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THE 1957 FLICKER TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication P. 2 Administration and Faculty P. 3 The Class of 1957 . P. 15 Class Histories - P. 47 Sands of Time P. 53 Events and Remembrances P. 67 Activities P. 77 Vocational P. 87 R.O.T.C P. 93 Sports - P. 99 Flicker Staff P. 108 In Memoriam P. 110 Our Sponsors P. Ill Autographs P. 132 DEDICATION MR. G. ALLYN BROWNE Fifty Cheers for Fifty Years of Harmonious Service! To you, Mr. Browne, we, the graduating class of 1957, happily dedicate our Flicker. For the past fifty years you have willingly given your time to and for the students of Gloucester. You have struck many pleasing notes in the past, but the one that stands out, the one that rings the clearest, is the cheerful note of willingness and helpfulness. We are proud that you will play for us on our graduation day, and happy that you will graduate from Gloucester High School with us! 2 L. MUNRO GRANDY Superintendent of Schools To the Members of the Class of 1957 — You must have a feeling of great pride as you approach the time when you will take your places among the graduates of Gloucester High School. It is an honor and a distinction to join this group. Gloucester High is proud of the record of its graduates. A firm foundation has been laid for you. Take the opportunities that are yours to build well. Congratulations and best wishes. J. STANLEY THOMPSON Assistant to the Superintendent To the Members of The Graduating Class of 1957 — I congratulate you on completing what is, in your total life span, a comparatively short time. How- ever, these past twelve years are most important to you, your community, your state, and your nation. During these years you have been learning to do better those things you will be doing in the future. Those should encompass active and effective citi- zenship, moral and spiritual quality, and earnest- ness of purpose to succeed in your chosen field. May you realize your hopes and Godspeed. Sincerely, The Class of 1957 is one of the finest ever to have graduated from the Gloucester High School. Your contributions to the school have been generous and significant and your mem- bership in it will be remembered for many years. Each of you has acquired a certain store of knowledge which by itself is not adequate for any particular purpose. Those of us who have tried to work with you in school hope that you will use your present information to enable you to go further, to help you learn more; after all, you are graduating into a world in which success, more than ever before in history, is de- pendent upon the possession of a body of skills and knowledges which can be acquired. In this world the rewards of success are greater than they have been ever before. We hope that you will combine determination and hard work with your knowledge, add some imagination, acquire direction, and so live the best life it is in you to live. The best of luck to you. Sincerely, ARTHUR N. SMITH Principal To the Class of 1957 : I sincerely wish for each of you a life of happiness, success, and usefulness. One of the many factors that will insure such a future will be your ability to adapt yourself and adjust your thinking to the rapidly changing world in which we live. Think how it has changed since your graduation from the eighth grade — new machines, new political thought, a new mode for living for many. You must realize that much of this change has been for the betterment of society. From now on you will exert an influence for change. You will have to develop the judgment to evaluate the worth of many new, even revolutionary, proposals and you must have an awareness of the need for change if we as a nation are to continue to progress and be strong. The only constant things today are the truth and the right as you see them. With them tamper not. WINSLOW S. PARKHURST To the Graduating Class of 1957 For four years you have wended your path to your school bringing to it, let us say, diamonds in the rough in the form of your mental and physical being, to be examined, cut, shaped, and polished, not by you alone but by your teachers and school personnel. You now have an identity of your own, adding to the total reflective brilliance of your class. Some will engage in areas of home life and others will continue formal education for further polishing. I exhort each of you to shine your best as your contribution to an enlightened mankind. Sincerely yours, HAROLD B. GEARY Director Gloucester Vocational School V J To The Graduating Class of 1957: Many people have congratulated you upon your completion of high school work. May I add my sincere congratulations and my hearty good wishes for future attainments and successes? I have liked working with you, and I shall miss you as I do each class as it is graduated. My interest in you will continue, and I am ready to help you as alumni. The alumni of Gloucester High School are important in their interest, concern and loyalty to the school; as one of that group I say " Welcome Alumni.’’ Sincerely, MISS MARGARET C. TUFTS Chairman and Girls’ Guidance Counselor To The Graduating Class of 1957 : Life and its multitude of varying experiences might be likened to a text with many chapters. Now you are in the process of start- ing a new chapter. It is our sincere hope as teachers that we have been able to contribute our proportionate share to your ever- broadening philosophy and increasing fund of knowledge. It is our hope that you are morally, spiritually and potentially prepared to live and lead in the world of today and tomorrow. L. C. SPRAGUE, JR. Boys’ Guidance Counselor ■■ ,,4Y iwh BH tf.C. I® To The Graduating Class of 1957: Yours has been an active class in extracurricular affairs, and I have enjoyed working with each individual, committee, and club. Participation in activities should have given you an opportunity to develop leadership, to promote individual interests, and to work with others . . . true democratic principles. Best of luck to you all. MARJORIE H. GALE Director of Extracurricular Activities FLOOR SUPERVISORS AND SECRETARIES MR. WINSLOW PARKHURST First Floor Supervisor MR. J. VINCENT ELMER Second Floor Supervisor MR. VERNON C. HOOPER Third Floor Supervisor MISS CATHERINE McCATHERN Secretary MISS OLIVE HODGKINS Secretary MRS. GRACE MUNROE Secretary of Guidance Department MRS. PAULINE GOUIN Secretary of Vocational School and School Treasurer TEACHING STAFF MR. R. ALTOBELLI Social Studies MR. L. AMERO Automotive Shop Theory MRS. D. BAER French MISS E. BEEBE English MRS. B. BRADSTREET Homemaking MR. P. BRADSTREET Science MR G. A BRO WNE Music MR. J. BUDROW Automotive Shop M SGT. BARBOSA Military Staff MISS J. BRIGHAM English MR. W. CAHILL Social Studies Math TEACHING STAFF MAJOR W. T. CALL MR. J. CANNIFF MR. R. W. CARD Military Staff Head Social Studies Science Head MR. A. CARITO Electrical Shop MR. J. C. CARTER Social Studies MISS B. CHRISTOPHERSON Business MR. H. CURTIS Art Head MISS S. DANA Physical Ed. MISS P. DIONNE Business MR. M. DONOVAN English MR. A. FRIGARD Math 9 TEACHING STAFF MISS M. FROSTHOLM Spanish Language Dept. Head MISS R. GAUDET English MR. A. HAGSTROM Math MISS R. HAMMONS MR. T. HERSEY MR. R. KARCHER MRS. J. KEEGAN Social Studies Head German Physical Ed. Homemaking 10 MRS. E. LAMB English MR. R. H. LANE Math Head MR. G. LEVER Business MR. G. LEWIS Carpentry Shop TEACHING STAFF MR. B. LITTLE English MISS D. LONDERGON Librarian MISS F. McGREW English MRS. E. MILLS Business MISS E. MOORE Music MR. R. MORGAN Science MISS H. MORTON Cafeteria Director MR. P. NICKAS Science MISS M. NUGENT Art MR. H. NUNES Math MISS M. OLIVER Business MR. J. PERAKIS Latin TEACHING STAFF MISS C. PERRY English Head MR. G. PERRY MR. R. PUFF Machine Shop Band MR. N. RESNICK Social Studies MR. I. ROBBINS Social Studies MR. W. ROBINSON English M Sgt. RUSSELL Military Staff 12 MR W. SMITH English MR P. SOCCORSO English Math MR. K. STICKNEY Mechanical Drawing MISS G. TARR Science TEACHING STAFF MR. F. TWOMEY Social Studies MR. H. VAIL Print Shop MISS O. WILLIAMS Business Department Head MR. R. WHITE Vocational Related Subjects Additional Staff Members MISS MARY BURKE Social Studies MR. WILLIAM GREELY Science MR. ALFRED CHISHOLM English SGT. PETTINGILL Military Staff MR. NORMAN C. ROSS Director of Athletics MR. J. TIUNAN Sheet Metal MR. A. VAITUNES Business PRESENTING THE CLASS oF 1951 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS THOMAS JON ANASTAS T orn — Phineas 1 Wonson St. Characteristic Interests: Jazz; " The Coon Sounds”; Ad Libitum; Epicureanism; The Philosophers Corner. Act: cities: Band 2, 3, 4; National Thespian Society 1, 2. 3, 4; President 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3; Prize Drillers 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad Medal 3; Student 3, 4; Stevens Reviewers 3, 4; ROTC Sports. Honors: Senior Class President; Junior Rotarian. Ambition: To win the Down Beat Polls; if not. be a Beach-Comber. SHIRLEY E. REED Shirl — To Spring St., Essex Characteristic Interests: A certain " Red-Head ' ; October 2, 1955; Ask Tommy!; Campin’; Dorymates; Table 5; Coach 1 6 .” Activities: Class Treasurer 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1,-2; Girls’ Club 1; Library Assist- ant 1 Latin Club 3; Cheerleader 3, 4; Girls ' Drill Team 3, Sergeant 4; Beacon Collector 2, 3; Flicker Collector 2, 3. Ambition: To keep the Dorymates rowing together; To make my parents proud of me; To live, love laugh, and be happy with my honey! ; ! I PAULINE E. CAMPBELL Pauli 7 Friend St. Characteristic Interests: 1471089 — February 14, 1957; " Dorymates " ; Campin’; Table 5; " Where the elite meet to eat”; Dancing; Sports. Activities: Class Vice President 4; Student Council 3, Vice President 4; Flicker Committee 4; Latin Club 2, 3; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Junior Usher 3; Library 3; Girls’ Drill Team 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2. Ambition: To receive my RN and make my family proud of me; to keep the " Dory- mates” rowing together. BARBARA J. BRAZIER Barb — Crisco 23 Exchange St. Characteristic Interests: Pat; Fords; USAF; Sports; " Dorymates. " Activities: Archery 2; Cheerleader 3, 4; Girls’ Drill Team 3, 4; Spectacular 4; Honor Business Club 3, 4; Service Club 3, President 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4; Class Secretary 4; Junior Usher 3; ROCKLAND: Class Secretary 1; Radio Club 1; Cheer- leader 1; FTA Softball 1; Latin Club 1 . Honors: Shorthand awards; Typewriting pin. Ambition: To be happy with HIM; to keep the " Dorymates” rowing together; to make my parents proud of me. 16 JOYCE ANN AVILA Doif Rear 86 Eastern Ave. C haracteristic Interests: " Black Bandit”; " Dorymates.” New Year’s Eve (’56); Table 5. Activities: Flash typist 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Girls’ Club 1; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2; Service Club 3, 4; Bowling Club 3; Flicker 4. Honors: Junior OAT; 5-60 Shorthand Speed Test. Ambition: " Not to shatter the world, but to shake it.” CAROL ANNE AZEVEDO Azzy 4 Cherry Street Characteristic Interests: Table 2; " The Long Steps”; Swimming; Ask Gerry. Activities: Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Lunch Counter Assistant 1, 2; National Honor Society 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4; Flicker Typist 4. Honors: Sawyer Medal 1; Gregg Type and Short- hand Awards. Ambition: To have my cake and eat it too. VIRGINIA HELEN AMERO Gini Southern Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests: Fred; Dancing; Swimming; June 1956. Activities: Archery 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Service Club 4; Teachers ' Secretary 3, 4. Honors: Junior OGA; Senior OAT; Junior OAT. Ambition: " Not to shatter the world, but to shake it.” ROBERT WENDELL ANDERSEN, JR. Bob — Andy 8 Eastern Point Road Characteristic Interests: " Roberta”; Hunting; Lobstering. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, co-captain 4; Baseball; Foot- ball Follies; 53-56 Club. Ambi- tion: To have a job where I can go to work at 12, have an hour off for lunch, and get through at 1 : 00 . CAROLE AHONEN Carol 1092 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Horses; Camping out; Rock n Roll. Activities: Horseback riding; Bas- ketball; Swimming; Dancing. Ambition: To do my best in every- thing so my parents will be very proud of me. LYMAN FLOYD ALLEN Froggy — Frog 6 Reynard St. Characteristic Interests: Boats, Swimming. Activities: Vocational Club. Ambition: To join the Navy, sail in a dory, and to make my first million at deep sea diving. JOHN F. ANDERSON 7 Henderson Ct., Rockport Characteristic Interests: Girls; Music; Hockey. Ambition: Join the Navy; See thf World. HARRY WILBUR APTT, JR. Ape — Har 71 Friend St. Characteristic Interests: Marcia; Hunting; Fishing; Dancing; Flashy Cars. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Officers’ Club Honor Guard. Ambition: To become a Technical Engineer and later on in life to support a certain some- one. 17 ROBERT C. BELL Bob 80 Pleasant St. Characteristic Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Cars, Girls. Ambition: To go to school; To make money without working for it. MARY ANN BERTOLINO May 19 Riggs Street . Characteristic Interests: " Jerry,” Granite St.; Blue and Cream Ford; Dancing; Table 1 and 2. Activi- ties: Girls’ Club 1; Glee Club 2, 3; Teachers ' Secretary 4. Honors: Junior OAT Award. Ambition: To marry Jerry and to be a good wife. JOANNE BICKERTON 1 ° 26 Witham St. Characteristic Interests: New York; April 6, 1956; Salisbury Beach; Friendship; Football games; Horseback riding; Swim- ming; Archery. Activities: Girls’ basketball 1, 2; Badminton 1, 2; Tennis 1, 2; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Jun- ior Volunteer 1; Archery 2, 3, 4; Flicker 4. Honors: Junior Volun- teer certificate. Ambition: To be- come a nurse and make my par- ents proud of me. WILLIAM WARREN BABSON, JR. Jack Cambridge Ave. Characteristic Interests: The sea — as the Rear Admiral in the Egyp- tion Navy. Activities: Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3. 4; Var- sity Tennis 4; Chess Club 1; Pro Con Club 3; Junior Rotarian; National Honor Society. Honors: Sawyer Medal 2; Tennis Trophy 3. Ambition: To go to Harvard Medical School and become a surgeon, but most of all to please my mother and father. NATALIE M. BALZARINI Nat 4 Rowe Square Characteristic Interests: Dory- mates; Wee Wheel!! The Gulls; The Rocks and the buoys; Where the elite meet to eat. Activities: Camera Club 1; Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Spectacular 4; Teachers’ Secretary 4; Flicker Committee. Honors: Junior Typing award; Junior shorthand award. Ambi- tion: To become a hairdresser and make mom and dad proud of me; To keep the dorymates rowing together. ROSALIND BARBARA Ro — Ros 2 Fort Square Characteristic Interests: Reading, writing short stories, sports, danc- ing, Steve. Ambition: To be a suc- cess in whatever I attempt in life. PATRICIA MARIE BARGHORN Rat 148 Prospect St. Characteristic Interests: " Dory- mates”; Campin’; Treasure Hunt; Ask Mary ! ! Activities: St. Ann Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1; Science Club 1; GLOUCESTER: Flash typist 3, 4; Girls’ Club 2; Honor Business 2, 3, 4; Service Club 4; Teachers’ Secretary 4; Flicker Com. 4. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. FRANCES KIMBALL BLICK Fran — F’wa Mussel Point Rd. Characteristic Interests: Number three son; Horseback riding; Dot- ted Swiss and Peaudesoie . . . See Townley!!! Activities: Basketball 1; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Latin Club 1, 2; Archery 2; Flash 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3; French Club 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 4; Drill Team 4; Supply Room Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4; Flicker staff; Usherette 3. Ambition: 4 years of college. 18 DAVID BRANT BLOOMBERG Skip 11 Ledge Lane Characteristic Interests: Sailing; Tennis; Camping; Music; To eat, drink and be merry; Plays and movies. Activities: Stage crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club; Service Club 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Football 4; Teachers ' aide 4; Flicker commit- tee 4. Ambition: To become a doctor or dentist. ROBERT E. BOLCOME, JR. Bob 31 Perkins Street Characteristic Interests: Hot Rods; Baseball; Girls; Parties; ' 49 Ford Rag Tops. Activities: Football 3. Ambition: To see Jim Parker get a good rod (a Ford) ; and to make my mother proud of me. J. THOMAS BOUCHER Bush — Red 21 Church Ctreet Characteristic Interests: A Certain Cheerleader; Ask Shirl !; Activi- ties: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC activities 2, 3, Sergeant 4. Ambi- tion: To make $100 a week and marry a certain girl from Essex. ROBERT ARNOLD BOUCHIE Bouch 9 Colonial St. Characteristic Interests: Dances; Parties; Girls; Activities: Voca- tional Club 2, 3, President 4; Prize Drillers 2, 3, 4; Sergeant in ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 4. Ambition: To be a good machinist. (USA) LUCIEN ALFRED BOULEY Luke Characteristic Interests: Hawaiian Guitar; Swimming; Girls; TV; Cheerleaders; Music Festivals; Friendship. Activities: Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Lunch Counter Assistant; Service Club 4. Ambi- tion: To go to a US Navy School of electronics and to make my par- ents proud of me. AUGUSTIN BOURNEUF Gus Eastern Point Characteristic Interests: Ships and the Sea; Football; The Submarine Service. Activities: Football 2, 3; Rifle Team 2; Football Follies 3. Ambition: To become a captain in the Maritime Service; and make my mother and father proud of me. BARBARA M. BOUTCHIE Barb Main St., Essex Characteristic Interests: " Septem- ber 14 ? ! Green,” Table 5, Cid-a- Lake. Activities: Archery 2; Girls ' basketball 1; Volleyball 1; Latin Club 2; French Club 2, 3, Treas- urer 4. Sub-cheerleader 3, 4; Flicker 4; Girls ' Club 1, 2. Ambi- tion: To learn something new every day. M. JUDITH BRENNAN Bubbles Characteristic Interests: Rock ' n Roll; Boys; That certain someone who doesn’t even notice me. Ac- ■ tivities: Girls ' Club 1; Glee Club. ! 3; Library Assistant 3; School Play 1; Tennis 1, 2; Volleyball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2. Honors: Junior OAT. Ambition: To get that solid gold Cadillac. EDNA BROWN Ed — Eddie Southern Ave., S. Essex Characteristic Interests: JIM; Journalism; Interior Decorating; Sports; Rear Window; The Nut- shell; Coach 16. Activities: Bas- ketball 1. 2; Volleyball 1, 2; Bad- minton 2; Tennis 2; Girls Rifle Team 3; Archery 3, Captain 4; Latin Club 2; German Club 3, 4, Secretary 3; French Club 4, Vice President; Flash 3, 4; Beacon 2, 3. 4. Junior Editor 3; Senior Co- ed 4; Flicker Editor; Class cap and Gown committee. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt. To make my family proud of me. JUDITH BROWN Thumper — Brownie Fort Hill Ave. Characteristic Interests: Rhine- stone-studded cashmere — See Town; 761-little druthers; un amigo mio!! " I hate people!!” yezzz?? Activities: Student Council 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Girls Club 1, 2; Girls ' Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Junior Usher 3; Supply Room Assistant 3, 4. Ambition: To wear ' elevator-down shoes”; to gradu- ate from the college on the hill. MARCIA E. BROWN Bonnie 13 Seeall Street Characteristic Interests: Rainbow; Dancing; Swimming; Wednesday night pizza; Friendship. Activities: Girls ' Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Spec- tacular Drill 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team 3; Girls’ Club 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Service Club 3, 4; Library Assist- ant 1; Sailing Club 1; Homeroom Representative 2. Ambition: To become a successful nurse and later find that certain boy of my dreams. BARBARA NANCY BURGESS Barb — S mo key 1 34 Riverdale Pk. Characteristic Interests: Delovely sweater; Optical illusion; Table 2; NH in the summer; Marty. Ac- tivities: Girls ' Rifle Team 2, 3; Sailing Club 1, 2; Latin Club 4. Ambition: To get a black ribbon on a white cap. WILLIAM MICHAEL BURNHAM Mike 18 Traverse St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Sports; Work; Swimming; Danc- ing; Parties; Dates. Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3; Glee Club. Ambi- tion: To achieve my goal toward success. NEIL BURNS Neil 278 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: Building Center; Snack Bar. Ambition: To eat, sleep and have the time of my life; to make one charge account without misspelling a word. PETER L. BURNS Pete — Carrot Top 62 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Characteristic- Interests: Sports; Hockey; East Gloucester Square. Activities: Hockey 2, 3, 4. Ambi- tion: To shut out Lynn English and to succeed in whatever I attempt. DOROTHY BUTMAN Dot — Dotty Southern Ave., South Essex Characteristic Interests: Jack; Sports; Travel; Summer of 1953 at Maine; Horseback Riding; Archery; The Rear Window Ac- tivities; Girls ' Club; Archery 2, 3, Captain 4; Teachers’ Secretary; Fashion Show 2; Flicker Commit- tee; Tennis; Basketball. Honors: Junior OGA; Junior OAT. Ambi- tion: To attend Comptometer School and to make my parents proud of me. 20 EMILIANO J. CAPONE Mimrno 25 Washington Sq. Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Hunting; Fishing; Archery; Pool. Activities: Football 1, 2; Basketball 1; Track 1; Glee Club 4; Prize Drillers; Baseball 4. Am- bition: To be a head mastman on the Gladys L., with Bob Morris- sey as skipper and Hippo Martin as cook. GERALDINE ANN CARPENTER Gerry 8 Rowe Square Characteristic Interests: Table 2; Skating; " The Long Steps”; Music — ask Carol. Activities: Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Service Club 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4; Latin Club 2; Flicker Typist 4. Honors: Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards. Ambition: To have my piece of cake and eat it too. SHIRLEY ANN CASAMENTO Shirl 1 Overlook Ave. Characteristic Interests: Phil; Dancing; Sewing. Activities: Honor Business Club; Teachers’ Secretary. Ambition: To be happy and get along with everyone. SHIRLEY MARIE CATALINI 49 Prospect Ave. Characteristic Interests: Harold; Dancing; Swimming; Marines. Activities: Girls’ Club 1; Library Assistant 1; Service Club 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4. Honors: Junior OAT Award. Ambition: To get married to that certain someone; to travel. CONNIE M. CIARAMETARO Con — Connie 214 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Music; Driving; AND traveling. Activities: Archery Club 2; Girls’ Club 1; Honor Business Club 2, 3, Vice President 4; Service Club 2, 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4; Flicker Typing 4. Ambition: To show my cousin I can drive better than he can; to see my sister mar- ried to that certain someone. SALVATORE CIARAMETARO Sam — Sambo 20 Sayward St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; The flying horse; The Bus Barn Gang; Steve’s Road: McCarthy’s and our three regular boys. Activities: Band 2, 3, Cpl. 4. Ambition: To graduate from high school. JENNIE GRACE CIOLINO JaJa 12 Prospect St. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Knitting; Records; Typing; Swim- ming. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Teachers’ Secretary 4; Class fund collector 4; Library Assistant 1, 2, 3. Ambition: Get a good job in the business world; To make mom and dad proud of me. FRANK CHICK, JR. Hank 35 High Street Characteristic Interests: Hunting; Fishing; Boating. Activities: Rifle Team 1, 2, 3; Baseball 4; Hockey 1, 4; Football 1, 2; Color Guard 3; Intramural Sports. Ambition: To stay out of the service. To earn a million dollars before I960. 21 PAUL PHILLIP CODINHA 1 45 Prospect St. Characteristic Interests: Football; Dancing; Basketball; Hockey; Skating Actiiities: Honor Guard 5; Beacon 3; Basketball 2. Ambi lion: To succeed in whatever I may attempt. NANCY COLEMAN Nance 428 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Sports; Dancing; Wednesday night pizza; Friendships. Activities: French Club 4; Glee Club 4; Orchestra 4; Honor Society 4; Sailing Club 4. Transferred from New Hartford HS in senior year. Ambition: To become a success in whatever I may attempt in the future. JOHN CLARK CONNORS Ice Cream — • Beonie 26 Prospect Street Characteristic Interests: " Half Dozen " Football; Skiing; Pocket Billiards; Sports. Activities: ROTC Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Prize Squad 3. Ambition: To see " How " foco in, and to be " For- titer in re, suaviter in modo.” MARJORIE ELIZABETH CORCORAN Hankie 21 Maplewood Ave. Characteristic Interests: All the knowledge I collected in room " F " Block; Walking; " You’ll never, never know " ; Spending money; " The Wool- worth ' s Gang. " Activities: Library Assistant 3; Teachers ' Secretary 3, 4 Service Club. Ambition: To ride the rainbow until I reach my dreams; To learn to kick that football straight. JOHN ANDREW COURANT John 4 Tolman Ave. Characteristic Interests: FRAN; Figure Skating; Diving; Drums. Activities: Band 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Orchestra 4; Prize Squad 2; Honor guard 2, 3. Honors: First Prize Individual 3; Corporal of the year 2. Ambition: A star shines as bright as you want it. JOAN COURANT Joanie 85 Pleasant St. Characteristic Interests: DAVE; We Four; Weekends; Ice Skating; Listening to Jose; The Cars. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Club 1, 2; Glee Club 2, 3; Latin Club 2; French Club 3; Junior Usher 3; Spanish Club 3; Secretary 4; Beacon Jun- ior Editor 3, Literary Editor 4; Sophomore Class History 2. Am- bition: To be a teacher. SYLVIA COOKE Syl 33 Hartz St. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Benny ' s; " BUNKY”; " I ' ll be Home”; Those air mail letters; HOLLAND; Shop Table 1. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Lunch Counter Assistant 1, 2. Ambition: To make my family proud of me; To marry my Soldier and to be a good wife and mother. ik NORMA CRITCHETT Normie 637 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: Ice Skat- ing; Dancing; Swimming. Activi- ties: Basketball; Softball. Honors: Junior OAT. Ambition: To make mom and dad proud of me, and to make that certain someone happy. 22 ROBERTA CATHERINE CRONIN Berta — Robbi 18 Elizabeth Rd. Characteristic Interests: " Bob”; Campin ' ; The Cloud Club; " Dory Mates " ; Table 5; November 24, 1955; John’s. Activities: Sailing Club 1; Girls ' Club 1, 2; Latin Club 3, Treasurer; Spanish Club 3, 4; Chess Club 3; Flash 3; Class Roll, Chairman; Class Dues Col- lector 4; Bowling 3; Girls ' Drill Team 4, Superlatives 4; Class Cap and gown com. Ambition: To go to college; To keep the " Dory Mates” rowing together. WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM Bill 12.5 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Hot Rods. Activities: Vocational Club. Ambition: To be a Mil- lionaire. PAULETTE CUTLER 359 Western Ave. Characteristic Interests: Norwich; " Dory Mates”; Campin ' ; Table 5; The Cloud Club; The summer of 56; The " Bug " ; John ' s. Activities: Flicker collector 2; Flash 3; Bas- ketball 1, 2; Chess 3; Girls ' Club 1, 2; Girls’ Drill Team 4; Class Roll Com.; Advertising Com.; Superlatives. Ambition: To make Mom and Dad proud of Me. To keep the " Dory Mates” rowing together. MARTIN DALEY Marty — Slugo 187 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Boating; Cars; Basketball; Personality, Society and Culture; September 1 4, 1956. Activities: ROTC Sports 2, 3; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: To become a brain in math like " Howdy” and be an engineer. MAUREEN DaLEY Reenie 38 Haskell St. Characteristic Interests: " Eddie”; Dory Mates; Campin’; Dem Der Parties; Table 5; The bug; Decem- ber 5, 1955. Activities: Girls ' Drill Team 4; Latin Club 4; Archery 2; Basketball 1, 2; Girls ' Club 2; Library Assistant 2; Tennis 2; Flicker Com. Ambition: To go to college; To anchor my sailor; To keep the Dory Mates rowing together. LAWERENCE JAMES DAVIS Larry — Nappy 22 Myrtle Sq. Characteristic Interests: " Doris”; Dancing; Swimming; Skating; Listening to Jose at the beach; Those Fords; We Four. Activities: Latin Club 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Winner 2; Haskell 3; Corporal 2; Ser- geant 3; Colonel 4; Honor Guard 2; Commander 3. Ambition: To drive through Main St. in the biggest, best, flashiest, fastest sports car made. SHEILA DAY 6 Hancock St. Characteristic Interests: " Blue- berry Hill”; Goalie No. 1; Ip- swich; DeLovely pink sweater, Newburyport; The truck, yahhhh! Activities: Girls’ Rifle Team 3, 4; Archery 2, 3, team captain 4; Latin Club 2; French Club 2, 3, 4; FLICKER comm. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt; to go to college. See ya ' round the campus. DONALD W. DECOSTE Don 412 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: 514 Essex Avenue: That certain girl; That | 41 Chevy; Sports; Skating; Swim- ming; Dancing. Activities: Honor Guard 3; ROTC 2, 3, 4. Ambi- tion: To succeed in anything I attempt and make my parents proud of me. 23 EUGENE FRANCIS DEM A VO Gene 355 Western Ave. Characteristic Interests: That cer- tain girl; Cars; Sports; The Rifle Range; " The Bomb " ; Rockport. Actitities: Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sergeant 3; Prize Squad 3; Color Guard 3; Commander 4. Ambition: To be a good Catholic and make my parents proud of me. NICHOLAS JERRY DEMETRI Hickey 16 Mason St. Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Parties; Dances. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; ROTC Sports 2, 3; Corporal 3, 4; Vocational Club, President. Am- bition: To make a million as a machine worker. ROSEMARY DIAS Rose 25 Chestnut St. Characteristic Interests: Oh, that red car; Peabody; " Ain ' t that a shame”; Dancing; Swimming; Unusual group!!! Activities: Teachers ' Secretary 4. Honors: Junior OAT award. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to take that trip around the world with Sheila. ANNE VIRGINIA DOMINGOS Anna 17 Abbott Road Characters tuc Interests: " Dory Mates”; Campin ' ; Dem Der Parties; Table 5; " Summertime”; The cloud club. Activities: Girls’ Drill team 4; Spanish Club 4; Latin Club 3; Flicker 4; Flash 3; Bowling 3; Girls ' Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Class Roll; Ad- vertising Committee; Caps and Gowns Committee. Ambition: To live as long as I want and not want as long as I live; to keep the " Dory Mates” rowing to- gether. JUDITH ANN DOWNS Judy Spring St., Essex Characteristic Interests: ’ Swim- ming; Rearview Window; Coach 16; Skating. Activities: Teachers ' Secretary 4; Lunch counter Assist- ant 1. Ambition: To become a sec- retary and later become as good a parent to my children as mine have been to me. MARY ELIZABETH DOYLE 28 Warner Street Characteristic Interests: PAUL; New Year ' s Eve of 55; Signifi- cant flowers; " 40 " ; January 24, 1955; Weekends; Ask Pat; Dory- mates. Activities: ST. ANN; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Sci- ence Club; GHS; Glee Club; Girls’ Club; Teachers’ Secretary; Honor Business Club; Service Club; Flicker staff; Junior volun- teer. Honors: Junior OAT; Senior OAT. Ambition: To always satis- fy my parents; to reach the goal line with HIM. BEVERLY DODGE Bev 12 Myrtle Sq. Characteristic Interests: Blueberry Hill; Goalie No. 1; Helen’s Sur- prise!!! Activities: Teachers’ Sec- retary 3, 4; Girls ' Rifle 4 Team 2, Secretary 3, President 4. Honors: Shorthand and type awards. Am- bition: To have the beginning never end; to attend Hoofstra; See ya ' round the campus ! EDMUND DU PONT Ed Characteristic Interests: Manches- ter parties. Ambition: Travel; to be happy and successful. 24 PETER ELDRIDGE Pete — F. Pierre 4 Pier Ave. Rkpt. Characteristic Interests: Norma; Latin Quarter; Half Dozen; Bass Rocks; Dories. Activities: Foot- ball 2, 3, 4; 51-56 Club; ROTC; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Corporal 4; Track 4; ROTC Softball 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be the first Ameri- can to win International Dory Races ! JANET R. ERCOLANI Irish — Jan 142 East Main St. Characteristic Interests: Chapel Street; Swimming; Rainbow Girls; Daisy. Activities: Rifle Team 2; Archery 3; Service Club 2; Secre- tary to Photographer; Photo- graphic Committee. Ambition: To make my mother and sister proud of me. DONALD JAMES ELLIOTT Don — Odongo 11 Knowlton Sq. Characteristic Interests: Sports; Music, Personality, Society and Culture. Activities: Orchestra 2, 3; ROTC Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 3; Haskell Drill 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3. Ambition: To succeed; To see the Bruins win the Stanley Cup. DONALD R. ELLIS Ducky 15 Spring Street Characteristic Interests: Hunting; Fishing; Swimming; Skating; Hot Rods; Boating; An interest on 513 Essex Avenue. Ambition: To suc- ceed in anything I do. MARLENE LOIS ENOS Red 12 Abbott Rd. Characteristic Interests: A certain someone; " Blinky”; Wheels; Walks; Our Dream. Activities: Service Club 3, 4; Library Assist- ant 4; Cafeteria 3, 4; Historical Work 3, 4; Flicker Staff 4. Honors: Cape Ann Historical Association Award 3. Ambition: To settle down in a certain house by the side of the road and to always be happy. PHOTO Not Available SANTO FARINA 42 Fort Sq. Characteristic Interest: Tic Ambition: mechanic. Tq| To be an automotivi RUSSELL FEENER Rusty — Rut — Fink 32 Hartz Street Characteristic Interests: My Neighbor; ' 34 Ford Roadster. Activities: Football 1, 2; Basket- ball 1; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 1, 2; ROTC Corporal 3; Sergeant 3. Ambition: To soup my Ford up; to be remembered; and to make money. VIRGINIA STANWOOD FEARS Ginny 20 Mason Street Characteristic Interests: Eddie; Dancing; Clothes. Activities: Glee Club 1, 2. Ambition: To learn to listen to those who are wiser than myself. SAWYER FREE L.BRAR GLOUCESTER MASS. 01930 25 I .m JOHN FLANNAGAN Flannels 16 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Skating; Gray Pontiac; Little Nappy; Swimming. Activities: Stage Crew ' 1. 2. 3. 4; Chess Club 1; Football 1; Honor Guard 2; Prize Squad 2. Ambition: To go to California with Dave and Liver and come back a millionaire; To make Mom and Dad proud of me. V, t RONALD FRANCIS Ronnie 36 Warner St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Hot Rods; Parties. Activities: ROTC sports; Baseball; Basket- ball; Vocational Club. Ambition: To make a Million and be success- ful in anything I do. JACQUELYN MAE FLYGARE Jackie 3 Green Street Characteristic Interests: Johnny and Billy; Motorcycle riding; Horseback riding; Rock and Roll; Salem and Peabody; My adopted sister; Joe Smith’s program. Honors: Junior Order of Artis- tic Typists. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to see Annette graduate. LOIS FORTADO Lo 3 Williams Court Characteristic Interests: Bernie; Table 2; " Moonglow Theme " ; Dancing; Music. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Business Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 4, Treas- urer 3; National Thespian Society 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, Secretary 4; School Play 2, 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4; Service Club 3, 4; Sawyer Medal. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to be a good Catholic. ANTHONY R. FRONTIERO Tony — Tone 70 Friend St. Characteristic Interests: Hunting; Fishing; Swimming; Dancing; Skating; Joe Smith’s " Rock ’n Roll”; Friday nights. Activities: Prize Drill 3; Individual Drill 4; ROTC Sports 4; ROTC 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a commercial pilot with my own airline and a couple million in the bank. GLORIA J. FUCHS Glory Shore Road and Oakes Ave. Characteristic Interests: " Bennie”; " True Love”; " Three Muske- teers”; Dancing; Swimming; and " Bennie " ! Activities: Art Club 3; Flicker 4. Honors: Latin Testa- mur. Ambition: To be a brides- maid at Rhoda’s and Sally’s wed- ding. To be a credit to my parents, and to succeed in whatever I attempt. ELIZABETH DIANE FOSTER Liz 1066 Washington Characteristic Interests: Summer of 56; Those Parties; Dancing; G-g-g-gorsh! " Groovy”; The Lanesville Kids. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. EILEEN D. FULLER Martin Street Characteristic Interests: Arnie; Bowling; " Essexites”; Swimming; Skating; Rear Window; Dory Mates; Coach 16. Activities: Archery 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Teachers ' Secretary 3, 4. Honors: OAT Typing Pin. Ambition: To become a successful stenographer and to make my parents proud of me. To live, love and be happy. 26 TOWNLEY GAMAGE Town Riverview Characteristic Interests: " Sport” Skating; Raceweek; Cool Clear Water; Annisquam Youth Club. Activities: Archery 2; Cheer- leader 3, Captain 4; French Club 2, 3; Girls ' Club 1, 2; Girls ' Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Commander 4; Glee Club 2; Latin Club 2; Supply Room Assistant 1, 2, 3; Junior Ushers 3; FLICKER 4; Prize Squad 4. Ambition: To own the Buttercup; To get my B.S. at Middlebury. RICHARD ALLEN GERRING Dick 30 Chapel Street Characteristic Interests: Mary- Fay; Sports. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, Co-captain 4; Prize Drillers 2, 3; Officer 4; Football. Ambition: To succeed in anything I attempt and to make my mother and father proud of DAVID W. GETCHELL Getch Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Swimming; DeMolay. Activities: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be invested with the Degree of Chevalier of the Order of De Molay, during my four years in High School. To carry on with my Business education and go on to IBM. DOROTHY ANN GIBBS Dot — Dotty P unkin 51 Hartz St. Characteristic Interests: Fun; Shop Table 1; Swimming; Horseback riding and other sports; Friend- ship; Future happiness with that certain someone. Activities: Archery 2; Girls’ Drill Team 1, 2, 3; Flash Typist 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4. Ambition: To obtain a happy career and to al- ways make Mom and Dad proud of me. SUSAN JANE GILLIE Sue 28 Orchard Street Characteristic Interests: My twin and our Bills; Letters; ' 51 Ford; Modern Ballet; Globetrotters; Skating. Activities: Girls’ Club 1, 2; Basketball 1; Archery 2; Jun- ior Volunteer 1, 2. Ambition: To make mom proud of me and to someday settle down with a better half. " See you ’round the Campus!” ANNE CAMERON GILLIS Gillie 112 Maplewood Ave. Characteristic Interests: Blueberry Hill; Goalie No. 1; Girls’ Sports; Swisher; Riding the range. Activi- ties: Camera Club 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2, 3; Archery 2, 3. Honors: OAT Typing Award. Ambition: To live, love, laugh, and be happy; To see cat- nip early for once. See ya ’round the campus! M. FRANCES GOLDEN Fran 96 Maplewood Ave. Characteristic Interests: " Blue- berry Hill”; California and Wig- gie; Goalie No. 1; Those jaunts in the Olds; " You’ll never know.” Activities: Girls’ Club 1; Latin Club 2, 3; Library Assistant 3, 4; Flicker Committees 4. Am- bition: To make my family proud of me; California, here I come! See ya around the campus! NANCY ETHEL GORMAN Nance 16 Butman Ave. Characteristic Interests: " Down on the farm”; Barnyard Serenade; " Green Light, No. 2”; " Black Bandit”; " Those PJ Parties.” Activities: Girls’ Club 1, 2, 3; Service Club 3, 4; Office Assist- ant 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Basketball 1. Ambi- tion: Not to shatter the world, but to shake it. LOREN E. GRAHAM SARA E. GRAHAM GEORGE GRAMMAS PHILIP GRAY T oots Sam — P. O. Greek Phil 8 Sunset Road 5 Walker Street 4l Western Avenue 60 Friend Street Characteristic Interests: Big Par- Characteristic Interests: Vice Characteristic Interests: Gas Sta- Activities: Rifle Team 2, 3. A ■ ties; To beat Whitey hunting; President; " Bistby”; Dory Mates; tion. Activities: ROTC 2, 3, 4. bition: To make the most out Fishing; Camping. Activities: Honor Guard 3. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I attempt; To see Uncle Joe cease fire. Campin ' ; John ' s; Table 5; School Formals; Swimming; Letters; Dem Der Parties. Activities: Archery 2; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Jun- ior Usher 3; Glee Club 2; Library Assistant 2; Junior Volunteer 1; Flicker Committee 4; Student Council Alternate 3, 4. Ambition: To make Mom, Dad and Forbes proud of me. To keep the Dory Mates rowing together. Ambition: To be the man that my father is. life. JUDITH THERESA GREELY fudi — F. O. Rocky Pasture Road Characteristic Interests: Jackie; Chaplain; John ' s; " Dory Mates”; Dem Dt-r Parties; Table 5; Campin ' . Activities: Flash 1; Archery 2; Girls ' Drill Team 3, 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Library Assistant; Student Council Alter- nate 4; Junior Usher; Flicker Committee 4 Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; To keep the Dorymates " rowing together. SUSAN V. GREGORY Sue — Suzie 98 Wheeler Street Characteristic Interests: Sailing; Meeting people; Good reading. Activities: Hospital Aid 1 ; Na- tional Thespian Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 2, 3; Secretary 4; French Club 4; Glee Club 4; Library Assistance 4; School Play 1, 2; Sailing Club, Secretary 4; Span- ish Club 3, 4; Flicker 4. Am- bition: To be a better me. LORNA ANNE GRIFFIN Pigeon 68 Magnolia Ave. Characteristic Interests: The bare foot slow-pokes; Jivin ' around; Those parties; ’ 25th " Tropical Lightning”; The trips to Beverly; Summertime; " Ain’t That a Shame.” Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Girls’ Club 1. Ambition: To take " That” trip that Jan and I have planned; To make the right turn and be satisfied. JON HAGSTROM Hazel 24 1 Eastern Ave. Characteristic Interests: Norma; Football; Latin Quarter; Half Dozen; Skiing. Activities: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society; Prize Drillers 3; Officer 4; Student Council 4. Honors: Harvard Book Prize 3. Ambition: To be " Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo.” 28 BENJAMIN HASTINGS Ben — Sandy 6 Sylvan St. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Swimming; Models. Activities: Vocational Club. Ambition: To become a diesel mechanic. JOAN HATT T winnie Pickering Street, Essex Characteristic Interests: Dave; Bowling; Essexites; Swimming; Dancing; Skating; Rear Window; Coach 16. Activities: Archery 4; Teachers’ Secretary. Ambition: To go to Wilfred and set up a busi- ness with my twin; To make my parents proud of me and to marry that certain someone. NORMA P. HARRIS Decatur Rd. Characteristic Interests: Pierre; Golf; Tennis; Mink; See Town. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, Sergeant 4; Tennis 3, 4; Champ 3; Flicker Co-ed; Spanish Club 3; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Junior Usher; English Department Receptionist; Prize Drill 4; Student Council Al- ternate 4. Ambition: To build a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean. JOCELYN HANSON Handsome High Popples Road Characteristic _ Interests: Which One! Eastern Point Yacht Club; Antique and Foreign Sports Cars; Entertaining those Crashers! Peau De Sole — See Town ! Activities: Archery 2; Flicker Chairman, Photography Committee; German Club 1, 2; Girls’ Drill Team 3, 4; Prize Squad 3, 4; Psychology Club 4; Sailing Club 1; Student Council, Alternate 2, 3; Treasurer 4; Supply Assistant 2, 3. Ambi- tion: Laying it on thick! Characteristic Interests: 12:01 Train; Addison Gilbert Hospital; Saturday Nite Dances; " Lucky” Shipwrecked. Activities: Art Club 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 3; Corporal 4; Senior Class Dues Collector; Flicker Committees: Art, Prophecy. Honors: Cape Ann Scientific, Literary and Historical Association. Ambition: To be a confirmed bachelor and own a yellow and black Cadillac con- vertible. BETTE ANN HARVEY Bet 8 Ashland Place Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Music; Knitting; Vacation at Rolling Ridge. Activities: Girls’ Club 1; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4. Ambi- tion: To make my family and friends proud of me. HUGH HARRIS Hughie 971 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Esther; Guns; Electricity; Rock ’n Roll. Activities: Rifle Team; Drill 1, 2, 3. Ambition: To become a drafts- man; To make that someone happy. EARL W. HANNIBAL Schroonzie 22 Hammond St. Characteristic Interests: Esther; Sports; Half Dozen; Latin Quar- ter. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Base- ball 3; Prize Drill 2, 3; Individual Drill 3; Lt. Colonel. Ambition: To see " How” Foco in. To make my Father proud of me. LARRY HARDING Baldy — Tennessee 1 5 Staten St. JOYCE HATT T uinnie Pickering Street Characteristic Interests: Leonard; Essex; Bowling; Essexites; Swim- ming; Dancing; Rear Window; Coach 16. Activities: Archery 4; Teachers ' Secretary 4. Ambition: To go to Wilford Academy and set up a business with my twin sister; To marry that certain some- one; To make mom and dad proud of me. " 7 NANCY HUBBARD Nan 40 Maplewood Pk. Characteristic Interests: " Eddie”; | Music; Sports; Summer rides. Activitie s: Honor Business Club 2. 3. 4; Teachers ' Secretary 4; Honors: Sawyer Medal 2; Na- tional Honor Society 4; Typing and shorthand awards. Ambition: To make my mother proud of me and to be happy forever after. JOAN MARCIA HEMPEL Joni — Hemp 63 Eastern Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests: " Don " ; " Where the elite meet to eat.” Activities: Cheerleader 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, Sergeant 4; Spectacu- lar 2, 3, 4; T’rize Drill 2; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Service Club 2, 3, Treasurer-Secretary 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4; Flicker 4. Honors: Sawyer Medal 3; OAT Typing Pin 3; Typing speed 60. Ambition: To change my name; " Dory Mates”; To make my family proud of me. DOROTHY MAE HINCHEY Tot — Dot — T oddy 8 Harmony Square Characteristic Interests: " Richy,” that certain mechanic; Swimming; Dancing; Skating; " The ’49 Chev. " Activities: Glee Club 2; Library Assistant 1. Ambition: To be forever happy with Richey; To make mom and dad proud of me. JAMES PRESTON HOLMES Red 7 Squam Rd., Rockport Characteristic Interests: Hedlunds; Chemistry; Fishing. Activities: Track 2; Cross Country 2. Honors: Sawyer Medal 3. Ambi- tion: To be a Chemical Engineer; Five years of college. RHODA INA Rhoda 45 Lexington Ave., Magnolia Characteristic Interests: Bernie; 11322610; " Sugar Plum, " Pow- der Puff " ; Three Musketeers; Swimming; " True Love.” Activi- ties: Art Club 3; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Teachers’ Secretary 4; Service Club 4; Junior Volunteer 2; Flicker 4; Beacon Adv. Honors: Junior OAT, Junior certificate. Ambition: To make my mother proud of me and to live happily ever after with Bernie. BILLIE ANN JENSEN Boots — Willy Characteristic Interests: Un bon homme! Williams College; Housewarming in Rockport; Pleated organdy, See Townley! Activities: Stevens’ Reviewers 3, 4; Vice President 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; French Club 3; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, Secretary 2, 3, Presi- dent 4; Supply Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To major in ele- mentary education at Middlebury, and then show the kiddies that I can scream louder than they can. CHARLES HYDE, JR. Chucky Hesperus Ave., Magnolia Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Skating; Girls; Stamp col- lecting. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3- Ambition: Make a career of business in the service. 30 WILLIAM D. JOSEPHSON Elmer — Fudge Characteristic Interests: Hunting; Fishing; Camping; The Corner. Activities: Rifle Team 2; Honor Guard 3. Ambition: To be a suc- cess in life. To see Joe get a good night’s sleep. ANN M. JOHNSON 5 Spring Court Characteristic Interests: Sports; the " Y”; " Swishers”; Brian; ' | PAL; " Homework!!!” Activities: Flash 3, 4; Service Club 2, 3, 4; ! I Girls ' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Ambition: To i; I get my RN and to make my father proud of me; To live, love, laugh, and be happy. GEORGE ARTHUR JOHNSON Garry 12 Summer St. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Sports; Swimming. Activities: Band 1; Vocational Club. Ambi- tion: To go to California and join the Navy. KATHERINE MARY KEATING Kathy — Karkey 30 Exchange St. Characteristic Interests: The Dory Mates; Dem der parties; " IF " ; " The Hairdo”; " Jay-walking”; Having fun! Activities: Junior Volunteer 1, 2; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Basketball 2; Flash 3; Homeroom leader 3; Bowling Club 3; Latin Club 3; Student Council Alter- nate 3, 4; Office Assistant 4; Service Club 1, 2; Flicker 4. Am- bition: To receive my RN; To live in a world of PEACE — Someday ! STEVEN R. JOHNSON Chain-jail 30 Pigeon Hill St. Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Skating; Cars. Activities: Rifle Team 2. Ambition: To stay single and become a good mech- anic. LEO JOSEPH KENNEDY Lee — Pancho — Chubs 25. Plum St. Characteristic Interests: CYO; Hockey; Canary Less. Activities: ROTC; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 2; Hockey 3, 4; Student Ex- change 3. Ambition: To see the world in Peace, instead of pieces. RALPH KIMBALL 9 Chapel St. Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Fishing. Activities: Service Club 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3. Ambition: To succeed in life. JOHN JOSEPH KEARSEY, III Jack 10 Caledonia St. Characteristic Interests: Cars; Horses; Hunting; Girls. Activi- ties: Benjamin Franklin Club; Vocational Club. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I do. RONALD ALAN LANE Laney — Ron 6 Neptune Place Characteristic Interests: Girls; Music. Personality, Society, and Culture; Adlibitum; Epicurean- ism; Philosophers ' Corner; The " James Dean Special. " Activities: Football 1, 2; Spanish Club 3; Vice President and Treasurer 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3. 4; Prize Squad 2. 3; Individual Drill 3; Honor Guard 2, 3; Haskell Drill 3. CLINTON KENNETH LARKIN Clint 23 Liberty Street Characteristic Interests: Old Ford. Activities: Vocational Club. Am- bition: To find the right job; the right girl; and keep out of the Armed Forces. BEVERLY ANN LARSEN Bev 43 School Street Characteristic Interests: Dick; The Kids”; Nantucket Island, Mass.; That Week!!; " Young Love " ; Those things to come. Activities: Beacon Collect. 2; Flash Typist 3, 4; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Service Club 3, 4; Teachers ' Secretary 4; Intramural Sports 1 . Honors: Junior OAT. Ambition: " Not to shatter the world, but to shake it.” DIANE MANNING LAWSON Diddie 27 Chapel Street Characteristic Interests: Table Five; U. of M ; His Majesty; U. of C.; The Scout; Various other non-essentials. Activities: German Club 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Club 2; Sailing Club 1; Library Assist- ant 1, 2; Office Assistant 3, 4; Homeroom Leader 1 ; Beacon, Flicker Collector 1, 2; Flicker 4. Ambition: To make my mother and father proud of me; To travel extensively; To try and become a female Einstein. JOSEPH D. LIMA Lima Beans 15 Sadler Street Characteristic Interests: Sandra Calder; ' 37 Dodge; Hunting; Fishing. Ambition: To do right whatever I attempt. SEBASTIAN ANTHONY LINQUATA Arizona 23 Pine Street Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Parties; Dances; Shows. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Co- captain 4; Football 4. Ambition: To be a “mast man " on a pogie boat of my own. JOHN JOSEPH LATASSA Johnny 25 Norman Ave. Characteristic Interests: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Homeroom Leader 3, 4; Prize Squad 3. Honors: Prize Drill Medal. Ambition: To conquer anything I may attempt. MARIAN MAE LODGE 26 Sargent Street Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Cooking; Ice Skating. Ac- tivities: French Club 4. Ambition: To go to Phila Bible Institute, after nursing; To find that " cer- tain man. " 32 ALVARO LOPES Al — T he Toe — Poncho 64 Perkins St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Dancing; Sports; TV; Movies; The Lunch Table. Activities: Football 3, 4; ROTC Basketball 3, 4; ROTC Volleyball 3, 4; Beacon Collector; 51-56 Club; Chorus 4. Honors: Member of the 1955 Championship football squad. Ambition: To prove a theory, be a success in everything I attempt, and to make my parents proud of me. DONALD PATRICK LOVE Lovey 31 Chestnut St. Characteristic Interests: Movies; Singing; . Records; Art; Esther Williams; and a girl named An- nette. Activities: Glee Club 4. Ambition: To become a success; Make my mother proud of me, and get to see Annette. JOHN CARTER LOW Johnny — Scrod Martin St., Essex Characteristic Interests: Baseball; Hockey; The corner; Girls, of course ! Activities: Benjamin Franklin Club 3; Vice President 4; Individual Drill 3, 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a good Linotype Operator, and to always have plenty of friends; To someday understand this world in which I live. THOMAS LAWRENCE LUPO Loop 88 Prospect St. Characteristic Interests: Basket- ball; Baseball; Sandlot football; Dances. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports; Vice Presi- dent Vocational Club Ambition: To graduate; To be a successful machinist; To see Arizona; To become mastman on the Gladys L. ANTHONY MANUEL LUZIO Tony — Lutz 12 Summit St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Pool; Bowling; Dances. Activi- ties: ROTC Volleyball 2, 3. Am- bition: To go to school to be a printer and work for a good paper. sally McCarthy Sal Dolliver’s Neck Characteristic Interests: Larry! Larry! Larry!; " The Three Mus- keteers”; Bambi; " True Love ; Dancing; Swimming. Activities: Art Club, Vice President 3; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Office Assistant 2, 3, 4; Beacon 4; Flicker 4; Junior Volunteers 1, 2; Junior Usher 3. Ambition: To change S.M. to S. O. ! !; To be as good to my children as my parents have been to me. brian McDonald Mac 163 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: ANN J.; Dragnetters; Christmas Eve. Ac- tivities: Rifle Team 2. Ambition: Join the Navy for twenty years and take up drafting. RICHARD JOHN MacDONALD Mac — Dick 6 King Street Court, Rockport Characteristic Interests: Baseball; Skiing; Half-dozen; Rink-Rats. Activities: Basketball 2; Baseball 4; ROTC Intramural Sports 2, 3 4; " FLICKER” Sports Committee 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Haskell Drill 3; ROTC Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Officer 4. Ambition: To go to college and be a success. 33 ROBERT H. MacDONALD Mac 176 Summer St.. Manchester Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Hunting; Swimming; Bowling; Cars. Activities: Vocational Club; Individual Drill 4. Ambition: To customize my car. CLIFFORD WILLIAM McLELLAN Mac — Cliff 1 1 Harmony Square Characteristic Interests: Carole; Bowling; Hunting; MIT; USNR. Activities: Football 1, 2; Rifle Team 2; Prize Squad 2; Prize Commander 3; Individual Drill 3; Haskell Drill 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Cadet Officer 4. Am- bition: To graduate from the United States Naval Academy. NORMA JOANNE MacLEOD 84 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: " Jaywalk- ing”; Green; ’50 Chevie; Table five; JON; " Cid-a-lake " ; Meow; Peanuts. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Biology Club, President 3; Honor Busi- ness Club 2; National Honor So- ciety 3, Treasurer 4; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Student Council Alternate 4; Homeroom Rep. 1, 2; Flicker, Usherette 3. Ambition: To grow up; To go to college and to stay there. PHILIP G. MARR, JR. Skip 8 Mansfield St. THOMAS R. MARR Tommy Roddy — Big Eyes 8 Mansfield St. WILLIAM MARSTON Bill— -Willy 155 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: speed- boats; Swimming; Dancing; Fish- ® ing; Automobiles. Activities: Pi ze Drill 1, 2; Sergeant 2; Cor- poral 1; Cadet Officer 3- Ambi- tion: To make my parents proud of me and to marry a certain girl and be happy; To be successful in whatever I may do. Characteristic Interests: Subma- rines; Cars; Dotty; That certain someone. Activities: Vocational Club; Corporal. Ambition: To make my mother and father proud of me and to never lose that cer- tain someone. Characteristic Interests: Sports; Cafeteria Study; Swimming the Channel; Gab sessions. Activities: Basketball 2; Latin Club 4; ROTC Intramural Sports 2, 3. Ambition: To go into the engineering busi- ness with Marty; To see the Bruins win the Stanley Cup. DORIS MacNEIL Dorie — Dowan 904 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: BOB; Bicycling to Magnolia; Shirl’s Hundred and First; Green; Table Five; " Meet Me in Las Vegas.” Activities: Flash 1; Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4; German Club 4; Flicker Staff. Ambition: Vi Vimus Vivamus; to see Bill and Piersall swim the English Channel ! ! ROSARIO FRANK MILONE Ray — Sarino 35 Summer St. Characteristic Interests: That cer- tain someone; Art; Music; Danc- ing; Bowling; Swimming; The old gang; UN; To see Detroit in 1957. Activities: Art Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 3, 4; Lunch Counter Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 3- Honors: Sawyer Medal 1 . Ambition: To finish that certain job that God has bestowed upon me and to make my parents proud of me. 34 MARILYN JEAN MITCHELL Mai 96 Friend St. Characteristic Interests: Bill; Dancing; Swimming; " Bay View Hillbillies”; Football games; " Love Me Tender " ; Oh, that ’51 Mercury ! Activities: Teachers’ Secretary 4; Office Assistant 4. Honors: OAT Award. Ambition: To change M.M. to M.G. and make mom and dad proud of me. MARY ELIZABETH MITCHELL Mary 96 Friend St. Characteristic Interests: Jim; Army; Sports; Ask Janice; Table 1, 2; When My Dreamboat Comes Home. Activities: Teach- ers’ Secretary. Honors: OAT Award. Ambition: To marry Jim, and to make my mom and dad proud of me. SANDRA MITCHELL Saudi 22 Madison Square Characteristic Interests: " Blue- berry Hill”; That certain printer; You ' ll Never Know; Goalie Number 1; Jaunts in the Olds. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3; Girls’ Rifle Team 3, 4; Library Assistant 3, 4; Flicker Commit- tees 4. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me. See ya’ ’round the campus ! JAMES P. MONDELLO Chunky 12 Harmony Sq. Characteristic Interests: Football; My ’47 Ford; Parties; Sheet Metal; Girls; Canteen. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Track Team 1, 2, 3; Golf Team 1, 2, 3; Football Follies; 51-57 Club. Honors: Track Medals 2, 3. Ambition: To be a success in life and to make my parents and fam- ily proud of me. VIRGINIA MAE MOORE Ginny 1 Division St. Characteristic Interests: That old blue Ford; Walking; Star gazing. Activities: Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary 4. Honors: Junior OAT; Senior OAT; Junior OGA; Complete Theory Test 3. Ambition: To live, love, laugh, and loaf. AUSTIN C. MORLEY Aut Ancient Country Road, Manchester Characteristic Interests: Raymar Thomas; New cars; Bowling; Long trips. Ambition: To leave Massachusetts and to own a Cadil- lac. MARTIN MORRISSEY Marty — Gyro Western Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests: Girls; Dancing; Sports. Activities: Ben- jamin Franklin Club 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3, President 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Sergeant First Class 4; Individual Drill 3; Am- bition: To be a Linotype operator. DANA MORRISSEY MORTON Mort 12 Commonwealth Ave. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Baseball; Football; Basketball; Ye Old Corner. Ambition: To go to college, and make my mother proud of me. 35 DAVID E. MUNROE D.tre 29 East Main St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Money; Football; Those trips; The gang; My ' 46 Cadilwreck.” Activities: Track 2, 3. Ambition: To go to college and to be a suc- cess in whatever I may attempt. EDITH LOUISE MURPHY Ed ' te 225 Essex Ave-. Characteristic Interests: " One Friend " ; Our Dream; September 8, 1955; August 1957; " Ten Lit- tle Indians. " Activities: Latin Club 2, 3, 4; National Thespian Society 3, 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Historical Work 3, 4; Chair- man 3, 4; Library Assistant 4; Cafeteria 1, 2, 3, 4. Honors: Cape Ann Literary and Historical So- ciety Award 3. FRED NASSER Cheese 34 Cleveland St. Characteristic Interests: Carol; Girls; Hunting; Magnolia. Activi- ties: Baseball 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; ROTC softball 2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball. Ambition: To make my father and mother proud of me. BARBARA JEAN NEWMAN Barb 53 Yz Concord St. Characteristic Interests: June 29, 1956; That Summer Vacation; Double dating; Dancing; Records; West Gloucester. Activities: Bad- minton 1; Archery 2; Glee Club 4; Flicker 4. Ambition: To some- day find that certain someone and to get my Mrs. and Mama de- grees; To make Mom and Dad proud of me. RONALD JAMES NEWMAN Ronny 129 Magnolia Ave., Magnolia I Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming. Ambition: To build a 32 Roadster. I ANTHONY NICASTRO Tony 60 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Carol Stowell; Dancing; Trumpet; Sports. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 4; ROTC Sports; Vocational Club 4. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I attempt. SALVATORE ANTHONY NICASTRO Harpo 35 Commonwealth Ave. Characteristic Interests: Dancing: Clarinet; Basketball; Girls. Ac- tivities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Drum Major 4; ROTC Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Orch- estra. Honors: Junior OAT Typ- ing Award. Ambition: To be as smart as my mother and as strong as my father; To play pro basketball. LAWRENCE A. NICOLOSI Larry — Nick 117 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Designing; Parties; Those Week- ends; Detroit 57; That certain one. Activities: Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Flash 1; National Thespian Society 1; Teachers’ Secretary 4; Service Club 3, 4. Honors: OAT Award. Ambition: To graduate from New England; To become well known as a designer; to make my parents proud of me; California 1965. 36 MARIA T. NIEBERLE Marie Northern Avenue, Essex haracteristic Interests: Lan- guages; Music; Reading; " Week- ends!” Activities: French Club 4; Secretary German Club 3; Vice President Glee Club 2; 3; Library Assistant 1; Teachers’ Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4; Beacon Editor 2, 3. Ambition: To attain a high posi- tion in nursing. PAUL DONALD NIEMI Young Paul 8 Butman Avenue Characteristic Interests: MARY; Football; A certain New Year’s Eve; Hockey. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-captain 4; Officers’ Club 4; Adj. Major; Prize Drill 2, 3; Football Follies 1, 3; 56-56 Club; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4. Honors: 3rd, Haskell; 2nd Prize Squad. Ambition: To always please Mom and Dad; To go to college; To help HER achieve her am bition. ALBERT E. NOBLE, JR. Al 136 Prospect St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; The gang; Swimming; Football; Adventure. Activities: Rifle Team 2; Football 3, 4; Track Team 3, 4; Prize Drillers 3. Ambition: To enter the service and then to make my career as an engineer. VINCIE NOVELLO Vi 38 Middle St. Characteristic Interests: Music; Traveling; The Gang; Tuesday Nights. Activities: Archery 2; Girls’ Club 1; Honor Business Club 2, 3; Service Club; Teachers’ Secretary 4; OAT Junior Award. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt. To see the world in 1970. HELEN ELIZABETH O’CONNOR 52 Pleasant St. Characteristic Interests: " Charlie " ; " Blueberry Hill " ; St. Ann’s bas- ketball games and dances; Those spaghetti parties; Walking in the rain; Joe Smith; Rock ' n Roll; " On the spur of the moment ex- cursions. " Ambition: To see the world from a higher view; To make my mother and father proud of me. THOMAS R. OLIVER Tom 5 V 2 Sadler St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Money; Those trips to Boston. Activities: Track 3; Honor Guard 3. Ambition: To go to college. JOHN G. OLSEN, JR. Swede 6 Vincent St. Characteristic Interests: Sally; Sports; Dancing; DeMolay; Treas- urer. Activities: Honor Guard 3; National Honor Society 4; Ser- geant 3. Honors: Sawyer Medal 1. Ambition: To go on to Business Administration with a goal of Certified Public Accountant. COSMO P. PALLAZOLA Topper 10 Middle St. Characteristic Interests: Janet; Old Ford. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Football Follies 2, 3; ROTC Softball 2, 3, 4; ROTC basketball 2, 3, 4; 51-57 Club. Ambition: To join the navy and be a success in life. 37 DAVID ALTON PARSONS Dave — Skip 132 Maplewood Ave. Characteristic Interests: Hunting; Fishing; Spear-fishing; Photog- raphy; Radio; Writing. Activities: Rifle Team 1, 2, 3; Track Team 2; Sailing Club 3. 4. Ambition: To experience everything and then write about " The Experience.” DAVID M. PARSONS Dave y 9 Briarstone Rd., Rockport Characteristic Interests: Boating; Swimming. Activities: 2nd Rifle Team 2. Ambition: To be a suc- cess like my father. GARDNER W. PARSONS Boots 16 Stanwood Ave. Characteristic Interests: Baseball; Girls; Money; Standing on the corner. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; ROIC Sports 3, 4; Football Fol- lies 1, 3. Ambition: To play pro- fessional baseball after attending college. ANDREA MARY PATA Andie 83 Eastern Ave. Characteristic Interests: " Green”; " Cid-A-Lake”; Black Bandit; New Year ' s Eve ' 56; Table 5; RA 1249 1293- Activities: Flash Typist 3, 4; Girls ' Club 1; Honor Business Club 3, 4; Teachers ' Secretary 3, 4; Flicker Typist 4; Homeroom collector 1; Bowling Team 2. Honors: Junior OAT; Senior OGA. Ambition: " Not to shatter the world, but to shake it”; To Come, to See, to Conquer. EDWARD SUMNER PARKS Eddie — Sparks — Sumner 73 Gloucester Ave. Characteristic Interests: New York; I ' nion City; Music; Sports; Dancing; " The Car.” Activities: ROTC Basketball; Volleyball 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Football Follies 3; Sergeant 4; Corporal 3; 51-56 Club. Ambition: To get something out of my military career; To be a success. CAROLE ANNE PARSONS 4 Bass Avenue Characteristic Interests: Clifford; Joe; Dancing; Reading. Activities: Honor Business Club 3, 4; Bad- minton 1. Honors: Junior OAT; Junior OGA. Ambition: To find my place in life; To be happy and successful; To make mother and dad as proud of me, as I am of them; To learn to jitterbug. CYNTHIA LOUISE PARSONS Cyn 72 Magnolia Ave. Characteristic Interests: Jaywalk- ing; Table five; Dancing; Stirring fudge. Activities: Girls’ Club 1, 2; Latin Club 3, 4; Junior Volun- teer 2; Tennis 2; Flicker Staff 4. Ambition: To make mom and dad proud of me. 1 AMES W. PARKER Jim 146 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Characteristic Interests: The girl on Portuguese Hill; " Dragnet- ters . Cars; The 48 Olds. Ambi- tion: To " soup up” my car, and make it a nice-looking rod. 38 FRANCIS H. PEARSALL Francois Roberts Court Characteristic Interests: Races; Touring Club of NE; Reading; W. Gloucester; Sports cars; Trig classes; Explorer Scouts; Rallies. Activities: Latin Club 4; Rifle Team 2, 3; Executive Officer; Flicker 4; ROTC corporal; Stu- dent Council, Alternate 4. ' Am- bition: To procure a college edu- cation in some phase of engineer- ing. JEAN NORMA PERRY Jeani 23 Summer St. Characteristic Interests: " Bob”; February 6, 1954; Our home on wheels; Campin ' ; Table 5; " Dory- mates”; John ' s; Horses; Skating; Swimming; Letters. Activities: Girls ' Club 2; Girls’ Drill Team 3, 4; Rifle Team 2, 3; Teachers’ Secretary. Ambition: To anchor my sailor and sail our ship through love, life, and happiness; To make mom and dad proud of me; To keep the Dorymates row- ing together. JANICE ANN PILLING Jani — Peg 1 Winthrop St., Essex Characteristic Interests: Donny; " Happiness Street " ; Rear Win- dow; Coaph 16; " The Point”; September 1955; Swimming; Dancing. Activities: Girls’ Club 1; Chess Club 4; Basketball 1, 2; Volleyball 2; Teachers’ Secretary 4. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt, and to make my parents proud of me. MIRIAM JANE PISTENMA Mim — - Mi mi 17 So. Kilby St. Characteristic Interests: " That certain someone”; Dorymates; " Campin’ Table 5. Activities: Girls’ Club 1, 2; Girls’ Drill Team 1, 2, 3, Sergeant 4; Spec- tacular Drill 4; Flash 3; Junior Volunteer 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Latin Club Vice President 3; Bowling Club 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Junior Usher 3; Flicker Com. 4; Class Dues Col. Ambition: To receive my RN and make mom and dad proud of me. SUSAN J. PITKANEN Soozie — Old Bean 8 Baker Street Characteristic Interests: BOB; The yellow chevy; " Us Four”; Whales???; The King’s English; " War and Peace.” Activities: Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; National Thespian Society 2, 3, 4; " Mama’s Bank Account” 2; " Mooncalf Mugford” 2; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Latin Club 2, 3, 4; Sailing Club 1. Ambition: To be there with JINS-CLEMS ’63 (early). To travel, then settle down ! ! JANET LEA PITTSLEY Jan — Paul Annisquam Light House Characteristic Interests: " That Certain Someone”; Rear Win- dow!; GHS the Best; Piano; Ac- cordion; " The Gang.” Activities: French Club 4; Spanish Club 4; German Club 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Student Council (Alternate); Flicker Superlative, Prophecy 4. Ambition: To succeed in what- ever I attempt to do; To make my parents proud of me; also to make that certain someone happy ! CHARLES ANTHONY PISCITELLO Chuckie 21 Pine Street Characteristic Interests: Sports; A cue stick; Music. Activities: Basketball 1, -3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sergeant 3, 4; ROTC Sports. Ambition: To be a success in whatever field I choose; To make my parents proud of me. SHEILA MAE POIRIER Pud 24 Lynndale Ave. Characteristic Interests: That Red Car!!; " Peabody”; Groveland Races; Swimming. Activities: Girls ' Club 1; Teachers ' Secretary 4; Honor Business Club 2; Lunch Counter Assistant 1 . Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to take that trip around the world with Rose. 39 GARDNER W. PORTER, JR. Duke 8 Federal St. Characteristic Interests: Boating; Hunting; Photography; Aviation; Malen ' s Sercice; and Girls (of course). Activities: Rifle Team 1; ROTC Sophomore of the year; Corporal 2; Prize Squad 2; Indi- vidual Drill 4; Haskell Drill 2; Sergeant 3. 4. Ambition: To make my mother proud of me and someday become a good aviator. JAMES W. PORTER, JR. Jimmy 45 East Main St. Characteristic Interests: ' 41 Plym- outh; Friday at 1 :40; Saturday nights; Dancing. Activities: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1 . Ambition: To be- come a credit to my parents and a good American. To see the world from Mars. MARJORIE HELENA POWERS Marjie 4 Gerring Road Characteristic Interests: The Black Bandit; Green; New Year’s Eve 56; Green Light No. 2; Table five; Cid-A-Lake. Activities: Spanish Club 3, 4; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Chess Club 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2; Archery 3; Sailing Club 1; Flicker 4. Ambition: Not to shatter the world, but to shake it; To do something worthwhile, yet inconspicuous. CAROL PUTONEN Put 888 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: The Gang; " Swishers”; " Y”; Police Athletic League; Sports; Bay View. Activities: Archery 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Flash Typist 3, 4; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Bowling 3, 4; Teachers ' Secre- tary 3, 4. Ambition: To see the world; IBM School; And to live day by day. MARGARET R. RANDAZZA Rosie 12 Bellevue Ave. Characteristic Interests: Dory- mates; Dem Dere Parties; Campin’ Out; Sports; Table Five; The Finer Things. Activities: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Curls Glee Club 2; Flicker, Art; Class Calendar, Chairman 4; French Club 2. 3; Archery 3. Am- bition: Une Vie Tres Gaie! To keep the Dorymates rowing to- gether. JEAN RIBEIRO Jeanne 98 Bass Avenue Characteristic Interests: Mel; No Other Love; Hunting; Swimming; Skating; Those parties; The fun we had that summer; Table 2. Activities: Girls’ Club 1, 2, 3; Honor Business Club 3, 4; Li- brary Assistant 3; Service Club 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary 3, 4; Span- ish Club 1, 2; Flicker 4. Honors: Typing and Shorthand Awards. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and Mel a good wife. WILLIAM PERLEY ROBINSON, JR. Bill 44 Langsford St. Characteristic Interests: Money; Stamps; Nature; Summer; Cars; Photography. Activities: Rifle Team; ROTC. Ambition: To be close to nature; To work for a living; and work for God. RUSSELL MARTIN ROSE, JR. Rosie 2 Southern Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests: Vocational Club 2, 3,’ 4; Prize Drillers 3; Haskell Driller 3; Corporal; Ser- geant 3; Sergeant First Class 4. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I attempt. NORMAN ROSS Skip Norwood Heights Characteristic interests: Me, My- self, and I. Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Rotarian; National Honor Society 3, 4; Beacon Editor 3, 4; Stevens Reviewers; Varsity Tennis 4; Rifle Team 2. Honors: Book Prize; Boys’ State. Ambi- tion: que il pluisisai moi. CAROLYN THERESA SANTOS Jeep 13 Taylor Street Characteristic Interests: The Truck; Camp; Long Summer Nights; The Long Walk; The Thunderstorm; Happy Days. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Club 1, 2; Library Assistant 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Teachers’ Secretary; Tennis 1. Ambition: To be as good a parent to my children as my parents have been to me. JOHN E. SARGENT Sudsy 337 Summer St. Manchester Characteristic Interests: Cars; Boats; Hunting; Swimming. Ac- tivities: Vocational Club; Golf; Football. Ambition: To become a successful draftsman. PATRICIA SCHILLER Pat 21 Calder Street Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Bowling; Able Item Roger; Fox- trot; Able Roger Charlie easy; The code of we three. Activities: Service Club 4; Lunch Counter Assistant 1, 2, 3. Ambition: To travel around the world before getting married and to own a car. PATRICK M. SCHRAFFT Pat - — Squats Eastern Point Road Characteristic Interests: Hunting; Fishing; Football; Sailing. Activities: Football 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team 2; Hockey 1 . Ambi- tion: To make friends in the shortest possible time. WILLIAM G. SELIG Bill 65 Pigeon Hill St., Pigeon Cove, Mass. Characteristic Interests: Hunting; Fishing; Archery; Swimming. Activities: Prize Drill 1, 2, 3; Individual Drill 3; Rifle Team 1, 2. Ambition: To make my par- ents proud of me. VALERIE SAWLER Val 137 Riverdale Park Characteristic Interests: Optical Illusion; New Hampshire in the summer; Row 6; Ostrich. Activi- ties: Flash 1; Typist 4. Honors: Type award. Ambition: To join the service. ROBERT B. SHOARES Bob 239 East Main St. Characteristic Interests: _ Swim- ming; Dancing; Music; Janice; Personality, Society and Culture. Activities; Band; Prize Drillers 3; ROTC Sports; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Hockey 1; Sailing Club 1, 2, 3; Class Cap and Gown Committee. Ambition: To become a success in the field of Dentistry or in whatever I attempt. 41 DIANNE SMITH S mi tty — Red 26 Bray Street Characteristic Interests: " Phillie”; Blueberry Hill " ; " The Great Pretender " ; Dances; Rock " n Roll; Those spaghetti parties; Those ex- cursions. Acti nlies: Girls’ Drill Team 1. 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1. 2, 3; Girls ' Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Student Council 3; Recording Secretary 4; Flash 3; Library Assistant 1 . Ambition: To master the art of being on time; To earn that B.S. degree in nursing. ROSE DA LUZ SOUZA Rosie 50 Taylor St. Characteristic Interests: That Cer- tain College Student — Jay; Week- ends; BOAT; Dancing; Swim- ming; Skating; Bowling; Football games; Our Table; The Gang; Pink and Blue Cadillac Convert- ible; Those Bright Early Morning Rides and Walks. Activities: Girls ' Club. Ambition: To be a success in the business field. CHARLES STANTON Butch 10 Locust Street Characteristic Interests: Ogle row; 46; Shop. Activities: Voca- tional Club, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To see James meet Nancy and to be a success. MARTHA JANE STEELE Jane — Martha — Sugar Lump 4 Conant Ave. Characteristic Interests: Dory Mates; " Campin’ ”; Treasure Hunt! " ; " Hey, Brownie! " ; AF12491137; " Those rides " ; Weekends. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3; Latin Club 3, 4; French Club 2; Service Club 2, 3, 4; Beacon Collector 1, 2, 3, 4; Flicker Collector. Ambition: To find and keep the right " treas- ure.” ROBERT STEPHENS Bob 61 Eastern Ave. Characteristic Interests : Dorie; Sailing; Tennis; Stirring fudge; Dandelions; Bicycling to Magno- lia; Claus — Sigman. Activities: Rifle Team 2; Sailing Club 3; National Honor Society 4; Vice President 4; Latin Club 3, 4; President 3, 4; Student Council 4: Junior Rotarian; Flicker. Am- bition: Vivimus, Vivamus — (While we live, let ' s really live). DORIS ELLEN STEVENS 1 Harvard Street Characteristic Interests: Larry; Dancing; Swimming; Skating; " Fords " ; " The Four”; " Blueberry Hill. " Activities: Chess Club 1, 2; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Teachers ' Sec- retary 4; Sailing Club 2. Ambi- tion: To see our gang together once without an argument; See ya ' round the campus ! AUBREY C. STEWART Stewy — Heartbreak — Penguin 30 Millett St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Swimming; Skating; Dancing; GHS Parties. Activities: Prize Squad 3; Football 1, 2; Haskell Drill 3; Individual Drill 4. Am- bition: To fight the girls off until I am 26 years old. NANCY JOAN SWAN Rebel 924 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: A certain someone; Flying on his motor- cycle; Yodeling Bay View Hill- billies; Saturday night parties; Our luscious football games; Knitting; Pottery; Sketching. Am- bition: To change my name from mine to his. SUSAN JANE TAYLOR Suci Atlantic Road Characteristic Interests: " 7! " ; Eggs, Tomatoes, and pumper- nickel; Melly and the " Web”; L-o-n-g utters; Bainbridge 57 W OW ! ! ! Activities: Homeroom teacher 1; Beacon collector 2; German club 3, Secretary 4; Latin Club 2; Beacon contributor 1, 2; National Honor Society; Librarian 4; Sailing Club. Ambition: To get a letter; Europe with Nina in 57; Success ! JAMES THOMPSON Jimmy 115 Wheeler St. Characteristic Interests: " Squam " ; " Tuna”; Route 144; " Briney Deep. " Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4; Stage Crew 1, 2, 3. Vice President 4, President. Am- bition: To become a successful boat builder. NANCY ELLEN THOMAS Catnip 52 Pleasant St. Characteristic Interests: " Blue- berry Hill " ; Dancing; Ice Skating; Swimming; The kids and our Prize Fighters; Sunday Gab Ses- sions. Activities: Archery 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Teachers’ Secre- tary 3, 4; Flicker 4. Ambition: To be on time!! To Live, Love, Laugh, and be happy and to make my family proud of me. See ya ' round the campus!! mm ANN ELIZABETH THIBODEAU Thibby 27 Colburn St. Characteristic Interests: Bay View; Service; Swimming; Bowling; Boys; Our Table; The gang and the code of us three; June 16, 1954. Activities: Teachers’ Sec- retary 4. Ambition: To go to IBM School; Join the service and travel. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE ALBERT N. TOGNAZZI, JR. Chuck 36 Poplar St. Characteristic Interests: Margaret; The Auto Shop; Hunting. Activi- ties: Vocational Club. Ambition: To join the Navy; To learn how to make monuments; To work for my father. NORMAN SWANSON Norm 4 Marmion Way, Rockport Characteristic Interests: Eating ice cream; Skating; Swimming. Ac- tivities: Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Ambition: To be a teacher. FRANCES TARANTINO Chee Chee 35 Prospect Street Characteristic Interests: Rock ' n Roll; Dancing; Motorcycles; Stock car racing. Activities: Teachers ' Secretary. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt. FRED J. THOMPSON, JR. Freddy Milk St., Essex Characteristic Interests: Football; Hockey; De Molay; " Essex Clams. ” Activities: Football 1, 3, 4; 51-56 Club; Football Follies 3; Rifle Team 2; Honor Guard 2, 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Platoon Sergeant 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; In- dividual Drill 3, 4; Honors : Haskell Drill 3; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Flicker Staff 4. Ambition: To succeed in anything I may at- tempt; To make my parents proud of me. MARCIA TOWN Marty 7 Hovey Street Characteristic Interests: Red Sox!!! — Portland. Tennessee.; Las Lenuas - Les Vano - France; Music; Reading. Activities: French Club 3. 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2. 3, 4; German Club 1. 2, 3. 4. President 3, 4; Li- brary Assistant 4; Junior Volun- teer X, 2. Honors: Spanish II Book Prize 3; French AATF Award 3. Ambition: To attend college; to see Tennessee again; To make my parents proud of me. EDMUND VEATOR Eddie 12 Shepherd St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Swimming; Hunting; Fishing; Basketball; Football; Baseball; Friday and Saturday nights. Ac- tivities: ROTC Sports. Ambition: To be a millionaire and succeed in life. MARY ELIZABETH TROY Stinky 25 Commonwealth Ave. Characteristic Interests: My twin and our Bills; " Us Four " ; New Hampshire, with cows and whales, remember?; ’51 Ford; Drags; Dancing; " War and Peace”; June 16, 1957. Activities: Basketball 1; Girls Club 1; Junior Volunteer 1, 2; Junior Usher 3- Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; To find my better half, settle down. ANNETTE LOIS VENO Two Tone 3 Green St. Characteristic Interests: Boys; Motorcycle riding; and Joe Smith’s Rock and Roll Party. Ambition: To have a date with that certain someone; To make my Father, Clint, and Ollie very proud of me; and to see my adopted sister, Jackie, graduate. JEAN HAZEL TUCKER feannie 248 V 2 Main St. Characteristic Interests: GHS???; Armed Forces; Sports; Our Table; The Girls and our Dreams????; June 15, 1957. Activities: Teach- ers’ Secretary 4; Flash Typist 3. Honors: Junior OAT; Type award 32. Ambition: To live day by day. GERALD EUGENE VIATOR Jerry — Arnie 14 Harold Avenue Characteristic Interests: Baseball; Basketball; Football; Donnie’s Car; Records; Sand Bar Baseball; Fridays and Saturdays; " A Certain Junior.” Activities: ROTC sports. Ambition: To be a millionaire and succeed in life. M SANDRA ANN TYSVER Sandy 12 Marble St. Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; " My Panda ”; Sailing; Bad- minton. Activities: Teachers’ Sec- retary 4; Sailing Club 1; Archery 3; Bowling 3. Honors: Junior OAT award; Junior OGA award. Ambition: To never Jose contact with my " other half " ; To 1 return to Michigan sometime; To be a success in whatever I may at- tempt. JUDITH ANN VIATOR Judy 78 Concord St. Characteristic Interests: Those talks in studyhall with Vincie; Skating; West Gloucester; Music. Activities: Badminton 1 ; Archery 2. Ambition: To be a success in whatever I attempt. 44 JOHN J. WALSH Buddy 131 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: Sports; Fishing. Activities: Football 3, 4; ROTC Sports 3, 4; Track 3, Cap- tain 4. Ambition: To play in the pros, and to go to the I960 Olympics. DAVID WATSON Dave — Liver II 1 1 Perkins Road Characteristic Interests: Joan, " We Four”; Weekends; Skating; The Beach; Listening to Jose; The cars. Activities: ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 2; Individual Drill 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; 1st Sergeant 4; Foot- ball 1 . Ambition: To marry a girl as sweet as my mother and to al- ways keep dad proud of me; To take that trip to California. RAYMOND H. WELCH, JR. Pack y — Chicken Legs 10 Hodgkins St. Characteristic Interests: The " Half Dozen " ; Rink Rats”; Foot- ball. Activities: Beacon 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Flash 2, 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Rifle Team 1, 2; Stevens Reviewers 4; Prize Squad 3; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Individual drill 4; Editor of Bea- con 3, 4. Honors: Jeremy Ingalls Poetry Contest 2, 3. Ambition: To see " How” foco in; To make my folks as proud of me as I am of them. CAROLE MARSHA WHITE Cal 93 Concord St. Characteristic Interests: Music; Dancing; Skating; Swimming. Activities: Glee Club 4; Archery 2; Badminton 1 . Ambition: To become a Navy nurse. JUDITH WHITEHEAD Judy — Fender Bender 37 Marmion Way, Rockport Characteristic Interests: Larry; The " seal”; Music; Swimming; Bowling; Reading; E68-876. Ac- tivities: Flicker Advertising Com- mittee; Flicker Superlatives Com- mittee; Floormasters assistant 4. Ambition: To get my RN and make my parents proud of me. To someday find that certain CHARLES A. WHYNOTT, JR. Buddy — Chazz 294 Main St. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Dancing; Records; Cool evenings in Jack’s car. Activities: Track 4. Ambition: To stay single till I’m at least 26. KENNETH O. WIKSTROM Ken -- Wings Western Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests: Baseball; Hockey; Rifles. Activities: Base- ball 1; Rifle Team 2, 3; Vice President 4. Ambition: To grad- uate from engineering college. DAVID B. WILLIAMS Dave — Smokey 124 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Gloucester Fire Department; Fire Fighting; Jean; 101; Swimming; Fords; ’52 Olds. Activities: Band 2, 3, 4; Prize Driller 3; Rifle Team 1. Ambition: To see Bob make Cap- tain; To be half as good a fire- man as Bob Kerr. LEONARD A. WOODMAN Liver — Spider 46 Main Street, Essex Characteristic Interests: Joyce Baseball; Dancing; Music; Skat- ing. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Corporal 3; Sergeant 4. Ambition: To marry a girl as wonderful as my mother; To travel to Cali- fornia. RAYMOND CARL WILT Ray Lufkin Street. Essex Characteristic Interests: Swim- ming; Boating; Cars. Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4. Ambi- tion To become an electrician in the Navy. JUDITH WOODMAN fudi — VC oodi Martin Street, Essex Characteristic Interests: " Oaks " ; Those weekends!; Dorymates; Table 5; " Where the elite meet to eat.” Activities: Girls’ Club 1, 2; Girls ' Drill Team 1, 2, 3, Ser- geant 4; Library Assistant 1; Teachers ' Secretary 3, 4; Junior Usher 3; Spectacular Drill 2, 4. Ambition: To be an efficient sec- retary; Someday marry an Oak and raise some little " acorns ”; To keep the " Dorymates” rowing to- gether. MR. GERALD R. LEVER Class Advisor and Business Manager This fruition of our efforts has been made possible only through complete cooperation and expenditure of incalculable time and energy by the following: Class Advisor, Mr. Gerald L. Lever; Director of Extracurricular Activities, Miss Marjorie H. Gale; Miss Priscilla Dionne, Commercial Department; Mr. Harvcl R. Vail; the entire Flicker staff, especially Peter Eldridge; Purdy Studios, and Taylor Publishing Company. A ROUNDUP OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY With great pride and admiration, we, the Freshmen, art proud to occupy a page of the FLICKER. In this space we will try to give you a clear view of what we have done during our first year. We have gained honors, respect, and admiration throughout the school. Now it is time to step into the arena for a final rec- ognition of each event. The highest honors go to the recipients of the Sawyer Medal: Paul Dexter, Harry Dagle, Donna Favazza, Thomas Henderson, Barbara Kohr, Charles Lowe, Carolyn Marshall, Leslie Millett, Carolyn Munroe, Kevin Shores, Christa Smith, Carol Walters, Margaret Webber, and Colbeth Tucker. Winner of the D.A.R. award was Charles Lowe. Citizenship awards went to Joyce Farnham and Ronald Joseph. In the grandstands sit the members of the Archery team: Sandra Baptist, Mary Blanchard, Shirley Camp- bell, Vincine Ciolino, Patricia Doyle, Penelope Downs, Joyce Farnham, Donna Favazza, Carol Hil- shey, Patricia Hobbs, Geraldine Kyrouz, Rosalie Lucido, Joanne Messina, Caramela Piraino, Catherine Karvelous, Sandra Sergeant, Patricia Sheehan, Suzanne Wakely, Gail Whynott, and Theresa Vaiarello. Sitting along the top rail are the members of the Band: Dean Arthur, Jon Amero, Bradford Arthur, Vincent Asaro, Angelo Bertolino, Elliot B ' latchford, Paul Dexter, Clifford Gail, Wayne Huff, Howard Lodge, Charles Lowe, Richard Nickerson, Francis Powers, Eugene Silva, Jeffrey Smith, Anthony Tama- rindo, Richard Tarr, Robert Town, Colbeth Tucker, Walter Piraino, and Robert Whitmarsh. Out of chute number one, eight members of the Chess Club come running: Charles Axelrod, William McTigue, Kevin Shores, Eugene Silva, Christa Smith, Jeffrey Smith, and John Sperry. A blue ribbon goes to those in the Dramatic Club: Geraldine Andrews, Sheila Ferr ini, Virginia Fron- terio, Marilyn Lewis, Phyllis Russell, Lola Wenner- berg, and Geraldine Waite. The beating feet of the Flash reporters arrive at the scene: Joanne Ciamatero, Joyce Farnham, Carol Katon, Catherine Lowe, Sheila McNiff, Paula Mitchell, Diane Morris, Nancy Nutton, Joanne Rose, Phyllis Russell, Sandra Thomas, Beverly Steel, and Geraldine Waite. The biggest event is the stampede of the freshmen football squad: Charles Axelrod, Jack Barbara, John Clayton, Robert Corkum, James Cornelly, John Curley, Brenlan Densmore, Jon Dahlmer, Arnold Ellis, Paul Enos, Daniel Francis, Louie Gemmellaro, Donald Hiltz, Robert Holgerson, Jerry Houle, Robert Kain, Roswell Lane, John Lubin, William McLeod, Cosmo Marcantonio, William McTigue, John Movelli, Robert O’Maley, Salvatore Orlando, Salvatore Parisi, Henry Pascucci, David Pimentel, Francis Ryan, Clif- ford Sampson, John Saulnier, Lawrence Sawler, Ed- ward Silva, Eugene Silva, Mark Silva, Bernard Sova, Warren Spurling, Peter Wyker. " G” on the branding iron stands for the German Club members: Harry Dagle, Donald Ojantakenen, and Charles Wilkenson. The marching feet of the Girls Drill Team step onto the field for an exhibition of their fine timing: Geraldine Babson, Carolyn Marshall, Mari Pattern, Rosemary Schrafft, Michele Smith, Sandra Thomas, Suzanne Wakely, and Gail Whynott. A medal for harmony goes to the Glee Club. The members are: Girls: Geraldine Andrews and Dianne Perry. Boys: Thomas Aulenback, Lance Dale, Wayne Huff, Peter Lafata, Charles Lowe, William McTigue, and David Pimentel. Joyce Farnham represents the Freshman class in the Student Council, and her alternate is Nancy Nutton. Three cheers for the Orchestra: Dean Abbott, Catherine Kippen, Richard Tarr, Robert Town. The leaders of the gym class are: Joyce Farnham, Dorothy Vagos, Barbara Goulart, Valerie Gray, Har- riet Merchant, Doreen Ciarmetaro, Nina Criscola, Marilyn Lewis, Geraldine Kyrouz. The Junior Volunteers at the Hospital arc: Joanne Ciarmetaro, Catherine Karvelous, Geraldine Kyrouz, Theresa Vaiarella, and Gail Wonson. The Stage Crew deserves a big hand for the won- derful job they have done: Edward Albert, Lens- worth Belong, Joseph Bennett, Paul Berhmann, Robert Brown, William Burr, William McTigue, Bernard Sova, Roger Stewart, Warren Spurling, Robert Town, and Dana Pommet. Ship ahoy and good sailing to the Sailing Club and its members: Angelo Bertolino, Franklin Boardman, Bruce Fortier, William Henderson, Barbara Smith, Bradley Story, and Rosemary Schrafft. Last but not least the track team comes into the Home Stretch. They are Russell Davis, Howard Lodge, and Colbeth Tucker. We, the youngsters of G.H.S., feel that we now have our feet firmly rooted into the operation of G.H.S. and can look forward to three more years of learning and enjoyment. A ROUNDUP OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY A. White, and Douglas JOYCE FARNHAM DIANE MORRIS SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Dum-da-dum-dum! The scene opens. We see our star, Joe Monday, calling in a 119. this means, Dum-da-dum- dum. violation of code 2D, overdue library books. Suspects are sophomore Stevens Reviewers: Peter Bearse, Emilie Gruppe. Betty Pallazola, and Alan Visnick. Checking the movements of these suspects are Dick Chane, Ralph Goulart, Ronnie Hallett, and Larry Mello, the fleet-footed members of the Track Team. Right on hand to cover the story are the " Flash” re- porters: Sandra Andersen, Betty Bosselman, Carol Creight- ney. Jo Egan, Joan Gothwaite, Emilie Gruppe, Joan Kerr, Pat McTigue, Robert Oginz, Betty Pallazola, Charles Seavy, Judy Soule, and Nancy Wetmore. The suspects hide their faces when flash bulbs are clicked off by Butch Domingos and Gerry Pinto, Flash Photographers. Fearing that the reason for committing this violation was caused by mental disturbances, members of the Psychology Club: Charlie Anderson, Sally Brooks, Paul Fischer, Debby Gregory, Mary Lamb, Robert Oginz, Grace Schrafft, Glen Selfridge, Judy Soule, and Tony Wine are called in to analyze the suspects. Among the many excuses given was, " We are extremely busy rehearsing our play, The Case of the Missing Books.” Trying to come to a conclusion on this alibi are the Sawyer Medal winners: Charles Anderson, Sandra Andersen, Joan Brown, Peter Bearse, Peter Cahill, Emilie Gruppe, Carol Lufkin, Marcia Mallette, Philip Parisi, Judy Soule, Charles Steele, Allen Visnick, and Nancy Wetmore. The only sophomore members in the play are those who are in the National Thespian Society: Sally Brooks, Jo Egan, and Judy Soule. The second excuse given was over indulgence of food served by Peggy Azevedo, Harriet Brown, Wilma Foster, Judy Gleason, Ruth Hammonds, Judy Hobbs, Jo Ann Kearsy, Shirley Lane, Carolyn Parsons, and Rochelle Sova, who are cafeteria workers. Again this excuse backfires be- cause the workers claim that they only serve extra helpings to the football players: Bobby Curcuru, Pete Favazza, Jimmy Hurst, Mike Linquata, Fred McGuire, Larry Mello, Billy Pbrper, Harold Reed, and Clifford Wolf. For a last futile attempt at clearing themselves the Stevens Reviewers exclaim, " Senore, quiremos leer.” To translate their puzzling statement the members of the Spanish Club were called in: Mary Jane Davis, Tawny Digby, Jo Egan, Milena Modica, Viv Shoares, Judy Soule, Sandra Thomas, and Jane Whynot. Not there, please!” is heard above the roar and con- fusion of changing the scene. The stage crew members: Roland Bagley, Neil Dagle, Steve Dexter, Bill Flygare, Bruce Gradwhol, Phil Harvey, John Shillen, Warren Watson, and John Wonson change the scene from the prosecution room to the main court room. After the scene has been set, the jury members file in. The jury is com- posed of sophomore members of the language clubs. Joan Brown, Linda Cluett, Irene Cocotas, Jean Codinha, Steph- anie Green, Carol Lufkin, Marcia Mallette, and Jean Marahanos represent the Latin Club; Sandra Andersen, Mary Lamb, and Mike Lafond represent the French Club. The members of the basketball team: Pete Cahill, Pete Favazza, Jim Hurst, Mike Linquata, Bob Lopes, Fred McGuire, Mike Spinola, Tim Ryan, and Doug Whynott, and hockey team members: Ronnie Hallett, Paul Lufkin, and Charlie Simons budgeted their time in between games and practices to view the results of this trial. Attorneys for the defense are members of the Student Council: Sally Brooks, Ronnie Hallett, Mike Lafond, and Doug Whynott. The .first witnesses called to the stand are the Library Assistants: Jean Codinha, Jean Maranhas, Joanie Mitchell, and Gwen Nunes, who present clear evi- dence in favor of the innocent suspects. The trial was held in the Superior Court (the library of GHS.) The names were not changed, because the innocent needed no protection. However, after the verdict, " inno- cent,” was shouted, protection was needed to keep the joyous crowds from trampling the Stevens Reviewers. The members of the Girls’ Archery Team: Phyllis Bertolino, Carol Creightney, Natalie DeCoste, Linda Frances, Anna Frontiero, Ida and Mary Ann Frontiero, Marcia Frontiero, Gail Hannibal, Grace Parisi, Justine Parsons, Mary Jane Pohas, Sally Somers, and Collette Thibedeau stood on guard at the doors with their bows and arrows. In honor of their acquittal, a parade around the school grounds was held. Stepping off to the swinging rhythm of the GHS ROTC Band: Charles Anderson, Frank Ciamataro, Neil Dagle, Bill Flygare, Bill Fritzmyer, Ken Gown, Ralph Goulart, George Hastings, Mike Linquata, Larry Mello, James Mulcahy, Joe Novello, Ed Perkins, Leonard Putnan, Harold Reed, Robert Selig, Joe Sutera; also were members of the Girls’ Drill Team: Carol Cardoz, Marcia Collins, Jo Egan, Nancy Griffin, Gail Hannibal, Chris Korkatti, Carol Lufkin, Donna Parsons, Judy Soule, Jane Tarr, and Nancy Wile. After a happy reunion with their fellow students, the movie ends with Joe Monday and the entire police force exhausted, and being sung to sleep by the Glee Club: Gerry Andrews, Sally Brooks, Joan Brown, Geri Dagle, Jo Egan, Linda Francis, Stephanie Green, Chris Korkatti, Mary Lamb, Carol Lufkin, Marcia Mallette, Joan Marahhas, Pat McTigue, Joan Mitchell, Anne Nickerson, Viv Shoares, Jane Tarr, and Nancy Wile. These lovely voices softly blend in with the famed song of the police force. Drag the Fish Net. 50 JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY great caesar ' s ghost, that’s me. I inhabit the bottom half of the literature section in the g.h.s. library, every night my friends and i congregate in the backroom of the library where we discuss the adventures we have had with the juniors this year, although most of us are rarely ever taken home by the juniors, some of us have met with the sawyer medal winners; pete bell, sandra burgess, tom brooks, dee enos, peggy french, nancy hastings, charlis heberle, tom kyrouz, dutch libro, kenny westlund, susan lasley, sally lord, emily merchant, natalie mills, janet murch, evie pinto, nancy poland, nancy rowe, timmy twomey. for the benefit of all you literate people who are confused with this lower case print, i, being lighter than hydrogen, am not capable of depressing the shift lock key on the type- writer that i am using. let me introduce you to some of my friends, here is my athletic pal, the encyclopedia of modern diversions edited by jerry greely and billy davis, both recently decreed doc- tors of football captainship, members of our champion football team are kicki adams, john burke, austin connors, billy davis, russell gray, gerry greely, peter hickey, roger lee, bruce martel, george patience, jack radcliffe, jack sheaves, harry Stewart, and russ smith, cheering these boys on to victory are peggy maceachern, evelyn pinto, wilma coull, pat home, cynthia carroll, and peggy daley. compris- ing the hockey team are; don ross, russ smith, decky rust, clinton kerr, craig haberland, eddie silva, everett sawyer, and james kerr. the hoopsters of the school are; dick wilson, ronny cole, roger lee, pete hickey, pete ryan, and george patience, archery, a popular sport, is promoted by the fol- lowing robin hoods; georgia silva, nina billante, doris klo- potoski, peggy french, and katherine bickerton. Gloucester is known for its sailors and among them is Virginia madruga. next, my melodious friends, the records who always repeat their stories about the members of the glee clubs, the band, and the orchestra, the glee club members are; dian mcpeck, peggy mac eachern, susan lasley, debby shea, mary souza, janice burnham, pat stone, betty larkin, peggy cagney, nancy poland, ruth macdonald, mary durnion, dee enos, ann harvey, john amero, judy callahan, gerry park- hurst, diane ciaramitaro, judy benham, claire mcdonald, grace carbonaro, linda witham, emily merchant, janet murch, Virginia madruga, nat mills, barb foley, pat home, sally anderson, and Charles heberle. orchestra members are; gerry bennett, mary durnion, jimmie mourey, terry olson, paul shea, maestroes in the band are; albert brown, gasper frontiero, gerry greely, mike lattof, george mclean, alfonso mineo, charlie morris, jimmie mourey, george munro, terry olson, eddie silva, paul shea, dan strople. some of mes amis from the language section have the habit of conversing with each other in a foreign language, i wish i could get one of these members of the Spanish club to interpret their conversation; lani mcniff, chas heberle, roy Sutherland, nancy carter, or peter bell, of course when they talk in french, german, or latin i have to summon a member of one of those clubs, namely; from the french club; cathy williams, nancy hastings, nancy carter, sally lord, tom brooks, carol brown, mary durnion, laurel eisenhauer, myra hall, janet murch, carole o’maley, nancy rowe, roslyn smith, linda witham, grace carbonaro, and nancy poland; from the german club; ruth mac donald, albert brown, vice president; donnie souza, and from the latin club; frances beaudain, judy callahan, vice president; pat dennen, Virginia finn, evie pinto, barb foley, peggy french, and sarah giacalone. 51 JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY my honorable friend, the book of honors, speaks for the members of the Steven ' s reviewers, the student council, and the psychology club, the ben franklin club, and the honor business club, in the Steven ' s reviewers are; pete bell, treas- urer; tom brooks, flash correspondent; gerry parkhurst, secretary; karin babson, librarian; dutch libro, and lani mcniff. composing the membership of the psychology club are; nancy poland, president; tim twomey, vice president; karin babson, secretary; dian ciarmaitaro, nat mills, and myra hall, distinguished members of our government are; pete bell, corresponding secretary; tom brooks, chas heberle, dewey lafond, gerry parkhurst, norm morris, charlie thomas, diane rncpeck, and janet murch. hardworking mem- bers of the ben franklin club are; leonard amero, billy fulford, and joe shermetaro. the honor business club has in its membership the following; judy benham, mary galante, dee enos, rose lupo, linda purdy, muriel robinson, carol veator, jean hammon, anne fronterio, janice Staten, lois moore, gloria michaud, martha o’dea, carolyn parsons, frances rugusa, anne spottiswood, patricia wilkins, mary ciaramitaro, mary ann fraga, and pat home. my highly educated associate, book of journalistic compo- sition, expresses ' his viewpoint of the junior class, he claims that they are the most, we challenged him to prove this, and he quickly produced the flash and the beacon as examples of the juniors literary abilities, editors of the flash are peter bell and tom brooks, assisted by nancy hastings, head- liner, and nancy amodeo, re-writer, material for this pub- lication is provided by reporters sandra burgess, laurel eisenhaur, sally anderson, lani mcniff, sarah giacalone, and judith callahan. beacon editors are karin babson, laurel eisenhauer, gerry parkhurst. Ixxjks about the theater have been becoming acquainted with charlie heberle, janet murch, and patricia wilkins, members of the national thespian society. The book of heroes relates the unknown story of those students who have volunteered their services for the benefit of the school, first, are the library assistants who take such good care of us books, members of this hard-working team are katherine bickerton, nancy hastings, marie cote, mary langley, judy cyan, judy hanson, nina billante. Those who help with the lunches are nancy hastings, Virginia madruga, nancy carter, emily merchant, elizabeth carter, jean ham- mond, judy hanson, carolyn parsons, terry olson, and dick josephson. Keeping the juniors supplied with materials for paper airplanes are nina billante, jean carter, gerry park- hurst, tom brooks, peter bell, john amero, and francis amero. Typing for the flash are mary boardman, mary ciaramento, janice burnham, and betty larkin. Assisting in the office are janet murch, natalie mills, nina billante, pat dennen. Helping with the entertainment in the school are members of the stage crew, reggie santos, peter blanchard, anthony ciolino, and kenny westlund. I hope you have enjoyed this itinerary of the books and their fine friends, the juniors, i have to leave this type- writer, as i see a studious junior approaching my volume of julius Shakespeare by william caesar, and i do not want to be left behind, i am so afraid a junior might miss me. for the benefit of aliens — au revoir, vale, PS. SOMEONE LEFT THE SHIFT LOCK KEY DOWN, SO I AM GIVING YOU SOME CAPITAL LETTERS AND PUNCTUATION MARKS TO USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ... ???!!! ((())) FOR GOOD MEASURE — ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV WXYZ 52 AS WE WERE Ann Thibodeau Larry Nicolosi Edna Brown Pat Barghorn Edith Murphy Olsen, Jr V - Janet . ' Pittsley Janice Pilling Gene DeMayo Francis Pearsall Vincie Novello 54 AREN’T WE CUTE First row: J. Connors, G. Fuchs, J. Kearsey, B. Boutchie, S. Taylor, B. A. Jensen. Second row: N. Thomas, K. Keating, Hatt Twins, F. Golden, P. Niemi. Third row: S. Nicastro, J. Steele, C. Ahonen, V. Moore, D. Stevens, R. Kimball. Fourth row: S. McCarthy, N. Gorman, T. Boucher, F. Tarantino, J. Tucker, M. Daley, E. Hannibal. 55 MINUS SIXTEEN YEARS First row: P. Eldridge, J. Brown, L. Woodman, S. Reed, J. Ribeiro. Second row: N. Harris, L. Harding, R. Souza, F. Thompson, C. Parsons. Third row: M. Burnham, A. Gillis, J. Latassa, R. Cronin. Fourth row: J. Courant, T. Anastas, S. Mitchell, H. Aptt, N. MacLeod. Fifth row: M. Pistenma, N. Critchett, B. Brazier, J. Brennan, C. Parsons, M. Town, J. Avila. First row: S. Ciarametaro, D. Gibbs, B. McDonald, V. Amero, S. Gregory. Second row: B. Burgess, E. Foster, M. Randazza, Mitchell Twins, L. Griffin, F. Blick. Third row: L. Bouley, A. Pata, L. Fortado, G. Bourneuf, A. Domingos, M. Bertolino. Fourth row: J. Ciolino, B. Dodge, J. Hanson, J. Hempel, D. Lawson, P. Campbell. Fifth row: C. Santos, M. Enos, M. Daley, M. Brown, C. Azevedo, M. Troy. THE GOOD OLD DAYS r MOTHERS’ DARLINGS First row: D. Smith, M. Lodge, S. Day, B. Larsen, W. Marston, D. MacNeill, J. Downs, E. Fuller. Second row: M. Doyle, R. Ina, P. Schiller, S. Pitkanin, M. Powers, C. Piscitello, S. Gillie, R. Shoares. Third row: A. Lopes, T. Gamage, P. Schraft, S. Tysver, G. Carpenter, J. Perry. Fourth row: E. Veator, S. Cooke, S. Casamento, R. Feener, C. Ciaramentaro, G. Parsons. CLASS PROPHECY Well, here we are, the graduating class of 1957, gathered together just as we were for our senior banquet; only this time the occasion is one of more universal fame; namely, the presidential inaugural banquet. The president? Who else but our own Tommy Anastas, sometimes called " The Jazz President of 1980.” As we glance around this huge inaugural hall, we see old friends renewing acquaintances. All conversation is brought to a sudden stop; however, as master of ceremonies, Ray Welch prepares to introduce some of the more celebrated members of our class. He first introduces Jon Hagstrom, recently elected vice president. Nearby we can see Norma MacLeod, Jon’s secretary, preparing to take notes on his speech. The next speakers are: David Bloomberg, Attorney General; John Connors, Secretary of State; Rob Morrissey, Secretary of Treasury; Larry Davis, Secretary of Defense (with him is his secretary, Doris Stevens) ; and Jackie Anderson, Secretary of Welfare. Marlene Enos, his secretary, is there also. After the speeches, we notice at another table Gerry Carpenter and Carol Azevedo busily taking down notes as dictated by those well-known politicians, Philip Marr and John Low. Seated at the same table are some more secretaries: Mary Ann Bertolino, Pat Schiller, Bette Harvey, and Norma Critchett. They are talking with Judy Downs, comptometer operator, and Dot Hinchey, part owner of Haight’s Garage. Betty Foster, another comptom- eter operator, joins the conversation with this juicy bit of gossip. It seems that Carol Santos is in court this morning on a charge of answering back to a state trooper who tried to give her a ticket for reckless driving. Carol didn’t get the ticket, and the trooper got a black eye. A sudden scream from Virginia Fears, author of that famous book, TEN BEST EXCUSES FOR HOOKING SCHOOL, draws our attention to a small crowd which is gathering near the entrance to the hall. There, in the midst of the throng, we see Donald Love, noted rock and roll singer, who, having tripped, now lies on the floor unconscious. Nurses to the rescue are: Jane Steele, Kathy Keating, and Ann Domingos. Don’s looking better already ! A short distance from this crowd we see Nick Demetri, machinist, and Robert Mac- Donald, electrician, arguing with Santo Farina, automotive mechanic, and Tommy Marr, electronics engineer, over Jimmy Parker’s chances of winning the jalopy race on Saturday night. This discussion was promptly settled by Floyd Allen, Jim’s personal mechanic, who stated that Jim was a sure winner. Planning to pick up the pieces after the race were Barb Burgess and Rosie Randazza, both nurses. As we near their table, we hear Rosie, who has just returned from a mission to Africa, telling Barb how she persuaded a tribe of cannibals not to cut her head off by giving them each a lock of her hair. Rosie has a crew-cut now. Seated at the same table are Doris MacNiell and Bob Stevens, co-owners of a basketball factory. They are discuss- ing plans for a party with that noted socialite party giver, Hank Corcoran. Donny DeCoste, master draftsman; Buddy Walsh, recent winner of ten gold medals in the Olympics; Bill Robinson, trig, teacher; David W. Parsons, pharmacist; Diane Lawson, physicist; and Joseph Lima, physics teacher, are also seated at this table. A short distance away, we can hear Gloria Fuchs, world traveler, telling Bootsie Jensen, house mother at Williams, and Rhoda Ina, proud owner of three " silva mines,” about how she first got interested in traveling, which was by stowing away on a navy ship im- mediately after her high school graduation. At the next table, Judy Brennen and Rosie Diaz, both telephone operators, are talking with Sammy Ciarametaro about Kenneth Wikstrom, who is in South Tangiers for a rifle match. CLASS PROPHECY Next to them .ire Edith Murphy and Sheila Day who are discussing their recent trip to Greece. At another table we find Bob Shoares who informs us that he is now playing the drums for the Salvation Army. We always knew Bob had a heart. Next to him are seated Walter Bradley and Aubrey Stewart. Walter is a tomato squeezer for a famous tomato juice company. Aubrey has just arrived in this country from England. Edward Parks told us he now has his own watch shop in Switzerland. We later learn that it is really a " Swiss Hot Rod” factory. Next we see Roberta Cronin and Bobby Anderson who have just opened a new play house. This month ' s show was " Arsenic and Old Lace,” in which they starred. Across from Roberta is seated Sara Graham, recent winner of a Pepsodent beauty contest. Her smile took her miles. Larry Harding and Eddie Dupont are at the same table. Larry has just perfected, for the football team, a car with modern laundry in the rear to wash their sorely neglected uniforms. Eddie has just returned from Montezuma where they painted the halls with red and white stripes. Joan Hempel, designer of air force planes, is seated at another table. Mimi Pistenma and Natalie Balzarini are there also. They recently founded a clinic for tired old women, and, due to over-study, are now patients. Joyce Avila, they say, is now a teacher of chemistry, physics, and math, but she is seriously contemplating taking a course in " Hop-Scotch.” As we glance around the hall we notice the absence of Shirley Reed and Tommy Boucher. We learn from Ginni Amero, assistant pilot of jet planes, that Shirley and Tommy have opened a branch of Woolworth’s in Arabia. Next to Ginni is Judi Wood- man, designer of summer uniforms for the Army. Also at that table is Sally McCarthy, famous artist, who has just finished a cover design for her husband ' s new book, Livo Wires to Easy Lights. In one corner of the hall we find Ronnie Lane, who has just built the first bridge across the Atlantic, talking to David A. Parsons, research scientist, and Gus Bourneuf, designer of submarines. Near them are Susan Taylor, missionary nurse in the Far East; Susie Pitkanen, renowned actress, and Marcia Town, foreign correspondent in Germany. They are discussing Lois Fortado’s recent appearance at the Met. The next topic for conversation was Dot Gibbs, or, as she is now more commonly known, " Miss America.” Bonnie Brown and Barb Newman, both nurses, were discussing some of their patients. One of Bonnie’s patients was Tony Frontiero, an Air Force pilot. As we move on through the hall, we hear Paulette Cutler, house mother at Norwich, conversing with Susan Gregory, drama critic. Janice Pilling, hairdresser, and Judy White- head, hospital superintendent, are talking with Joanne Bickerton, government nurse on an Indian reservation, about Carole White, a nurse, who is now stationed in Hawaii. At this point Judy Viator, laboratory technician, and Rose Souza, head bookkeeper of the treasury department, can be overheard talking about Ann Thibodeau and Jean Tucker, both of whom are members of the WAVES. Marilyn Mitchell, a dressmaker, is owner of the " Exclusive Fashion Shops” through- out the country. Her twin, Mary, is a telephone operator and takes great pleasure in showing new operators that complicated switchboard. Seated at Mary’s left is Carol Ahonen, a secretary. Near them we can hear Robert Bolcome and Robert Bouchie, both mechanics, talking about left-handed monkey wrenches. By eavesdropping on a conversation between Neal Burns, foreman at the Gloucester CLASS PROPHECY Building Center, and Russell Rose, lawyer, we heard the following comments: " So Pete Burns and Lenny Woodman finally made the Bruins hockey team, huh?’’ " Yes, and I heard that in the last game Pete really saved the day by blocking what would have been the tying point.” " I went to that game. It was really great. While there I ran into Tom Oliver who is now a very successful lawyer and Norman Swanson, an English teacher. Norm told me that A1 Noble is now a professional basketball player. He said Fred Thompson was in the Marines and James Thompson is now in charge of the scenery department of R.K.O. pictures.” " The other day I went to the hospital to visit a sick friend of mine and was very surprised to find that Maria Nieberle, Sylvia Cooke and Dot Butman, all former class- mates, were nurses there.” " Did you know that Joyce and Joan Hatt, those cute twins, are now hairdressers and co-owners of ' Hatt’s Beauty Salon’ ?” " No, I didn’t know that, but yesterday I ran into Jennie Ciolino, an office worker, Beverly Larsen, a bank teller; Shelia Poirier, a private secretary; and Jean Roberio, a housewife, who informed that another former classmate of ours, Mary Troy, was a Powers’ model.” " Why, yes, come to think of it, I do remember seeing her picture on the cover of some magazine.” As we move on to another table, we find what seems to be a convention of physics and chemistry teachers. They are: Norma Harris, Pete Eldridge, Marty Daley, Jimmy Holmes and Paul Codinha. At the same table we overhear Admiral Clifford McLellan and Carole Parsons, occupa- tional therapist in the Navy, discussing Navy life. Seated near them are three representa- tives of the Massachusetts State Government. They are: Governor Lee Kennedy, Treasurer Eddie Veator, Secretary Hugh Harris. One of the country’s best made model agents, Dick MacDonald, is seated across the table with some of his many models: Boots Parsons, James Porter, William Selig, Albert Tognazzi. At the next table Frank Chick, car dealer, is discussing business plans with Tommy Lupo, Ray Wilt, David Williams, and Stevie Johnson. To look at the other side of this table, one would think it was Armed Forces day. Representing the Waves are Judy Brown and Barb Bouchie; the Navy, Philip Gray and Bill Marston; the Air Force, George Johnson. Nearby we can see Dick Gerring, captain of the Boston Bruins, talking to Freddie Nasser, a general in the Syrian Army, and Cosmo Pallazola, the famous Hollywood playboy. But don’t get the wrong idea. They’re still the same boys. The subject they’re talking about is the same — GIRLS ! The boys who really reached the position they wanted in the world are John Olsen, head accountant of the Cape Ann National Bank; Charles Stanton, owner of General Motors; and Dana Morton, famous architect. But, by eavesdropping on their conversation, we find they haven’t let success go to their heads. The topic for discussion — the good old days and Mr. Morgan’s pet chicken, Elvis. All the single girls at this inaugural banquet are thrilled to discover that Larry Nicolosi, the world-famous designer of wedding gowns, is the same Larry who was in so many of their classes. CLASS PROPHECY Everyone is very plea sed that Sam Nicastro, famed composer-orchestra leader, was able to take time out from his European tour to prepare the musical arrangements for the inauguration ceremonies. Gene DeMayo, Ann Johnson, and Janet Ercolani find a mutual interest in that they all own photography studios. Gene always said that someday he would have a darkroom of his own. As we come to another table we find Lucien Bouley, John Latassa, Rosario Milone, and Francis Pearsall, all press correspondents to foreign countries. They’re talking about A1 ’’Pancho” Lopes, who distinguished himself in the Olympics this past year. Al, as you may remember, was the greatest conversation artist Gloucester High had ever seen. To date, no one has topped his record. As we listen to their conversation we find that Paul Niemi is a colonel in the Air Force. (Of course, he doesn’t mind with a stewardess like Mary Doyle.) Seated at another table are family men Walter Finn, Dave Getchell, Ben Hastings and John Flannagan with their very attractive wives. At another table is Earl Hannibal, assistant administrator of the Addison Gilbert Hospital. He’s still attempting to dig up guinea pigs for the secret experiments which he conducts in the hospital basement. He finally persuades Brian MacDonald, Ralph Kimbal, Robert Bell and John F. Anderson. And to think Earl was their friend! As we look around this big inaugural hall we can see Harry Aptt, the confirmed bachelor, making the rounds to all the tables with available young ladies. Walking by Jocie Hanson and Nancy Coleman, we can assume they haven’t forgotten their days in 315 for Nancy is still talking about the quadratic equation on which she stumped Mr. Lane. The next table at which we stop is Fran Blick’s and Johnnie Courant’s where Marjorie Powers, the gossip columnist for the New York Times, is giving them the full details on what their graduation classmates are doing. In the field of show business there is Jean Perry, the actress, who is doing a new picture with her leading man, Ralph Strople. Nancy Swan was very sorry that she could not be present for this affair, but she already had a previous singing engagement at the Palace on Broadway. Dave Munroe, Loren Graham and Bill Josephson have a sensational dancing trio, according to their press agent, Chucky Piscitello. From the show business field we switch to the educational field where we find Janet Pittsley, Nancy Gorman, Cynthia Parsons, Edna Brown, and Marion Lodge employed as grammar school teachers in the Midwest. After this bit of information to Frances and Johnnie, Miss Powers joins Polly Camp- bell, another gossip columnist, to compare notes. She soon hears that Chucky Hyde, the vice president of the Clock Watcher’s Associa- tion, has just hired L orna Griffin as his new secretary. Buddy Linquata is now coaching his own basketball team; Ronnie Newman has his own carpentry business; Tony Luzio has reached his goal of being a competent linotypist. Donnie Elliot is still blowing that trumpet of his, but not with a band any more; he is doing a solo at Suffolk Downs. Reenie Daley is the wife of the president of Youngs Toy Company, and Jackie Flygare has started her own cosmetic company. As we walk through this tremendous dining room, we come to a table in the far corner where we can hear Dave Watson, real estate broker, talking to his secretary, Joan Courant, about selling Swampland on which to build a new school. Even after two and a half CLASS PROPHECY decades, Judy Greely still doesn’t know the meaning of the word " naive.” Eighteen years and three children later, Sudsy Sargent is the proud owner of his own sheetmetal company. One of the most delightful surprises of the evening was to discover Pat Schrafft’s occupation. We always knew Pat had a high I.Q. but to find that he is a professor at Harvard University is overwhelming. As we walk through the hall we find Charles Whynott, our local news reporter, talking with Ronnie Francis and Billy Cunningham about the new jet-propelled cars. Seated next to Billy is Susan Gillie, his private secretary. At another table we find Dianne Smith and Helen O’Connor discussing different recipes for spaghetti and meatballs. Seated next to them is Barb Brazier, private secretary to Clinton Larken, newly-elected president of the Palmolive-Peat Company. Seated at the same table are Marty Morrissey and Jack Kearsey, members of the printing staff of the Washington Gazette. As we move along to another table we find Sandra Tysver and Frances Tarentino. They are both tellers in a bank. Whenever someone mentions money, dollar signs come into their eyes. It is obvious that their jobs have gone to their heads. Nancy Hubbard and Virginia Moore have just entered the hall and are the centers of attraction because of their stunning hair-do’s. The news seeps out that Beverly Dodge and Andrea Pata are responsible for these works of art. As we move along we bump into Vincie Novello, Connie Ciaramitaro, and Shirley Catalini. They are talking about how nice it is to work in a business owned and operated by one’s father. They claim it is extremely easy to get a raise. At this time we decide to go for some fresh air, but just as we reach the lobby, we meet Eileen Fuller, secretary to a car dealer, and Pat Barghorn, Air Force secretary. They are both complaining about how hard they work. Well, here we are back in the hall again; and now we spy Sandra Mitchell, president of the Bell Telephone Company, and Frances Golden, comptometer operator. They are attentively listening to Anne Gillis as she tells them of her travels abroad. Also seated at this table is Carol Putonen, a local gym teacher. There is quite a commotion going on. It seems that one of the tables has been broken and the host, Ray Welch, has asked Mimo Capone if there is a possibility he could fix it. Mimo Capone is known nationwide for his expert carpentry. In another corner of the hall, we find Jack Babson, famous surgeon, telling Skip Ross, Captain in the Navy, and Townley Gamage, social worker, about Senator George Grammas being late for a senate meeting. It seems George had to empty the garbage pan for his wife. This causes a burst of laughter from Mike Burnham, traveling salesman; Donald Ellis, mechanic; Rusty Feener, " Hot-Rod King " ; Shirley Casamento, secretary, and Jimmy Mondello, shoemaker. At the same table we see Austin Morley, insurance man; Tony Nicastro, trumpet player; Valerie Sawler, nurse; Charles Stanton, lawyer; Annette Veno, typist; David Williams, baseball player. Nancy Thomas, secretary, still can’t figure out the meaning and origin of " canustatias.” So ends Tommy Anastas’ inaugural banquet. In writing this we have not tried to picture our classmates as they will be in 1980, but, instead, we have let our imaginations run rampant. Certainly, the majority of these prophecies will never come to pass, but, maybe some day a few will not be too far from fact. 63 1957 SUPERLATIVES AI ost Likely to Succeed Class Genius. Most Outstanding in Leadership Most Popular Officer Most Popular Most Studious Most Literary Most Talented Most Musical Most Artistic Best Gromed Most Dramatic Most Athletic Most Cheerful Best Looking Bootsie Jensen Jon Hagstrom Joan Hempel Jon Hagstrom ... Townley Gamage Larry Harding .. Townley Gamage Larry Davis ... Townley Gamage Larry Harding Dianne Lawson James Holmes ... Edna Brown Ray Welch Lois Fortado Thomas Anastas Lois Fortado Thomas Anastas Sally McCarthy Earl Hannibal Dianne Smith Dick McDonald Susan Pitkanen Thomas Anastas Ann Johnson Larry Harding Shirley Reed Leonard Woodman Dorothy Gibbs Harry Aptt Most Sophisticated Rhoda Ina Ray Welch 1957 SUPERLATIVES Cutest Shirley Reed Tommy Boucher Most Flirtatious Barbara Brazier Duke Porter Most Fickle Judy Greely Ray Welch Class Cradle Snatcher .. Sara Graham Russell Feener AI ost Bashful Cynthia Parsons Dana Morton Most Daring .. Jane Steele Frank Chick Most Romantic Mary Doyle Paul Niemi Most Argumentative Ann Domingos Jack Babson Most Naive Judy Greely Jack Babson Most Gullible Judy Greely Jack Babson Best Gift of Gab Jane Steele Charles Whynott Class Baby Helen O’Connor Donald Love Class Clown Jane Steele Leonard Woodman Charles Whynott Best Dancer . Shirley Reed Tommy Boucher Most Vivacious Shirley Reed Leonard Woodman EVENTS CLASS CALENDAR 68 10 — School opens. " Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.” 11 — Ray Welch happily walks into homeroom counting money raised from selling tickets to the Freshmen to ride on the elevator. 12 — Andrea Pata acts bewildered standing by the Print Shop wearing a locket from one and a pin from the other. Undecided? 13 — First Assembly: Rhoda Ina looks at the Cadet Colonel and thinks of her own. 14 — In answer to all demands. Rose Randazza comes to school with soapsuds on her face. 15 — Bob Stephens is seen running through the corridors. Dorie MacNeill is seen running after him, razor in hand. It seems she saw a Yul Brynner movie last night. 16 — Beverly Dodge sports a Winchester sweater — traitor! 17 — Boots Parsons smiled today. Pupils of H R. 120 in the state of shock. 18 — Joan Courant seen near room 121. Looking for someone? 19 — Mary Troy, John Olsen, and Aubrey Stewart walk into a term test in English and suddenly turn pale. Reliable Margie Powers is absent today. 20 — Lennie Woodman tries to sell tickets to Freshmen for recess movies. 21 — William Selig was seen running from 120 to Park’s office. Time 8:00V2 a.m. Wow, does Mr. Altobelli enforce the rules! 24 — Francis Pearsall and Bill Marston were overheard discussing their plans for a channel swim. 25 — Bob Bolcome is late. A pole bumped into his car. 1 — Dave Williams tacks up " Smokey the Bear " signs. 2 — Sara Graham and Judy Greely take inventory of boys on. the second floor. 3 — Duke Porter frees freshmen from a supposedly locked telephone booth. 4 — The corridors of G.H.S. are quiet. Jane Steele is absent. 5 — To quiet his homeroom, Mr. Greely runs his fingernails over the black- board. 8 : — Doris Stevens comes to school yawning again. Early school hours hinder late date hours. 9 — Nick Demetri’s dog escorts him to school and then decides he doesn’t want to leave. Nicky skips class using the excuse that his dog is lonely. 10 — Frances Golden buys more air mail stamps. This could run into money. 11 — Maureen Daley insists on singing " Eddie My Love " in chorus. 12 — Nancy Thomas and Ann Gillis chase pencils down the corridor. 15 — Berta Cronin didn ' t say " Get hep " today. 16 — Marty Morrissey found asleep in homeroom again. He hasn ' t missed a day yet. 17 — Helen O’Connor rushes out of school at 1:41 p.m. St. Ann closes at 2 p.m. 18 — Mary Mitchell caught writing letters in study hall. 19 — Cosmo Pallazola stumps Mr. Karcher by speaking Italian. 22 — Mr. Karcher tries to start a course in Italian at G.H.S. by enrolling himself! 23 — Paul Codinha and Don Elliot caught in front of room 207. 1 — Sylvia Cooke has a gleam in her eye. Received another letter from Germany? 2 — Anything for a picture! Norma MacLeod and Kathy Keating climb the fire escape at Central Grammar School. 5 — Mim Pistenma and Joan Hempel visit 315. Hockey is the main interest. 6 — Lennie Graham got a big surprise; his locker opened on the first try. 7 — Tony Luzio arrives at 8:04% a.m. The homeroom is speechless. 8 — Dave Watson writes Engli sh test in purple ink and receives a conspicu- ously purple flunk. 9 — Sally McCarthy and Gloria Fuchs caught skipping school — found at the Salem Telephone Company and Strong’s Gas Station respectively. 12 — Veteran’s Day- — no school. 13 — Sue Taylor faints when complimented by Miss Perry on her theme for National Education Week. 14 — Jean Riberio walks through the corridors with a far-away look. He’s in Maine. 15 — Screams bring Police Emergency Squad to Room 325. False alarm. Lois Fortado and Sylvia Cooke are just practicing for Glee Club. 16 — Last day of week. Connie Cirametaro falls while running to locker. Anxious for weekend? 19 — ROTC Officers investigate second and third floors. Getting last-minute dates for the party, boys? 20 — John Connors gives lessons on the art of operating a " genuine Japanese yo-yo” to John Latessa, Jon Hagstrom, Dickie MacDonald and Pete Eldridge. 21 — Thanksgiving Day Assembly. Larry Harding and Paul Niemi doubt if they will live through the day. 22 — No school — Thanksgiving Day Game. Fishermen live up to everyone’s expectation. CLASS CALENDAR 3 — George Grammas, Lucien Bouley, and Dana Morton head for Mr. Nickas ' room. Boom! Getting even for those surprise tests, boys? 4 — Tardy bell rings. Marlene Enos heads for 101. 5— — Rob Morrisy forgets to wear a tie. Thinks he has a spare one in his locker. Was he surprised! 7— More news- — Cheerleaders will head for Miami, too. Mad dash for bathing suits! 10 — School very quiet; Fishermen are missed by all. 11 — Lee Kennedy overheard giving this advice to Tom Lupo, A1 Lopes, and Arizona Linquata — " A man who breaks a promise is a weakling; a man who makes a promise is a fool.” 14 — Big game- — all Gloucester glued to radios; score 20-7. Heat plays havoc. 18 — Football season over. Bud Walsh tackles English. 20 — Vacation! Merry Christmas and Happy Mid-years. 2 — Seniors somewhat hazy after long vacation. 3 — Robbery! Class dues demanded. 4 — Tommy Bouchie sets up shop on third floor. Sells autographed pictures for $1.00 each. 5 — Sheila Day tries to pin up a life size picture of Ray Felix on her locker door; she demands a larger locker. 9 — Dianne Smith arrives on time! 11 — Harry Aptt and Larry Davis are seen selling tickets to the unknowing freshmen for the privilege of taking mid-years. 14 — As of today, Edna Brown carries all of her books to show everyone her attractive Tufts book covers. 15 — Pat Schrafft arrives at school with a bandage on his head. No Espanol homework done? 17 — Bonnie Brown rushes to library to study for mid-years. 20 — Dianne Lawson is caught carrying three books! 22 — Bewildered freshman sees double — Joan and Joyce Hatt. 1 — Miss Perry’s ”A” block class refuses to read " To Be Read by Serious Stupid People.” 4— Ralph Kimball carries boxes of candy to school. You figure it out. 5 — Billie Jensen informs Carol Ahonen of another senior brainstorm as they rush to get some red ribbon. 8 — Looking up the walks of GHS, senior boys join in a chorus of " The Prisoner’s Song.” 9 — Today is the day! Senior girls wear red ribbons. 10 — Barb Burgess and Barb Brazier race to lunch. No winner; Russell Rose cuts them off. 15 — Flicker staff works to wee hours, vacation for rest of school. 25 — Jimmie Thompson teaches freshman boys stage crew routines. 26 — Dot Hinchey and Virginia Amero caught outside of room 315. What, again? 27 — Jackie Anderson eats a large piece of chocolate cake, donated by his fans. 28 — Rosie Randazza and Doris MacNeil followed by Berta Cronin and Ann Domingoes are seen wading at Good Harbor Beach. Can’t you wait for camp? 69 CLASS CALENDAR Majrch Ajpril i W ' - Htuf 9 m r J fk 70 Jjune. 1 — Jackie Flygare and Frances Tarentino teach football players how to dance in Football Follies. •4 — Annette Veno and Carol Putonen seek the advice of Mrs. Mills on how to catch a man. 5 — Miss Londergon faints. She sees Russell Rose studying in the library. 7 — Jimmie Thompson teaches freshman boys stage crew routines under the direction of Mr. Carter. 8 — Nancy Swan shows methods of making pottery in store window on Main Street with Miss Nugent assisting her. Isn ' t that somewhat reversed? 13 — Judy Whitehead teaches Mr. Elmer to knit in " D” block study hall. 18 — Neil Burns and William Selig head for the second floor; the party’s not until next month, boys. 25 — Loud noises heard from 101. Jack Babson and Dave Bloomberg were just having a friendly discussion about English homework. 28 — " March winds are blowing,’’ exclaims Eileen Fuller as she breezes into homeroom. 29 — Dana Morton forgets to come to school. What ' s brewing? 1 — April Fool ' s Day. Senior boys in all their glory as they wait for Freshmen. 2 — Dot Gibbs comes dressed for rain. The sun shines brightly. 5 — Fred Nasser comes to school after a week ' s vacation in Florida. " You just went down there at the wrong time, " he says to the Fishermen. 9 — Gus Bourneuf was seen walking in a crouching position. It seems that little car is too much for him. 17 — Easter vacation: Peter Cottontail appreciated. 25 — Sheila Day follows her thoughts and ends up in shops. 26 — Maria Nieberle writes an essay on Germany for English. After reading it. Sue Gregory reports, " I feel as if I’ve lived there all my life!” 27 — Pat Barghorn is heard singing " The Trouble With Harry” on way to homeroom. 28 — Flash! Ann Gillis is quiet today. 29 — Raymond Wilt is seen begging Miss MacEachern to teach him how to run the switchboard in main office. Who could want a prettier teacher? 29. — F. Lyman overheard by Phil Gray muttering, " The birds all come in with their feathers on.” 30 — Flash!! Dot Butman and Joanne Bickerton run to lunch. 1 — Three years of R.O.T.C. and Bob Bouchie still forgets and wears his uniform on Wednesday. 2 — T. and S. Nicastro have heated argument in H.R. Mr. Morgan sends them to Park’s office. Reason: he can’t understand Italian. 3 — Beverly Larsen exclaims, " The end of a weary week and everybody was made weak by the week.” 6 — Cynthia and Carole Parsons do not talk in H.R. 120 today. Reformed, girls? 7 — Bob Shoares hurries around collecting dues before Christmas. Think you’ll make it, Bob? 8 — Janet Pittsley brings half a sandwich to school. On a diet, Janet? 9 — David W. Parsons was seen trying to disturb David A. Parsons from his work in H.R. Want to stay for another afternoon session? 15— Larry Nicolosi is seen studying hard for an English test. Planning on pass- ing it? 20 — Nancy Gorman seen setting up a stand to sell eggs. She ' s been down on the farm. 21 — Ken Wikstrum, Charles Piscitello, and Don Ellis bet Charles Whynott that he can’t be quiet for one whole period. 27 — At this late date, Dave A. Parsons, Cynthia Parsons, Carole Parsons, Boots Parsons and Dave M. Parsons are still confusing Mr. Altobelli in homeroom. 3— Shirley Reed makes sure all class dues are paid. Yep! 4 — Two more weeks for graduation. May we all survive! 5 — Duke Porter and Leonard Woodman threaten to push Jane Steele out window in room 120 during " B” block. 6 — Senior cadets shine — brass, that is. 7 — Field day — enough said! 10 — Underclassmen study; Seniors basking in the sun. 16 — Mixed emotions — Graduation Day!!! " The old order changeth, yielding place to new.” LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Edna Brown, will to the underclassmen success and happiness in their future years at G.H.S. I, Carole White, will to Nancy Becker my seat in Mr. Frigard’s room. I, Judith Whitehead, will to my brother, Warren, all the brains I so foolishly let go to waste, with the hope that he will make better use of them than I did. I, David Williams, will to Philip Marr my position in the tool room. I, Susan Taylor, will to Myra Hall my ' 53, ' 54, ' 55, and ' 56 diaries to keep until such a time in the future when we can laugh at the foolish things we did so seriously. I, Fred Thompson, will to Dennis Viator and Ron Cole my stripes, hoping they never have to use them. I, Marcia Town, will to whomever wants it, the Presidency of the German Club. I, Mary Troy, will to Dave Brown my knack to get along with my teachers and my talent to keep out of trouble. I, Sandra A. Tysver, will to Sylvia Hadley my attendance record. I, Sally McCarthy, will to Mary Tracy and Marcia Abdou all the thoughts and ideas I have learned in Room 304. I, Dorie MacNeill, will to Shirley Ann Harris my blue suede shoes. I, Rosario F. Milone, will to Sammy Ciolino all the hours I spent in doing homework in the interest that he may use them to study a better subject than I did. I, Marilyn Mitchell, will to Kathleen Dort, my seat in Advanced Clothing. I, Mary Mitchell, will to Janice Edmonds my seat in Elementary Accounting. I, Sandra Mitchell, will to Beverly Jones rifle number seventeen. May she have better luck with it than I did. I, Gini Amero, will my nickname to Roselyn Lane. I, Tom Anastas, will to Jim Mourey my first chair in the sax section, and my " sahara shoes.” I, Harry Aptt, will to Ronnie Cole my slightly used Sabre. I, Joyce Avila, will to Doreen Kallio all the fun I have had in G.H.S. I, Carol Azevedo, will to Polly Corkum and her crowd " Table Too” in the cafeteria. I, Barbara Newman, will to Alice Souza my seat in Mr. Robinson’s room. I, Salvatore Nicastro II, being of sound mind and body, will to Alphonse Mineo my baton. I, Maria Nieberle, will to Carole O’Maley my seat in the cafeteria. I, Paul Niemi, will to Cookie Ryan my position on the football team. I, A1 Noble, will to Ronnie Cluett my stripes which I did not get. I, Vincie Novello, will to Sarah Sabato many fond memories. I, Carol Santos, will to Mary Ann Fraga my dark and roving eyes in hopes she sees more than I did. I, Janet Ercolani, will to Kathleen Dort my seat in Physiology. I, Joanne Bickerton, will to Kay Bickerton my seat in homeroom and hope that she will LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT use it, soon. I, Dorothy Butman, will to any Junior archer the six arrows in the bull ' s eye that I never got. I, Rose Souza, will to Dolores Malaquias and Mary Boardman each one of my mittens for our early morning walks. I, Jennie Ciolino, will to Mary Galante, my book, Graduate in Three Easy Lessons. I, Barb Brazier, will to Dana Carter " 19 hours. " I, Nancy Swan, will to Dinah Stephanio my locker, hoping she finds more room in it than I did. I. Gerald Viator, will to Russell Davis my position on the basketball team. I, Doris Stevens, will to any lucky girl my Colonel diamonds. I, Francis Pearsall, will to all sportscar enthusiasts in G.H.S. my interests in R. T. and S.C.I. roadtests. I, Miriam Pistenma, will to Dinah Stephanio my faithful seat in church. I, Reenie Daley, will to my sister Peggy all my arguments with Dad, in hopes that she might win one from him. I, Larry Davis, will to my poor unsuspecting successor my bed in the military office. I, Donald DeCoste, will to anyone my unopenable locker. I, Gene DeMayo, will to Edward Aroujo my position on the Color Guard. May he lead it on to greater heights. I, Rosemary Dias, will to Mary Parsons my place at table two. I, Beverly Dodge, will to Karin Babson my little chair in Room 56. I, Judy Downs, will to my sweet sister Penelope all my joys and sorrows in G.H.S. I, Mary Doyle, will to Elaine Doyle all my unfinished work and my unaccomplished ambitions. I, Pauline Campbell, will to the Junior Commandos my four years of happiness in G.H.S. I, Gerry Carpenter, will to Sharon Stewart my golden gift of silence. I, Shirley Casamento, will to any studious junior my shorthand homework. I, Shirley Catalini, will to Nancy Catalini my vocabulary homework. I, Richard D. Chebator, will to the brave and daring who skip drill the dustpan and broom in the military office. I, Nancy Coleman, will to the sailing club the rest of my little finger. I, Sylvia Cooke, will to any future Chemistry student my two year old seat and knowledge of Chemistry. I, Roberta Cronin, will to Sandra Andersen the trunk of my car. I, Russell Feener, will to Kenny Enos one foot of my height and 25 lbs. of my weight. I, Jackie Flygare, will to my sister Gerry my four-year-old seat in Miss McGrew’s English class. I, Anthony Frontiero, will to Ronnie Cluett all the bad shots I have had at low-flying flamingos. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Dorothy Gibbs, will to Judith Hanson my seat in Homeroom 106 and my footsteps on the first floor. I, Mary Bertolino, will to Pat Taylor one of 210’s faithful typewriters. I, David " Skip’’ Bloomberg, will all my debts to Charles Axelrod. I, Lucien Bouley, will to Paul Dexter my broken glasses, frames, and the first TUBA chair in the Band. I, Judy Brennan, will to Mary Lou Bain and Hazel Pratt, my sewing machine in 301 that is so badly in need of use. I, Marcia Brown, will to Nancy Wetmore and Ann Nickerson all the chicken and ham sandwiches they like so much. I, Pete Burns, will to Craig Haberland 18 square feet of ice in front of the cage. I, Fred Nasser, will to John Sargent, and Cosmo Pallazolo my walks through " Raven Wood Park.” I, Don Elliot, will to any eligible junior boy my nickname of " Odongo” so as to carry it to greater heights. I, Marlene Enos, will to Sandra Burgess my red hair in hopes she will have as much fun, because of it, as I have had. I, Margaret Randazza, will to any assiduous junior my empty seat in the library. We, Marjie Powers, Jan Pilling, Kathy Keating, Cynthia Parsons, Norma MacLeod, Barbara Boutchie, and Dorie MacNeill, will to Shirley Harris and any other deserving junior girls our green sweaters in hopes that they will wear them appropriately. I, Shirley Reed, will to next year’s class treasurer, my space in Miss Gale’s office and an abundance of luck in collecting class dues. I, Bootsie Jensen, will to Peggi MacEachern a letter " M” for her " Ike” pin. I, Susan Gillie, will to Colleen Gillie my seat in 305 directly in front of Mrs. Keegan’s desk. I, Ronald Lane, will to John Calder my seat in study hall. May he make better use of it than I did. I, Beverly Larsen, willingly leave Barbara Hudson 20 cents for bus fare to Good Harbor Beach. I, Marian Lodge, will to Emily Merchant my place in Room 318, English IV-A class. I, A1 Lopes, will my kicking toe and my position on the football squad to Russell Smith. I, Joan Hempel, will to Kenny Enos my height, with the hope he will grow six inches taller. I, Lee Kennedy, will to Peter Ryan my seat on the East Gloucester bus. I, James Thompson, will my place on Cleveland Street to anyone that wants it. I, Ralph Kimball, will to Charlie Steele my drilling ability. I, Pat Schiller, will to George Lane the seat I never got in the car. I, Ann Thibodeau, will to Carol Viator the best of luck. 73 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I. Eddie Veator, will to John Calder my spot in the lunch line. I. Anne Domingos, will to Pat Dennen my position at Dog Town Common. I, Lois Fortado, will to Doreen Kalio my pony tail. I, John Low. will to Len Amero one strand of hair from Gyro’s sideburns. I. Lawrence Nicolosi, will to Philip Parisi all the girls with whom I have danced. I, Jean Tucker, will to Cynthia Rose all the uniforms of the drill tea m if they fit her. I, Brian McDonald, will to Ann Johnson all my money. I, Tom Marr, will to the future Seniors of the Electrical Shop the remains of said shop. 1, Dana Morton, will to Harry Stewart ye olde corner. I, Edith Murphy, will to any daring junior girl all the problems and troubles I had in science in two years. I, Carol Ahonen, will to Linda Hildonen the best of luck with that certain boy. I, Anne Gillis, will to Lee Aspesi my Swedish accent. I, Jean Ribeiro, will to Judy Adams all the fun I had on Bass Avenue. I, Sheila Poirier, will to Helen Hart all my luck. We, Pete Eldridge, Ray Welch, Jon Hagstrom, Larry Harding, Dick MacDonald, and John Connors, the Members of the " DELETERIOUS HALF DOZEN,” will to six lucky members of the Junior Class our naive reputation. I, Dorothy Hinchey, will to Beverly Ellis all of the good times and laughs I’ve had in my four years at G.H.S. I, Nancy Hubbard, will to Carole Sharac my ride on the H. D. and hope that she’ll have a good time like I did. I, Joan Hatt, will to Gwinie Nunes my 102 on the " Essexites” Bowling Team. I, Joyce Hatt, will my English IV book to someone that can get more use of it than I did. I, Earl Hannibal, Jr., will to my sister Gail all the Saturday-nite dances in hopes she has as much fun at them as I did. I, Susan Gregory, do hereby will to my sister Debbie my ability not to capsize. I, Sara Graham, will to Pat Stone my red heads. I, Frances Golden, will to Sharo Wood all the troubles I’ve had my senior year. I, Lorna Griffin, will to Alice Vickery a house built on the road in Stage Fort Park. I, Ann Johnson, will to Doreen Kallio my seat at the National Honor Society teas to do with as she pleases. I, Rhoda Ina, will to Eddy Silva my hopes that he, too, will become colonel in the R.O.T.C. like his brother. I, Nancy Thomas, will to Pat Doyle and Carol Creightney all the fun I have had in G.H.S. I, Gloria Fuchs, will to Pam McPeck a pound of ground hamburg at the end of Ravens- wood Park, in hopes that she can make good use out of it. I, Norma Patricia Harris, will to Ann Bertha Morton the woods to the left of the fifth green at the Bass Rocks Golf Club. I, Bette Harvey, will to Janice Harvey my positions in Rooms 208 and 210. Especially Room 217. I, Eileen Fuller, will my daily bumpy rides from Essex to G.H.S. to Roselyn Lane. MEDALS AND AWARDS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 The Harvard Club of the North Shore Award . . . Jon Hagstrom. Boys’ Rifle Team Letter " G’s ” . . . Frank Chick, Norman Swanson, Russell Fee- ner, David Parsons, Francis Pearsall, Kenneth Wikstrom, Eugene DeMayo. Girls’ Rifle Team . . . Edna Brown, Beverly Dodge, Dianne Smith, Sheila Day, Sandra Mitchell. Tennis Tournament Winners . . . Norma P. Harris and William Babson. Membership in the Rachel H. Pressy Chapter of the National Thespian Society, troupe 1301 . . . Thomas Anastas, John Flannagan, Susan Gregory, Earl Han- nibal, Edith Murphy, Susan Pitkanen, Robert Shoares, Aubrey Stewart. Membership in the Sherman B. Ruth Chapter of the National Honor Society . . . Carol Azevedo, William Babson, Frances Blick, Barbara Boutchie, Barbara Brazier, Geraldine Carpenter, Nancy Coleman, Sheila Day, Lois Fortado, Jon Hagstrom, Jocelyn Hanson, Norma Harris, Joan Hempel, James Holmes, Nancy Hubbard, Ann Johnson, Norma McLeod, Maria Nieberle, Doris MacNeill, Cynthia Parsons, Robert Stephens, Norman Swanson, Susan Taylor, John Olsen. Delegate to the Daughters of the American Revolution Convention . . . Joan Hempel. Sawyer Medal Award, eleventh grade . . . Joan Hempel and James Holmes. Spanish II Book Prize . . . Marcia Towne. Certificate of Proficiency from American Association of French . . . Marcia Towne. MEDALS AND AWARDS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 Gloucester College Women’s Club Book Award . . . Joan Hempel. Cape Ann Scientific Literary and Historical Association Certificate of Member- ship . . . Edith Murphy, Ann Johnson, Marlene Enos, Earl Hannibal. Stevens Reviewers Award for excellence in book reviewing . . . Norman C. Ross. Delegate to Massachusetts Boys’ State . . . Norman C. Ross and Jon Hagstrom. R.O.T.C. Awards; Third place Haskell Medal . . . Paul Niemi. First place Individual . . . John Courant. Outstanding Corporal of the year . . . John Courant. Outstanding Sophomore of the year . . . Gardner Porter. Outstanding Sophomore in Rifle Marksmanship . . . Frank Chick. Football Awards: Boston Traveler All Stars . . . Larry Harding and Paul Niemi Boston Record American All Stars . . . Larry Harding, Paul Niemi, Jon Hagstrom. Boston Herald All Stars . . . Larry Harding and Paul Niemi. Boston Globe All Stars . . . Larry Harding and Paul Niemi. Lynn Item All Stars . . . Larry Harding, Paul Niemi, Jon Hagstrom. Thom Me Ann Trophy . . . Larry Harding. Basketball Award: Essex County All Stars . . . Larry Harding. ACTIVITIES ARCHERY First row: Joan Hatt, Donna Favazza, Carmela Piraino, Rosalie Lucido, Sandy Babtiste, Ellen Holmberg, Collette Thibedeau, Joyce Hatt. Second row: Justine Parsons. Katherine Bick- erton, Joanne Bickerton, Sheila Day. Dorothy Butman, Georgia Silva, Gail Hannibal, Sally Somers, Nina Billante. Third row: Joanne Mes- sina, Eileen Fuller, Katherine Karrelas, Mary Blanchard, Mary Ann Frontiero, Carol Creight- ney, Suzanne Wakely, Ida Frontiero, Marcia Frontiero, Sandra Sargent, Joyce Fanham. Fourth row: Vincie Ciolino, Peggi French, Pat Hobbs, Judith Downs, Edna Brown, Nancy Thomas, Jeri Kyrouz, Dotti Kilopotoski, Jackie Scola, Nancy Kelly. BEACON First row: Sally McCarthy. Joan Courant, Nor- man Ross. Edna Brown, Jane Steele. Second row: Miss Beebe, Cynthia Rose, Karin Babson, Beverly Jones. Jerry Parkhurst, Mr. Little. Third row: Rhoda Ina, Louis Douglas, Charlie Steele, Laurel Eisenhower. First row: Leonard Amero, Martin Morrissey, John Low. Second row: Joseph Shermetaro, William Fulford. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CLUB FLASH First row: Joyce Fanham, Joan Goldthwaite, Beverly Steele, Paula Mitchell, Kathy Love, Pat McTigue, Emilie Gruppe. Second row: Nancie Amodes, Betty Pallazola, Geraldine Waite, Laurel Eisenhower, Lani McNiff, Betty Bossel- man, Jo Egan, Betty Larkin. Third row: Sandy Burgess, Edna Brown, Thomas Brooks, Peter Bell, Charley Seavey, Nancy Hastings, Judy Soule. SENIOR FOOTBALL SQUAD First row: Buddy Walsh, John Latassa, Paul Niemi and Larry Harding, Co-captains, Jon Hagstrom, Bobby Anderson. Second row: Jack Babson, John Conners, Boots Parsons, Albert Noble, Fred Thompson, A1 Lopes, Pat Schrafft. FRENCH CLUB First row: Linda Witham, Marion Lodge, Mar- cia Town, Maria Nieberle, Mancy Poland, Edna Brown, Barbara Boutchie, Carole O ' Maley, Sally Brooks. Second row: Mrs. Baer, Philip Parisi, Marcia Mallette, Karin Babson, Nancy Rowe, Betty Pallazola, Mary Lamb, Nancy Hastings, Janet Pittsley, Susan Gregory, Cathy Williams, Mary Durnion, Carol Lufkin, Bill Fritzmier. Third row: Janet Murch, Betty Bos- selman, Sheila Day, Sally Lord, Laurel Eisen- hauer, Thomas Brooks, Lani McNiff, Grace Carbonaro, Judy Soule, Nancy Coleman, Nancy Carter. GIRLS GLEE CLUB First row: Sally Brooks, Geraldine Andrews, Judy Callahan, Ann Harvey, Janice Burnham, Daphne Enos, Stephanie Green, Emily Mer- chant, Linda Francis, Pat McTigue. Second row: Susan Gregory, Marcia Town, Barbara New- man, Carole White. Sylvia Cooke, Lois Fortado, Nancy Coleman, Janet Pittsley, Fran Blick, Norma MacLeod, Janet Murch. Third row: Connie Nickerson, Grace Carbonaro, Jane Tarr, Linda Witham. Dianne McPeck, Susan Lasley, Nancy Poland, Miss Moore, Evelyn Pinto, Claire McDonald, Geri Dagle, Virginia Ma- druga, Betty Larkin, Margaret Herrick, Peggy Cagney, Jean Maranhas. Fourth row: Marcia Mallette, Mary Durnion, Peggi MacEachern, Ruthie MacDonald, Christine Korkatti, Nancy Wile. Joan Brown, Pat Horne, Deborah Shea, Vivian Shoares, Mary Lamb, Diane Ciarami- taro, Jo Egan, Sara Ann Anderson, Joan Mitchell. First row: Susan Taylor, Maria Nieberle, Mar- cia Town, Susan Gregory, Edna Brown. Second row: Allan Visnick, Ruth MacDonald, Mr. Hersey, Janet Pittsley, Robert Burke. GERMAN CLUB BOYS GLEE CLUB First row: John Perry, Robert Burke, Rosario Milone, Lucien Bouley, Earl Hannibal, Robert Shoares, Jack O ' Brien, Larry Nicolosi. At the piano: Tom Anastas. Second row: Charles He- berle, Allan Visnick, Donald Love, John Amero. ■■-mr t - 4 LATIN CLUB First row: Jean Codinha, Susan Pitkanen, Edith Murphy, Bob Stevens, Anne Domingos, Jane Steele, Stepheny Green. Second row: Carol Luf- kin, Jean Maranhas, Joan Brown, Rosario Milone, Pauline Campbell, Marcia Mallette, Barb Brazier. Third row: Rhoda Ina, Jean Cun- ningham, Peggi French, Cathy Williams, Ro- berta Cronin, Virginia Finn, Pat Barghorn. HONOR BUSINESS CLUB First row: Martha O ' Dea, Carolyn Parsons, Virginia Amero, Connie Ciarmetaro, Joyce Avila, Andrea Pata, Linda Purdy, Carol Viator, Ann Spottiswood. Second row: Gloria Michaud, Nancy Hubbard, Eileen Fuller, Barb Brazier, Joan Hempel, Mary Doyle, Pat Barghorn, Bev- erly Larsen, Daphne Enos, Lois Moore. Third row: Jean Hammond, Carol Azevedo, Pat Horne, Lois Fortado, Judy Benham, Carol Putonen, Nancy Thomas, Gerry Carpenter, Anne Gillis, Janice Staten, Muriel Robinson. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: Susan Taylor, Norma MacLeod, Bob Stevens, Lois Fortado, Nancy Hubbard, Gerry Carpenter. Second row: William Babson, Nancy Coleman, Ann Johnson, Carol Azevedo, Francis Blick, Joan Hempel, Billie Ann Jensen, John Olsen. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB First row: Judy Soule, Karin Babson, Nancy Poland, Sally Brooks, Diane Ciaramitaro. Sec- ond row: Charles Anderson, Paul Fischer, Mary Lamb, Bill Fritzmier, Anthony Wine. NAT’L THESPIAN SOCIETY First row: Milena Modica, Susan Pitkanen, Susan Gregary, Tom Anastas, Bob Shoares, Edith Murphy, Marlene Enos, Larraine Mitch- ell. Second row: Phyllis Russell, Marcia Davis, Joan Mitchell, Joan Brown, Mary Jane Davis, Sandra Thomas, Judy Soule, Jo Egan. Third row: William Fritzmier, Peter Bearse, Lois Fortado, Larry Nicolosi, Charles Heberle, Ken- neth Westlund. ORCHESTRA First row: Robert Burke, Mary Durnion, Nancy Coleman. Sephanie Green, Deborah Gregory, Dean Abbott. Second row: Mr. Puff, William Flygare, Katherine Kippen, Mary Lamb, Carole O ' Maley, Robert Town, Charles Anderson. Third row: Richard Tarr, Allan Visnick, Lu- cien Bouley, John Courant, Dan Strople, Web- ster Olson. SAILING CLUB First row: Franklyn Boardman, Nancy Coleman, Susan Gregory, Stephanie Green, Bob Shoares. Second row: Joan Goldthwaite, Debby Gregory, Marilyn Santapaola, Mary Lamb, Emilie Gruppe, Virginia Madruga. SPANISH CLUB First row: Judy Soule, Lois Fortado, Bob ' Shoares, Ronald Lane, Tom Anastas, John Cou- rant, Roberta Cronin. Second row: Peter Bell, Jo Egan, Sandra Thomas, Jane Whynot, Susan Gregory, Marcia Town, Melina Modica, Charles Heberle. Third row: Nancy Carter, Anne Domingos, Lani McNiff, Vivian Shoares, Mary Jane Davis, Janet Pittsley, Katherine Digby. SERVICE CLUB First row: Polly Campbell, Bootsie Jensen, Barb Brazier, President; Joan Hempel, Secretary- Treasurer; Marlene Enos. Second row: Marcia Davis, Rhoda Ina, Lois Fortado, Joyce Farn- ham, Edith Murphy, Rosario Milone. Third row: Ronald Lane, John Flannagan, Robert Shoares, Peter Bell, Tom Anastas. i STAGE CREW First row: Kenneth Westlund, John Flanna- gan, David Getchell, James Thompson, Presi- dent; Lucien Bouley, Secretary; Anthony Cio- lino, Treasurer; Stephen Dexter. Second row: Edward Abbot, Paul Bergman, William Fly- gare, Robert Town, Kent Davis, Bob Brown, John Carter. Third row: Bernard Sova, John Skillen, John Wonson, Phil Harvey, Dana Pom- met, Bruce Gradwahl, Warren Spurling. STEVENS REVIEWERS First row: Karin Babson, Jerry Parkhurst, Peter Bell, Billie Ann Jensen, Emile Gruppe. Second row: Betty Pallazola, Dominic Libro, Allan Visnick, Thomas Brooks, Peter Bearse, Lani McNiff. STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Jocelyn Hanson, Pauline Campbell, Billie Ann Jensen, Peter Bell, Edna Brown, Tom Anastas. Second row: Joyce Farnham, Jerry Parkhurst, Fran Blick, Bob Stephens, Thomas Brooks, Charles Heberle, Janet Murch, Sally Brooks. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL AUTOMOTIVE SHOP The students in the automotive shop are taught all phases of automobile repair and service work on the " live” automobiles while in the shop. Automotive theory, including tools, and equipment, engine repairs, all types of clutches and transmissions, rear axles, brakes; steering gears and wheel alignment, ignition and carburetion are thoroughly covered in related classes. MACHINE SHOP While in school the pupils learn to service and operate lathes, milling machines, drill presses, various types of grinding machines, and other hand and power tools of the machine trade. In related classes, they learn to plan and lay out the work to be machined in the shop. Properties of various metals, heat treating, hardening and tempering are also studied. With experience, graduates may advance to become toolmakers, diemakers, modelmakers, and foremen. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL CARPENTRY SHOP The students in the carpentry shop are taught the proper use and care of woodworking tools, machines and materials, and the process of construction from cellar to roof. Framing, stair building, inside and outside finish, and some cabinet making are included in the shop work. Related courses include study of small house plans and construction details, estimating and purchase of materials, as many of the carpentry graduates will eventually operate small contracting businesses. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL p ELECTRICAL SHOP This course provides a sound training in the fundamentals of electrical theory and practice. Pupils study many types of electric circuits, magnetism, and induc- tion; methods of making electrical measurements, direct current, and alternating current motors and generators, e lementary electronics, and the standards of the National Electric Code. Work in the shop includes the various methods of house and industrial wiring, signal and telephone work, testing, repairing and rewinding of motors and generators, and the installation and servicing of various types of appliances. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL SHEET METAL SHOP School shop work in the sheet metal shop includes the use of all basic tools and machines of the trade, soldering and electric and acetylene welding. Empha- sis is given to the layout and pattern drafting. Methods necessary to cut and fabricate all types of fittings, as an understanding of layout is essential to the success of a sheet metal mechanic. The work is interesting and the pay is excellent for those who qualify in the sheet metal trade. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL PRINT SHOP The course in printing includes all types of hand composition, platen press and automatic cylinder press operation, cutting of stock and bindery operations. Various kinds of machine composition are also used in some of the work. Stu- dents are taught design and layout printers’ arithmetic, including the point system of measure, and a study of paper, inks, and color printing is included. A high degree of mechanical aptitude is required as well as a good basic knowl- edge of English. Special courses in Printers’ Trade English are conducted for boys in this trade. The requirements and the standards of the work are exacting, but the working condition in the trade is good. Boys who successfully complete the course may expect to be placed in the industry as the work is not localized or seasonal. MILITARY STAFF First row Carolyn Marshall. Deborah Shea, Judy Woodman, Sergeant; Miriam Pistenma, Sergeant; Joan Hempel, M Sergeant; Townley Gammage, Lt. Commander; Norma Harris, Sergeant; Shirley Reed. Sergeant; Roberta Cronin, Pat Horne, Pat Stone. Second row: Gloria Bouchie, Janet Murch, Mary Fraga. Maureen Daley, Mary Patten, Paulette Cutler, Jocie Hanson, Judy Benham, Janice Station Judy Soule, Jane Tarr, Carol Lufkin. Third row: Diane Ciaramentaro, Gail Whynott, Geraldine Babson, Christine Korkatti, Mary Faye Souza, Anne Domingoes, Marcia Collins, Frances Blick Hannah Curtis, Pat Dennen, Rosie Schrafft, Michele Smith. Fourth row: Mary McDonals, Diane Smith, Barb Brazier. Peggi Cagney, Susan Wakely, Marcia Brown, Peggi MacEachern, Jo Egan Carol Cardos, Donna Parsons. Fifth row: Judy Ryan, Gail Hannibal, Nancy Griffin, Polly Campbell Maine Me Niff Judy Brown, Sandra Burgess, Natalie Balzarini, Jean Perry, Judy Greely, Gerry Parkhurst. M Sgt. Douglas S. Russell, Major William T. Call, Jr., M Sgt. Joseph Barbosa. GIRLS DRILL TEAM 94 R.O.T.C. DOINGS R.O.T.C. OFFICERS First row: W. Piranio, D. William, G. Frontiero, G. Greely, L. Woodman, R. Shoares, D. Elliot, J. Latassa, T. Anastas, S. Nicasttro, A. Nicastro, C. Piscatello. Second row: M Sgt. J. Barbosa, C. Gale, R. Whitmarsh, D. Abbot, W. Flygare, V. Asaro, J. Novello, A. Tamarindo, J. Sutera, F. Powers, A. Bertolino, H. Garner, B. Arthin, E. Blatchford, R. Puff, Director. Third row: J. Amero, E. Silva, A. Mineo, K. Gouin, N. Dagle, K. Nickerson, R. Town, M. Linquata, E. Silva, M. Latoff, P. Shea, H. Lodge. Fourth row: F. Cirmintar, D. Strople, G. Munroe, R. Tarr, R. Goulart, J. Mul- cahey, J. Courant, W. Fritzmier, W. Olson, W. Huff, M. Ritondo, S. Cirmintari. Fifth row: P. Dexter, A. Brown, G. McClean, E. Perkins, L. Putonen, L. Bouley, J. Mowey, H. Reed, G. Hastings, R. Selig, C. Morris. First row: Harry Aptt, Richard MacDonald, Larry Harding, Larry Davis, Paul Niemi, Richard Gerring, David Watson. Second row: Thomas MacDonald, Cosmo Pallazola, Martin Morrisy, John Latassa, Donald Elliot, Ronald Lane, John Lowe, Philip Marr. Third row: Robert Bouchie, John Connors, Jon Hagstrom, Russell Feener, Fred Thompson, Robert Shoares, Kenneth Wikstrom. Absent: Clifford McLellan. R.O.T.C. BAND 95 R.O.T.C. DOINGS GIRLS RIFLE TEAM First row: Eugene DeMayo, John Calder, Russell Feener, Kenneth Wikstrom, Norman Swanson. Second row: M Sgt. Douglas Russell. Edward Arajo, Andrew Larkin, Norman Morris, Charles Thomas, Barry Jones, Richard Beeman, Frank Amero. First row ' : Deborah Shea, Judy Hanson, Nancy Poland, Nancy Hastings, Beverly Dodge, Karin Babson, Dianne Smith. Second row: Dian McPeck, Rudina Johnson, Beverly Jones, Annette Cartoni, Sandra Mitchell, Diane Griffin, Sheila Day, Sandra Thomas, Andrea Ranla. BOYS RIFLE TEAM 96 R.O.T.C. CANDIDS v t ■ v S - m ff L3 ■ «u . % I B V • W 1 if 1 ■ i 1 . ■ • « | ft 1 ■ ' Sm ' r ' .fc i 1 il " M «Kf VkII y bd b Hr A i I 1 " % | L 1 VJ | rtp " ,: i ft 1 K| OUR CHAMPIONS 100 Second Place in the Essex County Division of the North Shore League. GLOUCESTER vs. Larry Harding and Pete Hickey started the night off with a good start by getting two touchdowns in the first quarter. The team, still determined to get a higher score, went all the way when Jack Radcliff and Boots Parsons shared the glory, each scoring six points. With the aid of quarterback Jon Hagstrom and some good defensive blocking by co-captain Paul Niemi, Pete Hickey added another six points to Gloucester’s score. The golden toe of A1 Lopes converted four out of five attempts making the final score 34 to 6. LYNN CLASSICAL September 22, 1956, was the day the 1955-56 Class " B " Champs began their second straight undefeated season. The Fishermen went all out to win their first game under the leadership of co-captains Larry Harding and Paul Niemi. Pete Hickey, one of the H-bombs of G.H.S., went right to work and scored the first touchdown of the 1956 season. Not far behind him was Jack Radcliff with the second touchdown of the game. A1 Lopes converted on two attempts making the final score Gloucester 14 and Lynn Classical O. The Fishermen were well on their way to another championship. GLOUCESTER vs. NEWBURYPORT The G.H.S. Fishermen chalked up their third consecutive win by defeating Salem. Salem held the Fishermen scoreless with a tremendous defense for the better part of three periods. Late in the third period, Jon Hagstrom snared a pass from Pete Hickey and trotted into the end tone for the first touchdown. The other two touchdowns came in the fourth period with Boots Parsons carrying for one, and passing to Gerry Greeley for the other. A1 Lopes split the uprights two out of three times for two PAT. GLOUCESTER vs. MARBLEHEAD 25 6 Powerhouse Pete Hickey tallied no less than three times in this game. Wingback Larry Harding tallied once, and AI Lopes booted one extra point. Defensive Jack Babson, Pete Eldridge, Paul Niemi, and Kiki Adams showed the " Headers” no mercy with their blocking and tackling. GLOUCESTER vs. BEVERLY 26 7 vs. SALEM 0 The quick thinking of Boots Parsons was admired by the fans as he pounded down the field to score the first two TD’s of the game. Then Larry Harding ran nineteen yards to score another TD with Jack Radcliff not far behind with still another touchdown. These touchdowns wouldn’t have been possible without the aid of Bob Curcuru, Jon Hagstrom and Paul Niemi. GLOUCESTER 20 GLOUCESTER vs. PEABODY 28 6 Sparked by a twenty-one point first quarter, the Fishermen easily won this game. Larry Harding went 43 yards for the first TD. Pete Hickey accounted for the second, and Boots Parsons scored the third. Hickey scored again in the third quarter with the help of some good blocks by Hagstrom, Niemi, and Adams. A1 Lopes scored four out of four. GLOUCESTER vs. SAUGUS 20 7 The seventh straight victory for the Fishermen ! In the middle of the first period Pete Hickey scored on an end sweep. Larry Harding ran 20 yards in the opening minutes of the third quarter for the second TD. In the fourth quarter, Hickey scored again. Lopes booted two out of three successfully. GLOUCESTER vs. MELROSE 33 6 Parsons was the standout in this tilt, slamming over from six and seven yards out for a big twelve points. The first TD is accredited to Pete Hickey. Harding and Radcliff each added six points. The educated toe of A1 Lopes was good for three points. Drawing everyone’s attention on defense were Buddy Walsh, Rob Morrisey, Cosmo Palazolla and Billy Davis. GLOUCESTER vs. WAKEFIELD 46 12 Boys like Larry Harding and Pete Hickey are names that won’t be forgotten by the Gloucester folks. Both .boys scored two TD’s, running through an exceptionally strong line. Boots Parsons, Bob Andersen, and Jack Radcliff each scored a touchdown. A1 Lopes scored four extra points with his golden toe. GLOUCESTER IS THE CLASS " B” CHAMPS, BUT CLASS " A” IN OUR HEARTS. BASKETBALL The G.H.S. basketball team ended it s season with a 4 wins and 12 losses record. This record does not reveal the tremendous spirit and effort which the Cahillmen displayed throughout the season, even though their team-play left something to be desired. The boys were hurt by the lack of height, but put up quite a struggle for their opponents. With their co-captains Larry Harding and " Arizona” Linquata leading the attack, Dick Wilson, Pete Ryan, Pete Hickey and George Patience represented the school well. The hoop future for G.H.S. looks bright with many promising players on the J-V and Freshman teams. The scores of the varsity squad for the 1956-57 season were as follows: Glou 35 Beverly 30 Lawrence 59 Glou 42 Salem 71 Glou 42 Lynn English 61 Glou 44 Haverhill 70 Glou 51 Glou 38 Saugus 34 Lynn Classical 48 Glou 40 Lawrence 69 Glou 60 Salem 54 Glou 41 Beverly 56 Glou 45 Lynn English 77 Glou 33 Haverhill 65 Glou 63 Saugus 57 Glou 51 Peabody 68 Glou 46 Glou .. . 57 Lynn English 50 Glou 74 Peabody 46 HOCKEY The 1957 hockey team, under the reins of the newly-elected coach, Jack Canniff, battled its way to second place in the North Shore League. The Gerring-Andersen sextet was somewhat weakened at the opening of the season due to the absence of several key men who were participating in the post-season football game in Miami. With the return of Andersen, Smith, Babson, etc., the team surprised many experts by a streak of victories; the climax which was a smashing 3-1 win over highly-touted Winchester. The high scoring line of Dick Gerring, Dicky Rust, Bob Andersen, backed up by the defensive stalwarts of Skip Ross and Lenny Woodman were a constant threat to their opponents’ cage. The sparkling goal-tending of Pete Burns in the nets was a big factor in the puck- sters’ eyeward battle to second place. Many times an opponent would sail in alone on the Gloucester net, only to be thwarted by the sensational work of Pete Burns. Through the season the club was sparked by the plays of Don Ross, Ed Sawyer, Eddie Silva and Clint Kerr. Russ Smith, a burly defenseman, thrilled the fans with many hard body checks and was termed by many as the most improved player on the squad. Another highlight of the season was the talent shown by James " Barney” Kerr when he scored two goals in 21 seconds of play. With a record of ten wins, four losses and one tie, the hockey squad was included in the North Shore play-offs. Facing a tough Swampscott squad, the Canniffmen were eliminated by the score of 4-2. The game was a hard-fought contest and the outcome was undecided until the final play of the game. With this thrilling climax to a successful season, the hockey team can deservingly receive many plaudits for a job well done. GIRLS SPORTS Girls interested in athletic competition find that the program available in the Physical Education Department of Gloucester High School is a varied one. The livelier sports include soccer, field hockey, volley ball, and basketball. In all the previously mentioned sports, the object of the game is to score as many points as possible for the player’s respective team, and to prevent the opposing team from accumulating points. Among these sports, basketball and field hockey are the most popular of the girls. Field hockey begins in the early part of September and continues until the weather becomes too cold for outdoor participation. This sport is played on the Girls’ hockey field and proves very interesting to those who watch, as well as to those who participate. In this game, knee and chest guards are worn to protect the girls from getting injured with the hockey sticks and wild balls. When field hockey is impossible because of weather conditions, basketball takes the limelight. Basketball is played during the girls’ regular Physical Education period as well as after school. The girls find it a very entertaining sport and hope to enter into competition with other schools in the near future. In February, the girls begin practicing for the annual gym exhibition. To participate in this, they must practice to perfection because all the sports played during the year are demonstrated. On the other hand, students who enjoy less strenuous sports anxiously await the winter season when rhythmic exercises, square dancing and ballroom dancing are taught and practiced. The dance instructions are a big help for freshmen and sophomores in preparation for the officers’ parties and informal dances. Golf, badminton, softball and tennis are other sports that play an important part in the sports round-up for girls. The entire program for girls is supervised by Miss Shirlye Dana, instructor. 06 SPORT SHOTS BP ■ | ■ fe " i . ■ i|I» iwr ill SB 1 7 Ji jjSii tr 1957 FLICKER COMMITTEES EDITORIAL BOARD Roberta Cronin; Edna Brown and Norma Harris, Co-editors: Ann Domingos and Rosie Randazza. SUPERLATIVES First row: Polly Campbell, Rhoda Ina, Paulette Cutler. Second row: Roberta Cronin, Ann Domingos, Judy White- head, Dorothy Butman, Nancy Thomas, Margaret Randazza, Sally McCarthy, Joan Hempel, Mimi Pistenma. Third row: Barb Boutchie, Pat Barghorn, Joanne Bickerton, Barb New- man. Gloria Fuchs, Maureen Daley, Mary Doyle, Janet Pittsley. LITERARY I nt Tom Anastas, Fran Blick, Bob Stephens. Back: Boots le Jensen, Sue Gregory. 108 CLASS ROLL First row: Pauline Campbell, Maureen Daley, Mimi Pistin- ma. Second row: Pat Barghorn, Roberta Cronin, Paulette Cutler, Lois Fortado, Judy Brown, Jean Riberio, Ann Do- mingos, Natalie Balzarini, Mary Doyle. CALENDAR Front: Lois Fortado, Norma McLeod, Rosie Randazza, Chair- man; Min Pistenma. Back: Marlene Enos, Nancy Thomas, Jean Riberio, Edith Murphy. 1957 FLICKER COMMITTEES TYPING First row: Rhoda Ina, Nancy Thomas, Joan Hempel, Lois Fortado, Andrea Pata. Second row: Mary Doyle, Beverly Larsen, Pat Barghorn, Joyce Avila. PROPHECY First row: Edith Murphy, Sheila Day, Marlene Enos. Second row: Gloria Fuchs, Joanne Bickerton, Nancy Thomas, Dot Butman, Jan Pittsley, Rhoda Ina. ADVERTISING First row: Paulette Cutler, Joan Hempel. Second row: Judy Greely, Judy Whitehead, Barbara Newman, Sara Graham. ART First row: Earl Hannibal, Sally McCarthy. Standing: Rosario Milone, Rosie Randazza. SPORTS First row: Edith Murphy, Leonard Woodman. Standing: Dick MacDonald, Ann Johnson. R.O.T.C. Leonard Woodman, Dick MacDonald. PHOTOGRAPHY Norma MacLeod and Jocie Hanson 109 IN MEMORIAM IN MEMORY OF SHEILA DOYLE " It’s lonesome here without you and sad the weary way. For life is not the same to us Since you went away. Time has changed in many ways, But one thing changes never; The memory of those happy days When we were all together.” " De mortuis nil nisi bonum.” ( Of the dead be nothing said but what is good.) 110 “Hie FUCKER rvn V- □UR SPONSORS BWH CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS May Your Future Be Briqht WILLIAM G. BROWN COMPANY Gloucester Serving Cape Ann Since 1885 Compliments of HAROLD N. PIKE QUINCY MARKET COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSE COMPANY Gloucester, Mass. GLOUCESTER DIVISION GLOUCESTER CO-OPERATIVE BANK Assets Over $9,000,000 SAVE BEFORE YOU SPEND, With Regular Savings Deposits, Paid-Up Shares, Serial Shares with systematic monthly payments. Liberal Dividends. All accounts insured in full under Massachusetts law. Mortgage money available for loans on Residential Real Estate. Member Federal Home Loan Bank, United States Savings and Loan League. On Historic Middle Street, No. 85 Tel. 1028, Gloucester CAPTAIN ' S TABLE Essex, Mass. Open Year Round GOVE ' S GULF STATION Gas and Oil Telephone 2607 When Better Automobiles Are Built BUICK Will Build Them WHITEHEAD BUICK, INC 132 WASHINGTON STREET Best Wishes to Class of 1957 CUNNINGHAM PAINT COMPANY 55 Main Street PAINTERS AND DECORATORS Compliments of FAULK BROS., INC. For Delicious Hot Pizza Fried Clams — F. F. Call 5242 or Drop in to RALPH ' S LUNCH SODA BAR at 195 East Main St. in East Gloucester Square RALPH J. MILINER Class of ' 53 Compliments of BURNHAM THOMAS O ' CONNELL ' S VARIETY STORE Fountain Service YACHT YARD 89 Washington Street GLOUCESTER, MASS. Compliments of ESSEX SEA GRILL LAINE ' S, INC. Sportswear 209 Main Street Essex, Mass. Elaine L. Isenberg Compliments of BARGAIN SPOT SHOE STORE AUNE ' S YARN SHOP Telephone 4687 76 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. 209 Main Street Gloucester THE YARN TWEED SHOP Imported and Domestic Tweeds by the Yard Matching Yarns Skirts Sweaters ROCKPORT, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of ROLAND ' S for FLOWERS Compliments of THE Compliments of MISS ELAINE HAIR STYLIST GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES 10 Main Street Rockport Compliments of PROGRESSIVE Compliments of ESSEX LOBSTER HOUSE FISH WHARF Compliments of CEIL ' S SHOP East Gloucester LOU ' S CLEANERS Cleaning and Pressing 55 Prospect Street Tel . 4312 Compliments of RAILROAD AVENUE MARKET 273 East Main Street R. V. SMITH, JR. Commercial Signs — Outdoor Advertising Truck Lettering 236 Main Street Gloucester, Massachusetts OTIS COOK Paintings GRACE COOK Enameled Jewelry — Gifts Bearskin Neck, Rockport Compliments of SUE - JANE FOOD STORE Rockport, Massachusetts Compliments of CURCURU BROTHERS Compliments of O ' DONNELL - USEN FISHERIES CORP. T. COONEY SONS, INC. Electrical Contractors Industrial — Commercial Residential 37 Rogers Street Gloucester, Massachusetts YELLOW CAB Phone 103 GLOUCESTER Compliments of LUFKINS GLOUCESTER SUPPLY COMPANY Call 18 122 MAIN STREET COMPLIMENTS OF RO-ANN ANADAMA BREADS AND ROLLS BLACKSMITH SHOP PASTRIES, INC. 22 Washington St. Tel. 6261 Dressmaking and Tailoring Gowns Made to Order Bridal Gowns a Specialty E. H. BICKFORD, INC. NORMAN OFFICE SUPPLY 20 Maplewood Avenue Fruit and Produce Everything for an Office 15 Washington St. Compliments of J. RAYMOND SMITH CO. Lumber and Building Materials Compliments of MARTY ' S 17 Railroad Ave. Rockport CLOVER FARM STORE Compliments of DEMARCO ' S CLEANSERS Compliments of D. O. FROST COMPANY AND DYERS 103 Washington Street 33 Maplewood Ave. Gloucester " Radio for Holmes for Your Homes Your Radios " HALL ' S RADIO 30 Washington St. Gloucester, Mass. " We Sell More Batteries Than Anybody " W. H. Holmes, Prop. Phone: 779 List Your Property With Us DON PRATT REAL ESTATE " There ' s No Place Like Home — When It ' s Yours " We Buy and Sell 137 Rogers St. Tel. Gloucester 4163 Compliments of Compliments of CURTIS TURNER CORP. A FRIEND 447 Main St. Gloucester, Mass. Manufacturers of Blue Seal Paints SHIP AHOY RESTAURANT On the Causeway Closed Mondays Telephone 313 ESSEX, MASSACHUSETTS RCA Victor Television Radios Sales and Service MILLS RADIO SHOP 6 Railroad Avenue Rockport Tel. Ki. 6-21 II Compliments of NORTH SHORE AUTOMOTIVE CO. 295 Main Street Compliments of REED ' S GARAGE Herb Reed Proprietor Compliments of FOSTER ' S ESSO STATION E. R. LORD 1-3 Martin Street Groceries — Fruits Vegetables and Quality Meats Tel. 73 Essex E. A. GREEL, INC. Cleaners and Launderers Telephone 2272 64 Main Street Compliments of BROAD ' S SUNDIAL SHOE STORE Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of ROCKPORT MARKET Dock Square Quality and Service Free Delivery HATFIELD ' S COLOR SHOP Art Supplies Dock Square Rockport LOUIS POSNER MARINE RADIO EQUIPMENT, INC. Complete Line of Marine Radio Equipment 10 Rogers St. — Gloucester 263 Northern Ave. — Boston Compliments of MALEN ' S SERVICE STATION Compliments of ERNIE ' S MARKET 67 Broadway Rockport Compliments of WOODRUFF SERVICE STATION Compliments of EDDIE DONOVAN ' S LOBSTER POOL Bearskin Neck Rockport Compliments of JULIAN BROS. Franchised National Homes Dealer Compliments of APPT ICE AND OIL Range and Fuel Oil 1 38 Prospect St. Tel. 218-W or 218-R KETCHOPULOS MARKET 19 Broadway Rockport Cho ice Meats Fancy Groceries Tel. 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Phone: Roger 8-7722 New England ' s Foremost PHOTOGRAPHERS AND LIMNERS PURDY 367 Boylston Street Boston, Massachusetts OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPER CLASS OF 1957 MIGHTY-MAC Cape Ann Manufacturing Company Protective Outerwear of Fine Quality Since 1904 OUR SPONSORS Dr. George C. Barron Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Hempel Dr. George H. Taylor Dr. Willard A. Coy Dr. Edmund A. Lodge Dr. Ralph E. Cunningham Dr. Davis J. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. John W. Black, Jr. Mrs. M. Ina Dr. John S. Gale Dr. Lawrence Ross Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Elliott H. Parsons Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Powers Mr. and Mrs. James McCarthy J. Wain Baker, D.M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fuchs Dr. and Mrs. William Warren Babson Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Lundberg G.H.S. CLUBS THE STUDENT COUNCIL THE HONOR BUSINESS CLUB THE LATIN CLUB THE STAGE CREW THE PSYCHOLOGY CLUB THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY THE FRENCH CLUB

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