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Compliments of To the Senior Class! Me wish to present our compliments to you upon your being jj| hM graduated , and we sincerely wish you the best of M luck in the future. Jj§ Anderson ' s Novelty Shoppe §1 311 Main Street Gloucester |j M HARRY ANDERSON, Mgr. m 4 j£k Ep» mmmy, IH " iiliiilli iUiWili - COMPLIMENTS OF ==s . H Gloucester Safe Deposit Trust Co. m member federal deposit INSURANCE CORP. U SfliiMjlllMliPIIIM F. J. Babson Company Cunningham Kerr Margaret G. Fanning J. A. Johnson, Inc. Eliot W. Lovett G. Everett Mahony Inc. Richard L. Morey Alfred E. Presson George Steele’s Sons Vierra Oliver Cape Ann Board of insurance Underwriters Gloucester Massachusetts . • J " !!) ' ! l I ' I! CLASS OFFICERS Benjamin Parsons President J. Christopher Finegan Vice-President Grace Clark Vicari Secretary F. Everett Martin Treasurer IN MEMORIAM Riley Adams Lorfng Alves Harry Anderson Virginia Anderson Katherine Barrett Arthur Becker Martha Blatchford Elizabeth D. Bowes Fletcher W. Brown, jr. John W.A. Brown, Jr. Phyllis Brown Richard Bulduc Alfred L. Bruni Irving W. Bush, Jr. Robert Burnham Robert J. Barner Ralph Budrow Donald G. Cameron Gladys Cominelli Mary M. Carlson Mary E. Cameron Margaret Compton Natalie M. Cooke Milton J. Camille Robert N. Connelly Dana Critchett Coleman Crowley Bernard G. Cowie Rosina C. Corraro Anne W. Davis Barbara Davis F. Milner Dunn Ruth E. Ellis Eunice Elwell John Fendle Arthur H. Feener Stanley M. Feener Frank A. Ferreira Mary Fudge Gladys E. Geary Norman H. Green Charles J. Grillo Charles M. Goodwin Everell Harding Gilman C. Harvey Frances L. Hinckley Julie A. Holloran Katherine Jacobson Hilia S. Johnson Mary P. Joseph Rudolph L. Kartonen Elizabeth Knowles Geard H. Keating Isabel Larsson Pauline Lockwood Russell Lucas James E. Lufkin Richard Lufkin Paul B. MacDonald Archie A. MacLeod Charles R. McLoud, Jr. Joseph C. MacNeil Paul McPherson, Jr. Leslie J. McNair William T. Maddix Mariam M. Mattson Roger W. Mello Harriet F. Merchant George M. Morey Ruth Mitchell Virginia Naves George Nugent George W. Oliver Alice R. Olsen Frederick E. Osier Lester S. Parks Ruth M. Patience Lawrence P. Parisi Clarice Pearson Aili H. Pitkanen F. Harrison Poole Donald I. Pratt Alberta A. Richardson Phyllis Reynolds Seymour Russell Albert Robishaw Russell Sanderson Mary E. Sargent William Sibley Richard J. Skillen Manuel Souza William E. Smith Eunice M. Stockbridge Clara M. Tibbetts Phyllis Tobey Toivo A. Tuomivirta Lola Tysver Theodore C. Watters, Jr. Ellen C. Webber Mabel G. Wise Milton L. Wiley John Wood, Jr. Helen I. Wonson CLASS REUNION COMMITTEE James Sallah Chairman Leland Ryan Co-Chairman Geraldine Maclnnis-Anderson Treasurer Opening Remarks Beulah Goodick Bragg Grace Clark Vicari Margaret Fosberry Mildred Silviera Guittarr Vivian Timm Hedetniemi Everett Martin Ellen Friend O’Maley Hester Anderson Sheedy Mary Biachini Wonson Ethel Larson Dutton PROGRAM Jim Sallah Invocation Vivian Timm Hedetniemi Toastmaster Leland “Duke” Ryan Ellen Friend O’Maley CLASS OF 1937 JULY 12, 1997 OUR 60th REUNION The Commodore, 45 Enon Street, Beverly, Mass. Happy Hour. Dinner. Dancing 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. ‘til closing! Welcome Classmates «r GHS SCHOOL SONG Gome cadets and maidens come Wave your flags and roll your drums Hearty cheers renew Sing a praise of Gloucester High Ever honor glorify and ever serve her true Wave the echoes, let them fly Fly o’er land and sea Gloucester, Gloucester every time Gloucester by the sea The Best of Everything THE SENIOR FLICKER 1 ft 2 THE SENIOR FLICKER (Fhr SluBtmt § tor? 1885 1537 ■ The Big Store of the North Shore Covering a City Block Pleasant and Main Streets 33 SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS In Gloucester, on the North Shore, you will find this store a well-appointed, pleasant store in which to do your sum- mer shopping. A store where you receive courteous treatment, whether or not you buy, and where you will receive the Best of Sendee. Trade in Gloucester at the Big Store of the North Shore militant C Urmun (Emit jiang AND hrphrrii’s fUarkrt, Jnr. Operated by (Ehe JBilliam iBrohm Campanu I THE SENIOR FLICKER 3 FLICKER STAFF 1937 Editor-in- Chief PHYLLIS ROWLEY Class Roll Chairman, ANNE W. DAVIS Business Managers — NORMAN GREEN and JEANNE ROOK GLADYS ALI ' ER ROBERT BURNS JULIE HOLLORAN ANNE BANKS ELIZABETH COLLINS ELIZABETH KNOWLES MARY BIANCHI NATHALIE COOKE ELIZABETH KUIVANEN HELEN BLATCHFORD WILMA CURTIS ISABEL LARSSON EDITH BRUCE J. CHRISTOPHER FINEGAN HARRIET MERCHANT JOHN MORTON JEAN TARR Class History Chairman, JULIE HOLLORAN SARAH FELDMAN ELIZABETH KUIVANEN J. CHRISTOPHER FINEGAN ANDREW LANE JEAN TARR Class Prophecy Chairman, MARGARET FOSBERRY " ALICE AMERO CHARLES GOODWIN F. MILNER DUNN SOPHIA VRACHOS Class Calendar Chairman. J. CHRISTOPHER FINEGAN HELEN BLATCHFORD ROBERT BURNS JOHN BROWN SOPHIA VRACHOS Class Ballot Chairman, SUSANNA BRANCALEONE ANNE BANKS PHYLLIS ROWLEY Grinds Chairman. MARY E. CAMERON JOHN BROWN CHARLES GOODWIN MARGARET FOSBERRY JOHN MORTON Art JOHN BROWN RUTH E. ELLIS Business Advertising Manager. HARRY ANDERSEN Assistants, LORING ALVES, HELEN BLATCHFORD. SUSANNA BRANCALEONE. MARGARET COMPTON. NATHALIE COOKE, SARAH FELDMAN, and BARBARA McEWEN. Office Manager, HARRIET MERCHANT : Assistant MARY DORES Bookkeeper, NELLIE CARNEY Sales Manager, MARGARET MARCHANT ; Assistant, ALFRED BRUNI Typists — Chairman. MARY BIANCHI : Assistants. SUSANNA BRANCALEONE, MARJORIE CHICK. NATHALIE COOKE, SARAH FELDMAN, ISABEL LARSSON. RUTH PATIENCE. FRANCES WALLACE Class Motto “Llegaremos a seraliora lo que hemos de ser.” “What we are to be, we are now becoming.” Class Officers PRESIDENT BENJAMIN PARSONS VICE-PRESIDENT J. CHRISTOPHER FINEGAN TREASURER EVERETT MARTIN SECRETARY GRACE CLARK 4 THE SENIOR FLICKER MISS IZETTA R. WOLFE Photograph by Musart THE SENIOR FLICKER 5 3n Ubnunuun dUiss 3Lctta UJnlfe Born August 19, 1894 Died January 14, 1937 “Let us faith and hope receive; The rose still grows beyond the wall ; Scattering fragrance far and wide, Just as it did in days of yore. Just as it did on the other side, Just as it will forever more.” A. L. Franck “And yet dear heart ! remembering thee. Am I not richer than of old? What chance can mar the pearl and gold Thy love hath left in trust with me?” 6 THE SENIOR FLICKER Business Training For Young Men and Women BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL SHORTHAND AND TYPEWRITING BUSINESS AND FINISHING One and Two-Year Programs. Previous commercial training not required for entrance. Students in attendance from leading high schools, academies, pre- paratory and other types of schools. Write or Telephone for Day or Evening Catalog LYNN Burdett College 74 MT. VERNON STREET, LYNN, MASS. Telephone Jackson 2 34 PLACEMENT Service Free to Graduates 2021 employment calls, Boston and Lynn, received during the past year. 42d Year Begins in September COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND THE SENIOR FLICKER 7 TABLE of CONTENTS Flicker Staff and Senior Class Officers 3 Photograph of Miss Marguerite D. Lovering 8 Dedication 9 Photograph of Miss Izetta R. Wolfe 4 Memoriam 5 Flicker Staff Photograph 10 Prologue 1 1 Class Roll 12 Student Memoriam 55 R. O. T. C. Photograph 56 Roster of R. O. T. C. Officers..... 57 Class History 1940 58 1939 60 1938 63 1937 65 Flash Staff Photograph 70 Flash Staff Record 71 Girls’ Club Photograph 72 Commencement 73 Athletic Association Council Photograph 74 Class Ballot 75 Gleanings from the Class Ballot 76 Class Prophecy 82 Class Calendar 102 Grinds 120 Cartoons 126-130 Farewell 134 Autographs 135 8 THE SENIOR FLICKER Photograph by Matson MISS MARGUERITE D. LOVERING THE SENIOR FLICKER 9 DEDICATION TO Miss Marguerite D. Lovering To a friend whose efficiency for organization accompanied always by unfailing im- partiality and good sportsmanship is valued by us all, we, the Class of 1 937 gratefully dedicate our Flicker 10 THE SENIOR FLICKER FUCKER STAFF 1936 - 1937 THE SENIOR FLICKER PROLOGUE When a book brings pleasure to even one person, its author may justly feel a glow of pride. Whether the pleasure is transitory or lasting is of no consequence, for moments of laughter and happy recollection come all too seldom to most of us. We seniors, whose yearbook this Flicker is, do not anticipate being remembered be- cause of it ; its composition will not assure our place in the annals of the high school. But we enjoy it, and we hope that you also are diverted by it. This Flicker is an integral, personal part of our class. It has been written by us, for us. If our work pleases you we are doubly rewarded, but in any event the thrills of one year and the triumphs of four years are permanently recorded in this, our class-book. So long as we keep our Flickers those experiences are our possessions. And if in a few years our ambitions seem naive and our prophecy ironic in its absurdity, we can not wonder. There are few things in life which are im- mutable. 12 THE SENIOR FLICKER CLASS ROLL Name— BENJAMIN W. PARSONS Address— S Beckford Street Course — General Nicknames — " Ben " . “Benny " . “Benj " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Oval A. C. and Curly Hair Ambition — To see the world for nothing and manage a winning team Honors Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4 : President 3. 4: Sergeant 4: Corporal 3: Sawyer Medal Sth Grade: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 2. 4: Home- room Bank Collector 4. " Gloomy as the night he stands What ' s underneath this mask? " AUTOGRAPH Name— J. CHRISTOPHER FINEGAN Address- -7 Kent Circle Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — " Bud " . “Love and Kisses " . " Chris " Most Distinctive Characteristic — 2nd in command Ambition — To live up to the teachers ' idea of the perfe.-t Senior boy Honors -Highest Honors 1. 2: Honors 3. 4: Vice- President 4: Class Motto Committee 4: “Flash " Staff 2. 3 4: Chairman Class Calendar: Class History: Class Roll: Lt. Colonel 4: Platoon Sergeant 3: Commander Prize Squad 3: Win- ning Company 3: Winning Platoon 3: Haskell Medal Drill 3: Individual Prize Drill 3: Citizen- s ' :..;. Medal 3: Shorthand Accuracy Award 2: Football 3. 4: Basket hall 1. 2. 3. Captain 4: Baseball 2. 3. 4: A. A. Council 3. 4: Towle Trophy 4: Essex County All-star Team 3: Val- edictorian 4: Service Club 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: French Club 2. 3. 4: Vice-President of Stevens Book Reviewers 4. “Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower. " AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 13 Name— GRACE E. CLARK Address — 13 South Kilby Street Course — General Nickname — “Gracie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That laugh Ambition — To sail around the world on Queen Mary II Honors — Class Secretary 3. 4: Interclass Short- hand Contest 3; Complete Theory Certificate 3: 60 word Shorthand Certificate 3: 36 word Type Award 3: Gregg Writing Progress Pin 3: Saw- yer Medal 2: Roosevelt Club 4: Secretary 3: Roosevelt Spelling Contest 3: Highest Honors 1. 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 2. 3. 4. “Not a kindlier life or sweeter.” AUTOGRAPH Name — F. EVERETT MARTIN Address — 1160 Washington Street Course — Commercial Nickname— -“Popout” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — To be able to collect class dues owed in room G. Honors — Highest Honors 4 : Sawyer Medal 8th Grade; Class Treasurer 3. 4: “Beacon " Staff 2: Complete Theory Test : 40 and 60 word Trans- cription Awards. “He is truly great who maketli no account of any height of answers.” AUTOGRAPH 14 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name — CHARLES ABBOTT Address — Barberry Bane Course — General Nicknames — “Charlie " . “Trapper”. “Grabber " . “Squid” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — To play baseball in the Big Leagues Honors — Baseball 2. 3. 4: Football 1. 4: Perfect Atten- dance 1. 2. 3. 4. “Wise men are fools in the aifairs of women.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RILEY ADAMS Address — 27 Prospect Street Course — General Nicknames — “Rye” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair and " Phil " T. Ambition — To stay out of Ivresges on Saturdays Honors — Typ writing A war d " His best companions, innocence and health And £is best riches, ignorance of wealth. " AUTOGRAPH Name— VALMA Y. ALA Address — 6 Emerald Street Course — General Nickname — “Smokey " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Athletics and blushing Ambition— To win an argument with " Phil " Rook Honors — Soft-ball 2. 3. 4: Captain 4: Basket ball 1. 2. 3. 4: Captain 2. 3. 4: Field Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4: Captain 3: Winning Team 4; Hit Pin Baseball 2. 3. 4: Captain 3 : Art Club Bazaar Chairman : Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4 : German Club Play 4. “Full of vim : Full of pep Good at athletics? You bet! " AUTOGRAPH Name— GLADYS ALPER Address — 335 Main Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames - " Glad " . " Alps " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hospitality Ambition — A successful career Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: “Beacon " Floor Man- ager 4: Class Roll 4: Type Certificate 2: Roosevelt Club 4: German Club 4: French Club 2. 3: Junior Business Club 2: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Senior Class Play 4: Junior Business Club Play 2: German Club Play 3: Class Gift Committee 4: Mother-Daughter Banquet Committee 4: Toast-Mistress at Mother and Daughter Banquet 4: Emerson College Drama Con- test 4: " Mikado " Decorations 4: Speaker Education Week 4. “The ideal of courtesy, grace, and charm. " AUTOGRAPH Name— BORING ALVES Address — 24 Friend Street Course— General Nickname — " Joe " Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Pal ' ' Ambition- To find out why the Mr. doesn ' t like me. Honors- " Flicker " Assistant Advertising Manager: Foot- ball 1. 2. 3. 4 : Baseball 1. 4: Stage Manager for " Loose Change " : Perfect Attendance 1. “Better a bad excuse, than none at all.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 15 Name— SARAH ALVES Address — 20 Friend Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Sadie " , “Caesar " Most Distinctive Characteristic — The “Crew” Ambition — To convince “Tillie” that this generation is DIFFERENT ! Honors — 80 word Shorthand Transcription Award ; Senior O. G. A. Test; Secretary 3, 4; 40 word Type Award ; 60 word Shorthand Award ; 50 word Type Certificate; Spanish Club 1. 2: Service Club 1, 2, 3. 4 ; Roosevelt Club 4; Junior Business Club 2; Spanish Play 2. “She seemed as happy as a wave That dances on the Sea.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ALICE M. AMERO Address — 38 East Main Street C our se — C o m m e r c i a 1 Nicknames — “Sis,” “Al " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being quiet in Room Ambition — To make Dan Harris admit he’s wrong Honors — Class Prophecy; -10 word Type Award; Senior O. G. A. Test; 60 word Transcription Award; Basket ball Alternate; Interclass Shorthand Contest; Com- plete Theory Test; Secretary 4; Assistant Secretary 3: 100 word Transcription Award: Spanish Club 1,2; Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1: Junior Business Club 2. “One of those happy souls which are the salt of the earth.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HARRY ANDERSEN Address— 311 Main Street Course — General Nicknames —“Andy”, “Pop”. “Swede” Most Distinctive Characteristic — English Office Book- room Ambition — To fulfill my ambition if I had one which I haven ' t Honors — Assistant Advertising Manager “Beacon " 3; Manager 4; “Flicker " Advertising Manager 4; Ser- geant 4: Prize Squad 2. 3: Exhibition Platoon 3. 4: Prize Drill 4; Color Company 3: Corporal 2. 3: Foot- ball 2; Biology Club 3; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; “Pattie” 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4. “How blest is he who crowns in shades like these A youth of labor with an age of ease.” AUTOGRAPH Name — HESTER ANDERSON Address — 23 Addison Street [ Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Het”. “Hep " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sliirl and “Fliz” Ambition — To get what I want when I want it Honors — Secretary 4: O. G. A. Pin: 60. 80 word Trans- cription Tests ; Complete Theory Test : Basket ball 1. 2, 3, 4; Captain 2. 4: Hockev 2. 3. 4: Captain 2. 3. 4: Hit-Pin Baseball 3. 4: Soft-Ball 4: Glee Club 4: “Pattie” 3: “Forward Pass " 4: “Mikado”; Perfect Attendance 2. 3. “An open-hearted maiden, true and pure.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ANNE BANKS Address — 114 Pleasant Street. Manchester Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Independence 1 Ambition To master my characteristic Honors — “Flicker” Staff 4: Basket ball winner 1. 2: Ser- vice Club 1. 2. 3, 4 : Roosevelt Club 4: Girls ' Club Cab- inet 2. 3. 4: Freshman Party Committee 1 : Sophomore Party Committee 2 ; “Loose Change” 3 : Girls’ Club Tab- leau 3 : May Day Pageant 2 “Without the smile from beauty won. Gh ! what were man?— a world without a sun!” AUTOGRAPH 16 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name — ROBERT .T. EARNER Address — 22 Beacon Street Course — General Nicknames — " Bob " . “Jim " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Wasting time Ambition — To get to school before the doors open Honors — Prize Squad 3. 4: Individual Drill 4: Sergeant 4 : Winning Prize Squad " Resolute in action, gentle in manner. " AUTOGRAPH Name — KATHERINE BARRETT Address — S Burnham Street Course — General Nicknames — " Kay” Most Distinctive Characteristic- -Laughing and talking Ambition — To prove to Mary G. and Billy H. that ham- burgers are better than chicken pies. Honors — 2o word type certificate: Basket ball 1. 2. 3. 4: Field Hockey 4: Glee Club 1. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Ser- vice Club 3. 4: Latin Club 4: " Patty " 3: " Forward Pass " 4: " Mikado " 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4: " Happiness is a habit She cultivated it. " AUTOGRAPH Name — DOROTHY JEAN BARTLO Address — 96 Friend Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — " Dot " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Height Ambition — To get a good job Honors -Honor Student 1. 2. 3 : Girls’ Basket ball 1. 2 : Flash typist 4: 100 word transcription Certificate; 60. SO word Transcription O. G. A. Pin : O. G. A. Award : 30 40 word type Award : Home Economics Book Award 1: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Secretary 4: Perfe -r Attend- 1. 2, 4: Inter-class Accuracy Type Contest 4 " Small of stature, great of spirit. " AUTOGRAPH Name — ARTHUR BECKER Address — 86 Concord Street Course — General Nicknames — " Sleepy " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sleeping Ambition — To be full of pep Honors — Winning Co. 1. 2: Winning Plato. .n 2 " He who wakes t find himself famous will find he hasn ' t been asleep. " AUTOGRAPH Name — MARY E. BIANCHI Address — 91 Langsford Street ( ’ourse— Commercial Nicknames— " Sis " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Good disposition Ambition — Private secretary B i rs Honor Student 1. 2 . 3. 4:“Flash” typist 4: Class R«dl 4: 43 word Type Award 3: 63 word Type Award 4 : Competent Type Award 4 : Complete Theory Certi- ficate 1; County Type Contest 2; Order of Gregg Art- ists 3: GO. SO. 100 word Transcription Certificates: Junior ». G. A. Award: Assistant Secretary 3: Secre- tary 4 : 100 word Transcription Pin 4 : Competent Typ- ists ' Pin 4: Order of Gregg Artists Pin: Roosevelt Club 4: Art Club 2: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Chairman of " Flicker " Typists: Perfeet Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. " Sh is a maiden, young and fair A girl with a wealth of beautiful hair. " AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 17 Name— HELEN CLAIRE BLATCHFORD Address — 3 Gould Court ( ' ourse — General Nickname- -“Blateh” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair and nonchalance Ambition — To excel Honors — Honor Student; Typist for “Flash” 4; Class Roll, ( ' lass Calendar: 60, 80. 100 120 Shorthand Awards Complete Theory O. G. A. Award ; 50 Word Type Pin ; 56, 60 Word Type Awards; Secretary 4; Basket Ball 1. 2: Roosevelt Club 4: Chairman of Social Committee of Roosevelt Club 4; Junior Business Club 2: Chair- man Mother-Daughter Banquet ; Chairman Roosevelt Club Bazaar Booth. “Style is the dress of thoughts” AUTOGRAPH Name— MA RTH A I ' . LATCH FORD Address — 9 Summit Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Mart " , “Marty”. “Marge” Most Distinctive Characteristic— “Cal ' ’ Ambition — To do what I want to do Honors — “Hospitality sitting with gladness” AUTOGRAPH Name— RALPH BUDROW Address— 14 Summit Street Cou rse — General Nicknames — “Bud " . “Boudy " , “Mickey” Most Distinctive Characteristic— Riding over yonder Ambition — Speeding around in the world ' s fastest racer Honors — Honor Student 3. 4: Winning Prize Squad 3. 4; Platoon Sergeant 4: Individual Drill 3. 4; Prize Co. 3. 4; Football 4; German Club; Perfect Attendance 1. 2. “For nature made him what he is And never made another.” AUTOGRAPH Name- ELIZABETH D. BOWES Address — 18 Atlantic Street ( ' ourse — Commer dal Nicknames — “Betty " , “Bet” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dancing Ambition — To be private secretary to the President of the United States Honors — Llonor Student 1. 2, 3. 4: Chairman “Flash " Typists 4; Complete Theory Certificate 4: 60, 80 Word Transcription Tests 4; O. G. A. Certificate 4: 100 Word Transcription Certifi ate; O. G. A. Pin; Service Club 1, 2, 3. 4 : Secretary 4. “Young Bettv blooms, our bonny lass.” AUTOGRAPH Name— SUSANNA F. BRANCALEONE Address — 7 Mansfield Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Susie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To see the world to get a secretarial posi- tion Honors — Highest Honors Student 1, 2. 3. 4: Chairman of Class Ballot; “Flicker” Advertising Committee: “Flicker " Typist; 44 Word Type Award 4; 60 Word Shorthand Pin 3: 60. 80 ' Word Shorthand Certificates 3: O. G. A. Membership Certificate 4: Secretary 4; Junior O. G. A. Award: Complete Theory Certificate 3 ; 100 Word Shorthand Certificate 4: Sawyer Medal 8th Grade; French Club 2, 3: French Club Bazaar Com- mittee 4: Secretary of Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 4; May Festival 2: Perfect Attendance 4. Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. " AUTOGRAPH 18 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name — VIRGINIA CATHERINE BRODER Address — 126 Main Street Course — General Nicknames — “Gin " . “Ginny " “Vadge” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Deviltry and vivacity Ambition — To be liked by all Honors —Typist on “Flash " Staff: 60. 80 Transcription: O. G. A. Certificate: Secretary 4: O. G. A. Pin 2: Bas- ket Ball 1: President of Art Club 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Junior Business Club 2: “Patty " . “Loose Change " ; Bank Clerk 2: May Festival 1: Co-chairman of Fresh- man Party 1: Bazaar Committee for Art Club 4. “The only things in life in which we can be said to have any propertv. are our actions. " AUTOGRAPH Name— FLETCHER IV. BROWN. JR. Address — Beach Road Course — Scientific Nicknames — “Jeep " . " Hey You " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Fancy Shirts Ambition — Return to grass skirts and igloos Honors — Stage Crew “Mikado " . “Forward Pass " ; Band 4 : Perfect Attendance 2. “But a merrier man Within the limit of becoming mirth I never spent an hour ' s talk withal. " AUTOGRAPH Name — JOHN WILLARD ADAMS BROWN. JR. Address — 13 Addison Street Course — Scientific- Nicknames — " Shady " . " Brown " . “Son " . " Jack " . “Beanie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being Miss Harris ' itch Ambition— Room 2034, Annapolis Honors— Honor Student 3. 4: " Flash " Staff 2: Artist. Grinds. Class Calendar. Class Motto Committees for " Flicker " : 2nd Lieutenant Co. A: Captain Co. A: Ex- hibition Platoon 2. 3: Winning Company 2. 3: Win- ning Platoon 3: Prize Squad 3: First Prize in New England S. P. C. A. Art Contest: Vice-president Art Club 3: Social Committee of Roosevelt (Tub 4: French (Tub 1. 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: " Loose Change " 2: " Pattie " 3: “Forward Pass " 4: French Club Play 3: Senior Play 4: Bazaar Play 2: Home-room Bank Collector 1. 2. 3: Chairman of Art Club Bazaar 3: Chairman Roosevelt Club Bazaar 4 : Chairman Music Committee R. O. T. C. Party 4: Chairman Decorations Committee R. O. T. C. Party 4: “The Rivals " 3. “Convey a libel in a frown And wink a reputation down ! " AUTOGRAPH Name— PHYLLIS BROWN Address — 29 Centennial Avenue C o u r se — Go n e r a 1 Nicknames — " Pliyl " . “Pliillie " . “Brownie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Inability, some how or otlr. r, to get to school Ambition — To get up ambition enough to show a few people that I am really not lazy and that I can get up in the morning. Honors —Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4. " While I keep my senses. I shall prefer nothing to a pleasant friend. " AUTOGRAPH Name— EDITH MARY BRUCE Address -126 Prospect Street Course —College Preparatory Nicknann " Edie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Agreeability Ambition — My s rapbook Honors Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: " Beacon " Floor Man- ager 4: Class Roll 4: Basket ball 1. 2 : French Club 2. 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt ' Club 4: " Pattie " 3: Class Bazaar Booth 3: Class Banquet Committee 4; Perfect Attendance 1. “None. None on earth above her As pure in thought as angels are To know her is to love lier.“ AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 19 Name— ALFRED L. BRUNI Address — 5 Acacia Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Sparky”, “Hoe”, “Grizzer”, “Freddy”, “Al” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Voice, Eating. Ambition — To be a Diesel Engineer Honors — President of A. A. 4 : Baseball 2, 3, 4 ; Track 3, 4: Basket ball 1. 4: Football 1. 2 3. 4 : “Mikado” 4: Stage Crew 4 : “Forward Pass” 4 : Chief Electrician of “Forward Pass " 4; Perfect Attendance 3, 4. “All succeeds with people who are of cheerful disposi- tion.” AUTOGRAPH Na me— R O P E R T BU R N H A M Address — 147 East Main Street C o u r se — C ommer cial Nicknames — “Bob " . “Berger " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Curly hair Ambition — To be assistant to the man scientist, Mr. Greely Honors — Sawyer Medal 3: Honor Student 1. 2. 3, 4; Ser- geant 4: Prize Squad 3; Typing Awards 2. 3; Roose- velt Club 4: Perfect Attendance 4. “A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT S. BURNS Address — 15 East Main Street Course — General Nicknames — “Bob " . “Tiger " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Gerrv S.. Jean F.. and Helen T. Ambition — To become a Sea Captain Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: “Beacon " Staff 3: “Bear-on " Editorial Board 4; “Flash” Staff 2. 3: Class Roll 4: Class Calendar 4: Corporal 2: Company Guid- on Bearer 3; Sergeant 4: 2nd Lt. 4: 1st. Lt. 4: Prize Squad 2: Winning Prize Squad 3: Prize Platoon 2. 3: Commander Prize Platoon 4; Winning Platoon Drill 3: Manager Baseball 4: Sawyer Medal 2: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Winning Company Drill 3; Individual Drill 2. 3; Haskell Medal Drill 3: Perfect Attendance 1, 4. “Stern men with empires in their brains.” AUTOGRAPH Name— SHIRLEY MARION CAHOON Address — 289 1 4 Main Street Course — General Nicknames — “Si " . “Shurdy”. “Shirl” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dancing Ambition — ' l ' o be a better dancer Honors — “Flicker” Advertising Staff 2: O. G. A. Short- hand Award 3: Type 1 Award 2: A. A. Collector 2; Basket ball 1 : Secretary 1 : “Loose Change” : “Patty” : May Festival 1 : “Forward Pass” “A careless song with a little nonsense in it now and then does not misbecome a queen.” AUTOGRAPH Name— DONALD G. CAMERON Address — 1 Langsford Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Donuts”, “Don” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That walk Ambition — To do a physics problem that Mr. Colman cannot do Honors — Winning Platoon 3: Winning Company 3: Cor- poral 3, 4 : Guidon Bearer 4 : Baseball 2, 3 ; Football 4 ; French Club 4 : Senior Play. “Happy the man, and happy he alone. He who can call today his own : He who, secure within, can say. Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have liv’d today.” AUTOGRAPH _ 20 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name — MARY ELEANOR CAMERON Address — 35 t ' hapel Street Course — General Nicknames — - " Camo " . " Carney”. " M. E. " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Trying to outwit a particular Senior who lives Marble Street Ambition — To be a school teacher that the pupils won’t call a " crab”. Honors — Grinds I’hairman of ‘Flicker " Staff: Basket 2: Operetta 2 : Music Festival 2 : Sj e lub 2. 3: Bazaar Committee 2: - lub 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: 1 - " Character is our will, for what we will we are. " AUTOGRAPH Name — THERESA C’ANILLAS Address — War r Street Course — Commercial Nickname — " Treat” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Shyness An ■ I keeping Honors — Typewriting 1 Certificate: Spa: g 4: Special Chorus 4: " Bashfulness indicates hidden charm. " AUTOGRAPH Nan MARY M. CARLSON ress— 5 Babs ' ' nurse — Commer -ial Nickname — " Blondie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dancing Ambition — Beauty Culture Honors— Type 1 St — 1 3:1 2S 4; Palmer Metl • 1 . " She. perfect dancer, climbs the rope And balances your fear and hope. " AUTOGRAPH Nam — NELLIE ESTHER CARNEY 7 S - t Street ' ourse-— Commercial Nickname — " Nell” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ror-kport ! Ambition — To be a successful bookkeeper H »nor Student L 2. 3. 4: “Beacon” Staff Book- keeper 4: " Flicker " Staff Bookkeeper 4: Glee Club 1: inge” 2; “Trial by si " Shvness is alwavs becoming. " AUT GRAPH Name— ELEANOR M. CARREIRO ss— 57 1 Course — Commer ial Ni -knames — " El " . " Spud " Most Distinctive Characteristic — The " Crew " Ambition — To convince " Tillie " that I’m no rowdy Honor? — " Beacon” Staff Typist 4: 4o word Type Award 4: «Vi word Transcription Award ?. : Secretary 4: El Curcula L 2: Roosevelt Club S 2, 3. Perfect Attendance 1. “True as the dial to the sun Tho ' it be not shined upon.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 21 Name— MARJORIE BLANCHE CHICK Address — 53 Warner Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Marge”, “Chickie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — A-l Typist Honors — “Beacon” Collector: “Flash” Typist; “Flicker” Typist; 60 word Transcription; 38 word Type Award; O. 6. A. Pin; Basket ball 1, 2; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; May Day Pageant ; Special Chorus 2, 3, 4 ; Secretary “Silence is the mother of Truth.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ARLENE G. CLANCY Address — Rear 54 Friend Street Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Rushing to school to beat the 8 :05 bell Ambition — To get ambitious Honors — “Beacon” Staff typist 4. “She was the quiet kind Whose nature never varies.” AUTOGRAPH Name — CAROLYN CLARK Address — 27 Trask Street Course — Commercial N i c k n a mes — 1 ‘Cal”. “ Clark ie " Most Distinctive Charaeteristicj Mart Ambition — Travel Honors — “A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men.” AUTOGRAPH Name— PAUL CLARK Address — 225 Washington Street Nicknames — “Governor " , “Majar” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Red Hair Ambition A doctor, so I can take care of “Ace” Grille Honors — Honor Student 3. 4; ( ' lass Representative 2; Regimental Sergeant Major 4: Sergeant 4: Prize Pb - toon 3: Prize Company 3; Football 1. 2. 3, Captain Baseball 3, 4: Basket ball 1; Track 3: German Club, Roosevelt Club; Electrician “Pattie” 3: “Mikado” 4: Chairman of German Bazaar Booth 4: Perfect Attend- ance 1. 2. “A good man is not mindful of injuries.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EDNA ELIZABETH COLLINS Address — 6 Bond Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Libby”. “Lib” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Loyalty Ambition — To compose a march equal to Souza’s Honors — Honor Student; “Flash” Staff 2, 3, 4; Search- light Column 2; Class Roll 4; 25 word Type Certifi- cate 3; Hit-Pin Baseball 1, 3: Winning Team 2; Bas- ket ball 1. 2, 3; Cheer Leader 3. 4: Sawyer Medal 8th Grade: Winner Poetry Contest 2; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4 : L ' Amieale Francais 2. 3, 4 ; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : Treasurer 4; Roosevelt Club 4: Biology Club 2; Jun- ior Women’s Club 4; Roosevelt Trophy Speaking Con- test Rep. 1; “Loose Change” 2; “Pattie” 3: “Forward Pass” 4; May Festival 2; Composer of Graduation March in 8th Grade: School Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4: Girls ' Club Orchestra 2. 3. 4 ; Special Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: A Cappella Choir 3 ; Chairman of Costumes of “Mik- ado " 4: Perfect Attendan e 1, 2. 3, 4: Class History 4. “A true friend is forever a friend” AUTOGRAPH 22 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name — GLADYS GERTRUDE COMINELLI Address — 72V Gloucester Avenue Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Glad " . “Giggie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — S. A. H. Ambition — To have an Ambition. Honors — 10 word Type Award 3: 30 word Award 3: O. G. A. Pin 3: Secretary 4: O. G. A. Pin 4: 00 word Transcription 4: Basket ball 1: Roosevelt Club 4: Art Club 2. 3: Junior Business Club 2: Service Club 4; Special Chorus 1. 2 3. 4. “She is efficient, a dependable person. " AUTOGRAPH Name — MARGARET M. COMPTON Address — 7 Williams Court Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Peggie " . “Miggie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — savoir faire Ambition — To grow up Honors-— Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: “Flash " Staff 3. 4: Advertising “Flicker " Staff 4: Basket ball and Field Hockey 1. 2. 3: French Club 2, 3. 4 : German Club 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Glee Club 3: Junior Business Club 1: Junior Women’s Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4; French Play 2: German Play 4: Girls’ Club Play May Festival: Bank Collector 1. 2: Music Festival 3: Senior Tea Committee 4 : Bazaar Committee 2 : Perfect At- tendance 3. “Her nonsense does not misbecome her. " AUTOGRAPH Name NATH ALIE MAY COOKE Address — 119 Essex Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Nat " . “Cookie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Deviltry Ambition — To stop the clock at certain times Honors — “Flash” Typist 4: " Flash " Reporter 4: Class Roll: Advertising Staff 4: O. G. A. Pin 3: O. G. A. Certificate 4: 60. 80. 100 word Test 4: Complete Theory Test 4: Junior Business Club 2: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Art Club 3: Secretary 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Chair- man Junior Tea 3: Senior Tea 4: “Flicker” Typist 4. “Mischief, thou art afoot Take thou what course thou wilt.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROSINA CLAIRE CORRAO Address — 38 Mansfield Street ( ' ourse — General Nicknames — “Ro”. “Rose” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair. Seriousness Ambition — G. D. A. Honors— Penmanship Diploma 2; Spanish Club 3. “Do but look at her hair.” AUTOGRAPH Name— SYLVIA MARY CORRAO Address — 38 Mansfield Street Course — General Nicknames — “Syl”. “Lemons” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smile Ambition— -To be able to dance like Marjorie Dow Honors “Beacon " Staff Typist 4: O. G. A. Pin 3: Type Award 4: Assistant Secretary 3: Secretary 4: Penman- ship Diploma 4: Spanish Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Bank Clerk 2. 3: Head Bookkeeper 4. “From a little spark Mav burst a mighty flame.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 23 Name— MARY CLAIRE CORTINA Address — 65 Taylor Street Course — Commercial Nickname — -“Cussie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair and Dancing Ambition — To travel around the world Honors — “Flash " Typist 4; 30, 40 word Type Awards 3. 4: 60, 80 word Transcription 3, 4; Complete Theory Test 3 : O. G. A. Pin 3 : O. G. A. Certificate 4 : Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 : 100 word Transcription Certificate 4 ; Sawyer Medal 8tli Grade; Spanish Book Prize 2: Ser- vice Club 1, 2. 3, 4 : Roosevelt Club 4; Spanish Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Vice-President and Treasurer 3: President 4: Bank Collector 3: Girls’ Club Orchestra 2, 3. 4 : School Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4: Chairman of Spanish Bazaar 4; Perfect Attendance 2. “But O, she dances such a way ! No sun upon an Easter day To half so fine a sight.” AUTOGRAPH Name — DANA CRITCHETT Address — 435 Washington Street Course — General Nicknames — “Crit " “Teet” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Budrow Ambition — Non-stop flight around the world Honors — Winning Company D. 2 ; Winning Platoon 3 ; Prize Squad 3: Platoon Sergeant 3; German Club “He argued high, he argued low He always argued round about him.” AUTOGRAPH Name— COLEMAN CROWLEY Address — 12 Chapel Street Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ambition Honors — “Gloomy calm of idle vacancy” AUTOGRAPH Name— DONALD EDWARD CUNNINGHAM Address — 3 Beauport Avenue Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Don” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Length Ambition — To call Mr. Coleman ' s bluff Honors — Platoon Sergeant 3: Individual Drill 3; Com- mander Prize Squad 3; Winner of Junior Haskell Medal 3; Colonel of Regiment 4; Typing Certificate 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2; Stevens Book Reviewers 3, 4 : Bank Collector 2 : Chairman of General Committee for High School Dances 4 : Perfect Atten- dance 3. “Comb down his hair! look, look! it stands upright!” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARTHA F. CURRY Address — 22 Eastern Avenue Course — Home Economics Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Meditation Ambition — To travel Honors — Home Nursing Certificate: Basket ball 1, 2; Roosevelt Club 4: Art Club 4; 4-H Club 3, 4. “A maid, modest and self possessed.” AUTOGRAPH f§§§!iiil ill 24 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— MADELINE DAY CURTIS Address — 93 Wheeler Street Course — General Nicknames — “Merry”, “Maddy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition- — To be able to type accurately Honors — Typewriting- Certificate 4; Perfect Attendance 4. “Let gentleness my strong enforcement be.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WILMA CURTIS Address — 38 School Street C o u r se — C ollege Preparatory Nicknames — “Willie”, “Will ' Most Distinctive Characteristic — Even disposition Ambition — To concentrate Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4: “Beacon” reporter 2: “Flash” Staff 4; ( ' lass Roll 4; Service Club 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 2. 4: Roosevelt Club 4; French Club 2. 3: Stevens Book Reviewers 3, 4; Librarian 4; Girls’ Club Cabinet 4; Assistant Librarian English Office 3: Hos- tess Mother-Daughter Banquet 4: Girls’ Club Christ- mas Pageant 2. 4: “Pattie” 3: “Loose Change” 2: “The Mikado " 4; Chairman French Club Booth Bazaar 3: Chairman Senior Play 4: Chairman Mass. Drama Day Contest 4; Chairman Christmas Cheer Committee 2; Committee Junior Tea 3; Speaker Educational Week 4: Basket ball 1. 2: May Day Pageant 2. “What her heart thinks, her tongue speaks.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ANNE WONSON DAVIS Address — 853 Washington Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Annie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That suggestion of primness Ambition — To master the rudiments of good nature Honors — Hall of Fame 2; “Beacon " Editorial Board 4: “Flash” Staff Reporter 3; “Flash” Editoral Board 4; Chairman Class Roll Committee; 25 word Type Cer- tificate 2: Basket ball 1, 2; Sawyer Medal 8th Grade; Winner of Senior Spelling Contest 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3. 4; French Club 2. 3, 4; Roosevelt Club 4; Stevens Book Reviewers 3. 4; Vice-President Girls’ Club 3: President Girls’ Club 4; Girls’ Club Cabinet 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 2; “Loose Change” 2; “The Rivals” 3: Class Pantomine 3; Girls’ Club Tableau 4; May Day Festi- val 2; Speaker Educational Week 4; Glee Club Oper- etta 2: Bazaar Class Booth 3; Girls’ Club Booth 4. “Grace was in all of her steps, heaven in her eyes, In every gesture, dignity and love.” AUTOGRAPH Name- BA R BA R A DAVIS Address- — 21 Granite Street ( ' ourse — Co miner dal Nicknames- — “Barb”. “Barbie” Most Di stinctive Characteristic — Laugh Ambition — Stenographer Honors — O. G. A. Junior and Senior Award; 30 word Award in Type 3; Secretary 4: 00 word Transcription Award in Shorthand; Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4. “Content to follow when we lead the way.” AUTOGRAPH Nam e— O S C A R I 10 N N I S Address — 8 Staten Street Course — General Nickname — “Okie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Height Ambition To get an A in English Honors — Corporal 4; Winning Company 3: Roosevelt Club 4; “Forward Pass” 4: Perfect Attendance 2, 3,4. “Little chaps light great fires.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 25 Name— MARY ELIZABETH DORES Address- — -70 Friend Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Doris” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Frankness, Dancing Ambition — To travel through France and make a night of it in Paris Honors — Honor Student 3; “Flash” Typist 4; Assistant Sales Manager 4; Assistant Office Manager 4; O. G. A. Pin 3: Complete Theory Test 3: GO, 80 Transcription Awards 3, 4; 30 word Type Certificate 3; 40 word Type 4; GO word Transcription Pin 3; Secretary 4; 100 word Certificate 4: O. G. A. Certificate of Member- ship 4: Penmanship Diploma; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. 4 ; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Roosevelt Club 4; Spanish Club Bazaar Committee 3, 4; Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 4; 50 word Type Certificate. “On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined!” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARGARET T. DOUGLASS Address — 12 Clarendon Street Course — General Nicknames — “Margie”, “Maudric” Most Distinctive Characteristic — -Assiduity Ambition — To go slumming on Rocky Neck Avenue Honors — Honor Student 2. 3. 4; French Club 3, 4; Roosevelt Club 4; May Day Dance 2. “Oh. keep me innocent, make others great !” AUTOGRAPH Name— RUTH ESTELLE ELLIS Address — 129 Wheeler Street ( ’ o u r se — College P repara t or y Nicknames — “Ruthie”, “Root” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Animation Ambition — To speak with articulation Honors — “Beacon” Staff Artist; “Flicker” Staff Artist; Basket ball 1, 2, 3: Captain 2, 3: Basket ball Awards 1, 2; Roosevelt Club 4: Art Club 3, 4; Service Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Girls’ Club Cabinet 2, 3. 4; Chairman Girls’ Club Pin Committee 3: Bazaar Committee 3. 4; Hos- tess Mother-Daughter Banquet; Girls’ Club Play 1, 2, 3; May Queen 2; “Pattie” 3. “A daughter of the gods, divinely tall And most divinely fair.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EUNICE EL WELL Address — 5 Norwood Court Course — Home Economics Nicknames — “Betty”, “Bettes” Most Distinctive Characteristic- — -Loyalty --Always keeps promises Ambition — To see “La Tosca” at the Metropolitan O- pera House Honors — Meat Story Contest 3. “Loyalty is the Keynote of friendship.” AUTOGRAPH Name— GRACE MARGARET ENOS Address- 74 Friend Street Course — General Nickname — “Gracie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Ray” Ambition — To speak French Honors — Type Award 4. “She is a woman, therefore may be woo’d She is woman, therefore may be won.” AUTOGRAPH 26 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— ARTHUR H. FEEXER Address — 8 Short Street Course — General Nickname — “Art’ Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — Honors — “Bashfulness indicates hidden charm.” AUTOGRAPH Name— STANLEY M. FEEXER Address — 8 Short Street Course — General Nickname — “Stan " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Brown eyes Ambition— -Learn to dance Honors — “Those move easiest who have learned to dance.” AUTOGRAPH Name — SARAH ANN FELDMAN Address — 137 Main Street Co u r se — Gene r a 1 Nickname — “Sally” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Cheerful Friendliness Ambition — Parisian Mannequin Honors — Highest Honors 1. 2. 3. 4 : Chairman of “Flash” Typists 4: “Flicker” Staff Advertiser; “Flicker” Typ- ist: Class History 4: (50. 80. 100 Transcription Certifi- cates 4: Type Awards 2. 3. 4: Complete Theory 4: O. G. A. Tests 3. 4: Contestant for Shorthand Prize 3; Secretary 3. 4: Sawyer Medal 1; German Prize 1, 3; Junior Business Club 2; Service Club 3, 4: German Club 2. 3: German Dramatics 2. 3; Roosevelt Club 4; Secretary of German Club 3; Treasurer of German Dramatic Club 2 : Committee for Senior Class Bazaar 4: Junior Business Club Play 2: German Club Play 2, 3: German Dramatic Club Play 3; Bank Collector 4 : May Festival 2 ; Chairman of Committee of Initia- tion of German and German Dramatic Clubs 3; Chair man Committee for German Club Bazaar “For nature made her what she is And never made another.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN FENDLE Address — 11 Spring Street Course — General Nicknames— “Pecker " . “J ohnny " Most Distinctive Characteristic — -Gazing off into space Ambition — To get an A from Miss Burke Honors— Prize Platoon 2: Prize Company 2: 40 word Type Award 3: Football Manager 3. 4: Basket ball 3. “Always to excell and to be Superior to others.” AUTOGRAPH Name- -FRANK A. FERREIRA Address — 42 Friend Street ( ,’ourse — General Nicknames — “Dingbat”. “Donk”. “Frankie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Everpresent toothpick Ambition— To be on time for once Honors — Platoon Sergeant 3: Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant. Captain 4: Commander of Prize Squad 3: Rifle Team 4: Football Manager 3: Basket ball Mana- ger 4 : Football 4; Baseball 3. 4: Basket ball 2; Roose- velt Club 4; Honor Student 3; Orchestra 1; Perfect Attendance 3. “Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtfnl of others.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 27 Name— GEORGE GORDON FOLEY Address — 15 Taylor Street Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Asking questions and blu fling Ambition — To ivin an argument with Dan Harr’ Honors — Sergeant 4: Second Lieutenant 4: First Lieu- tenant 4; Corps Area Rifle Team; Football 2, 3, 4; Football letter “Oft he has helped me at pinch of need.” AUTOGRAPH N am e— MARGARET RUTH FOSBERRY Address — 8 Colonial Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Margie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Witticism ( ?) Ambition — To be an English teacher Honors — “Beacon” Editorial Board 4: “Flash” Reporter 2. 3; “Flash” Editorial Board 4; Chairman Class Pro- phecy 4 ; “Flicker” Grind Committee 4 ; Basket ball 1 : Third Prize Poetry Contest 2; Sawyer Medal 8th Grade; Roosevelt Club 4; French Club 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4 : Pin Committee 2: Constitution Committee 3: Stevens Book Reviewers 4: President Stevens Book Reviewers 4; Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Party Committee 2: Senior Booth at Bazaar 4: (’lass Motto Committee 4; Operetta 2; Music Festival 2, 3, 4 ; Chair- man Christmas Party 4; Stevens Book Reviewers Booth 4; Perfect Attendance 1. 4; Highest Honors 1. 2. 3. 4. “Her ability and ambition make her a friend to all.” AUTOGRAPH Name — ELLEN FRIEND Address — 1 Harvard Street Course — General Nicknames — “Fleet i belle " . “Fleety " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Member of the Trium- virate Ambition — To act sophisticated to please Gerry Honors — “Flash”Typist 4 : “Flash” Reporter 4 : Basket ball 1, 2; Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4 : Bank Clerk 4 : Chairman Gifts of Bank Booth at Bazaar 4 : Perfect Attendance 1, 2. “Existence is a merry treat.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARY FUDGE Address — 91 Prospect Street Co u r se — Com mer-ial Nickname — “F udgie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Indifference Ambition — To go to England and visit the king Honors— Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: “Flash” Typist 4; Secretary 4; 60. 80 word Transcription: O. G. A. Member; Complete Theory 3: Junior O. G. A. Award: Poetry Contest 3: Art Club 3: Service Club 2. 3, 4; Roosevelt Club: Bank Clerk 2: Assistant in Bank 3: Vice-President of Bank 4; Perfect Attendance 2. “A good heart is better than all the heads in the world” AUTOGRAPH Nam e— SILVA RIO GASP E R Address — 35 Mt. Vernon Street Course— General Nicknames — “Monk”, “Siv” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Y. M. C. A. Ambition — To win an argument with Mr. Frigard Honors — Football 2. 3. 4; Basket ball 4. “I know that half a million men Hustling like cattle herded in a pen Toil on and shout While two-and-twenty hirelings hack a ball about.” AUTOGRAPH 23 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— GLADYS E. GEARY Address — 8 Madison Court Course — Commercial Nicknames — " Glad " , Gladie " , “Glorchie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eyes Ambition — Slide in the snow we had this winter Honors -Honor Student 1. " Her eyes were the mirrors of her soul. " AUTOGRAPH Name — BEULAH GOODICK Address — 24 Acacia Street Course— General Nickname — " Boola " Most Distinctive Characteristic— Member of the Trium- virate Ambition -To show Gerry up Honors — Roosevelt Club -1 : Glee Club 2. 3. 4 : Service Club 1. 2. 3, 4: “Pattie” “Trial By Jury” 2; “Mikado” 4; Music Festival 2. 3. 4: May Festival 2: Perfect Atten- dance 1. 2. 3. " Her eyes are homes of silent prayer. " AUTOGRAPH Name— CHARLES A. GOODWIN Address — 13 East Main Street Course — Scientific Preparatory Nicknames — " Charlie " . " Goody”, " Ducrot " . " Hey Dope " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Cynicism Ambition — To be on my way Honors — Sawyer Medal 8th Grade: Winning Prize Squad 2: Prize Squad 3: Exhibition Platoon 2. 3: C. M. T. C. 2: Ritie Marksman: Corporal: Winning Com- pany 2: Winning Platoon 2: Guidon Bearer 3; Has- kell Medal Drill 3: 2nd Lieutenant 4: 1st Lieutenant 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Stage Crew " Forward Pass " 4: Honor Student 1. 2. 3. -i : L ' Amicale Francais 2. 3: President Biology Club 2: " Flash " Staff 2. 3: Alumni Editor " Flash” 2: “Flicker " Staff, (. ' lass Prophecy. Grinds 4: Stevens Book Reviewers 3. 4: Vice-President 4: Editorial Board " Beacon " 3. 4: Football 2: Track 4: Chairman Class Motto Committee 4: Roosevelt Club 4. " Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame : Each to his passion: what ' s in a name ' : " AUTOGRAPH Name— JUNE ARDELLE GORMAN Address — 187 E. Main Street ( urse — College Preparatory Nickname — " Junie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Charm Ambition — To benefit from my trip this summer Honors — Type Award 2: L ' Amicale Francais 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : Glee Club 1 : " Pattie " 3: " For- ward Pass " 4: Special Chorus 2. 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 4. " Good clothes open all doors. " AUTOGRAPH Name — MARY GOYATCH E Address — 27 Liberty Street Course — General Nicknames-— Most Distinctive Characteristic — Laughing and Carolyn Ambition — To prove to the Irish that the French are the best Honors — Cheer Leader 3. 4: Basket ball 1. 2. 3. 4: Hit- Pin 2. 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Glee Club 1. 2: " Pattie " 3; " Forward Pass " 4. “From a grave thinking mouser she has grown The gayest flirt that coach ' d it round the town. " AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 29 Name — LOIS GREEN Address — 70 Magnolia Avenue Course — Commercial N ickname — ‘ ‘ L o ' ’ Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ipswich Ambition — To be or not to be — Honors — 60 word Transcription Award 1, 4; 40 word Type Award 4; Secretary 4; O. G. A. Test 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4; " Pattie” 3; “Loose Change” 2; Girls’ Club Play 2. “She comes more nearer earth than she was wont and makes men mad.” AUTOGRAPH Name— NORMAN HENRY GREEN Address — 1 Cole Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Norm " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Proving that point Ambition — To get there, sometime- -somehow Honors — “Flash " Reporter 1. 2: “Flash” Editorial Board 3. 4: Financial Manager Class Roll 4; Individ- ual Drill 3: Prize Squad 2: Commander Winning- Prize Squad 3 : Exhibitio n Platoons 2. 3 : Haskell Medal Drill 3: Platoon Sergeant 3: Major 4: Assis- tant Football Business Manager 3: Football Business Manager 4: Stevens Book Reviewers 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. “The mirror of all courtesy.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CHARLES JOSEPH GRILLO Address — 6 Poplar Street Course — General Nicknames -“Charlie”, “Ace” “Charley” Most Distinctive Characteristic — To play on a winning team Ambition — To eat more than my brother Honors — Sergeant 4: Lieutenant 4: Platoon Drill 3: Football 4: Baseball 3, 4; Basket ball 1. 2, 3; Captain 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. “Eat what A ' ou like but pocket none.” AUTOGRAPH Name — LEO B. GRIMES Address — 22 Church Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Joe " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ward. Lucas and Har- vey Ambition — To have a battle of music with Dick Stabile Honors — 2nd Lieutenant 4: Latin Club 3. 4: Secretary Latin Club 3: “Trial by Jury " 2: Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4 : Assistant Drum Major 2. 3: Solo Clarinet Band 4: Special Orchestra for " Forward Pass " 4: " Mikado” 4: Special Chorus at Quincy 2: Perfect Attendance 1. " To form or to follow a new musical fashion is the Natural delight of voutli. " AUTOGRAPH Name— EVERELL HARDING Address — 9 Harvard Sti’eet Course — General Ni -knames — “Ev " . " Red " Most Distinctive Characteristic — In need of a shave Ambition — To graduate from U. S. Diesel School Honors — Spanish Club 3. “He walked mannerlv. he talked meekly.” AUTOGRAPH 30 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— GILMAN C. HARVEY, .TIL Address — 17 Leonard Street Course — General Nicknames — “Buck”, “Gil”, “Fish-Face”. “Butch” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ward, Lucas, and Grimes Ambition — To keep Ward from the “Tatoo Shop” Honors Sawyer Medal 1; Latin Club 3 : Service Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Stage Hand Senior Play 4: General Man- ager “Forward Pass” 4 : Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4. “He ' d undertake to prove by force, Of argument, a man ' s no horse: He ' d prove a buzzard is no fowl And that a lord may be an owl.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MURIEL MARION IIILSHEY Address — 49 Perkins Street Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — To travel Honors— 4H Club 3. “Thought walks in silence, so does virtue.” AUTOGRAPH Name— FRANCES LOUISE HINCKLEY Address — 554 Essex Avenue Course— Commercial Nicknames — “Fran”, “Ilink " . “Frankie”, “Mimi” Most I Mstinctive Characteristic — Absent-mindedness Ambition — To find my O. A. O. Honors — Inter-class Contest Type 3: Inter-class Contest Shorthand 3: “Flash " Typist 4; 30, 40. 50 word Type Certificates 3; Complete Theory 4; Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 3. 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2. 4; Secre- tary 4. “Happiness is a rare cosmetic.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JULIE ANN LIOLLORAN Address — 10 Baker Street C o u r se — C o 1 lege P re p a r a t o r y N iekna me — ‘ ‘ J ewel Most Distinctive Characteristic — Demureness Ambition — Clothes, a car. and travel Honors — “Beacon” Reporter 2; “Beacon” Editorial Board 4; “Flash” Reporter 3. 4: Class History 2. 3: Chairman Class History 4: Class Roll Committee 4: Basket ball 1, 2; Sawyer Medal 1; Highest Honors 1. 2. 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4; French Club 2. 3: President of French Club 4: Vice President of Latin Club 3: Stevens Book Reviewers 3: Reporter 4: Girls’ Club Cabinet 2, 3. 4 : Roosevelt Club 4: Glee Club 2. 3. 4: “Loose Change” 2:“Pattie” 3: “Forward Pass” 4: “The Rivals” 3: Girls’ Club Tableau 3. 4: May Day Pageant 2: Glee Club Operetta 2. 4; Music Festival 3. 4; Chairman French Club Booth at Bazaar 4: Class Banquet Committee 4; Chairman Decorations for Class Booth at Bazaar 3. “No one but she and Heaven knows what she is think- ing : It may be either books or beaux Fine scholarship or stylish clothes.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ELSIE M. HUDDER Address — 118 Eastern Avenue ( ’ourse — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Speed--? Ambition — To own a dog farm Honors — Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4; “Loose Change” 2; “Pattie” : May Day Pageant 2. “I would look up- -and laugh--and love--and lift.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 31 Name — KATHERINE JACOBSON Address — 83 High Street Course -General Nicknames: — “Kaye”, “Jake”, “Lamu”, “Kat” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Athletics Ambition — To become a track star and enter the Olympics Honors -Basket ball 1. 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1. 2. 3; Soft-ball 3, 4; Trophy Winning Hit-pin Baseball 2; Captain Basket ball 2, 4; Roosevelt Club 4; Junior Business Club 2; Perfect Attendance 2 3, 4. “A mischievous imp resides within her.” AUTOGRAPH Name— NORMA JENSEN Address — 22 Riverside Avenue Course — Commercial Nick name — ‘ ‘ N or m Most Distinctive Characteristic- Trying to find one Ambition — To be a successful secretary Honors — Secretary 4: O. G. A. Member 4: 00 word Transcription 3; 80 word Transcription 4; Basket ball 1, 3 : Complete Theory 3; Cheer Leader 3, 4; 100 word Transcription Certificate 4; Junior Business Club; “Pattie”, “Forward Pass” 4; May Festival 2; Perfect Attendance 2, 4. “Mind cannot follow nor words express her sweetness.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HILIA S. JOHNSON Address— 16 Woodbury Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Hillie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Modesty Ambition — To be such a good secretary as to be in- dispensable Honors — Highest Honors 1, 2, 3, 4; “Flash” Typist 4; Junior Business Club 2; Complete Theory Certificate 3; Junior O. G. A. Award; 50 word Type Award; Secretary 4: GO word Transcription 3; 80 word Trans- cription 4; Sawyer Medal 3; O. G. A. Certificate 4; 100 word Transcription 4: Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Perfect Attendance 2. 3, 4. “Thy modesty’s a candle to thv merit.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARY PRISCILLA JOSEPH Address — New Way Lane Course — General Nickname — “Oada” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Pigeon Cove Ambition — To become a hairdresser Honors — “Still waters run deep. " AUTOGRAPH Name— BARBARA MASTERS KEHOE Address — 15 Warner Street Course — General Nicknames — “Barb”, “Babs”, “Barbie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — -Laughing Ambition — To be well liked by everyone Honors — Type Award 3. 4; Glee Club 2, 3. “Give us the girl whose happy life Is one perpetual grin.” AUTOGRAPH 32 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name — PRISCILLA KIPPEX Address — 12 Plum Street Course — General Nicknames — “Kip " . " Chilia " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Monopolizing boys subjects Ambition — To enjoy a girls’ subject Honors — Basket ball 1 : Captain 2. 3. 4 : Field Hotkey 1. 2. 3. 4: French Club 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: " Pattie " 3: " Loose Change” 2: Chair- man of Mathematics Booth at Bazaar 3. 4. " As yet a child, nor yet a fool in fame Flisp ' d in numbers for the numbers ante. " AUTOGRAPH Name — ELIZABETH KNOWLES Address — 258 Essex Avenue Ci mrse — General Nicknames — " Betty " . “Betsey " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Nonchalance Ambition — To be the tops in fashion photography and have that well-dressed “someone " as my model Honors Class Roll 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Fi Club 3: " Pattie " 3: Perfect Attendance 2. 4. " Then fresh tears stood on her cheeks As doth the honey-dew upon a gathered lily. " AUTOGRAPH Name — ELIZABETH KUIVA NEN Address — 1070 Washington Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — " Elisa”. " Kuivie " . " Lisa” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Asking questions in class Ambition — T know all the answers Honors — Highest Honors 1. 2. 3. 4: " Beacon " floor manager 3 : Class History and Class Roll 4 : Winner First Year Inter-class Type Contest 3: Champion Basket ball Team 1. 2: Field-hockey 1. 2: French Club Roos It Cl 1; S • 1. 2. 4: Committee 2: Girls » ' lnl Assistant s retary 3: and Seci “Loos Change 2: “Pattie " 3: Chairman Freshman Party: Chairman Class Gift Committee: Chairman Class Ring Committee: Bazaar Committee 2. 3: Speaker Education Week “She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless chimes and starry skys.” AUTOGRAPH Name — BERTRAM T. KUPSIXEL Address — 220 Washington Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — " Bert " . " Kip " Most Distinctive Characteristic — The Fiddle Ambition- To make Mr. Parsons admit he ' s wrong 1. 2. 3. 4: Second Lieutenant; Individual Drill 4: Winning Company 2: Sawyer Medal Eighth Grade: Roosevelt Club 4: French Club 3. 4: Latin Club 3: Stevens Book Reviewers 4: Se, re- tarv 4: Senior Plav: Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: “Forward Pass " 4: “Mikado " 4. " In arguing, too. the person awed his skill. For e’en tho vanquished, he could argue still. " AUTOGRAPH Name — ANDREW ARTHUR LANE Address — 38 South Street. Roekport Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic— Conservatism Ambition — To be a wealthy bachelor Honors — Class History 4: Platoon Sergeant 3: French Club 2: Latin Club 3: Bank Collector 1. “Wise to resolve, and patient to perform. " THE SENIOR FLICKER 33 Name— RICHARD LANE Address — 450 Washington Street Course — General Nickname — “Dick” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That hair Ambition — To go places Honors — “In nature’s infinite book of secrecy A little I can read.” AUTOGRAPH Name -ETHEL DOROTHY LARSON Address — 30 Friend Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Et”, “Giggles”, “Sunshine” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Giggling Ambition — To visit Sweden Honors — Typing Award 3; Shorthand Award; Penman- ship 1. “Be gone dull care. Thou and I shall never agree.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ISABEL LARSSON Address — 1111 Washington Street Course-— Commercial Most Distinctive Characteristic — R. B. D. Ambition — To take shorthand dictation at 200 words a minute Honors— Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: “Flash” Typist 4; ' flicker Typist 4: Class Roll 4; 40, 53 Type Award 4; Secretary 4; O. G. A. Award 3; Competent Typist Award 4; 00, 80 Transcription 3; Complete Theory 3; 100 word Transcription 4: Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Treasurer of Girls’ Club 4; Bank Col- lector 1, 4. “1 orth, courage, honor, these indeed your sustenance and birth -right are.” AUTOGRAPH Name— VIRGINIA LEWIS Address — 16% Webster Street Course — Commercial Nicknames- -“Vi”, “Ginny” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The crew Ambition — To convince Tillie that hats for me are taboo Honors — “Beacon” Typist 4: 60 word Transcription 3; o. G. A. Pin 3: Secretary 4; Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Bank Collector 2. “Give me naught for a covering save the open skv ” AUTOGRAPH Name— RUSSELL LUCAS Address— Maple Road. Magnolia Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Russ ’. “Boots”. “Luc” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Cook, Harvey Wood and Grimes Ambition — To lose Harvey Honors — Second Lieutenant 4; Sergeant 3- Perfect At- tendance 1. 4. “The deepest rivers make the least din ” AUTOGRAPH . • 34 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— JAMES E. LUFKIN Address — 29 Riverside Avenue Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — " Jim ' ' . “Jeep " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — To establish an airplane route to W. P. Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: " Beacon " Assistant Advertising Manager 3: Platoon Sergeant 3: Exhibi- tion Platoon Drill 3: Winning Company 3: Second Lieutenant. First Lieutenant. Captain Company C 4: Chairman Police and Advertising Committees R. O. T. C. Parties: Track 3. 4. Captain 4: Sawyer Medal 2: German Club 3: Latin Club 3: President 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 2. 3. 4: " Forward Pass " 4: Per- fect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. “He was capable of imagining all. arranging all. and of doing evervthing. " AUTOGRAPH Name — RICHARD LUFKIN Address — 12 Marcliant Street Course — General Nickname— " Skip " Most Distinctive Characteristic— That nickname Ambition — To get rid of my nickname Honors — Sergeant 4: " Forward Pass " 4. " None but himself can be his parallel. " AUTOGRAPH Name— PAUL BURNHAM MacDONALD Address — 2 Marble Road Course — General Nicknames — " Mack " . Scotty " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Trumpet Ambition — To prove to Mr. Colman that I am the class genius Honors — Winning Company 2. 3 : Winning Platoon 3 : Prize Squad 3: Individual Drill 4: Band 4: Band Sergeant 4: Corporal 3: Service Club 1. 2. 3: Roose- velt Club 4 : Bank Collector 4 : State Music Festival Lowell 4: New England Music Festival 4: Perfect Attendance 4. “He taketh most delight in music, instruments and she " AUTOGRAPH Name — GERALDINE FRANCES MacINNIS Address — 101 Maplewood Avenue Course — College Preparatory Nickname — " Jerry " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Member of the Trium- virate Ambition — To tutor history as a life ' s .iob Honors — “Flash " Reporter 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Girls ' Club Cabinet 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 2. 3: Assistant Librarian 4: " Loose Change " 2: Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: Bank Uerk 2. 3: Bank Presi- dent 4: " Trial by Jury " 2: " Mikado " 4: Music Festi- val 3. 4: Chairman Cheer Committee 4: Chairman Properties Committee of Senior Play 4: Chairman Sophomore Party 2: Chairman of Commercial and Bank Booth at Bazaar 4. “She possessed an imp or two What she ' d do next -- no one knew. ' AUTOGRAPH Name— ARCHIE A. MacLEOD. JR. Address — 28 Riverside Avenue Course — College Preparatory - “Arch”, “Mai ”, “Sonny” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Basket ball Ambition- -To take tilings more seriously Honors — Corporal 2: Sergeant 4: 2nd Lieutenant 4: In- dividual Competitive Drill 4: Prize Squad Drill 3: Basket ball 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 3: Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 4. “Where children are not. Heaven is not.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 35 Name— HELENA D. MAR CHANT Address — 16 Revere Street Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Towle’s Ambition — To be a second Katherine Cornell (or Zasu Pitts) Honors — Sophomore Representative Roosevelt Trophy Contest 2; Freshman Representative Roosevelt Tro- phy Contest 1: Junior Woman’s Club. “Hold the fort! I am coming.’’ AUTOGRAPH Name— MARGARET FRANCES MARCHANT Address — 14 Poplar Street Course — General Nicknames — “Marge”, “Margie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Tripping Ambition — To always see the “Dawn " Honors — “Beacon” Sales Manager 4: “Flicker " Sales Manager 4: Captain Basket ball 2, 3: Silver Basket ball Wining Team 1; Roosevelt Club 4: French Club 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2: " Pattie " 3: “Loose Change " 2; “Trial By Jury " 2: Music Festival 2; Chairman Senior Booth at Bazaar 4; Perfect Atten- dance 1. 3. “Good humor only teaches charms to last. Still makes new conquests and maintains the past.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WILFRED MARKS Address — 9 Beauport Avenue ( ’ourse — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Willie”, “Woffy " , “Marksie”, “Vilfey” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The open-air taxi Ambition — To wreck a certain Ford more thoroughly than its owner Honors — Honor Student 1: Winning Company 2: Cor- poral 3; Right Guido 3: Supernumerary 3: Prize Platoon 3; Prize Squad 3: Corporal 4: Sergeant 4: 2nd Lieutenant 4: Football 2. 3: Track 3: Glee Club Operetta 2: Senior Play 4: " Pattie " 2: “Forward Pass” 4; Special Chorus 2. 3: Aeappella Chorus 3. “Which I have earned with the sweat of my brow. " AUTOGRAPH Name— BARBARA ELAINE MARSHALL Address — 28 Reynard Street C o u r se — Gene r a 1 Nicknames — “Babs " . “Barbee " , “Barb " Most Distinctive Characteristic- -Tap dancing Ambition — To become a professional dancer Honors — Basket ball 1. 2. “Silence is more eloquent than words. " AUTOGRAPH Name— GEORGE E. MARTIN Address — 1160 Washington Street Course— Commercial Nicknames — Honors — “O well for him whose will is strong. " AUTOGRAPH ( 36 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— MIRIAM M. MATTSON Address — 4 Harold Court Course — General Nickname- —“Mid” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition- To be a nurse Honors — Typwriting Awards “Silence and modest v are very valuable qualities.” AUTOGRAPH Name— BARBARA J. McEWEN Address — 1 Beachmont Avenue Co u r se — Co lie ge Preparatory Nicknames-— “Bubs”. “Barb " . " Babs " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Raving about the U. S. N. A. Ambition — Private Secretary Honors — “Flash” Reporter 2. 3: “Flicker " Advertising Staff 4: May Festival 2: French Club 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : Librarian 2: Treasurer 3: President 4: Girls ' Club Cabinet 2. 3. 4: “Loose Change " 2: " Pattie " 3: “For- ward Pass " 4: Girls ' Club Christmas Pageant 4: “Trial By Jury " 2: " Mikado " 4: Music Festivals 1. 2. 3. 4: Committee Sophomore Party 2: Committee Junior Tea 3: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. “It is the tranquil people who accomplish much.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CHARLES R. McLOUD Address — 130 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Course — Seient ific Preparatory Nicknames — " Charlie”. “Ma “Fat " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair cut and Rocky Neck Ambition — To understand Shakespeare Honors — Class Banquet Committee 4 : Exhibition Pla- toon 2. 3: Prize Squad 3: Winning Company 2. 3: Winning Platoon 2. 3: Corporal 3: Sergeant 4: Indi- vidual Drill 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Biology Club 2; Service Club : Perfect Attendance 1. 2. “To labor is the lot of man below And when Jove gave us life, he gave is woe.” AUTOGRAPH Name — JOSEPH C. Mac NEIL Address — “04 Washington Street ( ’fiirse— College Preparatory N i ck name — “Left y " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Pigeon Cove Ambition — To win an argument with Miss Harris Honors — -O. G. A. Pin: Football 1. 2. 3: Acting Captain 4: Baseball 1. 3: French Club 3. “Talk to every woman as if you loved her. And to every man as if he bored you. " AUTOGRAPH 1 ame— PAUL McPHERSON Address — 11 Lincoln Avenue Course — General Ni knames " Paulie " . “Mack " . “Mickie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Guns Ambition- -To get more guns Honors Prize Platoon 2: Corporal Prize Squad 3: Indi- vidual Drill 3: Haskell Medal Drill 3: Corporal Prize Platoon 3: Winning Company Bachelor Trophy 3: Guard Mount 3: Member Best Shooting Company 3: Cor ps Area Rifle Team 3. 4: Ilearst Rifle Team 3: Captain ITcarst Rifle Team 4: Sergeant 4: 2nd Lieu- tenant 4 : 1st Lieutenant 4: Honor Student 3: Roose- velt Club 4: Perfect Attendance 4. “He is truly great that is little in himself, and T 1 li »t maketh no account of any height of honors.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 37 Name— ROGER WILLIAM MELLO Address — (58 Cherry Street Course— General Nickname — “Rog” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To try to succeed II onors — “He may be silent and cast away His sentences in vain.” AUTOGRAPH Name- BESSIE A. MENKEN Address — 16 Marsh Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Bess’ ' Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dancing Ambition — To be able to dance like Ginger Rogers and Eleanor Powell Honors — 60 word Transcription 3: O. G. A. Pin 3: O. G. A. Membership 4 ; Complete Theory Test 4 ; Pen- manship Diploma 1; Basket ball 1. 2: Perfect Atten- dance 1, 2. 3, 4. “The eye hath ever been thought the pearl of the face.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HARRIET FEARS MERCHANT Address — 4 Mason Street Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Savior faire Ambition — To write poetry good enough to be published. Honors — “Beacon " Office Manager 4: “Beacon " Sales Manager 3: (’lass Roll 4: “Flicker” Office Manager 4: Basket ball 1: Home Nursing Certificate 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Art Club 3: Girls’ Club Christmas Pageant 1, 2. 4; Girls’ Club Thanksgiving Pageant 3: Make-up Committee Senior Play; “For- ward Pass " . “Mikado” 4; Flower Committee Bazaar 3. 4 : Tutor 3. “Until I truly loved, I was alone.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARGARET GENEVA MILLETT Address — 2 Forest Street Course — General Nicknames — “Peg " . “Peggy " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — To be free — To be myself — To be indepen- dent Honors — Basket ball 1, 2, 3: Service Club 2, 3, 4; “Forward Pass” 4. “The blushing beauties of a modest maid.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARY M. MOODY Address — 20 Western Avenue Course — General Nicknames — " Mimi " . “Moody”, “Cookie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being a moody Moody Ambition — To lead a happy life Honors — “Flash” Typist 4: 100 word Transcription Award 4: Assistant Secretary 3: Secretary 4: O. G. A. Award 4; Typewriting Award 2: O. G. A. Silver Pin 4: Complete Theory 4: 60, 80 Word Transcription Certifi- cates 4; 35 Word Typing Award 3: Cheer Leader 3, 4; Basket ball 2; Glee Club 1. 2: Junior Business Club 2: May Day Pageant 2; “Loose Change” 2; “Pattie " 3: “Forward Pass” 4; Committee Chairman Junior Tea 3; Committee Senior Tea 4. “She said never was man true He said none was false to you.” AUTOGRAPH Nil 38 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— GEORGE M. MOREY Address — 15A Taylor Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Droop” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Argumentative Ambition — Teacher Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4: “Beacon” Typist 4; 1st Lieutenant 4: Sergeant 4: Corporal 3; 40. 50 word Typing Awards 3. 4; 00 word Shorthand Award 3; Complete Theory 3; O. G. A. Pin 3: Operettas 2, 4. “For men may come and men may go But I go on forever. " AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN JOSEP H MORTON II Address — Magnolia bourse — General Nickname — “Nappy” Most Distinctive Characteristic- — That sunny smile Ambition — Don ' t you know Honors — Class Grind Committee 4: Class Roll Commit- tee 4: Sergeant 4: Prize Squad 3, 4: Exhibition Pla- toon 3. 4: Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Roosevelt Club 4: French Club 3; ( ' lass Banquet Committee 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3; Winning Company Presentation 4 ; 2nd Lieutenant 4. “A youth to whom so much was given So much of earth, so much of heaven. " AUTOGRAPH Name— WILLIAM E. NATTI Addres — 1142 Washington Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Bill " . " Wee Willie Battie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sense of humor Ambition — To be a mad chemist Honors— 2nd Lieutenant 4; 1st Lieutenant 4; Captain 4; Baseball 2; Roosevelt Club 4: German Club 3; Perfect Attendance 1 : Band 1. 2. 3. 4. “The true, strong, and sound mind is one that Can embrace equally great things and small.” AUTOGRAPH Name— VIRGINIA NAVES Address— 4 Summit Street Course — General Nicknames -“Gin”, “Ginny” Most Distinctive Characteristic— Trying to tap dance Ambition — To dance as well as Barbee Honors — 36 word Type Award 3; 60 word Transcription Award 4; Complete Theory Award 4: O. G. A. Pen- manship Award 3; O. G. A. Penmanship Award 4; Perfect Attendance 1. “Patience is the strongest of strong drinks, For it kills despair.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOSEPH P. NELSON. JR. Address 88 Centennial Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Dum Dum”, “doe”. " Bud " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Laugh Ambition— To get out Honors 2nd Lieutenant 4: 1st Lieutenant 4: Captain 4: Prize Squad 3: Individual Drill 3: Haskell Medal Drill 3: Corporal C. M. T. C. 3;Sergeant C. M. T. C. 4: Marksman ( M. ' I ' . C. 4: Guard Mount Field Day 3: Roosevelt Club 4: President Roosevelt Club 4: (’hair- man Refreshment Committee R. O. T. C. Party. “You may relish him more in the soldier than in the scholar.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 39 Name— ANNA NICKAS Address — 1 Friend Street Course — General Nicknames — “Ann”. “Tiggy”, “Gay” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing, dimples Ambition — Dietitian Honors — Honor Student 4 : 4 H Club 3, 4 ; Perfect Atten- dance 1, 2. 3, 4. “Full of sweet indifference.” AUTOGRAPH Nam e — A N N A NIC ’ K E R S O N Address — 1135 Washington Street Course — General Nick na mes — “Ann ” . “ Nickey ” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sensitiveness Ambition — To keep a stiff upper lip Honors — Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4. “With a smile on her lips And a tear in her eye. " AUTOGRAPH Name— BARBARA A. NOBEE Address — 52 Taylor Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — " Barla " . “Barb " . “Little Sissy " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Clarence Ambition — To grow as tall as - Honors — O. G. A. Membership 4: 37 word Type Award 3: Complete Theory 4: 60 word Transcription 4: O. G. A. Pin 3: Secretary Art Club 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 4. “Good things come in small parcels.” AUTOGRAPH Name — GEORGE NUGENT Address — 137 Eastern Avenue Course — General Nickna mes — ‘ ‘ Nuge " , “ N u gie " Most Distinctive Characteristic— -Quietness Ambition — To retire Honors — German Club " He keeps his tempered mind, serene and pure. And ev’ry passion aptly harmonized. Amid a jarring world. " AUTOGRAPH Name — GEORGE WALTER OLIVER Address — 21 School Street Course —General Nicknames — “Walt " . “Oily” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Felicitousness Ambition — To emulate Haliburton ' s originality, and cross the Sahara on snowshoes Honors — Haskell Drill 3: Best Company Field Day 2: C. M. T. C. Marksman 2 : C. M. T. C. Honor Company “An upright, downright, honest lad. " AUTOGRAPH 40 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— ALICE RUTH OLSEN Address — 39 Cherry Street Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristu — Blushing. “Shisha’’ Ambition — To act my age and be frank Honors — Type Award 3: Glee Club 4: “Mikado " 4. “Her hair down gushing in an armful flows And floods her very neck, and Glitters as she goes.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LEO FRANCIS O’NEILL Address — 143 Prospect Street Course — General Nicknames — “Tip " . “Dimp”. “Le " . “Dimples " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dimples Ambition — To empty the cup of life 13 times Honors — Corporal 4 : Winning Company 2. 3 : Prize Pla- toon 3; Honor Student 1: Basket ball Home Room Champs 2: Treasurer Roosevelt Club 4: Junior Busi- ness Club Play 1: Perfect Attendance 1. 4. “In each cheek appears a pretty dimple Love made these hollows. " AUTOGRAPH Name— AMBROSE ORLANDO Address — 6 Orchard Street Course — Commercial N ickname — “Am by ' ' Most Distinctive Characteristic— -Saxophone Ambition — To become another Dick Stabile and be able to order Bush to shave Honors — Chairman “Beacon” Typists 4: Sergeant 4: 30. 40 word Type Awards; Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: Band 3. 4 : Special Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4 : Perfect Attendance 1. 3. “Music is the medicine of the mind. " AUTOGRAPH Name— FREDERICK E. OSIER Address — 30 Rocky Neck Avenue Course — General Nicknames — " Fred " . “Mitts " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Good old Rocky Neck Ambition — To go past Ten Pound Island without getting seasick Honors — Corporal 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 1, 2. “Speech is silver, but silence is golden.” AUTOGRAPH Naim — LESTER SHERWOOD PARKS Address — 7 Stanwood Street Course — General Nickname — “Parksy " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — To control the egg production of New Eng- land Honors — Sergeant 4: Exhibition Drill 4: Latin Club 3‘ Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. “The man that blushes is not quite a brute.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 41 Name— RUTH M. PATIENCE Address — 99 East Main Street C our se — C o m me r c i a 1 Nicknames — “Ruthie”, “Sonja” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The Sugar Bowl and “Lu” Ambition — To run the lunch counter for the benefit of students Honors- — Honor Student 1, 2; “Flash” Typist 3; “Fli- cker " Typist 4 ; 00, 80, 100, 120 word Transcriptions ; 40, 50 word Type Awards ; Complete Theory Award : ). G. A. Pin; Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4; French Club 2 Junior Business Club 2; “Pattie” 3; “Loose Change” 2: Pianist for “Loose Change” 2 and “Pattie” 3; Perfect Attendance 1, 2; Secretary 4; Commercial Award. “She was made for happy thoughts For playful wit and laughter.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CLARICE PEARSON Address — 25 Bass Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Claire” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Talking and laughing at the same time Ambition— To be a successful nurse Honors — Basket ball 1, 2; Junior Business Club. “As merry as the day is long.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT PERKINS Address — 9 Fair Street Course — General Nicknames — “Bob”, “Perk” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Personality plus Ambition — To make enough money to retire by forty Honors — Sergeant 4: Winning Company 2, 3; Winning Platoon 2; Class Ring Committee. “All we ask is to be let alone.” AUTOGRAPH ! Name — AILI HELEN PITIvANEN Address — 5 Bond Street Course — General Nickname — “I " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Shyness Ambition — To travel Honors — “Speech is great, but silence is greater.” I AUTOGRAPH I Name— FRANK HARRISON POOLE H Address — Eastern Point Avenue | Course — College Preparatory | Nicknames — “F. Harrison " , “Hasson”, “F.” I Most Distinctive Characteristic — Towle’s I Ambition — To travel in South America I Honors — Class Motto Committee: Corporal 2; Sergeant 3; Major 4; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4: Captain Corps Area Rifle Team 4; Prize Platoon 2, 3; Prize Squad 2; Advertising Chairman Officers’ Party 4; General Com- mittee 4 : Haskell Medal Drill 3 ; Winning Hearst Trophy Team 4; Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Stage Crew Senior Play 3 ; Electrician 4. I “A finished gentleman, from top to toe.” AUTOGRAPH 42 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— DONALD I. PRATT Address — 17 Maplewood Avenue Course — General Nicknames — " Don " . “Donnie " . “Young- Barley " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Red Hair Ambition — To own a car like Nate’s Honors — Senior Representative of A. A. Corporal Win- ning Company 3: Football 3. 4: Baseball 4. " All are fellows at football. " AUTOGRAPH Name— ESTHER PUTAANSIU Address — 116 High Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — " Estu " . “Es” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Bookworm Ambition — To read a book that’s different St dent 1. 2. 3. 4 : 60. 80, 100 word Transcriptions: 25. 35. 40 word Type Awards: O. G. A. Membership Certificate 4: Complete Theory Cer- tificate 4. “A maiden modest, and self possessed. " AUTOGRAPH Name— PHILLIP THOMAS RAYCROFT Address — 134 East Main Street C urse — General Nicknames — " Phil " . “Ray " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Misspelling Ambition — To be able to lick .Toe Louis Honors — Corporal 4: Baseball 2. 3: Football 2. “He cannot flatter — he. an honest mind and plain He must speak the truth.” AUTOGRAPH Name— PHYLLIS REYNOLDS Address — Fresh Water Cove Course — General Nicknames — " Phoo " . " Phillie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Swingin’ on the “Wish- ing Gate " Ambition — To share honors with my sister " Ginnie " in the musical world Honors — " She. the best of all musicians She. the staunchest of all friends. " AUTOGRAPH Name — ALBERT W. ROBINSON Address — H2 Western Avenue Course — General Nicknames — " Robby " . “Biddy " Most Distinctive Characteristic— Height Ambition — To obtain a good job and keep it Honors “Beacon” Collector; Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4: Basket ball 1. 2. 3. Captain 4: Essex County League High Scorer 3: All Star Team in Essex County League 3. " The shortest women love the longest men. " AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 43 Name— JEANNE ANNE ROOK Address — 8 Stone Court Course— General Nickname- — “Rookie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Grand personality Ambition — To find my way to Lawrence and back Honors — “Flicker” Business Manager 4: Vice President Glee Club 4: Vice President Roosevelt Club 4: Vice President Athletic Association 4 : Glee Club 2, 3. 4 ; Service Club 2, 3. 4: “Pattie " : “Loose Change”; “For- ward Pass " : Bank Clerk 3; Chief Cashier Bank 4; Music P estival 4 ; Chairman Senior Tea 4 ; Chairman Sophomore Booth at Bazaar 2; Glee Club Booth at Bazaar 3. “She ' s all my fancy painted her ; She’s cute and she ' s divine.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ERNEST ROSE Address — 9 Highland Court Course- — General Nicknames — “Ernie”, “Rosy”, “Chick”, “Colonel” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eating and smile Ambition — To pilot a Hell-diver for Uncle Sam ' s navy Honors — Prize Squad 2, 3. 4: Individual Drill: Football 1 : Stage Crew “Forward Pass” : Perfect Attendance 2. 4. “My days pass pleasantly away.” AUTOGRAPH Name — PHYLLIS ROWLEY Address — 43 Beacon Street Course — College Preparatory N ick name — ‘ ‘ Phy V ’ Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being kind to dumb animals Ambition — To find a companion lover of roller skating, " Macbeth " , and raw onions Honors — Associate Editor “Beacon” 3; Editor-in-chief 4: “Flash” Staff 3. 4: Editor-in-chief “PTieker” ; Class Ballot 4: Basket ball Silver Award 1. 2; Gold 3: Sawyer Medal 8th Grade: College Women ' s Club Prize 3; Servi -e Club 1. 2. 3: President 4: Roosevelt Club 4: L ' Amicale Francais 3. 4: Stevens Book Re- viewers 3. 4: Girls ' Club Cabinet 3. 4: •‘Pattie” 3; Perfect Attendance 1: Highest Honors 1, 2. 3, 4: Open- ing Graduation Address 4: Class History 1. 2. 3; English Office Assistant Librarian 2. Head 3, 4: Toast to Mothers at Mother-Daughter Banquet 4: Com- mittee Freshman Party 1: Junior Tea Dance 3: Math- ematics Bazaar Booth 3 : Flower Booth 4 ; Class Ban- quet 4 : Grammar School Speaker 4. “And thou art worthy : full of power : as gentle, liberal minded, great, consistent wearing all that weight of learning lightly, like a flower. " AUTOGRAPH Name — SEYMOUR W. RUSSELL Address — 47 Summer Street Course — General Nickname— “Russ " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Wistful look Ambition — To prove that Old Faithful is better than Hepzibah Honors — Corporal 3. 4 : Sergeant 4 : Winning Company 2: Winning Platoon 2: Individual Drill 4: Roosevelt Club 4: German Club 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 4. “With what sublime repression of himself. " AUTOGRAPH Name— LE LAND G. RYAN Address — 10 Loring Court Course — Commercial Nickname — “Duke " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smiling at all the girls I Ambition — To work with my brother “Billy” in Virginia Honors — Honor Student 1: Winning Company 3: Indi- vidual Drill 4: Exhibition Platoon 4: Corporal 3; Sergeant 4: 2nd Lieutenant 4: Prize Squad 4: Type- writing I Contest 3: Penmanship Award: Basket ball Home Room Champs 1. 2, 3, 4: Captain 3. 4: Inter- ciass Champs 1. 2. 3: Basket ball 3: Assistant Foot- ball Manager 2: Junior Business Club 2: Service Club 1. 2. 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Electrician for the Girls’ Club Christmas Pageant : Perfect Attendance 1. “None but himself can be his parallel.” AUTOGRAPFI 44 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— JAMES J. SALLAH Address — 81 Maplewood Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Jim”. “Jimmy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Beard Ambition — To work two weeks, inherit a million dollars and retire Honors — Prize Company 2: Roosevelt Club 4: Honor Student 1. 2. 3: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. “Few people have the courage to appear as they really are.” AUTOGRAPH Name — IRENE FRANCES SANDERSON Address — 155 East Main Street Course- — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — That accent Ambition- -To be a successful nurse Honors — Typing Award 2: Basket ball 1. 2. 3. 4: Service Club 1. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Home Nursing Cer- tificate ; “Pattie” 3 ; “Forward Pass” 4 ; Perfect Attendance 3. “An upright, downright, honest girl.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RUSSELL KENNETH SANDERSON Address — 155 East Main Street Course — General Nickname — “Russ” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being shy Ambition — To travel Honors — Winning Platoon 3. “Shyness is always becoming.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARY ELEANOR SARGENT Address — 7 Mechanic Place Course— Commercial Nickname — “Sarge " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Purpl? ink Ambition— To make my million and then travel Honors — “Beacon” Typist 4: O. G. A. Pin 3: O. G. A. Membership Certificate 4: Complete Theory Certificate 3: GO. 80 word Transcription 4: Interclass Type- writing Contest 2. 3: County Typewriting Contests 2: 54 word Type Gold Pin 4: 47 word Type Cer- tificate 3: Field Hockey 1: Commercial Secretary 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 3. 4. “Patience is the necessary ingredient to success.” AUTOGRAPH Na m e— D O N A L D SA UNI) E R S Address — 8 Morton Place ( ’ourse — College Preparatory Nicknames — " Don”, “Squab”. “Sandy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Love of work Ambition — To join the Townsend plan Honors — “Ah! if to dance all night, and dress all day Charm ' d the small pox, or chased old age away.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 45 Name— -WILLIAM SIBLEY Address — 22 Rocky Neck Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Bill " . “Sib " Most Distinctive Characteristic — -Feet Ambition — To attend Diesel School Honors — Color Bearer in R. O. T. C. ; Perfect Atten- dance 1. 2. 4. “Thus I steer my bark, and sail On an even keel, with gentle gale. " AUTOGRAPH Name— DOROTHY SILVEIRA Address — 10 Andrews Street Course — General Nickname — “Dot” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Leaving homework for a study period Ambition— That certain someone Honors — Penmanship Award 1 : Cheer Leader 3. 4 : Junior Business Club 2; Roosevelt Club 4: Glee Club 1: Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Special Chorus 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3. 4. “And cloudy the day, or stormy the night The sky of her heart was always bright. " AUTOGRAPH Name— MILDRED MARION SILVEIRA Address — 46 Perkins Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Mil " . “Millie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — My secret ambition Ambition — To become a successful bank official or to fulfill my secret ambition Honors -Assistant Secretary 3; O. G. A. Member; 60. 80 word Transcription; Field Hockey 2; Basket ball 2: German Club 2. 3: Executive Board 3; German Dramatic Club 2. 3: Vice President 3; Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1. 2. 3, 4 ; “Loose Change” 2; “Pattie " 3: German Dramati • Club Play 3: Junior Business Club 2: Committee Chairman Junior Tea Dance “Love looks for love again.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RICHARD J. SKILLEN Address — 130 Maplewood Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Dick " . “Rit " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Curly Hair Ambitio: — To be a bus driver Honors — Corporal R. O. T. C. 3; Sergeant 4; Football 2. 3: Perfect Attendance 1. 3, 4. “And. sure, he is an honorable man.” AUTOGRAPH Name — MARY PAULINE SLOANE Address — 5 Wall Street Course — General Nicknames — “Polly”. “Puddy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Laughing Ambition — To do anything I want to Honors — Junior Business Club 2; Glee Club 4; Glee Club Operetta 4: Festival 4. “A merry, dancing, laughing girl.” AUTOGRAPH 46 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— WILLIAM E. SMITH Address- -13 Middle Street Course — General Nicknames -••Bill”. “Smith " . “Smytlie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Black neckties, Good- win Ambition- — C. G. A. Honors Exhibition Platoon 2. 3: Squad Drill 2: Cor- poral 2: Platoon Sergeant 3: Captain 4: Rifle Team 2. 3; Winner School Committee Medal — Manual of Arms Competition 3: 2nd place Roosevelt Trophy Contest 3: C. M. T. C. 3; Rifle 3: Winning Platoon 3: Winning Company 3: Chairman (’lass Banquet Committee 4: Staue Crew “Forward Pass " 4; Service Club 3. 4. “On their own merits some men are dumb.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MANUEL SOUZA Address — 16 Elwell Street Course — General Nicknames— “Shorty " . “Whoop " , “Curly " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair and dark com- plexion Ambition — To be prominent in art and athletics Honors — Corporal 3. 4 : Winning Platoon 3 : Winning Company 3. 4: Baseball 1. 3. 4: Football 1. 2: Basket ball 1: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4. “Thus idly busv rolls their world away. " AUTOGRAPH Name— PHYLLIS SPATES Address — 33 Sargent Street C ou r se — Ge ne r a 1 Nickname- - " Phil " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eating Ambition — To travel around the world Honors — “All quiet persons are welcome everywhere. " AUTOGRAPH Name— DOROTHY DAVIS STANWOOI) Address — 320 Washington Street Course — General Nicknames " Dot " . “Dotty " Most Distinctive Characteristic- — Those brown eyes Ambition- -To be successful in whatever I attempt Honors Honor Student 3. 4: Type I Award: Type II Awards: Art Club 2. 3. 4. “She was as good as she was fair. " Ai TOGRAPH Naim- EUNICE M. STOCKBRIDGE Address OS Pleasant Street Course — Home Economics Nicknames — " Nunie " . “Stocky " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Lack of height Ambition — P. McP. or 1 . G. Honors — 1H Club 3, 4: “Forward Pass” 4: A. A. Collector. " Mv (lavs pass pleasantly awav. " AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 47 Name — DONALD EDWARD STROPLE Address — 6 Leighton Court Course — General Nicknames — “Red”, “Don” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Red hair Ambition — -To get Oliver to school on time Honors— Corporal 4. “Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it.” AUTOGRAPH Name— -TO S E PII SUT H E R LAND Address — 29 Perkins Street Course — General Nickname — “Joe” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Height” Ambition — To see the world Honors — “An honest man, close buttoned to the chin. Broadcloth without and a warm heart within.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WILLIAM -T. SUTHERLAND. JR. Address — 80 East Main Street Course — General Most Distinctive Characteristic — Those Jokes Ambition — To see Levie with his homework right Honors — “Beacon” Typist 4; Haskell Medal Drill 3; Prize Squad 3: Corporal 2, 3: Sergeant 4; 2nd Lieu- tenant 4: 1st Lieutenant 4: 38 word Type Award 3: Corps Area Rifle Team 3, 4 ; 44 word Type Award 4 ; Roosevelt Club 4. “I worked with patience which means almost power.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LUCILLE IRENE SWETT Address — 24 Haskell Street Course — General Nicknames — “Lu”, “Tess” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ruthie and dancing Ambition — University of Virginia and Hamilton Honors — O. G. A. Shorthand Award 3: Basket ball 1, 2; Junior Business Club 2: Service Club 2, 3, 4; Secre- tary 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2. “She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant too, to think on.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JEAN TARR Address — (5 Clarendon Road Course — College Preparatory Nickname— “Jeanie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Pep, Vim. and Vigor Ambition — To find the “Lady in Red” somewhere, sometime, somehow Honors — Sawyer Medal; Highest Honors 1 2: Honors 3. 4; “Beacon” Reporter 2; “Flash” Reporter 1; Class Roll Committee 4: Basket ball 1. 2. Captain 1; Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4; French Club 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 3; Roosevelt Club 4; “Loose Change” 2; " Pattie” 3; “Forward Pass” 4: “Rivals” 3: ( ' lass Pantomine 3: May Day Pageant 2; Chairman Entertainment Com- mittee of Roosevelt Christmas Party 4 ; Perfect Atten- dance 1, 4. “Teach not thy lips such scorn : for they were made For kissing, lady, not for such contempt.” AUTOGRAPH 48 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— CLARA MAY TIBBETTS Address — 328 Essex Avenue C ( u r se — Com mercial Nicknames — “Tibby " , “Billie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Falling Ambition— To lead my own orchestra Honors — Complete Theory Certificate 3. 4: 42 word Type Award 3: Secretary 4: 60, 80 word Shorthand Transcription 4: O. G. A. Pin 3: 100 word Transcrip- tion: French Club 2: Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1. 2. 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Bank Collector 3; Girls ' Club Orchestra 2. 3. 4: Operetta 2: Music Fes- tival 1. 2. 3: Chairman Girls’ Club Orchestra Bazaar Booth 4 : Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. " It is tranquil people who accomplish much.” AUTOGRAPH Name— VIVIAN TIMM Address — 27 Liberty Street Course — General Nicknames — “Timmie”, " Yiv " . “Swede” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Stubbornness Ambition — To be Maid of Honor at Kay B ' s wedding Honors — Honor Roll 3: Hockey 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2. 4: Hit-Pin Baseball 1: Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4 : 4 H Club 3. 4 : Music Festival 1. 2. 3. 4 : Operetta 2. 4 : Perfect Attendance 1. 3, 4 : “Loose Change” 2 ; “Forward Pass " 4. “To fireside happiness, to hours of ease Blest with that charm, the certaintv to please.” AUTOGRAPH Name— PHYLLIS TOBEY Address — 64 Centennial Avenue Course- —General Nicknames — “Phil " . “Tob " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Riley Ambition — To learn how to drive that La Salle Honors — Typewriting Award II : Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4. “Earnestness and sinceritv are svnonvmous. " AUTOGRAPH Name — JENNIE MARGARET TOIKKA Address — 24 North Kilby Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Jen " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition— To be a success in the future Honors — 50. 80 word Transcription Award 4: O. G. A. Certificate 4: Complete Theory Certificate 1. 2. 4: Field Hockey 1. “Of soul sincere, in action faithful, and in honor clear.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LOLA TYSVER Address — 10 Marble Street Course — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smile Ambition — To graduate Honors — “Give me an animated form That speaks a mind within.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 49 Name — SOPHIA VRACHOS Address — 19 Commonwealth Avenue Course — College Preparatory Nickname — " Soph” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Knit clothes and my many coiffures Ambition — To be a “lady” of the press Honors — Kno ' ems in " Beacon” 2: Editorial Board “Bea- con " 4: “Flash” Reporter 1. 2; Editorial Board " Flash " ’ 3, 4: Class Calendar 4: Class Prophecy 4; Basket ball 1 : Captain 2 ; First Prize Competitive Poetry 3; Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: French Club 2. 3. 4; Roosevelt Club 4 : “Loose Change” 2 ; " Pattie” 3 ; French Club Play 3: " The Rivals” 3; Class Panto- mine 3: " Forward Pass ' " 4; Senior Class Play 4; Emerson College Drama Day Contest 4 : Honor Stu- dent 1. 2, 3. 4: Class Gift 4: Graduation Dress Com- mittee 4 : “Loose Change” properties 2 : Chairman Bazaar Class Booth 3: French Club Social Committee 3: Mother-Daughter Banquet Decorations 4: Perfect Attendance 2. " Better to be small and shine. Than to be great and cast a shadow.” AUTOGRAPH Name — BERTHA WAGNER Address — 4 Blynman Avenue Course— General Nicknames — " Bea”. “Bert " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — To be a nurse Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3: Type Award 1: Service Club 1. 2. 3. " She meets the changes of Time and chance present, " With modest dignity and calm content. " AUTOGRAPH Name— FRANCES R. WALLACE Address — 17 Warner Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Fran " . " Red " . " Frannie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To use my High School education to good advantage Honors — Typist “Flicker " 4: 41 Type Award 4: Assis- tant Secretary 3: Secretary 4: Sawyer Medal 8th Grade: Latin Club 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1, 2 , 3, 4: Mother-Daughter Banquet Committee 4: Interclass Type Contest 4. “The red-gold cataract of her hair. " AUTOGRAPH Name— CHESTER GORDON WARD. JR. Address — b50 Western Avenue Course— General Nicknames — " Appie " . “Chet " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Harvey. Grimes, and Lucas Ambition — To go to M. I. T. and to be a pitcher in the Major Leagues Honors — Perfect Attendance 1. " Nothing greater was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” AUTOGRAPH Name— THEODORE C. WATTERS. JR. Address — 5 Homans Court Course — General Nicknames — " Ted " . " Teddy ”. " H2 ) " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair, teeth Ambition — To attend the Lincoln Diesel School Honors— Secretary of A. A.: Winning Company 2: Win- ning Platoon 3: Sergeant 4: Baseball 3. 4: Football 3. 4 : Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. " " A pleasing countenance is a silent commendation. " AUTOGRAPH 50 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— ELLEN C. WEBBER Address — 27 Leonard Street Course- — General Nicknames — “Giggles”, “Gigi”. “Blondie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To fulfill my ambition Honors— Basket ball 1. 2: Hit-Pin Baseball 1. 2; Service Club 1. 2, 3: Art Club 3. “Modest, simple, and sweet.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LESLIE WILLIAMS Address — 138 Prospect Street Course — General Nicknames- — “Let”, “Will " . “Bill " . “Lester”. “Al” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eat. Sleep Ambition — None Honors — ' Winning Company 2: Baseball 4: Football 3, 4: Basket ball 1: Track 3; Stage Crew “Forward Pass” 4; Stage Crew “Mikado " 4. “Faithful friends — hard to find.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MABEL GERTRUDE WISE Address — 3 Wise Place Course — Com mercial Nickname — “Mab” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dimples Ambition — Private Secretary Honors — Type Awards 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 3. “A friend that makes the least noise is often the most useful.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT E. WOLFE Address — 186 Washington Street Course — General Nickname — “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eating Ambition — To beat “Chet” to school mornings Honors — Perfect Attendance 1, 2. “Men of few words are the best men.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HELEN ISABEL WONSON Address- -183 East Main Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Worrying Ambition — To own a horse and ride every day Honors — French Club 4: Roosevelt Club 4; Glee Club 1. 4: Committee Senior Tea 4: Committee Christmas Pageant 4: Properties Senior Play 4: Music Festival 4: “Mikado” 4: Girls’ Club Booth Bazaar 3; Senior Booth Bazaar 4: Perfect Attendance 1. “A friend is one who knows all about you and loves you just the same.” AUTOGRAPH AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 51 Name— JOHN WOOD. JR. Address — 204A Washington Street C o u r se — C ollege Preparatory Nicknames — “Johnny”, “Woodie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dancing Ambition — To cultivate a good memory Honors — Prize Squad 2: Platoon Sergeant 3; Prize Pla toon Drill 3. 4; Individual Drill 3; Haskell Medal Drill 3 ; Commander of 2nd place Prize Squad 3 ; Basket ball Business Manager 4; Track Team 4; Ger- man Club 3, 4; Vice President of German Club 4; German Dramatic Club 4; Roosevelt Club 4; Chairman of Refreshment and Invitation Committees at R. O. T. C. Parties 4: Class Gift Committee 4; Chairman of German Club Booth at Bazaar 3 ; Perfect Attendance 1 , 2 . “The sweetest joy, the wildest woe, is Love.” AUTOGRAPH Name— BERNARD G. COWIE Address — 29 Addison Street Course— -General Nicknames —“Barney”, “Bunny” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Room 6 Ambition — To get an A in History IV Honors — Winning Company 3 ; “Pattie” 3 ; “Forward Pass” 4: Orchestra 1. 2. “An affable and courteous gentleman.” AUTOGRAPH Name— OLGA RENAY ROGERS Address — 9 Warner Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Ol”, “Rogers”. “Rena " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Slimness Ambition — To become a professional dancer Honors — “Beacon” Floor Manager 3: “Flash " Typist 4: 00. 80 word Transcription Award 4: Secretary 4: Spanish Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: “Loose Change " 2: " Pattie " 3: “Forward Pass” 4: Senior Girls’ Assembly 3: ( iris ' Club Tableau 4: Girls’ Club Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: S hool Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4. “Laugh, dance, and be merry But also be innocent.” AUTOGRAPH Name — WALTER J. ALLEN Address — 18 Dennison Street Course — General Nickname — “Walt " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being ab- sent Ambition — Naval Air Service Honors — Winning Platoon 2; Best-drilled Company 2; Junior Business Club Play 1 . “Ambition is the father of success.” AUTOGRAPH N ame — VIRGINIA ANDERSO N Address — 11 Washington Square Course— General Nickname — “Ginger” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Swimming Ambition— Nurse Honors — “Her modest looks the cottage might adorn Sweet as the primrose that peeps beneath the thorn.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RICHARD BULDUC Address — 9 Luzitiana Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Dick " , “Rodney”, “Butch”, “Smiley " . “Blackie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Frankness Ambition — To find the one for me Honors — “Gallantry of mind consists in saying flattering things in an agreeable manner.” AUTOGRAPH Name— DOROTHY BURKE Address — 8 Marion Way Course — General Nicknames — “Dot”, “Dotty”. “Dolly” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Singing Ambition — To be able to study music Honors — 00 word Shorthand Certificate; O. G. A. Complete Theory ; Secretary 4 ; Basket ball 2, 3 : Hit-pin Baseball 2. 3 : Glee Club 1 “Fond of fun. And fond of dress, and change, and praise. So much of woman in her ways.” AUTOGRAPH 52 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— RAYMOND J. BURKE Address — (5 Gould Court Course — General Nicknames — “Ray " , “Babe " , “Burkie” “Doc” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Best gum cliewer Ambition — To have Lincoln A. C. in Indus- trial League, then thumb around the world with “Russ” O ' Maley Honors— Football 4: Individual Drill 4; Exhibition Platoon 4; Prize Squad 3, 4: Haskell Medal Drill 3: Winning Com- pany 3: Winning Prize Platoon 3; Ser- geant 4: Corporal of Winning Platoon 3: Corporal 2: Volunteer Prize Squad for Bazaar 4: Perfect Attendance 2 “A lion among the ladies is a terrible thing.” AUTOGRAPH Name— IRVIN W. BUSH. JR. Address — 2 Pine Street Course — General Nicknames — “Joe Butch " . “Heimie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The beard Ambition — To have a band like Horace Heidt and to make Orlando reduce Honors — Sergeant; Band; Orchestra; Spec- ial Orchestra “Rhythm is life.” AUTOGRAPH Name — LeROY F. CAMERON Address — 515 Essex Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Mustache Ambition — To be a lieutenant in the re- serves Honors — Freshman Representative in A. A; Prize Squad 3: Individual Drill 3. 4; Haskell Medal Drill 3 ; Squad Leader C. M. T. C. ; Football 1. 2. 3 : Basket ball 1, 2 ; Perfect Attendance 2 “Youth. I do adore thee.” , AUTOGRAPH Name— MILTON J. CAMILLE Address — 25 Mt. Vernon Street Course — General Nicknames — “Milt”. “Camel " Most Distinctive Characteristic — That green jacket Ambition — To be a mechanical engineer Honors — -Corporal 3: Typewriting Award 3; Football 1, 2; Baseball 2. 3; Spanish • lull l. 2, 3: Executive Committee 2. 3. “Every man is. or hopes to be, an idler.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MELVIN CARLSON Address — 39 Mansfield Street ( ' ourse — General Nicknames — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being “noisy” Ambition — To own a hot dog and ham- burger stand Honors Winning Platoon 2; Individual Drill 4; Sergeant 4. “A gentleman makes no noise.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RUTH LOUISE CHOATE Address — 60 Granite Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Ruthie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Height Ambition — Honors — “A rose is sweeter in the bud than in the flower. " AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT N. CONNELLY Address — 386 Main Street Course — General Nickname- -“Bob " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Gate- crashing Ambition — To succeed one-eyed Conley as a gate-crasher ! Honors — Prize Squad 3. 4 ; Prize Platoon 2; Service Club 1, 2. “He, from whose lips Divine persuasion flows.” AUTOGRAPH Name- BORING ABBOTT COOK. JR. Address — Lake Road. Magnolia Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Cookie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Lucas Ambition — To get an A in Math. Honors— “Tis but a past we see, and not a whole.” AUTOGRAPH Name— F. MILNER DUNN. JR. Address — 21 Prospect Square Course — General Nickname — “Mil " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Running dances Ambition — To be a professional property manager Honors — Class Ring Committe e 3: “Flash " Staff 2: Prize Squad 3: Individual Drill 3: Winner Individual Drill 4: Sergeant 4 : Second Lieutenant. 4 : Winning Com- pany Field Day 2: Winning Platoon Field Day 2; Stage Crew “Pattie” 3: Stage Manager “Forward Pass " 4: Glee Club Play : Senior Play 4. “For I do not distinguish by the eye. but by the mind, which is the proper judge of the man. " AUTOGRAPH Name — LAURA ELEANOR FAYE Address— 1 Blynman Avenue C o u r se — C o m m e r c i a 1 Nickname — “Fay " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition- To be able to skate Honors- Chairman of “Beacon” Typists 4 ; Assistant Secretary 3; Perfect Atten- dance 4. “She was small, her hair was gold.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 53 Name— PAUL E. GRAHAM Address — 548 Essex Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Grahama” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Spats Ambition — Join the U. S. Navy Honors — Corporal 3; Prize Squad 2. 3: Individual Drill 2, 3; Sergeant 4; Has- kell Medal Drill 3. “Not much talk — a great, sweet silence.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EDWARD T. HENDRICKSON Address — 14 Parker Street Course — General Nicknames — “Ed”. “Eddie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Beard Ambition — To get rich quick and retire Honors — Typewriting Award 3 ; Perfect Attendance 2. “Happy am I: from care I ' m free! Why aren ' t they all contented like me?” AUTOGRAPH Name— RUDOLPH L. KARTONEN Address— 1157 Washington Street Course — General Nickname — “Rudy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sense of humor Ambition — Lanesville Tech. Honors — Perfect Attendance 2. 4. “An honest man’s the noblest work of God. " AUTOGRAPH Name— GERARD ID KEATING Address — 12 Eastern Avenue Course — College Preparatory Nickname— " Pat " Most Distinctive Characteristic — That wist- ful look Ambition — To get an A from Miss Harris Honors — Sergeant 4: Prize Squad 3: Foot- ball 2. 3 : Sawyer Medal 8th Grade : Roosevelt Club 4: French Club 2. “We always hope, and in all things it is better to hope than to despair.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH LEA- VITT Address — 76 Gloucester Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Chari”, “Charlie”, “Bright Eyes” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Talking and laughing Ambition —To become a nurse so I can nurse that certain man Honors — Basket ball 1. 2: Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4: “Pattie” 3: May Festival 2: Perfect Attendance 1, 4. “Sing awav sorrow, cast away care.” AUTOGRAPH Name — HA RR Y J. LeVIE Address — 43 Warner Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Wally”. “Oppa” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Argu- ments with Miss Burke Ambition — To have a vacation from doing Sutherland’s bookkeeping Honors — -Company Drill 2: Platoon Drill 3: Roosevelt Club 4; Perfect Attendance 1. 2, 4. “Thy modesty’s a candle to thy merit.” AUTOGRAPH Name — PAULINE LOCKWOOD Address — 30 Washington Street ’nurse — General Nickname — “Paul " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dimples, Tommy Ambition — To be a nurse Honors — “Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROLAND A. MACIEL Address — 73 Friend Street Course — General Nickname — “Tangle” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Nose Ambition — To own a yacht Honors — Corporal 4 ; Second in Prize Squad 2. “True it is that avarice is rich, modesty starves " AUTOGRAPH Name — WILLIAM THOMAS MADDIX Address — 66 Grove Street Course — Commercial Nickname — " Bill” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Freckles Ambition — To own a speed boat Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 4: Corporal 3. 4: Winning Company 2; Type Award 3; Perfect Attendance 3. “Imagination is the air of mind.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LESLIE J. McNAIR Address — 94 Maplewood Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Let”, “Budgy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being with the gang Ambition — To travel around the country Honors — Winning Company B 3: Junior Business Club Play 1 : Perfect Atten- dance 1. 4. “From a little spark may burst a mighty flame.” AUTOGRAPH 54 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— RAYMOND R. SEPPALA Address— 1236 Washington Street Course — General Nicknames — “Dick”. “Sepp " . “Ray " . “Tra- cy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Absence Ambition — To be a Major League ball player Honors Type Award : Baseball 2. “What is mind? No matter. What is mat- ter? Never mind. " AUTOGRAPH Name— ALBERT THOMAS SMITH Address — 28 Laurel Street Course — General Nicknames — “Red " . “Al " . “Smitliie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — That red hair Ambition — To work in Harry ' s Novelty Shoppe Honors — Junior Business Club 1. 2. 3: Ser- Diploma 1 2: Junior Business Club 1. 2. vice Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Spanish Club 1: Art Club: J. B. C. Fashion Show : " Loose Change " 2 : “For- ward Pass " 4: “Pattie " 3: Secretary 4: Operetta 1: Chairman Bank Dance 2: J. B. C. Dance : Bazaar 2. “Of soul sincere, in action faithful and in honor. " AUTOGRAPH Name— WILLIAM A. STANWOOD Address — 7 Union Court Course — General Nicknames — “Bill " . “Doc " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Perennial Ambition — Honors — “Farewell, a long farewell, to all our greatness.” AUTOGRAPH Name— TOIVO A. TUOMIVIRTA Address — 50 Langsford Street Course — General Nicknames — “Toiv " . “Tom” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sleep Ambition — To be an electrician Honors — “A silent, shy. peace-loving man.” AUTOGRAPH Name — MILTON L. WILEY Address— 14 Riverdale Place Course — General Nicknames “Milt " . “Trapper Dan " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Haircut Ambition To be a salesman for pocket oil-burners Honors Prize Squad 2. 3. “He spoke and straight upon his lips persuasion sat.” AUTOGRAPH Name— FRANK MILES Address — 94 Western Avenue Course- — General Nickname — “Slim " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Length Ambition— Get out of school Honors — Corporal: Football: Basket ball. “The lanky man is lazy : seldom is his heart stirred.” AUTOGRAPH Name- RUTH MITCHELL Address — 19 Mason Street Course — General Nicknames — " Rut hie " . “Rudy " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eyes Ambition — To travel Honors — 4-H Club 3. 4: Service Club 1 2, 3: Perfect Attendance 1. “I do not care one straw. " AUTOGRAPH Name— LAWRENCE P. PARISI Address — 9 Beach Court Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Larry " . “Laurie”, “Joe”, “Gigolo " . ‘Newsy " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Feeding “Sparky " Ambition — To live to see the day when Bruni will shout me Honors — Honor Student 1. 2: Prize Platoon 3: Corporal I 3. 4 : Glee Club: Class Ring Committee 3. “I love the girls, and the girls love me.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ALICE PARSONS Address — 37% Sargent Street Course — General Nicknames — “Al " . “Alie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — To get an A in history Honors — Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. “For though the most be players, some must be spectators.” AUTOGRAPH Name- ALBERTA A. RICHARDSON Address — 23% Mansfield Street ( ' nurse — General Ni knames — “Al " , “Bertie”. “Shortie”, “Bert " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Persis- t a nee Ambition- To graduate from G. H. S. Honors — 30 word Type Award : 40 word Type Award: 42 word Type Award; Girls ' Club Orchesrta 3. 4. “If at first you don ' t succeed Trv. try again.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JANICE ROBBINS Address — 2 Wheeler Street Course — General Nicknames — " Janie " . “Hoppy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Moodiness Ambition — Y ' ou guess! Honors — Junior Women ' s Club 2. 3. 4: Treasurer 4: Junior Business Club; May Festival 2. “Be calm in arguing: for fierceness makes Error a fault and truth discourtesv.” AUTOGRAPH At Gloucester High School field day yesterday the colors of the regiment were decorated. Lieutenant-Colonel Clyde A. Sellick, U. S. A., is decorat- ing the colors. ! HbLLkU or DR! 80 Main St., South Essex, ] lone CHArles+own 2886 PT ATO CHIPS UPPLIED FRESH DAILY BY THE [OW CHIP CO T., MARBLEHEAD WHOLESALE and RETAIL Phone 228 NEON SIGNS Installed by JIM DID IT SI 3? BRIGHTON AVI STA. 24 1C tT FROM : FISH CO NTIC AVE„ MASS. CHOICE CTED MEAT C SUPPLIED BY MUEL HOLMES, IN 7-25 FANEUIL HALL MARKET THE SENIOR FLICKER 55 Hu HHnunriaut JEutlj thisalii ' tli 3lrdanfr Born April 19, 1920 Died March 3, 1936 “Her absence is not long enough to root out all our love.” Itathlmi arti lliatar Born September 25, 1917 Died January 28, 1936 “And let her ordered life confess the beauty of Thy peace.” bb THE SENIOR FLICKER b Kuimim-i R. Q. T. C. OFFICERS 1936 - 1937 THE SENIOR FLICKER 57 Roster of R. O.T.C. Officers 1936 - 1937 REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS Donald E. Cunningham, Colonel Regimental Commander J. Christopher Finegan, Lieutenant Colonel Executive Officer William E. Smith, Captain Adjutant, S - 1 FIRST BATTALION HEADQUARTERS F. Harrison Poole, Major Archibald MacLeod, Second Lieutenant Battalion Commander S - 1 BAND William Natti, Captain Leo Grimes, First Lieutenant COMPANY A John W. A. Brown, Captain Robert S. Burns, First Lieutenant F. Milner Dunn, Second Lieutenant Leland Ryan, Second Lieutenant COMPANY B Frank Ferreira, Captain George Foley, First Lieutenant Bertram Kupsinel, Second Lieutenant SECOND BATTALION HEADQUARTERS Norman H. Green, Major Battalion Commander Charles J. Grillo, Second Lieutenant S - 1 COMPANY C James Lufkin, Captain Charles Goodwin, First Lieutenant Paul McPherson, First Lieutenant John J. Morton, Second Lieutenant COMPANY D Joseph Nelson, Captain George Morey, First Lieutenant Wilfred Marks, Second Lieutenant COMPANY E John Wood, Jr., Captain Russell Lucas, First lieutenant William Sutherland, Second Lieutenant 58 THE SENIOR FLICKER “Will the court please come to order.” The scene was a courtroom and the judge had just finished calling, “Next case, " when we, the grad- uating class of 1940 (or the freshman class of 1936-37), entered and took our places at the back of the courtroom amidst much banging and clatter- ing of seats. The reason we were there? Why, to hear ourselves tried. Our representative, a bright-eyed young person, had just taken the stand. He looked rather frightened. Who wouldn’t, as our opposers, the upperclassmen, took up the entire front of the courtroom and eyed our representative with hostile and unfriendly eyes. “You, " began the judge, “lowly freshman, are accused by the Sirs Know-it-all Upperclassmen of being a green, lazy, dumb freshman, and are further accused by the above mentioned as not participating in school activities and as not having school spirit. Has the defendant anything to say ? " “Well, your honor, it doesn’t seem to me that the Upperclassmen have much ground upon which to base those accusations. I’m going to prove this to the best of my ability. Please, sir, listen closely and see if you don ' t agree with me. “The freshmen, who had an attractive ‘white elephant’ booth, took an active part in the bazaar. The booth was decorated in red and white, class colors, and made a decided hit with one and all. On the committee were the following: Melba McKay, chairman; Pauline Presson, Jean Brown. Elizabeth Wonson, Dorothy Kennedy, Geraldine Stickney, Taimi Niemi, Constance Pike, Jean Semple, Jean Frances, and Cynthia Crowe. Do you follow me, your honor ? " Judge: “Proceed, proceed! " “The class was well represented in the Roosevelt Trophy Spelling Contest by ‘Polly’ Presson, who besides winning the freshman title and coming in second in the school finals, survived the semi-finals of the Bos- ton Herald Spelling Bee and became ninth grade surburban champion. The others who competed for the freshman Roosevelt Trophy champion- ship are as follows: Margaret Iovanne, Melba McKay, Jean Semple. Mary Gasper, Taimi Niemi, Helen Grover, Gloria Swinson, Priscilla Perry, Frances Emerson, Frank Pascucci, and Lillian Monroe. “Football was another achievement of my classmates who came out in great style for this grand sport. Ernest Marks, Joseph Ciametaro, John Symmonds, Russell Wonson, Robert Madruga, Joseph Souza, Shirley Sampson, Samuel DeCoste, Oscar Rose, David Plolland, Joseph Puglisi, and Thomas Doucette are judged by Coach Ross to be shining prospects for next year. THE SENIOR FLICKER 59 “Our future hoop defenders are the following: ‘Buddy’ Wonson, Jo- seph Souza, Ernest Marks, Tom Tischoff, Lester Tarr, Joseph Puglisi, Robert McNair, Harold Broder, ‘Buddy’ Muniz, and Albert Christo, who have done remarkably well in that strenuous sport, basket ball. “The girls, also, were well represented in sports with Elizabeth Won- son, Ethel Budrow, Melba McKay, and Cynthia Crowe named as out- standing all-round girl athletes. Am I getting anywhere. Judge— I mean, your honor— or am I just talking to myself?” “Go on, go on, you’re disproving their statements very rapidly. If you can disprove all their statements, i’ll fine those ‘Know-it-alls ' $50 for bringing a case into court without sufficient grounds! Silence! (This said as an explosive discord burst from the upperclassmen). I’ll take that back. It’s $100 for contempt of court. Proceed! ' The freshman continued, “The vocal talents of two of our freshmen ; namely, Elinor Frederickson and Betty Finch were heard to advantage in leading roles of the Glee Club operetta. The Mikado. Included in the play was a special boys’ chorus with Tom Tischoff, Ralph Barnard, Chester Wonson, Frank Pascucci, David Graham, Sherman Harriman, Benjamin Nauss, Joseph Orange, James Sofford, and Robert Ray, all of whom are freshmen. ‘‘Then there is the band, your honor. How could the R. O. T. C. march or what would Gloucester High do in May at the Music Festival without the band. The freshman members of the band are Lester Tarr, Elliot Slafsky, Benjamin Nauss, Robert Bruni, William Crowell, John Wicky, Gordon Lowe, and Jack Russ. These same eight also qualified for the Gloucester High School Orchestra.” As the upperclassmen whispered back and forth after hearing this bit of information, the judge frowned over his glasses at them and, turning back to our freshman on the witness stand, said, “Go on, son.” “Well, sir, the past year has brought forth such star reporters on the high school Flash as Melba McKay, Cynthia Crowe, and June Fallon. These three have used their talents on different subjects, and it is known tnat one of the three will permanently take over a prominent column in the Flash next year. “Freshman contributions to the Beacon were made by Elinor Freder- ickson, Phyllis Palmer, Carol Davis, Melba McKay, Jean Brown, and Cynthia Crowe. “The Girls’ Club Orchestra was well provided with musicians, chiefly violinists. Those lending their ability were Theora Haselgard, Jean Brown, and Elinor Frederickson. “Also, your honor, Melba McKay was chosen freshman representative in the Girls 7 Club Cabinet. “Then there is the Athletic Association which is outstanding in our high school. It enables us to see all athletic games on a low-priced basis and helps to support tne school’s sports. Chosen from our class as freshman representative in the A. A. Council was Harold Johnson. And that just about concludes the history of what our class has done. Judge, so I’ve no 60 THE SENIOR FLICKER more to say ’cause I think actions speak louder than words.” “Well, well, well,” said the judge, “you’ve done it, boy, and I’ll stick to my words, too.” Rapping on his desk for silence, the judge declared. “I hereby fine the Sirs Know-it-all Upperclassmen $50 for dragging a case into court without sufficient grounds and also fine them $100 for contempt of court. Case dismissed !” CYNTHIA CROWE ’40 JANE FALLON ’40 assisted by JEAN FRANCES ’40 MELBA McKAY ’40 PAULINE PRESSON ’40 “Good afternoon, friends of the Radio audience. This is station W. G. H. S. broadcasting to you from the ultra-smart gymnasium of G. H. S. To- day we present to you our annual school broadcast in the form of an amateur contest. I am sorry that all you listeners can not be here to enjoy the scenes I am gazing upon. Every seat in the gymnasium is occupied. Every stud- ent is present, bursting with enthusiasm, and chatting gaily. The room is filled with the happy sound of merry, youthful laughter as everyone anxious- ly awaits the opening of the contest. As for the contestants themselves, they are out in the ante-room. Each one can feel his nerves twitch and his spine shiver as he paces the floor in nervous anxiety. “But on with the show ! “For the first number on the program we introduce Coach ‘Nate’ Ross working out the freshman applicants for football. I wish you could see these husky young fellows as they go through their routine. They are Anthony Albert, Walter Murphy, Albert Silveira, Melbourne Mountain, Chester Mc- Neil, Bernard Lawson, William Greenberg, Walter McFarland, Ralph Pi- no, Joseph Curcuru, Lloyd Rose, and Robert Porper. “Now may we introduce to you the chairman of the freshman party, Janet MacLaughlin, with her committee including Lois Newhouse, Mary Cronin, Shirley Crowell, and Jean McPhee. “Do we hear music? The Glee Club is melodiously rendering a snappy tune as a mark of tribute to their officers : President, Dorothy Flygare ; Vice- President, Jean McPhee; Treasurer, Janet MacLaughlin; and Secretary, Jean Fitzpatrick ; and to Lila Johnson, chairman of the Hallowe’en party sponsored by the club. Gloucester High class of ’37 The 60th reunion of the Gloucester High School class of 1937 will be held on Saturday, July 12, at 6:30 p.m., at the Commodore Restaurant in Beverly. Local literary and artistic talents will be featured. All but four members of the class have been located: Sylvia (Corrao) Capillo, Bessie (Menken) Moore, John J. Morton III, and Dorothy Silveria. Anyone who knows of their whereabouts is asked to call Jim Sallah. Of the 227 members of the class, 107 are deceased. All others have been sent invitations to the reunion and are reminded that reservations are due on June 2. Those needing transportation may call any of the following committee members: Ethel Larson Dutton, 283-0701; Geraldine Maclnnis Anderson, 546-2857; Margaret Fosberry, 283-7568; Jim Sallah, 281-1892; or Ellen Friend O’Maley, 283-3783. The next committee meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 5, at 52 Harrison Ave. V . 18 Month CD Annual Percentage Yield Isn’t that what sui Gardening, sailing, softball, beach outings, c No time to g Simply fill out the coupon below and mail it a your passbook right to your home! You won’ Imagine, banking right from your own home - THE SENIOR FLICKER 61 More Music! We now present to you Lois Newhouse, the Prima Donna of the freshman class, who will sing for you the popular song that she sang in the Beacon play, Pattie. Do we hear taps? Yes, true enough, it is Eva Hepper tapping out her Pattie routine And what a routine ! “Something new ! Something never before seen or heard in an amateur contest. A spelling match ! Harriet Karcher is certainly making the upper- classmen turn pale. Others who are adding to their misery are Olga Smith, Alvin Williams, Melbourne Mountain, Albert Scriven, Richard Kain, and Constance Rich. “While the judges are lining up the next set of contestants, we shall take a trip through the gymnasium. All along the sides are booths of var- ious descriptions arranged for the convenience of the students during these special broadcasts. The one that catches my eye first is the one decorated in baby blue and pink. After a bit of questioning here and there, I learned that the freshmen originated this very novel booth for the Girls’ Club ba- zaar under the supervision of chairman Mary Cronin and her committee : Lois Newhouse, Joanne Hartford, Shirley Crowell, Lila Johnson, and Jean McPhee. “Ah ! I see the judges emerging from the ante-room. One of them has just informed me that the next contribution is a basket ball game to be played by freshman boys: Edward Middleton, William Beeman, Franklin Nelson, John Larson, Anthony Albert, Richard Perry, Ralph Pino, Joseph Curcuru, Joseph Favazza, Robert Porper, and Raymond Freitas. “Just a minute folks, while I investigate the cause of all this stamping of feet. Sorry, my error, it was only the students marking time to the tunes of the band, and right in the front row I see five freshman boys ; namely, Roland Collins, Robert Melnnis, Everett Oakes, Charles Robinson, and Edward Heinonen. “We now have a group of Flash reporters each of whom will give his own impersonation of Walter Winchell. The impersonators are Joanne Hartford, Mary Cronin, Lois Newhouse, Ernest Leavitt, and Melvin Kra- mer. “Before concluding this broadcast I offer you a drama in Latin by freshmen who have attained an “A” grade to gain admission to the Latin Club. The actors are Merle Williamson, William Thanos, Melvin Kramer, Harold Cohen, Irvin Anderson, Priscilla Zager, Eleanore Mattos, Dorothy Flygare, Jean Fitzpatrick, and Priscilla Cole. Now for the surprise of the program : Mary Grogan and Merle Williamson have attained the highest scholastic honor . . . tney win the oawyer Medals. And this, friends of the radio audience, concludes our broadcast for this year. I hope to be with you again at this same time next year. Until then, keep studying 1936 - 1937 “Good afternoon, friends. My but it’s nice to be back again seeing everyone looking so healthy and happy. This time we shall not take time with preliminaries but get right on with the contest. 62 THE SENIOR FLICKER “Some say the first impression is always lasting, so we have arran- ged to make our first number new and different ; something that will leave an impression on you for years to come. We wish to introduce to you the sophomore football, basket ball, and baseball squads who are going to tell you in their own way of their most exciting games in their two years of play. They are football : Anthony Albert, Walter Murphy, Albert Silveria, Melbourne Mountain, Walter McFarland, Ralph Pino, Joseph Curcuru, Lloyd Rose, Robert Porper, Joseph Favazza, and Robert Perry ; basket ball: Edward Middleton, William Beeman, Anthony Albert, John Larson, Richard Perry, Ralph Pino, Joseph Curcuru, and Robert Porper; base- ball: Anthony Albert, Sherman Ruth, Leo Handrahan, and Edward Mid- dleton. “According to the schedule, Virginia Grant and William Thanos, who had leading roles in the Beacon play Forward Pass, were to reproduce the roles for you, but they are still pacing the floor in the ante-room and trying to master enough courage to make their appearance. So while they pace, Dorothy Flygare and Mary Cronin will tell you of the way in which they helped manage the sale of the Beacons. “We now present to you the human dictionary, Harriet Karcher, who has just won the Spelling Match. Ah! listeners, you are mistaken; it is not the same spelling match still going on, hut an entirely new one in which Harriet Karcher emerges the winner with Frederick Mulhaupt, Elizabeth Grover, and Villa Wallace as runners up. Before we go on with the next act I think it appropriate to pause and congratulate Jean McPhee, Mary Grogan, Lois Reeves, Mary Cronin, Pauline Ahola, Mary Farrell, Olivette Bragg, and Elizabeth Brancaleone. “For our next number on the program, the sophomore boys in the hand— Richard Rust, Gilman Lane, Robert Praderio, Robert Homburg, Raymond Brooks, Eino Hendrickson, Freeman Rogers, Robert Powers, Adolph Telles, Robert Wagner, and Preston Dagle — will give you one of their favorite selections. “The sophomores on the Flash — Joanne Plartford, Mary Cronin, Ja- net MacLaughlin, Harold Cohen, Katherine Savage, Stanley McDonald, and Donald Spittle — will now entertain you by telling you about their best scoops of the year. “The girls of the Girls’ Club Orchestra, Estelle Oliver, Betty Cowie, and Winifred Guest, are putting on a number for us and will play one of their best-loved pieces. “To determine the winner of the contest we cordially invite you to send in your vote. “Once again we bid you farewell. This is station W. G. H. S. signing off. Your announcer is— MARY W. CRONIN ’39” THE SENIOR FLICKER 63 History, as we like it, goes down in outline form. Therefore, dis- carding long, descriptive sentences and getting to the point in the most concise manner, here is the history of ’38 in a brief outline. I. Freshman Year A. Sportlights 1. On the gridiron — Franklin Chandler, Thomas Hill, Toivo Maki, Arthur O’Hanley, Charles “Bucky” Riley and Edward Visnick 2. On the basket ball court — Franklin Chandler, Daniel Hill, Michael Iovanne, John Langley, Henry Levasseur, Jock Lewis, James Parsons, Charles Riley, Alfred Silva, Albert Sil- veria, and Charles Tischoff. B. Social News 1. Girls’ Club bazaar — Priscilla Gorman, chairman 2. Freshman party — Virginia Vibert, chairman C. Musical Notes 1. The orchestra — Newman Hubbard, Henry Levasseur, Bryan Russ, Albert Silveria, Charles Tischoff and Harold Wolozin 2. The R. O. T. C. band — Vincent Lrederickson, Newman Hubbard, Chester Roberts, Bryan Russ, Charles Tischoff, and Harold Wolozin D. Miscellaneous 1. Roosevelt Trophy contest — Weymouth Marshall, winner; James Parsons, honorable mention; Edward Oakes, chairman at assembly 2. Flash staff members — Virginia Vibert and Harold Wolozin 3. Handbook — Philip Poirier, chairman 4. Sawyer Medal winners — Mary A. Cameron and Philip Poirier IT. Sophomore Year A. Men in .Sports 1. At the Newell Stadium gridiron —see freshman year 2. In bask et ball — as in the previous year 3. On the diamond — Russell O’Maley and “Bucky” Riley B. Women in Sports — Mary Hill, Vera Seppala; winners of sil- ver basket balls, Phyllis Rook and Mary A. Cameron C. Society Items 1. Annual bazaar — Mary A. Cameron, chairman of sophomore booth 2. Pattie — Natalie Cahoon, specialty dancer D. Awards 64 THE SENIOR FLICKER 1. Sawyer Medal winners — Miriam Adasko and Harold Wol- ozin 2. Haskell Medal winner — James Jeffery III. Junior Year A. Names in the Sporting World 1. Pigskin patter — previous stars; lettermen Porter Bradley, Bryan Russ, “Bucky” Riley, Russell O ' Maley, Salvatore Gemmalaro, Philip Curcuru, and Russell Howard, captain- elect for 1938. 2. Hoopsters — “Buckv” Riley and Russell O’Maley, captain- elect for 1938 3. Baseball batters — Riley and O’Maley, our only enthusiasts B. Review of Literature 1. Flash reporters — Miriam Adasko, Mary A. Cameron, Mad- elyn Doyle, Madeleine Nugent. Virginia Vibert, James Jeffery, Hubert Fiander, and Harold Wolozin 2. Beacon staff — George Kallio, artist of the editorial board C. Entertainment 1. Forzeard Pass, a musical comedy, — Madelyn Doyle, Vin- cent Frederickson, James Jeffery, and Chester Roberts, leading performers 2. The Mikado, a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, — Carolyn Casey, James Jeffery, Chester Roberts, and Allan Roberts in leading roles 3. The Junior Tea dance, a social success — Marjorie Torrey, chairman 4. Bazaar — Virginia Vibert. chairman of country store D. Club News 1. French Club — Mary A. Cameron, vice president: Philip Poirier, secretary ; and Virginia Vibert, treasurer 2. Latin Club — James Jeffery, president ; Miriam Rice, vice- president ; Helen Tarr, secretary ; and Viola Ray, treasurer 3. Girls’ Club — Virginia Vibert, vice-president ; Viola Ray, assistant secretary ; and Miriam Adasko, Mary A. Cameron, and Priscilla Rice, cabinet members. 4. German Club — Charles Levie, president; Warren Tucker, treasurer ; and Hubert Fiander, secre- tary 5. Service Club — Madeleine Nugent, secretary E. Names in the News - Class officers, James Jeffery, president; Hubert Fiander, vice-president ; Priscil- la Gorman, secretary; and Weymouth Marshall, treasurer F. Military Matters 1. Sergeants — Warren Tucker, James Jeffery, Charles Tis- choff, James Sudbay, Hubert Fiander, THE SENIOR FLICKER 65 George Thurston, Richard Watters, William Webber, and Philip Poirier 2. Drum Major of R. O. T. C. band — Vincent Frederickson 3. Commander of winning Prize Squad — James Jeffery Mary A. Cameron ’38 Virginia Vibert ’38 April 1, 1937 Office Report Absent Minded Just Absent 2 (53) Bruni, Alfred 2 (53) Brown, Phyllis Bush, Joseph 6 (45) McNeil, Joseph 7 (29) Seppala, Raymond 6 (45) Harvey, Gilman 20 (32) Compton, Margaret Lufkin, Richard 25 (30) Moody, Mary 7 (29) Williams, Leslie 26 (29) Reynolds, Phyllis Smith, Albert NOTICES Girls may wear ankle socks beginning today if they bring a note from their mummies. All members of regiment must wear trousers only on drill days. Class History meeting today in Rm. 27. We cease to listen. This last notice serves as an unpleasant warn- ing of the thankless, difficult piece of work before us. Even the date seems significant of what is to come. And so at the close of school we wearily climb the much worn stairs to the room of our imprisonment to let loose some of our surplus brain power. Just for fun, Sarah practices her short- hand by taking notes of the meeting. This is what she has after trans- cribing — Julie, casting a menacing glance towards Jean and Buddy, calls for si- lence. Result — no silence. Undaunted, she tries twice more, and finally success is hers. (Third time never fails). “You know what is expected of us.” she begins. “Now who has any original ideas?” This time silence is not called for, but it reigns never- theless. “Don’t be bashful,” urges the charming chairman. “Well, " Sarah meekly breaks the monotony, “well, here’s something I’ve been thinking of. “My suggestion would be to have it in the form of a military review. First in the parade we could have the clubs and organizations of Glouc- ester High School : 66 THE SENIOR FLICKER Attention ! Pass in Review ! ! Forward March ! ! ! “The band strikes up and the sight we behold is not one that would do the West Point Corps justice. The drummers may have been in E- thiopia, for all that it matters. First we see the class officers marching by the reviewing stand : Ben Parsons, president ; Bud Finegan, vice-pres- ident ; Grace Clark, secretary; Everett Martin, treasurer. “Then Alfred Bruni trots by, not as the president of the Athletic As- sociation would, but like a football player warming up. “Next comes Alary Cortina ‘rhumba-ing’ along as president of the Spanish Club. “Xot to be outdone. Joseph Nelson, president of the Roosevelt Club, and his Rough Riders come galloping past. “Virginia Broder, president of the Art Club, smock and all, marches gracefully by. “Strutting with all the poise of a French model comes Julie Holloran. president of the French Club. “James Lufkin, dressed in Roman toga and sandals, has the honor of being the first president of the Latin Club. “Next, arm in arm, as symbols of sisterly love, come Phyllis Rowley and Anne Davis, presidents of the Service Club and Girls’ Club respect- ively. “With elaborate gestures and a few high ‘C’s’ intermixed with ‘tra- las’, comes Barbara AIcEwen, president of the Glee Club. “Then comes the Flicker staff marching in review under the leadership of Phyllis Rowley, whose ability is equal to the size of the task that she has undertaken. “Now we see the committee including Sophia Yrachos. Frances Wallace. Jean Tarr, and Alary Goyetche, who, under the leadership of Helen B latch- ford, made the A I other- Daughter Banquet one of the most successful e- vents of the senior year. “Alargaret Fosberry, president of the Stevens Book Reviewers, marches by, book in hand, followed by her cohorts Bud Finegan, Julie Holloran, Anne Davis, Phyllis Rowley. Wilma Curtis, Charlie Goodwin, Norm Green, Bert Kupsinel. and Don Cunningham.” Once more silence prevails. Once more silence is broken, this time by , Bud. “I don’t think that is so wonderful. If you have a parade, how can ' you get the Girls’ Club piano by the reviewing stand? Carry it?” “Have you anything better to offer?” asks Julie. “Sure. Have a war between the United States and Japan. A Glouc- ester boy who has graduated with our class is left dying a slow death on 1 the battle field. During his few remaining hours of life, he naturally thinks back on happier days when he was in school. His first thoughts will prob- ably be of drill. He will remember when Bill Smith, Mil Dunn, and Don Cunningham won medals for excellency in the manual of arms; Norm Green’s domineering voice piloting his squad with Bob Burns, Bob Bar- ner, and Ralph Budrow to victory. He will recall his friends Alajor F. i 1 THE SENIOR FLICKER 67 Harrison Poole and First Lieutenant Paul McPherson, Captains of the Corps Area Rifle Team and the ITearst Trophy Team, respectively — and of course, his last Field Day, conducted by Colonel Cunningham, Lieu- tenant-Colonel Finegan, Majors Poole and Green, and Adjutant Smith; the hectic struggle among the five Captains, Brown, Ferreira, Lufkin, Nel- son, and Wood vieing for the coveted Bachelor Trophy. Then he will think of other events which occurred during his high school career.” The poor boy scarcely finished when Jean, who can’t think and listen at the same time and who has been wrapped in her own thoughts, bursts out with this : “We could have one of us falling from a 30-foot window — no, better make it a 60-foot drop — and have his past life flashing through his mind on the drop down.” “No,” Buddy interrupts, “I shouldn’t want my past life printed in the Flicker .” “But, don’t you see,” Jean continues, “We could have one of the girls dropping, and of course, that could bring in her memories of the Tea Dan- ces — when in her freshman year Elisa Kuivanen headed Virginia Broder, Sadie Alves, Anne Banks, Phyllis Rowle y, Jean Tarr, and Sophia Vrachos on the dance committee. Then she will think of her sophomore year, and see Gerry Maclnnis, Barbara McEwen, and Margaret Fosberry, the trio that caused that big success. And in her next vision, she will be looking at Mary Moody and her group of assistants at the Junior Tea — of course, she’ll remember they were Anne Banks, Nathalie Cooke, Anne Davis, Julie Holloran, Phyllis Rowley, and Mildred Silveria. At the Senior Tea Jeanne Rook headed Margaret Fosberry, Margaret Compton, Helen Won- son, and Mary Goyatche.” “I understand,” Julie says, “and then our Doomed Lady will think of the Roosevelt Trophy speeches and recall Libby Collins’s speech on Byrd ' s Flight to the South Pole back in her first year ; and Helena Marchant’s humorous monologue. The Gossipers, in her sophomore year; then, in her third year when the spelling matches replaced the Roosevelt Speeches, Bill Smith as representative to be followed by Anne Davis in this, her last year.” Jean smiles patiently at Julie and says, “That’s it ! And after the Lady finishes with the speeches and spelling matches, she will come to the Saw- yer Medals and remember how in her freshman year Sarah Feldman, Ju- lie Holloran, Gilman Harvey, and George Martin each got one ; and, the following year Grace Clark and James Lufkin won the coveted honor.” " I ' m beginning to like the idea,” shines forth Sarah. “Then she’ll re- member that Medals were given to Hilia Johnson and Robert Burnham as juniors.” Ideas are beginning to spring into everyone’s fertile (or maybe futile) mind. Each is eager to present his idea without considering others. “Yes, that might do,” admirs practical Andy, “but how could a per- son committing suicide think of everything in the short time before he hits the ground. You know that a falling body travels 32 feet the first second, 64 feet the next second, etc.” The doomed members are brought to earth by this amazing discovery. 68 THE SENIOR FLICKER “We can ' t use that,” sighs Julie. Then Andy continues with his contribution. “Leo Grimes is being hanged for disturbing the peace. His neighbors disapproved of his playing- some queer-sounding musical instrument from dusk ' til dawn. It may have been the instrument, or perhaps it was the way he played it. Anyway Leo is being hanged. He ascends the gallows and at the sight of the rhythmic “swing high, swing low” of the fatal noose, his thoughts turn back to his high school days — the era when swingsters prevailed. He remembers the good times he has had playing in the band with Daniel Bloomfield, Fletch- er Brown. Irving Bush, Paul MacDonald, William Natti, Ambrose Or- lando, Robert Powers, and Russell Williams ; then, too, with his contemp- oraries in the orchestra, Harry Andersen, Irving Bush, Elizabeth Collins, Mary Cortina. Bertram Kupsinel, Ambrose Orlando, Olga Rogers, and Russell Williams. This memory scene may also include the Girls ' Club Orchestra, whose senior members were Elizabeth Collins, Mary Cortina, Alberta Richardson, Olga Rogers, and Clara Tibbetts.” “But,” argues Jean, “What’s the difference between your idea and mine? The poor victim in your brainstorm would have the same amount of time as mine to think of his past. Mine’s just as good as yours.” “Yes, that’s right, " intervenes Elisa, who forsees that this controversy will continue indefinitely. “I suggest that it be written in the form of a radio broadcast from station G. LI. S. in Gloucester.” “Elisa Kuivanen !” cried Sarah, “that idea died a natural death years ago.” “Oh, but not this one. For example, how is this for a lead? Charles Goodwin, whose ventures into the stratosphere in 1937 consisted only of journeys of the mind which almost invariably hovered in the spacious re- gions of a drifting fog, has been acclaimed a national hero because of his perfection of that marvelous discovery of picking up on ether waves words spoken centuries before. In experimenting with his discovery he is startle ' ! to hear the unmistakable voice of Miss Lovering, spurring the Flash staff on with one of her famous pep talks. Among the names mentioned we recognize those of John C. Finegan, Elizabeth Collins, Charles Goodwin, Margaret Compton. Julie Holloran, Phyllis Rowley, Gerry Maclnnis, and those of the members on the editorial board — Sophia Yrachos, Margaret Fosberry, Norman Green, and Anne Davis. Miss Lovering continues with words of praise for the senior Flash typists: Sarah Feldman, chairman; Virginia Broder, Mary Bianchi. Dorothy Bartlo, Helen Blatchford, Mary Moody, Mary Dores, Marjorie Chick, Hilia Johnson, Nathalie Cooke, Ellen Friend, and Frances Hinckley. “Now Phyllis Rowley, editor-in-chief of the Beacon of 1936-37, is heard placing the deadline for all Beacon material. This notice is intended for the following, ail of whom have important positions on the school mag- azine staff: Robert Burns. Anne Davis, Ruth Ellis, Margaret Fosberry, Charles Goodwin, Julie Holloran, Harriet Merchant, Sophia Vrachos, and the business staff headed by Harriet Merchant, Margaret Marchant, Harry Andersen, and Nellie Carney. Goodwin hears praise given to Phyllis Row- ley and Charles Goodwin as the Junior class representatives on the Beacon staff and he hears excerpts from articles contributed by Phyllis Rowley, THE SENIOR FLICKER 69 Julie Holloran, Sophia Vrachos, Anne Davis, Elisa Kuivanen, Jean Tarr, Everett Martin, and Wilma Curtis, freshmen. “Suddenly a bell is heard, a bustling in the corridors, and we realize that students are rushing to City Hall for the Senior class play in which Gladys Alper, Jack Brown, Don Cameron, Bert Kupsinel, Wilfred Marks, Joe Nelson, and Sophia Vrachos are displaying their dramatic ability. Many of these same actors took part in the Beacon plays, Pattie and For- ward Pass. These were Jeanne Rook, Lois Greene, Sophia Vrachos, Jack Brown, Wilfred Marks, and James Lufkin.” “That’s the best yet,” cries Julie. “But Charlie is a very good friend of mine and I disagree about his being in a fog.” “Well, we could change Charlie to somebody else,” retorts Elisa. And then Libby, who has been gazing into space during a greater part of the time, brightens up considerably. “Eve got it!” she exclaims. “Why couldn’t we use this? Pretend that some of our class are inspecting the new high school (fifty years from now). On the walls are murals de- picting school life. You could have six of them with this as the general idea : have one of the murals of red-headed Captain Paul Clark, dressed in football togs, holding an honor roll with Charles Abbott, Loring Alves, Don Cameron, Ray Burke, ‘Bud’ Finegan, George Foley, ‘Monk’ Gaspar, ‘Lefty’ McNeil, Donald Pratt, Teddy Watters, Let Williams, and ‘Ducky’ White as members of Coach Ross’s squad.” After a minute’s thought, while the others considered this new brain- storm, Libby continued, “A basket ball mural would be comparatively easy. The three captains are standing shoulder to shoulder (Grillo, Robinson, and Finegan) with Archie MacLeod in a prominent position and ‘Sparky’ Bruni and ‘Monk’ Gaspar forming the background. “Baseball can be handled in the same fashion by changing the back- ground and uniforms so that Finegan, Grillo, and Robinson, our best ath- letes, may be joined by Abbott, Clark, and Watters. “In the track mural Jimmie Lufkin is the center of attraction as he is captain of the team. Do you see what I mean?” No answer! “Perhaps that isn’t such a good idea after all. You would need too many murals. Well—” “Heavens !” sighs Julie, “we’re getting nowhere fast. Eli tell you what we’ll do. Each one go home (his own home), write out what he considers a good history; then pass it in to me on Monday. Ell see which one is best, and call another meeting. You may go now.” So we passed our ideas to Julie, and this is the result. She was like the old lady who lived in a shoe. She had so many histories she didn’t know what to do. JULIE HOLLORAN, chairman SARAH FELDMAN I. CHRISTOPHER FINEGAN ELIZABETH KUIVANEN ANDREW LANE JEAN TARR 70 THE SENIOR FLICKER THE SENIOR FLICKER 71 Behind the Scenes This year the Gloucester High School Flash completes its seventh year of publication. Since 1930. when the paper was founded, its aim has been to present clearly and precisely “that which is timely and interesting” to the students of G. H. S., and to the people of Gloucester. As a result of the effort of its many reporters, the Flash has developed into the student’s most reliable source of “news” on the diverse activities of all school affairs. Until last year it was the annual custom for the supervisors to select an editor for the year. In 1936 the Flash enlarged upon the idea by select- ing an editorial board of four, the most efficient and capable, who divided the weekly responsibilities. This year individual members of the editorial board have displayed their ability by editing the sheet “single-handed”. The revival of the Mho’s M ho column, which gives an intimate slant on important personages in school, made its appearance in this year’s issues. Students who are keen about sports, eagerly peruse Sportliglits ; military devotees, A fairs in the R. O. T. C .; and fashion enthusiasts, M’Lady Dict- ates... Timely and interesting brevities are found in Flashes, while those who enjoy and seek critical reviews on the latest books need only turn to the Stevens Book Reviewers column. The individual student derives much benefit through reportorial duties on the Flash. Those who really have journalism in mind, receive valuable training and experience in newspaper work, learning all the do’s and don’ts ; while others learn to meet people, shoulder responsibilities, write in a clear, brisk, correct manner and understand the working of a newspaper. The staff for 36-37 has consisted of the following: Editorial Board— Anne Davis, Xorman Green. Margaret Fosberry. and Sophia Vrachos. Reporters— Mary Cameron. Elizabeth Collins. Margaret Compton. Nathalie Cooke. Mary Cronin. Wilma Curtis, Madelyn Doyle J. Christopher Finegan. Julie Holloran. Joanne Hartford, Geraldine Mclnnis. Melba McKay. Madeleine Nugent. Phyl- lis Rowley. Virginia Yibert and Harold Wolozin. Typists— Sarah Feldman, chairman ; Dorothy Bartlo, Mary Bianchi, Helen Blatchford. Virginia Broder. Marjorie Chick. Mary Dores. Ellen Friend. Mary Fudge. Frances Hinckley. Hilia Johnson. Isabel Larsson and Mary Moody. Faculty Supervisors— Miss Marguerite Lovering and Miss Mildred Ingalls. Cub-reporters— Miriam Adasko. Harold Cohen, Elizabeth Cowie. Cyn- thia Crowe, Carol Davis. Jane Fallon. Hubert Fiander. James Jeffery, Stanley MacDonald. Janet MacLaughlin. Florence Mann. Kay Savage. Donald Spittle, and Priscilla Zagers. THE SENIOR FLICKER GIRLS ' CLUB CABINET 1936 - 1937 Photograph b y Roy Lane Back row, left to right —Margaret Marchant, Julie Holloran, Ruth Ellis, Geraldine Maclnnis, Phyllis Rowley, Wilma Curtis, Jean McPhee, Priscilla Rice, Melba McKay, Anne Banks. Front row — Mary A. Cameron, Barbara McEwen, Viola Ray Virginia Vibert, Anne Davis, Elizabeth Kuivanen, Isabel Larsson, Miriam Aclasko, Harriet Karcher THE SENIOR FLICKER 73 Pale gold along the early morning sky, The fading of a thousand silver stars, Awakening birds compose a melody, The night has died — to-day belongs to us ! For years we strove to plan our lives aright, And now weVe reached an all-important goal, The carefree spring of life is ending soon, But we go forward, eager, unafraid ! Tears in the eyes of parting comrades speak In place of words that cannot say enough Of valiant hearts and youthful loyalties. The past is dead , — the future is our trust ! HARRIET FEARS MERCHANT G.H.S. Athletic Association Executive Council 1936 - 1937 Anthony Albert, Priscilla Rice, Charles Riley, Donald Pratt, Harold Johnson, Theodore Watters, Jeanne Rook, Alfred Bruni. THE SENIOR FLICKER 75 Most Popular Girl Jeanne Rook Most Popular Boy Christopher Finegan Ideal Senior Boy Christopher Finegan Ideal Senior Girl Anne Davis Most Dependable Girl Phyllis Rowley Most Dependable Boy Donald Cunningham Most Versatile Girl Sophia Vrachos Most Versatile Boy Christopher Finegan Best Dressed Girl Helen Blatchford Best Dressed Boy John Brown Best Looking Girl Jeanne Rook Best Looking Boy William Smith - Benjamin Parsons Cutest Girl Jeanne Rook Most Bashful Girl Grace Clark Most Bashful Boy Andrew Lane Girl most likely to succeed in the future Phyllis Rowley Boy most likely to succeed in the future Christopher Finegan Most Argumentative Bertram Kupsinel Most Musical Leo Grimes Most Literary Phyllis Rowley Most Artistic Ruth Ellis Most Businesslike Margaret Marchant Senior girl who has done most for class Anne Davis Senior boy who has done most for class Christopher Finegan Class Genius Phyllis Rowley Most Fickle in Love Ruth Ellis - John Wood Laziest Senior Loring Alves Senior Cradle Snatcher Robert Burns Class Bluffer Helena Marchant Class Clown John Brown Class Gourmand James Lufkin Class Flirt Sophia Vrachos Class Grind George Morey Class Baby Leo Grimes Class Wit John Brown Class Chesterfield Harrison Poole Most Athletic Girl Hester Anderson Most Athletic Boy Christopher Finegan Most Prominent Senior Phyllis Rowley Most Popular Subject English Teachers’ Pet Anne Banks Most Popular Teacher Miss Harris 76 THE SENIOR FLICKER ’Cause she ' s witty and she ' s pretty and she’s all a girl should be. Jeanie heads our ballot. Anne Davis and Mary Moody also have devoted admir- ers. The women’s vote gives Bud the margin on those “he-males,” Ben Parsons and Alfred Bruni for the Most Popular Boy. We know Phyllis Rowley is someone’s ideal, but she needs ten more votes to wrest a victory from Anne. Jeanie Rook comes third. Ben and Don Cunningham almost take this one. Skippy and Junior are someone ' s Ideal Senior Boy. It must be the little black notebooks that make Phyl Most Dependable Girl. Miggie Marchant is just two votes behind, and Anne Davis comes third. Someone with insight, we suspect Goodwin, votes for Miss Harris. Reward does come in this life. Don. Lieutenant Colonel Finegan. and Major Green uphold the army’s standard for dependability. Helen’s chic appearance as our Best Dressed Girl is challenged only by June Gorman. Sophia’s knit suits make a hit somewhere. The radicals defeat the conservatives by four votes as Harrison ranks second-Best Dressed Boy. Well, since bright colors, according to Miss Harris, appeal to the “genus infantum”, what is the logical result? Phyllis Rowley, Elisa, and Mary Moody are considered lasses of many talents. But. perhaps, it is Sophia’s “hair-dos” that place her unquestionab- ly as our Most Versatile Girl. Personally we think Bud intimidates the voters. Once again he heads the ticket, but Norm Green and Jack Brown are close behind as the Most Versatile Boy. Jeanie’s wild-rose beauty receives just fifteen more votes than Ruthie Ellis’s dimples and golden locks. Phyllis Reynolds and Anne Banks come third and fourth as the Best Looking Girl Two quiet, retiring gentlemen tied on Best Looking Boy. But beauty can ' t be hidden, you know, and retire as much as they will. Bill, Ben. Nappy Morton, and Poole get the votes. Although twenty others are called cute, their number of votes is so small Jeanie needn’t even consider them. On the list of our blushing violets are Anne Banks and Sophia, believe it or not. Margaret Douglas and Edie Bruce come second and third as Most Bashful Girl. The voters say that our “prexv” and treasurer are concealing their talents. And Jim Lufkin ' s blush is judged a sign worthy of endorsement as Most Bashful Boy. THE SENIOR FLICKER 77 UNIVERSITY College of Liberal Arts Offers a broad program of college subjects serving as a foundation for the understanding of modern culture, social relations, and technical achievement. The purpose of this program is to give the student a lib- eral andi cultural education and a vocational competence which fits him to enter some specific type of useful employment. College of Business Administration Offers a college program with broad and thorough training in the principles of business with specialization in ACCOUNTING, BANK- ING AND FINANCE, or BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Modern methods of instruction, including lectures, solution of business problems, class discussions, professional talks by business executives, and motion pictures of manufacturing processes, are used. College of Engineering Provides complete college programs in Engineering with professional courses in the field of CIVIL. ' MECHANICAL (WITH DIESEL, AERONAUTICAL and AIR CONDITIONING OPTIONS), ELEC- TRICAL. CHEMICAL. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, and EN- GINEERING ADMINISTRATION. General engineering courses are pursued during the freshman year; thus the student need not make a final decision as to the branch of engineering in which he wishes to specialize until the beginning of the sophomore year. Co-operative Plan The Co-operative Plan, which is available to upperclassmen in all courses, provides for a combination of practical industrial experience with classroom instruction. Under this plan the student is able to earn a portion of his school expenses as well as to make business contacts which prove valuable in later years. Degrees Awarded Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science For catalog or further information write to: MILTON J. SCHLAGENHAUF. Director of Admissions NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 78 THE SENIOR FLICKER Will someone please tell us why Phyl gained, as Girl Most Likely to Succeed in the Future, the biggest majority on the whole ballot? Perhaps if she decides on cooking as her true vocation?, . . .Ask Norm. What, Finegan, you again? Now if you would decide on consuming and you and Phyl would get together, the possibilities are unlimited. Again Ben Parsons and Everett Martin tail you. this time as the Boy Most Likely to Succeed. The verbosity of Mil Dunn, Robert Burns, and Helena Marchant does not quite equal that of Kupsinel. Believe it or not, Archie MacLeod got votes here for Most Argumentative, and for Most Bashful Boy— an example of intelligent voting. Those twin maestros of swing rhythm, Orlando and Bush, follow Leo as Most Musical. Here’s one place neither Bud nor Phyl could inveigle even one vote. Poetry is evidently appreciated, for the second and third Most Literary are Harriet Merchant and Robert Burns. ‘’Monk” Gasper gets one vote. We hate to notice that the originality of Bruni and Dennis is not prized by their classmates. Ruthie’s flair for color and line polls for her the second largest endorse- ment on the entire ballot. Gin Broder, president of the Art Club, comes second. We doubt if many of those in high command will agree that all the seniors indicated on the ballots are Most Businesslike. In a split up vote, Miggie’s sales-man aging proves just a bit more efficient than Gerry Mac- Innis’s handling of banking affairs. Only nine girls and eleven boys have done anything for the class. Phyllis Rowley follows Anne ; and Ben, Bud. There are some seniors who couldn’t survive without Phyl’s helping hand. For a change we have a genius who can’t claim a mathematical mind. And we’ve never discovered that Harriet Merchant and Susan Brancaleone, who come second and third, are particularly adept with figures and formulas. Tarr and Morton have a genius for finding each other which does not go unrewarded. Seniors ! you should be ashamed. So many of you waver in your affect- ions that with an unlucky thirteen apiece, Ruthie and John tie as Most Fickle in Love. Finegan, Cunningham, Green, Ferreira, and Smith can find their names on this list, too. Now, who could have done a thing like that? We are a lazy bunch, but not so lazy as we are fickle. Personally we consider it takes a bit of labor to be fickle, since one’s imagination has to work overtime. Ray Seppala. Janice Robbins, Bill Smith, and Charlie Abbott— if they had worked harder at being lazy— would challenge Alves. Only two girls, Margaret Compton and Betty Knowles, threaten in- THE SENIOR FLICKER 79 Compliments of ESSEX TIRE AND SUPPLY CO. W ' liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiy Compliments to the Class of 1937 I C iMECCN’S CAFE | jpiiiitlM Compliments of I GECECE’S MAEGET | HH 178 Wa shington Street Telephone 111 gj Blllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliilllllliillllll B Best Wishes to the | CLASS OF 1937 ■ The Classes of 1938 m 1939 §j 1940 JJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip Alvena Yam Shop 16 Pleasant Street Hand-knit suits washed and blocked $1.50 Miliiiiiiiiliiiiii G-M-l LAUNDRY COMPANY HH The Soft Water Laundry — Dry Cleansers — Rug Cleansers Linen Supply Telephone 1062 ss 12-14-16 Burnham Street Gloucester, Mass. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii GOON TOY HAND LAUNDRY H 70 Washington Street Tel. 2763-W 80 THE SENIOR FLICKER fants. The R. O. T. C. officers en masse get many votes as Senior Cradle Snatcher. “Sparky” Bruni, take lessons from Helena and Jack Brown. A few more tall yarns and you would have made Class Bluffer. A few more an- tics and you would have stolen Jack’s place in the ring, (what ring? the circus ring) as Class Clown. As a warning to Helena’s admirers, may we inform you that she ranked third as Class Gourmand. Ambrose Orlando and Bruni also like their food. In fact, the athletes get most of the votes. Bob Connelly, Mr. Colman, and Mr. Greely are our he-man flirts. Mary Moody and Gin Broder come second and third in an enormous field. Susie Brancaleone and Mary Cortina like to worry the books. Most of us don’t even let the books worry us. Will Barbara McEwen’s appealing voice and eyes win her the pro- tection of the male element until she shall reach maturity? Morey comes in third as Class Baby. Margaret Fosberry is the only female with wit, so they say. Bruni and Goodwin pile up votes as Class Wit. We hope Harrison, Norm Green, Andy Lane, and Mil Dunn realize the great responsibility and distinction placed upon them as modern “Sir Walters”. Most girls voted “there ain’t no such animal as Class Chester- field.” Het, Katherine Jacobson, “Smoky” Ala, and Phyllis Rowley lead the bloomer girls. For the last time we write Finegan’s name. We wonder who was his campaign manager. By an overwhelming majority, a true gentleman and scholar is voted the outstanding athlete of his class. Bruni, Grillo, Clark, and Robinson follow him. Anne Davis, our active Girls’ Club president, and the Colonel are naturally among our Most Prominent Seniors. A real surprise ! Phyllis Rowley comes in second as Teachers’ pet. English, the perennial Most Popular Subject, is challenged only by history (due to our love of the romantic past) and trucking. Even log-rolling among the officers didn’t bring Captain Shum to the top. Miss Burke and Miss McGinley hold sway second and third after Miss Harris in the hearts of us Seniors. (Editorial note: complete results of balloting furnished upon request.) THE SENIOR FLICKER 81 Graduation Suits 1 HOLEPROOF HOSIERY j a t Stacy’s Clothing Store , Inc. 168 Main Street SINCE 1872 Mil IlillllllllllllllilllillllllH Compliments of ICL 9 f DREW ECPPE 145 Main Street jijiiiiiiM SALAH MARKET j Corner of Sargent Millet Sts. MEATS Telephone 530 GROCERIES IPlIlllilllllllllliilllllllllllllillllilillllllllilllllllllll! Compliments of LEMUEL FRIEND Local Pasteurized Milk llllllllllllilllllilllllllillllllllililllliillllllllllllillllllllllliillllllllllllllllliillililllilillPllllll L. D. Lothrop Sons Fishing Tackle and Fishermen s Outfits 68-70 Duncan Street Gloucester, Mass. !lll!illllillllllllllil COMPLIMENTS OF Cape Ann Cold Storage illllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllli lllllllllllli™ PPNLPPS Hold the World’s Record For Safety and Endurance ' ALWAYS CALL DUNLOP BEFORE BUYING " Don Graham, Mgr. 1i!i!!iliillhllliiili!l r 111 82 THE SENIOR FLICKER Eagerly Countess Conalti twisted the dials of her television-radio set in an attempt to bring into her room the events of the world. Upon her marriage to the count, whose title was the one genuine thing about him. the former ANNE DAVIS had discovered that keeping a small home and a large family on the meager sum of money which her husband dug from Heaven knows where, greatly interfered with maintaining the social stand- ing to which she was accustomed. Her one luxury, the only means by which she was able to follow the adventures of her old friends, was her television-radio. Finding the station she wanted, she sat back to listen to the “news flashes.” The clear, precise tones of the world-famous commentator, BERT KUPSINEL, filled the tiny room. “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. North America. Tonight, as is our custom, we bring you news and scenes of the world’s great people. Much is happening in this rapidly moving world of ours and tonight is no exception. “First of all, bv means of television, we shall visit an old opera house in New York City where the ‘Modern Circus Designed for the Betterment and Uplifting of Entertainment of the Lower Classes’ is in full sway. It is under the capable direction of Mesdames GERALDINE MacINNIS, BEULAH GOODICK, and ELLEN FRIEND, whose ability in finding and determining the instructive and educational value of the unfortunate creatures, formerly called ‘freaks’ (a term which has been permanently abolished from the vocabularies of those in the service of the owners of this circus), has distinguished them in the world of science, and has caused them to be hailed as leaders of a new and popular humanitarian movement. “It’s a far cry from the circuses of our childhood, ladies and gentle- men. Tonight’s audience is in full evening attire. The seats are spaced at comfortable intervals and are richly cusnioned. Instead of the old-fash- ioned three-ring affair, the acts are to be announced and presented from the stage. “Now the overture is finished and the curtain is raised on the announ- cer, whom I shall now present to you. Ladies and gentlemen of the radio audience, Mr. ALFRED BRUNI !” Amid thunderous applause, the master of ceremonies bowed and began to speak in a charmingly cultured and refined voice. “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. As it has been definitely establish- ed by the owners of this institution that the long descriptions and aimless patter of announcers are exceptionally annoying and tend to discomfort the audience, I shall introduce to you, without further ado, the first act on this evening’s program. “Our first acrobatic troupe is more than just that. Headed by EUN- ICE STOCKBRIDGE and ANDREW LANE, this group ha 5 experi- THE SENIOR FLICKER 83 Compliments of Dr. Cohen (§||!!llilllllllllllli | HH TELETHON PETER FAVAZZA SONS Groceries, 37 COMMER Hllllllllillllllliilili ill!llllillllllili!l!llll!lllll!llllllll!lllllll!ll!ll 1018 RES. 1407 Provisions, Vessel Supplies, Twines and Fittings =m IAL ST. GLOUCESTER, MASS. lllillli Compliments of Times SliillllllilllllllllllllllllllllliillllllM COMPLIMENTS OF PRESSON’S ICE CREAM CO. 87 Rogers Street Telephone 2212 llill!lllllllllll!llllllll ! !lll!lllllllillM Compliments of KARL I. WITHAM Fancy Groceries 57 Eastern Ave. iiiiiiiiiin linn Compliments of L. E. Comeau 84 THE SENIOR FLICKER merited and proved to the world in general that the body is not a mere mechanism, but a thing of beauty, to be cherished and preserved by various methods which will now be demonstrated.” Upon the stage appeared a group of people, led by Miss Stockbridge and Mr. Lane. Anne, eagerly scanning the screen of her television-radio set, easilv recognized her old classmates— SUSANNA BRAXCALEOXE, X ELL IE CARXEY, MARJORIE CHICK. MARTHA CURRY, MADELIXE CURTIS. PRISCILLA JOSEPH. ALICE PARSOXS, AILI PITKAXEX. ARTHUR FEEXER, STANLEY FEEXER. LESLIE McXAIR, WILLIAM MADDIX, RICHARD SKILLEX, ELDRIDGE SPIXXEY. MILTON WILEY, and ROBERT WOLFE. During the musical interval which followed the first act, the television camera was focused on celebrities in the audience. Anne was enthralled to glimpse such famous people as ELIZABETH COLLINS, the great opera star, who had cancelled an important engagement to be present at this gala event, and BARBARA McEWEX. as she was shown amid a group of cinema executives, trying and failing, to maintain her customary expression of boredom with the whole proceeding. Barbara, the cinematic artist, had been forced, because of the recent wave of simplicity in clothes, entertainment, and in fact, in everything in everyday life, which had re- cently swept the country, converting it to conservativeness, to change her name of Jane Smith and, as such, was rapidly reaching the heights of star- dom. As the stage again flashed into view. Mr. Bruni announced. “Miss MARGARET FOSBERRY, the dancing sensation of the year, in the ‘Dance of the Dying Seagull’ !’’ Anne watched the beautiful gyrations of the dancer and, before the clipped tones of BERT KUPSIXEL interrupted, was able to pick out of the supporting chorus, the following girls who had attended G. H. S. ; HESTER ANDERSON. GLADYS COMIXELLI, GRACE ENOS, GLADYS GEARY, FRANCES HINCKLEY, BARBARA KEHOE, CHARLOTTE LEAVITT, PAULINE SLOAN. CLARA TIBBETTS. VIVIAN TIMM. DOROTHY TODD. FRANCES WALLACE, and ELLEN WEBBER. That scene was abruptly erased from the screen and Anne again heard the voice of the announcer. “And now. ladies and gentlemen, we shall take you to the Golden- guilt home on Park Avenue where the most important social gathering of the year is taking place. This home, the most awe-inspiring and pretentious of its kind was decorated, ’tis said, by Mrs. Goldenguilt herself ! There she is now, greeting her guests.” Anne was thrilled to see, acting as the hostess in this mansion, the former ANNE BANKS. At the moment, she was greeting her guests of honor. Mr. and Mrs. ALBERT ROBINSON. Mr. ROBINSON had recently achieved fame by writing a complete book of high school education in 30 pages. Mrs Robinson, nee MARY BIAXCHI, remained unob- strusively in the background, drinking in the praise heaped upon her un- THE SENIOR FLICKER 85 Compliments of Weston U. Friend Compliments of Consolidated Lobster Co., Inc. WORLD ' S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF LOBSTERS lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllH John Alden Coal Company WHITTEMORE STREET, GLOUCESTER, MASS., Tel. 282 -283 Branch Office: Hall’s Radio, 113 Main Street MOTORSTOKER Automatic Coal Heat Range and Fuel Oil llllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllM Compliments of A Friend 86 THE SENIOR FLICKER abashed husband. As the butler announced the next guest, Anne was amazed to recognize, behind his stiff, formal manner, PAUL CLARK. She then looked sharply at the maid who could be seen in the background taking wraps and, suddenly, recognition came to her and she immediately knew RLTH ELLIS. “Well,” she thought, “It ' s funny what people turn out to be !” Before the scene was shifted, a bit of the entertainment was shown and Anne saw. in the celebrated trio known as “The Syncopated Songsters,” her old classmates DANIEL HALL. JAMES LUFKIN, and CHARLES McLOUD. The voice of Bert Kupsinel, the announcer, again interrupted. “Yom New York correspondent will now take you to the Miami Biltmore Hotel where we see a famous society wedding in progress. The bride— ah !— at: last SEYMOUR RUSSELL has achieved his desire, for ELISSA KUJ- YANEN is the lovely bride. Her gown of white satin has been cut in a most ravishing style by that famous stylist, Madame ELSIE HUDDER. Fo ; lowing directly behind her is the matron-of-honor, Mrs. SARAH ALVES CAMEROX, wife of our famous Wall Street bore, pardon, I mean bear, DOXALD CAMEROX. Those six gorgeous bridesmaids, dressed i t prettv pastel shades, are BARBARA XOBLE, VIRGIXIA LEWIS. XORMA JENSEN, DOROTHY BARTLO, BARBARA DAVIS, and KATHERIXE BARRETT. The best man is none other than the pet of society. JOSEPH ‘LEFTY ' McXEIL, whose name has recently been linked with that of GRACE CLARK, fan dancer at the ‘Bubble Cafe “The group has now followed the bride and groom from the church, but who is this left sleeping in the back pew? It is LORIXG ALYES, winner of ‘The Sleep Marathon.’ As usual, he is practising. “I shall now take you to Pier 7 where the ‘Queen Maggie ' is about to depart on her maiden voyage. Miss SOPHIA YRACHOS, society editor for the ‘Daily Blah’ will introduce you to some of the celebrities.” “Good day. friends of the ether waves. The first person our eyes en- counter, su rrounded by reporters and photographers, is Mrs. JULIE HOLLORAX GRILLO. renowned divorcee, who is leaving for Paris for her new divorce from her latest husband, CHARLES GRILLO, recent winner of the knitting championship for men. Rumor has it that the passion for his pastime has come between them. “Ascending the gang-plank, we see our Olympic team of 1950. First, that famous slug-ball champion of America, ARCHIBALD ALEXAN- DER MacLEOD, Jr. Following him comes the ping pong champ, OSCAR DEXXIS, and in the background, JOHX FEXDLE, dance marathon winner. “Now I shall take you on board and show you some famous people. We first espy that famous MARTIN team, GEORGE and EVERETT, who have what is supposed to be the most efficient of all escort bureaus, called ‘Jazzy Gigolos.’ Descending to the luxurious first-class staterooms, we see Miss JEAXXE ROOK, famous operatic soprano, sitting in her cabin discussing her concert with her pianist. Miss RUTH PATIENCE, who is supposedly engaged to GERALD KEATING, the mad poet. Those THE SENIOR FLICKER 87 Compliments of E. Toivainen Class of ’31 lllllllllllllllllllllllll pilllll Good Food Good Service CLSy EEE EESTAIJE4NT 84 - 88 Main Street illllllllillllllliililililH Compliments of Dr. Charles C. Nelson | 4 Pleasant Street Tel. 1227-M llll!lill!!l!!iilll!l!!lllllillllllllliillillll!!!lilllll!lllllllll!l!llll!l!l!lllllllilllllllllilllll!lilllllllllll!!lllllll!l!y Allied Shoe Stores, Inc. Shoes for the Entire Family 139 Main Street — Try Us First — Gloucester iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiy Compliments of Dr Ira B» Hull M D mpi ' 1 ! liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! illl!!!llilll!i!ll!lllllli Outfit Yourself for Graduation at ALPEE’S CLCTHING STCPE 335 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. IIIHIH Compliments of A Friend Mlllllllllillllllllllllllllllllilllllllllilllllllll Compliments of JAMES C. GREELY Funeral Director and Embalmer 85 Pleasant Street 88 THE SENIOR FLICKER two clasped in fond embrace are CHARLES GOODWIN and PHYLLIS REYNOLDS GOODWIN. The thought of being parted from his three children has depressed Charles. The ship ' s murderer, sorry, Dr. WAL- TER ALLEN has just arrived with a rattle of bones. Following closely behind him are the Grave Diggers of 1950. HELEN BLATCHFORD, MARY MOODY, SHIRLEY CAHOON, NATALIE COOKE, and MARGARET MARCHANT. “The last stragglers are now coming up the gang-plank. Panting and puffing away, comes BENJAMIN PARSONS. Air. Parsons is that world- known chef who broadcasts recipes for beginning housewives. “Then comes that famous dancing team, ‘The Hefty Hoofers.’ It consists of GEORGE MOREY and MILDRED SILYERIA. Late as usual we note LUCILLE SA ETT, mannequin from Filene’s, who is going to Paris to see the latest styles, so she says. “Your reporter bids them all bon voyage and hopes they may have smooth sailing.” Air. Kupsinel next turned the program over to Larry Nosit. the comedian of announcers, who took his audience to Washington, D. C., where he proceeded to entertain his audience at the expense of the various celebrities. Air, Nosit was the only person in radio who was able to “rib” famous people without making enemies. “You perhaps have noticed while I was moistening my tongue with a little ginger-ale that today happens to be January 24. which means only one thing — the inauguration of our new President, Archibald Gustavus “Filthy” McNasty. Therefore, if you, my faithful listeners, will twirl your dials, I shall endeavor to convey to you some idea of what it is all about. “This long expanse of cracked pavement which we see before us is Pennsylvania Avenue, which we can note leads to that dilapidated grey shack which is to be the home of President McNasty for the next four years. Hurrah, here comes the parade! Yes, indeedy, those are the Boy Scouts (they have been sent to substitute for the American Legion which is attending a tea given by the First Lady) who are leading the parade. Closely following the two Boy Scouts is the President’s car. The chauffeur is JOE SUTHERLAND, and seated beside the haughty Joseph, the stooge and footman a la president. BILL SUTHERLAND. In the rumble seat is President McNasty and Senator DONALD PRATT of Alassa- chusetts who was elected over LESLIE WILLIAMS by the Class of 1945 of G. H. S. (they are all old enough to vote) because of his past fame as a Rossonian. “That beautiful bouquet of celery you see in the President’s car was donated by Air. ERNEST ROSE, celebrated florist, from his wonderful window box garden. The shabbily dressed nut running around behind the President’s car picking up cigar butts, I recognize as MILNER DUNN. “I really should mention that that lone spectator leaning against the hydrant is EVERELL HARDING, winner of the Amateur Photograph- THE SENIOR FLICKER 89 Compliments of J. R. Cahill MllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllliW GOOD LUCK TO ALL GRADUATES The NATIONAL BUTCHERS CO. [J ■ lllll!llliiillllllllllllllli!ll!llillllll!!!llililllllll!llllllllll!lll!l!l!!!lll ■ Compliments of H Dr. Ralph E. Cunningham Compliments of === LEO A. CHISHOLM 1 m PRINTING ■ = 51 Duncan Street Telephone 318 m ■illlllllllllllllllllllllllllliiilllli lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillillllllN Compliments of | Recreation Alleys B ANDRADE’S FIRST CLASS SHOE REPAIRING ==§j ( Near St. Ann ' s Church) g§ F r: 56 Pleasant Street Gloucester, Mass. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiio Compliments of 1 A. L. MORTON CO. s=s 1 Railroad Avenue Phone 1761-M - ■ Gas, Oil, Tires, Batteries Hj Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii J. D. Bowen A. M. Bowen BOWEN BROS. 1 = Plumbing and Heating = Telephone 2238 20 Marsh Street Gloucester, Mass. 90 THE SENIOR FLICKER er’s contest, who was awarded a free trip to Washington to witness this great event. I bet he feels silly watching this mess all alone. Hats off ! Here come the colors. On each side of Old Glory are the color guards, ROBERT BARNER and RELAX D RYAAL both of the 5th Marine Regiment. In close order follow RICHARD BULDUC, Mayor of ‘Little Portugal’ that new republic which sprung up on the South Shore of Cape Ann; Commander FLETCHER BROWX. executive officer of the Coast Guard Cutter ‘Floating Cork’ that swings at anchor on the Potomac and F. HARRISON " POOLE, the Commandant of the West Point Cadets “Overhead we see Squadron 8-M of the United States Fleet Marine force. Aircraft 2. I am told that Captain WILLIAM E. SMITH is in the leading plane. Speaking of leading. MANUAL SOUZA is waving the baton under the noses of that great band, which he inherited from his uncle, the late John Phillip Sousa. As I take a gander about, I believe I actually see representatives of the Law in the persons of GEORGE FOLEY anc PAUL McPHERSOA " , members of the Department of Justice. Federa! Bureau of Investigation — (G-men to you). . . . “In concluding this brief summary of the inauguration. I must not fail to mention that riding on the fender of the Presidential car is Colonel JOHN ‘NAPPY’ MORTON, president of the new Southern Confederacy. The South seceded because the North refused to accept ‘mint julep’ as the national beverage, maintaining that tonic was much easier to ask for. “Now for you sport-lovers, let us dial Palm Beach in Florida and take in the Water Carnival there . . . “Back in May, PAUL MacDONALD called together a committee to plan this annual Water Carnival. Even then they decided that this year’s carnival should be different from the previous ones. “The committee is headed by FRANK FERREIRA, assisted by ROLAND MACIEL. HARRY LeYIE is in charge of the judges and events. The music, both the records and the orchestra, is under the man- aging hand of LEO GRIMES. To GEORGE NUGENT falls the task of planning the supper which will follow. George is now running his fa- ther’s farm, and has already won fame for the excellent menus he prepares for fattening his pigs. ALBERT SMITH has been in charge of producing decorative adornments to hide the stands which have been constructed for the benefit of the spectators. Looking about me, I find that Mr. Smith has done an excellent piece of decorating, which just goes to show how a course in Manual Arts stays with one . . . “W eaving in and out of the gailv colored umbrellas are the fair wait- resses. MARY CAMERON, JEAN TARR, IRENE SANDERSON, and HELEN WONSON, serving Coco Cola to the thirsty spectators. “That big salute of fireworks officially opens the W ater Carnival, and FRED OSIER is giving a few words of welcome. The actual events have started with a canoe-tilting contest. The real battle will be between ROBERT BURX " HAM, cook on the gill-netter ‘Virginia and Joan’, and ‘Manslaughter’ BILL SIBLEY, who is fishing on his own. In close order THE SENIOR FLICKER 91 92 THE SENIOR FLICKER will follow the balloon race, and then the free style for ladies, in which event PRISCILLA KIPPEN is the outstanding entry. MILTON CAMILLE, FRANK MILES, JIM SALAH, and DONALD STROPLE will give a diving exhibition. “While the water events are taking place I’ll acquaint you with the most prominent of the spectators. That tall, dark, and handsome fellow seated on the edge of the pool washing his feet is none other than ROB- ERT S. BURNS, that super-suave, sophisticated, romantic lover and man-of-the-world. Many a fair damsel has left a penny arcade with high blood pressure and an empty purse after witnessing one of his perfect love scenes. The gentleman with the long white beard who is pestering that pros- perous looking clerk at the hot-dog stand is EDWARD HENDRICKSON. Ed has been wandering around looking for advertisements for the 1937 Flicker. His graduation from G. H. S. has been postponed for the past 13 years so he can obtain enough advertisements to receive the Beacon free for two years. “Among the literati present are Sir JOSEPH NELSON, adventurer, soldier, and author — his latest book being Ink Spots on the Moon; SHER- WOOD PARKS, author and lecturer on world economic affairs — his greatest contribution to the book worms is Projit and Loss, which gives the financial reckoning for the girl who knows how to step out (the whole story can be summarized as $ .00) ; and PHIL RAYCROFT, author of the year’s best seller, Phil will-will Phil? “Many great educators are present; namely, CHESTER WARD, Professor of Mathematics at John Hophead’s University, where he has been delving into the mysteries of Goniometrv for the past 8 years ; SILYARIO GASPER, youthful poet and athlete, and for the past three years a Rhodes scholar; RICHARD ‘SKIP’ LUFKIN, distinguished paleontologist renowned for his fossil discoveries, (I think Paleontology is some kind of a sandwich spread) ; and BERNARD COWIE, renowned psychologist and professor at the ‘Boobv Hatch.’ “The judges of the day are RUDOLPH KARTONEN, expert on the theatre and regular contributor to Esquire; CHARLES ABBOTT, world champion figure skater at the Olympics ; and DANA CRICHETT. hockey star of the Bruins. “That group of men wading in the shallow part of the pool represent some of our greatest inventors. Reading from left to right they are PAUL GRAHAM, famous as the inventor of a preventative for ‘Yellow Stain ' — Gloves; ROBERT PERKINS, who perfected a marvelous machine which removes the tobacco cakes from old pipes and prepares them for the table; and HARRY ANDERSON, who invented the, a-the, a-the,— Telephone. Also present is GILMAN HARVEY, who recently returned from Siberia, where he has spent the last few years in exile. It seems that he actually violated the Labor Laws by forcing his men to work more than four hours a day. “Deary me — I almost forgot RAT BURKE. Ray is now a noted explorer and expert on snake charming. The crowd is so hungry that they THE SENIOR FLICKER 93 For Dependable Personal Service INSURE WITH . IP € C IL IE GLOUCESTER and BOSTON 94 THE SENIOR FLICKER are not waiting for the announcement, but are rushing off to enjoy the well-prepared supper- -so methinks I’ll join them.” The scene was again changed, and Anne was treated to Mr. Kupsinehs description of Hollywood affairs which accompanied the television pictures. “And now. my radio friends, permit me to whisk you into glamorous cinema-land — Hollywood — where paradise is on parade ; namely, ANNA XICKAS, WILMA CURTIS, MARGARET COMPTON, MARY CORTINA, MARGARET DOUGLASS, MARY FUDGE, MIRIAM MATTSON, JENNIE TOIKKA, DOROTHY SILVERIA, and HEL- ENA MARCHANT. ‘These are potential finds,’ mutters ambidexterous Director JOHN WOOD as he ambles briskly along to the set of the stellar technicolor film Love , Learn, and Live in a Fishtown, which he is now directing. “Lights! Camera! Action! So to work on this stupendous bit of non- sense backed by Dizzy Brothers, and starring RUSSELL LUCAS, the matinee idol of ‘femmes’ the world over, as the heh-hehing villain, and EDITPI BRUCE, Hollywood’s own Cornell, as a one-horse town ingenue. “Moving on into the cutting room, we glimpse Professor WILLI AIM NATTI, Ph. D. mourning the burlesque of his famous reform novel. De- velopment of Character in a One Street-Light Town. He is considering writing another reform novel in order to console his old cronies, GEORGE OLIVER and THEODORE WATTERS, as well as himself. “Far away in South America, Cardinal WILFRED MARKS an- nounces his intentions of censoring Love, Learn, and Live in a Fishtown. Just a moment, folks, and we’ll bring him right into your living room. Ah, here he is, giving his weekly lecture, ‘Indeed, films so endangering to public morale necessitate censoring, and ’. Now Wilfie, we knew you when .” Returning, via the television, to the East, Mr. Kupsinel invited his audience to an ultra-ultra fashion show. “While viewing Park Avenue in New York, folks, let’s take a look into the ‘Gini and Jaki’ Fashion Salon. Thousands of the elite are in atten- dance to witness Dame Fashion’s latest whims as presented by VIRGIN- IA BRODER and JACK BROWN, French coutouriers, who recently middle-aisled it. “On with the show ! The velvet curtain slowly rises to show lovely JUNE GORMAN, foremost mannequin, modelling a white, draped and shirred chiffon evening gown, which defies criticism. Striking SARAH FELDMAN appears as a study in scarlet, followed by attractive JAN- ICE ROBBINS and HARRIET MERCHANT who are attired in the demands of Palm Beach — grosgrain bathing suits. “Intermission, folks, and the chance to look about and see who has arrived. The frolicking ROBERT JOSEPH CONNELLYS (nee BETTY KNOWLES) have just dashed in, as usual, from the races on Long Island, with the four little Connellys : Lois, Sophia, Ray, and Rob- THE SENIOR FLICKER 95 PIPP Compliments of H. WALLACE LANE MILK and CREAM Pasteurized, Grade A, and Raw 473 Washington Street Telephone 3112-W llllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllfllll Wherever you are going ... to Prep. School, to College, or straight to a job, Time is Important. We recommend Hamilton and Waltham Watches BLANCHARD — Jeweler iiiniiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinn Compliments of IRVING BUSH and his MELODY MARINERS Tel. 315 — 1226 Compliments of “THE DECE” B Rocky Neck East Gloucester pililH Compliments of SUCCESS MANUFACTURING COMPANY Gloucester, Mass. AIR-CONDITIONED ICE REFRIGERATORS illllllilllll!l!lll!lllllll!!lllllll l llllll!l!liillll:lllll Compliments to Class of 1937 Hilton’s Food Shop iiilllllllltllllll liPJ ' J ' J ' Ill.iJjll !ll:1liliiililli ' li! t ' lii. 1 !!! m mwm llllllill 96 THE SENIOR FLICKER ert, Jr. ISABEL LARSSON, Rockport divorcee, is seen languishing on the arm of LEO O’NEIL, well-known Wall Street broker. NORMAN GREEN, editor of Esquire, is seen in action with his hobby, photography. “Peeking into the blue room of the salon, we note MARY CARL- SON, season ' s most promising debbie ‘trucking’ with DONALD SAUN- DERS, unscrupulous racketeer, to the melodic ‘swing-time’ strains of LARRY PARISI’S Sizzling Rhvthm, which features the JOSEPHINE BAKER cousins, MARGARET MILLET, MARTHA BLATCHFORD MARY GOYETCHE, and GLADYS ALPER.” With another lightning-swift change of scene, Anne heard again the voice of the comedian announcer, Larry Nosit. “And now those of you who wish to torture your already agonized vis- ionary organs, twist your television apparatus dials, and we shall see what we can do to bore you. Ah, yes. We take you to VALMA ALA’S Dance and Spaghetti Joint on Tenth Avenue in the country’s greatest metropolis, New York City. Here we are in the establishment itself. Whom do we see upon the stage leading the orchestra but ABBOT COOK, who is the latest Gift of the Magi to people who do not appreciate good music. ALICE AMERO, VIRGINIA ANDERSON, and BETTY BOWES are attempt- ing to vocalize Toivo Tuomivirta’s immortal masterpiece, Minnie the Moocher, while those two masters of mutilated rhythm, IRVING BUSH and AMBROSE ORLANDO, are browbeating out of their saxophones a reluctant wailing which, to the unprejudiced ear, might sound like The Music Goes ’ Round and ’Round. And so do LAURA FAY, MURIEL HILSHY, KATHERINE JACOBSON, and HILIA JOHNSON as they pluck their bass viol strings in the van of the orchestra.” The music stops as joyfully as it began, and, oddly enough, Anne heard no applause. ARLENE CLANCY, the pianist par excellence, sighed and wiped away a tear of perspiration as she absorbed a pint of RILEY AD- AMS’ guaranteed Cocoa Cooler, and then the announcer took up his task again : “Now our misled maestro raises his baton. Amid silence and boos, out from the wings lopes our eminent and beloved violin tamer, John Christo- pher Finegan. The distinguished Mr. Finegan has just returned from the Siberian wilderness, where he and his troup of incompetents have been grad- ually driving the superstitious Russian peasants mad with their music, which is said to be in a class by itself. Mr. Finegan is now playing Chichonia, accompanied by several members of his troup, namely PHYLLIS BROWN, who is trying to help matters by singing the piece in the obsolete American torch-song manner, and DOROTHY BURKE, THERESA CANILLAS, ELEANOR CARRE1RO, RUTH CHOATE, CAROLYN CLARK, and SYLVIA CARRAO, who are all attacking, as valiantly, as hopelessly, the Russian hallet. Please do not turn your television set off, this will be over in a few short minutes. “Now, while Finegan continues to torment the soul, let us look around and see what celebrities are sitting at the tables adjacent to the dance floor and near the stage. THE SENIOR FLICKER 97 FRANK POWLER, INC. EAST GLOUCESTER FILLING STATION GASOLINE, OIL AND ACCESSORIES Alemite High Pressure Lubrication 120 East Main Street BillllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllililllllllliliillllllllilllllllllW Compliments of The Empire Clothing Company WllllliiiilliililliiiiliiiiiiiiiH THE WONDER SHOPPE 264 MAIN STREET jjj Specializing in Ladies ' and Gentlemen ' s Wearing Apparel Jj HI! C. A. Rose, Proprietor ■iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw Compliments o ; I. MILLER HOSIERY SHOP Beautiful Hosiery and Underwear We repair, free of charge, all stockings bought here. ■llllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllliiillllllllllllillllllillllllllllM Phone 897 “Say It With Flowers” Gloucester loloer J§H]op D. E. S. BUILDING 135 PROSPECT STREET GLOUCESTER, MASS II jjfllilllllllilliilllllllilljillllllllllllllllj The Gloucester Bookshop and Lending Library Hi Tel. 769-M 65A Middle Street Gloucester jjj Hifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw Home-made Candies and Salted Nuts 1 Nichol ’s Candy Kitchen | Blllllllillll!lll||||||lillilllllllliillllllllllj|j||||lillllll!!!lllilllllll!illlll!lililllliillllllllllllliilllllllll!» gm Compliments of Dr. W. j. Callahan 98 THE SENIOR FLICKER “Oh. yes, can you see ETHEL LARSEN, PAULINE LOCKWOOD, and ROGER MELLO at that table next to the orchestra? Ethel and Paul- ine are now engaged at New York’s Entertainment Hall DeLuxe, managed by RICHARD LANE. Roger is now trying to disengage himself from an overdose of tangled spaghetti, with the aid of two of the most charming attendants. MARY DORES and BETTY EL WELL. They are trying to cut him loose with meat axes. Whoops— there goes one of his ears. “Can you see BARBARA MARSHALL. BESSIE MENKEN, and RLTH MITCHELL at that table across the floor trying to mangle some of Valina’s famous chili concarne ? Oh, yes, I almost forgot to tell you that Barbara is now down to her last million as a result of spending all her spare cash to see RAYMOND SEPPALA, the latest heartbreaker of Hollywood, Broadway, and Bond Street. I understand that Bessie and Ruth have a ducky little flat in Greenwich Village, and that they spend their spare time playing billiards with the new champion, WILLIAM STANWOOD. “Ah. the lights are dimmed, the spot comes on. and out of the wings, tripping lightly but gracefully, comes Valma’s pride and main attraction, PHYLLIS (GOGO) ROW LEY. Don’t be surprised, listeners, if you notice a change in Phyllis’ accent ; it’s something she developed at Y r elles- ley. She is now singing IRVIN (BERLIN) BUSH’S latest number. The Fish Mans Swing. As you yourselves can plainly see, this piece is distinctly in its own class. “Now Miss Rowley finishes her debut in this most distinguished joint, and retires off stage amid a barrage of milk bottle stoppers and French heels. “What ' s all that noise near the entrance? Why, gracious me. it’s Val- ma’s bouncer, DONALD CUNNINGHAM, dressed up like a Siamese war- lord. It is rumored that this is the same uniform that he wore in high school, but Don is pretty touchy on the subject. He is having a little trouble with five young ladies, who are all, apparently, more than a little interested in the gay, dashing young Lochinvar. Armed with a meat ax, a hammer, Don’s saber, a milk bottle, and an antique hat pin. the girls, who are endeavoring to impress their presence upon Donnie in one wav or another, are PHYL- LIS SPATES. DOROTHY STANWOOD, PHYLLIS TOBY. BER- THA WAGNER, and MABEL WISE. “And now. as the orchestra under the aesthetic baton of that master, ABBOTT COOK, swings into Viva la Valina, six of Valma’s singing waitresses. VIRGINIA NAVES. ANNA NICKERSON. ALICE OL- SON, ESTHER PUTAANSU, ALBERTA RICHARDSON, and MA- RY SARGENT, charge defiantly out upon the stage amidst the cheers and howls of the spectators, who seem to regard themselves as opponents. The girls have no regard for the orchestra ; they simply push the potential swing- sters from the stage with less than no ado, and go into their act. “And now, my friends, with this last glimpse of rambunctious hilarity, let us bid our once fellow-classmates adieu, and travel on.” W’ith this final scene, Mr. Kupsinel bade his audience good-night, and THE SENIOR FLICKER 99 Compliments of ■ Oaiioll Out Rate ■ ■ 137 MAIN STREET ■ ■ GLOUCESTER jj NEVER KNOWINGLY UNDERSOLD M MllllllllllllMllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllW Compliments of Sullivan ' s Barker Drug Store PERFUMER Gortorfs Gorton-Pew Fisheries Co Ltd. For the Best SODAS AND FRUIT DRINKS ICE CREAM AND COLLEGE ICES GO TO 100 THE SENIOR FLICKER Anne, hearing the fretful cry of her youngest, snapped off her television set and, running to attend to the child’s needs, slipped back, after that brief glance into another world, into her own seemingly drab existence. MARGARET FOSBERRY, Chairman ALICE AMERO MILNER DUNN CHARLES GOODWIN SOPLIIA VRACHOS Alves : This dance hall is certainly crowded. H. Blatchford : I’ll say so. Why, half an hour ago I fainted and had to dance around four times before I could stop. Lufkin : Hey, chef, did you cut this ham for my sandwich yourself? Chef : Yes, sir. Lufkin : Well, you almost missed it. Brown (absently) : You’re a dear, sweet girl, Anna. Gin : But my name is Gin. Brown (recovering) : I say you’re a dear sweet girl an-na love you with all my heart. Bill : Can I trust you ? Charlie : Actions speak louder than words. Try me with a dollar. Leo : Do they raise political plums from seeds, Gilman : No, sometimes a bit of grafting is necesary. June: Does your boy friend ever take any hard exercises? Ruth: Well, last week he was out seven nights running. Ginny : We’ve been waiting here a long time for that mother of mine. Bud : 1 should say. Ginny: Oh, Bud! This is so sud- den ! P. Reynolds : You know that mu- sic stool you sold me? Bulduc : Yes, and a good one it was, too. P. Reynolds: Well, I’ve twisted it and turned it in all directions, but I can’t get a single note out of it. THE SENIOR FLICKER 101 I. A. NUNES gg Art and Gift Shop jjj 6 Center Street Gloucester Ml lllllllillllllliilllilllllW HH Compliments of HENDERSON JOHNSON, Inc. Biliillilll!llllllllll!lll!lllllllliillllllllllllllllM To students who are to enter college this year, we invite jj| jj| you to become a depositor under our new CHECKMASTER j|l t ! PLAN. This enables you to pay all of your college expenses JJ ■ by check, and furnishes a very convenient method for par- H gg ents to deposit funds for the use of the student. ng Call or write for booklet. ■ Gloucester National Bank Compliments of The New m North Shore Theatre % jj MlllllllllllilllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllillllllllilllllllllllllillllllllllliilllilllllW gg Compliments of Charles Gray Sons, Inc. Jllllllllillllllllll!llllll!l!lllllililllilllllll!lllilllU M Compliments of PROGRESSIVE OIL CO. Telephone 2000 102 THE SENIOR FLICKER September 8. The faculty accustom themselves to hard seats, drafts, and each other. 9. Freshmen arrive to start the annual battle of blue serge suits and white dresses. 10. Upper-classmen come in from rear with bow-ties and knit suits. 11. Freshmen win by a default. A certain senior is found still wearing a blue serge suit and a wilted carnation. 14. Mr. Colman shows class that two things cannot occupy the same space as he knocks a wagon off his desk. Harvey caught laughing. 15. Half of the new officers come to school in uniforms, the other half come in half their uniforms. 16. Seniors stage a sit-down strike on the lunch counter. A dog wouldn’t even eat Poole’s sandwich. 17. Dunn, sick for two days, returns only to kick the bucket in Room 39. Ed. note ; too bad the bucket didn’t kick Dunn. 18. Brown listens to A Ballad to an Unfortunate Mammal. Morton ' s ears turn red. 21. Air. Colman baffled. — 1 missing. 22. Chorus begins, starlings leave City Hall and clock starts. 23. McNeil, after twelve weeks of rehearsing sweet nothings, comes to school with intentions of lasting out a term. 24. F riday bells— long periods— long recesses— McNeil popular. 25. McNeil absent, Kupsinel once again popular. 28. Air. Greely exclaims that the pigeons around the school are fewer than ever before. Doubtless the coming of Aforton and Tarr has put the other love birds out of business. 29. Terry O’Poole, the boy from our land, solos in Room 8. Aliss Harris pretends she has some work to do in the office and leaves the class to its doom. 30. Who killed Cock O’Poole? Oh boy! October 1. Freshman asks Goodwin for his autograph. Accuses Goodwin of using an alias. She thought he was George Terry all the time. 2. Foggy today — Green feels right at home. Miss Harris does too, but hates to admit it. 5. Five freshmen found on Main Street looking for Bank. Cunningham given first duty. Freshmen return. Cunningham missing. 6. First parade. Captain Shum forgets the names of the local streets and THE SENIOR FLICKER mmm Compliments of G. Allyn Browne TUTORING Adeline Procter 84 Prospect Street Telephone 224 §H§ Compliments of N 4LXf LUMBER Telephone 19 5 O ' HEARN AND REED “The House of Quality” QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES 2 Andrews Street. Lanesville. Mass. Telephone 129 - 14 Compliments of Henry the Hatter Compliments of Dr. J. Fletcher Burnham Compliments of Dr. Earle R. Andrews Compliments of Parkhurst Marine Railway Co. 104 THE SENIOR FLICKER cannot tell regiment where to turn. Regiment continues around the Cape. “Last Parade,” declares Captain Shum. 7. Twelve officers absent. Captain Shum comes to school in time for seventh period. 8. Second parade— “IPs the last long mile,” sings Captain Shum. 9. That certain senior of September 1 1 falls down stairs. Shiny suit breaks, giving him seven years had luck. 12. Columbus failed to show up again; but no school just the same. Ar- chie remains undiscovered. 13. Cunningham found on Main Street looking for freshmen. Proud Fin- egan lures the Colonel back with a lolly-pop. 14. Fire drill today. Bad luck continues-no fire. Mr. Colman burns toast. 15. J. Brown comes to school with no shoes on. Mr. Parsons overwhelmed with students wanting dismissal slips. 16. If Brown had gone out for the football team he would have been the most offensive man on the squad. 19. Extra 1! Run in the Bank. I told you girls not to w r ear silk stockings. 20. Captain Shum suggests that all officers he stationed ten paces from platoons as sabers appear for the first time. 21. Cunningham, all in bandages, found studying book on fencing. 22. Loops, spins and crashes ensue as the annual Smith-Brown “dog-fight” takes place. Mr. Colman tells Mr. Johnson to talk louder and complains of the poor telephone system. 23. Miss McAllester agrees, on finding a red shirt in the wastebasket, that that is the best place for it. No one claims it. 26. Finegan defiantly wears his red shirt to school. Miss McAllester looks in wastebasket and regrets. 27. Cunningham absent. Brown leads flag salute in room 2 and spends sixth period looking for hat to fit him. 28. Boy ! This one was a pip, but Miss Harris made me take it out. 29. McNeil, Saunders, and Brown buy candy for Miss Harris. They all get “C” on drama reports. McNeil, Saunders, and Brown sent to office for eating candy. 30. Harvey and Bush come to school with masks on in preparation for Hallowe’en. Spend all day trying to convince seniors that they only need a shave. November 2. Harvey announces his intention of running for Mayor of Annisquam. Our error ! We always thought the Annisquamians were intelligent. 3. No drill. No fire drill ! Rain ! Blessed rain ! 4. French movies. Were Finegan’s and Parsons’ faces red when the lights went on. Maybe they thought they were in the back row of the Strand. John J. Morton told Jean Tarr that he was just a little love bird. She says that he is just a little cuckoo. a. THE SENIOR FLICKER 105 Compliments of CHARLES F. STRONG mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiimmmmillllllimmil Compliments of Curleys Tavern Compliments of STRAND TDEA 1 DE Blllllllllllllllllllllllll mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmilllll Compliments of A. F. SILVA, CUSTOM TAILOR Cleansing, Pressing, Dyeing, Repairing, Fur Work 89 4 Main Street Tel. 2147-R Gloucester, Mass Compliments of n )DDIS NCDTDN FACTORY HAT AND DRESS SHOP We Aim To Please You llllllll!lllll!lll!l!llllillllllllllliillllllllllll!IIIIM Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1937 Capt Edward Weiderman 11111111111111 lllllllll!!lll!lilllllll!l!llllilllil!||iiilll!l!!lli!l!!iiliil Compliments of Gloucester Auto Bus Company Hllllillllillilliil!lllllill!!llll!ll Hill FRANK M. SHURTLEFF WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer Office and School Supplies 114 MAIN STREET mm 106 THE SENIOR FLICKER 6. No school. Teachers go to town with Mr. Deeds. (Convention). Pu- pils go to movies and see Mr. Deeds. 7. Football game at Amesbury. 13 - 13. We can’t win. 9. According to today’s banking period, it must have rained pennies from heaven. 10. Mr. Colman in the gym showing the cheerleaders how r to swing it. 11. Rehearsals get underway for Forzvard Pass. All the girls think they’re in the follies. The boys know better. 12. Cast of Forzvard Pass begins to sing lyrics already. At least the think it’s singing. 13. Bruni walks around block to avoid black cat. Cat walks around block to avoid black man. Bruni and cat meet on the other side. 14. Game with Beverly. Once more we fall before their superior luck We’ll beat them some day. 16. Kupsinel still toting the brief case around. Where’s his violin? 17. Third period continues to find Betty penciling passionate passages to ? ? 18. Miss Hammons’ fifth period class contemplates wearing snow suits as she joins fresh air fiends. She says she’s just trying to wake class up. Another failure. 19. Mary Moody and Helen Blatchford plan trip to Hawaii where talents will be appreciated. Captain Shum offers escort. Every man volunteers. 20. Someone laughed at one of Gin’s jokes. Two fainted, three became hysterical, and Gin nearly passed away. 23. Moody and Blatchford put on Ritz Brothers act at recess. Wow ! 24. Alves sponging on the girls again today at recess. Excuse, please. Not again — still. 25. Boys’ assembly — “Liquid Air.” Smith goes w r ild as scientist James makes a plane fly with liquid air. 26. Thanksgiving. The weather doesn’t do right by G. H. S. Believe it or not, spectators sit in boiling sun waiting for game postponed because of storm. 27. The green-eyed monster stalks the girls as Mr. Ross appears with his one and only at Officers’ Party. Eootball squad cuts Nate out. 28. Gloucester 0, Peabody 7. Oh, well, another moral victory. 30. Girls still mad at Nate because he didn’t tell them. December 1. Miss Lovering makes New Year’s resolution to make pupils work for marks. She can resolve all she wants, as long as she doesn’t act. 2. Trailer for Forward Pass shown at Assembly. Boys see why Helen and Mary w r ant to go to Hawaii. 3. Premiere of Forzvard Pass. Jack Browm finally has a chance to display his stored-up comedy. THE SENIOR FLICKER 107 Compliments of Griffin and Company iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Compliments of iia The R. J. EDERER NET and TWINE COMPANY ■llllllllillllllliilillllllllilllllliii Slllilllllllillllll illllllllllillllliliillilllllllllllM NORTH SHORE BEVERAGES Made with Electrically Sterilized Water Manufactured by BLATCHFORD BROS. illll!llllllll||||lili!lll!i;ill!llillll!illllllllli!l!ii Compliments of The Hesperus Diner Corner Main and Chestnut Streets lll!llllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllll!llllllllllll!lllllllllllll!ll!llllllilll!llllllll!l!lllllllllilllllllilllilllll!lllllllllilliy Compliments of Dr. R N Lonrie Bllllllllilllllll iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii CAPE POND ICE COMPANY PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE Come in and see our new ice refriserators Phone 180 108 THE SENIOR FLICKER 4. After tonight’s performance, Jack Brown is looking for the Academy Award of Fine Acting for 1936. He’s still looking. 7. Woe is us ! Cards are out. 8. Roosevelt Club hears talk on Social Security. Anne Davis says she’s secure enough socially with David. What a meeting. No eats ! 9. Perkins in school all day and no one recognized him. He didn’t shave this morning and everyone mistook him for Santa. 10. Dick Bulduc brings report card back this morning. 11. Two more weeks until " Santa Claus is coming to town.” 14. Many rush to Room 25 in quest of Miss Carroll’s cough drops. She gets a commission from Smith Brothers. 15. Howard elected captain of 1937 football team. Gaspar thought he should get it as he feels that he’ll return next year. 16. Cabinet members go without lunch in anticipation of Cabinet supper. Hold dance instead. They live on love. 17. Manager Ferreira thrown out of basket ball practice by Coach Ross and into tank by the squad. All’s well that ends well. 18. “Accordion” to all reports, this club period rates as the best of the year. Mr. Browne gets a few pointers. 19. — Jan. 3. Vacation. Ten days of sleep and ten nights of play. January 4. Ho, hum, back again, and still sleeping. 5. We ' re still looking for Mitchell. According to last reports, he was seen in the wilds of Vermont. 6. Goodwin absent. Miss Marr informs her solid geometry class that Goodwin lost his head over a formula. Shall we say it with flowers? 7. Ginny cuts Buddy’s hair so he’ll look nice. No charge for service. After seeing Bud, we realize why. 8. In English, Jimmy in a coma, misuses his comma. 11. Finegan is still existing on his onion-flavored sandwiches. One whiff, and we no longer exist. 12. Miss McAllester, reading office report, “Girls blurred culottes blurred as it looks blurred.” Tbe school needs a new mimeograph. 13. Miss Harris informs class that she shouldn’t like to spend an evening with Dunn. Mil looks disappointed ! 14. Frank Miles wonders why he wasn’t chosen colonel. He’s tall, red- headed, and think of the experience he has had in leading — down the aisle. 15. History teacher works himself into a sweat demonstrating the Lincoln- Douglas debate. Class gets hysterical. Morton gets bawled out. Brown gets bounced out. 18. Rain, rain, go away. Come again on drill day. Still rain. Still not drill day. Record number of absentees — 150. 19 . THE SENIOR FLICKER 109 IlSIillllfl Compliments of TIFFIN TEA HOUSE THE BEST THERE IS IN FOOD Rocky Neck Opening May first Let us show you gj| how easily your [1 home can be mod- | ernized at low cost. ,) New modern mater- Hi ials offer amazing = possibilities and you can finance improv- ! ments with convenient monthly pay- B ments out of income under our new bud- K get plan. Ask for a copy of our free book HI " 101 Practical Suggestions for Home Im- B provements ' it ' s packed full of ideas and B suggestions for home modernizing. | The Gloucester Coal Lumber Co. | B Compliments of Reed Motor Transportation Company Incorporated BOSTON — GLOUCESTER And Points Between no THE SENIOR FLICKER 20 . 21 . 22 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5. 8 . 9. 10 . 11 . 12 . 15. 16. 17 . 18. 19. 22 . Finegan, after he graduates, will be told something about self, by Mr. Parsons, who has just discovered it, whatever it is. “Your eyes have told me so,” says Mr. Parsons. Miss Harris gets tough with officers Throws out Poole, Green, Brown, and Adjutant Smith. Miss Harris absent from Officers’ Party! ! ! Fine time enjoyed by all. Spelling contest launched. Great day for English teachers. Puff-puff. Assembly. Reverend John Mark speaks on Robert Burns — First Lieu- tenant Robert S. Burns begins to think he is very important. Gloucester beats Classical. Full house. Mr. Colman happy. Financial success, and game proves that miracles never cease. Human dictionaries continue to vie for spelling honors. Harriet Merchant resigns. Congratulations to the four girls who won class spelling titles. We think our boys are just polite. Banking day once more. Increase in deposits. Phyl’s stirring editorial in Flash the reason. Ben Parsons learns that 11,000,000 autos were manufactured in this country last year. Thinks he’s pretty good because he dodged them all. Burns calls up Julie and Edie. Burns calls up Lisa and Sophia. Burns admits that variety is the spice of life, studiers. Is there no end to his versatility? Mr. Hooper nonchalantly leads dog from study hall amid jeers of At Roosevelt Club meeting Miss Smith tells of her “mis”adventures in England. Julie Holloran tells Miss McAllester that she writes with her feet. Miss McAllester demonstrates. Sign appears on lunch counter: “If you are a friend of a friend, you are no friend of the lunch counter.” Guilty or not guilty? Lincoln’s Birthday and we don’t get day off. Have the school com- mittee no respect for national heroes, or do they enjoy seeing us suffer? Glenn Morris thrills us with electrical experiments. The males look on amused. The females look on with caution and bewilderment. Mother-Daughter Banquet. Mr. Fellows and Mr. Johnson Sultans for a night. Gloucester 44, Lawrence 17. McLeod misses basket because of too much English on ball. Says that teachers always flunk him in English and it’s now a habit. Highlight in history. Kupsinel attempts to argue with teacher. 1 :30 is the reward. Nothing much ever happens on Friday. It’s not even the 13th. We get Washington’s Birthday off, anyway. THE SENIOR FLICKER I HALLS RADIO 1 13 main ST. ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Compliments of D. B. Hodgkins Sons Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw j The Haiti Deck ■ 439 Main Street Charles Deveau pfllllllllllllllllllllllllll Compliments of Chaney Hall WaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Compliments of Dr. Joseph A. Fialho Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii[iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiii Compliments of STEELE AND ABBOTT CO., INC. MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniB John Volpe Quality Shoe Repairing 47 Main Street Gloucester ■ ' IllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllW Compliments of Savoy Hotel 112 THE SENIOR FLICKER 23. Sittings in KupsineFs postponed after Pliyl breaks camera. Could she really have done it, or did she hit the cameraman with it ? 24. Phyl blames studio for bad results in proofs. Claims the darn things look just like her. 25. Bob Connelly spends the whole recess talking to just one girl. Spring is in the air. 26. Mikado presented. So this is Japan. Congrats to Miss Curry and cast. March 1-7. Vacation. Life begins at noon. But when does it end? 8. Mothers once more dress their dear ones and send them off to school. Grimes absent — Mother not at home. 9. Teddy Watters dismissed third period. Excuse — homesickness. 10. Boys have study period at City Hall. Mr. B. G. Williard talks on future. 11. Girls start decorations at City Hall for the Bazaar. City fathers can ' t sleep, so they vacate. (Brown wants us to use “go home” instead of “vacate,” but we like the word.) 12. Brown resigns from Class Calendar. Bazaar held regardless. Grabs - favors - punch - popcorn - peanuts - hot dogs - Paducah - West Joppee - Seekonk Junction - Kalamazoo - Boa-a-r-rd ! 15. We hear that Julie and Lisa like dark backgrounds. Page Mr. Inkw r ell 16. All communications between 1st and 2nd battalions cut by 1 :26 train at Depot. Co. B. thinks it’s theirs and board it. The little gypsies ! 17. Co. B. arrives at school at 11 :59 after a night’s march from Boston. 18. Battalions march to Stage Fort Park. Bridge opening divides regi- ment. Captain Ferreira of B. company resigns. 19. Frogs’ legs seen leaving Room 30. No frogs attached to them. 22. Mr. Lane still dumbfounded. Class claims he did it with mirrors. Bruni signs the pledge. 23. Poole late. Poole falls dowm stairs. Poole scraps with Anne. Poole’s car stolen by Parks. Poole gets lost walking home. Theme song — “You Do the Darndest Things, Baby !” 24. Mr. John Hines reads David Garrick. Kupsinel thought he should have changed costume each time he changed voice. He’s got something there. Why doesn’t he work on it? 25. Kupsinel unanimously nominated for part in Senior play. 26. Mr. Frazier found hiding Easter eggs in B4. (B4 Easter). 27. Andrew Lane found writing letter to Santa Claus. Why, it’s only 277 days until Christmas. 30. Bill Smith chosen chairman Class Banquet. Banquet annually held at Tavern. Bill’s father owns Tavern. And Miss Harris tells of dumbness in school politics. 31. Senior play presented. School admits that Kupsinel thinks he’s better than John Hines. THE SENIOR FLICKER 113 Compliments of Jiillarb jiL pike MlililllllilllliillillllllllllllllllllllM mj For a Sura Shore Dinner | j dine at E j 1 THE WHITE GULL § MllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllMllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllB B Compliments of ■ J GEORGE C. NUGENT j| |jj Dealer in Grade A Milk j|j === 137 Eastern Avenue Telephone 1765-M jj| Bllllllllillllllllllllillllllllilllllilllllllllillllllllllllillllllllll EH Compliments of ■ | Perkins Corliss, Inc. Mlllll[illllll!llllllllllillilllllllllilll[llllli!lilllllillilll!!llllilllllll!llll[i!lililllliillllllliy ■ O’NEILL and NEWMAN C Fresh Local Milk 357 Essex Ave. West Gloucester Telephone 104 == Bllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllliilllllllllllilillllllllllllllllliy B Compliments of jjH | “JIMMY ' S " GROCERY | M 24 Eastern Avenue 17 E. Main Street Jimmy” Goodwin ’3 4 114 THE SENIOR FLICKER April 1. Teachers plan tests to fool students. Students give correct answers to fool teachers. What a battle ! 2. Rifles, uniforms, cadets, officers, bands, girls. Oh yes. Presentation. Jeffery wins. 5. Everybody is worn out after a weekend of hard work digging $2.50 from the folks for Flicker cut. 6. Miss Harris, head of Flicker, sports wave and new dress. 7. Orchestra puts on thrilling concert at City Hall. Clock strikes nine. Orchestra stops. Applause. Elizabeth Bowes says, “All right, all right. Maybe next year.” 8. McLeod gets lost from his platoon. Captain Shum presents him with a compass and telescope. 9. Our class treasurer fails to accept class dues from Helen Blatchford. Says it is most irregular as no one has paid before. 10. Mr. Colman tells Goodwin that there is something missing in Charlie’s upper story. 13. Goodwin hires a dectective. 14. Movies on flight to South America. “Skippy” Lufkin sees twin brother in Rio. Rest of students claim it’s a monkey. We bet he won’t like that. (Don’t ask who.) 15. Sallah falls asleep in History IV class. How could he with our vice- principal’s entertaining humor. 16. Mr. Colman says that electromagnets are no good when the switch is off. Morton says that he is at his best when switch is off. “Ask the woman that owns him.” 19. No school. Patriot’s Day. Wilma Curtis and Russell Lucas found starting in the Boston Marathon. 20. On Class Ballot Sally Rand receives vote for best-dressed girl. 21. Girls learn at assembly that the library is not the place to meet the beau. Books are kept there. 22. Couldn’t remember what happened. Read tomorrow. 23. Spent the whole day trying to think what happened yesterday. 26. Irving Bush finally admits that his first name is really Joe. 27. Lufkin writes personal essay on eating. Gets A plus. Well, he knows his subject ! Comment by an expert — J. C. F. 28. The band at annual concert plays encore to the “Cuckoo” much to Phyl Reynolds’ delight. Birds of a feather — . 29. Goodwin receives medal from National Sawdust and Shaving Com- pany as the champion pencil sharpener in the state. Watch that boy in the national championships. 30. Miss Harris admits that a boy outwitted her. Frantic inquiries fail to reveal genius. Larry Kelley, James M. Curley, Einstein, and Dizzy Dean lead those suggested. THE SENIOR FLICKER 115 1 Compliments of jjg| L’AMICALC fCANCAISE 1 plllllllilllJlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliillllllllllillllllllllillllllllllH 1 Compliments of =- ; | Compliments of ■ I 0rr Drntrlu ' r Urn ' in ■iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM | Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1937 |§ Hi from the jg] 1 ACT CLUE | PHALANX FRATERNITY j Wiiiiiiiliilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I The y.M.C.A. ■j OFFERS YOUTH OPPORTUNITY Get Ready for a New Day! El jglllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllillllllllilllllllll! B Best Wishes to the Class of ’37 ! HI ■ £;l (Ctrculn Uspmtol |j lliillllllllllll!!llll!lllllllillllliil!l!lll!lllll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIi:iIIII!llil!ll!IIIIIH HH Compliments of Mrs. Albee ' s Food Shop yg 30 Washington Street 116 THE SENIOR FLICKER May 1-9. Once more we go through the days (or daze) of sleepless nights. You guessed it — house party week. 10. Notice appears on the office report that pupils must pass directly to next class. Cunningham in anger blames Mr. Colman. He denies it. They clash. Draw. Margie the loser. 11. Cunningham accuses Captain Shum of having notice put on. Prom- ises to do more work if ban is lifted. Margie charges that Miss Mc- Grew did it because of jealousy. 12. Dr. Harold Bruce, professor of Economics, Dartmouth, talks on current events. Girls thrilled on seeing real professor. Active inter- est in college now. 13. Lufkin returns to school. Has as excuse on absence slip “recuper- ating from house party.” Excuse accepted. 14. G-man Wood finds that Monday’s disturbing notice was written anonymously by Smith, worried over Carol’s indifference. Is Don’s face red? 17. Anne Banks still found wearing long stockings. Says no one can accuse her of having cold feet. Bruni claims she has an awful sunburn. He ought to know. 18. Bruni absent. Regiment holds inspection practice much to the dismay of everyone but the staff and guidon bearers. At last their patient sufferings are rewarded. 19. Bruni still absent. Girls hear students from New England Conserva- tory of Music. Mr. Ross tries to schedule performers in football, but is informed that G. H. S. does not play institutions of higher education. 20. Bruni returns with black eye and split lip. Explains black eye as re- sult of inattention at baseball practice. Maybe the seams cut his lip. too. Or was it “The Lady in the Red” sunburn? 21. Music festival. City filled with “cute” boys. We don’t really think they’re cute, but anything for a diversion. 22. Music still afloat continuously throughout the city. All ribbing aside — it really was quite a spectacle. We know our band is best. 24. History instructor finally discovers that Morton is not grinning at him. Jean wears " 1 told you so”look. Teacher further states that he realized error when he saw in serial at Strand the animal to whom grinning is natural makeup. Jean deeply absorbed in textbook. 25. School receives reward from Strand for advertising boost. 26. We wish it were Thursday so we could have “meatnpotatoes.” 27. We didn’t realize how lucky we were yesterday. Captain Shum un- able to speak all day. Answer — inspection. Last assembly. Mayor Childs of Newton speaker. Seniors depart with sorrow. But cheer up, you won’t have to get up so early in the morning that you can’t enjoy assemblies. 28. THE SENIOR FLICKER 117 m Compliments of the Q1RUS CLUB llllilllillllllllllllli WARREN A. ELWELL F. J. Babson Co. Insurance Safe Deposit and Trust Co. Building Gloucester, Mass. Telephone 1561 118 THE SENIOR FLICKER 29. Day off — for the girls. The martyrs once more climb into uniforms and swelter en route of Memorial Day parade. Boots, boots, boots — thev need a shine ! June 1. After three days’ absence McXeil comes to school with new set of jokes. Draws laugh only from Marks, so “Lefty” gets dismised to think up more. This happens forever, (forever-y three days). 2. Mil Dunn with his dirty flannels, polo shirt, and mocassins imitates Tom Sawyer. Admits he’s looking forward to getting lost with a girl in a cave. As if he isn’t lost already. 3. Xew corridor laid on first floor, first in 50 years. We thought that in that length of time the inmates had absorbed so many splinters that no floor was left. 4. Mr. Harris discovers that Everett Martin is in HIS home-room ! 7. Ray Seppala in school for second consecutive day. What ! ! ! 8. Ray discovers that it was only rumor that had him “Most Dependable Boy” on Ballot. 9. Seppala absent. 10. Last day of school for the seniors, excepting Seppala and McXeil. “Lefty’s” last day was June 1. Ray’s. June 8. 11. Field Day. Commissions galore. Last day of drill, so officers become popular. " For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.” Sergeants give party and precede officers in grand march. Justice at last. 14. Miss Harris, angered because she received only one apple all year, tries to be nasty. Makes school give final exam in English. 15. Seniors sing to each other. " Did I Remember?” 16. Seniors sing to teachers, " Do You or Don’t You Love Me?” 17. Seniors sing to parents. " Boo Hoo.” 18. Commencement. Seniors just sing. It seems impossible that four vears have passed already. We now become alumni. " Gone but not forgotten.” 21. Seniors not in school. Juniors begin to swell as they realize that they are soon to become seniors. Can they ever fill our shoes? 22. Long awaited eating duel between Finegan and Lufkin at Class Ban- quet. Battle called draw as both contestants pass out in the 21st round. ( pardon — course ) . 23. Finegan claims victor} by default. Says that Jim fills tapeworm first, then fills himself. 24. Presentation. Congratulations to new officers. Junior girls adopt the Northwest Mounties’ slogan. 25. Grillo, Burns, Finegan. and Perkins all shave on the same day. Harvey has a haircut. Xo — not coincidence — just the Farewell Party. THE SENIOR FLICKER 119 GRADUATION SUITS a t EARL O. PHILLIPS SMART SHOP FOR MEN AND BOYS 159 Main Street Gloucester , Mass. Illllllllllll!ll!lilllllllllllllllllllllllll!llll!llll!llllll ■ COMPLIMENTS OF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE =]|lllllllilll!lll!llll c i :i iccM cii in :i i: !. ' !M::i ii ' iic:, ' iiCi ' niiin uve r m GRADUATION SHOES ■ SPECIAL PRICES SPECIAL STYLES SPECIAL VALUES Brown ' s Walk-Over Shoe Shop 127 Main Street 120 THE SENIOR FLICKER QR1NDS Found on a desperate senior ' s memory selection in place of Mac- beth ' s soliloquy. TO MISS HARRIS Be easy, dearest, in your dealing For you must know how I am feeling. I tried my best to learn this hunk And all I get is just a flunk. There’s just one thing I’d like to ask That is take me not to task, lust allow some time for study And I’ll swear that I’ll be ready. If at last this does not help. Then I offer you my scalp. But. I ask as last resort That you don’t my mark report. AMEN We wonder: Does Norm enter- tain all his teachers in like manner? L. Swett : Does your watch tell you the correct time? Lola T. : No. I have to look at it. A group of boys were assembled in the corridor, when they heard clattering and hanging. Robert C. : What is all that noise? It sounds like some “ham” coming our way. Bruni : Probably someone trying to he cunning. Don (in full R. O. T. C. uniform) Did I hear someone mention the name Cunning-ham? Usher : How far down do you wish to sit? Jean T. : All the way of course. Margie D. : Why does Missouri stand at the head of the mule-raising States ? Mary C. : Because the other end is dangerous. Ann : Harrison, come quickly, there’s a man up to his neck in mud ! Harrison : That’s all right, let him walk out of it. Ann : He can’t ; he’s upside down. Norm : I hear Einstein’s theories are selling in pamphlet form for twenty-five cents. Poole: I’d rather have the quar- ter. I can make head and tail out of that. Margie : What’s the matter with your auto horn? " Lib” : It’s indifferent. Margie : What do you mean by “indifferent” ? “Lib” : It just doesn’t give a hoot. Parks : And did you have a local anaesthetic for your tooth? Cook : No. I went to Boston. W ho is it ? I wonder He drove his car with extreme care. When a sign read “Fifteen Miles Per Hour” he obeyed it. He stopped at all crossroads and waited for taxicabs to pass. Why ? Because he had a flat tire. THE SENIOR FLICKER 121 mini! E. H. BICKFORD, INC. Wholesale Dealers in FRUIT and PRODUCE ' Telephone 416 Rear of 24 Maplewood Avenue : iillllllllllllllllll!lll!llillllll!!!lljlilll!lllllllllli [fill Compliments of WCNSCN SL HOLT MILLINERY illllllllillllliii Compliments of P. N. Hodgkins OLDSMOBILE CHEVROLET ll!lll!lllllllllllllli!lllll!llllilllllllllli!lll(llll|i|li!llliillillllililllli Compliments of ANDERSON’S Jenney Service Station Prompt and Courteous Service IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUI1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIP COMPLIMENTS OF Gloucester Firemen ' s Permanent Association lSllllllllillllllllilllll!ll!llllllllllliiillllllllllllllllllllll!H Corner of Pearl and School Streets Gloucester, Mass 122 THE SENIOR FLICKER Anne : Here comes the parade. Where is Aunty? Carol : She is upstairs waving her hair. Anne : Goodness, why doesn’t she wave the flag? Green : I say, old fellow, why on earth are you washing your spoon in the finger bowl? Don C. : Do you think I want to get egg all over my pocket ? History Teacher: Now who can name the greatest general? Brown : General Motors. Burns : Didn’t I get my last hair- cut in this shop? Barber : I think not, sir. We’ve only been in business one year. Smith : Open the door. Poole : I can’t ; the key is lost. Smith : Good gosh, what would you do if there was a fire? Poole : I wouldn’t go. Finegan: Look Ginny, here is a diamond engagement ring for you. Ginny: Oh, it is beautiful. But honey, the diamond has a flaw in it ! Finegan: But you’re in love; you shouldn’t notice that. Love is blind. Ginnv: Yes, but not stone blind. Cunningham : Why is love like a camera plate? Margaret: I have no idea, why? Cunningham : It takes a dark room to develop it. Miss Crawley: James, what is the name of the largest diamond known. Lufkin : The ace. Cap. Shum : When a man mar- ries, does he lose any of his consti- tutional rights? Marks: Yes, Sir. The pursuit of happiness. Miss McAllester: What is a French syntax, Finegan? Bud: A French sin-tax? I didn ' t know they had to pay for them. Bruni : Do you know that man is the only animal that blushes? Betty : Well, isn’t man the only animal that needs to blush? Mr. Wilder : Why was the period between 500 A. D. and 1200 A. D. known as the Dark Ages? B. Kupsinel : Because those were the days of knights. Miss McGrew : Bruni, do you know that this is a run-on-sentence ? A. Bruni : Yes. ma’am, I should have been expelled from this jail a year ago. Gladys A. : What time is it ? Kay B. : Quarter of. Gladys A. : Quarter of what ? Kay B. : I don ' t know-times have been so bad, I had to lay off one of the hands. J. Brown : Say Fletch, that was some girl you had at the dance. She was so different from other girls, so sweetly sophisticated. F. Brown : She was all of that. Why, she thinks a B. V. D. is a uni- versity degree. There was an old fisher named Fischer Who fished from the edge of a fissure ; A fish with a grin Pulled the fisherman in, Now they are fishing the fissure for Fischer. Mr. Wilder : What is the most important date in Roman history? Perkins : Anthony’s with Cleopat- ra. THE SENIOR FLICKER 123 Compliments oj Mlllliillllllllllllllllllllllllllllliiilllilllllliilllllll DOROTHY BEAUTY STUDIO HAIR STYLIST Machineless Permanent Waves Zotos $ 10.00 - Jamal $ 6.50 - Vapor Marcfll $ 5.00 Shampoo, Finger Wav , Marcel, Hair Cut, Arch and Manicure sss DOROTHY SMITH Tel. 1830, 120 Main St., (over Waiting Station), Room fi, Gloucester. Mass. !llllllilllll!lllllllll!llllllllllilililllllill|l|llilllliillil!l!lll|l|il||||lllllilliliW - Compliments of ARMSTRONG SHOE COMPANY jj SPORT SHOES GRADUATION SHOES lljllillllllllllilillllllllllllllllllillllllilllllM 1 Compliments of IB J. T. CCCWCLL WHOLESALE CONFECTIONER ■illl!ll!!!llilllllllllllllllllll!llillll!llllillilillllill!llllliilllllliiiiil!llll!iliil!illillll!lllllllll!li!!i Compliments of 7 | DR. A. H. PURDY REGISTERED CHIROPODIST BlllllllllllililllllllllllllllillilllllillllilllllllllilllllllliiiiW John F. Howard Co. B Electrical Contractors M ELECTRIC WIRING, SERVICE and SUPPLIES of every description H! 19 Main Street Gloucester E9 124 THE SENIOR FLICKER Lucas : Runt, you’re too fresh ; I’ll give you a piece of my mind some day. Freshman: Big boy, you’d be foolish to divide up a little thing like that. Peg C. : Well, Phyllis, where have you been? I haven’t seen you for a month. P. Brown (in witty mood) :Thir- ty days hath September, June, July, and me for speeding. Bruni : Say, w r e’re in luck ; I smell steak ! P. Bradley: Yeah, but it may be tough luck. Young Boy (walking about high school on Saturday afternoon saw an electrician) : What are you doing ? Electrician: Oh, Pm just install- ing an electric switch in the prin- cipal’s office. Young Boy : Gee, I’m glad I don’t go to this school. Miss Harris : John, give a sen- tence containing the word “buoy- ant.” Morton : A boy and a girl were dancing. Miss McGrew : Alves, didn’t I tell you to stop that yawning? L. Alves: That wasn’t yawning; that was a silent Indian war whoop. Mr. Lane: Have you given the goldfish fresh water, Miss McEwen ? Bubs Me. : No, they haven’t fin- ished the water I gave them the other day. Nelson : What is the best way to make a girl believe that I have good judgement ? Green : Propose to her. Helena : That chicken we had in those sandwiches today was hatch- ed in an incubator. Freshman: Hum, smart ain’t you, how do you happen to know so much ? Helena : No chicken that ever knew a mother’s love could grow up to be as tough as that. R. Burns : Congratulations, Cun- ningham, that was a fine play you wrote. Don (modestly) : Oh, thank you. I suppose that after you read it you recognized that I am Shakespeare all over — except my feet, and they are Longfellows. Frank F. : Capt. Shum advised us boys to answer the “call to arms” Olive C. : Is that why you came to me? Son: Papa, what’s science? Father : Don’t be so dumb, Berty, it’s them things what says “Keep off the Grass.” Teacher: What is the matter with your cerebrum ? Wood: What is my cerebrum? Teacher: The cerebrum is the seat of thought and intelligence. Wood: Well, if that is what my cerebrum is ; I should say that it is on a “sit down strike.” Russ L. : I heard a song last night advising everyone to get a dachs- hund. Wilma : What song was that ? Russ : “Get a-long-little-doggie.” Out-of-town R. O. T. C. Officer (after dance) : I’m del ighted to have met you, and sometime if I may, I’ll give you a ring. Jean (surprised) : That’s rather sudden, but I’ll think it over. THE SENIOR FLICKER 125 mm HH Compliments of Jjj CATHERINE W. KENNEDY BEAUTY SALON ■ Permanents — Facials — Manicures BlilllllllllllillllllllllllilllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllillM RALPH MacINNIS GROCERIES and PROVISIONS U 64 Gloucester Avenue B lllllllillllillilliilllllllillllllll His First Policy WHEN a Young Man takes out his first Life Insurance Policy, he escapes the bur- den of high Costs by investing in Saving Bank Life Insurance. Cape Ann Savings Bank HH Gloucester, Mass. Hi jjjiflllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllW HI Compliments of §g| Nation Wide Service Grocer ANNISQUAM Albert Viator, Proprietor |j| Compliments of B. Goldman East End Dry Goods Store | 248 - 250 MAIN STREET jgj lilllllllillllllliilillllllllillilllliilllllilllllllillllillillilllllM I Compliments of ■ “She!” Knowles and His Orchestra 126 THE SENIOR FLICKER • 10 YEARS LATER J. BROWN J C. GOOD VJIH 5 A 5f CortD " aWL IN AND BENfcit " F.8R0WM C THE SENIOR FLICKER 127 s Courtesy of R. E. Montrose VOCATIONAL SERVICES, INC AT NEW ENGLAND’S BEST- E (QUIPPED COM monwealth 4042 c TRAINING SCHOOL j Inspect this modern institution. All types of working Diesels. Fully equipped 1 shop and laboratory. Day, evening and home study courses. Visitors welcome. 1 Write for FREE 32-page book " The March of Diesel " . Contains 1 08 illustrations. I HEMPHILL DIESEL SCHOOLS) DEPT. NO BROOKLINE AVE. BOSTON . MASS. 1 iillliiillilillillllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllll BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1937 Hart Garage Co 128 THE SENIOR FLICKER Miss Burke : Now I want you to write a theme on some historical event. For an example. I should suggest some topic like “The Growth of the Whigs.” W. Adams : Miss Burke, did George Washington’s whig grow? Ann : Who are the untouchables ? Nancy : A race of people living in Scotland. Ben Parsons (in France) : W hat is the charge for this batter} ' ? French Garageman (who speaks English) : One and one half volts. Ben : How much is that in Amer- ican money? DAFFY N ITION S Pence — an article of male attire Expanse — cost Violate — a dainty flower Seed — observed Ship — a wool bearing animal Pig — to select Pasture — a church official Collar — shade, hue Dais — periods of time Shoe — yes. indeed Jerk — a humorous phrase Raid — a color Ride — correct Comb — to arrive Hearse — that girl’s Hymns — that fellow’s Atom — the first man Column — serene, peaceful Guess — motor fuel Slip — to slumber Sang — was submerged Impotent — big shot One of the questions in a history test read as follows : “Give the president’s dates.” While pupils were deep in thought, one light-hearted member began to sing. “They didn’t want to make history, they just wanted to make love.” Marks : I know a man who lived for two weeks on garlic alone. Ed : Well, any man who lives on garlic ought to live alone. Farmer Lane: One of my pigs was sick ; so I gave him some sugar. Neighbor Martin: Sugar? What for? Fanner Lane: For medicine of course. Have you never heard of sugar-cured hams. Mr. Frigard: How can we recog- nize the approach of winter. Lufkin ? James: It begins to get later ear- lier. Mr. Nelson : Well, son. how are your marks? Joe: They are under water. Mr. Nelson: What do you mean under water? Joe : Below “C” level. Poor Gaspar is just a fifty per center. He is a half-wit. halfback on the football team, and he may half to resign. Sophia : Have you heard the “Kettle Song”? Edith: No, what is it? Sophia : “Home, Home on the Range.” Miss Hammons : Who won the Crimean War? “Lib” J. : Edgar Hoover and his G-Men. W aitress : Here ' s your shortcake, sir. D. Cameron : Do you call that shortcake? Take it out and berrv it. Bob B. : What did you do last summer ? Charlie G. : I worked in Des Moines. Bob B. : Coal or Iron? THE SENIOR FLICKER 129 The S. R. HARVEY Co. WOOD - COAL - OIL Oil MASTERKRAFT Burners « Pu bl ic Service Since 1880» Illllllilllllllllllll TEDDY’S LUNCHEONETTE THEODORE G. BARKAS, Prop. 4 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM Compliments of EMERSON S. BOUGHTON 9 Center Street Jewelry Watch Repairs hliilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllilllllllilllllllllillllllllllillllllliilllllllililli Richard C. Tarr Richard W. Tarr Cape Ann Ticket and Label Co. COMMERCIAL PRINTING 222 Eastern Avenue Telephone 2686-W Compliments plllllillllllllljllllllHIIIM ! Compliments illlllllllllllllllllliillllllllllll llllllllllllllllllll and iiiiiimiiiiii Hotel Rockaway iillllllllllllllllllllll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!l!lllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!l Bring your musical Problems to SANDLER’S Complete Line of Instruments and Accessories 124 Main Street Lessons on all Musical Instruments 130 THE SENIOR FLICKER it.;,,-; . ' " ) ; ’■ r 7 7 7 y BROWN BLOCK A R ' T ij H t 1 H H COOKE E IL L11S WAMTE t A SIT-DOWN] STRIKER TO MILITARY •SCHOOL- GEN. BURNS PVT. WOOD • ' GREEN sit am d POSE L A KN0WLE5 " LUCAS iPOOtUE 8 - REYNOLDS HONEST RUBBER COLLINS POLITICIANS o CO. ° £$lf 0 PARSONS §Alloo ) DEALERS IN MARTIN (£®©!D ' W1M FLATS a SHARPS CLARK © © Q [ up5inel, fineqan, Bruni Lufkin «■ Study Hall Review GORMAN VRACWOS ; FOSBERRY MARC WANT DAVIS BANKS TARR HOLLERAN TIME MARCHES ON THE SENIOR FLICKER 131 Independent Machine Company 1 jSiiillllllliiliiilllilllllllllllllilllilllllliiililllllllllllllllllllllllliilllillW M Best Wishes to the Class of 1937 Igg Registered Optometrist 156 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. gg Hi Freezer Fresh Ice Cream . . . |M Cold Soda Served in clean, sparkling glasses . . . §U Lunch and Relax at | RANSELLEAR TOWLE | 118 Main Street Finest assortment ot High Grade Candies HU on the North Shore. ■ M ' liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw Adasko Fashion Shop Coats and Dresses for Every Occasion HU 211 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. Where quality and individuality prevail 132 THE SENIOR FLICKER DO YOU KNOW 1. Monkeys enjoy saxophone music ? Perhaps that is why they are still monkeys. 2. Halitosis is better than no breath at all ? 3. Girls certainly do regret losing their youth — unless they find another soon? 4. A patrol wagon is a poor substi- tute for an auto, but it does all right in a pinch ? 5. There are two kinds of people on earth today. Just two kinds of people, no more I say? The two kinds of people on earth I mean Are the people who LIFT and those who LEAN. Wherever you go you will find the earth’s masses Are always divided into just two classes. 6. A mule cannot pull while he is kicking and he cannot kick while he is pulling? Neither can anv one of us ! Doctor : My dear young lady, there is nothing the matter with you —all you need is a good rest. Gin B. : But, doctor, just look at my tongue ! Doctor : I still stick to what I said before. Doctor (inquiring after boy who had swallowed a half dollar) : How is the boy today? Anxious Mother: No change yet. Green : What’ll it be, skunk ? Swords or pistols? Poole: If I were a skunk, should I need a sword or pistol ? Little Marvin found a button in his salad. Marvin : I suppose it fell off while the salad was dressing. An application for an Athletic Scholarship to a University : received by “Lefty” McNeil N ame ? Name used in the last school attend- ed ? Age? (Application from anyone over fifty will not be considered seriously. ) Can you read and write? (If candi- date is unable to read and write English, this application blank should be filled out by a Notary Public.) What renumeration shall you ex- pect each month? What was your salary at the last school attended ? What haA e you been offered from other universities ? Shall you expect more than you re- ceived last year? Less? How often will you expect news pictures and feature stories of yourself ? Do you have your own press agent ? Do you photograph well ? Are you camera sh} r ? Can you write your own autograph ? If not, can you sqcure the services of someone , who can ? What is your favorite fraternity? Will you accept pledgeship from this fraternity? If you do not choose a fraternity, would you prefer the president’s house ? Will you mention the name of the school in advertisements for soap, cigarettes, cereals, etc. that you may endorse from time to time ? What time will it be convenient for you to go to school ? Shall we send a taxi for you every morning, or would you prefer your own car? Will you be in school after the foot- ball season ? If not, where shall we send your weekly check? The Log THE SENIOR FLICKER 133 ■9CE $ HABERDASHERY 245 Main Street H OUR 3d ANNIVERSARY SHOWING NEW STYLES FOR SPRING Berkley Square Suits - Arrow Shirts - Cravats - Underwear Mallory Hats - Interwoven Socks ■lllllllll!ll!!!ll!l!llllllli!ll!lllliilll!l!llli!IIIU Bllllllllilllllll!lllllllll!l!lllllilllll!lllllllllllilllllj|||llM IgllllillllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllilllllllllilillllllillllllllllllW ■ LOCUST RIDGE DAIRY 1 gllllillllilllllillilllllllllllllll[|[||||li!l!lllllllllllll[||[||||||||l!llllll[lt!lll!lllll!llllill[fllilil]llltlllllll!llll!lllllllllll!llllli East Gloucester s Bliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilliliiiliiiiiiliw Compliments of == iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiy Compliments of Dr. Walter J. Powers Compliments of The Tavern HIGH GRADE MILK Compliments of TWIN LIGHT GAEAGE Dr. George H. Taylor Compliments of FREDRICKSON BROS Beauty Parlor Ba rber Shop 134 THE SENIOR FLICKER Farewell is a cold word. It has an implication of events forever passed, of friends soon to be forgotten. Yet since leave-takings are likely to be sentimental, per- haps reserve is a saving grace. One is loathe to loose one’s grasp on familiar things and hesitant to venture on strange ways. And if we must now say “farewell,” we can later greet our classmates with the easy friend- liness which comes from mutual recollection of former associations. “We have, you know, many goodly days to see.” THE SENIOR FLICKER 135 136 THE SENIOR FLICKER THE SENIOR FLICKER 137 in. B p„„ iiilllllllllllllllflilllllll! AUTOGRAPHS THE SENIOR FLICKER ■lIlllBIBMIBffllfflBM AUTOGRAPHS THE SENIOR FLICKER 11 THE SENIOR FLICKER SAWYER FREE LIBRARY GLOUCESTER, MASS. 01930 tv mm r-a 5 vmt a ; . ; ' ? ‘f TSV : r ' ,1! i- - il wmamsm For That Well Dressed Look .... Send Your Cleaning and Pressing To | Cape Ann Laundry Dry Cleaning Co. { SPECIAL SERVICE FOR STUDENTS Phone 524 Today for Your Valet flllllllillllllllllllUffl Compliments of Fairbanks, Morse Company | R. N. TIRRELL, Sales Engineer jjj jjj Savoy Hotel j§| Gloucester HI BiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM The Cooper B essemer Corp L. C. McEWEN District Manager 53 Duncan Street g§§ Gloucester, Mass. i§§

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