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;:•• • ik •oriori Uqmm • ' ' ”¥ s 1 1960 FLICKER GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS " COME, CADETS AND Our theme for the FLICKER this year is our school song. This song has been sung throughout our years at G.H.S. both in times of joy and of sorrow. No matter where our paths may lead us in life, we hope that our school song will help all of us to remember " Gloucester by the sea.” 4 The class of I960 is fortunate to have the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Gloucester High School R.O.T.C. occur in the year of their graduation. For the outstanding work this fine organization has done during the past seventy-five years, we wish to show our appreciation by dedicating The FLICKER to the R.O.T.C. We hope that we will be able to present a fraction of the honor for which this organization has worked so hard, and we want this yearbook to re- main as a " standing salute” to the Gloucester High School R.O.T.C. Franklin Boardman and Sergeant Douglas Russell glance at a picture of Company D in the Field Day exercises of 1914. Many people will remember the uniform, for it was worn on the last Field Day at which Mr. A. W. Bachelor was present as an instructor. He retired at the close of the year 1914. HISTORY OF THE R.O.T.C. In September of 1885, Albert W. Bachelor organized the first company of High School cadets. He called the boys of the High School together and suggested the idea of forming such a military unit. The suggestion met with hearty approval and in no time the boys were in line, receiving military instructions. Their organizer, Mr. Albert W. Bachelor, was born in India in 1843. As a child, he went with his parents to New Hampshire and lived in Hampton where he received most of his education. While attending Dartmouth, the Civil War broke out and he enlisted with a New Hampshire regiment which saw much action with the Army of the Potomac. He was captured by the Confed- erates and confined in Libby Prison. With a few others, he escaped and made his way success- fully to the Union Lines where he rejoined his regiment and served valiantly until the war ended. Graduating from Dartmouth in 1871, he became a teacher. Having been elected principal of Gloucester High School in 1884, he came here at once and assumed his duties. A heavy burden or responsibility was upon his shoulders, but he managed perfectly. When in 1887 the High School building burned, Albert W. Bachelor adjusted himself very quickly to the new building on Dale Avenue. The school went forward with rapid strides in numbers and influence, for it was Mr. Bachelor who established the military department. This was organized when he became principal of Glou- cester High School and it met with success almost immediately. The uniforms of the first company consisted of blue flannel blouses with a row of seven brass buttons and a blue straight-visor cap. A committee appeared before the City Council asking for an appropriation for the purchase of guns. This was refused, but the money was raised by pub- lic subscription. The Company made its first public appearance on Memorial Day with the D.A.R. Colonel Haskell took a very great interest in the boys, offering a gold medal for the best drilled cadet. Thus, from the very beginning, the Haskell Medal roused much rivalry. The first prize drill was held in the City Hall on the evening of June 22, 1886. Fred W. Allen was the winner. Later a battalion of two companies was formed, and the drills were held in the old skating rink on Elm Street. A drum corps was formed at this time which added much to the battalion. This was the beginning of military drills. The first banner was given to the company on the evening of June 22, 1886, at the first prize drill held in the City Hall. Miss Abbie S. Sherburne presented the banner on behalf of State Senator Ebaezer Boynton. It was red, white, and blue silken banner, four and one half by six feet. 1885 From the year 1886 to 1889 no important change took place in the Military Department. The annual prize drill was held in June and one gold Haskell Medal was pre- sented to the best drilled cadet. However, on May 10, 1890, the 2nd Massachusetts School Regiment had been formed and the first annual Field Day was at Wakefield. Ralph I. Trask, of Gloucester, won first prize and be- came Colonel for the next year. Also, for the first time, Colonel Haskell awarded two medals — one gold and one silver. He announced that he would present two medals annually from then on. In 1892 Field Day was held at Brookline, Gloucester taking third place and in 1893 in Malden, Gloucester ranked first. The cadets had blue blouses and white trousers for their uniform. By the Field Day of 1895 another change had taken place. It was decided that the Cross of ’89 would be given to the cadet with the most soldierly appearance. In 1896 the cadets again took a new appearance, this time wearing white duck trousers and buff leggings. The first national flag was presented to the Military Department by the Honorable Eleazer Boynton of Boston. In 1890 the first state flag was presented by the Senior Girls of that year. The battalion was the largest it had been since G.H.S. first opened in 1907, for it was nec- essary to assign men into three companies instead of two as in years past. In March, 1913, Company " G” had the honor of participating in the parade in Washington at the Inauguration of President Wilson. The last Field Day under the guidance of Mr. Albert W. Bachelor was in 1914. It was a great event for the cadets, for each realized it was the last time for their founder. Two years later, in 1916, there was a change from one battalion of three or four companies to two battalions of three companies each. 1940 Before the school year of 1917 ended, the cadets had entered the World War and many mem- bers of the class entered the service directly from High School. In fact, practically all who were physically able entered the service before November 11, 1918. In September, 1919, the work in military drill was taken over by the Reserve Officers’ Train- ing Corps. The object of this movement was to give all students a thorough physical training and to teach them the fundamentals of the military profession. The first R.O.T.C. instructor was Major Husley in 1920. At the Field Day in 1922 a prize of $50.00 in gold was awarded to the best company. As the years went by, the regiment grew larger and was involved in more activities. In 1939, for instance, the rifle team won the First Corps Intercollegiate Matches. First and third places in the Corps Area were also won in the William Randolph Hearst Trophy Match. In 1925, the following report was made: " On September 17, announcement was made that the unit had again been awarded a place among the thirteen honor R.O.T.C. units in the country and ranked all other units in the First Corps Area.’’ June 15, 1928, for the first time in twenty years, Gloucester High’s military unit participated in an inter-school competition, where a picked company went to Lowell. It won the drill, with Lowell second. Gloucester won the tent pitching contest. From an item in the Times of June 6, 1930: " Begin- ning in 1921 Gloucester has been honor unit for ten con- secutive years. This record is unparalleled in the United States.” On June 21 1933, it was announced that as the en- rollment of 1933-1934 would be so large a regiment of two battalions would replace the single battalion which had been in order since the war. Again this year, the regiment was an ’Honor” unit for the fourteenth consecu- tive year. The R.O.T.C. helps to provide an electorate informed as to American traditions, ideals, and institutions, includ- ing the purpose and necessity of a sane policy of national defense. It is a school for citizenship. 1888 THE GIRLS ' DRILL TEAM The Girls’ Drill Team started in 1887 when a squad of girls under the command of Captain Munroe held a broom drill in the Armory. In 1888, there was a drill by sixteen girls under the command of Captain Grace W. Pew. Their uniforms consisted of nile green skirts and waists faced with black crepe. They also wore soldiers’ caps and belts and carried wooden guns. The commander wore a uniform of grenadier green crepe skirt and waist, faced with black velvet with embossed thread worked into the regulation knots on the shoulder above a black velvet background. At the drill in 1889, sixteen girls under Captain Alice Hodg- kins held a bar drill. There does not seem to be any record of a girls’ drill squad in 1890 . In 1891, the girls’ drill team was again mentioned. The com- mander of this squad of girls was Captain Maggie Keefe, and the two companies of girls presented a Foil Drill and a Hoop Drill under the direction of Major Helen Follansbee. After this drill, there is no record of a girls’ company until 1943, when it was established once again under the title of the Victory Corps. This company consisted of senior girls who were tak- ing physical education. Its original purpose was not a drill team, but a group of girls who would be trained to meet an emergency if one occurred during the trying times of World War II. They were taught to carry messages and overcome obstacles which they may have been unfortunate enough to encounter in such a time of danger. They were also well trained in first aid. The girls, however, wanted to do some other thing in the way of pleasure. They asked their physical education teacher if they could organize a drill team for their own entertainment. She 10 (New 7, w” I jjj therejyas 1 pla ; 4nd since $ne had ha 1 previous experience with girls’ drill squads, she un- wor k and jilJmi hern to the best of her ability. foundftjand jfffis presented a problem; for during World War II, materi as as everything else. The girls soon solved this problem clothing i Jhatf J ey already had or could easily get. Their uniforms consisted s white shirt, red stockings, brown and white saddle shoes, red skic after men’s overseas caps. These hats were made by a local tailor tisin of JA i y o The drill team progressed rapidly; and one day while they were drilling, the R.O.T.C. com mander at the time, Sergeant C. W. Tucker, commented on their progress and even went so far as to say that they drilled better than the boys. He was so impressed, that he asked if they could drill for one of the Officers’ parties held at that time in January or February. This was a won- derful opportunity for the girls, and they did so well that they were asked to be a permanent part of that party every year. In 1944, the girls’ drill team was adopted by the R.O.T.C. and made a regular part of the military program. Although they are not recognized as an official military organization of Gloucester High School,- they have become a standard part of all R.O.T.C. activities. They participate in drill at the two annual officers’ parties, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Field Day, formal inspections, football games, and civic functions. Today, the Girls’ Drill Team has become a source of great com- petition among the girls at Gloucester High School. The Drill Team consists of fifty-five girls. In the fall of each year, new members are selected to fill the vacancies left by the graduates of the previous year. To be eligible for the Drill Team, a girl must have a good scholastic record and she must have perfect school citizenship. The purpose of the Girls’ Drill Team is to help the girls to develop confidence, coordination, teamwork, and leadership. It is a wonderful organization for a girl who has the time and in- terest for it. Our Vice-principal, Mr. W. S. Parkhurst, came to Gloucester High School in 1926. At that time he was a teacher of mathematics. Fourteen years later, in 1940, he became head of the mathematics department, and in 1954 he took on the duties of Vice-principal. Mr. Parkhurst’s education was received at Boston University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Edu- cation degree in 1935, and his Master of Education, Cum Laude, in 1940. Scheduling programs, arranging the mid-year examinations, and also working with the cafeteria personnel are some of the many things Mr. Parkhurst has done during his years at Gloucester High School. Of course, he is always working very closely with Mr. Smith on matters of admin- istration, too. Mr. Parkhurst has also done much in organizing the faculty and student parking system by distributing stickers and assigning parking spaces. In addition, he receives the credit of establishing the system of late bus passes. Mr. Parkhurst has been very kind and considerate to both teachers and students alike. He is always there to help whenever any problems arise. We of Gloucester High School will always remember the understanding, the sympathy, and the kindness of Mr. Parkhurst, teacher, department head, first-floor supervisor, Vice-principal, and friend. ARTHUR N. SMITH, PRINCIPAL A graduate of Gloucester High School’s class of 1929 is Mr. Arthur N. Smith, principal of Gloucester High. Many of us do not know that Mr. Smith has been serving here at Gloucester High School for twenty-four years. He began as a teacher in 1935, and in 1947 he became head of the History Department. In 1951, Mr. Smith took on the duties of principal of Gloucester High School. At Harvard University, Mr. Smith received his Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master of Arts Degree. He continued his education at Tufts University, and in 1939 received his Master of Edu- cation Degree. Almost every time we glance into the office, we can see Mr. Smith busy at his work. We cer- tainly hope that he will continue to guide the students of Gloucester High for many years to come. 16 SUPERINTENDENT L. MUNRO GRANDY It was in Vermont Academy that Dr. L. Munro Grandy prepared for Norwich University from which he was graduated with a B.A. Degree. His graduate work includes study at Bates Col- lege with an M.Ed. Degree and Harvard University with an A.G.S. He has also done graduate work at Boston University; the University of New Hampshire; Teachers College, Columbia; and at Dartmouth College. Before coming to Gloucester in 1932 as Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Grandy was teacher- coach at Hartford High School; Principal of Canaan High School, Canaan, New Hampshire. Principal of Lebanon High School, Lebanon, New Hampshire; and Superintendent of Schools in Groveton, New Hampshire; Salem, New Hampshire; and Dover, New Hampshire. He has furthermore been an in- structor in the Graduate School at New Hampshire State Teachers College, Plymouth, New Hampshire; and Mas- sachusetts State Teachers College, Sa- lem, Massachusetts. To the Graduating Class of I960 Mr. Grandy sends the following message: " My personal congratulations! Along with a hope that you have progressed in- tellectually and morally to a point where you can adequately cope with and event- ually solve the problems of your times.” ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT J. STANLEY THOMPSON Mr. Stanley Thompson, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, states: " The first Flicker was published by my graduating class, the Class of 1922, Gloucester High School. T t was my privilege to have been the president of that class and our Flicker contained little more than a list of the members of the class together with their school activities. There were no pictures and the publication was prepared on the typewriter and the mimeograph. However, the Flicker was born that year and has developed into the very magnificent yearbook which is published annually by the Senior Class of Gloucester High School. After graduating from high school, I attended the State Teachers College of Salem and received my Bachelors degree in June, 1926, and in 1943 received my Masters degree from Boston University. Following two years of teaching in Waterville, Maine, I returned to Gloucester High School in Sep- tember, 1928. I was at Gloucester High from 1928 until 1954 at which time I assumed the duties of my present position. During my tenure at Gloucester High School, I served variously as teacher, floor master, Faculty Manager of Athletics and as Vice-Principal. I am very happy to have this opportunity to say " hello” to the members of the Class of I960 and to wish for you the best of everything.” Mrs. Gould and Mr. Geary talk about plans for Vocational School programs. OUR VOCATIONAL DIRECTOR, OUR SCHOOL TREASURER, AND OUR FLOORMASTERS ALL HELP TO MAKE G.H.S. A FINE SCHOOL Our floormasters, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Parkhurst, and Mr. Elmer, serve us well. CLUBS FACULTY ACTIVITIES LEO AMERO Auto Mechani Subjects DORIS B. BAER A.B., M.A., Radcliff College . . . French . . . Cercle Fran- cois Related Mrs. Towne and Miss Currie, are you always together I FRANCOIS LIVRES SPARK INTEREST IN COUNTRY Maybe someday they’ll seek romance in this country of France. FRENCH CLUB " Parlez-vous Francais?” sounds like a familiar ques- tion between two members of the French Club. Each member has some command of the language, and conversation usually flows quite fluently in French. However, this club is more than a conversational ELEANOR W. BEEBE B.S., M.A., Simmons College, Boston Pniversity . . . English DEVON BERGENGREN A.B., Tufts, Boston Univer- sity . . . General Business, Bookkeeping I, Type I group. After a meeting conducted in French, the members enjoy varipus entertainment pertaining to France and its language. At the end of the school year, the members plan a big picnic or party, which ends the year for the club with a bang. Mrs. Doris Baer, who is a French teacher, is the advisor to FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA " To promote and further interest in activities dealing with the career of homemaking’ ' is the pur- pose of the Future Homemakers of America. This club tries to give the young girls of today, who in- tend to become homemakers, practical ideas about the tasks which they will be facing in the near fu- ture. The girls, under the supervision of their ad- visor, Mrs. Jane Moginot, also have additional op- portunities for cultural and social development. RICHARD C. BERGERON BARBARA P. BRADSTREET B.A., New England College B.S., University of Maine . . . . . . English Home Economics, Clothing I, Advanced " Clothing, Home- making, Family Living FUTURE HOMEMAKERS PRACTICE CULINARY ARTS GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB " Gloucester, Gloucester every time, Gloucester by the sea. " Thus ends the refrain of the Gloucester High School song by the Girls’ Glee Club. This group is comprised of girls chosen for quality in their voices and their ability to read notes. The club meets on Thursday during X block at which time they practice new arrangements. Two musical pro- ductions are given each year, one at Christmas time and one in the spring. The girls also attend several concerts and festivals during the school year. GLEE CLUB SINGS PRAISES OF GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL CHARLES F. BRUNO, JR, A.B., Brown University, . . . Mathematics . . . Sailing Club JOHN F. BUDROW B.S., Fitchburg State Teachers College . . . Auto Repair JOHN E. CANNIFF, JR. B.S., B.A., Boston College . . . Algebra . . . Hockey Coach MARY S. BURKE Boston University . . . B.S. Ed., M.A. . . . U.S. History, Civics, World History ROBERT W. CARD A.B., A.M.T., Bowdoin Col lege, Harvard University . . Physics and Chemistry 4KN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Stimulating interest and discussion of current world affairs is the goal of this newly formed or- ganization. Every other Monday, in room 120, this group holds discussions and debates regarding prob- lems in our modern world, and they get quite in- volved trying to find solutions to the issues. They are now working on a United Nations test project. The two highest ranking students from Gloucester High School will then compete against students from the rest of the state. This is something on which each member is concentrating. TODAY ' S HEADLINES WILL BE TOMORROW ' S HISTORY JOHN C. CARTER A.B., A.M.T., Harvard Col- lege, Harvard School of Edu- cation . . . U.S. History, World History, World Geog- raphy . . . Golf Team, Stage Crew wm fan World problems are discussed with a smile BEATRICE H. CHRISTOPHERSON MARILYN CLARK B.S., Salem State Teachers Illinois Wesleyan University, College . . . Machine Prac- Morningside College . . . B.A. tice . . . Service Club English ( » .V 1 11 " I f I What a relief to sit do | have a quiet bite to eat SAVVYfcR FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, MA 01 30 WE STUDY TODAY; SPREAD KNOWLEDGE TOMORROW FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA " The training of tomorrow’s citizens will be in their hands. " This is the responsibility the members of the Future Teachers of America want to assume. The only qualification needed to join this organi- zation is the desire to be a teacher. Under the guid- ing hands of Miss Willis, the supervisor of element- ary schools, and Mr. Arthur N. Smith, principal of Gloucester High School, these students have had a chance to visit some schools in the Gloucester School System. They have also watched the teachers in ac- tion from the viewpoint of one who may wish to make teaching his career. Here are two of our future teachers, Carol Bro.wn and Sheila Tindley Carol Walters runs the office switchboard very efficiently Does it come out right, Ellen Sutherland? FUND DRIVE KEEPS STUDENT LEADERS ON THEIR TOES STUDENT COUNCIL " Oh, the juniors are ahead of the seniors!” This is a familiar exclamation as the Fund Drive, spon- sored by the Student Council, gets underway. Under the direction of Miss Marjorie Gale, this organization, composed of representatives from each class, directs many valuable activities which aid the school fi- nancially. Among these is the selling of the stock in the Youth of Gloucester Corporation, the giving of a scholarship to a senior, and the sponsoring of the annual Fund Drive. However, money is not their only objective, for they encourage good citizenship and general school conduct. Bill Jim Jknd Dj c V ' ,J - JK thq U’ear • w JWancy cur ieA B.S., Russell Sage Goll)ege . . . y Physical Education . . . Girls Leaders Club HOWARD A. CURTIS B.S., Massachusetts School of Art . . . Art, Fine Art, Art Appreciation . . . Art Club CAPT. JAMES W. CURTIS, JR., P.S.M. T., A.B., Uni- versity of North Carolina ANN DARBY B.A., B.S., Ohio State Uni- versity . . . English . . . Bea- j| j con INSTRUMENTS AND VOICES PEP UP SCHOOL SPIRIT ORCHESTRA " Ah 1 and ah 2 and ah 3” are the familiar words uttered by Mr. Puff, the director of the Gloucester High School Orchestra. When the student body walks into the auditorium for an assembly, it will no doubt hear the orchestra playing a lively march. The music, although played by a small, compact group, is well rendered. In closing the assembly, the orchestra plays the school song which is followed by more marching music. A CAPPELLA CHOIR " Open your mouths wide and lean on both ton- sils,” says Miss Eleanor Moore to the A Cappella Choir. The members have shown some clever co- ordination as a singing group. Selected for their harmonizing voices, these people have done remark- ably well and have appeared at various singing fes- tivals. Each member is a part of a group, and team- work is of great importance. Hard work is also a necessity, for continuous practice makes for better harmony. Howard Lodge and Kay Kippen talk over the next number You can almost hear their voices MARGARET A. EDDIE Oberlin College, University of Michigan . . . B.M. . . . Mu- sic J. VINCENT ELMER Amherst College . . . B.A. Amherst . . . M.A. in T., Harvard . . . Latin . . . Floor- master WERNER M. FEIG University of Pittsburgh . . . Harvard University . . . Mod- ern Problems . . . World History . . . International Relations Club FREDERICK T. FLATTERY Fitchburg State . . .’Franklin Tech . . . Same as B.S. . . . Electricians License, Electrical Wiring MILDRED FROSTHOLM Wellesley College, B.A. . . . M.A. . . . Spanish . . . Span- ish Club MARJORIE H. GALE University of New Hampshire . . . Boston University . . . B.A., M.A. . . . Director of Extracurricular Activities . . . English . . . G.H.S. Student Council . . . Junior Volunteers at he hospital RUTH GAUDET Mercy College . . . Boston College . . . B.S.(Ed.) . . . M.A. . . . English . . . Stev- ens Book Reviewers HAROLD B. GEARY Fitchburg State . . . B.S.(Ed.) M.Ed. . . . Director Glouces- ter Vocational School REVIEWERS PERUSE, PREPARE, AND PRESENT Is the story that entertaining? STEVENS REVIEWERS Have you ever thought that book reviews can be fun? Well, the Stevens Reviewers do. This group meets at a different member’s home each month to discuss current literature. The members have pre- sented two programs this year. In March they re- viewed books for a local business women’s club; in April, for the students of Gloucester High School. They also visited the elementary schools with their stimulating reviews, and submitted some of them to different school publications. At graduation, their advisor, Miss Ruth Gaudet, awards the most deserv- ing reviewer with a book. Carole Carr types perfect copy for our Flicker 30 Are you learning the Mexican Hat Dance, girls SPANISH CLUB Habla Espanol? Maybe you don’t, but the mem- bers of the Spanish Club do. The purpose of the society as a club is to help the members to attain a better understanding of the language and the coun- try bf Spain. One of the club’s main projects is the decoration of the third floor showcase. An interest- ing diversion of the club this past year was the pre- sentation of a Christmas Play done entirely in Span- ish, and directed by their advisor, Miss Mildred Frostholm. The members, however, are not restrict- ed to work, alone, for they entertain themselves with JOHN J. GRADY Boston College . . . Boston University . . . Salem State Teachers . . . A.B., M.A., . . . U.S. History . . . World History . . . Problems of Dem- ocracy ALFRED U. HAGSTROM Providence College . . . Bos- ton University . . . Ph.B. . . . M.E.D. . . . Math THOMAS J. HARDACRE Merrimack College . . . A.B. . . . M.S. . . . Biology . . . Pract. Chemistry . . . Biology Club SENORS AND SENORITAS SWING TO SPANISH SOUNDS VERNON C. HOOPER Gorham State Teachers . . . Manual Arts Degree . . . Me- chanical Drawing, Machine Drawing, Architectural Draw- ing .. . Floormaster INTELLIGENCE LIGHTENS DARKNESS OF WORLD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY In an impressive candle-lighting ceremony for the induction of new members, " leadership, scholarship, character, and service” are cited as the ideals of the Sherman B. Ruth Chapter of the National Honor Society. The society sponsors a program through which showcase displays are obtained weekly from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. By selling candy after school each day, the members maintain a sen- ior scholarship fund. In addition to monthly meet- ings, several lectures and teas are planned each year. Miss Claudia Perry, head of the English department, is advisor to this worthy organization. WILLIAM E. KANE University of Maine B.A. . . . English How ' s the candy business going, kids- SFC. STEPHEN G. KINNER Military Science I . . . Band and Girl Rifle Team HARVEY M. KOROBKIN Suffolk University . . . Tufts University . . . B.S. . . . M.S. . . . General Business, Gen- eral Math, Bookkeeping, Eco- nomics . . . Faculty Flicker Business Manager ROBERT KARCHER Boston University . . . B.S. (Ed.) . . . Masters in Ed. . . . Physical Education . . . As- sistant Coach Football WALK TOGETHER, TALK TOGETHER . , . PEOPLES OF THE EARTH Ute, Leslie, and Shoko spread AFS goodwill throughout the school. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE " Walk together, talk together, O ye peoples of the earth; then and only then shall ye have peace.” This inspiring phrase is the motto of the American Field Service, a truly international organization. How- ever, here at Gloucester High School, its prime pur- pose is to help keep the American Field Service ex- change students happy. This group also sponsors an A.F.S. Weekend in Gloucester late in the spring. At this weekend,’s come from all over Massa- chusetts to spend a weekend here. One of the most remarkable organizations in the world, the members have done much to help better understandings among all the peoples of the earth. Mr. Feig ' s bulletin board conveys the thoughts of AFS at Christmas. CAMERAS, LIGHTS, ACTION LEAD TO PRODUCTION STAGE CREW " Click " . . . this noise is very familiar to all mem- bers of the stage crew as they work at the switch panel backstage in the auditorium. This group of able-bodied young men works hard handling all ac- tivities, especially at every assembly. The members also run movie and slide projectors which are often used by the teachers for classroom work. Their big- gest job, however, is making the sets for the annual play presented by the Drama Club. Gloucester High School can be proud of its stage crew, which spends many hours in service to the school. Mr. John Carter is the sponsor. SERVICE CLUB Teachers’ secretaries, office assistants, library as- sistants, and cafeteria workers are but a few of the many students who make up the Service Club. Mem- bership is comprised on a credit basis; that is the members get credits for performing different services around school. They give both their time and efforts to the fields which they represent. Miss Christopher- son, the club advisor, presents each member who earned a total of ten points during four years at High School with a " G” on Presentation Day. Picture Not Available DOROTHY A. LONDERGON JOHN E. LOPES Emmanuel College, Boston Univer- Western Carolina . . . B.S. sity . . . B.A., M.A. . . . Librarian Mechanical Drawing, History . . . Library Assistants BY SERVING OTHERS, WE HELP OURSELVES V i PHYLLIS P. MARSH Radcliffe College, Boston Uni- versity . . . World History, . . . U.S. History . . . Iota Tau Kappa These girls play a large role in helping the school function properly RUTH C. MARSHALL Boston University, Harvard University . . . Ed.M., A.B. . . . Guidance Counselor . 4,1 More ads for the Flicker, Marcia; MANUEL Providence Science . . F. MART College, . Science INS A.B. Club 44 MICHAEL G. MATCHIE St. John’s University, B.A. . . . English, Speech, Dra- matics, National Thespian Society JUNIOR VOLUNTEERS The Addison Gilbert Hospital is fortunate to have this group of lively girls working so earnestly. The girls may be seen taking gift carts around every af- ternoon after school. This is only one of the many and varied duties they perform, under the direction of their advisor, Miss Marjorie Gale. On Presenta- tion Day, pins are awarded to the girls who have put in either fifty or 100 long hours of gratifying work. Also at this time, all active members receive a certificate in recognition of the fine work they have done. GIRLS AID IN COMFORTING THE SICK ;■ — HP. r t-TUi tm L ; What do you hear, girls; JOSEPH E. MAUGER. JR. ETHEL MILLS University of Massachu- Salem Teachers, B.S. (Ed.) setts, B.A. . . . Algebra I, Bookkeeping, Element- ary Accounting . . . Cheer- leaders Gail Wonson has had plenty of experience doing this at the hospital MANUAL AND MENTAL ACTIVITIES ACHIEVE SKILLFUL GOALS CRAFTS CLUB One of Gloucester High School’s newest clubs is the Crafts Club, which was organized by Miss Mary Jane Nugent. The group had an interesting project this past winter. It was that of constructing paper angels for Christmas decorations around the school. Later, the members undertook other projects outside of their class, all of which proved to be just as in- teresting, thereby ga ining a better appreciation of the many types of crafts which have been developed throughout the world. The qualifications for joining this club are simple — the student must have taken, or be taking at the present time, crafts, and he must have a passing grade. CHESS CLUB " Check mate " are the words which many chess players some day hope to say to their opponents. The members, under the direction of Mr. Robbins, have played many lively games which add to the excite- ment of chess. Through the club, each member tries to improve his game by thinking ahead and plan- ning his moves. By playing games against other schools in the vicinity, the player becomes more ef- ficient, and the club more successful. ELEANOR F. MOORE Director of Music Education, Music Appreciation and The- ory JORGE R. MORGENSTERN United States Merchant Ma- rine Academy, Harvard Uni- versity . . . B.S., A.M. . . . German, Spanish . . . Ger- man Club MARIO R. MORIELLO Boston University, B.S. . Ed.M. . . . Math, Science JANE E. MOGINOT University of Vermont, B.S. . . . Foods I, Homemaking SCIENTISTS CREATE PRINTERS ' HEADLINES PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLUB One of the outstanding projects of the Physical Science Club is the Science Fair held in March. As its major project, success was guaranteed because of the hard work and enthusiasm of each member. How- ever, this was not all of its activities, for, under the direction of the club advisor, Mr. Manuel Martins, the members of the club participated in various in- teresting and educational field trips. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CLUB Have you ever wondered what happens to the 25 cents you pay for a football program? The boys in the Benjamin Franklin Club put it into a scholarship fund; and, at graduation, it is awarded to the most deserving senior boy in order that he may further his education in the field of printing. The members of this organization are boys from the print shop who have at least a " B” average and are recommended by the instructor, Mr. Vail. The highlights of their year included three industrial .trips to printing and paper mills. These trips helped to further the boys’ knowledge of the printing industry. Looks very complicated to me The football programs were excellent this year, boys. HELEN MORTON PAUL A. NICKAS Framingham State Teachers University of Massachusetts, College . . . Director of High New York University, Colum- School Cafeteria bia, Harvard, Simmons . . . B.S., M.A. . . . Chemistry MARY J. NUGENT Salem State Teachers, Boston University . . . B.S.fEd.), M. Ed. . . . Crafts . . . Crafts Club H. AUGUSTUS NUNES, JR. University of New Hampshire . . . B.A. . . . Algebra II, Mathematics II, Algebra, Mathematics II . . . Geometry . . . Tennis Coach Members of the Art Club base their studies on painting and design. ART CLUB All the various aspects of art are studied by this relatively new club, which is sponsored by Mr. How- ard Curtis. The Art Club makes several field trips to art museums throughout the school year. These ex- cursion clarify their under- standings of art and its greatness. Since it is a new club at Gloucester High School, its membership is not too great, but it is fast becoming very popular, and should soon have a large and active member- Beauty and service go hand in hand. PARENTS DECIDE TO COME BACK TO G.H.S. When it comes to attendance, parents outshine students. ROBERT E. PUFF University of California, Flor- ida State, Boston University, Salem Teachers . . . B. Mu- sic, M. Music Ed. ... In- strumental music, Band, Or- chestra IRVING ROBBINS University of Massachusetts, University of Pennsylvania, Boston University . . . B.A., M.A., M.Ed. . . . Social Stud- ies .. . Chess Club SFC FRANK A. PETTENGILL Boston University . . . Mili- tary Science II . . . ROTC Rifle Team, Junior Varsity Rifle Team GEORGE PERRY Fitchburg Teachers’ College . . . B.S.(Ed.), M.S. . . . Machine Tool, Driver Educa- tion SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH Maybe some day you people will visit Germany. GERMAN CLUB ' Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” says Mr. Morgenstern, the club advisor. If you do, you probably have some idea of what the German Club does. Throughout the the members learn about different customs of the German people by listening to German records and by looking at movies and slides. German liter- ature is also stressed as well as a the language itself. Everyone in 117-B is busily working on -the Flicker, Alice? AMBITIOUS ACTORS PERFORM WITH REALITY What’s the matter, Bill? Doesn’t it fit? NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY " Lights, Camera, Action” are the familiar words during the past two years the members have attended that are characteristic of the National Thespian So- the Drama Festival, serving as host last year. " Each ciety which provides the school as well as itself with member, no matter what the size of his part,” says well-performed entertainment. Annually, they put on Mr. Matchie the club advisor, " is of equal import- a Christmas play for the school and a three-act play ance to both the success of the play and the reputa- for the general public. This is not all, however, for tion of the club. EDWARD W. ROEWER Dartmouth College, Boston University . . . A.B., M.Ed. . . . Spanish, World History NORMAN C. ROSS Bucknell University . . . A.B. . . . Economics, Business Or- ganization . . . Athletics M SGT. DOUGLAS S. RUSSELL Military RICHARD S. SHORT Bates College . . . B.S. . . . I J Biology . . . Beta Beta Bio- ;l logy Picture Not Available Are these girls surprised, bewildered, or interested, or all three? BETA BETA BIOLOGY CLUB Do you know the proper uses of alcohol? This is one of the subjects studied by the members of the Beta Beta Biology Club. During the year, the mem- bers do projects and study certain phases of medi- cine such as Botany and Biology under the direc- tion of their advisor, Mr. Richard Short. However, besides studying these various subjects, the members try to further their appreciation of the biological sciences. With its members, the Biology Club has made a success of itself by creating an interesting and informative association. BUGS, BOTANY, BACTERIA PUZZLE BIOLOGISTS WILLIS K. SMITH Keene Teachers’ College, Uni- versity of New Hampshire, Plymouth Teachers’ College . . . B.Ed., M.Ed. . . . English . . . Senior Class Advisor KENNETH E. STICKNEY University of North Carolina, Fitchburg State Teachers’ Col- lege . . . Vocational Educa- tion . . . Carpentry Related LEON C. SPRAGUE, JR. University of Maine . . . B.S. . . . M.A. . . . Guidance Counselor CHARLOTTE TAYLOR University of New Hampshire, Middlebury College . . . B.A.. M.A. . . . English . . . Flush JANE C. TOWN HARVEL R. VAIL ALGE T. VAITONES Emmanuel College . . . . . English . A.B. Fitchburg Teachers College . . . B.S. . . . Printing Shop and Related . . . B enjamin Franklin Club Barton University . . . Type I . . . Salesmanship . . Arithmetic . . . iness Club . . . vertising . . . Ed.M. Type II . . . . Business Honor Bus- Beacon Ad- TYPEWRITERS, ERASERS, HOT COPY MOLD OUR PAPER Planning next week’s Flash is a tedious but rewarding job. FLASH " Get your assignments in on time! " This is the cry stressed weekly for the reporters by the Flash sponsor, Miss Taylor, and the co-editors. As a re- sult, students learn how to meet deadlines and how a newspaper is run. But most of all, they get a chance to improve their journalism. The Flash ap- pears in the Gloucester Daily Times weekly, and con- tains articles on recent assemblies, student activities, and other happenings of interest to the student body. Somber study is caught by the camera at 1:59 46 O. MYRTLE WARDRUP Shepard College . . . B.A., B.S. . . . Biology . . . Phy- siology . . . Beta Beta Biol- ogy . . . Future Nurses of America PAST BEACONS FORMULATE FRESH THOUGHTS RAYMOND C. WHITE Fitchburg State Teachers . . . B.S. . . . Machine Related Drawing . . . Electrical Relat- ed Drawing . . . Math . . . Theory . . . Science OLGA WILLIAMS Salem Teachers . . . Boston University, University of Bridgeport . . . B.S., M.B.A., C.A.S. . . . Office Practice . . . Honor Business Club BEACON " Monday will be Beacon Day,” is a familiar state- ment heard in all English classrooms twice every year. Beacon Day is the name given to the day on which contributions to the Beacon, our semi-annual literary magazine, are due. Its staff is divided into poetry, art, and literary committees. Each member of the committee must read and comment on every contribution for his division, and the final selections must be edited by Miss Darby. The accepted mater- ial is then published in a booklet and sold to the students. Such an organization gives people with a flair for writing an opportunity to see their work in print. Have you seen Gulliver lately? OUR CAFETERIA GIVES US WELL-PLANNED MEALS DAILY leven twenty-two and all is ready! Miss Morton is holding her breath. if liH nnS ' T, ' v -»m f i room Anyone calling the athletic office may hear Bev Steele’s pleasant voice. Florence Stople issues a ream of paper to Joyce Farnham. Pat Tarr practices Ginny Frontiero and Bobby Enos show how bookkeeping can be fun. Mr. Hooper’s mechan- ical drawing classes form future engineers. SUPPLIES Don ' t drink up the reservoir, Bob O’Maley. SEPTEMBER, AND STUDENTS FIND IT HARD TO GET BACK TO THE BOOKS SEPTEMBER 10. Seniors come happily (?) back to school. David Patrican is careful not to step on Freshmen. 11. Freshmen are running around looking for the elevator. Sandra Sargent, Larraine Mitchell, and Marion Martell congregate in supply room to count their newly gained profits. 14. Esther Bray, Mary DeWolfe, and Leanora Or- lando carry stacks of books. They aren’t going to do homework, they’re just going to cover the books. 15. Kathy Love finds school dull this year. She can’t seem to find any interesting boys. 16. Is that a wooden Indian outside of room 122? No, it’s just Bill Baxter. And he says he isn’t in a rut. 17. Carol Silva, Maureen Rogers, and Linda Evans keep getting lost in the corridors. They can’t seem to figure out where X Block went. 18. The lights in the auditorium are blinking on and off. Is it a short circuit? No, it’s just Eddie Abbot getting back into the routine. Brian Murphy loses a chess game. Leslie Burns runs to record this earth-shaking event in her secretary’s report. 22. " Kick-Off Dance’’ Saturday Night. William Crowley, Dan Francis, and Don Hiltz, are seen prowling about the third floor. 23- Joanne Ciarametaro doesn’t like the lunch to- day. Marion Goucher suggests serving Ess ex clams. 24. Ellen Sutherland and Roberta Jones are still yawning during first block classes. They think it’s a shame that school can’t start at 10:00 a. m. 25. Red-faced Walt Piraino leads band at Jamboree. Embarrassed because the girls gave a cheer for you, Walt? 28. Jane Southworth runs down to Mr. Feig’s room. She finally solved a modern problem. 29. Suzanne W akely and Priscilla Wilson are caught talking in homeroom. 30. Diane Morris isn’t at lunch. She is seen sit- ting on the floor in front of her locker doing shorthand. 21. Seniors find their " weigh(t)” to the future 52 REGULAR SCHOOL SCHEDULES HAVE BECOME ROUTINE BY NOW 1. 5. 6 . 8. 9. OCTOBER Sheila Brown and Ann Brancaleone put cot- ton in their ears. Jean Amero has been reading shorthand aloud during X Block. Wonder why Larry Beaulieu decided to think before he answers any more questions. Tina Cur cur u is heard telling Mr. W. Smith that she will work overtime. Sheila Bindley is still wondering about those footprints on the roof. Doreen Ciaramitaro does cartwheels down the corridors. Congratulations, Dodie! Something is missing on the first floor. Why its Bill Burr and Marcia Genest’s daily quar- rel. We play Salem tomorrow. Eddie Silva stays home to rest up. Frankie looks pretty sick, but you can bet Marilyn will call his bluff 12. The photographer catches Paul Dexter and Mike Chambers studying. All the books fall off the shelves. 13- Florence Strople and Carole Carr send Joyce Farnham skyrocketing to the third floor. Robert Town catches her. 14. Barbie Goulart stands in front of the print shop during second lunch. I wonder why? 15. Mr. Moriello chases Valerie Saulnier down the corridor. We told you to sign the blackboard, Val. 16. Pete LaFata stops complaining. He won a bowl- ing bet, and someone else has to pay his class dues. 17. Elana Pistenmaa dreams of the day when school is out. 19. Bus driver faints. Nancy Natti arrives on time. 20. Ronald Joseph waits for his sunshine to bright- en his day. 22. Is that Barb Ouelette walking to school? What happened to the car, Barb? 23. Alice Souza can’t wait for the hockey season to start. 26. Crunching sounds are heard in room 203. Gail Martin and Mary Frazier break their backs to take 100 words a minute dictation. 27. Gail Wonson rushes to rescue Sally Rosa. Sal made a mistake in clothing class and sewed her fingers together. 28. Skip Lowe finds a way to beat the high cost of living. He boosts candy prices to 10c a bat. 29. Weird noises are heard on the first floor. Pat Hobbs and Mari Patten are practicing for Hal- loween. 30. Miss Morton chases Joan Brooks and Paula Mitchell out of the cafeteria. It seems they went trick or treating a little early. 53 SENIORS MAKE RESOLUTIONS TO STUDY HARDER AND LONGER JANUARY 4. Janice Palmer finds new way to meet city of- ficials. Bang! 5. Annie Mello, Donna Smith, and Marcia Spin- ney take advantage of the snow and bring their sleds to school. 6. Diane Perry says to Penny Downs, " Be reason- able, do it my way.” 7. Phyllis Noble is still in school. She doesn’t care if she gets locked in, she’s not leaving without her Mad magazine. 8. Ronnie Texieria sports a shiner. I suppose it was a high doorknob, Tex? 11. Robert Tarr and Roland Troy are absent from homeroom today. Everything is quiet. 12. Freshmen, get your mid-year tickets from John Dahlmar, Sammy Favazza, or Robert Rowe. 13. Mrs. Wardrup’s physiology class must be study- ing first aid again. Kathryn Arabian’s head is swathed in bandages. 14. Screams are heard coming from the cafeteria. Betty Azevedo ' has her finger mistaken for a carrot as she steals chips from Phyllis Russell’s plate. That’ll learn ya, Betty. 15. Bev Porter wants to start a locker cleaning company, but Jackie Scola claims you make more money at a car-wash. 18. Mid-years start today. John Sperry decides to Seniors are studying hard with mid-years in mind give up on his one foreign language — English! 19- Francis Anderson misses her first Mid-year. It seems she walked all the way to room 322 when she was supposed to go to room 122, and thought it was silly to do all that walk- ing for nothing. How was your mark in French, Fran? 21. Roberta Enos teaches Sally Muise the A B C’s of taking exams. Aspirin, Books, and Coffee. (Preferably black) 22. Ann Hale serenades the Girls’ Drill Team. 23. John Erkkila is a half-hour late for his exam. It seems his car got stuck in a snowbank out- side of school. 25. There goes John Movalli floating to the ceiling again. We told “you not to eat those dog bis- cuits, John. 56 FLICKER COPY HAS TO LEAVE, EVEN IF OUR BUSSES TAKE IT Editor Phyllis Russell mails out final Flicker copy MARCH 1. How about the day Vince Asaro turned over a leaf in his book so hard it tore off. 2. Frank Powers and Norman Taylor are still looking for the promise in the " Missouri Com- promise.” 3. Amidst the books in the library, Sharon Twomey thought " Good-bye, Mr. Chips,” meant the end of a famous wood-chopper. 4. Emma Blatchford finally got the right key — the key on the typewriter, that is. 7. Sue Goodhue advises Ted Forbes to make sure his brain is engaged before putting his mouth into gear. 10 , Coming out of Driver Ed are Colleen Gillie and Katy Kippen. Colleen says: " I thought " R” stood for Race!” Polly Rust sings a song of spring. It’s not far off, you know. Then there was the day that Sheila Ferrint thought Virgil was the new Latin teacher. Bobby Brown tries an experiment. The only trouble is he can’t seem to get Ralph McKie into orbit. " Those are brownies!!” said Carole Muise. " Sorry, I thought they were hardtacks,” replied Joanne Messina. Don O’ jantakanen heard tljat it wasn’t. good to burn the candle at both ends, so he tried burn- ing it in the middle. Looking for Indians on the new pennies is Peter J. White. Tom Lin sky and Reggie Jackson sure had a rough time on that " snipe hunt.” Even the flashlight battery gave out! Marcia Davis throws tea. Tea throws guests. Military tactics are demonstrated by Mark Chamberlain when attacked by small boy with air rifle. Advice to Liz Connors. To recall the pronuncia- tion of romance, remember the accent is on " Man.” 28. " To succeed is an urge.” Mickey Smith thought it was a drag. 29. Warren Spurling gets a new medal. Total weight 10 lbs. Pat Burke thought that the scavenger hunt was for a bird but found it was a party instead. A petition is started by Mark Sheldon for the next week off. 15 16 25 30 31 SENIORS THOUGHTFULLY CONTEMPLATE GRADUATION What a serious business this turned out to be MAY 2. A miracle on the first floor. Howard Costa came to school today. 3. David Pimentel and Bill Henderson are seen serenading the senior girls. Spring fever, boys? 4. What’s this? Bev Steele is trying to find out Who’s Who in Dreamsville. 5. Kevin Shore finally decides to become a fire- man. Oh, no ! 6. Mr. Bradstreet’s homeroom is in an uproar. Bruce Fortiar tripped over his own feet. What did you polish your shoes with, Bruce? 9. Rilla Cheverie just can’t wait to get home. Are you expecting a letter, Rilla? 10. Great news! Vince Boyle made a discovery- — Dick Ryan is half an inch shorter than he is. 17. Marion Goodwin can’t seem to find her inter- esting English book. What a shame, Mai. 18. Capt. Curtis is seen chasing Everett Ercolani around the gym. Did you use his best uniform again, Everett ? 20. Cliffy Sampson hurries to meet a certain bru- nette after school ends. Got plans for tonight, Cliff? 23. The racket on the first floor is just Kenneth Vicar i trying to squeeze into his locker from Mr. Parkhurst. 25. Henry Pascucci is seen with a patch over his eye. Bump into a door, Henry? 26. Gail Whynott and Rosemarie Testeverde al- ready have their graduation dresses. So that’s why they weren’t in school yesterday. 11. David Snelson thumbs through his little black book. What’s new, Dave? 13. There’s a heated discussion in Mr. Feig’s Mod- ern Problems class. Brendon Densmore argues over the cold war. 16. There seems to be something missing in study today. Oh, it’s only Lucy Jewell’s silence. 30. Memorial Day — No school ! However, Charles Coring and Bob O’Maley don’t realize that. They arrive at school to find the brigade is marching down Main Street, Oh, oh! 31. Barbie Kohr looks like she’s on cloud nine. She must have seen her dreamboat over the long week-end. 60 MOST OF THE TIME OUR ACTIONS ARE UNACCOUNTED FOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST INTELLIGENT 63 EACH NIGHT THE TELEPHONE PLAYS A LARGE ROLE BILL McLEOD AND JULIE MARTIN CUTEST DICK RYAN AND DONNA FAVAZZA o w-QOwa AFTER FOUR YEARS AT G.H.S. WE THINK WE KNOW EVERYTHING MOST CHEERFUL PEPPIEST 2MM5JOO H Mqa :xl M C " 5 Cfl •- w so I— MOST SOPHISTICATED MANY OF OUR HOURS ARE SPENT DREAMING AND PLANNING BEN FAVAZZA FRIENDLIEST LIZ CONNORS co — t— SOh tJdtnco NOTHING IS ACCOMPLISHED THOSE LAZY DAYS OF OURS BEST GROOMED MOST TALENTED 71 O ' S;- W atnOS SENIORS GOOD-BY, G.H.S. — IT ' S BEEN A WONDERFUL FOUR YEARS WILLIAM LEROY BURR— ' ' Bill” Interests: MARCIA; sports cars; beatup Fords; the South; rockets; Summers of 1958, 1959, I960. Activities: Base- ball Team; Hockey Team; Stage crew 1, 2, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Student Council; Flicker Committees. Awards: Sawyer Medal 3, Nat’l Honor Society; Junior Rotarian; Pres. Senior Class. Ambition: To find my path and follow it. MARY VIRGINIA KING— Schnapps-Ginger-Ginge’ ’ Interests: PHILOSOPH- IES; Tea; Literal people; " Heeltonens”; Expedi- tions with the Bird; Lis- tening; Talking; Theatre, Music, Reading. Activi- ties-. Class Vice Pres.; Rifle Team, Capt. 4; Thespians, Pres. 4; Glee Club; A Cappeb la; French Club; Jr. Mu- nicipal Day 3; Jr. Usher- ette; Biology Club 4; FLICKER. Ambition: Fiat voluntas tua. DAVID ANTHONY ROSE— " Dave-Rosie” Interests: Hockey, Music, Dancing, sports, C.Y.O., Ship 5 Hesperus, ZORRO. Ac- tivities: Class Treas; FLICK- ER; R.O.T.C.; Honor Guard, 2, 3; 2nd place Prize Squad 3; Haskell Drill finalist 3; Indi- vidual Drill finalist 4; S.F.C. 4; Football 1 . Ambition: To keep my head high, my feet on the ground and my faith in God. LESLIE ELIZABETH BURNS— " Les” Interests: The Silver Half; Phi Kappa Gamma; Wonderful, Wonderful ! ! Right Luscious; P.F.; Beach Road; Selected Set; Freddies. Activities: Class Secretary; FLICKER; Flash; Spanish; F.N.A.; Latin; Biol- ogy; A.F.S. Pres., Secretary; Junior Usherette; Supply Room. Ambition: As an R.N. . . . " To Practice My Profes- sion Faithfully” . . . 74 EDWARD ABBOTT FENWICK Interests: Roller Skating; A’51 Chevy; Ship 53; An Electric Guitar; The Rock- port Boys; Sandy Bay Yacht Club. Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Color Guard 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Get a good job and retire comfortably. FRANK WILLIAM ANDERSON, JR.— Frank Interests: DeMolay; Hi-Y; Y.P.F.; German Club 3, 4; Nat. Thespian Soc. 3; In- dividual Drill 4. Awards v Mathematics Assoc. Award 3; First Place Squad 3. Ambition: To become suc- cessful in the field of Bi- ology. THEODORE AKERLEY— Ted Interests: 1959 Pontiac; Tri- Power Engine; Speed Boat; the Stock Car Races; Flipper dippin; Cape Ann Drivers; Peter J. White ' s garage; Can- ada; Shooting; Fishing and ev- erything. Ambition: To build the world’s fastest stock car (and drive it). To be an Au- tomotive Engineer. .fa KATHRYN ARABIAN— Kay Interests: JIMMY ; Just a Fresh Cat; Junior Debs; Aug. 18, 1959; Vanilla cokes; That Olds; " Just as Much as Ev- er.” Activities: Future Nurses of America; Girls’ Rifle Team. Ambition: To be part of his future. JEAN P. AMERO— Jeannie Interests: DICK; " Sum Fun;” Raining inside; " Lotta Laughs;” " Rotation;” TV’s and H.F.’s; Sunlight. Activ- ities: Beacon 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club; Secretary 4; Nat’l Hon. Soc. 3, 4. Awards: Sawyer Medal 1. Ambition: To at- tend business school and be- come a successful secretary. BRADFORD H ARTHUR, JR.— Interests: Music; Sports; Cars; Woodbury Tavern; Jazz; M.G. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, com- mander 4; Individual Drill 2, 3; Prize Squad Second Place 2; First Place 3; A.F.S.; Stu- dent Council. Awards: Junior Rotarian 4; Honor Soc. V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4. Ambition: To be an Air Force pilot. FRANCES ANDERSON— Fran Interests: Art; Traveling; " Don’t You Know.” Ambi- tion: To make my parents proud of me. VINCENT ASARO— Vince Interests: Phyllis; the boys the " Big Six;” My " Big Mere;” Joe Monte’s Establish- ment; Dancing; Cars; Stage Fort Park. Activities: Band 1, 2; Track 2; Navy Reserve. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I do, and make my family proud of me. OUR FOOTSTEPS WILL ALWAYS BE HEARD IN YO UR ECHOES 75 YOUR FRIENDLY WALLS WILL REMAIN LOREVER IN OUR HEARTS ELIZABETH ELAINE AZEVEDO— " Betty” Interests: BUDDY; The Pit; That ’51 Olds; Phi Kappa Gamma; That certain July night; Double-dating; The midnight picnic; " Chosen Few;” The Door. Activities: Flicker; Student Secretary; Junior Usherette; Main Of- fice Assistant; Chess Club. Ambition: To find the foun- tain of youth. GERALDINE BABSON- " Dina " Interests: Norwich Cadet; " Drop” " Sum Fun”; Lotta laughs; " Let it Rain”; Star- dust; " Rotation.” Activities: Drill Team 1, 2, 3, Sergeant 4; French Club 3, Pres. 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3, Treas. 4; Latin Club 3, Sec. 4; Ath- letic Office 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To contribute something some- where. JACK BARBARA GIACHINO Interests: Que stick; the unpredictable one. Activ ■ ities: Football 1, 2, 3, Track 3, 4; Awards: Co”, Capt. Football. Ambitions To go on to college graduate. WILLIAM BAXTER— Bill Interests: C.Y.O.; Swimming; Jazz; J.O.A.; Cars; 1662-R; Trombones. Activities: Band 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Cross Coun- try 3, 4. Ambition: To work at my full capacity and make myself useful to the world. LAWRENCE W. BEAULIEU — Larry Interests: Cars; Girls; Work- ing on Cars; " What!” me worry?” Dancing; Bowling; Sea Explorers. Ambition: To become a steamfitter. F. JOSEPH BENNET— Joe Interests: Girls; Essex; ’54 Ford; " That certain Day. " Music; Swimming. Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. Am- bition: To have the girl that I wink at, wink back. To make my parents proud of me. PAUL BERGMAN— Berg j Interests: Old Cars, espe- cially Fords; Bonnie; the Future. Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambi- tion: To be a success in the eyes of those closest to me. LAUGHING AND CRYING AND OFTEN EVEN STUDYING ESTHER ANN BRAY— Irma Interests: Senior Debs; The Rink; Sisters and Cousins; Skating; Football; Hockey; Us Beatniks. Activities: Serv. Club, 4; Arch. 3; Teachers ' Sec. 4; Jr. Usher; Award in Shorthand and Type. Ambi- tion: To live, laugh, and be happy. JOAN BROOKS— Joanie Brooksie. Interests: Aug. 26, 1959; DON; Lots of Laughs; Mu- sic; Dancing; Bowling; Grant’s; Swimming. Activities: Sec. 4; Archery 1; Class Cal- endar; Jr. Volunteer 1, 3. Awards: Jr. O.G.A. Ambi- tion: To take a new step each day on the stairway to Par- adise. CAROL ANN BROWN— Interests-. " Rainbow”; Pil- grim Fellowship; Someone to watch over me. Activities: Jr. Volunteers; Nat’l Honor Soc. 4; Glee Club 4; A Cap- pella Choir; Spanish Club; Cafeteria; Award: 100 hour service pin. Ambition: To find the end of the rainbow with that certain someone for me. DAVID BROWN— Charley Interests: Planes; Living; I People; Rifles; Sports; j Girls. Activities: Rifle- Team 2, 3, 4; Corp. 2, Sgt. 3. Awards: First place j Prize Sqd. 3- Ambition: To become a Lt. in the U.S.A.F. Wk ROBERT FISHER BROWN —Bob Interests: JAYNE; Boats; The Race Track; Hi-Y. Activities: Rifle Team 2, 3 , Pres. 4; Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Student Council; Tennis 3, 4; Award: Prize Sqd. 3; Indiv. Drill 4; Honor Guard 2, 3; Tennis Tournament Winner. Ambition: To be successful in the field of science. •t ' • SHEILA BROWN— She’ll Interests: HATCH; Manches- ter; To find out what JOA means; Band Concerts; Brad- ford Building Fire. Activities: Art Club 4; Flicker Commit- tee 4; Jr. Volunteer 3. Ambi- tion: To receive my cap as a practical nurse. PATRICIA BURKE— Pat Interests: Bob’s Rockport; A.A.A.; The Gang; Uncle Tenny’s Cabin; The Broom; That Certain Someone. Am- bition: To make my parents as proud of me as I am of them; and see Val get to Hol- lywood. THOMAS JAMES BURKE— Tom, Burkie Interests: Trains; Drawing Records; Woodworking; Roller Skating; Pets. Ac- tivities: Glee Club 1; Cho- rus 1; Prize Drill 2; Has- kell Drill 3; Corp. 3; S.F.C. 3. Ambition: To, be a success in whatever II attempt and make my par- ' ents proud of me. 78 WILFRED FRANCES BURKE— Willie Interests: Music, Dancing, Hunting, Fishing, Bowling; T.V.; Ralphie’s Guitar; " The Smash-Up”; The Gang. Ac- tivities: Band 1. Ambition: To be successful in everything I attempt and to make my mother and father proud of me. GEORGE BURNHAM— Georgie Interests: Reeling; John’s; Bob’s Nuthouse; Canteen; The Wharf; Rendezvous; Girls; Fun; That Certain Girl. Ac- tivities: Hockey; Football; Baseball. Ambition: To join the service and learn a trade. To find a good hard job when I get out. iAROLE ANN CARR nterests: Bowling; South ’acific; W.T’s; Popcorn; wimming; How’s ya iUMMERS. Activities: . 3, 4; Flash 3, 4; Jun- i, lor Volunteers 1, 2, 3; Jun- ; lor Usherette 3; FLICKER Awards: O.A.T.; O.G.A. Ambition: To travel, and hen attend Chandler. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WE DID DO SOME CRAMMING FOR MACBETH SANDRA JEANNE CAPILLO— Sandy Interests: Hockey; Football; Basketball; Senior Debs; Swimming; Cousins and Sis- ters; Table 2; Kings Rook I960; Music; Sweet Shop. Awards: Shorthand and Type Awards. Activities: Junior Usher 3; Student Sec. 4; Serv- ice Club 4. Ambition: To live, love, laugh, and be hap- py and become a successful secretary. SHIRLEY A. CAMPBELL— " Campbell” Interests: Eric, Our Road Rec- ord Hops; Jr. Globetrotters; Good Old Cape Ann Boys; Be Good, That Red and White Ford; Our Party. Activities: Archery 1. Ambition: To live, love, laugh and be happy. CHARLES BUSH— [Annheizer, Chuck Interests: Women, Radio Engineering; Amateur Ra- dio; Photography. Ambi- tion: To explore the world, go on an expedition to Fernando Po Island, off the Gold Coast, Africa in 11962. Possibly to go to the [Kntarctic or Arctic next Jummer. 79 JUDITH ANN CATALINI— Judy Interests: That Buick; Danc- ing; Bowling; Skating; Beach Party; Basketball Games. Ac- tivities: Cafeteria Assistant; Teachers’ Secretary; Beacon Assistant; Awards: Junior O.A.T.; Typewriting Progress Certificate. Ambition: Make new friends and to keep the old. JOHN MARK CHAMBERL IN— Mark Interests: Joan; Uniondale; White Chevy; Novaks. Activ- ities: Football 1, 2, 3; Base- ball 1, 2, 3; Thespian 3; Span- ish Club 2; Award: All Scholastic 3. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I attempt after I ' ve been through college. 0 %. H URILLA MARIE CHEVERIE — Rilla Interests: Charlie; Phi Kappa Gamma; Freddies Selected Set; Black Chewy; Letters; Loose Tail-pipes; Silver Half; That Oct. night; Fun. Activ- ities: Honor Bus. Club, Pres.; National Honor Society; Lat- in Club, Vice Pres.; Floor- master’s Asst.; Flicker, Spanish Club; Drill Team; Junior Ush- erette. Awards: Sawyer Medal. Ambition: To see " someday” come and stay. LINDA CHICK Interests: Coffee and Coke; Bubble Gum for Christmas. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To make my par- ents proud of me and finish what I start. JOANNE MARIE CIARAMETARO — Jo Interests: Dancing; Rock’n’ Roll; Swimming; Bowling; Collecting Records. Activities: French Club 3, 4; Flash 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Library Asst. 4. Ambition: To enjoy life and see my family and friends always happy. F. MICHAEL CHAMBERS— Mike Interests: The Bookroom; Hockey; Having Fun. Ac- tivities: History Club 1; Hockey 1-4; Bookroom At- tendant 2-4; International Relations Club, President 4; Junior Rotarian 4; Awards: Sawyer Medal I. Ambition: To be Paul’s, assistant coach. DOREEN CIARAMITARO — Nin Interests: BILL; " Weel Wittle Warriors’’; Golf;j| Skating; PJ Parties; July; 1, 1959; " Rings Around} Us”; Dancing; Cheering; j.1 " Is That Right?”; My ill Honey. Activities: Cheer-jJ leader 3, Capt. 4; Girls’! Drill Team 1, 2, 3; Spec-1 tacular 3; FLICKER. Ambi-i tion: To acquire my pro-) fessional Golfers’ degree}] and to raise little caddies. OUR WORRIES OVER COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION BOARDS ARE FEV 80 YOU SEE, WE HEARD THAT NO ONE REALLY EVER FLUNKS THEM ItNCIE A. CIOLINO Wpterests: Midnight Riders; ■hose Shows ! Bowling; Hockey; 1957 Ford; Foot- la 11 Games; Laughs; Good ■Times. Activities: Teach- ers’ Secretary. Int. Rel. Blub; Flash Typist; Arch- ery 1, 2, 3; Service Club. ards: Junior O.A.T. bnbition: To be forgiven id not forgotten. JOHN CLAYTON Interests: ANN; Football, Hockey; Cemetery; Pink Hous- es. Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Corporal 3, Sgt. First Class 4; Individual Drill; Has- kell Drill; Prize Squad. Awards: Haskell Medal. Am- bition: To see Jimmy Brown run over the Giants. ELLA E. COMEAU Interests: DAVE; Late .Laughs; Jan. 17, 1958; Elites; " Every- day”; Sports; " Sometimes”; Parties; A Certain Lieut.; Steadies. Activities: Biology Club; Future Nurse; Int. Rel. Club; Teacher Sec.; Arch- ery. Awards: O.A.T. Ambi- tion: To see him reach his goal. To keep the Rotates Rotating. ELIZABETH ANN CONNORS " Liz” Interests: Sum Fun; " Let It Rain”; Drip. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Right Guide 4; Girls ' Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Ger- man Club; International Rela- tions Club; Latin Club Presi- dent 3, Vice-President 4. Am- bition: To teach after attend- ing college. vMNfP ■I o ■ Y CONFEI RO 1 - ROBERT CORKUM— IrBob.” Interests: All sports; Ipirls; Canteen; Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. fe.B. 3, 4; F.B. 1; Young IPeople’s Fellowship; Aco- lytes Guild; C. Country 3; llnd. Drill 3, 4; Honor Ipuard 2; DeMolay Sgt. 4. lA wards: Bill Curley I Award; Base. Champ. Tro- Iphy. Ambition: To do a I ' little of everything. HOWARD T. COSTA— " Ted” Interests: Cars; Skating; Ski- ing; Bowling; Boys in the Machine Shop. Activities: In- dividual Drill; Corporal 1, 2; Sgt. 3; Vocational Club. Am- bition: To be a grade A ma- chinist and work at Bomac. To be a bachelor and go to California. DANA LEWIS COULL Interests: Short Wave Radio Listening; DeMolay; Boating; Table No. 10; S.P.Y.F. Bible Study; Basketball; Goozol- Plex. Activities: Chess Club 4; R.O.T.C. Sports 4. Ambi- tion: To do as I feel God would want me to and help others. LOWLY FRESHMEN SEEMED TO LOVE TO BOTHER US WILLIAM MICHAEL CROWLEY— " Bill " Interests: Art; Printing; : Sports; Hunting. Activ- j ities: Football; Golf; R.O.T.C; Sports I. Ambi- tion: To be a Marine Pi- ! lot. HARRY FRANCIS DAGLE— " Butch " JOHN J. CURLEY— " Mickey” Interests: Baseball; Basketball; Cars. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4. Am- bition: To get a hit off Billy MacLeod. To someday have a faster car than Eddie. Interests: Helen; My Boys; Music; Jazz; Boats; Sing, Sing, Sing. Activities: German Club 2; Band 2, 3, 4; Corp. 2. Awards: Na- tional Honor Society 4, Harvard Book Prize. Am- bition: To write and pub- lish The Corner. JON W. DAHLMER— " Bat " Interests: Baseball; Basketball; Cars; Dancing; Auto Shop; My 1953 Mountain Green Sewing Machine. Activities: R.O.T.C. Basketball " ; Baseball; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 1. Ambition: To be a better mechanic than Rossie Lane and to make my parents proud of me. C. RUSSELL DAVIS- " Rusty " Interests: Basketball; Baseball; Tennis; Pro-Football; N.B.A.; and N.H.L.; Water-skiing. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 3. Awards: Foul Shooting Contest 2. Ambi- tion: To see the Cleveland Browns beat the New York Giants, 72-0. 82 MARCIA FAYE DAVIS Interests: " Those talks " ; I Parties; Summer Fun; Phi i Kappa Gamma; Dancing; ] the Selected Set. Activ- ' ities: Honor Business Club; j Flicker Comm.; Glee Club; A Cappella; Teachers’ Secretary. Awards: Junior , O.G.A. Ambition: To i catch that falling star and ! keep it shining. RUTH INA DAVIS " Ruthie” Interests: Skating; Swimming; Music; Driving Cars; " You’ll Never Walk Alone”; To find " him.” Activities: Glee Club; Flicker Comm.; Lunchroom Asst.; Crafts Club; Beta Beta Biology. Ambition: To find my — in life, and to fulfill my fondest dreams. MARY CHARLOTTE DeWOLFE— Mary De Interests: Bowling; Hockey; " Heavenly”; Long Walks; " Nit -Nuts.” Activities: French Club; Teachers’ Secretary; Flicker Comm. Awards: Junior O.A.T.; Junior O.G.A. Pin. Am- bition: To take a ride on a rainbow. PAUL DOUGLAS DEXTER — " Wog” Interests: " Loud Mouth”; West Gloucester Forum. Ac- tivities: Hockey 1-3, Co-Capt. 4, Corporal 2, Sergeant 3, Of- ficer 4; Junior Rotarian; Book- room 1-4; Orange Grabblers; Anonymous. Ambition: To Coach hockey; to become top clod. BRENDON FRANCIS DENSMORE Interests: Hunting; Cards; Jazz; Hockey and Golf. Ac- tivities: Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club, Honor Guard 3, St. Peters C.Y.O. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Team; C.Y.O. 4. Ambition: To play profession- al golf in the future. Move over, Ben Hogan. SANCHA MARIE DePASCALE— " Sanch” Interests: Dancing; Music; the Theatre. Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Library ' Asst. 1, 2, 3, 4; National Thespian Society 3, Vice Pres. 4. Awards: Best Thespians 1958-1959. Ambi- tion: To act well my role, whether it be in life or on the stage. ROBERT D. DION— " Bob” Interests: Print Shop; Danc- ing; Cute Girls, Miss? Ac- tivities: Ben. Franklin Club, Sec. 3; Pres. 4; R.O.T.C.; Sports; Individual Drill Prize Squad 2, 3; HaskeH- 2, 3, 4; Cpl. 2, Sgt. 3, Officer 4; Story High. Ambition: To at- tend R.I.T. JUDITH ELLEN DONOVAN— Judi Interests: The 2nd; Elites; Rotation; Lots of Laughs; " The Big Blast”; " Little White Bugs”; Rid’n High; Surf’n; " Codes.” Activities: Beacon; FLICKER; Class Roll; Girls’ Club; Dance Commit- tee; Newspaper. Ambition: To always be happy. MOST OF US LOVED WALKING OVER THEM JUST AS WELL 83 MAINLY BECAUSE THAT ' S THE HOUR MOST OF US GET IN I LINDA JANE EVANS— Lin Interests: Pete; May 1, 1957; Wednesday Nights Bowling; " Midnight Rid- ers”; " Bombs.” Activities: [Girls ' Rifle Team; Honor Business Club; Teachers’ iSecretary; Service Club. IA wards: Sawyer Medal; Junior O.G.A.; O.A.T. • Ambition : To travel, laugh, hove, and learn. JOYCE S. FARNHAM— Joycie Interests: Jack; October 3, ' 58; Wee Witte Warriors; You send me; 28 Fla.; PJ Par.; Music; Rings Around Us; Ma- tillie. Activities: Student Council; Girls’ Drill Team; Mr. Hooper’s Secretary; Fu- ture Nurses of America. Am- bition: Something to do, some- thing to love, something to hope for, and to always make him happy. BENJAMIN A. FAVAZZA JR. — Junior Interests: To date my favorite girl; Football and Hockey Games; Green CheVrolet; ROTC Sgt.; Party of ’58; Activities: R.O.T.C. Sports 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2. Ambition: To join my brother in the bar after my hitch in the navy. DONNA FAVAZZA Interests: Driving; Bowling; Dancing; Canteen; Those Shows; Wed. Nights; Some- one; - Honors: Shorthand Awards. Activities: Nat. Hon. Society 3, Lib. 4; Hon. Bus. 2, 3, Treasurer 4; French Club; Archery; Junior Usher; Flash Typing; Student Secre- tary. Ambition: To attend Katherine Gibbs School. ISAMUEL J. FAVAZZA— Sam I Interests: Fort Sq.; Base- jball; Girl Friends; Field ■Day; R.O.T.C. Canteen; Ipkating; Nicks; Parties; ISanalot Football. Activ- ities: R .O.T.C. Sports; liDriv. Ed.; Ind. Drill; Prize ■Squad; R.O.T.C. Sgt. I Awards: 3rd place pz. sqd. lAmbition: To do whatever II think is right and stick BARBARA LYNN FEATHERSTONE— Bobby Interests: Arguing; Color; Hot Sunny Weather; Convert- ibles; Jazz; Sports. Activities: Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Soft- ball Mgr. 3; Student Council 1; Newspaper 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Biology Club 4; Beacon 4; Dramatics; Tri-Y 3. Ambi- tion: To get rich. SHEILA YOLANDA FERRINI— She Interests: Scarlet Ribbons; Harry Bellafonte; Football; Skindiving; Science Fiction; Astr. 1949. Activities: Nat. Thespians Society 1-4; French Club 3; International Relations 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Chess Club 2-4. Award: Dramatic Festival Award. Ambition: To reach the stars. h SHOKO AND UTE MADE LASTING FRIENDS AMONG STUDENTS AND FACULTY ALIKE BRUCE FORTIER Interests: My ' Model A " Hot Rod; the Flats; Clock- winding; Skating. Activities: Sailing Club 1. Ambition: To finish the rod; also to com- plete a course at Northeastern and to become a mechanical engineer. ROSE E. FRADE — " Rosie ' ’ Interests: June 2, 1959; Senior Debs; " I’ll Remember To- night”; " Costa Nova”; " Those Hockey Games.” Activities: Service Club 2, 3, 4; Teach- ers’ Secretary; Tennis Club 1; Flicker Advertising Commit- tee 4. Awards: Shorthand, Type. Ambition: To visit the land of the midnight sere- nades namely " Portugal.” FREDERICK MORILL FORBES— " Theodore” j Interests: Swimming; Wa- terskiifig; Sports; Cars; Parties; A Certain Blond; Private Wingearsheek; Sail- ing; Hunting; Fishing; Ar- 1 i n g t o n . Activities: R.O.T.C.; Sports 2, 3, 4; Sergeant 4; S.F.C. 4; Hi-Y Club 4. Ambition: To try to continue where " HE” left off. DANIEL LLOYD FRANCIS — ' ' Danny, " " Red” Interests: Church; Bible} Study; Senior Youth Fel- j lowship; Bowling; Ice } Skating; Football; Hockey;; Running 100 Yard Dash; : Pizza Parties; R.O.T.C Par-1 ties; Dancing; Roller Skat-} ing. Activities: Football! 1, 2, 3; R.O.T.C; Sports 2,1 3, 4. Ambition: To find i my place in life. 86 MARY ELLEN FRAZIER Interests: Church; Music; Lit- tle " Punkins.” Activities: Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Serv- vice Club. Awards: Shorthand; Complete Theory; O.A.T. Ambition: To learn to play the piano, to be a good all- around secretary; to grow in- tellectually, emotionally, so- cially, and spiritually. VIRGINIA ROSE FRONTIERRO — Ginny Interests: " That Certain Smile”; Senior Debs; Five and the G.O.D.’s; Sergeant’s Par ty " 58”; " Dream” " 3”; Table 2. Activities: Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4. Awards: Junior O.A.T. ; Junior O.G.A. Ambition: To always stay young at heart. i COLLEEN MARIE [GILLIE— " Col” I Interests: " Donnie”; Friday | Nights; Weekends; " Our ||Road”; Four Girls in a Rowboat; Junior Globetrot- ters. Ambition: To be- come a hairdresser and give Pat a permanent. SUSAN STORY GOODHUE — Sue Interests: July 25, 1950; Boating; Water Skiing; " The Selected Set”; Phi Kappa Gamma; The Rocky Road to Woburn. Activities: Student Council; A.FiS.; International Relations Club; Secretary; Flicker Committee. Awards: Bookkeeping. Ambition: To graduate from Katherine Gibbs. MARION LEE GOODWIN — " Mai” Interests: Cars; Cabs; Rain- bow; Senior Debs; 3 Walking Mittens; I’ve Come of Age. Activities: Junior Volunteer; Glee Club; Teachers’ Secretary. Awards: Junior O.A.T.; O.G.A. Ambition: To find my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. PAUL GOODWIN— " Goody” Interests: Stamp Collecting " Tuba - Tooting; Arguing B.Y.F.; Hi-Y; DeMolay. Ac tivities: German Club 3, 4 Vice President Band 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4; A.F.S.; Inter national Relations Club 4; De bating Club 4. Ambition: To join and serve with the for- eign service someday. THEY SHOWED US HOW LITTLE WE REALLY KNOW ABOUT OUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE MARCIA GENEST " Marsh” Interests: BILL; Rings Around Us; Summer 1959; Those Pa- jama Parties; Jam Sessions; Table " L”; Skating; My Best- est Boy Friend. Activities: Girls ' Rifle Team; Honor Business Club; Junior Usher; Student Secretary; Class Ring Committee; Beacon Advertis- ing Committee. Ambition: To go to Alaska! ROBERT JOHN GAGNON, JR — [Gags, Bob Ms erer jv Barry; Money Sports; The Beach; Boats The N.Y. Football Giants. I Activities: Baseball 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; R.O.T.C.; BSports 2, 3, 4; Track 4. BAmbition: To live a peace- I ful happy life and to make Hmy parents proud of me. LOUIS RONALD GEMMELLARO— " Lugi,” " Lukey,” " Louie " Interests: Peggy; Those last minute telephone calls; April Love”; Jonesy’s; Nov. 2, 1959; Football; Hockey. Ac- tivities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Corporal 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a school teacher and own my own store. CLIFFORD GALE— Cliffie Interests: Swimming: Golf; Baseball; Bowling. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Talent Show 1, 2, 3; Prize Squad 2, 3; Ind. Drill 2, 3, 4; Sgt. 4. Am- bition: To be a mechanic; to be a champion baton twirler. MANY OF THE AMBITIOUS STUDENTS SPENT THEIR LONG AFTERNOONS DONALD GREEKE— Donnie Interests: Theresa; " 50” Pon- tiac Convertible; Summer Nights; Swimming; Skin Div- ing; Hunting; Archery; Weekends Out; Navy Frog- men. Activities: Football 2, 3; Spanish Club 2. Ambition: To become a Navy Frogman, and to further my education. ANN HALE Interests: " Jack”; Chet At- kins; Cheering; Wild Mouse; under the Porch; Rotation; May 1958. Activities: A Cap- pella Choir; Glee Club; Drill Team; Cheerleader; Biology Club; Future Nurses. Awards: Northeastern Dis. Concert. Ambition: To be kind-hearted as my brother, Dick. To re- ceive my R.N. ALLEN F. HALL— A1 Interests: Hockey; Cars; Air- planes; Girls. Activities: Cpl. 2, Pla. Sgt. 4, Co. Sgt. 4; Individual Drill 4. Ambition: To become a pilot in the Air Force and make a career of it. RUTH HANDRAN— Ruthie Interests: BILLY; March I 28, 1958; What ' s New; Lotsa Laughs; Sum Fun; || Let it rain; Pizza; My Strawberry Blonde; Take a I tree. Activities: Library Ijl Assistant; Cheerleader ; 1 1 Crafts Club. Awards: Jun- HI ior O.G.A. Ambition: To JU keep the Rotates Rotating; I to raise Willy Lambs. MARION NORMA GOUCHER— Mar Interests: Talking; Skating; M.Y.F.; Those Walks. Ac- tivities: Student Secretary 4; Library Assistant; Crafts Club 4; Archery 3, 4; Future Homemaker of America 3, 4, Secretary 2; Bowling 1, 2. Awards: Championship Bowl- ing Trophy. Ambition: To always walk in the grace of God. BARBARA JEAN GOULART — Barbie Interests: Mickey Mouse; Tomboy; Pony Boy; Memo- ries; Suzy Darling; The Senior Debs; Blue and White Sat- urday; What’s Up, Doc; Sev- enteen. Pizzas. Activities: Thespians; Junior Usherette; Flicker Committee. Awards: 50 Hour Pin. Ambition: To smile all the time. UTE GRAEPER Interests: It ' s Certain; Point; S.H.S. Sports; Real- ly? Activities: Rifle Team; French Club; A.F.S.; Inter- national Relations Club; Exchange Student from Germany. Ambition: To re- turn to America in five years for class reunion; to see the whole world! e »- J WORKING BUT THE MAJORITY SPENT THE AFTERNOONS GETTING AWAY FROM WORK PATRICIA ANN HOBBS —Pat Interests: The First; Rota- tion; Elites; Peter’s; Surf’n; Moorland; Lotsa Laughs; Letters. Activities: Bea- con; FLICKER; Glee Club; Biology Club; A.F.S.; F.N.A.; Girls’ Club; Bowl- ing; Archery. Ambition: To earn my wings; to find my happiness among my souvenirs. ALBERT HOLGERSON— Skip Interests: Weightlifting; Art; Classical Music; Sports; Ketch; Bud; Dick. Activities: Foot- ball 1, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Bas- ketball 3, 4; Wrestling Club 3, 4; Track 4; Spanish Club; Spanish Club Play. Awards: Letter. Ambition: To go to college, make a million, and retire at 25. SALLY HORTON— Sal Interests: DOUG; December 25, 1957; Ice Skating; Bowl- ing; Down by the Old River- side; Lena’s Swimming; A.N. Society! Us Three. Awards: Junior O.A.T. Activities: Teachers’ Secretary. Ambition: To marry a man as fine as my father. WILLIAM C. HENDERSON —Bill, Toad Interests: Sport Cars; Jazz; Skiing; Sailing; " Toads”; Shooting. Activities: Tennis Team 2, 3, Captain 4; Rifle Team 4; Color Guard 2, 3, Comm. 4; FLICKER; Chess Club 3, 4; Thespian Society 3, 4; Track 1; Football 2; French Club Vice President; " Ab- stracts.” Ambition: Make it in music, and see Moss break the lap record at Nurlurgring. , THOMAS H. | HENDERSON— Tom | Interests: Cars; Hunting; 1 Swimming; Nights out of I town; Rafe’s Chasm; A I certain cheerleader; Essex; | Nicks; Between the half. 1 Activities: J.V. Rifle Team II; Varsity III; R.O.T.C. Sports; Honor Guard II. Ambition: To re tire at 21. CAROL HILSHEY— Carol Interests: WALT; Pizza Par- ties; New Years Eve; Drivein. Activities: Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Student Secre- tary 4. Awards: Junior O.G.A. Ambition: To have my dreams of success filled and see Jan grad, with her white cap. DONALD ROSS HILTZ— Dee Dee Interests: Cars; Girls; Foot- ball; Basketball; Baseball; Bowling; Dancing; Hockey. Activities: R.O.T.C. Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Basket- ball 1; Vocational Club. Awards: R.O.T.C. Squad Lead- er. Ambition: To make my parents and grandparents proud of me. GIRLS TOOK PHYSIOLOGY TO UNDERSTAND THEMSELVES BETTER JAMES HACKSTAFF— Hunicke Activities: Student Councils 3, Pres. 4; Track 2, 3, Co- Captain 4; French Club, V. Pres. 3; S.F.C. 3, 2nd Lt. 4; A.F.S. 3, Treas 4; Jr. Rotary; Chess Club 3, 4; Hi-Y. Ambition: To leave the world a better place than I found it. PAMELA IRVING— Pam Interests: Tampa; Best Friends; Marcia; Dancing; The Par- ties; Charms; Wading; " Shop- ping Trips”; " That Certain Officer”; Merrimack Chapel; The Great Pretenders. Activ- ities: Flash, Co-Editor 4; Teachers ' Secretary; Biology Club; Flicker Committee. Am- bition: To seek and to find; to understand and to know. REGINALD W. JACKSON — Reg, Reggie Interests: Maureen; Sports; The Parties; Music. Activ- ities: Spanish Club 3; Track 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; R.O.T.C. Sports 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Individual 3; Haskell 3; Honor Platoon 2, 3; Corp. 2, Sergeant 3, Major 4. Awards: Prize Squad 2. Ambition: To succeed in the field of Physi- cal Education and to make her life very happy. LUCY ELLEN JEWELL Interests: Music, coffee and coke; Skating; Canada; Swim- ming. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; F.T.A. Ambi- tion: To be a good teacher. 90 ROBERTA ANNE JONES— Bobbi. Interests: " Infatua- tion? " ; the Future; Excursions; Wed. nights; May 2, 1957; Sr. Elites. Activities: Student Sec. 3, 4; Girls ' Club 2, 3, 4; Library As.; Service Club 3, 4. Awards: Shorthand and Type Awards. Ambition: To live a long, happy life and to re- sist temptation. RICHARD G. JAMEISON— Dick Interests: Customizing Cars; : and working on them: ; Ambition: To join the Air Force and take up a trade : of some kind. EVERYTHING WAS ONE DONA KAIHLANEN KATHERINE ELIZABETH KIPPEN— Katy-Kitty Interests: Skating; Swim- ming; Music; Walking. Activities: Flash, 4; Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 4; Li- brary Assistant 2, 4; Cape Ann Symphony; C.Y.O. Ambition: To be a good elementary teacher. BARBARA ANN KOHR— Barb Interests: " It ' s All in the Game " ; Phi Kappa Gamma; SKATING!!; Selected Set; the CAPE. Activities: Nation- al Honor Society; French Club; Latin Club; Main Office As- sistant; FLICKER Committee. Awards: Latin III. Ambition: To be humble yet noble, with poise and integrity. Interests: My SPECIAL Friend; Ohio in August; " Elites " ; Reading; We Three. Activities: Girls ' Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; Glee Club; Student Secretary; Hon- or Business Club 2, 3, 4; Stevens Reviewers 3, 4, Sec- retary 4. Awards: O.G.A., O.A.T. Ambition: Not to close one door before opening another. KATHERINE KARVELAS— Kitty Interests: Sum Fun; Lot of laughs; Let it rain; Rotation; " What’d ya say? " ; Firecrack- ers; Senior Elites. Activities: Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; International Relations Club; German Club; F.N.A.; Biology Club; Latin Club; Archery; FLICKER. Ambition: To at- tend a junior college and to see the world. PAUL HOWARD KOLTERJAHN— Kolt Interests: Swimming; Basket- ball; Water Skiing; Boating; Melrose. Activities: J.V. Ri- fle Team; R.O.T.C. Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Wrestling 3; Volleyball 3, 4; Corporal R.O.T.C. Ambition: To grad- uate from the college of my choice. JOAN ELLEN KERR— Joanie Interests: MARK; Hawthorne; Best Friends; Geri; Novaks; Oceanside; Riding; Day Camp; Speech Class. Activities: Flash 2; Thespians 3, 4; Art Club President. Int. Rel. Club. Awards: Best Thespian of the year 3- Ambition: To have my dream come true. JERALDINE A. KYROUZ— Jeri Interests: CLARK; November 29, 1957; " Bass Rocks Walks”; " Rotation”; Lota Laughs; Moorland; Elites; Cooking; Music; Sports. Ac- tivities: Drill Team; Interna- tional Relations Club; Girls’ Rifle Team; FLICKER; Biol- ogy Club. Ambition: To find an understandng and achieve our goals together. BIG SURPRISE AFTER ANOTHER 91 PETER LAFATA— " Pete” Interests: Dancing; Bowling; Swimming; The Boys. Activ- ities: Football 1; Wrestling 2. Ambition: To someday be one of the best bowlers at the Cape Ann Bowling Center. ROSWELL FRANCIS LANE, JR — Interests: Cars; Hunting; Ann The Garage; 39 Chevie; Auto Shop. Activities: Football 1. Ambition: To be a better me- chanic than Dave Pimental. JUDITH LAYTON— " Judy” Interests: Cheering; Sunday Walks; Senior Elites; Lots of Laughs; January 17, 1959; Hockey Games. Ac- tivities: Library Assistant; Archery; Glee Club; Cheer- leader; Girls’ Drill Team, Squad Leader 4, Spectac- ular. Ambition: To live as long as I want; not want as long as I live. DAVID LEWIS— " Louie " Interests: ELLA; Giants; Jim Brown; 48-7. Activities: Prize Squad 3; Individual Drill 3; Haskell Drill; Honor Guard 2, 3; R.O.T.C.; Basket- ball; Volleyball; Company Ri- fle Team. Awards: 2nd place Haskell Medal 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; and Lieutenant 4. Ambition: To attend school and make Mother proud of me. MARILYN LEWIS— " Mimi ' Interests: Sunday Night Visits, Finding out what J.O.A. means. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3; Sergeant 3; Serv- ice Club 1, 2, President 3, 4; Future Nurses, President: International Relations, Treas- urer; Biology Club. Ambition: To be a lady with a lamp. THOMAS MARTIN LINSKY — " Linsk " Interests: Water Skiing; Boats; 4Y-175; Explosives;. The Paint; Nick’s; Yachting; De- Molay; " Sorry I can’t stay to- night, Serge.” Activities: Hon- or Guard 3, 4; German Club 4. Ambition: To smile all the while and make the while worth a smile. JANICE TODD LITTLEFIELD— " Jan " Interests: Room 304; Phil- osophy; Rhythm and Blues; Room 306 and Phil. Activ- ities: Library Assistant 1, 2; Leaders ' Club 3. Am- bition: To understand, to love and be loved, and al- ways to be different. BOYS STUDIED PHYSICS TO LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ENERGY MR. CARD SOON FOUND OUT THAT THEY HAD NONE HOWARD A. LODGE— Howie Interests: Sports; The Y; Travel. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1. Ambition: To work hard and have a six months vacation twice a year. CHARLES ALLEN LORING III— Chuck Interests: A special artist; Sport cars; Tuna fishing; Sailing; A.Y.C.; Anniversa- ries; Snowgoose; Tennis rack- ets; Dreaming; Lynn Arena. Activities: Hockey 3; Tennis 3, 4; Spanish Club. Ambi- tion: To benefit by some of life ' s golden opportunities. GERALDINE ROSE LOVASCO— Gerry Interests: Swimming; Singing; Dancing; All my heart desires; A certain someone. Activities: Teacher’s Secretary 4. Ambi- tion: A good and efficient secretary for someone; to meet the right someone; to be his one and only; and to honey- moon in Hawaii. KATHLEEN MAUREEN LOVE— Kathy, Smacky Interests: Phi Kappa Gamma; Loose tailpipes and White Convertibles; " The Selected Set " ; Freddie’s; " It’s All in the Game. " Activities: Junior Usherettes; Steven Book Re- viewers; Treasurer; Floor Master ' s Assistant; FLICKER Committee; Latin Club; Span- ish Club; F.T.A. Ambition: To prove just once that moth- ers aren’t always right??? AUSTIN — Skip. Interests: P.Y.F.; Kingston Trio; Physics Class; " Parsons”; Everly Bros.; " 41 Ford. " I Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. Pres.; Stu- dent Council, -V Pres.; Lat- n Club 1,2; German Club l|, Treas. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Int. Rel. Club. Awards: Sawyer Medal; D.AR. Award. Ambition I Attend college and succeed n whatever I attempt. JOHN A. LUBIN — Timmy Interests: Edie; Drive-In; Foot- ball; Hockey; Hunting; Rhythm and Blues; Jazz; Sun- set Point Rocks; 6 Andrews St. Activities: Football 1, 2; Honor Guard 4. Ambition: To live in Florida; marry at about 25, and work with my father. ROLAND LUFKIN— Roily Interests: Rockaway Hotel; Water Skiing; Watching G.H.S.’s hockey team; Hockey; Hi-Y Club; Boating; Swim- ming. Activities: Tennis team 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C.; Baseball and Football. Awards : Corpor- al Sophomore year; Squad Leader; Eagle Scout; Sergeant 4. Ambition: To further my education and to be a success in whatever I may attempt. SENIORS SCURRY TOWARDS THE LUNCHROOM FASTER NOW THAN EVER BEFORE WILLIAM D. MacLEOD — " Beaver”, " Bill” Interests: THEO; Bob Welch ' s diet; Big " 5”; Macbeth plays; To win a baseball game in the state tourney. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Football 1; Cross Country 3. Awards: Corporal 4. Ambition: To play major league baseball. mary McPherson— " Micky” Interests: Skating; Swimming; Those Long Walks; Summer of " 58”; Long Rides; " Lanes- ville”; Just having fun. Awards: Gregg Typing Award 4. Ambition: To attend Hair- dressing School. RALPH ORLANDO McKIE, JR — " Magoo” " Cuz " Interests: Alton Bay Build- ing Center; Maine Days and Nights; Corner Gang; DeMolay; Fabulous 48; Lost trail; Maine bumps. Activities: International Re- lations Club 4; Corporal 3, 4. Ambition: To solve one of Mr. Feig ' s prob- lems, along with the mys- teries of life. WILLIAM CHARLES McTIGUE— " Tig” Interests: Working on cars; Going hunting. Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Vo- cational Club 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 1. Ambition: To make a career out of the Air Force. JOAN LUCIA MARR— Joanie Interests: Skating; Bowling; Dancing; Rockport; A.A.A.; " I Believe”; ' 48 Dodge; Writing letters; Bill. Activ- ities: F.H.A. 2; Bowling 1, 2. Ambition: To make a success of my future and to make my mother proud of me. CAROLYN MARSHALL— " Carrie” Interests: Phi Kappa Gamma; " Him”; Those summers; Se- lected Set; Loose Tailpipes; Such is life. Activities: Flash Co-Ed. French Club Sec.; Nat- Hon. Soc; Office Asst.; Drill Team; FLICKER; Jr. Usher- ette; F.T.A.; Biol. Club. Am- bition: To hold fast to that which is good and sincere. 94 I DEBORAH ANN MARSHALL— Debby j Interests: Art; Skating; | Swimming; Tennis; Bad- minton. Activities: Arch- | ery; Youth Fellowship, j Ambition: To be a com- I mercial artist. MARION T. MARTEL- " Marty " Interests: Harry; Dancing; Lanesville; That " 57 " Ford; H.R. 108. Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Beacon Solicitor. Ambition: To have my mother ' s sweetness and understanding and my father ' s strength of character. To get my R.N. GAIL LEE MARTIN Interests: Mike; Wed. nights; Bowling; Jeanne’s house; The Threesome; Parties. Activities: Archery 1, 2, 3; Library As- sistant 2; Student Secretary 4. Ambition: Something to do; Someone to love; something to hope for. JULIE MARTIN— Steph Interests: Athletics; Casual ! Sporty; Quiet except when aroused; Table 3; Photogra- phy; Bowling. Activities: St. Louis, Missouri; Basketball, Softball 1; Varsity 1. Awards: Junior O.A.T. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I at- tempt to do at present or in the future. STUART DOLOR MARTIN— Stu, Marty Interests: Basketball; Base- ball; Football; Swimming; iBcating. Activities: Color ' Guard 1-3; Honor Guard 1 1-3 ; Rifle Team 1-3; Fir- ing Squad 1-3 (earned in Cal.) Ambition: Sail the South Seas in 80 years. DOMINIC VINCENT MAZZEO — Donny Interests: Swimming; Hockey; Baseball; Football. Activities: Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra. Am- bition: To sail around the world. HERMAN R. MELANSON— Herm Interests: Baseball; Football; Fishing; Sailing; Boats. ' Am- bition: To have my own boat and be a sport fishing skipper off the coast of Florida. ANNIE MELLO— Mel la Interests: Dancing; Those Fri- day nights; Boys; Bowling; Music; Horseback Riding. Ac- tivities: F.H.A. 2; Teachers ' Secretary 4. Awards: Junior O.A.T. Ambition: To always be happv and have a lot of friends; and to be forgiven, not forgotten. DESPITE OUR PARENTS ' WARNINGS, THE ASIAN FLU GOT THE BEST OF US 95 LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE WE WERE MEASURED FOR CAPS AND GOWNS IN FEBRUARY JOANNE MESSINA— " Jo " Interests: Driving; Those Shows!; Bowling; Atlantic Road; Laughs; Dancing; Wed- nesday Nights; " ICE CREAM”; Johnny Mathis. Activities: Archery 1, 2, 3; Teachers ' Secretary 4; Girls " Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Awards: Junior O.A.T. Ambition: To some day reach my goal; be forgiven, not forgotten ! CAROL ANN MEUSE— Frenchie Interests: Bob ' s; A.A.A; Uncle Kenny’s Cabin; The Gang; " That Certain Someone”; Swimming; Driving. Activi- ties: Student Supervisor 3, 4. Awards: Junior O.G.A. Am- bition: To become someone and make my parents proud of me. See my dreams come true, be forgiven, not forgotten. CHRISTINE MITCHELL— " Crit” Interests: Sr. Debs; Art; Mu- sic; Dancing; The Gang; Those good times; Table 2; Spaghet- ti feeds. Activities: Teachers ' Secretary. Awards: Junior O.G.A. Ambition: To become a success in whatever I may attempt. LARRAINE MITCHELL— " Cookie " Interests:- EMERY; Sr. Debs Rainy Saturdays; The Chevy; " Wet doorknobs”; True Love”; U.S. Activities: Thes- pians; F.H.A.; Biology Club. Awards: O.G.A. Ambition: To marry a man like Dad, be like Mom to my children, to always make him happy. PAULA MITCHELL— " Mitch” Interests: Senior Debs; Table 2; THAT CERTAIN SOME- ONE; L78-952; Jan. 28, 1959; New Year 1958; " Dances " ; THOSE WALKS; " Old Gang”; Chrit ' s House. Activities: Intramurals 1, 2; Flash 1, 2; Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Awards: Shorthand. Ambition: To realize and ac- complish my purpose in life. LESLEY G. MILLETT— I Miss Muffett, " Let " Interests: " TUT”; Late ■ TV; Swimming; That cer- I tain Private; Rainbow Girls; Jan. 23, 1960; Pil- grim Fellows hip. Activi- II ties: Flash; Biology Club; I Future Nurses; Class Roll. I Ambition: To become a | worthy servant of God and I help my fellow man in the I best way possible. EARL D, MORGAN— " Digger " Interests: Magnolia; Sum-j mer vacations; Bowling; Magnolia Nurseries; " 52”; Chevy; Magnolia Congre- gational Church. Activities ;j German Club 4. Ambt - 1 tion: To do my very best I at college and to someday | return to G.H.S. as a teach- MANY OF US FOUND THAT WE HAD GROWN AN INCH BOTH UP AND AROUND DIANNE MORRIS— " Di” Interests: , RONNIE; May- 11, 1959; Summer of ' 59; " He ' s Mine” Pizza; Bon- gos; Skating; " Wee Wittle Warriors”; " Rings Around Us”; Those P.J. parties; Talks. Activities: A Cap- pella Choir; FLICKER; Glee Club; Spanish Club. Ambition: To work toward things WE want; to always make him happy. JOHN MOVALLI— " Moe” Interests: MARYJANE; Hock- ey; Football; Hunting; Bowl- ing; June 24, 1959; Dot ' s Brownies; 50 Plymouth; New York; " Why”; Lufkin ' s Camp; Goin’ Clamming; Smitty’s Saf- ari; Luigi ' s Flat Tire; " That ' s the Breaks”; " The Priesthood” Activities: Football 1 ; R.O.T.C.; Sports. Ambition: To find my true vocation. CAROL MUISE Interests: Dancing;. Swimming; Bowling; Music; Reading; Boys; Community Center. Ac- tivities: Teachers’ Secretary 4; Girls’ Club. Award: Junior O.A.T. Ambition: To always be happy and have a lot of friends. DONALD MUISE— Mick Interests: Cars; Skating; Ski- ing; 201; New Years. Activ- ities: Prize Squad 2, 3; Soft- ball 2, 3; Individual 3. Am- bition: To be a successful ma- chinist after 2 years in the Navy. CAROLYN ANN MUNROE Interests: " Live Ones”; Thurs- day Nights; That Corridor Ep- isode; Swimming; Bowling; That summer to come. Activ- ities: Latin Club 3; German Club 3; Corresponding Secre- tary; Junior Usherettes; Sail- ing Club 1 ; Flicker Commit- tee. Ambition: To teach and be taught. BRIAN MURPHY Interests: Chess and Science Fiction. Activities: Member of the Chess Club. Ambition: To be a World Champion Chess player. JtSALLY ANN MUISE— .■ " Sal” 1 interests: Bowling; Laugh- ,|tng; That weekend; Riding I Ijand long talks; " That Cer- Ikain Someone; Twilight IpTime. Awards: Junior ( D.A.T. Ambition: To live » long and happy life by learning to forgive and for- get and to resist tempta- tion. IT ' S HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS OUR LAST YEAR OF G.H.S. MID-YEARS NANCY NATTI Interests: " Rotation " ; Lots a laughs; Hockey; " Little ones " ; " Summertime " ; the rock; Talking; Swimming; Skating; Big Blasts. Activ- ities: Class Ring Commit- tee; Library Assistant; Bea- con; Latin Club; Biology Club; Archery; Flicker Committee; Room Sup. Ambition: To live, laugh, love, and be happy. KATHERINE GERALDINE NICASTRO— Kathy Interests: Wednesday nights: Elites; Illegal excursions; P.J. parties; " Why. " Activities Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Drill Team; Teachers ' Secretary 2, 3; Flash Typist; FLICKER; Service Club; Girls ' Club. Awards: Shorthand and Type awards. Ambition: To live, love, laugh and be happy. li i 98 DONALD R OJANTAKANEN— Don, O.-G. Interests: Renie; " Big Things in small packages”; Cars; Jan. 10, 1959; Flyin’ Forty-oners. Activities: German Club 1, 2; Color Guard 4 Awards: R.O.T.C. Corporal 4. Ambition To make square bubbles; to get through college and to be- come an industrial engineer. CAROL Interests: " Rotation " ; Lota Laughs; " Talking " ; Christmas tree; Football; Parties; Satur- day nights; Bowling. Activ- ities: Girls ' Drill Team; Glee Club; Archery; Future Nurses; Vice President; Biology Club; Floormaster’s Assistant. Am- bition: To live, love, laugh, and be happy. RICHARD NICKERSON— Dick Interests: Hockey; Football; Swimming; Skin Diving; Wa- ter Skiing; Cars; Girls; Skat- ing; Music; That Ford; A cute little sophomore; The Guys. Activities: R.O.T.C. Band; Color Guard; Prize Squad; Officer; Football; Debate Club; Individual Drill; 5 N.R.A. Awards. Ambition: To be a jet pilot in the USAF via col- lege. PHYLLIS NOBLE— Phyl Interests: Senior Debs; " Table Two " ; Opening doors; " VS " ; " It ' s All in the Game”; Those Eyes. Activities: Secretary 3; Crafts Club 4; Usherette 3. Awards: Junior O.A.T. and O.G.A. awards. Am- bition: To do and say the right thing at the right time. i LEANORA ROSE I ORLANDO " Nora ' ' Interests: Junior Globe- trotters; The Summers; " Oh j Bananas”; Lots of Laughs; Out-of-Town. Activities: Teachers ' Secretary; Ar- chery; F.H.A. Awards: Junior O.A.T.; Typewriting Progress certificate. Ambi- tion: To graduate from Wilfred Academy and to .give Pat a pixie. BARBARA ANN OUELETTE— " Barb " Interests: Freddie; Frosty Cup; The Chosen Few; Al- ways; Summer Street; Rock- port; " Dear " ; August 28. 1959; Dancing; Skating. Ac- tivities: Student Secretary 3, 4; Supervisor 3, 4. Awards: Junior O.A.T. Ambition: To climb that certain telephone pole wherever it may be. RICHARD JEAN OWEN— Dick Interests: Music; Literature; Painting; a girl in Nova Sco- tia. Activities: Singing; School and home work. Awards: Singing awards. Ambition: To be a concert singer. MICHAEL H. PALAZOLA— Mike Interests: Bowling; Billiards; Swimming; Skating. Activ- ities-. German Club 4; R.O.T.C. Color Guard 3, 4; Honors: Corporal 3, 4. Ambition: To be one of this country’s top electronical engineers. THIS YEAR EVEN SOME OF THE SENIORS BURNED THE MIDNIGHT OIL DEBORAH LEE OLIVER— Debbie Interests: " JOE " ; Dancing; Bomb; Those trips to Bev- erly; Rockport parties; Bil- ly ' s car; Table 3; Pogies; The times at the Drive-in; My favorite Dancing part- I ner. Ambition: To live, 1 laugh, and be happy with that certain someone. HUGH DOUGLAS OLMSTEAD— " Flash " Interests: Band 2, 3; Seargeant 4; Stevens Book Review 2, 3, 4; Track Team 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3; N.H.S. 4; Jun- ior Rotarian 4. Award: Saw- yer Medal 2. Ambition: To say the right words at the right time. ROBERT C. O ' MALEY- Bob Interests: Water Skiing; Hock- ey; That certain smile; Swim- ming; Boating; Rockport; Par- ties. Activities: Football; Bas- ketball; Student Council; In- ternational Relations Club; Hi- Y Club; Color Guard; 2nd Place Prize Squad; R.O.T.C. Sports; Sergeant; Officer 4. Ambition: To make new friends and keep the old. ELISABETH ANN ORLANDO— Betty Ann Interests: Summertime; Speed boats; Swimming; Dancing; Music; Football; Out-of-Town. Activities: Teachers’ Secretary 4. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt and to make my father and mother proud of me. 99 BARRY FRANK PARSONS ' ' Lash” Interests: 5; Billiards; Cars; Food; Girls; Work; Baseball; Beverly; Convertible. Activ- ities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball 1. Ambition: To get a convertible and just drive. JANICE ANNE PALMER- " Colonel” Interests: DICKIE; 11:05 out of Rockport; The parties; Fri., Sat. nights; Phi Kappa Gam- ma; Selected Set; " Talk to me.” Activities: Glee Club; A Cappella; F.N.A. Secretary- Treasurer; Biology, Rep. Int. Rel.; Spanish Club; FLICKER; Junior Usher. Ambition: To be a lady with a lamp; to keep HIM happy. HENRY LOUIS PASCUCCI " Hank,” " Skooch” Interests: Girls; Cars; Tech Tourney; Dancing; Home- room 207; Auto body work; Ellis Hotel at Keene; Mr. Welch’s diets; Cape Hedge. Activities: Football; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball. Am- bition: To learn to run a car without gasoline. SALVATORE A. PARISI— " Sal” Interests: Rosalie; Nov. 25, 1959; Driving; Canteen; Pool Room Parties. Football; Art Club; Honor Guard; R.O.T.C.; Basketball. Ambition: To go to Art Col- lege and play football and be- come an Art designer. DAWN A PARNELL- Football; Dancing; Hockey; Activities: ANNA MARIE PATA— Ann-Anna Interests: Pogies; Table " Sport” Interests: ARTIE; St. Anns; Basketball; Golf;;! 5th hole; Bass Rocks; " Hello Kid”; Loneliness; Tundy; Anchors Aweigh; Good Byes; Beavers; For- giving; Forgetting; 42; Ar- turo; Jose. Ambition: Never believe the impossible, regret the past, or long for the unattainable. 3; That certain someone; Danc- ing; the bomb; those trips to Beverly; Rockport parties; Beverly dances; Billy’s car; times at ' drivein. Ambition: To live, learn, love and be happy. DAVID ANDREW PARTICAN— Duke Interests: Athletics; Basket| ball. Ambition: To join the Armed Forces. MAJORITY OF SENIORS SPENT MANY LONG HOURS WORKING ON THE FLICKER HARBOR LIGHTS GLEAM THROUGH THE DUSK OF OUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS MARI PATTEN— Pat Interests: Rotation; Elites; Big Blast; Summer of ’59; Swimming. Activities: Girls ' Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Class Ring Committee; Bi- ology Club; Beacon; Flick- er Committee; Spanish Club; Future Nurses’ Club; Junior Usher. Ambition: No man is a n island. GLENDA PECKHAM— " Glen” Interests: Mr. Feig’s Modern Problems Class; Harry Bela- fonte; Bookkeeping. Activ- ities: Teachers’ Secretary. Awards: Shorthand; Type. Ambition: To be a secretary. ■ ■ DOREEN PELLITIER Interests: PETE; Wed. nights; Bowling; Jeanne’s House; The Threesome; Those parties; Ro- tation; Riding; Gamin’; Hav- ing fun. Activities: Archery, 1, 2, 3; Student Secretary 4. Awards: Junior O.A.T.; Sen- ior O.A.T. Ambition: Some- thing to do; someone to love; something to hope for. DIANNE PERRY— " Di " Interests: June 21, 1935; Mu- sic; Literature; Red hair, Blue eyes and a green Chevy; Sept. 1959 ! Essex. Activities: Future Homemakers of America; Chorus 1, 2. Ambition: ' To become a successful hair styl- ist; to make the sun shine ov- er Gloucester. WL m - 4 . il JANICE MARIE PERRY Interests: That weekend ”; New Year’s Eve 1958; Dancing; Bowling; " The . Chosen Few.’’ Activities: Biology Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Future- Nurses 4. Ambition: To be a lady with a lamp, see all Car- ol’s dreams come true, and see Sally decide. JOHN DANA PERRY— Dana Interests: Dancing; Hockey; Swimming; The Rams; the boys; Cars; C.Y.O.; MAL. Activities: Boys’ Glee Club 1; Honor Guard 4; R.O.T.C. Am- bition: To see Mouse and the boys play Semi-Pro; to mak my parents proud of me. DARRYL PIERCE— Dee Interests: Wee wittle warriors; Rings Around Us; 59-Gerry and Rilla; Pajama Parties; Weekend with Marcia. Activ- ities: Bowling; Honor Busi- ness Club; F.H.A., Treasurer; Cap and Gown; FLICKER; Craft’s Club; Secretary Awards: Shorthand and type awards. Ambition: To become a secretary at West Point. m SENIORS WORE THE FLOOR OUT IN THE AUDITORIUM WORKING ON THE MINSTREL SHOW DAVID PIMENTEL— Pimmy Interests: Dancing; Work- | ing on cars; Singing; mak- ing people laugh. Activ- 11 ities: Success on our Min- i strel Show. Ambition: To be on TV with Jackie I Gleason. To make a gold | platter and sing it on Dick 11 Clark’s show. To make a | million. CARMELA PIRAINO— Mela Interests: Senior Elites; Wed- nesday nights; Those Shows! Football and Hockey games; Pro-sports; Laughs; Good Times. Activities: Spanish Club 3, 4; Teachers’ Secre- tary; Flicker Committee; Arch- ery. Awards: Shorthand and Typing Awards. Ambition: To be on time. To learn something new every day. WALTER P. PIRAINO— " Walt” Interests: " Rocky Pasture Road " ; Walking; Tennis; Golf; Fish; Books. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Major 4; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Of- ficer 4; Student Club 4. Am- bition: To live one life I love; to love the life I live. 2 - A ELANA MIRIAM PISTENMAA— Lana Interests: Traveling; " Elites”; Ohio in August; Writing letters; Summers in Pembroke; " Beaches ’n ' Bermudas " ; Spectator Sports; Skating; Soumi. Ac- tivities: International Rela- tions Club; Floor Master ' s Assistant. Ambition: Something to do; Some- thing to love; Something to hope for. 102 DANA PAUL POMMET— " Dee P " Interests: Skin Diving; Bowl- ing; Trumpets; Weightlifting. Activities: Stage Crew; Track; Honor Guard; Corporal; Prize Squad; Individual Drill; R.O.T.C. Sports. Ambition: To accomplish any goal I may attempt and to make my par- ents proud of me. PAUL POMMET— Crow Interests: The Auto Shop; The Men; ’53 Blue Chevy; Hunt- ing; Swimming; Records; Fish- ing. Ambition: To beat Eddie Wall in a drag race. , BEVERLY PORTER- j Bev Interests: Senior Debs; To find out what J.O.A. means; Rides to Rockport; j Our secrets. Activities: (Thespians; Calendar Com.; (Girls’ State. Awards: Jun- ior O.G.A. Ambition: To I make my parents as proud (of me as I am of them. ROBERT PORTER— Bob, Hjalmar Interests: Golf, Good times; " Grant”; To win the bet with Capt. Oscar Ed; To go to the " state tourney” in ’60. Ac- tivities: Golf 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. Ambition: To play golf in the future possibly profession- al; " To humor Big Brend.” FRANCIS BENJAMIN POWERS, JR.— Frank Interests: C.Y.O.; Good Mu- sic; Flockey; Baseball; No one special. Activities: Band 1-4; Orchestra 2; Assistant Drum Major 4; S.F.C. 4; Prize Squad 3; International Rela- tions Club 4. Ambition: To get through college; find the right girl and always make people smile. JEAN ELAINE PULKKA Interests: The ole car; Those long walks; " Make Believe " ; Summer of ’58. Activities: Flash typist; Teachers ' Secre- tary; Junior Usherette; Super- visor in 210. Awards: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Am- bition: To take down all the words between Dear Sir and Yours truly. MAUREEN ROGERS EUGENE REED— Gene Interests: Essex Veteran Fireman; Pool; Skating; Water Skiing; Down Riv- er; Clamming. Activities: R.O.T.C. Softball 3. Am- bition: To be a success in ithe field of aviation. Interests: REGGIE; Cheering; Sports; Elites; Rotation; Sun- day walks; Lots of laughs; Sept. 18, 1959- Activities: Archery; F.H.A.; Crafts Club; Cheerleader; Girls’ Drill Team; Comm. 4. Ambition: To be satisfied with whatever the future holds, and to make his life a very happy one. SALLY ROSA— Sal Interests: Music; Boating; Ice Capades 1958; Sept. 25, 1959. Activities: Future Homemak- ers of America 2, 3, 4; Bowl- ing 2; Teachers’ Secretary 4; Library Assistant 4; Library Assistant 4. Awards: Cham- pionship Bowling Trophy; Gregg Typing Awards. Am- bition: To go to I.B.M. School. JAMES T. ROSE— Jim Interests: Hunting; Fishing; Swimming; Hockey; Roller skating. Ambition: To make a career out of the service. STUDENTS PROVED THAT THERE IS MUCH TRUTH IN THE SAYING " POOR REHEARSAL, GOOD SHOW " 103 7 ROBERT A. ROWE, JR. — " Curley and Pinkey” Interests: Football; Baseball; Bowling; Swimming; Cars. Ac- tivities: Football 1; Baseball 1; ROTC Soft Ball; Volley Ball. Awards: Corporal in the R.O.T.C. Ambition: To own a successful sheetmetal shop. PHYLLIS JOAN RUSSELL— ' ' Phyl. ' ' Interests: C.Y.O.; ZORRO; Tilt; Golf; Meaning of J.O.A.; The Door. Activ- ities: N.H.S.; Honor or Bus- iness Club, V. Pres. 4; FLICK- ER Ed.; National Thespian So- ciety; Service Club, Treas. 3; Glee Club; Stu. Sec. Leaders Club; Chess Club. Awards: Reg. Cast; O.G.A.; O.A.T.; D.A.R. Ambition: To travel life’s road with maximum suc- cess and minimum sorrow. f PAULINE STEVENS RUST— " Polly-Rusty” Interests : " What’d ya say” Pepsi and oyster crackers Lots of laughs; Rotation Double P; " Let it Rain " | Dec. 9, I960; The Week I ends. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 5; Drill Team 4 Crafts Club 4; Biology Club 4; FLICKER. Ambi- tion: Have the impossible become possible and to re- live my happiest moments . 1 : RICHARD RYAN— " Weasel” Interests: Sports; Bowling; Dancing; Miss " X”; The Big Five. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; R.O.T.C. Sports 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Individual Drill 2, 3; Haskell 3; Saber Drill 4; Vocational Club 2, 3, 4. Awards: Corporal 2; Ser- geant 3; Lieutenant 4. Am- bition: To make my grandpar ents proud of me. CECILIA MARIA SALAFIA " Celia” Interests: Summer ’59; Cres- sy’s Beach; Music; " Song- writing”; Swimming; Football games. Activities: Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Teach- ers’ Secretary 3; Floormaster’s Secretary 4; Flicker Commit- tee; Library Assistant. Awards: Shorthand and Type Awards. Ambition: To live, love, and learn. CLIFFORD S. SAMPSON, JR. — " Spider” Interests: Sports; DeMolay; A.G.H. Activities: Football 1, 2. Ambition: To have an am- bition ! SALLY E. SAMPSON— " Sally”- " Sam” Interests: " Marty”; Always U thirty days; Logan’s Ships; Florida here I come, bag, : baggage; Newport Navy, j Ambition: To live and l learn and enjoy doing it; j repay Mom and Dad for 1 their patience with me; to i marry that certain someone. UPPERCLASSMEN KNOW THE TRICKS OF THE TRADE WHEN IT COMES TO HAVING A BALL 104 AT PRESENTATION PARTY THE CADET OFFICERS PROVE THIS POINT TO BE TRUE SANDRA SARGENT— Sandy Interests: Senior Debs; Let- ) ters; Talks; Elites table 2; i Walls; Ridin ' ; Walking along.” Activities: Archery; Glee Club; International I Relations Club; Future Nurses’ Club. Ambition: ' ! To see through everyone. VALERIE ANN SAULNIER Val Interests: Bob’s Uncle Kenny ' s Cabin; Cuddles; Two tone job; The broom; Duces Wild; Ike; Blue and white Chev. Activ- ities: Bowling 1, Secretary 4, FLICKER 4; Fashion 2, 3. Ambition: To build a stairway to Paradise and have my dreams come true. DAVID SAUNDERS— Dave Interests: Long hair and blue eyes; November 6, 1959; peo- ple; Modern novels and dra- ma; Music; Aviation; Sports. Activities: Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Corporal and Color Guard 3. Ambition: To see this country and the rest of the world and to observe the people I meet in my travels. LAWRENCE E. SAWLER— Larry Interests: Sandy; Hockey; Wa- ter Skiing; Bowling; R.O.T.C.; Shooting. Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Individual Drill 2, 3; Prize Squad 2, 3; Haskell Drill 2, 3; Saber Drill 4; Cor- poral 2; Sergeant 3; Lt. Col- onel 4. Ambition: To see stars on my shoulders and stars in her eyes. I- J BSPS! JACQUELINE SCOLA— " Jackie” Interests: Senior Debs.; A very rich lady; Hockey; i Bowling; Football; Cousins ■ and sisters. Activities: Teachers’ Secretary 2, 3, 4; j Archery; Library Assistant; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; Junior Ush- j er. Ambition: To do what j I want and to do it well. THERESA MARIE SERIO— Terry Interests: Bob’s; Broom; Won- derful summer; Uncle Kenny ' s Cabin; Aaa. Activities: Glee Club; V.Pres. 3; A Cappella Choir; ’’Good News”; Music Festival; Homeroom Collect- or; Student Council. Ambition: To be just as good a woman as my father is a man. To be like San’y. MARY SHELDON Interests: Cars; Boats; Girls. Ambition: To go to college SENIORS WORE OUT COLLEGE CATALOGS LOOKING FOR THE SCHOOL KEVIN JOHN SHORE Interests: Skin Diving; Shoot- ing; Boating. Activities: Rifle team 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 1, 2; Stevens Reviewers 2, 3, 4. Awards: Second Place Prize Drill; Expert Marksman. Am- bition: To help make people aware of their responsibilities and to take an active part in fighting conformity. BRADFORD SILVA— Brad Activities: Football; Basket- ball 1; Prize Squad 2, 3; Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3; Wrestling 3; Interests: Cars; Hunting; John Walker; Hock- ey. Ambition: Make my par- ents proud of me. PETER M. SHOARES— " Pete” Interests: Sharon; Boats; 1950 Ford; Water Skiing. Ambition: To join the Air Force. CAROLE SILVA Interests: Lots ’a’ Laughs; ROTATION! Elites; Surf ’n’; Riding High; The 3rd; Philadelphia; Lawyers; " Codes.” Activities: Beta Beta Biology Club; Span- ish Club; Beacon; Archery; Glee Club; Girls’ Drill Team; Spectacular; Girls’ Club. Ambition: To al- ways be happy. In - n EDWARD SILVA— Eddie. Interests: Captain Hjalma’s $2; Ace Potential Buyer; Hinks RR and Ice Chest; Sleeping from 8 a. m. to 2 p.m. A girl with a million dollars; Wild Child; Mr. Engineer; What D’ya Say. Ac- tivities: Football 1, 3, Captain 4. Ambition: To find a girl 106 with a million dollars and make it mine. EUGENE SILVA— Gene Interests: Bullfighting; The Toads; 1385 Flamenco. Ac- tivities: Football 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 4; Chess Club 1, 4; Individual Drill 3, 4. Awards: Prize Squad 3. Corporal 3, Sergeant 4. Am- bition: To see the world and watch Dominquin go over the right horn. DONNA SMITH Interests: Skating at the rink; Senior Debs; Rainbow; Y.P.F; Hockey Team; Sisters; " The Eastie’’; Knitting; Swimming; We three; Cousins. Activ- ities: Intra-murals; Archery; Club Committee; Art Club. Awards: Junior O.G.A. Am- bition: To find my pot of gold. MICHELE SMITH— Mickie. Interests: " Tom-Tom”; Elites; Wednesday nights; Illegal ex- cursions; April 1 6, 1957. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, Treasurer; Junior Usher; Secretary; FLICKER; Flash Typist; Girls’ Club. Awards: Type and Shorthand. Ambition: To like and be liked. 4 WILMA CLAIRE SMITH |1 ’Willie” jp ew r. ' JOHN; " Lotta ■ Laughs”; " Donuts”; " Sum I I run”; " Sunlight. " Activ- ities: French Club; Girls’ Prill Team 3, Sergeant 4; ploormaster’s Assistant 2, B, 4; National Honor So- iety 3, 4. Awards: Saw- er Medal 2. Ambition: |To attend business school fend become a successful secretary. DAVID ROSS SNELSON— Dave. Interests: Miss " X " ; Bowling; Skating; " R.W.P. " ; September 4, 1959; Lexington; Walt and Nancy; People; Laughing; Newfound Lake. Activities: Honor Guard 3, 4; Thespian Society 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Biology Club 3, 4. Ambition: To be a success and make my parents proud of me. SHERRIE ANN SOMERS— " Coach” Interests: " Rotation " ; Left Rain; " Lotta Laughs " ; Pepsi ' n Oyster Crackers; " The look " ; " Elites " ; Psychology; Sports. Activities: Drill Team; Glee Club; Student Council; Municipal Day. Ambition: To now and for always, find my happiness among my souve- nirs. JANE SOUTHWORTH— Janie. Interests: " Wee Little War- riors”; Wotta Waughs; Rings around us”; Sioux City. Ac- tivities: Beta Beta Biology Club 4; F.N.A.H. 4. Ambi- tion: To accomplish something good in life, keep my parents happy, and fulfill my dreams. BARBARA SMITH — Barbie Interests : Three Little Pigs; Sailing; Annisquam Yacht Club; Gung Ho!; Tennis. 1 Activities: German Club; i Latin Club; National Hon- or Society 4; Athletic Of- fice; Flicker Committee. Awards: Tennis Champ 2. Ambition: To be a Smith girl CHRISTA SMITH Interests: Music. Activities: Chess Club President; Junior Volunteers; National Honor Society, Secretary; Orchestra. Awards: Latin, German, and Gloucester Women’s Club book prizes. Ambition: To keep an open mind. MANY FOUND THAT SCHOLASTIC AND ATHLETIC ABILITY GO HAND IN HAND 33V. ' ' ' ; err i ti ' o I ALICE MARIE SOUZA Interests: Talking; Hockey; Washington; Wonderful Won- derful. Activities: Honor Business; Service Club; Teach- ers’ Secretary; Junior Usher; Main Office Assistant; Flicker Committee; Business Manager Awards: Type Shorthand. Am- bition: To take that trip to Portugal. IRENE SOUZA— Renie. Interests: Chambers; Sailing Again; Still Waiting; He signed it " Yours”; I.C. Room Gene; Always thirty days; Lo- gan’s ships; Newport Navy; Weekend. Activities: Bowl- ing 1; Craft 4, Secretary 4. Ambition: To break down that wall and come crashing through; To be someone. BERNARD SOVA— Pete Interests: Skin Diving; Cars; The Garage and the boys; Free Nights at West Peabody; Swimming; Skat- ing; PHYLLIS. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Stage Crew Committee; B Prize Squad; Individual Drill 4; Corporal 3; Sergeant 4. Ambition: To go to Med- ical School. JOHN WILLIAM SPERRY— Johnny Interests: Golf; Hockey; Sum- mer 1958; Sandy; ZORRO. Activities: Our Lady of Good Voyage C.Y.O; Treasurer; Corporal 1, 2; Sergeant 3; S.F.C. 4; International Rela- tions Club 4; Prize Drill. Am- bition: To someday find some- thing worth living for. MARCIA ANN SPINNY— Spin Interests: Dick; The Truck; My Pontiac; Logans Ships; April, Bay State; The Neck; The Landing; Willowdale; That’s all I want from you. Activities: Library Assistant 3; Crafts Club 4; Secretary. Am- bition: To have all my dreams come true. WARREN LOUIS SPURLING— Interests: REGGIE; Sports; Skating; Hunting; Cars; Auto Shop; Syndicate. Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To go to an aeronautical school and graduate as an airplane tech- nician. RONALD STATEN— RONNIE Interests: Cars; Jet En- gines; Girls; Eileen. Am- bition: To go on television with Jackie Gleason and Dave Pimental. To become a jet mechanic in the Air Force and make general the first year; To make millions. BY END OF THE YEAR THE PARKING LOT WAS OVERFLOWING SENIORS WERE GETTING LICENSES, THE PEDESTRIANS TOOK COVER BEVERLY JOAN STEELE Bev I Interests: Selected; Phi Kappa Gamma; Summer ' 59; Athletic Office; Loose tailpipes; That loose spring; Freddies. Activities: I Flash, Co-Editor; Executive Board; Spanish Club; A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; (International Relations; Beta Beta Biology Club. Ambition: To live each day with a light heart. FLORENCE STROPLE— Flossie Interests: Wash; Be Good; Wonderful, Wonderful; First Floor Supply Room. Activities: Spanish Club; Glee Club; Ser- Service Club; F.N.A.; Junior Usherette; FLICKER. Ambi- tion: To travel around the world; to become an R.N. ELLEN SUTHERLAND— Interests: Philadelphia Law- yers; Lots of laughs; Elites; The Bug ’N. Activities: Glee Club; Teachers’ Secretary; Beacon; Flash Typist. Ambi- tion: To be such a good sec- retary as to be an indispensable one. ANTHONY DAVID TAM ARINDO— ’ ' Tamm ' ' Inter ets: Skating; Fishing; Cars; Music; Girls; Band; Carpentry. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 3,4; Corporal 3; Vocational Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To build great things, large and small. •i i PATRICIA TARR— I’Patti” interests: Wednesday ■nights; Goofy Gourchies; ■Jean ' s house; The three- gsome; Senior Elites; Week- Ifends; Parties; Clam dig- leers. Activities: Teachers’ I Secretary; Archery. Award: [Junior O.A.T.; Senior O.A.T. Ambition: Some- thing to hope for, some- thing to love for. RICHARD CLARK TARR— " Dick. " Interests: JANICE; 11:05 out of Rockport; Rifle- ry; Music; Parties; Fri. and .Sat. nights; Swimming. Activi- ties: Band 1-3; Orchestral 2; Boys’ State; R.O.T.C.; Cpl, Sgt., Col.; Prize Squad; Indv. Drill; Haskell 1, 2, 3; Rifle Team; Cap. 4; N.H.S.; Jr. Ro- tarians; Student Council 4. Awards: Morse Award; Prize Sqd. 2; Dist. Rifleman, Rifle Club Champ. Ambition: To be a successful aeronautical engineer; to make her happy. ROBERT C. TARR— " Bob " Interests: R.O.T.C.; Weight Lifting; Fo otball; Baseball; Basketball; Ice Hockey; The Citadel. Activities: Honor Guard 3; Prize Squad 3; Has- kell Drill 3; Individual Drill 4; R.O.T.C.; Intramural Sports; Platoon Sergeant. Am- bition: To have a military SHEILA ANN TINDLEY | Penguin ; Interests : West Gloucester; jSkateland; Feb. 27, 1958; " Mr. Wonderful true love? IThat Mere; The Breakwa- ter; those uncles and broth- ers. Activities: Girls’ Lead- ers ' Club; Future Teachers’ of America; International Relations Club. Ambition: To make that decision. pOLBATH A. TUCKER | ’Colby” interests: Sports; Music; Ifrhe clock in the class [room wall; Graduation. Activities: Track 1; Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Corpor- lal 2. Ambition: To enjoy limyself while becoming a buccess in my chosen field without sacrificing my in- Ipividuality. ROBERT TOWN— Bob Interests: Jazz; Speedskating: Cars; Money; Girls; Taking long trips. Activities: Stage Crew 2, 3, President 4; Band 2, Corporal 3, 4. Ambition: To be a success in the radio and television industry. SHOKO TOYAMA— " Candy” Interests: Drawing; Reading: Traveling. Activities: A.F.S. Junior Committee; Internation- al Relations Club; Art Club; F.H.A. Awards: A.F.S. Schol- arship. Ambition: After four years of college where I shall major in English or foreign languages, I would like to be a journalist. ROLAND NICHOLS— Troy Interests: Carpentry; Fishing; Model cars; Stamp Collect- ing; Guns; Money. Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team 2. Ambition: To be- come a successful carpenter and build a better Gloucester. SHARON TWOMEY— " Sha” Interests: Senior Debs; Cubs; ’55 Ford; Dec.-June; Friday Night Rides; " Tragedy; and those depressing moods. Ac- tivities: Thespians; Service Club; Sailing Club; Volun- teers; Biology Club. Ambi- tion: To make my parents proud of me by attaining my B.S. and seeing the world. DOROTHY ANN VAGOS— " Dottie” Interests: ZORRO; Lollipops; Good Harbor; Donald Duck; C.Y.O.; J.O.A.; Mousies; Tilt; Golf. Activities: Thes- pians, Treasurer, Honor Bus- iness Club; Service Club; Sec- retary; FLICKER; F.H.A., Pres. 3. Awards: O.G.A.; O.A.T. Ambition: To see a world peace, and lead a happy life. KENNETH VICARI— " Ken” Interests: Swimming; The Grange; Cars; Vic’s; the blue 54 Ford; The nightly rides to Cape Cod; Seeing New York through the eyes of my buddys; June 15, 1959; the parties. Ambition: To get a good-paying job. IT ' S BEEN GREAT, WE ' VE ALL GAINED MANY LASTING FRIENDSHIPS CAROL LOUISE WALTERS Interests: HIM; The Selected Set; Phi Kappa Gamma; Rain- bow; The Magnet. Activities: Stevens Reviewers; Interna- tional Relations Club; Spanish Club; Latin Club; F.N.A; Junior Usherette; Flicker Com- mittee; Main Office Assistant. Ambition: To be happy and shine like the sun in the fir- mament. GERALDINE WAITE— Gerry Interests: Senior Debs; Tragedy and those depressed moods; Raw eggs; Chaperone; Us five and the good old days; Summer, 1957. Activities: Thespians; Flash; Biology Club; F.N.A. Ambition: Das Erfahrene mit dem Erfahrenen su erfahrenen. To shock my father and surprise my twin by receiving my R.N. SUZANNE WAKELY— Sue Interests: Rotation; Art; Fly- ing; Someone for Iota laughs; Away; Senior Elites; The Big Blast; That April vacation; Music; Swimming. Activities: Girls ' Drill Team; Spectacular Squad; Archery; Art Club, Treasurer 4; Flicker; Art Com- mittee. Ambition : To achieve the power of understanding. EDWARD A. WALL— Eddie Interests: April 13, 1957; Irene; 1940 Ford. Activi- ties: R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4. Am- bition: To make my moth- er and father proud of me. MARGARET BELLE WEBBER— Meg Interests: The Selected Set; The magnet; Phi Kappa Gam- ma; August 4, 1958; Wishin’ on Stars. Activities: Student Council Alternate; French Club; Spanish Club, Pres. Junior Usherette; Flicker Com- mittee. Ambition: To patient- ly wait for " Someday.” LOLA WENNERBERG Interests: Phi Kappa Gamma; Skiing; The selected set. Ac- tivities: Glee Club; A Cappel- la Choir; Student Council; A.F.S., Treasurer, Secretary; Art Club, Vice President; Junior Usherette. Awards: Sci- ence Fair Prize 50 Hour Serv- ice Pin. Ambition: Some- hing to do, to love, and to hope for; to become an in- terior architectural designer. PETER A. WHITE— Pete Interests: Football; Base- ' ball; Hockey; R.O.T.C.; Marty. Activities: Football] 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3,j 4; Honor Guard, Co-Com-| mander, Guideon, Haskell;; Individual Drill; Prize] Squad; Corporal, Sergeant,] Officer. Ambition: To use] the education given me by] this school in succeeding]! in everything I attempt. I WE ALL HAD GRADUATION JITTERS LONG AHEAD OF TIME WE ' VE FINALLY MADE IT — GRADUATION IS A DAY WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER. PETER J. WHITE, JR.— Pete-Whitey Interests: Cars; Girls; Skat- ing; Swimming; the garage and the boys; the free nights at West Peabody. Ambition: To build a motel and sit back and collect the returns. To be a suc- cess that my father is, and to be as likable as my mother. ROBERT K. WHITMARSH, JR.— Bob Interests: Music; Boating; Electronics. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To go to college and to be successful in electronics. GAIL WHYNOTT Interests: Senior Elites; The Big Blast; Rotation; Somer- ville; that April vacation; Summer of ’59; Lot ’a laughs; " Oogle Stro ogle!” Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Spectacular Squad; Class Roll Committee; French Club; Lat- in Club; Future Nurses; Biol- ogy Club; Beacon. Ambition: To find my true vocation, to travel, and to be an individ- ual. CHARLES H. WILKINSON, JR.— " Chas” Interests: " That old gang of mine”; " Freshman”; " Room 120 and classes therein; " Old cars and Shore Road.” Activ- ities: German Club 1, 2, 4; International Relations Club 4. Ambition: To swim, not in this sea of life. PRICILLA A. WILSON— Cilia. Interests: PAUL; " He’s Mine”; Together! Us Sundays; " Talks”; Rings Around Us”; Pizza; Bon- gos; P-J parties; Summer of ’57. Activities: Girls’ Rifle Team, Treasurer 4; Honor Business Club; F.H.A.; President 4; Teach- ers ' Secretary; FLICKER. Awards: Shorthand; Type. Amb ition: Find the answer. Live, love, and forgive. GAIL PAIGE WONSON Interests: Rainbow; church chess, canteen; " Letters” ; Walking; Reading. Activities: Junior Volunteer 1, 2, 3, Pres- ident 4; Office Assistant 4; Chess Club, Secretary-Treasur- er 2, 3, President 4; Service Club 4; Archery 2; Flicker Committee. Awards: Junior Volunteer 100 hour award 1. Ambition: To become an X- ray technician and cook like my mother. DIANE BETTY— Di Interests: Busty; Custom Cars; especially ’56 Fords. Activ- ities: Bowling; Dancing; Cus- tom car shows. Ambition: To get married. IN MEMORIAM IN MEMORY OF JUDITH WILLIAMS There is so little one can say When we think of your short stay. To try to reason and understand Is something far beyond our hand. Your every deed and ready smile. Were with us for only awhile. Even though you are now away Your memory brightens each new day. The Master called you, oh, so young, To come with Him above. To share with other young ones there The blessings of His love. 1 14 THESE FLICKER COMMITTEES HAVE HELPED CLUBS Donna Smith Barbara Smith Urilla Cheverie We wish to express our special thanks to the following people: Mrs. Ralph Parsons for pictures loaned, The Gloucester Daily Times for pictures, Miss Olga Williams and Mrs. Shirley LaFrance for the major typing tasks, Mr. Karobkin for being Faculty Business Manager, Mr. William Frazier, Representative of the Taylor Publishing Company, The Military Department, Stephen Bloomberg, Jr. for taking pictures, Eugene Silva, our class photographer, The Loring Studio and its photographers, Miss Ruth Gaudet and Mr. Willis Smith, our class advisors, Anyone who helped in any way. BOTH IN STUDY AND AFTER SCHOOL CLASS ROLL Betty Azevedo, Diane Morris, Priscilla Wilson, Ginger King, Leslie Millet, Pam Irving, Katherine Karvelas. Missing when pic- tures were taken were the members of the CALENDAR commit- tee: Barbara Kohr Sue Goodhue Beverly Porter Marcia Davis Janice Palmer Joan Brooks Meg Webber Carol Walters Gail Wonson Darryl Pierce ADVERTISEMENTS Sandra Sargent, Mr. Korobkin, Faculty Busines: Manager; Flossie Strople, Barbara Goulart, Alice Souza, Business Manager; Mary DeWolfe, Rose Frade. R.O.T.C. Dave Rose Bob O’Maley Dana Pomett (Missing) Dave Brown R.O.T.C V txP 9 % ° o CONGRATULATIONS ON SEVENTY-FIFTH MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM J. VERBECK Commanding General Fort Devens Commanding General 13th U. S. Army Corps CADETS IN ACTION OFFICERS OF Master Sergeant Doug- las S. Russell is the Ad- ministrative N-CO here at Gloucester High School. As well as instructing, he does all the paper work that keeps our brigade run- ning smoothly. Formerly with the Massachusetts Military District at Boston Army Base, he came here in 1953 and has played a great part in the success of our brigade. Captain James W. Cur- tis, Jr., Professor of Mili- tary Science and Tactics, is the head of the Military Department at Gloucester High School. Before com- ing here in 1957, he was stationed at the Infantry School at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He is also the military supervisor of the Girls’ Drill Team. LEADERS ON PARADE THE STAFF . . Larry . Dick . Reggie CADET LT. COL. LAWRENCE E. SAWLER CADET COL. RICHARD C. TARR CADET MAJOR REGINALD W. JACKSON THE MUSIC STAFF Wally . . . Hear us shout, and hear us cry ! Out to win with " Do or Die!” For our slogan ever ! Battle o’er and duty done School upheld and victory won, We are cowards never. 124 DRUM MAJOR WALTER P. PIRAINO 2ND LT. BRADFORD H. ARTHUR ASST. DRUM MAJOR FRANCIS B. POWERS GIRLS OF THE BRIGADE PRACTICE . . . 2nd Lt. Maureen Rodgers, SFC Elizabeth Connors, Sgt. Marilyn Lewis, Sgt. Dina Babson, Sgt. Wilma Smith, Sgt. Judith Layton, Carolyn Marshall, Urilla Cheverie, Joyce Farnham, Carol O’Hearn, Katherine Nicastro, Suzanne Wakely, Gail Whynott, Mary Patten, Polly Rust, JoAnn Messina, Sherrie Somers, Carol Silva, Geraldine Kyrouz, Paula Mitchell, Michele Smith, Ann Hale. MAKES PERFECT . . . 125 1885 A. W. Bacheler organized the first company of 60 men; Harry F. Bray; Capt. Uniform consisted of a blue flannel blouse with a row of seven brass buttons and a blue straight visor cap, both furnished by the par- ents. The money for the Springfield guns was raised by fairs. 1886 First Haskell drill was held in the City Hall, Fred W. Allen won. Guy Patillo was the first Color Bearer. A second company (Co. B) was established. 1886 The Haskell Medal was 1889 passed on from year to year. 1890 The Haskell Medal came to rest with R. Wesley Bur- ham, and a second place medal was started. 1891 From this date on a separate medal was given to the 1st and 2nd place winners. 1893 White pants were added to the uniforms. The battal- ion now has 140 men. Those winners who first won Haskell Drill were Bradford Arthur William Baxter Harry Dagle Clifford Gale Paul Goodwin Howard Lodge Charlie Lowe Hugh Olmstead Donald Mazzio TH 1 BIG, PROU: given permanent medals, be- cause they had passed it on each year. 1895 Buff Leggings were added to the uniforms. 1896 Cadets changed to white duck trousers. 1901 Twenty new guns were pur- chased. 1903 Sergeant Henry Hurwitz took third place at the M.I.T. prize drill. 1904 Captain Henry Hurwitz took second place at M.I.T. prize drill. 1907 A third company (Co. C) was formed. 1908 John D. Cunningham won a Haskell Medal for the sec- ond year in a row. 1910 The Battalion was so large a new company (Co. D) was formed. 1915 The Bacheler Trophy was introduced and won by Company D (bronze medal). 1916 This year two Companies were added (Co. E, Co. F) to make up 2 Battalions of three Companies each. This is a Regiment now. S.F.C. STEPHEN G. KINNER EAND |ND HONORED I 916 The buff leggings were changed to canvas. |L917 The Bacheler Trophy was made up of an officer’s belt and sabre, besides the usual medal. (D) ■1918 The Bacheler Trophy was a iji Drum Major’s Baton plus the usual medal. (D) 11918 White Gloves were added I to the Cadet’s uniform. ■1918 New Rifles are now being used by the Cadets. ■1919 The R.O.T.C. was formed under an Act of Congress. 1 1919 Company F is discontinued after only three years of service. I 1919 The Bacheler Trophy was two snare drums and the usual medal. ljl920 Company E discontinued after four years of service. Il922 A prize of $50.00 was given to the best drilled Company. (B) ■1923 Company D was discon- tinued after 13 years and replaced by two training ROBERT E. PUFF sections. 1924 The two Training Sections which were introduced last year were discontinued. 1926 Company C was discon- tinued after 19 years of service. 1930 Company C is back with us again. 1933 Company C leaves again. 1934 Companies C, D, and E are back in full swing. 1936 On the 51st Field Day Companies D and B came out tied for the Bacheler Trophy. Each Company had 120 points to their credit. June 3, 1940 First time Field Day was held on a Sunday. 1952 The Regiment changed to the Eisenhower Uniforms. 1958 Company F is back with the regiment. 1959 The present-day uniforms came into use. 1922 Company B won the Bacheler Trophy for three years in a row. Walter Piriano Francis Powers Warren Spurling Eugene Silva Robert Town Colbath Tucker Robert Witmarsh Anthony Tamarindo KT . , A COMPANY ?S erS S°p n ; vl M rk Haberlan d, FSgt. David Brown 2n 0 I Fit., Sgt. Robert Corkum, II Pit. Cpl. Robert Brown, II Pit. Armory Trophies Galore familiar sights at drill CADETS AND WEAPONS D COMPANY 2nd Lt. Robert Dion, Cadet G.B. George Dennis, SFC Vincent Boyle, 2nd Lt. Angelo Bertolino, Sgt. David Pimentel, Sgt. William McTigue, Cpl. Edward Wall. CADETS ARE KEPT IN CHECK 2nd Lt. Robert O ' Mfiey, G.B. Earle Nasor, SFC David Rose, 2nd Lt. Franklyn Boardman, I Pit.; 2nd Lt. David Lewis, II Pit.; Cpl. Dana ; 6 Pommet, Cpl. Salvatore Testeverde, II Pit. E COMPANY John checks absentees. 1 Mark Haberland awaits inspection. ANNIE OAKLEYS OF G.H.S. F COMPANY 2nd Lt. Paul Dexter, Cadet G.B. Charles Loring, SFC John Clayton, Sgt. William Burr, I Pit.; Sgt. Samuel Favazza, II Pit.; Sgt. Bernard Sova, I Pit.; Cpl. Robert Tarr, II Pit. 133 GIRLS ' RIFLE TEAM Capt. Ginger King (absent). Elizabeth Connors, Linda Evans, Donna Newman, Marcia Genest, Donna Patrican, Ute Graeper, Astrid Josephson, Pamela Parsons, Jean White, Jane Coleman, Norma Morris, Linda Farnham, Roberta Wadsworth, Priscilla Wilson, Dona Kaihlanen, Sandra Cartoni, Karen Amero. HONOR AND COLORS COLOR GUARD William Henderson, Cpl. Edward Abbott, John Dunbar, Cpl. Michael Palazolla. HONOR GUARD Peter Shoares, John Lubin, John Perry, James Connely, Thomas Linsky, Salvi (Seniors only) SFC Ronald Teixeira, Joseph Novello, tore, Parisi, David Snelson, Andrew Noyes, Everett Ercolani. jjb WM 1 l • .Bj " % ft lEtl 1 134 •Hib ' • kin [ DIRECTOR OF VOCATIONAL SCHOOL MR. HAROLD B. GEARY Founded in 1940, the Gloucester Vocational School offers boys the chance to be trained as auto mechanics, carpenters, electricians, machinists, and printers. Many graduates of the shops enter -institutions for advanced training, but all are prepared to go immediately into employment in their chosen field. 136 Boys in the carpentry shop . h are taught the proper use and j- care of woodworking tools, ; machines and materials and the process of construction from cellar to roof. Framing, i stair building, inside and out- 1 side finish, and some cabinet making are included in the shop work. Related courses ' include study of small house plans and construction details, 1 1 i estimating and purchase of materials, as many of the car- pentry graduates will eventu- I - ally operate small contracting p businesses. Carpentry can be " boring. PRINTERS, ELECTRICIANS DISPLAY TRAINING TECHNIQUES The fundamentals of electrical theory and practice provide a (sound training in this shop. Pupils [study many types of electric cir- cuits, magnetism, and induction; methods of making electrical measurements, direct current, and alternating current motors and generators, elementary electronics, and the standards of the National Electric Code. The various meth- ods of house and industrial wir- • png, signal and telephone work, [testing, repairing and rewinding pf motors and ge nerators, and the (installation an servicing of various types of appliances a ' re included in jthe shop work. What do you think of this, Mr. Vail? The print shop course includes all types of hand composition, platen press and automatic cylin- der press operation, cutting of stock and bindery operations. Var- ious kinds of machine composition are also used in some of the work. Students are taught design and layout, printers’ • arithmetic, in- cluding fhe point system of meas- ure, and a study of paper, inks, and color printing is included. A high degree of mechanical apti- tude is required as well as a good basic knowledge of English. Special courses in Printers’ Trade English are conducted for boys in this trade. The requirements and the standards of the work are exacting, but the working condi- tions in the trade is good. Boys who successfully complete the course may expect to be placed in the industry, as the work is not localized or seasonal. Keep those wires humming, boys. FUTURE MECHANICS KEEP AUTOMOBILES ROLLING Boys practice theory in the shop. Vocational boys take part in many activities. In the automotive shop students are taught all phases of automobile repair and service work on the " live” automobiles while in the shop. Automotive theory, including ing tools, and equipment, engine repairs, all types of clutches and transmissions, rear axles, brakes, steering gears and wheel alignment, ignition and carburetion are thoroughly covered in related class- es. SPORTS jaT i! lrV r m ■P ■ § f i KJSj A W 9 w E 1 THE GREAT MAN OF G.H.S. FOOTBALL CHAMPS OF ESSEX COUNTY LEAGUE This year’s Fishermen Basketball Team is one of the best ever to come out of Gloucester High School. So far our team has a perfect record with no losses to its credit. The ’60 Fishermen could go on to win the State Tourney, but come what may, they will always be champions to every sports fan at G.H.S. C£, Henry Pascucci floats through the air. DECEMBER 15 GLOUCESTER 63— LYNN ENGLISH 56 Gloucester’s first win of the year was paced by Dick Ryan and Don Patrican. Dave Patrican came off the bench to score on two left-handers to secure the win for Gloucester. DECEMBER 18 GLOUCESTER 76— HAVERHILL 57 Gloucester swamped the Hillies with Ryan, Mac- Leod, and Don Patrican hitting the double figures. Gloucester led from the start and with the rebound- ing of Captain MacLeod, Corkum, and Don Patrican, Gloucester soared to an easy victory. DECEMBER 22 GLOUCESTER 50— SAUGUS 44 Clutch play by MacLeod, Pascucci, and Dave Pa- trican helped Gloucester to squeeze by in overtime. Pascucci’s 12 points in the first half kept the Fish- ermen in the game. Later, MacLeod and Patrican combined for 6 points during the overtime which sent Gloucester undefeated into the new year. JANUARY 5 GLOUCESTER 67— LYNN CLASSICAL 47 The Fishermen roared to their fourth consecutive win. The backcourt men, Ryan and Novello, played brilliantly, setting up plays, driving for layups, and letting no one get by them on defense. Dave Patrican drives around the defense. JANUARY 8 GLOUCESTER 73— BEVERLY 58 The Gloucester High School Fishermen crushed Beverly, coming from behind in the second half to win by 15 points. This was one of Gloucester’s best team efforts as MacLeod, Ryan, Novello, and Don Patrican all hit double figures. Bob Corkum had complete control of both boards in the fourth period, and the Fishremen won going away. JANUARY 12 GLOUCESTER 54— LAWRENCE 50 Clutch performances in the fourth period by Dick Ryan and Joe Novello gave Gloucester High’s Fish- ermen their sixth straight win. In the last 13 sec- onds with Lawrence pressing hard, Ryan plunked two free throws to ice the game. Don Patrican had his best outing this year scoring twenty-five points. Backcourt man Joe Novello makes a tricky pass. Dick Ryan gets off on a fast breakaway. JANUARY 15 GLOUCESTER 86— SALEM 52 This game could be called a contest between Don Patrican and the Salem Witches. The 6’7” Junior center had the best night of his career, scor- ing 46 points, picking off 27 rebounds, and holding two men playing him to a total of 6 points. JANUARY 22 GLOUCESTER 62— HAVERHILL 57 Gloucester outlasted a surprisingly tough Haver- hill team paced by center Don Patrican. Dick Ryan wheelhorsed the Fishermen offense, bagging 11 points on assorted drives and jumpers. Three fights broke out in the last four minutes, but were quickly extinguished. FEBRUARY 2 GLOUCESTER 61— LYNN CLASSICAL 45 Don Patrican and Captain Billy MacLeod put on a Mr. Inside — Mr. Outside routine that ruined Lynn’s hopes. Patri- can had 30 points while MacLeod had 19 points. Bob Corkum, Gloucester’s Lou Gehrig of Basketball, came up with four important points and continued his fine rebounding. FEBRUARY 5 GLOUCESTER 67— BEVERLY 52 Sophomore Jim Parisi authored 25 points to lead the Fisher- men in scoring for the night. Corner man Bob Corkum was tremendous, playing the best game of his career. Bob, re- bounding aggressively, chipped in with 1 5 points as Gloucester High School picked up its 12th consecutive win this year. JANUARY 25 GLOUCESTER 50— SAUGUS 27 Although Gloucester pulled a win out of this game, it was popular opinion that it was their poorest game of the year. MacLeod led the team scoring 15 points with Ryan adding 12 more. Gloucester was lucky to be playing Saugus, who has lost 30 straight County League games. Any other team could have meant serious trouble. JANUARY 27 GLOUCESTER 67— LYNN ENGLISH 56 Gloucester’s Fishermen made the front pages as the close and thrilling game brought Lynn fans rioting after the Gloucester High School players. Don Patrican scored 12 crucial points to put Gloucester in front in the last period. This was a must for the Welchmen and they came through with flying colors. Co-Captain John Clayton — Coach Jack Caniff — Co-Captain Paul Dexter. Wins — Saint Mary’s, 2-0; Marblehead, 4-1; Peabody, 3-1; English, 3-0; Salem, 1-0; Beverly, 2-1; Classical, 9-0. Ties — Swampscott, 2-2; Saint Dominies, 1-1; Amesbury, 2-2. Loses — Woburn, 3-2; Danvers, 1-0; Saugus, 3-0; Malden Catholic, 5-4, Saint John’s, 2-1. ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR FOR THE HOCKEY TEAM The team talks over the mistakes during those much needed between-period rests. 150 Pete retrieves the puck. Paul blocks. Hustle, hustle, and more hustle. WINS 9 SCORE! TIES 2 LOSSES 6 mm Don’t let him get that puck, Topper. A new dance step ' That was one of the few past Tom Lufkin. Tommy keeps it in the zone. PLAYOFF SCORES Glou. .. ..5 Woodburn ... 4 Glou. .3 Swampscott .. .7 Glou. 0 Malden Catholic ... . 1 The efforts of Lufkin, Sawler, and Clayton keep our defense strong. The runner-ups in the North Shore Hockey League playoffs. STANDING — Coach Jack Canniff, " Sophie” Favolora, Tom Babson, " Skip " Arvilla, Tom Lufkin, Co-Captain Paul Dexter. Co- Captain John Clayton, Larry Sawler, Jim Johnson, John Carroll, Mark Haberland, Ben Hedbloom. KNEELING — Dick Muise. Sam " Topper " Nicastro, Paul Radcliff, Russ Harnish, Bill Rich, Pete Decoste. ! if it, Dana Pommet Congratulations to the Graduating Class From THE GLOUCESTER CO-OPERATIVE BANK HUBBARD AND PURDY Mason Contractors Alp Bridal Gown Shop Union Hill Laundry for Tuxedoes BLOCK CONCRETE TILE BRICK WORK and STUCCO PLASTERING Wilma Smith and Bill Burr model formal attire for ROTC party Office 45 Dennison Street Telephone 3359 GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS FAULK BROS., INC. Mason Contractors Compliments of i Telephone i 77 1 NATIONAL 35 Whittemore Street HOUSE FURNISHING GLOUCESTER, MASS. Congratulations and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo- graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! LORING 0 STUDIOS New England ' s Largest School Photographers Compliments of NOYES THE MOVER 121 ROGERS STREET GLOUCESTER GLOUCESTER CAMERA AND PHOTO SHOP 97 Main Street Gloucester CAMERA SUPPLIES FINISHING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Compliments of QmCu MAGNOLIA MASSACHUSETTS E. A. GREEL, INC. Cleaners and Launderers 64 Main Street TELEPHONE 2272 GLOUCESTER Compliments of CROTON WATERPROOF WATCHES GUARANTEED FOR THREE YEARS Unbreakable Balance Staff, Mainspring MISTY ACRES RESTAURANT ESSEX MASSACHUSETTS BLANCHARD Jeweler 125 Main Street Telephone 806 GEORGE K. ROGERS COMPANY Jewelers I 50 Main Street Gloucester DAVIS COAL AND OIL COMPANY Gloucester, Massachusetts COAL... WOOD... OIL Telephone 2940 PLANT B and M Freight Yard OFFICE Whittemore Street Free TV Tel. Gloucester 5950 WINGAERSHEEK MOTEL At Corner Exit 3 Route 128 Deposit with reservation Open All year MR. AND MRS. NOEL E. PERKINS HUCK ' S BAIT AND TACKLE SHOP Boats MARINE EQUIPMENT TIRES RECAPPING BATTERIES AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES ELECTRIC APPLIANCES TELEVISION WASHING MACHINES REFRIGERATORS A. L. MORTON, INC. I Maplewood Avenue Telephone 4330 GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS CAPE ANN FISHERIES, INC. ROBERT R. McPHAIL Fort Wharf Gloucester, Massachusetts Telephone 2100 Compliments of THE GLOUCESTER CHILDREN ' S SHOP Subteen Department 138 Main Street Tel. 3990 Compliments of THE GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES KEN ELWELL OIL SERVICE RANGE AND FUEL OIL OIL BURNER SALES AND SERVICE Essex Massachusetts Best of Luck to the Seniors NATIONAL BUTCHERS COMPANY 99 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER Best Wishes From THE UNIVERSITY CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 486 ANDOVER STREET LAWRENCE. MASSACHUSETTS CAPE ANN AUTO BODY Main Street Essex, Massachusetts WILLIAM PASUCCI Telephone Roger 8-6421 Compliments of BROAD ' S SHOE STORE GLOUCESTER. MASSACHUSETTS 1 1 GHS students are served quickly in the cafeteria. Compliments of WADE ' S CHARLES F. STRONG THE WAITING STATION WHOLESALE CANDY SCHOOL SUPPLIES Supplying G.H.S. for over TYPEWRITERS fifty-five years 1 114 Main Street Telephone 48 GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS I BEST WISHES TO Telephone 186 1 ! AN OUTSTANDING GROUP OF SIMON ' S SPORT CENTER SENIORS Sporting Equipment of All Kinds AMALIA TREE SURGEONS, Inc. 268 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER Compliments of ADASKO ' S FASHION SHOP 1 58 Main Street Gloucester Compliments of VICTORY BEAUTY AND SLENDERIZING SALONS Gloucester Massachusetts w Compliments of Compliments IPSWICH DAIRY, INC GUERNSEY MILK AND CREAM ART JEWELERS Telephone Elmwood 6-3221 Compliments of DICK ' S SHOE SHOP 9 CENTER STREET TEL. 3598 TOP VALUE STAMPS CALLAHAN ' S RIVERSIDE HOUSE ESSEX, MASSACHUSETTS Best Wishes to the Class of I960 THE YMCA CANTEEN THE EMPIRE JOHN A. JOHNSON, INC. INSURANCE I Duncan Street Tel. 16 " Our Policy Is Your Protection " Compliments of NICKAS SELF-SERVICE MARKET Corner of Prospect Street and Friend Street 171 Main Street Frank, Bev, Johnny and Flossie model school and sports attire. TELEPHONE 3165 COMPLIMENTS OF ||pAGE ' S THE GLOUCESTER SAFE DEPOSIT AND TRUST COMPANY JAMES C. GREELY II and JAMES C. GREELY III 212 Washington Street GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS WARM WISHES, CLASS OF I960 From the MODERN HEATING AND VENTILATING COMPANY 14 Rogers Street Telephone 5454 The Big Name in Heating CONNOR ' S PHARMACY Prescription Specialists Tel. 78 112 Main Street GLOUCESTER, MASS. VILLAGE MARKET Essex, Mass. Ro. 8-6222 GOLDMAN ' S Smartly Dressed Use Their J.B.A. CAPE ANN BOWLING CENTER Great for a Date " BOWLING " Best Wishes to Class ' 60 APPT ' S ICE OIL SHERWIN WILLIAMS 143 Main Street Tel. 5191 S. GRAY ' S It ' s Gray ' s for Quality SPORTS EQUIPMENT CURTIS ' SONS Established 1887 FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION 272 Washington Street, Greenhouse, Gloucester, Mass. TEEL MACHINE COMPANY THOMAS J. MULLINS Plumbing and Heating Contractor MASTER LICENSE NUMBER 6704 Telephone Roger 8-6396 WESTERN AVENUE ESSEX, MASSACHUSETTS Western Avenue MASSACHUSETTS ESSEX REILLY MOTOR COMPANY CADILLAC— PONTIAC 130 Washington Street GLOUCESTER ESSEX LOBSTER HOUSE LOBSTER — STEAK — CHICKEN Main Street Essex, Massachusetts Telephone Roger 8-6242 WEDGEWOOD PHARMACY Prescriptions and Sick Supplies Martin Street Essex, Massachusetts Telephone Roger 8-6631 BEACON MARINE BASIN, INC. STUDIOS — YACHT MARINA Wharfage — Storage — Repair Facilities Crane Service — Yachts — Commercial Vessels 211-221 EAST MAIN STREET EAST GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 2380 UNITED FISHERIES COMPANY SHIP CHANDLERY 405 Main Street Tel. 910 Compliments of k i ▲ n t i r ni -w rn n ▲ r k a rT np Gloucester MARTY S CLOVER FARM STORE NORMAN OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. Everything for the office 1 5 Washington Street Gloucester Compliments of AUNE ' S YARN SHOP ANDREW ' S LUNCHEONETTE AND RESTAURANT 76 Prospect Street " Where every bite is a delight " DINNER SPECIALS DAILY HOME COOKING GAYBROOK GARAGE, INC. General Auto Repairs Compliments of WOODRUFF ' S SERVICE STATION 18 Railroad Avenue Gloucester Western Avenue, Essex, Massachusetts Telephone Roger 8-6381 Compliments of BOB ' S HABERDASHERY Compliments of 245 Main Street Gloucester TELEPHONE 452 ALMY ' S BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 60 FAVORITE SPECIALTY SHOP CLARENCE O. DAVIS 1 1 Washington Street GLOUCESTER, MASS. Contractor and Builder 114 Magnolia Avenue Tel. Magnolia 1 345 Compliments of THE STORY SHIPYARD DEMARCO ' S Cleaners and Dyers 103 Washington Street GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS ESSEX SHIPYARD, Inc. ESSEX, MASSACHUSETTS Established 1913 HENRY THE HATTER Main Street CHICKY ' S MEN ' S SHOP Gloucester Massachusetts Gloucester Massachusetts Compliments of JOSEPH ' S MEAT MARKET 61 Maplewood Avenue Gloucester TELEPHONE 898 r GLEASON ' S BAIT AND TACKLE One Stop for Bait and Tackle Fresh Water or Salt Water Fresh Native Clams for Steaming 196 WASHINGTON STREET GLOUCESTER Telephone 3082 L IDEA SHOP Make It a Note to Call 63 Washington Street GLOUCESTER MASSACHUSETTS MURMAC MANUFACTURING COMPANY 80 Grove Street Gloucester TELEPHONE 1360 Compliments of CUTLER FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CATHERINE KENNEDY BEAUTY SALON QUALITY FURNITURE FOR OVER 50 YEARS Williams Oil-O-Matic Range and Fuel Oil JOHN ALDEN — GRIFFIN COMPANY C. F. TOMPKINS COMPANY 67 Middle Street GLOUCESTER. MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of HAROLD N. PIKE KARL ' S BAKE SHOP Western Avenue ESSEX MASSACHUSETTS libra ry 3 1655 00197 9081 5E US ASY UAS S. 0 ,.,„ ST ORAG£

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