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w I l p i M ' M|lf CHS 1956 ’ • y+r ' .-J ' . ' L- SL- " .J t- ' i • ' : x- 4rs . Tfc . - r 4 THE 1956 FLICKER CONTENTS Dedication Administration and Faculty Class Roll Features Activities Vocational R.O.T.C. Sports Finale Advertisements DEDICATION The dedication to the first Flicker ever published accompanied the above picture and con- cluded in the following manner: “And so, it is with deepest appreciation and gratitude for the debt we can never repay, that we, the class of nineteen hundred and twenty-three, dedicate our annual to our enthusiastic co-worker, our beloved English teacher, and our sincere friend, Miss Hortense L. Harris.” Although more than three decades have passed since these words were written, they are as meaningful now as they were then; for Miss Harris has continued through the years to give tirelessly of herself, helping to mold two generations of fine citizens. Each individual who has come under the influence of her guiding hand is a fitting tribute to her success. As the last class to graduate before her approaching retirement, we are privileged to bestow, an ad- ditional tribute, our yearbook. Miss Harris — we, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-six, salute you! Administration VYER FREE LIBRARY LOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 To Members of the Graduating Class of 1956: This class and graduation has a personal significance to me. We have been Fresh- men. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors together, you as students, myself as Superin- tendent. In many ways the class of 1956 is my class. It is my sincere hope that you. in the various programs and activities you have pursued, have gained in maturity and knowledge. Seek balance in your lives and he earnest in your purposes. We are living in a world whose horizons are continually being raised by men and women such as you. Be alive to the times and the needs of the times. Sincerely, L. MUNRO GRANDY Superintendent of Schools To the Members of the Class of 1956: Four years seems long when you look ahead, but very short when you look back. As you reflect upon your years in Gloucester High School you suddenly realize how much these years have done for you. You entered the doors as children. You are leaving as young men and women. Your high school experiences can be very valuable to you in the future. How valuable depends on you. Congratulations and best wishes. J. STANLEY THOMPSON Assistant to the Superintendent To the Members of the Class of 1956: For four years you have wrought to create your part of the tradition we call Gloucester High School. Your contribution has taken its place beside all the contributions of all the classes which have gone ahead of you. The sum total is the essence of our wonderful educational labo- ratory. You have made many friends among us; we wish you the best of good luck and remind you that we are here to help you if the need arises. ARTHUR N. SMITH Principal To the Graduating Class of 1956: A grain of beach sand with facets reflecting its individuality among other grains are as you: entities being launched upon the sea of humanity where reflected, will be your skills, knowledge, and ambitions that are yours to insure a safe journey for a happy and satisfying worthwhile existence. Be not wrecked upon the shores of disillusionment, ineptitude, jealousy, but remain on your course till you reach port. Remember, the wind and tide is on the side of the best navigator. Bon Voyage! Sincerely, HAROLD B. GEARY Director, V ocational School We of the faculty and administration most sincerely hope that you have become people to whom the challenge of self-responsibility is welcome and to whom the new experience of adulthood is natural and becoming. In so working you have given shape to yourselves; you are formed by what you do rather than by what you receive. To the Class of 1956: Now you are entering that stage of your life called “manhood” or “womanhood.” Your experiences in high school have prepared you to make this important transitory step. No single subject, no one activity, no association was offered to you as an end in itself, but rather as a means to the ultimate end — that of developing youth into men and women to live in and to main a free society. John Stuart Mill, speaking on the training of men, said. “Men are men before they are lawyers or physicians or manufacturers or laborers; and if you make them capable and sensible men, they will make themselves capable and sensible lawyers and physicians and business men.” You who are on the threshold of manhood or womanhood, achieve that end and your life will be both happy and fruitful. WINSLOW S. PARKHURST, Vice Principal MRS. DORIS B. BAER GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL TEACHING STAFF MISS SHIRLYE M. DANA MR. MARTIN W. DONOVAN MR. AARNE A MR. ANTHONY N. DEBIASE MR. FREDERICK FLATTERY M SGT. JOSEPH BARBOSA MR. G. ALLYN BROWNE MR. WILLIAM J. CAHILL MISS D. JEAN BRIGHAM MR. JOHN F. BUDROW MAJOR WM. T. CALL. JR. MR. JOHN C. CARTER MR. HOWARD A. CURTIS MR. ROBERT W. CARD MISS BEATRICE CHRIST0PHERS0N( 7 J : f " N V 6 MISS MILDRED K. FROSTHOLM MISS ROSALYNDE HAMMONS MR. THEODORE . MERSEY MR. ALFRED U. HAGSTROM MISS HORTENSE L. HARRIS MRS. CLAIRE M. HOLMES MR. ROBERT KARCHER MR. ROY H. LANE MR. DALLAS A. JESTES MRS. ELIZABETH H. LAMB MR. GERALD R. LEVER MISS DOROTHY A. LONDERGON MISS FRANCES H. McGREV MR. CASPAR J. LEWIS. JR. MISS GRACE E. McGINLEY MISS HELEN W. MORTON MISS MARY J. NUGENT MISS M. EVELYN OLIVER MR. PAUL A. NICKAS MR. H. AUGUSTUS NUNES. JR. MISS CLA UDMJT;RRY MR. ROBERT E. PUFF MR. IRVING ROBBINS MR. GEORGE PERRY MR. NATHANIEL J. RESNICK M SGT. DOUGLAS RUSSELL MR. LAWRENCE STEEDMAN. JR. M SGT. JOEL F. SURRELL MR. PATRICK A. SOCCORSO MR. KENNETH E. STICKNEY MISS GLADYS B. TARR MR. JOHN W. TIVNAN MR. ALGE J. VAITONES MISS CHARLOTTE TAYLOR MR. FRED H. TWOMEY MR. RAYMOND C. WHITE CLASS ADVISORS MISS CLAIRE J. WALSH MR. WILLIAM A. ROBINSON SECRETARIAL STAFF MISS OLIVE G. HODGKINS MISS CATHERINE McEACHERN MISS AVIS R. MURRAY ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY MISS MARY S. BTJRKE MR. ALFRED J. CHISHOLM MR. WILLIAM F. GREELY MR. NORMAN C. ROSS MISS GRACE E. STANTON CLASS 19 £3 1956 UCn CLASS OFFICERS DAVID PHILLIPS ARNOLD “Dave,” “Eefodrome” 1 South St..- Rkpt. Characteristic Interests: Girls, Sports, Cars, Dancing. Activities: Class President 4, Vice President 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; SFC 3: Mai. Adj. 4: Basketball 1. 2; Football 4; Baseball 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4: French Club 2: Student Council 3, 4; Junior Rotarian 4. Honors: Charles B. Corliss Medal 2, Haskell Junior Medal 3. Ambition: To graduate from college and be a credit to my family. But chiefly, the mould of a man’s fortune is in his own hands. SHEILA MONICA RYAN 4 Woodman St. f.hararteristic Interests: Friendship; Little Rascals; Unchained; Dem Parties !!: Campin’ Out!!; 15 10; B E’s; P.J.P.’s; (.herring. Activities: Class Secretary 4; National Honor Society Librarian 4; Spanish Club 2. 3, President 4; Student Council 1. Vic President 1; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Calendar Committee, Chairman 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4. Honors: Sawyer Medal 2; pani ' h Book Prize 2. Ambition : To find the missing link; a new step every day on the stairway to paradise. He profits most who serves best. SALLY ANN HODGE “Sal” Mt. Pleasant Ave. Characteristic Interests: Steve; Friendship; Dem Parties; Camping Out; Sobbin’ Windows; Sailing. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Riding Club 2; Library Assistant; Rifle Team 2. 3, 4; Office Assistant 3; Flicker Committees, Class Roll, Advertising, Photographer; Senior Class Vice President. Ambition: To build a new step a day on the stairway to paradise; To find that certain cloud which holds my dreams of happiness. It’s nice to be natural if you’re naturally nice. HELEN LYN SCHWARTZ “Schwartzie” 9 Summit Ave., Rkpt. Characteristic Interests: Friendship!; Dem Parties; Campin’ Out; Sobbin’ Windows; Table Four; Jumbo. Activities : Senior Class Treasurer; French Club 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Flash 2; Sailing Club 1, 2, 3; Class Calendar 4; Flicker Advertising Committee 4; Senior Dance Committee; Intramural Sports 1, 2; Girls’ Club 3. Ambition : A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise; To get my R. N. Hold thy lighted lamp on high, Be a star in someone’s sky. JOHN AHONEN 13 Morgan Ave. Characteristic Interests: Foot- ball; Baseball; Swimming. Activities : Basketball 3, 4. Ambition: To be a policeman. Youth is full of Sport. PAUL B. ALPER 369 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: West Gloucester; Photography. Activities: Beacon Photog- rapher 1, 2, 3. 4; Chess Club 1, 2; Flash Photographer 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 3; Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Teacher ' s Assistant 4; Flicker Photography Editor 4. Ambi- tion: I o make my parents proud of me. I agree with no man’s opin- ions. I have some of my own. M. JUDITH AMERO “Judy, " “Jude,” “Goog” 2 Mt. Vernon St. Characteristic Interests: Friendship; Dem Parties; Etymology. Activities: Flash 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin 1, 2; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Beacon 2, 4; Sailing Club 1; FLICKER; Senior Dance Committee; Girls ' Club. Honors: Type Award. Ambition: To always he able to live with myself, hut not by myself. The word for me is joy. JON B. ANDERSON “Lefty” Old Salem Road Characteristic Interests: Boat Racing; Swimming; 16 Pop- lar St. Activities: Football 1; Track 1; Hockey 1; Rifle Team 1, 2, 3. 4. Honors: Sophomore Markmanship Award. Ambition: To see the U. S. with D. S.; to take the Humming Bird to Florida. Independent as the Sun. ROBERT ANDERSON “Andy” 70 High St., Rockport Characteristic Interests: Cars; Sports; Swimming. Ambition : To make money. Rather quiet , but full of fun. ROSEMARY ANN ALIDITORE “Ro,” " Rosie” 10 Gould Ct. Characteristic Interests: The Gang (We Five); Lin; All Those Crazy Nights; Ask Jan. Activities : Teacher ' s Assist- ant 3, 4; Girls’ Club 2; Chess Club 4. Ambition : To see the world. IT hose life is a bubble. JOHN EDWARD ANDERSON " Jack” 62 Eastern Ave. Characteristic Interests: Dib- hie Dabbers. Activities: Foot- ball 1, 2. Ambition: Not known to anyone hut me. Courage and presense of mind procure success. WILLIAM BAKER “Barker Bill,” “Willy " 32 Mt. Vernon St. Characteristic Interests: My Old 39; Hunting; Fishing. Activities: Football 1, 3; Bas- ketball 1, 3, 4; Voc. Club 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Cpl. 2; Sgt. 3; Officer 4. Ambition: Become a rear ad- miral in the Navy before I finish boot camp. Every age has its pleasure, its wit, and its own ways. STEPHEN 1 01 IS 1? Kl SSO " Ste e” ndrews St. Characteristii Interests: Sall ; Oars; Skating: Football. Ac- tiritic : Football 1. 2: Hockey 4: ocational Club. Ambi- tion: I ' o always live a happy life. Broad his shoulders anil strong. ALICE JEANNETTE RLATCHFORD “Al,” “Butch.” “Chick” Mt. Ann Rd. Characteristic Interests: Sports. Activities: Teacher’s Secretary 3. 4: .Service Club. Ambition : To join the Waves and see the world with G.M., B.R. and J.J.; To make Mom and Dad proud of me. Of spirit so still and quiet. JOHN E. BORGE “Jack,” “Willy” 45 Harrison Ave. Characteristic Interests: Mu- sic; L. E.’s Band; Sports. Activities: Track 1. 2, 3, 4; Football 3; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Tennis 4. Ambition : To go to college and make enough to become a summer board by the time I’m thirty- five. A little nonsense now and then — JUDITH ANN BOUCHIE “Judy,” “Bush” 17 Riverside Ave. Characteristic In t e r e s t s : “Globetrotters”; My nerves; “My secret pal”; Those bus rides to the football games; Those long letters from Fort Dix; Cher-Ami’s. Ambition: To live, laugh, love, and be happy; To see C. Barnes graduate; To have Dad agree with me just once. She was made for happy thoughts. JOHN BOYLE “Johnny,” “Mr. B.” 461 Western Ave. Characteristic Interests: Sports; Basketball; Dates; Art; Journalism; Having a good time!; “Y”; Listening to Chas do his imitations; Parties. Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Track 2, 4; Baseball 1; Art Club Treasurer; Flash 1. 2, 3, 4; Beacon 1, 2. 3. 4; Flicker. Ambition: To live a long, happy life and succe ed at all I attempt to do; To see J. Anonen K. 0. Rocky Mar- ciano. His ability and ambition make him a friend of all. BETTY JANE BRENNAN “Bet " 6 Oak St. Characteristic In t e r e s t s : Friendship!!: Deni Parlies: MAGNOLIA!!; Camping Out: By the Sea. Activities: Spanish Club 2. 3: Honor Business Club 2. 3. 4. Vice President 4; Girls’ Club 2: Teacher’s Secretary 4. Assist- ant Secretary 3: Senior Dance Committee. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to paradise. It matters not how long ue live but how. CAROL E. BROOKS “Brooksie. " “Beak” 1 Forest St. Characteristic In t e r e s t s : “Those Parties;” “Globetrot- ters.” Activities: Service Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Officer Assistant; Rifle Team 1; Lunch Counter Assistant 1 : Teacher’s Secre- tary 3. 4; Senior Dance Com- mittee. Honors: Shorthand I Award. Ambition: To find that certain someone; To make Mom proud of me. A pale, pale lace so sweet and meeh CAROL JEAN BROWN “Brownie” 908a Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Art; Sports; Music; “THE KIDS.” Activities: Library Assistant 3; Girls’ Club. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I at- tempt : To make my father and mother proud of i el Thou are silent mjubSedatei ■- JANICE I). BROWN “Jan” Wood Drive, Essex Characteristic Interests: Swimming; Miniature golf; Germany; Skating parties. Ac- tivities: reacher’s Secretary; lennis; Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Ambition: To be suc- cessful in whatever I attempt to do. Her ways are ways of pleas- antness. MARILYN I. BRUNI 5 Acacia SI. Characteristic Interests: Danc- ing; All Hallows Eve 1954. Activities : Beacon. Junior Editor 3, Literary Editor 4; Flash 1. 2; Girls’ Club 1, 2. 3; Junior Volunteer 2; Home- room Rep. 2; German Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Bad- minton 1; Beacon Collector 1. 3. 4; Flicker Literary Edit- or 4; Senior Dance Commit- tee. Ambition : To discover the panacea in a gondola in Ven- ice with Carla in 1960. Kind words are the music of the world. BARBARA ANN BRUNS “Barb. " “Brunsie” 1 Tregony Bow. Rockport Characteristic Interests: Erf?ndshiuu (Defn Parties. Ac- Fliqkvr Advertising Girls’ J2i 1 . 2 , A Jun- issfu DAVID BURNHAM " Dave” Story St., Essex Characteristic Interests: Hot Rods; Vets. Ambition: To have a job where I won ' t have to go to work ' til twelve, have an hour off for lunch, and get through at one. little labour , little are our gains. NANCY JANE CALLAHAN “Nance,” “Kel” 47 Hartz St. Characteristic Interests: Friendship; By the Sea; “Ain’t It a Shame.” Activi- ties: Sailing Club 1, 2, 3; Service Club 1, 2, 3; Flicker Collector 1 ; Beacon Collector 2; A A Collector 1; Library Assistant 1; Flicker Staff 4; Senior Dance Committee; Rifle Team 2, 3. 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Girls’ Club 2. Ambition: To get my R. N. and B. S. degrees. A smile costs nothing but gives much. JOHN CAMILLAS “Chubby” 10 Amero Court Characteristic Interests: The Ford; Machine Shop Seniors. ■Utilities: Hand 1, 2. 3, 4; Prize Squad 3; ROTC Ser- geant 3, 4. Ambition: To get that new Mercury. Contentment is better than riches. Characteristic Interests: Un- chained; Friendship; Dem Parties; Sobbin ' Windows. Activities: Flicker Typist; Librarian Assistant 3; Honor Business Club 3. President 4; Service Club 4; Teacher ' s Secretary 4: Spanish Club 2; Senior Class Dance Commit- tee. Ambition: To climb a new step every day on the stairway to paradise. She sighed and looked and sighed again. JUDITH A NX CHANE “Judy,” “E.A.” .26 Beach Kd. . (:hara tftri tii Inter ejtisL Dam? injf " Cft | ndnionyXife ' Savers. Aefcnties-.jrt ihess Clufj 3 I lash 2. " 1 ntl • .•!■• r Mama " i; (Jab 3. Vf Junior V hrnteer 3. Student CounVil 1. 2. h. 4 r Office. A- yianl 2. fc. 4; Qfa-s Stp - if-Tary V Flwj o f 4. Am-, Si it:njC: To d ram iWy 1 BAif aTuC R.N’J LX » teaejj YlbUftov ■4t f womT to Klod Bless W ica.h 0 ■ { yr magmir enl Jspecta Ae of hum An Jhapfij iess. f DOROTHEA CHILD " Dot,” “Buttons” 302 Western Ave. Characteristic I nterests: Those talks with Judy in homeroom; Lufkin’s Diner. Activities: Service Club 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4. Ambi- tion: To be as good a mother as mine is to me; To make Davy Crockett happy. Saying is one thing , doing another. J ' l KAREN CHRISTENSON “Putt-Putt” 9 Traverse St. Characteristic Interests : Dick — Boutchie’s the name; Sobbin’ Windows; Dem Par- ties. Activities: Library As- sistant 1, 2; Flicker Collector 3; Girls’ Club 1; Flicker Staff. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to paradise. A handful of good life is bet- ter than a bushel of learning PETER CHROSZIEL “Piet” 117 Maplewood Ave. Characteristic Interests: Jazz; Skating; Fishing; Chemistry; Dancing; Track; Of course, girls! Activities: Germany; Athletics Club; Basketball; Art Club; Camera Club; Vice President Student Coun- cil. Ambition : To be a chem- ist after five years of uni- versity. His worth is warrant for his welcome. GR VCE C MPBELL " Gracie. " " Gra” 130 Maplewood Ave. ( haracteristic I nterests: Those parties; " Moments to Remember. " Utilities: Girls ' Club 1. 2; reacher’s Secre- tary }; Service Club 1. Hon- ors: 10-word Typing Vward 2. Ambition: To live. love, laugh, and be happy. Little in size but so friendly. JEANNETTE CAREY 15 Norseman Ave. Characteristic Interest: Bowl- ing. Activities: Flicker Class Roll Committee 4. Ambition : Psalm 25:4. Paradise is open to all kind h earts. SHEILA L. CAVANAUGH 21 Harrison Ave. ROSE CIARAM1TARO “Ro” 49 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Tap Dancing; Club wo rk; Jitter- bugging; Reading. Activities: Hon. Bus. Club 2, 3, Treas- urer 4; National Honor So- ciety 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4. Honors: Typing speed 50. Ambition: To be an efficient secretary. A lovely girl is above all rank. DONALD CLOUTMAN “Donnie,” “Don” 33 Perkins St. Characteristic Interests: C.A.P. 138 Prospect St.; Dancing. Activities: Corporal 2, Sergeant 3, 4. Ambition: To succeed Louie as manager of the Rockport First Na- tional Store. Faithful, unselfish and pa- tient. JOHN CECILIO “Johnny " 11 Sadler St. Characteristic Interests: Cars; sports; money; dancing; girls; and swimming. Ambi- tion: To be a millionaire and live a long successful life. PHILIP COLE Eastern Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests: Girls; Football; Hockey; Baseball. Ambition: To be a farmer or a good draftsman. Perseverance is king. GERALDINE P. COOK “Geri,” “Cookie” Homan’s Drive, Essex Characteristic Interests: Learning to speak — ask Jean. Ambition: To buy that ’56 Ford. Tranquil pleasure lasts the longest. “Cookie,” “Stubby” 7 Norwood Ave., Rockport Characteristic Interests: Track; Golf. Activities: Track 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Cross Country 3, Captain 4; Football 4; French Club 2; ROTC Basketball 2, 3, 4; ROTC Volleyball 2, 3, 4; ROTC Softball 3, 4; Corporal 3; FLICKER Sports Com- mittee 4; Student Council 4. Honors: Essex County Class “B” 180 yd. low hurdles champ 3. Ambition: To be a member of the 1960 Olympic track squad; To graduate from college as a chemical engineer. The race by vigor, not by vaunt, is won. STEPHEN CLUETT “Steve” 1 Eastern Point Hd. Activities: ROTC Corporal 2. Sergeant 3, 4. Ambition: To continue my study of mathe- matics. Good to be merry and wise. “Ginny” 6 Blynman Ave. Characteristic Interests: Bowling; Swimming; That certain someone. Activities: Chess Club 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 2; Service Club 3; Ten- nis 4. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; to be a success in whatever I at- tempt. Fine manners are the mantle of a fair mind. BARBAR N COl R NT " Barb " 4 Myrtle Square Characteristic Interests: “We five”; Those unforgettable study periods: 5-28-55 (ask Josiel ; WORL. Activities: Girls ' Club 1: Library As- sistant 3: Chess Club 4; Teacher ' s Secretary 4; Cater- ing Club 4. Ambition. To be- come a successful nurse and later find that certain boy of my dreams. Welcome as happy tidings. Characteristic Interest: Boat- ing. Activities: Prize Drillers 2, 3; Track 2. 3, 4; ROTC Sergeant 3, Officer 4. Ambi- tion: To be an officer in the Merchant Marines; to have a fine family. Be silent and attentive too. Characteristic Interests: Friendship!; “Dem parties;” Sobbin’ W indows. Activities : Teacher’s Secretary 4; Calen- dar Committee; Senior Dance Committee 4; Girls’ Club 1, 2. Honors: OAT 3; OGA and Pin 3. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to paradise. Vivacity is the gift of women. ROBERT DAVIS “Rob” 114 Magnolia Ave Characteristic 1 n t e Swimming; Boatin ery ; Boy Rifle Team 1 Club 4; 3. JUDITH ANN DEXTER “Judy” 82 Wheeler St. Characteristic Interests: “Jack;” Willow Rest; Foot- ball Bus. Activities: Girls’ Club 1, 2, 3; French Club 2: Sailing Club 3; Hospital Aide 2; National Thespian Society 3, 4; “I Remember Mama” 3. Ambition: To further my education and then to settle down and get married. As merry as the day is long. SHARON ROSE DOYLE “Sherry” 19 Hartz St. Characteristic Interests: Rock- port; WHY?; Table one. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Club 2; Horse- back Riding Club 1 ; “The Red Mill” 1; Talent Show 1; Archery 3; Library As- sistant 1; Teacher’s Secretary 3; Office Assistant 3, 4; In- tramural Sports 1, 2. Ambi- tion: To follow my lucky star to the end of my rainbow. Without music, life would be a mistake. JOHN C. DROHAN “Jack” 37 Harrison Ave. Characteristic Interests: Hunt- ing; Fishing; a ’53 Stude; Swimming; Skating; Bowl- ing. Activities: Prize Drillers. Ambition: To obtain a high- er rank in the Navy than Jimmy and be able to make him swab the desk! A penny for your thoughts. BENJAMIN ClOURANT “Ben” 4 Tolman Ave. JEAN I. CURCURU 29 Church St. MARY ANN CURCURU 159 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: “Jerry;” Music; Dancing; “The Gang.” Activities: Bas- ketball 1; Girls’ Club 2, 3; Girls’ Drill Team 2. 3, 4; Honor Business Club 3, 4; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4; Ser- vice Club 4. Ambition: To live a long and happy life. Patience and fortitude con- quer all. NANCY JANE ERNST “Nance,” “Gin " Englewood Rd.. Magnolia Characteristic Interests : Dave; Manchester; “We Four.” Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 1, Secretary 2; National Thes- pian Society 1; Spanish Club 3, 4; Riding Club 1, 2. Am- bition: To get my R. N. de- gree and make my Mom and Dad proud of me. How much lies in laughter. SALLY W. ERWIN “Sal” 2 King St. . Rockport ' Characteristic Interests : Jack; Dancing; “Little Bit;” Camping Out. Activities: Flash Staff 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2; Girls’ Rifle Team 2, Secretary 3; Flicker Staff 4. Ambition : To take a new step every day on the stair- way to paradise; to be a credit to my home, my school and my community. Hearty faith and honest cheer. ELEANOR F. EVANS 5 Prospect Sq. Characteristic Interests : Swimming; J.R— ask Judy; Football Games. Activities : Honor Business Club 3. 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Senior Dance Committee 4. Honors: Junior OAT and OGA. Am- bition: To make my mother proud of me in whatever I do. Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful. HAROLD D. FAIRWEATHER “Stormyweather” 80 Duncan St. Characteristic Interests: Fish- ing; Shops!!; Sports. Activi- ties: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 3; ROTC Sports. Ambition: To join the Navy; afterwards to become a suc- cessful carpenter. By the work one knows the workman. CARLETON E. ELLIS. JR. “Carlie” 116 Maplewood Ave. Characteristic Interest: J.R.L. Activities: Football 1. 2; Hockey 3. 4; Prize Drillers 2, 3. 4; Baseball 2, 3; Bas- ketball 1. 2. Ambition: To someday be a professional hockey player for the Boston Bruins. Man y are our joys in youth. She was an honest lass, healthy and happy and good. DONALD PAUL ENOS “Dark Cloud” 17 Conant Ave. Characteristic Interests: Base- ball; Football; Hunting; iat ion ; U. S. Mari n e Corps; Hempel’s Toy Shop; A Certain Cheerleader. Activ- ities: Band 1. 2, 3 . 4; Base- ball 3. Captain 4t Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Prize Squad 2; Football hollies 2. Ambkion: To conquer whatever I may attempt. The strength of twenty men. NNE HARRIETT EAMES “Anne. " “Amie” 55 Eastern Ave., So. Essex Characteristic Interests : Weekends; Music; L.K.H.; New Jersey. Activities: Girls’ Club 1; Glee Club 2. 3. 4 ; ry Library Assistant 2. 3; Serv- v ice Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Tennis 3 Intramural Sports 1, fi jylyfSs -r ,,? ■ Typing Certificate! 2. Arhbi- tion : To live, love, laugh One be happy. fjj _ y ,r The ideal iff cq and chacpr. ■ CAROL ANN ENOS 17 Conant Ave. Characteristic Interests: Danc- ing; Sports; “Jumbo.” Activi- ties: Cheerleader 3, 4; Girls’ Drill Team 3, 4, Commander 4; Prize Squad 3, Spectacular 3; Camera Club 2; Rifle Team 2; Flicker 4; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2. Ambition: To take a new step every day on the stairway to para- dise. JAMES FEENER " Hans. ' ' “Arab” 23 Wesley St. Characteristic Interests: " 37” Chevrolet; “Mabeline!” Ac- tivities: German Club 1. 2. Born with the gift of laugh- ter and a sense that the world is mad. it VINCENT FI ERR A “Vince” Western Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests : Dancing; Skating; “49 " Olds 22: Auto Shop; Saturday nights; Wimps. Activities: Vocational Club 2. 3, 4. Am- bition: To be friendly to everyone and own a new Olds- mobile every year. In friendship I early was taught to believe. N T ' SYLVIA ELIZABETH FLANNAGAN “Betty” 11 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Lt. Colonel F.O ' D.; Swimming; Dancing. Activities: French Club 2; Library Assistant. Ambition: To become a pri- vate secretary and to make Mom and Dad proud of me. Life is but a day at most. DEBOR H ANN FORBES “Debbie,” “Deb” R51 Concord St. Characteristic Interests : Brookline, Mass.; Dancing; Records; HIM; My modern problems. Activities: History 1 ; Chess Club 1 ; Girls’ Club 2: German Club 2, 3, 4; Flicker 4. Ambition: To get my B.A. and LL.B. To one day understand this world in which I live. The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known. DONALD FOSTER " Don” 122 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests : Dancing; Sports; Girls; Cars. Activities: Basketball; Foot- ball 1. Ambition: To go around the world in a row boat. Thou art silent and sedate. SYLVIA MARY FRADE “Syl " 145 Prospect St. Characteristic Interests: A certain redhead; R.A.F. ; Swimming; Dancing; The Gang; We three “devils.” Activities: Service Club 3. 4; French Club 2; Honor Busi- ness Club 2, 3, 4; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4. Honors: Serv- ice Club “G. " Ambition: To be a secretary and make Mom and Dad proud of me. The two noblest things, which are sweetness and light. If i ■ RICHARD FRANCIS FOLEY “Maurice,” “Dick” 37 Beacon St. Characteristic Interests: D.P.; Sports; Games of chance. Activities: Track 1, 2. 3. 4; Cross Country 3. 4; Band 2. 3. 4; Prize Squad 3; Haskell Drill 3; Cpl. 3; Sgt. 3; ROTC Basketball; ROTC Volley- ball 2. 3. 4; ROTC Softball 4; Flicker 4. Ambition: To see Stubby in the 1960 Olym- pics. never met a man I didn ' t like. CHARLES CLAYTON FRANCIS, JR. “Chuck” 67 High St., Rockport Characteristic Interests : “Bonae puellae;” Popular music; Swimming; Dancing. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Corporal 2; Sergeant 3, 4; Jnd. Drill 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, Vice President 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4. Ambition : To become a success in the restaurant field. He who keeps moving will always get somewhere. PAUL W. FRAZIER 8 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Hik- ing; Writing. Activities: Na- tional Thespian Society 2, 3, 4; Stage Crew 1. 2, 3. Vice President 4; Stevens’ Review- ers - ; Junior Rotarian 4; “Our Town” 2; “I Remem- ber Mama” 3. Ambition: To write a good comic opera; To live happily and be a friend to man. The man that hath a tongue. GERALD IRVING GARDNER “Jerry” 126 Eastern Ave. Characteristic Interests : Girls; Fun; Carpentry Shop. Activities: Football 1; ROTC Sports 4; Voc. Club 4. Am- bition: To be a good car- penter or enlist in the Army. Let your own discretion be your tutor. PETER N. FREDERICK 56 Eastern Ave. Characteristic Interests : G.M.’s Band; The Yankees. Activities: Track Team 1. 2, 3, 4; Football 3; German Club Vice President 2; Color Guard 2. 3; Cpl. 2, 3; SFC 4; ROTC Sports 2, 3. 4; Golf Team 4. Ambition : To go to college, make a bundle on Wall Street, retire at 30 and become a beachcomer. It always was the biggest fish I caught that got away. GERALD N. FRENCH ' “Frenehie,” “Gerry” 39 Revere St. Characteristic Interests: Ray View; Shops; Cars. Activi- ties: Pit. Sgt. 4; Vocational Club 3, 4; ROTC Sports 4. Honors: Sawyer Medal 3. Everyone to his chosen work. VIRGINIA FRONT! FRO “Ginger” 6 Fort Sq. Characteristic Interests : Dancing; “Oh those Rock and Roll Tunes;” Bostonians; That Burgundy Convertible; Friday nights. Activities: Teacher’s Secretary 4. Ambi- tion: To become an efficient secretary o r a good hair- dresser; to make my parents proud of me. For all that fair is, is by nature good. RICHARD LOWE GAYTON “Dick” 170 Washington St. Ambition: To join the Air Force and make a career of it or to be a millionaire. It’s happy goes as lucky does. INGEGERD GENELL “Ingi” Wood Dr., Essex Characteristic Interests : U.S.A.; Square Dancing; Lit- erature; Swimming. Activi- ties: Tennis; Archery. In Sweden: Origo, K.G.I. Ambi- tion: To be a children’s doc- tor. Life is not life at all without delight. RONALD JAMES GERRING “Ronnie” 30 Chapel St. Characteristic Interests: Mis- sey; The old Lincoln; E.G.P. H63-625. Activities: Glee Club 1; Lunch Assistant 4; Service Club 4. Ambition: To continue my education; to make Mom and Dad proud of me; and to see J.R.E. grad- uate. Be the best of whatever you are. JOHN ALBERT G1 AC ALONE " J iggs” 13 Proctor St. Characteristic Interests: Swimming; Girls; Bowling: Bands; Football. Activities: Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Cpl. 2. 3; Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4. Ambi- tion: To join the Navy; to become half as good a drum- mer as Joe Moceri: and to own the Reliable Meat Mar- ket. Verer shall thy spoken word be heard. DANA ALFRED GINN 9 Knowlton Sq. Characteristic Interests: Writing; Talking; Science. Activities: French Club 1, 2; Pro-Con Club 1. 2; Flash 2, Feature Editor 3, Co-Editor 4. Honors: Sawyer Medal 1. Ambition: To find the way of life in which T will be happiest. KENNETH GLEASON “Herm” 198 Washington St. Characteristic In t e r e s t s : Girls; " 51 Ford;” Hockey. Activities: Hockey 2. 3, Co- Captain 4. Ambition: To pass senior English and to make my second million in the clam business; to keep the four carbs adjusted in my Model T. In skating over thin ice, my safety is my speed. MARIO LUIZDA SILVA GODINHO “Mike” 24 Trask St. Characteristic Interests: Base- ball; Bowling; Swimming. Activities: Football 1; Base- ball 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To see the world. True worth is in being, not seeming. THOMAS JOSEPH GOULART “Goo” 42 Taylor St. Characteristic Interests: Hunt- ing; Swimming; Fishing; Dancing; Skating; Cars; Guns; Coin collecting; Food; Girls. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I attempt; to be happy. Ask and Learn. JUDITH ANNE GOVE “Judy” 37 Cleveland St. Characteristic Interests: Mu- sic; Al’s. Activities: Basket- ball 1; Teacher’s Secretary; Art Club. Ambition: To be a governess for a millionaire. It is a little picture painted well. KENNETH GOVE 37 Cleveland St. Characteristic Interests: Guns; Swimming; West Glou- cester. Ambition: To have a good job working on fire- arms. Everyone to his chosen work. LOUISE IRENE GRACE “Weezie,” “Lulu” 19 Woodbury St. Characteristic Interests: Art and music; Awk-Awk! The Parrots! ! ; Someday. Activi- ties: Badminton 1, 2; Art Club Secretary 3; Flicker Art Committee 4; Girls’ Drill Team 4. Honors: Mabel Spoffard Art Book Prize 2. Ambition: To be a fashion designer; to own a pink Cadillac; to have a happy life. A sweet, attractive kind of grace. NOREEN MARY GREELY 18 Gloucester Ave. Characteristic Interests: “Ted;” September 16, 1955; Friendship; Double Dating. Activities: National Honor Society 3, 4; Class Vice Presi- dent 2; Student Council 2, 3; Massachusetts Girls’ State 3; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, President 4; Girls’ Club 2, Vice President 3; Cpl. 4; Girls’ Drill Team 3. 4; Latin Club 2; Service Club 2, 3, Secretary-Treas- urer 4. Ambition: Every day a new step on the stairway to Paradise. Her wise smile is sweet with many certainties. In, DIANNE GRIFFIN “Dee Dee” 46 Perkins St. Characteristic Interests: R.T. ; Friendship; Sobbing Win- dows; Dem Parties; 18th Hole; Dancing. Activities: Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, Sgt. 4, Spectacular Drill 3; Prize Squad 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; FLICKER 4. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise. Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. WILLIAM GRIFFIN “Bill” 68 Magnolia Ave. Characteristic Interests: Girls; Hot Rods. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3. Ambition: To get out of school and town; to pass senior English. Life is not measured by the time we live. Characteristic Interests: C.W.W.; Saving Gas; Camp- in ' Out. Activities: Spanish Club 2, 3, Executive Board ; French Club 3, 4; Sailing Club 1. 2,. 3, 4; FLICKER Committee Co-Chairman 4; Girls’ Club 1; Girls’ Drill Team 4. Ambition: To travel; to be a bi-lingual secretary. The sense of humour is the just balance of all the fac- ulties. JUDITH E. GRAY " Judy” 43 Wheeler St. Characteristic Interests: Friendship; Dem Parties; “By the Sea;” Georgi!?. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Club 1, 2: French Club 3; Girls’ Drill Team 3, 4; Service Club 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4; FLICKER Committee 4. Am- bition : A new step every day on the stairway to paradise. Life is a jest and all things show it. Characteristic Interests: Gui- tar; Drawing: “Oh. Those Jam Sessions;” People; Mu- sic; “The Gang;” Tennis; Writing. Ambition: To travel around the world with the kids; to open a store and let the kids work for me. yes SALLY ANN GRAHAM 8 Blake Court SHEILA ALLAN GRAY “She She Bun,” “Doll” 18 Church St. ANTOINETTE FRANCES GRILLO “Toni” 19 Mansfield St. Characteristic Interests: Sew- ing; Cooking. Activities: Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Service Club; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4; Senior Dance Committee. Ambition: To make my par- ents proud of me; to see Europe. A well-bred silence is always at command. RUSSELL E. HODGKINS " Russ” Story St. Characteristic In t e r e s t s : “M.D.”!!; Automotive Shops; Swimming; Skating; Bowl- in g; My 1953 blue Mercury Convertible. Ambition: To show Mom and Dad I did fulfill their wish. To some day have my own garage, and to grease a car in twenty minutes. The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. MARILYN HOFFF.R " Hps” 2 Wise PL Characteristic Interests: We ' re Winnahs; My hoy flat top TTB; 330. Activities: Girls ' Club 2. 3; Sailing Club 3; Rifle Team Trophy 2, Treasurer 3. Captain 4; Bas- ketball 1. 2; Teacher’s Sec- retary 3; Main Office Assist- ant 3, 4; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; FLICKER 4; Senior Dance Committee 4; Girls’ Drill Team 4. Ambition: To be- come an airline hostess, and while in the sky to take a new step every day. ’T is to their thanges half their oh arm ' s lif owe. V?, HELEN MAE HUBBARD 24 Hodgkins St. Characteristic Interests: Bud- dy!; Friendship; Dem Par- ties!; Sobbing Windows!; Table 4. Activities: Basket- ball 1. 2; Girls’ Club 2. Am- bition: To take a new step every day to the stairway of Paradise. To make my Mother and Father proud of me. To he a success in whatever I may attempt. A happy heart goes all the dav. GERTRUDE LOUISE HUNTER “Gertie,” " Louise” 11 Oak St. Characteristic Interests: B.N.; Dancing; Music; Sports; 12431710; We Six. Activi- ties: Service Club 2, 3, 4; FLICKER Advertising Com- mittee 4; Library Assistant 4. Ambition: To make that certain someone happy. To be as good a parent as mine have been to me. But sweeter none than voice of faithful friend. MARCIA ELLEN HARVEY “Marcy” 5 Wesley St. Characteristic Interests: Har- ry: Saturday nights; Double dating: Friendship. Activi- ties: Girls ' Club 1; French Club 2, Treasurer 3; Glee Club 3; Honor Business Club 2. 3, Secretary 4; Na- tional Honor Society 4; Serv- ice Club 4; Teacher’s Secre- tary 4; FLICKER Commit- tee 4; Senior Dance Commit- tee. Honors: OAT Typing Pin 3; Junior OGA; Typing Speed 53; Shorthand Speed 100. Ambition : To be a good secretary and later a good wife to that certain someone. Knowledge is sympathy, char- ity, and kindness. RALPH Y. HAWLEY " Brother,” “Twinie” 10 Southern Ave., So. Essex Characteristic Interests: Ski- ing; Swimming; Boating; Water Skiing. Ambition: Not to be a twin; to have a good life after high school. Happiness was born a twin. RAY S. HAWLEY “Raymond’e” 10 Southern Ave., So. Essex Characteristic In t e r e s t s : Swimming; “Girls.” Activi- ties: Business Manager BEA- SON 4. Ambition: To he a success in life. Happiness was born a twin. JAMES HANRAHAN " Jim-diddily” 7 Green St. Characteristic Interests: Sports: Dibbie-dabbers. Ac- tivities: Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; 51-56 Club 2. 3. 4; Football Fol- lies: ROTC Sports: Ind. Drill 3: Prize Squad 2, 3; Haskell Drill. Honors: 3rd Place lnd. Drill. Ambition: To find an easy job with good pay. early retirement, and easy work. And each one in his time plays many parts. nOROTHY M. JACKMAN “Dottie” 3 Centennial Ave. I Characteristic Interests: Ap- I pie Sauce???; Worcester I Hill’s favorite fraternity I house; “STEVE’S.” Activi- I ties: Girls’ Club 2; FLICK- I ER 4. Ambition: To attend I B. C. and eat apple sauce at | Holy Cross. U Here is a dear and true in- I dustrious friend. RICHARD J. JAMESON “Dick” 71 Middle St. Characteristic Interests: Swimming: Weight lifting. Activities: Basketball 2. Men of few words are the best men. CARLA ANN JOHNSON “CarJftA . r, , 277 Washington Characteristic Interests; ' Awk Awk! ; THE PARROTS!!; Reading; Swimmj igf Sailing. AtCtwitiefr. Beacon Junior Ed- itor 3; Ela-li 2, 3, Co-E litnr 4; National Honor Society ?, Treasurer j Frqjich Hub 2. 3. Sem ' tarv A ' , ' •Cetnuin Club ft 2. 3. 4, Secretary, 2.; farch- sti J ? Service- Club 4 Stevens’ Re ewers 3. 4, Sec- retary 4: FLICKER. 4; Sail- in| Club 1. 2. Arrubitiitn: Tn discpver The parypcea in a gondola in ' Venice with ' Mari- lyn in I960. Silent performance . maketh best returns. MARILYN KARVELLAS 11 Marble Road Characteristic Interests: B.G.! ; 1954; Les Letters; Dem Parties; Table 4. Activi- ties: Flash 2; Teacher’s Sec- retary 2. 4; Sailing Club 1, 2: French Club 3, 4; Span- ish Club 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Cheerleader 3, 4; Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, Sergeant 4, Prize Squad 3, Spectacular 3: Serv- ice Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FLICK- ER 4. Ambition: Till Then; to take a new step every day. Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power. CHARLES A. KEARSEY “Chuck,” “Chuckie,” “Ruddy” 10 Caledonia PL Characteristic Interests : Girls; Cars. Ambition: To own a “49” Olds; to do the impossible. You never can be old. BRIEN KENNEDY “Byron” 6 Plum St. Characteristic Interests: “173 East Main St.;” Print Shop; East Gloucester Gang. Activi- ties: Sailing Club 1. 2; Class President 2; Student Council 2; Junior Municipal Day 3; ROTC Officer 4; Benjamin Franklin Club 2, 3, 4. Ambi- tion: To succeed in anything I may attempt. He is a phantom of delight. t JOCELYN A. JOHNSON “Joy” 5 Sawyer Ave. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Awk-Awk!; THE PARROTS!!; Lvnn. Activi- ties: Badminton 1. 2; Horse- back Riding Club; Camera Club 2; Art Club 3; FUCK- ER 4. Ambition : To be suc- cessful in the field of Art: to make my mother proud of me. Good things come in small packages. RUTH M. KENNEDY “Chase” 25 Plum St. Characteristic Interests: Clayt; Soldier Boy!; Friend- ship; Sobbin’ Windows; Dem Parties; Table 4; Camping Out. Activities: Senior Dance Committee 4; FLICKER 4; Sailing Club 1. 3; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise. All that ever was joyous, clear, and fresh. THOM S F. KERR " Tom " 329 ashington St. Ambition: To go to the Mas- sachusetts College of Pharm- acy. Saddle your dreams a ' fore you ride them. I.ASZLO KURINY1 “Las” 203 Western Ave. Characteristic Interests: Drums; Civil War: Shooting; Casting Lead; Cars; Boats. He s : r t ( ' luh 1, 2. 3. 4: Band 2. 3. 4; Beacon Art Editor 4; Orchestra 4; Prize Squad 3: German Cluh 1. 2. 4: FLICKER Art Committee Co-Chairman 4. Ambition : To become a successful artist. Almost lost in art. JUDITH ANN KIPPEN " Judy. " " .lad. " " Jet " 6 Prospect St.. Essex Characteristic Interests: A certain someone; Dancing; Singing; Swimming; Golf; Horseback Riding; Tennis. Activities: Glee Club 3. 4; Art Club 3. 4; Library As- sistant 4; Spanish Club 4. Ambition : To finish my training at the Conservatory of Music; to join the San Francisco Opera Company. I will be the pattern of all patience. CAROL KNOWLES “Nosey” 6 Acacia St. Characteristic Interests: " The Fuzzy Ones.” Activities: Hon- or Business Club 2, 3, 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Serv- ice Club 2, 3. 4; Fashion Show 2; Basketball 1. Am- bition: To get to California; to reach five feet tall, and to join the Women ' s Air Force. Laugh , and the world laughs with you. NANCY F. KNOWLES “Nance” 84A Washington St. Characteristic Interests: “Warren;” Dem Parties; Sobhin Windows; Campin’ Out!; Those finer things; The Gang. Activities: Art (dub 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Leader 2, 3; Beacon Art Assistant 3; FLICKER Art Committee, Co-Chairman 4. Honors: Ingall’s Poetry Award 2. 3. Ambition: To secure happiness, and always be deserving of it. A fair exterior is a silent recommendation. RUSSELL ROY I. ACER D A " Russ,” “Rut.” “Guppy " 14 Sadler St. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Swimming; Hunt- ing; Skating. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I attempt. Let every man look before he leaps. JOSEPHINE R. LAFATA " Josie,” “Jo” 3 Babson St. Characteristic Interests: “C.F.E., Jr.;” The Globetrot- ters; Double Dates. Activi- ties: Honor Business Cluh 2, .3, 4; Chess Club 1; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Service Club; Beacon Collector 1 ; Girls’ Basketball 1; Fashion Show 2, 3. Ambition : To make my parents proud of me and t.o marry C.F.E., Jr.; ;o live a successful life. A happy soul. JOHN HAROLD LAFOND “Johnny” 13 Fair St. Characteristic Interests : “Rockport;” “Auto Shop. " Activities: Band 2, 3, 4; Foo.t- ball 2, 3; Orchestra 1. Am- bition: To succeed in any- thing I may attempt. On my spirit make music. JUDITH GAY LAFOND “Frenchie” Wallace Rd„ Rockport Characteristic Interests: Friendship; Dancing; Par- ties; A certain someone. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Club 2; Girls’ Drill Team 3. 4; Senior Dance Committee; Basketball 1, 2; Volleyball 1, 2; French Club 4. Ambition: To be a nurse. To build a new step a day on the stairway to paradise. She that was ever fair and never proud. ANTHONY LOMBARDO “Tony” 8 Western Ave. Characteristic Interests: Sports; Records; Dancing; Dates; Cars. Activities: Foot- ball 1 . Ambition: To make a million; to keep the gang to- gether. Let the world slide. SANDRA LAURANZANO “Sandi” 24 Hawthorne Rd. Characteristic Interests: D. G. T.; “Globetrotters”; Baseball Team 7; Cher Ami’s. Activities : Teacher’s Secretary 4; Girls’ Club 2; Office Assistant 4; Fashion Show 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Service Club 4. Ambition: To have him change S.M.L. to S.M.T. and to help him have his baseball team. A merry heart that laughs at care. RAYMOND LAWSON “Ray” 5 Howe St. Characteristic Interests: Sports; Cars; Guns; Read- ing. Activities: German Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be successful in my chosen pro- fession. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ALPHONSE LONGO “Sonny” 600 Western Ave. Characteristic Interests: ’40 Ford. Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. Ambition: To become a suc- cess in my field. IF here fore art not in thy shop today?” JOSEPHINE LOPICCOLO “Jo” 41 Commercial St. Characteristic Interests: Joe; Records; Dancing; Jugaboos; “Those Dates”; “The Gang.” Activities: Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Library As- sistant 1, 2; Teacher’s Secre- tary 3, 4. Ambition: To see “us 4” always together. To be a success in anything I attempt. One smile that solitary shines. WILLIAM LEAVITT, JR. “Turkey,” “Smiley” 70 Gloucester Ave. Characteristic In t e r e s t s: Swimming; The Riverdale gang; Rifles; Boys of C.V.S. Store. Activities: Baseball 4; Football 2, 3, 4; 52-55 Club; ROTC Basketball 4. Ambi- tion: To join the Coast Guard; to be a confirmed bachelor and make a million dollars. IFho cares for nothing, alone is free. JOSEPH LOVASCO “Tony” 9 Addison St. Characteristic Interests: H.R. Ill; Josie; Sports; Dances. Activities: Basketball. Ambi- tion: To keep Josie happy; to get my diploma. To be, contents his natural desire. WENDY ANN LOVELL 11 High St.. Rockport Characteristic Interests: Sob- bin’ windows; Dem parties; I.M.F.; Records; Dancing; Center speedboats; Water skiing. Activities: Glee Club 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2; Volley- ball 1. 2; Tumbling 1; Girls’ Club 2. Ambition: A new step every day on the stair- way to paradise. To make my parents proud of me. Let the world slip; we shall ne’er be younger. r DORIS ELIZABETH MacCUISH “Dot.” “Dorie” 19 Chapel St. Characteristic Interests: That certain someone; First Lunch; West Gloucester. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Club 2, 3; Girl ' ' Drill Team 1. 2. 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team 2. 3; Orchestra 3, 4. Ambition: To make Mom and Dad proud of me. The load becomes light which is cheerfully borne. MARJORIE ANN LUFKIN “Margie” 292 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: “The Bells; Those weekends; Ask D. C. ; Horseback riding; Swimming; Football games. Activities: Flicker Staff; Service Club 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4. Honors: Junior O.A.T. 3. Ambition: To make my mother and dad proud of me; to see Dotty and Janice get their men. Tenderness is a virtue. WINIFRED DOROTHY McCarthy “Winnie,” “Pooh” 18 Thatcher Rd. Characteristic Interests: J.P.M.; ’41 Ford; “30”; Norma’s Parties; Dates with Jim. Activities: Honor Busi- ness Club 3, 4; Library As- sistant 3; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Spanish Club 4; Service Club 2, 3, 4; Badminton 1, 2. Honors: Type and Short- hand Awards. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; to be happy with a cer- tain someone. Quiet persons are welcome everywhere. EILEEN McCUE 161 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Friendship; S o b b i n’ Win- dows; Dem Parties; Un- chained; Table 4; Winnah! Activities: Girls’ Club 1; Latin Club 2, 3; Library As- sistant 1. 2; Class Roll Com- mittee 4; French Club 4. Ambition: To take a new step every day on the stair- way to paradise; to find the missing link. Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. CYNTHIA MacDONALD “Cinny” 6 King St. Court, Rockport Characteristic Interests: Table Four; Dem Parties; Sobbin’ Windows; Campin’ out; That Boston escapade — Ask Sue; Remember July 28, Helen? Activities: Flash 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Sailing Club 1, 2; Flicker Commit- tee; Senior Dance Commit- tee 4. Ambition: To take a new step every day to para- dise. 1 have a heart with room for every joy. faye b. McDonald 4 Harvard St. Characteristic l nterests: Bob; Lexington; Weekends; Music. Activities: Chess Club 1; German Club 2, 3, 4; Library Assistant 2, 3; Girls’ Basketball; Volleyball; Bad- minton 1, 2; Tennis 3. Honors: Typing awards 2. Ambition: To make my par- ents proud of me; to live, laugh, love, and be happy. Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are. RICHARD MacDONALD “Mac,” “Dick” 10 Short St. Characteristic Interests: B.O. G.I. and the old oil burner; Electric Shop Tool Room; Chrome Wheels. Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4; ROTC Sports. Ambition: To join the Marines. The sea! The sea! The open sea! 4r - - ELAINE V. McSHEFFERY “Mac,” “Shef” 3 Magnolia Ave.. Magnolia Characteristic Interests : Horses and horse racing; Life on the track and those early morning hours; J.E.B. Activi- ties: German Club 3. 4: Li- brary Assistant 1, 2; Riding Club I, 2; Girls’ Club 2; Badminton 1, 2; Softball; Basketball 1; FLICKER Staff 4. Ambition: To be a horse trainer; to win the Kentucky Derby; to make my mother proud of me. My kingdom for a horse. JOHN D. MacEACHERN “J. D.. " “Dune " 18 Myrtle Sip Characteristic Interests: Foot- ball 1; Track; Girls; Cards; 1 Dibbie Dabbers. Activities: ' Track 1. 2. 3, 4: Football 4: Golf Team 4; ROTC Sports. Ambition: To somehow make i- my parents proud of me; to I see Stubby in the ' 60 Olyni- t P s- Thinking is but an idle waste t of thought. M ARILYN MoKENNEY “Mac” 13 Western Ave. Characteristic Interests: Rock- port; “Fuzzy Ones; " “My Nerves;” Kinda makes you wonder; I ' ll never tell; Those Beach Parties. Activities: Basketball 1, 2. Ambition: To become part of the popu- lation of Rockport; to have Dave see me graduate; to travel. Dreaming of a to-morrow. JOAN CAROL MADRUGA “Jo” 182 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Boys; Painting. Activities: Lunch Counter Assistant : Supervisor of 210. Ambition : To travel; to see Karen and Chuck get married; to see C.M. in the Waves. Time is the nurse and breeder of all good. ANTHONY MALAQUIAS. JR. “Tuna.” “Brooklyn,” “Tony” 311% Main St. Characteristic Interests : MONEY; One of the boys from Portuguese Hill; Llnder- water Swimming; “New York Yankees.” Activities: FLASH 1; Football 2; Student Coun- cil 2, 3; Spanish Club 2. 3; Prize Drill 3; Latin Club 4. Ambition : To further my edu- cation and to make my Mom and Dad proud of whatever I do in life. They are proud in humility. ANTHONY J. MALAQUIAS, JR. “Jack,” “Mai,” “Tony” 21 Acacia St. Characteristic Interests : ‘Judy;” Printing; Swimming. Activities: Stage Crew 1. 2. 3, President 4; Benjamin Franklin Club Secretary 3, 4; Junior Rotarian 4; Glee Club 1; Assembly Committee 3; FLICKER 4; Junior Munici- pal Day Councillor 3; Prize Squad 3; ROTC Band Cpl. 2, Sgt. 3, Drum Major 4. Honors: Music Festival Ex- cellent Rating Soloist 2, 3. Ambition: To attend the Rochester Institute of Tech- nology; to marry a girl as wonderful as my mother. o prP.E LI ever succeeds Characteristic Interests : “Skunk Hollow;” Those cold winter nights; “If 1 Could Be With You;” “Sweet and Gentle;” Those walks with Kelly down the Boulevard. Activities: Basketball 1; Girls’ Club 3; Teacher’s Sec- retary. Ambition: To get my license and own a ’57 blue Pontiac convertible; to get married and be as good a mother to my children as my mother has been to me. Music exalts each joy. THOMAS VICTOR MACKEY “Mack,” “Finn” 8 Acacia St. Characteristic Interests : Fishing; Swimming; C.B. ; Mabeline; Recess Parade. Ambition: To see B.S. wear his knickers; to see H.F. get a girl. Youth is to all the glad sea- son of life. JUDITH MacKENZIE “Judy,” “Mac” 54 Friend St. HAROLD FRANCIS MALI ETTE, JR. " Frencie,” " Mai” 15 Green St. Characteristic Interests: C..C.S.: Track; Billiards; Sports; Triangle. Anilities: Track 1. 2. 3. 4: German Club 2. 3. Treasurer 2: Golf Team 4: ROTC Sports; Prize Squad 3: Cpl. 3: Cross-Country 3. 4. Ambition: College; to see " Stubby " in the Olympics; to watch " Maurice " run under five. A gentleman makes no noise. GLADYS MARKUSON “Carol.” “Corrinda” 334 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: We Six; Those Friday nights. Activities: Glee Club 3; Teacher’s Secretary 4. Ambi- tion: To join the Waves. A maiden never bold. STEPHEN W. MANIATES “Bun-Bun,” “Steve” Characteristic Interests: Shop; E.E. Activities: ROTC Sports. Ambition: To join the Navy with H.F. and make a successful carpenter; to make a million in the clam busi- ness. He talks of wood. SYDNEY G. MARCHANT “Ted, " “Teddy,” “Syd” 450 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Nor- een; March 15, 1955; Satur- day night; Summer of ’55. Activities: Homeroom Rep. 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Cpl. 2, SFC 3; Prize Squad 3; Haskell Drill 3; Orchestra 4; FLICKER 4. Ambition: To get a college education; to be a success; to be a general in the U.S.A. To be strong is to be happy. KATHLEEN HELEN MARR “Kathy” 14 Dodge St. Characteristic Interests: Friendship; Dem Parties; Campin ' Out; Bv-the-Sea. Activities: French Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Dues Collector 4; Teach- er’s Secretary 4; Service Club 4; Girls’ Club 2; FLICKER 4; Senior Dance Committee; Beacon Coll. 2, 3. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise. The only way to have a friend is to be one. SANDRA MARSHALL “Sandy” 500 Essex Ave. Characteristic Interests: Rain- bow; Those Weekend nights. Activities: Badminton 1; Bea- can Coll. 1; National Thes- pian Society 4; Flash 3, 4; French Club 4; Latin Club 2, 3. 4; Girls’ Club 2, 3; Service Club 4; Junior Vol. 2, 3, 4; FLICKER Collector 1, 2, 3; FLICKER 4. Honors: Honorable Mention Jeremy Ingalls Poetry Contest 2. Am- bition: To reach the end of the rainbow and find the pot of gold. In silence also there’s a worth that brings no risk. » ' ANTHONY MARINO “Butch” 3 Beach Court Characteristic Interests: Football; Girls; French class. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Co-Captain 4; Track 3, 4; Prize Drill 3; Prize Sqd. 3; Cpl. 3; Plat. Sgt. 4; ROTC Sports. Ambition: To be able to go to college and have a coach as good as “Nate” Ross; to make my mother proud of me. Sport Royal. ERIC MARTIN “Pigeon” 11 Elwell St. Characteristic Interests : Dancing: Girls; Pool; Shin- ing Shoes. Activities: ROTC Volleyball 3, 4. Ambition: To give Dave a shine that he wouldn’t criticize. Awake the pert and nimble spirit of mirth. MARIAN E. MONTROSE “Alim,” “Mimi” 27 Beacon St. DAVID E. MURPHY “Dave,” “Alurph” 5 Riggs St. Characteristic Interests: Per- fect Attendance; “Go West, young man, go West.” Activi- ties: Student Council 1 , 2 ; Stage Crew 1, 2; Track 3. Honors: TIME Award 3. Am- bition: To gain weight; to discover an antidote for Iazi- Characteristic Interest: Christmas Vacation 1953. Ac- tivities: Floormaster’s Secre- tary 2, 3, 4; Library Assist- i ant 1 , 2; Softball 1 , 2 ; Gym Exhibition 1 , 2 ; Basketball 1, 2; Girls’ Club 1, 2, 3; { Hospital Aide 1 , 2. Ambi- tion: To be a competent physical therapist — somehow. Peace is happiness digesting. ness. Thought alone is eternal. CLYDE R. MELANSON “Columbia” 22 Chestnut St. Characteristic Interests: Trombone; Billiards; Girls; Dancing; Sports. Activities: Benjamin Franklin Club Treasurer 3, President 4; Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Plat. Sgt. 4; FLICKER Shops Committee 4. Ambition: To become a success in whatever I may at- tempt, and always make my mother proud of me. Say it with music. GILBERT MELANSON, JR. “Buddy” Stanwood Ave. Characteristic Interests: Boats; Skating; Swimming. Activities: Rifle Team 2, 3; History Club 1 ; ROTC Sports. Ambition: To have the fastest boat on the Annis- quam River. A life on the ocean wave. STEPHEN J. MURRAY “K.S.” 15 Harmony Sq. Characteristic Interests: Cars; Girls. Activities: Foot- ball 1 ; Vocational Club 2 , 3 , 4. Ambition: To own a “53” Ford with a full race engine; to make a million. Labour in thy vocation. IDELLA MITCHELL “Del” 366 Main St. Characteristic Interests: Pop Music; Dancing; Swimming; That Dodge convertible! Ac- tivities: Girls’ Club 1, 2, 3; Library Assistant 1, 2, 4; Glee Club 4; Spanish Club 1. Ambition: To be as good a parent as mine have been; to make Manny happy and sail my ship through love and life. W e must laugh before we are happy. STEPHEN C. NICKERSON “Red,” “Nick” 4 Mt. Vernon St. Characteristic Interests: Cars; Bowling; Rockport; Beverly Farms; Hunting; Stamp Collecting; Alusic; Rd’s Mkt. Activities : Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stamp Club 1 ; ROTC Sports 2 , 3, 4; Rifle Team 1, 2. Ambition: To go to Rome and see the Pope; to get married. Fortune favors the bold. ROBERT A1ATZ “Bubbles,” “Slim” 40 Atlantic St. s [ Characteristic Interests: Feet; tj I Food; Fun: Cars; Cas; Alore food; Alountain climb- 4 . I ing; Jim’s car; Beach Wagon Hay Ride; Alaybellene. Activ- Y ities: Chess Club 4; Student j f [I Council 4. Ambition: Aloney 3 I and a lot of it. r " I can resist everything except er I temptation. BEVERL ' i NOBLE " Bev. " “Bevie” 12 Prospect St. Characteristic Interests: B.P.; Sports: Summer Vacations. Activities: Camera Club 1, 2: Girls ' Club 1; Library Assistant 1. 2. 3. 4; Service ( ' lub 1. 2. 3, President 4: FLICKER 3. Collector 1. 2; A A Collector; FLICKER. Ambition: To be an airline hostess. A sunbeam in a winter’s day. JAMES E. NOBLE “Jim,” " Red” 10 Burnham St. Characteristic Interests: Swimming; Sports. Activi- ties: Benjamin Franklin Club 3, 4; Program Chairman 4; Prize Squad 3; Honor Guard 3; ROTC Sports 2, 3, 4; Cpl. 3; Officer 4. Ambition: To go on a safari; to join the Navy. Learning by study must be won. DONNA FAYE NORWOOD “Butch " 426 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Inky; The things we didn ' t last summer; Rainbow; Mu- sic; Awk-Awk! THE PAR- ROTS! ! Activities : Chess Club 2. 3; Latin Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Junior Volunteer 3, 4; Girls’ Bas- ketball 2; Badminton 2. Am- bition: To make the most of what the future holds for me. Softness of smile indicates softness of manner. DAVID EDWARD O ' BRIEN “O ' bie,” “Dave” 30 Chestnut St. Characteristic Interests: Cars; Bowling; Rockport ; I Beverly Farms; Hunting; Coin Collecting. Activities: I Stamp Club 1; ROTC Prize I Squad 2; Haskell Drill; ROTC Sports; Rifle Team; ROTC Cpl. Ambition: To see I Pigeon (Eric) own his own shine parlor; to make a mil- j lion and retire at twenty-five. I Youth is full of sport. RUTH OJANTAKANEN " Ruthie " 71 High St. Characteristic Interests : R.O.D.; “The Sand and the Sea;” All Hallows’ Eve 1954; Dreaming and Happiness! Activities: Assembly Commit- tee 1; Badminton 1; FLICK- ER 4; Girls’ Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Girls ' Drill Team 1. 2. 3, Cpl. 4; Latin Club 2. Ambition : To teach; make my parents proud of me. Quietly useful, simple, gen- tle, tender, and always giv- ing light. LINDA B. O ' M ALE Y " Lin” 725 Western Characteristic Interests: The Fire House; Saxophone mu- sic; Driving; WORL; To have no questions asked. Ac- tivities: Teacher’s Secretary; Service Club. Ambition : Someday own a car of my own so I won ' t have to bor- row. then start out for a short drive and keep on go- ing! ! Whither travel you? Characteristic Interests: Cars; Guns; Sweet Shop. Activities: Officers’ Club 4; Rifle Team 2. 3, President 4; ROTC Cpl. 3. Sgt. 3. Lt. Col. 4. Ambition: To be a man. dare do all that may be- come a man. FRED ARTHUR O ' DEA “Freddie” 110 W estern Ave. JOANNE ORLANDO " Jo " 23 Riggs St. Characteristic Interests: The girls; Music; Dancing; Sports. Activities: Glee Club 3, 4; Library Assistant 4; Service Club 2, 3, 4; Teach- er’s Secretary. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me and to be a good Roman Catholic. Nothing in life is more won- derful than faith. ANTHONY J. PALAZOLA “A.J.,” “Dibbie Dab” 55 Fort Sq. Characteristic Interests: Pat Horne; The Dibbie Dabbers. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; ROTC Sports; Track Team 3; Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball; Football Follies; 51-55 Club. Ambi- tion: To make my Mom and Dad proud of me; to see CHS win a basketball cham- pionship. 0, it is excellent to have a giant’s strength. ARDR1TH F. PARADY “Faye” 11 Cleveland PI. Characteristic Interests: Mu- sic; Dancing. Activities: Orchestra 1, 2, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Club 2, 3; Honor Business Club 2; Service Club; Teacher’s Sec- retary 3, 4; Senior Dance Committee 4; FLICKER Typists Chairman 4; Class Roll Committee 4. Honors: Sawyer Medal 1. Ambition : To become a prive secretary to a multi-millionaire banker. A blithe heart makes a blooming usage. JOSEPHINE PARISI “Josie,” “Jo,” “Jody” 31 Whittemore St. Characteristic Interests: The Gang (We live); Summer nights; MUSIC; Dancing. Activities : Teacher’s Secre- tary 4; Service Club 4; Ca- tering Club. Ambition: To have my one dream come true — Anchors Aweigh. Dreams are best. MARIE GRACE PARISI “Gay” 38 Washington Sq. Characteristic Interests : Dancing; “Seventeen;” The Gang; Music; Traveling. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Club 1, 2; Junior Vol. 1, 2; Honor Business Club 3, 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Service Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To become a success in the business field and to go abroad with Jo; to make my parents proud of me always. Patience and gentleness. ROBERT PARKER “Bob,” “I-P” 164 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Characteristic Interest: “Perk of Essex.” Activities: Sailing Club 1; Rifle Team 2; Hockey 3, 4. Ambition: To make “Essex” happy; to make my mother and father proud of me. The world is young today. CAROL ANN PARSONS “C.P.,” “Care” 138 Prospect Sq. Characteristic Interests: D.J.C. ; Dancing. Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Teacher’s Secretary 4. Ambition: To become a successful R.N. and to make my mother and dad proud of me. So sweet the blush. LINDA PARSONS “Lin” 243 Concord St. Characteristic Interests: The Gang; The Navy; Paris; Lynn; West Glo. ; Lucy and the kids; Essex Telephone Office. Activities: Basketball 1; Teacher’s Assistant 4; Junior Vol. Ambition: To make Mom proud of me; to give Lucy everything she wants; to see Bette in the Navy; to get married, be happy and have a large family. A true friend is forever a friend. ARTHUR LESLIE ORR “Buddy” 72 Granite St., Rockport Characteristic Interests: Sports; Art; Dibbie Dabbers. Activities: Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Golf 2; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FLICKER 4; Prize Squad 2; ROTC Soprts. Ambition: To be half the man my father is. So warm with light his blend- ed colors glow. Characteristic Interests: West Gloucester; S.F. Reading; •Science; Those verbose bat- tles in 102. Activities: Chess Club 2; French Club 3; Na- tional Honor Society Vice President 4; Boys’ State Rep.; Junior R otarian; ROTC Cpl. 2, Sgt. 3. Officer 4; Individual Drill 3; Prize Sq. 3; Haskell Driller 3; Rifle Team 3; Honor Guard 3. Ambition: To prove a theory; to secure a college education in engineering. A little man may cast a great shadow. any song. Characteristic Interests: Vrmv— OCS; Music: D.P. Activities: Rand 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 3. Ambition : To be a success in whatever I attempt. And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared. DAVID WIT. FRED PEARSALL “Dave” Roberts Ct. JOANNE PERKINS “Jo” Story St., Essex Characteristic Interests: R.P.; That ’48 Ford; Sobbin’ Win- dows; Dem Parties. Activi- ties: Sailing Club 1; Home- room Rep. 2; Basketball 1; Office Assistant 3; FLICKER 4; FLICKER Collector 1; AA Collector 1. Ambition: A new step every day and to reach the top step with Bob. Silence more musical than ADRIAN PERRY “Abe” 40 Bass Ave. ROBERT FORREST PARSONS “Myron” Lynnwood Ave. Characteristic Interests: Golf; Hunting; Fishing. Hon- ors: Prize Squad Medal. Am- bition: To become a Marine Biologist. Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep. MARIETTA PERRY “Etta” Characteristic Interests : 10 Ferry St. Those long, long walks; Lynn; Music; Dancings Science; Awk-Awk! THE PARROTS! Activities : Chess Club 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Girls’ Basketball 2; Latin Club 2, 3, 4; Badminton 2; Tennis 4; History Club 1. Ambition : To be a success in my chosen field and to be happy. the noblest gift rf JCr ' RALPH PERRY " Melvin” 5 Prospect St. Characteristic Interests: Woodruff’s; Cars. Activities: Vocational Club 2, 3, 4; Am- bition: To see the world any way I ( Force. The will of happiness. Moderation, of heaven. NANCY LEE PIERCE “Nan,” “Nance” 23 Concord St. Characteristic Interests: First lunch; P.Y.E.; West Gloucester; the “Y” Pizza. Activities: FLICKER 4. Am- bition: To do something worthwhile. A very pleasant thing indeed. Characteristic Interests: R.F. ; Friendship; Dem Parties; A remedy for Unchained. Ac- tivities: Girls’ Rifle Team 3, 4; National Thespian So- ciety; Latin Club 2, 3; Flash 1 ; Beacon 1 ; German Club 2; Sailing Club 2. Honors: German Book Prize 3. Ambi- tion: To take a new step every day. So well she acted and every part. JANICE ANN REED 5 Chestnut St. Characteristic Interests : Swimming; Football games; “All those night.” Activities: Honor Business Club 2. 3, 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 3; Senior Dance Committee. Honors: Service Club “G.” Ambition: Marry that certain someone. What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness. LOIS PURDY “Loie,” “Lo” 3- A Nally Ave. Characteristic Interests: Dent Parties; Sobbin ' Windows; Lanesville; To be chained. Activities: Spanish Club 2: Girls’ Glee Club 2, 3. 4; Girls ' Drill Team 4; Student Council Secretary 4. Ambi- tion: To take a new step every day on the stairway to Paradise. A good reputation is more valuable than money. MARY (,)l INN “Sis” 2 Norwood PI. Characteristic Interests: The jalopy races; Those rides to Beverly; Parties. Activities: Girls’ Basketball 1. 2: Bad- minton 1, 2; Library Assist- ant 3. Ambition: To go into nurses’ training and make my parents proud of me. Laugh and be well. S L VI ' ORE JOSEPH R AN D A . A “Charlie, .1 r. " 6 Angle St. Characteristic Interest : Sports. Activities: Equipment Manag- er of all sports. Ambition : To see all Gloucester High sports have championships in the near future. The world was worthy of such men. NANCY FAYE ROARK “Nance,” “Nan " 119 Pleasant St. Characteristic Interests: A certain someone; Nashua, N.H.; Fuzzy ones; Jeanne knows why. Activities : Girls’ Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Office Assistant 3, 4; Catering Club 4. Ambition: Join the Waves or marry that certain someone. How much lies in laughter. MIRIAM ROBINSON “Denni” 11 Western Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests: Sports; Music; Friendship. Activities: Cheerleader 3, 4; Glee Club 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; FLICKER 1. 2, Literary Editor 4; Spanish Club 4; Stevens’ Reviewers 3, Treasurer 4. Ambition : To go to college and graduate with a B.A. in Spanish. Of such a merry, nimble, stirring spirit. M. PHYLLIS RODGERS “Phyll” 4 Beachmont Ave. Characteristic Interests: Bill: Hunting; The Force; GEOR- GI? Activities: Girls’ Club 2; Latin Club 2. 3. 4; FLICKER 2, 4; Senior Dance Committee 4. Ambi- tion : A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise; to see that the “Princess” al- ways pleases “Him.” Learn to live, and live to learn. PATRICIA E. ROGERS “Pat” 57 Riverdale Pk. Characteristic Interests: A certain trombone player; Friendship; Dem Parties; Campin ' Out: Santoro ' s; The Blueberry Bush; A.F. Activi- ties: Girls ' Drill Team 2, 3, 4. Sgt. 4; Prize Squad 3. Spectacular 3; Camera Club 2; FLICKER 2. 4; Honor Business Club 3. 4; AA Col- lector 2; Girls’ Club 2; Serv- ice Club: Teacher ' s Secretary 4. Ambition : A new step ev- ery day on the stairway to Paradise. ' Tis time to smile again. BETTE ROSE “Bette Jean " ’ 2 Southern Ave., Essex Characteristic Interests: The A.F. : Essex Grange; Those Three; Lanesville; The Gang. Activities: Basketball 1. 2, 3; Tennis 3; Teacher’s Sec- retary 4; Badminton 1, 2; Gym Exhibition 1 ; Senior Dance Committee 4. Ambi- tion: To see Linda and L.B. get together; to make my family proud of me. Joy of youthful sports. ROBERT EUGENE ROSE “Bob,” ‘‘Rosie” 11 Trask St. Characteristic Interests: Sports; The dibble dabbers; Girls; Plaving the roll; My little darling. Activities: Band 1. 2, 3. 4. Drum Major 3; Football 1, 2, 3; 51-56 Club; ROTC Sports 1, 2, 3. 4; Class President 3; Ex- change student on Good Gov- ernment Day 3; Winning prize squad 2. Ambition: To see J.A. lead the Girls Drill Team and to see four years of college ball with a smile. The very flower of youth. MARY ROWE “Nucca, " “CheChe " 67 Revere St. Characteristic Interests: Un- chained; Friendship; Dem Parties; Sobbin’ Windows; Camping Out; Table 4; B.LL. Activities: Camera Club 2; Girls’ Club 2; Teacher ' s As- sistant Secretary 2, 3; Teach- er’s Secretary 4; FLICKER 4; Senior Dance Committee 4; Girls ' Drill Team 4. Am- bition: A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise; to live as long as I want, but not want as long as I live. A small spark shines in the dark. BEATRICE ROSE RUSSO “Bebe” 14 Chestnut St. Characteristic Interests: Shomaloog; Dancing; Rides to Beverly; Parties; Gang at N.S.; Wednesday nights. Ac- tivities: Spanish Club 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2. Ambition : To become a nurse and to make my parents proud of me. Yet so my fancy may be satisfied.. ARTHUR NORMAN RYAN " Muffy,” “Alex” 13 Marble Rd. Characteristic Interests: J.W. ' s; Hdq. 5; Rendezvous. Activities : Dramatics Club 1; Glee Club 1; Prize Drill 2. 3; Track 3; Haskell Drill 3; Sailing Club 1, 2; FLICKER 4; ROIC Honor Guard 3. Ambition : Conducir un buena vida; to get into Mass. Mari- time and then the Coast Guard. Youth comes but once in a lifetime. JOHN W. SAWYER “Tarball” 5 Ivy Ct. Characteristic Interests: G.S. ; Shops’ Table; First Floor Reviewing Stand; Hunting; Archery; S.S.’s Truck. Activi- ties: Football 3, 4; Voc. Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To see B.B. jet highest score on the Basketball Team; to see H.F. get a girl. Ah, youth, forever dear. PAULINE GERALDINE SCANDALITO “Paulie” Characteristic Interests: Those Moments to Remem- ber. Activities: Honor Busi- ness Club 3, 4; Teacher’s Secretary 4; Senior Dance Committee 4; Service Club 4. Ambition: To inherit a mil- lion dollars and then go on a world cruise on a luxury liner. Thought is the wind, knowl- edge the sail. Day- Danc- JUDITH ELLEN SHOARES “J udy” 13 Higjihlkul Sti Characteristic, ylr teMfts : ton. Ohio- flainbjnv; ing; The Mings» wet tli(h last summer;! J w1tfnwlt! THE PA R R t) T Sit! , Ucdittks . Chess Yllb i3. A. p ckdiar 3 ; Latin. (JJ up 3; IdBajWc ett 2; jWadmintoj l ' i 2 » | [ek ArnkJlton: yReafh ' tfie the T5 a jrfp°|A l . Such ' joxj anrbittpn }finds. BERNARD SILVA. JR. “Bernie” 25 Bass Ave. Characteristic Interests: Foot- ball; Basketball; Dibbie-Dab- bers; Bus Barn. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 3, 4; Student Council; ROTC Cpl. 2, Co. Sgt. 3. Colonel 4; Haskell Drill 3; ROTC Sports; Prize Squad 3; Junior Rotarian 4; 51-56 Club; Football Follies 1, 2; Voc. Club. Honors: Sergeant of the year 3. Ambition: To further my ability in what- ever I undertake. 0, he smiles valiantly! ROBERTA SILVA “Bobbie” 61 Wheeler St. Characteristic Interests: Friendship; Unchained; Sob- bin’ Windows; Dem Parties; Parallel Minds; Crossroads; WTNNAH. Activities : Cheer- leader 3, Head Cheerleader 4; Class Treasurer 2; Ger- man Club 1, 2. Secretary 2; Glee Club 2. 3; Basketball 1, 2; FLICKER Advertising Committee; FLICKER Calen- dar Committee 4. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise; to find the missing link. Born with a gift of laughter. DAVID B. SMITH “Smitty” 2 Green St. Characteristic Interests: The Boys; Dibbie-Dabbers. Activ- ities: Football 51-55; Voca- tional Club. Ambition: To succeed in whatever I try; to make my parents proud of me. Besides your cheer, you shall have sport. SANDRA J. SMITH “Sandy” 2 Green St. Characteristic Interests : Sherm; I’m gonna tell Mom- my; O.K.; Sobbin’ Windows; Dem Parties; Camping Out. Activities: Honor Business Club 2. 3, 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4; Sub-Cheerleader 4; Senior Dance Committee 4; FLICK- ER Committee 4; Girls’ Club 1, 2. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise; to make Sherm happy with our baseball team. There was a soft and pen- sive grace. THOMAS SPINOLA “Souche” 13 Middle St. Activities; Basketball 3, 4. How few themselves in that just mirror see! ALEXANDER R. STEPHEN “Al” 3 Kent Circle Characteristic Interests : R B; Sports; Dibbie-Dab- bers. Activities : Football 2. 3, 4; Track 2. 3, 4; Basket- ball 1. 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; 51-56 Club 2, 3, 4; Football Follies; ROTC Sports. Hon- ors: Third place Rotary meet. Ambition : Get rich quick and get Mom and Pop to Florida. Every man will be thy friend. OsTs JACQUELYN NN STONE " Jacquie " 33 Commercial St. Characteristic Interests: Tiv- erton. Rhode Island; Awk- Awk! THE PARROTS!; Be- ing myself. Activities: Bea- con 1. 2: Flash L: Library Vssistant 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. Secretary 4: Service Club 2. 3. 4; Span- ish Club 2. 3. Secretary 4; Class Treasurer 3: Homeroom R ep. 1. 2; FLICKER 4. Hon- ors: Jeremy Ingalls Poetry Contest. First prize 3. Ambi- tion: Not to set the world on fire, but at least to create a little spark. The pen is the tongue of the mind. RONALD STOTTLEMYER “Ronnie.” “Shorty” Western Ave., Essex Characteristic Interest: Cer- tain M.D. of Peabody. Activi- ties: ROTC Volleyball and Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4. Ambi- tion: To be a success in what- ever I try. The height of honor. HAZEL SWINSON 6 Taylor Ct. Characteristic Interests: Driv- ing; “Moments to Remem- ber;” My Nerves; The Fuzzy Ones; The GLOBETROT- TERS. Activities: Teacher’s Secretary. Ambition: To be as good a mother to my chil- dren as mine has been to me. How happy art thou. RAYMOND F. SYMONDS “Skip” Burnhams Ct„ Essex Characteristic Interests : HUNTING; TRAPPING; M.N.O.; A few girls; Making plenty of money. Activities: Football 1; Hockey 1. Ambi- tion: To make my second million and g( to California. Toil does not come to help the idle. PAMELA WINFIELD TAYLOR “Pam” 39 Magnolia Ave. Characteristic Interests : Those strolls;’ To see M.A. finish art school; Scott Car- bee; Modeling; The Treas- ure Shop; Homeroom 101; Choir: Thursday Gab Ses- -ion‘: Music. Activities: Glee Club 2. 3; Our Town; The Mikado; Campus Capers. Ambition : To live in the house by the side of the road and be a friend to man. Silent e is more eloquent than words. JACQUELYN ANN TRACY “Jackie” 125 Mount Pleasant Ave. Characteristic Interests : FRIENDSHIP: Qu-est-ce que Dilly; By-the-Sea: Campin ' Out; GEORGI!; Dem Par- ties. Activities: Girls’ Club; Art Club; FLICKER 4. Am- bition: A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise. My Crown call’d content. RUSSELL TUPPER “Tup” 39 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Foot- ball; The Boys; Music; Es- pecially R. B. ; THE DIB- BIE-DABBERS; DIANNE. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Track 2; 51- 55 Club; Football Follies. Ambition: To play one really good game for GHS. Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth. JEANNE VEATOR “Veda” 68 Friend St. Characteristic Interests: I H.B.; Fuzzy Ones; Buddy Bun; THOSE RIDES; Rock- port; Lanesville; Saturday Nights; Dancing; OLDS- I MOBILE. Activities: FLICK- ER Typist 4; Teacher’s Sec- retary 3, 4; Girls’ Club 3. Ambition: T. M. H. B. A. L. H. E. A.; to make my mother and father proud of me. And feel that I am happier than I knoiv. PAUL V1CARI 900 Washington St. I I Characteristic Interests : Hunting; Fishing; Swim- ming; The Bay View Buzzard 1 Hole. Ambition: To see Jim Lane retire from digging clams. There ' s place and means for every man alive. AUDREY JANE WALTERS 16 Sayward St. Characteristic Interests : Double Dating; The red roof; Dem Parties; Rock.; ’ey? Activities : Honor Busi- ness Club 2, 3, 4; Service Club 2, 3, 4; Teacher’s Sec- retary 3, 4; Student Council Assembly Committee 3 ; FLICKER 4; Senior Dance Committee 4. Ambition: A new step every day on the stairway to Paradise. An open-hearted maiden. J GAIL FRANCES WEBBER 468 Washington St. Characteristic Mterests: s tyi didn’4, do- lajst stfm- ■ HercuU -ljftivepJf i Mu-i si ' c ; Bowlihgjr Activities: Jun- ior VpJ. nSpanish Glut 2, 3,| 4; Beacitn Junior Edilm I. Co-Editor 4; -Chess Club National lTonon Society ' 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4? Treasurer 4; FLICKER 4. Ho npfa-f Latin frllook Span- ish ' 11 rfoolc Prize 3; J e r T|iy Ingalls Pbetry Prize £. Anwi- , ti n i To do aud ' sny the right thing at tfye li ht Few Ching -are tmpossib j diligence ahd skill. A jft NANCY LOUISE WHITE “Snowball” 79 Gloucester Ave. Characteristic Interests: Har- old; East Gloucester; “Those nights;” Walking with Dot on the third floor. Activities : Teacher’s Secretary. Honors: Shorthand I 3; OAT Award 4; Complete Theory 4. Ambi- tion: To make my parents proud of me. To marry that certain someone and live hap- pily ever after. Happiness seems made to be shared. MARGARET 0. WHITMARSH “Peggy” 36 Commonwealth Ave. Characteristic Interests: J.E.B.; Rockport; Lazy ones; My nerves; Douglass; “The Californian;” Those double dates with Carol; That day in N. H.; St. John’s Senior Prom. Honors: Junior OAT 3. Ambition: To find the right one; to have one big happy family and to make a success of life. Fair words gladden so many a heart. RUTH EVA WILLIAMS “Ruthy” 117 Prospect St. Characteristic interests: Mu- sic; Movies; Those Long Walks; The Gang. Activities: Basketball 1; AAA Collector 2; Camera Club 2. Ambition: To make my Mom and Dad proud of me and someday repay them for all they have done for me; to make Europe in 1960. Gentle in manner. PAULA ESTER WILSON “Kiwi” Englewood Rd., Magnolia Characteristic Interests : Horses and horseback riding; K.S. and the track; Those early morning hours; Keep- ing the Mag. people wonder- ir g. Activities: German Club 3, 4; Library Assistant 1, 2; Riding Club 1, 2; Badmin- ton 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; FLICKER 4. Ambition: To receive my R.N. and M.T. ; to train and ride my horses in the Olympics; to make my parents proud of me. Wit is the flower of the imagination. RITA E. WILSON 4 Elwell St. Characteristic Interests: Movies; Painting; Music; Eddie Fisher; Week Ends. Activities : Spanish Club 2. " 5 , 4; Honor Business Club 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Club 2; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4: FLICKER 4; Senior Dance Committee 4; Service Club 4. Honors: Sawyer Medal 3; 40 Words per minute Typing Award 2. Ambition: To make my parents proud of me; to visit every state in the U.S.; Spain 1960. As is quiet, wise and good. CLARENCE W. WOOD “Billy, " “Woodsie " 36 South St.. Rockport Characteristic Interests: Ma- chine Shop; Cars; Swim- ming. Activities: Prize Squad. Ambition: To marry a sweet girl. A dreamer of dreams. NATALIE YOUNG “Nat” 54 High Street Characteristic Interests: Music; Sports; Dancing; Rockport; “Moments to re- member.” Activities: Spanish Club 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1; Chess Club 2; Service Club 1, 2; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Archery 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4; Badminton 1, 2, 3; Flicker. Ambition: To be a physical education teacher; To laugh and be merry for ever. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. PETER ROBERTS WOOD “Pete,” “W ' oody” 12 Ledgemont Ave. Characteristic Interests: Proverbs 1:2-4; Hunting. Ac- tivities: H.R. Rep. 1; Rifle Team 2; Class Ring Commit- tee 2; Beacon Junior Editor 3, Co-Editor 4; Flash 3; Flicker 3, 4; Spanish Club 3; Student Council 4; French Club 3; National Honor So- ciety 3, President 4; Stevens Reviewers Librarian 4; Honor Guard 3; ROTC Platoon Ser- geant 4; Junior Rotarian 4. Honors: Harvard Book Prize 3; Poetry first prize 3. Am- bition: To prove to anyone who doubts it. Job XII:2-4. Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them. PATRICIA WOODMAN “Pafti,” “Pat” Martin Street, Essex Characteristic Interests: Weekends; The kids from Clam Haven; December 19, 1953, 9:14; GHS Football games. Activities: Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4; National Thespian Society 2, 3, 4; Our Town 2; Glee Club 2; Softball 1, 2; Gym Exhibi- tion 1. Ambition: To change my name; Become an effi- cient secretary or make an attempt at modeling; to make my cousin happy. Grace, Loveliness and Charm combined. PATRICIA RICHARDSON “Pat,” “Nutmeg” 456 Washington St. Characteristic Interests: Springfield, Vt. ; Dancing. Activities: Springfield High School : Green Horn 2, 3, Editor 4; Columbia Univer- sity Delegate Candidate 3; Basketball 2, 3; Volleyball 2, 3; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball Formal 4; Frosh Recep- tion 4; Science Club 2. Am- bition: To make my family proud of me; to graduate from the college of my choice. Order is a lovely thing. Entered January 3, 1956 FRANCES CORCORAN “Susie,” “Sue” 20 Centennial Ave. Characteristic Interests: Dancing; Drawing; Walking; Pizza pies; The Navy; Mag- nolia in the summer. Activi- ties: Girls’ Club 1, 2; Art Club. Ambition: To be an interior decorator or a com- mercial artist. Painting is silent poetry. Left January 1, 1956 - W A.-V KAREN M. P. YOUNG 41 Bond St. Characteristic Interests: CHUCK; Dancing; Records; Those Weekends; Dad’s Car; Oct. 10; We Six; Our Se- crets. Activities: Dramatics Club 2; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Teacher’s Secretary 3, 4. Honors: Type awards. Am- bition: To dance through life; to marry Chuck; to live on the farm. Her steps are of light. v L m ■ ff ft • WU 4WW ' . . pMVftj WVhJTjMX uJA a» . wS3. ' r l- r 1 A f w ' Jr • J CLASS GENIOUS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST OUTSTANDING IN LEADERSHIP MOST STUDIOUS MOST POPULAR MOST POPULAR OFFICER BEST LOOKING BEST GROOMED MOST SOPHISTICATED ... MOST ROMANTIC MOST TALENTED MOST MUSICAL MOST DRAMATIC MOST ARTISTIC MOST ATHLETIC BEST DANCER CUTEST MOST VIVACIOUS MOST CHEERFUL MOST ARGUMENTATIVE ... MOST BASHFUL MOST DARING MOST FICKLE MOST FLIRTATIOUS MOST NAIVE BEST GIFT OF GAB MOST GULLIBLE CLASS CRADLE SNATCHER CLASS BABY CLASS CLOWN SENIOI GIRL Hilda Bernstein Hilda Bernstein Hilda Bernstein Sally Hodge Gail Webber Sally Hodge Carol Enos Ruth Ojantakanen Patricia Woodman Sheila Cavanaugh I Sally Hodge Rose Ciaramitaro Ardrith Parady Doreen Pinto [ Nancy Knowles Natalie Young Carol Enos Patricia Woodman Marilyn Hoffer Nancy Callahan Roberta Silva Carla Johnson Helen Hubbard Roberta Silva Marilyn Hoffer Sally Graham Roberta Silva Jacquelyn Tracy Bettyjane Brennan Dianne Griffin Sandra Lauranzano RjUPERLATIVES MOS DR M Dana Ginn Peter Wood David Pearsall Peter Wood David Arnold Bernard Silva Bernard Silva Arthur Orr Bernard Silva Stephen Barusso John Boyle Clyde Melanson Peter Wood Lazio Kubinyi Alexander Stephen James Hanrahan Stephen Barusso Anthony Marino Sydney Marchant Robert Rose David Smith Donald Enos Robert Rose Robert Rose Paul Frazier George Frigard John Ahonen Anthony Palazola John MacEachern James Hanrahan BOY MEDALS AND AWARDS Sawyer Medals: Eighth Grade — Hilda Bernstein, Judith Chane, Marcia Harvey, Carla Johnson, Kathleen Marr. Doreen Pinto, Arthur Ryan, Roberta Silva, Gail Webber, Peter Wood. Ninth Grade — Dana Ginn, Ardrith Parady. Tenth Grade — Sheila Ryan, Freeman Selig. Eleventh Grade — Gerald French, Rita Wilson. French A.A.T.F Certificates — Hilda Bernstein. French II Book Prize — Hilda Bernstein. German II Book Prize — Doreen Pinto. Latin II Book Prize — Gail Webber. Spanish II Book Prize — Sheila Ryan, Gail Webber. German III Book Prize — Carla Johnson. College Women’s Book Prize to outstanding junior girl — Hilda Bernstein. Mabel Spofford Book Prize — Louise Grace. Time Magazine Award for proficiency in Current Events — David Murphy. Delegates to Massachusetts Boys’ State — David Pearsall, Freeman Selig. Delegate to Massachusetts Girls’ State — Noreen Greely. Delegate to D.A.R. Convention — Gail Webber. B.U. Journalist Contest Award — Dana Ginn. National Merit Scholarships Semi-finalists — Dana Ginn, Hilda Bernstein. •sS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 50 Words-per-niinute Typewriting Awards — Hose Ciaramitaro, Marcia Harvey, Sheila Ryan. 100 Words-per-minute Shorthand Award — Marcia Harvey. Senior Transcription Award — Marcia Harvey. Drawing Design of Model Cottage — Freeman Selig. Second Place Haskell Medal — David Arnold. Third Place Certificate for Drill — James Hanrahan, Robert Rose. Outstanding Corporal of the Year — Freeman Selig. Outstanding Sophomore of the Year — David Arnold. Outstanding Sophomore in Rifle Marksmanship — Jon Anderson. Outstanding Cadet Sergeant— Bernard Silva. Football Awards: Merrimac Valley All-Stars — Anthony Marino, Robert Rose. Lynn Item All-Star Team — Mike Frigard, Anthony Marino. Boston American All-Star Team — Anthony Marino. Boston Herald All-Star Team — Anthony Marino. Boston Post All-Star Team — Anthony Marino. Steve Barusso, Hilda Bernstein, Winifred McCarthy, Sally Erwin, Helen Schwartz, Janice Reed, Mary Curcuru, Nancy White, Peter Wood, Anthony Marino, Russell Tupper, Beatrice Russo, Barbara Courant, Barbara Bruns, Carlton Ellis, Marcia Harvey, Judy MacKenzie, Phyllis Rodgers, Doris MacCuish, Carol Knowles, Nancy Knowles, Marilyn Karvellas, Anne Eames, Sandra Marshall. Marjorie I.ufkin, James Hanrahan, Ronald Gerring, Freeman Selig, Jeannette Carey. I . r. ' +• .A ,: inr — ftp cs V m T£ V t 4 ' y%: ; I fjft jt £ rJT ; Jj 4bv ? U» J ' £t% ' ■ -1 SKIM Hkfe: ' ftl ML David Pearsall, Sharon Doyle, Louise Grace, Anthony Malaquias, Jr., Marilyn Bruni, Joanne Perkins, Rita Wilson, Robert Rose, John LaFond, Idelia Mitchell, Judy LaFond, Marily Greely, Paula Wilson, Marilyn Hoffer, Kathy Marr, Carla Johnson, Josie Parisi, Harold Mallette, David Arnold, Donna Norwood, Sally Graham, Virginia Cooper, Audrey Walters, Judy Belanger, Elaine McSheffery, Vincent Fiaro, Josie Lafata. Charles Kearsey Eileen McCue Judy Gray A. J. Palazola Sally Hodge Ralph Hawley Adrian Perry Natalie Youna Lois Purdy Beverly Noble Jeanne Veator Nancy Roark Mary (Juinn Sheila Cavanauah Judy Amero Ray Hawley Ruth Ojantakanen Pat Rogers Mary Rowe Bob Parker 1 1 JL_— Carol Parsons Jocelyn Johnson Margaret Whitmarsh Nancy Pierce Linda Parsons Jacquie Stone Faye Parady Bette Rose Doreen Pinto Dick Foley Sandra Smith David Smith Karen Christenson Noreen Greely Wendy Lovell Marie Parisi Paul Alper Ted Marchant Duncan MacEachern CLASS CALENDAR 8 — School opens. Children’s Day. All Freshmen welcome. 10 — R. Matz seen arguing with Benny Courant. Matzie claims his beach wagon is of the supersonic vintage. — — — — 11 — Jeannette Carey bakes “cake. " Passes it out to seniors. Seniors pass out! | K| Mimr 14 — Seniors up to tbeir necks in class expenses. Counterfeit dimes are in circulation it seems. 17 — A1 Stephen not satisfied with G.H.S. girls. Writes to Santa early for info. St. Nick says, “Try Manchester!!” 21 — Art Ryan, alias Alexander, has grown an inch in stature in the past year. Atta baby, Art!! 23 — Cheerleaders model new uniforms at rally in the auditorium. Male approval evident! 26 — Football players start season off with a bang! — beat Lynn Classical 39-6. 28 — Bob Parker comes to school with shoes shined. Bucking, Bob? 30 — David Pearsall gets saber. En gard!! — One officer on the danger list at hospital. OCTOIIKK 4 — Drill!! What a sorry mess of men!! 6 — Danger sign — B. Wood appears at drill wearing crimson necktie! ! 7 — Friday, then two days of rest; two nights of play! ! 10 — Special menu . . . bread sandwiches!! 13 — Thirty days has September, April, June, and Kenny Gleason for speeding. 14 — Jeanne Curcuru finds fish in locker. Going into business for dad, Jeanne? 17 — M. Hoffer reports on “Boy Dates Girl. " W. Lovell looks hopeful. 19 — Sally Hodge and Steve Barusso on the “outs.” She asked him for violets, and he brought her a package of seeds. 20 — R. R. Hawley and Co. claim they have lifelong job as clam diggers in Essex. De- termined to put Floyd out of business. 21 — Extra drill for Buddy Orr. Salutes Helen instead of Bernie. 24 — Weekend was awfully short, but long enough to forget what we learned before it. 25 — Nothing ever happens on Tuesdays! 26 — J. Malaquias takes up permanent residence at Wheeler’s Point. 28 — Freshman amazed as eight senior girls emerge from S. Erwin’s Austin. I 1 — R. Morrissey’s dog missing! Rob joins in hunt. This is the best excuse yet for being absent. 2 — Beacon Staff labors until the wee small hours. Emerges from Room 319 to find bars blocking escape. 4 — Snow falls; so do the girls for the football heroes. 7 — Bernie Silva autographs 1,000 slips of paper to be distributed to his admiring public. 8 — Ruth Williams in school today. Miracles never cease. 10 — Rain — but no relief from drudgery. 15 — Natalie Young gives account of childhood diseases in physiology class. Report next week for final results on her ulcer. 16 — Carol Enos seen walking with sophomore boy at lunch. What’s going on? 18 — S. Cavanaugh and L. Purdy seen riding on fire engine. Joining the football squad, or just looking? 21 — Boy seen running through corridor yelling, “It’s a girl, it’s a girl”; but don’t get alarmed, it’s only Dana Ginn telling everyone about his new French pen pal. 23 — Miss Harris announces that class will study A Certain Rich Man. P. Croziel wants to substitute life of an heiress. 25— Officers’ Party proves that Hollywood beauties have nothing on our own G.H.S. girls. 28 — H. Bernstein seen wearing her stripes upside down at the R.O.T.C. party Friday night. Interested in the Air Force? 29 — Test in trigonometry. Many pass in blank papers. S. Cluett has his name on his, but gets -7% because he misspelled it. was i»ECErniEiE 1 H. Schwartz claims $5 missing from the class treasury. Miss Gale didn’t know there 15 in the treasury. 2 Careers Day! Doc Anderson seen attending nursing lecture. Desides to have office hours “B” block in Mr. Ross’s office. 5 — S. Graham celebrates Safe Driving Day with a bang!! 6 Bobby Silva comes to school dragging Paul Revere Bowl given to the cheerleaders by the Lions Club of Gloucester. 9 — Jim Diddley takes extended trip to Melrose. 12 — The happy wanderer returns. 13 — R. K ennedy seen dancing around the corridors singing “You’re all 1 Want for Xmas.” 14 — Robert Davis wanted his name in the Class Calendar. Well, here it is, Bob! 13 — Students seen trudging along with heavy load of homework — Put Christenson whtozes by with copy of “Ten Easy Ways to Avoid Homework.” 16 — Peter Wood overheard telling Mr. Lane: “Give us this day our daily grinds, and the long weekend to rest our minds.” 19 — Cynthia MacDonald running down corridor to Room 102. Is it homework or a cobalt explosion? 21 — Paul Alper comes to school dressed as Santa Claus. Has briefcase full of presents. JASUAKY 3 — The gates of the inner sanctum open wide to admit apathetic seniors. 4 — Peter Frederick and Chuck Francis come to school bundled up and freezing. Seems they went skating last night and ended up swimming. 6 — David Murphy comes to school on Friday. That makes one complete week. Teachers amazed ! ! 9 — Payday at the hospital. V. Cooper skips school so she won’t have to pay her dues. 11 — D. Foley returns after holidays. Wishes they wouldn’t end so quickly. 13 — Miss McGrew says literature banned in Boston makes a small fortune. N. Knowles submits her diary. 16 — J. Dexter claims her mother feeds her bullets to make her hair come out in bangs. 18 — B. Selig takes bus to school. Claims a wall bumped — Smack — into his car. 20 — FLICKER requests baby pictures. D. Pearsall turns in graduation photo. 23 — Mid-year’s this week. Boys take up temporary residence at the “Y.” 1 — R. Ojantakanen looks closely at all airplanes. Maybe Roger is in one of them. 3 — J. Chane has a busy day passing out invitations to the boys for a trip to the submarine races. 6 — S. Marshall going to indulge in intellectual reading. Seen carrying her small brother’s books to school. 10 — S. Ryan seen walking through the corridors singing her rendition of “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Still looking, Sheila? 13 — D. Griffen wears that fluffy sweater again. Russell Tupper banished from modern prob- lems for purring. 14 — To commemorate Valentine’s Day B. Kennedy and C. Melanson pass out Scotch tape to mend those broken hearts. 17 — Love is where you find it, and seniors find it in the form of a duet in the auditorium. 27 — Doors of G.H.S. open wide after vacation. Everyone looks forward to April. 29 — This is the day that marks 1956 Leap Year. Unchained!! Girls searching for missing links. Boys hide in lockers. n a ig : h 1 — P. Taylor couldn ' t quite make school today. Those heavy March winds wouldn’t give her a break. 6 — After four years in this brain factory, Lt. Col. Fred O’Dea still forgets to wear uniform on Tuesday. 7 — Seniors desperately trying to sell remaining football banners. 9 — P. Rogers seen taking ber weekly trip to the main office to continue her correspondence with the Air Force. 12 — Stevens Reviewers add books to library. They include My Friend, the Mouse by Carla Johnson, and This is My Last Warning to the World by H. Bernstein. 17 — St. Patrick’s Day here again. Anne Eames joins with the Essexites in dyeing her hair green. 20 — Spring is when a senior boy’s heart lightly turns to thoughts of— baseball! 22 — Girls attend ball games with early hopes for the Sergeants’ Party. 26 — Crowd of boys seen carrying a girl out of 315 “F” block. M. Perry got “A” in her solid geometry test. PIN Li 2 — Seniors celebrate belated April Fool’s Day by playing hookey! 6 — Mr. Card says that matches are made in Sweden. J. Amero says they’re made in Heaven. 9 — “Yumpin’ yintiney.” “Ingi” passeil her English test. 11 — Mike Frigard flunks mechanical drawing. Mr. Hooper tells him to come out of his trance and curve his vivid imagination. 13 — Unlucky Friday for the Seniors who decide to start their April vacation early. 23 — During vacation, several discover that April showers bring May flowers and troublesome colds. Ah, spring!! 27 — B. Marino and J. Cecilio put on the “dog” in English. Miss Gale puts the dogs out. St ITI A T 1 — Miss Nugent says that bright colors amuse children. 2 — Miss Nugent wears an orange dress. 7 — Jon Anderson and William Griffin put away their skis today, abandoning all hope of another snow storm. 11 — The end to those twelve years is drawing near. 14 — Seniors heard singing “99 Years,” at lunch today. 18 — Eight more days, and we’re free! 21 — J. Belanger, A. Blatchford, and J. Bouchie overheard having a discussion: subject, a career versus marriage. 23 — May is here, and drawing near, is Summer — spelled V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N ! ! 25 — P. Frazier and P. Frederick show up at drill wearing white bucks — Maj. Call faints. 28 — Last assembly for Seniors. Underclassmen weep as Seniors march up the aisles. 30 — Choruses of “So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You!” can be heard in the cafeteria as Seniors bid a final farewell to all. J u 1 — Field Day! S. Murray, G. Goveney, and J. Cannilas caught stealing the Bachelor Trophy from Military Office. 4 — All Seniors paid up in class dues. 6 — Practice for graduation! A multitude of bikes present in the parking lot. It seems some girls have a camp. 8 — Seniors tearfully turn in R.O.T.C. uniforms. Maj. Call “tearfully” passes out obligation slips. 10 — Graduation Day! 12 — “I wanna go back!” PROPHECY OF THE CLASS OF 1956 As all pendulums must swing, let the pendulum of time swing from thirty-three years in the past to thirty-three years in the future. The place, Gloucester; the year. 1989. In the musty vaults of the gigantic stock brokerage firm of Canillas, Cole. Gardner and Goveney. we hear Keeper of Dormant Accounts, John Ahonen, say to the head of the staff’s lawyers. “Mr. Murphy, we have made an incredible discovery; in a neglected file there is an account that has been untouched since the company was founded in 1956. The original investment was negligible, hut with the fabulous booming of Gloucester’s economy these unknown investors have a controlling interest in what is easily the most powerful company of its kind in the world, the Ocean Perch Plastics and Leather Co.” “Investors?” says Murphy. “I thought you said it was one account.” “I did. sir. but you see it’s the investment of a surplus of the treasury of the high school class of 1956. By rights, each member of the class is a stockholder now. Don’t you remember the eloquent appeal made by Admiral Arnold, or I should say Class President Arnold?” “Of course, I remember now. I remember when Richard Jameson sold his formula for making plastic and leather from ocean perch to Tommy Mackey, Joe Lovasco, John Lafond, and Tommy Kerr, the founders of the company.” “Excuse me for interrupting, sir, but hadn’t we better do something about those investors? They have a fortune in back dividends.” “Yes, yes, of course. I’ll have Charles Kearsey, Pat Powers, and Sam Randazza, the detectives, round up the rest of the class of ’56 so we can pay those dividends.” With typical efficiency the detectives begin to track down the widely scattered mem- bers of the class. They have the Hawley, Hawley, Burnham, and Leavitt Advertising Co. spread the news by use of the new printing technique developed by Jack Mala- quias and James Noble. After many months of indefatigable search the entire class has been found and Alice Blatchford and Judy Bouchie are reading the detectives’ report and reminiscing. “Here’s Paul Alper — he’s living on the royalties from his toothpaste discovery. Judy Amero and Judy Chane are writing for TV comedies. Here is the Martin, Murray, Nickerson, and Symonds Theatrical Agency. The class certainly has its share of secre- taries: Judy Gray. Antoinette Grillo. Pat Rogers, Lois Purdy, Ruth Williams, Rita Wilson, and of course Marcia Harvey, secretary to the President of the United States.” “Look at the list of sports figures: John Boyle, the sports writer; Jon Anderson, who holds the speedboat title he won in Karen Christenson’s muffled motor boat; Paul Cook, the decathalon winner of two Olympics; Sally Hodge, the racing driver, and her personal mechanic, Steve Barusso; Marilyn Hoffer, the channel swimmer; Judy Mac- Kenzie, the lady lion tamer; Paula Wilson, who trained Elaine McSheffrey’s Kentucky Derby winner; A. J. Palazola, who owns a gym; A1 Stephen, the football coach; Billy Griffin, the big game hunter; Paul Vicari. of Vicari’s Safaris, Inc.; Herm Gleason, the Florida deep sea fisherman; Nancy White, the bowling champ; Nat Young, who coaches the women’s Olympic team; and. of course, Sandra Smith, the baseball manager’s wife.” “Show business has been adopted by some of our classmates. There’s Karen Young, the movie dancer; Kuss Tupper. the rock and roll reviver; Bob Rose, the drummer; Miriam Robinson, the noted organist; Mary Quinn, the movie queen; Doreen Pinto, the famous actress, now starring in The Barretts of Wimpole Street; Nancy Pierce, the apache dancer; Faye Parady. the barrelhouse pianist; Linda O’Maley, the classical disc jockev: Fred O ' Dea. the new Jose Greco; Clyde Melanson. the trombone player; Bob Matz. the man who brought rock and roll to Dogtown National Park; Butch Marino, now playing in the South Pacific revival; Anthony Malaquias, the TV story-teller; Doris MacCuish. the pianist; Russel Lacerda and Debbie Forbes, the teachers of dancing; Brien Kennedy, who records his laugh for TV quiz shows; Thomas Hardy, the stunt cyclist; Kenny Gove, the horse opera idol; John Giacalone. bandmaster of the U. S. Marine Band; Sylvia Frade, the wife in a TV situation comedy; Jim Feener. the popular toastmaster: Carol Brooks, the Hollywood hairdresser; “Barker” Bill Baker, the TV kiddie circus barker; Carol Knowles, the comedienne; Donna Norwood, the make-up artist; and. of course. Judy Shoares. the gossip columnist.” " Here are several models: Pat Woodman, the model for the fried clam ads; Mary Rowe, model for Jean Curcuru’s ‘House of 9 ' chain; Sheila Gray, model for baking soda; and Sheila Cavanaugh, who runs a modeling school.” “The arts and sciences are well represented by our classmates. Listen to this list: Rosemary Auditore and Marilyn Bruni. art and music critics; Paul Frazier, literary critic; Dick Foley, drama critic; Buddy Orr. commercial artist; Laszlo Kubinyi, painter of white lines on highways; Louise Grace and Joy Johnson, book illustrators; Rose Ciaramitaro. reviver of rose windows; Nancy Ernst, author of the play, The Importance of Being Ernst; Dana Ginn, author of math and physics books for the layman; Jerry- French. researcher for B. F. Goodrich; Dick Gayton, painter of moralistic paintings; Ingegard Genell. the “first lady of modern medicine”; Steve Cluett, the brilliant physicist and mathematician; Dorothea Child, inventor of Child’s Child Psychology; John Borge, inventor of power chop-sticks for soup; Vincent Fierro, discoverer of oil in Essex Mud; Carla Johnson, perfector of Child’s Child Psychology; Ray Lawson, the alchemist who first employed portzebetric function; Tony Lombardo, inventor of a muscle soothing salve; Alphonse Longo, creator of dry bath soap; Eileen McCue, inventor of unbreak- able glass for fire boxes; Beverly Noble, successful chemist in spite of herself; Dave Pearsall, inventor of “double-H” design bridge; Marietta Perry, inventor of nerve pills; Sheila Ryan and Jacquie Stone, collaborators on slang translation of Don Quixote; Buddy Selig. inventor of a miniature wheelbarrow for carrying medals; Roberta Silva, author of the book Arguments Made Easy; Dave Smith, a Detroit engineer; Gail Webber, author of Spanish psychological novels; Virginia Cooper, etiquette expert; and John Drohan, story man for Mad Comics.” “Here is a fine list of home-makers: Nancy Roark, Janice Reed, Joanne Perkins, Marie Parisi, Judy Gove, Sandra Lauranzano, Eleanor Evans, Josie LoPiccolo, Sylvia Flanagan. Joanne Orlando, Marion Montrose, Idella Mitchell, Gladys Markuson, Joan Madruga, Marilyn McKenny, Winnie McCarthy, Marjorie Lufkin, Gertrude Hunter, Dianne Griffin, Judy Belanger. Mary Curcuru, Janice Brown, and Virginia Frontiero.” “Quite a number of our classmates are in business for themselves. Here are some of them: Bob Anderson, maker of do-it-yourself automobiles; Sue Betts, owner of famed local nightclub, the Seagull Club; Carol Brown, of Brown’s Brownie Mix; Geraldine Cook, jewelry designer; Barbara Courant, the new Helena Rubenstein; Carol Enos, owner of a school for airline stewardesses; Sally Erwin, dress designer; Harold Fair- weather, restorer of colonial homes and furniture; Don Foster, a steeplejack; Ronald Gerring, head of a pharmaceutical chain; Mario Godinho, owner of a garlic farm; Tommy Goulart. used car king; Sally Graham, owner of the Tiny Tot Teddybear Mfg. Company; Jim Hanrahan, male fashion designer; Marilyn Karvellas, raiser of kidney beans; Nancy Knowles, publisher of Sshh Magazine ; Josie Lafata, owner of Italo- American restaurant; Faye MacDonald, owner of a pony express line to Lexington; Steve Maniates. builder of custom cars; Sandra Marshall, owner of tropical paradise for tourists; Gilbert Melanson. seller of popcorn soaked in crankcase oil; Bob Barker, free-lance test driver; Carol Parsons, manufacturer of smooth corduroy; Boh Parsons, maker of little tubas for little people; Ralph Perry, Alaskan real estate dealer; Phyllis Rod ' gers. automobile insurance adjuster; Bette Rose, owner of a ladies’ Turkish hath; Arthur Ryan, steamship line owner; John Sawyer, salesman of autographed neckties; Bernie Silva, tape measure tester; Tom Spinola, owner of fishing fleet; Ronnie Stottle- meyer, elevator shoe salesman; Hazel Swinson, owner of Swedish-American restaurant chain; Jacquie Tracy, interior decorator of padded cells; Audrey Walters, the modern Betty Crocker.” “As teachers we have Margaret Whitmarsh, nature teacher; Linda Parsons, cooking instructor; Ruth Ojantakanen, with a class of enamored six-vear-olds; Kathy Marr, a fraternity mother; Dorothy Jackman, practicing educational expert; Marily Greely, and Judy Dexter.” “In politics, the service, and civic activities we have Barbara Bruns, president of the National P.T.A.; Jeannette Carey, crusading western mayor; Benny Courant, P.M.S. T. of West Point; Carleton Ellis and Charles Francis, the congressmen; Pete Frederick, the battling general; Noreen Greely, st ate representative; Teddy Marchant, Sweeper of the House; Judy Lafond. mayor of Rockport; Wendy Lovell, W.A.C. lieutenant; Harold Mallette, commander of the French Foreign Legion; Rob Morrissey, head of F.B.I.; Dave O’Brien, counterspy; Adrian Perry, war hero; Pauline Scandalito, head of the Red Cross; Helen Schwartz, U. S. Treasurer.” “Some of these miscellaneous occupations are also intersting; Bettyjane Brennan, diamond miner; Grace Campbell, spying on the Heinz Soup Company; Nancy Callahan, wife of a California grape grower; Hilda Bernstein, leader of the international set; Bob Davis, with Marlon Perkins’ old job; Anne Eames, President of the National Kennel Club; Beatrice Russo, superintendent of Addison Gilbert Hospital; Pamela Taylor, society matron; Jeanne Veator. flyer in the Danish Air Force; Billy Wood, Tiny Tot Teddybear production manager; Don Enos, Hollywood stunt man; Cynthia MacDonald, a poodle raiser, and Peter Wood, a recluse goatherder on Dogtown Common.” So the report ends; each member will receive his dividend. This has been a fanciful prophecy — some of it may come close to the truth, most will be far from it. We are sure, however, that there is one truth in it — from the wisdom of your investment of yourself, will be determined your future dividend. EXCERTS FROM THE LAST WILL AN] I. John Ahonen. will to Paul Niemi. the hope that he will do well next year as co- captain for Gloucester High. I. Paul Alper, will to David Bloomberg my curly hair and my way with girls. I. David Arnold, will to anyone with a slow clock the last space in the parking lot. I. Stephen Barusso. will to any deserving Vocational boy my only left-handed monkey wrench. I. Hilda Bernstein, will twenty-five pounds for general distribution among the under- weight co-eds of G.H.S. 1. John Boyle, will to Sally McCarthy all my talents to add to the ones she possesses already. We. Bettyjane Brennan and Kathleen Marr, will to the poor souls who will have to take those cold early-morning walks to school next winter, our heating pads, snow shovels, overshoes, and red flannel underwear, hoping that they have better luck in get- ting rides than we ' ve had. I. Janice Brown, will to all underclassmen the kindness and understanding they have shown to foreign students. I. Marilyn Bruni, will to Johnny Courant any part of the Atlantic Ocean so that he may sail in peace whenever he wishes. I. Jeannette Carey, will to next year’s seniors table two. We. Judy Chane and Gail Webber, will to next year’s office assistants the terrible monster in the main office. I. Dorothea Child, will to Paulette Cutler my standing space on the Magnolia bus. I. John Cecilio. will to Anthony Frontiero all my tardy cards of the year 1956. I. Paul Cook, will to any bookworm my empty seat in the library. I. Barbara Courant. will to some unfortunate underclassman my giggles. I. Benjamin Courant, will to the students of 229 someone to watch over them. I. Jean Curcuru, will to Janet Murch my independence and freedom, in hope that she will obtain hers. I. Sharon Doyle, will to Sylvia Cooke the leg I broke running to lunch in the G.H.S. corridor. I. Carol Enos, will to Joan Hempel my better “half.” I. Donald Enos, will to Larry Harding all that grey matter that I so foolishly let go to waste and any hidden talents that I may have. I, Sally Erwin, will to all underclassmen a bottle of aspirins for all the headaches that are to come. I. Eleanor Evans, will to Ruth Kincade my shorthand speed; if she used it for driving speed, she might make Rockport in a day. I. Vincent Fierro, will to Sally McCarthy, Rhoda Ina, and Gloria Fuchs my daily trips downtown shop week. I. Sylvia Flannagan, will to all future French classes in room 322 sweaters to keep them warm. I. Deborah Forbes, will to the G.H.S. girls’ Drill Team my Bermuda shorts and knee socks for the start of new uniforms next year. I. Paul Frazier, will to skip Ross my independence, in the hope that he may do better by it than I did. I. George C. Frigard, will to the jalopies in the G.H.S. parking lot the noise so characteristic of my car. I. Ingegerd Genell, will to foreign students coming after me my deep impression of Gloucester High School. Ye, Louise Grace, Joy Johnson, Judy Gove, and Pam Taylor, will to Sally McCarthy and Mary Tracy our jazz combo, the Four Fantastics Plus One. with the hope that they will dig its cool sounds. 1. Sally Graham, leave to Mary Tracy my naivete. I, Marilyn Greely, will to Joyce Beverly my sloe eyes. I. Dianne Griffen. will to Donna Parsons my height, with the hope that she will grow a foot taller. I. James Hanrahan. will to Robert Morrissey my pegged pants. I, Marcia Harvey, will to Harry Aptt my unused first-floor locker. I. Marilyn Faye Hoffer, will to Billy Hoffer my flirtatious ways, in order that he may overcome his shyness. ESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1956 I, Gertrude Hunter, will to Karen Armstrong my one and only dimple to do with it whatever she pleases. I. Dotty Jackman, will to Nancy Amodeo my German hook. I. Marilyn Karvellas. will to Norma MacLeod the art of letter writing and the path that I have worn to the mailbox. I, Thomas Kerr, will to Donald Ross my slightly used Corporal’s stripes. I. Nancy Knowles, will to Hootsie Jensen the Estate and the good things that go with it. I. Marjorie Lufkin, will to Janice Burnham what little knowledge I have of Spanish. I, Winifred McCarthy, will to all the juniors a successful senior year in G.H.S. I, Doris MacCuish, will to anyone who can mend them, my broken piano keys. I, John D. MacEachern, will to Dick MacDonald the title of Class Baby. I, Marilyn McKenney. will to Carol Santos my cluttered locker in hopes she will clean it out. I. Elaine McSheffrey, will to Kathleen Dewhurst my record of removals and my seat in the library. I, Anthony Malaquias. Jr., will L. Woodman my Drum Majorship. I, Harold Francis Mallette. Jr., will to posterity all of my poetic creations. I, Sydney March ant, will to Gerald A. C. Greely my position as City Official. I, Marion Montrose, will to 316-B peace and tranquility after my graduation. I, Stephen Nickerson, will Tommy Boucher my seat in the Main Office after school. I. Ruth Ojantakanen, will to my cousin. Carrellen Stowell, the strength to pass up those calorie-packed dinners at G.H.S. I, Joanna Orlando, will to Mary Ann Bertolino all the homework I didn’t do. I. David Pearsall, will to any prospective science student my best wishes for success. I, Joanne Perkins, will to Sandra Mulcahy half of one very poor brain. I. Marietta Perry, will to any future chess player the chance to beat Terry Olsen just once. I. Doreen Pinto, will to Jerry Greely, John Conners, and Jon Hagstrom my “B” block receptionist job. I. Janice Reed, will to my sister, Irene, my seat in English IV, hoping that she accomplishes more than I did. I. Phyllis Rodgers, will to Dianne Smith, the Association of Ipswich girls and all my Spanish books. I. Patricia Rogers, will to Donna Parsons all my crushes, joys, and tears in hopes that she will bear them easier than I did. I. Robert Rose, will to John Conners, a special lock so that his R.O.T.C. hat will not be stolen by any sophomore champs. I. John Sawyer, will to K. Adams my height and weight. I, Helen Schwartz, will all the remaining pennies in the treasury of the class of 1956 to the treasurer of the class of 1957 for aspirin, an absolute necessity. I. Freeman J. Selig. Jr., will to Gaspar Frontiero my R.O.T.C. commission in hopes that he will lead the band to greater heights. I. Bernie Silva, will to Robert Morrissey my stormy night walks on Good Harbor Beach. I. Roberta Silva will to Townley Gamage my slightly over-sized megaphone. I, Sandra Smith, will to Barbara Bouchie my aching back, pulled muscles, and cart- wheels, with hopes that she will be able to get her left foot off the ground. I, Alexander Stephen, will to Robert Morrissey our farm in Alaska and our trip to Europe. I, Jacquie Stone, will to Pauline Campbell the anticipation of an all “A” report card, hoping she’ll have better luck than I did. We, Russell Tupper and Tony Marino, will to Larry Harding and Paul Niemi the Class “B” Championship. I. Nancy White, will to Janet Eccolani my place in the boys’ lunch line. I, Peter Roberts Wood, will to Ray Welch my quill pen and rhyming dictionary. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY To be a junior or not to be a junior; That is the question. Vi hether tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of cold, early mornings, Or to take arms against a sea of studies And In opposing end them? To die. to sleep: Perhaps to dream of becoming a senior; Tis a goal to be sought in particular, Rut here’s what we do for extra-curricular: ROTC To some a boon : to some a bore : Reserve Officers Training Corps. Jl NIOR CORPORALS: Jon Hagstrom, Larry Harding, Larry Davis, Dick Mac- Donald. Ray Welch, Young Paul Neimi. Ronnie Lane, Aubrey Stuart, John Courant, Dave W atson. Fred Thompson, Gardner Porter, Mike Burnham, Don Elliott. Dick Gerring, Bob Shoares. FOOTBALL If your prestige is batting zero. Then , Mister, be a football hero. JUNIOR FOOTBALL HEROES: Larry Harding. Paul Neimi, Jim Mondello. John Connors, Jan Hagstrom. Gardner Parsons, Ray Welch, Cosmo Pallazola. Bobby Andersen. Rob Morrissey, Pat Shrafft. Jack Babson, Gus Bourneuf, Jo hn Latassa, Don Strople. Ed Parks. Pete Eldridge. Pancho Gonzales Lopes, Fred Thompson. CHEERLEADERS Tis the Cheerleaders that everyone blesses. But don’t they get cold in those little dresses? JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS: Barbara Brazier, Dot Gibbs, Townley Gamage. Joan Hempel. Shirley Reed. Barbara Boutchie (Substitute). DRILL TEAM Column left and counter march, Here’s the Drill Team, stiff and starch. JUNIOR DRILL TEAMERS: Dot Gibbs, Barbara Brazier, Townley Gamage, Jocie Hanson, Jean Perry, Nat Balzarini, Bonnie Brown, Judy Brown, Judy Woodman, Norma Harris, Dianne Smith. Joan Hempel, Shirley Reed, Mimi Pistenma, Sandra Mitchell. GLEE CLUB W ith the baton of our Miss Moore Up to the roof their voices soar. Jl NIOR SINGERS: Jack Babson, Skip Bloomberg, Thomas Anastas, Lucien Bouley, Larry Nicolosi, Norma MacLeod, Joan Hempel, Joan Courant, Nancy Thomas, Marcia Town, Mimi Pistenma, Patricia Cameron. Jane Steele, Frances Blick, Shirley Reed, Korin Dutcher, Lois Fortado, Judy Greely, Bonnie Brown, Townley Gamage, Bootsie Jensen. Judy Brown, Joyce Avilla, Dorothy Hinchey. BASKETBALL It’s Basketball that brings the thrills, W ith more points than Carter has liver pills. JUNIOR HOOPSTLRS: Paul Godhina, Gerald Viator, Chuck Piscatello, Kirk Corliss, Nick Demetri, Tom Lupo, Larry Harding, Jim Mondello, Jon Hagstrom, Buddy Linquata, Junior Nicastro, Tony Nicastro. GOLF The clubs are either irons or woods. And that’s where the balls usually goes. ( This doesn’t rhyme, but you get the idea. ) JUNIOR GOLFERS: James Porter. Dave Parsons. HOCKEY The championship’s been taken thrice By our hockey team upon the ice. (That’s nice; I thought ’twas only taken twice.) JL T NIOR SKATERS: Skip Ross, Bob Andersen, Jack Babson, Dick Gerring, Len Woodman. OTHERS If the three of us had had more time. We might have gotten more to rhyme; But just so you ivill get the fist. We have here compiled a list: TRACK: James Holmes, Dave Parsons. STEVENS REVIEWERS: Bootsie Jensen, Skip Ross, Thomas Anastas. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY: Susan Gregory, Susan Pitkanen, Thomas Anastas. STUDENT COUNCIL: Judy Brown, Bootsie Jensen, Polly Campbell, Larry Davis, Dianne Smith, Thomas Anastas. BEACON: Joan Courant, Ray Welch, Skip Ross. SPANISH CLUB: Ray Welch, Ronnie Lane, Norma Harris. STAGE CREW: Lucien Bouley, Skip Bloomberg, John Flanagan, David Getchell, Thomas Hyde, Paul Krupski. IN CLOSING There were strong things aloof ’neath the high school roof By the students so grave and bold; The high school rails have their secret tales That would make your blood run cold. The high school lights have seen queer sights, But the strangest e’er seen through the glass. Are the wondrous, fabulous exploits of Gloucester s Junior Class! Townley Gamage Skip Ross Ray Welch SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY SOPHOMORE CHAMPS W e re the Sophomore Champs, yes sir-ree! e will win; you will see. for our goal is victory. Vi e re the best: we’re the best: we’re the best, you’ll see. Vi e re the Sophomore Champs, yes sir-ree! Doug Round One and the Sophomore members of the Girls’ Drill Team are seen making a very fine appearance at the first high school party. Marching out onto the gym floor are Judy Benham, Gloria Bouchie, Sandra Burgess, Mary Ann Fraga. Pat H orne, Peggy MacEachern. Claire McDonald, Lani McNiff, Gerry Parkhurst, Debby Shea, Mary Faye Souza, Judy Spates, and Janice Staten. The roaring of the fans is so thunderous that our boys of the R.O.T.C. Band, Jerry Greek. Gap Frontiero, George McClain, Alphonse Mineo, Jim Mourey, Terry Olson, Paul Shea. Eddie Silva, and Dan Strople, are forced to use an extra large amount of their famous vim and vigor to drown out the applause. Dong Round T uo and the Sophomore girls of the Glee Club, Ann Harvey, Debby Shea. Daphne Enos, Nancy Poland, Barbara Foley, Ruth MacDonald, Mary Durnian. Virginia Madruga, Peggy Daley, Evie Pinto, Linda Witham, Jean Ham- mond, Grace Carbonaro, Margaret Herrick. Gerry Parkhurst, Jean Carter, Diane Ciarmitaro. and Susan Lasley, versus the Sophomore boys of the Glee Club, John Amero, Irwin Bloch, Thomas Brooks, Charles Heberle, John McLaughlin, and Ken- neth Westlund. are hitting at an even pitch; but at the count of nine, sour notes from the boys . . . Dong . . . they are saved by the bell. Suddenly the auditorium darkens; one of the main lights has burned out. But quick to the rescue come our able-bodied sophomore members of the stage crew: Anthony Ciolino, Peter Blanchard, Kent Davis, Barry Jones, David Milne, Walter Perry. Harry Stewart, and Kenny Westlund, to quickly switch on emergency lights. Dong Round Three We meet these Sophomore football heroes: Kickie Adams, Ronny Cole, Billy Davis, Russ Gray, Jerry Greely, Craig Haberland, Pete Hickey, Nickie Imbrunone, Roger Lee, Jackie Radcliffe, Eddie Silva, and Harry Stewart, who crash through the opponent’s line for another victory. Dong Round Four On come the sprinting and jumping long-legged sophomore track members: Kickie Adams, Ronny Cole, Craig Haberland, Bill Homans, Roger Lee, and Dick Tarr who are all sharing the promise of becoming future Paavo Nurmies. Dong Round Five Playing their various instruments with great skill are these sophomore orchestra members, Gerry Bennett, Mary Durnion, Jim Mourey, Terry Olson, Gailia Rutan, and Paul Shea, who are all winners in the entertainment field. Dong Round Six This is a very strenuous battle between mental ability and leadership shown by the Sawyer Medal winners, Pete Bell, Sandra Burgess, Thomas Brooks, Dee Enos, Margaret French, Nancy Hastings, Charles Heberle, Thomas Kyrouz, Dutch Libro, Susan Lasley, John McLaughlin, Emily Merchant, Natalie Mills, Janet Murch, Evelyn Pinto, Nancy Poland, Nancy Rowe, and Tim Twomey, against Student Council representatives, Pete Bell, Dewey Lafond, Norman Morris, and Gerry Parkhurst, who sit at the Student Council table and make up the rules of the game. Dong Round Seven All good " green’ material are these sophomore golf team members, Terry Olson and Pete Ryan. Opposing them, wearing a smart-looking printed sheet covered with blots is Sophomore Beacon editor. Laurel Eisenhower, who is saved from the wastebasket by the sound of the bell. Dong Round Eight Smilingly greeting you from their corners are Gerry Park- hurst and Peter Bell, who are all ready to express their views on the latest hooks for the Stevens Book Reviewers. Dong Round Nine and hoopsters of the Sophomore class, Ronny Cole, Bobby Curcuru, Dewey Lafond, Roger Lee. George Patience, Pete Ryan, Bobby Viera, and Dick Wilson, dribble forth with continuous baskets to complete another successful round. Dong Round Ten The multitude grows calm as the Sophomore Honor Guard consisting of Eddie Aroujo, D. Beeman, Ronny Brown, Ronny Cole, Larry Courant, Dewey Lafond, Dutch Libro, Donny Souza, and Kenny Westlund, enters the ring for the final round performing a spectacular and ostentatious conclusion to the whole prodigious bout. On the beam as usual, the sophomore members of the “Flash” are Nancy Amodeo, Sally Anderson, Peter Bell, Irwin Bloch, Ronny Cole, Sarah Giacalone, Nancy Hast- ings, Emily Merchant, Lani McNiff, Diane McPeck, Janet Murch, Martha O’Dea, Evie Pinto, and Pat Stone. Under their editors, Thomas Brooks and Debby Shea, they write up the bout, not missing a single punch. Scattered throughout the audience, the outstanding members of the language clubs, who have loyally supported the Sophomore class, can be seen leaving. The Latin Club members are Thomas Brooks, wearing a royal purple toga with a white stripe at the sides, and Nancy Poland, sporting a royal blue toga. French Club members, Grace Carbonaro and Ann Frontiero, arouse great interest in the study of French. The match is over, and the contestants and the spectators who are the 328 mem- bers of the Sophomore Class have decided that this, their Sophomore year, was a brilliant bout. Pat Horne, Claire McDonald Nancy Poland, Evelyn Pinto FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY MOUSEKETEERS OF ’59 On a typical school day, while roaming the third floor corridor, you may hear the faint sounds of the fabulous Freshmen singing their Hit Song: M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. Later in the day, the true and loyal Freshmen, instead of doing their homework, are fascinated by the antics of Mickey Mouse on their TV sets. To get the show off on a booming start, we’ll have the newsreel, featuring as the main item, the news of yesteryear, the Sawyer Medal winners. They are Charles Anderson, Sandra Andersen, Joan Brown. Peter Bearse, Peter Cahill. Emilie Gruppe, Carol Lufkin, Marcia Mallette. Judy Soule, Charles Steele, and Allen Visnick. We now switch you to our correspondents of the Flash, David McLaughlin, Betty Pallazola. Patricia McTigue, Priscilla Smith. Sally Brooks, Charles Steele, and Betty Bosselman, who are awaiting news of the final elections of the Student Council Representatives. Here it is. The Freshman delegates are Douglas Whynott and Peter Cahill. LATEST NEWS BULLETIN!! The freshman, who was injured upon trying to take a short cut by .means of the supply elevator, is resting comfortably in the health suite. Lending a helping hand in the emergency are the respective members of the Service Club; namely, Doris Nieberle, Christine Korkatti, Betty Pallazola, Joan Hurlburt, Nancy Becker, Andrea Ranta. Nina Randazza, and Barbara Silva. Gather " round. Mouseketeers. It’s time for the Talent Round-Up. First in our spotlight are . . . well ... To be or not to be, that is the question. Are they actresses and actors? We mean, of course, the freshmen of the National Thespian Society who are Doris Nieberle. Josephine Egan, William Fritzmeier. Patricia Mc- Tigue, Joan Brown, Christine Korkatti, Margaret Herrick, Andrea Ranta, Grace Schrafft, Marcia Frontiero, Edwina Soule, Joan Mitchell. Peter Bearse, and Sally Brooks. Go to your left, your right, your left, go to your left, your right, your left. These are the commands that the freshman members of the Girls’ Drill Team must obey. They are Carol Cardoz, Donna Parsons, Marcia Collins, Nancy Wile. Gail Hannibal, and Jeanne Griffin. The M.M.C. Freshman Sports Cavalcade is on the air. First, in the spotlight are those people who rate love, better known as the tennis players. On the court we see Joel Chapman, Ronald Brown, Charles Carroll, Robert Burke, David Mc- Laughlin, Paul Fischer, David Fontaine, Peter Bearse, Annette Cartoni, and Beverly Jones. Next in the spotlight are Bill Cahill’s Globe Trotters usually referred to as our basketball team. The Hoopers are Peter Cahill, William Carpenter, Bradley Peterson, Robert Powers, Nicholas Kopanon, John Saulnier, Michael Spinola, Ralph Sweet, Brad Silva, Douglas Whynott, Warren Watson, and John Wonson. Rough, tough, or crazylegs are the adjectives that best fit our fine football team. The lineup is w.b. Eddie Cormier, f.b. Jim Hurst, t.b. Bruce Aikens, q.b. Mike Linquata, l.e. Don Hayes, r.e. Joe Mitchell, o.t. Fred Maquire, i.t. John Randazza, r.g. Mark Silva, l.g. Larry Mello, and the center is Billy Hoffer. Freshman Ice Antics on parade reveal who the ice cutters are: Paul Lufkin, Ronald Hallett, Ronnie Garron, Mark Silva, and Charles Symonds. The Robin Hoods of our class are all girls. Hitting the bullseye are Justine Parsons, Mary Jane Pohas, Rudina Johnson, Sally Somers, Cynthia Martin, Beverly Jones, and Betty Bosselman. Don’t let the heat get you down is what we say to the Freshmen on the track team. Running or jumping isn’t easy, but George French, William Carpenter, Paul Lufkin, Ronnie Hallett, Robert Reed, and Lloyd Schwatz can do it. (With a little practice, of course.) The two freshmen in the German Club came straight from Germany, namely Frank Oster and Doris Nieberle. Who wants music? We do! So let ' s hear from Mr. Puff’s little “Windbags” and the orchestra. Members of the band are: Owen Perkins, Leonard Putonen, Michael Linquata, William Flygare, William Fritzmeur, Wilfred Burke, John Angelson, and Larry Mello. Orchestra members are Allen Visnick and Robert Burke. “Meesca, Moosca, Mouseketeers, Mousekatoon Time now is here.” Every day we (after lunch) see a Mousekatoon. As the freshmen of the stage crew, Billy Flygare, Doug Whynott. and Bruce Gradwohl, step into the projection room, they sing— “Time to twist our Mousekadial To the left and the right with a great big smile This is the way we get to see A Mousekatoon for you and me.” Now and only now will we be able to see the cartoon which was drawn by the Art Club. The members are Chris Korkatti, Charlotte Cameron, Judy Hobbs, Andrea Ranta, and Judy Adams. The cartoon is called “Mickey’s Sea Voyages.” Helping Mickey sail his ship are the members of the Sailing Club who are Mary Lamb, Deborah Gregory, Joan Goldthwaite, Emilie Gruppe, Emily Oliver, and Martin Santapoala. That’s all for now kids, but remember your loyalty to this fine club: Wherever you go, Wherever you may be. The club for you Is Mickey Mousie. Your Mickey Mouse Agents, CAROL LUFKIN MARCIA MALLETTE JUDITH SOULE ■o First row: J. Bickerton, E. Brown, C. Putonen. N. Thomas, D. Butman. Sec- ond row: I). Johnson, C. Creightney, B. Bosselman, L. Moore, C. Martin. Third row: S. Somers, B. Shea, N. Billante, J. Parsons, P. Corkum, M. Cote. First row: S. Gregory, S. McCarthy, Advisor, Miss Nugent; A. Ranta, S. Muise. Second row: C. Stowell, D. Mc- Peck, R. Hammond, D. Merchant, C. Korkatti, N. Randazza, N. Mills. Third row: W. Leav itt, Jr., R. Moore, E. Hannibal, Jr., R. Milone. First row: Advisor, Miss Taylor; Pho- tography Editor, P. Alper; Editor, P. Wood; Editor, G. Webber; Junior Edi- tor, J. Courant. Second row: Literary Editor, M. Bruni; Junior Editor, E. Brown ; Sophomore Editor, L. Eisen- hauer. Absent: N. Ross, R. Welch, Business Manager, R. Hawley; Art Editor, L. Kubinyi. ARCHERY CLUB ART CLUB BEACON First row: J. Shoares, M. Perry, V. Cooper, Advisor, Mr. Robbins. Second row: W. Olson, S. Gleason, F. Dea- con, R. Chane, C. Wolfe. CHESS CLUB FLASH First row: Photography Editor, P. Al- per; Editorial Board, D. Ginn, D. Shea, C. Johnson, T. Brooks, I. Bloch. Second rotv: S. Brooks, J. Goldthwaite, C. Smith, B. Bosselman, N. Pierce, E. Brown, N. Hastings, S. Anderson, E. Merchant, E. Gruppe. Third row: S. Giacalone, D. McLaughin, P. Bell, C. Steele, T. Anastas, N. Morris, P. Mc- Tigue. First row: Program Chairman, J. Noble; Secretary, A. Malaquias; Pres- ident, C. Melanson; Treasurer, B. Kennedy. Second row: J. Low, J. Teix- eira, M. Morrissey, E. Martin. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CLUB First row: Advisor. Mrs. Baer; Treas- urer. S. Betts; Vice President, P. Wood; President, N. Greely; Secre- tary. C. Johnson. Second row: B. Jen- sen. H. Bernstein, M. Randazza, T. Carnage, G. Carbonaro. Third row: M. Karvellas. J. Lafond, B. Boutchie, J. Courant. First row: Advisor. Mr. Hersey; Treas- urer. I). Nieberle; Vice President, M. Nieberle; Secretary, E. Brown. Second row: L. Courant. C. Johnson, D. Souza. Third row: J. Chapman, M. Bruni, M. Azevedo. First row: D. MacCuish, J. Kippen, G. Webber, N. Greely, S. Betts. Second row: Advisor, Miss Moore; A. Anastas, N. Pierce, I. Bloch, N. Young, P. Bearse, K. Westlund. FRENCH CLUB GERMAN CLUB GLEE CLUB I ' irst row: J. Reed, J. Gray, P. Rogers, Treasurer, R. Ciaramitaro; Secretary, M. Harvey; President, S. Cavanaugh; S. Smith. K. Marr, S. Frade. Second row: P. Seandalito, A. C.rillo, M. Cur- curu, W. McCarthy, J. Henipel, N. Hubbard, P. Rarghorn, E. Fuller, R. Brazier, R. Wilson, J. Lafata, C. Knowles. Third row: J. LoPiccolo, V. Amero, C. Carpenter, N. Thomas, C. Putonen, I.. Fortado, C. Azevedo, V. Moore, M. Parisi. HONOR BUSINESS CLUB First row: Librarian, S. Ryan; Vice President, 1). Pearsall; President, P. Wood; Treasurer, C. Johnson; M. Rob- inson. Second row: R. Ciaramitaro, N. Greely, H. Bernstein, F. Selig, M. Har- vey; G. Webber, A. Parady. First row: D. Ciaramitaro, A. Fron- tiero, Secretary-Treasurer, J. Dexter; President, T. Anastas; Vice President, P. Frazier; N. Hastings, J. Soule. Sec- ond row: M. Herrick, S. Brooks, M. Davis, P. Bearse, J. McLaughlin, J. Amero, R. Chebator, C. Heberle, J. Whynot, P. McTigue, Advisor, Mr. Robinson. Third row: M. O’Dea, J. Mitchell, C. Korkatti, P. Wilkins, L. Witham, G. Schrafft, J. Brown, S. Gregory, J. Egan, A. Pata. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY ORCHESTRA First row: G. Bennett, M. Durnion, G. Rutan, M. Lamb, A. Parady, P. Ferguson, Advisor, Mr. Earle. Second row: W. Flygare, J. Giacalone, J. Mourey, J. Greely, S. Marchant, L. Bouley, R. Strople, F. Deacon, R. Burke, C. Piscitello, S. Davis, G. Has- tings, C. Travers, A. Olson. SAILING CLUB First row: G. Schrafft, Assistant Com- modore, T. Anastas; Commodore, R. Shoares; J. McLaughlin, M. Lamb. Second row: J. Goldthwaite, E. Gruppe, J. Brown, S. Gregory, D. Gregory. First row: A. Parady, M. Bruni, Presi- dent, B. Noble; Secretary-Treasurer, N. Greely; C. Johnson, C. Knowles. Second row: J. Stone, S. Ryan, P. Rogers, S. Frade, J. Reed, Sponsor, Miss McGinl ' ey. SERVICE CLUB SPANISH CLUB STAGE CREW First row: Advisor, Miss irostholm; S. Erwin. Head Executive Board, S. Graham; President, S. Ryan; Vice President and Treasurer, L. Fortado; N. Harris. Second row: P. Wood, N. Young, M. Robinson, J. Brown, G. Webber, S. Gregory, M. Town, R. Lane. Third row: S. Marehant, I). Smith, M. Karvellas, J. Burnham, W. McCarthy, R. Welch. First row: Advisor, Mr. Carter; Vice Chief, J. Thompson; Chief, A. Mala- quias, Jr.; Vice Chief, P. Frazier; Secretary, L. Bouley; Treasurer, P. ATper. Second row: J. Wonson, R. San- tos, P. Harvey, P. Blanchard, A. Ciolino, R. Bagley, K. Westlund. Third row: W. Flygare, W. Watson, J. Skillen, S. Dexter, D. Dukette, G. Pinto. First row: Secretary, C. Johnson; Vice President, N. Ross; President, H. Bernstein; Librarian, P. Wood; Treas- urer, M. Robinson. Second row: T. Anastas, G. Parkhurst, P. Frazier, B. Jensen. P. Bell. STEVENS REVIEWERS STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Treasurer, J. Chane; Presi- dent, D. Arnold; Recording Secretary, B. Jensen; Vice President, C. Francis, Jr. Second row: P. Cook, P. Wood, B. Silva, R. Matz, N. Morris. Third row: P. Campbell, T. Anastas, J. Brown, P. Bell. M. Greely, L. Davis. SORRY-TOO BUSY!! 51-55 CLUB LESLIE O. JOHNSON DEDICATION On November 3, 1955, some fifteen hundred persons including the Gloucester High School faculty and student body, public officials, and other associates and friends of our late principal, Mr. Leslie 0. Johnson, gathered in front of the high school to take part in a dedication ceremony. The shrub- bery now surrounding the front entrance was made possible by the generous donations of more than three hundred people as a memorial to Mr. Johnson. This landscaping includes an oval lawn, two tall cedars, three Japanese yews, and twenty pfitzer junipers. The short walk bisecting the oval will, come spring, contain a bronze plaque inscribed as follows: This Area Planted In Memory of Leslie 0. Johnson Principal 1931-1951 By His Friends Dedicated November 1955 The ceremony included a welcoming speech by Principal Arthur N. Smith and selections by the R.O.T.C. Band which Mrs. Johnson had sug- gested. Rev. Edward A. Jones, pastor of the Trinity Congregational Church, where Mr. Johnson was an active member, spoke briefly of the late principal, mentioning his contributions toward making this high school one of the finest in Massachusetts. Mr. Smith announced that the City Council has recently accepted, as a street, the road between Blynman Avenue and Cen- tennial Avenue, so that Gloucester High School now stands on Leslie 0. Johnson Road. After the regiment was dismissed, an oil portrait of Mr. Johnson was formally presented to the school in the auditorium on behalf of the Class of 1953. This picture now hangs in the school library. Both the picture and shrubbery are lasting tributes to Mr. Johnson, a beloved citizen and principal. MILITARY STAFF VIE n " 1 STANDING Sgt. J. Barbosa at. .1. F. Surrell M-S l ll M-S " i It is the mission of the Military Department to conduct basic military instruction and drill to all qualified male members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes; to serve as faculty advisor or coach to drill teams, rifle teams, band, and other appropriate extra-curricular activities; to maintain administrative and supply records for the Cadet Regiment and the Detachment. WILLIAM T. CALL, JR. Major Infantry P.M.S. T. R.O.T.C. OFFICERS GIRLS’ DRILL TEAM R.O.T.C. BAND Fifth row: L. Grace, Cpl. R. Ojantakanen, S. N. Wild, M. Brown, N. Harris. Sixth row: E. M. Collins, S. Burgess, T. Gamage. First row: Sgt. D. Griffin. Sgt. J. Lafond, SFC. M. Karvellas, 1st Lt. C. Enos. Sgt. H. Bernstein. Sgt. P. Rogers. Second roiv: D. Parsons, L. Purdy, M. Pistenma, J. Woodman, M. Curcuru. J. Greely. J. Griffin, G. Bouchie, M. Hoffer. J. Hempel. Third row: M. Rowe, C. Cardos, C. McDonald, M. Ernst, G. Parkhurst, G. Hanni- bal, J. Gray, D. Smith, N. Roark. Fourth row: B. Brazier, P. MacEachern. J. Spates, D. Gibbs, S. Reed, N. Balzarini, Cpl. N. Greely, J. Perry, Cpl. D. MacCuish, M. A. Fraga. Graham. P. Horne, I). Shea, M. Souza, S. Mitchell, McNiff, S. Hodge. J. Brown, J. Hanson. J. Benham, in mi llll nasta- Sdva 01 Th rd son row Anderson nil tera, W. Flygare, W. Burke, Director A. Earle. Fourth row: S. Gleason, M. Linquata, A. Noyes, J. Mulcahey, L. Putonen, G. Hastings, ' E. Perkins. H. Reed. R. Goulart, W. Fritzmeier, N. Daele. BOYS’ RIFLE TEAM First row: Vice President. R. Davis; Captain. F. Selig; President, F. O ' Dea; Secretary. J. Ander- son; Coach. M-Sgt. D. Russell. Second row: Executive Officer, F. Pearsall; N. Swanson, F. Chick. G. DeMayo, K. Wikstrom. GIRLS’ RIFLE TEAM First row: Coach. M-Sgt. I). Russell; Captain, M. Hoffer; President, N. Callahan; Secretary, B. Dodg es. Second row: Treasurer, M. Greeley; Vice President, I). Smith; J. Perry. MR. NORMAN C. ROSS Director of Athletics Head Forithall Coach ANTHONY p ALAZOLA IZT ST£ph don add Captain t a Ptain JOHN It. HENDRICKSON Hockey Coach KENNETH GLEASON, GEORGE FR1GARD Co-Captains Hockey FOOTBALL SQUAD First row: Co-Captain R. Tupper, D. Smith, A. Stephen. B. Silva, D. Enos, Co-Captain A. Marino, M. Frigard, B. Rose, A. Palazola, J. Hanrahan, R. Morrissey, J. MacEachern, J. Sawyer, D. Arnold, Honorary Co-Captain J. Anderson. Second row: Coach A. Swekla, Coach P. Soccorso, N. Dexter, B. Davis, P. Niemi, E. Parks, N. Imbrunone, J. Greely, J. Babson, J. Radcliffe, R. Lee, J. Walsh, R. Welch, J. Conners, R. Gray, Coach W. Call, Coach N. Ross. Third row: J. Mondello, J. Latassa, G. Parsons, P. Hickey, C. Adams, P. Eldridge, J. Hagstrom, R. Andersen, L. Harding, C. Pallazola. SENIORS First row: D. Arnold, J. MacEachern, A. Stephen, B. Silva, B. Rose, J. Hanrahan, A. Palazola, D. Smith, J. Sawyer. Second row: Coach N. Ross, J. Mondello, M. Frigard, Co-Captain A. Marino, D. Enos, Co-Captain R. Tupper. The GHS Fishermen opened their season before a slim gathering at Manning Bowl by defeating the Lynn Classical Rams, 39-6. Junior Larry Harding ran wild through the Ram defense, scoring twice and setting up several other scores. Under- classmen Peter Hickey, Bob Andersen, Boots Parsons and Roger Lee, all got into the act of each adding a TD. Silva and Marino stood out for their fine line play. GHS 7 NEWBURYPORT 7 Muddy Newell Stadium was the scene for the “battle of champions ' ’ as eventual " B " titlists GHS rallied to tie “C” champs. Newburyport, 7-7. The first half saw both teams gaining plenty of yardage, but neither could score. Late in the third quar- ter. Foley of Newburyport returned a punt 85 yards; and the P.A.T. was successful. In the fourth quarter, the GHS offense caught fire, and GHS marched the length of the field to score, with Bob Andersen doing the honors from the five-yard stripe. Hickey bulled over for the point. Jim Hanrahan intercepted a Clipper forward late in the game, and it looked as if GHS Vould rally for the win; but time ran out. and the game ended in a deadlock. GHS 27 SALEM 13 Larry Harding continued his shifty running as he scored twice against the Salem Witches. Hickey and Hanrahan also scored for GHS. A newcomer named A1 Lopes booted two extra points. Coach Ross emptied his bench, and Salem was able to add two consolation scores. GHS 39 LYNN CLASSICAL 6 GHS 26 MARBLEHEAD 6 With junior Boots Parsons throwing passes in perfect form, the Fishermen bombed the Magicians, 26-6. Parsons hit Alex Stephen with two TD chucks. Andersen and Hickey added TD’s for the Rossonians. Butch Marino recovered two key fumbles for GHS to set up scores. GHS 7 BEVERLY 6 For the second straight year, the Fishermen bopped the Garden City eleven. Thous- ands of Fish City fans drove to Hurd Stadium to see the Rossonians push the Beverly team all over the field and win 7-6. The GHS score came when Mike Frigard blocked an attempted punt, and Kiki Adams recovered in the end zone. Lopes booted the point. The home team struck back with lightning-like quickness, but the P.A.T. attempt was broken up by hard-charging Bob Morrissey. Jon Hagstrom did a fine job of quarterbacking the Fishermen, as he replaced the injured senior signal caller, Jim Hanrahan. The line play of Bob Rose, Paul Neimi, and Bob Morrissey stood out for the winners. GHS 34 PEABODY 0 Jimmy Mondello sparked the Fishermen to an easy victory over the Tanners as he ran wild scoring twice. Also scoring for GHS were Harding, Parsons, and Andersen. Lopes booted three P.A.T.’s breaking up the Tanner offensive attack time and again. Silva, Enos, and Tupper looked great in the line. GHS 2 1 MELROSE 7 GHS became class “B” champions by belting the Red Raiders from Melrose, 27-7. On the first play from scrimmage, Bob Andersen ran 51 yards for a GHS TD; and, from there on in, it was just a matter for the scorekeeper. Hickey, Hanrahan, and Enos all scored for the winning Rossonians. Neimi and Marino were opening holes all afternoon with their fine blocking. A1 Stephen continued his fine booting as he practically kicked the ball out of sight time after time on the kick offs. Lopes kicked three more P.A.T.’s. Coach Ross looked toward his bench once again and filled the game with eager second and third-stringers; the Raiders were then able to score. GHS 19 WAKEFIELD 0 Newell Stadium was jammed with spectators on a brisk Thanksgiving Day morn as the Warriors from Wakefield came to town to meet GHS’s highly touted pigskin machine. Gloucester had already won the “B” championship hut still meant to prove their right to the title by defeating strong WHS. Sophomore Pete Hickey led the home offensive thrust with his great running. Hickey ate up plenty of yardage and scored along with Silva and Andersen to give GHS a great 19-0 victory. Bob Rose, Tony Marino. Bob Morrissey, and Jim Hanrahan stood out for their fine defensive play in holding the dangerous WHS backs to little gain. It was a grand victory and a fine way to close the books on the greatest pigskin campaign in GHS history. Gloucester’s guard Tony Marino won many honors at the end of the season. The sturdy lineman was named to practically every all-star team in the area for his great play for the Fishermen. BASKETBALL With “Arizona” Linquata hitting with his set shot, and Co-Captains A1 Stephen and A. J. Pallozola cleaning rebounds, along with the steady playing of Boyle and Harding, the team caught fire for a good finishing drive. After trouncing Saugus, Gloucester threw a scare into the league powerhouse, Lynn English, by closing within four points in the waning minutes of play. At their next outing, the Red and White lost a heartbreaker to Haverhill. It was a nip-and-tuck affair all the way; the Cahillmen lost by one point. In the closing minutes, they had three chances to pull it out, but couldn’t get the needed hoop. A few days later, Gloucester trounced Saugus for its third win. The difference in the later stages of play was that G.H.S. had more depth, as Pete Hickey, Nick Demetri, and Bernie Silva came through when they were needed. Although their record may leave something to be desired, the Red and White showed a hard fighting spirit and a desire to win throughout the 1956 basketball season. Although G.H.S. didn’t enjoy a very successful season, the boys represented the school well in each game. While they were the under- dog at almost every contest, they showed their fighting spirit. At the start of the campaign, Johnny Boyle and Larry Harding spear- headed the play; but the team could not click as a smooth- working unit. They continued their sub-par play until the clos- ing games. In the future, Gloucester’s hopes look bright, as the second team enjoyed a good season. George Patience, Roger Lee, and Pete Ryan were consistent per- formers. With these boys coming back, along with veterans Hard- ing, Linquata, Demetri, and Hickey, Gloucester is sure to be a strong contender for the Essex County title next year. HOCKEY Gloucester came out of t he hockey jamboree with a 2-2 tie against a good Swamp- scott club. Coach Hendrickson’s boys had little opportunity for practice, but hitting for both goals in the final minutes they staged a sharp looking comeback. Since the jamboree, the Frigard-Gleason sextet has proven itself one of the best outfits in the league, and they are coming on strong for second place and the play-offs; first place is conceded to the tremendous Lynn English brigade. Having been beaten by Lynn English, Amesbury, and Swampscott, the Fishermen now have a five and three record. The team looked fast in the opener as they out-skated Danvers for a 5 to 1 victory. Danvers hit first, but only seconds later the score read 1 to 1. Then it was Don Ross who put Gloucester in the lead; next Frigard hit, and then Gleason and Gerring netted two in the final period. In the Beverly ' game the team came from behind to tie it at two all in the second canto. After taking a pass that went from Don Ross to Everett Sawyer, Dexter Rust scored on a beautiful fake. Dick Gerring. the leading scorer, tied it in the second and wrapped it up in the third, for a 3 to 2 win. From here the team went on to slam Salem 5 to 1 with 3 coming in the first period. In the Lynn English game Gleason scored Gloucester’s one and only point; the Fishermen bowed 6 to 1. Gloucester held the lead for the first period, but the English unit recounted with 2 in the second and broke loose with everything in the third. Gloucester had a lot of fight and a few unmaterialized opportunities; Dick Gerring led on with defense and offense. Amesbury pulled a setback when they handed Gloucester a 2 to 1 defeat. This was loss number two for Hendrickson’s club, and it resulted from sluggish stick handling. The Amesbury defense held strong, with Sawyer, often in contact with the puck, alone scoring for Gloucester. Frigard-Gleason and company, however, didn’t take defeat lightly. They have fought their way to the top and have knocked off Lynn Classical, a second place contender, and Marblehead to get even closer to a sure play-off berth. Through the season the club has been sparked by Dick Gerring, Mike Frigard, Herm Gleason, and Len Woodman on offense. Frigard has also turned in a steady “rock and roll” defensive job along with Bob Anderson. Behind Frigard and Ander- sen are Skip Ross, Russ Smith, and Jack Babson. In the cage, with the pressure, have been Pete Burns, Carl Ellis, backed-up by Craig Haberland. All three have done their share, which is always big in the nets. Wi th Revere, Woburn, Winchester, and Peabody left to play, Gloucester is look- ing at the play-offs. They have possibilities which they have shown throughout a hustling season, and the spot looks close. GIRLS’ SPORTS The G.H.S. intramural sports program opens in the fall with archery, volleyball, and badminton, with particular emphasis on archery. Although this sport has been a part of the program only a short while, the girls enjoy it very much. Their second choice is volleyball; they take to it with great interest and are becoming quite adept at it. Volleyball is played on the football practice field and in the gym. Be- sides being part of the regular gym program, it is played after school with special teams of girls who have shown interest in learning more about it. Badminton does not receive as much attention as do the other sports. Being a game which is less strenuous and does not have such wide-spread appeal, it is used chiefly to amuse the girls while they are waiting to participate in one of the more popular sports. During the winter months Miss Shirlye Dana, girls’ physical education instructor, teaches the fundamentals of modern dancing; in addition, she has a co-ed square dance class. As her latest activity she has organized an expert team in bowling, which is expected to become a regular sport within the next few years. Basketball, too, has been enthusiastically received this season, being held after school as well as during regular gym classes. Among the many outdoor sports, golf is being introduced into the spring cur- riculum. Girls will go to the Bass Rocks Country Club each Monday and Wednesday afternoon to be instructed by Miss Dana, a state golf champion, who hopes to form a team which will he skillful enough to enter in competition. Softball, which seems to be the favorite sport, and tennis, only recently initiated, are both played during and after school, to complete the girls’ sports program at Gloucester High School. HR . SPORTS SHOTS s s ■ ♦ K Aft » • EXCERPTS FROM THE 1923 FLICKER (With names changed to fit the class of ’56) Proverbs Absence from classes make the marks grow rounder. He laughs best who laughs when the teacher laughs. •» Time Needed “Oh. Sandra dear. " her mother said, “That man had better go.” “Oh. mother dear, please, not just yet — He works so doggone slo w.” M. Frigard: “I’m grateful to you for all I know.” Miss Harris: “Don ' t mention it; it’s a mere trifle. " ’ Truant officer: “Why are you not at the kinder- garten this afternoon, my little man?” D. Pearsall (indignantly) : “Sir, I am a member of the Gloucester High School. " Did you ever have Macbeth? No. What does he teach? A Taking Girl She took my hand in sheltered nooks, She took my candy and my books: She took that lustrous wrap of fur, She took those gloves I bought for her; She took my words of love and care, She took my flowers, rich and rare; She took — I must confess, my eye, She took my kisses — maid so shy — She took my time for quite a while, She took my ring with a tender smile; She took whatever I would buy, And then — She took the other guy. Teacher: “Name the bones of the skull.” E. McCue (unprepared and nervous): “I’ve got them all in my head, but I just can’t think of the names.” Some people claim the owl is wise. If that were really true, It would exclaim: “To whit, to whom!” And not: “To whit, to who.” Sheila: “What are you thinking about?” Nancy: ' ‘How did you know I was thinking?” Sheila: “I saw an unusual expresson on your face.” The kind old gentlemen met his friend, little Willie, one hot day. “Hello, Willie,” he exclaimed, “and how is your dear grandpa standing the heat?” “Ain’t heard yet,” replied Willie, “He’s only been dead a week.” When talking with most pretty girls, We’re told that it’s no matter How flat your conversation is. They like to have it flatter. She: “What good will football do you in later 9 ” years : He: “Well, for one thing it may help me to get a seat in a bus.” Mr. Card (explaining magnetism): “How many natural magnets do you know of?” D. Arnold: “Two, sir.” Mr. Card (surprised) : “Well, will you name them please?” D. Arnold: “Blondes and brunettes.” :$■ Quantity Helps Also Miss Harris: “Yes, fish is very good for the brain.” Paul Alper: “What kind would you advise me to eat?” Miss Harris: “Whale.” Everything that shineth is not gold. Gracious! Where is my powder puff? Happy are we met, happy have we been. Happy may we part and happy meet again. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We sincerely hope, Miss Harris, that you have enjoyed sharing our short journey connect- ing past and present as much as we have enjoyed presenting it for you. This fruition of our efforts has been made possible only through complete co-operation and expenditure of in- calculable time and energy by the following: Class Advisors, Miss Walsh and Mr. Robin- son; Director of Extracurricular Activities, Miss Marjorie H. Gale; Mr. Harvel R. Vail, Mr. Gerald R. Lever, the entire Flicker staff, Loring Studios, and Taylor-made Yearbooks. All of us join in wishing you a richly satisfying retirement. 1956 FLICKER STAFF EDITORIAL. BOARD: Editor, Hilda Bernstein; Director of Extracurricular Activities, Marjorie H. Gale; Class Advisor. William A. Robinson; Literary Editors, Doreen Pinto, Miriam Robinson, Marilyn Bruni; Class Advisor, Claire J. Walsh. CLASS ROLL: Chairman. Ruth Ojantakanen; Marilyn Karvellas. Marilyn Hoffer. Beverly Noble, Sally Hodge, Noreen Greek. Ardrith Parady. PHOTOGRAPHY: Chairman, Paul Alper; Sally Hodge, David Pearsall. CALENDAR: Chairman, Sheila Ryan; Patricia Rogers, Judy LaFond, Roberta Silva, Wendy Lovell, Helen Schwartz, Jean Curcuru, Carol Enos, Virginia Cooper, Marietta Perry, Judy Shoares. PROPHECY: Carla Johnson, Co-Chairman, Peter Wood. PERLA ' I IVES: Sheila Cavanaugh, Sandra Smith, Deb- orah Forbes, Doreen Pinto. CLASS WILL: Chairman, Jacqueline Stone; Paula Wil- son, Elaine McSheffery, Deborah Forbes. ADVERTISING: Co-Chaii ■man. Roberta Greely, Helen Schwartz, Sally Hodge, Sydney Marchant. Silva ; Judy Noreen LaFond, I ' SPORTS: Sandra Smith, Co-Chairman, John Hoyle; Harold Mallette, Marilyn Hoffer, George Frigard, Paul Cook. R.O.T.C. : David Pearsall. Arthur Ryan. Bernard Silva. HAND: Sydney Marchant. ART: Doreen Pinto. Co-Chairman. Laszlo Kubiny; Nancy Pierce. Jocelyn Johnson, Louise Grace, Arthur Orr, John Boyle. TYPISTS: Marcia Harvey, Chairman, Ardrith Parady; Rita Wilson, Sandra Smith. Sheila Cavanaugh, Jeanne Veator, Janice Reed, Marjorie Lufkin. CAMERA SHY: Business Manager, Paul Frazier; Bookkeeper. Audrey Walters; Class Roll. Jeannette Carey, Nancy Callahan, Eileen McCue, Audrey Walters; Calendar. Dianne Griffin; Prophecy, Co-Chairman, Sally Graham, Gail Webber, Eileen McCue; Superlatives, Chairman, Kathleen Marr, Nancy Callahan. Judy Gray, Marilyn Karvellas, Bettyjane Brennan, Jacqueline Tracy; Class Will, Judy MacKenzie, Marilyn McKenney; Advertising, Co-Chairman, Marily Greely, Judy Chane, Joanne Perkins, Barbara Bruns, Natalie Young, Wendy Lovell, Richard Foley, Steve Barusso, David Murphy; Spoils. Co-Chairman, Natalie Young; R.O.T.C., Chairman, Freeman Selig; Band, Anthony Malaquias, Clyde Melanson; Art, Co-Chairman, Na ncy Knowles; Typists, Kathleen Marr; Vocational, Chairman, Anthony Malaquias, Clyde Melanson, Freeman Selig, Bernard Silva, William Baker, Vincent Fierro. OUR SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Louis Albert Dr. Earle R. Andrews Dr. Warren Babson Dr. J. Wain Baker, D.M.D. Dr. John T. Bedell Mr. and Mrs. Melvin I. Bernstein Dr. B. M. Broder, D.M.D. Dr. and Mrs. George A. Burns Mr. John R. Cahill, Jr. Dr. William G. Clark, Jr. Dr. William J. Callahan, D.H.D. Dr. Bernard S. Cohen Dr. David J. Cohen Dr. George M. Cohen Dr. Reginald Courant Dr. Ralph E. Cunningham, D.M.D. Dr. John Egan Dr. Lois Fesler A Friend Mr. Daniel F. Harris Mr. George T. Hilliard Dr. H. Abbott Hooper Dr. William R. Irving Mr. I. Irving Kline Dr. and Mrs. Hans Lazrus Dr. Edmund A. Lodge Mr. Gardner L. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. John Main Dr. and Mrs. Morris Pett Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Sandler Mr. Warren S. Shine Mr. Philip Tartas Dr. George H. Taylor Dr. Miltiades Vorgeas Dr. Carroll W. Wonson, D.M.D. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS May Your Future Be Bright WILLIAM G. BROWN COMPANY Gloucester Serving Cape Ann Since 1885 i KRAME ' S POTTERY STUDIO Dock Square Rockport, Massachusetts Compliments of METROPOLITAN FINE FURNITURE CO. 207 Main Street Gloucester Compliments of BROAD ' S SUNDIAL SHOE STORE MARINER ' S BOOKSTALL Books of All Kinds Open Year Round DOCK SQUARE ROCKPORT Compliments of CAPE ANN FISHERIES, INC. CAPTAIN ' S TABLE ESSEX, MASS. Open Year Round Compliments of JOHN TRACY Compliments of Join Our Silver Club Start Your Own Sterling Service We Can Supply Any Pattern ADASKO FASHION SHOP 1 58 Main Street BLANCHARD Jeweler Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Compliments of PARKS BROTHERS ANTHONY ' S BEAUTY SHOP Electricians 10 Shepherd Street 351 Main Street GLOUCESTER FREEZER SERVICE, INC. R 405 Main Street FREEZER AND COLD STORAGE SERVICE Telephone 4315 Phone 1 522 HODGE ' S BATTERY SERVICE STATION Cor. Maplewood Avenue, Shepherd Street CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1956 From the GLOUCESTER CO-OPERATIVE BANK EMPIRE A Store tor Youth GOVE ' S APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES GULF STATION FOR MISSES Gas and Oil TELEPHONE 2607 CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 132 WASHINGTON STREET FOR MEN Where Quality and Value • Go Hand in Hand 169-171 MAIN STREET Compliments of MODERN HEATING AND VENTILATING CO. 20 Rogers Street Telephone 5454 Compliments GLOUCESTER ICE Compliments of JOHN E. BENNETT WELDING Rockport Tel 2849 Compliments of CAPE ANN AND COLD STORAGE Compliments of ANNE ' S YARN SHOP NATIONAL BANK NOSEWORTHY ' S Compliments of GEORGE BELOS SERVICE STATION JEWELER 24 Hour Wrecker All Watch Repair Service ANDREW ' S Electronically Tel. 4499 Nights 3899 VARIETY STORE Repaired 229 Main Street ANADAMA BREAD Compliments of BLACKSMITH SHOP THE GLOUCESTER PASTRIES, INC. SAFE DEPOSIT 5 Main Street AND TRUST CO. Rockport, Mass. Compliments of P. N. HODGKINS CO. Oldsmobile — Chevrolet Telephones: 4600 — 4601 50 MAPLEWOOD AVENUE GLOUCESTER, MASS. Best Wishes to Class of 1956 CUNNINGHAM PAINT CO. 55 Main Street PAINTERS AND DECORATORS Compliments of CAPE ANN LOBSTER CO. COMPLIMENTS OF THE BLACKSMITH SHOP, INC Restaurant ROCKPORT, MASSACHUSETTS THOMAS WILSON AND COMPANY Twin Lights Beverages BROADWAY ROCKPORT Best Wishes From NATIONAL HOUSE Telephone 1904 196 Main Street Compliments of ART JEWELERS 117 Main Street MIGHTY -MAC Compliments of THE EAST GLOUCESTER REST HOME Grace Ercolani CAPE ANN MANUFACTURING COMPANY Protective Outerwear of Fine Quality Since 1904 Compliments of Gloucester Paints GARDNER J. PERRY SCHOOL OF DANCING for Marine and Home Use HENDERSON AND JOHNSON INC. 129 Duncan Street Tap Toe Ballet Adagio Baton Acrobatic Compliments of SUE-JANE FOOD STORE Compliments of the EAST GLOUCESTER PHARMACY Rockport, Mass. Compliments of JAMES C. GREELY LINCOLN C. HIGGINS CO. Dock Square Rockport Compliments of STANLEY WOOD LOU ' S CLEANERS JOE ' S AUTO REPAIR Cleaning and Pressing All Kinds of Auto Repairing Telephone 4312 Prop., JOE LATASSA 55 Prospect Street 10 Rogers St. Tel. 3909 NELLE C. SIEG STUDIO AND GALLERY Classes in Outdoor and Indoor Painting GILLIS BARBER SHOP Dock Square Rockport Tel. 661 Compliments of TUC KRAFT Compliments of DICK ' S SHOE SHOP 9 Center Street ROSS BURTON SILVER SHOP BURGESS FUNERAL HOME II you are thinking of Silver, think of our lay- away plan. Towle and International Sterling. George N. Mackey, Director Your Choice of 40 patterns. 38 Pleasant St. Gloucester 177 Main St. Rockport 57 Main St. Rockport T el. 3290 Tel. 2846 Tel. 773 Compliments of GLOUCESTER FACTORY OUTLET GLOUCESTER Compliments of NELSON ' S PHARMACY 276 Main Street Gloucester OTTO ' S BOAT SERVICE Compliments T-Wharf, Rockport of Tel. 752 NORTH SHORE AUTOMOTIVE CO. 295 Main Street BIANCHINI AND SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1 1 79 2 Washington St. Gloucester Compliments of ROCKPORT MARKET Dock Square Quality and Service FREE DELIVERY COLONIAL BAKERY Italian and Vienna Bread Rolls — Buns — Submarine Sandwiches 271 Main Street Tel. 3712-W Compliments of D. O. FROST 33 Maplewood Ave. Gloucester Compliments APPT ICE AND OIL Range and Fuel Oil j e | 138 Prospect St. THE YARN AND TWEED SHOP Garland Sweaters Tweeds by the Yard Handloomed Ties ROCKPORT, MASSACHUSETTS HIGH LINE HOUSE Lobsters — Fish — Steaks BAY VIEW GLOUCESTER 929 Washington Street Tel. 2403 Compliments of COLONIAL NURSING HOME N u | i $ 5 Compliments of CAPE ANN TRUCKING Compliments of BARGAIN SPOT SHOE STORE 209 Main Street Gloucester MELLOW’S LOBSTER COMPANY Lobsters Shipped Anywhere From Gloucester, Mass, to California 3 WATER STREET ALBERT A. GRONBLAD Contractor Shovel Work — Sand — Loam Gravel — Stone — Hot-Top Drives Sewer Constr. — Cement — Stone Work 85 Gloucester Ave. Tel. 4241 Home Tel. 430 1 -J RCA-VICTOR Television Radios Sales and Service MILLS RADIO SHOP 6 Railroad Ave. Rockport Tel. 2111 Compliments of VARIETY STORE HORATIO P. VICARI 900 Washington Street Bay View SHIP AHOY RESTAURANT Compliments of On the Causeway SANTORO ' S OF GLOUCESTER, INC. Closed Mondays 151 Main Street Telephone 313 Telephone 1362 ESSEX, MASSACHUSETT Compliments of GLOUCESTER SANDLER ' S INC. SUPPLY COMPANY 136 MAIN STREET Call 18 122 Main Street Compliments of GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES Compliments of ROLAND ' S FOR FLOWERS Compliments of STRAND THEATRE Compliments of J. RAYMOND SMITH, INC. Coal and Lumber 17 Railroad Avenue ROCKPORT RANTA ' S MARKET 62 Langsford Street LANESVILLE ANDY ' S DELIVERY SERVICE General Trucking Furniture Moving Tel. 360 1 -W 19 Pearl St. Gloucester Compliments of ARTHUR ' S FILLING STATION 319 Main Street Compliments of DR. GEORGE C. BARRON RALPH’S LUNCH AND SODA BAR 195 East Main Street Hot Pizza a Special Compliments of PROGRESSIVE FISH WHARF Compliments of HOBBS AND MACKEY General Contractor O ' DONNELL-USEN Rockport, Mass. Tel. 2070 FISHERIES CORP. YELLOW CAB EMILE A. GRUPPE GALLERY Phone 103 32 Rocky Neck Avenue GLOUCESTER EAST GLOUCESTER Tel. 2720 E. A. GREEL, INC. Cleaners and Launderers Telephone 2272 64 MAIN STREET Compliments of WELCH ' S ATLANTIC GAS STATION 119 Rogers Street Compliments of Compliments of OLEANA-BY-THE-SEA SCANDINAVIAN NOYES THE MOVER Coffee Shop and Restaurant Ida and Corliss ROCKPORT, MASS. 121 Rogers Street Compliments of UNITED FISHERIES COMPANY PETER ' S Rocky Neck East Gloucester S. S. PIERCE FINE GROCERIES BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS Peter N. Anastas Tel. 1708 Compliments of ROBERT C. HILTZ, Mover 285 Main Street Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of L. E. SMITH, INC. 49 Main Street ROCKPORT James D. Gorman Commercial and Household Refrigeration Sales and Service 282 Main St. Tel. 2833 GOLDMAN ' S Telephone 1331 242 MAIN STREET, GLOUCESTER Compliments of E. WEISMAN PLANT Constructors 52 Commercial Street MOTORSTOKER WILLIAMS OIL-O-MATIC JOHN ALDEN-GRIFFIN CO. Range and Fuel Oil Whittemore Street, Gloucester Compliments of J. J. BALLAS CO. Combination Windows 321 Western Ave., Gloucester CONGRATS TO YOU, " Guys and Dolls " of ' 56 MAY YOUR YEARS BE THE LONGEST — YOUR HAPPINESS STRICTLY THE TOPS. The Gloucester Coal Luma Co. The Bull ' d IMG Center 43 DUNCAN STREET GLOUCESTER G. EVERETT MAHONY Compliments of CHUBBY ' S AUTO BODY SHOP Insurance Compliments of LEO S. CHANE, Mgr. 46 Pleasant Street FABET CORPORATION 35 Wharf Street Tel. 5131 E. R. LORD 1 - 3 Martin Street Groceries — Fruits Vegetables and Quality Meats TEL 73 ESSEX Compliments of GLOUCESTER AUTO BUS COMPANY Compliments of EDDIE DONOVAN ' S LOBSTER POOL Bearskin Neck ROCKPORT Compliments of MISS ELAINE HAIR STYLIEST 10 Main Street Rockport GLOUCESTER MACHINE SHOP CORP. Rear 45 Wharf Street TEL 1450 GLOUCESTER Compliments of FAVORITE CORSET SHOP 1 1 Washington Street Compliments of FRIEND STREET MARKET Compliments of FOSTER ' S ESSO STATION Compliments of THOMAS SAIL AND AWNING COMPANY Rear 45 Wharf Street A. L. MORTON, INC. 1 Railroad Avenue 1 Maplewood Avenue GLOUCESTER Telephone 4330 Compliments of ERNIE ' S MARKET 67 Broadway ROCKPORT L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges MANUFACTURERS OF Class Rings — Pins — Club Insignia Engraved Commencement Invitations and Personal Cards Fraternity Badges — Medals — Athletic Trophies Class Gifts — Special Award Emblems — Service Badges Diplomas — Leather Diploma Cases TAYLOR-MADE YEARBOOKS WILLIAM F. FRAZIER Sales Representative 230 Boylston Street Boston 16, Massachusetts Tel. Circle 7-7556 CENTRAL TAXI Phones 29 4800 3500 School and College Caps and Gowns Choral and Choir Gowns and Apparel Compliments OF A FRIEND UNIVERSITY CAP AND GOWN CO. GOOD LUCK, SENIORS! 486 ANDOVER STREET LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS HATFIELD ' S COLOR SHOP Art Supplies DOCK SQUARE ROCKPORT Compliments of GORTON PEW FISHERIES CO. 327 Main Street Gloucester HUBBARD AND PURDY MASON CONTRACTORS Blocks — Concrete Tile — Brick Stucco Plastering OFFICE 3359 45 Dennison St. Gloucester For the Best in WEDDING GOWNS Gowns for All Occasions Visit GUS ALPER BRIDAL SHOPPE Second Floor 322 Main Street THE S. R. HARVEY CO. Coal, Fuel Oils Oil Heating Utility Gas and Appliances Paints, Varnishes, Enamels 1076-M 1052 Washington St. Compliments of MacDONALD ' S RESTAURANT 28 Railroad Avenue ROCKPORT, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of G. H. S. ACTIVITIES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FRENCH CLUB SPANISH CLUB STUDENT COUNCIL ART CLUB STAGE CREW BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CLUB % TTTTTTTfTfr mil Congratulations and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo- graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices 1 LORING 0 STUDIOS New England ' s Largest School Photographers AUTOGRAPHS Ou. — CL C lsf te I dJyjJu. gscr 9 Qs ck. gl» qjLrfrnct A, (Z »4 Ws y K i) f . ta- CL A -XzhjL. s lCX Jza u x uxJ - . Coti - ' f’ c rCiSjk ' f un Prc j- Slsdlx ■fer t GLkutJ ljLtZ (J ) f f- ' o -c . GULc An nr aW ' f nr o idi y ncdb kj Ua U U . OL-fiX yyvu} djlJU . 4-o-o l J tA-« rc-t So ■ • JX cUo-L-v -i-4 -V r § CUd L oU .- + Cl 7t bl 1 tr Jo yvA XT $ ' 5 yL A A 7 r n j J- AUTOGRAPHS LITHOGRAPHED BY — LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR MADE SAWYER FREE LIBRARY 3 1655 00131 act ve storage h v ' ' —

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