American Legion Aux- iliary Juniors, Flash; Flicker. Honors: Typewriting Shorthand Awards; Girls ' State; National Honor Society. Ambition: To obtain the best from life. MARK S. LINSKY Interests: Number one; Sats; Shell’s Mikes friends; F.N.S.; St. Louis N.Y.C.; Bobby ' s pool; Rt. 114; N.G.; Blue convertible; Rick’s Truck; Book- room. Activities: Mass. Math League; Flash; Flicker; Band; Beacon; French Club, N.H.S.; Beta Beta Biology; U.S.Y. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Band Comman- der; Flash Editor; N.H.S. Treas.; N.M.S. Program Letter of Commenda- tion Junior Rotarian; Mass. Math Lea- gue Certificate of Honor. Ambition: To step ahead, while remain- ing part. Ho! Ho! Ho! and a bottle of rum. cfr i owneo o ut midyears Face-making II NORMAN MARC LINSKY Interests: dreck; Waterfords; Map; Anarchy; Ethnomusicol- ogy; Mad Chessman; Translen- dental Materialism; Qwertyuiop. Activities: Flash; Camera Club; Biology Club. Ambition: To read the Great American Novel. TOM LIVINGSTON Doc Interests: 101 Club; Females; Groovland Drags; Building a rod sometime in the future. Ambition: To get to the West Coast; to be a heavy equipment operator. SALVATORE LOGRASSO Sal Interests: Leman’s; Beverly, Mass.; money sportscar. Honors: H Company platoon Sregeant. Ambition: To attend Andover Institute and make my parents proud of me. PETER ALLAN LINSKY Pete Interests: cars, the Sea, Model A ' s; communion; B; B-f-B; Hertz, the Neck, the Estate; wide tracks. Activities: R.O.T.C. Rifle Team; Drawing Club. Ambition: Only the Shadow knows. ELLEN DIANE LLOYD Interests: Yellow Mustangs; " Ma Petite Soeur”; Good Har- bor Beach; Homeroom; Span- ish; " Mogefateric”. Activities: Spanish Club, Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To become educated and make the most out of life. NINA LOIACANO Interests: Summer ”67”; Boule- vard Chinaland; weekends; doubling; oh ya; MAC’S; Bon- nevilles, those parties. Activities: Honor Business Club Treasurer; Beta Beta Biology Club; Student Secretary; 1st Floormaster’s Assistant; 3rd Floor Corridor Proctor. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To make today’s dreams tomorrow’s future; to make my parents proud of me. ano coffeae Soarcfs in January. SEBASTIAN JOSEPH I.OVASCO Buddy Interests-. The gang; Maria ' s pizza; Being quick; Baseball; Football; ' 68 summer in Det- roit. Ambition: To further my educa- tion; to succeed in everything I attempt. DONALD H. LOWE Interests: M.P.L.; Hogwild; Lockeroom; Halftime; L. B.; those parties; 15; Summer hockey; 2-1; 4:30 AM. Activities: Football, Hockey. Honors: Co-Captain, Football ' 67; All-Star 66-67 Hockey Team; R.O.T.C. M.P. Ambition: To be something some how. DEBORAH LUCAS Deb Interests: Water and Rocks; E.S.; Scouting; - Q; Camping; Lynn Arena; Wrecking; I say . . . ; Forgetting; Co-ordination. Activities: French Club; Bea- con; Beta Beta Biology; Flick- er; Spanish Club; Flash; A.F.S. Ambition: To put on a happy face. ARTHUR R. LUFKIN JR. Buddy Interests: Weekends; Movies; MacDonald’s; Karate; Bever- ages. Activities: Benjamin Fra nklin Club; R.O.T.C. Band. Ambition-. To make my parents proud of me; to have the best future in view. GAYLE LUST Interests: Stones; art; life; real- ity; Getting out of this school. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Thespians. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To know, the esteem, to love, and then to part. JACQUELINE McCARTHY Jackie Interests: IVES; 7 30 66; R.P.D.; A.T.D.; Messages; Sam 24; 34; Don’t get — silly!; The apartment; License!; My sister; R.R.; Cheers; 12 29 66; Hamilton Ipswich; Foot on light; Town Hill; You ' ll be busy !; Sandy’s. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To see him in Sep- tember. KATHLEEN McCORMACK Kathy Interests: Beach; the Neck; lbs.; Get psyched; laffs; the Castle; Little White Lies; dd times; dancing; M.L.W.; Seven; " My Girl”. Activities: Spanish Club; Biol- ogy Club; Girls Leaders’ Club. Ambition: To understand through my own experiences. CAROLE SUSAN MACDONALD Sue, Shorty Interests: B.B.; B.C.; B.H.; Foot- ball; Liver; FUN?; 22 12 22. Activities: Flash. Ambition: To walk in a field of clover barefoot without get- ting stung by a bee. DONA McDOUGALL Don Interests: WAYNE; Friday nights; Happiness; Tears; Talks; That special day; May ' 65. Activities: Sailing Club; Girls’ Leaders Club. Ambition: To reach that pre- cious goal and handle it with care. WILLIAM W. MACFEELEY Bill Interests: Sports; 59 Hillman; Hogwild; SKN.; 102m; Harry ' s Zoo II, III, IV; Halftime talks; Dome; Good times. Activities: Football, Baseball; Boys Leader’s Club; Drafting Club. Honors: Platoon Sergeant. Ambition: To expand on my thoughts and to build on my dreams. After Jiao in cj recouere rom MARIE MACNAIR Interests: The gang; parties; mache cosa e; bowling; clams; pizza; Tony C.; riding around; dancing; CYO. Activities: Flicker, Flash, Stu- dent Secretary. Flonors: Type I, Type II. Ambition: To make my father and family proud of me. LAWRENCE E. MACINTOSH Larry, capl. Mac. Interests: All night ones; Mac Mobilas; " Dixie Belle;’’ Depco nights; Caught; Mac’s 69; Hondo; 101. Activities: German Club, Auto Club; Biology Club. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; to be like my father in every way. JANET ANNE MACKENZIE Jan Interests: TOM; That day in Boston; ask Tom; Mr. B’s thunder queer pony cart rides; ask Karen; 60; Summer ' 67. Flonors: Drill Spectacular; Jun- ior Usherette; Shorthand Award Ambition: To become a success- ful teacher and to always stay with him. ALAN MCRAE Al Interests: Trumpet; Organ; Girls; Navy; Teachers Col- lege; little red " 58 " triumphs. Activities: Band R.O.T.C.; Spanish Club. Ambition: To please my par- ents; to do everything at least once. Keep your eyes on your paper, Martha. WILLIAM J. MCRAE Will Interests: CHRIS! Red 1; V.D.K.; THHHHSSSSS ! BIKES; 305 Scrambler; THE ROOK; FEBRUARY; MAN- CHESTER. Activities: Band, R.O.T.C. Honors: Staff Sergeant; Pla- toon Leader, G Company. Ambition: To be happy in whatever I do through life. JOHN MALETSKOS Interests: Art; Drawing. Ambition: " I don ' t know " ALLAN D. MAKI Chico Interests: " HOGWILD”-, Foot- ball; Lifting; Woves; Wickey’s Shacks; Walkers; " The Bull;” Drive-ins; Rockport; Hurrie’s Class; 3 sh’s ask Tim Cheavies; Girls Drill Team. Activities: Machine Drafting Club; Football. Honors: Band letter, Platoon Sergeant. Ambition: To face life as it is, and succeed in it. MARY ELIZABETH MARCHANT Mem Interests: African jeep safaries; cherries; Pluribus; skol; mass hypnosis barefeet; crazy? Whoops! Kaleidoscopic; Budd- ha; Toulaus — Lautrac; apres. Honors: AFS President; Junior Usherette; National Thespian Society. Ambition: To find my white rabbit. MARTHA MAXFIELD Interests: P.C.T.Y.M.; Friends; Africa; Charlie Brown; Tra- vel; Crane’s; S.A.; understand- ing me; sports; B.C.; C.Y.O. Activities: Spanish Club; Bea- con Literary Committee; Biol- ogy Club; Floormasters As- sistant. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To greet every chal- lenge with enthusiasm and courage. secon J ter V 2 mar LINDA ANN MARTIN Lynne Interests: Nova Scotia; 7 14 66; THE KID; New Years Eve ’67; New York Weekend; Rockport; PEOPLE; St. Ann’s CYO. Honors: National Honor So- ciety; Winner, CHS Science Fair, Regional Science Fair. Activities: Thespian; AFS; Flash; Beacon, Beta, Beta; Biol- ogy Club; Seventeen Fashion Board; Guidance Office. Ambition: To know Him, love Him, and serve Him. JOHN MATTSON Jungle Pig Interests: Sports. Ambition: To Graduate; to Hit. What do you mean by hanky-panky Mr. Karcher? ROBERT S. MELANSON Bob Interests: Girls; " The Jagged Edge,” Endicott, Creeds; " One More Time”, ask Cher; Poug- ged in and Green Light; ask Chuck; S.O.M.F. Honors: Platoon Sergeant. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to make new friends. DIANE MERCHANT Di Interests: That night; Summer of ’66 Friday Nights!! The Darkroom Parties? Long Beach; CYO; Good-Harbor; Those long walks; Skiing Trips. Activities: Girls Drill Team; Stage Crew. Ambition: To be happy through- out life. ROBERT MERCHANT Bob Interests: Yoga, chess, pardpsy- cholong and study of nature. Honors: Vice-President chess club. Ambition: Peace and happiness. DONALD S. MEUSE Don Interests ' . M.A.; Great Art; Bos- ton; Chopin; The little people; esoteric knowledge; BELCH: NAVEL; Walkers Wet Sand; Webster’s unabridge; 18th Cen- tury English Houses. Activities: Band; Thespians; Stage Crew; Flash Ambition: To present the world of creativity to this world of mechanization. CATHERINE MAZZEO Interests: SURFING; Long Beach; Ask Jan; cc; Roast Beef; " 8”; Summers of 66 and 67; Ask Sue. Activities: Student Secretary; Girls’ Basketball Team. Honors: 1st. and 2nd Place Typing Awards. Ambition: To be a successful Secretary. THOMAS EDWARD MIDDLETON Rigger, Tom Interests: Basketball, FMW, Bos- ton Garden, 13909, Mono, Snap- pers, Big O, Sauna ' s. Honors: Vice-President, President, Captain of Basketball Team, Com- mander of E Company, Northeast- ern Conference All-Star Team, Tech-Tourney Basketball Team. Ambition: To fulfill my father’s wishes. STEPHEN MITCHELL Steve Interests: Golf, baseball, Go Red- sox! Yaz, Seagull, boobtube, I doubt it, B.F.D., Sanbarf, CYO. Activities: Freshman Football, base- ball. Honors: Squad Leader, ROTC. Ambition: To be a success in life and always be happy GREGORY CHRISTOPHER MONDELLO Greg Interests: " Judy”, July 23, 1965, 1965 Pontiac GTO 316, RM 308, B.F.G., Drags, Stop Shop, C Block, Study, Summer of 1967. Honors: Vice-president of the " De- signers Draftsmans Society. Ambition: To join the navy, To be a Draftsman. Ambition: To present the world of creativity to this world of mechan- ization. NORMAN MOORE Norm Interests: Girls, Mug ups, Baseball Salah’s Market. Ambition: To be successful in life, and make my parents proud of me. JOHN W. MORASH Interests: F. L. MERCS, Getting Psyched, 6 3 67, Mug-Up, Some- day ?, Huh ! Activities: Shops, Carpentry. Ambition: To get through to a cer- tain someone (F.L.) and to find success. To be happy with life as it is. EILEEN MITCHELL Mitch, Leensie Interests: " OHie”, " 67” Chevy, Drags-Epping, Skating, McDon- ald’s, ask Gail, " 1962”, Ask Cheryl Hondas, Nov. 2, Souther Road, " fooling around”, ask Val. Activities: ' Student Secretary. Honors: Type awards I, II, Short- hand Award. Ambition: To live a long and happy life; to be able to fulfill my only dream. EUGENE PETER MONDELLO Interests: " Roberta”, International Dory Racing, Surfing Braces Cove during the winter, Playing my folk guitar and reading Surfer Maga- zines. Activities: Sea Scouts. JOSEPH MONDELLO Joe Interests: LEA, 55 Chevy, Paul’s Chopper Jack’s 55, Goin’ mach- ines, The Gang. Ambition: To be a success and make my parents proud of me. ROBERT MOORE Bob Interests: DOTTY, Cars, Guitars, Football Baseball. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt. ( ROBERT M. MOREY, JR. Interests: CLAIRE, Chevy’s, Fri- day nights, " 54” Merc, Carpentry, (Mug-Ups), The STEPS, ask N.M., Sat., Ask F.B. Ambition: To " build” my own house, have a good family and keep my parent’s happy. 56 " each for Jebruanj vacation. FREDERICK MORGAN Bumble Bee Interests: Vicki; cars; sports; car- pentry; 311; shop; Sawyer’s Craw. Ambition: To become, a success: To make my parents proud of me. MARCIA L. MORRISSEY Moose Interests: Horses, Football, Hockey, Mokimy, menehune, " Se- crets, sir!” Activities: Leaders Club, Pep Club, Flicker. Ambition: To sail a ship guided by Mano, to Paradise. JOHN E. MOSES Moe; Holy; Jonny Interests: Cindy; cars; Chevys don’t burn; Roomer’s. Activities: Freshmen Football. Honors: Squad Leader. Ambition: To join the Coast Guard; Open my own garage and make a certain girl happy. JOHN MOULTON Shades Interests: The ’53 Chevy, 3rd. FI. supplyroom and the mob, music, V.C.’s place, Kathy and Gazorp, beverages . . . and F Blk. Alg. Activities: Demolay, Tennis, Skating, Hunting. Ambition: To accomplish my goals in music and satisfy others. ROBERT MUISE C. B. Interests: Bowling, Baseball, S.O.M.F., SML, Honda 160, Endicott College, Nick’s Pool- room; HOGW1LD. Ambition: To become success- ful in life. Next year’s All-State Guard. JOY MUISE Interests: HOPPY — s.s., that night, under the bed, Who? ask him, Myopia, the park, those talks, R.R. Jacki Knows! 12 2 66, " My Sisters,” smile Activities: Cheerleader, Drill Team, Biology Club, Basketball Team. Ambition: To make my mother up above proud of me, and always smile ! BARBARA MUNROE Barb Interests: P. J.; " That Place”; Rook; that friendly psychiatrist; The Happening; ask Sal; Bos- ton; that car, ask Linda; White Beach, ask Sheila; Those days off?; B.S.N.; sneaks up behind you?; long hair. Honors: Type Awards. Ambition: To travel; to make something of my life. ■m ( Upon returning from vacation, WAYNE P. MUNROE Interests: baseball; hockey; golf; room 311; mug-up 9:30; front hall; 1 1 67 (Chink). Activities: Freshman Football; J.V. Baseball; Rifle Team. Honors: 2nd Place Individual Drill 1st Lieutenant. Ambition: To play pro baseball; to fur- ther my education in architectural draw- ing, and make my parents proud of me in what ever I do. Don’t I even get bread and water? SANDRA JOYCE MURPHY Sandy, Murph Interests: 9 23 65 . . . 53, strops; gym; monkey feet; B.S.M. — 10 cars; on bankings; Sgt’s party ' 67; " millions”; team ’67; " cabby”. Activities: Girls ' Drill Team; Girls’ Bas- ketball; Softball; Volleyball; Pep Club; Leader’s Club; Office Assistant; Span- ish Club; Student Council. Honors: Cpl.; Staff Sgt.; Spectacular; Shorthand Award; Junior-Senior Class Representative; Co-Captain Basketball. Ambition: To be — and never less. WILLIAM H. MURPHY Murph, Muffins, Bill Interests: EVIE; Football; Hockey; The rock; Fun with Dennis Amen; that FORD; Summer " 66”; VW ' s Don’t Go ! DeMolay. Honors: R.O.T.C. Grenadiers; First Sergeant. Ambition: To live and be happy. PETER E. NATTI Pete, Tapeworm Interests: ad.; ’40 Ford coupe Outward Bound; Crane’s Beach; Lanesville; M-B; Tuesday’s 2 4 67; skiing; Bitoa; blitz; California; 3 day solo. Activities: Football; Basketball; Track; Leader ' s Club; R.O.T.C. Honors: Junior Rotarian; Com- pany Commander; Co-Captain Track Team; 4 year Letterman; Johnson Johnson’s Tape Award. Ambition: To serve, to strive, and not to yield. DONNA MURRAY Interests: Rob; 63 Bonneville; those parties; ask Led; C.C. ask Sue; Nov. 5, 65; Honda 160; Scrambling. Honors: Type I Award. Ambition : To live a long and happy life, to fulfill my only dream. CATHERINE NEAL Cathie , H.B., Blonde Interests: GeeTee! " 63 Dart”; " Endless Summer”; Mmmm- yeahl; Growl!; My Guys; Pur-r-r! Guitar; 6 10 67. Activities: Thespians; Student Secretary; AFS. Honors: Type Awards; Short- hand Awards. Ambition: To make someone happy by being myself. JAN NELSON Interests: Surfing; ask Cathy; 8; Fights and Fun; Pasta; Long Beach; C.C.; Zac and Velz; too many questions; just riding around. Activities: Biology Club; Sail- ing Club. Ambition: Happiness. ROBERT G. NELSON Fryer Tuck, Bob Interests: G.I.I.; It doesn’t mat- ter; Rascals; Post; Fur Cape; Essex Man; roll it; that certain anybody. Activities: Biology Club; Soccer. Honors: Color Guard. Ambition: To establish a suc- cessful life. A settle oocvn seniors DOMINIC A. NICASTRO Donnie Interests: The corner; Joe Monte; Seining; Season; Teach; billiards; Cathy F. Activities: Fisheries Shop Club. Ambition: To make my mother and father happy and proud of me. JACQUELINE MARTHA NICKERSON Jacquie, ]ac Interests: Lana, Boo; Those par- ties — ask Kathy and Nat; " Our Tree " ; 56; rumors; flats; Niks; " To Sir With Love”; Probably not; " • ' What ' s That?” Activities: Flicker Staff. Honors: Type Awards; Short- hand Awards. Ambition: To accept the things I cannot change. RICHARD JAMES NOBLE D no, Slick Interests: The Sons of Liberty; Ludwig drums; Boots, Girls; Joseph’s Corner; Long hair; The Silohette Club, Handsome. Ambition: To succeed. DOMINIC NOVELLO Dorn, Don Interests: Summer of ' 67?; deals; 11 7 67; ... I hope; Pepsi; laughs with Phil, wa cu . . . !; B.F. much?; wit you!, Hockey games?; Braces!; tea or what!; Me too; ' TO years.” Honors: Junior Squad Leader; Second place prize drill; G- Company. Ambition: To go through life with success and happiness, and to remember to always wear a big smile. SANDRA J. NOBLE Sange, Nibbs Interests: Kassandra; guitar; Baez; Summer of ' 67; Camp much?; he; me?; psyched?; Gone the Rainbow; Really??; Took for a loop ! ! Activities: Girls Drill Team; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Girls Drill Team Spec- tacular; Corporal. Ambition: To make a molehill out of a mountain. PETER NOVELLO Fete Interests: " Red Sox”; Math; " The Yamaha”; 8; the Strat League. Activities: Spanish Club. Ambition: To do the best I possibly can in the field of engineering. ROBIN S. OAKES Robs Interests: O.S.; Frigus Unus; Talks . . . Cheering; Shifting’s; Buddies; twins?!; Frogs; Strops; Cars on bankings? Activities: Cheerleader; Biology Club; Honors: Head Cheerleader. Ambition: To laugh and try again if I fail. JOHN WILLIAM OBERLING Johnny, Stretch, Obie Interests: YONKERS; Ridin’ around; Schone Madchens.; Good times; win- ter, 1967; Rook; Labor Day; N.Y.C.; Whoopee, Ha, Ha! Activities: DOTC Band. Honors: Drum Major, 1st Sergeant; Band letter. Ambition: To play " Adventures in Paradise” and get away with it. From the village we’ll walk up Fifth Avenue to . . . for ifie as t u ' ee months RICHARD JAMES O ' BRIEN MAUREEN O ' BRIEN Keen Interest: STEVE; Starfire; U.F.; 10 29 65; CEM; U.C.; We Five; Joseph ' s. Activities: Rifle Team; Girls’ Chorus; Homeroom Representative; Biology Club; Flicker. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To make some- one above proud of me; to make one wish come true. PAMELA O ' NEILL Aleman Interests: Paul; ride to Lynn; Bonk, 6 15 67; Drive-In; Hal- linuts; flowers; Ask Turnip; good times, bad times. Activities: Student Secretary; Service Club. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I may attempt. I ANTHONY W. PALAZOLA Activities: Jr. League Baseball K. of C. Interests: baseball; basketball; football; " 67 Red Sox”, Dod- gers of Koufax era. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I attempt. MARIA REGINA PARCO Regie Interests: A.C.; woopie-ding; Wingasheak Beach; 14; St. P.; V.W.; talks; JB MJ; comets?; July 6; telephone poles; DUH1; G. House; Mungl; Saxon Girl. Activities: Pep Club; AFS; Jun- ior Volunteer; Beacon; Flick- er; St. Peter’s Drama Club. Honors: Typing Awards; Stu- dent Secretary. Ambition: To walk straight and wear a smile. DOMINIC T. PARISI Doni Interests: Keep the ones I love happy; mostly CHEVYS, West End, and SUE. Ambition: To be someone that people will notice. To be happy. MARGARET MARY ORLANDO Interests: TALKING; friend- ship; YMCA; The little things that count; summer of ' 67; cute or what; C.C. Villa; Tele- phones; 301; C.Y.O. Ambition: To follow my guild- ed star, and to make my parents proud of me. ANN MARIE PALAZZOLA Popcycle Interests: R.J.P.; 7 17,67; Rock- port; T.H.O.; How can I be sure?; Monkey’s; pickles; Red Sox Fan; ask Cath; " You ' re out of sight!” Activities: Flicker; Rifle team; Girls ' Drill Team; Supply Room Assistant. Honors: Spectacular Drill. Ambition: To see the world at peace and our boys home for good. COSMO D. PARISI Interests: Grace; West End; 62 Chevy; Art Black Blue; Dev- esta tor 1 ; Activities: Fisheries Shop Club. Honors: Sergeant; Quartermas- ter. Ambition: To accomplish my goal in my own way so my parents will be proud of me. Dick; OB Interests: HOGW1LD; Laffs, Halftime talks; cry- ing time; RINK; Locker room talks; EMO; 327 Chevy II; Drags; Red- wings; Blackwings; Girl- watching. Activities: Football; Prize Squad; Haskell Drill. Honors: Major of opera- tions. Ambition: To find out what I am best qualified for and make the most out of life. GLEN MICHAEL PARISI Interests: GTO’s; 4-speeds; football; hockey; skiing; water sports; The Point; Apple; St. Rt. 127A; Sce- nic tours. Ambition: To be successful at whatever I attempt. 60 before the GRACE ANN PARISI Interests: Biggie- Boo !; Blue Mercedes, those flat tires, " My Lifeguard”; Calif. ’65; SAB; Europe ' 66; Andrew’s Corner; Opps, the cops ! Honors: Type Awards. Activities: Pep Club, Beta Beta Biology Club, Stu- dent Secretary, Orchestra. Ambition: To understand life. MICHAEL PARISIEN Bah Interests: Music; sports; cars; girls; " Dome”; spot; " rink”. Activities: St. Ann’s Band, CYO. Honors: Platoon Sgt. Ambition: To make others like me and to make my relatives proud of me. DEBORAH WILEY PATTESON Debs; Bows; Nosatap Interests: Swob; summers; ban- anas; tour of Boston; crazy de- signs; Sweety; B.C.B.; Chick- en?!; help; " little J.” Tomb- stone Territory; monkeys; hockey games (S.J. vs G.H.S.) Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Basketball Team; Floormaster’s Secretary. Honors: Junior Usherette; Shorthand Award; Typing A- ward; Spectacular Drill. Ambition: To be helpful and empathic to my fellowmen. ROY B. PEAVEY JR. Barry Interests: Girls; printing; World Series; high school, football games. Activities: Benjamin Franklin Club. Ambition: To be a printer and to make my parents proud of me. DENNIS FRANK PENNER Pennis Denner Interests: Stamp collecting; WII II planes; H-block chemistry?!!; most sports; food; retreats. Activities: ROTC Band; Ocrhestra; Chess Club. Honors: National Honor Society. Ambition: To do the best I can in everything. culmination ELLIOT THOMAS PARKER Interests: Sports; Pseudomonas; lost bookroom keys; Australia. Activities: National Honor So- ciety; Math League; French Club; Stevens Book Reviewers; United Synagogue Youth, Presi- dent. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Biology Book Prize; French II and III Book Prize; Harvard Book Prize; Superior Junior Cadet Awards; David W. Bowan Award; Storekeeper Donald F. Smith Award; Flash co-editor; Flicker co-editor; Cadet Colonel; Delegate to 1967 Boys State; National Merit Scholarship Let- ter of Commendation; Junior Rotarian. Ambition: To do the uncom- mon thing uncommonly well. WAYNE PASTAGAL Interests: Baseball, Football, Hockey, girls. Ambition: To continue in book- keeping or to attend business school. MARTHA PEINADO Maria Interests: Dancing; Life!; sports; music; art; drawing; horses; swimming; skiing; DIS- COTHEQUES!; DGTYM; CAR- NIVAL ’67; motorcycles; camp- ing; hike. Activities: AFS; Spanish Club; Girl Scouts. Honors: AFS student. Ambition: To fulfill my plans. SALVATORE PARISI Sal Interests: airplanes; cars; One girl; money; Camp- ing; books. Ambition: To have a good home, money, and happi- ness. PETER FRANCIS PERRIGO Interests: Skiing; Harts; Cannon Mt.; Racing; The Point; boats; Manchester; Building wild cars; Driv- ing; C block study; Hat- ing tomatoes. Activities: ROTC band. Ambition: To travel until I find what I want to do most. 61 of their hiyh school years. Isn’t that touching ! KENNETH PERRIN Ken Interests: cars, sports, YMCA. Activities: Freshman Football, Spanish Club. Ambition: To complete a four year technical school and be- come a successful engineer. ROBERT SCOTT PIERCE Bob , Rab Interests: S. and E.; summer; complaining; observing; his- tory; D-Block stuey; B. T., and D.; transportation; H. R. Activities: Thespians; Chess Club. Honors: Biology Club Book Prize. Ambition: To constantly dis- cover. ROSANNE MARY PISCITELLO Interests: Dancing; ' 62 Chevy; HONEY; Char- Ami; The beaches and everyplace else; the gang; CYO. Activities: Flicker Advertising Committee. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. SUE ANN PERRINE Interests: The Boulevard; sum- mer ’67; ’61? — getting psyched; Whoopee-Ding!; ’65 Chevy; Class of ' 66, Kasandras. Activities: A.F.S.; Flicker Staff; Pep Club. Ambition: To live, love, and be happy. RALPH C. PINO Interests: N.O.B.S.: Bush pat- rol; Now or later — Buddie; 401; Older but wiser; Eddie’s; N.H.; B.B.; Arnies army; you’re in good hands. Activities: Track; Grenadiers; Prize Squad; Individual; Has- kell. Honors: Lieutenant Colonel; Co-captain Track Team; Co- captain Cross Country Team; First Place Devens Drill; Jr. Prize Squad Commander. Ambition: To know and con- quer myself. VIRGINIA LUCILLE PISCITELLO Gitiny Interest: St. Ann CYO; baby- sitting D.B.K. ' 66; M.F.C.; Football, Softball; Hi Barb and Moppy. Activities: Girls’ Basketball Team; Leader’s Club; Student Secretary; HR. Representative Advertising Committee. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: Always to walk in the path of happiness. U£e remain m a non are LAWRENCE P. PISTENMAA Larry; Stingray Interests: Wickeys; Rockport; Cars; bikes; Girls; Lanes Cove; Skiing; V.W.; Hockey; G.V.S. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt and become rich. JAMES PRATT Pratty jimmy Interests: Cars, G.V.S., Joseph’s, S.S., DIRTY DOZEN, SCOPE 201 . Honors: Squad Leader. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. THOMAS W. PRENTISS Tom Interests: Cars, Drag Races, baseball, The beach parties at cranes, standing on the corner, Chevys Forever. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. PHILIP PUMA " Mr. Pooma” Interests: Bordens, " B. F.”, " Hey Bud- die,” " Now or Later,” " Older but wiser,” Flashlight, " broken bad,” " Down the Beach,” " G Block”- — 67, " instant tea”. Activities: Grenadiers Prize Squad, In- dividual Drill and Haskell Drill; G.A.A Honors: 1st Place Individual Drill, 1st Place at Fort Devens, Guidon for Gren- adiers, 2nd Place Prize Squad, 1st Lieu- tenant, Commander of Grenadiers. Ambition: To further my education and achieve all my goals in life. MICHAEL O. PUTAANSU Mike Interests: Girls; Bikes; To play the part; ask Judy; Rm 106; ask Ann or Jim; D.M.T.; Pat; Orlie; Twink; Speed; F.L.; Nothing’s for Nothing. Activities: Y.M.C.A.; I.A.F.B. Ambition: To become a hippie. To live fast, die young, and have a handsome corpse. JUDITH ANN QUINN judi Interests: Memories of July 31st Bowl- ing; Rook; California; Sept. 2, 1967, C.Y.O. Finals. Activities: St. Ann’s Senior Band; Bas- ketball Team; Library Duty. Honors: National Honor Society. Ambition: To travel and enjoy myself in foreign lands. No I haven’t got anything up my sleeve. 63 fuff of time-consuming KATHLEEN ANN QUINN Katie Interests: Where do you think? Lynn Arena; S.J.P. Ca Va? water and rocks. Activities: French Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Girl’s Leaders Club; Flicker. Ambition: Felicity in existence. RAUL I. QUIROGA Fidel Interests: G.A.A.; get psyched; ba- nana boats; Bordens. Activities: Spanish Club; Grenadi- ers. Honors: E Co. Prize Squad; G Co. Platoon Sgt. Ambition: To get my satisfaction out of life and to be successful. MARY LOU RANDAZZA Interests: Billy; daisies; yellow working (?) Ask Beth; Mr. Hoop- er ' s office. Activities: Honor Business Club; Student Secretary; Floormaster’s Secretary. Honors: National Honor Society; Mighty-Mac Book Prize; Sawyer Medal; type and shorthand awards. Ambition: To fulfill the qualifica- tions of success. EUGENE T. REDMOND Gene Interests: Rockport; Bearskin Neck; 62 Chevys; Back Beach; out of state girls. Ambition: To get out of the house when I graduate. KATHERINE RIBEIRO Little Gal Interests: Ronnie; I.H.O. ask Ann; pizza; " Europe 67”; Grand Slam; Ford; " 24”. Activities: Student Secretary; Office assistant. Honors: Typing awards. Ambition: In every phase of life, I will strive to do my best. VALERIE QUINN Interests: MIKE; White Chevy; Niles Beach; Fights; Barbs; 6 9 67; ask Cheryle; Rides to Boston; laughs! ask Linda and Dave; Baby- sitting for Sis. Activities: Student Secretary; Serv- ice Club. Ambition: To find Eternal Happi- ness. MICHAEL REMOS Mike, (Young Mike) Interests: VAL; 4 15 67; Chevys; Cubby Hole; U.S. Marines; Pines; Fights; Parties; Shops; Yard. Ambition: To make something of myself. MARGARET RAO Peggy, JET Interests: WVCA-ask the DJ; the old gang; CASTLE HILL; Jinkx’s apt.; that birthday gift! art; C.Y.O. Honors: Honor Business Club; Vice-President Beta Beta Biology Club; type and shorthand awards. Ambition: To live, love, and to be free. MARCIA ANN REED Interests: S.A.A.; 4 26 67; San Francisco 67; Hockey; Sewing; TWA; Thanksgiving 67; ask Ernie Clair. Activities: Honor Business Club; Girl’s Leaders Club; Homerqom Representative. Honors: Secretary of Honor Busi- ness Club; Type Award. Ambition: To live my life to the fullest. LOIS JANE RICH Loyce Interests; Summer much; AYC; Impressionism; turkeys; Andy War- hol sur la mur; sand and Dylan Thomas; gigantics transcendental- ism; Zooey Glass; Timshel; Plastic St. Activities: French Club; Beacon; Floormaster’s Assistant; Flicker. Ambition: To experience. 64 ■ activities as sac STEPHEN RICH Steve Interests: Sue; M.G.A.; Joseph’s Cor- ner; Sports. Honors: Commanding Officer, B Com- pany. Ambition: To be half the man my father is; and make my mother proud of me. KATHLEEN RICHARDS Kathy Interests: Larry ”66”; a certain walk home and one special Saturday night; Rifle trip to Newport, R.I.; Ask Ina. Activities: Pep Club; Rifle Team. Ambition: To know, understand, and get along with people better. DONALD G. RILEY Don, Riles Interests: BOWLING; Are you glad?; Topsy; 5 17 64; ”63” Tempest; Ask Joann; S.M.L. Ask Mike or TT; ”455”. Activities: Glee Club; A.F.S.; French Club. Honors : National Honor Society; Boy’s State (S.A.H.); 1964-66 World’s Jr. Bowling Champion; 1961; 1966 Mass. State Jr. Bowling Champion. Ambition: " To gain friendship by be- ing a friend.” LAWRENCE RIZZOTTI Meat Ball Interests: Somebody; Chevy’s 58’s; laffs; THHH; Girls. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt. SHEILA ROBERTS Pm, Maud Interests: " flowers”; rook; BIG sweaters; Dylan; Stones; Boston; STUDIO; " What’s left of it!” Yes? ' colours ' , Bridge; U.F.O.; " Daydream.” Ambition: To strive for individuality. Typical G.H S. housewives. senior ( ass S ioa , JOHN ROGERS ROBEY Jock Interests: Margo; 7 15 67; tennis; Rockholm; " How’s it feel? " Annisquam; Market; 59 Ford; Beeman; Mondays LAC. Activities: Tennis Team; Prize Squad. Honors: Sergeant 1st Class. Ambition: To search for what I seek. SUSAN C. ROBERTS Sue Interests: A.O.B.; Little Gray Bug; V.F.; That rock ask Helen; Front Beach; Rockport; HOR- SES; Carp and Sharons; Room 301; Ask Sue; Flights; Ask Tor- ry and Dave; N.H. 8 5 67. Ambition: To make the ones I love happy, to follow the sun. FRANCES E. ROBEY Robin Interests: Blues Project; guitar; skiing; Butterfield; getting out of this school. Ambition: To die when all fair things are fading away. Look, Bob, A chess game! DANA ROSE Interests: Bowling; Red Sox; girls; summer of ’66; Sundays; the car. Activities: Stage crew; German Club; Marine Biology Club. Ambition: To go to college and make my parents proud of me. PATRICIA RUP Pattiey Interests: Daisies; The Village; privacy; freed on); a rock and moles. Activities: AFS; Thespians Ambition: To have identifica- tion of . . . CLARK GRANT ROSS Clarkie, Bisquits Interests: Tennis; A.Y.C.; Sail- ing; Penn; Fool; Rooms 219, 102; P.U.; City; AVM; How are you? French picnics. Activities: Student Council; Thespians; Varsity Tennis; Cap- tain; Beacon Business Manager; French Club, President. Honors: National Honor Soci- ety, Vice-President; Sawyer Med- al; Junior Rotarian; Student Council Representative. Ambition: To have no limita- tions. FRANK W. RUSSO JR. Interests: Girls; Cars; Music; Sports. Activities: Prize Squad; Individ- ual Drill; Haskell Drill. Ambition: To be a Machinist. DOUGLASS ROBINSON Doug Interests: Taking Physics; ssarg; C-Block; Golf and Ten- nis. Ambition: To find my life’s purpose and then achieve it. 66 MARY JUSTINA RYAN Mary Jay Interests: 14; Mung; V.W.; clarch; G. House; St. P.; Livel; pink and orange; talks-J.C., M.P.; HELP!; C.Y.O. Honors: Junior Usherette; Type Awards; National Hon- or Soci ety. Activities: A.F.S.; Beacon; Pep Club; Biology Club; St. P. Drama Club; Flicker. Ambition: To paint all the clouds yellow. the 5 :)en or MICHAEL STEPHEN RUTCHICK Mike, M.D . , Miguel Interests: Tennis; M.G.’s; Cad- dy’s; Older but Wiser; B.J.; Dad; Borden’s; Essex; 12 2 66; Day in Court; Rockport; I.C.U.; S.H.; Eagles. Honors: Type Awards; 1st Place Fort Devens; 3rd Place Prize Squad; Squad Leader; Corporal; Staff Sgt.; Master Sgt.; Platoon Leader. Activities: Tennis; Intramural Tennis; Prize Squad; Grene- diers; Haskell Drill; Platoon Drill; Flash; Flicker — Sports; ROTC; Committees. Ambition: To contribute. DIANE IDA RUTCHIK Interests: " Surfing”; Long Beach; Good Harbor; KIMO- SABY; Marblehead; The Mills; 13 cars; G.T.O.; 6 24 64. Honors: National Honor So- ciety; Typing Awards. Activities: Beta; Beta Biology Club; Guaranteed Future Trav- elers; Pep Club; United Syna- gogue Youth. Ambition: To travel and make that one dream come true. Gee, Mr. Karcher, I didn ' t put it there! FREDERICK STEVEN SANBORN Ricky, Freddy, Frick Interests: Hockey; 19; E.H.S. (WPI); The Shop; Wheeler’s Pt.; Rocky Neck; Providence; The gang; Theatre; Match Mak- ing. Honors: President Stage Crew; Treasurer GHS Thespians; Lynn District Rep.; Squad Leader; M.Y.F. President. Activities: Flicker; Thespians; Stage Crew; M.Y.F. ; Demolay. Ambition: To live life to its fullest, and light my candle in this dark world. MARY JO SANTAPAOLA Interests: Letters; football; ask Sue; skiing; skating; bands; flags; walks; nobody knows; books; CYO Ambition: To walk through the Black Forest in daylight. MICHIAL SANBORN Mike Interests: EVA; Blessed; 1 17; 248 Marlboro; raincoats; EHS (WPI); Corcavado; gnash; B S.M. 10; M;T;H; Demolay; 24 hrs. Sears. Honors: Platoon Sergeant. Activities: J.V. Hockey. Ambition: To seek until I find. SHARON SANTAPAUL Frog Interests: Reminiscing; April 14; " Don ' t you Care”; 10 easy steps; stocking legs; 1, 2, and 3 ' s; Medford; Summer ’66; Chips Pieces; Frans Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: To find the road to happiness qnd follow it. RONALD EDWARD SALLES Ronnie; Worm Interests: Girls; Parties; Boats and Cars. Activities: G.H.S. Stage Crew. Ambition: Coast Guard and Captain Papers. 67 an cf i ie j resen tat ion ANTHONY JOSEPH SANTOS T ony Interests: NANCY; North Beverly; the Lynch’s; Mrs. Moore, and Patrician Juniors; 11 25 66; 12 10 66; Sam Ann ' s; The Red Sox; Mitchell ' s Corvair. Honors: Staff Sergeant, Platoon Leader. PAULA JEAN SASONE T winkle Interests: " Him”; 64-65; talks-ask Cindy; Room 222 AGH The boule- vard; motorcycles; double dating. Those Parties. Activities: Nurses Aid Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To become a good nurse. NINAMARE SCOLA Nina , Neen Interests: " Dizzy Fords”!; Lotta Laughs; ask Deech; S.A.H.; " Crazy Accidents " !!; Calif. T.O. R.; Nova Scotia ”66”; Those embarassing situations; CYO. Ambition: To have the love and kindness of my mother, and to make the ones I love proud of me. NORMAN S. SEPPALA Norm Interests: Cars; Girls; Money; checking out; Rook; Guitars Pres- sure; Maine; Montreal; and just about everything. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To make a million and spend it before Pm too old to enjoy it. TIMOTHY D SHEA 7im Interests: Hockey; tennis; skiing, surfing; G S; 50 coupe; T.C G. those parties; ask al; Cape Cod, N.Y. 67; Bosox. Honors: Grenadiers; Squad Leader Grenadiers; 1st Place Fort Devens; Staff Sgt.; Master Sgt.; Exec. Of- ficer G. Company; Class Repre- sentative; NASA Basic Pin. Activities: Prize Squad, Tennis Hockey; Student Council; Flicker. Ambition: To succeed on the road before me; and be the forth success. ROSEMARIE SAROFEEN Rose Interests: That certain someone; secrets! WILLEY; Summer of " 65”, ”67”; eyes; that bottle lizzard; the round couch, ask George!; Dumb- bies; those talks; Florida; Right? Right? Activities: Student Secretary; Sals- Den Club; C.Y.O. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To be successful always. SCOTT A. SAUNDERS Scott Interests: Girls, Boats, Cars, Mon- treal, 2.25 p.m. and Boston. Activities: Chess Club. Ambition: To get a PhD. in Marine Biology. PAULA J. SCOLA Interests ' : Secrets: Deals; ... I hope; 3-7-65 M.S.B.; Problems and Decisions = Confusion; Rumors Get much??; teaing; Lily; B.F. Wha- Cu! comping; Braces; scouting. Activities: Student Council Repre- sentative; Flicker; Girls ' Drill Team; Pep Club. Honors: Junior Usherette; Spec- tacular; Squad Leader; Typing Award. Ambition: To change my world of confusion into one of understand- ing; to find true happiness and success. MARILYN L. SHAW Merrie Interests: Pink and orange; Whoops?; the Endicott Way; Nova; letters; poems; guitar; Pluribus; ladybugs; collins; clarch; " Strange Rain”. Activities: Beacon; A.F.S.; Thes- pians; Flicker Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Jeremy Ingalls poetry con- test hon. men; second prize. Ambition: To have a picnic on the rotary. WILLIAM JAMES SHEA B.J. Interests: S.A.F.; older but wiser; Niks; you know him? 1970; Big’s Cottage; Monday afternoons; Good Times. Activities: Prize Squad; Grenadiers; Individual Drill; Haskell Drill. Honors: First Place Devans; Pla- toon Leader. Ambition: To be myself. 68 It last l fie end KATH LEEN M. SHEEDY Kathy Interests: Secrets; water and rocks; E.S. Scouting; trouble? Camping; Q;; Whindadin; I want to walk. Activities: Spanish Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Flicker; Beacon; Girls’ Drill Team. Honors: Junior Usherette; Spec- tacular; Squad Leader. Ambition: To be part of the answer, not part of the problem. PATRICIA ANN SHEEDY Pat, Pattie Interest: The point, 10 12 66; Mas S.M.H.W. John Schwartz, numbers??; Summer 66, Selin, " we three” slam, Teeny-bop- per?? Activities: Flicker, Committee chairman; Chess Club, Secre- tary, CYO president, Beta Beta Biology Club; Thespians; Span- ish Club; Pep Club, Beacon. Honors: Junior Usherette. Ambition: To see the good in others and to correct the faults in myself. " Now that I’ve built this thing, how do I get down?” BARRY S. SILVA Interest ' . Fords, sports; SM.; " Summer of 66”; Parties; Fri. and Sat. nights; Big " 72” Crash Ave.; Niks; N.H. ski trips, (12-10-69); Beach; Boule- vard. Honors: Company Sergeant, A Company. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I do. JUDITH C. SMITH Judy Interests: Clarch; Syerat, nittin: Bioya snapping Rides would you believe? Yah! The End; talking; my dog?! Honors: Type and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To live to the ripe old age of 101! LAUREL SILVA WALTER M. SNIDER Wally Interest: 57 Chevy, Parties, 442 goer, H.P.S., Niks, Skiing, hockey, Baseball. Activities: Prize squad, Haskill; Individual Drill; Ex. Officer, C Company. Honors: 1st Place Prize Squad, PH Sgt., Grenadiers, 1st Place Ft.; 1st Place Individual Drill. Ambition: To make the most of life. 69 approaches ; the Seniors re mem he i HOWARD P. STANLEY Bo Interests: cars; sports; girls. Activities: Baseball, Track, Football. Honors: Grenadiers; Prize Squad; Indi- vidual Drill. Ambition: To enjoy life and to become successful. CHRISTOPHER R. STEADMAN Chris Interest: Music; Boston Tea Party; Ip- swich; Ravi shankar; " True " ; H block chemistry with Mr. G. " 66-67”. Activities-. Thespians; Chess Club Sec- retary. Ambition : To be a successful loud noise maker. To help the " Blessed " become successful ! O.K. Now Walk! GARY STEPHEN SONIA Gar ) Interests: her; tardiness; 67 Sox; M.; Those afternoon sessions; O.K.; 25X Club; you idiot! Activities: German Club. Ambition: To prove this world isn’t so bad! RAYME ANNE SONIA Reems, Carnelite, Un’, Q.O.T.F.P. Interests: 67 B. C.; " We’re the E.A. gang; airport; lamebirds; GREEN; Plasticitivity; height; loving mokeybear; Hill trips; 3r’s; name; waterfront; parties. Activities: Thespians. Ambition: To " be one of the Beautiful People.” VIRGINIA E. SPINNEY Dusty, Sinney, Verg Ambition: To meet the challenge that lies ahead of me and to have a darn good time doing it. BARRY LEE LEONARD MICHAEL STACKS Joe Interests: Ants; P.B.R.: shaving; 61 and 67; Fidel; Hice Cues; barny smitty, Dennis, Mothah, And Rose, P.F.C.’S; Rocks; Da Mout. Activities: Prize Squad; Intramural Soc- cer; Football; Individual Drill; Grena- diers; Haskell. Honors: Company Sergeant. Ambition: To drive a ten ton truck through the halls of G. H. S. and to double park it. CATHY JO SPRAGUE Interests: Santiclaws; 8 8 66; BE GOOD; orange; ruts in lil- ies; ADS; B.I.; skiing? John Schwartz; water and rocks; Plastic St.; I say ...; Vitamin C; Stanley Turtle. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Math League; Spanish Club; Beacon ; Girls’ Leaders Club. Honors: Flicker, co-editor; Na- tional Honor Society secre- tary; Junior Usherette; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation; Sawyer Medal; Spectacular Drill; D.A.R. Good Citizen Award. Ambition: Not to suffer for my temperament. 70 li a tfieir experiences in PHILIP STENBERG Phibby Interests: Football (college); swimming; Football (NFL); Football (AFL); first lunch; fellowship; Boston Red Sox; F block study. Activities: Band. Ambition: To join the Navy and see the world. LINDA ELLEN STORY Interests: Peacefulness; Boston Red Six; Hi Phibby!; Montreal; Cosby; 6 20 66; Brown-eyed boy; O.S.I.M.; Serenades. Activities: Beacon; Flash: Floor- masters Assistant; Biology Club; Spanish Club. Ambition: To have the temple birds echo my happiness. JOHN S. SULTON Senator, Jack Interests: 55 Chevy 283 4 Speed, with Possy; O.K.L.A.; Flash; cars; to get out; N.H.R.A. Ambition: " To try not to blow a gasket.” DONALD A. SUTHERLAND Sudsy, Don Interests: Animal Farm; that night; ask Jack and Russ; ”65” Chevy; " Spurts”. Ambition: To join the Navy and see the world. ELIZABETH ELLEN SUTHERLAND Suthe, Toot Interests: " Little Sawdust Sally”; Bos- ton Red Sox; Summer of " 67”; Great or What?; DP.; No Comment. Activities: Pep Club. Honors: Honor Business Club Award; Type Awards. Ambition: To be successful; to give more than I take. Chevys; Girls; 442; 24 days; N.O.B.S.; WILLIAM R. SWEET Sweet Interests: (427); U.S.M.C.; Those 61 2 ; Activities: Grenadiers; Color Guard Ser- geant; Platoon Leader. Honors: Northwest Outward Bound School in Oregon. Ambition: To join the Marines and be- come wealthy. GLENN ROBERT SWINSON Nnelg, Howie Interests: O.S.; W.W.; Peanuts; mani; phone calls; Sergeant’s Party 67; 6978- 4322; Summer 67; Lathrop; sold and me; sports; girls. Activities: Football, Baseball. Honors: 1st Place Prize Squad; Platoon Leader. Ambition: To stay a bachelor. Memorize it and destroy it! htyh school as they NANCY SYLVAIN W orm Interests: Vickie’s house; my second home. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to succeed in life. SALVATORE J. TARANTINO Sal, Julius Interests: LAURINE . . .; " 327”; Chevys; Vets; HOGWILD; Snatch; J.F.A.; ask Wolfman; Dome. Activities: Football; Basketball. Honors: Platoon Sergeant, C Company; Company Sergeant H Company. Ambition: To walk through life hand in hand with her. JOHN EVERETT TARR Jackie Interests: Girls; " N.G.”; boats; cars; Summer of 67 ' ; 9:30 Mug up; Room 311; " Drill?”. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. GEORGE WILLIAM THURSTON III Fuzzy, The Red Baron, Gee Tee Interests: C.M.N.; 6 10 67; " The End- less Summer " ; 4.8 miles; clarinet; music in general; " The Big Rumble”; DODGE. Activities: ROTC Band; Orchestra; AFS; Thespians; Flicker Staff. Honors: National Honor Society; Or- chestra, President. Ambition : To buy my SS excalibur. JAMES TITILAH T rash Interests: ME; summer; a certain 53 mere; MM 206; The Bumpy; Follow me to the packy; ask Ann; Hey do ya got some gum; Mike, summer of 67’. Ambition: To graduate! are kepi 6 asp anc DALE ANN TONEATTI Dale Tee; Mogumbo-mmm-yeh; Gale Interests: DAISIES!; Northfield; LYC; " STEEPLE CLIMBING”; Halloween; pink hats; SKI-TOWS: 8 18 66; " wind- ies” C.E.; Hedge Play House; 2 11 65; musical saws!; 102; snowballs; Kenny ' s. Honors: Typing Award. Activitie s: Flicker representative. Ambition: Hebrews 11:6. MARY LOU TUPMAN Mary Interests: Reminiscing; April 1 4; trim; summer ’66; " Don ' t You Care?”; 10 easy steps; Good, I ' m happy!; Medford Activities: Pep Club; Biology Club; French Club. Ambition: To change my world of con- fusion into one of understanding. JOANN TORTORICI Interests: Secrets; rumors; braces; camp- ing; gung-ho; 2nd time around; wha- que; twinkle. Activities: Pep Club; Student Secretary; Flicker; Biology Club. Honors: Typing Award; Junior Usher- ette. SARAH JANE TURNER Sk- int erests: Secrets and Life; One time friend; Braces 2; wha-cue; take a dixie; Essex; A of FMW. Activities: AFS; Beta Beta Biology; Leaders Club; Flash Staff; Flicker; First Floor Supply Room; Pep Club; Home- room Representative. Honors: Floormaster’s Assistant. Ambition: Life above Fear. JANET ANN TYNE ]T Interests: Secrets?; Rumors; Braces; T.B.T.B ; A and B; Get-Psyched; " wicked;” Groovy places; " C Mon— you know;” E. S. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Sail- ing Club; Pep Club; Spanish Club. Ambition: To overcome the boundaries of my mind and be free. fiappij with Jiefcf t)ap PETER THOME VADALA Grip Interests: Moon; the house; 7 4 72; You know him? 6 2; B.R.G.C.; golf; O.C. ! You ' re in good hands. Activities: Grenadiers; Ft. Devens Drill; Haskell Medal Drill; Prize Squad; Track. Honors: 1st Place Fort Devens; SFC; Executive Officer, A Com- pany. Ambition: " Never to deny ex- perience”. RICHARD ANTHONY VIDAL Dad Interests: Bordens; St. John ' s Prep; NYNY.; Summer of 65, Checker; B.J. Activities: Grenadiers; Prize Squad, Individual Drill; Haskell Drill. Honors: 1st Place Fort Devens; Second Place Prize Squad; R.O.T.C. Cadet Officer. Ambition: Victrix fortunae sapientia. STELLA VALIARELLA Gina Interests: Him; that 67 Chevy; P.J. Parties; laffs; good music; jagger; bass guitars; Art; Ha- waii; Tahiti; the theater; the ocean; Crans Beach, Bermuda. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I do; to become a million- aire and to prove a point. You mean even the mops need cleaning too? SHEILA ANN VICARI Interests: Orange-daisies; A.G.M. West Gloucester, 2 23 66, drive-in; dikes meadow, him; ask Cheryl, Cemetaries. Ambition: To go through life with a smile; and to make mom and dad proud of me. LINDA VICTORINE Lny Interests: P.C.; Sebastian; Pink daisies; funny hats, devotion and Dedication to Ralf; Life’s full- fillment, etc. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: Dedication to the Bearer of the Eastern Gift. CHERYL WALKAMA Sha, Walks Interests: Jack; 2 24 65; ”J.D. and the Dimensions”; Hiltop; practice (ask gang); 1970; Good Harbor Beach. Activities: Flicker Represent- ative. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To fulfill my dreams in life. HH Hi i ie Seroean s J J arhj GEOFFREY SCOTT WARREN Interests: Bright Light; J.C.-the cottage Pht ! Ph t !-Pht. 3.00 a m., Manchester- Ipswich. Honors: Grenadiers; Prize Squad. Ambition: To graduate; and hopefully make something of myself. STEPHANIE ANN WASS Stepb Interests: C.E.K.; Nov. 27; T.H.P.; " 66” Catalina; Town Lyne House; The Galley; Summer of ’67; Fridays; subs; Hi! Activities: Spanish Club; Biology Club; Girls ' Rifle Team; Flicker; Home Room Representative. Honors: National Honor Society; Saw- yer Medal; Floormasters Assistant; Typ- ing Award. Ambition: To give children the knowl- edge I hold. THOMAS WELT Tom Interests: Trumpet playing and music, Her; Skiing. Activities: Band, Soccer team. Honors: Staff Sergeant. Ambition: To serve my Savior the best I can. To have my parents proud of me. RICHARD N. WHITE Kick, Rickie Interests: JOANNE; art; hunting; sports; something special; Summer of 66’, 3 25 67 guitars; laffs. Activities: Biology Club; J.V. Rifle team. Honors: Individual Drill; Corporal; Pla- toon Sargeant. Ambition: To do the best I can, when- ever I can. SUSAN ALICE WHITE Susie, Sue Interests: The Auction; chess; people; Expo 67 1 2; ask Di; sleepless nights. Activities: Flicker; Chess Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Type I award. Ambition: To make all my dreams reality. Senior ( amp and aracfuaiion! BRIAN WHITTEMORE Interests: Chess; Electronics; ’56 Chevy; Up-Town; Week-ends; 1st Lunch; Vacations; Loving- Spoonfuls. Activities: National Honor So- ciety; Math League; Chess Club; Spanish Club. Honors: Freshman Sawyer Medal; Biology Award; Rens- selaer Science Award; High Scorer of Math League. Ambition: To do something dif- ferent. SUSAN E. WILLIAMS Sue, Willie Interests: STEVE; Feb. Vacation " 67 " ; Sergeant party " 67 " ; Ye old Rambler, Just talking, Mr. Stickney 309; M G.-That Sun- day night; Room 301, Mrs. S.; ask Sue; F Troop " 67 " . Ambition: To make the person I love happy. THEODORE EDWARD WOLFE Ted Interests: Sleeping; swimming, day dreaming; Boston; C.Y.O. Activities: Chess Club. Ambition: To travel and find out what the world is really like. ROBERT WILLIAMS Bob Interests: Cindi; Summer of ’66; S.O.M.F.; It’s a GOER; Racing. Ambition: To make my first million by my 21st birthday. PATRICIA ANN WITHAM Pat Interests: HIM; Long talks; ask Colleen and Joanna D.; An- drews’; getting psyched; Ask Chris, Elja, and Patsy; H.Y.S.B.; ask Joanne, Cathy, and Mook, Long Beach, Good Harbor Beach, smile, Chris; C.Y.O. Activities: French Club; Nurses Office Assistant. Ambition: To learn to take things as they come. ARTHUR STORY WONSON Artta Interests: sports; the games at Websters; A.N.; summer of ' 67; hogwild; the sled; C.Y.O. Activities: Football. Honors: Student of " Outward Bound " . Ambition: To serve, to strive, and not to yield. Who let that nut in? GARDINER KIDDER WONSON Gardy, Retardy Interests: Thanksgiving; " Hogwild”; football; 57, Snatch; boxing; left ear; sauna; little kid; Hampton Beach with Al. Activities: Football; Track; M.P.; Lead- er Club; Y.M.C.A.; Street hockey. Ambition: To teach and coach football; to be broad minded. MARY LOUISE WONSON Mary Lou , Lou Interests: 1-1 = 352; Little Brothers; Hockey at Lynn; Magnolia, Bagels and goats mild; Steve; Bg; OH NO!!! Psyched Much ? Activities: Leaders Club; softball; Vol- ley ball; field hockey. Ambition: To find a cure for Epileptic- Jungle-Fungus. 76 Zinc so ineu feaue J. 7 c ). DONA K. WOOD Interests: The Point; mas; waves; sn- worb; crying; Eyes; The men!; " We Three " Activities: Biology Club; Corridor Proc- tor; Flicker. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To land in the harbor of success; to stop blushing! MARILYN WOOD Ody Interests: Very small rabbits; Summers at Cape Cod; Weekends away; World Peace. Activities: Flicker; Spanish Club; Spe- cial Books Club; Girls Basketball; Lead- er ' s Club; Thespians. Honors: National Honor Society. Ambition: To help and to be free from fear. Got a match ? HERBERT T. WOODINGTON W oody Interests: Las Summer, March ' 67, ask Lori; The Lane; Kathy, Drafting; Football; The shop; Room 308; H Block Study. Ambition: To get the most out of life. KATHARINE WORTHLEY Kathy Interests: Summertime; The bridge; Rolling stones; late flicks; Ipswich; Sure will!?; Mod; Weekends! art. Activities: Beacon. Honors: Type I, II. Ambition: To make the most out of life. BRUCE D. WRIGHT Mort Interests: RED Mustang; Chrome Horse; East Coast Aero Tech.; SHE; E Block Study; Fool. Ambition: To become a Drafts- GORDON WRIGHT Gordie Interests: Hockey; Woodwork- ing; G Block Study; Red Sox ! Ambition: To succeed at what- ever I attempt and make my parents proud of me. NORMA YORK Interests: Sisters; Nipper!; What red light?; Andrews; 1 1 67; Ask the kids?; That Diary; Cellars; C.Y.O. Activities: Future Nursing Club; Thespians; A. F. S.; Flicker. Honors: Typing Awards; Home- room Representative. Ambition: That others may profit through my existence. GREGORY ZAGER Emma Interests: Sports; Artta Gringo; E Block; Watching; " 67 " Red Sox; Gordi ' n Ski. Activities: Golf Team Captain. Ambition: To further my edu- cation; and make my parents proud of me. oo n ' ncj for war cf to MARY ROSE CIARMETARO Mary Interests: Rifle range; Rifle trips; Unicorn; Stones; " 66”; M ' s; Blanks; Music. Activities: Glee Club; Choir; Girls ' Rifle Team; Library Assistant; Faculty Secretary; Service Club. Honors: Secretary, Rifle Team; Typing Awards. Ambition: To learn to smile; to become as perfect as Elizabeth. ROBERT H. FIERS JR. Bob, Fire Interests: Cars; Dirty Dozen; sum- mer sports. Ambition: To be successful in life and make my parents proud of me. JAMES GOODHUE W olfman, Jim Interests: My stairs; talking with Julius; HOGW ' ILD: J.F.A.; Sat- urdays at the Drive-In; 8:30; April 27, 1970; Skipping study. Activities: Football; Baseball. Honors: Sergeant First Class. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt. DAVID HARRELL Dave, Rebel Interests: Travel; North Carolina; Horace ' s playhouse; G.V.S.; " Dirty Dozen”; " Use the scope”; Uncle George; Room 201; " Sit down or get knocked down.”; Silver Bul- let; Austin Healy. Honors: Squad Leader. Ambition: To finish everything I start; to be happy and make a lot of money. NANCY HAWLEY Interests: Cars; races. Ambition: To be a hairdresser or nurse. ROBERTA ELIZABETH COLSON Berta, Bobbi Interests: B.P.; Dylan; Donovan; Baez Stones; Rook; " Traditions”; Pennant fever; A.C.C.; guitar; Doubt it; Password; ask Judy and Sherry; N.H. Dolly Copp; Manda- lay. Activities: Honor Business Club. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To travel. CHRISTINE ANN FRANCE Chris, Christopher Interests: 9 15 67; Wood; NYMPH and A.M. No! Why? J.W. living; Wild Thing; LUV B5; DONOVAN; Brando; Friday nites. Activities: Spanish Club; Biology Club. Honors: Floormaster ' s Assistant; Typing Award. Ambition: To seek and conquer. CYNTHIA ANN GOODRICH Cindy, Uncle Sid Interests: WVCA: Cricket; 6 24 67; daisies; 9 22 67; ask Beagle; Mustang; 98 tears; ask Frenchy; football. Ambition: To always be a happy person. BARBARA HAVENER Barb, Muskrat Interests: Robbie; the clam; ask Caroline; depressions and hot pep- pers; ask Laurene; talks with Bob- by. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Family Living Club; Homeroom Representative. Ambition: To make the ones I love proud of me. A Is a result of circumstances oeuond our control, r the stucfents on t n ' s pape were unin- tentionally placed out of alphabetical order 7 )e apoloaiie and than l them for their con- tribution to our class. the C ditors 78 a floppy ana rewai r n my c camera DAVID BLATCHFORD Dave Interests: Music, bowling; skiing; money; cars. Activities: R.O.T.C.; Band. Ambition: To go as far as I can with what I have. KAREN GIOVANNI Willy Interests: M.M. 206; Drive-in; Pool; Beach; FUN; summertime; cooking; driving; weekends; dreaming; music. Activities: Pep Club. Ambition: To find my place in the world. PEGGY WALSH Pego Interests: A certain someone; Sept. 28, 1967; Canobie Lake; long talks; ask Janet; Blind Dates; ask Linda; Wingaer- sheek Beach; San-Reno ”65 " . Ambition: To be happy and s uccessful. To make the ones I love proud of me. ALSO MEMBERS OF THE CLASS ELIZABETH AKERLY KARL AMALIA PATRICIA BRADFORD RICHARD CONRAD PATRICIA DALEY WINFRED ELLIS GERALD ELMER HELENA FRENCH VIRGINIA GENEST LINDA JACOBS ROBERT TOSEPH DENNIS LATHAM OLIVE MARCHANT GARTH MILLETT PATRICK MULLEN JOHN NOVELLO JAMES OLIVER NICHOLAS PARISI EDWARD PORTER RUTH RAMSDELL THOMAS RANDAZZA JACK WHITE 79 Jfc onors to the Gfass of 1968 (Sawyer JKeJafs Karen Allen, Mary Alves, Ruth Ann Clark, Cynthia Dench, Judith Gale, William Hilshey, Mark Linsky, Elliot Par- ker, Kathleen Quinn, Mary Lou Randazza, Clark Ross, Cathy Sprague, Stephanie Wass, Brian Whittemore. Cationa J fonor (Society Karen Allen, Mary Alves, Ursula Bodoni, Sheila Callahan, Manuela Carrancho, Edward Carroll, Richard H. Cowan, Cynthia Dench, Susan Forbes, Helena French, Judith Gale, Christine Gillis, William Hilshey, Nancy Kinner, Janet Linsky, Mark Linsky, Deborah Lucas, Dona McDougall, Linda Martin, Martha Maxfield, Elliot Parker, Dennis Penner, Judith Quinn, Mary Lou Randazza, Donald Riley, Clark Ross, Diane Rutchick, Mary Ryan, Cathy Sprague, George Thurston, Ste- phanie Wass, Brian Whittemore, Marilyn Wood. , Junior if o tartans Lawrence Brown, William Hilshey, Mark Linsky, Peter Natti, Elliot Parker, Harold Rogers, Clark Ross. Cationa JTTerit ScAo Jars flip fetters of Gommencfation Richard H. Cowan, Judith Gale, Mark Linsky, Elliot Parker, Cathy Sprague. Jfarc arcf TJoof Arize Elliot Parker tJe eyate to Girfs ’ (State Janet Linsky Oefeyates to Jfoys 1 (State Elliot Parker, Harold Rogers Stucfent Government t) a y De fey ate Harold Rogers 2 ). 7 9 ?. Good Gitizen Awarcf Cathy Sprague Rensselaer SPofytecAnic institute Awarcf Brian Whittemore 80 GLIMPSES OF Martha can always find time for a siesta. MARTHA Miss Perry is always ready to give a hand with a confusing schedule. PEINADO Miss Frostholm has a word with her best Spanish student. Mike seems to be catching on to those South American dances. Late for class, Martha? OUR A.F.S. STUDENT 81 FLICKER STAFF Bill Hilshey; Chairman Karen Allen Jerry Elmer Dave Curtis Wayne Whippen Sports Bucky Rogers; Chairman Mike Rutchick Carol Cook Paula Scola ( i ass C ' a fen Jar Sue Forbes; Chairman JJocationaf C Jass Jtoff Lois Rich; Chairman c 5 u per a does Sheila Callahan; Chairman Debbie Lucas Helen Grinnell Kathy Sheedy Katie Quinn Marilyn Wood Nancy Holmes 7 p pin a Dalene Fuller; Chairman Christine Cooney Dona Wood Shephanie Wass Pat Sheedy Paula Guluzian Type classes 7?. 0.7. a George Thurston; Chairman Cathy Neal John Hudder Dana Rose Mike Rutchick A Joe rt is in a Janet Linsky; Chairman Nancy Kinner Manuela Carrancho Mary Ann Joseph Marcia Reed Cathy Neal George Thurston Linda Spanks Victoria Major John Hudder Bob Pierce Virginia Piscitello Mary Lou Randazza Dana Gonsalves Sue Ann Perrine Pat Sheedy; Chairman Paula Guluzian Dona Wood Greg Gibran Actioities Pat Sheedy; Chairman Dona Wood Paula Guluzian facu ip Pat Sheedy; Chairman Dona Wood Paula Guluzian A special thanks to the following people who have ivorked the hard- est in putting this yearbook to- gether: Pat Sheedy Lois Rich Bucky Rogers Dona Wood Paula Guluzian Mike Rutchick 82 National Honor Society One of the outstanding honors a student of Gloucester High School may receive is election to the Sherman B. Ruth Chapter of the National Honor Society. To be con- sidered for membership a student must exhibit not only scholarship but also leadership and character. Each year a scholarship is awarded by the Honor Society to one of its members who plans to further his education. They sponsor many fund raising activities, such as selling stamps and candy. They also act as guides for all official ceremonies held at the school. Miss Claudia Perry is the Chapter’s sponsor. 84 85 The student council is made up of the officers and representatives of each of the four classes. Their function is to act as the student governing body and to co-ordi- nate student functions. The student Council meets with their sponsor, Mr. John Carter, twice monthly. They are presently constructing a handbook which will include all the rules concerning students behavior and activities. It is hoped that this publication will be made available to the student body next fall. Math League Under the sponsorship of Mr. John Sperry, the school’s outstanding mathematical minds meet with those of surrounding schools to show their accumulated knowledge at competative monthly testing sessions. Junior Rotarians One of the highest honors available to senior boys at Gloucester High School is selection to the Junior Rotarians. This year’s mem- bers are Peter Natti, Lawrence Brown, Clark Ross, Mark Linsky, Harold Rogers, William Hilshey, and Elliot Parker. They attend meetings with the local chapter of the Rotary Club, a businessman’s organization. 86 Flash Staff The Gloucester High School news- paper, the Flash, under the sponsor- ship of Miss Mary Bradley, is pub- lished frequently in The Gloucester Daily Times. This literary publica- tion presents the activities and ac- complishments of the student body to the public through informative .and stimulating articles. Beacon Staff The students possessing artistic and literary talents exhibit their work in the Beacon, a booklet published by the Gloucester High School De- partment. Under the leadership of Miss Charlotte Taylor, the short stories, poems, and illustrations worthy of recognition are gathered together and published at the end of the year. 87 Honor Business Club The purpose of the Honor Business Club, under the direction of Miss Verna Carbone and Mr. Alge Vai- tones, is to recognize honor busi- ness students and develop business leadership. In order to be admitted, a student must carry at least two business subjects and maintain an average of eighty percent. In order to raise money for various projects,- the club sells book covers and port- folios to the students of Gloucester High School. The Honor Business Club sponsors a typewriting contest during the school year and gives awards to outstanding business stu- dents in the graduating class. Student Secretaries Seniors in the business department use their excellent abilities in typing masters, duplicating, filing, mimeographing, and other duties in helping the teachers. Under the supervision of Miss Beatrice Christopherson, the secretaries gain valuable experience which will help them in future years. 88 French Club The French Club offers students an oppor- tunity to further develop their understanding and appreciation of French literature, art, music, and customs. This year the members of the French Club produced a play. The club meets once a month and is under the direction of Mrs. Doris Baer. Spanish Club The Spanish Club which is sponsored by Miss Mary Jayne Avilla give the students of Glou- cester High School an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Spanish culture and arts. An organization of this type is very beneficial to Spanish-American relations and it serves as a perfect medium for the stimulation of an amicable feeling between us and our Latin American neighbors. 89 v ' TD =5 L» 4 P X . u U L» CdO CJ V 90 through Martha Penado of Venezuela. Under the supervision of Mr. Man- uel Martins and Mr. Donald Mc- Phail, the Stage Crew members work long and hard to meet the stage and classroom audio-visual needs of the school. Marine Biology Club The Marine Biology Club, under the direction of Mr. Francis Speck, meets weekly to further their knowledge of marine biological sciences. Stage Crew 91 The Glee Club dt J mm Wi .•I Bp - ' nPjjj ii vi The Glee Club, under the sponsor- ship of Miss Eleanor Moore, is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who wish to develop an ap- preciation for all types of music. Each year the Glee Club presents a musical Christmas program for the entire student body. Orchestra The Gloucester High School Or- chestra not only provides enjoy- ment in music for its members, but also they are instructed in the fun- damentals of musical form. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Puff, they participate in musical competi- tions and festivals during the year. 92 Boy’s Leaders Club The Girl ' s Leaders Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Maryellen Callahan, and the Boy’s Leaders Club, under the super- vision of Mr. Robert Delisle, assist in the instruction of the gym classes. Girl’s Leaders Club 93 Ben Franklin Club Boys with at least a " B” average, are eligible for membership in the Ben Franklin Club. These boys are given the opportunity to further their knowledge and training in the field of printing. This worthwhile club is responsible for our football programs as well as a large number of administrative forms used in Gloucester High. The proceeds from the sale of the programs are placed in a scholarship fund for some senior boy. Chess Club The Chess Club, which meets week- ly, is under the direction of Mr. Stanley Gleason. Sending entrants to the Individual Chess Champion- ship and sponsoring the GHS Sum- mer Chess League, the GHS Annual Thanksgiving Chess Tourney and the Northeastern Mas sachusetts High School Chess Festival are among their many activities. 94 The Thespians Present 96 The Mad Woman of Chaillot 97 CLASS OF Hey, Jock 10 yrs. make a difference? ! ? Boogaloo to lunch What’s up, Barry? Miss America Pageant? Bad night, Dickie? 98 k Vy: +jm ■• : 44 k . ».«. -J . |j|gfcA rt rrrvl ’k : i-f, .- . :- v . Jj li fc sk . - Co-Captain DON LOWE All-Conference End Co-Captain WAYNE JACKSON Halfback Most Valuable Player Award GARDY WONSON All-Conference Guard DEDICATED LEADERS Co-Captains Wayne Jackson and Don Lowe DICK COOPER Tackle DICK O’BRIEN Halfback Jm PETER NATTI Halfback ALLAN MAKI Tackle 104 JACK BRANCALEONE Halfback JIM GOODHUE Quarterback SAL TARANTINO Fullback GLOUCESTER HIGH FOOTBALL SCORES GLOUCESTER . . . . . .16 SWAMPSCOTT . . . . 25 GLOUCESTER . . . 0 NEWBURYPORT . . . . 28 GLOUCESTER . . . . . . 14 MARBLEHEAD 14 GLOUCESTER. . . ...34 WOBURN 14 GLOUCESTER . . . . . . 18 BEVERLY .... 14 GLOUCESTER. . . . . .20 PEABODY 6 GLOUCESTER . . . . . .28 AMESBURY 8 GLOUCESTER . . . . . .22 WINTHROP 12 GLOUCESTER . . . . . .14 DANVERS 7 SUPER BOWL BOUND! SCOTT LANE Cornerback BILL MACLEELEY Guard SENIOR PLAYERS 105 FISHERMEN BURY DANVERS IN MUD THANKSGIVING DAY FOOTBALL GAME l Jackson hits paymud. The winning combination ! Vo o em her 23, 1967 Fishermen Sink Undefeated Panthers 18-14 Carol’s got the Spirit. We’re really gonna get ’em! INTERCEPTING PASSES ... The Life of Riley! The Impossible Dream comes true. 107 Sal bulls around right end. Jn a if our travels We’ll each take a leg and wish. Peter on the move=long yardage. we remained perfect pent emen Honest Ref, he hit me first. Jim intercepts and starts long run back. He’s not gonna get far! 108 THE PEOPLE BEHIND OUR TEAM We’re proud of these three. The Cheerleaders provided the spirit. c cases • The R.O.T.C. Band provided the entertainment and kept our spirits high. The Man behind our team. 109 THE 1968 CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Jackie McCarthy; Joy Muise; Cindy Dench; Ruth Ann Clark; Carol Cook; Donna Chapman; Donna Goulart; Cindy MacKenzie; Ginger Attaya; Joanne Verga; Sue Livingston, Head Cheerleader Robin Oakes. BEFORE THE FALL? SENIORS Jvui i Ann ( Aar l ? ( ' inc ij Oenc i Our cheerleaders added life to every sports activity and through their enthusiasm they instilled the spirit which was responsible for our winning seasons. For this reason we wish to thank them for contributing to the success of our teams. , Jackie Me C 1 ar( i y CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Back Row: Tony Frontierro, John Duncan, Coach Dave Dunsky, Russell Dennis, and Bruce Emero. Front Row: Joey Frontierro, Wayne Wip- pen, Capt. Don Dunsky, and Lauri Victorine. Capt. Don works hard and long to help inspire others on the team. Under the leadership of 1st year coach Dave Dunsky, one of GHS’s greatest running stars, our cross country team won the NEC title by earning a 7-0 record, in dual meet competition. In the NEC meet, com- peting against the seven other members in the NEC Cross Country League, our harriers came in second. Only Swampscott posted a better score than Gloucester’s 59 points. However, Gloucester managed to edge Swampscott in their seasonal meet to emerge from the season undefeated and in sole possession of first place. It must be explained that in cross country, the team with the lowest score wins. Many of the members of the team will return to make Gloucester a team to be reckoned with in future years. Coach Dave Dunsky ponders the fate of his team against Swampscott. Don and Russ practice and practice and practice at Newell Stadium. Gloucester DCS C Scores GLOUCESTER ... 22 WOBURN . 35 GLOUCESTER . . . 21 WINTHROP . 36 GLOUCESTER ... 15 AMESBURY . 50 GLOUCESTER . . . 22 MARBLEHEAD ... . 35 GLOUCESTER . . . 25 NEWBURYPORT . . 32 GLOUCESTER ... 27 SWAMPSCOTT . . . . 28 GLOUCESTER ... 18 DANVERS . 39 Don relaxes after another easy win. 113 1968 NORTHEASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Top Row: Coach Jim McComiskey; Wayne Saunders; Ross Wisutskie; Jim Tebo; Don Riley; Dana Barrett; Dick Lowe; Brad Marques; Coach Jim Brown; Bottom Row: Jeff Rutchick; Dana Knowlton; Gene Barrett; Bryan Dench; Bill Brown; Don Lowe; Bruce Johnson. Individual Scoring PLAYERS Goals Assists Points Penalty Minutes Gene Barrett 23 16 39 7 Don Riley 19 14 33 4 Dana Knowlton 8 23 31 2 Bill Brown 5 1 2 6 7 7 7 2 Don Lowe 0 2 2 1 Wayne Saunders 0 1 1 3 Jim Tebo 1 0 1 1 Bruce Johnson 1 0 1 0 Brad Marques Dana Barrett 0 0 0 2 GOALIES Games Goals Shut-outs Average Bryan Dench 16 17 6 1.06 1 14 A GOALIE’S NIGHTMARE Riley, Knowlton, and Barrett in Action 1 15 This effective scoring combined for 50 goals in one season COACH AND CAPTAINS I 16 Co-captain Dana Knowlton Geno the bull, a term that Gene has been referred to because of his aggressive play in North Shore Hockey League play, has accounted for Gloucester’s winning of the NEC. Gene will never forget this year as he set a new G.H.S. scoring record in regular season play with an un- believable 23 goal performance. His 16 assists gave him a total of 39 points, earning him the Northeastern Conference scoring championship. He was third in scoring in the N.S.H.L. and ninth in the state of Mas- sachusetts in scoring. Against Peabody Gene scored the " hat trick” and later in consecutive games against Danvers and Lynn Classical he scored 4 goals and also recorded 2 and 3 assists respectively in each of these games. In the State Tournament he blasted two goals against Reading to beat them single handed. Gloucester’s hopes for the schoolboy champion- ship rest on Gene’s shoulders. Wearing no. 8, Dana has played varsity hockey in all four years at G.H.S. He centers the high-scoring line of Gene Barrett and junior Don Riley, who accounted for 50 goals this year. With his excellent wings, Dana set a new G.H.S. record for most assists in one season as he registered 4 against Salem and 5 more in the Danvers game for a total of 23 in regular season play. This feat has earned him the Peter Francis Memorial Trophy, presented to the N.S.H.L. player who records the most assists in regular season play. He was a member of the N.S.H.L. All Stars in his junior year and is a sure bet to repeat again this year. Dana is to be commended for his fine teamwork and his defensive play against the league’s leading scorers. Co-captain Gene Barrett THE LEAGUE’S BEST DEFENSE Bill Brown (Defense) Wearing number five, Bill has all the qualifications which make him the number one defensemen in the N.S.H.L. He is big and aggressive and owns probably the hardest shot in the league. In every game this year, Bill has been called upon to play the whole thirty minutes because of his tremendous team effort, his ability to overcome the utter exhaus- tion of the game and his untiring effort. He has scored five goals this year including a two goal performance against St. Marys. In the Swamp- scott game he blasted another and added an assist. Sheer determination and the accuracy of his shot has enabled him to gain the respect of all his opponents. Goalie Bryan Dench For the past two seasons Bryan Dench has minded the nets for the Gloucester High Fishermen. Bryan has shown his extreme importance by enabling Gloucester to qualify for the State Tournament the past two seasons. In sixteen games this year Dench has allowed only 17 goals for an amazing average of 1.06 goals per game. A far better accomplishment was his rec- ord of 6 shut-outs this season which was tops in the N.S.H.L. He finished second to the Marblehead goalie for the fewest goals allowed per game. His best effort this season was against Beverly, in which he came up with 16 shots. He once again shut out Beverly in the States this year enabling Gloucester to continue and play Needham at Boston Garden. For his efforts, Bryan was named as an N.S.H.L. All Star as a junior. Defenseman Don Lowe Forming the other side of the defense is Bill Brown’s blue line mate Don Lowe. As a junior Don was indispensable and was considered by many to be the team’s most valuable player because of the part he played in the team’s success. Under Jack Canniff Don played the full thirty minutes of every game and again this year he has done so. The aggres- sive play of Lowe and Brown held the high-scoring sextet, Arlington to just two goals last year in the States. Because of his outstanding play, Lowe was a N.S.H.L. All Star as a junior. Don has the ability to rush the puck at all times and also possesses a blazing slap shot. Once again Gloucester is proud to proclaim that they have the finest defensive two in the state — Bill Brown and Don Lowe. 117 COACHES OF THE YEAR y r.i ' m ft THE SPIRIT AND BACKBONE! h tfl c 3 hh O o V‘ AGGRESSIVE PLAY . . . Don Riley misses corner of the cage. Geno crashes his opponent into the boards AND HUSTLE . . . Action increases around G.H.S. net. 119 Coach McComiskey 1968 Season GLOUCESTER.... 3 SWAMPSCOTT 1 GLOUCESTER. ... 4 WOBURN 0 GLOUCESTER.... 5 WINTHROP 1 GLOUCESTER.... 4 AMESBURY 0 GLOUCESTER.... 3 DANVERS 0 GLOUCESTER .... 4 MALDEN CATHOLIC . 2 GLOUCESTER.... 0 MARBLEHEAD 1 GLOUCESTER. ... 5 PEABODY 0 GLOUCESTER 5 SALEM 0 GLOUCESTER .... 1 LYNN ENGLISH 3 GLOUCESTER. ... 4 ST. MARYS 2 GLOUCESTER.... 2 BEVERLY 0 GLOUCESTER .... 0 ST. JOHNS 2 GLOUCESTER.... 6 DANVERS 2 GLOUCESTER.... 9 LYNN CLASSICAL ... 2 GLOUCESTER.... 4 SAUGUS 1 COMBINED TO LIGHT THE VICTORY CIGAR . . . MANY TIMES THIS YEAR - AND MANY MORE! 13 Wins 3 Losses State Tournament GLOUCESTER .... 3 READING 0 GLOUCESTER .... 1 BEVERLY 0 (Quarterfinal Round) Boston Garden GLOUCESTER. . . . l NEEDHAM 2 Eastern Massachusetts Schoolboy Hockey Champions! (Almost) 20 STATE TOURNAMENT Geno gets set to score ! GLOUCESTER. .. 3 READING 0 Geno Scores 2 Don Riley 1 GLOUCESTER... 1 BEVERLY 0 All Star Dench Bryan shuts-out Reading and Beverly. “Riley Records Winner” A Tribute To The Greatest G.H.S Hockey Team With a victory over the Middlesex League runner-ups, Reading, Gloucester met an old rival Beverly. " Geno” Barret once again scored two goals to pace Gloucester; Don Riley provided the insurance goal. After defeating Reading, Gloucester skated to 1-0 victory over Beverly with Don Riley scoring the lone goal in the third period. Gloucester now enters Boston Garden in the first round of the quarter- finals, facing the high-scoring Bay State Champions, Needham High School, who feature the state’s leading scorer, Robbie Ftorek. Pre- viously no G.H.S. Hockey Team has ever advanced this far. With our team’s fine play and their great team effort, we all look with great expectation that Gloucester will become the Eastern Massachusetts Schoolboy Hockey Champs. 12 1968 BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row: Mark Lundberg, John Brisbois, Dave Toivanen, Gary Stone, Bottom Row: Skip DelTorchieo, Mark Osborn, Tom Middleton, Sam DeCaro, Steve Woodman. 122 Continuity ! 1968 Season GLOUCESTER 48 GLOUCESTER 73 GLOUCESTER 47 GLOUCESTER 69 GLOUCESTER 52 GLOUCESTER 80 GLOUCESTER 67 GLOUCESTER 50 GLOUCESTER 52 GLOUCESTER 64 GLOUCESTER 42 GLOUCESTER 68 GLOUCESTER 59 GLOUCESTER 71 GLOUCESTER 60 GLOUCESTER 67 GLOUCESTER 50 Opponents BEVERLY 41 AMESBURY 49 SWAMPSCOTT 58 WOBURN 52 WINTHROP .. 51 MARBLEHEAD 63 NEWBURYPORT 68 DANVERS 61 SWAMPSCOTT 51 WOBLIRN 60 WINTHROP 49 MARBLEHEAD 54 NEWBURYPORT 69 AMESBURY 56 PEABODY 67 DANVERS 60 READING 62 123 SENIOR PLAYERS LARRY BROWN DAVE CURTIS SAM DECARO 124 Larry was key man of our season. Sam practices diligently. SCORING Tom hits for two points. Jackson on a lay-up. 1968 Individual Scoring PLAYERS Games Total Points Averages Larry Brown 10 112 11.2 Dave Curtis 11 36 3.3 Skip DelTorchio 17 163 9.6 Gary Jackson 10 145 14.5 Mark Lundberg 1 10 10 Tom Middleton 12 224 18.7 Mark Osborn 16 119 7.4 Gary Stone 16 77 4.8 Steve Woodman 16 108 6.8 DETERMINATION . . . " And We Can Fly!” KEY TO THE GAME Help ! A Monster is chasing me. " Help Me RHONDA — Help, Help Me RHONDA !” 126 INSPIRATION . . . Fall back baby! Don’t break my ball. Both Our Fans And Players Had This Quality! Let’s all get Stone . . . Get It — Up, up and away. 127 JUNIOR VARSITY piCEs Top Row: John Beaudette; Dave Toivanen; Alan Alexander; Tom Spittle. Bottom Row: Ralph Pierce; Dom Vadala; Gary Burke; Steve Lane. Once again our Gloucester J.V.’s came up with a strong team. Coach Will Gouzie’s young fishermen were the only team to best Swampscott, a feat they accomplished twice. Compiling a fine 11-3 record in North- eastern Conference play, they showed many desirable characteristics, namely devotion and spirit. These traits were displayed largely by high-scoring Mark Lundberg and the unheralded play of John Davis. These young players will certainly prove to be valuable assets to future Gloucester High School teams. 128 QUITE A QUINTET Mark stops and pops from the top of the key. Dependable Steve Woodman — involved in every key play. Skip " Wilt” Deltorchio Leaping Larry goes in for an easy lay-up. Tremendous Tom adds to his point total. 129 SOCCER TEAM Front Row: Glenn Guittarr; William Hendrickson; Bryan Dench; Glen Harmon; Tim Davis; Back Row: Mr. Wise; Bryan Tarr; Rick Cowan; Tom Welt; Gordon Lind; Raymond Sutherland; Tim Hanrahan. For the second year, one of Gloucester High School’s history teachers, Mr. David Wise, taught our boys the fundamentals and maneuvers em- ployed in soccer. Mr. Wise gained valuable experience in college, being both a zealous soccer player and fan. This experience came in very handy in teaching the boys the finer points of the game. Next year, an expanded program of soccer is being planned, includ- ing uniforms and soccer shoes. It is our hope that varsity soccer will come into reality in the near future. 130 Bruce Johnson practices diligently. GIRL’S BASKETBALL TEAM Front Rou : Jackie McCarthy; Barb DeCoste; Sandie Murphy; Janet MacKenzie; Jane Wood. Back Row: " Charlie” Borge; Cindy MacKenzie; Nancy Kinner; Carla Osborn; Dolores Larkin. s s I We beat the WMEX Good Guys! 131 and embejlisl the world, Gabriele D’A»unzio VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Since the founding of the Vocational School in 1940, it has offered Gloucester High School boys training in the fields of Automotive Re- pair, Fishing and Marine Technology, Carpentry, Printing, and Mach- ines. Mr. Kenneth Stickney, co-ordinator of vocational studies, hopes soon to see the completion of a new fisheries shop and a larger auto- motfve shop to accommodate the piany students involved in this pro- gram. 134 CARPENTRY SHOP Those boys in the carpentry shop, which is under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Smith, are trained in the fields of woodwork and carpentry. Skill and precision are necessary as the boys also learn the arts of planning, framing, boarding, and finishing. The plan- ning of construction details and the estimation of building costs are also taught to the students by newly appointed Mr. Gaspar Lewis. At the completion of the course, a student of the carpentry school is capable of successfully handling any carpentry job. 136 MACHINE SHOP The machine division of the Vocational School which is directed by Mr. Horace Gibran trains students in the handling and maintainence of all type machines. By working with the same machines as those used in industry the boys receive valuable training and by graduation most are qualified to take on jobs with local companies. 137 AUTOMOTIVE SHOP In the automotive shop, which is directed by Mr. John Budrow, the students learn all facets of automotive repair. When they finish the course of the automotive school they are capable of handling any situation, from the slightest carburator adjustment to a more complex engine disorder. After graduation, these boys are qualified to work at all automotive repair type jobs. 138 PRINT SHOP Under the direction of Mr. Harvey Vail, the boys in the print shop learn the basic fundamentals of the printing industry. Hand and machine composition, hand and automatic platen press work, automatic cylinder press work, offset press work, and platemaking are some of the techniques which the boys are taught. Upon graduation, the students are capable of handling any printing job and often are received into local industries. 139 FISHERIES SHOP The boys in the fisheries shop, wfqch is under the direction of Mr. Carlo Sinagra, are taught seamanship, marine engineering, marine electronics, vessel manage- ment, and other fundamentals of modern fishing. With this training the boys become qualified trainees to enter the Gloucester fishing industry. 140 MEN AT WORK 141 ve learned by hard experience that peace is not to be had for the mere asking; that peace, like other great privileges, can be obtained only by hard and painstaking effort.” Franklin D. Roosevelt Q ROTC MAJOR C.S. RUP Major C. S. Rup is Commander and Senior Army Instructor of Gloucester’s Junior R.O.T.C. Brigade. He insures that its cadets endeavor to keep up the unit’s historic tra- dition of producing community citizens of merit and distinction. Cadets are instructed in military organization, history, courtesy, training, and policy. Twice a week, during field drill periods, cadets have the oppor- tunity of displaying their military bearing and precision of movement. MILITARY INSTRUCTORS 1st SGT. JOHN R. McNAMARA 144 1st SGT. WILLIAM J. CRONIN 1st SGT. BILLY J. MARKS SFC JAMES R. CRITCH 1 SFC O’NEIL G. SAUNDERS 145 I I I p I I I I i I ■■ $wmi COLONEL ELLIOT PARKER THE STAFF LT. COLONEL RALPH PINO MAJOR ADJUTANT 146 HAROLD ROGERS MAJOR OPERATIONS OFFICER RICHARD O BRIEN CAPTAIN FIRST PLATOON BRUCE GOODWIN ALPHA COMPANY SECOND PLATOON " When I count ' three ' , come out fighting.” 147 FIRST PLATOON CAPTAIN STEVEN RICH BRAVO COMPANY " Say Ahhhh . . SECOND PLATOON 148 CAPTAIN WILLIAM HILSHEY FIRST PLATOON CHARLIE COMPANY ip ™ SECOND PLATOON " A handshake instead of a kiss ...” 149 CAPTAIN FIRST PLATOON PETER NATTI DELTA COMPANY SECOND PLATOON " That’s C-R O N-I N. " 150 FIRST PLATOON CAPTAIN THOMAS MIDDLETON ECHO COMPANY " Practice Makes Perfect.” SECOND PLATOON 151 FIRST PLATOON CAPTAIN DOMINIC NICASTRO FOXTROT COMPANY " Pick out the odd one.’’ SECOND PLATOON 152 CAPTAIN FIRST PLATOON LARRY BROWN GOLF COMPANY SECOND PLATOON " Prize Squad Spectacular 1,513.” 153 VS CAPTAIN STEPHEN LANE FIRST PLATOON HOTEL COMPANY SECOND PLATOON HO-HO-HO” 154 R.O.T.C. BAND CAPTAIN MARK LINSKY DRUM MAJOR JOHN OBERLING CAPTAIN " Keep in step, girls . . CYNTHIA DENCH GIRLS’ DRILL TEAM FIRST SERGEANT DARRYL DELTORCHIO L to R: SFC Paula Scola, SFC Sheila Callahan, SFC Kathy Sheedy, SFC Karen Hildonen. 156 COLOR GUARD BOYS’ RIFLE TEAM 157 M.P.’S GIRLS’ RIFLE TEAM G.H.S. GRENADIERS Sgt. Marks is the secret Grenadiers recruiting officer. Gee, I think I’d make a good Grenadier! 159 Prime examples of interested cadets. Wipe that smile off your face or I ' ll do it for you! " What’s the matter, Bill, Don’t you know how to make a paper airplane? " Clark ' s going the wrong way on a One-way street. " Why not me?” " Me — and my shadow " If only I had some bullets " I could have sworn yesterday was Monday.” 161 OFFICERS .. •» Debby Lucas Gardy Wonson They’d lose their heads if they weren’t tied on. Debbie Patteson Chris Steadman Ding Dong the Witch is Dead ! I Hie C a ass G as an oo as Nancy Holmes Tom Brown Keep me hanging on. C jesI JBooJzing PaulaGuluzian Tom Middleton You and your pussy cat eyes. I — can t wai !mCos DepencfaS e Chrissy Gillis Mark Linsky 9 Nobody can do the Bugaloo — like we do. [Best dancers Chris Grover Bob Nelson si TtCisc iieuous Jackie Nickerson Butch Hemmer I just want to testify. Hi , » .... - - Just like Romeo and Juliet. 171 i Aatiue h Turner k Ross Mama said there’d be days like owns Helen Grinnell SEPTEMBER 7 — First day — Seniors like it so much they decided to stay all day! 8 — The big question today is whether or not to put Valley of the Dolls on your summer reading list. 12 — G.H.S. has its own Latin Loopy Lu. Everyone welcomes our foreign exchange student, Martha Peinado. 15 — Senior girls are still in competition with the zoo. 18- — Student secretaries go to work on teachers. 20 — Sandy Murphy and Wayne Jackson are seen together for the third year in a row. It won’t be long now! 22 — Ivan Brown and Jackie McCarthy go through the day with- out a fight. 25 — G.EI.S. has a new Twiggy — Rick Cowan! 27 — Joann Tortorici bumps into the door of room 105. She’ll bring her glasses tomorrow. 30 — Newburyport game — everyone had the pep that night but we still lost. Shake it up baby ! Billy and Sue met the first day of school and ever since . . . censored. If I close my eyes, will you kiss me? OCTOBER Peter will do anything to get out of Drill. 3 — Rubber telephone poles are put up. It seems Carol Chis- holm got her license. 4 — Construction company finds a short cut to the new wing — through the lobby! Look out Print Shop! 5 — A " Caution — Trucks Entering At Left’’ sign is put up. 10 — Did you know that Dickie O’Brien wears baby-blue socks with his R.O.T.C. uniform? 12 — Ina Bertolino is wearing two and a half carrots! 14 — Eager fans rush out on the field as G.H.S. beats Woburn. Too bad that the game wasn’t over. 17 — Debs Patteson came to school nude today. What, no bows, Deb? 19 — Mrs. Wardrup wears 33 " Go Fishermen’’ buttons to school. 20 — Mr. McPhee brings his squeogies to wash Mrs. Wardrup’s " Go Fishermen” buttons. 23 — After the spectacular Beat Beverly Rally which helped lead G.EI.S. to victory, the Pep Club is now third string. 26 — June Curcuru flunks the Odyssey for leaning on Miss Perry’s irreplaceable postcards from Greece. " Buy Me a Bottle of Wine . . . " The fans go wild as Glouces ter scores again. 179 NOVEMBER Got the spirit? Let’s hear it! " T” stands for terrific! ■ m Mother warned me about boys like him! Did you use your deodorant? 1 — Barry Silva and Glen Swinson have decided to join the Peace Corps. That’s close! They both wear white socks. 3 — Christine Gillis is seen down at the State Fish Pier looking for Gulliver. 6 — Scot Lane’s new glasses give him an intelligent look, but it is only a look. 8 — Katie Quinn is voted most popular — but at St. John’s? 1 3 — Ask Joey Branceleone if blondes are more fun. 15 — Did you know that Robin Oakes brings her prune juice to school in a thermos bottle? 17 — Donnie Riley appears on that all-time favorite half hour program " Girl Talk.” 20 — Larry Doyle is elected artist of the year. Too bad that we all know he can’t draw. 23 — Thanksgiving Day Game — there was so much mud ■you couldn’t tell who was who! 24- — Ralph Pino buys a leash for his animal. 27 — Nancy Holmes keeps driving around the 128 rotary. She can’t decide whether to go to Wheeler’s Point or to Essex. Look who’s accusing who ! What a change in the cafeteria ! Here’s to Mike and the way he does the hula-hop ! Three Browns make a? 1 — Donnie Lowe is seen riding to school alone. Is she absent today Donnie? 4 — Phil Puma spends another wild weekend at Dave’s house. 6 — We are h appy to report that George Thurston and Cathy Neil are negotiating their differences. This should be interesting. 8 — As the hockey season begins, Dana Knowlton is seen constantly outside room 229 — miss him much Dana? 11 — If you want a first hand report on the trials and tribulations of teenage love, Brian Whittemore is available. 13 — The snow is making Don Dunsky restless. He is seen running between classes to keep in shape. 14 — Cindy Dench is giving Sue Forbes ten easy lessons on " How to Trap A Greek.” 15 — Miss Perry calls in the F.B.I. to see why N.H.S. candy sales are failing. Debbie Lucas goes on vaca- tion early. 18 — Mike Sanborn and Eva Ercolani have been elected the 1968 poster kids for Sears Roebuck Company. 20 — Did you see Mr. Parson’s socks? They have red reindeer on them. 22 — Santa Claus was so SWEET this year. He took orders and then relayed them to his elf- — Barry Stacks. Merry Christmas ! DECEMBER Knowlton! Knowlton! Knowiton! JANUARY 2 — Everyone is still recovering from Billy Shea’s swinging New Year’s Eve party. 8 — Would you believe that school was called off? 9 — Bryan Dench is absent from school for a week following the Malden Catholic game. He deserves the rest. 10 — Anne Marie Pallazola sewed her corporal stripes on upside down. 17 — Midyears — Seniors decide to take another vacation. 24 — Mark Linsky slept in Mr. Hagstrom’s office today because the book room was too cold. 27 — The day Paula Scola has waited so faithfully for. 29 — Dominic Novello is seen moving out of a locker — unex- pected visitor Dom ? 30 — Riot outside the main office. It seems the computer made a few mistakes. 31 — The W.M.E.X. Good Guys pack the gym. Nancy Kinner pulled a horror show. I got it! The tensions of mid-years are released. Hey watch the hands ! Donnie hustles. 2 — Sarah Jane Turner gets a new car. There was no more room left for Sarah’s weekly dent. 4 — It is reported that Clark Ross will get a date for the Senior Class ' Prom as soon as he sells his collection of 521 college catalogues. 6 — Gene Barratt and Bill Brown are seen skipping school this morning — Gordon College rink again? 8 — Senior girls get ready for the " Big Fight” at Good Harbor Beach. 9 — Senior girls chicken out of the " Big Fight.” 12 — After seeing her Spanish Achievement scores, Mary Jean Alves was spotted gliding across the first floor clacking her castanets. 14 — Martha Feener gets a surprise valentine — I don’t believe it! 16 — Cathy Sprague seen thumbing on 128 with a sign " Babson or Bust.” Elliot Parker stops to pick her up. 22 — Ruth Ann Clark shows up at a basketball game. 29 — Sadie Hawkins Day — Senior girls try to grab a date for the prom at Castle Hill. What do you say we try again in four years ? What a giant ! FEBRUARY Does Sal really have a head of steel ? Timmy get the mouse out of the locker. Iv- ;, I dare you to say that again. 1 — Tommy Middleton has a tan. This time it is Q.T. plus a little Florida sun. 5 — Gloucester beats Reading. Are we great or what? 7 — Janet Tyne gets her picture in the paper with some dog named Daisy. 9 — Bob Nelson, ’’Best Dancer,” breaks his ankle dancing at a G.H.S. dance. What’s your excuse, Bob? 1 1 — Mr. High School alias Bucky Rogers says we ' re having the " whatchamacallits.” 13— The impossible dream — G.H.S. goes to Boston Garden. 14 — Olive Marchant is elected " snowball of the year” by Shorthand II. 19 — Mary Lou Tupman is doing a marvelous job as a public relations manager. 22 — It is rumored that Donnie (Sudsie) Sutherland takes a Mr. Bubble break every C block. 25 — Someone stepped on Helen Grinnell’s car. Now she will have to ride her horse to school. 28 — Steve Byrnes came back to Brylcream, but please, Steve, a little dab will do ya ! I would like to introduce your new floormaster. Who’s full of bull? We know. MARCH Cindy is making an Easter outfit. Bruce had a rough weekend ! APRIL I — Nancy Mountain has robbed the treasury and taken off to Bermuda. April Fool! 3 — We are all proud of Jackie Nickerson. She didn ' t get thrown out of any of her classes today. 8 — Tragedy — Mary Lou Randazza’s hair got caught in the mimeograph machine while doing the office report. 10 — Surprise! Surprise! Eddie Carroll trimmed his bangs. 12 — Tom Brown gets standing ovation in Speech class. His speech was entitled " Julius Seized-her” ! 15 — Spring fever has hit the Senior class. Peter Natti is seen throwing boulders at street lights. 17 — Sandy Dana is going for an all-time record — four straight mornings in home room before 8:00. 20 — Dona Wood and Pat Sheedy, G.H.S.’s Bobbsey twins are, contrary to other reports, really looking for the Hardy Boys. 22 — Sue Foster is being sued. It seems that she still hasn ' t paid the bus company for the bus to the Winthrop game. 29 — Someone said we were having real potatoes today for lunch. It proved to be a false alarm. He loves me, he loves me not. MAY 1 — The Senior Class Show is shaping up in more ways than one. 3 — Chris France is hustling another junior boy. 6 — Lois Rich didn’t raise her hand in Miss Perry’s G block class today. 10 — Dickie " Hands” Cooper trims his nails for action Satur- day night. 13 — Kathy Sheedy buys a new bathing suit, but is hiding it from her parents in her pocketbook. 15 — Butchie Hemmer wears his R.O.T.C. uniform to school for the first time this year. 17 — Rick Vidal has a date for the Sargeant’s Party. Unreal! 24 — Seniors are running wild, even Mr. Karcher can’t control them. 26 — The Senior Class Show was a great success but the party afterward was even better. Garth demonstrates the Funky. Carla didn’t see the wall. 186 Does this mean we’re going steady ? Elliot plans a military takeover Memorial Day. JUNE 1 — Darryl DelTorchio finally fearns how to do a cartwheel. Too bad it is two years too late. 4 — After the decorations for the first two parties. Senior sergeants decide to leave gym bare. 6 — Four hundred seniors take all three lunches. 7 — Gardy Wonson drinks Nutriment the night of the party. 11 — Seniors are late for graduation practice. Senior camp must be too much ! 12 — Mr. Karcher is bequeathed a mini-skirt and a pair of Mick Jagger pants. 13 — Senior girls light up at the Mother-Daughter Banquet. Surprised Mom? 14 — Senior Class Banquet — After four years Senior boys have matured. They are now shooting peas. 1 5 — Senior boys are reseeding and watering the grass at Newell Stadium. We all want an outdoor grad- uation. 16 — Graduation. 17 — Though high school days of telling tales and biting nails are gone, we know in our hearts that the memories will live on and on . . . Kurt finally found his English book ! Their last lunch together. Just think, only one more week! Please Miss Frostholm, I really want to graduate! The only guide to a man is his conscience; the only shield to his memory is the rectitude and sincerity of his actions. Winston Churchill 189 ' l.kl " ll:l i i . rlw‘ IN MEMORIAM 1st Lt. David Bowman army 1st Lt. Frank A. D’Amico army Gordan Tyne navy PFC Frank T. Kreseskie Jr. marine 1st Lt. Thomas Burke army Robert V. Moore marine Maj. Stephen R. Porcella PFC Mathew P. Amaral III army Paul Knowlton marine William K. Hinckley, Jr Manchester PFC George Ulrich III - ■ ■Ufa r IOUCESTER HIGH SCh; " The woods are lovely, dark, a But I have promises to keep And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep. Robert Frost The Class of 1968 Wishes to Thank the Advertisers for Their Support. Best Wishes ACADIA FISHERIES Congratulations From ADASKO ' S FASHION SHOP 158 Main Street Gloucester Good Luck Seniors BILL ALLEN Trucking Contracting Bulldozing Hot Topping and Complete Sewerage Service Southern Avenue Essex, Mass. Dial 768-6900 Best of Luck to the SENIOR CLASS APPT ' S OIL SERVICE Burner Service BARBARA ' S 13 Lexington Avenue Magnolia Masachusetts BEAUTY SALON 138 Prospect Street Gloucester Dial 283-0218 Good Luck, Seniors BEACON MARINE BASIN 2 1 I East Main Street Best Wishes Class of ' 68 ART JEWELERS 196 - BENS WALLPAPER PAINT CO. 115 M ain Street Gloucester 283-6541 CALLAHAN ' S Riverside House Restaurant Main Street Essex CAPE ANN BANK and TRUST COMPANY 154 Main Street The Bank of the North Shore CAPE ANN B OWLING CENTER Gloucester Avenue BROWN ' S of Gloucester Since 1885 THE BUILDING CENTER STORES Gloucester, Rockport CAPE ANN SAVINGS BANK Gloucester Manchester 130 Main Street Beach Street Compliments of CAPE ANN GLASS CO. Compliments of -fl THE CAPE ANN SHOP 220 Main Street Gloucester Massachusetts CARIBOU | FISHERIES 1 Compliments of I I 159 East Main Street 1 Gloucester CLICKY ' S MEN ' S SHOP Main Street Plaza CLEVELAND FUNERAL HOME ESTABLISHED 1929 Thoughtful Care and Dignity Characterize Our Service Martin Street Essex, Massachusetts Dial 768-7722 MRS. HARRY CLEVELAND Manager CONNORS PHARMACY, INC. Prescription Specialists 112 Main Street Gloucester Dial 283-0078 FREE DELIVERY Congratulations CLEANERS AND DRYERS DEMARCO ' S CLEANERS AND DRYERS 103 Washington Street Over Half a Million Sold and This Is the Reason Why DESTINO ' S 200 Best Wishes Seniors CIOLINO’S PHARMACY 390 Main Street Gloucester Dial 283-1262 Est. 1902 DEERING ELECTRIC COMPANY Electric Contractors S. D. DEERING, JR. S. D. DEERING, SR. 15 Washington Street Gloucester THE EMPIRE 171 Main Street Gloucester FAULK BROTHERS, INC ESSEX RADIO and T. V SERVICE Mason Contractors TELEPHONE 283-1771 35 Whittemore Street Gloucester DICK ' S SHOE STORE Main Street Plaza M ERNIE ' S MOBILE STATION Main Street Essex, Massachusetts ESSEX TOWN SHOPPE FARN HAM ' S TAKE-OUT SERVICE Compliments of the FRIEND STREET MARKET GABRIEL ' S HORN Antiques CILLE BLACKWOOD Box 112, S. Essex Dial RO 8-6068 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Ipswich Essex Office Martin Street, Essex, Mass. Member of F.D.I.C. Compliments of Best Wishes Seniors FISCHER FARM EGGS Milk Street ESSEX GENTILE EATON SERVICE COMPANY INC. DIAL 283-0764 284 Main Street Gloucester, Massachusetts FLEUR de LYS RESTAURANT GLOUCESTER CAMERA AND PHOTO SHOP 10 Pleasant Street Camera Supplies Finishing Commercial Photography Custom Color Printing Best Wishes, Seniors THE GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES GLOUCESTER CHILDREN ' S TEEN AND JUNIOR SHOP Compliments of GLOUCESTER DELICATESSEN 151 Main Street Dial 283-4500 GRAY ' S It ' s Gray ' s for Quality Sports Equipment - Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1968 From THE GLOUCESTER CO-OPERATIVE BANK 85 Middle Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 203 GLOUCESTER HOUSE RESTAURANT INC. 63 Rogers Street Gloucester EMILE A. GRUPPE GALLERY 32 Rocky Neck Avenue East Gloucester GOLDMAN ' S GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 147 Main Street Dial 283-0610 ■ GOVE ' S GULF STATION 132 Washington Street HUBBARD AND PURDY Mason Contractors Blocks — Concrete — Tile Brickwork — and Stucco Plastering JAMES C. GREELY FUNERAL HOME 45 Dennison Street TELEPHONE 283-3359 Gloucester, Massachusetts 212 Washington Street Gloucester, Massachusetts JAMES C. GREELY, JR. JAMES C. GREELY, III GERALD D. GREELY I Best Wishes From IVAN ' S ESSO SERVICE STATION HUDDER-PARSONS Causeway, Essex 205 Compliments of LOU ' S AUTO BODY Doctor of Radiators Master of Dents 70 Maplewood Avenue Gloucester LEPAGE ' S Gloucester Massachusetts LOU ' S CLEANERS 1 59 Prospect Street Gloucester, Massachusetts Best of Wishes XJTJ MacDOWELL ' S STATIONERY INC. of GLOUCESTER Office Supplies Printing Equipment BOY ' S AND MEN ' S CLOTHING TELEPHONE 283-7604 141-143 Main Street Gloucester 168 Main Street Tel. 283-5700 G. EVERETT MAHONY, INC. INSURANCE LEO S. CRANE, Manager 46 Pleasant Street LINSKY ' S SERVICE STATION Maplewood Avenue Gloucester Congratulations MALEN’S SERVICE STATION 123 Washington Street Dial 283-9702 2Q7 MICHEL ' S CAPE ANN DINER MITCHELL ' S 216 Main Street Gloucester DRIVING SCHOOL 3 Washington Street MISTY ACRES RESTAURANT Best Wishes Telephone 768-6613 Essex, Massachusetts NATIONAL BUTCHERS NICHOL ' S CANDIES - Congratulations Seniors Route 128 Exit 12 Crafts Road Gloucester Rust Island Massachusetts MR. CHARLES HAIR STYLIST NORTH SHORE AUTOMOTIVE 295 Main Street 142 Main Street 208 Gloucester Compliments of MUSAPHIA STUDIO Portrait Photographer Lexington Avenue Magnolia, Massachusetts NALLY OIL COMPANY Burner Sales and Service 86 Grove Street OUR LADY OF GOOD VOYAGE C.Y.O. NATIONAL HOUSE FURNISHINGS 196 Main Street Gloucester Floor — Wall — Tiles Linoleum — Carpets Installed Upholstering Custom Slip Covers W. S. PIKE FUNERAL HOME NORTH SHORE FURNITURE CO. TELEPHONE 283-0094 161 Main Street Gloucester. Mass. HAROLD N. PIKE, Director 61 Middle Street 283-884 NORTH SHORE THEATRE O ' CONNELL ' S VARIETY STORE RELIABLE MARKET Fountain Service 50 School Stree t 89 Washington Street RUST ' S GULF STATION Main Street Essex SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 159 Main Street Gloucester Artist Supplies Paints Wallpaper SAINT ANN C.Y.O. B. SCHRED FABRIC STORE 108 Main Street Gloucester SHIP-AHOY Main Street, Essex SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY 83 Main Street 283-1300 SIMON ' S SPORT CENTER 268 Main Street Gloucester Massachusetts Congratulations Seniors STERLING DRUG STORE Gloucester 212 RICAN 2; • ' AN N J LINGuica e A?£ak SSsae.isc s-sSSa, ifSSir »45 45 65 » !S ,S „ S ° WW.BO -» «M Meat »SA6E ' U1 iai» i_v 03 SKIPPER ' S GALLEY INC. Main Street STEVERINO’S SUB SHOP Essex Massachusetts Compliments HASTINGS-TAPLEY INSURANCE AGENCY Village Centre Essex Dial 768-6644 STEVENS MOTOR SALES Cape Ann’s Largest Auto Dealer 43 Gloucester Avenue Tel. 283-8500 KENNY ' S MARKET Tel. 283-4730 Causeway Street SUDBAY Pontiac — Cadillac — Buick Inc. Gloucester, Mass. 01930 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. RICHARD TARR AND SON 39 Western Avenue 1084 Washington Street Lanesville, Mass. 214 Congratulations THE SURF A FRIEND THE TAVERN 30 Western Avenue, Gloucester Compliments of UNCLE MOE ' S SNACK BAR AND VARIETY STORE 67 Maplewood Avenue Gloucester Compliments of VICTORY BEAUTY SALON 8 Center Street WHIT ' S WHARF Good Harbor Beach TAKE-OUT LUNCHETTE Open 11-5 Through the Summer VILLAGE BEAUTY SHOPPE Village Center Essex Compliments of GEORGE W. THURSTON, INC. Dodge-Dart Sales and Car Rentals 130 Washington Street 1 IT 9 Tf nr nr TP 0 CONGRATULATIONS . . . and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photographs one of the happiest and most excitingtimes of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanshipat the most moderate prices! LORING STUDIOS New England’s FI Leading Portrait and Yearbook Photographers MKHBjhb v 3 1655 00197 9420 1 . : ' " t i Ui. Lim A Y • ™ , mass. 01,1 BCT1V5 STORAGE

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