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FLICKER 1966 ■ • enflucE 1 rj ■ " ji DEDICATION We, the class of 1966, wish to dedicate our Flicker to Mr. Arthur N. Smith who is retiring this year after fifteen years as Principal of Gloucester High School. Before becoming principal, Mr. Smith taught in and was head of the History Department. With Mr. Smith go the sin- cere affection and respect of the class of 1966. We would like to express here our thanks to him for his years of dedication to the education of Gloucester students. ARTHUR N. SMITH Mr. Smith is presented with the football used at the Thanks- giving Day game against Dan- vers, which Gloucester won 13-0. The ball is presented by football co-captains, John Bur- nett and John Budrow. Foot- ball coach John Furey looks on. FLICKER EDITOR AND ADVISOR There are many people who have helped in the preparation of the 1966 Flicker. I should like to thank everyone who has helped me: Mr. Korobkin for his efficient handling of the business manage- ment; Loring Studios and Mr. Flora for their ex- cellent photography; Mr. Vaitones for his coopera- tion with typists and typewriters; Mr. Vail for packing the copy shipments; Mr. Rowan of Taylor Publishing Com pany for all his advice; my staff for their faithful work; and especially Miss Reebe for the advice and encouragement she has given me. Editor Mr. Korobkin and Sue Perry manage the Flicker financially. FLICKER STAFF Jeanne Mugford; chairman Linda Thomas Pat Moceri Joanne Misuraca Paulene Ferriero Pat Perkins Linda Carpenter Richard Pierce Michael Tysver Allan Metzner Super ah ' i lues Pam Vidal Beverly White Jean Davis Marilyn Re Jane Hurlburt Linda Philbrook Pat Perkins Jeanne Mugford Linda Steele Cathy Lynch Jaon Lowrie Paulene Ferriero Roseanne Ercolani Cindy Dagle Pat McGrath Linda Carpenter Sue Flildonen Cathy Frontiero Joanne Misuraca Katie Cronin Gacu tp Ricky Pierce; chairman Allan Metzner Marion Wilkins fl c oerhsin y Sue Perry; chairman Lucinda Pata Marilyn Re Pam Vidal Joanne Misuraca Paulene Ferriero Beverly White Barbara Wonson Cindy Dagle Pat McGrath Rick Moore; chairman Bruce Maki Steve Bloch Gocationaf Leslie Blake Anita Canillas James Barrett Glcfioilies James Barrett Ricky Pierce Allan Metzner G ass G a e n cfar Paula Ross Suzi Natti Wayne Soini Peter Mullin Gy piny Pam Vidal; chairman Marilyn Re Gloria Watson Ann Burke Lucinda Pata Jean Davis JAnda Garofalo Cathy MacFarland Chris Wilber Karen Jensen Sally Smith Ruth Smith Polly Westlund Andrea Goodwin Cathy Bommarito Anita Canillas Barbara Wonson CR.O.G.G. Wayne Soini Alex MacDonald ffio io yra pfy SUPERINTE NDENT OF SCHOOLS, J. STANLEY THOMPSON MR. HERBERT WOSTREL, Assistant Superintendent of Schools TOTHR MhMIJFRS OF TtlF CLASS OF 196h I appreciate the opportunity to say hello to you through the pages of your Flicker. A ' you reach die climax of thi « very important phase of your life, I hope that you arc able to look back with a great deal of satisfaction. High School years should be happy ones. In addition, they should be years when you are building a firm foundation for what is to come. As you leave Gloucester High School your paths will lead in different directions. Walk straight and upright along whatever path you may choose. Your education to this point will be helpful, but it is only a beginning. You will be joining the thousands of graduates that have gone before you. Make them proud of vou. Congratulations and best wishes. Sincerely, Gloucester Public Schools GLOUCESTER MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT 10 ROBERT KARCHER, ACTING PRINCIPAL Mr. Karcher is aided by his able secretary, Miss Hodgkins. TO THE CLASS OF 1966 It has been my pleasure to work with you during your four years at Gloucester High School. Since I have been acting principal during part of your senior year, your class will have a special meaning to me. You are about to graduate into a society which has many problems, the solution to which will he a challenge to your genera- tion. A tremendous responsibility is to be yours, and you should accept it with de- termination to contribute your utmost. Whatever path you may choose to follow after leaving Gloucester High School, you have my best wishes for complete success. I I T r FLOORMASTERS MR. J. VINCENT ELMER In addition to being a proficient Latin instructor, Mr. Elmer also has the responsibility of being the second-floor supervisor. To succeed in both of these positions requires both understanding and patience. Because of Mr. Elmer’s obvious possession of these qualities, along with his sense of humor, he has won the respect and honor of the students of G.H.S. MR. VERNON C. HOOPER Mr. Hooper serves both as the third-floor floormaster and as a teacher of mechanical drawing. It is his duty to see that all matters on the third floor run smoothly. Under his supervision are such matters as tardiness, absence, and discipline of students on the third floor. Mr. Hooper is also in charge of the busing of Essex students. All G.H.S. graduates will remember fondly their days spent on the third floor with Mr. Hooper. MR. RICHARD C. BERGERON This year, along with his duties as first-floor floormaster, Mr. Bergeron has taken on the added responsibility of acting Vice-principal of G.H.S. Mr. Bergeron’s duties include checking tardiness and attendance, enforcing discipline, and maintaining order on the first floor. Mr. Bergeron, with his fairness and outstanding character has gained the confidence of the student body. 12 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT MISS RUTH MARSHALL The Guidance Department of G.H.S. is staffed by three fine counselors. Miss Marshall, Mr. Robert Natti, and Mr. Leon Sprague are always available to help us with prob- lems ranging from election of courses to applications for college. No matter what the problem is, there is always a counselor willing to aid us. They have also been needed friends to us all with our personal as well as educational problems. We will never forget these three who have done so much for us. MR. ROBERT NATTI MISS MARY DeWOLFE; Guidance Secretary MR. LEON C. SPRAGUE THEY SERVE US MISS GAYE CURCURU is in charge of bus passes. MISS CATHERINE MacEACHERN, a hard-working secretary. A great aid to the students of Gloucester High School is the Ernest G. Fellows Li- brary. With the aid of student workers, Miss Londergon, our librarian, keeps the 35,000 books, magazines, and pamphlets in good condition; supervises the borrowing of books; and aids students in gaining a better knowledge of the Library’s facilities. MISS DOROTHY A. LONDERGON, Librarian. 14 AND KEEP US HEALTHY MISS HELEN MORTON Under the supervision of MISS MORTON, the cafeteria workers prepare our school lunches each day. Mrs. Olson may be found on any school day in the office of the Health Suite, checking attendance and ad- ministering to sick students. Mrs. Ol- son will always lend a sympathetic ear to any student who is not feeling well. MRS. OLSON, our school nurse 15 WILLIAM W. GENTILE Boston College, B.A. ; English ; Future Teachers Club Advisor. RONALD L. ATWOOD Rollins, B.A.; Salem State College; M.Ed.; English, Lin- guistics; Flash Advisor, Driver Education Instructor. GERALDINE BABSON Univ. of Vermont, B.A.; Eng- lish; Flash Co-Advisor, Cheer- leader Co-Advisor. ELEANOR W. BEEBE Simmons, B.S.; Boston Univer- sity, M.A.; English; Flicker Ad- visor. RICHARD C. BERGERON New England College, B.A.; Salem State College, M.Ed.; English; 1st Floor Supervisor. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Regardless of what vocation we choose to pursue, some degree of knowledge in English will be necessary. The English De- partment, under the able leadership of Miss Claudia Perry, has given the class of 1966 a lasting knowledge of the English language, a deep respect for the world’s literature, and an interest in a wide range of extra- curricular activities. These activities, super- vised by various teachers in the department, include the Stevens Book Reviewers, the National Honor Society, the Thespians, the Special Books Class, the Flash, the Beacon , and the Flicker. MADELINE L. GRILLO Emerson, B.A. ; English. ANN V. LIEBMAN Mount Holyoke, B.A.; English; Advisor for Stevens Book Re- viewers. BENJAMIN A. LITTLE University of Pa., B.A.; B.U., M.Ed.; English. DOROTHEY A. LONDERGON Emmanuel, B.U., B.A., M.A.; Librarian. 18 JAMES W. McCOMISKEY, JR. Dartmouth, Boston University, B.A.; Worcester State, N.Ed. ; English; Freshman Hockey Coach. BONNIE P. O ' CONNELL College of Notre Dame of Mary- land, B.A.; English. CLAUDIA PERRY Radcliffe, B.A.; Oxford Sum- mer Session; English; English Dept. Head; National Honor So- ciety; Special Books Class; Glou- cester High School Poetry Con- test. JOHN T. ROBARTS Bowdoin, B.A.; Latin, English; Freshman Football Coach. MORTON A. SPARER Boston University, B.A. ; Bos- ton State College, M.Ed.; Eng- lish; Beacon Advisor. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR University of N.H., B.A.; Mid- dlebury College, M.A.; English. NANCY A. WEBBER Boston University, B.F.A. ; Eng- lish, Speech; Thespians Advisor. ALYCE E. WILSON Lesley College; B.S.Ed.; Boston University, M.Ed.; English; Beacon Advisor. MILITARY DEPARTMENT It is the mission of the Military Department to instruct all male students in military history and policy, military organization, and basic training of the Infantry soldier, under the capable direction of Army Instructors. The results of this training can be seen in the marked improvement in the bear- ing of the students as they walk the streets, an increase of self-respect, a consciousness of self control, and a clearer idea what enters into the make-up of a well-developed man. Extracurricular activities of the Brigade are: Boys’ and Girls’ Drill Teams, Boys’ and Girls’ Rifle Teams, and the ROTC Band. MAJOR FRANK T. CHANCE , Kent State Univ.; Suffolk Univ. Law School; Military Science; Professor of Military Science. SGT. LOVARD CLENNY Military Science; Girls’ Rifle Team and Girls’ Drill Team Ad- visor. SGT. JAMES L. LLOYD Military Science; Varsity Rifle Team, J.V. Rifle Team Advisor. SGT. JOHN R. McNAMARA Military Science; Assistant Mili- tary Property Custodian ; Non- commissioned officer in charge. 19 DEVON BERGENGREN Tufts, B.A.; Typewriting, Bus. Practice. VERNA M. CARBONE Boston University, B.S., M.Ed. ; Typewriting; Honor Business Club Advisor. BEATRICE H. CHRISTOPH ERSON Salem State, B.S.; Typewriting, Machine Practice; Service Club. HARVEY M. KOROBKIN Suffolk U., B.S., M.S.; Book- keeping, Business Practice, Eco- nomics; Business Advisor to Flicker. SHIRLEY M. LAFRANCE Salem State, B.S.Ed.; Short- hand, Transcription; Student Secretaries. ETHEL E. MILLS Salem State, B.S.Ed.; Boston University, M.S.Ed. ; Bookkeep- ing, Typewriting; Cheerleader Advisor. BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT The Business Education Department is headed by Mr. Alge Vaitones. Students taking business courses receive ex- cellent training that enables many of the graduates to as- sume jobs in the business field immediately upon gradua- tion. Other students go on to receive further education in other fields. However the skills and training they receive from this department are invaluable in their chosen voca- tion, whatever it may be. The development of selected busi- ness skills in the classroom enable the business student to take his place confidently in the business world. THOMAS J. O’DONNELL Salem State, B.S.Ed.; General Business, Typewriting, Consum- er Education, Salesmanship. M. EVELYN OLIVER Salem State, B.S.Ed.; Short- hand, Typewriting. NORMAN C. ROSS Bucknell, B.A.; Economics, Consumer Education, Merchan- dising. ALGE J. VAITONES University of Maine, B.S. ; Bos- ton University, M.Ed.; Office Practice, Typewriting; Head of Business Education Department. 20 CHARLES F. BRUNO Brown University, B.A.; Salem State, M.Ed. ; Algebra I, Gen. Math; Sailing Club. JOHN E. CANNIFF Boston College, B.A., B.S. ; Al- gebra; Hockey Coach; Asst. Football Coach. AARNE A. FRIGARD Dartmouth, B.A. ; Geometry, Re- view Math; Track Coach. ALFRED U. HAGSTROM Providence College, Ph.B.; Bos- ton Univ., M.Ed.; Mathematics Department Head. NORMA HARRIS Bucknell, B.A.; Gen. Math, Al- gebra. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT A sound background in mathematics is essential to today’s student. It is the purpose of the mathematics department, under the direction of Mr. Alfred U. Hagstrom, to give this knowledge to the students of G.H.S. Courses offered to students include general math, algebra, geometry, trig- onometry, and modern math. JOHN McPHEE Salem State, B.S. Ed.; Math, Science. H. AUGUSTUS NUNES University of N.H., B.A.; Al- gebra, Geometry; Tennis Coach. JOHN W. SPERRY University of Mass., B.S.; Trigonometry, Algebra; Math League Sponsor. DAVID WATTS University of Maine, B.A.; Alge- bra, Plane Geometry; Cross Country Coach. 21 PAUL E. BRADSTREET University of Maine, B.S. Chemistry; General Science DONALD J. GOODWIN Univ. of Mass., B.S.; Biology, Chemistry, Marine Science. ROBERT W. CARD Bowdoin, Harvard, B.A., A.M.T.; Physics, General Science; Head of Science Dept. STANLEY E. GLEASON Univ. of N.H., B.S.; Chemistry; Chess Club. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The focus on science during recent years has challenged the Science Department, headed by Robert W. Card, to make its offerings perti- nent to the lives of Gloucester High Schools students. In addition to the courses found in most high schools, Gloucester offers a physiol- ogy course for girls and a Marine Studies course for selected students in the senior year. Currently there is being carried on an experi- mental program to introduce some laboratory work in the ninth grade course of General Science. The goal of the Department is to pro- vide each pupil with a nodding acquaintance with the major fields of science, while offering opportunity for stimulation and pursuit of special interests whenever they may be found. MANUEL F. MARTINS Providence College, B.A.; B.C., M.Ed.; Gen. Science, Gen. Physics; Audio-Visual Co-ordina- tor. EARLE B. PRIDE Univ. of Maine, B.S.; General Science. RICHARD S. SHORT Bates, B.S. ; B. U., M.Ed.; C.A.G.S.; Biology. FRANCIS W. SPECK Tufts, B.S.; Biology. 0. MYRTLE WARDRUP Shepard College, B.A., B.S. ; Biology, Physiology; First Aid, Med. Self-Help, Future Nurses of Am., Beta Beta Biology Cl., Junior Volunteers. 22 MARY S. BURKE Boston University, B.S., M.A. ; U.S. History, World History. JAMES BRENNAN U.N.H., B.A.; U.S. History, World History. THOMAS J. BRENNAN U.N.H., B.A., M.A. ; U.S. His- tory, International Relations; American Forum Sponsor. JOHN C. CARTER Harvard, B.A., A.M.T. ; Modern Democracy, U.S. History, World History; Student Council, Social Studies Department Head. MARILYN D. CLARK Morningside College, B.A. ; World History, Modern Democ- racy. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT The class of 1966 will be prepared to participate in the ever-changing world that lies before it because of the train- ing received at Gloucester High School. The Social Stud- ies Department feels confident that these citizens of tomorrow will make their contributions to a world in which all may live at peace with their fellow men. JOHN FUREY Boston College, B.S. Ed.; World History; Head Football Coach. JOHN J. KANIA, JR. Boston University, B.A.; Salem State, M.Ed. ; World Geography, U.S. History, Modern Democracy. RAYMOND S. LANE University of Mass., B.A. ; Sa- lem State, M.A. ; World Geog- raphy. Modern Democracy. edward McCaffrey University of Mass., B.A. ; U.S. History, World Geography. DONALD McPHAIL Boston University, B.S. Ed.; World Geography, World His- tory; Stage Crew Advisor. GERALD A. O’NEIL U.N.H., B.A. ; U.S. History, World Geography; Asst. Football Coach. DAVID S. WISE Harvard, B.A. ; World History, U.S. History, Modern Democracy. 23 DORIS B. BAER Radcliffc, B.A., M.A.; French; French Club. J. VINCENT ELMER Amherst, B.A.; Harvard, M.A.T. ; Latin; Second Floor Supervisor. MILDRED E. FROSTHOLM Wellesley, B.A., M.A.; Spanish; Head of Foreign Language Dept.; Sponsor, Spanish Club. DAVID C. ROBINSON Brandeis, B.A.; French; French Club, Co-Sponsor. i mm FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT In the rapidly shrinking world of today, in which the United States has taken a posi- tion of leadership among the free nations, there is a greater need than ever for more of our people to become acquainted with other languages, other peoples, and other cultures. We recognize this need in Glou- cester by offering the study of four years in each of the following languages: French. German, Spanish, and Latin. It is only through the study of languages that we can understand and communicate with other nations. Language is the main key to in- ternational understanding. KIRSTEN A. WEBER Andrews University, B.A.; French. EDWARD W. ROEWER Dartmouth, B. U.; B.A., M.Ed.; Spanish. ROBERT L. SHEAFFER Trinity, B.A.; German, Span- ish ; German Club Sponsor. 24 HOWARD CURTIS Mass. College of Art, B.S.Ed.; Art. MILTON A. HARRIS Mechanical Drawing. VERNON C. HOOPER Gorham Teachers’ College; Me- chanical Drawing; Third Floor Supervisor. MARY J. NUGENT Boston University, B.S.Ed., M.Ed. ; Art Appreciation, Crafts. ART DEPARTMENT It is the primary purpose of the instructors in this department to guide the minds of the young in their personal venture into ' the realm of Beauty; all the while seeking to merge the objective and subjective aspects of this intangible will-of-the-wisp. We are concerned with discovery and revelation, and employ such means as will best bring to each stu- dent a better understanding of art, that each in his or her own life may find a greater fulfillment. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Classes in music theory and appreciation, general chorus, R.O.T.C. Band, Glee Club, and A Cappella Choir provide many opportunities to Gloucester High School Students. These musical activities are instructed by Miss Eleanor F. Moore and her assistants, Miss Margaret Eddy and Mr. Robert E. Puff. ELEANOR MOORE Ne w England Conservatory of Music; Music Theory, Music Appreciation; Glee Club, A Cap- pella Choir. 25 LEO AMERO JOHN F. BUDROW GASPER LEWIS GEORGE PERRY Fitchburg State; Auto Related Math, Science, and Drawing. Fitchburg State; B.S.Ed. -Voc. ; Auto Repair. Carpentry Shop Fitchburg State, B.S.Ed., M.Ed.; Related Machine Math, Science, Drawing; Flag Day Exercises in all schools. VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Since its founding in 1940, the Gloucester Vocational School, under the direction of Mr. Harold B. Geary, has aspired to prepare boys for immediate employment as carpenters, printers, electricians, machinists, and automobile mechanics. In 1962 a new course was added. Fishing and Marine Technology. This is to prepare boys for employment in the fishing industry. The boys are also fully equipped in each field to meet the challenges of further training in institutions of higher learning. CARLO SINAGRA Fisheries Course, Related Math, Science, and Drawing. KENNETH E. STICKNEY Fitchburg State, B.S.Ed.; Car- pentry Math, Science, Drawing, Arch. Drawing; Director of Adult Education. HARVEL R. VAIL Fitchburg State, B.S.; Print Shop, Related subjects; Benja- min Franklin Club Advisor, Busi- ness Manager of Football, Di- rector of Driver Education. RAYMOND WHITE Fitchburg State; Electrical Shop, Related Math, Science, and Drawing. 26 ROBERT C. DELISLE University of Mass., B.S.; Boys’ Physical Education. MARYELLEN FLANAGAN Boston University, Sargent Col- lege, B.S.; Girls’ Physical Edu- cation; Girls’ Leaders Club, Coach of Girls’ Varsity Sports. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT A great stress has been placed on the importance of physical fitness for the modern youth. Our gym instructors, Miss Maryellen Flanagan and Mr. Robert Delisle, are busy teaching freshmen and sophomores the use of various gymnastic equipment. As a result of this program, many students have gone on to varsity sports. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT The clothing, foods, and family living department provides a comprehensive pro- gram in homemaking, wardrobe planning, principles of nutrition, and family living. Its purpose is to offer enriching experiences that will help to prepare the teenager for womanhood. The subject matter is presented from the standpoint of the girl’s interest in improving her personal appearance, developing skills in sewing, planning correct diets, and gaining a perspective on life’s adjustments. JOAN M. KEEGAN Framingham State, B.A.Ed.; Home Economics. HELEN W. MORTON Framingham State; Home Eco- nomics; Director, Cafeteria. ELIZABETH S. SPELLMAN Queens College, B.S.; Homemak- ing, Family Living, and Cloth- ing; Family Living Club Ad- visor. 27 Sep e 9 4 n er. summer memories m WILLIAM BRUCE SQUILLACE Bill Interests: Popular music; improvement; C.Y.O.; nature; new people; old friends; my pals; the beach; sports; dancing. Ac - tivities: Basketball; Football; Baseball; Leaders Club; Student Council; Delegate E.M.D.S. and M.D.S. Conventions; Grenadiers; Individual Drill; Prize Squad; Haskell Drill; Rifle Team. Honors: Corporal; Sergeant; Cadet Colonel; Most Outstanding Sophomore Cadet Medal; Corliss Medal for Military Excellence; Marksman and Pro-marksmanship Medals; President, Senior Class; Junior Rotarians. Ambition: To succeed in the medical field. JOHN R. BURNETT Interests: V.N. ; Lynn Arena; Lake Placid; 51 Dodge; Sam’s office; Orbison ; “Hi, Babe’’; big dreams; April 17, 1965. Activities: Football, co-captain; Hockey, co-captain; Baseball; Student Council; C Block Chorus; Leaders’ Club. Honors: Senior Class, Vice-Pres.; Junior Rotarian; Boys State; 1st Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To repay all the people who have helped me, by being able to help others. JEAN LOVE Ennaej ; Beano Interests: C.Y.O.; Tri-Hi-Y; Long Beach; Spyder Malcolm’s, N.Y.U. ; Hampton B. Casino; Shims, Money S. Carlotta; my girl; turtle-eyed; “Crazy”; “Like a Rolling Stone”; Singing Beach; 5 A.M. ; Lynn Arena; Christy Minstrels; Beechwood; swimming. Activities: Cheerleader; Basketball; Flash ; French Club; Junior Usherette. Honors: Class Secretary. Ambition: To make the most of every moment. VINCIE NOVELLO Interests: J.B.; April 17, 1965; “the VX” ; C.Y.O.; “Big Bruise”; Ask Linda; “those rainy parties!” talks with Paula; Pep Club. Activities: Student Council; French Club; Glee Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; A.F.S.; Girls Drill Team; Flash. Honors: Class Treasurer. Ambition: To see “Someday” come and stay; to find a cure for worrying. 30 STEPHEN ADAMS Steve Interests: Sport9 ; Junior League baseball; E and F block physics on Monday; chorus; Giants and Cubs; No. 8; good times. Activities : Base- ball team. Ambition: To make my- self prosperous in whatever voca- tion I enter. PAUL AIELLO Paul Interests: Girls; “Moe”; sports; Steverino’s; Boulevard; the corner; Corvettes. Activities: Football ; Track; Prize Squad; Individual Drill. Honors: Corporal, 3; Sergeant, 4. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. VITO THOMAS AIELLO Interests: Music; chemistry; art; D.A.; 5 years; ’55 Chevy; May 14; 11:30; Red tux; late kiss; bankruptcy; explores; letters; Au- gust 22. Activities: Band; Chess Club. Ambition : To own a car that will not fall apart; to make my life worthwhile. « CAROL JEAN AKERS Interests: Scowling; more sand; cor- rection; Humphrey; oh, those witches; tuna subs; great scot9 bongos; Dacj ; we’ll make it! Am- bition: To stop the clock at certain times; to figure out parents! SANDRA ALLEN Sandy Interests: “Bobby”; dancing; ice skating; that lawn mower; “Mary- land”; summer of ’65; the future; the Essex gang; the Army; pickles; problems of many. Activities : Girls’ Drill Team; Honor Business Club. Ambition: To live, love, and be hap- py; to make the ones I love proud of me. BRUCE M. AMARAL Mai, Lance Interests: Friday, D block; foot- ball game; number 19; three stooges; blue bomber; peanut but- ter; member of Mr. Gleason’s E block. Activities: Spanish Club; Sports Editor, Flash; Chess Club. Ambition: To go to Arkansas or San Diego and start a new life and meet new friends. CLIFFORD AMERO Interests: Surfing; hiking; Ravine; that 10 foot day; storms; ’54 jeep; the quarries; the summer of ’65. Activities: Freshman Football. Am- bition: To succeed and have fun doing it, and to surf the northern shore of Oahu. CAROL ALMEIDA Interests: People and place; C.Y.O.; long talks; those crazy weekends; ask Bunny; WINK; Rockport; long rides; Pep Club. Ambition: Joys added, sorrows subtracted, friends multiplied, love undivided; to make my parents as proud of me, as I am of them. DAVID ALMELDA T weety Interests: Mickey’s garage; the gang; cars; girls; ’55 Chevy; basket- ball; racing; Andrew’s; parties. Ac- tivities: R.O.T.C. Squad Leader. Honors: Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambi- tion: To eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow there will be more; to make my parents proud of me. 31 our years at 9.7 .S. JOHN AMERO Interests: Girls; money; Rockport; that certain someone; drive-in; laffs; those words; food; put a nickel in it. Activities: R.O.T.C.; Hurwitz’s Health Club. Honors: Prize Squad; Individual Drill. Ambition : To sue ceed in everything I attempt; to make my parents proud of me. PAUL AMERO Interests: ’55 Chevy; hunting; dunes; summer nights; baseball; girls; football; college; Rockport; Sandy Bay; Hondas; hockey; sum- mer sports; skin-diving; Jerry and the Pacemakers; Rolling Stones; yesterday. Ambition: To complete my education; to fulfill my duty to my country. BRUCE EVERETT ANDERSON Andy ; Shotgun; Hoodlum Interests: Cape Ann Sportsman’s Club; Magnolia’s Mafia; “Church”; weapons; skeet shooting; hunting; wilderness survival. Ambition: To go north to Alaska and study wildlife conservation or conquer the world. CAROL ANDERSEN Crisco Interests: Graveyards; ouija boards; full moons; 3 o’clock in the morn- ing; marshmallows; collecting signs; the summer kids; laffs; “What?”; long talks and problems; ask Kathi; those parties; weekends. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To find out what I am and be it and make my parents proud of me. JANET ANDERSON Interests: Meeting people; summer ’65; football games; those parties; hockey games; long talks; 4 square miles; friends, old and new; Tracie’s little people; Pep Club. Activities : A.F.S. Ambition : To do God’s will and not ask why; to live a life of usefulness and truth. STANFORD DAVID AMERO Sandy ; Sherlock Interests: THE ONE-K-MEN; ’53 MERC; Dopie; red sled; A.Y.C. boat trip; B block; destruction night; moorland; Anna Fanna— you know? CRASH! Batman; D.M. Original; disconnected muffler; Ludwig; blue Mustang convertible. Activities: G.H.S. Band; Grenadiers; Squad Leader. Honors: Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition : To be clear in mind, body, and soul. Seniors can do it, but we can’t! PAUL L. ANDERSON Hoss, Andy Interests: RO ; C.A.C.; Racing pigeons; weight lifting; carpentry; 311; Sept. 11, 1961; football; hunt- ing; fishing; archery. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I try, “I hope.” DIANE LAVERN ANDREWS Dee Interests: Horses; organ; M.Y.F., secretary; the boys; Rolling Ridge; knitting; those parties; Beach Boys; my Church School class; ask Sharie. Activities : Beta Beta Biology Club; Future Teachers’ Club; Span- ish Club. Honors: 3rd Prize Sci- ence Fair, 1963. Ambition : To teach, learn, love, be myself, and have fun. LESLIE FAYE ANDERTON Midge Interests: Jack; Rainbow; 4-H ; ask Margie; ’57 Chevy; driving around; summer of ’63; To Angel; that HONDA. Activities: Junior Usher- ette. Honors: Typing Award. Ambi- tion: To remember the past and open a new future; to make my parents as proud of me as I am of them. NANCY MANNING ANDREWS Nance, Nancy Boots Interests: RONNIE; Essex Youth Council; “the old gang;” Topsfield Fair; Junction; The Tent; sports; family circle; talks with the girls; Essex School cellar; journalism. Activities: Beta Beta Biology; Pep Club; Teacher ' s Secretary; Flash ; Flicker ; Library Assistant. Ambition: To enjoy life to the fullest. DIANA FAYE APTT Interests: V.A. ; making plans; Humphrey; brakes; band; strange food; 5 years; freedom night; sore feet; Pep Club. Activities: A.F.S.; Beta Beta Biology Club; Future Teachers. Ambition : To plan my future wisely so as to benefit me and mine. JAMES LESLIE ARSENAULT, JR. Jimmy Interests: Acting; Scouts; people; chess; backstage; art; cartooning; stamps; coins; ghosts; Lon Chaney, Sr.; “The Miracle Worker”; M.G.M. Activities: President, Thes- pians; Stage Crew, Stage Manager; Secretary, Vice President, Chess Club. Ambition: To be six feet six; to make people happy; to make my mother proud of me. RONALD ARSENAULT Ronnie Interests: Gypsy; ’59 Chevy; ball and a half; backstage, 1965; park- ing permit; Joseph’s corner; the newcomers; “25c”. Activities: Thes- pians; R.O.T.C.; Hurwitz’s Health Club; 25 Times Club. Honors: 2nd Lieutenant; Grenadiers; Prize Squad; Individual Drill. Ambition: To make money, and to make my mother proud of me. JAMES ARABIAN Jim Interests: “Terry”; playing the guitar; “Ventures;” singing; “I Need You;” those times playing with Bob and the Terriers at Nan- tasket Beach; “Theres Nothing I can say;” The Village. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I try and to make life worth living. PAMELA LOUISE ARSENAULT Pam Interests: Them; the winter of ’65; black Falcon; new ideal car; what a circus!; Mac’s; get the boat; free taxi services; becoming a ser- geant. Ambition: To make the best of the years to come; to make my parents proud; to recognize the future ahead of me. JANE E. ARVILLA Interests: BOB; March 24, 1963; That special day; U.S. Army; ’56 Buick; writing letters; what a circus!; second table, ask Arlene; long talks, ask Linda; Work??? Ambition: To make that dream come true; to make my grandpar- ents proud of me. 33 o cuor cPcueary Seniors. KENNETH A. ARVILLA Sonny Interests: HOCKEY: Lynn Arena; 12; Canniffmen; Bruins; ’61 Olds; grossin’ out; Knook; summer of ’65; Rockport dances. Activities: Hockey. Honors: North Shore Hock- ey League Champions; Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To see the Bruins win the Stanley Cup. ELLEN LOUISE BAKER Interests: Horseback riding; hockey games; “putt-putt”; football game9 with the gang; ask Jay; the pits; riding around; bowling; remember Vic’s; Ginnie’s; lights out. Activi- ties: Beta Beta Biology Club; Fu- ture Teachers of America Associa- tion. Ambition : To become an ele- mentary teacher; to make my par- ents proud of me. GREVILLE BALZARINI Sandy Interests: Those Olds-powered Fords; The Lobster Co.; the Back Room; the Bridge; looking for that cer- tain one; the gang; Vicari’s. Ac- tivities: Band. Ambition : To walk forward into the future with knowl- edge and an ambition to guide me; to make my parents proud of me. DIANE JEAN BARNER Die, Shorty Interests: M.Y.F.; Choir; The Castle; music; the four B’s, and their homes and families; talks; cats; the Water; “Pals”; sisters; a let-down!; W-E-T, wet. Activities: Junior Volun- teers; Future Nurses; Student Sec- retary; Flicker; Pep Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To live and understand. DAVID PAUL BARNER Dave Interests: Shucks; Roger Miller; hunting; diving; dunes; New York; DeMolay ; M.Y.F.; Edgar. Activities: Stage Crew; R.O.T.C. Band. Ambi- tion: To graduate from college; to understand; to be a wealthy and happy something or other. MARY JANE BARNARD Interests: Theater; backstage bunch; the four B’s; music; New York; memories; talks; spring; Pep Club. Activities: Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; A.F.S.; Thespians, Vice President; Flicker. Ambition: To get the most from life by giving my best to life; to be honest to my- self and others. JAMES J. BARRETT. JR. Tiny; Jimbrony Interests: C.B.; Boy Scouts; Pitts- burgh; Alfred, Maine; model plane building; ask Squeek; Room 201; the darkroom; ’63 Rambler; classical music. Activities : Stage Crew; Chess Club; Thespians; Flash. Honors: National Honor Society; Stage Man- ager; S FC, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To be half the man my father was. CARLOS BATISTA Interests: Cars; hockey; football; hunting. Activities : Varsity Rifle Team; Prize Squad; Haskell Drill; Individual Drill. Honors: R.O.T.C., 2nd Lieutenant. Ambition: To enter the field of electronics and make my parents proud of me. RITA JEAN AUDITORE Jean Interests: D.P.W. ; Lexington; S.T.P. Rockport (Margie) dances; writing poems; 136 Marlborough St.; The Commons; Hondas; Mic; An- nie Fannie; summer ’65; woods and rocks; “Get off my cloud, babe.” Activities: Sailing Club; Spanish Club; Biology Club. Honors: Pro- gram Chairman, Spanish Club. Am- bition: To escape from this eternal cage. ALFRED BALLARIN Al Interests: West End drug store; West End Chorus; Boulevard foot- ball games at the parking lot; Stage Fort Park; girls, girls; ' 65 Chevy; Y.M.C.A.; Canteen Committee; girls. Activities: N.B. Club. Honors: Vice President, Electrical Shop. Ambition: To succeed and to make my mother and father proud of me. 34 CATHERINE BAYLISS Cathy; hlerricat Interests: Little boys; LRY sleep- ing bags on Niles Beach; my SL ; Gloucester and Lowell; H; being SK; pudding; drawing people with big eyes; the cemetery; Boston with Liz and Rami. Activities: Bea- con, Co-Editor; Stevens Reviewers; National Honor Society. Honors: Sawyer Medal; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation. Ambition: Creation and Beatitude. MARY ELIZABETH BENHAM Y ram Interests: Lake Cochituate; the Stones; Good Harbor; skiing; horror shows. Activities: Biology Club; Leaders’ Club; Basketball; Ski Gulls; Nate’s Office; Sailing Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To find the road less traveled; to go around the rotary backwards. SHEILA MAY BERG Interests: Orange sherbet; surprises; letters; Buck; long talks; walks in the rain; peanut butter fights; Ipswich; Jay’s house; F block study; than switch; best of friends; Pep Club. Activities: German Club, treasurer; Future Teachers’ Club; Junior Volunteers. Ambition: To light just one little candle. CYNTHIA RUTH BEARSE Cyndy Interests: Rainbow, Worthy Advisor; YPF ; Baez’n Dylan; just drawing; blue bow (beau). Activities: Bea- con; Cheerleader; Girls’ Leaders Club; French Club; Supply Room Assistant. Honors: National Honor Society; Sawyer Medal. Ambition: To draw a circle of love no smaller than the first one every drawn on earth. RONALD BENJAMIN Benjie Interests: Hanging around the Boulevard with the gang; Room 201 with Uncle George; nights driving around. Activities: Prize Squad. Honors: R.O.T.C., Prize Squad; Sergeant First Class. Ambition: To be successful as a machinist; to make my parents proud of me. DAVID GEORGE BIANCHINI Binks Interests: Rockport; Fool; Wickey’s; “Arabia will live; ’ hustling; WIPE OUT! “Oldies but goodies’’; Lynn Arena; MONEY; spinning tires; wasting precious time; Number “One’’. Activities: Sailing Club; Band. Ambition: To win the Con- gressional Medal of Honor; to be able to retire at 25. LESLIE BLAKE Mole No. 1 Interests: Browie; Tyker du omming? horseback riding; How’s Herman; Jeep; bagels and Harvard Sq.; Slow down, Skip!; monkeys; Step on it; Buckley; Oct. 4; moccasins and sketching. Activities: Student Secretary; Biology Club; Beacon, Art Committee; American Forum; Junior Usherette. Ambition: To know the way wherein I should walk. STEPHAN ROBERT BLOCH Steve; Big Bloch Interests: President of U.S.Y. ; Celtics; Bruins; S.F. Giants; Marichal; dances; ’66 Buick; that certain someone; nites with the guys; Nick’s; Brace’s Cove parties; Stones. Activities: Flicker ; Gren- adiers; Commander, A Company. Honors: 2nd in Individual Drill; 3rd Place Prize Squad. Ambition: To do my will and establish myself. Mr. Worth, have you enlisted? 35 STEVEN P. BLOOM 7; Sev Interests: Dog; The Great Pumpkin; 4 no-trump; USY; Tennessee W; the Reverend and his congregation; 5.2% tan; greed; sailing; P.P. and M. Activities: Beacon, Editor; Math League; Stage Crew; Stevens Book Reviewers. Honors: National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist; Junior Ro- tarian ; Harvard Book Prize; Na- tional Honor Society. Ambition : “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.’’ CATHERINE BOMMARITO Cathy Interests: Butch; Sept. ’63; roses and lollipops; Volks; surprises; RMA; oh no! hurry home; walks and laughs; Pep Club; we who? Activities: Flash ; Sailing Club; Student Secretary; Flicker, H.R. Representative. Honors: Typing, Shorthand Awards. Ambition : To ap- preciate gratefully what life offers and ask for nothing more. Are you this cheerful in the darkroom, Mr. Martins? MICHAEL S. BOWLING Mick Interests: Surfing; Dana Point; Good Harbor; Stones and stuff; ’40 Fords; the ambulance; ask Bob; the third floor; The Rock; A.C.; the red sled; E-Block; Brier Neck gang; Huh? Activities : Stage Crew; J.V. Rifle Team; Hurwitz’s Health Club. Ambition: Success. PETER E. BRADFORD Pete Interests: The summer of ’65; the little cars; B.Y.F.; Reomen. Ac- tivities: Football; R.O.T.C.; Rifle Team. Honors: Cadet Sergeant; JV Rifle Team, Captain; Individual Drill. Ambition: To do things the way I think they should be done, and to make happy anyone who needs to be made happy. JAMES L. BRENNAN Jimmy Interests: Sports; ’60 Rambler; Med- ford; feeding time at the zoo; ask Polly; H.P. — ask Butch or Jerry; ask Joanne; GIRLS; the big three. Activities: R.O.T.C.; Detention; Hurwitz’s Health Club. Ambition: To lead a life of fun and fortune and to make my parents proud of me. ROBERT ALLYN BOSSELMAN, JR. Bobby Interests: D.O. ! ; “Ye Olde Home- stead’’ ; “Happiness isn’t’’ ; 1063 Washington St.; SEG 102; warlocks and trolls; half sticks; bridges; Robin and the Batcave. Activities: Biology Club; A.F.S.; Chess Club; Cross Country Team. Honors: Biol- ogy Book Prize. Ambition: To at- tempt to fulfill, to live, and to succeed. PETER BRANCALEONE Pete Interests: Band; 101; O.K., L.A. Activities: Automotive Club. Ambi- tion: To further my education and to win an argument with Mr. Bud- row. ELIZABETH BOYCE Libby Interests: Folk music; fried clams; riding; letters; America; reading. Activities: French Club; Thespians; American Forum; Stevens Book Re- viewers; A.F.S.; Glee Club; Stu- dent Council. Honors: American Field Service Scholar. Ambition: To give as much to and to gain as much from life as possible; to fur- ther peace through understanding. 36 lQ)ii£ each new year we have found WILLIAM BROOKS Billy; Bam-Bam; Brooksie. Interests: Girls; the gang; Boulevard; Y.M.C.A.; T-Bird a-go-go; 17; Ralph; Twumdoke; the Beach Boys; 25 Times Club. Activities: Hurwitz’s Health Club; R.O.T.C.; Sports. Ambition: To be a draftsman. JAYNE BREWER Interests: Boston University; summer of ’65; memories; Really; 6 months; “Tank”; gang at First National. Activities: Future Nurses’; Spanish and French Clubs; Biology Club; Junior Volunteers; Junior Usher- ette; Flicker ; Supply Room. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To bo happy, make others happy, and make my mother proud of me. LINDA BRIGHAM Interests: L.H.J.; Anne Fanny; summer ’65; 66 Cal; hair and Hondas; Class D; Surfing; “Tigers”. Activities : Flicker Representative. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To straighten myself out for the future years. CAROLE BROSNAN Interests: Novicius; C.Y.O.; May 20, 1965; Oct. 21, 1965. Activities: Basketball; Softball; Junior Volun- teers; Junior Usherette. Ambition: To take the road less traveled. ARTHUR E. BROWN, JR. Art Interests: JUDY; cars; Bay View gang; ’55 Chevy; print shop; Lob- ster Company; Good Harbor Beach; baseball; November 1964; work; back room. Honors: R.O.T.C. Sergeant; Ben Franklin Clob, Program Chair- man. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt to do, and make my parents proud of me. JAMES R. BROWN Brownie Interests: My squaw; football; the corner; cars and jeeps; haunted house; ’59 Rambler; Alice; those long walks to Lanesville. Activities: R.O.T.C.; Football. Honors: Platoon Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To be as good to my country as my country is to me; to be a pilot. MARSHA BROWN Mandy Interests: Guy (singular); untiring; Stratford; Conners, raspberry orange vanillas. Activities: Math League; Stevens Book Reviewers; Beacon , Literary Committee. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Latin II and III Book Prizes; National Merit Semi-finalist; National Honor Society. Ambition: To control my emotions. PAUL BRUNI Interests: Room 311; the shop; 57 Chevy; Nick’s Pool Room; girls. Ambition: To further my education in the field of carpentry. “It isn’t nice to block the doorway.” 37 JOHN BUDROW, JR. Jack Interests: The corner; “RALPH;’ sports, Steverinos — a go-go; Junior League. Activities: Football; base- ball; R.O.T.C.; Chorus; Individual Drill. Honors: Co-Captain, Football Team; R.O.T.C. Corporal; Platoon Sergeant. Ambition: To be a suc- cessful engineer, and make my parents proud of me. ANNE-LOUISE BURKE Anne, Squeegie Interests: L.S.; I gotta believe that at my age? Magnolia; my house; “ORGE” ! ; summer ’65; ask Lau- reen and Margie; “THIS”; SLEEP- ER; beach parties; dances; Margie’s car; Stones; the track; Topsfield, Sept. 11; sleepless nights. Activities: Student Secretary. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To be the star in “someone’s” sky! VIRGINIA LOUISE BURNHAM Ginny Interests: Frankie; March 17, 1965; tripling; parties; funny button; people; walks. Activities : Honor Business Club; Family Living Club. Ambition: To be happy and suc- cessful. VALERIE JEAN BURGESS Val. Interests: E.S.; ’57 Ford; supply room; ask Nita ; blue eyes; winter of ’63-’64; wanna run it?; stuffed animals; that old gang of mine; Pep Club; fall of ’64; “Some- times”; those long talks; P.J. party. Activities : Supply Room As- sistant; Ambition: To seek the good in people; to find happiness. JAMES FRANCIS BURKE, JR. Jim; Burkie; Stoney; Bill Interests: Stamp collections; short wave radio listener (Voice of America); Great Council of Mass.; G.C.R.; Wingearsheek Council 10; Chief of Wampus. Activities: Base- ball Manager; Football Manager; Sailing Club; Service Club. Ambi- tion: To become President of the United States or mayor of City of Gloucester. NELLIE BUTMAN Nel Interests: Horseback riding; foot- ball games; beach; Book Club; Charity Club. Activities: Family Living Club. Ambition: To become a successful worker and a good wife. 0 jm F uiidHVf ipGHI JjL X 1 j We danced ’til dawn. 38 WILLIAM JOSEPH CALDER Bill Interests: Sports; cars; Y.M.C.A.; Nick’s; Ralph; Junior League base- ball; “Contact”; The Dodgers; that certain someone. Activities : Foot- ball; Baseball; Leaders’ Club; C Block Chorus; Basketball. Honors: Sergeant. Ambition: To be an officer in the Marine Corps; to make my parents proud of me. ANITA LOUISE CANILLAS Nit a Interests: Stuffed animals; HIM! ’58 Pontiac; summer ’64, ’65; fall 65; ask Valerie; work! talks; tele- phone; lonely Christmas; cinema! Saint Peter’s; bowling; Pep Club. Activities: Student Secretary; Junior Usherette; Beacon, Flash, Flicker Typist; Class Dues Collector; Girls’ Track; Cafeteria Helper. Honors: Shorthand and Typing Awards. Am- bition: Always to be the brightest star in someone’s heaven. ARNOLD A. CANN, JR. Arnie Interests: DeMolay; Essex; sports; locked car doors; outsmarting Lin- da; my ladybug; Tige; criticizing; down river; ZOOM! up camp; crummy ’53 Chevy; Friday D Block; my blind date; birds; sliding on 128. Activities : Flash; Rifle Team. Honors: Junior Rotarian. Ambition: To be successful, but mostly just to be happy. CHARLES CAMPBELL Charlie, Chas. Interests: Sports; Gloucester House; Yanks; football forecasts; Mantle vs. Mays; “SEA BIRDS”; “EASY- MONEY.” Ambition: To take ad : vantage of what life has to offer. RALPH CANILLAS, JR. Ruff, Henry Interests: Rockport; “Big Galaxies’ " ; Holiday Lanes; King’s Rook; deten- tion; Mr. Bergeron’s office; having a good laugh; FOOD!; three-eyed black beasts. Ambition: To break the sound barrier in a hot Galaxie; to try very hard to make life easy by working hard. KAREN JEANNE CAROCCI Interests: Forgetting old memories, Kenny and p. 88, Flicker ’64; headaches over Mrs. N.; GTO’s don’t go! Sorry about that! ’57 blue Olds — better get a scratch on it. Activities: Chess Club. Ambition: To learn the answer to the ques- tion why; to take life’s disappoint- ments in stride. DONALD JOSEPH CARTER Donnie Interests: Girls I guess! skiing; sports in general ; Good Harbor Beach; Tige; down river; Essex; Conomo Point; Long Beach; What red light? hockey games; SAM; Hi, Bert; those pick-ups; work?; summer ’66. Ambition: To take the road less traveled; to out-tan Glenn this summer. MARY KATHLEEN CARTER Kathy Interests: LAURI, March 14, 1964; N.H.; the lake; pink carnations; A Taste of Honey ; Novicius; the ramp; ask A.G.; midnight MFS burgers; daisies; ask Law; 830; summer of ’64; Ready, go! the beach; Mush Mouse. Activities : Girls’ Drill Team; Biology Club. Honors: Typing Award: Ambition: To follow the path of righteousness; and never to lose sight of God. KAREN CARREIRO Interests : Completely unique experi- ences; summer ’65; Davis’ Pit; Cape Hedge; hanging two; Good Harbor; Stones; haunted house; nook; Novicius; stomp it out, blow it out, put it out ! Pep Club. Activities: Junior Volunteer; Future Nurses; Junior Usherette. Ambition: Vivre ! LINDA JEANNE CARPENTER Interests: What rock? Manchester Troops; out-smarting Arnie; the V.W. ; “Big Bruise”; Pep Club; “wrong exits”; Novicius; “peeping bricks”; But definitely, Charlene; Roy Orbison — ask John. Activities: Biology Club; French Club; Future Teachers Club; Flash ; Class Ring Committee; Flicker; A.F.S. ; Ath- letic Office Secretary. Ambition : To aim high. 39 CHRISTINE ANN CATALINI Peanuts Interests: C.Y.O. ; Andrew’s; Ma- rines; parties; football, hockey and baseball; Putnam’s Pantry; Mac- Donald’s; horseback riding; pals; music, all kinds; The Rook; Ah Daaa ! ! summer memories; Rock- port; Manchester; Pep Club. Ac- tivities: Junior Volunteers. Ambi- tion: To make my life like arithme- tic; joys added, sorrows subtracted, friends multiplied, love undivided. DIANNE MARIE CATALINI Blondie Interests: Peabody; those walks; ask Joanne; ’55 Chevy; FRESH: Apt. 10; Ayer; ask Jay; Dot’s party; laffs; the cove; New York; We who? Pep Club. Activities: Sailing Club; Junior Volunteers; Flicker. Ambition: To find that certain cloud holding my dream; To find the brightest star to suc- cess. EDWARD CHAMBERLIN Eddre Interests: Football; girls; cars; Salah ' s corner; playing cards with the gang; watching N.Y. Giants play every Sunday; Conrad’s House Club; Strangman’s Hockey Club. Activities: Football; Room 101; Automotive Club; Toolroom Club: President, Bench Club, Honors: President, Automotive Shop. Ambi- tion: To succeed; to make my parents proud of me. MARSHA JEAN CHICK Jean Interests: Skating; swimming; bowling; long talks; Bay View. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; to succeed in what- ever I may attempt. FRANK W. CIARAMITARO Frankie Interests: Carpentry; boats; Steve- rino’s a Go-Go; West End gang; August 10, 1969 (B Day) ; 311. Honors: Master Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I may attempt to do; to be half the man my father is. STEPHEN CARTER Interests: Y.M.C.A.; J.G.G.; Youth Corps; Junior League “CC”. Ac- tivities: Basketball; Baseball; Foot- ball. Ambition: To be successful in whatever career I choose. SUSANNAH JANE CARTER Sue Interests: Ice skating; Rainbow; collecting horse statues from dif- ferent states; those cats; long walks; Magnolia Beach; Magnolia Library; bicycle riding; swimming. Activities: Freshman Basketball Team; Volleyball Team; Future Teachers’ Club; Leaders Club; Li- brary Helper. Ambition: To find my place and to live up to my ideals. DAVID PAUL CHAPMAN Skip Interests: Junior League baseball; the corner — seen Guy? skiing; girls; “Contact”; 229; just hacking around; Easter picnics; Long Beach. Activities: Football; First Sergeant; R.O.T.C.; Sports; Chorus. Honors: Company Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambi- tion: To go on to college and someday to play professional football. DEBORAH CIARAMITARO Deb Interests: YAJ SONE ; Ye Olde King’s Rook: 4B’s; non-curly hair; ask Skip? Tell Lee! Ski gulls; Mt. Hamilton; piano, guitar; golf, Niles; T.C. Inc.; J.B.’s; ask my mother; moles and ba£els ; skiing. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Thes- pians. Honors: Typing Award; Am- bition: To live, laugh, love. PETER CIARAMETARO, JR. Pete Interests: Baseball; football; hockey; bunting. Ambition: To graduate from college and to be successful in life. 40 there is a jrowiny excitement among ALICE CHARLENE COLSON Al Interests: WARREN; ’55 Chevy; Youth Council; snowbank — ask Ann; Sunday drives; or what? summer 64; ask Joni and Pat; Rockport; H Block Study; what sandpail? Pep Club. Honors: Typing Award; Am- bition: To laugh, live, love; to be as good to my children as my par- ents have been to me. CHESTER E. CONARY Chet Interests: Girls; cross country; base- ball; basketball. Honors: Waldoboro High — Cross Country, Bronze Medal ; Dirigo Maine Boys’ State. Ambition: To go to college and to find what I want to be. ROSALIE M. COROLLO Rosi Interests: Football games; talks with the girls; to find that certain someone; to make more friends as I go through life. Ambition : To be- come a secretary; to get married when the time comes; to make my parents proud of me. ANN MARIE COTTONE Anch Interests: A Certain Someone; 60 T-Bird; June 26; p.j. parties; Hussel; 10 Marina Dr.; Beverly; those talks; Just might; funny people of the past; a9k Gay; doubling; Chopstick House; memories; Tad- pole, ask Alice; Barcha Golupe and Pasquale. Ambition: To have the understanding of my mother and the kindness of my father. Do you think there’ll be prunes for dessert? CYNTHIA CRESSEY Cindy Interests: That certain someone; Peabody; ’58 Mercury; soccer games; those parties; talks with Randi; those double dates; the hill. Activities: Honor Business Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To change dreams from fantasy to reality. JOHN CUNNINGHAM Interests: A.Y.C.; the Bat; “flying the kite”; A.J.Y.C.; Squam ; beat- ing the Teaser; six-pointers; tan 7.8. Activities: Sailing Club; Mass. Math League; Stevens Book Review- ers; Beacon; Tennis Team. Honors: National Merit Scholarship’s Letter of Commendation; Junior Rotarian; National Honor Society, Pres. Am- bition: To down-sit. RONALD J. C. CURCURU Naldo Interests: Baseball; K of C ; foot- ball; hockey; a certain someone; the gang; C.Y.O. ; Y.M.C.A.; Willie Mays; number 24; green “Caddy”; black Comet; Beach Boys; Rolling Stones; a Germ; Lake Sebago, Maine; Rockport ; 007; King’s Rook; S.Q. Activities: Varsity Baseball; Football; Leaders’ Club. Ambition: To strive to do my best. DIANE ELISA CUTLER Di Interests: JOHN; B.S.A. ; Wheelies; ’57 Chevy; two lil’ VW ' s; pickles; fresh!; ask Dianne; MacDonald’s — ask Linda; Later!; Could be!; the who? Activities : Junior Volunteers; Pediatrics. Ambition: To open my eyes to see what is beautiful; my mind to know what is true; my heart to love what is good. Dietary! KATHERINE LOUISE CRONIN Katie, Katina Interests: Nickas’s; “Surf”; “Monte”; “Funny Girl”; Aunties; fang-less; Aunt Tillie. Activities: Thespians; American Field Service; Secretary to Mr. Elmer. Ambition : Always to stand proud in the eyes of God, my country, and my parents. JOSEPH J. CURCURU ] oe-V alachi Interests: Dishes; Essex — Kathy; ’55 FORD; the gang — Nick’s; Mac’s; Andrew’s; WONG!; Drive-in?; Pool!; U.S.N. Activities: Sailing Club; Grenadiers; Prize Squad; In- dividual Drill; Haskell Drill. Honors: 2nd Place Prize Squad, Cmd., 3; 2nd Place Prize Squad, 2; Company Cmdr. Ambition; To make my par- ents proud; to make their dream come true. JAMES BRADFORD CURRIER Brad Interests: B.L.; Dull!; Oldsmo ile; moons; Lynn Arena; locker room; 21; laffs with Phinney; Dome; Jilda MaTilda; 8-G forever. Activi- ties: Hockey; Baseball; Football; Leaders’ Club; Chorus. Honors: Stu- dent Council. Ambition : To better myself in every way and to find something that will make me always happy. CYNTHIA DAGLE Cindy Interests: Chinese Club; Thing; Manchester troups; red reflectors; Mad Comet; Tige. Activities: Flicker; American Forum; A.F.S.; Beacon ; Flash; Junior Usherette. Honors: Shorthand Award. Ambition : To make each yesterday worth another tomorrow. NEAL PAUL DAGLE Tut Interests: Contact; all the Hades; water skiing; hockey; football; USA Parachute Team; Stones. Ambition : To shoot the ‘Easter’ bunny. 42 APRYL PENNY DAME Interests: JIMMY; our car; Lowell; boating; dancing; Salisbury Beach; ask Sandy; Route 28 (ask Pammy) . Activities: Family Living Club. Honors: Family Living Club, Secre- tary. Ambition : To make him happy always; to have our dreams come true; to make the ones I love proud of me. JEAN IRENE DAVIS Jeanne Interests: T.D. ; 1 13 65; The Hill Gang; Mad Comet; doubling; cous- ins; Farnham’s clams; talks with Marni; N.H.; New Bedford; Little Harnish; the tank; “SAGUINE”. Activities: Cheerleader; Jr. Volun- teers; Honor Business Club; Student Sec. Honors: Honor Business Club — Jr. Exec., Pres.; Shorthand, Typ- ing Awards. Ambition: To follow in my sister’s footsteps; to understand. MICHAEL FRANK DAVIS Chippy, Chow, Hoss Interests: A Certain someone ; Mt. Hamilton; skiing; working; red sled; Happas Pappas; sister Liz; quite so; Cranmore last Feb.; the point gang; Mt. Washington; U.N.C.L.E.; Beach Boys; Bob Dylan. Activities: C-Block Chorus. Ambition : To be in the 1972 winter Olympics and then own a ski resort. SUSAN LAURA DEERING Sue Interests: R.N.S. F.D.; Rainbow; Y.P.E.; swimming; summer of ’65; darts; C block; O.M. Champion- ship; Ouija; T.G.I.F. Club; hockey; getting lost; Pep Club. Activities: Junior Volunteers; Future Nurses; Dues Collector; Student Secretary. Honors: Shorthand Award. Ambition: To further my education and to recognize opportunity. DONNA DeWOLFE Puggy Interests: Mai’s; the old gang; summer ’65; troubles; laughs and talks; driving; Christmas; old Dodge; ask Sue; October 7. Ac- tivities: Future Nur9e9 Club; Medi- cal Technology Club. Ambition: To make my parents and friends proud of me; to become a good nurse; to make that certain person happy. ROBERT ALAN DAVIS Ace ANGELA FRANCES D’AMICO Angie, Ang Interests: BABY; Mac’s; blue and white; 300 miles in 5 minutes— ask Gayc; those talks — Ask Cindy; doubling — Ask Carol; those week- ends; don’t go!; Room 210A; Pep Club. Activities : Honor Business Club, Secretary; Floor Master’s Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition : To add friends, subtract sorrows, multi- ply joys, and divide love. Interests: STONES; bad m-15’s; white strats; Is Bob home?; Archibald von Panhandle calling!; wool tweed flapjacks; take it off, Mac; Sunday mornings; go home, Lufkin; Little Lass; Animals; Epiphone, the only ’56 standard; Sam’s; Charlie McCarthy. Activities: Boys’ Chorus. Ambition: To graduate. SUSAN J. DAVIS Sue Interests: Completely unique experi- ences; Deutsche; B.B. ; stiminchya; summer ’65; Davis’ Pit; Cape Hedge; Good Harbor Beach ; ' hang- ing two; Stones; nook; Novicius; C.Y.O. ; Manchester; M.S.M. Ac- tivities: A.F.S.; Biology Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To stay single, travel, and always be happy. JOHN S. DeCOSTE JR. Jack Interests: Uncle George’s room; baseball; girls; swimming; bowling; f ishing. Honors: Winning Prize Squad, 1965; Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To go into the service and become a good machinist. ROBERT J. DeCOSTE Bobby Interests: That certain girl; Sam- Ann’s; 1957 Chevy; Rockport; hock- ey; Nick’s; “drags”. Activities: Grenadiers; Chess Club. Honors: 1st and 2nd place in Science Fairs; 2nd Place Prize Squad, Sophomore and Junior Years; 2nd Place Has- kell Medal ; First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Ambition : To make the most out of life. 43 JOEL DILIBERTI Jo-Ko Interests: A certain girl; cars; West End; the pool room; dancing; football; ice skating; the gang. Activities : ' Prize Squad; Automotive Club; Tool Room Club; 101 Club. Honors: Winning Prize Squad ’65. Ambition : To be what I want to be; to make my parents proud of me. JANIS EVA DIXON Interests: Joe; memories; other boys; Sundays; nursing; knitting; cooking; sewing; 4-H Club. Ambi- tion: To make the people I live with proud of me; to be happy in what I do and to succeed. FRANK DIAS Charlie Interests: Giants; Dodgers; Koufax; Celtics; C.Y.O.; Nick’s; Corner D; a certain color; Mets ; bowling; swimming; Y.M.C.A. Activities: Gym Leaders’ Club; Prize Squad. Honors: Baseball Letter; 2nd Lieutenant, D Company. Ambition : To succeed in whatever I attempt ; to make my parents proud of me. EUGENIA DIGBY Genie Interests: Windjammer; ’48 Chevy; Dickie’s camp; Hey, Danny!; re- flectors; Maureen’s locker; orange juice; Jack’s; the “Neck”. Activi- ties: Spanish Club; A.F.S. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To look to the future with a smile on my face. KEVIN DOUGLASS Interests: ’53 Merc, Kandymen ; Ycram; Winchester; Red Sled; blind; Bunnies; Epiphone; A.Y.C.; Dome; Oh, n o; Batman; Little Neck; Mus- tang; Rook; Squash Destruction Co.; 6-mile one. Activities : Stage Crew; Hurowitz’s Health Club. Honors: Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition : To be healthy, wealthy, and wise; to go to never-never land. MYLES DOYLE “Boopsie” Interests: Girls; drag racing; ’56 Pontiac. Honors: President of Elec- trical Shop. Ambition: To be Gloucester’s best electrician ; to be one of the best at Sanford Drag Strip; to make my father proud of me. JOAN M. EASTMAN Interests: LARRY; April 19; ’65 Ford; pigeon; those fights; ask El- len; horseback riding; light out; lunch time; ask Linda; football games; Friday nite; Drive-in; Sept. 1, 1966; riding around; hockey games. Activities: Leaders’ Club. Ambition: To have a good career, and make my parents proud of me. In love again, Barb? 44 PAMELA YVONNE EASTMAN Pam Interests: AF11448186; Sept. 29, 196S; Evergreen; The Point; writ- ing letters; Arlington; Good Harbor Beach; ique; lastirna ! ; Boulevard; summer of ’64; Auntie Em!; Mole 4; Spanish with El Senor. Activities : Sailing Club. Ambition : To fly off to Never-Never Land. BARBARA MARIE EHLER Interests: RICHIE; May 21, ’65; Honda; crying — ask Kathy; summer of ’63; the leech; trips to Maine — ask Marion; “THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT " ; Thanks to Griff; China Sails — wishing; baby- sitting; N.Y.C. ; the murder; the gang; Pep Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition : To love God always; to love, live, and be happy. JOHN EDWARD ENOS Ed Interests: The Fighting Misfit; Weavers; our tree; K.M. cars; klicks; vets; basketball; Ralph; S.S.; the R. Stones; Chip and Dale. Activities: Golf; Basketball. Ambi- tion: To be successful in life. LINDA ERICKSON Interests: “Winnie”; ’57 Chevy; our car; June 19, 1965; last summer; those arguments ! ; doubling with S. D. ; ask Shirley; Aug. 20, ’64; the party; talks with Ingrid; Ra- Joe’s; A block study; ask Joan. Activities : Honor Business Club. Ambition: To have my future dreams come true and make those I care for proud of me. MARJORIE ANN ERKKILA Erk Interests: One-track; ba-gock; Wil- ber’s cottage; reflectors; Lanesville; the river; Windsor; Brenda’s Cof- fee House; Bible study; fun with Frif; spiritual projection; schlup. Activities : Thespians; Beacon ; Drill Team, Squad Leader; Leaders’ Club; Health Suite Assistant; Track; Softball. Honors: 1st Prize Ingalls Poetry Contest 2, 3; NCTE Nomi- nee. Ambition: Never to be a con- former to this world. GERD ELLEMANN Interests: Earrings; violin; Stravin- sky; Mozart String Quartets. Activi- ties: A.F.S. ; The Thespians; Span- ish Club; Beacon Art Com.; Glee Club ; Miss Perry’s Special Books Class. Honors: American F-ield Serv- ice Scholarship for One Year in the United States. Ambition: To under- stand through my own existence. BERTRAM ELLIS Bert Interests: Liz; fishing; hunting; cars; boats; guns; West End gang; Shop; bow hunting; camp in New Hampshire; 311; F-Troop. Activities: Prize Squad; (two years) Haskell Drill; Individual Drill. Honors: Of- ficer in the R.O.T.C. Ambition: To succeed in everything I try to do. ROSEANNE ERCOLANI Interests: Reflectors; Novicius; boats; the bridge; Sherm ; snow much?; 316-B; “My Girl”; six months. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Future Nurses; Beta Beta Biology Club; Floormaster’s Sec.; Thespians. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition : To sneak dawn past a rooster. SHEILA ERICKSON Interests: 2 20 65; Lanesville; hang- ing around down Wickey’s; ’54 Chevy; waiting; ask Chris; long talks with Ingrid; our song’ future plans; Rockport. Activities: French Club; Future Nurses of America. Ambition : To make the most of my future, and to make those I love proud of me. LEEANNE ERWIN Lee Interests: “Humphrey” Trebor 01- lepae ; “British racing green”;. 4B’s — ask Deb; summer of ’65; people; parties; Healey Van-Dels; slot-races; bass-guitar; those brakes! writing letters; Sept. 8! white Corvair; The Rook! Activities: Thespians; Beta Beta Biology Club; Girls’ Drill Team; Pep Club. Ambition : To love, laugh, be happy, and see the world. 45 During our stucfy Ziaffs some of us JOSEPH NEWTON FARNHAM Heels Interests: The Big Drags; Standing on the Corner . . . seen guy?; Wheelie’s, Chevy Six?; the parties; those great summers; That favorite cuz; The lectures; MONEY!; the future with that certain someone. Activities: R.O.T.C.; Color Guard; Football. Honors: Color Guard Com- mander, Master Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To hope for the future, and remember the past. NORMA FERGUSON Merf, Fritz Interests: ERNIE; art; horseback riding; skiing; Japan; room 304; Squam Rock; (ask Pat) ; that hot 57; (ask Sherry); cuddles; Wilmot, New Hampshire; (ask Sue) ; Buf- falo — wow; laughter; enjoying life; Pep Club. Honors: Japan Christian Youth Exchange, ’65. Ambition: To seek the unknown and understand it. PAULENE A. FERRIERO Interests: That week — ask Joanne; CRASH; The Prep; p.j. party on wheels; 316B ; Comet; Panda’s for breakfast; memories; why?; Win- chester; the Rook. Activities : Honor Business Club; Floormaster’s Sec.; Flicker; Junior Usherette; Leaders’ Club; Service Club. Honors: Type, Shorthand, Bookkeeping Awards; Mighty Mac Award. Ambition: To change dreams from fantasy to reality. THOMAS J. FARINA Tom Interests: Girls; cars; the corner; football; hockey. Activities: Fresh- man Football; Track; Ben Frank- lin Club. Honors: Corporal, Ser- geant, First Class — R.O.T.C.; In- dividual Drill; Prize Squad; Ben Franklin Club, President. Ambition: To lead a successful life; to make my parents proud of me. ROSEANN MICHELE FAVAZZA Ringo Interests: How’s ya bums? nook; weekends; Route 128; talks and tears; friends? M.A.N. March 12th; Juniors; My Sister 9 7 62; C.Y.O. ; NOVICIUS. Activities : Biology Club; Honor Business Club. Ambition: To do as much for parents as they have done for me. ROBYN FEENER Interests: Horses; drawing; reading; opera; skiing; skating; tennis; travel. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To accomplish everything that I set out to do. No holding hands in the corridor, Mr. Karcher! 46 BRUCE GERALD FLANNAGAN Bra; Flanny Interests: The hut; B; ’59 Rambler; storms; Providence; ’65 World’s Fair; flying; history; New York; Wallace’s; summer of ’62; Wash- ington, D.C. ; travel; “GOUD”; people; early morning; politics; 209; S S crowd; sweaters; life. Activi- ties: Hurwitz’s Health Club. Am- bition: To remember the past; to look hopefully to the future. KENNETH FLYGARE Flig. Interests: ’57 Merc; girls; driving; sports; the only one. Activities : Basketball; R.O.T.C. Ambition: To join the Navy and see a9 much of the world as I can; to make my parents proud of me. NANCY FOSTER Skip Interests: Theater; ocean walks; thinking; backstage; BARE FEET; art; good jazz; Baez; guitar; Har- vard Square; Kacmfert; “Just pic- ture it. Deb!’’ skiing; golf; bagels and coffee with Leslie. Honors: Typ- ing Award. Ambition : To find what I was begun for before I am done for. JOANNE PATRICIA FIERS Jo; Annie Interests: P.T.H.; ’49 Ford; U.S.A.F.; Dot’s party; ask Dianne; trip to New York; We who? Pep Club. Activities: Sailing Club; Flash; Junior Volunteers; Flicker; Guidance Office Assistant; Junior Usherette. Honors: Bookkeeping Award; J.V. Pin. Ambition: To re- member yesterday; to think of to- day; to hope for tomorrow. CHERYL FLYGARE Interests: The only one; ouija; (10 15-11 10) ; through the window 1-5; ask Mary; Novicius; those rides; overredreve; laughs and tears; S.S.C.; Pep Club. Activities: Stu- dent Secretary; Junior Usherette. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition : To have today’s dreams become tomorrow’s future; to make my parents proud. WILLARD T. FOWLER, JR. Ted Interests: Pool (Bill’s) ; hunting; fishing; baseball; riding around with the gang. Activities: Hurwitz’s Health Club. Ambition: To graduate and go into the Navy. JOHANNAH RAY FRIGARD Jay Interests: Football games with the gang; “CRUNCH”; beach parties; “said tape recorder”; basketball; swimming; the Pits; hockey games; putt-putt; ask Ellen. Activities: Leaders’ Club; Basketball; Future Nurses, Sec.-Treas.; Junior Usher- ette. Ambition: To become a Regis- tered Nurse. DOROTHY E. FRONGELLO Froggie Interests: Bobby; Sept. 14, 1965; A.P. bottle; rushing the B-52; par- ties; Not again, Zak ; fireplace 5; “S” No ! ; unforgettable times. Ac- tivities : Family Living Club; Basket- ball; Softball; Junior A.F.S. Hon- ors: Typing Awards; Pres. Family Living Club. Ambition : To make a success of myself and find my own way in life. CYNTHIA EILEEN FRANCIS Cindy Interests: P.F. ; wild about Harry; Fall River surfers; the darkroom; Essex South ; S.K. ; Clarch. Activi- ties : American Field Service; French Club; Biology Club; Beacon, Ad- vertising Chairman ; National Thes- pian Society, Treasurer; Stevens Book Reviewers; Math League. Hon- ors: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Society, Librarian; Flicker, Editor- in-Chief; N.M.S.Q.T. Letter of Com- mendation. Ambition : To hunt the Snark who is a Boojum. FRANK FRANCIS Frankie Interests: GINNY ; Fords; “long” walks; tripling; physics; sports; 427’s. Activities: Prize Squad; In- dividual Drill. Honors: Corporal; Platoon Sergeant; 2nd Place Prize Squad. Ambition: To succeed and make my parents proud of me. 47 Third floor, all out! CATHERINE ANN FRONTIERO Cathy Interests: Tunafish; that sophomore! Cry much? bridesmaids; RAVEN! the undertaker; so jealous! pink and white; Amie de Lurch; ask S.H.; Pep Club. Activities: French Club; Future Teachers; Student Council; Flash; Flicker. Honors: Sawyer Medal ; National Honor So- ciety. Ambition: To see that certain someone there on that very special day. ROSALIE FRONTIERRO Ro Interests: Coffee — ask Jenny; Bobby and Boy’s and George’s; children; those wild Saturday nights. Activi- ties: Babysitting every afternoon. Ambition: To be happy in what I have chosen to do and to make everyone around me just as happy. SUZANNE FUCHS Suzi Interests: Painting; ' photography; crafts; dancing; music. Activities: Press Club; Basketball; Junior Class President; Treasurer Student Coun- cil; (At Mt. Alvernia Academy). Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt and to make my parents proud of me. BARBARA GALE Barby Interests: Pilgrim Fellowship; SK; books; “someday”; EAP, the Rook; Stratford; CLARCH, saunas; Ca ' hy’s SL; Sredni; sugarless grapefruit; Back Shore; Vermont; stranger; guitar. Activities: Beacon ; Flesh; Mathematics League; Stevens Re- viewers; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. Honors: National Honor So- ciety; French and Latin Book Prizes. Ambition : Life in love. DAVID A. FROST Dave, Wabbit Interests: DeMolay; Sunday morn- ings; water skiing; yellow fire hy- drants; roller skating; ice skating; hockey; sports; N.Y. Giants. Ac- tivities: R.O.T.C. Band; Ben Frank- lin Club; Print Shop. Honors: Drum Major; Sergeant First Class. Ambi- tion: To be the best in what I do. TRACIE GABRY Interests: Hockey games; “seasons in the sun”; Cats!! Chinese Club; all by myself; little people; good grief! How many years? our 57 tank. Activities: Honor Business Club, Treasurer; A.F.S.; Beacon ; Student Secretary. Ambition: To live a life that is full and pleasing to God; to accomplish. LINDA D. GAROFALO Lin Interests: Calif. ’63; Y.N. ; The Rook; G.T.O.’s; bestest pals; “The Stones”; well, o.k. ; saguine; Lynn weekends; Mad Comet; That’s neat; summer ’65; Go Hockey! Pep Club; C.Y.O. Activities: A.F.S.; Junior Volunteers; Flicker. Ambition: To smile at the future instead of frowning at the past. PAUL R. FRONTIERRO Bobby, Froggie Interests: Weekends; chess; pennies; sports; cars; C.Y.O. ; P.C.Y.F.H. Activities: Chess Club; R.O.T.C. Prize Squad; Individual Drill. Am- bition: To remain faithful to my- self, my family, and religion; to suc- ceed in life; to make my parents proud of me. I f- l i v L 48 CARLA J. GASPAR Interests: Lake Cochituate; YA; The Stones; horror shows; “that ain’t all;” bare feet; thumbs; shovel sisters; Magic Jagger; horses. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To follow the sun. jCear Christmas we be yin MAUREEN GIBBS Gibbsie Interests: CHIPS; Delta Gamma; Dickie’s camp; Class of ’65; sports; Windjammer; ’48 Chevy; oranges and Curley Club; Hey, Danny; Europe. Activities: Junior Volun- teers; Biology Club; Honor Busi- ness Club; Basketball; Thespians. Honors: National Honor Society. Ambition : To have people accept me for what I am, for I will never change. STEPHEN DONALD CILLIS Steve Interests: HiFi; The Stones; golf; cars; Stage Fort Park; U.S. Post Office; ’47 Plymouth. Activities: Hurwitz’s Health Club. Ambition : To graduate and join the Air Force. CONSTANCE RUTH GLEASON Connie; Arch Interests: D.O.D. !; 9 7 65; Bos- ton; 13 Cole Ave. ; R.O.T.C. hat; cockroaches; better late than never; my little red box; Caro Mio; rats; canoeing; sweaters; “18”; pizzas. Activities: Spanish Club; Office Assistant; A.F.S. Treasurer. Ambi- tion: To be true and seek the truth. Sue’s on the clean-up committee again. JOHN GIBBS Jack Interests: Ledge Road; U.S. Post Office; Andrew’s Corner; P.C.Y.F. Club; girls; dancing; The Stones. Activities: Thespians; Football; Track. Ambition: To be a clipper. ROBERT HAROLD GILZINGER Bob Interests: Swimming; summer of ’65; model auto racing; I SPY; horseback riding; girls; baseball; democracy; Cape Ann DeMolay. Activities: Chemistry Club; Math Club. Ambition: To go to a good college. ALLAN GOODHUE Doc Interests: Baseball; basketball; Ralph; Jimmy’s steps; Sat. nite sauna; Our Tree; Blue Bomb; bas- ketball practice; 17; 34; Rake; C block Fri.; TINKLE. Activities: Baseball; Basketball; Football; Boys’ Chorus. Honors: Sergeant, R.OiT.C. Ambition: To seek that certain goal; to make my parents proud of me. 49 to decorate our tree. ANDREA GOODWIN Bon Interests: DANN Y; weekends; El Matador; Route 128; talks, tears; 50; Moon; White Beach! Nook; friends? Sure do! Ape. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Student Council; A.F.S.; Honor Business Club; Drill Team; Basketball. Honors: Shorthand Award. Ambition: To do as much for my parents as they have done for me; to make HIM happy. FRANK GOMES Frankie, Gomsie Interests: Girl-watching; money; ridin’ with the gang; ’64 Comet; passing Hondas; the corner last summer; “It’s only flat on the bottom.’’ Activities : Detention I, II, III, IV; R.O.T.C. Ambition: To go far — and soon. DONNA L. GRAY Interests: December 8, 1965; walkin’ the beach; fellowship; Lanesville; Brenda’s coffee house. Activities : Student Secretary; Home Ec. Club; Future Teachers’ Club; BEDFORD HIGH SCHOOL. Honors: President, Future Teachers’ Club. Ambition : To lead a happy life and make a CERTAIN SOMEONE happy. JOHN ARTHUR GOODWIN Guda Interests: Baseball; football; hock ey; DeMolay; girls; one special girl; my senior cuz; fights; long talks about nothing? Activities: R.O.T.C. Band; Color Guard; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Color Guard Sergeant. Ambition : Hope- fully to succeed in whatever I at- tempt ; to make my parents proud of me. JOSEPH GOULART Mahoof, Namoth Interests: Softball; girls; nights at Stan’s corner; Beverly; Salem; Kaysers; MacDonald’s; beating Paul at pool; Alabama, ’62; “Sprint”; “Jet Green”. Activities: Vocational Club. Honors: Treasurer, Electrical Shop. Ambition: To succeed; to make my parents proud of me; to be better than Ronnie. JEAN E. GRIFFIN Griff Interests: “MITCH”; Honda; N.Y.C.; The Murder; talks with Erk; the leech; Brenda’s coffee house; the pit; rides to Maine; laffv with Barb; Lanesville gang; Oct. 31, ’64; the party; THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. Ambition : To remember yesterday, to think of today, and to hope for tomorrow. CHRISTINE HAGERTY Chris Interests: Certain Someone; Navy letters; Danvers; ’65 Chevy; wait- ing — csk Sheila; Halloween night; Mary’s apartment ; talks w’ith Dani ; “Surfer Girl”; Rockport; August 4, 1963; walks down the Cove; Eric; those rides — ask Donna; FIREMAN. Ambition: To go to IBM school; to make my family proud of me. Interests: Novicius; Joey; Dec. 10, 1970; white squares; shooting; copper jewelry; Canteen ’63; rain; week-ends; squirrel; poodles; ask Mel and Cathy; Pep Club. Activi- ties: Junior Volunteers. Ambition: To accept the things I cannot change; to change the things I can, and to have wisdom to know the difference. LOIS HAMMOND Lo, Yoa Elliott’s favorite perch 50 FRANK HARDY, JR. Frankie Interests: C.P.Y.C.; skiing; Drive-in; The Three Flunkies, 9ports ; work; girls; dances. Ambition : To graduate from school and go on to a higher education. MARY HAVENER Interests: Ice skating; parties; the gang; that certain someone; ask Mary; summer ’64; walks and talks; lots of laffs; Pep Club. Activities: Family Living Club. Ambition : To make my parents as proud of me as I am of them, and to make my dreams come true. MARY HEMMER Interests: Jerry (woof) ; white squares; through the window 1-5 (ask Cheryl) ; Novicius ; the prowler (ask Sue); those rides; cold cuts; ’65; 13; laughs and tears; Pep Club. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Student Secretary; Junior Volunteer; Junior Usherette. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To remember yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow. JULIE ANN HARRIS Interests: Senior Fellowship; vaca- tions; choir; Jeff; books; the Generals; God’s country. Activities: Beta Beta Biology; Beacon ; Special Books Cla99. Honors: Honor Roll. Ambition: To discover God’s will for me in my life and to do His will without thought for myself. CHARLENE R. HAWLEY Charlie, “S” Interests: New York; Pushing B-52; 3-day weekend; that Monday night; trips to Boston; “C.A.”; Not again; Frog; Pat ' s parties; Drive-in; drums; A. A. A. Activities: Field Hockey; Family Living Club; Sail- ing Club. Ambition: To live in Bos- ton and become a barber; to succeed in everything I may attempt. KATHERINE MARGARET HERDMAN C.hickie Interests: That certain someone; laughs; the crazy 6; N.H.; “Pea- nuts” — ask Susie; water-skiing; Pepsi and chips; walks; ask Mary; skating; Friday nights; horseback rid- ing; Pep Club. Activities : Family Living Club. Ambition: To remem- ber yesterday; live for today, and hope for tomorrow. VIRGINIA COLMAN HICKEY Ginny Interests: Choir; Methodist Youth Fellowship; R.N.S.F.D.; ’63 Ford Fairlane; swimming; summer of ’65; darts; O.M. championship; ouija; hockey; getting lost; C-Block. Ac- tivities: Mr. Elmer’s office assistant; Future Teachers; Glee Club; Junior Volunteers. Ambition: Someday to add a sparkle to that star which shines so dimly. JEAN HILAND Interests: Karl; happy moments; stone bridge; New Year’s Day; summer of ’63; shooting; those walks; sleepyhead; those happy hours; babysitting. Ambition : To fulfill that one dream ! To remember yesterday, to think of today, to hope for tomorrow; to make my parents proud of me. KENNETH HERDMAN Interests: Lobstering — most of all; motorcycles; 9tock cars; Eeo’s Esso; To get my father a car with less than 100,000 miles, for 850. Ac- tivities: 101 Club. Ambition: To further my education and to stay with only one girl (Shirley). SHERRY CLAIR HERRICK Bean, Mole 18 Interests: Pres. Youth Fellowship; choir; my little boat; Ask Ernie; water skiing; guitar; Skip! Buffalo, N.Y. ; Ask Pat; Squam Rocks; Pea- nuts! Room 304; Pep Club. Activi- ties: Chorus; Sailing; Leaders Club; Varsity Basketball; Field Hockey; Softball. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition : To receive my degree in commercial art. 51 as we coffee money for tfie Safoa ion TIrmy. RAYMOND HILDONEN Ray Interests: The Rocks; Redgate’s; summer ’62; walking the wall; red truck; the kennels; arguing with John. Activities: Biology Club — Pres.; A.F.S. — Vice-Pres.; Flash ; Flicker; Beacon, Foreign Language Editor; American Forum French Club. Honors: National Honor So- ciety; Flash, Co-Editor. Ambition: To seek, to find, to be. SUSAN MARIE HILDONEN Sue Interests: People and places; LURCH: CYO : US 5; p.j. par- ties; Stop Shop; Lynn Arena; Cole; Hang on!; embarrassee? talks and laughs with Cathy; happy tears; letters; Pep Club. Activities : Fu- ture Teachers’ — Pres.; French — V.P. ; A.F.S. ; Flicker Rep.; Flick- er; Biology Club. Honors: Sawyer Medal; National Honor Society. Ambition: To live, laugh, love; to understand. I thought this was an Advanced Foods class. JEANNE EVELYN HORSMAN Interests: TIMMY; 4-22; problems; New Hampshire!?; kerchief!!; The Tent; Splash!; lollipops; bubbles!; Red Rooster; double trouble!; “Sleepy Hollow’’; Novicius; our summer night walks; Um-wha! Ac- tivities: Girls’ Drill Team. Honors: Drill Team Spectacular. Ambition : To learn. MARK R. HOUDE Interests: HER; parties; Chevy’s; wong; Rockport; Sam-Ann’s. Ac- tivities: Rifle Team; Varsity Rifle Team. Honors: 2nd Lieutenant, R.O.T.C.; 1965 National Rifle As- sociation; Rifle Team Award — Ex- pert. Ambition: To make the most out of life, to make my parents proud of me. DONALD HOWARD, JR. Donnie Interests: ’56 Fords; Future Mus- tang; certain girls; driving around; buying new clothes; brunettes; the Iron game; bowling; steaks, medium rare. Ambition: To live a successful rewarding life, completely fulfilled. E. JANE HURLBURT Enaj ; Munster Interests: Summer; my girl; Mag- nolia Tea House; Essex; “Like a Rolling Stone’ ; Dylan; B.P.P. beat-le; centerstrips ; barefoot; Long Beach; lemonade; The Junction; Singing Beach; Novicius. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To do what I want, when I want, with no questions asked. TIMOTHY IRVING Irv Interests: Drums; skiing; swimming; underwater; flying; driving; crashes; big 6; “buat buat”; weekends; an old family; girls; 220c. Honors: Company Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambi- tion: To do what makes me happy; to make enough money to lead a good life; to buy my parents a beach house on Malibu Beach. DANIEL R. JACKSON Dan Interests: Bonnie; Ralph; 3rd lunch Friday; 50. Activities: Boys’ Cho- rus; football; baseball. Honors: Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To make my family proud of me. 52 RONALD JACOBS Scuz Interests: Hondas ; cars; working out; cards; hunting; fishing; down Ed’s; doing wheelies; electric guitar. Ambition : To make my family proud of me; to go into the field of conservation. BRUCE JOHNSON Bruce Interests: Bouda throwin’; Jimmy’s stairs; sports; Fighting Misfit Weav- ers; the road; Saturday night; sau- nas; tinkle. Actiivties: Baseball; Basketball; Football; Boys’ Chorus. Honors: Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambi- tion: To succeed in whatever I in- tend to do. CHARLES E. JOHNSON Ston, “Hands” Interests: Football; hockey; color guard. Honors: Business Award; Hockey Team, Co-Captain; R.O.T.C. Grenadiers; Individual Drill. Am- bition: To make good in college and after college; to make everyone proud of me. DOUGLAS JOHNSON Doug Interests: Church youth groups; the laws of chance; golf; swimming; photography; skiing; loafing; read- ing; Frankfort am Main; Astrono- my. Activities: Biology Club; A.F.S.; J.V. Baseball; Intramural Basket- ball. Ambition: To go on to highei education and become a success. NANCY JAMES Nancy Interests: Pilgrim Fellowship: whales; skiing; folk music; seagulls; Sandy Bay Yacht Club. Activities: Junior Volunteer; Spanish Club; Leaders Club; American Field Serv- ice, Vice-President ; Thespians. Ambition: To say: “Smile! I caught you with my Candid Camera’’. KAREN JENSEN Kare Interests: That certain someone; summer of ’65; the rink; laughs; riding around; the gang; those good times; memories. Activities : Honor Business Club; Flicker Typ- ist; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards; Na- tional Honor Society. Ambition: To find success and happiness; to make those I love proud of me. It’s either this or sleep ! 53 PAUL JOHNSON Steaks Interests: Big cycles; hunting and fishing; hot cars; Sam the Sham; the Stones and Byrds; the bunch. Activities: R.O.T.C. Ambition: To do what I like and to like what I have to do. JOHN E. JONES. JR. Jackie Interests: Ken. B; certain girls; bowling; horseback riding; hot cars. Ambi- tion : To have fun, see the world, meet new friends, and keep my old ones. PETER JOYCE P. J. Interests: Swimming; • hockey; girls; Joseph’s corner; R.O.T.C.; golf; October 12; 311; Bosco. Activities: Haskell Drill; Band. Am- bition: To make my father proud of me in whatever I attempt. THOMAS ERIC JUSTICE Fuji Interests: Batman; Bosco; Samurai swords; Japan; the old country; Oyasamu Nasai; ouija boards; hair- cuts. Activities: American Forum; A.F.S. ; Track; Freshman Football; Boys’ Chorus; Boys’ Glee Club. Ambition : To find myself a high paying occupation where I can travel. DANA KAY Interests: Art work with sign paint- ing; sports; C.B.; stereo tape; ’60 Olds; car; surf board and Union 76. Honors: Typing Award. Am- bition: Art school, becoming a sign painter or R.S.B. Going to analyze some faculty handwriting, Miss Beebe? JOHN JULIAN . . Interests: Cars; movies; girls; trucks; black Ford. Ambition: To be successful in anything I try. MARK KENNIFICK Marcus Interests: Bosco; Batman; Dome; 53 Merc; Dull!; Long Beach; Moon; the Neck; guitar; blue; R.O.T.C.; Sam-Ann’s; ciphering; Lac-a-nookie ; the souvenir. Activities: Haskell Drill; Individual Drill; Prize Squad; Grenadiers; Stage Crew; Hockey. Honors: Haskell Medal; Corporal, Sergeant, Lt. Colonel, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To be a success in some- thing that’s worth striving for. THOMAS FRANCIS KEREPKA Interests: Cindy; blue bomb; Ralph; 3rd lunch Friday; fighting misfit weavers; Thhhhhhhhh ! Activities: Football, Four Years; Basketball; Baseball; Track. Honors: Sgt., R.O.T.C.; All-scholastic Football Team. Ambition: To make my par- ents proud of me and to succeed in whatever I try. 54 Our classes ran ye supper, again JOHN H. KORTHAS Jack Interests: 40; Fighting Misfit Weavers; Blue Bomb; RALPH; 8-G ; Saturday night saunas; 3rd lunch Friday; our tree, tinkle; t’rowin’ boudhas. Activities: Boy9 Chorus; Football; Basketball; Baseball; Track. Honors: Sergeant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To find and fulfill my purpose in life and make my parents proud. NANCY ELIZABETH KIPPEN Nan Interests: Swimming, popular mu- sic; modern dancing; travel; sum- mer ’65; animals; hiking; ice skat- ing; boating. Activities: Flicker Typist. Ambition: To succeed in everything I try, to get my driver’s license this year; to go to Wy- oming and California, and to meet some famous celebrities. CHERYL KUCONIS Interests: Golf; United Shoe; ski- ing; Ski Patrol; bowling; Sunday nights. Activities: Beacon ; Flash Main Office Assistant; Spanish Club; Future Teachers’ Club; Class Dues Collector. Honors: National Honor Society. Ambition : To find a dream- man who can buy me a golf course in Bermuda and a mountain in the Alps. RICHARD N. KNIGHT Dick Interests: Swimming; skating; old cars, especially Fords; to restore my Model “A” to original condition. Honors: Honorable Mention. Ambi- tion: To make the most out of life. DAVID KNOWLTON Chico Interests: That little one; Bosco ; hockey; guitar; Th e Savages ; trav- lin; “Read my sisters ; ’ “East Gloucester sides’’; ’54 Dodge ; Niles Beach; firm at Paula’s ; Maine dances. Ambition: Finally, in life. to catch up to my gi oals. DONNA FAYE KNOWLTON Haunt Interests: Novicius; the Rook; sum- mer 62; Squam ; sailing; tennis; art; Puerto Rican Limbo parties; Florida vacations; Lynn Arena; camp; Winter Carnival, U.N.H. ; “Over the rock9 with D.S.S.” Ac- tivities: Girls’ Drill Team; Spanish Club; Sailing Club; Thespians. Hon- ors: Typing Award. Ambition : To sail the sea of adventure and drop anchor in the port of success. from acfuancecf Siofogy MAUREEN LINDA LAFLAM Moe: Little Moe Interests: HIM; Vinnie; the We9t End; Steverino’s a go-go; steering lessons, ask Paul; Ravenswood Park; Dec. 7, ’62; “that scrawny tree”; the Corvair; elastics and pins! Am- bition: To become a good nurse, get married, and make my parents as proud of me a9 I am of them. SHIRLEY MAY LAICONE Shirt Interests: “DANA” (20th) ; sum- mer ’65; Sept. 21; talks; fights; walks; that Junior; hockey; foot- ball; Stage Fort Park; party ’65; LONELY. Activities: Honor Business Club; Rep., Flicker. Ambition: To make my Mom proud of me; to make that one dream true; to laugh at the past; accept the future with a smile. MARGARET LAFATA M argie Interests: “BOBBY”; the Aban- dons; The Stones; summer ’65; Anne’s house; dancing Haskell’s Grove; ’56 Ford; ask Laureen and Anne; Pep Club. Activities : Honor Business Club; Student Sfcc. Honors: Typing, Shorthand Awards. Ambi- tion: To live a long, happy life with “him”; to make my parents proud; to see the Stones again. MARCIA LACERDA Interests: Ike; 11 26 63; 8 64; C.Y.O. officer; Desi; Bos; Three Stooges; N.Y. hay ride; hallway; R.D.; basketball; fishing; the rocks!; How’s B.T.? Activities: Spanish Club; Junior Volunteers; Future Nurses’ Club; Junior Usher- ette. Ambition: To become a good nurse. LINDA L. LANDRY Runt Interests: STAN!!; July 13, ’63; winter of ’64; ask Nanci; Sergeants’ Party ’65; green and white Caddy; green barley; Angel Baby; ask Stan; LONG talks; ask Faye. Ac- tivities: Leaders’ Club; Student Sec. Honors: Bookkeeping Award. Ambi- tion: To make my father proud; to raise a football team of my own ; to make HIM happy. TIMOTHY CHARLES LANE Devane; Tim Interests: JEANNE: N.H. ? ; -Urn- Wha!! football; baseball; Good Harbor — seen Charlie? Lynn Arena; Sure will; “NICE GAME”; boys on the corner. Activities: Football; Detention 1, 2, 3, 4, Mil. Science Club. Honors: Grenadiers; Individual Drill; Corporal, Squad Leader; D Co. Commander; 1st Lieutenant. Ambition: To live a happy, success- ful life. MICHAEL LANGLEY Moose Interests: Girls; sports; cars; Des- tino’s; the gang; folk music; weight lifting; C.Y.O. ; basketball; bowl- ing leagues. Activities: Football, Freshman and Junior Years. Ambi- tion: To enter college in the fall of ’66. VALERIE ANN LAKE Vail, Vallie Interests: Barry John; Rich; Bill; Joey; the Human Mind; ask Janis; dancing; reading; art; walking around town; ask Nel; true ghost stories; summer of ’62; The Malden ’65 game; that night; chocolate pan- cakes; ask Brenda! Ambition: To be myself (if possible) . Is that a free-reading book, Mr. Bloom? SALLY ANN LAMB Sal Interests: That certain someone; our crowd; summer of ’63; The “Delly” ; driving; Maria’s; long talks; skating; football games; swim- ming; Pep Club. Activities: Thes- pians; Family Living Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition : To suc- ceed; to make my parents half as proud of me as I really am of them. DANIEL LANG Danny Interests: The gang; swimming; shops; dances; skating; 311; girls; F-Troop; July 21, 1969. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I may do. LARRY ALAN LANGLEY Interests: J.F. on Sargent St.; horses; cars; boats; 311; F Troop ; Frost; Andrew’s; Stage Fort Park and Pebble Beach; February 5, 1970. Ambition: To find an easy job that pays a lot of money. BARRY LEGENDRE Buzz Interests: DANI; ’57 Chevy; Print Shop; pay day at Stop Shop; Chunky; 1108 Washington St.; Lanes- ville; Nov. 11, 1964; the redhead; 10:21 Activities: Benjamin Franklin Club; Band. Honors: Vice-Pres., Benjamin Franklin Club. Ambition : To marry HER and make her happy; to make my mom proud of me. DONNA LOUISE LEVIE Dawn Interests: Rainbow; skiing; boating; “little white row boat’’; summer of ’65; walks and talks; Pep Club; Mole 22. Activities : Beta Beta Bi- ology Club; French Club, Treasurer; German Club; A Cappella Choir; Flicker; A.F.S. Glee Club. Ambi- tion: To make today’s dreams to- morrow’s reality. BARBARA LINSKY Arabrab Interests: B.C.; Lynn Arena; Shims; “Laughing Water’’; Haymarket Sq. ; “My Girl”; Novicius; Terl; six years; finding out; Otis; Drill Team doldrums; crowded basements; 10. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Lead- ers Club; Girls’ Basketball Team; Flash; French Club; Supply Room; Junior Usherette. Ambition : To blow square bubbles. GRACE LOUISE LOVASCO Gaye Interests: JOHNNY; pudgy; Italian and Irish man ; people of the past — ask Ann; 300 miles in 5 minutes; ask Angel; Barcha Golupe; Pas- quale; California — girls; summer ’65; St. Ann’s; Pep Club. Activities: Medical Tech. Club. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition : To have my par- ents’ blessing; to show him the way to happiness. JOHN W. LIND Interests: DeMolay; Y.P.F. ; sailing; skiing; sports; flying. Honors: 2nd Lieutenant ROTC. Ambition: To graduate from high school, go to college, and live life to the fullest. JEROME LOVASCO Jerry Interests: Mary; 1966 Chevelle Malibu; cars; football; baseball; C.R. Print Shop; Mickey’s Esso Station; Cities Service Station. Activities: Benjamin Franklin Club. Ambition: Never to worry about problems because life is too short and wonderful. LORNA DALE LINSKY Interests: U.S.Y., treasurer; skating; bowling; going to the movies; re- member 7 Saw What You Did; danc- ing; Pep Club. Activities: Biology Club; Future Nurses. Ambition: To become a physical therapist after becoming a registered nurse; to help physically handicapped children. 57 to the students. rex u fa ar sc f oof day JOHN BARRY LOVE Interests: Surfing; Long Beach; 23; summer days and nights; What side? Glassy Heavies; playing the horn ; black wagons and woodics. Activities : Band. Ambition : To set a straight course and then to follow it with my best ability. KATHLEEN MARIE LYNCH Kathy; Pear Interests: Lurch; my old girl; 33; messy lockermate; parties; Beach Boys; D.K.’s camp; Novicius; Freckles pudgy feet; Drac strikes again; “big brother’’; New Year’s Eve, 1964; little sister; wrinkled mouths. Activities: Future Nurses, Sec., Trcas., Pres.; Flash ; Deacon ; Biology Club; Ring Committee; Flicker. Ambition: To reverse the pear. CATHY DOREENE MacFARLAND Cat; Lily Interests: W.C.; summer of ’62; CC’s Olds; fun times; dancing; the gang; East Gloucester; Friday nights; long talks with To; Aug. 17; oldies but goodies; Chevys. Activities : Flicker; French Club; Student Sec. Honors: National Honor Society; Honor Business Club; Shorthand and Typing Awards. Ambition: To find and radiate happiness. JOAN LOWRIE Interests: Tinklebrook; paper tiger; mad shadow; “Anyone for New Hampshire?’’; 6 11 65; confused much? one messy lockermate; 33; soap bubbles; 11 27 64; wrinkled mouths; red lanterns; reflectors; brother Jon; hey, Danny! Mt. Ann, my old girl; Magnolia Depot. Ac- tivities: French Club; A.F.S.; Flash; Beacon; Flicker. Ambition: To re- member that happiness is not given but exchanged. JAMES B. MacDONALD Jimmy Interests: Foreign cars; N.B.A.; pool. Ambition: To see the world without joining the army! DANIEL MacINTOSH Squash Interests: ’53 Merc; Batman; A.Y.C.; Dome; 5-mile one; KANDYMEN; blind; Zoppo Truck; Red Sled; Knook; power slides; escapades; DOUGLASS DESTRUCTION CO. “LITTLE KNICK’’. Activities: Stage Crew; German Club; Biology Club; Hurwitz’s Health Club. Ambition: To find a profession where I can take three-month vacations four times a year. NEIL S. MacLEAN Interests: Bowling; golf; sports; people; ’53 Merc; ACY : Bess Buick; Knook; hockey games. Activities: R.O.T.C. Drills; Student Council; German Club. Honors: Student Coun- cil; Individual Drill: Haskell Drill; Prize Squad, 3rd Place; Corporal; Se rgeant: Major. Ambition: To lead a long successful life and to leave my mark in the world. ALEXANDER J. McDonald Al; Mac Interests: Stone of Cathay; N.A.R.; Red Riding Hoods; Hurwitz’s Health Club. Activities: Biology Club; American Forum. Honors: R.O.T.C. — Individual Drill; Haskell Drill; Prize Squads; 3rd Place, 2; Grena- diers, Commander 4; Officer 4. Ambition: To get a technical educa- tion. Is that the racing form, Mr. Canniff? 58 PATRICIA J. McGRATH Pally Interests: Novicius; Chinese Club; red reflectors; peeping bricks; the Manchester troops; fading dough- nuts; grey cats; Europe (someday) ; swimming; sailing; tennis. Activi- ties: Biology Club; A.F.S.; Future Nurses; Spanish Club; American Forum; German Club; Flash; Flicker Advertising Club; Junior Usherette; Intramural Volleyball. Ambition: To accomplish that which seems im- possible. ROBERT McKAY Bob Interests: East Gloucester Pharmacy; skiing; skating; swimming; bowling; shooting. Honors: Sawyer Medal. Ambition: To graduate from college and find my place in life. ROSELLA MARIA McNAIR Ro Interests: C.Y.O.; Canada; accordi- on; parties; ask Chris and Joanne; Friday nights; pizza; laughs; meet- ing people; bowling; WMEX ; Pep Club; our gang. Activities: Junior Usherette; Medical Staff; Family Living Club; Sailing Club. Ambi- tion: To always make friends with a smile; to cat as fast as my friends. SHARON McGRATH Interests: Bleeding madras forever; “Oongowa”; Manchester Dump; ask Carol, Mole Patrol; Good Harbor Beach, 2 Idiot; sunken rowboats; feverishly; Humphrey; ask Selma; Pep Club. Activities: Glee Club; Future Teachers’ Club; Junior Ush- erette. Ambition: To make the right choice and to find happiness. ROBERT JOSEPH MADRUGA Hook Interests: Our Lady’s C.Y.O.; bas- ketball; the beach; DUH ; making money; Dcstino’s; the mill. Ac- tivities: Grenadiers. Ambition: To get a good education and make myself useful. SHARON McKAY Interests: The “gang”; Friday and Saturday nights; ask Gail; Pat’s car; Andy and Carp’s car; MacDon- ald’s; long rides; long talks; Boston Garden; 11 6 65; ask Donna; sum- mer of ’65; K.S.’s house; ask Jane; 10 29 65. Ambition: To be a success after graduation and make my parents proud of me. DIANA LYNN MANSFIELD Lynn Interests: T.P.S.; sisters; people; talks; gratitude; six years; wearing whites; buddies. Activities: Cheer- leader, Captain; Girls’ Drill Team — Right Guidon; Leaders Club; Sup- ply Room; Class Dues Collector; A.F.S.; Flash. Honors: Junior Vice- President; Senior Council Representa- tive. Ambition: To remember, “It’s nice to be important, but much more important to be nice.” LOUISE ALEXANDER MARKS Marksie Interests: G.S. ; Hospital Volunteer; Humphrey; 77c; D.T. Sq. ; New Year’s Eve; weekends with Donna and the gang; driving; Nik-Koma; Faith; July 4; 25 miles; Pep Club. Activities: Beacon, Biology Club; Flash Typist. Ambition: Always to need people. BRUCE WILLIAM MAKI Mac Interests: Sports; the beach; DUH; the big bad V.W.; hockey games; just goof’n around; weekends. Ac- tivities: Band; German Club; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Band Commander; National Honor Society; Junior Rotarian. Ambition: To seek and to find the truth. WILLIAM R. MAKI Billy Interests: Hot ’56 Chevy; ROTC; boats; sports; hunting; Wickey’s; the Cove. Ambition: To become a success in whatever I attempt. 59 witf tfe c fiance to combine ecfucatton NEIL EDWARD MARSHALL Moby Interests: That certain someone; Fri- day and Saturday night9; those card games with Allan; sports. Activities: Chess Club, Treasurer; U.S.Y., Sec- retary; Drum Corps Bowling League. Ambition: To seek, find, and con- quer; to make my parents proud of me. SCOTT MARTELL Marty Interests: Money; cars; long trips on weekends; hunting; Dad, 311; April 4, ’69; the gang at Lewis’ Gulf; pool room (Bill’s); the hill; R.O.T.C.; summer of ’65. Activities: Prize Squad; Individual Drill; Has- kell Drill. Honors: Company Ser- geant. Ambition : To be a successful latheman and plasterer. EVERETT R. MARTIN, JR. Butchie Interests: Sports; ’63 Comet; girls; H.P. ; ask Jim and Jerry; The Big Three. Activities: R.O.T.C.; Detention; Hurwitz’s Health Club. Ambition : To have fun and to suc- ceed in whatever I attempt; to make my mother proud of me. ROBERT ANDREW MARTIN Bob; Bobby Interests: Surfing; Mac’s bun; The King’s Rook; Nile9 Pond; Dome; Good Harbor; Niles; A Block; that truck; the Library Keoki. Activities: Biology Club. Ambition: To make Mom and Dad proud of me. ALLAN EDWARD METZNER Reverend ; Guy Interest y. Collecting Rubies; fleec- ing Moby; catching new whales; ostrichettes ; Gue99?!? 2 -f- 2 = 4? Someday! 16; thought; Ideas? Why? 2.6% marble cakes — the dark- room. Activities: Stage Crew; Math League; Beacon , Flash, Flicker Pho- tographer; Stevens Book Reviewers. Honors: National Honor Society; Mathematics Association of America Award. Ambition: To become either a millionaire or an educated peasant. DAN MARSHALL Jasper Interests: Guns; outboards; salt- water; sport; fishing; hunting. Am- bition: To finish school and own a business some day. LARRY CLEMMONS MARSHALL Interests: Hunting; fishing; weight- lifting. Activities: German Club; Biology Club. Honors: National Hon- or Society. Ambition: To get rich and live happily ever after. HARRY MARTIN Barrel Interests: Hunting; fishing; Scouts; F and VM Gulch. Ambition: To be a good Diesel man. CAROL ANNE MAXFIELD Interests: Mole Patrol, 2 Idiot Team; “Oongawa”; ask Sharon; Manchester Dump; Conner’s Good Harbor Beach; hyack a go go; summer ’65; “Going my way?’’ wa- termelons; Pep Club. Activities: Future Nurses’ Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; American Field Serv- ice; Junior Usherette. Ambition: To find Robin Hood and live hap- pily in Sherwood Forest. MICHAEL A. MILITELLO Mike Interests: Y.M.C.A.; O’Connell’s; popular music; all sports; weightlift- ing; California; flying; Newport Beach; 007. Activities : Freshman Football; J.V. and Varsity Baseball Team. Hoqors: Squad Leader; Pla- toon Sergeant. Ambition: To succeed in my chosen field ; always to do the best that my abilities will allow me to. 60 with pfeasure. 7()e ho oh forward to JOSEPH C. MOORE Joe Interests: FRAN; 60 Warner St.; ’50 Oldsmobile; August 29; Friday nights; sports; cars; Our Lady’s C.Y.O. Ambition: To make every- one connected with me proud of me; to make my dreams come true. ROBERT MOORE Bob Interests: Hunting, fishing; cars; ’58 Rambler; girls; playing football and basketball; going bowling with the guys; going to Explorers’ meet- ings. Ambition: To go into the Service when I graduate; to make my parents proud of me. MICHAEL M. MILITELLO Mike Interests: Football; baseball; basket- ball; Great Wall of China; O’Con- nell’s Variety Store; Nick’s; C.R.; music; Print Shop. Activities: Ben Franklin Club; Basketball; Prize Squad. Honors: Ben Franklin Club, Secretary; Corporal, R.O.T.C. Am- bition: To succeed in whatever I attempt to do in the future; to make my parents proud of me. CHRISTINA LEE MILLER Chris; Tina Interests: Grieg’s Theme in E Minor; stamps; tennis; portraits; summers at Cape Cod; Y.P.F. ; Boston; Bailey’s; reading. Activities: Glee Club; Future Teachers’ Club; Bea- con; French Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Junior Usherette. Honors: Honor Roll. Ambition: To become a classicist. JOANNE N. MISURACA Interests: That week — ask Paulene; CRASH!; New York; p.j. party on wheels; WISHBONE; memories; 29 laughs. Activities: Honor Business Club; Junior Usherette; Flicker ; Student Sec.; Service Club; Junior Volunteers. Honors: Typing, Short- hand, Bookkeeping Awards. Ambi- tion: To have the will to do and the courage to dare. PATRICIA MOCERI Pat, Patty Interests: Junior year; 12 26 64; long talks; rides; summer ’64; we three; troubles; brothers; crying; ’62 Grand Prix; snowstorm; ask Marie; New York; Italy; I might; Chinese food; Pep Club. Activities: Sailing Club; Spanish Club; Flicker. Ambition : To be happy in life and to make my wishes come true. RICHARD F. MOORE, JR. Tex; Rick Interests: Girls; space; baseball; all sports; U.T. ; travel; skating; Bos- ton; C.Y.O. Activities: Flicker ; Band. Ambition: To further my ed- ucation and to become half the man my father is. WILLIAM C. MORGAN Billy Interests: Art, working on cars. Ambition: To do well in whatever I try ; to go further on in school in the Service. FRANCES MORRIS Fran Interests: JOE; Friday nights; ’50 Olds; ’64 Dart; 8 29 64; dreams; that snowy night; C.Y.O.; ask Mar; summer ’65; 316B ; Pep Club. Activities: Honor Business Club; Glee Club; Biology Club; Junior Usherette. Honors: Shorthand and Typing Awards. Ambition: To find the light of happiness through those dark clouds. after our ex a ns. LINDA MOUNTAIN M.T., Mountains, Tish Interests: “NAT ' S HAT;” ask Terri; Ra-Joc’s; hot rodder; Jessie; ’56 Chevy; our state trooper; Niles; ’58 black Dodge; “You’re The One That I Love”; summer ’65; the Pines; Haidi; Gram’s house. Ac- tivities: Loaders’ Club. Ambition: To make the ones I love, love me. JEANNE MUGFORD Beanie Interests: Novicius; Brazilians; “Hey, Danny!”; V.W.’s; confused much? Cranberry; sailing; “What rock?” reflectors. Activities: Bea- con ; Flash ; Flicker , Photography Co-Chairman; A.F.S. ; Future Nurses, Sec.-Treas. 3, Program Chairman 4; Class Dues Collector; Class Ring Committee. Honors: Type Award, Na- tional Honor Society. Ambition : To learn to live and to live to learn. ROBERT N. MUISE Mouse Interests: KATHY; hockey; sports; racing cars; drags; guitars; folk music; B-13; Erkland; “Wanna run it?”; the old family; summer ’64; C.Y.O. and L.L.; wheels. Activities: Hockey. Ambition : To own a ’vette before my brother; to follow the sun. STEPHEN MOVALLI Steve Interests: Collecting medals, gun9, swords, and coins. Activities : Varsity Rifle Team. Honors: Company Com- mander; 3rd Place Prize Squad. Ambition : To get power, wealth, and fame. ELINOR E. MUISE Ellie Interests: Skiing; Crotched Mt.; Hamilton; 27th; Ipswich; letters; Tom’s; art; dancing; the Village; my St. Bernard. Activities : Leaders’ Club. Ambitioji: To travel and broaden my outlook on life. PETER ANTHONY MULLIN Pete; Pedro Interests: Backstage; Boston; the laf fs up at Suzi’s house; Ian and Silvia; Listening, then reasoning, just plain fooling around. Activites: Thes- pians; Beacon; Flash ; French Club. Ambition: To try to realize at least some of my goals before my life ends. JAMES MURRAY Skip Interests: Girls; hockey; football; Saturday nights; Drill — ha! ha!; de- tention; tea; bombing around; Rez- zies; The Hut. Activities: R.O.T.C. Ambition: To graduate from high school; to make my parents proud of me. SELMA HELEN NATTI Sel Interests: That certain someone, July ’65; writing letters, “Hum- phrey”; THOSE brakes! my driving — ask Nancy; painting; Wha t! “lotsa laffs !” Pep Club. Activities: Beacon ; Future Teachers’ Club; Thespians; Glee Club. Honors: Typ- ing Award. Ambition : To face the future with a smile, and to find my true happiness in life. PAUL DAVID MUNIZ Dave Interests: CYO; square dancing; girls. Activities: Thespians. Ambi- tion: To succeed in my will and make my parents proud of me. BARBARA JEAN MURPHY Murph Interests: “Betsy-Wetsy” ; Girls State; “I Saw What You Did”; hospital aide; Brownies; the beach; Adirondacks; Camp Lion; the res- ervoir. Activities: Beacon; Stage Crew; Future Teachers’ Club; Flash. Honors: Biology Book Prize; National Honor Society; Mass. Girls’ State. Ambition: To become a teacher; to make my parents proud of me. 6 ? welcome Two different approaches to a staircase SUSANNA M. NATTI Suzi Interests: The crystal forest; Barney; wine at Tivoli; homecoming; sauna; guitar; around stage; walks; soaring; SK; la Panthere. Activities: Thes- pians; Beacon, Art Editor; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; A.F.S.; Stevens Book Reviewers. Honors: National Honor Society. Ambition : Communion. CHARLES NICASTRO Interests: West End Choir; that certain someone; Did you ever?; Honda 90; Florida. Activities: Fish- eries Shop Club. Honors: B Com- pany First Place Prize Squad. Am- bition: To be a success in life; to keep the friends I have now and make more friends. LINDA NICASTRO Interests: Sisters; El Matadore; sun and surf; friends; talks; cry much?; Chevy’s; 64; sports; route 128; sideburns; Stones; Novicius; knit- ting; daisies. Activities : Girls’ Drill Team; A.F.S.; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To live, love, laugh, and be happy — “che sera sera.” STELLA E. NICKAS Interests: Golf; G.O.Y.A.; guitar; July ’66; summers; skiing; bets with Margie; art; football games; the trip; Athens; cousins; Pep Club. Activities: Spanish Club; Future Teachers Club; French Club. Hon- ors: Typing Award. Ambition: To take the road less traveled; to make my parents proud of me. 63 DALE KAREN OAKES Interests : R.B.; 1 29 65; Ye olde homestead; “Just 5 more minutes!’’; doubling; talks; happiness is; par- ties; walks; memories; 12:00; foot- ball; Pep Club; problems? Ac- tivities: Spanish Club; French Club; A.F.S.; Junior Usherettes; Beacon ; Junior Volunteers; Leaders’ Club; Biology Club. Ambition: To try with all my might to accomplish the unexpected; to live before I die. SANDRA JEAN O ' HANLEY Sandy Interests: “SMITTY”; July 10 and 20, ’62-’65; talks; summer ’65; Prin- cess; foods; ask the gang; double- dating; ask Shirley; long rides; fights; tree-climbing; ‘61 Chevy. Activities : Honor Business Club; Glee Club; Homeroom Representa- tive. Honors: Typing awards. Ambi- tion: To make my parents proud of me; to fulfill that person’s one dream. LINDA NOBLE Interests: Hockey; Chinese Club; Manchester troops; daisies; art; Tige; long walks; mad Comet. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Drill Team; Spec- tacular; Beacon ; Spanish Club; American Forum, V.P. ; A.F.S.; Sec- retary; Flash; Flicker; Junior Ush- erette. Ambition: Not to be blinded by the things that aren’t important. SHEILA LOUISE NUGENT Interests: Summer ’65; Maine; Fi- nast ; C.Y.O.; horseback riding; Art. Activities: Beacon ; Girls’ Leaders Club; Girls’ Basketball; Office As- sistant; Girls’ Volleyball; Biology Club; Glee Club. Honors: Sawyer Medal; Type I Award; Science Fair, 1st Prize; National Honor So- ciety. Ambition : To be successful, and happy in my success. “. . . And the band played on.” 64 JOHN OLIVER Interests: Stamp collecting. Ambi- tion: To be a Certified Public Accountant. WILLIAM O’MALEY Bill; Thinnman Interests: Girls; playing the guitar; back to school parties; water ski- ing; hockey; ’52 Buick; fooling around; big bikes; school lunches; BOSCO. Ambition : To make a mil- lion and then loaf for the rest of my life. KATHLEEN M. O’NEILL Sue Interests: N.H. ’63; loads of fun; the pond; ’59 Ford; troubles; long walks; letters; July 3 (Chick) “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine”; Always R.E.P. Ambition: To climb the “golden staircase of happiness”; to remember that all that glitters is not gold ; to make my parents proud of me. LAUREEN ANN ORSINI Interests: Having fun; summer of ’65; Anne’s house; the ‘orge’ beach parties; dances — Margee; Magnolia; 136 Marlboro St.; Commons; I’ve got to believe that at my age! Activities: Honor Business Club; Sailing Club; Student Secretary. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To succeed to find out. RICHARD OSBORN Ozzie Interests: A girl named Sandy; skiing; Beverly; YMCA C.P.Y.C.; summer night9 at Comono; Thrash! sailing; water skiing with Wallie; the 69’ers; Mt. Hamilton. Activities: Leaders’ Club, Football; Sailing Club; Basketball. Am- bition: To be in the ’72 Olympics with Mike; to become a Physical Educa- tion teacher. DONNA PALAZOLA Interests: Summer of ’65; New Hampshire; Cape Ann; Bowling Cen- ter; us great ones; the gang; Pep Club. Ambition: To be a good secretary. MARIE PARISI Interests: California; ask Nancy; “The snow storm” — ask Pat; crying; New Year’s Eve ’64-’65; Pep Club. Activities: Junior Volunteers; Sail- ing Club; Office Assistant; Flicker. Ambition: To be what I am, not what I am not. To look up to the light and never fear the darkness. DONNA MARIE OSIER Interests: The problem kid! Like those Chevies? scalloping; “The triangle” sisters and brothers; Rt. 128; Fight much? Activities: Stu- dent Secretary, Office Assistant; Leaders’ Club. Ambition: To be as good a mother to my daughter as my mother is to me and to make my dad proud of me. DALE PALELLI Dale Interests: Boating; cars; football; baseball; hunting; outboards; Wick- ey’s; The Cove; Chinese Club. Ambition : To enter business school and maybe to enter IBM training. JEFFREY N. PARSONS Jeff, Bull Interests: Rosanna; flowers; Ser- geants’ Party; surfing; endless sum- mers; working at the shop; Mag- nolia; Saturday Nights; Alaska; laughs; Adventurer; Diamond Head. Activities: Football; Basketball; R.O.T.C. ; Detention. Ambition: To seek adventure and to become a famed architectural engineer. 65 learn our American cus o ns. LAURENCE PARSONS Lauri Interests: KATHY; March 14, 1964; N.H.; the lake; the camp; base- ball; Mts.; burger; 8:30; summer of ’64. Activities: baseball. Ambition: To make HER proud of me. EDITH M. PASCUCCI Edie Interests: The Flut Meets; Bob’s T-Bird; Saturdays in Ipswich; Ann’s Chevy; long walks; West End; pediatrics, Miami Beach; Carolee and Hawthorne. Activities: Family Living Club. Ambition : To succeed in whatever I do; to make my par- ents proud of me. HERMAN ALEXANDER PATRICAN, JR. Sandy Interests: DIANE; nights at the G.T.; my little sister; elephant rock. Activities: Color Guard. Ambi- tion : To be successful at what I may attempt. LUCINDA PATA Cindy Interests: “Saguine”; “The rocks’’; cheering on the beach? The Comets; 210; The Rook; “The Neck’’; C.Y.O.; Pep Club. Activities: Junior Volunteers; Honor Business Club; Flash; Flicker. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To make them proud; to lead as good a life as those whom I respect. LUCINDA BELLE PAXSON Cindy Interests: M.Y.F. ; Dec. 30, 1964; Ginger; Idiot Team 2; Dec. 25, 1964; Mole 6; Tom’s lemons; dory- mates. Activities: Future Nurses; Glee Club; Beta Beta Biology Club. Honors: Pres., Future Nurses’ Club. Ambition: To have the verb before the noun. PATRICIA DIANE PERKINS Pat Interests: Oct. 21, ’65; “Hey, Dan ny!’ ; people; ask Joan; C.Y.O.; pear; friendships; Mt. Ann; hrown eyes; confused much? Magnolia De- pot; messy lockers; SMILE!; Pep Club. Activities: French Club; Bi- ology Club; A.F.S.; Basketball. Hon- ors: Type Awards. Ambition : To remember that you can’t build a house where a castle used to be. Exodus! GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL CHRISTINE PERRIN Chris Interests: High Street — Lanesville; Good Harbor Beach; Cher-Ami’s; 8- page notes; long summer night; walks; stupid fights; ask Flo; “Them and Four Lessons’’. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition : To do to the best of my ability whatever I attempt in life. SUZANNE PERRY Sue Interests: White squares; FINNS!; Novicius; 13; Magnolia Depot; the prowler; Pep Club. Activities: Jun- ior Volunteer; Junior Usherette; Office Asst.; Student Sec. Honors: Honor Business Club, Vice-Pres. ; Girls’ Drill Team, Spectacular Squad Leader; Student Council, Sec.; Dele- gate, E.D.S.C.M. ; Flicker , Bus. Mgr.; Typing Award. Ambition: Always to have a garden of daisies. 66 7n the spring cue fooh forcuarcf I knew I dropped my lunch somewhere! WILLIAM M. PERRY Bill Interests: Photography; cooking; rid- ing; water skiing; target shooting; cars; bowling; sailing; seeing the sights. Activities : Rifle Team. Ambi- tion: To have my own restaurant, with that certain person ; to make my parents proud of me. ARLEY LAWRENCE PETT Moe Interests: Chemistry; surfing; cars; ’56 Pontiac!; V.S.Y.; DeMolay; sleeping; No Doze! Activities: Band; Chess Club; Varsity Rifle Team; German Club; A.F.S. ; Math League; Medical Technology Club. Honors: Expert Rifleman. Ambition: To be a successful chemist. LINDA RAE PHILBROOK Interests: STEVE; 9 5 61; think- ing-place; Tic-Toc; parties; football games; No. 32; Fords vs. Chevys; ask friends; messy lockers; dreams for Pat and me; SMILE! Activities: Biology Club; French Club; Pep Club; Flicker Committees; 1st Floor Supply Room; A.F.S. ; Class Dues Collector. Ambition : To live, love, and be happy. RICHARD ALAN PIERCE Rick; Ricky Interests: Music; C.Y.O.; July 4th; Christmas ’64; ’56 Plymouth; ask L.A.M.; going places; doing things I Activities: Biology Club; Flicker; Beacon ; R.O.T.C. Band; Orchestra, Pres.; A.F.S. Ambition: To make new friends and keep the old; to make my parents as proud of me as I am of them. SALVATORE PISCITELLO Sam Interests: ’64 Malibu; football; base- ball ; basketball ; the great China Wall; O’Connell’s Variety Store; Andrew’s; C.R. Print Shop; N.C.; music; 1:30 Club. Activities: Foot- ball; Basketball; Ben Franklin Club. Honors: Corporal. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt and to make my parents proud of me. JOYCE PHILLIPS Pickles Interests: Him, Nellie’s; talks with Sandy; dreamy memories; summer ’65; my truck; lawnmowers and boxes; FRENCHIE; letters; bare feet; Pep Club; Japan. Activities: Honor Business Club; Basketball; Track; Leaders’ Club; Supply Room. Honors: Typing, Shorthand, Book- keeping Awards. Ambition : To make my life like arithmetic — adding friends, subtracting problems, and multiplying my dreams. WILLIAM JOHN PHINNEY Philly; Binney Interests: Jill; “the little bug’’; Pigeon Cove; DUH ! “Gross-Boys”; 55; talks with V and P; the hut; Otismobile; arabrab ; oak trees; 143; knook. Activities: Football; Track; Boys’ Chorus; Leaders’ Club; Stu- dent Council. Honors: Current Events Medal; Pres. Freshman Class. Ambition : To aim high and always to enjoy life. DAVID M. POISSANT Dave, Gerome Interests: Arch; C.Y.O. ; 198 Wash- ington St.; skiing; boating; the hut; 9 7 65; squid; sweaters by Arch; little sister; rats; the gang at Long Lake. Activities: Band; A.F.S. Ambition : To marry the boss’s daughter. CYNTHIA L. POLLEY Cindy Interests : Skiing; double chins; Warlock; Rolling Stones, Topper; blue spiders; Burke’s, confused. Ac- tivities: ‘German Club. Ambition: To keep both feet on the ground instead of in my mouth. BRADLEY FRANCIS POOLE Brad Interests: Girls; cars; the one with tri-power; Brenda; Ed’s house; Mus- key; Bance; sneaking into the Drive- in. Ambition : To graduate. VITO J. PISCITELLO Interests: ’57 Ford; Andrew’s; Great Wall of China; football; basketball; baseball; the corner; Nick’s. Ac- tivities: Ben Franklin Club; Basket- ball; Print Shop; 1:30 Club. Ambi- tion: To make my parents proud of me; to succeed in whatever I do. JONATHAN CLIFTON POPE Jon Interests: Hockey; “Turns”; read- ing; saunas; Thoreau, Dylan and Satire; guitar; walking with a friend; my room in the attic. Activities : Hockey; Band. Ambition: To find an attic where the cobwebs have not been torn down for the past million years and to make a national shrine. MARIAN ELIZABETH PORPER Interests: The Leech; trips to Maine; the night the lights went out; ask Barb; the big C; ask Kathy; summer of ’62; You’re not? the old gang; Xmas Eve; weekends; China Sails; Pep Club. Ambition: Never to let my parents down; to love and to be loved; always to be remembered. KATHLEEN N. PRENTISS Kathy ; Zak Interests: Joe; N.Y. ; Mac’s in foot- ball attire; Big “C”; consult Mar- ion; bubble; Jaguars; summer place; B-52; parties; people; art; drums; “am B Dot?” Baby Love! Activities: A.F.S. ; Family Living Club; Basket- ball. Ambition: To find a way; to be happy always. Yum, Yum! MICHAEL PISTENMAA Mike Interests: Rockport; cars; college girls; hunting; 101 Club; Tool Rm.; Wickey’s; Hondas; the cove. Ac- tivities: Hockey Team. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. 68 cS ome girfs who the PETER PRYBOT Pete Interests: That hot Chevy pick-up truck; Rockport ; Lane ' 9 Cove; West- ern side; swimming; water skiing; Red Gates; fox hunting; beach- combing; target practice; Lindberg’s; Folly Cove Restaurant; Holy Name Society. Activities: Biology Club; German Club; A.F.S., Co-Chairman Activity Committee. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt in life. VINCENT PUMA Vince Interests: Hi Y; C.Y.O.; 18 Pros- pect Street ; dances; Boulevard. Ac- tivities: Prize Squad, Two Years; Haskell Drill, R.O.T.C. Staff Mem- ber. Honors: Major Adjutant of R.O.T.C. Brigade; 1st Place Prize Squad. Ambition : To find my goal in life and make my parents proud of me. RICHARD W. RAMOS Dick Interests: Deanna; drums; Print Shop; Lanesville; the gang; boat- ing; water skiing; hockey; ’62 Chevy; skindiving; the pits; Folly Cove; long rides. Activities: Band; Benjamin Franklin Club. Honors: Treasurer, Benjamin Franklin Club. Ambition: To become a successful printer. MARILYN DOROTHY RE Mar Interests: J.C.; saguine; mad Comet; Hill gang; green Caddie; parties; Mac’s; problems; talks; C.Y.O.; summer ’65. Activities: Honor Busi- ness Club; Drill Team; Junior Vol- unteers; Flicker. Honors: Typing Awards. Ambition: To keep God in my soul, love in my heart, peace in my mind. FRANK REDDOUT Interests: anything that is exciting — girls; cars; the usual. Ambition: To eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die. MARJORIE MAY PURDY Margie Interests: Bill; summertime; Go lit- tle Honda; Hey, Pat; horseback riding; swimming; that ’40 Ford; good times; blue. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition : To accept the fu- ture as it comes and do everything in my power to make my parents proud of me. HENRY W. PUTAANSUU Interests: Rockport; ’56 Plymouth; Wickey’s; the cove; money. Activi- ties: R.O.T.C. Ambition : To succeed. MARY F. RAYMOND Mary Interests: Surprise; skiing; C.Y.O.; skating; my office; H.R. 280236; fooling around; horses; kyack A go-go; watermelon; Pep Club. Ac- tivities: Biology Club; H.R. Repre- sentative; Junior Volunteer; Pedi- atrics Volunteer; A.F.S.; College Boards; Senior Due9 Collector. Am- bition: To have Mrs. before and M.D. after my name. HARRY J. REARDON Joe Interests: Carol; Andy’s; sports; hunting and fishing. Honors: l9t. Place Prize Squad; G Co. Com- mander; Cpl.; SFC; George H. Morse, Jr. Award; Captain, Rifle Team; National Rifle Association Award; High Scorer; Distinguished Expert. Ambition: To further my education and live a happy life. HELEN LEE REINSCHILD Lee Interests: Cambridge; dramatics; the Rook; Bingo; ask Ann; parties; sleep- ing; back stage. Activities: Thespians; Leaders ' Club; Basketball Team. Ambition: To know myself; to live a full and happy life. 69 JOHN MARK REQUEJO Interests: All sports, especially gymnastics; swimming, and weight-lifting. Activities: Leaders’ Club; Track Team. Honors: Biology Award; Three Let- ters in Track. Ambition: To further my education, if possible. JOHN RIGGS Interests: Laura (Angel) ; sports cars; sports car racing; swimming; skating; that hot Porsche; May 20, ’65; the swings; long walks; algebra 315; pizzas; tinkles. Activities: Boys’ Chorus. Ambition : To marry my Angel; to make my parents proud of me; to be a famous sports car driver. LARRY ROBERTS Interests: Anything that’s exciting; cars; trucks; movies; girls! Ambi- tion: To be different, have fun, and then work, work, work. ANTHONY S. RIBERIO Tony Interests: Cars; hunting; fishing; sports; Uncle George’s room; girls. Activities: Track; R.O.T.C. Prize Squad, Individual Drill. Honors: 1st Place Prize Squad, ’65; Master Sergeant. Ambition : To be successful in my trade, as a machinist, and to make my parents proud of me in whatever I do. CAROLEE ROBERTS Interests: Friendships; art; skiing; skating; swimming; summer 65; camping; lab; G.S. Roundup dele- gate (Idaho — 1965) ; G.S. Senior Planning Board, vice-pres., pres. Activities: Orchestra; Pres., Biology Club; Flash; Flicker. Honors: Sci- ence Fair, 2nd Prize. Ambition : “To be friend of all — the foe, the friend- less; to be giving and forget the gift; to look up and laugh, and love’’ — and live. STEVEN W. ROBERTSON Steve; Wing Interests: Skiing; cards; hunting; swimming; water skiing; cars; that certain someone. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; to become a parachutist. PAULA ANN ROGERS Interests: “Favorites’’; the old homestead — memories; T.G.I.F.; “My’’ P.C. Girls; problems, any- one? VW; Novicius; Ole-ana; Pep Club. Activities: Junior Volunteers; Student Council— Sec., Representa- tive; A.F.S.; Pres., French Club; Biology Club; Beacon; Flash; Junior Usherette. A mbition: To leave an impression in life’s path; to do what is right and shun what is wrong; always to hold faith. PAMELA ANN ROSE Pam ; Mole 8 Interests: Boston; summertime; sail- ing; camping; “I’ll be waiting!” D block last year; ’Alio, Mate!; COFFEE; Good Harbor Beach; “Tennis?” Do ya want a ride?; Where ya’ going?; The Nose; got any gum?; TGIF ! ; Thumb!? Never!; bagels. Ambition: To become a good nurse. 70 More homework? Ugh! Jfoucester Jfig i ' s Uo cal ion a ScAoo f PAULA MAY ROSS Interests: Wild about Harry!; Con- nor’s; Prometheus; frog-skin hearts; pointed heads; s.k.; hockey games; CLARCH ; the Deuce! Activities: French Club; American Field Serv- ice; Beacon; Flicker ; Thespians. Honors: Sawyer Medal; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Com- mendation; National Honor Society. Ambition: To follow the yellow brick road. CHERYL ROWE Cher Interests: Boston; “The Big Game,” sports; work?; walks; “16 of 65, ’; 13; baseball; “Last;’ 25; G.L. and the P’s; talks; N.Y. plans. Ac- tivities: Leaders’ Club; Basketball; Softball; Beta Beta Biology Club; Junior Usherette. Ambition: Never to lose sight of God; to remember yesterday; to think of today; to hope for tomorrow. DONNA RYAN Rabbit Interests: Lynn Arena; Boston Gar- den; those hockey games; Roland’s; getting lost! The DEUCE!; locked doors; the little man; Pep Club. Activities: A.F.S. ; French Club; Biology Club; Beacon; Glee Club; Junior Usherette. Ambition: To ride the road to happiness. JOSEPH SALAFIA Joe ; Joey ; Sa-laffs Interests: Girls; cars; drag-racing; Chevys forever; Sanford Pines; ’57 Chevy convertible; OK-LA ; Auto Shop; ’63 Rambler; Room 101; West End Corner; Joe; Jake; Tuzz; racing team. Activities : Vocational Club. Ambition: To win an argu- ment with Mr. Budrow and prove to Mr. Amero I’m not a big- mouth ; to make my parents proud of me. PAUL RAYMOND SALMI Interests: Music; ’57 Chev; that certain girl; AGH ; the Group; L.L.; the Drive-in; that Cherry Red, Cus- tom-made Gibson Dome; A.Y.C.; Finns; save Lane’s Cove; 274; 7:11. Activities: Freshman Hockey; Stu- dent Council. Ambition: To go to college; to leave my foot prints in the sands of time. MARJORIE SANDLER Marge Interests: Swimming; tennis; the Beach; summers; those walks; trips to Syracuse; U.S.Y. ; basketball; “Mitty ;” Weston, U.R. Activities: Spanish Club; Future Teachers’ Club; Pep Club. Ambition : To work in a hospital and meet a nice doctor like Freddy. PATRICIA ANN SARGENT Patrice ; Patt; Mole 3 Interests: Sweetness; bagels; A or B; Buffalo; lads; Danvers; poetry; Squam Rock; the big “C’’ ; a star; the parties; sculps; bubble; people; Pep Club. Activities: Sailing Club. Ambition: To make my fantasy world come alive. RENEE SAROFEEN Interests: Reminiscing; lollipops; the shy ones; the cow; double-time; pizza fits; SPLASH! Little red Putt-Putt; The Alleys?; PROB- LEMS! the H-H Plan; walking the beach; double trouble; S.K.’s camp. Activities : Student Council Repre- sentative; Girls’ Drill Team; Span- ish Club; A.F.S. Honors: Squad Leader, Spectacular. Ambition: To show my sisters that I can do some- thing worthwhile. NANCY JEAN SANTAPAOLA None Interests: Guess!; brakes!; Hum- phrey; sailing; ice-boating; ice- skating; Pep Club; Freedom Night; 9 and 10; YOU; C.Y.O.; Mt. Snow; HELP! Activities: Sailing Club; Spanish Club. Ambition: To have the strength and forbearance to succeed with my aim in life. DOROTHY SANTA PAUL Dotty Interests: Reading; narrative writ- ing; records; pen-pals; New Hamp- shire; long rides; radio; writing let- ters; elevators; tunnels; 1961; Myr- tle’s room; laughs with Nancy Wood- man; Kool-aid and Ivory soap. Am- bition: To open my eyes to see what is beautiful, my mind to know what is true, my heart to know what is good. 71 offers trade sdi fs for Soys. KATHLEEN R. SAUNDERS Kathy Interests: “The Stones”; the “three of us” last year; Nov. 5; Sept. 17, 1964; the Richdale Store and “him” — ask Charlene; Ackers Lemons. Activities: Student Secretary in the Health Suite. Honors: Typing Award; Shorthand Award. Ambition: To be- come a good stenographer; to make the best of the worst. ROBERT LENDALL SAUNDERS, JR. Mouse, Bob Interests: Hunting; fishing; swim- ming; a few sports; cars; one girl; parties. Ambition: To make the ones I love proud of me. Some people are so clumsy! WALTER SAWYER Sooky Interests: Basketball; carpentry; girls; 311; the corner store. Ac- tivities: Baseball. Ambition : To make my parents very proud of me, and to further my education. JANET SCANDALITO Interests: C.Y.O.; G.H.R.; cousin H; “wabbits” and yellow fire hy- drants; ice cubes; S. S. forever; drowning off a drifting rowboat; Pep Club. Activities: Sailing Club; Fu- ture Teachers of America; Biology Club; A.F.S.; 25x Club; Office Assistant. Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy, and wise. PAUL SCOLA Paul Interests: Football; hockey; Duck; cars; sleeping; the corner; Stever- ino’s a go-go. Activities: Football; Leaders Club. Ambition: To make my mother proud of me. PETER SCOLA Pete Interests: The Corner; sports; Stev- erino’s a go-go. Activities: Football (Four Years) ; Leaders’ Club. Hon- ors: First Sgt., R.O.T.C. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt; to make my mother proud of me. WILLIAM SEARCY Bill Interests: Girls; cars, especially 57 Fords; the Boulevard; stennies; Sanford; 101. Activities: Automotive Club. Ambition: To win an argument with Mr. Budrow; to make my parents proud of me. ZENAS SEPPALA Zene Interests: Hondas; Pete’s truck; Rickenbacker’s ; Friday night at the Cue-Stick; L.E.S.; water skiiDg; Doug’s face in trig; pop music; Plymouth slush. Activities: German Club; A.F.S.; Biology Club. Ambi- tion: To go to college, make a mil- lion, and retire at thirty. 72 S7n f ie spring some seniors proucf g GERALD SHEA Jerry Interests: B09C0 ; Nook; Dome; ’58 Ford Conv.; ’53 Merc; Peter Prep; No. One; Duh; Boom; King; Long Beach; Sarge Beach; super 9urfer; Senator; Manor Mouse. Ambition : To serve God and my country in any and all ways that I possibly can. DARRELL SILVA Devil Interests: ’58 Pontiac; 389; that certain someone; cars; guitars; hunt- ing; music; Segastian ; that Ser- geants’ Party; April 27; Italian spaghetti; Regal; trumpet. Activities : R.O.T.C. Band 2, 3, 4. Honors: Band Letters. Ambition: To have a successful future. SUZANNE SILVEIRA The Gang Interests: The Boulevard; Ramblers don’t go; “that guy’’; the friendly undertaker; summer ’65; talks with Sandy; matchmaker — ask everyone! Ask Pat; triple date; Christmas Eve9; hen parties; Canteen Commit- tee; Sergeants’ party ’65; Pep Club. Ambition: To walk along the road of happiness with my head up high. MANUEL F. SIMOES Manny, Manel Interests: Girls; sports; ’64 Ford; weight lifting; summer ’65, Conn.; N.Y. ; Nook; G.I. Joe in Vietnam; the gang; Rockport dances. Activi- ties: Leaders’ Club; Football; Track Student Council Rep.; Detention; R.O.T.C.; Chorus. Honors: Com- mander, Goon Platoon. Ambition : To seek, to find, to achieve; to make my family proud of me. GRANT W. SMITH Sandy Interests: Hockey; football; baseball; Puh ! ; Trig. (?); Gross Boy9. Ac- tivities: American Field Service; Football; Track; French Club; American Forum Club. Honor Stu- dent Council Treasurer; Squad Lead- er, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To become a successful lawyer. SHARON .SILVA Interests: 2-2-9-6-4-; ask Karen; Y Dance, 12:45; 2nd bus; tomorrow; Double Molasses; the excursions; the laughs, Rosi’s Studebaker; I didn’t do it; “What the . . .?’’ Devastat- ing; savage amusement; conversa- tions; Let’s not make an issue of it! Ambition: To learn what I want to achieve; to achieve it; to be happy with what I have. ROSEANNE T. SINAGRA Duck Interests: Hi, cuz; BLUE; best a’ friends; no intestinal fortitude; ask Barb; Lucky 4; No. 51; foot- ball; dancing; QUACKING?; Stev- erino ’9 a go-go; fisheries; Pep Club. Activities: Junior Volunteers; Stu- dent Secretary; Drill Team. Ambi- tion: To understand; to find what I’m looking for; to make my parents proud. JAMES SINAGRA Lucky, Sundance Kid Interests: Certain someone in Bos- ton; football; that certain Chester; West End corner; 53 Chev. ; 56 Chev; ’59 Pontiac; Rambler; light- house; ’62; summer ’65. Activities: Football; R.O.T.C. V.F.M. Honors: 1st Place Prize Squad. Ambition: To be a man of wealth, happiness, love, and laughter; to enjoy my career as a playboy. PASQUALE F. SERIO Pat Interests: Fishing; football; R.O.T.C.; Carpentry; Steverino’s a go-go; golf; girls; Aug. 4, 1968. Activities: Mr. Lewis ’ Play Room. Honors: Vocational Representative; 2nd Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Ambition: To make my brother as proud of me a9 I am of him; to be half the man that my mother i9 a woman. PAMELA SHANKS Pamie Interests: That carpenter; the camp; sewing. Drive-in; talks with the girls; weekends; double dates; . . . Jum- mies; The tumbler; Pep Club. Ac- tivities: Honor Business Club; Family Living Club; Flicker Rep- resentative. Ambition: To have hap- piness, health and a little bit of wealth; to spread some joy along the way. announce co fe eye ? pic acceptan ces. WAYNE J. M. SOINI Rudi; Pres.; Wiegehts Interests: Problems; bad weather; deutsche Madchens; camel-racing. Activities: R.O.T.C. ; Hurwitz; Gren- adiers; German Club; Biology Club; Publicity Chairman, A.F.S.; Sailing Club; Student Council; Stevens Book Reviewers; American Forum; Flash; Flicker ; Beacon. Honors: National Honor Society; Corporal. Ambition : To make others happy. MARY-FAY SOMERS Mifjy Interests: The barn; Novicius; “My Girl’’; dress-ups; other side; Lynn Arena; skiing; crowded basements; 15; my friend. Activities: Flash; Leader’s Club; A.F.S.; Floormaster’s Secretary; Junior Usherette; Girls’ Drill Team; Supply Room; Tennis Team. Ambition : To let knowledge grow from more to more. DAVID RICHARD SPINNEY Dave Interests: Horses; bowling; girls. Ambition: To join the Navy. CHRISTOPHER SPRAGUE Chris Interests: Jennifer; baseball; hock- ey; trig; DUH ; DeMolay; B.Y.F. ; C.C.; paintings; rats; L.T.I. ; Hap- piness is . . . Activities: Band; Stage Crew; Baseball; Spanish Club; In- dividual Drill. Ambition : Always to do that which is right; to pass through the doorway of success with- out tripping over the threshold. RAYMOND SOUZA Ray Interests: Collecting first-day issues of American stamps; records; bowl- ing. Activities: Ninth Grade Rep- resentative to the Red Cross. Am- bition: To go to a higher school — preferably business — and then to find a good business job that pays well enough. K RUTH SMITH Ruthie, Ruthless Interests: Horseback riding; ask Lor- raine, Sally, Donna, or Irene; writing to Maureen and Beverly; reading Dottie’s stories; watching T.V. ; Mary and the kids; my mother and our discussions — Julie. Honors: Typing Awards; Shorthand Award. Ambi- tion: To make the ones I love most the proudest. SALLY JANE SMITH Interests: Mai’s — that snackbar; August 7, ’65; Surprise party for me?; Reb; babysit much?; bowling; football; thank you, Linda — rides to school. Activities : Student Sec- retary; Flicker Typist; Cafeteria Assistant; Homeroom Representa- tive; Honors: Typing, Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To see the world in peace and not in pieces. DANIEL SPEROPOULOS Butch, Danny Interests: Civil Defense Fire De- partment; Commander, American Le- gion Drill Team; model building; guns; Miss Beebe’s 25 Times Club. Activities: Grenadiers (Two Years) ; H Company Prize Squad. Honors: Second-in-Command, E Company. Ambition: To make a career of the Service. ROBERT M. SPONAGLE JR. Bob Interests: Hockey; boats; fishing; hunting; LL ; summer of 64; Dodge 225. Ambition: To accomplish what- ever I try in the future; to go to wherever it may take me. RONALD BARRY STAHRE Junior — Star with an “H” ; Ronnie Interests: NANCE; quiet Sundays at Nance’s; ’49er; Fords; Shlock rods; Ernie’s Service Station; Topsfield Fair; E.Y.C.; gold; fishing; Ex- plorers; talks with Jack; ’53 Chevys that don’t go. Ambition: To fulfill my wishes and wait forever, if neces- sary, for her, my No. 1. 74 As 7ie J Day Jr ' a ws near LINDA MARIA STEELE Interests: 1 67; the “cow”; I’m nervous!; LOLLIPOPS; April vaca- tion, ’63; celery!; problems; mem- ories; pizza “fits”; down Min’s; splash!; my A.F. buddies; the Junc- tion?; kerchiefs; double-time!; D.K.’s camp! Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; A.F.S. Ambition: To live life to the fullest; to face the future with a smile, for “que sera sera.” VINCENT FRANK STRACCIA Vinny Interests: Singing; in a vocal group; committee member for Y.M.C.A. dance; playing hockey, football, baseball; collecting records. Honors: Secretary of Electrical Department. Ambition: To be successful in any- thing I do and to make my parents very proud of me. JANE DINAN STROPLE Jady; Janie Interests: Long ocean walks; people; Chopin’s Polonaise; remembering Rook-fellas; ask Mab ; 5 7 63; Baez; summer ’63; jeeps; Buchwald; B.C. and Peanuts; Rugby; depression ses- sions. Activities: A.F.S. ; Beta Beta Biology Club; Chess Club; Junior Volunteers; Beacon Staff; Future Teachers Club. Ambition : To be able to see beyond that wjiich is apparent. LAURENCE C. SWAN Lurd Interests: C.P.Y.C. ; Sandy’s fam- ily; skiing, Mt. Hamilton; long hair; Tssst to anybody who objects; B.D.’s car; birthday parties; Y.M.C.A.; Rolling Stones; Yesterday; Cran- morz, Sunapee; University of Col- orado. Activities : C Block Chorus. Ambition: To be in the 1972 Olym- pics with Mike and Ozzie. ROSEMARIE TAMARINDO Ro, Rosie Interests: PAUL; his pigeons; 9 11 61; the gang; those talks and problems; ask Donna; PJ parties, messes we got into; Ann knows; 10 Marina Dr.; memories; those funny people; ask Ann or Gaye; horseback riding; 316B. Activities : Honor Busi- ness Club; Floormaster’s Assistant; Student Secretary; Homeroom Rep- resentative. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To try a;nd make my par- ents proud of me; to marry HIM someday; to lead a long and happy life. THOMAS CRESSY STRONG “Weasel”; Tom Interests: Surfing; White Beach; Va. Beach; ’60 Comets; Jeeps; skate boarding; ’48 Chevys; The Big Three; Robbie’s pig. Ambition : To make a lot of money without really working and to ride the Islands big surf BLAKE W. STORY Interests: Hockey; football; The Mustang; races; those golden flats. Activities : R.O.T.C. Band. Ambition : To further my education and to be successful in anything I attempt. MARGARET SULLIVAN Interests: O.R.; I’d rather fight! adventures; walks; I.C.A. ; try Carol; hate; depression; “My Room”; mu- sic; Standin’ in the rain; Pep Club. Activities: Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Flicker. Ambition: If pos- sible, to become a better nurse than Mom; help those in need; and make people want to know me. CHERYL ANNE TAMARINDO Cheri; Cecil Interests: Fisherman! ask Pattie, Eleanor, or Diane?! Novicius; creep- ing house of Kite! Honda’s friend! 4 a.m. rides?! ’56 Chevy; battle of the license!! C.Y.O.; ’54; Sunday football games! rain! Pep Club. Ac- tivities: Basketball; Dues Collector. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To live with my future and to pay back my life; to be a good radiolo- gist and wife. CLAIRE MARIE TEBO Interests: Summer of ’65; “South of the Border”; Lynn Arena; Mac’s; “Mad Comet”; N.Y. — 3 a.m. Chinese Club; April Fool; Pep Club; C.Y.O. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; Tri- Hi-Y ; Class Ring Committee; Bas- ketball; Softball; A.F.S., Vice-Pres.; American Forum, Pres.; Student Secretary; Squad Leader. Ambition: “To climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow,” until I find my dream. 75 ’ cfe we order our s. ahi ers , an LINDA THOMAS Interests: B. L. ; Hebron; art; green Porsche; sketching; music; hockey; the Deuce! Activities: Thespians; French Club; Biology Club; Spanish Club; Future Teachers’ Club; Bea- con; Flash; Co-Chairman Flicker Photography Committee; A.F.S. Am- bition: To light a candle. HELENANN TREMBLAY H.A.; Harry Interests: Novicius; Jade East; A.Y.C.; people; skiing; 1965; OAT; “My Girl’ ; parties; DK’s camp; pear; Beach Boys; Jitzmark; Whoop- ee-do ! Squam. Activities: French Club; Beacon; Future Teachers’ Club; Flicker; Sailing Club; Basket- ball; Junior Usherette. Ambition: Never to see the Eve of Destruction. JACLYN TUCK Jackie, Jo Interests: Skiing; Y.M.C.A. member- ship; Ski Club. Activities: Thes- pians; French Club. Ambition: To go to Sweden ; to ski Innsbruck. W. MICHAEL TYSVER “Mike” Interests: Journalism; skiing; C.Y.O.; folk music — Peter, Paul, Mary. Activities: Flash; Beacon; French Club; Thespians; Flicker; American Forum. Ambition: To find in myself what I admire the most in others. CHARLENE HAYES UNTIET Interests: Reminiscing; skiing; No- vicius; O.T.S. ; V.W.; at the cow; H. H.; fits; Red Rooster; “I’m nervous!’’ Activities: Main Office Asst.; Leaders’ Club; Cheerleader; Ring Committee; Biology and Span- ish Clubs; Student Council; Supply Room; Flash; Dues Collector; Jun- ior Usherette. Honors: National Hon- or Society, Sec.; Sawyer Medal; Class Treasurer; Commander, Girls’ Drill Team. Ambition: To decide. ELIZABETH ANN TETTONI Betty Ann Interests: Dreaming; searching; find- ing; we two; long talks; good times; folk music; depression ses- sions; those talks with Pauline. A c- tivities: German Club; Future Teach- ers; American Forum. Ambition: To remember that no man is an island. RONALD DAVID THIBEDEAU Thib, Ronny Interests: The Hill; Nick’s and Bill’s; 35 Riverdale Park; the big mill; Red-men’s; Y.M.C.A.; lifting; money. Activities: Football; Leaders’ Club; Basketball; Detention. Ambi- tion: To become a draftsman; to make my parents proud of me. You’re crushing my ribs! M. ROBERT VADALA Bob Interests: Golf; basketball; football; hockey; baseball; Y.M.C.A.; DOME; Bass Rocks. Activities : 1, 2 Years of Basketball; Golf Team. Honors: 1963 North Shore Golf League Cham- pion; Captain, 1966 Golf Team. Ambition: To become a success in whatever I attempt. RICHARD VADALA Dick Interests: Carol; music; baseball; football; hockey; Mitch’s; Dave’s house; Nick’s; The Three Goofs. Activities: Grenadiers; Football; De- tention. Ambition: To get the most out of life I can, and make my mother and father proud of me. CHRISTOPHER VRACHOS, JR. Chris Interests: ’57 Chevy’s; T.A.; B. C. ; surfing; skiing; rain; nights with the guys; big Buicks ; walking the beams; DeMolay; O.K.; Good Harbor Beach. Activities: Grenadiers; Prize Squad; Individual Drill; Math League. Ambi- tion: To make people happy, to make myself happy, and to succeed. PAULETTE WESTLUND Polly Interests: Bridgewater State College; good times; reflectors; Magnolia Depot; feeding time at the zoo — ask Jim! memories; Finns. Activi- ties: Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Junior Volunteers; Leaders’ Club; Honor Business Club; Student Secre- tary. Ambition: To dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand wavin’ free. BEVERLY JEAN WHITE Bev Interests: ALBIE ; 4 20 65; Long Beach; “MAD COMET”; problems; double “a”?; walks on the beach; saguine!!; “for-forever” ; spin; an elephant’s trunk; Pep Club. Activi- ties: French, Spanish, Biology Clubs; Flicker ; Junior Usherette. Ambition: Always to find the brightest side of life; to make the right choice. EUGENE VIATOR, JR. Gene Interests: S.H.; basketball; DOME; baseball; football; hockey; bowling; laughs with Big Bloch and the guys; ELM FARM. Activities: Basketball; Detention. Honors: Sgt., R.O.T.C.; Squad Leader. Ambition : To marry a rich and beautiful girl; to make my father and mother proud of me. PAMELA VIDAL Pam Interests: B.M.; Ford V-8; THAT RAINDROP; Saguine; hill gang; MAD COMET; New Hampshire; green Caddie; Phelge Co.; ask MAR. Activities: Honor Business Club; Student Secretary; French Club; A.F.S. Honors: Typing, Shorthand Awards. Ambition: Seren- ity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. GLORIA JEAN WATSON Interests: Bowling at Go-Go; our rides to Ipswich; ask Alice; Doug; that night at the drive-in; ask Dot- tie and Charlene; that certain day at MacDonald’s. Activities: Student Secretary; Beverly High School. Honors: Typing Award. Ambition: To be a successful secretary; to make my parents and three brothers proud of me. DONALD WETMORE Don, Donny Interests: DeMolay; “WELL! Bucket Mouth!”; Paragon Park; HOW- ARD’S; “oh boy! I WIN!”; “SHH ! DANNY!”; jello degree; Carl. Ac- tivities: Grenadiers; Stage Crew. Honors: Corporal; Platoon Sgt. Am- bition: To live a life of happiness and attend the 75th Reunion of the class of ’66. LINDA LOUISE WHITE Lin Interests: ADRIAN: ’65 B.S.A.; a9k RO; Christmas with them; cook- books; ’67-’68; orchid; that pink gown; Elvis. Activities: Student Secretary; Flash ; Flicker ; Family Living Club. Honors: Typing, Short- hand Awards. Ambition: To live as long as I want but not to want as long as I live. 77 great expectations PAMELA WHITE Pam Interests: Novicius ; Bang, Bang; C.Y.O.; Destino’s; sea gulls; you feel all right; Ba-Gock!! teaching; her cheers; planes. Activities : Cheer- leader; Varsity Basketball; Softball Team; Leaders Club; Junior Usher- ette. Honors: Typing Award. Ambi- tion; To have a smile for every friend, and a friend for every smile. MARION ALTHEA WILKINS Candy Interests: Rainbow; sports; Ames Farm; 66 Ford; those trips; Spring- field; R.R.H. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; French Club; Girls Leaders Club; Girls’ Basketball Team; Flicker. Honors: Beta Beta Biology Book Prize I; Secretary- Treasurer Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: Always to be a success. HARRIET WILT Harry , Foots Interests: Jack; 3rd floor; summer 65 Herman Blake-O; “I’m tell- ing’’; Whee; the wizard of Id; Chinese Club; ask Joe; We Four; Tige. Activities: Girls’ Leaders Club; German Club; Basketball Team; Field Hockey Team; Softball Team. Ambition: To light a candle in the darkness and do for my children what my parents have done for me. DAVID WOUNDY Porky Interests: Football; girls; those pok- er games. Ambition : To own a cigarette factory; to make my par- ents proud of me. DAVID C. WRIGHT Dave Interests: Lea’s Pines Speedway; The 3; girls; ’55 Chevy; hockey; swimming; the Drive-in; one of Ken’s excursions; football; The Beach Boys. Activities: Baseball. Honors: Outstanding Junior Cadet Aw ' ard. Ambition: To enjoy life to the fullest, become a success, and make my parents proud of me. CHRISTINE S. WILBER Chris Interests: Hey Danny!; Novicius; barefoot; 7 1 65; those parties; beach-walking; letters; summer nights; N.Y.C. — the murder! rain! remembering; alodacs! Pep Club. Activities: Honor Business Club; Junior Executive; Flash ; Student Sec.; Biology Club; Junior Usher- ette; H.R. Representative. Honors: National Honor Society; Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: Never to be led astray by false philosophies. GREGORY WILLIAMS Greg Interests: DeMolay; stamp collect- ing; coin collecting. Activities: Boys’ Chorus; Basketball. Ambition: To prepare for an exciting career of adventure in the great outdoors, working for the government in Conservation. BARBARA WONSON Barb Interests: Squeeze box; N.Y. ; sum- mer ’65; Mad Comet; Maria’s ok?; laffs; Saguine; p.j. parties; Chinese Club; Pep Club. Activities: Honor Business Club; Beacon; Beta Beta Biology Club; Student Secretary; Flicker. Honors: Type and Shorthand Awards. Ambition : To be small and shine, not big and cast a grea shadow. EARL WORTHLEY Interests: Baseball; hockey; Reg- gie’s; “The Hut”; Friday night; ’58 Plymouth; “Goad”. Activities: R.O.T.C. Baseball. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do and make my parents proud of me. ALLEN GENE YOUNG Sherbertsa Interests: The Savages; Drums; 311; F Troop; boats; water skiing; those back-to-school parties; Squam Rock; wooden bridge; the wall May 23, ’69. Honors: 1st Sergeant. Ambition: “California or bust”; to succeed in whatever I attempt. Graduation ANTHONY ZERILLI Gorilla Interests: A certain someone in Essex; fishing; golf; May 9, 1968; football; certain color; West End corner; ’65 Chevy Uncle Gcorge’9 room; Uncle Horace’s; Steverino’9 a go-go. Activities : Football; R.O.T.C. Honors : 1st Place Prize Squad; 2nd Lieutenant. Ambition: To be as much a man as my mother is a woman, and »o make my father proud of me. SAMUEL S. PILKINGTON Sam Interests: North Shore Rod and Gun Club; C.P.Y.C. ; the King’s Rook; fishing; hunting; camping; surfing; dances; The Rolling Stones; skiing. Activities: J.V. and Varsity Rifle Teams. Ambition : To be suc- cessful in whatever I may attempt. EMILY TRACY Trace Interests: O.A.T. ; Grossmen ; O.B.; Chip; S.P.C.C.; Pears 5c; D.K. camp; F.S.B.N. ; 165-159; parties; “Brothers!” Castle Hill; talks with Jim; summer ’65; Tri-Hi-Y. Ac- tivities: Basketball; Spanish Club; Junior Volunteers; Student Secretary. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To walk through life with neither sorrow in my heart nor anger on my lips. % RICHARD CHARLES MELANSON, JR. Rick Interests: Model cars; flying model airplanes; surfing; skateboarding; CCD; girls; sports; cars; cycles; the treehouse; Hell’s Angels. Activi- ties: Hurwitz’s Health Club. Ambi- tion: To let my hair grow as long as I want to and to travel. EDWARD BANDFORD LEAMAN Ed; Muskey Interests: Girls; cars; money; B.S.A.; seeing the country; most of all, doing what I want to do — to live; skiing; skating; hunting; rac- ing cars; dancing. Ambition: To take a trip to see Uncle Sam; to drive around the country on a 650 B.S.A. ; to make good in life. RICHARD K. THOMPSON Yogi Interests: Stock car racing; people; hockey games; having fun; DeMolay ; Really, who cares?; The Beaches; Motor powered Fords ; Someone really nice. Oh, my favorite color; red? Just kicking around. Activities: Band I, II, III. Ambition: To always know what I want and what is right and be able to achieve it. MEMBERS OF CLASS THEODORE C. WILLIAMS Snap Interests: A and B; Justreni Brooks; Litzik; Fitch; Checking the Stock. Activities : Baseball. Honors: Prize Squad; Grenadiers. Ambition: To topple Litzik Fitch from his present height of tradition. JAMES ALLAN FRASER Frase; Jim Interests: Banjo; The Flying Bed- stead; Rockport, in the summer; chances; P.F.; Db-12-20; green eyes; understanding. Activities: Bea- con Staff. Honors: Four Gold Stars From Mr. Gleason. Ambition: To make it to the top of the world. Also DAVID PETER CUSICK BONNIE MAY DOYLE JAY MAXWELL JACOBS KENNETH EDWARD MORRIS NANCY PALM1SANO 79 HONORS OF THE CLASS OF 1966 c lawyer JlTedals: Cynthia Bearse, Steven Bloom, John Cunningham, Cynthia Francis, Catherine Frontiero, Barbara Gale, Susan Hildonen, Suzanna Natti, Sheila Nugent, Paula Ross, Charlene Untiet, Robert McKay, Catherine Bayliss, Marsha Brown, Bruce Maki. Cational Jdonor Society: Catherine Bayliss, Cynthia Bearse, Steven Bloom, Marsha Brown, John Cunningham, Cynthia Fran- cis, Barbara Gale, Bruce Maki, Jeanne Mugford, Suzanna Natti, Susan Hildonen, Charlene Untiet. Christine Wilber. Karen Jensen, Catherine MacFarland, Maureen Gibbs, Catherine Frontiero, Ray- mond Hildonen, Larry Marshall, Sheila Nugent, Barbara Murphy, Paula Ross, Wayne Soini, Allan Metzner. Harvard J)ool Size: Steven Bloom , Junior JTotarians: Steven Bloom, John Burnett, Arnold Cann, John Cunningham, Bruce Maki, Vincent Puma, William Squillace Oe eyates to TIT as, sad use it, s Hoys ' State: Steven Bloom. John Burnett Oeleyates to JlTassaclusetts dir Is ’ State: Barbara Murphy Y ational JlTerit Sclo arslip JJinalsts: Steven Bloom, Marsha Brown, Barbara Gale. Y ational JlTerit Sclo arslip letters of Commendation: Catherine Bayliss, John Cunningham, Cynthia Francis, Raymond Hildonen, Suzanna Natti, Paula Ross, Wayne Soini 2). A. 7?. dood Citizen Award: Charlene Lfntiet 80 But, I don’t really deserve an hour. Hnnn, fish prices are up. And this is our new, improved guillotine. Ozone Fluid Net makes hair feel like hair. THE 1965 FISHERMEN The 1965 version of the Fishermen football team suffered through what was probably the most ex- asperating season any team from G.H.S. has ever experienced. The charges of head coach John Furey were on the verge of victory time after time against the top teams the North Shore had to offer, but the breaks and time were not on the side of the Fishermen. Week after week, as the ball continued to bounce the wrong way, our boys never once gave up or quit. Through thick and thin, they were out on that gridiron, giving everything they had to offer and just a little hit more for the glory of G.H.S. Despite their gallant efforts the Fishermen ended up the season with a 1-8 record, although with a break here and there they could have easily had a winning season. Despite the relative inexperience of the squad, the Fishermen football team, led by co-captains John Burnett and Jack Budrow, started off the 1965 season rvith a heart-breaking 24-20 loss to Saugus. Led by the running of senior halfback Tom Kerepka and a scrappy Fishermen defense, the G.H.S. Boys had racked up a 14-6 lead over the Sachems with but four minutes to play in the game. The roof then caved in, however, as a potent Saugus passing game ripped off three quick touchdowns to beat the Fishermen. Returning for their first home game, the Fishermen dropped another heart-breaker this time before 6,000 screaming Gloucester fans. Outplaying Newburvport in every department except scoring, the injured Fishermen lost to the Clippers for the first time since 1944 by the score of 8-0. A fumble by G.H.S. set up the only score for what should have been a scoreless day. Standouts for the Fishermen were senior quarterback John Burnett, and senior flanker Jack Budrow. Again outplaying an invading team, this time Salem, the Fishermen were crippled by what was the worst break of the year. With Gloucester leading 6-0 in the second quarter, senior Skip Chapman booted a tremendous punt that traveled a total of sixty yards before it was nullified by a penalty. Chapman’s next kick landed on the Salem 44-yard line where it was touched dead by Jack Budrow. The head linesman dropped his hat to mark the spot but did not blow his whisle to stop the play. Despite the fact that there were at least 15 Witches on the field which was in a state of utter con- fusion, a Salem back picked up the “dead” ball and scampered to the G.H.S. 32. The call broke the back of the Fishermen, and Salem went on to win the game by a 24-6 count. LED BY John Burnett, Coach Furey, Jack Budrow In a game with the most fantastic finish of the year, the heavily favored and undefeated Marblehead Magicians roared to a 26-20 win over G.H.S. Playing their best game of the year, the Fishermen had racked up a 20-12 lead over the ’Headers with 55 seconds remaining, Then . . . disaster! A wide field goal attempt by Skip Chapman was smothered by a fleet Magician halfback who bolted 70 yards for a touchdown, although it appeared that he had been knocked out of bounds. With the score tied at 20 all, a Fisherman fumbled and Marblehead scored on the last play of the game on what was almost an intercepted pass. Despite the efforts of seniors Chapman and Bill Phinney, who were standouts on defense, the game turned out to be the most heartbreaking Gloucester has seen in quite awhile. But the season was only half over, and there was more heartbreak to follow ' . The Fishermen, never quitting, went down to defeat again as the aerial bombs of Beverly blasted the luckless G.H.S. team. A tough break gave Beverly enough momentum to squelch our boys’ hopes by a 16 to 0 score. The upset of the year was in the making against Peabody when the Tanners turned on a fireworks display by pelting the Fishermen with just three minutes left in the game. The Fishermen, leading 15-8. fell victim to the passing of Don Trull and lost the game 20-15. Tom Kerepka gained over 200 yards rushing and the Fishermen forward wall humbled the Peabody ground game, but it was all in vain as the game lasted just 3 minutes too long. Crippled by injuries the Fishermen lost to Malden. 24-0. and Melrose, 24-6, on successive Saturdays, but never giving up, they built up steam for that last game, the Thanksgiving Day game w’ith Danvers. With seniors Burnett, Chapman, Phinney, Budrow. and Dan Jackson and the Scola brothers having the best game of the season, the Fishermen were rewarded with a 13-0 shutout victory over Danvers. This time everything went right as the entire team worked like a clock and had complete control of Danvers throughout the entire game. THE SENIORS The Starting Line-up Front row, L-R: Chapman, Phin- ney, Perry, Silva, P. Scola, Spanks, P, Scola, Chinacola, Kerepka, Bur- nett, Jackson DAVE CHAPMAN— End ■ EDDIE CHAMBERLAIN JOHN BURNETT — Quarterback JACK KORTHAS— Fullback TOM KEREPKA— Halfback CHARLIE JOHNSON— End 86 RICHIE OSBORNE— Defensive Specialist PETE SCOLA— Tackle BILL PHINNEY— Right Tackle JACK BUDROW— Flanker V 4 6 PAUL SCOLA— Tackle DAN JACKSON— Fullback All smiles, but will it be completed? 87 A CHEER FOR OUF Standing: Lynn Mansfield; Top row: Cindy Harnish; Diane Lynch; Jean Davis; Charlene Untiet; Bot- tom row: Toby Dutton; Jeanne Love; Pam White; Barb White; Judy Cohen; Nancy Borge; Cyndy Bearse. r CHARLENE UNTIET JEAN DAVIS LYNN MAN SFIELD HEERLEADERS CYNDY BEARSE Min, nor sleet, nor dark of night . . . A football game would not be complete without cheer- leaders, and this year’s Gloucester High cheerleaders ap- peared at every game — rain or shine. New, snappy cheers were introduced this year to arouse enthusiasm from the student body. New additions were also made to the girls’ apparel in the form of slickers and sou’westers. Dressed in their new rainwear, the cheer- leaders marched out onto the field looking like real fishermen. The cheerleaders welcomed each opposing team with their “Hi Neighbor” cheer and supplied refreshments dur- ing the half to the visiting cheerleaders. Bashful, Pam? PAM WHITE JEANNE LOVE BILL CALDER— Safety JEFF PARSONS— Guard MANNY SIMOES— Guard Saugus Newburyport Salem Marblehead Beverly Peabody Malden Melrose Gloucester 15 Gloucester 20 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 6 Gloucester 20 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 15 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 6 Danvers 0 Record Doesn’t Tell The Story 24 O O 24 26 16 20 24 24 SAM PISCITELLO— Tackle BRUCE JOHNSON— Tackle 90 Chapman lets one fly Can Tom squeeze through? What will happen? Tilings went like this all year. 91 VICTORY! Gloucester Mayor Stan Boudreau presents Gloucester-Danvers Trophy to Co-Captains Budrow and Burnett and the rest of the Fishermen. The trophy has yet to he relinquished by G.H.S. The great goal-line stand THANKSGIVING DAY G.H.S. remains perfect against Danvers by win- ning the Thanksgiving Day game and trophy by 13-0. A good gain, Burnett to Budrow G.H.S. HOCKEY, ’65-’66 Left to right: Ken Arvilla, Mike Pistemna, Brad Currier, Don Lowe, John DelTorchio, Bill Brown, Mike Densemore, Dana Knowlton, Dick MacNeil Kneeling: John Burnett, Charlie Johnson HUSTLE SPARKS FISHERMEN TO COMEBACK SEASON Through sheer hustle, this year’s Gloucester High hockey team, the pride of the school, racked up a tremendous season over the North Shore opponents. Predicted to be no better than a mediocre team, our Fishermen compiled a 10-3-2 record during regular season play. Starting off the year slowly with a 2-2 tie against Lynn English, the Fishermen proceeded to play ten straight games with one loss. These games included a tre- mendous 2-2 tie with undefeated Marblehead and a great 2-0 pasting of Malden Catholic. During this stretch. Gloucester, aided by All-League goalie and team co- captain John Burnett, posted six straight shut-outs. These consecutive whitewashes gave Burnett a league record and a Gloucester High record of 17 shut-outs over his career. Under the leadership of co-captains Charlie Johnson and Burnett, the great Gloucester defense stormed to a third-place finish, winning a berth in both the league and the state tournaments. Even though the Fishermen lost to league champion Lynn Classical 3-1, in the North Shore play-offs, and to Catholic Memorial, 3-2, in the state tournament, Coach Jack Canniff can always be proud of the way his Little Gloucester squad shut out opponent after opponent during a fabulous 1965-66 hockey season. THE END OF FOUR TOUGH YEARS MIKE DENSMORE CHARLIE JOHNSON SONNY ARVILLA ALL-STAR CAPTAINS John Burnett, in his “lucky” pants, led all North Shore goalies for the third year in a row. Charlie Johnson, leading the tight G.H.S. defense, became an All-Star after a season of hustle and hard knocks. BURNETT COACH CANNIFF JOHNSON JOHN BURNETT BRAD CURRIER MIKE PISTEMA 95 First line moves out. Keep your eyes on the puck, Mike! Go, Brad, Go! John fights for position. 96 Johnson plays his position well. Always alert 97 G.H.S. GOALIE EARNS LEAGUE’S RESPECT KM •JAVjVt .v.Vivi s. WAVA ' iV s$ John assumes “ready” position We feel that the goaltending of John Burnett has earned him a page all to himself in this year’s Flicker. Being an All-League goalie for three consecutive years John posted 17 shut-outs, a Gloucester record, and six straight shut-outs for a North Shore Interscholastic Hockey League record. Hats off to Gloucester’s greatest netminder! One of very few to get by John A typical Burnett save 99 THE SCORES MacNeil, Knowlton, Arvilla Pistenma, Currier, DelTorchio Densmore, Johnson Gloucester 2 English 2 Gloucester 3 Danvers 1 Saugus 5 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 2 Peabody 1 Gloucester 2 St. Mary’s 0 Gloucester 2 Marblehead 2 Gloucester 2 Malden Catholic 0 Gloucester 7 St. John ' s 0 Gloucester 4 Winthrop 0 Gloucester 3 Salem 0 Gloucester 6 Swampscott 0 Gloucester 7 Amesbury 0 Beverly 3 Gloucester 1 Gloucester 5 Woburn 1 Classical 2 Gloucester 1 Classical 3 Gloucester 1 Catholic Memorial 3 Gloucester 2 (Triple Overtime) 100 A Good Year The ’65-’66 G.H.S. basketball team, under the direction of Coach Bob Welch, stormed to a third place finish in the Northeastern Conference. Rebounding from a poor season the year before, the Fisher- men were in contention for the league title during the entire season. Seniors such as Ed Enos, Bruce Johnson, and Bill Squillace paced the Fishermen to an 11-3 overall record. All-Star center Steve Carter played a major role on this year’s winning team by being Gloucester’s top scorer. Only two losses to Woburn and one to Danvers prevented Gloucester from taking the league crown. Being all but invincible in the friendly confines of the G.H.S. gym, the Fishermen found the going rather difficult on the road, as they lost two games because of poor shooting. After finishing a good regular season, Gloucester bowed to Braintree in the opening round of the Tech Tourney. Gloucester fans, however, will keep an eye on sophomore Tom Middleton who scored 25 of the Fishermen’s 43 points in the Braintree game. Despite the loss, the G.H.S. basketball team was an exciting, well-rehearsed unit. Top row: Mike MacLeod, Bruce Johnson, Bill Squillace, Steve Carter, Coach Welch Kneeling: Karl Caldeira, Mike Wood, Jerry Hardeman, Ed Ends, Doc Goodhue BASKETBALL 101 THE LEADERS ED ENOS— Guard JERRY HARDEMAN— Guard BILL SQUILLACE— Center Maybe Doc’s cornin’ back next year. STEVE CARTER— Center DOC GOODHUE— Forward BRUCE JOHNSON — Forward 102 FAST ACTION Little Ed The shot The pre-game talk Drive, Jerry, drive! Ed moves the ball. Jump! This was good for two points. 105 SENIORS IN ACTION The double whammy Don’t shoot! Squillace fakes. Goodhue pops. Oh, you bad boy! Johnson shoots. AND REACTION Enos dri bbles in. Hardeman fires. Don’t cry, Steve; -we’ll make i Carter lays it up You don’t like my hairdo? Ain’t I pretty? HIGH VOLTAGE ACTION SPARKS G.H.S. TO GREAT YEAR SOME CLOSE GAMES Gloucester 82 Marblehead 50 Gloucester 72 Marblehead 46 99 92 Amesbury 54 99 82 Amesbury 47 99 45 Danvers 50 99 53 Danvers 49 99 64 Newburyport 47 99 56 Newburyport 50 99 54 Winthrop 59 99 50 Winthrop 54 99 72 Swampscott 59 99 58 Swampscott 54 99 49 Woburn 44 99 49 Woburn 41 TECH TOURNEY Braintree 54 Gloucester 43 08 JUNIOR VARSITY Here we present the junior varsity basketball team. These are the kids who, week after week, get out on the court and play, before the crowds come. Hence, we now show the future varsity members in action. Fishermen scramble for ball. Brown fights for toss-up. 109 DETERMINATION WILL LEAD . . High-scorer Feener fires. Fishermen talk strategy Last-minute surge 10 TO VARSITY SQUAD Congested area A quick jumper I think there s a hole in it! Block that shot! Good Heavens, no! Watch out for these boys; they’ll be back in GIRLS’ BASKETBALL The girls’ basketball team, coached by Miss Flanagan, is part of the interscholastic sports program at G.H.S. You can’t miss your ballet lessons. O.K. — which one of you punched Harriet? Now give her a left hook, Carol. 112 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Sherman B. Ruth Chapter of the National Honor Society aims to stimulate an enthusiasm for scholarship, to create a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, to encourage the de- velopment of character in pupils of Gloucester High School. Each year the chapter awards a scholarship to a member planning to continue his education be- yond high school. In the area of school service, the chapter sponsors the Exhibit of the Week from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, maintains a stamp machine in the school office, and supplies school guides for special functions. The chapter also en- gages in fund-raising activities. Following the in- duction ceremony, there is a reception for new mem- bers. During the year outstanding speakers present programs at special chapter meetings. Miss Claudia Perry is the sponsor of the chapter. FUTURE TEACHERS’ CLUB Monthly meetings of the Future Teachers’ Club are under the direction of Mr. Gentile. The club is open to students interested in the teaching profession. Among the club’s activities are included visits to colleges and lectures by local educators. STEVENS BOOK REVIEWERS The meetings of the Stevens Book Reviewers are often filled with lively discussions about the books under consid- eration. Keeping abreast of current literature and provid- ing an opportunity of a wider range of topics than is possible in the classroom are the pur- poses of this group. The group holds monthly meetings and gives a public review in the Fellows Library to raise money for the purchase of books. The group is sponsored by Mrs. Ann Liebman who is new to Gloucester High School this year. MATH LEAGUE The Math League, under the direction of Mr. John Sperry, enables students of Gloucester High School to show their mathe- matical ability. Each month this club competes with other high schools of this area. The Math League is certainly an organiza- tion of which Gloucester High is proud. FLASH STAFF The Flash, the Gloucester High Newspaper, is printed regularly in the Gloucester Daily Times. These students, under the leadership of Miss Geraldine Babson and Mr. Ronald Atwood, learn the process of printing a paper. The Flash has won literary prizes and should be congratulated for bringing the Gloucester High news to the city of Gloucester. BEACON STAFF Under the direction of Mrs. Alyce Wilson and Mr. Morton Sparer, the Beacon, the school literary magazine, gives stu- dents an insight into the stories and other articles written by the students of Gloucester High School. The Beacon has won many literary awards for its excellence. The High School is proud to be a part of such a fine magazine. 20 121 JUNIOR ROTARIANS AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE AMERICAN FORUM The Gloucester Chapter of the Amer- ican Field Service Junior Committee is a member of the International Ameri- can Field Service organization whose motto is, “Walk together, talk together, 0 ye peoples of the earth; then and only then shall ye have peace.” Now in its eig hth year at G.H.S., this organization has made it possible to bring foreign exchange students here and to send our students aboard. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas Brennan the newly formed American Forum Discussion Club meets monthly to discuss current national and international issues such as the Vietnam War. Often debates become heated, but always there is the feeling of having learned something new by having one’s ideas challenged. 122 NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Students of G.H.S. who have an interest in dramatics find the National Thespian Society a stimulating activity. As a member of this group, one learns not only the techniques of acting hut also costuming, make-up, set-designing, and lighting. This organization has been a fine representative of Gloucester High School with its public performances of such plays as “The Miracle Worker” and “Skin of Our Teeth.” The industrious sponsor is Miss Nancy Webber. ORCHESTRA The students participating in the Gloucester High School orchestra are an asset to our school. They have proved their ability and have shown an interest in the field of music. Un- der the direction of Mr. Puff, they compete in musical competitions and festivals during the year. GLEE CLUB The Girls’ Glee Club composed of sophomore, junior, and senior girls is under the direction of Miss Eleanor Moore. Qualifications for membership include voice quality and desire to sing. During the year, the Club pro- duces a Christmas program and a musical. They also attend the State festival. 125 A CAPELLA CHOIR The A Capella Choir under the di- rection of Miss Eleanor Moore is an advanced group of singers. Members of this group are selected for their tone quality, ability to harmonize, and ability to sing unaccompanied. Mem- bers of the A Cappella Choir are chosen as soloists for the Glee Club productions. FRENCH CLUB Under the supervision of Mrs. Doris B. Baer, the French Club holds monthly meet- ings. As the meetings are held partly in French, the members are able to utilize their knowl- edge of the language. The club, in addition to discussing France and its culture, supplies the prize for the annual French II and III Book Prizes. Vive le Cercle Francais! SPANISH CLUB Comprende usted el espanol? The Spanish Club, sponsored by Miss Mil- dred Frostholm, is composed of stu- dents who wish to learn more about the culture and customs of the Span- iards. The Club which meets once a month, also aids its members in fluen- cy in speaking the language. BETA BETA BIOLOGY CLUB In the course of the school year, the Beta Beta Biology Club presents lectures and programs of special interest ' to students interested in the bio- logical sciences. One of the most valuable services of this worthwhile club is their sponsorship of the annual science fairs. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA The Future Nurses of America, under the able leadership of Mrs. 0. Myrtle Wardrup, enables girls who plan to pursue the nursing career to obtain valuable knowledge about their career. Each month the girls meet to discuss related topics, hear guest speakers and visit hospitals. All in all, the Future Nurses have an active year. STUDENT SECRETARIES Girls in the senior class from the business education department each year offer their services to teachers. The girls, under the direction of Mrs. Shirley M. LaFrance, help teachers by running errands, typing, and mimeographing. The girls, while helping, gain valuable experience which will help them upon graduation. SERVICE CLUB The Service Club has both served and represented the students and personnel at the school. Students who have earned ten credits receive a Service Club “G”, a coveted emblem of service to the school. Service Club mem- bers work as office assistants, student secretaries, student librarians, and cafeteria assistants. 128 S E QJ O £ £ 5 « ■ffi c ) 129 HONOR BUSINESS CLUB CHESS CLUB The purpose of the Chess Club is to study the game and become more proficient. While receiving many hours of enjoy- ment at club meetings, the members also find competition from fellow students. Recently the chess team has become in- volved in a league tournament among North Shore high schools. Mr. Stanley Gleason is the club’s advisor. STAGE CREW The members of the stage crew give a generous amount of their time and energy to meet the stage and classroom audio-visual needs of the school. Mr. Donald McPhail, the stage advisor, and the members work be- hind the scenes to help make assemblies and Thespian productions a success, while Mr. Martins, the audio-visual coordinator, and the members see to it that teachers make maximum use of audio-visual equipment and materials. BEN FRANKLIN CLUB Outstanding boys with at least a B average, who are recommended by Mr. Vail, are eligible for membership in the Ben Franklin Club. These boys are given the opportunity to further their knowledge and training in the field of printing. This worthwhile club is responsible for our football programs as well as a large number of administrative forms, etc. used in Gloucester High School. The proceeds from the sale of the programs are placed in a scholarship fund for some senior boy. BOYS’ LEADERS CLUB Under the direction of Miss Maryellen Flannagan, the Girls’ Leaders Club selects outstanding gym students for members. These girls help Miss Flannagan with the gym program, but more important, they keep themselves physically fit. GIRLS’ LEADERS CLUB The Boys’ Leaders Club is supervised by Mr. Robert Delisle. The members of the Club gave up their study periods to help supervise the Freshman physical education program, and also to keep themselves physically fit. 132 GIRLS’ RIFLE TEAM Good sportsmanship, good marksmanship, and safe handling of firearms are all traits of the Girls’ Rifle Team. The members fire in the N. R. A. postal match and compete against various high school teams. The club is under the supervision of Sergeant Clen- ney. FAMILY LIVING CLUB Under the leadership of Mrs. Elizabeth Spellman, girls in the Home Economics Department obtain further knowledge from the Family Living Club. The girls learn their jobs, and sometimes act as hostesses for school functions. These girls may someday teach home economics, hut if they do not. their skills will still be needed in their family lives. 133 “But far on the deep there are billov That shall never break on the beach. Abram Ryan MAJOR CHANCE MAJOR FRANK T. CHANCE Under Major Chance the R.O.T.C. brigade has progressed to become a more active and sharperdooking unit than ever before. New programs of physical training, originally introduced in “discipline control” through Sergeant Hurwitz, coupled this year with the issuance of fatigue uniforms, were instituted for the whole brigade. This was only one of the improvisations, refinements, and improvements. 36 THE STAFF COL. WILLIAM SQUILLACE LT. COL. KENNEFICK MAJ. MACLEAN MAJ.-ADJUTANT PUMA 2nd lt. McDonald Front row: Lt. Col. Mark Kennefick, Col. William Squillace Left to Right: First Lt. Timothy Lane, 2nd Lt. Mark Honde, 2nd Lt. John Lind, 2nd Lt. Frank Dias, First Lt. Bertram Ellis, First Lt. Bruce Maki, 2nd Lt. Carlos Batista, First Lt. Harry Reardon, 2nd Lt. Ronald Arsenault, First Lt. Robert DeCoste, 2nd Lt. Alexander McDonald, First Lt. Joseph Curcuru Bach row: 2nd Lt. Scott Martel], First Lt. Stephan Bloch, First Lt. Stephen Movall; Missing: First Lt. James Sinagra, 2nd Lt. Anthony Zerilli 138 ALPHA COMPANY 1 FIRST LT. STEPHAN BLOCH A COMPANY We got 29 per cent fewer cavities! 139 BRAVO COMPANY We love drill. The shop company, under the leadership of First Lt. James Sinagra. The upper echelon stand out. 140 CHARLIE COMPANY But I didn ' t steal the Colonels teddy bear! FIRST LT. ROBERT DeCOSTE I’ll give you two of my autographs for one of Squillace. C COMPANY 141 ECHO COMPANY E COMPANY Someone doesn’t have a hat brass — find him. FIRST LT. STEPHEN MOVALLI Claire feels out of place. 143 GOLF COMPANY Hey, you guys, get in step with Bill! 145 HOTEL COMPANY FIRST LT. JOSEPH CURCURU H COMPANY Dis-missed ! ! Hurwitz scores. HM BAND Lung power counts! (Why do the Band and Rifle Team practice at the same time?) 147 GLOUCESTER GRENADIERS 2nd LT. ALEXANDER McDONALD The Big G stands for great. COLOR GUARD 48 THE VARSITY RIFLE TEAM Under the direction of S.Sgt. Jimmie Lloyd, the outstanding marksmen compete with similar teams from all sections of the United States. THE JUNIOR VARSITY RIFLE TEAM Like their veteran counterparts, the J.V.’s also learn the art of handling the rifle with deft precision and care. 149 GIRLS’ DRILL FIRST LT. CHARLENE UNTIET MASTER SGT. LYNN MANSFIELD 50 Left to Right — SFC Clair Teho, SFC Marjorie Erkkila, Master Sgt. Lynn Mansfield, First Lt. Charlene Untiet, SFC Sue Perry, SFC Renee Sarofeen Gracffe Snatcher 7a t 7erfins TIiarf TCenneficf Well, the pay’s good. 75 a r Sara Safe f ofn ( j unn nyf am Anyway, what did he want with my tiger JKost tSihe y to Succeecf Ladies before gentlemen? Maybe, I can do a play report on this ! S 7cfeaf Seniors Gharfene Qlniiei CBiff S juiflace Wos Z ) epencfaSfe Gyn A a brands llj)a yn e cS oini Jliosi Uafentecf Suzi ( jCatti Jlimmu 71rsenau i Jimmy’s performance was crook-ed! I ' i {J est c )Caiurecf Barbara TuJonson DCeif JICac 3ean I l I i Birds of a feather ' J f| JKost Schoof Spiritecf Peek-a-boo! owns JSincfa yCicas ro JKosi T ' orjetfuf omm ij Tom, honey, I think we forgot something! JlCost 71 ran men tafiue roa Watch it, Linda; you just broke my upper plate! Now for my victory stomp! im ]g — - l f 1 ■r Titos t 5 u Ti6fe Donna 77noa on 7 imm y 7 ruins That’s the bridge I bought ! Titos I TIicJtfe Sue CPerry I erry Shea I just can’t make up my mind. ■wr—ft — nwnr GLOUCESTER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Since its founding in 1940, the Gloucester Vocational School has given competent instruction to Gloucester High School boys in the fields of auto repair, carpentry, electrical repair, fisheries, machinery, and printing. The boys are also fully equipped to meet the challenge of further training in institutions of higher learning. Mr. Harold B. Geary is the Director of the Vocational School. Mr. Geary has been a dedicated member of the G.H.S. faculty for forty-four years. Mr. Geary is assisted by Mrs. Marjorie A. Porcino who is also School Treasurer. MR. HAROLD B. GEARY TO THE GRADUATING CLAES OF 1966: I extend to you my most sincere appreciation for your invitation to offer this message to you. The time has now arrived for assessment of your scholastic acquisition up to this educational location along the journey of formal learning. Are you prepared to continue the journey if you so desire , or do you plan to stop for a while , and then go in the direction of industry , home o r serviceP Regardless of your decision , keen in mind that am- bition ana drive towards a goal have tremendous impact for successful attainment, keening in mind assistance from others will always be yours providing you will help yourself. With a fervent hope that vou will exert your ef- forts to reach your potentialities so that each of you may contribute to the well being of the commonweal and you will be happy and successful in the future. Director MRS. MARJORIE A. PORCINO 169 AUTOMOTIVE SHOP Under the direction of Mr. John Budrow, the boys in the automotive shop are given valuable training in this field. Automotive shop boys are thoroughly in- structed in all phases of automotive theory. Upon com- pletion of a course in automotives, these boys are able to repair transmissions, steering gears, clutches, brakes, and rear axles; and leave Gloucester High School well equipped to enter into a mechanic’s job. You know, I think my finger is caught! I wonder what’ll happen if I turn this little screw. 170 Now, we fit this square peg in the round hole. CARPENTRY SHOP Students in carpentry shop are instructed in the skills of woodworking and in the proper use of machines and materials involved in building construction. Under the expert guid- ance of Mr. Gaspar Lewis, boys learn about planning, framing, boarding, and finishing. This valuable training enables the boys to build a house which is sold upon completion. In related courses, the boys are taught the planning of construction details and the estimating of building costs, by Mr. Kenneth Stickney. Practice in this field prepares these boys for the eventual operation of a con- tracting firm. Do you suppose John is thinking of the next Honor Society tea? Mr. Gibran shows Tony how the machine is run. MACHINE SHOP Under the direction of Mr. Horace Gibran, members of the Machine Shop acquire knowledge and experience in making tools and repairing machinery. These boys also perform services for business firms and private citizens. Their shop education is supple- mented by related courses in math, science, and drawing, which are taught by Mr. George Perry. If we all pull together, we just might he able to move it. 172 PRINT SHOP Can we stop smiling now, Mr. Vail? Under the leadership of Mr. Harvey Vail, the print shop prepares many hoys for a lifetime vocation. In shop, the hoys are taught all the fundamentals of print- ing, including hand and machine composi- tion, hand and automatic platen press work, automatic cylinder presswork, offset presswork and platemaking. In the bindery they operate a power paper cutter, stitch- machine, drilling machine and plastic- binding machine. During the class week, they have Printers’ English, layout and de- sign, Printers’ mathematics, and trade sci- ence. This valuable training enables the boys to print all types of jobs such as programs, tickets, office forms, teachers directory, re- port cards, and instruction books used in the elementary schools, as well as to print work for other city departments. As an extracurricular activity, the shop has organized the Benjamin Franklin Club whivh gives a scholarship to any senior in the printing department to further his education in printing. Lunch ! It won’t Lite. Tom. FISHERIES AND VESSEL MANAGEMENT SHOP Mr. Carlo Sinagra, director of the Fisheries Shop, trains many boys for a career in the Gloucester fishing industry. In shop, the hoys are taught seamanship, marine engineering, marine electronics, vessel management, and other fundamentals of modern fishing. In addi- tion to work in school, the boys in the Fisheries Shop receive on-the-job training on Gloucester fishing vessels. What a grind this is! Mr. Lane teaches related subject to shop boys. Nl I 4 3 ■ firm Some Freshmen are doubtful of proper dress. SEPTEMBER 8. Aren’t we all glad to be back? 10. Freshmen meet the upperclassmen and decide to return to Central for a P.G. course. H |, | 13. Slippery floor casualties — 21. 15. Sam Pilkington spends entire study block look- ing for pictures in his English book. 17. Jim Arsenault seen cartooning on the wall. Mr. Karcher will take your crayons away. 20. Is it true that Pam Vidal has an autographed picture of Soupy Sales in her locker? 22. Steve Bloch and Bill Squillace seen huddling in a comer talking in whispers. Planning a military coup, boys? ■ 15 . 24. Larry Marshall beat Ray Hildonen to lunch by 1 10 of a second. Ray complained that he tripped i over his lunch box. 27. Chemistry classes rival cafeteria in perfuming the school. H p I |?i.D I hotba ■Wei You mean the barbers are on strike? If I close my eyes he’ll go away Libby brought us some jungle pictures 178 Ugh! Mak-um rain! Where s the engine? Ah-ah, Save Water! OCTOBER I. Frank Gomes applies for membership . in U.N.C.L.E. 4. Donnie Wetmore applies for membership in T.H.R.U.S.H. 6. Alex MacDonald applies for membership in Bozo Fan Club. 8. G.H.S. may soon film its own adventure story: Bozo meets the Thrush from Uncle. II. Seniors sign up for Stratford Trip again. They’re going to talk the bus driver into turning off to New York this year for sure. in 13. What is Bruce Maki really like? 15. Vinnie Puma buys something new in the cafeteria — a mustard sandwich spread with ham. 18. Mark Kennifick seen in 217 after school. We know you’re excited Mark, hut College Board review doesn’t meet for two days. in. 7 25. Five Freshman girls taken to hospital after see- ing Jack Budrow in his football uniform. 27. Don’t feel too badly girls; when you’re seniors, football players won’t seem half as exciting. There were only 2 y senior girls taken to the hospital. Sue sure was proud when she taught Vincie to eat with a spoon. 179 And now for my next magical trick Hey, Stupid, tie goes to the runner — Umph! “You’re selling this one, too?’ NOVEMBER 3. Jane Hurlburt wins a Howdy-Doody look-a-like contest. 5. Jean Auditore and Arley Pett start a campaign for a coffee house in Gloucester. 8. The Fire Department is called to rescue Sandy Smith, who got his finger stuck in the telephone dial. 10. Did Chris Vrachos really pose for the Man at the Wheel? 15. Manny Simoes and Mike Densmore shave their heads to protest Mr. Karcher’s anti-long hair cam- paign. 17. Mr. Karcher wears a Beatle wig to protest Manny and Mike. 22. Jean Davis and Lucinda Pata go on strike for better working conditions for student secretaries. 24. The football team and its coaches say that we’re going to win the Thanksgiving game. 25. And we do. Happy Thanksgiving! 29. Girls return clutching wilted flowers from the Of- ficers’ Party. Boys return clutching drumsticks from the table. Boys are so sentimental. Good oP E-Block study DECEMBER 1. Lose a book? Donna Ryan and Linda Thomas open lost and found. They served cotfee and bagels to celebrate. 3. Chris Wilber has a collection of 1,327 plastic spoons. 6. Harriet Wilt falls from the balcony in the gym, lands on trampoline and breaks the world’s high- jumping record. 13. Mandy Brown saves lunch money to buy Christmas gifts for her friends. 15. Mandy gets hungry at lunch time and decides she doesn ' t need so many friends. 17. Lynn Mansfield is heard singing Christmas carols. Maybe Lynn is planning a one-woman concert. 20. Mr. Karcher rents 8 reindeer; we have to make Santa feel at home when he comes. 22. Yes, Seniors, There is a Santa Claus. Merry Christmas! 8. Emily Tracy and Joanie Lowrie steal 10,000 paper plates and make a fortune selling toy flying saucers. 10. National Honor Society continues to sell candy in the book store. Vito and his hat-horn Now, let’s see — a balanced lunch means a milk on each side You do and you’ll get an hour! What do I do for bad breath? 181 The old soft shoe So that’s what goes on in the supply room! Would you like to be queen for a day? JANUARY 3. Students and teachers return to school for a well deserved rest. 5. Cindy Francis transports 3 tons of old news- papers down to the junk yard in her car. 7. Junk dealer offered her 50 for the car. 10. Cindy seen walking to school, but she’s 50 richer. 12. Pat McGrath and Linda Noble seen sneaking a ten-foot, tomato, cheese and haddock “sub” into International Relations. 14. John Cunningham burns his Warriners to ap- pease the god of the English mid-year. 17. After taking his English mid-year, John wishes he had read his Warriner’s before burning it. 24. School is rung out for the first time in 3 years. Five seniors seen praying on Mt. Ann. 25. Mid-years are returned; we reap what we have sown. 28. The day Roseanne Erocolani was really hurt. I could have danced all night 182 What did your mummy say about your report card? FEBRUARY 1. Zenas Seppala drives to school in his Bat Mobile. 2. Freshman girls pay their lunch money for a ride around the football field. 7. Donnie Carter seen hobbling around the school; maybe he should give up skiing. 11. B-block Solid Geometry drop-outs start an arithmetic club. 14. Fran Hardy elected president of the arithmetic club: he can count to 27. 9. Weird noises are heard from room 219 as dead- line approaches for Flicker. 16. The day Mary Benham didn’t take a dare. 18. Steve Bloom starts a bridge club, — London? 21. Mary Raymond rents her locker to raise money for her class dues. 23. Mr. Gleason rents it as a home for his pet boa constrictor. 25. Peter Mullin breaks record by typing twenty- nine errors and no words in time test. 28. Jerry Shea given 10 hours for impersonating Mr. Bergeron. This is a shot of the grape stompers practicing So that’s where they hid the bomb Does it hurt and have a temperature? 183 MARCH 1. Vincie Novello launches a flaming test tube from the Chemistry Lab. 3. It is rumored that the Russians are heating a path to Vincie’s door. 7. Mr. Karcher questions Advanced Speech class’s excuse for having a party. ‘ ' But, Mr. Karcher, it’s Euripides’s birthday. 9. Miss Webber convinces Nancy Foster that pizza is not a Greek dish. Nancy says that that’s all right. She likes matzoths, too. 14. Neil MacLean prepares for St. Patrick’s Day by looking through ten fields of clover for a sham- rock. 20. The Handy-Dandy Metal company returns Brad Currier’s silver-plated hockey puck. 23. Ted Williams sends off his appreciation for the Mr. America contest. 24. Half the cooking class is rushed to the hospital because of a typographical error. 26. Pat Moceri graduates from night school and becomes Gloucester’s only translator of Swahili. 30. Cindy Dagle gets locked in a locker while show- ing a freshman boy how to hang up his coat. We should have canned this one. Boy, I wish I could make coffins, too! Wait’ll we shift it into gear! 184 APRIL 1. Alex McDonald is nominated April Fool master of ceremony. 3. Seniors begin to look forward to June. 4. Leslie Blake decides that she’ll make her own cap and gown out of some nice pink material. 5. Mr. Karcher decides that pink will clash with blue. Want to try bottle green, Leslie? 8. Mifi Somers loses her picture of Batman. City- wide search is conducted. 9. Police inform Mifi that her picture has been stolen by an International Batman-picture-stealing ring. 13. Sue Perry hires 10 freshmen to go out and hunt for a purple daisy. 17. Barbara Linsky wears colors that match. 23. Nancy James decides that she’ll join the Peace Corps after she graduates. 24. Nancy changes her mind when she finds that she wouldn’t be able to get a desk -job. My Goodness! He’s a little white rabbit running down a tunnel. No, nothing wrong; an unusual accident just requires calmness. Happiness is a hot potato. 185 MAY 2. Seniors begin going at a frenzied pace to make up hours and obligations. 5. Timmy Lane wears his Madras ROTC uniform to drill. 8. Cathy MacFarland is chosen to pick the menu for the Mother-Daughter Banquet. 9. Cathy is fired when she orders peanut-butter sand- wiches and Kool-Aid. 16. Suzi Nattie bursts into tears after she realizes that the Thespians’ play is over. 17. Miss Webber cries too — from joy. 20. Seniors go into the final rehearsals of their show. 23. Mr. Natti explains to Bob Martin that Bob’s act is not exactly the type for the senior show. 24. Bob gives the elephants back to Bingling Broth- ers. The Casino 105-A And they laughed when we bought tickets for the elevator. Pop! Goes the Weasel! 186 JUNE 1. Grenadiers romp and play as Alex McDonald’s off to graduation practice. I The big “G” stands for goodness.) 2. Cadet Colonel wanders aimlessly after drill sobb- ing, “They were just beginning to shape up!” 3. Field Day (marvelous and memorable in itself) Summer Idylls 7. Supply Room runs out of hours. Mr. Bergeron re- orders. Detention called off until next year. 8. Seniors report to B.C. The Building Center ad- mired their college boards and gave scholarships to Forestry School. 10. No tunafish on the menu. 12. Graduation Sunday! We’re launched onto the seas of life. 13. Teachers strike for better student conditions. “Those seniors certainly proved that pupils deserve more,” says Mr. Karcher, “but, after all, they are gone.” 17. All seniors plan a two-month reunion for July and August. Just when I fall asleep the bell rings! You don’t like the resemblance? 187 L t swjRfl A SALUTE TO OUR A.F.S. STUDENTS LIBBY Once upon a time, I asked Libby what her favo- rite color was, and she told me that it was green. I was glad, because somehow the coolness and deepness of green seem to belong to her and to New Zealand, her real home, with its deep, deep lakes and fiords and spectacular mountains and valleys. She speaks with pride about New Zealand, a world by itself, with animals and geography that can be found nowhere else. She came to Rockport in July to Whale Cove Road to live with Nancy and Mr. and Mrs. Robert James. In September, she started classes in Gloucester High School. In class, her very broad background in reading and her own keen observations contri- bute much to discussions. Conversing with her, one senses a great interest, in people. She has dreams of becoming a teacher, maybe, but she doesn’t know . . . she has lots of dreams. She wants to study the Maori culture of New Zealand and breed her horse, Jazz, when she gets home, and travel. She has always wanted to travel, particularly to the United States, England, and Scandinavia. Libby, as well as being literary, is interested in sciences and mathematics. New Zealanders being sports-minded, Libby spends much time outdoors with her two horses, Valiant and Jazz, and her dog, Trixie. She confesses that she’s not much of participator in competitive sports, except for riding. But, being very nationalistic she loves to watch Rugby matches. She lives thirty miles from Wellington on the North Island, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Boyce, and brother Charles, which suits her fine. She likes the freedom of living in the country dis- tricts, but is glad to be near the excitement of a large city. She likes walking through the trees and going to the theater. She leaped from the boxes to the stage, with two adventurous friends, to meet Vivien Leigh after one show. In February, she went to Alabama for two weeks to meet a pen-pal. So, she begins to fulfill one of her dreams. And when she returns to New Zealand, we shall hope that she lives to be at least ninety so that she might do all the other thousand things she dreams of doing. 90 Gerd is a girl But her sister thought she was a grasshopper So ever since she got the wing She’s been hopping. Nevertheless, She sits languidly, lying in the February sun on the stone terrace, Listening to Telemann, Reading Giradoux, Thinking about things in general, And then she hops up again to eat a grapefruit And resolves to go on a diet When Suzi’s flat tire is fixed And we hike to school. She peels an orange funnily Like her mother (a Dane); But anyway She likes Mozart, says she. And then again When she’s sitting up till Two in the morning Surreptitiously Secretly Playing her recorder That has tissue paper stuck in it and making her earrings (Ah me, those earrings! When she’s gone back to Rumpsted She’ll still be remembered For her earrings . . . and for her first pantomime in Advanced Speech and her crocheted hats and her disorganizedness and all those other things) and writing letters and arranging slides for a talk at the National Honor Society tea and taking photographs of her room to mystify everyone — All at two in the morning. She made a poster for “Skin of Our Teeth” that hangs on her closet door which I wish everyone could see because a picture is worth a thousand words and I don’t know that many probably. Her brother Peter has real brother-sister chases and fights with her which is probably a good sign, especially when Mummy has to intervene. Then on Sundays she makes salad dressings (very exotic) And melts glass with her beaming American daddy. Believe it or not, She walks on crunchy ice with wooden shoes, with the moonlight on the trees, to write poems. Yeah, I believe it And then her other family called on New Year’s Day, And all she could do was Forget Danish And cry And swear accidentally. So now she’s lying on the thick warm rug reading Essays Old and New because we were going to watch Ben Casey for some reason, but it’s not on for some reason, so anyway, she turns over and up she gets and she says, says she, “let’s have some grapefruit.” Yes. Suzi Natti Gerd and Libby find Gloucester on the map. THEY THAT GO DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS mftm o A SPECIAL THANK YOU From the graduating class of 1966 to everyone who helped make our year- book a success by supporting us with their advertisements. DICK’S SHOE SHOP 9 Center Street Dial 283-3598 OUR LADY OF GOOD VOYAGE C.Y.O. PIKE’S FUNERAL HOME Best Wishes From THE SURF Magnolia, Massachusetts Compliments of GLOUCESTER DELICATESSEN 151 Main Street Dial 283-4500 BARBARA’S BEAUTY SALON 13 Lexington Avenue Magnolia Massachusetts CONNORS PHARMACY Prescription Specialists 112 Main Street Gloucester MISTY ACRES RESTAURANT Telephone 768-6613 Essex Massachusetts 197 Congratulations From ADASKO’S FASHION SHOP 158 Main Street Gloucester GLOUCESTER CAMERA AND PHOTO SHOP 97 Main Street Camera Supplies Finishing Commercial Photography Best Wishes From HUDDER-PARSONS WHALEN CHEVROLET OLDS GRAY’S It’s Gray’s for Quality Sports Equipment Congratulations DEMARCO’S Cleaners and Dyers 103 Washington Street THE BUILDING CENTER STORES Gloucester, Rockport EMILE A. GRUPPE GALLERY 32 Rocky Neck Avenue East Gloucester LORING STUDIOS Your Official School Photographer Wishes You the Best of Luck in Your Future Endeavors and Is Proud to Have Been a Part of Your Senior Year. New England’s Largest School Photographers Good Luck From BOB’S HABERDASHERY 134 Main Street Gloucester Compliments of LEPAGE’S Gloucester Massachusetts Better Buys From BOLEY’S Congratulations M A TEN’S SERVICE STATION 123 Washington Street Dial 283-9702 GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK 147 Main Street Dial 283-0610 Best Wishes NATIONAL BUTCHERS Congratulations VILLAGE RESTAURANT Good Luck, Seniors RAILROAD AVENUE MARKET 273 East Main Street Gloucester Massachusetts WHIT’S END Soda Bar Luncheonette S. S. Pierce Groceries Rocky Neck Gloucester 283-9912 D. F. HARRI S SONS, INC. Awnings Tarpaulins Sails 26 Wharf Street Gloucester Dial 283-0190 Best Wishes JOHN A. JOHNSON INC. Insurance of Every Description 1 Duncan Street Gloucester, Massachusetts Dial 283-0016 Compliments of ARMY AND NAVY STORE Gloucester Massachusetts We Carry ROTC Shirts Compliments of THE BOULEVARD GROCERY THE Y.M.C.A. 71 Middle Street Gloucester, Massachusetts Congratulations Seniors STERLING DRUG STORE Gloucester THE EMPIRE 171 Main Street Gloucester T IPSWICH 4 S. MAIN ST. RT. 1-A Telephone 356-9754 FOLK MUSIC COFFEE HOUSE Compliments of GENTILE EATON SERVICE COMPANY INC. Dial 283-0764 284 Main Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 204 B. SCHRED FABRIC STORE 108 Main Street Gloucester Best Wishes Class of ’66 ART JEWELERS CALLAHAN’S RIVERSIDE HOUSE RESTAURANT Main Street Essex Per he Chubfcy Girl Dial 283-1262 Est. 1902 DEERING ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS S. D. Deering, Jr. S. D. Deering, Sr. 15 Washington Street Gloucester Good Luck, Seniors BEACON MARINE BASIN 211 East Main Street GABRIEL’S HORN ANTIQUES CILLE BLACKWOOD Box 112, S. Essex Dial RO 8-6068 Compliments of the FRIEND STREET MARKET WADES WAITING STATION HE EE55X3 O’CONNELL’S VARIETY STORE Fountain Service 89 Washington Street MICHEL’S CAPE ANN DINER 216 Main Street Gloucester WADE’S 114 Main Street Gloucester FAULK BROTHERS, INC MASON CONTRACTORS Telephone 283-1771 35 Whittemore Street Gloucester X ‘IfS STEVENS MOTOR SALES Complete Service on All Makes 43 Gloucester Avenue Tel. 283-8500 DESTINO’S NORTH SHORE THEATRE NATIONAL HOUSE FURNISHINGS 196 Main Street Gloucester CAPE ANN SAVINGS BANK Gloucester 103 Main Street BEN’S WALLPAPER PAINT CO 115 Main St. Gloucester 283-6541 STEVERINO’S LARSEN’S SHOE STORE 131 Main Street Gloucester GLOUCESTER CHILDREN’S AND TEEN SHOP 207 Congratulations From Boys’ and Men’s Clothing LET’S CAPE ANN BOWLING CENTER Great For A Date! Gloucester Avenue 168 Main Street REILLY MOTOR COMPANY Cadillac — Pontiac — Buick Best Wishes, Seniors THE GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES MARIA’S PIZZA CAPE ANN RAMBLER On the Boulevard BROWN’S OF GLOUCESTER Since 1885 BENNY THE FLORIST 18 Eastern Avenue Gloucester CAPE ANN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 154 Main Street The Bank of the North Shore Compliments of VICTORY BEAUTY SALON 8 Center Street Best of Luck to the Senior Class APTT’S OIL SERVICE Burner Service 138 Prospect Street Gloucester Dial 283-0218 Compliments of DONIE’S SUB SHOP Main Street Essex Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Daily kskm i Kfspisii WEDGWOOD »fS1l» 4S (HMHUIGtt is [HUimu )i cumo (mis i is ICO SttIO i«« uuo is MITCHELL S om- ft ' i: 5l. 263-0060 J MITCHELL’S DRIVING SCHOOL 3 Washington Street BOB AND RAY’S SNACK BAR 79 Washington Street Congratulations From AUNE’S YARN SHOP SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 159 Main St. Gloucester Artist Supplies Paints Wallpaper WEDGWOOD PHARMACY, INC. Dial— 768-6631 Essex Massachusetts ' VC . SHIP-AHOY Main Street Essex Congratulations to the Class of 1966 From a FRIEND CLEVELAND FUNERAL HOME HUBBARD AND PURDY 1 Mason Contractors Established 1929 Blocks — Concrete — Tile Thoughtful Care and Dignity Characterize Our Service Brick Work — and Stucco Plastering Martin Street 45 Dennison Street Essex, Massachusetts Dial 768-7722 MRS. HARRY G. CLEVELAND Manager Telephone 283-3359 Gloucester, Massachusetts . AUTOGRAPHS 2 i_U JU. : - m mMm fcT LiaffiARY »J-S« ' •■ M: f §8 STJM ' ., .p VVC S W, KAsf? iy ,j £ i 019 { ACTIVE STORAGE

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