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ill Iff RIHb a’: ■imm tfiM ! BM I A Mill iMi lu If ' ’r , - v ? ‘ • Ki ’ r r, r j ;! ' ' • - v v wtv ' Wyg iV WrlW V ' , ' ! ' KGS V IIP ®v ' .; a v SEpR- wA rfc v ' V 1 r 0 ®f i ; im | 1962 FLICKER GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS e Freddie the Fisherman and friend ■e you on. a tour which will send : wnd memories of the people you knew , | Uhool yeao 1961 - 1962. be reminded of the knowledge you gj t Kmny moments to retain. Cjoa } U (?ru A 2 5 ' “Here I am, and I’m ready to go. We’ve got a lot of classes to visit, sports to watch, and club activities to par- ticipate in; so if you’re all set, we’ll begin!” “Here’s m m | ,y n • -i .i iriend with the 1 «£, ' l . schedule we reyto follow. As you can sere, we’ve got a lot to cover; so let’s not waste n d any tune 4 Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ACTIVITIES SENIORS VOCATIONAL SCHOOL SPORTS R.O.T.C. FEATURES, t • c » 4 1 IN ■ 1 • 4 V 1 ' J! •» jar 1 fi R J “Now, students, let’s take a good look at the men and women re- sponsible for the smooth running of our school. We are endebted to them for enabling us to have such a fine, well-round- ed high school career. ADMINISTRATION TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1962: I appreciate the opportunity to say “Hello” to you through the pages of your Flicker and to wish for you a happy, exciting and rewarding life after you leave Gloucester High School. If you have taken full advantage of the oppor- tunities offered to you during the past four years you have a firm foundation upon which to build. Gloucester High School has given to you its best. You now must prove that you are worthy to join the Alumni of this great institution. Sincerely, J. STANLEY THOMPSON Assistant Superintendent of Schools Sincerely, L. MUNRO GRANDY Superintendent of Schools To the Class of 1962: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain un- alienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are in- stituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” This was a mighty vision. The way to pre- serve this freedom is to live it. Our en- during aim must be to build a nation and help build a world in which every human being shall be free to develop his capacities to the fullest. I enjoin all of you to rededicate yourselves to this principle and thereby strengthen its appeal to a world in political, social, eco- nomic and technological change. My fond hopes and well wishes go with you. Congratulations on completing one impor- tant step toward your individual goals. To the Class of 1962: Heartiest congratulations to the largest class ever to graduate from the Gloucester High School. The 335 of you who have successfully completed the first twelve years of your lifetime educational experience move into a world where more than ever before the character and the contribution of each individual is important to society. In high school, as I have seen you, you have exemplified traits of cooperation and creative endeavor. Don’t change, now that you are on your own. And the best of luck to you. Miss MacEachern is Mr. Karcher’s invaluable secretary in the office. Vice-Principal ROBERT E. KARCHER To the members of the class of 1962: I wish to take this oppor- tunity to express my appre- ciation for the consideration and co-operation that the class of ’62 has given to me during my beginning years as Vice-Principal of G.H.S. I wish each member of the class success in the ensuing years. GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT The Guidance Department of Glou- cester High School is of great impor- tance to its students. We are most happy to have Miss Ruth Marshall, Mr. Robert Natti, and Mr. Leon Sprague as our capable counselors. They have helped us with decisions, both great and small, which will, no doubt, have an effect on our futures. They have also been needed friends to us all with our personal as well as our educational problems. We will never forget these three who have done so much. Guidance secretary, Miss Mary DeWolfe, aids our counselors in their work. Mr. Vernon C. Hooper Mr. Vernon C. Hooper serves as both the third floor floormaster and a teacher of mechanical drawing. It is hi s duty to see that all matters run smoothly on the third floor of the school. Under his supervision are such matters as the tardiness, absence, and discipline of students on the third floor. In addition to his responsibilities as floormaster, Mr. Hooper is an instructor of Mechanical Drawing and Architect- ural Drawing. MR. J. VINCENT ELMER In addition to being a proficient in- structor of the Latin language, Mr. J. Vincent Elmer is also entrusted with the responsibility of being the second floor supervisor. To succeed in both of these positions requires understand- ing, a sense of humor, and a keen insight into human behavior. Because of Mr. Elmer’s unquestion- able possession of these qualities, he has won the respect and admiration of G.H.S.’s many students. Mr. J. Vincent Elmer 12 M iss Marjorie H. Gale. Director of Extracurricular Activities As the director of extracurricular ac tivities. Miss Marjorie H. Gale is respon- sible for all extracurricular activities with the exception of the R.O.T.C. and Sports. In addition to this position, Miss Gale teaches three senior English classes. Still another of Miss Gale’s jobs is the advisorship of the Flicker. Her ex- perience along this line has made her a valuable assistant and advisor to the staff. -Miss Gale has shown unlimited patience and sincere interest in the activities of the student body. Nancy D. Gamage, Flicker Editor The hard-working senior who has contributed a great deal of her time and energy in the editing and preparing of the 1962 Flicker is Nancy Gamage. In her editorial position, Nancy has numerous responsibilities, and the contribu- tions of this very efficient editor have been invaluable. As a member of the National Honor Society, the Honor Business Club, and a recipient of many Business Department Awards, Nancy has proved to be as capable a student as she is an editor. 14 Class Advisor Mr. Willis K. Smith and President John Mann have done much for our class. Treasurer, Ronnie Marbles, has his eye on you. Are your dues paid? Mr. Korobkin,. Business Advisor, has done much in the sale and distribution of our yearbook. Nina Groves isn’t going to miss hers. 16 “Now let’s look at some more familiar faces. These are the people who are responsible for us in the class- room — our teach- ers. isl FACULTY J nuafu a t fe training is received in p ujsicaf education LEO E. AMERO Fitchburg State College . . . Automotive Mechanic Related Subjects . . . Driver Education. DORIS B. BAER Radcliffe College: A.B., A.M. — Romance Languages . . . French. ELEANOR W. BEEBE Simmons College, B.S. ; Boston University, A.M. . . . English. DEVON BERGENGREN Tufts University, A.B. . . . General Business; Persona] Typewriting. RICHARD C. BERGERON Keene Teachers’ College; New England College; Salem State College; B.A., M.E. . . . Eng- lish . . . Flash Advisor. Picture Not Available You hold it this way, Lucille! CAROL BISHOP Wheaton College, 111., B.S. . . . Physical Education. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT To make each student a better person physically and mentally by teaching them to co-ordinate their minds and bodies is the aim of the physical education department of Gloucester High School. So that he may enjoy and appreciate a sport more, each student is taught the basic principles of such sports as basketball, tennis, softball, field hockey, and badminton. We are fortunate to have Mrs. Carol Bishop and Mr. Robert Ritcey in this department. 18 CYNTHIA BOWMAN Syracuse University, B.S. — Home Economics . . . Foods; Homemaking; Advanced Foods. PAUL BRADSTREET University of Maine, B.S. . . General Science. JAMES J. BRENNAN University of New Hampshire, B.S. . . . World History; World Geography. THOMAS J. BRENNAN University of New Hamp- shire, B.A. . . . U. S. History; World Geography. CHARLES F BRUNO, JR. Brown University, A f B. . . . Mathematics . . . Sailing Club. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT The Home Economics Department under the direction of Miss Cynthia Bowman and Miss Priscilla Noyes is a course including the study of cookery, dressmaking, nutrition, and home management. Planning and preparing well-balanced and attractive meals provides excellent experience for our future homemakers. By preparing and serving the refreshments for National Honor Society teas and the faculty’s Christmas tea, the girls acquire poise and charm as hostesses; thus the students are instructed not only in the culinary arts but those of gracious living as well. JOHN F. BUDROW Fitchburg State College, B.S. . . . Vocational School — Auto Repair. 19 Picture Not Available MARY S. BURKE Boston University, B.S., M.A. . . . . United States History, Civics, and World History. JOHN E. CANNIFF, JR. Boston College, B.S., B.A. . . . Algebra . . . Football and Hockey Coach. VERNA M. CARBONE Boston University, B.S. . . . Typewriting; Salesmanship; Consumer Education. ROBERT W. CARD Bowdoin College, A.B. ; Har- vard University, A.M.T. . . . College Physics; Latin . . . Head of Science Department. JOHN C. CARTER Harvard University, A.B., A.M.T. . . . World History; Geography; U.S. History; Stage Crew . . . Head of So- cial Studies Department. BEATRICE CHR1STOPHERSON State Teachers College, B.S. . . . Machine Practice; Type- writing. The Art Department, under the direction of Mr. Howard A. Curtis, provides students with a fundamental training in the arts. The courses are designed to help the student de- velop an aesthetic knowledge and to give each student an opportunity to develop his creative ability in the several media of the arts. The department offers many challenging courses in the fields of fine, applied, and industrial arts. ART DEPARTMENT 20 appreciation for the cufture of other lands. HOWARD A. CURTIS Massachusetts School of Art, B.S. . . . Art I; Art Advanced; Art Appreciation . . . Adult Education. MARGARET A. EDDIE Oberlin College; University of Michigan . . . General Chorus. J. VINCENT ELMER Amherst College, B.A. ; Har- vard University, M.A. . . . Latin . . . Floormaster. SFC. CHARLES FOWLER . . . Military Science II . . . Varsity Rifle Team; Glouces- ter Grenadiers. Picture Not Available A keen eye, a sharp mind. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT It is the intent of the Foreign Language Department at Gloucester High School to stimulate interest in foreign culture and civilization. Both modern and classi- cal languages are available to any student who is desirous of broadening his intellectual horizons. We are grateful to Miss Mildred E. Frostholm, the department head, under whose supervision this program is executed in an organized and precise manner. AARNE A. FRIGARD Dartmouth College, B.A, Mathematics. MILDRED E. FROSTHOLM Wellesley College, B.A., M.A. . . . Head of Foreign Language Department . . . Spanish. 21 MARJORIE H. GALE University of New Hampshire, B.A. ; Boston University, M.A. . . . English . . . Director of Extra-Curricular Activities. WILLIAM W. GENTILE Boston College, B.S. . . . Eng- lish. ALFRED V. HAGSTROM Providence College, Ph.B. ; Boston University, M.Ed. . . . Mathematics . . . Department Head. THOMAS J. HARDACRE Merrimack College, A.B. ; Boston College, M.S. ; Salem State College, Ed.M. . . . Biology ; Practical Chemistry . . . Experimental Biology Class. Mr. Gentle keeps his study quiet; makes sure they study their Social Studies! SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT The social studies department, under the direction of Mr. John C. Carter, offers the student a general knowledge of history and gives him a clearer understanding of today’s world. From a knowl- edge of the history of his own or other countries, the student is provided with a basic understanding of mankind through a study of the patterns of development in the past. Awareness of the signif- icant events of the past prepare hi m to analyze the complex nature of current world events. NORMA P. HARRIS Bucknell University, B.A. . . . Algebra; General Mathemat- ics. ALBERT E. HOFFMAN Lowell Tech. Institute . . . Vocational School — Machine Shop. 22 of our pas l ano an insipnt n o our future. VERNON C. HOOPER Gorham State Teachers Col- lege . . . Mechanical Draw- ing; Machine Drawing . . . Floormaster. JANE HUNGERFORD University of Toronto, A.B. . . . English I, II, III. STEPHEN G. KINNER 1 year college ... 18 years military service . . . Military Science I. HARVEY M. KOROBKIN Suffolk University, B.S. ; Tufts University, M.S. . . . Business Practice; Economics. Miss Hungerford is one of those we would like to welcome. WELCOME We should like to welcome the teachers that have been added to the Gloucester High School faculty this year. Although they have been at G.H.S. for a comparatively short while, these ca- pable men and women have become an essential part of Gloucester High School’s fine faculty. SHIRLEY M. LaFRANCE Salem Teachers College, B.S. in Education . . . Shorthand II; Transcription; Typewrit- ing I. RAYMOND S. LANE University of Massachusetts, B.A. . . . World Geography; Problems of Democracy. 23 JKcitfematics teac i us to tfunA more precisely, CASPAR J. LEWIS Gloucester Vocational School . . . Carpentry Shop. BENJAMIN A. LITTLE University of Pennsylvania, A.B. ; Boston University, Ed.M. . . . English. DOROTHY A. LONDERGON Emmanuel College, B.A. ; Boston University, M.A. . . . Librarian. RICHARD L. LOVELY, SR. Gorham State Teachers Col- lege, B.S. ; University of Maine, Master’s credits . . . Mechanical Drawing; Ma- chine Drafting. JAMES W. McCOMISKEY, JR. Dartmouth College; Boston University, A.B. ; Worcester State College, M.Ed. . . . English. ROBERT J. McLUCAS Tufts University, A.B. . . . World History . . . Assistant Football Coach. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT By placing an emphasis on programs which develop applications of fundamental mathematical principals to new and more difficult situations, the mathematics department encourages students to reason and think objectively. This department, headed by Mr. Alfred U. Hagstrom, offers courses in both elementary and advanced mathe- matics. Courses available enable the student to select those which meet his individual requirements. 24 MANUEL F. MARTINS Providence College, A.B.; Bos- ton College, M.Ed. . . . Gen- eral Science, Practical Phy- sics . . . Audio-Visual Co- ordinator. JOSEPH E. MAUGER, JR. University of Massachusetts, B.A. . . . Algebra. ETHEL MILLS Salem State Teachers College B.S.; Boston University, M.Ed . . . Business Practice; Book keeping I; Elementary Ac counting . . . Advisor: Cheer leaders; Honor Business Club ELEANOR F. MOORE New England Conservatory of Music . . . Music Theory and Appreciation . . . Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT As a result of the Scientific Age, increased emphasis upon the sciences demands that the student have a knowl- edge of the fundamental scientific principles. The science department, headed by Mr. Robert W. Card, offers courses which stimulate the student’s interest in the sciences and impart the knowledge necessary to under- stand our present environment and the developments which are to come from future scientific advances. MARIO R. MORIELLO Boston University, B.S. : Ed.M. . . . General Science; Gen- eral Math. HELEN W. MORTON Framingham Teachers College . . . Teacher of Home Econom- ics; Director of Cafeteria. 25 We are now able o express our ideas wiin preaier EMILY H. NICKERSON Wellesley College . . . Col- lege Chemistry. PRISCILLA E. NOYES Nasson College, B.S. . . . Homemaking I, Clothing; Advanced Clothing; Family Living. MARY J. NUGENT State Teachers College, B.S. ; Boston University, M.Ed. . . . Crafts; Art I. H. AUGUSTUS NUNES, JR. University of New Hampshire, B.S. . . . Algebra II; Plane Geometry . . . Tennis Coach. GERALD O’NEIL University of New Hampshire, B.S. . . . World Geography; U.S. History. M. EVELYN OLIVER Salem Teachers College, B.S.E. . . . Shorthand I; Typing I, II. Miss Nugent proudly displays work done in her class. MURIEL L. PAPPAS Boston University, A.B.: M.A. . . . French; Latin. H. A. PASQUERELLA Salem State College, B.S.Ed. . . . World Geography; U. S. History. CLAUDIA PERRY Radcliffe College, A.B.; Ox- ford . . . English . . . Special Books Class. GEORGE R. PERRY Fitchburg State College, B.Ed. ; M.Ed. . . . Machine Related; Trade Math.; Trade Theory; Trade Drawing . . . Driver Education. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT In order to satisfy the various needs and goals of each student, the English Department, under the di- rection of Miss Claudia Perry, offers a widely diversi- fied program. In addition to the material planned for the individual student, a stressing of general skills helps the students in their attempts to express themselves clearly and effectively. Through reading and analyzing of literature, the students appreciate the humanistic val- ues as well. ROBERT E. PUFF University of Calif. ; Univer- sity of Fla.; Boston Univer- sity . . . B.Mus. ; M.Mus.Ed. . . . Instrumental Music; ROTC Band; Orchestra. ROBERT L. RITCEY East Stroudsburg State Col- lege, B.S. in Health and Phy , sical Education . . . Physical Education . . . Boys’ and ROTC Intramural sports. 27 Jd) itf much patience ancf ha ref worh our teachers haue EDWARD W. ROEWER Dartmouth College, A.B.; Boston University, M.Ed. . . . Spanish: Latin. M SGT. HERBERT W. SIMONDS 19 years regular army . . . Military Drill . . . Supervisor of Cadet Officers and ROTC Prize drills and parties. RICHARD S. SHORT Bates College, B.S. ; Boston University, Ed.M. . . . Biology. NORMAN C. ROSS Bucknell University, A.B. . . . Director of Athletics; Football Coach . . . Econom- ics. ROBERT L. SHEAFFER Trinity University, German ;f Spanish B.A.t . . L WILLIS K. SMITH University of New Hampshire; Keene Teachers College . . . B.Ed.; M.Ed. . . . English. Our class advisor, Mr. Willis Smith, is one of our fine English teachers. 28 MORTON SPARER Boston University, A.B. ; FRANCIS W. SPECK Tufts College, B.S.- — Chemis- try, Biology . . . General Sci- ence; Biology. KENNETH E. STICKNEY Fitchburg State, B.S. . . . Carpentry Math, Science, Drawing, and Architectural Drafting. SHIRLEY SURRETTE Emerson College, B.A. ; M.A. . . . Drama; English. Picture Not Available CAPT. ROBERT F. SUTTON W. Va. Wesleyan College, B.A. in English . . . Mili- tary Science. It takes complete concentration for such accurate blueprints. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Besides leading groups in general chorus, Miss Eleanor Moore, the head of the Music Department, teaches music, theory, and appreciation. Under her guidance, the Glee Club and A Cappella Choir pro- vide entertainment at various times throughout the year. Miss Eddy and Mr. Puff are able assistants, aiding Miss Moore carrying out her program. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR University of New Hampshire, B.A. ; Middlebury College, 29 u e are smcer e i y 9 n fi or our acu y ance JANE A. TOWN HARVEL R. VAIL 0. MYRTLE WARDRUP G. H. WEILER Emmanuel College, A.B. . . . Fitchburg College, B.S. . . . Shepherd College, B.A., B.S., St. Paul’s College, Ph.B.; Bos- English. Director, Driver Education; R.H. . . . Physiology; Biology ton College, B.A. ; Boston Sponsor, Benjamin Franklin . . . American Red Cross First State College, Med. . . . In- Club . . . Printing Instructor. Aid. ternational Relations; Modern Problems; World History. RAYMOND C. WHITE Fitchburg State Teachers, B.S.V. . . . Electrical Shop, Electrical Math; Science; Drawing. OLGA WILLIAMS Salem Teacher, B.S. ; Boston University, M.B.A.; Univer- sity of Bridgeport, C.A.G.S. . . . Office Practice; Type- writing. This way, Phyllis! 30 ALYCE WILSON DAVID S. WISE SGT. DONALD W. B.S. and Master’s in Educa- Harvard, A.B. . . . U. S. WRONKOWSKI tion . . . English. History; World Geography. . . . Military Training III . . . Junior Varsity Rifle Team; ROTC Band. BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT The Business Education Department, headed by Miss Olga Williams, offers both terminal and preparatory train- ing for its students. Through the extensive courses offered, the graduates are prepared to enter the business world as typists, stenographers, bookkeepers, machine operators, and general clerks. Students are also given the training necessary for entrance to business institutions of higher learning. DRIVER EDUCATION PROGRAM Perhaps the bravest men in Gloucester High School are Mr. Harvel Vail, director of the Student Driver Education Program, and Mr. George Perry. These two men are the road instructors. A six week classroom initiation to the proper rules and regulations of driving is taught by Mr. Leo Amero. Graduates of this course are fine examples of teenage-drivers. 31 Uie students of 3 oucester Jlij i extencf their interests NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The purpose of the Sherman B. Ruth Chapter of the National Honor Society is to stimulate an en- thusiasm for scholarship, to create a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to en- courage the development of character in the Gloucester High School students. In keeping with these goals, new members are admitted on the basis of scholastic ability, outstanding character, leadership, and serv- ice during their high school years. Miss Claudia Perry is the advisor for this worthy group. HONOR BUSINESS CLUB The Honor Business Club is one of the most active and worthwhile organizations at Gloucester High School. At monthly meetings, the members hear informative lectures which are presented by persons of prominence in the business world. Having a membership limited to high ranking members of the business course, this purposeful organization promotes well deserved recognition of the business students of today who will be the business leaders of tomorrow. The advisor for this group is Mrs. Ethel Mills. 34 a variety of extracurricular activities STEVENS BOOK REVIEWERS Through their annual program of reviews presented in the school library, the Stevens Book Reviewers give other students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with current publications of literary worth. The proceeds of the program are used to add to the collection of the Ernest W. Fellows Library. By offering an opportunity for self-expression, the group provides its members with an excellent opportunity for creative speaking and writing. Mr. McComiskey is the sponsor for this active group. JUNIOR ROTARIANS The Junior Associates of Rotary Club, as they are officially named is a select group of senior boys who are given the opportunity to meet and converse with members of the business world. Each Junior Rotarian attends one of the weekly meetings of the Rotary during one of the months from October to May. In the words of Mr. Arthur N. Smith, principal and advisor for the group, “It is a manner of bringing to students more education, parti cularly of a career value.” 35 Some fincf their interest in the literary Jie J FLASH In its thirty-two years of publication the Gloucester High School Flash has served as a medium for reporting school activities through its weekly page in the Gloucester Daily Times. By promoting dances, plays, concerts, and other activities connected with school life, the Flash attempts to inspire and preserve school spirit and student- faculty cooperation. Over the years, the Flash has been the recipient of many journalism awards for excellence in scholastic editing and publishing. With the help of their advisor, Mr. Richard C. Bergeron, the staff members receive invaluable journalistic experience while serving both the school and community. BEACON The Gloucester High School Beacon is a semi-annual magazine which is published by the students for the purpose of pr inting the literary efforts of members of the student body. The Beacon is composed of essays, criticisms, poetry, puzzles, candid photographs, and illu- strations. Gulliver, the Gloucester High mascot, wings his way through a few paragraphs of flattery, sarcasm, and witticisms in each issue of this popular publication. The material that appears in the magazine is written and edited by the staff members. Mrs. Jane A. Town is the advisor for the group. a v. htfe others GERMAN CLUB The German Club, or der Deutscheverein, is an or- ganization composed of German students who are in- , ] terested in learning about the culture and customs of j 1 the German speaking people. By speaking only German Ij | during the meetings, the members have an opportunity , I to practice speaking the language. The club has .various . I forms of entertainment, including German films, records, n lectures, and field trips. The German Club offers to its ‘ members the opportunity of practicing the German lan- | guage outside of their regular classroom conversations. The club is under the advisorship of Mr. Robert L. : Sheaffer. SPANISH CLUB “Se abre la sesion” is a typical beginning for a meet- ing of El Club Espanol. The Spanish Club offers its members an introduction to the culture of Spain. Con- versing in Spanish, the members learn to speak the lan- guage with more assurance. Each member of the club has a command of the language and the conversations usually flow quite fluently. Miss Mildred Frostholm, head of the language department, is the advisor for this club. (So ne siucfenis , after worAina A arc in classes, RIFLE TEAM Any girl in her sophomore or junior year may try out for membership in the Girls’ Rifle Team. The organization is under the auspices of the R.O.T.C. Team members are taught good sports- manship as well as marksmanship and the safe handling of firearms. They fire the N.R.A. postal match and compete against certain college and high school teams. FRENCH CLUB “La seance est ouverte,” and with these words the monthly meeting of the French Club is brought to order by its president. Each month this club under the direction of Mrs. Doris Baer presents a different program which furthers the members’ knowledge of France and its language. fincf a goocf worAout prouic es tAem with muc i neerfecf relaxation. LEADERS’ CLUBS The primary purpose of both the girls’ and boys’ Leaders’ Clubs is to instill leadership qualities within the individual. Members of these clubs assist Mrs. Bishop and Mr. Ritcey in carrying on the Physical Education programs. The “Leaders” begin the exercises and instruct and demonstrate on various apparatus. Members consist of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Advisors of these clubs are Mrs. Carol Bishop and Mr. Robert Ritcey. f farcf worA earns us crecfit. SERVICE CLUB The Service Club has served and represented the students and personnel at the school. Students who have earned ten credits receive a Service Club “G,” a coveted emblem signifying service to the school. A few of the areas in which members can earn credits toward their “G” are as office as- sistants, student secretaries, student librarians, and cafeteria assistants. Miss Beatrice Christopherson is the club ' s advisor. STUDENT SECRETARIES Seniors who have majored in Business Education volunteer their services as secretaries to members of the faculty. Girls who are secretaries, perform varied office tasks including typing, filing, short- hand, dictation, and bookkeeping. In this way students gain valuable, practical experience which supplements their work in classes. HIT as l ' c provides much enjoyment. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Any G Block on Tuesday or Thursday, one may hear the able voices of the A Cappella Choir under direction of Miss Eleanor F. Moore. This group is composed of senior girls who show ability in the field of vocal music. They work with and provide soloists for the Girls’ Glee Club. 41 SAILING The Sailing Club, under the direction of Mr. Bruno, studies the history and art of sailing. These young navigators also have opportunities through- out the school year to put their knowledge to work while receiving much pleasure. Interested students find this enjoyable club most informative. ARCHERY It could be said that the purpose of the Archery Club is a “Bulls-eye!” During the school year this club, under the direction of Mr. Lewis, strives to attain perfection in this field. While being taught the safety rules involved in this sport, they also find much enjoyment and exercise. 42 Jiogs 1 i n teres ts range from printing to chess. BEN FRANKLIN CLUB Outstanding boys that have at least a “B” aver- age and are recommended by Mr. Vail are eligible for membership in the Ben Franklin Club. These boys are in this way given an opportunity to fur- ther their knowledge and training in the print field. This worthwhile club is also responsible for our football programs. The proceeds from this sale of programs are placed in a scholarship fund which is presented to a deserving senior boy at gradu- ation. CHESS CLUB The purpose of the Chess Club is to study the game and become more proficient. While receiving many hours of wholesome enjoyment at club meet- ings, the members also find good competition from fellow students. These students are supervised and taught this game by Mr. Wise. 43 ( Je a s so hefp enjoy neipmj omers. i it JUNIOR VOLUNTEERS The Junior Volunteers is a group of hard-work- ing altruistically inclined girls who give their time and effort to help at the Addison Gilbert Hospital. These girls may be seen taking gift carts around the hospital every afternoon after school. On Presentation Day, Miss Marjorie Gale, the advisor to the group, awards pins to the girls who have served either fifty or one hundred hours. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Under the guidance of Mrs. O. Myrtle Wardrup, R.N., the Future Nurses of America are given an introduction to the nursing profession. In the course of the year, the Future Nurses are able to meet and talk with persons of the medical profes- sions. The girls also hear of the type of courses they can expect in nurses’ training. 44 U£e sciences offer us unfimiiecf opporluniiies. BETA BETA BIOLOGY CLUB In the course of the school year, the Beta Beta Biology Club presents lectures and programs of special interest to students interested in the biologi- cal sciences. One of the most valuable services of this very worthwhile club is their sponsorship of the annual science fairs. During the spring months the club members and their advisor, Mrs. 0. Myrtle Wardrup, plan annual field trips to Boston and points of particular interest. THE ZODIACS If you see an emblem with a picture of the sun with human facial characteristics and rays shoot- ing out in all directions, you can be sure that the owner of this symbol is a member of the Zodiacs, a newly-formed astronomy, and astrology club. This club is designed to increase the knowledge of the universe and to promote interest and activities along the lines of astronomy and astrology. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. 0. Myrtle Wardrup, the organization hopes to visit near-by planetariums. 45 Uhe W excitement fc fj. staa e ers o or a STAGE CREW The hard-working students behind each produc- tion in the G.H.S. auditorium are the Stage Crew. Throughout the year this group is behind the scenes of our assemblies, and they also operate the projectors used in the classrooms by the fac- ulty. These students, under the direction of Mr. Carter, are certainly an asset to our school. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Students of G.H.S. who have an interest in dra- matics find the National Thespian Society a stimu- lating activity. As a member of this club, a student is given an opportunity to act on stage or work back stage for several productions throughout the year. The Society has given many well-remembered Christmas pageants for the school along with many plays for the public. The industrious sponsor of this club is Miss Shirley Surrette. 46 JKanij of us are greatly interested in others. THE AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE The Gloucester chapter of the American Field Service junior committee is a member of the international American Field Service organization whose motto is, “Walk together, talk together, 0 ye peoples of the earth; then and only then shall ye have peace.” Now in its fourth year at Gloucester High School, this organization has made it possible to bring foreign exchange students here and to send our students abroad. These young ambassadors are under the leadership of Miss Jacqueline Darcy of the Gloucester Daily Times. We aJso enjoy wording with others for Setter un cfers tan cfm y. THE GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL The students of Gloucester High School are happy to have again the privilege of a student council. This council was the result of a senior council which worked with Mr. Robert Karcher earlier in the year. After consideration, it was decided that the underclassmen should also be represented in this group. The students and administration of Gloucester High School hope to achieve an even better relation- ship and understanding through this fine group of students. (. ) or Icf affairs in le re si ffuiure ciiizens. ORCHESTRA The students participating in the Gloucester High School orchestra are an asset to our school. They have proved their ability and have shown an in- terest in the field of music. Under the direction of Mr. Puff, they supply the music for the school assemblies as well as compete in musical competi- tions and festivals throughout the year. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB It is the purpose of this club to stimulate thought and discussion on current U. S. and world affairs, beyond the regular class participation. Meetings held once a month fill the needs of interested stu- dents. Topics for debates included Liberals vs. Conservatives and Muzzling the Military. A better understanding of our government and fellow man is given to future political leaders and citizens through this club. 49 ( )tfier activities have Aept us busy, too: ■ i$J ] : jl ' W m S ■ ' b.U Mr. Smith makes sure the boys are measured. What’s tin- matter, Nancy? Isn’t it your style? Preparing for graduation is lots of fun. First, we decide on our caps and gown; then we must be measured to insure a perfect fit for that glorious day. 50 After four years in high school, any senior can tell yoil how things have a way of piling up in those lockers. Cleaning usually starts about April to insure completion in time for graduation. Keeping the supply room well organized and neat is very im- portant to the smooth running of the school. Look at those neat shelves! Quite a project, huh? 51 Incl of course ; we never forget those wonderful CR. 0. 7.G. Much preparation preceded every party. Each boy made sure of a freshly pressed uniform and, of course, flowers for his lovely date. Every girl had a hair appointment to keep, and her gown to press. Then, all was ready . . . On nights like this, our school gym was transformed into a ballroom. Gay decorations greeted all as they en- tered to the sound of the band play- ing the familiar Grand March, after which each couple proceeded to dance. Of course, intermission for refreshments was essential at every party. Careful, Joe! You wouldn’t want to spill it 1962 FLICKER The efforts and hard work of many have gone into the 1962 FLICKER. I wish to thank you all: Miss Gale, for her much appre- ciated guidance. Mr. Korobkin, our efficient Business Manager. The Loring Studios, for their fine photographers. Mr. Rouwan of the Taylor Pub- lishing Company for his help. Mr. Vail, for packing each copy shipment. The Gloucester Daily Times, for pictures loaned. The hard working committees. And all others who helped in any way. Nancy Gamage Flicker Editor 53 " 7 jese JficAer ( )ommittees b Rusty and Ronnie put the finishing touches on their outstanding sports section SPORTS Rusty Harnish, Chairman Ronnie Marble Steve Lane R.O.T.C. Bob Benjamin, Chairman Mike Ryan John Mann Joe Billante ACTIVITIES Margie Scott, Chairman Madelyn Spinney Linda Bosselman ARTIST Jane Benham ADVERTISING LITERARY Jane Ashline Linda Parnell Doris Decker William Cyr Owen Ferrini Evelyn Harvey Joyce Cook J erry Hutchinson George Mullin Ronna Hammond Alida Rutchick Jane Coleman Nikki Korkatti Ann LeVie, Chairman Barbara Larkin Sharon Rose Jon Steinberg Kathy Wonson Marlene Parsons Beverly Mitchell Sally Merchant Linda Bosselman James Hubbard Ruth Fontaine Sandy Cameron have worked hard CALENDAR Nina Groves, Chairman Maddi Tufts Linda Parnell Lynda Farnham Bette Murch CLASS ROLL Maria Raymond Pat Hilshey Sharon Porter Nancy Bray Sandra Bouchie Carol Goulart Carol Shanahan SUPERLATIVES Sally Fenzel, Chairman Nancy Fraga Bette Murch Barbara Sova Lynda Farnham Norma Steele Sandy Cameron Angie Rank Maria Raymond Nina and Maddi check over the situation. Sandy, Sally, and Nancy get a kick out of those pictures. 55 JOHN JACOB MANN III Interests: CYO; “few laffs”; Hi-Y; sports Activities: Latin Club, president 2; Biology Club 2, 3; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Flicker 4; Honor Guard 3; Individual Drill 3; Prize Squad 2. 3; Haskell Drill 2, 3 Honors: President of Senior Class; Lieutenant Colonel; National Honor Society; Junior Rotarian; First Prize Squad 3; First Fort Devens 3 Ambition: To lead an honest life; to excel in my chosen field. DENNIS MICHAEL RYAN Interests: Girls; dancing; politics; sports Activities: National Honor Society 3, 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Individual 3; Haskell 2, 3; Devens Drill Team 3; Honor Guard 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Track 3; Flash 3; French Qub 1, 2, 3; Biology Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 4 Honors: Colonel 4; Jr. Rotarian; Vice-President Senior Class; Boys’ State; Outstanding Sophomore and Junior Cadet 2, 3; First Prize Squad; Individual; Essay Contest; First Prize Science Fair Ambition: To graduate from West Point; to score a touchdown in Army vs. Navy game. SANDRA ANNE CAMERON Interests: Larry; horses; Norma’s problems; the unbroken thread; Club ’62; ashtrays Activities: AFS 3, secretary 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Usherette 3, 4; Advertising Committee — Flicker 4; Special Books 4; Latin Club 1 Honors: Senior Class Secretary Ambition: To someday own a horse farm in Kentucky and raise champions. RONALD EDWARD MARBLE Interests: “Few laff”; DeMolay; Hi-Y; Canteen; parties; East Gloucester Fire Station; all sports Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4; AFS 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 4; Ring Committee 2 Honors: Class Treasurer Ambition: To be happy while leading a good, honest life after becoming a Certified Public Accountant. Ronnie ( Moose) 58 ANTHONY H. AMERO Nickname: Tony Interests: The little girl; whist games at Dot’s; the farmers; that crazy 49 Chevy; my one and only; skating in the moonlight Activities: Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 4 Ambition: To make my mother and sister proud of me. JOYCE ELINOR AMERO Nickname: Cookie Interests: Jonesy’s; Skate- land; Redheads; USO Club; Swimming; Up Bee-Jays; Bike Boys; Corvettes Ac- tivities: Bowling Team 1; Chorus 2 Honors: Bowling Trophy; Typing 2 Ambition: To make that big step in the right direction. PHILIP AKERLEY Nickname: Phil Interests: New York; Par- ties; Girls; Antique Cars; Music; Corvettes Activi- ties: Rifle Team 2; ROTC Sports Ambition: To suc- ceed in whatever I may at- tempt; to make my mother proud of me. MARGARET ALLEN Nickname: Chicki Interests: Five of us; hot coffee; a certain little duck; Sharon’s house; pepsi party Activities: Bowling 1; archery 1, 2; chorus; Future Homemak- ers 2, 3 Ambition: To live my life like arithme- tic; subtracting sorrows, multiplying friends, and dividing love. DAVID R. AMERO Nickname: Dave Interests: Football; basket- ball; hockey; golf; Hi-Y, PeeWee; Laughs with Levy; bowling; counting; Friday nights with Duke; Howard’s House Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, co-captain 4; golf 1, 2; track 3, 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; International Relations 4; AFS Ambition: To finish everything I start; to laugh. NANCY MARIE AMERO Nickname : Nan Interests: Al; horseback rid- ing; swimming; My Fresh- man year; Independence Day ; Blighty; April Fool’s Day Activities: Chorus 1 Ambi- tion: To put off until tomor- row what I can do today; to marry that certain someone. DONNA ANDERSON Nickname: Andi Interests: Sonny; art; phi- losophy; sun, moon, and half moon; Night Raven; Music; “The Square,” “Mine Eyes” Activities: Tumbling Apparatus 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Flash 4; Library 4 Am- bition: To gain insight and maintain it always. PETER L. ANDERSON Nickname: Pete Interests: Skiing, skindiv- ing; basketball; hockey; Those big parties; After the big parties; The yacht club; Girls Activities: Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 2, 3, Commander 4, Honors: Corporal 2; Ser- geant 3; 2nd Lieutenant 4 Ambition: To develop my mind to the fullest ex- tent; use it to the best of my ability. 59 upon ine hicjh spots RICHARD ANDERTON Nickname : Rich Interests: Hockey; bowl- ing; DeMolay; Miniature Pondarosa; rifles; ‘‘The 50 Buick " Friday nights out and in; A A Ambition: To live, laugh, love, and be happy, and make my parents proud of me. DANA WILLIAM APTT Nickname: Dane, Appa Interests: Cars; people; red lolly-pops; Those D Block studies with Ollie; Ford convertible; Addison Street; looking; laffs Ambition: To enjoy life to its fullest extent; to “laff,” and be happy; to make my parents proud of me. WILLIAM ANDREWS, JR. Nickname: Bill Interests: Cars; boats; radio and television work; archery; chess Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To become a good electronics techni- cian. LUCILLE D. ARAUJO Nickname: Luci Interests: The Rabbit; The Russian Ballet; ask Elaine; carrots; “51” Chevy; “Hail Moose”; Scooters; Ice Cream; fish; “Hot Dog”; the sub Ac- tivities: History Club; Biology Club; Leaders Club; Future Nurses of America Honors: Typing Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; to help and be helped. JOSEPH F. ARVILLA III Nickname: Skip Interests: KATHY; hockey; opposite sex; West Gloucester For- um; Howard’s House; New York; Rockport; Lynn Arena; to see Levie play hockey; Buttons in room 105 Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3, co-captain 4; foot- ball 1, 2; ROTC soft- ball 3, 4 Ambition: To go to college; mar- ry the right girl; and make my parents proud of me. JANE ELIZABETH ASHLINE Nickname : Ashie Interests: ROBERT; ask Eileen; Over the Weekend; hill kids; unbroken thread; Las Muchachas Activities : Biology 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Usher- ette 3, 4; Leaders Club 1, 2; Future Nurses 3, 4; Bowling Champs 1; AFS 4; History 1; Dues Collector; Flicker 4; Office Assistant 3, 4 Ambition: To re- ceive my R.N. and B.S. Gloucester s heritage is always with us. V ' - pas ft our o OUI pear s. JOHN B. ATKINSON, JR. Nickname: Jack Interests: Drums; Gui- tars; Music; Electric Bass; “The Kat”; Tun- afishing; Sports; Flori- da; Cars; Jazz Ac- tivities: Prize Squad 2; Commander 3; Hon- or Guard 3; Individual Drill 2, 3; ROTC Sports Honors; Prize Squad, Third place winner 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Platoon Leader 4 Ambition: To become a proficient bass player. MARY JANE AVILA Interests: Languages and Literature Activi- ties: Spanish Club 2,3; Beta-Beta Biology Club 2, 3; Future Teachers of America 3; Girls Glee Club 2, 3; Latin Club 2, 3; Office As- sistant 4 Ambition: To fulfill my dreams. MARCIA LEE BABSON Nickname: Marty Interests: Wingaersheek; The Butterflies Sing; Horses; Individual?; Aunt Amanda; Another word; Teasing; Hockey; Scrib- bling Activities: Interna- tional Relations Club 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Biolo- gy Club 2, 3, pres. 4; Beacon 2, 3, 4; Flicker 4; Satellite Committee 1 ; Junior Usherette Ambi- tion: To seek to be good, but not great. CATHERINE ANN BARRY Nickname: Cathy Interests: A certain some- one, Eating Pizza; Our Walks; bowling; The Games; Dancing; Music Activities: Future Nurses of America 3, 4; Junior volunteer 1, 2; Girls Field Hockey 2; Chorus 3 Am- bition: To become a baby nurse. JOSEPH A. BAMMARITO Nickname: Uncle Joe Interests: Hockey; base- ball; football; Swimming; Girls; “T” bird; Those Sunday Rides with Carol; Lots of Laffs Activities: Football 1, 3, 4; J.V. Base- ball 3; Vocational 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Has- kell Drill 3 Honors: Com- pany Commander Ambi- tion: To someday return to this town, to be success- ful; to be a credit to the community. PATRICIA ANN BAUMAN Nickname: Trish, Pat Interests: Folk Music; Books; People; Theatre; Excursions; Sandy; Deme dere eyes; Wayward Wind; Loneliness; Beau- pie; a Friend?; There are a few; Letters; The Four Years; Beach Talks; Ac- tivities: Future Nurses 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Thes- pians 4; Ambition: To never believe the impos- sible, regret the past, or long for the unattainable. He looks like a future varsity player. 61 JANE MARIE BENHAM Nickname: Browny Interests: Art; Castle Hill; Good Harbor; Indians in brown sweaters; swimming; soccer; Dartmouth; Rock- port; Marblehead Activities: Junior Usher 3; Beta Beta Biology Club 2; Beacon 1, 2; Brown’s Teen Week 4; Flick- er 4; Art Club Ambition: To find my place in the field of art. from bewifcferecf fresfimen HELEN ANN BEARSE Interests: Reading; Music; Sew- ing; Knitting; Ice Skating; Spanish Activities: Latin Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Usherette 3; Office Assistant Ambition: To receive my college degree. SHARON MARIE BEAULIEU Interests: Swimming; ice skat- ing; Football; movies Ambi- tion : To make my parents proud of me; to become a good Airline stewardess; and never lose touch with my old friends. ROBERT ALLAN BENJAMIN Nickname: Bob Interests: Flying; Fishing; making a lot of friends Ac- tivities: German Club 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3; Stevens Reviewers 2, 3, 4; Flicker 4; Company A Prize Squad 2, 3; Individual drill 3; Has- kell Drill 3; ROTC Sports 2, 4 Honors: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4; Junior Rotarian 4; Superior Junior Cadet Ribbon 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Company A Commander 4; Ambition: To make some- thing worthwhile of my life. FRANK SALVATORE BENSON Nickname: Mort Interests: Girls; cars; Swim- ming; Hockey; Football; Parties Activities: Football 1; ROTC Prize drill 3, 4; Haskell drill 3, 4; Individual drill 4; ROTC Sports Honors: ROTC Corporal 3; Sergeant 4 Ambition : To succeed in whatever I may attempt; to make my parents proud of me. MARTHA JANE BETTS Interests: Rockport gang; long rides and walks; a lost pin; laughing; Sandy Bay; Baptist Youth Fellowship; camping Activities: Leaders’ club 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2, Pres. 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Choir 3, 4 Honors: National Honor Society 3, 4; Junior Usherette Ambition: Always to be my- self. have evo uecf mundane Seniors. LINDA J. BOSSELMAN Nickname: Bozzie Interests: Memories; Bowl- ing; Chinese food; Talk; Lol- lipops; Driftwood; Artificial flowers; Activities: Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2; Photography Club 3; Beacon 2, 3; Art Club 2; Flicker 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Honor Business Club 4; Honors: Bookkeeping award Ambi- tion: To become a Certified Public Accountant. SANDRA LEE BOUCHIE Nickname: Sandy Interests: JOHNNY; Our Problems; “Letters”; Las Mu- chachas; Talks, ask Nancy; “Twelfth of Never”; Sum- mers Activities: Flicker; Honor Business Club 4; Teachers Secretary 3, 4; AFS Honors: Shorthand award; Typing award 3, Bookkeeping award; Filing award Ambi- tion: To face this troubled world with a smile and have our dream come true! JOHN BOUDREAU Nickname: Johnny Interests: Baseball, skating; swimming; reading; aviation Activities: Chess Club; Bea- con; Science Clubs; Tennis; ROTC Ambition: To gradu- ate from college and enter into the field of aeronautical engineering. NANCY ELIZABETH BRAY Interests: Rockport dances; parties; Johnny Mathis; “Chances Are”; The Band; hockey; football; Tic Toe; Talks with Sandy; Las Mu- chachas; Our Problems; PETER Activities: Honor Business Club; AFS; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; Junior Usherette 3, 4; Flick- er Committee Honors: Filing, typing Ambition: To learn something each day; to profit by mistakes, and keep smil- ing. % |V wAyne ro ' L Nickname : i OF GLOUCESTER HTST " 1IVER EDUCA STIVTNS MOTOR ii, l girls, so keep your eye on the road JOSEPH D. BILLANTE, JR. Nickname: Vun Dun Interests: The Timebomb; sports; The Sparks; Girls; Boule- vard Guards; Tri-Hi-Y Activi- ties: Student council 1, 2; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Prize 3; Haskell Drill 3; Color Guard 2, 3; In- dividual Drill 4; Flicker; Chorus 4 Honors: Prize squqdj 3; Cor- poral 3 Ambition:, To quit be- ing the matchmaker; to beGotne one of the jjyttche 0 A “ E . Interests: Cars; tuna fishing - tSiig ' “As Suches” ; hunti j; Howards House; BracJ ive; hockey ; Physj6§ A ties: R.C)TC iports Honors r o poral 2; Platoon Sergeant Ambition: To succeed in what ever I attempt; to find a job that jiays $10,000 a year with a six month vacation twice a year. m foncf are our antj memories WILLIAM C. BRENNAN Nickname : Butch Interests: A certain soph- omore; 57 Ford; baseball; hockey; Pigeon Club; Howard’s House; C. .0. ; Friday nights; Laughs Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3; R.O.T.C. sports; Hon- ors: Squad Leader; Cor- poral 2 Ambition: To be a success at whatever I attempt in the future. CARL L. BROWN Interests: Girls; baseball; football; hockey; basket- ball Activities: Intramural basketball 1 ; R.O.T.C. sports 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4 Ambition: To go to college and become an architect; to succeed in whatever I attempt, and to make my parents proud of me. CAROL ELIZABETH BROWN Interests: Rockport gang; long walks and rides; laughing; Pur- ity Springs; camping; Mariners; Pilgrim Fellowship Activities: Leaders Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2, treasurer 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Choir 4; Junior Usherette Hon- ors: National Honor Society 3, 4 Ambition: To hold my head high and to face life with a smile. LOUIS BROWN Nickname: Louie Interests: Baseball; basketball; football; swimming; skating; girls; World Problems; Current Events; C.Y.O. Activities: R.O.T.C. sports; basketball 2 Ambition: To lead a good life; to succeed in whatever I do; to attend college. Don’t forget your SUSAN W. BROWN Nickname: Sue; Susie Interests: Bowling; tell- jokes; parties; Northeast- ern University; just plain talking; Las Muchachas Ambition: To attend a junior college and have a good time. THOMAS BROWN Nickname : Tom Interests: Tennis, base- ball; chess; water skiing; basketball; bowling; hock- ey; dancing; popular music; KAREN Activi- ties: Rifle Team, co-cap- tain; Track Team; Com- pany F Commander; Su- perior Cadet Ribbon; Major George H. Morse Jr. Medal Ambition: To succeed in whatever I may endeavor. 64 of i nes m 9J£S., MARY BUDROW Interests: Last Summer; those days at the beach; First Sunday in May; Cove Beach; “Here Come That Song Again”; Memo- ries; Surf; That Certain Someone; Friday nights at Canteen; Lonely Week- end; Las Muchachas Ac- tivities: Drill Team, Com- mander 4; Spectacular; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Su- pervisor Honors: Type Awards 2, 3 Ambition: To become that certain officers Private Secretary. GARDNER BUTMAN Nickname : Clam Interests: Guns Activi- ties: Vocational Club 1, 2, 3 Ambition: To suc- ceed in whatever I may attempt in the future es- pecially in acquiring a good job. Picture Not Available WILLIS CALDER Nickname: Willie Interests: Sports; Cars; Girls; fishing Activities: ROTC Drills Ambition: To become a mem- ber of United States Air Force; to travel, to see what I’ve missed; to make my parents proud of me in whatever I attempt. VITO CALOMO Nickname: Paul Anka Interest: Sports; The boys; Girls; Pigeons; Boulevard guard; Canteen; Sherman’s Tank; Cer- tain Girl; Memories; Little Italy Activities: Cross Country 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Basketball; ROTC; Satellite Committee Ambition: To be popular, a teacher, and Mayor of Gloucester; to have the courage of my mother and the strength of my father. MILTON J. CAMILLE JR. Nickname: Milt Interests: Kathy; Politics; That girl in black; “Look- ing things over with Ted, Bill, and John”; Our Lady’s CYO; Aquinos Club Activities: Interna- tional Relation Club Am- bition: To some day work for the State Department. JERRILYN L. CANILLAS Nickname: Jerri Interests: Leo; little one; nights; a certain skiff; “You’re the reason”; Everything that he does Activities: Library assist- ant 1; Junior Volunteers 1, 2; Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3; Archery 1 Am- bition: To open my eyes to see what is beautiful; my mind, to know what is true; my heart to love what is good. jus passes. proving ifial t ie hard struggle PHYLLIS J. CARTER Nickname: Phyll Interests: hunting; people; Untouchables; what times; lotta laffs; Capital U; star gazing; to have it come true Activities: Flicker 4; Thespians 4; Library assistant 1 Am- bition: To find a million and make it mine; To be successful. VIRGINIA LEE CHRISTO Nickname: Ginny Interests: Sammy; Don’t Be Cruel; The Olds; sciences; Everly Brothers; Cha Cha Cha Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club 2; Future Teachers of Ameri- ca 2 Ambition: To suc- ceed; to make the people I love happy and proud of me. HELENA M. CIARAMETARO Nickname: Penny Interests: Lee; April Fools Day; Nina’s PJ Party; Camouflage; The Old Chevy; Tic Toe; Laugh Much?; Hummm, Ask Shiela Activities: Spanish Club 2; Future Nurses 3, 4; Leaders ( lub 1; Girls Basketball 1; Be- ta Beta Biology 2, 3, 4; Honors: Typewriting 3 Ambition: To see the world in peace and not in pieces. DAVID C. CIARAMITARO Nickname: Shimmy Interests: Golf; Money Activities: Golf 2, 3, captain; Honor Guard 4 Ambition: To make Uncle Joe proud of me; To be a first class machinist, own a car, get a job. JOAN M. CASHMAN Nickname : Joanie Interests: Rockport; Che- vy; Ye Ole Camp; The Lot; parties; dancing; fifty; May Activities: Biology 3, treasurer 4; sec- retary 4; Latin Club, secre- tary 3; Future Nurses of America 4; Usherette 3; International Relations 4; Guidance Office assistant 4 Ambition: To serve the world as well as the world has served me. ELIZABETH K. CIARAMETARO Nickname: Betty Interests: Music; bowling; fooball games; Our Senior Pole; Ask Carol; laugh much; Us Four; Hummm; Ask Coke; Two for a nickle; Ask Ruthie; Call a Cop Activities: AFS 4; Chorus; Flicker 4 Ambi- tion: Set a goal my par- ents will be proud of, then achieve it. Keep ’em rolling, Al! 66 n A fx t ine yjfori. las een n wor e SALVATORE CILUFFO Nickname: Dudy Interests: Linda; pool; bones; sports Activities: ROTC basketball 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; softball 2, 3, 4; football 1, 2; track 3, 4; Leaders Club 2 Ambition: To graduate from high school; To succeed in whatever I may attempt. CATHARENE G. CLEAVES Nickname: Kate Interests: Ahmad at the castle; Beethoven at Sun- day dinners; Saturday mornings at the Fine Arts; Walking in the booning fog; Reading; “Pooh” at the Archies; Lucid beings Activities: Flash 3, 4; Stevens Reviewers 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology 2, 4; Glee Club 2, 4; A Cappella 3, 4; AFS 2, 4; Ambi- tion: To grow and love. ELIZABETH A. CIARAMITARO Nickname: Wittle Bet- ty Interests: Talking; a certain someone; “Hen- rietta”; writing letters; “Look You”; Cape Ann Winer; Dear Abby; Our escapades; baby- sitting; dances; our trips out of town Am- bition: To make my parents proud of me; to have all my dreams come true. Up and down, up and down, off comes another pound. MICHAEL P. CIARAMITARO Nickname: Mike Rat Interests: Baseball; a certain girl; Paul An- ka; Sherman’s Tank; dancing; talks with Paul A.; canteen; Tell’m; My Friends Activities: Baseball 3, 4; basketball 3, 4; Cross Country Track 3, 4; ROTC sports; ROTC Drills Honors: Typing Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; to play Major League Baseball. MITCHELL S. COHEN Nickname. Mitch Interests: Arguing; mak- ing enemies; Harry at Carnegie; Ambad at the castle; Ampex; Tho- rens and Scott Activi- ties: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stevens Reviewers 2, 3, 4; Flash 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3; Latin 1, 2; French 2, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 Honors: National Honor Society; corporal 2; sergeant 3, 4 Ambition: To educate myself to the best of my ability. JANE COLEMAN Nickname: Janie Interests: Rainbow; sail- ing; unbroken thread; Lemons; crow’s nest Ac- tivities: Beacon Editor 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Latin 1, 2; French 4, Secretary 3; Drill 3, spec- tacular 4; Rifle Team 2, 3, treasurer 4; Leaders 1, 2, 3, 4; AFS 2, 3, 4; Bi- ology 1, 2, 3, 4; Supply Room 3, 4; Usherettes; Flicker Committee; Pep Club Honors: National Honor Society; Leadership Award Ambition: To face the future with an open mind; to accept the past as it happened. 67 EDWARD R. COMEAU Nickname: Eddie; Ski Jump Interests: Sports; girls; dancing; those Friday nights; Harvy; Black Star; Rainbow Boulevard; Guards; swimming; Drive-In; Promiseland Activities: Prize Squad 2, commander 3; Individ- ual 3, 4; Haskell 2, 3; Honor Guard 2, 3; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4 Ambition : To be a success in whatever I may attempt; to make my parents proud of me. JOYCE ANN COOK Interests: People; reading; mus- ic; dancing; football Activities: Stevens Book Reviewers 2, 3, vice-pres. 4; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Literary Commit- tee; French Club 2, 3, sec. 4; Usherette; National Honor So- ciety, sec. 4; Biology Club 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2, Honors: Latin II Award Ambition: To accomplish something worth- while each day. Well, girls, that should be LORRALEE COONEY Nickname : Lori Interests: Football; bowling; stables; poetry; Lanesville; boys; “Follow that car”; stick shift”; Chosen 5; pizza at 8 a.m. ; “For old times sake”; the Charleston Activities: Biology Club; Future Teach- ers of America Ambition: To see those far away places with the strange sounding names. BETSY ANN COOSE Nickname: Bets Interests: Music; dancing; bowling; books; Essex Clams; The “Farm”; boating Activities: Biology Club 1, 2, 3, 4; History Club 1; Ar- chery Club 1; French Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, sec. 4; International Relations Club 4; German Club 4 Am- bition: To attend college, teach, and travel. WILLIAM COSTA Nickname : Bill Interests: Blonds; Charles Street in Boston; sport cars; traveling; the gang at Joannes house; Saturday nights Ac- tivities: Art Club 2, 3; In- ternational Relations Club 4 Ambition: To lead a suc- cessful life. MARGARET ANN COTE Nickname: Colt Interests: Oogie; Us Girls; laugh much? ; Las Muchachas; that summer; ask Sheila; Bombs; Beacon Pole Hill; football Activities: Future Nurses 4; Junior Volunteer 1; Badminton 1, 2; track 3; AFS; Pep Club; Flicker Hon- ors: Typing Ambition: To become a nurse; to smile all the while; to make that while worth a smile. 68 worth at least an “A.” ROBERT B. CRANDLEMIRE Nickname: Bob Interests: Hunting; water-skiing; swimming; rifles; dancing Ac- tivities: Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; ROTC Volleyball 3; Beta Beta Biology Club Honors: Expert Rifleman 4; National Rifle Association; Junior sec- tional 5th Ambition: To grad- uate from college and be success- ful. LILA CROCKER Interests: Las Muchachas; “Cry Much?”; friends; That Certain Someone; Trips to Boston; The sunlamp; Ask Laurie Activi- ties: Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 4; History Club 1; Pep Club; Beacon 2; AFS Ambition: To be a success as a fashion designer. CAROL LOUISE CROWLEY Interests: Kenny; the place; rocking R; unbroken thread; Boston; switched dates; ask Barb; friends; parties; Las Muchachas; Letters and talks Activities: Girls drill team, squad leader; Biology Club; AFS; Pep Club; Secretary; Dues Collector Honors: Typ- ing Ambition: To live on happiness street, corner of sunshine square. SALVATORE R. CUOMO Nickname: Sammy Interests: Art; cabin in the wilderness; after lunch get-to- gether; Turks Head; Lotta Laughs; the gang; Bentley; just having fun Activities: Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Art Club 2, 3; Camera Club 2, 3 Ambition: To make my par- ents proud of me; to live a long, successful life. JOHN MUNROE CURCURU Nickname: Johnny Boy Interests: Fishing; hunting; firearms; girls; cars; par- ties; ROTC Activities: Vo- cational Club 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 3; Haskell 3, 4 Am- bition: To join the service after high school so I can further my education in elec- tronics. V i JL 1 1 JOYCE CUSICK Nickname: Peachie Interests: The five of us; That certain someone; bowl- ing; skating; those talks Elm Street; Manchester; Lar- ry; Johnny Activities: bas- ketball 1, 2; chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; bowling 1; volleyball 1, 2; tumbling; secretary Honors: Typing Ambition: To make life like arithmetic, to add happiness, subtract sorrow, multiply friends, and divide love. 69 7? ( ) Q parties , parades, ancf driffs WILLIAM CYR Nickname : Bill Activities: History Club; Chess Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Future Teachers; National Honor Society Honors: third place science fair 1 ; li- brarian of National Honor Society Ambition: To be- come a school teacher and strive to make my friends and family proud of me. SHARON DALE Nickname : Lemon Interests: The five of us; those talks; those walks; Elm Street; Activities: Tumbling; field hockey Honors: Sewing Award Ambition: To make life like arithmetic; to add hap- piness; to subtract sor- row; to multiply friends; to divide love. ANTHONY J. D’AMICO Nickname : Tony Interests: Girls; cars; the boys; the boulevard; dancing; Hi-Y; hunting; football; skating Ac- tivities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Honor Guard 2, 3; Individual Drill 3, 4; Prize Squad 3 Ambi- tion: To succeed in whatever I may attempt. DORIS W. DECKER Nickname: Deck Interests: Art; Journalism; Mala- props; Mascart; Three Meeseke- teers; Quatruvus Activities: Flash 2, 3, co-editor 4; Art 2; Latin 2, 3, 4; German 4; Biology 2, 3, 4; Beacon 2, 3, 4; Great Books 4; Flicker 4; History 1, 3; AFS; Science, treasurer 2, vice-pres. 3; Science Fair 2; Camera Club 3. Honors: Biology Award 2; National Honor Society Ambition: To become a suc- cessful art teacher. Eyes front — this is FRANK DEMARCO Nickname : De Marco Interests: Photography; lis- tening to music; writing; Holy Name Society Hon- ors: National Honor So- ciety 4 Ambition : To join the United States Coast Guard; to make my par- ents proud of me. AUGUSTUS S. DEMETRI, JR. Nickname: Augie Interests: Sports; girls; the boulevard guards; pool; those Friday nights; the beetle Activities : ROTC sports; Individual drill 4; Benjamin Frank- lin Club 4 Ambition: To be successful in whatever I attempt to do; to make my parents proud of me. 70 0)1 ■£Tfh. ofeasant u layer pleasantly amoncj our memoirs STEPHEN JOSEPH DEMETRI Nickname : Steve Interests: Cars; girls; music; boats; boulevard; those parties; wedding re- ceptions; Ralph’s stunt; driving; red convertible Activities: ROTC 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To have lots of new friends; to never forget the old ; to find what I really want to do in life. MARGARET ANN DENSMORE Nickname: Peggy Interests: That certain someone; Sixty-six; Las Muchachas; football; horseback riding; canteen; Senior Pole; excursions; lotta laffs; parties; hock- ey; Beacon Pole Hill; talks with Eileen Activi- ties: Cheerleader 3, 4; Biology Club 4; chorus 4; AFS; Secretary 4 Honors: Typing Ambition: To have eternal faith and hope in whatever the fu- ture brings. the big moment! WILLIAM DODGE Nickname: Dutch Interests: That certain little someone — LU ; the boys; cars; hockey; swimming; boats; sports; Mose’s; shem and Cris- co; That big “56”; laughs Ac- tivities: ROTC sports 2, 4; squad leader 4 Ambition: To see the world; especially Hawaii, while making my fortune. MARY DIANE DIGOU Nickname : Dede Interests: Laugh much; that cer- tain class; boxes; us girls; foot- ball; those walks; parties; pac; Senior Pole; excursions; Las Muchachas Activities: Biology Club; Teachers Secretary 3, 4; AFS; Sailing Club; Flicker Com- mittee Honors: Typing Ambi- tion: To be what I am, not what I’m not. JAMES M. DONNELLON Nickname: Duke Interests: Opposite sex; Howard’s House; Keggin with Dave and Jim; just looking; Short’s studies; backyard ball; Buttons; bus treks Activities: Baseball 1, 3, 4; football 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To seek my fortunes while seeing all the world; to always have friends. MARCIA ANN DOREY Nickname: Marsh Interests: Sports; canteen; Lucy’s parties; CYO; skat- ing trips; table 1; bowl- ing; dancing Activities: Girls basketball 1, 2 Am- bition: To join the Waves; to make my mother and father proud of me. scfioof (fa ays: ARNOLD DOUCETTE Nickname : Arnie Interests: Bookkeeping; model boats; hunting and swimming Activities: ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambi- tion: To make a career in the bookkeeping field. BRIAN D. DOYLE Nickname: Duck Interests: Skin diving; au- to shop; boats; Naval Re- serves; ROTC; ’61 Vespa Motorscooter; ’49 Pontiac; JUDY Activities: ROTC 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 3; football 1; wrestling 2; Vo- cational Club 2, 3, 4 Hon- ors: Ambition: To make my mother and father proud of me, travel; to make that girl happy. JUDITH HILTON DOW Nickname: Judy Interests: Skiing; skating; swimming; spectator sports; the trips; summers of sixty and sixty-one Activities: Beta Beta Bi- ology Club 4; Flicker-Ad- vertising Committee; Of- fice Assistant 3, 4 Ambi- tion: To be a successful dental hygienist; to al- ways make people happy. PAUL R. DUCHANE Nickname: Duck Interests: football; skat- ing; swimming; laffs; Levy; Pro ball; Sunday afternoons; music; back- yard ball; Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4; track 4; Chorus 4 Ambition: To go skating on the Ipswich River; to live a long, healthy life with a lot of laughs. JOHN MARSHALL DUNBAR Nickname: Dunk Interests: Karen and cars Activities: ROTC Honors: Corporal 3; Sergeant 4 Ambition: To succeed in whatever I do, and to do it well; To convert my Hydro to a stick shift. LINDA LEE EASTMAN Interests: Swimming; skating; “Ask Paul- ette”; Last Summer; those long talks; driv- ing; the football games; that certain boy Activities: Office as- sistant 3, 4 Honors: Bookkeeping Ambi- tion: To be the star in someone’s sky; To be able to live with myself but not by my- self. Lunch provides a welcomed gab session. 72 {he ihr iff of our first (Senior a rancf march, What’s she saying, John? SHARON E. EISENHAUER Nickname: Sherry Interests: Swimming; dancing; archery; mus- ic; bowling; canteen; helping in the main of- fice Activities: Arch- ery Club 1, 2; Chess Club 1, 2; Office As- sistant 3, 4; Student secretary 4; Junior Usherette 3 Honors: Typing Ambition: To go to business school; to have many friends; to live happily in a free world. DONNA RUTH ELWELL Nickname: Coke Interests: BOBBY; us four; Las Muchachas; excursions; ask Laurie; laugh much?; hummm; Sunday afternoons; parties Activities: Girls Drill Team 2, 3, 4; AFS; chorus 1, 2; Future Nurses of America 4; Flicker Committee 4 Ambi- tion: To change “His,” To make my parents as proud of me as I am of them. DOROTHY M. ELWELL Nickname: Dotty Interests :• Bowling; skat- ing; canteen; dancing; ask Sherry Activities: Honor Business Club 4; Teachers Secretary 3, 4 Honors: Typing; book- keeping Ambition: To be a success in whatever I at- tempt; To make my par- ents proud of me. SERAFINO J. FAVALORO Nickname: Sera J. Interests: 55 Ford; 59 Buick; the gang; girls Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; basketball; hockey manager 1, 2 ,3, 4; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4; Vocational Print Shop 2, 3, 4; Ben- jamin Franklin Club Sec. 2, 3, 4 Honors: Prize Squad 3, Corporal, Ser- geant 4 Ambition: To play professional football for the New York Giants; to make my parents proud of me. LYNDA J. FARNHAM Nickname: Lyn Interests: Unbroken thread; Cardinal Puff; Rocking “R”; “Play the role?” ask Nina; Las Muchachas Activities: Biology Club; Future Nurses, vice-president; Pep Club; AFS; Usherette; Rifle Team 2, 3, co-cap- tain 4; Drill 3, squad lead- er 4; Flicker Ambition: To earn my “RN”; to help reform the world, be- ginning with myself. PETER FAVAZZA, JR. Nickname: Pete Interests: Walking; Stage Fort Park; that certain someone ; sports ; my cel- lar; the good old times Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; track 4; prize squad 2, 3, 4 Honors: Corporal 2; ser- geant 3; company sergeant 4 Ambition: To create a world of love and laughter. o 73 front seats m tJie au eft t orium Picture Not Available DALE ELEANORE FEENER Interests: Holland; music; danc- ing; skating; la vida; Always Best Friends; walking; autumn leaves; letters; “Oceans of Love ' ’; Ring Dance ’64; Skip Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; spectacular 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 3 Ambition: To achieve something worthwhile; to understand. ETHAN FEENER Interests: Skiing; camping; his- tory; astronomy; International relations; theology; chess Ac- tivities: Chess Club; Science Club; Beta Beta Biology Club; Honors; Chess Club President Ambition: To see the world and live to the fullest. Seniors demand front seats SALLY ANN FENZEL Nickname: Sal Interests: Rusty; hockey games; horseback riding; “Twilight Time”; dancing; skating; long talks; P.J. party; Las Muchachas " Ac- tivities: History Club 1; Drill 2, 3, spectacular 4; Pep Club 4, Secretary 3, 4; Crafts Club 3, treasurer; Biology Club 4; AFS; F.T.A. 3; Dues Collec- tor 4; Flicker Ambition: To make “mum” proud; to look into the future with happi- ness and success. DONNA FAYE FERGUSSON Nickname: De De Interests: CHARLES; 46 Ford Convertible Coupe; Have I Told You Lately; Plum Cove; Swimming; Skating; Personalities My Parents’ Happiness. Honors: Typewrit- ing and Bookkeeping awards 2, 3 Ambition: Make my parents proud of me; earn his faith and make him happy; succeed in whatever I may attempt. OWEN FERRINI Interests: sailing; skin-div- ing; Marine Biology; micro- photography Activities: Foot- ball 1; Track 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 2, 3; prize squad 2, 3; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; In- dividual drill 2, 3; Haskel 3; French Club 2, 3, 4; Sailing I, 2, 3; Flash 2, 3, co-editor 4; Rotarian 4; President Na- tional Honor Society 4; Hon- ors: Second place science fair; Honorable mention, Sa- lem Regional Science Fair Ambition: To give knowledge of the world and put it to good use. MARY JUDITH FIERS Nickname : Judi Interests: Those Rides; Who’s got money; Di’s house; “I don ' t know Why”; Hi-Fi’s; Confidential talks; The bomb; Last summer Activi- ties: Art Club 2; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Honors: Type 2, 3; Bookkeeping award Ambition: Climb the highest Mountain, see the bluest sky; find the deepest ocean; know the reason why. 74 ANNETTE MARIE FISHER Nickname: Fish Interests: Two summers ago; “Sixteen Reasons”; Brown’s De- partment Store; French fries Activities: Tennis 4; Basketball 1; Softball 1; Volleyball 3; Spanish Club 2 Ambition. To sail the sea of ambition, and land in the harbor of success. BRUCE FISHMAN Nickname : Fish Interests: Haunts International; Haunt parties; the rocks; Model A Ford; fishing; boating; Reed’s; hockey; Hi-Y ; Young GOP; Chrysler Ambition: To live a successful and enjoyable life. in the cafeteria, too. RUTH MARIE FONTAINE Nickname: Ruthie Interests: Hugh; writing let- ters; dancing; laughing with Nancy; two for a nickel; sky bars; TV commercials; grin and bear it; “Moon River” Activities: Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Track 3; Thespians 4; Flicker 4; AFS 4; Honors: Typing Ambition: To wish everyone the happiness I’ve found in life. PETER FORTIER Nickname: Pete, Pierre Interests: Skiing; hunting; fishing; money; clam digging Activities : Varsity Rifle Team Ambition: To go to college; to be a success at the vocation of my choice; to lead a good, useful life. NANCY ANN FRAGA Nickname : Nanc Interests: A Certain Some- one; “It’s All in the Game”; surprises; Problems; Letters; talks; That Pajama Party; God’s Miracles MEMORIES Activities: Leaders 1, 2; Drill 2, 3, 4; Biology 2, 3, 4; Usherette 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Honor Business, vice-pres. 4; AFS 4; Flicker Ambition: To have my prayers answered; and my dreams come true. MARK W. FRENCH Nickname : Sabe; Sabre Interests: Guitars; music; The Gang; E block Physics; hurricane dipping; mustache growing; crystals; baytones; gear grinding; cliff hanging Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To make Carlos look silly. 75 7 g oa a earij we now are Those exams require CARL W. FRIBERG Nickname: Fry Interests: Billiards; cars; records; music and all that jazz; Donna, Dorie and Dot Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Physical Science Club 1 ; Stage Crew 1 Ambition: To get a good job; to travel around the world. DONNA JEAN FRONGELLO Nickname: Frog Interests: China shores; J-Grub; Says I; Shi- hwan; football; Us Girls; Stomp Much?; Johnny Mathis Activities: AFS 4; Track Team 3; Pep Club 4 Ambition: To catch a slow boat to China; to smile all the while and make the while worth a smile. FRANK FRONT1ERO Nickname: Squeeny, Sweeny Interests: Football; track; The fort; other sports; television; movies; cars; swimming; pool Activities: Football; Track 3, 4; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To graduate from high school, work for a few years, and then go into the service. RUTH DAVIS GAFFNEY Nickname: Ruthie Interests: Swimming; skating; bowling; Essex Canteen; sum- mers; Essex; Those rides and talks; “Sing Along With Mitch” Activities : Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3, 4; Senior Lifesaving 2 Ambition: To be happy with whatever life brings. RUSSELL T. GAGNON, JR. Nickname : Cappy Interests: Tennis; base- ball; the Detroit Tigers; writing sports Activities: Flash 3, 4; Chess Club; International Relations Club; ROTC sports; Hon- ors: National Honor So- ciety; Junior Rotarian; ROTC Corporal 2, Ser- geant 3, Second Lieuten- ant 4 Ambition: To see the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame top the na- tion. NANCY DIANE GAMAGE Nickname: Nance Interests: Certain Some- one; weekends; “Heat Wave”; music; dancing; Jolly Roger Village; water- skiing; driving; Las Mu- chachas; That pajama party; problems; talks; letters Activities: Stevens Reviewers 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; Honor Busi- ness Club 3, 4; Usherettes 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; AFS 4; Flicker, Editor; Hon- ors; National Honor So- ciety; shorthand; typing; bookkeeping; filing Am- bition: To make the right decisions. 76 of midyear examinations ancf college boards. MARION ARLENE GARDNER Nickname: Mary Interests: Art; reading; boys; poetry; bowling; driving; parties; summer; long talks Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology 2, 3, 4; Bea- con 2; Physical Science Club 2; Junior Volunteers 2, 3; Speech Club 3; Or- chestra 2 Ambition: To know the beauty of the world and to find my own place in it. SILVARIO R. CASPAR, JR. Nickname: Buddy, Bud Interests: My trumpet; my car; Charlene Activi- ties: Ice skating; swim- ming; working after school; Orchestra 1, 2; Honors: Typewriting awards in Typewriting I Ambition: To continue my career in the field of accounting and to continue with my trumpet. a good deal of study. BARBARA LYNN GAUDREAU Nickname: Barb Interests: CARL; Volkswagen; “Follow that car”; Bombing Buick; chosen five; stables; football; dances; P.J. Parties; For Old Time Sake; Library; pizza 8 a.m. ; Hot Chevy; bowl- ing Activities: Student Secre- tary Honors: Bookkeeping II Ambition: To help Lorralee serve “Coffee, tea, or milk” while we fly around the world. SALVATORE JAMES GENAWESE Nickname: Sammy, Mole Interests: Watching those New York Giants football games on TV on Sunday afternoons; band; girls; Mole Club Activities: Band; Orchestra; football Hon- ors: All State Band; All North- eastern Band Ambition: To graduate; to make my parents proud of me; to join the Air Force; to be successful. JOSEPHINE M. GERARDI Nickname: Jo Interests: Dancing; Can- teen; PJ parties; long talks and rides with a certain friend Activities: Student Secretary 4; Li- brary Assistant 3; Glee Club 2; A Cappella Choir 3; Chorus 1 Honors: Bookkeeping; typewriting 2, 3 Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. NANCY GOLDTHWAITE Nickname: Nan Interests: Water skiing; swimming; music; danc- ing; Rainbow; Tau Kappa Epsilon Activities: Biol- ogy Club 2, 3; French Club 2; Junior Usher 3; Athletic Office Assist- ant 2, 3, 4; Girls Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Honors: Typewriting Ambition: To find my place in life. 77 of ooercrowded corridors and lockers DAVID GOODHUE Nickname: Huey Interests: Sports; the wagon; water skiing; Just Looking; the cel- lar; Bern and the boys; Howard’s House; laffs Activities: ROTC sports Ambition: To retire at an early age. HAROLD M. GOODWIN, JR. Nickname : Bing Interests: Girls; sports; laughs; the boys; Rockport; Howard’s House; backyard ball Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; baseball 2, 3, 4; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4; Senior Council Ambition : To find a good job, a good wife, and lead a good life. Take it easy, Sonny! LESLIE F. GOUCHER Nickname: Les Interests: A Certain Girl; baseball; football; hock- ey; the flats; reading; eating; laffs; just looking Activities: Baseball 3, football 1. 2, 3, 4; ROTC sports Ambition: To suc- ceed in the graduate spe- cialist course in the army; to make my mother and father proud of me. MARY LOUISE GOULART Nickname: Mare Interests: Cheering; skat- ing; swimming; music; skiing; hockey; ask Alan; Lynn Arena Activities: Basketball; field hockey; cheering 3, 4; Beta Beta 2, 3, 4; Future Nurses; Drill 4; Leaders 1, 2, 3, 4; archery; Hi-Tri-Y Hon- ors: Typewriting Ambi- tion: To keep God in my soul; love in my heart; peace of my mind. CAROLINE LEE GOULART Nickname : Carol Interests: Music; “Swing- ing High”; Betty’s exten- sion phone; Las Mucha- chas; Cry Much? Laurie’s Car; Us four hummm!; Senior pole; football games; that smile; sopho- more year; basketball games; Luscious!; Ei- leen’s problems Activi- ties: Glee Club 2, 3, 4; A Cappella 2, 3, 4; AFS; Junior Usherette 3, 4 Ambition: To attend North Shore Babies Hospital. RICHARD JOHN GOULART Nickname: Dick, Retched Interests: The Avenue; submarine races; pa-did- dle; watching sports; B Company; beach; some- one; “61 Buick Activities: ROTC sports; Individual, Haskell, Prize Drills 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Corporal 3; Sergeant 4; Honor Guard 3 Ambition: To live my life, make the right deci- sions, be happy, and to make my parents proud of me. 78 and dong funcn fines and few sea s. NANCY FAYE GOVE Activities: Bowling; Teach- ers Secretary 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Biology 2, 3, 4; Flash typist 3; Office As- sistant 3, 4; Service Club 3, 4; Flicker; AFS Hon- ors: Typewriting Inter- ests: Pizza; our walks; let- ters; senior pole; prob- lems; a certain smile; our joke; ask Ruthie Ambi- tion: Each tomorrow find me further than today. RICHARD WILLIAM GRAY Nickname : Dick Interests: Evelyn; sailing; hunting; water skiing; skin diving; Steiny’s place; rifles; scooters; lobstering; visitors from Pluto Ac- tivities: Rifle Team 2, 3; Treasurer 4 Honors: Dis- tinguished Rifleman 4 Ambition: To further my education in the field of machining and electron- ics; have scooter will trav- el. EILEEN GREELY Interests: Jimmy; Irish; a certain New Year’s Eve; our problems; ask Jane; chimming to Boston; the hill; pizza; long talks; “coz why”; Las Muchachas Activities: Secretary 4; Pep Club; basketball 1, 2; chorus 1, 2; AFS 4; Office Assistant Ambition: To learn to listen to those who are wiser than myself. PETER GREEN Nickname: Pete Interests: All kinds of sports: Jazz, rock ’n roll; skin diving; boats; that little black bomb Activi- ties: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Or- chestra 1, 2, 3; Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Track Team 1; Golf Team 1 Ambition: I hope to attend Boston University and their very fine school of music. Walk! Don’t run! JOANNE MURIEL GREENE Nickname: Jo Interests: Oogie; laugh much? Las Muchachas; bombs; secrets; foot- ball games ; Boston ; those certain football players Activities: Ju- nior Volunteer; badmin- ton; track team; AFS; Pep Club; Flicker, Ad- vertising ' Committee Honors: Shorthand; typewriting Ambition: To earn my wings; to smile all the while; to make that while worth a smile. CAROL ANN GREENOUGH Nickname: Greenie Interests: Bobbie; Us girls; Says I; Tues- days; the pond; Boston bound; stomp much?; Football, “57” Activi- ties: AFS 3, 4; Student Secretary 4; Service Club 4; Office Assistant 3, 4; Pep Club 4 Am- bition: To be a hair- dresser, to smile all the while and make the while worth a smile. 79 M la forget our classes e can never What do we I WILLIAM GRIFFIN Nickname: Bill Interests: Girls; horseback riding; cars; swimming; Lanesville; water skiing; skating Activities: Band 1, 2, 3 Ambition: To go into one of the services and learn a good trade; to make my parents proud of me. BERNICE GROVER Nickname: Bunny Interests: Ronnie; That cer- tain Saturday night; those double dates; skating; crazy weekends; CYO; swimming; last summer Activities: Li- brary Assistant 3; Teachers Secretary 4; Office Assistant 4 Honors: Typewriting II Ambition: To be happy; to have fun ; to remember. NINA GROVES Interests: Sandy; Rocking R; our dreams; unbroken thread; playin’ the role — ask Lynda; twins; Boston; initials; cam- ouflage; bombing; Las Mu- chachas Activities: Interna- tional Relations Club; Biol- ogy Club; AFS; Leaders’ Club; History Club; Speech Club; Flicker Committee; chorus; Pep Club Ambition : To enter tomorrow’s world with pride in today’s achieve- ments. ROBERT C. GRUPPE Nickname: Bob Interests: “The Kat”; “Gal- axies”, water skiing; boats; swimming; striper-fishing Activities: Science Club 1; History Club 1 Honors: Cor- poral 2; Sergeant 3; Platoon Leader 4 Ambition: To suc- ceed in whatever I attempt; to make my mother and father proud of me. JAMES EVERETT GRIFFIN Nickname: Griff Interests: Hockey; water skiing; Lanesville; fourth seat on the left Activities: Band 1, 2, 3 Ambition: To be a success in anything I attempt. RICHARD J. GRIFFIN Nickname : Dick Interests: Girls; cars; parties; those memorable Friday nights; summer boarders at Wingaer- sheek Beach; weightlifting Ac- tivities: Football 1; Vocational Club 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To have a job working from 11 to 1 with a two hour lunch hour and making a million a year. MARY ANN HALLETT Interests: Three Musketeers and Bud; that night ; snowbound; us girls; laugh much?; PJ parties; New York; horseback riding; Canada; Las Muchachas Activi- ties: Library 1, 2; Cheerleader 3, 4; basketball 1, 2; Leaders Club 1, 2; Future Nurses 4; Flicker; AFS Honors: Typewrit- ing Ambition: To become an airline hostess; to smile all the while, and make that while worth a smile. BONNIE HAMILTON Interests: A Certain Someone; ask Ril; Eatin’ pizzas; letters; YaYa; “My Special Angel”; bowling; Jaguar; Bob’s; MEM- ORIES: I’ll never tell Activi- ties: Glee Club 2, 3; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4; Library Assist- ant; Flash; Flicker Honors: Shorthand; Typewriting Ambi- tion: To keep what I have; to gain what I have lost. here? RONNA MAY HAMMOND Interests: Moving mountains; Crow’s Nest; lemons; sailing Activities: Beacon Editor; Girl’s Drill Team; Spectacu- lar; Leaders’ Club; Usher- ettes; Flicker; Supply Room; Biology; Latin; French; In- ternational Relations Club; AFS; Speech Club Honors: National Honor Society 3, 4 Ambition: To know what I ought to believe; what I ought to desire; what I ought to do. PHYLLIS LEE HANNIBAL Nickname : Felicia Interests: The three muske- teers and Bud; writing let- ters; Us girls; the pond; cheering; Boston Bound Ac- tivities: Basketball 1; Lead- ers’ Club 1, 2; Biology 2, 3, 4; Chorus, Secretary 3, 4; Sub-Cheerleader 3, 4; Usher- ette; AFS; Future Nurses 4; Flicker; Service Honors: Typewriting Ambition: To dream, but not to let dreams be my master. RUSSELL C. HARDING, JR. Nickname: Russ Interests: Essex; Essex Vet Firemen; cars; girls; swim- ming Activities: Band 2 Ambition: To get a degree in forestry; to make my family proud of me. RUSSELL JOSEPH HARNISH II Nickname: Rusty Interests: Sally; “Little Lau- rie”; “Twilight Time”; Fath- erly talks; Canniffmen; New York; Hi -Y Activities: Foot- ball -1, 2; hockey 2, 3, 4; tennis 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Sports Editor — Flicker; Individual Drill 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Commander 4 Honors: Science Fair — sec- ond 1, third 2, first place 3; corporal 2; sergeant 3; offi- cer 4 Ambition: To be able to look back with pride and forward with hope. 81 After classes were over , EDWARD HARRIS Interests: Astronomy; music; hunting; member of the A.A.U.S.O.; Secre- tary of the Bay View Brotherhood Club Activi- ties: Biology Club Ambi- tion: To do some travel- ing around the world and see some of the places that I have read about while in school. EVELYN JANE HARVEY Nickname: Harve Interests: A Certain Red Motor Scooter; water ski- ing with Hutch; Steiny’s Place; M.Y.F. ; Tearing down walls; the ant col- ony; wartzaphobia; visi- tors from Pluto; Big 4 Activities: Spanish 1, 2, 3, President 4; Drill 3, 4; Usherette; archery 2, 3; Latin 3; Flicker Com- mittee 4 Honors: Sawyer Medal Ambition: To re- turn to Steiny’s Place with a college degree. JANICE ANN HAUN Nickname: The Kid Interests: BOB; eating with no money; Di’s house; THE BOMB; cards; the little room; subs; the drive-in; being late; trains; last summer; writing letters; The gang Activities: Office Assistant 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4 Honors: Typing 2, 3 Ambition: To find an onion that won ' t make me cry. ARNE J. HAUTALA Nickname: Arnie Interests: Cars; fishing; shoot- ing; girls Activities: Vocational Club 1, 2, 3 Ambition: To be a success in whatever I do; to make my parents proud of me. Need some extra MARGARET ANN HAVENER Nickname: Peggy-boots Interests: The five of us; that certain someone; those talks; P.J. parties Honors: Typing Awards Ambition: To make life like arithmetic: add hap- piness; subtract sorrow; multiply friends; divide love. BENJAMIN SMITH HEDBLOM Interests: Hockey; base- ball; football; tennis; sailing; weather Activi- ties: Hockey 2, 3, Captain 4; Tennis 2, 3; Football 2 Ambition: To go to col- lege or a university. 82 everyone heacfecffor the supply room. BEVERLY JEAN HENAULT Nickname: Bev Interests: That certain lieutenant; the Lincoln; horseback riding; danc- ing; Mary’s problems; phone talks; Sunday af- ternoons Activities : Biol- ogy Club; Future Nurses; Future Teachers; AFS; Teacher’s Secretary Hon- ors: Typing; Science Rec- ognition Ambition: To live as long as I want, but not want as long as I live. JAMES E. HENDERSON Nickname: Jim; Jimmy Interests: Roller Coaster Road; The Vets; Essex; The Races at Rocking- ham; Lynn Arena; Par- ties; laffs; gambling Activities: International Relations Club 4; AFS 4; World History Club 1; ROTC sports 3, 4 Ambi- tion: To see the world laughing as I visit every little place. hands, Frank? ANDREA HERRICK Nickname : Andy Interests: A certain black VW ; racing an I-boat; down Maine with Janie Activities: Honor Society 4; Latin Club 2, 3; Archery 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Leaders Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Drill Team 3, 4 Honors: Outstanding Lead- ership Award for Girls’ Leaders Club Ambition: To help others and have a prosperous life. SALLY MIRIAM HERRICK Nickname: Sal Interests: “Gaily”; walking; swimming; Youth Fellowship; to stay away from Ipswich; I’ll never tell Activities: Leaders’ Club 1, 2; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Future Nurses Club 4; Flicker Advertising Committee 4 Ambition: To catch a falling star; to receive my R.N. VALERIE ANN HICKEY Nickname: Val Interests: Some know who!; walking; football; basketball; swimming; Sundays; submarines; problems; Methodist Youth Fellowship Activi- ties: Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers 2, 3; Spanish Club 4 Ambi- tion: To achieve the most from life with a maximum of self-satisfaction and a minimum of worries. PATRICIA ELAINE HILSHEY Nickname: Pat Interests: A certain smile; BASKETBALL; Russian Ballet; parties; Tic Toe Tuffy; Denver University; HOCKEY; Las Mucha- chas; Senior Pole; Our Problems Activities: Leaders’ Club 1, 2; Honor Business 2, 3, 4; Biology 3, 4; Future Nurses 4; AFS; Flash typist 3; Flicker Honors: Typing Ambition: To smile all the while and make the while worth a smile. 83 Ufn l ien eac. ' £ da ay rve re turned EVELYN ANN HINCKLEY Nickname: Sue Interests: Last sum- mer; cards; the little room; trains; subs; waiting; who’s got money; want to go for a ride; Di’s house; the kids; it bothers me Ambition: To jump on a cloud; to pour all my dreams into the little dipper; to see all the kids work! RALPH G. HOBBS, JR. Nickname : Buddy Interests: Tuna fish- ing; boats; room 201; machine shop; hockey; swimming; water ski- ing Activities: Foot- ball 1; ROTC basket- ball 2, 3, 4; volleyball 2, 3, 4; softball 2, 3; Individual Drill 2, 3, 4; Prize Drill 2, 3; Haskell Drill 2, 3; Vo- cational Club 2, 3, 4 Honors: Corporal 2; Staff Sergeant 3; Com- pany Sergeant 4 Am- bition: To further my education in the ma- chine trade. Everyone likes G.H.S. ! RICHARD R. HOPKINS Nickname : Rich Interests: Stratford Trips; that certain girl; Essex; money; ’53 Dodge; the farm; Youth Canteen Activities: Beacon 2, 3; Flash 3; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, treasurer 4; Sr. Hr. Rep. Ambition: To always have a happy home; to be suc- cessful in business. DIANA MARIE HOUDE Interests: Home Econom- ics; children; Mr. X; serving; swimming; skat- ing Activities: Working in cafeteria 1, 2, 3, 4; Archery 1, 2 Ambition: To go on to Home Eco- nomics, get married, and raise a family. JAMES J. HUBBARD Nickname : Hubie Interests: College; skat- ing at Fernwood; Junior League Elks; M.P. ; C.Y.O. ; Leit; If you know how; George-Dan and Twin Light; Carmelite; To see Mr. (Nate) Ross coach another champion- ship team before he leaves, to see-to, to observe, to re- member Activities: ROTC basketball 2, 3, 4; soccer 4; International Relations 4 Ambition: To succeed and conquer my faults. TERRY ANN HUTCHINSON Nickname: Hutch Interests: A skindiving page; water-skiing with Harve; Steiny’s Place; tearing walls down; ant colony; big four; wartza- phobia; visitors from Pluto Activities: Leader’s Club 1, 2; Biology 2, 3, 4; Spanish 2, 3, Program Chairman 4; Latin 2, 3, 4; AFS 4; Usherette; Floormaster’s Assistant 4; Pep Club 4 Ambition: To see him gradute from Webb; to understand why. 84 to fincf euen more 9 oin 9 on. WAYNE FRANCIS INGALLS Nickname: Buzz Interests: Girls; Hunting; Fishing; Dancing; Water skiing; “Midget”; “My buddies”; The “Staff” Activities: History 1; Football 1; Chess 3, 4; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; JV Rifle Team 2 Honors: ROTC Cpl. 2, Sgt. 3, Maj. 4; Haskell Drill Medal 3; Prize Squad Medal 3 Ambition: Inherit my father’s skill in the woods; to make my parents proud of me. SALLY ANN JACKSON Nickname: Sassy Interests: My Sailor; Dancing; Swimming; The Essex Kids; Reading Ac- tivities: Junior Volunteer 3; Junior Usherette; Arch- ery 2 Honors: Typing Ambition: To see the whole world at complete peace and to have a happy life with him. JAMES R. JOHNSON Nickname: Jim, Hoss Interests: Bette; All Sports; Hockey; Hunt- ing; Backyard Ball; How- ards House; Duke; West Gloucester Forum; Ip- switch River Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 4; Baseball 3, 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To graduate from College before 1970; to move far away from Gloucester. JAMES CARL JONES Nickname: Jim, Jonesy Interests: Those Stratford Trips; September; Ten- nis; Water Skiing; Sail- ing; Music Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Beacon 3, 4; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; German 1, 2 Ambition: Always to smile and make life worth while. LAURA MAY JONES Nickname: Candy Interests: One way; Army; Young People Fellowship; Bowling; Dancing; Carol’s Par- ties Activities: Junior Volunteer 1, 2; Archery 1, 2; Beta Beta Biology Club 1 Honors: Type- writing Award Ambi- tion: To always walk towards that light, and to achieve the things which are good and true. ANN MARIE JORDAN Nickname: Jordan Interests: That Certain Someone ; Boston Ex- cursions; Those Happy hours; South Seas Ac- tivities: Junior Volun- teers 1, 2, 3, 4; Fu- ture Nurses 3, 4; Pep Club; AFS; Archery; Library Assistant 1, 2; Basketball; Track Hon- ors: 50 and 100 hour pin — junior volunteers, typing award Ambi- tion: Beat Val up that flight of stairs; to earn my wings. Really! 85 dome da ' ays, more tfian oi ii ers , VIRGINIA KANDRIS Nickname : Ginny Interests: Goinggg! lonesome town; now and then; my fresh- man year; canteen; football games Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; Usherette 3; Junior Volunteer 2; Office Assistant 3, 4; Teach- er’s Secretary 4 Honors: Typing 3 Ambition: To forget the bad and remember the good; to cherish life for all it’s worth. LOIS JEAN KATON Interests: “Donnie”; April Fools; being with “Onion”; Bos- ton; unbroken thread; ask Ei- leen; “Lonely ones”; Activi- ties: Dramatics Club 1; AFS 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Pep Club 4; Chorus 1, 2; Flicker Com- mittee 4; Speech Club 4; Office Assistant 4; Bowling 1 Honors: Typing 2, 3 Ambition: To suc- ceed in my future attempts. Hear that buzz DIANE KEIGHLEY Nickname: Buttons Interests: Street lights; har- bor lights; white beach; Manchester; Wee Two; PJ parties; late nights; Eating; Duke’s observation ; driving through Ravenswood; climb- ing Mount Washington; “Old Spice”; “Can’t you take a joke?” Ambition: To be- come a registered pharmacist; to find that street light. JOHN A. KING, JR. Nickname: Jack Interests: Ye old Lanesville; boats; cars; whistling; go- cart building; canteen; Rock- port dances Activities: ROTC Color Guard 2, 3; Com- mander 3; football 1, 2, 3; ROTC basketball; volleyball; softball; Company rifle team; prize squad drill 2, 3 Honors: ROTC Sergeant 3, Platoon Sergeant 4 Ambition: To be a good officer in the Mer- chant Marine. PAIGE STANWOOD KIPPEN Interests: BILLY; Norway; long walks; the raft; sun and sand; “Always best friends”; Secret Seven; ice cream; Hedlunds; skating; knitting; instrumentals; tables Activities: Latin Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Usher- ettes 3; International Rela- tions Club 4 Ambition: To smile all the while; to make the while worth a smile. NIKKI JOAN KORKATTI Nickname: Nikita Interests: Sailing; a yet un- broken thread; friends; bon- gos; midnight fear; dunga- rees; Lots of Luck Activi- ties: Usherettes 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 2, 3, 4; AFS 3, 4; Basketball 2; Flicker; Beacon; History Club 1, sec. Ambition: To be thought filled. 86 brouyfit unusua SreaAs m classes. I sound, girls? RONALD E. LaFLAM Nickname : Ronnie Interests: Hunting; girls; cars; parties; Sea Explorers Ambi- tion: To be one of the finest and noted mechanists in my trade. JUDITH ANN LAINE Nickname: Judy Interests: All kinds of outdoor sports; Room 210; beach par- ties; PJ parties Activities: Stu- dent Secretary; Flicker typist Ambition: To go to a good sec- retarial school and become a good secretary. CAROL ANN LAKE Nickname: Ocean Interests: PJ parties; last summer; ask Lolly; crazy weekends; canteen; prob- lems; “Thing of the Past” Activities: Library assist- tant 2, 3; Cashier 3; Cafe- teria helper 2; Chorus 2, 3, 4 Honors: Bookkeeping Ambition: To love and be loved; to make my parents proud of me. BARBARA 0. LANE Nickname: Barbie Interests: Athletics; people; those parties Activities : AFS 1, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 2; Camera Club 3 Honors: Best Thes- pian, Honorable Mention in 1960 Science Fair Ambition: To receive a degree in Veteri- nary Medicine and have my own practice. MARGARET LANE Nickname: Marggi Interests: Sports; Youth Fel- lowship; bike riding; boat- ing; church; kids from Mag- nolia Activities: Basketball 1; badminton 1; Beta Beta Biology Club 3, 4; Beacon 1 Honors: Typing, Honorable Mention — Science Fair Am- bition: To live a life that will really count at the end; to make my parents proud of me. STEPHEN LANE Nickname: Steve Interests: Water skiing; hunt- ing; ROTC; cars; stereo; short wave and ham radio; sports; mountain climbing; rock climbing Activities: Flicker sports committe; ROTC Honors: Corporal 2; Sergeant 3 Ambition: To be one of the Blue Angels. 87 ( Is ua hy, thoucyh, things a re about the same — BARBARA JEAN LARKIN Nickname: Barbie Interests: Walking; talk- ing; we three; bowling; swimming Activities: Spanish 1, 2; Archery 3; Flicker Advertising Com. 4; Service Club 4; Stu- dent Secretary 4 Honors: Shorthand; typing; filing Ambition: To be half as fine as my mother; to seek until I find. AILEEN LEAMAN Nickname : Peachy Interests: Church; Senior Youth Fellowship; Bible Class; West Gloucester; Albert Schweitzer; Camp Brookwoods; People; psy- chology; Boston Harbor Mariner; Africa Ambi- tion: To shine from within and walk always in faith spreading a little sunshine along the way; to always make my parents proud of me. J. KENNETH LEAVITT Nickname: Ken Interests: Football; pizza; baby- sitting; basketball; ’51 Ford; parking; boats; girls; swimm- ing; ‘ " The Avenue”; submarines Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3 Ambition: To make a million and to live a long and happy life. CLARENCE W. LEVEILLE, JR. Nickname: Skip Interests: Water skiing; boating; fishing; The Abstracts; those Sunday afternoon sessions; the record hops; Fabulous “48” Ambition: To continue my edu- cation at Wentworth with the kids; to become another designer like Philip Bolger. Rusty says he ANN EVELYN LEVIE Interests: Canteen; skat- ing; those double dates; walking and talking Ac- tivities: Future Teachers of America 1; Junior Vol- unteer 2, 3; Class Ring Committee 2; Archery 3; Beacon Advertising 3; Usherette 3, 4; Service Club 4; Student Secretary 4; Flicker — Student Busi- ness Manager 4 Honors: Shorthand; typing; filing Ambition: To live as God would want me to live. DAVID CHARLES LEVIE Nickname: Jules; Lobes Interests: Laughs on the bus; Howard’s House; Newell Stadium on Satur- days; To see Arvilla’s Bruins win 20 games Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; football 2, 3, 4; ROTC sports 3, 4 Ambi- tion: To be a successful football and baseball coach ; not to become a physical wreck. we wow A Aarcf in mai i c g class ‘ LOUIS MICHEAL LINQUATA Nickname: Bat Interests: Jazz; dancing; education; movies; sports; opposite sex Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 4; AFS 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; School Council 4 Honors: Prize squad — 1st place; Spectacular Drill — Fort Devens — 1st place Ambition: To further my education, fulfill my dreams, and above all make my mother and father proud of me. JAMES LINSCOTT Nickname: Bumpy Interests: Girls; cars; guitars; camping Activi- ties: ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To join the United States Navy. will never do it. RONALD MERVYN LINSKY Nickname: Ron Interests: Gold; marksmanship; bowling; swimming; water-ski- ing Activities: JV Rifle Team 2; Varsity Rifle Team 3, 4; Golf Team 3 Ambition: To fur- ther my education at the college of my choice. JAMES K. LODGE Nickname: Jim Interests: Music; church activi- ties; mathematics Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4 Honors: Orchestra President 4; Stage Crew Vice-Pres. ; Corporal 3 Ambition: To become a suc- cess in everything I do; to work hard; and to have a three month vacation four times a year. ROSE S. LOMBARDO Interests: Cooking; sew- ing; movies Activities: Library Assistant 1 Hon- ors: Typewriting Award Ambition: To be success- ful in life; to make my parents proud of me. AGNES MARY LONGO Nickname: Dolly Interests: Swimming; bowling; dancing; Bos- ton and ye old turkey sandwich; We 3; The old rowboat; those long walks Activities: Chorus 1, 4; Future Nurses of America 3, President 4 Ambition: To use my knowledge to the best of my ability; to make my family proud of me. PAULETTE ANN LoPICCOLO Interests: March, June, and July; Devils; An- gels; Vampires; eyes; Edna and her boat ; sisters; That F block study ; Sophomore year; those football games Activities: Li- brary Assistant 3, 4; Office Assistant 3, 4 Honors: Typing Am- bition: To be the star in someone’s sky; To always be able to live with myself, but not by myself. JOSEPH ANTHONY LUCIDO Nickname: Loger Interests: Sports; Tell him!; Hi-Y; locker room ; Boulevard Guards Activities: Football, basketball mgr. 1 ; baseball mgr. 1, 2; football 1, 2, 3, co-captain 4; basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, co-captain 4; ROTC volleyball 2, 3, 4; softball 2, 3, 4; Cor- poral 3; officer 4; AFS; Haskell Drill Honors: Winning prize squad 3 Ambition: To become a physical edu- cation instructor; to make my parents proud of me. LARRY McCORMICK Nickname : Carrots; Red Interests: Girls; hot mills; cars; football; hockey; weight lifting; hunting; drags in Sanford; the ave- nue; Maine; outboards; 2:00 o’clock Laughs; Foolin ' around Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Vo- cational Club 2, 3; Hon- ors: ROTC rank Ambi- tion: To make a million bucks in two months, leave, and have a long, happy, rich life ahead. BRUCE C. McKAY Nickname : Mac Interests: Margie; bowl- ing; football; basketball; baseball; swimming; fish- ing; laughs and East Gloucester Pharmacy Ac- tivities: Basketball 1; ROTC sports 2, 3; Inter- national Relations Club 4 Ambition: To attend col- lege; to lead a success- ful life. Good morning, Gloucester High School . . . ROBERT FRANCIS McDonald Nickname : Mac Interests: Skating; bowl- ing; dancing; swimming; canteen; girls Ambition: To join the Navy; to then succeed in whatever I may attempt in the future. JOHN D. MacLEAN, JR. Nickname : Johnny Interests: Bowling; golf; swimming; Trinity Pilgrim Fellowship; People (FE- MALES); baseball Activi- ties: Flash reporter; Track 4; International Relations Club; Freshman History Club; Stage Crew 1 Hon- ors: ROTC — Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Second Lieu- tenant 4 Ambition: To be ambitious; to spend four years in college studying. 90 SUSAN ARLENE MacNEIL Nickname: Sue Interests: People; long rides; ice cream; three coffees; laughs; good books; pajama parties; traveling; talking; bad- minton; skating; spring showers; New York; Fri- day nights; counseling juveniles; window shop- ping Activities: Future Teachers of America 4 Honors: Typewriting Am- bition: To in some small way help humanity and improve society. SALLY JEAN McRAE Nickname: Sal Interests: Number TEN; Las Muchachas; us girls; oogie; Boston Activities: Cheerleader 3, Head 4; Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, Squad Leader 4; AFS 4; Honor Business Club 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Leaders Club 1, 2, 3; Student Secretary 3, 4 Honors: Typewriting Am- bition: To be able to keep smiling and to be success- ful.. D. CHARLENE MacWHINNIE Nickname: Chari Interests: Weekends; laughs; three coffees; long talks; pizza par- ties; boys; music; bowling; dancing; New York; football; PJ par- ties Activities: Honor Business Club; Student Secretary Honors: Typ- ing Ambition: To live, love, laugh, and be happy; to have a dream come true. RICHARD WILLIAM MADRUGA Nickname: Ricky Interests: Girls; motor- scooters; cars; can- teen; Connecticut; sports; fun Ambition: To get ahead and stay ahead; to make my parents proud of me. WALLACE E. MALLETT Nickname: Wally Interests: ANGIE; Rams’ Hockey; swim- ming; laughs; 55 Chevy; New Hamp- shire ; summers and winters; skiing at Belknap; September; camping; alto sax Ac- tivities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; laughs 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC drills; Biology Club Honors: Corporal 3 Ambition: To gradu- ate from college and become a successful en- gineer; to be happy with that certain some- one. Careful, Bill, we don’t want to drop them! 91 We really enjoy oar variety oj classes; PETER ROBERT MARR Nickname: Pete; Rabbit Interests: Lucille; hunting; fishing; mechanics; Chevys; lot of laughs; good times; the boys Ambition: To lead a happy life and to be successful in whatever I may attempt. ELIZABETH MARSHALL Nickname: Betsy Interests: Carlisle; those Satur- day nights; swimming; boating; Sandy Bay Yacht Club; read- ing; bowling Activities: History Club 1; Flicker 4; Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Bi- ology Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 3; Floormaster’s Assistant 4; Usherette 3, 4 Ambition: To make my family half as happy as Mom has made hers. DIANE LEE MARTELL Nickname: Auntie Di-di Interests: PAUL; the gang; 61 Ford; horseback riding, last summer; those card games; drive-in; basketball; What’s to eat? Activities: Office Assistant 4; Art Club 2; Basketball Team 2; Teacher’s Secretary 4 Honors: Typewriting 2, 3 Ambition: To find a job with two six month vacations with pay. DAWNA MARTIN Nickname: Curly Interests: Tiki; West Point Boy; shifting sands; long talks; those parties; clams; “May you always”; senior ' pole; Tri-Hi-Y ; Colorado Activities: Art 1; Crafts 1; basketball I; AFS 4 Ambi- tion: To keep my mother proud of me; to accept life with a smile on my lips and in my heart. FREDERIC ELLIOT MELANSON Nickname : Fred Interests: Stock car racing; fishing; bunting; boats; music Activities: Vocational School 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To someday have a profitable business of my own. PAUL ANTHONY MELLO Nickname: Paul Interests: All cars; sports; football; Indianapolis “500”; racing Activities: ROTC sports Ambition: To race in and win the Indianapolis “500.” Picture Not Available is a SARAH J. MERCHANT Nickname: Sally Interests: Mariners; CYO; Las Muchachas; bowling; art; blue lemon Activities: Future Teach- ers of America; German Club 2, 3; AFS 4; Flicker — Class Roll Committee, Advertising Committee 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 4; School Council 4 Am- bition: To develop a personality that will open many doors and the character to keep them open. BEVERLY ANN MITCHELL Nickname: Bev Interests: Buttons; Las Mucha- chas; Letters; CYO; Ask Sally and Cheryl; DES; art; table 1; lockers; Vies; questions Activi- ties: AFS 4; Art Club 2; Flicker — Advertising and Class Roll 4; Beta Beta Biology Hon- ors: Bookkeeping; Art Contest — 2nd place Ambition: To find the light and keep it glowing. DIANA LEE MITCHELL Nickname: Di Interests: CYO; PJ parties; moments to remember; danc- ing; lotta laffs; It’s all in the game; sisterly concern; those happy hours; ask Mar- ilyn Activities: Flicker Com- mittee 4; Girls’ Chorus 1, 2, 3 Ambition: To live, love, laugh, and be happy; to al- ways be remembered and to be forgiven. FRANK MERRILL MONDELLO Nickname: Mo Interests: Hot rods; 61 Ford; that modified 48; the boys; Dad’s garage; laughs in Room 201; machine shop; girls; U. S. Coast Guard Ambi- tion: To own and operate Dad’s garage; to make a mil- lion dollars and a million friends. BONNIE FAY MORRIS Nickname: Neet Interests: Church; Senior Youth Fellowship; Bible Class; West Gloucester; Billy Graham; Camp Brookwoods; memories; music; skating; swimming Activities: Glee Club; A Cappella Choir Hon- ors; Typewriting 2, 3 Ambi- tion: To live an honest and true Christian life for my Saviour, and to someday be- come a missionary in South America. MARY LOUISE MORRISSEY Nickname: Luigi Interests: Rainbow Girls; football; horseback riding; sports; weekend parties; that certain someone Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 3; AFS 4; Flicker — Class Roll Commit- tee Ambition: To seek the best in everybody; to realize that all that glitters is not gold. o C conomics , anouier ua ua()fe subject, WILLIAM O. MORROW Nickname: Bill Interests: Boats; down river; water and snow ski- ing; girls; cars and speed; stock car racing Activities: Biology Club 2 Ambition: To be in the Coast Guard as a first class cook; to retire at 45; to buy a 1956 Crown Victoria, live in Switzer- land, and see the world. SHEILA MAE MORSE Interests: JOE; that sum- mer; ask Margaret; US GIRLS; football games; Las Muchachas; oogie; Boston Activities: Honor Business Club; Beta Beta Biology; Pep Club; AFS, Secretary 3, 4; Usherette 3, 4 Honors: Typing Am- bition: To smile all the while and make the while worth a smile. GEORGE LEO MULLIN III Interests: Bowling; swimming; tennis; First National; CYO Activities: Sailing Club 1; Latin Club 1; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Stevens Book Reviewers 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3; International Relations Club 4; Future Teachers of America 3 Ambition: To become more in- dustrious; to travel and see the world at peace. GEORGE A. MUNROE Nickname: Jose Interests: Skating; RAMS; The Lynn Run; West Gloucester Forum; Saturday night fights; Willie; All girls; The Boule- vard; Hi-Y; CYO; J. B. and the boys; those long, lazy summers; the whist games Activities: Bas- ketball 1, 2; ROTC sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To be someone, and to do something. BETTE MURCH Interests: Jimmie; the foursome; Pang!; Flor- ida; lotta laffs; friends; hockey games; the big switch; Las Muchachas Activities: Pep Club 4; Usherette 3, 4; History Club 1, 2; AFS 3, 4; Bi- ology Club 2, 3, 4; Span- ish Club 3; Student Coun- cil Alternate 1, 2; Flicker Committee; Speech Club 4; Guidance Office 4 Ambition: To make to- day’s dreams tomorrow’s future. ALAN FREDERIC MURRAY Nickname: A1 Interests: Girls; swim- ming; dancing; that cer- tain telephone pole; div- ing; hockey; Hi-Y; De- Molay Activities: Basket- ball 1; Band 1, 2, 3, Com- mander 4; Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; AFS 4; ROTC sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Individual 3; Prize Squad 3; Haskell 3 Honors: Corporal 3; Com- mander 4; Prize Squad — 2nd place Ambition: To make the right decision; to choose my life’s work well. 94 2 fill ( ncfecf proves oertj use o m oneij mm seniors. DONNA KAREN NEWMAN Nickname: Fifi Interests: Jimmy?; Oogie; the kids; the pond; football; hock- ey; horseback riding; laffs Ac- tivities: Future Nurses of Amer- ica 4; AFS 4; Girls’ Rifle Team 2, 3, vice-president 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 4 Am- bition: To make my parents proud of me; to smile all the while and make the while worth a smile. LEONARD NICKERSON Nickname : Red Head ! ! Interests: Howard’s House; the Fiat; the D block study; hockey; football; baseball; work?; Hi-Y; CYO Activities: Physical Sci- ence Club 1, treasurer 2; Biology Club 2, 3; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Flicker — Sports Committee 4 Ambition: To become a Diesel Engineer in the Merchant Ma- rines. DAVID HARRIMAN MURRAY Nickname: Dave Interests: Track; swim- ming; yachting; music; singing; the life to come Activities: Cross Coun- try 1, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 3; ROTC Corporal 2, Sergeant 3, Platoon Leader 4 Honors: National Honor Society 3, President 4 Ambition: To live for Jesus Christ. JOSEPH NEVES Nickname : Harry Interests: Sheila; Friday night with the boys; them good times I had with Stormy and Prince Ac- tivities: ROTC Basketball 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2 Honors: Football letters 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To succeed in whatever I at- tempt in the future. JUDITH A. NICOLOSI Nickname: Judi Interests: Dancing; skat- ing; bowling; last sum- mer; those songs; long talks; Canteen Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Student Secretary 4 Honors: Type- writing Ambition: To live, love, and be happy in a lifetime; to succeed in whatever I attempt in life. ARNOLD BURGESS NIEMI, JR. Nickname: Arnie Interests: Howard’s House; laughs with the fellas; dancing; that crazy Ford; watching submarine races; lobes; Master Councillor of Cape Ann DeMolay; just looking; laffs Ac- tivities: Beta Beta Biol- ogy Club 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 1 Ambition: To have a successful Naval career and have a lot of laughs. EDWARD NIEMI Nickname : Ed Interests: All sports; espe- cially football; swimming; track; hunting Activities: Football team 1, 2, 3, 4; Track Team 3, 4 Ambition: To make the career I choose a terrific success. DONALD BRIAN NIKOLA Nickname: Dun Interests: DeMolay; all sports; music; tennis; skin diving; backyard ball; Greater Boston Youth Sym- phony Activities: Orchestra 1; Tennis Tournament 2, 3; Band 2, 3; Drum Major 4; Sergeant First Class 4 Hon- ors: Northeastern District Or- chestra 2, 3, 4; All-State Or- chestra 2, 4; All-State Band 3 Ambition: To live a long, successful, healthy life; to be happy. SHEILA E. NORRIS Interests: Mr. “?”; excur- sions; “goinggg”; PJ par- ties; Boston — memories; friends; Las Muchachas; “Cry Much?”; Activities: Girls’ Sports 1, 2, 3; AFS 4; Pep Club 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Flicker Committee 4 Honors: Typewriting 2; Bookkeeping 2 Ambition: To live my life like arith- metic — joys added, sorrows subtracted, friends multi- plied, and love undivided. TERRY O’MALEY Nickname : Terry Interests: Track; track team; hockey; bowling; archeology; reading Ac- tivities: Varsity Track Team 2, 3; JV Football team 2; Honor Guard 4 Ambition: To obtain a college education and en- joy a successful career. lJ Hi] ■ ■1 |i| Linda even types with her eyes closed! JAMES S. O’DONNELL Nickname : Jimmy Interests: Bowling; golf; East Gloucester Phar- macy; skating; swimming; girls; laughs in 201 Ac- tivities: Track 1; ROTC Sports 2, 3; Vocational Club 2, 3, 4 Honors: Cor- poral 2, 3, 4; Sergeant 4; Honor Roll Ambition: To become a good machinist. CLAUDIA JOANNA ORLANDO Nickname: Claud Interests: SKIP; opera; popular; good rhythm singing; piano; cello; bongos; dancing; bowl- people; long talks; my mind reader; stars; writ- ing letters Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4; A Cap- pella Choir 4, Secretary 4 Ambition: To love my neighbor; to make the best of my future with God’s help. 96 pncf Aoom 210 a c oocf pface J- or sec re ianafcluiies. JAMES FRANK PARISI Nickname : Mop Interests: The Boulevard; Guards; Friday night meetings Activities: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To be successful like Arnold. LINDA BETH PARNELL Interests: Sal; 426; “Scotch foursome’’; one summer night Activities: Biology Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, Vice- President 4; French Club President 3, 4; Usherette 3, 4; Leader’s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Pep Club 4; Future Teachers of America 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling Champs 1; AFS 4; Beacon 4; Flicker — Literary and Photogra- phy 4; Dues Collector 4 Honors: Spanish II Book Prize 3 Ambition: To grow taller. HAROLD THEODORE PARSONS Nickname: The fox; Ted Interests: Braces Cove; watch- ing submarine races; girls; water skiing; lifeguarding; breaking hearts; that certain class; Howard’s House; with the boys Activities: Rifle Team 2, 3 Ambition: To get rich the easiest way possible and retire to a happy life. MARLENE VERA PARSONS Interests: My Big Guy; farm- ers; Yaba-dada-do; walking; Vic’s pizza; rowboats; art; Hawaiian music; the ocean; the American way; moonlight skating Activities: Freshman History Club ; Flicker — Ad- vertising Ambition: To serve my country and God; to make life happy and worth- while for me, and those I love. Keep an eye on those girls, Joan. LEONARD ANTHONY ORLANDO Nickname: Lenny; Chico Interests: The Boulevard; the boys; playing the roll; those Friday and Saturday nights; dancing; pool; the back shore walks; skat- ing; sports; the Horribles Activities: Basketball 1; ROTC sports 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To succeed in whatever I may attempt; to make my parents proud of me. CHARLES PARKINSON Nickname: Chuck Interests: Dancing; ten- nis; swimming; volleyball; J; bridge Activities: French Club; Bridge Club; Kulturpark Tennis Club; Turkish-French Cul- tural Center Ambition: To see the world and then enter into a diplomatic career. If 0 course, they must also stucfij their C ny fish PAMELA JEAN PARSONS Nickname: Pam Interests: The farm house; writ ing letters; horseback riding; that weekend; Us Girls; Sum- mertime; Oggie; those parties; Girls’ football team Activities: Girls’ Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; AFS; Flicker Committee 4 Ambition: To understand life as God created it; to let a smile be my guide. SHARON ROBERTS Interests: Dancing; skating; horseback riding; that certain someone; those cha cha lessons; the cabin Honors: Typewriting Award Ambition: To work, save a lot of money, and travel around the world; to find a goal in life and make my parents proud of me. It’s probably the first ANTHONY JOHN PASSANISI Nickname: Pass; Nips Interests: Boulevard Guards; girls; the meeting at Andy’s; those Friday night meetings Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Individual Drill 3, 4; Benjamin Frank- lin Club 3, President 4 Ambition: To be a success in life in whatever I attempt; to make my mother and father proud of me. DONNA MARIE PATRICAN Nickname: Moose Interests: Three Mucketeers — Bud; Snowbound; Us girls; laugh much?; PJ parties; New York; riding; our farm house; the pond; Las Mucha- chas Activities: Rifle Team 2, 3, Secretary 4; Pep Club; Future Nurses 4; Flicker Rep. 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; AFS; Library Assistant 1, 2 Am- bition: To smile when others sigh; to keep my faith in God. PATRICIA L. PATRICAN Nickname: Mappet Interests: “Him”; a certain day in December; Germany; pen pals; skating; riding; writing long letters; too many years; little statue; good-bye; those phone calls; we two; rots-o-ruk; laughs; our gang; What!!; pizza; Old Spice Ambition: To live life to the fullest and fulfill its purpose. ISABELLE PECKHAM Nickname: Issy Interests: Fishing; boats; George; bowling; lobsters Activities: Teacher’s Secre- tary 3, 4; Flash typist 3; Office Assistant 4 Honors: Bookkeeping; Shorthand; Fil- ing Ambition: To become a laboratory technician and marry a guy named George. 98 time they were quiet all year EDITH LOUISE PERRY Nickname: Edie Interests: Rainbow; football; bowling; the south; Aubury Activities: Supervisor in Room 210, 3; Honor Business Club 4; Student Secretary 4 Honors: Bookkeeping Award Ambition: To see the world; to find my pot of gold. MARIE ANNETTE PIRAINO Interests: DOMINIC; page 44; Johnny Mathis; “Wonderful”; those shows; We Three!; bas- ketball; football; bowling; sum- mer fun!; Why?; talking; Las Muchachas Activities: Honor Business Club 2, 3, Secretary 4; Student Secretary; AFS; Flicker Committee Honors: Shorthand; typing; filing Ambition: To re- main happy forever; to see OUR dream come true! MARY PISTENMAA Interests: Lanesville; Commu- nity Center Youth; camp in Pembroke; Luther League rallies; writing letters; par- ties in Lanesville; football; music; “that dark road” Activities: Student Secretary 3, 4; Honor Business Club 4 Honors: Typing; filing; bookkeeping Ambition: To see the world; to become a successful legal secretary. SHARON LEE POIRIER Nickname: Shay Interests: horses; horses; horses; table 1; ask June; “If you know how”; boys; Cadillacs Activities : Cafe- teria work 2, 3; AFS 4 Hon- ors: Typing 2, 3 Ambition: To get my horse; to attend Wilfred Academy; to make my parents proud of me. LAURA LEE POOLE Nickname: Laurie Interests: Las Muchachas; “Cry Much?”; the sunlamp; ask Lila; parties; excursions; problems; we four; Senior Pole; ask Carol and Donna; Frolics; huramm Activities: AFS 4; Chorus 2, 3; Flicker Committee 4 Ambition: To someday be able to walk through life keeping others in mind, brightening their lives with smiles, not tears. SHARON LEE PORTER Interests: Senior Pole; Our problems; that locker; Can- teen; Room 325; indecision; Las Muchachas; “Willows”; chaos Activities: Junior Vol- unteers 1; Girls’ State 3; Thespians 4; International Relations Club 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 4; AFS 4; Flicker 4; Library Assistant 4 Ambition: To be a good friend to everyone I meet; to have faith forever. PHILIP DOUGLAS POULSEN Nickname: Phil Interests: Cindy; The Vi- bratones; record hops; drums; Young Peoples’ Fellowship; DeMolay; hockey; Howard’s House Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To be suc- cessful in whatever I at- tempt. VIRGINIA LEE POWERS Nickname: Ginny Interests: DAVID; surf- ing; bowling; swimming Activities: Student Sec- retary 3, 4; Girls’ Glee Club 3, 4; Honor Busi- ness Club 4; Office As- sistant 4; Basketball 1 Honors: Typing; book- keeping Ambition: To be honest in action, word, and deed; to make my parents proud of me as I am of them; to marry someone like my Dad. ROBERT PRATT Nickname: Bob; Pratty Interests: Girls; money; fuel injected Corvettes; jazz and classical music; the boulevard; parties; sleeping late Activi- ties: Rifle Team 2; Interna- tional Relations Club 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To gradu- ate, get a fire breathing Cor- vette, to see P. Akerley become America’s Ace Salvage Man; to seek out the finest things in life. ROBERT JAMES PULKKA Nickname: Bob Interests: MARCIA; laffs with Levy; that certain school; skat- ing Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis Tournament 2, 3, 4; Tennis League 3, 4; Boys’ Lead- ers Club 2; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To make loads of money; to be able to wait until five years. His eyes how they twinkled BRENDA BETTY RAIZIN Interests: Science; the Red Sox; the three meese- keters; Quatruvus; Bai- ley’s; Malaprops; OH BOY!!; boating; music Activities: Leaders’ Club 1, 2; Special Science Club 1; Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Beacon 2, 3, 4; German Club 2, 3; History Club 1, 3; AFS 3, 4; Flicker 4; Flash 4; Biology 2, secretary-treasurer 3, vice- pres. 4; Great Books 4 Ambition: OF COURSE!! SERAPHINO A. RANDAZZA Nickname: Sophie Interests: Electricity; elec- tronics hobbyist; girls Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4; Head manager ’61 varsity football squad Ambition: To be a great electrician, making S6 an hour, 5 hours a day, 4 days a week, and 6 months sick leave with pay- 100 ANGELIKA (WAETJEN) RANK Nickname: Angie Interests: Wally; skating; music; skiing; 55 Chevy; the camp; swimming; the movies; New Hampshire Activities: Archery; bas- ketball; badminton; Ger- man Club 1, 2; Biology Club 4; Teacher’s helper 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2 Honors: Science Fair 2, Honorable Mention 3 Ambition: To get into college and then to marry Him. MARIA C. RAYMOND Nickname: Mia Interests: A certain smile; Our problems; Senior Pole; letters; making up; Beavers; Russian Ballet; Las Muchachas; summers; the Wheel; blueberries; parties; memories Activi- ties: Honor Business Club 2, 3, treasurer 4; Leaders’ Club 1, 2, 3; AFS; Flicker 4; Teacher’s Sec- retary 4 Ambition: To never believe the impos- sible, regret the past, or long for the unattainable. his dimples how merry . . .” WILLIAM E. REDDING Nickname: Bill Interests: Girls; cars; water skiing; fixing radios and TV’s; bowling; pool Activities: Vo- cational Club 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To become an electrician out of town; to make my first million; to return for the rest of my life. PAULA LEE REED Nickname: “Weed” Interests: Fingernails; Sauna; coffee; “Old Spice”; Room 222; “Are you for real?”; indescrib- ably delicious; Model-T-Ford; blue moon; “Oh Smart one”; ask Kathy; that certain boy Activities: Junior Volunteer 2; Pep Club 4; AFS 4; Office As- sistant 3, 4 Ambition: To search and find that one thing so many people never find — happiness. MILLARD RING Nickname: “Duck” Interests: Girls; girls; girls; sports — football; baseball; hockey; fishing Activities: ROTC cadet 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To go to the United States Coast Guard Academy. NANCY ANN ROBERTS •Interests : Horses ; the shop and summer in Rock- port; painting; Norway; Camus and the Rook; Jumbo Activities: Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Flash 1, 2, 3; AFS 2, 3, 4, vice- pres. 4; Glee Club 3, 4 Honors: Sawyer Medal 3; AFS Scholarship; Wom- en’s Club Book Prize 3 Ambition: Always to learn through books, people, and travel. 101 77 jen ifj c ) £i 2 ere are otners we won STEPHEN S. ROBERTS Nickname: Steve Interests: The fellows; hunt- ing; the girls; Mia; parties; swimming ; fishing ; The Wheel; money Activities: ROTC Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard Ambition: To get an education; to hold down a good job doing some- thing I want to do, earning an honest living; to enjoy the ideals of life. LORRAINE ROBISHAW Nickname: Lolly Interests: Stan; crazy week- ends; summer of 60; ask Carol; PJ Parties; canteen; cars Activities: Cafeteria 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambi- tion: To love and be loved; to make my parents proud of me. ERIK RONNBERG Nickname: Roundy Interests: Sailing; ship models; drawing; natural history; “Bilgeburgers, barbburgers, and Mai de Mer” Activities: Sailing Club 2, 3, commodore 4 Honors: Science Fair 2, second prize, 3, third prize Ambition: To acquire a doctorate in zoology; to do research work. SHARON LEE ROSE Nickname: Rosa Interests: Steiny’s Place; “Playtime”; Geronimo; TIME; Swampscott; Just for laughs; visitors from Pluto; MYF; Tearing down walls; The big four; water skiing with cousins Activities: Latin 2, 3, 4; Spanish 3, 4; Girls’ Lead- ers Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology 4; Flicker Advertising 4 Ambition: To someday repay those I love. Oh — where next, Dad. LLOYD AUGUSTUS ROSE Nickname: Skip Interests: Baseball; hock- ey; football; tennis; golf; swimming; The Harnish Clan; Room 201; Can- teen; The Big Bang Ac- tivities: Service Club 1, 2, 3; JV Baseball 2; Varsity 3, 4; Vocational Club 2, 3, 4; ROTC Drills, In- dividual 2, 3; Prize Drill 2, 3; Haskell 2; Basket- ball; Softball; Volleyball Honors: Corporal 2; Ser- geant 3, Officer 4 Ambi- tion: To make a million friends and a million dol- lars. JAMES SUMNER ROWE Nickname: Jim Interests: Tennis; hunt- ing; fishing; water skiing; basketball; reading; all types of music Activities: Tennis Team; Intramural sports; Chess Club Am- bition: To become a civil engineer; to coach some sport team. 102 ALIDA HARRIETT RUTCHICK Interests: Initials; Lynn Arena; Retreating; mov- ing mountains; Eligibility; Unbroken Thread Activi- ties: Girls’ Drill Team, Spectacular Squad, Right Guide; Usherette; Flicker Comm. ; Biology Club ; AFS; International Rela- tions Club; History Club; Latin Club; Speech Club; Girls’ Sports; Beacon; Li- brary Assistant ; Stage Crew Ambition: Never to lose faith. PAULA RYAN Interests: Lee; Marines; Last Summer; “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”; ’53 Ford; Lanesville; Any- thing for laughs; Rocking; ask Ellen; Five “nickels”; writing letters Activities: Office Assistant; Chorus Honors: Typewriting I Award Ambition: To live, love, and be happy. It sure feels good to sit. JOHN D. RYAN. Nickname: Denny Interests: Ginny; base- ball; hockey; 56 Dodge Activities: ROTC; Voca- tional School 2, 3, 4 Am- bition: To go in the Air Force; to be an automo- bile mechanic; to marry that certain girl. ROBERT PATRICK RYAN Nickname: Bob; Bobby Interests: Boats; water skiing; cars; Carol Ac- tivities: Science Club 1 Ambition: To obtain a de- gree in the field of en- gineering; to find a money tree. VICKI ANN SAARI Nickname: Sar Interests: That Certain Someone; a ’37 Ford; the lot; the stars; Ye old camp; bowling; swimming; dancing; parties; summer fun Activities: Beta Beta Biology 2, 3, 4; Honor Business Club 4; Arch- ery 1, 2 Ambition: To act so that each tomor- row finds me farther than today. SALVATORE T. SALAFIA Nickname: Sammy Interests: ’57 Chev; the boulevard; the boys; Friday nights; girls; clams Activi- ties: ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Haskell 2, 3; Cor- poral 2; Sergeant 3; Platoon Leader 4; Company Rifle Team 2, 3 Ambition: To someday own a faster Corvette than Kenny Hayes and beat him in a drag. 103 We a I got p entij o exercise in ggm RICHARD SANDLER Nickname: Dick Interests: Swimming; bowl- ing; tennis; U.S.Y. ; King- ston Trio Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3; French Club 2, 4; Physical Science Club 2; Intramural Tennis 1, 2 Ambition: To enter a good liberal arts col- lege where I hope to make a success of myself. LAWRENCE SAMPSON Nickname: Larry Interests: Swimming; base- ball; football; DeMolay; hunting; sailing; baritone sax; music; counting in 317 Activities: Football 1; Wrestling 1; Sailing 1, 2, 3, 4; JV Rifle Team; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors: Commodore of Sailing Club Ambition: To have an ambition. EDWIN W. SANBORN, JR. Nickname: Sam Interests: Hockey; boating; sports; driving cars Activi- ties: French Club 1, 2, 3; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Hockey Team 2, 4 Am- bition: To play Olympic hockey; to obtain a million during my lifetime. CAROL L. SANTAPAOLA Interests: Skating; ice boat- ing; swimming; boating; aqua planing; football Ac- tivities: Honor Business Club 4 Honors: Typewriting 2; Bookkeeping 3 Ambition: To become a successful ac- countant; to always make my parents proud of me. JAMES W. SARGENT Nickname: Jamie Interests: Salt water; tenpin; baseball; basketball; football; 5:30 pm; automobiles; girls; money; art; jazz; having fun; lot of laffs Honors: Type- writing Ambition: To never walk alone; to have my parents be proud of me. Maybe he’ll join Picture Not Available ROBERT SAUNDERS Nickname: Bob Interests: Bowling; football; basketball; hockey; baseball; golf; tennis Activities: Bowl- ing Team; Golf Team; Ten- nis Team; Chess Club Am- bition: To become a profes- sional ten pin bowler; to beat Fred Wallace out in a TV Roll Off. 104 Glenn in orbit. GAETANO SCOLA Nickname: Jackie Interests: Having fun; rock ’n roll; canteen; lotta laffs; horseback riding; the lab; the corner; those Saturday nights; the pit Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4 Ambi- tion: To go to college; to be a success in whatever I at- tempt. THERESA MARIE SCOLA Nickname: Coochie; Tre Interests: Horseback riding; “Beach Parties”; skating; CYO; our friend; summer nights; those double dates; bowling Activities: Archery 1, 2; Junior Volunteer 1, 2, 3; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Flicker Representative 3 Honors: Junior Volunteer 50 hour pin Ambition: To be happy; to have fun; to re- member. CAROLE ELIZABETH SCOTT Nickname: Scottie Interests: A Certain Smile; Las Muchachas; PARTIES; Tic Toe; Tiki; the men; ayup; Norfolk laffs; “Wis- dom of a Fool”; Guess what; souvenirs; Senior Pole; MEMORIES Activities: Teacher’s Secretary; AFS Honors: Typewriting Ambi- tion: To find love, under- standing; and an answer to the question, why? MARJORIE ANNE SCOTT Nickname: Margie Interests: Having fun; bowl- ing; talking; guess what; problems; “It’s late”; a cer- tain smile; parties; summer souvenirs; “My prayer”; the hill; May; Blue Activities: Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4; Service Club 4 Honors: Type- writing Ambition: To follow the path of happiness; to have my dreams come true. VINCENT SCUDERI Nickname: Vinny Interests: Basketball; foot- ball; hockey; at the corner Ambition: To be a successful aircraft mechanic. JAMES PATRICK SEARS Nickname: Humphrey Interests: Movies; travel; money; food; the Willow street gang; taking part in good, clean games Ambition: To become an artist; to make my parents proud of me. 105 ( )ur football fie cf also prouicfecf us Look at CAROL LEE SHANAHAN Nickname: Shanahan Interests: Boys; HIM; prob- lems; that old Mercury; Looks like rain; summer fun; Rock- port and the fun; never be alone; Tic Toe; The Essex Ride; the Wheel Activities: AFS; Flicker 4 Ambition: To find my treasure, and there is where my heart will be. PRESTON ALONZO SHAW Nickname : Pep Interests: Football; hockey; bas- ketball; Essex; Junior League Baseball; Champs; Company F; laffs; one arm; girls; watching Bippy run wild Activities: Base- ball 3, 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 3; Company F Prize Squad 3 Honors: Corporal 3; Platoon Leader Ambition: To be happy, satisfied, and suc- cessful in the field of my choice. KAREN ELIZABETH SHEA Interests: Essex; that cer- tain someone; dancing; canteen; skating; friends; the Cupboard; clothes; having fun Activities: Library Assistant 2, 4; Beacon 2; Beta Beta Bi- ology Club 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Drill Team 3, 4; Spectacu- lar 4; AFS 4; Thespians 4; Brown’s Teen Week 4 Ambition: To like and be liked; to become an efficient dental nurse. RONALD SHEAVES Nickname: Ronnie Interests: Swimming; fish- ing; chess; music Ambi- tion: To go to a maritime school; to be successful; to be happy. RONALD K. SEARS Nickname: Ron, Ronnie Interests: Someone; ice skating; swimming; boat- ing; cars; watching; foot- ball games; homework Activities: Vocational Club 2, Treasurer 3, 4; Chess Club 1 Ambition: To be well liked; to make enough money to have an easy and luxurious life in the carpentry field. KAREN ANN SEPPALA Nickname: Blondie Interests: Skating; horse- back riding; bowling; those double dates; our friend; those autumn nights; New York Activi- ties: Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Flash Typist 3; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4 Honors: Typewriting; Shorthand; Filing; Book- keeping Ambition: To be happy; to have fun; to remember. 106 RONALD SHEEDY Nickname: Ronnie Interests: Bowling; sport fishing; music Ambition: To go on to an institute of higher learning, pre- ferably dental college. CATHERINE ELAINE SHEEHAN Nickname: Cathy Interests: Reading; just walking; beauty of na- ture; psychology; all kinds of music; French lan- guage; typing; Thursday evening French classes; “C’est epatant.” Honors: Gregg Typewriting Award Ambition: To under- stand myself and others; to learn something new every day; to travel to foreign countries and meet different people. a m m |7» DIANE SUZETTE SILVA Nickname: Penguin Interests: Ev; Mariners; flag day; Tuesday afternoons; table one; the locker; “Just Walk on By”; football games; letters; records; Peabody; summer nights Activities: Future Teachers of America 1; Archery 4 Ambi- tion: To forgive and forget; to make my parents proud of me. JUNE SILVA Interests: Skating; dancing; swimming; walks; games; cars; CYO; Las Muchachas Activi- ties: Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 1, 2; AFS 4; Crafts Club Ambition: To be success- ful in the future and to make my parents proud of me. him go! WILLIAM LEE SIMMS Nickname : Bill Interests: Girls; 58 T Bird; the good ol’ days; swimming; football; hock- ey Activities: Stage Crew; Thespians; Model Airplane Club; Beta Beta Biology Club Honors: ROTC Corporal 2; Ser- geant 3; Platoon Sergeant 4; prize squad 3 Ambi- tion: To make myself worthwhile as an engineer. ALBERT SIMONSON Nickname: A1 Interests: Cars; music; my boat; sports Activi- ties: Junior Varsity Rifle Team 2 Ambition: To succeed in whatever I at- tempt; to always keep an open mind. 107 5 JooJ fiea ih is also a uerij important VIRGINIA MARTHA SKILLEN Nickname: Ginnie Interests: Meeting new faces; summer; Everly Bros.; sun and surf; tables; Annisquam; the big four; Steiny’s Place; Johnny Mathis; MYF ; Rolling Ridge; that fur Scottie; let- ters; Sunday night rides Ambition: To face life with a smile; to be able to conquer the sea of hardships. CHERYL LESLIE SMITH Nickname : Smitty Interests: Misty; skat- ing; spectator sports; hockey; swimming; knitting; Rainbow; Las Muchachas; Stratford; ask Nancy; OUR PROBLEMS Activi- ties: Archery 1, 2, 3, 4; AFS 4 Honors: Typewriting Ambi- tion : To understand the world and to be understood by it. SUSAN SMITH Nickname: Susie Interests: Annisquam Yacht Club; sailing; ten- nis; hockey; Stone Ridge; “or what?”; B.B.B. Ac- tivities: Latin Club; Ger- man Club; Biology Club; International Relations Club; Athletic Office; Tennis Tournament; Sat- ellite Comm. Honors: Saw- yer Medal Ambition: To marry a handsome, athletic millionaire. RICHARD J. SOUZA Nickname: Calhoun Interests: Carpentry; coin collecting; CYO; Archi- tectural drawing Ambi- tion: To be a successful house carpenter. MYLES P. SOMERS Interests: Hockey; hunt- ing; sailing; skin diving; Green Jeep; boats Ac- tivities: Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Track Team 3, 4; For- eign Relations Club 4; Science Club 1; History Club 1 Honors: Medles Sectional Rifle Trophy; Science Fair — Honor Men- tion Ambition: To live as long as I like and to do what I like as long as I live. BARBARA MARY SOVA Nickname: Barbie Interests: That special someone; the place; Rock- in R; Boston; friends; talks; switch dates; cam- ouflage; unbroken thread; lotta laffs; Florida; Las Muchachas; earning my wings Activities: Girls’ Drill Team; AFS; Pep Club; Biology Club; Bas- ketball ; Flicker Comm. Ambition: To live life like arithmetic — joys added, sorrows subtracted, friends multiplied, and love un- divided. 108 DOUGLAS F. SPENCER, JR. Nickname: Doug Interests: Music; philoso- phy; art; weight lifting; brass bands; classical music; playing in a good brass sextet Activities : Band 1, 2, 3 4 Honors: Northeastern Band 4; All- State Band 4 Ambition: To become a music teacher. STEPHEN G. SQUILLACE Nickname: Steve Interests: Art; oil paint- ing; music; ROTC; sports; hunting; fishing Activities: Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Junior Rifle Team 2; Leaders Club 1; ROTC Sports; Baseball 4 Hon- ors: Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Major Adjutant 4; Prize Squad 3; Marksman- ship Medals — Rifle Team; Individual Drill Ambi- tion: To succeed in my art work. Sorry, Betty, you can’t fool Miss Ross. MADELYN MAE SPINNEY Nickname : Mandy; Maddie Interests: Kenny; danc- ing; bowling; movies Activities: Honor Busi- ness Club 2, 3, President 4; Senior Council; Stu- dent Secretary 3, 4; SerV- ice Club; Flicker; Glee Club 4 Honors: Short- hand, Typewriting, Filing Awards Ambition : To be- come a successful secre- tary; to make the impos- sible possible. BRUCE THURSTON STAPLES Nickname: Hoszer; Geselle Interests: Hockey; swim- ming; water skiing; cars; the ’49 Mercury; Tic-Toc; Canteen; The Surf; Dee Dee; Lenny’s ’54; having fun Activities: Prize Squad 2; Individual Drill 2; Hockey 1; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Squad Leader 4; Corporal 2 Ambition: To be like my father. CHARLENE ALICIA STEELE Interests: Political sci- ence; people; knitting; Bailey’s; the RED SOX; the Malaprops; Quatru- vus; the Three Meeseke- ters; the Great White Bird Activities: Stevens Reviewers 2, 3, secretary 4; Debating Team 1, vice- president 2; Latin Club 1, 2, 4; Great Books 4; History Club 1; Flash 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Flicker 4 Honors: Latin III Book Prize Ambition: Of course! NORMA SCOTT STEELE Nickname : Norm Interests: Those certain someones; LAST SUM- MER; Let it rain; gab- bing with Sandy; “Emo- tions”; “Crying” Activi - ties: Biology Club. 2, 3 4; Spanish Club 2; Usher- ettes; Girls Drill Team 1, 2, 3, Squad Leader 4; Flicker; Pep Club 4; AFS 3, 4; Leader’s Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition: To find an onion that doesn’t make me cry; to make the impossible possible. 109 Tsde ' ff. never JON EVERETT STEINBERG Nickname: Steiny Interests: Sailing; “Scotch foursome”; A Mi Casa; Tearing walls down; B Block; MYF; Elm Farm; Just for laffs; visitors from Pluto Activities: Span- ish Club 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; AFS; Flicker; Beacon Rep. Ambition: To someday establish a floating “Steiny ' s Place” on the Annisquam River and to keep my friends for- ever. CAROL ANN STEWART Interests: Music; boat- ing; football games; down river; last sum- mer; dancing; bowl- ing; having fun Ac- tivities: Honor Busi- ness Club 2, 3, 4; Floormaster ' s Assistant 3; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4; Flash typist 3; Bowling 1 Honors; Typewriting; Book- keeping, Filing, and Shorthand Awards Ambition: To go to college and become an airline stewardess. CHARLES HENRY STROPLE Nickname: Choo Interests: DONNA; October; Cars; Maine; swimming; skating; boating; hunting Activities: Vocational Club Ambition: To make the dear one to me happy; to make my parents proud of me; to succeed in whatever I may attempt. VELMA ISABEL SULLIVAN Nickname: Velm Interests: St. Peter’s CYO; reading; stamps; music; friends; fun Activities: Arch- ery Club 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Special Books Class 4 Ambition: To never stop learning; to keep my parents proud of me. LEONARD P. SUTERA Nickname: Lenny Interests: Girls; dancing; 49 Merc; Tic-Toc; Elm Farm; Canteen; “Studies” Activi- ties: Biology Club; ROTC Sports; Individual drill; Has- kell 2, 3; Prize Squad 2, 3; Honor Guard 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Commander 4 Honors: Prize Squad; 1st place at Fort Devens Ambi- tion: To get accepted in col- lege; to be a success in whatever I attempt. PETER N. SUUTARI Nickname: Pete Interests: Skiing; tennis; bas- ketball; jazz; winter nights at Dudley’s ski barn Activi- ties: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 2, 3, 4; Boys’ Leaders Club 2; ROTC sports Ambition: To find the answers. JOHN SYMONDS Nickname: Jolo Interests: Hunting; trapping; fishing; clamming Ambition: To make both of my parents happy; to dig a barrel of clams in an hour. ENOLITA TALABIS Nickname: Lita Interests: Traveling; philatily; letters; lan- guages; the kids; those rides; football; parties; “Eeceebee” Activities: AFS; Pep Club; Span- ish Club Honors: Ex- change Student Ambi- tion: To be a doctor; to best serve my people; to see the world; to bring about closer ties and under- standing between the Philippines and other nations of the world. CHERI LEE TAYLOR Interests: Summertime; two tone Plymouth; drinking cof- fee; a certain someone; ye old camp; lonely weekends Activities: Teacher’s Secre- tary 4 Honors: Typewriting award Ambition: To serve the world as well as the world has served me. ROSANNE TESTAVERDE Nickname: Bunny Interests: Football; basket- ball; Las Muchachas; pizza; bowling; we three; a certain smile; talking; “Mai”; “Crazy” Activities: Floor- master’s Secretary 4; Honor Business Club 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Flash typist 3; AFS 4 Honors: Typing; Bookkeeping Ambition: To make my life like arithmetic — joys ad- ded, sorrows subtracted, friends multiplied, love un- divided. CHERYL ANN THOMAS Nickname: Sherrie Interests: Dick; the first table; pizza; CYO; Mariners; that old gang of mine; ask Bev; “Tower of Strength” Activities: Biology Club; Archery Club; Basketball Team; Chorus Ambition: To forgive and forget; to live, love, laugh, and be happy. V CHRISTINE C. THOMPSON Nickname: Chris Interests: Las Muchachas; a certain smile; summer of ’61; satin doll; “Cry Much?”; Problems; parties; senior pole; excursions; Boston; waterskiing; jazz Activities: Beacon; Biology 2, 3, 4; Fu- ture Nurses 4; Chorus; Pep Club 4; AFS 4; Flicker Ambition: To never look back on the past with tears, but to face the future with a smile. lv)e have worded hard JEANNE MARIE THOMPSON Nickname: JT Interests: unbroken thread; twins; friends; Las Muchachas; Freshman decision; summer of ’61; drive much?; believing; parties; what? Activities: Biology Club; AFS; Inter- national Relations Club; Cheerleader 1; Pep Club; Flicker; Guidance Office Ambition: To have faith in everyone and everyone have faith in me. DOROTHY TOWN Nickname : Dottie Interests: SOUTH ES- SEX; PF; “Till”; the same beach ; swamp crawl; Deering Offi- cers; dancing; people; A tractor! Activities: Girls’ Leaders Club 1, 2; Field Hockey; Jun- ior Volunteers 1, 2, 3, chairman 4; Future Nurses, secretary-treas- urer 4; Biology Club 4; Sailing 3, 4; Usher- ette; Flicker Ambi- tion: To serve God and my people. RICHARD SCOTT TOIKKA Nickname: Toik Interests: Bowling; base- ball; discussing; politics; golf Activities: Latin 1, 2; French 2, 3, 4, vice- president; Biology Club 2, 3; Science Club 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports 3, 4 Honors: Na- tional Honor Society 4, treasurer; Boys’ State; corporal 3; Sawyer Medal; Harvard Book Prize; Jun- ior Rotarian; sergeant 3, 4 Ambition: To always have the courage to stand fast to my convictions. KATHRYN ANNE TUCK Nickname: Tucky Interests: Square danc- ing; Rockport in the summer; PF Activi- ties: AFS, vice-presi- dent 3, president 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3; Bi- ology Club 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; floormaster’s assistant 4 Honors: Sawyer Medal 2; Biology Book Award 2; National Honor Society 3, 4 Ambition : To make the most of what I am and give to all the most I KENNETH TUCKER Nickname: Kenny; Tuck Interests: Sports; cars; girls; Able rank in Sea Explorers; boats Activi- ties: ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Vocational Club 2. Vice-President 3, 4 Am bition: To succeed ir whatever I attempt; tc make my parents proud of MADELEINE TUFTS Nickname: Maddi Interests : Medford ; Ping!; unbroken thread; football; “foursome”; Crow’s Nest; retreating; midnight fear; camou- flage; trips to Boston; parties Activities: Latin Club 2; Biology 2, 3, 4; French 3, 4; AFS 3, treasurer 4; Beacon 3; Pep Club 4; Dues collec- tor 4; Supply Room 4; basketball 2; Speech Club 4 Ambition: To have the impossible become possi- ble; to relive my happiest moments. if a ese past four years. MARCALO MARK VAGOS Nickname: Mark Interests: Fishing; hunt- ing; football; hockey; classical and semi-classical music; good education Activities: Beta Beta Bi- ology Club 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 1; International Re- lations Club 4 Ambition: To succeed in my chosen field; to see the world at peace and its people con- tent. STEPHEN EDWARD VIATOR Nickname: Steve; Egg Interests: CARS, boats; power; speed; laffs; jest lookin’; sports; sports; fe- males; Howard’s house Ambition: To be success- ful in whatever I attempt; to marry a rich, older woman. PHILIP JAMES WANAT Nickname: Phil Interests: Boating; tuna fishing; skating; swimming; bubbles Ambition: To get a good education; keep up with the girls; and get my own home. Picture Not Available FRANK EDWARD WATSON, JR. Nickname: Junior Interests: Terry; skat- ing; sports; Chrysler; the boulevard; playing the roll; billiards; que stick; Friday and Sat- urday nights; Tic Toe; the boys Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 2, 3; ROTC sports Ambi- tion: To live a happy and successful life; to make my parents proud of me. CYNTHIA LARAINE WHITE Nickname: Cindy Interests: Phil; March; the Vibratones; roller skating; knitting; Las Muchachas; swamp-crawl; Y.P.F.; drums Activi- ties: Leaders Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Future Nurses of America 4; Junior Volun- teer 2; Basketball 3; Field Hockey 1, 2; .Archery 1 Ambition: To become a registered nurse. DANNY WHITE Nickname: Frog Interests: Girls; sports; cars; baseball; basketball; a chance to sail away; C.Y.O. Activities: ROTC sports Ambition: To someday become a suc- cessful architect with a college diploma. Incf now it is time TREASURE A. WILKINS Interests: Crafts; cook- ing; archery; Rainbow Girls; swimming; Driv- er Education Activi- ties: Archery Club Honors: Being elected faith in Rainbow Girls Ambition: To become Worthy Advisor of Gloucester Assemble 41 Rainbow; to go to school in Boston. MARGARET A. WILLIAMS Nickname: Peggy Interests: BOBBY; three musketeers and Bud; snowbound; horseback riding; Las Muehachas; AFS; Con- necticut sixty-five Ac- tivities: Cheerleader 3, 4; Girls Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Leaders’ Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Floormaster’s Assistant 2, 3, 4; Fu- ture Nurses’ Club Hon- ors: Leaders’ Club Award Ambition: To become a registered nurse; to never count the hours as they pass. We’ve enjoyed these four years. JAMES WILSON Nickname: Jimmy Interests: Eileen; Irish; New Years; sports; lan- guages; books; politics; history Activities: Foot- ball 1, 2; Basketball 1; Track 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 2; Prize Squad 3; Leaders’ Club 2; Interna- tional Relations 4 Honors: Platoon Leader Ambi- tion: To be a credit to God; a leader to my country; an example to my brother; and a man in the eyes of my mother. KATHY ANN WONSON Interests: “I don’t know why”; Old Spice; think- ing; sweet nothings; Won- derland by Night; Pon- tiac; Oh Smart One; Las Muehachas Activities: Pep Club 4; Leaders Club 1, 2; Biology 2, 3, 4; Ad- vertising — Flicker; History Club 1; International Re- lations 4; Speech 4; Thespian 4; Office As- sistant 3, 4; Satellite Committee 1; AFS 3, 4 Ambition: To understand and to be understood. WILLIAM HOWARD WONSON Nickname: Huck Interests: Boating; fish- ing; printing; bowling Activities: Ben Franklin Club 2, 3, vice-president 4; Prize Squad 3; Has- kell 3; Individual 4 Hon- ors: Platoon Leader — Com- pany D Ambition: To be the best offset and letter- press pressman out of the print shop. RONALD LEE WOODBURY JR. Nickname: Ron Interests: Swimming; skat- ing; hunting; cars; par- ties Activities: Vocational Club Ambition: To suc- ceed in whatever I may attempt. o move on in our fwes. CHARLENE E. YOUNG Interests: “The Lot”; 55 Chevy; Ye old camp; Air Force; GRANT; dancing; parties; those little talks; black and white; Maine; doubling; October; skating; Rockport Prom Activities: Supervisor in Rm. 210 Hon- ors: Bookkeeping Ambition: To serve the world as well as the world has served me. JOYCE LEE YOUNG Nickname: Jo Interests: Skating; dancing; Maine; those long walks; that Oldsmobile; the autumn Activities: Honor Business Club 4; Student Secretary 3; Office Assistant 3, 4 Honors: Typewriting 1, 2 Ambition: To succeed in anything I may attempt. JOHN W. ZELLENKA Nickname: Johnny Interests: Girls; sports; cars; food; dancing; the boys; football games; FEW LAFFS; CYO Activities: Individual Drill 4; ROTC Sports; Track 3; Honor Guard 3, 4 Ambition: To attend Merchant Marine Academy and see the world. The Guidance Department was surely an asset to us. 115 ffe ffoucester 7 locational fcnoof Since its founding in 1940, the Gloucester Vocational School has prepared in- terested students for immediate work in their chosen fields. The boys are also fully equipped to meet the challenges of further training in institutions of higher learning. The Vocational School, which is under the direction of Mr. Harold B. Geary, offers courses for boys who aspire to be electricians, machinists, printers, automobile mechanics, or carpenters. oj-jers its boys an excellent training program. MR. HAROLD B. GEARY Director of Gloucester Vocational School The students of Gloucester High School are most fortunate to have Mr. Geary as Director of the Vocational School. Mr. Geary has been a dedicated member of G.H.S. for forty years. Our Vocational School Director received his Bachelor of Science (in Education) and his Masters of Education de- grees from Fitchburg State College. We, as well as Mr. Geary, are fortunate to have Mrs. June De Wolfe as secretary in the Vocational School office. Mrs. De Wolfe keeps things running smoothly in the Vocational School Office. JR any students find tnetr interest in the automottue fie d; That sure looks complicated, Joe. AUTOMOTIVE I he boys in the automotive shop of G.H.S. are thoroughly instructed in all phases of auto- motive theory. With the com- pletion of a course in automo- tives, these boys are able to repair transmissions, steering gears, clutches, brakes, and rear axles. Under the direction of Mr. John Budrow, these boys are assured of good train- ing in this field. They leave well equipped to enter into a mechanics job. No one has any trouble keeping busy here. 120 other students prefer to word with hammer , woocf and na fs. These windows must be a perfect fit. CARPENTRY Mr. Gaspar Lewis, director of the carpentry shop, instructs students in the skills of wood- working and in the proper use of machines and materials in- volved in building construction. Included in the course is plan- ing, framing, boarding, and finishing. Practice in this field is gained by the actual build- ing of a small house which is sold upon completion. In re- lated courses, Mr. Kenneth Stickney teaches the planning of construction details and the estimating of building costs; thus a student is prepared for the eventual operation of a small contracting firm. Make sure he’s got that nail straight! 121 Jfie art of printing s an intriquinq Howard W o n s o n demonstrates the op- eration of a print- ing press. PRINT The print shop, under the di- rection of Mr. Harvey Vail, pre- pares many boys for their lifetime vocation. The boys are taught all the fundamentals of printing. Dur- ing the school they make good use of this training by printing foot- ball programs, tickets, graduation programs, and many other ma- terials used both by the teachers and the student body. These hoys are certainly an asset to our school, and they have received fine training for their vocation. 122 Setting print sure requires concentration. | Sul some bogs get more of “charge” from the stucfg of e ectricitg. Looks like something you’d see at Cape Canaveral. Bet he’ll be shocked if things don’t turn out right! 22 ' ill ELECTRICAL Through Mr. Raymond C. White’s instruction in the electrical shop, these boys have been thor- oughly instructed in induction, electrical measurements, elemen- tary electronics, and alternating current motors. In order to round out a student’s education, the boys are taught courses related to the actual shop instruction. Besides the testing and repairing of tele- phone wires, motors, and genera- tors, instruction in circuits, cur- rents, and wiring is given to all the electrical shop boys. These boys, too, have been well prepared for their future vocation. 123 As you can see, it takes skill to run these machines. Other boijs venture into machine ry. MACHINES It’s a good thing he knows what lie’s doing. Under the expert guidance and instruction of Mr. Albert Hoff- man, boys acquire the knowledge and skill required to become suc- cessful machinists. In this three year course, boys receive prac- tical experience by making tools for their own use in the shop and by making repairs for the school as well. Their work is not limited to school, however; for the boys also perform their services for private citizens and business firms. In an alternate week of related courses, Mr. George Perry aug- ments the students’ knowledge with instruction in math, science, and drawing. 124 ancf t iese Soys were fortunate in acautrtny t ietr new worSsfiop. THE NEW WING Evidence of an ever-increasing number of students is seen in the expansion of the Gloucester Vocational School. The new wing, which houses the machine shop, was completed for use this year and is fully equipped to meet the needs of our future machinists. Because of the additional space provided by this new building, Mr. Hoffman is better able to instruct his students not only in the operation of machines but in the observation of safety as well. There is even room available for the eventual addition of four more machines which demonstrates the Vocational School’s proficiency in keeping pace with today’s rapid moving world. — O tlW ZJL-. eJk. -ca ZXryi cf CC - r C rZJl YAg. c r O J jLsJI j pfayecf an important role 127 Fire and Fury but with encouragement and under- standing — “Nate” Ross “The minds behind the success of our team. “Nate” in his years of coaching has in- spired many teams to the state champion- ship. Nate holds the adage that football builds men. and one has to accept bitter defeat as well as sweet victory. It is all a part of the game of life as well as the game of foot- ball according to our coach. The class of 1962 would like to con- gratulate “Nate” on his silver anniversary as head coach at G.H.S. “Nate” Ross and Dr. Babson smile at victory. in f) in fcfi nc cjoocf c iaracier Teamwork is the backbone to success! |L’f S9 cl ■ jr ' m m 128 GLOUCESTER vs. NEWBURYPORT In the opening game of the season, Gloucester defeated New- buryport, 20-8. The fine running of Co-Captain Lucido and the pass- ing of Levie enabled a Fishermen victory. Lucido scored 3 touch- downs on rushes of 23, 21, and 3 yards. Levie and Naves com- pleted 12 of 16 passes for 151 yards. Gang tackling highlighted the Gloucester defense. Bob Pulkka played his best game since his frosh year, and was awarded the game ball for his brilliant performance. “Let the seniors be heard” as cue I as good bodies. GLOUCESTER vs. SALEM The Fishermen, still hot from their first victory, handed Salem a 12-0 loss. Sparked by a pass intercep- tion and a fumble recovery by freshman, Paul Riley, Gloucester dominated the whole play of the game. Nave scored on a 4 yard line buck for the first tally, and then combining with Favazza and Lucido on a pass and handoff play that left Salem flatfooted. Eek! ! ! Mice! SALLY McRAE Head Cheerleader JIM PARISI Quarterback LES GOUCHER Tackle JOE BAMMARITO Guard LOUIE LINQUATA Halfback 19— FOOTBALL 20 — Gloucester 12 — Gloucester 26 — Gloucester 0 — Gloucester 6 — Gloucester 38 — Gloucester 6 — Gloucester 0 — Gloucester vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. BOB PULKKA Tackle Co-Captain DAVE AMERO On or ojj the fiefcf S 7f.O. students exercise the rute l Guard 130 PAUL DUCHANE Center PETE FAVAZZA Quarterback LARRY McCORMICK Center ED NIEMI End schedul: vs. Newburyport vs Salem v s. Marblehead .. vs. ' Beverly ' • Peabody vs. Saugus vi Melrose vs. Arlington ___ Co-Captain JOE LUCIDO Halfback )f s p or ism a ns flip. “SWEENEY” FRONTIERO End BING GOODWIN Tackle 131 Another drive stopped. MARBLEHEAD vs. GLOUCESTER Overcoming a 14-0 first period deficit, Gloucester crashed back to upend Marble- head 26 to 14. The two TD passes of Levie to Linquata and Donnellon gave Glouces- ter insurance points after Naves opened the game wide-open with two touchdowns on power-packed runs. Naves looks for long yardage. BEVERLY vs. GLOUCESTER The fisherman football forces suffered their first de- feat at the hands of power- house Beverly, 38-0. Beverly displayed an explosive of- fense, and a bruising de- fense to halt our running at- tack. How’s that for fancy stepping? Hit him again, Jim! DAVE LEVIE Halfback 7n victory and defeat they briny credit 132 A Strong Gloucester Defense. GLOUCESTER vs. PEABODY Outweighed 15 lbs. per man, Gloucester’s line was opened up for the five backs that enabled Pea- body to defeat us 12-6. The Fishermen score came on a fine leaping catch by Jim Parisi on a Naves’ pass. Naves picked up over half of Gloucester’s rushing yardage of 100 yards plus five of seven first downs. Gloucester stops opponent’s drive. to t ietr school I ) JIM DENSMORE End “Run, Joe, Run!” 133 Squillace looks for yardage. U£e A ana support of foi af s ucfen s c jeers “When the Saints go Marching hy.” GLOUCESTER vs. SAUGUS Seeking revenge for their two straight losses, Glouces- ter dropped Saugus 36-8. Naves sparkled, scoring three touchdowns on line bucks of five and two yards. Other Gloucester scores were from Paul Riley and Pete Favazza. “Ready, On your Mark, get set — Go! GLOUCESTER vs. MELROSE Despite Gloucester scoring first, Melrose stood their ground and handed G.H.S. a 30-6 defeat. Melrose captain, Reardon, scored 2 touchdowns and bol- stered a fine defense against the Fisher- men. “Touchdown’ “First, and goal — try the 244 play.” 134 GLOUCESTER vs. ARLINGTON Gloucester saved their greatest game of the year for Thanksgiving Day. Our boys achieved a moral vic- tory as they held Arlington, Co- Champions of Class A, to twelve points. The Rossonians dueled Ar- lington toe to toe, and except for two long T.D. passes, the score could very easily have been 0 to 0. JOE NAVES Fullback What’s the matter, Gail? maize their job worthwhile “Now let us ask for spiritual help” This game was a tribute by the team members to one of the great- est football coaches of all times. Norman C. Ross. Naves plows through 135 1 e ability, patience, “V” is for another victorious season }CE S7Z? Dave, the shooter In the lid-opener of the 1961-1962 basket- ball season, Gloucester gave Beverly a genuine score before succumbing 36-30. Beverly was paced by footballer Billy Carr and Bippy Manuel. For Gloucester, Captain “Nips” Pas- sanissi led the G.H.S. scorers with 13 points, and Peter Favazza was Gloucester’s leading rebounder with 8. Salem’s Witches paced by Bob Budzinski with 29 points, built up an early lead, the Gloucester’s Fishermen never did overcome, to win 61-49. Dave Riberio with 17 points, and “Nips” Passanissi, with 12 points, played excellent games both offensively and de- fensively. Mike, the playmaker incfiuicfuaf participating in any sport JANUARY 12 GLOUCESTER 92— SAUGUS 32 Gloucester ran up the greatest number of points by a Bob Welch coached team is completely dev- astating Saugus’ Eachems, 92-32. Tony Passanissi led the GHS scorers with 18 points. He’s up! It’s good for 2 pts. Foley connects on this one Gloucester’s underdog Fishermen decisively out- played Lawrence’s Lancers to the tune of 57-44. Backcourt swifty, Mike Ciarametaro, paced the Gloucester attack with 15 points. He was given able support by Dave Riberio, with 14 points, and Capt. Tony Passanissi, with 12 points. Mike drives through for a layup 137 Gloucester owns this rehound Beverly decisively dumped Gloucester’s hustling Fishermen 69-39 in Beverly. Beverly, paced by Tommy Page with 21 points, and Billy Carr with 19 points, dominated the hall game from the beginning. Gloucester’s 6-1 Junior Bobby Foley had 18 points. Our Fishermen hit on 45% of their field goal at- tempts en route to a convincing 62-49 conquest of Peabody. The victory evened Gloucester’s season record at 3-3. “Give me that hall! Paced by sharpshooter Bob Budzinski, who chipped in with 24 points, Salem’s Witches edged a fighting G.H.S. five, 56-54. Mike Ciaramitaro directed the Gloucester attack which was paced by Capt. Pas- sanissi’s 17 points and Dave Riberio’s 16. The plucky Fishermen came very close to pulling the biggest up- set of the year in the Essex County Basketball League. will benefit this tyouny man as he 138 Nice try, Pete Favazza grabs a rebound struggfes through time Gloucester, with Capt. Nips Pas- sanissi, Dave Riberio, and Bobby Foley leading the way, defeated the winless Saugus Sachems, 60- 43. All ' 12 squad members saw action, with all but two breaking into the scoring column. With 12 seconds left to go in the game, Dave Riberio registered two clutch free throws to give Gloucester a well-earned 44 to 43 victory over league-leading Haver- hill. Riberio ended the evening with 14 points. Junior sharp- shooter Bobby Foley came through with 15 clutch markers to cop scoring honors for the evening. 1 39 ft’s a break away lU KTi J wcesr JOE LUCIDO Forward VINCENT SCUDERI V ■ j ,j v pE fl7 : o , jf|. TO 1 " m; w. lO fS-A 1961-1962 GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL SCORES Gloucester. Gloucester. Gloucester. Gloucester. Gloucester Gloucester Beverly ... At Salem . Saugus .... Lawrence . At Beverly Peabody Gloucester. Gloucester. Gloucester. Gloucester. Gloucester. Gloucester 54 Salem .60 At Saugus ... 44 Haverhill .... 61 At Lawrence .56 Peabody. .... .47 At Haverhill OARMETARO ard “Nips” will get this one. Hey! get out of my way. Stuff!!! A piping hot Lawrence High School basketball team, hitting on 62 per cent of their shots from the floor, took the measure of Gloucester’s Fighting Fishermen, 71-61. Dave Riberio, whose 22 points represent ed a seasonal peak for him, and Bobby Foley, with 20 points, accounted for the bulk of the Gloucester offense. In their home finale, the Gloucester High School Fishermen dumped Peabody High’s Tanners, 56-42. Handyman Sal Galante, a last minute starter, chipped in with 12 vital points. Once again, Bobby Foley was a vital link in the Fisherman attack with 17 points. The rebounding of jumping-jack Peter Favazza and Captain Nips Passanissi helped pave the Glou- cester road to victory. cS ports maAe men from those 142 w io were once young boys. C’mon, Pete! Shoot that ball Passanissi dribbles around the defense Foley loses this jump In the season’s finale, Haverhill High School avenged an earlier loss and tied Beverly for the 1961-1962 Essex County League Basketball Cham- pionship by defeating Gloucester, 62-47. Bobby Foley’s 29 points represented the largest total com- piled by any G.H.S. player during the six win, six loss season. Senior guard Joe Lucido concluded his G.H.S. basketball career with four points and a fine floor game. Another senior, Mike Ciar- metaro, turned in his usual superb game as play- maker. 143 Happiness is felt by our N.S.H.L. champions Six years under the leadership of Coach Jack Canniff, our Flying Fishermen have finally achieved the goal of all teams, the NSHL Cham- pionship. Gloucester fell short of making the semi-finals of the State Tourney by coming out on the short end of a 4-3 game vs. Belmont. Congratulations to Jack Canniff and all players who made up our championship team. In the lid-lifter of the 1961-62 sea- son, the Fishermen bombed favored Swampscott 7-2. Paced by Junior Tom Babson with five goals and one assist, and the fine defensive work of Goalie Ed Sanborn, the team got off to a flying start. The game puck went to hustling Senior Russ Harnish. A Championship A earn Hedblom scores another decisive goal 144 and a wonderful memory Hedblom scores his third vs. M.C. “Stonewall” Johnson bars the door In a fine team effort, the GHS Fishermen overpowered Saugus’ Sachems, 5-1. Jim Densmore had a hat trick to pace the GHS attack. Peahody High’s Tanners gave our Fishermen a severe scare before wilt- ing under the pressure put on by our boys. The final count was Gloucester 2, Peabody 1. Marblehead’s Headers became Gloucester’s fourth successive NSHL victim, to the tune of 5-3. Tom Bab- son had two goals with Johnson, Smith, and Densmore adding single- tons. After spotting the Prepsters a 3-1 lead, Gloucester had to hustle every second to gain the well-earned tie. Punky Smith paced the GHS attack with two goals. Goalie Ed Sanborn had a fine night, making 24 saves. Our Flying Fishermen rudely dumped Salem’s Witches 6-1. Jim Johnson was immense for the Fisher- men on defense. Capt. Hed- blom and Smith each had two goals. Norm Tremblay, in his first start of the year, posted a 5-0 shutout over Ames- bury. Jim Densmore had two goals for the victors. Tom Babson’s 13th goal of the season powered the Fishermen to a close 1-0 vic- tory over Danvers. Arvilla paces this attack Oj iJiese pne young men 1961-1962 NSHL SCHEDULE GLOUCESTER 7 Swampscott .2 GLOUCESTER ... .5 Saugus 1 GLOUCESTER 2 Peabody .1 GLOUCESTER 5 Marblehead 3 ' GLOUCESTER ...3 St. John’s 3 GLOUCESTER ...6 Salem .... . 1 GLOUCESTER 5 Amesbury 0 GLOUCESTER 6 Woburn 1 GLOUCESTER 1 Danvers 0 GLOUCESTER . 6 Malden Catholic 4 GLOUCESTER ... ...5 St. Mary’s . 0 GLOUCESTER .4 Beverly ....2 GLOUCESTER 3 Lvnn Public .1 PLAYOFF GAMES GLOUCESTER 2 Swampscott 1 GLOUCESTER 1 Malden Catholic 2 STATE TOURNEY GLOUCESTER 4 Christopher Columbus ... 1 GLOUCESTER ...... 3 Belmont 4 UNDEFEATED LEAGUE RECORD 12 wins — 0 losses — 1 tie hhe worA ancf success of this team Another Fonvard " bites the dust” Paced by Ben Hedblom’s 4 goals and Ed Sanborn’s 23 saves, the GHS Fishermen dumped powerhouse Malden Catholic 6 to 4. Starting off by Rusty Har- nish’s clutch goal early in the game, GHS took a lead that they never gave up. Not only for his first goal of the year but also for his fine defensive work, Harnish was awarded the game puck. Capt. Skip C’mon, Skip, catch him! Arvilla added one goal and three assists to the GHS cause. The list of Fishermen herdtes included every- one who played. Birthday Boy Red Somers racked up his second goal of the season as our Fishermen crushed St. Mary’s 5 to 0. Once again, Jim Densmore had two GHS goals. Harnish breaks up another drive! Rusty finally got a goal? 148 was not based on tfie efforts This drive by Gloucester is finally halted. The immense defensive work of Big Jim Johnson and Rusty Harnish powered the Fishermen to a title- clinching 4-2 victory over Beverly. Beverly could manage only nine shots on net as they were outclassed by the backchecking of the Fisherman forwards. It was the first NSHL Title for Gloucester in 12 years. Gloucester capped an undefeated season with a 3-1 victory over the Lynn Lions. Jim Densmore’s second Hat Trick of the campaign was the spark to another feather in Glou- cester’s cap. Nice play, Jimmy! In a re-scheduled game the Fishermen clubbed Woburn all around Lynn Arena to the tune of 6-1. Capt. Hedblom paced the G.H.S. with a pair of markers, and with sophomores Osier and Somers netting a goal apiece. C’mon, boys, set up the triangle and score! 149 Mfl o on ij a few incfwicfuafs Hey, Tom! The other way. The “Bear” strikes again. The semi-finals of the NSHL Playoffs found Gloucester matched against Swampscott’s vastly im- proved Sculpins. Playing without high scoring Ben Hedblom, Gloucester’s boat would have sunk if it hadn’t been saved by the efforts of Capt. Skip Arvilla. Arvilla scored both GHS goals, the clincher coming with 11 seconds left in the game. This game was a real barn-burner, with Gloucester emerging as the 2-1 victor. For the third consecutive year, the Fishermen were pitted against Malden Catholic for the Play- “Jimbo” get out of the way. “Thou shalt not pass” off Championship. The Gloucester hoys out-skated and out-hustled the Bluejackets all the way. How- ever, the loss of Ben Hedblom coupled with some disheartening breaks led MC to its third successive one goal victory over our Fishermen in the Cham- pionship Playoffs, 2 to 1 . Tom Bahson scored the lone goal for GHS; Capt. Jim Todaro scored both Malden Catholic goals. Sut on the efforts of the entire team Back after his battle with the flu, Capt. Ben Hedblom paced the Fishermen attack with two goals as Gloucester downed scrappy Christopher Columbus, 4-1. Rusty Harnish and Jim Densmore added insurance goals to the GHS cause. A large throng of Gloucester fans cheered the Fisherman vic- tory in the opening round of the State Tourney. Don’t fall, Babson! Congratulations! ! ! The Speed Merchants” A hustling Belmont High School hockey team eliminated Gloucester 4-3 in the quarter- final round of the State Tour- ney. Paced by Bob Gardiner’s “hat trick,” Belmont edged the Fishermen in a real thriller from buzzer to buzzer. For Gloucester, Tom Babson, Punky Smith, and Jim Densmore lit the lamp. In the longest season dur- ing the six year reign of Jack Canniff as coach, Gloucester played 24 games. All of the boys who have played under Mr. Canniff have benefi ted from the knowledge he gained during his brilliant hockey career at Boston College. “Gloucester on defense” The efforts and worries of coaches Jack Canniff and Jim Brown, plus the heart and desire to win, have given hockey final recognition in the journals of GHS history. From all the Seniors who have played their last game in a GHS uniform, a deep appreciation of the time and ef- forts of Jack Canniff and Jim Brown is owed. THANKS, Jack, for a wonderful season ! “Get him, Jim” 153 The senior cadets respect- fully dedicate the R.O.T.C. section of the 1962 Flicker to Captain Robert F. Sutton, U. S. Army, in appreciation of the outstanding job he has done in his first year as P.M.S. of the Gloucester High School R.O.T.C. Bri- gade. CAPTAIN ROBERT F. SUTTON A. (). U. ( . presents to oops of of. c5. a lue I-rouncfecf propram R.O.T.C. our ever changing ivor CAPTAIN ROBERT F. SUTTON Captain Sutton, this year’s PMS T, has instilled into the Brigade a re- newed life. His presence and char- acter alone have contributed to this new atmosphere, and his actions — a sports field day, alternating drill periods and constant promotions — have awakened in the students a sharp awareness of the ROTC pro- gram. Canada, Europe, the West Indies, and the Orient are the background for Captain Sutton’s life and military career. He arrived from Korea after serving with the first cavalry divi- sion. Coming up through the ranks shows his great assiduousness and MT. SGT. HERBERT SIMONDS Maintaining the records and issuing uniforms and equipment is the re- sponsibility of Mt. Sgt. Herbert Simonds. Mt. Sgt. Simonds is be- hind all the events that take place in the ROTC — working out schedules and making sure that they are car- ried out. After a tour of duty at Fort Dix, he arrived here in August of 1960. SFC STEPHEN G. KINNER The entering cadets learn drilling techniques under the guidance of SFC Stephen Kinner. While helping the sophomores overcome the first hurdles of ROTC life, he teaches Military Science I and coaches the Girls’ Rifle Team. This is the fourth year of his stay in Gloucester. He was previously stationed in Fort Ben- ning, Georgia. SERGEANT CHARLES E. FOWLER Sergeant Fowler’s first year in the Brigade is his seventeenth year in the Army. After a year in Kprea with the seventh infantry division, Sergeant Fowler arrived at GHS. This year finds him teaching military sci- ence to the juniors, serving as men- tor for rifle team, and directing the sharp drill group, the Gloucester Grenadiers. SGT. DONALD WRONKOWSKI After his first year with the Bri- gade, Sgt. Donald Wronkowski has proved an able teacher, conducting Military Science II and III classes. Sgt. Wronkowski served with the first battle group of the twelfth infantry, a strategic army corps ' unit stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington, before coming to GHS. character that benefits him in his present graduate study, for a Master’s Degree in English at Boston Uni- versity. To teach after retirement from the Army is his motivation for such study. The seniors who have been taught by the Captain thoroughly appre- ciated his erudition, for they could not help giving their attention to his stimulating classes. Under this type of leadership and guidance, students can look forward in the next four years to an un- precedented period of activity in the ROTC Brigade. C ac e t leaders tahiny the responsibility of runnmy today ' s brigade COLONEL D. MICHAEL RYAN, Commanding Officer combination of high scholastic achievement and skill in the ROTC has given Mike Ryan the highest honor in the school — the rank of Cadet Colonel of the Brigade. This honor climaxed two years of faithfulness and endeavors. In his first year in the Brigade, Mike became a member of the Honor Guard, the winning F Company Prize Squad, the Haskell Drill; and at the end of the year, winner of the Charles D. Corliss Medal for being the outstanding sopho- more cadet. In Mike ' s junior year, the Brigade saw him place second in the Individual Drill, serve as a member of the Honor Guard, play ROTC sports, write for the ROTC on the Flash, drill on the bayonet- wielding F Company prize squad, and take part in the Haskell Drill. As a result of his excellent performance for the prize squad, Mike was chosen to be one of the drillers that went to Ft. Devens. Without a doubt, he deserved the Captain Ray- mond E. Shum Medal for his extraordinary achieve- ment in the Brigade. Although it might be said that Mike has reached his goal, he is even now looking further ahead to a bright future at West Point. Cadet Colonel D. Michael Ryan Cadet Major Stephen S. Squillace MAJOR STEPHEN S. SQUILLACE, Adjutant Keeping the records in order and taking attend- ance are the responsibilities of this year’s Major Adjutant, Steve Squillace. Steve has proved his ability as a staff member and as a member of the Brigade. A member of B Company, he quickly developed an acute interest in the ROTC. During his first year, Steve became a medal-winning member of the Junior Varsity Rifle Team, prize squad, Individual drill and Has- kell drill. He also participated in ROTC basketball, softball, and volleyball. Before receiving his present rank on Presenta- tion Day, Steve, in his junior year, was a member of the prize squad, individual drill and played with the sports teams. He is now one of the four able leaders of the ROTC Brigade. R. O. T. C. STAFF 156 may Be tfie leaders to run America ’.v future. LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOHN J. MANN, III, Executive Officer Culminating two years of dedication and active participation in the ROTC, John Mann is now serving as second in command of the Brigade as Lieutenant Colonel. John quickly got into the life of the ROTC in his sophomore year by drilling on E Company’s prize squad, playing on the sports teams, and drill- ing in the Haskel Drill competition. Luck was with John, for he was a member of the Bachelor Trophy winning E Company. Showing his ability by drilling on the first place prize squad in his Junior year, John took part in the Individual Drill, Honor Guard, Haskel Drill, and the ROTC sports. All these activities plus his being chosen for the Ft. Devens prize squad were the deciding factors in John’s earning the rank of Lieutenant Colonel on Presentation Day. With the help of John Mann, E Company again won the Bachelor Trophy on Field Day. Thus it is plain that John has both the le ader- ship and the devotion necessary to be Lieutenant Colonel of the Brigade. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel John J. Mann III MAJOR WAYNE INGALLS, Operations Officer Skillfully supervising the operations and affairs of the Brigade is Haskell Drill winner, Wayne Ingalls. “Buz” Ingalls has shown the skill and willingness needed to work as an integral part of the Brigade’s staff. Buz continually strived to better himself in drill- ing proficiency by attempting the Individual Drill, Prize Squad, Haskell Drill, and Junior Varsity Rifle Team. He also played in the ROTC sports events. His efforts his first year paid off in Buz’s Junior year for he competed in the Haskell Drill, drilled on Company E’s winning prize Squad, and later he went to Ft. Devens as a member of the special drill unit. The last competition of the year was the time when he was assured of a position on the staff, for he won the First Place Haskell Drill Medal. 1 0FFICERS ! Second Lieutenant Robert Benjamin Commander COMPANY A 9t is the purpose of r R() r JG to instill in each cadet Cadet Guidon Dave Amero — don’t stand at such a rigid attention, Dave, the captain has quite a few notices. Under the leadership of fine officers, Company A which has done well in the past, figures to be tough in the bachelor trophy race. 158 n, Lennis and his staff had to whip these sophomores into a hard drilling and fine looking company. Second Lieutenant Leonard Sutera, Commander COMPANY B character and discipline which he wihf carry and use throughout life At the present time, Lieut. Sutera has Company B out in front in the Bachelor trophy race and intends to keep it there. Work and support from the company will make it possible. 159 oys w t i exceptionaf musicaf or cfri I tafents participate I Drum Major Donald Nikola prepares to give a column left to the hand as they smartly drill, getting ready for an upcoming parade. 160 t “Grenadiers . . . PRE-E-SENT ARMS!” Bruce Staples snaps guidon as Lt. Pete Lt. Pete Anderson,, Grenadier commander, braces Anderson commands. as he and his command await inspection by Senator Smith. THE GLOUCESTER GRENADIERS Drillers from C Company do a fine job representing their company during competitive drills. Second Lieutenant Loyd Rose, Commander COMPANY C Although usually underdogs in the trophy race, company C comes up with GOOD prize squads and does .. ' II in sports. Maybe this is the year they will place well near the top. 162 an opportunity to worn together towards Sports and field day events are the strong points of this company; so far this year, it has appeared as the best drilled. Let’s hope they come through on Field Day. one poa J — victory! Second Lieutenant Joseph Bammarito, Commander COMPANY D Win or lose, members of D Company put as much feeling and spirit into their competition as cadets from other companies. O?. O. C7.( ). training in the classroom and in the field provides And how will we ever forget Sgt. “Anythin”! 164 Senator Smith, escorted by Colonel Michael Ryan, inspects the Girls Drill Team. “Something funny happened to me on the way to the Senate the other day.” H Colonel Michael Ryan, his staff, and members of the Brigade in a colorful ceremony, welcome Senator Smith to G.H.S. 165 7n a colorful parade , practicing in the Winner of the Bachelor Trophy for 3 years straight, company E hopes to make it 4, and are not far behind. Exceptional in drill, its officers will push it hard to make good showings in up-coming drills. Second Lieutenant Joseph Lucido, Commander COMPANY E Disorder prevails in E company as Second Lieutenant McLean worries about the big exam next period. 166 Second Lieutenant Thomas Brown, Commander m Company F has placed second for 3 years and is hoping to make the top this year. It figures strong in drill competition and, with the support given Lt. Brown, this may be the year. class, pricfe in id is outstanding unit is man if ester by a If What’s wrong, John, is there a bug on Sgt. Shaw’s neck? COMPANY F 167 ncfiuicfual cfri I competition offers a cha Tenae to tne oous In hi- fir t year as PMS , Captain Sutton extends his congratulations to the Individual Drill winners. Deep concentration is present in the drillers at the first command. INDIVIDUAL snap to present arms as the judging begins. 168 Mayor Stanley Boudreau presents first Superintendent L. Munro Grandy presents Principal Arthur N. Smith presents third place medal to senior cadet Peter Suutari. second place medal to junior cadet David place medal to junior cadet Ralph Lufkin. Strangman. Keen hearing and quick reflexes determine the winners picked by these judges. 169 OFFICERS o . color , ceremony, ana excitement of military dance Mike, John, Buz, and Steve lead the officers’ grand march with their dates at the Officers’ Party. 170 Better than the hoys? Of course! GIRLS’ DRILL TEAM Second Lieutenant Mary Budrow Commander Girls’ Drill Team C7he ( ity of ( jfoucester ancf the student body of S7 c5 Why so sullen, girls? 172 e CAre justified in their overflow mj pric e of tie schools JZOUG unii. CADET OFFICERS: A. Murray; D. Nikola; T. Brown; R. Gagnon; J. Lucido; J. MacLean; J. Bammarito; E. Comeau; L. Rose; P. Suutera; P. Anderson; R. Benjamin. Cadet Colonel Mike Ryan, Lieutenant Colonel John Mann, Major Adjutant Steve Squillace, and Operations Oflicer Buz Ingalls — these staff members have shown by the positions of honor that they hold what reward is given to those who devote their time and energy to the Brigade. I AWARDS SOPHOMORE Prize Squad . . . Michael Ryan Lt. Col. Morse Medal . . . Thomas Brown Corliss Medal . . . Michael Ryan Academic Ribbon . . . Thomas Brown JUNIOR Prize Squad . . . Wayne Ingalls Joe Lucido John Mann Louis Linquata Leonard Sutera Devens Drill Team . . . W ayne Ingalls Joe Lucido John Mann Louis Linquata Leonard Sutera Michael Ryan Individual Drill . . . Michael Ryan (2d) Haskell Drill . . . Wayne Ingalls (1st) Capt. Shunt Medal . . . Michael Ryan Academic Ribbon Robert Benjamin f “Old Glory” Proud Symbol of the CHS ROTC SENIOR Marksmanship Medal . . . Thomas Brown Individual Drill . . . Peter Suuteri (1st) EVENTS 1. Honor Guard becomes Grena- diers 2. Sophomore Induction Ceremony 3. U. S. Senator Smith visits GHS 4. Grenadiers join Pershing Rifles 5. Grenadiers and Officers assist at Induction of New City Officials 6. First ROTC Athletic Field Day 7. Officers aid at Testimonial Din- ner for Sen. Smith 8. Principal Arthur N. Smith and Superintendent L. M u n r o e Grandy recognized for aid to ROTC 9. GHS has been Honor School ROTC for 40 years — try 41 10. Field Day — Sgt. Party 174 ' W I not tt f the hours of light return , off we have buift do u e discern Kathy Wonson — Pete Anderson The other girls are anxious to get into their gowns Boys watch with interest — get- ting steps from Pete Mitch and Ed look on with expressions of awe “Jules” Levie and “Moose” Marble take command of their companies at drill. 175 I Pete laughs — ROTC must be I hard up for commanders I Jack is speechless — m a y b e Jules and Moose did a good job. 176 “We’re nearing the end of our journey now, and I must leave you; but each time you open your Flicker, I’ll be here to take you through again.” 177 John Mann Barbara Sova Sorry, I’m all booked up. How about 1964? I lie Jit os t J J opufar Mitchel Cohen Joyce Cook Hurry, the library closes at 8:00 o’clock. Ifie Titos Jnlefhpent 178 ffe TICost 7ll i el c 7)oy Next year we’ll be ready for the Olympics. Tommy Brown Dale Feener If these are Paris originals, you better go back to Paris! Ufe J J eppiest S rf Mary Goulart Joe Lucido ffe lest Dressecf 180 Margaret Cote Ronnie Marble wny tne smite, moose : Uhe Jriencffiest Dave Levie Lynda Farnham Glass Wits Parents donate prize winning exhibit 182 Hee, Hee, time to go. Une 1 3 est Iff- Around Sally McRae Bobbie Pulka Une jICos Araum en ialioe James Wilson Nina Groves I want my cowboy hat! Hedblom Mary Morrissey They’re also camera shy! Donna Elwell Pete Suutari Why the masks? No make-up! Oh, no! Not another Honor Business car wash. ISJe presen a newcomer Patrick Henry he said, " Give are tougher. didn ' t need Me Liberty that much paper ” Oh, well. when times If we can’t walk out of here first, then we won’t walk out at all! Sorry but room 111 is a senior homeroom. You must be looking for room 201. Sometimes mothers write notes, and sometimes they don ' t have time. )icn (V. (VI reused) Wait . . . you can’t grow a foot between games Wheaties or not. Oh . . . we’re so sorry. We forgot to warn you about the water contamination. Waiting for acceptance to college makes seniors excitable. Sometimes they’re apt to take it out on others. ■Jtd the trials ancf tribulations w ' ll at Don’t hurry, girls, Mr. Karcher will understand. He doesn’t expect YOU before 10 o’clock anyway. feasant cS events were p ome Tic Toe . . . Here we come! ! Hockey players (and friends) always find time to get a few pointers on defense. After four years at G.H.S., some seniors find it hard to break habits they learned at home. and some were not so pfeasant. Senior privileges are hard to come by anyway. Who hid the key to the supply room? Future Nurses are gettin; the patient gets ether. a little operation-happy. Hope No wonder Senior class dues went up. How are the new cars running, boys? Our course in physiology has taught us all the value adhesive tape and bandages. of 7J. win remember inem a . Don’t just sit there . do something! 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GREELY II and JAMES C. GREELY II O.K., fellas, you got me up here. Now, where do I go: i % Mr. Pino makes plans for those who take short vacations now and then from school. Some of us get lonely during the day. It s always fun to bring along a companion of sorts. Wait just a minute. This sounds like a Disneyland pro- duction! Whoops, wrong speed! V - C ijy ‘ V 5u£ « ' st ifr £) yrut Co Uf ' a ' C L ' L -UJ y??Uy ' L, Oy Ji . . y- » yU Ls y@ A 2 ' z% ° cnrrti OjUi £ yy Ci uzZ yP yL y-t zO-i jf c f L P n l xzu uy aytSl ' c0( - - tu- Jc ,,c Cjij jjl JU. l UJLs CMhd . ?6 umSi- f f; z yJCL- £ tfxSfjy y yyX ' Uc j. £ ■ - “ y -) ' . J. " £ ' SAWYER. FREE LIBRARY STORAGE Kjggftfi

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